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THE CARDINAL THE CARDINAL Second Annual Yearbook of the ARCADIA SCHOOL 1938 Manalger . i Editor ,. .. .... i , Assistant Editor .,o, , Advertising Manager Photographs . . . , , 1 A., 1 ARCADIA SCHOOL Arcadia, Oklahoma Charles Tanquary Maxine Helman Daisie Mae West Lorene Jones Juanita Tanquary THE CARDINAL DEDICATION The senior class of the Arcadia High School has been fortunate in having, for the past years as sponsor, a man Who has made such an earnest effort toward the success of our class. In consideration of his sincere manner and true nobility of characterg because of our appreciation of his efforts, We the Senior Class of nineteen hundred thirty-eight, do hereby dedicate this, the second annual Cardinal to Mr. B. W. Hogard. THE CARDINAL FACULTY B. W. HOGARD, superintendent and science teacher. Mr. Hogard received his degree at Central Teache1"s College. He has been in our school for four years. He is senior class sponsor and sponsor of The Cardinal. DALE P. HAYHURST, principal, manual training teacher and girl's coach, is the freshman sponsor. Mr. Hayhurst whose home is at Hammon, Oklahoma, graduated at Central Teacher's College. He has been at Arcadia one year. LEROY VICK, teaches mathematics and history, is boy's coach and is sophomore sponsor. Mr. Vick who has been here one year, is a graduate of South Western Teacher's College. His home is at Cheyenne, Okla- homa. ANNA RYAN, teacher of Home Economics and English and Sponsor of the junior class, graduate from A. and M. College. Miss Ryan's home is at Elgin, Oklahoma. She began teaching in Arcadia the second semester and is sponsor of 4-H and Home Economics clubs. FLORENCE MAHLER, the seventh and eighth grade teacher and high school speech teacher, received her B. S. degree from Central Teacher's College. Miss Mahler who's home is at Britton, has taught at Arcadia for the past four years. MRS. DOROTHY HOUSTON, the fifth and sixth grade teacher, received a B. S. degree from Oklahoma University. This is her first year at Arcadia. MRS. N ELLIE UNDERWOOD, third and fourth grade teacher and music instructor, has taught here the past three years. Mrs. Underwood receiv- ed her degree from Central Teacher's College. MRS. LEOTA SIPE, first and second grade teacher, and music instructor, has attended A. Sz M. College and Central Teacher's College. This is Mrs. S1pe's first year at Arcadia. THE CARDINAL SENIOR CLASS Class Colors Class Flower Red and White Red Rose Class Motto He who does not advance, goes backward. THE CARDINAL SENIORS Warren Lee Keely-'Possum Warren was born July 18, 1920, near Arcadia. He entered school at Arcadia and finished both grades and high school here. In high school his favorite subject has been math. Warren has played basketball and baseball. Was in the junior play and senior play in '36 - '37 and in the senior play in '37 - '38. Warren won the title of best all around boy in 1936-37. He is president of the senior class this year. Daisie Mae West-Dizzie Daisie Mae was born October 8, 1921, on a farm near Edmond. She en- tered grade school at Pleasant Valley and attended there and at Edmond, entering Arcadia after graduation from the grade school. Daisie Mae took part in plays, glee club, and was a member of the girl's quartet, and bastetball. Her favorite subject was Home Economics and her ambition is to take a beauty course. Russell Richard Sweat-Toad Russell was born September 8, 1920, near Arcadia. He entered school at Arcadia and has attended here for twelve years. Russell has been a very active member of the basketball and baseball teams, and has taken part in the junior and senior plays. His ambition is to go on through college. Lorene Jones-Slats Lorene was born June 7, 1920, near Emory, Texas. She started to school at Ginger, Texas, but moved to Oklahoma and started to school at Pleasant Valley where she attended five years and entered school at Arcadia in the sixth grade. She has been a member of the Home Economics Club, Glee Club, and a member of the quartet and trio for the last two years. Her favorite subject is Home Economics. Elma Roberta CSchoolingJ Goodrich Entered school here last year and was a very popular junior and senior. Elma was married this year and soon after discontinued her shcool work. Donald Wray Lewis-Hungry Wray was born January 26, 1921, at Hitchcock, Oklahoma. He attended school at Omega and Hitchcock, then came to Arcadia in 1936. His am- bition is to be an electric engineer. His favorite subject is science. Maxine Helman-Max Maxine was born December 5, 1919, on a farm near Jones, Oklahoma. Sho entered school at Pleasant Valley where she graduated from the eighth grade and entered school at Arcadia. The chief activities Maxine was in- terested in were speech, music and basketball. She was a member of the girl's quartet. Her favorite subject is speech .and her ambition is to be 3 designer. Maxine is Valedictorian of the senior class. THE CARDINAL SENIORS Virgil Luternow-'Boy Virgil was born May 26, 1919, in Oklahoma City. He entered school at Pleasant Valley and completed the eighth grade there. He then entered school at Arcadia. Virgil has been a very active basketball player. His favorite subject has always been mathematics. His ambition seems to be to be a happy-go-lucky boy. Benjamin Everett Doughty-Cowboy Ben was born April 2, 19419, at 'Wewoka, Oklahoma. He entered school at Ponca City, Holdenville, and Edmond before entering school here last year. His favorite subject has always been mathematics and his ambition is to be a model farmer. . Elvin Moore--Sis Elvin was born October 15, 1920, near Witcher. At the age of six he en- te1r'ed school at Sunnyside and completed his eighth grade education there. He then entered the Edmond high school where he attended one year and then came to Ar'cadia as a sophomore. He has been a member of the basketball. and baseball teams. and had the lead in the senior play. His favorite subject is mathematics. He hopes to go to business college. Juanita Tanquary-Chubby Juanita was born December 15, 1920, near Edmond, Oklahoma. She en. tered school at Arcadia and has never gone to any other. Juanita has al- ways been interested in basketball and had a part in the junior play last year. Her favorite subject is science. Herbert Mackey-Herbie Herbert was born May 22, 1921, near Jones, Oklahoma. He moved to Iowa where he started to school but soon moved back to Oklahoma and entered the Red Top school where he graduated from the eighth grade. He then entered high school at Jones, Oklahoma, where he attended one year, coming to Arcadia as a sophomore. He has been very active as a basketball player and has also taken interest in baseball. Herbert has taken part in the plays for the last two years. He is Salutatorian of the senior class. Charles Tanquary-Bub Charles was born in Henryetta, Oklahoma, July 17, 1918. He entered school at Arcadia at the age of six and has had all his school work at Arcadia except one summer at Edmond. Charles has been interested in athletics during his school work. THE CARDINAL JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Miss Ryan, sponsorg Ben Kenyon, president: Jessie B. Hill, secretaryg Jack Kenyon. Second Row: Laura Doughtyg Della Marie Bottgerg Colleen Eckerg Wallace Thompson. Third Row: Thomas Swailsg Jeaannice Hallg Hazel Goedtkeng Ralph Bottger. THE CARDINAL I i E SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Mr. Vick, sponsor, Homer Schooling, class pres- ident, Dorothy Craun, secretaryg Joyce Swearingen. Second Row-Louise Burrow, Wendell Dowell, Laverna Wickham, Nolan Hall. Third Row-Glen Baker, Mildred -Bradley, Marguerite Martin, Jack Noel. Fourth Row: Alleen Thornton, Omogene Fowler, Norma Dale Kennard, Doris Jones. lI'HE CARDINAL 4 I FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Dale Hayhurst, sponsorg Clara Ruth Dowell, Marjorie Dunn, Goldie Wall, Vernon Schooling. Second Row: Raymond Wall, Lois Manning, Wendell Hens- ley, Helen Johnson, John Martin. Third Row: Billy Hartwig, Marjorie Bieadles, Harlan Carr, Rosalee Thornton, Alvin Vinyard. Fourth Row: Earle Mayfield, Arthur Olson, Dee Bare, Charles Simpson, Clifton Lee. N 4, , 'I , ---V if--V . - x x i Q i w F THE CARDIN AL 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grades First Huw: Miss Mzliilvv, Nnriml l.1-fliwxiidf-, XfVins1mm Five-Ii, Jimmie imp l'3ur'i'uw, Houston Wzltson, Second Row: H.Hl'lllilll VVhitinu', f':1,ii1v1'im- Niiilvil, Piuliii l'lew-ik, Mary live VVa1d1'i1h, Evert. Thompson. Third Row: Dm'othy fiilhildil, ICclw:ii'4l I.f-w, Imis ivvlightlv, Pzxiilim- lYHdv'l'NV0Od, 'l'hB1m.L Swails. Fourth Row: Euln Tulmi, Flw1'em-e- Szlnif-1-. Ibm-willy VVhitin,2', Muxixw Rogers, Veida Mae Kenslirig. - - Fifth RCW: MVS. Houston, f:9l'2IIdilll' Smith, iicfih Siniivwm, Luis i+'m'Sythe, Ira Cleek. Sixth ROW: Ilzlymoml Drmiiiic-ii, ii'!1i2l ifziyw Nc--ff, im'-'iri 1.04-, Mziry Marc-ima Olson, W-:Lyme Swails. Seventh Row: Charles Olson .Ii'., 4'l:11'iiie-il I-ifaiisiwy, l'iz1i'vriy l1UY!I1PH, Mildiwfd f'01J61?l.Ild, I Jack Doughty. Eighth Row: Betty he-ei Hsu-0. Iiuivii Mui-ie NV:1idri11, Uziiviii,L'n1.xc-l:1hci, Alpha Whiting, Hose Diary Cowell. ' 4 i 2 , 1 x f 1 4..,L - i THE CARDINAL lst, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades First Row: Mrs, lfnderwood, Mrs. S'ipe, Beth Bynum, VVillinm Smith, Hillie Deen Popplin Jodie Zachary. Second Row: Melbai Copeland, Mildred Baker, Lavoy VVntson, Mzirslmll Doughty, Naomi Cleek, Charles Esitell. Third Row: Lois Ann Thompson, Eugene Anderson, Pnrrol Olson, Buddy Vifiokham, Joe Thomas Popplin, Hubye Santee. Fourth Row: Orville Whiting, J. R. Yvonne-ll, Clinton Holbrook, Marvin Cleek, C, L, Enos, W. T. Bynum. Fifth Row: Reedy Smith, Huclon Zachary, Anita Olson, Dorothy linker, Junior Zachary, Floyd Hensley. Sixth Row: Richard Canada SVilbur Holbrook, Pete Doughty, llllizzibeth Vihiy, Norman W.alcii'ip, Barbara Sweat. Seventh How: Paul -Whiting, Lloyd Kmisling, Mercferles lloht-rts, lloluhy Xvii'khilllI, VVe-hs-ter XV:itson, l"r:inki4- fhllillilil. J' X --F 4-J++?-....L ..Yl... ' ' ,.,.j" y1,,,,M H.. Q, -1 Q. , J THE CARDINAL CHOOL CTIVITIE - - H H Q U I. ,.----- ,b ., H .. . 4 - 3.-1-.. --,:.f:, ' '. .- gh f.-..4.-.-.-.-.4.-.-:+:-'-'-:-:2:7: : :2:I:2:1:1:1:I:1:2E1E1. 1 ' . 1-:I-I I:5,3Q55:3523.3EE??3Eiga5553E3:555E3Ejig5325Eg:E'Q5:1E123435525321'f'-'155525I'1'''55E55525514:11I:-5EEfEfEfE53'E?1:f 5121: :-:-:,:-1 .42211 2:52EEQLElV'ri21,EFfri5-1:2152552-E521EESSEEi5Si5S1Z1iE3E5iE5E'f:iii .isEefif' "'22.5222222552Q2?25:f2?s2s422ii5s2:Ps2:I.E 252255225 'f.-.12gf2Eiff82?1fa 955535555 5555545552 3552355555 5555255555555 . 1 .- -. H-..-.4-1'--,5::-11:-1:,:g: .:-,f-.z.6.-121:1111z:1.,:':1:14z2:1:1:-gr:::2:r:':4-2:1 1:2:1:2:r: ':1::::.' .2-N -xii:-113:11 -:2:::r:r:1. '4f:r:1:1: '-2-If-I-I E5:f:5:3:5:3:T:i . .5 .... .s 1 1: 2312-Q 1 we ' iiifj 235.-1:13-.-'-5'-'ff':gE.IQ11I5.5E5E55fgf5Eg?:E2Ef1.::"FrZ"-If-1,.ami-2:3Se,.5E5E2E5EE555,5555E5:553E523?g535E'15Erff'1':5E5E5 555535E251ESEf12EirE23ivEi1E2rE2ErE5E2 2555-: :5i2:iii5.5E5Ei32?EEr131 52225121 .553E?E5. 251315152EgfEfE1E1E2E2EfE2Z2E: . 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' , THE CARNIVAL The second annual Carnival was held in the gymnasium, October 15, 1937 The various features of the carnival were as follows Country Store, sponsored by Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Sipe Cake Walk and Guess Who ?, sponsored by Mrs. Houston. Bingo and Fortune Teller, sponsored by Miss Mahler. House of Horror, sponsored by Mr. Hayhurst. Old Fashioned Tea Party and Boxing Matches, sponsored by Mr. Vick. Food Stand, sponsored by Mrs. Keely. Wheel. of Fortune, sponsored by Mr. Hogaird. Auditorium Program, sponsored by Miss Mahler, Mrs. Sipe, and Mrs. Underwood. The Carnival was pronounced a success, and one of the greatest events of the year, by everyone. Financially, it netted the school 3377 profit. f, 4,s' , ., THE CARDINAL JUNIOR - SENIOR BAN QUET A miniature landing field comprised the center decoration for the- annual gugnor - Senior Banquet on May 4 at the Y. W. C. A. Building, Oklahoma '1 y. The program, in keeping with the airplane motif, was as follows: Chief Mechanic .,.... ,.,...,. . ..,. , .. .,.,... .,....,., .... ,.......,..... B I en Kenyon Drone of Motors ..,... , . Alph Goodrich The Crew ., ,... ,.,. . I Thomas Swails Refueling ...,.,..,. .,.,. W arren Keely Valve Trouble , , . Daisie Mae West Lorene Jones Maxine Helman The Trusty Instrument Board .. . ,...., M Ralph Bottger Our Hangar . , . .. . , , , , , Miss Florence Mahler Fog ,.,... ,.,.. ,......., . ..., . . ., . ,...,. .. ,. Jessie B. Hill The Field Superintendents . ..,,..,. . Laura Doughty A Field Superintendent . H ., , l .,...,.. M Mr. Olson Air Compressor .. , , ,.,. . H I .. , ., A Ralph Bottger Rising Above the Clouds and Storms .,.. . . Jack Kenyon Happy Landings .. .. ,, .... I . ..,, ., , . . , Supt. B. W. Hogard The banquet closed with a line party at the theatre. COUNTY FINE ARTS FESTIVAL Students of the Arcadia School attended the Oklahoma County Festival at the Civic Auditorium at Oklahoma City, April 28. The program en- titled, "We Give You America", was presented with each of the rural high schools participating. The band concert began at 7:00 p. m. and was followed by a program from each of the schools. The program was as follows: Prologue . . , , . Jones Indian Life . Crooked Oak Sacred Music . . ., . Choctaw The Pioneers .. .. .. .. . Jones The Civil War Period . . . Luther Negro Life . . Arcadia Southern Life . . Bethanv Cowboy . .. . State Center A Fantasy , , , . ., , Harrah School and College , . Edmond Popular Music . . I , . Putnam Patriotic . , . , . . , , Deer Creek Finale A ,H .. . A , .. , . . .. .,.. ,. . , Massed Chorus The program presented by Arcadia was as follows IN THE CABIN Can't Yo Heah Me Callin' Caroline? ,. , ,,..... . ,........ . Mixed Chorus Sherman's Buzzin' 'long to the Sea . , ..,. .. . ,...,.,. . Vested Choir 'Spress Yoself . .. .,.,, . I . ,..., . Musical Reading, Mazrine Helman Kentucky Babe ,.,. .. . . ,. M . .. .. Girls Quartet P THE CARDINAL, SNAPSHOTS The original class of ,38 back in 1926, Juanita, Russell and Warren, in the first grade. Mr. Goodrich, custodian of the grounds and caretaker of the building. Senior basketball boys: Herbert, Russell, Elvin and Virgil. Grade girl basketeers: Mary Lee, Dorothy, Norma, Thelma, Velda, Maxine, Eula and Jimmie Lee. Bub and Hungry. Senior basketball girls: Maxine, Juanita and Daisie. Lake Hiwassee near Arcadia. Hurry and unlock the gym, Mr. Hayhurst. THE CARDINAL SERVICES BACCALAUREATE Sunday, May Fifteenth 2:00 P. M. Processional Invocation , , , Song - Holy, Holy, Holy Girls' Quartet Sermon Benediction . . . Recessional Rev. McNeal Audience Maxine Helman, Lorene Jones, Daisy Mae West, Jeannice Hall Rev. Bowles Rev. McNeal COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Tuesday, May Seventeenth 8:00 P. M. Processional Salutatorian . Sextet A . . Herbert Mackey Jessie B. Hill, Lorene Jones Maxine Helman, Joyce Swearingen Valedictorian . , , Commencement Address , Presentation of Diplomas .. A . . Recessional Jeannice Hall, Daisie Mae West , ., . Maxine Helman .i Miss Lucy Jeston Hampton . , Supt. Hogard 4 THE CARDINAL THINGS WE CAN'T D0 WITHOUT Eighth hour study hall. Mr. Vick's History class. Ben Doughty's, "Old Gray Mare." Mr. I-Iayhurst's girlish giggle Ben Kinyon's bossy Ways. Miss Mahler's temper. Vingil's horse laugh. Ralph Bottger's paper wads. Mr. Hogardis way with the students. Mrs. Houston's timidness. Daisie Mae's empty head. Mrs. Underwood's lovely ways. Herbert's big mouth. Mrs. Sipe's beautiful smiles. Lorene Jones' graceful physique. Miss Ryan's cute smile. Juanita Tanquary's nothing. Maxine Helman's goo goo eyes. Elvin Moore's moon struck look. Charles Tanquary's etiquette. Vernon and Marjorie D.'s lovesickness. Wray Lewis' melodious voice. Warren Keely's bluff over a 12 year old Russell's Well groomed hair. E CARDIINAI uiugwphs 1 inn 1-mill 1 1' Cnwimanvlrio QTHE CARDINAL M HARDWARE FURNITURE PLUMBING DRY GOODS I M. O. BAGGERLEY Edmond, Oklahoma -------1-1-1-il:--in FREED MERC. COMPANY A Good Place to Trade Arcadia, Oklahoma 7141,11Y-..-4-.-, WEEMIS BARBER SHOP It pays to look Well Edmond, Oklahoma crux-:orb v?anpo1'o1!nx1oiuusvotr1Jiui 1 Iain ini: Baggerley Funeral Home Edmond, Oklahoma O AMBULANCE SERVICE O 10 Phones 373 3--,-M-..---..-....- ,..l-.,-l------.....,,.-... Q for o Q Q 4 0 STUDENT CLEANERS O CLEANING -- LAUNDRY and FUR STORAGE O 15 East Hurd Edmond, Oklahoma mini 1 ..- 0.0 -U11-,1:1:1.,1f:1r1 1 11:1 1'-1 1-0.-: 1 1 1 ..-- 1 ---1 --' 1 1 1 -1-v -0.1 1 1- 1 1:..-1-L1 -14:1o1n:1o1o THE CARDINAL Lui-ri 1:1 1- 11 1 -1 :1wifv1n1'o1u'14-:Q Complete Equipment for All Sports o Norman Sporting Goods Company Norman, Oklahoma czmiwi '1-vrZ'l1v-Z"Ii'o'i1r'i'1vi" '1'---ivi 1' 1 PAAS FUNERAL HOME I AMRULANCE SERVICE I Edmond Phone 96 . ...ov '-14:11 1r1:1 1.1 1 1 -. 1.1.1 9.4 11:-1 1- 1 1:1111 1:1 1 1-1 1 1-1 UNDERWOOD BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Edmond, Oklahoma 1o-,.n-- 1 .11 1 :1 qm:1-:-1 1 :1- :-1.14 FARMEIPS PRODUCE lffllgifuliflv tllililhulhzl Feed, Seed, Poultry Equipment l'l,n 1 l' l 1' 'ffenreivl ---S McMinimy Hardware XX l g t I T ll Il l Y Ll -1. H i1 1 l l l ll l Hardware -- Furniture Electrolux - R.C.A. Radios A. B. C. Washers, Aladdin Lamps Gas and Kerosene Ranges and Paints Edmond, Oklahoma M101 ri vi 111 111111 114111 111 in 1 THE CARDINAL 1 -Quint' 511 -1- '11 rixr1vuPC1l'1'l'i'l1r?'1llll1U4 -1111. -in-ini' ri-:mira-B511-1111411 fini THOMPSON'S BOOK STORE LIBRARY, GRADE, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS School Furniture, Pictures, Typewriters, Magazines, Novels and Office Supplies an o o 117 North College Edmond :ZZZTMTTMTU UHNMTTMTTT U U U U U U U U . M Q Q Chltwood-Welch, Inc U U U U 50 to 31.00 Store U U U U U U ' U U II H 5 E SALES and SERVICE U U The Big "HOME OWNED" Store in EDMOND H U U Edmond, Oklahoma U U U II Q U U gi 1 1 3 1 an zuzuasoiuiuivil-114024 9:8-0" - '- --1 1 1 1 1 1 C' 1 CD01 in-in-iw:-1 1 ii 1-ni :io-in-1. 1 n-in cur.: 1fu1:1:1 v1 1- :1 -1-:1 1 1 :1 :1 -1: THE CARDINAL Gordon White Lumber Co. Mule Hide Roofing Benjamin Moore Paints O Phone 108 Edmond up .1-1. stu:-1 Follow the trend, and shop with your friends. We are Headquarters for School Supplies R. A. YOUNG CO. 5c to 81.00 Stores ri 1' PK' 1'li'i'l'l.'i'I'lu in '-"i'I'lI 151-1-W -..g. S : U U 1 .11.1.-111 .1 1 .1 .1 1 11:1o1l115o .1n1oqmuzo14l11,11l.1o1n1-1.101-Nunn.-1lg- Cauthorn Chevrolet Company o i f ' .1 I Phone 92 ml Edmond Oklahoma 1. : wg. 4. ... BALIXS SERVICE STATEON CONOCO PRODUCTS l l' ll ' X ' X I 1 ll Phono 29-F-15 Arcadia o-o--vl1o1-.14-1 1 -1-1 1-.11--v-0 4 o.s H U U H H U 110.1 -.,.,...,:.,1:.,E. :VL-.. 1- .,:..E..:..g. BAGGERLEY BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP lil 1 41 A 4 Splf-mlirl SL 4- TC . und, llklznlwm: n-- -- - --l-v1.1-1111 1.1 1 10 U U U U U U U in.: 'o 1,,1111111111111 --i:1- 1-11-rm-14:-1n11p:1-u:c1?4r1-01? 1-1--. u::1-.,..---1.111111-1 P THE CARDINAL ini ixrinliiuinlix 'twin-iuwiuie 1 ini: 17' TUTON'S STORE Prescriptions filled. Drugs Cold Drinks " A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE" in ARCADIA vroxixwiwai -imdb 1111 1191411111111-ni in Pioneer Merchantile ' Company GROCERIES - DRY GOODS LUNCHES COURTEOUS SERVICE Arcadia 1 1 1 1 ' v 101 101o101n1o1n1u1o1o1n1 1.14004 of 1-1--11.-111.111,:..g. ,z .1u1111111111111 TUTTLE'S GROCERY I We appneciate your patronage. A o Arcadia, Oklahoma 14 HENNESSEY 81 LOMAN SERVICE STATION MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS COURTEOUS SERVICE Ar:-zulizm, Ukluhoman .1,,1,,1 1,1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 14 1 11.1 1 1 1- - -I-4-.11 1014014 0:4 nic1-caininininl-:ziuiuiozui1--1:12.41 101 11 1 1o1.y1n1u14.1-1 Factory Representative Bulova, Gruen and Elgin Watches Guaranteed Watch Repairing Ray Devereaux, Jeweler Iiflmond, Oklahoma WALTERS MOTOR CO. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Phone 213 Edmond Oklahoma -1- 44:4 9:0 141:-111111111111 THE CARDINAL uint! lub 1 Cl 19 iliicu-idioitnih db-wuwvDlvvdlwdllllrhitvtwlqni-s-4101:-1humid'clhnwam:mns.m-mv-o.u-U-oh. BANK OF COMMERCE Arcadia., Oklahoma Bank with us Where you are assured safety and service. Under super- vision of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which means each and every 'deposit with us up to 335,000.00 is insured by said Government Corporation. V YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED. 11:1 1-1 1 1:1 1 1 1 111 1-:1 -1 1 1+-1 1- 1 11111 1:.1:.1 1- 11111 COMPLIMEN TS OF q THE EDMOND ICE COMPANY 5 il. EDMOND, OKLAHOMA 1101 iw: 1 1 111111101 1115:-inc: 11:11-101 111114111 111 11:1

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) collection:

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 25

1938, pg 25

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 21

1938, pg 21

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 28

1938, pg 28

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 13

1938, pg 13

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