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x 4 441 DV 897' IND ,X w 41 LIP , 4 13477 2 ,A 1. lv. ff J, f 3 ff? 34,5 ' ' ' ? X - if gg jg g ,+E'gi?, A V M :W ,Li'5un-5'7i8Hi?"!3hf5ffA 'Li'- ff L. 3 gi' g'f,l,t?,g J 2 ,A , 1,1 .1 uf,-2, gffnii ' ,-.55 , Q g'x.gff3 ,V?3'b? QM' 3 '-L"-1.2 .' '11 y W ,M ,gf -fp 'QS M5 N JK 5sWg4'1l5a'.'fTffP:5w' gk .ii ng 5 , .fl m, " 'Q-' W , 2' V fb 'v-f, 41 .a f 2",jiif'!s WA M V431 f if ' 1 19 gx41fe? 4:f5?-elif , Q53 TJ wfsmv 22 ew -HQ 2? 4'irif'm ' ,ir g, ,-. Y A '- ,I 'K' yy Mw"' Li' ,Q 'I .sk , gi ff- R L 3 5 V14 'M ,Lia .IK , W1 ,JA fm wk , e W M fn ,Q 5-.x gg - ,QQ-'fm ' F., 'KRS ' , , . , . f ' , 'ig Y ,gilt pil, W ' 6' 13, 1 Q X ' ,, -4,9 If Alf., 6323 1 X ,lb ff X Yi? W5 ' " ? S, W: xfsfvf, dj Q QP- fm fi , K 4 ' A 1 ,', Z lo 'Vs o S 9 b A i 8 1 1 if: Off 76 751 23,,,f0,, H6 1 30544 M T? W if Wwdww ii? Miffflfei WW 9 AW ' film f 0' , X Aww Q uf LM WWW Qi J! . X X I W 2 UM! W iilw 'ik ' UW D? M- V X Liam fnvwnmef 1 If iichcggw Mesa laehfgu WW Wa W of Q7 flfiifg 555 W M ,E 1,50 guck :if PCIL, 43,441 ' W J uw M mf ig 4 WMM' - Q w maxi O UM A Dm, wwcf M' M W WWWM W Nsetifw WW QW W K f W 17 ,swf- qnd'd'r10"M annum-.,,f ry X -9 ! xy, , , , gy Q"-5? A XV, up-. 510' 5- 1 ,Q , 1 Q1 Q, ,u 1 -jifqf'-foci" And you better get your rear in gear! Cheer- leaders Amy Perry and Tammy Dahlstrom are part of a skit satirizing Temple City's football practices. Limbo, limbo like me! Shannon Toepfer participates in the limloo contest during the Homecoming Assembly. Shannon and Carolyn Hall Hllmboed the lowest." V ,Pk- . Q . . AAJJ,',Ui3,A,g-Ll f' '5'l-fkf,l. frfij WW '02 JQAXIJJLALJ H 'A ui .Jx,,,Kj-0. Q Q ' , fkfvw QA A 9. ,Uiflfbds f'-f'f"J Jsqffa-fJkj'l'0k' but 5 53 C,r:'vvI.5u- YQ ,fi91MNwlLL,QA 2 1 ' AL' s A , -1 ftjdvv Jf7k.fLd,- ' Cr Q3-6J-Q .AJ xif'-.J ,' k""fyj'4J'Vk'iJkAf1SLL, Q AA X 1,1 Vote for me! Jeremiah Voissem holds his X 'if'-fx Jil if election flyer to gain support for his campaign. Although he dian't win, Jeremiah , . , A Q was a part of the reawakened interest in -f 'f5" l-1 student government. Opening eading To The Top I didn'T aifend The firsf day of school. I suppose nobody was To blame, afier ail IT was 90 degrees. Obviously none of my friends wenT eiiher. If I couldn'T go, They ceriainly wouldn'T have been able To. I have never feIT so dumped on. My Owner could noT have made IT wiThouT me lasT year, buT did noi even Think abouT me on The very firsT day of school This year. I heard iT was a loT of fun Too, sTudenTs saw each oiher for The firsT Time since school IeT ouT in June and Talked aboui whaT happened during The summer. Even Though I am proud of My Owner, I am jealous. Whai did ThaT Tuxedo or leTTerman's jackei have To do wiTh My Owner's hard work? Those Two shared The glory aT The prom and awards nighi, buT I supporTed My Owner Through The rough Times which goi him There. I encouraged My Owner To conTinue his hard work in Track. When he asked someone ouT on a firsT daie, I helped his confidence because he knew he looked good when l was around. I helped My Owner when he spili chocolaTe down The fronT of his shlrT by covering iT up . . iT was humiliaTing, buT l'd do anyihing for My Owner because ThaT's The kind of sweaishiri I am. I wish I could have been There aT awards nighi, prom nighT or The firsT day of school, buT I never seemed To be good enough for Those special occasions. I wonder if The Tuxedos and sporTscoaTs appreciaTed The hard work My Owner and his friends did To achieve Their rec- ogniTion. I appreciaTed IT because I was There all year assisTing My Owner in his goal To be "On Top." "Twirl and Scream" replaced "Twist and Shout." Clifford Curley and Marla Sansui revised The well-known song info o daring new dance Everyone seemed To enjoy Themselves aT This dance following a fooiball game. Opening 3 Topping Off The Campu The Apaches received agiani facelift A new, colorful look dressed up The oldsom- ber campus. My Owner appreciaiediihe hard work of many organizaiions To make The campus aTTiacTive. Mr. Jerry Barshay said his goal Tohelp The school was, 'iio encourage and promoTe a 'CarnpusiBeau- Tificaiion' program ThaT physically improves Thecampus buildings and grounds of Arca- dia High School." The Campus Beauiificaiion program in- cluded resioring and painiing one-Third of The classrooms, remodeling The inside of The snack bor To provide fasTer service, refur- bishing The rally couri lawn, and painTing The lockers red. The norTh and souTh ,gyms were also painTecl. The senior gifT of 4986 pro-A vided graphics To polish off The inTerior of The norihgym. The graphics of The ouiside of The gym and The renovaTed Apache clock were paid for wiTh The money re- ceived from The CAP scoresqlviy Owner never felT comforTable seeing The correci Time on The Apache clock and someTimes wished iT would siop again, The arT deparTmenT made1iTs own conTri- buiions To improving The school. Two murals were painied To add life To "F" hall and "H- 'i." The ,ari classes also designed decora- Tive Trash cans To encourage Throwing away Trash. LoTTery money provided a new physical science laboraiory in G-6, new deskes, and helped The general school budgeT. Oiher changes included a much anTici- paied all-weaiher Track To replace The old diri Track, Alumni squares ouTside The liTTle TheaTer organized by The Alumni Associ- aiion, and a new 25 Terminal micro-com- puTer sysTern go help wiTh recording Tru- anTs, figuring PA's, and oiher .word-pro- cessing duTiesj. T Q My Owner appreciaTed The combined ef- foris To make Arcadia High The besi iT could be and realized Thai his goal and The goal of The school adminisiraiion wereihe same . . To be "On Top." Walking down F-hall was like strolling Through anclenl Egypt. Jason Allison and Jennifer Velasquez enjoy The mural which a few Talenied ari siudenis designed and painted Opening ,Q- ?'3 . in "Q -s 3 Nifty 60's glasses give Michael Warner a special look. The renewed inleresl in John Lennon's music gave These glasses a second chance. W s -.,,,, Red lockers raised school spirit After pulling his books in his locker, Chrislopher Schurer holds Sheri Francone in a friendly clench, Cheery red lockers were a welcome replacement for drea- .-. -Q ry green lockers Helping each olher out, Kimberly Woods and Bertha Gama go over The previous nigh'r's assignment Sludying iogeiher helped many srudenis gel through difficult classes, Opening The attendance ottice blues were sung by many students. In order to avoid waiting in line. Teem Lucas quickly fills out o temporary readmit, Working diligently, William O'Connor finishes drawing a graph to go along with his experiment. Observing properties of science was an important part of class. Opening 'Nm l,,-f- "Lightsl Camera! Actionl" David Profumo films an interview for the next edition of "Apache News," "Apache News" was a class where students actually received school credit for performing and having tunl B-n 54'-aviaf Ji ' an earning To Be 0n Top Classes were wonderful! My Owner as- sumed school would be nine monThes of lisTen- ing To six Teachers monologue from a TexT- book - buT he was wrong. In The science classes, sTudenTs gor To experimenT wiTh chemicals, welghTs, or lima beans - maybe even disecT OD animal. Ceramics, orT classes, and cooking gave sTudenTs on opporTuniTy To be creaTive and make someThing by Them- selves. Some maTh classes even gave The sTu- denTs a chance To wriTe on The chalkboard, someThing all sTudenTs secreTly wished To do. Classes gave My Owner a chance To meeT new people. My Owner would "never" pass a noTe in class buT would always lisTen To The Teacher. His favoriTe parT of class was when he goT a chonce To do someThing himself so ThaT he feIT involved in whaT he was learning. This way My Owner experienced The TesT maTerial ond didh'T have To rely on osmosis The nighT before The exam, buT My Owner knew ThaT all The hands-on experience in The world wouldn'T replace sTudying. AlThough My Owner would never admiT ThaT he "sTudied" for or TesT, l know he did because l waiched him work so ThaT he could be "On Top." Angle of refracTion? I can'T find il. Ryan Bixby oTTempTs To find where The pin "moved To" when viewed Through woTer Opening 7 ik in bb H3 6 Q i E 1 W' ,xi Q 's U ni' . f kk 1 S ,Ju ,f In 5 . 52 .Y , ' al, r 2.51 'img' V -f ' QT. fr . 4 , A Af 'fa' Q Je' x lf ! la 55:5 3 'QM Q2 , , W e 4 55 4 ' A. 5 x "1 w 1 3 V - f. , , 1 .1 + 1. ,. M, 25' -ww f 4 l , , E X"!P'!i'lsr ,gy . 5 Y. , , ' 'V Q ...K 'wt f"1I1g,'mfffgs A, , - + fw f L , TW' "1 'N , F fb s. ' "'N"" , 4 , -is My A -1522. U W., . aw .v : ,gf imma I a Q., fs ssh v ,g pq. X. Q ff' . 4 Q, U -n he . Q, kgs ,nh QM Y 4. H. x w, A 1 ,ga vw ,Uk wh A ,wig " xy' W, ff! 'ia -Q., nik: an 1 .ij EU' 9 " , 154 Q ' gf , E Y! 'Q' 65 -, H f, 5 B t4 , 'Lf- , n.,-mv. Y 'Nw U' , - f , am, sl was w . '1 , . QV, M vw , 'wa 'X N NN, PEE 'Q W N. my 1 :V- Cn Top Gi Life Being sold to an Arcadia High School stu- dent was the best thing that ever happened to me. I COl'1't believe the active lives these students lead due to their school spirit. Sports, clubs, and dances were full of happy, energetic teenagers having a great time, and l was there! l was usually included in My Owner's social life. What owner didn't bring his jeans jacket almost everywhere he went? My Owner didn't wear me very often at work or on vacation. l understood though. l-ie usually had to wear a uniform to work, so l'd only be a nuisance. l didn't want to go to work anyway - nobody would pay me minimum wage. When My Owner went to the beach l was too hot for him, and when he went snow skiing l wasn't warm enough for him, so i missed some good times. This yeor I was lucky, l got to go to the Rose Parade and spend New Year's Eve there onthe street. That was unforgeta- ble. l enjoyed watching "My Owner" striving to stay "On Top" in his free time. Hanging from the hoop, Phil Smith tries to impress people with his enthusiasm for school dances. Boy we are really hungry, all we want is F-O-O-D!" Carlos Mejia waits for his order. The snack stand gave students a quick, easy way to get lunch. Three's company, not a crowd! Brad Campbell, Rick Marino, and Denise Franco demonstrate this during snack. Gathering for the girls varsity volleyball game, Brien O'Brien and Cita Fernari enjoy each other's company. Some of the best sports action could be observed by watching the undefeated volleyball team. Togetherness was a great feeling between couples. Mike Walsh and Mara Grabis enjoy what time they have together at snack. Braiding hair gave Don Kuhlberg and Kristi Whipple something to do when they didn't dress out for P.E. This class gave students a break from difficult subjects and a chance to work off their tensions. 'S F ,i N. as .fi ,677 ,A Y 3. 'A Q ,Elk X " t A - ' v-T' ' " . - ' ' x 5,1 5. " . X -I' 3 W . W: g,M,.:y .. ,X Q 1, N i I w l X x 'Y Divider Student Life cf -S i Qt S UDENT Clothes - Why wear them? Junior Mi- chelle MerhauT said, "I wonT To reflect siyle Through my cIoThes." STudenTs displayed their own sTyles in The cowboy look, The surfer-skaT- er look, or the laid bock look. Accessories were a "musT." Many of The girls wore gold and silver shoes and belTs and, of course. big silver earrings. Almost every guy owned Ree- bok Tennis shoes and a surf shirT. Money was a main factor in everyone's wardrobe, KaTherine McKeon would spend "up To S'l'lO for an outfit" wiTh The money coming from her parenTs and her job. An al- ternative To the high cosf of cloThing stores was sewing your own outfits. Jo-Anne Swens- son said, "Making cloThes is a IoT cheaper. IT cosT me S46 To make my last formal." Everyone had her own idea of where The best cloThes could be found. STephanie Rodri- guez said she liked "MGA, Con'remp, and Bull- ocks because They have got The cuTesT cloThes." On The oTher hand, Sanyo Markus felT, "the ThrifT shop and Zocly's had all The lafest sTyles!" All of the styles came from The individual. Everyone creaTed a unique fashion sTaTernenT which kepT him "in style." T-R-E-N-D-Y. Boots become a popular accessory and improved any outfit. Alisa McVay displays her stylish boofs while waiTing for photography class To begin. smdem sryle Sfudenf Life ,fl A ,,, .I- :ME M k, ff: M " - 4 1 f 1 1. , 5' '- . :mn n, ,fig , W, , .V if Q, 1:11 .JL 1' "f5',EKA ffw .iilfil 5.15455 -sw. GREHCURES DF IIIGEC "What's going on this week- end?" "Who are you going out with?" "What's happening Fri- day night?" Every student talked about his night life and often made arrangements early in the week. Plans for Friday and Satur- day nights were decided as early as first period Monday morning. Senior Eric Seastedt said, l'Night Life is the life." One of the most popular things to do was to go to the football games and then to the dances which followed. After football TAKE 5. Taking a break from making Apache predictions, Apache Josephina. Kristen Espenschied, visits with Melissa season ended, many enjoyed going to dinner at Chili's and then a movie at the Monrovia Mann, to Marylins dancing, ln-N-Out Burger, Bob's Big Boy, or just a night at home with their sweet- hearts. Going out to a movie was a popular date. Monica Preciado said she preferred seeing a funny movie rather than a scary movie because it was easier to have fun. Steve Holt said he enjoyed taking girls to scary movies be- cause it gets them scared so Johnson, Tamara Wilson. Susan Ferdinando, Deborah DeLong, Teresa Brighouse, and Jennifer Kocaya, Cheering with the pep squad, Geoffrey Dorn. Clifford Dorsey. and David Van Osdel participate in the enthusiasm at a football game. 1 2 Night Life Student Life C79 I Rockin and Rollin at the school dances is a favorite of Clifford Curley and Mara Hudson. Dances allowed students to unwind and have fun. Fast Freddle ls so fast that no one can keep up! Slow songs were played so that couples could get a chance to catch their breath. lx Vs. W5 X if W, 'Q Sconnnlng the crown for cute guys was often c highlight of the football games. Jill Oakley, Gino X xx Wcllo, and Melissa Vount. like all ' sophomores, are just beginners in learning the correct techniques. .. , -rf, if yi? swan gl..- . if - Nightlife Student Life 4. G if f .. M ,, Wx 'S..... 15 -W X i ' W fel Fxf pl T ' WWW so FEVER home, Alumni! The fesTiviTies included an assembly alumni, a parade of floaTs, The Royal CourT around The field in golf carfs aT half-Time, The game a semi-formalfdance The following nighf aT The Grand in Therl-lomecoming assembly gave many groups a chance To perform. Qrchesis performed al dance To The beaT of 'iNew Shoos,." The Pep Squad, Marching Band, Flags, and CAT QThe new compeTiTion1 Teamj also performed Their exciTing roufines. The assembly concluded wiTh Dave Spallina, Greg Pyle, Tom Longo, y John Renken, and Eric Nash Cfive alumnij lip-syncing To The beaT of Village People iusT as They: had clone aT The seniorgassembly. Many clubs parTlcipaTed in The homecoming parade before The fooiball game. The arT and French clubs won The humor prize for Their car. race, The varsiTy club won The grand prize for dressing as g grapes and playing The song, "Heard iT,on The Grapevine," and The Junior class and surf clubs won The Theme prize for Their cardboard '57,Chevy. The Senior Men and Kiowas dressed upfor The beachuand hiT a volleyball around. Frank Rizzi said, "IT was fun represenTir1g our conservaiive group in a less formal sTyIe." AT The fooTball game, Arcadia cremaTed Glendale 28-O. Players f of The game were Randall Wilson and Salvador lvlaciel. Mark , Shively felT Glendale was "no conTesT." All ScoTT Graves had To, say was "A.NeT.-yardage go Buffalo4f'D." A A A During half-Time everyone waiTed anxiously To find ouT who'The T 'T new Homecoming ,Queen and King would be. Cheers vibr Ted The sTar3ds1 as Jennifer Billings and Sean Evans were crowned Queen and King byiwo daring sky divers. y A ' The Homecoming fesTlviTies culrfninaTed on SaTurday wiTh a semi- formal dance aT The Grand, in Glendora. T'The dance was The besT dance ever, Theimusic was greai, every one enTire nighT," Erika Rorvick said enThusiasTicalIy. The Around The Ciockhwas very appropriaTe: everyone he night away aT The Hrjlrnecoming dance, Joanne Shannon Toepfer Take a break from Their dales To ' - dasome serious boogie, court: Van Horn, James Marshall, Mar s, Jennifer Billings, Sean Evans, nford. Anne-Marie Grund, and arlas: ' T T I M H l-lomecoming A ' 3' - ,I Siudenf Life V, ' Dancing to the beat ot the Pep becomes enThused aT The Pep Rally. The school spirit. 1. fia -Q' . Y V ' .,. ', ,, 13, AQHA," J . .M 4 ,fx fn V .ff ' - .H ' To make sure the girls don't make a mistake, Brad Cambell and Sergio Lopreiafo keep Their eyes on Their favorlTe pep squad members. Twist And. . . A double third period meanT There was an assembly. Karen Acuna and Carrie Deollase felT Thai "on a scale of 4 To 40 They were a Q!" Ana Eucheverria said, l'They keep our school spiriT going." Laura Ganguin summed up The general aTTiTude ThaT assemblies were "really fun and well puT TogeTher. I like Them." GuesT speakers were popular. WiTh brocures pouring in, The ExecuTive Council could carefully choose who would speak To The sTudenTs. The assemblies commiTTee. wiTh money raised from The ASB card, paid up To S500 for a good speaker. In 4984 we were lucky enough To gef Mrs. America To Talk To The sTudenTs. Around 4972 Kenny Loggins came and played in his band, Loggins and Messina. Assemblies were ThoughT ouT monThs before hand. The ExecuTive Council, wiTh The help of Mr. Tom Payne, discussed which clubs and guesT speakers would be invifed To perform. The acTiviTies comissioner. KrisTen Harris was in charge of organizing The show. Prior To The assembly. iT Took 6 hours To sef The sTage and coordinafe The lighTing and sound sysTems. Pep Rallies and Assemblies STudenT Life ,f-ff. 5 ,..,...,r' Pizza between rallies gives The pep squad plenfy of energy To work Two performances wiThin one and a half hours. A """' ' q,' L' 4 L:" ',f Lii' I h ' ' 2 " ' ' ' 'l Q W llll f ,,, M ' l ll . , , . M ll lll l l l. V l l l l ll f ' AL., KLL, , M fi A , 5 --'.. A ' J Q f 7' "M 'AHiz"H illz R '-'I ff lfiifiiif -,,:'k 1 .:w::3':'5l,'15S .Ht fl-i "'.I ll-',?1?5'2?5:5'!F'isiitlfefi if' -lf:-Wifflii-'ifEi'lifiifgiiifiilfig?Ir'L??':5J74':3?lliL'-lied' 5. , xl L37 ,"f f l :" liiilfizifs Z, ff K: i"'EE5l'M:iF4Q-2:f'-Qleiiwfgiffxiff H' ',f-., . ,, .:f.--.k, 1af5z1lSff5e1i21?152.g, - 55+ A-.h,--' '.."'x 5 Xf" ,"- -1f' L , l K llllll M 5 1i' 1 f h l l .4 l, mh ,' L , , : f"k" X-ff Y7:. :gr 1'4," ,, , , f,.e,:L,: f--v -zznzzll A1--:: Q me f'L -:', .- " I '-f'- ii. 7"-: 4 --" 'rf vfli- 'VIA fk,, 1 aww, .'-- 2 "-' -lfrr ,,2, L,', L,L.',' : I . L' -4-k, lll ' , .. ' V 7 ,f'k Q "'i 2555-.g-Q. yi k . 7f,', 3-'ffgq-'fsq,'fllgsifznw 1 wzzjyffiagljwg' jgiggiikgfigtsizgfn'.5 X J j,ijVfgiA,5 ::-1 -fire.: 'ili' , :::.k, sg' ',h: AK k v .L-ii'1. ,1-- AAIL Y- 1 l ,--,f,. ,f Lf-, .f Q.: --rf i k,,. fl v,,, , ff,,,L ::- wing. -f., , 3 'fww :V l V ll ll . l l lllll ' l ll llll llll l l ' li ,mM,1, , ... .ffwmm L5 I -,---- :..f r vvv- X -- M- V .K-. , ,,4w,, fwmmzmw Am 5. ll m - ll l 1 V352 gi H5 lf QL 21? in 14 M- QQ, Wy t . , L Q, gg '57-iw -'myfl-zflswwQ:--viz .C ,. X . 35'l'x W gi - A ' sgzg, , M 7 ..., ey , Lii '51 K ,mlm A x vs 45 ' 4 I - 1 ww Hafgeim, ffl lf- wa-Q ,ef M ,,,g,z,,kgg .mu v,,, Q M ,, ll l l li K',L 'L ilff' , 1 .l A 2f.iff,"z23l4-'ff 5 1 z 'E -A A ' 4 l7'5'? l'5f S 'silfi-fa liV1fitiggg5n,q-:gp 1111: Atl--ffa,fEs1v:sgJf:.' 'fW1i?:ilf53Sl2ii 55 H -- 1---w,.,, i -V -vrr ,M ' 5 V Pep Rallies ond Assemblilefif lb ll, Sludenl Style gl: qv ,gp A as: MW, Q ,, ,ww 'Ml W, . an Sneaklng oil campus for o quick coke, friends Denise Richardson, Julie Thinger, Sfephanie Green, and Jennifer Holmes caTch up on The laTesT gossip before reTurning To class. As the Homecoming royaliies are read, Denise Rachdrdson and Roubina Vegavian waiT anxiously for The resulTs. Many announcen'TenTs were held dur- ing lunch so ThaT The majoriTy of The sTuaenTs would find ouT aT The same Time. 1 8 Snack and Lunch STuclenT Life W T rv, i'A' ,T fr M 4 il ,G A ,, ff ' T ' ay, 'W' jfswiws 2 sf-ff. f my 'MAY f A, , ,f flyer "' Q45 , -l' 1, 'ff -73 ff .ri-,5,L,,g , ,sf Q.WrQ9?L,,?,. - T ,T n- f 4Q,, T c do ,"y""M.av'.eu.....L all ,r 'T 'Aiwa what 5 i The school day rwasf broken ups into three partsfflthe two i periods before snack. therclcrsses pre- 3 f ceding lunch, and the classes before 1 goingrhohfreg Although most students : used snackto relax..somejtook advan- . 1 tage offit by finishinggiup last-minute ' homework or studyingforan important 3 test. Lisa Kim said, "Snack was great 3 because it gave me time to study and i todo my homework." l r r 'During.snack, students had time to l l get together in theirlcliques and social- 5 l ize.f At this time Tffleiffally court and 5 lunch pavilion were 'crowded with.stu+ 2 r dents escaping from stuffy classrooms 1 and difficult teachers. They rrodvtithe. , gjgto get their second wind after being T is rfkhocked out by first and second per- g if rods. sesiy g l Y Lunch couidzbe thought of as an ex- tended snackqlt gave students time to e fill their stomachs and to buildiup their , energy. Some ate in the cafeteria, T 1 others outside on the rally court, and l others outon the library lawn. Those r f fortunatefstudents, the seniors, en- r joyedrrtheiprivilege of open lunch and used this 'to get awaytrom school 3 . while the sophomores andiijuniors were i confined there. Open lunchlgave the e underclassmen something to look foray ward to. T Some students preterred to be alone. Two such peo- ple were Mike Walsh and Julian Desigio who seem con- tent as they sit away from the noisy lunch crowd, Lines tor snacks appeared unending. To take their minds off the long wait, Shannon Torres and Cathy Kier discuss the day's events. Snack was time well spent with triends. Dynese Schif- filed and Tina Bruno take a moment to catch up with what was happening in each others' active lives. Some students could be found people-watching. Ob- viously finding something rather interesting, Shellie Gare cia and Kimberly Trotter give looks of approval. Snack and Lunch Student Life E Q W I 1 lwwv , , 'Mu ff.zsasQ-,afimilwsmwwn mi - erm A , W I if 17 Y 4 x U' ' I , 5 . ,N " + 1 , , g ,A " f :V Fw.. , ' " VN, 3 .q- ' W 2 - 2 . I ...W ,n.,.,,,,i5,,M ' l'- -Q. .. gun VN A ,Nl-f'- 5 " 5 A ,,v-.W 1 r 2 oiwoysro great-woy To make friends. Af C1 Fridcry Eric Belcher ond Gary Gopezzdniiidke CJ break from up with ine latest gossip, Ai lunch, friends , ond Syivono Seiiecdse discuss The sighis on L UNI-,,,..,s . "Nih- 'li uwxgrf 4-""' K 1 Q fr ,.- if if .' 3 if S' 2 L f . 'Y ,i ,e ee Z ygfffg ' 15' Q gsm- +1555 " We 9 :ff ,H 'L NMK t ' K , .A is 1 W , . '..:H'4R1.' Friends' zzlsmaemrmfef' ii e 1 , :LX x,s,-4, W on opportunity io spend time Supporting their team ci-difooibdil gonwef' Ahhy night dence, Laurie Turner and Lisd Perry crnd Louro Bowenshow eiheir enihusiosrn. theidcznce fioor-with their friend ' ' A . - N W. 5, ,.. Q 'Sv fm- s- A S H life . in., l, . Ni V ' ' si' 'figs -nr! ,, f On club day, Kim Schneider, Krisfine Kupper, Kelli Hayes, and Krista Blardhal, Talk abouf all The new members Thaf have joined The club: Finanf ie'siuncniAiiQsikeil Bish nd sn is rn' I in Y weekend. 12, V op a and ggar can discuss eir pans for e , ff, , x Ulhtlb is Cl Friend . Who Took you To school so dial-a- ride didn"l have To? Who covered for you when your mom asked where you were lasT nighT'? Who siayed up laTe hours To help you wiTh geomeTry or lis- Ten To your problem? As usual, a friend always came To The rescue. By defini- Tion a friend is, "one aTTached To an- oTher by affecTion or esTeem," bui here, aT Arcadia High, a friend was someone who shared The mosT memo- rable Times of our lives, and who will never be forgoTTen. Some sTudenTs have described Their ideas of a friend a liTTle more creaiivelyz A friend is . . . "someone my mom pays To hang around me." -Maff Ready- "a person you can TrusT" -Jeanie Sui- Ton- Usomeone who ls always There for you" -Shawna Eggar- someone who leTs you in a parTy free" -Bill Harris- "anyone who has a brand new, black BMW and a rad broTher" -Mara Ploi- kin- "someone who never geis Tired of hearing abouf your weekly boy- frlends" -Lori Bushor- in Ha parTier in need is a friend indeed" - Kevin Johnson- someone you can Trusf and who won'T sieal from you" -Rick Marino- d person you can counT on" -Chris- Tine Avels- anyone who has a rad car and will drive us anywhere" -Melanie Ais- wansian and Carolee Lesiuk- "someone who will give me money aT lunch and l don'T have To pay Them back" -ScoTT Devoe- T Friends STudenT Life Taklng lime out for refreshmenls, Bonnie Derril. Chad Edgington, Cheri Bewley, and Rick Pike mingle as They walch The new dances of lhe new school year. Daring to bare 'lhelr "voluptuous" logs, Todd Samms, Robert Jordan, Javier Jimenez and Michael Bryce give hearl allacks To Their many viewers be- fore the Homecoming Dance. Escorilng Princess Kolll Wrlghl down iho royal alslo, Thomas Edwards smiles proudly as everyone applaudes. I Formal Dances Siudenl Life , 7 5 ,hai .KJ- W 15,33 vmafafr f f 4Q5g3,g - wilt 'va of . fu 'i !"'C:"f.5 fir' 4 l H 9 do Mg. Q X F' do Q f - ml? , Ti' ag ' j 4 Ll, f i J e jf if s V44:i,- J:-f 21 Sw VN' Qaq ' -XXX r Y, i .al rl ,.,,,:, 'ii ' ilxf2f?if2li',f.f ' 'f114ii,f'5 ' ,Q .fr 15 r-QR 'Wai wif, .-.54 'M 6 J- 'YI P 4 -M .LJ me "'-...,, i nw 'fob Formal dances were an exciting part ot high school history. More than ever, people became in- volved with The formal functions. "There was a Tre- mendous amount of pride and dedication in promot- ing These events," commented Mr. Tom Payne. So, iT's no surprise that The dances were a success. Homecoming, the first formal dance of The year, was held at the Glendora Grand Hotel. Many Arcadia alumni returned To reminisce about their high school years. The Chandelier Ball, Titled "Winter Wonderland," was The second dance of The year and was held at The Santa Anita Turf Club. Although not a school func- tion, many students attended and enjoyed The holi- day festivities. The ValenTine's Dance was held aT The Pasadena Hilton. The Theme was "Straight From The HearT" which many students felt to be sincere. sl 3 vi. YW, 4' 'Q s- 1'-4 Q . . W The last formal dance of The year was The Prom, held in The Grand Ballroom aT The Disneyland Hotel. The Prom, for many seniors, was a landmark event They would never forget. Some of The most popular styles of dress for girls were black, off The shoulder or strapless, curve hug- ging dresses. The newest and freshest look, however, was metallic which was seen in an array of vivid colors. For The guys, Tuxedos underwent some drastic changes, cummberbunds and Ties could be ordered in a multitude of colors and patterns. They were even available in some metallic colors To match Their dates' dresses. Some of The Tuxedo colors changed too. The cool guys on campus could even wear The "Miami Vice" look in flamingo pink or marina blue. WiTh ThaT kind of a selection, what could possibly go wrong? Four noble alumnl: Norby Cisneros. Tim Stacey, Jim Gray, and Steve Mc Gov- ern. wait patiently for Their five lovely dates be- fore The Homecoming Dance. All dressed up and ready for a fun-filled evening To- gether. John Shu and Lu- cia Kim put on The finish- ing Touch for The Chande- lier Ball. .X 41 . X N, Celebrating with a candlellto dlnner before The Chandelier Ball, Brad Bu- cholz, Christie Becker, Todd Weeks. and Jackie Wilson cuddle up and share a meal together aT ln-n-Out. 0 111111 111111111 Formal Dances Student Life Classes offered no excitement on Mondays To some sTudenTs Suzanne Highlower can hardly waiT To sTarT her nap. "Oh no, not again, iT's Monday!" STudenTs haTed The Thoughl of anoTher school week full of deadlines, TesTs, homework, and jobs. Long aTTendance lines frusTraTed sTudenTs on Mon- days. Sleep and school work also did noT mix well sTudenTs, buT They were Too exhausTed To do anyThing else. Mondays jusT messed up The weekend. Jennifer Ho summed up her feelings ThaT "Mondays break up The TasT-paces weekends away from school. This mighT sound like a cliche, bui Mondays are a drag." Friends and fun were number one. David LighTcap. Tomaso TaranTino. CharloTTe Walker, Tonya Murry. Candy Maloney. and Todd Trip enjoy aTTending football games. o l Mondays and Fridays STudenT Life A 4. 'Q 3394 il Q, ws ss! N . . E 5, 2' 9 Monday madness sTarTed in The mornings. Anada Cullinone wanTs To get ouT of ' long aTTendance lines To be wiTh her friends. Thank goodness iT's Friday!" STudenTs jumped ouT of Their seaTs on Fridays. Though TesTs were common on This special day, school spiriT aT pep assemblies siomped ou Those "TesT blues." Almosi everyone aniicipaied "fun Friday" nighis speni aT pariies, dances, or fooiball games. Kaiherine lvlcKeon, voiced a common wish when she said, "I wish everyday was Friday." if ' :Q V, av, '- N ' Victorious Friday nlghi iooiball games v ei, g Q paid off for The long hours of pracTice. ff x , 7 5 STeve Tranyovv, Chris lvlcCarn, Brian f gl Q 4' Goodrich, Sieve Provanyano, and Andy 1 f ' - K A V 1 f- W lvloraw help defeaT The Wilson WildcaTs. T' , "' 'Q X , ik Q . NAD' . , bf ,NA N X GV " - NS' is 1' V W3 l X Q Ex Y Z' g ,J V 4 4 Y P W ff 7 S ' f ' A f -' ' , 2 :gli Q, 4' , I , A f j .A ,T RQ., Q A Dancing their blues away, Chrisla Klawii- Ter, Kellie Archibald, CynThia Fuglie, Kalhy Perelli, and Brooke Bevedick rock To The beaT of Dusly STreeT. Mondays and Fridays Sludeni Life A group that was well-loved and admired was The Cure. Their eccentric lead singer Robert Smith shows that he really isn't that different at ali. The British Invasion brought fantastic groups to the states. one of which was Bananarama. These three iadies pro- duced rhythmic music and catchy lyrics in songs such as "Venus" and "Shy Boy." A-Ha, the band that broke into the music business last year, is still going strong. These three Norwegians, Morton, Megs, and Pai, captured the hearts of millions of girls across the United States. Who could resist them? Music Student Life LJ bl item i MAJl iQflfl . Vksk - isis' X ,ig r i? W 4: i ft it Music is something that has set Trends for ages. lt is such an enormous part of life that musicians have a considerable amount of power in their hands. Lyrics have the ability to completely change a person's opinion or touch someone's heart. Music conveys feelings and a strong emotional impact. lt contains symbols and images to which we can relate. Some songs deal with controversial issues like Depeche Mode's "Blasphemous Rumors" or XTC's i'Dear God" that trigger wonder about God. Other groups are less philosophical and write about everyday occurrences like Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name," and the Fine Young Cannibals' "Ever Fallen in Love." which are about the universal concept of love. Some of the favorite groups of this year were the Cure, Gene Loves Jezebel, the B- 52's, A-Ha. REM, the Beastie Boys, and the Blow Monkeys. They sold an incredible number of albums because they had a little something extra which appealed to the fans. Some of the most popular songs were "Sub- urbia" by the Pet Shoppe Boys. 'Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order, "Anything" by Drama Rama, and "Not My Slave" by Oingo Boingo. This was a year in which the sixties were revived. The classics like the Beatles and the Monkeys were brought back. Even Ben E. King's song "Stand By Me" was constantly played. Although groups come and go, music will be around forever. lt is a constant in our lives be- cause no matter how bizarre it becomes, we will always find something we like. A band that has been around for a while is The Smiths. After years of climbing up the ladder, this was the year in which they finally received their well-deserved at- tention. Most groups achieve their fame and then they go downhill. Not U-2. Their musical talent has allowed them to stay around for many years. Music Student Life an Being very protective, Bill Harris makes sure no one comes near his beloved Monica Marovish. Caught in the act! Greg Fashing and Kristine Crochie were caught during their public display of affection. This pair was a prime example of couples who couldn't wait fo see each other. Casually ending their day, Jennifer Billings and David Costorello discuss plans for the weekend. Many times people went on dates just to meet new people Dating Student Life , gi, ."--..,. Em wx. U ! .1 27 U V M. r' Q , wie. ire? ' 9, jr 4 f Q , , .1 , we QU ,t iii2 ,k!Ai it lffify , ff,v- ,ja owl ,. uv ug s An l X i it C5???yfd mmf glilyfk Sugar and spice and ev- erything nice, that's what dates are made ot. Get- ting to know that certain someone required some spice to melt the ice, and some sugar to keep every- thing nice. Dating for many was a ro- mantic event which cap- tured memorable times of being with someone spe- cial. For these couples, more time was spent hug- ging and snuggling than anything else. For others, however, it was the social scene of dance clubs and block parties which brought them together. Both the ro- mantics and the socially elite party animals thrived on having as much fun as possible, and either way, they always had one thing in common - companion- ship. This companionship helped couples through - thick and thin. As Lisa Belcher said, 'iWhen you need a shoulder to cry on, you always know someone will be there to hand you a tissue." Though dating the same person for a long time may not work out the way some would like, it was good ex- perience which could help in choosing lVlr. or lVlrs. Right. After dancing the night away, Tamer Kataan, Stacy Jewell, Shannon Farley, and Tom Walker cool their heels. Dances were a great way to meet that cute someone who sat behind you in English. Gotcha! Said Michael Warmer to Kristin Whipple while taking a break from swimming practice. School sports were a great way to make new friends. Women's lib? Heather Hudson doesn't mind re- versing role with Mike Spallina. Just being to- gether was what counted tor these two, no matter how uncomfortable. 1 . Dating Student Life W LW an 'El EN nn rf., 'X mu 1 .953 '25 SQ I ,FF KIV , fo., .YL A fl ?F?5Q7' W-3 s. xp QQ! -1.2 M5095 ,Manu inges- .-.-.annul ..- ni .pau up -.. W Mm 5 0 Meiggfgfvsfffzcx F02 arms? if wiassseagsifiassrsffvffnrafusmewgzaviiiezkszzvzzfeszrfisfsiiiimfwQirfw wfiziizieiz X ".'.sf,ei4a'Pf5f If I-inf, 1:1 3 r 5 se E fl Q 'C tw, WU M GW W U5 vm uw H, E' i 27 252171 -:iw 1 i?3?fIi-sM5f'sVe2gZS:22:5f53GF1bl3bPs23"6ZfF'3iWLZi''f?EifiJ'EV.:+m""D'?"',w 1 fmi""L'-s M ,rv 1 J' si JN' K Q. ,x 3, ,.,,.,......MN..T,f.f Wi9GSiE85LfN..M.h....N....,...... iml'i53!i!iWi'.W..1?K.4'!'5n"f?F5'33?!8 S Elma-n MW!! '--- :ur ,Mi-CCSTQSSSHQwmwr? 'QiEb7lliW'h?fi'B9VH ?iEiKiGrTXmimWN5i '--W Looking for exciTemenT, many sTudenTs chose To go To such places as Taco LiTa, ln- N-OuT, Bob's Big Boy, Banana's over Yo- gurT, or The Monrovia Mann. Taco l.iTa and Bob's Big Boy were mosT offen frequenfed on Friday and Saiurday nighis when sTu- denTs were driving around wiTh noThing To do. The mosT popular iTem on Taco l.iTa's menu was The famous Jumbo BurriTo and Bob's hoTTesT dish was The Big Boy. When school leT ouT, many sTudenTs found Themselves waiTlng in a long line To gef frozen yogurT af Banana's over Yogurt The mosT popular flavor was chocolaie and vanilla mixed wiTh Oreo cookies on The Top. Frozen yogurT was becoming one of mosT popular desserTs because iT was less Than half The calories of ice cream. The Monrovia Mann was always a place where you could find Arcadia sTudenTs. The Monrovia Mann was popular because iT al- ways had six differenT movies. Some of The favoriTe movies This year were Top Gun, siarring Tom Cruise, and STand By Me, When some people felT advenTurous, They someTlmes wenT To such places as The beach, The Sherman Oaks Galleria, or The Hard Rock Cafe, The mosT popular beach- es were Newporf and Balboa island. Many people loved The Hard Rock Cafe because of iTs exciTing afmosphere. Some- Times you could even see a famous sfar There, If iT weren'T for These places many sTudenTs would have led very dull lifes. up u 'sf 'E X The Arcadia Court: Deborah Delong, Susan Keh, Robin Henkles, Denise Schfilliea, and Queen Holly Melvin. At the Chandelier Ball, Princess Kelly Wright was escorted by her date, Thomas Edwards. during the announcement of the Queen. Adding the flnlshlng touches was very im- portant before boarding the Arcadia float for court members Deborah Delong and Susan Keh. The Candystripers' court for the Chandelier Ball: Susie Ferdinando, Tamara Wilson, Lisa Hudson, Deborah Delong, Kell Wright and Lisa Saelid. 38 Holidays 1 Student Life ,I .rs Whlle waving To The crowd, Arcadia CourT members Robin Henkels, Dynese Schiffilea and Holly Melvin ride down Colora do Blvd. during The Rose Parade. W kevin Miller and Julie Cforosco pose for Their :Chandelier Ball picfures. 'T 3-' Myst ,gn fp? T , sf - ii W .95 . T . 'I , 'Mr Q 3 v A f x. , W .q. :S , . liuwxx ta! vi nh VJ. VV , 2 'gsm v ,Hl1Q ,X ,, f :J if- . 'D , Q T. ,I . , ic 1 4 ,'5"bf' XD- 'X jp. T hfig! " 5 g A ' x iff-1 , ., . ,N ,fy bg It 141, W X . f , 1 vaggwyy, I Un:.3p,gi,. v 1, Q? W I if K is ., V-gd , iz . .. f' . Q I 7 ,, I "M . P"'Ja 'rn ' 14' T ff " .1 ' I . - - , f . 3 M , M f- .. 2, 1 " iiiiiiiibiiisiiiiipfsiiir iriifsiiioiiviisisriiirriis. s As The holiday season approached, many special evenTs,,TQok place. Dur- ing TheThusTle and busTle of The ChrisT- mas season many people spenT Their Time shopping for The perfecT dress or Tuxedo for The Chandelier Ball. The dance, held aT The Turf Club aT The Sania AniTa Race Track on December 43Th, was puT on by The Junior Auxiliary of The Arcadia MeThodisT HospiTal. The annual ChrisTmas Assembly was The kick off for The ChrlsTmas season. The assembly, M.C.'ed by RoberT Lu, was held on Wednesday December 46 and included Orchesis. dancing To The beaT of Michael Jackl son, "Todd Tripp and The E STreeT Band" performing "SanTa Claus is Coming To Town," a special serenade from four ChanTeurs girls To, Mr. Narah and Mr. DeTrick, and The famous San- Ta's Wish LisT. Senior Brad ScoTT said "This year's assembly was definiTely The'besT ouT of The' Thfee l've seenf' One of The highlighTs of The holiday season was The Rose Parade. Every year many sTudenTs choose To sTay all nighT in The freezing cold weaTher on Colorado Blvd. To waTch The Parade. January 'lsT was an'exciTing Time for The five members of The Arcadia Rose CourT. They were Queen Holly Melvin, Robin Henkels, Deborah DeLong, Susan Keh, and Dynese Schiffilea.'The courT spenT mosT of New Year's Eve aT a hair salon geTTing Their hair and makeup done for The day of The parade. The Pasadena Royal CourT wiTh Queen Kris- Ten Harris, and Princess Sandra WalTrip also spenT New Year's Eve having Their hair and makeup done. When asked how she feiTl abouT making The courT, Princess Sandra WalTrip said, UI was so suprised when my name was called. l sTill keep Thinking l'mjgoing To wake up and The dream will be over." AfTer The Rose Parade ended, for many iT was off To The Rose,Bowl To see Arizona STaTe upseT Michigan wiTh a score of 22-45. AfTer The New Year's fesTiviTies were over, many sTudenTs sperif Their Time caTching up on sleep. Holidays STudenT Life ---' Q , xl Q DA Papal ? 4985-4986 An Arcadia High Triumph W The Voyager aircraff has gone down in s xx A' T fllewk T T hisrory for making ifs flighf around The ,,. ,, 5 y , , xgig world wiThouT refueling. lT Took The Voy- A ' ager eleven and a half days To complefe 4 g Q., U T :bf The flighi. The crew members were Buff if Rufan and Jeana Yeager who flew , I g A ,.,gi,rr' 28,000 miles over California, Hawaii, Aus- gg s .J Tralia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and Texas. Leg 'iri A and Then landed The plane in Mojave, i A' California. The roufe was mapped our W , ,fiiviij my .,,, y H W :, ,,..7 very carefully in order To Take advanfage y is ' A -. ' M. of global wind paTTerns To help speed up , ff! T ' a'illl A . . . mil-fT5f?"i's"i' 12' ' Wa T " "ss, " L T - ' The Trip. The Voyager carried up To 'i.-489 fy jj, T sw V,r W- gallons in 45 fuel Tanks locafed near The wings of The plane. The plane was de- W y -srr f " ' 9 . - ,, v,f- --. . Signed In 4984 DY BUVT RUTOU- 4,', r T , "A, , Q A T T .,,, :T ., , . .L 1. -Maw? af ,,,,, is si T l's if T A , ,pg ',,' ,ff ,"-' 2 if - ' f jg . ' . T A Victory We gof iT back! America was very happy To have won back The America's Cup offer losing iT four years ago To Ausfralia. The skipper of "STars and Slripesf' Dennis Con- ner, was The firsf man responsible for losing The America's Cup bui, wiTh a personal vendeTTa, he was also The firsT man To win iT back. He reiurned The America's Cup To The people of The Unifed STaTes wiTh pride. There were parades in New York and San Diego To congrafulafe him on his vicTory. Presideni Reagan wel- comed Conner and his crew aT The WhiTe House. Americans hope Thai The cup will remain in The U.S. for The nexf TOO years. 40 CurrenT Affairs Sfudenf Life Tragedy Over The pasT year, Hollywood has been sfricken by many Tragic deafhs, The firsf dearh was ThaT of film leg- end Cary Granf. Afrer sfarring in over 70 films, he died of a massive sTroke af The age of 82. Desi Arnez, known as Ricky Ricar- do of ul Love Lucy," clied wiThin a week of Cary Granr. Arnez died of lung cancer aT The age of 69 affer many monfhs of suffering. Anofher Tragic dearh was Thaf of The famous pianisf, Liberace. Liber- ace died aT The age of 67. Affer his aleaih. iT was discovered Thaf Liber- ace had died of AIDS. He had kepf his illness a secref so Thaf he would nor have To go Through The same experience Rock Hudson did when The public found oui abouf his infa- mous disease. W? im iz School PublicaTion Volume 4 Number 'I Reagan's Struggle PresidenT Reagan encouniered many problems over The year. He sold arms To Iran in exchange for hosiages wiThouT The American people's knowing iT. PresidenT Reagan also had To deal wiTh The facT Thai John Hinkley Jr., The man who Tried To assas- sinaTe him, was released from prison. John Hinkley was released because docTors said he had overcome his menial problems, and The hospiTal said iT would TreaT him jusT like all The oTher paTienTs who showed signs of pro- gress. PresidenT Reagan aTTempTed To prove To The American people ThaT he could be TrusTed. The PresidenT's baTTle definiiely has been an uphill baTTle and he sTill has a long way To go. Many rumors and facTs have been released abouT The arms exchange and new siories and 'lfacTs" conTlnue To appear. The allegaTions are being invesii- Royalty Harris, The 4987 Pasadena Rose was The firsT Rose Queen To aT- Arcadia High. KrisTen made many appearances including riding wiTh her Royal CourT in The Rose Parade. KrisTen was also involved in many acTivlTies like The execuTlve council and candy sTripers. KrisTen made many sacrifices To fiT in all of her appearances. Sandra Walrrip had The honor of being a Princess on The Pasa- dena Rose CourT. She had previously served on The Arcadia Rose CourT. San- dra did noT have To make many acljusT- menTs To her schedule as she was accus- Tomed To having a busy schedule full of appearances. The Trip down Colorado Blvd. was noT a firsi for Sandra. gaTed very closely by Congress. Trusi is slowly sTarTing To build, and hopefully, PresidenT Reagan will eveniually re- gain The confidence of The American people. - 3 IM. 0 -v bk? - Curreni Affairs STudenT Life Jon Robertson Creative Writing If 0676a0,0zdfM'aZ'cmz 040Q!Z6f,a4ma4e,u ELM A CHll.D'S PORTRAIT Cobboge Porch Kaos 7 Children ore noi dngels, T Dolls or jewels 1 . . They ore only children. T, They dre fdces, i T - Touched by humor. 5 ii Wide-eyed ond speechless, ' ' They ore fiusrered 2 EE5 ik zzgqqi A They ore nor chubby foces, ,y,: With red for The dpples. is :AA Q!! V M 'l" 'A They ore differeni, 'i From lively TO Q'OOmV' Someiimes They dre pldylhin gi A Ldughing, jumping. And They ore glowing, Ccirrying o Srrowberry Shoricoke lunchbox. The smile emerges, IT forms wiihoui freT. Big, wide, smdll Frdming The foce. The sleeping infdnis, Are bdlls of dough. , ,i",, T N 'fy' ,,-'?.'fj " T r 1' 5 g A ,fr fiiyggif , A :J I it 9 ,H if ,,,',5, , ."'jjf'.z W if, 1 , ' 1 If T -:Irv ,jwxe - ,T egg. 'I lrgi - ,,, X. in 'X xx . S 5 ill Sis TE: 255 5 Xi If iii' is fr! ii T f,f I wr , Lkii N ff . 2 . ,f ,T s f X? H , is ,,,, ,,V...,,,. f , V, , f eff ff T fx 3 y T if iff' J if ni T ,V J 1 -gain by T W, No Af, in fx X film., 51334 J 6 ii N 'io 1? fx iz 3 T X They dre invisible. Excepi To d dreom. Took Took Tnooginrroj if J Hyyyyyy .AZZQEEEWS AEHEQZZYHH HHHHHHH HHH rl HHHHHH WMM HHHHHHIEVSHSHSS HHHHHHHWHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHFHH HHHHHHHYWJ H1-THHHHHH Jennifer Hsieh Credlive Wriring SELF REFLECTIONS under o Tree clone, so much I could go bdck home. per l dm Trying To wonder gone wrong, where is my blunder? over l dsk my soui I, ond whoi is my godl? much To redch inio my heori And see WYIOT iT is Thor seis me dporr. Bur how con l even Try To wriie SomeThing Thor is noi CIDDGFGDT To my sighi. i know Thor I dm so different ihon mosi, Yer how con l explain wirhoui seeming To boost. l srop here ond ccin wriie no more: l'rn ofroid my feelings ore locked behindd door. ' i wdnied so much To pur Them in words. Oh This lock of communicoiion is so obsurd. And so my Triumphs Annie Huong My purpose in wriiin T ..,. EM ,,,.5 2 ,,,.. . me """"i 555: John Selbok y 5 Hin T W A ?Yx,.,,f ,, ... W -T,:. ,,.,, 1 .. .:::-f,::. . I 'T ,,, N gi. 'i' .. T1 I flllii, :W 5 W , . ,. ..,. 5535. ,, ..,. ssl. 1 55.5 ' ggiiig r giilfis-fr T ii 5 32515 Q .... T T . Essssiisiaips iii TWT? 0 3 E mm is ,.,. Q . Eid 1 E ii SWEAT a sin wins average and savage ever BreTT BeTzIer mediocriTy of individualiTy breed wild Than skill To will rest I Breaking Free I feel aT Times ThaT This ouTer shell is more imporTanT Than my inner man. ThaT The car I drive, The cIoThes-I wear are an image. f An image I'm projecTing only To please my peers. IT can beja prison For Thereal me doesn'T wanT To do whafeveryone else is doing. I --N.. noT He had a green sTuffed aboui five feeT Tall. The Leprechaun proTecTed him, made him feel brave and sTrong. IT become his emerald sword and cruTch, I wanT To be myself Then I can be free. Jason fC. Anderson buT soon seemed vaguely wrong Now 48, The boy a man in body, skills, and mind. A differenT song: a Old Leprechaun Tucked Gnd dark his jade ned - an - a 5 M w W 11 U 1? N W 1 i . 1 1 X i , Y 1 . I 1 1 Y N i W x I I I Obsessus Follow The quiver of a sea shell, As IT Trembles over cascading waves. See iT change from peachy, To sfone. WaTch iTs helpless lip Cup anoTher losf shell. Holding on, Perhaps Too TighTly. Walk away. When our friend, ShaTTers To pieces Along a blue cloud. -Took Took Thongfhiraj Jeffrey Baker c 1, if r .4 Q. --A-"T V " V ' N m - -- K, -egg,-:wwf-A-gqgfus 4 A f R ' g , 'M Us 4 x , ,, .,. . A . K. In , , K- W - - f 2. -"' "Y ,- , V - , mi-....' -r., ',. MsNa..,.-s Q My-.-v: f-. ,L - N, .. 5 Jack Chen True Love? I-low can we define love? lT's somefhing Thaf we can'T see How can iT be, if we can'T Touch iT'? Even Though I feel iT when your wiTh me People have said love is The greaTesT feeling of Them all YeT l've seen iT give The greaTesT pain They say ThaT love has made The earTh and sky I Think of love wiTh friends as a special Tie I don'T Think love can be defined by words lT's somefhing only felT when iT is shared Too many people Try To give love wiTh empfy words WiThouT love They'll never undersfand I found love when I found you Alfhough we waiTed a long Time while our love grew We may noT have forever buT somehow We have each ofher for here and now And I know we will be TogeTher UnTil The end of whaT we have And whaT we have will never die If we keep The spirlf of love alive -Philip Al'1derSOn TIME There are so many Things To Thin And such liTTle Time To do iT. Time is coming To an end. Time for making decisions. k about Tough as Time may seem for now IT is a reason for living. lT is a reason To look ahead. SeparaTion will soon occur. And sorrow may be exchanged. BuT we knew The Time would co lives To say good-bye To now. Susan Hyde me in OUT "'W ,. "'mq,, , 48 CreaTive WriTing fa ID wears m schoolboy 'PM' They amble pane. like a paper ship. away of d sTirring sTreeT. Jack Chen like a manTis. To a waTer-speckled window screen. Roberf "Blue" Lu i. V T7 Feinando Corrado W.W. Blues The Reeboks lrampling Anolher Saturday nighl, Walking and Talking and seeming. fLife is noi a speclaior sporlj Ah-yah, shoes, Weslwood shoes, Besi kind shoes. The European luxury sedan blowing Pasl shiny neon slores, blowing A luxurious horn beep beep. qGel The hell oul of ils wayy Ah-yah, cruise, Weslwood cruise, Besl kind cruise. The huddles forming like puddles On The sidewalk, poialo eyes Glancing ai each olher nonchalanily. qYou can, like, see down her blousep Ah-yah, blues, Westwood blues, Besl kind blues. RODGFT "Blue" Lu Creative Writing V,,,3 Q .1 2 05.51 1 Top In Their Field I looked good and I knew it. Some thought cardinal red and gold were flashy and daring Colors: I agreed. that's why I was so hot. Being a symbol of pride, excel- lence, and superiority wasn't easy you know. I always caught people's eyes. I knew that everywhere I went people stared at me. I represented something special. and it didn't take me long to realize that, since I was a symbol, My Owner, who wore me constantly, was unique. In a way, I was a sort of prize. If someone owned me, he thought he was "cool," and he was right.I was very difficultto obtain, and only a few elite athletes were qualified to own me. Ownership of a letterman's jacket s wasn't easy to attain. From where I sat everyday, I learned what the true life of an athlete was all about. Many assumed a "jock's" life consisted of parties, bragging, poor grades, andawful grammar. Maybe at some schools it was like that, but not at Arcadia. Athletes had to meet grade requirements in order to play, and with a time-consuming schedule of practices and games, that wasn't always easy, but they did it. Many also forgot what it took to be an athlete: it wasn't just throwing around a ball for a few hours, but instead it involved intense workouts to perfect plays and strategies. The athletes of Arcadia represented! the de- termination and ambition required to attain the goal of being "On Top." Q. -asf as f.f- , i . ., -. .,,,, ,, 5 f. I s I I IQ'-:Q -. Kg, Q ' A ' 4- ' , 1 . fur 1 f if . if - f: V-A 1.2-Nasa. "'14"U!9 5 A . AIL it ...v-.,. . , X, 5 i W5 gm' 9 r.. Sishmg 1 v W' My ssairii ii 2 . . S 'J ' .af-we . .1 1 egg r Q V Q A K J Y - a I I ,,,,'J.e. T ' V v 1 1 W ,,f-f-1 vaefrrvf rrrix.. xyflirr ,'f.1."J' K ,fllxly-G If-'f' '- .mx 5 . "W d Long distance runs were often a strain, but Rob Poling keeps on going. Concenfrating on the position ofthe ball, Kirstin Henderson returns a border- line ball, Playing borderline balls was usually advised in tennis. Rushing toward the banner, Mark Lopez, John Chu, and Rich Pike hope to be the first to break through it. Varsity football games drew parents. students, and friends to Friday night home games. Out-foxing her opponent, Julie Harrison prepares to pass the ball to an open team mate. For some, training for the varsity soccer team began in elemen- tary school playing in AYSO. Ready for the unexpected, Andrea Tunnicliff never let her eyes leave the ball. Varsity volleyball never allowed a dull moment. Straining to pass the ball, Donald Kuhlberg hopes to get rid of the ball before his opponent can guard him. Water polo gave water lovers the opportunity to compete in their favorite surroundings. ,:.:,-,na -Q , ,.1..., W W .M V- I if 'T is 'fb J . ' 1 .- L Q i1 ,Xwwe we if Divider 5 1 Sports B.M.0.C. Big Men On Campus The B.M.0.C. are comlngl The Big Men On Campus CB.M.O.C.j were ofTen seen walking down The halls during fooTball season. OuTsTanding junior and senior aTheleTes made up This eliTe club. By working TogeTher The fooTball Team de- veloped a uniTy and enThusiasm which made The season exciTing and success- ful. The varsiTy Team was unique: There were noT any "supersTars" who dominaT- ed The game and drew aTTenTion away from The resT of The Team. lnsTead, every- one was more or less equal and devoTed his Time To making The Team a success, noT The individual. As senior Bradley ScoTT commenTed. "This year's Team was a loT more exciTing Than lasT year's because There were no supersTars and everyone was equal." OTher fooTball players, such as Richard Williams had posiTive feelings abouT The Team. "Being a junior, l felT I learned a IoT from The senior players. I felT iT was a very good season because of C.l.F. and also because The coaches TaughT me a loT." Placing Third in Their leogue, The Apaches made iT To The saughT afTer and well-deserved C.l.F's, compleTing an- oTher successful fooTbaIl season. Due To excellenT coaches, players, and fans, a sTrong group of experienced players will be waiTing for The sTarT of nexT year's season. Varsity Football AHS yi , , V OPP 27 s 'San Gabriel 42 20 , San Marino bi , 0 2 y,,g Temple Cify' T 24 T 202 Wilson y '17 3 Monrovia gy 7 is , 23 ,Glendale 0 T 02 Muir 34 , 493 Pasadena 24 24 f' Cresema Valley - '17 ,fi 52 VarisTy FooTball SporTs f4QJ"f 17 X, , i ,. Preparing To puni The bull, punTer Baslllos Darlos and Colin Policky greaTly influenced The ouTcome of The game. PunTing was used To puT The ball lnTo acTion as far down The field as possible, Spotting a clear path, Brian Goodrich heads toward the goal line. Speed and quick maneuvering were characteristics of good offensive runners. Catching a pertect pass, Christopher McCarn runs on a clear break away. Precise passing and receiving resulted in many great victories for the varsity team. J 4 5' S. Q outing loud cheers ot encouragement, Steven azone views the game from the sidelines. When t in action, players were on the edge of their ats in anticipation of every pass and tumble. V . as 'esi ' A' as Q 'fs 5 'S 9. W if ' X Q of Assembled In the starting posltlon, the Apaches prepare to begin the game. Varslty Football - Bottom Row: Anthony DeNino. Andrew Macias, Jeffrey Christmas, Stephen Shaul. Salvador Maciel, William McKenzie. Row 2: Colin Policlcy, Ignacio Maciel, Robert Durbin, Kevin Hearn. Donald Wood, Craig McDonald, Adam Knowland. Christopher McCarn. Row 3: Beaux Randall. Gary Fox, Coach Bill Pitts, Coach Ed Ramirez, Coach Doug Smith, Coach Dick Salter, Coach Skip Herrington, Coach Michael Gordon, Coach Pat Mack, Steven Mazone. Anthony Gallina. Row 4: Basilios Darlas, Scott Wesseler, John Chu, Darrin Dunaway, Theron Tephabock, Steven Tranzow, Christopher Demirdjan, Jim Muro, Theodore McGuire, Thomas Greep, Christopher Beanes, Row 5: Richard Williams, Johnathan Durbin, Benjamin Morrone, Bradly Scott. Sean Evans, Eric Belcher, Richard Lang, Scott Groves. Steven Prorenzano, Mark Shively. Back Row: Marc Woodward. Christian Colatico, Randall Wilson, Andrew Moran, Erik Sarafan, John Levitt, Joe Betancourt, Jeffrey Vickline, Jason Carroll, Kelly Marshall. varsity Football 5 3 Sports Hut, Hut. Hike! Many excited fans cheered for The Apache Football Teams which had a very good season in '86, The Teams illusTraTed good sporismanship along wiTh enThusiasm aT each of Their games. The Apache sophomores played hard, accumulaTing 2 wins and 3 losses. Richard Provenzano, Tailback and safeiy of The sophomore Team. summed up some of his feelings To- ward The season. "I feel ThaT we played our besT even Though we losT The championship. The sophomore coaches did a greoT job. Their work wiTh us helped make our Team willing To give our all To win." The Junior VarsiTy Team also por- Trayed Their enThusiasTlc spiriT on The field. The Team parTicipaTed TogeTher coming up wiTh eighT wins and losing only Twice. Even Though iT was noT The highesT scoring season, The J.V. Team felT They were a unified group, showing a sTrong hope for The varsiTy Team's fuTure. Q- -Football AHS OPP JVfSO . JVXSO M San Gabriel 0 6 San Marino 0 . .llg aj ST. Francis 'IA r 42' Temple CiTy 0 8 Wilson 12 6 ST. Francis -42 24 Monrovia, 0 12 Burbank 0 24 y Glendale 3 '18 36- Muir O 0 46 T Hoover 0 8 Pasadena 6 O Muir 26 O CrescenTa Valley' sy 47 54 JV f Sophmore Foofball SporTs Tackled by The enemy, The receiver goes down. DefeaTs were encounfered by J.V. and sophomore Teams as well as greai viciories. Showing greai persisTance, Kevin Miller aTTempTs To bafile his enemy. Consfanly aTTacklng The opposing Team showed promising resuITs. l E104 nv M sg-www -1..f-ms ssl-as-.1 K n 'ss li... W ss,- . . 5 -if X Q 'unning back James Marshall avoids The opposing Team and attempts to gain yardage. Fast running was an asset 0 the sophomore football team. kissxxkgz K 1 ,iff um! km we- - Q .' ,wig-rf-'ff-A , A Q Q' 48 Mm- ' sf 2 5 K Q ' -, ' M 8 4' . ,1- hhhs 4s '3l'3?M7' mi ' 1:59 i A T is Tackling the oppossing team and causing a fumble, a sophomore displays his abilities. Hard practices resulted in excellent Tackles and creates hopes for next years Teams. JV Football Team - Bottom Row: James Muro, Robert Durbin, Donald Wood, Jeffrey Christmas, An- drew Macias, William McKenzie, Craig McDonald, Richard Pike, Row 2: Steven Shawl, Anthony Gallina, Arihide Kato, Theodore McGuire, Scott Wessler, Christopher Beanes, Gary G-apezzani, Steven Tran- zow, Steven Holt. Top Row: Kelly Marshall, John Lea- vitt, Joe Betancourt, Richard Williams, Donald Wood, Jeffrey Wickline, Christian Colacito, Jay ln- gram. Sophmore Football Team - Bottom Row: Anthony Rodriguez, Carlo Nicastro, William Leon, Scott Aboud, Rob Avels, Steve Bisuano, William O'Conner. Row 2: Daniel Bisuano, Don Widrig, Yoshi Shimizu, Ryan McNeil, Rick Provenzano, Jim Bunnell, Jon Newman, Steven Lindholm, Michael Fox. Row 3: Robert Atkinson, Michael McCrummen, Michael Bruni, Coach Ellsworth, Coach Wright, Coach Shep- herd, Ed Benioff, Henry Chen, Michael Fabrl. Row 4: Anthony Chen, Damon Groves, Anthony Colacito, Dustin Dinmore, Eric Trapp, Jon Espenchiel, Brian Moody, Jeremiah Carroll, James Marshall. Top Row: Brendon Spencer, Todd Robbins. Bradley Jeffs, Guy Alexander, Kevin Miller, Mark Nicoli, Mitch Sandin, Justin Smith, James Martin. i 5 Jvf Sophomore Football 55 Sports Pace Makers On your woy home from school did you noTice The Arcodion sTudenTs run ning? lf you did, you were wcrTching The cross-counTry Teom. These deTer mined people spenT long hours running oround Arcodio To geT The feel of run ning long disTonces. Boys vorsiTy yield ed some ouTsTonding runners such os Doniel Kobolo, WhiTney lVicDermuT ond Jomes lTolio. They helped The Tecim geT Through cr difficulT seoson which ended in o 2-3 Ieogue record The junior vorsiTy Teom hod on ex cellenT yeor. Their skill led Them To sec ond ploce in Their leogue ond o 3-2 record. The Girls VorsiTy Teom showed hord work ond deTerminoTion during Their Wdlker were key ployers during d Tough seoson which ended in o 2-3 leogue record. Cooch Greg Jones sold, "l om pleosed wiTh This yeor's Teom, They showed greoT improvemenT, ond I hove high hopes for nexT yeors Teom." He wos olso pleosed ThoT four of his besT runners were inviTed To run in 56 The SunkisT lnviToTionol, o Two-mile re Ioy held on Jonuory 46, 4986. yr T Boys Cross AHS WN , i Son marinara. - Y MUTT' T f . . H .. Hoover L. A -2 5 'POSGUSDO Q - Glendole 7 T ' . CrescenTcr Valley: H T ' piece in Pociificvleggue L , ' ' Son Marino W T 'Posodeno L Hoover W . Mui' . . L Glendale ' "gir Lg. L .gin . CrescenTa volley T i'l, T 1 T in League Finals Boys ond Girls Cross-CounTry SporTs OPP fV JV WW W4 ww seoson. Coryn Sivos ond ChorloTTe e ' I L L L p fff. TL 23 .i 3 ' V We L W IQ.. L ' .. W W f'-Q. Boys Cross-Country - Froni Row: Cooch John BeoTTle, Greg Moore, l?oberT Poling, iviork Stephens. ChrisTopher Mew, Jeff Depry, ivlichoel Jonesin. Bock Row: Ronald Fuller, Dorin Vercillo, Doniel Kobolo, GrcrnT Hohn, WhiTney McDermuT, Jomes lTolio, BreT Kreier. 'ffl ' jf F rl :T J si ' Q t 1, I' sri my . ' 5 ji 2 1' fs if j V -T T 2 L Q gi ,V L T T j lisa -,N l is F -"""' 'F "' l EX TPS Showing her running sTonce, Coryn Sivos wos on osseT To The cross-counTry Teom. Using his speed, Doniel Kobolo wins onoTher for The Apoches. His speed mode him cross-counTry's fosTesT run- ner Huffing and puffing, l?oberT Poling mokes his woy To The finish line. DeTer- minoTion wos needed To geT Through The seoson. GirI's Cross-Couniry - Froni Row: Wendy Morgan, Candice Ma- Overtcking her opponent, Raquel Zwick leads The loney, CharloTTe Walker, KrisTy Gaines. Back Row: Coach Ron Morris, way To The finish line. Training was The key To her Raquel Zwick, Doreen WaTson, Cciryn Sivas. success. imc- TNC' 7 , 11,765 r',i.k,,. yu .GH ,, 3 Leading the pack, WhiTney McDerr'nuT shows his 'iii' i opponenTs The key To vicTory, ' Trapped omong his opponents, George Velasr quez Tries To surge ahead. Skill and excellence were needed To conquer The opponent N 1 -"1' A - al Boys and Girls Cross-CounTry SporTs Aggresslvely returnlng the ball, Shannon Toepfer demonstrates skill and good technique. A strong offense led the team to its undefeated season. Passing the ball to Stacey Pleholta, Andrea Tunnicliff displays ex- cellent teamwork. Strong team unity was an important asset. K ' '51 11 r E S g,,s.3lw ' , K e f my 'Ti .se ggtsi A If Si 5, s is-A Girls Varsity Volleyball - Front Row: Megan Kennedy, Jo-Jo Suggs, Susan Harmon, Kendra Tarkanian, Andrea Case, Krista Klawitter, Debbie Sneider. Back row: Stephanie Green, Shannon Toepfer, Andrea Tunnlcliff, Stacey Picholta, Sarah Short, Wendy Dressen, Denise Fabbri, Coach Charles Freberg. Shaking hands with members ot the opposing team, Sarah Short, Stephanie Green, and Stacey Picholta complemented them on a challenging game. 58 cans Volleyball Sports L.: Blocking The ball, Megan Kennedy uses her defensive skill To her Team's advanfage. Quick reflexes used by The players resulfed in an unbeafen season. V2.4 + , 1 if :fi - eY if Pfam., .nf gr T A if j T , ' A 1, A "-' l ' Vs -asf 12515. At my 'gg Tig' i f ' u 1 ll fifkill si T T M Girls JV Volleyball - Front Row: Lily Chiang, Jennifer Shively, Melanie Milinovich, Sfephanie Gould, Juli Hodson, Cassandra Croseffo, Sonja Dio- kich, Melissa Vanllorn. Back Row: Coach Sean Daly, Claudia Frear, Susan Tressel, Chrisfine Taddei. Chrisfa Bjordahl, Cherie Albrechf, Brooke Burdick, Kirsfen Beck. Liff-2 3 T 3 .ig . 3 l .i i Pound Squad WhaT did The GirI's Varsity Volley- ball Team have ThaT made Them so unbeatable? ParT of Their secref was hard work, deferminafion and Team uniTy. The girls sTarTed Their season ear- ly, pracficing five hours a day mosf of The summer To develop and perfecf Their skills wiTh The coaching of Charles Freberg. This dedicafion paid off in The end wifh The Team remaining unde- feafed and qualifying for CIF playoffs once again. The Team also had a special close- ness which was evidenT in The way They played. According To Debbie Sneider, "This year There was a loT of Team spiriT which helped bring us closer TogeTher." This all added up To make The Team a success. The J.V. Team vicforiously followed The varsiTy's lead and also wenT unde- feaTed under coach Sean Daly. The consisTenT success of boTh Teams demonsTraTed The superioriTy of The volleyball program aT Arcadia High School. AHS OPP. VNV VfJV 3 2 Temple Ciiy 4 1 3 2 San Gabriel O 'l 2nd Place Arc. lnviTaTion 3 2 Soufh Pasadena O O 3 2 San Marino O O lsf Place Temple CiTy Tour 2 ,Muir T g O 0 2 l Hoover g O 0 2 Pasadena 1 O 2 Glendale P O 0 2, T Creselrifayalley O 0 2 T Muir i2,s T 0 O 2, Hoover? lf, O 0 7Th Place Marlbouwfugh Tour 3 2 A Glendale A 4 0 Top 3 l Glendale Tournamenf Sporfs is - Girls Volleyball Girls Volleyball Apache Gators Alligafors are ierocious and swifl animals which possess killer insiincis. The Apache GaTors CThe Arcadia Wa- Ter Polo Teamsj lived up To Their nick- name. The varsiTy Team, coached by Raymond PeTerson, concluded iTs sea- son wiTh an overall score aT 5-17. Even Though iT was noT The highesT scoring season for The varsiTy Team, The group gained sTrengTh and experience in The sporT. Goalie Paul ToTTon said, "We made iT Through The.year and had a preTTy good Time." Basically, This was a season of developing skill and Team uniTy. The J.V. Team, coached by Chuck WiTkofsky, developed Their skills and swimming abiliTies and holds a sTrong promise for nexT year's varsiTy Team. "The season Turned ouT OK, buT nexT year's varsiTy Team will be much beT- Ter," said David Shahoian, The MosT Valuable J.V. Player. The sophomore Team was also coached by WiTkofsky. M.V.P. Joh- naThan Schafer conTribuTed To The Team efforT, while sophomore NaThan Jones claimed, "This year was a good experience because we goT To learn The feel of The game." 60 Waterpolo AHS OPP V7JVfSO VfJVfSO 12 TYOY 15 4 El Dorado 12 11 - El Modena 5 10 Mlrale Sie. 19 22 24 Blair 7 8 I 7 3 B S. Pasadena 15 10 15 7 13 3 El Rancho 14 11 14 9 11 Muir 18 12 15 Blair 3 4 Los Altos 17 A 7 El Rancho 11 A .V '10 11 Walnuf 18 16 - 9 13 Pasadena 17 12- A .15 ' Blair 3- y 4 Los Alfos 17 Q 7 1 1 El Rancho 11 -4- Hoover j 16. g 1 T ,Q1di14, V Temple Cify 710110, 1413 7 Los Alros 21 22 141 1 '7 5 6 Glendale 101 17 7 1 ' 7 1 crescemo vouey 11 131 s . A Q , Crescenta Valley 13 WaTerpolo SporTs Sophmore Wafer Polo - Bol- lom Row: ChrisTopher Morrow. Noriaki Mirsuoka, Joe Oh. Row 2: NaThan Jones, JohnaThan Schafer, Chris Morra, RoberT Zir- ovich. Top Row: Coach Chuck WiTkofsky, ChrisTopher Cereal, Takajuki Llkai. Ahempllng lo escape The clufches of an opposing player, Charles Deal skill- fully maneuvers The ball To keep The varsiTy Team on Top. Flylng al The speed of Ilghl pas? The opposing goalie, The ball falls inTo The neT. Michael Parker knew Thar quick shoTs aT The goal were The key To high scores. new is l I With complete control over hls opponent, Charles Deal looks for an open team mate. ,,..f0 - Attempting to throw the ball, Michael Parker displays his ability. www f 5' . an . ,,,+wm W '. wi t s? 'f ,wh was - f -r., :pry ., ' , . ,l.. Junlor Varsity Waterpolo - Bottom Row: William Dougher- ty, Chuck Besocke, Ohmi Talsahoshi, Philip Lo. Row 2: Coach Chuck Witkofsky, John VanDerPlos, David Shahoian, Abraham Domain, Row 3: Dwaine White, Kristie Whipple, Eric Foster, Evan McCallum. Top Row: Jack Lin, Alan Chen, Jun-Hong Min. Wcterpolo - Bottom Row: Richard Lovrensky, Charles Deal, Jeffrey Petterson, Row 2: Werner, Robert Yew, Michael Shu. Top Row: Coach Raymond Petterson, Paul Totten, Bryan Michael Parker. Waterpolo 6 1 Sports 62 Going lor the hlgh ball, Suzanne Kayzek tries for a win. Julie Verrona and Shelley Saftler prepare to go to after-school Tennis practice. Hard work and intense practice resulted in long-lasting friendship. Serving on oce, varsity player Susan May scores a point. Great serves were often the key to a victori- ous outcome. Girls Tennis Sports Returning o difficult serve, varsity player Kristen Henderson makes a great shot, A strong swing and a good eye were necessities for outstanding tennis players. Girls Junlor Varslty Tennls - Bottom Row: Julie Verrona, Shelley Saftler. Middle Row: Karen Kob, Kurimoto, Karen Chung, Susan Ser, JoJo Hsu, Jung-Sun Ahn. Back Row: Angela Lin, Angela Liu, Cindy Christine Hsu, Danielle Miller, Lita Aubry, Michelle Bosman, Diana Giakas, Tammy Kim, i ,fs 4 ef Qi- Swinging Singles 4And Doublesy "Anyone for tennis?" This was a common auesflon asked among The ouTsTanding 4986 girls Tennis players. For The ninTh year in a row The Girls VarsiTy Tennis Team com- peted in The C.l.F. playoffs, wlTh an overall score of 47-4. The 32 singles player in The Pacific League, Jenni- fer Wall, and The 44 doubles Team in The Pacific League, Susan lvlay and Allison Persing, represenfed Arcadia in The C.l.F.'s. Lauren Englund said, IT was an exciTing year because The players were friendly and every- one was dedicaTed To The game." The J.V. Team also had an excel- lenT season. Top singles player Shelly SafTler and i7f4 J.V. doubles Team Julie Verrona and Tammy Kim con- TrlbuTed To The overall success of The Team. "'86 was a good season and now Thaf we have more exper- ience we will probably do even beT- Ter nexT year," concluded J.V. dou- bles partners Jung-Sun Ahn and Diana Giakas. Girls Tennis S OPP VfJV VfJV 45 3 La Canada 3 7 42 8 Weslridge 6 40 44 44 Claremont 7 7 7 40 S. Pasadena 44 8 42 40 San Gabriel 6 8 47 45 Charter Oak 4 3 43 9 S. Pasadena 5 T9 46 44 San Marino 2 A 48 48 Muir . 4 4 45 43 Hoover 3 5 48 46 Pasadena 0 2 43 44 Glendale 5 A 48 47 Crescenta Valley 0 4 48 48 Muir 0 '0 43 43 Hoover 5 A 42 48 Crescenta Valley 6 0 48 47 Pasadena 0 4 42 44 Glendale 6 7 rls Varsity Tennis - Bottom Row: Suzanne Kayzek, Angela Sudjono, Karen Trump, Leslie Deo. I 1' ck Row: Maura Hudson. Margaret Chu. Lauren Englund, KrisTen Henderson, Christine Persing. ison Perslng. Girls Tennis yy,, Q' W' . 'K " - , ' for ',,'Z AH Sporfs 63 BOYS BASKETBALL AHS B ' OPP 63 g Muir B B 68 45 Pasadena B 46 54 B Hoover . 55 46 Glendale y 74 64 A CrescenTa Valley T 75 59 A Muir . 72 58' B Pasadena 7 4 53 y Hoover T 54 55 Glendale 7 84 734 CrescenTa Valley 65 69 WalnuTi 77 346 Alhambra . 83 68 Blair 67 50 - Monrovia 54 84 . El. Rancho T 68 64 Damien 73 54 La Canada 54 59 Keppel T A 64 44 Covina A 42 53 A Moringside 76 43 Wesr Covina 45 55 SouTh Pasadena 45 64 Boys Varsiiy Baskelall DRIBBLING DUDES The 4987 Boy's VarsiTy BaskeTbalI Team dribbled, passed, and scored Their way To an overall good season. Hard praciicing and Team work lead To Their conclusive score of 2-40. Coached by Ed Ramirez, The boys consTanTly worked and pracTiced, im- proving Their skills as boTh individuals and a Team uniT. The Team exhibiTed an incredible amounT of efforT, consisTenTly showing iT in Their Team work. Their games were exTremely close scoring, and They of- Ten jusT couldn'T pull Through To a win. Also, The group faced Tough com- peTiTion. All in all, iT was a well-spenT season, holding high hopes for nexT year's Team. SporTs Boys VarsiTy BciskeTball - Boi- Tom Row: Andrew Hodson, Mou- hir Hajjar, Coach Ed Ramirez. Craig Newman, Alex Thurman. Top Row: Richard Lang, Andrew Dahring, Frank Alfonso, Marc Woodward, STeven Lunn, Don- ald GranT, KrisTofer Van Osdel. Michael McGovern. Sireiching To his full potential- ity, Alex Thurman successfully scores a poinT for The Apaches. Tall "dudes" were an asseT To The Team. llllifi-fix 31 .fr,,..... . r------ ffcff' BB" " ' Y sf V Qi--Fig. ' x ,Z'f f7'5 'lf f f , 5:51. Jflyw' 1 gh ,. A . UL' 'ff B - 'T is Making a shoi, varsiTy player Andrew Hodson is caughT in midair, exemplify- ing his perfecl form. 4 l Preparing To dribble past his opponent, Woodward peers for an open Team member pass To. Team work and uniTy were necessnies any vicTorious Team. A- if 8,5953 1-. l N pl"' 'lb' , Going for the jump ball, Varsity player Donald Grant beats his oppo- nent to the ball. The start of the game proved to be very important to overall outcomes. 4...-B -XN ' A , 'f ' V i ,rl xt., 'K"X"' ' "ri-fc I uhm Preparing to pass the ball, Michael Mc Govern looks for an unguarded team member. It was often ci difficult task to pass the ball when being guarded by the opponent. Going lor the rebound, varsity player Andrew Dahring uses his skill and ability to get the extra point. Skillfull rebounds were often used by Apache basketball players. Boys Varsity Basketball Sports Pressure is placed on Henry Chen while the players woit in anticipation of the following shot. Soph Boys Basketball: Jack Choo, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Coleman, Sean Hutche- son, Don Rohrer, Joel Melton, Jim Martin, Ben Chung, Wayne Poon, Rick Ramage, Charlie Chu, 66 J.V.fSoph. Basketball Sports JV Boys Basketball - Bottom Row: Brian Haworth, Gary Liu, Jack Chen, Kevin Kurimaya, Matthew Milinoyich, Jimmy Woo, Hyun Kim. Top Row: Coach Tipton, Travis Rogers, Sang Park, Derik Pedranti, Mike Fricke, Yoda Shen, Anthony Chen. Sang Park leaps inTo the air lo block his opponeT. i!lll'l'F"""""""' 1 , W"-1 - 'Q X M 1 ill N-ad" 5 ' ini Mike Fricke leaps for a successful shoT while being blocked by opposing Team members. 1 - A "' ., s --A N' 'Q 7 by Q Vsss 5 is..fis je T Eijgr Qin' ' 1 Q2,1. 1 ' 1 gs Reaching New Heights The Boys Junior VarsiTy and Sopho- more BaskeTball Teams showed much efforT and enThusiasm This season. Working hard and pracTicing daily, The boys proved Their dedicaTion To The Team and The game. For boTh Teams, 'IO87 was Tough, buT The players had many accomplish- menTs and award winning plays in boTh offense and defense. Coach TipTon and Coach Ramirez helped The Teams by increasing Their enThusiasum and giving Them exTra moTivaTion. ln The end, The group ThoughT They had learned a greaT deal in The arT of baskeTball, mosT likely conTribuTing To The success of fuTure Apache baskeT- ball Teams. AHS can be proud of These energeTic aThleTes. Boys Bgskegl AHS 5 OPP JV JV 57 Muir 63 56 Pasadena 77 53 Y J 6 Hoover 58 AO A Glendale T 69 68 CrescenTa Valley 67 87 Muir 44 54 Pasadena 57 49 Hoover A6 A8 Glendale 84 56 CrescenTa Valley 59 JV fSoph. Boys BOSRGTDGII Sporfs SHOOTING STARS The 4987 Girl's VorsiTy BoskeT- boil Tedrn demonsTrdTed iTs de- TermindTion ThroughouT The seo- son. The girls worked well TogeTh- er since Teom spiriT wds one of Their sTrongesT osseTs. Under The cooching of John Nowo, The girls worked hdrd. Even when The Teorn did noT win iTs gomes, The girls mode Their opponenTs sTrug- gle for Their wins. According To Brook Burdick, "We olwoys Tried our besT even Though we didn'T olwoys win." The Junior VorsiTy Teorn under Cooch Riggio olso proved To be Tough compeTiTion To iTs oppo- nenTs ond demonsTroTed enThusi- osm ond drive ThroughouT The sedson. T in eiiiiiiii iiii G lRL'S BASKETBALL AHS y oPP vfiv v i vfiv 45 34 Alhambra A3 44 928 23 ChdrTer Odk 58 47- - 29 Sdn Marino 31 34 25 Lo Comodo 44 249i 47 20 rempiecify 36 32f A A 27 SouThjPoysodenci 29 44 30 SClFlfMC1l'ii"iO 25 '19 Monrovigw 77 24 29? 'STTT f'-36 Arroyo 20 24 1999 of 49 Muir T 64 42 58 '32 Posodenoi or 32 9 21 37 Hoover , as AO 27 25 Glendglei ,T Vi.' ,graft V 30 '15 32 BTSIWOD AFTTOT If ' 44 362 T ,ei.e Q Burroughs 69 ' 33 T jSocred Heon' A 44 A 30 T Cresc'enTo Vdlley 37 58 32 Hoover A A7 28 36 22 Glendale y 35 45 AO 41 CrescenTo Volleyg 36916 68 Girls BdskeTbdIl SoorTs ifffi D My 1 N 5, J' "i.,..,.... Dribbllng quickly around The defense, Kelly Archibold keeps her eye on The bdll. Hondling The boil Took coordinoTion ond concenTrdTion. Looking for an opening, Jenny Chen fokes To her rig Quick Thinking wos essenTiol for success. Jumping above her opponent, Suzanne Kayzek aims for The boskeT as Team maTes Shannon Stone, and Alicia Olsen back her up. 'K , T5 Aiming tor the hoop, Shannon STone goes for The poinTs. Making baskets was a common occurrence with The Girls VarsiTy Basketball Team, Mapping out plays, coach Riggio shows The J.V. Team members winning sTraTegies. Thinking ahead gave The team a successful season. -qggr-17" M f E' We GIrI's Varsity Vasketball - Bottom Row: Amy Ol- son, Suzanne Kayzek, Bianca Howard. Top Row: Jeanie Sutton, KrisTa Klawitter, Traci Sabuni, Alicia Olsen, Shannon Stone, Kelly Archibald, Brooke Bur- click. J.V. Basketball - Bottom Row: CaThy Miller, Jenny Chen, Top Row: CynThia Fuglie, Ali Hall, Melanie Me- linovich, Christie Parille, Lisa Vounessi, Kailen Fisher, Kelly Bray. Girls BaskeTbaIl 6 Sports Varslty Soccer-Row 1: Eugene Ma, Jeff Petersen, Richard Swatzentruber. Javier Jimenez, Steve Bisuane, David Bridgeman, Juilian De Sigio, Robert Jordan, Sean Batten Row 2: Coach Jim Parker, Stephen Cashion, Mark Kettell, James Marshall, Todd Samms, Todd Connors, John Danciart, Tomaso Tarantino, Robert Silverthorn. Ryan Hunt prepares to get the ball out ol Apache J.V, Soccer-Row 1: John Shaefer, Kyle Short, Lou Nastri. Tetsu Tsuji, Paul Porter, Todd Kaberlein, lndino Chakrabati, Scott Baker, Sean . . Bolten Row 2: Jeff Folsom, Scott Wessler, Peter Bashurt, Peter Betancourt, Dandy Waite, Byran Hillibran, Michael Cuadros, Scott terrnory' Many. Tough produces were needed To Shernpsen, Ryan Hunt, Dalsuke Yamashiro. Brett Nolan, Coach Joe Archer. Iecm this Yechmque- Wm ltwihffr if7?R'x 'fwfg W.. f. f' la 21 vi if fri- Q iw ,T Age, ' V.M'wf 2. 1 mm " -ff , vi f ,Q ., ,. .Q , Q ,A 1 5 -my 5...-., Qt, , , , ., t W ' :Mmm f ifiiff .. so R . . 3 X It .1 . 1 4' ' "5 -. ' , ," 'Q , .9 J , Af my ii. , " -79, ' ' ' 'V' '- K W f 'Y ,f le fs, :D Mt. ,. gh 'A ' AM' as f, ,Y 'fm' , Nt,,v,,f. .Zen . , . " ' ,Lfikwz . 1, X q., 'Wt me M. W . , . ' ' ' ff . ix r ' , 1 ., 4, P L ,Zig ' . 2 T -' L - , , i' il, . c A ,, by 4 V W ,W V. ,wg ,ev ,K 4-6f.' tw- : wa .. ,V f-nada 'U' i N MQ' -,H . 1' , fwwf' ' T fa-. Yds: 50.94 Todd Connors sets up a pass to a team A struggle between Tomaso Taran- , player. Skill and good judgement helped TiV1O Gnd his Opponent resulted with 70 Boys VarsityfJ.V. Soccer him complete this task successfully. Tarantino's control of the ball. Sports Ulf" WNW' Taking a look around The field PeTer Be Thinking abou! The aciion on The Tencouri searches for a receiver for his field STeve Blsuane mediTaTes Q pass Knowing when To geT rid of The ball abouT upcoming plays. T I - Boys Vgfsifyylvy Soccer was a key elemenT To The game ' - 390,15 Shooung For Success PASS IT! GO FOR THE GOAL! SHOOT! SCORE! l-love you heard These words around The field? If so, you have been llsienlng To The VarsiTy and Junior VarsiTy Boys Soccer Teams. This year's VarsiTy Team was noTed for iTs youTh. WiTh only four seniors, This Team faced a Tough season agalnsT oTher Teams wiTh much more exper- iennce. WiTh The Tremendous improve- menT and efforT made This year, nexT year's season looks promising. David Bridgeman commenTed, "For a young Team, I Think we did preTTy well, buT nexT year expecT us To be one of The Top Teams in C.l.F." The Junior VarsiTy Team, according To Coach Parker, "showed a loT of de- sire To pracTice hard and achieve greaTness." They had a good year from hard work and deTerminaTion. Boy's Soccer AHS OPP V fJV . VfJV 3 O El MonTe T 2 'l O 3 La Salle 3 3 'l W SouTh Pasadena 2 L O A ClaremonT 'l 4 2 O, Burbank 3 T 'l 2 A Muir 3 O O 2 Burroughs 2 2 'T 6 Pasadena O 0 2 y W San Gabriel 'l L 2 1 HarT g 5 3 4 O Burbank 41 1 0 3 Muir 4 2 3 4 Burroughs 'I 2 T0 , W Pasadena O L 3 W San Gabriel 6 L 2 T W Alhambra 5 L 0 L HarT 3 W 71 Blocking the ball in mid air MerediTh Hill showed her skrlls by successfully rnTercepTlng o S G C I t poss One s full offenhon wos needed oT oll Times rn order To sfop qurck punfs ond posses 5 Drrbbllng with speed and agllriy Tereso Brigh- The Glrls Soccer Teoms Socked :T To em Dolly procTlce ollowed The gurls To moke new ocouonhnce whale cre oTlng o well rounded Teom The G-urls VorsrTy Soccer Teom con cluded :Ts seoson wlTh on excellenT re cord reochrng The CIF ployoffs The gurls exempllfed o greoT omounT of Tol enTs Through Teomwork proT1ces ond coochrng Due To exTremely Tough compeTlTuon Thelr seoson sTorTed bumpy buT soon The pieces come To geTher ond Thelr True Tolenf shlned Through Cooched by Chuck WlTofsky ond John GorTon The gurls developed o feellng of frlendshrp ond unlTy The Junlor VorsrTy Teom hod on ouT sTondlng seoson They ploced second ID The G-lendoro TournomenT ond fun :shed The seoson undefeoTed Cooched by Emmo Wolde ond Jrm Von Horn The gurls leorned o greoT deol KoThleen Lewis concluded We hod o reolly good seoson ond I mode o loT of new frlends Girls Soccer T ssgl , ,, , TT L T T T. jf, ge 1, 's l.L' fffykff 5' 15, ff 'K , llr 1 Jlr T y , I r,7k , ,ls -,ls l--T. slls llsl T H . K ' KT ,. f'-.l'll' sf- is ' ,T To ., T, .QcesonviewwTournT. T T T T Li TV Li QT rV" ' V , I T, W ,,, VA4- .g,-alziwz' -lf ' 'Af ' , fs- T llssl ssls , ,ll, Muir T 72 Glrlks VorslTyfJ.V. Soccer Sporfs WX TTYTM Heading The ball Io vlclory vorsiTy ployer Donrelle Deyormond ocTs oggressrvely ID successful Teom efforf. FosT movements were o key port of mosT gomes I I 5 5 T T T '- I 0 E m ouse heods for The opponenfs gool. L ' ' T f l , ' ' I """s2, -Ie, sin' N . . lgyl . ' ' ' A f M sfff .,,V . xkskyk Wk,, kk'gkr K I '-k, 'k'k - xl if P .. I 2 X W K 0 L 25 1 W . 4 Lf 0 T 2 sh 'T W 1 2 L O T T 2 T , 'lx 'l 5 vv 2 L if rf O W ' 'l L 0 K 2 T 0 K 4 2 'l T Q ' 0 2 W X I 2 L 7 T 3 4 X 0 1 I " 1. w ,W Zi Smoothly passing the ball to an open player, Andrea Case puts her full strength into the kick. The girls were in good shape and their strong legs per- mitted them to endure through- out the game. w N su. -an--. vu, ..-1 wwf' 'HO' lk'-, fg- opponent. .5 5, . . ,, .43 ww, . iqnf. -fn -ei ,Qs W-vw. 5 ws Defending her goal .from the opposing team, Candice Maloney maneuvers past her f 1 4 as... 1 ... Y- -1 - Girls Varsity Soccer - Bottom Row: Melissa Van Horn. Julie Decastro, Monique Tjaden, Candice Maloney, Julie Harrison, Teresa Brighouse. Danielle Deyarmond, Barbara T Hannah. Top Row: Coach Chuck Witofsky. Ruth Kuo, Kris' ten Cook. Tricia Reno, Teresa Smaldino, Meredith Hill, Sarah Short, Stephanie Zoccoli. Andrea Case, Krista Bjhor- dal, Caryn Sivas, Kevin Hearn, Assistant Coach John Gar- ZI 72ffzaa11fsf fzcnifalrre Charging aggressively down the tield, Ruth Kuo displays her speed and agility. These were techniques required for a great team. Taking a time out, the varsity soccer team discusses offensive plans. Communication was a key to the team's excellence. Girls J.V. Soccer - Bottom Row: Jennifer Schube, Trisha Mc Namee, Kristine Lechler, Colleen Tjaden, Julie Hodsen, Kathleen Lewis, Diana Giakas. Top Row: Julie Cashin, Joni Macardican. Dynese Schiffilea, Jill Oakley, Julie Verrona, Shelley Sattler, Kristen Kupper, Christin Avels, Debora Wilbur, Melissa Sexton, Manager Amy I-lill, Coach Emma Walde. TOD. Girls VarsityfJ.V. Soccer Sports Hitting a home run, Steve Whipple puts ol! his strength behind his powerful hit, Throwing the ball trom second base, Dustin Pike com- pletes on out. 'VVS' M if 5 ' h 71, , P, f i 'M t- i 'TA . Bunting the ball to third base, Tommy Groy monuevers the bciseboll with precision, 74 Boys Varsity Boseboll Sports i iii' i it tin t 'Ma i J tg, tiff s , is .. ? QV VA N I if b 1 M it -4 - is ' U. 5 V I 331 s i i f , i , if f 5 - I N LEM-i li' 7 Mf'i'f'W' 572i" 2 we , Mm si, my mi ,W 5 A ,, s,ts, ,Zi J, fm-hf,wag,,,, . V , ,, V 'f1"'i14,w Y Mi we , we . ., , wfEL12:3,,gMQb:, , 454: V5 1 1 jim-Hfwz M 5 wang 42 ewawavwewg f Ji ' ' 3 W W 0 i Wx? 4.3 ,M-,Q A W S Y V, " ' 58 ' '-Mil'-ff .,. 5 w h y V sf, fe. J if ff Knew IE 7 "H" I - Q 2 X . . A. , i, ww-'rf " .- . t ewmtgffffwq . , mu Eli ,,, Contemplatlng on stealing a base, Mark Smith Successfully catching a lly ball waits for the ball to leave the opposing pitcher's Charles Emerson uses his skill and timing hand to complete the out 'I 42952 1,- tsl ff' Q-w J -SP R , xxA4qi9: Q? Gs in ,2 Rmb: Boys Varsity Baseball Bottom Row Tommy Gray Keith Der rick Mike Sherman Chris McCarn Dominic Medina Row2 Kevin Oliver Tommy Greep Charles Emerson Steve Wipple Jay ln gram Steven Masone David Larson Top Row Coach Melers Mark Smith Peter Smaldino Mark Woodward Eric Gruben David Weckerle Perfectly pitching the ball Dominic Medina extends his body with the skill needed for a perfect strike Smashing Success Beginning the season on the right toot the Boys Varsity Baseball Team underwent hours of pre season prac trces which continued throughout the year Constantly learning and building up their strength the team practiced daily until 6 OO p m This dedication as well as the strong coaching of Tom Meiers paid off Justin Smith a VarsityfJV Baseball player explained that the varsity team has a lot of promise because there are so many fine athletes return ing from last year s dominating team Coach Meiers puts the players through a three year plan so that when the players are on Varsity they bring maxi mum potential in contrast to other teams single year programs In the end as in past years the Var- sity Baseball team kept the Apaches reputation where it belonged top' Basebah AHS OPP Muir Pasadena Hoover Glendale Crescenta Valley Pasadena Muir Crescenta Valley Hoover Mira Costa Washington L B Poly Westlake Crespi Birmingham Granada Hills Cleveland Hart Sports so Q 5 r of B W --.f 0 f IQI, , - 4 J B ' - Os ir sl Af Ag. 35 f to L. ' -QB Z6 It C 1, W fill? V ' B V P ., A 'l C l A hifi' ,..- 4 , , 3 y 4 il rlr B' ' ' f B P 6 B 5 - - B B l B 2 B 0 f B . B . A l - 20 6 . I I I J , 7 ' ' K ' 4 Qfafif 2 C B ' 3 l A B, Q Q 5 iQ,' 'IO ' Ag C 7 '12 to ' 2 A 5. V 4 Q 5 3 1' Boys Varsity Baseball Striking Good Season more Baseball Teams found Them selves in a season full of success The JV Team sTood ouT because of exceIlenT coaching and Team uniTy Learning was one of The mosT impor TanT aspecTs of The Team, for The guys were consTanTly improving Their skills Bob RichTer commenTed "Our Team is one of The besT and we have an ex celienT chance for a greaT season The Sophomore Team's perfor mance was similar To ThaT of The JV Team. Coached by Gene Shepard They had an excelIenT year and prom ised many fuTure varsiTy players y .LVJSouEh., ol's Bgseball VAHSB T g OPP 45 Muir is y Q3 CrescenTa Valleyll f'lO T Hoover i T s8y Glendale T40 Muir C ' Q T shlrssodenc D40 ,C Cfrescemo Valley g 76 Jvjsopn. Baseball SporTs l l .',,' The Boys Junior VarsiTy and Sopho- To JV ' 0 ' 'I , ,, 9 ' 'M T fjlf A T T 9 JV Baseball - Bottom Row: Buba Woodall, Kevin Kuyamlra, Brian Goodrich, Todd Harman, Richard SwarTzenTruber. Row 2: STeve HolT, Mike Spaniard, Eric SheeTs, Jim Aiwasian, Sfeve Fischer, JusTin SmiTh. Top Row: Carlos Poniqqua. Aaron Holmes, Bob RichTer, Ben Mooneyhan, Ted Pilmore. Boys Sophomore Baseball - Bot- tom Row: Louie MasTri, David Burg. Steven Bisuano, Richard Garcia. Row 2: Alex Reyes, William O'Con- ner, Danny Bisuano, Jason Werbo- low, Michael Fox. Top Row: TimoThy Frydendal, Jerimia Carol, Coach Bruce, Coach Shepard, Donny Rhore, Eric Trap. 5 - A . .sr f 1 WW? , T A, . 3, ,gg ' .. , -, fr A , , A, I- V 1,41 , . T T M 1' ' ' 5 I ' A ' Y T 1 M . W L 1 4 x J 1 A ,gulf 'I A :, A T T ' F , - ll. 4 ' M A' ' gi' iw , lf' Q Q, " N 4 3 .H J, A Q' . fy s 1-.ZA J 'I 7.71 ' 'lvl V 5,1411 any f' T 2 1 8 L ff t m 5 X I Y T - l R N415 , A' , . W H ' . Q. I 1 , I, N, f.,i.1-N 5 I 'gflp i l A 'A B ...s K-1n ,.4-2 1 17 ,sh 1 , My . ,U , x v. rg -1f'r,: , X l V ,xl -' ' ' i :R -' lfiewiflsr -if-QQ Xf .,,wEdE g A R ...T .Q I ,Q , f , 1. -N ' A x f - .1 ' T . ' -', -H ' , .N-'---:--- vs' Pitching the ball wifh force, Charlie Emerson shows his winning sTyle. .4 ru... 5 igfwsf if me ff i:2 f.5-12 ' lv. if ,iff A ? . 1 ,gem iwpfv ft? 1: S' xiii ' ' VY l -lt' .K iii' wmv- -i z M A , 15.3, i . P M L ws-we W - ,, X l + ,Q-is if " ge if - "" ' aw' it fees? l , . ' , f ,um ' L- 3,53 f nw' f ' " .,,,. , ,W . m 4' Hgggii rf... H 'Q r, . N 1 ,I -- N. I , ,, ,dint K' , , H i kqqelm 'V ll .fn 5, 2' 110' 11-I ,:,Mg,.,,Q .Q . . vw- liuefi wigs: ne-'Q' YP? ' ff' 'l1'i 'WUFQV valid! 'MINT X' Q 'Q 1 ,gs-K4 New le-Www ,, . ,, N., V. J.-viivaif 3 h it fren f I' 'eww i v ,ei ff ..s,Lgf,J S , H,.riv.,f, , s tv. 4, iwgg 1 i ilis Harmon quickly prepares to throw the ball. ' A w f Af Extendlng to catch the ground ball, James Marshall shows his excellent form. ' . ,J 'PZ ,f " X is ' f 'x f X f Waiting lor the throw with on open mit, Eric Sheets hopes " i, ' Ia Wi-rw ij, it to make ah out. X 1 r Y 4 if .-fl,-fxv sa fi . c4f:w,.-41 "3i'-F ii- X ' ' - ww 1., " ,H ' f ft, . ,js Q4 ' -' .. Q , , .L .,. r ,., Q ,MW I fi n - R- - 1 ff-M s .-ygvnl ff - -rf . - i",.s.r 6, , ,. 1.4 1 s -411' M . , - ,....:, sq- ' 3 X, s Y. wx.- 's3v:A.d' A, lg ,,.,f .,,- -. ,-A-,w 'f' .fsvNa'.vr' f, f 'K' 1 K W.. ,fV,- ' 6, ,ix -If gk ,gs wr ,:.p,,',f.-A . .4 wr igxw',,z.',Qg,-A., M yrw- 5,5l,,7 J - , I' -1 gr vm mi s '22 g64i:m?1-"",, fbi 44-f if , fpwfi Q " .f3,.J'If -'va FTW- .-"--161W-mf ,-53 - 72-..I'i . 'Ti N' i ' P fl '4",qf,g."f -N ,W ' - ,Q -,...' ,"..,,,w,,.,.i 91-.,J.:.,,t, Y - . ,,S, qv '45 'fn 4- . f 4, ,. 154 1 x- 4 wi, .,: -yn.: 1... 1.,'4-mpg ,..g, 1h Running with all ol his speed, Steve Bisuano hits the pitch with a bang. J.V.fSoph. Baseball Sports With one eye on the pitcher and one eye on the runner at base Amy Lewis prepares herself for whatever might happen. A surprise bunt by Missy Van Horn catches Arcadia's opponents off guard and advances our players a base. Teamwork was the key to success. 1 . , ,, VUAXK K, . . - Yf.1:f1-Lge. . UL Showing hls support, Coach Robert advises the team on its plays. A strong hit sends the ball out in right field and gets Stacey Roberts to first base. GIrI's J.V Softball - Front Row: Kelly Reinke, Marinie Berg' land, Cathi Miller, Jenny Chen. Row 2: Jenny Schube. Juli Hodson, Melanie Milinivich, Cherie Albrecht, Geri Curtis. Coach Tipton. Back Row: Julie Verrona. Joni tviacarodican, Jennifer Phillips, Vickey Asher. Jill Oakley, Dana Elliot, 78 Girl's VarsityfJ,V. Softball Sports ,- Girls Varsity Sottball - Front Row: Coach Roberts, Dynese Schiffilea, Missy Van Horn, Paige Conner. Row 2: Coach Nowa, Suzanne Fauria, Anne Marie King, Amy Lewis, Krista Klawitter, Kimberly Humphrey. Row 3: Alicia Olsen, Teresa Smaldino, Laurie Turunen, Stacey Roberts, Michelle Giles, Jeanie Sutton. Back Row: Shari Anglemeyer, manager. Suzanne Fauria watches for the catcher's signal and prepares to pitch the ball. The pitcher and catcher work together to surprise the batter. Pitching LLP Storm Could this be the winning run? Here I go . . . slide . . . you're safe! We won, we won! Does this scene seem famil- lar? lt is an everyday experience for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball teams. With many tough practices, the teams refined their strategies and the skills needed to have a successful sea- son. Working together all season and encouraging and helping each other, the Varsity team members kept the spirit of the team alive. "We have a strong team," said Cherie Albrecht when asked about the Junior Varsity team. With determina- tion and skill, this team gained the con- fidence to do its best and to never give up. i Girl?s,,jgSoftbaIIs b or l Aus ,y,c g. CDPP VfJV I ,fi ,, . '13 i tslg 'VSchurr g 7 A 4 3 g , Arroyo , Q s 'l 7 . Banning l 1 7 El Rancho ' t f fl?- ,5 g V South Pasadena 21, 2 iss. . San Gabriel 'ls '1 f AlhC1lTlbl'Ct 0, 0'fS, s'l,i, slsdmonjqifi 7 3 V Edisorij 8 Girl's vorsifyfiv. Softball Sports T f v .iv Volley Victory "VolIeying their way to victory, The Boys Volleyball Teams succeeded Through Techniques of spiking. serving and bumping The ball over The neT and To The Top. Placing Third in C.l.F. lasT year, The VarsiTy Team was exTremely sirong. ReTurning players Perry CarTer Brian Daly, Eric SeasTead, and Randy Wilson used Their experience To lead The Team To vicTory. while Their well rounded and famous coach Chuck Freberg, guided The gang wiTh his ex perTise, allowing Them To dominaTe Their league. David Bridgeman claimed, "if we execuTe The Things we're suppossed To. I Think we should Take The C.l.F.'s. The JV Team did noT lag behind The VarsiTy Team, since They Too had one of The sTrongesT Teams ever. JV had no playoffs, buT They should do well in Their TournamenTs, along wiTh Taking Their league, Through Their Team efforT and BoYQfVolleybaIl ,sscs . ,T T OPP rsir .TO ssi, ChaTsworTh 0 J Palisades f 2 2, T yr Torranceif f T T 3 2 y SouTh Torraingpe.. g 115, 5 y V Clendaler T r',r1ssr s -SouTh Pasadena 4 3 2yT4,, ,,,,,,, T 2nd, i,il Tiir gMira CosTa lnvT Boys VarsiTyfJ.V. Volleyball SporTs coaching of Sean Daly. X T T T O 4 .rr.rrk W1 -N 'l 2 ysTi 4 4 TTT .g, ,T ,A 4 2 QT T 'I 2 f. O 2 Displaying an excellent serve, Perry CarTer follows Through compleTely. Returning a serve from the opposing team, James Gekas hiTs The ball wiTh 9059. -.., ...T ,ff Boys Varsity Volleyball - Bottom Row: Craig Newman, James Mar- shall. David Bridgeman, ScoTT Olm- sTead. Ty ErnT. Top Row: Perry CarTer. Randal Wilson. MaTThew Windsor. Eric SeasTeadT, KurT Gam- bel, Eric ZeuTzius, Jim RobeTs, Brian Daly, Coach Charles Freberg. Boys JV Volleyball - Bottom Row: Chrlsiine Lechler. Sean Gor- man. MaTThew Ready. Chi Kahuna, Kevin Miller. Julie Cashin. Top Row: Coach Sean Daly, William Mc Ken- zie, Jason Van Genderen. ScoTT Al- brecht. James Gekas. Ryan Deeker, Guy Alexander, James Hanrahan, Derek Aberle, ScoTT Bayllso. Bob Perez. f ,I -YQ 324 3 Y 3 8 , : m VI. , 43 I T 3 !'Q f'i1u, W 6, +5 ls: H s""'T 'T 'I.1., W f A fl . ' ' 'T 19? .T :fly 'T ' .ll T ls viii K J 8 . T , Q 'init fig' 10? l 2 'V . slff- fs, . QQ, Br Q5 . f " l X 3, ' Q .T A ' .T .Z ," T mf f.L -' if , y sf 'v' X ss M ,muse -ammo Spiklng 'lhe ball with power, Randy Wilson jumps with slyle and form. High jumps were necessary for high scores. Observing a iough game, Randy Wilson, Kurt Gamble, Craig Newman, Mallhew Ready, show their Team spirit while silling on the sidelines. ,gf 'inf U A ,X MSP- Using his flexobllliy, Kurl Gamble saves the ball and makes a point for his Team. Boys VarsityfJ.V. Volleyball Sports Serving on oce, Ted McGuire ThrusTs forword inTo his winning serve FonTosTic serves were olwoys The key To his viclory. Swinging sTrongIy To reiurn o difficult shoT, junior Pdul PorTer rushes To com- pleie his shoT. Aggressiveness wos one offensive skill used by mony boys in Their vorious Tennis rnofches. ReTurning o serve wiih d leisurely fore- hond, Eugene Mo disploys his noTurol form. Long hord procTices improved The overoll performonoes of mony Ten- nis ployers. 82 Boys Tennis SporTs :iys Varsiiy Tennis - Boiiom Row: Jin Lee, Sen Fu Chen. PeTer hun, Roberf Chang, Jeff Carr, Cliff Lin, Chanley Chu, Tom Hsiung. ap Row: Ted Nuygen, James Lewis, Duane Fellows, Sang Park. ling Jin Kim, Mike Hsu, Coach Dohling. f . .sy , ing me ' ' . infix, .' - 1 T . "fs" . ,4Lf,L.,,'..s,. .a.'..,4. ras. ..' ........ FF- A. -X', ""1' 4 F ... in f' is -Q n-ei T P . .. if 9.1 YT, Q ,g.,.M .,.., .equi 1' OW ir ,3 A . ... A -J - T 'ly .7 if-J, Vi mx J ,op . Q44 T L . My .1 gliiifiif 'Ti 'fm-T.fE:il f,., .If ' i T ' Ji-free- s csi' ' . 1- ,ravi--.JMQGA me 'TTT P Mi , qiiyii N , ij ,VV, J . A ., 4 44 V. xy' 'r i , T -.l '1 T l 1 ' A ' 'T T9 -Pflfi. e in ., .J X: V 1 1, V Y, A 1 " J-F .1 N - I gg T ,QA-e-T T -J i " '1 . gui, p ' -5-'fgi',. Boys JV Tennis - Bottom Row: Philipe Chun, Ted Chen, Paul Porier, Jeff Carr, Roy Kuo, Mike Chang, John Tsai, Daryl Bohn, Roberi Chang, Top Row: George Sun, Ryan Bixby, Daryl Bohn. Eric Silva, Mike Wang, Shuighi Negishi, Yoshikazu Morizuka, Jin Lee, Theodore Mc Guire, Cliff Lin, Paul Nissan. Tom Hsiung, Coach Rambo. ,is 4-:N M. James Lewis pracTices his backsiroke in afTer school pracTice. OFT 5 2 :if if -v Acing It! "Acing ii" Truly explained The aTTi- Tudes and performances of The Boys VarsiTy and Junior VarslTy Tennis Teams. STrenuous praciices allowed The players To improve Their perfor- mances. The VarsiTy members proved Them- selves Through Their Tough compeii- Tions, The Team's hard work and dedi- caTion paid off, as iT ended The season on a successful fooT. The excelleni coaching by Coach Dohling greaTly conTribuTed To The ouTcome of The season. Swinging iTs way To The Top, The Ju- nior VarsiTy Team excelled as well. Hard work produced a sTrong uniT, backed by Coach Rambo. In The end, The Junior VarsiTy Team gained exper- ience, providing high hopes for nexT year's season. ' Boys Tennis I AHS T opp vfuv v1Jv La Canada Glendale T CrescenTa Valley Muir Pasadena Hoover Glendale Crescenia Valley Pasadena Muir CrescenTa Valley Hoover Glendale T Muir Pasadena Hoover Boys Tennis Sporis 84 SporTs Putting ParTicipaTing in individual compeTi Tion, boTh The VarsiTy and Junior VarsiTy Golf Teams, coached by John DuharT showed Their disTlncT skills Through an overall Team efforT. Experience along wiTh skill conTribuTed To The success of each Team Arcadia High's VarsiTy Golf Team showed iTs skill and poTenTial and may even have a chance To win The C.l.F wiTh The help of key players Derek lVluro, Don Kulberg, Tom Huawk, plus The supporT of The resT of The Team The JV Team had similar skills and hoped To make iT To The Top Cie: T 2244 1 Temple ClTy s 2 7 y 2490 g, 4 Glendale 'irl 224 y SiouTh,Hillss s 2 206 ' T SouTh4PasadenaT 2074 ' La Canada , 496 s is f4iSan Marinof 14985 T El RODCHO4 if g 0 g T203 ,T La Salle Q ' ' '244 use ,ElRancholnr f s Concenlrahng on The mohon of his swung Oliver Fry complefes his puT ConcenTraTlon was a major asseT To all players at me T me wiX!lgE 'Egg 'S Putting down The lawn Julie BreiTbarTh exemplifies perfecf form and conTrol Being The only female Apache golf player, she proved if was a VarsiTyfJ,V, Golf I iv universdl sporT. I V A Getting ready To Tee off, Tim Lofhar prepares To make a hole in OWEI' . 1 ss,1 L X ' -f,,,g'Y: ,Ax X T, 4 , T ' is ' I T- 4 0 so 1 4 4 I Q 4 4 if 0 an T- Y -, ,f .Q k .VL. .0 'kb' , 3 f, v 5 ' Q Y T I mi X any 'rl 1 xa J is il v I 223 234 240 244 203 20 244 205 247 1 1 ' f ' , WW v ", EU gf..-w-naw., 1,-V --my .. ., My ,W .....,. Q ff. Golf - Bottom Row: Mark Anderson, Steve Elliot, Julie Breit- barth, Tim Lothar. Top Row: Oliver Fry, Kevin Gaddey, Bradley Scott, Mark Thompson, Donald Kuhlberg, Derek Nluro, Anth- ony De Nino. . :,fz'f?" f"T" '.f'f,G+W Vi ' , x QQ., 1: 'A Putting power in hls swlng, Kevin Gaddey sends the ball across the green. Strength aicl- ed players and often resulted in long, hard shots, VarsityfJ.V. Golf 8 5 Sports Thrusting through the water, racer Dennis McGuinley demonstrates perfect form and style with his butterfly stroke. Practice paid off with flawless performances. At the shot of the gun, Dwayne White enters the water with a backstroke dive. Quick stunts were necessary for a strong and well- rounded team. -n grw.f,.e- is Hi-J rs' .. .,,x. XQQ sw - .. exe.-M W sw s ...auf fxcruwihgck sf k .. wim- ,,, ix A Q . M . ...m,a:.+rfwi" rf " SWE' . k N ' ...ip kr is . 1 inwiwws' K ' ' . ...,:.,a.e6fYm+. f fx 5 sefQM-w wr' Y :ft I . s im, Q g Y ,iil . Relaxing atter a tough day of alter school practice, Dell Brooks, and Charles Deal take a quick breather. Strong and long lasting friendships were often created between the swimmers. Reaching the end of the race, Apache swimmers Mark , 'Wg Welch and Tim Chen compete in the backstroke. Swiftness and agility led the boys swimming teams to vic- tory. .. ,wg , Q cm, rl .:, , U . 86 Boys Swimming ,, rwf Sports A.. 5. .. 4 its ' 1 'riff Wx f .. 4 ,,. '. 2, .1 ' ,, i i- -1 . .,. 4. A .. ' 1, 1" . 1 "" 'V if 'Lf V .. nf Mtv 'L ' ' 49' wk " . V " Qs- . nw, -iw- - sw 39,5 T "i'g5,,f,S' . g. g .-he Ni ' Y N E W z' 5 fig " - " gkwff -r,, T I is - 'Liga 2,4 Y ,V+ Y- T .army cam' 3' ST'-F'-re V 3. g , 1'-Za ys Swimming - Bottom Row: Michael Amader, Tim Chen, Peter Chen. xander Morawec, Peier Burnakie, MariT Bower, MaTThew Jones. Row 2: ilip Lo, Dell Brooks, Alan Chen, Mark Welch, Bob Zirovich. Row 3: Allen o, William Dougherly, Eric FosTer, Mike Besocke, Michael Werner, Charles al, Evan Mc Callum, Coach Kardos. Top Row: Paul Chen, David Shao- n, Dennis Mc Guinlev, Tim Jones, NaThon Jones, John Schaffer, Joe Oh. 0 ,M Aura , .S ,M 3. .s su ,H . we , ,meager ,cm-U , Q- 'N J -sis-ff' 1 A if Six , -- Q, A Ns, , of " 4 'Q fi A J qs. T as .Q , V' 5. sm, s m"f"P' Water Warriors Beginning pre-season pracTices wiThouT a coach, The Boys Swimming Teams managed To recover iTs Apache pride when iTs new coach, Coach Kardos was appoinTed. Accus- Tomed To lax afTer-school pracTices, The guys began To improve Their skills and al:niliTy Through These inTense wor- kouTs, leading Them To a well-rounded Team. Swimmer Tim Chen commenTed, "ln The pasT we haven'T had much depTh in our Team. This year we seem To have a more balanced and uniTed group. We sure hope The hard work and exTra hours will pay off." Many of The key swimmers were missing, buT wiTh perse- verance The Team held sTrong. The Junior VarsiTy Team manged To follow The VarsiTy's fooTsTeps wiTh hard workouTs and Through experiencing The Thrill of compeTiTion. Boys Swimming i AHS T OPP La Canada Temple CiTy San Marino Los AlTos G-lendora Hoover T SouTh Pasadena Glendale Muir CrescenTa Valley l ,i Boys Swimming 7 Sporis Making Waves ThroughouT Their season, The Girl's Swim Team consTanTly showed iTs pride, enThusiasm, Team spiriT, and drive. Acoording To Sarah Hahn, "This year's Team worked hard and developed a loT of good Techniques." This hard work resulTed in a sTrong Team ThaT aways demonsTroTed iTs de- sire and deTerminaTlon To win. Their compeTiTors found ThaT The girls were a hard Team To beaT. Team spiriT also played a signifi- canT pari in The girls' success. The girls supporTed each oTher enThu- siasTically, and This helped To bring The girls closer TogeTher as a Team. The Junior VarsiTy Team also demonsTroTed The same enThusi- asm, pride, and deTerminaTion. This conTinuous supporT of The Team helped make iTs season a success. Gm is swimmingfl ,. T,- .VfJV..VfJVT ssss T T s-Tl ssls S ' La Canada A T Templeliiiiy ' S as T -San Marino' T' 4- LOS-f-Alios ' 1 V Glendora A , Pao.. Leagues Relays-i T Blair! LongfBeaoh' l flHoover T A TSouTh Pasadena. Glendale A + Muir, .PQSQUSUC .. T gCrescenTa Valley 1 S lr T,, Pac. League Prelims , . -fPacJ League Finals 88 Girls VarsiTyfJ.V. Swimming SporTs Girl's Swim Team - Boiiom Row ElizobeTh Archibald. Debbie Sneider MerediTh Kaplan Jeanie Moore, Ales- sandra SmiTh Debbie Lee. Row 2 Maria Sansui. Brenda Buckholz Robin Fincher, Maia Larrazolo Allison TieTz. Third Row Julie Packard, Chrisiine Tacldei KrisTin Belcher. Top Row Sarah Hahn Brooke Bur- dick Jo Suggs KrisTin Whip- ple Teresa Kiddie, Shannon Toepfer NoT picTured: Laura Hahn Danielle Deyarmond, KaThy Biernaki Sophia Na- kov Amanda Sanchez. Hilary eo is 6 ii: B K I A aa gr 'l' r l 'iff .C- 4 1 Wil ' X '. il: .1 1 Q A ' . ' - L, u sr :I U , l , js N ,..lg,.M A,.,+fs . -- 1 V T Q. Q -F: . , Q 5 'H ' i I . TS' 1 X , . . - ' 1 Q 9 R ' 1 I 41 A ' V , 5W , i1vg fkY K A. .-gli' ., X iz g gi V ag .ft , T' X 1 Q ,1 X 5 s V wh T re T' , 1, A T T T f t' A I 37 "' T " 'J V . '4 v' ' im - SX .. -, ' 'Q- Vw- 3' Preparing io dive Info the pool, Sarah Hahn puTs all other Thoughis ouT of her mind and Traies on winning The race. Determined to relain her leam's lead, Elizabeth Archibald swims trong and hard. Determination led the girls to a successful season. ' rfb." ,its ie -' r '- i and concentration. As she dives into the water, Shannon Toepfer demonstrates strength and skill, Good Technique was a definite asset to the Girls Swim Team. '5 gigs wi X . I I is ff Displaying greal form, Sophia Nakov swims the backstroke. All swimming strokes required coordination Girls VarsityfJ.V. Swimming Sports Don GrcrnT shows his skill in The Triple jump. Speeding down the track, Andrew Dhorihg jumps over The hurdles. x E ' k + A ' I ."M"'f" T L fi? ' gi ' t ET Xs- , .T - ryff' , To I g .X Q , i , ,K SA, ,AWL T. . ,, ,. I ' , i ,.', J 5 .Q x A' 4, ,E ww , ' -," my ,fl A If fs? T X T '- 1 .f f , 1. 74:,:y,zff 1, ' 5' ' v-, ss. A A It :Ar V . , 4 FYR., I . K A' . , ,,,., , 3 Ae C3 A9 is li T ' +V " """' " 5 'S if - , V fl .l'- V , fa f E far4f'r:Qfw,., , , , ,s ik new .T ' W K ATAA T ,NNN ' WMM...-., ' T ' 1 A w'f'.Tm""fur gs Y Ysaiagass 'lLw'l Usidiiffla ' fwiafinvuq' T 'rf 'QQQ1,Q,,,'w,7f , ' is elrf lel-- T so T M 'f'f752,i', Ziyfffiii ,T 1 5 . 'lib . . l ' VJ4'w-- "1m?:'3ffJ54745'3,'?5?'l1if5lii3f'gf.3zf'fp-fi, "' 1-.N . V- . H V ' sg .D-ws-.. Inching his way info The lead, Dorin Duhcwoy hopes To win. l John LeouiTT uses oll his sTrehgTh os he prepares To Throw The l shoTpuT. Boys VcirsiTy Truck 90 Sporfs --"Xxx he faces of Dan Kabok and Rick Provenzano show the amount of work it took to succeed in teir event, Conditioning helped the runners to do better in their races, , Est? ,ur-I A Boys Varsity Track - Front Row: Tyler Crawford, Del Peterson, Jim Italia, Bret Kreier, Dan Kabala, Gary Gapozzoni, Eric Belcher, Steve Provenzano, Rick Proven- zano, John Durbin, Jeff Choung, Peter Huang. Row 2: Darren Dunway, Grant Hann, Johnny Chu, Dan Schellenger, Andy Dahring, Don Grant, Mark Solomin. Frank Chen, Brian Koshibioshi, Steve Julio, Anthony Bontempo. Row 3: Brandon Dunaway, Henry Choi, Brian Mc Pherson. Chris Porter, Matt Bond, Damon Groves, Steve Shaul, Bob Durbin, Joe Niswonger, Gary Verhulp, Row 4: John Leavit, Colin Policky, Peter Betancourt, Scott Baker. Sheriif Matlar, Raafat Matar, Rob Poling, Jeff De Pry, Scott Mew. Standing: Steve Powell, Darin Vercillo, Mitch Sandlin, George Bels, Mike Bivokik, Jaz Nijjar, Eric Chan, Ron Fuller, Kevin Scroggs, Top Row: Tim Malloy, Mark Stephens. Some advice is given to Rick Pro- venzano from a friend on his perfor- mance in his event. By discussing their events, the runners were able to improve their time. Jumping The Gun The gun goes off and a mass of bodies runs toward the finish., ln the background one can hear the grunts of the shotputters. The bodies pass the long jump and then the high jump. Slowly the leader emerges and the race is over. This was a typical scene on Arca- dia's new all weather track where the Boys Varsity Track team participated in each of its events. Coach Jones commented, l'The boys are working to improve on last year's second place." From starts to restarts and high jumps to low jumps, each member practiced his technique until it was perfect, Con- fident and determined best described the team this season. Boy'e-Traick- AHS 1 OPP San Marino A Arroyo South Pasadena Muir Hoover Pasadena Glendale Crescenta Valley Boys Varsity Track 9 1 Sports Taking Strides Leaping, jumping, Throwing, and sprmhng Their way Through The 1987 season, The Girls Track Teams broke Through The finish line and ended in a successful season lVlainTaining The suc cess and repuTaTion of previous years The Team proved To be a promineni dominahng uniT as The individual aTh leTes supporfed each oTher wiTh en couragemenT confidence and en Thusiasm The girls worked hard for Their vicTo ries as counTless pracTices builT up Their speed sTamina and personal graTifi caTion This resulTed in a group of hard working dedicaTed Apache aThleTes Guided by Coach Jones The Girls Track Team definaTely sTrode To ex cellence The annual Arcadia InviTa Tlonal was an evenf ThaT was enjoyed by all As promineni runner Jennifer Holmes concluded IT was an excel IenT season .GELE ".Ia?.!'. .. AH OPP San Marino Arroyo SouTh Pasadena Muir Hoover Pasadena Glendale CrescenTa Valley 92 Girls Track Sporfs 1 ,T 1 , I .. ,, I 1 ' 1 I ' , , , H I - H I ' V ', . I ' I l , - , - , , Ji Girls Track Team - Boliom Row: Cindy Fuglie, Nisha Desai, Doreen WaTsc Jennifer Holmes, Caryn Sivas, Wendy Morgan, Carolyn Hall, Krisien Darw Row 2: Chrisfy Parille, Jennifer Shively, Robin i-lenkels, Melissa Charlion, E Gardner, Kylee Pierce. Top Row: Krissy Kupper, KrisTa Bjordahl, Raquel Zwic Joanne Swenson, Linda Benihoff, Bianca Howard. , f '?"W'9fffE1Qq.m,3 '?I""f'5'-75'Es1ffZ,-,eWU' W v,"mwi77Pl"' -' , J . ff . 'Wff f ,MN , A ,fs-1, is y.si5yZ4i,,vi: , I V L S704 V' , , fav, . ' new M661 .L 6: s ,,,i Passing The baTon in The four-man relay race, Wendy Morgan places The ba- Ton info Nisha Desai's hand wifh ease. Skill and pracTice was required for The successful relays exemplified by Apache runners. Leaping over a hurdle, Krisfa Bjordahl Takes The lead. Leaping over the hurdle, Jennifer Shively faces tough competition. Strength and bal- ance were necessary for successful hurdle races. Throwing a record shotput ot 35 teet, Linda Benioff displays the strength of her body. Stretching and preparing both mentally and physically tor a race, Robin Henkels looks forward to facing her opponets. This preparation helped the girls, leading them to many wins, 3-su b? V V A fs rlfr N , .wr f' 42 A ' Q i. Q-ZVLJ 2 I tl ,V ' -f-f -M +4 fsmf. if .., 4.2 'H' k 'p'i,'- Caught ln midalr and while high jumping, Bianca Howard reaches the height of 5 feet, A inches, Girls Track Sports Absorbing the sun, boogie bodrder Eric Foster takes o break from the chilling thrill of the waves. Boogie boarders could enjoy the surf if equipped with wet suits, fins, and of course, a boogie board. Four feet in the air doing o flying reverse crescent, John Silver practices an attack on his opponent, Gregory Matson, who is trying a spinning reverse sweep. Karate required practice, discipline, and dedication. Shooting a game of pool, a friend, Melissa Johnson, and Kimberly Suell spend their free time playing this indoor sport. . 94 Fun 'N' Sports Sports mimi Sunning and sailing were a great combina- tlon when Christine Taddei, Jennifer l-lolmes, Kristen Darwin, and Janine Rocaue spent a fun day in the sun at Long Beach Harbor. After hitting the slopes, Eva Long, Danielle Martinez, and Kimberly Embury take a break at the Snow Summit Snack Shop, Snow skiing was a popular winter sport, whether you ,Nui went locally or to the more distant Colorado. -'11 ,ff s. , ....,..dW..e- st..- , . At, .. ,B- to catch some waves, Frank Harper drifts in the water at l-luntingtion Beach. A recreation, surfing was often the perfect way for students to spend their free time After Hours Athletes Sportsl They came in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a strategic game of bowling to the challenge of downhill skiing No matter how well one excelled in his particular recreation, the pur- pose was to have FUN' From A to Z students chose their favorite re- creational sport Aerobics Keep in shape while bopping to mu- Bowiing: A group could bring a few strikes into their evening by taking o trip tothe bowling alley. . A A Cycling: Strong legs were the key. Drag Racing: Rowdy guys enjoyed showing oft their hot rods, Eating: When not up to strenous exercising. Fencing: Dernanded quick reflexes and a sharp sword, V Golf: Required a highreserve of patience and Q good swing. V ' Hang Gliding: Needed courage andia toler- ance for high altitudes. , Ice Skating: An indoor sport for .those who didnt mind getting a few bruises. Jogging: Exercised the heart and helped to lose weight. ' - Karate: Developed motor control and clefen-. sive skillsq V . V C Lacross: Required a good aim. L V K -Mountain Climbing: For those who didn't mind heights and risks. V it P Necking: Needs no explanation. ' Ott-Roading: Fun inthe desert, mountains, or 'Poloz High-class sport required. o good horse, Quail Hunting: Unique food and fun combined in one. s Rowing: A strenuous task which built strength and stamina. ' V Surfing: Provided a dark tan while catching great waves. Tap Dancing: lf your toes twinkled, then tap dance away. . Underwater Snorkeling: For you lf you loved the underwater world. ' f s Volleyball! Played on the beach with friends. Water Skiing: Enjoyed with friends and famiiy. ' Xylophone Playing: For musically inclined peo- ple. with a good ear. ' Yoga: Mental and physcial form of exercise. , Zebra Riding: Por the exotic safarietype. P Fun 'N' Sports Sports Q sic. '- V. A dit i ' i V I Body Talk Emotions are any specific feeling of various complex reacTions wiTh boih menfal and physical display. To an aTh- leTe emoTions were pari of The The game, expressing happiness aT a win- ning goal, disappoinTmenT aT a bad pass, and even fear of a Tough oppo- neni. 'Ther players' emoiion of vicTory and loss greaTlyi influenced fans, coaches, and Team members To feel The same way. Happiness is a feeling of greai plea- sure or joy. SomThing posiTive caused This feeling wheTher iT be a viciorious game, a good play, or a sTrong Team efforf. Winning, Though wanied by all, was noi always The key To happiness - raTher. a sfrong Team uniTy was The soluiion. Happiness was shown byloud cheering and yelling from friends, coaches, and fans. s - A Disappoinimenf means failing To saTisfy hopes or expecTaTions,To leave unsaTisfied. A faTe aThleTe haied To encounier. Every aThleTe aT one Time oranoiher experienced This feeling by making abad play or losingra game To an easy opponent Coaches ofien gave pep Talks To Their Teams, while The fans yelled encouraglngly, in order To pull The players ouT of This negaiive feeling. , Fear is a feeling of uneasiness or dread. A Team mighi fear an exfreme- ly Tough Topponeni. or an individual aihleie mighi fear a specificgperson from The oTher Team. During playoffs, fear was a naTural ernoiion and was ofTen experienced by The audience and coaches, aswell as The players. when a serious injury was inflicTed on a player. Anger is a feeling of hosTiliTy, usually showing ifself in a desire To fighT back aT The cause of The feeling, Anger was experienced by everyone - oThe- leies, coaches, and fans, ATheleTes somefimes gof angry aT each oTher due To a bad play or a "ball hog," Coaches, on The oTher hand, were of- Ten seen yelling on The sidelines aT ref- erees and players, Taking The risk of being "red carded" by The "ref," The crowd reacTed wiTh angryyells, loud 'Tboo's", and Thumbs down aT a bad play or a bad call. As a feeling ThaT whaT is waniedwill happen,ihope is The basis for every Type of sporT aT Arcadia High. Each Team . member, coach, and fan hoped for The besT season possible. 1 96 Emohons SporTs While in midair, acrobaiic swimmer Chuck Besocke dis- plays an expression of concenTraTion, due To his efforT pui inTo his back flip. Conceniraiion was a common feeling among sTrong willed aTheleTes. Feei dangling in The pool and expressionless, Rich- ard Lovrenski and Donald Kuhlberg exemplify boredom while waiiing for Their coach. Boredom accompanied many Teams on long bus rides or waiis before The game. 'ii p . T 4 im ff W we Q Q W M 1 . N Q , if ie- 9 si Q. gswmsw sl if fx .5 Viciory cries ring Through The field and The varsiiy fooTball Team afier an excellenT win The Apaches. Team uniiy and effori always paid off aT The end, resuliing in The goal of a solid win. i Efforilessly dribbling the ball, girls varsiTy soccer player STeph- anie Zocolli skillfully maneuvers herself wiTh an expression of hope and concenTraTion. Happy to be victorious, varsiTy swimmers Doreen Masseling. Maria Sansui, Maria LanozoTo, Robyn Fincher, and Shannon Toepher display Their Team spiriT and friendship. ' in in A fr-- Anxlously waiting The outcome of a close game, The girls varsiTy volleyball Team wiTh coach Charles Freberg nervously peer over The sidelines. 'iffiffzwl ' TYYQY, is EmoTions Sporfs Ns" f V ' 2' Yi' .V '17 ,iff f':,W,,it L in , -susunwmfw fi MEMBERS ON TDP 1 The closest thing AHS had to compare to a college rush was Club Day. On this day early in the year, all the clubs set up booths where they tried to show how much fun their club was and to encourage new members to join. ln his sophomore year, My Owner was overcome by school spirit and interest to get involved in campus activi- ties. Watching his participation in club activities, l gained a new respect for the students at AHS. They seemed able to work together and learn how to respect other peo- ple's values. My Owner always had an obscure hobby, but when he reached AHS, he discovered that there was a club just for students who enjoyed the same pastime, this gave My Owner a sense thathe was wanted and that he had a "place" in such a strange, new school. Not only were there special interest clubs where any- one could join at any time of the year, but there were also clubs such as Kiowas, Senior Men, and Orchesis where students had to apply to see if they met the requirements of the club. There was great prestige in being accepted into these clubs with the policy "mem- bers only" and l, as a Members Only jacket, represent the competitive age where everyone vies for recogni- tion. Whether in a "members only" club or an 'iopen" club, students made new friends, shared a common in- terest, and enjoyed new experiences. This friendly ca- maraderie enabled the students to be "On Top." l As tension builds, Phillip Masto concentrates on his next move. With pride, Wendy Tye heads the Apache Marching Unit. Okay everybody, run to the tree and back. Sheri Brakebush, involved in the Cross-Age program, hopes her kids enjoy their lesson. Let's hear one tor the Apachesl Tammy Dahlstrom helps raise the crowd's spirits. lease rise and join me in the pledge to the tlag . . . Lisa Hudson opens nother assembly with these traditional words. ance all night, Tamara Wilson practices a dance move during Orchesis. esting . . . One . . . Two , . . Three . . . Charles Deal, Peter Elia, and Derek uro adjust the sound for the Apache News. Organizations Divider IN CHARGE! The Boss! The Big Cheese! The Elite Ex- ecutive Council! This group of dedicaTed and spiriTed sTudenTs were The leaders be- hind all aciiviiies. From dances To assem- blies, from class compeTiTions lo misTle Toe sales, The members of This organizaTion kepT themselves busy. The Executive Council seT ouT To conTinue The campus beauTificaTion program, To increase school spirii, and To reduce racial Tension. They successfully achieved Their goals Through Their hard work. Presideni Lisa Hudson said, "The coun- cil worked really well Togeiher and we had a good year. Everyone also showed school pride." Clubs! Clubs! Clubs! Arcadia High had many clubs, each wiTh unique inTeresTs and goals. AT The head of each was The presi- denT who had The responsibiliTy of organiz- ing and planning acTiviTies. These presidenTs formed The lnTer Club Council, ICC. The council drew up club consTiTuTions, worked on each club's Tori boards, and planned .joini club acTiviTies such as volleyball games and The spring fesTival. ICC Presideni Krisien Cooke said, "IT was a challenge Trying To keep up wiTh all The clubs' acTiviTies." AT each of The meeiings, decisions were made involving The whole school. "IT was a loT of, hard work," said Shadi Sheyagan. "buT iT was all worTh ii." ' With The sound ofa govel, Presideni Lisa Hudson calls The ExecuTive Council meeTlng To order. Lisa possessed ThaT special TalenT needed To lead The school. INTER CLUB COUNCIL 'ICC - Fronl Row: Neil Liang, Peggy Lee, Laura lvlariin, Melinda Soo Hoo, Alan Kuo. Tsuyoshi Kawa- hiio, Boris ITkIS,' Akerki KurimoTo, Kimberly Woods. Carolyn l-lall,Row 2: Presideni KrisTen Cooke, Lyndell Wang, Sieve Wang, Andy Liao, Synlhia Pilic, Kaih- leen Branson, Edward Miyagishima. Shadi Shaye- gan, Teri Smaldino, Jenny Chung. Advisor Mrs. LoTTe Flaks, Back Row: James Marrone, Kristen Biersch- back. Mary Ann' De Haven, Todd Dickson, Abraham Domain, SharonGarlough, Michael FreyermuTh, Phlls ip LaQ Eric Sionecipher. f100.r.iil!sc OrganizaTions Calling all ICC members! The job of president often had Kristen Cooke wearing headphones and carrying a mega- phone at football games. President Bradley Jarvis was one at Homecoming, Execultive Council members watch at- discusses upcoming events. KS- EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Executive Council: Andrea Case, Sophomore Sen- ator: John Shafer, Sophomore Class President: Kris- ten Cooke, C President: Suzanne Hightower. Pep Commissionerg Jennifer Billings, Hlstorian:,Karen Co- puto. Treasurer: Bradley Jarvis, Vice President: Lisa Hudson. ASB President: Candice Maloney, Repre- sentative to the Board: Teri Smaldlno, Secretary: Tonya Murray. Publicity: Mike Jacoby, Senior Class Presidentf Kathleen Mc Entee, Senior Senaton Steve Julio, Junior Class President: and Mark Smith, Athletic Commisioner, ' A Executive Council i 1 0 1 Organizations Slightly confused, Vicky Silcox concen- trates on her colleagues intricate expla- nation of her math homework. Sr-DT sei-Q3 wg sfsgg wrt Qfrsffti-94... A 5:55.-,,, Lu,44 fini:-sv-ef 'xr' ti s .t i "5:r,.' i' -km, 'sf msirritxi? .E -l - stuov guooies Nationally accredited, the National Honor Society was for students with a 3.5 grade point average or above. This club was for high achievers with outstanding academic records. Membership looked great on college applications. A competitive speech team, the Forensics club, let students discover their abilities in speaking before an audi- ence. Competing in different types of speech such as im- promptu, humorous and dra- matic interpretation, prose and poetry, expository, and debate, Arcadia's Forensics team placed well in many competitions. President Mark Greenstone commented, "This year's team was the most spirited and successful in a number of years at Arcadia High." The Academic Decathalon was a group of six students who competed in a contest testing them in such areas as literature, language, math- ematics, science, social sci- ence, economics, and fine arts. These students were no- minated by teachers and counselors with two represene tatives from each grade average. The competition took place in one grueling, but stimulating day. After months of studying and train- ing, AHS placed in the top third of L.A. County. These three groups recog- nized academic excellence. ! S 5 5 ACADEMIC DECATHALON N. H. S. Academic Decathalon: Dena S , Vega, Mark Greenstone, Robert Sego, Stephanie OfQ0l'ilZ0ii0ViS lnbody, Sharon Garlough, Jennifer Ho. Academics , on Christina Chang, Arnold Chao, Peter Chen, Va-Kuan Chen, Peter Chun, Karen Dale. Dh W Ab h Do A Sh G I h Ei G r Carol nitail. N.M.S. Seniors: Young-Mi Ahn, Brett Betzler, Kristine Blake, Kathieen Bronso Caputo, a an, ra am mian. aron aroug . rn arne , y Akiko Hrrao, Jennife Jennifer Hsieh, Juei'Chen Hsieh, Alice Hsu, Carol Hsu, Lisa Hudson. Mark Huang, Mary Huang, Tirr TC Huang. Brad Jarvis. Laura Jenkins. Javier Jimenez, Jill Johnson, Allen Kao, Tsuyoshl Kawahito, St Lee, Jerry Li, Sun-Young Lim, Chad Lin. James Lin. Jeffrey Lin. Michaei Lin, Debbie Liu. Lind Katherine McKean, Craig Newman, Roy Park, Synthia Pilic, Cindy Pon, Angela Russo, Steven Sa lion, Robe t Se a, Vu-Chen Shen, Lori Te t , Elizabeth Thom son, Louis Ting, Jeanne Tsin , r g e s p g Tuazon, Christina Vega, Lyndeil Wang, Sunny Wang, Michelle Woodward, Denis Yip, With food, drink, and books, These Academic Decathlon members train hard for their big com- petition held in November. Study Buddies Stephanie lnbody and Christi- na Vega take a much desired break from vigor- Celebratmg their top third honor, Academic Decathlon members have a feast at Cask-ns Forensics - Row 1: Todd Dickson. Athena Browniie, Stephanie lnbody. Dale Boiger, Kimberly Morrow, Heidi Sicureila, Frank Rizzi. Row 2: David Miller, Kelly McAndrew, Wen-Ju Chen, Sarah Kates, Tim Huang, Lara Sumner. Susan Keh, Michelle Wright. Row 3: Advisor Mr. Peritore, Presi- dent Mark Greenstone, William Myrrold. Eric Strauss, David Tu, Julie Barrow, Lyndell Wang, Assistant Coach Doyal Sterkin. Organizations 1 'Academic i ,ZW ,L ehi fiwiyl r is Nggerfrmy, ,M ,4T' - ls 'T 'l' VT' .Mi Wiwlw, rf slf . 231' "'W.lTli MEDIQH M-UHNIA T'And This has been The Thursday ediTion of The Apache News, on be- half of myself and The enTire news Team,,have a greaf day." The hard- working Apache News crew have again Taped a successful and en- TerTaining ediTion of The news under Theseye of advisor lvlr. Dan Lucero. The show provided a good way To find ouT aboui imporTanT evenTs aT AHS, sTudenT opinions Ghrough live inTerviews on The airy, and various personaliTies and clubs on campus. "Apache News was greail l love if because l've never really been on TV before and iT was a loT of fun," Hard at work on our school 'I'.V, crew mem- bers Charlie Deal, Sieven Tranzow, PeTer Ella, Derek Muro, David Profumo, Sean Pasquale, Joe Alexander, John Liska, and Jason No- varro were The keys for The success of Apache News. l remarked anchor Min Kim. T This year's news sTaff was full of dedicaTion and Tale-nr and cap- Tured The aTTenTion of all sTudenTs aT Arcadia High Schoolfor The firsT 'IO minuTes of second period every Tuesday and Thursday, The fanTasTic plcTures seen on Apache News, The Pow Wow, slide- shows, and in The yearbook, were The work of The phoTo producTion class. The phoTo producTion sTaff was greafly appreciaTed as They roved around campus Taking plc- Tures of all school acTiviTies. "I en- joyed being on phoTo producTion because if helped develop my pho- Tographic Techniques," commem- ed phoiographer Fernando Cor- rado. y Headed by lvlr. Tom Payne, The sound crew assisTed in many school acTivciTiesg such pep rallies, assem- blies, and fooTball games. Crew membmer Doug Schaller explained, "lT's a loT Tougher Than you Think, buT crew members were given privi- leges around campus so iT's a loT of fun." WiThouT The sound crew, The spiriT generaTed by clubs aT school may noT have been heard. SOUND CREW PHOTO PRODUCTION 1 I 1 ,.....,, VV-, ..,.,.,...,,, ..-., . ..-..-.,-,.,. . ,, Photo Production - Froni Row: Baker, Joon Yoo, Mark Soliman. Row Hsu John DeHaven James Lewis. Apache News , , OTQQ,-,gzgiions Fernando Corrado. f.L.,V .1 6 is bf: U. 5 .Q -5- , T- A 5 X T 4 Taking a long-awaifed break, newsccislers Susan May, Kris- len Cooke, and Krislen Darwin flash Their pearly whites. Laughing ai ihe comedians on camera, David Profumo, Joe Alexander, and Sfacy Podlifka Tape another exciting ediiion of The Apache News. li was a iough job, but somebody had To do il. r Apache News - Front Row: Sleven Julio, Philip Srnllh, Heidi Sicurella. Row 2: Eui Kline, Sarah Hahn, President Krislen Darwin, Tonya Murray, Tammy Dahlslrom, Susan May. Row 3: Min Kim, Leila Shamieh, Siacy Podifka, Athena Brownlie. Rebecca Sabounchian. Seah Pas- quale, Krisien Cooke, Row 4: John Liska, Jason Na- varro, David Profumo. Sieve Tranzow, Charles Deal, Peter Elia, Joe Alexander, Derek lvluro Organizailons Apache News 1 Creating a good annual required a lot of decisions. Year- book staffers, Lyn Bowen, Kristine German, Lauren Englund, and Kathy Lewis are busy finding the best ideas of other schools' yearbooks. i CREBTORS! in order to create a book which reflected the 4986-87 school activities, the yearbook staff worked hard to include every little detail of life at Arcadia High. The yearbook staff was divided into many sec- tions. Each section had its own editor who was in charge of meeting her deadlines. There were also four major editors in charge of various as- pects of the entire book. Drawing layouts and writing copy kept the staff busy. Despite all the work, the yearbook staff developed a closeness. Karen Abend said, "We are all the best of friends." Everyone helped each other out by getting that extra quote, finding the names of the peo- ple in a picture, or giving advise about the copy. All the members enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of H-4. With the addition of two Apple computers, the staff began turning copy in on disks rather than paper. Laura Jenkins, as Copy Editor, worked closely with the computer section. Laura said, "Although it was time-consuming, once we got the bugs out of the system, it was a big help." Although the staff itself created the annual, Mr. Lou Dodd, the advisor, always helped with get- ting photos taken on time. Beth DuFosee. editor of layout and design, commented, "Everyone pitched in, even if it only meant putting stickers on pictures." na-lx i i f S'-fi D . ' 1 my Workl Work! Busy writing a layout, June Cho works hard to V meet a deadline. Completing deadlines was an important '- task for each section. Using food for thought, Kim Kettell takes time out for a bite while discussing yearbook plans with Stacey Perrin. Everyone helped each other by suggesting new ideas. 1 Yearbook Organizations 9.7.1. 1 Inf, J, T' A., f k, -vs X ' i Lyn Bo her pages. many thin the yearb wen in name b gs to be decided before putting ook. Layout Editor, Beth Duifosee, choosing a picture. to answer time helping the eing called, Copy Editor Laura Jen- a question. The major editors spent staff members put together their YEARBOOK Copy Editor Laura Jenkins Managing Editor Kim Kettell Layout Editor ee Photo Editor Synthia Piiic Jennifer Hsieh Annie Huang Row 2 Joyce Kuroki, June Cho Sophia Chen Alice Hsu Linda Riley Kim Anita Chung, Linda Mai, Monica ivtarovish, Jung Sun Ahn, Debbie Liu. ane. Bock Row: Kristina Saxberg, Fernando Corrado, Kevin Ward, r - Front Row: Kathy Lewis, Lyn Bowen, Karen Abend, Kristine Je Denis Vip, Cristal Emirhanian, Shannon Stone, Joiyn Fry, Kristine YGCIFDOOK Moran, Stacey Perrin, Dominica Piiic, OFQCWZUTIOUS ' POW WOW P Extra, Extra, read all about if! Arcadia High has a unique and creaTive newspaper called The Pow Wow. Under The guidance of Mr. Jim O'Brien, and his reminders ,of The Pow Wow TradiTion, Arca- dia's reporTers produced an exel- lenT paper wiTh exciTing sTories and The laTesT scoops each week. IT Took a loT of hard work, chewed erasers, and broken I pencils, buT This group survived wiTh glowing press. A "Hoo-I-la" W. A from Jeff Singer and The sound of I Jim lialia's DMC Rap kepT This group going Through hours of re- search, sTudenT polls, and cre- , I aTive writing. A Each sTudenT produced eye- caTching ariicles which brighT- ened The sTudenTs' ,TTT Tuesday g afTernoons. Newspaper receivers T rushed home To read Their BM Wow paper, Using a light board, Kailin Liang and Susan Ferdinando piece TogeTher a page of The Pow Wow, Design and creaTivlTy, along wiTh journalisfic TalenTs, were needed for an excellenT paper. Apache Pow-Wow -- Front Row: Susan Ferdinando, Kailin Luang, Tanya STivers, Leslie Chou, Kim Schneider. Jenni lvioran, Heidi Sicurella. Back Row: Marie Burmies- Ter. Jennifer Dynice, Tamara Wilson, Colleen Moran, Jeff Singer, lVierideTh Kaplan, Mark Anderson, James lTalia, BreTT BeTzler, 1 Apache Pow Wow Organizahons 'X 4, S935 7 ' - ,, .'Q I POW WOW Genius at computer! Mark Ander- son and Jenni Moran use their key- board talents for the Apache BCL! Wow. Inspechon! The best way to find bloops and blunders was to proof read, Marie Burmeister carefully examines a fun :shed newspaper. membef Jeff 55099 DUSHY designs a layout for his next deadline, Many members looked to Jeff to bright en their dczy! BEHIND THE SCENES The lnTernaTional Thespian Socieiy was a unauie world-wide organiza- Tlon designed for all sTudenTs who had a love for The Theaier. IVlosT of The members were aciive drama- TisTs bui some were also inieresied in publiciTy and direciing. PresidenT ToddiDickson said, "Thespians is a presiigiousclub Thai' recognizes The- aTer parTicipaTion. Thanks for every- Thing." E "On The road again" was ex- acTly how members of The Travel- ing drama group felT. This club was open To anyone who wani- ed To perform and develop his own siyle. The main goal was To puT TogeTher a varieTy show con- Taining differeni acfs from each of The members. When iT was compleied, The group performed aT luncheonsi and schools. Presi- deni Shellie Garcia said, "This club gave everyone a chance To show his acfing abiliiy. IT was a fun group and a Terrific show." "You look marrrveIous" were words heard from performers aT AHS. Looking good under The brighi lighis on sTage was The job of The make-up club. They learned how To apply make-up on aciors. TT was Their Task To be sure all sTudenTs had everyThing perfecT before sending Them on sfage. The skilis of This clubl made The performers more realisfici and believable. Boys as well as girls Took parT in This club. As Presideni Todd Dickson said, "Real men applyl make-up." T i ls she dead? Tina Bruno lies quleily on sTage during an ouTsTanding perfor- mance. Someiimes acTing really goT To sTudenTs. THESPIANS MAKE-UP CLUB 1 S' W, Thespiuns - Fronl Row: Shirley Lee, Bryan Geon, Sanjay Kumar, PresiclenT MC-'Ke-UP cl'-lb f FND? Row: BTYOYT 3900, SWFTQY l-99' WNTNGY Todd Dickson, Tina Bruno. Second Row: Michael Kuppinger,fScoTT Wash- PVGSUGDT Todd DICKSOD- Buck ROW: MICTWOST KQDDINQGL SCQTT bum, John ressoaori, scoff Walker. wnimey Jones, Brien owen. E John Tessodori SQnicvlKumGr. SCOTT WGWGF- Tm Bfufioi BHGH Drama Organizaiions V professional help, i'r's visir Dr. John Tessan- look his advice during a performance. ,, Being touched by a girl was sometimes a scurey experience. Robyn Fraser, surprised Sam Marrangua wlrh a Touch of The hand while Matthew Slorrar and Diane Griakas watched in amazemenl. Two fufure stars, Todd Dickson and Diane Henriks strike a piclure perfecf pose. If look a special acling ralenl To enrerlain and con- vince rhe audience. DRAMA ron ow racy Sally, Scorr Wash- urn Valerie Verkoureren Tina Bruno, Shirley Lee. hellie Garcia Whilney Jones, Michael Kuppinger. iecond Row: Sanjay Kumar, Scot? Walker, Bryan Neon, Brian O'Brien, Anno Muniz, John Tessandori. load Show --,F f R ':i T 1 , ' , 7 Drama 1 1 1 Organizations one -Bl-G mmim Ever regretted being an only child? lf join The band. As a 463 membe family, no body was ever lonely. This group of Talenfed sTudenTs noi only worked for Themselves, buT for oihers. The sup- pori and love among This group were very imporfani aspecis of The year's happenings. - Ranging from Band Presideni STeven Farr's famous speeches To a paT on The back from a friend, a liTTle someihing special helped The group Through The bleakesT of Times. The Marching Unii had six major perfor- mances including a compefiiion in Clovis, lo- caled in NorThern California, where They Took home The Trophy for BesT Music in Their class. This was only one of The many Trophies which was added To Their collecllon. Paige Conner, a Three year member of The unlT, commenled, 'llT's been a fun Three years meeiing new peo- ple and working Togerher To win. l wouldn'T Trade iT for The worldl" S l Q Friendship is what il's all aboul as drill Team members Dawn Holmes, ChrisTine Sanchez, Kim Esposifo, Tracy BarneTT, and Teri Londo hug each olher afier anolher fine performance. BAND Marching Band: Derek Aberle, Chris Anderson, David Backus, Derek Backus, Jennifer Barnes. Christopher Barstow, Eric Bensen, Jimmie Boafwrighi, Cynfhia Boese, Sheri Brake- bush, Kelly Bray, Kirk Brayshaw, Del Brooks, Roberf Chai, Jae Chang, James Chang, Sabrina Chang, Anthony Chen, Sam Chung, Thomas Chung, Brian Clark, Roberf Cleary, Keith Clemenis, Susan Collins, David Colville, Paige Conner, Kafhleen Consldine, William Cranrner, Clifford-Curley, Karen Dale, Tim Daleo.-Doug Davies, Dane Dean, Michelle Deefs, Nisha Desai, James Dudley, Thomas Edwards, James Evans, Steven Farr, David Finley, Mark Freniz, Michael Gallo, Domenich Gallo, James Garrigus, David Graves, Sherri Gunnell. Trevor Hammonds, Jonathan Hawkins. Joe Heilhe, Krisflne Hill, Brian Hillenbrand, Eric Hillenbrand, Jennifer Hillis, Akiko Hirao, Alvin l-lom, Cynihia Honeywell, Stacy Hopkins. Clifford Hwang, Robyn Jackson, Moflhew Jones, Chris Kennedy, Kevin Kinsey, Brian Koso- bayashi, Brandon La Verne, Carey Lane, Lorie Lafier, Slephanie Leigh, Vivian Lenchuk, Richard Lim, Scoif Lopez, Sieven Lunn. Kafherine Mc Kean, SCOTT Mead, Krisfin Medeiros, Thomas Medinai Calherine Miller, Michelle Miller, Brian Moran, Julie Myers, David Nickel, Aimee NieIsen,lVicloria Nuff, Scoif Okamoio, ScoTT OlmsTed, William Pedrofli, David Pills, Andrew Reynolds, Jeffrey Roback, Angela Russo, Marla Sansui, Rachelle Schaugaard. John Seppanen, Michelle Silvio, Stephanie So, Sylvia Slar, Michael Siromsoe, Gregory Sullivan, Wendy Tye. Carl Walker, Ryan Ware, Sean Wells, Maiihew Williams, Patricia Woods, Keli Wrighi, Ddvid Vack. Princessess: Jenny Ho. Colleen Moran, Kaiherine Koeper, Kam Harmon, Sarah Hahn, Lisa Girardol, Chrisiine Becker, Erin Garner, Kelli Hayes, -1 sono: ron Flags, onli Team Organizalions ' , Chocolalel Siephanie So The new age of performers learns The h nd Joyce Kuroki show sics from This generalion. Drum Major We saiisfaclion wiTh Their dy Tye, helps an elemenlary siudeni To pl e wiTh a The bass clarinei. cake fighl. PRINCESSES l iff . 5 . W is 1w 52" 'f s l.. -' in ,, ,,,,,., r wi-T :sw 'A 1' re'-wi. :if 1 - hir! gr 5' i '?.i7f5:i, .A will ,fix fr' . -f 'ze-l":r T ', 4 W, 'T M -I l" . 9 .1 -.'1 'f-'-i f if ., 4. T 1 i i gf l. 39' ii .U , .Q . :,iv . f,, 'r J, , . nv I K ., W 'L 'is hijk-, Q -54 :W-19? L i A .-hw, r -f ..,-- we rr, ' . Ye 'WN T xl fun! H - ' i , A A f - E. T H. ro- ...T A ..,-T-is. A iQ'fQQ,l, wl' gi f-EP T sl' 5 K' 4-"-Mf",- , Vw' ' V 'HN " -Uh er r ,,,..,f, .pf ,tl .iii -1 .1 ci l ' 2l " A illfll 'll' P NY' 'I F The flag team's compeiltion season ended with on exciting train ride. Their hard work and de-dicaTion won Them many Tropies ThroughouT The year. Before the Competition step ment, CynThia Boese leis off Tongue ouT. The whole deal of pressure, Dui siill 4. DRILL TEAM TALL FLAGS . . 'A fgv-- he Vere- f A . v. W, Yvhqklhls T Q V, fl ' oTe - T s,sT rill Team: Julie Allender, Chaniil Ayres, Tamee Ayres, Traci BarneTT, Erica uning, Chrisiy Crossley, Kim Esposiio, Nina Helbrock, Dawn Holmes, Chrisii- Jimenez, Abby Johnson, Scarleii Kim, Jill KronquisT, Teri Londo, Jennifer abry, Jennifer Moody, Shannon Price, Heidi Pozzo, Christine Sanchez, BriT iTh, Diane Smiih, Marci Siillwell, Lisa Vazquez, Valerie Zampiello, and dvisor Andrea Bruning. Tall Flag Members - Front Row: Aihena Brownlie QAssT. Leaderj, Lisa Saelid fLeaderQ, STacy Doeppel QASST. Leadery, Row 2: Joyce Kuroki, Becky Sabou- chian, JoAnne Ward, Darcy Thurman, Tina Michael, Wendy WrighT, Ailene Del Rosario. Row 3: Dawn Burdick QAdvisorj, Colleen Moran, Jenny Ho, Erin Garner, Kam Harmon, ChrisTie Becker, Kaiherine Koepper. Not pictured: Chrisiina Vega, Mindy Smilh. Band, Tall Flags, Drill Team Organizolions . . : RIDE, RBD! ION UNITY No one moves. No one flinches. Pride, Trodifion dnd unify qP.T.U.j were evidenf when drum mojor Wendy Tye blew her whisTle, dnd 4611 sTudenTs sndpped To oTTen- Tion reody To perform Their besT. P.T.U. become The moTTo for The uniT. The Arcodid High School lvlorching UniT sTorTed Their busy yedr off by oTTending Music Comp. WiTh help from lvlr. Bob Kinsey ond Mr. "Red" Boese, The members ledrned Techniques ThoT helped Them in Their compe- TiTions. IVlr. Tom Ldndes, lVlr. Tom Forbes ond lVlr. Dennis Ddvies di- recTed The uniT in lTs field shows ond sTreeT compefiiions wiTh help from choreogrdpher "Pep" lvldn- ning. The dedicoTed bond success- fully pldyed Their insTrumenTs ond performed inTricoTe rouTines To "EspiriT de Corps," "Eli's Coming," "I l-lcive o Love," 'lTonighT" dnd "Rifle l?egimenT." AlThough The uniT meT Third peri- od during morching sedson, 50 T minuTes wos noT enough procTice for ony high school. The long hours of procTice offer school pdyed off for The dedicoTed sTu- denTs wiTh prize-winning perfor- mdnces. Blow that horn! The TrumpeT secflon ploys during o hdlf-Time field show of o home gome. They perfecTed Their ploying by procficlng mony hours under The frees on The ,V librory lown. -3' Roaring crowds did noi fclze The Apache unit af Concenirclfion and skill ore The keys To The Azusa Field Tournament. The Toll fldgs ploced second dnd The bond pldced Third, Bond dnd Auxilory OrgonizoTions success, Drum mdjor Wendy Tye leocls The bond OT Their firsf compefmon oT The MT Cormel Bond Review Band Tall Flags Drill Team l We mean business. Leoder Liso Soelid, dssi, leoder Slocy Doeppel, Wendy Wrighl, ond ossl. ledder Alhend Brownley show the serious OSDGCT of The Mi. Cormel Bond Review, 3 --fig., Banner up! The princesses cdrry the Donner which is ci symbol of Arcodids pride, delerrnindlion, and oompelulive oliilucle. Only 9 lolenled girls were given This honor. Pride produces smiles. Tomuro Ayres, drill teom leoder, continuously fldshes her grin during the Ml. Cormel Bond Review be-couse of her pride in The group. Bond ond Auxilory Orgonizolions MELODY MAKERS i'Name That Tune." The cho- ral group A Capella was the largest singing organization at AHS. It was open to anyone who showed an interest in sing- ing. This group of students per- formed at the Vertical Con- cert, at Citrus College,sand at the May Show, They sang at the Christmas andspring concerts at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium. Ni- cole Cutler said, ."A Capella gave me a chance to meet a lot of new people during my first year. lt was a lot of fun." Winter vacation was o time to relax and have fun. New Spirit began their vacation with a sleepover. 1 Choral Groups Organizations I Ti? Ai the Christmas Assembly, Chanieurs bers Jennifer Kaiser, Sherri Gunnell and Hightower made Mr, Bill Dietrich Swoon with Christmas melodies. r r il Chanteurs gave a show-stopping concert at the San Gabriel Civic nl New Spirit members buttered up Chanteurs a chance to perform individ- a Banana Shannon Wilson, pilot escort d show girl Suzanne Hightower prepare for a er original costumes, S e x, ' . r 4 522 ACAPELLA - Front Row: Adrienne Beilis, Veronica Salcido, Mary Moon, Shannon Wilson, Catherine Allin, Kathleen Erskine, Georgina Edwards, Margaret Morrison, Lisa Seltman, Sandra Mendenhall, Lisa Sheehy, Stacy Jones. Shannon Shrock, Carla Rivas, Niccole Cutler, Min Kim, 2: Jennifer Kaiser, Stephanie Ruzich, Mindy Smith, Julie Stollar, Laurel Miner, Edward Miyagishima, Wai-Hung Vau, Thad Coffing, Ho Yi, John Louie Baum, John Henriks, Sun-Young Lim, Mary Ann De Haven. Ester Chen, Angela Hillis, Amy Cnenaulr. Back Row: Rachelle Schaugaard, Carlson, Amy Noi, Stephanie Green, Michelle Evans, Daniel Choe, Darrin Vercillo, Carlos Alfonso, Robert Cleary, Jaymes Venemci, ala Courtwright, David Profumo, Kelli Weber, Dana Adams, Kristin Bierschbach, Michelle Smith, Sherri Gunnell, Choral Groups Organizations Chanteurs - Bottom Row: Shannon Wilson, Daniel Choe. Rachelle Schagaard, Carlos Alfonso Amy Chenault, Peggy Lee Sherri Gunnell, Richard Courtwright, Jennifer Kaiser. John Lee Margaret Morrison. Top Row: Wai Hung Yau, Adrienne Bellis, Darin Vercillo, Myung Kim, Richard Lourensky, Jaymes Venemo. Shannon Shrock. David Profumo, Suzanne Hightower. Louie Baum. The halls are alive with the sound of music! Last year under the direction of Mr. Rollie Max- son, Chanteurs was undefeated in its four ma- jor competitions and considered the best in Southern California. Their first performance was the "Holiday Concert." After the concert, they devoted a lot of time to the May Show which was their yearly highlight, President Sherri Gunnell said, "Everyone worked super hard!" ln the spring this talented group toured the San Francisco area for 5 days. Vice president Jaymes Venema said he was looking forward to the trip because "it gives all of us a chance to get to know each other better. lt's five days of complete madness! Having AO students and four chaperones gives you the perfect combi- nation for a good time." No boy's allowed! The New Spirit singing group was strictly girls only. This group, direct- ed by Mr. Rollie Maxson performed at restau- rants, the "Holiday Concert," and the "Choral Carousel" at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium. They also competed against other high schools such as West Covina and Azusa. New Spirit met third period all year in MB2 to perfect their music. The enjoyment of singing for others drove these girls to do their best. Michelle Smith said, "l love it! lt's my whole life!" Chanteurs and New Spirit raised money with their Halloween insurance policy. People paid this group in advance to clean up their houses if they should be vandalized. The money raised helped pay for the San Francisco trip. nun. New Spirit - Front Row: Catherine Allin, Mary Moon, Georgina Edwards, Julie Stollar, Amy Noe, Carla Rivas, Stacy Jones, Sandro Mendenhall, accompanist Shin Kim. Bock Row: Michelle Smith, Ester Chen, Stephanie Green, Renee Carlson, Kristin Bierschbach, Dana Adams, Suzy Spanier. Mary Ann DeHaven, Mindy Smith. Chanteurs New Spirit Organizations Strutting her stuff to the jive tunes ot Orchesis, Shannon Whaley shows her to dance. Orchesis members practiced long hours to perfect their Hom e routine. ,Fav 552 NEW SPIRIT CHANTEURS ORCHESIS 3 'Fl "GeT inTo The groove!" and "HiT That perfeci beoT!" were Typical phrases heard from Or- chesis members. WiTh a pas- sion for dancing, The 311 mem- bers perfecTed Their difficulT rouTines, PresidenT Carolyn Hall felT ThaT by choreographing Their own rouTines, 'lThe girls had a chance To show Their personaliTies Through Their dances." To popular Tunes, They per- formed aT Homecoming, ChrisTmas assemblies and local schools. The May Show was Their pinnacle of success. Member Shannon Toepfer ex- plained ThaT, "excepT for Homecoming, we dedicaTed our whole year To make The May Show a successl" Each girl puT her full efforT inTo This spec- Tacular four nighT producTion. Orchesis, meaning The arT of dance, was direcTed by Coach DuharT and insTrucTed by Millie Beezley, To fasT beoT music The dance club of Orchesis displayed Their TalenT wiTh clifficulT moves 84 jumps. The girls Take a shorT break beTween assemblies aT Homecoming. ORCHESIS - Boifom Row: Sandra WalTrip, Shannon Toepfer, Shannon STone, PresidenT Carolyn Hail, KrisTen Harris, Yolanda Hofer, Melissa CharlTon. Row 2: Dynese Schiffilea, Melissa Johnson. Joanne Ward. Laura Bowen, Sanya Markus, Anne Lee, Mimi Chen. Laura Ganguin. Row 3: Jennifer Velasauez, HeaTher Hudson, Donna Murchanian, Carolee Lesiuk, Traci Brighouse. Deborah DeLong, Melanie Ellison. Lianne Churchman, Jacquelin Wilson. Top Row: Geri Barron, Susan Ferdinando, Tina Bruno, KrisTine German, Tamara Wilson, Tammy McCune, Muung Kim, Shannon Wholey. Q 7, f ' X7 gj Qfzfgglgp 1 nu fyff' 2ffLu7,'177j rfn0717 Jgffyj-77, ' ' X A !ff14gLA277 p1.7rfJ ffqlrnj H T 1' 5-4.41--jg fern 9 A,-ffl -5' 5 i is-or -'TWY4 T- VNU rel. '12-inf' CVQVIJ' 4-.9TJj 3' f A V 1 Q 1 ,Cl -lyoffnv fill 5 K, T , cC7'55'717Tf C-13 f7 4.517 A. 4-17 Q4-ZZ! ,ge 5 jqfgy lf? fi 'Aww T r ,I A STL! if iw? Omhesis 1 rpuqyy z 7 -I ,7-O LL, F., C! Jug? y my fp 624.147 f ' wzfyff X OrganizaTions I3 af- 149-cf ,.5,,f24P'74 ,fy,rjAJT2L' A0 XJ' Mwgm' X, 4 ss P-- .... .": ' W SHOW STOPPERS Anxlously waiting for the solemn rise ot the baton, the silent orchestra sits poised with their instruments. This group of multi-talented musicians, conducted by Mr.Dennis Davies, per- formed at Citrus College, at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium, and in San Diego. From the violins to the French horns, the orchestra displayed their musical abilities. Vlolinist Maura Hudson said, "We worked together toward a com- mon goal. Our expectations were high Cheer! Dance! Compete! were all activities of the Competitive Apache Team. This new organization astound- ed audiences with difficult formations, gymnastics, and aerobatics. Consist- ing of 'ici girls, CAT was strictly a com- petitive squad. They competed against other squads from all over the country and successfully qualifyied for the finals at Disneyworld in Florida. Dur- ing the summer these girls attend a cheer camp in San Luis Obispo and won a dance and a cheer award. Karyn Acunasaid, "lt's the most fun PEP, Perky Energetic People, described the pep band of 26 members. Seen at football games, pep rallies, and assem- blies, this off the wall group raised the crowd's enthusiasm. Each member was chosen by Mr. Landes from Band lll, The crazy group of musicians often dressed in costumes or identical shirts to add flair to their music. President Steven Farr said, 'tThe pep band worked hard, played exception- and we played our best. lt was great!" l've ever had." ally well, and had a lot of fun do- ing rr." ,Munson Displaying special skills, Arcadia's Competitive Apache Team has the crowd cheering at the Homecoming Assembly. As a new organization, they receive a loud welcome from the audience. U-5 PEP BAND C.A.T. Pep Band: Derek Aberle, Derek Backus, Eric Benson, Thomas Chung, Karen Dale, Doug- las Davies, Thomas Edwards, James Evans, Steve Farr, James Garrigus, Sherri Gunnell, Johnathan l-lawkins, Kristine Hill, Jennifer l-lillis, Matthew Johnes, Katherine Mc Keon, Scott Mead, Theodore Pllmer, Jeffrey Roback, Angela Russo, Maria Sansul, Ryan Ware, John Seppanen, Matthew Williams, Keli Wright, David Yack. -1 Pep Bend, CAT Organizations Front Row: Donna Leonardi, Stacie Jewel. Row 2: Brianna Ji C.A.T. Shereen Zernickow, Carolee Lesluk, Michelle Cazares, Christine San Karyn Acuna. Back Row: Shannon Farley, Candy Lemos, Krisl Stingle. I' pictured: Shannon Loop, Annissa Ross, Emrald Batin, ii x ,.r , S Q "nuff S s, ff IM - f K Getting crazy at the Spaghetti Dlnner, Pep Bond members throw confetti into the air. At their last major performance, the Pep Bond let it all out. Bee-Bopping to Bruce Springsteen, Pep- Band President Steve Farr plays a solo on his sax. Along with his band, Steve presented a great show at the Christmas assembly. ORCHESTRA Orchestra - Violins: Maret Bower, Kathleen Branson, Janet Bryant, Steve Chang, Yu-Shen Chang, Frank Chen, Margaret Chu, Brian Hsu, Charles Hu, David Huang, Maura Hudson, Michael Kong, So Hye Kang, Shinji Kawahara, Scarlett Kim, Susan Kim, Alice Lai, Herbert Lee, Su Lee. Kent Pan, Omni Takashi, Victor Li, Kerry Wang. Violas: Hsiao-Yu Chen, Erin Garner, Monica Kim, Yu-Chen Shen, Wai-Hung You, Cellos: Voung-Mi Ahn, Andrea Cecil, Amy Chen, Tim Chen, Matt Chiang, Elena Contreras, Tammy Kim, Yung-Jin Kim, Roger Park, David Seltman. Basses: Phil Anderson, Louie Baum. Sabrina Chang, David Kim, Jung Sohn. Flutes: Sue Collins, Karin Dale, Nisha Desai, Michelle Miller. Oboes: San May Chan. Stephanie Leigh. Clarlnets: Kirk Brayshaw, Sherri Gunnell, Scott Okamoto, Ryan Ware. Boss Clcrinets: Alvin Hom. Wendy Tye. French Horns: Matt Jones, Vivian Lenchuk, Julie Myers, Angela Russo, Trumpets: Tom Chung, Steve Farr, Kristi Hill, Trombones: Eric Bensen, Doug Davies, James Evans. Tubes: Thomas Edwards. Percussion: Jim Duclley, James Garrigus, Orchesiro 1 2 1 Scott Mead, Scott Olmstead, Organizations Sophomore Cheer Front Row K1ersTen Barrows, Karin Roback Row 2 Chrlslie Denson Sylvia Chen Back Row: 33 slices hard work 33 pkgs. spunk and pep 33 Tlols, creaTiviTy 6 pairs flags 6 pairs pom-poms 48 megaphones 33 loud voices l dash sTress Tabs Put Them all Togeiher and what aT The LLC. SanTa Barbara campus. do you have? The 1986 1987 Pep The Pep Squad broughT many pres- Squadl The pep unlT enjoyed an ex Tigious awards home from camp. CITIUQ season experiencing many Camp was so much fun ThaT we changes new advisor Terri Logan walked away saying To ourselves, a new sophomore cheering squad Omlgodl ThaT was so much funl' " and an Apache Josephlna said flag girl Jacquelln Wilson. The QIVIS offended Summer COVTWD Allhough IT Took every second of SOPHOMORE CHEER spare Time, song girl Michelle Hayner commenled, "You puT a loT inTo iT, buT ll was such a good experience Thal iT was worTh every minuTe." Wilh never-ending spiriT, The Pep Squad moTivaTed The sTudenT bodyl aT Arcadia High. "'! ,Z l- was l FLAG J.V. CHEER VARSITY CHEER SONG T From her Teepee on The Arcadia igh School Reservation came The II-knowing, all-seeing Apache Jo- sephina. WiTh The unique power To foreTell game scores, Josephina Kris- Ten Espenshied raised enThusiasrn :and spiriT. For The firsT Time, The mas- :oT was a squaw, noT a chief. To explain This sudden change, 4risTen Espenshied described The fa- mine which sfruck The Arcadia Res- rvaTion and of how Apache Joe, o save his slarving Tribe, seT ouT To iind food for his followers. AlThough pache Joe was a brave warrior, e was eafen by a ferocious buffa- o. The Tribe Then looked To his wife for help and she, Josephina, agreed lo advise The Tribe. KrisTen said, "I loved being pache Josephina. IT was The besT 4 arT of Arcadia High. .. . . XX ' l 4. Apache Josephina, KrisTen Espenshied, wearing her Tribal warrior apparel. J.V. CHEER - Boilom Row: Julie Wagner. Row 2: Sfacie Jewel, Vida Selback, Malinda Dedrick. Top Row: Jenny Backhaus, Julie Carlson. 5 el. I .A 41 ' ' ,M ,sm.AiBL 1- krvf- 4' i T enfhusiasm helped raise school spirif and pride. Pep I Suzanne I-lighfower cheers for Arcadia aT a pep rally. 'dvvrl . 'il Kia., r Flag - Suzanne Fauria, Jill Johnson, Jacquelin Wilson, Kerry Milano, Jenifer Cho Noi Piclured. Angela Hayner. Pep Squad Organizafions HELPING OUT! wilt Erin Duncan Teaches her kids in a Some of The biggesT clubs aT Ai-l.S. were The Campus Clubs. These clubs help oThers as well as Themselves. The CulTural Service Club had over 50 members. They heiped incoming sTudenTs and promoTed involvmenT in chariTy and social service To name only a few of Their purposes. lVlosT of Their acTiviTies helped oThers, such as par- TicipaTing in White Cane Day To help The blind and serving The elderly during ChrisTmas vacaTion. The Campus Life Club hoped To bring non-ChrisTians To ChrisT. Their many acTiviTies included a Big Bear Ski ReTreaT and Kodak Kapers. They meT every week aT a club member's home. To help ouT The Red Cross or oThers, a person joined The Junior Exchange Club. IT donaTed much of The money iT earned To communiTy aids To help oTh- ers. AcTiviTies ranged from an annual pumpkin sale To an end of The year pizza parTy. To help promote school spiriT, sTu- denTs joined The Pep Club. These peo- ple vvorked hard To supporT The school's aThleTic Teams as well as oTher groups on campus. . .4 ., .J . i25f'JM:'?ffW?f5?l' 5 . df :'2"," A... -LVL 'J ' . L2 in-.f .S PEP CLUB CULTURAL SERVICE T Pep Club Rebecca STacy, Iv Campus Clubs Organizahons Vida Selbak. TuTTle. Rourke Culiurcl Service Tina Lin Sandy Wu M Lin. Elvan Wu. Chen Candy You Mei Lin. Cindy Pon, BeTTy Ch Chi-ivlan Changlack Row: l. Lin, Adv Miss Delahooke, STeve Wang ll. Allen Kao. Chiang Yeh. James Lin l Liang, Bob Lee, James Lai, Jalpa Merchant Tar Dhavvan, Nancy Guo, Lisa Lin, Kevin Teng. Johnson Cheng, James Wa Jack Chen. Andy Liao. Wayne Kao. James Yang. Henry Tsai, annual pumpkin sale Linelie O'Bannon and Marovish smile brighlly al The prospeclive cus' This acllvily was designed To help The Clly of nd The Red Cross. Helping others was whal The Culiural Service Club did besi. Presidenf Richard Lin collecls money for The blind from generous donors, Helping children learn baslc skills was what The cross age program was all aboul. Using a bean bag, Sheri Brakebush shows her children basic skills. I CAMPUS LIFE Hzfzaaa' Campus Life - Fronl Barnharl, Monica Roderiguez, Men- denhall, Mary Krell, Nlsha Bolger, An- drew Reynolcls. Mindy Thorn. Row 2: Laura Marlin, Michael Glen Norberg, Aclvisor,Shawn Doe. Kirk Spenser, Regina Ander- son, Rubin Perez, Row 3: Shannon Farley. Sandy Campus Clubs Organizations Grechneck. 1 126 BLA ING BLA ER i "Who are The seniors in the red bIazers?" many uninformed sophomores asked. The answer was Arcadia High's service clubs - Kiowas and Senior Men. Ser- vice, honor, and leadership made Them uniaue. Their school spiriT was displayed by True dedica- Tion. Denis Yip felT, "proud ba- cause we provided hours of ser- vice for The school." HosTing "Back To School NighT," promoTing The Red Cross Blood Drives, and aTTending Wednes- day morning meeTings were du- Ties joinTly carried ouT by Kiowas and Senior Men. Presideni of Kiowas, Sharon Garlough, summed up The general aTTiTude ThaT, "Kiowas and Senior Men provided a greaT opporTuniTy for communiTy service and promoT- ed a sTrong camaraderie among members." TwenTy-five Senior Men, under The direcTlon of Mr. Mike Allee, parked cars aT fooTbalI games providing a service greaTly ap- preciaTed by many BoosTers. They also sponsored a dance To raise money and To have fun. The Kiowas' many services in- cluded assisTing aT communiiy banaueTs. DirecTed by Mrs. Carol McVay, The girls sold singing Tele- grams, M 84 M's, and cookie pops To raise money. BoTh Kiowas and Senior Men spenT an acTive year serving The school and The com- muniTy. Kiowas - Front Row: Carolyn Hall, Lisa Hudson, Melissa CharlTon, l Deborah De Long, ChrisTina Vega, . Angela Russo, Susan Keh. Linda Mai, Kell WrighT, Lisa Saelid, Wendy Hsieh, Adrienne Call. Back Row: Advisor Mrs. Carol Mc Vay, Anne Marie Grund, Suzanne l-lighTower, Jill Johnson, KaTherine McKeon, PresidenT Sharon Garlough, Kaihleen Branson, KrisTen Cooke, Susan May, Kamberly Harmon, Erin Garner, Yu Chen Shen, Wendy Tye. s 1 5 i Q 4 I Taking time out from selling pumpkins for The Junior Exchange Club. Mark GreensTone caTches up on his homework. Senior Men were encouraged To parTicipaTe in oiher service organizaiions. Organizaiions Kiowas and Senior Men Programs, get your programs. Senior Men Brad Jarvis and Javier Jimenez pass ouT programs as parT of Their many obligations of The-i busy year. KIOWAS SENIOR MEN I 1 ,awww , H ' Kiowas made it possible for Erin Corner, enjoy each other's conversation, ,ff Abiding by school regulations with pride was a goal of Kiowas. Melissa Charlton and Jill Johnson discuss school rules with counselor Mrs, Diane Carlile IEN - Front Row: William load Connors, Jeffrey Roback, Abraham Domain, Frank Rizzi, ienez, Denis Yip, Timothy Huang, Peter Lin, Peter Chen, Allen Kao i Yau, Jung Sohn. Back Row: nrvis, Douglas Davies, Mark ne, Michael Jacoby, Craig David Tu, Roger Hsu, Louis Ting, Jng, Kenneth Lu, Mark Huang, Ir, Mike Alle-e, friendships to develop, Angela Russo, Katherine McKean, Christina Vega, and Kiowas and Senior Men Organizations ' naw f f fzgift ' :ss-,wr EAST MEETS WEST Travel to exotic lands! Experience new foods! Expand your horizons! The club of AFS, American Field Ser- vice, was an international and intercul- tural program which offered these op- portunities. Activities included dinners at foreign restaurants, cultural parties, a trip to Knott's Berry Farm, and an AFS week- end. Foreign exchange students visiting Arcadia came to school and spoke about their country and their exper- iences in America. President Lauren Bostrom said, "AFS gave its members a chance to meet foreign students and to introduce them to America. lt's a great experience!" Many members of AFS were stu- dents interested in living abroad. There were a score of different programs available as well as many countries to choose from. Applicants had to pass several interviews and fill out many forms before they were chosen, but the time spent was worth the unfor- gettable experience. Past exchange student Brad Gillette said, "l had a really wild time that I will never forget." EXTRA! EXTRA!, French Club members Sarah Kates and Frank Rizzo display posters advertising their club. Club day gave students time to sign up for any club they wanted. A.F.S. A.F.S. AFS -- Front Row: Parish Highley, Kristine Hill, Mary Ann DeHaven, Clifford Curly, Tri- cia Jeane. Row 2: Mr, Les Brown, Shannon Holbrook, Carolyn Hall, Min Kim, Leila Sha' mien, Shannon Shrock, Julie Lindquist, Cynthia Dickey, Kimberly Woods, Presi- dent Lauren Bostrom, Michelle Reaben, Ni- sha Desai, Anne Lee, Julie Chung, Susan Ser, Yeang Je. Sophia Lo, Nancy Hernan- dez, Back Row: l-lo Jun, Yong Yoo, Chris- topher Sego, Bryan Geon, Michael Coke, Sanjay Kumar, George Geis, Merideth Ka- plan, Karen i-lodge, Michelle Evans, Valleri Brandes, Hyunju Park, Lori Maze, Harpal Thiara, Taruna Dhawan, Jenny Chung. Amy Chen, Organizations A1KnoH's Berry Farm, during an all-seclion A.F.S. meeiing, Nan- cy Hernandez, Lauren BosTrom, new friend Howard, Celesie Ber- nardini, and Tricia Jeane meT new and dlfferenf Types of people from all over The world. , W ,ee ' ,W .,. BONJOUR The French was designed for Those loved The life of "Gay This busy club ex- plored French culfure by French plays and having a fondue As a fund raiser They 's Suckers. PresidenT Abraham Domain said, Nous avons eu une bonne anneel' sod Hola To fans of The Tradi- Tions of ol' Mexico. The Spanish Club visiied Olvera S'rreeT, Spanish resTauranTs, and a Spanish arT museum. They kepT busy wiTh M'n'M sales and joinf acTiviTies wiTh oTher foreign-minded clubs. Presideni Eui Kline said, "IT was a loT fun because we were always planning and going on field Trips." Scanning o map, A.F.S. members Lauren BosTrom, Kimberly Woods, Tricia Jeane CelesTe Bernardini, and Nancy Hernandez decide which counfry They wanf To visiT. I i Y . A-.M . .- FRENCH SPANISH ch Club -- Froni Row: Lyndell Wang, Jennifer Ho, Jenny Chung, Akiko , Cindy Pon, Lorrie Farino, Hsiao-Yu Chen, Nisha Desai. Row 2: Mei Lin, sa Chen. lrene BudianTo, Gigi Hua, Rebecca Hwa. Back Row: Gary' ulp. Julie Bars, Eric Mifchell, Cliff Wang, Jennifer Chang. Natalie Dou- , Cindy Chung, Presideni Abraham Domain, Anda Abramovia. Spanish Club - Front Row: Mrs. Clara Primozich, Kevin O'DeIl, Presidenf Eui Kline, Kelly McAnclrew, Lynne Mercer, Jeanine Johnsion, Back Row: Jennifer KincarT. ChrisTopher Sega. Bradley Jarvis, Abraham Domain, Dell PeTerson. French and Spanish Organizafions manner 21:1 f ass- :.z. mr,,-Eg,,fq.5is:s:s:.: :.,g55:gs5gg:,ig , -:.'---is :H-s.-, wervsg 2 ---- s s,,.....,,..-, , .. ,..,,,,b, . X CULTURE CLUBS Ahn hyung hae sae yon! Ni I Haul Konnichiwa! Guten Morgan and Na-Nu-Na-Nu! For all lovers of foreign culture who wanted to explore foreign customs and countries, Arcadia High had the answer. . "What's a meal without Kim- Chee?" This was a common question asked by Korean stu- dents. This dish and other aspects of Korea were important to the Korean club. It was a club dedicated to promoting friend- ships and fun. President Roy Park commented, t'We always had a good time," G Welcome! A new club was ad- ded to the already long list of lan- guage clubs at Arcadia: the Jap- anese Ciub. A clubmember said, "The Japanese Club was a lat of fun, We became good friends." s This club kept itself busy with par- ties, dinners, and a visit to little Tokyo. The Chinese Club was another cultural club with a main goal of introducing Chinese cultures to students. President Janet Lo said, "Through this club I hope to pro- mote good relationships be- tween the members." The club filled their time with picnics, bowl- ing, and ice skating along with a pizza and dancing party. Driving a ,V.W. and enjoying a traditional German picnic with weinersnitzel, apple strudle and frosty beverages were the unique activities of the German Club. Presi- dent Shadi Shayegan said, "The club was dedicated to really under- standing the German ways and cus- toms." To accomplish this they had an October Festival and ate at Ger- man restaurants.iAs a fund raiser they sold German chocolate and "Gummi Bearasf' The club attract- ed all German lovers. President Yoshikaz Morizuka bers at a meeting of the Club Day was a time for presidents to in- troduce their clubs to students. Yoshikaz Morizuka and Jason Hsieh represent the Japanese Club. Members of the German Club, Sanjay Ku- mar and Bryan Geon carried the banner for their club at Homecoming. KCREAN JAPANESE Moo , Choi, Young Park, Mark Eu, Michael Chang Language Clubs T Organizations Won Kim im X, Tr, r grains slid! Roy Park Row I-lsu, John Min, Jung Sohn, Japanese Club AkemiKunmoto Akiko Izumi Yoko End Tetsuya Negishi, President Yoshikaz Morizuka, Mrs. Guy. club member David Hung atientiy behind their club D mobs of members. To further sold chocolate candy bars. '99 CHINESE GERMAN Club - Front Row. Annie Chen, Betty Chen, Teh yu Tsou, Cindy Pon, Mei Lin, Jennifer Chang, Jeanne Tsing, Gina Lin. Row 3: Jack Chen, Victor Han. Huang, Benson Lai, Richard I. Lin, Wayne Kao. Peter Ailen Kao. Alan Chen, Bob Lee, Andy Liao. Julian Lin. Chu, Carla Huang, German Stephen Row 2: Candy Roberts. Shadi Chung, Annie Row: James d Nickel. Matthew Jones. Language Clubs Organizations Wrestling: David Miller, Shannon i-lo brook Michelle Silvio, Brian Hillenbran .lm Marone, Hulk, Hogan. Frank Riz Joe l-ieithe, Ernie Beruman. Mfi'N'S or muscua Supporting exciting sports, the wrestling, backpacking, varsity, and weight clubs shared a love for athletic ac- tivities. The Wrestling Club met monthly at each other's houses to promote apprecia- tion of the boistous sport. Food and drink made the oc- cassions even more enjoy- able. The members also at- tended matches at various sports arenas. "Watching wrestling with a lot of friends helped you get into it and really enjoy the sport," com- mented President David Miller. The Backpacking Club was for those who loved the out- doors. They planned many hiking trips to Wilderness Park and other parks under the su- pervision of ivlr. Les Brown. All students who lettered in a sport were eligible to join the Varsity Club. Members got together and played sports such as volleyball. Presi- dent Teri Smaldino said, 'tBe- ing in this club was a great way to meet friends who en- joyed the same thing you do." The Weight Club was open to anyone interested in build- ing body weight and muscle. This club met three times a week and gave athletes a chance to work out with friends and acquaintances. it was an opportunity to meet new people it was also free, which was a popular price with high school students. "Working out with friends is better than doing it alone, it saves money, and you meet people with the same inter- ests and everyone has a common goal," commented Vice-President Jim lvlarrone. D splaying their award winning parade entry, Moni- a e Tjaden, Shannon Toepher, and Krista Bjordahl roller skate as grapes who "Heard it Through the Grape- ne " N , ff, sm ., ...siigfnsj 'iiiwxlislrFHWAltitJaEi5?dE!?C-254936iitfvwtiwtiiitliitlltitiw. WRESTLING .5- . , 1 S i t ' is l Q :rs 'Y . Q 7 -r : - sf 312 iii Wm 4 as ...Q . E N Sports Organizations Varsity Club: Siacey Pichoifa, Candy Mahoney, Monique Tjaden, Presideni Teri Srnaldino, Siacy Roberis, Lisa Hud- son, Roberi Walker, Sieve Provenzano, Wendy Morgan. - H45 'Vx f' "-f Backpacking: Richard Becocke, Karen Hodge, Andrew Macias, Jennifer Larazola, Trudy Walay, Merideih Kaplan. WEIGHT Weight: Chirsiopher Mynsier, Jeffery BABY RUFFMUS Wickline. Presideni James Marrone, Bill Darias. Donald Wood, Anthony Fronsico, Theodore Mc Guire, Andrew Morgan. Organizaiions 1 Sports lME1j-n- wi!-9 H Gefling wei-n-wild was as easy as joining a club. Four clubs gave sTudenTs The chance To geT away from The pres- sures of school. Those who enjoyed fishing joined The Angling Club which offered many Trips ranging from deep-sea fishing Trips To a bar-b-que aT SanTa Fe Dam. BeckyySa- bounchian said, "There's nofhing like caTching your very firsf fish wiTh all your friends cheering you on." The Surf Club was for all The surfersiaT Arcadia High. "There's so much fun in caTching a wave aT sunset" said Kevin O'DeIl. The club enjoyed surfing Trips and beach parfies. The Ski f Winfer Sports Club was original- ly Two separaTe clubs. 'TThe Two clubs joined TogeTher To sTop confusion, and iT worked ouT .greaT!" exclaimed Tammy Kisfner, president of The club. The Hockey Club provided achance To see and play The spori, "lT's'greaT To play a sporf ThaT I like wiTh guys who have The same infer- esf. " commenied The presicienT of The club, Kuff Gamble. Friends and fun were The key ingredi- enTs To geT weT-n-wild. Munching durlng snack, angling members Clara Magyar and Melinda Soo Hoo Tempf fishing lovers To join. Banners and magazines added decorafion To Their Table. 'Wo' HOCKEY SKI Mmm, . In 5 Hockey Club: Damon Groves, Scoif OlmsTed, Su- Ski Club - Front Row: Jim Mumford, Brad Jarvis, Kevin O'Dell, Jennif san Harmon. Presidenf KurT Gamble. Shively, Presidenf Tammy KisTner.f Row 2: Sean Daly, Lara Sumne 1 3 4 Wafer SporTs Organizafions STephanie Gould, Del PeTerson, Kirsien Beck. Abraham Domain. Roby Fincher, 57 W.. 9 ' M www DEVELOP YOUR INTEREST Many different' clubs on campus offered studenTs opporTuni- Ties To develop special inTeresT. The Ari Club aTtracTed many of The more arTisTic studenTs, lT organized field Trips To museums, such as The Los Angeles CounTy Art Museum and The Getiy Museum. These Trips gave The members a chance to see world famous masTerpieces. Perhaps, a new masTerpiece was inspired by The visiTs. Presi- dent Jenny Chung said, "Art Club is a loT of fun. You don'T have To be able To draw To join, as long as you have an appreciaTion for arT works." Another campus club enjoyed by sTudenTs was The Model arf, -I-55-Y 'ii' SS ,f-" ff Model Railroad Takes a lot of time and energy. Glen Alley is making sure ThaT the Trains are in good condiiion. ArT Club members often experiment with various drawing Techniques. Sunny Wang and Roger Hsu proudly preseni Their creation of a painted picTure. Railroad Club. This group would exchange visiTs wiih oiher railroad clubs. They visiTed railroads and railroad yards To geT a beTTer undersTanding of how railroads work, A.H.S. students enjoyed the resulTs of these visiTs when club members ar- ranged displays of model railroads on Club Day and aT The Spring FesTival. Many sTudenTs stopped by to admire The real- isTic seTTings. People who enjoyed playing fanTasy games uniTed This year To form The FanTasy Gamers Guild. Members goT Together To play and discuss several games. I l 'Q' 7- MODEL RAILROAD ART CLUB , , Model Railroad: price Quigley, Qundy Ruiz, presi- An Club - Froni Row: Mrs. Nancy Cullison, Jenny Ho, Sophia Chen, Jenny T T Huang, Michael Bryce. Row 2: John Hoffman, Mei Lin, Julie Hsieh, Joy Shirley dem Glen Alevf Rlchofd Coufmgm' Mr' Amee' Lee, susan ser, kristen eaimanifi, Julie cnung, KOYSChmiCl1. Juanita Rivas Hll Pony 1 Railroad, Ari Organizahons Vicky Chen, Akiko Hiroo, Mihwa Kim, Debbie Liu, Jeanne Tslng, Elizcbefh Moon, Caroi Hsu, Joe Alexander, Ken Lu, Peter Porise, Carson Chen. X 1. i - FANTASY GAMES GUILD perspective Ari Club members, club officers Michael Chen. and Jenny Chung participate during Club Day. The Model Railroad Club aflen displayed Their Trains. Richard Courfrighr, Glen Alley and Randy Ruiz are fixing Their display ai The Spring Feslival. i I I 1, f Guild - Froni Row. Richard Melohn Wesley Yanagi, Robert Delvioniigny. Presi- Kawashiro. Bock Row: Pai Gehien, Boris Irkis, David Tu. A Fanlasy Organizations 137 138 INTELLECTUHL The Minds of Technology Club, The Biology Club, The Science Club, ond The Club were joined by sTudenTs who enjoyed us- ing Their minds on ocodemic subjecTs ouTside The cldssroom. The Minds of Technology Club credTed ci leorning ond discussing dTmosphere for The members. They meT one ddy edch week dfTer school dnd every Thursddy nighT oT The JeT Pro- pulsion LdboroTory for lecTures. The members enTered ci poper dirpldne conTesT for ci beTTer undersTonding of derodyndmics. T AnoTher inTeresTing Thinking club wds The Sci- ence Club. where They meT weekly To discuss new scienTific developmenTs, GuesT speokers expounded Their knowledge of science. "IT is ci loT of fun To meeT oThers wiTh The some inTer- esT," sold PresidenT Boris lTkis. C The Moleculor Biology Club wds new. STU- denTs shored o common enThusiosm for biol- ogy. They meT dfTer school for experimenis, lecuTres, films,.or field Trips. A group of sTudenTs who enjoyed ploying chess formed The Chess Club. They pldyed dgoinsT edch oTher To ledrn new Techniques. The club iTself hdd o TournmenT where The win- ner received d prize, dnd There wds on inTer- school compeTiTion dgdinsT Temple CiTy High. All These clubs WGFGTYSWGYGTFTQ for Their mem- bers dnd mode Their high school yeors inTeresT- ing ond fun. T SCIENCE CLUB MOLECULAR BIOLOGY We c b: Boris rims, president Pour cn ?'0'e'Q"1' PeTer Chen, Tsuyoshi Kdwosh To CO3 PC V Science, Biologv Mrs. Laurie Ldmo. n V on 4 T- Alon Chen RCOGFG Ln Orgonizci ions H on WO me K BO f ...Ai Q 1 , L iv 'Ja "A ':5" ,..-I Chess Club members enjoying a friendly game among themselves. Mark Soliman, and Tom Swiatek are deep in thought, contemplating their next moves. Biology Club members enjoy doing experiments. Here, they met after school to disect a pig. CHESS CLUB MINDS OF TECHNOLOGY ess Club - Row 1: Richard Lin, James Lin, Philip Lo, President Mark Soliman, Jack Lin, Minds of Technologv - Row 11 WOYD9 Kao, FYGHK yan Ray, Phil Masta, Sean Bolton. Row 2: Wayne Kao, Craig Wu, Andy Liao, Wayne Chen, Chen, Yi Hsieh, Paul Chen, Jeannie Chen, President Pe- Sianecipher. Wayne Chen. Donald Thee, Robert Chang, Peter Chun, Chuck Roster, Eric ter Chen, Row 2: Kevin O'Dell. John DeHaven, Del Pe- MTC, Chess 1 9 op, Paul Liang. Brad Jarvis, Chiang Yeh, Del Peterson, Kevin O'DeIi, Kevin Kinsey. terson, Henry Chen, Ben Chung, Jack Huong, Andy Liao. Qrggnizmions Louis Ting, Tsuyoshi Kawahito. ,Q ,aj 5 . Er. 2 if 42 . 5 'x fa it K x X 'Q S, xx Q Eid it 4 'WW4 -, Q 5 'E X f X Fi 1 Q X ax xg Z 5 xt kk X fg f ax g XX 1 X. 3. 2 J 2 s 5 . in M. ix Q Q 3 I V M X 2 M E xi Q MM 1 a , g xx Q W Wi :K ' 2 ,i E1 'Q 2 s i X x X gk? We ii K VX Y 2 K Q HX 'T . A 1 16 -'M ' , , mi LE' ai' 1 ix x K lx J ' E4 Q 1. J 3 x k X 32 - S. 1 x 2 . Xf x 'Q X Top 0f Th Class There was nothing worse than a big ink spot at the bottom ot my pocket. I knew My Owner didn't do it on purpose. He was just too busy trying to keep 30 kids in their seats to notice that he forgot to put the cap back on the pen. My Owner always felt comfortable with me around. I guess it was the clean cut and business-type look that gave him confidence. My Owner taught his students never to be afraid to be themselves, well I follow his advice, and I'm proud to be an oxford shirt. During school I listened to My Owner give the same lecture five times, I have to admit, it got a little monoto- nous after the first four lectures. But it wasn't too bad because My Owner enjoyed the material he was teach- ing, and no two lectures were ever exactly alike. At night though, My Owner was a completely different person. Instead of giving tests and homework to every- one he saw, like he did at school, he entertained himself with a night on the town or some other non-schooI- related activity. lt's funny, when I traveled down the hall with My Own- er, I could hear students comment about him as we passed them. Sometimes I wanted to punch their lights out for what they said about him, but usually what I overheard were comments such as these: "Oh man, that dude is the coolest teacher, you've got to take him next semester," and 'That teacher can explain things so well, you've really got to try it you want to fail his course." But whether the comments were good or bad, My Owner never seemed to hear them, which was odd since I al- ways did, and +was the shirt on his back. Not only My Owner, but all the teachers were truly dedicated to their students' education. With people like them, students couldn't help but become On Top in their studies. o you all have this paper? Mr, Nowa explains how to fill out a Crosse!-Xge sson plan. onsai! Fast Freddy Perltore hams lt up at the annual Forensics dance. ying to lind her keys, Mrs. Layne Staral hopes she doesn't have to walk all e way back to her classroom to find them. nding a helping hand, Mrs, Denece Galloway tries to fix Mrs. Marie Lewis' arring. eIIo! Mrs. Sheryl Parker waves to a passing student. otteebreak! Mr. Ed Burke tries to relax after a particularly long day. r W-ra l qs. 1 M Academics Divider . Lrg Z 791,53 'x:'t-I.: f' 141 Married Lite Have you been curious about why two teachers at AHS have the same last name? Do they know each other? How did they meet? Well, these puzzling questions have finally been answered. Mr. and Mrs. Kinikin have been married for 43 years. They met on a ski trip at Mammoth and their first date was the AHS prom. When they got married, they were not allowed to teach at the same school. However, after many years, the Kinikins finally got permission to teach together at AHS. He teaches math and she teaches English. When asked if working to- gether created problems, Mrs. Kinikin said, "No, we know better. We tried to convince everybody that there wouldn't be any." Teaching at the some school, they don't see each other often except when commuting to school. Working together enables them to have the same circle of friends and allows them to give each other helpful com- ments on their classes and methods of teaching. lt is easy to see that married life and working life mix well for this couple. Steve Adams Albert Albo Michael' Allee Dennis Bartlett Alan Brinn Les Brown Jim Calderhead Harry Conover L John Cramer Gary Cromwell Naney Cullision Dennis Davies Sandra Delahouke Ben Dennison H Jerry Dohling Louis Dodd Jean Driver Beryl Druker Paul Duhon .Lotte Flaks Wayne Fountain Anne Gaydos Tony Sex Karen Giles 42 Faculty Academics ' 1 :I , 1 I A' ' i I 9 1 A f -, -' fgjfgr .5 qv 'F ' - ,M . 255 y, s 14, ' -Q . , Wu- .. new " 4 Q ,W -. 4, Zvi , 2 4 ? A v 2 fl J' X ,Zi 4 lk K A I z' we ' lf, , ,fs W i ,mmf r WN .5E,, 8 X l ' 4: Q ly r-...,, 1 A f r , in r f tif' X2 A , ,IVV K? I fs . if 3 .f TJ rl rv P , A 4 1' e ' ' The .loving couple, Mficnd Mrs. Kinikin shared their spare time to gether, discussing their day. l A - , 91, ' ,",. Y ' -A rf .ft 1 ,:, ' . .. , 4' . mv: -df' Y me r i l' N V . ., Vw A i ,r r 4 f 'lltv , M . 1,1 .- F ' V .l we ' r A ' gm ft ' 'ia '. all jr 1' ' X fi , I 4 A V x X3 , K X g .K ,X , . r . Y Q ...,, I "Lxk , g in It ,E V "tu be cl M fdgbswii qxub j b j H 'N Q u xg I 'i g i vi .4 A " 'f" .1 f' L' 1 Q23 r J - he fir s 1 new Ymflllcfc' K ' 'ANS K 1 Zig! 3: ' :YQ g fx , V :iff "7 - Q53 W' i. if .M 1 ' 'H 'S 'Q ?,,fw'w-A if , fessfry W 1 X ' an XS-f f f 'H 9 K gf 1 A N 5, 51 fi -- - - sf S L lirff I X ' r , j. l 'K ,. L yf " 1. WP 1 ,Q Q, x e L olng over the procedure, eaching Program. 51 A4 x X ' ? lo 5 .fa rs - L mx T w' N. i M. . 6' r A 3 Xb! pi A K, a s Xi .. l 1 .gags ,r Mx j ff, LE, I I ,f fm, 'Vs ,Q 1 3' fs . 7 yr U., L 4 ,fl Q L 2 f A lx- 'M xl f , , l jr bt ,Q WMQ A " -- es. 1 fre r , 5.1 if 3 j L..,, gy, LEM, 'Ar N "' L ,Af fi ' r s s-fcs3 + e1 s . '23 his -' nr f f sw-+L ' i : gi GV ss. if ed Harvey Goddard Mike Gordon Mary Lou Guy Milchell .Hayden Pauline High Kerry King Lynn Kinikin Laurie Lama Tom Landes Laurie Larson Pai Mack Allan Manachuk Phillip Maxwell John Meiers Tom Morgan Ron Morris June Mosely Fred Nahra BGG Nairi JOl'1f'l NOWG Richard Onclerdonk Sheryl Parker Frank Pelraccoro Clara Primozich Mr. Nowa explains how lo wrlle programs for Cross-Age James Bond. A New Kid Mr. Nowo, a new addiiion To the fac- ully, laughi 2Oih Cenlury American Hisio- ry, Cross-Age, and coached Girls Soflball and Baskelpall, He enjoyed working wiih r siudenis bui he knew, "having a sour puss in class" could ruin a class. There is anoiher side To Mr. Nowa be- sides Teaching - his family. Mr. Nowa, married for fifieen years, enjoyed spend- ing Time wiih his newborn son, Jason, and his five year old son, Jeff. He also enjoyed playing sporis, reading books, and of course grading papers. When Mr. Nowa wanled io gel away, he weni to his condo in Lake Arrowhead. Mr, Nowa is handsome, humorous, ad- venlurous, and deloonair - much like ACGdGI'T1lCS Faculty 3143 Jayne Rice Dick surfer T G, S .s 'T' G 7 "STN lvlargariro Sanchez - - A lg 'h Q, ,. V Sanford Silversfein . 1 4 r is 'K'L ' . . fb 1 Doug Smifh "' M .. A ss as ' f A N" ir, Diane Soldwedel yi ' - ' is -J , T fr rx . Q X li ,As 1 .LI , K, 1, 8 -. I 1 ss .ZLJ K .E-Q I A ' 1 " We '11 ,ew ,lk 4 XXDL 3 A, -Y 1. We g. .. E.k 15 , w X .LK 5 sf ' vu Q Doug Speck 'T ' George Sfaplefon NVV, Q Layne Sraral is , Virginia Sfone Priscilla Tedesco -, . , T' Alan Tussy g f fm' 4 ji Q: T if ' , ae h tix Georgerle Tullle Loraine Uronga T K chrisirne Walker T T , by John Ward ' i l f Tennyson Warren ' A 3 M Jake Weller Z5 X 'Ll T N ' 's- 4' V . xg Tsf 2 William Weiss Chuck Wifofsky A I Q qi ' ,cs 1 . ,.si.f'T"Ti 1 A Funny Faces DeparTmenT is Mr. Ed Burke, who Teaches subjecTs such as ConTemporary American GovernmenT and U.S, l-lisfory, as well as being a major force in The DaTa Processing class. Mr. Burke, who has been known To consTanTly roll his eyes and make funny faces in class, feels his sTudenTs benefiT from his classes mainly be- cause of The imporfance of learning abouf our coun- Try and how iT works. Dafa processing is almosT impor- Tanf because To him iT represenfs The age of The fu- Ture. To keep his sTudenTs working, Mr. Burke likes To moTivaTe Them wiTh ThreaTs and Terminarions. lf ThaT doesn'T work, he admiTs ThaT he does Try To be as enThusiasTic abouf his work as possible. In his free Time he enjoys playing Tennis and challenging someone To a game of chess. A favoriTe Teacher of many sTu- denfs, Mr. Ed Burke obviously makes The grade. Faculiy Academics Camera Shy Sally Abood Dave Ackerman Fred Auburn Ed Burke Ted Fisher Charles Freberg John Kinikin Dan Lucero Rollie Maxson CarolfMc Vay .lim O'Brien Gregory Peck . J Trying To amuse his sfudenfs, Mr. Burke T age his srudenfs To keep sfudying. Gerald Penny' Fred Perifore Ray PeTTerson Glenna Rasmussen Sieve Rowe Fred Schwab James Spain Pdf Takeuchi Wiiks Zabel ZGIOS Working out her lesson plan, Barbara Hanna is walched closely by Jason Bearnguard To make sure It's done right. Cross-Age Teaching gove sfudenls The chance To work wilh young children. gf 1 NX . xv, !f"nu'1....r Jilflrg. 7.-I 7 'Claim '. -4 1 '11 ' phers. buylng a pumpkln, Mr. Gregory Peck asks who? The price of The ls, The pumpkin sale was a big success for The Junior Exchange Club, Pausing whlle correcting a lest, Mr. Doug Speck Takes a breath. He spent a lo? of his Time correcting Tests f "Yr f rx N . X in 1 Examlnlng a negcllve, Mr, Lou Dodd ond Paul Oakley Try To frgure our whaT's wrong with il, Having everything clean was imporranr for phofogra Candids Academics lndianchiefs Our principal, Mr. Jerry Barshay, who has been at Arcadia High School for two years, made many additions and im- provements toig Arcadia High School this year. First of all. a new computerimanagement system was developed for the administration building. The main computer was set up in the told Apar:hefEmployment room, and monitors were set up throughout theffpffice. The computer system stored attendance records,studentfrecords, grades, and grade point averagesgitfyvqsrsetiup to improve the information of parentsyondjstudentsggsqtgouts howlstudents were doing in .,5Ch0QL" L' ' -Q .ii fifgk ..."'1,.- V , A - i r wTh9'9?We7Q tiir FQEQVIYQS Q9i5:MFi:B0f5flGYhoped,T0 GCCOVTP so piishg g students' expectationsf' oflipeitorrriiriglfgiiieil He hoped to continueyto raise the sightsisofjrcddialststudents. Withthe helpiof Mr. Barshaygf Hlglfigvvilliicontinue to pursue excellenceq Principal Mr, Barshay starts a new day with a clean desk and high expectations, E E E r Principal Academics Student Representative to the Board Candy Maloney attended all Board of Educcj meetings with members William H. Spuck, James A. Bryant, Robert E. Kladifko, Slephe Goldstone, superintendent: G. Michael Allison, and Mary E. Dougherty. Principal 1 A odemics n-ww, 7f-- .f f-ff 1 rf -u. 1- zm . x.f, rm-12: ,,-.- msg,:2:-:ff:::.:w.L1:z,-HN -fA, .N iw fr, . ,zf ,f 1 5, - f .,.:1, ,,-. am. af -- iw, im- ,A..,w -V :r - - , E Q , i 2 s 2 E E i 5 i X 3 i Q Q 1 5 2 4 3 Q f Q i 5 3 K Q 1 f E i 5 i 1 5 if 1 1 9 e i 3 4 6 2 2 E Q 2 5 e E Q 3 3 2 Q S 5 f E K s lv W-.gfvffravswzkslsfyf f:wwm':swfa.-mul--wwvqzh-rzzieizgzsgmsniiisamm mfvzxw:-ww.,f::r.e:fm,11QnfQ:fr .ew 'ww vffwtwawi'EWiimifkiffivfgseufi51:S-1zSQ6L2K?2fSf3iKw128rrww'1::9A5i4?Ls':'yzi5wQfferw1ran:Afsrfswczzffpwisemxww:z+:pfg,sf,m:.5,, ws, ww we "" aw- 152-1r::a2w'ms :wing 'wwffffmw'swwe':azmfamfe2mmq,sr:ss.s:4QQvf2w5 Aides V . Q Youl gave monoy to tho school everyday. The l money public schoolsreceived from the state. was . g 1 dependant an thenumber of students who attend- l f seed' class. Everytime. someone ditched class, the school lost a couple of dollars. ln order tobefsure the school receivedias much money as it was enti- tled to, the attendance office kept detailed re- cords of absences. l s gg ' i l Because ofthe number of forged readmits,stu- i dent wasps were no longer allowed to write them and . the secretaries took on the task. The office changed from being open all day to only being g Open. certain times because the secretaries need+ y . ed time to do their other work. Telling why she liked l l the newrsystem, Mrs. Barbara Whiteside said. "l feel it is good because the students don't get pressured from stheir friends and with the window .hours is changed, it still gave us time to do our work." The office. aides thought it was good because, "we . l don'thave the peer pressure of giving out readmits without the proper verificationff saidKimberly Sax- elbv. l . l i l ' i is The people behlnd the principals: Mrs McPherson Secretary to Mr W Mrs. Hiatt, Secretary to Mr. Powell: and Mrs Voss Secretary to Mr Pay ww .. 1 Lost o student? No problem. Mrs. Denece Galloway. Mrs. Barbara Whiteside, Mrs. Marie Lewis, and Mrs. Mau- reen Theiss in the attendance office could find out in seconds where any student was scheduled to be. Vislors were welcomed with c smile from Mrs. Nancy Rothbauer, Secretary to Mr. Barshay. Aides Academics Civ' W 5 . S We 1 gicg l 'PTY' Pai Kay, recepfianisl, helped sfudenis and faculiy in main office, especially wifn the monsier xerox ma- Wlfh a smlle, Mrs. Jean Joiner, assisfed sfudenfs and facully all day in the Siu- denl Store. Mrs. Lenora Richardson, in charge of Textbooks, provided sfudenfs wiih Textbooks, reading books. and even i Cliff Nofes. 1 I . fy 2 "lynx 6' Mrs, Sue Miller, in charge of The records, kepi years of facis on fill and could easily locale any information asked for. Aides 1 5 1 Academics RiTa Franz, speech Theraplsl, helped Those sTudenTs wllh speech drffrculhes ln charge of lBlVl. Mrs. Louise Balabankeeps Track of The records, ' ,f-wr If "5-...A BeTTy Yamaguchi, ln charge of Apache Employment W , , helped smdems find jobs, s ! 9 The cusTodlans slayed busy keeping The school clean and pre- paring for school funcTions, FronT Row: Mr, Van Banks, Mr. Sal A Moreno, Mr, Mike MonTisanTi. Back Row: Mr, Terry Dodd. Mr. Jesse Lugo CNighT Head Cusrodianj, Mr. Gary Carnes fSenlor Head Cusiodianp, Mr. Gilben' Beruman. NoT picTured: Cheryl Coclding- Ton, Russel Laloncle, Hash Carreon, and William Thomas. The campus securiTy paTrolled The campus To keep The sTudenTs ln Their place and safe. They were: Lou Rozier, Ms. Pai Zuvala, Mr. Ernie Ross. Michelle Yang, and Mr. Sherm Walgren, 1 Special Guidance Academics ,l TRY AKFAST Lillian Di Salvo, Mrs. Mildred Mosher. Mrs. CaTherine Ray, Mrs. Kava everyday. sysTem which gave sTudenTs exTra help wiTh Their sTudies, CafeTeria sTafT - Mrs. Armella Walgren CManagerj. Front Row: Mrs: Emma Key, Mrs, Nadine Libfrechi, Ms. Olivia Reyes, Ms. Blanche Thompson, Mrs. KimeTryijerich. and Mrs. Emma BronTe. Bock Row: Mr. Manuel Garcia, Mrs. Tracy STerla, Ms, Marie CaserITa, Mrs. Rose DahlsTrom, Mrs. Diane Wendt Mrs, Dellna Dale, Ms. Frances Jehnings, Mrs. Helga Key, Ms. Carol Robinson Mrs. Vera Novelli. Ms. KiT Osebuld, and Mrs. Joanne Gallina. WiThouT This staff, sTudenTs and faculTy would have been forced To brown bag iT ROP and Career Guidance: Mrs. Sharon Coleman, Mrs. Jean Mcilyar. Mrs. Teri Weeks, Mrs. Elaine Saddoris, and Mrs. Cynthia Koger Qnoi picTuredj. They helped sTudenTs obTain jobs in The field They were inTeresTed. Mrs. Tina Malchow, Mrs. Lana Grafius, Mrs. Bunny Poker, Mrs. Carol Tesner, and Mrs. Sharon Erikson. fnoT piciuredj were pari of The special educaTion 'Y XJ -T jg "s , 1 ,..-Q..-'fi,gm Joan Caringella, The nurse, was The one To Turn To for P.E. home excuses when you were sick. Librariansl Mrs. Mary Cooper, Mrs. PaTT Richards, and Mrs. aThy Coffman helped sTudenTs find whaT They needed. Busy Bodies To whom do you Turn if you are inTeresTed in planning your future? The Career Guidance Cenier, ROP, and Apache Employmem' were ready and eager To help sTudenTs find good jobs. ROP and The Career Guidance CenTer helped prepare sTudenTs in an environmeni similar To where They wished To work and also earn crediTs Toward graduaTion. Where's your ID card? Aren'T you supposed To be in class? These were a few of The famous sayings from The campus securiTy guards. Their job was To patrol The campus. To keep The sTudenTs in Their classes, To check all on-coming and off-going passes, and To prevenT smoking and loiTering. They were an asseT To AHS and were liked by boTh The faculTy and sTudenTs. They could be found anywhere on campus, so if you are o Trouble seeker, be on The look-ouT for campus securiTy. Special Guidance Academics 153 To The Teenagers were taced with stricter requirements for graduation and col- lege entrance. In order to fulfill the higher. xexpectations. many students focused their schedules around math and science courses but still found time to take courses providing practical ex- perience. Some of these programs in- cluded: ROP, Cross-Age Teaching, Apache News, Apache Pow Wow. and Exploring Foods. These classes were popular because they gave a "break from the books" and provided practical informafionthey would need in the future. A T Being paid to go to school had its advantages. R.O.P,, the Regional Oc- cupational Program gave studentsthe T opportunity to work and to get school credit for doing it. Students acquired knowledge and skills which helped them to adapt to the the job world. "l iike R.O.P. because it let me know more about the field l'm interested in," said Erin Gannon. Though R.O.P. took extra time. most student felt if was worth it. A i Tlrediot always being the stu- dent? Try being a teacher! Started by Mrs. Voznick, Cross Age Teach- ing wastaught to students interest- ed ln children and provided training for a possible occupation. By teach- ing physical education at the ele- . mentary schools, students learned about children's behavioral patterns and haw to .cope with them. Thom- as Greep said he "felt important be- cause of the attention i received from my kids which I loved." Washing the dishes, Mrs. Laurie Larson watches the students, G-5 was the source of appetizing aromas. ALLEY OOPI The parachute goes up by the command of Mr. Brad. The anxious kids were ready to run under the parachute with Brad Gillette. Classes Academics Future Mouth-watering aromas often filled "G" hall. The Exploring Foods class was responsible for many stu- - dents' hunger pains when they passed the room. Taught by Mrs. Laurie Larson, students learned the fundamentals of preparing .food . and the importance of nutrition, "The class was fun but there were a lot of quizzes so you couldn't expect to cook everyday," saidkaren Ro- back. Meanwhile, BON APPETITE! . EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! The Pow Wow. published every 2 A weeks, was directed by Mr. Jim O'Brien. The staff collected the la- test Apache information and distrib- B uted the paper during oth period. The paper ,consisted of game scores, spotlights on special stu- dents, upcoming events, and cre- ative articles. "The Pow Wow was on exciting way to meet new peo- ple and it gave us a chance to be creative," said Colleen Moran, a senior reporter. Fritz and Dr.i George watch out! The Apache News was televised on Tuesdays and Thursdays and relat- ed factsrabout recent events and other important news, The students participating in the Apache News received experience and self-confi- dence. Peter Elia said the class was, "interesting, especially the techni- cal part because it's what l hope to do in the future. if l could. l'd take it every period," Putting on the llnlshlng touches, Susan Fer- dinando adds another column to the paper. The Apache Pow Wow provided information about what was going on in the school. . ,X .- riff if t . f Str Q ss ll -.. ew.. P if -we.. i v l ff ',. KP' P5 X gr . ff lloroadlng their work, James Italia, Kim Sneider, and Brett Betzler, laugh about their stories. The Agache Pow Wow allowed friendships to develop. -Ng. gf f,,, ,4- Telllng a funny joke, Shannon Holbrook keeps the attention of her students. Cross-Age Teaching was good experience in handling children as well as being fun. 5 MMW0W",,,,.- ,swf- ..J A J' 'Sn 52,5 Adjusting the sound, Charles Deal makes the appropriate changes The Apache News gave students the opportunity to work behind a CGFTWGTG. Classes Academics Ap Classes Academics 5291 Dost puintbs? osks Mr. Brown To Julian Lin. Mr., Brown tried not to speck much English thot the sfudenls' ecufs would become accustomed To The' sound of Spanish. Naiting for a student to find his homework, Mr. Steve Rowe watches suspectantly, msg , Helping a student with his schedule, Mrs. Driver suggests an English class. i . ' There were many advanced placement courses offered to gift- ed students. The stu- dents' extra efforts and accomplishments were shown by an extra grade point averaged into their G.P.A. The AP Teachers pre- pared students for col- lege. They expected and received hard- working students striv- ing for a good educa- tion. Since so many stu- The Gifted dents enroiled in the advanced placement program, more classes were needed to ac- commodate them all, At the end of the year, each student took an advanced placement test. If he did well on this exam by earning a Vi" or a he could receive col- lege credit and skip a year of that subject in college. Ap Classes Academics Apache Recipe 7 Silly sophomores 8 Jolly juniors 9 Stud seniors 'I c. V.W. bugs 45 prs. White boots 'l tsp, Rugby shirts 4 gal. Bleached blonds 20 Awesome athletes 5 Cuddling couples 42 Poster hunks 'l lb. Base faces 1000 Perky partiers 'IO boxes Apache pride 1 dash Chirping cheerleaders 2 grains grains Silver studs First. mix sophomores, juniors, and seniors until creamy. Then blend in V.W. bugs, boots, and shirts. ln a separate bowl add: blondes, athletes, couples, poster hunks, and partiers. Stir into original ingre- dients until completely mixed. Sift pride, cheerleaders, and base faces together then add to the mixture. Bake at 350 until it forms an Sprinkle with silver studs and serve. Doing lost nlght's homework, Christopher Beanes hurries to finish it. Snack was the last chance to get it done. 2 3 3 Going over o play, Whitney Jones and ss - Ana Munoz memorize their lines. Drama class was fun and challenging because they performed many exciting plays. Trying to find a book, Derrick Pedronti searches through his never ending mess. After bringing the wrong book to class. some students resolved to keep their lockers cleaner. Happenings Academics A hug a day keeps the grumples away. Good coachfstudent relationships were vital to team success. Kirsten Henderson and Coach Paul Duhart watch as an Arcadia tennis team member de feats her opponent. Relaxing wllh a science book, Natasios Darlas studies for an up coming test. Many students found craming helpful 3 fi, ,955 .-flk'-V --szsgz. ,A ,:,yf'u-ers a. ,il . TY is , , f wwe .fx X 1,9 Msgs y A Mg. if f. ' : by . , L. ,- 5 ,, 5 A . ' Q,-yj W .is ,-. -. i-fvg., . ,5 ., 'ii' . s I-fix rg' M ,-, , .J fi' ave X r -.K x - ,R 5 . gf x frffyi , W 5 L, i Qi . ,Q it Enjoying a lrlendly conversation, Stephanie In- body and Eric Seastedt catch up on the day's events. Free class time was usually spent social- izing with friends. with a special Interest In Apache sports, Mr. Barshay and Mr. White attended ev- ery football game and encouraged oth- ers to come and support our team. Happenings Academics Teachers Afier a hard school day, Teachers looked forward To Their Time off. Be lieve iT ornoT, our Teachers led sepa raTe and inTeresTing lives aside from grading papers. Teachers enjoyed leT Ting loose on Their Time off almosT as much as we did! Some of The more enThusiasTic focal Ty members enjoyed spending Their spare Time ouTdoors. AcTiviTies which were popular were bike riding, skiing, jogging, spending Time wiTh Their kids, going To The beach, and Traveling. Still oThers enjoyed The relaxaiion of read- ing, sleeping, grading papers, and TesTs OCTIVT and as five years square dance geT TogeTher in side Mr Wheiler also likes To fish every chance he gefs Mr Peck is also a man of many ac Tivilies. He enjoys skiing dancing cy- cling, Tennis, vollyball, going To The beach, and mosT of all spending Time wiTh his fiance. Mr. Peck is also sTill ac- Tive in his college fraTerniTy. Mr. Peck and his fiance are siill acrive in college fraTerniTy and sororliy. S Gefioui of my way! Mr. Cramer departs for his exciiing weekend. Teachers Time Off Academics ,, W ..,,,, , 7 , "P-ff,-3 ,f F3593 fm pf JL Wifh Q w , , , 2 The very athletic Ceoeiilickermcn prefers to ride his bike To keep-in shape. ' ' E r . M ,. , ,-J, ff. ,ff , jusi like he did fiffeen yedrs GQO1, fi . iiln Top Ten Academics Favorites ' Top 10 Teachers Afier polling many siudenis aboui Their favorife Teacher, we were able To narrow down The marry choices 'ro a Top Ten. Congraiula- Tions To The following Teachers 43 Mrs. Giles 23 Dr. Ohderaonk 33 Mr. Peck A3 Mr. Warren 53 Mrs High 63 Mrs Abooa 73 Mrs Tedesco 83 Mr Nahra 93 Mr Nowa 'IO3 Miss Nairn M M .. .,z':,.., 1, 3 A ..,a,,A,-M' .Q A, ,E t rrr rer o r o r X -au' ,awww 3 r 9 0 o L. Finding time In his physics class to help a siudeni, Mr. Cramer assists Laura Jenkins with her lab workv While cleaning test tubes, Mr. Jones is astonished to learn that every- one has finished his homework. Helping students with their assignments, Mr. Burke seems to find everyday a P1 , ., 523' , My , take notes as Mr. Wiiks explains Wherever he goes, Mr. Nowa atways seems to attract an admirer. Toprc of the day. Top Ten Academics 373.1 Hb- WHWV 4 HEADING T0 THE TCP "You like who? What does she look like, wait, we can look her up in the yearbook." I heard These words spoken by My Owner with his friends so many times I could Tell you what happens next. Right after My Owner came to the brilliant conclusion of looking up The mystery girl in The yearbook, he made a mad dash for it before his friend could reach iT. My Owner knew right where to find her picture too, in The People section, where everyone's "mug" shot appeared. My Owner referred to The People section all The Time to match new friends' faces with names. My Owner and l are very close. I Think l'm his favorite. l was always The one he picked when he wanted to im- press someone. yet didn'T want to overdress. Yes, as a Generra sweatshirt, l couldn't help but function as a symbol of "togetherness." My Owner, with a little help from his fashion coordinator - me, felt confident knowing he was in style and that he could relax and let his personality shine through. With confidence and pride, My Owner could live his life 'iOn Top." Larry, Moe, and Curly breeze Through another astro-physic class. Dell Peter- son, Bradley Jarvis, and Douglas Davies are actually relaxing before the bell rings. Hoping that her pictures will turn out all right, Danielle Deyarmond takes a break during photography class. lt's Joe Cool himself! Don Ballarini Takes his Time getting to class. Nap time! Christine Becker relaxes during lunch. There are some things one will never outgrow. Fit as a fiddle, Ryan Ware gets a clean bill of health at the school-organized physical. Surprised to see an old friend, Laura Bloomfield shrieks with delight. Pulling with all his might, Nastasios Darlas tries to win the tug-of-war compe- tition for the seniors. .ov If li or .i. -fs V--vu oi. fe-s. -.. 4 " ,Ju 1 ,mr-" ... vi" -"' J .le . ."7' "'- J. . ,Ziff .f Mk .,.., Q . . P' ..f4.f!Zfw .. , in . if v.. f.- -i ' .Yi . 4...- K ' f' YH , A U, .,,. 'WSJ-.', 5632-' l. V People 1 65 Divider Sophomores Sioriing high school meonT o loT of new experiences. A new school ofien presenied prob- lems such os finding closses ond moking friends. From be- ing QT The Top in junior high ond Then dropping To The boTTom of high school, one musT re- member wos quiie o chonge ond mony ofien needed on "ego odjusTmenT." Along wiTh new decisions ond ideos come new inTeresTs, The sophomore closs soon be- come involved in ocTiviTies ond clubs. Alihough foced wiTh The reoliiy of 0 fi'1Gfd schedule, mosi sTudenTs found The Time To join clubs, geT in- volved in sTudenT governmeni ond cheer for Arcodio oi mony differenT sporTs evenis. Though school could be d drcig, siudenis olwoys had weekends To look forword To. Krisiine Lechler demonsiroies her limbo skills as Justin Smilh woiis for his Turn. Coughi snoring The lolesi gossip is Lourci Sismondo ond Heidi Bezold. Searching desperately To find her books, Krislen Beck wishes her locker was organized. lim, is ,Sil- Yi 3555 iifiii' il 5' nl X! . ,is pq if gli' ' gi ll ijzggigg S2255 4 ii 1 P l si 4 , iii MWWW l , V nf, W fl -H'-if N "tw- ,V Waiching an intense football play are sophomore cheerleaders Karen Roback, Lisa Seliman, and Karen Stark. Sophomores Underclass Scott Abboud Amy Adkins Jung Ahn James Aiwasian-Jr. Shawn Alahuzos Guy Alexander Christopher Aikadis Michelle Altamirano Genevieve Aranda 1 ' Vicki Asher Peter Ashjian WW Tammy Askins f t'f- Dalia Atalia Q Robert Atkinson 'WV' E g g fi r . . , , aw S. E, . S r ggi if E M.. W. vp-' -4 if if . ff i 'lb' 936417 C. Lita Aubry ' - f' ' Robert Avels ' ' Q Chantil Ayres 'Qi M . Q7 Jennifer Backhaus 5335 ' . T ' is David Backus A i A SW Steve Balt wg' Q Curt Bannister . 'fix , . I "" .. . 2 f it Tracey Barba . A A 4 4' ' Jennifer Barnes A A A V, . KifS'fef1B0ff0WS is A A V. 2952- ., T T. T wie Bars 4 Dole Bartley I . , l y H . Mattew Basura M tl ' I is 7 Q , Keith BOTGS V Q., 3 x ,J,d"v- I r' 1 ' A Super Sophomore Lara Sumner was chosen to be a representative to the Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation Leadership Training Program for 4987. Each year California schools are in- vited to send two students to the HOBY Seminar. Actor Hugh O'Brien formed the foundation in an effort to teach young students about busi- ness, government and leadership skills. At the completion of the three- day seminar finalists were chosen to compete in the Nationals in Denver. Lara Sumner was involved in sever- al leadership positions: her work with Pre-Reach Arcadia, Sophomore Class Treasurer, the Speech Team, and Chairman for a drug assembly on campus. "l'm looking forward to re- presenting the Sophomore Class at the HOBY Seminar in June!" said Lara. This year's HOBY recipient, Lara Sumner, accomplished a lot. She felt that she learned a lot from this experience. 1 Sophomore People .kr UQ 2 K 3 Q K Q3 3' nf gl., f f -H ' f 4 - Q i ' A 114, 33? iiiii igge' f'gfe . tfig .gf 1 f- T' C S .J ii fig . t , v . .A ,, ,',: 1 ' X dy J r i' 1 1, ...,Q J .,, or 4 l l X r ' . J, B4 f 49 x :Im xixgi Y x R X ? 3 i f ,i i 45 1 it S2 weQ" fihff vie' sr r X N . . -. Q gf 3 I l C51 A 4 I, f I , i"zr.2'y S S Y - . Y fi , K if K ' 'yi ' X W ,Q 'A ,l?. , s X 1 r l Q , , y J 5 In ' K - :1 ' r- QE. r ' s. N , 5 if? 4: S f" Q W- f ' A K ,-. -i - s 2 Q-A Q A f ,f Q CQ Q Z' g . Q rf'-JN wi , Ss K Q ,-fQ ?'? A sb X Q -ii rw, N: .C 'Y is ... in 12.5 Stray K X 1 gk, r . K, sq ,.,W W, iii it ff bg, QRS., i i fs I A fiswge r fr inf " ' .fi 8 ' Q' ifrisfsifn : . W. A i . B A QTWN J L - . F 5 I 5.:W.g6 .. -iii Q fr Bin- av1H?sfmEEl . 2 1'8" . if X I -g-- J .,k. r a if BS? Q eil 1. ' ' W.. 1 9121 " 4 Emerald Batin Dan Bauer Scott Bayless Kirsten Beck Scott Behrends Michelle Belleci Anthony Beltran Edward Benioff David Berg Micheal Berney Erana Bevel Heidi Bezold Cynthia Billings Daniel Bisuano Stephen Bisuano Jon Blacklock Sean Bolton James Bonnell Anthony Bontempo Michelle Bosman Karren Boucher Maret Bower Valleri Brandes Kelly Bray David Breese Julie Breitbarth Del Brooks, Ill Noah Brown Micheal Bruni Harold Bryant Holly Bryant Susan Bryant Barbara Brynes Irene Budianto Lisa Bulick Daniel Bunce Leif Bunting Liane Burgett James Butler Joy Butterfield Alferino Caceres Jr. Curtis Cady Peter Canepa James Capps Kevin Card Renee Carlson Stephen Carona Kristine Carr Julie Carrasco Jeremiah Carroll Christine Carrouche Andree Case Julie Cashion Alejandro Castro Nicholas Cazier Robert Chai Sophomore People 16 70 lndro Chakrabarii San May Chan Chih-Yung Chang Jae Chang James Chang Jeffery Chang Michael Chang Sean Chang Sieve Chang Yoon Chang Yu-Shen Chang Spencer Chao Peler Chapouris IV Shawn Charlion Amy Chen Chien Chen Esler Chen Frank Chen Henry Chen Hsiao-Yu Chen Jack Chen Jennifer Chen Jenny Chen John Chen Milah Chen Palfy Chen Paul Chen Shou-Hui Chen Stephanie Chen Sylvia Chen Teresa Chen Willy Chen Tien Cheng Wendy Cheng Lily Chiang Marianna Chiechi Johnny Chou Charlie Chu Jeffery Chuang Ben Chung Cindy Chung Raymond Chung Sam Chung Federico Ciolfi Brian Clark Keifh Clemenls Anfhony Colacifo David Colemand Jeffrey Coleman Jennifer Conway Melissa Cook Susan Coombes Sfacy Cooper Daniel Couririghi Callie Croseilo Chrisry Crossley Sophomores People mf 4, , ii' 'Lt' 2. KQV, . J, ii' " -V V3 1 ,V if 4 J , V rr , if VV - A 5 . - .1-,Q V VV fix!! JV ,l.. V :Al V V 3 , 51 X wwf, se: err, , 'r m , f if M, A, wf7,: i , ,H , V I I V W , Ivyl ri V , V " 14537 ,, n f .,,' W ' fs, ,Ag ,N ' ' Vt? f . my 7 3 may I , , if i , A - Q . J J 'wi ?u45g5 pkg ' , 2 'fe A' 5 ' ' 'QP .K w, ff i , ,rx fl Hi fi 1311, ,, f ' 7' ,,, :v is V Q V V v ? , - ,L I l V VV V V V, V, mg 'QV X ,, ' if rlr' 1 -i , J ,J J if C i VV QV ' lien ,, , fr 'V ,. .V 'izl Q VMV V V V U V'j3 ,V.'l V , , VV I V , JV , v V V VV , ,V,.V Az V - - ag, ii V ,A A f' K 6 ' i f L f as , i J ' " J, 'fi I rrr -i f if V' i M QI V ' V, . ,ii A V jf V ft ,,,vV sr .. . x "'- V, J all i J Z AA ,Z f 2 1 J Q J ,,,, A, ' H , I f Vi,VV, I- MV A ffl A H .gil V Vg ig 1 Q . . ,, ,, 35 Z 44,5 .- : fQf " , C V . L V ,,VV 'ff Y A , A V , V"f H' 5' .,., A . We 1 x K f 'N 'xg-. frr, f 5 V. gr. 5 -x , -f y, , a n .",w7..w s avi.- lu, T ,YWMM -m--- NL 45 sz 5 TQ! A JAY' , .qv .f W 6 ' ,- V' T l nf, ' 4. K my 1 3, ,L ! sf! N. is Q 5 W 6 f , V5 , W, , ' Wiggle . Q15 Lili 2 . A I X' 7 V ,"' all ' if 79 l 1 , Ai A T AAA l f My .wi - r fri 5? Bicycling The alarm wenT off ThaT morn- ing aT 4:30 a.m. Pulling myself ouT of my nice warm waTerbed To siT on The hard seaT of my racing bike seemed foolish. We seTTled down for some seri- ous riding wiTh a firm goal of con- quering The Time of our lasT ride. When commeniing abouT The Thrill of cycling Jason Werbelow said, i'NoThing else seemed To maTTer." For some, cycling was simply a hobby while for oThers iT was a serious sporT. EnThused cyclisTs could compeTe in races all over The world such as The "Hell of The WesT" in Arizona or The Tour de France in Europe. Some aThleTes ' J 'bl , f' Sv U- 2 I ,Wx wah yvkgf ' A 'fs uf' if' T!! ,, i , 551 . if 4 H! ,. xr enjoyed cycling as a parT of a Tri- GThC1lOr1 COITWDGHTOD. Merrif Bauer nof only enjoyed cycling, buf used This as Transporfafion. Bike riding was a popular acTiviTy among sTudenTs. ., f-y v.. Tj" W1 1" 1 ., ,g g , T Y ' X , , my , MA' Ll W fi .1 ,naar .Qi A ff ills 'fam' T 5 .V L 1 x f T My iz, 64 T My 2 -ry' ' A e 'E' f A --, ,. '43 l' 4 s X f 1 i 53 James Cummings Clifford Curley Geralyn Curfis Jeff Cusino Niccole CuTler Michael D'agaTa Sonia D'aquino Jack Dandridge Erin Davidson Gannon Davis Michele Davis Li2eTTe Dehmer Ailene Del Rosario Roben DemonTigny ChrisTina Denson Thomas Deus Anne Dickey DusTin Dinsmore Sonja Djokich NaThaIie Doumen Joseph Drew Jr. Florence Dumapias Brandon Dunaway lv1aTThew Duncan Jennifer Dynice Maria EacalanTe Robin Edwards Shawna Egger Sophomore People 171 172 Dana Elliott Inga Erlich Kathleen Erskine Mark Escoto Jeny Eshaghian Jonathan Espenschied Michele Evans Steven Evans Katherine Evleth Michael Fabbri John Fanous Lorie Farina Shannon Farley Greg Fasching Janice Fata Garritt Fauria Lisa Fengel Jill Ferguson Traci Flach Michael Fleming Alex Fok Jeffrey Folsom Linda Fong Brian Forden Michelle Fournier Michael Fox Mark Frankini Robyn Fraser Carrie Froistad Timothy Frydenolall Michael Fuglie Ronala Fuller Tomasina Furnari Domenich Gallo Peter Gamboa Renee Garcia Richard Garcia Elizabeth Garlough Rebecca Garner Kelly Garstang Mate Gaspar Rita Gatto Patrick Gehlen Diana Giakas Stephen Goates Tracy Gollihugh Julian Gonzalez Lisa Gonzalez Stephanie Gould Amy Granay Andrea Grantham Berta Grigorian Elizabeth Grillo Damon Groves Lorena Gueman Todd Guerrette Sophomore People if L il at ,.. 5? ,.I,,L 3 Q if .L N , x gp ff p . i f -'A -. i , ' -. s 2 vu. ' , . -I. .L gg, K ge . . ,gf ., 1 f . E .W Ll is L 'r s x A' vig, L S? se is rx l ' .R-Q15-. Q TSR . 1 - .gif QQ gig," all , X el gm tg .. v A! '- 1 ' 'Em up x I' R any , .,ss L, ' -Qfiiiif i Qggki it Q QE L . l ,ss P - ,T fl Yi? - L is ills J g'fT:.m. Q . - Ja.. . . fl, , , Q 3: ! V N 'J ' sz x-gf X ' 'X 7 mil.:-T - '1 J. , "r -if is fx A ' ,z z - T. T . gi N X 95- . Y Q c E y f A xx . A J 1 T T r , I ,Q ' Y A-"tim . ,. z " , Q Q T i." 1 r- is r N -1 '. 'wigs A-Q ' J L L J - ' , 2 . 4' A . 'Q ' " SP:-Q .Q i s A-is-at 4- 5. V. K 4 ,, .5 -A "vii 3 y i- l 'mx 255' W :ii ,sw as T 1- ?qli 5 s an X 3, .. , V, 3h.f"i'1Q3r5, f X I Q.-Q2 .W N:'iEQ1?.-'.fr-. . 4 'Q I NE 5, W . 1 A is ' am- 1 '1 3 J .Ag 1 L if , g uni z rn X215 . . . CT? I- 3 A sf' 'F . 12 sf, Q ka. fbi, S- 1 '. J 1 X ,i - tk 1. 3 . Q' , 5 se.. ffug I . J Y ' J fr X Q .Q .E A ' ' R, W 1 J 3 ' R A N35 4 sl L fsssf gm Q 'S-an .P M Eg is K ,-, gs - Hk I: :.L,,H XA I KKYVL mf: 5 V - 5 i' . 1 ' ,l K tsit is , ff w R yy y Ar .jf ,L i n , xr 'Ai' L ry r tk-L .L rs,rrr L, LQ I Flzfhunaezai-'via 5 . 2 f 1 F 'sg -if A-'F' Tlx? my X ' 1 X fs L f,,i A ir? 4 X. ' .r X as run 32- J , ek TGV gift 8, 7 XS.. ,P I 3 J W, is lg. .c 'nn 1 N5 ii: gm J. .?3' ' .ga s s Lucia Haak Todd Haeberlein Gary Hagen G-ranT Hahn Alicia Hall Andrea Hallinan Maria Halsiead J T- , Cynfhia Hamilion M x Trevor Hammonds Teresa Hanna Jason Hardesfy Susan Harmon ,xi 'si Twgl T ii h f Ibrahim Hawa fm fs- , 11 if iii: s , , T ' Donald Hawkins Jr is Nina Hebrock - Shelly Heidenberg ' Jennifer Henkels 5 John Henriks L ' Sharon Hergef . ,,V. 5 , T2oberT Hessman . , , ff y Aimee Hill A Eric Hillenbrand 'Q f Y- Angela Hillis g . . Trisha HilTon T T , ' N Julianne Hodson 'lf Jeffrey Holmes . J William Homan X f i is is X , gf, Never-ending Excuses WhaT are excuses? The World Book Dicfionary defines Them as "a way To Try To remove blame of." They could also be described as an easy way To geT ouT of a mess. The TruTh of The maTTer was ThaT everyone used Them and everyone abused Them. The mosT Tradifional school excuses had To do wiTh Tardies and home- work. STudenTs acTed as if They were simply innocenT or ignoranT of Their crimes. The TradiTion dragged on wiTh excuses like, "The dog aTe my homework," "My mofher Threw iT away," "I suddenly came down wiTh a virus lasT nighT," or The old sfandby, "I forgoT." Calling home To mom To see if his home- work was There, Mike Roberls waifs hope- fully. The feeling of empfiness was felT by many when The Teacher checked for homework and iT was missing. Sophomore People Jeanelfe HarringTon 4 Sophomore Sweet Sixteen Who has the right of way? Al- tho h ' ug some would have inked to, it was difficult to forget the first time behind the wheel of a car. Many 45 year-olds figured driving would be no sweat since they were good with bumper cars and video games. After the initial shock of what car was like many driving a real , adjusted well with only a few neck-breaking stops. Once sophomores learned how to drive, the next thing to do was to get a license. The thought of returning to the DMV for a license could send chills up the spines of some of the squeamler sopho- mores. With a license, all that was left was sweet-talking parents into a car! Jeff Folsen laughs at his most important test grade in Mr. Witfkofsky's Drivers' Edu- cation class. Cynthia Honeywell Jason Hong William Hong Mn '- -'faq' L., W A l 5 in V ' nf- 'iw 2 1 if Tracy Hood if -, f ' f , 3 54 Gregory Hoon 5' Q' V, - Stacy Hopkins A at - Jason Hsieh 'W J 5 y 4 x Tom Hsiung 1 Brian Hsu Q J j Christine Hsu ' , J W is Mike Hsu . 'J 22 W J ' Gigi Hua K . Alice Huang V ' L ' 3 Christina Huang -- 1 wt X . , I n David Huang " -A A 5 Jack Huang '- M 'K V , ' Jane HuC1f'lQ , 1 " ' ' -f ' , r ,V . Kathleen Huffman I, ' Q Q , lVlu-jen Hung ' ' 4-Zvnjix 53' f 1 'vy- Sean Hutcheson ""-'-Q2 wwf' WV ' ' WL ' Jeremy Hutchings g ,I ' ' ' W A .. get X P J' L J ta ml f ' z 1 rl -s 5 E W, , as Rebecca Hwa . lvlariam Ibrahim I 1 ' Florvann Jackson " l, g Ml' f Gregg Jackson x' f I , Robyn Jackson 5. ' N-r 2 A Daniel Jacobson ' ' ,A Peter Jan t 7 People . l 215 44 '-lr 2, J an X N J ' r ' ' 5 ,, f. fr 1.4, fr- -1 . r :t , . ' -' f ., W, 3 if , is J ,, "fm 'E L 1 -' v fr. A i LL 'i f J , at 5' f' H "l ,l wt., I 4 V: ' x 'ci ,LV v ,555 , . . I K if if 1 ,., N B ff , l?f'f .B f "gf ' is T. 5 . ' fm... ,Y f. 5 . 41 ' W f f 2 5 J J?-fig ii Rn Wg? 5 6 i Q95 ' 'e' 449 ,. M 5 Q' jx Bi , W, M K, W no ,M , are is A 44' '- v sim ,, Mig MW. yi 2 'W 5 5. Ai, n. it If l f 5 ' Q RQ ,,, . , f AJ! wiv: ' B nj G i 1 A' J fs' A Jig J, 5, , l Rf 1 Micheal Janesin Bradley Jefts Jennifer Jen Tracie Jensen Ania Jeuck Stacie Jewell Christina Jimenez Becky John Abigail Johnson Scott Johnson Christopher Johnson Marty Jones Nathan Jones Robert Jordan Aaron Jun Jerry Jurado Sohye Kang Micheal Karpal Tamer Kattan Amy Kauffman Hiroshi Kawahito Hisashi Kawamura Rudy Kehoe Joanne Kellam Bryan Kelley David Kelley lan Kelley Erin Kelly William Keskinen Stephanie Kier David Kim Eun Kim Mi Kim Mihwa Kim Scarlet Kim Shin Kim Taenl Kim Susan Kim Yung Kim Craig Kinder Kevin Kinsey Vikki Kirin Kevin Kiyomura Brian Klodifko Robert Klicsu Lisa Knebel Karen Kom Bayley Korell Natalie Krips Jill Kronauist Kimberlee Krueger J. Edward Kuc Stanley Kuhns Roy Kun Masami Kurimoto Bobby Kwon Sophomore 1 7 People 176 Brandon La Verne KGYGD LODGDSOT A Alice Lai A Sandy Lai Q 1 I Yen-Hsu Lai Carey Lane fi Maia Larrazolo Y X Q. max Q V S J gms . is .. Nea? . R f xx X X Q rl Dx X 9 .img . 1 ' .- - . .,f' is M 5 Shawn Larson 5' . W Q ' 4 - S 'T T SGOD LGU I H ' my 'K fl-A Lv 5 -X Q xr E Marcella Lauderdale ,.,' 1 'S i f H . .- -V g T -Q. I ,' 35. gig f .fi 1' Todd Lawless Jig- ,kl -' ' V wi 4 - ,..f T T 4- is ,hi " KrisTine Lechler ' f . T 1- '- ' . A TT I Chia Lee . Q - N - ' fm... f Jeenv Lee T if T ledr 5 Jennifer Lee Julie Lee Meng-Tsun Lee . ',,4 21 Peggy Lee X A 4 QJ- ,. . Suzie Lee X Qm William Leon 'N ' A Kimberly Leung R 5 Q L - John i . .q M Ngligsmgng A ,"s"T2"ft ss 'S Q- Paul Lim 3' ' Ricgord g K K we im ' . 5 .i.L, Chien Juno Lin " . ss- . ' I ..,L . T Sophomore - eeee M - fwwe-... oiie -eeeee . T Presldent W if T T Whdl' WCIS if like To be The WiQQ.1Tir':aTL4elfl'if ."" president of The sophomore class? Ask Jon Shafer. Because The sophomore class could noT sponsor acTiviTies alone, iT sup- porTed The junior and senior classes in as many projecTs as possible. "Following school poli- cies and rules was imporTanT To be a good class and officer," said Jon Shafer. As sophomore class presidenT, Jon meT many new sTudenTs and The adminisTraTion of Arcadia High School. One problem Jon dealT wiTh was jug- gling his class office, sporTs, and schoolwork. In spiTe of This, Jon felT good abouT The exTenT of his parTicipaTion in The sophomore class and Arcadia High School. Keeping in line wiTh school spiriT, Sopho- more PresidenT Jon Shafer exchanges goo-goo eyes wiTh BeTh Donner. Sophomore People T A fig wa' f-A, ,gr B' vii- x gf , f L . , it NLS g, Nl A . . . w 4 XF 4' x w xx lux ry l l X .L fa ,. " x 0. X 1 S i -.1 ... K. Q? I -2 Pi A gi. It 1 fi' A x f Q :qw P . 1 ci h. K K K R' f :gf -3 'Q xg -f- - ,-'- fexzasggrf m X T J in L , , ,..v. ,,,.k,. ,,g ,ms .eral .SU ,537 A ,, , , .W , 1. 3, L gg, L y A , View y L ' y . L W' Q W x , : X- 5 is S S f : S Q4-4 5-if T Q ' 1 L .s Ei? , XX sbs is ' ' A - L 5 . ,,. -'S 1 1 45: A X -- S' 1 T S " .jim i X ' is SR .. Mig ti ' 1 5-,ig yy 4 . mins J fi YN ,J 'Wk ., M? . ' : 13 :2 , Z . , q . if T5 his I ,X z-fs'fw,. t i, 'N K Q K ei 2:3 j Q f Ti' -NX 9 ,M 3 1 " J 'XX R . Q SX H I sx its 'l sw- r , , I Li A' f it iisis J fi L 4 Q W" ' T f f uxs ' hifi Q Low- i w, ,.... S 5 .7 S S , - ,grey -QI if ,m"'- re .Q h t J' y . h . . L T 'af 43 ff S S ' 'Q S lfh L i St?!'53!i' J S Q f if m fS".. i vi SEM A. 'Pr .., ' - , . ,.., .. m y . Q M , 2 J, ys i L i . - f ' -- it ... 1 '- Y ' Q 1 xy , L - EBT' A LS N' Y ' t X V I -f lil - -ggi? x i ' Q Hung-Yin Lin Johnson Lin Mary Lin Ming-Ting Lin Tina Lin Steven Lindholm Julie Liska Angela Liu Ruei-Wen Liu Andrea Lo Johathan Lo Sophia Lo Christian Lomeaico Timothy Lowther Andrew Lu Laurie Lucey Kimberly Lug Donald Luhmann Walter Luisi Eric Luzinski Jennifer Mabry Joni Macarclican Ignacio Maciel Timothy Mancinelli Jonathan Marner James Marshall James Martin Susan Masanovich Christian Masney Susan Masseling Stephen Masta George Materazzi Samuel Matranga Sherif Mattar Lori Maze Maria Mc Cann Rene Mc Carty James Mc Cowan Michael Mc Crumm Scott Mc lntosh Nancy Mc Lean Jonas Mc Millen Trisha Mc Namee Ryan Mc Neill Brian Mc Pherson Emily Mc Pherson Kristin Medeiros Julie Mellinger Joel Melton Tina Michael Melanie Milinovich Catherine Miller Danielle Miller Kevin Miller Melissa Miller Shannon Minton GD Sophomore 1 People l 178 Eric Mitchell Mark Mitchell Noriaki Mitsuoka Raylene Moe Hans Molnar Brian Moody Jennifer Moody Benjamin Mooneyhan Gregory Moore Jean Moore Richard Mora Brian Moran Jennifer Moran Nina Moreno Christopher Morrow Wendy Mortensen Anna Munoz Christin Murphey Sophia Nakov Bruce Neander Kristina Nelson Karen Newcomb Jonathan Newman Linh Ngo Denise Nguyen Tim Nguyen Carlo Nicastro Mindy Nichols Mark Nicoli Paul Nissen Ill Brett Nolan David O'Connor John O'Nesky Jill Oakley Darren Ogden Joe Oh Yan Or Liliana Ortega Aviv Ozari Peter Parise Hyun Park Roger Park Young Park Gina Patelhina Keri Paxson Kylie Pearse Anita Pei John Penny Julie Perasso Robert Perez Ruben Perez Alison Persing Tina Petersen Steven Peterson Roseann Petrelli Adam Phillips Sophomore People S -u, if WSH - sv 3 1 it ,ii 1 W J f .- 4 ,mf K S '. ', 'L S Q MS? . S it l I sm t SS " S SS if E 5 it E? if as S kf. K - 'Q-v K 'iilii R a s s s ss X ii ' f ssl A lor c " S' . S S . -L . lv- f S S SS WVSHS ..., . 1, 1. ' ,S ,ff 1" vf J, . S, w r S my , Y . an X my if vs X ws, ,,,t,xS. S , S S rrrcr .S y "- '- ,'.' if it . 5 IL K :gl " " g S K ra N i f K-1 g S Q .3 ' S S A if ' . eg, fi A K N s fi A l to we J . S L LL ',:, Q wi. SS Z 'Hn 5 S W -il -S, ,Q ' 'K Q - . -'N-Q 52 Q is -'7 I ' . 1 I I X I :N u??fU 1 X s N- z:.' it i LS f' if N ' 'L ' f , ' SQ 'xxi bi" Y 'lf Sk Q K ily: FJ S- 1 5 2 - S '.Ll spl it s c if ss S I A X . ws im fi ' we S Ps' S up ' ,J . . - A S'-" V ki x N -S 9. .rg ff, - f ff N 'S' if -S L ' fx.: SS shi S ' if "fi A ili'i X y s I M .ls we .ff 1 S. 41 Ar' su - S g S ,t s Y. w S511 . 'E lf.. X-,E si ' An f 'st S ,Q s 'Q Wa' fr FM-F WR A is M-. 'gif WWW 9 .rx Q N 4 nf M be Ji 'fi' Wx., W sy .,, Friends Football games were fun when you were with your friends. This can be seen by the hop of Keri Paxson, Ale Wydzga, and Carey Wi py faces xandra ndsor. 2 1 Jennifer Phillips Theodore Pilmer M omlnique Ploe ' Robert Poling I I Wayne Poon I Tracy Porter .,..,,, M,-W, y yca Poulos ,.,.4 "'--i R r , , 1 A eg I "ZH Heidi Pozzo ' W ' Shannon Price .f ,V,,, t1v ,5LgQ Richard Provenzano cnnsfrno Provrnes 4 - 'R ' 5- 1, 'f jf-,A Stacy Provines A , .7 'A V James Pu k , , LV 4, . ,X ii, Melisa Puertas Richard Ramage Gloria Ramirez Melinda Rangel Hirbod Rashidi Lyle Reeve Kellie Reinke Alexander Reyes , af., vw A 'V " ' .XZ ff wad In A I ' i -- Andrew Reynolds I f Donald Rhee 4 Q31 ' f "r' - Robert Richter ,. gf 1 Karen Roback A Todd Robbins ' James Roberts - I Michael Roberts .,,, fix Q 4 fwgawgfqlyiig Sophomore 1 People Robert Robinson Andrina Robles Clara Rodado Travis Rodgers Anthony Rodriguez Donald Rohrer Barbara Rolf John Roney Marc Rothschild Kathryn Roughan Grace Ruggiero Mariela Ruiz Diane Rule Christopher Rumohr Henry Ryu Veronica Salcldo Gina Salinas Ana Sanchez Maria Sanchez Mitchel Sandlin Christian Sariol Peter Sawires Jon Schafer Kaley Schiltz Alexander Schmidt Richard Schmidt Jenny Schube Natasha Schumacher Patrick Scidrra Kevin Scruggs Lisa Seltman Suzanne Semonell Michael Serven Craig Service Melissa Sexton Stephanie Sexton Y Michael Shafer Catherine Shataflan Lisa Sheehy Yuda Shen Michael Sherlock Shin Shih Yoshio Shimizu Jennifer Shively Christina Shuffield Eric Silva Arlene Silver Lori Sismondo Susan Sloan Chad Smeltzer Alessandra Smith Brent Smith Justin Smith Kenneth Smith Sangita Sodha Jennifer Soulanille 80 Sophomore People 'm ' i....,,-. 54 if X 1 5 f M Q H ,, .Ni. ,4jl'2?v" , , S. ., . .5 Q 6 . I f I w V Zvi' -1:w:'BaQ.wQ- J .. ..u.'. .1 M!!! e gg 5 as , i-A S Q 1 , S 'iq ll ' .:i, . --me -- - ,ous -vs. .hx Af' sw ,S Q. F fa, .. ai i . .,- .3 ' ? , f K. Qs . I . K is - wg .M 1. E- X Q, tif ' L uf, . . A - QS Q it .. w .A L ' I QA I S . " J S fri gr 1 L K it ffm! . - f a tif i , 5 1 N X 1 Q X i 1, 4: . .' x "ri ,' - A zz E , """-29 Qiagis its Ke ' r "' . .A egg M s N., .sg 31'-df .32 Q . "' '3 rl Arita ' I ., 3 . g, KK r I 'I' 4, -Eg: L . 2 -'52 'A I ii, ,115 NY 6 Q N . . 1 S. I' . I 9' PA 5" 4 N. Q. ng? X I .. Q x we l X w A Q, ' Q S .-f X x ,S as if ra , 'ff ,Q W-,,, H 'Q A1 , N X R ,Q s , X , . k . ' l ' .. , . 3 ft' , -i t -, N -., Xa 'ls' ,K K was 5' . X : A ill? is t 3' 3 'x I 1 r isg. ,LL S if-... ' rg K Sv? -. ' 5-sf-N-S., J .. V' 9 xy i fff' 'L Mi- 5 ' Z if 1 is - 1. S r X 'I b PJ H X J xy 4 f P .. ,Fx if ff, X Q W . U9 X j 6 -as H ,S as J 3 Rosanna Spata 1 Braden Spencer is Kirk Spencer 4 1 Karen Stark .aww ss lxq y Christina Stingle T Casey Stone ' Q-, Aaron Story L Eric Strauss 1 Judy Su Y ,,.-- Gregory Sullivan T . . Lara Sumner 1 George Sun S If Helen Sun Xt 'QT Michael Stromsde Q "ic it H as . W9 N5 N., is 4 -V Jan Tarbell - - Kendra Tarkanian Shara Taylor ' Kevin Teng ws, ' xl . , Eleanor Tepe -. M Charles Thorp V 29 ' Scott Thompson Dootsdeem Thongthirai . f f Justin Thorn 1 Darcy Thurman H , t Lisa Thurman . Jonathan Tien 'Q in i' .- M Colleen Tjaden Leonardus Tjahjadi Off-Campus Privilege? Most of the underclass thought they should be allowed to have open lunch. They argued that by the time they get to high school they should have a chance to prove their reliability. "If T. C. High can have open campus, why can't we?" questioned J.P. De- Haven. Local merchants and parents shared another view. They thought tardies to after-lunch classes would increase discipline and problems at local businesses would go up. Many thought that there was plenty of time for them to have that freedom later. While seniors struggled to retain their open lunch privilege, the un- derclass hoped for the some privilege. After a lunch out at Taco Lita, Dustin Dike, Denise Richardson and Mike Roberts real- ized it wasn't so good after all! Work de- tail was intended to keep students from going off-campus. Sophomore 1 8 1 People David Tockgo V x lvlandana Towhidy 6 my W Erich Trapp 1 P' rl Karen Trump A .i Bih-Guang Tsai " Henry Tsai Ken Tsai Judy Tu .. Jeffrey Tubbs i ,J Q Marc Turunen k -' , Carey Twilchell 1: ff li Q Takayuki uma James Valdovinos g -all-3 'ferr Q' ,gal Javier Valdovinos r yy B is 11 , Sfephanie Valencia Jason Valenfine Nora Vallejo Melissa Van Horn Cynfhia Vaughn Daniel Velasquez George Velasauez sg A, Esteban Velazquez .. Gary Verhulp ' - A ril Verlafo D Jeremiah Voissem Q Shauna Volpe , J - Tescha Von Bluecher . v." Randal Waite A' V Q , Homecoming To sophomores, Homecoming was imporfanl since if was Their firsf big dance in high school. Na- lasha Schumaker, escorfed by Grey Malheny enjoys herself. 1 Sophomore People ' if 'M - K 1 1 -sl- -QE. " Z we A-sr T ss . NL. 79144 A . wx QS" If Qfm QA. -pil. -A-1.5.2-,gg,,gi:,?.: W 3,53 4 ji, K L .le 1.43 hx n - x cgi, Q any J , qw . :wif ' 1' r :-1.5532 5 X To 1 , . X 4' X 3 'A - vw 'M - f ' -"1 K A' N 4 gg M, , at V-giquggmdrl -- N L "-W" TN -f "' fA,eW.'1- g.1,,-,,L,,, f'-mJ..1m::w- iw - s..rM,N, , W, ,H N,,,V W H Wh L e:-,M.p, ' ' I X1 Y J.: , i 'Y 'x,x Mi 9' s 1... an tm' l J 9 Iv- . ,fr ' s . l ' xp.: 5 y, f L W u 9 il , QV, . M A Y vi 423, ir ' '61 J. -. J ,V aff 1 ' H? W I W ,,, , N- rr N U 3 X X XA ! H X SN 31 ' x 'QNX' .RE 1' V .W 'ir -434 , - 5 -f-" J if , - ' " :, 7- .T 5 M' Q Q, 13 f ' 'iffy-5 Y Q V51 'Q tif: ' ' ,rg r 4 'L ' 4 the ff we 5 s 314: v ,k,,,. Sf 0 2 if-Q. fa 3, 42 f r g Y or f '- R .Ki Ma ' fx ' K K s.. 1 th , ,X 'Q .A ," IQ: qv J' r l L iq, '11, ' . m nw, K 'S 3 i 1 f 'L ,Ms A 1- 1 ,AA - r f r gr ,wb-,Y 1,2 4, or , 1 1- A qv J Z' .rw Y E Robert Walker Thomas Walker Jeana Wallo Catherine Wang Clifford Wang David Wang Karry Wang Rei-Hong Wang Shiow Wang Yung-Loon Wang Kevin Ward Jeanine Ware Hany Wassef Kelli Weber Stephanie Welles Sean Wells Jason Werbelow Katherine Whiteley Deborah Wiegand Matthew Williams Jeffrey Wilson Andrea Winchester Carey Windsor Jennifer Wohlwend Richard Wood Timothy Woodall Patricia Woods Michael Woodward Averie Wright Gregory Wright Craig Wu Sandy Wu Donald Wyatt Alexandra Wydzga Erin Wyma Daisuke Yamashita Jennifer Yanoski Ho Yi Lisa Yin Melissa Yoelin Kimberly Young Gigi Yount Mee Yu Jennifer Zahgkuni Robert Zirovich Raquel Zwick Sophomore 1 83 People Camera Shy Cloudio Achirilooie Sergio Ameilo Johnny Arenos Soro Becker Kelley Bishop John Bucolo Jomes Bunnell Jock Choo Anlhony Chen Chun-Wei Chen Chung Chen I-Tien Chen Hsun Cho Tien Chow Jose Cuodros Jomes Dobson l-lobed Enriquez Mork Frenlz Amy Fu Chrislopher Gounll Jennifer Genlry Alejandro Green lvlounir l-lojjor Mehdi Hoshemi-Mols Glodysonn Horowilz Yi Hsieh Noro Hsueh Doniel Jelilo Colleen Kelley Robin Kennedy Suson Kim Bimol Kolecho Frederick Kuo Gregory Lorson Cosey Lollimore Mind Lollimore lvloryonn Lourio Herberl Lee Groce Lin Sordh Liu Lucio Morlinez Andrew lvloslro Aliso lVlcVoy Thomos Medino Slephen Miller Aoron Moon Julie Mouforrej Borboro lvlulligdn Louie Noslri Kendrick Ng Shone Nichols Williom O'Connor Williom Osorio Joseph Porsi Seon Riley Michoel Shermon Jeonnine Sohn Mollhew Slork Solimo Suroni Thomos Velosquez Corllon Wolker John Widrig Elvon Wu John Yu Celesle Zdmpiello Sophomore People were i Florence Dumopios, Julie Lee, Arlene Sil ver, and Vikki Kirin, express Their excite meni ol one of our school dances. Trying io Imliale Fred and Ginger, Clifford Curley ond Mory Ann Delioven, put themselves in The spot iigm. Dllching their dates for a minuie, Missy Von Horn, Sonja Djokich, ond Joni lvlocordicon smile oboui the evenings prospects. Sophomore 1 8 5 People Juniors People Juniors How quickly we wanTed The days To pass, Then sud- denly realized The year was over. High School was al- mosT over. Only one more year. For The mosT parT The junior year was enjoyed by The class of 88. MosT juniors did noT have To deal wiTh The pressures of being The new kid on The block. STu- denTs Took school a liTTIe more seriously in Their junior year. More dlfficulT classes and responsibiliTies unheard of To mosT sophomores mul- Tiplied The inTense pressure To bring home decenf grades . Juniors found more chal- lenges needed To be meT This year. Many of Them found Time To Take parT in exTra-curricular acTiviTies. These gave juniors a chance To give pan' of Themselves To The school. Probably The mosT enjoy- able parf of junior life was more freedom Than in 'iOTh grade. MosT juniors had The liberTy To Take The car and go ouT wiTh friends on weekends. SomeTimes ju- niors Took advanTage of Thier freedom and goT inTo Trouble. BuT The wiser ones knew how valuable free- dom was and Treasured iT. L ......... .I Making a graph, Eric Benson works hcird on his lob write-up. The rain dld not stop some students. Teri Londo, Christine Sdn- chez, ond Lisa Vasquez just finished third period drill tedm ond ore trying to cross the roly court without getting wet. fu: ii M' ,gi iw-F i If Ju-,, iiirr W..- D Q fl r ! , O 'Pt ' i'si Let's doncel D.J., Darin Vercillo puts the music in the right order. Juniors 1 People 4 a A srss rrs Jsrr rrry rrr . ., 1 :,,.., S Anda Abramovici Christopher Becker Marnie Bergland Tonya Berridge Shannon Blackarcl Caryn Brkich Heather Bryant Jennifer Chang Gerald Chao Jyh Chen William Chen Ying Chen Henry Choi Jason Donaldson Brett Dowing Christopher Drenne Mohammad Fard Kia Kim Figueroa Richard Francisco Luis Garcia Christopher Garcia Michael Gordon I' Michael Gray Peter Hardy William Harris Matthew Hayden Justino Hernandez Tabatha Hillman Jennifer Hsu Peter Hsueh Donovan Hyde Leslie Karelius Frederick Kennedy Anne Lee Betty Li Chai-Hao Lin Jack Lin James Lin Mishelle Lin Shannon Loop Brent Madison Jennifer Mavilia Laurel Miner Neal Mustafa Tomomi Nagashima Joseph Niswonger David Ortega David Parwiz Curtis Payne A Paul Rannis Denise Richardson Tracy Salley Raul Sanchez Edward Segarra Ali Shadvar Steven Skelly Micahel Spanier Kevin Sullivan Hung Tran Charles Tu Rico Walker Ching-Min Wang Huei Wang Anita Whited John Wright Jack Wu Juniors People -if 42.-cf 11- of long Time friends. i , fill 2 , 5 r ii ill 32 ,r iw all W.. . i During snack. Dyniece Sohiffilea, Tina Bruno, Shan- non Wholey, and Julie Verrona, enjoy The company Durlng lab biology, Mr. Jones Takes time To help Julie Carlson with her science project, fb' The cheerleaders' preformanoe To a Beach Boys' song was a big hil al The Homecoming assembly. Juniors People 190 M ,W,, T Karen Abend T i f H.-311 ,, Derek Aberle 'T - Karyn Acuna J 4, . Dana Adams f " ,i r S ff" 5 lVlariam Agha " vis.. " , 5 1 Q Edgar Aguilar - T' ' .nf Marco A uilar -' , -' ,l Q Q ltngihx .A K is 1 WG' X T ,ig , A :if l rrr Melanie Aiwasian A qbiu - -- Y K. Cherie Albrecht N g Q I T Joe Alexander i - To a T , Frank Alfonso l ,i g , ' ' ff 95, 1 5 , Kirk Allen as 5 N . y TI' Q Julie Allender 1 T V , In Karen Allin X . fig- 5 .0 Lx- X , ' , '- ' Q, fx f ii' A W4 This '.:'?'29,ia-.151 Jason Allison A Regina Andersen i lkq' W' Jeffrey Anderson ':, -F ,- , T Joseph Anderson 3 'ig ' Mark Anderson ChrisTopher Anderson ,X i fffff s -. b Shari Anglemyer Dorian Anld gir- l , Tina Aniikadjlan Susan AnTion ffi ' ' ' ,i-. -an Jessica Applebee K- ffrs 2' : Q A Elizabeln Archibald "' g .j . Kellie Arbnibala y , ,' . KaTherine Arens Ji- -, .Ml'V A , A.F.S. Kimberly Woods holds a new born lamb during her sTay in Aus- Tralia. The A.F.S. program gave Kim an opporTuniTy To exchange her life in Arcadia for a sheep ranch in Filgandra, New SouTh Wales, AusTralia for Ten weeks. There she worked, played, and aTTended school. Home life was much differenT Than in Arcadia because she was wiTh 41,000 sheep, a herd of caTTle, and oTh- er farm animals. During her sTay she became a parT of her AusTra- lian family and parT of Australia. The Things which she remem- bered The mosT were her family and friends, and The beauTiful counTry's flaT lands and skies. A.F.S. is definaTely a rewarding exper- ience as well as a learning one. Kim Woods experienced many new Things in- cluding holding a lamb on her family's farm. Juniors People if if 2-is-i in T -- -i-sf , - A m'TA.ff'f i" s T ' ' " ' 1 is . hh" 4 Q , .. fc x Q . i , Xa. T' s H 15:-V T i A 7 'V ,L lg, 'Q ig - Sf ia- N, iii -ifi .. 3? 1,1 J N. gi r ?3 'its " 3751 fb, ,, ,, K .H -A -3 1' gm -. i i A 'sz,,1ir2A f -9 X I 5 ll f 'xv igif. X W -. 1 A " if fi X- ,,,. 5 'iffffg JK' ? in Rc i TN fif gsf TZ ' l 'L 'i l 1 17"-T , Z s s TW is s Q v-,so v '65 ,lap can -K .i"'4" ,N ,gb .nf av- ,quiuulvimi ,,- ,gt .: V, . ,g V -' ,A ,g .. 1 i--1 zfr.-,' :Q " ,x , I V ' " ' ,. 1 -iif ' . ' as ,ex A : 4 W, . , C K . A ' 3 . s - THQ A ' . , K ,wx :Ev r T2 , - -1 ' gr- l al - 0 T, s A fi . lava-. K , 5 , - f 55.15, .. 1 T - -i , l l .vi T T R its w it Y . fr' ms -- W 5 'X 1 i wi' I Q L s-af ' ,, fi 10' fp gl B lit B I , rs w Q M N 4 - J L Again , -s I - L 1 c V ix A xx N ' L y ' LL" J W M A gi: .. 5 .L if it Q al Aug, X A .4 N 5- key 5' ,. , V W " " ' B X .. K i brit X. A -236. 3 V91 'A 3 5 E -'ff X N . Jus . L "'- fe ' L Q Q 55: TPL t j' 4, Q I ll LL 5 , . b . , mkxf,,, , , .554 R L J 1 . ,xx A , ' A f - -. Q l, f.'3 ti' , L , I" M pe, .1 '.L W V F 11 -B ' .., it Kr, fa--lf s .. - " '23 ', , .1 iiwffg- kbif , .. " vs it -? X e , w 034 I 5 . ' I - ' ,, .gas ' A X - E , ' 7 L' -. s L, f X. A F 1 L A nf , x Cw dqfz "N f , . V X EQ, -- ' x" , 5 r ssl if EM, 1' Y , lb I , 3. K I 'J 'L Els, L. 1 , L KN . A X-111 5. SRU' iv' wi ', iks 45 x J 'X' U Q I f ' is i X 1 2 K k-x' X .. i T of 5 4' Q ,. 3 J K A M . S' rm ! fig-:ff 6 I. 6 or YF 'J l A 1 Xl X , i 1, 'X K ' A .. i n s L K N - Y ff 3 x ' L , my A fi! B fx' 'S is , X W 1- f ' .,, J: E 4 a 5 , As. , ,5 SAT B V ,L , xl V , X Y Q X 1 . LE Q V1' f Q ,. H S iss Q, of , . ,. , Lf .,, Q.: ' ' it Y L - Ti , J 145 Y'v1i-9 if 2, , E D i L X 1 if As- : --me 1 gg. ,J X 2 K 'P 81, , l I. V .kwvy , WE- O gg Q 't his 1 Ariel Ascanio Michelle Aspell Christine Avels Karen Ayala Derek Backus Richard Baisner Scott Baker Don Ballarini Michael Balog Jeffrey Ban Traci Barnett Scott Barnhari Geri Barron Christopher Barstow Edward Basler Tracy Bassett Curtis Batters Christopher Beanes Christine Becker Douglas Beiswenger Eric Bensen Celeste Bernardini Berti Rico Charles Besocke Shannon Bessey Peter Betancourt Cheri Bewley Kathleen Bickler Ryan Bixby Krista Bjordahl Joy Blacklock Laura Bloomfield Jim Boatwright Tom Bogie Dale Bolger Janette Borjas Lauren Bostrom Laura Bowen Lyn Bowen Scott Bradford Bryan Brandes Kirk Brayshaw Laura Brewer David Bridgeman Chris Brlclgland Tiffinl Brinson Kurt Broadhag Erica Bruning Tina Bruno Heather Bryant Brooke Burdick Lori Bushor David Calvi Michelle Camou Erik Capek Julie Carson Juniors People 19 192 Alisa Carmody Slephanie Carpenler Geoffrey Carr Michelle Casparian Arlene Castillo Michelle Cazares Diane Chai Chi-Man Chang Chih-Zen Chang Gary Chang Jun Chang Michael Chang Roberf Chang Roberl Chang James Chalary Alan Chen Belly Chen David Chen Hans Chen Joseph Chen Jack Chen Timolhy Chen Vicky Chen Wayne Chen Amy Chenaull Angela Cheng Sieve Cheng Adisay Chhiap Eddy Chiang Ming-Chan Chiang Beafrice Chinh Andrew Chiu Jennifer Cho Mike Choi Sam Choi Leslie Chou Jeffrey Christmas Margaref Chu Anifa Chung Jennifer Chung John Chung Julie Chung Mary Chung Thomas Chung Keifh Churchill James Ciardullo Roberl Cleary Thad Coffing Michael Coke J. Antonio Colayco Shawn Collins Susan Collins Calhy Comaianni Elena Confreras Fernando Corrado Brendan Cosso Juniors People Q QB 5 Q22 Q ri 11 K sv 5 Qi il -A A + " I ' if: , ' l'V +fv5fi g 'f ff ,f Lkrk 2' .r xii zz E ,M -w QL x Yi, f"1 'H R E X , 'Q' ,,. . Xa , I :XL x 1' X3 ll L gl .S -S "" .Q-1. i X A3 wig: . if 2 .D 1 A - A , s 1 Egg ig- 1: -Q -I jg. A X .hyh 1 A wx Sf fel 5 .. . 4 , jejxrsrfg in 1 A A ,.....x mf- H Ig l A f " A J . A .jg 5 Qj C, ,J f- 5 1 signs V 1 r 5 ' . 53 if ' ' f A Fl A fx siisi s x ii' i'i' ' . J i , X e :A l ' 1 V1 ii'i A J A7-'fff 'n 5 ,KKVL - wigs: if Q ' V, f U g gy N 4 X ,.., A J ,l iii ' A 'siy if 'J - E SK, A f A iii ' A 'ii . . , Zi A JE M A - A ai s :J 1 ' 5. .:,- 5 1 I . Rfk 1 X R . ' 5' ,- ', " , X .,- . J .. " R Mr. President VllhaT's ii like To be Junior Class President? STeve Julio, Ju- nior Class Presideni, ThoughT iT was a challenge and an honor buT a greaT responsibiliiy To be elecTed as head of his class. STeve said, "I am noT here To serve myself buT oThers on cam- pus." He hoped ThaT sTudenTs feIT comforTable discussing issues wiTh him so ThaT he could presenT Them To The ExecuTive Council. One year long projecT of The Junior Class was The prom. Fun- draisers were seT, and all aspecTs of The prom were decided by The Junior Class. X: fiiifx k ' M,4,,.,-Q. . "Ooh, you are in deep Trouble wiih Mr. 5 " M- ..,,, Payne," said Junior Class PresidenT STeve ' ' ' ' Julio. STeve handled The responsibility very well. V . . ' -if ff Wh' T.- +- .'. . fzhjy. 2 A T' .. , . 5.13 , 1. li, , 1 2, 4 an sg? i Q 3: Q i V Q ff ig . I. N it . gfnl Thi 5 '5'?5??f5W, iw V .v,,':1?' 1 W . y T . . T - A. M ... . .15 . W. i ,. ,, ,4 . W., , . 4 if ,V ,f . V - .Q T 1 1 - T T ..J. ,T R . 4- Q R 4 Z , , ', , ,Q H, 55 .V Q fr an A " 7 1 a s .'f'f-'vi-ggi' ""' f x I W U A 'V '. 'hm .Lf -. ' si' ig ' .ri 'AnD' 5- , . .MVV ., ..,.,.-,sg . "' if -,- V W, 6 lx 1 .. '- 2 'Q " Q 'xx ff ' 1' 'f , 515 a ' . ' W, T I f 1, - fs T , rf' . ff. iff. I' . J ' 1' N , ,..,5 ... , . 1 . T: i 'i ' ff- ai. if-A 3 V' - - ' M lu-rf .. ,N . . , . - . 1. 5. f . ., VV .,-' V. - V , .1 , .,mV?, , sw .V- ,f .., f. f . 41: .. ' 'H f - -2 1: ' -'-" 5 1 V v- V QQMT AV ' -- A 4 in 1 A XXV! . . ,f V,VVVV ,, 1 ,V ' V ' j i K , 'Q 1 . T ,T , ' 7 T- '.'. i W 1 T W f 27' I 'i ' T . ve , .fb "l A A- A "W" if - JN Q .: .... 'kg V 3, 1? 114, 1 fi Y? 'sf' F, V if . , s fviw. i L i s i ' vf : '. . 72.1 re '23 1 ,..... H 'Ei' 25 5 ff' Q W' , M S, S fi. ,V f V. W 5 Q ff 4 Vg ff spy . ,e 1 Y J 4? BeTh CourTney Chris Cox Kimberly Cox Jennifer CrabTree Jereme CrisT Donald Cross Anne Crowder Shane Crowell Tammy Dahlsfrom MaTThew Daines Timothy Daleo Basilios Darlas Cary Davis Kelly Davis Sally De Graaf John De Haven Mary De Haven Jeffrey De Pry Nisha Desai Julian De Sigio Ill Roy DeWiTT Charles Deal Julie Deal Dane Dean Luca Decrlsfofaro Malinda Dedrick Ryan Dekker Doug De Voe Juniors 1 9 People 94 Robert De Voe Scott De Voe Victor Dimichina Philip Dirkin John Dolan Scott Dolphin Jennifer Dondanville William Dougherty Steven Douglas Jennifer Drogoo James Dudley Robert Durbin Scott Dyke Georgina Edwards Thomas Edwards Steven Elliott Shireef Elmakawi Lawrence Elwell Kimberly Embury Lauren Englund James Ernt Kimberly Esposito Chalvis Evans James Evans Jeffrey Evans Marc Evans Eric Fang Timothy Farajian Tiffany Farr Paola Felippa Stacey Fenner Marc Ferrell Andrew Filbeck Robyn Fincher David Finley Donivee Finnell Steven Fischer Kallen Fisher Hanny Fong Ammad Ford Eric Foster James Fournier Jr. Denise Franco Sheri Francone Claudia Frear Michael Freyermuth Michael Fricke Oliver Fry Darren Frydendall Cynthia Fuglie Maribel Fundora Mariela Fundora Kevin Gaddy Kristy Gaines Robert Gallagher Anthony Gallina Junior's People ,,,, ..,. -0. 7 " Y Gm, M mf, .,,, ' ,Vs ,f 4 'i' was f ' 4 5 ,',- yt , :vi 1 x LA, ' J yr M - 'fr 'f ., 551 " swf 48? ' 5 5 v R 45' ' 'f' li E ' it it H L F if J.. ' ff T -E T ,J T -J' ' , fg55i. .f? .filtiixli T ' ' F , ' ' is , K V x 'U f 1 5 A 'F"Z?37?vlii'2'?3'553f ' i"'isf A f ' T l 1 W , 1 45 N" F' N .L . r ,V I -3 it war' ' ' A y k','k, ' C J N' '2 1 , , X x , V, ,, 1 .21 l A R l s , ' o V J. , ii R '17 A., 5 if m Q Q .I ll A i: f"'. ,.. 3 ,..-.I Q X . was -si . - ss f 5. g i s..s T V, V A ff J 'f r 1 1 , A J, F f rr- - ., I " w Q f i W' ., ' iz V ,r ' ' l lg fi g i- ' jx ili' if kiyi f iff? a - f Q ' f - ' 5 as .. it -- -f . A . ,X 44 N ,., 1 Z i A Y VV V 11.356 . is gs4gy...e lg fi V' V , y F ' ,flak It . . E ,V N. f xx , IZ, if X w J H X- R , V- or A' A O - , . J T2 fa . ' .V 'A , , X Q1 .. 'Y pf l j f , "t 'fi " ' , 3 , at sf Qffef ' I we wfflgb F VVA, ' FA' JJ! ,X A . . , gn " ' 7 Q-' g it W , - ,,' r I R H , arf ,gxbmx fi' A t 7' . , V fn-ik my ,W Wi , X ,l,, 3 3 .-nf, ,. ,4 ,,.i 'Zinn' ,N M V I U2 5 1 X rf .5 I 1 if 3 4, 5 if I ' F 4 r P5 Q .4 W:-gh 4, 1 , Il 432. N 4' 3 S r ., pd ,fe 1 ff ,sa . jg W V Michael Gallo gr ' Laura Gama sig A I --I g y - Laura Ganguin 5 1 , ' fs "z 5, E Erin Gannon V If Ij"', H Gary Gapezzani , . ' 'Hr' , Rafael Garcia XM-, Shellie Garcia I Q r 'MI I 1 ,, , iac James Garrigus Sohon Garrison George Gels James Gekas Bryan Geon Kristine German fav' 1 J T ,,fr'2sf:I'sg':v . dr v I. I N I Tresha Giallo i ,I A 51 Jenny GilberT ,A 3, 3 James GiImarTIn i 0,522 -523 Lisa Giuffrida 525, Brian Goodrich nfl?-. 'f Sean Gorman N d ! , E -,A Andre GoTTmers 711546 ,A .. by Michelle GoTTaso W '92,-l f Mara grabis In f A I, ali Tommy Gray f ?i ' W 'i x A si? I STeve Gray T 2 " ' Sfephenie Green i Claudia Guerrero , f". " Tina Guzman X X Employed Apache Georgina Edwards was one of The many sTudenTs who found a job Through The Apache Employ- menT Service. Working aT a Iciw- yer's office, only a few blocks from campus, Georgina feIT forTu- naTe To have This firsT job. When she was inferviewed, They asked her quesTions abouf her acTiviTies, likes, dislikes, aTTiTudes, and even her grades. She said ThaT even Though she was nervous abouT iT, she ThoughT iT was quife simple. In her job she Typed, filed, and or- ganized. "Even Though iT's hard somefimes To go To work when l'd like To go somewhere else, I am ' glad ThaT I do have ThaT responsi- biIiTy, for iT helps me learn so much abouT myself," Georgina said. "Do you understand whci I want you To do, Georgina?" says The law clerk. Junior Georgina Edwards experienced working in a law office Through The Apache Em- pIoymenT. Juniors 1 9 5 People Jeffrey Gelderman A.H.S. Parties Were parTies really as bad as people said? The majoriTy of parenTs, police, and newspapers replied yes. Some of The major complainTs were The drinking and The fighTing which was said To go on. Alfhough a big worry, They seemed To be under much more confrol by The end of The year. Some sTudenTs on The oTher hand, saw Things differenTly, Many felT ThaT parTies were a good way To meeT people and ThaT many of The parTies sTarTed wiTh jusT a few friends and ThaT lack of conTrol led To drinking. STudenTs were also disappoinTed wiTh The way The adulis made iT sound like everyone was guilTy when only a few aciually were. One sTudenT said, "Those who did make a nuisance were noi repre- senTaTive of The enTire sTudenT body." On her way To a "hol" party, Krisfen ' Espencheid dolls up. TF TTVTT T Douglas Haegg I g gs- David Hagen - 1 4 ' A ' Lance Hall K, . 5 5 " A , T Pafricia Hall lli- . T' . Q kg, N , V Sandra Hall ,g "f . Pele' HOU Imelda Hanafi ' T s 4' nf' , if A is .. V 'zlig . ' :il T Barbara Hanna l, g X K f i f James Hanrahan I V. T Q . if 9 Maff Hardin To i w w .1 Todd Harman ' . 'L Q N X 'i Bobbie Harmon , gl ,N -Frank Harper Q. gf.: 7 Q 'T A l-lilfon HarTanTo ' I E . Q MX X . Mark HarTman 'T -liii . fx Brian HaworTh - Q 'TN . ,f Kelli Hayes f f U ' Q f rg , Michelle Hayner ' 1 - ' Kevin Hearn 5 g Erik Hedlurid ' by . Kevin Helms 3 S5 iv , 1, K , , , x iq , in 3 -M-af 1 ,, V X Ti s s Erik Hendrickson y Melanie Henry f -- . T. RoberT Herff s L I . Q Nancy Hernandez , ,ia r ,. " ' ' E Parrish Highley h :gk Lf - fig W 5 ,, David Higman A fm' ig :QQ Gregory Hill . 1 5 3 ,X 'X Vfgi .. , T 1 ' - i rf' S 5 M". T rf .A--Q-P :S s... X . . ws. T 4, f 1 Juniors People ,Vi 4. -S ai K' sv '1 iff K fs .is gh my I C W J' W 1: i . Js Tier 4 w..X1- iw , -ffm? " - 'Z f --. , 4 if. zf'fi' , "f ,:,.r fit, lik' 'V V' 'ik N. V kr- V": b - 1 Q 1 K ' Q , I ft , Q X T' .2 . ..,. ' sf- H - '37 H - if f, 'ii fi W C imp ITN J, VV: fx' . . I .A 4 M , ., ,if 5 V, X Hs vgxx' , v F ,V V' 'ks C C 53 W I ' " if J' V. J Lil, ,,:, . L In .', 'i"',f ,' GMS K 'z '- I , V 9.7 W it L is i. ' - ' " ' 'Gt .5 ' i J. , k ,. , fr - V -if A1-5, I : Ng V A fcgv j. H 2 -1 Q21 . T - N 'ami NX w Q - ,af ' A ,' ' , p. Q, ff- I' 'X' 5 i f 'xl xt XR h" l, m,,1 . ,Q , , V ' ' , 4, ' ,- ,fl if- ,9g,,w,44 A: -sg? 1 C my , J 1 A if 'if J ' . 15 1 ' 1: 1212 l T-2. ' 'F 1 if N 9511 , ya, , T ' V J ,L H f' A V ' 4- r' ,G -s J A ' 1 , 4 9, . 'J 2 ' ' , Tn -' -f " l Ks iw' X ' 4 f 'D ' if J. "'fw R .V r I, ,A L 4, A.: , M V , V , ,V ,Wu V , rex I pl I , -Q73 11 . ',?"', , .L si .1 L f " I K i' w F i 9-,-ff' K5'f'fi sf' J-- ss., ., ' H 'QU' 1. 'ig - ' V A whiff 4, ' J f 'V . A x, '. A V V ,K . ,, . . 1 1' 5 if I .iwwif ' .::,s, W " I 'WU wi: ' , .W ,, ,. A 1 4 7, i .1 5' i 6 A I' 1 Wag , V, iffi, ' 4 I 1 Q . :iff 'W 'lf' , 49 ' 4 it 1 , X, Af .. 1 ,A A O 2 C-'Z' -f hi, .- ffl , , Li' K X 17 " 1' ,T i Ar R55 Eric Hjort Victor Ho Karen Hodge Andrew Hodson Aaron Holmes Jennifer Holmes Steven Holt Cindy Homan Bianca Howard Lauri Howe Shane Howell Gary Hrstich Chung Hsu Charles Hu John Hua Betty Huang Carla Huang Joseph Huang Peter Huang Heather Hudson Maura Hudson Bradley Hull Kimberly Humphrey Chien Hung Tran Hung Clifford Hwang Greg Hyde Tarek Ibrahim Vicky leraci Beatriz lnda Jayson Ingram Akiko Izumi Yeang Je Tricia Jeane Eunmi Jeon Jennifer Johns Clayton Johnson Kevin Johnson Laura Johnson Deanna Jones Sabrina Jones Stacy Jones Timothy Jones Alison Jones Brianna Joy Steven Julio Daniel Kabala Jennifer Kaiser Johnathan Kaiser Joe Kao Wayne Kao Meredith Kaplan Sarah Kates Shinji Kawahara Suzanne Kazek Deanna Keith Junior's People 19 Adrian Kelly L if Megan Kennedy K KK was Christopher Kennedy , A . , Q Jason Kerlan Mark Kettell Teresa Kiddie Daniel Kikkert if s 512 :W is f X I ge? 459 fits J s, A A K ,A is 11, ' .9 . ,Y ww - s Bk, N N mL 1 2 34 5" f' mx ,rt '! s si-s ss ss: .. Vg David kim ' W ' Q Eugene Kim K 5, A , ,X ,Q J U Hvufi Kim J if KK -7 . .1 U -Y V' Jason Kim y kj Q K ' l USG Kim ,.,x K i K K K 5 Ki , Lucia Kim j f?3', , . ' ' ,A ,A f ' A, Cf' v won kim I L K f y K s K, , . , r A 5 K i i N- fag Q rs., Y i ' A ' 'K X1 1 y Ann Marie King A, Z fs f ,, K John King , " T K i fix E 'K J ' in Christa Klawitter . . L2"'y 7 ' . A " ' , 5' , - - f is C rs K Karen Knuth , " M 'a 7 j' f lit ii A' ' ' CWWSTODNGV KOCUYO C H r , Katherine Koeper 1 Ki' X 1 A ' i 0 K, - i"" 12 1, E r K K X K B 1 s o E Brian Kosobayashi V l 1 S i-Jie-ii Kou g ,, " ' ROQGV KOU , K i , K ., it 5 Mark Kuehfuss Q ' K Q, -...i 1 if . , 7 Sanjay Kumar A. 1 ' K . A R , , K K- A ' 'si Ruth Kuo i iiii wi ' ff il Kimberly Kupfer K X, 1K , glam 'A"i' f' r K A I is K fi KKKK ' one W'Sh If you could have a wish, what QW hw., ...ini l would it be? Ed Miyagishima said, W' ' fi' N ' "to be taller or to be ASB Presi- dent," while all Lyn Bowen want- ed was a S'lO0,000 shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Many stu- dents dreamed of owning a car. Christine Taddei worshipped the 4987 IROC Camero fred, with a T- topj, and Bill Dougherty would settle for a white Ferrari Testar- osa. Another common wish was to go out with someone extra special. Kim Humphrey and Jenny Holmes felt Dave Morgan and Chris McCain were unique Dreams kept the spirit alive, al- though embarrassing, commom. or bizarre, wishes added an in- triguing dimension to our lives. CAT member Michelle Cazares wishes for many victories. Everone has his own dream. 8 .lunlor's People K X pi...-Y 41. .. ..' 'C J 'N .4 5 - :QL QE ' - A w ,V 1 t ' ' A 9 H16- B iii ' 73 QL. .3 ,,,, hh V I my 1 J v -'L L . " . L A f X L+ 1 kg '-'.' Q 'l V ' ' w L si 1 X 1 f lf. Q -T i- f if L TW Q My A M A 2 , Y 1 x:, if ' . 'if I Q. i .Nf' J' 1 f ' fi if F' M gf? F ' ,Sox 2 '," N42 :: V--7 ' FS i , ,L L ..k, 3 L rm ..f. ?,"Q1,. ti i Q we K Q. A V, .V A .. 3 ,. . ' ' J A'L' A . . , s f 51 ph ii- ,J X .,- ." v J i. ' r ' ' If 5. NBk.,. Y ., , ' 'i 'T .A 5, L ,gg wi J I :"'Q of .iz gf , I X Ii 1. : .1 4. L, .ti gb , K , .. I YAY v . 1 ' . 1 l if it fb-W3 A i L A B f i B R . . ' ' in 1 Q Q 11 . 4 qi ., , L.Lb V . P a , z,L ,Y - w J .Ig 1 gs' ..,. Q X A T ' if ' I N, 'a ? -Q 5 -Q . , , QA . Q gifs. M . A V+ L ls? gf 5 . QM X Kristen Kupper Michael Kuppinger Brian Kwon Nancy Lane Janice Lau Brad Leach John Leavitt Bob Lee Bobby Lee Han Lee Jennifer Lee Jin Lee John Lee Philip Lee Shirley Lee Su Lee Stephanie Leigh Candice Lemos Vivian Lenchuk Carlos Leon David Leon Donna Leonardi Heidi Leopold Carolee Lesiuk Amy Lewis James Lewis Kathleen Lewis Victor Li Charlie Liang Kailin Liang Neil Liang Andy Liao Andy Lin Gina Lin Howard Lin Jack Lin James Lin Joyce Lin Julian Lin Laura Lin Peggy Lin Julie Lindquist Joseph Little Gary Liu Philip Lo Jeffrey Lofftus Teri Londo Bryan Long Ewa Long Stacey Long Scott Lopez Brian Losey Crist Lu Darcy Lucero Steven Lunn Eugene Ma Junior's People 19 Joseph Mancinelli Lawrence Manzi Sanyo Markus Monica Marovish James Marrone Kelly Marshall Tera Marshall Brian Mariinez Danielle Martinez Gregory Mascoii Gina Masiello Andrea Mason Phillip Maslo Gregory Maison Raafai Malfar Timolhy Maudsley Summer Mayberry Hugh Maynard Jr. Michael Mc Affrey Laura Mc Callie Evan Mc Callum Chrisial Mc Cormick Craig Mc Donald Timolhy Mc Elveen Dennis Mc Ginley Theodore Mc Guire John Mc Ivor William Mc Kenzie Jr. Michael Mc Neill Carlos Melia Holly Melvin Thomas Mendenhall Michelle Merhaul Nathan Merrill Christopher Mew Karin Meyer Malihew Milinovich Darlene Millan Andrew Miller Christopher Miller Jacauelyn Miller Samantha Miller Jun Hong Min Richard Miranda Roberl Miichell Malniko Milsuya Emiko Miisuya Edward Miyagishima Anna Molina Suzanne Moline Gabriel Montgomery Andrew Moran Alexander Morawec Amal Morclaa David Morgan Yoshikazu Morizuka Junior's 00 People X . 12 .K , ., 1 . 1 .v -. Q A Q w X 9 sr fx T- 1 . A Yix -1' dim. 1 za A t B7 W , 1 K 1.- , fffffse , - A fxifs N 1 crrrs G, is if T -' J-we r Q f T, s s T if :Q ist. gif ,L A f, if , , J A K 1 Y ,y , A 2 - . ..... W W 2 s-..,. T w irsc . Jimi J f ,.r,. - f A A ' s1'ss in T , r is r J ' 'ag fiilw ' 'LQ iss 2 g' .4 qi T is if 1 ' ' 5' in ii W A . ig X"if'fQ -N ff sq 4 ,X ' fx' tx X -N QW vgylff sid f- - N- Q Qi T . , f K my 1.1 .. 1 ' -3 ' sv! N AE agus 29 .xl as ' - Ss- .ix if S ' 2 sig K if s R D i W f' :J x IH is Q N' at , I ix A' xy? lr 3 T "R i' i ' W W .f i w J in E W wx . ,X N K gm or ...kk i -9 my I r .1 T .T '52 3 ,S fi X v K K ' Z :.. I n . .K K Xi 'S . X X Q 2 f i X ss A' ' . Q . N .- an . mx, ' f'-.Y r . i 2 yxisg ii 2 s r 1 -fs , Qi wc 1 N J ii i F -T . is if J T ' if r Qs 'TY ARB "-is 4 "ir li 1 ' af ig' 1' . M x LLVV . JSI ,Kg Q ss P 1 .- S T - s T if is i ,Q KMKQ 1 9-v Q Q as v - i 'Q I 3 . 3, 1' ii i s f K I D-'ll' - -Q if -52 it he-A is A . mx ,Av RX T' gx il' fw W, Beach Bunnies Going To The beach was a fa- voriie pasTime for Arcadia sTu- denTs. Even Though summer was quickly approaching aT The end of The school year, no one could seem To walT. So everyone fled for The beach on week-ends. Girls were mainly concerned wiTh geTing back ThaT long losT Tan, while The guys were sToked To shred some awesome waves. Anywhere from Seal To Tressels. sTudenTs could easily be found. NewporT and HunTingTon were also very popular. Julie Thinger said, l'lT's a greaf place To relax . . . waTch The guys surf!" Relaxing in The sun, Laura Brewer and Ka- ren Abend spend an enjoyable day laying A4 S351 . A ouT on The beach. ' J '- ' ,Q ' --wa? , bv ' X T 1 W 3 Margarei Morrison rv 4 K 1 is A 2. Kimberly Morrow , if 3 Q - - fs, 9 4 , " h ry Yrs Shirley Mou i' s ' X .fi T' Hajjar Mounir Y 'i -f -,,.- f- -' 5 A Mark Mucclllo l ' . ' ., F' ' M ' 'I - J Barbara Mulligan . Q i r ' 13' James Mumford I T J fi L Y V, ' x 4 el ,.m .,: g Deanna Munson T ' Kg . 3 Q l i x 'X Donna Murachanian if Q, , ., ' , 'Q 3' K if Nicholas Murch ,sn g g gig 12 .,, ,V - James Muro U ' r 1 Michelle Murphey Q, r ' N Q Julie Myers R . J -- -H, Scoff Myers ' r T - 75521 s sr T , if r e T T ',' may '- ' in ir J - v A 5 K . L ,... "Ein or . S if as J ' y Q . s aw g s as i yes? T ,sa s T. s ss- ss c gs' T J ' , 3 'lim ' ii3F4Q- s. X eggs: 5 'ffffs X 'N . ,,,. Chrisfopher Mynsfer William Myrvold g 'K A fy , Michele Nall 5 - Aimi Nasir Y? F A if Jeffrey Nasir if? Sara Nassif Luis Navarro Shuichi Negishi Kimberly Nelson David Nickel Aimee Nielsen Jasveer Nijjar Nelson Nio Tamara Norrish Junior's People 20 Brian O'Brien Judy Oh Scott Okamoto Kevin Oliver Scott Olmsted Matthew Olsky Amy Olson Dino Omens Denise Orcutt Carlos Ortega Jon Outsen John Owens Deandrea Pace Julie Packard Janette Pai Martin Parada Sang-Hyun Park Dennis Parker Scott Parker Christine Parrille Kathleen Parrott Sean Pasquale Mark Pavey Ricky Pearson Derrick Pedranti William Pedrotti Julie Pelletier Chris Perez Joseph Perez Stacey Perrin Amy Perry Jeffrey Petersen Eric Peterson Dustin Pike Dominka Pilic Sandra Pineda David Pitts Mara Plotkin Colin Policky Stacy Politka Jeffrey Pool Paul Porter Elizabeth Posey Rosanna Premi Micheal Prince Jeanne Proctor David Profumo Elizabeth Puglisi James Pysher Joseph Quintana lfsha Rahman Dale Rardin Sayan Ray Michelle Reaben Robert Read Matthew Ready Juniors People is , ' gl' X Nw!! of Q 'Sz N9 sis' A X QQ i .. , , X I .4 vfk 1 4 + we is QS Vg it t so 555, i s z X no i, S... K L. fs . . ?..5F5sQ:,,, .X .. -f : ..,- gg, Sf y WF Q 4 W me S , i- 'E , 'ings t ,cw ggi! . .Ar g Q, S' X x 1 'J .ix ss I S he-"1 1 .. is it P sfrs N U gg L...z " E Q9 , t 'QI " ii Q? Q s ' A ':., in X hx. , ' 'fl' s . . .M 5, 1 f , ,' N ss 'sf ' J' A , .ii 5'-5. g ' J if l 53 , S I 5 R is if "Pi s it Jn. i. K J 1 F m 5 .. sf N f' F if.. 1 . K . .h - , I K 1"'f fl x X , 1 'S i , , ., ,, , l r ' . i xi, 1- as ev' in Qt , ii- :X w ,. J Q., by X.: Qi .M Ei 9 sf W S ,fb 1 V l ,X A l 1 J A x "ii ' we , K -. ., , X ' R 1 .. ss. :- v ,MKS ' 2 as f, ,fi i ' fr x I 3 A it , ' 512 15, i - G if ' ' i .lrigl 5 32 , we if W' W ,. . - ' 1 . -af-N' , We ,Q Rig - V K n 8+ . 731' . Ai r J 'I , PS ' ' ' .N .i T Eff irq' Q i ,I . 4632, ' , . s A-,. far: t.-. f ar Bi E K J sg, is fi' sig y wuvx. :sf ,f sz e 'R g M. . ,Q A ".,,,.. fm :',.fi.a: , -. K 1 - ws of :RX - 4.43. E 5 -Q' " Pups . is , W ! f I . Af ' , ' .gn .ag -1 A X i' -f' ' sv A A , sf, . W it 1 ' . . . 1 is gw- 2 1 - L Q K' i L 2' -. f -5- A K It , . X "" " ' it .A' 1 ii X -r. 4 4 S ,ci -X . x 'yhy - ,gg in .. Q .FT it 11 ,.? it 'gg k f X 6 . .X . r Q' A M 'N i N Yi -. gnu M I k'Ci"r' 55 S ,... s w 'P 'Gr-3 SN 4 T , ss we . -i ,, . . .tgyv 1 3. , - i . . fn' X143 5 . . . , Q fs.. 1 I , . ,s 'ifeii - f ' i Z 34,1 ' We .. wg Q S P F li Wy x i .1 V 'vj -.' " is 1 LW ra K XT W . , 'i -S-x,sag:4-ij A: 383 f . if is . .. fi-' ' X if X. . ,iii .5 Xiiisii 9 F 'W 'x x qi. ,vu V51 Emily Real Randi Reed Shannon Richardson Carla Rivas Stephen Roberts Janine Rocque Monica Rodriguez Steve Roffeld Erika Rorvick Jon Roshala Francisco Ruiz Randolph Ruiz Sylvia Ruiz Nicole Ryan Rebecca Sabounchian Traci Sabuni Shelley Saftler Michiko Sakai Christine Sanchez Maria Sansui Christine Sanzo Keiko Satoh Kristina Soxberg Steven Schaefer Rachelle Schaugaard Jeanne Schell Daniel Schellenger Jr. Dynese Schiffilea Super Skaters When asked about skate- boarding, Todd Guerrette and Dale Bactley said, "lt's a heck of a lot better than surfing." The skateboarding population is rap- idly growing and skating is be- coming a world-wide pastime. The most popular skateboarding ramps are in southern California. As a matter of fact, Arcadia has over 'IO skating ramps. Though skating can be dangerous, it is fun and involves a lot of excitement for both participants and specta- tors. The last large skating com- petition was the "Holiday Havoc" at the Anaheim Convention Cen- ter held at the end of 4986. Skat- ing fans are eagerly waiting for the next big competition. While taking a break from school, Greg Hoon practices for his next skateboarding competition. Obviously, those long hours of practice paid off. Junior's People 203 Les Voitures A car - whaT mosT every AHS , - sT d u enT dreamed of. Many dreams were evenTually fulfilled b y mommy and daddy. OThers diligenTly worked To pay for mosT or almosT all of iT by Themselves. Many differenT cars were seen aT Arc d' ' a ia ranging from old "clunkers" To new 87's Many people judged' oThers by whaT They drove buT Laura Brew- er remarked, ' ' Thing To have, and iT's easier To geT around when you've goT one of you own." WhaT someone mighT Think of as a "clunker," mighT be someone else's pride and joy! This Camarro, belonging To Dino Omens, spends anoTher day sunning in The school parking ioT. The parking ioT was The main place for Apache cars To sTay while Their owners were away. :Ts jusT a good --il Katherine Schmidt Kim Schneider ChrisTopher Schurer Tina SchwarTz Luigi Scollo RoberT Sechresl ChrisTopher Sego ' We 1' :if A fl" 6 . . . S . . , U: .frm -4. .kgl W. ,,. f.. X A ff.. 1 " v, Lf", Q '- " l. xx ff- Q S w x , X. "ef ' Q- Y Lx I5 1 iii by . Q .,. . i. ' s. Rida seibok T VidG Selbtlk 4 xx .-. X Susan Ser I ' l W I, if My 4, STeven Serrano 'F , T A .. Syivana SeTTecase Z Q. .Q 51 T gi- Kimberly SeTTipane ' -, sr-f . . " .. iw David Shahoian ' . 4 . , . -5-Y ,Q , A k g : f I A W. i 'T - l LS J s S i Leiltl snomien xg T 'nig 1 '- Wayne Sharp . S rg be .f f . Slephen SMU' M ' , I .. T, i Gigi: gm-,di Shgyegon Vg J Q TE.. . A iq xl , in U eine sneeny mfg 13.38, ' Eric sheen U .Q , -T2':-' 3-if Jordan Sheinbaurn 'T is W T S ' x ' . 2- f S :Y .wa , , N qggb 'A S K 1 . . Kristen Shepherd 'F iiv- . ,, Q " fi " S . T 'Qs Kenl snow ig Q S A- , T y y sv Kyle Sh0rT .- ' T Q ,lk up ' I ' R Q .Q X Shannon Shrock ' 51.2 fy, 5? i 'W' , U 4 f Kevin Shu .fgfif 5 if S fy ' ' Q ff- 3 Michele Sigal . T- ' gk I Q W ., , John Silver , T- Junior's 204 People S T -P, 'C 0 sim A as " p,,.z x!' WR' K , Sf Y.. N-.. -- . ,..,.,i fl, X, 5' ,.., f"""S-..,'. iys 2 Sas JS- i . ,A qfiff - - .25 aww ki 1 -if rl 5,3 Wi., ,Q ,is 'af .J gf .-Q-,. 5-.,. 14. ,Q , J 1 A iir f 2 :J-. 'W I' ' rv . , -f , I K 1 pg -ig. j ,H 3 -.f , f x .. ,A "' f . . ff f 12313, 1 , 3 A fi V yy 4 ..W. 7 I v, v' A I H V " 1 . 'wrjiifl Q , Q 11- ' " . S ., s ' Q ' W , lr' X , E Y -A , , S A is le T fl ii . " ff- w- ' A A fi? J +436 1 i if if f 'N' 'fi 95 W ' i""'f ,, C V 3? A gf if v J f at S 'xffgytktvfsigpgteiy T i V 1 " . ,, ,W ' 1 "'k A . , ' "'Z' Y - - ff 4. AH - . ' ,4 f A -f-we J i . V 4 can X :A ii psi tg 5 Y U , M HY X js, f ' V 5 ' V17 . VV- , iff? ,fi H X V V . A , . 1 A. , - - 'x I i .ff-5 in .. . 4 I 1, , ' .f A" Q ii J, -f-, 1 5 n fl I ' ? A V f Q: QSJ7 N 0 H i f . , A i 2 ' i, V 5- J T it J T .J ,I I 1 ', ,A I . ra , 'ffm- T 'Q YL, lg Qtr ' y 4,1 , ,if i f ,V . , .E X J' W i 'Q y 't figs- Q My T 'Wim 3132 M4 K., .1 I , ne . ., 2 5 g It ,,,' ' X - ' , ' X Q T '. l 1 X0 A . V ,, ,,x,.,l E , . M3 , , fy . v,, , . yi, y S - J 1 ., T ' :fm , ,,, ,, ' V ,:, ti " K. is LJ .V li? ,Mt H .S Leigh Ann Silver Michael Simons Caryn Sivas Robert Skibsted Peter Smaldino Diane Smith Mark Smith Philip Smith Wendy Smith Melissa Sokolow Mark Soliman Dante Raul Soliven Jennifer Sommer Ml Son Jill Song Michael Spallina Steven Spaulding Gabe Staclone Rourke Stacy Mark Stafford Russell Stalder Gabriella Stallone Richard Stanley Kim Stapfer Sylvia Star Kevin Steger Alyssa Stephen Marci Stillwell Tanya Stivers Matthew Storrar Jocelyn Stoufer Sylvia Straka Henry Su Jo Suggs Jeanine Sutton Richard Swartzentruber Edward Sweigart Susan Swift Christine Taddei Jennifer Taggart Ohmi Takahashi Alice Tang Roberto Taracena Jeffrey Taylor Harvey Teague Theron Tephabock John Tessandori Harpal Thiara Julie Thinger Douglas Thompson Karen Thompson Jim Thorne Laura Thornton Alison Tietz Crista Tiritilli Michael Tomkins Junior's People 20 S N Steven Tranzow ' , ' s ' 3 Susan Tressel , A in f -Q - Kimberly Trotter g M s' ' . H N K l . i . John Tsai F, tl, ,g 'Ftiy X x at Hsiu Tseng rl i . xt' 1 J fivj Nancy Tseng X at , - K 4 ' Bw X f't"' '53 Yuan-Yu Tseng .eflkw :M V , h lg is . . , M E .,. MA' W L fy i I I ke EEZ .. Kxxmg 53, 5 , si: v 3 Q . Teh Tsou Tamao Tsuji Arsenio Tuazon Stacy Tye Timothy Tyree Margaret Vallejo John Van Der Plas X! -' 3 Jason Van Genderen ' James Vande Wege 4 . T Tina Vasquez " V ,T -.y Lisa Vazquez -1 ' 5' f, if Jennifer Velasquez 5 i f Steven Velderrain . ' .," Darin Vercillo . f if , ef. ,1, Julie Verrona lg Hoi von Vo ts,s N six " Van Vu 1 Maria Vukosav 'L ' John wade ,fi Juliet Wagner ff' ' Sean Wagner A - X T Bringing ln The Bucks Many students raised money for their clubs by selling things such as M 84 M's, Hug Cards, Blow Pops, G-ummy Bears, Campus Men Calendars, or jewelry. Clubs would sell goodies and students would buy them. You could walk into a room and most students would be sucking on lol- lypops. lt looked like everyone was happy as long as the were munching on their treat. The clubs were happy to earn money so that they could use it for special projects. "lt could be really frustating when everyone was sick of M 84 M's, and you had to find a way to sell the remaining candy," commented Alison Jones. Buying their daily food supply from Laura Bloomfield are Elena Contreras and Su- zanne Kazek. Selling candy was a way most clubs made their money. Junior's People Sims- ss, .. i: ,:,k K X MZ wil is . .E me E A , Ps . .2 z., Q ' SA? 'Q' ru: T -T ' it i v"' , f is 1 T . gy. it ,. .. ' X gag 4 in .Q .L ss -,:. . NQ., v .b K if T .. X c s T' wifi, 'Vx ,aff Q A, H1 F f I V N E ww - Li f' Q ' rigs Y ' X,-v I .5 .J 'NP' 'FY w? Q ,A ' 1 454 ff? J. Q, , . ,...., -' --z S 3 X Q Xia? .4 'e 1 r 'S 'Y , '43 Q K, x zu jfs Q 12,- r " g f Q U N X ,J 'fm -'YS' iz s . 9 42 - Q ,sw 1 55 21335, r 1 ,iv Y a f A at V i' Q , 4. WA 5 x is ,. JJJJ R Q . -T3 J . x ,. - ,i 5 'ii A . . ff J 4 J J Y 'x v- ' ri . - ui li, 11 at X ""x1 r , .ki "', K . .. i JK 1 J i , -r K . QRS 5 - L . A. L' ' . . 1, f A ifg - 1 'A ' 'f " "J ' K 5- fel if 5' X xr F ' 1 V k R sg B' ' s 'a a A 3 r Ui ' 5. VW' N 1 . .1 A 3' Q 1 my A i C ,g '- - H 4 ,,L ., i r - x"k rv'- sr I t ' J , . M is LLLW M A ws. C. .W X xi Ti w e 4 . J' L dan, 'R K 1. ,- is ff . -'rw Al. ss V. . x nd. j - .J jf" , fi' ,f-k '. , s at 1v 1 l zen' ' X 9 in 1 w . . 1 , 1' 3 ' Y i N .K X 1' g if A . gc sa ga ggi rv J Q I , , Q 1 I , 'I : f . Q in. x ik. 4 Scott Walker Kirk Walsh Min-Huei Wang Nien-Chin Wang Wendy Wang Steve Wang Joanne Ward Scott Washburn Doreen Watson Sandra Watson Noel Wei Mark Welch Rebecca Welles Scott Wemmer Emily Wen Michael Werner Scott Wesseler Kristin Whipple Shannon Wholey Jeffrey Wickline Debora Wilbur Mylinda Wilkinson Lincla Williams Richard Williams Ruth Wiasiuk Jimmy Woo Donald Wood Kimberly Woods Mark Woodsmall Michelle Wright Andy Wu James Yang Rowena Yao Purwah Yau Roubina Yegavian Chiang Yeh Robert Yew Jojo Yiu Joon Yoo Yong Yoo Lisa Younessi Candy Young Jason Young Hae-Chern Yu Matthew Zafonte Lisa Zakas Valerie Zampiello Pamela Zapata Gina Zavala William Zelnis Shereen Zernickow Connie Zoccoli Stephanie Zoccoli Junior s 207 Entranced by the "12 best looking men on campus, Sonja Djokage and Susan Harmon spend Their snack lim looking men," fealured in a calendar. was o cheerleadin fundraiser. Caught by surprise Aaron Holmes. Julie Thinger, Mark Smilh, and Rou- bina Yegavian. Lunch was a lime for relaxalion and colching up on The loiesl gossip. f xg . 'va M 'O-1 rv -- l .f YQ: H.. .. ' 3 208 Juniors People absorbed in what was happening on stage. The "be: Friends Forever was the plan of Vivion Lenchuk, Nisha Desai, Cari Larre, and Mer- edilh Kaplan. Going our was one way slu- denls enjoyed Themselves. 4409 4242 Bop 'lll you drop. Kim Schneider and Darrin Vercillo enjoy Themselves by spending o Friday night at one of The school dances. Juniors People T l l ll l l T l J ll l 5 . T l T.. u ll 6 l l T . l ,, l l . l , l if l T T T l . Tl .lL ...W . 'l T . l T l l A. , . l T T il l l Seneca Zena- Om genome 76 Stdzted ,,, T A senior? me? BuT I can sTill remem- Since mony seniors opplled To The U.C. ..................i............. ber The firsi day of kindergarienl Oddly sysTem ond hod To moil Their dpplicoTions enough, when seniors ocTuoIly sTopped before November 30, They olso senT off ond oncilyzed Their T3 long yeors of Their opplicoTions To oTher prospecTive school, They couldn'T believe ThoT iT wos colleges. lvlony seniors remember rushing olmosT over. inTo The counseling office oT The losT min- """""" lvlony memories will olwoys sToy wiTh uTe wiTh quesTions obouT Their opplico- These seniors. School ToughT everyThing Tions. WiTh The counselors' help, The sTu- from finger-poinTing ond coloring To wriT- denTs survived The crises. ing Term popers ond solving colculus The spring semesTer broughT severe ------------- problems. By The end of Their junior yeor, 'lsenioriTis." STudenTs olreody occepTed sTudenTs couldn'T woiT To begin colling To college suddenly losT inTeresT in oco- Themselves "SENlOl?S." Those who hodn'T demics. To geT owoy from 'l3 yeors of begun To Think of Themselves os seniors homework ond sTress, mony sTudenTs es- were quickly broughT bock To reoIiTy coped To The beoch. i when "senior porTrdiTs" were Token in The boccoloureoTe, senior breokfosT, mid-July. groduoTion, ond grod-nighT signciled The The firsT semesTer seemed To include o end of high school ond The beginning of whirlwind of ocTivlTies. The senior closs someThing Terrifyingly brond new. Sud- """""'-"""""' picTure wos Token in The fooTboll sTonds. denly 'I3 yeors of school become ci kolei- Senior counseling sessions sTorTed in order doscope of fond memories wiTh ci few To help The sTudenTs prepore for college. Trogedies ond heorToches mixed in. The And The seniors hod Their ldsT chonce To Closs of '87 wenT inTo The world wiTh '13 ------T-----W oTTend The Homecoming donce ond The yeors of leorning ond growing, of exper- Chondelier Boll before becoming olumni. iences, ond of fun which will sTond Them in - ...-.-1........l....-..1.... - SEDTQLS. November become The "officiol" monTh To send in college opplicoTions. good sTeod for The resT of Their lives. """"'l l People T l lll Ai Rocking around the clock," Kerry Milano and Jacquelin Wilson dance fifties. lv b gms- u elseva L , mioofba ferr. . bf 9 . bow 5hown1?XA Gm 5miieS 0 towne' Havlng a blast, Sieve Whipple ond Joe Pallodino show Their enihusiarn. The -W cole Johnsogzor guys UCI S We UZQD re lh fig F ffog OUUO UCSC: . by Seniors People I ,-4tzewdauzce Office Wfakee ekzwgee Forged readmits were hard To obtain. Because sTudenTs con- Tinuously "helped each oTher ouT," The adminisTraTion sTopped allowing sTudenT office aides To wriTe ouT readmiTs, The aTTen- dance office closed during parTs of The day To give The secrefaries Time To aTTend To oTher duTies. STudenTs no longer could come in The middle of The period and had To geT Their readrniT during snack. Lianne Churchman said, "I was absenT less ofTen because iT was Too much of a hassle To geT back inTo class." A sTudenT could no longer sleep in because his friend in The aTTendance office firsT peri- od would noT be able To give him "his easy TickeT back To class." Wciiing for her readmif back To class, Danielle Deyarmond is glad The aTTen- dance office is open. Seniors learned To follow The new hours of The aTTendance office. NaTasha Abboud Erika Ahn Young-lvli Ahn Michael Alerich Carlos Alfonso Glen Alley or CaTherine Allin Erica Arneis Spyridon Ananiades Philip Anderson Jason Anderson CynThia Anid CrisTa ArneTT David Askins Tamara Ayres Philip Bachelder Jeffery Baker Shane Baker 2 1 2 Seniors People if 'K WQV Yrgjf' F Shannon Baker Liane Bakowski Maifhew Bandas Maria Barbieri Julie Barrow Maureen Basura Nanci Baielaan Louie Baum Jason Beamguard Eric Belcher Lisa Belcher Adrienne Bellis Linda Benioff Ernie Berumen Richard Besocke Joe Berancouri Brett Berzler Krisiin Bierschbach Jennifer Billings Michael Bivolcic Chrislopher Bjerg Krisline Blake Scoh' Blevins Cynlhia Boese Siephanie Bogosian Thomas Boyd Jr. Trisha Brady Sheri Brakebush Barrett Bramsiedr Caihleen Branson Michael Braunsiein Teresa Brighouse Erin Briolia Scoif Briscoe Adam Brockie III Brell Brooke Seniors 2 1 3 People Alhena Brownlie Brenl Bruinsma Elizaloerh Bryanl Michael Bryce Edward Burgh Marie Burmelsler Craig Bullerfield Carmel Cabrinha Adrienne Call Ned Calveri Bradley Campbell Karen Capulo Mall Caraya Elizabeth Cardone Slephen Carlson Christian Carreon Jason Carroll Perry Carler Slephen Cashion Andrea Cecil Elena Cerecerez Erich Chan Kai Shun Chan Gene Chang Jerry Chang Leon Chang Sabrina Chang Kelly Charllon Melissa Charllon Mimi Chen Nadin Chen Peler Chen Sophia Chen Wen-Ju Chen Ya-Kuan Chen Johnson Cheng 2 1 4 Senior People 5K fu- Tim Cheng Peter Childs June Cho Dan Choe Van Chumley Jenney Chung Lianne Churchman Jeff Cimini Dana Clark Julie Clark Diane Claus Chris Colacito David Coville Paige Conner Todd Connors Kathleen Considine Stephanie Convey Michael Conway With an S.A.T. score of 1510 Qonly 90 points away from a perfect scorej, four AP classes, Pep Band, Senior Men, and Foren- sics, Doug Davies managed to find some time for himself. When asked how he kept up with his many interests, Doug replied, "by pretending I can budget my time, but sometimes it's very difficult." In his treasured spare time, Doug enjoyed learning to wind surf and even found time to choose a role model. When asked who his role models were, Doug said, "Oh, God, lots of peo- ple, but probably H.L. Mencken Ca social criticj and Alfred Hitch- cock." Senior Doug Davies sits in class contem- plating the day's events. Although clas- stime was designed for classwork, most students needed a minute to put their thoughts together. Seniors 2 1 5 People Krisien Cooke Carolyn Conney Kevin Copper Craig Coss David Coslarella Richard Couririghl William Cramer Melissa Cruz Ananda Cullinane Chrislina Cunningham Luke D'Angelo Candy Dahlsirom Andrew Danring Karen Dale Brian Daly Sean Daly John Danciarl Naslasios Darlas Krislen Darwin Douglas Davies Shannon Dawald Leslie Dea Michelle Deeis Deborah DeLong Maja Delvigne Christopher Demirdjian Anlhony DeNino William Denson Tricia DeOrio Keith Derrick Thomas Devlin Danielle Deyarmond Taruna Dhawan Cynthia Dickey Todd Dickson Stacy Doeppel 2 1 6 Seniors People 5 liE'.n,.1,, 4: A! lf N ,- if 'C' ks 'if .V f s G ' " ' i t 'T ' 1 im gem T! f QQ mlm ,mam IQ .gg-f' AET5 .4-55 i5Wr'NA litrf' 1' 5 f ww me-4" F i an 5 v li 4 if T 'QS QCN i 415- v 7Zeaefz .loaded gettez Ancient Egypt never looked better. Designed by Diego Con- nelly, Steve Kopp, and Steve lvli- trovich, the mural added some spark to the barren "F" hall. With a meticulous eye, Jeff Stone and the advanced drawing and painting class painted the mural. Dena Johnson said, "I think it's great our school brought some of the artistic talent forward onto the Arcadia High Campus." Those who participated in the formation of the mural will always be able to come back to the campus, point to the mural, and say with pride, "I helped to put that there." This fancy Egyptian artwork, done by various students, could be seen while walking to class down F-Hall. Carrie Dollase Beth Donner Geoffrey Dorn Clifford Dorsey Erin Duncan John Durbin Ana Echeverria Chad Edginton Pete Elia Melanie Ellison Jill Elmore seniors 2 1 7 People Abraham Domian Wendy Dressen Vincent Duchetta Elizabeth DuFosee Darren Dunoway Charles Emerson Cristal Emirhanian Yoko Ena Julie Engler Rodger Erickson MirTa Escobedo Raymond Eshaghian KrisTen Espenschied Mark Eu Sean Evans Paul EvleTh Denise Fabbri STeven Farr Suzanne Fauria Duane Fellows Susan Ferdinando William Ferguson PaTricia Fernandez John Finocchiaro l?oberT Fisher Where To? was The quesTion mosT asked by seniors in The middle of The day. They usually replied Burger King, Taco LiTa, and Belly BusTer. Open lunch was one of The privileges which seniors received and They all seemed To enjoy going ouT in- sTead of sTaying aT school. Lin- da Benioff said "The besT Thing abouT going ouT To lunch is ThaT iT gives a break away from school." Smlles were given by Jackie Murovich and LineTTe O'Bannon as They eaT. 2 -1 8 seniors People Q 'Ji iw 1 K ,ss T ' ' :lggll i f ' T if , JL hw , Flaw 'ii F We u.,..- IQ " . I K I .21 " Lenny Flercher f Charlyn Foreman Judy Fordham David Fosrer Gary Fox Jolyn Fry Kuri Gamble of .W EF WW 'M H 1 A Lg -F FAFQ Colleen Gargan Sharon Garlough Erin Garner Q f ' '- Corey Garraway ,mf , ,, 5 If "" ,M 4 ral il. ,i,....L ,A Lynese Giangregorio sv? iii ' f W N 1, U Y ,nc -. I ,, 1 I rv' x- x. ag, f .1 Claude Gilberr III Michele Giles Brad Gillerre E' Krisien Gilmariin Lisa Giradol Shannon Giroux ras. '.-ar 'P' ,0- E XA ,J ,V Sherrie Giroux Jeffrey Gledhill Jeaneiie Goggins Kimberly Grandy Donald Grani 2 David Graves x, L I ca Sandra Grechanuck a.rG A ,Sf -,aQl ,, - Mark Greensrone Thomas Greep Jeanelle Grehan nb Jan Groesz f' 5 WM il sm, ,. ir.. ,. ' .F 'f,, ' 2' Sify ' ,- if - his fv- I . - , Eric Gruben r MV, .sr sr FW X: 5 Q 4' I r N. 4 a N 1 Anne Marie Grund Jodi Gubbins Michael Guerrero Sherri Gunnell Nancy Guo "' Laura Hahn l Seniors 2 1 9 People Komberly Hcirmon JononThon Howkins KirsTen Henderson 'WW Don'T forgeT your senior checkllsil For The firsT Time, seniors g7fe1,a,4a!Seagm! I I 1 l 4 I meT wiTh Their counselors ln smdll groups To discuss Their plons ofTer groduoTion. Seniors skipped gov- ernmenT closs fif The sTudenT didn'T hcrve governmenr, onoTher closs wos chosenj once every few weeks To Ieorn crbouT grddu- oTion requiremenTs, college re- quiremenTs, ond how To compuTe o GPA. Louro Jenkins soid The meeTings were helpful becouse "I goT o chonce To see my counsel- or regulorly, ond To hedr oTher sTudenTs' quesTions which I hodn'T ThoughT of osking." To Ieorn more about college, Tonyo Mur- rdy ond STephonie Rodrlquez Tolk To Mrs. Lucy Berger. Group counseling was o new ideo which mony sTudenTs opproved of. Soroh Hcrhn Corolyn Hcrll Lindo Holi VicTor Hong KrisTin Horris Julie Horrison Tomoko Hoyoshi Angelo Hoyner Edword Heorn Joseph Heilhe Dione Henriks Robin Henkels KoThryn Henrich Leslie HerringTon as Joy Herron Seniors People E ifws 1 . 1 if ' , ,A ,Ellis ..,- M i . gf f ff' Y- ' ,Q x ,lf 'ra - 'fu r - N 1.-Q5 Q-, .. . ' 53' 'i W A is ii gf l 3,2 f 93551 hr Q V 1- Y fr, i ii i' P M , 'Q .. if M' M ' l. i 'V' -Uv x V' K , 4141! .,',s A MW -'Q 5 fp- - -N e -.. 'N-v... -s.. I 'IGS L- 45" K A . 7, 564' 'fu '17 A Cindy Helzel Donavon Heydon Allisa Hidalgo Suzanne Highfower Krisfine Hill Meredifh Hill Brian Hillenbrand Jennifer Hills Akiko Hirao Jennifer Ho Jenny Ho Shannon Holbrook Dawn Holmes Jeff Holi Alvin Hom Michael Hoon Thomas Houck Karen Hovsepian Juei-Chen Hsieh Wendy Hsieh Alice Hsu Chung-Wei Hsu Michael Hsu Roger Hsu Rufh Hsu Annie Huang Ken Huang Mark Huang Mary Huang Timofhy Huang Denise Hudson Lisa Hudson Lisa Huffman Ryan Hunl Breff Hunfer Kelly Hullon seniors 1 People Meeli Im Srephanie lnbody James Italia Boris llkis Michael Jacoby Joseph Jaing Bradley Jarvis Slephanie Jeliio Laura Jenkins Tracy Jilg Javier Jimenez Deborah John Dena Johnson Jill Johnson Julie Johnson Melissa Johnson Jeanine Johnslon David Jones Jeffrey Jones Jennifer Jones Marlhew Jones Roberi Jordan Michael Kang Allen Kao Mary Kalalhikarn Derek Kaufmann Tsuyoshi Kawahifo Sean Kebis Susan Keh Kimberly Kellell Mijung Kim Myung Kim Tammy Kim Young Kim Yung Kim Jennifer Kincarr Seniors People 'Q .N S I x X 7' fn'-11 ff? me - - Wi - En.: ', ' , " J 5,- K in H is'i ,J-. -I-fri' ' . 5 urls? Q iw iff, E 4 41. :f,A'359'. .NJ ' fl x . Q f My H ': H WYKQ? L tw Y N l f A J' fi Mb A k if 4 J' X w nt' y l Y- be x a 4' U mi ,Q , si ' "'- ff ff ri! .vm- 5 E ,x Inf ii? 241, M ,x s 'J eil ,, 1 . K a . my yi Q, 32' my QT:-f P J! s iw ,nl u., , :fi uw Y , 4 :- WW -4 iffy? . ,,- . I vi' 'Q N - 'U' 5 ' spy 1, y 4 'ix 'Y' fix A ,QA :i,,A?L+.1 '32, iw '- fs1faQ9f?if - A "hi-rf We-pf' if fi , JF.-45+ ,, N fi W. ' D.- Q 1 X J sm we 4 T' :' , ' . . "S 'G ' A an A A ' '51, K , , ,ix A if-' ,T if ,i 52 L' ' PA ,fr-an sift-V 1'1- 'Z-V fr. 1 A "I cw., . Lisa King Sabrina King STacy Kirin Tamara Kisfner Eui Kline Kimberly Kline David Koeper Sieven Kopp Inga Kornev gp Paul Kosinski M , " M , Andrew KouTsouTis is Brei Kreier - STeven KreuTz Qi' '37 Q George Kuc ,I Donald Kuhlberg fl, 5 is 11. 42. The obligaiions of The senior class were Taken care of by The Senior Council. ln charge of or- ganizing The baccalaureaTe, The gradualion ceremony, and The all-nighT gradualion parTy, The Council spenf mosl of The year planning fund-raisers such as a candy sale and The 'November DusTs" dance. The officers noT on The ExecuTive Counicl began a new program To help new sTu- denis feel comforfable during Their firsT few days aT Arcadia High. Mike Jacoby said, "The sen- ior class officers made graduafion possible, as well as successful," Senior councIl-- Froni Row: Mike Jacoby. President Kelly lVlcEnTee, SenaTor. Row 2: Lianne Churchman, Vice Presidenf: Eric STonecipher, Boys Youfh Commissioner. Back Row: Jennifer SuTTon, Treasurer: Tri- cia Reno, Girls Youih Commissioner: Lori Teefs, Secrefary, seniors People Adam Knowland Jennifer Kocaya Sfephanie Koeing 1 i.. Akemi Kurimolo Joyce Kuroki Traci LaBarrie Leslie Lach Mary Lachelf Kelly Lading Richard Lang Jennifer Larrazolo Daniel Larson Lorie Lalier Eric Laun Julie Leis Weinardy Leksmana Crisfi Lenf Jerry Li David Lighfcap Sun-Young Lim Angela Lin Cliff Lin James Lin Jeffrey Lin Kuan-How Lin Mei Lin Michael Lin Richard Lin William Lin John Liska Michelle Liiiell Debbie Liu Amy Lopez Brian Lopez Mark Lopez Richard Lovrensky Kenneih Lu Roberi Lu Wen Lu Seniors ,i ,. People I I I I I 7l':40M7d Sa? 0 lT's okay To say "NO!" In pur- suiT of excellence, a drug TesTing program was iniTiaTed wiTh The help of The ParenT AlerT Drug Awareness Program. STudenTs volunTeering for The confidenTiaI drug Tesiing program were placed on a IisT and Then ran- domly chosed. They were TesTed for alcohol, marijuana, and oTher drugs which were commonly used. The program aimed To reduce peer pressure To experimenT wiTh drugs. The execuTive council and fooTball Team volunTeered for The firsT TesT. Mike Jacoby commenT- ed, "The program is an excelIenT excuse for Those who are unde- cided abouT drugs To say UNO!" Red rlbbon week promoted an anfl-drug movement and coincided wiTh The new drug-TesTing. Anne Marie Grund, Wendy Dresson, and Anna Echeverrio demon- sTraTe Their suppon for The campaign. Teem Lucas Chad Lucore Ericho LyTell Andrew Macias Salvador Maciel ChrisTi Mager Clara Magyar Linda Mai Erin Malloy Candice Maloney Rick Marino Jackie Marovish Benjamin Marrone KeiTh Marshall Laura MarTin Bryan MarTinez Danielle MarTinez Dorien Masseling Seniors People Jacquelyn Mazurek ChrisTopher McCarn WhiTney McDermiT Kafhleen McEnTee Michael McGovern Kafherine McKeon Gregor McKibben Arfhur McCormick Susan May David Maze STeven Mazone Kelly McAndrew Marie McCarThy Tammy McCune Erin MclnTyre l Sean McQuilkin Scoff Mead Dominic Medina 7umd4 ac. as . Two by Iwo They go. Couples drew The aTTenTion of Their peers no maTTer where They wenT. Al- mosT every Teen who dafed someone regularly Tried To spend an equal amounf of Time on The weekends wiTh his 'lmain squeeze" as he did wifh his friends. Leslie HerringTon said, "iT doesn'T seem To be a problem because all of my friends are friends wifh my boyfriend." For Those noT as forTunaTe as Leslie. Time managemenf was usually difficulf. The decision To noT go on a daTe and insfead To spend Time wifh friends, or vise-versa, was hard To make because someone usually gof hurf. "Coke Is lil" and so were doughnuts for John Durbin and Leslie Herringfon. seniors People r 3 X 5 Y 12.2 T 47 dr. 'fs U' ffifffk if 2 D , W I 2 E' W- TR v- , I , gr in -E..-l X' Q 5 W 7 . Ax gm we i Richard Melohn Sandra Mendenhall Lynne Mercer Jalpa Merchant Krislyn Meyer Kerry Milano Annalisa Miller David Miller Luke Miller Michelle Miller John Min Shawna Minton Jill Mohan Thomas Monles Joyce Monlemayor Larry Monlgomery Mary Moon Douglas Moore Kelley Moore Colleen Moran Larrain Moreno Wendy Morgan Shannon Morrison Cynlhia Mulder Derek Muro Tonya Murray Naghmen Nabari Nancy Nagala Mike Naka Spencer Nardelli Ofelia Navarro Telsuya Negishi Ann Nelson Mallhew Nelson Craig Newman Thong Nguyen Seniors People Skipper Pedrring IV ffhacie Zen' Apache red. Colorful, vivid, ond brighT described The new red lockers. The bledkness of monkey vomiT green-hued hdlls vdnished forever when The lockers were reviTdllzed. The new look seemed To repel vonddls. Books sTood up dnd soluTed when iT wds Time To go To closs: They were so gldd To escdpe from Their previous swomp-green prision. Liso Rigglo sold, "When I firsT sow The lockers I ThoughT iT wds redlly cuTe be- cduse The brighT red brouQhT ouT school spirT. WiTh d criTicdl eye, Jeff Cimini remdrked, 'lThe lock- ers broughT d big chdnge wiTh The brighT red color dnd The fresh pdinT smell." Glowlng red matches Jay Herron's emo- tion cis he fumbles for his key ds The bell is clbouT To ring! Robert Nicolas Amy Noe ' VlcTorid NuTT L 1 i ii Jonh Nybe ' ' 'T T Pdul Odkley A f ,- LineTTe O'Bdnnon if , Q ul, 4. ' vm X - f ,, ,,. Kevin O'Dell lvldrlonne O'hdre w is., f My Alicid Olsen Joseph Pollddino Mid Pork Roy Pork lvlichoel Pdrker STeven PdsTuld Angelo Perez ScoTT Perry ChrlsTine Persing Seniors People ,, .T ,,,V J V " is 'E AQ? X ls, . ww' -. - vw 7- Del Peterson Stacey Pichotta Richard Pike Synthia Pilic Susan Piurnlee Stacy Podliska Cindy Pon Brandas Poole Christopher Porter Thomas Powell Eileen Pozza Monica Preciado Steven Provenzano Price Quigley Nasheecl Rahman Paul Rea Peter Reaina Michael Reed Eric Reicheun Tricia Reno Ronald Richter Corina Rieder Lisa Riggio Linda Riley Juanita Riuas Frank Rizzi Jeffrey Roback Stacy Roberts Jon Robertson Danielle Roborge Karyn Robillord Chistopher Robinson Anthony Robles Stacie Rodriguez Stephanie Rodriguez Sharlene Rogers Seniors People Edgardo Romero Q Monica Roney M Sharron Ronga Slephen Ronga ' W l W M K Tiffany Rosedale gg- f- 'iw .Q Annisa Ross ' ,grew fl S ,rg , 2 1 A f William Ross Angela Russo M S, f 1 Slephanie Ruzich ff - Mark Rynkiewicz fl f ' Anika Samarzich . I , v ffzjz S -A X ik 7 Q 'Q I ,Q Ks Lisa saelid ,, ., 3 i S ' I Y I Todd Sams Sieven Samuelian S Emma Sanchez S qi J PeTerSanclford S Erik Sarafian 'fi' is E52 59 ,ae N Kimberly Saxelby , l Y T Douglas Schaller l S Thomas Schiffilea Laura Schlichiing Sandra Schreiner Q rf! " Bradley Scoh' - D Eric Seasfedi Peier Sedleniek riff i' S' S . is S 'H ' Roberi Sega l John Selbak David Sellman John Seppanen 1 ' vi. Kimberly Sewell f R iw' i 55, Yu-Chen Shen l"' W Wi Brian Sherlock Mark Shively Sarah Shorl Heidi Sicurella Vicioria Silcox M 4' '- . mu -, N 1 - ' .V .' ,, .M , - , ,ff -fy, - 1 ' ' f' .Q . . X 11137 3- an Wifi ' -, S S ' S 'U' . , I ' l LQGTQTT . f. S - l Seniors People is 7 ' 0.4 'Uh Q' A-is -gl. ,. 1 MQW f . S A'am,izf is-12 l- "sails E420 P ww. pw ' sn .. r 1 -3. , ,H lg .png , 6 ' f 'W' V' th f Q, is Egg, fxl Robert Silverthorn Jocquelin Silvio Michelle Silvio Kirk Simone Jeffrey Singer Suzonne Sitts i . ! -. ,,.,., 1.4 Ronio skinris at .Q Tereso Smoldino Eric Smoll Briton Smith 3 Michelle Smith .. - ,W ll 'BE J. ,. 1-T1 f- 4 if 'K v Mindy smith Potty Smith Shelio Smith Debbie Sneider Stephonie So Andrew Soffo Jung Sohn 'X 'CI Same Sma Flying hot dogs, soaring rats, and rotten eggs ore now port of the history of Arcoclio's ossem- blies. School spirit wos Dock. When osked what she thought of the school spirit ot Arcodio, vorsi- ty songleoder Kristen Dorwin sold "l'm hoppy with the increosing omount of spirit our school hos shown." Principol of Activities Thomos Poyne's enthusiostic otti- tude greotly improved the pep ossemblies. As senior Brocl Jorvis puts it, 'ilhomos Poyne is highly explosive. Kicking buck, Brod Sexton ond Brod Compbell enjoy themselves os they ore entertoinecl by the pep squod. Seniors 1 People Mookon Son Melinda Soo Hoo Stephanie Sorensen Christina Spaulding Patricia Stearns Julie Stollar Shannon Stone Eric Stonecipher James Stoner Angela Sudiono Christina Sun Jennifer Sutton Jo-Anne Swensson Thomas Swiatek Tomaso Tarantino Jane Tarkanian Garret Tatebe Lori Teets Elizabeth Thompson Prue Thomsen Alexander Thurman Louis Ting Monique Tiaden Shannon Toepfer Maria Torres Shannon Torres Paul Totten Todd Traggio Neil Travanti Todd Tripp Jeanne Tsing Tetsu Tsuji David Tu Linda Tu Lydia Tuazon Andrea Tunnicliff 2 2 Seniors People vw' K of iixgiw Q' TJ 3- 45- ,, X Q v- I. sg, 1 i-2 vf li: 2' if Y' 221 sl! F U Q lilo ,-w 5 i 6' 'iid 5, ,V 1 'iv Q , Q wg. X may sri wr S l '! Ll" fri vs., 131 T- l- -JrrriTlllllll .. ,i s ff-.1 75 iii' f"'.f-7 vim rv ,fr 4 . ., ,. Looking in fronT of The cafeTe- ria, many sTudenTs noficed liTTle, square, slabs of concreTe wiTh in- scripTions wriTTen on Them. These were The senior squares. The squares were a privilege shared by The senior class. These "6 X "6 squares could be purchased by senior sTudenTs in order for Them To leave a parT of Themselves aT Arcadia High. The memories of school and friends will be imprinT- ed in The squares forever. Kirk Si- mone sTaTed, "Senior squares were a greaT way To leave your name aT The school and To cre- aTe a greaT memory." Leaving a mark at Arcadia High was imporianT To seniors. Kirk Simone, Susan Hyde, and Michael Guerrero Think abouf The message They wanT To wrire. Laurie Turunen Wendy Tye Eric Tyree Gregory Tyson KurT Ulbrich David Van lwaarden, Jr. A I , A y Tiffany Van Horn Krisfofer Van Osdel ,. :Waste ,fer-,u. . . 3 1 .7 -fx, T ' , K T01 , i . if . ki.. .HW iii. ChrisTina Vega 7 f Jaymes Venema - ' Valerie VerkouTeren - , Brian Veron Trudi Walde Pamela Walden Maihew Waken CharloTTe Walker Ronald Walker Michael Walsh Seniors People David Weckerle STephen Whipple Suzanne WhiTaker Randall WhiTmore Jacauelin Wilson Sandra WalTrip Lyndell Wang i Sunny Wang ,Q Ryan Ware T y Arlene Welch Michelle WesT Dvvane WhiTe Jeffrey WhiTe y-1 ,, PeTer WhiTeley Philip Wigley Randall Wilson Shannon Wilson , ,f i 64004649 14 100 people surveyed, Top 5 answers on The board. Here's The auesTion: 'lWhaT is your dream college'?" 'i. UCLA 2. PrinceTon 3. Pepperdine A. USC 5. UC San Diego These were The Top five col- leges chosen by senior sTudenTs. Many fanTasized abouT going To These colleges buT each sTudenT had his doubTs of acTually being accepTed. Seniors during The monThs of November and De- cember were busily working on Their applicaTions for college. By February, seniors became Tense and frusTraTed as The college ac- cepTances and rejecTions arrived in The mail, As June Cho puT iT, "College is a nighTmare! Wilh The pressure ol college applications due, seniors needed quick informaiion. Spencer Nar- delle and Kimberly Saxelby invesiigaie various brochures 4 Seniors People Teresa WalTers S , Ai sf ' 31:1 , su f' ess Q' . i ri wry f mf ufiif :wi AA -' I Y' iv Ld 5 Y '51, tiki 5-is 'M A i. sf f T I o . is. W- me sv? 472 rw, . . i .sf '- D , ff. ,H ., rv, K. 1 Y? Eric Zeulzius Rina Zonni Stephanie Kroll Tamara Wilson Daniel Wilslerman Mallhew Winslow Marc Woodward Michelle Woodward Keli Wrighi Wendy Wright Cindy Wu David Yack Wai-hung Yau Denis Yip Annie Young Seniors 5 People 7712214 ? Seniors People Krisia Archibald Vicky Au Kevin Bauer Toby Benak Kimberly Boerjan Amy Bringhursl Heidi Bruggeman Janei Bryant Jason Chan Arihur Chang Su Chang Kenny Chen Lorraine Chen Ronald Chew Hsu-Pei Chiang Teresa Chiu Johnny Chu Peler Chun Gary Clemenls David Clingman Diego Connelly Angela Dasiici Juanna Delgado Michael Djokich Karen Donikowski Michael Fang Deborah Fernand Nir Gabriel Gerardo Gama George Girgis GZ Scorl Groves Andrew Healy Meredilh Hill Yolanda Hofer Jennifer Hofman Jennifer Hsieh Chung-Shieh Hsu Shun-U Kao Sanghoon Kim Yen-Chi Lai Frank Lane Michael Lama Sleven Lee Cynihia Leung Paul Liang Chad Lin Lih Lin Janel Lo Liisi Lund Joy Mellon Darren Merager Siephanie Miller Muslafo Muslafa Akeia Nakano Jason Navarro James Nelson Tarik Nuhodzic Darry Peake Adrian Perez Scoll Porier Elizabelh Quinlana Beaux Randall Hooman Rashidl Jaaueline Rivera Gregory Scarcell Bradley Sexlon Francis Sharpe Shawn Sheldon Gabriel Soliz Sleven Song Ching Suen Charlene Sun Rebecca Tabor Shannon Torres Bryani Trick Mei-Chun Tseng Chrislopher Turner Chrisrina Vega Jamie Villasemor Jeanine Wagenaar Pairick Wallon Bradley Warren Joanne Weber Andrea Wells Janice Wong Slephanie Wrighi Wesley Yanagi Pecky Yeh Tony Young HEEL, -+7 aenchfz 3' 41 9' won! Traci La Barrie ancl Lisa Riggio are exciTecl abouT Arcodia's in The Homecoming game, out, Candy DahlsTrom, BeTTy Cardone, Ananda Cullinane, and BurmeisTer enjoy a quieT lunch wiTh friends. Some seniors elecTea To aT school rather Than fighT The crowds aT fasT foocl resTauranTs, flashy costumes, Orchesis members Debbi DeLong and Melissa dance To The beat of "PoinT Of No ReTurn" aT The Homecoming To be forgotten Is The memory of being a Homecoming queen. by NaTasios Darlos, Queen Jennifer Billings enjoys her momenT of 2711 52217117 S574 025 Enjoying the hot sun and cool water, John Danciari ancl Jennifer Kincart snow off Their Talenl for water skiing auring a trip To Big Bear Lake. Many seniors vacarionea at nearby lakes ana rivers. Cruising around town, Stacy Rodriguez shouts To nearby friends. Friday nights always brought something unexpected, and The Homecoming game was no exception. Kerry Mi- lano, Shannon Baker, and Anika Samarzicn smile while an- licipating an exciting evening, Tnrill Seeking Seniors Seniors R 'i 'F- izgkaeadow s ' 'S lorseback riding helps Karen Caputo ease the complexities of life. :rape juice. Dressed as grapes, the varsity club, following Keith ierrick, skated around the track while playing, "Heard it Through l pe Grapevine." -iespite their driving privileges, many people still rode their bikes round town for pleasure and exercise. Shannon Stone ond Lianne thurchman are in the middle of a pike trip. Thrill Seeking Seniors 2 Seniors 71035 72677771 A tunny moment is almost always unexpected. Life's strange quirks of fate often produce a humorous situation resulting in laughter. Ambrose Bierce in the Devil's Dictionary wrote, "Laugh- ter, n. An interior convulsion, producing a distortion of the features and accompanied by inarticulate noises." The Webster's New World Dictionary defines convulsion as, "a violent, involuntary splasm of the muscles." The words laughter and convulsion are closely related, therefore the next time something bazaar hap- pens and someone makes a noise, be sure it's laughter and not a convulsion. Kicking back at snack Scot Blevins. Eric Tyree, Greg Tyson, Pete Sedleneck, and Eric Laun dis- cuss their weekend plans. VICTORY was in the mind of song girl Kristin Dar- win as she observes an exciting football game. Hoping for a sale, Linette O'Bannon and Jackie lvlarovich hold one of their good-looking pump- kins. The pumpkin sale was a main fundraiser for the Junior Exchange Club. Pauslng a moment to think ot his next class, Brad Gillette relaxes during snack. This time gave students a little break before returning to their classes. Those Funny Moments Seniors Q: soe 4' -X ey' Someone lold me a slory aboul a guy who ran inlo a lree in Mammolh while skiing, he didn'l know lhal I was lhal guy. -Michael Bryce My egg cracked in lhe library. -Linda Benioff When I fell flal on my face in fronl of Tad Schillings. -Slacey Doppel When someone pul a padlock on my bell loop and I had lo go To lhe janilor lo gel il cul off. -Jeffrey Singer The zipper of my jeans broke during Lllh period and when I called my mom, she broughl every pair of jeans I had lo school. -Joanne Swenson A group of friends and I wenl up lo Arrowhead and we didn'l have any waler for lhe weekend. -Sean Evans THE FUNNIEST THINGS . . I was wilh Karen Capulo and when we pulled up lo Burger King we ordered a Big Mac and a Happy Slar. -Dena Johnson I walked inlo room A-I inslead of room B-I and lold some guy lo gel oul of my seal, bul il wasn'l my seal. -Eric Seasledl I was driving lhe wrong direclion in a lane and had lo go backwards wilh all lhe cars coming loword me. -Eileen Pozza The wailress al Twohey's asked me if I wanled Diller- sweel or milk chocolale lapping on my sundae, I replied, "jusl chocolalef' -Erin Garner I wenl lo May Co. lo gel concerl lickels. When I gol lhere I was looking al all lhe people in line and noi paying allenlion lo my driving, lhus I ran inlo The wall, in fronl of everyone. -Mimi Chen Learning lo drive a slick shifl. -Jaymes Venema huring c mysterious secret, Wendy Morgan and Sieve Provenzano casually Dancing in the Dark, Jacauelin Wilson. Suzanne alk afler school. Fauria. and Jill Johnson enjoy lhe music al lhe Fasl Freddie Dance. When Bruce Springsleen's 5-album Seniors colleclion hil lhe markel, il wenl slralghl lo ill Says 241 4'-A A Peculiar Drama , ', Behold, The players of a peculiar drama. ln a curious display of idiocrisy, These five people demonsTraTe The awesome aTTenTion span of The human mind. An unknown phenomenon, ap- paranTly occuring skyward in all direcflons, mysTifies and infrigues wiTnesses who shield Their eyes from The specTacle wiTh hands and sunglasses. Could This mo- menTous aTmospheric con- diTion accounf for The un- A Song of convenfional behavior of our oTher players as well? NoTice The suspicios aspecf of The painfully iihunched" man. is he making a geT- away or merely rehearsing his solo guiTar performance for a rock concerf? Only The proud maTroniy guardian of The adorable liTTle child acTs Typically as she muses over The baby's gibbering con- versaTion wiTh The bear doll. Or is iT all so very Typical? LiTTle does grandma know ThaT cuTe and cuddley Baby BeTTy's gibbering is perfecTly undersTandable language, To Those of non-Terran origin aT leasT. lf one lisTens care- fully and TranslaTes, one will hear, i'Echo seven. Hey Boo- Boo, do you read me? You mighT wanT To Turn on your cloaking device. People are beginning To noTice you now ThaT you're in The aT- mosphere. Oh, and shuT off your krypToniTe beam, iT's affecTing my uncle's brain a liTTle biT. Thanks, and have fun aT Disneyland. lT's The happiesT place on earTh, you know." I . Spring and Joy Odme BuTTerfly, BuTTerfly, whaT mess did you make, AfTer l hiT you wiTh The old garden rake? A mixTure of colors, Of oozes and slimes. How could I know you'd look noThing like wine? BuTTerfly, BuTTerfly, whaT did you scream, While your innards cascaded all over my screen? NoThing buT yellows, purples, and reds. Oranges, greens, all afTer you're dead. Now when I see a cousin of yours, I mash him againsT a finely meshed door. Monagoid Sirebor From: Diary of a SchiTzophrenic wriTTen by lvlonagoid STrebor as Told To him by lvlonagoid STrebor. ,A . 1+ 4 'Q' ,A x L,----Q, , " "IAQ:-:1':Qf"11'.,l 5 5gt'2iS'5-ll Q Hv""i'5i'?"'fP'55'3fk 399' QA- lhlx - -',-f'I,l':!'v,-g,- f-,SNL 'I msgs. , " ,Liz ul"-N'-,,Q'lPf"gig" V, lx '. '-, 7 QE-2353 irq if l - 'Wil ,iii-'if A X fl x - Q A ...ip -. f . I ' wx fz.-'F ' :iq .- ,ef-1 f fini- I ,. -i Jn. ll, , mg, ' l X jim , qi E' I. I4 I. I1 ,Hill :vi F J 4 .i pllfx' T c X-"x, - - Qfllgll .QI . ' rglf Sw-wi W ill! ll , 5.51 al 4 l X' xx . Predictions How many of you have heard Chickeemama? Yes, Chickeemama. He is an all knowing and all powerful indian Qno relaTion To Apache Joey who has predicfed The year 4997 aT Arcadia High. 'I 2 3 43 5 6 7 s 433 44 42 43 44 45 465 47 48 49 201 245 221 Dr. Fisher will geT a new suiT. lvlr. Barshay will be seen wiThouT a smile on his face. STudenTs will cheer wiTh The cheerleaders. Coach lvleiers will realize women exisT. lVlrs. Driver will have whips and chains. lvlr. Penny will fall asleep in his own class, Apache Joe will make a correcT predicTion. Someone will go To a waTerpolo game. Mr. PeriTore will sTop Talking abouT his H.S. complex. lvlrs. Tedesco will remember someThing, lvlr. and lvlrs. Kinikin will be seen TogeTher. lvlr. Goddard will Tell us someThing we can wriTe down. lVlr. Speck's hair will sTlll be receeding. lvlrs. Druker will blame herself. lvlr. Tussy will discover ThaT maTh has no real world applicafion. Mrs. Prirnozich will speak undersTandable English. Mrs. STaral will sTop saying "Hi" To everyone. lvlr. Dodd's hippo will die. The Apache clock will work. lvlr. Nahra will be officially confirmed as G-od. The Trash cans will ouTnumber The sTudenTs. lvlr. BarTleTT will make himself disappear. Mark Soliman I , 2 :55 1 firsT sighT. 'sq -. fl I I" X "f.,...,.r'9 I 54, 1 I X Ahh, There she leaned againsT The uprise: iT was love aT She was differenT, she was unique. Her hourglass shaped body was shiny and new. I reached for her, and puT my arm around her neck. I carried her up To have her sIT on my lap. I ran my fingers Through her C-sTring. Oh IT feIT so good. . 3- I hadn'T played ci guiTar in over a year. 'I H 'QQ-lf. I called her Les. jf"""" I I ShorT, for The inscribed name on her neck, Les Paul. Q Q: Never has There been a guiTar like her. fyjv , . Yes, This shiny, six-sTringed, hourglassed figure will be The guiTar ThaT sings ouT These warm melodies evermore, Anonymously yours, "The T.C. Rockman." You're Friends Aren'T Mine AnTenae waving and smelling air. ScuTTIing now from The darkness. IT sees iTs prey. SIighTIy moldy, noT very large, A carroT lies, fermenTing. Six legs now work as one, And he is half way There. LighT, Darkness, DeaTh. A lunar moTh howls in The disTance. L , 4: I 7 I! To grace The nighT LA . L! N 'X .We-" ,-...' L it 225 yf xr riff! ff , wi I X L iv fx v-1 f I I .T I-ILE' ' 1 if " M ' ii 5? I I 5 . P " xhik .' T A - 1' 5 X wi... av. 5- "..' 'E ., 12 'iv sw' X , . .- I y .. V Y'-X O ' A, U 5 vi. 4 ' 5 , sr I g riff-V i, , . -rf, 5' , ,fv Ib" as-A I 1 - Q ka Calling upon The Surf God, Surfer Joe pleads for some awe- some, sfoken waves. Now The cockroach moves no more. IT is now IusT a IiTTIe red mess. Ivlonagoid STrebor A legend in my own mind Cond Then somey. 0 1987 Ivl.S. ProducTions, Inc. Used wiTh permission from The NaTionaI lvl. STrebor Sociefy of coIlecTing very common rocks and shrubberies from American Indians whose grandparenTs have joined small circuses in Toledo, Maine. Ivlade possible by a granT from The IVI. Sfrebor Foundafion. SCIENCE BUFF DESTROYS SCHOOL: PRINCIPAL ALLOWS 3- DAY WEEKEND Arcadia - LasT Tuesday, The number-one raTed high school sci- ence sTudenT, our very own Ya- maha Kawasaki, creaTed and acci- denTaIIy deTonaTed Arcadia High's very firsT fusion bomb. Kawasaki, lab assisTonT of AP Physics Teacher, Wayne FounTain, designed and buiIT The nuclear device wiTh, he says, spare parTs he found lying abouT E- A. A source has IT ThaT FounTdin knew of The experimenf and may have even assisTed The science whiz. Kawasaki himself sTipuIaTes, HI wanTed To make a fusion bomb be- cause ofher sTudenTs have already done fission." The unforTunaTe ex- plosion resulTed from a piece of sushi Kawasaki accidenTaIIy dropped inTo The bomb chamber during iTs devel- opmenT. A piece of The now cooked fish was deTermined To be Toxic and ori- ginally from The Bronx. AP ChemisTry Teacher, George STapIeTon, Qaf Cal Tech aT The Time and noT so miracu- lously savedj Tried To explain The faTefuI reacTion, buT only goT To "ThaT's righT, The sigma fish bonds meT and molded wiTh pi iodine bonds and TwisTed To a 'IO9 degree 28 minuTe angle in Trigonal biplanar form . . before hesiTaTing and fleeing To Cal Tech. Yamaha's only hlndsighT was, "I made a bad mis- Take." A privaTe source has Wayne FounTain, miraculously and yeT ironi- cally found jusT a few feeT from Cal Tech's chemisfry lab, quofed as say- ing, "I didn'T Think IT QThe bombj would be able To desTroy anyThing bigger Than, say a room The size of E-I." Meanwhile The principal has guaranTeed The sTudenT body survi- vors a Three-day weekend while a special Team cleans-up or aT IeasT painTs-over The Toxic residue. Todd Conners AnTi-Yearbook 243 Y terse fl Being 0 fan of Lionel T2ichie's, Mr. Allee attempts , to walk on the ceiling. Unfortunately, he still ll- needs his hands to help him "dance on the cell- ing." , A 1 l l l if Arcadia High Course Selection Sheet 1987-1988 f rvicitri Electives Fire Fighting introduction to Adding and sub- Surfing Flower Amnging TrC1CTir1Q AP. Surfing Heavy Breathing Adv. Surfing Ditching skills X History Finger Painting Square Dancing Life Of PCIUI Revere Sun Bathing Teacher Appreciation Hair Design Intro. Bomb Making Science Rock Music Bird watching Whale Watching Wine Tasting School Spirit Face Painting Pole sitting English Effective Cheating Creative Copying Basic Grammer Pitching Strategies Plagiarism Cursive Writing Shoe Shining Foreign Language .let Skiing Loitering English Slang Dog Grooming Sword Swallowing . Skate Boarding Juggling ff Candle Making Computer Hacking Underwater Basket Weaving Sleeping il Arsen Lunch AHS RTD Health Standards Reach T Arcadia Between classes, just trying to get to your locker can be very stressful. If you are bigger than others, you are one of those more fortunate who can make it to class on time. How about the rest of us little peo- ple? We try to squeeze be- tween the mobs without being shoved. With one class in A- hall, and the following class in G-hall, we hope to sneak in the class before the teacher takes attendance. Well, after going through this everyday for two years, l've finally come up with an idea to reduce the traffic congestion of AHS. Ever notice 44 Anti-Yearbook those orange carts that the custodians zoom up and down the hall with? Well, Arcadia High can set up its own Rapid Transit District by using those carts as shuttle buses. Be- tween classes, the shuttle bus can go up and down the main hall stopping at the intersec- tions of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H halls. Of course if you are '17 years old and weigh over 'l'lO lbs, you'll have to walk to class. This is the way I figure, since you are strong enough to don- ate blood, you are capable of walking to your own class. Linda Mai On a National Health Sur- vey in high schools, AHS did not pass the health stan- dards set by the American Health Department. The health officials were shocked by the amount of candy bars and coca-cola's consumed by students at AHS. They found more calo- ries in Arcadia's selection of food than at See's. Arcadia flunked every category of health requirements. To assure the best possi- ble nutritious meals for Arca- dia students, the administra- tion has decided to stop the selling of Snickers, Dr. Pep- pers, M and M's, and ice cream bars. The vending machines and cafeteria food will be replaced with food donated by the Inter- national Health Food Cen- ter. Raisins, peanuts, carrot, banana chips, granola bars, and one-a-day vitamins will fill the candy bar slots. Prune. carrot, and papaya juice will replace soft drinks, and yogurt bars will be sold in- stead of ice cream. Arcadia is also supplying a program called Health Anonymous for all students craving sugar. The adminis- tration feels candy is a seri- ous problem and the cause behind the number of tru- ants and accidents in Arca- dia. The nutrition depart- ment hopes that Arcadia will become a haven for food-conscious students. School Drums Everyone loves To go To school! Don'T They? A doy begins like oil The oThers. Woke up. Brush TeeTh. Shower ond Toke core of necessiTies. EoT Qif Timej, jump in cor-hurry. Once There, The normol school evenTs. FirsT period Through fourTh period. A breok for lunch. A joke wiTh friends. A sock lunch wiTh The ever-so-populor p.b, ond j. QpeonuT-buTTer ond l jellyj, on opple, ond milk. Bock To school for fifTh ond sixTh periods. Finish The doy. BeTTer hurry ouT of The porking loT, lTs olwoys jommed. Or on The slow doys woiT Till everyone's gone. Go home To woTch some T.V. STorT homework. Dinner bredk. Few words wiTh folks. School work con- Tinues. An occosionol Trip To The librory. Coll ci friend for onswers To problems ThoT you con'T figure ouT. STciy up ldTe. Go To bed. Woke up. Brush TeeTh . . . School how exciTing. X 1 l'M GEl'l'lNG WOQETED ,' ABCUT ill.l.i'i-EE 5TE?ClD Q' "'0Wf27vv ffm . ,V ., GMNG ME.COACl-L DONTBE X RTTQCCELJLQDUS, K MA ARET' . MM ' . .1 .,' 'Q714' ,, , f U - v ' ,,,,f4,?f"ifM' wgggg ' - f . 9 9 .1-we Q 4 -. 5- 1 . lf". .: -,cg 1 ' WiV""",M- ..'h,"",..,.,,,..,.' 5. ., . x A . A if V I fy ,J gn' ,H :fm 1, 3,,,y,5,,f-,ff33,5 V V , ,,. I, gh, ' sf l wg, ---., . xx fy 1, ,,f 'fs nfmffwf,-wqgi- - A-:f?'Z'if'f""'f'?"'7,'Vff?j"ff ,g:f4Zyy,,0gf . 4' C , . ,. ' '6 f ,. if ""'c "'4.'-'?.-s- " ' Zz W' J' :fling ,. ' ,,.,"4 ,,',,,g.' ' " , 'gf' -1 V- 14-gr . , , - Y- , .,,-+4 ' A MWMQZKET' -- 2462 -"'- , ,W f - f if , , 1 ,Q W. .Z f ,MMM " ,fr 1 1 9 ' ' qw ' .1 1, - 6 X" , ' ,, ' W7 f "' I " 4' f' T' 2 L'..f. ,Z -' ,n g-9-' 3,fwlf V, M441 , ,. 7 vm, M ff .vw ,,, ,fi ll- A Galloping Success 4986 broughT Arcodio High STudenTs o new club, The equesTricin club. This new ond exciTing club meT in room G-6 before hedding ouT for Arcodid High's Trock. The club direcTor mdn- onged To geT d gombling li- cense ond opprovol To run o horse rocing Trock on The school compus from The SToTe of Colifornio. The club reploced The old Trock, fooTboll field, ond bosebdll fields wiTh o one holf reguloTion-size horse Track. Some of The more fomous horses ThoT hdve roced oT Sonfo AniTo were Uregulors" of Arcodio's Trock. NexT yeor The equesTrion club is plcinning To sTorT con- sTrucTion on ci full size horse Trdck. They hcive negoTioT- ed To buy one-Third of The Arcodio Golf course. This yeor's winnings hove To- Toled enough To meeT Their price. All ThoT is needed now is opprovol from The CiTy of Arcodio To leT Them buy The secTion of Compus Drive ThoT The Trock will cross over, buT ThoT is jusT ci mciTTer of Time. AfTer The new Trock is in full operdTion, The equesTri- on club hos projecTed o monThly income of S32 Thousond, of which Arcodio High will keep 251 To in- creose The Tecicher's woges. Trevor l-lommonds The Fifty's Look A school dress code will be odminisTered wiTh The coming of The 4987-4988 school yeor. The girls will be provided wiTh long sleeved red ond gold ploid blouses wiTh gold knickers ond bereTs. The boys will be oTTired in ploid ponfs, gold shirTs, ond poly- esTer bidzers for minimum shrinkoge. All The sTudenT body shdll weor orgyle socks ond Tri-colored soddle shoes in whiTs, red, ond gold. The dress code is being odminisTered in order To bring bock The 50's. Anfi-Yeorbook i 9 W A f V V "h, A I , W f A 7 , .X W U1 4 fa W ,M 2. A, 1 .wil , aff My V Pizza Res TEMPLE CI 17 I 1 ,--- ' f 3' llwfgisfffi I f 2, ge' ' ' V gm 3 .mwff F Q , ,. . ,V A , , zu ' mf, :f':m'.' "Z, .vw 'gg X ,. V ., 5' aff yn ww, J er A M 4 Y? f X W V F sf WW 565' f gi . 1 f f ' fi A , ,I AN f fd Z5 ' X A. wifi , , .. P52?,1.f:,.1., ' Wi' ,Agn ' V m.c',f' f f, 4 s Q 4 v, W,, 4qi,,, 931' , , Q v ' W ' 9 K: ,f-Q A . , wi' 1 f W ,,. F , 4, 1 4g ' ,A "ff ' -Q ,U , , W . ,vm 17 ' 5 f W L 'J b M., 4 I TOPS IN SALES ,i ,,,,k M, ,,, io, ,, .. f I., ,L .4 -:ss .-rip, 'Nou wcmtimesto pay how, much-formyiyearbook?f' was C, Question l heard when it was timeitoforder an . annual. My Owner, an employee or a local pizza place and a student at AHS, had never really thought about ftheprice ofrhis yearbook before rnisyyear when his par- ents made him pay for it out of his own pocket: i i Q' He was slightly naive about the whole idea of whatit would cost to produce a bookf any book, so he was surprised to discover the cost of the ,yearbook was 828. l On the other hand, my buddies andgl have ibeenfl around the business world much longerf than the hasg and we have a sense of what it takes to make things happen, not necessarily what's needed to produce a yearbook, but because we?re King Arthur's Plzzatee-shirts, we do know a lot about the pizza industr and can ia l our so s y , s Y t PPV iknowledg e to the yearbookbusinessg s i l i i'io Q S Q Q 5 For instance. some -buisnesses use stocks and ,bonds and corporate takeovers to make money. The yearbook staff, as far as My Owner knows, does not IWQVQ any immediate plans for a corporate takeover, so they ,des syisedother means to pay forthe publishinglof tthelbookt and other related costs. l r r or r ' fs 1 l ,There are four main ways in which the-'staff pays for book's publication. The largestirevenues come sfrom, community business whoywish to helpAl-IS withthe publifl cation of its yearbook and who seek alittle ,advertise-t ment, Compared with ithisfmajor sourceor income, the other three meansgare insignificant. The plastic lpqvers raise money for miscellaneous itemsg The student ads and the pricejof theyearbook are the final ways they years book staff gets themoney to keep ,the'AHS yearbook "On Top," sg i , '- ,if soldiat theyearbook distribution aregthe staffs: way-toQ 1' - IEA' L :all if-i.4lJ'i'i+f'fQ. lmgg, ,N ,k ' 1 N M I-W If Hifi ,r i ff' it j i 7'wf'ffff Lim gi, r , r rf if is it 's t I We ill -- i .rim nfl' Mr. wmmmhmhhimwk- W"-N-s--..,.,, Divider 2 4 7 Advertising Best Wishes To The 1987 Championship Class lim lilliiiii QI? .dl eff, P ff ,g! . 1, K , X K 4 B 1 1 TXW l J - 9 "Q S ., X, 'U , , Irfg' 4' fan JI ff- "' x 'E' , X, ' -. 1 The Vaiden Portrait' ,l 1 l ll ii ' lt's What You Want It To Be. The Varden Portrait is at timeless commemorative of your graduation. Nhur Varden portrait will speak with distinction. For over 50 years, the name Varden has meant the ultimate in portraiture. When you graduate. don't settle for less. A M D 'f' AID DRIVING SCHDOL Traffic School AutomaticlStick Teenagers Senior Citizens Drivers Ed. and Training 0ne week available 250 ming 'wif ' GOOD LUCK to the CLASS 0F 1987 ARCADIA GLASS 81 MIRROR CORP 30 N. SANT 5 A ANITA ARCADIA, CA 91006 446-4437 A COLORFUL BUSINESS PAINT 8: WALLCOVERING 134 E. HUNTINGTON DR. ARCADIA. CALII-1 446-6163 SULLIVAN I ACCURATE FITTING - QUALITY FOOTWEAR FRIENDL Y SER VICE Newsom's Jr. Bootery In The Hub 1224 So. Baldwin Ave. WEST ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 refs B03 .Q RENEE SAMICH I Thru Owners I E Teens Phone 447-3812 STATE Llc. 8286612 1818! 444-2548 FRANK MARRONE s. sons W PLUMBING INC. U' . ' RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL. COMMERCIAL 9860 LOWER AzusA RD. Pnezslolzrrr EL. MONTE. CA 91731 Adverhsi g 910 South Baldwin Avenue - Arcadia, California 91006 qhr I 'I 'UT TN T , 1 Q' RN O O dl 1 0' Ml Puvcrune FRAMING f818j 447-0792 f8181 447-0059 446-6148 Gockley's Office Supplies ' Gifts 0 Stationery CECIL M. JA YNES 49 East Huntington Drive ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 LEONARD H. CHANDA, D.D.S., INC OR TH ODON TI CS 1245 W. HUNTINGTON DR., 4200 ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 DIPLOMA TE AMERICAN BOARD OF ORTHODONTICS f213j 795-5978 a"'s 1 i c1lI'tlTI'lC'3S Sean 72132 574-1638 Darrell 447-0735 Jean 445-9686 fa' '74-1214 379 9 ALLEM STEVE OR GLENN SALES 18181 287-0781 9228 E. Las Tunas Drive Temple City, Calif 91780 18181446 4697 tl' 1111 Highland Oaks Dr RS Arcadia, Ca 91006 Advertising Adyiefnising " BALDWIN CLASS REALTY 135, colvlPANY 900 S FIRST AVE 818 445 0136 CONGRATULATIGNS 'ro THE CLASS OF 1987 LECNARD CHURCHMAN, D.D.S 0RAL SURGERY 550 W. DUARTE RD. ARCADIA 818-446-0728 SAVAGE AuTo Gnoup ,.i 1f1.-?.11jjjf"2 1 ' ', fax., CX.. i 1 ':, .1-111:-piw,-X" X xg' 7 lv-A I ,..-x:3.:1.:g -A-wx EL S . 5 -"AA' ' -1"1 , Q X X Excel GI. 5-Door Hatchback W Go 9 l 1 QA Q0 . I .'.. . 5 1. ""'c"""' -""c'4"' -' ' '25:5-'+r:5E:5rEE5:2s::3:::::: , 5 -vx .f .,.. ..,.,, I .V... I ...,,.. "WN " ' ' A MAZDA RX-7 SPORT PACKAGE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 BRING IN YOUR YEARBOOK FOR A SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON A NEWIUSED CAR SAVAGE HYUNDA SAVAGE MAZDA 1451 s. lvlouNTAlN 236 w. HUNTINGTON nn. MONROVIA lvloNnovlA may 358-2275 48181 357-2271 Advertising Stephens Floor Covering EK I ' I l 512 SO. FIRST A VENUE - ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 A K H x ' V' i TOM STEPHENS "' - ' Telephone 447-8137 ji, I , RESILIENT FLOORS HAR WOOD FLOORS F 5773 RL btallrgtys As halt T1 P I f ,LL - " -' Vinyl f1sbestz:seTile Rjtiggjh - 'fdahv ' Linoleum 'wwf Vinyl Corlon CARPET mmllllllllllllll A -- mmm JL I fm an PIZZA-smnwncnfs-su.Ans L- GARY HILL AUTO SER VICE HAMBUIGE-5.1.0 ouronofns u 2 COMPLETE SER VICE Y... ..53'L3I'.EC'L.i.i.. -, .W FOREIGN .Q DOMESTIC I gi-7 - --'7- ,Q -- 3 7.-:V .A--- - A , Lv . PHILL GREEN T! I E A X K if ll A A SHT , ji 105,525-JLF W NNLOSE Y-,L I! 5 ' . N AVE . MEAD BLVD. , 400 N. Ist AVE., Arcadm, CAJ445-3440 ARCADMI CA. QTEMM Cm' CA. I H 5 X -1 k ,445-3100 lass-1125 D ggffy, 1, ! A ' Y ' v 'y ug Ev' 00, Y A I V . Y YY yv Y A Q Y V Y v 'y 1 ,Y ,v I 1 i'iw, af V Y' V VV4 W v V 21 'wil Y zf, VI' Wy' , if if 'gg 'vb Mg! , " , ? 3 Advertising CONGRATULATIONS TO THE cl.Ass OF 1987 ez is T, iii-X may ini' A ,h - ws If . I, ,. I M bbqq.. , A ,. ' , f , 3.Qg,5 as . I , L' f' I 1. ,HI . ' are I 'S , ' Tm-fi WISHING YOU A LIFETIME OF SMILES FRANK C. STONE, D.D.S. COMPREHENSIVE AND SPORTS DENTISTRY 301 w. HUNTINGTON DRIVE 445-2536 258 Adqmng THE MUSIC CLUB CONGRATULATES THE CLASS 0F 1987 A.H.S. A.H.S. ATHLETICS PTA BOOSTERS 1 O i I lil .- ' SIU M I A.H.S. A.H.S. DRILL TEAM ALUMNI if' I' ' L 1 I 1 1 , ff 2 5 . g. I , 7. nz l 5 f - . Advertising I WINNERS FROM THE CLASS OF '87 ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL APACHES RANDY WILSON-MARK SHIVELY-JOHN DURBIN-SEAN EVANS-STEVE PROVENZANO BRAD SCOTT and BUICK SUPERSTAR-THE REGAL GRAND NATIONAL Turbocharged-Intercooled-Fuel Injection High Tech-High Energy AVAILABLE AT THE HOMEFIELD OF ke. wing aw, ,JI Becherer . I 840 West Hungtington Drive, Monrovia at the 210 Freeway 1818i 359-3201 Adver? I Congratulates The Class Of 198 Remember. . . w Drink Milk And Drive! -QW. , 6504. Driftwood Dairy, excellence in Dairy Products 10724 Lower Azusa Rd., EI Monte, Calif. 2 Advertising F -V I E ,SN A SX -. ty SPIIITIIG GUIIII5 COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS RETAIL I TEAM SALES LOW PRICES OVER 20 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS 207 S. FIRST AVE., ARCADIA I818J 445-1666 ! , 1 ' , HADGElSfl I9 I N II L ' A , 4 ., 5, L Y Q' K I III' , Fav? E xx X FOOD TO GO WE DELIVER 1NA's CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST NISHES TO: www D 1 Rd 447-5958 wf KRISTEN COOKE - . Udfe . N. Arccdlc, CA 91006 447-6353 ,Xxx SQ TODD DICKSON hy SL E x A STEPHANIE INBODY SANDWICHES . Y LAURA JENKINS com HOT yJanZgf0ff1 R, JILL JOHNSON 1 . NISSY JOHNSON X JOEY PALLADINO SALAD CHRIS PORTER IN- p SPEC LZZA I'm glad I got to know you .... Mrs. Voss ITALIAN GOURMET CATERING PARTY TRAYS Advertising , as f 0 'lla 0 s-.. 1.3393 Y 'IW J QM OV v0'..j-1 0. ,Q Ld 'fx WG FS SQ! ci 'JJQVFQ gonna rubs time schoolli 4 Advertising 3' ee Som 87 sn-'Z-1L.. f' ,v--1"-'-r-fl, if-' 'lx 2. 1""I'n"" 2 LAUR,k"Lf, E-Sill",I-IlCHILL!.iZ"5IlIji,LY",MlY"MlY K,'XY",rirIf,S' hanx 4- o. greed- Year! , V l9Bb'8"I Exe.c.u+NC Advertising qw Qlfz.. ' QONQL MU f 78 M .K -ffl FREEND '- li ' f Advertising R 1 0 U wg f X' ' Ywffdly KJ x W UO' gxmc Q iw!! mud ,f Q if L. cwh q ' f'faQ"H Qgff f 0 f J f K -QW., 2 ,I X - ' ' - "L i i g ' , JZ' J V' . V K, . ., A, X x Q X U J , 3 K3 pf 1 ,. 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Dove F 144, 161 Acuna, Karyn 88 16. 190 Adams, Dana 88 117, 118, 190 Adams, Sieve 142 Adkins, Amy B9 168 Agha, Mariam B5 190 Agu11or,Eugcr88 wo Aguiiar, Marco 88 190 Ahh. Erika B7 212 Ahn, Jung Sun B9 62, 63, 107, 168. 288 Ann, Voungvhli 87 121, 212 Arwasian .Ir,, James 89 76. 468 Aiwusifln, Meklhie 88 23, 190 Atcmuzos, Shawn 89 168 Albo, Alben 142 Albrecht Cherie 88 59, 78, 79, 190 Albrecht, Scot? 80 Alaricrr Michael B7 212 Alexander, Guy B9 55. 80, 168 Alexander, Joe 88 104, 105, 136, 190 Alfonso, Carlos 87 117, 118, 212 Alfonso, Frmlc 88 64, 190 AWOCH5. Chrktopher B9 168 Allee. Mice f 126, 127, 136. 142 Anen, KW as 190 Allendel. JWS 8843, 113, 190 Alley, Glen 87 136. 137, 212 Aniion, Susan B8 190 Applebee, Jessica 88 190 Aldndc, Genevieve 89 168 Archer, Joe F 70 Archibald, EliZODe1h BB 56. 89, 190 Archbaki, Kellie BB 27. 68. 69, 190 - Amhbdld, Krista 87 236 Arenas, Johnny 89 184 Arens, Katherine 88 190 Arneis, Erica 87, 212 Arrefi, Crlsta 87 212 Asccmio. Ariel SB 191 Asher. Vicki B9 78, 168 Ashiiun, Peter 89 168 Askins, David B7 212 Askins. Tammy B9 168 Aspell, Michelle BB 191 Aialla. Dalia 89 168 Atkinson, Robeff B9 55. 168 Au, Vicky B7 236 Aubry. Uta B9 62, 168 Auburn, Fred F 144 Avels, Avsls. Avdo, Ayres. Ayres, Christine 88 23, 34, 73, 191 Robert 89 55, 168 Karen 88 191 ChDn1H89 113, 168 Tamara B7 113, 115. 212 I. Bcchelder, Prdlip 87 212 Allin, Catherine 87 117, 118, 212 Amn, Karen 88 190 ' AIISOR, G, MiChC91 1' 146 Alison. Jason 8B A, 190 . Mfcrriano, Mohelte 89 168 Arnader, Mlchael B7 Amelia, Sergio B9 184 Anonicdes, pyridan 87 212 Andersen, 1 And91S0r1, Anderson, Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Anderwh. Regina 86 14, 190 ' Chris 89 112 Chrisiopher 88 190 Jason 87 45, 212 Jeffrey 88 190 JGSGDN 88 190 Mark 88 85, 109, 190 Phb 87 14, 47, 121, 212 Regintl 125 Angremvef. srrcn sa 79, 190 Anid, Cynthia 87 212 Ahld. DOIIOYI BB 190 Anvikaaiiun. Tina aa 190 Bcckhaus, Jennifer 89 123, 168 Backus, Davki B9 112, 168 Backus, Derek BB 112, 120, 191 Buctley, Dale 203 Bdsner, Richard 88 191 Baker, Jeffrey S7 47, 104. 212. 288 Baker, S6011 88 70, 191 Baker, Shana 87 212 Bclker, Shannon-B7 213, 238 Bukowski. Liane 87 213 Bakowskl, Llcnne 275 Baiaban, Louise 152 Ballurini, Don 88 165, 191 Bdlog, Mlchdel 85 191 EGM, Sieve 89 168 Bon, Jeffrey BB 191 Bandas, Matthew 87 213 Banks, Von 152 Bannister. Curt B9 168 Barber, Tracey B9 168 Barbleri. Mario B7 213 Barnes, Jennifer 89 112. 168 Borrbeff. Traci 88 112, 113, 191 BarneV. Nadine 148 Bclnhcrr, SCDN' 88 125, 191 Baron, Geri 85 119, 191 BDHOW, Julie 87 103, 213 Bdrows, Kltsfen 69 122, 168 BUS, Julie 89 129, 168 BDVSYKIY, Jerry F 4, 146, 147, 159 Barstow, Chlisfcpher 88 112, 191 BOITIBN. Dennis F 142 Bcfiley, Dole 89 11, 168 BQSQCRT, Chuck B8 61 BOShUr1, P6192 89 70 Bcsler, Edward B8 191 BGSSGH, Tracy 88 191 Basura, Mafiew B9 168 Basuru. Maureen 87 213 Gerard as ras. we After spending hls lunch taking pictures, John Patrick De Haven has The roll reversed on him as someone J sfeals a picture. , .f fir, 2,9 , . e'?', Q., of Q' . 6, W , , mfr BCVSIDGH, Ncncl 87 213 Bcres, Keith 89 168 Bnfin, Emeratd B9 120, 169 Batters, Curtis BB 191 Bauer. Dun 89 169 . Btxrer, Kevin 87 236 Bauer, Mefrii 171 Baum, Louie 87 117, 118, 121, 213 Bayless, Scam 89 BO, 169 Beumguord, Jason 87 145, 213 Beanes, Chrisiopher 88 53. 55, 155, 191 Beuffle, John F, 56 Beck, Kirsten B9 59. 134, 165, 167, 169 BSCKSL Chrisfihs B6 25, 112, 113, 191 Becker, Christopher 88 168 Becker. SGC B9 154 Becocke, Richard 133 Behrends. Scart B9 169 Belswerger, Douglas B8 191 Belcher. ric B7 22. 53, 213 Belcher, Kristin 89 85 Belcher, Llsc B7 31. 213 Belieci. Michelle 89 169 Bellis, Ad119rlY19 87 117, 118, 213 Beltran. Anthony 89 169 Benak, Tony B7 236 Behicff, Edward 89 55, 169 Benklff. Lindo 87 92, 93, 213, 218, 241, 277 Bensen, Eric 88112,120,121,187,191 Berg, Dowd ev rw Berger. Lucy F 445, mo, 220 Bergland. Mamie 88 78, 188 Bernordrhl, Celeste 88 129. 191 Berney, Micheal 89 169 Betfidge, Tonya 88 185 Beruman, Ernie B7 132, 213 Berufnnn. Gilbert F 152 Besocks. Chcnes 88 96, 191 BGSOCKS, Mike 87 Besocke, Richard 87 213 Bessey, Shannon 88 191 Befoncouff. JDS 87 53. 55, 213 Beroncoun, Peter B9 70, 71 Befzler, Bren 87 45, 155, 213 Bevedick. Brooke SB 27 Bevel. Ercmcl 89 169 Hawley, Cheri 88 24 Belbld, Heidi B9 166, 169 Biemoki. Kathy 88 M L A '-is Saelid displays her Talenf in Twjrllng 0 tall flag. ,BIelSChDcch, Kdstln 87 100, 117, 118, 125. 213 HIHVPQS. Cynfhkl B9 169 BIl1irlQ5, Jennifer B7 15, 30, 33, 101, 213, 237 Em' E11 '23 23 1 9109. Y Blsunonc. Daniel 89 55, 76, 1619 Blsucno, Siephen 89 55. 70, 71, 76, 169 Bivolclc, Mlchdel 87 213 Bixby, RYOR BB 7. 63 Blerg, Christopher B7 213 Bkxchd, Krlsfu B8 23, 59. 73. 92, 132 Btackard. Shannon 88 188 araeumk, .lon ao 169 , Blake. Kristine 87 107, 213. 288 Blevins, SCot1 B7 213. 240 Bloomlield. Laura 88 165, 206 B0ctWI'iQh!. Jimrrie 85 112 Boerlan, Klmberiy 87 236 Boese, Cyhfhlu B7 112, 113, 213 Bbqosiuh, Sfeghdflle B7 213 Bohn, Daryl 8 BD1QBf, D016 103. 125 Bofton, Sean 89 70, 139, 1619 Bcnneli, Jcrnas 89 169 Bontempo, Anthony 89 169 Bosfncm, Michelle 89 62, 169 Basrrom, Lauren 88 128, 129 Boucher, Koller! 89 169 Bowen, Laura 88 22, 34, 119, 122, 135 Bowen, LVN 88 35, 106, 107. 198. 288 Bower, Mmet 89 87. 121, 169 Bowmm, Chfis 179 Boyd Jr.. Thomcs 87 213 Brody, Trrshu 87 213 Brakebush, Sheri 87 99, 112, 125, 213, 280 Brumsiedi. Bcrfeii B7 213 Brandes, Voiert 89 128, 169 Brahsoh,Ka1hleen B7 100, 121, 126, 213 Brcufrsfelh, Michael 87 213 Bray, Kely 89 69, 112. 169 Brayshaw, Kirk 88 112, 121 Breese, David 89 169 Breifbcrih. Julie 89 84, 85. 169 Brewer. Laura 88 204 ' Bridgeman, Davld 88 70. 71, 80, B1 BIIQDUSS, Teresa B7 12, 20, 21, 72, 73. 119, 213 amgmfsr. Amy 87 me Brlnn, Alon 142 Brioftc, Erin 87 213 Briscoe, Scott 87 213 Brklch, Caryn 88 188 Brockie ll, Adam 87 213 Bfonfe, Emma F 153 Brooke, BrB1Y B7 213 Bruoks IN, Del 89 86, 87, 112. 169 Brown. Les F 128, 132, 142, 156 Brown. Noah 89 469 Brown, Yiffuny 179 Brownlie, Athena B7 103, 105, 112. 115, 214 Bruggemdn, Heidi 87 236 Brlk1Sm0, 81601 B7 214 Brunl, Mchaei 59 55, 169 arming, Ar-raven F 113 Brurllng, Erica BB 113 Bruno. Tino 88 19. 110. 111, 119 Bryoni, Elilubeih 87 136, 214 Brytlfti, Hcrbld 59 169 Bryuni, Hecihef 88 188 Brymwf, HOIIY B9 169 Bryant, James A. F 146 Bryant. Jane! 57 121. 236 Bryant, Susan B9 169 Bryce. Michael 87 24, 136, 137. 214. 241 Bryhes, Barbara 89 125, 169 Buculo. John 89 184 Buckholz, Brenda 88 B8 Budianto, tiene 89 129, 169 Buick, Lisa B9 169 Bunce. Daniel 89 169 Bmnell, James B9 M, 164 Blnting, Leif B9 169 Burdick, Brooke BB 59, 69, 58 Butcick, Down F 112 Burg, David 76 Burgetv, Llcrls 89 169 Burgh. Edwryd 87 214 Burke, Ed F 141, 144 Burmeister, More B7 109, 214 Bumukle, Peter 87 Bushor, Lorl 85 23 Buflel, James 89 169 Bufierfteld, Ctulg B7 214 Bulferfiekd. Juv 9 169 Cabrinho, Carmel 87 214 Ccceres Jr., Alferino B9 169 Cady, Curtis an 169 Ctllderhedd, .lm 142 Cdl, Adrienne B7 122. 126, 214 Culvert Ned 87 214 Campbei, Bradley B7 9, 16. 214, 231 Ccnepc, Peter 89 169 Capps, James 89 169 Cclpuio, Karen 87 101, 214, 239, 241 COVGVO, Mah 87 214 Card, Kevln 89 169 Cclldorla, EHZGbeth 87 214, 237 Caringetla, Joan F 153 Cufiile, Diane F 127. 148, 149 Carlson, Julie 88 11, 123 Cdlson, Renee 89 117, 118, 169 Cmson, Siephan B7 214 Ccrmody, Allsa B8 192 Carnes. Gary F 152 CUO1, Jerimic-76 Corona, Stephen 89 169 Carpenter, Stephonte BB 192 Cort. Geoffreg B6 53, 192 Curl, Kristine 9 169 Carrasco, Julle 89 169 Curreon, Christian 87 214 Cafreon, Hash 152 Carroll, Jason 87 53, 214 Carrol, Jeremiah B9 55, 169 Carrouche, Christine 89 159 Coder, Perry 87 80, 81, 214 CQS6, Andrea 89 58, 73, 101, 169 Casfama, Morse F 153 Cash. Nancy 286. 287 Cashin, Julie 73. BO Coahian, Me 89 169 COSNOD, Sfepheh B7 70, 214 L Casparlarr, Michelle B8 192 Castile, Arlene SB 192 CQSVIO, Alejandro 89 169 Cczares, Mcherle BB 192, 198 Cuzief. Nlchoros 89 169 Ceci, Andrea 87 121. 214 Csred, Christopher 89 6G Cerecerez. Elena B7 214 Chal, Diane 88 192 Chai, Roberi 89 112, 169 Chclcrabaftl, Indra B9 70, 170 Chan. Erich 87 214 Chan, Jason 87 236 Chch, Kd Shun B7 125, 136, 214, 283 Chan. Son Moy 89 121, 170 Chang , Arthur 87 236 Chang, Chi-Mon B8 124. 131, 192 Chang Chmg Chong Chmg Chong , Ohh-Vmg 89 170 , Chit-Zen B8 192 , Gary 88 192 . Gene 87 214 , J06 B9 112, 170 Ch0r1g, Jflmes B9 112, 170 Chdig, Jeffefy 89 170 Chmg, Jennifer B8 129, 131, 138, 188 Chang, Jerry B7 214 Chang, .Mft BB 192 Chang. Leon 87 214 Chung. M1ChC1eI88 83, 125, 130. 170. 192 Chong, Roberf 88 83. 139, 192 Chcmg. Sclbfna 87 112, 121, 214 cnang, sean av 170 Chchg, Sieve 89 121, 124. 170 Chang, Su 87 236 Chang, Yoon 89 170 Ching Yu-Shen 89 121 170 Choc, Choo. Jock 89 66, 184 Choo, Spencer B9 170 Chcpourls IV, Peter 89 170 Chclncn, Kely B7 214 Charlton, Msllssa 87 34, 92, 119. 126, 127, 214, 237 Chdriton, Shawn 89 170 Chatarv, James BB 192 Chen, Cherl, Chen. Alan 88 115. 61, 87, 131, 138, 192 Amy B9 121, 125, 170 Anfhohy 89 55, 66, 112, 184 Chen, B611y B8 124, 125, 131, 192 Chen, Chien 89 170 Chen, Chun-Wei 89 184 Chen. Chung 89 184 Chen. David B8 192 Chen, Esiet B9 117, 115. 170 Chen. Frank 69121. 139, 170 Chen, Hans 88 192 Chen, Henry 89 55. co, 139, 170 Chen, H5100-Vu B9 121, 125, 129. 170 Chen, Chen. Chen. Chen. Chen. , Jenny 89 68. 69, 78, 170 Chen, Chen t-Hen B9 184 Jack BB 47, 48, 66, 107, 124, 131, 170, 192 JQCR P. 88 288 Jeannie 139 Jennifsf 89 124, 138, 170 John 89 170 1 4 W lndex Ch6h. Chan. Chen. Joseph 88 192 Jyh B8 188 Kennv 87 236 Chen. Lonatne 87 236 Ch6n. Mllah B9 170 Chen. Nirfi 87 119, 122. 214. 241 Chen. Nadn 87 214 Chen, PGTTV 89 170 Chen. Pau! 89 87. 138, 139, 170 Chen. P9191 87 87. 127. 138, 139, 214 Chen. Sen Fu 83 Chen, Shou-Hui 89 170 Chen Sophia 87 107 125. 136. 137, 214. 288 Che Isfepmnse av 170 chez. sylvan ao 122, 125. no Cheri. Chen. Cheri, Chen Ted 83 Teresa 89 125. 129. 138, 170 Yin 88 86. 87. 121, 192 Vicky 88 124 125 131, 136. 138. 192 Cneni wayne as 1:50, 192 Chan, Chen. Chen. Chen. Chen Wen-Ju 87 103. 214 Wimam B8 188 wry so 170 Va-Kucn 87 214 vnng sa ms ghenclulf. Amv 118. 192 hang, Angelo Cheng, Johnson 87 124, 214 Cheng, Steve 88 192 Cheng, Tien 89 170 cneng, ram 87 215 Cheng. Wendy 89 124, 170 Chew. Ronald B7 236 Crhiop, Adisay 88 192 Chidsg, Eddy B8 1472 CNGWQ, Hsu-PGI S7 236 Chiang, Lily 89 59, 125. 170 cnsmg, Man so 121 Chkang. Ning-Chan 88 192 Cfcrnef, Wiiarn B7 112, 127, 216 Crochle. Kllsfina 89 30 Cromwell. Gary F 142 Crass-mo. Calie 89 59. 170 Cross. Donald B8 193 Crossley, Chrisfy B9 113. 170 Crowder, Anna 88 193 Crowel, Shane BB 193 Cruz, Msllssa 87 216 Cuadroe. Jose B9 184 Cuadfos. Michael 89 70 Cuwvane. Ananda B7 26. 216, 237 CUIBSGD. Nancy F 136, 142 Cummings, James 89 171 Cunningham, Christina B7 216 Cuisy, Ciiflara 89 3. 13, 112. 128. 171, 185 Cufiis. Geragyn 89 171 Curtis. Geri 6 Cusino. Jeff B9 171 Cuilsl. NHCCO16 B9 116. 117. 171 .xxx ii D'Agalc. Michael B9 171 Chiechi, Mafidwu B9 170 Chilch. Peter 87 215 Chlrh. Beafrice 88 192 Chiu, Andrew 88 192 Chiu. Teresa B7 236 Cha. Hsun 89 184 Cha, Jennifer 88 107. 123, 192, 276, 288 Cho, June 87 106, 107, 215, 234, 288 Choa. Duliel 87 117, 118. 215 Choi, Henry 88 188 Chai, Mike 88 130, 192 Choi. Sam 88 192 Chau, Johnny B9 170 Chou, Leslie B8 192 Chow. JBNW 89 32 Chow, Tien 89 184 Chrisimas. Jeffrey BB 53. 55, 192 Chu, Chdlle 89 66. 83. 170 Chu. J0l"n B7 51. 53, 236 Chu. Margaret 88 83. 121. 131, 192 Chuang, Jeffery B9 170 cmrnuey, von B7 215 Chm, Pele! 87 49, 83, 125, 139, 236 Chun. P11599 83 D'Angelo, Luke 87 216 Dorlsvrom, Candy 67 122, 216, 237 Dahlstrom, Rose F 153 Dahlsham. Tammy B8 2, 34. W, 105. 12 Dahlinq, Andrew B7 64. 65 Dames. Matthew BB 193 Dole. Dehna F 153 Dale, Karen 87 112, 120, 121. 216, 284 Daleo, Timothy BB 112, 193 Daly. Brian 87 80. 81, 216 2.1 Q3 D9 Ofia. Tficia 57 216 De Fry. Jefirey 88 56. 193 De Sigso III. Julian 88 70. 193 De Vee, Doug B8 193 D6 Vos, RODGFY B8 194 De Voe. Scot! B8 23, 194 Da WW, Roy 88 193 D Leslie 87 63 216 SC, 1 Deal, Charles 88 60, 61. 86. 87, 99. 104. 105, 155. 193 Deal. Julia 88 193 Dean. Dane 88 112. 193 Decosifo. Juie 73 Decristofaro, Luca 88 193 Dedrick. Mafsnda 88 34, 123. 193 Deeker. Ryan B0 Y Deers. Michelle 87 112. 216 Dehmer. uzetts 89 171 Dekker, Ryan 88 193 De! Roszxio, Adene 89 112, 171 Detohouke, Sondra 124, 142 Delgado. Juanno 87 231: oexvagne, May.: 87 216 Demirdjion, Chriswaher 87 53. 216 Dennison, Ben 142 f Denson, Christina B9 171, 122 Denson, Wiiam B7 216 Deallase, Carrie 89 16 Derrick. Keith 87 75, 216. 239 Desai. Nisha 88 92, 112, 121. 125. 128, 129, 193, 209 Desgio. Juiian 88 19 Deus. Thomas 89 171 Devtin. Thomas 87 210 . ' Deyavmana, Dumelle B7 72. 73, 88, 185. 212, 215 Dgo. Lily 135 owing, Andrew oo Dhawan. Yaruna 87 124, 128, 216 Di Salvo, Lillian F 153 Dickey. Anne av 171 Dickey. Cynthia 87 128, 216 Dickson, Todd 87 100. 103, 1.10. 111, 216 Diel. Pam F 148, 149 Dike. DUSWI 89 181 Dllberfi. James 286, 287 Dimacruna. Victor 88 194 Dmsmofe. Dunin B9 171. 55 Dinan, Philip as 194 Dyokage. Sonja BB 208 Dyakich, Michael B7 236 Dralnlng her braln To decide which is 'the best answer, Lianne Bakowski confemplafes The difficulty of The Keeping In shape is a major part of f- Claus. CHWQ . Anita 87 107, 125. 136. 192. 285 Ben B9 66, 139. 170 Changi chay so 129, 170 Chung Cmng 137. Chung, , Jennffef BB 192 Jenny B7 100. 124, 125. 128. 129, 131, 136. A21 5 Jenn ea 192 Chung. June 88 128. 136, 192 Chung, Karen 88 62 cmng Mtry 88 125 192 cmngj Raymond 89.170 Chung M, . Sam 89112. 170 .Thomas B8 112,12O.121,192 Churc 'Il, Kelm 88 192 Churchman, Llanne 87 119. 212, 215. 223, 239. 288 Clclddo, James 88 192 Cirrhi, Jeff B7 215, 228 Clolfi, Federico 89 170 Clark. Brian 89 112, 170 Clark, Dana 87 215 CIGK. M19 87 215 Diane 87 215 Cleary. Roberf 88 112, 117. 192 Clements, Gary 87 236 Elements. Keith 8371 170 an, Dowd C fOh, Chefyi 152 CONFIG, 'mad 88 117. 137, 192 Coffman. Kathy F 153 Coke. Nichoel B8 128. 192 Colacito, Anthony 89 55. 170 COQQCHO, Chrisilan 53. 55, 215 Cokxyco, J. Antonio BS 192 Coleman. Jeffrey B9 66, 170 Coleman, Sharon F 153 Colemand. David 89 170 Cclins. Kevh 179 Coins, Shawn 88 192 Coliirxs. Susan 88 112. 121. 192 Cowie. David 87 112 C0l'1'1aiO'm1. Cathy 88 192 Comelv. Diego 87 217. 236 Conner, Paige B7 79, 112, 215 Connors. Todd 87 70, 127, 215, 243 Conover. Haffy 142 Considine, Kathleen 87 112. 215 Conirefos. Elena 88 121, 192. 206 Convey, Stephanie 87 215 Conway, Jennifer 89 170 Conway, Michael 87 215 Cook. Meissa 89 170 CO0ke, Kllsien 87 73. 100. 101, 105. 126, 216 Coornbes, Susan 89 170 Cbanev. Ccvolyn 87 216 Cooper. May F 153 Cooper, Stacy B9 170 Copper, Kavln B7 216 Corona. Sieve 281 Cofosco. Julie 89 39 Corrado, Fernando 88 48, 49, 104. 107, 192, 288 cuss, cfag 87 216 Casso. Bfendan B8 192 Castarella, David 87 30. 216 Cauffney. Bam 58 193 Caurirlghi. Daniel B9 170 Courfrighf, Richard 87 117, 118. 136. 137. 216 Covnle. David 87 215 Cox. Chris 88 193 Cox, Khlberly 88 193 Crabtree. Jennifer 88 193 Cramer. John F 142. 160. 162 Daly, Seah 87 59, 80. 134. 216 Donclart. JDINI1 89 70, 216, 238 Dancndge. Jack so 111 Danrhg, Andrew 87 216 Daquinc. Sonic 89 171 Darius, Basillas 88 53, 113. 193 Dallas. Nastasias B7 15, 159, 165. 216, 237 Darwln. Knslen 87 16. 32. 92. 95. 105, 122. 216, 231, 240 DcsYici. Angela 87 236 Davidson, rin 59 171 DGVIGS, D9r1niS F 114, 142 Davues. Douglas 87 112. 120, 121, 127, 185, 215. 216 Davus. Cary 88 193 Davis. Gannon 89 171 Dovns. Kelly BB 103 Davis. Michele 89 171 Dawcld, Shaman 87 216 De Graaf. Saiy BB 193 D9 Haven, John Pairick 88 104. 139. 181, 193. 274, 288 Deygven. Mary Ann 88 88, 100, 117, 118, 128, 185. 1 De Lang. Deborah 87 12, 38, 39, 119. 126. 216. 237 De MOr1T1Q"W.Raber1 so 137, 171 De Nm. Ammnv 53. ss. 216 Arcadia life. Walking around cam- pus doing arm clrctes, Mr. Steven Powell demonstrates his athletic obinfy. 59, 171, 185 Dobson. James B9 184 Dodd. Lou F 106, 142, 145. 285 e, awn Daeppei. Stacy 87 112, 115, 216 332952115 233 lp in, co 3"1i7' ?"'1'?5J 33.3 Domain. Abrdiam 87 61, 100, 127. 129, 134. 139, 217 Donaldson, Jason 88 188 Dondcrwille, Jennifer 88 194 Domkowski, Karan 87 236 Donner. Be1h 89 176, 217 Doppel. Stacey 87 241 Dom, Geoffrey B7 12, 217 Dorsey, Ciffofd B7 12, 217 Daugherfy, Bill 88 14, 61. 67. 194, 198. 233 Dougheriy. Mary E. 1 146 Douglas. Steven 88 194 Doumen. Natalie 89 129. 171 Dowing. Bren as 188 Dragoo. Jenrufer 88 194 Drenner, Chrisfopner B8 188 Dfessen. Wendy 87 37, SB. 217. 225 Drew x.. Joseph B9 171 Driver. Jean F 142 Drukel, Beryi 142 Duchefta. Vincent 87 217 Dudiey, James 88 112. 194, 121 Dciosee, Beih 87 106, 107.217, 288 Duhari, Paul F 142. 159 Dumapias. Horence 89 171, 185 Dunaway. Brandon 89 171 Dunawav, Darren 87 53, 90, 217 Duncan. Erin B7 124, 217 Duncan. Mahhew 89 171 Dwbifl, John 87 53. 217, 226 Durbin. Raberi 8B 53, 55, 194 DYKS. 56011 88 194 Dynice. Jennifer B9 109. 171 EOCa1anIs, Moria 89 171 Echeverfia, Ana 87 217, 225 Edginion. Chad 87 217, 24 Edwards, GBOIQHO 88 117, 118. 194, 1475 Edwclds. Robin 59 171 ,EdwdM. Thomas B8 24. 38. 112.120, 121, 194 Egger, Shawna 89 23, 171 EBU. Peief 87 99. 104. 105. 154. 217 Ellioi. Dana 78, 172 , Elliovv, Steven 88 85. 194 Ellison, Melanie 87 119. 217 Elmakawl. Shireef 85 194 Elmore, .E-B 87 217 EIWSI1, Ldwfence 88 194 Ernbury, Kimberly 88 35. 95, 194 Emerson. Charles 87 75, 217 Errwhaniww. Cvisiai 87 107, 217. 288- Ena, Yoko 87 125. 130. 218 Engler. Jura 87 21-8 Engkxnd. Lauren 88 35, 36, 63, 106. 194, 288 Enfiquez. Hobed 89 184 , ' Erickson, Rodger 87 218 2 Erikson. Sharon F 153 Erich, Inga 89 172 Emf, James 88 194 SAT. Ernf, Tv 80 Erskine. K01h1e60 69 117. 172 Escobeao, Mirfa 87 218 Bcoto, Mark 89 172 Esmghim, Jeny ao 125. 172 Eshaghicm. Raymond B7 218 Espenschled. Jonathon 89 55, 172 Espeflschied. Kristen 87 12. 20. 21, 123. 1 Espasifo. Kimberiy BB 194. 112, 113 Eu. Mark 87 125, 130, 218 Eucneverric. Ana 87 16 Evans. Choivts B8 194 Evans, James 88 112. 120, 121, 131. 104 Evans. Jeffrev BB 194 Evans. MGC 88 194, 15 Evans. Michelle 89 117, 128. 172 Evans. Sem 87 15, 53. 218, 241 Evans. Steven B9 172 Eviefh. Kafhefine 89 172 Evleih, Pau! 87 218 Fabbri. Oerise 87 58. 218 FQDDG. Michael S9 55, 172 Fang. Eric 88 194 Fang. Michael 87 236 Fanous. John 80 172 Fcrajian. Timothy 88 194 Fald, Mohammad B8 188 FOUND. 1.0119 89 111, 125, 129, 172 Farley. Shannon 89 31. 125, 172 Fon. Steven 87 112, 120, 121. 218 Fair, Tiffug 88 194 Fasching. reg 89 30, 172 Fam. Janlcs 89 172 Fcurkl, Gafrli! 89 172 96, 218 Fcurio. Suzanne B7 79, 12-3, 211, 218, 241 Felippa. Pack! 88 194 Eenowsfuagg 87283. 216 9nQel. lsa 1 Fenner, SVQCSV 88 194 Ferdinando. Susan S7 12. 20. 21. 38. 119, 154, 218 Ferguson, JIII 89 172 FSIQUSOH, Wiiam B7 218 Fernandez, Deboldu 87 236 Fernandez. Patricia B7 218 Femod, Clta 9 Ferrell. Macc 88 194 Figueroa. Kia Kim 88 188 Flbeck. Andrew 88 194 F10Cher, RODYYI 88 58. 97, 134. 1941 Finlay, David B8 112, 194 Flrlnell, Donivee 88 194 Firma, Poly 136 Finocchlcra, John B7 218 Fischer. Sfeven 88 7b. 194 Finer. KGIGT1 BB 09, 194 Fisher, Robeff 87 215 Fisher, Yed F 144 Flach, T1cc6B9 172 Index enmg, e 'Am L03U25.J0F1J132 Fletcher, Lenny 57 219 Fok,'A1ex 89 1 2 L, . . . Folsom, Jeffrey B9 70, 172, 174 Fong, Nanny 88 194 Pong, Lhdc B9 172 Forbei, Tom F 114 Fovd. Ammud BB 194 Forden, Heian 89 172 Fofcmcm, Judy 87 219 Fofsrnun, Chczrlyn 57- 219 Foster. David B7 219 ' FOSVSY, Eric 88 61, 86, 87, 94, 1474 Fountain. Wayne 142 Fdurnler JL. James 88 194 Foumibf, Ivichelxe 89 172 7 Fox, Gary B7 53. 219 Fox. Michael 89 55. 76, 172 Francisco. Richovd 88 188 k. FYQDCD, Denise 88 9, 1911 ' Fruncone, Sheri BB 5, 194 Frcnkinl, M0114 89 172 Fronsico. Anthony 133 - Ffcnz, Rho 152 ' - Frcief. RODYH B9 111, 172 Ffedr, Ckludic 88 59, 1474 Freberg, zsmnaspse, 59450.51 Fl9nTZ. Mcrk 89112, 154 L . Ffeyafmuih. Michael BB 100. 194 Fricke, Michael 88 66, 67, 194 Erols1ad,,Curr1e B9 172 Fry. Joiyrl B7 1074 2147. 283 Fry. Olive! B8 84. 85. 194 Frydendoli, Darren 88 194 Fiydenduli. Tlmovhy B9 76. 172 Fu. Amy B9 154' Fuglie, Cynfhic 88 27, 69, 92, 194 Fuqlie, Michoei 59 172 Fuller. Ronald B9 56, 172 Fundora. Meribel 88 194 Fundorc, Marielc 88 194 Fumod. Tomcdnc 89 172 X f 1: E -- ,-4 E1 Gabriel, Nir 87 236 , 97, 144 Game. Bevfhcl, 87 5 Gomu.'Gem1do B7 236 Gomble,Kur1 87 80, 81, 134, 219 Gcmbou, Feist 89 172 Gamma. Benha 288 Gauguin, Lcuro 88 16. 119, 122 Gcnncn, Enn 8911, 154 " Gopezzuni, Gary 88 2. 55 sam, Crwlstopher 88 188 Gurc1o.Lu1s 88 188 , Garcia, Manuel F 153 Gordo, Renee 89 172 GUC50, Richclrd B9 76, 172 Gofcln, Shellle BB 19. 110. 111 Gdef. Todd 89 11 f Gargan, Colleen 87 219 Gurlcugh. Eizubeth B9 172 Gurkwgh, Sharon 87 100, 102, 126. 219 Gilmer, Efh 87 92, 112. 113. 121, 1264 127, 219. 241 Gomer, Rebecca B9 172 Gorrcwcy, Corey 87 210 Gouigus, James BB 112, 120, 121 Gcrstcng. Kew 89 '172 , . Gdncn, John 72, 73 Gcspclr, V019 89 172 60110, R110 89 172 Gcunft, CUNSYODUSU 89 125. 184 , Gaydcs, Anne 142 Gehlen. Pcirick 89 137, 172 6618. 990199 B8 128 Gems, James 80 I Genfry, Jennlffel 89 184 Seen. Bryon 88 110, 111, 128, 1303321 G-simon, Krisihe 88 106. 107. 119, Gex,TofiV 142 . Gldrcs. Dvunc 89 62, 63. 73, 172 G-Icngregofio. Lynese 87 219 Gibbs. Jeanine 179 Glberf B, Claude 87 219 Gilbert Jenny B8 17, 122 , G11eS. KCIBK1 142 Gllei. Michele 57 79. 219 Ghleffe, Bind B7 128, 154, 210, 240 Gillhdfirx, Kfishin B7 136. 210 ' Giradof, Lisa 87 113, 2147 611915. George 87 236 Glrcuxy Shannon 87 219k Giroux, Shame 87 219 I Gledhill, Jelifsy 87 104. 219, 288 Gomes, Stephan 89 172 Gdddurd. Harvey F 143. 156 Goggins, Jeanette 87 219 Gcidstohe. Stephen A. F 146 Gomugh. Tracy 89 172 Gonzalez. .Lian 80 172 Gonzalez. Usa 89 172 1 I Goodrich. Bvlcn B7 27, 52. 76 Goudon, Michael 88 53. 143, 188 Gorman, Sean 80 , Gould, Stephanie B9 59, 134.172 Grcbis, Marc 88 9 gralius, Lcxno Z 2 rmdy. Am Gfimdy, Kingeng 87 219 GIUII. Dondfd 8 64. 65. 90, 21? Gfcmncm. Andrea 89 172 Graves. David 87 112. 219 Gloves, S6011 87 15 Grov. Michael BB 188 Gfcy, Tommy 74, 75 Gleohcnuck, Sundfc B7 125. 219 Green, Alekundro 89154 Gfeen, Siephcnle B8 15, 16, 58, 117, 11B ' Gmensfone, MGM 87 102, 103. 126, 127, 219 Green. Thomas B7 53, 75. 154, 219, 278 Gfehcn, Jeanette 87 219 Gfickcs. Diane 111 Gngofion. Benn B9 172 GMO, Eizabefh B9 172 Groesz. Jun B7 219 Groves. Damon 817 55. 134. 172 Groves. Scott 57 53. 236 Grubman. Eric B7 75, 219 Glund, Anne Movie 87 15. 126, 219, 225 Gubbhs, Jodi B7 219 , Guemun, LOISUG 89 172 Guevrerc. Mchuei 87 219, 233 Guerrefie, Todd 89 172, 203 Gunnelt Shal1iB7 112. 116. 117, 118, 120, 121, 219 Guo. Nancy B7 124, 219 " Guy. Movy Lou F 143 Takinga break from flag practice, Jennifer Cho shows great inferesf in her food. . Goddy. Kevin 88 95, 194 Gaines. Krisfy BB 57, 194 Gallagher, RDDSYY BB 194 Gdlnc. An1h0ny:88 53, 54, 55, 194 Galina. Joanne F 153 Golo, Domenich 89 112, 172 -GGHO, McV1061 B9 112 Gclowuy. Dervece F 141, 150 Hook, Lucio 89 173 7 Hoebenein, Todd 59 173 Hflegg. Douglas B8 196 Eugen. 1g0vidBl27811C35, 196 59971. CIW Hahn, Gran? B9 173 Hdhn, 1.0016 57 83, 219 Hahn. Stlfch 87 BS. 105. 113, 220 HOHGI, Mouhlr BO 64,164 Hal. AiiciO 89 69, 173 Hd, Ccrofyn 87 2, 92, 100, 119, 126, 128. ,220 , HOD, Lance B8 196 Hcil, Undo 87 220 Hull, Puilicic B8 196 Hall. Sondra BB 196 Hullimln, Andfab 89 '173 Hcisieud. Mark! 89 173 Hdffilton. Cynfhlo 89 173 Hcmmonds, Trevov 68 112, 173, 245, 288 Han. Peter BB 196' , Hanan, Imelda 88 196 Hong, Victor 87 220 Horan. Gram B9 50 Hanna, Barham 88 73, 146, 190 Hanna, Teresa 89 173 Hcmrchcn. Jcmes 88 BO, 196 76 4 ,..,.,, 1 Runnlng to be the tlrsf in line for lunch was common among stu- dents. Holly Melvin has cz head starr on This event H0fd6S1y. JGSOYI 89 173 Hcxfdin. MOH 85 196 Hcfdy, Peter 88 11, 188 Harman, Todd 88 76, 77. 196 Maman, Bobble BB 196 Harmon, Kcmbarly B7 112, 113, 126. 220 Hcxmon, Susan 89 SB, 134, 173, 205 Horpe1,F1onk 88 95. 196 Hufrhgwn. Jeuneile 89 173 Hams, Bili 88 23, 30 HOWS, Kdsiin B7 16, 39, 41, 119, 220 Hclns. Wiilam 58 186 Hcwrlson. Julie 87 51. 73, 220 HO11, Ncvhen 91 ' Hcxvonto, Hilton 88 196 Hartman, M0714 88 196 Hcshemi-Mols, Msndi B9 154 HQWG, brchlm B9 173 , Hawkins Jr., Donold 69 173 Hdwkins, JOUGTYMIR B7 112. 120, 220 Hcwbffh, Brion 88 66. 196 Hayashi, Tomoko 87 125, 130, 220 Hayden, Mcfmew B8 188' Hayden. Michel 143 Hayes, Kem B8 23. 113, 196 Huyner, Angelo 87 220 Huyner,Mic71eIle 88 122, 123, 196 Healy. Andrew B7 236 Hearn. Edwcwd S7 220 Heom. Kevin BB 53, 73. 196 Hebrock, N100 89 173 Hedlund, EHR 85 196 Heiclenbefg. Shelly B9 173. Halma, Joe 87 112, 132. 220 Hebrock, N106 89 113' Helms, KSVH1 58 196 Hemn, Jay B7 228 Hendiribfl, Kiisfeh 87 51. b2, 63. 159. 220 Hendflckson. Erik 68 196 3 Henkels, Jennifer 89 173 Henkels. Robin 87 38, 39, 92, 93, 220 nenrzcn. Kcthfyn B7 220 Henriks, Diane B7 111, 220 ' Henliks, John 89 117. 173 HSIYV. Melanie 88 196 HGrff. Robert BB 196 Hergsf, Sharon 89 173 Hemondez, Justine B8 188 Hemcndel. Nancy 88 128, 129, 196 Hemngion, Lesie 87 32, 220. 226 Herrington. Skip F 53 Harlan, Jov 87 220 Hessman, Roben 89 173 Heflel. Cindy 87 221 Hpydon, Doncvon 87 221 , HIGH, Becky F 150, 277 WQGIQO. Aisc 87 221 HQT1. Poullne F 143. 162 Highley, Vcfrish B8-196 Hghiower. Suzanne 87 15117, 26, 34. 101. 116, 117, 118. 123. 126. 221 HiQman, David 86 196 HI. Aimee B9 73, 173 PSI, Gregory SB 196 HSS, Mefediih B7 72, 73. 221, 236 Hilh Pcnsh Kvislina B7 112, 120, 121, 128. 135. 136, 221 Hillenblunii, Brian 87 70, 112, 132, 221 Hillertzrclnd, Enc 89 112, 173 Hilis. Angelo 89 117. 173 Halis. Jennlfer 87 112, 120, 221 Hlmcn, Ttbcfhc B8 188 Hlion. Trisha 89 173 Havoc. Aknkc 87 112. 1247. 136. 221 Hjorf. Eric 88 197 HO, Jennifer 87 26. 102. 129, 131, 221 HO. Jenny B7 112. 113, 136, 221 Ho,,Vc1'Of B8 138. 197 Hodge. Koran B8 128.133, 197 Hudson, Andrew 87 64. 197 - Hodson, Julimma 89 59, 73. 78, 173 Hclsf, Yolanda B7 119, 236 H0ffm0n,JDhr1 136 - f N Herman. Jennifer B7 230 .!1dk132 Hcgisok, Shannon 87 125. 128. 132, 155, Hotmes. Aaron 88 76. 197. 208 Holmes. Dawn 87112.11-3. 221 HOIFTTSS, Jeffrey 89 173 HDIIDSS, Jennifer BB 18. 92, 95. 197, 195 Holi, Jef! 87 221 ' ' HON, Sisven 58 12, 55. 76, 197 Hom, Alvin B7 112, 121. 221 I-lomcn. Clrldy 88 197 Homcn. Whom 89 173 Honeywel. Cynthia 89 112, 174 HOf1Qf JOSOY1 B9 174 Hong, Wifiom 89 174 . Hood, Tracy 89 174 Hoon. Gregofy 8911, 174,203 Hoon, MIChQe1 87 221 Hopkins. Siucy 89 112, 174 H010wi12. Gmdysonn B9 184 Houck, Thomas 87 221 Hoysepiun, Karen 87 221 Hcwcfd, Bianco 85 69, 92, 93, 197 Howe, Lcurl 88 197 Howsl. Shrine 88 197 Hrstich. Gary 88 197 Hsol. Henry 138 Hsieh. Hsieh. Hsieh, Hsveh. , Jason 89 170 - Jenniial 87 44, 107. 236. 28B Juai-Owen 87 221 .Mia 136 Hsieh. Wendy 67 126. 221 Hsieh, YI B9 139. 184 - Hsmg, Tom 89 aa. 174 Hsu. Alice 67 102, 107, 136. 221, zsa Hsu, Brion 89121. 17d Hsv.C .C ufol 81 102. 125, 136 hllsiine B9 62, 174 hu-Chung 85 104 197. 288 1 cmng-men B7 235 Hsu Hsu C Hsu Hsu Chung-Wei 87 221 Hsu. Jennifer BB 188 Nm, JoJo 88 62 Hsu. Michael B7 221 f Hsu, Nike B9 83, 174 Hsu, Ro V87 127, 130, 136, 221 Hsu. Hsueh, Hsueh. Rugem 221 Novo 89 184 Peier B8 188 Hu,C'hGl1e5 es 121,197 Hua, Gigi av 129, 174 Hun. John 88 197 Huang. Alice ev 174 Huong, 288 Huang, aeny ae 197 Huang, cum as 131. 107 Huong, Christina 89 174 Huong, Dcvld 89 121, 17A Huong. Jock 89 139. 174 Huong, June 89 174 Huong, Joseph BB 131. 197 Huang, Ken B7 221 HUG Mark B7 127, 221 HUGE Peeef aa 1:11, 135, 197 Tnmoihy 67 102. 103. 125. 127, 221 Huong. Hucwk, Tom B4 Hudscn, D9f1FS6 87 221 Hudson, Hecihal 88 31, 119. 197 Hudson, Lisa B7 72. 38, 99, 100, 101. 126, 133 221 Hudson. Mczum 88 13, 14. 63. 121, 197 Huffman, Kafhleen 89 174 . Huffman, Lisa 87 221 Huh. Brodev 88 197 Humphley, Kmberly B8 79, 197. 198 Hung, Hung, Hung. Chien B8 197 David 131 Mu-ien 89 174 Hung, Tran 88 197 Huni. RYQH 87 70, 221 Hunfef. Bfeh 87 221 Annle 87 44. 46. 107. 131. 136, 221 284 Hutcheson, Sean B9 66. 174 Hufchings, Jeremy B9 174 Huhon. Kelly 87 221 Hwo. Rebecca 89 125. 129, 174 Hwang. Cliffuvd 88 112, 197 Hyde. Donovan B8 188 Hyde, Gfeq B8 197 HYd9. Smcn 89 46, 48, 147. 233 bichim, Molicm 89 17A blohim, Tcfek BB 197 lefocn, Vicky BB 197 im. Meal! 87 117. 180. 222, hbody,Stephon1e 87 102, 103, 159. Indo, Beuiril 85 197 Ingram, Jayson 88 55, 197 Holla, James 67 56, 130. 155, 222 Hkis. Boris 87 100, 137, 138, 222 izumi. Aklko 88 130. 197 Jackson, Fnorymn so no mmm, Daniel aa sa, os, 197 Jackson, Gregg B9 174 Jackson, Robyn B9 112, 174 Jacobson, Daniel 89 174 JOCOby. Nlichael B7 101, 127, 222. 223. 225, 285 Jcmg. Joseph sv 222 Jan, Peter 89 174 Jcnasin, Michael 69 56. 175 Jarvis. Bradley 87 101, 126, 127, 129. 134, 139. 147, 165, 222, 231 Je, Yeung E8 125. 128, 197 Jeans, Tricia 88 107. 124, 128, 129, 197, 288 Jefis, Brodey 89 55, 175 Jehrvhgs, Frances F 153 Jelivo. Daniel B9 184 Jeno, Sreohanie B7 222 Jen, Jennifer 89 175 Jenkins, Laura 87 106. 107, 162, 220, 222. 288 Jensen. Tracie 89 175 Jean, Eunmi 88 197 Jereme. CVLS1 B5 193 JGUCR, Ania 89 175 Jewel. Stacie B9 120, 123, 31. 175 Jig, Tracy B7 222 Jmenez, Christina B47 113, 175 Jimenez, Javier B7 24, 70, 120, 127. 222 John, Becky 89 175 JOM, Debordm 87 222 J0l'ifrS. Jennifer B8 197 Johnson, Abigail 89 113, 175 Johnson, Chrlsiopher 69 175 Johnson. Clayton 85 197 Johnson, Dena 87 102, 217, 222, 241 Johnson. Jlll B7 123, 126, 127. 211. 222. 241 J0hr1SOr1. Julie B7 222 Johnson, Kevin BB 23, 197 Johnson, Lama BB 197 Johnson, M9850 67 12, 119, 222 Johnson. Scott 89 175 Jahnsloh, Jeanine 87 129, 222 Jdner. Jean F 151 Janes. Alison B8 197, 206 Jories, David 87 222 Jones, Deanna BB 197 Jones, Jefrrev 87 222 Janes, Jennifer B7 222 Jones, Marty 89 175 Jones, Maf1hew 87 87, 112, 131, 120, 222. 285 JONES, Narlhan 89 60, 87, 175 Jones, Sabrina 88 197 Jones. Stacy 68 117, 118. 197 Jones. Timothy B8 87, 197 Jones. Whiiney B8 110, 111, 158 Jordan, Reber! 87 24, 70, 175, 222 Joy, Brianna SB 197 Julio, Sfevafl B8 101. 105, 193, 197, 282 Jun, Aaron B9 175 Jun, Ho B9 128 Jurudo, Jerrv 89 175 After runnlng many errands, Becky Hicfr meets her son, Robby, who sometimes come To AHS offer he Q01 out of school. Kaberlein, Toad S9 70 Koruna. Chl 80 Kaiser. Jennifer 88 116, 117, 118, 197 Kaiser. Johnathan GB 197 Kong, Mlchcel B7 121, 222 Kong, Sohve 89 121, 175 Koo, Allen B7 87. 124, 127, 131, 138, 222 Koo, Jae 88 197 K00, Slum-U 87 236 KGB, Wayne BB 124, 131, 136, 139, 197 Kaplan, Meredifh 88 BG, 128, 133, 197, 209 Karelius. Leilie 88 188 Korpcl, Mched 89 175 Kcvathrkam, Mow B7 222 Kafas, Sarah 88 103. 128. 197 Kato. Arihide 55 Kaftan. Tamer 89 31, 175 Kauffman, Amy B9 175 Kauffman, Derek B7 104. 222 Kowahara, Shlni 88 121, 197 Krxwahiia, Hiroshi 89 175 Kuwdmiio, Tsuyoshi 87 100, 139, 222 Kowarnufc, Hxscsni B9 175 Kuwushiro. Tsuyoshi 87 137, 138 Kay, Pcs F 151 Koyzek, Suzanne BB 62, 63. 69. 197. 206 Kebis, Sean S7 222 Ksh. Susan 87 38, 39, 103, 126, 222, 281 Kehae, Rudy 89 175 Keiih, Deanna B8 197 Kellam. Joanne B9 175 Kelley, Bryon B9 175 Kelley, Colleen B9 184 KBNSV. David 89 175 Keley, lun 89 175 Kely, Adnan 88 198 Kely, Erin B9 175 Kennedy, Christopher 68 112. 199 Kennedy, Frederick B8 188 Kennedy, Megan 88 17, 58. 59, 198 Kennedy, Robh 89 184 Kerlcn, Jason 88 198 Kesklnen, Wllcm B9 175 Kefiell. KIT! 106, 107, 222. 255 Keiiel, Mark 8B 70, 198 Key, Emma F 153 Key. Hslgc F 153 Kiddie. Teresa B8 88, 198 Kier, Cathy B7 19 Kler. Sfepharie 69 175 Kicked. Daniel BB 198 Km. David 88 121, 175, 198 Kin. Kin. Km. Klfrl. KHYI. Kim. Kim. Kim. Kim. Kim. Kim. Kim, Klm, Kim, Kim, Kim. Kim. Kin Km, Eugene B5 198 Eun B9 175 Hyun B8 66, 198 Jason 88 130, 138, 198 USG 88 19, 198 Lucia B8 25, 198 Mi B9 175 wmg sv 119. 430, 222 Mihwa B9 130, 136, 175 Min B8 104, 105, 117, 128 MoniccJ721 8 136 222 Myung 1 . . Songhoon 87 236 SCOIISYV 89 113. 121, 175 Shm 89 118. 125. 175 Suit!! 89121. 175,184 Taeni 89 175 Tommy B7 62. 63, 121. 222 Won B8 130, 198 Yung B9 121 175, Krn. . 222 Kmetryijerich. Kava F 153 Khcari, Jennifer 87 129. 222, 238 Kinder, Craig 89 175 mg, Ann Mane se we Anne Marie B8 79 Km, King, Jenn as wa sang, Kerry F 143. 156 King. uw av 223 King. sabrina sv 22:4 Klnirin, John F 144 Kinlkin, Lynn 143 mm, sob P 1111 Kuehfuss, Mark 88 198 Kumbefg, our-are 87 sr, as, va. 223 Kuhns, Slar'rl6Y B9 175 Kuiberg, Don B4 Kumar, Scnjoy 88 110. 111. 128, 130. 131, 198 Kun, Roy 89 175 Kuo, Aron 87 100 Kuo. Frederick B9 18A Kuo, Roy B3 Kuo, Ruth 88 73, 198 Kupver. Kirmeny sa we Kunper, Krisien B8 23. 73. 92, 199 f , I 'x 4:-I ik 4 , x QRS ' f . I HZ? - 7 A Larson. Gregory 59 184 Larson, Laurie F 143, 154 Larson. Shown 69 176 Lailer. Lorie 87 112, 224 Lcitimore, Casey B9 184 Lu1limare, Nina B9 184 Lau. Janice B8 199 LOU, S600 89 176 Lauderdale, Marcello 89 176 Lam, Eric B7 224, 240 Lauria. Maryam 89 184 Lawless, Todd B9 176 Le. Yeung 130 Leach. Brad 88 199 Leoultr, John 90 Leavitt, John B8 55, 199 Lechler, Krisiine 89 73. 80, 166. 176 Lea. Anne B8 119. 128. 136, 188 Lee, Bob B8 124. 131. 138. 199 LGB, Chic B9 176 Lee. Debbie 88 Lee, Hon SB 199 Lee. Herberi 89 121, 154 L96 L66 Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee ,Jenny ao 125. me , Jennifer 88 176, 199 . .nn as aa, wo ,Jann B8117,118,199 ,June so 176, iss , Meng-mn ev no .Peggy so loo. ue, we Lee. PTW BB 199 Lee. Shirley B5 110, 111, 125, 136, 1947 Lee . Sreven 87 236 Lee, Su 88 121, 135, 199 Lea. Suzie B9 176 Leigh, Siephahre B8 112, 121, 199 Leis, Julie 87 224 Leksmonc, Weinoray 87 224 Lemos, Candice 88 199 Lenchuk, Vivian B8 112, 121. 199, 209 Lent. Cris!! B7 224 Leon. Carlos BB 199 Leon. David B8 199 Leon, William 89 56, 176 Leonordr. Donna 88 199 Leopold, Held! 88 199 l.6SkJk. Carolee 88 23, 119, 199 Lemg. Cynihiu 87 236 Leung, Kmberly 89 176 Lev ift, John 88 53 LSWIS, AITWY 58 78. 79, 199 Lewis. James 88 83. 104, 199 Lewis, Jun 288 Lewis. Kathy SB 12, 35, 72, 73. 106. 107. 199, 288 Lewis. Marie F 141, 150 Li. Betty B8 188 Li, Jerry 87 224 Li, John 89 176 Li. Vicior 88 121, 1479 U, Wln510r1 89 176 Llong, Billy 89 176 Leong. cmrre aa loo Liang, Kcilin 88 169, 199 Liang, N9i188 100, 124, 199 Liang. Paul 87 139, 236 Lioc. Andy B6 1lXJ. 124, 131, 135, 1347, 199 Libfrechf, Nadine F 153 Showing her excitement at ihe football game, Liso Seltmon points our o QIGCDL ploy by The 1eom, Kutooinger, Michael BB 110, 111, 199 Kufmaya, Kevin 66 Kunmofo, Aksmi 87 62, 130, 224 Kurihofo, Akerirl 87 100 Kurimoro. Masomi 89 175 Kurcki, Joyce 67 107. 112, 224, 288 Kuyamirc, Kevh 76 Kwon. BDDDV 89 175 Kwon. Brian 88 199 Lighfcco, David 87 26, 224 Lim Lim , Paul 89 176 , Richard B9 112, 176 um, Sun-Young 87 117, 224 Lim. sung so 176 lm. Andy as we Ln, Angela B7 62, 224 un, Chau av 236 Ln crwmao as 1es Lil, Lin, Lin. Lin Lh Lh Lh Chien Jung ao 47.5 Cliff ar as. 224 eine sa 1:44. 199 Grace ao 154 mwofa sa we, fm mnqvm so 177 mx as en, 125, 139. rss, we Lh, James 88 102, 124, 138, 139, 188, 199, 224 Lil, Jeffrey 87 224 Ln, Johnson 89 177 Ln, Joyce B8 199 Lin. Ju1ian 88131, 138, 156. 199 Lin. Lh Lln, Lh. Lh Lh Un Kuon-How B7 224 Loun B8 199 Lh B7 236 Lisa 124 Louisa 138 Mcry B9 124, 177 Mel 87 124. 129, 131. 136. 224 Kinsey, Kevin 89 112. 139, 175 Kvin, Stacy 87 223 Kirh. Vikki B9 175, 185 Kisfner, Tomro 87 134, 223 Kiyomuro, Kevin 89 175 Klcdifirc, Brian B9 175 Kiodfko, RODBH E. F 146 Kiawirfer, Christa 88 27, 58. 69, 79, 198 Kicsu. Roberf 847 175 Kline, Eui 87 105, 129. 223 Kina, Kimberly 87 223 Knebel. Lisa B9 175 Knight, Kara 88 198 Knowlcnd, Adam 87 53, 223 Knmn, Koran BB 195 Koa, Keren 89 62 Kocoyo. Chrisvopher 88 198 Kocayu, Jernilef 57 12, 223 Koemg. Stephanie 87 223 Keeper. David B7 131. 223 Keeper. Kciherhe B8 112, 113. 198 I. Lo Barrie, Trccx 87 224, 237 La Verne, Brandon B9 112, 176 Labcnscrt. Karen B9 176 Loch, Leslie B7 224 Lachalh Mary 87 224 Koger, Cynthia F 153 Kam, Karen 89 175 Kopp. Steven B7 217, 223 Korelr, Hayley 59 175 Komev. Ingo B7 223 KOSinskl..PuuI 87 223 Kosoboycrshi, Brion 88 112, 198 Lodrng' . Keliy 87 22-4 L01. Alice 89121,,176 Lai , Benson 124, 131, 138 Lal. Sand 89 176 Lui Lui . Venfghi 87 236 , Ven-Hsu 89 175 Lulonde. Russel 152 Kclecha, Bimal 89 1841 Koo. I-.Ilan BB 198 Kou, Refer 88 198 Kouiso ls, Andrew 87 223 Kreler, Brei 87 56, 223 Kms, Marv 125 Kreurz, Steven 87 223 Krlps, NOYCES B9 175 Kroll, Srephonle 87 235 Kronqust, Juli 847 113. 175 Krueger, Klmberlee 89 175 Kuc, George B7 223 Kuo, J. Edward 69 175 Lcmc, Laurie F 138, 143 Lama, Nbchoel 87 236 Landes, Tom F 114, 143 Lane, Corey B9 112, 176 Lane. Frank 87 236 Lane, NCYKJV BB 199 Lcnerc, Michael 125 Lang, Richard B7 53, 64. 224 Lcmazoro, Jemirer 87 133, 224 Larralolo, Maia 89 BS, 97, 176 Larre. Carl B8 209 Larson, Daniel B7 224 Larson, David 75 Lrh. Michael 87 224 Lin, Mingfing B9 177 Un, Mlshelie 88 188 un, Peggy ea we Lan, Perer E7 127 Lin, mchord 87 124, 125. 131, 138. Lan, Tina 89 124, 177 Lin, William 87 224 Liridholm, Slave!! 89 55, 177 LlW3C!UiSl, .Nile 86 125, 199 Lssku, John 87 104, 105. 224 Liska, Julie 89 177 Liffel, Michelle S7 224 Lilfle. JOSSDN H8 199 'u, Angela B9 62, 177 L Liu. Debbie B7 107, 131. 136, 224. 288 Llu. Gary 88 66. 199 Liu, Ruei-Wen 89 177 Liu, Sarah 89 184 Lo, Andrea 89 177 LO, June! B7 130. 131, 236 LD, Johalhcfl B9 177 LO. Phiip B8 61, 87, 100. 139. 199 LO. Sophia 89 125, 128. 177 Loffius. Jeffrey 88 199 Logan, Terri F 122 Lomedicc. Crvlsflcn B9 177 Londo. TeriB8112, 113,187,199 Long, Bryan 83 199 Long, Ewa ae os, we Long, Stacey B8 199 Loop, Shanna? 188 Lopez, Amy Lopez. Brian B7 224 Lopez. Mark 87 51. 224 LODSZ. Scot! 88 112, 199 Lopreicro, Sergio 87 ro Losey, Brian BB 199 Loihar, Tim 84, 85 Lovrerxskv, Richard B7 61, 95. 118, 224 Lowvher, Tknmny 89 177 139, 224 01 "" 'T' ..,. V --..,, -.:v'.. :51' -'-' 1 " MU 7' W f ., ,, , ..,, ., ,, ,Y .. . . A-..-I' W W fScf" ,,g mmm,,,,, Mum Y ,M 5 N 2.:,,:,,,- " . ..,.. . p -. 5 , Y ----,, ..-,rf ---- A- index we -,,,,,, . . zc, 5143 iw Mg 2 . 5 ' ii E i K? if if 7 X 2 5 ' sf pf ,Q f . , , 'fr l l .2 - ,rr .4 3 155 W Q 5. 22 2 Q f f Q13 iil i il I inf ' ffl Q 5 5 j i Qlaf 1 le ii J E i :MS 5 277 3,5 Mlller. Meiisso S9 177 NIIlIer,kMch9l16 87 112, 121, 227 Miller, Samantha 85 200 Miller. Stephanie 57 236 MIIIBY, Siephen 89 184 Miller, Sue F 151 -.M L., N., v ,Q 1 Mln, John 87 125, 130. 222 Min, Jun Hong 58 61. 200 Mlner. LU-1764 88 117, 188 Minton. Shannon 89 177 Minf0h, Shawna 87 227 Mlrofxdu, RKCDGYG B8 2001 Vifdiell, ENC 59 129, 175 Mlfchell. Mark 89 178 , Mifchell, RODS!! 68 200 Mltrowch, Steve B7 217 Miisuoko, Nofinkl 59 60. 175' L Mifsuyc. Emlko 58 200 Mifsuyu. Molnlko B8 200 Mivugishimc. Edward B8 106, 117, 1981 200 Mae, Raylene 89 178 M0hQ11, JI 87 227 Mofna, Anno 88 200 Moths, Suzanne 88 10g 200 Molncr. Hans 89 178 M0l'1fSfT10VOf. Joyce 87 227 Montes. Thomas 87 227 Monigomevy, Gdbdel SB 200 Montgomery, Larry S7 227 f Montlsonvl, Mike 152 Mood Blk!! 89 55 178 Y, . ' Moody, Jernllsr 89 113. 178 Moon. Anfon 89 184 , , MOON. MQW B7 117, 118, 130. 136. 227 Mooneyhon,-Bengumh 89 76, 178 Moofe, Doudos 7 227 Moore. Gfegof B9 56, 178 Class ilme ls precious. Eric Sfonecipher and Teresa Smcldino use if To socialize . ' Lu, Andrew 89 177 Lu, CHS! B8 109 Lu. Kenneth 87 49, 127, 136, 224 Lu. Robeff 87 48, 49. 125, 224. 284 Lu. Wen 87 224 - Lucas, Teem 87 6, 225 Lucero. Don F 104, 144 Lucelo, D-:icy 88 199 LUCBY. Lcufie B9 177 LUGDIG, Chad 87 137, 225 Lug, Kimberly B9 177 Lugo. Jesse F 152 I Luhmonn, Dondd 89 177 Luisi, Wdler 89,177 und. Llsl 87 236 . ' Lum, Steven 88 64, 112. 199 Lullrxskl. Erk: 89 177 Lytel, Ericho B7 225 Mu, Eugene as 70. B2, we Mabry, Jennifer S9 113, 177 Mccddlccn, Joni S9 73, 177. 185 Mocios, Andrew 87 53. 55, 133, 225 Model, Sgnccio 89 53, 177 Maciel, Salvador 87 15, 53, 225 Muck, Pct F 53, 143 MQCBOD, Blah? B8 188 Moger, Chrisyl B7 225 Mogycr, Clcro 67 134, 225 Mai, LindG 87 1274 126. 225. 244, 288 Malchow, Tina 53 Mdoyg Erh B7 225 Md0ney,Ccl1d1C6 87 26, 57. 73, 101. 133, Mfhuchuk, Alon 143 MODCVIBN, Juieph 88 200 Muicileli, Tknofhy 89 177' Mcnzi, ,Lawrence BB 200 Mcrlno. Rick 87 9, 23, 225 McvkuS. Sanyo 88 10, 119, 135. 200 Nlumerr. JOYIGYNQD 89 177 Mcrovkh. Jackie B7 125. 225. 240 Nlcrovkh, Monlcc 88 21, 30, 107. 200. 285 MQHGSQUG. Sm!! 111 ' Nurrone, Benjamin 87 225 Mcrrons, James B8 100, 132. 133, 200 . Navshcll. James 87 15. 55. 70. 77, 80. 177 Mcrshulh KSIN1 87 225 Marshal, Kelly B8 53, 55, 200 Marshal. Taro BB 200 Moriin, JGW165 89 55g 66, 177 . Marvin, Laura B7 1w. 125, 135, 225 Marfinez, Bllcm 88 200 Mcriinez, Bvyun 87 61. 225 Marilnez, Dflnielie 88 95. 200, 225 Meribel, Lucio 69 184 Masunovich. Susan 89 177 Moscow, Gregofv BB 200 Mfxsielo, Gino B8 QCO Mosney, Chrlsfidn B9 177 Nloson. Andfec B8 2420 Nkxssellng, Dofien B7 07, 225 Masseling, Sumn 89 177 ' Music, Phllio BB W, 104, 139. 200 Music, Stephen B9 477 Mcsfri, Louie 76 Mcsiro. Andrew B9 184 Muteruzzi. George 89 177 Mcriheny, Grey 182 Motrungo, Samuel 847 177 Matson. Gregory B8 94. 200 146, 225 Mcttor, Rocfoi 86 200 Nkmurg Sharif 89 177 , Maucsley, Timothy B8 200 Moviiia, Jennifer BB 188 Maxson, Rome F 118. 144 Mdxwsil, Phiip F 143 Moy, Susori B7 33. 62, 63, 105, 126, 226 Moore, Jem 85 88. 178 Moore, Kelley 87 227 Mora, Rlchdd 89 178 Moron. Andrew B8 53, 200 Moran, Brian 89 112. 178 Moran, Colleen B7 107. 112, Mofcn, Jefvifer 89 109. 178 Mofcwec, Alexander 88 27, 87. 200 Morden, Moreno. Moreno. Amd 88 200 S01 F 152 Lorroin B7 227 Moreno, Ninn 89 178 Morgan, Andrew 133 ' Morgan. David 88 WB. 200 Mof an T F 143 Morgan: Om Wendy B7 57, 92. 133. 227, 241 Morlzuka. Voshicozu BB 83, 130, 200 Mono, CNE 89 60 ' Morris, Ron F 57, 143 113. 154. 227. 288 Mayberry, Summer 88 200' Maynard JL, Hugh B8 200 Maze, David 87 226 Mole. Lori 89 128, 177 Mczone, Steven 67 53. 75, 226 Mazurek, Jocquslyn 57 226 Mc Affrey, Michael B8 200 MC Andrew, Kely B7 103, 129, 226 MC Collie. Laura B8 200 Mc Gollum. Evan 86 61, 87, 20D Mc Conn, Movie B9 177 Mc Corn. Chriskupher 87 27, 53. 75, 198. 211. 226 Mc Conhy. Mavic 87 226 Mr: CGW. Rene B9 177 Mc Corrrick, Arthur 87 226 Mc Colmlck, Chllsid 8B 200 Mc Cowon, Jcmes 89 477 Mc Crummsn, Michael 89 55, 177 Mm Cune. Tommy 87 119, 226 Mc Dermui, wnnney 87 so, 226 MC Dcfldd. Cro4g B8 53, 55. 200 Mc Elveen, Timothy 86 200 Mc Enfee, Knihlsen 87 101. 223. 226 Mc Ghley. Der'-his 88 56. B7, 200 Mc Govern, mance: bs. 226 Mc Gulre. Theodore 88-'l. 53. 55. BQ, 83, 133. 200 rm Iyar, Jean F 453 Mc hlosh. Scovt 89 125, 177 Mc Infyre. Erin 87 226 Mc Ovor, John 88 200 Mc Kende Jr.. Wiiam BB 53, 55, 80. 200 Mc Kean, Kdfhsfine 37 10, 27, 112. 120, 126, 127, 226 Mc Klbben. 919901 87 226 Mc Lecn. Ncrlcy 89 177 Mc Millefl, Jonas 89 177 Mc NOITSSS, Tlishc S9 73. 177 Mc NSW, MICY1426! 88 200 Mc Neil, RVGR B9 55, 177 MC PPTBISOD, Brion B9 177 Mc Phersorx. Cheryi F 450 Mc Phefscrl. Emiy 89 177 Mc Quilkin. Sem B7 226 Mc VCV. AHSQ 89 184 Mc Vny. Carol F 126. 144 Mend, Scot! 87 4112. 120, 120, 121, 226 Medeifos. Krisfh B9 112, 177 Medina, Domlnlc 87 75, 226 Medlnc, Thomas 89 112, 184 Meiers, John 143 Mein, Curios BB 9. 11, 200 . Melifvqvlch, Meklnie 69 Meiinger, Julie B9 'I77 MSJON1. Pibhdld B7 137, 227 Meifon. Joel 89 66, 477 Melton. Joy 87 236 Melvin, HW BB, 35, 39, 200, 276 Mendenh , Sandro 87 117, 118, 125, 227 Mendenhci. Thomas 88 200 Merugef. Darren 87 230 Mercer. Lynne 87 129, 227 Merczhanhxlalpo B7 124. 227 Memout, Michelle 88 10. 200 ' Merritt, Nathan 85 200 Maw, Chlisiophsf 88 56. 200' Meyer. Kofen 88 10, 200 Meyer, Krislyn B7 36, 227 I Michael, Tlnu E9 112. 177 Mllcno, Kerry 87 123, 211, 227. 236 Miinovich, Mdlihew BB 66. 200 Mlinbvldi. MQIONG B9 547, 78, 177 Wm. Doriene 88 200 MMI, Andrew 88 125. 200 Wler, Annullm 87 131. 227 Mler. Cdfhefirle 89 69, 78, 112, 177 Milbr, Christopher B8 200 Miler, Donlelle 89 62, 177 Miller, David 87 103. 132. 227 Mmer, Jucquelyn B8 200 Miner, Kevin B9 39. 54, 55, 80. 177 MIHSY. Llke 87 227 "rrlr .f,f A index Morrison, Margaret 88 117. 118. 201 Morrison, Shunncm 87 227 Morrone, Benjamin 87 53 Morrow, CNWSTODTTST 89 60. 178 Morrow. I-Gmbeny BB 103, 131. 201 Morfensefh, Wendy 89 478 Mosely, June 1143 , MDSFISL Wdrsd F 453 1 Mou, Shifiey 58 201 Mcufcvfej. Juhcrv 89 184 MOLNY, PKJQY B8 201 Mucclllo, ark 68 201 Nalder, Cynthia B7 20, 21, 46, 227 Nklligan. Bufbolc 88 184. 201 Myrvold, Wilfoom 88 103. 201 Nubcd. Nughmen 87 227 Nszgushima, Tomoml 88 188 Ncgcia, Nancy 87 227 - Nam, Fred F 143, 162 Ncirl. Bda F 143. 162 Nckc. Nite 87 227 Ndtdw. Akekl 87 236 Ndcov. Sophia 89 881 89, 178 Nos, Michele as 204 Nurdelm Spencer 87 227. 234 Ncsil, Aim! B8 201 Nasir, Jeffrey 88 201 , Ncssif. Sora B6 201 Ncsfrl, LOII 89 184 K NGSM. Lou 89 70 - Navcvro, Jdson 87 104. 105. 236 Navarro, Luis 881201 -- Navarro, Ofalkl 87 227 Neunder, Bruce 89 178 , Negishi, srm-ni as as. 201 Neglshi. Tetsuyo B7 130. 227 Nelson, Ann 87 227 J i Nelson. James 87 178, 236 Nelson, Kimberly 88201 . f Nelson. Kl1SYhClL89 178 Nelson. Mdtihew 87 227, Newcomb, Karen 89 178 ' Newman, Craig 87 64. BO, 81. 127. Newman, J0nclVhon'89 55, 178 Ng. Kenaicu so 184 NQO. Linh 89 178 , Nguyen, Denise 89 478 Nguyen, Thong 87 -227 Nguyen, Tin 8 178 Niccsiro, -Curio 89 55, 47B Nichols, Mindy B9 178 ' NKZDOLS. Shane 89 184 NICRQI, David 88 112. 131, 201 NiCOlOS, Robefi B7 228 Nlcbi, Mark B9 55, 178 Nielsen. Aimee 68 112,201 Nilicf. Jcsveef 55 204 Nic, NelS0n 88 204 f Nissen Ill, Pm! 89 83, 178 Niswonger, Joseph 88 188 , Noe. Amy 87 117. 118. 225 NOIOH. 81611 89 70, 178 Norbevg, Glen 125 Norrish. Tomaso B8 204 Novelll. Vero F 153 - NOWG, J0hnF 68, 141, 143. 162 Nuhfbdzic, Tufik 87 236 NUM. Victoria B7 112, 226 mygen, rea as Nybe, Jonh sr 22:3 - 5 fit ,,-l The agony at Injury was demonstrated by 'defensive back ,Thomas Greep os his coaches carry him off The field, - V , Mumford, James BB 134, 201 Munoz. AN10 B9 111, 158. 178 Mxnson. Deonno 88 201 Mu1Ch, Nchdus BB 201 Muchmicn, Donna 88 119, 204 - MUIO. Derek 87 84, 85. 99, 104, 105. 227 MUIO. JOYTIBS B8 53, 55, 201 L MUVDUSYV Chfisfin 89 176 MuI'ph9Y, Nlkthelie 88 124, 201 Mufmy. TOHVG B7 26, 101, 105. 220. 227 Mustafa, M..IS1Of0 87 236 Mu510fG, NGQI 88 188 Myefs. .miie ea 112. 121, 201 Myefs. Scoti BB 201 Mynster, Chriswnhel 88 133. 201 ,... . -k:' ' - A :If .... 2 1 'ae-', O'Bcl1non, Llnefie 87 125, 218, 228. O'BrlGh, B631 B8 0. 202 O'B6Qf1, Jim F 105. 144 0'CDnn0f, David 89 176 O'Connof, Wllam 89 6, 55, 184 222 'AF 240 O'Del, Kevin 87 129. 134. 135, 438. 439. 228 O'NeSky. John B9 478 O'Sofio. Wiiscm B9 184 Oohcre. Marianne B7 228 Oakley. Jil! 59 13. 73, 78, 478 Oakley, Paul 87 145. 228. 288 Ogden, Darren ao we Oh, JOB B9 60, 87. 178 Oh, Judy BB 202 Okcmoto, Scot? 88 142, 124. 202 Oliver, Kevh 58 75. ZH Oimsfed. Scott 88 80, 112. 421, 1311, 202 Olsen, Alicia 87 69. 79, 228 Oisky, Mctvhew 88 202 Olson, Amy B8 69, 202 Patel, Acfkm 87 236 Perez, Angelo 87 228 Perez, BOD B0 Pefsz, Chris 68 202 Perez. Joseph 88 202 Perez. Robert 89 178 Pelel. Ruben B9 478, 425 Paritofe, Fred F 503. 'IAA Penh, Sfccsy BB 106, 107. 202. 288 Perry, Amy 58 2. 22, 34, 422, 202 Perry, Scot! 87 728 Parsing, A554091 B9 63, 178 Pervng. cnmms 87 63, 228 Petersen, Jeffrey 88 70, 202 Pefarsen, Tuna 89 178 Scbuni, Traci BB 17. 69, 203 The dedicailon of cheerleaders and parents is eviden? when they offend one of The iofe night varsity soccer games. Qulntunc, Ekzubefh B7 236 Quinftmd, JOSGDVI B8 202 Rchmcn, Ifsno B8 202 Rahman, Nosheed 87 229 Rumoga, Richovd 89 66, 179 Rcrwrez, Ed F 53, 64 Rcrfkez. Gkhric 89 179 Randall. Beoux 87 53, 236 Rangel, Melinda B9 179 Rcnnis. Paul 88 188 Rordin, Dole BB 202 ROSHICS, Hilbcd 89 17? Rashid, Hooman 87 236 Rosmussen. Ghennu F 'IAA Roy, Catherine F 153 Roy, Soycn BB 130, 202 Rea, POL! B7 229 RSCIXIQYL Michele B8 128, 202 Recd, Reber? B8 202 Ready, Matthew 88 23. 80, 81. 202 Recino, Peter 87 229 Real, Emlly 88 203 Reed, Michael 87 229 Reed, Randi BB 203 Reeve, Lyle S9 179 Raicheun, Eric 87 229 Rodgers, Tvcvis 89 66. 'IBO Rodriguez, Anthony 89 55. 180 Rodriguez, Monica BB 125, 203 Rodriguez, Sfocy 87 229, 238 Roctiquez. Staphcnie 87 10, 220, 229 ROB. Heien F 1119 Roffeld. Steve 88 203 Rogers. windy 125 Rogers, Shuriene 87 229 Romer, Donald B9 180, 66 Rolf. Bcrbclc 89 180 Rornefo, Edgcvdo B7 230 ROOSY. John 89 480 Honey. Monica B7 230, 288 nongc, Shonon agfggo Ronge, Stephen Rovvick. Erika 88 45, 203 ROSBGOIB. Tiffofhy 87 230 Romcxkm. Jon BB 203 Ross. Anniso B7 120, 230 Ross, Ernie F 152 Ross, Wiliam B7 230 ROs1Sf, Chuck 139 Rofhbcuer, Nancy F 150 RcVhsChildkMcrLC BZ Roughan, cf yn Rowe, Sieve F 144 Rczief. LouG152 so 180 Ruggiero, race Rumberg, Don 9 Ruiz. Francisco B8 203 l?u1, Mcrielc 89 180 Miz, Rcrbdblph B8 203 Quiz, Randy 436. 137 nun. sywia as 203 Rule, Diane 89 180 Rumohr, Chrififcpher B9 180 Russo, Angelo 87 112, 120, 121. 126, 127, 230 Ruzach. Sfephonie 87 117, 230 Ryan, Nicole 88 203 Ryu. HSNY B9 'IBO Rbhke, Keie 89 78. 179 Reno. Tnclo 87 73. 223, 229 Reyes, Alexander 89 76. 179 Reyes, Olivia F 153 Reynolds, Andlew 89 112, 125, 179 RYISS, Dohdld B9 179 Rhore, Donny 76 Rice. Jayne F 1414 l?iChCVds. Pu!! F 153 Richardson, Denise 88 18. 181. 'IBB Rmchofdson, Lenofa F 451 Richcvdson. Shannon 88 203 Richfar, ROUGH 89 76. 179 Richter, Ronald 87 22'-7 Rico, Berii 88 191 Riedev, Corino 37 229 mggm, usa er 228. 229. 237 S Sobouncnxon, Rebecca BB 1054 112, 124. 134. 135, 203 Omens, Dho 88 202 Ondefdonk, Richold 143, 162 Or, Yen B9 178 OICUH. Defllse 88 122, 202, 282 Orfagu. Cuties 88 202 Peisfson P679fSOf1 Peiavsonf Peiefson. . Dei B7 129, 134, 135. 135. 1 . Elk: 88 202 Raymond F 60 Sfeven B9 478 Peiroccoro. Frank 143 39, 165, 229 Wiley. Rley, Rives. RIVQS. RNC-S, Undo 87 107. 229. 288 Sam 89 184 Carb 88117. H8 Juunikl B7 136, 229 O, 88 203 Suddoris, Elaine F 153 Suelwd, LKSCI 87 38, 112, 115. 126, 230. 274 Soffler. Shelly B6 62, 03, 73, 203 Sakai, Machrko B8 203 Suicide. Veronica 89 117. 150 Ortega. David aa 188 OHSQCI. LITIGNO 89 178 OS9buld, KH F 453 Outsen, Jon BB 202 Owens, John BB 202 0ZGri, Aviv B9 178 Peireli, Roseonn 89 178 Pevierson, Jeffrey 88 61 Pettevson, Raymond F 61. 144 Phillips, Adam BQ 178 Phillips, Jenrlifef 89 78, 479 PYCNOHG. SQGCSY B7 SB, 133. 229 Piefce. KVISB 92 Pie. Dusfifl 88 74, 202 Pke. Richuld 87 54. 55. 87. 229 Pic. DOITYHRU 88 107. 202. 285 Pic. Symhio 87 100. 407. 229. 288 Pimer, Theodore 89 76, 179. 120, 285 Pifwedd. Sundfd SB 10, 22, 202 Pitts, BIII F 53 Piits. David B8 112, 202 Hoe, Dominique 89 125, 179 Piofkn, Mnfc B8 21, 23. 202 Plumlee, Susan B7 12, 229 Pcdsko, Swcy 67 229, 105. 202 Poicky, Coin 85 53, 202 Pace. Deondrec BB 202 Pcckovd. Juhs 88 86, 202 Poi' Janette 88 202 Pukaf, Bunn F 153 Palkldnc, Joe 87 35. 211. 228 Pon, Ken! 121 Paniqquc, Carlos 76 Pcrodc, Marlin 88 202 Pcnlle. Chrtsiie 69, 92 Parke, PHYS! 89 136, 478 Poang. Rouen av 51. so, wo Pon, cm-xy B7 402. 424, 429. 131, 136, wa. 229 Pod. Jeffrey se 202 Pooie. Brcndcs 87 229 Poon, Wayne 89 66, 179 P0081 . Portal, POYYSI. POHBY. Posey. Chfiswphef 67 46. 229 P011 86 70. 52. 83, 202 Scoif 87 236 Tracy 89 179 Elizabeth 88 202 Podcs, MVCO 89 179 Powel Pawel , Steven F 148, 149. 275 , Thomas 87 229 SSS? WS? 22625 Us , I Pork, Roger 89 124, 178 Pork, Roy B7 427. 130. 228 Park. Song-Hyun BB 66, 67, 83. 202 Pak, Young B9 150, 431, 178 Pcfkev. Parker. Pcfker. Parker. Pdkefy Pofrme. Dennis 88 202 Jim F 70 Michael 87 6U, 61, 228 Scot? 88 202 Shelyl f 141. 143 Chlisfine 88 202 Parrott, Kathleen B8 34. 202 Pcrsi, Joseph so 184 Pcrwlz. David 88 'IBB Posqude. Seen 88 104, Posture. Steven B7 228 405, 202 Ptlfelhiml, Glhc 89 178 Povey, MGM BB 202 Pcxson, Ked B9 478 Payne. Curtis 88 188 Payne, Torn F 16, 25, 104. 146 Pecke, Durrv 87 236 Pecmng N, Skgper 87 22B Pearse. Kylie B 178 Pearson, Ricky BB 202 Peck, Gregory F 144, 145. 160, 162 Pedrmh, Derrick B8 158. 202 Pedroifl, William 88 112, 202 Pai, Anita 89 178 Petletier, Jllie 88 202 Penny. Gerald F 144 Penny, John 89 478 Psfosso. Julie 89 178 Perelli. KOTHV 86 27 Pollo. Eileen B7 229, 241 Pozzo. Heidi 89 113, 479 Precicdc, Monica 87 12, 229 Pfemi. Roscmnc B8 202 Price, Shannon B9 113. 179 P1imozich,C!om F 129. 143 Prlnce, Micheal B8 202 Procfof. Jeanne 88 202 Pvcfumo, David 88 6. 404, 105, 417, 118, 202 Plovenzano, Richard B9 SA. 55. 91, 179 Pfoverucno. Steven 87 27, 53, 133, 229, 244 Provinss. Christina B9 179 Provines. Siczcy 80 179 Pu. JDITISS 847 179 Puerius, M6550 B9 179 Puglisi, Eizobeth 88 202 Pyshef. James 68 202 Quigley, Price 87 436, 229 Llsiening intensively, The Execufive Council learns about upcoming events. Rivera. Jaqueline 87 236 Rllzi, Frank B7 45, 103. 427, 128, 132. 229 RODOCK. Jeffrey 87 112. 120. 127, 229 Robcck, KOIBT1 B9 122. 425. 454. 467, 179 Robbins. Todd 89 55. 179 Roberts, James B9 179 Roberis, Michael 89 173, 179, 184 Roberis. Sfocy B7 78, 79, 433, 229 Robeffs. Sfephen 88 134, 203 Robedson, JOn 89 42, 229 R0b9iS, Jim BG - Roblllurd. Karyn 87 229 Robinson, Caro! F 153 Robinson, Cruistopher 87 135, 229 Robinson. Robert BQ 480 Robles. Andma 80 160 Robles. Anthony 87 229 ROCQUS. Janine 88 95, 203 Rododo. Clare 89 160 SCIlinG5. Gino 89 180 Sclley. Tracy 88 411, 188 SCIIBI, Dlck F 53, 444 Scmurzich. Aniko 87 230, 238 Sams. Todd B7 24, 70, 230 Sczmuelion, Smven 87 230 Sanchez. Amanda BB Sanchez. Ano BO 480 Sanchez. Chiisflne BB 112, 143, 187. 203 Sanchez, Emma 87 230 Sanchez, Mcfgomo F 144 Sanchez, Morin B9 180 Sanchez. Raul 88 458 Sandlin, Mrichel 80 55, 180 Sanford, Peter 87 55, 230 Sonsus, Moria 88 3, 88. 07, 112, 420, 203 Scnzo, Chnsttne B8 203 Sorolicn, Enk B7 53. 230 Sand, Christrcn 89 180 Q Index Satoh, Kama 88 203 Sawrfes, Pe1ar 89 180 Sczxberg, Krisilnc 88 107, 203, 288 Soxelby. Kimberly 87 150, 230, 234 Scovcell, Gregory 87 236 Schaefer, Steven BB 203 Schafer. Johnathan 89 60, 87, 180 ' Schaller, Douglas 87 104, 230 Schaugaard, Rachelle 88 112, 117, 118, 203 Schebi, Jeanne 85 203 Schenenger Jr., Daniel 88 203 Brckebush collapses on The floor To Sheldon, Shawn 87 236 Shell, Jeanie 89 11 Shemp sen, Scolv 89 70 Shen, Vu Chen 87 121, 126, 230 Shen, Yuda 89 66, 180 K Shepherd, Krrsfen SB 11, 55, 76, 204 Sherlock, Bnon 87 230 Sherkbltk, Michael 89 180 Sherman, Michael 89 75, 184 Shih, Shun B9 160 Shimizu. Voshio BQ 55, 180 Shively, Jennifer 89 59, 92, 93, 1311, 180 Shively, Mark 87 15, 53. 230 Short Ken! B8 204 Short, Kyle B8 70, 20A Snort Sarah 87 37, 58, 73, 230 Shrock, Shannon 86 117, 118, 128, 204 Shuffrel Silcox, Singer, Slshap. su easy, Skibste Sloan, Smaih, Shu, Kevin 88 204 Shu, Michael 67 61 Shuber, Jenny 78 d, Christina 89 180 Sicurelka, Heidi 87 14. 103, 105, 230 Sigcl. Mrchele 88 204 Vidorio 87 102, 230 'SUvQ, Edt 89 83, 180 Sziver, Arlene 89 180, 155 Sslver, John 88 94, 204 Srlvel, Lergh Ann 88 205 Silverstein, Sanford F 144 Silverfhom, Robert 8? 70, 231 Snvio, Jacquelin 87 231 SQIVIO, Mkbhelle 87 112, 132, 231 Sdrnone, K1rk 87 231, 233 Simons, Michael B8 205 Jeffrey 87 108, 109, 231, 241 Kelley 89 'IBA Srsmcndo, Lori 89 166, 180 SMS, Suzanne 87 231 SNQS, Ccryn 88 56, 57, 73. 92, 205 S1ever1 88 188 d, Robert 88 205 Skrinris, Rcnia 87 231 Susan 89 160 Smddno, Pever B8 75, 205 Smcldino, Yeresa 87 73, 79, 100, 101, 132, 278 Small. Enc S7 231 Srnehzer. Chad 89 180 Alessandra 89 88. 180 Smlih, Blenr 59 180 Sn'vi1h, Bnton 87 113, 231 Srniih, Drone 88 113, 205 Smith, Doug F 53, 14A Smi1h, Justin 89 55, 711, 75. 76, 166. 180 Smiih, Kermefh B9 180 Smi1h, Mark 87 22, 75, 101, 205, 208, 283 Sml1h, MiCbel1e 87 117. 118, 231 Smi1h, Mindy 87 112, 117. 116, 231 Smi1h. Pclrfy B7 231 Smi1h, Phil B8 9, 106, 205 Smifh, Shellc 871231 Smiih, Wendy 88 205 Srleidef, Debbie 87 58, 59, 88, 231 ggeigrenffim 8139532 23 Overwhelmed wi1h fatique, Sheri 50652622.30 89 ,gb 1 Sofia, Andrew S7 231 Sohn. Jeannine 89 184 Sohn, Jung B7 121, 127, 130, 231 133, 231, 'rake ca break from, marching. Scniffrleo, DVDGSG 88119, 38, 39, 73. 79, 119, 203 Schiffiea, Thomas 87230 SChl11z, Kaley 89 180 Schlichtrng, Lcuro 87 12, 230 Schmidt Alexander 89 180, 281 Schmidl, Katherine 85 136, 204 5ChfY1iL11, Richard B9 130, 131, 180 Schneidw, Kim B8 23, 204, 209 Schreiner. Sandra 87 125, 230 SCWJDG, Jennifer 89 73, 180 Schumoker, Nalcrsha 89 180, 182 Schurer, Cnrisiopher 88 5. 204 SCHWQD, Fred F 144 Schwartz, Tino 88 135. 204 Sclcura, Patrick 89 180 SCOHO, Luigi 88 204 ' Scofi, Bradley 87 34, 39, 52, 53, 85, 230 SCNJYQS, Kevin 89 180 Secs edi, Eric 87 12, 34, SD. B1, 159, 230. 241 Sechresf, Robe!! B8 2011 Sedleniek, Pere: 87 230, 240 Segarrc, Edward B8 188 Sega, Chvisknpher 88 128, 129, 204 Sega, Rouen 87 102, 104, 230 Selbclk, John B7 44, 230 Sekbak, Pida 58 135, 204, Seibck, Vida 88 123, 124, 135. 20A Seltmon, Duvrd 87 121, 230 S9HmUf1,Li5O B9 117, 122, 167, 180. 280 Semunell, Suzanne 89 180 Seo, Hilary 88 SeDDOnen, John 87 112. 120, 230 Ser, Susan BB 62, 128, 136, 204 Serrano, Steven BB 204 Sokolow, Meiisso B8 205 Soldweaeh Diane F 1414 Solfman, Mark 88 1041, 139. 205, 242, 288 Solrven, Dania Row S8 205 Sanz, Sooner 87 236 Sommer, Jennwer 88 205 Son, Mr 88 205 San, Moal-can 87 130, 232 Song, Jun 88 205 Song, Steven 87 236 SOG HOD, Meindc 87 100, 134, 135, 232 Sorensen, Sfephanfe 87 232 Soulonxlle, Jenniien 89 180 Spam. James F 144 Spalirna, Mwcrxael 88 31, 205 Spaniard, Mike 76 Spanier, Mlcahel 88 188 Sparier, Suzy 87 118 Sparc, Rosanna 89 181 Spauiarng, Christina 87 232 Spaulding, Steven 8B 205 Spaulding, Tino B7 125 Spedi, Doug F 144. 145 Spencer. Braden 89 55, 181 Spencer, Kirk 89 125, 181 spuck, wrnram H. P 146 Smclone, Gabe 88 205 Starry, Rourke 88 124, 205 Smfford, Mark 88 205 STQ1def, Russell BB 205 Svailone. Gobrrevlo 88 205 Sianley, Rcthcrd 88 205 smpfer, Kim as 205 Smolavon, George F 144 Sior, Sylvia 88 112, 205 510101, Layne F 141, 144 Stark, Karen 89 122, 167, 181 Shark, Maifhew 89 184 Stearns, Puvrrcia 87 232 S1eger, Kevin 88 205 Stwhen, Aiyssa 88 205 S16-'Dhens Mcrk 90 56 Sierkrn, Dcycr F 103 80 Serven. Macnee! 89 180 Servxce. Craig 60 180 Sentecase, Sylvanc 88 22, 204 Sempone, Krrnberiy 88 204 Seweil, Kimberly 87 230 Sexton, Bradley 87 231, 236 Sexdon, Melissa 89 73, 180 Sexion, S19Dh0r1ie B9 180 '5hQdvCX. Ah 88 188 Shafer, John 89 70. 101 Shafer, Jon 89 101, 176 500161, NliChGel 89 12, 180 Shclhoiun, Duvld 88 60, 61, 87. 204 Sharnceh, Leila 88 105. 128, 204 Sharp, Wayne 88 204 Sharpe, Francis 87 236 Snovahon. Catherine 89 180 Snaui, Suaphen 88 53, 55, 204 Snayegan, Shad 88 100, 130, 131, 204 Sheehv. Gsna 68 204 Sheehy, Lisa 89 117, 180 Sheets, Eric B8 76, 204 Sheunbaum, Jordon 88 204 Sierla, Tracy F 153 Sfillwell, Marci SB 113, 205 S1ingIe, Chrishnu 59 181 Shvers, Tonya 88 205 Stover. Sione, Stone, 51009. 511309, Juiie 87 117, 115,232 Casey ao 181 Jeff sv 217 Shannon 87 34, 69. 107, 119, 232, 239, 283 vrgsrra F 444 Sionecipher. Eric 87 100, 135, 139, 147, 223, 232, 278 Sioner, Jcmes B7 232 S1orrar, Motihew 88 111, 205 Story, Sfoufe Aaron 89 181 I, Jocelyn 88 205 Sfraku, Sylvia 88 205 Sfrouss, EYIC B9 103. 181 Strebor, Moncgoid 242, 243 Sfromsae, Mrchoel 89 112, 181 Su, Henry 88 205 su, .lucy so 181 Sudyono, Ange1O 87 03, 232 Suen, Chin B7 236 Suggs. JO 38 58, 205 Sullrvan. Gregory BQ 112, 181 Suflrvan, Kevin 88 188 Sumner, Lcrc 89103, 134, 168, 181 Sun, Charlene 8? 236 . Sun, Chrisfina 87 232 Sun, George 89 83, 181 SUR, Helen B9 151 Surani, Salma B9 184 Sufton, Jeanine 88 23, 205 Swfon, Jennifer 87 223, 232 Swafixenivuber, Rxchord 88 70, 76, 205 Sweigcn, Edward B8 205 Swenson, Jo-Anne 87 10, 232, 241 Swimek, Thomas 87 136, 232 Tabor, Rebecca 87 236 Swifr, Susan BB 205 Tilddei, Chrishne B8 59, 88, 95, 198, 205 Taggart. Jennifer 88 205 - Tckchcshl, Onmi 88 61, 121. 205 Takeuchl, P01 F 144 TDDQ, Aice 88 205 Tarccanc. Roberio 88 205 Tafcnfrno. Tomaso 87 26, 70, 232 Tcrbeil, Jon 89 181 Tnrkanian. .lane 87 232 Tnrkuhian, Kendra B9 58. 181 Ymebe, Gqrrev 87 232 Tcylol, David 287 Tcyior, Jeffrey B8 205 ravbr, Shcxa 89 181 recgue, Harvey, 88 205 Tsdesco, Priscla F 144, 162 Teels, Lon B7 223, 232 feng, Kevin 89 124, 181 Tepe, Eleanor 89 181 Tephcbock, Theron 88 53, 205 Tesner, Carol F 153 Tessandorl, John 88 110, 111, 205 Thorp, Charles 89 1811 Thee, Dofldd 139 Thelsi, Maureen F 150 Thlora, Harpul, 88 128, 205 Thinger, Julie B6 18, 201. 205, 208 Thomas. Wlllkzrn F 152 rnompson. arqnnne F 153 thompson, Douglas 88 205 ThOfl'0SOl'l, Elilclbefh B7 232 ThOmpSOr1, John F 148, 149 Thompson. Karen 88 205 Thompson. Mark 85 ThOmD50H, S0011 89 181 Th0mSer1, P016 87 232 Thongtnlrcj, Dootsdeem 8? 181 Thom, Jusfin B9 181 Thorne, Jim 68 125, 205 Tnorn1on,l,cruro SB 205 Thurman, Alexander 87 64, 232 Thurmcm, Darcy B9 112, 181 Thurman, Lisa 89 151 Tien, Jonathan 89 181 Tievz, Aiiison 88 88. 205 Ting, Louis B7 127, 139, 232 Tlriillli, Cristo 88 205 UOGSN, Colleen B9 73, 181 Tloden, Monique 87 73, 132. 133, 232 Tjahjadi, LBOHOVGUS 89 181 TOCICQU. David 89 182 Toggger, Shannon 87 2, 15, SB, 85. 89, 97, 119, 132, Tomkins, Michael B8 205 , T0rr65, M1300 B7 232 Torres, Shannon 87 19. 232, 236 T01ien. Pad 87 60, 61, 232 ?owhidyV.Tr3g1ddg:!1g:g9 182 1UQQ1Or Tron, H B8 188 Trmzoxgteven 88 27, 53, 55, 104, 105, 206 Trapp, Erlch 89 55, 182 Trovanfi, Nei 87 232 ' - Tressel, Susan B8 59. 206 Trick. Bryant 87 404, 236 Tripp, Todd B7 17. 26, 39, 232 Tro11er, Kimbeny 88 19, 206 ?UT'SrhKG."'sfnQ5'133a S52 sa, f Tsai, Henry 89 124, 182 ' Tsai, John B8 83, 206 Tsai. Ken 89 182 Tsang, HSlU B8 206 Tsang, Mei-Chun 87 236 Yseng, Nancy 88 206 Tsang, vuon-vu as 206 Tsing, Jeanne 87 102, 125, 131, 136. 232 Tsou, Teh Vu B8 131, 138. 206 Tsuji. Tamao 88 206 mi, Term ee 70, 71. 232 Tu, Amy 138 Tu, Charles 88 188 Tu, David 87 103. 127, 137, 232 Tu, Judy B9 182 , Tu, Linda 87 232 Tuazon, Arsenic 86 206 , Tuazcn. Joy 124, 125, 136, 138 , Tucuon, Lydia 87 232 Tubbs, Jeffrey 89' 182 Tunniciff. Anc1rec.87 51. 58, 232 nmer, Clvistopher av 236 Turunen, Laurie 87 22, 32. 79, 233 Turunen, Marc 89 182 TUSSY. Alun F 144 . Tume, Grgorgerte F 124 Twifchel, Carego? 182 rye. Svacv ea Tye, Wendy 87 '99, 112, 114, 121, Tyree, Eric 87 233, 240 Tyree, Timofny 88 135, 206 Tyson, Gregory B7 233. 240 s.m,- mxqyuurao bo, 182 'J umcn, Km sr 131, 233 Urongd, Loraine F 144 Valdovinos, James 817 182 126 233. 285 3, 2, Working quickly-io ilnlsh their lesson plans, Joanne Swensson and Linda Benioff prepare fo ieach their elemenlrary sfudents. .1 1 1 1 ....,. . , , 2.,,2...,4mae11!!sr...f,...-.,,...s-g,rro1r,M....2 ..., 2,1,..:s,,9esm,,:,:f ' Index Voldovinas. Javier 89 182 Valencia, Sfephtrlle 89 182 Valenllne. Jason 89 182 Vallejo, Margaret 88 206 Vdeja, Nara 89 182 Van Der Plas, John 85 61, 206 Van Genderen. Jason B8 80, 206 Van Hem. Jin 72 Van Horn, Meissa 89 15, 59, 73, 182, 185 Van Horn, Tiffany 87 233 Van Iwaarden, Jr. David B7 233 Van Osdel, David 87 12 Van Osdel. Knsiofer 87 64, 233 Vmde Wege, James B8 206 VGQUBZ, Lisa 88 187 Vasquez, Tlna 88 206 Vaughn, Cynthia B9 182 Vazquez, Lisa BB 113, 206 17232, C11riS1ina 87 102. 103. 112, 125, 126. 127. 233, Velasauez, Daniel 89 182 Velasauez. George 89 57, 182 5 I-, 'rv Q. I b .., F ,A Showing her school splrli, Susan Keh participates in a lunch pe1p-ral- ly. 1 velascxiez, Jermlfer 88 4, 119. 206 Velasquez, Thomas 89 184 Velazquez. Esieban B9 182 Veldefroln. S3even 88 206 Venemo, Jaymes 87 117, 118. 233, 241 Verclo, Ddh 88 56, 117. 118. 206, 209 Vsfhkb, Gary 89 129, 182 Vefkcluieren, Valerie 87 111, 233 Veflafa, Apfi 89 182 Veron, Briuw 87 233 Verlona, Julle 86 62, 63. 73. 78. 206 Vickline, Jeffrey 88 53 Vlasemof, Jamie 87 236 Va, Hd V01 88 206 Voissem. Jeremiah 89 2. 182 Volpe. Shauna 89 182 V00 Bluecher, Tescha 89 182 vim, came F 150 Vu. Van 88 206 Vucosav, Mona 88 206 Y C L wade, John 88 206 87 236 ogenaar. Jemlne Wagner, Juiel 88 123. 206 Wagner, Sean 88 206 W0i 6, Randal 89 70, 182 Waken, Malhew 87 233 Wdde, Errwna 72, 73 Wdde, Trudi 87 133, 233 Walden, Pamela 87 233 - wqlgfen, Aimenc F 153 Walgren. Slwerm F 152 Wdker. Ccrllon 89 112, 184 Wakef, Charblie 87 26, 57, 233 Waker, Chfisflne F 144 Waker. Rica 88 188 Walter, Reber! 89 183 Waker, Ronald B7 233 Waker, S0011 88 110, 111, 133, 207 Wdcsr, Thomas 89 31, 183 Wal, Jennifer 90 63 Wda, Jeana 847 183 Walo, Glue 89 13 Walsh, KW 88 207 Wdsh, Michael 87 9, 11, 19, 233 Watiers. Teresa 87 234 Wa110n. Pcdrick 87 236 Walfrip, Sandra 87 17, 32, 39. 41, 119, 122 234 Wang, Catherine 89 183 , wang, cningmfl ee wa Wang, Clifford 89 129. 183 Wcng, David 89 183 wang, mea ea 155 Wang, James 124, 131. 138 wang, Kmy sv 121, 183 Wang, Lynaell 87 100, 103. 129, 234 wmg, we aa Wing. MinvHuei 88 207 Wang, Nien-Clin 88 207 Wang, Relwlflofgg 69 183 Wang. Shlow 183 Wang, Sieve 88 100. 124, 207 Wang, Sunny 87 125, 127. 136, 234 wcng, Wendy 88 231377183 ang, Vungfl.0On WCXU, Joanne 88 15. 112, 119, 207 Ward, JOl'l0 F 144 Ward, Kevh 89 107, 183, 288 Ware. Jemine 89 183 Ware, Ryan 87 112, 120, 121, 15, 234 Wamer. Michael 88 5, 81 Warren. Bradley B7 236 Warren, Tennyson F 144 Washbllh. Scott 88 110. 111, 207 Wassef. Hany 89 125, 183 Waisan, Doreen BB 57, 92, 207 Watson, Sandra 88 207 Weber. Joanrle 87 236 Weber, Kelli 89 117. 183 Weckerle. David 87 75, 234 Weeks, Tefl F 153 Wai, Noel 88 125, 207 We1Ier. Jake F 144 WBXSS, Wiam F 144 Welch. Arlene 87 234 Welch, Mark 88 86, 87. 207 Weles. Rebecca 88 207 Weiss, Siephanie 89 183 Wells, Andrea 87 236 Wells, Sean 89 112, 183 Wemmer, Scofl 88 207 Wen. Emly 88 207 Wefldl, Didme F 153 Welbebw. JOS0r1 89 76, 171. 183 Wemer. lWC!'l0el SB 61, 87. 207 Wessier. Scoff 88 53, 55, 70. 207 Wesf, Michele 87 234 Wheier, .lake F 160 WhiDp1e,Kris1In 88 9,31,61,188, 207 - Whipple, Stephen 87 75, 211, 234 Whiwkef, Suzanne 87 234 White. Barry F 148, 1547 V. While, Dwayne 87 32, 61, 86, 237 While. Jeffrey 87 234 Whiied. Anlicl 88 188 Wliielev, Katherine 89 183 Whiieley, Peter 87 234 Whlieilde, Barbara F 150 Whitmore. Randal 87 234 Whaley, Sharlrion B8 118. 119.207 Vlfasluk, Rufh 88 207 f Wickine, Jeffrey 88 55, 133, 207 wadrug. .norm sv 55. 184 lxxgegond. Peggrghsaev 183 Y. P1113 . Wggr, Debofa B8 73, 207 Wllkhsofl, Mrllnda 88 207 Wics,Doug 138. 144 Wioms. Lindo 88 207 Wliarvs. Maf1l'lew 89 112, 120, 183 Wiliams. Richard 88 52. 53, 55. 207 WET. Jacauelin 87 37, 87. 119. 122, 123, 211, 234, WilS0r1. Jeffrey 89 66, 183 Wilson. Randd 87 15, 53. 50, 81, 234 Wilson Shannon B7 33, 117,118,234 Wison. Tamara 87 12, 20, 21, 38. 99, 119, 235 Wilsierman, Daniel 87 235 5 Winchester, Andrea 89 183 Wlndsor, Carey 89 183 Wlnslow, Mafihew 87 80. 235 Wifkelsky, Chuck F 80, 61, 174 Wohlwend. Jennifer 89 183 Wong, Janice 87 236 Wong. Steve 138 WOO, Jiwny BB 66, 207 Wood, Dmdd 88 53, 55, 133. 207 W00d, Richard 89 183 Wooddi, Baba 76 Wtrodal, Tlmcfhy 89 183, 282 Wgggs, Kihberly 88 5, 100, 107, 128, 129, 190. 207. Woods, Pa'l'riClO 89 112, 183 Woodsmall, Mark 88 207 Woodward, Marc 87 53. 64. 75. 235 Woodwdd, Michael 89 183 Waodwcld, Michele 87 235 wf1gm,Avef1e 89 1811 Wright. Gregory 89 55, 183 Wrlgnf, John 88 188 Wrlqzf. Kell 87 24. 38, 112: 120, 126, 235 W V, Michelle 88 103. 207 S1 87 236 V190 wugm. epmnre wrlgm. wenav 87 112, 115, 2:15 wu. Andy sa 207 wu, candy av 52, 235 ,craig so 139, 15:1 .Eivm as 124. 138. 1a4 ,Jock aa ws ,sandy so 124, 1113 wyan, Donald eo 183 Wu Wu Wu Wu 'eg,.L14a' .g.L..,,,,. ...M ., . ,.1..,.-1.5, Wydzga, Alexandva 89 183 Wymap Erin 80 183 Zabel. Marlin F 144 Zalonte. Matthew 88 207 Zarlgkuni. Jennifer 89 183 Zokos. Lisa 88 104. 207, 288 Zales, Stan F 144 Zampielo. Celeste 89 184 Zcrnpielo, Valerie 88 10, 113. 207 Zapata. Pamela 88 207 Zovala, Gina 88 207 Zehis, Wiham B8 207 Zernickaw, Srlereen 88 207 Zeu1lluS. Eric 87 80, 235 Zirovich. Reber? 89 60, 87, 183 ZOCCOH, Connie 88 207 Zoccoll, Stephanie 88 73, 87, 207 Zorml, Rina 87 235 Zuvala. Pai F 152 Zwick, Racpel 89 57, 92. 183 Yack, David 87 112, 120, 235 Yamashita, Dalsuke 80 70, 183 Yamaguchi, Bert! 152 Yanagr, Wesley 7 137, 236. Yang, James 88 124, 207 Yang. Michelle 152 - Vonoskl, Jennifer 89 183 Yao, Rowena 88 124, 138. 207 Vou, Purwah 88 207 You. Wd-Hung 87 117, 118,,121, 127. 235 Vegavlan, l?oubina'88 18, 207. 208 Yeh. Chiang 88 124. 139, 207 Yeh, Pecky 87 236 Yen, Chiang 131 , Vew, ilebed 88 61, 207 Vi, HO 8'-7 117. 183 YR1, Lisa 89 183 Vb. Denis 87 102, 107, 126.127, 235, 288 Ylu, .1010 88 207 ' ' Yeeih, Melissa 89 183 VOO, .ban 88 104. 207. 288 VDO, Y'-709 86 128. 207 VOSINSSSI, Lisa 88 69, 207 Vauhg, Annle'87 124. 131, 138, 235 Voung, Candy 88 124.131, 138, 207 Young, Jason 88 207 Vaung, Kvhbefly 89 183 Young, Tony 8 236 Veunsessl, Lisa B8 22 voum, 6191 89 153 - VOUM, Melissa 89 13 Yu, Haeschem 88 207 Vu, John 89 184 Vu, M96 89 183 pf.-. Wlih sophomore style, Steve Corona and Alexander Schmidt relax during snack. , -- ,,,.,.,,..,,. - ,,,, ,.,, , , max 81 Mud dog! Although it appears Tim Woodall is foaming al the mouth, he aclually jusl particl- palecl in a pie-ealing oonlesl. .-11 .. ' f Q V 3: .f 1: L -. a x - V M , fi-w.i.gi1 1 M . w 1 ai t 1 " V L v , ' If A i, K ,, t vw ,, . .tw into "ln-M 5 -we .W 1 gi , x 4- .av ,wi ,A K -,L a 1 A Q ., ta. if cgi ant Q-' -to x ,' igfigx :QL .gy . Hai- A R 5 ,1 . -Q 0 ' x Q i'x 1 E x m H . 3 ,uw 5 , D-U i an ' . 4- 4 ,, x Is It love? Mork Smith ond Poul Bridgeman demonstrate their true emotions while norsing oround during snock. Closing Annie Huang was aclmilfed To The Fashion Illus- frafion Major of The Arr Cenfer College of Design for Fall 1987. Annie was The firsl graduafing senior in The hisfory of AHS To be accepled as a regular full-Time sfudenl righl out of high school. Her Tal- enf. perserverence, and hard work have defi- nifely paid off. ,dv , .g Playing the flute for The band is a large parl of Karen Dale's life. Robert Lu was The hi? of The Chrislmas Assembly function- ing as The MC. 4 Achievers Closing Q ff' L'-s. 5?-.:. A W f Q fu - A -"Bl-Q ' . . .32 1 fs ' " ls. ' . .A 5,5 4 fl ..:'v:, it W .M-fe . 44 1.37.-vi j I if gfw. . f To be a Nalional lvleril Finalisf was auile an achievemenl. By scoring es- pecially high on the PSAT, one could win up To Two Thousand dollars a year for A years. Karen Dale and Roberl Lu bolh qualified as Nalional Meril Fina- lisls. Robert wanfs To allend Brown Uni- versity and major in Sociology. He said Thar his parents eased off academic pressure after he was accepted To college. Karen wishes 'ro atrend Berke- ley and hasn'T decided her major. She said her parents were very supporfive yef didn'T pressure her. Il How would 510,000 change your life? Ask Michael Jacoby, he knows. Winning the Rotary Club Letters for Peace Contest, in which he wrote about his trip to Iwo Jima, brought him a S'l0,000 prize. He plans to use the money to buy a computer and to go to college. He's undecided about which college he will attend, either UCSB or San Diego State. Many organizations understood the true importance of his accomplish- ment and invited him to speak. The highlight of his offers came from a school in Japan which invited him to teach English for a year. Mike Jacoby is a fine example of what can happen when one's talents are tapped. Dear President Reagan, I want to share a personal experience with you because of its impact on my life. I heard my grandfather speak about the hor- rors of war, I saw his pictures and read of Iwo Jima, but on February 19. 1985, it all became real to me because I went with him back to the battlefield. An American transport plane took us from To- kyo to the tiny volcanic island. No one spoke as we were transported to the top of Mt. Suribachi to attend the Japanese!American "ceremony of peace." Japanese ve erans and their families were seated on one side of a large memorial - Americans on the other. Words were spoken in both languages, Buddist priests carried incense, American clergymen spoke and bands played National Anthems. An American general even read albeautifully prepared statement that you had written for the occasion. But, President Rea- gan, I really think you should have been there to see what happened next. Japanese women and American women, wives and daughters of veterans, started embracing and exchanging mementos - scarves, jewelry, anything to let each other know how they felt. Men ap- proached each other - at first shaking hands hesitantly - then embracing and crying. Some brought war souvenirs to return to their one time enemies. I didn't realize someone had ap- proached me until I felt a hat being placed on my head. A Japanese veteran was smiling and introducing himself to me. His military hat was his gift to me. My grandfather ap- proached, they talked and seemed glad that I cared enough to share the experience with them. I don't know what they said be- cause l was so touched by the moment. Thoughts raced through my mind. These two old men were standing on top of Mt. Suriba- chi hugging each other. Forty years ago they were mortal enemies. Forty years ago, they were trying to kill each other. Forty years ago the very spot where we stood was alive with bombs, guns, flame throwers and death and hatred. How could so much change in only forty years? How many times have enemies stood together as friends after murderous at- tacks on each other? I felt like I knew some- thing no one else knew. It seemed to me that we should take these men and show the rest ofthe world how bitter enemies can become friends and allies. They could stand arm in arm and speak of the horrors of war and how they once tried to kill each other. I love my coun- try very much and if you ask me to defend it I will go. But I might find it hard to kill my enemy knowing that my own grandson may em- brace him in friendship someday. I took a lot of pictures that day and tried to remember faces. I even used a video cam- era. An article in the Wall Street Journal said, "a young American boy video-taped his grandfather's reaction with a Japanese camera." I guess he found irony in that - but the journalist missed the point. I was really in the process of recording my own reactions, I was determined to remember the feelings I was having because I was the youngest on the island that day and I was going to be able to remember the longest. I feel it is my duty to share what I learned on Iwo Jima with as many people as possible. And, President Reagan. I can't think of anyone more impor- tant to start with than you. Very respectfully yours, Michael R. Jacoby After competing with 600 other stu- dents from all over California, Matthew Jones, French horng Theodore Pilmer, bari- tone saxophone: and Wendy Tye, con- trabass clarinet were selected to be part of the All State Honor Band. Both Mat- thew and Wendy were in the honor band last year. The band performed in a formal concert at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts on February 22. These three students were truly "On Top" in musical achievement. Achievers Closing 1 4 AborTive Alle-mpl To save The Elm an Q T Poem The elm has elephanT hide. Touch iTs wrinkled skin: your hand will Tickle wiTh bark hair. ww IT losT a limb lasT year, kff' buT like any ampuTee iT balances whaT's lefT. ,Nw Remarkable how They adapT. -..., The wound you see has healed. The lip is very smooTh around The sTump: iT will noT hurT To rub iT. Mrs, Nancy Cash The leaves are ouT of reach. The branches wave like large green ears, or fans held up by naTives To pacify The chief. NexT year our local boss will build a rec room on This siTe. He has impressive plans: sofT earTh-Toned carpeTing, green-shaded lamps and bumper pool. The waTer hole will be on wheels: The elm will go inTo a Swedish fireplace. And never mind The loss of birdsong, paTTerned shade or rooTs ThaT Teach abouT foundaTions. He says we need a place for dry socks. These crippled beasTs are always sTanding in The way. C'O5l"9 Nancy Cash ,H not how a but how he lives." LeT us keep in mind Samuel Johnsorfs words when we remember: Scott Bcisner Mrs, Nancy Cash James Diliberfi David Taylor Matthew Van Wickle Unusually peaceful, The campus is in a q R Closing 7 1 " jg W i Qi? fi S i W 'U gi? 1 r QS W 1 i 1 , i 35 in 3 5.2 ' fi 3 gigs! M 53' Ki sis i is i iii if , , 4 iight? Qs-2 f :qs si L i A f Q5 , Hi 'QUERY A-ra: -T, f Ji : - f A 8 Credits Credits: 1987 Arcadian Mr. Lou Dodd - Advisor Beth Duliosee - LayoutfDesiQn Editor Laura Jenkins -- CopyfComputer Editor Kim Kettell -- Managing Editor Synthia Pilic -- Photography Editor Yearbook Staff Student Life Lyn Bowen - Editor Anita Chung Monica Marovish Colleen Moran Linda Riley Organizations Kristine C-Berman - Jennifer Cho Joyce Kuroki Editor Creative Writing Jennifer Hsieh - Editor Jack P. Chen Annie Huang Academics Sports Karen Abend - Editor Kristine Blake Tricia Jeanne Debbie Liu Kristina Saxburg Kathy Lewis - Editor Jung Sun Ahn Stacey Perrin Dominka Pilic Underclass Lauren Englund - Editor Bertha Gamma Kevin Ward Linda Mai Kimberly Woods Advertising Lianne Churchman - Editor Christal Emirhanian Shannon Stone Seniors Jolyn Fry - Editor Sophia Chen June Cho Computer Kai Shun Chan Bill Dougherty Trevor Hammonds Monica Roney M09 HSU Denis Yip Photo Production Photographers Photo Production Chu-ChunQ Hsu Fernando Corrado Jeffrey Baker Jim Lewis John Patrick De Haven Fernando Corrado Mark Soliman Paul Oakley John De Haven Joan Yoo Bill Dougherty Lisa Zakas Jeffrey C-Sledhill The '1987 Arcadiah was devised and produced by the Arcadia Yearbook Staff, The 2200 copies were printed in Avant Grade type and various transfer lettering styles, Jeff Rasmussen represented Josten's Yearbook Company which published this book, .L - Ailrrif W" Qr.f: k -A iei f f s o SL Swv Q WSJ J? v ,Bod 3Q7f4'D'x6X ak. YNHQ, BF' ,l wx 45 lmewe. QQ Mak Wbffxqffsvf- 41652: 1.0014 aft Q.C,cK QX Qe4,w0vwL,y6U'V.6 bzeux A Criewgy gym wfwma X , Por dliqliggktjbd- UAAAAMZ 5130+ Luc gw-ws yea x KZ, g M 1 'A , XA KEGG Pz.wJJw6f5jL X in ' -f 1 ! a P 9 . F . 1 - .1 I 1 1 i i I I ' I A1 3 ' Q A i . l ! rf I 1 'A

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