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 - Class of 1980

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QL 'H x , A I , I . 'vw W-.. -s ,f Mx M Cx X ' X xl Q5 1 J ,,4,...- ...,,, W , , , . ., J,.--E - .K 'H 'I F. ,f , , - - '- X I I 1' r. -V K .XV :.w. 5 3. -. ,WL . x PQ- VA . if .- xx, , F, w. - 1-' .fx Q X X x x I lx X NX .. .5 X nf: Cfyjdcff 555 xypcfy I 4 ! :- x 55100 'SQ 4 P1535 E ev T A 17. 'B E6 wg 97 QQQSCAK qc 4x 9 is ' Lf J fy 537 QQ' Q GQ 74 ' W 4 QR 'Q fs fo 71. ,, 5 5 CQ A de CQQQQ 67 so W 52, 25 W? AJ 'gisllq as Q bg QQZQ 9442 S . G 1,73 Qu ,L J 2 Q 1 910055 -im 3m!f2,Lf1f'J . 'Rilo N t ff 5f3X?g 5 J 1 ' f A ie Q xg gg A 'qfo -lic.. IC ,,, C 'une' L,l.,g,Q,, J QQ LN, I 3 6 96, x.L,4. i N ,,,,.Ll. 1 Q' x Z' Q Q3 P K 3 Q WE M wa f U QU T 'S Lp. Q-3 L , A QA D KM- it XO ,Q E fdiq Magi Ro ERN jg? O Ts-'N 1' A ?E1fDQi H5 l,PENING I 0 A O NUVQ gl '!g'LV'Ne 'V gy SWE Q i x, Q ' AY TPM MX -'Q 3 A :S P 1 'OW F ,X E Q W p22'NG 62 fa 5.3 H3 112 it iw Q Bu T'clPA 1 OHM Km 5 b52ff5fS'f X W 3 qc YING TING 12 fit-M j F QW: an ' Cp SWG 2 AH ',l'?7A'K.Q , Q VN VX CAO .N EDITS 04 - pflf-it DJ? CP 5 65' x OA, Dex get-Jgvsf QJNT AQXYS 5f2UJHA ,- LL QV-1' QQ LM NVCQ! ,556 .Z gg xllxg-Ax NOR WA Bywm fb A12 YxQff4"ff5C'ffa7"gHLf3j TQ i 5515 -16094 JV' , ,Q f' ,y' ,Lf 'QQ -.--LP Lu 1 Vf f W MQW Y gf 6 Q, W wlfffk-Q Q QM fu X VVWM Na WL WMP -maj-b5v?l ws-y scam af. G , VLUV gy," Q0sb'vP,f'l.:rJH5H'LD9i7- Wkwvvkurdxy' Xljyjvfkxfpblv Nw, C D Nw f U WV H Wwdfwpw My 'YTLQQOBELH2 OMG' C Q CL Lpbl Qjfvfumb. Oyj' Q' W, 'W' ww AAB ,srl LM H I JLJMV 518 , IKM in JN Xvugf I BJQ U Q4-fx XNV mf QNX' V , f 5 KL 'VX'-'Q CY ' JRJ ,Q ,fu -x 51 fy cg CN yy, O ff 76 f CX A vigil D Q52 SUB, W fPU,QiTUf,fx! lr. A1 cijgbejll fx f R if , -,,' I, b I N ,, W! .F hiv! gf QP RU PP V j- ,fMff'- 5 "JA X X K I w 1 J Q U ,sq GX QQJQMQ M WE YT5 A 1 AQ I WM? ... ' ' .Qflfgwww ,' A - 1 ,N Y ip V17 . 5 V n V I- AN ww! 20 f OMS pfokxvw ' I5 - 1 q Q . wi W Q Q wfie up .wb cw K Q W X .of Nw fvif sg My Jiwifwff . M o fy 35 QVKQOQ XVQJRXWQ . T9 gr W Q JN .QU 0 , BAN vbyw Qqisfixpw XOO5OU2n,0 PJYQJ No C55 G55 WW .QP Q ff N Uk RN 0359 fy iw Www? WG we UCC' NX of Q, if X 56 QD U30 Mfg XP wb W GY? 1,6 Qi? QQ? A X4 MVOA0 1 Qg ffg9 0i 3 N M M My QMwjXQQsM Qw9AggW Si3wbSQvQwmiFEfVUg 6llg?3g Ewwi 511262914 USA? . ' Q Q,L':?j"'QQ X E56 bohn, A ' hai i i rcouq wash t wc - CDLUd'Uf become cl0Scf'iL"':iS 5 fa f-ZQQQWLQQ - 'Am ' oanautaucryru 'Se Ce' Ha "Z4qaQLAce'M1,ao,QJp rwpcqmdvupcl qLQ' -Ss ' HE ' ogxlmugomjflgdgz . C ax OZMWM' 42 ,QQ 2 , fsdjjtmkkf A s J Arcadian 1980 Volume 29 Arcadia High School 180 Campus Drive Arcadia, California 94006 AR ADI! R Caughi in Thought, rally parficipanls visualizes The Making a flying leap, Scott Henderson Takes a upcoming football game. short cu? by jumping from The Top of the ladder afler a pep assembly class compeiifion cheer. WHO Over' Ci l1xu.'nCfi'efil cg:lfi::::ssfoo:n::, siooa eriluiy CPC? loclcefcl, Crlecfn, iizgcrrfziecl, ofciinfgviry. The open C:r:3:r1'r'i1:1lf.::rs crowoeclj 300511268 w'ere wi'ihou'i' parcllaztlfs, ilimllilfnc,uQis'CZs were Cleifoicl of new-.fQ!a2:l'y whi'f'Q Chalk c1ll.,is'i'. Thai' if 1f', as Sun-i!risy, Fiepiernber 9, ihe Clay Oefore school s'lai"leQ!, bulb elif lrf-r fly. hou' by how, T23L1VrCi'f,i'y' A:'l.l1Allf3Lj lo Eviorlclay, 'life 'firs'l day of school. pulixscl up in 'ihe 'lurn C.3r'auiia circle cincl l,liA'llUC.:Cli3Ci ilieil' criiigo of eri'fQgc4:l', if sornewl':ce'i reluQ'i'Crni', s'i'ui3ief'fi'5. The Oilily rush for prime Opening Jerri-iinli soaks iii 'lisa renowi,l'ec3,2 .1 if if'Oil-FafDn'iC1l'G2s, rn? ,l11u'li11l'P, 'rr fa'l'i.efC?:3fm'i' oarlfirzgg lc-'fi Tiueggfw final 'ii-C1 ff-r+nifpvr':e1. vi f : .X A. - - l -. X- ' 'ar-. 'fa ' "f" 7, "A'.'lf'-r f,:v'c lCi'l'l'I:E? Ol' Cllffl L., Ml IL' lid Lr1C,!C Ol rig, lid. CCM, '11-' 1'-21-iff 'Wi-,fix-'l 1 - ,Y A I . 54 i, A 'fufx 'fu -l,,. lorgtlfifa Couzfir be nrpfarc noni rnv r11'1 .ne lr.,1c,1..1. lviflfs, s'i'ufiler'rf'fs of rfri'f:'fifi'fif1 lilfllxi line: 4fllCAl'i.I' 21. Srligmz-:Srl had fgf'rixfecl, :essay Know :Trail l'i'T'.'SE-'?if7iVE5l. T' ' 1'f3CiC.l'5!!D for sfipirool, f,3!Tfi'f"'rl 'TTWQI igfifliif llfffi- fi.73Ou'f' 'io fmiliggil, f, I .Sf4Vw3If'.."S l ,gy sal'-iC'JLl'ifi W ,I , , .Q X w PC lI,,,, . . 1 K 0 F fT'll "1S3""',. M13 G, ,, Q ,fi , m,NwCl COSHY 1, lil, ,lV.C. ,rrl ., r V II l .will , -f Ir 'Q 2 r' f'-fa, ere Wm OVEN' lu,,,l1',JrLll our lol ,:,A,ir,.,el,l1!.j 1 Ji Full. kilo, V '5l'fgllnil'wgg roi' cg: 'WLC irnrnecQvsif'r'eIy 'I".1I ,Miuiii Riley 'V-.HTC -3C1ugI'r5' l'1fJ'V'i ?l7ilWf"ffi'l, Oi' Ff'i3f1l'7lV'lQ UU ly rif:ri:ofn51i'lsnr'i'wel riff on me furfr'ir'oo1'r i.fWfi'iCa ir fire Cauc1ii'i'? W'filV91 mi, wa 1:9 fl ,K N r M Q, 'Nw' 5 'hs 1 I If 1 1 f 4 D H by Xu Xgyiqsfmge jg ATQT55' 'QP 'QQ XXV '50 Q -xv? AJ O Nia. . 0 J 'X fs T rj Q . T U Q5 Awlv if kv CV ij fb 6 Q' X' Qs Q fV QT G L1 T ,ww N LJ N To wx f, T6 X 63 Qqvx' .Q 6190 'X X, ' -. , YE? Ago wxyffk - - Q S2 45- cf on 'H fp? JS- 0? gm 2554 V Q51 fx L I X I C A pom pom . . . A T-shirT A TaTTered play scripT . . . A piece of music or a Tarnished insTrumenT all are symbols of The acTivlTies of a school year pasT. These Things will remind us always of The Things we Mr. Mike Allee inTerrupTs Tracy Edfasl' during a pep assembly To give her some imporTanT informaTion. Vicki Anderson aTTempTs To give Laurel Rossi a new face aT The Junior Exchange pumpkin sale. ATTired in classic TourisT apparel are Jamie Werk and Marcella Widrig. This Apache is caughT being The lasT person on The bus. STudenT Life lnTroducTion Student Life did, The places we wenT and especially The pride we felT during our lives as sTudenTs aT Arcadia High. The STudenT Life secTion of This book was designed To porTray The acTivlTles of The sTudenT body boTh in and ouT of school, To Marrlln GreaThouse sTrolIs Through The rally courT as The lanlTars clean up The rally courT afTer a pep assembly. The Apache Marching band is caughT "aT ease" shorTly before sTepping off aT The MT. Carmel Parade. Ever-opTlmlsTlc Apache Joe Doug Campbell aTTempTs To geT ln Touch with The splrlT World In hopes of securing an Arcadia vicTory. EfficienT office moniTor Jim Thompson Takes a seaT. caTch us in The acT of living, answering The auesTion: "How were we caughT'?" As well as covering The exTracurricular and non-school acTiviTles, The academic aspecT of our lives as sTudenTs aT A.H.S. included in This secTion. Flag Team members vocallzed Thelr enThuslasm for The fooTball Team ln an assorTmenT of Halloween cosTumes. KaThy PeTerson ls obviously an Apache as she displays school colors aT The All SporTs Pep Rally. The marching band and drill Team enjoy Thelr reserved secTlon aT The game. Donna del Rey preTends To be a volleyball player aT The All Sports Pep Rally. 3 -, iv - 7 , AA . 1 . .91 5 f Sh' -Q Lu 'MQ x ' w':'35k.k'7 'l N .7,4m,-.-153, , '-:A4'.-,mrivflrxfe .,..',f.,5?. lr, P, 1 - r 'Y ' ' ' U - fr . .- E1 Q. gg I ' ' ' 1 , 4 il A .vi lx X' . A . li' 4- " iq 4- . 1 it J 5 .J . 2n7,,f2f A I . N 4 . D I - 4, J.. . - 1, "I , V ,X 5 Q. i NK? r - , ' .V X. M s ws. MARCIIIIIG BIN' V , Ig -' 593 1,3 ,ll ' Rgalf-.'!:f,.1' ""'l'v', . 'lf J 1 VA, -'Qs' , V. a,,gJ:, :J.x.,5,i.A V 7'1fg'fA,f T QQ, Y4- ,Dig f,i.ja.3,- .Q fy f 11 ,,Q .fu 1 ,E , 3. 1. ifevl ' I' -X' t,Yf?t'f':' "ur If "V 1,5 ?.,E..-I 'ff' ff. I. "1 'S' Q' gl .QA X, Q ff JH- 'gf Kzrx ' ffl fl A -Du , Q- - - f'x'7fE.l'f5F 557150 - .A D 0 .ag igf , 4 gi: J, f 7 f ,. V, vgiil T6 Q V Z. - 1 x. u 'K . E ' f I 'J 41 Q 4 .2 w nf-1 ,yn , Q I, 71- fv X . ll' il, 1111, , . ..,,,l . 5 l. - T523 Q I 5 9 4 - O 'EQ S S ---V., : 5523 .4 A I Qxi A61 ,155 xg .' . I - if f ' 5 ,G . 'x-X475-53 xi,-.' - W jx . .H ' 'I , "' "' - 1 "1 "' " " , ,' X4 1' ' I' U, I xr. 1 - . page '--- . , N 2 1 -,Q " Y 4.. . .- --'-33117: t 'lhgj-X:-., ,i-2-:.v5ii:,:,ljf4fp.' ',T4.- .5- . gan- P - - -1-1.:. hz:-2 J: 1 " '. 1. ,fi-'r,:frLv: ' ' 9, ,.52""'f5?f51n,'.f21:'ff,' A ' -f X . 'rF1'f:92'-4'1.:i'e52-f P . Lifwfpfrf' .1 f.-+.1Q,3-+:5,5,,l!.f I aggf1-'qs+.H-.-52,-A:egj, -.. -.. x Vw, , L, .-lah,-3-'-J I:-nf.- '1-- Y: ilTzfffaQzf?1Wil I' .L :f T5 W1 . 525.1 152 4 v g .- j- lg? ,fit-e.-'us-gjfgfzg-gigzi-A'p",.-Y-7 YN1 ij lnfroduchon Sfudenf Life W? an Y 5s 3 m - . vw, . 1. A 1 y W "Q" 3 mi 4, Q? xi ,- if I .' F r X -- h ,, 4 .M Y ff Q . '9LE,3 i "X x lb- gl? 3 YQQGEIHiGf5r6IiEMHKSf1iY515 NI1?3Lf5! l9.s5, giniremgib 'E7Qil?QUl.1?X?IQii'ia' f - - W nik M IM KQWJQ 'WHEEL lwzif mlm . 1- 1nQ1m?+LG3.Hraf,5Av Jrsisfim, may mmm, 1Br21mp.mQ4 awggfgx :gg vf im?5F'A'fif'WWQ1" 5161 lLQfEfE1151fi fQi1sEEi,i2JELex5Q- ' my fimlmglanzll 'lavlairaairopf Ed Qu!! ,E f GEIHGQEQ ina? Friend? I-EE-Qiivmy nilvlilnrg fm figsgmiiiiky, ' . , ' .457 F V 11 ' ' 4 ' "' '-3 ' "W Q 5 ,M , .,., ., f ,Ni-LX ff, W-X Qu Qf , Ma 1 w I, X . I. xQf Q ml 011 0. - f xx-,Zi 'Vw' -J 35.17. V11 U R W CY? X?f' -lj i W 1" 1'. 'f 1 N I -QL ,SRV-.L-,j I .gxilf-,-4 !If,Z:Nm f H, H I U Ti C! VL' lik, "y Lf W E -x,,,f! , - ,jiX-,f'N.,-fx5,g.eK,,1li' Ecxaiaiglmw 1513-Q Qxfib Qi? i e3yQ1E9G1?3 s5uu5r5lf,,Qgg15Qhw2 iifiiegg iam mmy sam msffw Lvsssmfgarrsa 'mr il N P1 MIK-1 iiriiieexgf 1ifmf21M1'h QF M Hfrnrgfnmibxgm Elma W G fffCilEiLQUIvQ1lQfEiFGI5lfi'fxifQi'iEr5ikf3JEUQi3UEQil fzh'm:caw'nii'ng5j Wmixv HEXQISKQKGY Qiblfiiilgf wa mai? I 621713 WPHLSJ, GETS? ilsmlilk 5151 357535 WCEESF' I Qiri? 951513313 MTH? DRE! EQESQ? Gif HE QMHM V nnfllhiriiiiqimiya. Sglsififfmrigmlm cimnir wan iilhnfil Q-gjhgnnm wise Willem! wiilfn 19 mw.imQI51siBtQ: 5'f5g1nxz MQ Qnlfmfn QQQYEPIQYBEP' QfiQifHifCQTs'EiTiU1T13?Ji,7'Y3FK53Ci miimmini. svmiaifi? Wlilmnlg ezvanmmyfm Emma V63 Q-.ima ggjnfsf WQIEQjiMilIQ,4q4jfdi.19E Fi iiifawsxezii iismim. 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QHEEHP WHKPLE ' an-gi?',x'f,f?,iiQQl l?349??H5L3 33151535 , ,ggaamgiaegf A 122213 fAw51Hm15:,sp. fifaisy 4 4 Y , M, I ' ' - .ff kd -it v- ,P 16-4151 : . ' D Y , 'WM . 1 M , . ki . I 1 1 U' 1 i-ifhnsrsm mlb fililblii wma: lRE1lswwafiGwfIhg3 REQ Ml! IR!-EW, ,MLrirE:fTlHI27?fF1EElib fsibpitqsv, fMlgb5,?Q5G1EE5EHS5.. Siam KEUQIRQF ying- weliiadiminfiii, Qufffi' 'ilazfeenff igiltfimi- Um Qefliw aivJra19Qm1iQ.d1 I, ,,f,-,. . H, ,, , Q ,A-f' NX .LU ' 'Y 1 P-gr? A' Y fx A A i I ,' .- 6' l 1.. + I PV des ii , ' I 1 i v If' L. V , l ' 1 ik. x 1 sv , I 5 1 I 4 , 1 Egyygj lREJ?'5lQSlS1iU1KQl IQYAYQIM' fELii,iG1iW SFU? 5 iQ Qlm Ef'dlKYf ELf9id4ii2', mwrgx im 'HIM 151245fQs1g151p'n1Q1!wf,,MewiM L5M2?JHE1sL15fQPHslnIruG WSIS fewulieg a5iwnguQwQ mg Zami: fiixilii? Hizimqp iw'rIzilQ Lniizfifvgm .miiwiiig EEST? 01'1s3f5W, fflellw LN- s 4 ffaf' ' X f i U l lil . 151 l Song girl Robin Polo, gets a better look at the game by standing on her pep chair. K-l Displaying their blazing white uniforms, assorted Pep Squad members take a break between cheers to pose for a photographer. l U'i, QQ:-4.ugf f it x. xjx Nu'-. .I l 'Vs Socializing at the Arcadia vs Pasadena game are Brian Gates and JV cheer- leader Stacey Nale. Student Life Friday Night Football I,i bfi V, f I , -L V A, V .I Y .V l "ug -5. E V i y T I "sv -N Whdi Sound Good . . . IT could be seen nearly every fall Friday nighT: The home fooTball game. Beginning wiTh The inflow of specTaTors, sTudenTs, cheerleaders, and fooTball players, The game was much more Than an aThleTic evenT. IT was a gafhering of many differenf people in a single place producing a unique evenT specifically 'lArcadian." Several Arcadian Tradifions disfinguished iTs home games from any oThers. For example, Apache Joe, Doug Campbell, ran across The field in fronT of The fooTball players as They came from The locker room: and The band, Tall flags, princesses, and drill Team marched To The field in a long Triple file line before each game and sTarTed The show wiTh a shorT fanfare. Each game was unique, Too. The Halloween half Time show during The Arcadia vsp Pasadena game, The "Touch of class" for homecoming in San Gabriel vs. Arcadia game, The surprising and close 48-47 vicfory over Muir in The lasT Three seconds of The game, and The Wesf Torrance vs. Arcadia game when Their band Tried To oufplay and oufmarch The Apaches are all singular evenfs ThaT Taken as a whole make up a fooTball season unique and special. Coach Wienberger discusses a play To Alan' Sanfo and Dave Small in The fourTh quarfer of The Wesf Torrance game. Many hours of pracfice are puT info perfecfing a differenf halffime perfor mance for each game. -'ff : g ff, qi.. . A L if wg- T . V ,W ' , , 3135 'wil P 1 Ta T i ' 1- iff mfg. . si .T 1 AE . 1 1, -X ,L 5- A 1 fi- - ' OL-AQ,.av3g,sf:-9.-5 ' 4-.. P' T' ,fs "1 "bulb,-QT ll- 1 - " " 3,3 ' L. I " 'if' - , T ' -Ji-wh. 'atv - , T - .sl S' :l.v'jg:, - -Q - . - ' ' ' ,. hu, r", ,V V- s 4- Y,-sr H"-127 ,..v' -H: -4 'sr A 'T'-iQ -, ' fs -1 lm' x. ,I wzfi- f i M - V, ,Je- Sfudenf Life Friday Nighf Foofball . . . On A Friday Night? The people who come To The game were whaT made iT special: The sTudenTs, The band members, The cheerleaders, The Teachers, The parenTs. STudenT aTTendance aT fooTball games was large buT, more imporTanTly, spirlTed. Cheers such as: "WhaT Sounds Good on a Friday NighT'?" and "Chop Off Their Heads!" were favoriTes and ofTen sTarTed by The crowd as well as The pep squad. Pep band kepT The music going ThroughouT The whole game, playing Tunes like "G-eT IT On" and "JusT You and Me." ln The meanTime, Tall flag girls, princesses, drill Team members, and The resT of The band yelled requesTs To The pep band and kepT The sTands vibroTing wiTh, "We wanT pep bond!" rl uv . . P 1 A" ' ' - 4, ' - 4' n 1" 5 The pep squad cheered enThusiasTicolly Cos alwayslj buT iT was , I 'S 4 The colorful signs on The fence around The Track, The whiTe 'T uniforms, and The red and gold balloons ThaT made Arcadla's L Q , cheerleaders differenT. The faculTy and adminisTroTion moinTained securiTy. sold Tlckefs, Q ,- 3 and operaTed The evening's affairs. The game Time snacks of hoT A dogs, candy, and Cocoa Cola were The responsibiliTy of The "' rt AThleTic BoosTers Club. , ' lr 5 Q To The parenTs of sTudenTs eiTher playing fooTball, cheering, or l T performing aT halfTime, The higmh spoT of The evening was when T Their "own" was under,The lig Ts. G Like The cliche, iT made no difference wheTher or noT The fooTball ,f Team won or losT. The spiriT and feeling of everyone presenT was .- whaT counTed and Arcadia always scored The mosT poinTs There. 's'-- - T , . X 7 , I X K 1 Tu-f A Q. , , T 5 - 4' s ' ' T 7" k - l I f Mx t I is f -T14 "' . .lcv ' W 'A i N ' Y lx' X 4 A - 1 g JL? A thu?-T ' ' 4 qi xl 14 Q . ' pil V 4, F":,.,g- NWI., rf viii: , bu T f ...ra ,T .I T LM- 'fir' 'lf 1' T A -- ' T' ' 'H ' T. lvl, T r t ,I b - 5 ' re-1 Y, : 4 I A . ,gui ff C. . lg w . QV, if T T , l , ,. M- is 05- qw - -'I tux' 'T s 'X Y I ' '1 . . T - T '- A I' -, T T .i - 1 V '-'rgxv 'u' K 1 Q Ii I iff, l'?r,"'vf. . N . 1' ...1-, .Viv l I, Q 1, .11 ix 1 As A x v I A X sfuaem Life Friday Nigm FO0Tball During a football game, sTudenTs enjoy socializing with each oTher whi waTching The game. lui l .l- .ft ' 'F Band members warm up before a halftime performance at the Arcadia vs. Pasadena game. l l i ,l .4 ll l I i i l - gl -'-?9" -. "T r Pep members do their "thing" as Varsity Cheerleader Adrienne Biehl yells a cheer on the microphone. y I Bill Bauman is caught in the act of clowning around at a home football game against West Torrance. Student Lite Friday Night Football a ff, W,,,,wM .,. ,. W L ,,w,W ,. . , W ,E k .W gn? mms E: :Zin Egzxmigm BSB mm sm 53522: ami : HZESS :mxw:g:m H E sm 295 mwsmsmms mm WMWEH mg Wm mm SWE Hmmm HW Mglefwmwmxtsygxxxlmw Maisie? qw mwwww ww W WW H H wwmimwam MSE wfwwa H M an my S Wm H3 M am H N mmms msgs ms was gmxmxwg mmm EEQBEEM an my Hawaii Emnmnggm sigma nga was W Bm ms msg ss E BEER mn sms mms mam mean E mggn-an , gggmsgg mm N M mggn an agua MMWSH mwwsgw gg Nam mfg! 5:2 ww M-HWSHMM H www M H BSSBHBHBBKXHPH. H M ,axis EH2i3! H , EBRHKYBSSB M, E ? M MHEMMEEMQ 5 ww! WSE SME miami wmggswg E New wmmgmm imma? Hmmm H E E E nl 5 -A H mmm EEE W E REBER H H H HB -A V1 HB nl BSKEHBHESS EBM! nl HBH EHBHBHB B H HBHEHB H B B N mwmw awww H H H Mm H HM H M MM M X Vx In , MM MMQ smxsssmmw nf? 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Mwnlmnmnm M salads Ewsm M mama Mm w Esmswma axes HS mmm W5 m BEE is mis mm in mm W Us wmwgw M W M WSH Mm wg Mai .Bw Em B H M B 1,a.,..SH?SfW,PUSHni:1,. .NYHSS .5 , YBSHASHW., -5 H252 .M fswmwm M ww ,..,,.,, YL , dm V731 ' ' , ' dx . ,. , 4-x ,A- "'-- s 1-me ' ' fffrlgv 1 F : I . B ' J' 'M N ss 'V' . ll fade Zinn and Joe Arguelles discuss this evenings game against West Jrrance. , y Brent Melkesianiandfdggeirijsdiniglisteln -the weekend., frriggil s?rWe. 5 Dong Lee walks to Class alter socicillzin 2 wh Every school from time students were usually could' meets' gossip. Some used doughnuts hands on. ate. Still-others homework or Hslippedf' Snack could cafeteria seniors Cif Kwoll if-1 the almost Each out" Q The everyone on students were in drenched launched resulted in or two students the rest of the was the 4 :Ma 's,gf:.iX,:.1, 5x l student ure Snack .i.X.J -.' 5, 'pw - .- H fp Z' '41 1 ill Sue Bode and Susie Taylor pay rapt attention Talent Show.f i:i5rf1f3Z:Xij.1' 'il.igfi2?1?-fi-125. ,jg Student Life Homecoming the Homecoming Dance 'J vw .1 . 1 ii ii -.J N ...f... Overwheimea by the excitement of being chose Homecoming Queen. Polo and escort Charlie Sonu gaze with amazement at the fire work during half Time. 4979 Homecoming Court: Kim Norrish, Gail Vanlandingham, Lori Ban- Robin Polo, Monica Lichter, Elly Vis, Doug Campell, Steve Azzam, Jim Marc Perez. and Roger Sewell. Tall Flags form a pathway for the presentation of the Homecoming during holf-time festivities, Drum Major Rick Clough and returning Tom-Tom Maureen Caringella lead the procession. A lm' "A Touch 0f Class" Elegance overwhelmed Arcadia as homecoming day approached with "A Touch of Class" as the theme. A pep assembly, halftime show and dance were the major events that took place on November 2. Seniors from the class of '78, in addition to current Apache students, flowed into the north gym for the annual Homecoming pep assembly. Football coach Dave Bouleware introduced the Varsity team and led the crowd in a powerful fight song. Routines were demonstrated by both the '79 and '80 pep squads. A special privilege for all students and guests attending was to hear Brenda Burns, a returning Chanteur member, sing 'iMemories." The Apache Band, Drill Team members, Flag girls and Princesses displayed 'a high class performance on the Arcadia Field. A parade followed with the homecoming princesses vying for queen and a new addition, "boys," A king was named, along with the homecoming queen. Mark Perez and Robin Polo received the honors respectively. Following the halftime show, the Apache team defeated the San Gabriel Matadors in the most highly qttended football game of the year. Music was provided by "2'lO West" for the homecoming dance. Students past and present danced the night away under the lunch pavilion. Decorations and the success of the dance were attributed to the Executive Council and the administration and counselors of Arcadia. Hard work and determination to get things done by the pep squad, band, football team and homecoming committee all proved well worth while, but it was the student body who was responsible in making November 2, 4979, a homecoming that will be remembered. Sophomore prince and princess, Roger Swell and Elly Vis ride in the pre- gome parade at the Homecoming football game, SYud9nt Life Homecoming The construction company prepares the ground for the 250 square foot extension of the rally court stage. With the revision of the student parking lot at Duarte and El Monte, cars are parked in an orderly fashion. Cement bumpers aided to the organiza- tion of the parking lot. " mink , . Beginning in December, an improvement revision program for the rally court got underway with the Ben Smith Construction Company. One member of the company surveys the area to be revised. Student Life Campus Improvements 'U I . EBI -'I i F. i' , If N -, li . 'r ,,--,.-r. , - . .. .-- 'wr V- '7 Y -Ju l,,1 V. .--- 1 -ig 5 cc. ..,.. ...-- 5 35, . 1 J , . Q 4. x 1 , 3 ' rf' J 'g 'Y Y 'I 't-:X " ,. W, ri g t ' . -I x ' it I' , 4 . ' i ' .w , ' 'S' . -.M -LIN! W4 Q ik f 1'g,fw-If L h J. . J M F W ,V kt iff' 1 .,f,,.,. .... . f, , , V 0 .4 ,' V '1,,L5F1iY at gm," - -71 -14 5.1 15" ' v , A 1 rw t"'1 1 .T - 1 ' -'i-- . ' V V F- 3 'A 1. ' "1 I ',..v'- -"'-J " A ii' ' .as if I WhclT's New? - 8' Radical driving, vandalism, ThefT, and a haven for 'Mfg -- T .7 "blow ouTs" were concepTs associaTed wiTh The I l',,...i-.sf STudenT Parking LoT, ThaT is unTil SepTember 'l979. "' T ' CemenT wheel sTops, an aTTendanT, and The warning: i ' ' "Do noT back up, severe Tire damage," seem To change The makeup and aTTiTude of parking loT users. During The adminisTraTion of A.S.B. PresidenT Jim Riley in 4978, discussion had been broughT up concerning improvemenTs for The parking loT. During The summer of '79, These ideas finally maTerialized inTo The new sTudenT parking loT. FifTeen Thousand dollars worTh of gl, ff improvemenTs were focused back on The users of The T I loT in The form of a S5 parking permiT for each semesTer. The Rally CourT also finally began To realize long awaiTed improvemenTs: The pavilion was dressed up wiTh a new coaT of painT, paTio umbrellas were Taken from The faculTy eaTing area and placed in The lunch Tables on The lawn, cemenT walkways were added around The brick planTers, and The concreTe sTage received a much needed exTension. MosT rally courT improvemenTs were gifTs from prior senior classes: consequenTly, The new iTems were noT Taken ouT of presenT sTudenT body funds. AlThough school perimeTer parking increased and many seniors enjoyed Their lunch off campus, These new campus improvemenTs were generally well received. - ' 1 Aly fllfv ' l fl U , p ,JDJ J f x . 0 P fn is Q uqfiunf Jw 7.5 Pix ff M Nllellf lf? f V 'OJ Q . 'gf A9-W 'Ld -an ,L 7 R, W ,T,,l0if,, if Tgijlfyii fii FL 'U W ,TTT N WL' 'l 5 lvl ,.lf lkflxivrgi fb X I-UL Ml c5fmVlb0J lW'lfi' Jil Wi 7 We A of KO fl, glib Wm Ol fi T wld 9 MPT ,rl yiwl 7 Ymfly T W bl xOpQ 51290 iixbilflix QUT' llfllqfp Nl i vlrx xiii' Well vii l., iii, ,ilk , ,T ll 'N' 'WT 'lj l l Q? S rl T l 'T v T T , . my will I I lx I- A Nw 'QW If ,lf gk To X? px, l The clay David McFarIance maintains securiTy in The parking loT ancl lx' M' 'V W' f 1 XXV The off campus permiTs of sTudenTs. David says ThaT he likes The job V I TX ause. "l enjoy The kids, and I get a chance To do some reading." STudenT Life Parking Loi, Rally CourT Revisions Service stoiioh cttehdohi Chris Borkus works The nighf shift ' ,fi Laurie Juvinoil types records for The public librciry's files. Doug Penny services the checksionds oi Vons. '+ E right up says Monte Farrell as he prepares a soft drink for a customer. Students Make The Bucks The work experience program at Arcadia High gave an opportunity for interested students to explore the different working fields that appealed to them. Not only did students have a variety of jobs to choose from, the information pertaining to each job fsuch as how much education is needed and what type of training is requiredp was available at the Career Guidance Center. Sign-up sheets to become involved with Arcadia's work program grew considerably. Many students found getting out of school early and bringing in a paycheck, along with their report card gives them more freedom to buy what they want and to go more places. Such outlets as Taco Lita, various gas stations, and office work, were a few educating stations that students worked at. Hinshaw's Department Store and Santa Anita Fashion Park employed many of the Arcadia's work experience people. A time sheet was required to be filled out each week and turned into different teachers depending upon the various jobs. Also a periodic check was taken by the school to measure how the participating students were doing. There were many Apaches, however, that were not involved in the work experience program but had shown they were capable of going to school full-time and also hold down a part-time job. This job usually took up after school time in addition to weekends. Most students were working anywhere from 42 to 20 hours a week. Some working students felt that it was difficult to give their best to both school and work. "When you get home from work and your tired but you have to stay up and do your homework. This makes it hard to get up in the morning and by the end of the day you are too tired to go to work." Sometimes work got in the way for those who were involved in extra-curricular activities. Still, regardless of the sacrifices, students felt that the work experience program was one that was worthwhile, and that the income they were provided with gave them a spending quantity that was comfortable. Kris Allen scoops up an ice cream cane at 34 Flavors. Kris is one of many participating in the Work Experience program Student Life Jobs with the group riel Valley. Four countries visited we e Denmark, France and Germany. Also each year is a trip to a communist country. This the students spent SV2 days in Russia, which was a experience. c experience for Arcadia students and wer something they worked for and looked forwc throughout the year. Each year have he' widen t ir by seeing the work around A trip to Mexico is always during vacation. For S596.00, students under e supervision of Mr. Les Brown this oppo ' . stu nts visited such places as Tulum, C chenitza, Merida, the Cancun Resort, le to see the Mayan Ruins. A trip to Europe was an annual o igh students. For 82495, through the American Institute, students stayed 29 days in the countries of Greece, Italy, Franc , Switzerland, the Netherlands and England. A special trip was taken by the High .Sgggerlteam during the ofJ279p was inviredfo the World School Soccer Tournament in The team was the first C I F. sanctioned team in international and the only team the States. The first four days of trip was in Madrid and the next eight le San Juan, where the was The remaining twelve days spent in just sightseeing. annual trip which is taken Europe cost is and the trip i by the People International Students on this trip are usually past participants. Six High students opportunity to take the Gab ' r These trips were meaningful and e ting Student Life Trips url- tourist sites that the 5. 1 -79 soccer team p in front of a Spanish Monastery u g their visit to Spain, B tom Row: Craig Murrow, Mark z, Louis Aiverez, Scott 'ner, Mike Elis, Dave Street, S e Cassriei, Top Row: Coa Onderdonk, Tom Fueling, Kevi John, Andy Weiler. Hans Vis, Q Thomas, Jeff Mittner, and 1 r. Weisner. .Z Ins .' d for victory, Tom Fuelling and Loui iverez, are ready t al the ball away from their opponent en the opportu- arises. the very many to during their trip to Student Life Trips Dating Rating Some Arcadia High sTudenTs were asked To Where: express Their opinions on The "DaTing Game." Below ChanTry FlaTs, CemeTery, lVlonesTary, Bleachers, is a sampling of sTudenTs responses. FronT porch, Park, "My house," HorseTralls, lVloTel 6. How long? WhaT do you Think aboui daTing? 'lAs long as she can hold her breaTh" "lT's funl" 'IAS long as I can sTay ouT." "Every healThy American boy should Try iT." "UnTil iT geTs monoTonous. " l'WhaT's a daTe'?" Every daTe'? "Yes" Why do you prefer To single daTe? 'iNo" "My car only fiTs Two people." "I Try hard!" "More privaTe and more romanTic." "You can be alone." WhaT do you do on a daTe: "Because you don'T have To worry abouT The Dinner and Movies .......... ..... 7 O9 oTher people." Movies ....................... ..... I 59 lT's'auieTer" ParTies .......................... .,... I 09 "You canfspend your Time geTTing To know jusT OTher: WaTch T.V. or "noThing" The one person." Do you prefer "going sTeady" To casual daTing'? When do you like To double? 'Once in a while iT helps." "For beach Things." "Only on Fridaysl" "When Two girls is all I can handIe." "NoT over six monThs." "When I need a ride." "SomeTimes iTs more fun!" I Deanne Gaies and PaT Brooks enjoy a sundae while reviewing The fun h On making Cuff, penings of The evening aT Rosie's. h NX 4 STudenT Life DaTing 15,4 N , Q.: "q::LiiIl"'r For some daling began al school. Debbie Randall and Kevin Hanson share momenls Togelher between classes. nmu' unmwll SPECIALS , l 4 l 1 J l Debating on which movie to see are Craig Edginfon and Marcie Deacon. "T," is a favorite pastime for dates including This couple. Sfudenl Life Dating An American television crew stands by Their equipment at Kabul, Afghanos- tan Kabul airport in Afghanestan, as they were expelled from the country by the new Soviet backed government' President Carter returns a salute as he steps from his helicopter at the White House. Carter returned from the presidential retreat Camp David to appear on NBC's Meet the Press.' 2 tin" , .Qi Trading on the floor of the New York commodites Exchange continues as quotes are flashed on the board in the background during trading when gold prices soared over the S700 an ounce mark.' Student Life Current Events igns Cf The Times Current events, however far away their curence, had effects that reached students of rcadia High School. The fifty Americans held hostage in lran under the of the Ayatollah Khomeini affected the situation in the U.S. by causing a decrease the number of barrels of oil imported from iran. In of a possible gas shortage. Governor Jerry egan the odd-even gasoline rationing statewide. ln addition, students were awakened to the ultimate power and centered in the Middle East: that one of world super-powers could be threatened by a striving for a return to a culture of the past somehow frightening and definitely eye- b Just a step farther east, the Middle Eastern nation Afghanistan was invaded by Soviet troops, the "Carter Doctrine": the Persian Gulf an American interest and foreign intervention this geographical area would not be tolerated the United States. This Soviet invasion sparked of reinstating the draft, a topic very closely to students. By March, presidential toward registration for selective service begun, although the reality of an actual draft not seem too close. he U.S. dollar suffered the infamy of becoming less and less and other economic problems evident as well. inflation ranged from 4496- 96, depending on whose report was read, and re ' soared to over S800 per ounce Fear of cession prompted many company cut-backs. Directly affecting seniors turning eighteen was the presidential campaign. Jimmy Carter and George Bush enjoyed early recognition as leading candidates, but Ted Kennedy and Ronald Reagan refused to admit defeat, at least not yet. Even California's governor Jerry Brown stayed within the campaign picture. 4- ln California, life remained "beachy" while the local issues of rent control, and busing played only indirect roles in Arcadia students' lives. The lingering effects of Proposition '13 were evident in the reduced special programs within the school district, such as the cancellation of the bi-annual major musical, and in the improbobility of the city ever obtaining its own auditorium. Of an extremely local nature, temporary barricades were placed at Orange Grove and Hacienda. Residents liked the reduced traffic and speeders, but students were perturbed at having "to go around3" . World leaders, the president, the Los Angeles city council, and the city government affected the .students of Arcadia High School through the current events such leaders caused and directed. A sea of hands greets Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni in February as he appeared on the balcony at his Tehran headquarters shortly after his return from exile. Khomein took over political leadership in the troubled nation following the departure of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlevi.' :urtesy of Pasadena Star-News Student Life Current Events BeTh Bowen nboogies To The beoT" of Missouri Fox oi The Unknown Donc Dancing Dies Down Fewer donces were orgdnized dT Arcddid High due To lock of lnTeresT in The sTudenT body. Mdny sTudenTs preferred o movie, o nice dinner, or d "privoTe pdrTy" To on Arcodid High School donce. lvlosi of The donces were on Fridoy nighis dfTer The fooTboll gomes. The firsT ddnce held wds The, "Unknown Ddnce," nomed ofier The Unknown Comic. STudenTs did oTTend buT iT wds noT on overwhelming success. The Monsier Mosh Donce wds concelled when The problem drose of only 74 TickeTs being sold on The doy of The donce. The Homecoming ddnce wds held for The firsT Time oT The Pdvdlion in The Rolly Couri. While The bond, "2'lO WesT," wds noT pldying, d TdlenT conTesT wds held, Ed Piihey ond Dove Zlrbel Took firsT prize wiTh Their vocols ond guiTor pldying respecTively. The Chdndelier Boll which wds held dT The SonTo Aniio ROC9 Trock Turf Club on December 45 wds successful, dlihough noT d school funcTion The Theme for The donce wds, "Feliz Novidod" ond wds puT on by The Cdndy Siripers of The lVleThodisT Hospiidl. ApproximdTeIy 250 couples dTTended This ChrisTmos formdl ond mosi everyone enjoyed iT. STuclenT Life Fdll Dances ig 'U take advantage of the slow music to dance with a speciol friend. I jr , V A ia i of gg 'Z o ' wr -' , :La LW. - ' 1' -fr 4-" ' 4 , .4 . . ' H ' ' 'TY-n.f,JfWf'Qi. vs' ' I .,. " ' ' ' ' ff- ' 4 4 - at the Homecoming Dance, Joe Scurto flashes a smile at the Anxiously awaiting for the opening of the Homecoming Dance, a crowd gathers to buy tickets. Serving refreshments, Linda Nash prepares a variety of "goodies" to sell to students during the Homecoming Dance. Student Life Fall Dances Orchestra and A'Cappella perform a combination of instrumental and singing for Their audience at the San Gabriel Civic Holiday Concert. Performing at the Christmas assembly, Chanteurs sing Their favorite Christ- mas songs. Students In The Spotlight Throughout the year, students had a chance to show their talents by performing in various organizations, at various places. The different groups spent many hours of hard work, practicing and performing for various audiences. Students showed more interest than ever in performing groups, mainly because the major musical, a bi- annual event, was cancelled for 4980. Chanteurs, the twenty one member singing group, performed for many different occasions. This group sang various songs and choreographed dance steps to go with the songs. One of their performances was for the Miss Arcadia pageant during the taleations of the girls score to releave the pressures and anxieties of the audience and contestants. They also performed early in December at the Santa Anita church in Arcadia to help celebrate the holiday season. During this ff- If 9 ll performance a few unexpected attractions occured. When coming on the stage, some unknown person kicked the microphone cord, ar it blew up, sending sparks and noise everywhere The stage was so crowded due to a huge Christmas tree that people almost fell off onto ti floor and Chanteur, Adam Freidman backed intc the tree, sending Christmas bulbs and ornaments crashing to the ground. With Lisa Miller as Preside and Jeff Vandewege as Vice-President, the Chanteur group displayed their high quality abilit as performers, in spite of the interruptions. Orchesis was the major dance group at Arcac High. They performed dances to Folk, Jazz, Mode Jazz, and comedy music. Lori Bannister was the President of this group which performed at organizations, including the Miss Arcadia pagean Homecoming assembly, the junior high schools, elementary schools, and the City of Hope. At the City of Hope, there was such a small dancing art that a few l.V. poles were knocked over. Orche proved to be a worthwhile experience for its members: according to Jenny Moran, "Orchesis makes you aware of the different kinds of danci Drama was one of the biggest performing gro Fox ond Beth Bowen The Lottery storring Bill Jenny Rute scolding husbond Mork Towner in d scene from Dromd's 3141 "Our Town" captures the oudience. Mario Tieche ond Shelly Hdys preform in one of the four one oct pldys for Drdmo 2. fzgf "Chorles Aunt," storring Jim Sederberg ond Joson Burgess. This 23 person club wos often coiled The Thespion Club with Kevin Hdrness ond Jerry Finemon os Presidents. During one of the ploys, o student streoked through the moke-up room putting on o behind the scenes show of his own. Concert bonds ond Orchestro, were o very percise ond professionol group of instrumentol musicions. Concert bond lll put on o "Pops Concert," potternecl ofter the Boston Pops during Moy. The bond wos olso involved in o festivol, where they did not compete ogoinst other schools, but were given o roting on their own performonce. Bond lll wos known os the number one concert bond in Colifornio. The Orchestro ployed for o Christmos concert in December dt the Son Gobriel Civic Auditorium. On Morch third, they performed ot o chomber recitol which wos composed of trios, quortets, ond o few solos. The concert mistress wos Melody Bodor. These students in the spotlight goined o greot deol of experience from their performonces ond in the process, entertoineol the community ond student body. Activation There were many people at Arcadia High that were more than just actively involved in a given organization or group. These were The club presidents, student body and class officers, and journalism editors. Often, these people were the ones that did much of the work and gave the credit of success To The group as a whole. Student government, Executive Council and class officers, Took much of The responsibility for activities on campus. The people who were elected to positions in student government ran so that They could gain experience and responsibility and to see exactly what leadership is about. Gale Backer, A.S.B. Treasurer, considered being on Executive Council an advantage: "You learn how to talk comfortably with adults and people of auThority." She felt that iT was a great feeling to know that "you are doing something to help The schooI." Senior class president Artie Cazares added, "l'd probably have a whole different view of high school if it wasn't for my involvement in student government." Maya Rodrigues conducts an early Wednesday morning meeting as Presi- dent of Kiowas. Rick Clough, drum major, is held above his fellow band members in recog- nition of his hard work after the band received sweepstakes at the Chino Band Review, Student Life People Energies The Apache Pow Wow, yearbook and the Apache News were also run predominately by students. lt was their job to keep everyone informed on events involving the school and to publish lasting histories of the school year. The editors and producers in these organization worked closely with their peers and teachers. A lc of out of school time and effort was put into thini that many students took for granted. Scott Diene editor in chief of the Pow Wow, liked the responsibility of being in charge: "Being in a positi of leadership is a chance to learn responsibility, hi to get along with different people and it is good. practical experience," he said. When asked aboi the amount of outside hours spent in activities for the yearbook, managing editor Kent Jenkins responded, "I wonder what a social life is like?" The people who filled these positions of leadership did so because of the constant challenge and what they considered the biggest reward: self satisfaction. .ls ,, x r 4' I w. U 'Q 'I . 'il Dana Merrlt, A.S.l3. President. uses her efforts to keep thlngs going at Back- to-School night with the very appreciated help of Mrs. Jean Johnson, P.T.A. President. Jirn Johnson, one ot the Apache News T,V. technicians, tllms the tllle names on one of the bl-weekly broadcasts. vi! 4 - . A, L Q N ,+I m - z r " K XX l Q v-to .,-,-Q ' lg Executive Council members including Mike Wais and Gail Backer, discuss a revised Pep Squad Policy. Student Life People , , . 7 .. .. M 4 gn .N xx '- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: new wave music group velour shirt f"A ""'1 9- t me ' X . , CGITWGFO Student Life Fads And Fashions roller skates KMET: local radio station gold dOUbl9 belts if ' l ir l 4,n- lv,k-rPtr:',cri's gl' ' K . l F n e - N-J: c, . r . A-9, V ' ' lf.-::f-- T Qflifliif. ceramlc pins The Rocky Horror Show: mo- VW tion picture 'est Chlc Throughout the year, certain trends in fashion and various fads established themselves as indicative of 4980. Certain movies and specific records and recording artists were popular. Cars, clothing, and music each developed a particular Cand to parents, sometimes peculiary pattern during the year that set 1980 apart from every other. Fads and fashions not pictured included Mickey Mouse and Devo glasses, Dolfin shorts, Jordashe jeans, La Caste shirts, blazers, and llhorn hats." mr- L ff" -v.r1.i.y - 'A- qt it J' ,,,,fl, J Bob's Big Boy Restaurant popular recording or-risrs and groups were Kenny Kramer vs. Kramer: motion picture Loggins, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Led Op shirt Zeppelin. "Star Trek," "Ten", and "Rocky lI" were movies that achieved high attendence. "Saturday Night Live," "Eight ls Enough," and "Soap" were television shows regularly watched. These two pages are dedicated to the fads, fashions, and entertainment that the children of students at Arcadia High School during 1980 will hear about and laugh at. top siders baggy pants Student Life Fads And Fashions Making a point, Miss Cathy Holkestad aims to round up students for the Donkey Basketball game on Western Day. Sharon Arnold, Linda Khanchalin, and Gail Vanlandingham show prospec- tive drill team members what it takes to be an Apache marcher. Groovin' In The Grove Themed, "Dancing In The Moonlight," the JuniorfSenior Prom was held at the Cocoanut Grove ballroom in the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. The price was thirty five dollars, including dinner and formal dancing to Bill Tole and his Orchestra, and "groving" to the sounds of a local band. Gnly four hundred couples were able to attend due to limited room capacity, and seniors were given ticket priority for the first week of ticket sales. Junior class officers, particularly President Mike Wais, organized and coordinated all plans for the prom. The sale of Bonus Books and the Donkey Basketball game were the two major fund raisers sponsored by the Junior class to reduce the cost of the prom tickets. The Cocoanut Grove, located at the Ambassador Hotel, is a memorable site for those who attended the Jr. fSr. Prom. II Student Life End Of Year Activities , , 122+- Q,,,,,. .-,uf N- class To go home or To The beach. Because of This, The adminisTraTion allowed fun lunches. These IunchTime acfivifies were organized by ExecuTive Council To "break The Tedium of academia," according To one council member. One of The mosT popular fun lunches was volleyball. Selecfion for members of 'l98Of4Q8'l groups began several monThs before The school year ended. New fooTball players had been selecfed since The end of The fooTbaIl season and had been in Training and planned To pracfice Throughouf mosT of The summer. Pep squad TryouTs fell on The week affer spring vacafion, giving prospecTive members a needed resT before The hecTic and demanding workshop and Try-ouT weeks. Graduafion fell on a TradiTionaIly "unlucky" day, Friday The ThirTeenTh. BuT despiTe The unlucky aspecfs of now having To face The world on Their own, mosT seniors felf lucky To have finally finished Their Three year sTinT aT Arcadia. Baccalaureafe, held on Sunday, June 8, The senior lunch from AnThony's delicafessen, and The scrawling of messages in cemenT "senior squares" were evenTs ThaT occupied The lasT weeks of high school for The senior class. The TradiTional grad nighT aT Disneyland was planned To be preceded by a buffeT dinner served by The P.T.A. Graduafion culmlnaTed a week long exTravaganza of finals, senior check ouT sheefs, and parTies. AT an assembly for seniors only, Arf Cazares and Liane D'Arezzo answer quesTions aboul graduafion. Discussing The differeni ASB offices and The resbonsibilifies involved, Kenf Jenkins and Charlie Sonu Talk wiTh Greg Papay. ' .SR ,K .1 ., s .QA . , 'QA i t A 4 T Sfudenf Life End Of Year Acfivifies E+, il n? 'X W Wy!! '11 The Pass . . . rring. . . And They're off! Rushing masses poured ouT of each classroom overflowing inTo every branching hall. IT seems sTudenTs raced The clock as well as each oTher as They wove in and ouT of The crowd. The sfeady flow confinued wiTh The excepfion of some along The way who sfopped off To The sideline To reload wiTh books, folders and oTher provisions needed aT Their desTinaTion. Ofhers looked forward To sTop and Talk To friends or To sTeal a quick kiss from a sweeThearT, willingly forfelfing The race. Those deTermined forged ahead knowing The consequence of a Third Tardy: The losing Tickef would appear in The mailbox days laTer. They sTrove To advance alThough The confusion, disTracTions as all odds seemed againsT Them. The exciTemenT and anficipafion mounTed as The lnevifable classroom came info view: finally, They crossed The Threshold of vicTory. Buf waif. . .IT looked like a phofo finish befween sTudenTs and Teacher.. . .rringg. . . This sequence of picTures was Taken beTween firsT and second periods aT The corner of "E" hall and The wesT corridor. Sfudenf Life Passing Periods dl- - With a lot of patience, Mrs. Coyle coaches tumbling student Robin Miller on the technique of executing an aerial. Juniors pick up useful ideas about planning for college at the college orientation held in March. Mitch Green conducts an experiment involving induction of elections ln his fourth period Physics class. Student Life Academics The momeni of birTh and conTinued fhopefullyp unTil deaTh. EducaTion came from many sources: hornelife, recreaTional acTiviTies, church, and jusT every day experiences. Obviously however, The rnosT inTense form of educaTion was "in school." Since learning was The mosT imporTanT reason for coming To school, a special secTion of The yearbook was devoTed To exploring The "academic side" of sTudenT life. Siandard "required" classes, alThough very necessary are noT The focal poinTs of This secTion, buT raTher are some of The more unusual learning opporTuniTies, school processes, and essenTial people who kepT iT all running smooihly. AT graduaTion. many sTudenTs did noT yeT comprehend The value of Their high school learning process: however, The unique opporTuniTies available To Arcadia High sTudenTs helped To make Their learning experience, in parTicular, a special one. Mrs. Morden advises Ari Awareness sTudenT Teresa Salerno on a pencil drawing. Mr. STapleTon leads his sixTh period ChemisTry B class in an animaTed discussion. STudenT Life Academics Coming And Going Arcadia High School had six changes wiThin The sTaff: The arrival of five new Teachers, and The depariure of librarian Mrs. Hilda Plyler. One addiTion was Miss Layne STaral. lnsTead of merely Teaching grammar aT FooThills Junior High, she TaughT Modern PoeTry and composiTion classes. Miss STaral decided To Teach aT Arcadia High since she could insTrucT a varieTy of courses by Teaching older sTudenTs. Mr. Jim Okleshen was previously a sTudenT Teacher aT Burmingham High School in Encino. He became a full Time Drama Teacher, direcTing Arcadia High School's Drama classes. Mr. Okleshen plans To remain a permanenf member of The faculTy and has appreciaied The cooperaTion among his sTudenTs. A band direcTor from Azusa, Mr. Tom Landes, heard Arcadia needed a new band direcTor, Then decided To "give iT a Try." AfTer Teaching for five years aT his own alma maTer, Mr. Landes quickly adjusTed To his new Teaching environmenT. Taking The place of drill Team advisor and P.E. Teacher Mrs. Carol Anderson was Mrs. Mary Ann 4' 'G "CITf'.7 X AnoTher viial member in The nefwork of personnel aT Arcadia High is Mrs. Donna Mills, who is in charge of The Audio Visual room. She mainTained all The media Qsuch as films, slides, Transparencies, casseTTes, and sound film siripsj used by Teachers To suppIemenT books and lecTuring. Taking Time off are Mrs. Olkeshen and Mr. Perry discussing The upcoming drama produciions. STudenT Life Academics Keeping The library in perfecf organizaTion are Mrs. PaTT Richards, aid: Hilda Plyler, librarian, and Mrs. Florence Richards, aid. Coyle. As a former drill Team advisor aT Dana Jun High, Mrs. Coyle claimed her job was very challenging and exciTing, alThough requiring many hours of hard work. Mr. John Parry, Teaching General MaTh and Algebra, felT ThaT The high school sTudenTs are mc maTure in many ways, Than Those aT FirsT Avenue Junior High where he previously TaughT. However, when iT came To needing help in Their work, Mr. Parry felT There was really no difference in sTuden AfTer Twelve and a half years as librarian aT Arcadia High School, Mrs. Hilda Plyler decided, "I wanTed a change and a chance To relax, so l reTired." Among The many improvemenTs Mrs. Plyl promoied and organized were The TransformaTior of The original Two-room library on 'C' hall To The impressive resource cenTer-sTudy hall: The gradual addiTion of all Types of books, The number of whic was esTimaTed To be "around 40,000": and The u of microfilm and microfishe which has saved huge amounfs of valuable space. 1:30 .N-.!f""' 7- . if 5 'ff' 1 . ' 'N More Than The Lady Of The T Store T T y "I am noT The 'STudenT STore Ladyl' " declared Mrs. Jean Joiner. True, she did Take in and accounf for all The money passing Through To The sTudenT sTore, buT iT was really The sTudenTs who worked in The sTudenT sTore who were in charge: Mrs. Joiner jusT supervised. Her big job is really in The collecTing and counfing of all The money received from every club, group, or organizaTion: French Club's See's sucker sale, The Prom and ValenTine's Dance TickeT sales, The aThleTic Teams' uniforms, sTudenT body cards, yearbooks, and so forfh. This was an enormous responsibiliTy. Over S200,000 passed Through Mrs. Joiner's hands ih The course of The year. Mrs. Joiner especially enjoyed her close conTacT wifh The sTudenTs wheTher They. were "cusTomers" or members of The sTudenT sTore class. This facT was very obvious when visiTing her office: gifTs of signs, sTudenTs' picTures, and oTher momenTos decoraTed Mrs. Joiner's office. The sTudenT sTore class which she TaughT gave sTudenTs experience in bookkeeping, accounTing, and managing a business. This knowledge was helpful in aTTaining jobs wiTh banks or in oTher reIaTed fields. Mrs. Joiner smiles in mosf familiar surroundings. The brighTly sfudenf decoraTed office nexf To The sTudenT sTore. Sfudenf Life Academics Fine art teachers, Ms. Giles, Mrs. Mardent, Mr. Anders, and Mr. Snapper discuss their daily classroom activities with one member of the Accredita- tion Committee. A.H.S. Gets Accredit Card The unfamiliar yet official looking persons noticed in classes and halls were not spies from the F.B.l. They were official representatives consisting of principals and school officials from other districts sent by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Every six years these professionals observed Arcadia's teachers and attended their classes to assure the community of quality education in a process called accreditation. ln order to make an accurate report, the accreditation team spent three days researching curriculum, school activities, students' feelings, and the general atmosphere of Arcadia High. Several formal meetings were held with different representative groups to aid the accreditation team in this process. lt was obvious to students that the administration cared a great deal about the opinions of the accreditation team. Great pains were taken to physically improve the appearance of the campus such as the re-landscaping of the rally court, and the painting of the gym. Also some teachers underwent a slight personality change when an accreditation official observed their class. After three long days of evaluating the high school, the Accreditation Committee gives their final report in the library. Attending a meeting with the Accreditation Committee are Executive Council members Lynn ller, Kara Pape, and Artie Cazares 1 3 f iz' V.- 41 X, I 'w P Student Life Academics I ., N-.N Q 'lb-v- Q' 1' -mb F s- .Yfy,- 'y T-:EL"':f- Christine Luchetta and Robin Neuwirth anxiously check The availability of classes during registration. Sophomore Chris Hatchel listens patiently as Mrs. Dumbacher gives advice on her schedule. Starting Over The end of summer fun for Arcadia students was signaled by The arrival of a Thick, manilla envelope in The mail. The registration packet included a list of classes, time schedules, classrooms and assigned Teachers. For sophomores, registration was one of The first impressions of The- academic atmosphere aT Arcadia High. Juniors and seniors, however, were sharply reminded of a return To homework, Tardies and report cards. . Every student reviewed The date carefully in order To prepare his own class schedule for The upcoming school year. Beginning a week prior To The opening of school, individual registration allowed all pupils To select required and elective classes. Patient counselors worked with students To coordinate and supervise The most appropriate class program. Since upperclassmen received registration priority, The sophomores were often frustrated by closed classes and assignment To first lunch. The administrative staff aT Arcadia High School chose registration To be operated by human minds and hands, rather Than computerized efficiency. Students found This system fortunate because iT supported Their individual needs and interests. At registration, Liane D'Arezzo focuses on students posing for their A.S.B. CGl'd. Student Life Academics Giving a little helpful advice. Mrs. Hall assists Lori Waken, a future A.P. English student in her directed studies course. lv- - ,--f Y 1 ll , QL Singing "Marching Through Georgia," Mr. Peritore leads his Civil War and Reconstruction class on a march through "C" holl. Karen Stumpf leads Holly Avenue third graders in a coordination game played with tires. Elementary P.E. Teaching members Shannon Skumsvold helps a giggling Third grader balance on his head. Student Life Academics s A 41 ........,A vfgyfw Q., 1 -v ' Ak' . . V A 1 - 1 QQ -.j V 4.4. ' ,gf 4-9-, v 473 V A J in , .- -V, sz- I L. . . ir. f ' ' - ali?"-. Q1- 1? Q, ml" A kiss is The finale of The wedding ceremony for Marriage and Family sTudenT couples Debbie Knueven and Jon Melien, Lisa French and Don ShouTen, and Robin Polo and Chris MasTen. Unique! Of The differenT classes aT Arcadia High, ranging from Algebra I To Zoology, only a few ever received This mysTerious descripTion. Only a few deserved iT. Besides being valuable for The knowledge They gave, mosT of These "special classes" were found To be enjoyable by Those ThaT Took Them, buT on The oTher hand, sTudenTs Taking cerTain advanced placemenT classes found The class enjoyable only when They had finally compleTed iT. ' One class always popular wiTh seniors was 1 Marriage and Family. The purpose of The class was To help The sTudenT prepare for .The ordeals of marriage, buying a car, buying as home, income Taxes, jobs, children, divorce, and even deaTh. The sTudenTs learned more abouT These processes by "marrying" someone in class and Then acfually Talking To car, home, and furniTure salesmen. The sTudenTs also experienced The responsibiliTies of caring for a child by looking afTer an "egg baby" for a day. MosT sTudenTs found The class To be worThwhile, and one senior even said "lT's The besT class l've Taken aT Arcadia High." Role-reversal was The idea in ElemenTary P.E. Teaching. AfTer spending The firsT auarTer of The year class learning To make lesson plans, .Teaching skills, and disciplinary Techniques, high school sTudenTs became Teachers To six Through eighT year-olds aT The local elemenTary schools. They generally spenT ThirTy minuTes, Three days a week Teaching The beginning fundamenTals of physical educaTion. The oTher Two days of The week were used To prepare lesson plans. By passing a TesT, Advanced PlacemenT sTudenTs were able To receive up To Ten uniTs of college crediT in several available classes. The class subjecTs were Calculus, English, and HisTory. AlThough The classes were usually quiTe difficulT for sTudenTs, The benefiTs of fewer freshman college classes were good compensaTion for all The sTudying. Unworried aboui gooey fingers, Mary Kay Schulie and Darla King serve cake To oTher Marriage and Family sTudenTs afier The firsT semesTer class' mock weddings. L - sfuaem Life Academics The Outsiders Many sTudenTs aT Arcadia High had The opporTuniTy To waTch, lisTen and learn from The varieTy of visiTors on campus. Mr. Charles Gilb and Mayor MargeTT paid visiTs To Mr. Spain's STaTe and Local GovernmenT classes. BoTh Talked abouT The communiTy and The various acTiviTies going on wiThin The communiTy. They boTh sTressed The imporTance ThaT each and everyone of The sTudenTs aT Arcadia High School geT involved wiTh improvemenTs wiThin The ciTy. On January 20, Mr. George VelioTes, posing as Dr. Gyorgi Velikovsky, a culTural delegaTe from The SovieT Union, Tried To convince The sTudenT body ThaT Communism is The ideal way of life. He presenTed his beliefs in much The manner ThaT The Soviefs Teach The CommunisT docTrine. STudenTs boughf American flags, wore red, whiTe and blue, and disagreed wiTh almosT everyThing Dr. Velikovsky had To say. AfTer revealing himself as an acTor, Mr. VelioTes Told The audience how bad Communism '- '4 r,I 'Ti' , "ZW-",. ' -F .. -:-1' ,I r , llglgf-v:g.f. .AJ . -A . - fs- , 4- -- . 4 STacey Slender and Michelle Bower Take The opporfunify To geT Their hair cuf by sTylisTs from VicTor Sabino's who visifed Mrs. Gumm's clothing classes. Paying a friendly visit To Mr. Spain's STaTe and Local Governmenf Classes is Cify Council member Charles Gilb. STudenT Life Academics really is and how iT musT be sTopped from spreading. Mr. VelioTes said he was impressed wiT The crowd's enThusiasm and urged sTudenTs To b 'ifrue Americans-noT jusT one day paTrioTs." Mr. Phil Ryder of The American Shakespeare l?eperaTory Company presenfed various scenes from many of William Shakespeare's plays. The performances were limiTed To The Shakespeare classes as The LiTTle TheaTre's seaTing capaciTy w limiTed. Mr. VeTTer, head of The English DeparTme said The Turn ouT was excellenf and he wished Th more sTudenTs could have been able To see The performance. He hoped To have The company reTurn in coming years. VicTor Sabina and a few of his hair sTylisTs visiTe Mrs. C-umm's CloThing classes. They demonsTraTe Their cuTTing and sTyIing Techniques on members The class. Mr. Sabino discussed various sTyIes, suggesTed cerTain producfs To use, and demonsfraied basic hair care. r. 'S "'-1-S ..,. - A.. . 9 'A . '-157 - ,- 1 W1 . - , hr '1 ' as l 1 .V ,gf-f l lf. S' 4 Mayor "Bob" Margett stresses an important point to one of Mr. Spaln's State and Local Government classes. First semester Shakespere classes enjoy Phil Ryder's portrayal of Hamlet. After his performance as Dr. Velskovsky, Mr. George Veliotes reinforces his ' ' , 4 true opinions of socialism to the audience. Student Life Academics Planning For Posfgraduaiion Perils For many sTudenTs, planning for and chosing a college could be a very confusing ordeal: however There were many helpful programs available To aid The sTudenT wifh Therprocess. FirsT, The sTudenT's counselor was a prime source of informafion in The area of college planning noi only for Their help in choosing boTh a program of high school classes and, a-college suifable for The sfudenis' needs, buf also Their advice abouf cerTain Tesfs such as The Scolasfic Achievemenf TesT CS.A.T.j and American College 'TesT fA.C.T.j, required for all four year universiTies and for many junior colleges. lf The sTudenT was noT really sure aboufil his choice of career, he could consulT l'S.l.G.I." QSysTem of lnferacfive Guidance and lnformafionj. The compuTer would ask The sTudenT many relevanT quesfions abouT himself such as his hobbies, goals skills, inTeresTs, and his values concerning money, family, and so forTh. Affer The sTudenT answered These auesfions, S.l.G.l. evaluafed The responses and came up wiTh several possible career choices. To beTTer inform sTudenTs abouf possible colleges and universifies several schools senT films or represenfafives Thaf gave sfudenfs informaiion abouT curriculum and ofher imporTanT facfors like housing, reauiremenfs, Transporfafion, and exfracurricular acTiviTies. Geffing ideas on which college he mighf aTTend. John Worrell waits for an appoinfmeni wifh his counselor. Sludenf Life Academics on Mrs. .Gale advises senior Susan Ross aboui her schedule. ' second semesfer cl: .-ig l W s i""TT U L Burnett is involved In the two day process of career planning with ' Y U fx: ,A ll, Steve Lopez and Ed Pltchey labor for a high score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. A representative from U.S.C. gives Margaret McMeen and Rick Regglo some important information on the University. Student Life Academics X x sl 1 lex V CHQ Cl zE5'1 Uy 2"N1'CCj' fPf1 P-Dc: f ' IX gafrfi ax fqiffblilii WCM? 6i'1'y'C'VCc'!, ul 'LLP CEC nYx1pca.c '1 y' LUSICKQ, CQLQ' Q Q ' l'iT3lZfQf gf QM V- D 1 gj My 1, Qfffss 'fl Gum' maori fm 351 if fwfe ffm I 11582 f'w12fjCfH"Qffi P63 I ' VN I V- f U "CHQ Mffgfcl CACJWWQQ gr---1 M jg, H111 CLS 1,LCc13af'1-6 ,xx M 2f'1lQc' Jgw Q. 4gi,4yg I H L ' Af ,Y I7 xryy-Al 'jf IJ' f -If K- UCF? I Cmf ygckf mf CQ U2 Qof m is Q muff Gfmw +0 me LLlf u1m1 rIfJffC N1f'?ViC17f W ac sf -SJACLLQLK fc: LL wH x"' UQ Qu -t livi92'?1Mf"'w?9ff l 'Nl9oF MQQc vi bf Po wk' 0 f 'QT ,MU gimp y CMYK Q IM! -wo mg 5 LU? f Y , 1 lfqcggf 04 'CE LQ: 661 w we-:S -P C4108 CW JO! P t ,! M1cf. gym fmq 119 lm A fg mf G7 cf ,jc A M 0 1 A E ,,, 1 -i35Q.eQfQQ i'f Q,,L Qin QLQX ,UC ff'-gg ' L x QQ My Ck g - 5 -f Y' ' ff H4 V 'V i. VE Lf :JW , ,gawk HK -J' 'NLQ L fx K GMQ 'Oi L L J Q ,l UI iff gguprv-WX'Xg V fyi'i5f 4100 WA' Y-'fin' L 4271-LCE 'L my C1 can sl Yuma Wi Ja Qwcfvnfkwvm Cf if ,mu WM QL my .Wmgk L UL P UUA M f If , gi, P1 D y 357 MJ 5 OM 5 M Wim VU VUUCW YMM mf GLW WL Jw WMS, ' V N- ' F A I M X" 5 Q 7 f f 1 ,A ,. If ji NW? guf kMM2V M Hgof MM Urn? k-5g ! u LfJ .M X . fj A U f 51' fx, N W 3 v L givw ' MW Y J in A m5 vw n Qu , '14lf'70fCL' UK6 cfmf' 'HUCPEJZKGF T ' , wv. ' in :', 1 , . 1, 4. ef. fav' 'mv i 1 "375"3f '1 i 'Q' urs- as .. In The darkness you are my Iighi In my despair you are my hope In my fear. you calm my Terror in my sadness you make me happy In my wandering you are a guiding hand In my heari you are my love For in my soul you are my friend. Anne Duffy TKQMSLQ-3'1" K 5 'A ' -11. :L-:MP l. 3, ff 7 152 . ' ' "xi, ,ig ' v " ff o , ' 1 , ,qu I . - I -r if?-' by - -.MQ 3,112 , r , 'H Cgrigrll - .. L s 5 . E.,l- :ii -Q.. . ' L X Q 4 4 N .1 M' , - , - P 4' - - Lf, .,-.,. , -. .9 ,- .. A .ir + . .up .1 1 i i Photo by, Mari Cass How sad Thai some dare noi risk a dream and Thus live a life of submissive deaih. Tim Root Caught in Thoughf Student Life Cought ln Thought Words of love too often spoken BV treocherous lips with folse sincerity Leove bitter rememloronce from promises broken Thus depriving true love of its rightful prosperity Brett Perkins There wos o winking o tiny flicker Doncing on o dusty our And ci single roy shot Through the trees To olight upon my shoulder like o tiny dworf Who whispered meoning ever so softly To my wondering mind Who l wos ond why? And on this moment rested Thoughts so glorious thot ' They shook my soul Into on owdkening And the insight sprung to life Of o regol ferocity So wropped in grondeur Thot I would not hove grosped it Were it not for o winking cr tiny flicker JUST when you ,mougm Doncing on o dusty spirit you hod life's puzzle oil put together, Someone honds you onother piece. Normo Lorson l wolked dlone ond spoke But uttered no sound Cried Yet let toll no teors Followed often trovelled roods Which I hove never so cleorly seen And now thot my wolk olone is completed l om reody to wolk with you. The Observer gffx ffiudent lore z .J 5. sf, '- 'ob , 4. 119' W Sfudenf Life Ciaughf In, Thought 495' fu 6 ,JT W. , ,.. ff 1 9-ff H 5 3 4' A Q W -- .. sf f ff r , 5 H , 4? L .7 1 1 4,-lug'-X, lg. wx?-v 1 ,A-,VV 1 . ' uf. ,- TA ' --?"f2-W 1 A , ,,.- I 'A 'r,g-why, , ug,-glgg,-,f,m Q ff' U . - - we .f Q Q ,fr ' fi ',. Pho1o by: Susie Sivos IT came suddenly. was noT ugly noT hideious or garganTuan in size iTs "evil" was noT physical, This monsTer Tore aT The hearT and soul and mind of all ThaT meT iT. IT lived and grew suddenly. Twelve branches proTruded from iTs mind: Each an individual parT, UniTed by The head of The monsTer. Those who opposed The monsTer Could noT combaT iTs "evil" effecTs On The populaTion. lT was a danger To all. A menTal danger. Expanding in incredible proporTions lTs name was uTTered world wide. IT influenced Those who did noT see iT. IT died Suddenly, Those who opposed iT were finally able To sTreTch iT ouT, murder iT. BuT someThing odd happened. From The morTal wounds came noT blood, BuT fragrance. And This fragrance spread. All Those who smelled iT felT a burden released. They were free. YeT The monsTer was dead. Three days laTer, The monsTer rose. . . Suddenly. Eric Swenson 1-459- 'fs-4 ,mor- '-3 PhoTo By: Debbie Knueven VVaTermelon is as crisp as Spring as weT and sweeT as a dip in The clear, cool rivers of home. Roberf Ovenfile STudenT Life CaughT ln ThoughT tx t Ft ' h h hh f f f 4 I 'X XX Avtttpl Wg! ff f , , Mx? ' lu N' W I V ff 'W X 'A XX XXXQ t , f ff" A V f ,' X59 X 7 Xl ,L ' I ll f X X, t Nt , t ,tt t t y . Q f, X H j fm, ,-, Q Y,, x' pf 1 H taw f X e b w Fi Q " 'Q wt N :QQ QL ' 7 'A -4 ' QV, VJ-1:-if ' , -.X Y- .Ns I' aj- , , 4' X x f f ff "5 S -t i f z ff ,M - gy N X t--V f' J A ff W! Biff fe!! X1 1 iff . f I5 N2 -, N - x 1 , f, x D ' ,Q I ' 51 if 2' 'Ak s NNN ! ,F 'X - "ff I ZA ' QW X x 4 P - HK ,, f Alf , 'lv ,- - wf:,,s 1 54,3 Sf - 1 W' ' H Rt 7fpfH,,2f f -5- H- X ' NS ' 1, NPQ, ' NA if . ff t we , a WWW K 5 S , . Eff jk ' WW! ,YQ . t f x 5 97, If f . 'XX 1 rj ,jtl ,Y X Z - I-"' ' 5 ' N. L-fi' 'XL N I ' " 15" tk NM 'lx V in .-., :db I XX ff ,L-T x N N ,Z W' 2 uf it -f? tf " tt t' ,K Ik VG X ', , ' N .N t X ' 'K ' ' ,A 'fig' fi, 4 M f ff t A ' ' X "' Lite xg -- 'fi EN ' S 5,1 t X X ff' 1' ' , ' 0 X 5' -xx " .AQ ' f ' 1 X X gif tg, rf' A 4 , 1' if x is x A , M If A , ,X i, 1?,T..S':dXA ' K L, If g u X ,f N. X M w e3,Q,.,f-ax 25, t t SX - -.a1:?f' 1. N xf'i',e.ff ' . X-'iii' K X , Z 4 g Q 'XQXSTQ-gsfgagip CAC xg-1 ' ,I K , .- 1,7 A ,, , gf-5 hfsxaiggp 'U 45 5 ft: ffqf H A x 5552? 41'-3 - ZX , N fix? Q X- u u t 5 f Q- a - , , Q, "X iAl.t't - X 4 4. 3 ' -1: 'lib T- Q' pf- W h isiff' t if Student Lnfe Caught in Thought I wresTled for my freedom As my posT embroce of friendship Roped my heorT of TrusT. I-low did you know The direcTions Through The moze of my self-proTecTion? BuT sTiII I did noT undersTond. All I could see Through your blinding STrengTh wos my heorT in your hond. Now ThoT you hove seT my imprisoned EmoTions free I reolize My heorf is sTiIl lnTocT. I undersfond now. . . You cored To Tedch me how To resTore Ivly folTh Through The sTrengTh of VulnerobiliTy ond TrusT. lvloureen JGTTCIGGS One doy wos dll if Took To lose you, my friend So mony good Times ForgoTTen in one doy. You Told me, "Don'T ever coll me ogoinf' l soid To you, "I wouldn'T wosTe my Time." You soid mony Things ThoT hurT me. I soid mony Things I regreT. V I'm Too proud. We keep our disTonce becouse of our forgoTTen Yeors of friendship. Joy STephens If life wos o Troil slowly winding - oround o bend The Troll would be IongesT os you neored The end. The Troll could be cleor like o wide, open sky or iT could be dork enough To moke you cry. Life hos iTs ups ond life hos iTs downs like The mounTdins ond The volleys, which The Troll of life musT crown. When The Troll . becomes norrow ond we opprooch The gully oTop, our life here musT end BuT The Troll will never sTop. u John Popo sfudem Life 6 ll CoughT In Thoughf She siTs Alone ln her Corners Of The World Longing for love Seorching for oi ' Reoson, A reoson for living Or loving, Or jusT being. Who will Be her Refuge? For which she undouofedly Needs, VVhoT will be Her desfiny? UnTil She finds Her reoson She'll sTdy Alone ln her corner, Longing. Lyndo Biley STudenT Life CoughT in Thoughf ODE T0 MY FRIEND LoughTer, sodness, joy ond poin,. . . Photo by: Dovid lvliffmdn So ore The reminiscences of Times gone by ond o friendship once lived. How The doys of growing wiThouT your componionship hove pdinfully drifTed on. For you, my friend, were The subsfonce of my securify, ond The plonkef of my joy. You, my friend, were There when I needed you The mosT, ond never wos I once lonely in my Time of sorrow. Now, dll I hove is on memory of whof wos once o sTrengTh, o profherhood so sTrong, yeT, so frogile. Toddy, you live in dnofher world of friends, o ploce where we see noT, ond yeT feel so sTrong, And The loughfer, The sodness, The joy ond The poins of o friendship so sTrong, ore remembered os if imprinfed in our minds forever. l guess This is The heorf of our friendship, fondly, Though you ond l moy never undersTond iT. And iT will olwoys remoin on imporTonT porT of my hedrT, os will The memory of our doys Togefher, which is somefhing l con only relive by reminiscing. Ari H, Cozores Student Life Couch? In Thouohf C AUfzH'l' 0'VlPE'l'lNfz For many of us, aThleTic compeTiTion began even before school. Block long running races or peanuT relays aT parTies were early opporTuniTies To T compeTlvely show physical ablliTles and coordinaTlon. For Sports organized aThleTic Teams ever. Arcadia had wide and varied range of sporTs programs. DespiTe lingering effecTs of ProposiTion '13, The' dlsTricT offered non-C.l.F. sancTloned SporTs in addiTion To The regular C.l.F. sancTioned some of us, This early compeTiTion sporTs, allowing nearly every was our only aThIeTlc compeTiTlon aspecT of The sporTs world To be was experience besides P.E. represenTed. classes. BuT for oThers, high school The purpose of This secTion is To offered The biggesT and besT show each Team as a uniT, The opporTuniTies To compeTe on scores of each compeTlTion, and WOYHG Ccqsrlel one GFSQ Thomas Take G breok Cross counTry coach Mr. Speck offers encour- Undef The Vlsef dl-IVIVWQ 0 VGYSITY SOCCSV QGFTWS- agemenT To Team members aT The MT. Sac race. In 0 VGfSiTY DGSKSTDGU Qflme OQGUWST PGSOUSUG, Varsify defensive end John Tsui grimaces wiTh Chris G6r1iGr1 prepares To D055 The bClll To O fellow The pqin of losing The fir3T C,l,F, play-off game, TSOITTFTWGTS. Displaying a winning forehand. Heidy Nakamura WaTer polo player Mike Acree holds The ball pracfices for an upcoming Jr. VarsiTy Girls' Tennis aloof in preparaTion for passing. SporTs lnTroducTion maTch. acTion phoTos ThaT represenT T season's acTiviTy. Always, we sTrove To win ou games. We were compeTing a Team or parTicipaTing in an individual evenT because we enjoyed and excelled aT ThaT sporT. We were caughT compeTing, buT moreover we were caughT playing because while we were learning and gaining experience, we were havlng fun. "GeTTlng psyched" af an away game, Th siTy Baskefball Team huddles TogeTher. Wifh real lnTer-Team comradery, Tim Heely Pasadena Team member walk arm in arm Goalie Mary Jo Galllna saves The ball and The opponenTs scoreless ln a pracTice beTween members of The VarsiTy Girls' s Team. Lg. T....Ji U pf if -fer. .wal ..-, , Y -- 4 Y :.. 21 7 - , ,-1 . A F, ,. F! 1 ., Q Q , . . W, ,A - .Wm V TA":vuff""' is ,J -.--,-- Qnv'-I. ,iif 's gif i "ik .f ...," " Me WY' if K Sports 6 5 lntroducfion "Buffalo D" Backs Up The Pack The Arcadia Apache VarsiTy FooTball Team played well and was able To make The C.l.F. playoffs for The Third consecuTive year. The Team finished wiTh an overall league record of Three wins, one loss, and one Tie. The Team clinched second place in The Pacific League behind Pasadena. Team members had noT even ThoughT ThaT The Apaches were C.l.F. maferial unTiI The game againsT Muir. Muir was raTed number Two in The enTire CoasTal Conference, buT Arcadia won The game wiTh'a 37-yard field goal by Dave STreeT in The lasT four seconds of The game, making The final score 48-47. ln The playoff game againsT Rolling Hills, Arcadia accumulafed more yards Than Rolling Hills: The Apaches gained 204 yards, while The TiTans had only 455 yards. The Arcadia Team had ouTplayed Their opponenTs buT were noT able To oufscore Them. Coach SalTer felT ThaT The Team's greaTesT asseT Throughoui The season was ThaT They "worked hard and never gave up." Junior quarTerback Wade Zinn had a good season in his second year of VarsiTy Play. "He is a hard worker and is consTanTly Trying To improve," Coach SalTer sTaTed abouT Zinn. STeve Azzam, senior Tailback, carried The ball exfremely well, running for over 4,200 yards in league play. CenTer Paul Hernandez played excellenTly ThroughouT The season and senior Craig Broderick was ouTsTanding as linebacker, playing as a key member of whaT came To be known as The Arcadia "Buffalo D" defense. AnoTher excepTional player was Dave MclnTyre, a junior safeTy who sTopped many opponenTs from gaining yardage againsT The Apaches. The Junior VarsiTy Team was included in The VarsiTy Team buT played separaTe games againsT oTher Junior VarsiTy Teams in The Pacific League. VarsiTy FooTball Team. BoTTom Row: Tim STeinburger, Dave STreeT, Chris Sfrobel, Mark Perez, David Burgh, Joe Tsui, John Wooll. Bob Kozak. Paul Hernandez, Troy Garcia. Second Row: Chris Goveia, manager, John Tsui, Brook Dozier, Greg Lewis. Phillip HulleTT, Jim Hull, Jim Soash, Tony Bordighi, Dan Mauch, Dave Mclnfyre, Mike Malian: manager. Third Row: Coach Mack, Coach Garden, Steve Azzam, Craig Broderick, Jim Janclaes, Ralph Guglielmo, Geoff Clark, Adam Siefke, Joe Arguelles, Mike Calver, Dale Teiburg, Mike Maloney, Rob Hea- Sporfs ws., fl.. fi ly. Roger Rook, KeiTh Bixler, Brenf Barfz, Coach Boulware. Coach Salfer. Fourfh Row: Don Torres, Mark Sfephens, John Marshall, Leo Giammalva, Louis Giammalva, Ed Parfridge, Dave Norcross, Jim Jakeway, John Carpenfer, Dave Buru- men, Arig Fernandez, Alan SanTo, Jon Nixon, Mike Saxon. Marc Oliver, Coach Weinburger, Coach Smith. Top Row: Dave Whife, Joe Bailey, Robby Brion. Tom Miller, PaT Brooks, Tim Healy, Wade Zinn, Jim Larew, Jim Thompson. Tx D, if .si . X. 66 VarsiTy FooTball f'T5""" ' STeve Azzam, C331 Arcadia's leading rusher, sweeps To The ing game againsT The MaTadors. This was The Apaches' firsT Ieff To avoid a San Gabriel linebacker during The Homecom- vicTory of The seasong The final score was 20-7. 41' ""i'-"' mar-ale cw-"ET ni, .. 43 I- I cv: n E.:-AS. , I A F-'gjfzf 1-' t fr lv.. el, I V 'f'Al7.:". ffsixtfw ' 1 11-sl,Txyiferg,.'7-5521?-ifgfgeI ..?i-45? .Ali l' f X.. T' 1 .T A gg f N A K .5,,,, H ,. .ww -' ,.i 4. :. .' "5 ' TJ- - Sell' l qw fl . .5,rVA+'j. A -or , Q. J A ., , , A x 151-wb M 1' I if 1, -messy: a s 'a Q- .Sas , K -'T ' vv ' - 5 ' yt' 2 .-0-Qu ' " ,, , ' A' '- - ' - If ge. 'B' F , as ,T1'1,' .11 ...f vena. , ,. ,.,13v.1,,i . M I Y, 1 , - . u . .M A-W'-:,,,-,'. - f f fy-wr' fr.. -55.9 6Xs.W4V,?- . . .h., -5'-I s,,gLg!:44 -. .- , g ' 5 U , :um uni.-: I -, -V: 1-.5 ' 3'g.+y,5Jp"uc ..s4c. A ' T' , ' '. fs-A -1. so 'v-- -' P. ' ' T' , " is T ' I ' H HMV, H, V .,. K ...M , Q W u.L " 3 '91 .mf l , ,,- ., PV ' a V, vm . . -,,. . l .... Le.. "f" In The firsT Pacific League game againsT Alhambra, The rain and mud kepT The Apache offense from scoring unTiI laTe in The Third quarTer. The final score was 7-7. Brenf BarTz, 1765, David Small, Q52j, and Jim Jonclaes f8Aj lead The defense info play againsT Muir, lafe in The Third quarTer. Arcadia barely beaf The MusTangs, 48-'I7. Scoreboard VarsiTy A.H.S- Opp. 7 San Marino 'IA O Temple CiTy 20 3 WesT Torrance 3 14 Pioneer 17 7 Alhambra 7 7 Pasadena '19 20 San Gabriel 7 18 Muir 47 CrescenTa Valley Junior VarsiTy 49 Pioneer 6 Alhambra forfeiT 24 Pasadena 6 AO San Gabriel 0 6 Pasadena 49 26 San Gabriel O SporTs VarsiTy FooTball 67 Dedication Determination I Domination The Sophomore Football team began the season losing the first three pre-season games of the year. But by the time their first league game rolled around, the Sophomores were ready to capture an Apache victory. The dedicated Sophomore team spent many hours practicing each week perfecting their strategy. As the season progressed, the mighty Sophomores achieved their goal and won the league opener against Alhambra, 20-0. Assistant Coach Bentley Chelf stated, "The whole team really played well. It was a total team effort." The team continued playing excellently throughout the remainder of the season, ending with a league record of A - fl. Some of the exceptional players on the offensive squad included Dave Roper, Doug Frey, and Bob Vogel. On the defensive squad, Ed Cazares, Pete Galina, and Craig Nlcastro performed very well. Also, Scott Thibon was outstanding playing offense as well as defense. Kicker Doug Frey MAD and linesman Lee Exton C795 start the action in the game against Alhambra. The mighty sopho- mores won the game 20-OE Sophomore quarterback Greg Havill C461 takes the snap in this offensive play, late in the 3rd quarter, during the home game against Alhambra. 6 8 Sports Sophomore Football it lt P Sophomore Football Team. Bottom Row: Dan Sibson, Rob Fuelling, Dave Roper, Gerry Hernandez, Ed Munoz, Scott Thibon, Matt Harrington, Dave Devon, Dennis Francis, Doug Frey, Dirk Zwibel. Second Row: Paul Kamaleson, Mark Os- ter, Kevin Mauch, Bill Carter, Bob Vogel, Craig Nicastro, Steve Son, Dan Clementino, Mike Allison, Randy Delgado, John Schieldge, Third Row: Coach Henderson, Coach Mi- charo. Rick Bell, Troy Zinn, Mike Pendo, Mark Fator, Jeff Kaye, Bill Sweeney, Kevin Lynch, Pete Gallina, Brad Lang- dale, George Ducich, Coach Chelf. Fourth Row: Pete Smi- gelski, Eric Friedman, Eric Kittleson, Kent Woolsey, Brian ates, Mike Preston, Greg Havll, Dan Markowski, Mark Brown, Ron Gaskill. Top Row: Brad Gamble, Chris Cope- land, Jeff Milton, Jim l-lardiman, Ed Cazares, Ken Feldman, Jay Weisenfelder, Lee Exton, The sophomore offense scores a touchdown in the rain during the Alhambra games at Arcadia. The Apaches defeated the Moors 20-O. Scoreboard Sophomores A.H.S. Opp. 0 San Marino 7 8 Temple City 20 0 West Torrance 10 28 Pioneer O 20 Alhambra 0 10 Pasadena 6 20 San Gabriel O 10 Muir 13 13 Crescenta Valley 7 Mark Fetterly, Junior Varsity center, prepares to snap the ball at the home game against San Marino, so F me Sophomore Football Rand Holecek prepares to pass the ball over his opponent's -lliifll T.-.. head. The Varsity competed in the C.l.F. playoffs, thanks to plenty of spirit and enthusiasm. 5 if . B: 1 ,l A .S l' Y 1 Q 7 1 l l - 'ff' ta -s r'r- is T K, . 1 , .. IL , . ' if Sophomore goalie Robert Walsh and John Barnard stretch to block a shot. The sophomores finished the season with a record of 9 wins and 3 losses. Scott Henderson, Varsity wing, looks for a teammate as he keeps a firm grip on the ball. The Varsity team entered the playoffs with a record of 7-4, and played very well in spite of drawbacks such as size. 7 0 SportS Waterpolo ,,....- NL- 'Q-,. 'Tn VIH 5. 'Q 's 'QR wx ai' 'Vs 35.2. if M "ig f Wcrier Polo Boils Wiih Spirii The VarsiTy and Sophomore WaTer Polo Teams boTh made headway in The final siandings of The Pacific League. Boih Teams played well and showed a greaT deal of energy and enThusiasm ThroughouT The season. WiTh a season record of 7 wins and L1 losses, The VarsiTy Team managed To come in second place overall. Rand Holecek, Dave Lillicrop and ScoTT Henderson were some of The more ouTsTanding players on The Team. VarsiTy reTurner Mark Sarkisian played exceIlenTly in The goal, a posiTion he played for The firsT Time. "The Teams were smaller This year in comparison To lasT year's Teams," said wing ScoTT Henderson, "buT we made up for iT in spirlT and enThusiasm." The pracTice schedule was a Tough one, wiTh pracTice every morning and afier school from 'l:-45 To 4:30 p.m. This schedule ran Through The eniire season and only leT up a bii on game days. The Sophomores played exTremely well, ending The season wiTh a record of 9 wins and 3 losses. OuTsTanding players for The Sophomores were David Moore, and freshmen RoberT Walsh and Jeff Whipple. Sophomore Waier Polo Team. BoTTom Row: Coach Peferson, Russ Baker, Richard Brady, Darwin Wrighi. Roberi HarbichT, Greg Balakjian. Top Row: David Moore. Randy Paul, Robert Walsh, John Barnard, James Schultz, Jeff Whipple. Varsify Wafer Polo Team. BoTTom Row: John Lovrensky, Mike Acree, Bill McGovern, Randy Krogan, BerT Kaufman, Brian Bur- neTT, Jeff Kramer, Coach PeTerson. Top Row: WalTer Sfeimle, Jim Archibald, ScoTT Henderson, Greg Bachelder, Greg SmiTh, Mark Sarkisian, Rand Holecek, Dave Lillicrop. Boy's Varsity. Bottom Row: Greg Kimball, Brent Broyles, Jeff Weiss, Dan Hoffman. Top Row: Chris Zuniga, Robert Gventile, Mark Thorn, Craig Shallahamer, Tom Ashcroft. Radical Running All of the Cross Country teams were able to place high in their respective divisions of the Pacific League. The Boys' Varsity team tied for second place and ran their best race of the year at the C.l.F. preliminaries at Lake Castaic. Other fine performances were against Cresenta Valley and San Gabriel. Brent Broyles, Craig Shallahamer, and Chris Zuniga all ran consistently well for the team during the season. All the teams practiced together each day of the week throughout the Arcadia area and averaged about nine miles each day. The Girls' team placed first and ended their season with an overall record of Q-4. They were able to make it to the C.l.F. A- A finals competition, and placed tenth, a very high showing considering the abilities of the teams that the Apaches ran against. Coach Speck stated, "This yeor's girls' team was the most outstanding and the highest scoring team in the history of the school." Both teams had many excellent runners. The Most Valuable Runners for the Boys' Varsity and the Girls' teams were Dan Hoffman and Linda Noble, respectively. Keeping his breathing regular and his stride even, Chris Zunigo paces himself for the remainder of the Crescenta Valley race. 7 2 Sports Cross Country Scoreboard Girl s Varsity A.H.S. Alhambra Pasadena San Gabriel Muir Boy s Varsity Alhambra Pasadena San Gabriel Muir Crescenta Valley 20 38 45 50 25 36 45 50 48 Crescenta Valley A5 36 20 29 26 26 34 49 A3 49 38 Ana Pappas, one of the strongest runners on the girI's team, keeps going strong in the first league race of the season at Alhambra. 3, Girl's Varsity. Bottom Row: Dawn Evans, Tina Pappas, Laurie Youmons, Ana Pappas, Linda Noble, Janna Roncelli, Jessiaca Moore. Chris Cordero. Top Row: Yvonne Rasmussen, Coach Speck, Kristen Sanloderer, Karen Van Kirk, Diana Preston, Cyn- die Harding, Sue Gallagher, Cammle Collins, Ruthann Salido. Sports Cross Country 74 5.0 3 f H Z Boy's Junior Varsify. Boffom Row: Glenn Norberg, John Jesus, Jim Prifchard, Mark l-lollingsworfh, Phil Wang, STeve Chang, Bill Eric Belle, Roberi Ryan, Roberi Carlson, Dean Gould, David Ferramola. Top Row: Don Schoufen, Bill Shipmen, Tim Marfin, Sfryker, Coach Speck. Step By Step BoTh The Boys' Junior VarsiTy and Sophomore Cross CounTry Teams ran consisTenTly well ThroughouT The fall season. The Junior Varsify Team placed second, finishing Their season wiTh an overall record of TO-3. Runners Eric Belle, STeve Chang, and KeiTh Moore all performed exceptionally well during The season. ln The meef againsT San Gabriel The Team was able To capfure nine of The firsT Twelve places. The Team also ran excellenTly in Their meeTs againsT Muir and CresenTa Valley. The Sophomore Team placed firsT and ended Their season wifh a record of TO- 'l overall. Greg McElwee was ouTsTanding Through The enTire season, while Chris l-lillock and Marshall Jordan added up-fronT sTrengTh for The Team. Sporfs Cross Couniry Craig Shallahamer, Varsify Team member, keeps his sfride easily as he reaches The halfway mark. Philip Wells, Tim MarTin and Bill Shipmen lead The pack as They pour on The sTrengTh To finish The race. I4 bye, I wg ', I Y. - .'1-'1s"-1-n-""P ff" 7,353.4 f--' - "' 'P ' '-"'1e-:iz it -peafi, sz' '-1 .f'1"".-'fili ,,.' " "' -... ,.,.. us, . . vp 15' . ,Z 1 's" 7 "j ,gy L5-2.-11. .1 V, - .sgu . J sf- ' was -. S e- g. .wh 1' 1, r ,..f,ig1,.k17ii 1' ' W- -ll - :fit dL...,....z'... .4 . N. Y Scoreboard A H S Opp Alhambra Pasandena Muir Crescenia Valley Boy s Sophomore Alhambra Pasadena San Gabriel Muir Crescenia Valley Boy's Junior Varsity 38 4 7 26 36 15 San Gabriel A8 15 ' 50 15 50 21 36 15 50 19 ' 40 15 ' A8 19 36 Greg Kimball, Eric Belle and Philip Wells finish The "Horseshoe" ai MT. SAC. The Junior Varsily Team finished wiih a 4-1 league record. Boy's Sophomore. Baifom Row: Phil Mifchell, Roberi Wairous, Dan Nicolas, Marshall Jordan, Lew Wagner, John Farraj. Charlie Wells, Jim Daly. Top Row: Eric Smiih. Mike McCrea, John Bader, Chris Hillock, Eric DeBoynion, Greg McElwee, Marlin Miller, John Rasmussen, Coach Speck. ., Sports 7 Cross Couniry ll E L f-1 x Ji' I ff- " 'l . . as K '- 'f' I .- 5" , .A- .. 1-"1 55-215-,SH-2 gg ft " ' 2, . Ab" T 11- . , 5,?..if.,C,.,-ez ' - H ,I ix MEA ' -4 F 1' 1 LL-Q., fffxfil, ' - ,-if - A A ' 'ZYIRS5 2- -'1?1- i ' l. f ' , iff .". - ' - 1 A ' :ig gf 'Ii 1?fT ' Roberto Gonzalez, starting varsity setter sets a team member up for a hit on the opposing team during a preleague game. Junior Varsity Volleyball: Bottom Row: Jeff Smith, Michael Cal- lahan, Kevin Beaver, Todd Derrick, Jim Coyle. Top Row: Roger Sewall, Brad Matheny, Matt Hodson, Mark Brinkman, Mike McBride, Eric Friedman, Brad Langdale. Coach Weinlourgur. y Spectacular Spikers Accomplishing their goals for the season was what the Boys' Volleyball teams set out to do. The Varsity team completed their season with a record of 2-5. Not to be outdone, the Junior Varsity record was A-4. According to Varsity member Larry DeLaRosa, "Teamwork and basic skills were the most important assets of the team this year. We worked hard together as a team, unifying out talents to accomplish our goals." Roberto Gonzales, Adam Horstman and Van Osgood, last year's Varsity returners, contributed fine sportsmanship and playing ability. Tim Clossen and Scott Henderson also added character to the team. The Junior Varsity team, led by Kevin Beaver and Roger Sewall, practiced daily with the Varsity team and worked on individual and team drills. Altogether, the Boys' Volleyball teams' pride and determination paid off. The goals they accomplished were well received by their fans and attentive parents. I ,I Tim Clossen, a varsity player, takes advantage of Roberto Gonzalez's set to put the ball down and gain another Apa- chen point. VARSITY AHS OPP O SOUTH PASADENA 3 O SAN MARINO 3 'I LOYOLA 3 3 SERRA O 3 BISHOP MONTGOMERY I JUNIOR VARSITY 2 SOUTH PASADENA I . 2 SAN MARINO O 'I LOYOLA 2 2 SERRA O 2 BISHOP MONTGOMERY I Adam Horstman, a varsity returner, strategically places the ball in the opponents court to aid the Apache offense in one of many victories. Q I I7 Adam Horstman s face reflects the physical ability needed to smash the volleyball over the net. .14 wx: I 51 Varsity Volleyball. Bottom row: Van Osgood, Chris Podres. Roberto Gonzales, Larry De La Rosa. Top row: Coach Dick Downer, Greg Richter, Adam Horstman, John Melton, Tim Clossen, John Lee. Sports Boys Volleyball 77 VarsiTy seTTer Susan Moriana bump-seTs The ball To sTarTer Lisa Capron as Colleen .lanclaes geTs ready To cover The play during The Muir game. The Apaches chalked up anoTher win on Their home courf and finally finished The season wiTh 17 wins and one loss. Volleyball Sets For Success The Girls' Volleyball Teams had an exTremely successful season. Bofh Teams did very well in Their league divisions wiTh The VarsiTy Team capfuring firsT place in The Pacific League and The Junior VarsiTy Team capTured place. The Girls' VarsiTy Team excelled ThroughouT The enTire season. Besides Taking firsT place in The Pacific League and being The number one ranked Team in The 3-A CIF, The Team was inviTed To England for an infernafional TournamenT. AfTer playing TogeTher in a summer league The girls were ready To play when The season began. ReTurning VarsiTy players included Lisa Capron, Fran lVlcLean, Susan lvloriana, Karen Serven. Susie Sivas and Celesfe Slender who all played excellenTly ThroughouT The season. The Team had an impressive overall record of 47-'l. The Junior VarsiTy Team also played well. Maureen Janclaes played excepTionally as did Laurie Capron and BridgeT Goins. The Junior VarsiTy had a record of A-5. There were many ouTsTanding sophomores Thaf helped lead The Team on To vicfory. Girl's VarsiTy Volleyball. BoTTom Row: Wendy Williams, Brid- geTTe Haigh, Susie Sivas, Susan Morlana, Karen Serven. Top Row: Sue Hueck. Sfacy Slender, Colleen Janclaes, Pascale MarchanT, Fran McLean, Lisa Capron, CelesTe Slender, Coach Downer. 7 8 SporTs Girls Volleyball '41 Al Tru... T ....- Q Q- i P .r I Al e 5--.c-. C- g""l5l"' 5 rl-..F.!!-'..'.2 g Lrg", "'-' ,fiifff , W TTT -x 4 gi 5 .., 4'- T P il l f tl xl xi xc' 'xx .Nl Xi ,. 'X N' ,. 1 . l 1' ' " . I lm X, f Q V-X X jj TT- " FAX X15 xi , Rl-J 'xml .N K ,, 3 Varsity team members, Sue Heuck, Fran McCIean, and Lisa Capron concentrate in defensive positions for the coming serve from Muir. The Apaches ended the match victoriously on their home court, 2 - 0. Scoreboard Varsity A.H.S. Qpp. 2 Crescenta Valley O 2 Alhambra 4 2 Muir O 2 San Gabriel O 2 Pasadena O 4 Crescenta Valley 2 Y . 2 Alhambra O 2 Muir O 2 San Gabriel 4 ' 2 Pasadena O CIF 2 Beverly Hills 4 2 Antelope Valley 4 Junior Varsity 4 Crescenta Valley 2 1 Alhambra 2 2 Muir 0 4 San Gabriel 2 Pasadena Fgffeif 4 Alhambra 2 2 Muir 0 4 San Gabriel 2 2 Pasadena O Girl's Junior Varsity Volleyball, Bottom Row: Judy Ellis, Debbie Cotta, Parri Mavredakis, Diane Cotta, Amber Carothers. Top Row: Coach Vicki Mansour, Lori Capron, Bridgette Goins, Shannon McKenzie, Cindy Nader, Heidi Biersch, Marianne Lu- cas, Maureen Janclaes, Lynn Nevin. Members of the Varsity team gather before each game in a circle to exercise. They start with situps and end with a back roll. This helped them warm up as well as provide a sense of unity within the team. uvlnd'-'-1' 4 ' "Ka: pq-,f N 1 Q ' .i' d Q 'ug-1si.l..:'L ,, Dev Mishra, a varsity player, strains to get the perfect place- ment to win the point in play. Sophomore Tennis: Bottom Row: James Barner, Scott Ander- son, John Ferraj, Ken Kobett, Mike G-hrahm. Top Row: Chris McCammon, Chris Hodson, Brad Vaughn. Tim Lulzzi, Coach Sonnhalter. Boys' Tennis Remains Strong The Boys' Varsity tennis team was, as usual, C.l.F. championship material. The team finished the season with a record of A wins and 8 losses, but as often happens in tennis, these scores didn't reflect the individual talent of the team members. Certain members such as Matt Pendo, Varsity returner, and Mike Green,a new sophomore on the team made their names familiar among members of other teams as well as strengthening the Apache reputation. The fact that Arcadia is a tennis community, with more tennis courts per population percentage than most surrounding communities dicln't hurt much either. 8 O Sports Boys Tennis Li ,,i-k IW 4' l" 'I 1 i , V ', all ' il E ,L 4 5 bi,-1 - fi -11 K2 ,,,.--r gn X in James Barner demonstrates serving as points in slraiegy againsl opponents. Varsify Tennis Alhambra Pasadena Muir Cresenla Valley San Gabriel J V Tennis Alhambra Pasadena Muir Crescenla Valley San Gabriel Second year varsilv player, Mall Pendo, puls The ball away wllh no problem, Displaying varsity form Greg Papay approaches The bon Wim Varsily Tennis Bolfom Row: Randy Granl Rick Fisher Jim an overpowering forehand slroke Schurmur Dev Mishra, Mah' Pendo, Greg Papay Kim Richards Sam Bhall Mike Green, Todd Gallemore Top Row Mike Pendo Garrel Daum. Rob Slinner, Jim Grund Eric Bradley Sunny Yoon Randy Raymond, Wally Lee Coach Bergher K CCN NN N A'5.,05'Q' '-i.,3Q:I-Q 'Q ,, x X -XM 1' x 5 'Q xffgixlc 'Q A Qsixfi Tx' A, , . , 9941315 SEQ, 1 ,'-'ii "s.YQ:lQ . , V Q03 A .N-qygs ,I 5 -N' ' 4 fpgv fn' "V xltyk 'CRN5 A -at iffy si X' N 7 x -xx KX xx ,ar yfibh 'jx 1 69 GirI's Junior VcirsiTy Tennis Teom. BoTTom Row: Liso Woken, Vicki Anderson, Heidi Ndkdmuro, Wendy Freor, Terri Nixon. Top Row: Cooch SonnholTer, Koihy Behr, Lindo Hohn, Marcelo Widrig, Suson Bode, Lindo Roidy. Simply Smashing! The Girls' Tennis Teoms boTh pldced in Their Pocific Leogue divisions: The VorsiTy Teom Tied for firsT ploce ond The Junior VorsiTy ploced Third. The VorsiTy Teom hod mony experienced oloyers ond olso hod o record number of sophomores on The Teom. The Teom ended The seoson wiih o leogue record of 7-4. The number one doubles Teom of Anno Brodiey ond Lori Woken ployed exTremely well oil seoson ond remoined undefeoTed in The firsT ployoff round dgoinsT Millikdn, buT losT To SdnTd Borboro, 3-45. Sue Pendo, iVlosT Voludble Ployer, groduoTed wiTh on undefeoTed record in Three yeors of ploy, ond she wenT on To ploy in C.l.F. individuol compeTiTion during The 4979 seoson. On The Junior VorsiTy Teom, Dwilyndo Hohn ond Lindo Rdidy mode up The number one doubles Teom, while singles ployer Sue Bode wos o sirong ployer ThroughouT The seoson. 8 2 SporTs Girls' Tennis ,Mex Junior Varsity member Lisa Waken, uses a strong forehand to keep the volley and her opponent moving. ff' 'IA .. Q:-g '-, 'i . ., -, fp, is rl' H' -' J,-'Ii .' I-'f .L 'i Ii' fat-firgis-393-Zertiiliiiigf 4. 'ij ,ik , nj.: 5 .'ec.Q.r, L. 3 fig .' , .5 14 fA:QJu,",i. ,A V,.r . f ei I Andrea John returns the ball during warmup with doubles partner Robin Runser before the match with Pasadena. Scoreboard Varsity A H S ODD Crescenta Valley Alhambra Pasadena Crescenta Valley Alhambra Muir San Gabriel Pasadena Milikan QC I F 3 Junior Varsity Crescenta Valley Alhambra Pasadena Crescenta Valley Muir San Gabriel Alhambra Muir San Gabriel Pasadena 47 4 40 5 48 O 42 6 7 44 43 ' ' 5 43 ' 5 47 4 43 " .. . 5 3 S.Barbara CC,l.F.j 45 45 3 3 40 48 0 44 A 7 ' 44 44 ' 7 ' A 411 6 ' 42 6 ' 42 441 A me-"1--91.1 v 1-4- r iff-fy 164,11 I 74-1, . 4,1- . 1 l E ' 1"T-1 4 I-f--Q "41Q7-ov T 1 4 4 N + Q v Q Q 4-4 4v4y vi - Q 1111 A ,JA l tif l to 1-feel Miha. ,QN -. J' ' ..- , LT Biting her lip in determination, Julie Lie strains to return a drop shot in the Varsity match against Pasadena. Arcadia beat the Bulldogs, 48-0. I. Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Bottom Row: Julie Lie, Robin Runser, Lynne Miller, Katie Verhovek. Top Row: Coach Burgner, Karyn Hines, Pauline Burke, Andrea John, Anna Bradley, Laurie Waken. Sports 8 3 Girls' Tennis 84 Building Momentum AccuraTe shooTing, quick passing and sTrong defensive play were all effecTlvely developed and uTllized by The VarsiTy BoskeTball Team, making Their season one of success wiTh a 4-6 league record. The TlrsT signs of Their up-coming vicTories were evldenT in The pre-league TournomenT resulTs. Placing high in The Arroyo, Bosco Tech. and Covina TournamenTs gave The Team confidence in Themselves, boTh individually and as a uniT. WlTh such a foundaTion, The Apaches were prepared for Tough oompeTlTion as Pacific League play began. The sTorTing five: seniors Kevin Jepsen, Glenn Small, C Genian, and Alex Fernandez, and ju 40070 efforT l hope ThoT wlTh The Scoreboard VarslTy BaskeTball Arcadia San Gabriel Pasadena Alhambra Muir CrescenTa Valley Pasadena Alhombra San Gabriel Muir 69 54 60 56 75 66 57 68 CrescenTa Volley hris nior ODD 74 49 44 57 66 52 44 63 STeve Hoderlein, displayed Their consTonT 32 ' 65 54 72 SporTs Boys' VarsiTy BaskeTball experience These players gained, nexT year we can make The TransiTlon from a good Teom To a championship Team," sToTed Coach Dohling. . DespiTe VorsiTy Coach Dohling's expecTaTions for nexT year, The 4980 V vorsiTy Team was able To overcome The losing sTreaks of posT Apache Teams. Chris Genian, vorsiTy refurner ond Team co-captain, calls one of The mony numbered plays used by The VorsiTy. During The Covino Tournament The Team played well agoinsT The besT Teams in California. Boys' VarsiTy BaskeTball: BoTTorn Row: STeve Hoderlein, Jeff Miller, Chris Genion, mon- ager Joe GluinTana, Alex Fernandez, Sheldon Willlams, Coach Dohlln To RowJh MIT E'P K 'J g. p : o n e on. nc eorson, evln epsen, KurT Hoover, Glen Small. Mark Perkovlch. W" I H' item, ' x-?:""5'f3'?-' ., V .wi-In-MR'-TT' -- A second year Varsity player, Kevin Jepsen shoots for the basket at the West Covina Tournament. Kurt Hoover passes the ball to Alex Fernandez so he can bring the ball down the court to score, An open space in West Covina's defense gives second year member Glen Small a chance for a basket. r, .Z s -A ..e- AVE Qt 2-fiafifs , i ni! ""' N V -AQ Sports 8 5 Boys' Varsity Basketball Scoreboard J.V, Baskelball Arc. 63 San Gabriel 55 Pasadena 56 Alhambra 44 Muir 43 Crescenla Valley 50 San Gabriel 52 Pasadena 48 Alhambra 58 Muir 43 Crescenla Valley Soph. Baskeiball San Gabriel Pasadena Alhambra Muir Crescenla Valley Pasadena Alhambra San Gabriel Muir Crescenla Valley Opp. 65 67 75 55 64 64 64 53 84 Junior Varsily: Bottom Row: Bobby Tzay. uandy LIS, Mike Calvar. David Duncan. Top Row: Pele Smigelski, Blll Tarkanian, Toa Sund, Kirk Norris, John Monlernayer, Leonard Cascdrano, Brad Malhey. Coach Tlplon, Junior Varsity Team member, Bill Tarkanlan rips the ball ln lo score for the Apaches ln the game against San Gabriel. Sophomore Baskelballi Peter Chjung, Jim Hardlmon. Danny Stephens, Greg Chlla. Danny Henley. Steve Son. Blll Carler, Scott Sommers. Dan Sibson. Top Row: Mike Presion, Trey Thorlon, Todd Pual. Rick Serrano, Eric Bradley, Doug Mayer, Mark Brown, Mark Brinkman, Tom Campbell, Coach Bill Laslro. Sports Boys' Junior Varsily And Sophomore Basketball Y ills " S y-si B L+.. -.-. f .u - ....-.4miml -S- fl H .rig . i ,' Y - .-.-1. .,,,q. ,. .K ..,,,, ,Q N A 1. gg.: , - -'14,-,, , ' , , - 4 ' 7'l3x:?:,:?ff:l3f: . .41g:j:. y ,iitajni-'Lg'-il "rp,-2-'1 x . , .K r wif.-in-. . , .r -, ,4 H+- . . - - ,. l A -'-ffyli-fri -, ..x..j' N. t-:L-Biff?" gif. 1.1. , h, f' ' 'i hw' 1'-2-wgvggf .1-gpg' 1. 611- 11.4 ..: 1..i- ai' ' fig- "5'ff'g'w:'1F'-3"fwi 6 f'-1' "Y l" 'f:'3':,'!'1V -- ea'T'ii-1.4:-2-ffl'iff' if-'L' -if ' -ff" 4si'f't ' f 2 Qffwh' ' V.-M y Mft,-.wiv . nsgp viff 35, In algal P54-"nrtN.'fElfewHf-?.-.' .WWQFL "f3f'i5gL" "ff Ai r"" '. +R Qi" '..1Q 'Vi'-3L,'-,' ni ,. Q ' ' "1 gi-T. Q4 ,' ""W4af5-'Ti.5zl::iE5'fl..f' if f .su Quick reflexes aid co-captain Brad Matheny as he passes the ball. keeping his reputation as the top scorer of the team. Going up for a jump shot against San Gabriel, Danny Ste- phens tries for another point. An open space in San Gabriel's defense leads sophomore team captain Danny Henley to an attempted basket. Super Shooters Shine In Pre- League Pray The Junior Varsity and Sophomore Basketball teams displayed great team effort. Although they faced a tough Pacific league, they entertained the loyal fans with very close games. Constant determination prevailed throughout the Junior Varsity season despite the frustrations of few victories. "Even though we did not have a good season, we're going to work hard for success next year." assured one J.V. player. Although the team did not have an exceptional record, it was not true that the group lacked many skilled and talented players. Brad Matheny, team captain, was named the best defensive player leading the team in scoring and rebounds. Leonaed Cascarano, co- captain, had the greatest field goal percentage and Toa Sung obtained the best free throw percentage. Poise discipline and "hustle" were achieved by the Sophomores Boys Basketball team. Coached by Bill Lastra, the team finished pre-league play with a record of 8 wins, A losses. Overall the group gave it their Ubest shot." finishing the year with a 6-A record. Sports Boys' Junior Varsity And Sophomore Basketball 87 an open Team member during The Muir game. Fran McLean Fran McLean, second year VarsiTy member, begins To pass To -1, x I was one of The leading scorers Throughoul The season. q I L- Chosen To be an all-league Team member is a greai honor for a skilled player and Valerie Juick fiT The posiTion very well. She was one of The high scorers for The VarsiTy Team. Scoreboard Girls' VarsiTy BaskeTball Arcadia Opp. 52 Alhambra 37 36 CrescenTa Valley 25 36 Muir 441 57 Pasadena 27 34 San Gabriel 55 AQ Alhambra L13 37 CrescenTa Valley 32 53 Muir 26 55 Padadena 22 26 San Gabriel 67 Girls' Junior VarsiTy BaskeTball M L12 Alhambra 28 A8 CrescenTa Valley 8 54 Muir 20 52 Pasadena 48 7 46 San Gabriel 34 38 Alhambra 35 A6 CrescenTa Valley '12 "7 'l . 50 Muir 20 48 Pasadena 28 , s 32 San Gabriel 36 --- Valerie Juick aTTempTs a free Throw during The game againsT - - Muir in which she scored a ToTal of 'IA poinTs. y 8 8 Sports "' Girls BaskeTball in. J ' ft: I TK' xx ,. bw-14" S- Elf ,A I N X 'S K. f,". 1 . 4 T A .Q 4 .1 F ll g .E r-KT' Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball. Bottom Row: Diane Cotto, Mi- chele Oseki, Maria Toro, Carla Rodgers, Kathy Talbert. Top Row: Coach Tirone, Dawn Richardson, Pam Montpas, Ann Schmidt, Terry Lewis, Adriana Echandia, Maryanne Lucas. Girls' Varsity Basketball. Bottom Row: Diane Zack, Debbie Cotta, Parri Maverdakis, Bridgette Goins, Andy Moore. Top Row: Coach Boulware, Colleen Janclaes, Valerie Juick, Sue Schultz, Fran McLean, Celeste Slender. Stacy Slender. Diane Zack waits to pass to an open offensive player in the game against Muir. The Varsity team went on to win the game, 53-26. Darling Dribblers The mighty Apache girls truly came through with another outstanding year of basketball. Both Junior Varsity and Varsity teams produced a fine group of athletes as can be seen through their victorious accomplishments. Ranking high in Pacific League standings, the Varsity team achieved an overall record of 43 wins, 7 losses. An advantage over other teams was Arcadia's tall, strong front line. Valerie Juick, six foot junior: Fran McLean, five-eleven seniorg and Sue Schultz, six foot senior, did an excellent job, both on the scoreboard and in defensive play. The Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball team had an extremely successful season, ending with a league record of 8-2. Outstanding players for the team were Diane Cotta, Maureen Janclaes, and Carla Rogers. .,... Ai... Y, , rt' l We-'ll hm Sports 8 Q Girls Basketball ., - -'31 -155 Q. '-'T ' T 1" -L nv s,. ' af' A ' l-ialfback Wayne Cassriel displays his excellenf dribbling Tal- enTs in This game againsf Pasadena Thai The Apaches won by a score of 2-'l. Jusf For Kicks Memories of Spain and The success of pasT Teams mofivafed The Boys' VarsiTy Soccer Team To sTrive for a similarly successful season. The VarsiTy Team consisfed of many Talenfed players who conTribuTed Their various skills Throughouf The season. Senior halfback Mike Ells displayed confinuous efforf and was chosen for The C.l.F. all- league Team as halfback. Besides being Team capfain, Mark Perez was also chosen as Mosf Valuable Player for The Apache squad. Andy Weller, forward, was one of The Top scorers for The Team, while The defense, led by goalie Jim Parker: sTrove To keep opponenTs scoreless. The Team's many long hours of pracfice evenfually paid off when They Took second place in The Pacific League and wenT on To play in The C.l.F. 4-A Cosfal Conference Playoffs. Tom Fuelling, Mosf Inspirafional Player passes pasT opposing players in The game againsf Muir ThaT The Apaches won, 41-2. Q0 Sporfs VarsiTy Boys Soccer i-gm, 1-4 tml... .1-15. 37' -, ,--.-- Mark Lewis kicks the ball into the air to pass to ci positioned fellow team member. I I ,Ar J z1q,qg.-qu--x . .. ..N,.. ..- Scoreboard ,,., Varsity Soccer hy.. ' ' ' A A Arcadia Opp. i V 2 Alhambra 'I r - " " " 0 San Gabriel 4 1 MW, ' it Muir 2 it W " 'A 2 Pasadena 4 O Alhambra 2 'l San Gabriel 5 , qmszazl f 4 Muir 4 Www sw' . -a 'N ' X H7 er' Varsity Soccer. Bottom Row: Wayne Cassriel, Dave Street, Nugent, Scott Grant, Andy Weiler, Tom Fuelling, Jim Archi- Greg O'Neill, lan Finley, Keith Casmon, Jim Parker, Mark Lewis, bald, Greg Thomas, Ronnie Ceniceroz, Ben Vis, Bill Davila, Mike Todd Derrick, Geoff Clark, Sam Stavros. Top Row: Coach Ells, Don Schouten, Coach Onderdonk. Sports 9 ll Boys Varsity Soccer 92 Greg Havill runs To back up David Rowe in The game againsf Muir. The Apaches wenT on To win The game, 8-0. The Junior VarsiTy's quick fooTwork made Them easy confenders for The C.l.F. Championships. Fancy Fooiwork As winfer approached and The C.I.F. fooTball finals were complefed, The Apache gridiron was converfed, seemingly overnighT, info a soccer field. A Team of TwenTy members was carefully carved ouT of The many eager hopefuls. WiTh a pre-league record of six wins, one loss, and one Tie, The Junior Varsify Team foreshadowed The excepfional play To follow. A quick, aggressive forward line and an all-around sfrong Team was The hard earned resulT of long hours of pracfice. John Chisholm and Brook Dozier were Two of The leading scorers for The Team. The Apache offense averaged four goals per game. Sophomore goalie Jeff Galland, along wiTh MosT Valuable Player John PaTTerson, kepf The Trespassing enemy ouf of Apache Terrifory, as shown by Their league record of seven wins and one loss. WiTh The cheering supporT of parenTs and sfudenfs, in addifion To The excellenf coaching of Sfeve Nugenf and Richard Onderdonk, The Junior Varsify Team was able To win The Pacific League championship for The sevenfh consecufive year. Sporfs Boys Junior Varsify Soccer T 4 . 5 .le il. , . nf-v,, vim..-.i ' 7-4, mfg: 'g' .lu W- Luft nf'-he 495, S " - Q- ra-D NIC' iw.. .qfgl 4. vin. :fm Qi---V 'itil 4 ,-4 IF' ' 1 :we , , . , . -.,... . . ..--.-.Yz-.-::m-Nw-- 'Y ef f -- .wwf--fr' I Tj' ., ..r., 'W .,, . '1 vi P ... 'wa lb 1 Y x gt-J .4 nik . A . Q 'N 1- --..--sv-...,., .. .. ..-.--.0-0. . """' "'S'-'v----f - . 'e . . D ' - '---vm b .-L," 1 , .,, 4, N iii' rj ' Ziyi 'VL .f Q r. .. .., .. 'C , gl' g . . L W 2. '- 1991, - .. ' -752 'S 21' . . - I-M U? gil 4. --116'--1 1.4.3271 HQ: T'l-n"i- - T g1""""- ith-vQ:.,' "1 7. 1 Q Q' Q- 7 X Av -n "' J""1Zr an J.V. goalie, Jeff Galland leaves the goal box to keep a wild shot-on-goal from going out of bounds. Offensive front lineman, Tony Matranga dribbles between two opposing players in the game against Claremont in pre- season play. The Apaches started league play with an im- pressive pre-season record of 6-4-4. 'ff Scoreboard Alhambra San Gabriel Muir Pasadena Alhambra San Gabriel Muir Pasadena Junior Varsity Arcadia Opp. 4 O 3 l 8 O 4 O 6 O 'I 2 2 0 A 0 A V Il- . My .KU A " A :' 74" ' 7 ff' -i ."f":?f, ,'.' 'rt' P f' " ii . ' V 'jf ,-5. f ' if Jeff Giali explains the strategy to teammate Jim Schirmer just before kicking the ball to start the play in the Claremont game. The Apaches won, 3-2. Junior Varsity Soccer. Bottom Row: Rob Fuelling, Scott Nell, Jim Schirmer, Ken Kristensen, Mike O'CaIlaghan, David Rowe, John Miller, Jeff Giali. Brook Dozier. Top Row: Coach Nugent. Duane Tjaden. Brian Wright, John Bodor, Mike Daniel, John Patterson, Greg Havill, John Chisholm. Jeff Galland, Coach Onderdonk. A Sports Boys Junior Varsity Soccer 93 MariJo Garcia blocks an aTTempTed shot-on-goal during one of The many aflerschool pracTices. Heading The ball is Lisa French, of The VarsiTy Team. The Varsi- Ty was sTronger Than ever before, and This was no easy ac- complishmeni wiTh many sophomores and juniors on The Team, and noT many relurners. r r I 4 . ' , rf- ! J i hr.. inn, -L . 1 Scoreboard Varsiiy Soccer Arc. Opp. A Downey 'l O Claremoni 'i 'I SouTh Torrance 3 5 Alverno 'I we 3 SanTa Anila Club 2 I A Don Luego O 3 Chino O Pam Neal approaches The goalie while Lisa French waiTs for her Turn in one of The afTerschool praciices. A . Sporrs Girls Soccer mmefha gg' Q ssil .. . 3 - ' Glrl's Varsity Soccer. Bottom Row: Nadlne Distephano, Lynn Nevin, Susie Stoke, Judy Ellis. Laura Carroll, Marybeth Lauder- dale, Tracy Currie. Top Row: Coach Preston, Janet Haserot, Maria Reyes, Jamie Garcia, Laurie Waken, Lisa French, Karen Swenson, Lisa Waken, Karen Callaghan, Pam Neal. intense concentration is needed to keep control of the soc- cer ball: and Suzie Stoke's has the control to keep the ball moving and away from her opponents. Non- Sanctioned Team Still Strong Varsity and Junior Varsity girls soccer teams displayed a true devotion to the sport having been faced with problems within the league. The girls were forced to overcome one obstacle that threatened their morale, this hard fact being that girls soccer was not a C.l.F. sanctioned sport. This did not, however, stop the teams from playing, for they did compete against various club soccer teams. New coaches were introduced to the girls: Varsity coach Fraser Peterson and Junior Varsity coach Andy Hassel, both natives of England. Under their direction, basic skills were practiced, drilled, and ultimately perfected. "'The coaches have definitely helped us a lot," stated one Varsity player. Credit should not only be given to the excellent coaching. The eager, cooperative athletes put out their all despite the disappointment concerning the C.l.F. league. Girl's J.V. Soccer. Bottom Row: Julie LaSance, Karen McKen- zie, Maureen Janclaes, Joanna Greenwell, Marilo Gallina. Top Row: Coach Hassel, Delight Matheny, Paulette Garrison, Heidy Biersch, Leslie Price, Tammy Devlin, Kim Conners, Lisa Schilling. Y. iii illarilii Sports Girls Soccer 9 Workouls were a huge parl of The swim team's success, and The varsiiy Team was well known for praclicing every day. Q0 31 79 55 400 55 85 84 Scoreboard Girls Varsily Swimming Arcadia Opp. Crescenia Valley Alhambra Muir San Gabriel Boys Varsiiy Swimming Arcadia Opp. 94 Crescenia Valley 77 445 Alhambra 50 98.5 Muir 67.5 'i'l2 San Gabriel 34 ' Crescenla Valley Alhambra - Muir San Gabriel ,,,4.. 1,15 sl' 'S wvifglv, , Lmi'.Vfv.f'1+4-'- 'A .il .. if -11 ' slswf l 7 ,v - 2' fc' A ' . . Mike Acree assumes lhe familiar builerfly during praclice. Boy's Varsity Swimming: Bollom Row: Rand Holecek, Dave Lillicrop, Brian Burneil, Mark Sarkisian, Greg Smlih. Top Row: Jeff Kramer, Mike Acree, Bill McGovern, Ken Carpenter, Wal- ler Slelmle, Craig Haigh. L: ' '-. ,Vu I, . ,A X Ax . 152 - -I 21... , 'f ' , n -5-. ,yfig mi -lfm.""V I' U x:V.ara:" - - fr l '11 v w-- i I -V I. - I V - -V 1--V -- .1 . ,.--,I-f,,,..w,-. Ie.. .- gf-'ew-Vice, an . 'EEETVQV-.VS51i3'4 " - .. V ., . . ,, . . V ., . 9 - f ,LLLV-1-4-'11 I ' I ' is J. im I . .. . I - ....'n7.4.,'-.,..N,,.sJV-TV. - V ---- . N.-fa-,W -' is ,. .,-. 1f,.aI.5'7 '5'.l'f'5.1 fffgi . f ' -V f -V-.-if .1-' - wi-h,..if,f-'V -V--.-,.--. " 'H ' ' ' V ' ' ' .'4asm5u...,,.,.'-"",fg,,qi',ggi ',.g,."" -----'f--'--f-is-wr. ww-s.-v.1:,--....,. , rhifhaef-4, , , V H121-u.-.42 ' " " " 7" -um 07" 1 sr. .W 1 - - .. .V -A49:,,...,,. Y ,. - - nl. 1 -V- -...Q-.......4. ' A. S........f....,.-.g.....,Vs......,., - , . ' " " ap' rf flhw., I Y' an I l ' M. 1 ' -' -' ' V1 . "Nr1 ""Wfwvvefvwnlvvfm1f- A mr umm H' ff W -'1 ' . .. .. Fl. - ' I ,WI .- ' I ' ",i' u4Vu4An4ul4ul -onus: 1 I 4-una Vtlnu uw., I .7 ' IUNUWWMM ,uuuuuawa-wwum.e+nuu+uiuuuuu so un Ai .un nu us 1- - I W' I ,, I , P h , 2 -. ,EI nuuuuuuuuiuuunuuxunu-uuuasuuc I 'Mun 5 :E Mann A . 9 ,- . ' I 5 T , a , .T I - , I, Y I I- V il Q. Ls- 1' l I- 'V V Y I. F . 51 ff-e' 1 We, ir . V- is i H ' , ' 1, -. 'LV I ' , .5 .. . X .. ,- -,. ' ' .. ,J . . VV , . - , ' ' I - 5, : , J , 3 V. g , I I I I-QI I , I "lk: JI -- f - L f "'.i.5v .1 7 g, V -if , V., :. V 4 If ,. . - ,I ' . V ' .? - f 4s'7I " I ff' ' ' . . I " " , , Q' l I i i II .I VV 4 I A I - -- - . '--- ,. ' I ' 35+ ..7, Y - -- -. , VV... II - -A 'TT . 5 - " I....: Ii '-' ..,,, - A 1, ,A " fa' I .I " U -- i in . ' "" g:..:+-""1---- V " --H . -:A II ' .I .. , ' "0 -I I - -, . . in., f K, ' - "--Q' H.: . V "' II :I J., I , 7 V ' 1, AAI" II I rf - -- 43 -,...,.....v.-.rf ' - "' " 4 ,. . I , , v GA,-,I-I .I I .V 'Ex Vk I -4L1.gVgq,. IK, I,-- .4 T V ge - -- i - -:Ss . if.. I V,-in I -4:-"' .-Lf f I V 0 ..' ilk- -I ' 'ilrw txfg V' ,V , Sports V --'i'.v,Vaf. VV"' 'A v . . ll ' , Varsily Swimming V A U I . .. qjq' ' I .X use I " f I , 'Tex A L . Y ' up . . -'id 1-d a 'gh .,. -C" .a- I . 411 ees-- l 113, --' -'91 .,.,, ,. ".sf?1P lf- 44 ,- Arrl, I 4 I .. j,,,- , - .Qui , i Craig Halgh shows fine Technlques in The breasfsfroke, one of his mosT powerful sfrokes. The buTTerfIy was one of The varsiTy's more powerful asseTs, as shown here by a varsify swimmer. Girls' VarsiTy Swim Team: Boffom Row: Susie ToTTen, Kim Walsh, Evie Hockner, Teresa Manlove, Jennifer Housfon. Top Row: Sfephanie Volmer, Marcella Widrig, Brianna Brilz, Sue Clark. Successful Swimmers WiTh many praciices under The waTchful eyes of Coach Peferson and Coach Rice, The VarsiTy swim Teams were boTh very successful in league and pre-season play. Even Though They had many seTbacks, The Girl's VarsiTy had an ouTsTanding season. Before The season sTarTed, some of The sTronger swimmers qualified for The Nafionals and Therefore disqualified Themselves for C.l.F. compeTiTion. This made The girI's Team quiTe a biT smaller Than IasT year's Team, and wiThouT IasT year's powerhouses. BuT VarsiTy reTurners Kim Walsh, Susie ToTTen, Evie Hochner, Teresa Manlove, Ume Onadera and Jennifer HousTen made up a very sTrong and fasf Team. They were helped by oTher ouTsTanding Teammafes such as Karen Schwind, a ninTh-grader from Dana. The boy's Team was as usual, very sTrong. .Rand Holecek, Ken Carpenfer, and, IasT year's reTurners, pushed The Team on To vicTories in league and pre-season play. Sporls VarsiTy Swimming 97 8 AH Opp San Gabriel Alhambra Crescenta Valley Girls Junior Varsity Scores A ODD Muir Alhambra San Gabriel Cresenta Valley Boys Sophomore Swimming Scores S 82 Muir 58 409 24 8-4 56 98 'IO HS 82 ' 44 67 'IO 84 ' 37 66 26 Marcella Wldrig's butterfly stroke was one of her strongest and brought the team many places in various meets. Teresa Manlove prepares for a good start Girls Junior Varsity Swimming Bottom row Jodi Shipley Mells sa Brerton Marcella Wldrlg Briana Bntz Karen Kauffman Top row Kathy Hall Kelly Hill Cheryl Wilson Dlane Parker Gennlfer Mallard Julle Greenwell 'rv 'V uf 3 Q4 Sports Swimming l----P Jennifer Houston was excellent in freestyle style as well as butterfly. Speedy Splashes The G-irl's J.V. team, coached by Coach Rice, had a very good record to maintain since the team has gone undefeated for the past three years. They practiced every day after school in order to keep up their winning reputation in the Pacific league. Outstanding swimmers were Cathy Hall and Jennifer Mallard, and they contributed fast swimming and good technique to the team's overall performance. The Boy's Sophomore team was influenced by the fact that they were swimming the same time as the girls' teams instead of at the usual time, early in the year. They also had a good season with many outstanding players. Girl's Diving: Donna Eggendor, Cheya Onadera, Sandy Claus, Sharon Cordon. Boy's Sophomore Swimming: Bottom Row: Rob Harbicht, Mlke Graham. Jlm Schultz, Darren Wright, Rick Brady, Russ Baker, Ran- dy Paul. Top Row: Coach Peterson, Dave Moore, Doug Goddard, Dave Bamard. Jeff Shipple, Rob Walsh, Jim Banis, Benny Gallndo. spans Swimming 'TOO A winning rradiiion DeTerminaTion and sTamina were Two qualiTies presenT in The VarsiTy Track Teams aT every meeT. Coach Smifh felT Thai' The Boys' VarsiTy Team would face sTiff compeTiTion in The Pacific League, buT ThoughT The Team had a good chance for The playoffs. The Apaches had a very quick Team, led by sTrong field evenTs and an exTremely fasT 440 relay. Junior Dan Gapasiione, and senior Tim MarTin excelled in The sprinTs, as junior Wade Zinn was vicTorious in The 400 meTers.'ln anoTher Track evenf, STeve BoTTom row: Coach Doug Speck, Bob Bruder, Bill Shipman, Glen Norburg, John Jesus, Roberl Fernandez, Phil Wong, STeve Chang, Greg Kimball, Dan Hoffman, John Komfolio. Second row: RoberT Carlson, RoberT Ryan, Jim PriTchard, Craig Shallahamer, Mark Hollingwonlh, Eric Belle, Dave Mclnfyre, Dan Gapasfione, Chris Zuniga, Bill Feramola, Coach Gordon. Top Row: AssT, Coach Chuck Duane, Kjell Purnell, Mark Thorn, Tim Healy, STeve Vosnick, BrenT Barfz, Dean Gould, Leonard Cascarano, Don Schovien, Tim Marfin, Wayne Zucker, Dave STryker, Chris Masfen, Tim Morse, Wade Zinn, Philip Wells, Mike Maloney, Jeff Weiss, Roberf Ovenflle. .A . Bill Pauro shows his fine form as VarslTy pole vaulfer Voznick excelled in The 300 meTer low hurdles and The 440 meTer high hurdles for The Apaches Tim Morris in The field evenTs consTanTly placed high in boTh The long lump and high jump The Girls VarsiTy Team was supporTed by Three junior girls who ran consisTanTly well in The disTance runs These girls were Sue Gallagher Cindy Harding and Jessica Moore One of The sTrongesT field evenTs for The Team was The high lump wiTh Linda Kirkendall a junior who lumped for Arcadia AT' -.N-ss. WiTh his face disforfea wma deferminahon Ron Gaskill leaps The low hurdles on his way To vicfory and The finish line in ills fllililwwil lilililig ill r-iiili-7" .r.4"m+' ig N Ja Sports Varsity Track 'WSW 4 ,SQL 1 ifmf' 1 ef wG?i?EEF J YL 467 .4 Tw 18 W UMW Q ww .af .,r 1-.-...+--nan N. .r a?fl5""- gl Tx., , 7. ,Y . V I A , , TimM0I'fif1 YUHS Oleg of The 1600m relay in the celebrated Opp. 28 36 85 53 Wayne Zucker purs The shoT in first Track meef of The season Spods Varsity Track 4 O 4 if' l -Q HN. Ron Gaskill concentrates as he approaches a hurdle. Gas- kill was one of the best performers in the hurdles through- out the entire season. Dan Markoskl demonstrates hls determination as he jumps. Linda Kirkendall was an outstanding athlete in track this season: and the long jump was one of her best events. as I -L o sa i-T, Q 1 Af.. - -+ n,l..' . -Qc:-. Q ' A-QWQ-4 -ees--' " A 1 , -Q - ' . s Q l ' ' .fir 54.1 . 3, ' " .zifii r M p . v- . 1 7' -wr . - - ' 1 -s -G n ,, ,eff ... - Q-.5 ,,,.. ,.x . . , . , ' - . K - 9 I l , ' J ' 4-i y--B , ' - ' JSM -i it Jim' i,sa.,-- ' ,LQQ7--. I' - I. . J . '-,.1.:2Ln... 1- J - ---A -W ue, Aj.y1:B"l pigs-.Q l ' -N 4-. , I ,....x.. H - Y A if .. -i'?t Y,.1-'fm-.-'i1,.,. J: . , A I :V-,-!3i '.j.T,Q:'H..-Y i Bottom Row: Mark Brown, John Bader,Dan Nicholas, Peter Chung, Danny Stevens, James Daly, Gary Davis, Marshall Jordan, Middle Row: Rtck Thomas, Mike McKrea, Eddle Clament. Greg McEIwee, Robert Watrus, Blll Hoag, John Rasmussen, Chris Hillock. Top Row: Jim Hardlman, Lee Ex- ton, Jlm Wldamen, Stuart Shouten, Troy Zinn, Brad Gam- ble, Scott Burch, Mark Fator, Jeff Glanzrock, Randy Grie- gorlan, Kent Woosley, Dan Markowski, Ron Gaskill, Eric Debeytan. 11 O2 spans Boys' Sophomore And Girls' Track J' 0 51.34 - ,lan i li , ' I 1 . ,If .lqg I u fl 4 - 1-QfA2A'5" 'yidv-95561. A Fired Up And Fast The Boys' Sophomore and Girls' Track Teams boTh consisTed of various newcomers To The squads. Many hours of pracTice perfecTed The nine running evenTs and six field evenTs. The Boys' Sophomore Team began The season on a posiTive noTe by beaTing San Marino, 67-60. Don Markowski placed firsT in The long jump: Dan STevens placed firsT in The 880: and Troy Zinn placed firsT in The shoTpuT. OTher ouTsTanding performers ThroughouT The season included Mark Brown in The high jump: Ron Gaskill in The hurdles: and Greg McElwee and Chris Hiliock in The disTonce runs. The Team, coached by Doug SmiTh, was one of The mosT highly roTed Teams in The Pacific League. DespiTe The small number of members, The Girls' Track Team was consTonTly "fired up" and eager To beaT Their compeTiTion. The Team was led by Three exiremely TalenTed long disTance runners, Sue Gallagher, Cindy Harding, and Jessica Moore, and Tanya Schroeder conTribuTed her TalenTs in The hurdles. The Team was rounded ouT wiTh several quick, sophomore girls: among These were Erica Elby and Lauri Woken. BoTTom Row: Dawn Evans, PaTTi Muriagh, Marissa Gonzales, Sue Hatcher, Siephanie Liivac, Ana Papas, Tina Pappasm, Erica Elby, Melinda Siroihers. Middle Row: Delighr Malheny, Tammy Devlin, Maureen Janclaes, Dawnalle Grearhouse, Jessica Moore, Diana Preston, Cindy Howard, Michelle PruiTT, Chrisfine Cordero, Larie Youmans, Coach Ashkraff. Top Row: Cindy Har- ding, Lisa Blakely, Tayna Schroeder, Lindo Kirkendall, Jenny Moran, Wendy Wohlford, Laurie Capron, Nicole Wybenga, Lisa Rocks, Janna Roncelli, Lauri Waken, LaRae D'Arezzo, KrisTln San- laderer, Karen VanKirk, Susie Gallagher, Pascale MarchanT. I 2 LA if A-N Jessica Moore ralses her fisf in Triumph as she breaks The Tape ln a long disTance race. Girls' Track Scoreboard Arcadia Opp. 59 Alhambra 31 56 CrescenTa Valley 44 57 Muir 43 A8 Pasadena 52 Boys' Sophomore Track Arcadia Opp. 84 Alhambra 43 7A Crescenta Valley 49 55 Muir 74 54 Pasadena 74 Sports Boys' Sophomore And Girls' Track 403 A Sporfs John Marshalikeepsan eye on The pifcheras he edges offfirsf 3 Q. QQ if Q1 'ir ' Q E base To sieal second. f x y 1,1 . 3 W1-i'4A"" -'E X A ' . if.. i R , i g'3'-i"4'5,'-Mlfgsa x ,, .I fm? if?-V5-2 v I 'Z gg .TA -N 1, 34 grvql,-, 5- ' X , 1- I tp'-',:t: 5. ,1:fqf': 5. 1 - D s 5. ff il 11 k 'i "Aff 1'ii.Q5'?' 4 V 1 N ' 1 I H A - Q11-7 'pf 'if ' -. ' fr -, ' - iifwwt' Y 1 . Z -. 'gs we --1 if f' Ah ..,... . , r A Y A.'A-,II-,5 Scoreboard y . --I L .,. sr. ff f . ,ig ' .yi j Y ' ws-'L , Varsriy Baseball f 45 fag 3 R ' Arcadia Opp. is f .-f . +L if-g., 2 1, .ive 'F'i3"'N"' M A Alhambra '1 9.3. ' -3 gk 3 Crescenfa Vailey 7 if?" , -,355 t ,, '1 I O ' 3-Ti 141. ' " 7 '1' i-AF wi-V , Muir 1- :gf ggs! . V 6 Pasadena 7 -W f f?i. ff.,'P.f1fi sfQ!. if.,-,, 1 S G - 2 ' 'E 'vfiialw-1"-'1. 'f"g,J qi' .E I " an abrlel . g-Lrgi,-eff,-Q, . Tw 7, . ry, g1,ggg,'-32"2i,'4'J3 1 If g y 3,1i,:l5'f r " A"Y f',.' 'f -P 1','A'L' .5 f. 4-'E' 'f , z Q Ken Goadfrlend. Marty Giroud, Dave Roper and Roger Thomas reiurning To The dugoui afier Coach Meiers' end of the inning pep-talk. Varsity Baseball Team. Bottom row: Ken Goodfriend. Dave Roper. Don Henley. Joe Arguelles, Pai Burns. Second row: Chris Strobel. Ken Emmerr, Dan Anderson, John Marshall, Andy Sale, Pai Brooks. Third row: Mike Malian, Mgr. Jlm Eurton, Kevin Jepsen. Brian Ferguson, Dave Stewart Top row: Coach Joe Franceschinl. Many Giroud, Roger Thomas. Coach John Meiers. EMM y as -I ,,, .nn .-U - r 8 hi Jvc i A 9 1 X nfif Z g e A I nj! " K N 5 1 I i ,'l-of Q . 1 IQ! ' N V- N U I 1 1 ,. I -1 I ld Juni' it J71'uW11 ' sdq-pr'fi1" .Uldjtr - will ' flldm Q adm X 111 Q ...sf , 'I-fw S'fr:i'.1s'i'vf-iss.-Yerba R-4, T il I fi Q8 .W , gi HAH. - .-.w , in -71's-L4-'E' A LI' " .. e, ,.-.-, ,4 Q Varsity Baseball Ae -1 . ' - - a 5g'l1f.2,,. . 1 , 'X V. . n f' 2 , .. . ,,-- 1 T it-gf ,I-Q, ' .41 ., 'lvl . v' ' V v , ,...- .-.Jag V f . I, i li l V . i"',,i O Second baseman Kenny Goodfriend and catcher Jim Eurton meet with pitcher Kevin Jepson for a conference on The mound. Shielding the sun from his eyes, center fielder John Marshall waits for the next pitch. Catcher Jim Eurton, senior and Varsity returner, Throws The ball back to The pitcher during The pre-season game with Navigation. "Awesome" Team Fills All-American Dream The major spring sport at Arcadia High was the same as The major all-American sport of the country. Baseball. The boys' Varsity Baseball team has always kept the all-American dream of making it to the top. The Team was definitely prepared for their tough season after many long hours of practice. One week before the season began Coach Meiers expressed his predictions for the season. "We have a young, enthusiastic Team This year, with eight returning Ietterman. There will be tough league competition, but I expect a good season." Coach Meiers felt that the team was led by the six returning seniors: Jim Eurton, catcher: Brian Ferguson, pitcher: Marty Giroud, shortstop: Kevin Jepson, pitcher: Chris Strobel, second base: and Roger Thomas, third base. A very strong pitching squad, backed by excellent fielding helped to make the Apaches' season a success. Sports Varsity Baseball 405 ' .4-ah . f -,L-sf.-j, f. .ff uv, ' .. 4, v . fb..- V-- . -gf'-me , 4. . , . , 6..-,f11-56" . .1.,.f I -..,. .. 4- -1. .f-..- , , T I . s . - I , .1 4' ,. .' ' 'iN'4J.f!I l A Jw U .ic-, .os ,'- . . -:. N... . 1. .Q V ' - . ' . rv 4 - ,.,,. , A 4 ' V-' sauvnmw' ' . . - K Q 'N,u-wg" if ' ' K . " l min.. I ' ' ruth' ' " .-, '12 05.53 . . x "dr . " .Wh . '. . 'P f' -PSY 7 , .- 1--. -. QQ, R' H ff 5mQg?11YSS:3:., fait: . ..qn -. ,-. E-, "VL ff' lc, g1,', 3111-Th Vg? V' r-1. :pf N , - f ' '- '4 .4 ,. Q?tmi.,.yff' iw- I I 4492?-5 in ' 'Q isgf lgsn- .gf-gb .m1??, - -.--.-,---f- 'f . -. - : ' 2 - .. Y ' ' " ' rrgga-gfg:gf,g ,Le-1-f,,g,,5. :ip ,. A 1.-. fa . .-ws., .gv.,,5,s,,:'f'1.y? . ..,S-as-7 h , T f - - .- -., '1.f,au-.-s.,ag'-f"s' -A ,mug ' All "', l, A Y '- . -5 . - . . v'- t' 'if '-V ff? is , 0-,, :ff f, j'-fin. -ff':' ls Qfi .V - r4.'IJ1f..n f - 4 ,I ., Q, X 'i'i.:- ,-fr .,f-4 ':1.lf- QL J,':wf7'f" .' ' 'xg'-2 :S-.-'.1Q-Lv:.-- -,r G 5+ ' " 'fit-!.:'t":"'?"'62' . -fl -f ' .lrrkf 'tt'-.'xH' Jr2"'.i1'.""'J '-,HT Z: 'rv-v f-""7"'-KE" '5":f""Hf " i"!i'I. ,f 'qfgw-'F-2' D, , nv -1 ' q, . :QWi,p,3'yLm:ff-,Lg-gg,-53:..H...:.',.w.-y-.Ls-,4..v",'-.-V' df' '.gfATx.w:'NQ. -giuiig, .GFI-.J1H'?" -Q - " V . . A- . ,n-'rf-' , .. ML- 453' ff.1Q-,.izf-g.3p:12,--fm-.,-.if'+'-gs L- 1,-'-Q,-1 fin, ve,-'wi LM 'IO6 Rob Perry, Apache junior varsity baseball player struggles desperately to steal 3rd base. Bottom Row: Scott Sommers, Greg Clark, Ron Serven, Greg Cooper, Dirk Zweibel, Mike Cohen. Middle Row: Jeff Kaye, George Ducich, Rick Bell, Doug Frey, Doug McMasters, Coach Stevens. Top Row: Ken Gillasie, Rob Perry, Tim Pauley, Don Lievsay, John McKeon, Mike Stanford, Craig Curtis. Sophomores Strengthen Tradition Following a strong tradition of victory and strength is a big accomplishment for a sophomore team, but the Boy's Sophomore Baseball did it well during their season. ln pre-league play, the team was entered as a JV team in the El Segundo Tournament, where they advanced to the finals. Their final pre-league record was 5- 4. Outstanding players throughout the season were Ron Serven, Scott Sommers, Jeff Kaye, and Mike Stanford. Pitchers Ken Gillasie also contributed to the seasons successfulness. The fact that many sophomores were pulled up to the Varsity team would usually have held the team back, but the strength and skills of the sophomores involved boosted the team up past the levels of the other schools in the league. Sports Sophomore Baseball x 1 4 .-fe,-,... ' W, . -41 1 . if Q.. I.-F if - Ya? l , r ',' V' '.',f"fU.'i ln his wind up, Matt Searfoss tries to place a strike past the batter. - Scoreboard Sophomore Baseball AHS Opp '16 Alhambra 3 Muir O San Gabriel 2 Crescenta Valley O Pasadena Alhambra Muir Crescenta Valley 4 4 43 , . - .,,q.,,,dlV ., Stretching his muscles Scott Sommers prepares for a hopeful basehit for the Arcadla Team. Coach Brett Stevens discusses the team plays with members of the Sophomore team Mike Stanford. .Ji Don Livasey walks up to bat in hopes of scoring a run for Arcadla High. Sports Sophomore Baseball 'lO7 Badminton Alhambra Arc Gpp 'IO Muir 'I 'I 2 9 Girls' Badminton. Bottom Row: Kathy Rouser, Valerle Peter- son, Jami Garcia, Diana Ellis, Julie Sandbom, Heidi Naka- mura, Carolyn Henricksen. Top Row: Laura Penny, Cheryl Welchel, Cindy Hader, Pam McGuffin, Wendy Frear, Pam Anderson, Julie Vanderbrook. Girls' Varsity Softball. Bottom Row: Diane Cotto, Parri Maver- dakis, Michelle Osiecki, Tracy Currie, Judy Ellis, Mary Jo Gallina Bridgette Goins, Debbie Cotto. Top Row: Coach Haggerty Diane Fraser, Jan Plessner, Laura Wiedawek, Carla Rodgers Diane Zack. 0- .. Qs. -X 0,131 , ' , 159232-ft: i. ., ig 5-jig? 1-A , Rf? ' 4 ' ' ." f "1 'i5b'g'- A' 051 . .4 TL i l Q ' N,,5"::E!-Eififa -., .,-- ss, 5 , -, v'm42.?5x,fr.'.f15:!Ls - Cheryl Welchel watches her team partner, Kathy Rouser, as she tries to throw off their opponents with a misleading shot. 8 SportsfBadminton 5r""" us..-1? LA' Junior Varsity team members show their stance while waiting for the birdie to be served are Val Peterson and Laura Pen- ney. A first year member of the boys' badminton team, Doug Hart, displays a strategic shot that ls practiced every day in the teams' two hour practices. Girls' Junior Varsity Softball. Bottom Row: Coach Carrera, Michelle Milinovich, Joana Greenwell, Fran Mendoza, Na- dine Dietefrano, Lynn Nevin, Donna Ellsworth, Cindy Moore. Top Row: Debbie Searls, Sally Rainwater, Laura Horton, Kathy Talbertt, Ann Schmidt, Pam Montpas. The Boys' and Girls' Badminton teams and the Girls' Softball teams all acquired new coaches forthe year. Despite the fact that the teams had very young players, they were still able to conclude their seasons with fairly successful records. Badminton finally became a C.l.F. sport and Arcadia's teams were definitely worthy of being acclaimed some of the top teams in the Pacific league. The Boys' team had few varsity returners: two of these returning players were Steve Patterson and Dana Kennedy who both led the team with their fine talents. The Girls' Badminton team faced tough competition in the Pacific League from several schools. ln spite of the talented opponents, senior Kim Norrish was able to win almost every one of her singles' matches. The Girls' Varsity Softball team had a brand new coach and brand new players, including eight sophomores. Senior Diane Fraser, also team captain, along with Coach Chris Haggerty helped to lead the 'team on to victory over other Pacific League teams. The young, enthusiastic team easily defeated many other schools with the backing of several outstanding players: Debbie Cotto, pitcher: Tracy Currie, first base: Bridgette Goins, shortstop: and Cindy Moore, catcher. The team had an impressive pre-league record of 9 wins i and no losses with one tie. The girls' Junior Varsity Softball team which was coached by newcomer Margaret Carrero also had a successful season. Laura Horton, shortstop: Parri Maverdakis, left field: and Fran Mendoza, centerfield each contributed their talents to the team. Sports Badminton 409 'l'iO Golf Team: Sieve Gormley, Glen Princic, Andy Wieler, ScoTT Crawshaw, Jim Parker, STeve KomoTa. Top Row: Greg Weiler, David Nease, Mike O'Laughlin. Ulfimafum Make Team Work Harder For The firsf Time in over a decade, Arcadia High did noT have a wresfling Team. WiTh The help of Mr. Payne, a wresfling club was seT up, buf wresTling was sfill noT sancfioned as a school organized sporT. Sfudenfs losf inTeresT in wresTIing afTer discovering Thaf They would noT be compeTing in Tournamenfs. Only Two seniors, Craig Broderick and John Wooll were sTill inTeresTed. The "Team" worked ouT every day during Afhlefics and afTer school for Two hours. The money To back The wresTiers was raised by Arcadia Police Chief, Charles lvlifchell, and The Team was coached by Drew Baske. Bofh seniors placed in The C.l.F.-SS Freelance Wresfling Championships: in Their respecTive weighT classes, Broderick placed firsf, and Wooll placed second. Craig Broderick wenf on To place fiffh in The C.l.F. Finals, and sevenTh in The STaTe Championships. Alfhough golf was noT one of The major sporfs aT Arcadia High, The Boys' Golf Team was one of hard work and dedicafion. The Team, coached by Paul Duharf, parTicipaTed in mafches againsf oTher Pacific League Teams. The home mafches and pracTices were held af The Sanfa Anifa Golf Course across from The school. OuTsTanding players included Wayne Cassriel, STeve KomoTa, Jim Parker, and Andy Weller. WresTling Team: John Wooll, Coach Baske, Craig Broderick Puifing experf STeve Komofa concentrates on his pracfice sfroke. During The season, STeve compeTed individually in many ofher oufside school Tournamenfs. Sporfs Golf And Wresfling I .Sgr -..:' uf. '- I v 2: ig rl- . -w . lxasl 54 11 XJ it V. "'.',f5f " ' w. U "f, T3 2 l v 1 ,,. , 9 T I6 c .- 'S'-':-" . VT ALTLTATTITT TUUTBALL wr-'cv P. -I -. w v +12-A--Riff-fm A -.Q 2315 G - '-. ,'ft..,-'.i..- ep 'g - ". -' Js111....-, . .-.-Q, .gs ,gm-,r--1r3",2gf,v.:'f3,:i,-:fav -' ' f,LfXfea:,g-.-Iisi ': fm'1'iQx,g' -' 'rfFiI!'fg'1H, Q ..,. I. 1 -I . -,, wi- 3 .-.'.v'T, ,- "1 -.':'-- 1- -'-.2-:P-:""T'K4,-.l"f.'f'?'-3 -WJ' 2 'WL -wr. qzf :E . '..g, 4,.gL.f., 1, .",,- -' N -:V- -- -: -J-PM ..-1, ' .. .-.J . '- - 2 0- - -.',,Q4-an ,' '-wg' -A" 'l 4, "'- v fv-,-4..- -Q-.rff-H V A q,.- ,..,,.'.,5 A .sf - .- ,V -, V -I-v , ' 4 ' -Q ..- ..., , W- ' - --A., 1"'-if . . , ,, . 1, ,, . -x-Q,-"""',.. ,., aff ,T .'- . -: ',gLafy1,:'-Qg "Y V. 'TCL I' " +G'-w Q... Long Live The Apache Pride Among The mighfy Apoches of Arcodio h, pdrTicipoTing in sporTs compeTiTlon s olwoys very imporTonT. Being chosen r The Teom wos noT olwoys eosy. Those o mode iT dcquired some memories ich They could Toke wiTh Them Through . Some dThleTes expressed Their oughfs ond pride Toword Their Teoms. One of The biggesf ond more populor orTs wos foofboll. The Fridoy nighT ofboll gomes were oTTended by mosT ople. The specfofors were enTerToined The skill ond Techniques performed by e foofboll ployers. "Even Though This or's Teom didn'T go To The finols we ver gdve up ond come TogeTher in Time moke The ployoffs. ln focf, The offensive hod The besf blocking percenToge in ors, ond The Buffolo Defense ollowed fewesf poinTs scored in o seoson oinsf on Arcodio Teom," soid VorsiTy oTboll ployer Morc Oliver. One of The mosT difficulT Teoms To moke s The Tennis Teom. Mony of The ployers ve ployed mosT of The yeor round ond compeTiTion wos sTiff. "Being one of only seniors This yeor, iT wos sorT of rd for me To gef inTo The Tennis grom. Overoll Though we hod o very lonced Teom. The mony underclossmen The yeors To come should be Arcodio's ide in Tennis," sToTed Rondy Roymond. Mdking semi-finols for volleyboll wos The sT "rdved" obouf evenT omong The ls sporfs. The girls worked very hord To T inTo This sporT ond wos well worfh The in ond work. Susie Sivos sToTed, "The ng Thof mode The seoson so greof sn'T jusf winning, buf The fdcT Thof The om goT olong so welI." dskeTboll wos onofher sociol evenT ere specfofors could come in from The old winTer nighTs ond porTiciopTed in The iciTemenT. The ployers never leff Their ns down by Their Teom spiriT ond ToIenT. l , l A summer sporT which Took more procfice Thdn one con imogine wos woTer polo. The ployers come To prochces eorly in The mornings ond sToyed loTe offer school. This Teom expressed Tedm spiriT of AHS. ScoTT Henderson, vorsiiy woTer polo ployer sToTed, "We were olwoys exclTed ond ployed 44096 in eoch gome. We suprised mony Teoms, becouse even Though we were smoll, we were sTilI good ployers." Expressing her pride in being on Apoche uThleTe is Marcello Widrig, Junior Vorsify swimTeom member. I 14 T-9 . '-'Jo if -... Amana-rn.-L-,5..z ktfggv- 444 QuoTe5 C AUfaH" PUSINCI School picTures were an annual evenT buT one usually dreaded by mosT of us. Some parT of The picTure always came ouT looking "screwed up." Overall, The seniors had The leasT TraumaTic picTure-Taking experience - They had four poses To choose from, a privaTe sTudio in which To pose, and a chance To reToke Their porTraiT before yearbook deadline. For Pensively sTaring on The day of The visiT by Mr. Veliofes, an acTor ThaT impersonaTed a Soviet culTural delegafe, Pam Daleo pafrioficly dis- plays an American flag. "Song girls" Joe Weisenfelder and David LeaTherberry cheer on The remaining band members in The senior drill down aT The band's SpagheTTi Dinner. Tired aT The n ofalong day, Assisfa Princi- .pygfgx QNX QU People sophomores and juniors, iT was a Hone-click" deal ThaT Took all of five seconds. Teachers undoubTedly haTed picTure- Taking The mosT5 so, much, in facT, ThaT several Teachers Tried To submiT porTraiTs five years old for publicaTion in This yearbook. The purpose of This secTion is To show for menTion in The camera shy lisTsj every member of The sTudenT body and faculTy pal Tom Payne walks back To The office and a desk of paper work. Yearbooker Mark SchlicTing exclaims aT a noT- so-appropriafe yearbook candid. Back from a Two week mid'year vacaTion To Ausfralia and New Zealand, Mrs. Hall responds enThusiasTically To a quesTion asked by one of her direcTed sTudy sTudenTs. ,Q ' - Q Q x 'cb x 'Xg iz 0 00620 60 XO- O CDE OS 4240 2905 . 4 Q if .fm Qfsess .OT sv 400 cf:-lv, 57 L? Q bdveffsrfsfieosfxgs Q 9 6 N 2951000 OEy'i4'0 'Xb OX426 , -df oc' TTT Wfaiffis S4 2900 X,cs7x,C. Q4 CS of O' 9' 'SON 31 I EC Q4 00 b 60069 Q91 -C' . Q A 0 'l'l2'3:....,?SO so 'S 6344 aT Arcadia High. To add inTere and readibiliTy To These pages, individuals wiTh unique hobbies or acTiviTies are highlighTed. ln addiTion, aspecTs if our high school lives ThaT go unmenTioned elsewhere in The yearbook are covered Throug price lisTs, shorT essays, candid picTures, and a series of inTerviews aT The end of each class secTion. Performing in The firsT half Time show of year, TrumpeTer Suzie SToke plays a solo in seIecTion "Ice CasTles." Clowning around in The phoTo lab On 0 and rainy day, Mr. Snapper and Sean Brun play with a blow dryer. Mark Sarkisian seems To enjoy boTh The c pany and food aT The Homecoming Danc 'Q bfrf-an I 3 - xv' People Iniroduciion INF' I-hu l Ill i f I ple ors Beate Ackroyd Kourosh Adhami Jean Ahn Leo Alberg James Alberter Ruth Alexander Steven Alfery Krista Allen Neile Allen Fernando Aluzzi Augusto Alvarez Emil Amato James Amen Anita Anderson Denise Anderson Gary Anderson Glenn Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Lonnie Andre Julie Apparcel Terri Archer Edward Archuleta Jill Arehart Steven Arias Gina Arobio Sharon Aronold Gerard Ary Donna Arviso Janice Au Par Axelsson Kayhanen Ayria Kenneth Ayster, Jr. Stephen Azzam Greggory Bachelder Judith Bacic Wendy Baehr Kirsten Baisner Andrew Baker Lorinda Bannister Chris Barkus Monique Barleeus Daniel Barnard Suzanne Barney Robert Barron Scott Battenburg Vicki Bauer Ronald Bauman Martha Baxter Shirley Bazin David Beale Deborah Beaver Eric Belle Kimberly Benson People 'I '15 Blowing It out. Wclly Lee and Dev Mishro join in with other pep bond members to support our footboll teom. The Lone Survlvor. Chemistry wos o challenging subject for most, even senior. Lindo Noble. People Seniors Tommie Bergeron Denise Berione David Berumen Julie Bicker Ann Bickle Keilh Bioksler Adrienne Biehl Lance Bingham Laura Birkell Judi Bilhell Carhy Black Joan Blankenship Charles Blue Jr. Melody Bodor Jeffrey Bogue Chrisline Bonk David Bonrempo Tina Borgalla Darlene Born Paul Boslick Elizabelh Bowen Charyn Bowman Carol Bradford Randall Bramsledl Theresa Brandes Slephen Brenner Clayfon Brewer Denise Bridgeman Roberl Brion Lori Brock Craig Broderick Thomas Brolin Slephen Brooks Diane Brown Kimberly Brown Warren Brown Brenl Broyles Pali-Lu Bruno Palricia Bruno Sean Brunwin Karen Bryanl Debra Budge Sharon Buonauro Jason Burgess David Burgh James Burhans Brian Burnell Timoihy Burnside , People fl ,I 7 Seniors 4979. IT wos o nice feeling To know one wos omong Taking The Senior Step i'Wow! I finolly mode iT To my senior yeor in high school," wos The ThoughT of seniors on SepTember '10, The oldesT sTudenTs on compus ond being given prioriTy in mony siTuoTions. To odd To The ego Trips mosT seniors were on, sophomores ond juniors looked up To seniors os 'iThe old Timers" oT Arcodio High School. Knowing ThoT seniors knew more obouT The compus Thon They did, The underclossmen gove prioriTy To The seniors on mony occosions. Seniors were olso ThoughT of os The big, brove sTudenTs obouT To Toke Their firsT sTep inTo The reol world. Did on one ever consider whoT The seniors felT Y Themselves? MosT ogreed ThoT o loT of pressure wos forced on Them. They were suddenly foced wiTh seTTing up schedules To compleTe groduoTion requiremenTsg olso, There were ochievemenT TesTs ond college oppIicoTions. Co ege! TesTs! Help! Up unTil Their finol yeor in high school, sTudenTs never hod so mony moior decisions To moke for Their fuTure life. Yes, There hod been o hinT, woy bock in Their sophomore ond junior yeors Dovid Burrus Suson Bush KeiTh BuTler KoThleen Cody Kdryn Colloghon Douglos Compbell Somuel Compbell Thomos Compbell Lindo Conn Liso Copron Terri CopuTo ' RoberT Corlson John CorpenTer Louro Corroll Jomes CorTwrighT is 4 4 8 People Seniors obouT groduoTing buT now iT wos o reoliTy. The senior yeor wosn'T reolly os bod os everyone mode iT up To be. Being o senior ollowed for mony privileges. Seniors olwoys goT firsT pick of closses, porking posses, use of The new SIG-I compuTer. Also They goT off-compus permiTs ond, of course, fronT ra seoTing in pep ossemblies. Seniors hod finished mosT Their difficulT required courses ond hod more Time f fun elecTive closses, work experience, home excus ond clubs. These were Things underclossmen envie Ironicolly, seniors were The firsT ones To reolize The comforT ond oid porenTs supplied Them were durin The pre-college yeors, The Time when porenTs see To be noThing buT o hinderonce. Seniors were foce wiTh one finol sTep inTo The reol world which would hove To be Token wiThouT Their porenTs, leoding Th inTo The reol world. PorenTs would sTiIl be oround To offer suggesTions ond odvices, buT ofTer high schoo seniors would Toke o solo run in life. WiTh This in min mony griTTed Their TeeTh ond puT one fooT in fronT The oTher. reody for The finol sTep. Sure, They were scored: buT oT The some Time, exciTed. ExciTed obouT Their senior yeor ore Susie Sivos ond Donno Del Rey is i 'Q IQ ii L- K T, lfx 11,9 Qi Barbara Cass Devin Cass Arturo Cazares Heather Chandler Steven Chang Richard Cheney Oravann Chhiap David Childs Teresa Ann Chisam Michael Chivetta Karen Christensen Victoria Churchman David Cimini Geoffrey Clark James Clark People 4 Seniors Suson Clork Siepnen Cloro Deonno Cleere Eileen Clemenl Richord Clough Jomes Cockrell Helen Collins Moryonno Collins Kimberly Connors Dopnne Cooney ' Poiricio Corey Trocey Cornelius Kevin Cosio Koren Cosligon Normon Courvilie Jocqueline Coyle Mork Coyle Louro Crillendon Coineryne Crowley Lione D'Arezzo Todd Doggeii Williom Dole Heidi Doley Poiricio Dolley G-orreii Doum Jonei Dowson More De Fiori Glorionne Demors Diono De Orio Cnerino De Silvo II People Seniors 'R Donna Del Rey Darwin Deliman Andrea Dickson Brenl Diehl Scoll Dlener Debra Di Giorgio Josephine Di Liberii Troy Dixon Debra Douglass Larry Downurn lVlili'rsa Dragecivich Steven Du Mohd Bobbi Dutch Lori Ealon Sue Ebersole Craig Edgenlon Jeanine Edwards Wayne Edwards Brian Eiland Mark Elby Gregory Ellioh' Kemper Ellioll Diana Ellis Ronald Ellman James Ells Deborah Ellon Kristin Ericksson Rodrigo Espinoza Darren Esser Gilberl Eslrada People 4 Seniors James Elhridge William Exeler Monly Farrall Jeanne Fasana Craig Fauria Roberl Feld David Fellch Brian Ferguson Alejandro Fernandez Arislides Fernandez Guillermo Ferramala Lorrie Ferrell Vickie Figurelli Paula Filandrianos Gerald Fineman Marlin Finocchiaro John Filzpalrick Jeffrey Fluke Douglas Fosler Cynlhia Fouse Tamara Francis Marc Francone Dirk Franklin Diane Fraser Kalhie Frazell Wendy Frear Leesa French Adam Friedman Linda Frueh Angela Fryer Tom Fuelling Mark Funk Karen Furno Anne Fulcher Mary Gallagher Jami Garcia Carrie Garman Gregory Garvin Brian Gaslon Deanne Gales Vicloria Gales Jo Anna Gekas Chrislopher Genian Roberl Gewecke Brenl Gibson Michael Gick Richard Giese Marlin Giroud ll People Seniors 'R !5'l"'55"L -d if 4 J i ru A WT Ja ,-4-, s.. ., E3 x , - l "f Q 4 A l. lj." yt I! ,i r Ill ' , .Q ,, ,, Surprlso, Shoron Aronold is being escorted to closs by o friend. Chlc Fashlons. Leopord skin clothing is the new style being worn on cornpus by Adrienne Biehl. People Seniors Practicing a favorite pastime of his, Par Axelsson shows his skill as a soccer player. lipelell Imagine getting away from parents for ii months . . . Par Axelsson did. He was a foreign exchange student from Sweden. He came to the United States with a group called 'tYouth for Understanding," a group similar to American Field Service QA.F.S.j. When asked how he felt when he was told he was coming to California, Par said, "I was glad, because in Sweden you hear about California first - the beaches and the great weather." Upon arrival in August, Par joined family in Arcadia. The father was Swiss and the mother was from South America. The family also had a daughter who was a foreign exchange student in Chile. Because his American father and mother were from European countries, it was easier for Par to fit in. His American family's customs were European and therefore closer to Swedish customs than to American customs. 'After "settling in," Par noticed different things about America. His town in Sweden was about the same size as Arcadia, but very different. His city was surrounded by farms and open spaces, while Arcadia is surrounded by city after city. He also noticed some different characteristics of Americans: "The American people are very outgoing and easy to get to meet, but it is really hard to really get to know them. They tend to keep to themselves more than Swedish people." Par also noticed that Americans speak very loudly, even when yelling is unnecessary. When asked about major differences, Par said that most Americans believed in democracy, while there is a large socialistic factor in Sweden. He said that it is scary to know that the only university in his city was controlled by Communists. Because of this, Par would like to go to college in the United States. This would also give him a chance to visit the friends and family that he has. When asked if his visit had been a good experience, Par replied, "Every experience is a good experience." People Seniors Poul Gloviono Philip Gleoson . Julie Glover Sooii Glover Roberio Gonzoles Bobok Gowhori Gory Grommer Michele Grow lVlorrLin Greoihouse Alon Greensione Shelley Griffirhs Edword Grime Ann Grode Terry Guerrelie John Gulierni Louro Guglierni Heidi Hoos Dwilyndo Hohn Croig Hoigh Poirick Holi Rochelle Holperin Lindo Homrnond Hye Chung Hon Croig Honno Sieven Honsen Jono Horker A Thomos Horper Deboroh Horris Jennifer Horris Pomelo Horrisv Sylvio Hori Koren Horiwig Korl Horiwig Woyne Hossler Morgorei Hosiings Tornoro Hoich Sieven Houerwoos Brion Howkins lvlorgorel Howkins Julie Hoys Koihleen Heorn Bruce Heck People 4 2 Seniors Michael Hefner Mary Helms Scoff Henderson Carolyn Henricksen Mark Heredia Paul Hernandez Kimberly Herron Susan Heuck Monica Hill Susan Hill Melinda Hisey Marc Hoar Eva Hochner Tracy Hudson Edward Hofer Shing Hoh Rand Holecek Eric Holmlund Hilary Holzhauer Laura Hooker Kurf Hoover G-eia Hopkins John Horsf Adam Horsfman Randolph Horfon Thomas Horfon Manami Hoshi Jennifer Housfon Cindra Howard Kevin Howard Timofhy Howard Sharie Huffon Phillip Huleff Ann Hull Scarf Hufson Lynn ller David Janes Cari Jefferson Kenf Jenkins Leslie Jenny Cheryl Jensen Kevin Jepson Sandra Jesus James Jianni Chai Jiaravanon Shawni Jioras Eric Johnson 4 2 6 People Seniors Dance Fever. Princess Margy Sperry dances af an Arcadia High School performance. Loft Standing. Poising as a flarningo. Rick Clough is left standing during a drill down. 5,57 ' r i People Seniors Jonis Johnson Judith Johnson Julie Johnson Koren Johnson Lori Johnson Ann Johnsion Sieve Johnsion Koycee Johnsione Pollie Jones Cole Jorgensen Lourie Juvinoll Eun-Ju Kong Berirom Koufmonn Jomes Keone Michoel Keorney Koren Kennedy Wiiliom Kenney Mory Kenz Dovici Kern Lindo Khoncholion Yun Sook Kim Gregory Kimboll Meiincio Kinoel Dorlo King Josephine Kirkoonnell Gregory Kiiohens Kirk Klossen Roberi Kline Mork Knopo Deooroh Knefelkornp 4 People Seniors Susan Knighl Deborah Knueven Susan Kochevar Bradley Kofford Aris Koulsoulis Roberl Kozak Laura Kranser Jeffrey Krogen Jeffrey Kueneman Yasmine Kummer Bruce Kuroki David Lama John Lamb Reginald Lamson Linda La Parka Norma Larson Roberl Larimer Phillip Laiiolail Waller Lauderdale David Lealheroerry Jin Lee John Lee Slacey Lee Won-Woo Lee Michelle Lehman Keiih Levili Robert Levy Julie Lie David Lillicrop Francine Lindesmiih People ll Seniors l. hx fs . , 4 , , is XTX . Fir T' -. A ings kr fir T' 'Tr ,F CJ! Yi- 15- . me .r T' fir f' T. if rf R ' ,fx .Z " ,. .gif 'r iff? .- wx If wi fm rr r. f . . 4-.. 1- r N-1, r,r xr F 4 in .' R 4? I 'iw ,." 'A yr T It-1' My 'T-,.-,M ,rf J i r fry' .ff '- 'Ye' -5 " 4' V V it ' " J ff X Pt -9 , is ef "r .Wm 4 i if tm' X" T " ' y V .1 ,195 ' '. , -. I XTX . .L xi,-" N- T. i- ' . ' ' 2 'X p -', A. ri' r '..- T r . J ,l fr M.. MA, ii 'rr f' jx, 'iff ,Q ,V VV. 1 ,K X.: 9.1 V C? ff'-'L iii! 2,1 1.9 'r V ..,1 xi, X f Ai 'D ,-1 ' ' 2 T, :. . ' T, v 4 V, , , wi, 211' is e. T 3 Wy. ' i. ' if LQ 1 -. T ' -' , ., ,J f 'Af . l XX 'ff Af' A' ' ry! 'g ir ig J, if f Seniors See S Sign A senior year is a Time of celepraTion and ThouQhTs aboui The fuTure. YeT The cosT of average senior essenTiaIs enTers few senior's minds. in 4975 The average graduaie could buy himfherself The senior necessiiies for apoui 5440.00 In 4980 ThaT price has risen To over 320000, an increase of over 4001. While The senior year is considered priceless by mosT sTudenTs, To The parenTs iT is considered a cosily year. Inllaflon Hits Arcadia. A comparison of 4975 and 4980 senior purchases I 13511 12 .4 People Seniors Lindi Lipka Laura Lisfer Nancy Lifchfield Thomas Locke, Jr. Kimberly Lomasney Linda Long Valerie Long Michael Longo James Love Edward Lovell Andrew Lowell Kafhleen Mack Jeffrey Maddock Miles Madenwald Nancy Maljanian Michael Maloney Dena Mangana Teresa Manlove Kane Mann Waller Manning Pascale Marchanf Paul Marino Maureen Marshall Timolhy Marlin Winslon Marfindale Cynfhia Mason Kaihi Massey Chrisfopher Masfen Joyce Mavredakis Lynda Mayer Derek McCallan Sandra McCaman Cecelia McCormack David McCrea Karen McCulloch Nancy McKenna Francine McLean Russell McLee K Margaref McMeen Susan McMillan Jeffrey McNabb Pafricia Megaro John Melisi Brenl Melkesian Jon Melfon Dana Merriff Cheryl Miller Jeffrey Miller People II 3 fl Seniors Lisa Miller Robin Miller Sleven Miller Dev Mishra Jeffrey Miiiman Joseph Monlemayor Mark Mooneyham Brian Moore Keilh Moore Wendy Moore Jennifer Moran Kalhleen Morehouse Maricela Morejon Susan Moriana Timolhy Morse Joanne Morsillo Randa Muaddi Lara Mueller Keilh Munro P. David Munlz Jr. David Muro Jonalhan Muschinske Susan Mulsaers Gregg Myers Heidy Nakamura Nicole Narbul Linda Nash Pamela Neal Thomas Nelson Brad Neumann Roberl Nicassio ' Lori Nicaslro Diane Nicholson Jamie Nicholson Timoihy Nicolas Jon Nixon Bonnie Noble Linda Noble Jamie Noffke Kimberlyn Norrish Maureen 0'Brien Roberi Ochoa Timothy O'Connor Marc Oliver Gregory O'Neil Kaihryn Gnesky Slanley Orlaski James O'Toole ll People Seniors 3. V7Y'l'-' C25 -4,2 1' - .lik " " F .aff- -'..f . , 1 ' 13f't"':u',-H 1 f i' Q' . - we . . ff.. ,x v " 'H -,, A S., , ..,. :ig ' 4 . .3 I 1 .I "' A, h' . "WY-f" "1 '-:VW 'Ti XT, Q - 1 1-I-:A U kilwwvifltsni -1'-'-FQ: 14 ? '- Q " ":ii?2-,"ff3'1"'f oar? A ' ,-Eff .4 5 'LIE' U -' ' F dk" ,,,,-5 V. qs.-.R,5,,f,, . ' 5: ,15f4Qf5sQ'.i' , Y- f fx uh' .- .- Wy-,-1' 5 y. . L .- I .r Q. E .f"' N xi' xl .,. g f s ' f 'u - 4 . gf'Y'?"'-' 71454 5 . is- -LT 'lpn 14 In 4-'W En yu, M40 gm I . ff ,, KA I .Q .4 'fr ,XL 'T r l J. li 1 ,.. I qv.. -.N Poopod-out Popper Susie Stoke explains to Dana Merit? how tiring per- forming af pep assemblies can be. Prlvllodged. Senior students slowly make their way back to Their classes after coming back from open-lunch. People Seniors 433 nail, in I wie I H 2? x rgx-. -4-.. .4 if il- f . . V' .ff Washed Ashorel Keeping irock of The swimmers. Kiowo, Moya Rodriguez helps out oi The American Red Cross Swim-A-Cross, Klng for a Dayl Jim Coriwrighi enjoys The oiieniion of Debbie Budge on Slave Day. People Seniors 'N i 4 u ll. l F' if T,fi -Q. '. 3 f 4, 1 r l F 3 L l l ,.,. . 2 .A V, A ,,.r A -if J I JA 'in E J ful -3 ,. l Renee Oughton Robert Oventile Randall Owen Stewart Ozick Stewart Ozick Mario Pachano Kimberly Palmer Kara Pape Anastasia Pappas Monique Parker Cory Pasaualone Ronald Passmore Mathew Paul Patricia Paulson William Pauro Barbara Pearsall Eric Pearson Susan Pendo Mark Perez Brett Perkins Mark Perkovich John Perone Corinne Peters Laurie Peters Kelley Peterson Theresa Peterson Amy Pfau Katheryn Phillips Sally Pierson Lori Pinson Eric Pinter William Pitts Christopher Podres Robin Polo Scott Porter Thomas Posen Sherri Powell Sheela Premi Fredrick Preston Jim Pritchard Karri Prock Sherri Prock Kjell Purnell Steven Randle Michelle Rasnik Randall Raymond Roberta Redeker Jeffrey Reed People ,I 35 Seniors Susan Reehorsl Richard Reggio Janolyn Reinhardl Karen Riboens Melissa Richardson Gregory Richler Mark Richler Calerina Rizzi Lisa Rizzi Francine Roach Lisa Rocks Maya Rodrigues Laurie Roelers Julie Rogers La'Rae Roman Roger Roman Janna Roncelli Jill Roncelli Michele Ronga Roger Rook Deverie Roos Deborah Roper Robin Rosansky Susan Ross Alben' Roux Grace Row Thomas Roy Kevin Rudisill Robin Runser Lisa Rush 6 People Seniors I Corinne Russell Teresso Russo Jennifer Rule lvlork Ruiherford Roberi Ryon Koren Sompson Dro Sonosorion Julie Sonolloorn Rodney Sorgenl Mork Sorkision lvliohoel Sounders Suson Sounders Miohoel Soxon Sondro Soyegh Ron Soyers Thomos Sohobow lvlory Schoefer lvlork Schieldge Frederic Sohrnill Donolcl Sohoulen Poul Schreiner lvlory Koy Sohulle Suson Sohullz Jomes Schumocher Trocy Schumacher Viclorio Sohumocher Philip Sohusler Williom Sohwieberl Michele Soiorobbo Joseph Sourlo People ,I Seniors Valerie Senneff Karen Serven Doreen Sessions Karen Shaw Richard Shipshee Carolyn Shmagin David Shurtleff Steven Silver Cathy Simons Susan Sivas Donald Slater Celeste Slender David Small George Small Glenn Small Gary Smalley Carolyn Smith Linda Smith Rebecca Smith James Soash Lawrence Solomon Jong Son Larren Son Charels Sonu Renee Sorenson Roger Sorenson Margaret Sperry Sanderson Spickler Frances Spitta Linda Spuch Peter Srbinovich Renate Staebler Tammy Stalker Timothy Steinberger , Jan Stenning ' Joy Stephens John Stephenson Margery Stewart Robert Stinner Jr. Jeanette Stitt Suzanne Stoke Christine Storrs Ronald Street ll Christopher Strobel John Strong David Stryker William Suess Michael Sullivan 3 8 People Seniors Senior, Reggie Lomson, leads The pdck followed by Rondy Owen in o grueling moTocross roce. Riders Take Your Marks Q Vroom! And They're off! Who is in The ledd? Reggie Lomson ond Rondy Owen. They were Two seniors who ore very inTeresTed in rocing moTorcycles. Rocing Tdkes d loT of prdcTice ond boTh sTudenTs were dedicdTed enough To keep y prdcTicing unTiI They redched Their gool of winning. Yes, There wos d big risk involved, buT obviously boTh overcome ThoT feor. Rondy hdd been riding since he wos nine yedrs of dge. He wds inTeresTed in moTorcycles GT d very young dge buT his friend Reggie goT him sTorTed in rdcing when he wos fifTeen yedrs old. No one in his fomily wos involved so he wds on his own. He wds in mdny moTocross roces ond hos won 38 Trophies. Reggie's fomily goT him sTdrTed oT eighT yedrs of dge. AT The dge of fifTeen, he sTdrTed rocing ond over The yeors, he remoined The only fdmily member sTill compeTing. He rdced in moTocross rdces ond d Grdnd Prix ond hos won over 38 Trophies. Besides The Time involved in procTice, There wds olso d required price lisT. The moTorcycle iTself wds priced onywhere from sl2o0 To S2400 depending on pe ond size. Riding cloThes cosT opproximoTely 3450. On d rdce ddy, dbouT S30 wds needed for mdinTenonce, enTry fee, ond food. This oll odded up buT The rocers did noT mind becduse once They won, money wos only d smoll obsTdcle. Reggie's ond Rdndy's gools were To become professionol rdcers ond Try To moke d living of iT. BoTh seniors ogreed ThdT dnyone could roce if They spenT The Time To DVGCTTCG ond hdd enough compeTiTive spiriT To win. People 4 Seniors 4110 'Y-N' 'WZ-I l l pc p Sailsfacilon Guaranteed. Senior students. Anuro Cczzores. Jeff Vonde Wege, ond friends ore pleased with the pep follies held during lunches. Times Upl Lunch time doesn'T seem long enough for Poul Weir ond Monho Ramirez os they Try To GOT while conversing People Seniors FQ., 1' .3 Lisa Sulier Eric Swenson Thomas Szilage Anlhony Taibi Leanna Tamburrino James Tanefski Susan Tannahill Elizabelh Tanascos David Taus James Taylor Palricia Taylor Ted Taylor Mark Templin Josefina Teran Kalhleen Terberg Elizabelh Terlip Milchell Tharp David Thomas Roger Thomas Sally Thomason James Thomson Tracey Thompson Soogunya Thonglhiraj Denise Thornlon Julie Tinsley Michael Tippy Polly Tisdial ' Eileen Tobin Susan Tockgo Mary Torcaso Elizabelh Torcaso Fernando Toro, Jr. Richard Tormey Donald Torres Dean Trigonis Chrislina Trocki Barry Ann Tschanz Joseph Tsui Zorkila Tudor Deborah Tusiin Erika Tayler Peler Vagenas Julie Van Debrooke Christine Vandenoever Jeanine Van Dusen Jeffrey Vande Wege Gail Vanlandingham Josephine Vasari People ll Seniors :- Q3:'j1' , S " ' mil? 'r s 'uture Hopefuls Among the many talented students at Arcadia gh School, two students shared the same unique erest. To Jan Stenning and Steve Voznick, Ercoming professional ballet dancers was an ainable dream. Could such places as the San Ewncisco Ballet Academy, New York City Ballet, or erican Ballet Theatre be their future homes? lt all epended on their determination. 'Jan Stenning, a senior, has been dancing since o and a half years of age. Jan's mother got her rted in a rhythm class. She had been involved in , ballet, acrobatlcs, jazz and Spanish dance sses. Realizing that she would have to specialize one of these fields, Jan decided to concentrate A ballet. lJan worked very hard. Her practicing consisted of ee hours a day, five days a week. On ekends, she worked to pay for lessons. During summer, she was involved in a Canadian dance inar which lasted for six weeks. fter her high school graduation, Jan's goal was HPV' T- traditional poses are seniors, Jan Stenning and Steve Voz- to go to Canada and join with a professional company. Steve Voznick also had an exceptional interest toward the art of ballet. Steve was interested in dancing, a trait probably inherited from his mother, one of Arcadia High School's dance instructors. He did not start dancing at as early an age as Jan because he felt forced by his peers to engage in sports. Realizing he was more interested in dancing, Steve enrolled in a private dancing class while he was in the ninth grade. Steve has taken ballet, jazz, and tap. His practicing consisted of three hours a day during the school year which involved private lessons and Orchesis. One of his major performances was in "Fiddler on the Roof." Steve hopes to major in dancing and becoming as good a dancer as lvlikeil Baryshnikov and Fred Astaire. Steve stated, "dancing gives me a "macho" feeling that not everyone can experience." Kimmel Wallen Michael Walker Kimberly Walsh William Warren Scott Washburn r'T Eileen Watrous Sharon Watts Annette Webb Joyce Weber Jeffrey Weikel Paul Weir Steven Weiss Daniel Wells People Seniors Richard Watson Jr Joseph Weisenfelder Michael Wells Timofhy Welle Jeffrey Werbelow Kurf Werderman Jamie Werk Eric Wesferlind Kennefh While Marcella Widrig Randy Wiggins Maudena Wild Michelle Willeif Brian Williams David Williams Wendy Williams John Wills Darlinda Wilson Scoff Wilson Sheryl Wilson Chrislopher Wing Maria Wong John Wooll Jeffrey Woolsey Pefer Wu Susan Yacka Yenchang Yang Doug Yim l Krisfin Yoohem r Susan Youell Laurie Youmans William Young Gregory Ziemba Teresa Zolferino Andrea Zsoler Melanie Zum Brunnen 11 AA People Seniors niors Not Caught Agajanian Arthur Barton Bateman Burk Church Cumberland Davis ECTWGTUS Eiland Davld Estrada James Eurton Richard Everett Ann Falge Aristides Fernandez Mark Fltzner Sim Fulikawa James Gorskl Michael Green Kevin Harness Ken Harris John Hartman Robert Heidner Tawnee Herron Glenn Holland David Holleman Janette Holmberg James Janclaes Gina Jason Mark Kellogg Patrick Kelly Young Kim Jeffrey Klein Karen Ko Shahrzad Lame Eric Lansford Stephen Lloreda Mark Luras Patrick Luzzi Don Mace John Mastroni Christopher Matheny Terry Maynard Heather Mc Dermut Linda Moreno Eric Neiman Thomas Nelson Mimi Numano Craig Pajares Robert Patterson Douglas Penny Diane Prozeller Stephanie Purdy Richard Quakklestyn Martha Ramirez Rebecca Riecken KennetheRiley ' Caron Rossi Charles Rulon Mary Ryan Ben Sanchez Teresa Sattler Matthew Saunders Christopher Schack Robin Schifferdaker Rosemary Scimeca Mark Seecof Andre Sekanovich Tom Sekanovich Mary Singman John Smith Kenneth Sprague Samuiel Stavros Glen Stute J Frank Talley Tracey Taylor Mike Tomblin Neal Verga Steven Wells Rafe Williams Arnold Zavala Wayne Zucker The Gold Seal Graduates maintained a grade point average of at least 3.5 in a demanding academic program. The students who maintained membership in the California Scholastic Federation for at least four semesters, received the Gold seal of the Federation on their diplomas at graduation. Nelle Allen Fernando Aluzzi Eric Belle Kimberly Benson Melody Bodor Elizabeth Bowen Randy Bramstedt Fifth Semester Gold Seal Graduates Donna Del Rey Diana De Orio Mimi Dragicevich Joanna Gekas Marr Linn Greathouse Steven Hanson Kathleen Hearn Barbara Cass Susan Clark 'ilchard Clough -lelen Collins Kim Connors teidl Daley Garrett Daum Eric Holmlund Kent Jenkins Eun Ju Kang David Kern Mark Knapp Susan Knight Susan Kochevar Walter Lauderdale Stacey Lee Wally Lee Kimberly Lomasney Kathleen Mack Susan Mc Millan Robin Miller Dev Mishra Jeffrey Mittman Linda Nash Linda Noble Greg O'Neil Kara Pape Anastasia Pappas Patricia Paulson Roberta Redeker Maya Rodrigues Robert Ryan Susan Saunders Karen Shaw Susan Sivas James Soash Charles Sonu Margaret Sperry Linda Spuck Jan Stenning Margery Stewart Suzanne Stoke Kathleen Terberg Dean Trigonis Peter Vagenas Jeff Van De Wege Gail Vanlandingham Susan Wagner Eileen Watrous Kurt Werderman John Wills Peter Wu Richard Yang Don Yim People Seniors Always wearing a smile is Heidi Daley. N - ,r P Golden Years As The days neared graduaTion, seniors pondered more and more abouT The facT Thaf Their high school career was ending. lVlosT people would agree ThaT high school creaTed many memories. Neile Allen believed ThaT "being involved in clubs such as Kiowas and Orchesis, has allowed me To make a loT of lasTing friendships and memories which I will Take wiTh me To colIege." Differenf acTiviTies wenT on during The year which were special 'To sTudenTs like Sharie People Seniors Racing againsf The river's currenT, Dave Small skiis up The Colorado River. Darlinda Wilson and Marcella Widrig wish Thai They were receiving The same Treafmenf as Adam Friedman. Sue Bush glimmers like a sTar while greeiing cus- Tomers. I HufTon, "High school is an experience which you will always look back upon. One experience l will always cherish was being involved in Rose CourT TryouTs." An imporTanT parT of Arcadia High School was sporTs. SporTs played big roles in mosT sTudenT's lives. To Sue Pendo, Tennis was a key To college and would help her major in sporTs medicine. Dave Small sTaTed Thai "high school was a good experience for me because l had To keep up my grade poinT average while H7 . A ww ' Q , ':j ' 71, - '1 ,, M , Q ,.. of 5 ,f playing fooTball. l enjoyed parTicipaTing in sporTs and acTiviTies." Many sTudenTs Took of The classes aT Arcadia High aid Them in college. Chris STr was one of Those sTudenTs, "l guess high school has ifs good poinTs and bad. Good TaughT me somefhings of need To becomes a lawyer. bad poinT is whaT I had To go Through To learn These Things." Heidi Daley was involved in a differenT way of which To help UYOTMVX ODD P X J 1 . Tr sf 'lfo XIXLLUQ, TL DITTLHUTA gljmmigf MACC CDCJWTT +0 career. Being a parT of The school is like Trapeeze, when News Team leT me ThaT in The fuTure I would To become a T.V. horwomon." hroughouT The high school r, seniors were pros in The enT profession. A couple enfs warned The nexT years' ors of whaf They were ded for. Andrew Baker ned The senior guys To "hold 'gif' Q, Charlie Sonu drops info a wave on one of The bigger days aT Newporf. Karen Shaw gives a hooT aT The SpagheTTl Din- ner. Caughf afTer The acT are seniors Dave Small, Jon Nixon, Marcella Widrig, Pallie Jones, Marc Oliver, Jim Thompson, John CarpenTer. and Bob Kozak. ScoTT Henderson and Lori BannisTer Try To keep warm during an exciTing Homecoming game. I ' .s ,, R hh., -. "' -A '7'N",p . ExecuTive Council, always found CB' lfxllxulflj V011 ,X lrllxf Qfflfxc you're a senior, you already know The ropes. l warn The nexT year's seniors To waTch ouT for The aTTendance office and noT Take iT seriously." The people who goT involved wiTh The school found iT was no piece of cake. Kara Pape found ThaT ouT firsT hand. "My biggesf Task This year was organizing homecoming. IT Took a IoT of o your walleTs because if The individual Time and efforf, buT iT is don'T geT To you, graduaTion somefhing I'll always remember." ' Kim Walsh sTaTed, T'High Charlie Sonu, who was involved in Time To do Things he enjoyed like surfing and relaxing his academically brainwashed mind wiTh The "luxuries" of The adulT world. As a resulT of experiencing differenf views of The Arcadia High School's sTudenTs, iT is obvious ThaT mosT everyone enjoyed and will always remember Their lives aT The "big high school." These Three years will always be The "Golden Years." People Seniors Nancy Abercrombie Janice Abram Kathleen Abshire Michael Acree Daniel Acres Jun Ahn Ricky Ainge Faye Alexander Daniel Anderson Michele Anderson Vicki Anderson Andrew Annas James Archibald Eric Arentson Gale Backer Susan Bade Crystal Baker Candace Banta Daniel Barba Laura Barber Sharon Barrett Cathleen Barney Brent Bartz Philip Batterson Michele Bauer Rhonda Bayer Kevin Beaver Lee Ann Beckner A 8 People JUf1lOfS fi' OUR? 1' Q.. ii ln N 1 45 5 4, 3 gf fi It f L A X I SJ W ,,.-?"",.,..- -lk llaffl' Rf dsl: . Y Y , x ' N nl' ' ' il . , ,4 ,ab V Af'-A fa F' " 5. .M I m V r , A - 'VJ W 23 y, px 1 N ,- " ll .5 -V Ml. X' f B l .::1i"r is "ft S ' .l l M N A 5 V P n ' 4' f 45,9 ' , . FEB I C ' X I V.5a ' L 1 ,. N . ', ' Nx l X "3 f -Q s?:h"'f' - -- fllw- X th i P " S B ,... ,A ami 4 ,, ?i Q sf x P .Q All Til? 'V A U' ' ..,. UA ' ' x . , ,gk S, 4 X f A 4'-X ,N 13 J g l xg M Mx I e Middle CICSS o longer a pan' of The sophomore rld, and noT yeT a member of The ng senior socieTy, The juniors once aln Took Their role in The middle aT adia High. osT juniors faced GD idenTiTy crisis ed To The problem of noT being The ungesT or The oldesT. BuT despiTe ing 'lcaughT in The middle," The junior ss had Their own idiosyncrasies and rformed Their own "radical" acTs. As n as The "Senior Women-4980" clared ThoT They were "TM" on The ss box in The fooTball bleechers, The nior Women-4984" declared ThoT y were much beTTer. On Sophomore y, iT was The juniors who had The irT guns, Telling The sophomores in ir own wdy ThoT They were glad To be in Their shoes anymore! Ther juniors were jusT going Through year in a daze: reflecTing on The sT and dreaming of senior-like Things do in Their final year of mandaTory racy Tasker look on aT a home football game. cs.. IYS- r Li f 'ii' S lf '35 Vg class members Marianne Zive, Shelly Linderman, school. Some juniors, however, had seT ideas for whaT They wanTed Their senior year To be like. KeiTh Casman sToTed ThaT he ThoughT The juniors were "The besT class aThleTically and scholasTically ThoT has been around in a long Time." John PaTTerson felT Thai "The junior class is Cwasj unmdTched wiTh Their girls, The porTies and every oTher aspecT of social life." Alan SanTo said, "This class is one ThoT will be remembered for a long Time." To sum up The feelings of The majoriTy of The junior closs members, Tom Miller adds, "The juniors This year are The 'coolesT!' " pl A K' S U lklbl-1" Bi ss Q s ,.y '- 1 ' B' B, ',,- T ,x .I :J x X 1 h I qt W H 7 45- ' QD w ef! Eleanor Beebe KaThleen Behr Karen BenedicT NaTalie Benson Amy Benvenuto Ed Bernodini Helen Bersane Samir BhoTT Dave Bineault Ted Bishop Dove Black JaneT Black Lisa Blokley Dhana Blaylock Vicki Blevins Maureen Bloom Stacy Blue Perla Blum John Bogie Gregory Bos Donna Bosllck Harold Bowen Shelly Bowman Kurt BramsTedT Sylvia Brando Thad Brennan Melissa Brereion David Bricker People I1 Juniors Dawn Bridgeman Briana Brilz Donna Brooks Karen Brooks Pat Brooks Susan Brown Karen Brubaker Bob Bruder Brian Bruker Christopher Brunwin Bonnie Buckner Jane Buffington David Buller Troy Buonauro Tim Burch Julie Burhans Patrick Burns Sara Busser Camden Cabrinha Kathy Calver Mike Calver Christopher Calvin Paul Campbell Linda Cannata Daniel Carlton Amber Carothers Kenneth Carpenter Sondra Carr Kelly Carrisosa Jill Carter Leonardo Cascarano Keith Casman Greg Cass Wayne Cassriel Irene Castillo Robert Cavolina Ronald Ceniceroz Theresa Chacon Wen-Chieh Chang Dennis Chapman Jill Chastain Lily Chen Visoth Chhiap Kim Chila John Chisholm Carl Christensen Donn Christensen Douglas Christensen Laurie Churchman Curtis Claire Teresa Claus Morgan Cleary Eric Clement Laura Clementi Thomas Clementino Laurie Cline 50 People Juniors fi" Yrff L 'ID- ,Q I-rgr 'Q if is wi LF, A ln, .W V., Q . , ' K 'ii M cb? . :gr ' . r 'T X T an H X I ,Q I ' 5 Q Kb . ' x ' ' K W. 4 O Ki 5' .xxx f I 1, x 2 .1 ,. wxslf ' ut 1- ' eokes while socializing during lunch are Lori Gina Surdo Maria Weilkarnp and Cory Pasque- Tim Clossen Craig Coals Jerry Cockburn Roberl Colliou Camden Collins Scoll Cummings Richard Contreras 'Suzanne Cook Michael Coon Kevin Cope Ginny Coppi Sharon Cordon Norma Corrado Sleven Corrigan Jennifer Corwin Angela Cosfanza Calherine Cosligan James Cox Tamara Cox James Coyle Della Cramer i-.M Q' L. K 1 ' -, People 11 5 ,I Juniors when The work :nas . , . The Victory Begins "Gymnastics for me means hard work and self-discipline," said the vibrant junior Suzanne Vanderveer. Having started gymnastics over six years ago, she was well rewarded for her efforts displayed since the age of ten. ln 4977 she was the class two state champion and it was in 4979 that she placed fifteenth in the nationals in class one. Although competing with an injury, Suzanne topped it off in 4979 by placing second in the California state meet andmoving on to the regionals and then to the nationals. Suzanne felt the five to six hours a day of hard work were well worth it even though they did limit her other activities. Training during the summer for up to eight hours a day was tiring, but she claimed she will always love the sport. Gymnastics also required a special diet and strict attention to her health, but Suzanne's devotion made it all worthwhile as she set her goals on becoming an elite and receiving a college scholarship in gymnastics. Surprisingly she was able to maintain a good grade average and suggested that the discipline learned in gymnastics helped in keeping her grades up. Being one of the top-rated gymnasts in her workshop, KIPS, Suzanne had the advantage of traveling to many places in the country, such as Hawaii, Texas. and Maryland. The influence of Olga Korbett in the 4972 olympics was only the beginning for Suzanne. Balancing herself on the beam, Suzanne Vanderveer dis- plays her first class talent as a gymnast. . efvfa, 5 4 People JUDlOl'S FT? C- T .u l lil V i 63 'ar W f fx W ' X KX w WW' ' l Ff"Ff"' 'wav' Q 'E sf: ' s ,f fr-rv. -4 1-. ,a 1 if f L sr , ! Lassie lil J rl ff , .f L Wselif . FQ ' A i, - tl 'T' 'LF -1- E l v L it nl N , L 'tv if f 555 fa. ' Z I - W 5 bl F- K 1 l I! A W " 'V ha" -i 4 x r ,I 2 :I X- Ag E- if 1- L l ,, j .xx V asf! " :gf ,gl If xl' Inav! X X I XX I g .ik F. f VY- ' ' , 4 f -A l X J . ,, 4 X N ft, - Q .NJN A- 43561 AY X i L T is es' 1 "tif-f ki N L ' " , " i - ' 1 -if i x.f. X.i-X":,-nf' W , ei. , Y 1 I Q ,Mx H, V L .4 ' 4. 'Slam ,f F , ,. . . V.: f - , '4- 1 'I 1 .,-.' 'X l : ' x fi! Xt . ' 'T ' 'fi L 31 ' r ,rr I si EL 'G jf' Y -gs 2 ix V '- . ..,, .- J , l y X l -f 'B ' 'F' ' ' ,L -if' ' ' l AIA 1- ' l " ' J' -.f Yi l H 'K '- . -A K T 1 , E A , L i vi 6,- 5 A xr . , X. :,,. 5 I. .f l , vsf' f r ,.,.f if 4 ABQ X I 'Ni ,, 9 ,L .,. ,.., . a L ,NLXX Pam Cramer Leigh Craven Diane Cromwell Katrina Cross David Crowe Ronald Cunningham Ronald Curley Tracy Currie Robert Cushman Rachel Cutler Joanna D'Agata La Rae D'Arezzo Parette D'Astoli Debra Dammeyer Michael Daniel David Davey Bill Davila Jeffrey Davis Kristen Davis Gwen Dawkins Teresa De Avila Dino DeBarry Dana De Grazio Nicholas De La Torre Marcie Deacon Alice Demecs Thomas Demars Becky Denney Todd Derrick Scott Des Jardins Tammy Devlin Robin Dickey Gene Dickinson Robin Dietsch Maria Dimura Clark Dixon Bob Domenici Jon Doyel Brook Dozier Patti Drake Anne Duffy Roberta Duffy Laura Dukes David Duncan Merridy Dunville David Dyer Michael Dyer Colleen Dyke Shelli Eastman Tracy Edfast Cynthia Edwards Sonja Edwards Teresa Eisenberg Lisa Emerling Kenneth Emmert Julie Erhardt Dawn Evans Scott Faes Mike Fauria Amanda Featherstone Ronald Feldman Michael Ferri Mark Fetterly Debra Filer Ian Finley Suzie Firestone Richard Fisher Tina Florea Barbie Floyd Carol Foley Renee Fontes People 4 Juniors 454 Terry Frazier Carrie Frazin Lee Frees Heather Frezin Julie Frye Charles Fuller Kelly Furniss Nita Gada Renee Gaetner Marcello Galati Anna Galindo Debbie Gallagher Gregory Galvan Dan Gapastione Richard Garabedian Mari Garcia Troy Garcia Jeannette Garrett Paulette Garrison Steve Garry Colleen Gaspari Sandra Gehring Andrea Gelder Jeff Giali Leo Galmmalva Louie Giammalva Regina Gibson Janet Gilbert Jaymie Gilmore Cathy Glaser Lorie Glynn David Golden Beth Goldenburg Kenny Goodfriend Randall Goodman Katie Gorski Dean Gould Chris Goveia Scott Grant Curtis Gray Michael Gray Dawnelle Greathouse Mitchell Green Robert Green Michael Greene Stephen Griffin Jim Grund Maria Guerra Julie Gunnell Christine Haas Steve Haderlein Tim Hagelganz Jennifer Hahn Bridget Haigh Alex Halajian Kathy Hall People Juniors 'i -- Q1 1 Q. X , N . ali ui L l 4. H75 -if 14. vf fsf 5 ,,r 1J"ili' EM sa- .vu C if 56-ap Ah-an 421 '11- - 4 -- eg .uc 1..- . A . L' 7 4. t i .v,, b V Y QQ. Ii . --Q l f ' 7.11-I . K ' I ta 4 ' 232222, 1 ' f - . Q I , ' N! ' W i S 'X , x,,,. ilk X x Q- il 4. 0 - Y ,. V.. ,Q ,,, 1- 5 In F' -F '49 Q1 wk: V r ' ' 153531 f . J' fm l ' " r 's ' - xg X Q. . , X ' vw M liisix X. am, .1 . rf3F"V"F1 r L N 4 ' i Z' A 'A , V 4, .5 Wl".P-s - "vs M' gg, I' -' r' V ' i 5'- .- K A , r ,lc-Y , - ts' 1 K ' 'if 'rr A J- if ff -f fm A' if, :Aisle X Q if 1' X 1 R 5-1 y -v-in . . Yi if -Q 'V lX- ll Y 4 4' ' ' I rg .fl ' x ,,,, ., x X--', i ,A T I range from student to student as evident he looks of Debbie Dameyer and Laura Dukes. i 'iii 1- , ' N M l '-4 X... ,lf'f"Nx 0 'A ci l , 'I s 2 i 8 4 53: '- T W7 V V J ., 1 ,F F' 1 X , ral x K l ' r' xi ,Qf 'lg l I . ' l'N'i I, X l it ' 'T ll'-'VS x 1.!a-1'a.r--15 ' gf? s .39 f -2 l ,. . rfKX, 'f.v, 7 a Ama 5 .fi -Wi X- ,iii Q.. 3 - fr . I Z I x- f 1 t 'N K aft Wi U. " f rf Y! .fl A h W I 4 Y X 4 . I ' ., 71.3 5 ' Q3 ff 5 i ' YN ,ff .!"-.4 ' Drfkgl .. .X 1 .e- A l 'l , EXQK .-Pr' ,J D, x as " ' . Q -:., l if A ' Rv . ,Z 5 1... " , 5 , . ,Xl NN In ' li 4 1 lr' N. wks Kimber Hall Denise Hamill Hye Sin Han Susan Han Deborah Hancock Teri Hancock Kevin Hansen Kristen Hansen Cynthia Harding Juliann Haring Greg Harrington Corrie Harrison Doug Hart Janet Haserot Susan Hatcher Larry Hayes Mary Hayward Tim Healy Mary Heidsman Timothy Hendrickson Lance Hendricnsen Tammie Hermans Arreyina Hernandez Keith Hernandez Monty Hibbard Cathlin Hidalgo Janet Hildebrandt Sheri Hill Deople Juniors '15 Karyn Hines Lisa Hisey Matt Hodson Scott Hoertig Dan Hoffman Shing Hoh Nancy Holgate Mark Hollingsworth Jonathon Holmes Sylvln Hom Sophie Horiuchi Raylene Horta Laura Horton Scott Horton Tish Horton Katherine House Stacy Hovatter Lorinda Howard Brigetta Hsu Mark Hubel Lindy Hull Karen Hunter Marc Hutchings Donna Hynek Kathy Jablecki Donna Jackson Jim Jakeway Colleen Janclaes il' lr -,ll A ' 4 ,456 ui' l t I.. -6,3 1 A f '57 .-.-az' . N 4 'tif 4',.K "'l' 'rs .13 fx' .L ,tt-1' T-sm 0- 'F' 'tv' T ill fr .2 'ty , 'liiqjyx - .l,. .Nil .J .lwssg "Mil .61 5 K 1 A ?.5ti1.,. F i i . W X . 9 Contrasting Cars Interest The cars that transported Arcadia High students to and from school in 4980 were a far cry from the automobiles found in the parking lot in 4952 when the school opened. ln 4980, several unique cars sparked special attention. Brent Broyles, a senior, owned a small compact Corvair. The "Pantarish" looking automobile was not purchased at a local auto dealer but was built from a conversion kit. Brent who claimed to have completed 40? of the work on the car stated that 601 was already completed when he purchased it from a friend for S3000. Junior Rick Garab dian who owned jilvfw Dfw W fig-me Cmfgfjlfw his car almost six months before he ev had his license, took an interest in Mustangs. His own 4969 "Mach One" was bought from his older brother. Rick did all the work on his car by himself and claimed his automobile could go very fast as evident by his personalized license plate l'HYPWR." A steep contrast from the more up- to-date vehicles mentioned above wa junior Ted Bishop's 4949 Plymouth. Ted, who had a fondness for old cars, boug the classic car and restored parts of it by himself. Yet most of the car remained in its original condition. ,Q-vfic QQ AML my X ig ZWHZQ, i'ucff,Vfyf'JvLf0"'V" ! KWH AWQW 461. 0 The men behind their machines are Rick Garabe Brent Broyles, and Ted Bishop. 4565551512 WML . .f wwf G Qlr,i",u, ,, Ne.. , 'Y ' I ew 5 J ' , . 'U 9' y lt. xx' f L+! L , 'QL , ,Q - r-. .la 'Q " f- 4 '-X 't ' 1' i . ' 'C 1 ,. cl f M X XX s ' ' X .43 J . '-1. 3 , .., ':,., r'-fi ii:-fe N ,Q -T 1: ,Qu K1 d 14 1 J - U X i 1' X I 2 X .1 . I V 5 X v . , lliml- o , g ll : I: . 1 x 1 1" UZ" lf fr li. in ,, J X- ir' ' f I Y' I ' A X .4 ' F, 4 . 1 -"nu Q-XX Q, Maureen Jancloes Brian Jemelion Terry Jensen John Jesus Ernesto Jimenez Slephen Johanson Kirk Johnson Lisa Johnson Val Juick Karen Kaiser Sharon Kaiser Harula Karagias Diana Kaye Steven Keegan Jon Keeler Margarei Kelley John Kellum Dana Kennord Dana Kennedy Susan Kenz l-lyung Kim Kale Kincheloe Shelly King Doug Kirk Lindo Kirkendall Laura Klodifico Colleen Kline Kerry Knisley People II Juniors Showlng hls true patrloflsm with his American flag is John Doyel. Porformlng for The Drill Team at the Football half-limes are Loraine Kragian, Sharon Aronald, Amy Benvenuto, Teresa Peterson, Robin Diefch and Sheila Rockenbach. Kathleen Knox ' ' Eddie Ko Ll Karl Koch Debbie Korman Robin Korlje A y - " George Kozaker .5 l A Leah Krafl -' 4. .AA :Lg W-5 A A' , ,X D: W K f x, ' Douglass Krager ' ' ii FLA . K- l I, - 'ff fy X 1 , 4, 4" Y, ,K l wi .xii , Y, I x 4 Y Ili ' .f x i ' it i ', . , X .1 i - Jeffrey Kramer Michael Kreykes I Kathy Krumm A, A1 V Kari Kruse ' jx " l Russell Kuelper Q. -Y , ' Susan Kuroki -"'-Q33 Ei :RU iii f Q i f Merrick La Fon J R 5 e Julie La Sance I, Debbie Lam Mfrs Gail Lampman " -. Lisa Lanza , . 1 X., Jim Larew , L. N il" if 4' Sheila Larson 'T' -' I - A i f I ' . If 'Mm L. J li " I X K ' 4. y K H n P' X l Xi fi 4 1 1 JUf1lOfS ll 58 People fr ' W s in fl f 4 hz? l 'ei ' T 7?- ,. W, fr, f 'vw' J" - 1 Q' li l V' ' " I , , F. L, Go T3 as - A- .s 'ff' - V Y? J -Ziff' f x I 4 ' - X ik,, Kg: ,,L.:,-. ' Q ff if fimi eri, NN "" ' xx! kia? 4 L ' ' ' l - 'S ZLQ " f X ' x lx X , ffl cj - L .Ls ' l if , , ' L ,fi F " 5,1 ly, ,J L 2 ,1 A 4 'T X 7, -13 it ' Q, X Y X V 'lhil 1' fljl 'Dun' X f l , :' f' -55 i fl ,-fd. . , ,Q N ,uw f s Q 1 . 1 --, t,,? , i - x i R 1 ..- vv- in J ,,-. 'ft G - . 'J ni' ff , ,A Y-7 , ff: 4-L42 kit L' U, 4 A XLS? Fins! 1 A1 ,,... V N .A U N'-V Al , l X A1 , :JI 3 ni . likl Laura Lasira Mary Lauderdale Randal Leatherman Rick Lehine Diana Lehman Sandy Lemmon Jeff Lesperance Donald Levinski Greg Lewis Mark Lewis Monica Lichter Audrey Lick Dandy Lie Don Lievsay David Ligon Jay Linder Shelly Linderman Stephanie Lilvak Rob Lloyd Chrisia Lockard Eric Loeffel Julie Lokieiz Eric Lokker Anna Longo Dan Lopez Elizabeth Lopez Gabriel Lopez John Lovrensky Lisa Lucas Jim Lucas Kristen Luenschloss Susan Luilon Raymond Lysher Doug Maas Dana Mac Farlane Chris Mackey Teresa Magner Rich Maize Mike Malian Daniel Maljanian Gennifer Mallard Debbie Manlove Aian Mar Rick Marriot John Marshall Dona Marlin Vicki Marfinef Evie Masonovich Brad Maiheny Delight Malheny Julie Mathews Scot? Mathews Tony Malranga Anne Maflecheck Dan Mauch Alaine Maurer People Juniors '15 460 - K . .L if .4 4 nu, li I Q O xv ' W. ' t' d . KQT? ' ' 'Art T-.H T I if . s-. 'T-i.3',v ks' -.x '-?ZN , s -5, .s . 5 . ,l 5 -xlyff .2 ,j,jj: . jlgflff J5'in.1Q A Helping To poy for The juniorfsenior pr Pr choses d bonus book from Mike Wois. Pl'OblelTlS The Prom. Every senior looks forword To iT ds o romonfic evening To be spenT wiTh friends, possibly The losT chdnce To see everyone in d formol oTmosphere before grddudTion. To The juniors ond some selecfed sophomores, iT is on evening To be jusT GS imporTdnT os To The seniors. BuT for The Junior Closs Officers, The Prom mednT o loT of work ond plonning. Mike Wdis, junior closs presidenfz Hedlher lvlc-Culloch, vice-presidenT: Woyne Cossriel, senoTor: ond Debbie Owen, secreTdry: were especidlly ' concerned wiTh The Prom. Their problems were ldrge, including The seorch for d suiTdble ond dffordoble locdTion. The busiesi ond hdrdesT porT of pldnning wds The deToils. Flowers for The People Juniors m, Terri Nixon pur- A li V 1 S5 ,QW '57 'ly X -. , 'K A 1 - L A ics. " - ' fx- .x ' ' A+ f -fl ' A T f , T W l X s 1 -fi" X 4. I N ,NJ I I a A We 8 . K ,sa T- .4 Tdbles, phoTogrdphers ond The Tickefs . 'X . Took mosT of The Time To orronge. . - The inevifoble problem wds price. WiTh minimum Iobor wdges incredsing To 83.40, ond infloTion rising higher Thon ever before, TickeT prices could hdve been ouTrdgeous. In order To help cover cosTs, The junior closs ond dll oTher inTeresTed sTudenTs sold Bonus Books. Bonus Books were coupon books wiTh discounTs oT locol resTouronTs ond sTores. e -f , The junior closs olso sponsored The ' Q dnnudl Donkey BoskeTbdll gdme. j 'al li The Prom wds o huge success, due To ' The focT ThoT The junior closs officers T I worked for monThs To hdve o formol ' V T- ThoT The seniors would remember long ofTer groduTion. l T G .I '31, MTH , .1 FL., , -llf .- R , C' . r 14 -ff . 4, ,. A 'ZZ Yi , el 4 x . 5 i . li z,ii,,l .33 1 . -. f, H .. ., F- . C' K . "5 A i I ii' " A " I IA I 2 l 5 xl Q F, 'vf' ' t1T'f i 1 , x 'Al l :1 J' I is Li' I ti 1 ,Lf it Y? A W b y . Q., L, ' 'A ' a 5 'f I L. 4 'lr' ,W 1 , ' rif f X I ,jg X X X613 l i A I . rv id I f . Ui" " lx 'Q 1. if 'V' A -Ik X N 5 J " Q '. V VN l XXX 'ff A pr. Et 3' ft- 4 A -,ia G . K, 1 1 I .,1, vi ' .w x 2 ti .A I 7 lm xx M N' ,Xx v mr Q W-'Y - - "'i. H I i ---- , . 5' lI'fsF.... x ' ix ff a ,u ' I xx " I ,J--xx yy N 4 I W , ' 1 . . : . A R A M ' P ff l, 31 -. . L Q ' , ' . 'T' G B B 'l if-'f lf' 'li Q -5 X x . .1 x 'H i" I T " M -. .5 .V Jn I l xr .gif , I L ,J 5 J , ' :4fQM,5?g ' 1.7 : 'A -' Zakir is-1 5:5 X xii- , A Z is , . . L Q H-Q s.l RQ: ' A ' 'Q' ' 54. X J lii 'i i L Jean Mayer Renee Mayer Karen Mazone Michael McAteer Michael McBride Kathy McCabe Kimberly McCarty Curt McClam Lynne McCormick Heather McCulloch Jenny McEntire Deidre McGinnis Pamela McGuffin David Mclntyre Helen McKendrick Paul McMahon Scott McNutt Megan McQuarie Christopher McShone John Mears Jeanie Medley Paula Mickle David Meeker Judith Meerkreebs Francisco Mendoza Joslyn Metzger Joe Micciche Bob Miller Gretchen Miller Lynn Miller Tom Miller Lori Minick Lori Mitchell Merrilee Mitchell Barry Mittner Lisa Molinari Cynthia Moore Jessica Moore Leland Moore Lorena Moore Gilbert Morris Wendy Morris Betsy Morse Beverly Morse Mike Mosca Julie Mumford Monica Munoz Reema Muaddi Diane Muntz Edward Murfett Karne Murphy Mark Murphy Jeffrey Myers Yoko Nakahira Rosemary Nakamura Terri Nakatani Stacy Nale Michael Napoli Paul Narbit Mona Nasir Oscar Natos Rachel Nevarez Julie Neal Deborah Newman Michale Nielsen Paula Neander David Nixon Terri Nixon Joanne Noble Veronica Nocero Bill Nolan Glenn Norberg People 11 6 Juniors D dN KKN cn Tph NTI1 J OB Knyos T ThyOB Mk OL gn: C I Od C I OI f S OI S cl O d P I O d D d Orell L Orme IL! Af" Q If V IMD I QQQQMAKHWQQL xb XCQg,, mfwjw QIGX xW wQI9Kww XF , L 5152 ,Q QI Y X V IL wi Iygkrx IQI KI w L U3 W IIIIDIW If w IIQIIV WY , 462 Junior gem, 1, Qi ,,, F N- M Q - 3 A . .- r 4. Q f 0 1,-r,,x l -5 , . A 'KT . I' W TJ AR -- ff " rffmf' Y , I , r ii uint K ' l .A -A " -. gl, J., :-" ' i - 'f , ' lin' V H J' fx V rf' . . . x A. r .-. ,-pf 1 5 , W i i 'Q Q f ea . - ' . I . ' X ' I ij i L' Ldvff Vw 'vin' - fgviv fh i lb i ii ,R . ff' .4 , cr 4,5 f- tr at X ' Jil Q.. n 1, ' 7 W A - xy 'Q . ' i . if---, ,nf X 1 ,S ,- r I i r Vi 3: ' xx X , 0 I E., 2 X f V X In l Q I ' fl 'S . , 'fl , 42, P , r- , 1 iw -F O X 42 i V K 1 f " ' ' S .. 5 5' A . 1 W.- K- , ,i W 1 f -,. Aw' ,-, 'f H '-i I V X ' j3W2ffq,x ' i fi' L L i , ,- I fN'l5,WfifN fi' X Van Osgood Martha Osko Deborah Osteen Debbie Owen Gabbrielle Oxenham Laura Packy Alison Paisley Lori Palmeter John Papa Denise Papararo Greg Papay Jennie Park Diane Parker Jim Parker Todd Parry Ed Partridge Richard Patten John Patterson Kristen Patterson Mardie Payne Marlene Payne Don Pelletier Matt Pendo Kathy Penharlow Laura Penny Claudia Perez Robert Perry Sue Perry Bill Perry Danny Perugino Diane Peters Tom Peters Cyndia Petersen Sandy Peterson Sharon Peterson Teresa Peterson iqeria Peterson Peterson Nicholas Picanzo Teresa Pink John Pinkel Lisa Pinson Maria Pinter Doreen Pisano Susan Piszkiewicz Ed Pithey Jan Piessner Kim Porrota Doug Porter Dianna Preston Leslie Price Penny Price Glenn Princic Torry Pritchard Randall Prosper Dave Prozeller Juniors People ll 6 Stephanie Purdy Sonja Pusnik Doug Qua Catherine Quinn Joseph Quintana Edith Raft Linda Raidy Christine Ramirez Curtis Reichenfeld Patricia Reid Andrea Reuter Jeff Rhine Janie Richter Yvonne Rigali Anne Ritter Danny Roberts Sheila Rockenbach Bryan Rodgers Lisa Ronga Tin Root Caroline Ross Justin Ross Lynn Ross Sandy Ross Joe Rossi Catherine Rouser Dave Rowe Ron Rumin Jim Russell John Russell Karen Russell Michele Russo Suzette Rutledge Fred Ryan John Ryan Pam Saftler Andrew Sale Bryan Sands Kristen Sandladerer Alan Santo David Savely Lori Schaeffer Dwain Schenck Jim Schirmer Mark Schlichting Jennifer Schmidt Kim Shoeman De Lynn Schoenholtz Jeff Schroeder Tanya Schroeder Nancy Schultz Bruce Schuster Susan Schweiner Linda Scott Mike Scott Rob Scribner Matt Searfoss Debbie Searls Tuula Seberry Todd Seidner Jenny Seine Sheri Selling Kim Service Shari Sewell Craig Shallahamer Brian Sharp Sue Short Meg Shurtleff Gail Shuster Adam Siefke 4 64 People Juniors F' is is scsi fs f . Q1 , I x -1 ' '1 Q1 n .L- 12 ' A' i f wiv is " 6 i Q-,il i, -Sv 4, wmv i 1 , - . ii 1 l' H". . v rf ,, . i xi ' r 'V v' .4 U 1 1 4, '- V ,lgy .L 53 'Xt 1,5 ik!! Ax. if ,1-"'f'- s. I 5' J 4 .ffl l vi i vig - .Q S A ,J D wtf I - L gf 'Gil Oni yur ' l N A 6' 1-79 ' s . , L in Ji' L - w ifi yy W -gg xii, X I .. -4 - 1' 'i 'Wx is i ,. I R X E 5 di., A is J 'ir r I nf' Q l i' I V1 I' F l in Q K I i, Fri .wr i 11.1 If ' , X I , 4 .'d'7"J l' ' l 1 l h" n'.' ' . fn . , it i'l zfafiiilm i J . E Jmd' I Nw' . V, ,, H1 A JAX Y. is V, -4 " 0 5 ' , 'faf f f Qi ,g 3 J. .1- . ,N Q T' , ,lQij.i'i 12 fs L Li gif' Vx :ir!'f.i'?V' 'v 1 3 1 4 xx 1 ,P X r-., -X-' 7' .tsl .Q ' , A - VJ-XII. i'-' ty ' V 1 Q4 I., si K 4 'J XV 4 R ,J 1 l 5..-'33 1 'fl' 'L if X ' Q. X vi X il I ' ,l an Q5 ,g 4. --vx ,f J 1 - 'al 3? I dd Ir . W L- l 2 lzqx 1'-' .i L, , ' ll., ., .Ji ,I ca- uf' ' X l If ,. :, A , ,- .Et 'wx . li. fl ' 4 ' K .Q .f"'- Xb, iii ,. A ."'4b-le. , l ., lg ,N H. If , 5 - In gif--'le-is b , ,..xf..-f E. Mod Squad CommenTing on The school's new campus aTTendanT, a sTudenT remarked, "The Blue Lady is a Thing of The pasT." As The decade reTires so does The legendary heroine who Through years of her serviTude and dedlcaTion did jusTice To The leagues of "blow ouTs" in This school. Don'T be alarmed Though because replacing This Arcadian insTiTuTion is The fearless Mod Squad, a legion of aTTendanTs who are consTanTly f5ghTing never-ending sTruggle againsT smokers, and To seek an end To Truancy The incredible "Mod Squad" pose for a picTure on The souTh side of campus. in our school sysTem forever. Chosen by lvlr. Payne and Dr. Cordano among The fifTeen To TwenTy possiblliTies were PaT Sunla, ErnesT Ross, Mark LassiTer and Dave Noeforlane who specializes in parking loT supervision. These brave individuals have been successful in clearing ouT The baThroom's smokers, and prevenTing people from leaving The campus. Cleaner halls, less TruanTs, and The smoking clinic were a direcT resulT of The new campus aTTendanTs. 465 Juniors Tom Sinclair Tom Skahill Selena Skomsvold Shannon Skomsvold Stacy Slender David Smith Deanna Smith Greg Smith Laura Smith Tracy Smith John Snyder David Song Dong Song Kyong Song Jeff Soper John Sorenson Susan Sorenson Lori Sparks Chris Speck David Stadler Leslie Stanley Colleen Steadman Susan Steffanus Craig Stehsel Walter Sfeimle Sharon Stephen Mark Stephens Mary Stoddard .-,,... J .r 5 .nr- ij W' I 1 i 2 nj' J r I' X If Q in im g,i v. 1 1 N 1 s ,,,,.. 1 5" , 'i fi I ,N , , i 2 ki . 2 ' in Q, N ,i ,. -,an r tl -Q f .,- '. . 7 35 25' Yu , ix fx viii' f . " X 1 I if rf' N' I X If 3 ' J 5 i V 1 Y 3 VVYX .ryj . lf , i. it ' A I "W up . fe-r WI? 4 V P! it u J-Q' R N Y FH :CM I- ,CH . T7 ,955 x IN -. . s . , -5 ,. mli i if 7 1 11 66 People Juniors 4 I? JN- Ph I X 3, W 4 'L l A lv All smiles is lan Finley who relaxes on the benches Suzanne Cook and Mike Coon.v.iv'i 120d'rNi X I .Rf f'7if1 ' 1 .rf "" in rw - ' N 5 XXX l 'I 1 Q .3 x, x , 'r T I U s -of T . gy! 7, v! r I xr fl ya Nu. . i : . A M Y .'i-'1, i 1 ,J A A 1 ' X y , is all Z- is, T 54 fs, ." , ',f - 1 V", 'f x ri T Tl liflrl flex X if , r- 'l ' 1 ' a eld--U ol solitude are shared by Cathy Torres and O'Brien as they stroll down The main hall. flffilfjii -ff irv ri ,,Y ,-3. , Er 1. Jacqulin Stone Slephanie Stone Cafhy Sroner Melinda Srolhers Nadia Slraghalis Terri Slrombolne Jim Slubblefield Karen Slumpf Nijmah Suid Paula Summers Zulfikara Surani Gina Surdo Rick Swanson Karen Swenson Lisa Tan Raymond Tan Ted Tarazi John Tasker Tracy Tasker Susan Taylor De Anna Teague John Temple Tonya Tharp Shari Thiele Greg Thomas Mark Thorn Dale Tiberg Bill Tolle Natalie Tomovich we ...V ,Q- l?" . 4 4.- , .U i - I--v:. 'A .Z-:,'?"'7-'I . L, V, ,,w,. i ii ij- " . ls. P .- fag J .. 4 1, .T - vl lggffr, ft .f 'rs W W ' 5 ' ' , ,- 1 I 3 Pu f' I . , lv- a A ' A ' xfdifi S. I, .,.,' ilk.. r U4 Q' . 58 ff-524' E' ' . 'fl A -,ll-" 4 5 ' N ifx 'lb A , .t'?g3, " e S' -. ' . +44 . .. , - ' f-' . - - 1 - f 1+ '-V w v 'g i People Juniors l fibx f- 'A .sau 468 Patty Torrence Cathy Torres Susan Tortell Sue Totten Randy Tourtellotte Mark Towner Steve Trisler Che Tsai Gayle Tsern John Tsui Denise Tuck Debbie Turner Bobby Tzay Michelle Upp Paulo Valentine Suzanne Vanderveer Karen Van Kirk Jon Van Oss Sharry Van Wickle Melanie Varhoe Estela Velaquez Jenny Viksten Stephanie Volmer Lee Waddell John Waddleton Susan Woinscott Mike Wais Lisa Waken Laura Walie Susan Walker Chad Wang Jim Ward Eric Watts Jeff Watts Marie Weber Larry Weikel Andy Weiler Gilya Weiss Jeff Weiss Marie Weitkamp Kim Welch Valarie Welch Phillip Wells Karen Welte Shari Wendt Cheryl Whelchel Dave White Pom Whitehill Kenneth Whiteley Marie Widlund Tina Wiggins Kim Williams Diane Wilker Wendy Wilbert John Willis Dave Wilson Robert Wilson Laura Winterburn Gina Wood Brian Wright Nicole Wybenga Scott Yeakel ll-jin Yoon Diane Zack Deidre Zavitz Lisa Zecher Brian Zeldin Bill Zeutzius Greg Ziegler Wade Zinn Wade Zirbel Marianne Zive Angela Zonni Chris Zuniga People Juniors ki- . QT- A be T' 5' ,' N? pa. , ,-5 0 I ,r ' L L , 'Ag fl QC, L, L, Wx 2 'W .al S ri-14 ', -- " it . f sltf,ts.xJ,f2sn . y Q , i . I bu. F -X U 1 ,QFKJV I : N5 7: : 'fblxfy y vi' T I r,1g Hx 1 U 1, x J 2 - - "T 7 iii ififg- - X " T w 1 'A g g ff' V' X ' DQR J ' . YW ' S '. h ,tl-FV I V .. - .' II? . A ii F T s' " , ' w " X t-fi - , " J -' -, xl ,, - . s ,' X ' ef .. as rl. . fl Ffh s 'ni ' Z X 1 4 Y 1' H rg gk ' ws 4 x R 1 m o ' ' if I , Q. l ' fri ,A V .N f, ,A i .sm 1-4, V... .ggg r-A ' 4' l .. 1 4 '-ur V' KL ' , F X 4 X 4' ' ' gb T 5. R ,gr " a 4 r -e ill Ke? -. " Fe.. . 5, W:-'R . - f l is .. A V f:!.L?n Es .L I ' F ' ' Jai I, T' fr? ' -'T L an' ? - A get T T ' T X, 1 . , v .gi t .fi Lf 4 X , X . i s.- ' L, T f V ffi ' . li L ' 'V N 1' x ' ' A lol ti l W M .T M 1 ' T V. 3 m They Make Their Own Music ln oddifion To Their porTicipciTion in The morching bond, Two juniors, Ed PiThey ond Dove Zirbel, found Time To moke Their own music ouTside of school. Ed PiThey ployed o unique ond differenT insTrumenT, The mondoline. Ed's grondfoTher TdughT him how To ploy The guiTcir-like mondoline ond To This obiIiTy Ed ddded his own song-wriTing ToIenTs. As d member of Rodd Show during his sophomore yeor ond oT differenT school ond Iocol funcTions, Ed demonsTroTed his obiliTy in The lyrics ond melodies of songs he composed himself. Ed won severol owords in ToIenT. Like Ed, junior Dove Zirbel wos involved wiTh music ouTside of school. Dove wos o member of severol locolly orienTed rock groups ds d leod guiTorisT. AfTer The break-up of The losT bond he ployed in, Dove become o free-lonce musicion hoping possibly To creoTe his own successful group. He ond Ed colIoboroTed on The Homecoming Show ond wiTh Ed on vocdls ond Dove on guiTor, ond The poir sTole firsT ploce. Ed ond Dove boTh sold They enjoyed Their involvemenT in music on o bosis brodder Thon The insTrumenTciI music deporTmenT QT The high school level, ond, os well, boTh enjoyed The recogniTion They received for moking Their own music. Ed Pifhey demonsTrdTes his mandolin TolenTs while Dove Zirbel occompcnies him on The guifor. People Juniors N-xiii' pn. 1-' Craig Arkins Stanley Alexander Jr. Donna Baeza Joe Bailey Vincent Barnese Dan Barrie Kirk Beard Kevin Beaver Brad Belleperche Vicki Blevins Todd Bloss Tony Bordighi Jacob Castillo Dan Chambers Tom Clementino Jim Cocoris John Crippen Tim Culverwell Fred Daily Mary Damico Dan Dandridge Amy Deneen Bryan Doliveria Jean Edquid Heather Elliot People Junios Juniors Not Jose Faundez Vince Fontaine Brian Fry Marijo Galina Mike Giambra Dan Golden Marissa Gonzales Kamal Hamdan Merry Harris Steve Heaton Wayne Hedwall Loydette Heltsley Dave Hernandez Clark Hoover Dave Jackson Rob Jaworski Carl Jepson Kathy Jesse Kim Se Hoon John Komfolio Dave Kreinbring David Kuron Shahram Lame Wan Jin Lim Jairo Lizarazu Caught Michael Llamas William Lugo Keith Mainwal Oscar Matos Bill Mc Govern Mary MC Kelvey Vickie Melena Juli Melton Jorge Mena Evelin Minouei Charles Mitchell David Morgan James Morgan Lorena Morgan Scott Olympius Todd Omens John Oropeza Dave Osti Meejin Park Jeffre Pennington Y Donald Perry Cheryl Petterson Anna Pilic Robert Pillen John Pinkel Christopher Purmer Patricia Reid Diane Reilly Danial Reinig Michelle Rogalla Renee Rudder Teresa Salerno Susan Schweiner Robert Sheldon William Shipman Troy Siemon Steven Smissen David Song David Stewart Robert Stone Suzette Sullivan Vincent Tagliamonte John Temple Nicolas Terlip John Toro Karen Westerlind Ravindra Wijesiriward Christopher Williams Gregory Young Teri Young Junior Perspective esponding To auesfions abouT Arcadia High d Themselves as juniors, were juniors who had ny differenT and varied feelings. Presenfed re are quofes reflecfing The opinions of several denfs picked aT random from The junior class. 'Arcadia High has a fine academic program, ifs T a maTTer of Taking advanfage of iT," said Pendo, "sTudenTs who wish To benefii from curriculum offered here musT asserf and Try To use This academic program Their besT advanTage," school was a Time for friendship, and The of new friends. Laura HorTon offered her of The effecf school has on making "High school is a fanTasTic Time To grow learn, buT especially To make friendships ThaT lasT and lasf. Your sophomore year is a Time you're in a daze, buT your junior year is you seTTIe down and appreciafe all ThaT has To offer." rcadia High had a loT, a IoT when compared oTher high schools and Sfeve Garry ThaT nof enough sTudenTs Took advanfage of This school has To give. "Arcadia High offers n Wilson, Cory Harrison, Sheila Rockenbach, Susie Taylor, Debbie e, Terri Nixon, Sue Shorf and Marisa Gonzales enjoy an afternoon er game in The bleachers. '4 .f' i lf' some of The finesT programs To sTudenTs: one such program ThaT I am familiar wiTh is The Television news producfion. We happen To be one of The few forTunaTe schools in Soufhern California To have availabilify To a communicaTion media." 'il have found ThaT my involvmenf in This program has made me more aware of school acTiviTies, and I wish ThaT more sTudenTs would Take The opporTuniTy To geT involved." Evie lvlasanovich found ThaT her junior year aT Arcadia was noT as fun as iT could have been. "High school could be more fun. My junior year consisfs of school and work. lTs really hard. There is enough homework and sfudying To Take up a whole day, ThaT iT hardly allows Time for ouTside acTiviTies. l'm noT blaming The school or The Teachers, buT maybe wiTh a liTTle more cooperafion Things could be worked ouT." One aspecT of being a junior is ThaT one is one year closer To Their senior year. Susan ShorT puT iT This way: "l'm ToTalIy excifed because school is greaT, buT Three years is enough! Senior year is full of exciTmenT and planning for The years To come. NOT much will change, buf my schedule. l'm noT having five solids-NO WAY! Ceramics and home excused will be my hardesT classes! l'm really looking forward To iT." Voicing Their feelings on Their second year aT Arcadia High were juniors who had Their varied and differenT opinions. They felT high school was The place To make enduring friendships while oThers felT if was The place To asserT Themselves academicly. There was one sTudenT who felT Arcadia was forTunaTe To have whaT if has. and ThaT more sTudenTs should Take advanfage of The programs available while anofher felT ThaT Three years aT Arcadia High were long enough. Obviously The opinions of The enfire junior class could noT be feafured here, buT This represenTs a small sampling of juniors and Their perspecfives on life aT Arcadia High. G-effing his fill of pizza on slave day is Ed Parfridge. People Juniors Hanie Abdel Malak Samira Abuomar ' ' Daniel Acevedo Edward Acosta Kelly Adams Trac Adams '31 .v ' i ti Kim Agnes :I I D' X Nl' Linda Albrecht Toni Albright Jennifer Aldridge Tara Allen Cindy Allison - . - Mike Allison l Frank Aluzzi V .fm B Rick Aluzzi Scott Anderson Tony Andreoli Pete Anthis Benin Aquila Dove Archuleta A -I N i X Y m W x Y Diana Arviso S 1 X 'V . 'li Frank Arzapaio Brent Austin Janet Bagan Lynda Bailey Melissa Baiunco f-N - ff Angelina Baker fm V, Ricky Baker - -- :J '--. -Q-., , 'N L I., . 'uf v . . .ir X ' W ' b ' 'lt lei mx' u is ii l Low Men On The Totem Pole j Looking back, sophomores found junior high school a little easier, but not nearly as much fun as Arcadia High. "ln junior high we looked forward to high school," claimed Lisa Wells. v tt, . Q 411. "-min' . . N y' , -... ,A lm: HI. 1 iv- ,ar si their pictures taken for their student body class pictures. They then entered a madhc people trying to obtain the classes and te -Sophomore day Qwhere sophomores were Sophomores got acquainted with Arcad bombarded with water balloons, milk cartons, and through sophomore orientation. They atter perfumey registration, and starting a new school year assembly and then took a tour of the can in a different school were all experienced by orientation, incoming sophomore girls and sophomores. Sophomores soon realized that they junior and senior girls got together for ann: were the "low men on the totem pole" and that League Big Sister-Little Sister picnic. they would stay that way for the rest of the year. All in all, sophomores fared well, and mo Sophomores faced the challenge of registering for had a great year. When asked what they their classes and choosing teachers for the first time. forward to in being juniors, most simply saic Sophomores filed through the library doors, according being sophomores anymore!" to numbers sent to them through the mail and had ll 7 2 People Sophomores Michelle Marfinet and Marina Hanrahan follow the football lj ' 70 . - Q4 N ' . , ' V .- " A" I! I . K 1 ' , 119-- 1' ' -'V .I ' ' an , . ' - ,ff - . - ' "5" nf: ' ,NV . , ' - v l 3, ' . P f?E5Q34mS 2 'fs - La! ' N J' i f A-v f, J ' ig ily-ff.-if gl ' -A 's WV 575,11 r.'d.'' x v ' . ilfff r Y 1 -J fl? Al if J . , B , 1 A - J A n r l ld I P Y ,M ' ii, Yr Q Q ' "1 1 P X , x I xx, ,Li X - I 0 . 4,5 Q' 6 be ,W . . f Q sl I Nm., X I I 1 QQ 'R ml lr X i Xl A l fx i" 'l 'i ' " ' :vw 1 KK- vrvx 'CT' 4 L I All!! xi Russ Baker Nancy Balcom Greg Balekjian Nick Ban Julie Bannister Pamela Barbara Linda Barber Denine Barker James Barner Laura Baerefi Jane Bafeman Mary Baffaglia Kim Becker Jeff Beckman Heather Beesley Nancy Beiswenger Jill Bell Rick Bell Erika Beran Vince Bernabei Diane Berumen Gilbert Berumen Heidi Biersch Kim Bierschback James Bjordahl James Blacklock Rick Blankenship Curr Blogin CJPHOVIOHI People 11 7 3 Sophomores 9, . Q' -M J' -S.. Ye w , M. .A 5, i-siQ's'i I""v M011 Coss Todd Paul Ed Nunoz ond Scott Thibon discuss their choice of clubs. N' . sb' LT ,is Brod Vcugn ond Cyndn Hordy doscuss plans for the rest of the doy over lunch, 2-qu 2' l'r"'!4', ir" . 2 X '43 r . s 5, Xi Wk A ,- 1 .ff W 1 A. k ' ,Y ,-,z aw-we X N Q". i ., Rv, ,f". X1 x x x vg- , ww wi , ' 'u-f '-., fy' A .4 ' I ' o c .223 we v Y . X -,JU ia: ' A- t ,wax V of..,.z, , 5. '53 , 'Xie Xsx! ' .r,:. '5- 1 's f .:, :wif '- Q ,- Xf 3 -P 3554-iw 4 1, A . , . I I gnu Q-sp Q 4 fu x ',,. e"'.J' n v Mg," YV N "lm , fu X A-G' " , ,rms '- ww Z x, " fi? 3 f 6 :UL .J , :J ' w.. . ,M . X , tv 5:53 1 "' 'A X Ml' 1 ,' . f 4 df' A N Q 'ic' 151:-1-,e l 1' 1' .N xi' 1,1 , rl ' I all ' 4 A I .x ft: L. 1 if 'X 'J -ff L 'QW J J A xv 'Q Q . . N,'.!.MI - - . Q-, V Q 'J P? , X ss- fhl 1 U . , E r'-7 .. A it " P' X as ..- 'ii' " 'J ti, i C, al A' I , "' y C y ilk f N 'C X S r-. if ' fgf' f Til l w A X df r X 4- 'l ' ll ,. ' ' -1' - V' " i I .X , l N! 1 xii f ' . iz . f . P if i - U ': Y A . vw! xv Ill- 3 ' ' 55 , 3 Q Q i fi i z 4: .i gi Y. ' , ' Y . 1 ' - , - - fm, ,. 2 ,L A P' ', i- r V .K VX . - ,- "'!A ' X ia li, I 7-'lxxxi A . - ,' I., l ,'-' .--eg .W V . ' :J v 'h sos in S439 y i ig f A' 7' in ' ss 'I-Q4 I V B -. . Nl 1 V '.N 5 . I-D, -xi i M a t 1. ' . -if . .i, W i. x. 'Q' xy H f ' X ffl ' , It l ' , 9 J, i w i VM " Pl l A 'p- aw vu . V' K J if V li lf, ili f. T", A LR' ' iv ,gi , Q 4 if - ', :.,, 'x -K J 1 .x 3 ' 3 i ,Xu K "4 F V ..n.11 Christel Blum Deborah Boese Janet Boley Cynthia Bourland Linda Bowen Lisa Bowen Marsha Bowers Todd Bozung Dan Bradford Anna Bradley Eric Bradley Richard Brady Scott Bergeson Conchetta Brascia Brian Brilz Burton Brink Mark Brinkman Majorie Britton John Broderick Eileen Broderick Carol Brown Mark Brown Scott Brown Steven Brumley Doug Bryant Dave Bulen Michael Bullock Kirk Buonauro Scott Burch Brent Burdick Pauline Burke Alice Burkner Cindy Burnside Lucia Colabrese Richard Calkins Jefteg Call Tom ampbell Lori Cagron Diana aputo Sandy Caquelin Steve Cardinale Joe Corona Holly Carroll Kathy Carruth Jeff Carter Bill Carter Matt Cass Ed Cazares Ken Cazeneuze Rob Celano Euaene Chan Holy Chandler Gary Chaney Lilly Chang Steve Charron Chris Chatburn Rick Chen Yupha Chhiop Josh Chidester Greg Chila Karen Chrisney Lisa Christensen Kim Christiansen Charles Chivetta Peter Chung Tina Ciolti Anglea Clark Boyd Clark Shannon Clark Greg Clarke Sandra Clarke Mark Clayton John Cleary Fred Cleere Ed Clement Dan Clementine Julie Cockburn Mike Cohen Cheryl Colby Ruth Cole Mike Collins Pam Collins Tina Collins Pam Cook Sally Cook Tom Cooney People 4 7 Sophomores Greg Cooper Debbie Cotto Diane Cotto Christine Cordero Christopher Coupland Laura Cowan Gerry Coyle Lance Crafts Scott Crawshaw Katie Crider Robin Croce Anthony Cuftia Sondra Curley Sonya Currey Craig Curtis Shawn Cutler Pam Daleo James Daly Sara Dorwell Yvonne Daughhetee Gary Davis Eric DeBovnton Rene De Fiori Lawrence DeLaRosa Sandra Deal Pam DelRay Randy Delgado Mike Deliman Donna Demars Rashanta De Silva Robert De Thomas Elizabeth Dettoni James Devine Timothy Dickey Brian Diehl Francine Diliberti Denise Dinan Nadine Di Stefano Garth Donaldson Carol Donohoe Richard Doyle Roxanne Drouet June Drown George Ducich Laura Duemler Randall Dugay Kathleen Dunne Bob Durkee Shawna Durst David DuVaughn Shannon Eastenson Pam Eastman Michele Eaton Kathleen Ebersole Andriana Echandia John Edkins Randall Egge Ann Eggers Erica lby Mary Eldridge Judy Ellis Donna Ellsworth Eric Elson Dan Engel Wendy Englund Julie Escobedo Barry Evleth Lee Exton Chris Farmer Craig Farmer John Farraj Shawn Faulconer Mark Fator Margaret Feld Ken Feldman Liz Fellows Maria Fernandez Josene Ferrara Cynthia Figueroa Jill Fields Gary Finnerty Sonja Fisher Robert Foley Kim Forrest Robert Fort Robby Fox Dennis Francis 7 6 People Sophomores i Y-S, . .I -Y 4.15 Au, -i: w fy .1- I.. I' .-1:31 It ' J' N l. ,J 3' 1' if 43' X ' I A ws, N . 4 1 , 'Y 'v 'Y - Ria. V+ 3 QQ is 'L-gf' 'J '- -"r K 'df 1 'I' ,P 1 0 -6 L E i bfuj K-Eff' .IL-Yvjbh k j ' LK 'fl' rx ,a.y, J . Y.. .I -1 X Q... K ,fb .l. ll 'iw , Mt Q1 - k S J ' X K p. 1 F,,,,w,.,f,sTA, 5 . l In 1 U-I L I K . nw 1 0,531 I I A K- Lf ts 4, Q A ' f I C' 1 ' LGS, """j . , 3, i h 'N Wy H E 2- F 'KF F. ,' '.i ' .X ig-Q i -4 l . . Q Vgjtsl fed NAM, l 'T . X I ' .l - - ' i if '22, L '-2 W. V , 1 rf' if-A vs. X gKlXE.rx..f1:TEdi ll! " 4 .4 ll ' "J -xi .' X' l -v 5.2 wikis, . J l -KLA , s v l 1 41 Q 'li X 1 L Km K .. . Q 4 ia +041 ,ni fffsg ' l Q-ss-. 'ff-wi - 'vi' " . ... . X I' . ' ia half 1 4 'v' '- - , L ' ' 'lf 4 ' 'f-'7 Y. xXx, 'sl , 2-is I "? 'fr " Alslisn ar 1' X , 5 '. ,- Q- u T4- L. XS? xxx ..1 1 1 1 .N Sophomores Gain Prestige Closs rings were The key To sophomores feeling like They belonged dT Arcodlo High. This symbolic ring mode sophomores reolize ThoT They were noT going To be sophomores much longer ond ThoT They were now officiolly The cldss of 4982. Becouse of The skyrockeTing price of gold, The cosT of closs rings wenT up considerobly. Compdred To The prices for The cldss of '84 rings, S65 for girls ond S72 for guys, 4982 closs rings wenT up To S4 42 for girls ond S450 for guys. However, even wiTh The high price, sophomores felT The expense wos worTh The presTige ThciT closs rings broughT. Morsholl Jordon geTs in line To sign up for his fovoriTe club. .Ev -.P--'if' ll: lf: v .. is .x '-,-2' Tx w'. Qxsw-J V if 1 " People 11 7 7 Sophomores Donna Frank FV W Jan Frassrand f 1-'H J Doug Frey P J 'l I 5 'Aw Eric Friedman if ' l Q Qi gn 7 Gina Friend 7 4' i 1 Q i' '-'Q - Jennifer Frueh X Q .L -P A .N , ' Rob Fuelling , - hy, " f ' ' ,' - ' , 1 Benny Galindo " l Susan Gallagher Jeffrey Galland BQ Todd Gallemore F ' F' A ' ' Peter Gallina - 'F 1 5, ' fi Brad Gamble ., v --2' ,. r , John Gantz ' 47 ' Tl 'L' ' "F" ' l , " 4 Tilin g f i f . y x I' t K lg, - : i 1 Kim Gapastione . . ,H 1 Mike Gardner ,J ' ' 2, l ' 1 . , Miles Garrison . up ' ii ' -5 km Y Ronald Gaskill ' L Q , - ' s 'V J ' Brian Gates y 4: ' , A Y I Robert Gates 'S ' I l E 4 l 7 'ij' l W' Ellen Gewecke 3 A Q .21 5 g A . . I J if Q D ' X ' ' 1 A Deana Giammalva ' 'N John Gibbs , Melinda Gilliland Shari Giordano Q Q ' Jeffery Glanzrock , l A 2: I , Ruston Glass ' l - ' , 1-4 Andrew Glover X' I if Gig 1 X V 1 Q w 1 fi L sill: F - ig Clownlng around, Jeft Crogan and Cheryl Colby enjoy the relaxed atmo- Chaotic describes the activity in the yearbook room as Laurel Rossi sphere of the photo lab. desperately for typing paper. fl 7 8 People Sophomores 4 ,xg A K K" I Y,-.Qx . l ' X ith lg ' kh 1- '5 .9 41 " f X 2 4, 1 . n--Q in R 'V .r H N 'S' A -G 7:1 .ri - J , .f "tr t K I E g J 3 M R xi.- - V 1. .51 f - . A . A ,.A, 5 , I 5 X' .fv I, 'Z J. ' .2 ' 1 3 I i. ' J .ll '3.ll,w5 fl it A 4 , yi ,P 4 fl - . f J 1 5 J xx A 1 N "-,v" 4 5' N l We . S-L ,ivy 1 : c 'X ." 1' ." . Xliva' ' 1 v 4 x X" l - Til 4 Vjfafii -.ff J blut A ,gl f 1' J r Doug Goddard Wendy Goddard Bridgette Goins Dana Golden Steve Gormly Michael Graham Randy Grant Mike Gravatte Stacy Gray David Grayson Sabrina Greco Michael Green Diane Greene Julie Greenweli Joanna Greenweli Randall Griegorian Paula Gruben Jose Guerra Ralph Guglielmo Jill Hageman Kris Hakkila Barbara Hale Leslie Hall Edward Hannon Marena Hanrahan Rob Harbicht James Hardimon Steven Harding Correne Harris Sandra Harris John Hartwig Christine l-latchel Greg Havill Shelly Hays Jamie Heithe Laura Henderson Kim Hendrickson Mark Henricksen Andrew Henken Dan Henley People Sophomores 'I7 Rob Healy John Hermans Dorothy Hernandez Gerald Hernandez David Herr Matthew Herrington Charles Hess Mary Hier Kathryn High Peggy High Kelly Hill Michael Hill Marie Hillman Christopher Hillock Helen Ho Willwam Hoag Chris Hodson Robert Hoertig Patricia Holder Ken Holland Christine Hoist Jeffery Holzhauer Kenneth Hontos Megan Hooker Kira Hoover Richard Horn Laura Horton Naomi Hoshi 8 O People Sophomores Sophomores Abroad Instead of spending summer the beach, several sophomores spent their summer touring Europe Visiting relatives sight seeing, and experiencing a different culture were some of the reasons as to why students went to Europe. Mike O'Callaghan went to Europe this summer and agreed that the experience was really fun Mike spent most of his stay in France. After a wee of touring Paris, he experienced going to school in France for a month. He also spent a week in lrelan visiting relatives. When asked of his experience, Mike said, ' You learn how other people live in other parts of the world and you get to see their problems and how they deal with them. The people are very friendly really enjoyed traveling: it was very exciting. Mike was just one of the many sophomores who travelled through Europe. Mike felt he would "always remember" the experience he took part lfl. Mike O'Callaghan poses on a castle bridge during his stay in France 1 . 1 iT Q 'Q ii' l . :ff . .s-""'I N - ing, P? .M ,, iw "' 1,1 i G+-j s t4f""'x f- '- A' fa Ah- . .,Y , C I .1 J" 09' N.-r -ff- e V I ,-. . A Q 0 V4 'xg 'Ill 59' I N Tx if 'l V V - , 'sl - gf . . ff l. , . i' QQ ' V: W W 1 l L' Q, ' .NX , M I i X 6' ' .. gQiFsl 'XXJ 4' f 1. ef ig X ., . ,. ' 1-L I :P f I 4-4. i 4 , r flvf. 5 P1 Sd A . l i iw. ' 1 ' 1 .X fi Af xliiw. A -. ' fi. . .NA 1 'I 'IN iv' Julianne Howard Steven Howard Angie Huerta Q 6, Cheri Hunter Craig Hutchings Bill I V -r . Jamie Inness Y 7? 14 J Christopher lovine Susan Jackson Kathy Janes Joni Jemelian Richard Jenkins 'QQ Donna Jenks Andrea John K David Johnson James Johnson Jon Johnson Kirn Johnson Lyndon Johnson Richard Johnson Bill Johnstone -A .' Leg " Dave Jones Marshall Jordan Jaimi Julian Paul Kamaleson Eun-Hee Kang Darryl Kaplan Craig Kauffman ll-'Ae fs' Mjwmim A ,I ' Sophomores ' X . . I .ffl '- ' it ' I 5 H rw, J nhl-lil' U. g-:dpi limi: Fi. : 'Q ' 1-.Lv il 'ii 9 I A f' 1 0 5 ' . . i A l H, 'X 'N Z . X, 4 ' ' i P 1 " ' ' gs i - JJ , ,WY , 1 7? -l l , fy X i 'Lf 49 . -. 1 'ffl i 1 f - 'xv Ji 1 K I 5 , KW I-, Al. I1 if 'fix , ll ui M. fx V, M ' ' sx In i ug XY 1 X 1 ik A L i r 4 i 0 -' , 'A' l Y" ' X R- Q Xia . l I i 1, 35- N, , 0 M ' .. LL :3 1 , ' v . ' Q' f X L:-9 ' .ix AW, , X ' U 1 . X -AHA ,, X ."A1.-'V' ll.. I Q i i l f i - , ,ii , A 6- X l I is i if Y' .. RS , Ji . C k I 4 I 'if 'N ' I 1 b A x ,J f , X . 1 i 4' .f. K- . ii . X 1 X ' I al WJ N N . u., , I N! ., fx , 1,1 ' it "L, will .l i - 1 " N ' ii H . lp - if , i '. ' ' , if 5' .1 ii, ' ."' 5' 0 Q, ' ' Adi ' , ,QQ r J U I x X 5 .L ', ' ., fs, , XX, i , ,li V' Q , pi, r fix x A i I ' x 1 U lx f 'Win 5 l If-1 'fifiifi' "'-' 1 B i t 1 J J People 11 8 ll : J ' 5 . ' . W a , , i- . 'ly-. bl! 1 ' .' o ' W r 1 4-r , - -.i , V , Y :. W, .- in , of-f, p , , i 'in ' '- - ,IQ ' ' f X -N f, -V . ,. u .-' ri , . , . . . A J' 'A l D0 , ,-"j,. ' , N In ' ' , A Jig- .. .-4-Y ISLE! gi, 'Ill MJ,-0 .1 1 Vg, . 49 Rulslng money are Christy Storrs, Kim Lomosney, Rob Fuelling, and Lori Waken at the first annual Jog-a-Walkathon, Koren Kaufman Danae Kaye Jeff Kaye Kristine Keheley Leigh Kelley Richard Kelley Siobhan Kelly Karen Kempker Carol Kent Jeffrey Killen Hyo Kim Stacy Kimball John King Terri King Argiro Kiotas Keith Kirk Eric Kittleson Kathleen Klassen lngrid Kleven Steven Knapp Julie Knirk Kenneth Kobett Laura Kocherhans Monika Kochs John Koerner Steven Komata Deboro Koons Lorene Krajian 2 People Sophomores JI 'W "v, i i ii ib i V7 :fit 0 ' I Y 1 i , x 7 '- i r' 9 ', Y . 41 4 . wr X" W ' ,r i 'V' l WK L? , ti .'s . f'z-1 i i I x ' I K Searching for classes, Christine Luchetta gazes at the meager leftover Sophomore registration. we I -V' 40 . X 1. , Tit M ' - 5 x , I J! b if J- 4 Qi 'ff' -1 fi' 'Vw , x 'X mv I' i D K X ,lvyhx fiifi it li. 'R X K K 'K l .Ek xl' ' fl!! Q. f- ry, , -mv u .Mi w -J 1 if Il I , "R ift ' , i , 1' , - l ll 'L .X 2 f si .1 , 1551 -V ', av 5' 1' T ' N. 1' . , - '.,. X . 'WEL 'f -T . A-L"-'Q Ml 6 , I . ,1"-vs r :Pg x 35- V 'tv tv 1 Ll I J, , I , 4 Q. X y 3 W' :ly , 6. rg IQ -' . xi' 'E xl ,I -1 LX i' . 545 1 wp N. 'K J L. X I 'l V 1. I il w T i s ' fi: V i s ' 2 A v L , y f . f A rf L J I l ng., ra4""'J"LjKY! fx-'otf-x' N 7 LJ F- 1 , T Lf y l X T if .QL r 4 xl! Fill!! U ,flu fi -b 45- I4 ji' fx ' ir, L.- YZ? 4, 4..- er-4 J ri l M fm ' 'Q W Y! .v , 'rf L N 5 LJ, -1 Q '- Ni K BF. JXEA l lx 74, .I I A , L L L T 7 s- T. IQ. me X r ' fax! all? Yr Karen Krafovil Sherry Kreisberg Kennelh Krislensen Todd Krueger Amil Kumar Julia Kupisiewicz Tom Lamb Michael Landsperger Brad Langdale Sleven Larrazolo James Lasrra Dong Lee Slacey Lee Daniel Leonard Nathan Leonard Terri Lewis Sherri Lima Jane? Lin Sherry Lin Mary Linden Sherry Lindsay David Llsnek Randall Lilz Gregory Lloyd Danielle Loeffel Rick Long Annel Lopez Linda Lopez Jane Lowell Marianne Lucas Tim Lucas Pere Lucero Chrisline Luchelfa Tim Luzzi Kevin Lynch Robert Mac Gregor Paul Mackisoc Donna Malafronle Scofl Maloney Pamela Mannschreck People Sophomores 483 , 'T IN I Talking wiTh Their friends ai lunch are John Willis and Sandra Curley. Choice Cuisine Underclass sTudenTs aT A.H.S. had more Than one obTion for lunch. They could "illegally" go off campus To a nearby fasT food chain, They could selecT-a-meal in The cafeTeria, They could grab a auick biTe aT The snack bar, or They could sTarve in The library. lT cosT To eaT lunch aT school and desc-iTe governmenT subsidizing, cafeTeria and snack bar food was noT The besT. ln facT, 'ibrown bagging" or sTarving in The library was a course noT infreauenTly Taken by many sTudenTs. The average sTudenT buying lunch aT school sbenT beTween 84.00 and 84.75. To see how Things added fl up, a menu follows. Apache Burger 8.85 Arcadia Burger 8.75 Hamburger 3.60 Burrlio 8.55 French Fries 8.30 Taauiios 8.60 HoT Dogs 8.115 Chili DOQ 3.65 Pizza 3.65 YogurT 8.410 Drinks S.20fS.25 Ice Cream 8.20 Bakery lTems 8.25f8.30 ll 84 People Sophomores X Us AL. x N i I i 1 iw Si i-Q., w Tl --sir -5 .I , .T 9 Y' C' I. '-"' . .. ,. .c rv- , . 'sf .Half c .xx x if 'I .X 142' fn' .2914 x QI i.. ilk! x ff M . E . ,fi 4...4Q i ' Vs ww A S..- X 'T"'7 if . l 1555 J L N 'r 1 Kwik ,L 'ss m - 5 C 'V I J ' - ,F .V Qfjy 4.- -, ., ...xiy -fx "" h ,Jr 'Q-U .- ' ' .g , , 'WY V1 - ' YK 4 , ri... iii- . i i 1 n In l ' YH: V ' , A - , 1 B A 5 g ' N A A . A ,. ' 'Q 4 I l . A l -x,im'u'. U 'N' LN els- . . V ,I".'W' 1 ' .f , i Juv - 'X my :QI ' .5 , KL i-if I 'W' ' X ' ' ' L 4, L I i f ' XxTif 'K A X' " A . , i J gsflii Qt 'Q It Nitrates s J Al pf , , X147 .lr r 1-i f- in-r i K1 J ? M4 i ff --Q' 'H l . x ' 4 M- it In ,,.,,? :x -Q A 2 i i ' ' Q. ' ' A L 'NS' M W :r we v4...' ' . LQ.. bf? Ll. i L f' ,L f. E ii L 1 Y N VI th V i ii 5' ti ' -,V k, QR , . its flol 4. , ,Rs i V it x . ' 5. if r r I 21 it M 'z 'l -vm Y -vs .iv ' rv 'QTL' . , i A gs J, 4 KV. . fir'-.i . J Q ' L N -. -,.-,X I ,, 72 4' 5. r x I ? v ...r N My ' ,3- i l 'Q ,xx 19 4'- fa. .,L, 'Q s v , F -at 1 . .l L1 5- Daniel Markoski Angela Marner Don Martin Karin Martin Michelle Martinet Tina Martone Katie Masline Frank Mastroni Mervat Masud Michael Matheny Jennifer Mathews Rachel Mathisen Jil Matsumoto Shelby Mattson Kevin Mauch Parise Mavreclakis Douglas Mayer John Mazza Michael McCann Colleen McCormick Michael McCrea Gregg McElwee Camille MCG-owan Jeffrey Mclntyre Karen McKenna Karen McKenzie Laura McKenzie John McKean Anita McKinney Eileen, McLaren Douglas McMasters Catherine McMeen Mikel McMillin Paul McNutt Jennifer Mead Derek Meeks Denise Mejia Jeffrey Melton Sharon Merryfield Kim Meyers James Micheii Terry Migliaccio Adriana Mihalyi Michelle Milinovich Craig Miller John Miller Marlin Miller Sandra Miller Sonya Miller Susan Miller Terri Miller Philip Mitchell David Mittrnan John Montemayor Cynthia Montgomery Angela Monipas Pamela Montpas Gregory Moon David Moore Vicky Moore Laura Moreno Ron Morrow David Morse Paul Mount Heidi Mueller Cecelia Muhlstein Mary Mundell Debbie Murachanian Nell Murphy Patricia Murtagh Andrew Myers Cynthia Nader Hussein Nadjar Diana Naka Howard Naness David Nease Scott Neill Jonathan Neumann Lynn Nevin Robin Neuwirth Nga Nguyen Craig Nicastro Frances Nicely Mary Nielsen Therese Nielsen Rabin Noda Christy Numano Edgar Munoz People 11 8 Sophomores David Oberman Lisa O'Brien Mike O'Callaghan Dan O'Connor Joy O'DeIl Roger Oepkes Kelly O'l-lara Robert O'Keefe Delbert Oleson Christopher Olsen David Orozco Michele Osiecki Mark Oster Mary O'Toole Pamela Owen Kimberly Pace Alexander Pachano Rigoberto Palma Geoffrey Papp Peter Pappas Charlie Park David Parker Jeffery Parker Laura Parker Traci Parker A Craig Parrino Kim Pastula Sheri Pasqualone Ken Patrick Randy Paul Tim Pawley Nancy Pearsall Susan Pearson Dana Pedroni Don Pellegrino Mike Pendo Jennifer Perkins Mark Perry Linda Persson John Peterson Todd Peterson John Petri Ingrid Philipp Patrick Phillips Teresa Phillips John Piccori Thomas Pillen Alicia Pink Mike Polifka Lisa Pollock John Porter Anna Posey Teresa Powell Michael Preston William Price Michelle Prindle Marcus Pritchard Michele Pruitt Stacy Purmer David Quiring Sally Rainwater Bill Ramsey Nancy Ransom Joh Rasmussen 8 6 People Sophomores ... ff 2 E h iz. W GX 1 J - T .. L -' I N -:: , A ' I! ji ii r - D T , It f'r:e1fsifye:, f l ' 'Vf Pri Ny " l ."'XX.l if 'f T ' ' 1 , , A I X X IX Ni TN' 1 T y ' .LQ 2 P ' ar I y ' A 5. A , f-L, . ' W I ' - S.: - XF "1 ' H , f 1 V L u x ' -- f" 1 x. ' r' ,mf M X is x 'ls ln ,N 'All I ' 4' Q l .Th B. X so sm' 1 yi XM " n , . , 1 , w x I ...I "T,-. I l i f A- s - -ii 4 iQ, 'SE' . ' Q rig . V 6. 4.4 ,S 3:11 he 'K X 1 .5 T 5' 1 -y."f? "'y It Ap Q, . X 'I ' ,ir 5 - ,I , ,, f X in 1 i ie X I i ' S ' Zi 'til Q ' , X l .fe-ff' ' L P" . J . W T' f A ,, . 4 J In I -avg' I "' I X i V5 'lk i . l tl , 1 ' gl W l i K ,N . . E X , F A Q O, I' T X V I 1 i X X fi 7 :Tre ' fx -A l X, lf- v, , 4 . ' .Q.f.5qf'JQ, 3 .lbw Ili In ,, Y A , 9 li-'??'-'fx X ,turf yi P P 4 of ' yu . - l s I Y if 4i!AYi ,-' :-za! L. 'ea- Q .GIL 52,- 4 'N'-f k ' mf! 7- " 1 I I P' ' "" . I fi x "4 I 4' P WP--v 1 to f s N1 John Rosmussen thinks obouf lolng a club, such os Dungeons ond Jovlal is The mood of mony club meetings. Drogons on Club Dcnys. ii' w if' IQ sf-J People Sophomores 'if l 'I88 Sheryl Raymond Jonathon Reed Jennifer Reeley Steven Rembecky Maria Reyes Gloria Richards Dawn Richardson Deborah Richer Dan Richter Belinda Ricketts Jeanette Riensche Carrie Rizzi Colleen Robinson Carla Rodgers Thomas Romo Kelly Ronga David Roper Laurel Rossi David Row Paul Roy Randall Ruff Phillip Runnels Tom Ryan James Rydbeck Walter Salazar Rob Salida Mark Samuels Julia Sanasarian Steven Sanzo Joanne Sawyer Louis Scalise John Schieldge Lisa Schilling Larry Schilz Debra Schmidt Anne Schmitt Ewout Schneider Stuart Schoeten Gerald Schreckengost James Schultz Philip Schwinn John Sclafani Susan Seibel Steve Seidner Stephen Seine Joe Serar Ronald Serven Brenda Severns Theresa Sessions Roger Sewell llanit Shabtay Shannon Sheldon Tracy Shepard Susie Shiah Jodie Shipley Julie Shipman Dan Sibson Guy Simone Joseph Sims Pamela Sinclair Theresa Singer Tammie iry Elliott Skultin Peter Smigelski Brad mith Deborah Smith Eric Smith Gregory Smith Susan Smith Richard Solomon Scott Sommers Denise Sommerville Steve Son Seung Song Frank Sonu Donna Sorci Chrysa Sparling Jackie Sperry Maria Stalker Randy Stalker Joe Stalzer Michael Stanford Joan Steele Amy Steg Dan Stephens Traci Stevens Eddie Stevenson Janet Stewart People Sophomores 3 I Ira , XX if i 'ff:.' ir'--1 -1,2 -is 'bn Nr-sd ei -.1 fm , V11 i L, c 74' 'YL7 ,N :may 3,1 I Xhwr' EF' an W 4rx- i x 15 I' ,M , lj l . Msg 4 l x i Vi XA iv l. ,J gi . QE S ip I " S '. was I ,X 1 .li FQ, ,N .- 7 . , Y in 161 'l l il fs 4-4, in f f , , bl L. i 13- 1 ' j.' -X 'b4'x i ' ,il "H" i it if T f 1 A L Xixx r A, . XY f' I lW"i .15 r 7,441 A v. I ' 'I' I,. Uv. ." R. X I lf' I ' ,I , Xp i "' nl A 0 in 3 I .M T- W ' A l 1 IW- ' l4,r 'f '- 'A , yk -N qv .- ., "" rf? fi iaisis. Q 'L if SJW 'x f x .V T ' r ms- .C -sy- -v H i I i . N si vi-" as . XJ 4 i 1- A i X I 1 i W, '.L .53 X , W -I 4 , K- I M-1 .Q 4 . Qui, 'Jil 2 , JQMQN L , I Xifiiriini 'li' u .7 f ' T " 1. .fill f' , , L. ,, 'N' X I -'X I S A 10' , 155' .V X 'Is all l vw 'V , . N 5' .N9-3 7 , l in M-4 1 ' ' Seeking a nufrional snack, Cathy Caruih purchases an apple from The rein sfalled fruif machines. Junk Food Junkies Become A Thing Of The Past Walking down The halls, one mighT have noTiced ThaT insiead of candy machines, fruif machines lined The halls. In addiTion paper and pencils, noT candy were sold aT The sTudenT sTore. The reason for The change was a federal law ThaT wenT info effecT January T, 4980. This law sTaTed ThaT all food sold in The snack shack, cafeTeria, and vending machines had To confain aT leasf 5096 nuTriTional conTenTs. QNuTriTional conTenTs include required viTamins and naTural foodsy As a resulf of This law, club candy sales were aT an all Time high. Vending machines conTaining soff drinks, nufriional snacks, and fruiT were added before The beginning of The school year To give sfudenfs a varieTy of Things To eaT. STudenT reacTion To The vending machines was good, according To Mr. Dan Anderson. The school made more money on vending machines Than They ever did on candy sold aT The sTudenT sfore during previous years. As Tanya Schroeder puf iT, "lT's good To know There are a varieTy of Things To eaT." Because of This law, beTTer Tasfing and more nuTriTional food was available To The sTudenTs. WiTh all ThaT good food available, "junk food junkies" became a "Thing of The pasT." People 11 Sophomores 4 Jeffrey Stillwagon Carri Stolteben David Stone Hilary Stringer Debbie Strap Matthew Strople Brian Suggs Noreen Sullivan Linda Sutter William Sweeney Jeffrey Sweet Catherine Talbert Bill Tarkanian Katherine Taylor Michael Taylor Michael Theslng Scott Thibon John Thompson Arreesump Thongthiraj Trey Thorton Maria Tieche Allison Tilbury George Tirapelle Duane Tjaden Julie Tockgo Maria Toro Mindy Towns Alex Trigonis Tammy Trotter Scott Tuck Phillip Tweedy Bob Tyrell Jeff Tyson John Vagenas Mary Valenzuela Rich Valenzuela Valari Valore Joe Van Debrooke Catherine Vance Roger Vanderwindt Bradley Vaughn Elizabeth Velasquez Steve Venema Nick Vernola Lorl Vincinelli Ely Vis Bob Vogel Lewis Wagman James Wagner Lauri Waken Valerie Waken Kathryn Ward Matthew Ward Sally Ward Ron Warren Robert Watrous Q0 People Sophomores try -S I AW., A-vs - -.- -5 t ' fl ,l ,x K vii' 'y' A 'M:,'- xr: -T X, , 7 Vi'I 4 'W 1 4 'E if ,BAND 4, R . -J is i s ,, 1 gr-S, "Q .Q I .J N n 'l G' f 9 'lil T , .-. V' 3,3 ,. 7 Y 'ga A T . 1, , Y Yung 4lN' L l if ff 35 212! -all f .: 'x ?xrf ..,.l 'i l Jas 2 4 A , 5 li I l J , 'lr Y 4 if .1 V I 4494 is-,Q T ,. 1 rv ""l I , l.. ,Q .A ',l Q-T N3 f W -g ur' V Q T '- ' l -XF 4,4 K I XXL " s- 5 Qc. N A 'aj my il if J E 1 l ' O l f f 1 .. ., lv '-- "3 r i: . 'Q N ' t tl lying i, A I V7 W 'A 1 , , 'vu . X I N-'V' 1 my .7 ' -, 1 V Q J x ' 1, ' If 5-K I 'W-'I , ' Q- ' lf' ., . :iii J? " " ' 'S' ' 7 'K WRT' . ' ll :gil jf., J A , yan., , V 'AN V11 .77 l W i -fl-A if' f: H" ' l 1, Hr A . .. .3- fa 3: f 4 g , N jf' V R m l s? D i sw l i 'ff. A Cupcake eating is Cathy Rouser's specially. x Pamela Wallerworlh Kelly Webb James Weckerle Jay Weisenfelder Charles Wells Lisa Wells Wendy Wells Alexander Weslfall Shari Whaley Slephanie Whipple Dayna 'While Debra Whiie James Widaman Laura Wleclawek Elizabelh Wilbur Hugh Wilcher Steven Willell Richard Willis James Wills Carol Wilson Deborah Wilson Tina Wilson Mallhew Wing Wendy Wohlford Leilani Wollschlager Raymond Woods Brian Woodyard Ken? Woolsey Darin Wright Tony Wu Russell Wyafl Carla Wygal Angela Zenzola Troy Zinn Todd Zweigh Dirk Zwiebel Julia Jalalai Tamara Nisley Linda Nolan People 11 Q ll Sophomores Fatollah Alamadari Bruce Anderson Susan Artin Bob Atkinson John Bader Marcelo Belfortti Evelyn Borjas Gary Boswell Billy Campisciano Madeline Carlos John Cassidy Shelley Cervantes Sandra Claus Boyd Collette Barbra Cone Sophomores Not Clark Cullen David De Vaughn Sandra Deal Robert Deinlein Michael Dellman Ronald Gallo John Geyer Kenneth Gillissie Malinda Gonzales Chereen Gustavsen Cynthia Hardy Kelly Higgins Cheng-Te Hsieh Jeffrey Hunt Ronald Hutchison Caught Michael Jason Agnes Kim Chong Kim Carol King Soo Chan Ko John Koerner Robert Lopez Denise Lorente Maureen Maher Christopher McCaman Brian Medlock Bradley Murset Daniel Nicolas Peter Scimeca Ricardo Serrano Jeffrey Smith John Spata Lisa Spuck Larry Steele Rober Summers Esty Sweet Richard Thomas Brent Twemlow Richard Wheeler Steven Whiteley David Williams Kurt Willis Corrine Yang Michel Yasmine Kenneth Zavela Peoples Juniors Jill Hageman and Ed Cazares keep an eye on the activities at the Com speaker's assembly. -J -Q 'l 'ff f' 4 ..-f" g , As is usual for sophomores, Pam Daleo receives much unasked for advice from junior Mary Hayward and senior Kim Norrish. sporTs are jusT basically organized beTTer aT Arcadia High." BridgeTTe Goins felT ThaT, "Girls sporTs are Taken more seriously. lT's harder To make a girI's Team aT Arcadia High because more skill is involved." BridgeTTe also felT ThaT, "The besT difference beTween girls sporTs in junior high, and girls sporTs in high school is ThaT in high school, girls Teams have someThing To work for 'Things like C.l.F."s When Dave Roper was asked abouT how he feIT abouT boys sporTs in general he said, "SporTs aT Arcadia High Take up more Time Than in junior high. The sysTem is based on more of a Team efforT Than on on individual basis." All in all, Sophomores liked high school a loT beTTer Than junior high. They felT sporTs were beTTer organized and more involved. Class work, sophomores felT, was more clifficulT and Took more Time. All agreed ThaT being sophomores was an experience They would never forgeT. People ,I Q3 Sophomores Pausing on his way to the District Office is Princi- pal Dr. Richard Cordano. Vice-Principal Wade Askew gives an unsure look to the camera. Showing his true Apache pride is Student Activi- ties Director Dan Anderson. Speaking at teacher arientatian, administrator Relaxing after a difficult day is Vice Principal Tom Quite a contrast! Pam Neal ct Barry Rumbles mentions a few important dates. PGYDS. A"l0" to Mr. Rumbles' 6'7". ople In Power People Administration R' . i. pf . . ly L H+, l 4 h L , t Mr. Barry Rumbles is the director Mr. Daniel Anderson is the vice principal in charge of all student activities including clubs, studen government and the student budget. Mr. Wade Askew is the vice- principal who designs and schedules curriculum. Working closely with the counselors, he plans the master class schedule and sets up district and other tests such as the S.A.T., P.S.A.T. and Achievement Tests. of student welfare and attendance not only at the high school, but throughout the district. This job basically involves checking excessive truants and tardies. He is also a youth commission advisor. Mr. Thomas Payne is the vice- principal responsible for discipline Qproblems other than attendancej and the scheduling of athletic events. Board: Carol D. Popoy, Donald E. Fickos, l-l,V, May, Paul H. Friedman, Gloria J. Horst- Principal Dr. Richard Cordano supervises and works with the other administrators on all these jobs and is eventually accountable for all actions and decisions. Mr. John Nelson is the assistant superintendent and is the financial manager of all business servicesg including school bus service, custodial staff, and generally the hiring of all non- credentialled employees Cclerks, secretaries, cafeteria staffj. ,in .V , - ffm-. ' , 'Al .L t l ' ' 1 w l ' i 'f ' I t ' V V 'IIZBDL 1 ' V ' 'F f D' ' " 'l I 1 Lwv s I V Q . L S I B! fi' 1 l l.. l l Hui il. tis Mr. Elbert Souders is the associate superintendent, responsible for secondary education at the junior and senior high schools as well as the continuation school level. Assistant Superintendent Mr. Owen Van Buskirk has two jobs: as well as being in charge of elementary education at the seven elementary schools, he is the personnel director, responsible for the hiring of all credentialed personnel including teachers, counselors, and administrators. Superintendent Dr. Edward Ryan John L. Nelson, Linda Nash, Elbert E. Souders, Owen Van Buskirk, Edward V. Ryan. is ultimately responsible for the efficiency and coordination of all these services and overseeing the general educational system. The School Board is the elected body of representatives from the community which sets the strict educational policies and is referred to for the final approval of all education related decisions. The board also employs the superintendent and his assistants. Linda Nash, the student representative to the board attends all board meetings and supplies student input towards student related decisions. l l l Educational ComplicoTions! Upon enTering l The high school, o sTudenT found l his life wds full of Them. To The inexperienced sophomore, T regisTroTion seemed To be one gigonTic hassle. The bdsics: planning programs, required classes, dThleTlcs ond oTher speciol classes forced The sTudenT To make mony decisions. Juniors ond seniors in dddiTion To These problems hod The exTrd considerdflons of jobs, l2.0.P., ond college selecTiong ond everyone hod To cope wiTh The confusion of closed classes, scheduling mix- ups, ond long lines. An essenTiol pdrf of The regisTroTion process was The l dnnuol visiT To The sTudenT's l counselor, who would hopefully sTrdighTen ouT mosf of The l solvoble problems and Try To l comforT The frusTroTed sTudenT. TED BE SEQUUR WRST' MALE I .- jf- Mrs. Iredale and Mr. Askew prepare for registra- Tion. II Q People Counselors 84 Career Guidance Navigaiors In dddlTion To Their regisTroTion did, The counselors come in handy di many oTher Times Throughouf The year: in checking sTudenTs' crediT sTondings, suggesTing useful classes, informing sTudenTs obouT A imporTdnT college Tesfs like The P.S.A.T. and S.A.T., and preparing seniors' college opplicoTions ond recommendofions. The Career Guidance CenTer, under The direcTion of Mrs. Jean Mclllydr, offered The sTudenT dddiTiondl opporTuniTies inl dll oreos of career planning including The Regional OccupoTlon Program ql?.O.P.5, provision of cafdlogues for self-direcfed occupdTionol A reseorch or simply finding o porT- Time job. Mrs. Roe Takes o cheery break from a usually , hecfic schedule of handlin counselin o oinT Q Q DD - Q menTs and coordinaflng The counseling offices. Counselors: Mr. Cramer, Mrs. Iredale, Mrs. Gale, Mrs. Dumbacher, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Ciedlo. -'swfxs .-Eylif 3, L'-'E-4. Busy aT work is The coordinator of The Career Guidance Cenler, Mrs. Mcllyer. Mrs. Elaine Sadcloris is The Career Guidance Cenler Technician. She lakes care of Social Securily card applicaiions and work permits. x ff' f!:. . X 5 -.. f ff ar:-fx 3- F! sf'l1'1'z'l'i'l'frf?'l'f'fvvf af - . 1 l C A xl i .Q4 if-1- Togelher are Mrs. Phyllis McShane, The ROP Looking on as Mrs. Mcllyer helps The PTA Volun- and Mrs. Mcllyer. leer, Mrs. Tieche are Tino Borgalfa, Mike Wells, Tom Posen and Mary Kenz. n 'JV - ,:7'x' ' 1 r .J I People Career Guidance 84 Counselors 497 Taking care of all problems from a simple head- individual better than the individual himself she ache to broken bones is nurse, Mrs. Sue Miller. keeps track of all student records Mrs Louise Mrs. Musselwhite knows the life story of each Balaban works in the Data Processing office and is responsible for all class schedules ,ff ,, l in - I I I I I I ..'J.-'s:' Mrs, Lila Hewitt, secretary for Dr. Cordano, han- dles all school correspondences. while recep- A tlonist Mrs. Patricia Kay makes all appointments, supervises all substitutes, and directs and wel- comes all visitors. Organization is of prime importance for Irene Smiglesdi, Karol Fabbri, and Joanna Willett to maintain the attendance system. Secretary for Assistant Principal, Mr. Payne, Mrs. Betty Maher, aides in the organization of the athletic department and disciplinary measures. People Secretaries ' xi. Employees Handle The Crowd The secretarial staff was challenged by the introduction of a new attendance system. No longer was a parental excuse from home required, although it was accepted. The new procedure was ci Ernest Ross shows off his "snazzy" suit and catches the flattering attention ofthe cafeteria staff. Custodial Staff: Bottom Row: Bob Cassleman. Cliff Nylander, Lane Hale. Top Row: John Car- raro, Gilbert Berumen. Not pictured: Gary Carnes. Assistant Principals Mr. Askew and Mr. respectively. Mrs. Linda Preston and Johnson pose at their desks in the Office. ena Staff: Bottom Row: Armella Walgren. d Row: Ciane Wendt, Barbara Motter, Mil- .ff l 4 dred Mosher, Lillian Di Salvo. Toni Herron, Barbara Tepe, Carmin Mittaf Doris Lowe, Emma Key, De- lovia Grimes. Top Row: Thorma Hunter, Victoria Joan Gallina, Sophie Roman, Marie Cas- Nadine Librecht. Juanita Miller, Delina Hunt, serta, Dale. Grace Boyd. telephone call from a parent giving the reason for the student's absence, the name and excuse appeared on the absence list either that day or the following one. Arriving at 6:30 each morning, the cafeteriol staff prepared hot chocolate, orange juice, and doughnuts for hungry students and continued to provide snacks and lunch throughout the day. Despite the milk throwing, they managed to cope with students anyway. Did one ever stop to think how much time and effort was put in by the school custodians? Bob Casselman had to struggle out of bed at 11:00 in the morning, arriving at school by 5:30 to sweep the "entire campus." Then Lane Hale came in by 7:30 to keep the boys' locker room neat and tidy. Gilbert Berumen and John Carraro, who claimed they cleaned "everything, were responsible mainly for cleaning the classrooms. Gary Carnes was a totally different subject. Imagine. cleaning the "grimy" bathrooms everyday! Gary knew all the inside gossip that went on at Arcadia High by reading the walls. Since the initiation of Proposition 'I3 the custodial staff had been dropped down to very few. Some custodians said there should be less activities going on so they could get their main job finished. Some simply stated, "We need more help." ll People Custodians, Cafeteria 499 What Is A Teacher? Teacher CTech' erj, n. One who Teaches or insTrucTs: especially one whose occupaTion is To insTrucT5 an insTrucTor. BuT The job of a Teacher goes beyond This definifion. There is The human aspecT, which may noT always be a favorable one. The knowledge learned from Teachers reflecTs a significanT parT of Their personaliTy5 whefher a sTudenT liked or disliked a cerTain class or subjecT he'd Taken has a loT To do wiTh The Teacher who TaughT iT. To some people, Teachers are simply Their anTagonisTs, always finding faulf or demanding Too much. In The Teachers' opinions, however iT may jusT be ThaT The sTudenT is lazy or unconcerned. More ofTen Though, The reverse occurs and a Teacher may become a good friend or aT leasT someone a sTudenT can respecT and enjoy lisTening To. A Teacher has The poTenTial of giving someThing To his every sTudenT, be iT bad or good, a referal or an a criTicism or an awakened desire for learning. His gifT could be any or all of These. UndoubTedly, Teachers have much impacf and influence on The lives of Those They Teach. Coach Meiers, Coach Weinberger, Coach Boulware, and Mr, PeriTore emerge from The firsT faculTy meeting of The year. l , T . in . A uw' ' it il . 1 1 1, M li . XXF-1 People Teachers Mr. Ken Aberle Science Mr. Dave Ackerman g' M . p.E. Elan It-R , if Mr. AI Arno Learning DisabiliTy Mr. Dave AldsTadT Music I -i . C J a no- -. ,.s ' .0 . ,,. 5, .,. l .' or' u. u ATT' 1 ,N iffy- TW Mr. Mike Allee f Science Mr. Earl Anders -' Aff 5 r' A N951 TT Mrs. PaTTy Anderson Special EducaTion Mr. Fred Auburn Q I Social Science Mr. KenT Barney ' English W Mr. Bud BarTIeTT , Science I -35 T R. K 'R Mr. Dave Boulware Science Mr. Russ Bovie 4. Science Cf' 'T N. J xx 1, T 'o Mr. Les Brown T . A Spanish . Mrs. Virginia Brown 'f T English T f T ' as l , T Mr. Leonard Buell English Mr. Ed Burke Social Science . xx T T " ,X .1 f X. I . T I f X , ' aj" 'R' 'lT7 ' U Rv, . i J I .3 1 -I J ' in L Qfw , .ii i fbi' .i , lui ur .li J. I I 1 A 'wlnxfliii I fi, 5 , 1 . fr 41' ' ' PP .li '-1 Q. 7 . we-., ,Q . Q.'l l wif ,xi , - I '43 -,jx 7' , '-- 1- i . 'fi' . , S .' V . Fi". ' Q, .QQ LH i Us A if A-4." I C ' 2 1. ' kill 3 if ' r . iss ' 1 , W' '. 2- ' ,A . I .1 'i'j"' f .aixkx A I .Vg Mr. Jim Calclerhead Ari Miss Nancy Cash English Mr. Harry Conover English Mrs. Mary Ann Coyle P.E. Mrs. Joan Crawford Maihemaiics Mr. Ben Dennison Special Eaucalion Mr. Lou Docla Ari Mr. Jerry Dohling P.E. , Mr. Jean Driver English Ms. Beryl Druker Language Mr. Paul Duhari P.E. Dr. Tea -Fisher Social Science Mrs. Lorie Flaks German Mr. Wayne Fountain Science Miss Anne Gayclos Business Eaucalion Mr. Tony Cex English r. ,f -r -X 'I-is X 4- 4 ' K i .T 4 . , I- v X T7 If J' v X YK i iii li '77 . , Q, Nga ' ,V 'X 9 J' 'mv X , ' P 'VG iq +-:S me 1 as 4, ,E , 'W i K ,: :gs 7 G K l if 'ix i 'L U3 x 3 'K 'ev N-A. Q xr .hue 1 ww. X --. S., -ffl 2 L I l .fix 'iv A 1 S, R 1 ,. -1 .Q rn 1 'X rg. Y , ' ,J AIA. g2"'y, K Ms. Karen Giles Ari Mr. Harvey Goaclarcl Social Science Mr. Mike Cordon Social Science Mrs. Joanne Gumm Home Economics Mrs. Ann Hall English Mr. Boyce Harris Social Science Mrs. Mary Halier English Mrs. Pauline High English Mr. John Hoffman Maihemaiics Miss Caihy Holkesiaa English Mr. Alan Johnson Social Science Mrs. Margarei Johnson Home Economics Mr. John Kinikin Social Science Mrs. Mary Ann Laiham PE. Mr. Tom Lanaes Music Mr. Dan Lucero lnclusirial Aris People Teachers ' r -1 ,ref l I I fi 3 E+ P4 5 L+.-.- Cheers! Gerling into The swing of things, Miss Loyne Slorol slrolls to her Modern Novels closs. -fv- Mr. Poirick Mock S W .15 Mdlherndlics 5 Mr. Al Mondchuk A r s Molherndlics . , Q 4K 'N '53 ,, '2' . gf q "X ,in li WFT ' 5 E. J Mrs. Jonel Morden Ari , - Mr. John Meiers ' PE. Y 'QRS 52 'L '- fx iffw lf, , " ' 2-5"'-. N sm'-.' -A ,J r " jr r 'N Lb. r 43. v A 1' ', ' ' "L -1 -' Mr. George Mellin ' an NV 'L Mr. Ron Morris Sociol Science Mr. Fred Nohro English Mr. Jim Okleshen Drdmd Mr. Richdrd Onderdonk Socidl Science Miss Sheryl Porker Spdnish Mr. John Porry Mdlhemdlics Mr. Gerdld Penny English Mr. Fred Perilore Soclol Science Mr. Chdrles Pelers Mrs. Polli Peters Mdlhemdlics Mr. Frdnk Pelrdccoro Eleclronlcs Mrs. l-lildd Plyler Librdridn Mr. Bruce Poldy Music Mrs. Clord Primozich Ldngudge Mrs. Glenno Mdlhemdlics Rasmussen Mr. Tom Morgdn Socidl Science Aulornolives Miss Jdyne Rice J X 2 People Teachers mv' X t l I. -.ll wm- ff WQX ,FA l 9 . WX X .MEN xi . , -S r ' X Xxx 1 A ,.-. -. SJ. v'q:,1" Fit' 'AX QT- - sl -'Ha rahffi l 1' vi P l 1 1 is - .... , 4-4 . if Ari 2-.-I - niij . xl X ,Jas 39. f PIE. ' .v xr - 'v-, .li X "- l ET! 'ig . ,. 1' V. le. 'Q Rl Q,I -L x . ' 4 'Xl' s 'A NN, if him l his gan , ff m - 12:1 f s i ..., .gh tl- -l fy : I .,,.:lj. V L ' ' re-if' it - .rw H xlk ,A ,. 5 535 ' U- ':llf,l' if F PY I ,ny - 1 ,r ' 1-, - up -. Q f ' Z. fl lx LSA! cl . Y 'L .Ls y 7. is Mr. Vollie Robinson P.E. Mr. Sieve Rowe Moihemdiics Mr. Dick Solier P.E. Mrs. Mdrgoriio Sonchez Sponish Mr. Fred Schwdp Science Mr. Sdndy Silversiein English Mr. Bruce Shopper Ari Miss Dione Soldwedel P.E. Mr. Jim Spdin Socioi Science Mr. Doug Speck Socidl Science Mr. George Slopleion Science Miss Loyne Siorcil English Mrs. Virginio Sione P.E. Mrs. Bernodeiie Sioner French Mrs. Priscillo Tedesco English Mrs. Pdiii Thinger English F75 1 . ' U ., s 1 I Y , .. fi 1 -' V K . , ' 'y ' fi - ' gg ' J 4 . - X l ' W I i . Q .1 V V A T5 S -. . ' rf-"Si if Q VET- . V. A 'Qs 4,2 ax f l ' 'i f J l f', . iff: 5 F ' 1,2154-als.,-:.Qg:. gh xii- fx: Y' ' . JI Tl . fd, , L , I , Z MA A , - ..- 1' ' 'I if - QA f . ,1"' ,X fi x TI v ' l , '.' 'At , Mr. Alldn Tussy Moihemoiics Mrs. Jednne Ulmer Business Educoiion Mr. Mork Veiler English Mrs. Jeon Voznick P.E. Mr. John Word Meiol Shop Mr. Joke Weiler Wood Shop Mr. Pciul Weinberger Socioi Science Mr. Bill Weiss Molhemofics Mr. Borry While Science Mr. Roberi While Wood Shop Mr. Roberi Wick Socioi Science Mr. Doug Wilks Science Mr. Verne Willmon Socioi Science Mr. Bill Woods Socioi Science CAMERA SHY: Mrs. MCIFQOFGT Mr. Doug Smilh Koveldor Mr. Fred Sundsirom Mr. Jim G'Brien Mr. Sol Trillo Mr. Roy Peiierson Mr. Morlin Zopel Mr. Lloyd Sdvoge People Teochers C AUC: HT BE.LONf:ilNCz Club Days were a Two day membership drive in mid- SepTember for on campus groups ThaT gave everyone an opporTuniTy To share common inTeresTs wiTh oThers, To serve The school and communiTy, and To parTicipaTe acTively in school acTiviTies by joining a club. ln shorT, Club Days gave all of us a chance To belong. From Thespians and Make-Up To Jr. Exchange and Key To Bowling and Ski To CompuTer and Radio To Duchesses and Dungeons and Dragons, There was a club for anyone and everyone. Some clubs were devoTed To service: some To spiriTp some, To shared inTeresTs: Relieving Tension before a Drama V4 producTion, acTor Jim Cox demonsTraTes a liTTle "down home pickin'." AT The Tall flag compeTiTion during The Haw- Thorne band review, Tall flag girls Joan STeele. Pami Saftler, Jenni McEnTire, Barbie Hale, Selena Skomsvold, Sharon BarreTT, and Dianne Peiers perform To "Russian Sailor's Dance." OrganizaTions lnTroducTion Organizalions and some, To social acTiviTies. As a general rule, The clubs ThaT soliciTed membership on Club Day had no reauiremenTs or prereauisiTes, jusT a desire or inTeresT on The parT of The fuTure member To belong. In addiTion To These clubs, oTher organizaTions were organized and well involved even by The second week of school. Including pep squad, yearbook sTaff, marching band and sTudenT government These groups usually were aIloTTed class Time To work on Their acTiviTiesg buT, as well, many hours of afTer-school were devoTed To The work of These organizaTions. Belonging To one of These groups meanT more work, Sophomore Mark FaTor voTes for class officers in The rally courT during early Sepfember, In The play "Our Town," Sue Perry and Kevin Harnass discuss ploT compllcaTions. In The senior drill down aT The annual SpagheTTi Dinner, "Long John" Vaughn and Mark "The Flasher" Knapp stand aT aTTenTion and IisTen for The nexf command. granTed, buT also more recogniTion from boTh The sTud body and communiTy. The purpose of The organizaTions secTion is To sho The many sTudenTs ThaT were caughT belonging To one grou or anoTher Through group picTures, represenTaTive candi picTures, and essays ThaT Tell T goals and achievemenTs of e group. In a school as big as ours, iT was easy To feel "losT in The crowd" or significanT only as member. Clubs and organlzaTi gave us all The opporTuniTy To more Than a number, To be a person ThaT was caughT belonging. Debbie Budge acTs as slave for masfer CarTwrighT on The Duchesses' fundraising Day. Bewildered aT a mid-year pep assembly Commissioner Sue KnlghT Tries To keep The running smooThly. German club members parficipaie in a clu TiviTy called "Fashing." J' ,X I . A1 QP 0040155 HEC 71 M" .f 41' WL ry! ,12- Orgonizotions Introduction ..,.- Executive Council Uses the Merritt System The Executive Council organized many activities including the Homecoming dance. the Jog-a-thon the Christmas Assembly and the Valentines' Dance. The Homecoming dance was very well attended in spite of the fact that it was held on school grounds. Many students participated in the Jog-a-thon and over Sl2,000 was raised. Executive Council co-sponsered the Valentines' Dance with the Duchesses. Being held on the Queen Mary helped to make the occasion special and romantic. Each person in Executive Council had their own responsibilities to fulfill in order to make each of these activities successful. Cfficers for the senior class were kept very actlve planning for graduation. They formed committees which worked on graduation announcements and invitations, and the graduation ceremony itself. They also helped out with the Baccalaureate and Grad night at Disneyland. The officers were also in charge of planning the senior breakfast. The Junior class officers most important activity of the year was the prom. They earned approximately S3,000 that was used to lower the prlce of prom tickets. Events such as the bonus book sale and the Donkey basketball game, as well as runners in the Jog-a-than helped raise this money. They also organized the first fifth-quarter dance of the year. Soon after school started in September, the Sophomore class officers were elected. There were not many activities for them to sponser but they did help out the Junior class officers in selling bonus books. One thing the officers learned was the responsibilities of holding an elected office. "Our main goal and responsibility this year was to unite the Sophomore class and take them from Mariners, Spartens, and Highlanders and turn them into Apaches," stated Eric Freidman. Sophomore Class President. There were seven officers from each class. making up the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore class officers. The Executive Council consisted of the class Presidents, Senators, and the student body officers. All of these people worked as a unit to make activities they organized successful. Dropping his ballot in the box, sophomore Rick Bell votes for his favorite candidates in the soph- omore election held in mid-September. Executive Council Bottom Row: Laura Hooker, Charlie Sonu, Gail Backer, Wayne Cassriel, Dana Merritt, Artie Cazares, Sue Knight, Rich Cheney, Lynda Mayer. Top Row: Mr. Anderson, Dan An- derson, Kara Pape. Lynn lier, Shawna Durst, Kent Jenkins, Stacey Lee. Linda Nash, Linda Noble, Linda Spuck, Mike Wais, Thad Brennen, Eric Fried- man. Organizations Executive Council ' s is X. .A H 'I' 1... T "V -1 ..-nf' A--E ,. 1:7 K-ng .Ik A ,f Q, ' 'W--. -,,.N r t 'ti .fs ..- ,.. . - .-V-I, Eu" 1-' '44 '-e.f'- . Us -ypd . 1535 yu ' . 5. if 1,1 Arcadia High's first woman president, Dana Merritt, speaks of the upcom- ing events of the '79-'80 school year to the faculty at the staff orientation meeting before the opening of school. Sophomore Class: Eric Friedman, Julie Jalalat, Shawna Durst, Pam Daleo, Karen McKenzie, John Picarri. Not pictured: Christine Luchetta. 'l 1 ll 1 if l ir" '4 rs, "ay, I ,Al-F' . . 'wp N4 X, 22328113321 A, ., , N Q , ---- -f f- :nuns "1?'7'L'l? 1"l"Zl'Qif " Arai '-using - "'-In - Cl , R :ii?:a B N15 1 C, .If EE I FQQ1 A se, !,, Q 'R A gl 14:0 Y-4 -ak . Senior Class: Liane D' Arrezzo, Rich Cheney, Julie Lie, Artie Cazares, Lynn Iler. Evie Hochner, Charles Sonu. Junior Class: Sonny Yoon, Valerie Welch, Mike Wais, Debbie Owen, Diana Kaye. Organizations Sophomore, Juniors, Senior Class Officers A.F.S. Club: Bottom Row: Mrs. Gayaos, Angie Costanza, Lily Chen. Leah Kraft, Wendy Wilbert. Monica Munous, Sophie Horiuchi. Top Row: Ruth Alexander, Lisa Miller, Lisa Zecher, Mark Havell, Mrs. Dumbacher. 'W f- w V r '- C1 Organizations A.F.S., German Club German Club: Bottom Row: Paula Neander, Mar- gret Kelley, Grace Raw, Robyn Reclicker, Kathy Teiberg. Top Row: Eric Muchenski, Kurt Werder- man, Jim Teneski, Craig Haigh, Tom Peters. Taking a sample of o German doughnut, Ger- man club member Heidy Dailey takes part in "Fashing." 5,-v reign Affairs ere were Three clubs ThoT red foreign lifesTyles ond res. These clubs were h, Sermon, ond Americon Service CA.F.S.j. xperiencing The Sermon re is one woy To sum up Sermon Club did," club member Heidi Doley. g imporTed Sermon ies wos The clubs moin roiser ond The money wos T on Two moin evenTs: hing" The filled- X ond 0cToberfesT. ing," which wos held in wos like o morTi-gros. doughnuTs ond Sermon "munchies" were There To eoT ond The porTicipoTes of The "Foshing" oll wore mosks. The Second funciion wos The OcToberfesT which wos held in OcTober. The group wenT To Alpine Villoge for o feosT ond Then leorned TrodiTionol Sermon donces. The French club olso experienced o differenT culTure. The French club sold See's suckers To roise money. The club wenT To experience The French's delicious food oT o French resTuronT in Monrovio. They olso hod o breokfosT in The morning, so The members could geT TogeTher. Mrs. SToner, The odvisor of The club helped members ThoT were inTeresTed in going To Fronce prepore Themselves. The Americon Field Service noT only Tried To experience differenT culTures, buT They ocTuolIy hod people from differenT counTries come To The lub meeTings To shore Things obouT Their counTry. A.F.S. hod dinners for The exchonge sTudenTs To welcome Them To The UniTed SToTes. A-.el AHJ. Members of The Sermon Club wore mosks in The Sermon "Foshing," which wos held during Febru- cry. French Club: BoTTom Row: Soogunyo Tnonfhiroj, Mike King, NiTo SloTo, Coroline Ross, Yupho Chhiop, Lily Chen, Shing Hoh. Second Row: KenT Jenkins. Jeon Ahn, Vicki Anderson, Chris HoTchel, Porry Moferdockis, Josie Vosori, Jennifer Frueh, Ingrid Klevin. Top Row: Orovon Chhiop, Jon Sien- ning, Lew Vollosenor, Louro Hooker, Liso Bowen, HeoTher McCulloch, Koren McCulloch, PoTTi Mo- coro, Debbie WhiTe. Orgonizotions French Club Sing! Singing Their way To The Top aT The Annual AzTec Pop Choral FesTival, The ChanTeurs won The flrsT place Trophy and also S200. The members did Their own choreography for all of Their numbers. Singing in convaIescenT homes and aT The TournamenT of Roses benefii, New SpiriT kepi very busy. l'Ain'T Misbehavln," "Song Bird," and "You Needed Me" were jusT a few of The numbers They sang. PracTicing Two hours afTer school every Monday helped New SpiriT become a more advanced singing group. The largesT singing group on campus was The A Cappella Choir. The choir was made up of sophomore, junior, and senior sTudenTs chosen on a Try-ouT basis. The Treble Choir was made up of girls inTeresTed in singing, parficularly Those wiTh liTTle experience. The ChanTeurs, New SplriT, A Cappella Choir, and Treble Choir kepi pace wiTh previous years groups in Their qualiTy and abiliTy. conTinuing The TradiTion of excelleni vocal music aT Arcadia High School. Performing aT The San Gabriel Civic, ChanTeurs Mary Gallagher and Sylvia Hari sing a dueT. A Cappella Choir: Kafhleen Abshlre. Roberi AT- kinson, Wendy Baehr, Lynda Bailey, Laura Barber. Helen Bersane, Marsha Bowers, PaT Brooks, Holly Chandler, ChrisTopher Chaiburn, Sandra Clarke, Cheryl Colby, ChrisTopher Cordero, Laura Cowan, Leigh Ann Craven, Dee Dee Cromwell. Sonya Currey, Roberf Cushman, William Dale. JaneT Dawson, Roberfa Duffy, Eric Friedman, Jennifer Frueh, Debbie Gallagher, Mary Gal- lagher, Susan Gallagher, Mari Garcia, Melinda Gilliland, Dawnelle GreaThouse. STeve Harding, Sylvia HarT, Charles Hess, Chris Hillock, Bill Hoag. Milke HorowiTz, Donna Jackson, Joni Jemelian. Karen Kennedy, Linda Khanchalian. Jamie Las- Tra, David Leafherberry, John Lovrensky. Wan Jin Lim, Marianne Lucas, Susan LuTTon, Jennifer McEnTire, Deidre McGinnis, Shannon McKenzie, John McKeon, Jeffery MelTon, Lisa Miller, Sonya Miller, Angie MonTpas, Mardie Payne, FriTz SchmiTT, Roger Sewell, PaTTi Sheldon. Meg Shun- leff. STeve Son, Leslie STanley, Nadia STraghalis. Lisa Spuck, Llsa SuTTer, Susie Taylor, Tina Trocki, Jeff Vande Wege, Richard WaTson Jr.. KrisTin Ward, Pam WaTTerworTh, Carliia Weerasinha. Lisa Wells, Shari Wendi, Laura Winferburn, Wen- dy Wohlford. Lani Wollschlager. KrisTin Yochem, Robert Wafrous. Organlzaiions A Cappella Choir QA i Bottom Row: Tracy Peterson, Joanna Bowen, Cathy Barney, Lynn McCormick, Diane Valari Valore, Gall Schuster, Jean Aun, Nicholson. Della Cramer, Kathy Penhario. Kathy Weitkamp, Vlckl Anderson, Wendy Wil- Trberg, DeLynn Schoenholtz. Cady. Top Row: Pam Cramer, Beth t" 4" , Chanteurs: Bottom Row: Maria Dimura, Linda Cann, Sylvia Hart, Debbie Beaver, Mary Gal- lagher, Lisa Miller, Pam Whitehill, Becky Denney, Fran Llndasmith, Sue Ross, Linda Spuck. Top Row: Adam Freidman, John Lovrensky, Pat Brooks, Greg Elliot, Richard Watson, Brett Perkins, Jeff VandeWege, Arte Cazares, Jeff Waldon, Steve Weiss. Entertaining at the Christmas Assembly, the Chanteurs sing "Carol of the Bells." 'Z -fu., . .':.a . .-. 1, - -i -Ie ,+,n' ,1 L. ,A .1-wmv . avi' , "ll, fig I ,-I r-, ln 2 ff' ,l il fi gl 5 ,,::.tP f'ga..,5 Q, V9.7 W' L atqfra "sf- Organizations Chanteurs 81 New Spirit Bowling Club: Bottom Row: David Kearn, Doug Hart John Doe Robert Doe Andrea Zsorter Jon athon Doe. Second Row: Suzie Wagner, Eliza beth Moore, Cindy Borland, Dennee Kaye. Third Row: Kathy Frozell, Russ Stapleton, Karen Schultz Janice Swisher. Top Row: Lori Glenn, Stephen Robbins, Stuart Yucky S Organizations Bowling Club Doug Hart follows through with a he prepares for a spare. " Qui backpacking excursion To The woods, member Sinclair lighTs a fire. The Bowling and Backpacking clubs aTTracTed a varieTy of sfudenfs and offered leisure Time combining boTh learning and fun. Bowling advisor, lvlr. Weiler, arranged and supervised The group in Bowling insTrucTion, skills and TournamenTs. The club meT Twice a week aT SanTa AniTa Lanes. A Trophy was given To The Team winning The mosT games. Exploring The depThs of nafure, Backpacking members and advisor Mr. Les Brown, Took many excursions over The 4979-80 school year. These Trips included Wilderness Trails, MT. Wilson hikes and a much deserved Trip To Cafalina. BoTh of These clubs were rewarding To all The members and many friends were gained. paid -I l Q4-'I N7 lu :. U "i--f"- 'uE2. Q, ,I ildered, Leslie Price cooks breakfasf on a backpacking ouTlng, Organizafions 2 4 3 Backpacking Club Linda Nash takes orders during Girl's League Carnation sale. The flowers were delivered the day of the Valentine's Dance. Varsity Club: Bottom Row: Julie Lie, Susie Si- vas, Susan Moriana. Susan Pendo, Stephanie Volmer, Pam McGuffin, Jami Garcia, Matt Penda. Second Row: Fran McLean, Pascale Marchant. Terri Archer, Karen Servan, Robert Doe, Alan Santo, Mr. Boulware. Top Row: Mr. Welnburger, Mark Stephens, Kevin Jepson, Marty Giroua. ...Q-1" A 1 ve 1, J-1 Z.- 'ww X' Irvs Organizations Varsity, Girls League Clubs ::xC,r 5V lx! 4, r S Girls League: Mrs. Thinger, Mary Helmes, Susan Clark, Slacey Lee, Silvin Holmes, Grace Row, Kara Pape. Baseball Bunnies Bollom row: Tina Borgala, Lynn Miller, Debbie Lamb, Calhy House, Susie Tay- lor, Lisa Tan, Donna Del Rey, Cathy Crowley, Pam Harris, Sue Roos, Laura Lasler, Vickie Martine, MaryBelh Lau- derdale, Nadie Slragnalls, Second Row: Karen Benedici, Dana McFar- land, Cindy Hull, Cindy Hardy, Tori Pril- chard, Sheila Rockenbach, Karen Kaufman, Laura Crillendon, Laura Hooker, Debbie Manlove, Kera Hoover, Marybelh Lauderdale, Lori Glenn. Top Row: Krisli Pallerson, Alison Paisley, Su- san Bade, Pam Walerworlh, Tina Wil- son, Jane Doe, Jane Doe, Carrie Rizzi. Denise Dennen, Valerie Waken, Coach Miers, Diane Nicholson, Karen Mc Culloch, Jill Carler, Laura Packey, Reema Muaddi, Kathy Walk, lngrid Cle- vin, Karla Wygal. U71 Swing Into Spring bleachers. The baseball bunnies were very supporllve of The varsily baseball leam by cheering Them 'ro many viclories. Consisling of eighl girls, Girls' League was a service club To help The school. In February, They sponsored a carnaiion sale. Pink, red and while carnations were sold on Valenllne's Day and The flowers arrived on The day of The Valenline's Dance. They also sold chocolale candy bars. Organizations Baseball Bunnies ' Pam Barbado, and Jenny ViksTen wonder who is ow To be choser. for The Ioffery in The one acf play "The LoTTery". Providing TaIenT and originaiify To The sfage, The drama The sTudenTs Themselves. deparTmenT puT on many Drama 2 was a very acTive performances for The sTudenT group. IT emphazied more on body and The communify. acTing fundamenfais raTher Than "Our Town," "CharIies AunT," The glory of major producfions. and a play in June were The The group puT on A one acT Three shows presenfed by Drama plays in February. The acTs 3f41. Under The direcfion of The included "Shall We Join The new drama Teacher, Mr. Jim Ladies", T'The LoTTery," "The Long Glkeshen, The class was selecfed ChrisTmas Dinner," and "The Life on a Try-auf basis. The group also of The ParTy." The plays were performed Their own Television double casTed in order To give shows, wriTTen and produced by everyone a chance To perform. Taking Their final bows in The curfain cali of "Our Town" are drama 314 members give a smiie aT The end of anofher performance, STeve Dunond, Susie Tayior, Mark Towner, and Jenny Rufe. Sipping Their "sodas" Laurie Bannisfer and Jason Burgess perform in an acT from The play "Our Town." Organizafions Drama 2. Drama 314 is 1 is ',,fn,5.g 'B-IJ? 7 Three clubs assisfed The Drama meefings To keep up wiTh Deparfmenf in Their producfions. Theafrical makeup Techniques. The Makeup Club was very Meefing fourfh period involved wifh all drama everyday. STagecrafTs made and producfions.. The club was fully designed The seTs and props for responsible for making .up each' all drama producfions. acTor in every producjflon and Sfudenfs wifh The desire To periodically held addifional perform in a vaudeville Type Backstage show made up The Roadshow. - This group performed for The elemenfary schools, The junior high schools, and oTher communiTy groups. STudenT direcfor Jerry Fineman coordinaTed and direcTed eac show. Valerie Waken gefs made up by a make-club member for The A one-act plays. Kafhy High gefs ready To puT The finishing make- up Touches on acfress Valerie Waken before The four one-acf plays. Organlzafions Makeup Club flying the finishing touches to her own ma- D, Actress Sue Perry prepares for the Drama production "Our Town." 4 fl 4' rg s. 'I -IW 'x in K , Tl .x I , f 1:1 QL' 1:, - 'Avi'- E ..l,, I 0 11+ tsl Makeup Club: Bottom Row: Shiela Rockenboch, Gina Surdo, Suzie Taylor, Lisa Emerling, Suzie Tan- nahill, Bill Perry, Bonnie Buckner. Top Row: Jim Sederberg, Joyce Mavredokis, Lori Bannister, Jason Burgess, Kim Benson, Jerry Fineman, Nlele Allen. Kathy Cady, Trisha Bruno, Kathy High, Missy Bianco. Mark Towner is made up for his role in "Our Town." Stcigecrafts: Bottom Row: Paul Marino, Terry Fra- zier, Andrew Baker, Jim Love, Chris Barkus, Keith Levitt, Alex Halajian. Top Row: Jim Sederberg, Doug Christensen, Randy Procter, Jason Burgess, Scott Horton, Suzie Tannahlll, Sonya, Mike Greene, David Cimini, Steve Brenner, Eric Swen- son, Mike McMiIlin, Mr. Okleshen. Organizations Roadshow, Stagecrofts, Make-up Club Duchesses Club: Bottom Row: Jenny Moran, Cory Russell, Susan Pendo, Cheryl Jensen, Annie Johnston, Adrienne Biehl, Marcella Woodrig, Debbie Budge, Sheryl Wilson, Judy Bithel, Robin Dietsch, Dawn Wilson. Middle Row: Kim Norrish, Mary Kenz, Trisha Taylor, Palie Jones, Susan Bush, Katie Verhovek, Charlie Sonu, Michelle Rasnik. Lisa Rocks, Diane Ellis, Jamie Garcia, Debbie Lam, Lynne Miller. Back Row: Leo Giomalva, Ed Par- trige, Geoff Clark, John Carpenter, Karen Mc Collough, Laura Crittendon, Diane Nicholson. Terri Nixon, Tonya Schroder, Sarah Basser, Kathy I-louse. Mary Hayward, Sue Ebersol, Joe Tsui, Edie Raff, Jackie Coyle, Shari Thiele, Marc Oliver, Dar- linda Wilson, Judi Bithell, Carrie Schmagin, Marcella Widrig, all slaves of Adam Friedman, nibble pizza on Slave Day. Nl Dial Magic Club' Bottom Row: Mr. White, Randall Litz, J F95 Dave Orell. Top Row: Mr. Bartlett, Duanne it Schenk, Robert Sheldon. Organizations Duchesses Club. Conjurer Magic Club x ,fn fr 'fr' S- galf Wifi' Ejifm 4 1 ss- -Riff,-f Slclve For A Day scdTTered ocross The Dungeons ond Drogons, g me Disney would of been of, is porT myThicol, pdrT porT Tougible, porT ond o liTTle biT insone. o club on compus, mony enTs osk The quesTion, T'WhoT 7" Dungeons ond Drogons is o e where o ployer rolls himself horocTer which remdins sTdnT from gome To gome, eoch gome is on enocTmenT pldyed only by smdll o of d differenT sTdge of life. The gome TheorTicolly never ends. The bosic Techniques. presenToTions ond moking of mogic Tricks wos The moin purpose of Conjures lvlogic Club, The Club goT TogeTher vorious doys ofTer school ond procTiced Their TolenT ond skills They leorned in previous meeTings. The Duchesses Club wos one of The oIdesT clubs on cdmpus, being founded in 4952, Club PresidenT Adrienne Biehl rewroTe The club's consTiTuTion in order To chonge iTs emphosis from home economics To junior ond senior sociol ocTiviTies. The club sponsored o Slove Doyg ony sTudenT could "buy" o club member To be his slove for o sponsored The VolenTine's Donce wiTh ExecuTive Council. The donce wos held on The Queen lvldry in Long Beoch wiTh The Theme of "The Love BooT." .-f ri? ' 1 A 4 ' - A. T C, , -.4,--.s., T -T -T, j ff K i T U QF" K' T "" ' l l ' T - 1 3 T-4 AMX l Tively. my 1553- f T "-223, 5.5 . ,C 4 A " ' ' ,L .A -. 3 ,f , WF! . ' 6, -51 T Bond members ore in o drill down. Mogic Club member John Doe demonstrates o difficulf cord Trick osfMr. WhiTe wolches oTTen- Orgonizofions Dungeon 84 Dragons Club ddy. The Duchesses Club olso co- Ari Club Eileen Clement John Hermans Kar l l , . Cl'eCI1'IV9 Ex FGSSIOIIS 5 Reed, Eun Ju Kang. Dedicaled To The developmenT, undersfanding, and appreciaTlon of arT, The Ari Club learned abouT many arTisTs and painTers. The club wenT To an ArT ExhibiTion aT Laguna Beach, viewing booThs filled wiTh arTs and crafTs. Under The leadership of ArT Teacher Mrs. Marden, The ArT Club ended The year wiTh a club dinner aT Reuben's in Arcadia. The CreaTive WriTing Club, wiTh advisors Miss Cash and Mrs. High, spenT many meeTings reading and wriTing poems and shorT sTories. These sTudenTs read Through all sTories, poems, and IiTeraTure submiTTed To The club by The sTudenT body for publicaTlon in The CreaTive WriTing Book. Public speaking, debaTing, and dramaTic reading were The main acTiviTies of The Forensics Club. Members compeTed wiTh oTher sTudenTs and also againsf oTher schools in speech conTesTs. Advisor Miss HolkesTad helped sTudenTs improve Their public speaking abiliTies. PoliTical awareness was spre Through The school by The Juni Club. The club discussed many local, naTional, and world issue including The presidenTial ra The Iranian siTuaTion and T ce, , 0 hor issues perTaining To poliTics. l I -151 - CreaTive WriTing Club: Jeff MiTTrnan, Miss Cash. Mrs. High, Julie KioTas, Joselyn Mendoza, Tracy Wagner, David Holloman. Advising CreaTive WriTing Club members Josie Vasari, Mark Seecof, and Joselyn Mendoza, Ad- visor Miss Cash helps make consTrucTive correc- TlOl'lS. Organizaiions ArT, CreaTive WriTing Club .1 PX U35 ll Gi, if? Jiiiiri' H160 i YU, jjm Qilffd Tw QQT flQ KIM 4- wigs Jiiffxi S y GUS xloifi C563 fl fx 1 iafclllq Om? perem and WS! H0 oiffil IC JU, jfmni iGl N fialriqs giiclrit Hifi rietwffn ng, igyieiiwjw lfiQ in we if-me AQ imawicfiflil w Qi:'cf7fi'lQs MDS ,tin , Ypgtifi pimp we lf ci aialfe lhaif slimy wi Wifi B Qgoad Jn MGB Qgi Q2 Keep inslsoqan Cum WXQ :ini WQ i? Danilo lflk Ji O i'amQ i' CK Cai l l - Umscii ii- jji i oil usaig QQ me liiiaiiwiifi UN C50-Q to 4iCil MO -l El Elefiiuf d4fwfCilwCLi63hr iid Forensics Club' Bottom Row' Philp Wang Steve Chang, John' Wills. Kareh Sampson: Chrislm Wh McShane, Brent Austin. Top Row: Keith Moore,l Mike Walker, Keith Butler, James Teneski, David Holloman, Miss Holkestad. Junto Club: Bottom Row: Chris McShane, Donna del Rey, Charlie Sonu, Brent Austin. Top Row: Keith Butler, Arte Cazares, Rich Cheney, Mike Walker, Mitch Green. Organizations Junto, Forensics Bleep, Bleep The compuTer club wos ci good opporTuniTy To geT ocquoinTed wiTh o whole new ideo in business ond communicoTions. Club members leorned how The compuTers were operdTed ond builT. They wroTe Their own progroms in The compuTer FoTron A key punched Them ond ron Them on The disTricT compuTer. Eoch member worked on his own ond Then soughT The help of ddviser Mr. FouToin os needed. Leorning The Technicol ond mechdnicol pdrTs of The rodio wos The omoTeur Rodio Club's moin purpose. AmoTeur Rodio wos o scienTific hobby, o meons of goining personol skill in The orT of elecTronics, ond on opporTuniTy To communicoTe wiTh oThers - locolly, ndTionolly, ond dround The world- by shorT wove rodio. The club meT once o week To leorn The "how To's" dnd puT Their skills To use. BoTh clubs deolT wiTh eIecTronicoI insTrumenTs, devices which were becoming more ond more evidenT in The new decode of The 80's. Preparing o program for The disTricT office compuTer is Compufer Club member Eddie Ko. Compuler Club: Bofiom Row: Koren BenedicT, Terri NokoToni, Che Tsoi, John King, Jomes Weckerle, Melody Bodor. Top Row: Jomes Weckerly. Mike O'Loughlin, Chris Speck, Mr. FounToin, BerTrum Kouf- mon, John Doyle Brion Suggs, Mork Seecof. 224 Orgonizohons CompuTer Club 1 Dv -H r ! Q". ili . Y .'! Billy I and Peter Wu play a game of chess. The Chess Club participated in many tournaments throughout the San Gabriel Valley. mi"i ff Bw: , . . 39, 'll 1 l 1 l l"- l 1 ' 5 l . l ..- Q A Q Q' ! l x ' . 5 B f l Mhlrmfyx .A as ' il g: ' Lvl! lr, nl ig Lg L' '1 Q . A. an .,. -N .7 X With advisor Mr. Burke, the Chess Club enjoyed 0 high participation. Peter Wu and Billy I reach a tough move during the game. Radio Club: John Edkins, Craig Shallahammer. Rick Garabedlan. Organizations Radio Club L Panic Strikes! PhoTo producTion and yearbook worked close TogeTher. Having rooms nexT door To one anoTher helped make The priniing of picTures for The Annual sfaff easier. The Yearbook sraff had To meeT several deadlines, mosT of which were characTerized by panic. Assigned To each person was one or more of The duTies of wriiing capTions, body copy, and drawing layouTs, The yearbook was liTerally puT Togeiher piece by piece-piciures, copy sheeTs, and "3- R" IayouT sheeTs. Never ending supporT and confidence was The job of The Three ediTors. Copy ediTor HeaTher Chandler checked all copy and capTions before They were Turned in and phoTo ediTor Carolyn Hendrickson was in charge of all picTures. KenT Jenkins, managing ediTor, was in charge of checking all The pages before They were seni To The company. In order To learn more abouf yearbook Techniques and skills, nine ediTors .- I .- ' aTTended a pubIicaTions workshop aT The 3 1 X M Universify of California aT San Diego 3' ' C f -- during The summer. Plans were discussed . on how To form a beTTer book. 1 S Collaborafing wiTh The helpful advice of Mr. Louis Dodd, everyone on The sTaff worked TogeTher To make The T980 Arcadian one of The besf. , Yearbook STaff: BoTTom Row: Mr. Dodd. Mary Hayward, Vicki Anderson, Joe Rossi, Heidy Naka- mura, Debbie Knueven, Karen Swenson, CaThy Torres. Second Row: Kim Norrish, Pam Daleo, Eun Ju Kang, Wendy Frear, Cari Jefferson, Carolyn Henricksen, KenT Jenkins, HeaTher Chandler. Top Row: Sheryl Wilson, Jackie Coyle, Corrie Harrison, Tori Priichard, John Sorenson, Randy Raymond. Jorge Mena, Mark Schllchfing, Anne Duffy, Gil- berT Esirada, Janice O'Brien, KeiTh Mainwal. PhoTo ediTor Carolyn Henricksen looks for nega- Tives ThaT could be yearbook picTures. OrganizaTions Yearbook STaff editor Mary Hayward and Pam Daleo a layout for the sports section during a Working on the senior section of the yearbook are section editor Heldy Nakamura and Wendy Frear. i r.. 1 I ug l Q X it "' y .Mr . '?-5 -4 i -fi' if ga: 'fr V f' Q ,V 1 iv Photo Production: Bottom Row: Stuart Ozick, Da- vid Mittman, Doug Hart, Rick Garabedian, Ed Bernadini. Top Row: Peter Vagenas, Eric Aren- sten, Phil Schuster, Doug Porter, Tom Brolin, John Doyel, David White. Preparing for a deadline Vicki Anderson orga- nizes yearbook materials to send to the publish- er. ll if - . H , at ,, vu U! 1- -'I' fffwf . I. I ' , Q- ' A f av ' , .yi if-sy 31 ,j x , T' 311,43 hr 'zlfryq il Organizations Photo Production Mary SToddard Thinks of an exciTing headline T The Apache Pow Wow. XT, .4 The Informers WriTing arTicles for The Apache Pow Wow gave sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To pracTice Training for an acTual newspaper. This ouTsTanding bi-monThly paper provided each sTudenT sTaff member wiTh The currenT evenTs ThaT happened every monTh. The Apache Pow Wow was raTed naTionally wiTh several oTher school papers and was consisTenTIy ranked high. Chosen on a TryouT basis, The Apache News sTaff held o very demanding job. They Taped Their newscasi on Monday and Wednesday, and The show aired on Tuesday and Thursday. The six newsmen made The news very informaTive and enTerTaining. The sTaff had inTerviews wiTh many guesi speakers such as The Arcadia Rose Couri, drama classes, and several differenT Teachers. OrganizaTions Pow Wow l - . , V T "'x n ' .. 4. iq'- . W Z ,Nw , 'T 1 , . i ! I The Apache Pow Wow GDC! The Apache Pow Wow: BoTTom Row: Laura Apache News 5-fcffs kepf -fhe Mary SToddard, PaTTi Torrence. Top Row . . Lasfra, Susan Barney, Sue Cramer, Tom Siudeni body Well 'nformed WITH Dan Chambers, Sandy Ross, ScoTT Diener The evenTs around The high school campus. Reporter Steve Gary interviews Scott Deiner. editor of the Pow Wow, on the Apache Football field during a halftime show. Apache News: Bottom Row: Joan Blankenship, Pam Harris, Judy Bithel, Heidi Daley. Second Row: Brent Broyles, Rick Preston, Sue Walker, Mona Nasii, Dan Gapastion, Dave Mclntyre. Top Raw: Rick Preston, Phil Schuster, Jim Cartwright, Steve Gary, Steve Brenner, Neil Ethridge. Behind the scenes work is seen here by technical directors Steve Brenner, Dan Gapastione, Jim Cartwright, and Rick Preston of the Apache News. Organizations Apache News Jr. Exchange members Laurie Juvinall and co- worker count the days earnings in the cIub's pumpkin sale during October. Jr. Exchange: Bottom Row: Joanna Gekas, Bill Houg, Kathy McCabe, Susan Sorenson, Julie Lie, Vicki Anderson, Debbie Turner, Hye-Sin Han, Rob- in , Laine Ho, Kathy Terberg, Maya Rodrigues, Jon Melisi, Heidi Daley, Yoon Sukkin. Second Row: Marjorie Stewart, Eileen Tobin, Melody Bodor. Laura Orme, Ken Carpenter, Ruth Alexander, Su- sie Totten, Jennifer Mallard, Linda Raidy, Craig Haigh, Chris Speck, Richard Johson, Patty Paul- sen, Robin Redeker, Teresa Rusco. Key Club: Bottom Row: Oravann Chhiapp, Mary Stoddard, Patty Torrence, Caroline Ross, Lisa Emerling, Lisa Tan, Wendy Wilbert, Leah Kraft. Jean Mayer, Cathy Stoner. Middle Row: Lisa Mill- er, Teri Nakatani, Karen Kaufman, Lisa Zecher, Gail Backer, Jim Sederberg, Marcella Widrig, Ja- mie Werk, Debbie Budge, La-Rae D'Arezzo, Julie Lie, Debbie Roper, Kim Norrish, Michelle Willette, Jane Doe, Top Row: Eric Pinter, Julie Neal, Karen Swenson, Mike Scott, Bertrum Kaufman, David Kern, Eric Swenson, Eric Holmlund, Jim Cartwright, Scott Deiner, Rich Cheney, Gail Vanlandingham, Bill Bauman, Dana Macfarlane. Organizations Jr. Exchange, Key Club ,fax-:i ervice Clubs Lend Helping Hands The Junior Civitan, Interact, club was involved with service to nior Exchange, and the Key the school and to the ub were all groups supported community. They attended the men's service clubs within the Acapulco restaurant for their first mmunity of Arcadia, dinner meeting and also got The Junior Civitan, sponsored involved in the blood drive. The the Civitan group, had many Interact Club tried to promote les during the year. They sold better international e's suckers in January and understandings. itcake during the holiday The Junior Exchange Club was ason. They also attended a a junior club sponsored by the unch which the Civitan Club Exchange Club. They had a t on. pumpkin sale in October and The Rotary Club of Arcadia participated in the Jog-Athon. onsored the Interact Club. This During the holiday season, mistletoe was sold. Several times a year the Kiwanis Club came to Key Club meetings to get a better insight into their sponsored club's activities. ln October and November the Key Club sold Starbursts and held a well attended Car Rally in January. All these clubs together combined to provide service to the school and to the community. Interact Club: Bottom Row: Bill Hoag, Pam White- hill, Paul Hernandez, Lou Villasenor, John Wool. John Vaughn, Chris Dot, Robin Miller, Holly Chan- dler, Kent Jenkins, Anna Pappas. Top Row: Caro- line Ross, Susan Bode, Steve Knapp, Jenny Hahn, Mark Knapp, John Doe, Karen Van Kirk, Kristen Eriksson, Mr. Anderson, Jim Leed, Julie Bicker. Ni- cole Narbut, Ann Lott, Lisa Mos, Kristen Patter- son. Junior Civitan: Bottom Row: Mary Helms. Cathy Stoner, Tracy Wagner, Stacey Lee, David Rowe. Top Row: Mr. Cieadlo, Emil Amato, Karen Swen- son, Julie Le, Nancy Maljanian, Grace Rowe. Organizations Interact, Jr. Civitan ' rf ,. hr, ., A v 1 .. 8- , ,.7r. sa, ,N 225' ,Q 2 Kiowas: Bottom Row: Dana Merritt, Susan Saunders, Heather Chandler, Susan Knight, Maya Rodrigues, Margery Stewart, Joanna Gekas, Su- Kiowa members Susie Stoke and Susan Knight attend to last minute business during a Koiwa meeting, The Kiowas discuss the proposed Cracker Jack sale. Mrs. lredaIe's office never quite recovered from the storage off the 100 box cartons. "T -4, . , f -5,2 ' 4 ds- -ll-' . A Q I Y . .' ' san Stoke, Linda Nash, Neile Allen, Jill Rein Beth Bowen. Top Row: Kimberly Lornasney, lin Greathouse, Margy Sperry, Donna Del Kaycee Johnstone, Heidy Daily, Susan Mic Melody Boder, Susan Kochevar, Linda Spuck Benson, Gail Vcnlandingham, Mrs, Iredale. V Lfsmwf 3 it 1, lf:--I J! . - if EEQ,,uj1" ,- vg. Ay 4 "ij lvl' i J . ,j " P 'X Q: I -I -,fir rv.- -.'v.'r-A rv -r.v,..,. , s a 'Q 8-"""' 1 ' - . 1 .hes gn 'M . V-.W ,,, . . . , . Wu... qv, , '.-V, , . ir .. 5,7 f-.,v K , .4 Clough, KieTh BuTler. Adom HorsTmon, Jeff Vondewedge. Jeff MiTTmon. Eric Bell, Eric Swenson, GorreTT Doum. Tom Fuelling, Bill Boumon. Mory Hoyword buvs Almond Roco from KenT Jenkins, Senior Mon. "-'r2L..f2 4. rafflff- .T I Senior Service Known for Their brighT red cooTs ond dork moroon blozers were some ouTsTonding seniors selecTed on The bosis of scholorship, communiTy service ond leodership: The Kiowds ond The Senior Men. The Kiowos were o very busy ond orgonized group. lVleeTing once o week under The supervision of Mrs. Lois lredole The girls plonned Their ocTiviTies, including o crocker jock sole, The dnnuol ChrisTmos Ted for reTurning Kiowos, ond someThing ThoT wos odded in recenT yeors: singing Telegroms. The Kiowos hdppily song ony song for ony occossion. The Senior Men, under The direcTion of Mr. Ken Aberle, were olso on ocTive group, porTiculorly during The spring. Serving oT The Scholorship BdngueT honoring The Top 75 grdduoTing sTudenTs, ond serving oT numerous luncheons kepT The Senior Men busy during Their firsT monThs of membership. A cor wosh, condy bor sole, ond porking cors oT home fooTboll gomes were oTher fundrciising ond service projecTs of The Senior Men. Selling progroms dT home fooTboll gomes os well os The fdmous Rose Bowl gome on New Yeor's Doy wos shdred by boTh The Kiowos ond Senior lvlen. In oddiTion, The combined groups coroled oT d convdlescenT home during The holidoy seoson ond held occossionol joinT meeTings dT The InTernoTionol House of Poncokes. To end Their busy yeor, The Kiowds ond Senior Men spenT d weekend QT Arrowhedd in The snow. Orgonizcnions Kiowos, Senior Men 233 Spirit BO0STer AfTer doing d superior job oT d loT during The week, credTing ond comp, The pep squod begon The perfecTing new rouTines. school yeor by pdinTing The Teom members' homes oppedred bledchers, plonning ond pdrTicipdTing To be The scene of The VdrsiTy in numerous rcillies ond dssemblies, Cheerleoders' dcTion os well os oTher ond lending excellenT supporT oT dll uniTs of The pep squod, GS They dThleTic evenTs. decorciTed The homes of The vorsiTy The Junior-VdrsiTy cheerledders hod Their honds full cheering for dll J.V. ond sophomore Tedms in edch ployers wiTh posTers, encourogemenT, Tedm spiriT ond vicTory hopes for The upcoming sporT. The J.V. cheerledders wenT gomes, VdrsiTy cheer goT The crowd door-To-door To edch J.V. ond sophomore Tedm members house, wishing him good luck in person. The Song girls noT only donced Their woy Through The good Times ond The bod, buT were olwdys reody To lend o smile ond "liven" up The pep rdllies ond dssemblies. The Fldg girls goT owoy from The miliTdry sTyle of Twirllng ond coordinoTed jdzz ddnce sTeps in Their rouTines, The five Flog girls procTiced l T u T n I 0 , 1 . I . H A '94 4980 Pep Commissioner, Sue Knight Song Girls: lvlorrlin GTGOWTOUSG. Donno del Rey. Robin Polo, Corrie Shmdgin, Marcello Widrig. Flog Girls: Noncy McKenno, Pcilli Jones, PoTTy Me- gdro, Annie JohnsTone, Kim Norrish. x OrgonizoTions Pep Squod oT Friddy nighT fooTboll gomes in "rowdy ond rodicol" moods, To quoTe d fovoriTe phrose of The cheerledders. PredicTlons were one of Doug Compbell's QApoche Joey mony jobs. AlThough noT olwoys correcT, he greoTly inspired The sTudenT body wiTh his unique meihods of evolking spiriiudl messdges from The Apoche gods. Pep Commissioner, Sue KnighT coordinoTed ond orgonized dll pe rdllies, dssemblies ond prepored p decordTions for The compus. Sue represenTed The SQUGG oT oil execuTive council meeTlngs ond s wos responsible for dll The behind scenes work porTiculdrly dT The populor "swiTch" rolly. Spirii ond The pep squod were given Their shore of criTicism, The p squod coming under poriiculdr scruTiny. Occosionolly, The quesTio wos osked, "JusT how effecTive or Those 23 jumping, yelling people? lsn'T The insTlTuTion of cheerleoding dying'?" ln lighT of The echoing sho from The NorTh Gym, during dssemblies, The exciTed cheers T bleochers on Fridoy nighTs, ond enThusidsTic smiles of The crowds gomes, The pep squod hos yeT To prove so. ZFB up Z' lfx' xx Members of The pep squad give The crowd a cheer during The West Arcadia Band Review, Arcadia was hos? band in the parade. Varsity Cheerleaders: Jamie Garcia, Adrienne Biehl, Bill Bauman, Jamie Werk. Bebbie Budge. -2 if' 2' ill l a 4980 Apache Joe, Doug Campbell. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Stacey Nale, Susan Short. Jill Hageman, Marena Hanarahan, Tonya Tharp, Michelle Marlinel. Organizations Pep Squad Princesses: Bottom Row: Vicki Churchman, Cincli Howard, Wendy Baehr, Margy Sperry. Top Row: Lynda Mayer, Kaycee Johnstone. Beate Ack- royd, Ann Hull. Tall Flags: Bottom Row: Sandy Deal, Joan Steele. Patti Sheldon, Wendy Morris, Dianne Peters. Shannon Skomsvold. Second Row: Gayle Tsern, Jenny McEntire, Sharon Merryfield, Diane Wiker, Pami Saftler, Katy Ward, Sharon Cordon, Heather Chandler. Top Row: Selena Skomsvold. Gretchen Miller, Sharon Barrett, Mary Hier, Kim- berly Lomasney, Paula Mickle, Cathy Torres, Shelby Matson, Barbie Hale. Apach Tom-Tom Drill Team: Head Tom-Tom Gail Vanlanclingham. First Rank: Linda Khanchalian, Lau- ra Lastra, Sharon Arnold, Amy Benvenuto, Cathy Stoner. Second Rank: Shelly Bowman. Eun-Hee Kang, Vicki Martinet, Lorene Krajian. Robin Dietsch. Third Rank: Liane D'Areaao, Nadia Straghalis, Mary- beth Lauderdale, Laura Winterburn, Noncey Beis- wenger. Fourth Rank: Christa Lockord, Shieia Rock- enbach, Carol Wilson, Lorie Glynn, Anne Duffy, Fifth Rank: Lindy Hull, Colleen Robinson, Mary Hayward. Stacey Purmer. Pam Sinclair. Sixth Rank: Anne Ritter. Suzie Firestone, Laura Packey, Angela Marner, Don- na Jackson. Seventh Rank: Monica Lichter. Tina Wiggens, Edie Raff, Lynn Iler. Eighth Rank: Dana Mac Farlane, Tracey Edfast, Chrysa Sparling, Karen Rib- bons, Michelle Prindle. Not Pictured: Teresa Peter- son, Christy Storrs. 2 3 6 Organizations Band Auxiliary .Gi N 40 I X b r ,yr STV lr' 5 I The Word! dances buT Times To have fun and become closer friends. PracTice was a common word for The TwenTy Three hard working Tall Flag girls. The girls pracTiced ThroughouT The summer and aTTended band camp for one week To learn various marching and half Time rouTines. Their pracTicing paid off very well as They received second place for Their field performance aT The MT. Carmel TournamenT, Third place aT Chino Band Review and consisTenTly high sTreeT marching scores wiTh The princesses. On The sTreeT. The girls added color To The marching band. One of The popular half Time rouTlnes They performed was To "Jesus ChrisT SupersTar." Under advisor Denise Johnson, The girls noT only learned difficulf flag rouTines and manuevers buT also abouT each oTher and The friendship They needed To have To work so closely. Summer Time was noT all fun and games for The nine Apache Princesses. The girls aTTended U.S.A. camp To learn various dances. They were lucky To even arrive aT camp because They goT losT and had many delays. NeverTheless The nine girls reTurned home safely four days laTer wiTh ThirTy five superior ribbons and one excellenT. The summer was also spenT making The long colorful headdresses The princesses wore. To make Their headresses, The princesses had much paTience, for iT Took Time To glue and sew each and every feaTher in place. The nine princesses goT closer ThroughouT The year. They felT proud and honored when They carried The TOO pound ARCADIA banner down The sTreeT. TogeTherness and friendship were good words To describe The nine princesses in 4980. Robin DieTsch happily dances wiTh The Drill Team To The popular Tune "Rocky" aT The IasT half-Time performance. AT The homecoming half-Time, The Tall Flag girls awaiT a signal for Their nexf rouTine. "'Til There Was You." AT The Halloween half-Time The Princesses do a dance To The Tune "Basin STreeT Blues." OrganizaTions Band Auxiliary OrchesTra, direcfed by Mr. Bruce Polay, performed aT The San Gabriel Civic, during The annual chrisTmas concerf, The spring "Pops" concerf and aT a convenTion in SacreamenTo during spring vacaTion. To raise The money To go To Sacramenfo The members of The orchesfra sold "M8cM's" and held a car wash. Band I, ll, and Ill, direcTed by Mr. Tom Landes, were Three differenf classes of insfrumenfal Talenf. Song Which band The players were placed in depended on abiIiTy and senioriTy. Band I was open To any sTudenT who wished To play a musical insTrumenT. The besT players were selecfed for Band lll group. All Three bands performed aT differenf concerTs. One of The main shows Throughouf The year was The "Pops ConcerT" and The "ConcerT in The Park." Orchesis , a word meaning The arT of dance, was The group consisTed of 30 members who And Dance Tried ouT wiTh a dance rouTine The end of The 1979 school yec The club performed aT such places as The CiTy of Hope, The high schools, The Jog-a-walk-Th The Homecoming assembly, one Their annual Spring Show in May The dances were choreograph by The members and rages fron Tap To jazz To ballef To disco. T class dance was To The song "NaTural Juices" from The T soundfrack "Thank God lTs Friday." The Chamber Orchesfra combined of certain players from The OrchesTra, Takes a bow afTer playing aT The San Gabriel Civic AudiTorium. Orchesis: BoTTom Row: Joyce Mavredakis, Lori BannisTer, Neile Allen, Diana O'Orio.Second Row: Linda Freuh, Sheila Rockenbach, Lynn Miller, Maya Rodrigues, Laurie Cline, STacey Lee, Ren- aTe STaebler. Third Row: Gina Surdo, Susie Saunders, Sandy Lemon, Debbie Lam, Teresa Zolferino, Sue Ross, KaThy Crumb, Julie Sanbom. Top Row: Kara Pape, Anifa Anderson, Cheryl Jenson, STeve Voznick, Susan Walker, Dawnelle GI-reaThouse, DusTy Ferno. Organizafions Orchesis - , ,Wg fl . 550, -'hi X' vi th' L if? we f'n"'v T' SVT' PM 1 .,, 0, in "X G V c., no-1 QQ .-., ' ,, , an- 'T' s.- rt, 3111! .l ll - s.-,Mrk -' .gn-5 rqzgg ,:gl4'QYf4f-:i,riKgLi.g"f "V ir. . Q , U' Q .V ,lviiiixprx 1. 7 ,. .-:4 .iw ' , f' ' . . '51 ' ' In V' 1:,. ..,, ',- -N 'D' 751.-Q ..- 0 f , 1, 4 1 A .s...5 - -rv -'M-,e "gg - A is .gy-' sm-A f . , i , 4 ,K A .Mn . '- :M Symphony Orchestra: Jennifer Aldridge, Ruth Alexander, Susan Artin, Melody Bodor, Brian Bur- nett, Rick Clough, Sharon Cordon, Mimi Dragice- vich, Kathleen Ebersole, Cindy Fouse, Jan Frass- rand, Heather Friesen, Kelly Furniss, Lorie Glynn. Mike Graham, Marrlin Greathouse, David Herr. Sophie Horiuchi, Donna Hynek, Kaycee John- stone, David Jones, Eun-Hee Kang, Agnes Kim, Colleen Kline, Mark Knapp, Susan Kochevar, Dave Krienbring, Alan Mar, Angela Marner. Mike Mathews, Susan McMillan, Joslyn Metzger, Dev Mishra, Paula Neander, Jim O'Toole, Charlie Park, Thomas Peters, Christine Ramirez, Jeanette Riensche, Tim Root, David Row, Steven Sanzo, Rod Sargent, Susie Saunders, Tracy Smith, Amy Steg, Gayle Tsern, Elly Vis, Eileen Watrous, Steve Weiss, Carol Wilson, Dldi Zavitz. Santa Claus, Orchestra Director Mr. Bruce Polay, leads the Orchestra in a christmas carol in their performance at the San Gabriel Civic Audito- rium. Organizations Orchestra Backpacking Club member John Papa climbs The "skull" in Joshua Tree Naiional Park. The marching band praclices during Third period on Campus Drive. Pholo Produciion manager David MiTTman looks for negaTives in The pic- Ture file. ATTempTing To "climb on" during The Donkey BoskeTball Game, Mr. Ander- son finds iT difficulT To sTay on The mule. The baskeiball game was spon- sored by The Junior Class. Organizalions Skiing, Angling, Fishing Clubs f"'is.v --un.. 1 i 'I Ll f T ,....ff Showing off last years Trophies of the Forensics Club are Philip Wang and Steve Chang. They are hoping to recruit Jay Weisenfelder and Eric De- boytan to be new members. Prospective Varsity Club members Pam Ander- son and Sandy Sayegn discuss the rules and reg- ulations of the club with President Susan Pendo and member Jamie Garcia. As a member of the Varsity Club, one had to earn a letter in a varsity sport. fn. , fliv, da, . i Wifi' 'T -.ew :Q Jiri. . i.. I' ' i'.'-'JPL-'rs--.1, an -. c ' i1i'flf5FI2"i: do PW rf' ' ""2't'-'fi-T 'J ,. S Clubs lb People Pleasing Held during snack and both 1,4 L! NT-f 1 B. lunches for two days in late September, club days provided the student body with an opportunity to become involved in the school as well as meeting new people. Over sixteen decorated stands, each representing a different club. filled the rally court waiting for students to indicate an interest and sign up for their favorite clubs. There were three different types of clubs: service, spirit, and interest. The service clubs were designed to serve the community: spirit clubs encouraged more enthusiasm at school functions: interest clubs were joined by students interested in the same activities. inter-club Council QICCQ planned and organized Clubs Day. ICC was made up of each club's president or representative and led by ICC president and executive council member Kara Pape. She felt that club days were very successful. ln fact, two clubs received over a hundred memberships. Many students were involved in the actual event of Club Days and many more students joined clubs. Organizations Club Days DC!l'wil'1 D6lirTtCll't Jqn Ple55ner Dfllmf Marching proudly Drum Major Rick Clough leads the band to victory at the Mt. Carmel Parade. The band readies itself to step-off on another march on the field, practicing for their future competition. Arcadia Apache Marching Band wins Sweep- stakes in parade competition at Mt. Carmel. .A Lx" 0 11 . .32 'K Q it 4-11 f.. Trombone Samir Bhatt Richard Calkins Michael Graham Craig Kaufman Dana Kennedy Kenneth Kobett David Kreinbring Daniel Maljonian Tim Root Rodger Thomas Robert Tyrrell John Vaughn John Waddleton Dirk Zwiebel Saxophone: Lori Brock Robert Celano Robert Deinlein Walter Lauderdale Douglas Mayer Christopher McCaman Michelle Milanavich Edgar Munoz Robert Ochoa Rodger Oepkes Edward Pithey Jim Pritchard Organizations Marching Band Jeffrey Watts Dev Mishra Geoff Papp Tuba Patrick Phillips Stephen Hall, Jr. Steven Knapp David Leatherberry John Montemayor Rodney Sargent Joseph Weisenfelder David Zirbel Trumpet James Barner Sean Brunwin Jeffrey Carter Gary Chaney Robert Durkee Craig Farmer Benito Galindo Sandra Harris Larry Hayes William Johnstone Carol King John King Wally Lee Nathan Leonard Linda Lopez Timothy Martin Jim Russell Suzanne Stoke Flutes Susan Bode Jill Bell Karen Benedict Lisa Bowen Carol Bradford Karen Brubaker Angela Clark Tina Collins Wendy Davis Teresa Eisenberg Cynthia Fouse Kelly Furniss Chereen Gustavsen Jennifer Hahn Donna Hynek Kathleen Janes Judith Johnson Karen Kaufmann Ingrid Kleven Monika Kochs Kathleen Mack Scott Mathews Lynne McCormick Susan Saunders Brenda Severns Lisa Spuck French Horn Christopher Brunwin David Grayson David Herr Eric Holmlund Teresa Horton Susan Kochevor Laura Lister Helen McKendrlck Janolyn Reinhardt Tracy Smith Richard Thomas John Thompson larltone Randal Leatherman William Ramsey Michael Scott Matthew Searfoss Gregory Young Clarlnets Kirsten Baisner Devin Cass Eileen Clement - Kay Crider Nicholas De La Torre Ellen Gewecke Marissa Gonzales Molinda Gonzales Julie Gunnell Lisa Hisey Stephen Johanson Richard Johnson Sheila Larson Mark Lee Jil Matsumoto Curtis McCIam Daniel O'Conner Kristen Patterson Christine Ramirez Jeffrey Schroeder Linda Scott Karen Shaw Jacqueline Sperry Julie VanDeBrooke Eileen Walirous Buss Clarinet: Donna Brooks Lily Chen Amy Deneen John Geyer Catherine Rouser Cynthia Allison Jeffrey Beckman Brian Burnett Matthew Cass Diane Cotta Christopher Coup Scott DesJardins Krls Hakkila Cynthia Hardy Percussion Scott Bergeson Laura Horton Mark Knapp Paul Mackisoc Nancy Maljanian Delight Matheny James O'Toole Robert Perry .lohn Porter Dawn Richardson Andrew Sale Bradford Smith Robert Stinner Jr. Cheryl Whelchel ought In The Fog ery long clay had nearly come to an . . It seemed. The band had won pstakes at the Mt. Carmel Tournament nds, a combination street and field etition. As the awards had been unced, thick, heavy coastal fog had into the valley. No one on the already d buses believed the rumors that they be "fogged in," forced to remain ln ern San Diego overnight. band members, tall flags, and sses unloaded their belongings from the and t ' ' ' rudged into the music rooms of High. There were no blankets, no little food, no radios, no showers or clothes, just the floor-the floor and a uncomfortable night for nearly 490 students to sleep through. The conditions were miserable: the whole situation was a disaster, at least to everyone there. Later, as they continued winning sweepstakes at the remainder of their band reviews, the band laughed about the experience: but it always seemed that an unnecessarily high number of blankets, pillows, and heavy overnight bags went, too. Under the leadership of Drum Major Rick Clough, and new Band Director Mr. Tom Landes, the band played and marched to such tunes as "Russian Sailors' Dance," "MacArthur Park," "Ice Castles," "Til There Was Vou," and "Jesus Christ, Superstar," as well as the street march "The Conqueror." On Saturday nights after a parade, the band got together at a member's house for a "band party." Dancing, watching old movies or "Saturday Night Life" on the "tube", eating, and laughing filled up the evening. Band members enjoyed these parties for the obvious reasons, but also because the parties were a unifying force that made the group even closer than it already was. The twenty three members of the tall flag team and the nine princesses were a great asset to the band. They marched with the band and drill team to make up this proud unit. The flags and princesses performed different routines and dances during parades, half time shows, and field competitions. This almost two-hundred member marching unit had plenty of spirit throughout the year and proudly wore the name Arcadia wherever and whenever it marched. TTI' AWN. my vw-'ig VEEQAYA '-was ,H I l- L 2. WQQW' . M K 1 '.vp.'p.1 1 'x su: -'M A DLTA'-5 uni' The marching band is shown at their first field competition at Azusa. The band won second place. The Apache Princesses proudly display the one- hundred pound Arcadia banner. Once again the Apaches won the Sweepstakes Award. an honor naming them the California State March- ing Band Champions. Organizations Marching Band I - f "Y Groups Brighten School Why were people wearing uniforms? They were special people in special clothing, making others realize that they were different. There were a variety of uniforms at Arcadia High School. The pep squad had the traditional short skirts and sweaters plus two other uniforms. The Senior Men had their sophisticated jackets and ties making them truely look like"men. The Kiowas had their dresses and traditional blazers. The Pep Band wore painters overalls and silkscreened shirts as the football players strutted about on game days in their jerseys. The uniforms for various clubs, activities, 'Sand organizations were chosen in many different ways. While many were traditionalsuch . . i ll Year as Senior Men, band, and the football team, others had to be chosen, voted for by members of the group and then obtained. After choosing the uniforms, came paying the cost and making or having them made. The Senior Men paid about S50 for their jackets from Richman Brothers. The Kiowas chose a pattern and made their uniforms themselves.The pep squad paid a maximum of S450 themselves and the A.S.B. treasury paid for the rest not to exceed 8200. Shirts for the Pep Band and varsity teams were silkscreened at Dalco. Some groups liked the attention that their uniforms brought them, but others got tired of wearing the same clothes time after time. "-' r'-r AK i I if l .3 new " 1 555' l. so i T s .ici . ' i -. xi' ' . 'ii f i' T' - . of - j 4. j ...,. j g i U-al i' -dim. .....' , X.-5 h V -e. ji ' .1 . Q x A . ,e .1 A 5 lg, 3 ' 4- . .- ll x - s 1. ll 'I I of '-V sf Ft ' T . ' 's. 3 n. an A. I. ' I PSD Bond mefT'ib9fS SUOW Off iheif if-TIGHT Gnd Volleyball players Fran McLean and Karen Ser- school Spifii 01 N19 fifif PSD ASSGFTWDIY- ven talk with pep squad member Kim Norrish Ul1lf0fl'T1S X AA Organization. GDOU1' the UDCOlTlil'1Q VOHSYDGII QGFTTSS. l w- ss s 1- 1 ll j T 1 Proud members Susie Totten and Kim Walsh of the girls swim team support the boys water polo team by weoring spirited red and gold shirts. K . , - r Showing unity and school spirit the Drill Team sits together at the first Pep Assembly. Members plc- tured include Linda Khanchallon, Carol Wilson. Nancy Beiswenger, Colleen Robinson, Stacey Burmer ond Anne Duffy. l K L? v W V K lg. :L .L"i,, A fr, 4455-3Lj5i? .ul . i I C I. wt ' ggi: R. f V I . l X - ' 5 'qi " ,Jiri 'L' 1 .A fa 1 if' I gl.. up x his i if iii" " i M 41' I X ' . l A ,?' I , i-'V' 415. ' ."5'zf't.,,ra.-. Arcadia Princesses gather around before their first half-time pertormance to say o few words. Each girl was responsible for making her own headdress. which took most of the summer. , 1.. 'fl Organizations Uniforms 246 C AUfzT'l'l' I UN INCJ We were caughT buying. cars and cloThes, planes and Trains, necessiTies and frivoliTies. We wenT ouT To lunch aT local drive Throughs, boughT gifTs aT nearby bouTiaues, broughT home hefTy grocery bags from The markeTs, and spenT hours browsing Through SanTa AniTa Fashion Park, The "mall," ForTunaTely for us aT Charlie Sonu plans The agenda for an upcoming House of Represenfafives meeTing wiTh The aid of Lynn llyer and Kara Pape. Gennifer Mallard and Diane Parker check Their assignmenTs during lunch before going To class. "Scarfing" his slave lunch, Mark Perez is aTTend- Sponsors lnTroducTion Sponsors Arcadia High School, The surrounding communiTy offered much in The way of selling, for selling musT accompany buying. The adverTisemenTs shown in This secTion, Sponsors, are businesses afTen frequenTed by The sTudenTs: businesses which wanTed To express Their appreciaTion by conTribuTing ed by Robin Polo whom he purchased for The day. Mrs. Sfaral makes final preparaTions for Back To School Night. Dr, Richard Cordano provides shelfer during an especially glomy game. finacially To This yearbook, or businesses ThaT jusT wanfed To promoTe Their producTs and for services. The purpose of This secTion is noT only for TradiTional adverTisin buT To serve as a reminder To Th sTudenTs of The places we were caughT buying, and The people whom we caughT selling. Selling ads for The Sponsors Seciion, Carol Henrickson Talks with prospecfive cIienTs. Affer a hecfic Back To School Night, hos? J MiTTman finds relief in a glass of punch. Mr. Mark Velfer discuss The possibiliiies of an e say wilh Lisa Capron for Comp. 3. H,-a n 1 '4 X I X This l w, 4 J F? ' ".Qif1 1J-efc.'i1i.1 ,TS E H is W, C' ?' ' L . I 1 '. 741 W 11 Ie. I j I . U I . 0 ll ,I if ' w 1 N w I I .-,'I 1' mf'-f? 0 . L5 r 'U' 4 W !,,1 an A Agri fi ,M M 'int Q' v ' 9 ' x ', ' " - q 1 . 9: - hx 4. ' W I YQ, 1 I' .f gf' i al U 3 f'w A 217, fy hw, . ,A V Af,,,fA, A fillhqg I I V' I ' V ' -Y 1 1 ' , Y '- '. 1 aiefa - A 7" 1 qrjgl ,"i! V if m .A , ' f X - - . ! , " l 1 X r MN 1 Jr" NI 7' I Q?'fa,w,5. ' '-1bY 1 A I '-M . if LT- :Ai .. ' ,, fqfq ' ,' ' ?'--,,' . ' n'r W 5 - 'IL ., ,, - . A-, f., .,.g.,L!,-, ,I A ,N .N -1 ,ml- lUIF' GM? SLff?LVvE.l?i YQ-X934 WQLQJ' SF1 vfE?31gL.EiIg lmzifiili uEfwfIQQ1E 12,a1m1 I , ,, W - . ' ' " ' PWKCZJJTEJ Y?Qwfr- I??1yfjggfmif11gf5, 5Yirfg1xfi1ufnQ Cimmfgmggmiifwolmgali Sponsors 2 8 Church A QP' J 5 my AL ,321 ' ' w,g M Q, , fi- , L 1 gi, 5 ' , .. L 2 Q: Lf Q "fS511 P 'L HQ f 1 .. iZ,T.. - Q A at I X i I ji, -Vg 1,1 , :iq .51 f .,, 1 1 an m fm ff? ig , . , , f 1 1 ? ' "J ' v -."-' '--1 7-'Y -1 -- T- ,I -'-l-- - V- V-fwllwilir ,-- ,fLWWw+TQfWwwfwQwmmmwwf Q1 "F ' -' ' " ifl '-'V-i 'T wHwn1fWwLJQLmfmfriJmyQA MU ,, rX..,lx ,f-,, , 555 5? A gi M U 9 " N 6 W ' , 1.1 , .uv . ,, , 1 SDOFISOFS 2 Drndn me MARRONE and SONS PLUMBING Q.. ft-j Q ' f' . rio' rirrgrrr 1 iiiiiii 0 1-my 4.g L,jrriiiiiiiiilff.pii'1'A -f 0 , ,mMM' ri 'r Q' if 'ig K: :ig A L, ,, 3475 Eosi Colorado 795-3384 239 Fashion Park 400 Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, Calif. 91006 42133 445-3304 i D S SPENCE OBRIEN Vice President EXECUTIVE OFFICES: 12484 WHITTIER BLVD. WHITTIER, CAL 90602 Q21 31 685-6110 1714, 521 -3203 SAk5!5..4E3?!!!""0"""'5 SEBYESEE E v C - I2 - f' ' Sponsors Cars, frcrvei, shoes. cir conditioning l rrrr i l t l 252 All repair work is expertly handled on the premises by European trained master craftsmen. 66 Come in and browse . . . -Er Open 10 am-6 pm .pc Closed Sundays Off S' On 'qlli germerils' 109126, Your Complete Family J eWe1er" Specializing in- l master cha ge ' VISA I v fmwrm. rr Q i ' ' H -k Custom Designing -k Promise Rings and Engagement Sets -k Largest Selection of 14-K Gold Chains and Charms -lr Fine Watches Abe Voskeritchian, Goldsmith 161 East Foothill Blvd. Jerry Voskeritchian, Gemologist Arcadia, CA Judy Vickroy,ASa1es CD4 358-111-14 Ei? Qnext to SAV-ONJ sy f Iwelelsr Sponsors Jewlery I N? ft fl l WL C xl. .- -, .-fg,-Q-,-,,-L-f.,.---in-13.11, 4,-gi-5" 1' ' , . . ff,-fr-.-.-:rv:ag5nr..v,gx:1:31vln-using - :hill -Q - ' .-.-gf -r. f,.nmrg.miailn:1lun.-nil- '- rx' ,M A-.4l1:f ,g:1:" i :azi- .,.f .f.,4-ann-f . A .,1z:l.!H1nr: 1livJ31il- 'i11p1angu,gi-hm . , f- -.f-1-1 ....-1,s'J'.-faansnazynrggrlgggiig '1u1 -41--11 .r - . fp- f--fazrlggdlinumlnlrnnngiunuzz '1u11hnlini-1 F 'Q - 41" '10'fli'lr-'-I-'I-'-u-'tii.,iliv:.f3-.i, -lr 'L 1+-,L - --1 :iq ' ,- 'f - - 1 - .- -nf . ,gpzv-f4.z2hn-n-uv.-!'l!l11l- -4 li Y 1 ' , H A Y-fi """ 4' 2 '-"f--'5 6-'1-:""'-f'0f-T-1'f4"'E"1" 113311 A- ' Y iiinnrilniz- 7 ill bg? ' 1: ' ' , -Q Y -:..- ' ig ,Iv n V .. , ., -, U, ,A RA , .1,..,f 4 - ,Y . . ,. ,,,,,,,,:,, .,,,,.,.,,-,W , . f fR . V 69' I si k A ,r fa' I 5 . X ,gg ' Y , 1 ,"'. J ' N , , L- " fy f ,I x ' ' ' - X ,: 'V N, 'lf . ' , , 1 , . s I ' V : . ', 'I ,1 . . ' , , X .. . ' X ' , x Ji V y A' 1 X- 4 Y 1 N -Q, - 1 ' , xi , ',.-. -nk ' .- iw N 5- - - ' .I J K .45 1' " ' ' lil " ' ' .' " Al .1 ' 'Q' N I .. ' 'h , ' X J s V si fl, Y A I ' ' ' ' C . .2 ' ' - ' " 'i 2 V I K-41 ., .L 1 f f iv, W A Ng ,. . I f K ff"I1A ., ' -, f ly If I Q ,, , 9 -4 xww 'iw A. 5 A ' .V 5 '-41: V - 2 1: .fl f' v.-. ' V Q' f" ' LQ?-I If 7 .Vik ' -1 1 ! i -- A, N ,, - - - H- I 4 Y -I 1.-1. . , , If ...H , X., If - .QD-1 f --- -' . lx P, , i1 4 , -. '- his 5 g.-.,, L , ..--3, f Q , x fgx Y. XX-f 4 .- ' Z "'f'I'I'.:,-, i' - - .:. .2--J.-iv 1.1. -La , X., 'K ,,. - ,, . W A ,. n... ,fx fr: L if I it r W in ul 3, -dv M11 ff --J bf -1,3717 ff: .. . V. . L.-..:.....n.. . N -4. C753 321- -I S'?::'.Q Rims? -. .134-7 Q., 3 3 innterior design 3 X .1 X f Sponsors Hoir. Interior Desion -,XJ eomplzfa Jfomz TNI SELLS FURNITURE 316 SO. MYRTLE AVE. MONROVIA. CALIF. 91016 357-2288 DETRO SEI..L.S 51,155 551-L5 HUNTINGTON HEALTH CLUB 41 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE ARCADIA. CALIFORNIA 91006 MEN TUES. - THURS. IOZO0 A.M. -10100 P.M. SAT. 9200 A.M. - 5200 F'.M. SUN- 2200 P.M, - 5200 P.M. WOMEN MoN.. WED.. FRI. 9:00 A.M. - 9200 P.M. SUN. IIZOO A.M. - 2100 P.M. OWNER 445-9195 WILLIAM O. MORRISON 445-9295 Qu1ni4girz94 Mg.,- 'IF 'ni- -fft ' 12n w. LAsruNAs .-1 M AncAmA, cA. 5 . I2131-145-0212 Sponsors Deli, Jer Ski, Furniture, Heolfn Club, Flowers, Cnrislion Stores FOB BETTER LIVING WITH BOOKS - BIBLES - MUSIC - GIFTS - CARDS LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN STORES 3000 Bellllower Blvd. ral Spnngl Long Beach 90808 2131495-I211 2131439-6821 101 S, Brand lar Broadwayl Glendale 91204 2131246-4949 157 E, College least of Crlrusl Covrna 91723 2131332-0875 1313 S. Baldwrn lsoulh ol Duane FId.I Arcadra 91005 2131445-2242 227 Orangelalr Mall ll-larbor BI 913 Fullerlon 92632 7141526-5565 A 9 'UNE Gockley s t ormcz suppuzs . Gu:-rs . STATIONERY We serve Dreyer s famous extra creamy CECIL M. JAYNES ARCADIA CALIFORNIA 91006 ice CVGOYTT. TVY OUV deIICiOUS ice CFGOFTT snakes or our low-fat frozen yogurt desserts. 49 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE CARS 4 .- 'I . f . .". A V: X , -,-. -Maxx? I r i 'm z x Ll AO West Huntungton Drive 359 3204 I CIRCLE LIQUOR MARTS RESTAURANT DEI-ICATESSEN XJ FINE VVINES 84 SPIRITS GERALD G- MYERS N9 SANnwncH SHQPPE - PARTY TnAvs President I J. eoo s. SANTA AN:-1-A Ava. 4376 N. SANTA Ar-uw-A Ava. ARCADIA, CALIF. 91006 El. MONTE, CALIF. 91731 57 WHEELER Ave. 1 ARcAonA, CA 91086 1 1213? 4464488 446'6'3E ' 4"6'6'37 4"2"'593 Sponsors 2 5 Stationery, ice-cream, cars, resturant, liquor 2" I , X5 J QQLCQQYQW ,QW ' O - X Q J 5 UVM , .Rf 2,5 1 :X X XAQLW Y lb ky . vgw Rf' , HL. D mb ff X ,Q , ww x QQ ' Q ,I x I X f 1 .-WJ A .Kay , X .h , 3 Qi f -, ,X ,g!xJ 7 X , ,X 7, ' L, ff ,xlgxjflyvgyj ,J X . fx, 3' , A L K N w l J. X K ,VTLKJX ' A ' .1 n K H Vw Q ff ,X " . lL7xL"X K k," I N Nvvvy N - 1 'kk-'QR M 9 V'XE?fwx LLXMU I 7 7 '53 X QW Nr 5 . N J U ,3 L V 5-7. ivx ,ij -. X K t-Uk 1, W H ' - 'EXW 'X aww M Y 2 fxrv . ,V XKJXIXJ X Y N N y , xxvyl HX xx fx L -my eb .X , ,X Q X XX 'Vx wm- V V X f v - Nw ,xx Yy X g 'xcy -' Lb V XL,j"'X' vig, Cx X i Xxvlx ' ! J L uw . -aww ,if 1 ' we GJ k my V ,W Ov SSD fx QU -' M x' WV' 5 -' F' XS' KX J i ffmx up X' K gba: " I I-B 9 J, Cf f X kb Evqmxkwf A . F Wm .rw il' as STATIONER5 Complete Office 12 North First Avenue Z Supplies Arcadia, California 91006 ARCADIA 3 ED AND MARJ REMBECKY EDMAR ATHLETIC SUPPLY "Specializing In" X TENNIS ' BASEBALL SOFTBALL ' SOCCER 120 E. SANTA CLARA BRCTHER Cr tm' Pl-IQTQGRAPI-iv 28 E. Huntington Dr. 11116-2493 Dun- u nh ui rtrry Mlnlrluy lhrnn-gh 'fhurtduy , A, fmm 5:U0p.m. 'f f' j , I-'rizluyi nm! Suluralqyt 7' fi A Q jrnm 5:0np.m. fill ll:rr0p.m.. Ayn' 'f fl. lt. - Zf and on Sumluyi from 5f00p.m. r ilyfwgie Q , ' 139 9255 ,- " - fi . 1- tg 9' ' f',, , f ,fi -1. ,. ft Ml ' , , , P' , tr-f For the fmest m , E L tw 'W it STEAKS, LOBSTER, E ' 'M 'lg 1. H- a l and SPIRITS W invite you t ' F5 ' L .Li . to join IIS at we A' ' 'A Av 2-.v.eL,-in ' X 1'-EQ , . Af .1 . 'E.T,lig:5g?1'l2,, l,,,.gl: -5 CASK 'N CLEAVER Restaurant, ' f. -A - - - .. 5 ' .'1f'?1:!Qj,,.?,'1fF-,Q-Lali' "' . .t- it .- we , Arcadia, and ffdfffwff t - we foy of dining- ,X .:' in h ANTH tj r :.:'?E'.g:.,. ,,,. T51 l' i if lf? I-'f11'?Q' 'lf' Q Q ' I V ' Serving great steaks is no KW A' l! accident. And even il youve been eating at a lot l 0 ,. It of fine Steakhouses. you may be tn for a pleasant surprise at the Cask 'n Cleaver. From our "blind taste testf' to hand picking , 1 our meats. to serving only Corn Belt beef. to careful aging. I . Q' to cutting your steak to order, to searing and le . Clif f' sealing in natural iutces and flavor. to really warm ' I - 3 .1313 4 T service. no one does more to serve you a better steak and l 5 . .fj?!',I, great things to go with it than the Caskn Cleaver. . I .,,,,,.. Sponsors 2 5 7 Stationery, Sport Supply, Photogrophtl, Food .-. , H L . . . . . r --Aww... 112222 , MON ARC PHARMACY' FEDEIlICO'S BAKERY :, A A 949 W- Duane Road 4fm+."'.6-e 941 West Duarte Rd. Monrovia Calif Monrovia CA 91016 Free Delivery Phone 446-829 I f A I300 S. Goldenwest Ave. 4 t Arcadia CA 91006 Big Enough to Serve You - Small.Enough to 1810 E. Colorado Blvd. Know You Pasadena CA 91 107. ' LOVE ' 1 0 'i , X - lf N Il , il All 'Jil bm-YV J X Q, . f x , xl, 4 ' on I H A ' 1 , ' 'I J , 4 J. r 1- '-s.., Pong'-9.P5UlJ'n 4- 1 . 4k at ' U-l1'kltBdoTHn04 ' Q r ,ra curl' Y -M' I Ill-Gv I .5211 ..-ill' - ' lay? r"'l'I ao E. Live Ook Amo-oaaa THE PLASTER KAST Peflnl S HQlr PIUS ll! SPe.:3gi1i2g9 giagggzmffggav c21a,446.4451 Fine Paints and Brushes A 143 E c5lv3f33'E 73 E. rooTHn.L nLvo. PAT and criucx maqziai 447-9868 ARCADIA cAuF.91ooo Sponsors Bokery Phcifmocy Bicycles Hoir Croffs i Umi'V1fM W Www SJNNNYYYV' wmsscol qc Q,W, 12 dwm 'ff W' P, M! rcoff 6"J' we L' W' ff , Y XM I nina" .F Wff' 'Q " M , DNR 4 - Q 'i 1, my 1 f g 'il X ' 5K QQ? If X I ' I 5' M XXQ fir ' is -iii -Q XX Qbv X .. illlgyu X! -L x X0 1 gy: 4 fvfk ' AWK ""'gK U X IQ -fl I Q WI M P' 11,11 410 UAXSWVUVV ,,f5-33 5 lg I h N ' Z' , 1511011 mu! f f x 1 w MIM, .:-2:25 x ' ' I 4' f I ng, 11 it I 'S -Q - 107.24 Lower Afzacsa. f , 11 Q ' .-:! " 'W 1 1"-I A l i -.'-I' ' alkiglh, H , 45p5Q'Q2ag,'f.,i',,, - '. ,QQ .' - . 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Baldwin A115-0540 H .. 820 Soulh Balowin Avenue ATCBGIB, Calilornia s o Sponsors mad Gloss F, -'fa-f " i"' ' 5 3 3303 E Colorodo Blvd :IAQ 3333 Gary Ezzos eli' printing company 32 East Duarte Road Arcadia, California 91006 Telephone 447-2485 2 Sponsors Cors, Printing Crafts Trove! ff if i ri-ji ff I 55 W. Huntington Dr. A45-7474 Duel Exhausts TJEIPIPU lr-gn Mufflers 'Tv .5 N ARCADIA MUFFLER SERVICE P ' f y " I 9 I . ' ' FRANK YAMAMOTO 310 EasfHun1ingfon Dr. I JACK KAWAHATA Arcadia, Calif. . U H 446-8340 f' 5: A I FIESILIENT FljOOFiS eff? VinyITS"SQQ,QLeTi,e Stephens Floor Covering .Linoleum VW' Como" 512 so. FIRST AVENUE "FQ-h'5 HARDWOOD FLQOHS ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 Parquet Refinish TOM STEPHENS SAN MARINO TRAVEL CAM' wephone 447-8137 Huntington Dr. 285-4443 Sponsors Cors, Trovel, Cor Service, Floors A . 5.1.f,,,u at Q - tl -01. ,C x3 N 333 E Huntington Dr A417-2404 I 'smcs fha rszs in aefn on 1'AP..L N QMIL ARD ,gf gli 01, Gail X MEATS ' DELI' 4 ""' " 354 9 CATERING sznvlcs AVAULABLE T Q25 ,od ,f F2115 fy ' fs I 48 East Lnve Oak Ave BOB 81 ANGELO South Arcadna Caluf 446-2279 PALACE CLEANERS -wwgws osuvzn IN stun , , i ARCADIA , ' ELOW ERS FOB Al... IX lQ,A.QlO I . '5 5 wwunqcr r,oRsAc as +1 f.Pn'.u.s ,igoffl , 'A 445' 2467 A HINERAL nw Arngwg . . QQ- two wcmosu rc' suv: vou 'V ,-,. . Fm' Pm ""0"'l 35 5 A A 5 5 5 5 m'Mr Dry Cleaning 5-QQ-l5o792 215514471555 483 as ALLEN we 9 ls Pummoron on ,,,, L., Tm, DM FASADJU ARCANA 764 Sponsors Cors, Flowers, Food, Cie-one-rs DALE W Arcndu, Calif. 91006 1-Q - ' -' . X 1-il 'v v l xx 1, 11034 j, 1 K .- x-ll N 1-, -I Q ' ' -.I 'V . R-E ' -' . ' ,VL ,,,,, , . . .AM .sl lk ' .cf 1g 1 Y .Jf"' 1 S2 Q, R xx, I X w ,T V, yr-1 V V fx sf," "' "' ,n - ' ,..-N ',-'Jg,'.', or .' ,'!. ff ,N I I .4 , 1 - ,U .gif 1 I I If ly N f' if 'A 3 gi Xl, I 15 ' XX K ' 1: 4. gf . .,,, , ij. -1:9 ,-"- ,T . ' , NA , 1 A 5 Y "" 7 ' 1 r 1 ,, , uuoo -71' T . 11 5 A f' N X' l - 5, x fp.,J,n 5 .V 1 ,,lV. .H fl., ' 8 K, . 1 1' . 9 , 31: yn? I I ' 1 1" 1 ,g,:-yr 1 B al 113551811211 BALDWIN REALTY REGISTER We know your city. We know your neighborhood. We know your street? 1 I J nr' Tx-ix 1 Q gf , I oi- .1 TT.. , .gqiiuk Nr , . ' 1 rl hy ,,,. 15 , 1 'X Q "fs A, A- 25:2-:S .25 ARCADIA WEST ARCADIA MONROVIA GLENDORA COMMERICAL ADMINISTRATION sos s. sAn'rA ANITA sos s. aunwm 949 w. Foonuu. us E. FOOTHILL 630 W-DUARTE RD.1202 909 S- SANTA INITA 445-0136 445-8260 445-7620 963-9451 447-3565 574-7201 Sponsors Realty ---lL o, iff Jia S S MISSION CHEVROLET 287 6484 Ama! Qkvlfk Q3 Rgqrols Service We corer To The professronol ond begrnner skorers 3 NF' TA. 4415-A '1 O8 A115-4 '1 O6 Sponsor Cors, S . I.- BOVVLING SQUARE O S. Baldwin -4115-3460 HONDA 0fT9"'Pl9Cmll D'r't B'k Spe ' I' 9228E La T ' C213j287 0781 T pl CtyClf918O BILLANDCHAS SI-IEPARD 84 IVICRCSAN . . . salisfying clienis in The San Gabriel Valley since 4935. 1 i e cia ist Fly the Hawk D ive 7 l 5 . 'il ,. ,A - L, will ill l, Hill? , if ll 4 m G VACCO 36 W. Live Oak 447-8469 ponsors Carpels E l .finlfd Wfzlggk M V- ,s..4- ...- I Illllllllllllll 1- us-,lt fi . P y J 'f cis ' f J , I , H. . .5 yu - A px 1' ' 2 ,MF 44 . A 1 M k ' " ' lg f Q- N ' . . ' f , r , I ' -, - - W r e Y if-L , ' . W , . . 6 vp wifi: 1 ' i 14,33 'S g ' J X, ' U gil "j .Mr , 5. . . gm: 'V MJ A , nw YV' . ,, .. A ': 1' , 5, If . u ,A 'E 'fx '- A V 4'- 2 -' H' e , . , ' -.x -e V-A ONGRATULATIONS TO THE RACE TRACK MANAGEMENT CLA Kneeling left to right: ' .s4dL.,. J' 1 ' Ken White, Dan Wells, Alex Fernandez, Mark Funk, August Alvarez Standing Middle Row left to right: Marilyn Bryant, Lou Villasenor, Celeste Slender, Lisa Rocks, Wendy Moore Melody Bodor, Valerie Long, Linda Scott, J. B. Simmons Back Row left to right: Wade Koch, Mike Wells, Phil Gleason, Bruce Kuroki, Kurt Hoover, Dirk Franklin Back Row Horse Cin Handler's right handlz Mich Middle Row-Handler-Harold Gabriel Front Row Horse fin Handlerls left handjz Natur Santajhmi The Great Race Place is E. Duarle nd. 446-0464 CINDY WATKINS Manager wives Solslsfzzitsilim Sales i l Paris E Q Service 5: ,,E5i A aivision of SCHREINER, A wb: ' fy, INC. The w" S 57 Easi California Slreei Arcadia, Ccglifgpnia 94006 Telephone 4 A45-5568 CLASS of 4980 from The ARCADIA ALUMNI ASSOC L Ce S d ODI 446-5456 i1Erisiiisrii ii lllE2FHC'3UlZllliS Sponsors 2 Ste eo Eq 'pment, Al mn' A soo, Opt 'c'an, Roller Skates , " r 14 g fo The Yearbook Staff of 1980 wishes To Thohk Mr. Louis Dodd, advisor, for his cohs'rohT help ohd encouragement QSEM5 446-4684 136 1n-r'sc.- -'X "-leir.. -- N "' A 341 ,. DAYTCDN lNTEr2uoRs W 'fn WJ? 19 mf M' W J og' ww Q,ff1fMhTOmZf105O' MW 3551, QUIWV Oxwww bww Ufggjioxdfiifh XQWYO' CME ,WW ef 60 Vwvcfn QCP01' .UL ,Jn-UWSQ 533 353 Qgfffm' WIKI QZMZ 662 W. DUARTE RD. WEST ARCADIA Phone: 447-9200 Sponsors 2 7 4 Hair Solon Congroiuloiions To The Grociuoies Of Arcodio High School June 1980 As you siep owoy frorn high school, we woni io welcorne you inio The world of eorning your woy onci feeling goocl oooui ii. lvlony of you will coniinue your schooling, some of you will Trovel, some will sioy close oy, hui whoiever you hove olonneo we woni io wish you well ond holoe your woy is on inieresiing one. All you need to know in Real Estate ELECTRONIC REALTY ASSOCIATES -5 Each office independently owned and operated 1266 Eosi. Los Tunos Dr. 41757 E051 Lixg-3qOcZk06Agfe Sqn Gobriel, CA. 91776 ' perlie FCC iC1, - 213-287-0481 Era capn no S 213-445-8500 -rl -3 5- Txmdf' K-3' swf J. Paffrath-Rephasentofive Publishers of the .T 1980 Arcadian MAZDA GLC, 626 84 RX-7'S NOW IN STOCK - md TODD IVIUNSON AT SAVAGE MAZDA 236 VV, Humin ton t MOmO5?gjgZfm MAZDA 2 MILEAGE + PERFORMANCE T VVE'LL GIVE YOU YOUR lVIONEY'S WORTH Sullivan CONGRATULATIONS PAlN1'a WALLCOVERING co. 734 EAST HUNTlNgl5g,lZllgR4lg6if?g3ADlA, CALIFORNIA PAINTS from Kongratulations! Klass of 1980 QC DIA A A MBER To PRINTING QQ . , HITCHCOCK GEORGE ELKINS CO REALTORS OVER 50 YEARS OF SERVICE ARCADIA 446-4656 446 R A 1 A A I K ' X r .. 214 No anta Anita Avenue fArcadin, California 91006 5 ponso mber,p' p' 'g, ly l'g '51 Help Our Youih, lhc., is gedred To The needs of ddolescehTs dhd Their fdmilies. In order To provide for The whole persoh, I-IOY offers poTh counseling dhd medicdl services. CohlTdehTidliTy is dssured. CohTdcT: Brydh Nuhh 428 Wheeler Ave. Arcddld . 446-2572 11116-2409 V OPEN 7 DAYS A week! F7 DINE IN on TAKE OUT Mom SAT 10 8 IJUNDAY 9 5 Il P1200 .7 'W115' PARTY PLAWERS our ITALIAN wzocsnv IDI! S BALDWIN AVENUE Al-ZCADIA flfz Bw K 1:2-15283 'l BOB MARGETI' is fm mn co mr 2709 n durtec ave eimonie calf 91732 12131 C81 1251 412 1-114 lon S' IVWNES 81 SPim1'SI 19 Huufiucfou on., ARcAoiA, CA. coeuerz or owenocn ED NEXT Tofu: Srmmnno Srn11au" TILE PHONES 44-6'5oo2 -Iiilfx U ' ' J ' ...JVM it -1 fl, J ' 4 QA . 3 D I N Yds f 5 ?,,,,W. CATERING - BAR BEQUE 119' ' K ' ' LL S 'JOHN' Ni Ii Nl'fNL-Tljlqp Sf f C t 1 L'cense h x ' .. I gsm? , 'sfofag Jerry Schmidt I OWNER-OPERATOR if Anco PRODUCTS . Pick-up and Delivery 'K ' 3' Tires - Batteries - Accessories C IE, Tune-up Service - Brake Work Minor Repair Work Jerry's ARCO Servicenter 4000 S. Santa Anita Arcadia, California Telephone 1146-5023 C.O. Brooks, Mechanic I ' 1x59 4 .fee ' , gg: gm nf feffszifz I Srfciafisfi 3 gc X, 'Q PAUL POSSEMATO 27211 E. Huntington Drive Duarte CA 91040 f2135 357-2327 9565 . . X I 324.13-.'G'?34 fi ulsnenes sponsors deii, oil, lettering, paving, liquor, dept store 275 Taking a break from dancing at the "Love Mixed emotions of pain and relief are exhibited Boat," on board the Queen Mary are Marcella following Lisa Blakley's race. Widrig, Geoff Clark, Maureen Marshall. Steve Az- zam, Jamie Werk, Lisa Rocks, and Mr. Payne. Xl HA Were We Caught Doing? We were caught smiling, attending football games, throwing milk, studyng Physics for Mr, Fountain, missing deadlines, buying clothes, partying, learning how to drive, following fads, between classes, at pep rallies, in the rally court at snack, dressed in formals at the Chandelier Ball, Valentine's Dance, and the Prom, at early morning Key Club meetings, preparing a routine for the next half time show, vocalizing with the Chanteurs, at Closing batting practice, in line at the snack bar, buying m8cm's from Executive Council and the orchestra, proofreading, taking A.P. tests, sweating in the weight room, planting sweet peas in the green house, building endurance with three mile races down the middle of Huntington Drive, choreographing a dance for the Orchesis show, parking illegally. harrassing substitutes, watching the clock, paying over 54.25 a gallon for gas, going to the beach and using up the expensive gas, skiing at Mammoth, Snow Summitt, and Snow Valley, browsing through the mall, taking advantage of open lunch during finals, trying pass those finals, trying out for pep squad, drill team and Ban lll, graduating, vacationing an coming back to school again. We were caught buying, belonging, posing, competing, living. . .being ourselves. :L , ., V FJ, K . .1 Qi F Q A Closing 2 7 7 ffl, ,jk ffl' - l ll' ' ' ug HOX Closing Were We Caught? I Perilore ralleis his class in a cross-campus march. order To anlmale hrs Clvll War Ieolures, Mr. The answer To The queslion "how" is never simple and usuall requires more Than one answer. us as sludenls, This was parlicular True. Somellmes we were caughl b The "Mod Sauad" or Mr. Payne. Olher Times il was The "new and improved" alrendance svslem ln The form of a recorded messag -ttf l lr 1 ff? ..-. 'as . - ' K. The award winning competition tall flags per- form during the break at the annual donkey bas- ketball game. Mr. Rumbles. were caught watching us compete days caught some of us, and encouraging us to strive for an or the rest of the year we even better performance next at club meetings, the time. parade, and around Janitors were caught after hours with bags of candy, Cracker sweeping classrooms and erasing or Bonus Books to raise funds. chalkboards: too often, the we were catching the ball, administration said, the cafeteria students and cheerleaders staff was caught in the cross-fire of a milk fight. And always there was a camera and photographer catching us regardless of what we were doing to record and report that one two- hundred-and-fiftieth of a second that would later embarrass or impress us as yearbooks were finally distributed. Closing 279 5 ,E 1' 1 11 4' 1' 0 5 N f ' if-4 'A -K T" s-if m5s "f AYPGJC. E1 if Closing 5 J .li Gb 1""" i' r Henderson, and Leslie Procter. I Caught in class are Miss Stardal's creative writing Doing what students enjoy most. being with students, friends are Carol Donahue, Don Christian, Laura X Were We Caught? There are three reasons for a faces of public offenders, it arbook - three reasons for seemed that these people tting caught in the act. wanted copies of the annual to A yearbook is created for the remember the positive aspects of ults that come in contact with the school year and the students e students depicted in it. The who accomplished them. lice and fire department, The Arcadlan also serves as a amber of commerce and other history book. At twenty year mmunity groups received reunions, many laughs and pies of the 4080 Arcadlang so possibly a few tears will be shed the faculty, administration, as, by then, business executives, d school board. Although there surgeons, lawyers, spouses, and ere rumors that the police only parents leaf through its pages. ed the People section of the Even years beyond that, nual to find the names and historians will document the "teenager of 1980" from the pages of this annual. Lastly, a yearbook is for the students that it represents, depicts, pictures and describes. It is for students to keep as a lasting and written record of their high school days. It is for writing messages to one another that are sometimes just the beginning of a long friendship. it is for recalling a forgotten name and face. This yearbook is for us. Closing Credits 1980 Arcadlan Lou Dodd Advrsor Kent Jenkrns Managrng Edrtor Heather Chandler Copy Editor Editorlal Board Vrckr Anderson Academics Mary Hayward Sports Carolyn Henrrckson Photo Can Jefferson Student Llfe Debbre Knueven Student Llfe Heldy Nakamura Sensors Joe Ross: Underclass Karen Swenson Organlzatrons Cathy Torres Sponsors Stott Lrnda Bowen Pamela Daleo Anne Duffy Gllbert Estrada Wendy Frear Come Harrlson Eun Ju Kang Keith Marnwal Jorge Mena Tern Nrxon Kam Nornsh Janlce Obrlen Ton Pritchard Randy Raymond Laurel Ross: Mark Schlnchtrng John Sorenson Sheryl Wrlson Eric Arentsen Ed Bernardlnr Turn Burnside Enc Clement Jon Doyel Rick Garabedlan Doug Hart Monrka Kochs David Mrttman Stewart Ozlck John Papa Doug Porter Bruce Schuster Phrl Schuster Pete Vagenas Davrd White Colophon The 4980 Arcadlan a student publrcatlon was pnnted by Josten s American Yearbook Company Full color Lltho cover 9 x42 288 gloss pages Stencll Gothic and Avant Garde styles of type The 4979 Arcadlan recelved a flrst place and a first class from Colombla and Natronal rating services respectlvely A special thanks to the innumerable non staff contnbuting students Tltle page photo Ann Johnston I 5 Photo Production: . . rl Closing Credits E1 Index AAAAA Abdel Malak. Haniee 172 Abercrombie, Nancy 148 Aberle. Ken 200 Abram, Janice 148 Abshlre. Kathleen 148 Abuomar. Samira 172 Acappela 210 Academics 44-52 Aceveclo. Daniel 172 Ackerman, Dave 200 Ackroyd. Beate 115 Acosta, Edward 172 Acree. Michael 148 Acres. Daniel 148 Adams. Kelly 172 Adams. Tracy 172 Adhaml. Kourosh 115 Adkins. Craig Administration 194 AFS 208 Agajanian, Robert 145 Agnes, Kim 172 Ahn. Jean 115, 148 Ainge, Ricky 148 Alamdari, Fotollah 192 Alberg. Leo 115 Alberter. James 115 Alba. Al 200 Albrecht. Linda 172 Albright. Toni Ann 172 Aldridge, Jennifer 172 Aldstadt, Dave 200 Alexander, Faye 14B Alexander Jr.. Stanley 170 Alexander. Ruth 115 Alfery. Steven 115 Allee. Mike 200 Allen. Krista 115 Allen, Neile 115 Allen. Tara 172 Allison. Cynthia 172 Allison. Michael 172 Aluzzi, Fernando 115 Aluzzl. Francis 172 Aluzzi, Richard 172 Alvarez. Augusto 115 Amato. Emil 115 Amen, James 115 Anders. Earl 200 Anderson. Anita 115 Anderson, Bruce 192 Anderson. Dan 194 Anderson, Daniel 148 Anderson, Denise 115 Anderson, Gary 115 Anderson, Glenn 115 Anderson. Michele 148 Anderson. Pamela 115 Anderson. Pamela 115 Anderson. Patty 200 Anderson, Scott 172 Anderson. Vicki 148 Andre, Lonnie 115 Andreoli, Anthony 172 Angling 240 Annas. Andrew 148 Anthis, Pete 172 Apache News 229 Apparcel. Julie 115 Aquila, Berlin 172 Archer, Terri 115 Archibald. James 148 Archuleta. David 172 Archuleta. Edward 115 Arehart. Jill 115 Arenlsen. Eric 148 Arguelles. Joseph Arias, Steven 115 Arobio. Gina 115 Aronold. Sharon 115 Art Club 222 Arthur, Kelly 145 Artin, Susan 192 Ary. Gerard 115 Arviso. Diana 172 Arviso. Donna 115 Arzapaio, Frank 172 Askew. Wade 194 Aspell. Stephen Atkins, Craig 170 Atkinson. Robert 192 Au, Janice 115 Auburn. Fred 200 Austin. Brent 172 Ayria, Kayhaneh 115 Azzam, Stephen 115 Axelsson, Par 115 Ayster Jr.. Kenneth 115 Bachelder. Greggory 115 Bachmeier, Roy Bacic, Judith 115 Backer, Gale 148 Backpacking 213 Bode. Susan 148 Bader, John 192 Bodmltten 108 Baehr. Wendy 115 Baeza. Danna 170 Bagan. Janet 172 Bailey, Joseph 170 Bailey. Lynda 172 Balsner. Kirsten 115 Balunco, Melissa 172 Baker, Andrew 115 Baker, Angelina 172 Baker. Crystal 148 Baker. Rick 173 Baker, Russell 173 Balaban. Louise 198 Balcom. Nancy 173 Balekjian, Gregory 173 Ban. Nicholas 173 Band Aux. 236 Bannister. Julianne 173 Bannister. Lorinda 115 Banta. Candace 148 Borba. Daniel 148 Barbato, Pamela 173 Barber. Dan 170 Barber, Laura 148 Barber. Linda 173 Barker. Denine 173 Barkus, Chris 115 Barteeus. Monique 115 Barnard, Daniel 115 Barner. James 173 Barnese. Vincent 170 Barney. Cathleen 148 Barney, Kent 200 Barney, Suzanne 115 Barrett. Laura 173 Barrett, Sharon 148 Barrie. Dan 170 Barron. Robert 115 Bartlett. Bud 200 Barton. Richard 145 Bartz, Brent 148 Baseball Bunnies 215 Baseball Soph. 102 Baseball Vars. 101 Basketball Boy Soph 86 Basketball Boy J.V. Bo Basketball Boy Vars. 84 Basketball Girls 88 Bateman, Dean Bateman. Jane 173 Battaglia, Mary 173 Battenburg. Sct 115 Batterson. Philip 148 Bauer, Michele 148 Bauer, Vicki 115 Bauman, Ronald 115 Baxter. Martha 115 Bayer, Rhonda 148 Bazin. Shirley 115 Beale, David 115 Beard. Kirk 170 Beaver. Deborah 115 Beaver. Kevin 148 Becker. Kimberly 173 Beckman. Jettrey 173 Beckner. Lee Ann 148 Beebe. Eleanor 149 Beesley, Heather 173 Behr. Kathleen 149 Belfortti. Marcelo 192 Beljak, Ray 145 Bell, Jlll 173 Bell. Rick 173 Bell. Robert Beleperche. Brad 170 Belle, Eric 115 Benedict. Karen 149 Benson. Kimberly 115 Benson. Natalie 149 Benvenuto. Amy 149 Beran, Erika 173 Bergeron. Tomie 117 Bergeson. Scott 174 Bernabei. Vincent 173 Bermardini. Edmundo 149 Berntson, Daniel Bersane, Helen 149 Bertone, Denise 117 Berumen. Diane 173 Berumen, David 117 Berurnen. Gilbert 173 Berumen. Gilbert 199 Belhencaurt. Eberta Bhatt. Samir 149 Bickle, Ann 117 Bicker. Julie 117 Blcksler. Keith 117 Biehl, Adrienne 117 Biersch. Heidi 173 Bierscheach. Kimberly 1 Bineoult. David 149 Bingham, Lance 117 Birkett. Laura 117 Bishop. Theodore 149 Bithell. Judi 117 Blordahl, James 173 Black. Cathy 117 Black. David 149 Black. Eugene Black. Janet 149 Blacklock, James 173 Blakley, Lisa 149 Blankenship. Joan 117 Blankenship. Rick 173 Blaylock. Dhano 149 Blevins. Vicki 149 Blogin, Curtis 174 Bloom. Maureen 149 Blass. Todd 170 Blue Jr., Charles 117 Blue. Stacey 149 Blum. Christel 174 Blum, Perla 149 Bodor. Melody 117 Boese. Deborah 174 Bogie. John 149 Bague, Jeltrey 117 Baley. Janet 174 Bank. Christine 117 Bontempo. David 117 Bontempo. Lori 145 Bordighi. Anthony Bordighi, Tony 170 Borgatta. Tina 117 Borjas. Evelyn 192 Born, Darlene 117 Bos. Gregory 149 Bostick. Donna 149 Boswell, Gary 192 Bottitta, Michael Boulware. Dave 200 Bourland. Cynthia 174 Bavie, Russ 200 Bowen, Elizabeth 117 Bowen Jr., Harold 149 Bowen. Linda 174 Bowen. Lisa 174 Bowers. Marsha 174 Bowling 212 Bowman. Charyn 117 Bowman, Shelly 149 Boxtick. Paul 117 Bozung, Todd 174 Bradford, Carol 117 Bradford, Danny 174 Bradley, Anna 174 Bradley. Eric 174 Brady. Richard 174 Bramstedt, Kurt 149 Bramstedt, Randall 117 Brando. Sylvia 149 Brandes, Theresa 117 Broscio. Concetta 174 Brennan, Thaddeus 149 Brenner, Stephen 117 Brereton, Melissa 149 Brewer. Clayton 117 Bricker. David 149 Bridgeman, Denise 117 Brilz. Brian 174 Brilz. Briana Brink, Burton 174 Brinkman. Mark 174 Brion. Robert 117 Britton, Marjorie 174 Broderick, John 174 Brock. Lori 117 Broderick. Craig 117 Broderick. Eileen 174 Brolin, Thomas 117 Brooks, Donna 150 Brooks. Karen 150 Brooks, Patrick 150 Brooks, Stephen 117 Brown. Carrol 174 Brown. Diane 117 Brown. Eileen Brown. Kimberly 117 Brown. Les 200 Brown. Mark 174 Brown. Scott 174 Brown. Susan 150 Brown. Virginia 200 Brown, Warren 117 Broyles, Brent 117 Brubaker. Karen 150 Bruder, Robert 150 Bruker, Brian 150 Brumley, Michelle Brumley. Steven 174 Bruno, Pati-Lu 117 Bruno. Patricia 117 Brunwin. Sean 117 Brunwin. Christopher 150 Bryant. Douglas 174 Bryant, Karen 117 Buckner, Bonnie 150 Buclge, Debra 117 Buell, Leonard 200 Buftington, Jane 150 Bulen. David 174 Buller. David 150 Bullock. Michael 174 Buonauro. Kirk 174 Buonauro. Sharon 117 Buonauro. Troy 150 Burch. Scott 174 Burch, Timothy 150 Burdick. Brent 174 Burgess. Jason 117 Burgess. Ryan Burgh. David 117 Burhans. James 117 Burhans. Julie 150 Burk, Jack 145 Burke. Ed 200 Burke, Pauline 174 Burkner. Alice 174 Burnett, Brian 117 Burns. Patrick 150 Burnside, Cynthia 175 Burnside. Timothy 117 Burrus, David 118 Bush, Susan 118 Busser, Sara 150 Butler, Keith 118 CCCCC Cabrinha. Camden 150 Cady, Kathleen 118 Cafeteria 199 Caiobrese. Lucio 175 Calderhead. Jim 201 Calkins. Richard 175 Call, Jeffrey 175 Callaghan, Karyn 118 Calver. Katherine 150 Colver. Michael 150 Calvin, Christopher 150 Campbell, Douglas 118 Campbell, Paul 150 Campbell. Samuel 118 Campbell. Thomas 118 Campbell, Thomas 175 Campisciano, Billy 192 Cahn, Lynda 118 Cannata. Alfonso Cannato, Linda 150 Capron, Lisa 118 Capron, Laurie 175 Caputo. Diana 175 Caputo. Terri 118 Caquelin. Sandra 175 Cardinale. Steven 175 Career Guidance 196 Carlos. Madeline 192 Carlson, Robert 11B Carlton Carlton, Daniel 150 Carnes. Gary 199 Corona. Joseph 175 Corothers, Amber 150 Carpenter, John 118 Carpenter, Kenneth 150 Carr. Sandra 150 Carrara, John 199 Carrisosa, Kelly 150 Carroll, Holly 175 Carroll, Laura 118 Carruth. Katherine 175 Carter, Jeltrey 175 Carter. Jill 150 Carter, William 175 Cartwright. James 118 Cascarano, Leonardo 150 Cash. Nancy 201 Casman, Keith 150 Cass. Barbara 119 Cass, Devin 119 Cass, Gregory 150 Cass. Matthew 175 Cassidy. John 192 Cassleman. Bob 199 Cassriel. Wayne 150 Castillo, Irene 150 Castillo, Jacob 170 Caught ln Thought 55-62 Cavolina. Robert 150 Cazares, Arturo 119 Cazares. Edward 175 Cazeneuve. Kenneth 175 Celano, Robert 175 Ceniceroz, Ronald 150 Cervantes. Shelly 192 Chacon. Theresa 150 Chambers. Daniel 170 Chan, Eugene 175 Chandler. Heather 119 Chandler, Holly 175 Chaney. Gary 175 Chang. Lilly 175 Chang. Steven 119 Chang, Wen-Chieh 150 Chanteurs 211 Chapman, Dennis 150 ' Charron, Steven 175 Chastain. Jill 150 Chatburn. Christopher 175 Chen. Christopher Chen, Ricky 175 . Chen, Lily 150 Cheney. Richard 119 Chhiap, Oravann 119 Chhiap, Visoth 150 Chhiap, Vupha 175 Chidester, Josh 175 Chila. Gregory 175 Chila. Kimberly 150 Childs. David 119 Chisam, Teresa Ann 119 Chisholm, John 150 Chivetta, Michael 119 Chrisney, Karen 175 Christensen, Carl 150 Christensen. Donn 150 Christensen, Douglas 150 Christensen. Karen 119 Christensen, Lisa 175 Christiansen, Kimberly Chivetta, Charles 175 Church. Helen 145 Churchman. Laurie 150 Churchman. Victoria 119 Chyung. Peter 175 Cleadlo. William 196 Clmini. David 119 Ciolfi. Tina 175 Claire. Curtis 150 Clark. Angela 175 Clark, Boyd 175 Clark, Geoffrey 119 Clark, James 119 Clark, Shannon 175 Clark, Susan 120 Clarke, Gregory 175 Clarke. Sandra 175 Clara. Stephen 120 Claus. Sandra 192 Claus. Teresa 150 Clayton, Mark 175 Cleary. John 175 Cleary. Morgan 150 Cleere. Deanna 120 Cleere. Fred 175 Clement, Edward 175 Clement. Eileen 120 Clement, Eric 150 Clementi, Laura 150 Clementine, Jeff 175 Clementine, Thomas 150 Clignett, David 145 Cline, Laurie 150 Closson, Timothy 151 Clough. Richard 120 Coats. Craig 151 Cockburn. Jerry 151 Cockburn, Julie 175 Cockrell. James 120 Cocoris. James 170 Cohen. Mike 175 Colby. Cheryl 175 Cole. Ruth 175 Collette. Boyd 192 Colliau. Robert 151 Collins, Camden 151 Collins, Helen 120 Collins, Maryanna 120 Collins, Michael 175 Collins, Pamela 175 Collins. Tina 175 Collins. Trina Comings. Scott 151 Computer Club 224 Cone, Barbara 192 Coniures Magic 220 Connors, Kimverly 120 Conover. Harry 201 Contreras, Richard 151 Cook. Pamela 175 Cook. Sally 175 Cook. Suzanne 151 Coon, Michael 151 Cooney, Daphne 120 Cooney, Thomas 175 Cooper. Gregory 176 Cope, Kevin 151 Coppi. Virginia 151 Dr. Cordono, Richard 194 Cordero. Christine 176 Cordon. Guy 145 Cordon, Sharon 151 Corey. Patricia 120 Cornelius. Tracey 130 Corrado. Norma 151 Corrigan. Steven 151 Corwin. Jennifer 151 Costa, Kevin 120 Costanza. Angela 151 Costigon. Catherine 151 Costigan. Karen 120 Cotta. Deborah 176 Cotta. Diane 176 Counselors 196 Coupland, Christopher 176 Courville, Norman 120 Cowan, Laura 176 Cowell, John Jr. Cox. James 151 Cox. Tamara 151 Coyle. Gerald 176 Coyle. Jacauelin 120 Coyle, James 151 Coyle, Mark 120 Coyle, Mary Ann 201 Crafts, Lance 176 Cramer, Della 151 Cramer. Max 196 Cramer, Pamela 153 Craven, Leigh 153 Crawford. Joan 201 Cravvshaw. Scott 176 Creative Writing 222 Crider, Kay 176 Crippen. John 170 Crittendon, Laura 120 Croce. Robin 176 Cromwell, Diane 153 Cross, Katrina 153 Cross Country 72, 74 Crowe. David 153 Crowley, Catheryne 120 Cuffia. Anthony 176 Cullen. Clark 192 Culverwell, Tim 170 Cumberland, Tracey 148 Cunningham. Ronald 153 Curley, Ronald 153 Curley. Sondra 176 Current Events 28 Currie, Tracy 153 Currey. Sonya 176 Curtis, Craig 176 Cushman, Robert 153 Custodian 199 Cutler, Shawn 176 Cutler. Rachel 153 DDDDD D Agata. Joanna 153 D Arezzo. La Rae 153 D Arezzo. Liane 120 D Astoli. Parette 153 Doggett, Todd 120 Daily. Alfred 170 Dale, William 120 Daleo. Pamela 176 Daley, Heidi 120 Dailey. Patricia 120 Daly, James 176 Damico, Mary 170 Dammeyer. Debra 153 Dances 30 Dondrldge. Daniel 170 Daniel, Michael 153 Dorwell, Sara 176 Daughenbaugh, John 145 Daughhetee, Yvonne 176 Daum, Garrett 120 Davey, David 153 Davila, William 153 Davis, Gary 176 Davis. James 145 Davis. Jeffrey 153 Davis. Kristen 153 Davis. Wendy 176 Dawkins. Gwendolyn 153 Dawson. Janet 120 De Avila, Teresa 153 De Barry. Michael 153 De Boynion. Eric 176 De Fiori. Marc 120 De Flori. Rene 176 De Grazia, Dana 153 De La Rosa, Lawrence 176 De La Torre, Nicholas 153 Demars. Glarianne 120 Bennlson, Ben 201 De Orio, Diana 120 De Silva. Cherina 120 De Vaughn, David 192 Deacon, Marcie 153 Deal. Sandro 192 Deinlein. Robert 192 Del Rey. Donna 121 Del Rey. Pamela 176 Delgado, Randy 176 Deliman. Darwin 121 Deliman. Michael 192 Demecs, Alice 153 Demars, Thomas 153 Demars. Donna Lee 176 Deneen, Amy 170 Denney. Rebecca 153 Derrick, Todd 153 De Silva. Rashantha 176 Des Jardins. Scott 153 De Thomas, Robert 176 Dettoni. Elizabeth 176 Devine. James 176 Devlin. Tamara 153 Dickey, Robin 153 Dickey. Timothy 176 Dickinson. Gene 153 Dickson. Andrea 121 Diehl. Brent 121 Diehl, Brian 176 Diener. Scott 121 Dietsch. Robin 153 Di Giorgio. Debra 121 Dillberti. Francine 176 Dillberti. Josephine 121 Dirnura, Maria 153 Dinan, Denise 176 DI Stefano, Nadine 176 Dixon. Clark 153 Dixon. Troy 121 Dodd, Lou 201 Dohling, Jerry 201 Dolivelra. Bryan 170 Domenici, Robert 153 Donaldson, Garth 176 Donnell. Robert 176 Donohoe. Carol 176 Couglass. Debra 121 Dowell, John 176 Downum, Larry 121 Doyel. Jon 153 Doyle. Richard 176 Dozier. Brook 153 Dragicevich. Militsa 121 Drake. Patti 153 Drama 2 216 Drama 374 216 Drill Team 236-237 Dring. Deborah 176 Dring. Kevin 176 Driver, Jean 201 Drouet. Roxanne 176 Drown. June 176 Druker. Beryl 201 Du tvtond. Steven 121 Duchesses 220 Ducich. George 176 Duemler. Laura 176 Duffy. Anne 153 Duffy. Roberta 153 Dugay, Randall 176 Duhart. Paul 201 Dukes. Laura 153 Dumbacher. Mavis 196 Duncan, Brian 176 Duncan, David 153 Dungeon and Dragons 221 Dunne, Kathleen 176 Dunville. Merridy 153 Durkee, Robert 176 Durst, Shawna 176 Dutch, Bobbi 121 Dyer, David 153 Dyer, Michael 153 Dyke. Colleen 153 Eastenson, Shannon 176 Eastman. Pamela 176 Eastman. Shelli 153 Eaton. Lori 121 Eaton. Mike 176 Ebersale. Kathleen 176 Ebersole, Sue Lynn 121 Echandia. Adriano 176 Eddy, Monica Edtast, Tracy 153 Edginton, Craig 121 Edkins. John 176 Edquid, Jeaneth 170 Edwards. Cynthia 153 Edwards. Jeanine 121 Edwards, Michael 145 Edwards, Sonya 153 Edwards, Wayne 121 Egge, Randal 176 Eggers. Anne 177 Eiland. Brian 121 Eiland. Craig Eisenberg, Teresa 153 Elby, Erica 177 Elby, Mark 121 Eldridge. Mary 177 Elliott. Gregory 121 Elliott, Heather 170 Elliott, Kemper 121 Ellis. Diana 121 Ellis. Judy 177 Ellman. Ronald 121 Ells. James 121 Ellsworth, Donna 177 Elson. Eric 177 Elton, Debbie 121 Emerling, Lisa 153 Emmert, Kenneth 153 Engel. Daniel 177 Engel, Donald 177 Englund. Wendy 177 End Of The Vear 39 Erhardt, Julie 153 Eriksson. Kristin 121 Escobedo, Julie 177 Espinoza. Rodrigo 121 Esser, Darren 121 Estrada. David 145 Estrada, Gilbert 121 Ethridge. James 122 Eurton, James 145 Evans. Dawn 153 Evans, Kimberly Everett. Richard 145 Evleth. Barry 177 Executive Council 206 Exeter. William 122 Exton, Lee 177 FFFFF Fabri. Karol 198 Fads And Fashions 36 Foes, Scott 153 Falge. Ann 145 Farmer, Christopher 177 Farmer. Craig 177 Farraj, John 177 Farrall. Monty 122 Fasana. Jeanne 122 Faulconer. Shawn 177 Faundez. Jose 170 Fator. Mark 177 Faurla. Craig 122 Fauria. Michael 153 Featherstone, Amanda 153 Feld. Margaret 177 Feld. Robert 122 Feldmann. Kenneth 177 Feldmann. Ronald 153 Fellows. Elizabeth 177 Feltch. David 122 Ferguson, Brion 122 Fernandez. Alejandro 122 Fernandez. Aristides 122 Fernandez, Maria 177 Fernandez, Miguel Fernandez. Robert Ferramola. Guillermo 122 Ferrara. Josene 177 Ferrell. Lorrie 122 Ferri, Michael 153 Fetterly. Mark 153 Fields, Jill 177 Filer, Deborah 153 Figueroa, Cynthia 177 Figurelli, Vickie 122 Filandrianos. Paula 122 Fineman. Gerald 122 Finley. lan 153 Finnerty, Gary 177 Finacchlaro. Martin 122 Firestone. Suzanne 153 Fischer. Sonja 177 Fisher, Richard 153 Fisher. Ted 201 Fishing 240 Fitzner, Mark 145 Fitzpatrick. John 122 Flaks. Lotte 201 Florea, Kristina 153 Floyd, Barbara 153 Fluke, Jeffrey 122 Foley, Carol 153 Foley. Robert 177 Fontaine. Vince 170 Fontes, Renee 153 Football Soph. 68 Football Vars. 66 Forensics 223 Forrest. Kim 177 Fort. Robert 177 Foster. Douglas 122 Fountain, Wayne 201 Fouse, Cynthia 122 Fox. Robby 177 Francis. Dennis 177 Francis, Tamara 122 Francone. Marc 122 Frank, Donna 178 Franklin. Dirk 122 Fraser. Diane 122 Frossrand. Jeanette 178 Frazell, Kathie 122 Frazier. Terry 154 Frazin, Carrie 154 Frear, Wendy 122 Frees. Lee 154 French. Leeso 122 French Club 209 Frey, Douglas 178 Friedman. Adam 122 Friedman, Eric 178 Friend. Gina 178 H Friesen, Heather 154 Frueh, Jennifer 178 Frueh, Linda 122 Fry, Brian 170 Frye, Julie 154 Fryer. Angela 122 Fuelllng, Robert 178 Fuelllng, Torn 122 Fujikawa. Sim 145 Fojlkawa. Steve Fuller, Charles 154 Fund Raisers 38 Funk. Mark 122 Furnlss, Kelly 154 Furno, Karen Kim 122 Futcher. Anne 122 GGGGG Gada. Nita Gaertner, Renee 154 Gagnon. Janet Galatl, Marcello 154 Gale. Margaret 196 Gallndo, Anna 154 Gallndo, Benito 178 Galino, Marisa 170 Gallagher, Debbie 154 Gallagher, Mary 122 Gallagher, Susan 178 Gotland. Jeffrey 178 Gallemore, Todd 178 Gallina. Marijo Gallina. Peter 178 Gallo. Ronald 192 Galvan. Gregory 154 Gamble. Bradley 178 Gantz. John 178 Gapostione. Daniel 154 Gapastione. Kimberly 17B Garabedion. Richard 154 Garcia. Jaml 122 Garcia. Mori 154 Garcia. Troy 154 Gardner. Michael 178 Gorman. Carrie 122 Carrett. Jeannette 154 Garrison, Harvey Garrison. Miles 178 Garrison. Paulette 154 Garry, Steven 154 Garvin. Gregory 122 Gaskill, Ronald 178 Gaspari. Colleen 154 Gaston, Brian 122 Gates, Brian 178 Gates, Deanna 122 Gates, Robert 178 Gates. Victoria 122 Gayoos, Anne 201 Gehrlng, Sandro 154 Gelder, Andrea 154 Gekas, Jo Anna 122 Genian, Christopher 122 German 208 Gewecke. Ellen 178 Gewecke, Robert 122 Gex. Tony 201 Geyer. John 192 Giali, Jeffrey 154 Glombra, Mike 170 Giammalva. Deana 178 Giammalva. Leo 154 Giammalva. Louis 154 Gibbs, John 178 Gibson, Brent 122 Gibson, Regina 154 Glck, Michael 122 Glese, Richard 122 Gilbert. Janet 154 Giles, Karen 201 Gilliland, Melinda 178 Gillissie, Kenneth 192 Gilmore. Jayma 154 Giordano, Shari 178 Girls League 214 Giroud, Martin 122 Glanzrock. Jeffrey 178 Glaser, Cathy 154 Glass, Ruston 178 Glavlano. Paul 125 Gleason, Philip 125 Glover. Andrew 178 Glover, Andrew 125 Glover. Carol 125 Glover, Julie Glover. Scott Glynn. Lorie 154 Goddard. Douglas 179 Goodard. Harvey 201 Goddard, Wendy 179 Goins. Bridgette 179 Golden. David 154 Golden. Dan 170 Golden. Dana 179 Goldenberg. Beth 154 Golf 111 Gollghtly, Thomas Gonzales. Marissa 170 Gonzales. Malinda 192 Gonzalez, Roberto 125 Goodfrlend. Kenneth 154 Goodman, Randall 154 Gordon, Mike 201 Gormly. Steve 179 Gorskl. James 145 Gorskl. Katherine 154 Gould. Dean 154 Goveia, Chris 154 Gowhari. Babok 125 Graham. Michael 179 Grammer, Gary 125 Grant. Randall 179 Grant. Scott 154 Grovalte. Micheal 179 Grow. Michele 125 Gray. Curtis 154 Gray, Michael 154 Gray. Stacy 179 Grayson. David 179 Greathouse, Dawnelle 154 Greoihouse. Marr Lin 125 Greco. Sabrina 479 Green. Michael 179 Green. Michael Green, Mitchell 454 Green, Robert 154 Greene, Diane 479 Greene, Michael 445 Greenstone, Alon 125 Greenwell, Julie 479 Greenwell. Joanna 479 Grlegorian, Randall 479 Griffin, Stephen 154 Griffiths, Shelley 425 Grlme. Edward 425 Grade. Ann 425 Gruben. Paula 479 Grund. James 154 Guerra. Jose 479 Guerra, Maria 154, 179 Guerrette, Terry 425 Guglielmi, John 125 Gugllelmi. Laura 125 Gugllelmo, Ralph 479 Gulmaraes Jr.. Joao-Albe Gumm. Joanne 204 Gunnell, Julie 154 Gustavsen, Chereen 492 Haas, Christine 454 Haas, Heidi 125 Haaerlein. Steven 154 Hagelganz, Timothy 454 Hageman. Jlll 479 Hahn, Dwilynda 125 Hahn, Jennifer 454 Halgh, Bridget 454 Halgh. Craig 125 Hokklla. Kris 479 Halajian, Alex 154 Hale. Barbara 479 Hale, Lane 199 Hall, Ann 201 HOII, Kathy 454 Hall, Kimber 155 Hall. Leslie 479 Hall. Patrick 425 Hall Jr.. Stephen Halperin. Rochelle 425 Hamdan, Kamal 470 Hamill, Denise 155 Hammond, Linda 425 Han. Hye Chung 125 Han, Hye Sin 455 Han. Susan 455 Hancock, Deborah 455 Hancock. Teri 155 Hanna. Craig 425 Hannan. Edward 179 Hanrohan, Marena 179 Hansen. Kevin 455 Hansen. Kristen 155 Hansen. Steven 425 Harbicht. Robert 179 Harcllmon. James 179 Harding. Cynthia 455 Harding, Steven 179 Hardy. Cynthia 492 Harlng. Jullann 455 Harker. Jana 425 Harness, Kevin 445 Harper, Thomas 425 Harrington. Gregory 155 Harris. Boyce 201 Harris. Correne 479 Harris, Deborah 125 Harris. Jennifer 425 Harris, Kenneth 445 Harris. Merry 470 Harris, Pamela 425 Harris, Sandra 179 Harrison, Corrie 155 Hart, Douglas 455 Hart. Sylvia 125 Hartman. John 445 Hartwlg, John 479 Hartwlg, Karen 125 Hartwlg. karl 425 Haserot. Janet 155 Hassler. Wayne 425 Hastings, Margaret 425 Hatch. Tamara 425 Hatchet. Christine 479 Hatcher, Susan 155 Hatter, Mary 204 Hauerwaas. Steve 125 Havlll, Gregory 479 Hawkins, Brian 125 Hawkins, Margaret 425 Hayes. Larry 155 Hays, Julie 425 Hays, Shelly 179 Hayward, Maryann 455 Healy. Michael 455 Healy. Robert Hearn, Kathleen 125 Heaton, Stephen 470 Heck, Bruce 125 Hedwall. Wayne 470 Hefner. Michael 126 Heldner, Robert 445 Heidsman, Mary 155 Heithe. Jamie Helms. Mary 426 Heltsley, Loydette 470 Henderson. Laura Henderson. Scott 126 Hendrickson, Mark 480 Henrlckson. Kim Hendrickson. Timothy 155 Henken. Andrew Henley. Daniel Henrlchsen, Lance 455 Henrlcksen, Carolyn 126 Henrlcksen. Mark Heredia, Mark 426 Hermans. John 480 Hermans. Melody Hermans. Tommie 455 Hernandez. Hernandez. Hernandez. Hernandez. Hernandez. Hernandez. Herr. David Herrin ton Arreyina 155 Dave 170 Dorothy 480 Gerald 480 Keith 455 Paul 426 480 Matthew 480 g . Herron, Kimberly 126 Herron, Tawnee 445 Hess, Charles 180 Heuck. Susan 426 Hewitt. Llla 498 Hlbbord, Monty 455 Hidalgo. Cathlin 155 Hier. Mary 180 Higgins, Kelly 492 High, Kathryn 480 High. Pauline 201 High, Peggy 480 Hildebrandt. Janet 455 Hlll, Kelly 180 Hill. Michael 480 Hill. Monica 426 Hill, Sheri 155 Hlll. Susan 126 Hillman, Marie 480 Hlllock, Christopher 180 Hines, Karyn 156 Hlsey. Lisa 456 Hlsey, Melinda 426 Ho, Helen 480 Hoag. William 480 Hoar. Marc 426 Hochner, Eva 426 Hodson. Christoph 180 Hodson. Matthew 156 Hodson. Tracy 126 l-loefferle, David Hoertig. Scott 156 Hoertig. Robert 480 Hater, Edward 126 Hoffman, Dan 456 Hoffman. John 204 Hoh. Shing Hoh. Shing 426 156 Holder, Patricia 480 Holecek. Rand 126 Holgate. Nancy 456 Holkestacl. Cathy 204 Holland, Glenn 445 Holland, Kenneth 480 Holleman. David 145 Holllngswort. Mark 156 Holmberg. Janette 445 Holmes. Honathan 156 Holmlund. Eric 426 Hoist, Christine 180 Holzhauer, Jeffrey 480 Holzhauer. Hilary 426 Hom. Sylvln 456 Homecoming 18 Hontos. Kenneth 480 Hooker. Laura 426 Hooker, Meghan 180 Hoover, J. Clark 470 Hoover. Kira 180 Hoover, Kurt 126 Hopkins, Geia 426 Harluchi, Sophie 156 Horn, Richard 180 Horowitz. Michael Horst. John 126 Horstman. Adam 426 Horia. Raylene 456 Horton, Laura 456 Horton, Laura 480 Horton, Randolph 126 Horton, Scott 156 Horton, Teresa 156 Horton. Thomas 126 Hashi. Manaml 426 Hoshi. Naomi 480 House. Katherine 156 Houston. Jennifer 426 Hovaiter, Stacey 156 Howard, Cindra 426 Howard, Julianne 484 Howard, Kevin 426 Howard, Lorinda 456 Howard, Steven 184 Howard. Timothy 426 Hsu, Brigetta 156 Hsieh, Cheng-Te 492 Hubel. Mark 456 Huerta, Angie 484 Hutton. Sharie 426 Hulett, Phllllp 426 Hull. Ann 426 Hull, James 426 Hull, Melinda 456 Hunt. Jeffery 492 Hunter, Cheri 181 Hunter, Karen 456 Hutchings. Craig 184 Hutchings, Marc 456 Hutchison, Ronald 192 Hutson, Scott 426 Hynek, Donna 156 i, Billy ller, Lynn 426 Improvements 20 Innes, Jalmie 484 interact 231 lovlne. Christopher 484 Iredale, Lois 196 JJJJJ Jableckl, Kathy 456 Jackson. Dave 470 Jackson, Donna 156 Jackson, Susan 484 Jakeway. James 456 Jalolat. Julia 491 Janclaes, Colleen 156 J0nClG6S, James 445 Janclaes, Maureen 457 Janes, David 426 Janes. Kathleen 184 Jason, Gina 145 Jason. Michael 492 Jaworski. Robert 470 Jefferson. Cori 426 Jemelian, Brian 157 Jemelian, Joni 484 Jenkins, Kent 426 Jenkins, Richard 484 Jenks. Donna 184 Jenney. Leslie 426 Jensen. Cheryl 426 Jensen, Terry 457 Jepson. Carl 470 Jepsen. Kevin 426 Jesse. Kathy 470 Jesus. John 457 Jesus. Sandra 426 Jiaravanon. Chatchava Jimenez. Ernesto Jianni. James 426 Jiaras, Shawnl 126 Jobs 22 Johanson, Stephen 157 John, Andrea 181 Johnson, Adeline 499 Johnson. Alan 204 Johnson. David 484 Johnson. Eric 426 Johnson. James 181 Johnson. Janis 128 Johnson, Jon 4184 Johnson. Judith 128 Johnson. Julie 428 Johnson, Karen 428 Johnson. Kim 484 Johnson, Kirk 457 Johnson. Lisa 457 Johnson. Lori 428 Johnson. Lyndon 184 Johnson. Margaret 204 Johnson. Richard 484 Johnston, Ann 428 Johnston, Steve 428 Johnstone. Kaycee 128 Johnstone, William 184 Jones, David 184 Jones, Pallie 128 Jordan. Marshall 481 Jorgensen, Cole 128 Julck, Valerie 457 Julian, Jaimi 184 Junior Civlton 231 Junior Exchange 230 Juniors 148-170 Junta 223 Juv inall. Laurie 128 KKKKK Kaiser. Karen 157 Kaiser, Sharon 457 Kamaleson. Manoharan Kang, Eun-Hee 484 Kang, Eun-Ju 128 Kaplan, Darryl 481 Karagias, Hafula 457 Kaufmann, Bertram 128 Kaufman. Craig 181 Kaufmann. Karen 182 Kovelaar, Margaret 203 Kay. Pat 498 Kaye. Danae 157 Kaye. Diana 182 Kaye. Jeffrey 182 Keane, James 428 Kearney, Michael 428 Keegan, Steven Keheley. Kristine 482 Kelley. Leigh 482 Kelley, Margret 157 Kellogg, Mark 145 Kellum, John 457 Kelly, Patrick 445 Kelly, Richard 482 Kelly. Siobhan 482 Kempker. Karen 182 Kennard, Dana 157 Kennedy, Dana Kennedy. Karen 428 Keeler. Jon Kenney. William 128 Kent, Carol 482 Kenz, Mary 428 Kenz. Susan 157 Kern. David 128 Key Club 230 Khonchalian, Linda 428 Kittleson, Eric 482 Kim. Hyung 457 Killen, Jeffrey 182 Kim. Agnes 492 Kim. Chang 192 4im. Hyo 482 Kim, Se Haan 170 Kim, Yong 445 Kim, Yun Soak 428 Kimball, Gregory 128 Kimball. Stacey 482 Kinael. Melinda 128 Kincheloe. Kathleen 157 King, Carol 192 King. Darla 128 King. John 182 King. Shelley 157 King, Terri 182 Kinikln, John 201 Kinney. Jeffery 182 Klotos, Argira 182 Kiowas 232 Klrk. Doug 457 Kirk, Keith Kirk. Kenneth Kirkconnell, Josephine 428 Krikendall. Linda 157 Kitchens. Gregory 428 Kladlfko, Laura 157 Klassen, Kathleen 482 Klassen, Kirk 128 Klein. Jeffrey Kleven, Jeffrey Kleven, Ingrid 482 Kline. Colleen 457 Kline, Jeff 445 Kline. Robert 128 Knapp. Mark 428 Knapp, Steven 182 Knefelkamp. Deborah 128 Knight. Susan 429 Knirk. Julie 482 Knisley. Kerry,458 Korman. Deborah Knox, Kathleen 158 Knueven. Deborah 429 Ko. Eddie 158 Ko. Karen 445 Ko. Soo Chan 492 Kobett. Kenneth 182 Koch, Karl 458 Kocherhans, Laura 182 Kochevar. Susan 429 Kochs, Monika 482 Koerner ll. John 492 Kofford. Bradley 429 Komfollo. John 170 Komota, Steven 182 Koons, Debora 482 Korman. Debbie 158 Kortje, Robyn 158 Kautsautls, Aris 129 Kozak, Robert 429 Kozakar, George 458 Kraft, Leah 458 Kroger, Douglas 158 Krajian. Lorene 182 Kramer, Jeffrey 158 Kranser. Laura 129 Krafovil. Karen 183 Kreinbring. David 170, 183 Kreisberg. Sherry Kreykes. Michael 158 Kristensen. Kenneth 483 Krogen, Jeffrey 129 Krueger, Todd 183 Krumm. Kathryn 458 Kruse. Kari 458 Kuelper, Russell 158 Kueneman. Jeffrey 429 Kumar. Amit 483 Kummer. Yasmine 129 Kupisiewicz. Julia 183 Kuroki. Bruce 129, 158 Kuroki. Susan Kuron, David 470 LLLLL La Fon, Merrick 458 La Sance. Julie 458 Lake. Pamela Larn. Deborah 158 Lama. David 129 Lame, Shahram 170 Lame. Shahrzad 445 Lamb, John 129 Lamb. Tom 483 Lampman, Gail 158 Lamson. Reginald 429 Lanes, Tom 204 Landsperger. Michael 483 Langdale. Bradley 483 Lansford, Eric 445 Lanza. Lisa 468 La Patka, Linda 429 Larew, James 158 Larrazolo, Steven 483 Larson, Norma 129 Larson. Sheila 158 Lastra. James 483 Lastra, Laura 459 Latham. Mary Ann 201 Latimer, Robert 129 Lattiolait. Phillip 429 Lauderdale, Mary 159 Lauderdale. Walter 429 Leatherberry, David 429 Leatherman, Randal 159 Lee, Dong 183 Lee. Jin 429 Lee. John 129 Lee. Kelly Lee, Stacey 429. 183 Lee, Stacey Lee. Won-Woo 429 Lehine. Richard 459 Lehman, Diana 159 Lehman. Michelle 129 Lemmon. Sandra 159 Leonard, Daniel 183 Leonard, Nathan 183 Lesperance. Jeffrey Levinski, Donald Levitt. Keith 129 Levy. Robert 129 Lewis. Gerg 159 Lewis, Mark 159 Lewis. Terri 183 Lewis. William Lichter. Monica 159 Lick. Audrey 159 Lie, Dandy 159 Lie. Julie 129 Lievsay. Donald 159 Ligon. David 159 Lillicrap. David 129 Lim, Wan Jin 170 Limo. Sherri 183 Lin. Janet 183 Lin. Sherry 183 Lind. Brian Linden. Mary 183 Linder, Jay 159 Linderman. Shelly 159 Lindesmith. Francine 129 Lindsay, Sherry 183 Lipka. Lyndi 131 Lisnek, David 183 Lister. Laura 131 Litchfield, Nancy 131 Lltvak. Stephanie 159 Liu, Charles Litz, Randall 183 Lizarazo. Sairo 130 Llamas, Michael 170 Lloreda. Stephen 145 Lloyd. Gregory 183 Lloyd, Rob 159. 183 Lockard. Christa 159 Locke Jr, Thomas 131 Loeftel, Danielle 183 Loeffel. Eric 159 Lol-cietz. Julie 159 Lokker. Eric 159 Lomasney. Kimberly 131 Long. Linda 131 Long, Rick 183 Long. Valerie 131 Longo. Anno 159 Longo. Michael 131 Loomis, Linda Lopez. Annel 159. 183 Lopez. Daniel 183 Lopez. Elizabeth 159 Lopez, Gabriel 159 Lopez. Linda 183 Lopez. Robert 192 Lorente. Denise 192 Love. James 131 Lovell. Edward 131 Lovrensky. John 159 Lowell, Andrew 131 Lowell. Jane 183 Lucas. James 159 Lucas. Lisa 159 Lucas, Marianne 183 Lucas, Timothy 183 Lucero. Dan 201 Lucero. Pete 183 Luchetta. Christine 183 Lugo, William 170 Lurres, Mark 145 Lutton, Susan 159 Luzzi, Patrick 145. 183 Luzzi, Timothy Lynch. Kevin 183 Lysher. Raymond 159 Maas, Douglas 159 Mac Farlane. Dana 159 Mac Gregor. Robert 183 Mace. Dan 145 Mock, Kathleen 131 Mack. Kathleen 131 Mack. Patrick 202 Mackey. Christopher 159 Mackisoc. Paul Maddock. Jeffrey 131 Madenwald. Miles 131 Mogner. Teresa Maher, Betty Maher, Maureen 192 Mainwal, Keith 170 Maize. Richard 159 Mojlc Club 220 Make up Club 218-219 Malafronte, Donna 183 Molian, Michael 159 Malianion. Daniel 159 Moljanian. Nancy 131 Mallard. Genniier 159 Maloney. Michael 131 Maloney. Scott 183 Manachuk. AI 202 Mangana. Dena 131 Manlove, Deborah 159 Manlove, Teresa 131 Mann, Kane 131 Manning. Walter 131 Mannschreck. Pamela 183 Mar. Alan 159 Marchant, Pascale 131 Marching Band 242 Morden. Janet 202 Marino. Poul 131 Markoski. Daniel 184 Marner. Angela 184 Marriott. Richard 159 Marshall, John 159 Marshall. Maureen 131 Martin, Dona 159 Martin. Donald 184 Martin, Karin 184 Martin. Timothy 131 Martindale, Winston 131 Martinet, Michelle 185 Mortinet. Victoria 159 Martone, Tina 185 Masanovich, Evelyn 159 Masline, Katherine 185 Mason, Cynthia 131 Massey. Kathi 131 Masten, Christopher 131 Mastranl. Frank 185 Mastroni. John 145 Masud. Mervot 185 Matheny, Bradley 159 Matheny, Chris 145 Matheny, Delight 159 Matheny, Michael 185 Mathews, Jennifer 185 Mathews, Julie 159 Mathews, Scott 159 Mathisen. Rachel 184 Matos. Oscar 170 Matranga. Anthony 159 Matsumoto. Jil 184 Mattecheck, Anne 159 Mattson, Shelby 184 Mauch. Daniel 159 Mauch, Kevin 184 Maurer, Alaine 159 Mavredokis, Joyce 131 Mavredakis, Parise 185 Mayer. Jean 159 Mayer. Lynda 131 Moyer. Douglas 185 Mayer. Renee 169 Mayner. Terry 145 Mazone, Karen 161 Mazza. John 185 Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Ateer. Michael 161 Bride, Michael 161 Cabe. Kathy 161 Callan. Derek 131 Caman. Christopher 192 Caman, Sandra 131 Cann, Michael 185 Carty. Kimberly 161 Clam. Curtis 161 Cormack. Cecelia 131 Cormick. Colleen 185 Cormick P. Lynne 161 Crea, David 131 Crea, Michael 185 Culloch. Heather 161 Culloch. Karen 131 Dermut. Heather 145 Elwee. Gregg 185 Entire. Jennifer 161 Ginnis. Deidre 161 Gowon. Camille 184 Govern, William 170 Gutfin. Pamela 161 llyer. Jean 197 lntyre. David 161 lntyre. Jeffrey 184 Kelvey. Mary 170 Kendrick, Helen 161 Kenna. Karen 184 Kenna, Nancy 131 Kenzie. Karen 184 Kenzie. Laura 185 Kean. John 185 Laren. Eileen 185 Lean. Francine 131 Lee, Russell 131 Mahan, Paul 161 Masters, Douglas 185 Meen. Catherine 185 Meen. Margaret 131 Millin. Mikel 185 Millan. Susan 131 Nabb. Jeffrey 131 Nutt. Paul 184 Nutt. Scott 161 Quarie, Megan 161 Shane Christopher 161 Shane, Phyllis 197 Mead. Jennifer 184 Mears, John 161 Medley, Jeannie 161 Medlock, Brion 192 Meeker, David 161 Meeks. Derek 184 Meerkreebs, Judith 161 Megard. Patricia 131 Meiers. John 202 Mejia. Denise 184 Melena. Vickie 170 Melisi. John 131 Melkesian. Brent 131 Mellln. George 202 Melton. Jeffrey 185 Melton, Jon 131 Melton, Juli 170 Mena. Jorge 170 Mendoza, Froncisca 161 Merryfield. Sharon 185 Merritt, Dana 131 Metzger. Joslyn 161 Meyers. Kimberly 185 Micciche, Joe 161 Micheil, James 185 Mickle, Paula 161 Migliaccio. Terry 185 Miaalyi, Adriana 185 Mllinovich, Michelle 185 Miller. Cheryl 131 Miller, Craig 184 Miller, F. Thomas 161 Miller, Gretchen 161 Miller. Jeffrey 131 Miller. John 184 Miller, Lisa 132 Miller, Lynn 161 Miller, Martin 184 Miller, Robert 161 Miller. Robin 132 Miller, Sandra 184 Miller, Sonya 185 Miller, steven 132 Miller. Sue 198 Miller. Susan 185 Miller, Teri 185 Minick. LOri 161 Minouei. Evelin 170 Mishora. Dev 132 Mitchell. Charles 170 Mitchell. Lori 161 Mitchell. Merilee 161 Mitchell, Philip 185 Mittner, Barry 161 Mittman. David 185 Mittman. Jeffrey 132 Molinari. Lisa 161 Montemayor. John 185 Montemayor, Joseph 132 Montgomery. Cynthia 185 Montpas. Angela 184 Montpos, Pamela 184 Moon. Gregory 184 Mooneyham, Mark 132 Moore. Brian 132 Moore. Cynthia 161 Moore. David 184 Moore. Jessica 161 Moore. Keith 132 Moore. Leland 161 Moore. Lorena 161 Moore. Vicky 185 Moore, Wendy 132 Moran. Allison Moran, Jennifer 132 Morehouse, Kathleen 132 Morejon. Maricela 132 Moreno. Luora 185 Moreno. Linda 145 Morgan, David 170 Morgan, James 170 Morgan, Lorena 170 Morgan, Tom 202 Mariano, Susan 132 Morris. Gilbert 161 Morris. Ron 202 Morris, Wendy 161 Morrow, Ronald 185 Morse. Betsy 161 Morse, Beverly 161 Morse. David 185 Morse. Timothy 132 Marsillo. Joanne 132 Mosco, Michael 161 Mount. Paul 185 Muaddi. Ronda 132 Muaddi. Reema 161 Mueller, Heidi 185 Mueller. Lora 132 Muhlstein, Cecelia 185 Mumford, Julie 161 Mundell. Mary 184 Munoz. Edgord 185 Munoz. Monica 161 Munro. Keith 132 Muntz, Diane 161 Muntz Jr, P, David 132 Murachanian, Deborah 184 Murfett. Edward 161 Mur0. David Murphy. Karen 161 Murphy, Mark 161 Murphy. Neil 184 Muschinske. Jonathon 132 Murset. Bradley 192 Murtagh. Patricia 184 Musselwhlte 198 Mutsaers. Susan 132 Myers. Andrew 185 Myers. Gregg 132 Myers, Jeffrey 161 Nader. Cynthia 185 Nadiar, Hossein 185 Nahra. Fred 202 Nakahira, Yoko 161 Noka. Diane 185 Nakamura, Heidy 132 Nakamura. Rosemary 161 Nokatani. Terri 161 Nale. Stacy 161 Naness. Howard 185 Napoli, Michael 161 Narbut. Nicole 132 Narbut. Paul 161 Nash. Lindo 132 Nasir. Mona 161 Natos, Oscar 161 Nevarez. Rachel 161 Neal. Julie 161 Neal, Pamela 132 Nease. David 185 Neander, Paula 161 Neill. Scott 185 Neiman, Eric 145 Nelson, Thomas 145 Neumann. Brad 132 Neumann. Jonathan 184 Nevin. Lynn 184 Neuwirth. Robin 184 Newman. Deborah 161 New Spirit 211 Nguyen. Ngo 184 Nicassio. Robert 132 Nicastro. Craig 185 Nicastro. Lori 132 Nicely. Frances 185 Nicholson. Jamie 132 Nicholson, Nancy 132 Nicolas. Daniel 192 Nicolas, Timothy 132 Nielsen. Mary 185 Nielsen, Michael 161 Nielsen. Therese 185 Nlsley. Tamara 191 Nixon. David 161 Nixon. Jon 132 Nixon, Terri 161 Noble, Bonnie 132 Noble. Joanne 161 Noble, Linda 132 Nocero. Veromica 161 Noda. Robin 185 Noffke. Jami 132 Nolan. Lindo 191 Nolan. William 161 Norberg. Glenn 161 Norcross, David 162 Norris. Kirk 162 Norrish, Kimberlyn 132 North. Christopher 162 Numano. Christy 185 Numano, Mimi 145 Nylander. Cliff 199 CNDCNDCD O'Brlen. Janice 162 O'Brlen. Jim 203 O'Brien, Kelly 162 O'Brien, Lisa 186 O'Brien, Maureen 132 O'Brien, Timothy 162 O Callaghan, Michael 186 O Dell, Joy,186 O l-tara. Kelly 186 O Keete. Robert 186 O'Laughlin, Michael 162 O'Neil. Gregory 132 O'Tolle. James Ochoa. Robert 132 O'Connor, Daniel 186 O'Connor, Timothy 132 Oder, Cecelia 162 Oepkes, Roger 187 Officers Jr. 207 Officers Sen. 207 Officers Soph. 207 Okleshen, Jim 202 Olofson, Carl 162 Oleson. Delbert 187 Olivares. Anna Oliver. Marc 132 Olsen. Christopher 186 Olson. Susan 162 Olympius. Scott 170 Omens, Todd 170 Onderdonk. Richard 202 O Nesky. Kathryn 132 Onodera. Sandra 162 Orchesis 238 Orchestra 239 Ordunio, Paula 162 Oreil, David 162 Organizations 204 Orlaski. Stanley 132 Orme. Laura 162 Oropeza. John 170 Orozco. David 186 Osgood, Vance 163 Oslecki. Michele 186 Osko. Martha 163 Osteen. Debora 163 Oster. Mark 186 Osti, Dave 170 O'Toole, Mary 132. 186 Oughton. Renee 135 Oventile, Robert 135 Owen, Deborah 163 Owen. Elizabeth Owen, Pamela 186 Owen. Randall 135 Oxenham. Gabrielle 163 Ozick. Stewart 135 PPPPP Pace, Kimberly 186 Pachano. Alexander 186 Pachano. Mario 135 Pachano. Fabrizio 135 Packey. Laura 163 Paisley. Alison 163 Pajares. Craig 145 Palma. Rigoberto 186 Palmer. Kimberly 135 Palmeter. Lori 163 Palmieri. Lorenzo Papa. John 163 Papararo. Denise 163 Papay. Gregory 163 Pape. Kara 135 Popp. Geoffrey 186 Pappalardo. Monique 186 Pappas. Anastasia 135 Pappas. Christina 186 Pappas. Peter 186 Park. Charlie 186 Park, Jennie 163 Park. Meejin 170 Parker. David 186 Parker. Diane 163 Parker, James 163 Parker, Jeffery 186 Parker, Laura 186 Parker. Monique 135 Parker. Sheryl 202 Parker, Traci 186 Parking Lot 20 Parrino. Croig 186 rry- John 202 rry. Todd 163 rtridge. Edward 163 stula Kimberly 186 squalone Cory 135 squalone Sheri 186 sslng Period 46 ssmore Ronald 135 trick Kennett 186 tten Richard 163 ttersan John 163 tterson Kristen 163 ttersan Robert 145 ul Mathew 135 ul Randall 186 ul Todd 186 ulson Patricia 135 uro Wllllam 135 wley Timothy 186 yne Mordle 163 yne Marlene 163 yne Tom 194 arsall Barbara 135 arsall Nancy 186 arson Eric 135 arson Susan 186 droni Dana 186 llegrino Donald 186 lletier Donald 163 ndo Mathew 163 ndo Michael 186 ndo Susan 135 nharlow Kathy 163 nney Laura 163 nnington Jeffrey 170 nny Douglas 145 nny Gerald 202 aple 112 p Band 245 p Squad 234 rez Claudia 163 rez Mark 135 rltore Fred 202 rkrns Brett 135 rklns Jennifer 186 rkavich Mark 135 fone John 135 rry Donald 170 rry Mark 186 rry Robert 163 rry William 163 rsson Linda 186 rugino Danny 163 rz Daniel ters Charles 202 ters Corinne 135 ters Dianne 163 ters Patti 202 ters Thomas 163 tersen Cynthia 163 tersen Katherine 163 terson John 186 terson Kelley 135 terson Sandra 163 terson Sharon 163 eterson Todd 186 terson Teresa 135 terson Valerie 163 terson Theresa traccoro Frank 202 tri John 186 tterson Cheryl 170 tterson Ray 203 au Amy 135 lllpp Ingrid 186 illips Katheryn 135 illlps Patrick 186 illlps Teresa 186 oto Production 227 canzo Nicholas 163 ccari John 186 terson Sally 135 llir Anna 170 lllen Robert 170 ink Alicia 186 ink Teresa 163 lnkel John 170 inson Lisa 163 inson Lori 135 inter Eric 135 inter. Marla 163 Isano. Doreen 163 lszkiewlcz. Susan 163 ithey. Edward 163 ltts, William 135 lessner, Janice 163 lumer, Jeffrey 186 lyler, Hilda 202 odres, Christopher 135 oloy, Bruce 202 alitka, Donald 186 ollock, Lisa 186 olo, Robin 135 orrata, Kim 163 orter. Douglas 163 orter. John 186 orter. Scott 135 osen. Thomas 135 osey, Anna 186 otts, Brian owell, Sherri 135 'owell, Teresa 186 'aw Wow 223 remi, Sheela 135 rry: Susan 163 : f V . 163 Pritchard, Jim 135 Pritchard, Marcus 186 Pritchard, Victoria 163 Prock, Karri 135 Prock. Sherri 135 Proctor, Lesley 186 Proctor. Randall 163 Prom 38 Prosper. Robert 163 Provenza, Paul Prozeller. Diane 145 Pruitt. Michele 186 Purdy. Stephanie 145 Purmer, Christopher 170 Purmer, Stacy 186 Purnell, Kjell 135 Pusnik, Sonia Quo. Douglas 163 Quakklestyn, Richard 145 Quinn, Catherine 164 Quintana. Joseph 164 Quiring. David 186 Radio Club 225 Rall, Edith 164 Raidy, Linda 164 Rainwater. Sally 186 Rake, Lorie 164 Ralley Court 20 Rambeau. Michelle Ramirez, Christine 164 Ramirez, Henry 164 Ramirez, Martha 145 Ramsey, William 186 Randle. Steven 135 Ransom, Nancy 186 Rasmussen, Glenna 202 Rasmussen, Jon 186 Rosnlk. Michelle 135 Raymond. Randall 135 Raymond. Sheryl 188 Redelrer. Roberta 135 Reed, Jeffrey 135 Reed, Jonathan 188 Reehorst, Susan 136 Reeley, Jennifer 188 Reggie. Richard 136 Reichenfela, Curtis 164 Reid, Janis 164 Reid, Patricia 170 Reilly, Diane 170 Reinhardt. Janoyln 136 Relnig. Danial 170 Rembecky, Steven 188 Reuter, Andrea 164 Reyes, Maria 188 Rhine, Jeffery 164 Ribbons. Karen 136 Rice, Layne 202 Rice. Steven Richards. Gloria 188 Richardson, Dawn 188 Richardson, Melissa 136 Richer. Deborah 189 Richter, Dan 189 Richter, Gregory 136 Richter, Jane 164 Richter, Mark 136 Ricketts. Belinda 189 Riecken. Rebecca 145 Riensche, Jeanette 189 Rigali, Yvonne 164 Riley. Kenneth 145 Ritter, Anne 164 Rlzzi, Caterina 136 Rizzl, Carrie 188 Rlzzi, Lisa 136 Roach, Francine 136 Road Show 219 Roberts, Danny 164 Robey. Julie Robinson. Colleen 188 Robinson. Vallie 203 Rockenbach, Sheila 164 Rocks, Llsa 136 Rodgers, Bryan 164 Rodgers. Carla 188 Rodrigues, Maya 136 Roe. Helen 196 Roeters. Laurie 136 Rogalla. Michelle 170 Rogers, Julie 136 Roman, LaRae 136 Roman. Roger 136 Roma. Thomas 188 Roncelll, Janna 136 Roncelli, Jill 136 Ronga, Kelly 188 Ronga. Lisa 164 Ronga, Michele 136 Rook, Roger 136 Roos, Deverie 136 Root, Tim 164 Roper, David 188 Roper, Deborah 136 Rosansky, Robin 136 Rouser, Catherine 164 Roux, Albert 136 Row, David 189 Row, Grace 136 Rowe, David 164 Rowe, Steve 203 Roy, Paul 189 Roy, Thomas 136 Rudder, Renee 170 Rudisill. Kevin 136 Ruff, Randall 189 Rulon, Charles 145 Rumbles, Barry 194 Rumin, Ronald 164 Runngls, Phillip 189 Runser, Robin 136 Rush, Lisa 136 Russell, Corinne 137 Russell, James 164 Russell, John 164 Russell, Karen 164 Russo. Teressa 137 Russo, Michelle 164 Rute, Jennifer 137 Rutherford. Mark 137 Rutledge. Suzette 164 Ryan, Frederick 164 Ryan, John 164 Ryan. Mary 145 Ryan, Robert 137 Ryan, Thomas 188 Rydbeck, James 188 SSSSS Saddoris, Elaine 197 Saftler, Pamela 164 Salazar, Walter 188 Sale, Andrew 164 Salerno. Teresa 170 Salida. Robert 188 Salter, Dick 203 Sampson. Karen 137 Samuels. Mark 188 Sanasarion, Dro 137 Sanasarian, Julia 188 Sanchez, Ben 145 Sanchez, Margarita 203 Sandbam, Julie 137 Sands, Bryan 164 Sanladerer, Kristin 164 Santo, Alan 164 Sanzo, Staven 188 Sargent. Rodney 137 Sarklsian. Mark 137 Sattler, Teresa 145 Saunders. Matthew 145 Saunders, Michael 137 Saunders. Susan 137 Savage. Lloyd 203 Savely, David 164 Sawyer, Joanne 189 Saxon, Michael 137 Sayegh. Sandra 137 Sayers, Ron 137 Scalise. Louis 189 Schabow, Robin 164 Schabaw. Thomas 137 Schack, Christopher 145 Schaffer. Mary 137 Schaeffer, Lori 164 Schenck, Dwain 164 Scnieldge. John 189 Schieldge. Mark 137 Schifferdoker, Robin 145 Schilling, Lisa 189 Schilz, Larry 188 Schirmer, James 164 Schlichting. A, Mark 164 Schmidt, Debra 188 Schmidt, Jennifer 164 Schmitt, Anne 188 Schmitt, Frederic 137 Schneider. Dwout 188 Schoeman, Kimberly 164 Schoenholtz. De Lynn 164 School Board 195 Schouten, Donald 137 Schouten, Stuart 188 Schrieckengos, Gerald 188 Schreiner, Paul 137 Schroeder, Jeffrey 164 Schroeder, Tanya 164 Schulte, Mary Kay 137 Schultz, James 188 Schultz, Nancy 164 Schultz, Susan 137 Schumacher, James 137 Schumacher, Tracy 137 Schumacher, Victoria 137 Schuman, Rhonda Schuster, Bruce 164 Schuster. Philip 137 Schwab. Fred 203 Schweiner, Susan 170 Schwlebert. William 137 Schwind. Philip 189 Sciarabba, Michelle 137 Scimeca, Peter 192 Scimeca, Rosemary 145 Sclafani, John 189 Scott, Linda 164 Scott, Michael 164 Seine, Jennifer 165 Seine, Stephen 188 Sekanovich, Andre 145 Sekanovich, Tom 145 Selling. Sheri 165 Senior MGN 232 Seniors 114-146 Senneff, Valerie 138 Seror, Joe 188 Serrano, Ricardo 192 Serven, Karen 138 Serven, Ronald 188 Service, Kimberly 165 Severns, Brenda 188 Sessions. Doreen 138 Sessions. Theresa 188 Sewell, Roger 188 Sewell, Shari 165 Shabtay, llanit 188 Shallahamer. Craig 165 Sharp, John 165 Shaw, Karen 138 Sheldon, Robert 170 Sheldon. Shannon 189 Shepard. Tracy 189 Shiah, Hung4Yu Shiah, Susie 189 Shipley, Jodie 189 Shipman, Julie 188 Shipman, William 170 Shipshee, Richard 138 Shmagin. Carolyn 138 Short. Susan 165 Shurtleft, Meg 165 Shurtleff, David 138 Shuster. Gail 165 Sibson, Daniel 188 Siefke. Adam 165 Siemon, Troy 170 Silver, Steven 138 Silverstein, Sandy 203 Simone, Guy 188 Simons, Cathy 138 Sims, Joseph 188 Sinclair. Pamela 188 Sinclair, Thomas 166 Singer, Theresa 188 Singman, Mary 145 Siry. Tammie 188 Sivas, Susan 138 Skahill, Tom 166 Skiing 240 Skomsvold, Selena 166 Skomsvold, Shannon 166 Skultin. Elliott 189 Slater, Donald 138 Slender, Celeste 138 Slender, Stacy 166 Small, David 138 Small, George 138 Small, Glenn 138 Smalley. Gary 138 Smiglesbi, Irene 196 Smigelski, Peter 189 Smissen. Steven 170 Smith, Bradford 189 Smith, Carolyn 138 Smith, David 166 Smith, Deanna 166 Smith. Deborah 189 Smith, Doug 203 Smith, Eric 188 Smith. Gregory 166 Smith, Gregory 188 Smith, Jeffrey 192 Smith, John 145 Smith, Laura 166 Smith, Linda 138 Smith, Rebecca -38 Smith, Susan 188 Smith, Tracy 166 Snack 17 Snapper. Bruce 203 Snake, Brian Snyder, John 166 Soash, James 138 Soccer Boy J.V, 92 Soccer Boy Vars 90 Soccer Girls 95 Softball 108 Saldwedez, Diane 203 Solomon. Lawrence 138 Solomon, Richard 188 Sommers, Scott 188 Sommerville, Denise 188 Son, Jang 138 Son. Larren 138 San. Steve 188 Song. David 166 Song. Dong 166 Song, Kyong 166 Song, Seung 189 Sonu, Charles 138 Sonu, Franklin 189 Saper. Jeffrey 166 Sophomores 172-192 Sorci, Donna 189 Sorensen, John 166 Sorensen, Renee 138 Sorensen, Roger 138 Spain. Jim 166 Sparks. Lori 166 Sparling, Chrysa 189 Spata. John 192 Speck, Christian 166 'festoni Dlvnnv 163 Rose, oovio 164 softener, Robert 165 speck. Doug 203 fasten- Linde 199 Ross. Caroline 164 sourro. Joseph 137 sporty, Jacquelin isa TBSTOR- MNIRUG' 456 Ross, Ernest 199 Searfoss. Matthew 165 Sperry, Margaret 138 'f?5Y00f FTSUVICK 135 Ross, Justin 164 Searls. Deborah 165 Spekcler, Sanderson 135 'UCB' '-95"9 493 Ross, Lynn 164 Seberry. Tuula 165 Spitta, Francis 138 WCB- PQRRY 163 Ross. Michael 164 Secretaries 189 Sponsors 246 UCB' Wllllom 156 Ross, Sandra 164 Sederberg. James 165 sports 611 'flmollchr CIOTC 202 Ross, Susan 136 Seecof, Mark 145 Sprague, Kenneth 145 'rlncesses 236-337 Rossi Joseph 164 Seibel, Susan 189 Spock, Linda 138 'ff0C'C- GI900 493 Rossi Karen 145 Seidner, Steven 189 Spuck, Lisa 192 'flfldlef Michelle 150 Rossi. Laurel 188 Seidner, Todd 165 Srbinovich, Peter 135 Stadler. David 166 Stoebler, Renote 138 Stogecrafts 219 Stalker, Luzmaria 188 Stalker, Randy 188 Stalker, Tammy 138 Stalzer. Joseph 188 Stanford, Michael 188 Stanley, Leslie 166. Stapleton, George 203 Starol, Layne 203 Stovros, Samuel 145 Steadman, Colleen 166 Steele, Joan 188 Steele, Larry 192 Steffanus, Susan 166 Steg, Amy 188 Stehsel, Craig 166 Steimle, Walter 166 Steinberger, Timothy 138 Stenning, Jan 138 Stephen, Sharon 166 Stephens, Dan 189 Stephens, Joy 138 Stephens, Mark 166 Stephens, William Stephenson, John 138 Stevens, Traci 189 Stevenson, Edward 189 Stewart, David 170 Stewart, Janet 189 Stewart. Margery 138 Stillwagon, Jeffrey 190 Stoddard, Mary Stinner, Jr. Robert 138 Stitt, Jeanette 138 Stoddard, Mary 166 Stoke. Suzanne 138 Stolteben. Carri 190 Stone, David 190 Stone. Jacauelin 167 Stone, Robert 170 Stone, Stephanie 167 Stone. Virginia 203 Stoner, Bernadette 203 Stoner, Catherine 167 Storrs. Christine 138 Stothers, Melinda 167 Straghalis, Nadia 167 Street Il, Ronald 138 Stringer, Hilary 190 Strobel. Christopher 138 Strombotne. Terri 167 Strong. John 138 Strap, Debbie 190 Strople, Matthew 190 Stryker, David 138 Stubblefield, James 167 Student Life 8 Stumpf, Karen 167 Stute, Glen 145 Suess. William 138 Suggs, Brion 190 Suid. Nijmah 167 Sullivan, Noreen 190 Sullivan. Michael 138 Sullivan, Suzette 170 Summers, Paula 167 Summers, Robert 192 Sundstrom, Fred 203 Sung, Tao Suroni, Zulfikara 167 Surdo, Gina 167 Sutter, Linda 190 Sutter. Lisa 141 Swanson, Richard 167 Sweeney, William 190 Sweet, Esty 192 Sweet, Jeffrey 190 Swenson. Eric 141 Swenson, Karen 167 Swimming 96 Sziloge, Thomas 141 TTTTT Tagliamonte, Vincent 170 Taibi. Anthony 141 Talberf, Catherine 190 Talley, Frank 145 Tan, Lisa 167 Tamburrino, Leanna 141 Tan, Raymond 167 Tanefski, James 141 Tannahill, Susan 141 Tanacsos, Elisabeth 141 Tarazi, Theodore 167 Tarkanian, William 190 Tasker, John 167 Tasker. Tracy 167 Tous, David 141 Taylor James 141 Taylor, Katherine 190 Taylor, Michael 190 Taylor. Patricia 141 Taylor. Susan 167 Taylor, Theodore 141 Taylor Tracy 145 Teachers 200-202 Teague, De Anna 167 Tedescoi Priscilla 203 Temple, John 167 Tempiin, Mark 141 Tennis Boys 80 Tennis Girls 78 Teran. Josefina 141 Terberg. Kathleen 141 Terlip, Elizabeth 141 Terlip, Nicolas 170 Thorp, Mitchell 141 Thorp, Tonya 167 Thesing, Michael 190 Thibon, Scott 190 Thiele, Shari 167 Thlnger, Patti 203 Thomas, David 141 Thomas, Gregory 167 Thomas, Richard 192 Thomas, Roger 141 Thomason, Sally 141 Thompson, John 190 Thompson, Tracy 141 Thomson. James 141 Thomson. John 196 Thongthirai, Arreesump 190 Thongthiraj, Saogunya 141 Thorn. Mark 167 Thornton. Denise 141 Thornton Ill, Thomas 190 Tlberg. Dale 167 Tieche. Maria 190 Tilbury, Allison 190 Tinsley, Julie 141 Tippy, Michael 141 Tirapelle, George 190 Tisdial, Polly 141 Tjaden, Duane 190 Tobin. Eileen 141 Tockgo, Julie 190 Tockgo, Susan 141 Toile, William 167 Tamblin, Mike Tarnovich, Natalie 167 Torcaso, Mary 141 Torcaso, Elizabeth 141 Tora Jr., Fernando 141 Toro, John 170 Toro, Maria 190 Tormey, Richard 141 Torrence, Patricia 168 Torres. Catherine 168 Torres, Donald 141 Tartell, Susan 168 Totten. Susan 168 Tourteilotte. Randy 168 Towner. Mark 168 Towns, Mindy 190 Track 100-103 Trrgonis, Alex 190 Trigonis, Dean 141 Trillo, Sal 203 Strisler, Stephen 168 Trocki, Christina 141 Trotter. Tammy 190 Tsai, Che 168 Tschanz, Barry Ann 141 Tsern. Gayle 168 Tsui, John 168 Tsui, Joseph 141 Tuck. Denise 168 Tuck, Scott 190 Tudor, Zorkita 141 Turner, Deborah 168 Tussy, Alan 203 Tustin, Deborah 141 Tweedy, Phillip 190 Twemlow, Brent 192 Tyler, Erika 141 Tyrrell, Robert 190 Tyson, Jeffrey 190 Tzay, Bobby 168 UUUUU Ulmer. Jeanne 203 Upp, Michelle 168 Uzunhason. Resat VVVVV Vagenas. John 190 Vagenas. Peter 141 Valentine, Paula 168 Valenzuela, Mary 190 Valenzuela, Ricardo 190 Volare, Valari 190 Vanderveer, Suzanne 168 Van Debrooke, Joseph 190 Von Debrooke, Julie 141 Vandenoever, Christine 141 Van Dusen, Jeanine 141 Van Kirk, Karen 168 Van Oss, Jonathon 168 Van Wickle, Shorry 168 Vance, Catherine 190 Vande Wege, Jeffrey 141 Vanderwindt, Roger 190 Vonlondingha, Gail 141 Varhoe, Melanie 168 Varsity Club 214 , Vasari. Josephine 141 Vaughn, Bradley 190 Vaughn, John 142 Veikins. Peter 142 Velazauez, Elizabeth 190 Velazauez, Estela 168 Velazauez, Gonzalo 142 Venema, Steven 190 Verga. Neal 145 Verhovek, Katherine 142 Vernolo. Nick 190 Vernolo. Roseann 142 Vetter, Mark 203 Viksten, Jennifer 168 Villasenor. Lucio 142 Vincinelli, Lori 190 Vis, Bernard 142 Vis, Elisabeth 190 Vogel, Allen 190 Volleyball Boys 76 Volleyball Girls 78 Vollmar, Doris Volmer, Stephanie 168 Von Bargen, Jay 142 Voss. Mary Voss, Theresa Voznick, Jean 203 Voznick. Steven 142 MHNMHNMI Waddel. Lee 168 Waddel. Rex Waddleton, John 168 Wogmon, Lewis 190 Wagner. James 190 Wagner, Susan 142 Wagner. Traci 142 Wainscott. Susan 168 Wais. Michael 168 Waken, Lisa 168 Waken, Lauri 190 Waken, Valerie 190 Waldie, Laura 168 Walden, Ronald 142 Waldschmidt. James 142 Walker, Gregg 142 Walker, Kathleen 142 Walker, Michael 143 Walker, Susan 168 Wallen, Kimmell 143 Walsh, Kimberly 143 Wang, Chao 168 Ward. James 168 Ward. John 203 Ward, Kathryn Ward, Kristin 190 Ward, Matthew 190 Ward. Sally 190 Warren, Ron 190 Warren, William 143 Washburn, Scott 143 Woterpolo 70 Watrous, Eileen 143 Watrous, Robert 190 Watson Jr.. Richard 143 Watterworth, Pamela 191 Watts, Eric 168 Watts, Jeffrey 168 Watts, John Watts, Sharon 143 Webb, Annette 143 Webb, Kelly roi Webber, Philip Weber, Joyce 143 Weber, Marie 168 Weber, Mark Weckerle, James 191 Weerasinho, Carlito Weikel, Jeffery 143 Weikel, Lawrence 168 Weller, Andrew 168 Weller, Jake 203 Weinberger, Paul 203 Weir, Paul 143 Weisenfelder, Andrew 191 Weisenfelder, Joseph 143 Weiss, Weiss, W9l5S. Weiss. Bill 203 Gilya 168 Jeffrey 168 Steven 143 Weitkomp. Maria 168 Welch, Kimberly 168 Welch, Valerie 168 Wells. Charles 191 Wells, Daniel 143 Wells, Lisa 191 Wells, Michael 144 Wells. Phillip 168 Wells, Steven 145 Wells, Wendy 191 Welte, Karen 168 Welte, Timothy 144 Wendt, Shari 168 Werbelow. Jeffrey 144 Werderman, Kurt 144 Werk. Jamie 144 Westerlind, Eric 144 Westerllnd, Karen 170 Westfall, Alexander 191 Whaley, Shari 191 Wheeler. Richard 192 Whelchel. Cheryl 168 Whipple, Stephanie 191 White. Barry 203 White, David 168 White, David White, Dayna 191 White, Debra 191 White, Kenneth 144 White, Robert 203 Whiteley, Steven 192 Whitehill, Pamela 168 Whiteley, Kenneth 168 Wick, Robert 203 Widaman, James 191 Widlund. Marie 168 Widrig, Consfanza 144 Wieclawek, Laura 191 Wiggins, Holly Wiggins, Randy 144 Wiggins, Tina 168 Wijesiriward, Ravindra 170 Wiker, Diane 168 Wilbert. Wendy 168 Wilbur, Elizabeth 191 Wilcher, Hugh 191 Wild, Maudena 144 Wilks, Doug 203 Willett, Joanne 198 Willett. Michelle 144 Willett. Steven 191 Williams. Brian 144 Williams, Christopher Williams, David 192 Wllliarns. David 144 Williams, Kimball 168 Williams. Rafe 145 Williams. Sheldon Williams, Wendy 144 Willis, John 168 Willis, Kristen ' Willis, Kurt 192 Willis, Richard 191 Willmon, Vern 203 Wills, James 191 Wills, John 144 Wilson. Carol 191 Wilson, Darllnda 144 Wilson, Dave 168 Wilson, Dawn Wilson, Deborah 191 Wilson, Robert 168 Wilson, Scott 144 Wilson, Sheryl 144 Wilson, Tina 191 Wing, Christopher 144 Wing, Matthew 191 Winierburn, Luara 168 Wohltord, Wendv 191 Wollschlager. Lellani 191 Wong, Maria 144 Wood, Gina 168 Woods, Blll 203 Woods. Raymond 191 Woodyord, Brian 191 Wooll, John 144 Woolsey, C, Kent 191 Woolsey, Jeffrey 144 Wright. Brian 168 wright, Donn 101 Wu, Peter 144 Wu. Tony 191 Wyatt, Russell 191 Wybenga, Nicole 168 Wygal. Carla 191 YYYYY Yocka. Susan 144 Vamashiro, Glenn Vanez, Consuela Yang, Corinne 192 Yang, YenChang 144 Yasmine, Michel 192 Veokel. Scott 168 Yearbook 226 Veh, Amy Vim, Dong 144 Yochem, Kristin 144 Voon, ll-Jin 168 Youell, Susan 144 Youmans, Laurie 144 Young, Gregory 170 Young, Teri 170 Voung, William 144 Zabel, Marlin 203 Zack. Diane 168 Zovalo, Arnold 145 Zavala. Kenneth 192 Zavitz, Deidre 168 Zecher, Lisa 168 Zeldin, Brlan 168 Zerizola, Angela 191 Zeutzius, William 168 Ziegler. Gregory 168 Ziembo, Gregory 144 Zinn, Troy 191 Zinn, Wade 168 Zirbel, David 168 Zive, Marianne 168 Zonni, Angela 168 Zolferino, Teresa 144 Zsoter, Andrea 144 Zucker, Wayne 145 Zum Brunnen. Melanie 144 Zuniga. Christian 168 Zweig, Todd 191 Zwiebel, Dirk 191 1 1 Af I ojx'-34 iff 'V KY -.- r ' .TS " ' 42 Ux ' f, pf N fx. sl fig QW rx' 'rx' In ff LXWX C Fx O K-N: ' X 1 fda" r W! 1' " M 7 px fw F 7 'z I P wx ff Af If C' A ' K' 'DY 'Q ff' 1 f iw :fn Lf 71 T fm 9: 555 " uf' pf ' 'N' Hp H' "' 4' 9 x jx U' HW' Y- ', ui- ,. fi f V ,. WN ,fn L ,fx Q-V' L 'Lv C ,Q ff" 7 'fb 7? -' A A QM X " 115 ' 2 A5 X L -gil?" 1 fir' Pi P4 . -. ff ' " K T ',.' V' 'V' " ' 42" Uf iff ,M 'W f U? if 2 ,Q F' Q Y 1' 1 0-1 V 'fi ff ff ,fi 07' ,f f 5 7 J 'if fx E C K' 1 ,fri -ff, 'Sf' A, if , if ' ' 'V f f 'wr' f 9' K. ' 'M' .f ' A pei ,J 'Z' ff, gf 1 U 'R 'S r ,. ' Q: 1 Q Q x ff' M' 'fb' f XV ff -5" , I N' 7 -'W f , ,' rn 'I-if P Y-ff' f-"5 If , .fi ,ldv fd- 'F N! 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) collection:

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