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-!T A ,X 1-mlxk . W Hpfy fycff X X !1,,ff h .x .K V frm lt' ,N 1,1 Vw V , ! N N L N r rf X. 'XA f , 2 1 '11 ' 49 ! G. ,,.L. .-V, X . , M .., M. ,v sd 201-'ff .,, my :gl f,, L, R 1" 'fx f N I 1 ,U f H,.,,' M., I 5, , E 5' ,QQQMQQ MM I I 1, rflNv.mcj4J:mlMy.,5, My ' 07 , f -f Mr Q W C1 ulfyfjfjbfffg' mfhgjygfx fffqffkgigf J4f'C2Kf QQWCAQ in qw Q95-,?4?Qf 7 WL WJ? hd f Mgbdoqf W W ,, hbhkxcgqi 69,6 76 Ao VW AQ xfqpfa cb 'QE QV? Cai 54? V09 1 ff 152' , Q- ' I . , 'H Q uc, , , A5 , 5'1f,g 'LQQ,3C5l,,o,Q me Q, Q :XX A - ':'1 fv . f.,' ' ' 1 fij :PPA UWC Hours QF COCKHL GIAC cgormw 6561 LJ QUT QLUIW... MTS. me lljlml ' Aman! -gr mf! 'Me 440, -Plufgph Ml fins-f flare, 1 -Mfnfj Aff jim 40 Le My .lfpflllf MVC! In ,495 fflfvfe ,Live Jw Aww mv Mfcfqffy gymmgfr .Wff sip! Q fn me fvfvfe, Jflm 6 All fflfdli Table of Contents Activities Organizations Sports Seniors Echoes Underclassmen Administration Advertising ffl 1 'Q r 1 'S 4 www ICS QVCQCIUICQ , as K 'QT' . X. X x b X -Q 1 XX, . 5 - u .a- .,. 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I., ' ,.v.-:P-I ,, -J .W X f K Weil 'Q-' ' sg ' , we 1. .Q-X fr. - r?I2Q1i - 4. fx. -f .X ,aeggi -'4cgf':' if - , 'E f 1' Trp- Agia ff '-if -'T.Y..-ff ' f if- f . g My Ja-,,,. g.':j' V114 ff SIX trying too hard to reach a too distant goal or maybe not trying at all i know it's hard i'm onthe same road and vve're sinking deep into our . . . FVUSCVGCIQIKW LXLIW eight the beauty of giving holding hands riding double on a bike telling a secret cramming a locker feelings expressed between two people the beauty of. . I I I -,YZF 5' '4zv,.,,, lk . ,-S':Yg ,M 'zz X 1 , ""2,'-,' .Fwy - V. - - V' .1 M ' , H511 ' . .37 f-.. .gk 43 - ' ' , vs: ' if ' an f vw . " if A ,, V+ -1 . - , .. W .3 ,. , V my ' f ' x WW ' ' "-- ' - :. ' un, Q . , ' E , ffl M fs ag-f yea' " Q5 ' . ,' :, 31 ggi? P a 5.1 f IJ 'fwfr .f'. wg rib. up En UISCOI JCTXQ its sometimes confusing, but often new things are - horizons are being revealed to us, we do not need to wait to plunge into our. . . 05' L ig o -..fl eleven u r ug' L R' 1 X R 'lN,. vi .D K ' 'x fl gn fl S A ' Rf' h-:n.-'- 1:1 9 QQ' U -,Q Q S H ful H' I QQ . X ' Fi fy, if " ,115 " 7' .I Q Q3 as Li Em .M E.: ,Wu Nd, . V 'S 1 iw ? 1 .. X Q k 3 ii 4? f Q . X5 N 2' f 1, A I ' , X if ff' fbfgf' " g 'gpm 'N 1 fp N I S Ns... GCUUICICS ' 4?-.' I L.. ,,--f. v 1 fix X I I I 16!Activities Registration! First Weeks Twenty seven hundred students, madly rushed through the highly Computerized Process known as registration. Despite a large amount of confusion among the sophomores, incoming teacher Paul Weinberger remarked, "l was sur- prised how smoothly it went. lt looked like a college." The first weeks of school provided exciting activities that many people enjoyed participating in. Hawaiian Day, the theme for the first fifth quar- ter, brought out grass skirts, straw hats, and Hawaiian shirts. Cowgirls and ranch dudes were rounded up during Western Day while Bonnie and Clyde and various other violin carrying g-men blasted their way across the campus on the 30's Gang- ster Day. 3 8 1. Fifi Tanacsos handed in her emergency card as she prepared to register. 2. The Nlational Honor Society helped by handing out IBM class cards to registrars. 3. ASB. cards, the key to student activities, were purchased at regis- tration. Those connected with the sale were Henry Nunez, Kim Christian, and leri Cooper. -it Mrs. loiner balanced the money that flowed into registration. 5. Bonnie and Clyde, Lauren Hageman, Tom Rochetto and G-man, Larry .Nftocknik cooled the scene on Gangster Day. 6. Rhonda Rasmussen galloped away with her horse on Vvestern Day. 7. Nancy Peterson and Kathi Smith were delighted to have their pic- ture taken on Hawaiian Day. 8, Clubs successfully recruited members with Ski Club gaining almost 400 people for the largest club on campus. Actix'itiesf17 il I I 2 I I I ,1 Qi 1 1. Enthusiastic spectators, Ruth Kaminsky and Natalie joy, enioyed particpating in one ofthe cheers. 2. Students continued to support the team throughout the sea- son. 3. Players looked in apprehension as a new play was sent into action. 4. As spirit diminished, cheerleader, April Monroe tried to spark excitement in the rooters. 5. The Pep Band added some new songs to their collection, including the Chicago favorite, "lust You and Me". 6. Kim Burdick, in one of his rowdier moods, made a rare appear- ance at the microphone, leading his favorite cheer. 7. Nancy Daves watched as Arcadia attempted a field goal. 8. During a break in the game, song girls, Carin Ashton and Debi lohnson relaxed a little. 18!Activities Football Excitement was at it's hilt for the last game of the season. The scores had progressively gotten closer and the crowd anticipated victory. The chant Rook Stead proved true as the Pep Squad continued to create enthusiasm throughout the games and at our win against Alhambra. Colorful renditions of the Band's contemporary music were provided by the Drill Team and the Apache Princesses. High- lighting the season, was a special patriotic halftime, as Arcadia commenced it's celebration of the bicentennial with fireworks and Doreen Bosacki singing "God Bless America." aku-:J-vp. Activities!'l9 2 '17 4 1. "Apache joe" Mazzarese attempted to predict the outcome of the evening's football game. 2. loanne Bush took time out from her tonsorial activities to watch Monette Ower treat Varsity back Mike Mclellan to a shave. . . 3. and shower. 4. lim Hatcher amused himself with a Hoppity-Hop during one of many original pep rally competitions. 5, At the climax of a game of musical chairs, excited athletes were ecstatic over an opportunity to play "grabsies" with the cheerlead- ers. 6. Steve Barchan helped to conduct many impressive events. 7. The Pep Band was popular with the Apache student body. 20!ACtivities -V v r r' . .I A I ,, 1 4 use ' 1 it . l i BW,lllyfmli'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l il i i i ll W Il T u j vl I' twill lj W W y. '-fi l elk 4- y M l i.i- ,lififliqfllix y ,im I' llllill l . lilly Y 'hlllll lm ' l ill lllm l ylillivi it Y l i y . 'I 'll if ll , 'llf'ilpilI: X J ll N N 'li .I'l ll! lldw rl U mlMU'lwwhf'HHHui WMM! lmwmwlywm i i will i ll lill!l4i1li:l'if,:f.g,H if ll 'l lglallflj, . l ll V ,HI H H llilll l lu , , ,, , i llillilltlt l bwwhm i Jim T r will lllli-we l lll 1 W1-if lwll I ill l N l i i ., ll: " iii l l lil i .filly I ' i llllllllllllllllllllll i it i lllllllll ' r , - , -,'lli i'l',lll'l,lllH::.l'E'1l.l, ii. l l . .lllhgy l l '','1'.',ll1'li'fillll'!llll'llflllfl'.flmi"ff"+'i.'fl"'fF'. Mlllll'il l 'iii i . . l ailll.. i ti it i i i ,iii iilllwfl itll" i nl l l .A M ,ill l l l L A i i li' ii ' + lllllllllllllllllllllllllll -q ,K l l lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllA. l !1 l ll -I - . I mumu lll ll lllll.lllll lllllllllllllllllllll. . ll ll .l PEP ASSEMBLIESXRALLIES The Pep Squad faced a difficult job: that of attempting to arouse school spirit in ar Apathetic Apache student body. Although the pep assemblies especially were well planned and superbly executed, student reaction was remarkably poor. In terms of audience particil pation, the average rally was a fiasco. ln addi- tion, the unimpressive record of the varsity football team was no great help in inspiring Apache spirit among those who looked no fur- ther than the scoreboard in deciding the merit of the team. The Pep Band, however, its ability not noticeably impaired by the presence of Penny Phillips, first girl to join its ranks, was met with a unanimously warm reception. " 'ef-iff H Ulf? Q Wes .-' 7 Activities!21 1. The reindeer skit, performed by lim Neelands, Chuck Pacheco, Mike Coherg, Steve Possemoto, Bill less, Brad Liv- ingston, Brad Palfrey, Bill Kramh, Allan Melkesian, and Alex Tsirigakis was a big hit with the audience at the Christmas Assembly. 2. The Senior Drill-Down was one of many acts providing Comic' relief at the Spaghetti Dinner. 3. Linda Posen, Lynn Highman, Anne Long, and Dave Bohmke tin earl, were among those who worked diligently for the Kiowa!Senior Men Car Wash, which, despite a severe shortage of dry rags, wetted S200 for both organiza- tions. 4. Nord Eriksson, Kevin Russell, Helen Nunez, Dave Bohmke, Anne Pendo, Dave Ledyard, and Doug Lama were only a few of the eager volunteers participating in the Christmas Tree Sale put on by Key Club, which donated the Sl5tXJ in profits to the City of Hope and Methodist Hospital, 5. Kim Sommers presented Mr. Morgan with a white carna- lion as part of the Valentine's Day Carnation Sale, which earned C.irl's League 5130. 2ZfAt'tivities Assemblies! Fund Raisers The AHS Student Body found itself Well-Endowed in terms of fund raising activities, among other things, as several organizations provided the students and the community with a variety of opportunities to support them. Food, however, was a favorite, as students eagerly bought a wide variety of toothsome goodies, while at the same time financing their favorite clubs - and dentists. Duchesses led off the year's efforts, putting candy apples on sale during the fall. junior Exchange held a Christmas Candy Cane Sale, while Girl's League put on their annual Easter Egg Fund Raiser in the spring. Arcadia, as usual, was also well provided with interesting and often musical assemblies. World traveler, john Goddard, fired the collec- tive imaginations of the Apaches with a pro- gram including everything from climbing Mt. Rainer to piloting jet fighters, along with a more than ample slice of his personal philoso- phy. The Rock n' Roll Review gave students a look at rock from the Beatles to Bowie. Another 'Rock' assembly, "Listen to the Music," relating rock to social and personal development, was very popular with the stu- dents. Activities!23 1. Kathy Byrne made quite a scene in front of stately guests at a party. 2. Paul Ryan, Craig Cox and Dennis Alfieri asked some interrogating questions to pry the truth out of Greg Merkley in "Nothing But the Truth." 3. lohn Hontos played a convincing role as the evil, falsely accusing, child molester, Bob Ewell. 4. Atticus Finch, portrayed by Craig Cox, was the lawyer defending lim Pounds, a poor black man falsely accused of rape. 5. Ron Perry and Sue Robertson, as lem and Scout were bewildered by adult malice and prejudice. 6. A dramatic touch was added by Connie Portis who characterized the adult, lean Louise Finch, reminiscing her childhood. 7. The innocent, tomboy, Scout, relaxed on the porch in the heat of the Alabama summer. 8. Lori Clark took the role of terminally ill Mrs. Dubose whose bitter- ness was misunderstood by the townspeople. l 2 l 4 3 24fActivities Senior J esters Highlighting a year of superb plays was the Senior lester's pro- duction of "To Kill a Mocking- bird." The play, unique in its depth of quality acting, portrayed Racism and prejudice in a small town in Alabama. The show, bringing a sellout crowd every night, was held over by popular demand. "Nothing But the Truth," a typi- cal i93O's situation comedy, did not draw as many people as expected but got the actors off to a fine start. 8 Activities!25 l 26!Activities Junior J esters! Road Show 3 The Road Show, a traveling variety show, was headed by lody Grimshaw. The two casts delighted a wide range of audiences with per- formances which included everything from Magic to banana eating. lunior lesters performed one-acts early in the year which were well received by the stu- dent body. Excellent quality was expected from the young actors with the guidance of Mrs. Wiener, a new addition to the drama department. ,, g S Ui ,, 5 51 fan. 2, ' r sr Eli! L nil, as " ,,,, rf i N VM MI' ia Q. A f i fl ima ' , ag. r F V X ix , M 'fu-5 71: ,se F" " 7' ,,-1 Peg-i., - i 5 ' J' kk!! ,L is ers' 3- 1...-.N xp ,, r 1 ., are his 1912 fa:-sN'?5iLgj3.t1l 5 K - f ,, ' ixgiwsfw-,X is f f 2 'iii 'lll 1. Gayle Peterson lustily spoke her mind to Al Garcia. 2. Mary johnson and lanice Foote had no trouble por- traying the playground crowd. 3. A Chinese fantasy, "The Stolen Prince," was high- lighted by Linda Glynn, narrator, and jeff Sadoris who played Property Man. 4. Lori Clarke said, "Surprise, surprise!" as Craig Cox and Larry Diener assisted her. 5. Pantomime artist Mary lohnson believed "lt was working!" 6. Connie Portis and Sue Robertson sampled a delightful snack during the course of the Road Show. Activities!27 A, Prom Apathy once again made its mark as the AHS student body turn out for the Prom Royalty election was less than 1711. Exec- utive Council was then forced to bring the election to the students in homeroom periods. Monica Rodrigues, Caren Ashton, Lisa Verhovek, Louise Wilson and Sue Gibson were the resulting win- ners. The location of the festive night also 'provided another problem. The Queen Mary, Fash- ion Park and the Mariott Hotel were places considered until the final decision of the Los Angeles Hilton was made definite in late February. The special night finallyz arrived, however, complete with floor shows, an orchestra, and much dancing. A highlight of the evening, the crowing of the queen, was anxiously awaited by the 450 couples attending. Sue Gibson proudly received the honor truly adding to the night of Memories 28!Activities P! 395 5 , ,, if " -. -1 ,, 4. . ai V65 .. iff .. . ,J ...Y ,tm xx . " lx ft' X I . ,. if .,, ,Q lf! ., 1. The lovely members of the court were Lisa Verho- vek, Monica Rodriguez, Queen Sue Gibson, Louise Wilson and Caren Ashton. 2. Specialized trash cans came in very handy at the Donkey Basketball game, the Prom fund-raiser spon- sored bythe lunior class, 3. The Prom, held at the Los Angeles Hilton, was anx- iously anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. 4. Mr. Maxwell, teacher at Dand, representing the Faculty, demonstrated his expertise in mounting and thoroughly controlling his donkey. 5. Gladly, the tired riders went to load the obnoxious animals on their bus. 6. Varsity Cheerleader, Kiowa and Thrillseeker, Sue Gibson, was chosen as the Prom Queen 1975. Activities!29 1. The Valentine carnation sale was one of Girls' League's most lucrative fund raisers. 2. Preschoolers enjoyed a Halloween party presented by members, Robin Barrington, Cecelia Teran, Teacher, Patty Nash, Kathy lennett, Shirley Reid. Bcgtom Row, Sandy Muhleman, Susan Hezlep, Kristin Powell and Nina El y. 3. This luscious looking Easter egg could be bought from any Girls' League member around Easter time. 4. Girls' League Council members were: Kristin Powell, President, Kim Sommers, Louise Wilson, Karen Clossen, Lisa Eventov, Lori Duane, Susie Delahooke, Sandy Muhleman, Teri Mies, Patty McNall, and Carrie Khan- chalian. Not Pictured: Lynn McKenzie and Kim Christian. 5. Friendliest Girls for the second semester were: junior, Kari Sanford and Sophomore, Suzanne Potter. 6. Sophomore, Robin Nease, Senior, Lisa Verhovek, and junior Anita Cassis were chosen Friendliest Girls for the first semester. 7. Natalie joy, a Senior, was one of second semester's Friendliest Girls. 2 30fActivities 4,G. G. . ,,.. --.W 3 5 6 7 Friend1iestGir1!Gir1s' League Friendliest Girl elections, an AHS tradition, sponsored by Girls' League, were run for the last time this year. Due to the lethargic response of the Student Body, the three plan- ned elections were cut to two, and will not take place next year. Although the students who did vote displayed Excellent Taste Girls' League did not feel the small turnout jus- tified continuing the polls. Girls' League participated in a number of activities throughout the year. Primarily a serv- ice organization to which all girls, theoreti- cally, belong, the league held a number of fund raisers to support their projects. One activitiy supported by these funding drives was a Halloween Party for underprivileged children. Acttivitiesffil 1. Antelope Valley won lst place in the West Arcadia band review. 2. Girls chosen for Candystriper Ball royalty included, Bobbette Wolverton, Queeng Janice Mies, Connie Scherer, Kim Sommers and Susie Klimke. 3. Loara High School, our close rival, won the sweep- stakes trophy for the second year in a row at West Arcadia. 4, Dave Bohmke, youth campaign co-chairman, talked with candidate Chris McGuire, as many AHS students campaigned for those running for school board. 5. Charles Gilb was among the enraptured audience at attorney loe Bush's presentation on youth prob- lems and interests. 6. Dawn Baske and Kathi Orme were two of many willing volunteers who raised money for the blind. 7. Arcadia alumnus, Galinda Velasco was relieved at the end of the 20 mile bike-a-thon. 8. lunior Achiever, Patty McNall, and her sales partner listened to discussions on company management and salesmanship. l 32!Activities 4,4 l f l C AW' 8 Community Happenings Besides school involvement, students became active members of the community and gained bet- ter communication with residents of the city as a result, The lunior Volunteers of the Methodist Hos- pital sponsored the annual Candystriper Ball. The night's theme, "The Magic of Mistletoe" successfully created an air of holiday romanticism. Other activities students were involved with included the White Cane Drive sponsored by Girl's League in connection with the Lion's Club to help the blind, and the Cancer Cyclethon, held by the American Cancer Society. A special bonus for Arcadia students was a semi- nar conducted by District Attorney joseph Bush regarding youth problems and interest. Activities!33 4 l, The lovely members of the 1975 home- coming court were, AFS Princess, Linda VanlDongen tBelguiumJ, Anne Nielsen tDenmarkJ, Kaisa Alfredson lSwedeni. Sophomore Princess was Anita Archer, Senior Princess, Lori Livingston, Queen, Nancy Hage and lunior Princess Charlene Milich. 2. The Court and their escorts had front row seats for the homecoming game. 3. Nancy received all the honors of Home- coming Queen as Ceci Johnson, last year's queen, excitedly crowned her, and Chuck Pacheco, ASB president draped her with the robe of royalty. Onlooking the traditio- naal event Luise lardin, AFS student from Brazil. 4. A bond of loyalty was renewed between this and last years pep squad as the Alma Mater was played. 5. Pete Bellows and Richard Meyers clinked cones in honor of Charlie Papp in the Community Welfare booth. 6. Linda Posen practiced her Little Red Rid- ing Hood imitation when it started to rain. 7. Fortunately, Dave Chavez was among those captured by the Thespians for the jail-A-Friend booth. 8. Mr. Peters took evil delight over the destruction of a helpless Volkswagen in the DECA concession. 2 l 34!Activities Homgeconlmg Not even sprinkles could dampen the enthusiasm for Home- coming. A Spectacular program of fireworks was displayd during the halftime, including the spell out of the queen, Nancy l-lage. Following the game, a funfilled Fifth Quarter featuring Van Halen and Rye was held. A new idea was presented and put into actiong a carnival in which clubs sponsored booths instead of the traditional 4 floats. Y l Ac'liviti0s!35 X Bi if :Kwan Q Q x K . P Wlxyluh I f f I ' ., 'ju :iff ' R f ill K .pr 'Eg ' ' " -. y '-,. .?'XV- . w , v.. Q, L- L. G . V, A 1' - - I :rl vi Q "'f 4 .LW ,ESL iv' L ix? 'f ,. ' :bww 1- : . 41 'V 3 - '-XX - ' k K 'YH L ' id xxx x x 1 FN i M I xi, J! i a E " f 5 v Orgar1i1f1lim15,f,g7 Song! Flag The Song Girls, in addition to many other units of the Pep Squad, encountered problems in getting their uniforms together. lt finally became necessary for the girls to go to the pep supply company and demand that their outfits be finished. A little Gentle Persuasion saw the completion of the uniforms four hours after the company normally closed. Despite a rough start, the song girls came up with many new routines which included more dance steps than in previous years. Long hours of practice and sore muscles didn't seem to mat- ter as the girls supported our teams through good times and bad. lt doesn't take much work or time to be a Flag Girl, or so one might think. But in actual- ity, the six flag girls spent an average of twenty hours per week creating and perfecting new routines. The devoted girls also added a little spice to their routines by having each member twirl two flags on different occasions. Each girl was responsible for making a new flag for each performance. S 1. The Flag girls perfromed the fight song to the music of the Pep Band at the Bishop Amat rally. 2. The Song Girls routines at assemblies, all began differently. 3. The Flag Girls spent Thursday nights preparing for football games. 4. Song Girls: Helen Nunez, Nancy Hage, Dana Deverick lheadl, Carolyn Hassett, Caren Ashton, and Debbie johnson. 5. Flag Girls: Diane Morsillo, loanne Bush, Linda Posen, Connie Scherer, Monette Ower and Karin McGuffin lheadl. 6. Performance after performance, the Song Girls came up with new routines which showed their immense spirit. Organizations!39 l. Besides being enthusiastic, ecstatic, and rowdy, the l.V. Cheerleaders were highly exci- table. 2. Although Patty Tiffany handled the razor skillfully, the balloon later exploded, leaving Ed Flores drenched. 3. l. V, Cheer: Patty Tiffany theadl, Cindy Dole, Leslie Karr, Dena Rooker, Anita Casis, luli Hage- man, Patty Lopez, and Audrey Schuster. -1. The Pep Band played music from "Mame" and their idol group, "Chicago." 2 i 40X Organizations 4 J .V. Cheer! Pep Band The Pep Band supplied A.H.S. with great music and Practical Jokes Some of their crazy antics were "sofa sitting" on Diane Morsillo's driveway, wait- ing for her to return from a date and chang- ing the tempo of music in the middle'of a Song Girl routine. A massive water balloon fight with Pep Squad members during summer camp had quite an effect on the junior Varsity Cheer- leaders. They had been accepted into the Pep Squad. The girls' peppy actions were apparent at all games, rallies and assemblies. ep Band Bob Hollingsworth Tim Forbes George Carlson Ricther, Randy Zorkocy, Dave Evans, Penny Phillips, Charlie Organization!41 Varsity Cheer! Apache J oe! Pep Commissioner Women's liberation was truly apparent at A.l-l.S. when the three girl Varsity Cheerleaders were allowed, for the first time, to wear long pants as part of their attire. On the first day of cheerleader camp the girls new pants ripped and they had to mend Split Seams before continuing practice, All five cheerleaders proved their tremendous enthusiasm and spirit when they won an excellent trophy at camp for their routine. Although usually incorrect, Apache joe, joe Mazzarese displayed much creativity in presenting his sport result prophecies to the student body at pep assemblies. He was also given the honor of leading cheers at the microphone during football games, following his amazing speed in ushering the team onto the field. Pep Commissioner Nancy Daves planned and arranged Arcadia High's first card section for the Varsity football and basketball home games. She also organized four com- mittees, each with a specific purpose such as selling pep items and decorating the school with banners and pos- ters. 2 4Z!Organizations 'l. A card section at home games was one of Nancy Daves new ideas as Pep Commissioner. 2, The team of April Monroe and Keith Rasmussen were the winners of a "crazy" relay race during a lunch pep rally, 3. A saloon complete with buxom cigarette girls tMonica Rodriguez and April Monroej and poker players Uon Bernasconi, joe Mazzarese, and Steve Barchanl was the setting for a skit held on Gangster Day. 4, Varsity Cheerleaders: Steve Barchan, April Monroe, Sue Gibson, lon Bernasconi, and Monica Rodriguez. 5. Win or lose, the Pep Squad continued to encourage school spirit. dress which was new to the traditional Apache loe outfit, while mounted upon "Lucky Tuskinf' 6. Apache joe, joe Mazzarese, wore an Indian head- 4 , 6 Organizations!43 PICCOLO: Lenette Barker Darlene Hale Wendy Hegg Dani Walters FLUTE: Kay Blanton Linda Brooks janet Bryson Kathy Chisam Cindy Crusberg Debbie Gad Lorinda Hess Barbara johnson Paula Kathman Sara Killins Kim Larew Malisa Masanovich Lupe Pais Roseann Papararo janet Reinecke Heather Smith Stephanie Tymkowych Laurel Webb Sue Zorkocy CLARINET: Sandy Christofferson Bill Cross Marla D'Zurko judy Dyer Tim Forbes Karen Gathers 44!Organizations Mandy Hicks Renee Kaplan Rose Kent Heidi Lee Mary Lopez Lynn McKenzie Sean Ostrander Bruce Qua Stan Schinke Ruth Searfoss jacey Spencer Bev Waite Suzy Wayne ALTO CLARINET: Terry Bibb Cindy Reiche BASS CLARINET: Kory Blanton Lisa Hodges Dennis johnson Dave Sears ALTO SAX: john DiFlauro Lisa Getzen Chris Kellogg john Leal Vic Macchia Carl Muller jane Myers TENOR SAX: Bob Hollingsworth Robin Luby Tim McCue Penny Phillips Bob Schiano Craig Schneider BARITONE SAX: Larry Kellogg Charlie Papp TRUMPET: Dave Ayres Curt Bechtel George Carlson Craig Collette Mark Deneen Tamra DuMond Dave Evans Bob Friedman Scott Gilford Alan Graff Nancy Mathews joe Morsillo Steve Nicholson Chris Pollit Rich Rapp jim Schoelz Curt Shoemaker Rob Supple Curt Tisdial jeff Wallick Randy Zorkocy HORN: Kathy Bohmke Tom Burhenn Sue Gregory Lisa Kemp Tom Lister Bill Powell Kevin Russell TROMBONE: Keith Collins jim Davis Kevin Hoar Bob Koeppel Barry Lisbin Mark Malmrose Dave Matern Garth Neumeyer Bob Pedrotti john Powell Ralph Rojas Roger Snelling Randy Stead Steve Vance BARITONE: Neal Hmlund jeff Hope Steve Kettel Randy Lisb in Maverick McGarraugh Brian Uhl Dave Williams Andy Wilson TUBA: Brian Killeen Glen Laumen Don McMillan Eric Moore Howard Orell Steve Schreiner Matt Smith PERCUSSION: jim Barthelemy Steve Batterson Rick Byron Brad Eggert Chris Erhardt Steve F rate jim Hoffman Bill Horne Micky Mendez Steve O'Connor Andy Papp Ray Peters jeff Peterson Mike Reehorst Dirk Richter Chris Scott Wayne Trenkler Andy Webster Mark Whelchel BELLS: Amanda lles Shauna Spellman Band Gld habits came back as Mr. Alstadt started Smokmg Agam while the Band kept taking Sweepstakes. Colton, Chino, and Santa Monica were the scenes for three very impressive performances. But the real high- light came when the Apache Marching Band walked away with Sweepstakes at Long Beach, retiring the Mayor's trophy for the second time in the Band's history. They performed in a halftime competition at Los Altos High School. 1. The band practiced marching daily during third period, on El Monte. 2. The French Horn section was quite strong, and very impor- tant to the total sound of the band. 3. The success of the Drill Team started with a first place tro- phy at Chino. Organizations!45 ' , K ig . 1 X . 'z ' . .-hx. ,- 2 1 si , - - ' 52' ' ,fi I 1 ' 19' "lg-5 . Q V X . 5 I . he QV 1 ,Q .. ,. 0 N 4. N U . A N T., .5 .. H..! "' ?11 p I " " .4 f-U -f 975 -we. 'NT .y 'f' 'F wxqw +.,,L Q. X: rw.'i.i 'ALA fm 'ily Q ,' ws. Qi mx .f ,, ... iw - - -fi W I A . H V ,ml l I, 5?-'Sw 4 4 V 15 K IE H, n u :I - I 4 4 'Qin' n ip Q 'us ns ll gg A 5 A. x . x -sa -w. F xv L Q ' ' Q? " ' "' I. ' V , If f ,A .V ' N. 1, has -.'4 t W. ai- ' .N Q " 1 x Q.. Q W QT' . , -V i A sun " -Hs.. -as ,R ,A fm 2 ,J 'K flalfzs I -1. -- Af , 2 3 . 5 '. I V: 1 - 5 fm i M ,N my 2 , i. - Il if " 9 If ' ' il 1 ix V Q ,Lf 1 94,1 QL W QF ' 1535 len" ' ,. ist J R X K i - K J X I ' 5-X V R 'w 4 X - 'ifqfxxqx ', -f J . A . , N :ug-f ' gy . 1 Y 'Nas 3' ' 5 if n Y ' ' -'fm 0 .gr f R 1 v ' -.B :v ii 5 1 5 , 'S 'E 'E , LL Vis aiff?-' ,'.v.: i .k,. Kb, K ,. 49 3 , -uf f 352 Orchestra Many times it appeared that the Shaft as the band received more publicity and support from the student body, yet they had quite a busy schedule. Orchestra members attended music camp along with Band members in early September. Dec. 18 was the first big event for the Orchestra as they performed a concert for the holidays at the San Cabriel Civic. The holiday concert was followed by a show presented along with Orchesis, and a for- mal spring concert in March. Perhaps the biggest event for Orchestra members was the Pops Concert which was held annually during the month of May in the Boys Gym. This event, more than any other showed the student body's support of the Orches- Orchestra got the tra. T -l8!Organ'izations 19 -u""' if l S Orchestra members: Teri Bibb, Lenette Barker, Rick Byron, Phil Campbell, lim Chaput, lo Anne Conner, Debbie Cramer, Alexandria De Visser, Elizabeth Fin- layson, lohn Di Flauro, David Evans, lim Feichtmann, Tim Forbes, Tom Forbes, Karen Cathers, Lorinda Hess, lim Hoffman, Neil Holmlund, Bill Horne, Amanda Iles, Dennis johnson, Lisa Kemp, Margaret Kiersted, Lori Klimberg, Susan Klimke, Karen Lansford, Anne Long, Charlotte Long, Malisa Masanovich, David he Matern, Tim Mc Cue, Patti Mc Nall, Betsy Meehan, Richard Meyer, Todd Miller, Scott Mittman, Eric Moore, Dotti Meyers, Kristin Powell, Linda Rapp, Richard Rapp, Dirk Richter, Diedre Rosen, Ruth Sear- foss, Andrea Scatena, Stephanie Schuster, Henry Spurgeon, Margot Stumpf, Cindi Tindall, Miranda Tirado, Andrew Walbert, Suzanne Wayne, Andrew Webster, Louise Wilson, Randy Zorkocy, and Cathy Zwiebel. .L .2 tl. How could Patty McNaIl handle that thing? 2. It was just another day in the life of Henry Spur- geon, the Orchestra pianist. 3. The violin section of the Orchestra was sixteen members strong. 4. Kevin Russell played his French Horn with ease. 5. Scott Mittman, after returning from a study tour in lsreal, mastered the violin in Orchestra. 6, Susan Klimke, Margot Stumpf, and Kristin Powell concentrated on their new piece of music. 50!Organizations l, t 1. Laura Arthur and Cecelia Teran contributed their vocal talent in making the performances suc- cessful. 2. With much enthusiasm, JoAnne Dill added to 'git the tone oftheACapeIla choir. ' r ag., r . 3. Gary Buckles practiced his part of the music. 11 Nl". F 4, Kim Harding, Lori Griffiths, Debbie Fetterly, and Q K 5512 ,Z L 1 At Meggan Bicksler sang a soft soprano. rsfsrsf + t.sQ. 1 5. Stuart Forden and Ron Rhodes exercised their vocal chords. 'l it 2 2 5 if 5 ,S C ' ifiitff Eg g mt.. A , , Lael-A i if if . , I ' J?" .5 J he as. iii?" . . :MAJ-ss. J., 2 -,ji 1 1 I . I ..W...,.,. Vx I 1 2 . . ru. " Y it .. tx fr te? 1 f 3 PW. HON ROWS Dave Horton, KODIU VIGFCG, DOD HSHGGV- Dan O'Donnell. Back Row: loe Scheel, Clark Carlton son, Linda Goodman, Doug Carr, Eddie Sayegh, Lila Debbie Downum, Steve Nuss, Doreen Bosacki, lean- Hubbell. Row 2: Sue McCabe, john Stothers, lan ette Mau. Vreeland, George Davis, lack Partch, Nancy Andrews, Chanteurs ! A Capella Chanteurs seemed to be off their rockers when they held a CC 99 Rock-A-Thon for the purpose of raising money. With encouragement. from their sponsors, they were able to rock for 42 hours on their rocking chairs. Besides their stunning performances while "rocking", they also performed at the Newport Inn, Arcadia Public Library, and the Ramada Inn. Under the direction of Mr. Neu- meister, the 81 members of A Capella Choir made an intriguing Christmas performance at the Huntington Library. They also performed along with the orchestra at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium. Organrzationsl51 l. Bill less, Senior class president, organized and actively participated in Gangsters Day. 2. Activities Council, Front Row: Gayle Prophet, Bill Kramb, Kristi Hansen, Gina Scurto, Martha Bauman. Back Row: Bill less, Barbie Sinclair, Nancy Daves and Lori Liv- ingston. Not Pictured: Brad Livingston, Anita Kenz, Tony Garzio, Alan Melkisian and Robin Nease. 3. Chuck Pacheco was the Master of ceremonies for all school assemblies. 52!Organtzations Executive Council, Lying Down: Tony Garzio Ur. Class Pres.i Front Row: lane Kofford tA.S.B. Sec.i, Mr. Anderson tAdvisorJ, Anita Kenz tArts Comm.i, Bill less iSr. Class Pres.i, Luiz lardin tBrazilJ, Gayle Prophet fAssemblies Comm.i, Robin Nease tSoph. Youth Comm.i, Mr. Auburn tAdvisori. Row 2: Bill Kramb Ur. Class Youth Comm.J, Louise Wilson A.S.B. Treas.l, Alex Tsiri- gakis tGreecei, Brad Palfrey tSoph. Seng, Anne Nielson tDenmarkJ, Linc Van Dongen tBeIgiumJ, Brent Dav' Ur. Class Sen.i, Barbie Sinclair il.C.l Pres.J, Martha Bauman tActivities Sec Kristi Hansen tPublicity Chairmanl Nancy Daves iPep Comm.i, Gi Scurto tSr. Youth Comm.J, Alan Melk sian tSoph. Pres.J, Brad Livingsto tBoys Activities Comm.i. ln Trei Chuck Pacheco tA.S.B. Pres.i, Lori Lit ingston tA.S.B. Vice Pres.J I .1 ai 3 4 l if 1 R i l l 5 l l i l in L. L. ...l Executive Council Executive Council strongly encouraged Suggestive Ideas from the student body as lockers with Apache Indians, designed and painted by Mr. lim Calderhead, were located in almost every hall as sugges- tion boxes. Encouraging seniors to maturely maintain the priviledge of open lunch, the leaders also achieved the goal of resurfacing the parking lot. They also directed the very suc- cessful and enjoyable Homecoming carnival of Memories. The council channeled their time and energy towards a major cafeteria revision proposal and Arcadia's ever present smoking problem. Besides promoting students to express their feelings, whether positive or negative, the Executive Council coordinated a Christmas dance which proved to be 3 very successful. a Senate Steve Quakenbush Brad Palfrey, and Brent Daves. lane Kofford Chuck Pacheco Anita Kenz, Oganizations!53 House of Representatives All things come to pass. And so they did as many proposals from the House of Repre- sentatives were put into action. Led by Sen- ior Class Senator, Steve Quackenbush, cafe- teria revision plans were effectively carried out, meeting the approval of the student body. The awareness and acceptance of the student's Respons1b111t to finalize proposals was continually stressed at the Thursday morning meetings. This mature attitude was evident as con- cerned students tried to attack the smoking problem at Arcadia. To further communica- tions between the students and Executive Council, a special steering committee was formed out of representatives tothe House. 1 2 . 54lOrganizations 1. Mr. Anderson was an active member of the administration who gave the final okay for all Executive Council actions. 2. Chuck Pacheco also took an active part in House of Representatives meetings, aside from his other jobs as Student Body President. 3. Brent Daves, junior Class Senator, headed the plan for cafeteria revi- sion! 4. Steve Quackenbush not only led House of Representatives meetings as Senior Class Senator, but he also headed the Steering Committee. 5. Brad Palfrey with the aid of Dr. Cordano explained a new House pro- posal concerning the smoking problem. Organizations!55 1. Mr. Aberle not only watched over the Senior Mens' activities, but also actively participated in them. 2. Sue Gibson decided to add a little excitement to the continuous line of cars to be washed, by squirting Eric Moore and Tim Forbes with water. 3. Lynn Highman and Mary Morabito set up a show case for the Sports Day Fifth Quarter. 4. Mary Morabito led Kiowa meetings, and appointed committees for all planned activities. 3 56!Organizations Senior Meng Front Row: Tim Forbes, Dave Chavez, Luiz Jardin, Carl Muller, Greg Merkley. Row Two: Keith Miyamoto, Mike Bogad, Neal Holmlund, Kim Bur- dick, lim Polarek iPresidentJ, Eric Moore, Tim Wallstrom, Mr. Aberle isponsorj. Row Three: Craig Cox, Dick Meyers, Bob Hollingsworth, Pete Bellows, Kevin Reed, Martin Mann, Barry Lisbin. On Cross: Alex Tsirigakis, Dave Matern, Brian Bell, Chuck Pacheco. "Ns S E I 1 f 4 Kiowas! Senior Men Despite a slow, somewhat unorganized start and some Cancelled events, the Kiowas and Senior Men lived up to their reputations as honor and service clubs. Outstanding seniors selected on the basis of scholarship, community service and leader- ship, took part in many joint activities, includ- ing a Sports Day Fifth Quarter, the annual car wash and a Christmas party for retarded chil- dren at Hope House. Selling programs at foot- ball games while the Senior men attended the parking lot occupied a large part of the Kiowas time during the fall quarter. Christmas also saw the selling of candy filled stockings, "secret angels" and the annual Christmas tea with past year's Kiowas. Kiowas: Front Row, Sue Klimke, Diane Cross, Diane Morsillo, Helen Nunez, Monica Rodri- guez, Sue Gibson, Kim Nairn. ln Pumpking Anne Nielson, Linda Van Dongen. Row Two: Heidi Walker, Linda Posen, Anne Long, Anne Pendo, leanie Burns, Terry Young, Lynn High- man, Nancy Daves, Mrs. Hatter lSponsorl. Row Three: Kendra Dunkleburger, Lynn McKenzie, Karen Alfredson, Cindy Carlson, Mary Morabito tPresidenti, Amanda Isles, Kathy Burns, lamie Brooks. Organizations!57 American Field Service Cleaning up eggs and tissue paper were only a few of the risks A.F.S. encountered as they sold Halloween insurance to the Community. The funds raised were used in scholarships for Arcadia students going abroad. A Joint Effort with the Merchandising Club resulted in a very successful rummage sale. Foreign exchange students from surrounding areas visited Arca- dia during A.F.S. day as English and Social Study classes listened to informative talks F 1 about the students countries. American Field Service Club Front Row: Paula Kathman Back Row Pete Cha man Cin al n Bill Kr m Rhonda 5 , p dy C r so a b Susan Burland, Alex Tsirigakis, Linda Van Dongen, Tim Wright, Rasmussen Linda Hogan Teri Salamone Laurie Wetmore Row Two: Lisa Eventov, Anne Nielsen, Marie Mackowiack, Amy Niven julie McCorkel Mary Morabito, julie Cooper, Saralyn Fennessy, Betsy Meehan. 58!Organizations 4 5, 3' 1. Foriegn Exchange Student: Luiz lardin, Linda Van Dongen, Anne Nielsen, Alex Tsirigakis. 2. Students going abroad: Betsy Meehan, Linda Mohr, Dan O'Donnell, Marilyn Greco. 3. A.F.S. club officers: Rhonda Rassmussen, His- loriang Pete Chapman, President, Cindy Carl- son, Vice President: Bob Burnett, Treasurer: Lisa Eventov, Secretary. 4. Luiz lardm, A.F.S. student from Brazil, was reminded of his school uniform back home as he wore his Senior Men's jacket every Wednesr day. Organizations!59 60!Organizations Lic--. Orchesis Members: Front Row: Nancy Bonura Laurie Church, Lori Anderson, Laura Brown Terri Salamone, Lisa Evantov. Row Two: Siob: han O'Callaghan, ludy Bane, JoAnn Cooper, Delrose Revele, Kathy Zwiebel, Patty Lopez laynie Holkestad, Laurel Place. Row Three Trista Spellman, Karen Clemons, Mindy Arm- strong, Rori Benka, Janice Perry, Marie Mack- owiak, Dani Walters, Connie Portis. Back Row Sandy Tucker, Val White, Denise Buchanan Karen Clifford. Synchronized Swim!Orchesis 2 Sparkling productions never just hap- pen. And so was the case as the Synchron- ized Swim Club devoted many hours of L hard practice to their spring performance, "Different Strokes for Different Folks." ltf L Not only were their stunts gracefully exec- I uted, but special effects such as dry ice, set the mood for a routine to the song, Friend. Another exciting aspect was the welcom- ing of six sophomore girls to the club, which had in previous years been exclu- sive to juniors and seniors only. Orcheses Club members also spent a great deal of time conditioning their bod- ies and learning new dance techniques in preparation for their concert, "Women Throughout History." Graceful dancers portrayed famous females to the live music of the orchestra, who performed at the San Marino High School auditorium on February 20 and 21. funeral for a l 5.11 ll kay. --ff o , 3 z A I 1. As an important part of modern dancing, Delrose Ravelle conditioned her muscles. 2. A portion of Laurel Kerr, Karen Leatherman, Mary Kay Amato, and Liz Tolle's routine was done out of the water. 3. Synchronized Swim club officers: Mary Kay Amato, Pam Marrone, and Karen Leatherman. 4. Mrs. Voznick advised Lori Anderson, Laura Brown, Terri Salamone, and Lisa Evantov on how to improve their routine. Synchronized Swim Club: Front Row: Christie Plato, Sherrill Newton, DeeDee Dowden, Lori Anderson. Row Two: jane Kofford, Lynn McLaren, Kim Nairn, Laura Lunghart, Barbara Allen, julie Salisbury. Row Three: Karen Leatherman, Mary Kay Amato, Pam Marrone. Back Row: Laurel Kerr, jeanette Cope, Cindy Tindal, judy Leisner, janet Nelson, Liz Tolle, Margot Stumpf, Shirley Reid, Barbara LeGros, Cheryl jennings, Renee Amato, julie Bineault, and Karen Linnes, Organizations!61 1. leri Chastain, Teri Sweet and Susie Cooper added Senior expressions to the Senior section. 2. Saraly Fennessy and Kathy Baldwin recruited stu- dents for ads. S. lulie Cooper, Heidi Walker, and Alison Burk got involved in club activities, as they compiled the Organizations section. 4. Diane Krinke and Diane Supple assembled the index for the book, while Alice Sarkisian and Dean Biersch looked through old annuals for photo ideas. 5. On campus activities were the subject for pages completed by lanice Mies, Malisa Masonivich, and Kirk Murphy. 6. Greg lones demanded hard work from lim Garrett as they put together the difficult Sports section. 7. The work done on the Underclassmen section by Debbie McPhearson, Mary Ann Gunderson and Lisa Vanni required a lot of alphabitizing. 8. Anne Sullivan put together the twenty four page Administration section. 9. Laurie Grater and Linda Posen decided on new ways of presenting girls sports. 62!Organizations Annual Staff: Front Row: Malisa Masano- vich, Lisa Vanni, Diane Krinke, Alice Sark- isian, Debbie McPhearson, lody William- son, Carol Housepian, Bill less, Susie Cooper, Saralyn Fennessy, lim Garrett, Heidi Walker, Kathy Baldwin. Row Two: Diane Supple, Alison Burk, Laurie Wet- more, Candy Greenburg, Mary Ann Gui derson, Belinda Roe, tAssistant EditoH lulie Cooper, Greg jones. Row Threr Anne Sullivan, leri Chastain, Laurie Gri ter, Linda Posen, lanice Mies, Kirk Mu! phy, and Lynn Highman lEditorJ. l a Arcadian Staff lmproving on the 1974 Arcadian's First Class rating was a hard act to follow. Thirty one staff members, under the leader- ship of Editor Lynn Highman, how- ever, tackled the challenge to prod- uce a better annual. Innumerable hours welte spent creating layouts, working with photographers and recording the year's happenings. Financially the staff solicited enough advertising to keep the production cost within the budget. Organizations!63 64!Organizations Pow Wow Staff Explosive editorials created out- spoken feelings among students as the Pow Wow editorial staff blasted many fascets of school life. Kurt Osenbaugh, Editor-in-Chief, in his most ' Humb' e opinion stated "As editor of the Pow Wow, I must confess thaLout of all the staffs I have worked with, this is certainly one of them. l'm real proud of these kids." Nineteen "kids" produced a quality newspa- per despite printing production problems. Pow Wow Staff: from ROWI l0Ann Cooper, Laurie land Raggady Ann Mark Rountree Dave Chavez jones, Laurie Curtis, julie Stiles, Clark Carlton Ray Chris Froke Brice Rumbles Kurt Osenbaugh Cadd. Back Row: Beth Rantz, Sue Crowley, Susan Bur xv-ff, ,xx 1. Advertising Editor, julie Stiles, searched the community in order to obtain new ads. 2. "General," Kurt Osenbaugh, could not let the fact that Dave Chavez, Sports Editor, blew out class, go by without punishment. 3. Strong opinions were voiced by Chris Froke on various thought provoking subjects. 4. loAnn Cooper and Laurie jones, News Edi- tors, debated on a subject for their next story. 5. Scott Wagner's job was to report the facts as he saw them. Organizationsl65 1. lenny Hardwick, Charlotte Oventile and Leslie Hamlin listened as another member of the creative writing club read a poem at one of their meetings. 2. Dave Chavez promoted the Forensics club to Cheryl Barnard, julie Stiles and Carol Engleon Club Day. 3. Todd Mlchero was preparing himself mentally for that Saturday's speech tourna- ment. 66!Organrzations Forensics, Front Row: Patty McNall, janet Pruett, Anne Pendo, Lori Duane, Kathy Limasney, Laura Munro, Miss Gimby, Kim Narin. Back Row: Alan Hubbard, Ardyce Bra- yshaw, Wendy Killeen, Barbara LeGros, Gle Berger, Dave Chavez, Brad Francis, Dav Greene, jill Brock, Pete Chapman, Steve Foi den, Rob Sultzbach, Mike Bogad. 3 Creative Writing! Forensics An assortment of aspiring poets and short story writers met once a week in D-2 to Interject their creative ideas towards the production of the Creative Writing Book. Sponsors, Ms. Cash and Mrs. Brittan, helped the group in critiquing poems and stories submitted by the student body. The finished book was sold to the public at the Arts Festival held at Fashion Park. With tournaments almost every weekend, the Forensics club still found time to sell donuts and hold the biggest car rally known in this school's history. One hundred cars were entered and the two hundred dollar profit went towards speech tournament entry fees. Several Forensic speakers held speeches on the theme "The Past is Creating the Future" at the America's Heritage Free- dom Foundation picnic at Wilderness Park. Creative Writing Club Ms Cash tSponsori Tim Charlotte Oventile, Christine Huyler, lenny Hard- Wright Alice Sarkisian fPresidentJ Gina lovme Scott wick, ChI'iSline Richardson, I-9559 Hamlin, Mrs. Bril- tan tSponsori, Michelle Beley, Heather Chorre, Nancy Shafran Clark Carlton Lynne Sequiera Cathy Green Shafran, Mark Rountree. Organizations!67 Elemen. P.E. Teaching! Future Teachers! Echonee The world as seen through the eyes of a child is a continually exciting place. And with the desire to share the innocence of his world, three clubs directed their activities towards Children Using the funds raised from a Christmas candy cane drive, the Future Teachers Club gave a party for the children at Montessori School. Nearly one hundred high school student teachers spent three days a week teaching P.E. to elementary school children, which proved to be a challenging and unique experience. The Elementary P.E. Teaching program, in it's second successful year, emphasized activities working with concerned with movement exploration, spe- cial awareness, rhythmical skills, and team work. Energetic Echonee club members worked with handicapped children in the Monrovia Training Center and in booths at the Holly Avenue School Carnival. l Elementary P.E. Teachers, Front Row: Grant Ste- vens, Rhonda Golhing, Lynn Boatwright, Phil Campbell, Carol Hovsepian, Anita Cassis, Nata- lie loy. Row Two: loann Piszkiewicz, Cindy Dodge, lmre Santha, Kim Long, Mary Christi- ano, Yvonne Vis, Luann Yates, Caroline Merritt, Sherry Faes, Caroline Clark, Brenda Haney, Greg Summerville. Row Three: Shelbv Ahrens, Patty Nash, Karen Bowman, Peggy Coyle, Mike But- ler, Linda Mohr, Belinda Roe, Heidi Walker, Coleen Serar, Bill Henley, Lori Knerr. Row Four: Rhonda Rasmussen, Gail Johnston, Diane 68fOrganizations Duus, Patty Sullivan, Pam Ruh, Kathy Byrne, Lynn Sargis, Susan Burland. Row Five: Debbie Forsyth, Carolyn Renfrew, Kathy Anderson, Lila Schmidt, Steve Bennett, Grace Coffee, Barbara lohnson, Mary Ann Cunderson, Kathy Reilly, Vicki Munoz, Craig Sensenbach, Gail Hutten- locker, Brian Uhl, Dale Stevens. Row Six: Dave McCaman, Sheryl Copeland, Ed Slingluff, loanne Bush, Michelle Yoder, Carol McCammon, Debbie Varney, Bruce Petersilge, Scott Tebo, and loyce Leinhart. th-O-Nee Clubg Elana Lubow, Kathy Riley, 'enda Wollard, Kendra Dunkleberger, fPresidentl, Margaret Kiersted, and loycene aren Clooson, Kim Sommers, lann Weiers Hughes. l . ' L , Waite. Row TWO-' Robin HUdS0f1, ludy Leisner, Mr. BuellfSponsorl. Future Teachers Clubp Front Row: Dotty Myers, MaryAnn McMillan, Lau- Sandy Solomon, Leslie Whitcher, Liz rie jones, Mary Kay Amato tPresidentl, Toile, Patty Tiffany, Sue Gibson, Bev Debi johnson, Malisa Masonavich, I. Being able to maneuver a hula-hoop required timing, concentration, and coordination. 2. On Mondays and Fridays when the Elemen- tary P.E. teachers didn't go to their schools, their kids enjoyed free play. 3. lumping rope was one technique used in movement exporation. t Organizationsl69 Drama 3, 4, Front Row: Paul Ryan, lohn Hontos, Nick Uricchio. Row Two: Dennis Alfieri, lim Pounds, Mike Sollazzo, Stephanie Cladhart, Linda Hogan, Kathy Byrne, Lori Clark, Greg Merkley. Row Three Lauren Hageman, Mike Mayers Ron Perry, Connie Portis, Sue Rob ertson, lean Sarkisian, Karen Man gana, Karen Waterhouse. 1. Paul Ryan suffered a headache in a scene for the benefit of a Shake 2 speare, English class. 2. Sue Robertson displayed her acting ability in a Shakespeare scene. 3. Besides cleaning the floors of the little theater, Tim Cleavland and Cheryl Etner also helped out in preparing props for the Drama perform HDCBS. 4. Mike Sollazzo skillfully helped to prepare sets. 70!Organizations CCCCC C C to ge Crafts, Front Row: Chuck Baxter, Ann Winslow, :anne King, Roy Heath, Lori Henriette Vis,Mike Sollazzo, nbar, loyce Todd, Bill O'Mal- Cheryl Etner, Vince Binaro. Back ', Yvonne Goodson, Tim Row: Scott Schmitz, Rob Ilgen- eavland, jill Brock. Row Two: fritz, Larry Diener, Tom Stokley. TTTT4 i si Ek: in - 5 -. Qi- M Drama 3, 4! Stage Crafts The dramatic play, "To Kill a Mockingbird," drew not only a Full House every night, but a deep sense of accomplish- ment from Drama 3, 4 students. Mike Sollazzo summed up the year by saying, "The success we have had should not only be attributed to the fact of fine talent, but more to the fact that we have worked together as close friends." The actors abilities also extended to the junior high level where a drama festival was held. Dramatic performances would get abso- lutely nowhere without the help of the Stage Crafts class. In addition to constructing sets for all the plays, they prepared costumes and directed lighting and sound. Although week- ends and vacations were spent building sets, time was also available to set up assemblies. use W, 2? ' i.. ,, H 1. , f W 4 K, Il -. 'ii f lt f Organizations!71 Snow Ski! Water Ski! Llllclg Three hundred and fifty skiiers plowed their way through many feet of powder packed snow. Mammoth was the scene of dynamic free style skiing while Telluride, Colorado provided obstacle Slalom racing. The Snow Ski Club, under Mr. Peters' direction, made a record break- ing trip of twenty-three hours to Colo- rado over Christmas vacation. The Water Ski Club, fifty members strong, took various weekend trips to Lake Castaic and the Colorado River. Attention was directed towards better water techniques and basic skills. The Hiking Club's first day hike was to Henniger Flats. Their second day hike had a definite purpose, as the members of the club went with members of the Ecology Club on a "clean-up" hike. Hiking Club, Front Row: Alonso Aguirre Green, Mark Miller, Pete Maize, julia and Don Daniels. Back Row: Charles Long, Laurel Kerr, Eric Nelson, and Mike Peters lSponsorl, Linda Nolton, Dave Lansford. 72!Organizations Vater Ski Club, Front Row: Kelly Ryan, Den- ae Weidel, Debbie Hansen, Lynn Buffam- nte, Carol Markling, Craig Blogin. Row wo: Annette Krypt, Nancy Ezzo, Patti lyers, jenny George. Back Row: Diane Lama, Matt Weaver, Steve O'Conner, Sue Ridder, Val Robinson, Mitch Thomas lPresi- dentl, Val Goins, Pat McGuirre, julie Carl- son, Bill Thorenson, Dave Horten. 1. Club Day attracted a large number of stu- dents to the Snow Ski Club table. 2. lohn Garrison and lohn Sandbom, took a break from skiing on a slope at Telluride, Colorado. 3. The main ski lift at Telluride was where it all happened! Snow Ski Club: Colleen Serar, Mike lohn Garrison lPresidentJ, Cindy Carl- Lansford, Lynn Boatwright, Diane son, julie Carlson, Charles Peters Yurich, Mary Bartolme, Cheryl Fry, lSponsorl, Carrie Smith, Alison Burk, Ll 4 and Lori Knerr. , K S., in is . . K . Organizations!73 Key! Lettermen! Community Welfare Spectators at the Varsity home football game against Muir were bombarded by a mass of unidentified flying balloons, part of the Key Club's Zepplin Zoom contest. A Christmas Tree Sale netted con- siderable profits that were donated to the City of Hope and Methodist Hospital. Assist- ance was also rendered to the Friends of the Arcadia Public Library during their annual book sale. The Letterman Club, also service oriented, sold concessions at most home Varsity Bas- ketball games. A Punt-Pass-Kick Competi- tion for Tl-13 year old athletes was greatly aided by the Lettermen's help in marking each entry's endeavor. Community Welfare was concerned about the publics general knowledge as they debated and publicized Noah Websters birthday. To satisfy the public's hunger the club sponsored an ice cream cone booth at homecoming netting the largest profit per person out of any other booth. 74!Organizations 727, K, K K, .,,.X,,aX.,f--ffwfmf ttermen Front Row Alonzo Aguirre Bill wderson Scott Long Ron Morassini Eric enningson Bob Derby Glen Roters Keith artel Mitch Thomas Greg Matthews, wuck Foto Pat Cotten Back Row Steve McLellan. Altmeyer, lim Hatcher, Dave Bohmke, Gary Lund, Dan Querry, Mike McLellen, Chauck Pacheco, Dave Anderson, Matt Mow, Steve Nuss, Steve Yellich, Pat Sharkey, and Pat 1. Bob Hollingsworth, Dean Murray, Scott Mur- ray, and lim Cavander were familiar Lettermen on campus. 2. Community Welfare Club, Front Row: Mary Morabito, Sandy Muhlman. ln Trash Can: Dick Meyer. Back Row: john Cutter, Pete Bellows, Bruyce Qua, and Charlie Papp tExecutive Direc- tor . 3. Kevin Russell was just one of the many devoted Key Club members who volunteered to spend the night at the lot during the club's annual Christmas tree sale. 4. Since all members of the Community Welfare Club were able to hold an office in the club, Steve Swafford, Charlie Papp, Dick Meyer, and Mike Finney couldn't wait to sign up on Club Day. Key Club, Front Row: Kevin Russell, Mike Bogad, Scott Bell, Kurt Osenbaugh, Don ller, Lou Melo, Dan Allan. Row Two: Rick Closson, lim Polarek, Louis Gardner, Randy Lisbin, Dave Bohmke lPresidentl, Mark Deneen, Doug Lama, Eric Henningson, Mr. Onderdonk tSpon- sorl, Brad Nease, Dick Meyer, lim Kenney, Charlie Papp. Back Row: Kevin Reed, Dave Chavez, Scott Erdmen, Bob Hollingsworth, Matt Smith, Dave Ledyard, Dirk Swanson, Bob Bur- nett, Brian Bell, Mark VanLandingham, and Scott Lamareaux. Organizations!75 Horsemanship Club, Front Row: Don Dan- Son lPresidentl, Kathy Christianson, lan Sars iels, Alfonso Aguirre. Back Row: lulia Long, gent, Mike Lansford, Eric Nelson, and Mark Laurel Kerr, Connie Blackshore, Kathi Ander- Miller. 1. While looking through the annuaI's proof sheet file, Roger Tonry, Annual Crew Chief, calmly assured a nervous annual staff member that everything was "under control." 2. "Today is the infamous deadline," rejoiced Mike Wood, Cathy Green, and the rest of the photo productions crew as the last annual deadline was met. 3. Mr. Butler dedicated many hours to his pho- tography for the Annual and Pow Wow while Dale Woodworth dedicated much of his time lo rolling negatives. 4. Model Rocket Club, Front: Dean Richards, President. Bark Row: Robert Morris, Charles Pomeroy, Steve Batterson, and Colonel Mellon, Sponsor. 76!Organizations 1, Photo Productions: Heads, Mike Wood, Tonry, Cathy Green, Louis Gardner, Milton Gary Nolton, Mr. lack Butler, advisor. Front Rapp, Lisa Hodges, Matt Giedt, Philip Row: Kyle Wright, Dale Woodworth, Roger Depew. Photo Prod.! Horsemanship! Model Rocket Despite a few lost rolls of film, photo assign- ment M1X-ups paper shortages and barely enough cameras, the photo productions class noticeably improved the photo quality of the 1975 Arca- dian. Every deadline was successfully met due to the great amount of work done by 11 dedi- cated photographers and one outstanding advisor, Mr. lack Butler. The Horsemanship Club members were introduced to English and Western techniques in riding. Saturday lessons at the Azusa Canyon Riding stables and horseback trips to Griffith Park highlighted the season. The Model Rocket Club actually launched their handmade missiles from Arcadia's foot- ball field once a month. All systems were go for desert launches also, as the spacecrafts, constructed of balsa wood and paper tubing, connected for lift-off. ,, -wel - ps. V . f . f J Organizations!77 l5ss F.C.A. Club, Front Row:.Al Garcia, Bob Derby, Rick lSD0nS0fl, Gary LUNG, lim Hatcher, Kelly Crider, Bralley, Glen Roeters. Back Row: Mr. Weiburger Dave BOhmke,and Louis GardnerlPresidentl. y F.C.A. X Campus Life! Bowling get at C ssnsmql Two clubs, the Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes and Campus Life, stimu- lated Christian growth and fellowship. A free for all Burger Bash, a Pillow Fight and reflective rap sessions highlighted Campus Life's year while the F.C.A. attended a Pre-Rose Bowl Breakfast to hear guest speakers from the two pro- spective teams, Ohio State and U.S.C. Bowling Club members put forth an effort in order to avoid rolling gutter- balls and splits in their league play at Bowling Square. They were able to com- pete for trophies. The club members enjoyed bowling despite some prob- lems with the automatic scoring machines. 78!Organizations Campus Life, Front Row: Carolyn Clark, yshaw. Back Row: Nicki Hill, Lynd Mr. Cy Cozart, sponsor, Sue Robertson, Brown, Todd Micharo, Carolyn Khanchr Mary Morabito, President, Ardyce Bra- lian, Sue Burland, Cheri lemelian. 1. Mr, Kerr tried to better his bowling average at the Monday Bowling Club meetings. 2. Members of the Bowling Club paid two dollars every Monday in order to bowl three games. 3. MrHCy Cozart led a group discussion ata Campus Life nsig I. 4. Mr. Kerr tried to force Mr. Weller- into bowling a strike. 0rganizations!79 1. lim Howard opened a new model kit and started constructing a miniature sized boat. 2. Alison Burk sat out as Kathy Ryan and Patty Nash took their turn at trying to mix hard but- ter. 3. Kathy Ryan diligently combined the ingredi- ents for the Duchesses' trip to the Arcadia Con- valescent Hospital on Valentine's Day. 4. Boat Building Club: lim Howard, lim Linden, Steve Batterson, and Mr. Robert White fSpon- sorl. 80!Organizations 1 l Duchesses Club, Front Row: Marianne Back Row: Alison Burk, Dianne Doug- ' McMillan, Katy Keibert, Kathy Ryan, lass, Connie Schultz, jennifer Haserot, Q laime Brooks iPresidentl, Susie Dela- Maureen Prohl, Patty Nash, Laura Gar- hooke, lulie Marsalek, Sharon Rosen. side, Dottie Myers, Laurel Shonfeld. r , l V 5 r Y lunior Exchange Club: Mr. Barry White, Sponsor, Wendy Kileen, Robin Hudson Kathy Ryan, Rhonda Rasmussen, Presidentf Bob Stires, Doug Locker, Laurie Crater, Sandy Soloman, Kristi Miller, lean Sto Anne Selmer, Treva Tirapelle, and M Tyson. Junior Exchange X Duchesses! Boat Building Deviating from traditional practice, the lun- ior Exchange consisted of one club with mem- bers of both Sexes all of whom diligently worked to lift the club from the ground state it has been in during the past few years. The devoted officers and adept sponsor, Barry White, directed the club to such major activities as treating retarded children to lunch, selling programs at basketball games, planting trees on Arbor Day, and selling food at the Annual Invitational Track Meet. lt may have been a freezing cold morning and right in the middle of Christmas vacation, but that didn't discourage members of the Duchesses Club from decorating the Arcadia City Float. For Valentine's Day they baked heart cookies for the Arcadia Convalescent Hospital. The three Boat Building Club members prog- ressed from the bathtub to the high school pool as they competitively raced their hand- made model boats. Monday and Wednesday meetings were used to create the miniature lll 2 Yachts. 5, f -.fees 1, an .f-ur.. .5 W' ' ' " .-- , x 1 i as ' R " A - we Organizatlons!81 1 f T' ff- an ,GLY 'nw ' -si' TP' Mfr! P' M... va-,vii A. gif, y 4 I ' F -R' Q I fqif If? ff. 'Y 'ff ,'5'Q" 5 -., 4 ,-gf. 8Z!Sporls x :QQ W are 1 -.X F4m,,,.L,, Nl 3- ,IE l who-1-1ti'u'M ' ' :fx SDGVCS ww- Ss . ' ' x N s s 5 ' N 5 N l 84 f"Sport s I. Captains Rob MacGregor and Luke Lynch conferred with refs prior to a losing effort. 2.14-rry Tuttle slipped in the San Marino defense to receive a pass. 5. Although a dismal season plagued the Apaches, spirit was at no loss with a certain senior section. -l, Head coach Dick Salter was at a loss of words in advising Todd Micht-ro. Varsity Football Team Although the highlight of the season came at the end, when the Apaches beat Alhambra on hometown turf, Arcadia competed in, Exciting n Contests between opponents vvho were heavily favored. Unable to find a suitable quarterback for passing, Dick Salter had to rely on 2nd team all League fullback Mike McClellan. Along with McClellan, lst string all league tackle Dave Anderson, also a junior, supplied the fuel on the line. Underrated senior Rob MacGregor also stood out as an outstanding lineman as he captained the squad for Arcadia. Varsity Football Team, Front Row: Mitch Thomas, Bill Carlson, Steve Quackenbush, Steve Ayres, Keith Rasmussen, Ernie lsensee, Greg Karr, Bob Mazone. Row 2: Coach Weinberger, Coach Broad- head, Mike McClellan, Rob MacGregor, Dave Anderson, Coach Stafford, Coach Digiacomo. Row 3: Head Coach Dick Salter, Alonso Aguirre, lohn Lucas, Ron Eaton, Bill Anderson, Mike Enright, Mark Munill, leff Teas, Tim Gutierrez, Dave Allen, Mike 'ann Long, Coach Smith. Row 4: Mike Elder, lay Schellin, Greg Murphy, Rich Petty, lim Lesperance, Rich Krol, Carl Haasis, Mike Hull, Luke Lynch. Row 5: Todd Mihero, Tom Woodard, Terry Tuttle, Eric Nel- son, Mike Lansford, Russ Attaway, Dan Quinlan, Gary Gould, Mark Miller. Row 6: Lee Hill, Steve Nuss, Chuck Waggoner, Chuck Fata, Dan Sommers, Craig Blogin, Mark Levan, john Swee' ney, Dale Rasmussen. Sport s!85 4 86!Sports Varsity Football Team Although the varsity was an uncerdog in most of its games, the defense for Arcadia was respected throughout its season. Along with all league tackle Dave Anderson, Rob MacGregor, linebacker Mark Munill, and Greg Karr,,who was the other team captain with MacGregor, were all Respected Athletes that formed a well rounded squad. Sophomore Bill Anderson, who quarterbacked for Arcadia against Montebello and Alhambra, will be a future hope for the Apaches. 3s . 4s.ce 'B ff at T l , QL' Ag 7',f:'w IS- fl I' 3' 'K if 3 E5 f, -.X ff 1 4 F , ,QB X w .A .1, , ,, f.., ,H r 1 QS Al'-S -Q N .vf Q ., SQ 'W iii it I A 1 .Q 'A .Ii 1 6 s fb ? J C", 9'1- sf x 6 tg! 4 Qi 1. jerry Schultz 1635 stopped a T.C. runner from extra yardage. 2. lay Schellin, Chuck Waggoner 1831, and Dave Mar- ples 1501 tracked down a T.C. runner. 3. Quarterback Mark Benson, with the help from his line, Steve Poss t70j, Gary Gould t82l, Russ Attaway t52l delivered a sideline pass. 4. The defensive lineman broke through and tried to block an attempted field goal. 5. Ralph Scatina, concentrating, kicked Arcadia out of trouble. K 6. Standout lay Schellin brought down an opponent with r-ann 88!Sports 4 A - if junior Varsity Football team, Front Row: Art Hernandez, Dave Allen, jeff Teas, Mark Hulett, Rick Griffiths, Dave Marples, Ron Eaton, Ron Morasini, Tim Gutierrez. Row 2: Mike Hull, jim Lesperance, Bob Spencer, Tom Woo- dard, john Lucas, Scot Henry, Ron Rhoades, Ron Simons, Brian Murphy, Mike Duff, jim Elizoldi, jerry Schultz. Row 3: Coach Weinberger, Lee Hill, Steve Possemato, Mark Benson, Gary Gould, Russ Attaway, Ralph Scatina, Trey Evans, Gary Mitchell, Chuck Waggoner, Rich Petty, Mark Levan, Coach Stafford. f , ,K , , 6 Junior Varsity Football Team The junior Varsity Football squad failed to win a game this year although talent was prevelant among the team. jay Schellin, who was brought down from the Varsity squad to get in more playing time, was a standout on both offense and defense. Helping Schellin on offense, quarterback Mark Benson and Ron Eaton also stood out as varsity material for next year. Costly Mistakes was a major factor for the dismal year the squad had. Defensively, Mike Duff and Dave Marples were in the second- ary as Rich Petty, Mark Hullett and Steve Poss held down the line. Sportsf89 9O!Sports Sophomore Football Team, Front Row: Steve Altmayer, Dan Ertel, Steve Ciali, Bill Carl, Mike Stun, Gary Forillo, Phil Mollado, Tom Henry, Bob Ross. Row 2: Guenther Hilda-larandt, Brian Grow, Dick Brenner, Ray Peavy, Perry Smith, Tom Bollinger, Steve Fulton, Steve Moore, Cal Coker, Dave Tweedy, Scot Marriott, Mark Tober. Back Row: Coach Burke, Ralph Rojas Dan Querry, Brad Palfry, Mike Stone, Scott Masline, john Goss, Mike Oyler, Ken Russell, lim Cavender, Dave Ayers, Ray Moreno, Coach Meiers. g ,,, . Ib Q, J K K I A :ff F 22:3 In A iv f ., .Fw Tffiyxf 2,5 ft wb is Lit. .. A , A w ,,,l ' . is-lui M ,,,, .. , " w i 5. L . 1 Sophomore Freshman Brett Fanning strug- 'I gles for extra yardage. 2 Perry Smith, a defensive back for the Soph- omore team makes a sure tackle. 3 Mike Hull f24l, and Tony Arguelles 1665 drop an opponent for a loss of yardage. , i t. Sophomore! Soph. Frosh Football .mga The Sophomore football team with an over- all 4 wins 5 loss season, played well even though the league was extremely tough. Stand- outs on offense were Ray Pevey, Dick Brenner, and Brad Palfrey. On the line Mike Stone and Barry Kelley were standouts. Dan Ertel, Perry Smith, and Mark Tober were the mainstays on the defense. Supporting a 4-3-2 overall, and 2nd place in league, the soph-frosh football team had inju- ries that prevented them a championship. A Heavy Load was put on QB Craig Copping, while the back- field was plagued with injuries. On defense standouts included Mike Fata, Chris Antonio, and Tony Arguelles - who was voted best defensive player by the coaches. , T s , t,,ssstt T L Soph-Frosh Football Team, Front Row: john Craig Copping, Rene Karrousus, Ben Cazzerez Evans, jim Simpson, Larry Perry, Tony Arguelles, Mike Fata, Tyler Burgess. Back Row Alan Mike Hull,jeffGagne,Tilden Tatabe, Ken Wills, Melkesian, jim Leis, Glen Lauman, john Fras Mike Rasnick, Bret Fanning. Row 2: Kevin sand, Keith Arriddia, Dale Little, Mark Deenan Houseman, Chris Antonio, Mike Dozior, Andy - Chris Brady, Steve Bessey, Keith Clark. Papp, Matt Weaver, Todd Wohrel, jeep Dolan, i F A1 A El ET ff' M2 as 4 5 v .3 Q 4,34 , 1 A pr' v' X 2 4 5. , 4 325 M,-,,.-' N , . -4 1. 1 Qi A A fgx Q QQ, A' c i 5 A n Q. Q 5- . 5 3 f' ' 3 ff-V V 2 gy 1 4 'SEK ' ,- - 3551 I V 7 fi-gd! i f 1 'Ef.' , Q ag . 1 5 , , 1 I i K- , 93 . gl- A . , s sm . S 3 Ndfhgfig Q A XV l 1 4 1 ,Q I ": P su l.V, Team, Front Row: Gary Nolton, Rick Bralley, Chris Davis, Ritchie Porch, Kieth Martel. Middle Row: john Harding, Chuck Pacheco, joel Griffith, Louis Gard- f' V' fn ner, lim Polarek, Dirk Swanson. Back Row: lohn Piscitelli, Rob Sultzbach, Pat McLellan, jim Patapofl, lim Kenney, and Bob Downs. "lr" -iq' 5 S.A.C. Bishop Amat. Amat. against Mount S.A.C. porters. 1. The l.V. team competed against Mount 2. The girls extended their lead against 3. The start of the l.V. race aginst Bishop 4. Dave Bohmke, one of the cross coun- try's outstanding athletes won the race 5, The varsity team started their race at Arcadia park with a fair turnout from sup- mph. and Girls Teams, Front Row: dia Garcia, Leslie San Miguel, Kathy isam, Colleen Gould, Ionna achado. Second Row: Donna Kinke, rhara Sprague, Ioyce Todd, Susie flahooke, lean Stone, and Laurie lo orton. Third Row: Brian Hutchings, Al Garcia, Bob Derby, Kelly Crider, Dave Cusenza, Eric Henningson, and Bob lohnson. Back Row: Brian Carlson, Milton Rapp, Rick Salkeld, Andy Wal- bert, Scott Hull, Steve Yelich, and Chris Boyer. Sports!93 Water Polo Varsity Water Polo, although consisting of strong players, was lacking experience. They faced a Tough League but managed to place fourth with two wins and six losses. Their tournament games were more impressive with eight wins and ten losses. Keith Miyamoto an outstanding player, was placed on the First Team All Pacific League and Dave lep- sen on the Second Team. Brad Williams, john Harris and other varsity members gave an effort, but other teams proved to be too tough in expe- rience and skill for the team. lfiffgwrgias Front Row Brad Williams, Keilh Bishop. Back Row: Dan Alexander, Bill Miyamoto lohn Harris, and Steve less, Rick loy,and Dave lepsen. 1. Rick loy, grim with determination threw the ball to a fel- low team mate. 2. Steve Bishop, Brad Williams, Keith Miyamoto, Dan Alex- ander, Rick loy, john Harris, and Dave lepsen were ready for the game to begin. - 3. Keith Miyamoto passed to Bill less, who laid one in for a score. 4. Leaping out ofthe water, Brad Williams blocked the ball and prevented the other team from scoring. 5. Keith Miyamoto outwitted the goalie and scored for the Apaches. B W Sports!95 96fSports l-V-f50Dh. Water Polo Team, Front Row: George Henderson, Row: Assistant Coach, Bruce Fetter, Bill Kramb, Pat Sharke Brent Deatherage, Matthew Giedt, jeff Paradis, Larry Rudd, David Dodge, Todd james, Brad Livingston, Ed Florres je and Rick Closson. Middle Row: Victor Mason, Greg Sells, Bob Wallach, and Coach Ray Petterson. tNot Pictured Mar Oederkerk, Larry Kellog, Mike Sells, and Scott Petterson. Back Cuomo.j 1. George Henderson, sophomore team, raced for the ball. 2. Greg Sells, sophomore, got a good start off the block. 3. junior Varsity swimmer, Mike Duffy, pulled forawin. 4. Ed Florres, junior Varsity Water Polo, substi- tuted as goalie and did a good job. He helped block the ball and kept the opposing team from scoring. 1 sn sy, ,nga .x Q? j I X . M l' J .V. Water Polo! Swim Team The junior Varsity Swim Team followed the same pattern as the Varsity. They finished the season with an overall record of ten wins, two losses. Their league standings were four wins, and one loss to Alhambra which put them in second place. Improvement on the Varsity Team should be looked for next year, because of the fine ability of the swim- mers moving up and the returners of this year. Gutstanding contributions to the junior Var- sity team were Bob Oederkerk, Scott Petter- son, and Pat Sharkey. Sophomore swimmers placed third in league with three wins, two losses. Overall they were six and six. The lunior Varsity Water Polo Team exhib- ited good potential for the coming year. They placed second in league behind Muir with a 5- 3 mark. Ed Florres, Pat Sharkey, and Scott Pet- terson helped the team in their only losses to the undefeated Muir. Sophomore players came up short of a second and placed third with a 4-4 finish. Swim Team! Ff0fTf ROW-' Rick UOSSOH, Back Row: Greg Sells, Brian Murphy, Pat Sharkey, iams, Larry Rudd, Brent Deatherage, jeff Charles Papp, Larry Rudd, and David Dodge. atthew Giedt, and George Henderson. Sports!97 98!Sports J,,,,, , 1. Coach Petterson congratulated Scott Dubin, Brad Williams, Rick loy, and Steve Bishop on their fourth place CIF Back Stroke relay time of1:47.5. 2. john Harris and Mike Sells nabbed first and second in the Two- hundred Yard Individual Medley. 3. Scott Dubin finished first in the Butterfly. 4. Brad Williams showed excellent form for the lead and a win. VGFSUY Swim Team: Front Row: Steve Fetter, Bill less, Scott Dubin, Rick loy, Ed Bishop, Keith Miyamoto, Scott Petterson, Florres, Bob Oederkerk, Victor Mason, John Brad Williams, Lydia Kennedy, Kim Chris- Harris,Mike SeIls,and Coach Petterson. tian, and Tammy Stevens. Back Row: Bruce me A' uf ff g.-Q19 S- ., ' ., --f, 7 wpyf-gh'-M :L- . .:1-.- f-1r.xsq,,+-md? 1 . f 'sfo i 1 ' ae M a . f 3, ,M Y fi' FA' 3122+ 4, Q?-Q 'Et 'I ei N .ec ff-f'-ng 175 Q 5 ,ti . gym- at E-liliifg.-if-is 1.641-S' ' 'ff ' 1 ,A A Q le . u ' R 1-2 gc . . 53. 57 '35-i,?if2, A' fl' " L e 1d3Q'-"11.:nf- f .ff qi Y. JR W wa- giafwffe,-'f--A 1 f:?.i5fi:5fQi.- 1 iii ,iff V 5 if 532, as gs? 2 Q .1 a tr? -elfiiti, . i ss i iff 5 a t g ' gi to f i i i who F S J F'Z5'i"4 .f Af-'ii ' ' ,c .n-.V ', s ..i,' ze...-, ,fr QE Varsity Swim Team ln recent years the Varsity Swim Team has had its Ups and Downs in grabbing the Pacific League Title. This sea- son, however, they showed their fine ability and speed, and were aced out only by Alham- bra. Their league standings were four wins and one loss and their overall record was ten wins, two losses. Outstanding performers on the team included Brad Williams, Scott Dubin, Rick joy and Bob Oederkerk all of whom quali- fied for ClF. Tammy Stevens, Kim Christian, and Lydia Kennedy dove for the team. Sports!99 A. v E .', E 'L K? I K. if -iw' Varsity Basketball ln preseason, supporting a record, Arcadia's varsity basketball team under veteran coach Vallie Robinson was an unpredictable but colorful squad. Tak- ing a 2nd place trophy in the Basset- Amat tournament, the varsity team looked like they had settled into a pow- erful club. Beating Lakewood, a top rated squad, showed justification of this. But as the Pacific League opened, Arcadia dropped 2 tilts to Alhambra and El Rancho. But Arcadia came right back and beat favored Muir in a high scoring match 82-76. Arcadia made Apache his- tory 2 games later. In what was thought to be a Pasadena romp, Arcadia beat the bulldogs by recovering from a 22 point deficit. Vallie Robinson's Explosive Team was the first Apache Varsity Basketball i team to beat Pasadena. With a 3 win 2 l loss record in the midway of the Pacific l League, Arcadia's squad settled into a ,5 winning club. Varsity Basketball Teamg Front Row: Steve Miller, Scott lorgenson, Scott Erdman, Barnes, john Hoffman, Ken Gexl Sean Dave Williams, Tim Glaser, Scott Murray, McCormick, Gary Apparcel, Chuck M21l'kVBUliif1dif18hHm- Maher. Back Row: Mark Shibley, Steve Sports!101 1. Ken Gex 1255 dribbled around his El Rancho 3 defender en route to two points. 2. Team unity was consistently prevalent among the starters. Ken Gex 1253, Sean McCormack 115l, Scott Erdman 1face hiddenl, Scott lorgenf son and Dave Williams 1323 showed this team feeling before each game. 3. lunior center Dave Williams 132i grabbed one of his many rebounds as Scott Erdman 1331 watched. 4. Ken Cex put up a jump shot as Dave Williams 1327 got in position for a possible rebound. Sean McCormack 115i trailed the action. 5. Dave Williams reached for the sky to success- fully tip the ball to one of his teammates. 6. Dave Williams had the option of shooting a 15 foot shot or passing off to Scott lorgenson 134i. 7. Sean McCormack dribbled toward Scott jor- genson to set up a screen play. Z.. Sports!103 104!Sports J .VJ Soph. Basketball Team Coach Art Farr's LV. team placed 3rd in the competitive Pacific League. Supporting a 6-4 league mark, Arcadia was edged out by P.L. champions, Muir. Offensively, most of the scoring came from the hands of jeff Werder- man and john Bowen. Brad Tyler, Mark Levan and lohn Sweeney handled the rebounding as Anton Holefield was the mainstay when assists and defense were needed. The Sophomore Basketball team had the privilege of being the Gracious Winners of the Pacific League title. Coach Dohling's squad compiled a 20-2 overall, 8-2 league record. Other feats of the champions were the conquering of the Pasadena Tournament, defeating such teams as Compton and Verbum Dei. Brian Crow led the team with rebounds and scoring as Brad Palfrey captured the top assists title. Other fine performances came from john Kincheloe and Randy Traweek. An amazing SN, shooting percentage from the floor indicates a bright future for the Apaches. 1 IuniorVarsity BasketballTeam, Front Row: Anton Holefield, Ron Wagner Kevin Cimarusti lohn Trostle Mark Miller leff Werderman, lohn Sweeney, Brad Tyler, lohn Bowen. Tony Garzio Back Row: Coach Farr, Tim Dore, Matt May, 'vlark Levan 1 I ,, , . I ,Q N33 --Q15 x 1 . .f Q1 3 " x ,- 1.- 4! sr' 4 Q U ,W 3 ' 1 M? M' I Xl 'Q , U . . x 5 ,,,, as 12 E hi' ,Q El! I, 321 iiii' gpg 2 ,,-"PL , .,,. -325' .X- x! X3 , 1 . U 1 g Ai 4,51 I:'C'L'7 JP' X 5 Q Q A f 1 - ' fffaiif. ' M-if ' N. .ggmr . , ,H Q . mg A x M if xdpmivgg. Q A A 4, J, i M Aww . , f X ' Kay ? wf'i'grifgwfv"f1'f,f' E if u 106!Sports Sophomoreffrosh Basketball Team, well, Ron Hatch, Robert Escobedo, Front Row: Doug Carlson lwith ballj. lorge Fernandez, Mark Voltz, Mitch Back Row: Mike Oyler, Dallas Cant- Stone, Gary Forillo, Craig Copping. 2 e 1. Bruce Cushman shot a ten footer for 2 points. 3 2, Mitch Stone, unable to drive in the lane, looked for an open man. 3. leff Andrews attempted a short jump shot as Scott Bell 413i watched. 4. lorge Fernandez 1341 tried to tip the ball to a teammate as Doug Carlson U53 looked on. Q.. I ...f , 31 if-L if .wig-r . 1. jififd' gasses. . .5231 ' r iiit i 1 . . y-1.-, -ag. . , i 1 A.. I K i 4. x 1 v is -,V viii. '5' Q -F 's .gs fi "tl F l l e i ll?'1..,g Gs.-'5' el Jug, , -. 5. is at Y ' ' . 1 ,ja 5' r Q- ' ff- 1. Y Soph-Frosh! Soph-Frosh Reserve Basketball Team The Sophomore Freshman team under the leadership of Coach Tom Broadhead compiled an overall record of 7-15, and a league record of 1-9, tying for 4th place with Montebello. Mitch Stone was named MVP for the squad for his efforts throughout the season. Other players contributing to the season were lorge Fernandez, Robert Escobedo, and Gary Forillo. The Soph!Freshman Reserve Basket- ball Team also supported a dismal year with a 5-19 overall and 1-9 in league. Although the squad was not very suc- cussful, the team always 1 Hustled in every game. Standouts on the team l . . were Scott Bell, who was given the title l of MVP. Rob Keavney, Bruce Cushman and Doug Kempt also contributed for l Arcadia. gg gg 4 Sophomore Freshman Reserve Basketball Team, Andrews, Chris Brady, Bruce Cushman, Randy Front Row: Bob jackson, Doug Kempt, Bill Meyers, Gary McMasters, Mike Duffy, Steve Gughton, Rob Keavney, Scott Bell, Bill Lede- Bruce, Coach Lou Dodd. boer, Kurt lenson. Back Row: Terry Dodd, leff Sports!107 108!Sports Varsity! J .V. Soccer The Varsity Soccer team, under Coach Al Manachuk, easily was one of the best soccer teams in Arcadia's history. In pre- season supporting a 6-1 mark, only losing to San Gabriel, Arcadia scored 50 goals while opponents were held to only 9. A key to Arcadia's success could be partly contributed to the co-captain goalie Greg Karr. The other co-captain forward Alonso Aguirre, was a major success in Arcadia's offense attack. Arcadia was ranked 10th in Southern California in the middle of the Pacific League when supporting a 5-0 per- fect mark. Another milestone in Arcadia Soccer history was the Night Contest against LaPuente in which Arcadia easily defeated them, 5-1. 1 2 Varsity Soccer Team, Front Row: Brian Oatman, Row: luan Aguirre, Kurt Larson Coach Al David Denney, Alonso Aguirre, Greg Karr, lerry Manachuk, Greg Matthews Bob Snyder Mike Miccosi, Paul Stowitts, Omar Fernandez. Back Lansford,Greg Murphy Bob Voden . . WV VmVEV5.,Lh ,V 1. Mike Langsford moved in for an attempt at agoal. 2. Greg Mathews set up the ball down field. 3. Dave Denney booted the ball across the field to his team mates. 4. EI Rancho man attempted to tie his shoe. junior Varsity Soccer Team, Front Row: Brian Mike Murphy, Mark Murphy, Mark Fadem, Les Karr, Dave Ledyard, Rick Webber, Matt Green, Fodor, Dan Alexander, Marcello Striker, Curtis Todd Miller, Dick Hanks. Back Row: Bob Smith, Clifford, Eric Nelson, Cam Stone. Sports!109 Varsity Wrestling Team, Front Row: jeffWallick, Brian johnson, john Eaton, Bradley Francis, Dave Allen Molden, Dave Mazone, Rick Grif- Dan Bear, Scott Barrett, Ray Spauld fiths. Back Row: Greg Stegner, Ron ing, Dean Murray. 11O!Sports Varsity Wrestling Team 241 The Varsity Wrestling Team, under veteran coach Ed Burke, was co-cham- pion with Montebello in league play. Supporting a 4-1 league mark, only los- ing to Montebello, Arcadia placed 3 wrestlers in C.l.F. prelims. jeff Wallick, wrestling in the 98 lb. division, and Dan Bear, 165 lb. division, didn't advance any further in the prelims, but Arcadia's standout Greg Stegner, wrestling in the 140 Ib. division, had the privilege of advancing into the finals. Experience played a major role in the success of Ed 3 Burke's squad. Next year's hopes lie in juniors jeff Wallick and Dave Mazone as they'll vie for another championship. 55 K' s "-is ,, t A. 1. Ieff Wallick, in the 98 lb. class, struggled for con- tro . 2. Ron Eaton forced his opponent to use alternate tactics. 3. Crt? Stegner, 'wrestling in the 140 lb. division, looke for a weakness in his opponent. 4. Iunior Varsity Paul Bontempo combined with his opponent in a headlock. 5. Dave Mazone ton bottom! used his skill to get out of his predicament. Iunior Varsity Wrestling Team Front Row: lohn Haas, Bill New man, Tilden Tatabe, Dale Brown Art Little, Kevin Wood. Row 2: Dave Green, Mark Hulett, Fred Car side, Mike Sanchez, Paul Bon- tempo, Bruce Broyles. Back Row: Brad Clawson, Chuck Moore, lim Andre, Tom White, Ralph Rojas, lohn Goss. 5 .Q ,,.-0 ' ' ' R , .. , rf rf :unc I . 1 4: Ped' 1, .sf Sportsflll l l'l2!Sports 1. Varsity track man, joel Griffith edged out his competition while he strived for the finish. 2. Determination and aggressiveness on the part of Dave Bohmke made him a top sprinter. 3. Pole vaulter Terry Keavney worked on form in practice. 4. Chuck Pacheco broke the tape for a first place. 5. Leaper lmre Santha clears 6'6"g Good enough for an Arca- dian record. 2 -.ell . Q- , ..,.-..A ,...,,...,....,..........,..,...m........ Varsity Track Team, Front Row: lmre Santha, nik, lim Polarek, Louis Gardner, loe Griffith, Marty Provost, Terry Slape, Terry Keavney, Dave Chris Phillips, lim Glover, Dave Bohmke, Chuck Peters, Eric Sullivan, Bob Henderson, George Pacheco, Rob Sultzbach. Back Row: Mark Shib- Davis, Paul Blechert, lim Long, Warren Brown. ley, lohn Sweeney, Steve Miller, lim Schoelz, Row 2: Dave Working, Steve Summers, Bruce Brad Tyler, lim Hatcher, Gary Lund, lim Pata- Petersilge, Glen Roeters, Matt Mew, Larry Moc- poff. wi ' - .-qv' 4 5 Var. J.V. Soph Track The strength of the Varsity Track team appeared to be in the middle distances and in the field events. Runners Chuck Pacheco, Dave Bohmke, loel Griffith, lim Glover, jim Patapoff, Bob Derby and Gary Lund starred in the 440 through the two-mile. Strong in the field events were lmre Santha in the high-jump and long-jump, Syeve Summers in the shot- put, Terry Keavney in the pole-vault and jon Bernasconi in the long-jump. The key people in the junior Varsity were jeff Russell in the sprints, George Davis in the hurdles, and Don Phillips, Matt Mew and Roger Conover in the distances. The best of the newcomers are Larry Mocnik in the Sprmts Rick Salkeld in the 440, Bob Derby, Kelly Cri- der, Brad jenkins, Andy Walbert, and Chris Boyer in the distances. Dan Ertel in the long- jump, Scott Masline in the shot-put and Den- nis Farrall and Scott Hull in the high-jump. Spoftsfm -Q 114!Sports LV. Track Team, Front Row: Keith Collins, Rick Bralley, Cary Nolton, Rick Porch, Ron Morassini, lohn Hardwick, Rick Webber, Keith Martel. Back Row: Trey Evans, lim Kenny, lohn Harding, Bob Downs, Randy Carson, Don Phillips, Roger Con- over, Marc Yuhasz, Eric Wunderley, Pat McLellan, Don Craven, Kurt Winiecki, Dave Malcolm, john Piscitelli, and Dave Horton. 2 i l l 5 first place. jump. 1. leff Russel placed first followed by Rick Webber ileftl in the 220. 2. A quick start and a first place finished by leff Russel in the l.Vj 100 yard dash. 3. Several Arcadia men dominated the pack at the start of the two mile. 4. lohn Harding, lim Hatcher, lim Schoelz, and Clary Lund extended their lead in the two mile. Gary Lund pulled away for 5. Louis Gardner, an excellent versatile athletefran in the 100, 220, 440, and was the lead man in the 440 relay. 6. Sophomore, Scott Hull, cleared an impressive 5'1O" in the high +- A,----k S Soph. Track Team, Front Row: Steve Altmayer, Chris Boyer, Cal Coker, Tim Rogers, Bart Payne, lim Dolan, Brad jenkins, Milton Rapp, lim Carpenter, Eric Henningson, Bob johnson, Bob Derby. Middle Row: lerry Schilz, Andy Walbert, Rick Salkeld, john Evans, Kelly Crider, Dan Ertel, Rick Yount, lim Stroud, Chris Cadd, Mark Tober, Brian Carlson, Scott Marriott, Dave Cusenza, Mike Ebersole, Brett Fanning, Mitch Stone. Top Row: Scott Masline, Dennis Farrall, Bill Drury, lim Cavender, Keith Ere- dia, Dan Querry, Scott Hall, Tom Bollinger, Dale Krug, Steve Yelich, Dan Post. Sports!115 -1 Varsity Baseball The Arcadia Varsity nine, under direction of Coach Dave Ackerman, anticipated a highly successful season. With 8 returning lettermen, 4 of whom earned Pacific League honors, the Apaches fielded a well rounded squad. The Apache Horsehiders suffered a setback when 2nd team Pacific League shortstop Mark Langsdale sustained an injury. Brad Ducich moved from 2nd base to shortstop which brought Bob Frear to tend to 2nd base duties. Last year's first team P.L. hur- ler Steve Quackenbush covered 3rd base as Cireg jones rounded out first. Catching was handled by Don Conrad. Outfielders consisted of Kurt Osenbaugh in left, Randy Felton in center, and southpaw Scott Raftery in right. Power hitting came from Osenbaugh, Ducich, Raftery and lones. The consistency of Felton kept him a threat on the basepaths. Pitching duties were supplied by moundsmen Kym Mantz, Gene Marzo, Todd Wilson, and Tony Carri. Able substitutes Kevin Reed, Rob Macgregor, joe Mazzerese, and long hitting Gary Mitchell supplied the fuel when needed. l 2 ' 4, 9' ,- -FDI ' -A l'l fu!Sports 1 i . A f-M.-- -. 5 X- 5 5 JA 1. Right fielder, Scott Raftery, connected with authority. 2. With grim determination, Mark Langsdale awaited the arrival of the pitch. 3. Southpaw hurler, Todd Wilson, snapped off a Curveball to retire the batter. 4. Leftfielding slugger, Kurt Osenbaugh, "like the Babe," didn't hit 'em all. 5. Brad Ducich Connected on this offering. 6. Righthander, Gene Marzo, played a major role in the pitching staff for Arcadia. 7. First baseman, Greg lones, unleashed a rope for a double. A speeial thank you to Mrs. Patty Natale who supplied all the Varsity Baseball pictures. Varsity Baseball Team, Front Row: Bob Frear, Steve Quackenbush, Randy Felton, Mark Langsdale, lim Berger, Tony Carri. Row 2: Don Conrad, Kevin Reed, Brad Ducich, toe Mazzerese, Greg Jones, Kym Mantz, Dale Rassmussen. Back Row: Coach Ackerman, Gary Mitchell, Rob MacGregor, Gene Marzo, Scott Raftery, Kurt Osenbaugh, Todd Wilson. XIQLP 1'l8!Sports 1. Centerfielder Randy Felton anticipated the pitch. 2. Righthanded hurler lKym Mantz's aggressive style on the mound kept him a constant threat to opposing batters. 3, Because of Scott Raftery's consistent ability to arrive on base safely, he was therefore batted tn many times by teammates. 4. Moundsman, Tony Carri, offered ag blazing fastball. 5. Firstsacker, Greg jones, concentrated on next pitch. 6. Secondbase shortstop combination of Brad Ducich and Mark Langsdale anchored an outstanding infield. 2 3 ff N P R, +Lf'4'wsE: "" ' 'z1.v.,.h,. in f ws? ff: 1 . H w ' 9 - F -as -- ,I .fr at . . W 'H 2-.Lf ' :Q R Mi, .4 6 .. v,,. Junior Varsity! Sophomore Baseball Under veteran coach, john Meiers, the lun- ior Varsity baseballers went through preseason undefeated for the second year in a row. With an impressive team last year, Coach Meiers won the P.L. title. This year's hopes were still extremely high. 'With defensive standouts shortstop, Rich Krol, catcher, Eric Albertson, 3rd sacker, Ralph Sposato, and pitching aces, joe Franceshini, Mike McClellan and Mark Benson, the Apache squad held -opponents to minimum of runs. Sluggers, Steve Wright, Bill Anderson, lay Schellin, and Luke Lynch, kept Arcadia on top. The Sophomore squad also went undefeated in preseason. With Coach Pat Mack taking over the team, the squad learned many neces- sary Fundamentals that enabled them to continue the fine reputa- tion that Arcadia has an outstanding program for baseball. Future stars Tom Rochetto, Larry Mocknik, Brad Palfey, Paul Petrovich, Gary Forillo, and Stan lasco all contributed to the overall success of the team. junior Varsity Baseball Team, Ralph Sposato, Steve Possemato, Front Row: Bill Carlson, lay Bryan Oatman. Back Row: Kurt Schellin, Bill Henley, loe Fran- Larson fhiddenl, Rich Krol, Luke c eshini, Bill Anderson. Row 2: Lynch, Eric Albertson, Mark Ben- Bill Mclieon, Steve Wright, son, Coach Meiers. Sophomore Baseball Team, Front Row: Ron Summers, Tom Rochetto, Paul Fitzpatrick. Row 2: Perry Smith, Tony Arg- uelles, Larry Mocnik, Paul Petrovich, Mike Murphy, Stan jasco. Row 3: Fernando Alvarez, Dale Last, Brad Palfrey, Dick Brenner, Gary Forillo, Alan' Melkesian, Brian Wiesner. Back Row: jeff Carroll, Dave Valazza, Paul Sahn, Glenn Newton, Craig Copping, Mike Stone. C 1. Hustler Rich Krol legged out an infield single. 2. Firstbaseman, Luke Lynch, and 2nd baseman, Bill Anderson, got in the ready position. r 3. Hurler, Mark Benson, was a needed asset to the l.V. club. 4. Slugger, Steve Wright stroked an extra base hit. 5. The lunior Varsity Bench awaited the outcome f ofa close play. we Sports!l2l Varsity Tennis Team The Varsity Tennis Team was fortunate to have many returning varsity lettermen. Among them were stars Allen Polley, Ron Nickloff and Mike Coberg. Coach Stafford was once again the head of the squad. The strength was evi- dent throughout each player. Their best asset was being especially able to Dominate 'l their opponents. 122fSports Varsity Tennis Teamg Front Row: Row: Mike Coberg, Kirk Hines john Petterson, Bob Burnett, Charlie Blalock, Ronn Nickloff. Dave Chaput, Alan Polley, Back L1 rl' 1. Charlie Blalock displayed his serve which brought him much success. 2. Second year letterman, Ronn Nickloff, was known for his outstanding backhand. 3. A great asset to the Varsity netters was Mike Coberg. 4. Allan Polley, one of the reasons why the suc- cess ofthe Tennis team was so great, was shown here improving his forehand. Sports!123 124fSports Varsityllunior Varsity Golf Team, Front Row: Tom Flint, Mark Askren, 0358 Don- Row: Kent Marschek, Eric Fry, Ed Rodri- danville, Bob Snyder, Tom Browning, guez, Kevin Gibson, Mike Finney. Back Dave LIDIOD. Varsity Golf 2 Although Coach Duhart's golfers struggled through preseason, there were veterans that could bring the Apaches a league title. Return- ing seniors Tom Browning, Craig Dondanville and Mike Finney along with Dave Lipton and Ed Rodriguez made up the varsity Match play, hole' by hole competition, regard- less of total stroke score, is used to determine the winner. junior Varsity standouts included Kevin Gibson, Bob Snyder, and Mark Askren. f 1. Kevin Gibson was known for his drives off of the tee. 2. Torn Browning, a second year Ietterman, shows his consistency in his swing in practice form. 3. Tom Browning concentrated toward his next shot. 4. Dave Lipton, a consistent performer for the varsity, was caught teeing off. 5. Veteran coach, Paul Duhart, contemplated his var- sity iineup, 6 4 'K - 5' New ws.. Q is iii , ' Sports!125 Varsity Volleyball Rowley, lan White. Teamp Front Row: Keith Back Row: Roger Snell- Braunwalder, Tom ing, Bob Hollingsworth, Forbes. Row 2:, lim BillHorne. 126!Sports 1. A key to a successful season could have been partly attributed to lim Rowley. 2. A new addition to the varsity squad was lan White whose team play helped the team immensely. 3. Bill Horne was shown here setting up the ball. Bill was a great asset to the club. 4. Captain Tom Forbes led the team not only in enthusiasm but talent as well. lim Rowley aided the team with his consistent playing ability. I. 2 A... 'x ." ,, 5.4 "n:g5,s,J'NA Q . vt 4. ty I I t y ' my-Q Varsity Volleyball Under the direction ofa new coach, Mr. Paul Weinberger, the volleyball team was one of the more successful teams at Arcadia. One of the reasons for the great play was captain Tom Forbes. jim Rowley along with Bill Horne and Bob Hollingsworth were the Sp1kers of the club. The team spent many hours in training which proved well worth it because of their striving aggressiveness to always do their 4 best. lumor Varsity Volleyball Team Front Row: Ken Byron, Pete Maize. Not Shown: Bob Schiano, Birkett Dave Tweedy Les Fodor lim Elizalde. Stu Forden. Back Row Craig Cox Chris Erhardt, Richard Sports!127 T ,v Track .. .1 111 ootball AHS Varsity Cross Countr 76 Gram V . Q 81 Arroyo 5. Im n AHS Varsity I OPP. 62 Lakpwood 3, f ', -LK' ,MSX wt, 50 San Marino 15 lumorvarsily .f 1 9' ' .f', V'ga,,'u,,- 40 Salvsian 15 7' 1 1 14 CMJ .3 50 West Covina 50 81 Exlliglssra A V i by 50 Alla Loma 42 6Q L kt , 1 1 xiii-ijgfgff 46 Bishop Amat 15 a UAUOC " 20 Temple City 39 20 Muir 40 21 Pasadena 15 79 Mt. Sac' Inyit. 28 El Rancho 27 luniorVarsity 50 San Marino 15 12 Salt-sian 21 16 West Covina 88 16 Alta Lorna 88 , , 21 Bishop Amat 32 1 f' 20 Temple City 35 ' 15 Muir 50 Soccer 3 W 'l8 45 , 20 EIR 'h 38 AHS Varsity ovir M r J ' am O Mtjlwlillytllli, -I -dxf.. , , Lim -..., fwfr' ll, , if a, fwffffl-'M2ff'i9 ':"':?7 3 Alhambra 2 A . ' ' Q 4 ElRancho 1 X If ' N 2 Muir 0 F A ,QQ T , 195 , luniorVarsity 4 'f 5 li A V K 1 l Montebello 1 f V' X ' I 0 Pasadena O f' 0 lx 2 Alhambra 1 ' 1 it 2 ElRanr'ho 1 ' 5 'T' 1 2 Muir 0 J' f Cll 2 lal'ut-nte 1 Vx yrt 1, , ffr- Paghiivxfl 1 1 A eea lll AHS Varsity OPP. 6 Muir 40 0 Pasadena 40 , 3 El Rancho 24 16 Montebello 17 21 Alhambra 0 2 AHS OPP, 61 Muir 9 luniorVarsity 28 Alhambra 24 6 Muir 33 25 Montebello 32 0 Pasadena 40 45 Elllancho 22 0 ElR3l1Cl10 21 AH? ixglyhosh 6 Montebello 16 18 pasadena 69 Varsity 6 Alhambra 6 Rancho 36 Alhambra 22 Sophomore Xligfwflfglo 25 Montebello 43 7 Muir 6 35 El Rancho 26 35 Pasadena 8 0 EI Rancho 18 47 Montebello 8 19 Alhambra 25 128!Sports Tennis AHS AHS Varsity OPP. 4 22l'g El Rancho 696 3492 Pasadena 22 Muir 7 4-1'-2 ihra 1"- AHS 67, bl 53, 58 82, 60 74 74 60: 57 49 71 57: 6,5 si, -iz 84, 8l 58, 50 50, 82 45, 67 69, 54 bfl, 5'l 54, 38 40, 52 44, 32 39, 46 58, 30 40, 50 19, l6 7 . Basketball Varsity El Rancho Alhambra Muir Montebello Pasadena lunior V'arsity El Rancho Alhambra Muir Montebello Pasadena Sophomore El Rancho Alhambra Muir Montebello Pasadena Sophlfrosh El Rancho Alhambra Muir Montebello Pasadena Soph! Erosh Res. EI Rancho OPP. 62, 68 57, 59 76, 6,3 7 l , 68 59, 56 80, 51 62, 70 69, 63 63, 39 59, 50 43, 40 49, 40 53, 58 30, 23 57, 30 All, 53 73, 77 60, 68 45, 39 80, 73 '30 'B 7 227 232 240 I Volle ball Glendale Monte Vista Cantwell Golf West Covina lalcewood Pasadena Muir 1 X 4 will , lc fi 's ., E3 ri.- , A A ' :ua ex , s. f QL, I d"E"' oPP. 1 0 0 237 18 232 265 l AHS 80 'l I8 89 94 l'l7 99 57 72 82 86 38 94 63 92 71 Swimmin Varsity Alhambra Lynwood Muir Pasadena El Rancho lunior Varsity Alhambra Lynwood Muir Pasadena El Rdllfllti Sophomore Alhan1bra Lynwood Muir Pasadena El Rancho Tennis lunior Varsity AHS OP' 7512 la Puente 4 Harvard 25312 Alb, tb 27 Muir 8 OPP. 92 57 75 bl 45 4 l 0 82 25 45 78 35 85 4 l 64 Baseball Varsity Alhambra Muir Pasadena El Rancho lunior Varsity Alhambra Muir OPP 3 4 4 7 0 7 2-' - Zoo i l l 'I30!Girls' Sports Girls' Tennis As anticipated, Arcadia's 1974-75 girls' tennis team shone in performance. The members' combined talent and effort resulted in both the Varsity and junior Varsity teams finishing the season undefeated. Barbara Hallquist later perpetuated the school's victory by impres- sively capturing first place in CIF competition. In addition, her devastating display of poise and skill earned Arcadia not only respect, but immense F ame To the excitement of Coach Diane Soldvvedel and all the girls, Barbara's CIF finals match was filmed and presented on network television. 3 Tennis Team Front Ron Debbie Burrovxs Karin Alfred Kathy Erdman, Karen Clifford, lane Penne. 3rd Row: Lau- son Kathy Lynch Sue Allen Anne Pendo Susie Hall rneGrater, Karen Closson, Diane Cross, lanice Mies, qutst Lori Livingston Linda Mohr 2nd Rom Denise Mary Hammonds, Lori O'Brien, Trina Andresen, Coach Melkesian Kim Hines Robin Krall Barbara Hallqutst MissSoIdwedel. 1. lane Penne's lethal serve was captured from behind the fence by an interested photographer viewing the CIF tennis match. 2. Varsity doubles player, Sue Allen, skillfully drove a shot past her opponent during an after school tennis match. 3. Karin Alfredson, Diane Cross, lanice Mies, and Laurie Crater willingly demonstrated the typical Arcadia sportsmanship at the end of a match. 4. Denise Melkesian executed a fine backhand shot just previ- ous to the termination of a victorious game. 5. Barbara Hallquist performed a variety of excellent shots, convincing any viewer of the validity of her national recogni- tion. 6. Sophomore player, Kathy Lynch, displayed the tennis finesse which earned her a position on the Varsity team. Girls' sports f 131 1 . l32!Cirls' Sports 1 Girls' Volleyball Team, Front Row Lynn Buffamonte, ludy Frydendall Colleen Serar, Sandy Tyrell, Kris Kavin: sky. Row 2: Mary Bacic, Chris Gotta, ludy Volk, Karen Valko, Terry Young, Coach Lynn Schultz. Back Row: Te Dembitz, Louise Fasana, Lisa Verh vek, Carol Markling, Ann Uhley, A Cleghorn, Vallea Rose, Kim Brannon. 1. Sandy Tyrell and ludy Volk got in some last minute practice just prior to their game against Alhambra, their toughest competition. 2. Linda Mohr prepared herself for a basket while Vicki Simon gasped in speculation. Terry Dembitz awaited the rebound. 3. Carol Markling skillfully bumped the ball to her patiently wait- ing teammate, Kim Brannon. ' 4. Concentration and technique were the key ingredients as ludy Volk readied herself for a bump shot. 5. Ann Cleghorn, Linda Mohr, and Vicki Simon vied for posses- sion on the ball. Lisa Haderline was captivated by their determi- nation. 6. Keeping her eye on the ball, Wendy Hegg dribbled her way down the court. l lV Basketball Team, Front Lori Dixon, Pam Kuri, Patsy l, Chris Channell, Rosie ith. Row 2: Linda Nolton, n McKenzie, Marie McCullough, Grace Arvizu, Kim losephson. Back Row: Wendy Hegg, Louise Fasana, Wendy Kil- leen, lody Schmidt, Sue Looka- baugh. Girls, Volleyball and Basketball The girls comprising AHS's volleyball team spent many hours perfecting their skills under the direction of an excellent coach, Lynn Schultz. The results of diligentpractices were many: the team improved their bumping, set- ting, and spiking abilities and entered league competition with great Determination Their efforts were later rewarded when both JV and Varsity impressively ended the season with third place titles. Likewise, Arcadia was represented by several superb girls basketball players this year. Although there was an unre- solved dispute over rightful possession of the 6girls' gym, the team found enough time to improve itself and terminate a successful sea- son. Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, Top: son, Sue Gregory, Ann Cleghorn Terry Dembitz, Vicky Simon, Lisa Not Pictured: Louise Fasana l-laderline, Linda Mohr, lody Rogin- Girls Sports!'l33 1. laime Brooks, lanice Hodgins, and Diane Supple happily worked out on the kick-boards which served to strengthen their swimming muscles. 2. Kelly Lipka smoothly handed the baton to Ann Harper at a cru- cial moment in the girls' relay. 3. Fifi Tanacsos was caught just prior to crossing the finish line and winning the girls relay event against a tough Alhambra team. 4. Nicki Hill glided over the high bar, to be greeted by a soft awaiting Port-a-Pit. 5. Candy Creenburg displayed fine breast stroke technique at an afternoon practice. 6. Ingrid Bowles diligently practiced her free-style stroke. Q .4 . Girls Track Team, Front Row. Barbara Sprague, Kelly Lipka, Karen San Miguel, Leslie San Miguel, Dawn Baske, Sandy Tyrell, Gina Thes- ing, Tammie Cavallero. Row 2: Lori Osgood, Barbie Sinclair, lean Stone, Lydia Garcia, Susie Delahooke, Fifi Tanacsos, Julie Carlson, Karin Alfredson. Row 3: Mary Morabito, Karen Kor- powski, Monica Munill, Kim Francis, Dodie Davis, loyce Garber. Row 4: Robyn Lipka, Bon- nie Lubow, Adelle Nicely, Fran Fitzgerald, Brenda Ziemba, Carole Tachdjian, Michelle Archer, Anita Rasmussen, Colleen Gould, Ann Harper. Back Row: Sandy Stewart, Donna Machado, Cheryl Richter, Nicki Hill, loyce Todd, Kathy Chisam, Laurie Thorton, Sharon Kuthe, Kathy Christianson, Kathy O'Rourke, lulie Stiles, Karen Buchanan. Girls' Track and Swimming The Girls' Swim Team faced a much stronger test of endurance as all the race distances were doubled in their competitive meets this sea- son. However, with Coach Rice's firm diet instructions and demands of 3000 yard-a-day practices, the girls were soon in shape and pre- pared to face all 'other contenders for the league title. Record Breaker was a phrase oft repeated during the course of the Apache track season. Especially talented in the areas of long distance running and hur- dling, the girls spiced their meets with a series of impressive victories. Such success was surely attributed to both the skill and the determination of the conscientious members. P 4 ,Q i K LJ : PM H ia if: , li ght ,. -:F .i :L ,J r' t,: '.i, ' . " ., X .. ,. . t , ,ry , .a , :M,,?f:Ea ,F ,ax Q, ,A H, P iff, ,, Ji, .LM .,,, c ,, Vkkk 1 if ., N5 7 v V ,rii iz. ' j t K K ' , 4c'i iiis tt"' r , . i AL ' M qif' M 1 i 1 i1'i,- 1 , , " ii ii, is . , af. f. I 'N' Y ii ,,,1- 11" , 'i' .X ' L' f ' i v ' 5 , il G apri gg g ,a .S , ,N ..,, it Vkii, 2'm'.1, 'tr fix V. :,L-1--g . K s.s . , it ,, -.k' f ,K ,. 1 , , , -- H Q 1 - K as sstis . r . il Girls' Swim Team, Front Row: Debbie Old, Kari Sanford, lane Kofford, Candy Greenberg, Chris Gotta, Michelle Beley, Kim Hummel, Amy Niven, Nancy Altmayer, Ingrid Bowles, Treva Tirapelle, Kathy Duffy, Mary Tyson, Row 2: Anne Long, laime Brooks, Danielle O'Brien, Carol Petersen, Dorinda Dubin, Patsy O'Brien, Sue Allen, Sue Palmer, Mindy Brown, Kimberly Stevens, Shauna Spellman, Cindy Crusberg, Lisa lones, Becky Cook, Sandy Glaser. Row 3: Rachel Sundberg, janice Hodgins, Diane Supple, Sue Zneimer, Karen Brown, lulie Frances, Rica Fineman, Penny Phillips, Jeri Stapp, Kelly Summers, Gayle Prophet. Back Row: lulie Gearheart, Duretta Thompson, Donna Whittaker, Wendy Warren, Sandy Orlaski, lodi Williamson, Lifa Vanni, Mari Berger, Krista Erpenbeck, Debbie C ine. Girls' Sports!135 22 . .13 53, 3, Y if 3 EE, if-gm W5 f -1 vii. -, 1, ' in ' . Wil, g, AN fig A ,M ,M ,-... A, it iq ' js- .G ' I 'IF 45 X if Q f . M: ..- E N22 f ,Q . 5 . .' . e.'.,.f R QJY 2 EQ ' s wf .. LW 'J Y 1' S Q ek 9 , I 11 X " 'ff 21 rZfiQ?'f9 ff A --.. ,af Vi ' 2725 11. 5 K:-f x 71, . W ,,9,ag5g3w i. . 16 1, ff, 1 ' 'T-fi, Lk . ,,, -1,0 A 22, . . . ., ,WI . ? a i v e r + ,Zi ., Tenms fam Varsity Arc' Opp. 5, 4 Alhambra 0,1 5, 0 Montebello 0,0 5,4 Muir 0, I 5, 5 Pasadena 0,0 Iunior Varsity A rcs Opp. 5, 5 Alhambra 0,0 5, 5 Montvbvllo 0,0 4, 5 Muir 1, 2 5, 5 Pasadena 0, 0 Opp. 32, 44 25, 31 14, is 31 M, 45 17, 29 20, 33 l olleyball lunior Varsity Monte be llo 2, 0 2, 2 Opp. Arr. Opp. O, 0 2, l Alhambra l, 2 Montvbvllo l,0 2, 0 1, 2 Muir 2, 2 0,0 2 Pasadc-na 0, 0 SW1IT11T111'1g Varsity Arc. 45 Pasadena 80 La Canada 46 Muir 23 San Marino 32 La Serna 40 Alhambra -i ,115 aj, M .ftt li. i ws an 1 3 Basketball C Dp p. 41 55 38 63 49 46 si.: " W Varsity . Arr. Opp, ' 46, 46 Alhambra 54, 42 36, 33 Montebello 37, 29 39, 36 Muir 18, 28 1 52, 36 Pasadena 32, 46 mf luniorVarsity El 3 Arc. Opp. e 9, 33 Alhambra 30, 45 Q 26, 23 Montebello 44, 37 4-4' 32, .ara Muir 21, 30 H 14, 25 Pasadena 32, 46 - , . 5 Badmmton - Varsity Arc. Opp. 3, 5 Pasadena 5,3 h 1,0 Muir 7, 8 2 - 7, 7 Mt. View 1,1 1 7, 6 Schurr 1, 2 I 1 Rosemead 7 A junior Varsity Arc. Opp. I, vm 7 3, 5 Pasadena 5, 3 2, 2 Muir 6,8 ii 6, 4 Schurr 2, 4 , 1 0 Rosemead 8 y 1 -'gix . , . ,Qi .v . F .1?'1ffr - ,li Iunior Varsity Arr. Opp. 436 Pasadena 20!f'i 14 La Canada 54 22 Muir 46 12 San Marino 56 13 Ld Sgfna Girls' SDOflS:l'l37 52 Alhambra '16 S 5- P545 1' ' supg' " I 8 Q ',"'i-'f.+frqb1?4 - . J X ' H f. 'f A .- .5 ., " ' r ,-- - . , r -'v' 12' ' . 1' J. 7 F 9 s Q 'fb X Q 'sl M W' 1 sg X Q, E 2. Q52 .f -c v lv, Av.'. jAl "7 '--333' . iff, 'fin ,f .l 4,17 4-'gt' Q' ,g'T-Zfkfyi L, 4 Vg-k"'j-'. LQJKI . .U .f,.:.,' . s N411 Seniors!139 Seniors The Senior Class Officers, a world renowned chain ofclever angsters devised the plans for a 30's Day, and Fifth Quarter. Lead by mastermind, Bill less, the officers were concerned with revising graduation ceremonies and promoting better communication between students, faculty, and advisors. Seniors exhibited a long overdue responsible attitude as they received the privilege of open lunch for the first time in school history. Top Row: Bill less, President, Annamaria Budavari, Corresponding Secretary Suzanne Schuler, Historian. Bottom Row: Steve Quackenbush, Senator, Lynn Boat: right, Vice President, Mary Basic, Recording Secretary, Lynn Reeder, Treasurer, Gina Scurto, Youth Commission. ' ' ' Ja.. A. 114- ,.f' 4 ,. nfl, i Q' ' .1 R Riff' C- X 'A 3 ' -"' v. :ii . ,3.1x,dXg , ,Y , f ,QS-A, 1 N x X kgs The Senior Class officers enjoyed licorice ice cream. Steve Quackenbmh aftl5llCallY Planned ff Gangster Day. A loan Abram Dan Agostino Night'Train-is-Here Alonso Aguirre Shelby Ahrens l'll Always Remember Susan Albright Paranoia is over 14O!Seniors l -sf 1,--V Sf 'B' Ji-af' Daniel Alexander Karin Alfredsson David Allen Carlins up on a rock Mark Allen Susan Allen john Altmayer Mary Kay Amato Bunny HOP-HOP-HOP Karen Anderson Our time R.D.P. Wendy Anderson 1. vv,-YHWH Katrina Andresen sMRMzMur vvAsAvvi Margaret Angerer Cindy Anspach Gary Apparcel Denise Artale Paula Artin ' George Ary nos. r.s.i. mo jenny Arvizu Caren Ashton Mark Askren Greg Attavvay Steve Ayres Dawn Azzam Steve Bach End ofthe Beginning Mary Bacic Susan Bailey Q Seniorsf141 F9' if Teresa Bailey Boom - Boom Kelly Baker Life hasjust begun Leslie Baker Carol Baldo Hand lotion? Kathy Baldwin Misty!FleeCewould!Daze Steve Barchan Get into it lohn Barker Lenette Barker Abalones-CTA-Bizarre Cheryl Barnard Steven Barnes Robin Barrington Tweety's Alive in 75 William Barrios Dana Barton Bruce Bates Litzer Bautista Arcadia here I go! Daniel Bear Bryan Bell Pete Bellows Freedom for Students james Benak lean Bennison james Berger Mitchell Berger lon Bernasconi 142!Seniors Richard Berumen Randal Bibb ,ludy Bicker Love it or leave it! Terrence Bier Dean Biersch Laura Billington UP-UP and Away David Black Douglas Blatherwick Michael Bloom lean Blumhagen Lynn Boatwright Years of memories Michael Bogad Mark Boggs David Bohmke Nancy Boice jeffrey Boley Nancy Bonura Only the beginning! Doreen Bosacki Terry Bower "Time in a bottle" Seniors!143 Kenneth Brannon Keith Braunwalder Alan Breeden Christopher Brenner lill Brock ,Scott Brogen Deborah Brooks puny-io-1972 laime Brooks To God be the Glory Susan Brooks In the 18th- Debra Brown "Only-the-Beginning" julie Brown iw.-vHwH Tom Browning Diana Brubaker Karen Buchanan Geoffrey Buckingham Karen Buckingham Ketly Pash Annamaria Budavari Banana Kim Burdick Boom-Boom Anita Burnett I4-lf'Seniors "Hand the money over!" exclaimed Natalie joy Bill less held the teller at gun point and lodi Williamson took the cash. The AHS seniors wanted to make Gangster Day more authen- tic by reaching out into the community. As it turned out mem- bers of our community did the reaching. As Bill less would say, "Reach For The Sky." , n ' Y vnu V " ' ' -. . H-1-f we 1 H 5 a f' A -. .f . -. 1 ff'-114.2 'net '- ' ..5,-Y'-'15,-..,t..., , -, f -r :-at .I?.g's: .filer-lm:-r 1' '29 -1' ini. hL'?5?::-.s.A.,5f':--. L -"rib ew- ,Ml , 'A Y- Q -5-3 '- it-. ' an ,i ,gla m X ' is ,ga . . ... f-i ii ' s . , f , 1 f-. - ,Q :tured above are the gangsters and eir get-a-way car. jeanne Burns Kathleen Burns Robert Bu row Oct.-4-Fri-night-1973 loanne Bush Dec. 15 '73 geezamanez Kimberly Byer Seven up wow yo 75 Ray Cadd Billy-the-mountain Laura Campbell Slay away from AHA Marie Campbell Virginia Campen Carey Carlson Little theater shows Christine Carlson Cynthia Carlson I luv you lohn and lon George Carlson Candance Carr Anthony Carri Randol Carson Sugarivlountain Marc Cartwright No Dez David Cavalieri Marilyn Cerbone Seniors!145 Giovanna Cerrotta "lust call me Gio" Peter Chapman james Chaput jeri Chastain ". . .andthe Dawns" David Chavez Robert Cheney Kathy Chidester Kathy Chisam Kim Christian Precious memories Sandy Christofferson SESQUIPADALIAN UNITE Cathy Chute just a little kick Carolyn Clark Phil.-4:13, Romans 6 Lori Clark Click A.Ct. Timothy Clark Karen Clemens lorge ofthejungle jamie Clementino 1.vv.-YHWH Linda Clements 146!Seniors Rob Burrows tapped out a tantilizing tune. , ,11 -1 Q-1 l . i ., 4, i i is :ga .ag eg 1 Luiz Iardim was caught rushing to class. Karen Closson Mary Coffey Laurie Cole Remember me? Adrienne Coleman Karen Collette julie Collins February 23,1973 Bradford Connolly Donald Conrad Michelle Consamus Lorraine Cooke lane Cooney 1973-'74-'75 -The End Cindy Cooper DrivenThatTrainHiOn Susie Cooper l.D.R.-Q.B.-BLOOP Gaylor Cope I-Love-All-People Victoria Corey Kevin Corson Sandra Cortright Handy Dandy Cheryl Coupland Look to tomorrow Craig Cox Spare: Final Frontier Mary Cristiano Diane Cross SlSeHLTidepools El Seniorsl147 Carol Crowe lazzed Scott Cuckovich Patricia Cuffia Marcia Curtis Laurie Cutler Marla D'Zurko Mark Damico Nancy Daves 1Wierdo to another Richard Davison Kari De Thomas "B. B-DEEK" Tom Deacon Tomcat mobile rules! john Deetman Paul De Lancey Cer attks San Lorenz Terry Dembitz Dana Deverick Chicago - "WYWH" lohn Di Flauro Dego Red loanne Dill Michael Dinichina lohn Dinielli Ieanne Docherty Richard Dodge Ricardo - Evil - Kneivel Karen Doherty Grips Craig Dondanville Bruce Douglass Richelle Downey 148!Seniors I Pendo kissed an interested customer at Kiowa Kissing Booth. "Now that l've got you where I want you," exclaimed Dean Murray to Ron Perry. Debra Downum My Friend: l love you Milan Dragicevic l'm movin'on Christine Drenk Parting is such sorrow. . . julie Collins and Mitch Thomas Lori Duane Alright! Go For lt!! Scott Dubin -Doob- Brad Ducich Kendra Dunkelberger Kenneth Dyar l Seniors!149 Tim Dynice Thomas Earle Diane Edmondson E T . AW.. . - ky , ., ia,-iv l "When it rains I dig a warm cc coat." Tom Pfeiffer Susan Eldredge Thomas Elliott Linda Ellman Be Happy! Lori Ellsworth Remember When Carole Engle luly 26,1972 Scott Erdman jean Erickson lune 19 - Free at last Brian Erwin T l Cheryl Faes Gwendolyn Fallon Buttons-N-Bows Robert Fallon T Louise Fasana l 150!Seniors not me Lori Clark Randy Felten Robin Ferguson Omar Fernandez Maria Fiorille Mariann Firth Gail Fitzgerald Have a nice life Karen Flanagan vo-Rorsefz-up-75-ooo Mary Fletcher MagThanksforbeingyou Susan Flohr Trilogy fE.L.P.j Sherry Floyd Than kGood nesslmadelt Terry Floyd Arthur Fodor Thomas Forbes Leanda Dutch Sorry, out of order Seniors!151 Y' Tim Forbes Mark Fort Bye, LH,LD.LCMW.TS Robert Francescon Brad Francis l'd ratherbe sailing Nikki Franklin Denise Franks lune 2 - GWH - Always Robert Frear Renee Freeman lanis Frid Robert Friedman Christopher Froke Rolf Fromme Elizabeth Fulmer lanice Fulton Douglas Gabriel Debra Gad DI-Reborn-Deuce-I DR! Cheryl Gage Gordon Gammell "Lost in the Ozone" Lydia Garcia i52!Seniors Louis Gardner james Garrett GoneFishing lohn Garrison Fred Garside Laura Garside Catherine Garzio Cindy Gelber Good-Bye, Love you. . . Sheril Gelder Looks to the future Roxanne George Stanford and Ken in 75 Lisa Getzen Gern, Getz, SELWONK Kenneth Gex Kathy Gibson Susan Gibson Hcibbyu Seniorsl153 Robert Gick Zena Gilbert Scott Gilford Mellow out -Maintain Timothy Glaser William Glen B.W.-lanuary 26,1973 james Glover Bring it on home Inarvy Gonzalez Scott Goodfriend Linda Goodman Goody-Not Squirty Yvonne Goodson William Googooian Gary Gould Mary Grove Laurie Grater Catherine Green F.Y.A.I.M.O. loe Scheel and Dan O'Donnell silently returned to campus. Anything good to eat at Vandy's? 154fSeniors ,,,-- Ray Cadd asked astonishedly, "Are they blowing it out?" Comme poms and Gan lohnston Compared notes lf you've got it, flaunt it! was Alice Sarkisian's motto. Philip Greenshields joel Griffith Brian Griffiths lodi Grimshaw Susie Guild "Botto"Sept. 29,1972 Virginia Guiwits Nez 'Ah vans Carl Haasis The Airboys Make It Merry Hackney Nancy Hage Alma Hagen Beware of Mohammed Diana Hall Patricia Hallberg Barbara Hallquist Catherine Hamilton Smiley David Hansen , Y nf' fwe Seniorsf155 Kim Hansen Kristi Hansen lohn Hardwick Richard Hardy Bruce Harner Bruce Harriman Michael Harris Stacy Hart jennifer Haserot Treasure A Friend Carolyn Hassett Goyago 604 woh ytsan Karen Hatch Mike Hatchel james Hatcher Snatch Kathleen Hawk Take a tour Cynthia Heather Sunshine and koconut Robert Henderson "Socks" Ron Henderson Cynthia Hernandez Nancy Herron Merlda Hersack Nanea: Noho Kai Lorinda Hess Music Forever 156!Seniors I A. ' . T, gig, ir .. 4 if 45 E fi Amanda Hicks "Precious and Few. . Lynn Highman A Time For Every Purpose Lee Hill Randall Hirsch Denise Hisey Kevin Hoar Lampropeltis Zonata james Hoffman lohn Hoffman Linda Hogan Patrick Hogan Hot-n-Nasty Nancy Hoke laynie Holested Robert Hollingsworth Holly Neal Holmund Dec 15, Ioe Band jeffrey Hope William Horne A Different Drummer! Karl Hovanitz Living In The Past Carol Hovsepian October6'l974 Elton! Lila Mae Hubbell 'fsky Sible" Seniors!157 gif,-:ff IAW , 4 i Vk,,,,-, i i 7 I r y l Phil Burgess and Baweah on the lsland of Wuvuleu, as visited by lohn Costeau and 10 students. Their arms outstretched, the people they reach, to find another bottle laying on the beach. And on that bottle, written with concern there lies the message: no deposit no return. Phil Burgess '74 lt seems as though the only thing Wuvuleu has gained from civilization is the empty bottle. W Q Evelyn Hubel Donald Hudson A H Allan Huffaker , . Q -' ., is W ., . Hi X . g3.'t,,1h' Luann Yates, "The heck with it all." joycene Hughes i l Leysin Holly Hunter Don ller Larry. My own Boots Amanda iles y Gina lovine i l 158!Seniors Q Q .. i Farris jabara Andrea jahnke A tear and a smile Luiz jardim Brasil Cana Carnival Dianajenks David jepsen Goin' Forlt--WP 11213 Bill jess Brillo Barbara johnson Deborah johnson Ice Spring Vac. '74 Dennis johnson jame johnson jan johnson l'm sailin' on Michael johnson Gail johnston Ken joiner Palisade Glacier-'74 Barbara jonasen Debra jones Greg jones AHS - It's Greek to me Laurie jones mia- Pvv11mssv143 Robert jones Scott jorgensen Natalie joy "Us" Bestest Buddies. . . Kevin Kaiser Mary Kaminski Ruth Kainski . . .And life goes on Renee Kaplan Seniors!159 Gregory Karr Sally Kasnicka Kristina Kavinsky Brian Kawahata Terrance Keavney Colleen Kelly Neil Kenney Rose Kent Anita Kenz William Kern Carolyn Khanchalian Psalms 105: 3-5 Tracey Kidd imojilmidabaha casei Kate Kiebert Brian Killeen Robert Killins Laurel King Mark King Well what can I say David Klimberg Susie Klimke Lori Knerr anon Bio soft up RB joseph Knueven 'l60!Seniors her creative stitchery class s' , ? sqm: ick for desert. Dottie Myers seemed amused. jane Kofford Elton john is my man! jeffrey Kolar Lore Kraemer Helena Kress Dory Kroeger Sharon Kuthe Arizona Track Catherine La Corte Douglas Lama Scott Lamoreaux Mark Langsdale Kathryn Larew Laurie Larson DOL SRETNEPRAC DOL joseph Laszlo jeffrey Laun Thanks Mr. Fountain Robert Le Vay l'm Alive john Leal Parking lot blues Mary Lear Karen Leatherman imojibidebaba case 2 David Ledyard Katte Lee Chasing rainbows. . . Dianne Legg Lord-Roger-DT-Forbes jean Leinhart Ahead lies Mystery Seniors!'l6'l joyce Leinhart Love's a Crazy Game judy Leisner james Lesperance Denise Lester You make me smile Bryce Letton Phyllis Linett Barry Lisbin Lori Livingston Lisa Lloreda Agape Douglas Locker Anne Long DrillTeam no.1 james Long Mitchell Long Scott Long Scooter Tube Mary Lopez Lisa Lorente Cosmic Frogs Forever Bonnie Lubovv john Lucas Gail Lunden Laura Lunghard julie Lynch Barbara MacDonald Distant-Memories Vito Macchia Marie Mackowiak Zege Tweeenzestig! Gregg Madison 162!Seniors Widder- llove you this much! -fr Nr' S-ar vrvv Chris Maginnis Charles Maher Mary Mallen Mark Malmrose Kathleen Malone David Mandeville Barbara Mang Spanish Class '73 Martin Mann jLK Fun Laughs Toes Kym Mantz Carol Marchese 1975 james Margett joseph Marinelli Tom Marino Douglas Marples Pam Marrone Macaroni julie Marsalek Kelly Martin I really don't know Gene Marzo Colden West Glass Dave Matern Call me "The Pank" Gregg Matthews "junior" Susan Matlock Seniors!163 Keith Maupin Tothe wifelLYK john Mavredakis Robert Mazone joseph Mazzarese Go for it Kristen McCall Brian McCardle Brian McClintock Debbie McKissick Ballad of a Thin Man Sean McCormack Carol MCCreary Kenneth McDonald 11300 Dusy Basin Maureen McErlean Fourth of luly Robert MCC-regor Karin MCGuffin 74' Dc-siderala 75' Timothy McGuire Lynn McKenzie Bruce Marianne McMillan David McMonigle "B" Ball Beat Amat 73 Patricia McNall 0 D9'42 US DeClarWar 164!Seniors A Candy Greenburg came down with a bad case of the Morning Blues." Dan McNamara Louis Mele 'fiuicv' lames Melena Denise Melkesian Deborah Melohn Greg Merkley Friends are life Carolyn Merritt julia Merritt Richard Meyer Ronald Meyers Gerald Micozzi lanice Mies Today is the best day yet Teri Mies Cheryl Miller Kathi Miller Perk-Up! Steve Miller Leslie Mills Cindy Mitchell "Likethe ocean" CR Gary Mitchell William Mitchell Darts rule forever Keith Miyamoto Susann Mizia April Monroe Robin Mooneyham Good Times RP 72-75 Eric Moore Seniors!165 Mary Morabito Cancelled DA Carol Moreman Diane Morgan Reach forthe sun Frances Moriana Miss Wakefield Melinda Morones Bradley Morrison Edwin Morse Diane Morsillo Vickie Moye Robert Mulick Carl Muller leannie Mundy Aucursurs Christie Munger Mark Munill Laura Munro 166!Seniors 'f .- ,, ' ' ' ' ". ,, ,, ,, .. 511' ., ieryl Saint C'ouldn't quite' Belieye the ade she got on that test. Debora Murfett NM 6., Gregory Murphy Murph the surf Scott Murray DEAD Dean Murray Heinschmidt lives Stephanie Murrow Wendy Mutschler Dorothy Myers Susan Nader We've Come along way Betty Nagy Bazooka? Kimberly Nairn umm Bradley Nease la. james Neelands Donald Negri Ronald Negri janet Nelson Koonhcs-Ananab Sherril Newton Adelle Nicely Time for movin' on Ronn Nickloff lan Nielsen a time to be set free Seniorsf167 Susan Nimmo Herman showed me Elena Nunez Daniel O'Donnell Mongo-Chilon William O'Malley john Oathout jack Oder Debbie Old Ha-IDDY-limes Kurt'Osenbaugh Linda Otto john Owen Monette Ower ixoye - May "74" Flag Charles Pacheco Lynn Packard Packy Loves Piely Debbie Packer Charles Papp jean Parker Lawrence Parker Susan Parker jack Partch james Patapoff Doug Pearson Pre is still itl l68!Seniors Jwn-bagged it. Robert Pedrotti Anne Pendo Ronald D. Perry Ronald K. Perry A Senior lester Dino Perugino David Peters Bruce Petersilge Only U know and I know janet Petrotta Alexis Petrovich Thomas Pfeiffer Kevin Phillips Hutch Philpot Kim Piazza Rock N'Roll Suicide Marina Picoulas GOODQBY COOKIE MAN Brian Pielemeier Brian-Loves-Lynn Robin Pierce Thank-you RM, BH, l'D Sheryl Piereson Live and Love SP and Sl Tina Pierini Maria Piscitelli Sweet-leaf Robert Plancich Christie Plato Seniors!169 ludith Pl bon Y We miss you Lanette Kevin Pochter james Polarek Alan Polley Charles Pomeroy Carol Ponder Rexanne Pontius Candice Porter gotta find olema Connie Portis Sr. - letters-Orchesis Linda Posen james Pounds Ed.nar-Productions Kristin Powell Deborah Prock California Dreamer james Proctor You're all crazy Gayle Prophet Anas "Abbey" Steven Quakenbush David Queen Three Whole Years 170!Seniors On the left side of the rally court Kathy Schdfer, Arcadia Recreation director, laughed with Leslie Baker. A y -'CH lb, 3 , f xxr ..-f 1 .SW L -' x H ,, . H 'I 2,4 y fa, v Q 'N I R KR Pt , Z f A ' f 'T' 1 ' I' ' j 1 .3 M EM I i Q A 1 , t ,I ' " il , 7 ff I 5 3 A L21 f s 1 Q' Delrose Revele howcheigouchei Barbara Riblet I'll say goodbye Dean Richards lt could be worse Elizabeth Richards Christine Richardson Cynthia Riensche janet Riley Susan Rinard oitif AND HOOVER Lorrie Ring Steven Rishebarger Eslanbul Ty Robb Susan Robertson Monica Rodriguez 83rd here we come. . . Belinda Roe Deborah Rogers 172!Seniors 1- i -, I...-, Wi' ...lg - aureen Nicoll, and Dorian Cohen discussed the Creative Writing Jb business over lunch. 3 nuary's Girl of the Month, Anne Long, lined with al smile. if ia ,x X ,- ,f Martha Rojas Sharon Rosen Tina Ross Goodbye- Heartache Mark Rountree "IF, . ."-Kipling john Rouser james Rowley Michael Roy Barbara Rulec Remember Yosemite Cheryl Saint Terrilynn Salamone Go Yago,WohYTSAN 604 julia Salisbury Seniors!'l73 Kevin Samuelson Leslie San Miguel Michael Sanchez Water Skiers do it too lon Sandbom Dom lmre Santha Alice Sarkisian Eddy Sayegh Laurie Scalzo Dreams melt with age Kathy Schaefer ludy Schamadam joseph Scheel S. Marie Connie Scherer Remember When. . .72-73 jodie Schmidt lune'I9,1975 Scott Schmitz Blessed are the worms. Kathy Schneider rocky mountain high Cynthia Schroeder Suzanne Schuler Mammoth-"HMMMM"-38 Sally Schwellenbach luly-27-EY C-try-outs lanice Scott I miss you nana 174!Seniors 1 QI gi ,ig gi . Nancy Mang, Barbra"Mang, and Lynn Reeder chose to eat on campus, rather than go out for open lunch. Gina Scurto Ruth Searfoss Stars and Sweepstakes David See Kimberly Seitz Craig Sensenbach Open your eyes Colleen Serar "Maybe l'm Amazed" Andrea Sexton Beth Shafran "on the way home" David Shaw jill Shaw loey and Me Mark Shibley Curtis Shoemaker Garrett Short Rick Sh roads Pass Me That Stogie Cindy Simovich Barbara Sinclair Daniel Singman Terrance Slape Diane Slone Claire Smith Deborah Smith Rocky and Debbie 72,75 Pamela Smith Forever We Remember Roger Snelling William Snellings Can't get enough Kelly Snelson Billboard and Killet Seniors!175 Nancy Snow Mar 29, '74 "NuMasKuu" lulie Snyder Robert Snyder Gregory Soash Michael Sollazzo Slowdown Mike Kim Sommers "owes" Alejandro Spada Ray Spaulding Scott Speaker F.B. Marshall Speizer Get off my case Trista Spellman Eves are in the past Henry Spurgeon Robin St. Clair Leslie St. lulien Deborah Staebler vo Rorssiz oeoersio KKK Leonard Stahl Kathleen Stalzer Susan Stapp Stacy Steele George Stegner Greg Stegner The Wrestler Robin Steinhouse The-ir'Unpredictable joseph Stella Eileen Sterk Dale Stevens good by again - sorry 176!Seniors rge was wford fan. S rongest Grant Stevens julie Stiles Fun,Fools Richard Stingstrom l've Only lust Begun Robert Stires john Stothers Chex Sheryl Stover Exist, live, be unique Tamara Stremel Stephen Stricker George Stump Awakening-Beginning Anne Sullivan Thisistheday Devon Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Robert Sultzbach Steve Summers Greg Summerville Greg-Brenda 73-74-75 Rachel Sundberg Diane Supple Fri. Eve-Di was here loanne Susnar Steven Swafford Victoria Sweeney Terri Sweet ' Colorado? Seniorsf177 AF i ,4 A .fx .-W., ,u I --4-., - A WW. . -..--.- 3 I 1 I V k Viv W Q I A 'X'--, Y VMS xc ' 7 1 ' Tx . A ,N i f I ' ' vw ., 3? EA 3 x-E 35' V " m1g??1Sl , 'X ,E R. !'h V '2g i f Q75 'x , E , , in K l y . F af if -MW-bw w i . uv , B ' Bali Qiwi nd Sopho- Es i Q ,ilb N si '?L 1 " -1fK ' 'Y ' yo x ,,,. , .af ' nf , w .X I ff .5 ww 1 'fx vi. l rx N fr O ,.-'ff 2 .- xx W ' 4 Paula Turner Terry Tuttle Leah Tuverson Heidi Tyler Stephanie Tymkowych Toodlesl Luv, Fanny Brian Yhl Ann Uhley Catch ya later "Kid" Dawn Unruh September 22,1974 Teresa Urban "uns" and "mow" Michael Vail Deborah Valentine Crazy Times Karen Valko Debbie Van Bibber Linda Van Dongen Bes-cherrn MIIN Ster! Cathy Van Horme Roy Van Wormer Anne Grethe Nielsen Ars Mark Vanlandingham Stanley Vasily Lisa Verhovek Allen Vickery Vilma Villar Yvonne Vis R-R-R-Ravel :wa Robert Voden Carrie Wachter Seniors!179 Roy Waggoner Scott Wagner Wendy Wagner Heidi Walker Most out to lunch Scott Walker Timothy Wallstrom Crescat Scientia Mea Danielle Walsh Poems-Prayers-Promises Tom Ward leanette Warden "Golden Lady" S.W. Ellen Wardell lune Watkins jeff Watson Victoria Webber Susan Weckerly lann Weiers Keep Score-PLC Kathy Weiss Diana Welch Lori Welton Sailing on Robert Wheeler Steven Whelchel Praise the Lord lanine White Valerie White lohn Wickland Cel involved now Mark Widder Carol Wideman l80!Seniors Meet the fresh face of Karen Buckingham dancer, sailor, and accomplished scholar ,, '3- 1 N, 727 Timothy Wiggins Skiing NY Sneakers Desiree Wilbanks Lloyd Wilcox Debra Wilkinson Bradley Williams David Williams Gregg Williams Bisirfii GDayOOOLVlYV lodi Williamson Thomas Williamson Chris Willis Leeann Willis Richard Wills leffrey Wilson Moondoggie ludy Wilson Louise Wilson Randolph Wilson Todd Wilson lanelle Winnen 1Weirdo to another john Winslow Seniorsf181 Michele Witt Fleecewould Follower Bruce Wollard Bobbette Wolverton Michael Wood Eye Behind the Lens Susan Wood Midwinter - 1973 Thomas Woodard Mark Woodyard David Working jeff Wright Kel8 stay as Mr. Cool Tim Wright Carolyn Wuille Luann Yates lcame I was I went Carrie Yeutter Michael Yocum Shawn Yocum 182!Seniors Stagecraft member, Lois Sarkisian, and Marching Band performer, Debbie Gad, linked arms in friendship l Seniors 74-75 Blow-lt-Out was one of the most popular phrases for the class of 74-75. With the suc- cessful open lunch program, semester gradua- tion, and state legislation allowing seniors to drop second semester classes if they could ful- fill graduation requirements. Yet, this class showed dedication and leadership by proving to have one of the finest Drama Departments, and Bands in the state. Extremely talented vocal groups, and successful clubs topped a very high academic standard. Besides worrying about acceptance to higher education, and involvement with school work, many seniors aquired a part time job and enrolled in work education. Friendships became a very important part of the senior year, as students became attuned to the world around them, perhaps the most important memories of the three years at Arca- dia High were the feelings shared with one another. Michelle Yoder Ken Yonts ludy Young rst-74 Terry Young Lori Younger Mary Zajac March 23, Sat. Night Rosemary Zenzola Robert Ziegler Terry Zoller Randy Zorkocy The Music Man Seniors!183 -gn a, if . .12 R ,Q , ' fi Y' U sen Q1 11' if 1 ' fiff 2313? I3 1 - 1 - 1 3? , 111,111-111-11 1 11 Q - v 451 - 2,41 .lgg jifj gfi"f3gk N 11 ,,:1:f ,. 11. V A 1 , ,1 1 g,1'1.:f 1. Sw ,,1 . 1 1 1 1 is 1- 1 K .fm 1 ,S 1 1 ,, ' , aifQf3:?5?1,' ? 1 -, Q11 14211 Q fv 1. ,,,MQ4".11 ,1 fs, aff . ff 1 - 1 QA1 1 -if 11 Mi ,aim 'if ff Q'-1fg5x,g M., In v1 5 .i,,,1, I 'f - A " ,. k 1 - Q5 5, W 1 X 11-.1 .111 ' ??Q'i3,,i,Sk - - FW as 1 if Q K -24!i,,f'i2,1HW5 Q: 1.-:mf 1sg,, - 'FLW A 111 1f111 1l 1 'E 1 i 2 ,.k1 ' if K ff "',.,, I' f11 1 Portraits received after the Pub- lisher's deadline are pictured below. Maria Aijan lmadeit! Dan Allen Ron Anderson Lorna Bechtel No hay meiorescuela Ardyce Brayshaw Gods ove, Christians Phil Burgess "Changes" avid Bowie lohn Campbell Richard Custer Tracy Ertel Alison Fairchild Stairway to Heaven Steve Forden Tim Gaffney Steve Gibson leff Hawkins Donald Hill Douglas lorden Edward Kline Kirk Ludwig Seniors!18S Gold Seal Graduates 1974-75 was a year for high academic accomplishments. The number of graduates who received the gold seal of the California Scholarship Federation was almost double to that of the previous year. These students who have maintained between a 3.5 and 4.0 grade point average throughout their three years at Arcadia High School, represent the top one-tenth of the graduating class. Congratulations! Peter Bellows - UCB!Engineering Lynn Boatwright - UCSB!Psychology Michael Bogad - UCB!Political Science David Bohmke - UCLA!Undeclared jamie Brooks - Bob jones Univ.!History Karen Buchanan - UCD!History Karen Buckingham - PCC!Business jeanne Burns -PCC!Undeclared Kathleen Burns - PCC!UndecIared Christine Carlson - USC!SocioIogy Cindy Carlson - Undeclaredflnt. Rel. Craig Cox - Undeclared Diane Cross - Undeclared Laurie Cutler - UCLA!Undeclared Nancy Daves - USC!Education Paul Delancey- Harvey Mudd!Chemistry Milan Dragicevich - UCLA! Drama or Lit. Diane Edmonson - Undeclared Scott Erdman - UCLA! Psychology jean Erickson - SDSU!Business Louise Fansana- Undeclared Mike Finney - Undeclared Laura Garside - San Luis Obispo!Computer Catherine Garzio - UCLA! Physical Therapy Susan Gibson - UCSB!Education Barbara Hallquist - USC! Public Relations jennifer Haserot - Westmont!Undeclared Carolyn Hassett - PCC!USC!Dental Hygiene Mary Hawk - SDSU!Political Science Robert Henderson - USC!Science Lynn Highman - Westmont!Education Randy Hirsch - UCR!Pre-Medicine Bob Hollingsworth - PCC! Law Neil Holmund - Undeclared!Economics Amanda lles - Undeclared Gina Iovine - USC! Law Gail johnston - Undeclared!Nursing Laurie jones - SDCC!journalism Doug jordan - UCSB!Physics Susan Klimke - Point Loma!Nursing Laurie Larson - Univ. of Montana Denise Lester- UCLA!Undeclared 'l86!Seniors Barry Lisbin - UCD!Veterinary Medicine Lori Livingston - UCLA!Nurs'ing Lisa Lloreda - PCC!Nursing john Mavredakis -UCLA!Biochemistry Lynn McKenzie - UCl!Biological Science Patricia McNall - UCLA!lnternational Rel. Greg Merkeley - Caltech!Chemistry Richard Meyer - PCC!Music Eric Moore - Harvard! Chemistry Mary Morabito -USCfUndecIared Diane Morsillo - Undeclared Vickie Moye - San Luis Obispo!Animal Sci. Carl Muller- Pomona!Architecture Laura Munro - UCSB!Psychology Kurt Osenbaugh - Undeclared Chuck Pacheco - Stanford! Political Science Charles Papp -UCD!BioIogy Anne Pendo - USC!Biology Connie Portis - PCC!Liberal Studies Linda Posen - San Diego State! Business james Pounds- PCClCal. St. LA!Bus, Adm. Kristin Powell- Stanford!Undeclared Cynthia Riensche - PCC!Secretary Susan Robertson - Undeclared Belinda Roe -- USCB!Education Sharon Rosen - Cal St. LA!Home Ec. Barbara Rulec -- PCC!Biol. Science Scott Schmitz - PCC!Biol. Science Craig Sensenbach - San Luis Obispo!Orn. Hort. Garret Short- UCSD!Chemistry Henry Spurgeon - Undeclared Susan Stapp - UCD!Vet. Science Karen Valko - UCD!Vet. Science Yvonne Vis - PCC!Child Ed. jearlyj Tim Wallstrom - Stanford!Physics j Heidi Walker- UCSB!Spec. Educ. Valerie White - UCI!Undeclared Louise Wilson - Univ. of PacificlMusic Theory j john Winslow - PCClPhysics l Ron Meyers - UCLA!Electric Engineering Lori Welton - PCC!Biology Helen Nunez - Univ. of Florida!Home Ec. 'otential Gold Seal Graduates Lori Duane - Redlandsllnternational Rel. Kendra Dunkelberger - Point Loma!Home Ec. Tim Forbes - UCSB!History Lisa Getzen - San Luis Obispo!Mech. Eng. Laurie Grater- UCSD!Marine Biology jodi Grimshaw - UCSB!Law jane Kofford - BYU!Nursing Anne Long - Undeclared Martin Mann - Undeclared Teri Mies - Cal Poly!Medicine Keith Miyamoto - USC!Medicine l Kim Nairn - Southern Meth. Univ.!Accounting Debbie Downum - Undeclared Suzanne Schuler- UCSB!Undeclared Ruth Searfoss- PCClMusic History!Education Madalyn Tookmanian -- PCC! Real Estate jann Weiers- UCI!Medicine janelle Winnen - San Diego State!Undeclared - Q . is Dtential Gold Seal Graduates not picturedare: hrista Boyes -- UCSB!Undeclared Jis Sarkisian - PCC!Undeclared 5efll0fSf137 188!Seniors Senior Awards Members of the Senior Class of Arcadia High were honored with awards and award nomina- tions because of their outstanding accomplish- ments. These are only a few of the students Honored by community sponsors. We valued the inter- est,clubs and businesses have shown in the youth of today, and the faith they have put in the adults of tomorrow. We also congratulated Karen Clements, Los ' Angeles Industrial Educational Business Educa- f 1 tion Medallion award winner, and Steve Miller, ledinstvo Athletic Club U.A.C.J award winner who are not pictured on the Senior Award E Pages. There are many other awards to be announced, however, at the time of publica- tion names of those students chosen were not available. 5 America Certificate Winner Rick Shroades - Trades and Industrial Arts fs 4 ,... - F, P 1, rf is Fa lb. pg .H K i Soroplimist Club of Arcadia - Kristin Powell Bank ofAmerica T Certificate l Winners -- l Tim-WallQrom'!lyla.lh!Science Patty McNaIl-Liberal Arts ' U Gemco Nominee-james Polarek Linda Clements - Business Kimberly Sommers - Home Economics Ruth Searfoss - Music Diane Cross -Foreign Language Maw Fletcher - Art Keith Miyamoto - Social Science Milan Dragecevich-English Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow - Craig Cox - Drama leanne Burns Garret Short- Math Not Pictured - Doug lordan - Lab Science Seniors!189 Echoes of our Mind . . . 190lEchoes Beginings At this moment, In some distant place, People are laughing, sinning and loving. But here, where my mind and soul exist Those joys a submerged In the well of my troubled thoughts. The desires l posess have had Their energy turned into frustrations. The obstacles I face are walls of stern-faced authorities who supposebly know "what's best for me." Worst of all, l feel beat and defeated by this turmoil. But soon, like the stallion who's round the final turn, l'll be free. And they'Il realize That we weren't even in the same race. julie Stiles I ra E S Q, s 4 li Yu sl F :S 5 Laurie lonl 'F' Q . :ti " .. Q' l ,W s ' , v ' ofW.g O . f . , ' 0 3 gk.: :d 'Q A- Vs. v Q .. - Qt: 33: rs JF 1.- -5 . 1-'ra ' . : TNZPQ. I -- 'ff -2 5 "7 : ' 5 f, 1' 'l" Q: I, -.I I L ' g 'Q 1 '- 3- s ' 5 2 2 1 ' 2 ' - S ' ' R- - T '55 2' ? fy: ' ' ' Y. 73 -AC Q Q - A --"'- '-E 1 I ini - - -af, -':.'. r 4 A'- t ' Q , -. ' ' '-- 5. ws" . ' .rffsyluiw 1 'Jil . ' .4 TI Q4 Gary Noltor bi xi'- a O Culuring Book IIN' piclurl-s arm- lwvl' so slmxlv mlling apart. . I I an no Ilmgvr limI IIN' currm I IJOLIIIIIl'Il"s In xxhil I1 In IUIJYP my Iilvlvsx paxil-Is IlIwrI- LIFO nu Icmgvr any IJl'I2gIll KIJIHINQ I m1IylIimNImmIvN ul Illv as I Ixumx' :ll ,NIN'sIl1lIgIllIIll1'N arn- vvl-I so quic-IIN bvrorrling slow rurvvs, lurmingvnrilmws lUITCl'I1II'Il L In Im aruumI mul 4-lnplinwsl . IuIIl'HIImImx's1'II Ivdvillg www .md umm' gmgvs Imhmk -- umxilling In I Ulm' IIN-m Ium1I:Iu lo LIl'IlIl'l'NIdIllI xx In IxI1oLIIlIl-xr-I1Imlllwl fXmI Il I vxvn lriml lu IIII llw Iilolvsx 'wI'Idl7lW WIIII x Ilmml colors, wI1uwmlIrI Ill' my molIvI? I or you mv .ls mildly 1 cm l'uwnI amIcINor1lc'nl ds I, and ullvr Iilllv Iwlp ulI10rlI1.m Ivmlingyour Imml as I tum lI1m'lmg0s UI my I uluring, Ilcmulx. . md Fi 9 f 2155 W ff? N xx all a, ' ,Li rw en ff 1 5, - W . 1, 5 i ,Q H my 3 an f' V5 .1 W. - 1 J i QF' g J l xl if 6 f A if er VM, gg - V, rg' ,Elie g 'I 1 2-T7 if " ffl' 4. 5' f 1 , , , , X, ,Q nik? . r f tl! lift ik, .l an J. ,fr 1 in ,L V L Q A 5331, lv. 3 f K ii, H ' K 7.5 1 I F fi Q Qi Q ' , 52 ! , 'if , H 3 get 'qs' ,, Y H- Q 9, E- l wig l94!Echoes i Q - ati, S J ,, f V A - is! '.,,,A ,Ai , a , . ,f Mx .448 , my Q 5 ,. if Q I Jr f ff! Ji' if , ' 1511 lohn Stare Blank expression On my unsmiling face My eyes are open Looking no place. lured of sitting loo lazy to move Then blinking again My thoughts are removed Laurie Archer Unknown , r Laurie lones The Easy Way Don't drift away now, so easy to tune out concentration, Alone insideg just think and wander. My own serenity, no one hears the thinking, only their own. ' The easy way of passing time. ls everyone else using constructive minds, am I the only one analyzing the situation? Wish I could search out their minds, Alone insidefno one can hurt me there. What's inside the heads of others? lust thoughts and problems unlike mine, but only their own? The easy way of copping out. Time is fading, l'll lose the moment of capturing one instant of mental harmony with them all. We'Il all go on, Alone inside: where no one else can enter, to make us share, and perhaps some hot-" reach each other The easy way. i Diane Morgan l 'Echoes!'l95 S llaglllluruxx' U ' plalwlmi lllIl'XQ'l' lux lY1t'w1'.l ' x llmlhlll lswl.lll'ci ' - - vim' ' l'... L X N 1 X 1 x lqlwtlmuv nc mg, . - uiulx I sl iI1lI1l'f7I'tJQI'l'xsUl IIMIIW Il Imgullvn l .1 lulu Nxmlnf an I'huHipx 31'l'lf1Vl'1'XlNlu UI I hings -- li1il1gsIul'gullvl1 Nvvli pdxl, lvl! in rcuu hing, wurmmu-rin-R. 131-Ilzllxlmllllkwrl .md null1m's HlllH,lH'li I huuglwls .md uwlil li111c'plJx'w, XIlm'r.1ll0ur paving lin- 1 uv1llm'wmPl1ml1'cl. nw llml wgs Su In xx Jlxl'UHI'H1Ul'I1il1g .lmlrmollm-11 XXcml1mi1'l'dI UITKVN llllllllllmfll' Iullx Xml mul ln knuxx umurwll at all. lam fm hm x lil gg, 4. il ,la , gl. u, A 5x X .' ' xgn C. - 1 F5 ' . L 5 ELF. T 1 cl fq .-4 as U 198fUnderclassmen fx T Junior Class The junior Class could have been classified as extremely active as many of it's members were Ringleaders of trash can fires and rowdy assembly behavior, complete with firecrackers, somewhat smoking out their reputa- tion. However, the officers came back strong with a Hawaiian Fifth Quarter, the 2nd Annual Donkey Basketball Game and the junior-Senior Prom. w .,,. ,M .. n .yiflflfilffrf -1 M 1 t . , HA? . A -1.3-lg , .ZO0!Underclassmen Q Q 5 'fra -is -Wt S 9, it j x A l 3, l What a ioke!", laughed Tony Carzio at one of Susie Dela- k0's famous Groucho Marx jokes. te junior Class Officers were Karen Clifford, Recording Secre- : Brent Daves, Senatorg Nancy Peterson, Historianp Bill Kramb, th Commissionerg Susie Delahooke, Treasurerg jeff Russell, '-Presidentg Debbie Dootson, Corresponding Secretaryp Tony rio, President. .ff ,A jennifer Abram Margaret Accardo Brad Alford julie Adams Robert Adams Ty Adams Alice Agajanian Denise Agee Michael Albers Eric Albertson Rolland Alcentava joseph Aldaco Dennis Alfieri Dan Kline George Aliaga jody Allen Susan Allen Lori Allison Todd Allsberry David Anderson jim Anderson Kathleen Anderson Kathleen Anderson Lori Anderson Scott Anderson Sharon Anderson Sheryl Anderson james Andre Nancy Andrews Laurie Archer Michelle Archer Alonzo Archuleta Mindy Armstrong Laura Arthur Emelie Ary Russell Attaway Underclassmen!201 Mark Bacic Bernadett Baker Mary Bartolme Ellen Barleeus Karen Barrett Scott Barrett Stanley Barrington lames Barthelemy joe Bartlett Karen Barton Denny Barton Steven Batterson Martha Bauman Charles Baxter Mlchael Beckman Kurt Beier Kurt Beilstein Becky Bellows Rory Benka Steve Bennett Mark Benson Philip Bergen Mari Berger Janine Bergquist Yvonne Bernal Leslie Bevan Brett Bicksler Kevin Bird Pat Birdwell Steve Bishop Patty Blackburn Connie Blackmore Mariette Blair Kay Blanton Charley Blalack Horace Blehr 202lUnderclassmen Craig Blogin Robert Blumhagen Paul Boisclair john Bowen Karen Bowman William Boyd Richard Bralley Stan Brannon john Braunwalder Tom Young Daniel Brockman Karen Brodie Martin Brogden Glen Brolin Michelle Brolin Linda Brooks Stephen Broten Dale Brown Laura Brown Lynda Brown Melinda Brown Scott Brown Warren Brown Kim Bruce Camie Brunner Gary Buckles Mark Bundy Underclassmen!203 Thomas Burhenn Alison Burk Andre Burke Kathy Burke Stephen Burkner Susan Burland Robert Burnett Thomas Burnside Debra Burrows Michael Butler Rosemary Butzen john Byrne Richard Byron Craig Cadwallader Debbie Campbell Phil Campbell Rick Capranica Peggy Carlsen julie Carlson Bill Carlson Casey Carlton Doug Carr Randy Carter Renee Case 204!UnderClassmer1 an awful thing to say" exclaimed Cheryl Chastain out her tongue at her friend, Maria Aijian. Kant and Debbie Bentley relaxed while eating their in the Rally Courtl Patrice Cassat Anita Cassis Karen Caswell Tammie Cavallero Vikki Chacon Ilona Channell leanne Channell Cheryl Chastain William Chelf Brian Childs Laurie Church Kevin Cimarusti james Clarke Jana Boyer Chris Claro Margaret Cleghorn Tim Cleveland Curtis Clifford Karen Clifford Debbie Cline Grace Coffey Marcia Cole Nancy Coleman Keith Collins Francis Concannon loan ne Conner Roger Conover Patrick Cooney jo Ann Cooper Kathy Cooper Underclassmenl205 Linda Corey Neal Cornish Catherine Cox Kathleen Coyle Kevin Coyle Peggy Coyle Prudence Crandell Donald Craven Cory Crommett Nina Crow Susan Crowley Roberta Cummings Scott Dahlquist Dawn Danchik Donald Daniel Susan Daniell Gina Daramparis Thomas Darin Beverly Daughtrey Paul Davenport Brent Daves Diane Davila Chris Davis George Davis Glenda Davis Donald Deal Heidi Decker 206!Underclassmen Susie Delahooke Debbie Deneen David Denney lon Dennis David Des lardins Alexandra De Visser Veronica De Vitis Diane DiCiaccio Larry Diener Cindy Dodge David Dodge Robert Dolan Debbie Dootson Steve Douglass Greg Dowden Sherri Drake William Drenk Laurie Drown Kathy Duffy Bernard Duggan Lori Dunbar Dorinda Dubin Diane Duus Edwin Duyshart Patty Dyar Kevin Eastman Ronald Eaton Tamra Eaton Marion Ebert Tim Eiland Melvin Ekstrand Valene Elby Mike Elder jimmy Elizalde Kevin Elliott john Engemann Underclassmen!207 ,..f--""' Q 3 .0 -L 1 5- , , , ' ., V Az, 5.1-pw: ig 1- , 15,11- 5- , ., .gg Q? .. f 5 ff K fl 3 - Y,,,,, . 3 X Q -A ,, f . 1 ii 53 .iff isfu- 5' m Lynna Fontenot Susan Fordham Kim Foremny Debbie Forsyth Dave Fowler loe Franceschini julie Francis Grant Fraser Lori Friedrich Gabrielle Freund Dennis Gallagher Ieanette Gansert Ed Garcia loyce Garber Karen Gardner Kerri Garcia Bob Garrould Tony Garzio Karen Gathers julie Gearhart Lee Ann Gekas Phillip George Doug Gibbs Lorie Gibson Dianne Gilliland Stephanie Gladhart Underclassmen!209 Terri Glover Valerie Goins jeff Golden Rhonda Golling Margaret Googooian Chrisanne Gotta Don Gottfeld Joanne Gottschalk Larry Graham Marilyn Greco David Greene Mike Greene Rick Griffith Frank Grillo james Grime Wendy Grimshaw Debbie Griffin Carol Griffin Richard Griffiths Steve Griffiths Kathy Grode Cathy Grohs Cindy Grow Mary Ann Gunderson Tim Gutierrez Lauren Hageman larom Hagen 210!UnderCIassmen .1 A H G 'H Qs .. x P' 5 f . Q1 Y . urs- K lx y. ' . , La' -L '1 aff- M ' - ff 7' Q fgam- fssM'LL'K'k7 ,,. 5 , 'VM :g-L4 - v ,,, r I 21.54 A K. r -4 A I 'x ' ' -M, .H 1 , - 39 ,QR , ,gg 'We 'FQW Yi O Q Q Y 9 4' ,HA f 4 . Q", in . K , W qui gf EN ' Q vga' E 359 ,- 'R a 'Q s 'xx . n iz, . ,M 'wifi -' xx gi. Q . ,zii m 5 2 ., , , .:.VV i , Q? .A Il ,X 1. ,,,, ,Tiff 1' ' Q43- K3 ' " fig. "' Q + , .Z- wwg I . . aff . 'Q' x ' 1,--Q' E3 '. ll. a , , , , if .. if . w f A Q ,Q - ,,, ,1 , ? ., 3 7,35 , 'W:, 4 T I 4 5 yay, X ' Stephanie Heaton Lori Helie Randy Helmuth Bill Henley Scott Henry julie Herrmann Toni Herron Susan Hezlep Terry Hicks George Hill Lori Hill Nicki Hill Daniel Hillis Walter Hochner Lisa Hodges janice Hodgins Brad Hoffman Linda Hoffman Christy Hogge Anton Holefield john Hontos Dave Horton Dave Horton Warren Hostler james Howard Christina Hsu Don Huber Christian Hudig Robin Hudson Terri Huffman joe Hughes Mark Hulett Michael Hull 212lUnderclassmen ax X JF Doug Huls Mark Hultman Lori Humble Kim Hummel Erin Hunt Gail Huttenlocker Christine Huyler jim Ingles Scott Inman Myrtle lpema Leslie jakeway Cheryl jennings Lynn jensen Barbara johnson Brian johnson Denise johnson Sherri johnson Kim johnston Dorothy jones Maurice jones Mike jordan Randy joseph Kim josephson Rick loy Kathy Kant Paula Kathman Tim Kearney Katie Kearns Bryan Keegan Teri Kehoe Arthur Kelly Mary Kelley Chris Kellogg Lisa Kemp Lydia Kennedy Gina Helms UnderClassmen!213 lames Kenney Michael Kenrich Richard Kidd Margaret Kiersted Brian Killian Suzanne King Anthony Kiss Lori Klimberg Greg Knight Karri Knisley Kelly Knisley lanet Knitig Mark Knueven Carole Kochevar Kathleen Kracher Thomas Krag Robin Krall William Kramb Donna Krinke Richard Krol Brent Laidlaw Bob LaManna Lori Lamson Anthony Landell Ilona Landolfo Karen Lansford Michael Lansford Gina Lanza 214!Underclassmen Sara Large john Larrick Curtis Larson Scott Lasken Dale Last Carol Latimer Laurie Lauder Renee Law Glen Lawman Roger Lawrence john Lehman jim Lease Charles Legg jr. Michael Legg Barbara LeGros Walter Lehmann lr. Lorilyn Lehner K im Lehr Kathi Leochner Bruce Levitt Brent Lewis Richard Libby Kathryn Lillicrop james Linden Eileen Lindsay Gretchen Lininger Robyn Lipka David Lipton Thomas Lister Sherril Little Yvette Litwin Brad Livingston Lynn Lober Catherine Lomasney Charlotte Long Karen Long Underclassmen 1215 Kim Long Michael Long Edward Lopez Patty Lopez Phyllis Lovell Lori Luff fix Gary Lund David Lunn Debbie Luzzi jeff Lyle M5 Luke Lynch Donna Machado Gary Mac Farlane Kathy Mahaffey Carrie Mahfood Peter Maize Nancy Mang Kandi Mann Karen Mangana Kirk Mann David Marples or Keith Martel Scott Martel Richard Martin a Malisa Masanovich Beverly Mason Matt Mattechuck leannette Mau Matt May Mike Mayer Dave Mazone Sue Mc Cabe Rick Mc Clam David Mc Caman Carol Mc Cammon Bruce Mc Adam I. Yvonne Bernal and Brad Tyler enjoyed dancir together at one of the many fifth quarters. 2l6!Underclassmen julie Mc Corkell Tim Mc Cue jim Mc Ginnis Kevin McGinnis Mary Mc Crane Pat Mc Guire Margaret Mc Hugh William Mc Keon Lynn Mc Laren Stephen Mc Lean Michael Mc Lellan Pat Mc Lellen Robert Mc Millin james Mc Monigle Nina Meacham james Meaglia Elizabeth Meehan Matthew Megaro jason Merriam Holly Merritt jeff Merritt Matt Mew Todd Michero Sheri Milani Charlene Milich Patricia Mill Daniel Miller w jeffrey A. Miller jeffrey j. Miller Kristine Miller Undercilassmen!217 Mark G. Miller Mark N. Miller Todd Miller Greg Mitchell Scott Mittman Christy Mocerino Linda Mohr john Molden Ron Morassini Lori Moreno Ray Moreno jeff Moritz Robert Morris Vicki Morris David Morrison Kathy Morriso Kathy Mors Tami Mosco Sandy Muhleman Rodney Mulvay Monica Munill Vicki Munoz Elise Murdock Brian Murphy Karen Murphy Robert Murphy Patti Meyers Ron Meyers Russell Meyers Chris Nader 218!Underclassmen 1. "How about a nice quiet place for lunch." AJ ,tv K 3. .zz . , ' . .-,. .. 1 my vm an M, ..,:. ,g..,,,,J .. , 1 HM-hpa,,,,, - i"' "' - ' mf" Hw """ quill-1wQ'99 ,e,,,m....+i91-sw-"f"" f, s-ix Q-.-m.iLnSwiv' -JWK "i- ,, Tf"f:i-V' 'rf A ,QS.W4' V kyl lill "'l 7 V f y .R . , .a..,...4-f ,,...-..,...-4, .,.a..,.,.a'-Us . mm rwrmvivbd-9 sr. n-tgfqemwe 'W' " R 4 .P-,nw du- ia-+1-1-H-"""" .,m-.,.,.-..i-- I , .. ,, .,.. U I . L- ,,,-+v .RA-.t-ew-we . Aw fy-ir-Q vw " "Q ' ' I. . K A " V Y .--f ' ' , , , . if M iff-Y-vi-ffiwifl. .9 .WM I ,K Y . .N-E AY '. 5 if .19 zltsffsg T423 1-swf ?1fw,.. age, Aiea- 1-wyigggurr-at 551155 Mfg! . KV 1 hz lt... H ,arg . in , I' ' R A - R 2 l Z' I. ' ' , - l V W 2. " 1 1 5 ff . 5, K I, Q , M 1 : K A' rl 'E Paul Nader Steve Nagy Laurie Nash Patricia Nash Robert Nations jennifer Neil Eric Nelson Lisa Nerheim Eric Neuwirth Deaneen Newell loanne Newell Rosemary Newman Tammy Nicholson Maureen Nicoll Cathrin Nilsen Amy Niven Chris Noble Robin Noble Gary Nolton Linda Nolton Steve Norr Steve Norris Henry Nunez Steve Nuss Bryan Oatman Lori O'Brien Siobhan O'Callaghan Steve O'Conner Pamela Odenbaugh jeremy Oldham Daniel Olender Charles Olson Philip O'Neil Howard Orell Mary Oswald Charlotte Oventile Underclassmenf219 Carolyn Owen Mark Palagyi Charles Palazzolo Kenneth Palmer Sue Palmer Bret Park Michael Parker George Pasco Martin Pasqualine Bruce Patterson Laurie Pell Cheryl Penney lanice Perry Nancy Peterson Scott Petterson Chris Phillips Donald Phillips Patrick Phillips Penny Phillips Tracy Piazza Kent Pielemeier Debbie Pierce Laura Pinyard john Piscitelli loann Piszkiewicz Laurel Place Chris Pocino William Pollitt Ritchie Porch Stephen Possemato Z20!Llnderclassmen Marty Provost Frances Prucha janet Pruett Sam Puma Mark Quinton Patti Rambeau Elizabeth Rantz Rhonda Rasmussen janet Raymond Donna Reeves Dennis Reichenfeld Paul Reid Shirlee Reid Kathleen Reilly jan Reinecke Steve Reinhardt Carolyn Renfrew Vicki Renken Matt Retherford julie Reynolds Ronald Rhodes Craig Rice Lisa Richardson Lori Richardson Paul Richardson Gayleen Richmond Dirk Richter Susan Riddle Denise Ringer james Robertson Valerie Robinson Lindy Robison Underclassmen!221 Eduardo Rodriguez Glen Roeters Marc Romero Roseann Romo Mike Roncelli Tammy Roney Brad Rose Laurie Rosen jackii Ross julie Rosskopf Denise Rudisill Pam Ruh Norman Rulon Keith Rush jeff Russell Paul Ryan Katherine Ryan john Saathoff Harold Saint Barbara Salter Mike Sanders Kari Sanford Marilyn Sargis jean Sarkisian Andrea Scatena Marsha Scott Chuck Schabow Richard Scheel jay Schellin Stanley Schinke Lila Schmidt Stephen Schreiner james Schoelz Raymond Schouten jeffrey Schultz Stephanie Schuster 222!Underclassmen .l ii, 'il , 1-'QNX i. R A .+--L' :.k V l 1. john Harris, Water Polo member and marshmal eater, made quite an impression on an unsuspec balloon during a pep rally. "A, ,4 .M . '1 7 F 'gi x 'V sf I-4, iq gi: at x U V Nfl- img' ., 7' :L ., 5 X -L' N . , Xt W 5 ,fx . I :L , 2 .i . 1 W V, 4: as , . , :' J. . Q El, Ig Q , g , Nw.-ef . E V 2 QW 1' aiE,,g:..: 5 - , 5' 3 ' 1 ',v rw: 1-xg me-If F w, X pw W 1? M Miif X A 'aw- ,-,1,,, . xx as.- r Mu 1 ' 1 fur 1 We E7 .V .ggi f 7 QS iffy' X N ,sf '1 QF ,Q wa'-feff Q .155 3 ,. , .,, gas, .T ,fm fix f-six 1 , W nd . rf, ,V A . V wg, - X .. Nd lies "1W , N A , 1: E15 ky ie 4? ae A, Q. . M., .K fr. , 3 ii, ,hug . 4? SL if k rr ,ri ' -is ' ', l. hflf xx 4354- 3-I Sandra Solomon Linda Spangle Shawn Sparling Eric Spellman james Spencer Robert Spencer Ralph Sposato Barbara Sprague leri Stapp john Starkey Randall Stead leff Steele Robert Steen Tamara Stevens Sandra Stewart Tom Stocking Camron Stone Paul Stowitts leff Strobel lim Stroud Margot Stumpf Eric Sullivan Patty Sullivan Scott Sullivan Kelly Summers Roger Summers Robert Supple Dirk Swanson john Sweeney Bettina Sweet 2241 Underclassmen Y - - ' :'. L.: A . A . . - gf.: L - 1 at Q H --- ' N' ,. t 'R V K.. lark Whclchel and Craig Cadwallader kicked back soaked up the rays during lunch. Daniel Sweet Donald Swenson Thomas Swirles Marcelo Sztraicher Peter Tamburrino Franciska Tanacsos Robert Tapert Brett Taylor Greg Telian Martha Tennyson Cecelia Teran Paul Terberg Tom Tetzlaff Anne Thomson Patricia Thompson Laurie Thornton Debra Thorpe Bob Thoss Peggy Tiahrt David Tibi Patty Tiffany Treva Tirapelle joyce Todd Tamara Tomkins Roger Tonry Cynthia Tookmanian Anna Torcaso james Torrey Lori Totten jonathan Trostle Alan Truax john Trujillo Ed Trzepacz Brad Tyler Mary Tyson Nick Urricchio Underclassmen!2Z5 Frances Valdivia Laura Vander Ladd Van Holten Lisa Vanni Debra Varney Amy Ver Burg ludy Vickroy Annette Vigil Henriette Vis Shannon Wabnig Tracey Wadley Dave Wagner Robert Wagner Ronald Wagner Debbie Walker jeff Wallick Dennis Walsh Rhonda Walter Dani Walters Rene Walters Karen Waterhouse Karen Washburn Suzanne Wayne Laurel Webb Richard Webber Stacey Weeks Mark Weiss Carl Weitkamp Dennis Welsh leffrey Werderman Gay Wessels Laurel Wetmore Frances Whigham Leslie Whitcher Westley Whiteside William Whiting 226!UndercIassmen I+Lc L at ia-1 .AI 5 ij' ..g"'- A 'NP 1' ,ii ,Pia .C Q ll V is Yi . 1 ssrst is , -1 V . . , ' 1" EQ? ,. . ., .ss 'X we 1 ' 1. Francine Fitzgerald and Cindy Cooper enjoyed goofing around for an interested photographer. Carol Wilkinson Carl Williams Dave Williams Peggy Williams Bruce Willoughby Andrew Wilson lean Wilson Wendy Wilson Richard Wiltse Bill Wiltsey Anne Winslow Glenn Wisniewski Renee Wolleydt Nancy Womack Dale Woodworth Wendy Woolverton Kyle Wright Steve Wright Wendy Wright Gordon Wyatt Patricia Yates Lisa Yehle Horace Yount Marc Yuhasz Anthony Zakurdaev George Zakurdaev lim Zarubica Thomas Zeutzius Susan Zneimer Cathy Zweibel Underclassmen!227 Sophomore Class Efforts by the Sophomore Class Officers to create a successful Homecoming Booth were Drenohed as the leaders willingly allowed soaked sponges to be thrown at them during the Homecoming Carnival. The officers' attitude towards actual accomplishments were reflected in Sophomore Class President Allan Melkesian's statement, "l'm glad I was elected because now l have the chance to make improvements for the Sophomore Class." Several fund-raisers were held by the officers in addition to a Christmas Fifth Quarter. Ka W1 228fUnderclassmen l 'Q L . 5...-1 .ak Q- I , K or 'V 'Ar if list l i . X gl' 1' ., bf t Q :phomore Officers: Brad Palfrey, Senator, Carrie O'Don- Vice-President, lane Penne, Historian, Cathy Pendo, Trea- r, lulie Bineault, Recording Secretary, Allan Melkesian, ident, Robin Nease, Youth Commissioner, and Dodie ls, Corresponding Secretary. retchen Lininger tried to control the hysterical julie ault as Anita Kenz handed her the announcement of her try. V J A-v lanet Abercrombie Dennise Agee Roland Alcantara Richard Alcorn Kathleen Alexander Ricky Alexander Lisa Alford Scott Allen Nancy Altmayer Stephen Altmayer Fernando Alvarez Renee Amato Brian Anderson Eric Anderson leffrey Andrews Lloyd Andrews Chris Antonio Anita Archer Anthony Arguelles Arnell Arn Nancy Arnold Dorian Atkinson Grace Arvizu David Ayres Christian Baehr james Baerwald Ronald Bagwell Barbara Barge Richard Barkus Alan Barnett Mary Bartolme Dawn Baske Bruce Beatty Elizabeth Beeman Michelle Beley Scott Bell leff Benjamin Carol Benson Deborah Bentley Linda Berumen Steve Bessley Andrea Best Ann Betz David Betz Lynda Bibb Meggan Bicksler William Billing Iulie Bineault Kenneth Birkett Dale Black loyce Blackburn Kay Blanton Karen Blalack Karen Blankenship Barbara Blechert Lucia Bodeman Underclassmen!229 Kathy Bohmke Thomas Bollinger Bruce Book lngrid Bowles lune Bowling David Bowman Christopher Boyer lana Boyer Lisa Brac Christopher Brady Kim Brannon Richard Brenner Karen Brown Lori Brown Stephen Brown Kathleen Browning Bruce Broyles Steven Bruce David Bryant janet Bryson Laszlo Budavari Diane Buffamonte Lynn Buffamonte Vincent Buonauro julie Burbank Edie Burhans Tyler Burgess Dewey Burns Colleen Burrie Craig Butler Sherri Butler Victoria Butters Christopher Cadd Tara Cahill Eduardo Caiazza Charlene Caldwell Hugh Callahan David Campbell Kathy Campbell Dallas Cantrell Rob Downs Douglas Carlson Terri Carney james Carpenter 230fUnderclassmen 'x 'n , ft .4 " ? .tl 1. Dave Horton was ecstatically thrilled over the beauty of Denny Barton's cute dish. 2. Breaking the monotony of a dull day Larry Kellog excitedly lunches on the library lawn. t , 4 fm v- A, 'gn 5' f , ' ds il ' 1,11 ? . ,, , 1 I v. 'ie 'U' Suv' Nr' 1:-,f 5-av if 'F' ' ig.-v wif? I -.W .sa --V .XM Terry Carr l Portia Carrisosa leffrey Carroll Michael Carroll Steve Casino Eric Cassis Lori Cassriel Dale Castleton Becky Cauchon James Cavender Ben Cazares Donna Cecere Christine Channell Douglas Christiansen Karen Christian Kathryn Christensen William Chute Diana Cimini john Cimini Bradley Clawson David Claypoole Richard Clemmer Therese Cleaveland Doug Cline Richard Closson Mark Conley Robin Cole Craig Collette Bill Conn Carla Cook Rebecca Cook Debra Cooney lerri Cooper lulie Cooper Kathryn Cooper Deborah Constantine lanette Cope Elizabeth Cordon Louann Cosner Eugene Cossari Brian Costa Underclassmen!231 Amanda Covarrubias Don Cowgill Debra Cramer Kelly Crider Emily Cristiano David Cronemiller William Cross Suzanne Crow Cynthia Crusberg Mark Cuomo laime Curtis David Cusenza Bruce Cushman Dave Daggett Kathyrn Dammeyer Lisa Danielson Sven Davidson Dodie Davis Grant Dayman Brent Deatherage lulie Denison Mark Deneen Bob Derby Daniel Des lardins lulie De Thomas loe Dinielli Eugene Dircks 232!UndercIassmen 74 C c A gl - ses r ' fl W' . 1 Q , is ' ,S a it E' . " 'li' in .. ,. , I: .f 'Lf K N t R 4 lib fs.:-' ,wr Fine academic abilities were enthusiastically displyed by ichelle Archer and lim Stroud. Pam lones and Anita Archer obviously shared the same Jrlings ofa cold morning at snack. lohn Lovines attempts to scare away the photographer :ln't seem to work. By the expression on Bart Payne's face one couldiassume at the young student teacher was more interesting than sswork. '----we Lori Dixon Kelli Dobbins Terry Doherty james Dolan Cindy Dole Theresa Dominski leffrey Doner Sheri Dorner Dianne Douglass Darla Downum Don Dozier Edward Drenten William Drury Linda Duemler Michael Duffy Burny Duggan Francine Duncan David Dunkelberger Randy Dunning Theodore Dupas lill Dustrud Tamra Du Mond Teresa Dwyer Eric Eaton Mike Ebersol Brad Eggert Ann Eiland Nina Elby Raenett Elridge lan Ellis Kathy Ellis Sharyl Entner Catherine Erdman Nord Eriksson Christopher Erhardt Daniel Ertel Roberto Escobedo Marilyn Eustachy Iohn Evans Kimberly Evans Nancy Ezzo Mark Fadem Andrea Falsco Brett Fanning UndercIassmen!233 lerry Fanning Dennis Farrall Michael Fata Saralyn Fennessy Karen Ferberdino lorge Fernandez Debbie Felterly Fredricka Finernan Harold Firth janet Fisher Paul Fitzpatrick Patrick Flaherty Kevin Floyd Michael Fluhart lames Flynn Dorine Fontaine laniece Foote Stuart Forden Gary Forillo Steven Foster Kim Francis Kris Francis lohn Frassrand Ricky French Richard Fricke Christopher Friesen Sandra Froland Kathy Fromherz Charlotte Fromme Cheryl Fry Eric Fry Susan Fry ludy Frydendall Christine Fucci Stephen Fulton leffrey Gagne Robert Gallal Alfonso Garcia Lee Garrould Susan Garton Paul Gaynor Linda Gehring Terry Gelber Gerald Geare 23-l!Underclassmen F 1 K K P 'ti if git WF 1. The "Shafted Sophomores" soon learned the tech- nique of opening their bottom lockers. 2. lust as thrilled as ever, Brian Soash sauntered down the hall, whistling "Dixiel" Bob Genova Neil Gehrke lennifer George Steven Giali Kevin Gibson Matthew Giedt David Gilford Holly Gilmore Sandy Glaser Steven Glaser Susan Glen Lynda Glynn David Godber loni Goff David Gonzalez Debra Gorsuch lohn Goss Colleen Gould Allan Graff Larry Graham Denise Greco Matthew Green Susan Gregory Debra Greenman Darlene Griffin Lori Griffiths Mary Grode Charlotte Groves Brian Grow Mary Ann Gualderon Diane Gutenberg Susan Gutenberg Randell Guthrie lohn Hass Lisa Haderlein lulianne Hageman Kaleen Hainline Norene Halajian Darlene Hale lames Hall Kathryn Hall Susan Hallquist Bret Halperin Richard Hanks Underclassmen 1235 Susan Hansen Deborah Hanson Kim Harding Bret Harker Lisa Harnois Ann Harper Clete Hart Ronald Hatch Beth Hatchel Dawn Hatcher Diana Hathaway Carolyn Hawk Anne Hawkins Debra Hawkins Gwendolyn Hegg Shirl Heller Georgiana Helms George Henderson Elisabeth Henken Eric Henningson Michele Henriks William Hermann Anthony Hernandez Kimberly Herron lane Heftel Matthew Higginson George Highman Brenda Hightower Casey Hill Glen Hill Christy Hillman Kimbely Hines Maryetta Hisey Cathy Hogan Linc Hoke Kevin Housman Boyce Horton Sandra Houstorli Sheri Howard Elisabeth Howe Alan Hubbard Theresa Huber Craig Hughes William Hughes 236!Underclassmen Diana Hulelt Sandra Hulett Mark Hull Scott Hull Mary Bee Humphrey Brian Hutchings Robert llgenfritz Vicky lnnes john lovine Lisa lovine Ric jackson Robert jackson Diana jagodzinski Thomas james Todd james Melanie jahnke Stanley jasco Sheri jemelian Brad jenkins Kathy jennett Daryl jensen Kurt Iensen Peter jensen Donna johannsen Gregory john Blair johnson Bonnie johnson Cheryl johnson Dale johnson Larry Mocnik Mary johnson Robert johnson Sandra johnson Tammy johnson Bill jones Lisa jones Pamela jones Sharon jones Vicki jones William jones Cathy junvik Susan Kaminski Sharon Karch Kenneth Kaplan Underclassmen 1237 Rene Karoussos Brian Karr laquelin Kaufman Robert Keavney Katherine Keck Lawrence Kellogg Douglas Kempt K.C. Kennedy Debra Kent Patricia Kenz Cynthia Kern Laurel Kerr Micheal Kerr Steve Kettell Patricia Kidd Wendy Killeen Lori Killian Sara Killins Albin Kim Kurt Kimball lohn Kincheloe Kevin Kirkendall Lon Kisman Arthur Klein Greg Knight Timonthy Knueven Tamara Kocherhans Carole Kochevar Robert Koeppel Karen Korpowski john Kraft Phillip Kranser David Kratovil Diane Krinke Annette Kruep Dale Krug Mike Kuisel , QS Christian Landsperger 238!Underclassmen Lori Lamson fi ' i .1 fi a xii if My M Am? ,Y 5814 ""' Mike Repuhlicano proudly displayed his athletic that he painted in the traditional red and gold. Ecology minded Cathy lunvik eagerly disposed of her ash during lunch. Patsy Lovell Elana Lubow Robin Luby Shelly Lugt Kathleen Lynch Susan Maiorana David Lawson Francois La Porte Sara Large Dale Last Glen Lauman Richard Leatherberry Denise LeBeck Andrew Lee Heidi Lee David Leese William Ledeboer Brian Legg Priscilla Lemon lulie Lent Mark Levan Lynda Levitt Karen Linnes Kelli Lipka Randy Lisbin Debra Lisnek Arthur Little Dale Little Kaisie Liu Paige Livingston lill Lloyd lulia Long Laurence Lopez Patricia Lord Teri Loustaunau Underclassmen!239 2 ig f. ,0 mx ? ,5 5 , 1 ,fnig ,Y .,: F Q i ?L :ga 5 ff I lf A -W S fi l ,f Y vi f 5 N ' if ? J? F wk Q QE 5 s 5, .. 7 hw. K x 1 , L E ' 1, ug 155 F , 1 1 ,ja " 41 I l Er I W hgh' gn X, Tk N 'Q " A fu -Q, 1 I K as K M E' .N X img Ks J aw Yi . ,La 6 I Kg E as f L s l' X9 . f HK 1 1' 'E z wiv' 5 fp KL 3 ph V ...em 1 2 'S P? Tl, :, '5 Wai '-.V I4 4 I 'I n kan . 4! 5 . A ,SQ F ,PBM IT. Fflff .r tn U 1 5' - 5 ,,. 'f .1 .gg X 5 X .dv- 's .Q yi ' Z ,fa 3 .5 5, QQ 1"-f '533' x f- 1 55,63 - is . ??i rf'Mli :asf ,JT -1' ' W J K 5: " 1 x . F my Q' 'Fifi Q 1 it 1 , is H wi 1 ssh, X . 2 5 .. Y Qs A Q I as 1 ' PQ. L ig- 1 f .lt gf :ur .- "1 ' . 1 pg f.J'w1, 4 I My Q l aim 1 "Y wrfif wx 15 xx fa X .df 4 hm. ss gf.. ,gwr if 12 f iff -4: "gp, .. 7, . w if QE. fe iw H, .,, I 7 .. .. .5 .gs 4,5 , 'J .sw 1 . E? 'L' . if sk ggi, ,,, ,Mi- . Q H- .gg . -: -' .J 5 my .W Q Q ' ff 21, 'Z if Q, 9 fx: Q J 5 .in ,, , ... W., , i, :gg 5 'K 35:1 . 1 if . --'47 , HH, E -.wfui f xg... wif.. 4 if if ' Egg? MQW- -i,-, I 5 9 . S may ffs eg ' if new 11-7 ,, if 2, Sf, . s l 2' . ,. Y. T , Y fx, 4 JS. D sm pw. H SX .W-. H4 a A -af ,.,,: . ALI, T , L, . , B 6 a J R E ' 4 3? H -s 1 ,, x'.:u's. f - 132 'ii 1, s xl of -, n , Q -5, XE S ' Q .Q. fm, ,, , , Sean Ostrander Sandra O'Toole William Oughton Michael Ower Guadalupe Pais Bradley Palfrey Dawn Palmer Denise Papaleo Roseann Papararo Andrew Papp lellrey Paradis Beverly Parker Catherine Parker Sarah Parker Terri Parker Elizabeth Parks Craig Paternoster lanice Pauley Suzanne Payan Bart Payne Karen Pearson Raquel Penaherrera Catherine Pendo lane Penne Mark Perkins Gina Perone Kenneth Perry Laurel Peters Lawrence Perry Randell Peters Carol Petersen Gayle Peterson jeffrey Peterson Paul Petrovich Ray Pevey Traci Phifer 242!Underclassmen 1 Q-C wg, 4 Q.. A 8, N- e 'tr Mark Philpot Madelene Pink Michael Piscitelli Lisa Pitts Paulette Pisano Ruth Ann Polarek Iames Poole Lisa Posner -an -rf sr 'SERV' "M, 'iv 'tqf Sitting on the library lawn in some shade really made lunch a ore enjoyable experience. Adapting to the difficult social science classes was made sy with a teacher like Mr. Goddard. we Dan Post Heidi Post Suzanne Potter john Powell Charles Price Larry Priddy Deborah Priester Mitchell Proctor Bruce Qua Anita Quakkelsteyn Daniel Querrey Laurence Quinton Lori Quinton Michael Raidy Milton Rapp Anita Rasmussen Michael Rasnik Cindy Redding Michael Reehorst Ronald Reeley Stanley Regula Cynthia Reicne Catherine Reid Robin Reid Kevin Reilly Mike Republicano Dan Retherford Laurence Riggins Underclassmen!243 Katherine Riley Michael Riordan Laurie Robertson Thomas Rochetto Ann Roders Tim Rogers lodell Roginson Rafael Rojas Timothy Roling Michelle Roman Deena Rooker Vallea Rose Robert Ross Daniel Roy Catherine Ruby Lawrence Rudd Robert Ruler: I. Bryce Rumbles Lisa Rumbles Kenneth Russell Kevin Russell Kelly Ryan Ieffrey Saddoris Paul Sahm Richard Salkeld julie Sambo Marie Sanchez Nancy Sanders Karen San Miguel Alice Santha William Sarkisian Edward Saunders Adriana Scandizzo Robers Schiano lerry Schilz Leslie Schiltz lerry Schmitz Sandra Schmitz Sara Schmitz William Schmitt Craig Schneider Connie Schultz Richard Schumacher Chris Scott Z4-tfUnderclassmen ,Y , , .L Ak I 1. Brad Tyler and Paul Petrovich listened intently to their fellc peers while eating theirlunch. 2. Tackling the offense, Ray Pevey proved to be a good player l the Sophomores. S! T ' 51 P M is Jo-4115! 'df- fl R' ' -W ,V M- ,Hs --"At . S . 1 SEQ We N id F if gy i -I 'V 4 at 3 lx Qi Us-430 A wwe ' ' i i n., 3 S L - , S , 'LAZ 2- r I A sys, , 55 . f ,V K . . , 651. ' S 1' f S fn . . , 'E S ,, , S S , t o v vii I S' . S Philip Scott Donna Scullion Daniel Secrist Rob Segar lenifer Seith Pam Self Gregg Selleck Greg Sells Lynn Sequeira Herb Sercombe Teri Bibb Sachi Shaw Michelle Shaw Donna Sheets Stuart Sheldon Suzanne Shevell Laurel Shonfeld Audrey Shuster Melanie Siemon Tim Sincavage Russell Skipstead Linda Slice Alan Smith Andrea Smith Robert Smith Brian Soash Don Somers Shauna Spellman Beth Spielman Vernial Stangeland Cathi Stapp Susan Steelhead Kim Stevens Rick St. lulien Tommy Stokely Farryl Stolteben Mike Stolteben Gary Stone Michael Stone Mitchel Stone Tammy Stone I' Hs, fs Underclassmen!245 Matthew Sullivan Virginia Sullivan Ronald Summers Cary Summerville Brian Sweet Carol Tachdjian lainie Talley Dorothy Tarnok Tilden Tatebe lanie Taylor Laurie Teilhet Sandra Thistlewaite Gina Thesing Daniel Thomas Doretta Thompson Norlene Thompson Frances Thorsen Cynthia Tindall Curtis Tisdial Marc Tippy Mark Tober Frederick Tomlin Steven Tonkinson lack Topel Sheri Tourtellotte Randell Traweek jeffrey Trostle linese Troup Betsy Truax Patti Trujillo Donna Turnidge Katherine Tustin Claire Tuverson David Tweedy lulie Tyler Sandra Tyrell Pamela Valencia Steven Vance lohn Van Debrooke Michael Van De Car Theresa Van Dusen Mark Van Oss 246fLJnderclassmen Renee Varela Cynthia Vaughon Traley Vawter lohn Verhage Cynthia Vokoun ludy Volk Mark Voltz Daniel Voznick Denise Waddell Alan Waggoner Beverly Waite Andrew Walbert HP' iii be l. Dining on the Library Lawn was not always the mo comfortable way to enjoy yourself. Q - er X Q xl: Q if .. V fi ,. If Ag 5,3 -ff? 'NHC A u v M6 q R 5 A ,E .4-4 ' ',..,.. If 1 ' f . 1 W' I og, , -.Qi 4. ' .I ' V, , E sw " ' 5 7421 ' W Q -- nqgfw.-xiii' E,X I CIGIWIVWISUACHV K g gp 'wi X Admini5traIion!249 1 250!Adminislration 1. The hard working Board of Education consisted of lames Harvey, Donald Fickas, Lewis May, Gloria Horstman, and George Frempter. 2. Parliamentarian Sue Miller, President Pearl Lunghard, and Program Chairman Charlene Zoller led the P.T.A. in all areas of assistance for the school. 3. Dr. May got carried away trying to regain order during a Board meet- ing. s 4. Mrs. Lunghard and Betty Bellows, at the microphone, presented the Honorary Service Awards. 5. Doug Werk, President, hiked the ball to Syd Larkin, Secretary, Herb Daniel, Treasurer, and Dean Horstman, Vice-President, who carried it all the way for the Boosters Club. 6. Pressing matters usually forced the School Board meetings to run overtime. I ! Board of Education!P.T.A.! Boosters Club The 1974-1975 Board of Education under the direction of Dr. Edward V. Ryan, Super- intendent, and Elbert Souders, Associate Superintendent, had a successful and profit- able year. They reviewed the open lunch program for Seniors and disapproved of extending this program to the junior and Sophomore classes. The Board spent much time and effort working to get the contro- versial Base Revenue Bill passed. The P.T.A. sponsored Coffee Clatehes to get the Sophomore's parents acquainted with each other. The Boosters Club spent the money it earned by selling over 300 memberships on supplies for the Athletics Department. Administration!25l To the Class of 1975: "First, congratulations on a fine high school career. lt's with regret we see the time approach when the staff and I must say adieu. Yours has been an outstanding class. You've left records of achievement that will long be remembered by all of us. The single factor that stands out far and above that of any class before yours has been your desire to be a con- tributing part of the school. The class of '75 has easily taken in stride the many historical hap- penings and carried on with an optimistic atti- tude. This one trait, above all others, marks each of you in my memory. We are hopeful that you will maintain your enthusiasm and achievement in the future and vvish each of you the best of success and good fortune." 252!Administration ,, . L. yay, si' Principal! Assistant Principals Dr. Richard W. Cordano and the Assistant A Principals continued the attempt to close the Y Communication aP between students and administrators. The W. hardest part of the job was convincing stu- dents that the faculty was working for and not against them. Committees were organized to give students and administrators a chance to openly express their views. Gn the whole, stu- dents were as responsive to the administrators opinions as administrators were to students. .9-"""'gf 1. Dr. Cordano couldn't believe that he had misplaced the German Soc- cer Team. 2. Much of Dr. Cordano's time was spent entertaining guests on cam- pus. 3. Principal, Richard Cordano, worked for better understanding between students and faculty. 4. Mr. Anderson spent most of each day organizing student actiities. 5. Mr. Askew listened intently to a suggestion made by the Curriculum Committee. 6. Relaxing after a busy day, Mr. Harris couldn't quite keep his eyes open. 7. Mr. Keavney helped Ms. Horstman check hall passes. Administration!253 Counselors! Secretaries! Nurse Career Hopping, and the Regional Occupa- tional Program, better known as R.O.P. were emphasized this year by the Career Guidance Center. Mr. Lee Walbert was in charge of the R.G.P. program. The Secretaries were always ready to lend a hand whenever a student was rn a Pinch The nurse always ready with a thermometer served the less healthy students at A.H.S. 254!Administratron is ' 132, .n a of , Q W: a. 4 In ,- b y 1 Jai rw r 5? an wr Sa ir! , .sa 1-1" , Q'-.rf "' We rt. + r gk: 3 1 L1 s Z. gl... ,ef 4'YQ""I' ,.. ,I .. .- ,f t 'T P 5, l' '53, ,f -..- 1. Mrs. Preston and office monitor, Vicki Webber kept track of homework assignments for absent students. 2.Never a hair out of place described this years secretaries which included Helen Roe, Pat Kay, Linda Preston, leannette Tisdale, and Marlyn Nickloff. Not pictured were Adeline john- son, Nina Draughon, and Vera Durr. 3. Mrs. Nickloff spent much of her time cleaning the counse- lors conference room. 4. Nurse Adele Merz was often seen rushing from her office to an emergency. 5. A stack of work and going home were the two choices that confronted Mrs. Gale one afternoon. 6. The always helpful counselors were john Thomson, Mavis Dumbacher, Margaret Gale, Charles Gessford, Max Gramer, and Lois Iredale inot picturedl. 7. Mrs. Mcllyar used a video tape proiector to help students explore various vocations. R A Q15 l hull' !, "rl: A Administration!255 X 256!Administration l Librarians and Clerks Much of the planning and working this year was done by people seldom seen by the stu- dents. When the librarians wer- en't tracing Overdue books, they searched for new books and updated reference materials. Audio Visual kept teachers supplied with learning aids. The Student Store IBM, and Textbooks assisted daily. i l i l l l i X if f' X.. FS 'li 'pe l c-.,f.',f . Q, - """'vo- x-uni. 3 fifaf S",g,g:i 'K 'WB 'H 'L Eileen Smith worked diligently as the records clerk, while Lenore Richardson struggled steadfastly as the textbook clerk. lean loiner was in .charge of the Student Store and Donna Mills co-ordinated the activities of the audio visual staff. 2. At a party given by her office monitors, nobody knew how many candles to put on Mrs. loiner's birthday cake. 3. Mrs. Plyler showed a bashful student how to use the Readers Guide To Periodical Literature. 4. Ruth Layman, Florence Adams and Grayce Kelly lnot picturedl helped Head Librarian Hilda Plyler controll noise pollution. 5. lBM's Louise Balaban was programmed for service with a smile. Administration!257 Pauline Brittan Virginia Brown Leonard Buell Nancv Cash English English English English Department Department Department Department Harry Conover lames Copeland lean Driver Tony Gex English English English English Department Department Department Department 2 258!Adminislration 1. Miss Gimby congratulated Glen Berger and janet Pruett for winning awards at the Monrovia H.S. Speech Tournament. 2. Mr. Kerr took a change of pace by bowling with his students. 3. After collecting his belongings, Mr. Buell hurried to class. 4. "Here we go again," thought Mr. O'Brien. "Another sob story for late work." 5. "I beg your pardon!" demanded Kiowa Sponsor, Mrs. Hatter. Melody C-imby English Department Mary Hatter English Department Ann Hall English Department Robert Kerr English Department English The English Department was known for its many specialty courses. Literature of Nature and Science Fiction and Fantasy were two of the more popular classes. Stu- dents who took Comic Literature got a Surprise when they discovered that the main pur- pose of the class was not to read comic books. Dr. Marsha Kinder spoke to MGM students about dreams and james Ryan performed some of Iiterature's famous speeches. ' 5 Glenn Harris English Department Ethel Moffat English Department l l Administrat ion!259 1. Mr. Gex and Mr. Conover fraternized with an enemy coach during a l.V. game. 2. Arriving on campus early one morning, Mrs. Sanchez headed straight for the faculty lounge. l 3. Mr. Nahra wasn't always thrilled with his lunch. l 4. Also arriving on campus, Mr. Primozich notices the photographer enroute to class. l 5. Mr. Harris' wife got a real treat student teaching at A,H.S. 6. Mrs. Hatter rushed through the hall to make it to class on time. y 2 26OlAdministration Fred Nahra English Department lim O'Brien English Department Sanford Silverstein English Department Paul Starr English Department Patricia Thinger English Department Sydell Weiner English Department 4 i 3,5 -J' English! Foreign Language The addition of teacher aids was a aj or Breakthrough in the Foreign Language department. With the aids checking homework and test papers, teachers found they could spend more time with the inidi- vidual students. This also gave the teachers more time to spend planning new teaching techniques to hold the students interest. Beryl Druker Foreign Language Department Lotte Flaks Foreign Language Department Sheryl Parker Foreign Language Department Clara Primozich -, Foreign Language Department Margarita Sanchez Foreign Language Department Bernadette Stoner Foreign Language Department Fred Auburn Social Science Department Ted Fisher Social Science Department Wayne Lynden Fire Science Tom Broadhead Social Science Department Harvey Goddard Social Science Department john Meiers Social Science Department Ed Burke Social Science Department Boyce Harris Social Science Department Ron Morris Social Science Department Social Science Department Marsha Kading Social Science Department Richard Onderdonk Social Science Eff -i ' .Z V, . , A . 7, li . . 'xt W . ' Social Science 2 Mr. lim Spain headed up an enthusiastic department which included Paul Wein- berger, new this year. Glenna Rasmussen returned after a year's Sabbatical to teach Contemporary American Govern- ment and Psychology. A long awaited class in government theroy was added to this years curriculum. fi J' EE-1 262fAdministration ,v ,sh B K . ,sa 1. Mr. Mauck pointed out some prominent thugs on the mug shot sheet to his police science class. 2. Mr. Broadhead paused during his lunch to say a few words of grace. 3. "Hmm,' thought Mr. Dodd, "the instructions said 'so simple a six-year-old can do it'." 4. Ms. Kading explained a complicated extra credit assignment to a confused Tony De La Tore. 5. Fire Science instructor, lames Bateson extended a hand of friendship to Mitch Thomas. Gerald Penny Social Science Department Fred Peritore Social Science Department . , . were t i Glenna Rasmussen Social Science Department lim Spain Social Science Department Paul Weinberger Social Science Department Robert Wick Social Science Department 4 i... Administration!263 264!Administration Dave Ackerman Physical Education Department Gerald Dohling Physical Education Department Mary Ann Latham Physical Education Department layne Rice Physical Education Department Lynn Schultz Physical Education Department Carol Slater Physical Education Department Virginia Stone Physical Education Department lean Voznick Physical Education Department 1. Miss Soldwedel took time during her tennis class to Bose with Suzanne Wayne, Victoria Simon, and obin Ferguson. 2. Miss Rice wasn't too impressed with Karen Ferber- dino's tardy excuse. 3. Lenny Stahl nervously looked on as Mr. Salter and Mr. Robinsongraded their P.E. classes. 4. Mr. Smith got a lift from Dean Murray. 5. Mr. Dohling had difficulties working the Xerox Machine. 6. "You can put your hand down now," said Mrs. Stone to Rob Killins, ruin L. , ...I Physical Education Elementary P.E. Teaching dou- bled in size and taught at four schools. Arcadia was the only school in California that offered this program. Sophomore boys could be seen eagerly DO-C1-dO1Hg across campus to attend Coed Square Dancing, a new unit in Sophomore P.E. The square danc- ing unit and Coed Bicycling were two new areas added to the curric- ulum of the busy Physical Educa- tion Department. J. Af Administration!265 Kenneth Aberle Science Department Mike Allee Science Department Lennis Bartlett Science Department Russ Bovie t Science Department 1. "And you use that film with this camera when you use the flash, but when you don't use the flash you use this film," explained Mr. But- ler to his photography class. 2, Mr. Wilks spoke some consoling words to Mike Yokum and David Horton after a big lab. 3. Mr. Aberlee frantically searched for the soap at the KiowalSenior Men car wash. 4. Mr. Aldstadt and Mrs. Slater examined the score sheet at the Santa Monica Band Review as Mr. Reinecke comtemplated our victory. 266!Administration -I yi 3 ' 1 v ' ,Q gi ,l l 1 2 . . 'Ai I 5 -I . fi ,,,...v.A. . W 5 A, 1 . ww., a-,N.,, s X mi Wayne Fountian Fred Schwab Science Science Deparimertl Department George Stapleton Alan Takagaki Science Science Department Department arry White Doug Wilks :ience Science Department Department Jhn Butler Saldeiheadt rt Department r epar men um Lubin Dave.Aldstadt Music rt Department Earls Anders Art Department Karen Giles Art Department lim Neumeister Music Department 4 liar ravi' lui-L. Science! Music! Art Alan Takagaki joined the Science Depart- ment and worked diligently to make this one of the most successful years ever. Under the direction of Mr. Fred Schwab, department chairman, teachers worked on improving classes already being taught, rather than Developmg new ones. Music Appreciation was a popular new class offered by the Music Department and the Art Department took "a small step for man, a giant leap for womankind," with the introduction of Women in Art, Literature and History. Paula Key, Karen Giles and Marsha Kading team - taught this new class. Administration!267 Math! Special Education Students in higher mathematics classes were given a break with the addition of electronic calculators in the Math Department. Although the department was described as f'Hard Nosedv enrollment was reported to have gone up. Mr. Kinikin insisted that this was not because classes were any easier, in fact the drop rate went up also. Student aids in the Special Edu- cation Department were praised as being "just wonderful." The Career Guidance Center cooperated in giving the students opportuni- ties to explore various occupations. 4 . 268!Admimstration lohn Hoffman Math Department Richard johnson Math Department Elsie Hunsicker Math Department Margaret Kavelaar Math Department 1. Mr. Kinikin didn't trust the grading machine. 2. Mrs. Thompson was always ready with a smile. 3. Mr. Dennison believed that the feelings of his students were very important. 4. Mr. Mack wasn't always the most awake person in his classes. 5. Mr. Chisam divided his time between Special Education and Athletics. 6. Mrs. Hunsicker was usually surprised by her students' prog- ress. john Kinikin Math Department Patrick Mack Math Department Al Manachuk Math Department Robert Maurer Math Department George Mellin Math Department Stephen Rowe Math Department Scott Chisam Special Education Ben Dennison Special Education Sally Thompson Special Education Department Department Department Administration!269 1. "Now hear this," warned Mr. Sartwell. 2. Mrs. Godfrey showed her Apache spirit at the pep rallies. 3. "This cafeteria just ain't big enough for the both of us," said Mr. Gatewood. 4. Mr. Sundstrom relaxed with the morning paper as A. R. Little worked diligently on his typing assignment. 5. Mr. Peters stretched his muscles for an amazed Malisa Masanovich. Bill lokkel Industrial Arts Department Dan Lucero Industrial Arts Department Tom Morgon Industrial Arts Department Frank Petraccoro Industrial Arts Department Charles Peters Industrial Arts Department john Ward Industrial Arts Department lake Weiler Industrial Arts Department Robert White Industrial Arts Department 270!Administration Bus.! Home Ec. X Ind. Arts! Study Hall A new class in merchandising was developed in the Business Department and gave about sixteen students unique opportunities in marketing and sales- manship. Study Hall instructor, Bill Wild, was replaced mid-year by Ken Gatewood. The industrial Arts and Home Economics Departments contin- uedthe Tradition of training students for life outside 5 Arcadia High School. Anne Gaydos Business Department Pauline Godfrey loanne Gumm ludy Horstman Study Hall Orman Sartwell Business Department Fred Sundstrom Business Department leanne Ulmer Business Department William Wild Study Hall Marlin Zabel Business Department Home Economics Department Home Economics Department Administration!271 Index. . . Abercrombie, janet 229 Aberle, Mr. Kenneth 56, 266 Abram, lennifer201 Abram, joan 140 Accardo, Margaret 201 Ackerman, Mr. Dave 264 Adams, julie 201 Adams, Robert 201 Adams, Ty 201 Agaianian, Alice 201 Agee, Dana Agee, Dennise 201, 229 Agostino, Danny 140 Aguirre, Alonso 85, 87, 108,1-40, 72, 76 Ahrens, Shelby 68, 140 Aijian, Maria 185, 204 Albers, Michael 201 Albertsen, Eric 201,120 Albright, Susan 140 Alcantara, Roland 201,229 Alcorn, Richard Aldaco, jo seph 201 Aldstadt, Mr. David 46, 267 Alexander, Daniel 94,109,141 Alexander, Kathleen 229 Alexander , Ricky 229 Alfieri, Dennis 24, 70, 201,221 Alford, Bradley 201 Alford, Lis Aliaga Allee, Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Apparcel, Gary 100,101,141 Archer, Anita 34, 229 Archer, Laurie 194, 201 Archer, Michelle 201, 232,134 Archuleta, Alonzo 201 Arguelles, Anthony 90, 91, 229, 121 Armstrong, Mindy 60,201 Arn, Arnell 229 Aronold, Nancy 229 Arriddia, Keith 91 Arrighi, Grace Arrighi, Pieranna184 Artale, Denise 141 Arthur, Laura 50,201 Arthur, Penny 184 Artin, Paula 141 Ary, Emelie 201 Arvizu, Grace 133, 22 Bates, Bruce 142 Bateson, Mr. james 263 Batterson, Ellen Batterson, Steven 44, 81, 202, 77 Bauman, Martha 46, 52, 202 Bautista, Litzer142,143 Baxter, Charles 202, 71 Bear, Daniel 110,142 Beatty, Bruce 229 Bechtel, Curtis 44 Bechtel, Lorna 185 Beckman, Michael 202 Bedik, David Beeman, Elizabeth 229 Beier, Kurt 202 Beilstein, Kurt 202 Belculfine, jeffrey184 Beley, Michelle 67,135 Arvizu, jenny 141 Ary, George 141 Ashley, jeffrey 184 Ashton, Caren 19, Askew, Mr. Wade Askren, Mark 124, Atkinson, Dorian Atkinso, Heidi Attaway, Greg 141 Attaway, Russell 85, a 229 Mr. Fred 52 Mark 88 Anderson, Mr. Dan 52,54 Anderson, David 85,201 Anderson, Eric 229 Anderson, james 201 Anderson, Karen 141 Anderson, Kathleen M 76, 201 Anderson, Kathleen S 68,201 john 142 Barker, Lenette 44, Barkus, Richard 229 Barleeus, Ellen 202 Barnard, Cheryl 47, 66,142 Barnard, Curtis Bird Anderson, Lori 60, 61, 201 Anderson, Mathew Andrson, Ronald 185 Anderson, Scott 201 Anderson, Sharon 201 Anderson, Sheryl 201 Anderson, Wendy 141 Anderson, William 85,120 Andre, james 201 Andresen, Katrina 131,136, 141, 178 Andrew, Loyd 229 Andrews, jeffrey 229,106 Andrews, Nancy 50, 201 Angerer, Margaret 141 Anspach, Cindy 141 Antonio, Christopher 91,229 Barnes, Steven 101,142 Barnett, Alan 229 Barney, Mr. Kent Barrett, Karen 202 Barrett, Michael Barrett, Scott 110, 202 Barrington, Robin 130,142 Barrington, Stanley 202 Barrios, William 142 Barry, Steven 184 Barthelemy, jim 44, 202 Bartlett, joseph 202 Bartlett, Mr. Lennis 266 Bartolme, Mary 202, 229, 73 Barton, Dana 142 Barton, Karen 202 Barton jr., William 202,230 Black Black YT' Blohm, Heidi Bloom, Michael 143 Blooomfield, Linda Blumhagen, jean 143 Blumhagen, Robert 203 Boatwright, Lynn 68,140,143, 186, 73 Bodeman, Lucia 229 Bogad, Michael 56, 66, 143,156 186, 75 Boggs, Mark 143 Bohmke, 22, 23, 112,143,186 Bohmke, Kathy 230 Boice, Nancy 47 Boisclair, Paul Boley, jeffrey Bollinger, Bontempo, Bontempo, Paul Bonura, Nancy Book, Bruce Bosacki Boulton Bovie, Mr. 75, 78, 92, Blair Blehr 272!lndex Baske, Dawn 229,134, 33 1 Susan 62,147, 315 115, 230 64, 145, 154 204, 224 james 264 185, 194 48, 68, 204 230, 106 Ann Brian 93,115, 230 Carey 145 Christine 145, 171, 186 Cynthia 57, 58, 59, 73, 145,186 Douglas 230,106 George 41, 44,145 julie 67, 73,134, 204 William, 85, 120, 204 Clark 50, 64, 67, 184 Casey 204 Terri 230 , james 115, 230 ,Candace 145- Douglas 50,204 Terry 231 Anthony 148, 118,119 Portia 231 jeffrey 231,121 Michael 231 Ronald 184 Randal 114,145 Catherine 184 ,Randy 204 Marc Eric Chidester, Cathy 146 Childs, Brian 205 Chisam, Kathy 44,93,134,146 Chisam, Mr. Scott 92, 269 Chorre, Heather 67 Christensen, Glenn Christensen, Kathryn 76,134, 231 Christian, Karen 231 Christian, Kim 16,146 Christiansen, Doug 231 Christman, Kevin Christoffers, Sandra 44,146 Church, Laurie 60, 205 Chute, Cathy146 Chute, Bill 231 Cimarusti, Kevin 105, 205 Cimini, Diana 231 Cimini,john 231 Ciochetto, jon Clark, Carolyn 68, 78,146 Clark. Keith 91 Clark, Lori 25, 27, 70,146,159 Clark, Timothy 146 Clarke, james 205 Clarke, Melinda Claro, Chris 205 Clawson, Brad 231 Claypoole, Dave 231 Cleary, john Cleaveland, Therese 231 Cleghorn,Ann 132,133,205 Clemens, Karen 60,146 Clementino, jamie 146 Clements, Linda 146, 189 Clemmer, Richard 231 Cleveland, Timothy 70, 71, 208 Clifford, Curtis 109, 205 Clifford, Karen 60, 131, 200, 205 Clignett, jeannette Cline, Deborah 205,135 Cline, Doug 231 ' Closson, Karen 69, 131, 147, 30 Closson, Richard 75, 96, 97, 231 Coberg, Michael 22,122, 123, Cosner, Louann 231 Cossari, Eugene 231 Costa, Brion 231 Cotten, Patrick Coulter, Nina 184 Coupland, Cheryl 68,147 Covarrubias, Amanda 232 Cowgill, Don 232 Cox, Catherine 46, 206 Cox, Craig 24, 25, 27, 56,129, 147, 186 Coyle, Coyle, Coyle, Coyle, Coyle, Deborah Kathleen 206 Kevin 206 Kevin 206 Peggy 68, 206 Cozad, Roberta 184 173,184 Dana 46, 205 44, 231 147,149 114 205 Patrick 205 Cooper, Cindy 147, 195, 227 Cooper, jerri 16, 231 Cooper, jo Ann 60, 64, 65, 205, 212 Cooper, julie 58, 62, 231, 315 Cooper, Kathleen 205 Cooper, Kathryn 231 Cooper, Cozard, Mr. Cy 78, 79 Cramer, Debra 48, 232 Crandell, Prudence 206 Craven, Donald 114, 206 Crawford, Susanne - Crider, Kelly 78,93,115, 232 Cristiano, Emily 232 Cristiano, Mary 68,147 Crommett, Cory 206 Cross, Diane 57,130, 131, 136, 147, 186,189 Cross, William 44,232 Cronemiller, David 232 Crow, Nina 206 Crowe, Carol 148 Crowe, Suzanne 232 Crowley, Susan 46, 64, 206 Crusberg, Cynthia 44,232,135 Cruz lr., john Cuckovich, Scott 148 Cuffia, Patricia 148 Danchik, Dawn 206 Daniel, Donald, 72, 76,206 Daniell, Susan 206 Danielson, Lisa 136,232 Daramparis, Gina 206 Darrin, Thomas 206 Daughtrey, Beverly 206 Daves, Brent 52, 53, 55, 200, 206 r Cope, Gaylor147 Cope, janette 61, 231 Copeland, Mr. james 258 Copping, Craig 91,121,106 Cordano, Dr. Richard Cordon, Liz 231 Corey, Linda 204, 214 Corey, Margaret Corey, Victoria 147 Cornish, Neal 206 Corselli, Michael Corson, Kevin 147 Cortright, Sandra 147 Daves, Nancy 19, 42, 52, 57,148 186 Davider, Rick Davidson, Sven 232 Davila, Diane 206 Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis , Christopher 93, 206 , Dorothy 228, 232, 134 , Glenda 206 , George 5O,112, 206 , james 44 Davison, Richard 148 Dayman, Grant 232 De La Torre, Anthony 184, 263 lndex!273 De Santis, Mark De Thomas, Kari 148 De Thomas, lulie 232 De Visser, Alexandra 48, 207 De Vitis, Veronica 207 Dubin, Scott 98, 149 Ducich, Brad 117,118,119, 149 Duemler, Linda 233 Duff, Michael 89 Duffy, Kathleen 46,135,207 Evans, Robin 208 Eventov, Lisa 30, 46, 58, 59, 60, 61,161, 184 Eyer, lames 208 Ezzo, Nancy 73, 233 Foremny, Kimberly 209 Forillo, Gary 90, 234,121,106 Forsyth, Deborah 68, 209 Fort, Mark 152 Foster, Steven 234 Deacon, Tom 148 Deal, Donald 206 Deatherage, Brent 96, 97, 232 Decker, Heidi 206 Deetman,lon148 De Lancey, Paul 148,186 Delahooke, Suzie 30, 80, 93, 200, 207, 134 Dodge, Richard 143 Doherty, Karen 148 Doherty Terry 233 Dohling, Mr. Gerald 264, 265 Dolan, lames 115, 233 Dolan, Robert 207 Dole, Cindy 40, 233 Dominski, Theresa 233 Dondanville, Craig 148, 124 Downey, Doner, leffrey 233 Dootson, Deborah 200, 207 Dore, Timothy 104 Dorner, Sheri 233 Douglass, Douglass, Douglass Bruce 148 Diane 80, 233 Stephen 207 Dowden,,Deedra 61,184 Dowden, Gregory 207 Richelle148 Downs, Robert 93,114 Downum, Darla 233 Downum, Debra 50,149,187 Dozier, Don 91, 233 Dragicevic, Milan 149, 186,189 Drake, Sherri 207 Drenk, Christine 149 Drenk,William 207 Drenten, Edward 233 Drexel, Gregory 184 Driver, Mrs. lean 258 Drown, Laurie 207 Druker, Mrs, Beryl 261 Drury, William 115, 233 Du Mond, Tamra 44,233 Duane, Lori 66, 149, 30, 187 Dubin, Dorinda 46,135,207 274!lndex Duffy, Michael 97, 233 Duggan, Bernard 207, 233 Duhart, Mr. Paul 125 Dunbar, Lori 71, 207 Duncan, Alexander Duncan, Francine 233 Dunkelberger, David 233 Dunkelberger, Kendra 57, 69, Faes, Cheryl 68,150 Fairchild, Alison 185 Fairchild, Tracy Falasco, Andrea 233 Falbo, Tammy 208 Fallon, Gwendolyn 150 Fallon, Kirk 208 Fallon, Robert 150 Elby,Nina30,136,23Qii ,,,. Elby, Valene 136, ,L ' " - Elder, Michael as, ricihe' 7, L34 4 Eldredge,Susan150 ,, ilf151f ' , Eldridge, Raenerl 233? lts , fist? 20 Elizalde, timmy 89, 12 F 342153 Elliott, Kevin 207 Flahi .Patrl'i . 34 Elliott,Thomas150, " ' fi 4 F f'frs.LgttFe - Ellis, lan 233 ,Fl ,ayr zoa gg Ellis, Kathy 233 .E Flair K n 45551 22 Ellis, Victoria ft , .IHS if athleen 84 Ellman, Linda150 ,,j"2',iIet et.7g5 25" Ellsworth, Lori150 iff., A Z ',,: Het- Eel-,Mgr D Engemann, Michael A 'E f igy, Flin 1 1 ll , f. N Engemann,lohn 207 A . , QPIQ , u Engle, Carole 47,66, i ' Enright, Richard 85, 1 ' FIQIGS, Edwal1Cl'4DiH ,97, Entnansitaiylzas . .Q 8 at ffloyd,kevini234 a . . Epstein, lana 39' 9-uililoyd 5113351 2 Erdman,Catherine .. E, Flobitev 2084- N Erdman,Scott100,1 i, iii ' 4. HQ erry1,51-i X Eredia, Keigh115 fi t' , i , T Erhardt, Christopher 44,121, 233 Flynn, Iames 234 Erickson, lean 150,186 Flynn, Robert 208 Eriksson, Nord 23,233 Fodor, Arthur109, 127,151 Erpenbeck, Kristi 208,135 Fogarty, lack 208 Ertel, Daniel90, 115,233 Ertel, Tracy 185 Erwin, leffrey150 Escobedo, Roberto 233,106 Eustachy, Marilyn 178, 233 Evans, Dalla 208 Evans, David 41, 44, 48,208 Evans, lohn 91,115,233 Evans, Kimberly 233 Fontaine, Dorine 234 Fontenot, Lynna 209 Foote, laniece 26,234 Forbes, Thomas 48, 126, 127, 151 Forbes, Timothy 41, 44, 48, 56, 57,152,187 Forden, Steven 66,185,193 Forden, Stuart 51,127, 234 Fordham, Susan 209 Garside lll, Frederick 152 Garside, Laura 80,152, 186 Carton, Susan 234 Garzio, Anthony 82,104, 200, 209 Garzio, Catherine 153, 186 Gatewood, Mr. 270 Gathers, Karen 44, 48, 209 Gaydos, Mrsi Anne 271 Gaynor, Paul 234 Geare, Gerald 234 Gearheart, julie 135, 209 Gehring, Linda 234 .: ,Q f 5,3452 . Qreenman, Debra 235 Greenshields, Philip 155 Gregory, Susan 44,133,238 Gltilfin, Darlene 235 Debra 210 loel 93,112, 155 Brian 155 Carol 210 - Lori 51, 235 Steven 210 Frank 210 Iames 210 lodi155,156,187 Wertdy 46, 210 lrl g:avid,ta4, . ' 4 KathrynT21'0 1 Mary 235 , Catherine 210 Richard 89,110, 208, Harker, Bret 236 Harker, Kerry1 Harner, Bruce 156 Harnois, Lisa 236 Harper, Ann 236,134 Harriman, Bruce 156 Harris, Mr. Boyce 262 Harris, Mr. Glenn 259 Harris, lohn 94, 98, 211, 223 Harris, Michael 156 Harris, Mr. Robert 253 Harrison, Robin 211 Harrison, Todd 211 Hart, Clete 236 Hart, 1 1 se. 14155, Hess, Lorinda 44, 48,156 Hezlep, Susan 30, 212 Hicks, Amanda 44,157 Hicks, Tammy Hicks, Theresa 212 Higginson, Matthew 236 Highman, George 236 Highman, Lynn 22, 56, 57, 62, 157, 186, 315 Hightower, Brenda 236 Hiderbrandt, Guenther 90 Hill, Casey 236 H ill, Donald 185 Hill, Glenn 236 Hill, George 212 89-157 ,,. Glaser, Sandra 135, 235 Glen, Susan 238 . " Glen, William 154 Glover, larnes 92,112, 154, Glover, Terri 210 t Glynn, Charldttei235?i' Brian 90,105,235 Cynthia 210,. . Elainefsf Haas, Ha Linda 212 Holmlund, Neal 41, 44, 48, 56, 68, 21 2, 120 46, 213,236 96, 97, 236 50, 112, 156, 75,93,11s, 157, 186 Hontos, lohn 24, 212, 70 Hope, Ieffrey 44,157 Horne, William 41, 44, 48,126 157 Horstman, Mrs. ludith 271 Horton, Boyce 236 Horton, David 212, 266, 73 Horton, David P.50,114,212, 230 Horton, Timothy Hostler, Warren 212 Housman, Kevin 91,236 Houston, Sandra 236 Gove, Mary 154 Graff, Allan 44,235 Graham, Larry 210, 235 G rater, Laurie 62, 63, 80,130, 136,137,154,187, 315 Greco, Denise 235 Greco, Marilyn 54, 210 G reen, Catherine 67, 76, 77,154 Greene, David 66, 72,210 Green, Matthew 109, 235 Greenburg, Candace 62, 135, 164,184,191, 315 Greene, Mlchael 210 I-jerron, 1' Herron,Nancy156 Hardwick, l6hnie'1.14,156i'1 , i'i V' ' ' 1 Hersgckl Nlgl-M3156 Hardy, Richard 156 Hertel, Elizabeth 236 Hovanitz, Karl 157 Hovespian, Carol 62,68, 157, 315 Howard, james 80, 81, 212 Howard, Sheri 236 Howe, Elizabeth 236 Howland, lames Hsu, Christina 136, 212 Hubbard, Alan 66,236 Hubbell, Lila 50,157 Hubel, Evelyn 158 Huber, Donald 212 Huber lr., Robert Huber, Theresa 236 Hudig, Christian 212 Hudson, Donald 158 lndex!275 44, 56 Hudson, Robin 69, 80,212 Huffaker, Allan 158 Huffman, Terri 212 Hughes, james Hughes, joe 212 Hughes, Craig 236 Hugher, joycene 69,157 Hughes, William 236 Hulett, Diana 237 Hulett, Mark 89,208,212 Hulett, Sandra 237 Hull, Mark 90, 91, 237 Hull, Michael 85, 89, 212 Hull, Scott 93, 115, 237 Huls, Douglas 213 H ultman, Mark 213 Humble, Lori 213 Hummel, Kim 213,135 Humphrey, Mary Bee 237 Hunsicker, Mrs. Elsie 268, 269 Hunt, Erin 213 Hunter, Holly 158 Hutchings, Brian 93,237 Hutchison, William Huttenlocker, Gail 213 Huyler, Christine 67, 213 lgoe, john , , ller, Donald 75,188 ties, Amanda 44 48 57 158 186 t llgenfritz, K 171 237 lngels, ,, 651218 Inman, Scott 213 lnnes,Vi6ky,237 ,ff ' I ' ' , ' V . ,, TV ,A . ,,, , . M lovine, Gina 67,f158, 186 Iovine,james184 V , lovine , john 237 lovine, Lisa 237 lpema, Myrtle 213 lsensee, Ernie 'V , jabara, Fa an rris 159 jackson, Carol jackson, Ric 237 jackson, Robert 237, 207 jagodzinski, Diana 237 jahnke, Andrea 136,159 jahnke, Mary 237 jakeway, Leslie 136, 213 james, Cecile 184 james, Todd 237,96 james, Thomas 237 jardim, Luiz 34, 52, 56, 59, 146, 159 jasco, Stanley 121, 237 jemelian, Sheri 78, 237 jenkins, Brad 115, 237 jenks, Diana 159 jennett, Kathleen 30,237 jennings, Cheryl 46,611,213 jensen, Daryl 237 jensen, Kurt 237 jensen, Lynn 46, 213 jensen, Peter 237 jepsen, David 91,159 jess, William 22, 52, 62, 94,140, 144,159,315 johannsen, Donna 237 john, Gregory 237 johnson, Barbara A. 44, 68, 213 johnson, Barbara L. 159 johnson, Blair 237 johnson, Bonnie 237 johnson, Brian 110, 213 johnson, Cheryl 237 johnson, Dale 237 johnson, Deborah 19, 38, 69,154 johnson, 276llndex Denise 46, 48, 213 johnson, Dennis 44 g johnson, james B.1 johnson, james S. johnson, jan 159 johnson, Mary 26, 27,9 7 johnson johnson Pa ela johnson, johnson, Robert 93 johnson, Sherri 213 johnson, Tammy johnston, Gail 68 ,Michael1i:?f? ",,, V iiir I V iii johnston, Kimberly johnston, Sandra johnston, Sandra joiner, Kenneth 159 jokkel, Mr. Bill 270 jonasen, Barbara 15 jones, Debra 159 jones, Dorothy 213 ' jones, Edward 184 jones, Gregory 62, 117,118,119 jones, john jones, Laurie 64 195, 186 jones, Ltsa135,,23Z ... lstg, ll. jones,Maurrce.2Il3 4,,, ,,, iii, . ii jones, Robert159 1 xr' jones, Sharon 2377 A gf jones, Vicki 237 8 'gtx Q 'trt jordon, joseph, Randall 92133 fs. IOSQPHSOMKilif133f21s34 lov, Nat-1li?:2418. 68i1?l4t joy, Richard 94, 98, 213 junvik,Cathy. Kaiser Kevin Kaminski, Ma Kaminski, Rut Kaminski, Suse r e e r 9 Kading, Mrs. It i Kant, Kathlyn Kaplan, Kenn Kaplan, Rene Karch, Sharon Karousses, Re Karr, Brian 10 Karr, Gregory85, 108,160 Karr, Leslie 40 Kasnicka, Sally 160 Kathman, Paula 44,58, 213- Kaufman, jacquelin 238 Kavelaar, Mrs. Margaret 268 Kavinski, Kristina 132, 160 Kawahata, Brian 160 Kearney, Timothy 213 Kearns, Katherine 46,213 Keavney, Mr. Owen 253 Keavney, Robert 238 Keavney, Terrance 112,160 Keck, Kathryn 238 Keegan, Bryan 213 Kehoe, Teri 213 Kelii, Douglas Kelley, Arthur 213 Kelley, Mary 213 Kellogg, Christopher 44, 213 Kellogg, Lawrence 44, 231, 238, 96 Kelly, Barry jones, Pamela-1237 1 ..11l gii. Q, ii 60, 61, A Anthony 214 s -4 ig. iuder, Laurie 215 108, 214 Lanza, Gina 214 Larew, Kathryn 161 Larew, Kim 44 Large, Mary 184 Large, Sara 215, 239 Larrick, john 122, 215 Larson, Curtis 108, 215,120 Larson, Laurie 161, 186 Lasken, Scott 215 Last, Dale 121, 215 Laszlo, joseph 161 Latham, Mrs. Mar Latimer, Carol 215 Knueven, Mark 214 Knueven, Timothy 238 Kocherhans, Tamara 238 Kochevar, Carole 214, 238 Koeppel, Robert 44, 238 Kofford, jane, 52, 53, 61, 161, 135, 187 Kolar, jeffrey 161 Korpowski, Karen 238,134 Kracher, Kathleen 214 Kraemer, Lore 161 Kraft, john 238 Krag, Thomas 214 Krall, Robin 131, 214 Kramb, William 22, 52, 58, 96,l 200, 214 Kranser, Philip 238 Kratovil, David 238 Kress, Helena 161 , Kreykes, Timothy Krinke, 'Diane 62, 238, 314 Krinke, Donna 93, 214 Kroeger, Dory161 s Q 1 T1-N Lauman, Glenn 44 Laun, jeffrey 161 Law, Renee 215 Lawrence, Roger Lawry lil Stanley Lawson lbavid Le Beck- Denise Le Gros Le Vay, Leal, john Lear, Mary Lease, jim ..Lee, LEE, -vo Lee, we ah. ' 46,661 ' M1chigel,,215 , Lehner, Lorilyn 215 Leinhart, jean 161 Leinhart, joyce 68,162 Leis, james 91 Lehr, Kim 215 Leisner, judy 61, 69,162 Lemon, Priscilla 239 Lent, julie 239 Leochner, Kathi 215 Leonardini, Debbie Oli K ut 'Q -Uiqqgston, Lesperance, Douglas Lyle, jeff 216 Lesperance, lames 85, 89,162 Lynch,luIie162 Lester, Denise 162.186 Lynch, Kathleen 131,239 LGUOF1. BTYU3152 Lynch, Luke 84, 85, 86,120, 216 LEVEII1, Mark 85, 89, 104, 239 Lyndon' Mr, Wayne 262 Levitt, Bruce 215 Levitt, l-Ynda 239 Mac Donald, Barbara 162 Lewis. Brent 215 Mac Donald, Brad 184 Little, Arthur 239, 270 Little, Dale 91, 239 Little, Sherril 215 Liu, Maisie2 9 Litwin, Yvett 215 vingston, eborah ivingston Lori 34, 52, 131, 153, Livi sto ,Paige239 , iS3'l62,187 Lloyd,li 239 Lober, nn215 162, 187 Locker Doug 80,162 Lomas ey, Catherine 46, 66, 215 Long,' nne 22, 46, 48, 57, 162, 17 ,135,187 Lon ,Charlotte 48,215 Lon ,lames112,162 Lo ,lulia 72, 76, 239 Lo g, Karen 215 68, 216 , Lubqw, , LH1-PY, ,,,.Lucas, lohn 85, 89,162 ' " 'gFLuce, Robert 184 L' Lucero, Mr. Dan 270 Ludwig, Kirk 184 Magline Luehwesmann, Gail Magonl Beverly 216 Luff, Lori 216 Mason, Victor 96, 240 lUSl,5l1EllY 239 Matern, Catherine 240 Lund. Gary 78,92,112,11-4,216 Matern, David 41, 44, 48, 56, 163 Lunden,Gail162 Matthews, Gregg 108,163 l.Uf1gl't6I'd, Laura 61,162 Malhewgl Nancy 44, 240 Lunn, David 216 Matlock, Sally 240 Lu21i,Debra 216 Matlock, Susan 163 Luzzi, Vincent 184 Maltecheck, Matthew 216 rad 22, 52, 96, 215 HC Mau, leannette 50, 216 Maupin, Keith 164 Maurer, Mr. Robert 269 Mavredakis, lohn 164,187 May, Matlhew104,216 Mayer, David Mayer, Michael 70, 216 Mazone, David 110,111, 216 Meacham, Nina 217 Meaglia, lames 217 Medley, Robert 184 Meehan, Elizabeth 48, 58, 59, 217 Megaro, Matthew 217 Meiers, Mr. lohn 90,120,262 Mele, Louis 75,165 164 2o,42,11s, 3 6 216 18, 216 E40 1 68,216 .4, 166 240 E16 164 240 Gregor Grego Mc lntyre, loel 240 Mc Kenzie, Lynn 44, 57,133, 164, 187 Mc Keon,WilIiam 120,217 Lorri lea 240 93,114,217 44, 240 46, 80, 96, Mc Mlllln, Robert 217 Mc Monigle, David 164 Mc Monigle, lames 217 Mc Nair, Patricia 240 Mc Nall, Patricia 30, 33, 48, 49, 66,164,187,189 Mc Nally, Cynthia 240 . Mc Namara, Daniel 165 Mc Naughten, Steven Mc Pherson, Debbie 62, 63, 240, 315 20, 85, 86, 87, Melena,lames165 Melkesian, Allan 22, 52,91,121, 228,240 Melkesian, Denise 130, 131, 165 Mellado, Philip 90,240 Mallon, Colonel George 77, 269 Meloh n, Deborah 165 Mendez, Miguel 44 Meola, Robert 240 Merkley, Gregory 24, 56, 70,165 187 Merola, Lisa 240 Merriam, lason 217 Merriam, Paris 240 Merriss, Kathleen Merritt, Carolyn 68,165 Merritt, Holly 217 Merritt, lennifer 240 Miller, Mark G. 218 Miller, Mark N. 72, 76, 104, 218 Miller, Steven 101, 112, 165 Miller, Todd 48,109,218 Milligan, Kelley Mills, Leslie 165 Milversted, Robert Mitchell, Cindy 165 Mitchell, Gary 89,118,165 Mitchell, Gregory 217 Mitchell, William 165 Mittman, Scott 47, 48,217 Miyamoto, Keith 56, 94,95, 165, 189, 187 Mizia, Susann165 Mocerino, Christine 210,218 Mocerino, Michael 240 Mock, Cheryl 240 Mocnik, Larry 17, 112, 121, 241 Moffat, Mrs. Ethel 259 Mohr, Linda 59,68, 131,133,218 Molden, lohn110, 218 Monroe, April 18, 42, 43,165 Montgomery, Tammy 24 Mooneyham, Robin 165,184 Moore, Charles 241 Moore, Eric 41, 44, 48, 56, 57, 165 187 lndexf277 1 Moore, Ronald Moore, Steven 90, 241 Moore, Valerie 241 Morabito, Marydomin 56, 57, 58, 74, 28, 134, 166, 187 Morassini, Ronald 89,114, 218 Moreman, Carol166 Moreno, Lori 218 Moreno, Raymond 90 Morgan, Diane 166,195 Morgan, Mr. Thomas 23, 270 Moriana, Frances 166 Moritz, leffery 218 Morones, Camille 241 Morones, Melinda 166 Morris, Robert 77, 218 Morris, Mr. Ronald 262 Morris, Stasi 241 Morris, Vicki 218 Morrison, Bradley 166 Morrison, David 218 Morrison, Kathleen 218 Morse, Cathleen 218 Morse, Edwin 166 Morsillo, Diane 39, 57, 166,187 Morsillo, joseph 44, 241 Mosco, Tammie 218 Moye, Vickie 166, 187 Muhleman, Nancy 136,241 Muhleman, Sandra 30, 46, 74, 218 Mulick, Robert 166 Mullen, Christopher 241 Muller, Andrew 241 Muller, Carl 44, 56,166,187 Mulvay, Rodney 218 Mundy, leannie 166 Munger,Christie166 Munill, loan 241 Munill, Munill, 89, 97 Murphy, M urphy, Robert Murray, Dean 74 Murray, Mutschler Kristy Mutschler, Mutschleri Wendy Myers, Dorothy 47, 161,167 - Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers Nader, Nader, Nader, Nagy, Betty 167 Nagy, lstvan 219 Nahra, Mr. Fred 260 Nairn, Kimberly 57, 61, 66,167, 187 Nanez, lose Nash, Laurie 46, 209, 219 Nash, Patricia 30, 68, 80, 81, 219 278llndex Nf3U0l1S, Robert 219 Onderdonk, Mr. Richard 75, 262 Perone, Gina 242 NGHSG, Bradley 75,167 Orell, Howard 44, 219 Perry, lanice 60, 221 NSHSE, 13013111 31, 52, 223, 241 Olender, Daniel 219 Perry, Kenneth 242 Neelands, lames 22,167 Qrlagkil 53,-ah1g4 '- - A- A -- Nesfi. D0nald167 Orlaski,Saundra 135,241 Negfl, Ronald 167 Orme, Katherine 33, 241 Nell,lEt1nifEI' 219 Osborn, Alyson Nelson, Eric l. 76, 2 " Nelson, Eric W. 86, Nelson, lanet 167 Nerheim, Lisa 219 Newmeister, Mr. la Neumeyer, Garth 1 Neuwirth, Eric 219 Newell, Carol 136, Newell, Deaneenj Newman, loannel Newman Newman, William Newton, Glenn 12 Newton, Sherril 61 Nicely, Adelle 134, Nichols, David 241 Nicholson, Debbie Nicholson, Stephe Nicholson, Tamar: , Pevey, Ray 90, 242, 245 Nicoll Maureen1 " Ntcometo Laura 2 Nielsen Anne 34 Nielsen, lanice 61 Nielson, Daivd 18 Nilsen, Cathrin 21. Nimmo, Susan 1 0, Niven, Amy 58,13. Noble, Christophe Noble, Robin 219 Nolton, Gary 76, 91 196,219 Nickloff, Ronn 122 I I 2 K 68 I Oedekefk, Robert 96, 241 Pendo, Catherine 136, 242 Porter, Candy 170 019, Debra135,168 Pendo, Anne 23, 57, 64,131,149, Portis, Connie 25, 27, 60, 70,155, Oldham, leremv 219 169,187,228 170,187 1 Olivas, Rebeca Penne, lane 130, 131, 228, 242 Posen, Linda 22, 35, 39, 57, 62, Olson, C11-H195 219 Penney, Cheryl 221 63,170, 187, 315 Olson, lames Penney, Mr. Gerald 263 Posner, Lisa 243 O150n,Wa11ef 241 Peritore, Mr. Fred 263 Possemato, Steve 22, 88, 89, 220, Omens, Gregory 241 Perkins, Mark 242 120 Reilly, Kathleen 68, 221 Reilly, Kevin 243 Reinecke, lanet 44,221 Steven 221 lanice 171 ' Lori 171 Vicki 221 1 Rice Carolyn 68, 221 Ross, lackii 222 Ross, Robert 90, 244 Ross, Tina 173 Rosskopf, lulie 46,222 Rountree, Mark 64, 67,173, 193 Rouser, lohn 173 Rowe, Mr. Stephen 269 Rowley, lames126,127,173 97, 244 90, 246 44, 49, 74, 75, Schiano, Robert 44,127,244 Schiltz, Leslie 244 Schilz, lerry 88, 89, 115, 244 Schinke, Stanley 44,222 Schmidt, lodie 133,179 Schmidt, Lila 68,222 Schmitt, William 192, 244 Schmitz, Sandra 244 Schmitz, Sara 44 Schmitz, Scott 67, 174, 71, 187 Schneider, Craig 44, 244 Schneider, Kathy 174 Schneider, Lynnellen Schoelz, lames 41, 44,92, 112 114,222 Schouten, Raymond 222 Schreiber, Margaret 184 Schreiner, Stephen 44,222 Schroeder, Cynthia 174 Schuler, Suzanne 140, 174, 187 Schultz, Connie 80,244 Schultz, leffrey 222 Schultz, Miss Lynn 132, 264 Schumacher, Richard 244 Schuster, Stephanie 48,222 Lindy 172,187 , 80, 81, 220 412,113,174 76 Robipiq 84 Lyn n,68, 22 lean 70, 222 Lois 182 184 270, 271 rrana 244 48, 200 154, 1 74 39, 174 Alice 62, 67,155,174, 89, 1 20, 222 Schwab, Mr. Fred 266 Schwellenbac, Sally 174 Scott, Chris 44,244 Scott, Ianice 174 Daniel Sequiera, Lynne 67,245 Serar, Colleen 68, 73, 75, 132, Sercombe, Spencer 245 Sewell, Timothy 223 Sexton, Andrea 128 Sexton, Malinda Sexton, Michael 223 Shafran, Beth 62,175 Shafran, Nancy 67,223,245 Sharkey, Patrick 96, 97, 223 Sharp, Gregg 223 Shaw, David 175 Shaw, Sachi 245 Shaw, liIl175 Shaw, Michelle 245 Sheets, Donna 245 Sheldon, Stuart 245 Sherrill, Patricia 136, 223 Shevell, Suzanne 245 Shibley, Mark 101, 112, 175 Shields, Michael 228 Shipman, Glen Shoemaker, Curtis 44,175 Shonfeld, Laurel 80, 248 Short, Garrett 178, 187, 189 Short, Susan 223 lnde Sensenbach, Craig 68,175,187 - - r - . - .v...,, --vue... ..-J IDW , Shroads, Richard 175, 188 Shroads, David 223 Shuster, Audrey 40, 245 Siemon, Melanie 245 Siemon, Timothy 223 Silver, Craig 223 Silverstein, Mr. Stanford 260 Simon, Vicki 133,223,264 Simons, Ronald 89,223 Simovich, Cynthia 175 Simpson, lames 91 Singer, lackie 223 Sincavage, Timothy 245 Sinclair, Barbara 52,134,175 Singman, Daniel 175 Sipp, Steven 223 Skipsted, Russell 248 Skillman, Roger 223 Slape, Terrance 112, 178 Slater, Mrs. Carol 264, 267 Slice, David 223 Slice, Linda 245 Slingluff, Edward 68, 223 Slone, Diane 175 Smale, Victoria Smith, Alan 245 Smith, Andrea 245 Smith, Carrie 73,136, 214, 223 Smith, Claire 175 Smith, Deborah 75 Smith, Mr. Doug 88, 265 Smith, Heather 44,223 Smith, Kathryn 17, 214, 223 F .. . . ,.,, ,, , t 4 1 Spalione, Kathy Spangle, Linda 224 Sparks, Mark Sparling, Shawn 224 Spaulding, Raymond 110,176 Speaker, Scott 176 Speizer, Marshall 176 Spellman, Eric 224 Spellman, Shauna 44,135,245 Spellman, Trista 60,176 Spencer, lacelyn 44 Spencer, lames 224 Spencer, Robert 89,224 Spielman, Beth 245 2801 Index Sposato, Ralph 120, 224 Sprague, Barbara 93,134, 206, 224 Spurgeon, Henry 48,176,187 St. Clair, Robin 176 St. lulien, Leslie 176 St. lulien, Richard 245 Staebler, Deborah 176 Stahl, Donald Stahl, Leonard 176, 264 STalzer, Kathleen 176 Stangeland, Skip 245 Stapleton, Mr, George 266 Stapp, Cathi 245 Stapp,leriAnn135,I Stapp, Susan 176,18 Starkey, john 224 Starr, Mr. Paul 260 Stead, Randall 44, 21 Steele, jeffrey 224 Steele, Stacey 176 Steelhead, Susan 24 Steen, Robert 224 Stegner, Greg 110,1 Steinhouse, Robin 1 Stella, loseph 176 Stephens, james 245 Sterk, Eileen 176 Stevens, Dale 68,17 Stevens, Grant 68,1 Stevens, Kimberly1 245 Stevens, Tami 224 Stun, Mike90 Sullivan, Anne 62, 63,177, 315 Sullivan, Devon 177 Sullivan, Eric 224 Sullivan, Kevin 177 Sullivan, Matthew 246 Sullivan, Patricia 68,224 Sullivan, Scott 224 Sullivan, Virginia 246 Sultzbach, Robert 66, 93,112, 'l77 Summers, Kelley 135, 224 ' Summers, Roger 224 Summers, Ronald 121,245 Summers, Steve 112 Summerville, Gary 245 Summerville, Greg 68, 177 Sundberg, Rachel 135,177 Sundstrom, Mr. Fred 270, 271 Supple, Diane 62,'l34,135,177, 315 Supple, Robert 44, 224 Susnar,Ioanne177 Swafford, Steven 74,177 Swanson, Dirk 75, 93, 224 Sweeney, lohn 85,104,112, 224 Sweeney, Victoria 177 Tiahrt, Peggy 225 ribs, David 225 Tiffany, Patricia 40, 69, 225 Tindall, Cynthia 48, 61, 246 Tippy, Marc 246 Tirado, Miranda 48,178 Tirapelle, Treva 80,135,225 Tisdial, Curtis 44, 246 Tober, Greg 178 Tober, Mark 90,115,246 Todd, loyce 71, 93,134, 225 Toile, Liz 60, 61, 69, 178 Tomblin, Frederick 246 Tomkins, Tamara 225 sz, ss, 9 i" if tli D ,1-Ufley, K K Q Turner, Paula 179 flQurrjidge,,Donna 246 Tustin, Katherine 246 179 David 121 aldivia, Frances 226 Valencia, Pamela 246 Valentine, Deborah 179 Valko, Karen 132, 179,187 Van Bibber, Debbie 179 Van Debrooke, lohn 246 Van De Car, Michael 246 Van Dongen, Linda 34, 52, 57, 58,143,179 Van Dusen, Theresa 246 Van Holten, Ladd 220 Van Horne, Cathy 179 Van Oss, Mark 246 Van Wormer, Roy 179 Vance, Steven 44,246 Vander, Laura 226 Vanlandigham, Mark 75, 101, 179 vann1,usa 62, 63, 135, 226, 315 l Varela, Renne 246 l Varney, Debra 68,226 Varney, Debra 68,226 Vasily, Stanley 179 l Vaughon, Cynthia 246 Vawter, Travy 246 Warren, Wendy 135, 247 Wilbur, Francene 247 Ver Burg, Amy 226 Washburn, Karen 226 Wilcox, Lloyd 181 Verhage, lohn 246 Waterhouse, Karen 70,226 Wild, Mr. William 271 Verhovek, Lisa 28, 31,132,179 Watkins,lune180 Wilkens,lane 247 Vickery,AIlen119 Watkins, Kim 247 WiIkinson,Carol227 Vickery, Susan Watson, jeffrey 180 Wilkinson, Debra 181 Vickroy, lludy 226 Wayne, Suzanne 44, 48, 226, 264 Wilks, Mr. Doug 266, 267 Wood, Susan 182 Woodard, Thomas 85, 89,182 Woodard, David 247 Woodworth, Dale 76, 77, 227 Woodyard, Mark 182 Woolverton, Wendy 46, 227 Working, David 112,182 , Heidi 187, 315 Walker, Randy 184 89 180 Dennis 226 Bruce 227 Lisa 227 ' V Walker, Scott Wallick Wallock, Eric la Walmsley, Wallstrom, 189,196 Walsh Walsh, Walter Wick, Mr. Robert 263 Wollard, Brenda 69,247 Wickland, lohn 180 Wollard, Bruce 182 Wideman, Carol 180 Wolleydt, Renee 227 Widder, Mark 163,180, 315 Wolverton, Bobbette 32,182 Wiesner, Brian 121, 247 Womack, Nancy 227 Wiggins, Timothy 181 Wood, Kevin 247 Wilbanks, Desiree 46,181 Wood, Michael 76, 77,182 Zregmont, Mika 247 Ziemba, Brenda 134,247 Zneimer, Susan 135 227 Zoller, Terry 183 Zorkocy, Randy 41, 44, 47, 48, 183 Zorkocy, Suzanne 44,247 Zwiebel, Cathy 46, 48, 60, 227 -1' ,jg , in Q- J.- rf: Sufi? is:fg,.' 5 rr Index!281 GUCIACXSHVWQ A I I' Nut 5, fm 284!Advertising BOB'S BIG BOY 'fu EMPLOYMENT RESEARCH 124 South First Avenue 446-8865 ,, SMITHS, REALTY Residential - 2. The Office of I ' I, svum' Personalized Service HCTQIE. 0 -S mcoaronuzo MARGOT STROMBOTNE Exchanges ' 0 PQ BETTY LANZA BONNIE FRIEDRICH 3 sur nuurmcro onvs -6 2 ncwu CALIFORN oo a -57 1 403 So. First Ave. Arcadia, Calif. 91006 446-8844 A Kcudximfn. 61?-.Qr1LLr2,"fb Vffflf' W 4"m"11 vf-FQ it m,L4cQ'7"W0Qfa46Z' K 412 JMR, 1 5 Cyn u CS, mmm memes 3 QQ gif? ugly F I 'Q . 'P Q. JW zaasnummsron R 2624 N " " GWR W SAN MARINO. CALaCg:EIIA91l08 795-5025 fn! , . cy gm 573470 L41 bv mmqf? . gf'310lLLDv,6m " KW.:-r:-v-. ,lfqznr-rwrr In Y ARCADIAN STAFF Advertising!285 MR. NORMAN'S 160 West Sierra Madre Blvd. 355-9294 Imports - Food To Go 1 X 1 mee s GERMAN 49 ' Delicatessen-Bakery 'ram-2-r::.,'.:a"' 446-3293 REPUBLIC EgRg5M4L SAVINGS ARCADIA REGIONAL OFFICE ' I I 320 Santa Anita Fashion Park 12133 445-2600 LOCATION: North Mall- Lower Level- Next to Penney's HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9:30 to 8:30 Saturday 10:00 to 4:00 Insured, chartered and supervised by agenfies of the United States Government 286!Advertising UTTER MCKINLEY MORTUARY 611 W. Duarte Road Phone: 442-2722 Extension 73 KELVIN C. MASON Manager gm ' A.,-Gif :Am . A tt wifi ,e 'Q ln the Highlander Shopping Center Nosegays ' Corsages ' Headbands V' 157 East Foothill Blvd. 357-1828 WALLY'S MEATS 150 West Las Tunas 446-4695 LAZY DAISY A if lm ' ,fit IS'-I wil. L . 9' - 11: . ni ill ,fr . SIERRA MADRE THEATRE 602 East Walnut 792-9121 87 West Sierra Blvd. 355-2243 JERRY DORING INSURANCE AGENCY 735 W, Duarte Road - 3208 Arcadia, Calif. 91006 Local 42131 446-5777 "We Do Cafering Trays" Zdaddeu Deli ITALIAN G KOSHER FOOD ITEMS Sandwiches and Imported Cheeses ZENITH 0 RCA RAD OB Q TELEVISIONS Q STEREOS :Radio Jfospifal THE FINEST IN SALES 8: SERVICE Iws RIPAIR ALL Mums INCLUDING JAPANESE, 139 EAST FOOTHILL BOULEVARD ARCADIA. CALIF. 91006 HAROLD GROOMER 445 5952 Complete Line of: ' Walclwes ' Jewelry ' Diamonds ' Silverware EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR - OPEN suNDAYs - HUNTINGTON JEWELERS 152 E. Duarte Road Arcadia, cam. 91006 445.5399 447-43' 9 50 E. Hunlinglon, Arcadia Advertising!287 PERFORMANCE CENTER 1107 South Baldwin Avenue 445-4872 288!Advertising Bring your annual fo fho studio foil 1 IOM, discounfvon any studio ordcr BROTHERS PHOTOGRAPHY 1 28 East Huntington Drive 446-2193 J 0RJA'S Fine European Antiques and Distinctive Interior Design 63 Alta 445-2232 Arcadia, Calif. 91006 447-9256 l RV NO RE N'S Tennis Shop Restringing - Our Specialty Sales and Repairs Tennis Shoes - Clothing 445-3313 1002 North Santa Anita Avenue Arcadia iAt Santa Anita and Foothill! Rock Steady, Apaches RlCHARD'S 139 Santa Anita Fashion Park 446-4653 GRAHAM MUSIC 9616 Las Tunas 287-4944 Advertising!289 VACCO RUG 36 W. Live Oak Ave. 447-8169 GENERAM HARDWARI - GIFTS HOUSEWARES A Oqzcculia cffazlwazs ' SERVING ARCADIA SINCE 1916 fl' Crea tors ofhne class rmgs, awards, 52 E' HUNTINGTON DR' ARCADIA. CALIF. ca. K. uznmn an.u.nmz 447-2434 announcements, yearbooks, and diplomas 414677103 zsao E COLORADO BLVD PASAQENA CALIF 91107 12131796 elsl 447-D579 PEIGEOTGIIGLE Ji 124 W. LAS TUNAS DR.. ARCAIDIA BREEDER cr-core: - FROZEN Fooo ALI. NEEDS Fon vous Pars Qx. Effifvil xy!!! A R C A D I A 82 WEST LAS TUNAS DRIVE Phone 446-5287 JUST WEST OF DOUBLE DRIVE WHERE LAS TUNAS AND llVE OAK MEET QPEN Eyggy DAY 7130 A.M. Io 5:30 ILM, BOOKS-I1-THINGS 135 East Foothill Blvd. 358-3314 Get the F'iANK'S A-Q f Great Western feeling The feeling that comes from knowing you've put your savings in exactly the right place. GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS Assers oven S4112 BILLION GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ' MEMBER: FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION. FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK GREAT WESTERN 825 So. Baldwin Ave, Arc. 445-3836 FRESH FISH MARKET 445- I 8 I 0 27 W. Las Tunas Dr. Arcadia, Calif. 91006 Home 447-9802 Corner of Las Tunas Dr. and Santa Anita Ave. QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE AND luoolmo MARINE REPAIII EQHKQ .xaufomofiue .gzruice CUSTOM TRANSMISSIONS 42 W. LIVE OAK AVENUE BILL MATTICKS IARCADIA. CALIFORNIA 9l006 IZIIIJ 446-4780 Advertising !291 0 OFFIC ES ,N SSENIORS OF THE 1974-75 N rcadia Apache Marching and wish to thank EZ! Mr. David A ldstadt M r. Wayne Reinecke M rs. Eloise Gale Mr. Ron Hoar for making this season a victorious one! 292!Advertising Lenetle Barker Kim Burdick George Carlson lim Chaput Kathy Chisam Sandy Christofferson lohn lDiFlauro Marla D'Zurko Tim Forbes Tom Forbes Bob Friedman Debbie Gad Lisa Getzen Scott Gilford Lorinda Hess Mandy Hicks Kevin Hoar lim Hoffman Bob Hollingsworth Neal Holmlund leff Hope Bill Horne Amanda Iles Dennis johnson Renee Kaplan Rose Kent Brian Killeen Kim Larew john Leal Barry Lisbin Mary Lopez Vic Macchia Mark Malmrose Dave Matern Lynn McKenzie Eric Moore Carl Muller Charlie Papp Bob Pedrotti Richard Rapp Ruth Searfoss Curt Shoemaker Roger Snelling Stephanie Tymkovvych Brian Uhl Dave Williams Randy Zorkocy MON-ARC PHARMACY 94I West Duarie Rd. Monrovia, Calif. Free Delivery Phone 446-8294 Big Enough To Serve You - Small Enough To Know You "A company owned by a teacher" for experienced, professional income tax preparation specializing in teachers and students. . .T.T.C. T.T.C. Suite 9, 315 N. Azusa Ave. f213l 331-2111 Television - Radio - Stereo - Appliances RCA - MAYTAG sales 4 5 4 service 447-9515 - 447-8611 14ggg is A M 25 East Huntington Drive GE -WHIRLPOOL DAN ION ES Arcadia, Calif. 91006 FORMAL KNIGHT 1000 South Baldwin Ave. 445-0541 -4 444ii iii 'CIM' ,I 4 . Q DuacanL 1 . . ' " " " I ' ',,,g 1 .ex 2. ,.z,,jg 'QQAy., I p to n 4 is Q 2 4 N O U 1 5 "L Oufcmsf .J czza 4 .- ' " 444 " " " 4' tttr Tx if ' i ' I rl i I1 -- 11- 44 ii J , , 55. -.1 4,1 1-e' 2 -'i i 4 :V i4'1 O' -5 7' Z Q :Q ' A I iii ii ' ' 2 4 t s 30 E tt- 0 it .. as ive a 447-1234 Advertising f293 I2 I ay 445-9l95 PALACE CLEANERS HUNTINGTON HEALTH ARCADIA 445- 2467 HMPQMMWM WILLIAM O. MORRISON Dry Cleaning Owner Hungingfan Healih Cgub 4l' asf unfingfon r. Arcadia, California 9l00b DALE W HUSHAW 2Cl:5:.LE:lg?:n3:0?,2' nesnuem moons - Stqblara 76668 Quoting s al :Ie Vina Tsblsigs Tile 512 50. H351 AVENUE vi:Z0':::'3on AncAmA, CALIFORNIA oiooo 446-4469 wmzowoon moons PETE Paffw' HUMASON ""'n'5" TOM STEPHENS INSURANCE AGENCY Arcadia, Calif. 91006 Telephone 447-8137 CARPE' 150 N. santa Anita, Suite 635 A ii d le A ,E Q I .4,,,,,D l'4 ," ' L' h' K,'N 'fin ' ,, f f- ARCADM DATSUN MARIE CALENDARS 333 East huntington Drive 447-2101 820 South Baldwin Avenue 446-5229 294! Advertising R.-R. ROOF State License No. 262373 KC-393 306 W. Magna Vista 446-5389 "Fon Ti-eos: Accus-roman To Pznsoruu. Slavic: LE FRAN'S CLEANERS 2-HOUR SERVICE H5 So. Finer AVENUE Joi-are an MARX! 6AMu:l.rAN AR:::::g if:i2F?7NF1': Hours 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. 447-8310 Monday thru Saturday Tillie ,Artisan Art craft and Supplies Picture Frames - Glass and Mats - Cut to Order Custom Picture Framing 617 So. First Ave. HAROLD SHARP Arcadia, Calif. 91006 Wilson - Spol' Bill - Converse - Adironaclr Louisville - Rawlings Dealer For - Adidas, Nire 8: Tiger Shoes Arcadia Sporting Goods 207 SC. FIRST AVENUE ARCADIA. CALIF. 91006 AL. GOODE BILL GOODE 447-4923 DARELL'S HAIR STUDIO 1111 Highland Oaks Dr. 447-0735 Advertising 1295 ,,,,, L,LL,., Lgly, EUFTTHGTGTT .KSSC3 IAMES M. WALLIN MARCUS L. CIODFREYIR. CHRISTOPHER HENDRA DALE H. MLJSSACK WILLIAM QUINLAIN IR. DONALD R. ROSS HUNTINGTON ASSOCIATES SNAP-E-TACO 400 E. Huntington 445-7007 .5 ,J mrs. sr nisrmauron fc tv. Q24 cmP.LocK If . wALL cnvmc ' - . Pima me CONCRETE BLOCK Cr BLDG. SUPPLY CO. TRUE VALUE HARDWARE PAINT . numamc . zLzcrmcAL ARCADIA. CALIF, 60 W, LIVE OAK AVE. . DUN - BRICK tln 10 Colors! NEW G USED BRICK CONCRETE BLOCKS DESIGN BLOCK ' CEMENT - STEEL ROCK Gr SAND I 2133 447-3567 33 Whee,e,5t,eet 446-4651 Homer C. Shirley 42131 447-4291 , Avblv I ,Y fif-i1 "fJf4'Tii Ileif T Y ' II 4 ' I I L -V nnn I .LI G I 1 L 34' : gf V NNIKC' I 'I B F I F L i ... . .B.IKI I Tnn. S... L C ...44 -g 28351585 444- n n momliiiigivlos SKI I9 SDDIQTS sales rentals repau- skn ll scuba ' BSSOIIS 287.0556 8958 Huntington Drive, San Gabriel, Co. 9l775 I 296 1 Advertising -t CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIOR CLASS GLENJALE FEERAL SAVIINES AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 100 South First Avenue 446-5265 ' 681-0655 MAYrAG ARCADIA APPLIANCE CENTER SALES AND SERVICE WE REPAIR ALL MAKES Ol' WASHERS - DRYERS - DISHWASHERS as E. DUARTE Rom: ARCADIA. CALIF. 91oos .runs at Jsnnv znrcxson 446-44:19 38 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE SUITE 5 ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA ' 91006 IALTIIGKIIY TELEPHONE .CONTACT LENSES l213I 447-9541 128 E. Huntington 60 E. Live Oak Avenue '747 W. Duarte Road BANK 447-2'l1'l 446-4611 445-3350 Best Wishes to Arcadia's Future Home Owners ' .rx AN 3 'f Q. :iam 2 'fave'-f s Zzilifgi ARCADIA BOARD OF REALTORS 203 East Duarte Road HI 6-4649 Dual Exhauts Headers Mufflers U Tailpipes Shocks ARCADIA MUFFLER SERVICE 310 East Huntington Dr. FRANK YAMAMOTO Arcadia, Calif. JACK KAWAHATA 446-8340 KERR PRINTING 32 E. DUARTE RD., ARCADIA PHONE 447-2485 1 Advertising I 297 9 I K e n S 5 CARPET SALES AND SERVICE I I I I 1 Carpets Wmdoul Shades Draperies 516 So. First A e. A radio. Calil. 446-1507 John K. Borcher uceuseo comucron ENGINEERING-SCIENCE INC. 150 North Santa Anita Avenue 'rua aimrmc ' uma co B 1 ' I f if 80WeslSierraMadreBlvd Sierrahadrellalllomla - , N wg x CAROL A. BUYHER 355.1418 Arcadia California 91006 Area 213 445-7560 . Qing .S +15 "o K 0 Q' I QI' 4 ha' 1220 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach California 90254 12131 376-5511 1 v '."4ll.uo05'u. 297 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre California 91024 12131 355-3365 1.... E 300 E. Live Oak 445-5955 298!Advertising DANIEL? Ld. CGOPER ER 3951 East Huntington Drive Pasadena, California 91107 Los Angeles 681 -3401 KTOII Free! 792-1 541 , i TON FGRD 55 West Huntington Drive 447-3571 MU1-928-I CONNER TRAVEL SERVICE 310 South Myrtle Avenue Monrovia, California 91016 Phone 42133 359-1166 Complele Line of: ' Waiches ' Jewelry ' Diamonds ' Silverware ' 1f-fafzchhglf GARDENLAND Im. NUIIOIY - Landscaping .pjorfs Arcadia's Most Complete Garden Center 'Serving this area since 1950 BANKAMERICARD NMRGI ACCOUNT! EXPERT wmci-i AND I MASTER CIMRGE WHMMID JEWELRY REPAIR suoeer TERMS FR!! Dfllvfky 447-43 I9 50 E. Hunling+on, Arcadia H5 E' Uvf OAK AVE Phone 4458511 HUNTINGTON IEVVELERS 1' Advertising!2'99 .,- , BECHERER BUICK 840 West Huntington 359-3201 f , 714 Foothill Blvd. u 790-4103 Arcadia, Calif., GINA,S BEAUTY SALGN Foremost in Hair Fashions GUALTA Art'aciia,Calif. 91006 CINA PELLECRINO ', 2 213-446-7916 VALQQX -' 6 vous' J' tau ,4l5TSEx5 SAI-ON.-, FOB.2!,b"3 Banquet Facilities Telephone C2131 446-0155 il ' l l 0 PELLEGRINOQS ' " , ' D ' L i l' . 101 South First Avenue Your Hosts 2605 Hummglon rllfgs-2002 a Canal a' Cd ll' Arcadia, California 91006 DON 84 GINA F 3CXJ!Advertising STEI ER PO TIAC Advertising!301 i GUITARS LAMPS 0 DRUMS 0 PIANQS ORGANS 0 P.A. SYSTEMS 0 ACCESSORIES Paul and Tomss O 1023 SOUTH BALDWIN AVENUE 0 ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 f213J 447-0060 B.G.'S BEAUTY SALON 31 West Las Tunas Drive 446-7506 302fAdvertising GLASS MENAGERIE 1025 South Baldwin 447-3432 TOWNE CENTER BOOKKEEPING General Accounting and Tax Service Small Business and Individual ' Quarterly Returns, ' General Ledger ' Accounts Receivable ' Accounts Payable ' Financial Statements ' ' Tax Returns SUSIE KIOS 446-4449 25 Wheeler St. -Arcadia CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1975 J. C. HUMMEL vice Pnsslnsm E CAL-AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE, INC.x LIC 8 199606 EXECUTIVE OFFICES: 543 MONTEREY PASS ROAD MONTEREY PARK, CALIF. 91754 'I 12131 aaa-0291 On fha Corner On fha Square I s.- 1 Rose - Qi-fw , INC. x. - LEILA M. ROBERTS Phone 355-3344 'Hill ES SILES GINGISS FORMALWEAR 279 Santa Anita Fashion Park 446-3197 STEAK CORRAL 625 East Live Oak 446-2808 -fxguiaifz camfize. - afvuh gif!! - fA'iQ,,i i' b -s ici . . IJQIHVI Gott e as wg' ' 122 50. 9:14 aiu., a4m.lza, 604 91006 445-74.58 Advertising!303 ,feel Q Hairdressers "ARCADlA'S BEST SALON" Q A 10 Creative Stylists to Serve You fp Open 6 Days Air Conditioned for Comfort ' Ample Free Parking Better Health through properplumbing Ikeda PLUMIINU COMPANY 170 West Live Oak Avenue ' Arcadia, California 91006 Electric Snake Service Contracting Remodeling GUS GOLDIN Repairs 446-7588 TOWN AND COUNTRY Eo's Aizco sisizvicrrsireiz ' 5 West Foothill 445-1910 NOAH'S ARC PET CENTER 25 West Las Tunas Drive 447-6457 304!Advertising 3 BOB'S BEEF BURGER 218 East Huntington Drive 447-9861 Slounfain fpsn. csflollz X1 A 4f"" if r f 'l..4. Wfliifm Jawa! . ' Cross - Montblanc - Parker - Koh-n-Noor Fisher - Sheaffer - Paper Mate - Pentel Chromatic - Lindy - Bic - Pilot 5. 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SERVICE CALL HAL JORDAN or GORDON CALDWELL EL 5-7475 EL 5-6673 BankAmericard Master Charge Diners Card DARR STORES, BARRONS - 1271 South Baldwin 446-4681 Party Headquarters - Glasses - Bar - Etc. Liquors - Fine Wines - Deli Q Keg Beer 0f"4'f7'ffW"'4'y oaamajr PRICE F. GLEDHILL 210 E. Duarte Road Ptesidem Arcadia, Calif. 91006 Phone 446-2207 .PRICE CHEVROLET COMPANY 201 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, Calif. 91016 Phone: 359-8202 Advertising!311 GUNGRATULATIUNS to 'the class of 1975 M.P. MITRUVIGH 445-2 Congratulations To The Class Of 1975 From ROBERT H. LOUD FCRD vm. REALTY Gniugy S Baldwin l ""'L di. V2l 4452llI REAL ESTATE Q0 - gf Dr. Emil R. Ritter M.D. 623 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 446-4404 Dr. Robert A. Kelley tD.D.S.l General Dentist 3925 Huntington Dr. "C" Pasadena 792-6109 Dr. Darrell I. Holman Surgeon 612 W Duarte Road Arcadia 446-4645 Arcadia Medical Clinic 1108 South Baldwin Avenue Arcadia 446-8831 Dr. Richard A. Kramb Optometrist Suite 10 Medical Square 638 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 445-1186 Sponsors Dr. Iohn H. DiC.iulio Orthodontics 638 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 445-1431 Dr. Charles R. McMonigle Dentistry 406 S. First Avenue Arcadia 445-1622 Dr. loseph T. Culvervvell Orthopedic Surgeon 612 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 447-2147 Dr. Leonard Chanda Orthodontics 3925 E. Huntington Dr. Pasadena 795-5978 Compliments of Arcadia Physicians Dr. Michael G. Perera Medical Doctor 612 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 445-1853 Dr. Bert G. Hassler Medical Doctor 612 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 446-4621 Dr. Robert W. Puckett Medical Doctor 612 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 446-4621 Dr. W. Bruce Wallace Medical Doctor 612 W. Duarte Road Arcadia 446-4621 was , Q. .ng E . ' Q .. . 1 fir t S: f O A - ' .1 TVJXFQ .fi f. . 1 E-Vg, . Q, ,-9 - .. 9' - -. A Q Q Q , ' "Ms Q A ff. . tau .f ' u I - o 5 , H lv-. . ,F Q. I ,, , - . . - -- -V. , ."+'-val ire--fe-envy'-"Q-'-ft, - . -- f r""' 'f Q f. Qi, 'h A, , - " jx ' ' 1 4.3 I vue, .- ' me 1 N, . Q , J wr- .f .fe : shew 0" . :ev-- ?l!ul-N 1-fi-!.fa.f..s5l'.?fn ff? .. ' tt' -A . ,t,31.'mQi5......a. -,mrvj-q.?eT'S'ui5Nh --ff' . in v . ..,' ' 16 - .-'gpg 5 k-wr, -'A, - ,- .. I ' 'r "' i P : - 93113 . !..,' , l . .gl P . 4 V - 11.2 ,,,,g39'. Jig HK. 1 4- 'Lg 'T 6. 5:62, 1' K 5 ',!5"' 7.7 3? .. A Q -- - -,.i9..1f+m--- - .' ,,- ' ,, e - u Q, ng Y , ' I-if ZA an .Q u . - Q.. .... . lihkuhw - Qt - ' 4 . Da J, . 4 'Q :RQ-Q 9 - GNP 1. . '. ,. ,Q ,M . .rr Q Editor!Lynn Highman Assistant Editor!Belinda Roe Advisorflames Calderhead Photography Advisorllack Butler Introduction Lynn Highman Belinda Roe Divider Pages Belinda Roe Activities lanice Mies teditorl Malissa Masanovich Kirk Murphy Qrgagigatigns Heidi Walker feditorl Alison Burk lulie Cooper Sports Greg lones teditorl lim Garrett lodi Williamson Girls Sports Linda Posen teditorl Laurie Grater Seniors Susie Cooper teditorj leri Chastain Terri Sweet Laurie Wetmore Echoes Luann Yates teditorl Candy Greenburg All too often the pace of life is so fast that we sometimes lose touch with the world around us. What we're saying is hold on to today, grasp the meaning of life and live each day to its fullest. l'd like to thank all of the sincerely dedicated people who spent many hours working to produce this book and a special thanks to Mr. Gary Roberts and Mr. Bill Milne for their help and their friend- ship. Lynn Highman!Editor "Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." We have tried to show this thought through- out our book. lt simply means that we should celebrate life, hold on to today and live it to its fullest. l'd like to thank everyone for the time they spent working to put this annual together. We hope that the countless hours have been worth the effort. Belinda RoelAssistant Editor Advertising Bill less teditorl Kathleen Baldwin Saralynn Fennessy Staff Photographers Dean Biersch teditorl Alice Sarkisian Mark Widder Photo Production Mike Wood tcrew chiefl Cindy Cooper tAsst. crew chiefl Gary Nolton Ljnderclassmen Kyle Wfighl Mary Ann Gunderson teditorl Tom Elliot Debbie McPherson Lisa Vanni leditorl Diane Krinke Administration Anne Sullivan teditorl Carol Hovsepian Q ogy and Index Diane Supple teditorl Diane Krinke Philip Depew Louis Gardner Matthew Giedt Cathy Green Stacy Hart Lisa Hodges Dale Woodworth Roger Tonry Milton Rapp - -45.-X11 ,.3f3.,1s3,3..g,, ' 5.1, .f r' ' Q w. 1. AV 1 wL:q,x.:341 1: 1 ,I . 4 -5,2-:ix-.5,.:. lhrvv hundred sixteen in the midst of the passing day with all it's faces rushing by unnoticed let there be an explosion of your feelings l and take time to. . . CFI C VD VG CC COUCHQ . three hundred seventeen three hundred eighteen -Q I L I , 77" i- Y -'Y - - -Y 1 1 1 V QIACESD it VWQLU PGV CCDGCHE4 , sown UQ CDTTWCS 5, U N i O vc 9 0 . Lal - 'AYIAA ff" 54: ifert V fggiw fflfkff gym- A ,iggy ,168 A 5 1 . '1 1 5 5 R I z , w r u.:e5.X, -Mxis ends Cr-'NCS-N1-X" ' g gg.. 'ESQEJQ ii moX.jdb4-ku. had dems amuwd. CBOT' i ' 0... , 4 wma QM- .xg 5:2656 5 fxgiwgaiw-We Q. + Q5"'2-0'-L SQWVNW-5' 2:05 -K-ol'-e. uve. og. a.p,iu-5Qj,S, 33 SMWWW M W me ww Nw F06 . A5"'J'Sf""' k , 4 W ., y W . 1 X . , X , -Q . 4 Ab, 10425-JFI' A by - XM wIx0J,XUfb6:S!dSf35fN08f' bid 5, wlbapcyx 4490? 7 A ,Q 0 5.y'0g+f,6f,w1Q, x? qjP92,4j23 V30 05002 496' iff Reza? fwff '74 07 931,00 WD , 'C wif 1, Qzfgw gf QK?f ' SA 3342500 ,M 11 b - OIK -67,69 ef UL 04 J 1 Nl . A 0 XJ dt 6 ,F c W V J? , 4e , Y4Tg5g7QC17Qh U A X, Vimfx-A - K mia frciii' qi CLUX woe! 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