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-Q . MA? sf H14 . .. -0 ,. V, ' . .T . -fuk? :X ,F f 3. p sis' .-.dqif ' " "' LA 5 . . ' ' f- f 'V WM' ' , Q. L mmm -, , n x 3?-1 N.. , FM vt. K W Mtg: me V Qfwtfw-:A-famkv Q K- ' . l .., Q , M.. " pl .mfg-IDA' 19" '58, S5 MQ. , Q W X Q"""'k K , "' 4' .S "f , W N M' D 1? wmv ""wiK.....x-iff'-13-,., ,y QP. T ""'f'A"M ,v"" n ,Mw4 www, 'nm -H25 lf.-1 A1-.wr x ,W ' vf ,, ,M W.aa5,r,,hi -A VY W-.X' . -K1 ww- Nov S x. , 3 H L. V53 gl . .nw Arcadia High School 180 Campus Dpwe Arcadia,CaEifomia Vaiumle Tw emty-three Ta ble of Con ten ts Organizations 14 Activities 60 Sports 84 Administration 136 Seniors 160 Potpourri 212 Underclassmen 220 Index 272 Advertising 284 O sf ' ' 4. gn '?kgf'f . :K - 'ft'-s 'K . tk 'few n-A .X xx X r xr., .Q t 'T x ggi 4 N X 'fb We- x . X Maw ' w - . 'F 'Q MX-N QL .9 L' .M f 1 . Q- .qw Q- il M K L. Hggx M .EF L k X ' it -,gum dgmww . K W- W NM. gps... , W4 mm -sub-.4-K.,Q..Q,,N,NwN.,. Q.. .-NA ,A Na ww- WA N S I I l I - I , l i FOUI' 1253: .- ., i' ' R A , 5 'X J i'i i ' . .1 . Movin' is to have an adventure of your own. To see how high you can reach, hovv high you can soar. To have freedom like a bird. To glide and dive within the endless reaches of the sky. To rise into the sky and seek freedom, That's movin'. Five X Give me a moment, a break in time. To sort out the thoughts that rise and fall silently within me. To be a part of the quiet movement around me. Seven QWWGW Qyiffifff W L L I 3 .ff ' ' f 5- "S -1 5 ' -, '. -v at T. 7 ff,l?'j. """W . , af, :fs 4 . , , 1 , 5 . " V " V I. ff' Y -' , 11 V .u 1 Z 4' . 5, :B-fit Q' P ., -'.'f Y V 'nf ' ,' I ' . 4 , 'ly - " . f in 'u 9-'Q M ri if ' gal . , :WY 4, ' 39,4 4 . -. 'Nqr . , .gf ,V ,,,1 7' ,, f- ""- ,.: A ' ""f""" . 'Qffi 'Q :ff EH "' ,ga J X' K 1- , 'sf ' A s 'RQ-1 " . -' , I , , .. ,.,, 5 4- A ' 'K I 'V'xM xl' I 5 , ff,?'e ? .J 'Qi ' s 1 gum' if if '17 'K ' ' KN 'K ,1 'Ti 1 ' "1 L- 4 - , ft If - ' 1 '71 '. 5 4, - 9 Mr 'I 5 . Q. . , , . ... , U K f ig F .,'..,, , ,5 U Q A Q. ,Ax Wxfw .IA . , Wh, ' Mtwzna V' A j J I , fr. 5 ' 1 f f -A xi P X I 6 11.4. '75 3 E Q 5 X ' 'Mn -Q. WNMWW W fy W X K V' W W M! QW MQ' Q 1 3 gh M KW M2299 ASW I -I Q 'Sher ' lhq. xxx, 'W 050 M455 Q-K1-Q How may l stop the world for just one moment? To take the time to crawl back into the corners of my mind and slow the motion. To capture inner peace and let my thoughts wander freely. l Eleven LIMIT A 1 g--ui Here am I, facing forward movin' on. Headed for a place I've never been. I'm young and free, traveling for whatever life will bring. The road ahead is hard but I'm facing forward movin' on. . I l Q A ons i S I ja' i 29' Q P '3 3 I I E h e . ' ' , Q ik i Rx FYAQX fe. - if Q Q ff? Q 5 ., A I nf .jg X ' g 5 -v'9?w- " -- . ., , Hn- 1.. x fp.. i. . , . f , ft X -Q fx fi ,Q ' is JT' ,QW xx! gf is . ,S K' X QA "' Qin , 'M -,cgi ij S. ,a Q53 4. E L gi' :va is if Y ' K 'Y x Q 3 29 E ff ' as 2 ui 3 3 534535351555 3 wg Q 1 F If x vi. N x " NY N-'W 1 . I ll 'Aft ' 1- ls tvdt ar' I --kt , I , , ' - ,pc - ' ' "H -1 .. 1 1 .. .,- ,, - b 'v,,4-x C- L 1 -, -',,,,':f, J., - -6+ 1 -- -n -' i' +- J mfg .i fi 5-ufijzf ,?'f1M.-"A,-' W E- - F -' -' . A'--. AJ ' 1 'A .rf-I, as xiii., 0,1 1 .ss ,If .4 r ,gd ', V N ' X ' '41',41',J,-x1..'A,, 141 'J' " Q. -"" "v!'io-" 1 Q, J -+ , N-gf, , --1.-2 H 1 L . "Y".Q '. ig-T 15'- 1 - A N, ...Q 1 ....- lc-te - - .' ,- .A ."4 f - "- U 'Fur' +A . '.' -122 ldvahu. f-1 ."1' '1' "fx ." L' ' 'A - kit' .rx fl . ' N"" ,MQ fp- f 1 . 1' .M , ,,, 5- ' 1.-f,:,,,,' -, , . ' - Y ' -.-?w'.h"'- hi x 5 -5. if N. Pr' Q-. QM, , Aw. ., sv .r. . gmt VNEVQYQAEAB EKG. Fi A F. xynf 5f.lTg5w Q-I . -J, X, r A I wx 55410 . O ri L 'Q 15 .il EH Ls El ff 5 35 vw 1 ,Jw .gi am, x v " i a J 2. K . .-V 2 .' 1. x, . -1 kf.Nfff,-sg, J f. . "V 'A Vis X 1 ' v :M-1 'H-'41 -Wx . . ' .X-A gf -'w A y. J.. Y I 1. 'fl ...ll mf... Q . :- x va 1 .-,f- u, - A X - ' . ' . N? .,, ' 5.1. nw' " x ' . A...-sl " ' -ww. . . 2" 'Q A X ' -uw' ' x.. A E? bg. x. X y . . 9... ,. . .- L F -ay., V.-Q - f 35 ,V .-. .Q Jqgr Tx - A ks, xxx. ,pnwg 3, .,,,-- - V-.395 . A H . 4 1 rj K, " XA .. V- aw' 'QA , f N ,V R -, -.. ., ,QA 1 G AM. ..-,,. N l-" N when 21- A. Tj? Alt! x H W gw 'H' 'fs 'A7 ' w ' m -ws J 4- . A.. ,eQ. 'Q 1 1 4 OS , - A , J'f1.'.fv?7 W- W ,nwjyi- k-:Law - rf , V A-we.i5.lf'?' W ' s. - - -gf . fr ,KNKLM Y ' ' ' , S .XG wax--1-. X L b A rx V 'V A KPQ .X 1 ., I 5 W-wa, cg .N ref . H- is Perhaps the newest addition to the structure of the Pep Squad was the creation of the Pep Class that met daily during third period, in order to create more organized and planned student activities among the various pep organizations. The Varsity Cheerleaders were quite an asset as they successfully achieved the purpose of the class. Stimulating class competitions at brilliant pep assemblies and intriguing performances at the microphone by Ben DeMarzo were just a few of the Varsity Cheerleader's many activities. They were also known to decorate the band room for parade season. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders finally received recognition as they were included as a part of the pep squad for the first time in the school's history. They enthusiastically participated in all pep assemblies, rallies and the new third period pep class. Besides encouraging the teams, the "Good- Humor U ed girls provided ice cream and cookies for the Junior Varsity, Sophomore, and Sophomore-Freshman teams. 1 6! Organizations Above: The Junior Varsity cheerleaders were: Mary Oswald, Barbie Sinclair, Carolyn Hassett, Lori Rich- ardson, Rhonda Rasmussen, Lori Livingston, Teri Salamone, and Kathi Cooper. Left: Carolyn Hassett gave her etfort and talent towards a more enthusiastic cheering squad. Middle Left: Head cheerleader, Ben Detvlarzo, led many new and successful cheers, creating greater student involvement. Far Left: Sheryl Ferberdino and Jeff Armstrong, promising cross country and water polo stars, exhibited their athletic abilities at a pep assembly. Above Left: The spirited varsity cheerleaders were Lyn Martindale, Ben DeMarzo, Kathy Hill, Jeff Arm- strong and Sheryl Ferberdino. Organizationsfl 7 Below: All of the Song Girls gave their utmost to encourage sports victories. Right: Kathy Jensen headed the Song Girls in all ot their activ- ities. Botfom: The Exceptionally talented Song Girls were Mary Hosterman, Lisa Biersch, Susie Dale, Kathy Jensen, Chris Elder, and Patty Forillo. Far'Fiight: The creative Flag Girls consisted of Kathy Hanks, Linda Phillips, Sue Sambo, Linda Whittier, Karen Sandbom, and Becky Parker. Bottom Middle: Kathy Hanks directed the Flag Girls' efforts to creat an overall excitement at school. Bottom Right: The Flag Girls energetically cheered for the Varsity football team. 1 8! Organizations Bedrooms appeared to be the scene of the Song and Flag girls' action as they decorated Varsity players' rooms with posters and streamers, encouraging team spirit and a hopeful victory for the upcoming games. In trying to establish friendlier relations with the other schools, the girls provided homemade cookies and candy for the opposing team's pep squad at halftime. The Song girls were very successful in creating an outstanding amount of student involvement and school spirit among the entire student body for all sports e events. The Flag girls were included as part ofthe pep squad instead of a band auxiliary, as done in the years past. Despite a delay in the girls' uniforms, they gave their utmost in establishing a positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout the school. 3 I l Organizations!19 2O!Organizations Vandalism made its mark with the Pep Band, as the musicians came back from the Bishop Amat football game to find that Beans' Car Had been stolen from the parking lot. It came as quite a surprise to Scott Borden who had come to the game with a car, and couldn't believe he had lost it in such a short time. Nevertheless, the guys played on, complete with red and gold uniforms. New to the year's format was the addition of a new drum set. In compliance with the newly structured pep squad, the Pep Band provided a greater majority of music for pep routines, discouraging the use of records. Predictions were one of Apache Joe's, Kevin Roberts, many jobs. Although not always correct, he greatly inspired the student body and the various teams. Kevin was also responsible for making the banners through which he led the football team before each home game. Pep Commissioner, Amy Freiburger, served on the Activities Council, preparing and planning pep events and P ep decorations for the campus. Q is as -'f 3' Left: Steve Marcussen, a mere trumpet boy, headed the l m P Pep Band. X -..kk ' kkrk f if as 4 t,,. fi, ii' Below: The Pep Band performed musical scores at all pep My of S ? yi i o x ett, Q fi assemblies. 5 ' . iws'ffj',Qsk f S H ZAA 'w , 55, Ivy? S f-"' ' i Far left: Kevin Roberts and Amy Freiburger hoped for vic- e 3 "' -4 K sste ' ,aw tory during a game. if 'f -I' iivf H ,fi , o' Xl Q S Q, ' i Below middle left: Amy Freiburger did all she could as Pep Q 94, if Ia ,el l Commissioner to stimulate spirit. ., lv i ' 5 3 S fi A ' u m I ' S 'i" if .E -'Q 5 q 6 Q Below far left: Apache Joe inspired pep through his game i l t'- f' i d' 1' . gif' i iff: o pre icions .-:wx I A 3 K X V ' lp ig 1-121 0 we o 5" o G We 'fwfr 1 L. , Q V if X Q, - - Q is i, "s' '- s . , S .:,k X3 A K K if L . fa i . j L P -fl fi -.-mln-dn.Usn I if The members of the Pep Band included: Bob Hollingsworth Carl Muller Paul Bahn Neil Holmlund Charlie Papp Scott Borden Bill Horne Gary Stevens John Damico Scott Lamoreaux Rick Zemer Ron Fritz Steve Marcussen Randy Zorkocy Jim Hoffman Dave Matern Organizationsl21 221 Organizations The members ofthe Arcadia Apache Tom- sen, Karen Killian CHeadJ, Joy Kunz, Tom Drill Team were: Caren Ashton, Sharon Kuthe, Dianne Legg, Anne Long Nancy Boice, Diane Brolin, Sue Brooks, CGuideJ, Betty Lopez, Laura Lunghard, Joanne Bush, Dana Deverick, Carole Karen MCG-uffin, Marianne McMillan, Engle, Robin Ferguson, Sue Gibson, Lau- Cathy McNally, Janice Mies, Cheryl Miller, rie Grater, Candy Greenburg, Kim Hansen, Diane Morsillo, Dorothy Myers, Helen Amanda Iles, Debi Johnson, Barbara Jona- Nunez, Monette Ower,Linda Posen, Kris- i ten Powell, Gayle Prophet, Julie Reeder Robin Reeder, Laura Roberts, Monic- Rodriguez, Joanne Rosnagle, Conni Scherer, Julie Stiles, Nancy Stoke, Ran Wallstrom fGuideJ, Lori Wardein, Desirel Wilbanks, Michele Witt, Carolyn Wuille Michelle Yoder. . .ki ' X: ...L 3 Q s A Leff: Karen Killian added her charm, personality, and fine ideas to the character of the Drill Team. Below: The Princesses proudly and uniformly carried the school arrow during a football pre-game performance. Below Left: The honored Princesses included: Leslie Thomas, Karen Schellin, Marilyn Balaban, Sandy Hage, Judy Vlhllis, Linda Scheibel, Karen Bolenesi, Judy Bochte, and An unusual problem arises when one finds himself in the predicament of having two Left Peet The Apache Tom-Tom Drill Team, however, obviously overcame this problem as forty- eight members radiantly displayed their marching abilities with no apparent difficulty. High caliber and energetic attitudes were stimulated by Head Tom-Tom Karen Killian, right and left guides, Anne Long and Randi Wallstromg and advisor, Mrs. Mary Ann Lat- ham. Sparkling halftime and parade perform- ances highlighted the season. A third place award at the Chino Band Review was the spark needed to ignite an atmosphere of hard work and discipline, for at the Santa Monica parade, one week later their efforts paid off. The girls took an impressive second place after an excellent showing of their skills. The marching season came to a close with the West Arcadia Band Review and terminated with the thrill of performing at the Ram's half- time in December. Designing routines and trying to master them took a majority of the Princesses' time. Many of the girls' brilliant ideas included the use of flags during halftimes, a, different banner for parades, and eye catching uniforms. In addi- ton to one headdress losing its stuffing in parade competition, the Princesses experil enced another "first": Pauline Godfrey was their new advisor. OrQani2ali0nSf23 Right: Alma Hagen intently practiced a musical number while Cheri Faes looked on. Middle right: Mr. Fteinecke gave his utmost in directing the Orchestra, many times becoming personally involved. Far right: Concert Band Ill practiced with the Orchestra during third period. Below: The talented violinists strove for perfec- tion in musical scores. Below right: Flon Childs played his saxophone. Below far right: Concert Band III contributed their brass and woodwind sections to the Orchestra. 24!Organizations The members of Orchestra ll were: Marilyn Balaban Martha Bauman Brian Beshore Susan Brown Andre Burke Patrice Cassat Sarah Cassat Jim Chaput Marshall Deems m'- eiee R y ff . srkk xi: K f. i - 'Wk A .J fs, F 5223 it x " ' P S is fr- D J PM Q ' -w f Alexandra Devisser Amanda lies Betsy Meehan Sue Smith John DiFlauro Diana lpema Sandy Muhleman John Snowhill Doug Drenkow Brian Jackson Dorothy Myers Gary Stevens Chris Duncan Sara Kaplan - Robin Noble Miranda Tirado Cheryl Faes Margaret Kiersted Debbie Parker Scott Walker Tom Forbes Lori Klimberg Kristin Powell Scott Welch Alma Hagen Susie Klinke Marty Provost Louise Wilson Susan Hatch Joy Kunz Linda Rapp Catherine Wiltsey Lorinda Hess Anne L0f1g Lisa Richards Randy Zorkocy Jim Hoffman Steve Marcussen Stephanie Schuster Neal Holmlund David Matern Sabrina Sercombe Bill Horne John Mathieson Dana Shelley The name of Beethoven once again made news as the Orchestra played the King Steven masterpiece during their first performance at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium. ln March a concert was given at Citrus College. The production of the musical play "Meme" enabled a pit orchestra to be selected from Crchestra ll members. The very talented concert Band I Il performed many selections with the Orchestra. .,1lP"""' 'irwggia , 41 ' " Y 9'-""f-UK! M R. ' .- Q' , 4, , ., Q ,,,,,,, , ..f F! ,-'F in-'b' , A .-A. "" 0 N. ' F ' ,. ....- . 1- A ' x ' 5' S' K f- I gi x - q - r' -- - Q C "' 3 M. - A , A' S - 9 L. 4 l ' 4- ' Y 1 2 xx Y V . Q ' 1 3 Q l 1 1 , , , . F , , gf 2 1 ' ' 'i"'f-' N 1 bg: - A : - N ' X '- - if KT' N Q X 5 MC? A .xy bx . ' I fN N if-Q ? N ik Q 4 1 I -. 3- L A , L' ,-.--f a N x -N ' 'Q 1 A+ W. A .-ig Q 'P 1 ' . ' aw" -pn Y , 5 x N . " ' '. , x - " + t A, A,p G.,-G ' ' ' 'N' Q- 5 I 'N 3 3 -N 'fu A Q.-1 '1 . - 1.-1 14: 1-Av k Q 'N - ,N - 'N A i gt N? V 1 ' X . Y ' , - ' N ' 'N - U N 'G J .g ' , - Q gg ,N N 7 -1 Q ff . 'sv x N 'X A A ' ' . V, " -L 5' 4 a " V I ' x Q 'R Y ' .sa X -5 ,X x r ' , vi N 5 : AQ A - 5 'N '1 , A ,g . , 5 V, . Q " , 4551 . .x .. K U 5 . Y .N ,S X .S ' V .Vkg 5 i .. 'Q 5 5 . .a Q as 'N 2 is V X K w 1 Si g, w N 'N K X N gi Aj f' , 'Qi I' L - if 6 . 5 K 4x 5... N, V ' - .N Wk A U 'N 1 Vi ' 1 2 , ,X . Q . - hw A iq: .1 t xi vb it - A K Rafi X W, 'gl k Lg? .5 S 5 xxx .N N' . F , FF s a- , 5 wg Q 9 . A S rf , ' 1 X .X . wer. 1 gif- 9 E K 2, ex E A if fl? 5 ' .f ' A K ai ' . 5? , 'SL " -S 1? A Sf ,ii :fag K- Ajirf? 5 ' 2 ., V 4 L? 45, , J' .3 3' QS' ,Q 1,1 4 S x qw , , . Q ' An gy' Q . ,Q fb 1 :- ' ' . N- , S. f .- - " 2 . mi? " n. i 1 x ' . gif .e Q 5? 'Y S K T .hi X Y Q' QL1 I NV. 5 ,-. W' 'lf ,L -1, .5 is-1 fr , '-K - V s Xu 1'-Spf el? . , M. L fi J' , 1 5- x ,ada k K ' -if '92, .ab .uf i nf' -. x Wm Q h Q Ii'l'l-l' QP? gt, gil . 8, an s Jt tgkrll 5, ., ufbx-.,f..."e XL . by A V ,Q -, - '-.'r.-fPfVfi'?'s- 'S ' " A , ,M -'ftijxflli , - 1: 1"ig-N AT' . Nts -AAL 144- 2 .+fr.- -..w. 1twsi414ss??AvA: -T 3 A -5, .4 Q' Y' - ,gffff.g t:w.:'- . gf. 'f- --ffflff' A - 'Ni' f f ' V..-P s .-.Q QW.. . .Xi . -1 ' - - s s 1'tT'J5f x'-11M.siSf3Q3E55xks:?feii-ii-NN? ,nfs 'if i 1, j lg A ...Q tl, . ft L' -an K Q... . . ,.. ,. ,QQ A 1 94 I ni-'TQ-V 'X-at L xw..,t,..- ,u Buzzed Again described the band members who created an unu- sual commotion as 91 heads said goodbye to their long curly locks and prepared for a victorious marching season. An atmosphere of excitement and hard work was initiated by the new band direc- tor, Mr. David Alstadt, formerly from Foothills Jun- ior High School. The band's positive attitude, pride, and fine showmanship was encouraged and perfected by Kim Burdick, the only junior Drum Major in the school's history. A first place trophy at the Chino Band Review on October 27, proved to be the kick-off of an unbelievable season. The Apaches marched on to a sweepstakes at the Santa Monica Band Review, followed by the host- ing ofthe West Arcadia Parade. With high hopes and a determined outlook towards a sweepstakes victory, the band competed inthe Long Beach All- Western Band Review on November 24. Despite a superb performance, inspection errors proved to be very costly, as the Apaches took a first place in their division. Despite this honor, however, the band felt somewhat defeated. Their spirits gradu- ally picked up as the season was complemented by yet another highlight when the Los Angeles Rams asked the Apache Marching Band to per- form at halftime on December 16 at the Coliseum. Kristi Hansen, Arcadia's solo majorette, displayed her many talents at various halftime performances. game. Left: Kevin Hoar was just one of the members of the band who cut his hair before a busy season began. Above: The Apaches made the season premiere at a halftime during the Monrovia football Above left: Kim Burdick gave his efforts towards perfecting the band, while majorette Kristi Hansen added flash to halftime performances. Organizations!27 jimi The members of A Capella Choir were: Joanna Achilles, Susan Albright, Debbie Amato, Karen Anderson, Nancy Andrews, Lynda Bergquist, Gary Buckles, Susan Burland, Rosemary Butzen, Doug Carr, Michael Caughey, Cathy Chute, George Davis, Joanne Dill, Lisa Eventov, Lawrence Gay, Stephanie Gladhart, Timothy Glaser, Deborah Goodman, Linda Goodman, Patty Hallberg, Cynthia Heather, Robert Henderson, David Horton, Lila Hubbell, Wies Hutchens, Kathy Kant, Jeanette Kastner, Debra Kling, Cheryl Lanning, Sue Lookabaugh, Keith Martel, Jeannette Mau, Diana McCormick, Paul McGarraugh, Robbi McQuown, Carol Monreal, Robin Mooneyham, Linda Nolton, Steven Nuss, Susan Parker, Jack Partch, Matthew Pochter, Jane Regas, Ronald Rhodes, Tina Ross, Lila Schmidt, Jeri Singer, John Starkey, Stacy Steele, Pamela Storey, Karan Stowell, Sandra Takala, Laurie Thorton, Debbie Tourtellotte, Debra Tweedy, Janet Vreeland, Gay Wessels, Janelle Winnen, Anne Winslow, Bill Winslow, Wendy Woolberton, Cheryl Zwiebel. Above: The male members of A Cappella rehearsed their part of a song, under the direction of Mr. Neumeister. Top: Stephanie Gladhart, Laurie Jo Thornton, and Joanne Dill, sang with enthusi- asm. Right: Janelle Winnen and Cathy Chute sang, "You're a Grand Old Flag." Top Right: Sue Lookabaugh and Debbie Kling shared a piece of music. 28!Organizations The vocally talented Chanteurs were: fFrontJ Jenny Kastner, Sue Montague, Loralyn Anderson, Stacy Boy- ington, Gail Price, Debbie Donnelly, Franceen Laidlaw, Janet Vreeland, Debbie Hagelganz, Cindy Cromwell CBack rowy Mark Raid, Jeff Voegeli, Dan O'Donnel, Joe Scheel, Dave Donnelly, John Stothers, Clark Carlton, and Scott Miller. CPianoJ Eddie Sayegh, CNot pictured - Debbie Goodmanj. s 5.1 . at JN A k,Kk , .x.. i. .. visit Loud Mouths swept the school as the Chanteurs and A Cappella choir auditioned and selected students with strong musical voices. ln addition to training their vocal chords, they participated in the annual concert held at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium. The charming Chanteurs displayed their abilities at Homecoming and at various places throughout the community. The PTA, Senior Citizens, and Kiwanis club had the pleasure ot hearing sparkling performances. The Chanteurs also sang at the Santa Anita Church and at the Anti- que Inn and did extremely well in compe- tition against other vocal groups in the state. Organizations!29 30!Organizations Many different areas of school life have been given attention by the Executive Council and this year their concern dealt with the intriguing aspect of Parked Cars Proposals for the resurfacing of the student parking lot were planned and successfully carried out. Executive Council, composed of the Senate and Activities Council, also further improved the 5th Quarters. Rather than the Assemblies Commission having to plan the evening, clubs on campus were given the chance to sponsor the event, assuming all responsibilities for the night. Above: The members of Executive Council were: fSittingJ Sue Hatch, Arts Commissioner, Sue Gibson, Junior Senator, and Tony Garzio, Sophomore Senator. QStanding3 Mr. Auburn, Advisor, Paivi Kanletti, A.F.S. Student, Ana Maria Arfinemgo, A.F.S. Student, Dave Donnelly, Senior Class President, Mary LaPatka, Girls League President, Paula Fowler, A.F.S. Student, Jill O'Keefe, Youth Commissioner, Gina Scurto, Youth Commissioner, Sue Bass, A.S.B. Treasurer, Bob Vogel, A.S.B. President, Bob Wall, Boys' Activities Chairman, Pam Anderson, Assembly Commissioner, Julie Winslow, Activities Secretary, Nancy Daves, A.S.B. Secretary, Jill Journigan, Publicity Commissioner, Alvin Aquino, A.F.S. Student, Debbie Vanderdoes, A.S.B. Vice President, Bob Holman, l.C.C. President, Brent Daves, Sophomore Class President, Amy Freiburger, Pep Commissioner, CNot picturedj Greg Karr, Junior Class President, Dave Dolkas, Senior Senator, and Martha Bauman, Youth Commissioner. Left: Dedicated Senate members included: Nancy Daves, Bob Vogel, Debbie Vanderdoes, Sue Gibson, Tony Garzio, and Sue Bass. CNot picturedy Dave Dolkas. Far left: The industrious Activities Council members were: CFront rowl Alvin Aquino, Sue Hatch, Pam Anderson, Brent Daves, Amy Freiburger, Bob Holman, Julie Winslow, Mary LaPatka, Bob Wall, Jill O'Keefe, Debbie Vanderdoes, and Dave Donnelly. fBack rowj Gina Scurto, Ana Marie Arfinemgo, Jill Journigan, Paula Fowler, and Paivi Karvetti. CNot picturedj Greg Karr and Martha Bauman. Above left: Bob Vogel, A.S.B. President successfully led Executive Council. Organizations!31 32!Organizations fx ' x be The House of Representatives formed a --t be presented and discussed at the House of . st' ' -. K t s t 'S . make it successful. Steering Committee to find topics that concerned students, which could Representative meetings. The purpose of the House of Representatives was to direct the Executive Council on what actions to take on important issues by X ,S such as Cpen Lunch. By holding meetings every fi three weeks the House of Representatives proved to fl be very strong and successful. The Speaker ofthe A A 9 House was Dave Dolkas, who worked diligently to The A.F.S. students took part in Executive Council's daily meetings. Senior Class President, Dave Donnelly, set up activities for the Seniors throughout the Udl. bove: The House of Representatives discussed student concerns at their meetings. bove right: Jill Journigan was in charge of publicizing upcoming events, as Publicity Commis- Fioner. Top left: Mr. Auburn, the advisor in charge of Executive Council, assisted Bob Vogel CA.S.B. residentj. Debbie Vanderdoes CA.S.B. Vice Presidentb, and Sue Bass CA.S.B. Treasurery with a ew proposal. Top: Sue Brooks CJunior Class Secretaryj took notes at a House of Representative meeting. Top right: Arts Commissioner, Sue Hatch, and Assembly Commissioner, Pam Anderson dis- :ussecl many assemblies. Organizations!33 Paul Revere's famous cry was recorded as, " 'The British are coming!" Along that same line in history, Arcadia's cry might well have been "The ,Red Coats are coming!" But a second look proved that they were members of the honorary service club, Qknown as the Kiowas, merely wearing their club jackets. The early Wednesday morning rendezvous were nothing more than organizational meetings. Plans made by President, Mar- gie Spencer and the chief presidential aide, Mrs. Hatter, included a luncheon between Monrovia's Monarch's and Madquins to improve their foreign rela- tions. Outside party activities included selling programs at domestic football games, an exclusive progressive dinner banquet with such high officials as the Senior Men, overseeing the public scan- dals of Back to School and College Nights, and donating campaign funds to the Recreation Department, in the form of secretly wrapped candies. 34!Organizations --lol Above: The service minded Kiowas were: fFront rowj Karen Stowell, Lisa Biersch, Diana lpema, Historian: Becky Parker, Margie Spencer, Presi- dent, Judy Noodleman, Sue Nash, Sue Hatch, and Pam Miller. fFlow twoj Julie lMnslow, Dana Shelley, Ana Arfi- nengo, Paivi Karvetti, and Diane Wilson. fFlow threej Laurie Kallan, Julie Rabollni, Tele- phone Chairman: Laura Poberts, Francene Laid- law, Karen Killian, Judy Howell, Vice President: Sarah Cassat, Sheryl Ferberdino, Carol Ander- son, Secretary, Pam Buffington, Treasurer, Mrs. Hatter, Sponsor: and Diane Hawley. fln treej Debbie Vanderdoes, and Kathy Hanks. Le "B f fs Above left: The Kiowas discussed a newly pres- ented proposal. Left: Bob Holman witnessed Kathy Hank's near fatal injury. Middle left: Margie Spencer directed the Kiowas meetings. Far left: Lisa Biersch, Karen Killian, Becky Par- ker, Kathy Hanks, and Sheryl Ferberdino were oft to the races. Organizations!35 36lOrganlzations Above: Larry Marscheck, John Mathieson, and Steve Mar- cussen enjoyed the banquet at Pelligrinos. Above right: Scott Wagner and Dave Working battled it out at the Senior Men's table tennis tournament. Above far right:Mark Stowitts aided Mrs. Dumbacher and Mrs. Gale at Registration. Right: Hugh Horstman concentrated on returning the serve. t Far right: The active Senior Men were: lFront rowj Mr. Aberle, Sponsor, Mark Murdock, Calvin Slater, Tony Turchi, Steve Torrey, Frank Webster, Ron Childs, Larry Marscheck, John Leeper, John Mathieson, Eric Taborek, Steve Marcussen, and Tony Giedt. CBack rowj Mark Murdock, Alan Hollingsworth, Vice Presi- dentg Alvin Aquino, Peter Hughes, President, Bob Holman, Bob Harding, Secretary and Treasurer: Hugh Horstman, Rick Davis, Hal Finney, Rich Lewis, and Rich Schonteld. "Action '73-'74 "could well describe the Senior Men's year for even before school began they had already launched a program of serv- ice. Baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies were the sights of the Senior Men's first activities. This was merely a practice run, for the real test of service came during the hec- tic registration period and tedious job of checking the Disaster supply boxes in classrooms. Keep- ing with the ecology movement, alu- minum cans and glass bottles were collected during a successful recla- mation drive. Many events were shared with the Kiowas such as the banquet with Monrovia's honor clubs, ushering at school functions and selling football programs. But perhaps the best coed activity between the two clubs was the spon- soring ofa Fifth Quarter, featuring Blues Image. Organzationsl37 At the beginning ofthe school year mem- bers ot Girls League sold See's suckers and held a cake walk as fund raisers. For Valentine's Day the girls made money by selling and delivering carnations to the student body. The Duke and I was the theme for the Girls League, Father-Daughter banquet. The Banquet was held on March ninth at the Homestead in Duarte. lt was an active year for the Girls League members, under the direction of Mrs. Stoner Csponsory and Mary La Patka Cpresidentj. 38!Organizations Below: The annual Girls League cake walk was a successful fund raiser. Below left: Mary LaPatka, Girls League president, devoted many hours to plan activities. Below far left: Active Girls lfeague members included: Mary LaPatka, Margaret Helms, Kristen Powell, Mary Morabito, Dottie Meyers, Becky Palmer, Linda Posen, Nancy Stoke, Peggy Neumayer, and Lori Duane. Left: The Girls League booth attracted many prospective members, during the l.C.C. Club Day. Far left: Girls League representatives for each grade were: Denise Johnson Sophomore representative, Linda Posen Junior representative, and April McGee Senior representa- tive. Organizations!39 An appropriate title for the new addition to the P.E. program, for juniors and seniors could have been Tu ggin g on Teachers rather than Cross Age Teaching, as elemen- tary school children in kindergarten through thirdgrade tried to get their high school teacher's attention. The first quarter was devoted to learning playground techniques under the direction of a new addition to the staff, Mrs. Carol Slater. The remaining three quarters involved on the spot teaching at Holly Avenue and Longley Way. Two days a week were spent developing lesson plans while the T other three days involved teaching new games using homemade equipment. The par- achute game and playing with stilts were among the kid's favorite activities. After the four sophomore female class officers were honored by junior and senior members at a banquet the Hostesses club began their year by serving for the "Your School in Action" luncheon. Their services were offered at other gourmet affairs, including Women's Club, P.T.A., and American Legion meetings. Food played a very important role in the Jun- ior Exchangettes program. Halloween pop- corn balls and Christmas candy canes were sold to students. Pot-luck dinners were the scene of plans for still more fund raisers with the result ending in part of the funds being used towards buying the Varsity Cross Coun- try team new uniforms. There might be some . truth still in "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." The remainder of the funds were donated to a worthwhile charity. 40! Organizations Above: Susan Cooper tried to quiet her class down, in order to call roll. Left:Pam Mulick taught her students a game with tires. Far left: The Hostesses were: fSittingj Anne Winslow and Paula Kathman. CStandingj Sue Hatch, Debbie Turner, Sandy Kathman, Nancy Hage, Helen Nunez, Caren Ashton, Sue Brooks, Sue Nash, Jane Kottord. fNof picturedj Malisa Masonlvich. Above right: A teacher's favorite student, obviously not cam- era shy. , Above left: The Cross-age P.E. teachers were: CClockwisej Kevin Roberts, Marni Mew, Dan Summors, Jim Glover, Chris Viselli, Cathy Morris, Tamara Stremel, Judy Wilson, Marcy Hamm, Nancy Herron, Lynn Knoblauch, Laural King, Carolyn Clark, Laura Sewell, Debbie Bray, Cheryl Copeland, Tom Shurtleft, Eileen Stark, Nancy Thomas, Coleen Serar, Laurie Llarson, Debbie Trujillo, Mrs. Carol Slater, Diane Hawley, Karen Tomblin, Kris Kavinsky, Judy Christofterson, Nancy Stoke, Patti Forillo, Terry Zoller, Holly Hunter, Susan Cooper, and Natalie Joy. fNot picturedj Jim Barker, Kim Clifford, David Davila, Kari DeThomas, Debbie Donnelly, Pam Farrall, Susan Kueneman, Pam Mulick, Garry Stauber, Marilyn Bala- ban, Arlynn Jones, Mark Perkins, Danna Sophonpawich. Above far left: The active Junior Exchangettes included: Judy Noodleman fpresidentj, Mary Morabito, Heidi Walker, Karen Tomblin Csecretaryj, Elaine Symonds Cvice presidentj, and Laurie Grater. - as Above: The sporty members of the Snow Ski Club included: Doug Dubois, Dave Hewes, presi- dent: Adrienne John, secretary: Tom Garton, vice president. fNot picturedj Hal Finney, treasurer and Giov- anna Cerotta, program chairman. Above right: Hugh Horstman, Tim Noonan, Mike McGuire, and,Tony Turchi enthusiastically partic- ipated in the Key Club's Christmas tree sale. Right: Bob Burnett helped prepare for the Christ- mas tree sale. e Far right: The Key Club membership included: CFront rowj Cass May, Hugh Horstman. presi- dent: Mike McGuire, Tim Noonan, Randy Haire, Dave Davidson. fBack rowj Bob Meyer, Barry Lisbin, Chris Bren- ner, Pete Hughes, Dan Bear. Mark Ftoundtree, Richard Johnson, Chris Lampman, Chuck Pacheco, and Jim Smith. fNot picturedj Tony Turchi. is The determined snow bunnies of Arcadia High, more commonly known as the Ski Club, sponsored an exhilirating ski trip to Utah during Christmas vacation. This was quite an improvement over last year's trip as nobody was Busted for unusual behavior. The highlight of this trip could easily be described as the celebration'of New Year's Eve, complete with poppers and streamers, taking place on the bus. And it should be noted that the "dependable" bus only broke down twice on the way up to Utah. The Key Club, one of the more active clubs, held their traditional Christ- mas tree sale, donating 2,500 dollars net profit to Arcadia Methodist Hos- pital and the City of Hope. All of the leftover funds from various money raising events, including the "Dollar for a Scholar" sale were used for a trip to Catalina. f"1,ftl s . Organizationsl43 Next to Open Parties the theater was one of Arcadia High's largest forms of entertainment. Thanks to the never ending talent and imagination ofthe Thespi- ans, a large part of the school's drama depart- ment, the student body once again enjoyed a season of interest arousing plays. The drama department's main production was "Mame," which attracted an enormous number of play viewers. The Thespians couldn't have gotten very far if it was not for the devotion displayed by mem- bers of stage crafts. These students in charge of constructing props and backdrops for the plays, spent many hours almost every week- end, and after school striving for perfection in their products. "Pancake" was the most valuable tool tothe Make-up Club as they painted many faces with this wonderful white concoction. Few people realize that in addition to the actors' performance a realistic appearance is impor- tant too. These groups were all successffully coordi- nated under the direction of Mr. Payne and Mr. Starr who spent as many hours on the productions as the students. 44 !Organizations Left: Nancy Robinson was an active member of the stage crew. Far left: Jan Richter finished her make-up job on Laurie Blue tor her portrayal of Anne Frank. Below: The versatile Senior Jesters included: CFront rowj Gary Miller, Connie Portis, Byron Gunther, Dave Chavez, Ron Perry, Lisa Coke, Lori Clark, and Sue Roberson. CROW twoj Judy Howell, Pam Miller, Edward King, Susie Mason, Cindy Simovich, Mike Soilazo, John Stothers, and Linda Hogan. CBack rowj Craig Cox, Barbara Dorsch, Jim Pounds, Jody Grimshaw, and Scott Schmitz. Below left: Walt Thistlewaite headed the stage crew. Below far left: Debbie Downum used her artistic llair in apply- ing Jim Pound's make-up for his drama role. X. 1 Organizationsl45 The J.E.T.S., alias the Future Engi- neers Club spent several weeks plan- ning and constructing a hovercraft. lt was intended to fly around the track during Homecoming, but due to Difficulties Beyond Their Con trol the craft was unable to leave the ground. The club made trips to several local engineering firms so as to learn new engineering techniques. The Model Rocket Club launched their -first major missle in October. President, Steve Laszlo, called several meetings so as to discuss ways of improving and perfecting rockets for future launches. Besides just launching their model rockets, the club showed a film on defense and research missles. ln December the club decided to change the sight of their launch to the desert. Ten to twenty energetic girls, deserving to be teachers, held numerous meet- ings to discuss their goals in education. Club sponsor, Mrs. Cass, and Presi- dent, Linda Sanders made many plans for the activities of the Future Teachers Club. I 46lOr anizatlons Left: The J.E.T.S. spent a majority of their time on the construction of their hovercraft. Far left: The members of the Future Teachers Club were: Sue Gibson, Janet Ruby. Gigi Saltzer, Virginia Guiwitts, Marilyn Balaban, Linda Sanders president: Diane Powell, Mary Amato, and Laurie Jones. Above: The J.E.T.S. were: CFront rowj Steve Gibson. fFlow twoj George Zakurdaev, John McMillan, John Leeper, and Chris Carlson. fBack rowj Mr. Jokkel, sponsor: Bob Webb, Ron Jolly, Bob Cheney, Bill Vwnslow, and Jeff Jensen. Above left: The Model Rocket Club membership included: I CFront rowj Dean Richards, Dave Mandeville, Bill Googooian. ' CBack rowj Colonel Melen, sponsor: Steve Laszlo, presidentg and Robert Morris. Organizations!47 Many classical dance stars, awaiting' to be discovered, were enrolled in the first period dance class, more commonly known as Orchesis. The specially selected girls divided into small therapy groups to work out the problems affecting their Twinklin g Toes Due to the tremendous dance skills taught by their teacher Mrs. Voznick, the girls held a successful Spring And while Orchesis was on dry land, there was another group of girls who had set sail in the Arcadia pools. The Synchronized Swim Club took to the water to express their form of ballet. Dance Show. Their perfected talents, under the f direction of Miss Rice, were exhib- ited in their successful sixth annual 48lOrganizations Aquacade, entitled Aquarius, held during mid-March. ,L Flight: The talented synchronized swim team consisted of: Debbie Suess, Pam Marronne, Sharon Banns, Christie Plato, Patti Forillo, Mary Amato, Sheryl Newton, Niki Banns, Shelley Borcher, Kim Christian, Muffy Aijian, Diane lpema, Laura Sewell, Sue Bineault, Mary Beth Peters, Franceen Laidlaw, Judy Leisner, Rose Henningson, Sara Kaplan, and Sue Vlhlliams. Below right: Diana lpema, Patti Forillo, and Sara Kaplan, practiced their water routine. ' Middle right: Chris Wselli with the aid of Elaine Green demonstrated a one-legged stand. Far right: Lynne English and Sandy Bydalek practiced a newly developed dance routine. Below middle right: Marsha Rosenberg and Lisa Coke held a pose for the photographer. Below far right: Nina Cooper and Trista Spellman were involved in rehearsing their dance routine. f . Lb ss.. A ' sv f Y , as 1. .,,. , . . s N its-eg-' -r' ,. - . - - '- L -A .ws-f . - ww-Km . - i - lwasssfssfli .si -. .,., Organizations!49 The Modeling Club had their share of Suckers this year as the girls successively sold many of these See's candies to the student body. Selling popcorn and doughnuts highlighted other fund raising events. A Halloween party at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor and Christmas caroling at a convalescent hospital were among some of the girls' activities. More along the lines of modeling, guest speakers from Avon and Holiday Magic presented many different techniques of personal grooming and fashion to the club. Using this information the girls modeled forthe Photogra- phy class at Wilderness Park. An impressive membership of fifty students allowed the Eoh-o-nee Club to serve the community in many ways. Wrapping gifts for the Arcadia Recreation Department, having two parties for small children in Arcadia and San Gabriel, and ushering at school drama plays were just a few of the service projects that the girls took part in. Once again the Creative Writing Club selected many different styles of students' creativity in artwork, poetry and stories and published another outstand- ing Creative Writing book. The club members met weekly under the direction of Ms. Nancy Cash and Mrs. Pauline Brittan and critiqued the submitted material. 5OlOrganizations Below: Creative Writing Club members were Front row: Diane Edmondson, Christa Boyes, and Bruce Turner. fBack rowj Ms. Cash, Mau- reen Nicholl, Gary Miller tpresidentj, Laurie Jones, Jodie Schmidt, Sue Robertson, Susan Flohr, Dorien Cohen, and Mrs. Brittan. Below left: Delrose Revele was just one member of the Modeling Club to pose tor photographers. Below far left: The members of the hardworking Ech-o-nee Club consisted of: CFront rowj Mrs. Gale Csponsorj, Dotti Myers, Jeanne Burns Cco- presidenlj, Cathy Hamilton, Debi Prock, Jann Weiers, Joy Kunz Cparlimentarianj, Diane Cross, Melinda Morones, Diane Edmondson fsecretaryj, Becky Palmer Ctreasurerj, Terry Bower, Andrea Reed. CBack rowj: Laurie Cutler, Sue Robertson, Jennifer Hasserot, Kristen Powell, Nancy Soren- son, Joycene Hughes, Teri Mies, Kathy Burns Cco-presidentj, Bonnie Lubow, Christa Boyes, Laura Garside, Kim Sommers, Julie Marsalek, Carolyn Clark, Gabrielle Freund, Mary Morabito, Treva Tirapelle, Patty McNaIl, and Kate Kiebert. Left: The Poised members of the Modeling Club were: Sue Crowley, Linda Ellman, Kathleen Bald- win, Mary Christiano, Delrose Ftevele, Deborah Stabler, Mary LaPatka, Debi Prock, Karen Flana- gan, Shirley Van Stralendorft, Julie Ramult, Diane Brolin, Michelle Vlhtt, Cathy Hamilton, and Chris Viselli. Far left: Gary Miller, president of the Creative Writing Club, proofread many poems and short stories for the Creative Writing Book. Organizationsf51 The time of the action was last summer in August. The scene of the action was Mineral King where Nature Lovers Mr. Fton Morris, sponsor of the Ecology Club and three members embarked on an exciting eight-day backpack trip. In addition to their'mountain frolics, the club feasted among themselves at pot- luck dinner meetings held in the summer. An impressive enrollment of 137 students during Club Day enabled the club to massively direct their efforts to a successful river clean-up project, to a paper drive, and to helping Mother Nature with a tree planting endeavor. Ms. Marsha Kading and Mr. Barry White aided Mr. Morris in estab- lishing one of the most successful clubs at Arcadia. Fifteen energetic mountain climbers and five willing adults kicked off the Hiking Club's season with a trip to Oak Wilde campgrounds in the San Gabriel Mountains. Dawn Mine was the scene of still another excursion while numerous other hikes were scheduled throughout the year. 52!Organizations Left: Mr. Morris accompanied the Ecology Club on all outings. Far left: Conservation minded members ofthe Ecology Club were: Front row: Lisa Lloreda, Sara Orlaski, Jean Stone, Ste- phanie Gladhart, Treva Tirapelle, Tim Wright, Lori Younger, and Mark King: Flow one: Patty Dyar, Kathy Byrne, Karl Freund, Nancy Coleman, Ann Cleghorn, Henriette Vis, Margo Stumpf, Leslie Carr, Patti Sherrill, Debbie Hansen, Patty Sulli- van, Laurie Jo Thornton, Kate Kiebert, and Diane Edmond- song Row two: Ginny Campen, Barbara Rulec, Christa Boyes, Greg Williams, Mary Gove, Cheryl Barnard, and Linda Cle- ments: Row three: Ron Morris Csponsorj, Alma Hagen, Gabriella Freund, Laurie Cole, Virginia Guiwitts, Gigi Saltzer, John Harding, Sara Kaplan, Mary Kay Amato, Marilyn Cer- bone, Barbara Mang, Linda Spangle, Tami Eaton, and Dan O'Donnell: Not shown: Marsha Kading Csponsorj and Barry White Csponsorj. Above left: Marilyn Cerbone and Dan O'Donnell assisted in one of the Ecology Club's clean-up projects. Above: Hiking Club members were: Front row: Maureen McErlean,'Lori Curtis, Rich Shonteld, Lorinda Wardein, Arthur Kelley, and Trina Andreson: Flow two: Charles Peters Csponsorj, Mrs. Cass fsponsorj, Denise Melkesian, Barbara Riblet, Kathy Stalzer, Sherril Newton, Lila Hubble, Mindy Bax- ter, David Fletcher, Adrienne Coleman, and Gordon Wyatt. Organizationsl53 The Arcadia High School Forensics team once again spoke their way to a productive and successful year. Veteran Apache orators were joined by numerous new speakers, confirming the statement that there's strength in numbers. Arcadia's team made its mark throughout Southern California, staning with the annual Homecoming parade. Forensics' first laurels came as the squad captured the Sweepstakes award for the most outstanding float in the parade. Forensics won top honors with a float depicting the Doctor Doolittle classic Talk to the Animals Arcadian speakers competed in such events as extemporane- ous speaking, original oratory, impromptu, debate and inter- pretations at speech functions throughout the year. Almost always taking a fulll entry, the Arcadia squad visited such schools as UCLA, Tustin, Beverly Hills, Patrick Henry and La Mirada. The squad's untiring efforts paid off when several stu- dents, accompanied by sponsor Boyce Ft. Harris attended the California State Speech Championships in Fresno. As .the sea- son drew to a close, Arcadia High School participated in the National Qualifying Tournament, trying to gain a berth in the National Championships. Arcadia had a strong team which captured many a top honor. I 54!Organizations .S N x a t mg W . A-H ' 'I' .-aff' Above: The members ot the Forensics club were: fFront rowj Mark Murdock, President, Rich Lewis, Dwight Hahn, Masked Marvel, Monica Rodriguez, Pam Miller, Point Secretary, Kim Nairn, Rose Kent, Diane Hawley, Jeanette Mueller, Laura Munro, Eric Taborek, Dave Chavez, and Mark Weiss. CROW twoj Karen Tomblin, Historian, Minday Baxter, Linda Phil- lips, Carol Lay, Shelley Borcher, Becky Palmer, Coralie Kellogg, Boyce R. Harris, Sponsor, and Cal- vin Slater. CRow threej Sue Nash, Treasurer, Larry Marscheck, Publicity, Karen Killian, Vice President, Lisa Biersch, and Allan Hollingsworth, Extempora- neous Captain. CBack rowj Rick Davis, Michael Khanchalian, Toro Pistole, Mark Stowitts, and Mar- celo Rodriguez. Left: Debator Dwight Hahn researched evidence to prepare for an upcoming tournament. Middle left: Lisa Biersch, Allan Hollingsworth, and Shelly Borcher shared mixed reactions over a magaf zine cartoon. Far left: Coach Harris enjoyed a humorous interpre- tation. Above left: Listening. to fellow Forensic members speak is not always too interesting for Karen Killian, Lisa Biersch and Sheryl Ferberdino. Far above left: Calvin Slater studiously prepared for an extemporaneous speech. Organizations!55 The weekly editions of the Arcadia High School Pow Wow newspaper were written by an almost entirely New Staff Many hours were spent by the staff work ing at the publishing company every Sat urday. The Pow Wow had a completely new and improved style and format. Mr O'Brien fadvisorj was actively involved in the production of the papers. Larry Mar- scheck, who proved to be a successful Editor-in-Chief, worked hard to make the paper more of a "students' publication." 56!Organizations ' ' sigma. Above: Larry Marscheck spent many hours as Editor-in- Chief, perfecting the Pow Wow's. Above Ierl: Cynde Rowe fNews Editorj contributed news arti- cles tothe weekly publications. Above far left: The Pow Wow staff members included fFront rowj Melody Leach, Managing Editorg Karen Sandbom, Fea- ture Editorg Kurt Osenbaugh, Opinion Editor: Laurie Jones, Julie Stiles, Ray Cadd, Staff Cartoonistg and Clark Carlton. fBack rowj Mark Rountree, Advertising Managerg Brian Hickey, Advertising Assistant, Larry Marscheck, Editor-in- Chief, Dan Cox, Advertising Assistant, Sheryl Brodie, Enter- tainment Editor, John Hoffman, Sports Editorg and Scott Wag- ner. CNot picturedj Mr. James O'Brien, Advisor, and Cynde Rowe, News Editor. Left: John Hoffman wrote many interesting sports articles for the Pow Wow. Middle left: Karen Sandbom and Sheryl Brodie talked for a moment outside of Pow Wow. Far left: The staff shared their ideas, so as to create better articles. he Organizations!57 The American Field Service club took the Foreign Exchange students Trick or Treating at Halloween. This was a new and exciting event for the four Exchange students. The American Field Service CIub's main goal was to earn money, through what proved to be successful fund raising events. Amoung these events were the selling of Halloween insurance, and a walk in January. The club also had the time to come up with a Homecoming float which won an award for originality. Their theme for this float was "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing. " X S"-, : Y vt . . . 5 9? es "2 s.. , R -' W ..., x ,W .1 is 5 x -M it Q if - .- get 'ak ""'?fQ 3 'ff Lg Q I f ' - Xi Q Ln" R I yljqffz be s A 2 9' X if 2 " 54 J 1 f d - :K K x , M "" b Q iff 3, f ' , V? if x ft. xi . 5 .wig f G A ggi, + 2. X .Q ' ' A 1 sk , A WE,f fl X LA, Jim ww, -'ff x X5 5 W , , . " 4' " gf L ' A Q! Q 3' 'fx' 'S' . 2f"3'Rs? f Qs N ' ww- - , 15 l Jiwwf' ' 3 N ' X V ,Q 9 1 Wuxi. sz E rw, ,KJ , 3 . 5 , 3, is X W n fx. - S 5 R. ' ' I . , vb , Q . Fav x sd' , W' if 0 . an ff N- si ' K' av N if Q f .K Q , .Q X 5 . em J 'x gl, Q, Y X XL .6532 his ' , .A+ .. f , - . ...,,, A 0 . i . s S wiv if """""" Q n 1 ' Q K X Q Q ' f S . ', m,.,,fwp:"5g!:!J5x " . Af 5' 1 'A HJR HRX 4 -S. ix y 155 t , S ha," Q 8' .!'. ' n 5 w qv fm Ma if 8 Ls . iv: P . 3' af , ' if X .w X fr'-is 'N 30 .Q Q if Q its 'Q .x4 X rw - Q K . af 5 sway .S . ?32xii'- 3 ,Q Q if . QV' S-V ge P Y 0 'i w 1 1 I O 1 N E435 QEFFIUJL D fr Q - K ,nf 62!Activitles Excited and rowdy football fans did not cease to give support to the Apaches as they struggled to gain points. Arcadia Pep Squad members under the com- mand of Ben DeMarzo got together to formulate two very successful cheers, Boogie and Get It Un! Nothing could make the football season more complete than the thrilling halftime shows by Arcadia's superior band. The Tom-Tom Drill Team added a spark of creativity and originality to their routines. Solo Majorette Kristi Hansen also added to the excitement and entertainment. Vi get Above left: Apache Joe, Kevin Roberts, delivered his weekly predictions of the outcome of the football games. Above far left: Doreen Moore and Kathy Flawnsley "boogied" to Arcadia's light song. Below far left: Flag girl Kathy Hanks, Cheerleader Sheryl Ferberdino, and Song Girl Susie Dale generated enthusiasm at a noon pep rally. Far above: Pep section mem- bers displayed their support lor the team with the "V" for victory sign. Left: Pep Band leader Steve Marcussen added a lofty yellow balloon to his trumpet at the Pasadena game. Above: Chris Elder and Karen Sandbom were nabbed by some winter sports players in a game of musical chairs. Activities! 63 "Musical Fantasy" added a new dimension to the traditonal Homecoming parade of floats. A song best representing the float was chosen by each club to be sung by the Chantuers. A concert and dance featuring the bands I-Ionk and Shuffle followed the game with Montebello. Queen Ceci Johnson and her court reigned over the day's homecoming festivities, which included a pep assembly and coronation ceremony at halftime. 641 Activities Left: Kiowas and Sr. Men, Lori Kallen, Pam Buftington, Julie Ftabolini, Cback rowj Allan Hollingsworth. Diane lpema, and Bill Winslow, depicted their service towards others, with the theme "Whistle While You Work." Below far left: Posing proudly at the half-time corona- tion, members of the 1973-74 Homecoming are: Hon- orary princess, Ana Maria Artinengo, Peru, Junior Prin- cess, Lisa Loredag Honorary princess, Paula Fowler, Australiag Queen, Ceci Johnson, Senior princess, Lisa Bierschp Sophomore princess, Cathy Duffy and Honor- ary princess, PaiviKan1etti, Finland. Far left: Crown bearer Brian Nash and flower girl Tit- fany Taper, display their pixie smiles to the crowd. Above far left: Ceci Johnson received a daisy wreath from Sherry Lamoreaux, 1972-73 Homecoming Queen. Above left: Tiki torches, and a jungle scene highlighted the Speech Club's winner of sweepstakes, "Talk to the Animals" with Mike Murdock aboard. Above: For the second year in a row "Shuttle" played in concert at Arcadia High School. Activities!65 Above far right: Kevin Reed, John Hottman, Bob Bur- nett and Hugh Horstman prepared Christmas trees for sale. Above right: Doreen Moore and Rosemarie Garcia chose Kevin Roberts to be their slave for a day. Below far right: Steve Paradis, Tom Montpas, Rand Haire, Dave Fraschetti, Larry Eustachy and George Cassis contemplated on bidding for the slaves. Far above: "Shullle" appeared as the concert group for Home- coming, Right: Lisa Biersch told Ben Delvlarzo about the twelfth day of school with "don't!" Above: Sophomores tried hard to match the spirit of the seniors butcouldn't come close. 66fACtlVltIGS Various clubs and organizations spon- sored fund raisers during the fall. Two very successful campaigns were the Key Club Christmas Tree Sale and Sla ve day sponsored by the Mat Maidens. Pep squad members were auctioned off and students bid on the "slave" of their choice. Mr. Burke led the auctioning. Other fund raisers during the winter were the Forensics candy sale, Kiowa stocking sale and candle sale by members of the football team. Activitiesf67 68!Activities Clubs were not well represented this year when the annual l.C.C. Club Day was held. All organi- zations on campus were given the opportunity to let the stu- dent body know about their respective clubs by displaying posters or other information concerning their activities. Along the same lines prior to the beginning of school, students struggled through the frustration and Confusion of the registration process. Lost programs, last minute requirements, teachers' recommendations, and many other complications helped to add to students' problems. Surprisingly enough, registration was a success thanks to the many who helped organize the procedure. Above: Closed classes resulted in a rotor schedule changes for students. Far above: Officer Dunn found it difficult to control the onslaught of students that were anxious to register. Above far right: Girls Leaoue Representative Lynn Reeder Ccentery eagerly signed up new recruits. Far right: Key Club members, Robert Humble, Brian Hickey and Barny Lisbin were ready to answer any questions that arose. Right: Kathy Jones Cleftb informed students of this years' Senior Jesters play. ?"Q',Pf wh. ...!' ,... W wan, 'W " 133' .,..,g.eL4A-ph X Activities!69 70fActivities N--. W S 5. 33 X 55 S . 24 23 k , B 3 S. E' 53 52 :E Little Richard, saddle shoes, mid-length skirts, red lips and leather jackets were revived, as Arcadia High was on a nostal- gia kick for Nifty Fifties Day. Both stu- dents and faculty dressed reminiscent of the Rock'n Roll era. Voted Miss Bee-Bop during second lunch was Paula Fowler, Jim Patapoff was Mr. Grease and Ken Joiner was selected as Mr. Cool The fifties assembly was highlighted by the appearance of the immortal Elvis por- trayed by Dave Dolkas. Mag Wheels and the Lug Nuts provided the music for both the assembly and the Sock Hop that night. Above: Dave Dolkas, the electrifying Mr. Presley, bared his chest for a group of hysterical fans. Left: Paula Fowler was the "cat's pajamas" as she stepped out front to take the title of Miss Bee-Bop. Far left: Recalling the good ol' days were Julie Collins, Lee- Ann Willis, Doreen Bosacki, Jodi Williamson, Robin St. Clair, Andrea Jahnke, Nancy Snow, April Monroe and Carol Baldo. Above far left: Participants Ken Joiner, Jim Patapoff and Mike Sanchez struck a He-man pose for the judges of the Mr. Cool contest. Above left: Soda jerk, George Cassis served Rhonda Ras- mussen and friends in a typical 50's soda shopi Activities! 71 Tremendous talent characterized the Senior Jesters productions in the tall and winter. The comedy, "George Washington Slept Here" was set in a Dusty old cabin with Byron Gunther and Jody Grimshaw, John Koeppel and Sue Robertson sharing the lead parts. The drama of "The Diary of Anne Frank" was superbly presented by the senior Jesters with Laurie Blue as Anne Frank. The play had the high honor of being held over due to such popular demand. Left: Jody Grimshaw introduced Byron Gunther to her "famous" house. Above: John Koeppel got the make-up treatment from Sue Robertson. Above left: Judy Howell and Mike Soliazzo were featured in "George Washington." Above far left: CBackj Cam King, Judy Howell, fseatedj Barbara Dorsch, Craig Cox, Debbie Amato, and fback to cameraj John Koeppel, Byron Gunther and Laurie Biue heard the news that their secret hide-out had been discovered. Below middle: John Koeppel warned the family of the immediate dangers of their secret hide-out. Activities! 73 74lAc1lVIll6S The Girls' League once again seemed to think the quality of friendliness among girls was an honorable characteristic. The girls, chosen by student body vote, were apparently anything bg Unfriendly Snobs Gretchen Gerwe received the greatest honor as she was chosen Friendliest Girl of the Year by all classes. +--T Eszz' Far left: The Friendliest Girls for Fall were Anna Torcaso, sophomore, Nancy Daves, iuniorg and Gretchen Gerwe, senior. Left: Gretchen Gerwe, a professed animal lover, made friends in the park with a loveable dog named Muftin. Below left: Vthnter winners were Nancy Coleman, sophomore.: Sue Gibson, junior, and Lyn Martin- dale, senior. Below: Spring honorees included Janice Perry, sophomore, Dottie Myers, junior: and Margie Spencer, senior. Activities! 75 " '5-3 Below: Mary Brock, Doug Petty, Alex Darquea, Linda Whittier, and Kevin Roberts greeted guests as they entered the Cocoanut Grove, Right: Mary Beth Peters had the honor ot reigning as Prom Queen lor the evening. Far right: The Oueen's lovely court included Debbie Turner, Laurie Moore, Kim Clittord, Linda Whittier, and Mary Brock. Far below: The cost of tuxedos, dinner and corsages proved to be too expensive as many ot the gentlemen showed up in "WaIlabees" and hiking boots. Below right: The guests enjoyed a lovely dinner and danc- ing tothe music of Ray Atwan and his orchestra. I 76!Activities is awe' P The 1974 Junior-Senior Prom was a night long to be remembered and especially by the seniors whose nostalgic past was unearthed in the theme Cherish. The World Famous Cocoanut Grove night club was the set- ting forthe May 18 event. Announced that evening was the Prom Queen, Mary Beth Peters. In order to raise enough funds, the junior class put on the Donkey basketball game and various Fifth Quar- ters during the year. I Activities! 77 Right: Mame Dennis, Patrick Dennis and Beartegard Burnside posed outside their stately southern plantation. Below right: Mame, taking a job as a manicurist, trimmed Beau's fin- ger as Madame Brainslowski, portrayed by Jody Grimshaw and Gregor, Gary Miller came to the rescue. Far below: The cast included fFront rowj Barbara Dorsch, Clark Cliftord, Debbie Amato, Lori Clark, Gail Price. fBack rowj Dave Donnelly, John Stothers, Craig Cox, Ron Perry and Jim Pounds. Below left: Dave Donnelly introduced Pam Miller to Barbara Dorsch as approving relatives Jim Pounds, Byron Gunther and Lynn Knob- lauch look on, ' Below: Young Clark Cliftord, getting his first taste of Mame's high society friends, watched as Vera Charles, caught by John Stothers and Flon Perry, had one too many for the road. Clark Carlton, drinkl in hand. looked on. 78lActivities l as k x ,. i Q8 Never before in Arcadia history have so many students taken part in a major activity on campus. - School tryouts, workshops, practices and more practices were character- istic of the hard working students. From dancers to make-up crew, musicians, costume designers and actors are only a part of the total effort. Finally, on May 1,.2, 3 and 4, Arcadia proudly presented their pro- fessional production. Talent scouts infested the San Gabriel Civic Audi- torium forthe - I Gala Premiere of the musical Mame. Barbara Dorsch won the leading role with a supporting cast of 20. Activities! 79 The Junior Jesters performed many out- standing plays, notably the last three, Ms. Athena, Thunder on Sycamore Street, and The Long Christmas Dinner. Humor struck 'the dramatic Ja anese lay, Village School P P 1 when a girl Ducked a sword meant to kill her. The sword hit a table and fell apart, only to be followed by the line, "The sword seems to be a bit blunt!" The Fioad Show, consisting of all school tal- 80lActlvitIes ent, thrilled many audiences with their zany skits and classical music performances. Divided into three companies according to audience appeal, they delighted audiences at the Miss Arcadia Pageant and Juvenile Hall. fl Dfilmf N LL you Ffifvors ? MnNAlAnn ll Far left: Laurie Jo Thornton and Stephanie Gladhart intrigued the audience with their duet. Middle left: Mike Solazzo and Lisa Coke emceed in their "Hnest" attire for the Road Show. Left: Julie Carlson, Kathy Burns, and Rick Vwlls admire Santa's gift in "The Long Christmas Dinner." Below: Women's Libber, Gayleen Richmond, forcefully delivered her speech to Elaine Wardein, Rose Kent, and Kathy Stalzer in the comedy, Ms. Athena. Far below: Alleged murderer, Rick Vlhlls, pleads with Jean Sarkisian , while Larry Diener and Leslie Beven listen in "Spreading the News. 'T Below far left: "Sorry, no bananas today," was Mike Solazzo's reply to Greg Merkley's inquiry. Activities!81 82 !Activifies Two unique and totally unprece- dented events, the motocross race and the Donkey basketball game took place at Arca- dia High forthe first time. A troupe of rubber-hoofed donkeys proved to be the main attraction at the hilarious basketball game and Junior class fund raiser. With little cooperation from the strong willed animals, the students trampled both the high school faculty and city police. The motocross race involved Arca- dia and San Marino high schools on Feb. 14 at Irvvindale raceway, with Arcadia taking the major trophy. The student body proved to be enthusi- astic, as a crowd of 1 ,200 were on hand to watch the cyclers. Above far left: Kevin Corsen took the lead on a curve, with a rider from San Marino close behind. Above left: Steve Quackenbush aimed for a basket as a referee pinned the tail on the don- key. ' Above: Mr. Harris made a basket as Tom Jurich tried to block while Coach Petterson sat "ass-usual." Left: Scott Prophet tried to pull his donkey closer to a defensive position. Middle left: A great deal of skill was required in handling the dirt bikes before a large crowd of spectators. Far left: Mike Follmer placed first in one of the seven categories after displaying outstanding ability. Actlvlties!83 X ks SRS A X .X . ...B ' xxx C. -..X . X XNXXFX X.. Q. - X. . .XX X Rigs- -X .X .N X.. X:XEiS-SRX ki. fX -Xfh XX E. .1 - . .X X' L ' ' "l x XX.X,'gw1-' . X X X X .X .xiggwik is X. R 3' . .. XNXRX f -X X Xl: Y w1ffnXfSF'f.:a,.X ff- . iXf:ii.jsXX-5... L wXX f P X XX.-X-.ggk-.QX: SX, X Qin: XX XX ww? XXX? XXX! vw .X Q. XX .- X-.., .f.f X -Xa, XX.. X-f'XXfSf-s3X.XX.X . X X X 3 X C' X A X. Hg x X -. X ' - SX Xafs . '-.XXX-. K i X X. 5 3 W..- -1 I if 'W 3 XX nll6"' l 86!Sports Above: Roy Prather C253 STFUQQIGG for extra yards as Dave Dolkas C663 and Ernie lsensee C61 3 clear the way. Top: Pulling guards Paul Francischeni C673 and Ernie lsensee C613 Rock Yank C413 lead interference for Roy Prather C253 on an end sweep. Top middle: Roy Prather C253 trotted in to discuss next play with Coach Salter. Top right: Tony Knox C153 fired a quick down and out as Dave Dolkas C663 and Bob Mazone C533 formed the pocket. Far right' The 1973-74 Varsity Football team were: CFront rowj Herb Daniel, Paul Francischeni, Greg Karr, Bill Stone, Dave Dolkas, Greg Cimarusti, Dino Albert, Manny Martinez and Roy Prather. CRow twoj Scott Fteynoso, Mike Thomas, John Pitcl, Jon Bernasconi, Jeff Ander- son, Marshall Deems, Bill Carlson, Laine Scheliga and Juan Aguire. CRow three3 Coach Bill Stafford, Coach Tom Broadhead, Coach Bob DiGiacomo, Cass May, Rock Yank, Steve Ouackenbush, Tim Lock- ridge, Randy Gay, Tom Jurich, Brian Erwin, Dan Allen, Coach Smith and Dick Salter, Head Coach. CRow four3 Billy Lorew, Joe BenKurt, Keith Rasmussen, Steve Ayers, Mitchell Thomas, Steve Stremell, Bob Mazone, Andrew Krol, Bob Wall, Ernest lsensee, Scott Gibson, Tom Montpas, and Al Clawson. CRow fivej Joe . Meeker, Richard Keavney, Rob McGregor, Jim Barker, Chuck Hickman, Dave Hostetler, Steve Miller, Doug Ferguson, Tony Knox, Mark Myluis, Randy Harris, Mike McClellan, Steve Tarnowski, and Dave Anderson. Flight: Against Monrovia Scott Gibson C813 hurdles a player on an attempt to block a punt. Beating Bishop Amat in pre-season play was the highlight of the football season. Bishop Amat was heavily favored to win because Arcadia dropped their two opening pre-season games to San Mar- ino and cross town rival, Monrovia. Arcadia claimed the game for the second time in their last two meetings. After the Bishop Amat match Head Coach Dick Salter had faith that the Arcadia Var- sity team would gel into a winning team. But Bad. Luck and injuries resulted in the loss of Steve Miller, Bill Stone, and Clay Mathews that put Arcadia back in the standings ofthe Pacific League. ln all, six losses, a tie with Montebello on homecoming night and two victories against Bishop Amat and Alham- bra brought the Apaches to the end of a frustrating season. 87!Sports 88!Sports I Below: Tailback Steve Quackenbush C243 prepared to receive the pitch from Quarterback Tony Knox C153. Bottom: Junior running back Keith Ftassmusson tucked the ball and prepared for the worst. Middle bottom: Keith Rasmussen C233 ran tor daylight on an ofi tackle run as Herb Daniel C173 looked on during the Red 8. Gold game. Far left: Bill Larew's C423 ettort to remain inbounds and catch the ball proved to be difficult. Far left middle: On fourth down and inches, fullback Roy Prather C253 dove tor the first down against the rugged St. Paul defense. Top: Mike McLellan C333 took a careful grip on the ball as Roy Prather C253, Ernie lsensee C613 and Dean Albert C803 opened the hole. Middle left: Herb Daniel C173 and Keith Ftassmussen C233 lead the attack on a quarterback keeper against San Marino. Sports!89 X X .Q-. f1 A W.- : 8 QS Mg' L' ". Q 'MN 9:14 rfb 'mf 5? If nf hz , x IIA A px- Q XX x W x 3 X Ji ,N f.f..w:f4,Jk ix Q--4" x ' NVQ-iSiNX2i.: ' 5- ., ' X I i it F 'S Above: Luke Lynch C153 tries to turn the corner against St. Paul opposition. Middle left: Linebacker Jim Margett C673 led the charge during the Red St Gold game. Bottom left: Pat Hogan C213 received a kickoff. Far left: Quarterback Bryan Bell C185 rolled right on a possible screen pass to Joe Mazzar- esse 1213. Top left: Head Coach Ed Burke felt the pressure during a close pre-season contest. Top: The Junior Varsity Football team for 1973-74 were: fFront rowj Gary Gould, Steve Summers, John Lucas, Shawn Yocum, Jim Lesper- ance, Wes Hutchens, Carl Hoasis, Jim Margett, David Caval- eri and Terrence Tuttle. fRow twoj Steve Tarnowski, Alonzo Aguire, Tom Woodard, Tracy Ertel, Mike Johnson, Joseph Mazzarece, Tom Forbes, Lee Hill, John Mavredakis, Dave Allen and Marie Muwell. CROW threej Coach Dodd, Bryan Bell, John Deetman, Don Stuyverson, Don Snellings, Pat Hogan, Greg Murphy, Keith Bassmussen, Jim Neelands, Charles Waggower, Greg Stegner, Don Conrad, and Head Coach Ed Burke. Starting off slow by dropping their first four pre-season games, Arcadia's Soph- omore squad came on strong, becoming Top Con tenders in the Pacific League. They finished sec- ond in the league with three wins, one loss, and one tie record, losing only to El Rancho in the final play of the game. The Sophomore-Freshman team had a disap- pointing season winning only their league opener against Muir. However, after defeating Muir, the team lost many play- ers to the upper division sophomore team They tried to hold out the rest of the sea- son, but tailed to down another opponent l 92!Sports 6 , 2 - . ff , ,'hxr '- ,- - , " , -- , , , L:mLL , , -nuunassi O 'f'Y-Qftli 1 R at 5, 54 is 'iff ,, ' -,, F n 3 . i 5 aw 5 I was gum. M i te H- ' 0 ' ' N 1 .mX. .,c..,s,.t. E . , . . ,, ....L - . -- - 1 ,f , T 3 lf , -4 . -1' is we Q 4 E ' gsff:i,:p:i-- ,, x ' ., if Q, 'fi fr ' - L ei' if ' T, N ' 5 ' x k fe - , . ifE.. " f f , 'T M' ' 5 " ' -' t Y SQ 'R , , S , :iff , as IK' . 5 is. 5 '1 ,gl , . N, iii. was a. , , f if J s . ., ' , f E' , 1 Y K L' ' ra N .. mari-Pt? k'-. K .K 'K g f ' ss 5 W as-s r -f -k--- j 5' " N ,W -1 f -X-N . , ,..wegfyw-' " 'J' ' ' t.. N. 1' 1' i X Avmxxw 2 H Na at, ' " , .st .f,QffgesftFiTf?e35?5ff+Zi1iliii-'Smit 1 V' ,, .,e4Qewi-Q?l?flf54'f'-it',' if str , R K gg, .,.,t ft. . Q . E .hw " -- ., , sf , s.,.4.f , Q Left: Mike Elder C321 ran into stiff . resistance against San Marino while Alonzo Archuleta threw a block against a San Marino linebacker. Far left: Quarterback Mark Benson went to receiver Mark Miller C165 for 10 yards against Bishop Amat. Far left middle: The sophomore football team for 1973 were: IFront rowj Mark Hulett, Trey Evans, Russel Attaway, Richard Petty, Pat Blrdwell, Mike Jordon, Richard Krol and Mike Long. CROW twoj Richard Enright, Mark Miller, Mike Elder, Stephen Possemato, Eric Nelson, Brett Bicksler, Gordon Wyatt and Jay Schellin. CBack rowj Coach Meiers, Alonzo Archuleta, Coach DiJiacamo, Steven Nuss, Anton Holefield, Mike Hull, William Chelt, Dennis Gallagher, Todd Michero, George Hill, Mike Lans- ford, James Kenny and Max Stalford. Top left: Mike Elder ran for daylight against San Marino. Top: The following were on the Soph-Frosh team for 1973. CFront rowj Pat Phillips, John Moldern, Rick Gritfiths, Brian Brown, Richard Walker, Ron Marassini, Ed Garcia, Brian Childs, Jim Clarke and John Jones. CROW lwoj Stan Brannon, Mike Duff, Art Hernandez, Mike Thomas, Dave Marples, Jon lgoe, Dave Greene, Pat McGuire, Ron Eaton, Chuck Palazzola, Don Daniels, and Bill Drink. CBack rowj Ron Simons, Doug Carr, Ron Rhodes, Bob Spencer, Gary Buckles, Tony Kiss, Carl Williams, Glen Brolin, Martin Brogden, Scott Henry, Paul Stowitts, James Edwards, and Coach Chuck Coleman. A Sports!93 John Leeper, Eric Taborek, Scott Lauer, Bryan Jonasen and Chris Carlson led the Varsity Cross Country Team to their second perfect 10-0 season. John Leeper set a new course record and tied the school record with a 9:59 home course mark. Highlight of the Dual meet this year was a fantastic 1 st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place finish by the above varsity runners against league run- ner-up Alhambra, giving Arcadia a perfect 15 point score. Scott Lauer won the all-league meet, followed by Leeper r f- and Taborek in a perfect 1-2-3 finish. The Junior Varsity fin- I ished in second place with a fine 5-1 record. The sopho- xt sg - , . 1 . N Q,..-Qs. fa mores beat Alhambra by a close 27-28 score to take the league title with a 6-0 league record. Larry Hallberg and Gary Lund led the team, with each running a new sopho- ,Msg--. more school record of 10:54 in different meets. Hallberg if ' won the all-league Frosh-Soph Championship. QQQQJIYM l l W 94!Sporfs A . 2' s Left: Greg Gabriel and Jim Patapoff try to maintain their lead in the race. Bottom left: The Cross Country Team included: CFront rowj Dave Peters, Doug Pearson, Bob Harding, Cholding Heidij, Chris Carlson and Bryan Jonasen. CRow twoj Coach Scott Chisam, Eric Taborek, Rafael Bear and John Leeper. Far left: A clean sweep in Varsity com- petition produced a victory over Alhambra at Arcadia County Park. Middle top: Dave Peters extends his lead in the Alhambra meet. Top: The Junior Varsity Cross Country team included: CFront rowj Greg Gabriel, Bill Winslow, Omar Fernandez, Jim Long, Tim Gatney, and Rob Sultzbach. CRow twoj Hal Voznick, Joel Griffith, Louis Gardner, Jim Polarek, Dana Richards and Jett Jensen. CRow threej Cliff Chisam, Rich Shonteld, Jim Hatcher, Jim Patapoff, Chuck Pacheco and Dave Bohmke. Above: The Sophomore Cross Country team included: CFront rowj Chuck Williams, John Harding, Jerry Tarrilion, Glen Roeters, Eric Sullivan, and Rick Bralley. CRow twoj Dave Desjardins, Roger Conover, Ritchie Porch, Gary Nolton, John Piscitelli, Matt Mew, and Chris Phil- lips. CRow threej Scott Barrett, Gary Lund, Larry Hallberg, Pat McLellan, Jim Schoelz, Don Phillips and Dirk Swanson. SpOI1S 195 96!Sports ' The 1 973-1 974 Varsity Basketball Team posted an extremely poor league mark with nine losses and only one win, dropping from last years second place and C.l.F. Qualifier to dead last in the Pacific League. With only one returning varsity Ietterman, Larry Eustachy, the defeats are easily understood. Inexperience was their major handicap as the Apaches faced many highly trained and experienced squads. The team made up for their inexperience in hussle and Grim Determination and lost many very close games. Craig Penne, the teams leading scorer was placed on the First Team All Pacific Leagueand CCapt.J Larry Eustachy received Honorable Mention. Providing a sturdy defense and a powerful offense were these outstanding senior guards: Gary Greene, Jim Boyd, and Steve Beerman. Next years hope lies in juniors Scott Erdman, and Scott Jorgenson. - .. vf . W' "" t sf ' -ii: Hs' -, 1 SLLLL, S x xx X . L ,,.,t ,,., it f Nif x -2. A ig T ., E i ' s iw' Q A ,.... ...,, , x X E , ,. -.1 .,,, ..,, , figm- Above tar left: Craig Penne drove the lane tor two points against Lakewood. Looking on were Paul Marshall 1311. Far left: Varsity Basketball members were fFront rowj Steve Beerman, Herb Daniels, Larry Eustachy, Gary Greene, Jim Glover CROW onej Coach Vallie Robinson, Paul Marshall, Craig Penne, Jonathan Barker, Scott Erdman, Scott Jurgen- son, Jeffery Martin, Jim Boyd, Ken Gex. Top: The Apache defense was at its best with Scott Erdman 1351. Jim Boyd 1233, Larry Eustachy and 114, Gary Greene. Above: Jim Boyd C239 and Steve Beerman C131 gave their opponent a hard time. Left: Jeff Martin C591towered over a Lakewood defender put- ting one in for two points. ' Sports!97 98 ! Spo rts Ja., as , Top middle: Jim Boyd C235 pulls in a rebound with the assistance of Gerald Green. Looking on is C353 Scott Jourgenson. Far left: Jeff Martin C345 displays his expertise in rebounding. Left middle: Eustachy for "two" more . . . Above top: Larry Eustaohy one ot the top scorers on the team this year displays his style. Looking on is C3313 Paul Marshall. Left: Herb Daniels drives in and up tor an easy two points. Above: Craig Penny C243 goes in for two points against Glendora. Sports! 99 if s 9222? 513 195 Q9 Q3 NV! TS QQ, 'USP' RQ R vw 5 I R ,a 3,4 , w, 1,9 as X 55 1 If igisii S, -vu. ll 45 Y.1 ,Fx EQ' G .x Sf Q Nix 'Y-if sa X M .QQ . we X 11, 25-N565 , SFHQS1 f. -ms' Q -Q . N 3 Q N 5,2 . K, Y W if . -YH 'F . R. E .. ff? mf N' ,,.-.Ak X :fox X f' QF QW Y wxb? X ggs ' i ff :fi 4 Ni Q ina- he? S Q. ' 5 , W ,, MW! f If 102lSp0rts This year's Soph-Frosh and Sophomore Reserve Basketball teams battled against and finished a very disappointing season. With Stiff Competition the Soph-Frosh Basketball squad fought to a respectable third place spot overall with a 6 win and 4 loss record in the Pacific league. Outstanding players were Dave Denny and Ron Wagner. The Sophomore Reserve basketball squad had it tough all year. ln preseason they poasted a 10 win and 12 loss record, while in regular season they won only three, losing seven. The outstanding player and team cap- tain was Matt May. Top left: The Soph-Frosh basketball team were: 1Front row3 Ed Garcia 1143, Bob Halstead 1153, Jamie McMonigal 1433, David Dean 1113, Kyle Wright 1423, John lgoe 1453. 1Back row3 Mark Parada 1443, Mark Miller 1243, Ron Wagner 1333, Pete Maize 1313, Robert Morris 1353, Brad Tyler 1223. Q 535 S' Top right: Brad Tyler 1223 puts in an uncontested two points against Pasadena. Below: Matt May the leading scorer and team captain shows his dexterity by gaining two points against cross-town rival Pasadena. Far below: The Soph-Frosh Reserve team were: 1Front rowj Steve Norris 1373, Jim Meaglia 1213, Randy Carter 1113, Mike Duff 1253, Chris Davis 1133, Steve Douglas 1143, Brian Brown 1393, Mike Carter 1283. 1Back row3 Coach Dick Salter, Bill Barton 1263, Jim Eyer 1353, Richard Martin 1313, Team captain Matt May 1333, Steve Wright 1233, Frank Concannon 11 23, Carl Weitkcamp 1323, Kevin Elliot 1223, Bob Spencer 1383, camera shy are Pat Bird- well, Mike Parker, Bill Drenk, and Jim Fritchman. Far left: Ron Wagner 1333. the leading scorer on the team easily lays one up tor two points. - 5 i 383 14' Sportslt 03 Below far right: The Junior Varsity-Sophomore team was: fBoltom rowj Ed Flores, Pat Sharkey, Mike Sells, Dave Foster, Todd James, Rick Joy, Scott Sells, Ed Morse. mow onej Coach Flay Peterson, Martin, Mann, Wal- ter Hawknee, Dave Horton, Scott Patterson, Dave Doji,Flichard Daves, and Coach, Jim Spain. Below middle right: Craig Miller - 'another C.l.F. qualifier, and possibly the outstanding swimmer on this year's squad. Above: Varsity Swimming team was: CBottomJ Keith Miyamoto, Bill Jess, Mark Bishop, Brad Vlhlliams, Craig Miller, Steve Paradis, Randy Ross, Tom Garton. CFiow onej Coach Flay Peterson, Steve Bishop, Dave Jepson, Michael Brock, Scott Dubin, Tammy Ste- vens, Kim Christain, Lori Wardin, Coach dim Spain. Above center: The 1973-1974 Varsity Diving Team was Kim Christian., Lori Warden, Tammy Stevens. Left: Brad Williams, the team's outstanding back stroker and Scott Dubin qualified for C.l.F. Southern Sectional preliminaries. Center middle: Randy Ross, the team's best breast stroker helped the team to a Pacilic League first place. Below middle: Comprising the backbone of the team was: CFrom left to righ0 Flandy Ross, Steve Paradis, Mike Brock, Keith Miyamoto, and Steve Bishop. 1 04 lSports it ' e . .. 3 - . .- -fxfvis .is-L. .. ,, 1 .. -' --N, ..., A ,, visa s! .es if - K -... ..-- . .i . X - - is ---i 5- f S' X is f ..,. s ' -"- f i--- e . A ' '- I 1- f- .-,, 'i :fit . L Q11 Al - f'ff-'JI i r . r i s ' - ' S , V' ' -'f ..-' , .,.,, ET i N lg , -,V, ..: ,.,, .. .,g-BWP, Q i I .... Jwsmi ..k k J ,,.Y Lkwlvii ,Mg i i 'Ti K is--zffi s g -3-fl 'fsfi5 ?' f ff ' ' -. ,- - .. . V,,h E . .,.. K ..,. k K J, ,K L ,R i ' M ff f B- . X 1 fig be - r 3 . a X s' ' " 's H ?S--1 s ts1?2Eii:ip,: - . 2 5 , 52 2 K , Q . S 1 " S X H. .X SSX x ,QS Y asa it as as - . S S 1 1 , gy? . Xtifigkq., Q Q, 2 X +A s ,X L ef? - t- I .. , g,R5,fs,. . hy - ,Q . ,, Mg, . . as ig., i l T 1 . is s ' g so tt X . . XR 15? yr 'V NM as s is 3381 sgifyt-.ara S X get ,-P13 'WM s V 3 be Q M3313 5 NL bA1B qgijssids is, ,. , Q ft' 1 Qi. ,j', - ' Q xiii? ' Z ' no 52" . - 'uk 3 NP 1. mx , QL ij. 1: s , fs. w ays-'Q .- 'f .3 -fs.+,- - - B A - ' -lj N, ,Q , " ' Wt' t ,Q ss- -. A , . ti- .N s , SL ii- Z-xsg f . 'K' S 4 F. J ., V . 7T.i.,f. ,M x V , ,Q .f ' . ' . . toy. 1 so .,,, be - 53, -'-'i ff-, at . e sm ye? ,. 1 'w s - sa The Varsity Swim Team this year regained its crown ofthe Pacific League. Standouts of the' championship team were C.I.F. qualifiers: Craig Miller, and Junior qualifier Brad Williams. Junior Varsity team standouts included Rich Joy, Scott Sells, Mike Sells, and Martin Mann. . i -anus- .wap uv' i 9 N.. - ' . S 'IXXNRQ L: A ' -- " 'SS S- ' X . -Q Tv- .X -. 4-X 1 ,. X, , K K ,V . -.ssnmur-......,.sXa..c.,.... .W ., ,,,, , as-4 E Q .. Ni K me Xe .-"V Q' ...... "' K an i H1 L Wk g .v 31 N15 - X ..,XX':.. XXw.ssfsXs,. "l X l l l l X S X l N 5 3 X gi, X if Xi ,X X ,wi - . X , x XXX ,Q ,K f ,affix 1 X' -i 2- K XX X .R gm. jggX ix fi -,-ily X 1 KV i K A .,, NAB A ftzwig ,ix ,L . - fx. -fX Xa.. if X 1 , X X - i W3 , Qsff- sw - W rugs r ., Q 1- WRX-' X Q W 4 4 at 'M an -ikiiae-V' ,.MX'.cX,- 3. or g fasesiieii y X X X i X X l t. SL ,X X, 'X-to ., .. gk L. . I at I i ""i".iX K .X K r X t ir If ..., X. A'T,. 2 . X Q XX-X S + 4 ' f X X l : ti X: f ......X . , X13-X A Kg. XX , Wt X X r ' ,nies -- X fi to X ,. ,t,g..,, .A , Y 4 ff ost X -'X ' at H ' .. f if X 1 S 5 X- t S X- I 1 I X f 1 - - l , to , X S X' W r X-X' Q X 1 X gs -5 t X, X "N X 1 ' - a ' X " X - : -X j i ' Q 'iii . S. H I X 'ii X Q X S Q X XX X -r L is , Q X X 106lSports The 1973-74 Water Polo Team swam their way to a respectable third place tie with El Rancho in one of the toughest seasons ever faced by Coach Ray Petterson 's Poloists. The Varsity Team compiled a 5-3 mark overall. Some standouts included Dave Jepsen, Craig Miller, Brad Williams, Steve Paradis, and Tom Garton. The Junior Varsity ended their season with an impressive 9-1 mark placing them in a tie for first with Pasadena High in league competition. Outstanding members of this squad were Fred Dodge, Tony Giedt, Ron Perry and Scott Dubin. The Sopho- more team finished vvith a fine league record of 6-4, showing strength and great potential for the year to come. 3 1 3 ' Qs A ' , k I -nik k , Q . l i tsl . -We - V F lxi.. ff? t... , 35 S 1 .f'Sf. i f Q1 S x. X' "Qi - ' .. Q- , , 11 -gf-Sf K X -fi- ' - . .... i S multi I I l x 5 fi 3 Q 5 E E i S 5 Middle: Ball in hand, opened mouthed, co-captain Steve Paradis laid one in for a score. Below: The Junior Varsity and Sophomore-Freshman teams included: CFront rowj Pat Shar- key, Paul Boisclair, Eric Nuewirth, Walt Hochner, Scott Petterson and Rich Davis. CRow twoj Marc Darada, Ed Flores, Dave Horton, Brad Livingston, Steve Bishop, Mike Sells, and Mike Brock. CRow threej John Harris, Rick Joy, Stan Vasily, Bill Jess, Dave Foster, and Stewart Fowles. CRow fourj Chris Diercks, Ed Morse, Martin Mann, Scott Dubin, Tom Perry, Todd James, Dave Dodge, Dan Alexander and Coach Powell. Bottom: Mark Bishop displays great timing when he steals the ball from his determined opponent. Middle bottom: Junior goalie Dave Jepson shows his outstanding ability as one of the best goalies in the history of Arcadia High. Left bottom: Co-captain and leading scorer Craig Miller out manuvers his defender tor a score. Far left: CFront rowj The Varsity Water Polo team included: Brad Williams, Mark Bishop, Steve Paradis, Dave Jepsen, Randy Ross, Tom Garton and Craig Miller. CRow twoj Scott Sells, Keith Miyamoto, Tony Geidt, Fred Dodge and Coach Petterson. Left: Keith Miyamoto and Randy Ross team up against San Marino. H Sports!107 ik 5 R A A R lf fl ' 6, Q ww .HSN . , . 1 A ' R - C ,. . 3 S 03: . X f . .., ' QQ.' M Q if fl k V' Flmbv 5 .: Q ,SQ k,LL XSS. . w i: .if H wg. f f, 1: V. Sh .',--. . . lag 14 f X -Q ig, XX- x. br, 4 X . lg x x X Dv H 5 Q A. 1 5, W- -is i . ' .ff 'Q X. NN 1.2""C j WN, .Fx 221 SQ Q sw ig ,- K .. X.. ,... . -... wif. h. ... X .. . . . X . xgxxgv, .N ' W 4 Y .RS iff r if an , 17" f 1 3 R rw 14193-X 'i X . Num -um, Plagued with injuries and inexberienceithe 1973-1974 Apache wrestling team disappointedly finished fourth over-all in the Pacific League. With only four of thirteen regular varsity spots being occupied by seniors, the squad had to rely on six juniors and three sophomores. Shackled with In experien ce U the team lost many close matches. Two other Seniors. Walter Sanford and Cameron King were injured and their positions had to be filled with underclassmen. Outstanding members of the squad were Garry Stauber, Kevin Brooks, Peter Hughes, Joe Marinelli, Dan Bear and Dean Murray. Finishing first in league finals and qualifying for C.l.F. were seniors Peter Hughes and Kevin Brooks and junior Greg Stegner. Both Hughes and Brooks were eliminated in the prelims, but second year veteran Stegner went on to take 11th overall in C.l.F. Losing only four seniors, Coach Burke and the team hope for a first place in the Pacific League next year. Sports!109 Aside from regular dual meet competition the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Sophomore teams competed in many invitationals such as the Hawthrone Distance Carnival Southern Counties Meet, Mount SAC, Foothills and the year's highlight, the Arcadia invitational. It was here that these I 0Iymp1ans were at their best. Eric Taborek set a new school record inthe mile with a 4:12 run. The Apache middle distance runners placed well in the Mile Relay. Runners Dave Bohmke, Rich Shonfeld, Joel Griffith and Chuck Pacheco nearly clipped the school mile relay record, of i 3:2O.6. Utility man, John Leeper, through hard work and determination also provided an inspiration to his teammates. Jack Lansford consistently put the shot over the respectable 50 foot mark. Bob Foy, long and triple jump specialist along with Imre Santha, school high jump record holder provided the strength in Arcadia's field events as did Dana Harrison whose record pole vault was 14 feet. The JV track team i captured the league championship after a very successful year. The Sophomore track team, also i l league champs had many fine individual performances led by Gary Lund, the mile and two mile champ, Matt i Mew, Dave Anderson, Jim Schoelz and Larry Halberg. 4 l fax ' R ,..- . . AL : V . A I W. 3 - H - ---.fsck ..:kk . .' , fy' W .,, . 1 10!Sports A Above Center: lmre Santha an excellent all-around athlete excelled in the long jump and according to Mr. Smith he was one of the best high jumpers in Arcadia's history. Far Left Center: In the 440 relay sprinter Bob Foy passed the baton to Greg Gabriel. Below Far Left: The Varsity Track team members were: CBottom rowj Doug Pearson, Terry Keavney, Bob Foy, Bob Henderson, Greg Gabriel, Dave Peters, Bryan Jonasen, lmre Santha. fRow onej Bill Vlhnslow, John Leeper, Chris Carlson, Jim Polarek, Joel Griltith, Louis Gardner, Chuck Pacheco, Jim Glover, Bill Barry, Randy Gay, Bob Harding, Eric Taboreck, Randy Enuin. CRow twoj Rich Shon- teld, Mark Woodyard, Jeff Anderson, Raphael Bear, Tony Knox, Craig Winkelman, Dean Murry, Rob Kay, Scott Lauer, Jack Lans- ford, Steve Summers, Jim Hatcher, Dana Harrison, and Jim Pata- poft. Above Right: Probably the best distance runners in Arcadia's his- tory, seniors Eric Taborek,-Scott Lauer, and John Leaper always ran away from the field in both the mile and two mile. Leftf ,Pole Vaulter Dana Harrison who vaulted 12' 6" against Muir 'exhibited his talent which qualified him as the top vaulter on the team. Above Left: Dana Richards in the last leg ofthe relay edged out of close com- petition. I Below: In the low hurdles Carl-Tronczge ran away-from all competition. Q Far Below: The Junior Varsity Trackteam members were, fBottom rowj Dave Working, Rob Sultzbach, Mark Allen, Laine Scheliga, John Pitcl, Dave Matern, Hal Voznick, Randy Carson, Mark Shibley. fRow onej Dana Rich- ards, Mark Munill, Carl Troncale, Bruce Petersilge, lim Lockridge, Tom Jurich, Paul Blechert, Jim Long, Jeff Voegeli, Don Stiver, Kevin Hoar, Doug Seedorf, Dave Farrell. Above Right: Sophomore Track Team members were, C Bottom rowj Jeff Rus- sell, Ricky Byron, Larry Halbey, Chris Philips, Brian Childs, Tony Landell, Kyle Wryht, Rich Wiltse, Chris Davis, Warren.Brown, Glen Roeters, Rich Porch, Keith Martel, Rich Bralley. CRow onej Ron Eaton, Gary Nolton, Brad Tyler, Mark Yuhas, Rick Webber, Dave Craven, Ron Morrisini, Curt Herron, Ron Simons, Eric Sullivan, Dave Horton, Dave Marples, Don Phillips, George Davis, Bob Wheeler, Rich Enright, Mike Legs, Bill Drenk, Jim Schoels. CROW 22 Roger Connover, Ernie lssensie, John Sweeney, Gary Lund, Tim Eiland, Keith Collins, Dirk Swanson, Trey Evans, Marty Provost, Bill Chelt, Steve Wright, John lgnoe, Hohn Harding, Tom Tetzalff, Pat Birdwell, Steve Brolen, Dave Anderson, Matt Mew, Hohn Piscatelli, Jim Kenny, Jim Edwards, Mark Benson, Craig Bloju, Dave De Jardins, Pat Mc Cellan. Center Right: Glen Roeters, Gary Lund, Jim Schoelz, are pictured showing Arcadia, who as usual cleans up in the distance events. This year has seen Arcadia's best distance runners with great expectations for the years to come. Far Right Bottom: Tom Tzalalt a promising sophomore High Jumper dis- played his skills. iisggtg .. W s - 'X .4 it if isis I :Ysfisg-:S at fir: ga.. 3 5 if gf K g -- ...muiisflia as ' Q - tt , ' , -A . .st i f 4 n x Y Q f 3 5 3 s : 9 ff'w"5'w "fs,.. - Q r 9 1-1, MPT . N V . . A-if i - A 4? is ' 'Z ... ., ,, ,, X, , ,-. A - . K . f A 5 K ..,f.Qw. T, Y sassy , ,K ,Lay - - -f: K - vf- wi' x .,,Jkq1.s - N ,sl W.: . 34 .. ' K is .. 'Q ,N Ni'-is --A A-:A - TT- NN ' N k .mv -Dfw 'fy-X " K . hw ' . ' i + " , . y K . M Mi x -- A Aw , Q, , K x N k--- 'K A 3,,,,A.,-.. 1 Q Q ,Nga , . ,L wx3xfgl.HkyggQQv: x - QM.. Q ,K Vf,w,g QS-fb 1 N' in .ff -'1"l?i"i"N'A',..g..,Q. f xk'. J ' Q ". Lg. . H Q... '- Q' ' Lk , M+"f5?wm' K K wm""' Q Q QM'-' ,ww-'sw "M, 'gg H f N' X , ' 'Q - -ffvgKe':Xs,uvhfwls'f2i2fgf9.2m L " , Q. ,ig..qQ., ,. 'N W .+A""'. K fv' 'Him - ' .1 ' - A x "" k "Y f-"W - - M' ' A "'L '-'Pts 59" F3 1 Q S-. .' g 'ff Jive' 4+ - ,- " 'aww x ' , A NA " A ,. . Q- , . I in 4- b V., .fi ,wg x A . M k ...W ,. , , Q- 2' 'gpg , W' my Y Q:fx5'f" j V . --,.ssx+m A X N' V g . 5 - ' ,B 3, .- . Ns sf 5 wwf -N Sports!1 13 114!Sports if 2- if L. ,K A , .-: A ,. ,Q X is X 1 " ,.-.. -- The new head coach, Dave Ackerman, sought after the pacific league title after a preseason mark of five wins and three losses. Also in preseason, the Varsity baseball team took a consolation place in the tough EI Segundo tournament. Inexperience at the varsity level seemed to play an important role at the beginning of the season, but confidence and heavy hitting from outfielder Steve Jasco, infielders Scott Prophet and Brad Ducich helped their team to be Top C on tenders in the pactific league. Junior Brad Ducich, who was the only returning varsity letterman, turned his efforts to infield play instead of pitching as he had done his rookie year. Ace pitchers, Gene Marzo, Kym Mantz and Jim Vogel headed up the bullpen. Shortstop Steve Quackenbush also pitched in tight spots tohelp his team to win. ti MX Xa I s . ,fir s .- . Q .X -,K e .Ai - . X N . Q. Q ft' f'. 1 W. .- X ,ug 9 .ini 0 its , eg gk -- Q 3 1 ' .Q -- . Rt 3 Nr -. . - ---- 'K..-i-. ' " ' -. - S Xi t i f? ' S S - t .ffff 1 ' A-ff ii1:'?'1x-sk. -i:"f!'hi i ' ii . ' is Xe. as sl .wiv K K 'vs . . i ss. . .K S Y . 'X A i ps Egg! J a .. Vgpt' 1 if at .ctw .Wg G me Z1 f in T7 t ug -Q U lQ5 J i if -as ... fi: N Q fe., I f il e Left: Don Conrad moved out from his catching position to tab a wild pitch. Middle: Third sacker, John Lanza, awaited the throw to force a Covina runner out. Above: Second baseman Scot Prophet could not find the handle to nail a Covina runner. , Top middle: Ace pitcher Kym Mantz showed his smooth form that made him a good starting pitcher. Top: Varsity team members were: CFront rowj Jett Werk, Mike McGuire, Scot Prophet, Randie Fel- ton. Steve Quackenbush, Steve Jasco, Don Conrad, Jim Vogel. fRow,twaJ Gary Gayle, Dave Hostetler, Jim Rider, Scot Raftery, John Lanza, Greg Jones, Kym Mantz, coach Dave Ackerman. Far left: Scot Prophet received a throw to force out the runner to end the inning. ' Sponslt 15 5 x Right: Mark Knueven released the ball for strike three to end the inning. Middle: Joe Mazzeresee hit a double off a Monrovia pitcher. Above: Junior Varsity team: CFront rowj Lou Mele, Joe Mazzeresee, Bob Voden, Jim Berger, Bob Freer, Greg Jones, Bill Henley. ' CROW twoj Dale Rassmussen, Joe Knueven, Gary Mitchell, Todd Wilson, Rob MacGregor, Kevin Reed, Kurt Osenbaugh, Tony Carrl. 1 CNot picturedj Mark Knueven, Keith Rassmussen. Top middle: Mark Knueven slashed the ball into left field to insure another run. Top: Sophomore team: CFront rowj Eric Albertson, Kurt Larson, Jett Strobel, Bill McKeon, Bob Murphy, Ladd Van Holton. CFtow twoj Assistant Coach Roy Prather, Jay Schellin, Bill Henley, Ralph Sposato, Rich Krol, Steve Possemato, Pat McGuire. fFfow threej Coach Tom Broadhead, Jim Meaglia, Don Daniels, Billy Carl- son, Mike Hull, Mike Long, Mike McClellan, Steve Douglas. lBack rowj Mark Miller, Joe Franceschlni, Dirk Richter, Dave Anderson, Luke Lynch, Ed Garcia, Ron Wagner. Far right: Jay Schellin muscled the ball into lett field to drive in a run. Recognized for its powerful hitting, the junior varsity baseball team was able to support an undefeated pre- season mark under second year coach John Meiers. The only team to tie the junior varsity was San Marino. The consistent pitching from Tony Carri, Mark Knueven, southpaw Todd Wilson, and reliever Jim Ber- ger helped to keep the games under control. Team captain and outfielder Kurt Osenbaugh, short- stop Kevin Reed, centerfielder Greg Jones, and first baseman Gary Mitchell supplied much of the hitting and defensive plays to lead their team to victory. - Catcher Rob MacGregor constantly made plays under pressure while Keith Rasmussen helped with both his hitting and fielding. An all-round effort was made by the junior varsity to win their games, and certainly with their talent they were sure to win many ball games. The Sophomore baseball team was a solid club with Versa tile Players Luke Lynch and Dave Anderson traded off at first base as Don Daniels and Billy Carlson alternated at second' base. Both Lynch and Carlson, when not playing their infield positions, played the outfield. Rich Krol held down shortstop, along with Ralph Sposato at third base while Eric Albertson and Jay Schellin alternated behind the plate. With the abundance of players on the sopho- more team, second year coach Tom Broadhead was blessed with alot of talent to work with. Fundamentals are taught at the sophomore level to help the baseball program at Arcadia High to be acknowledged as one of the finest baseball schools around. 'I' ts- 1 18lSports ' t, mx vii .-kh sf' .4 H+ A .ps -N . s - Top right: Juan Aguirre uses his instep to control the ball. Middle right: Bob Voden shows good style and torm in passes to a team mate. Far right center: Omar Fernandez and Greg Matthews coop- eratively struggle to steal the ball from the opponent. Far right bottom: Junior Varsity Soccer team members were: fFront rowj Marty Provost, John Lucas, Mark Stowitts, Nick Urrichio, Dave Ledyard, Chris Claro, Flick Webber and Paul Stowitts. A Back rowj Eric Nelson, Dino Perigino, Mark Yuhasz, Dan Alexander, Don Swanson, Jim Reeley, Bruce Douglass, Dusty Carlson, Jim McComb, Charlie Papp, and Coach Heineccus. Top left: Varsity Soccer Team: CFronl rowj Alonso Aguirre, Capt. Juan Aguiree, Greg Kam, Omar Fernandez, Jerry Micozzi. CROW onej Guy Chambers, Mike Lanstord, Bob Snyder, Bob Voden, Greg Murphy, Co. Capt. Jett Armstrong, Coach AI Manuchuk, not pictured Bryan Oatman. Above: Alonso Aguirre C105 one of the most outstanding play- ers on the team uses his head. Looking on is Omar Fernan- dez CBJ. Immediate right: Juan Aguirre C45 the Pacific League's most valuable player and this year's highest scorer, shows his excellence. Middle right: Bob Voden leads the Apache attack downfield u:iQh fha hall ef- . .. " - ts Q R . 4 1"- in .. Q , , ,. U I .... st . A . :un E. J.. I f t ,iii i, . ?',,f,!f!?w.j t ' 4 X Q- ff., .,. K. . " Hin t A .iliisf sefq A me . V ,kfiiaiiffr . Q . A . . . .. O r Q A s t ' N 3- t . ' s ' " Q W ,,,.. , sk 4..,,, Q tif. t K S .flfi 4 PM A' ,,3g,,. 'ta J 1 , , , t .eg rgt . may if lf- WJ. st, sa. ..-ws, .. 3' . ' Fw "lf-kv. Rx.:-:sf QQ gfhl f .- - Q. ...- .,,. s-vu - A ...I ws? ,-ang, N- f j E1U.",ec,gQ"R, 't 5 b3t,,,g3g 3... ,w 'fx Q f X ,up-.t 1.Q?t5X K 'QQ sr it .., 6? A' as tex 'af ' t . Q is skew ' 3-ya jf . ,.f' -g . A t. .,M.i . X Q -ff K '.f .Rt ,- .Nr .b.wswws,,,sgjvt ,,. rv- ' .4 A A Z vm T kk ,x , !W,Y .ge wg iv -.QQ tk.. , .,M, , A -Nt Y, X g . -. .T i t,,v.' ,h . 5' ft i , at - f ,A - V ,,g,,,vTiX g fl t tllb.Vg th A . X Qi., .r L ww if 'urs H V ,,, . .Q w Q. U' may X , 'Pj' -iii , c . x Q, -as Q Q-Xmas -Q ., sa-I?"-' t' 4 QF' v. 't 3 ' r- A t my 'Wx,c,,, .A ,f . . .T-, we ,ws-....-. lf sms . , ,gs sz in K - -..W ,-. - - . if-g to s,y,"'fs Sw f s T ' ' + - 1 K-.. , ' 'N ,- -W .' fs ' - A gp-fi-1 -s ov- .ry if sf - . an. awe V...-...M H as V1 --' --M . .. ..- ..,. Wat... -..J-. . - ..... s.,.,...l.... ' " ' '1..-...E 5 ..,. -, ...., . .......,.l..,...t.... ....,s,, .,.. - ,.. 1 ..f.......1... .kx.. . .... Q 1 - -LL... t... ...l.............--.... Q' liau.....- 4... ,.L.u...,.... .............. Lgkti flu. an A - Q... . .0 1 -.......L. .. s.,,,,a. ..... .. K .- . ,fb L ., . ,R it A my fu" s .-.-mf Vx , . , egg! I ., 3:kX. - ' M. of - 0 X , a he i 'Q 4 ,t Q K xg, K .X tw .fa x , is Q Limiywq .Q .f ' Q sew? k- K ' N.. AW M 4- 4 N 5 ,,.. K . ' Q - , - - Vs -- ' - 4 N . k K T 1 .sggfigifsff .M 'T t,ss?'f' T - T ss, Y,gl,M,m. .L r-qv' Q V A my w .'f- -, . .,t A Av'-.9 ' ' .vs -- rf., l , , M fr" "' if f we i' T at to ' I 'S , A A 7t5i:.t4i:Z'5s-if 4 . Zivfsw fs, QXWWQ-5,,f' N ,Q- . ' Q7 st.. . NA mu qu sbfiaxvfr - "fix mil-swilxwn V -0 7 A N . 'asia-ev' t, "Q"i? - ' 'xg'-Q K lib' . "' 'ff . 7i1,f . A 5 Z l ll ' , x..,, t"'x+k .6 A ,. l-4 . , QUIK n an SKY l . ' l "Y , - w . The Varsity Soccer team was coached by Al Manachuk. Standouts included Captain Juan Aguirre, and Juan's younger brother, Alonso Both helped pace the attack for the Apaches. All Pacific League man Bob Voden, who led the Apaches to many victories, also starred. The Junior Varsity team included the Stowitts brothers Mark and Paul and standout Jim McComb. The J.V. team won the Pacific League first place title with a One Loss and one tie record. lt was a good year for both soccer teams made possible by the efforts of all players. 'Est' X1 new-Q if-Q .qnhnsx 41.5 ,xg ,.. In Sports! 1 19 The Tennis teams spent many hard work- ing hours in practice before league matches on the courts. Players took time to beef up on skills and style and were well prepared for their opponents. The players were especially good at returning Smashed balls on a serve. The strength of both teams however was in the excellent per- formance of many talented and devoted members. si Essex 1 ll 1 ZWSports ak. it 'KK .' Qt t Ox K iktx tex Q in K- gl. YV Xsx,,sXXs.L3X.X- X K ,R L, tggsxgge -. . , XX, Nw Above: Ron Nicklofl steps in to meet the ball. Above left: Members of the Varsity Tennis team were: CFrontrowj Alan Polley, Ron Nicklolt, Mike Chapit, John Larrick. fBack rowj Mark Ritter, Dave Davidson, Rick Lewis, Mike Coberg and Coach Stallord. LLeft: Rich Lewis follows through with good form to return a difficult senfe. Top left: Mark Ritter prepares to receive the ball with Rich Lewis in the background. Far left below: Junior Varsity Tennis team members were: CFront rowj Todd Allsberry, Brad Hoffman, Brad Livingston, Henry Nunez, Scott Dahlquist, Bruce Patterson, Bob McMillan, and Bob Burnett. fBack rowj Steve Stricker, Greg Drexel, Jim Engles, Mike Sanders, Phil Burgess, Brad Rose, Randy Slead, Mike Lansford, Carl Weicamp, Mike Torrey, and Mike Beck. 1 22 I Sports The Varsity Golf team this year had only Craig McClure as a returning let- terman. With only one other senior Ken Barclay, the golf team was comprised of three juniors, Craig Dondanville, Farris Jabara, and Tom Browning and sophomore Greg Knight. The number one man in tournaments was Craig McClure. The rest of the spots were decided by the golfers' playing of the previous week. In preseason both Varsity and Junior varsity teams got off to a shakey start with taking only three tournaments. But after the golfers settled down their Long Drives paced the attack upon their oppo- nents. if 4 l Q my X ' Y - - Q . is -ff f - u ' Xf - aww Left: Ken Barclay displays his golf swing in practice form. Above: Varsity and Junior Varsity Golf teams combined fFront rowj Dave Williams, Bob Snyder, Mark Malmrose, Mark Askren, Ed Rodriguez. CROW twoj Craig Dondanville, Greg Knight, Farris Jabara, Coach Paul Duhart, Ken Bar- clay, Craig McClure, Tom Browning. Above middle: Craig McClure showed his chipping form that helped him to beat many opponents. Far left: Concentrating, Craig Dondanville got in position to hit his next shot. Above far left: Tom Browning's consistent playing helped the Varsity team to stay in con- tention in the Pacific League. Sports! 1 23 1 24 ! SDOUS One of the few teams to earn the high honor of going to CIE was this year's Volleyball Team. Co-captain's Dave Corley, and Jim Carlson led the team to many fine victories. Practices were devoted to brushing up on skills such as serves and returning Spiked balls. Their hard efforts paid off as the team was rewarded with a good record and a very successful year. , Top Right: Dave Donnelly along with Dave Corley and Jim Corlan make up Arcadia's powerful offense. Top Right: Dave Donnaly along with Dave Corley and Jim Corlan make up Arcadia's powerful offense. Below Left: The members of the Varsity and J.V. Volley- ball team were fBottom rowj Jerry Papavero, Hugh Horstman, Bill Larew, Jim Carlson, Co-Captain, Tom Forbes. CRow onej, Jeff Watson, Rich Birketl, Roger Snelling, Jim Rouley, Rob Humble, Dave Corley, Co- Captain, and Bob Cleghorn. CRow threej, Clark Fun- sten, Brad Roos, Joe Legg, Bill Thorne, Dave Donnelly, Bill Whitehead, Chris Dierks, Scott Barnard, Bob Holl- ingsworth, Bruce Bickenbach. Below Right: Jeff Watsn sets for Arcadia offense. Scores Football AHS O 7 13 7 14 22 O O O 14 12 7 0 12 13 14 35 6 O 14 10 O 8 16 1 26!Sports Varsity St. Paul Muir Pasadena El Rancho Montebello Alhambra Junior Varsity St. Paul Muir Pasadena El Rancho Montebello Alhambra Sophomore St. Paul Muir Pasadena El Rancho Montebello Alhambra Freshman-Sophomore Saint Paul Muir Pasadena EI Rancho Montebello Alhambra OPP 40 40 35 20 14 8 36 14 14 19 14 48 28 6 6 18 O 6 22 12 18 23 16 19 1 1 Soccer OPP AHS Varsity 8 Muir O Pasadena 1 . El Rancho 5 Montebello 1 Alhambra Junior Varsity 10 Muir 3 Pasadena 4 El Rancho 2 Montebello 1 Alhambra O O O 1 O O O O 1 2 Wrestling AHS Varsity OPP 22 Pasadena 30 25 Alhambra 40 35 Montebello 25 46 El Rancho 16 Junior Varsity 54 Pasadena 1 2 36 Alhambra 24 33 Montebello 30 52 El Rancho 15 WMS W 1 , aww, txt tx Cross Country AHS Varsity OPi 19 St. Paul 4 24 Pasadena 3 18 El Rancho 3 21 Montebello 3 15 Alhambra 4 Junior Varsity 19 Pasadena 3 20 Montebello 4 42 Alhambra 1 Track AHS Varsity OP! 95 Blair 1 61 Lakewood 5 52 Mulr 6 Junior Varsity 80 Blair 3 74 Lakewood 4: 80 Muir 3' Sophomore 78 Blair 35 65 Lakewood 55 77 Muir 41 4- ,,.. Basketball Varsrh Alhambra Murr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho Alhambra Mulr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho Jlmror Varsrtv Alhambra Murr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho Alhambra Murr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho Sophomore Alhambra Murr Montebello Pasadena El Pancho Alhambra Murr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho boplvomoreaf reshman Alhambra Mulr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho Alhambra Mulr Montebello Pasadena El Rancho OPP 64 58 58 75 75 4? 71 71 87 67 518 4? 46 03 46 4 l 4 7 50 52 4? 48 76 38 4? Q34 59 59 -1 1' HJ' -11 78 50 29 45 72 64 43 40 70 42 iw. Tennis Golf .AHS Varsrtl 21 Keppel 21 Schurr 38 Montovra Junlor Varslll 20 Keppel 22 SC11ll1f 22 Monrovra Baseball AHS 3.84 01,7 79,3 10.0.4 785 SP5 2.816 1,412 62.12 Varsrly Muir Pasadena El Rancho Jtrnror Varsrty Mulr Pasadena El Rancho Sophomore Murr Pasadena Mtllr Wa ter Polo Varsrty San Marrno Murr El Rancho Montebello Pasadena Montebello Murr El Rancho Monrovla Junlor Varsrty San Marrno Mtnr El Rancho Forlert to Arcadra-Monrovra Pasadena Forlert to Arcadia-Pasadena Montebello Muir Fortert to AICSGIH-lil Rancho Sophomore San Marrno Muir EI Rancho Monrovra Pasadena Montebello Mulr El Rancho Monrovla Sports!127 X.. Flight: Members of the Girls Tennis Team were: fFront rowj Trina Andresen, Sue Allen, Nancy Julian, Lynn Kerns, Anne Pendo, Candy Cusack. CROW twoj Lori Livingston, Julie Koons, Lori O'Brlen, Laurie Grater, Barbra Halquist. fFlow threej Diane Cross, Linda Mohr, Chris Elder, Karen Closson, Janice Mies, Eileen Sterk, and Denise Melkesian. Above: "A" Volleyball team joyfully goes to meet their opponents alter victory. Above right: Barbra Halquist and one of her fast senles. Above far right: Terry Dembitz spikes a point gaining ball. Middle righl: Elaine Symonds volleys at net to save point. 128!Sports The Girls' Tennis Team was privileged to observe the making of a Star H urdler as Candy Cusack after an unsuccessful attempt finally mastered the art of clear- ing the net to meet her opponent. The team, however, did exhibit a strong showing of tennis skills and strategy on the courts. A new element of "together- ness" was introduced as both "A" and "B" teams competed against the same school in league play. Miss Lynn Schultz, like any new coach, was faced with the problem of "learning the ropes" of discipline and training for a team. However, she did lead the "A" team to C.l.F. finals with an undefeated record. After wins against aggressive teams such as Schurr, Alhambra, Mark Keppel and Montebello High Schools. CFront rowj Linda Nolton, Ana Maria Arfinengo, Charlene Milich, Chris Gotta, Ann Uhley, Coleen Serar. fFiow twoj Louise Fasana, Mary Bacic, Karen Valko, Terry Young, Janet Riley, Marcy Hamm, Gretchen Gerwe. fRow threej Terry Dembitz, Captain, Lisa Stin- strom, Cheryl Brannon, Sandy Ingersoll, Jan White, Barbie Sinclair, Deni Lehner. Sporls!129 .FV E 525 it 1 3OlSports X. is The girls on the Golf Team were Denise Melkesian, Mary Lear, Donna Schneider, Candy. Cusack, Elaine Symonds, Lynn Kerns, Anne Pendo. ,L Above middle: Ann Cieghorn, Anita Paquin, and Vicky Simon, get in a couple of practice shots in betore there big game against Shurr. Above far right: Anne Pendo shows Lynn Kerns how it's really done. Right: Candy Cusack hoping she can keep her eye on the bali. Middle right: Marcy Hamm knows for sure she'II get this basket. L sw , my K i,-ni, g 4 4 Basketball is a team sport that requires a high level of skill, this year's team had it. Ms. Stone coach, noted that the team was Slow in scoring during most first quarters, but soon caught up and eventually won most of their games. Vlhth rough competition from schools like Schurr High School, the girls experienced much pressure, but soon proved they could handle it and defeated Schurr as well. Members of the GirI's Basketball Team were: fFront rowj Jane Fitzpatrick, Linda Noiton, Karen Valko, Lynn McKenzie, Laurie Stevenson, Susan Davies. fFiow twoj Susan Lookabaugh, Terry Dembitz, Chris Gotta, Linda Mohr, Sandy Bolger, Louise Fasana, Anita Paquin, Ann Cleghorn, Vicky Simon. CNot shownj Marcy Hamm, Pam Miller, Vicki Morris, Lisa Richardson, and Janer Vreeland. Sporis!131 The Gurl s Swrm Team this year was a hardworking group. With strong swimmers such as Pam Findley, and Lama Tan the team went far in the league Mrss Ftrce known to the girl's Rice-a-Roni sand that the gurls were all great and problems were few. .. . A v SS N x gf: X-arc' 'N 'Q fx-ru ' ,jjt wsfy-5 ww - H 5 -1 1-N-N --Q - 4 S 'S verses ,dk Cv Q Qigelr-ftf'f-fs L -isqgvr M, x exists st? M' slit S3253 " 'tttsiw Q 1 ' arg ,f qi L- SI - N: It if TL QQ K t seewws s t we T mg? Q R 3 na s ft ' wgeszerwkg My: 5 m l- . s ew Q ts . ' 'E' Egsi., x 1 . 3q" 'Q lxxwgixfwveiht sg Ra Mis- ' vm R X X X RN 73' it ww? gxgu Swx 'N Shiga' Nha-3, x X fe? Nw 'W Mt ft -:SQ 9 Fw s T fs, aw: 'IYKJW A N tm ' sv? t. ? ..1-wftfx:- 'Fw- 5 " - fs--, l t 'A r ' 9 X Q5 xxkgiwg Wy, x Y ,Q X X a'g ix L ,Q .165 - :- - 2-Q ' XS' Q, lst,-3, x 'B ll' X, ,Y St Q- gf:-b 'X ,5 jx- .U tf ir X X 11 QQXEY kms Y 53' A rf ' Ntfl l 1 4 " Qf3"A5ftf? eg, uf N gNk'Ai"'lVf1Q Rv., f l . 'X Hl lll- : QL 5' elif? 'A me stwsx X ,M Q' 1 1 XF ' " f X. xvxdwlghx s ,.'QvW,i.fip',4Xx :za 1, N x Y - x RR gk Nw, fssstsqlp X f xg N 'lk , QVMN s :Xi .. X we Q A X A 5 N Y Y 4' L wi 1. f s X-.1 u tl fl uw 'Nb ms- .SW-F . - ' ' ' , - . X ,X Ni ., 1 .R - if-gm-:k -f-Mig t. Qagvj , X Ns 1 Q N it lm 'rt Q ' tt? l we N xg W 7 get t ws N. E t ltfbtiltf N E5 223350 . , . sg? MSS .k'Ni--K kd - -.6491 w?r..,..f, Q. l --4' ' , .. ,gr --,Zvi -eg, r ' . A ,Q 3. -812, 'f sv . -ff' . . ies M :li',:5?"'i':s4 I1Q5a2S+e... is A e is-32 ,Q?f1' l l i i The Girls Swim team this year consisted of: fFronl rowj Doreen Bosacki, Pam Findley, Laina Tan, Debra Old, Kari Sanford, Christa Erpen- beck, Treva Tirapelle, Margot Stumf, Minde Bax- ter, Adrienne Coleman. fRow twoj Jaime Brooks, Dorinda Dubil, Diane Supple, Nancy Andrews, Susan Palmer, Susan Zneimer, Janice Fulton, Jeri Stapp, Kelley Sum- mers, Connie Scherer, Gayle Prophet, Andrea Sexton. fF?ow fhreej Robin Reeder, Laurie Kallen, Diane Harran, Lisa Vanni, Janice Reinig, Mari Berger, Sue Allen, Rachel Sundberg, Marie Campbell. fRow fourj Jill Brock, Cathy Garzio, Karen Schel- lin, Barbie Sinclair, Loralyn Anderson, Sue Alt- maver, Susie Cooper, Debby Turner, Jodi Vlhl- liemson, Anita Sassis. Above far left: Colleen Serar, with the release of one of her wild pitches. Bottom far left: Laina Tan giving it her all to finish first. Middle left: Janet Riley gives it the old team try while Marcy Hamm tries for the catch. Marcy Hamm says, f'l better not miss this onel" Above middle: Pam Findley plunges in for a final leg in the relay. Sports! 1 33 Below- The GirI's Track Team consisted of: CFront rowj Denise Melkesian, Robin Reeder, Lori Curtis, Lydia Garcia, April Monroe. CFiow twoj Deni Lehner, Jean Stone, Julie Francis, Robin Lipka, Susie Delahooke, Kim Long, Bonnie Lubow, Kathy Stalzer, Tamie Cavallero. fRow threej Karen Tomblin, Alma Hagen, Kathy Chi- sam, Barbara Sprague, Donna Krinke, Barbie Sin- clair, Lorraine Van Berkel, Laurie Duane. fBack rowj Susan Crowley, Cecile James, Nicki Hill, Pam Farrall, Laurie Thornton, Joyce Todd, Miss Schultz. Right: Come on Cathy you can do it. Bottom: Pam Farrall clearning 5'2"g one of hereasy days. Under their Coach Lynn Schultz the GirI's Track Team went Streakin g to the finish line. Vihth the tough competition they faced they had a great year, full of wins and fun. The girls put out every effort to win for themselves and the team. U tw' f Www. E Scores Ayolleyball Monrovia Temple City 2 Schurr 2 Mark Kepple 2 Alhambra 2 San Gambriel 0 Montebello W W VW"-X 5 at lrl if .0-+ X X ATrack 88 Slerra Vista 44 Alhambra 70 Mark Keppel 59 Bassett 42 Duarte 85 Rosemead 4636 Monrovia League Finals A's Won B's Won 31 53 29 38 38 15 51 Va Qasketball Schurr 55 San Gabriel 50 Mark Keppel 33 Alhambra Tennis Arc 2, 2 San Marino 0, 0 Alverno 5, 5 Mayfield 0, 1 Alhambra 1 S. Pasadena 3,3 5,5 0,0 5,4 4 Sports! 1 35 CQ' f' - V '? 'V' ' .. A . ' . . . ' ROWEIEKLEI' :. -A '. fx .,.'. ' -Y ,. . 4 4 -ff .,' 'l Ax . 'Y Y A 54 xx J' X, 3 xgxm -D XM f-Nfumgq .... W2 v fm LQ" Q DDWQTQ E mauve 1 ...rj 2' 3. J' .1- ' 1 fi si f1e7J9-3'1f:'v'W'?- 44354 A ..,d,k,. X :swf fw 694' 41. 5 - :Q 7: 3 J ', s Z. Ex Z. ,. 3 S , E: i 0 , ,.,,,, 5 S .. w x ! I . 'Q 138!Administration s The 1973-1974 Board of Education opened communication lines between parents, students, and fac- ulty members this a very successful year at Arcadia High School. Faculty and administration tried several dif- ferent techniques this year to improve the registration and finals situation. The P.T.A. also played an active part in registration. Different members performed such duties as handing out class cards to the hun- dreds of students registering daily, and keeping track of who registered and who hadn't. Most ofthe ladies involved were Awed by the number of students register- ing and by the look of desperation on their faces as they frantically raced from table to table seeking their desired classes. 1 . The 1973-74 'Board of Educ Dr. Edward V. Ryan !Superintendent 1. Betty BelIows!P.T.A. Vice President Sue MillerlP.T.A. President t i 2. Elbert Souders!Assistant Superintendent Administration!139 A1974 marks the tenth year that Dr. Richard W. Cordano has been Principal of Arcadia High School. During these ten years many changes have occurred - changes that are an educa- tional tribute to leadership that encourages the creative efforts of student body, faculty, and community. With sincere grati- tude we deeply appreciate Dr. Cordano's long years of service and anticipate, many more. igftwifsags ,-v-"""""' As the time draws close for our seniors to leave Arcadia a ' High School, we are reluctant to say goodbye to this won- derful group of young people. Your time at Arcadia High l School has gone by quickly and I sincerely wish we had l twice the number of years to spend together in learning l and such other activities that have been so much a part of the last three years. Each of you in your way and all of you as a class have made a great contribution to Arcadia High School. Many fine traditions have been started dur- ing your tenure of time, and we will remember you, first, as a stabilizing class, second, as a hard-working group of . men and women, and third, as perhaps the most creative seniors ever to attend Arcadia. The staff and l feel that we have come to know you better than any of the preceding classes and the reason for this is that you have wanted to be involved in every phase of school life. During your years as students, we have turned over to you for solu- tions more decision-making problems than we haveto any other class and have found that your answers have been the best for this school. We will cherish the marks and records you have left and will look forward to follow- ing your future careers with pride. We wish each of you the best of luck and great success. 1 40!Administration 1 . Robert Harris!Assistant Principal, Attendance 2. Dan L. Anders6nlAssistant Principal, Activities Owen Keavney!Asslstant Principal, Student Controll Wade R. AskewlAssistant Principal, Curriculum lw A,, Administrationn 41 1. Jean Mcllyarlvocational Education 2. Vera Durrlvocational Education Secretary 5 Q 142lAdminis1ra!ion rg 5 c"W"c 3. f . - . Ruth Laymanlubrariau Grayce Kelly!Librariar Florence Adams! Libra Hilda Plylerl Head Libn 3 '1 1. Adele Merzflflurse 2. Marilyn NicklofflCounseling Secretary John Thomson !Counselor Lois Iredale!CounseIor Max Cramer!Counselor Patricia GriffinlCounseIor Mavis Dumbacher!Counselor Margaret Gabe! Counselor An unidentified student reported that, while gazing up from his geom- etry homework in study hall, he saw white Blur streak across the rally court. He blinked his eyes and it was gone. Several minutes later he looked up again and saw another blur. Alter careful investigation it was discov- ered that the first blur wasfour own Nurse Merz racing off to an emer- gecny situation with her wheelchair. The second blur was none other than Nurse Merz again, wheeling the victim back to her office to get a little bit of treatment and lots of tender loving care. Administrationfi 43 144lAdministrafion 1. Jean Landis!Attendan Adeline JohnsonlActi Betty Maher!Student C Helen RoelAttendancej As a student body we sometimes don't realize just how big a part those smiling faces behind the attendance windows play in our lives. "Rules are rules," are words of wisdom spoken often by the attendance secretaries as tardy stu- dents plead for excused re-admit slips. These ladies are forced to make major decisions every day. For instance, the boy who came running up to the office window at 8:1 1 A.M., breathlessly explaining that on his way to school a little old lady with Arthritis stepped out in front of his car. Begging for a tardy excused, he concluded his story with, "I couldn't just run her over, could I?" The smiling face nodded sympathetically and answered, "Rules are ruIes." l ' 2. Nina Drau honlCurriculum, Gui AB ,A .Q wif x-.9 X,-5 wi- QE' fv 1. Pai Kay! Receptionist Jeannette TisdaIelSecretary W 2. Eileen Smith!Records ' Jean Joiner!Student Store Administration! 1 45 1 . Nancy Cash 4. Ann Hall 5. Paula Key 6. Lloyd Savage 1 46! Administration 2. Jean Driver 3. Virginia Brown 7. Paul Starr 8. Tony C S f is l 3. Ethel Motiat 6. Sanford Silverstein . James Copeland l. Tom Payne '. Kent Barney 2. Patricia Thinger 5. Priscilla Tedesco 8. Fred Nahra Gas Shortage the English Department undertook many field trips to provide an insight into the cultural world. The Shakespeare classes viewed Romero and Juliet while students in the MGM and Advanced Placement programs made a few quick trips to the movies and the Music Center. Perhaps the highlight of the year was the play Cyrano de Bergerac. Besides watching a superb performance, the day also included an informal question and answer session with "Cyrano", Richard Chamberlain. Administration! 1 47 Students gained an insight into the cul- tural vvorld by learning to speak in Exotic Tongues in the Foreign Language Department. Spanish, French, Latin and German once again were the four major areas of boom- ing interest. Conversational Spanish and Chic. Lit. CChioano Literatureb were new to this year's program. 1. Lotte Flaks!Language 2. Jim O'Brien!English 3. Beryl Drucker! Language 4. Sal Trillo!Language 5. Robert Kerr!English 148lAdministration 6. Bernadette StonerfLanguage 7. Pauline Brittan!English 5 1 L,-f"" 'Q NIE 4-4--N, 1 1. Boyce Harris!English 2. Margueriia Sanchez!SpeciaI Education 3. Clara Primozich!Foreign Language 4. Bill Quackenbush!Foreign Language 5. Harry Conover!English 6. Lenoard BueIIfEnglish 7. Sheryl ParkerfForeign Language 8. Mary Hatter!EngIish wmaamaasms Administrationf149 . -X-....-.,..,,W Q 'N I v A is K 1 . Russ Bovie!Science 2. John HoffmanlMath 3. Robert Maurer!Math 4. Lance Heineccius! Math 5. Margaret KaveIaarfMath 6. Michael AIIee!Science 7. Elsie Hunsicker!Math 8. Richard JohnsonfMath 150lAdministration Stapleton Wilks An unusual Population Explosion occurred in the Science Department as a family of rats moved in with the students. Instead of getting labs in on time, the student and teachers spent most of their time catching the rats with peanut butter. Mr. White caught the largest rat, measuring 10 M inches, excluding the tail. Rumor had it that there was a Mama and Papa rat that were very productive. Those two were eventually caught and the problems of rats and their mice were over. Among other strange parties a cat visited the Math Department. Climbing in through a window, he made his home in the space between the roof and the suspended ceiling in Mr. Johnson's room. Upon walking around he apparently found a weak spot, because Mr. Johnson's lecture was inter- rupted when the cat fell from the ceiling on Lori Friedrick's head. Finally coming to his senses, Mr. Johnson opened the door and the cat left, never to return. i Aberle Bud Bartlett Stephen Rowe Al Manachuk 5. Wayne Fountian 6. George Mellin 7. Flex Welty Administrationl151 -qidlfiv' E' '-fa. A like X ..,.: em it 3. Vallie Robinson 1 . Doug Smith 2. Dave Ackerman 3 i 4. Jerry Doniing 5. Diane Soldwedel 152!Administration 6. Virginia Stone 7. Dick Salter 1. Lynn Schultz 2. Carol Salter X if ,tit .. is -er 1 - - x 3. Jayne Rice 4. Jean Voznick 5. Paul Duhart 6. Maryann Latham The Physcial Education Department broke tradi- tion when they combined several formally all boy and all girl classes, and made them co-educa- Q tional. Bowling was a favorite class among the students, which took them oft campus and to a local bowling alley, where they learned how not to bowl G u tter Balls As the course progressed some skilled students even managed to get a few strikes and spares. Administrationf153 To help speed photo production a wall was removed and dark room facilities enlarged in the Publications House. This was an enormous help to both the Pow Wow and the Annual Staff. The Art Department has taken many New Directions of study so that now, states Mr. Butler, the department feels that it has covered every major field of art. This year the Music Department expanded its program to include courses in music history and theory. All of the concert groups gave public performances as part of its program. Students were prepared for the business world by taking various courses offered by the Business Education Department. Students' skills and self-confidence were increased by practice in real-life situations. 2 'atitw .c .t... D f I t,.,,,e' - - FMT 5 f ,,,,.--sf r X 'T ff .gf Qui' -0'-"""" 2. Jim Neumeister 4. Karen Giles 154!Administration 1 . Dave Aldstat and Wayne Reinecke! Music 2. Fred SundstromlBusiness Education 3. Jeanne Ulmer! Business Education 4. Jim Caiderhead!Art 6. Karen Cass!Business Education 5. Anne Gaydosl Business Education 7. Ruth Lubin!Art Administrationfi 55 1. Richard Onderdonk 2. Verne Willman x 4121 2 S 156lAdminis1ration 3. Ted Fisher 4. Charles Coleman 5. Ed Burke 6. Louis Dodd 7. Chris Appel 4. F . l 14 -3. 8. Fred Auburn 9. Jim Spain 10. Gerald Penny 11. Fred Peritore ..w? W. . -5. 1. Ron Morris 2. Tom Broadhead 3. Robert Wick .. -X -ff SWNEQLS -.2151 .- - . 5 ' 51 Q ,,.. 3 . Guest speakers added new zest to many his- tory and government classes as teachers invited them to lecture to their students. The most unusual speakers were three C on victs from Chino State Prison, whose names will be withheld to protect the innocent. Mr. Burke and Mr. Meiers arranged for three men, who were on probation, to come and share their startling experiences with the students. 4. Ray Petterson 5. Harvey Goddard 6. Robert Shortell 7. John Meiers 8. Marsha Kading Administration! 1 57 New stools in the drafting rooms left a poor Impression among many Industrial Art students, according to Mr. Bill Jokkel, department head. The enrollment of girls in such classes as drafting and wood shop was noticeably higher. Girls also learned how not to burn a meal in the Home Economics Department. Mrs. Pauline Godfrey, back from college and newly married, was a new addition to the Home Economics staff. Emphasizing that everyone can learn, the Special Education Department taught at a pace that the students could keep up with. 5. Jake Weilerllndustrial Arts 6. Margaret Johnson! Home Economics 158!Administration acumen 1. Ben DennisonlSpecial Education 2. Tom Morgonflndustrial Arts . 3. Frank Petraccoro! Industrial Arts 4. Joanne Gumm!Home Economics X . l W . g l 7. Bill Jokkelflndustrial Arts 1. Dan Lucerollndustrial Arts 2. Pauline Godlrey!Home Economics 3. Sally ThompsonlSpecial Education 4. Charles Petersflndustrial Arts 5. Scott Chisam!Special Education 6. John Wardllndustrial Arts 7. Glenn Harrlslstudy Hall 8. Robert Whiteflndustrial Arts Admlnistration!159 fx 5 , 1-H , " .Q 9- A1""'.V :"'l W I 's-M . . -K' qs.-. Ar'f"" Y A . ' 'Mg f.. 4 I i f l . S. .Q "21' ,"' . Q - ' , , h V i. .A l ,I ,,, - I. W' VW' .-4 -- 453- ., ff "4--fs'-'rr .5 rig --4-aqw-srfs. .- few: "Q-'Si " 4'g9f,.? ,.-gi:-3Q:?L,7,g' .uf - , .nfl . vt .- '- xff. Ajrx: I - xEf'6a..'Q. .5 'N X 1 T KJ. I x Es A-hx if :al a I ' f ' n Xa 5 S P9 p-.1 , . -4 .- Q? W , L .5-' .4 fv ,' r I I h P-8,4-and M -.J ,. . Q-Q. -su. fi - .1 . .. ,,...- 5: 7 , . -"""' .. -14" E315 .' ' 1 -v N-Y' :fs-it J I , 1 lf.1E't1":. I , rs. 5-c-'N'-t Q. 1 ' I Q . fl?-'1... - '- 2 'Y' n A 1:-' 4 gn .J Q . '- x -I-1-fa'? -. 0 in h A V, Sa w: 4 -f fm - I -36.1. A -c .1 1 ' 44' ' Y.-'fb ' "Ls jp' 5. 5 - fx. 'gg ,E +,.:'F.4,-J.- ' s -,,1-f- -r " ,'f!:-3.11103 L Vw '--. 'aff wg :- 1 ' . - ---, .R . ..- ,, , vi :ir-J - Q aff- 'Ihr , 'f K - - Q. , -' . " e Virfauq. ,5 ' , , --'Q' 1.n Y A' Q69 1'v . r K-xizigiaxi-f':s: " -1'9" 1 . , 4 A 4 . A -.K . ,ax ' 4 'J- n , " " i '. .3-,5:3f,- ' 'v53' -X. fx ' ,fe ff .L .. --'-:AX 4rS.ftqf 'f '-.f-.xi , ' vf 1.4534 . .Ms 1 ' , '44 - - o M 'K ,, in . . ,j ciftxmnfrg 11,5 ri-gixmtagk 'x Hx' I' L-"1:".'.f .Nfl KG, 2 'iq G., gc .nf!3"'5T" f J--x,,,-f.,g',,, 8? VHQJ ., if: "'E,. '-.wL, -g,"-4.-.,"N."' .-wx. 1' aiu, W- K , 4. ., .s ' X Mk .' " lI"0 A -I' 1 ...-Y"L 5 1 62!Senlors The senior class officers for 1973-1974 were infected not with O I O Sen1or1t1s but with a strong desire to do a job well done. Starting the year with a substantial budget deficit, the class officers undertook numerous fund raisers. Two car rallies, a Fifth Quarter and a candle sale helped the senior class to raise enough money for the senior gift to the school. The highlight of the year was the annual Senior Assembly, where through humorous skits, seniors reminisced upon their three years at Arcadia High. Class officers included: Dave Donnelly, presidentg Dave Fraschetti, vice-presidentg Debbie Turner, treasurerg Sandy Bydalek, recording secre- taryg Susan Nash, corresponding secretaryg Sandy Kathman, historiang .Jill O'Keefe, youth commissionerg Dave Dolkas, senator. . Q X QE 5: ii m 5? Wi. xx yy . g .. 5 5 . , f 5 :SE iw W H E Q' : fi. me - K f J ...Kg . , mfg bf NS 1' -I . ..- - -.Q 1 , Q -WL 1145 1 is Q W ie GS X I5 N a Q 1 Q 'Q RQ E M26 LR xx .1 X 5 . x '35 2 N X N f' K R SEZ? xi jf r f X 'QQW' x 1 ind Q-A N S . T4' 5 0 . v e: Q S Q Q: 31, EH V ...Q ff -i k f gg 3 KQX A ' - 2 fs K V P Y: K K W X as Vtwix-XSi'!'x. x Q ,N K 5 if I 1 N X X s y F khll i i k . + V xf ' Q l i l KK--AL 15 .. ' 2 h N -QX1' t 3 ' I ., , ..':. ,. Qail K W' ' Q si lhe , ' E 2 JEFFREY ARMSTRONG ANNETTE ARNOLD PETER ARTALE JAMES ARTHUR MAROUERIT ARY PAUL ARY ALAN ASH SUE ATKINSON BONNIE BACHMAN MARTHA BAGLEY DEBORAH BAKER MERILYN BALABAN DOUGLAS BALDING HELEN BALDWIN NIKI BANNS SHARON BANNS KENNETH BARCLAY JAMES BARKER JAMES BARNARD 164!Seniors bove: Margie Spencer worked on an intricate design in Jewelry Making. bove left: Tom Shurtleli ioined in the games he taught to his students in Elementary P.E. eaching. JEFFREY BARNER DIANNE BARRETT WILLIAM BARRY JOHN BARTLEIT SUSAN BASS BRADEN BATEMAN MELINDA BAXTER RAPHAEL BEAR STEVEN BEERMAN DIANE BELL JOSEPH BENKERT BROOKS BERDAN DANIEL BERG LYNDA BERGQUIST MARY BERSIK MARC BERTONE BRIAN BESHORE Seniorsfi 65 i QQ i x f 'kv s X X X wi' RSV 9' X Y X X x xg X 59" 5. 2 Q- -R :KL A X-ff if 1 , '- 1s'fQ ' i W Lkkh - XM. .w w k, ' X ' Q, " i N 1 K Z'-'T ' 'J ' X Wkk: 1 x,-Q.. EM ' L f... .1 A. I RY . N X b SS W Q .5 JMIQ' as -f. by Q K - Lr.... x. , 1, 2 ug ., 5 X if N R x. 'Nt .A mag . X 'iii .1-.MA 1, . 3 A . . ef: 1 7 5 ' 1 sf ' f' - Lf i v ax ik, 'Rza -i K '55 ' 9 sfggiff Xi I Left: Sharon Banns took a load off her feet by leaving the driving to Paul Munoz. RICHARD BRANDLEY CHERYL BRANNON BONITA BRAVERMAN DEBORAH BRAY JANET BREWER RICHARD BRIGGS MARY BROCK MICHAEL BROCK SHERYL BRODIE DIANE BROLIN CYNTHIA BRONTE PATRICIA BRONTE KEVIN BROOKS KAREN BROWN SUSAN BROWN STANYAN BUCKINGHAM Seniors!167 Six , . iw .Q , F" X. 'A Wi K 'f' 6 . , 5 " s i ' ,,., N w- 2 "': - x 59135 - K if 7 5 Y m Q SEX ' H E ' S S wb' ,IQ ov- M . , C' WNW X X , P' f - .. X N s X X X LH' e 5 gif , A eva. K :gf wx ,gf f Q X , .'..' if wx f'AS'g,.X : EX " ig S1 4 ax ,ff , S' F3 m, ik e i 3 f A 1 ffir. f f " Q J N'- 4 f ix . .1 if V. f., , 1 tr, ,., if 2 J 152' -1 f- 1 I x ' X , bk ,I xi 4 Q ,,. 'fiif' SY if X 0 X . ., .5,, , , AZ 5 S ' Q .. f Q "" ' w . ggi K 3. 1 .53 3, i PZ. 1: 'Ti 5 : L 'S iss K - g -E , A - L. I .I MM ' if riff is . is MXN . . i sg -X :hx , X I X SE .. .,,.. QQ ,Q - 5 'J22',: -1 igg " X X N Qi X . . N k,-. . Qzxx X fix x ,fffQ f ' 'ffm- ,... i ff' .1 5 ' ,Q I , N X Q wx is S -we 33 'R' 1. 58 Y X A ov itfgria gi . .Y I I is 3' -fiva. L 5. 15 3-'sys :em X ,A H . , X . .SS fi ' ' A AA ...,.... ' .m, . X ' f x R ' x Q .Y 2 mf X X . 5 N . Q N X gk 1. - ..., x V QQ? '51 ...QQ X A Q .Q S Q.. . f x X ' . 9 X Rf .. LL ' ' X L 'K . f' . '-1 gf. X . Ef 2ffL:Q A 'I Q.. -xg.. - xx - . X ' ' 5' ij? K .. C? 3 1 - fa KX x ' Q .. T. . ' X F ' My -N . 1 X L ' x 1- - Q , . ' f WN f ki X - ---x X wif t X' K ggmi l - I NX if X, ., x .K ,F - 'WW xxx f' F XX t X X X K .yy xx ' X R 7 -Q X X . , ...,. , . ky - X R . Q ,.. .- X X N X . X N.. R r!1 if , Q S3 fx B, Qi sf 12 ik , if ,, ' -W .kiwi H ., I, fff m Qi , .L Lx- Q GARY COSBEY VICTORIA COTTEN DANIEL COX KEATE CRAVEN MARIA CRISCIONE CYNTHIA CROMWELL MYRA CROSON KAREN CROTHERS SHIRLEY CROW KATHRYN CURRY CANDICE CUSACK SUSAN DALE MARILYN DALY JOHN DAMICO LAWRENCE DAMON HERBERT DANIEL JULIE DARGAN JEFF DARROW STEVEN DARWIN DAVID DAUGHTREY RONALD DAVIDSON CATHLEEN DAVIES SUSAN DAVIES DAVID DAVILA RICHARD DAVIS Seniorsl1 71 Q aww I is Zn J ,Aww 2 W I X we N.. ws, X A w - 1 X' S X wx Q l xxx fm Aw ---, wx :sy iz QA X-'X K x A ww Surf .. Q Xxxxs .X XR u .3 1 N 5 .Q Q. WN. X Elf, . mm Q 'L' A .- f xx K' . 5- jg. Q .5 5-fx ' 5 if X 'ttf-" Qvix. pi . C .., . wa W 'hi 6 P , KN X pu ' 'ff' ' L I . f' ' WFS . Y " 73- L PQ! 'K X :ELL-"' 'f 7'- . 6 - A , ' .Nl - Qqq 4 A A L V .- - W Q 2 .2 Z- f' L 'ix 'E A K K A W A 'x , T -' K J 2,5 Ai . . Ak . . x.,, .. M- kxf' V.f. ' K . f? . ' 3 1 CHRISTINE DUNCAN KIMBERLY DUNNING WILLIAM EARLE JANET EASTMAN LEE EDHOLM PATRICIA EGELSTON LAWRENCE EILAND CHRISTINA ELDER LAURIE ELLION LYNNE ENGLISH ERIC ERPENBECK JOHN ERWIN ROBIN ESCANDON LARRY EUSTACHY LISA FAINBLIT PAMELA FARRALL DAVID FARRELL PAUL FELDMETH SHERYL FERBERDINO DOUGLAS FERGUSON BARBARA FERRANTE Seniors!173 ALLISON FETTER SHIRLEY FIELD PAMELA FINDLEY HAROLD FINNEY MICHAEL FIORILLE JUDITH FITZGERALD JANE FITZPATRICK GARY FLEISCHER SCOTT FLUKE MARY FOLEY MICHAEL FOLLMER MICHELE FONTENTO PATRICIA FORILLO 174lSeniors Above: Jenny Gerhard! and Tracy Johnson paused to clown around during a passing period. PAULA FOWLER ROBERT FOY PAUL FRANCESCHINI DAVID FRASCHETTI AMY FREIBURGER KARL FREUND SUSAN FRICKE RONALD FRITZ DENISE FUCCI CLARK FUNSTEN GREGORY GABRIEL TERESA GAIL JOSEPH GALLAL ROSEMARIE GARCIA HEIDE GARR THOMAS GARTON LAWRENCE GAY GARY GAYLE PAULETTE GEHRKE GARY GENOVA JENNIFER GERHARDT GAYLE GERSH GRETCHEN GERWE LAUREL GIALI ANTON GIEDT Seniors! 1 75 LESLIE GILMER CHERYL GODBER JAN GOING DEBRA GOODMAN DEBRA GORDON GINA GOTTUSO ELAINE GREEN GARY GREENE SHARON GREGORY VICKY GROHS JEFFREY GUILD BYRON GUNTHER LEE GUTENBERG CYNTHIA GUTHRIE DEBRA HAGLGANZ DWIGHT HAHN ROGER HAHN JAMES HAIRE JANNA HALFERTY 1 761 S6r1i0rS I E 'X -QT' Djs ,.,,+, if SK Ilw'.'5:T?'S1- S.. 'S Left: Brian Checkel's skills were put to use in metal shop. Below far left: Bob Wall and Chris Elder seemed to enjoy organizing the Senior Class candle sale. JUDITH HALL JIM HALLBERG MARSHA HAMM KATHRYN HANKS WENDY HANSEN ROBERT HARDING MILES HARLIN WENDY HARRIS DANA HARRISON DIANA HARRISON SUSAN HATCH HEATHER HATHERILL CHARLES HAUSER TERI HAWKINS DIANE HAWLEY LURENA HAY NANCY HAYDEN MARIA HEARN LORI HEISS 1 77fSeniors MARGARET HELMS SUSAN HENDRY MATTHEW HENKEN ROSEMARIE HENNINGSON BRADLEY HERRON DAVID HEWES BRIAN HICKEY CHARLES HICKMAN SANDRA HICKS LINNE HIDAY KATHLEEN HILL SANDRA HOLDSTOCK SHIRLEY HOLGATE ALLAN HOLLINGSWORTH ROBERT HOLMAN LINDA HOLTGEERTS LAURIE HONTOS DOROTHY HONZA JENNICE HORN HUGH HORSTMAN MARTHA HOSTERMAN MARY HOSTERMAN DAVID HOSTETLER JEANNE HOUSTON RICHARD HOWE 178!Seniors 1 :xv Nxw':Q,: S K Q X Q .15 Q 'Q af-FR .ww 1 xg A X -5- --wfiykfi -w ,eww - ,. Mm 'nv' -X YQ ..- .S K e 4 ANDREW JENSEN JEFFREY JENSEN KATHI JENSEN ADRIENNE JOHN CECILIA JOHNSON HELENE JOHNSON LAURIE JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON TRACY JOHNSON KATHERINE JOHNSTON RONALD JOLLY BRYAN JONASEN ARLYNN JONES ELIZABETH JONES KATHLEEN JONES ALET A JORGENSEN 180lSeniors F gn .NW Above: Laurie Blue and Rosemary Garcra clamored over Dave Dolkas showmg their g respect for his charisma. RONALD JOSEPH JILL JOURNIGAN NANCY JULIAN THOMAS JURICH LAURIE KALLEN SARA KAPLAN CAROL KARCH MARK KARR PAIVI KARVETTI GEORGE KASHISHIAN JEANETTE KASINER TRINA KATHARY SANDRA KATHMAN , MITCHELL KAWAHATA ROBERT KAY KIM KEARNEY RICHARD KEAVNEY MICHAEL KEI-IOE CORALIE KELLOGG WESLEW KELLOGG LYNN KERNS JANNA KEVILLE MICHAEL KAHANCHALIAN LISA KIEFER KAREN KILLIAN Seniors! 1 81 CAM KING DEBRA KLING DOUGLAS KNITIG LYNN KNOBLAUCH LAURA KOCHEVAR JOHN KOEPPEL WILLIAM KRAG STEPHEN KREUPER ANDREW KROL MARK KUBLICKI SUSAN KUENEMAN WILLIAM KUENEMAN LYNN LA FRAUGH MARY LA PATKA FRANCEEN LAIDLAW CHRIS LAMPMAN GEORGIANA LAN DA 182!Seniors I I A fra Y V1 , .. sv - ' I f Above: Marcelo Rodriguez, Cary Scurto and Don Secor patiently waited to vote for homecoming royalty. QM! w-vb ilk fl? CHERYL LANNING JACK LANSFORD JOHN LANZA WILLIAM LAREW CHARLES LARRICK STEVEN LASZLO SCOTT LAVER CAROL LAY MELODY LEACH JOHN LEEPER JOSEPH LEGG LESTER LEONARD RICHARD LEWIS RICHARD S. LEWIS DEBRA LIESNER PATRICA LIND JANET LISLE HELEN LITWIN LISA LIVERMONT KIM LOBER TIMOTHY LOCKRIDGE JAMES LOGSDON MARIAN LOGSDON ANTONIO LOPEZ ELIZABETH LOPEZ Seniors!183 CHERIE LOUSTAUNAU PAMELA LOVELL VIRGINIA LOWRY LYNN LEUHWESMANN MICHAEL MAHAFFEY JOSEPHINE MAIR ROBERT MALCOM JOHN MANN KAREN MANNA STEVEN MARCUSSEN GENEVA MARKOLF SANDRA MARLIN LAURENCE MARSCHECK ALBERTA MARSHALL PAUL MARSHALL DARLENE MARTEL JEFFREY MARTIN MADELYN MARTINDALE JORGE MARTINEZ MANUEL MARTINEZ CHARLES MASELLI 1 84!Seniors f-lv izif-alfa' - fiieiif ff N Karen Sandbom stopped to share a word with Mr. Keavney in his office. SUSAN MASON JOHN MATHIESON KELLY MATTHEWS JEFF MATUSKA BRENDA MAXWELL ROBERT MAY RHONDA MAYFIELD WAYNE MCATFEE DARLENE MCCAMMON WILLIAM MCCARDLE CRAIG MCCLURE JAMES MCCOMB FRANCIS MCCORMACK DIANA MCCORMICK CYNTHIA MCCUE MARILYN MCCURDY LINDA MCELROY PAUL MCGARRUAGH APRIL MCGEE MICHAEL MCGUIRE JOHN MCMILLIN Seniorsfi 85 if THOMAS MEAGLIA . JOSEPH MEEKER ROBERT MELLEEN MARJORI MEW CRAIG MILLER I w EDWIN MILLER A GARY MILLER JAMES MILLER PAMELA MILLER SCOTT MILLER ' x VICKY MILLER PATRICK MILLIGAN BARBARA MILLS DIANE MILLS FRANCES MITCHELL I 5 SPSS 'Q up 'Z .AN , iw is Q T ,Y i X We HOLLY MONROE I SUSAN MONTAGUE MARC MONTGOMERY A PATRICIAIMONTPAS THOMAS MONTPAS PAULA MOOMJEAN I Above: Randy Haire and Jennice Hc shared an interesting conversation dun lunch. 1 86!Seniors PEGGY NJEUMAYER MARK NEUMEISTER GERARD NEWELL FRANK NICASTRO DONALD MOORE DOREEN MOORE LAUREL MOORE JAMES MORRIS KATHLEEN MORRIS ANN MORSE JEANETTE MUELLER CATHERINE MUHLSTEIN PAMELA MULICK MICHAEL MUNHILL MARK MURDOCK MARK MYLIUS SUSAN NASH PAUL NEFF NANCY NERHEIM Seniorsl187 GREGORY NICHOLS SUSAN NICHOLLS SCOTT NOLAN JUDITH NOODLEMAN TIMOTHY NOONAN RICHARD NUSS KAREN O'BRlEN SHANNON O'BRYAN JILL O'KEEFE KAREN OATMAN JAMES OEDEKERK MARGERY ORME MARY ORSOLANO DEBORAH PADGET JAY PALMER JERRY PAPAVERO ANITA PAQUIN STEVEN PARADIS 1 88!Seniors Right: Debbie Vanderdoes and Dave Dolkas energetically tackled the problems which confronied the exeuctive council. DIANE PARKER JANICE PARKER REBECCA PARKER KAREN PARRISH JEFF PAULEY PATRICK PAWLUK CRAIG PENNE DONALD PEREA MARK PERKINS MARY BETH PETERS WILLIAM PETERS THOMAS PETERSON DOUG PETTY MARY PFEIFFER DEBRA PHELPS LINDA PHILLIPS MICHELLE PHILLIPS LAURA PIERCE DOUGLAS PINYERD Seniorsl189 DENISE PISCITELLI THOMAS PISTOLE JOHN PITCL KEVIN PLACE JOHN PLAT MATTHEW POCHTER PAUL POCINO DIANE POWELL ROY PRATHER GAIL PRICE GARY PRIDDY SCOTT PROPHET SUSAN PROVINS DAVID PUCKETT WILLIAM PYOTT BARBARA QUAIL DEBORAH QUINTANA 19O!Seniors Above: Randy Blumhagen, Dave Sweeney and Hugh Horst- man shared an interesting conversation with Mr. Spain. xmlks h 'QR 'F 'x YN LN" ar'-. Q 3 Y : X 1 if 5, ' 5 Q 1, Q-M gn: . Wh :gy ' '35 -n . vw,- f..i-Yf' 3:1-7 :,:g' sn: 6 'Q x NW N .0 -K il-- i is X E. -54 . . Q, 2. f Q N N: 'GSW esfffgx ' T QR fa- it W T if 'Qs Q 4 MARK RITTER JANE ANN ROBERTS KEVIN ROBERTS LAURA ROBERTS TERRI ROBERSTON CHERYL ROBINSON JOHN ROBINSON NANCY ROBINSON DENA ROBINSON DON ROCKENBACH KENNETH RODERS MARCELO RODRIGUEZ PATRICIA RODRIGUEZ GEORGIA ROGERS BRADLEY ROOS SUZANNE ROSE MARCIA ROSENBERG Seniors! 1 92 G9 '72 I Above Left: Mark Hunt sweet-talked Mrs. Roe while trying to 'get a readmittance slip. Above: Gary Turnidge and Steve Bach waited for' Coach Duhart to complete roll call. RANDOLPH ROSS CATHYLYNN ROSSI CYNTHIA ROWE JANET RUBY SANDRA RUDNICK BECKY RUPREOHT ROBERT RUSSELL ROBIN RUSSELL KIM RYSELL SCOTT SADDORIS JOHN SADLER EVELYN SAHAGUN MARK SALTER MARY ANN SALTZER SUSAN SAMBO KAREN SANDBOM LINDA SANDERS Seniorsf193 ,X - . x A - W N K Q N ' - 'QW' QB 1 ...Q S.-Q 1 XX N xg 3 S fi Q N N i E ' Yi!" , gi f' J if 4 f-1 I Q. 4 wc K as xx, . 19" nv-w Y- Q fra ., , ia., X ie' fi Q.: 1 X s. -,,... x . I "Q, 5. ,N . ., - f N, b xx? S' NX X -f Q..2T"'- " ' , Q X, 1 + S i s .P X N 'Nl' Y- sv- A' X K -5' Y ' If Q , K as . ,, Q- y . A U N fl fl W r 5 V' S ,f , 4? Q XX. K 3. g 2 ' -, bL 1 Y N M ' i 'a ". 3' , 3 K . W X .. 1 ' 'S gif lli - . W 9 A x Q F fs -Y' K , M . g f x aw' k s as 1 S' fi 1. iff. T x 7. f' B5 .t Y Y 'e ws x gram ig f xi iv R snug' MICHELE SMITH SUSAN SMITH WILLIAM SMITH JOHN SNOWHILL STEPHEN SOBOLEWSKI ROBERT SOMER NANCY SORENSEN MICHAEL SOTO JAMES SPALIONE CAROL SPANGLER RENEE SPEER MARGARET SPENCER GEORGE STALZER STEVE STANTON DWIGHT STAPLETON GARRY STAUBER DENISE STEEL 1 96lSeniors . ,. It . MQ , . , W .L ,...tX- .-of, Im.. I Q jpeg Right: Gary Miller and Nancy Robinson manned the Creative Writing booth during Club Day. ,, QrY . , Q Q K N vyi 35 5' N . . Q R., 1? ,tr Le. CURTIS STEPHENS DEBORAH STEVENS GARY STEVENS LAURIE STEVENSON CI-IARLENE STEWART COLLEEN STEWART LISA STINSTROM NANCY STOKE RONALD STONE WILLIAM STONE PAM STORY KARAN STOWELL MARK STOWITTS . STEVE STREMEL CRAIG STUMPF DEBRA SUESS Left: Laina Tan and Pam Findley made a cute couple during Fifties Day. Seniors!197 MARGO SULLIVAN DAN SUMMERS RANDALL SWANSON WILLIAM SWARD DAVID SWEENEY ELAINE SYMONDS ERIC TABOREK SANDRA TAKALA LAI NA BETH TAN GAYLE TAYLOR DEBRA TEDLOCK ROSA TERAN ERIK TERBERG PATRICIA THIRLOWAY WALTER THISTLEWAITE 'I98!S6nI0rS E . Above: Dave Fraschetti and Amy Freiburger were first to sign up forthe varsity streaking team. E I I Aw ave: Linda Sanders and friend anxiously awaited the 't of a Fifth Quarter. LESLIE THOMAS MICHAEL THOMAS DEBRA THOMPSON PAMELA THORPE DANIEL THOSS LESLIE TINKER STEVEN TOKARSKI KAREN TOMBLIN RENAE TOMLINSON LORETTA TOMOVICH CATHERINE TOOHEY JOHN TOOMEY STEPHANIE TORREY JOHN TORREY PEGGY TRONCALE Seniors!199 Sue Sambo, right, and Bob Holman, below right, drooled and made eyes at each other. PAM TRUJILLO ANTHONY TURCHI BRUCE TURNER DEBRA TURNER L DEBRA TWEEDY ROSS TYLER GEORGE ULMER SHERYL UPSTONE LISA URICCHIO LORRAINE VAN BERKEL SHIRLEY VAN STRALEND ARJA VAN TONEREN LAURIE VANDERLEEST DEBORAH VANDERDOES 200lSeniors 5' 4, GALINDA VELASCO RODNEY VERCUSE LISA VINSON CHRISTINE VISELLI JAMES VQGEL ROBERT VOGEL HENRY VOZNICK BARRY WACHTER LINDA WALD ROBERT WALL A A - - - 5-QR4 .,:, A 'TST SL,.B B.,ES.1 ,PN 'i' "-Q . Vx E45 ,,QB A .1.J 5 T-k1Q X Q .-f .'- mpwvvi ,QQ-P S... ,gg--1' ,,.rf Jw JAMES WALLICK MARTHA WALZ Seniors!201 RANDI WALLSTROM RICHARD WATCHLER ROBERT WEBB FRANK WEBSTER CHRISTINE WEILER JANICE WEIRICK ELIZABETH WEISSMAN JEFFREY WERK STEPHEN WETMORE WILLIAM WHITEHEAD SANFORD WHITING LINDA WHITTIER SUSAN WILLIAMS FRED WILLIS JUDY WILLIS DIANE WILLSON PAMELA WILSON 202!Seniors CATHERINE WI LTSEY LISA WINGER CRAIG WINKELMAN JULIE WINSLOW WILLIAM WINSLOW JAMES WOOD DENISE WRAY NANCY WUILLE WILLIAM WYATI' ROCK YANK lbove left: Ron Childs diligently practiced on his alto saxophone dur- 1g band. lbove: Ben DeMarzo enthusiastically led cheers during a football lame. ciNoY YORK q PAMELA YOUELL DOUGLAS YOUNG CAROL ZNEIMER DEBORAH ZUZOW CHERYL ZWIEBEL Seniors!203 CAROL ANDERSON DOUG BALDING SHELLEY BORCHER SCOTT BORDEN CAL COATSWORTH DAN COX MICHAEL DAY TIMOTHY DEGNER JAMES DOOTSON DOUG DRENKOW HAROLD FINNEY CLARK FUNSTEN HEIDE GARR GRETCHEN GERWE KATHY HANKS ALLAN HOLLINGSWORTH MARTHA HOSTERMAN Jl IDY HOWELL DALLAS HUGHES BRIAN JACKSON KATHRYN JOHNSTON JILL JOURNIGAN CAROL KARCH CORALIE KELLOGG 204lSeniors In early February, the names of sixty- one Gold Seal graduates were released. These persons seemed to Flying Sky? High as each ranked near the top ten per cent of the class. Each person had to maintain a 'B + ' to 'A' average throughout their high school careers. As a reward for their dili- gence, their diplomas were affixed with the Gold Seal of the California Scholarship Federation. .I ,gps A, f -.r - MN . 3. ,A k b bzq Q . Q , in , N L' 2.' 1 X 1 fa' , P T H S 1 K ff5, L y mhL , - -J 1,L:,' .L X .. Q ' gig m .. ' m X.N X gs K A L gx x ! Y . . A ' 4, ' x 'r -' 1 , , . J X- A ',a Q A X b Q M X mx.L. x :xx 5' 5 R V ix -:,, , X bf. in t x R 13 X! Q XX ? 0 QN QS N MQ mmmkq ,fx -SX k 5 K gk sf gl ,A 3 .-,R . Ss. Q l, A Q. N X X X K K Q? X ...x XL Q Q-Q: SN. A X NR X S if-. X N X 4 -.Q S N ., l , .A 'Q v fk -- Ki NY' K X- y 59 K xx Twelve members of the Senior Class were certainly not considered Bottom Of The Barrel as their peers elected them Senior Most. Following write-in nominations, six candi- dates in each category were chosen as finalists, with the senior class voting for the eventual winners. Randy Blumhagen and Kim Clifford were chosen as best looking. Due to their outgoing dispositions, Jeff Werk and Gretchen Gerwe were chosen for best personality. Hal Finney and Judy Noo- dIeman's gray matter earned them the title of most brains. Jeff Armstrong and Lyn Martindale were voted most spirit because of their performances at sports events and pep assemblies. Larry Marscheck and Karen Killian held thehonor of being most likely to succeed as they headed up numer- ous school-sponsored activities. The serv- ice award was shared by Bob Vogel and Pam Anderson for the extensive time and effort they have given to the school. at Most Spirit: Lyn Martindale Jeff Armstrong 206!Seniors Most Brains: Judy Noodleman Hal Finnev Best Personality: Gretchen Gerwe Jeff Werk I Likely to Succeed: Karen Killian Larry Marscheck I dv-- BestLooks: Kim Cliflord Randy Blumhagen 32 X k J , - Q :st Service: Pam Anderson Bob Vogel ilkl - J' f H1zi,f.f,' X . 7 Seniors!207 California Savings and Loan Award: Calvin Slater Arcadia High was extremely fortunate this year in having numerous outstanding schol- arship winners. On the basis of their PSAT scores, taken in October of their junior year, nine Arcadians became final- ists in PSATXNMSQT compe- tition. Eleven more were com- mendation winners. Applying for local scholarships in mid- Fall, Arcadia students were soon to receive awards from Bank of America, Gemco, Betty Crocker and California Savings and Loan. Through these scholarships, Arcadi- ans were able to Stash The Cash until they began college in the Fall. 208lSeniors Betty Crocker Award: Laura Kochevar A 3 I National Merit Commendation Winners: Judy Noodleman, Sue Nash, Scott Fluke, Bill Seitz, Bruci Turner, Dave Farrell, Dolli Honza, Laura Kochevar, Brian Jackson. Nofpicfured: Randi Wallstrom, Tim Degner. k of America plaques: Kathy Bowen, Hal Finney, Allan ational Merit finalists: Doug Drenkow, Elaine Symonds, Lisa Stinstrom,.layb ilmer, Rich Lewis, Hal Finney, Mark Stowitts. at pictured: Bob Cleghorn, Mike Day. l l l Y Y Y rica certificates: Ja Palmer, B ron Gunther, Dollie Honza, Jud Noodle- R . . obinson, Muffy Asian. Kendis Chase, Sabrina Sercombe, Dwight Stapleton, Mark Ritter, Bill Gemco award: Mike Day Seniors!209 21 O!Seniors i i i Sanita Anita Turf Scholarship: Elain i Hinshaw's Scholarship: Judy Noodleman Derby RestaurantAward: Gretchen Gen As a result of their applying for local community scholarships in early fall, seven lucky seniors Struck Gold in compositely winning over seven hundred dol- lars in cash awards. Because ot their outstand- ing scholarship, leadership and character, Judy Noodleman, Gretchen Gerwe and Elaine Symonds were presented with the Hinshaw's Department Store Scholarship, Derby Restau- rant Award andthe Santa Anita Turf Club Schol- arship, respectively. Larry lVlarscheck's and Franceen Laidlaw's superior citizenship earned them the honor ot being Civitan Citizen ofthe Year and Outstanding Teenage Citizen, respec- tively. Scholarship, service and extra-curricular activities provided the impetus for the selection of Allan Hollingsworth and Karen Killian as Boy and Girl ofthe Year. Decision The mountains rise majestioally challenging oityland with their beauty. A conflict is present in the individual 0 the innocent bystander P0 1 Q 0 0 who must choose between existing and living. Both sides have power to take hold of you. Resist the bribes ofthe city beckoning you with her neon lights, And her confusing noises. She will only bring you down. Go up to the mountains they sit silently awaiting your arrival. Patty Monipas YP' ff t Fi . 4 W . i Q z 1 . J' fi 5 5 ff , rrr V -J' . in Jo J - V E ' - ' Q , ' ,qv f J ' 1 . ' H, N ' .. -w sp i g .a1:q"m 3sSe..t. 4 gg P Wm,::Q..aN at i r I g Dick lfeivis Upon your entrance into another year Celebrate your Iife's new hemisphere Invite it with the wonder ofa Child weioome it's experience as the sky welcomes the tree tops open and free, 21 Pfpotpoum i aurel Moore Q N x . ,. r it t . X 59. 2' at iwrffistzm Q I kg -X A t L ,553 ,521 qs.. .Q 1. get " . stgm, Wal- t, ' -s "fs 35, ., Qgg. ' X 'X-iff l f . W'-,isa as 2 A N Roger Tonry 35 as Q ' 'S ft ,t p .ew K sz' The Architect l-le's an architect, N carefully constructing, 'J' a wall of protection, using those blueprints only known to him. Materials of perfection, prove him infallible his flawless wall, sound and idealized hides all. 'Ja . Q ,im Nt , ,ft 4'-' 'Fr-xii' Behind must lie, human characteristics common faults and problems trying to diffuse thru that wall of the soul. Karen Killian "' 'f eff. as .plvfv ' N.- X se. 5 P. Q . Tom Eliot Potpourri!218 The subconscious is the backwater ofthe soul. Like myriad subsurface currents my thoughts ebb and flowg corridors ofthe mindg passages ot emptiness through which flow troubled memories of vague fleeting images and swirling patterns, intricate, yet indistinct. Flobert Cleghorn I can live without all those foolish people who fake a laugh and try to love but cannot even act. For I am yellow the color of warmth and they are all blue. Nancy Riley 14 rr' . here I am and here you are staring at the ground and wishing we could find something to say. around us the sounds of mumbled conversation grow loud on my ears. shutting my min I'm not myself, r can you undersi that? what I want to say can't be translated into words not here . . . not now . . . :Q ,,,,.1.rf-N-uw-.m -. 1 .. ,f-tg ' ' . . 0 .JC' ' ii .Q sf. P' " .i "S , - . ' 1- . -. I S- S ,I .Y 16' -'UN . , - ' -- '?5S'fj.. .. .lf ,..a. ' W f fr?1 ' W2 f :QQ ..-5 I , .' I. , . ,. . , .. an R ..., g 5, Q 'E . . w . 1' 'S - ffzjifj ' wk. . , ffl . , I' .- . x - 'Z' O' 1 x . A M . A I sl. 1 I . - ' 'Q of ! 4 .2'x"i' 5. ., . , a I u ' .. 7 . I' 3 '. Al, x 1 f ' ' "' , 5 '- Q ' ' a ' 51, - -. '- 4-, 1 -. :. :, . , .-' N . F, 'c. 'Q 'N 1 , f a .ts- l .1 ,, ' , 1 . , 1 1 ' . S I x . ,. u . J 1 - 5 I S D --I." , I wi ' 'I I v ' . N Q' " f'x,.O 1' I . ':,n I ' X I x , ' ',', 4' f a -Q . 0, I 5. S u' U -' e . ' I u , 7 K L., c, . I . 1 -. a Q. 4 1 , -. N' QU... Q ' . ' A ' e: .. -u . 1. rc ,,. .3 Q-. ...,,.- I, u 5 r ,A .I . fe ' gt 0. . . 5 . - .I v . 0 ' Li "-I--1f.:"'5l:+"i -.1 .- : 1: Z 4 .. , r , , o N a f qi v 5" . . V - ,,, 'I . , 4 . . f I " J. 3' . .. X: . . I '- LJ J " ,Q o. . . to my-.M . 'ar ...':..n , N, f ws , 1.2, 1 Q .1 , 'Fx gh Q . . . I, L 3 31 .- ,f " 1 " A ' '-1. u '.. Y" " -. N . I M .' I.. is. . Xa' U.: .vi in fx- e' ' 'ri -,lc '..'.e, 4 , ' a. y . -'T Q 'fl r sa - ' U- . ' . '.' ,f 4' . e, - ,S ,I . og ' J ' . n ' " ,. s A 'I :J u N ' . Q .E 'E' r, 1 t 4' I 'u ' 1 -f::f1-- . 'I "..: ' . fig D. I N .- -. . 'IE'-, . -.+",IwqpN,v I..- 7f'? -- ' -:Q Q E52-fa:b4:"' .. DW'-.3-. I 2' .. -3 1 iii- ,-K. - gb' F D ..,.5 gg J.. if ' o .0 .4 A f-12: .' fx- . + fr. . -" - . -1 ' " a . . v. I , - . -, .4 . :aflf-:gi :fy-t I' 'Z' ,. n '. 'l lf' J . I f .sg-1.93 -4, T-f...L1 ' --'., .. ' Mg J f i."..:j- -.,'. ' Q.. a..J.', --.'.g'-.-'..':.' . ' ' '4 . ' 3.-.j!,.14 -' -sz? . gf ,, -- - +a:, a,-.- . 'f .... , , ,' "' ', :su any 5 f ' ,,'-f...!.n,. .gba 'Q I ... ':. '.' ..-".-' '.- . ' I nr . ' . . . 4, ,. . 1 A 5-sg, Kam Clifford n Of Sound and Silence I I am deep into alone, Within myself, try-processed people, 2-packaged thoughts, I know who I am, anquility in my sound. thrust into a function, Lost within a group, 'ry-processed people, 3-packaged thoughts, cannot find who I am, y the chaos within my silence. Susie Fiennison .Y .X 1, fx -i , 'L 'Q Q , Alvin Aquino 2 ' +' My . -'--'i.,,,k Q,-sz .fr n inm.1' a I 3 J f fx ' Q' , . , it fa 5 5? I will xi" NN' 35 A 1 I, 5 9 A tb- if K vig 5 x Q Q yi y f y . ' Q' V X .Q A 5 Q if .raw , if 3 fi C, X A R A xx if .- I K J.. 6 P3 ' ' l t Q . f 2: S N A A X x . ilfivjfiwc, iv Q gig? gt--I t vrgff X 1 fi f :K " x, ' Ei,.K vs out fy- ,Qq kt, 0 i Xxx- ug I 'l ' s 'gait 4. ' 'b I XX its Exif If 4 Q 5 XI g in Q S, Q. swf iffy I 2 Y i' , We t 'xt , rl' 'E X f I 5' M t, X Fx vi ' - j , V' K5 , if J I ef sc. 2 sg .fy If 1 KE sf? cg X c NV P .g , -x ,Q 5 I. 5 I s Q - Q, apic Lf - at K lx 'xi gr f, Q I vt P Cf 'ix xi ' 'Q A I s1s,X. 3 .X X. ,. ii K 5? 9 XJ x R Q , X ,A ky X. so ,gf I. J Q or ' A .. Heidefiarrv, -X ki x i I'm not sure I understand why I am drawn. I'd love to pour through your eyes and learn the sunkeness of your pleasure. To search through each crevice and touch a lingering thought, a passing idea. I even feel your image comforting my mind, reminding me ofthe morrow separated from the past. Now there's nearly a hint of peaceg still I loath the permanency . . Unknown M, hw. -nw grgg My 4........ W ' .' , . , A ,N My ...W W. ,,,,.... W K ki V- J .. K . ...melts N"-M -A - em 5, Us ...if - N' , .. W A .,, ,, .. - M.-s...,p--ag. h Wir ,, Q. es.-.Ns-I, 4. 1+ , -. ' .V - wwf .t,,,..,.......s.. - -... Q-vs A , A ,, ........ 'N' -'--e.W..,-.. W . .........N , Q . , up . gm V A wh ' ' 'f - ms t" . s f---er . +- -s . It N X vue: L ' .t . -- X q:,,-wifi? -vt gf-ss: Ts,- N -QQ. .. I-.1 -qt... -Q M1 -' "' x ' xiii W X " M-- I ' - 1. rf me :s....-fi' 'I f 5 , """'1f,,,,,,,.vvli's-sms V N, . A .. W - M R4 -mdk' , Mgjf -, M : - M-1185 M ""'- '1""2W"' K ,,,, sees and -F .K MW ..N,Q'."".: W '3 Watch a painted sky with an accusing wind that picks you out from a crowd and blows 1 your disguise Nancy Robinson Potpourri '919 13, fa' Q' :y3,n 31.55 ,wmafg g . , 'F m' - QI. .Z " ' Y T f' fii S rg :ja-rM A i P 3 N -NS ' ga A y if Q "' if R f X -f iw N, N -Q 5 mv X , ,Q A+- , . X-' - . .- V . . K QVQ, . . M N v 3, I L' , , QW? A R Q f , x :F xg? is Q ii Q J Q N, FQ, M -5 Q is S! .I Q 2 MRM? 2 ., Q f -fu. . Q .Q Q , .f K ,thx Y - gi: A 1, Q 4 S a Q J Q u 1. Q' he f - g l N' K' x Q . Q A dk Q fx! sfgti ' i ,.2fiXs xx Niki Q QI. 'vu Q - M- A 1--""" dz? ' ' I. snr' irq K 'I if C , 1 l ,I x'xNNM ,W ,,,.4" If ,, ,. I Q in - -' . ,, H an ' 5 ' ' 1 ' C 4 . ,, 1 L Y Undercla ssmen .' - as-1 A... ,Qf' - , 'gy-"Q" Q :i , .40 -on-""' . W R' A' h -J C- 'JT fm, ," . . 1 Q . QQ ,P -slvxiwsfi .- N19f"fw5'1f ff --- 3 W - ff m .f - A i K ,ff A R , xx Jr , X ' Ii-:M L , WA 5 ' f wg W WW-AN X' if M MW? --.X 1 . awk NQNNX Mwmss Q"'w-w.,..g,k,,,,.mxQ MMM-w-.W v. ,why MWN'W1Qww -W N Q .M -N, N .mm .f- vsm' , , X - wig s! Q 5 me AW' 'F'- , Q -f I A ww yfxgx Wk . fig' f . ., 3 K 1 M WF x Wk f xx W- 3. Xi". , Z - , ,N v it M . Q K K .1 K: .. L 5 S -W X - Fe i - . 555' Mg egg wif-'P , --Q . f . M . X SQ ,' 5 X . 5 , Q Q ? . , -A. , . X -sf. - N.,- 5 gf 4+ , SLV- ? afxfg xr S xi .. W i -gs Q- .- K ww, - 31 X C 's iw 4, -5? 5 x SESS 9.5, Li- . M V," '+.,Xk1.l' Q: X .... . 564' v I - -- Z -Ei X ,M Q -.- if i M N -?'f'ff"'mY NM ,Pkwy - ,-.M,.,qn,f-f , Mrv ax- m rf V S-wvwwiiig 1 my ,fwiwfx W4 M1 -WSL ww-lyk 1 x -mx W- --my-,df -- If ef V fm ww k Y' A 'wins m ' -- - xg.--2 N 5 . Jiffiiiitiiglf FIN- - , Lx ' X w ,gi,,Q--kg . Z , was -, 1, PV' 5' gm-V, ,M ,-11, .f-- ,' + yx Abram i Aijan n Allen Anderson y Anspach Nshley Danny Agostino Susan Albright Johnny Altmayer Wendy Anderson Denise Artale Caren Ashton Alonso Aguirre Daniel Alexander Mary Amato Katrina Andresen Paula Ariin Mark Askren Shelby Ah rens Daniel Allen Karen Anderson Margaret Angerer Jenny Arvizu Gregory Attaway Below: Scott Cuckovich wistiully daydreamed in his english class. t 6 K f. Nw X 'NCIV' S w Q- Se Maia A T A A K Ss liz: X as is S .gy ,E hh. . X: Xxx .if I s A , W Elxifi my 'w , - R N5 S Xoifefra ,seals g if ex? ...... sv-4-me Stephen Ayres Stephen Bach Mary Bacic Paul Bahn Underclassmen1223 Susan Bailey Teresa Bailey Kelly Baker Leslie Baker Carol Baldo Kathleen Baldwin Judith Bane Steven Barchan Lenette Barker Cheryl Barnard Steve Barnes Robin Barrington Steven Barry Bruce Bates Litzer Bautista Ronnie Baulton Dan Bear Monica Belfortti Bryan Bell Peter Bellows James Benak Jean Bennison Glenn Berger James Berger Jon Bernasconi Richard Berumen Randall Bibb Judy Bicker 2241 Underclassmen 'ml . A X YI' VJMA B l x l t 4 'K fa B ' fa - A s to "3 'K A i is L 'fx I Above left: Bill Kern smilingly pondered over a history assign- ment. Left: Brad Williams skillfully worked with a blow torch in metal shop. Dean Biersch Laura Billington David Black Mark Blankenship Doug Blatherwick Paul Blechert Michael Bloom Jean Blumhagen Lynn Boatwright Michael Bogad Mark Boggs David Bohmke Nancy Boice Jeft Boley Nancy Bonura Susan Bortells Doreen Bosaki Royce Bowyer Terry Bower Christa Boyes Keith Braunwalder Alan Breeden Christopher Brenner Jill Brock Scott Brogden Deborah Brooks Jaime Brooks Underclassmen 1225 T muul- Susan Brooks Debbie Brown Julie Brown Kelley Brown Tom Browning Diana Brubaker Karen Buchanan Geoffery Buckingham Karen Buckingham Annamarie Budavari Kim Burdick Brenton Burgess Phil Burgess Anita Burnett Jeanne Burns Kathy Burns Robert Burow Joanne Bush Kimberly Byer Michael Caberg George Cadd John Campbell Marie Campbell Virginia Campen -... . rtr.t t M . x S -.5 x A D Q X i , l x 2 sag K get XQ : fa i s R 3 e in t .s a 5 is . ,.. .. w. f X ...Q J r tttt g X 1 'Nl' ei m David Cavalieri Christine Carlson Cindy Carlson Dusty Carlson Candace Carr Anthony Carri Ronald Carroll Randal Carson 226!Underclassmen Above: Connie Portis paused before digging ir her lunch. rc Canwrighi Marilyn Cerbone Carl Chambgfs Below: Jett Werk and Teresa Bailey violated the sacred ter Chapman Jim Chaput Jeri Chastain SUSUCG Of the libfafy- Ne1Q5f 7 -- 'i '- X David Chavez Robert Cheney Cathy Chidester Kathleen Chisam Kim Christian Sandra Christofersrn Cathy Chute Carolyn Clark Lori Clark Timothy Clark Karen Clemons Linda Clements Karen Closson Dorian Cohen LaurieXCole Adrienne Coleman Karen Collette Julie Collins Bradford Connolly Donald Conrad Paul Contreraz Lorraine Cooke Jane Cooney Cynthia Cooper Underclassmen!227 A N. ,Mx if l , Si' Xmhw X aj? X E in Rx XXX, Mwa if x 151- if K' -N :A .N N K, .X l ww N. ' 'Wf- 3 Jeanne Docherty Richard Dodge Karen Doherty Sheila Doleshal Craig Dondanville Bruce Douglass Deedra Dowden Fiichelie Downey Debra Downum Christine Drenk Gregory Drexel Lori Duane Scott Dubin Brad Ducich Kendra Dunkelburger Loanda Dutch 'timothy Dynice Marla D'Zurko James Eames Thomas Earle Pamela Eaton Randy Edgar 'Diane Ekegren Susan Eldredge Thomas Elliott Linda Ellman Lori Ellsworth Underclassmenl229 by 49" .fra ' ' X ,ixvr X X N . xvxix-4 S ,. X ax u X if X Q X f 1 3 mv :,, 'iv X X QW 'HY' Y ff' if ,A 'Q Q Q if is Q uns. 1 , . l - f , ,, Wg., ,,1LL - X , , i M Q wt ik" N -ff' T for ' if 'X Q .L X 'W Y .N ka Af L gxggwk Yeti Left: Laurel Mosbach and Natalie Joy joined in the spirit , ot the Niftie Fifties Day. q -if L, A Xe Below left: Kathy Green seemed disenchanted with the library. 1 Q W A mi +L L x ssl J ix L .tr Q R? ' L if wwii E Q tl 1 Robert Frear Renee Freeman Janis Frid Robert Friedman Chris Froke Rolf Fromme Elizabeth Fulmer Janice Fulton Robin Ferguson Douglas Gabriel Debra Gad Timothy Gaftney Cheryl Gage Gorgon Gammell Lydia Garcia Louis Gardner Jim Garrett John Garrison Laura Garside Catherine Garzio Carol Gehring Underclassmenl 231 if N W x is ' Q Q.AW fi' K x ,R QQ Na? K N Aw . :X- 54 v . ,ws fwvvfk -5-,ers A. I 3 A S Sir ,Af E 5 A ""1u21 1 f "N-. .s .Ax N b"5m:x S Q ., Qi , WS 1,1 K gf: gem islam Q. ' - if .gf M in L--, my .. .M W, . .gQ,.. .-A N X Barbara Hallquist Catherine Hamilton Dana Hanke David Hansen Kim Hansen Kristi Hansen Richard Hardy Bruce Harner Bruce Harriman Mike Harris Stacy Hart Jennifer Haserot Carolyn Hassett Karen Hatch Michael Hatchel Ive: Anne Long anticipated the end ot a football game. James Hatcher Kathleen Hawk Cynthia Heather Edward Heckman Andrew Henderson Robert Henderson Ron Henderson Nancy Herron Amanda Hicks UndercIassmen!233 Lynn Highman Peter Hillemeyer Kirk Hines Randall Hirsch Denise Hisey Kevin Hoar Jim Hoffman John Hoffman Linda Hogan Patrick Hogan Nancy Hoke Jaynie Holkestad Robert Hollingsworth Neal Holmiund Jeffrey Hope William Horne Karl Houanitz Carol Housepian James Howland Lila Hubbell Donald Hudson Joycene Hughes Holly Hunter Wesley Hutchens Amanda Iles Farris Jabara Cynthia Jackson Andrea Jahnke Cecile James Diana Jenks David Jepsen Bill Jess Barbara Johnson Deborah Johnson Dennis Johnson Jan Johnson Michael Johnson Gail Johnston Ken Joiner Barbara Jonasen Laurie Jones Robert Jones 2341 Underclassmen .Q in sf S53 Left: Dana Deverick appeared to be in a contemplative mood during an assembly. 4""?9 Douglas Jordan Natalie Joy Leslie St. Julien Kevin Kaiser Mary Kaminski Ruth Kaminski Renee Kaplan Gregory Karr Sally Kasnlcka Kristina Kavinsky Brian Kawahata Terrance Keavney Colleen Kelly Neil Kenney Rose Kent Anita Kenz William Kern Carolyn Khanchalian Tracey Kidd Kate Kiebert Brian Killeen Rob Killins Laurel King David Klimberg Susan Klimke Lori Knerr q Joseph Kneuven Underclassmen!235 Jane Kofford Jehrey Kolar Lori Kraemer Helena Kress Dory Kroeger Joyce Kunz Sharon Kuthe Doug Kuttruft Cathy La Corte Doug Lama Kathrine La Moureaux Scott Lamoreaux Rene Lange, Mark Langsdale Joseph Laszlo Jetirey Laun John Leal Mary Lear Karen Leatherman Katherine Lee Dianne Legg 2361 Underclassmen Right: A junior got practical experience in proper kitchen techni- que. Below Right: Mark Rountree diligently worked on a news story lor journalism. , 5' . l 39 L. U. -K. , 3 .xx F, E ,L l fe fp J ' -'9 .-4 . ,. - 'J 1-new ,Rim 2.-' W is I - S W ,. S ' " Y S X QC R X X Qi XX ,X x :X ,S was YF .9 N ' xv? eff' X X 1 fx: k x XX S1 XX X Lk Y X 1 CY if WX X W 'X xr X N .. 1 QR K- ' W X -QQ in x - ,:,:.i,-Ex X R x A if QY1 k X Y . 'J Q 'XX -LLL Lv X Sigs - M I W . V X . X www N-ng E: .- 2' we - .aw -- - Xe, -JE 1 , - . , --wvv X - x- M NX La NN ,, X ' X1xL W ww -X--- A N- w r x Ny.. , x--- ASQ-mv ----- .- f K L ,Q X N David Mandeville Barbara Mang Martin Mann Kym Mantz Carol Marchese Tom Marino Brian Marlin Pamela Marrone Julie Marsalek Kelly Martin James Margett Gene Marzo Dave Matern Susan Matlock Gregg Matthews John Mavredakis Joseph Mazzarese Brian McCardle Brian McClintock Sean McCormack Carol McCreary William McCullough Kenneth McDonald Maureen McErlean Robert McGregor Karin McGuftin Lynn McKenzie Marianne McMllllan David MGMOHIQIS Patricia McNalI Catherine McNally Mark McNally Right: Scott Wagner intently listened to a lecture inthe Publications House 238!Underclassmen Q3 X X z " s ., "'1 QQ, I 5 N 4 E gg 94' Q' - V XM 45, .2- Lr S5 WN W N K .. .7 S x ,X L 4 af -dn + Elf Af Q 'Wim ww? Dean Murray Scott Murray Stephanie Murrow Wendy Mutschler Dorothy Myers Susan Nader Betty Nagy Kim Nairn Bradley Nease James Neelands Donald Negri Ronald Negri Janet Nelson Adelle Nicely Flon Nickloft David Nielson Susan Nimmo Cherrie Noelck Steven Norris Linda Norwood Elena Nunez Dan O'DonneII Kenneth Odyar Danald Oiler Edward Okline Debra Old Kurt Osenbaugh Linda Otto John Owen Monette Ower Charles Pacheco Lynn Packard Debbie Packer 240fUndercIassmen si' if W D ' M , Above: Jerri Chastain relaxed and sipped a quality fri punch during lunch Left Becky Palmer worked at the Ech o-nee booth dur ing Club Day X his fi we fs. K 00 hm, Ronald Perry Dave Peters Bruce Petersilge Janet Petrotla Alexis Petrovich Thomas Pfeiffer Lora Phillips Hutch Philpot Kim Piazza Brian Pielemeier Robin Pierce Sheryl Piereson Rebecca Palmer Charles Papp Susan Parker Jack Partch James Patapoff Douglas Pearson Robert Pedrotti Anne Pendo Ronald Perry Underclassmen! 241 .M Sig? fx. Q ig Left Barbara Salter and Debbie Rogers worked Janet Riley Susan Rinard Lorrie Ring Diane Ringer Steven Rishebarger Susan Robenson Monica Rodriguez Belinda Roe Deborah Rogers Susan Rogers Marta Rojas Sharon Rosen Joanne Rosnagle Tina Ross Mark Rounlree John Rouser James Rowley Michael Roy Barbara Rulec Cheryl Sainl Julia Salisbury Terese Salamone Teresa Salomone Kevin Samuelson Michael Sanchez Jon Sandbom Leslie San Miguel lmne Santha Underclassmenl243 Alice Sarkisian Eddy Sayegh Laurie Scalzo , Ralph Scatena Christine Schabow Cathy Schaefer Judy Schamadan Joseph Scheel Connie Scherer Jodie Schmidt Scott Scmitz Cynthia Schroeder Suzanne Schuler Sally Schwellenbach Janice Scott Gina Scurto Ruth Searfoss David See Kim Seitz Craig Sensenbach Colleen Serar Andrea Sexton Beth Rachel Shafran David Shaw Jill Shaw Mark Shibley Curtis Shoemaker Garrett Short ' Richard Shroads Barbara Simovich 244!Underclassmen Right: Sue Robertson and John Stothers took a break during a drama practice. Below right: Cindy Cooper helped Bill Boyd with his homework before class. . ' :mv TF W -mx A S S N.. Aww Wg ,b.. ,ax K lgsww- if e w X, N Qc'- X H a m. N X Qi X V S M- ww' r QQ Z J S Robert Sti res Donald Stiver Nancy Stone John Stothers Sheryl Stover Tamara Stremel Stephan Stricker George Stump Anne Sullivan Devon Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Robert Sultzbach Steve Summers Greg Summerville Rachel Sundberg Diane Supple Joanne Susnar Steven Swaftord Victoria Sweeney Theresa Sweet Betty Tankersley Steven Tarnowski Jettery Teas Scott Tebo Douglas Thomas Mitchel Thomas Nancy Thomas William Thorarinson Miranda Tlrado Greg Tober Liz Tolle Madalyn Tookmanian Mike Torasco 2461 Underclassmen "Q, ..'a-'9"fsf.- - z 0 c '.-' . 3- BM :VM , w ... .MA , , k as... 4 -....-4-" if .-. nv' I Qu . ig i x Q ii M sl? Tis . X Q51 : 2- -N -'N 5 xx . A 4 M f i 5 Q xg X X5 E 'Q K X FQ. 9 s if I 3 . ,K X X 'QX X Randy Walker Danielle Walsh Karen Ward Tom Ward Lorinda Wardein Ellen Wardell Jeanette Warden June Watkins Jeffrey Watson Dawn Wayde John Webster John Webster Susan Weckerly Jann Weiers Kathy Weiss Diana Welch Robert Wheeler Steve Whelchel Janine White Valerie White John Wickland Mark Widder Timothy Wiggins Desiree Wilbanks Lloyd Wilcox Richard lMlls Debra Wilkinson Bradley Williams David Williams Gregg Vlhlliams Thomas Williamson Chris Willis Beth Vlhlson Jeff Wilson Judy Wilson Louise Wilson 248!Underclassmen LAL Randolph Wilson Todd Wilson Janelle Winnen John Winslow Michele Witt Bruce Wollard Bobbette Wolverton Michael Wood Susan Wood Tom Woodard Mark Woodyard David Working Jeffrey Wright Timothy Wright Carolyn Wuille Jack Yates Luann Yates Carrie Yeutter Michael Yocum Shawn Yocum Michelle Yoder Judy Young Kenneth Yonts Terry Young Lori Younger Mary Zajac Rosemary Zenzola Robert Ziegler Susan Znoiner Randolph Zorkocy Underclassmen! 249 The sophomore class experienced several minor setbacks as they com- pleted the registration process in mid-September. ln October, Brent Daves, president, Bill Kramb, vice- president, Malisa Masonovich, cor- responding secretary, Gretchen Lin- inger, recording secretary, Paula Kathman, treasurerg Anne Winslow, historiang Martha Bauman, youth commissioner and Tony Garzio, sen- ator, were elected to head the soph- omore class. Officers aided the executive council with their many duties throughout the year. ln mid- Spring, the sophomore class unveiled many Hula Hips as they sponsored a Hawaiian Beach Day. Above: Karen Gardner candidly displayed her home economic abilities. Jenny Abram Margaret Accardo Julie Adams Bob Adams Ty Adams Alice Agajanian Dana Agee Mike Albers Eric Albertsen Brad Alford George Aliaga Barbara Allen Jody Allen Susan Allen Lori Allison Todd Allsberry David Anderson James Anderson Kathy Anderson Kathy Anderson Lori Anderson Scott Anderson Sharon Anderson Sheryl Anderson James Andre Nancy Andrews Laurie Archer Michelle Archer Alonzo Archuleta Mindy Armstrong Laura Arthur Russel Attaway Mark Bacic Bernadett Baker Donna Ballerini Ellen Barleeus Curtis Barnard Karen Barrett Scott Barrett Stanley Barrington James Barthelemy Karen Barton Vlhlliam Barton Steven Batterson Underclassmen!251 Martha Bauman Shirley Becker Kurt Beier Kurt Beilstein Tim Bellasls Rebecca Bellows Stephen Bennett Mark Benson Phlllp Bergen Mari Berger Janine Bergquist Yvonne Bernal Leslie Bevan Teri Bibb Brett Bicksler Kevin Bird Steven Bishop Patrlcla Blackburn Marlette Blair Ann Blasler Craig Blogin 252lUnderclassmen N kxnwwwmtemwewwef-seas... 'QW 4, Wmyff' J Robert Blumhagen Paul Bontempo Karin Bowman William Boyd Stan Brannon John Braunwalder Karen Brodie Martin Brogden Michelle Brolin Linda Brooks John Bowen Richard Bralle Daniel Brockn Glen Brolin Stephen Brote Lleft: Janet Pruett waited impatiently for thebell to ring. Far left: Dennis Walsh and Ty Adams helped each other study during their lunch period. Laura Brown C T Melinda Brown Scott Brown . Kim Bruce y Camle Brunner fp ,ax a ff ,. Gary Buckles Thomas Burhenn Alison Burk Andre Burke Kathy Burke Susan Burland j.,'- Robert Burnett - X Thomas Burnside Debra Burrows Raymond Burrus Michael Butler Rosemary Butzen Katherine Byrne T Richard Byron ' A Craig Cadwalladerx Deborah Campbell Phillip Campbell Richard Capranica Margaret Carlsen T Julie Carlson T Casey Carlton . Douglas Carr Michael Carter Randy Carter Patrice Cassat Anita Cassls Karen Caswell Tammie Cavallero Vikki Chacon Underclassmen! V253 Jeanne Channell Cheryl Chastain Bill Chelf Brian Childs Raymond Chouten Laurie Church Kevln Cimarusti Jim Clarke Milinda Clarke Chris Claro Richard Clawson Margaret Cleghorn 'lim Cleveland Curtis Clifford Karen Cliftord Jeannette Cligneti Debbie Cline Dave Cohen Marcia Cole Nancy Coleman Keith Collins Francis Concannon Joanne Conner Steven Connor Roger Conover Patrick Cooney Jo Ann Cooper Kathy Cooper Linda Corey Margaret Corey Neal Cornish Cathy Cox Kathy Coyle Kevin Coyle PGQQY C0549 Don Craven 2541 Underclassmen Right: Chris Claro seemed to be preparing him- ' R self for an exhilarating day in P.E. away' SX ie Drown Dorinda Dubin Michael Duff Kathleen Duffy iard Duggan Lori Dunbar Alexander Duncan Diane Duus In Duyshart Patricia Dyar Kevin Eastman Ronald Eaton Corry Crommett Nina Crow Susan Crowley Roberta Cummings John Curry Scott Dahlquist Susan Daniell Dawn Danchlk Ton Da Rin Gina Daramparis Beverly Daughtrey Brent Daves Rick Davider -f and Diane Davila Chris Davis George Davis Donald Deal Heidi Decker Susie Delahooke Pamela Odenbaugh Deborah Deneen David Denney Jon Dennis David Des Jardins Alexandra De Visser Diane Di Ciaccio Lawrence Diener Cindy Dodge David Dodge Robert Dolan Deborah Dootson Steven Douglas Gregory Dowden Robert Downs Vihlliam Drenk Above: Larry Diener desparingly rummaged through his notes. Underclassmen! 255 QQ 3 'km S , fm S .4 Q-gw 'X Y I 51 i if x if - ? f L . ..,-1255, ff? if 5..- .aw 1 lf? fy Q.-.m-.g-as-1-ull! 'T S KX? is .3 2 ix X x Qu., l X, E Q. lk 6 - . . 30' x . X-,gag V? XF Q64 ff fi A W, Q K 'ki S . .xx 3' Xa . ' i f ' 35? ,,-.M Y A A M X Ax -x f L- if I l X ' f, Q- -: 3.1 S .N X ' bln-If xx if sl 'ii Er fb 5 an .wx 6 ,4 s' xv Qliig 'ZX se, .4 3 -.gvxx 'iiw P Q S x A x1 - f X ., is K. '- ,, b is A X K J 5 . Y f S 39 'X 2 Ei fb Q F K .N y X W X I ag N . .. NDIS iii w M-mwwxwmk awww! X ' in , e gg, , N.. .mm-ww Nwwwmw., ,Xx.. Q. , M . Q Q, my X 'YN - X X .X Nxfikxz i f-N X X Q A at rf N5 X x Fw 0 S' at V s ,. at fr' M 1 y , . pf .. - X P 'U A . 4 ' t .M X ,. ,W Q -f sk fa X +A ff vs: S gg 7 QM .X .Q NF RW' A? K Q: A KS Q . " LE A ,.-.. jk VL :I .k... :K -fxi X A . ..:. A -3-, ,Q is 'N' L L b - F ' , ,,.W. .:N,.wNf.,f,,:k 1 K S, Q' , . S X Ci 4 A S - it Rh A T . 93 .S .., U N , x X .ix ,... A Q iz . 5. ' N, K L K .. X S ,sf wk, .X-fig H' wud? 'a N .4 .... 1 W X irt Mllversted Greg Mitchel Christine Mocerino Linda Mohr Molden Tamara Moody Ron Moore Ron Morassini Aoritz Robert Morris Nhcki Morris David Morrison y Morrison Cathleen Morse Sandra Muhleman Monica Munill ria Munoz Elsie Murdock Karen Murphy Lisa Murphy James McMonigle Jim Meaglia Larry Medaris Elizabeth Meehan Matthew Megaro Miguel Mendez Jason Merriam Kathleen Merriss Holly Merritt Jeffrey Merritt Matt Mew Richard Meyer Anthony Miccolis Todd Michero Sheri Milani Charlene Milich Jeffrey Miller Jeffrey Miller Kristlne Miller Mark Miller Todd Miller Above left: Pat Cotton was caught oft guard while working on an art project. Above: Joe Franceschini was persuaded to join a club by his friends. Underclassmen!263 Q f mmA Q Q 4 ia K 9' F416-if 1 al' 5 , . 'w ' U -S "k " 5' , .L . ,.,' Y i Q. TX ew X, ,, 'Yes ., N X K X S Q . 4 Eivigxfs S: E 1 we V' S Q SN vis? t. 2- R1 E A xx Qi W S i X -t e . et is , is fs-we X Qysxiig 'i Q ' S K ' fa. -at s 15 1 Q21-S-1 --gs . - -1 -1:- ' SN. N Ne ggi as X sits Q' YN :fi . - ' YQ 3 Left: Lynn Sargis appeared depressed after com- pleting registration. 49' Bruce Patterson Myrtle lpema Richard Perdue Janice Perry I Nancy Peterson X Scott Patterson Richard Petty i Chris Phillips Donald Phillips Patrick Phillips Penny Phillips Tracy Piazza Kent Pielemeier Debbie Pierce Laura Pinyerd John Piscitelli Laurel' Place Chris Pocino Vwlliam Pollitt Ritchie Porch Stephen Possemato Craig Provins Marty Provost Frances Prucho James Pugsley Sam Puma Daniel Quinlan Mark Quinton Pamela Ruh' Patti Rambeau Rhonda Rasmussen Janet Raymond Donna Reeves Paul Reid Shirlee Reid Kathleen Reilly Underclassmenf265 Janet Reinecke Steve Reinhardt Carolyn Renfrew Vicki RBDKGD MBU R9lh9I'fOI'd Julie Reynolds Ronald Rhodes Craig Rice Llsa Richardson Lori Richardson Gayleen Richmond Cheryl Richter Dirk Richter Susan Riddle Arthur Ritchie James Robertson James Robinson Lindy Robinson Valerie Robinson Eduardo Rodriguez Glen Roeters Marc Romero Michael Roncelli Tammie Roney Michael Rooney Bradford Rose Laurie Rosen Jackii Ross Julie Rosskopt Denise Rudisill Norman Rulon Terry Rumohr Jeffrey Russell Katherine Ryan Paul Ryan John Saathott Harold Saint 266!UndercIassmen Right: Cindy Dodge gathered her thoughts during a quiet moment. new - ..f.xsef-.Xxx d Sears ck Sharkey aria Simon en Sipp ard Slingluff 'T , .. ff Q . ,ffxx A 0 Ann Seibel Michael Sells Gregg Sharp Deborah Shaw Ronald Simons Jackie Singer Roger Skillman David Slice Carrie Smith Heather Smith am- '1 ' , . Q' - - xg """--- Above: Tracy Piazza and Leslie Jakeway discussed their plans for the second semester be-tore registration. Barbara Salter Michael Sanders Kari Sanford Marilyn Sargis Jean Sarkisian Andrea Scatena Charles Schabow Richard Scheel Jay Schellin Stanley Schinke Lila Schmidt James Schoelz Richard Schott Jelterey Schultz Lynellen Schneider Stephen Schreiner Stephanie Schuster Marsha Scott Cheryl See Patricia Sherrill Michael Shields Anne Selmer Kimberly Senick Tim Sewell Mike Sexton Glen Shipman Susan Short Tim Siemon Craig Silver l 3 Q Underclassmenf267 Kathy Smith Margaret Smlth Matt Smlth Scott Smith Robert Sobolewskl Sandra Soloman Linda Spangle Mark Sparks Eric Spellman Jacey Spencer James Spencer Robert Spencer Ralph Sposato Barbara Sprague Linda Spurlook Donald Stahl Jeri Ann Staph John Starkey Randall Stead Jettery Steele Robert Steen Tamara Stevens Sandra Stewart Thomas Stocking Camron Stone Jeanmarie Stone Mark Stores Paul Stowitts Janet Stringham Jeffery Strobel Margot Stumpf Eric Sullivan Patricia Sullivan Scott Sullivan Kelly Summers Dirk Swanson John Sweeney Dan Sweet 2681 Underclassmen Q ' k"gs P ffl wif fig- lfhf 34 2 NG U' S.-ff 'L 6 Elizabeth Vickers Susan Wckery Judy Vickroy Annette Vigil Henrietta Vis Anthony Wtek Veronica Vitis ' L f - Janet Vreeland I y R Nicholas Vriochio i Shannon Wabnig MM Tracy Wadley David Wagner R Robert Wagner Ronald Wagner , Debbie Walker Richard Walker Jefferey Wallick Dennis Walsh Rene Walters Rhonda Walter Danielle Walters l Elaine Wardeln 4 Karen Washbum Karen Waterhouse Suzanne Wayne Laurel Webb Richard Webber ' Wctoria Webber A --f Stacey Weeks Mark Weiss Carl Weitkamp Dennis Welsh Donald Wendson David Wennerholm i f Jenereywerderman i .... D, ..l. r W Gay Wessels Laurel Wetmore Mark Whelchel is . Leslie Whichter L 1 Westley Whiteside s Vlhlllam Whiting ' Cathy Zweibel Carl Vlhlliams Charles Vlhlliams Above: Kari Santord got help in cleaning out her locker 2701 Underclassmen w: Bill Boyd relaxed with a friend while looking through ld yearbook. David Williams Jonathan Williams Margaret Williams Bruce Vlhlloughby Andrew Vihlson Carol Vlhlkinson Dave Vlhlson Jean Vlhlson Wendy Vlhlson W Richard Vlhltse William Wiltsey I f ' f V ' i' AnneVWnslow Glen Vlhsniewski Nancy Womack William Wood - Anthony Zakurdaev George Zakurdaev ee James Zarubica UndercIassmen!271 272!Ir1dex 38019 Marv C Bellows, Rebecca 2 129, 223 252 BHQYSV. Mafma J Benak,JamesB 3 154 Benhesl, Joey 87 98110. Paul A 3 Benka, RoryL 2 ' 223 Benkerl, Joseph E 4 Bailey, Susan 3 224 155 In Bailey. Teresa A 3 Berman. sxepnen 2 . . . 224, 227 252 ' Baker, Bernadell C Be,-mlson' Jean R 3 251 224 Baker, Deborah A Benson' Mark 2 92. 154 252 Baker, KellyA 3 224 garden' Bmoks 4 Baker, Leslie 3 224 155 Balaban. Marilyn eerg,Dan1elT 4 165 23-24.40.46-164 Bergen, Philip R 2 Balding, Douglas H 252 Aasand,MichaeIA 4 164,204 Berger, Glenn J 3 163 Baldo, Carol A 3 70, 224 Abram, Jenniler K 2 224 Berger' James E 3 251 Baldwin, Kalhleen A 116' 224 Abram, Joan 3 223 51.224 Berger, Mall 1' 2 Accardo, Margare1N 2 Ballerlnl, Donna L 133' 252 251 251 2 Berger, MitchellL 3 Achilles, ,Joanna 4 Ballerini, Michaeld 59,-gquislg Janine D 2 28'163 Bane, Judith A 252 Adams, Julie 2 251 224 A Bergquisl, Lynda E 4 Adams, Lori R 4 163 Banns, Niki B 4 48, 28'165 Adams, Robert D 2 154 Bernal, Yvonne .2 251 Banns, Sharon L 252 Adams, Ty 2 251 ni, Jon ' 3 252, 269 .224 Agalanian, Alice M Mary R 4 165 251 Marc R 4 Agajanlan, James J 3 Agee, Dana L 2 251 4 Agostlno. Danny P 3 Richard M 3 259,251 4 Aguirre Leslie T 2 252 Ahrens, Daniel J 4 223 Aljian, Randal J 3 163 Aiiian, 26, Akridge. Ala..- BruceP 4 Albers JudyL 3 223 Brell W 2 Alberl, 89, 163 A... 3 LisaJ 4 18, 166 Aldaco, Joseph 2 59 163 216 3 Alexander, Daniel A 107,119,223 4 Allleri, Dennis V 2 Allord, Bradley T 252 251 2 Alford, Steven P 26,163 4 Aliaga, George A 251 4 Allen, Barbara E 251 2 Allen. Daniel J 3 B7, 223 4 Allen, David K 3 91. 108 Allen, Jody D 2 251 4 Allen,MarkA 3 Allen, Randall S 2 163 Allen, Susan L R 128, 133, 223 Allen, Susan L 3 251 Allen, Thomas E 2 163 4 Allison, Lori D 2 251 Allsberry, Todd J 3 120,251 Allmayer, Johnny L AVY GGOFQGB 2 223 Ary Marguerite Allmayer, Susan K Ary PHUIJ 0 133,163 Arvrzu Jenny Amalg, Deborah ,J Ascanro, Gurllerrnr 3 28, 72, 7B, 163 Ash. A180 l- 4 Amalo. MaryK 3 46, Ashley- J011f8Y 2 48, 53. 223 223 Amromin, James G ASNOF1. C8190 3 . 153 40,222,223 Anderson, Carol A Askren, Mark S L 35, 163, 204 123. 223 Anderson, Craig H A1Kil'lS0l'1. SUB Blue, Laurie D 4 44, 163 154 2 252 72, 166, 179, 180 Anderson, David L AUBWBY. GFBQOVY F 2 Bluemel, Lisa M 4 87,116,251 108. 223 166 Anderson, DouglasS AUBWHY- Russel M 3 Blum. Tony 166 Anderson. James L 92.108.251 Blumhagen, JeanR 3 251 AYBYS. 90, 91, Blumhagen, Randy A Anderson.Jel1ryD 25.37. 4 166,190,207 B7, 163 Bach, Stephan 4 165 Blumhagen, Roberl R Anderson, KarenF 193.223 2 2 252 28, 223 Bachmarl. Bonnie C Boatwrlghi, M. Lynn 3 Anderson, Kathleen 154 Bellows. P6161 H 3 225 2 251 Beclc, MarkE 2 251 224 if ,M X Q, ,Q K X X Q5 X NI Q .QR , 3 xx A 5. ix gs I F 2 I 35 QW' 'N X iv. W ,..W..., gsider. Michdel D Q w rJiEmkan c ee I L -id 5 3 2 Patricia MS-X4 Enland Lawrence F 4 Eiland, Timothy 2 256 Eilken, Peter L 3 Ekegren. Diane L 3 229 "L- Elby, Valene 2 Etder, Chriifffia A 18, 63,125,171 Q 92. 912.108, 256 'Elgyedge?SLusan M 2,,, was , Xhh. Etizhlde. 256 ,,. . Eiliontf' 'lzaurie ' xx 1 73 'fl I ff- .I Lon isn M 257 Jeftre 3 1 Q7 N zaogg S 2 , 92 ' 3 ix wi Michael A Q a .aqih F 2 N4 3 Eric A 4 1 .2-4 Se w fi XS X Evans. David J 256 Evans, Robin M 256 Eventov, Lisa A 28.59.230 Eyer. James M 103. 256 Faes. Cheryl L 3 230 4 Fainblit, Lisa G 173 Fairchild. Alison 3 Falbo, Tammy J 256 3 Fallon, Kirk L 2 256 3 Fallon. Gwendolyn Fallon, Robert D 230 Fanning Jr, Jerry M 2 3 Farlow. Virginia R Farrell, David H 173,208 Farrall. Pamela J 40,134,173 Farris, Tracey A 256 Fasana, Louise A 129,131,230 Fata, Charles A 3 Favinger. John H 256 Feichtmann, James 2 26,103,256 Feldmeth. Paul T 173 Felix, Beatrice P 2 Felten, Randy W 115,230 Ferberdino, Sheryl A 16. 35, 54, 62, 173 Ferguson, Douglas S 87. 173 Ferguson, Robin A 22. 231 Fernandez, Omar A 95. 118, 119. 230 Ferrante, Barbara E 173 Ferris, Kathryn S 256 Fetter, Allison L 174 Fielder. Michele L 256 Field, Shirley A 174 Filardo, Dino Findley. 133 Finlayson. 2 256 Finney. 37, 42. 174, Finney, Mir 230 Fiorille, Maria 230 Foley, MaryP 4 Follmer, James G 230 Follmer, Michael J 82,174 Fontenot, Lynna Fontenot. Michele L 174 Forbes. Thomas J Garcia, Lydia M 3 134 231 Garcia, Rosemarie 66,175,180 Gardner. Karen J 251.257 Gardner, Louis A 24, 26. 91 , 230 Forbes, Timothy D 28, 230 Forden, Steven D 230 Fordham, Susan E 256 Foremny. Kimberly 256 Forillo. Patricia A 1B,40.4B, 174 Forsyth. Deborah K 256 Fort, MarkA 3 Foster. David K 105,107,256 Fountain, Mike Fowler David L James D John W Robert A l.8lJl'8 J 250, 257 Karen E Fraschetti. David A , - 67,162.175. Fraser, Grant D , 256 Frassfand,Jemes Frear. Robert P 116.231 Freeman. Renee A lll, Frederick 4 115, JulieA 2 Goodman, Linda C 3 25 Goodson, Yvonne M 3 232 Googooian, Margaret M 2 257 GO0QO0iBI1, William P 3 46 Gordon, Debra P 4 176 Gore.JosephW 4 Gotta, Chrisanne 2 129,131,257 Gottteld, Don D 2 257 Gottschalk. Joanne W 2 257 Gottuso, Gina M 4 176 Gould. Gary 3 91. 232 Gove, Mary A 3 53, 232 Grace, Christine T 2 257 Grainger, Andrea L 3 232 Grater. Laurie G 3 22, 40, 128, 232 Greco. Marilyn L 2 257 Green, Catherine M 3 231 Greene, David L 2 93, 108, 257 Green, Elaine M 4 176, 214 Green, Gerald 99 Graenburg, Candace M 3 22,232 Greene, Gary A 4 96,176 Greene, Michael C 2 257 Greenshields, Philip P 3 232 Gregory, V. Sharon 4 176 Grifiin. Debra L 2 257' Griitith, Joel D 3 95. 232 Griffiths, Brian C 3 232 Grittiths, Carol M 2 257 Grilfiths. Cheryl L 4 Grittiths, Richard 2 93,108,257 Grillo. Frank P 2 257 Grime. James A 2 257 Grimshaw, Jodi L 3 45, 73, 79, 232 Grimshaw, Wendy L 2 257 Grode, Kathryn J 2 257 ' L 2 Fiorille, 174 :g 4 Firth. Fisher. yi 2 Fisher, Ro VI 4 Fitzgerald 5 3 Fitzgerald, Judy M 3 Fitzgerald. Nancy J ,ry Ann Fitzpatrick, Jane L -,B 4 26,131 174 Funsten 5.209 Fleming, Cheryl A F 4 Flanagan, Karen L Funston ColleenM 51.230 Furst Deborah L ,G 4 Fleischer Cathleen 26 257 3 30 Gabriel DouglasB 3 Fleischer, Gary E 3 91' Gabriel Gregory J Fletcher David C 26 95 175 A 2 52,256 Gad Debra J Fletcher, Mary A 3 2 Gatlney Timothy B ,ry 2 Flohr, Douglas R 95 231 Gage Cheryl D ,B 4 Flohr,SusanJ 3 40' Gall Teresa Flores, Edward S Gallagher Dennis M , J 4 105.107 256 92 108 257 Floyd,Sherry 3 230 Gallal Joseph A M 2 FIoyd,S1evenS 2 Floyd, Terry 3 230 Gammell Gordon M 3 24. Fluhart, Sherri L 2 Fluke, Scott Gansert Jeanette Y U I 'nv V C 2 208 232 258 FIynn.Ftober1M 2 Garber. Joyce S Good, Carolyn Hahn, Dwight 4 55. Fodor, Arthur L 257 Goodlriend, Scott E 3 175 230 Garcia, Edward J 2 232 Hahn, F1ogerA 4 26, 93,102,116 Goodman, Deborah J 176 Fogarty, Jack S 256 Garcia. Kerri 2 257 4 28.29.176 lndexf275 276!lndex Haire,JamesR 4 43, 176.186 Halfeny, Janna 176 Hall, Diana L 3 26, 232 Hall, Jeffrey A 3 232 Hall, Jennifer M 2 219,258 Hall, Judifh A 4 177 Hallberg, Jim H 4 177 Hallberg, Larry R 2 95,258 Hallberg, Patricia L 3 28, 232 Halloran, C. Ledeen 2 258 Hallquist, Barbara L 3 128, 233 Halsted, Robert B 2 102. 258 Halverson, Todd A 2 258 Hamilton, Catherine T 3 50.51.233 Hamlin, Leslie C 2 258 Hamm, MBFSTIB J 4 40,129,131,133,177 HEmm0f1d5, MSN A 2 258 Haney, Brenda C 2 Hanke, Dana M 3 233 Hanks, Kathryn 4 19,35,62, 177,204 Hansen, Debra K 2 258 Bruce W Harris, John C 2 107.258 Harris, Michael 3 233 Harris, Randy 87 Harris, Wendy J 4 177 Harrison, Dana C 4 177 Harrison, Diana L 4 177 Harrison, Robin K 2 258 Hart, Stacy A 3 233 Hartslone. Laura G 2 258 Hartwig, Mary E 2 258 Harzke.Keven Haserot, Jennifer ,R 3 50,233 Hassett, Carolyn 3 17, 233 Hatch, Karen J 3 233 Hatch, Susan L 4 24, 26, 30. 31, 33, 40. -177 Hatchel, Michael R 3 233 Hatcher, James W 3 95,233 Hatcher, Lori A 2 258 Hatcher, Susan T 2 258 Hatchman, John M 4 Hatfield, Steven L 4 Hathaway, Laura HatheriII,.Heather A 4 26, 177 Hatzenbuehle, Douglas P 2 Hauser, Charles K 4 177 Hawk, Mary K 3 233 Hawkins, Louise G Hoffman, James C 3 Hultman, Mark 2 253 21, 24, 26,234 259 Q llawklnsl Tell A Hoffman, John W 3 Humble, Lori E 2 177 57, 67, 100,234 259 Hawley, Diane E Hoffman, Linda A 2 Humble, Robert 4 35,40,55,59, 171 259 69-179 , Hgwlhorne, Donnell Hellman, W. Bred 2 Hummel, Kim M 2 2 255 120. 258 259 Hay Lurena 4 177 Hogan, Linda D 3 Hun1,ErinL 2 259 Hayglen-Dlanag 2 45,234 Hunt, Mark 192 Hayden' Nancy J Hogan, Patrick E 3 Hunter, Holly 3 40, 177 90, 91,234 234 llazlelll Terri 2 255 Christine L 2 Hutchens, T. Wesley 3 Heagy, Jeffery A 2 23-91234 , 105, 258 234 Huttenlocker, Gail P 2 Heagy, 178 259 Ch 1 2 2 Huyler, ris ine Hearn, 259 Q Hearn 4 Iantafgg Richard A 4 Healh 3 Igoe, John H 2 93. Heather 102- 259 Allan L Heaton 22' Hackman Robert A James D 2 4 Helmutn, 4 '79 Helms, 2 259 25a 3 Helga' Diana C 4 35, 48, 65, 179 Myrtle A 2 Hines, KirkW 3 234 Hirsch, Randall S 234 Hirvela, George R 3 3 Hisey. Denise M 234 Hoar, Kevin R 3 26, 27,234 Hochner, Waller J 105, 107, 258 Hodges, Lisa A 258 l 1 'Q I L Ernie 108. 259 Farris G J 2 234 l J 2 1 D 2 J 4 I B 3 M 2 3 s 4 2 259 Hughes, Joycene P 3 50,234 Hughes, Peter A 4 37, 43, 59, 108, 179, 316 Hulett, Mark E 2 92 108,259 Hull, Michael 2 92, 116,259 Hull, Nancy J 4 23, 179 Huis, Douglas E 2 259 Johnson, Brian D 259 Johnson, Cecilia A 64, 180 Johnson, Deborah J 22,234 Johnson, Denise E 38, 259 Johnson, Dennis J 26, 234 Johnson, Helene Johnson, Jan E 234 Johnson, Janet 2 Johnson, Laurie L 180 Johnson, Michael L 91, 234 Johnson, Richard A 43, 108, 180 JOHNSON, Ronald 180 Johnson, Sherri E 259 Johnson, Tracy J 174, 180 Johnston, Gail C 26,234 Kenneth E 4 3 4 3 4 3 2 3 2 4 3 2 4 2 4 18. 2 3 234 3 S16 4 2 3 2 4 3 2 3 180 3 59 4 3 4 4 2 4 3 N3k Johnston Katherine 4 58 180 204 Johnsron Kimberley 2 59 Joiner Kenneth L 3 70 234 Jerry Ronald L 4 47 Jonasen Barbara G 22 284 Jonesen Bryan H 94 180 Jones Arlynn S 40 180 Jones Debral. 3 Jones Dorothy E Jones Edward J 3 Jones Ellzabeth A 4 Jones Gregory E 115 116 316 Jones John P 2 9 Jones Kathleen 169 180 1 1 Jones Maurice P Jones Robert P Jordan Dou9IesT Jordan J.Mir:hael. 1 .92 259 K - -- L Jorgensen Scott D 9599 ' , g Jorgensen-Ale1eD L ' -. K- aflapllissi 0 10:- , lm , ' 181 ' 1- Josephson. Kim A1 A. . 260 Joumlgan, Jlll - 4 . . A 81.3S,1B1,204 I 1 Joyg Natalie L LLLL - 3 123. 40,285 - - ' - Joy, Richard -V A2 105.107. 260 Juiian. Nancy A 4 128, 181 1 0 1 1 Jurlch. Thomas M 4 1 83.87.181 1 Kevin G 13 Legg Legg Josep Lehman John Lehmann Waller C Lehmann Cheryl A Lehner Denise L 129 134 Len ner Lorllyn Lemharl Jean M Leinhart Joyce M Leisner Debra M Lehr Kimlvlv 2 Lender Daniel . Leisher Judy E 48 237 1 Lennlng Cheryl A .28 'L800hn9r Kaihl A Leonard Lester LT Lesperance. J8mBS -1 : 3 91. -Lester, Denise A 237 0 Letlon. Bryce H 2371 .Nam 12 61 2 61 4 7 p E I 2 E S Q 1 3 x E i I S x 3 Z E Q I E x 2 3 1 : - sz 2 F--Q1 sf few N--gg .Xp f. N - -. Moody, Tamara 2 263 Moomiean, Paula M 4 168,186 Mooneyham, Robin A 3 28.239 Moore, Donald K 4 187 Moore. Doreen 4 62. 66,187 Moore, Eric J 3 26. 239 Moore, Laurel B 4 77, 187.212 Moore, Ronald L 2 263 Morabito, Lucille 4 Morabito, Marydomin 3 38, 40, 50, 59. 239 Morawini, Ronald Fl 2 93, 263 Moreman, Carol C 3 239 Morgan, Diane B 3 239 Moriana, Frances S 3 239 Moritz, Jeltrey 2 Morones, Melinda M 3 50 Morris, James 187 Morris, Kathleen K 4 40,187,263 Morris, Robert N 2 102,263 Morris, Vicki L 2 181,263 Morrison, Bradley S 3 239 Morrison, David K 2 263 Morrison, Kathleen A 2 Morse, Ann 187 Morse, Cathleen T 263 Nlorse,EdwardG Morse, Edwin M 105,107,239 Morsillo, Diane F 22,239 Mosbach, Laurel 239 Moss, Sherri Moye, Vickie A 239 55 187 Muhleman Sandra J 24,263 Muhlstein, Catheri 4 187 Mulick, Pamela 40, 41. 187 Mulick, Robert A Mueller, Jeanette r 239 Muller, Carl A 3 26,239 Mulvay, Rodney S 239 Mundy, Jeannie C Munger, Christie L Munill, Mark E 3 Munill, Michael 11 Munill, Monica A 263 Muniz, Roy E 4 Munoz, Victoria M 2 263 Munro, LauraA 3 55 Murdock, M, Elise 2 263 Murdock, Mark F 4 37, 55, 65. 187 Murtett. Debora L 3 Murphy. Gregory R 3 91,118 Murray, Scott J 3 100,240 Murphy, Karen L 2 263 Murphy. Robert J 2 116,264 Murray, Dean F 3 108, 240, Murrow, Stephanie A 3 240 Mutschler, Wendy L 3 240 Muwell, Marte 91 Myers, Dorothy J 3 22, 24, 38, 50, 75, 240 Myers, Patricia J 2 264 Myers, Ronald C 2 264 Myers, Russell L 2 264 Mylius, MarkA 4 87, 187 Nader, Paul J 2 264 Nader, Susan M 3 240 Nagy, Bet1yE 3 240 Nairn, Kimberly J 3 O Donnell, Daniel S 3 29, 52. 53, 240 O Keele. Jill A 4 30. 31, 58, 59, 162, 188 55- 240 , o Malley, William 3 Nash, Laurie A 2 O-Nei.. philip W 2 264 , , 102,264 Nash- Pamcm J 2 Oathout,EdwardC 4 254 oatnour, John E a Nash. Susan E 4 35. 55, 162, 187, 205. Ncito-rt, Linda 2 28. 129,131,264 Noodleman, Judith M 4 35, 40, 188. 205, 206, 208, 209 Noonan, Timothy 4 42,188 Norr, Steven C 2 264 Norris, Steven 2 103,240 Norwood, Linda D 3 240 Nunez, Elena 3 22. 40,222,240 Nunez, Henry 2 120. 264 Nunez, Rebecca 2 264 Nuss, Richard 187 Nuss, Steven M 2 28, 92, 264 O Brien, Lori 2 128, 264 O Brien, Patsy C 2 264 O Brien, Karen D 4 188 O Bryan, Shannon R 4 188 O Callaghan, Siobhan M 2 O Connor, Steven 2 26 Oathout, Steven V 2 264 Bryan D 2 Pamela L 240 JamesH 4 240 3 133. Jeremy 2 Mark T Parrish, Karen L 4 189 Parsons, Mitchell D 26, 264 Partch, Jack L 3 28, 241 Pasco, George 264 Pasqualone, -Martin 2 264 Patapoll Jr, James G 70.95.241 Paternoster, Cathy L 4 Patterson, J. Bruce 120, 265 Pauley, Jellery D 189 2 A Pawluk, Patrick J 4 189 Payne, Karl L 2 ' Payna,11rnothy Pearson, Douglas A 3 94, 241 Pedrotti, Robert C 3 26, 241 Pendo, Anne M 3 128. 130, 241 Penne, Craig F 4 96. 99, 189 Perdue, Richard A 2 265 Perea. Donald E 4 189 Perkins, Mark L 4 40,189 Perry,JaniceL 2 75, 265 Perry, Ronald D 3 107,241 Perry, Ronald K 3 45, 78,241 Perry, Stephen A 4 Dino 3 David E 3 Beth 4 48, 77, William A 4 Thomas L 4 Bruce 3 Nancy L 2 265 Janet 3 Scott A 2 Alexis M 3 2 2 Phrlpot, Hutch 3 241 Piazza, Kim G 3 241 Piazza, Tracy J 2 265,267 Picoulas, Marina M 3 Pielemeier, Brian A 3 241 Pielemeier, Kent R 2 265 Pierce, Deborah 2 265 Pierce, Laura G 4 189 Pierce, Robin L 3 241 Pierce, Valerie Piereson, Sheryl L 3 241 Pierini, Tina M 3 242 Pinckney, Georgia G 2 Pinon, Yolanda 2 Pinyerd, Douglas 189 Pinyerd, Laura L 2 265 Piscitelli, Denise M 4 26,190 Piscitelli, John M 2 95,265 Piscilelli, Maria S 3 242 Pistole, Thomas J 4 55,190 Piszkiewicz, Joann M 2 Pitcl, John M 4 87, 190 Pittman, Merry L 2 Place, Kevin 189 Place, Laurel A 2 265 Plancich, Robert R 1 3 100,242 Plat, John 190 lndex!279 Plato. Christie J 3 48, 242 Plybon. Judith L 3 242 Pochter. Kevin A 3 242 Pochter, Matthew N 4 28,190 Pocino, Chris P 2 265 Pocino, Paul L 4 190 Poland, Julia L 4 Polarek. James W 3 95, 242 Polley, Alan E 3 120. 242 Pollitt, William C 2 26,260,265 Pomeroy, Charles A 3 242 Ponder, Carol S 3 - ?42- - Rawnsley. Kathleen A Rinard. Susan K 3 243 4 62, 191 Rawstron. Toniann 191 Raymond. Janet L 265 Raymond. Ruth F 191 Reader. Randall L Redmond. Danny R 191 Reece. Mark 4 191 Reed.KevinD 3 67. 116,242 Reed, Andrea R 50,242 Reed, Kimberly E 191,205 Reeder, Becky L 69,242 Reeder. Julie A 22.191 Reeder, Robin M 22.133,134,191 Rulec, Barbara A 53.243 Rulon, Norman P 266 Rumohr, Terry L 266 Ruprecht. Becky L 193 Russell. Jettrey W 266 Russell, Robert 193 Russell, Robin L 193,205 Rutledge. Roni L 2 Ryan. Katherine A 266 Ryan, Paul M 2 266 Rysell. Kim M 4 193 Saathott. John J 266 Saddoris. Scott A 193 Sadler. Wm. John 193 Sahagun, Evelyn T 193 Saint. Cheryl L 243 Saint, Harold G 266 50.51.242 Proctor. James 3 Prophet, Gayle S 3 22,133,242 Prophet. Scott J 4 83,114.115,190 Provins, Craig 265 Provins, Susan 190 Provost. Marty W 2 24,119,265 Prucha, Frances 2 265 Pruett, Janet L 2 242,252,253 Puckett, David 4 190 Pugsley, James J 2 265 Puma.SamJ 2 265 Pyott, William F 4 190 Quackenbush, Steven 3 37. 83. B9, 115. 242 Quail. Barbara K 4 190 Queen, David G 3 242 Ouerrey. Jan D 3 242 Quinlan. Daniel J 2 265 Quintana, Christina M 2 Quintana. Deborah E 4 190 Quinton. Mark 2 265 Rabolini. Jullann 4 35.65.191 Raltsry. Scott 3 115, 242 Raidy.JohnE 3 100, 242 Rambeau, Patti J 2 256 Ramsey. Joseph J 4 191 Ramult.JulieA 3 51, 242 Ransom, Nancy A 4 191 Rantz, Elizabeth A 2 Rapp. Charlie 119 RaPP. Linda 24, 242 Rapp. Richard L 3 26 Rasmussen. Dale R 3 116.242 Rasmussen, Keith D 3 87, 88. 89. 91, 116, 242 Rasmussen, Rhonda L 2 17, 71. 265 Rawie. Josephine A 3 242 ,, 216.244 266 Sarkisian. Jean L Reynosa. BO. 267 242 Sarkisian, Lois L 3 Reynoso, l Saunders. Donald 191 Sayegh. Eddy 3 29 Reynoso,S4 244 Rhodes, R Scalzo. Laurie J 28.93. 244 Riblett. Ba Scatena. Andrea 52.242 267 Rice.Craig' Scatena, Ralph Richards. 244 95. 191 Schabow. Charles J Richards. 267 46 Schabow. Christine Richards. 3 2 Richardso 3 2 131 2 Richardso 17. 26 Richmond, 2 E Richardso: , E 6 Richter Dir Richter, I 266 . 'W 116.266 r 3 244 Schabow, Rosemary 4 194.316 Schaeter, Janet K 244 Schamadan. Judith 3 244 Scheel. Joseph 29, 244 Scheel. Laurie J 194 Scheel. Richard L 267 Scheibel, Linda J Richter. Ja 23. 194 191 Scheliga. Laine M Richter. S1 87.194 191 Schellin. JayA 2 92 Riddle, Sue 116, 117. 267 Rider. Jams Schellin. Karan M 191 23.133.194 Riansche. C,,........ .. J Scherer, Constance 242 Ruby. Janet L 4 36. 22. 133. 244 Riley, Craig L 4 191 193 5Cl'libl9Q. S0011 100 Riley, Janets 3 129, Rudisill. Denise R 2 Schinke, StanleyD 243 266 26.267 Riley, Nancy J 4 Rudnicil, Sandra 193 Schmidt, Jodie A 191,214 Ruhhsgamela S 2 51.244 ' - KN. Xgx "Ne- . K Q Q w ,ww . 1 ,E Q A X 44 ' X li x 3 f-ef K ' k. . Q :Tx gg ff ' QE 4 -'-- A xx -.,,.. .... -Q -W , Axit , W ,.-A Ax V :Ns A I 5 k?Yf15S x 5 1 ' 1 Ei f M - S XXX Q xx X m ge 2 X ai A 5. 2821 Index Deborah A 31, -32 35, dx B3 Q X XX 248 Warden, Jeanette C 248 5 3 . xfiiffl W Al, xW""'- Williams, Gregg E 3 26.53.248 Wllliarns. Joan 26 Williams. Jonathan H 2 271 Williams. Margaret A 2 271 Williams, Susan J 4 48.202 Williamson, Jodi L 3 70.135 Williamson. Thomas J 3 248 Willls. Chris L 3 248 Willis. Fred 4 Willis. Judy C 4 23. 202 Willis. Leeann M 3 70 Willoughby. Bruce R 2 271 Wills. Richard, L 3 81.248 'A Willson, Diane L -4 35. 59, 202. 205 Wilson. Andrew M 2 26.271 Wilson. Beth 248 Wilson, David C 2 271 Wilson. Gary 3 Wilson. Jean C 2 271 Wilson, 3 Yank. Flock 4 86. B7, 202 Yarton, John D 2 Yates. Jack 249 Yates, Luenn M 249, 316 Yates, Patricia M Yeakel. Keith L 3 Yehle. Lisa J 2 Yeutter. Carrie L 249 Yocum. MlCl'18Bl S 249 Yocum. Shawn D 91.249 Yoder, Michelle S 22.249 Yonts. Kenneth W 249 York, Cindy 4 203 Youell, P8f1'l6l8 J 203 Young. Douglas S 203 Young. Judith A 249 Young. Terry L 129.249 Younger. Lori L 53.249 Yuhasz. Marc E 119 Zajac, MaryB 3 Zakurdaev. Anthony 24 Winger. 205 Winkelman. Craig J 4 203 . Winnen. Janelle M 3 28.249 Vthnslow. Anne 2 28. 40,250,271 Winslow. John M 3 249 Winslow. Julie 4 30. Wisler, Ronald D 4 Winslow. William B 4 28. 47.65, 95. 203 Wise. Richard L 3 Wisniewski. Glenn M 2 271 VWU. Michele D 3 22. 51.249 Wollerd. Bruce M 3 249 Wolleydt. Renee D 2 Wolverton. Bobbette 3 249 Womack, Nancy E 2 271 Wood. James 4 203 Wood. Michael R 3 249 Wood. Susan E 3 249 Wood, William N 2 271 Woodard. Thomas A 3 91. 249 Woodworth. Dale Woodyard. Mark G 3 249 Woolverton. Wendy D 2 28 Working. David L 3 136.249 Wray. Denise 4 203 Wright. Jelirey E 3 249 Wright. Kyle H 2 102 Wright. Stephen 2 103 Wright, Timothy A 3 53.249 Wright.WendyL 2 Wuille. Carolyn M 3 22.249 Wuille. Nancy J 4 203 Wyatt. Gordon G 2 52.92 Wyatt. William R 4 203 lndex!283 1 .Q-vqgvv' Y sa J A W5 C' Q ot' 0 .IA 0 Q '19 X ' 1 gm? 'Iwi' . . . - Q , J ms ,W 4, ' x Edt' ' Q x If Ac , -' ' 5' LN' pl a U 6 A JS- 4" f 5. 'V-X3 mf 'lf 3 El . 'YF E ' ,V x4 N 5 V A--'ff9'1,sLS'N P, A , Xxx- ' A . . w :Q N Q ,K , .,.Q ,ph Q Rx "7 K1 Tr' . S J' ""1 - l M A Advertising Aok- 'OOO' .L iff .O .Ll HRW! M PSSA!!!-J-:Sm I1 V B 1,3 p J i , ,gs 1 4 5 , -'ugh K il Lf. ' Q 23 . ? nl' A N RL 1' H, ' if , V. Q 4, U, F . fd? , I P3591 xi ,"' 5 WGN' 0? 286 I Advertising BOB'S BIG BOY A 'l 4 I Estl 1 I 5 JERRY c. MAHAN saocnuns . :nuns . run:-nuns Genera Manager I A BOZZANI PORSCHE AUDI INC TELEPHONE 12131359-6655 E 411 WEST' HUNTINGTON DRIVE MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA 91016 h 'IIII q w.,:: I A IIIIIIZE I C I T Y Design Five 2 I 6 Soufh Firsf Avenue 445-4537 RINTIN 1ofa1o,ooo comes Have a cup of coffee -on us, before you finish Your job will be ready Finest quality offset printing FAST 8:5 INEXPENSI VE Xerox copies available 4ay..'WlP-IZ!" ,040 PDSTAL Iaulfanf PRE5S'iFI,II,?fI,I1I ' 'i1..'.ls.f'2.1'"..'l.Z' Razz' P9555 may Q46-4429 o REFUSE io A " , F, N ll, .ui 15 It I .FYI ,E N Q J 911 if Ii I It If!" I Q, "II I 215 E. HUNTINGTON 445-4691 n MAYPAG ARCADIA APPLIANCE CENTER SALES AND SERVICE WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF WASHERS - DRYERS - DISHWABHERS Ad rl gf2a7 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I974 From ROBERT H. LOUD FORD I365 Easi' Colorado Blvd. 793-3 I 54 - Hwwgz :'::,::f.:..:U 'S ":.:zz:: G E N L D ARCADIA MUFFLER SERVICE 310 EAU? HUNTINGTON Da. Nurlery - Landscaping - Florist ff2.T'lXQTQ2f?Io ARCQZLQJBZZLAF' ,Arcadia's Most Complete Garden Center Serving this area since 1950 GENERAL HARDWARE - GIFTS HOUSEWARES BANKJMERICARP CIMRGE 4CCOWlf-5' msrfx CHARGE WHCUMFP o4zcaJia 44a-wlwme SERVING ARCADIA SINCE 1916 FRI! DEUVIRY 52 E. HUNTINGTON DR 1-15 E. uvf CAK Avf Phone 446-8511 G. K. .Jem G.LLE.... "RC'2Fi'21-525f 288! Advertising BetterHealth through properplumbing zfkada numamo comunv 170 West Live Oak Avenue 0 Arcadia, California 91006 Electric Snake Service Contracting Rgfngdgling GIIS Guldill Repairs 446-7588 E1-hal's Gift I58 Ead Duarh Road 447-7l94 Visalli Insurance . Mason Moiors 3 Morlan Place 445-4690 3360 Earl Colorado Blvd. 795-0267 Advertising!289 Bes+ Wishes fo fha Graduafing LOCAL Class of I974 From IOZIV2 SO BALDWIN Hl605l3 I I07 Soufh Baldwm Avenue 445 48 2l8 Easi Hunfing+on Drive B0b'S B98'f BUFQSI' 447.98bl TELEPHONE !2!3J 446-0155 f OUR BEST WISHES 0 9 TO T1-115 CLASS OF 1914 C H1103 From 101 SOUTH FIRST AVENUE Youn Hosrs ARcAo1A. CALIFORNIA 91006 ooN a c1NA ,"1i Il: Q. Y 'Ngf 'rw -w ---vfrf 401 N. Fmsr Ave. AncAo1A. cAur. Sanla .Aniia Glass 9 .fnirrar Com-1.rrl Guan SIRVICI . . . '- - o Auro GLASS o Bron: Fnonfs Q snowzn Doon ' D R . ' ,::,:.:z:r: c:'::T1,::D 113.212, 445-4093 'roNv JOSEPH .PANTRY cmun Advertising l 291 I 5? Q is 5 Marie BZ QSPQ Sew,- MARIE 820 Souih Baldwin Avenue 446-5229 292 I Advertising On 'Ihe Corner On 'I'I1e Square ROBE - 'NC- X, X l . l Q, L. 4 LEILA M. ROBERTS Phone 355-3344 CALIFORNIA PICTURE FRAMING CO. Fasl' Service - Low Prices 9 I 0 Soufh Baldwin Avenue 447-0792 Arcadia, California 447-0059 gdsdums BanlrAmericard Masfer 0hrbach's Diners Da rr Sfores, Inc. Pariy Headquariers - Glasses - Bar Liquors - Fine Wines - Deli Charge - Efc. Keg Beer Q . . PROPRIETORS: Cermos' Cam' Gary Dondanville IThe Gopher, Ma'H' Culpepper iThe Flyl Dave Johnson ffhe Sheepdog! Jim Oderlzerk IThe Spider, 2l0 E. Duarie Road Arcadia, Calif. 9I00b Phone 446-2207 I - Ohrbachk I I 200 Los Corrifos Mall 860-050I I I Foothill In Second Llvobak I- Santa Anlta Hme'-il.-lm' 293!Advertising IN THE GAME OF LIFE, we urge you 'I'o develop your skills and 'IaIen'I's Through educafion, persever- ence, and. like one of Dr. Suess's characiers in Q Beyond-Le-bg maize your alphabe-I li wiih "Z" and go beyond inio new, unchariered, improved dimensions. Good Iuclr fo all of you ai' Arcadia High School. We falle fhis opporiuniiy +o fhank you for your pairon- age. . . ' FAMILY FUN FACTORY GAME ROOM A+ Sania Anifa Lanes l88 W. Las Tunas Arcadia, California Wea! of ' - 5 . 62610111 ' .wigyfkriig yy of Arcadian Sfaff 6 9 Qi CONGRATULATIONS DOCTORS' ANIMAL CLINIC M.D.scI-IMu1'z DVM I Carpal: 5 in 7 Ken's 2 wwf : Draperies I . CARPET SALES AND saavxcs j'if:ga'lf:Qf" FIRICE F, G LEDI-I I LL 06-1507 PIBIGBDX John K. Borcher LICENSED comucron .PRICE CHEVROLET COMPANY 201 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia. Calif. 91016 Phone: 359-8202 SIT I. 00101160 BIVKLPCIIHIDI f449'51l1 fhbm 151.581-7711, Ford Falcon I Fairlane Mustang Standard Sho es M"""" HUNTINGTON FORD ss west HUNTINGTON DRIVE ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 2333, Phones: 447-357l Mu I-9234 294!AdvertIsing 330 EAST FOOTHILL BOULEVARD ARCADIA CALIFORNIA 358 8117 QM Hs Bm E THEATRE ARTS JAZZ BALLET TAP ACROBATICS STAGE ARTS TAHITIAN OUR STUDENTS HAVE APPEARED IN:. SOUND OF MUSIC BYE BYE BIRDIE - ED SULLIVAN SHOW SAMMY DAVIS SPECIAL BELL TELEPHONE HOUR BIKINI BEACH AND OTHERS Advertlslngl295 EN IANNING HHOTO IAS Close Tolerance Phofo Reducfion D .and Relaied Services for . Prin'l'ed Circuif lndus+ry IO74 E. Cypress Covina, Calif. 9l722 I2I3I 332-40I9 O., PGIGCC Cleaneff -. alrcadia -- 35 West Los Tunos Drive Arcadia, California 91006 GLENJALE FEIIUIL SAVIISKI5 AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 100 South First Avenue 446-5265 ' 681-0655 Q IIIIIIIIIIER BIIIIII San+a Ani+a Blueprini, Inc. PRIIIIERS- REPRIIIIIIIIIIIHI SERVICES ARCADIA MAIN OFFICE I28 E. Hunfingian Drive 447-2I I I sa bp SOUTH ARCADIA OFFICE 60 E. Live Oak Avenue 446-46I I 3630 EAST COLORADO BOULEVARD WEST ARCADIA OFFICE "As?'35f?f21f?!f5f' 53'J'?-aaiim' 747 W. Duarie Rd. 445-3350 29efAdvenisinQ '1 F 0 U R L Incorporated Air - Sfeamship - Bus - Rail - Hofels - Tours B05 MUSf9fS'm9f- Kel Turner-Owner Debbie Turner-Sales 223 EAST FOOTHILL BOULEVARD, ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 9 I 006 I2 I 31 445-7777 - 684- I 35I Adveriisirlg i297 c-assi? SS HHG-am, HOWRFEQEMEFEQMTGS ARCADIA OFFICE ' llll W. Huntington Drive 445-3220 n 29 convenient locations serving California 1 II ll -'I I ""'-'I ' - o EDM DIETITI ON S IKI IQ SIMD ETS A sales-rentals-repair slug scuba .Sierra ' V O L K S W A G E N 420 WEST FOOTHILL BLVD., MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA 91016 213,359-8291 8958 Huniinglon Drive, San Gabriel, Cu. 91775 l2l3j 445-9I95 HUNTINGTON HEALTH CLUB THE SPORTS WCRLD WILLIAMS. MORRISON ski - scuba - iennis - backpacking Hun+ing+onw':ZraHh Club 2477 Hunfingfon Dr., San Marino 449-47I8 4I 'Earl' Hunfingfon Dr. Arcadia, California 9I006 I ,L I 29 8!Advertising ...- KJ' . - -iL.Q' Q -Eff . V 565 Nom, Figueroa-Shes, Archi+ec'l'ural Woodworking Company 223-23" Advertising! 299 X fl 5 2 Q if 7' A Jrifia-fo X 5 I f 3 : E il MIQXLEEQS Belly Lee's Academe of Arl' i 903 Soulh Firsf Avenue 447-82 I2 Z Arcadia Dafsun ll PAINTS WALLPAPER - HOME APPLIANCES TELEVIBIDN - RADIDB DAVlDSON'S Hh.l.nlltl'r 7-4365 1310 BD. BALDWIN AVE. W. W. DAVIDSON ARDADIA, CALIF. Hours 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. 447-8310 Monday thru Saturday Ullye Qsrtisan Art, Handicraft and Hobby Supplies Picture Frames - Gloss 8. Mats - Cut to Order Custom Picture Framing 6l7 SO. FIRST AVE. HAROLD SHARP ARCADIA, CALIF. 91006 se S 3 5 3 sl Symes Cadillac 333 Easl' Hun'l'ing'I'on Drive 447-2 l0l 3475 Easf Colorado, Pasadena 795-338I Advertising!301 TELEVISION - RADIO - STEREO - APPLIANCES e ' ,I U , 4 A wzfzfzgfofz f zz ae RCA - PACKARD BELL GE - WHIRLPOOL sales ' service fz 447-9515 - 447-8611 25 East Hunlington Drive A d' , C 1'f. 91006 DAN JONES 'N 'Q Q' GEORGE F. NAWROD OWNER ' MANAGER ETHAII P. SAHI. MICHAEL R. KARPIEL TRAVEL ' SALES TRAVEL ' SALES RESILIENT FLOORS Asphalt Tile Vinvl Asbesfvs Tile 512 so. FIRST AVENUE jf CS ,""""e""' ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA 91006 Vmyl Corlon HARDWOOD FI.ooRs Parque! Refinish TOM STEPHENS I Telephone 447.8137 834 s. BALDWIN AVENUE. AHCADIA. CALIFORNIA A CARPET I l213l445-5640 ,Q I - mm. Becherer Buick 840 Wes? Hun+ing+on Drive 359-324 302!Advertising 06755035 SXTVZXXVG 251 E.P Momx MALL '4'-I1-SSIQ1 - RSTAVE-,HRCADIA .ZIJ-4497-I5-R6 ""1f'Qj"1'7 I R 5 5 1,11 l 'K I A GO FR EE t THE COFTO , I- 'TEASED T0 W fm 1 ,U X , Q3 .9 . , Rlo YOURSSLF- op THE A 1 ,- " K , QD 1 WN 0ll I. AGQN ' ,I ' QI, X Ok QRYg su.. f 11 4 ' 2 A I X N Q .-.- , N 'T , A LIPATEY M D E A igrff J Vwflwlffltfaffrnrlr m5 MN 4? vp U 1 I.? : 2. s.f. ' 4.,M fW'M'w . NXXVQ evwl'?W W1 AMIIV l ' CY mu DNS CHAS Joseph's Scissors Sfyling D5 Soufh Firsf Avenue ' 447- i525 Adver!isingf303 ,wx V Q5 ig -2253 I . 2-I sa ' ,333 Nosegays0Corsages I ,Q" Headbands ' X vii fl ' I wig! - x xx I-:fi ,Ar .1 357- I 72I I40 East Foothill Blvd. 357-I828 Owners: GILMOREITHRAILKILL TEXACO TE CO l0I East Duarte Road 446-3675 ll., at . . 1 James M. Wallin Marcus L. Godfrey Jr. Christopher Hendra Dale H. Mussack William Quinlain Jr. Hu n'l'ing Associales 33 Wheeler Shoal' 446-465l 304lAdvertising Independent Directory Publishers For: Arcadia - Siena Madre. Azusa - Glendora. La Puente - Ha- cienda Heights - Rowland Heights - Ctty of Industry - Valinda Formerly 0 ARCADIA DIRECTORY CO. 0 PACIFIC DIRECTORY C0. JAMES W. CLARKE owuennfusususa m us s. mst Ava. - ncnnux mos 445-4535 Barron's l27l South Baldwin Avenue 446-468 uncommonfxgiili-3 'Por 'I-omo -Pr ofnhye,-S'i'or' cl gy w',-1457 , , 'Q in ' Wnv gl Kouniggy ' A1Accrciioc,Ccx. I CBISVI-47'64'3.?'i X MQ?-i' . I -, I I 1230 5o.:5CIidLJi'1'1 3 I QI I I II I cfifiu. Siimmonl fpaafzy .Snap umzcozafaaf aagu-G4-Aipzciaffyn OA vs. ' DARRELUS HAIR 4 I I I I Highland Oalzs Drive 447-0735 6 E? -In or SOIHHSPQIWEAELFUHNIAV RILIIIIQ IIH II IW! JAY ROSS HlNSHAW'S 25l Sou+h Baldwin Avenue 445- I 342 I20I Souih Baldwin Avenue 446-4689 Advertising!305 ,- ..... 445-2IIl REAL ESTATE ARCADIA LUMBER CO. RICHARD'S MEN'S STORE 4 Norih Sania Anifa Avenue 446-3 I 8l I3 I 5 Sou+h Baldwin Avenue 446-4653 Wilson - Spoi' Bill- Converse - Adironaclc BUD MCCABE 8' KEN MCCABE "" " "" Louisville - Rawlings ' CUSSQWOIQAAATFTSE rg--i,nQ5Qy H Dealer For - Adidas, Nire 8: Tiger Shoes WWDOW SHADES vql. - woven Wood Shades a. Doors I 5. j. Arcadia SPortin9 Goods ' 'Mapes 8' Room Di""'e'S if-' M'-S1 O Transparent Shades 4,5 M Q 207 So. Fins? AVENUE 0 Venetian 8- Vertical Blinds I -. V- ' 5 ARCADIA. VCALIF. olooe 0 Carpet 81 Linoleum Ii . ,TA i 445-1245 li 1- -41112-"i-ii.i Al.. GOODE 1412 South Baldwin Avenue 0 Arcadia, California 91006 aiu. Gooos 447-4923 l VAL REALTY 860 S. Baldwin Arcadia Advertising'7307 COMPLIMENTS OF I wAu.Y's MEATS ' ' 150 West Las T D HI 6 4695 KERR PRINTING 32 E. DUARTE RD., ARCADIA PHONE 447-2485 PHCC QDQDQD 'Milli IAIIMM BSD! AIG 01 NIUE CQOIIKCOIIIIUJN DON S PLUMBING SERVICE OVER 45 YEARS PRACTICAL ExPEn 840 SO. BALDWIN ARCADIA, CA I . IT'S BEEN A GREAT YEAR ATARCADIA HIGH YOU READ ABGUT IT IN THE CI-"I-...-1231 I Q4592 I mx ar ia A wb II n B A FOOTHILL INTER-CITY NEWSPAPER I0 Nor+h Firs+ Av enue , Arcadia- 446-OI I I 308!Advert s ng YOUR OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHCJTOGRAPHER N H0 N svumq 7m,4m. Pbwwflv Bring your annual +0 The s+udio for a lO'Z, discouni' on any sfudio order g 309 -5' ,I MFG. Gr DISTRIBUTOR C C V V 4, GRIP . LOCK le . WALL CAPPING . PATIO TILE CONCRETE BLOCK 6' ' DUN ' B"'c" iln 10 Colors! BLDG. SUPPLY CO. New sr usso smcrc concurs BLOCKS DESIGN BLocK ' CEMENT - sun ROCK ar SAND I2I3I 447-3567 I2I3I 447-4291 TRUE VALUE HARDWARE PAINT . PLUMHING . ELEcTmcAL ARCADIA. CALIF, 60 W, LIVE OAK AVE. Homer C. Shirley STEAK CORRAL 625 Easi' Live Oak Avenue 446-2808 BesTWishes1o Arcodicfs Future Home Owners Je Ax J 'K 9, :hm 2''5 .M:51:.: t .5 tV:l.:g4o ARCADIA BOARD OF REALTORS 203 East Duarte Road HI 6-4649 310lAdvertising ROY LONG'S MEN'S SHOP 23 Easi' Hunfingfon Drive FORMAL KNIGHT I000 Souih Baldwin Avenue 445-054i GIIII PLIJIIIIING, INC. HEATING AIR CONDITIONING REPAIRS QUR SPECIALTY OFFICE PHONE EL 5-0753 43 N. laldvlin Avi. ' Sierra Madre, Calil. FOR 24 HR. SERVICE CALL HAI. IORDAII or GORDON CALDWELL EL 5-7475 EL 5-6673 C wx IL T 8970 HunI'lng+on Drive , I San Gabriel, Calif. am Telephone 286-3052 Tabiici , THE FUN OF SEWING IS IN THE FABRIC EE SOUTHEAST MASON RY I803 Souih Second Avenue 446-8 I 52 nl TACO LITA l20 Eu? Duarle Road 4454889 446 4697 Kms Punnumcv I 545351 H . . . . 6 I untmgton Dnve. Arcadia. Calaf. 910060 447-2136 - "STU" HENDERSON I2 N F AVE E FREE DELIVERY WE GIVE S Gm H GREEN STAMPS GIFFORD P- EASTWOOO A C 91006 Adver1iSing!31 1 1 ,... gf Www., Q. "Of course. darlin s . . . I always +ravel fhrough Pai' HTllings Travel Agency" PAT HILLINGS TRAVEL AGENCY ITI 49 Wesi' Hun+ingfon Drive 445-'3995 312!Advertising 38 EAST HUNTINGTON DRIVE SUITE 5 ARcAoiA,cAuFoRNnA ' 91006 WALTIRGRIIV TELEPHONE . CONTACT LENSES l213l 447-9541 ANN AND RALPH HURWIT lQALDH'S SHOE STODE Shoes lor' ihe Family Hush Puppy Band Shoes 4l N. Baldwin Avenue Sierra Madre. California 355-0479 VACCO RUG I6 W. Live Oak Avenue 447-3 159 ' Compleie Line of: E ' Wafches ' Jewelry ' Diamonds ' Silverware 94l Wesf Duar+e Rd. Monrovia, Calif. EXEEwEl'HQT'i':Afg'D Free Delivery Phone 446-8294 BUDGET TERMS Big Enough To Serve You - Small Enough To Know You 447-43 I9 50 E. Hunfingion, Arcadia HUNTINGTON JEWELERS Advertising!313 A ,,.k R ,, , , .:.: ww k W Q QR 'lsiivbf " W wx 1" ri: 'Ss Ex fg . -X: X f pg, ta -If '. 1 I M A .X - wtf A Q5 .C xv, 'Q-J i A kr 41. I f X 1' ' - J sf 1' "Y-. 1 3 Leonard H. Chanda Othodontics 3925 E. Huntington Dr. Pasadena. California 795-5978 Darrell J. Holman Surgeon 612 VV. Duarte Fld. Arcadia, California 446-4645 HSTOP a . L Q t,v. ,W . ' 3' ' . .- Q I is A ,-fffil: 5 ' . 1, 'x Q .W - ,, ' M. K x ' 1 ,..t-fi' -"Qt" Rl .- 'X Q. ' if -faq RQ? I ilaxgfbq 'iirw :gap we f ..'e 'H . fzp. ' '. 1"1..'7 . .R -- .. . if - ,-,- 4 K r. . gi "wiv X X kM W 'E A e vt TS sc Q ' W gl., NX K "3"-I-I". Compliments of Arcadia Physicians Arcadia Medical Clinic 1108 South Baldwin Ave. Arcadia. California 446-8831 Gene B. Haber Allergist 612 Duarte Fld. Arcadia. California 445-1853 Charles H. Mclvtonigle Dentistry 406 South First Avenue Arcadia, California 445-1622 Joseph T. Culvervvell Orthopedic Specialist 612 VV, Duarte Hd, Arcadia, California 447-2147 Advertising 315 Pete Hughes and Debbie J Calvin Slater! Editor Lynn Highman!Assistant Editor James Calderhead !Advisor Introduction Calvin Slater Lynn Highman Organizations Heidi Walkerfeditor Activities Janice Miesfeditor Ftose Sohabow! editor Sports Pete Hughesfeditor Greg Jones Girls Sports Luann Yates! editor AdfT7fl7iSl'I'afiOI'l Anne Sullivanfeditor Susie Cooper Classes Allan Hollingsworthfeditor Sue Flosefeditor Jason Merriam Linda Posen Potpourri Lynn Highmanfeditor Debbie Leinweberfeditor Index Linda Posenfeditor Mary Ann Gunderson Advertising Belinda Floefeditor Mary Ann Gunderson Copy Diane Supplefeditor Staff Photographers Tony Turchifeditor Kevin Anderson Bill Jess Jason Merriam Photo Production Kevin Anderson! editor Cheryl Chastain Lurena Hay Robert Humble Jason Merriam Valerie Miller Gary Nolton Roger Tonry Mark Widder Mike Wood Kyle Wright Jack Butler! advisor Leinweber Luann Yates Tracy Johnson and Sue Rose Three hundred sixteen Allan Hollingsworth nn Highman and Calvin Slater Life is a traveling experience. One moves from day to day, to another time, another place. We have tried to capture such motion in the theme of this year's book. It has taken many hours of service from many dedicated people to create a book that others would enjoy. My only hope is that we have been successful. - Calvin Slater Jason Merriam and Belinda Roe Rose Schabow Heidi Walker and Tony Turchi Arcadian Staff members were Cstandingj Lynn Highman, Bill Jess, LindaPosen, Belinda Roe, Janice Mies, Mary Gunder- son,Calvin Slater, Anne Sullivan, and Allan Hollingsworth. Seat-ed were Susie Cooper, Pete Hughes, Greg Jones, Sue Rose and Luann Yates. CNot pictured were-i Debbie Leinweber, Jason Merriam, Diane Supple and Heidi Walker.j Three hundred seventeen And when you think you've reached your destination look to the horizon and see that you have just a little farther to go. Three hundred eighteen 4 Wu. 777C0l5?fwv, W WM ffwx WP v 'f-L S12 adm WM Wm I - Q ThLwhundr 'Us 4 ,f-- f -X S Qu ...,.-.,w.M- V' . N , Q f . 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