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 - Class of 1961

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'I s I 1 1 ,, I: 2 if, 2 QQ, Xiifil, A V 1 ', 1 ., r CE,- I 1. n ,N , ' 11,1 v , , , I ,, V, I 4 gg 'LQ , h A t ri: 3, iq. flx' 1 4 .IA ' - " 5 w qc ' 1 . 5 ., 1' - L. , b , , . ' 1 , , , , . .w ' . D I. L I 1 1-V 1 . 1 7 , . , , , .f .I y ..J9. T, QQ , - 1 Q 5,3 2 1 I I ,,v'N5555R N E . L K . iw Q H ,Q fb j ! 1 my Ky I a ' P 1 XS 91 'NY r X 0 J I fr 59:39 f V .fr fl - 1 ! L 5 " .A A 03' ly Q5 ' -W W Qs- . J' U A iw , 4 BX ' YJ Nu wa qv W U9 fw Q Q gg . VV WJ 1 MX ,,, Q-f Q , A I A f Q! ,y ,V sw N N I XX Q M x x M if XQXSLQ k.,:i'rXG-"6 XT' H R 1 Q N x. X--- ,Spf-f X XFN C, NCX I Y X Q1 - 3,15 BN ' , Q 4:42 wb' G M, ' 9 x ' 8 V lo J YJJ e cf Q "- ' . N , Q S 'LM' .- M L74? 160 f N fl ,JW A it IW ,L WZ by XA - X. , , , X. 1 Yr L' Q ' ' . I ,Afffhff A Jgfl A I ji QIIA A Ljvfjjroeffg V J , fy . f X 5 6-iK""' Q -'T ,. IUMA! 1' , QM -XQBVIX fb' wb' ' sv' ja ik LD 0 Z' if! If .Jn fi 7' - "'A K I I V . JV 1 'I If g H15 6 ' , rf A g 1 z Nix' ,,,t 4x VA p if ,E 4, A Qklv L ' J" I U a j , ' 1 ,Ili ' 5 .X V 'I 1, e 1- I Q Xvmluwfv - . ' 1' A :I , ' Alvin f 1 , 3 1' ' 1? 'fb s . F5 mf-.2 l, I Q Az' NVQ' Jw 2 l,.A,' I :Nj 'V K . 'f I iii ' A ,f 'lg Wadi X X -- S. Jn 13. Y I" .jf 'gm 'm 2 4 I Q X x 'QL ' r I, --r S sg.i.,,-t X1 , f, ' W QQ, X Q 'if' Q, sg Ki "' .. Ah -.K 'xx -5 Nb A gf? R V53 E5 ' - 53. if X' gm ' 1' NL 3 QXMJQ ' Ai' Q' 'A X X ix sk gc' 3 '33 kg 5 'fm Q5 -A Q 3 Gs - - Nb ' . gf N' ACS? "Y - C? J 6,-Q7-eff-140' Q 0-Q if? Q 3 gwjdnfiw JM I MQW! dw I ' MDX MQ XXYAY ',f sf A CXIBWINHQGI ,XIIVS XUQIG9KIx XNSIQWLB XXQKN YNNYX PCS LX6?5A7?f', QQQQN kxbqw big, V PUBLISHED BYSWVIN ww Dm ,A4: M Nkxxig 5, LLWNKNXYLV xg I gwfw RCADIA HIGH SCHOGL I80 CAMPLIE DRIVE I ,LW K 'RW . Y-cfage: In an ffqf Sym Nw ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA Jko SQXXJW XA KWWL RQ III XERQTSY: ., f A K Q ADCIQH Vx LAC 'J L Bqwy VOLUME x . A I-BCM Nu CSX wxg h, f I MM QQ 'XE x 3'Cf 2X wx I I X Kkfi., KL IT? jiiA"7'b HI' kj QQ J N IKlI1"'4'7 I , 'I , D I p Cf C TU"-f 5 Jgf fc c L4 WF Biff ,If I . I, ,I I I ZIIIZHMJMKY I-UW' BARBARAICAMPBELL,EDITOR, iYFff1Pf Yf' I MRS. III I H AZEL REEGLERSPONSOR. Q I I I QW TABLE or CONTENTS if fjif,g1fM3 YijMlNISTRA,TI0N . . . . . 8 i t 9y'ERNMmj .. .. .se ,Q . . . . . . 48 Q 3,,W Q .. ne Mgsf yf 'S ENIORS . .454 W fi: uNDER cLAssMEN .. H198 . ADVERTISING .f. . .. . 236 em D wxrxmdx OX L ' J' -6 'f 0 , Q0 A fffpfx 46 Q W . Wf Xf'l vs qu 9 02? 55 ,J fp ff P' J ,QV fa fs f YY uf 9 Wig? F16 QVX A i 'Q x0 We L ,JJX5QXa Z ',Ae.Y14ff?' 'QV-'P' Huis We lift-i5'WC!xNJX fdwbvxobz GX N i by y ' A X I qli, jf FINALE OF AN ERA-The closing year of Arcadia High School as a Tour-year secondary school-This 1960-61 school year has marked another milesrone in The school's hisTory. In one short decade, Arcadia has rounded out a full cycle I NV? of development. WiTh The beginning of construction of a new fy , ,.., ,V campus in 1951, The completion of The second half e build- ings in 1953, The graduation of T e rst senior ss in 1955 V and now, The final year as a four- high ol-these mile stones have been achieved in T rT a venTTul years PosiTively identified W T h school during its formative ec has ormer Principal, Elbert E. Souders. His leader ' urin lat er half of This p i d a resulTed in an ce nT aca e c pr am which is of The Mc most ouTsTandi SouT er ' lif 'a. ETF' 22' OK 'ob ru 3 mm 12. S' w Q 92:1 2 cn 2 -1. -sm eg-ffl 5' Q we -H-..'S "1-15' 1-ES' ic -4143 Q 3 OON 3061 swf? QTQ4 339, room -e-TOO' 23.6 Cm-P Q35 ww 0 I . I n T emph colle raTion but also provides sound ogr s or sTudenT . o will Terminate Their formal edu atio graduation T m high school IT To This year of 1960 61 which rounds out a DECADE OF PR GRESS and To former Principal ELBERT E SOUDE the 1961 ARCADIAN IS PROUDLY DEDICATED Assistant Superintendent ELBERT E SOUDERS IT is w1Th pleasure That I loin in dedicahng This Annual To Elbert E Souders for his outsfanding leadership and service since 1955 To Arcadia High School 7X1 VJ, X fffffZf77 jxfffiff C iff jjj Myron Greene fr W ,Ms M M MM wrwc ,Crowe + Jwcyugx, Q, Cel My M AQ LQA, Ju lclfccl fxwm, ocqfcfi cc-Q, My pakcllff, Qnfrx, Lv., 'Y-Q., ,, -ww 3. ',', ff , -W, iw ' S 1 ' ffl K i' w:ffi4Qvff ,. ' H as , ' 'ii I W- "" i' fff' , H2 4 w H A i- f -seq avi "'s ff" -W , y ' ' ,- J 2 4. N e - -. I .f A 7 M in 55. sf V Y 4 I QE X' I I sag ' , Q , '- , was A 5, ,,,N lx X , Hee Q A Z ,J s . iv fd' T I' . ' ,J 4 is I H ' 2 2 . , ! ' ,, T 1 , V, I , Q A Sass 5 'f ' in I . - , - ' J, t- Yzig '-" ,N ' f "',i,,,, .figs f M E, Hilhigx , I 395-E, E ' , . i if 34 x "" Y ' - ' S ,. ,, I , LV, , , , . . ff ,fn A iim, f ,. , I ggi. . , , , ,,, V ,, Y . ,wr , Q . ,N , argl: 3 'Q' jigs , , . Ar ,Hg rj. jj, . L sf fly ,I 5" fl: - 3,35 if . gqy, SD , . . Q21 Thai Vyf, w me 1 A iff 'N I - H ,gssyfi 1 - 'W X - 7, if MNT x g IAN a Ng xl X - ea N if gm 1 ' ,Mis Ti W . , if' W in WAX ' A MTX is 'ss ' , s . ' ,rwxgyf M xx X , -TX if , rfb . N., XX W 1, - xx X.. Q '2?"22i,'fi2?3 I ' 1 X .Ps . 5 9 " f N ' .. Ni . , My A , 5, fe MJ A X- . gp, 1 3 :fr ' . . - 1515 if? R ' L V fs' W A , ' 9 N gf ,ij V 1 S 5- fi, IE X I . , h , T T gal Ei . es I x X 1 i . ' Q ' 9 v ., W xv c r i , , Ls Jglibgfg OJYV'-'fb 1 QQ ML A-Lauflf miemr 9 ts t W 's'1f rirr I I E Tr ffifii 1LQ isii if isaf 6 N RCADI HIGH OL XAPLET ,N J Students hurry along walkways of ilwe west end of the campus cs they classes IH The tems, the Musnc Buuldung, Yhe Acodermc and Commerclczl E 1 s EXISTANCE AS A Fcuk-vis R sci-iooi. I-, K. Q 'Q N. sf -' 1 i 'H x 0 .K-,K Mountains, and iust across Campus Drive, the Arcadia golf course, enhance of the campus. rapidly to their next assignments. In the background the beautiful San L I gi J if 7 1 fd if ffl, flfsdb t E ft 'Q i ,fa-vnfcstig Jf1.f,,fgfL,, QF 4'L,fsf1"af-A 62 ,ibfmwfnaia ,L4fn"'yi,tf2..:LJ2 r,L,,,x i ,-"1fZ'L,f"L f' f' Cd 6 f .1 7 A L if ,f-t fl. QS? Lfwglzg c 'sti FX ' , 1 -M41ss...,,, i f,V.'k, Q JZ-J.Avi-'iwaimbaivgigtgifgi ' "': :5,i7.fifi5i s atii 1, L, 5. , K sts, i ,Si ..X...L gi' ', 1'-1 .sv 1: xiii' vit? if "v ' A '21 V 4. ' s ' X' W '55 ::"',.s I I 5' 6'1" Q 1- '9 f ' ' 4' 'v' 7 V ,AV . A A L 'L s 1 M x 0 xil dvi I 'ww . Q - , lin! . 1 xl , 3 ,IQ d , - 4 . 3 by . -3 Q -' ! A 'nz Y' .fx xi 4'-f I 4 EARLY 2700 STUDENTS 0 ERCROWDED THE CAMPU -be E- 1 i i 5'- f. , Xi Ng 1 Q3 I S I 'lf Nik, E-of if f fl' 1--..,,, I ' ' qw,-rf'f: 1 Located in the center of the campus, the Snack Bar area teems with lively students from early morning until late afternoon. During the two Snack and three lunch periods occasioned by extended day classes and heavy enrollments, it is the hub of campus social life. B X mime A , V .- .V Q. A .v , ay . 'Q -5 ' Y' 15" Q2 X ik , -' iw ' Qi' 2241? if-', ,mg-.K api x x 1 , .f 4 V ,. ia:- 55,15-L ..:'1i',f 4:71 . 2. 'fiirh -:iii k 'i-351, .- Q: il ,,:, A.. A . if ,, rr in H 4 , A 5.-1+ i Aiffj: .iz f I Hg? y Q gm? A 'SM .V -'-,.- :E"'1f- A , ' ,..5,.531V. 'Mm I w. -Q I ' . '- an H ' x -.V Hg ,Ma 253. , 'TQEQIM 3' 'lf' X xx LJ x.,- x ,Af 1 i f 'i tw. N'-'. K I N. NISSOAN ' i 'wow -A ' . f I ii .ga HX!! 'C' '4ll'uu"' Q 5 EVHV 2' EHCKEH, .., ADMINISTRATION AS THE FIRST DECADE closes, present mem- bers of the Arcadia Board of Education have seen the realization of a cherish-ed dream. With sharp increases in high school popula- tion, year after year, the Campus Drive facil- ity had become greatly overcrowded. A successful bond issue was finally passed, permitting the change-over from a four to a three year high school. Construc- tion of the new Foothill Junior High School in the northern section of the city, and the enlargement of First Avenue and Dana Schools, will make the new 6-3-3 system a reality in the fall. Tent classrooms will be removed. Problems of construction, policies relating to the new iunior high schools, consideration of the many facets of school operation have been matters of continuing concern for mem- bers of the Board of Education. Dr. Burtis E. Taylor became the new Super- intendent of Schools in July of I96O, with Myron E. Greene coming to the High School as Principal in November. A certified staff of more than I25 mem- bers, a number of them having been teach- ers here since the school opened in I95I, along with an efficient classified group, has combined to make this an important year. Conferring on the construction of the new Foothill Junior High School, members of the Board of Education, under the able leadership of President Harold Lietz, have con- sidered many of the problems which present themselves with the addition to District facilities. Dr. Antone W. Nissorx served as Vice President with Dr. Robert I. Boyd as Secretary. N v" 1 x 'X C53 L f OVERALL PLANNING FOR .IUNICDR HIGH SCHOO 1 -' - ' r ,K , K K 3 'Eg 1,5145 ,X xx' Q31 Ar ii., t.,4,i'w 5-, Q W we A 5- V' Wnwkvfgn guy l-ix, li QW Llliif J ,MAED U , 1-'SCI it ip. .ix I J tsl, Rl x ll il il 1 """IrMw'!i'trvrr2""" I ui I". W N sill i L X K7 X xx, N R i if x N , l x i l N X: r X .N 'l l l i Districti Administrators-Elbert E. Souders, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, looks at administration reports with Dr, Burtis E. 2 X3 Taylor? Superintendent, and Dr. Alton E. Scott, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services. jg .fi 'x , X. - N., f Xl 4 ,xv X .J xxx X L AS BEEN A MAJOR TASK OF DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS ASSUMING HIS NEW POSITION of Superin- tendent of Arcadia schools on July I, 1960, Dr. Burtis E. Taylor, qlong with Elbert E. Souders, Assistant Superintendent in charge of Ed-uca- tional Services, and Dr. Alton E. Scott, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, has ably di- rected the overall planning for Arcadia's ten schools. Of maior importance during the year for the Administration has been the construction and furnishings of the new Foothill Junior High School and the enlargement of both First Avenue and Richard Henry Dana schools to convert them to junior high facilities. Dr. Taylor came to Arcadia from Riverside where he had previously been Assistant Super- intendent, and has shown skill and administra- tive leadership in his work with the Arcadia schools during the past year. After a successful five year tenure as Princi- pal of Arcadia High School, Elbert E. Souders was elevated to the post of Assistant Superinten- dent of the Educational Services. Of maior con- cern, in addition to the curriculum planning for the new school, has been directing the selection of new textbooks and resource material for all schools. Further refinements of the total program of the Junior High and the High School and many other considerations have engaged his attention during the year. He also served as Principal of the High School until Mr. Myron E. Greene assumed that position on November I4. Rounding out his second year as Assistant Superintendent in charge of Business Services, Dr. Alton E. Scott has been a competent admin- istrator of the fiscal responsibilities of the Dis- trict, along with overseeing the many physical improvements which have been made at the schools during the year. A maior task has been the preparation of contracts and execution of them as the Foothill Junior High School has been constructed. three years. during his nine years here. cadia Teachers Association. President Walter LaGier discusses Association business with Donald Hughes, District fi nel Director. PERSONNEL DIRECTOR Donald D Hughes has been responsible for the se lection and recommendation to the Su perintendent and Board of Education of all district employees for the past nine years. Prior to that time, he had been a teacher and principal in the district for Through his diligent efforts and care ful consideration of the professional preparation and personal qualifications of the certificated staff, Mr. Hughes has been instrumental in building an out standing faculty in the district. He is also responsible for the recruiting of other district employees, as well. Many fine personnel policies have been adopted Walter LeGier, high school science teacher, served as the president of the local professional organization, the Ar A EW PRINCIPAL ASSUMED HIGH SCH ws gi xsgw WNW? ,WISP 'I Q' agw in M .mir J 1 A if 2. 'k Principal Myron E. Greene and Assistant Principal GeroId P, Rczyl discuss school operations ,Nh is NNW wx 95-Wally 3 S74 4.55. wi ' lam., . I DERSHIP, ASSISTED BY A SEASONED STAFF ON NOVEMBER 14, 1960, Myron E. Greene assumed the principalship of the Arcadia High School. With school already having been under- way two months, Mr. Greene plunged into the demanding task of getting acquainted with the faculty and the many 'facets of his position. Proving himself an able and thorough exec- utive, Mr. Greene has, during the year, provided the leadership necessary to co-ordinate the many activities and individuals 'under his supervision. He has made many friends in the school and the community as his first year comes to a close. Mr. Greene received his M.A. degree from Washington University in St. Louis and has done additional graduate work at the University of Southern California. Before coming to Arcadia as principal, Mr. Greene had been a school ad- ministrator for nine years in other districts in the Southern California area. AGAIN DEMONSTRATING his competence, Gerald Rayl, Assistant Principal, has met the challenges of the past year with his usual effi- ciency and thoroughness. Pre-school planning of staff assignments and 1 fl 1 ALBERT E. ACTON 1 Pupil Personnel Director, Student Activities room allocations had already been completed by Mr. Rayl so that a smooth-running organization has functioned through the year, in spite of rec- ord enrollment, extended day scheduling, and the continued use of tent classrooms. Mr. RayI's additional responsibilities have included the supervision of ,the use and main- tenance of all school buildings and equipment. Relocation of administrative offices in the re- habilitated Administration Building which was destroyed by fire the previous April was a maior proiect during November. Having completed his seventh year as a member of Arcadia's staff, Mr. Rayl is rounding o-ut his sixth year as an administrator. During his first year Mr. Rayl taught mathematics. He is a graduate of Indiana University, with an M.A. from the same school, also having done additional work at Notre Dame, Cornell, San Diego University, and the University of Southern California. For a demanding assignment '-'well done," in an extremely pleasant and friendly manner, Mr. Rayl is to be congratulated. DIRECTOR of problems. the best interests of students PU PIL PERSCNNEL ALBERT E. ACTON, who has com bined both the positions of Director of Student Activities and Pupil Personnel during the past year, has done an out standing iob of serving as an advisor to the Executive Council, as well as counseling students on different types Reflecting thoughtfulness and fair ness, he has carried out programs in SCHOOL LEADERS ALSO GUIDED STUDENTS AND SUPERVISII KENT BARNEY Attendance Officer ASSISTANT PUPIL PERSONNEL 9 SHARING some of the duties of the Coordinator of Pupil Personnel, Richard Carroll has ably met the requirements of the iob of Assistant, Pupil Personnel. A personable and friendly manner to- ward all students and faculty members have immensely helped Mr. Carroll in his new iob. Robert Shortell, Adult Education principal, and Samuel Orsi n ght typ ng teacher obser e p ogress of Adult Education student I4 mini... CHILD WELFARE, campus supervi- sion, attendance records and counsel- ing have been the responsibilities of new Attendance Officer, Kent Barney. Stepping into the position in Sep- tember, Mr. Barney has done a fine iob in fulfilling all of the demanding requirements of his office. ATTENDANCE OFFICER RICHARD CARROLL Assistant, Pupil Personnel ADULT EDUCATION THIRTY to thirty-five classes in the general area of Business Education, Industrial Arts, Academics and Ian- guages are offered through the pro- gram of Adult Education. Under the direction of Robert Shortell, this pro- gram had a student membership of approximately 2000 this past year. --it rf-tr mil' ULT CLASSES. P.T.A. SUPPGRTED SCHCOL ACTIVITIES CONVENING ONCE A MONTH, the P.T.A. holds meetings to combine home and school influences for a bet- ter student environment. Proiects continued this year were the manning of food booths at home football games, the holding of infor- mal Coffee Hours so that mothers of students could consult informally with the Assistant Principal, and many other worthwhile activities. Both par- ents and teachers have cooperated excellently, to achieve their goal of a better understanding between faculty, students, and their parents. Harried members of the P.T.A. frantically serve students at one of the many home football games' PARENT-TEACH ERS ASSOCIATION la, T537 ing, -Ptws. 1:31 'fy Members of the P.T.A. council are, from left to right, Seated: Mrs. Flint Agee, Mrs. H. R. Riggins, and Mrs. Jerry Luboviski. Standing: Mrs. David U. White, Mrs. Don E. Wagner, Mrs. Ray K. Leonard, and Mrs. Charles Neuberg. EDUCATIONAL, VOCATIONAL. AND PERSONA Miss Muriel Davis, college counselor, assists Senior boy with the use of the college catalogues. MISS MURIEL DAVIS B.A. Occidental College Counselor Hal Wiltse, also part time psychametrist for the District, tests Counseling, English Molmnne Goble' HAL WILTSE B.ED., M.S. U. of Alberta, U.S.C. Counselor MQIIIWM link t Hlhnv I u-null' Qgygnn ! 5:-I: :r.:a-V in-Shi t L415, win Vocational counselor Edward I-Iarver helps Carl Roles with the selec- tion of First Aid materials. sowzuzn Maven B.S., M.S. U' of Southern California Counselor of the Senior Class, Mrs. Mavis Dumbacher, talks with Judy Vocmioncl Counselor Cameron about the choice ofa college. MRS. MAVI5 DUMBACHER A.B. Fresno State College Senior Class Counselor GUIDANCE WAS PROVIDED BY COUNSELORS. Max Cramer files book containing names of students MAX CRAMER Occidental College Counselor Girls' League sponsor Mrs. Florence Sinkule hangs a picture of Ellen Dumbacher, Girls' League President. MRS. FLORENCE SINKULE ' "' I s.s. ' P' 2 f Eastern Michigan College Girls' League Sponsor Counselor FUTURE VOCATIONAL and profes- sional concerns of students, educa- tional objectives, and solutions of student problems are the concerns of the Counseling staff, as they consult with students. Both students and faculty members are well aware of the accomplish- ments and friendliness which has characterized the Counseling Office and has encouraged them to seek as- sistance with their problems. L i 1 t Z' ti . ' :li Q- Dr. W. R. Patterson helps student with personal problem. ,l DR. W. R. PATTERSON s.A., M.A., Ph.D, North Texas State College University of Texas Counselor LLOYD SAVAGE Chairman, English Dept. COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS STRESSED LITERATU STRESSING the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, helping students to acquire a knowledge of American and foreign literature, developing 'written and oral tech- niques-all these represent the of- ferings of the English Department. All graduates from the High School must have successfully completed a four year requirement in English. A diversified program of classes are offered to each student. The Creative Writing Book in- cluded a number of fine poems and short stories from Arcadia High v 11 N V X . . . N. 'I' s Qt . I, Q ' W s r fs, XX 1 1. MRS. JEANET M. BARKER B.A., M.A. College of Pacific Columbia University English Mas. MARIE cARRou. f 'YW B.S., M.S. Occidental College, U. of S.C. Speech, English 'Hr' students, the Pow Wow, Arcadia High's bi-monthly newspaper, re- flected the thoughts and activities of all students, as reporters learned the techniques of publishing a newspaper, the Arcadian, annual of the High School, afforded stu- dents the opportunity to meet the heavy demands and responsibili- ties of publishing a 272 page book, and speech and drama students again won many awards and pre- sented a variety of fine programs during the eventful past year. ENGLISH BYRON H. CHILSON HARRY L. CONOVER B.A. A.B., M.S. Pasadena College U. of Southern California English English, Swim Club MISS MURIEL DAVIS THOMAS PAUL FLEMING MISS VERONICA FRANKS B.A. B.A. B.S. Occidental College St. Thomas College Wayne State University English, Counseling English Los Angeles State College I8 English MISS PASQUALINA FRIGO HAROLD L GEX B.A. B.A. MA St. Scholastics San Francisco State University of Paris English L'lnstitute de Phonetique English Chautauquas RAMMAR, COMPOSITION, AND PUNCTUATION PROFlClENCYs RONALD s. Gisrsk A.B., M.A. U. of Southern California U. of Michigan College ofthe Holy English, Key Club fl FRED O. KELM ROBERT KERR ' A.B. A.B. s Los Angeles State College Brown University English U. of Southern California English English English I f iff I MISS CATHERINE LEARNED DONALD MCGUIGAN English B.S., M.A. Creighton University English President of A.T.A., Walter LaGier, presents outgoing AHS Principal Elbert Souders with a suitcase from the appreciative faculty. FRED J. NAHRA B.A., M.A. Loyola University Seattle University English MRS. CAROLYN NEWPORT SAMUEL ORSINI MISS GLORIA I. RAUCHLE MRS. HAZEL REEGLER B.A. B.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. U. of Southern California Harvard University U. of Michigan Texas Women's University English English Los Angeles State College New York University English Publications I9 ENGLISH MISS CATHERINE A. TERRY B.A. Stanford University English RICHARD O. WILSON B,A., M.A. Occidental College Drama, Jesiers .9 AND ELEMENTS OF SPEECH AND CRITICAL THINKING MISS MAY ROBBIE MRS. BEATRICE B. ROSE MRS. BEVE TAIT B.A. B.A., M.A. B.S. University of Buffalo Grinnell College University of Illinois Los Angeles Stale College Washington State College English, Drama, Jesfers English English Kalleftes, G.L. Program Com. -..rp Helping themselves to delicious home-cooked food are parenfs and faculfy members at a summer pot-luck dinner, MRS. TRUDIE HUNT ROY WHEELER PHILIP E. NEWMYER B.A., B.S. A.B. A.B. Wellesley College Occidental College U. of Calif., Los Angeles Columbia University Audio-Visual Home Teacher Librarian I SINESS AND HOME SKILLS WERE MASTERED. LLOYD DAVIES ED.B., M.S. U.C.L.A., U.S.C. Business Education Dept. Chairman A.F.S. Club SECRETARIAL and managennent skills, as well as basic principles of business procedures, have been taught to numerous students by Teachers in the Business Education department. Curricu- lum included courses in shorthand, business machines, .typing, business procedures, and business law. MRS. DIANE DICONTI B.S., M.S. U. of Southern California Business Education Sophomore Class BUSINESS EDUCATION MISS ANNE GAYDOS B.S., M.A.- U. of Pittsburgh Business Education MRS. JEAN MONGE B.A. Whittier College Chm. Home Economics Dept. Tawakas STANLEY J. GRENZEBACH B.A. Los Angeles State College Business Education HOME ECONOMICS TO IMPROVE girls' abilities in homemaking activities is the aim of the three home economics teach- ers. Three years of regular home- making courses, plus a special senior homemaking course for the home economics maiors, compose the curriculum in this department. These courses help girls achieve in- dividual competence and afford opportunities for creative experi- ences. FRED J. SUNDSTROM RAYMOND POTTER B,S, B.S., M.ED. Arizona State College U. of Arizona Business Education Pepperdine College Business Education MISS DALE CRICKETTE MRS. MARGARET JOHNSON B.A. - - B.A. U. of Calif., Santa Barbara Los Angeles State College Home Economics Home Economics Duchesses Duchesses MRS. ELSIE HUNSICKER B.S., M.S. Washburn College, U. of Iowa Chairman, Mathematics Dept. JAMES CALDERHEAD B.A., M.A. U. of Redlands Los Angeles State College Mathematics V : f,.' it J A i i. 5? r JOHN HOFFMAN ' B.A. U. of Redlands Mathematics KNOWLEDGE OF MATHEMATICS WAS AUGMENTEE OFFERING COURSES in General Mathematics, Algebra l and ll, Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigonometry and refresher mathe- matics, as well as a complete accelerated program in these courses, the mathematics teachers have played an important part in preparing students for college courses in mathematics and future career opportunities where the mastery of mathematics is an essential tool. MATHEMATICS MISS JUDY DEVALON B.A. Pomona College Mathematics Pep Club and Pep Comm. Veteran score-keeper Donald Nordvold, who also doubles as an industrial arts teacher, demonstrates agility in handling the basketball. .3938 if RONALD P. QCOPENSKI ROBERT MAURER RAYMOND PASCOE B.S., M.S. B.S. B.A., M.A. Michigan State University U. of Southern California Stanford University Canisius College Mathematics MGthGrTtC1tiCS Mathematics KETABLE SKILLS WERE ACQUIRED. kf STEPHEN W. ROWE RAY. STEPHENS B S B.A. Tufts University Long Beach State College MOTl"IeI'T1C1fICS Mathematics INDUSTRIAL ARTS LEARNING to understand the application and use of design, building useful articles, students learn and apply technical informa- tion vital to modern industry. A full pro- gram of woodworking, metalworking, elec- tricity, architectural and engineering as well as mechanical drawing is designed to fit the needs of the students. wk. MRS. MARGARET URBACH B.A., M.A. Hunter College, N.Y.U Mathematics GARY WALKER B.A. U. of Calif., Santa Barbara Mathematics .,., , ig Tti y ,A ,J c MISS DIANA WEARNER B.A., M.S. U. of Southern California Mathematics DONALD NORDVOLD WILLIAM G. JOKKEL B.A., M.A. B.s., M.s. U.S.C., Occidental College Stout State College Chairman, Indust. Arts Dept. Industrial Arts Key Club DANIEL R LUCERO LEONARD STERLE JOHN C. SWITZER B A. B.A. B.A., M.A. Los Angeles State College Los Angeles State College Los Angeles State College Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts 4' Le MI . ,,.. , - ii"' I I- , i-e' - .- ' 'i'- 'ff 'Ms 1 .-" - i f qilggslg'- 3 . ,V jgggiggi-5.5 -l . I I f p,f,.?w:1u I L - , 4-'W , - I ,.: snr .: 2' 5 JOHN WARD B.A. U. of Calif., Santa Barbara Industrial Arts JAKE WEILER A.B., M.A. Colorado State College Industrial Arts 23 JAMES SMALLDON B.S., M.A. U. of Southern California Chairman, Social Studies Dept. STANLEY BOWERS B.A., M.A. Los Angeles State College Johns Hopkins University Social Studies DAVID D. LEWIS B.A., M.A. Westmont College Claremont College Social Studies WORLD HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTS WE A COMPREHENSIVE four year program of Ancient and Medieval. History, World History, Geography, American History, International Relations, and Civics-Psychology is contained in the Social Studies Program currently being offered Arcadia students. A new requirement for the Class of '64 is the comple- tion of a full four years of Social Studies subjects for graduation. Formerly, a three year requirement had been followed by pre- vious classes. SOCIAL STUDIES JACK HART B.S., M.A. U. of Southern California Los Angeles State College Social Studies RICHARD L. DYER LaVerne College Social Studies DANIEL B. CROWDER B.S., M.A. Ball State Teachers College Social Studies JAMES MCDERMOTH MISS LINDA PRATT MRS. GLENNA B.A. B.A. Social Studies U. of Calif., Los Angeles U. of Colorado Social Studies U. of Southern California Social Studies PLORED, AND SAFE DRIVING TECHNIQUES LEARNED RQBER1' M. SHQRTELL EDWIN M. SIMPSON, JR. JOHN T. WATERHOUSE EDWARD WHITTEMORE B,A,, MA, s.A. a.A., M.A. a.A. La Crosse U. of Southern California Occidental College Whittier College U, of Wisconsin Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Principal, Adult Education Miss Carol Lawson, Mrs. Brown, and Miss Diane Soldwedel. N LEONARD BUELL B A U. of Calif., Los Angeles nan, Driver Education BARRY HOELSCHER B,A. U. of Calif., Santa Barbara Driver Education I ..,- Junior Statesmen wutnuqippi get it ! fi V . , Q sss.. A R ,... 'M' .r "'l iz-'Fi' " VERNE WILLMAN B.A. Whittier College Social Studies Enjoying themselves at a faculty luncheon held before school are, from left: Miss Marcia Peterson, DRIVER EDUCATION INSTRUCTING STUDENTS in the fundamentals of driving through classroom driver instruction and "behind the wheel" driver training, as they learned safe driving regulations contained in the California Vehicle Coole, Driver Education teachers prepared students to become competent drivers. ln order to further their understanding, also, special instruction was given in the mechanical makeup of automobiles, as well as in the care and maintenance of vehicles. J. DOUGLAS DANCER B.S. U. of Calif., Los Angeles Chairman, Science Dept. ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE AND LANGUAGES OFFER WITH ADVANCED and regular courses in biology, and accelerated and regular courses in Chemistry and physics, The science faculty has striven to present students at Arcadia with a bet- ter-than-ever science program. This year, in keeping with This goal cmd also with a Trend in The entire United States, Arcadia has adopted a program of accelerated chemistry which incorpo- rates some, of The Techniques now used in college chemistry. Each year The department has come to its goal of progress. SCIENCE WAYNE FOUNTAIN B.A., M.A. Occidental College Los Angeles State College Science Science Club RUSSEL BOVIE B.S. U. of Calif., Los Angeles Science KEITH A. HOLLY WALTER LA GIER DARRELL H. LINTHACUM B,A, B.S., M.A. B.S., M.S., M.ED. Pasadena College Loyola University Montana State University Science Los Angeles State College U. of Southern California Science Science President of ATA JOHN L. MEHRENS FRED SCHWAB GEORGE STAPLETON ROBERT C. VOILES B.A. ' A.B. B.S., M.A. B.S. U. of Calif., Santa Barbara Los Angeles State College University of Arizona U. of Southern California Science Science Stanford University Science Science Science Club BERNADETTE STONER License, M.A. Claremont Grad. Language, French Club HORIZONS OF LEARNING TO STUDENTS THROUGH COURSES in French, Spanish, Latin, Ger- man, and Russian, the Language department has striven to help students to better understand other countries through their languages and cultures. With the increasing importance on improved world under- standing, the increased emphasis on the study ot languages in High School will provide students with a wider knowledge of other languages and a better understanding of world situations. Miss Louise ALLEN B.A., M.A. North Texas State College U. of Southern California I , .N Languagczf cv O "'c"" Q- , ' foe f' , 4442 C . ' I I ' Lea-nxt I Vfpirvff- '27 , M"-rm ' i il K ..ff A 'pl I , -.,k I ' -.: .,,: I - 5 If is ,- Q h l'l' 2 s ,fs . : ' ' cfs 123+ si ' :. 111' K ' + f F EDGAR CAMERON MRS. JOANNE CLOPPER MISS ANNE M. HEALEY MISS NANCY LEWIS A.B. M.A. B.A. M.A. A.B. A.B. U. of Callt,, Berkeley BradIey'University U. of Rochester Stanford University Angeles State College Language Language Language Languqge Latin Club N .s H l,,' . ,,,. . . ,rss . L li,rl i I -,,, I "'t I f 1 7? ,.t' ? - I -e -v.: 55 . . ' ,,s. 1 I - ..fiffT:ififflf'f sgrs ffgyi RUBEN F. MARTINEZ MISS BROWNISLAWA Y. NOYI MISS SHERYL PARKER MRS. ISOLDE SYBEN SALVATORE J. TRILLO B,A, B.A. B.A. Ph.D. B.A. Angeles State College U. of Berlin, U. ot London U. of Redlands U. of Prague Iona College Language U. of Calif., U. of N.Y. Language University College, London Language Language Language French Club 27 OTHER DEPARTMENTS OFFERED VARIED PROGRAMS OF STU THROUGH CONCERTS and choral per- formances, the Music department has helped to bring the appreciation and rendition of good music to students. This has been accomplished Through the Apache Band, a concert banol, a iunior and senior orchestra, and through the vocal groups, which include the glee clubs, mixed chorus, the A Cappella Choir, and the Chanteurs. MUSIC MRS. RUTH LUBIN B.A., M.A. u.c.L.A., u.s.c. Chm., Arts and Crafts Dept. JAMES NEUMEISTER B.A., M.A. Occidental College Choral Groups RONALD E. HOAR GORDON B.A. B.A., M.A Whittier College San Jose State Instrumental Music Redlands Universi Chairman, lnstrume Music Dept. ART TEACHING STUDENTS the elements of design through use of different media and techniques, the Art department has tried to instill in students an apprecia- tion of beauty through self-expression in art. DOUGLAS W. MacFADDEN B.A., M.A. LaVerne College Long Beach State College Arts and Crafts SPECIAL EDUCATION AIDING THOSE who need particular help the instructors in this department have used their specialized knowledge to patiently guide these students through the year BEN DENNISON MISS MARGUERITE B.A. M.A. A.B. Los Angeles' State College Western College Long Beach State College Special Education Special Education Future Teachers Club l-IILE PHYSICAL FITNESS WAS STRESSED IN P.E. THROUGHOUT THE FOURIYEARS of required physi- cal education, students learn the basic skills of many sports. Boys learn rules and techniques of such sports as football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and many others. During the year the Physical Education instructors have accomplished their purposes of promoting good sportsmanship and physical fitness. l ROBERT JACKSON MRS. VIRGINIA STONE A-B. A.B. Qccidel-,ml College U. of Calif., Santa Barbara airman, Physical Ed. Dept. Chairman, Physical Ed. Dept. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DAVID ACKERMAN B.A. J. of California, Berkeley Physical Education Lettermen I JOHN BILBREY MRS. MARION CLARKE PAUL A. DUHART B.A., M.S. B.A. M.ED. Pepperdine College Pomona College Boston University U. of Southern California Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Orchesis Director of Athletics MISS CAROL LAWSON B.A. Whittier College Physical Education hirakawas, Auxiliary Units MISS MARCIA PETERSON MISS DIANE SOLDWEDEL B.A., M.S. U. of Southern California Physical Education Drill Team Northwestern University Ill. State Normal University Physical Education lll. State iillllll RALPH HOOKER B.S., M.A. Indian State Teachers College Physical Education JOSEPH ZENO B.S. Holy Cross College Physical Education Risk .. HEALTH 'Qs Mrs. Sarah Luckenbill and Mrs. Lily Sloan work at repairing textbooks. Mrs. Lois Iredale, school nurse, is shown performing one of her many duties. LIBRARY, STUDENT STORE Al' LIBRARY HEAD LIBRARIAN Mrs. Trudie Hunt has super- vised a new program this year. ln order that the library could be available to more students than ordinarily possible, it has been kept open from 7:00 to 9:00 every Tuesday and Thursday evening. This new program has been ot great help to students who need to use library facilities tor research. lj!! II!! X An invaluable faculty member Mrs. Trudie Hunt, pictured at left, is always anxious to assist students in selection of proper library materials. HEALTH SERVICES A NEW FACE ON CAMPUS this past year has been Mrs. Lois Iredale, school nurse. Her main iob has been to administer first aid to ailing students, and she has also kept vital health records as part of her daily routine. ECRETARIAL SERVICES WERE UTILIZED -Ph l x Checking over receipts for Student Body cardskiiig MrXs.XEla.dys Waterhouse manager of the student Store? and syde t Pbtk Jonesz' I- , ,Nj A ' L "E x v 'J ,f x Lx Nl -fk ' .bmw . c is ., .Q JJ f . , - X U XJ, N I Q f X v XIX' l f g I I Shown conferring with Principal Myron E. Green is Mrs. Jean- l x 4 CNSJCEE7 l r V I ,Q C NK nette A. Bixby, secretary to the Principal. X9 xA Le, ls f , MIG, gg I Rlf ml . Q it I .lk K O CL 5 XT C sw fx' Q, F A it Lf' :fix f N at ' ESSENTIAL l of cr WJ s X5- Cf' kim P E R S O N N E L Of SUPPLYING STUDENTS with ne- U LJ , f li cessary items is the function of the M j Student Store. Under the direction ,QD of Mrs. Gladys Waterhouse, such things as rooters buttons, student body cards, class rings, and pep club cards are sold throughout the school year. Secretaries Mrs. Jeannette Bixby, Mrs. Nina Draughon, and Mrs. Dolly McLain have helped to make the main office run efficiently in their handling of administration ap- pointments and their keeping of the many necessary records during the year. X' Mrs. Nina Draughon and Mrs. Dolly McLain confer with Vice Principal Gerald P. Rayl. MRS. ARCHEVA HUFF AND MRS. CLARA JONES, The Two aTTendance secreTaries This pasT -year, have done an admirable fob of keeping The aTTendance records. Helping To keep The main office running smooThly, be- sides being courTeous and personable To all sTudenTs and faculTy members They meeT in performing Their duTies, They have improved The sTudenT-adminisTraTion relafions. Smiling Miss MarieTTa Viola is consTanTly on The go, serving as a liason beTween Al- berT AcTon, CoordinaTor of STudenT AcTivi- Ties, and The hundreds of sTudenTs wiTh whom he musT advise and direcT in con- necfion wiTh campus funcTions. An enTh'usi- asTic graduafe, Miss Viola handles The many deTails wiTh knowledgeable ease. ATTENDANCE WHILE THE MAIN OFFICE RAN SMOOTH Returning siudenis receive re:JdmiTTance slips from Mrs. Clara Jones and Mrs. Archeva Huff. SWITCHBOARD i I ALWAYS COURTEOUS AND CAPABLE, Mrs. Karen WhiTe'hill has efficienTly handled The in- coming and ouTgoing calls Through The school swiTchboard. Also serving in a dual capaciTy, she has been a smiling recepTionisT, always eager To assisT visiTors To The AdminisTraTion offi- ces and performing many kind services for TaculTy members. A I Conferring wiTh Mr. AlberT AcTon is his secretary Miss Marie-Tfa MVS- Karen Whiiehill Transfers G call aT The switchboard, Viola. TH THE HELP OF EFFICIENT SECRETARIES. Records clerk Mrs. Helen Reimers discusses main office operations with Mrs. Maxine LeCIere. SECRETARIAL STAFF PERFORMING various essential du- ties throughout the school year have been Mrs. Pat Loechner, counseling of- fice secretary, Mrs. Helen Reimers, rec- ords clerkg and Mrs. Marjorie Smith, IBM clerk. Mrs. Loechner has been in charge of making all counseling ap- pointments and processing records of all appointments. Mrs. Reimers, assisted by Mrs. Max- ine LeCIere, keeps reports on all stu- dents' grades and inserts them in their cumulative folders, while Mrs. Smith has charge of all IBM cards of each student and adjusting of which in- volves the meticulous checking of thousands of IBM cards each year. These secretaries have helped to make this past school year a happy and successful one. IBM clerk Mrs. Marjorie Smith checks over students IBM file cards. p- .tx X edit Ani X 'N-c M-.. 'J w nxt Keeping the counselors' appointment books straight is Mrs. Pat Loechner's main job. CHEERFUL CAFETERIA WCRKERS, CUSTODIANS A ,fi """'i Baking pastries for hungry students are Miss Elsie Hoskins and Mrs. Rose Butler, manager of the cafeteria. COOKS J-J Three of the snack bar cooks are from left to ri ht, Mrs. Elsie Pierce, Mrs. I , 9 Grace Comontofski, and Mrs. Theresa Bough, HUNDREDS of delicious cakes, ham- burger buns, breakfast rolls, and muf- fins are baked each day in the cafe- teria's ovens to supply both the snack bar and the cafeterias. More than a score of cooks and bakers in addition prepare a wide variety of salads, entrees and other desserts. This year the cooks also had to prepare food for two snack periods -freshman and lO o'clock-besides the three lunches. "Apache Joe" Muller dons new headdress found in garbage can. """"""""wiHwm H W I. I -1-- I, , ' W ,W , , .IS DRIVERS WERE FRIENDS TO ALL APACHES KEEPING THE CLASSROOMS AND CAMPUS CLEAN is the iob of the clay and night custodians. By their cour- teous and efficient actions the school is kept neat all year. CUSTCJDIANS t,i,i,i W W ii 'WR -J Responsible for the neatness of the campus, Cliff Nylander, Charlie Gunyon, Leo Linder, and Ray Roy sweep the area around the Senior Square. Tired custodians Glen Neiman, Joe Muller John Leddy and Bill Bender rest mo mentarily before beginning a new series of chores. BUS DRIVERS COURTEOUS, CHEERFUL, efficient and prompt are the bus driving staff for the school district. New this year were several more women drivers who quickly made lasting friendships with their passengers. Efficient bus drivers of the school district, pictured here, from left to right, are: Gayle Wooden, George Waterman, Margarette Reddington, Wilbur Hoekstra, Stephen Dorse, Elsie Temple, Calvin Ford, and Wilma Stevenson. 35 STUDENT ACTIVITI I Q QC P9 W' oov wHo's wl-no 6 1 STUDENT B 03.5 6, xxvwfo A ASB. Presxdem . .,....,,....A, ,.,,.,... . ., , ,,,.. . . S1 O 'fo Q A S B Vace PIL-sudenf K - 4 if ' ' ' h H wgvdjx o , 'gpeakcr of 1 cr ouse , . . , , , rcasurer .. A .. '- - eta X, "L 908' Y. ASB Corresponding Secrmarv g gg W9 55 'V' A.S.B. Recording Secretary .. . Y ' 0 X0 KJ 5 off' S16 ,4 A.S,B, Hnstomm .. .... , , OQ 4.050 ,909 Q A,S,B. Pep Comrmssaongr N. .,A,.... ., 'D s qc 56' 660, A.S.B. Assemblv C0f"m'SS'O"ff " "A" ' 64 C5909 QVC QP 7'9" dp A.S.B, Athletic Commussnoner ...,. K .,.A.. . ,.., vox 5' X6 , bhid - A.S.B. Buildings and Grounds Comrmssooner .,,. 4 - To .ry px vm-' bf 5 x '15 x . 91' me Q oy' 'WW' - I Mr, Am ,ez N p. F Coofdmalof of Pupul Persorme .,.,... . .,,, , Glad 1' 0' 9 Manager of mn swam Store . ,,. 'ZA KY xoxdgfa 045' 'pp Stvdenf Activities Clerk X.., ..., . YSA 0 Ox vxiaxgf . V N' '40 vw . 'O X T OUR STUDENT SHIP OF STATE wa' 5 U! a JY- N109-NEWS wb SY: ATHLETIC ASSEMBLY ,.., ui' I cowwussuomen COMMISSIONER .50 , ,JJ OOOQ 00 , 5 ' ...E .h,... , mn.. ...x-':.... . .V Joqbgo I 3 J 0 Avpomveo coMMnssnoNs , ' 50 1 - 1 . 4"4?"e,,"'f.., 40050 000 Q 0, V fp -,N -.N J -.N 100 Q0 0 .---.. ....- -,--- -.-- 1- -f -------an--n-q fof-4, 25 Q00 ' Q ' 0'-T-L, ' 00 0 . 'MQ '--s 00 v.,,,fe,,,"--, ah, APPCMNTED -P mano if .- ,jg -. 1- ,600 .nvnsoav coumcn. unvenuus couucu. .Xu . . 'GMT QI - cf' 0 - 2 90 ,go A ' 6690600 ..'.AAil,ulLf. 1 0 , , 000.00 FRESHMEN Jumok 3 REPRESENTATNE f I , 1 00 000 mom efxcn cwa '. '. ai'-. .X 4..., . oov O '50 '00 5 502200 sovuowxonss ssmons 00 0 X ' 400 '00 , 333 - 500000 . 3500000 , 425 00 ,390 .00 00 l hw? A00 Wijiirfii . .J , ' f yfivlv - fu. 1 r 1, .. . M U -. 53 ti. I ' 'ilf'T,ii',Af 7 i Vlrlilf T 'I If . A rf "-Fmt-m.1 E 0 0 isa H , '5-'IEW wrt Kat, -y f 'ff QA 'i:3, .:'m3,, ' -2 1-r ,-..f I r 9 1. --1 .wfatg p -rgdefles'fiSs"2f11r,r1rff2 ' rt 1 A- .1 ..f1.gft5ii,,gz2ii?f'iY.1'Is he .ZX O s 6 1 fr '7 f Q 1 t -' 'ff ,L 'E' '2 'if , J' if, 4. eat:-2 R 7 T A .42 up ACG..-, Q W , , ,V 2 462. lib 53 7 G ,, glen- 2, f D 6 7 PV -L gr , y if: faq, z, IN' O r 'Are KP O zv 31 ,C 0 ff t 'W '59 Aga, , fx ,. J0,'nnQ1'?,f5c.,2 J for 00,537 6 0 'vi 0 15, r J 0,94 'fn M: 0 'B 452. 'Q 'lo 1' f- ' ' 43 ' of? C . A 133' Q65 f,i:'vz cg vQ,Q,l35 0 fb if ,F Q J ll! Gear ,GQ ,:,V,t 5' '. 'ir ,W-Qilvfbva ,'fffP-,Q ,, if GI ri .I . "' 40 QV' Ev I 4, 'f 4,3954 i Q 'PV u ,Q ,W 22" 4 Q 1 4, . cf Ti: f' f 'S 9: ,q5O, 6 4 o qt 4, Q fs 'rib 'Q' 5 'ff' its 4,3 QQ 4 n' 41 A19 git E 'Ziyi' 9 QQ 'B 0 G 95,2 ,, ,QR C K 'ajtqlb f4,'fq'lZ. I A I A W ,413 QQ ix Z ,avi ,QQ ,551 BUlLDtNG s. . ., x9R,.Q"Qg, 113-v C GROUNDS Q ect' " 'D QP QQ, gif, commissioner: - y ay, E ' J." 0, K yi ' T lever C 5' so Q0 ' ' -'fr get on I l ' f N 890 s 9230020 i 9' We 'P ' 44+ 01' X' NVQ we ' X R '5'Po"tQl" Q ' '7,Jgxt',2: 'z ELECTED u , "' House or -J . 'l ,,r"" 'Qt' aevkessmnivss .H l , ff EE E -ref. L EEE .f'fs,v?"t i nevnesemxrive sfpggys N mom EACH :fs fy s ara muon cuss: Q ,ink if C, pfjvf eff ay . ffgfg 'if tt- " 1 GO ERNMENT HAVING DEMONSTRATED their acceptance ofthe responsibilities of leadership in GOV ERNMENT as it relates to various student organizations at Arcadia, student officers have prepared themselves to take their places in the larger adult community. Throughout the first decade, continued progress has been shown in the development and administration of sound campus organ: zations. By following the traditional pattern of free elections, EXECUTIVE COUNCIL mem bers have been selected, year after year by all students. Members of each class, in turn have made their concerns known through elected representatives who have met in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. GIRLS' LEA GUE officers and their committees represent ed yet another governmental group on cam pus as they promoted a friendly atmosphere and arranged social events. Busy campus clubs have pursued their independent proiects and activities in keep ing with their special interests. Yet, through the INTER CLUB COUNCIL, they have banded together to promote school-wide activities This year, a new honor service club, the SENIOR MEN'S CLUB, was formed to parallel the girls' group, KIOWA. Throughout the year, these organizations have served many capacities to benefit and represent their school. In addition, the local Y CLUB, a young men's group sponsored by the Kiwanis International, has continued to provide opportunities for school service Finally, governmental organization and operation through elected officers and func tioning committees has continued to flourish in all campus groups. Governmental representatives Robert Maynard, Senior Men's Club, Ellen Dumbacher, Girls' League, James Hoover, Speaker of the House, Steve McCroy, Executive Council, Joe Genova, Inter-Club Council, Etta Oeltman, Kiowa, and Robert Knopp, Key Club, meet together to plan general campus events. s SELECTED BY POPULAR VOTE, THIRTEEN SENIO ASSOCIATED STUDENTS AS STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT and presiding officer of the Executive Coun- cil, Steve McCroy has been responsible for leadership in the planning and co- ordination ot student p ro i ects and activities. Each item of business pertaining to Student Body affairs must be submitted to and passed by the Executive Council. Their iudgments must be based on school policy and traditional practices which have proven acceptable in past years. In addition to policy decisions, the Executive Council members promote and help sponsor several outstanding social events during the year including Home- coming activities, and the annual Christ- mas Formal. A.s.B. PRESIDENT sieve Mc Cray - -ii' tal T ty' ,, ' ,l'i,', "."' rrk ' ' '- .l M V ii?-' - 'riir cs,s 2 , ,scs , ra, 1 , im1lgiglLss1ei vsiis if vt? , if4"Q55J'- - W ','X.'-im '.g'nN-'ci'-472611 V-itrfik ' f fi, ,1,...w:fbS5-:YQ Nsr' 2 , A T t'2",5gau, r?ajqmL A si- . ' -P 'fs ' E 'Q- Lgi'41fiF: 'Z ,rs In o special assembly, Steve McCray represented the Student Body in accepting a special 50 star flag presented by Congressman Hiestand. 38 DRMED THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL WHICH MET DAILY EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Taking over in time of the President's absence is the iob of the Vice-President, but Joe Genova also heads the Advisory Council and the Inter-Club Council. I ' fi ,f ri Speaker of the House Jim Hoover and Historian Carolyn Berry consult the Annual before planning an event. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS met daily in a leadership class supervised by Albert E, Acton, Coordinator of Pupil Per- sonnel, to plan activities and discuss student policies within their iurisdiction. Elected by popular vote late in their Junior year, the eleven . members are responsible for planning many different phases of 1 student life. I Each year the visiting Foreign Exchange students are ex- officio members of the Council, so that they may learn first hand about Student Government in American schools. Making overall plans for coordinated club activities, estab- lishing of procedures for student self-government, ruling on the advisability of undertaking suggested proiects-all these repre- sent the considerations of these campus leaders. Tom Jay eagerly accepts money from Mrs. Gladys Waterhouse for Student Body activities. As Treasurer, Tom controls all the funds connected with the A.S.B. DISCUSSED ACTIVITIES AND PLANNED EVENTS? WI 1 5 ,.n1ir'UI W'l!lII'f i ll Buildings and Grounds Commissioner Barbara Banko gives "clean campus" the personal touch. Mo Kindel, Athletic Commissioner, and Karen Hodges, Pep Commissioner, admiringly view the coveted Cross-town Trophies, Organizing and directing "GO AMERICAN", the sixth annual talent show, was the maior proiect of Dennis Loieski, Assembly Commissioner, during the year. Assembly programs, presented to all students, were also planned by Dennis. Nr I m mm It I I In I II MW The Executive Council reviews the September calendar while making future plans for Arcadia High. Not pictured: Dieter Vollkamrner. 40 UDENT CITIZENSHIP GUIDED BY ADVISORY COUNCIL. ARCADIA has an Advisory Council which advises students who commit minor infrac- tions of school rules. The Council works under the direction of Joe Genova, and meets on a specific day of the month at first period. Assuming the responsibility for the ad- vising of their students has been a worth- while experience forthe Council. Their sug- gestions, as a whole, have been well received. Suzi Yeager, keeping in touch with the swiftly moving events at Arcadia, ably fulfills the duties as Corresponding Secretary, Equally as efficient, Patty Manning has kept the minutes of each executive Council meeting in neat order. ADVISORY COUNCIL ' Posing as a student being advised by the Advisory Council, Greg Ahearn is confronted by lleft to rightl Sandy Schaefer, Frank Hclrdinge, Kitty Hill, Linda Braley, Sharon Jackson, Barbara Del Rey, Julie Keenan, Nancy Burns, Stan Smith, and Mike Albert. 4 X STUDENTS ELECTED TO HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIV Speaker of the House Jim Hoover presided over each House meeting. First Semester House officers wereg Joe Giovanini, Chapiaing Jim Hoover, Speaker of ihe Houseg John Kolar, Parliamentariang and, standing, Fred Stoffel, Speaker- Pro tem i ? i 1 42 1 Passing and discussing various items of legislation, the House of Arcadia High. 2 Yi enta SCUSS AND REPORT TO LED BY SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Jim Hoover, the House ot Representatives con- Iinued to solve the problems ot the student government. A representative from each third period class attended a monthly meeting to bring before the House, the ideas and prob- lems of the students in his class. The rep- resentatives then returned to their third pe- riod classes with a report from the meeting. Acting as a liaison between the admin- istration and the Student Body, the House -of Representatives is a major factor in the smooth functioning of the school. CLASSMATES ON CAMPUS ACTIVITIES. 536 I Discussing the new shrubs which will frame the tile facade in front of the school are Jim Hoover, Chris McCracken, Sue Sommer, and Albert Acton, faculty advisor for the House. This project was discussed by the House of Representatives. , '9'0uu-..,,,,........ the students remain in closer contact with the ways of government ot 43 PROMOTING FRIENDSHIP, PROVIDING SOCIAL OPPQRTUNITII GIRLS' LEAGUE THE GIRLS' LEAGUE, under the direction of Mrs. Florence Sinkule, is composed of every girl on campus. It is a means of be- coming more a part ot the school tor many girls. It sponsors many activities such as bake sales, the Christmas Tea, assemblies, the Mother-Daughter Banquet, and several proiects to help the less fortunate. Ellen Dumbachsr, Girls' League President, has shown her outstanding ability by coordinating the girls on campus in various Girls' League activities. Qi' As Vice-President of the Girls' League, it was the duty of Sherry Saunders to assist in coordinating activities. 44 Completing the roster of elected officers, Kathy Kerske, Seretary, Hillary Smith, Treasurer, and Sue Williams, Historian, energetically fulfill their duties in Girls' League. D ENTERTAINMENT ARE FUNCTIONS OF GIRLS LEAGUE Girls League Committee Chairmen are: lleft to rightl Judy Polansky, Modes and Manners Betsy Thorsen Ways and Means Jo Ann Laing Social Sue Sommer Sunshine Rosemary Mortensen, Welfare, Anna Marie Fanes, Publicity, Chris McCracken Employment Sherry Baker Campus Beautiful Sue Rehwaldt Program and Jo Ann Davis Campus Pals. Not pictured: Penny Roche, Communications EVER GRACIOUS and generous in of- fering her assistance and advice in the planning of a full calendar of Girls' League events, Mrs. Florence Sinkule completed her fourth year as sponsor of the largest club on campus. INTERNATIONAL UNITY WAS PROMOTED BY STUDENT EXCHAN SINCE 1954, fifteen exchange students sponsored by the American Field Service, from Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Iran, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey, have spent a year in Arcadia, living with a local family and studying at Arcadia High School. Several of Arcadia's students have also participated in the Americans Abroad program, spending a summer or a semester abroad, living in host homes and attend- ing foreign schools. The American Field Service was set up as a national project for the furtherance of friendship and understand- ing among the young people of the world. Under the direction of adult A.F.S. groups in Arcadia, applications are made available to those Juniors who wish to apply for foreign study. After preliminary screen- ings, finalists write essays which, along with a personal record, a re sent to New York where final iudging is completed. Proceeds from the Talent Show, presented in Decem- ber of each year, are used to finance the expenses of the foreign exchange program at Arcadia. Dear Apaches, When we first came to this country, we always were a little bit homesick. You, however, made through your friendliness Arcadia High School a new home for us. You made out of us "palefaces" typical Apaches, who equally liked to go on scholastic as well as athletic warpaths with other schools. Although we have to leave you now after a wonder- ful year, which went by much too fast, we'll always be proud having been Apaches. ,. , ,, fda me Foreign exchange students Fred Stoffel, Lena Engstrom, and Dieter Vollkommer discuss experiences in foreign lands. IRLS LEAGUE SPGNSCRED "FRIENDLIEST" CHOICES. EACH MONTH'S Friendli- est Girl candidates were nominated by the Sunshine Committee of 'the Girls' League, and were voted by every girl in the school. Bal- loting took place in all gym classes with one girl, desig- nated by grade level, chosen for each month from October to May. Then, with all the Friendliest Girls as nomi- nees, the Friendliest Girl of the Year was elected at the end of the school term. Voted 'Friendliest' for the months named, Janet Lucas, January, Jean DuBois, May, Sharon Penny Weidaw was selected as "Friendliest Girl" for the year--1960-61. 1 X .'. Ross, April, and Susan Strock, November chat informally. Not pictured is Kathy Love, December, S L ll X 1 Q -A fl.i3Wli c Jane Sanders, March, and Jo Ann Laing, February, happily receive results ofthe election. 47 48 ACTIVITIE DEAR TO THE HEARTS of teen-agers is the kaleidoscope of activities which add color and fun to their high school years. Each year the orientation program for freshmen and new students inaugurates the opening of school. With Homecoming festivities highlighting the football season with its exciting games, beautiful half-time presentations, and sock hops, the activities calendar bulged with all- school activities. Clubs began to function, choosing activities and service projects which interest special groups. "Go American," the annual talent show to finance the exchange of students, took the spotlight early in December, with the tra- ditional presentation of Handel's "Messiah" as a pre-Christmas event. Closing the fall season was the formal Christmas Dance. Girls' League sponsored a series of special events during the year, with a pre-school picnic and fashion show, the Christmas tea, and a number of assemblies. Mid-year, was the Sweetheart Ball, and the annual Junior-Senior Prom climaxed the formal season. A.S.B. elections forthe following year and the drama of the announcements of winners for office came at the spring Election Dance. A busy schedule of senior activities at the close of the year was climaxed by Bacca- laureate and Commencement which brought pleasure and sadness to many. Final out- standing event ofthe year was the All Night Party for seniors and their dates, which, this year, was held at Disneyland. John Curtis and Ana Marie Fanes compile a scrapbook of souvenirs from many special school events. ATTENTIVE CROWDS, WATCHING BA Flag girls are, left to right: Patty Covington, Jane Sanders, Suzanne Morsh, Etta Oeltman, Sandy Morrell, Ardi Kunz, Nancy Hughes P ae McKenzie RED SILK flags twirling to the music of the Apache Band, the Arcadia flag girls presented their colorful routines with much skill. Paige McKenzie, Suzanna Morsch, Nancy Hughes, Sandy Morrell, Patti Coving- ton, Jane Sanders, Ardi Kunz and Etta Oeltman, head flag girl, marched with the band during football pre- games, halftime shows and parades. JUST ONE of the several band auxiliaries, The flag girls are under the direction of Miss Carol Lawson. SNAPPY MARCHING and skillful baton twirling highlight the performance of Jo Ann Laing, solo ma- jorette. Appearing in front of the band during pre- game and halftime shows as well as all parades, Jo Ann presented her routines with great precision. BREAKING THE traditional maiorette formation this year, Jo Ann is a solo. There were tryouts for rnaiof- ette, who were judged by a faculty-student committee. Jo Ann was the selection that the iudges made out of nany hopeful girls. Muiorette, .lo Ann Laing Challiss McPheeters Sylvia Winter VVEARING magnificent Indian headdresses of red and gray feathers, the Apache Princesses provided exquisite shovvmanship during the pre-game activities and halftime shows of the toot- ball season. The Princesses, car- rying the Arcadia name banner, took their places in front of the Apache Band for all parades. Apache Princesses were selected tor their ability to march with grace and precision from the previous year's drill team. 51 Joyce Skoglund 4 E - ff' wi 1 J ., s -Wwr- ey ,lgi . L ,cos?sed.ssecTc .. y ssceees we In m - Q'-4 gb . A K -',-,', ,,.V, N gt 1 ,.... Xe, WML y I NJ , Mimi cfgxi ,f..W,.1 . g Z,.. M,,,M, c x js, 1i,:,i,? VT ,A..V ci A 1 4,1.,,A..., .,,.. M ...W,,, E ,,,,M.N xAL,,L , A,.. Q L,,,,A.A w N,A., is WZNVZFA is V My ff iS?,-.,-.s, ,,,. W. ,,.A,N..,A,,, .., , , ,, LW,, - ,.,,,,.,, A ,Q , Tka- Q A 39 " 5 v 5 , ,T M T, ' - ,el flaw? ' fir? . A 7 L" 'f ' , --- -Q ..N..L ,X,., " V , .ivxlugaa . . , ,. ,.., , ik R! y, i,' V . .,,. , ,L., f , .Lg Lfj ,5 M ' 1292-2 ' or T . '13 1: E? 5 il n A - 3 Q!! .'-5 -- N iiiiugii -- z., ,- L -' 15? ' x 5:5557 , ' 'l A ,QIQW-'33 2:-ggi? LN 14133 4- vt' 'Tk 'fi '--Eff - 2 , - . E5,'w.1- Y ' fgggggsi A me 4 i""'s. 1,, x-h, M .,., T..- . K .- 1: 2 ,. . at ' . .. O 4 my .,f- M.,-,. ,,,. ,, f1:,X-L,1 ,sf -.,, ., ,, .,,k L, ,k4A,VN,,Lk M 'Q YQQQEE -1 . 5 0 1 , , y TQ,s JQEEFH lk . y T .. Putty Mifchelly'--"V -1 ffm - T Heed T or EXUBERANCE wos The key word for This yeor's song leoders. Under The direc- Tion of Heod Song Lecider PoTTie Mitchell, Pennie Weiduwc,MSuzy,lc L.eL Ihackerhll Jane Compbellj 'iScmidy AeW Mieiyersfiicundc,l Vickie Polis performed Their peppy routines To The music of The Apache Bond To promofe- school spirit. Six song leciolers ore vofed on by The sTudenT body offer The girls were screened during TryouTs. RJ! ,A W wi ig!! r- ur P i T ,I MN ug' ,I x ' B J EE , E wg, H.. . Barry Miller A , ,, f , 4 R , T um lit: 7 tl 3 a a rzamnsm I xx: S IEC Lf ,.., 1 l' ' 'ilr .,,dl Di lll riii Alc'l T -- "' g :.g1' 1? figi , . g - , ' i'l,iw5,,2l. T , 35'ElE'ZE2E-:ea .. : hL:ii-., T . T cw A ' fwd f?kf5Q'EQQiQyw? 5, T. .,,. y Klee. . 4M.,r.....n ,,.,, Ms. 3 gs 212 T 'E f' ,,.,,, ,, ,, .,N,.,.,. A r ga 52 ,QQQQ ,i,, M ,N.i, 4. ' : ? 3 1 sf 11 If Q Y NX ' Xi S ff 'T ' ef 7 :55i'.'::. ,v 'Q' .. W x 1.5 1 -'azz Q ll" 'ui . Q B T gg T le I ,Qs W X Y l' , 4 .lane Campbell 4 ly ,If . .Q wr W 1 wr Y 5 1 CHEER AND SONG LEADERS BUILD SPIRIT, Ri S I ' 47 ' I I- "' . . g.iiiiiiisyispgfs I ' -If Q -he--Y'-Qs 5,513-W iq X... ,, W I,,, W I ,, . . X ' A K4 Vx X , .,,. A QA ,.,, I ,,N,gv M, V . A X I , V W' if '. . - ' 9' -e S Q fair W1 1 I X 1 ' " I gr?" ' ' ' "I fig V A. -fs -' A .,, I. ,J , J - - fi --Q.- il WA 3:4:.,,:v- X in 'NA :Q fs I ,ff , ,fffi ' I ' " !!!!!!l5: D gf , I ' i s Qfff 5 I . ' I , ?',' 'ii K 1 ' :EI EZ Ei. 5 ,M agna - wifi: 1 , -'21 .142 A, 2 h 147133 :z H 1 :sg ,,, Q I ffinxiff fr Wh' IW ' L gp , S DDIII I IIII I EQ I so J Q N' ' ' J li- 2 . I '-', ff-we mi.:ewes,e1.s?m...WWm-e,.- " , . , ,, x ,. so 4 V , 5 e,1,,.,,.., 3' ' . fr ss 7 A g v-7 gg . . , I I, '- I ff fl 1 .. V -' Pennie Weidaw Sandy Meyers ff? 1 I , Iii 4, D, I if ,pi PW' ,.,-' , N 'r' .1 .fu A 3 Lil . .z I 'E IH I 'f. ' 3 : ' ' A ,IT f 5: ,- ' -f-. ' . ,Q - Wendy Mcrquand 'C-'1 ARCADIA'S cheerleaders, Susie Ginn, Wendy Mcrquond, Bcirry Miller ond Dcave Ccxsweil, head, genercifed spirit among Sfvedfahts yiiy fi eeverifs Gnd pep rv I liesf 1 SSIeQfsidf'IQlvI,fPOP,QlGro vote I of sw- denfs, yell Ieciders I'successfuIIy, inspired school enthusiasm wifh The creation of mony new cheers during The yecir. - 1 we ---' , - me-,.,,, f, I I . XY K1 ,. , . . ff I , I , 1, fsssif I I-Viiiaf I im? . fi S YI .,'-. f ' X. Y lag .v- Eg' if W ,. ,,,, It l ,I ,,,, r, . 'I 4 f Sf: wr SDN ': . Y 1II,"'4-. ' , I". fi 'In I I. l It rr 'E 9 ,.,. yr,,,:... ,,..,,..,,. Q. ,ir,.:,iN,.,,,, .s,r ,,s.: i,,: ., i , , ., I, e- HN , '--'. . ww: v-wmv A, - A ,. ., VickLPoIisM M5 - I, W r,,,i ,.i,,. ,ff WERE ENTERTAINED DURING HALF-TIME SHGNX- RITA MURPHY Head Tom Tom Girl .df b 6 A' ,, I DRESSED in colorful Indian uniforms, the Tom Tom Girls are noted for their outstanding precision routines which were presented during football halt- time shows. Switching from last year's picture tor- rnations, the Tom Tom Girls, with the band, have received distinction tor their military marching. HEAD TOM TOM GIRL this year was Rita Murphy, assisting her were Head Right Guide Gerry Vanley and Head Left Guide Jeana Barclay. Miss Marcia Peterson was sponsor of the group for the year of I96O-l96l. MISS MARCIA PETERSON Sponsor H Tom Tom Girls, left to right are, Row I: Gerry Vanley, Barbara Bradley, Claire Desbrow, Lizetre Tulleners Terry Emmons, Joann Barany, Jerriann Pam Wilson, Kathy Wyman, Jane Gilkerson, Judy Knight, Pom Medine, Marianne Godfrey, Susan Lowe, Sue Rehwaldt, Sharon Ross, Nancy Lylce Neuberg, Dorothy Janks, Judy Smith, Kathy Miller. Row 4: Challiss McPheeters,, Karen Paulson, Kay Keller, Carol Allen, Pam Ross, Jackie Lee 'Y PRECISION MARCHING OF TOM TOM GIRLS, TOM TOM GIRLS firsT Tried ouT as freshmen for Chirakawas, The Junior Drill Team. AfTer a year in Chirakawas The girls are accepTeol inTo The Tom Tom or- ganizaTion. However, due To The small amounT of juniors and seniors, fifTeen sophomores were accepted immediaTely inTo Tom Toms. PRIZE-WINNING parade formaTions of The Tom Tom Girls have made Arcadia High School a well-known name in marching circles. As well as acfing as hosT drill Team in The West Arcadia Band Review, The girls marched in The InviTa- Tional Mayfime Band Review, which is held in NoTional CiTy each spring. x iw --.T .Jw A highlight of the Homecoming half-time show was the performance of the Traditional Cherokee an authentic Indian dance. Tyler, Nancy Haggerty, Gail Grimsley, Candy Jaros, Sandy Manker, Jean Baxter, Jeanna Barclay, Row 2: Joyce Skoglund, Phillippa McNab, Pam Huloer, Carol Burns. Row 3: Susan Wayment, Christine Nordvold, MarTha Heimdahl, BetTy Holmes, Janet Goldberg, Sally Leer, Leslie Peggy Hackel, Carolyn Layne, Emmy Sue Wilson, Meredith La Vene, Linda Barley, Pat Dougherty, Sylvia Winter. T CHIRAKAWAS, THE iunior drill team, served as a training base for future Tom Tom Girls. Attired in red and white cowgirl uniforms, the girls marched dur- ing B football half-times anal appeared in Homecoming pre-game ceremonies, among other activities. This year's offi- cers were: Pres. Carol Jusenius, Veep- 1 "V W...J if TT CHIRAKAWAS TO THE STIRRIIN Kathy Love, Sec.-Pam Weidaw, Trea.- Nancy Paslaqua, ICC-Janet Lawson. STARTED IN 1957, the organization is composed of girls chosen from among those who tried out for membership in their freshman or sophomore years. The girls are iudged for their posture, their marching ability, and their smiles. .' go as js-2 -, f S, an 4- Miss Carol Lawson Sponsor ,ps- 94 X tw nt f lg' X ...ig 48? 3-L gh a 4,4 as 5- we Chirakawos for 1960-61 were, Row 1: Pam Pine, Linda Kay, Lorie Dahl, Diane Clarke, Sandy Sanburn, Judy Wagner, Loretta Hildreth. Row 2: Virginia De Camp, Fay Hamel, Carolina Lamb, Karen Shunk, Michele Lesh, Jill Johnson, Susan Shelly. Row 3: Mardi Miller, Pam Weidaw, Judy Klamser, Marge Cowan, Jaon Wells, Pam Page, Marilyn Woolf. Row 4: Claudia De, Vore, Andrea Robey, Kathy Gaffney, Carl Jusenius, Pat Cowar, Virginia Manning, Bonnie Karlquist. Row 5: Cheryl Paulson, Judy Walker, Jill Schlessinger, Lonnie Vromar, Carol Piwwanka, Vicki Diety, Nancy Pinney. Row 6: Bonnie Britton, Kathy Love, Roberta Rehwaldt, Nancy Paslaqua, Lynn Otterbein, Diane Kramb, Theresa Priest. Row 7: Rose Strokes, Karen Howard, Sue Moser, Karen James, Judy Blair, Laura Sihvonen, Kathy Daverson. Row 8: Nora Williams, Janet Lawson. M lP"' 'Mr ARCADIA'S APACHE Band, under the direction of Ronald Hour, presented in- tricate marching patterns to the football crowd during the half-time. Perfecting new techniques during the summer, the band marched in military style rather than presenting picture formations. RTIAL MUSIC OF THE APACHE BAND 'lm 11 ,,i g P ffifig j , f as I ' 5' 2 I C g In - P- i. i, il IN SPREADING the fame of Arcadia High School's music department, band members participated in the All Western and the Invitational Maytime Band Re- views as well as acting as hosts in the West Arcadia Band Review. 'MWWWWW ,T Y, , , , 1f:ff.,1,s S . Pg! -, , - :I ,L H? , vii' ,,.,d,,,f ' 1 an 14 -:ties-5.5, ei ns - ga -edit' ' -Eff' i" 1' ' cr K Y it ,.W,w,,, ,L Mm . i. W W i M ri:'t'T"'w1-" Wim' 'l """'f fi-it ' 'ii ' VE'li"l M ll s ttii a. iiiii P P 4-, i ,MEQ'rl'W""EIZJ'i,,W"l'M---iwil'Y' www, iim,,."WL""WW l- W' si x hx Jerry Shere, Drum Maior, led the band during football season and in parades for his second year. 57 ENTHUSIASTIC SPIRIT ENABLED ARCADIA TO W Elbow grease furnished by the freshman class officers, restored the much-used victory bell to its original shining glory. Erasing all traces of victory grime, Craig Lucas, Marla Morgan, Russ Williams, and Jo Ann Blyth prepare the bell for its weekly appearance at the Varsity football games. TRADITIONAL EVENTS SCHOOL SPIRIT running high this year, pep assemblies were enthusiastically attended by the student body. Posters were made, goal posts were deco- rated, pep buttons appeared everywhere. Adding to the abundance of spirit, various campus groups sponsored sock hops after every home game. Goal post decoration, from the very to the bottom, was handled by Pep C mission members. ,' ,,xks,Nl Kiowns sponsored the Hi-Week Dance, in honor of the school's freshmen, during the first vgk ot school. IE CROSS TOWN TROPHY FOR THE FIFTH YEAR. it fffg Q A if 2 r 35' eg 5. fi ' AN Q-if 4 x. wwj . T J ? , . gf? Lu., if 1 'f O SPORTSMANSHIP FOR the first time 'since the innovation of the Crosstown Trophy tradition eight years ago, com- petition centered aroud two trophies: the original trophy now representing spirit and sportsmanship, and the new trophy representing athletic profici- ency. Arcadia High School garnered the coveted sportsmanship trophy for the fifth consecutive year 93' ii I. ,L S ls Tn ' gigs ' 4. 1 la -1 V Y. A .. aw . ' 1 AUP? i .y ,s." , wr i . i . lj Fx i . I' E i 'XJ' r sl X15 ' gs c V , Q-vw---vu-...... ,- . -. vz1:a:..,':-as ATHLETIC and also captured the athletic trophy by gaining more points for game attendance, spectator con- duct, and the school's standing in sports. Along with Albert E. Acton, Coordinator of Pupil Personnelg Mo Kindel, Athletic Commissioner, and Steve Mc Cray, Student Body President, served on Arcaclia's Crosstown Trophy Committee. HOMECOMING ROYALTY REIGNED OVER PRE GAME ACTIVITI QUEEN Clwalliss Mcpneefers and her lovely court reigned gracefully over The 1960 Home- coming ceremonies. Q u e e n Clwalliss, dressed in a beautiful full length formal of white silk organza and carrying her bou- quet of red and yellow chry- sanfhernums was presenfed and crowned during The half- time presentations. co NLF-TIME PRESENTATION, AND SIXTH ANNUAL SOCK HOP. Gr QI it' Q6 QU' .M fl 'il Q- gf A iff" .Jff 6- HVICTORY BELLS ARE RINGING-," the sixth annual Homecoming ceremony began, following the close of school on Friday, October 28, when the float and cars were decorated for the pre- game parade at seven o'clock. After the traditional Cherokee half-time show presented by the band and drill team, the crown- ing of the royal court took place. The climax of the festivities was the I9-7 victory over the Al- hambra Moors, the fifth straight win of the season. The evening ended with the traditional sock hop in the boys gym. Theme float decoration was done by ICC members after school on Friday. Of the fifty cars that participated in the pre-game parade, the Watankas car was iudged the best. 5s l Homecoming royalty, watched by both alumni and students open the annual sock After school cor decoration, top: last-minute war paint appli- hop held in the boys' gym. cation, center: pre-game parade line-up, bottom: all of these are port of the annual Homecoming festivities. STUDENTS DEMONSTRATED PRCDFICIENCY IN FINE AR Practicing diligently for their respective parts in the "Messiah," orchestra members Jackie Lich, Greg Bertram, Carolyn Syphers, Mary Lee Stewart, and Janet Henney accompany "Messiah" soloists Sondra Turman, Susanna Judd, Jo Anne Byran, Nikki Kroeker, Paul Egly, and Jim Ottosen. ARTISTIC talents of many Apaches were demonstrated in several activities traditional to Arcadia High School. AT THE APPROACH of Halloween, art students prepared to decorate store win- dows throughout Arcad,ia's business dis- trict. The paintings were iudgecl on neat- ness, originality, and technique. CHRISTMAS would not be the same without the music departments presen- tation of Handel's "Messiah" Mixed Chorus, A Cappella Choir, and the Chan- teurs combined with the symphony or- chestra to deliver the annual perform- ance ofthe Christmas classic. On their way to winning first prize in the poster division, Rosemary Mortensen and Jean Baxter created "Midnight Stroll," ELPED FINANCE EXCHANGE PROGRAM WITH TALENT SHCW. Typical American boys, as seen Through the eyes of Sweden's Lena Engstrom, perform the chants of The Maori Warriors. Maoris, lefT to right, are Fred Stoffel, Jim Hoover, Chuck Brock, Tom Jay, Stewart Young, Jim Lgbughen and Robby Knopp. Q ' Q IH5, I f 0-ass 4 "Little Rabbit Phumph," a fable with gestures of rabbits and fairy godmothers, was told by Sally Leer and Kathy Love. "GO AMERlCAN," The sixTh annual Talent show, was presenTed at The Clifton School AudiTorium in Monrovia, November 30 and December I, and 2. The Theme of The show was centered around Arcadia's Two foreign exchange sTudenTs, Lena Engstrom and DeiTer Volkhammer, and Their Typical dreams and ad- ventures. With American surroundings, The Twenty- one sTudenT acts ranged Trom a hula dance To a.-rock and roll group. The enTire show was under The direcTion of Dennis Loieski, Assembly Commissioner. Charleston dancers provided entertainment during night club scene in The Talent show. Chorus line members were, left to right, Row 1: Sharon Morrison, DoroThy Jacks, Jeana Barclay, Candy Jaros, Susan Elliot. Row 2: Vicki Polis, Kendra Bock, Suzanna Morsch, Jerry Vanley and Kay Welgus. COUPLES DANCED IN A "WINTER WONDERLAND I96O CHRISTMAS BALL isfmus Queen, Betty Bees -ER RK ' Iis E ANNUAL ALL-SCHOOL CHRISTMAS FORMAL. "WINTER WONDERLANDU The annual Christ- mas .formal, was sponsored by The Executive Council and held in The Girls' Gym on December 16, 1960. Under a lowered ceiling of blue crepe paper, couples danced To The music of The "Blue Notes." Punch and cookies were served Through- ouT The evening. phomore Princess, Sandy Manker THE CROWNING of Queen Beffy Beeson and her court highlighTed The evening. Princesses of The 1960 Christmas dance were Carol Lerch, Senior Princess, Vicki Polis, ,Junior Princess, Sandy Manker, Sophomore Princess, Linda Shaf- fer, Freshman Princess. All The girls were chosen by The popular vote of The high school boys. Freshman Princess, linda Shaffer Couples dance beneath blue streamers To The music of a live band at The first all-school formal ofthe year. COMMISSIONS PRCJMOTED SPIRIT AND CLEAN CAMP ENTHUSIASTIC pep commission members, by making posters and selling pep buttons, helped the song and cheer leaders promote spirit at all games and pep rallies. Com- mission members are: Karen Hodges, Pep Commissioner, Frank Hardinge, Terry Lindell, Dave Caswell, Janell Cohen, Ken Daniels, Diane Geary, Joe Giovanini, Mary Ann God- frey, Chip Hardinge, Marianne Harris, Gary Jones, Greg Kane, Joann Laing, Carol Lerch, Janet Lucas, Nancy Lyke, Richard Major, Pattie Mitchell, Kathy Murray, Sherrie Mc- Kibben, Rhoda Sproul, Danny Stowell, Cathie Waterhouse, Mary Whitney. KJIUUIIUD LUIIIIIIIDUIUIICI LJKJILJLIILI ULJIIKU UIIU IICI LUIIIIIIIDDIUI waged a hard fought battle against the scattered paper on campus. Commission members are: Judy Merbitz, Su zanne Scott, Amelia Marsh, Janell Stevenson, Mary Arnold Nancy Burns, Sandy Cipriani, Janell Cohen, Barbara I-lay nam, Marcha Hemple, Marilyn Hildy, Sharon Jackson, Bar bara Jensen, Pam Medine, Susan Mathis, Lynda Moore Penny Roach, Cheryl Stocker, Jane Wolters. , ,r www. la I N, L A X ff ,ww h nrvvf?-I, B x ' . ' ,, Z Nw .0 This year's assembly Commission, under the direction of Dennis Loieski, presented many educational assemblies as well as the 1960 talent show. Commission members are: Pete Bandurraga, Jerrian Barony, Ken Brill, Richard Dunn, Neil Harding, Dorothy Janks, Mo Kindel, Rosemary Mortenson, Rita Murphy, Leslie Neuberg, Jim Ottosen, Sherry Saunders, Sandy Schaefer, Stan Smith, Tom Weik, Kathy Wyman, Suzi Yeager, Stu Young. - 66 B GPTIONAL ASSEMBLIES ENTERTAINED STUDENTS. ! crew members faithfully attended all assemblies, operating sound equip- E Demonstrating muscle tone and coordination, gymnasf performs upon the parallel bars. SCHEDULED throughout the school year, an assembly program of special events brought entertaining and instructive perform- ances before the student body. Because of the extended-day program in effect this year, assemblies during the 1960-61 school year have been limited in number, and attendance has been optional. The few but excellent assemblies con- tributed to a more interesting campus life. Crowned King Briarpatch by Gladys Waterhouse, Joe Genova was chosen over the other basketball team members because of the grizzled appearance of his legs. 67 SWEETHEART BALL .lOlNTLY SPONSORED by Kiowas and Key Club, the 1961 Sweetheart Balltoolf place on Friday, February 10. The Girls Gym was decorated with the theme 'il-learts and Flowers," and dance music was provided by the Blue Notes. The crowning of Queen Sue Wood and her court was the highlight of the eve- ning. The 1961 Sweetheart princesses were Donna Arman, treshrnan princess, Becky Bostow, sophomore princess, Linda Hartley, iunior princess. Escorted to the throne by the Key Club officers, the royal court was chosen by the boys ot the school. - 4 N4 f " 5.5 Senior Princess, Candy Juros 68 OVER SOO COUPLES DANCED AMID HEAR 4 Queen Sue Wood Sweetheart v. XX ND FLOWERS" AT THE ANNUAL SPRING FORMAL. uw' 1 "M: , R ' ' 5 v f f Q wr 3 k 'W , Junior Princess, Linda Hartley Sophomore Prlncess Becky Boslow bf- Sfrings of hearts and flowers decoruled The doorways of The Girls' Gym of The Fyeghmqn Prmgegg Donna Armqn 1961 Sweefheort Boll. GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESENTED DIVER .ii Helping incoming freshmen girls get acquainted with Girls' League member Kitty Hill pours refreshments for Dianne Damron, Fred Stoffel, and Robert new friends, the annual Big-Little Sister Picnic was Canaan at the Kick-Off Dance, the first sock hop of the football season. held in the rally court before school started. GIRLS LEAGUE BEING THE LARGEST organiza tion on the Apache campus, tl Girls' League claims all Arcad girls as its members. Because of i vast influence, it functions as bo a social and a service organizatic and welcomes every girls' partir pation in its projects and activitie Members of Girls' League combi: to p r o m o t e good groornin companionship, a nd friendline throughout the school. Refreshments at the annual Girls' League Christmas Tea were attractively served to more than 400 high school girls. 70 IVITIES TO INTEREST ARCADIA GIRLS. rv Sl.-iw.. iff This year honoring mothers, the annual Girls' League Banquet was held on January 31 at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall. Seated left to right at the head table were Mrs. Bruce Dumbacher, Ellen Dumbacher, Mr. and Mrs. Myron E. Green, Mrs. Florence Sinkule, Mrs. Buriis M. Taylor, and Linda Taylor. N 1 N.- ' l Q3 'N . J .1 14.1 Qgft. K . rg 'L -. 1. A., , ,sk . ...N - ,ev ' U ' s "V ' 'i D ' 0 - to . -:- - y. , K , 5 ,.- Q.. n s I , ' IU, rl: E Y -1-V -- s, r. .a 3.4. Q U J, ,f.a, 'Y --ass'-",2P. .. rw..-.u'a.g, g., I - v 1 o ' 'H . !"'5 V 5 Q U 9 V , gl ' ' ',,', 0- 'ps .f n, or , ' - 4,- 3 . bg ',h...',.".fV A., . 1X.'l'.v' 'n"05 " ' ' . ,,..,,4' .S .L . , , ,.,. Y., ,V ma-.,'..-,, I ,ig -.-,:.-:.4a'.5,. lf -, - .- . X - 4" v sono 1 "'f'91 ' V . gan . u s'f',',, QL . ' in sl'v'o'0",'j.'1u ' On 0 ' cpl "fs ' ' 'I ',"n 4 H '.' 'l ,fn , ,v r ,,v'a.u.'. . 3 .,.L.:. ,-, v--,',,..' .g . . .,. ,, . , if .,' ' -'-'-' -"va fv ". ' f'v'v"-'Q' " 'r '.',' ...H ',',:, - . , , . Q sn an - . .W .H . .-if , ' - .,', . OP: ' - ' . 'Y Q . ' v ',','.'f . ' . Q a .'f ,,, , 2' '.' .' a'.',+v' ".'.d .' . ' 4 v r ' " ' ' o -. . - f ' ' .4 . . ' , ,, . v', , , , , . 1 o q .L ' ' s .'. v r "',',. L, s o . ' J ..' V 'v 3,5 ' Q ' 4 ','. Q Q .,' ', , . " ang' U1 .L . 5 1, . '.'p'4o 0 ' - 4 . -.v- 3' s al , ' fn Q A ,351 I Q ,'.,U 3 'w Glo Davis, fashion coordinator, reveals charm pointers To Sue Reh- waldf and Ellen Dumbacher. l, i Flapper dresses, straw hats, garfers, and other outfits from the "Roaring Twenries" appeared when the girls turned the Tables and asked The boys To The Backwards Dance. ,Q 1 '? S . , . U f A 5 'xnigg Alzzqh, 4 3. " as Q' ' . -. ,f5it"M -'S..J2'? QAVT fe k - ,,., 1 1,71 A, . .g.y,,5 in PROM ROYALTY GF l96I X r cs A NX Wiml Q f .HV 4. "' , , PENNIE WEIDAW JEANNE MCCUE Princess Princess 'E- WENDY MARQUAND BARBARA CURTIS Princess Princess 73 TRAINING ROOM ct, t ' SPO RTS EQUIPMENT 4- , MM,,,,,,....Q.s,,,..,Qg.,., ..ggQ.llfIlf.1fQiQgIgQgflT'- M'-' 'F L"' f- - n- 1: '- ragga 1 THE TENTH YEAR of the existence of Arcadia High School found the Apaches mak- ing their finest record in history in Varsity Sports. The Apache football squad, long the Pacific League doormat, exploded into a per- fect nine win, no loss record and earned their first CIF bid. Apaches dropped the playoff opener to Anaheim, l2-l3, but still gained recognition as the first Arcadia team to reach the ClF playoffs, in any sport. Varsity football squad did not enioy a long reign as the only Arca'dia CIF entry, as the J.V. Cross-Country team reached the finals for the first time, finishing eleventh out of 360 schools. And, when the basketball season rolled around, the Apaches were in there again. Arcadia rolled up a 7-3 League record, and took twenty out of twenty-five games, both high marks for Apache basket- ball, then followed with the first Arcadia ClF win squeezing past Mt. Carmel, 54-53. At press time, results for Spring sports were not available, but the Apache track squad trounced the Arroyo Knights, 97V2- 5'f2, in the season opener, running up the greatest margin ever scored in Arcadia's track. The Tennis team began the season with a rare loss, but the perennial league champion golfers started out the year in fine form. Rounding out the Decade of Progress in all fields, academic and extracurricular, Ar- cadia completed a year of good sportsman- ship and fine performance. With the completion of his sixth year at Arcadia, Don Hewitt has gained admiration and respect from both students and adults of the community. As sports equipment manager, his unselfish dedication to the school earned him a life membership in the P.T.A. in l959. Pictured with Don Hewitt, demonstrating the wide range of equipment provided at Arcadia, are Ron Patterson, Dave Ramirez and Steve Strompe. I96O SEASON FO-UND VARSITY APACHES HAIL ROMPING TO A PACIFIC LEAGUE championship, The Apaches completed Their most successful season and The best in The history of The school. Led by Paul Duhart, The outstanding coach from Massa- chusetts, The gridders rolled up an 8-O record and soundly Trounced Their Traditional Cross-town rival, Monrovia. The Monrovia game was The highlight of The year, marking The first Time in Arcadia's history That The Apaches had Topped The Wild- cats. One week later The Apaches met The Anaheim Colonists in The first round of The CIF playoffs and lost, I3-I2, for Their only setback of The season. X. Yr NED MURPHY, Center Pacific League First Team, All C.I.F. Second Team LARRY, ZENO, Quarterback Pacific League First Team All C.l.F. Second Team JIM REYNOLDS, Tackle Pacific League First Team LEAGUE NOMINATIONS 2. 574 4 Paul Duhart, one of the outstanding coclc in high school football, came to Arco from Massachusetts with a 22 game winn streak, and managed To extend it To games before the loss to Anaheim. He served as Director of Athletics. ar 'Q 1 4 C gf C s stef' 'Q LES SHULTZ, Halfback Pacific League First Team NCINDERELLA TEAM" OF PACIFIC LEAGUE A hard-driving varsity met its first defeat of the I96O season in the heart-breaking C.I.F. championship playoff game against Anaheim. -Photo by Michael Raphae Arcadia Tribune JACK CLAPP, End Pacific League Second Team I I I l Dave Ackerman and Bob Voiles are shown here supervising hard-hitting techniques which toughened the Varsity and made it the most rugged team in the league. Voiles served as end coach, while Ackerman supervised the solid Varsity line. I, if 0 +1 , 1 If fi. T 5 .. DICK WILLIAMS, Tackle Pacific League Second Team 77 SQUAD WGN EIGHT STRAIGHT GAMES GARNERI Dexter Jones stretches for pass during the I9-O shutout over Whittier. Larry Zeno drives for yardage against Arroyo, the first game on the road to Pacific League victory. HCNORABLE MENTION STEVE BURTON, End, DEXTER JONES, Halfbaclc RICHARD DUNN, Guard STEVE ARNOLD, Guard Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Pacific League Team Pacific League Team Pacific League Team Pacific League Team RST VARSITY FCCJTBALL TITLE IN SCHOOL'S HISTORY total yardage gained. the Iteam. STEVE MCCRAY AND LARRY ZENO were elected the I96O co-captains of the Varsity. Moving here from Massachusetts, where he was honored as all-scholastic back-of- the-year in I959, Zeno sparked the team on frequent occasions, leading the team in McCray suffered a broken foot during the homecoming game with Alhambra, and was sidelined for the balance ofthe season. He continued to act as an inspiration for Alhambra linemen leap high to defend against a pass by Larry Zeno during the I9-7 homecoming victory. ALL PACIFIC LEAGUE .l PAUL PFLUEGER, End JACK LITTLE, Center Pacific League Honorable Mention Pacific League Honorable Mention ALL-LEAGUE TEAM THE APACHES dominated the all-Pacific league team last year, placing Larry Zeno, Ned Murphy, Jim Reynolds, and Les Shultz on the first string. All but Schultz were honored in their first year at Arcadia. Jack Clapp and Dick Williams received second team nominations, while Richard Dunn, .lack Little, Steve Arnold, Paul Pflueger, Steve Burton, and Dexter Jones received honorable mention. Zeno was also named co-player of the year, sharing the honor with Ron Hales of Whittier, last year's winner. Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia .... Arcadia .... 26-I3 ..... Monrovia VARSITY ...26- 6...Mark Keppel ....26- Arroyo ....2O-l3..... Rosemead ....26- O. . .Mark Keppel MASTERFUL COACHING, NEW FACES, FINE TEAMWO VARSITY SCORES I4-I3 .... San Marino IQ- O ...... Whittier I9- 7 ..... Alhambra I9- O ...... El Monte Les Schultz smashes through a hole and rolls up yardage during the Monrovia game. rf' QQ-yu ff ' A ie fi Row 'I: Richard Dunn, Wes Duncan, Tim Curry, Don Wheatley, Dick Williams, Jack Little, Jim Reynolds, John Boyle. Row 2: Pete Livengood Steve McCroy, Howard Lucas, Dave Dueker. Row 4: Elwin Nowa, Mgr., Steve Murphy, Mgr., Dexter Jones, Mark Schrader, Dave Hayden, Frank TTED ARCADIA'S FINEST SEASON STATISTICS Apaches Oppf. Rushing yards 2068 673 Passing yards 336 384 Tofal yards 2404 1057 First downs 103 51 Fumbles 4 7 Infercepfions 9 3 New Pacific League Champs carry Coach Duharf off the field after the 26-13 trouncing of the Monrovia Wildcats, Photo by Michael Raphael Arcadia Tribune may-Q-gy,-wr 4-1, . I r I ,iv w Q -sim I Marty Lavine, Steve Burton, Ned Murphy, Paul Pflueger, John Kolar. Row 3: Jack Clapp, Carter Gengler, Jim Livie, Jim Van Horn, Larry Zeno, ITSFSOI1 Steve Arnoid, Les Schultz. W 1- Ai fi-'hfwvv 5,4 .1 ' I., . 4 'ff ' 1 vii '. 1 I' I v Figs' 'W .LII 2' . am' mi aa-' ann.. U Ya, fb, fc!"-.,n. 81 J.V.S, WHO COMPLETED THEIR SEASON UNDEFEATE T .M 5 I T Qfv " ...,TT 'll v 'U T .. ef V . win it es-ag. , EEEE lf l " ,W 'W H12-.:1'Tid1l"""T!i4' l :H""'a.,le Nz -ia.. 'C-ls-sw. -... if-3 Don Hewitt, also the equipment manager, and Gary Walker coached the J.V.'s to a successful '61 season. Here they are shown in one of the many practices that molded the J..V.'s into a hard-hitting team. ---r1""""" - CLIMAXING The season with a 46-18 Trounc- ing of The Monrovia Wildcafs, the J.V.'s loe- came The first Team in The history of The school to complete a perfect 8-O season. During The season, The smashing J.V. offense rolled up a Total of 236 points while,the rugged J.V. defense held Their opponents to a skimpy 65 points. Towards The last of The season, The Third string line, better known as the "Chinese Ban- dits," contributed To The success of the de- fense. Digging in, The Bandits smothered Their opponents, and both coaches expect them to be The mainstay of The Team in '61. Row 1: Stan Smith, Jim Grayson, Steve Black, Don Nebeker, Bernie Pirih, Rick Lawrence, Jim Wish, Larry Brakebush, Richard Anderson. Row 2 Terry Harris, Ken Tillman, David Fillmore, Gary Andrus, Victor Nebeker, Larry Shaul, Dave Sheets, Jack Bell, John Thoe. Row 3: Gordon Andersen Steve Babaiian, Mike McKee, Joe Golf, Mike Edwards, Bill Bivens, Chuck Holland, Bill Raymond, Joe Rife, Bill Leer, Joe Hendricks. Row 4: Ned Roehrig Mgr., Jim Roper, Harry Taylor, Jim Rollins, Jim Parks, John Richardson Frank Green, Terry Johnson, Gary Jones, Warren Way, Don Pluim, Marvin Donner. Arcadia. Arcadia. Arcadia .... . Arcadia. Arcadia. Arcadia. Arcadia. Arcadia. 82 J.V. SCORES 25- O ..... Cresenta Valley 12- 6 .... South Pasadena 32- 7. .. .... .. Covina 34- 6... ... Whittier 27- 7... ... Alhambra 34- 6 ...... Mark Keppel 37-14 .... South Pasadena 46-18. .. ..... Monrovia Student body president Steve McCray congratulates J.V. coach Don Hewitt on the J.V.'s fine season while co-captain Mike McKee displays the plaque awarded the team in honor of its superlative record. AINED POSSESIGN GF THE UNOFFICIAL LEAGUE TITLE Turning the corner during a J.V. game against Whittier is Joe Rife. FOLLOWING the team's excellent 8-O record, coach Don Hewitt award- ed letters to all of the 41 J,V. players at the winter awards assembly in Jan- uary. The players had to play in at least half of the League quarters to' earn their letters. The fact that the whole team re- ceived letters demonstrates the versa- tility of this rugged J.V. team. Throughout the year, the second and third squads performed well against most opponents. The coaches, expect- ing many returning lettermen, look forward to another strong and suc- cessful season. l I U' i JOE RIFE was named as one of the two captains for the J.V.'s. Rife sparked the Apache offense from the quarterback slot, and also performed ably for Arcadia on defense. MIKE McKEE was elected co-captain for the J.V. squad. Playing as line- backer, McKee was the mainstay of the Arcadia defense, and played fullback and guard on offense. l96O J.V. CHAMPS Larry Shaul pulls away from Cardinal tacklers on a punt return against Whittier. 83 B'S CLOSED SEASON WITH WINLESS RECORD IN SPI Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Despite the efforts of their coaches, George Fullerton and Richard Carroll, 9 the Bees fell to an O-8 record in 1960. Arcadia... .. Arcadia... .. B SCORES 8-25. . . . . . Arroyo 8-IQ... Rosemead O-35 7-20 O-I3 I3-32 San Marino O-20 ..... . .. ..... Whittier 7-36. .. ... Alhambra Mark Keppel . El Monte ...... Monrovia . mutt aunt'-1' 'i Bob Hunt gets off a punt against Whittier. B TEAM, left to right, Row 1: Terry Edwards, Jim Gictmbrone, Richard Raming, Mike Robinson, Wayne Bosecker, Donald Walters, William Caster. Row 2: Tom Mathis, Robert Thompson, Richard Maior, Pete Love, John Dean. Row 3: Gaylon Robb, Patrick Sheridan, Jim Poole, Allan Henderson, Ron Cipriani, Art Smithey, Robert Chapman, Steve Burchby. Row 4: Richard Olmstead, Mike Murphy, Mel Kaufman, Robert Hunt, John Lorenz, Craig Lucas, Mike Crossman, George Sahagun, Jim Van Vleet. 84 I CONTINUOUS EFFORT AND GOOD SRORFSMANSHIP. PLAGUED BY INJURIES, the handicapped B's X demonstrated sportsmanship throughout the sea- son. One of the iniuries that was felt most by the B's was the loss of the first string fullback Dave Caswell. At the January awards assembly, Coach Fullerton commented on the tact that de- spite the poor record the B's continued to practice diligently. Sportsmanship of the B's was further dem- onstrated by the fact that although they were usually behind at the start of the second half, they refused to give up and improved towards the end of the game. CO-CAPTAINS M - N lQiQilltlv.lhQWN FZ . im - W ht. J , gf' -'J B player straightarms opponent and drives for yardage in league , .N competition. ' ' " .1 A ' ffefjrfw ., V g , f 3 f . ' ' 'Z' f- .iiiiavrf-1.,':'1ff:f mg-2 - ' . - I j, ' ' B ' ' L . 4 DON AXLUND was chosen a B GEORGE SAHAGUN was also elec- 1960 B TEAM LETTERMEN were: Don Axlund lcaptainl, Steve Burchby, Wayne Bosecker, Dave Caswell, Bob Chapman, Ron Cipriani, Mike Crossman, John Dean, Terry Edwards, Jim Giambrone, Dennis Gumm, John Hergenrather, Allan Hender- son, Mike Holland, Robert Hunt, Mel Kaufman, Peter Love, John Lorenz, Craig Lucas, Tom Mathis, Mike Murphy, Dick Olmstead, Jim Poole, Dick Raming, Gayon Robb, Mike Robinson, George Sahagun lCaptainl, Pat Sheridan, Art Smithey, Dave Stewart, Bob Thompson, Don Walters. captain at the end of the 1960 season. ted a B co-captain by his teammates. if-im' can ., 1 Action in the B's 20-7 loss at the hands of EI Monte. 85 CS REBCJUNDED FRCJM BAD START,WINNllN '95 Fred Schwab, completing his fifth year as Arcadia's C football coach, was assisted this year by John Bilbrey. Mr. Schwab has also coached J.V. and Varsity golf, while Mr. Bilbrey has coached many sports in years at Arcadia High School. 1 l as., I Iii LED by captains Jerry Collier and Greg Houghton, The Cs ended an average season with a respectable three win Tour loss and one Tie record. Climaxing The season was a heart- breaking 33-24 loss To the Monrovia WildcaTs which found The C's scoring Twice in The lasT few minutes of play. Because of Their fine sportsman- ship and ability 23 boys were awarded letters, while i8 boys were awarded cerTiTicaTes. '60 C LETTERMEN WERE: Jerry Collier, Stan Davies, Rick Free- man, Mike Grace, Rick Gilchrist, Paul Glover, Jim Guglielmotti, Scott Hedges, Greg Houghton, Gary Jones, Steve Leese, Don Liddard, Andy Mecca, Marty Stately, Fred Temples, Tim Thurman, Steve Thompson, Kerry Tobin, Mike Wagner, Jim Oswald, John Crum, Mgr., Robert Dorr, Mgr., Jim Harris, Mgr. C FCDOTBALL Row I: Dennis Vallone, Marty Stately, David Horn, Marty Stubbs, Fred Tempes, Mike Wagner, Rick Moore. Row 2: Rick Gilchrist, Bill Donisthorpe, Kerry Tobin, Joe Ross, Doug McGinnis, Scott Hedges, Greg Houghton, Paul Glover, Gary Jones, Don Liddiard. Row 3: Steve Thompson, Jerry Collier, Rick Freeman Treiber Duncan, Mike Gale, Stan Davies, Andy Mecca, Guy Cummings, Jim Gugliemotti, Phil Bosl, Jim Collins. Row 4: Terry Harris, Bob Dorr, Mgr., Steve Leese, Richard Winslow, Tim Thurman, Bill Mead, Tom Williams, John Clark, Greg Huser, Jim Oswald, Gil Jordan, Steve Ort. 86 ,- is re Ki but lREE, OF EIGHT GAMES AND TYING CNE. -l 3 Y ll A 2 t Q EEE . . -1 :QQ 1' JERRY comin, elected Q '60 co- Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia... .. Don Lidiard eludes a Wildcat during the heart-breaking 33-24 loss to Monrovia. 1 Arcadia Arcadia... .. Arcadia... .. Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... captain of the C's, showed ability and sportsmanship at his guard po- sition throughout the year. G GREG HOUGHTON was elected the other co-captain. Playing at fullback, he ran hard, rolled up many yards, and sparked the team throughout the season. C SCORES 7-20. . . .... Arroyo 7-2l . . . Rosemead 27- O ..... San Marino O-l5 . .... Whiffier 27-13 . ... Alhambra 7-.7 .... Mark Keppel 14-i3 El Monte 24-33 . . . Monrovia i i Diligent practices before games . . . produced many touchdowns like the one during the El Monte game shown above. 87 VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY TOOK PACIFIC LEAGUE HONORS Sensational sophomore, Tracy Smith, captain of the varsity harriers, sprints to another victory to insure his title of Paci fic League champion. BOB JACKSON, eighth year as Arcadia led this torious season. 1953, he calls season we have A ggfggfw ,. ,. ,W-, W . 1, , , 1 ,F ., ,y M , f A. I .1 .fmi.i.57 - 3 '31 5' I ik.: . ,- .'. .'.H-r.'.r-. having completed his Cross-Country coach at year's teams to a vic- Having coached since this "the best over-all ever enjoyed." M .. I 2:2 .. A6 w. P-19'-are ' 'QQ :IfF"' jk 1 :if .-1- 1 - I. 'Ti ' 'qc-. - ' . sf? . 'IL . 4. Dave Long leads Apache J.V.s to eleventh place finish in the C.l.F. finals at Culver City. l -.' 4- ' Varsity Cross-Country team, left to right, Row 1: Mike Lund, Tracy Smith Icaptainl, John Mumford Row 2: Don Brown, Gary Cahill, Rick Hedrick, Charles Rumbaugh, Tim Frakes. JAYVEES PLACED ELEVENTH IN CIF IN UNDEFEATED YEAR. THE APACHE CROSS-COUNTRY teams romped to Their most successful year in 1960, taking second in the league in varsity, and winning league champion- ships in JV and Reserve divisions. The Varsity and JV's also swept the Pacific League meet, garnering ten of a possible twenty medals. The Varsity lost only one league meet, to Alhambra, but took five of the first seven places in the all-league meet. Tracy Smith nabbed first place in the league meet, going undefeated in league races. Rick Hedrick provided The Apaches with a good one-two punch. Although plagued by inconsistency, Dave Long finished The season as the most valuable JV. With his brother Jeff always close at his heels, Dave set a new JV record, took first in the all-league meet, and led the JV's to an eleventh place finish in the CIF, the best ever done by an Apache cross-country team. QLAD me rf F W , 7, .. 1' ' T, x J' - .M ,W WWW.. QCADLJ ifglffff vlww? ,l ""--QM.. ,ff W J.V. Cross-Country team, left to right, Row 1: Bob Browne, David Smith, Manuel Garcia, Jeff Blum. Row 2: Gary Ede, Don Schafer, Fred Porter, Dave Long, Mike Luboviski. Not pictured, Jeff Long. eo 5 .l.V. Reserve Cross-Country Team, left to right, Row I: Dirk Hueskin, Gary Jones, Doug Brutsche, Jim Thomas, Mike Albert, Dave Crandall. Row 2: Frank Giambalvo, Bill Lauman, Dave Carpenter, David Jacobs, Gregg Luboviski, John Winterbottem, Rich Laister. Row 3: Bob Houck, Bill Young, Lew Akins, Wallace Kindel, Tom Stepp, Ray Hansen. Row 4: Randy Lund, David Stewart, Brian Bernard, Paul Grey, Ronnie Rodman, John Jordan, Dan Dean. 89 COMPILING A 2I-6 CVER ALL RECORD, VARSI Don Trotter iumps against an unidentified Moor player during the 61-53 Apache win over Alhambra. FINISHING the season with an over-all 21-6 record, the Varsity completed its most successful season. High- lighting the season was the 54-53 win over Mt. Carmel, which marked our first CIF playoff victory. Unfortunately, in the next playoff game, playing without their star guard Doug Balcom, the Varsity fell victim to Antelope Valley and thus ended their CIF bid. However, Doug Bolcom, Guard, was named to the First Team in All- Pacific'League. Forward Bill Hedlund garnered a spot ri the Second Team of APL. Also given honorable Mention in the League was Guard Don Trotter. VARSITY BASKETBALL Varsity Team, Row 1, left to right: Tony Danz, Mike Fields, Steve Stramp, Don Trotter, Russ Banko, Russ Liska. Row 2: Gerald Mallery, Bill Hedlund, Denny Mires, Doug Balcom, Roger Evans, Joe Genova. vE BECAME FIRST APACHE BASKETBALL TEAM ug Bolcom gets off a shot despite two grasping Wildcats. Doug, who played guard during the '61 season, was chosen on the first string of the All Pacific ague team, and since he is only a iunior he will be playing again next year. X 1 ,J -f a A if 4 Ralph Hooker completed his fourth season as the coach of the Varsity cagers. This season, which was the most successful in Apache history found the Varsity winning 21 games during the entire season and winning their first CIF playoff game. Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia PACIFIC LEAGUE SCORES 42 39 61 53 66 56 34 33 51 74 50 38 76 67 64 55 44 55 35 51 Whittier Alhambra Mark Keppel EI Monte Monrovia Whittier Alhambra Mark Keppel El Monte Monrovia K IN SCHOOL HISTORY TO MAKE C.l.F. PLAYOF Russ Banko drives for layup during the game against Temple City. John Gray and Elwin Nowa were elected the 'ol Varsity managers. 92 Bill Hedlund eludes a Monrovia player during the first clash against the Wildcats which found the Varsity falling victim to the powerful Monrovia team. C.I.F. PLAYOFFS LOSING ONLY THREE league games, the '61 Varsity became the first basketball team in Apache history to make the CIF playoffs. Also, with the 54-53 win over Mt. Carmel, the cagers became the first team in all Arcadia history to win a playoff game. Unfortunately, in the next game, playing without the fine eye of Doug Bolcom, their CIF hopes were snapped by the 71-55 loss to Antelope Valley. This game ended the most successful year in the history of the school llast year they went right to the gates of the ClFl and with the return of first stringers Russ Banko and Doug Balcom Mr. Hooker is looking forward to an even better season next year. -ACING TWO ON ALL-PACIFIC LEAGUE TEAMS. i Doug Balcom, Guard, All Pacific League, First Team. Bill Hedlund, Forward, All Pacific League, Second Team. ALL PACIFIC LEAGU E NOMINEES Don Trotter, Guard, All Pacific League, Honorable Mention. Steve Slrampe drives in and hits for two against Rosemead J.V. '11 Juyvee Couch Ed Simpson led the Apaches to a 6-4 record during the '61 basketball season. Because of difficulties, there was no league competition so the J.V.'s received no league honors. Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... Arcadia... ... J.V. SCORES 32 53- 41- -43 23 35 47-28 22- 60- 35- 55- 51- -32 31 36 39 36 29 23 .. Whittier Alhambra Rosemead . El Monte . Monrovia Temple City .. Whittier . Alhambra . . El Monte . Monrovia 'S GAINED EXPERIENCE IN AVERAGE SEASCJ Sli? Q59 RZ J.V. Team, Row I, left to right: Dick Bardin, Richard Riddle, Dave Miller, Steve Roberts, Jim Falk, Dick Williams. Row 2: Len Soprano, Mike Rahilly, John Boyle, Joe Giovanini, Rex Black, Timm Emmons. NOT PICTURED: Dave Raymond.. 94 Dick Williams pulls down a rebound against Whittier. l. Q1 'HILE B'S DROPPED MANY CLOSE DECISIONS Coach Ray Pascoe, shown here during practice, led CLIMAXING a dismal season was the 51-44 stomping over the Monrovia Wildkittens. Although it was a disappointing season, the B Team was the only Apache team to beat the cross towners twice. As demonstrated by the 38-40 loss to Whittier and the 45-48 loss to El Monte in overtirne, a couple of points would have made the difference between a respectable season and a disappointing one. we B's through a disappointing season that was de- .ided by many close games. Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ..,... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... Arcadia ...... B SCORES 38-66 ......... Whittier 48-45. .. ... Alhambra 44-50 ..... Mark Keppel 45-48. .. .... El Monte 42-38 .... . Monrovia 38-40. .. ... Whittier 52-58. .. ... Alhambra 32-41 48-52 51-44 ..... Mark Keppel ElMonte . .. . . Monrovia 516 QQ ' .1 Scott Fox hits for two enroute to a twenty point night against Monrovia. Gil Werhane rebounds against Rosemead on Reser- vation hardwoods. ,. ' ,r 'A .U Bi B Basketball Team, Row 1 lL-Rl: Gil Werhane, Lowell Peterson, Dave Jacobs, John Bardin, Ken Kelly, Corky Kite. Row 2: Gary Dodez, Ron Patterson, Wayne Haas, Steve McGee, Joe Rife, Scott Fox lcaptainl, Dick Anderson lmanagerl. 95 C PLAYERS POLISHED BALL HANDLING TECHNIQU DESPITE TWO LOSSES to the powerful Monrovia C's, Coach Bilbrey's Apache C team ended the year with an acceptable 5-5 record. Gary Schmidt, Jim Giambrone, and Tuvy Tuverson supplied most of the scoring punch. Schmidt's 21 points against the Mark Keppel Aztecs was the high of the season. Tuvy Tuverson drives in for lay up during the Monrovia game, while Steve Nicholson waits for possible tip-in. Demonstrating proper ball handling, is Coach John Bilbrey, who has filled van coaching assignments in his career at Arcadia High School, Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia .... .... Arcadia C SCORES 27-37 ...... 29-27... 53-34... 21-16... 25-32... 15-33... 28-12... 33-31 . .. 29-30... 14-41. .. . . . Whittier ..... Alhambra Mark Keppel . . . El Monte .. Monrovia .. .. Whittier ..... Alhambra Mark Keppel ElMonte . . Monrovia 8.40 C Basketball Team, left to right, Row 1: John Shanley, Derald Sidler, Tuvy Tuverson, Steve Nicholson, Ken Soult, Steve Lewis, Jim Terhorst. Row 2 Kerry Tobin, Gordon Phares, Bob Ault, Gary Schmitt lcaptaint, Jim Giambrone, Steve Contopulos, Pete Johnson. 96 ,N D'S ENJOYED THEIR BEST SEASO D's scramble for ball during league competition on their way to a very satisfactory season. Arcadia. . . Arcadia .... . . . Arcadia .... . . . Arcadia. .. Arcadia ......... Arcadia ......... Arcadia. .. Arcadia. .. D SCORES 29-27 ...... 30-36... 12-18... 35-22... 24-26... . . . Whittier ..... Alhambra Mark Keppel . . .. El Monte . .. Monrovia 42-40 ........... Alhambra 37-30 .... Mark Keppel 28-20 ............ El Monte N. 1 4 L, .M '3- X. Coach Paul Duhart, who also served as the varsity football coach, is shown here leading the D's in practice. UNDER the supervision of Mr. Duhart, the D's finished the '61 season with the most successful record produced by an Apache D team since 1958. Rick Gilchrist and Tim Thurman led the Apaches to a 5-4 league record, including a season split with Monrovia. D BASKETBALL 'ov sketball Team, left to right, Bottom row: Rolly Crosby, Tim Thurman, Bill Mead, Russ Williams, Dave Crockett, Craig Carmel, and Tip Gates. Row 2: Rick st Icaptainl, Phil Surra, Ken Akey, Steve Boss, Russ Farnum, Bob Conger, Mike Zugich. 97 VARSITY NINE WAS OFF TO A SLOW STA . hh 'nf' ff' "Wd 73515: ' rf ' Starr Everett slides into home while Ed Scanlon blocks plate during scrimmage. AT PRESS TIME the Varsity Baseball team, with a 2 win, four loss cmd one tie record, was off to a slow start in pre-league w , Richard Carroll, who also serves as assistant to Coordinator of Competition- Cllmcxed by the 6'3 loss to Rosemeadr which Personnel, completed his second year as the Varsity coach this found the Varsity leading up to the 4th inning, the horsehiders, Shown here fiemonsffvfinstiow Q0 lUY down fl S0Cf'fi-Ce bUf1ff.Mf- C. led the Varsity through any vigorous practice sessions which paid with Dick Carroll at the helm, were off to about the same' start Wm, C 2,44 ,ecmd G, pgssnmel l as last year, but Mr. Carroll is looking forward to improvement during actual Leaguecompetition. Varsity Baseball Team, Row 'l, left to right: Fred Porter, David Burwell, David Ramirez, Bob Maynard, Starr Everett, Frank Shuttleworth, Stu Asmus. Row 2: Scott Fox, Terry McDowell, Mac Schrader, Ted Dukeslaw, Ed Scanlon, Joe Cannon, Andy Pitchess, Pete Livengood. 'ITH A 2-4-I RECGRD AT PRESS TIME. Arcadia Arcadia ' -' Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia K Q'-si,,s Dave Ramirez, a starting hurler for the Varsity, fires one during league competition. -x Arcadia . . . VARSITY SCORES .. 3-7. Muir . . 2-3 . . . ..... Arroyo .. O-4 . San Marino . .12-8 ... ....... Fontana .. 8-8 . .. 3-2 . .. 3-6 . Arcadia ....... 8-2 . .. ..... Temple City South Pasadena .. ...... Rosemead Temple City tm . a ,L.' . . ' ' Pete Livengood tags one during pre-league competition. . HV' lfw , in , . , s- ,frfn M V YY-l'YT'qY' km' Stu Asmus reaches for throw at second, during the 4-O loss to San Marino. Carter Gengler was varsity manager during' the 1961 season. 'IO J.V.'S GAINED EXPERIENCE IN PRESEASCDN GAMES, WHI C is ystiwl 'EQ V' ' " "S ' 9 ,S , .a- - 3 . lfiliflff .f fl .Q .Ink . i Dave Ackerman watches while Roger Boettger fires during practice. Leading the J.V. to a 4 win, 2 loss, one tie record at press time, Dave Ackerman is completing his second year at the reins of the J.V.'s. The last game before press time found the J.V.'s dropping a heart-breaking 2-1 decision to the Rosemead Varsity. '4 V in .J sw' :tvs-venisf'w5,:?s hi:s.Q7'fr"'.e1 4 - Terry Mulleavy scoops one up during workout on Apache field, SCORES Arcadia... Arcadia... ...7-3... Arcadia... ...3-3... Arcadia... ...9-7... Arcadia... ...l-8... Arcadia... ...2-l... Arcadia ...... T2-5. .. ... xy l Muir Arroyo San Marino Fontana Temple City South Pasadena Temple City 1. 3 s. 4 J.V. Baseball Team, Row 1, left to right: Bob Chapman, John Martorano, Terry Mulleavy, Jim Giambroni, Bob Ault, Gary Bowe, Rick Moore, Ged Sahagun, Craig Martin. Row 2: Lambert Morrison, Ken Sherman, Wes Duncan, Steve Roberts, Dave Miller, Len Soprano, Roger Boetiger, Warren Way, Dick Anderson. Row 3: Mike Malloy, manager, Gary Hawk, Bill Greenway, Jim Valentine, Gary Dodez, Paul Casey, Jon Howell, Wayne Haas, Ed Sahagun, manager, Coach Ackerman. O RESHMEN STARTED SEASGN WITH TWO WINS. ig ff "I new, I 4" -. , . fr is.- roach Joe Zeno talks to Tim Emmons on pitching strategy before the 8-I frosh ictory over Rosemead. Taking over the head coaching spot of the Frosh baseball eam for the first time, Zeno had led the Frosh to two straight wins by the scores nf 8-5 and 8-I at press time, He also assisted in the coaching of the Varsity ootball team. John Clark I ops high to snag ball during a vigorous practice session ver 'T' w. '29 Baseball Freshman Team, Row I, left to right: Guy Cummings, John Clark, Tim Emmons, John Lorenz, Andy Mecca Greg Smith Row 2 Bob Cassleman Craig Carmel, Fred Ternpes, Russ Forman, Steve Graham, Tim Thurman, Greg Luboviski. Row 3: James Guglielmotti Dave Davies Mike Zugich Rick Wil liams, John Russell, Howard Bauerle. 5 M My ' , ,569 -'Y . .N-W' . of!!! al' 1J,K,,,,'r- Dexter Jones anchors the Varsity 880 yard relay team to a victory over Rosemeadf AT PRESS TIME, APAC 1 in Dick Wimbish clears the high hurdles in Varsity race against Rosemead and goes on to win at l Varsity Track team, Row I, left to right: Chuck Holland, Mo Kindel, Chris Manly, Gerry Mallery, Steve Burton, Dick Williams, John Bardin, Rich Bourquin, Don Wheatley, John Kolar, Don Brown, Wayne Rodgers, Bruce Ungerlond, Eddie Simpkins, Tom Jay, Bill Taylor, Leonard Nunnally, Larry Dexter Jones, Les Schultz, Dieter Vollkammer, Tracy Smith, Jim Faustini. 102 1961 VARSITY TRACK team entered the season with high hopes for another fabulous year. Although many of the 1960 stars had departed, capable ath- letes were there to replace them. Dick Wimbish, who was second in ACK TEAMS WERE UNDEFEATED, WHILE 41.1.1 + R: . .rt ,1 ' . A, fin' ll I Jackson, track 'N-if 45, 1 ch since 1953, MM-'W ,g A4 ticipates another ,,.. 5 3 'e--f-f-fb,-p 1 r in coaching the ,f,k33::,f L adia teams. ' l 3 George Fullerton, accompanied by Bob Voiles ably assisted by Bob Jackson in the coaching of the Arcadia track teams. the CIF in the Bee hurdles the year before moved up to varsity and' swept several early meets. Leonard Cirino vaulted 12'8" in his first outing, and Dave Long hovered around 2:00 flat in the half mile. Soph- omore miler Tracy Smith showed tremen- dous promise, breaking 4:40 early in the year. Because of an early press deadline, final track season could not be reported. 'fha 'v L. . .... po., ' '- r. . 1 ' jgsgtg 7, , i. .... .c.,- iff N L74 In is ve 'S c .- - . IQQ-Q w ax. -,ya-A..-I-'se T,,.,g,g3 Q ,f f rr- Q. stiff: r ,:l V ' K-va.----'f - S' 'seem ' I Y 8 Jil. M . -uv - MW:g.M,5s f f A. -A " s .R ,.,- Us Marty Lavine, Varsity shot put man, heaves the shot in a meet early this year. Dick Wimbish, Duane Stuki, Chuck Rumbaugh, Marty Lavine, Dave Dueker, Ray Leonard. Row 2: Bill Raymond, Bob Heilweck, Jim Livie, John Row 3: Ken Burgett, Sterling Stoll, Larry Shaul, Dave Sheets, Dave Fillmore, Jack Little, John Simmons, Dud Michael, Leonard Cirino, Dave Long, 1 ap.. l I -,--nunilf i Dave Caswell clears eleven feet against Rosemead. Brother of the school record holder, Dave has a best pf twelve feet. I B'S WON BOTH THE EL MON ARCADlA'S 1961 B squad gave early indications of becoming a great team. Several members of the 1960 CIF champion C team moved up to the B's and were even more impressive. Bill Claasen, who won the C shot put title in '60, returned as a B and extended the school record almost three feet using the heavier shot. His best effort, before the season started, was 55'5V2". Dave Long, also a CIF winner in 1960, ran varsity 880 during most of the preseason meets, but dropped to B classification once and posted a fantastic 1123.3 in the 660, breaking the school record by almost a full second. Jim Van Horn tied a meet record of 10.1 in the 100 yard dash in the Pasadena Games, and also starred in the low hurdles and the broad lump. 1 B Squad, Row 1, left to right: Bob Atkinson, Mike Albert, Bill Harvey, Bill Classen, Marty Kindel, Dave Caswell, John l-lergenrathen, Greg Kane Lund, Spike Bailey, Dave Crandall, Richard Olmsted, Richard Little. Row 3: Bill Cogswell, Craig Jackson, Dan Newell, Dave Carey, John Dean, Rick He 104 LAYS AND PASADENA GAMES. ' - fu Jim Van Horn, shown here in winning effort against Rosemeod, led B's to sweeps on both El Monte Relays and Pasadena Games. -Q--W B's WENT UNDEFEATED in preseason meets, easily beating Arroyo and Rosemead. They breezed to team titles in the El Monte relays, against thirty-tive other schools, and the Pasadena Games, in which forty-two schools participated. I The only other Arcadia team to take both the El Monte Relays and the Pasadena Games was the C squad of 1960, which went on to win the CIF championship. Even the great B team of I958, which finished a close second in the CIF finals and set two CIF records, was unable To pull out both meets. Q is "- gf? Bill Clausen, school record holder in the shot put, gets off a 50 foot effort in the Pasadena games. az. H Mike Carava, and Don Pluim. Row 2: David Jacobs, Stuart Young, Gary Cahill, John Bardin, Jim Van Horn, Howard Lucas, John Oliver, Mike Don Schafer, Fred Stoffel, Craig Lucas, and John Stewart. l05 i CS BEGAN SEASON WITH C.l i ...J9 T if 'T . .,,, K mine 4 ' Yee" nys. ' ' ,. -wr , is 1 ... A r ' A . -' ., . O , x ' ' ' gy X . 1' A . , if , , T 5 sh' . - ,T ., ,Q . ' '? " , . ' 3 mam- . K C W' 'g ' ' 'lv-F , 111--.H T, f , -F . ' Efgif- :N . Qs M, N ""'v"-, fy -2: ,,i- re- L mee as S, 1 X' we ri: is s. 'L' 'S V 84' 1 'N J "' Q- 'f N N. - ,Q ,Q -as A W K.. .. I -5, 5, Q .V - ' ' 1 . ,, -.,,,- ,,,,.,. - ' V- s I ' - I - - 5 s - 2- L R -'f. sri' S :Nr t -- 1 L I-,, , G . - ... . In , Q A - . Q , L Q L . . ... X W, 'A . . L. N , -su.. I." r ' " - 4 rw.. "T 7 ' ., - . ..' -f .err-'fe -.- 7 - -' 'g ,. -L aQ 1 .i Q, , V2 - ,, - " gf' , .. "' 0 - s ,.. "s. lb' - A f Q S' .4 H , 4. ' ,X - -- V s- ,- A -' ,, +- , Q X, - Y Qt is Don Liddiard wins his heat in the C hurdles at the Pasadena games. , Dick Housten broad iumps in the El Monte Relays. C Squad, Row 1, left to right: John Perkins, Jeff Long, Walt Aleshire, Jim Sharp, Tim Theiss, Bill Donisthorpe, Tim Gowern, Larry Stephens, Bill Young, Frank Giambaluo, Tim Frakes, John Rinek, Richard Box, Mike Murphy, and John Jordan. Row 2: Steve Leese, John Mumford, Gary Jones, Jim Viscio, Mike Gail, Gary Ede, Marty Stubbs, Randy Lund, Fred Hawes, Tom Mathis, Jerry Collier, Mike Holland, Don Liddiard, Steve Thompson, Brant Risse, Jim Oswald, and Russell Williams, Row 3: Tom Williams, Harlan Crockett, Paul Grey, Adrian Romero, John Winterbottom, Pete Gates, Kerry Tobin, Traber Duncan, Rick Gilchrist, Doug McGinnis, Ronnie Rodman Mike Luboviski, Don Lindsay, Bill Bush, Richard Houston, Jim Thomas, and Steven Lewis. 106 IAMPIONSHIP AND LEAGUE TITLE AFTER TAKING PACIFIC LEAGUE titles in C divisions for three straight years and CIF championship in 1960, the Apaches were weakened considerably in 1961. Howard Lucas, Dave Long, Bill Soule, and Bill Claasen, all CIF place winners, moved up to higher divisions or left track entirely, leaving the Cees with an inexperienced team to start the year. Frank Giambalvo leaped almost twenty feet in the broad jump in the year's first meet, and Mike Luboviski cleared 5'5" twice in the high lump. Don Liddiard won consistently in the low hurdles, and Bill Young took several firsts in the sprints, as well as showing consider- able promise in the 660. SWIM TEAM Coach Harry Conover clocks Chip Hordinge, Bob Hopper, and Chris Forman. Swim Team, Row 1, left to right: Terry Harris, Ken DiNoto, Tom McGannon Bob Gray Steve Gaither Jim Rolllns Hank Randall Bob Hopper Chip Hardinge Jeep Hardinge, Pete Bandurraga. Row 2: Steve Boss, Dave Horn, Glenn Brock Bull Bron on Dale Wells George Pleper Dave Stewart Mel Kaufman Jim Graham, Rich Brock, Chris Forman, Rich Major, Jerry Shere. Row 3 Diving Coach Jack Roth John Stacey Gary Farr Steve Galchutt Ken Johnson Mike Skinner, Barry Ault, Dennis Gumm, Dave Cooper, Steve Carlson, Steve Norllng Steve Babalian lmanagerl Team Coach Harry L Conover VARSITY AND .l.V. TENNISMEN AND GOLFE ' 'Nc 4 i A ,., 9.1.1-4 fs, s'ff"3. u V ,, ' '1 'I r K .,f- , N ,I A I. , 0 - 5 Y,-gpqyyf., M :Ar 3 eg L ' -. . t ,Q ,- if 4 es 1-. , -gd.. Iv - . I I :W y '57 y ..-',..- k f ,1.g..-.g.s.... , ' ,TW - V .ff .. ' , K ' ' ,K ,A . g Rf- ' L U 'eff I-1. f' at A a mi: l-l V lt' - , W, Q i Tffg' 4 ' i -.ff ,, .fr -"--- N , ., . f q i Y , ' 'V Vw! ly if gy 2s s A , l I -,lil .Mig . xi: f E - ',.,e,f'f.ezifl'-fm' X A ' EW V ' I UWT E yr K k," 5 ct ii ', X ' F. I' , K .g,. 7 ,.,, f "1 A' , .. 1 ei - fr , g li H ', Q L B9 'E -5 W, ' 1 . ggglfi' -- in V VX 1, z I , ,N a V , . f'rgf21ifg,.3 , if if T7 A aff f t- A ' 9 Qgigitg' -1 A 3-5 4 ...j , U. V i 'X T . - nit, . ' , T, A "-1, - f ' dip' f ' ' '- X. . H' -xXx .A ul I . K Varsity Tennis Team, Row 'l, left to right: Joe Giovanini, Bill Bancroft, Ron Patterson. Don Phares. Row 2: Rob Knapp, Rick Klein, Ted Temple, Gary Hastings. After a fantastic 'IB win no loss record last year, the J.V.'s, led by Ralph Hooker, were off to a slow start this year and had lost four games at press time. Mr. Hooker also coaches Varsity Basketball. K F22 fe 'H . , ' X . 4, g R' 04 ' .st Ray Pascoe, who has coached A cadia Varsity Tennis teams to fo of the five Pacific League champio ships they have won, was leadin the Varsity to another fine seaso with only two losses at press Tim J.V. Tennis Team, Row 'l, left to right: Rich Winslow, Allen Potter, Corky Kite, Mike Fields, Jim Falk. Row 2: Stan Davies, Derald Sidler, Roy Lindeberg, Phil Bosl, Gary Schmidt. 108 RE ON THEIR WAY T0 AN EXCELLENT SEASON Varsity Golf Team, left to right: Edgar Reeve, Bill Soule, Rick Long Ken Kelly Rich Riddle Gary Ryness Phil Dice and Harry Taylor Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia... .. 25-l l . .. . .Glendale Hoover 25-l l . .. .... Montebello . Alhambra .. Arroyo 23- 7. .. .... Whiiiier San Gabriel . Montebello .. Flinfridge . . Burroughs .. Monrovia C7-9' V Golf Team left fo right: Gary Andres, John Curtis, Tom Ellison, Chuck Church and C J ulls demonstrated putting techniques. GIRLS MASTER SKILLS IN BADMINTON VGLLEY B IN FOUR YEARS of required physical education, Arcadia girls have received in- struction in basic rules and regulations gov- erning the playing of many types of sports, both body conditioning and recreational. Grace, coordination, correct breathing, and muscle conditioning are emphasized as a part of the programf Statfed by six teachers, the department maintains a full year program, providing a series of sports activities for each grade level. Extra curricular groups such as the Girls' Athletic Association and the freshman G.A.A. compete during the year in several playdays. All these: Good sportsmanship, develop- ment ot good health patterns ot exercise, and recreational sports events, are the goals of the girls physical education program. Tumbling techniques are demonstrated by Carole Taylor, Susie King and Judy Lesniak as they learn fundamentals of balance and coordination DERN DANCE AND ARCHERY THROUGH PARTICIPATION Racket in hand and ready to spring to retrieve the ball, girls on the Arcadia tennis courts enioy learning to play one of their favorite outdoor sports. xx ' X' . .L 9 L . . - 1 M7 Miss Soldwedel looks over her roll book before third period gym while several girls check their locker combinations. l l ne more pair of hands reach for the basketball in an exciting game during ne ofthe gym classes. Leaning toward the ball about to be pitched, Joyce Creer hopes for the all important home run. WHILE IMPRCVING PHYSICAL COORDINATION. IMPORTA "'v'o,-4-ff M With u drop kick, an exciting fast moving game of speedball resumes. Jockeying for position, four girls cluster around the ball. A FOUR-YEAR REQUIRED PROGRAM I I vt I . . j Ly' A leap is made for the ball in order to spike it over the net I during a typically stimulating game of volleyball. Pam Medine and Meredith La Vene "watch the birdie" as Miss Marcia Peterson instructs the girls on the finer points of badminton. EMENTS OF GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM X Beverly Beckwith and Linda Garrick are issued tennis rackets and softball bats by Barbara Kogan while Lonnie Vroman keeps track of the equipment. Miss Carol Lawson carefully inspects the drawn bows of three archery students. Students move into the gym and do exercises at the beginning of each class. These exercises are exhilarating as well as good for the waistline ARE THE PROMOTION OF FUN, FAIR if C.. -Q ao' it 'tif ' lt I A li. GAA left to right Row 'I Judy Reuter Lynn Schirka Marie Varela Marion Haynes Marian Moriss Chris Hills Trudy Chapman Row 2 Cheryl Strock Betty Callahan Sue Robert son Pot Brandt Mikela Tilden Barbara Schruitt Lindo Perio. Row 3: Shirley Fiske Jean Armstrong Andrea Wolter Dianna Garfield, Janice Hope, Jean Jozefczylc, Bonnie Karlquist. Row 4: Laurie Tait, Diane Donnelly, Vicki Bowman, Sandra Burnley, Ginger Wrobbel, Robin Raymond, Karen Thomas. Insert: Miss Soldwedel lsponsorl. ARCADlA'S G.A.A. program for ath- letically inclined girls is divided into two sections with Miss Diane Sold- wedel sponsor of the senior group and Miss Jayne Rice sponsor of the freshman group. Miss Soldwedel has completed her first year as a full time Physical Edu- cation teacher and Miss Rice was a new teacher to the campus. This G.A.A. program provides after school athletic activities for interested girls. During the year the groups have met with other similar groups from different schools in the area for Play- days. G.A.A. Freshman G.A.A., left to right, Row 1: Jean Hunt, Sue Meek, Cheryl Sullivan, Marcile Mac- Donald. Row 2: Gail Hubley, Kathy McGilvray, Joyce Jozefczyk, Martha Vidican, Miss Rice lsponsorl. Row 3: Betty Karlquist, Linda Teich, Susie Redshaw, Patty St. Clair. OOPERATION AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP Mrs. Virginia Stone teaches new stunts to Two girls to perform on the trampoline, Other girls wait for their turn as they enioy the performance. Dance patterns inspired by music and rhythm are ci fascinating part of the modern dance program. Mrs. Marion Clarke is the teacher of all the modern dance classes. e ww 4-ww-rw Q Q44 bww. yi. 'L , . jk .52 1. Haw Xw 1. . 5 Q' W, . ? si' V 3 3 Q 2 t fiilfiwm- iflfff' lg iiiih Q 4 5 A 5214+ g 1 i2 5g1 3--H-"M--Y'----'-4 H '-,,f:ff.f:E:i-i:.4.. 5 k M--4 M 4 P N5 lr..-:Q 62 Q Q? -1'-,f -.F 'l Q 'ng-1 hf f '1? 'fix if-m: t42x,Ql '1"1tfv1V ffmf ,.fff"i.!? LAR? M 1'fw"f"gt 7 is - , N, , "'A. 'W' 'Q x' Y, fir: 7' - ,mr ' -"fy . if if f 5152 , , 2 c 4.14 :iii ,ff fQ+2. Z?a?'1gl!, Xf 3.m xgfgf J fkji-f L 1 K1 iw Q H , K f x ef 5 af--"'1fW wb' V ' E f - 'NVX 4 Rv' 1' 233 3" 11? gf 'VK L Q ,F-4 'gag AU 1 -N 55 -f ' ' 5 'W X Wifi A-fi 'L 1- 4 W5f3 x 1 " q' W ui, , , 1-J. ' u ,,.L:i., ,Md xl , , ORGANIZATIONS T RA I N I N G for community leadership Through club participation, developing spe- cial abilities in music, public speaking and writing, and pursuing academic interest through non-class investigations-all these facets of students' individual development have been fostered through the ORGANIZA- TIONS program at Arcadia High. By trial and error, in keeping with the changing student population and their in- terests during the first decade ofthe school's history, clubs and organizations have gained a respected place in the lite of the school and the community. Precision marching, performed by Arcadia's Marching Band and Auxiliary Units, along with the famed Tom Tom Girls, is one of the newest innovations of the per- forming units this year. Ronald Hoar, Band Director, Miss Marcia Peterson, Tom Tom Girls' sponsor, and Miss Carol Lawson, director of the Auxiliary Units, have planned formations and drilled the groups to a peak of perfection. KICDWAS AND MEMBERS QF NEW SENIOR MEN'S CL DEDICATED to school service, the senior girls' honorary club, Kiowas, has completed another noteworthy year. The girls earned membership to The club by points acquired Through leader- ship, scholarship and service. Among their activi- ties, The efficient girls sold football programs, held the traditional Alumni Tea and iointly spon- sored The Sweetheart Ball with Key Club. ,bf T advised by their sponsor Miss Davis The effluent officers keep the club organized Englwsiqsgic members 51,-ive fo increase Club funds by Selling Cond Und are fe5P0n5'ble fof The Smoolli W0Vl4'n95 of The QVOUP after an assembly. They are: Jeanie Baxter, Barbara Banko, Sue Sherri Baker, Sherry Saunders, and Suzy Yeager. Row 'l Betsy Thorsen Barbara Banko Karen Hodges Lena Engstrom Jeanie Baxter Carol Lerch, Leslie Neuberg. Row 2: Lindo Braley, Susanne Rehwaldt Suzy Yeag r Sherri Baker Barbara Campbell Sherry Saunders Sue Shepherd Marian Morisse, Row 3: Ellen Dunbacher, Penny Weidavv, Kitty Hill, Etta CCEPTED MANY SERVICE RESPONSIBILITIES. 1 I be . -..M ,, - Men's Club Officers, left to right: Dave lamel, Treasurer, Charles Rumbaugh, Secretary, Bob Maynard, President, Frank Hardinge, I.C.C., Stanley Bowers, Sponsor and Gerry Mallery, Vice- President. APPROVED by executive council in the eorly months of the year, o Senior Mens Club was formed with Stanley Bowers os sponsor. Purpose of the club is to pro- vide on cidditional organization on com- pus which would perform services for the benefit ofthe school. The initiol group was selected by a personcil interview, academic and citi- zenship evaluation. However, during the year ci point system which would weigh school responsibilities, academic ochieve- ments, cmd citizenship records was es- toblishecl. SENIOR MEN'S CLUB Y ......-.. . N nurs- ow 'I: Steve McCroy, Charles Rumbaugh, Eddie Ball, Dave Lamel, Frank Hardinge, Bob Burns, Dave Warren. Row 2: Ed Bailey, Norm Dunmire, Dieter Vollkammer ick Pearson, Stu Young, Neil Hardin , Fred Stoffel, Ken Grob k T J . R ' ' ob Maynard. g ec er, om ay ow 3. Roger Banks, Don Mass, Dove Huntoon, and Gerry Mallery. Not pictured KEY CLUB FINANCED SCHOLARSHIP, SERVED OTHERS. CHOSEN on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, and participation in school activities, Key Club members pro- vided services for both their school and community. They were guided by Ronald S. Gister and sponsored by the Arcadia Chapter of Kiwanis International. Members ushered at games and assemblies, served at the Girls' League Christmas tea and Mother-Daughter banquet, and iointly sponsored the Sweetheart Ball with Kiowas. The main project was the annual fund-raising drive "A Dollar For A Scholar" which helped to provide a deserving student with adequate funds to aid him in furthering his education. In addition to these services the Key Club members held many social gatherings at the homes of different members. Arcadia chapter's Kiwanis sponsors were Allan Jaynes and Dexter Jones. If Ziggy ,Lug Officers: Rob Knopp, President, Dave Dueker, Secretary, Jack Little, Vice-president, Ronald Rob Knapp, Key Club president, sells "Dollar for a Scholar decal to Superintendent Burtis E. Taylor, while Pete displays an enlargement of the decal. S. Gister, Sponsor, Fred Stoffel, Treasurer, and Pete Livengood, l.C.C. enthusiastically donate money towards their scholarship fund. K EY C L U B Wi- I Lk.: A il Row I, left to right: Stephen McCroy, Dexter Jones, Howard Lucas, Chuck Holland, Stan Smith, Jim Ottosen, Tim Curry, Dave Dueker, Rob Knopp Row 2: Gary Andrus, Tom Jay, Dieter Vollkammer, Neil Harding, Fred Stoffel, Pete Bandurraga, Ron Patterson, John Bourquin, Jack Clapp. Row 3: Jim Hoover, Tom Mathis, Jack Little, Joe Giovanini, Dennis Loieski, Frank Hardinge, Chip Hardinge, Phil Bosl, Les Schultz, Pete Livengood, Dick Williams. 120 LETTERMEN EXCELLED IN CCMPETITIVE SPORTS. , , as if 1' . at the Giambrone Dedication were, Jack Clapp, representing the s Club, Richard Carroll, sponsor of the Lettermen's Club, the Rev. Msgr. Gerald O'Keefe of Holy Angels Catholic Church and Mr. Mrs. Frank Giambrone. termen Club members participate in recreational night in the boys' LETTERMEN'S CLUB MEMBERSHIP in Lettermen Club is gained through participation in competitive sports. During the year, club members met bi-weekly for recreational activities in the boys gym. In addition they participated in a drive for the March of Dimes and took initial steps to establish a local sports Hall of Fame. A HIGHPOINT ofthe year for the Lettermen was the erection ot a memorial plaque dedicating the baseball field to Ronald Giambrone, who was killed in an auto- mobile accident shortly after graduation in June of 1960. He was i960 varsity baseball captain and winner ofthe "Baseball Player ofthe Year" award. f H, 7. -. 1 1 c,.f"i i S. ,X lv use Letterman club officers are: Stan Smith, Treasurer, Dud Micheal, I.C.C., Dave Sheets Sergeant-at-Arms, Frank Vaccaro, President, Tim Curry, Secretary, and Dick Williams Vice-President, who are pictured around trophy case. ENTERTAINING AT SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY EVEN Row 1: Marilyn Winters, Sondra Turmon, Nancy Wells, Suzanna Judd, Grace Kennedy, Jim Chism, Penn White. Row 2: Greg Bertram, Nancy Burger, Pam Wilson, Rita Murphy, JoAnne Byron, Sue Rehwaldt. Row 3: James Ottosen, Steve Leese, Mike Holland, Dennis Lojeski, Steve Metro, Seated: James A. Neumeister. CHANTEURS MH.,,'7,"""'l W A CAPPELLA ,1- i '0- Row 1: Carole Taylor, Diane Dickson, Linda Lancaster, Sondra Turmon, Elaine Shurkus, Jeana Barclay, Sharon Page, Sue Cochran, Linda Joyce Stevens, Susanne Rewaldt, Sharon Lamb, Roxana Herkner, Marianne Hutcheson, Shari Bonds, Vicki Wings, Linda McDonald, Linda Judy Cameron, Carole Neufield, Barbara Bush, Linda Moore, Doris Martin, Caroline Layne, Jacqueline Fisher, Patricia Jones, Gail Malone, Sidney man, Robert Chilton, Jim Laughren, Michael Albert, Greg Bertram, Bill Bancroft, Mike Holland, Pam Willcin, Audrey Eames, Hillary Smith Jim Rollins, Chip Hardinge, Hugh Merritt, Todd Pade, Ken Holland, Brent Wisely, Jim Augenstein, Temoyne Bailey, Robert Reed, Paul Egly, DP VOCAL GROUPS RECEIVED WIDE ACCLAIM NOTED FOR THEIR SUPERIOR vocal tal- ent, the eighteen Chanteurs have com- pleted a very busy schedule this past year. Bringing enioyment by participat- ing in school as well as community func- tions, the Chanteurs have become well known Throughout the Metropolitan area. Chanteurs have perfected a varied re- pertoire ot ballads, religious songs, and standard works, throughout the years, which they have presented at the Bilt- more Bowl, the Friday Morning Club, as well as scores ot appearances before other community groups which included the annual presentation of Handel's "Messiah." Competitive tryouts are held each spring to select outstanding voices for the Chanteurs. A quartet consisting of enthusiastic Chanteurs, specializing in close harmony, entertained at the annual Girls' League Christmas Tea. Pictured above L-R: Mike Holland, Dennis Loieski, Jim Ottosen, Jim Chism. AS THE LARGEST advanced singing group on campus, the A Cappella participates in activities throughout the year. High- lighting the year was the presentation of the Messiah, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on December I4. oche Sandra Schaefer, Barbara Brock. Row 2: Linda Baird, Jacqueline James, Susan Busch, Roselyn Woodward, Judy Le Clere, Kathleen Kerske, ll Row 3: Dina Smith, Judy Schafer, Pat Murphy, Pamela McShane, Chris Henry, Virginia Heale, Grace Kennedy, Pam Wilson, Shelia Goehler, Carolyn Beck, Jane Jacobs, Ruth Ricker, Eveline Haubrichs, Robert Wachman, James Costantino, Richard Rittenhouse, Tony Bovee, Robert Chap- Harry White, Don Nebecker, Michael Grew, Edgar Reeve, Frank Johnson, Sydney Thompson, Frank Harclinge, Allan Henderson, Robert Schilling, hompson. l ti PRACTICING CONSCIENTIOUSLY, BEGINNING SINGERS STR K l UO, 'N 4 ii iid Uri , , 1, 1 it I i " 'A ,' 3 , x Row 1: John Perkins, Scott Lewis, Wiley Jones, Michael Zola, Walton Alpaugh, Richard Peters, Dick Hagerty, Howard Bauerle, Robert Dorr, John Lund- quist. Row 2: William Garriott, Clint Frank, Donald Reed, Theodore Roosendahl, David Jenson, Rusty Sharkey, Robert Kerr, Kent Beatton, Gregory Anderson, Craig Carmel. Row 3: Robert Ferguson, Alvin Duncombe, James Schneider, Robert Hull, Dennis Burman, Lawson Lindeburg, Jerry Jones, Bruce McLain, Tom Weik, Robert Harsen. Row 4: Randall Lund, Doug Brutsche, Charles Fields, William Caster, Wayne Morey, Carl Bergquist, Timm Emmons, Charles Wilson, Tommy Steppe, James Collins. GIRLS GLEE Oo sl" Qi Q, in 19 ali Xa lv me Donna Arman, Carole McCann, Sherri McKibben, Terri Compas, Carole Mark, Candy Dow, Barb Neill, Marcy Watkins, Susie Glaister, Pam Judy Suter, Gail West, Kathy Shurkus, Carolyn Roberts, Sandra Moon, Marie Crowley, Rosemary l-lertyig, Nancy Hayden, Jean DeVines Peggy Davis. Row 3: Jane Callender, Sandy Stanslow, Marian'ne Morse, Joan Poole, Marla Morgan, Janet Reinhardtsen, Pam Wilhite, P Barb Hoover, Dixie Smith, Judy Rutherford, Eloise Sewell, Jan Schneider, Beth Fillmore, Donna Smith, Sandra Zeller, Sandra Moreman, Viv Maralue Boisot, Marie Crowley, Becky McKeighan. Row 4: Vicki Payonk, Lynn Schwartz, Susie Kirchgestner, Judy Felker, Nancy Campbell, Gail Row 1: Jewell Ellis, Susan Knight, Valerie Ward, Virginia Stephens, Janet Lucas, Eileen Grossman, Susan Meek, Cindy Williams. Row 2: C l D GAIN MEMBERSHIP IN ADVANCED GROUPS Bovs GLEE 'if 1'-Wi? INTRODUCED TO THE FUNDAMENTALS of group singing, boys gained musical - knowledge by learning To sight read music, and The principals of harmony and vocal techniques, which prepared them for advanced singing groups. ...,,.n...--- . ,.. Vocal director, James Neumeister leads the II9 voices of the Girls' Glee Club in daily singing exercises. UNDER THE DIRECTION of James H. Neumeister, The girls completed an exten- sive program each year. Acquiring the essential elements of singing, the girls prepared Themselves to compete for places in Mixed Chorus. S- S av -'Mi Cindy Porter, Diane Frumerie, Janet Nielson, Gretchen Hybskman, Carol Ziegler, Carol Moreno, Donna Smith, Trudy Lloyd, Laurie True, Beverly Thompson, Andrea Garretson, Janet Stoffel, Joy Hutchinson. Row 5: Jeanette Robinson, Sue Kendrick, Kathy Knisley, Linda Shaffer, Terry McKey, Carole Cooper, Pam Cooper, Susie Gumz, Kathy McGilvi'ay, Sally Harwell, Kathy Foerstel, Linda Logan, Sally Pollock, Moser, Mariorie McCormack, Tisa Gamby, Cheryl Lauless, Kristine Bodner, Diane Fletcher, Martha Vidican, Gail Vachon, Susan Redshaw, Jody w 6: Denice La Vene, Christy Ladd, Cindi Heiland, Pat Dixon, Karla Grondahl, Jean Hallock, Laurel Strother, Alice White, Kathy Anderson, Leslie Judy Larson, Nancy Burghardt, Martha Kirby, Sally Wheatley, Lucy Lee, Lindu Quick, Kathy Boomer, Connie Reinard, Carole Murphy, Danna Kathy Craig, Judy McFee, Linda Bitner. w- it it 'ff' 3 I i,i,,wWai..ii-f -i MIXED CHORUS PERFORMED IN HANDEL'S "MESSIAH." ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL Symphony Or- chestra was honored by having seven of its members selected to perform in the 1961 All-California High School Symphony Or- chestra on February 24, 25, and 26. This was sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was under the direct supervision of Dr. Maurice Faulkner, Direc- tor of Music at the University. Students from Arcadia High School who qualified are: violinist--Irene Blake, Caro- lyn Syphers, Judy Tucker and Mary Lee Stewart, violaists-Carolyn Goodman and Linda Northrop, and string bass -- Peter Bandurraga. Santa Barbara group included Ileft to rightl violinists-Irene Blake, Carolyn Syphers, Judy Tucker and Mary Lee Stewart, violaists-Carolyn Goodman, and Linda Northrop, and string bass-Pete Bandurraga. MIXED CHORUS Row 1: Susan Hollander, Pat Wikle, Carol Schuessler, Jennifer Hyde, Kathy Sollazzo, Leilani Patterson, Pam Gibbs, Rita Osti. Laura Scandalis, Pa Byrkit, Barbara Dauer. Row 2: Judy Wagner, Sue Vartan, Paula Clevenger, Carole Sundstrom, Helene Sprague, Mary Rosati, Sharon Fagan, Janet New Davis, Cheryl DeWitt, Diane Hansen, Sharon Brownlee. Row 3: Mary Roscoe, Beverly Bailey, Sharon Bioselli, Donna Howell, Michelle Keith, Pam B Garwood, Lynn Schirka, Elfried Thierfelder, Linda Anderson, Pam Higgins, Bette Holmes. Row 4: Jeanne Atkinson, Kay Courtney, Elieen Pelto, Candy C Wrobbel, Evelyn Aos, Cheryll Haynes, Beth Allison, Pam Harris, Kathy Wlash, Marsha Battany, Janet Gregory. Row 5: Bruce Shively, Mike Wagner, John Strand, Dennis Riely, John Mumford, Howard Lucas, Chuck DeLeo. FALL, SPRING CONCERTS FEATURED STUDENT SOLCISTS. Stun Carey, featured soloist in the Spring Concert, February 28, played Rimsky-Korsakov's "Concerto for sen musicians of the month of October, Penny and Pam Weidaw play a duet in Fall Concert. Tfombone-H an, Pam Page, Janice Mendel, Wren Sparks, Carol Brodhead, Sandy Draughon, Kathy Russell, Margo Glunt, Julie Austera, Kathy Frakes, Marliyn Lyle, Carol Hawkins, Susan Free, Nancy Stotler, Kathy Pauley, Sue Sarwine, Mary Smith, Sue Peters, Jane Sanders, Wendy Biddle, Laurel Green, Kay ta Mullen, Marty Miller, Robin Smith, Cheryl Strock, Marilyn Russell, Chris Foster, Nancy Flatigraff, Cathy Gregg, Pat Anderson, Judy Quick, Margo ne Jones, Carolyn Bodily, Kathy Chambers, Leslie Vaughan, Beverly Howard, Carol Gourley, Janet Lawson, Carol Irons, Sheryl Bosserman, Ginger gue, Doug Belcher, Tim Fisher, Leroy Smith, Don Smith, Jim Livie, Carter Gengler, Tom Lawson, Doug Bolcom, Larry Shaul, Tom Morris, Larry Zeno, MUSICIANS COMBINED TO PRESENT CHRISTMAS ORATORlOa Gordon Sandford directed members of the Symphony Orchestra. "Concerto Grosso" was played by Ileft to rightl Jackie Lich, piano, Irene Blake, violin Carolyn Syphers, violin, and Jan Henny, cello. 'Orchestra section lecders S E N I O R O R C H E Row 'l, left to right: Irene Blake, president, Carolyn Syphers, 'Judy Reoter, Joe Giovannini. Row 2: Judy Tucker, Mary Lee Stewart, Marlene Longenecker, Virginia Manning, Beverly MacKinnon, Carol Dicmas. Row 3: Liz Hamilton, Karen Paulson, secretary, Karen Kirmsee, Nancy Pinny, Ida Mae Birney, Gail Splaver, 'Maureen Farrell, 'Jerry Griffin, Row 4: Roberta Wood, 'Diane Lich, Frank Gail, Jim Falk, Margo Smith, Dan Moorehead. Row 5: Diane Nauman, Janet Goldberg, Judy Klamser, Marie Crowley. Standing: Jackie Lich, Vicki Dietz, Tom Frachetti, Marty Kindel. 128 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA APPEARED IN FALL CONCERT Row 1, left to right: Tanya Bluemel, Tim Theiss, Jan Allen, Bill Belter, Cynthia Anderson, Carol Dicmas, Allen Baron. Row 2: Doug Lacey, Steve Swanson Elma Green, Ellanie Ford, Connie Bell, Janet Alcorn, Joyce, Fenton, Amy Anderson. Row 3: Naila Ness, Sue Wood, Jeff Gathers, Bob Greve, Bruce Wallace Carol Gough, Tom Schubert. Row 4: Jim Opel, Dick Mattingly, Dudley Green, Gordon Sandford, director, John Oeltman, Peter Wellman, Craig Maxwell Frank Griggs, Chris Robin, John Clark, Kathy Leonhart. 'Orchestra section leaders. Row 1, left to right: 'Jan Henney, Trudy Chapman, 'Carolyn Goodman. Row 2: Karen Shunk, Pam Weidaw, Lesley Wasserberger, Linda Northrop, Cynthia Anderson, Penny Weidaw. Row 3: Janet Syphers, Claudia Miller. Row 3 lriserl: Tom Wadley, 'Gordon Phares, 'Brandon McClintock, Bill Rhoder, Richard Alpert. Row 4 lriserl: 'Stan Carey, Ken Brown, Paul Leonhart, Chuck Sutton, 'Harold Gilman. Row 4 lstandingl: Mr. Sanford, director, Bill Karr, Kim Wallace, Deiter Rudolph, Treasurer, Pete Bandurraga, Vice President. FOLLOWING FOOTBALL, COMPETITION APPEARAN MARCHING BAND, Auxiliaries and Tom Tom Girls are pictorialized on Pages II6-I I7 as they perform intri- cate precision marching routine. I 1. 'L'-T PEP BAND, shown on Page I3I, , performed aluring football games and pep r a I I ie s , accompanying song . A.. 1. - as - leaders and spectators. Pete Bandurraga polishes his tuba for his Eu- ropean Coricert Tour with the School Band of America. ,rri Ronald Hoar, Director of both Marching D 'Band section leaders Concert Bonds- Row 1: left to right, 'Maureen Farrel, Jim Roger, Gail Splaver, 'Jerry Griffin, Doug Peterson, Richard Albert, Bill Roeder, 'Brandon McClintock. Kramb. Row 3: Carolesue Linderman, Earl Albert, Chelton Jenkins, John Cranmer, Mark McQuown, Marilyn Hammock, Jim Armstrong, Mike Watson, Terry Johnson, Bill Snider, Chuck Sutton, Paul Leonhart, Mel Kaufman, Ken Brown, 'Stan Carey. Row 5: Hank Randall, Martin 130 SICIANS PRESENTED SPRING CONCERT REPERTOIRE. JERRY SHERE has success- fully completed his second year as a drum maior. Jerry won his high position through competitive tryouts last spring. As an added honor he won second place in the Drum Maiors' division in the Long Beach lnvita- tional Band Review when 70 marching bands competed. MUSICIANS OF THE MONTH a re chosen each month for outstanding con- tributions to the Orchestra. M a n y student musicians h ave received this high honor during the past year. PKC' Qnizcnuiis' uma Pep Band members are, left to right: Chuck Sutton, Bill Roeder, Bill Cranmer, Ken Brown, Tom McGannon, Pete Banclurraga, Bob Barnes, Jerry Share and Marty Kindel. Head Drum Maior .thc ' illson, Ida Barney, Don Moorehead, Margo Smith, Jim Falk, Frank Gale, Ken Ogilvie, Bette Johnson, Sally Doolan, Bob Agee, Don Shelnett, Diane Bill Cranmer, Vice President, Gordon Phares, Tom Wadley, Dave Hinnichs. Row 4: 'Jerry Plunkett, Vicki Dietz, Tom Frasnchetti, John Terhorst, Bob Dick Holliday, Tom McGannon, President, Steve Brown, 'Harold Gilman, 'Peter Bondurrugc, Margaret Potka, Bob Wray, Don Evans. T31 EAGER THESPIANS PRACTICED TIRELESSLY TO PERF SENIOR JESTERS Senior Jesters director, Richard Wilson, stops rehearsal to offer advice. Officers of Senior Jesters are Art Smithey, Vice President, Teri Lindell, President Jo Tortoris, Secretary-Treasurer. Row 1: Spike Wiberg, Susan Cartwright, Kitty Hill, Anne Perkins, Jeanna Barclay, Jo Tortoris, Alana Churchill. Row 2: Judy Dyer, Jean Griffin, Rikki Huffa Sue Shepherd, Teri Lindell, Sherry Saunders, Nikki Kroeker, Sue Body. Row 3: Mike Silberhorn, Art Smithey, Ken Di Noto, Pat Marshall. Jim Otto, Neil Harding, Eddie Ball Craig McNutt 1 AGECRAFT, PRESENTING ONE AND THREE ACT PLAYS 1-w 415 GAINING advanced knowledge ot theater production and staging of plays, the Senior Jesters were sponsored by R. O. Wilson. Many excellent plays were given during the ,, year, including "One Foot ln Heaven." Class members gained valuable experience and enjoyed Themselves at The same time while participating in class and club functions. .', GAINING VALUABLE EXPERIENCE and receiving expert direction from Their advisor, Mrs. Beverly Tait, the Junior Jesters have completed a profitable year. They took in over S500 in ticket sales, and presented three entertaining one-act plays the past season. Junior Jesters are looking forward to becoming Senior Jesters next year. QQ my Candi Boone, Kathi Daverson, Dick Bennett, and Jim Vawter took part in the one-act play, "Four Little Words." JUNIOR JESTERS x Row 1: Leisa Shivel, Bobbi Dauer, Vicky Draper, Marilee Sleeter, Michele Lesh, Candi Boone, Sherry Bluhm, Sandy Kingdom, Rosie Marascio, Phyllis Coon, Julie Muth, Kay Wilgus, Kathy Wyman, Kendall Lowe. Row 2: Ardie Kunz, Andrea Robey, Tina Turchi, Barbara Kogan, Kathy Norton, Jackie Olmstead, Marie Henderson, Judy Merbitz, Karen Westner, Judy Pratt, Chris Parker, Roz Ann Hines, Judy Baskin. Row 3: Maggie Stefanos, Carole Jay, Cecelia Westcott, Sharon Ross, Pam Ross, Sue Johnston, Pam Lackey, Chris Henry, Melna Regen, Donna Spratling, Cheryl Pertile, Peggy Roche, Linda De Long, Kathi Daverson, Marilyn Sullivan, Kathy McDaniel. Row 4: Steve Wilson, Gil Jordan, Jeff Blum, Bill Moore, Len Nunnally, Bill Harvey, John Richardson, Jim Graham, Mark McQuown, Daryll Dimit, Dale Taker, John Bork, Dick Bennett, Jim Vawter. J . MASTERY OF STAGE TECHNIQUES WAS EMPHASIZ EXPANDING ITS SCOPE, the drama classes have, for the second year, utilized the services of two full-tirne teachers. Advanced drama casts have again presented several three-act plays, with the first year drama students staging a series of one-act plays. Officers of Junior Jesters are Cecelia Westcott, Vice-President, Rosie Marascio, President, Wyman, Secretary-Treasurer. ,H J" , f ' 1 E jf? it and Kathy Jackie Olmsteud and Donna Spratling console Parker in "Lady Killers." Junior Jesiers coach, Mrs. Beverly Tait, discusses "stage busineissu with one of her Seen participating in the hilarious comedy "How to Murder Your l students Kay Wilgus. are Julie Muth, Cecelia Westcott, and Kay Wilgus, 134 HE ENCHA TED VILLAGE' THIS YEAR'S SPRI G DANCE .A.. . 4. , V ,. y . 3 -rr l ..-..---......--------'x"': LW "11':Qs1.'j3j51?E2gf , -11 111 - H - ,ga -fy-Q-1-rw 11111- I 4 .2 1lf111 111:lTl11'1 1 : 4' V." "2 , '11 "MW ' A Jkt? E ESE: I .Q - .11 'fr I agp. 2,.3,sgtgW.,1ii1. 111111111111111 1 J T 'si ' 'Lf 151.6102 1111-4111111111 I BJ f' V A 'fe' 1 .,z :211111111111:2:z1- I ga. 5 "3 -g.. 1111111'111'I11 I 1 , ', ww 1111111111111 I V, 1, 2:51 .nk 1111111111111 I ,J g . . -12 Y, Q, 111111111111 I .V fx. A. 111111111111 I 1 ls W. .s .MW 111111111111 I ,' 1 , , 3 111111111111 I . J, 111111111111 I , 3 A 111111111112 I " J ' '33333333333 l 8 yi? 'J 111122111111 I A 0 f Q- . .,..212:21, 5 1 .V I K Q, , --------..--........ f J- , I 'P 1 Q QsF,2z:?f."1' '.:A' L ,.,TL g ummm. 1 K Iunnwnuuuursra.-.-:-... ' -A,- I L , -.., .- .... ' c I. 9 , 'I n Q- X V gxw , A , zap.. I , ls gm.. X2 " -4-1 'A Mrs. Marian Clark prepares for Orchesis rehearsal. MORE THAN 150 girls interested in developing grace and rhythm participate in Orchesis Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Marian Clark, this group of girls meet weekly to prepare for their annual spring show. ORCHESIS ll Orchesis officers are, left to right: Jeanne McQue, Secretary, Barbara Cambell, Vice-President, Jody Darney, President, Sue Sheperd, Historian, Penny Roche, Treasurer. i i l l l i Orchesis II, Row 1, left to right: Betsy Shot, Marilyn Schwab, Donna Coates, Linda Braley, Sue Peters, Pam Reuter, Candy Gillette, Barbara Mead, Sue Sarwine, Linda Wholey, Janet Bryant. Row 2: Cherie DePietro, Cathy Carson, Kris Lundquist, Lena Engstrom, Jeri Shuck, Cheryl Vetter, Carolyn Syphers, Sue Broadhead, Judy Cameron, Barbara Rowe, Jeanne McCue. Row 3: Teri Llndell, Gretchen Tharalson, Marilyn McKenzie, Sue Shepherd, Hillary Smith, Janeen Johnston, Sheri Baker, Anita Ziebe, Suzanna Judd, Linda Turner. T35 PRODUCTION, WAS THE RESULT OF MANY HOU ADAPTED FROM the Brigadoon Story, an old European legend, The Enchanted Village was interpreted loy the Orchesis groups for their annual spring show. Hn, , 1 S S ,. , , K 'gg gk ff? X O O Apprentices Sue Schaeffer, Sue Sheperd, Barbara Campbell, Judy Cosentina, Kathy Murray, and Sherie Baker accost their imaginary victims. O H I S E Sue Cochran, village fool, laughs at indignant Burger- meister Marianne Harris. 4 73" Orchesis I, Row 1, left to right: Julie Muth, Eileen Schumann, Shirley Fleming, Sue Dyer, Joane Pedersen, Jaan Kubic, Sue Sprang, Vicki Wing, Sue Strock, Sandy Schaefer, Robin Hodson, Julie Hochrnuth. Row 2: Barbara Dauer, Barbara Del Rey, Kitty Hill, Penny Roche, Marsha Anderson, Marilyn Byrkit, Sue Saucier, Millicent Voges, Ellen Dumbacher, Roselyn Woodward, Dana Webb, Row 3: Marie Henderson, Rhoda Sproul, Sara Ogilvie, Mary Dillon, Sharon Rickard, Sue Martin, Ardie Kunz, Beverly Fritch, Barbara Hoelscher, Dottie Janks, Sue Philips. 136 F DILIGE T PRACTICE BY BOTH ORCHESIS GRDUPS. fv- Hatmukers lbock rowl, Pat Irons, Janet Bryant, Deanna Bowler, Donna Coates, Carolyn Wronka, Dorothy Janks, lfront rowl, Judi Smith, Cheryl Jarvis, Jane Sanders, Liz Hamilton, Linda Braley, Marilyn McKenzie express glee of Echanted Village. The hateful sorceress, portrayed by Patti Manning, bewitches Suzanna Judd, as Gretchen, and Jodi Darney, Jon, with an evil spell. ,4 Orchesis I, Row 1: Sue Shaffer, Deanna Bowler, Cathy Jackson, Jane Sanders, Liz Hamilton, Marsha Thalman, Sarah Rainus, Rozanna Hines, Barbara Dyer, Pat Irons. Row 2: Carolyn Stuhrman, Sue Sommer, Pam Ross, Susan Busch, Donna Bentley, Dina Smith, Bonnie Campbell, Carol Boyd, Mariln Russell, Carolyn Taft. Row 3: Maggie Stefano, Gloria Gyngyos, Barbara Banko, Patty Krag, Kathy Murray, Carol Jamison, Judy Dyer, Pam Wilkin, Gayle Tuchscherer, Sue Body, Jane Uhl, Kathy Ewart. I T37 RCADIAN STAFFERS HURRIED TG MEET DEADLIN BARBARA CAMPBELL Editor-in-Chief LIGHTS BURNED LATE in H-5 as the annual staff members worked to pro- vide students with an outstanding pic- torial of the past year's events. Under the guidance of Mrs. Hazel Reegler the members worked to gain a high rating in national competition. 1..- is-A .... jg . V ggi- "V Chris McCracken and Susie King layouts for organization section of annual. Section Editors: seated, Sharon Jackson and Bonnie Campbell work on senior section, while Pam Scott is aided with ad' vertising by Sue Mathis. Lonnie Vroman, in charge of the underclassmen section, is assisted by Patti Mitchell. 38 PREPARING A NINTH ANNUAL PUBLICATION nf T g Hidwgp, 'bi 1 Completing this year's annual staff are KL-Rl, Jane Wolters, circulation manager, Meredith La Vene ond John Curtis sports editors, Suson Hawkins and Kris Lundquist, administration editors, and Sue Sommer, government editor. ARCADIAN STAFF Doing a kingsize iob, John Stava and his staff took and processed over 3,000 pictures for the production of the '6i Arcadian. N., . , -W. I 9 4 P P tx s A ,ily ' ,4 'A' L fx 'l T'-' . fi Y V ld-- Leslie Neuberg ond Jo Ann Pederson plan the activities poges which included the highlights of the year 139 it Dill ltlnu W OH A SEMI-MONTHLY publication ot the' Apache Pow Wow kept fifteen stat members busy throughout the year. Sell ing advertising, proofreading galleys writing copy and planning pages wer the iobs of staff members. They mas tered the skill of newspaper producti 'while reporting accurately the camp news to all Arcadians. .st-M-as-Q-u....Y.. Editors planning for next edition of Pow Wow, left to right: Dorothy Janks, Third Page, Mike Luboviski, Sports, Ana Marie Fanes, Second Page, Kathy Wyman, First Page. Official photographer for the Pow Wow, Shapiro, took hundreds of pictures illustrating pus lite. Not pictured is his assistant, Ray Leona! new nf, at A x ,..f""' 'lf -"gi: . Supplying newstonds around campus with the latest issue of the Pow Wow, are circulation managers, left to right, Lynn Dannel and Nancy Jasper. 40 AEMBERS PUBLISHED A Bl-WEEKLY NEWSPAPER University of Minnesota for criticism and improvement. Karen Kelly has done a responsible job as advertising manager for the Pow Wow. She has also done efficient Work Us O member of lhe Umm-'Ol smff- Mrs. Hazel Reegler, talented advisor of the Pow Wow and Annual discusses advertising with Diane Fester, nw- 'U 4 'T Pow Wow Staff Reporters, Diane Fester, Jo Ann Edgar, Kathi Frank, Claude Smith, and Scott Fox busily prepare copy for the forthcoming issue. l4l ARCADIA'S NEWSPAPER, the Apache Pow Wow, has been a mem- Q99 HMI' ber of the National Scholastic Press Association forthe past three years. 5 ml Member newspapers from high schools and colleges throughout fp the United States submit their publications to the Association, at the 'A-'s Huy FORENSICS GARNERED STATE AND NATIONAL HONO .px vw, Forensic officers for l96O and l96l - seated, left to right: President, Margaret Ovven, Vice President, Steve Riggins, Secretary, Cathy Koppel: Treasurer, Dexter Jones, l,C.C, Mike Dye, N.F.L. Secretary, Pete Johnson: and Historian, Barbara Beason. "K X -,..-4 Speech coach: Mrs. Marie Carroll, received a P.T.A. Life Mem- bership in February which was presented by Mrs, Charles Anderson, Honorary Life Membership Chairman. Mrs. Carroll's outstanding speech program over the past eight years has brought a great deal of honor and recognition to Arcadia students and the school. Row 1: Bruce Merritt, Dona Webb, Charles Copper, Margaret Owen, Barbara Benson, Bill Bailey, Joel Arnrornin. Row 2: Betty Achilles, Janet Syphers, Janet Pilkington, Chris Hill, Jim Oswald, Dena Mossar, Janie Simpkins, John Crum. Row 3: Linda Taylor, Gloria Gyongvos, Kris Funderburhg, Nora Lattemer, Greg Houghton, Sheryl Ullman, Steve Erie. Row 4: John Kolar, John Camphouse, Gary Hunt, Bill Miller, Bill Cogswell, Greg Johnson, Chris Monley. 142 NIOR STATESMEN LEARNED GCVERNMENTAL PRGCESSES . INTERESTED in governmental affairs, The Junior Statesmen have acquired valuable knowledge involving The state and its functions. Loading luggage for Los Angeles Convention, Junior Statesmen Laurel Truman, Chuck Holland, Sidney Thompson, Toni Clark, and Ida Mae Birney prepared for iourney. 1 AIN.. .. -, ,t,gevWf,ev,5f-,,,, ,M 5, , , Junior Slaiesraen lL-RJ: Bill Felfer, Toni Clark, Brian McDonald, Julie Bailey, Secretary, Chuck Holland, President, Laurel Truan, Expansion Committee Chairman, lcla Mae Birney, Sidney Thompson. .ug kv' X I--N Admiring trophies won by various Forensic members are lleft to rightl Bill Miller, Martin Roysher, Margaret Owen, and Carolyn Gorman. 'Q ADOPTING INDIAN NAMES TO IMPLEMENT ARCADlA'S THE Kallette officers are, standing: BiHie Bertola, I.C.C., Sue Smith, Secretary. Seated: Anne Perkins, Treas- urer, Claire Desbrow, President, and Barbara Bowe, Vice-President. CHALITAUQUAS Cl-IAUTAUQUAS, a Junior YlTeen club, was organized in 1959 when The girls were Freshmen. The club now has 65 members with Miss Pat Frigo as Their sponsor. The club enferecl a car in The annual Homecoming pa- rade. They als o planned ways and means proiects. T44 WITH THE TERMINATION of Their senior year, KalleTTes have compleTed an exTensive schedule. They began as KalleTTe Jrs. in Their Freshman year and The group has remained TogeTher ThroughouT Their four years of High School. A Talk by an Airline HosTess and a swimming parTy were among The acTivi- Ties planned by The efficienT KalleTTe officers. ln The laTTer parT .of The spring se- mesTer, The KalleTTes compleTed a money raising proiecT. KALLETTES Chautauqua Board, left to right, Seated: Sharon McCasline, Treasurerp Cheryl Stocker, Chaplain, Nancy Hagerty, l.CC an Sharon Jackson, Secretary. Standing: Susan McCasline, I.C,C.Y., Beverly Fritch, Vice-President, Susan Strock, President an I wvvneew NMPUS Y-TEEN CLUBS SUPPORTED Y.W.C.A. IDEALS. I I ly, H W- 1 l I , 'f Q' ii Qu,-1 I Supervising a Sehcapa meeting is Miss Anne Healey, the capable sponsor of the group. Girls have gathered in the Rally Court to discuss a future activity. AIDING THE COMMUNITY, Sehcapas collected for the Blue Crutch, worked for the March of Dimes, and donated to the Community Chest. They also held a Christ- mas Caroling party and a progressivedinner at the end of March. Kathy Waterhouse was President of the Sopho- more Y-Teen club. SEHCAPAS in Tawaka officers, left to right: Judy Alward, past president, Kris Lundquist, publicity, Nancy Hughes, secre- tary, Sue Phillips, historian, Kathi Frank, vice-president, Ardie Kunz, l.C.C., Pam Wilkin, Chaplain, and Karen Paulson, the new president. TAWAKAS VARIOUS SOCIAL and SERV- ICE ACTIVITIES were performed by the Tawakas, one of the two Junior Y-Teen clubs on campus. Some of the events were a Father-Daughter box s o c i a l , Christmas caroling with a party afterward, and going to see a play at the Pasadena Playhouse. OTHER OFFICERS IN C L U D E Pam Scott, l.C.C.Y., Mary Lee Stewart, Sergeant-at-arms, and Grace Wendling, Treasurer. WORKING TO PROMOTE FRIENDLINESS AND COOPERATI 1.-. Wutonka officers are Istandingiz Candy Pontius, Historian, Karen James, Treasurer, Madelynn McKenzie, Recording Secretary, Shirly Fiske, Chap Iain, Karen Julin, I.C.C,Y., Janet Lawson, l.C.C. ISeatedI Sue Moser Vice-President, Sally Leer, old President, Marti Muntz, past Vice President. AOWAKIYAS AOWAKIYAS, a sophomore Y-Teen club estab- lished last year. Under the leadership of Judy Michael, President, they have had a successful car wash and I trip to an old people's home at Christmas. The high point of this year for the Aowakiyas came with the - winning of the Y-Teen gavel contest. The club accom- .N plished this by contributing more money than any ' other club to the Y-Teen fund. tl IMAGINATIVE SOPHOMORES comple- ted their second year as members in a Y.W.C.A. organization. Included in their proiects were a car wash, a candy sale and a visit to Douglas Sanitarium, which benefited both the school and com- munity. WATONKAS Nancy Hamby, Treasurer, Judy Michael, President, Kay Davis, Vice-President, Meiners, Secretary, and Holly Montgomery, l,C.C. served as Aowakiya officers .4 w lleft to rightl Linda Damery, Vice-President, Phyllis Temer, Arkette officers, l.C.C., Marilyn Hammock, Historian, Pat Pickens, I.C.C.Y., Marilee Sleeter, Chaplain, Julie Keenan, Treasurer, Joyce Ward, Secretary, and Kathy McDaniel, President, prepare for a "Work Day." 146 ARKETTES BEGINNING EARLY in the fall, the Arkettes had an active membership to twenty-five with the membership remaining open to girls. This sophomore Y-Teen club had its first project, a workday, in order to earn money which was used to finance their first community service proiect. Mrs. Florence Sinkule was the tem- porary sponsor during the year until a permanent one was obtained. EEN MEMBERS WERE RESPONSIBLE SCHOOL CITIZENS. Topaka Club Sponsor, Mrs. Carolyn Newport, is seen assisting Eileen Grossman, Treasurer, Linda Logan, Vice-President, Kris Rimpau, President, Laurel Tenney, Secretary, Carolyn Roberts, Membership Chairman, Jody Earl, I.C.C.g Leslie Parker, Sergeant-at-Arms, Pat Portwood, l.C.C.Y., and Carol Lucan, Chaplain in the making of Valentine table favors. KAMAYAS BEING OF SERVICE to the commu- nity, Kamayas have completed a suc- cessful year at Arcadia. The club con- sists of eager Freshmen hoping to have three more profitable years at the High School. Among the various activities plan- ned by the group are a car wash at the home of Jody Chozen, a candied apple sale where the club cleared 120 dollars which they donate to the City of Hope, and a slumber party at the Y.W.C.A. Linda Shaffer represented her club as a princess entered in the competion with I3 other Y-Teens club. TO PAKAS TOPAKAS was the first Freshman Y-Teen Service Club to be formed at Arcadia High this year. They took an active part in school functions. For Valentines Day they made corsages for the teachers and faculty in the main offices. They also planned and con- ducted an Easter Egg hunt for an orphanage. With their sponsor, Mrs. New- port, they had a wonderful year putting into practice the high ideals ofthe Y-Teens organization. Kamaya officers eagerly wash a new Chevy for a fund raising proiect. They are Barbara Berry, Treas- urer, Jody Chozen, President, Nora Larimer, I.C.C.Y., Kathy Foye, Secetary, and Susan Cohen, Vice- President. I47 THROUGH STUDY OF TRADITIONS AND CULTURE, FOREI Spanish officers look over a map on Central America. They are Ileft to rightl Steve Nicholson, Anne Marie Fanes, Janet Bryant, Charlene Blaney, and Carol Sue Linderman. SPANISH CLUB SERVING os the Spanish Club sponsor for the first time, Miss Parker, helped the Spanish Club officers plan an inter- esting schedule for, 61. Highlighting the year was the trip to Padua Hills and the interesting talks of three foreign exchange students. FRENCH CLUB The French Club Members enjoyed a dinner at Yve's Restaurant. VARIOUS ACTIVITIES such as at- tending French movies, going to French restaurants, and decorating a car for the Homecoming parade were part of the French Club busy sched- ule this year. Mrs, Bernadette Stoner, sponsor, has done an admirable iob French Club Officers are, left to right: Susan McCaslin, Sharon McCaslin, Diane Fester, Carol Boyd, Marilyn Swab. in teaching students about the French language and culture. NGUAGE CLUBS GAIN UNDERSTANDING A Christmas party held at the home of one of the German Club members was a high- light of the year's many activities enioyed by the club. OF FOREIGN NATIONS. GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS President: Mary Lee Stewart Vice President: Kris Lundquist Secretary: Pat Powers Treasurer: Karen,Kirmsse l.C.C.: Joe Giovaninni Historian: Lonnie Vroman Sponsor: Dr. Isolde Syben AN INCREASE in the knowledge ot the German land, culture, and language was the purpose of German Club this year. Their activities included visits to German restau- rants, and German parties, held at the homes of various members, at which the members wore German costumes, ate Ger- man tood, and danced to the traditional German polka. LATIN CLUB ENCOURAGED by Miss Nancy Lewis, sponsor of the Latin Club, the members broadened their knowledge about the Latin-speaking people and their cus- toms, turthering an interest in the lan- guage they diligently studied. Students observe display window prepared by the Latin Club. latin Club Officers look over display ot pictures of Roman culture.. They are as follows: Row 1, left to right: Sharon Harrison, Ruth Ricker, Tuvy Tuverson Row 2: Richard Von Bauer, Judy Rinek, Sydney Thompson. VARIOUS CLUBS OFFERED OPPORTUNITIES TO PURS 5--" if Q" 4. ,Zz ", Q r sl c . ji" i 6 x I"' ' iig i assi? ' I Q f I Q wr 5 3 X- I 0 N. Discussing forthcoming events for the American Field Service Club, the officers for the year of 1960 to I96I are, Suzanne Judd, Ken Daniels, Diane Fester, Rosemary Mortensen, and Anita Zeibe. Not pictured is Sara Rainus. DUCHESSES DUCHESS, the homemaking club on campus, participated in many activities including, making iackets for football linemen, baking cookies for various ben- efits, sponsoring Cotton Day, and pre- senting a Spring Fashion Show. Miss Dale Crickette has guided the club for the second year, making sure Their activities were completed success- fully. 150 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE WITH THE ANNUAL A.F.S. - Kiowa - Key Club party held in June, a busy year came to a close for the members of the American Field Service Club. In addition to this party, the club sponsored a dance, raised money for the next exchange students, presented the annual Talent I Show, and held an international dinner. S.. -. . N Ana Marie Fanes and Vickie Bush prepare food for A.F.S. Banquet. Newly elected officers of Duchesses are, left to right: Barbara Hoelscher, Treasurer, Laura Larimer, President, Meredith La Vane, Vice-President, Carolyn Thomas, Historian, and Joann Laing, I.C.C. ECIAL INTERESTS AND TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY , Working out at the Hardinge pool are Swim Club mem- bers Bob Hopper, Dave Cooper, Chris Foreman, John Stacey, Tom Eiland, Frank Hardinge, Ken DiNoto, Mike Skinner, Chip Hardinge. UNOFFICIALLY REPRESENTING Arca- dia in local swim competitions, members of the Swim Club work out at private pools ot club members. Since Arcadia does not have a swim program or tac- ilities on campus, the group cannot rep- resent the school officially in League competition but enters as a club activity. Hary L. Conover, sponsor, organized the club three years ago and has con- tinued to sponsor the group. ,.4 Collecting Money for the Junior Red Cross, members Gail Splaver, Meredith LaVene, Susan Wayment, Beverly Fritch, Sara Rainus, and Bonnie Campbell are pictured above. SWIM CLUB r Key Club Members lkneelingl Dave Dueker, Gary Andrus, John Borquin, Jack Little, Tim Curry, and Stan Smith served at the Girls' League Mother-Daughter Banquet, February 9th. JUNIOR RED CROSS WORKING DILIGENTLY at such activities as the Red Cross drive, the Red Cross Blood Banks and compiling' a scrapbook, the Jr. Red Cross has been of service to people in Arcadia and abroad. I5I SCIENTIFIC CURIOSITY PROVIDED A COMMON BIOLOGY CLUB FIELD TRIPS and a general broadening of Their knowledge in Biology Club. Trips To a packing house, The UCLA Medical CenTer, the beach, and a fossil hunting expediTion were some of The many func- Tions which The approximately Twenty members aTTended. OFFICERS: PresidenT: Pamelyn SCOTT Vice PresidenT-l.C.C.: Kris Lundquist SecreTary-Treasurer: Sue Schaar Club Members, left to right: Diane Fester, Anita Ziebe, Charlot Hostetter., Chris Lundquist, Dove Lamel, Virginia Baldwin, Jean Armstrong, Marianne Gable, Jeanne Atkinson, Sponsor, Doug Dancer and Bob Burns, B SCIENCE CLUBS MEMBERS, under The direction of Wayne Fountain and Russell Bovie, explored, observed and demonstrated many scientific principals. ' u . X I , I Budding Scientists, left to right: Bob Burns, Jim Herndon, Marian Morisse, Bob Maynard, Karen Bailey, Norman Dunmire, Judy Rinek, David Lamel, M Bovie, Mr. Fountain. T52 C. COORDINATED CLUB ACTIVITIES. 'aff 7 NURSES CLUB C325 Pwnc If f Mrs. Iredale instructs Charlotte Hostetter, Pat McLean, Marilee Sleeter, Pam Scott, and Chris Van der Veen. MAKING ITS FIRST APPEARANCE on campus, the Nurses Club consists of girls interested in a probable nursing career. Excellent work was accomplished by these girls. They had several valuable lectures by Mrs. Lois Iredale, their sponsor, and the girls had a hristmas party at Santa Teresita Sanitarium. I.C.C. Representatives, left to right, Frank Hardinge, Barbara Campbell, Meredith LaVene, Sharon Jackson and Joe Genova, discuss mutual concerns of clubs. Diane Dickson and Nancy Shoemaker present Christmas gifts to patients at Santa Teresita. INTER CLUB COUNCIL UNDER THE DIRECTION of Albert E. Acton, Coordinator of Student Activities, and the leadership of Joe Genova, Student Body Vice-President, the I.C.C. members have served as liaison between their clubs and the Executive Council for the various all school activities. They also planned the Homecoming parade and I.C.C. float. 153 I ' X X , my X f fs f- , xynf M , A 1 X X u, L, , df fxxxf L. VL X ,I kk. X, N Iv -xxk 1 X KXY L fx f 1 X .Q R' X2 -.a ,rm M75 fn -. W . , . 154 N2 I . , 'K if nah 'x -.. Ns QS 'VY N? 'N X -Q, N-fx 'K- xx SENIORS SHAKESPEARE and O. Henry, valances and Newton's laws, grammar, composition and literature of the world, the significance of historical events-constituted only a part of the curriculum encountered during high school years. A dramatic revision in a way of life con- fronts Seniors as they are graduated June 15. Whether to enroll in on institution of higher learning, or go out to establish them- selves in a world of jobs and adult respon- sibilities, were moior decisions which had to be maole. Taking a new look-one with fresh appre- ciation of the academic opportunities which have been offered, the friendships which have matured, the disappointments and tri- umphs of the past four years-these are the nostalgic recollections ofthe members of the CLASS OF 1961, some six hundred strong. Favorite Spot on campus is the Senior Square, which was the gift of the Class of 1955. REVIEWINPG THEIR FGUR YEARS IN HIGH SCHOO Stu Asmus, Senior Class President, and Fred Stoffel, Vice President, talk over Senior Class activities. Enthusiastic Senior sponsor, Mrs. Glenna Rasmussen, has been meeting all year with the Senior Council planning events leading up to and into graduation. STU ASMUS, Senior Class President, was responsible for working with the other Senior officers, Mrs. Delena Ras- museen, Senior sponsor, and the Sen- ior Council, to plan the many class activities. Choosing the Senior Gift, planning the Teacher Appreciation Dinner and Baccalaureate, Commence- ment, Senior Assembly ordering caps and gowns and invitations were among the many considerations the officers made. Highlighting the graduation events was the All Night Party, sponsored by enthusiastic parents. With the completion of their high- school careers, the Seniors realize that they are on the threshold of many new adventures, and that acquain- tance though scattered widely will not soon be forgotten. CLASS OF '6l Senior Class Treasurer, Gail Grimsley, makes certain that her records are accurate, while Historian, Carol Lerch finds clippings for the Senior scrapbook. Jeanne McCue, Recording Secretary, copies over minutes from the last class meeting, while Susan Wood, Corresponding Secretary, writes inquiries regarding Senior business. 5, ,'L,L , A J L65 ' "T 12 IQ ' "V' 5" iff. gi f if we '- WE W Q .c as . .Q K f ' f , gi..,iQ?Ftfv2Cn 0 1 ,f f Af 1, f . .fx 2 nw L 'i I A I fs 1 X , ,i ,Q I Qs f , , fi. tb A l"l'fr Q t A fu " i- f :ff lwjit if 3 N Q , if ff a uri. fwvijngiif X 9 Q 9 51 54 a i,'6,:q,1T,, N 1... if 49-vf f we EG, Q1 " . 4-Sill-. 1. 'gmt ,wi w ,- ' ' ,K 'fl' -'ZV2 Q' J Wyfff 2 Mg, ,g ,,, lkw 'V F A Q y Q 'X Nu N UAH! WJ Pri' . ' u4,5fiAA wiv ia ,K I X. tp it if as v A yr Y ,vt A LS.:- XX 4 z if r , , Q 5 Q x 6 ll ,i 4 WX .if P N 4 i A E N. Ellen Dunbacher Rosemary Mortensen Ellen Potter Charles Holland Leslie Neuberg Judith Rinek GOLD SEAL GR DUATES SEVENTEEN SENIORS are to be congratulated on being graduated with high honors. The coveted Gold Seal is affixed to their diplomas, signifying that they have made outstanding records in the academic curriculum. Gold Seal bearers represent slightly less than three per cent of the graduating class which numbers more than 600. At the close of the first semester when the seventeen had qualified, there was also a small additional group of seniors who had fulfilled the three semester requirement but had, at that time, not yet com- piled the gradepoint average for their senior semester. Upon completing this requirement in the second semester, their names will be added to the honored group, and they will be announced at the Commencement ceremony. Cathy Jackson David Lamel James Ottosen "l' Margaret Owen Marian Spaulding Karen Bailey Nora Crow Steve McCray-rn Judy Polansky Fred Stoffel ,lf Carolyn Sypheas57 vw. IQ? LEE ACKER JOANN ACKERMANN . ,W glam N'- Gnsconv AHEARN if MICHAEL ALBERT disfussm 'gl uxf' xxv V , REMINISCING UPON COMPLETI 1 SENIORS I96I Miss Catherine Learned's accelerated English IV class onolyzes on English 4 44,11 I f X 33, X! ci . A U 1 A l l I CAROL ALESHIRE RANDOLPH ALFIERI , I MARY ALLEN classic during M .-vw. 'Uh ROBERT ANDERSON ANDREW ANDREWS -. 1 1, 'Ds s 9' , Ig TT' if SUSAN ANTONE MARY ARNOLD STEPHEN ARNOLD WESLEY ASHLEY If STEWART ASMUS ' JAMES AUGENSTEIN I WILLIAM AULT . BEVERLY BAILEY 158 WORTHWHILE YEAR GRADUATES from Arcadia High School will have successfully com- pleted a full four year curriculum in English, although most colleges only ,, I, require three years for admission. ' . A carefully planned program includes course offerings at four levels of difficulty. Competently selected students are channeled into the Acceler- ated English program to permit more capable English students to progress more rapidly and examine literature with greater analytic skills. A thorough review of grammar, spelling and punctuation is stressed through the four year curriculum, Literature of the United States, England and other world literature is read and basic concepts presented through literature are examined. Additional stress is also laid on development of students' ability to JUUE BAILEY KAREN BAILEY env f. express themselves in both oral and written work. Electives are offered in Speech, Drama, Jour- X. - I 3 nalism and production of publications for the lf - 11,5 2 second through fourth years. ' Recognition of the instructional quality came t-"' ' : ff to Arcadia this year when two seniors, Nora 4 Crow and Judy Polansky, received first place I i" honors in nation-wide competition sponsored ,H A by the National Council of Teachers of English. . LINDA BAIRD CHERYL BAKER Q HARVEY BALCH . QL EDWARD BALL L.-' BARBARA BANKO ROGER BANKS .IEANA BARCLAY CAROLINE BARKER 2 KYLE BARNES PATRICIA BARNES DAVID BARRON CAROL BAXTER XJOHN BAXTER fx JEAN BAXTER JUDITH BEALL BETTY BEESON ROBERT BELTER DONNA BENTLEY I59 CHERYL BERGENDORFF CAROLYN BERRY BILLIE BERTOLA If GREG BERTRAM f -I I '7"f5. , 5 ' I , 1, I RANDALL BILES SUZANNE BODY ROSE BOOTH 160 THEY RECALL MANY NEW PRINCIPL 9 x ss: N FRANK BICKLEY I CLASS OF '6I ,W A A if 9: ,,,,, Q-rg: CAROL BINGHAM ANITA BLAKE IRENE BLAKE if LYNNE BLINDBURY SHARILYN sonos steven BONHAM JoHN sono DeANN noo'rHV- PATRICIA BOSTOW BARBARA BOWE DEANNA BOWLER"V- BRAIN BRAFF UEMJ ERED IN ENGLISH, SOCIAL STUDIES, LINDA BRALEY CHARLES BROCK GLENN BROCK SUSAN BRODHEAD WILLARD BRONSONY ff of Xxx-f .ur ' .",",:l? BARBARA BROWDER 2. 'Q STUDENTS INTERESTED in the Art curriculum may enroll in Art I, II, or III, Commercial Art I and ll, Arts-Crafts I and II, or Handicrafts I and II. Beginning with Art I, students learn the use of tools and equipment in the art field and to choose the most effective media for the expression of their ideas. Advanced art students may enroll in Art II and III for the more specialized aspects of art. Commercial Art offers various experiences to students interested .in learning techniques of this field. Other course offerings provide for art self-expression in dimensional art obiects and experiences in iewelry work, wood carving and many other media. Gs X Q MARGARET BROWN l. PENELOPE BRYSON BARTH BUCKWALTER NANCY BURGER KENNETH BURGETT 'Zi DONALD BROWN .0- VU' SHARON BROWNLEE RONALD BURGHER 161 I9 P752 Science- Foundation. By CAROL BURNS ROBERT BURN5+ RICHARD BURNS Students- Kwf .1 X' t ,T wt. ,,,-., s specialists in the various physical and biologic sciences, the science department offers a co prehensive curriculum. Advanced study by men bers of the science faculty is continually beir pursued through. special grants of the Nationa STAFFED BY AN OUTSTANDING FACULTY I n knowledge in science is brought to Arcad Upperdivision courses are Advanced Biology and Botany, with regular and accelerated class' being open to students. Required courses incluc ,T one year of General Biology at the sophomo I lh'h'ld thStt fClif' 4 eve w ic incu es e aeo a ornia r quirements of the study of the effect of Alcoh IN MATHEMAT this means, curre - - " and Narcotics on human behavior and psychol THOMAS BURNSIDE JAMES BURTON PATRICIA BURTON L DAVID BURWELL If BARBARA BUSH ga., PRISCILLA BURTON STEPHEN BURTON L' A lsii it S' ' - 'X rtsr i sffs, T' 1 ,jfflifx -A . A I - .qfzrffsfglffilli fi 'Q A 1 iff M H1 ff:-9?-f izfffiif' z ea. X EDWIN BUTCHER GREGORY BUTCHER ' WILLIAM BYLES JOANNE BYRON JUDY CAMERON BARBARA CAMPBELL GEORGE CAMPBELL .IANE CAMPBELL ogy, and Driver Education. An additional year of physical science also required for graduation. Students plannir a career in science are urged to take a full ye course in the various sciences. - - CA RLA CALH OU N ESPERANZA CANALES 1" D LANGUAGES I 'f' ssechon lechmques ore demonstrated by biology students ave Lomel Betsy Thorson and Ron De Simone. :WE A X Q s., X3 SAUNDRA CIPRIANI -ts- my fl y, i SUE COCHRAN 1 'Vw Z. t t A Q ,I :V DARREL CANNON STANLEY CAREY CATHERINE CARSON B SUSAN CARTWRIGHT png XT' num CHAMBERLAIN Rouen CHAPMAN nossnr cHlnoN .Q-sq, xi LEONARD CIRINO BARKLEY CLARK ELAINE CLEARY BETTY COGSWELL LYNN COLE CHARLES COMPAS BRUCE CONRAD LAURENCE CONZEN LINDA COOK 47" 'yy' , K1 ' Z1 lf' is E' 5 9' li l .ss f SANDRA COWAN MARY COYLE LEROY CRAMER DAVID CREST ROBERT CROOKS NORA CROW r-in BRIDGET CUMMINGS ' WILLIAM CUMMINGS WALTER CUNNINGHAM Irv, 121 TIMOTHY CURRY BARBARA CURTIS THURMAN DALTON 164 PENELOPE COSTNER JAMES COSTANTINO WILLIAM CRANMER JOYCE CREER fl? 'W MARILYN CROWE JON CUBBA WORLD HISTORY, Geography, United States History, International Relations, Civics, and Ancient-Medieval History are courses included in the Social Studies Curriculum. Beginning this year, Arcadia High Students were required to successfully complete four years of history. At the Freshman level, students take Geography, an overview course in world geog raphy, with attention given to the geographical factors which influence man's development. Sophomores take World History and United States History is a requirement of the junior year. This course reviews history from the early ex ploration and colonizations eras of the North American continent to the present, with greate emphasis being place on the post- Civil War era to the present time. Seniors must study Civics, which reviews the format and functions of U.S. Government in prep- aration for adult civic responsibility. Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors may ele Ancient-Medieval History, a review of the histol of man from his beginning to the close of tr sixteenth century. Seniors may also choose Inter national Relations as an elective which promote a better understanding of world affairs and relc tionships of the various countries to each other si 1 ANTHONY DANZ ,pr-. lbs l1:":.w nl, RONALD DARLING JOANN DARNEY ROBERT DAVIES fTH, UIQ 'hw Qi JO ANN DAVIS LAWRENCE DAVIS THOMAS DAWNEY GARY DE GERO sENioRs T 1- "et ei I STEPHEN DELAPHENNA BARBARA DEL REY Q fc P' DONNA DEPIES In u straw vote, Civics-Psychology students Tom Jay ond Jo Ann Edgar cast their ballots on election trends during the 1960 Presidential election, as u port of a Civics proiect. CLAIRE DESBROW JOANNE DAVIS MARIE DE KOVEN DOUGLAS DENELL ci-time ne Piernoql- RONALD DESIMONE 165 ELECTIVES IN FINE ARTS, BUSINESS EDUCATI4 THOMAS DICKASON PEGGYI DICKEY CHERYL DIDDY 5 I I X, W -ff- A FOUR YEAR PROGRAM of Physicall Education, a State requirement for graduation, is offered. Stressing the development of good health through daily exercise, it also provides instruction in the fundamentals and development of skills in all types of sports suitable for both boys and girls. Team sports foster good sportsmanship and the value of cooperative effort. ln addition, students have the opportunity to master the fundamentals of many individual sports which may be enjoyed during the post-school years. Inter-school competitions for boys in football, cross country, track, baseball, tennis, golf, and swimming are a part of the after-school physical education offerings. Girls may also participate in inter-school play days through auspices of the Girls' Athletic Association. l 'suv' TED DUKESLAW ELLEN DUMBACHER JOAN DUNCOMBE'l" DUSTRIAL ARTS, AND HOME ECONOMICS, SENIOR CLASS JOSEPHINE EDGAR JUDY EDLAND ROBERT EDMISTON SUZY ELLIOTT MICHAEL EMM WILLIAM EMMETT 'vt JANET ess: Rosen evANs smug Evggm I JUDITH DYER SUSANNE DYER TSR T s. 1,28 -I: f 41 If KAREN EWARDS A! SHIRLEY EKKENS '-. Xu , GL? I ,f xg. . A LENA ENGSTROM TERRY EMMONS KAREN FELKER STUART FERREIRA I67 SUSAN FEURST 'vvmy 52 SHIRLEY FLEMING L 'Q fa, LINDA FREDERICKSON -earns- ALLAN FUTTERMAN it: 1 NANCY GANsoN 168 -Q-55 , , Mr CHRISTINE FILES CHARLES FINK NANCY FLATEGRAFF JAMES FLANDERS 41. ffv-T ,.,.E... 'Trffa' DENNIS FONTANY WILLIAM FOSTER , WESLEY FOX SHARLEEN FRANCO I 1 Q'1"T.ll" RONALD FREEMAN JAN FUNDERBURG gfm I 'il I-E Es X 5 gh I? E" MARIANNE GABLE CONSTANCE GALLO li if WILLIAM GARTNER MARLENE GATEWOOD if . I' a Senior Dennis Loieski solves cu frig problem os moth John Hoffmon looks on. 41.5 , 491 CARTER GENGLER JOE GENOVA lj CAROL GIAMBRONE Q ROSEMARY GLASPELL NILS GOEDHART SHEILA GOEHLER -am JAMES GRAHAM JR. Eomc GREEN IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD where e study of Mathematics is a more important biect than ever before, Arcadia's curriculum s become increasingly more comprehensive. During the past year, students who had com- eted Algebra while still in the eighth grade, vanced to Plane Geometry at the Freshman vel. When they reach the Senior level, these udents will receive more advanced instruction mathematics. The present accelerated curriculum provides r thestudy of both Plane and Solid Geometry ncurrently. In the fourth year, Mathematics alysis is presented which includes Trigonom- ry and an Introduction to Calculus. Mathematics maiors are enrolled in Algebra Plane Geometry, and Algebra ll for the first ree years. Then, in the twelfth grade, the It rriculum includes Trigonometry, Solid Geom- ry, and Analytic Geometry. In addition, all her college bound students must achieve a tisfactory grade in Algebra I and Plane Geom- ry to fulfill their college entrance requirements mathematics. JEAN GRIFFIN PETER GRONER Z ,,.w"flll,lff,J 2: ,Q:1.g,r. K" A-f.i?jf', 1fH'g3,L'j E I 1 YA. , 'ff as ."! . . A rf --far.,-X.-,,j'. fs . A MICHAEL GIFFIS 'J NINA GILKERSON CAROLYN GORMAN CAROL GOURLEY - . K 5.2: 5 LAUREL GREEN 12 MICHAEL GREW ..l.. GAIL GRIMSLEY KENNETH GROBECKER -- JOHN GROSS JEROLD GRUBEN I 9 Qgxe ju' 152 CHARLES GUINN LINDA GUIWITS .p--r 4'9- sc- X-.env BOYD GUYMON RICHARD GWYNN 7:32 ons., ROBERT HABDAS LANA HAGGER EDWIN HALSTED NEIL HARDING I X RICHARD HARPER I70 JUDITH HARRIS CHALLENGED THEIR INDIVIDU eff," Q' - v , Representing the I5 Arcadia High sfudems who attended the Thirty-Seventh Session of the Ins of World Affairs were, left To right: Put Bostow, Frank Vocccnro, Pom Ross, and Arcodic's F C Exchange studems, Dieter Vollkommer ond Leno Engstrom. GRAIG HALL I96I -SENIORS '3'-Q FRANKLIN HARDINGE GLENN HARDY JUDSON HARMON THOMAS HARRIS ui' GARY HASTINGS SALLY HATTER ILITIES AND INTERESTS. WITH THE UNITED STATES in its position of leadership today, world affairs play a more significant role than at any time in history. International Relations is designed to give a basic under- standing of people and conflicts on today's world scene. Highlights of the program include: each student studying one- country and becoming an expert on that one country, attending sessions of the Institute of World Affairsg participation in model United Nations conclaves at various universities, and division of the world into areas such as the Polar World, the dry world, and the Monsoon World, with the study of people and events from this point of view. DONNA HAUBERT KAREN HAVERFIELD -any JOHN HAwKlNs JULIE HAYES ' BARBARA HAYNAM MARION HAYNES JAMES HEADLEY VIRGINIA HEALE BARBARA HEDRICK PAUL HEIDTKE vlcxl HEMREL MARIE HENDERSON HERBERT HENDRIE MARILYN HENDRY Cm HENISSE SUSAN HENKEY CHRISTINE HENRY JAMES HERNDON ROBERT HERsHMAN 'I' Joggpgmg HIGGINS ' T71 DRAMATIC HIGHLIGHTS OF THEIR FIN 'BSI K. au vu. 4 FQ .ff MARILYN HILDIE KATHERINE HILL 7 DAVID HINRICHS IL CLASS OF 'GI D!- ERIC HODGE KAREN HODGES GARY HOERTIG '5"' JAMES HOOVER L GARY HOYLE X! X LAWRENCE HUGHES 1 GLENN HUNTOON JANE HYDE 'I72 KENNETH HIX JULIE HOCHMUTH CHARLES HOLLAND KENNETH HOLLAND T' MARY HUDSON FREDRICKA HUFFA CHARLES IANNO FRANK IANNO H SCHOOL YEAR CREATED MEMORIES - w MARY IBERSHOFF CAROL INGERSOLL PATRICIA IRONS BYRON JACKSON CATHERINE JACKSON -A JANE JACOBS GREGG JAMESON VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL groups at Arcadia have made an enviable 'L",.""i contribution to the cultural life of students. A full program of choral groups, scheduled according to ability and interest, provide year-round guest appear- ances both in the community as well as the school. Symphonic groups present outstanding concerts during the year and the hundred piece Marching Band present brilliant football half-time shows. They also demonstrate their musical abilities during numerous parades and competi- CANDACE JAROS tions during the year. Additional information concerning the music program will NANCY JASPER be found on pages 116, 117, 122-131. l W9 E9 sd' THOMAS JAY BARBARA JENSEN GEOFFREY JOHNS4f"" BARBARA JOHNSON BETTE JOHNSON 173 I74 HCJMECOMIIN -:fr ARCADIA HIGH STUDENTS are fortunate i having a language department which offers fiv foreign languages. Russian was started thre years ago and will progress to a four year cours by next year. French, Latin, and Spanish ar offered four years, and German, three. sauce JOHNSON FRANK JOHNSON TERRY JOHNSON . . . Fifty-five foreign languages classes are offei ed a day taught by II teachers, some of whoq are teaching their native tongue. Of the 2,67 students at Arcadia this year, I,445 are fulfillin their minimum two year language requiremer of most colleges and universities. Many hav already fulfilled the requirement in previoL ,..., years. SHARON JONES RONALD JONES JOANNE JOZEFCZYK AZ, GAIL KAUFMAN DAVID KEALEY KAREN KELLY JAMES KEOUGH RICHARD KERR 'Z WALLACE KINDEL xl, ROBERT KINKADE DAVID KLANN VICKI KLECKNER EDWARD KI-EINHENZ S-L 1 'T'- Qv-vr A JUDITH KNIGHT MARIAN KNOPP ROBERT KNOPP JR. X DUNN-D KNOTT KATHRYN KOENIG NGEANTRY, ZX 1 Qi .IQ PAUL KOHLER PATRICIA KRAG I CARQLE KRAMER 6 Y' '4"""'-rr NIKKOI-A KROEKER KATHLEEN KROGH JOAN KUBIC fi ,vi -. , ""'9v... rs. Bernadette Stoner gives pronunciation a persona! touch or benefit of her second year French students. BRUCE KUDE PAULA LACKEY JOANN LAING I THOMAS LAMAR A DAVID LAMEL LINDA LANCASTER LAURA LARIMER SALLY LASII JAMES LAUGHREN THOMAS LAUMAN I IMARTIN LAVINE VIRGINIA LAVINE BRIAN LAWRENCE ' I 7 A 1 Iii.: BRUCE LEE JUDY LE CLERE VIRGINIA LEWIS JACQUELINE ucH li-' SUZETTE LONGPRE RONALD LOVE I l ..,- JOYCE LUKE JEFFREY LYNCH '41 --nam 'sf' DONALD MAAS MALCOLM MucDONALD sr'iLW'F't"- , ' ' JACKIE LEE TERESA LINDELL KENDALL LOWE WILLIAM LYNN JANET MADILL ti CAROL LERCH ROBERT LEWIS DENNIS LOJESKI ERIC LONGDEN .B SUSAN LOWE MICHAEL LUCAS ESTABLISHED to provide an opportunity f students planning teaching careers, the Teach Observation Program gives Seniors on opportu ity to sample the responsibilities which a typical of elementary teachers. Each day.durin the various school periods, a selected group Senior girls go to five elementary schools i Arcadia to act as assistants to teachers. A work education program is offered to tho students who wish to profit from a "learnin on-the-iob situation. After verification of e ployment and consent from home is presenter the student may be enrolled for one period day in the program. This year Arcadia Hig students worked at various kinds of iobs with the surrounding area. 176 SUSAN MADINGER JERRY MAHONY MARY MALEFYT GERALD MALLERY A ,L ,141 'A Mm. MANLEY PATRICIA MANNING SHERRY MANUEU- ROSEMARIE MARASCIO .mn SENICDRS WENDY MARQUAND ROBERT MARTIN JUDY MATHIAS ,.-nn-...A Unland ns helping Hnghlond Oaks kundergarten teacher, Mrs. Karen Saunders, as part her Teacher Observation assignment. HAYS MAURY PRIMA MANDEVILLE MARY MARCONI WILLIAM MARTIN PIERRE MATHIEU TERRY MAYHEW I I77 was FIRST UNDEFEATED VARSITY FOOTBALL SEASI ROBERT MAYNARD BAXTER MCBANE STEPHEN MCLRAY All, JEANNE MCCUE TERENCE McDOWEI.l X f JOHN McELVEEN MARILYN MCKENZIE 'WP Pkg ii PATRICIA McLEAN 178 TOM MCGANNON Senior Play, "Cheaper by the Dozen," story of The Gilbreth family, presented Jeana Barclay IJackielg Norman Dunmire IDanly Julie Muih lGillianl. Row 2: Challis McPheelers lMarrhaIg Tom Vawrer IFa1herIg Alana Churchill IMotherl, Eddie' Ball lFredl. Row 2: Neil Harding IFrankI, Judy Prarr IErnesrineI, John Stavo IBilll, and Hillary Smith lAnneI.' PAIGE McKENZIE wiv' CHALLIS McPHEETERS MICHAEL MQQUOWN JEFFERSON MECCA MELVIN MENCKE RMAL DANCES CLIMAXED BY SENIOR PROM, :gn ,s ,. I I f 5,114 52 ' :V g Eff- L gf1.'fJ ,1. 1 "V .iw .DSN A MARSHA MENCONI JUDITH MERBITZ BARBARA MERRILL STEPHEN METRO SHARON MILLER S E N I O R C LAS S 'ia DENNIS MIRES BARBARA MOORE DOREEN MOORE LINDA MOORE JUDITH MORGAN MARIAN MORISSE SANDRA MORRELL THOMAS MORRIS SUZANNA MORSCH ROISEMARY MORTENSEN EDWARD MURPHY RITA MURPHY KATHLEEN MURRAY STEPHEN MURRAY JULIE MUTH I79 156 STANLEY NEILL CAROL NELSON 4:15. if RICHARD NEWELL DENNIS NICHOLS SARA OGILVIE JUDITH OLSEN JAMES OTTOSEN MARGARET OWEN DONNA PATTERSON ROBERT PAUL I8O I 5 as , -.Hr fm 2' x A NELSON atm? 'ur' FRANK NORRIE DONALD ORSI TODD PADE RICHARD PEARSON xZ""'L. ICST JAMES NELSON LESLIE NEUBERG M... , PHILIP ODENING HENRIETTA OELTMAN SENICRS - Vicki Kleckner translates long hand into short hand. Jo ANN PEDERSEN DAVID PENDLETON gg.:-ff, CAROL PETERSON - CONSTANCE PETERSON fi ,"E,l, B Q DONALD PHA RES EDWIN PHELPS EIGHT HUNDRED and thirty-nine Arcadia igh students were enrolled in Business Educa- on classes this post year. General Business, an introductory course in e field of business and typing, is the only mmercial course offered to Freshmen and phomores. Typing is offered at the eleventh nd twelfth grade levels. Bookkeeping, Business Economics, and Busi- ss Law are open to Juniors and Seniors. Upper ivision courses include Business Machines, Busi- ss Practice, Consumer Economics, and Short- nd. Transcription, and advanced study of short- nd is limited to Seniors. Shorthand and transcription are vocational nature. All the other courses mentioned ove are designed for both vocational and n-vocational students. S VIRGINIA PERINI ' 'I 1 ,l... I -fre V K 1 Nw Still- I DOUGLAS PETERSON ANDREW PITCHESS JUDY POLANSKY I ,,,,gi--I. asf' J U DY PRATT 'R 4,1 ANNE PERKINS ALLEN PERLOF 'St' RONALD PETERSON PAUL PFLUEGER JERRY PLUNKETT NICHOLAS POKRAJAC FRED POM EROY ELLEN POTTER .ill Nd' JULIANN PRICE RAMILDA RAFAELOVICH 'I8I W' JAMES RAGER DAVID RAMIREZ "C137 N--Q SENIORS PRESENT if N- Varsify football team members were entertained by the Senior homernaking class following WAYNE RANDALL WILLIAM RAYMOND the close of the season. Margaret Brown, Sandy Cipriani, and Kendall Lowe are shown preparing desserts for the luncheon. 063 15 f"""-A gm sENloRs YW SUSANNE REHWALDT PAMELA REUTTER JAMES REYNOLDS ""'-D .as- au.,- QS' MARY ANN RICHARDS .IUDITH RINEK FRANCIS ROBISON KATHLEEN ROCHE NANCY ROGERS WAYNE ROGERS DONALD ROOTEN 182 in X is A xy N A A ' Q x A I ' ' THOMAS ROACH KENNETH ROBINSON PATRICIA ROBINSON 33 HEAPER BY THE DOZEN," PLANNING, preparation of foods and serving family meals are an important part of the three years Homemaking program' offered students. A Senior Homemaking course is also offered to girls who have not had previous training in the field, but who wish a general- ized one year course at the fourth year level. Study of textiles, techniques of sewing and tailoring, budget- ing for and selection of a suitable wardrobe are also curriculum areas which are studied. In addition, the management unit presents cp-qAgL55 RUMIAUGH DIXIE RUSSELL information on the care of and conservation of clothing, the efficient operation of the home, with principles of interior decoration. A full range of homemaking responsibilities, child care, budgeting, home safety, and "making a house a home" are a part of the homemaking curriculum. I f SHARON RYMAN RICHARD SAGE WILLIAM SAMPSON Qgr if onsw sANci-:ez mc:-:Ano sANosns ft' snenmr sAuNoeas mum EDWARD SCANUIN wi vw '::'- MICHAEL SCANLON4' Junv scum :Annu scrmulsr GERALDINE scnucx Lssue scuuuz DONALD SCHULTZ WILLIAM SCHURTER ROBERT SCI-IWINDLE FRANK SCOONOVER JR. SUZANNE SCOTT 183 PRECOMMENCEMENT EVENTS WERE CLIMAXED GARY SEGERS SUSAN SHAFFER SUSAN SHEPHERD GERALD SHERE MARY SIANO STEPHANIE SIMON MARIELLA SMITH RALPH SMITH 184 NORMAN SHAPIRO I96I SENIORS NANCY SHOEMAKER DIANA SMITH RICHARD SMITH 1 in-.E CAROL SHARP KENNETH SHARP 'W SUSAN SHULER ELAINE suurucus HILLARY SMITH JOAN SMITH SUSAN SMITH WILLIAM SMITH MORABLE DISNEYLAND ALL-NIGHT PARTY DONALD SNYDER JOAN SORGE MARIAN SPAULDING SUSAN SPENCER J GREGORY SPREEN If 7.-... 5, A in S2 -ry RHODA SPROUL 'i . Albert Acton, Sandy Turmon, Pom Reutter, and the school gardener Joe TGFTOVO look of new landscaping in the senior square. PETER STAC EY .l DANIEL STEPHENS .IENELL STEPHENSON FRED STOFFEL .42 STEVEN STRAMPE ROBERT ST. CLAIR WILLIAM STAVA V KAREN STRAND I 85 I2 CHARLES SUTTON 4f,,. CHARLES SWAB QQ. UAMES TAYLOR LXR LINDA TEDESCO fI"'f" I -M .I ' A in 3 -33 A, won gl wi Qu-S-aa., 1 . .Q i GRETCHEN THARALSON CHRISTOPHER THEISS f I H NUS JAMES THOMPSON SIDNEY THOMPSON euzmssru mokssn STANLEY munasn I 86 uw CAROLYN SYPHERS DALE TABER' HARRY TAYLOR 'QS ...., XXV? THEODORE TEMPLE JOHN TERHORST SUSAN THACKER 'D SUSANN THIELE X! XWITV GARY THORNHILL Donald Nordvold gives instructions to Mike Griffis on the us ROGER TITGEMEYER of The lathe. f KATHLEEN TOOHEY JO ANN TORTORIS if JUDY TUCKER LISETTE TULLENERS 'I Y' in-L PHILIP TURNER PATRICIA TYLER ETAL SHOP I covers the use of tools, machines, the development of basic skills in bench metal . Metal Shop ll includes more advanced in- tion in these fields. n Wood Shop I, the student learns the use of tools and power machinery in construction ood proiects. In Wood Shop II students pro- to more complex problems. An introductory e in General Shop is offered only at the Fresh- level. lectronics I is recommended for students who a serious desire to study theory and practical ication of modern electronics. Open to Juniors Seniors, Electronics II includes more advanced of previously acquired skill, processes and ed knowledge. course in Mechanical Drawing imparts knowl- of mechanical drawing and blueprint reading. course is open to students above the freshman . Architectural and Engineering Drawing es are offered to upperclassmen. Students plan either architectural or engineering maiors lleges are encouraged to enroll in these related es. MICHAEL TOWNSEND CONNIE TRAUGOTT DONALD TROTTER SONDRA TURMON LINDA TURNER MICHAEL TURNER CHARLOTTE UNLAND FRANK VACCARO JAMES VAN HORN RUTH VAN HORN GERALD VAN IWAARDEN GERALDINE VANLEY ALFRED VAWTER SHERYL VETTER DIETER VOLLKAMMER ' 187 - 5 -wif' , J f.. Q 1 if ima Wig? W W' QA M I .f 4. 2' 5' -1 . GARY WADE NMS' RICHARD WAGNER JON WALLACE VALERIE WARD DAVID WARREN 3 I 5 DONA WEBB MARION wlaene V 188 'A Beginning Ihe -commencement exercises, Seniors approach ivy covered backdrop. RICHARD WEBSTER PATRICIA WEIDAW CAROLYN WESTCOTT LINDA WHOLEY mfg MARIAN WILGUS MARY WILLEY SUE WILLIAMS BARBARA WILSON ,, I l SUZANNE JOHN PAMELA J. WILSON PAMELA M. WILSON RICHARD WIMBISH GARY WOOD SU SAN WOOD YEAGER DONALD YOUNG ZELIFF LAWRENCE ZENO 0-.Q In GEORGE WRIGHT sruur Youns ,+- SENICDRS GT PICTLIRED VI, SYLVIA WINTER VICKI WYATT WN dht- JANET YOUTS pi T' PHIL zlmmznmm -I- '-E' 4-hr Vi PAMELA WOLFSON ' . " ':':f:ii"5 - ...., .Ir MARY WYMAN ff' rf' iv GARY zAcK ff- JANE ZOLA 0 CAROL ABERCROMBIE RONALD HERTZBERG LeROY SMITH LEONARD BLACK MELVIN HOWELL JOAN STRINZ RAYMOND DAHLGREN SANTO IRONE ROBERT SULLIVAN JOSEPH GOLF RAYMOND KIDD SHARON TURK CHARLES HECKENDORN DOROTHY LEE EILEEN VOLZKE WILLIAM HEDLUND LEILANI PATTISON NEIL WILLIAMS I89 J USING THEIR SPECIAL ABILITIES, SENI EACH YEAR A LARGE NUMBER of graduating seniors receive scholarships and special awards in recognition of their academic records and per- sonal achievement as students at Arcadia. On the following pages, special recognition has been given to those awards which had al- ready been decided upon prior to April I, the final deadline of the I96I Arcadia. The staff regrets that, because of this early deadline, no more awards could have been announced. It is suggested that a copy of the special Graduation Section of the Arcadia Tribune, dated June l2, be retained in the back ofthe Arcadian. JUDY POLANSKY NORA CROW This will provide a complete report on all out- NATIONAL COUNCIL standing senior awards for the year. OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH FOR THEIR PROFICIENCY in writing, along with high scores received on a special English test and samples of creative writing, two girls received First Places in the National Council of Teachers Association program. This marked the first time that two Arcadia students had received first place honors from this national professional organization. NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS 4.-f RECEIVING NATIONA RECOGNITION for their hig scores on the National Me Scholarship tests were fi 1' Arcadia seniors. Each ha previously been named semi-finalist earlier in th year. This year's group re resented the largest numb of finalists at Arcadia sin X the merit program began. As finalists they were el igible for four year Nation Medit awards with amount based on choice of colleg and financial need. Fin notification of awards wi be made by the Foundatio later in the year. National Merit Finalists: left to right: Jim Herndon, Dove Lamel, Margaret Owen, Chuck Holland, and Jim Keough. 190 LECTED CREDIT UPON CLASS OF '6I Robert Burns California State Scholarship semi-finalists, Row 1, left to right: Judy Rinek, Elaine Drew, Leslie Neuberg, Ellen Potter. Row 2: Dana Webb, Judy Tucker, Rosemary Mortensen, Cathy Jackson, Margaret Owen. Row. 3: Stu Young, Jerry Mallery, Bill Schurter, Jim Herndon, Darrel Cannon, Fred Stoffel. Not pictured: Carolyn Gorman, Theodor Temple, Tom Vawter. EXCHANGE CLUB LOCAL CHAPTER ot the California Exchange Club has continued its nomina- tions of "Boy and Girl of the Year" again this year. The purpose of this service club program is to give special recognition to two graduating seniors, who in the opinion of the committee, have proved themselves outstanding leaders in the school community for the year. BOY AND GIRL OF THE YEAR ROSEMARY MORTENSON Arcadia Womens Club Scholarship STEPHEN McCRAY Ellen Dumbacher "Boy of the Year" "Girl of the Year" MANY HONORS WERE BESTOWED BY SCHO PANHELLENIC -X X DAVID CREST MARY MALEFYT ROTARY CLU B SCHOLARSHIP DEPARTING from the established scholarship awards program in previous years, the Arcadia Rotary Club has chosen students who have a vocational objective. These students shown above, and their parents, were honored at a Club luncheon late in the year and also received recognition at the spring Academic Awards Assembly. Terry Eminors E' X X Bunk of America Awardees, Row 1, left to right: General Field Winners, Nora Crow, Chuck Holland, Rosemary Mortensen. Row 2: Specific Field Winners, Ellen Dumbacher, Karen Bailey, Judy Polansky, Richard Wagner, Carolyn Syphers, Lana Sue Hagger. 192 ROSEMARY MORTENSON AGAIN THIS YEAR, the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of the Panhellenic Society has named a graduating senior girl as the recipient of a cash award to assist in detraying college expenses. BANK OF AMERICA BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS program seeks to give recogni- tion to graduating seniors who have made outstanding achieve- ment in many areas of academic endeavor. The program, which is statewide, offers substantial scholarships to winners, and a program of selection and screen- ing on first, the local level-, and then, at the zone level. Specific Field winners receive Certificates of Merit, with General Field winners receiving personal tro- phies and the opportunity to compete with contestants from other schools. The final screening at the zone and state levels comes late in the spring. For this reason, tinal re- sults cannot be announced in the Annual. D COMMUNITY GROUPS. AT PRESS TIME, final selecTions for awards had noT eT been made by The various organizaTions, boTh com- uniTy and school. High on The lisT was The Key Club cholarship which is financed Through The sale of decals earing The legend "I Helped a Scholar wiTh a Dollar" y members of The Kiwanis sponsored Key Club. RecipienTs of The California Savings and Loan Asso- iaTion award, Kiowa, MeThodisT HospiTaI Scholarship, rcadia Teachers AssociaTion award, Quarterback Club nd many oTher awards and scholarships had noT been ecided upon aT press Time buT will be honored aT The pring Academic Awards Assembly. In addiTion, many seniors will, in all probabiliTy, eceive college-sponsored awards buT These are noT sually made public unTil The close of school. CATHERINE JACKSON PENNY WEIDAW osoi' Top science students nominated by science department teachers were recognized at the spring awards assembly. Left to right: Marian Haynes Robert Burns, Marian Morrisse, Kathy Krough, Judy Polansky, Chuck Holland, James Ottosen. Not pictured, Karen Bailey, Carol Baxter, Nils Goedhart, Ted Temple. CIVITAN CITIZENS OF THE YEAR IN RECOGNITION of the leadership qualities, school service and academic achievemenT, The CiviTan Club of Arcadia named Two graduaTing seniors as "Citi- zens of The Year." This program is car- ried on by The various CiviTan chapters To recognize The ouTsTanding efforts of Top seniors in The various high schools Throughout The sTaTe. THOMAS JAY ELLEN DUMBACHER California Scholarship Federation members, Row 'I, left to right: Ellen Dumbacher, Cathy Jackson, Elaine Drew, Judy Rinek, Rosemary Mortensen, Leslie Neuberg, Carolyn Syphers, Judy Polansky, Ellen Potter, Marian Spaulding. Row 2: Stuart Young, Fred Stoffel, Robert Burns, Dave Lamel, Jim Hoover, James Herndon, Frank Scoonover, Steve McCray. Not pictured: Karen Bailey, Nora Crow, Charles Holland, Gerald Mallery, Marian Morisse, Margaret Owen, Dona Webb. SENIOR MEMBERS CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP OF FEDERATION CHARLES HOLLAND ETTA OELTMAN Southern California Edison Co. Girls' League Scholarship Semi-Finalist Finalists had not been announced at press time. SENIOR COUNCIL MARILYN McKENZIE JUDY POI-AN5KY Betty Crocker Homemaker of D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award Tomorrow Award for Arcadia ONE SENIOR from each Civics-Psychology class was elected by his classmates to represent his group in a Senior Council. Meeting before school on Wednesday morning, the group discussed and planned the many senior activities throughout the year. For their untiring efforts in behalf of their classmates, members of the Senior Council are represented in the Senior Honors section. They, in turn, take this means of thanking Mrs. Glenna Rasmussen, Senior Sponsor, for her continued guidance throughout the year. Senior Council members, Back Row, left to right: Frank Vaccaro, Jeanne McCue, Jane Jacobs, Janet Youts, Roni Knopp Richard Smith Middle row Starr Everett, Sue Smith, Brian Broff, Jim Ottosen, Joan Duncombe, Carol Baxter, Baxter McBane. Front row: Judy Harris, Sandi Morrell Jeanne Baxter Fred Stoffel Julie Hochmuth, Sue Wood, Rosie Morascio. "PERSONALITY" PENNY WEIDAW JOE GENOVA ,, CONTINUING The new selection process which was inaugurated last year, only Seniors may participate in The voting Tor THE MOST. In March, some six hundred twelfth graders nominated their choices Tor The pair ot students who seemed to best epitomize the four qualities de- picted on these pages. SENIORS CHOOSE "SPIRIT" STEVE McCRAY WEN DY MARQUAND I' - ff' N. sq, 'N 'Vs I Q'N page If X275 f - ,ig W- M SPECIAL recogniTion come To These eighf seniors when Their selection wos announced oT on pre-EosTer os- sernbly. HereTofore, The onnounce- mem' come only upon The clisfribu- Tion of The school onnuol iusf prior To The close of school. "THE MOST" "BRAINS" NORA CROW CHUCK HOLLAND "LOOKS" DICK SANDERS JANE CAMPBELL .Rah I w P ' 1 l W3 N, . 5, 8 , 'is '15 Hp in ,v ' 5 1 A... , f I EI o 2 I J 1 1 , 3 3 M... .b., ,-,,M s I I 5 if y xe . 'ws-V'-.ylvsfn ,mx ' ff I E I I . f R 15' wh gy...-nv. ' 1 x 'S' -A7 . y V. 'I' ' V 'fly . , I Y' . Q 5 l fy ,' F' K 3 V .A -. I A ' ' ' 'U fi' x ' M 1 3 YA 7 f , N4 'Sf If . Nj U if ,Z ,, , W Y . A Q. L K , A 1 , t , rf- , k L ,H N 3 .,. ,o-- 5 vw K W 1 l E I . -,.is.' .. v T ' - .. ATI, T., -""-'N R' . Y tw." WN Us 'A-hf""' ""' "4ww..,- ' 'J --7 57' V if F " mf fi f , If rfffM7Q4+'f", W - 7 U Q ' ' k N. k wuz , ' , f A 'I 1- V fm, . . .Q im .fu ,mtvmnlzh JW i VAAA gl gif- K i Z l l 8 5 V T 3 9 ' ' ' 5 Q .yi mmh, H : H ' 11 5 'Q Q -S is N n' G M V 7 2 'L.L,. f E . n , l , """'v'bQ4 Pv.v'v ' ' sms' ' f w . f,,gi1S11 'A k Svs-ww t yn., . ' 5,10 3 1:1 Mina 'T f'-"fn ,j awk?-fl rw. , - . , .w,JuQ, my um ,Au-sur U DERCLASSME ENTHUSIASTICALLY joining in the spirit of high school life. Underclassmen are an integral part of the campus com- munity. ln preparation for their final year of high school and possible future college educations, Underclassmen are offered a fine academic program. With the addition of a course in World Geography, four years of Social Sciences are now required for gradua- tion from Arcadia High School, along with four years of English and Physical Education, two years of science, and one year of mathematics. As well as these required courses, a student preparing himself for continued formal education may augment his pro- gram with many other academic of- ferings. Among them are four-year courses in French, Latin, German, Span- ish and Russian, advanced sciences such as Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Biology and Botany. Fine Arts courses in choral and in- strumental music, drama and art are also offered as well as programs in Business Education, Homemaking and several areas of Industrial Arts. With the close of the 1960-61 year, Underclassmen will be limited to Sopho- mores and Juniors since the present Freshman class brings to a close the 6-2-4 educational system in Arcadia. Members of the Class of '64, Diane Rock and Bill Donisthorpe, are aghast at the monumental task of assimilating the vast amount of knowledge contained in the textbooks stacked before them. 44 gk Flaws 'lf ENTHUSIASTIC .IUNIORS COMPLETED A SUCCESSFUL YEAR n M. v. in ,u T? Student leaders of the Junior Class, President Dave Dueker and Vice President Jock Little discuss plans for their class. sponding exchange ideas about Junior Prom activities while Treasurer ENTHUSIASTIC Juniors of the class of '62 have assumed the role of upperclassmen masterfully. They participated willingly in school activities and have contributed much spirit and zest to their class and to their school. Juniors, having already received their class rings, have already been con- gratulated onthe excellent planning of their Annual Junior-Senior prom. Juniors have worked and have successfully passed their Constitution and other academic require- ments. After taking advantage of all the educational facilities available to them they now look forward, well prepared to the de- manding ahead of them, of being seniors. 1. - 1 gf HOLARSHIP SGCIETY ACCEPTED 36 JUNIORS. .-vm. I 1, qu - T Scholarship Club, Row 1, left to right: Charlotte Hostetter, Betsy Spencer, Roberta Wood, Susan Hawkins, Janet Bryant, Gretchen Ehr, Elaine Spaulding, Dave Raymond. Row 2: Stephen Land, James Galloway, Craig McNutt, Richard Albert, Harold Gilman, Patrick Barrett, Cynthia Anderson. Row 3: Barbara Beason, Susan King, Liz Hamilton, Anna Marie Fanes, Dorothy Jonks, Carolyn Goodman, Mary Lee Stewart. Not pictured: Peter Bandurraga, .lack Clapp, David Dueker, Nancy Hughes, Gary Hunt, Janeen Johnston, John Little, Bill Miller, Vicki Polis, Brion Scanlon, Frank Schwarze, Ken Sherman, Mike Skinner, Judy Todd. Ranney Adams Raymond Alpert , , Richard Albert Judith Alward V . L A L A A 1 1 V 5? i'wEn7'f A we l ix 5 is. , ' .T 54 Att' A 3. t 'R f , A. , , Q. . K b J' . ' f A f ,,, i, w - fig' ,ff Nancy Alcorn Carol Allen Cynthia Anderson Marsha Anderson at , at J esis. ... JUNIORS, striving tor Gold Seal graduate honors, had 36 members ot the Scholarship Federation at the close of the first semester. They worked diligently to fulfill the Gold Seal graduation requirements. To quality tor a Gold Seal, awarded by the California Scholarship Federation, a graduate rnust have been a Scholarship member for at least one of these semesters being in his senior year. An applicant may apply for membership when he has earned TO grade points during a semester. An A counts 3 points, a B counts i point, and a C disqualifies an applicant in any subiect except Physical Education. pf It li X Richard Anderson , 6' Susan Anderson N Q za' P Gary Andrus ,Q ff 3 Jean Armstrong Steven Arnold 3 Patricia Arth t if Hans Ashouer an fl ,345 Ralph Ashauer ' ,Z JMnEE'2rnam17- F I lx Robert Atkinson 5' Mary Augenstein Nancy Avard 42 ' John Aydon V A yy luis. by , Thomas Bailey 4 , '42, P J' 201 . x , 1 c Q C .5 5- gi 5 f ,N v . Q 4 , kggfif. al t if .gim f Q ir S- , - ' ' L'A. 'S i gi, M V 3 ,-,hw qi K, P, ,... gf - .gif B fa ciry it at S , -J l , 3 V " N iii. V Peter Bandurugga Russell Banko Jerrian Barany Joanne Barany Lynda Barley Roger Barnes Roger Barnes Allen Baron Patrick Barnett Roberta Barrett William Barrett James Bartley Judith Baskin Barbara Beason ... f ' A 'O U R P can af 91' Clegg Svc. During class elections Juniors Diane Fester and Claude Smith keep busy campaigning by putting up campaign posters. Carol R. Bennett Susan Berry Patricia Bettencourt Sharon Beutler Peggy Bishop Ruth Bishop Patricia Berube Sandra Bianchi William Bivens Carmen Berumen Kenneth Bingham g:Ll1en..Blnr.Ig,',, ., ,xiii if ' SF' Q r ' 'xt' Q cg if S- B fs ff B '- it ycri ,ry' 6 i yyaa 1 Y lit , 202 f J Carolyn Beck Alexander Bell Barbara Bell 1:4 cvs x ... A QA A t 3 4 Q L- 1' We s fix' x K 1 wt X! sa s Carolyn Barney Kent Beatton Virginia Baldwi I1 i John Bell lll C' Craig Bemis Carol Bennett ii Y D Patrick Blendermanl Sherry Bluhm Kendra Bock!! Lynn Bodenschatzi Emile Boisot 2' John Borquin i I i l l i i Gary Bowe Vicki Bowman Richard Box Qi, -of ' 1- A -' X v Elini- - QM an . . w 9f5j Carol Boyd Arthur Brown .ILI or if f "" ' . 1,4 ann- i y " 'M -J. K. 4-.lf A, .xl wx John Boyle Stephen Brown 4 V . ,fr 'Yf' l C J B o,, .1Z. J xr? Q t ' 32 m'11 . Q' A .V .,.' Jiffgeaax 'J . QA ' A X ww K 2 K K J 1 gl - 2' , 7, , ' I C., 5 l R iyo :if "ii, x 1 ' ,ws , 1 non. . , B , '. .i.: , , N SX: B It Barbara Bradley Jean Bradner William Bravo Wallace Brewster Kenneth Brill Jerald Broeske Karen Brundage Janet Bryant Cynthia Bryson Marton Bucher C'Brian Bumgardne? Sandra Burnley IOR C ASS mf. ,., A, 'Os-C! s l " Wi? I J r Q l Y S Bonnie Campbell Robert Canaan Joe cCLl,,l'j'Q-I1-:Ti Charles Capperl Shirley Capps V Gary Carmichael Janet Carter David Caswell Connie Chalmers Burle Chism Doris Chris Charles Churc Sharon Clark Sharon Clayton Catherine Cline Blair Busby Susan Busch Hue Byles Marilyn Byrkit Gary Cahill Gerald Chapman Linda Chess Robert Childs Bill Claassen Jack Clapp Frank Clark Donna Coats Maurice Clark Ronald Coffyn J lg I - X , l X .,,k ff 6 ,Q KQM , 5 X tiki h M .Vsrr J ,M- 1 tl A -an .4 .f 1 'ii ght V "L s K X WA'k 2,5 x 5 5' E- WX 1 4 J 14, O3 5'5- sw . S ,Kg gt . -emu I, Patricia Daugherty Gary Duckworth Linda De Muth 'v All .A . r' , V s , . V item.: i " Y .1 V ,BW I Q ' an it , ' '9 fx .K-sexi? ff., .SEQ 'X 8 3 f F I' ,S Cheryl De Witt Diane Dickson Donna Dilker Robert Dodson -W A Jay Domenico David Dueker ' ' l ,'1' Shirley Dunn 1 Wesley Duncan Y' ' Audrey Eames Michael EasleY QW' 'VJ 1 w ' ' 5, 1 '.'f .'., Lawrence Eastman E jj Henry Eastwood - ' K Gary Ede ' L, 2 John Edwards J V H k' , "P Paul Egly J , fi Gretchen Ehr Q Thomas emma 'ff .tit I L. o 1 I rw 'i ' 204 .. six X., 'IF . 9 ,zfffilv ' f ,.', 1 K ,Q F3 V wc, t, William Dineen Kenneth Di Noto Thomas Dittmar ,..f. if ,,gm,. 1 f I 1 ' A I gl? fx, ' , W ' , or f"'N.ff rl s :fl Q Q David Cudlip Bonnie Curtis James Dahl Donald Dahlgren Dianne Damron Kenneth Daniels Barbara Dauer Jean David Marilyn Davidson James Davis Charles De leo Kathleen Donegan ,g w-5,15 ge A il f Si? 5 11' . iii. ' FL f N 1' u f, JJ c K, Q ,..,1' A , Q. is , 5, 3. x If ' K 2. 95. .sac all -cf- r. l ,,' 5- M ,, V- , K Q ll un? f W i - X fi L E if is ek? S15 y . s rr fx : - X J 9 A J Q is William Cogsw+ Janell Cohen Jeanett Colema Eric Conrad Phyllis Coon David Cooper Christi Condovol Judy Cosentino Patricia Covingt' Jerry Crabill David Crandall Phillip Creek Timothy Crews Michael Crossmw -Hi a?"'? , 'L 1.-e V ,sit k I . TAK . P! l 'R f .flL,..9"S S xi x . s bf , sg-lb i ,f ,ge , 1 Robert Eisen Beth Ekkens Edwin Ellis Donna Engelman Kathleen Ewart John Ewing Sharon Eyles Ana Marie Fanes James Faustini Harold Fechtner Diane Fesler John Fetterly y i an s Graf, at' 4 "' , x -. F ,Q . F 5 at 1 b , Q in . x ,W ii 2+ i if J Y 59 at time ,!I',- M, in ferns Aer MX. , ffiffiiif . X , , Q , F -ve' ,S ii F- mfs- ff: ne. N ' , fd 1g,. l "f-:' , J ,, 'iv if 5, ":' if J laaa I ,vt l X 7 .. Y., ,k-A ,, '. vw fi kkk. lj, gs WX 13 .X l l V S Lunch is cm time for catching up on The overnight news , 'K 3 and getting a bite to eat. V L.. li k Eglin, -f " ' J J' fx Tue- 'Ms . 5 I 4 x ,R Y5 V Barbara Field 'F 'Qi A'JJ if if J gr Nancy Field A! X by Charmain Fields , I M " ii 'Q-.. g if 5,13 'GJ .'vxQ'1 .'.'.'ffm2. Mike Fields James Files fn David Fillmore 1 'l. Q K I 1 ww ' x . N ,,ll.'1'-15. r .i :miiia-.11 'W I' I g F J no V I TA L. g ff, ' ' J tl i ii' A Y L: --4' 3 Q iv F. E Q.. is 1 ' I W Ev, b - . -W xi we Q-:si , i zg . f' 5 : I A k. J I ,,,,, , 2,1 - l zky, if 'v'1 A ,e:i, f Q tr apr 1 so 1 Jackie Fisher Williarmrrggmjg' Linda Fletcher Ronald Flint Eric Flo Pamela Folgate Chris Forman Christine Foster ,,,, 'H 41. JK 1 Q . A 1" It J ii,-17' 'xi M if Stephen Gaither - Joan Fi Iey t,.Scott F9 f Suiin Fox Kathi Frank Richard Fraschetl Norman Frazier Beverly Fritch E V ' V , Dennis Fultz E 2 , 1 Jack Gaffey A ' A - W Kathleen Gaffney C" W James Galloway i if Susan Garkie 6- st, 5 I 1 , - i AAZ A Margo Garwood It Q I 205 Aranka Gasper Carol Geller Frank Giambalvo Pamela Gibbs Charlot Gillette Dale Gilliland Susan Ginn Betty Ginsberg Sarah Gover Mary Ann Godfrey Carolyn Goodman Sharon Graham Dennis Gray John Gray ,- ak I may -U 1 Wi- , . 'M 'Re ,es .ii G av- 27' ' .W,, G uf '. K gr Y N xx ref' K G r e I! r Q r7y,, y William Greenway Josephine Gregoli Carolyn Gunderson X E :ei A K ,,,.. -. we 'ii' ,, flv , ,re 'Q ""'N 1' mx . 1 td -nur P 6- 1 5 Y-f 2 :EJ ' x I if Gloria Gyongyos Q' f i" at Ar Wayne Haas L f G X' Cecelia Hachten 6 fl xg? like t r 2 Tir-vans, is ia 1. W G Nancy Hagerty -I ' 4 5' Lucy Haight Llzx V 1 , if Peggy Hakkila J f Q X' ' K Being measured for a senior ring is an important event during L X the Junior year. I ' Melinda Hall , an y r ,,, t Q Patricia Hall V' ' 5' il .. I gg- G Charles Halliday r M , ,. G eff. . , June Halsted ' Q A yi' 1 , L, , W James Hamilton i'1 A , V r,,L I - Mary Hamilton fx ' B' . A. .mann Harris ,, ' A -., wrt 3 ' Mariann Harris if Li-a V 1 Pamela Harris ' ga W 6? Q In V I My W Rexine Harris E "' 1 4, Kenneth Hart MK , Q, "' Linda Hartleyfl-4 is .. L Zan Hassin ' .- Q Eveline Haubrichs ,X Susan Hawkins , rl 2 ., IW , ,. 'G A ,gg 42, Gary Hawk 'l G r ' a 'J J ' sa- G1 Carol Hawkins fi Q. ' ' V -'if rg. M V " Van Hawkins 9' " f ' E' 4 , .- 'ff' 1' ' .-..,David Hayden tix , E... 4 li ' V - i P I 4 My ' Rim Hays ne. 'i1, ,J t A Qi lr . . 'I Richard Hedrick I ,L-5w::, , X ,V I ' 32: K ki A Xxx j 45117, Q. iff? 1 , ' g A 1 ..i' X J 1:13 . A 2 1, -, V M 5 ,V A-tp. Q , , 206 X..,,, V, A V 1 W ,,..,,..':-Af!----Q--L .....S..l-,,,g,, , W V AAA-aj J 4 . K Ai' 4 acqueline James arol Jamison orolhy Janks heryl Jarvis mda Jillson onald Johnson en Johnson arbara Johnston aneen Johnston usan Johnslone avid Jones exter Jones ary Jones africia Jones angelina Jones sanna Judd reg Kane ay Keller rl Kelley raco Kennedy athie Kerske S Q L A .Q , u 'X x x 'X S ' who 3 . , 1 .gf . -3, A .ni 1 f ., J 4 ,, ,. J " 1::T't' Zip .- A., 'ME J in A Roberf Heilweck Palricia Heldrelh Les Henderson Joseph Hendricks Roxana Herkner Cindi Hesik Georgia Hildreth Carmen Hill J Wayne Hill Rozann Hines Roland Hoagland Robin Hodson Barbara Hoelscher Richard Holliday Jon Howell Teheresa Hull Y , Q: J 1 I Ii f 2 "N " f J J Z i ili J- no Q ' H c J f K - H if My .or,r J 7 f New il... I Carl Holm Q V I 2- Ted Horlon Charloi Hosleller Beverly Howard QZGLHJLMSS Phil Hoyle Pam Huber Nancy Hughes I I ,nn .fu .,,1,,. . AV H - ' Q ,Gary Hvnl, Af 'E J f .N ME7"HUfcneson A Q- I - Marie lrwin ' 'J if e asp' uw- hx 1 f J , 'W Y M 'aj l Xg. ' Sharon Jackson David Jacobs John Jacobs A I T iilrv in V K 5 L,L.:.,, - V , JG' Vx 8 ' , '.ll' I4 '- ?f , 'Z". . 6. r J C sc. Z if ! 1 QW. 1, .lf 13,95 'dst l A 1 i X M Q If ASS OF '62 ' l by .1 I is Q 'N :.. A i' ,,, . 207 .s"+g:gw .L 1511 ' 1 " :mf x.. ' l :FXR 5 1 , r, r , . A is ' 1 J , ,g K, . 1 in -'zw 1 F 2-si N3 are ee U , , 65, -lg' 5 L ', I QV J' fizfgflif 3. J " is -ii-if 1.42. Q K MZ, A . W L 'w-. 1 , A if gp. ji , :Q , irq' a .- i . D2 "JW .: ' IE., . . Q of , uri R T ' 1 Q, lf' Y , ' Judie Lesniak Susan Lewis Russ Liska John W. Little Richard Littlef James Livie h Lo Gulduc David Lon 1 ,fr Robert Loe - 9 Michael Luboviski Donut' llesei Howard LucEQ Michaelnlund' ' Kristine Lundquist Gail Malone Michael Malone f 1 il s '- l , Y R 14' , -it R I 2 : f f-rx QJQX s I M X A My .xiii .,k,k l N ..V. BIN ,R. ,R,,.ci 1 fi L. K GPS '- , VK In v A - ",w.,.f,:- HN, xx M-Us-.. b 3. A r Ie' Qs 3 , X, f .J ,e,' V J fr Sally Ladd -, S 3 Sharon Lamb . L if f Steve Land ii- ' :" 1- - W llilrffiflflf Lynn Langloiswf' - M 'S Warren Larson M s ' r Lawrence Lauber l KW " James Laughren fp j fg Meradnh La vene - ' Caroline Layne J Raymond Leonard L ' j 0 . '5' 'f Rosemarie Leone ,A , Andrew Lermer ge... V, N, Vi-, r"L fi? - ?i1.:5,, ,1se'm. L My M fit ,vii Kem-fd Marsuck 1 ' M ssss M S sisi l Amelia Mash S S ' ,, -I 1 E Patrick Marshall L ' Z L A ' Sue Martin 1' 'V' ig John Martorano F' ' ST, ,A ,E A hx . , ie-it.-M , - '51, ' xx lx 'fx.f"',w ' , Q-5' X'uL,4PA': si' -, '53 :,, 'v '- ' 208 ,,,, -""""""'-' ml 2 I ,V S Susan King Sandra Kingdon Richard Klein Tony Kloos Harvey Knell Y' Patricia Knoll Robert Kodai Catherine Koppel Marilyn Koppel William Koulax William Kramer " Richard Kreutz Kurt Kroeger Ardie Kunz ig ,ill lf- ' 4 Qin V if .Q ' -f X 8 Q K 'XE .W ,gr --fs V.-.LX-if r if 95' 1, lx X 'ing 5-11 L ' ... . f . ,F jf? S 3 'V , Life-' l g . j S . s LQ' sr 23 , X S. Au 2 1 'ffl-Y '? .- I l fs 3 S 3 ,Q r Iii' as i Srl-1 'Sr X3 ...mei -,SI Susan Maihis 'Fw Donna Malhies Carol Mays Sharon McCasline Susan McCasline ,Brandon McCliniock , LL Chris McCracken If Richard McCreary it' P Y' uf . S 1r h, 1 rrrr , if Ly L, ik' ,gf A Q K , ' I " .,..gL.- N I , D0n.,MSDon9!dq" M "hr S " M . Linda McDonald gL LQ ij 5 his L Sally McElderry 5' Q rrrh ' s 1 Q, M Sgephen M'Gee in 1' lg 'fkr hh M Junior Carol Wronka, with Miss Muriel Davis, College Counselor, discusses requirements with visiting college L' L representcnive. L W , ,. . i ll is , 2' M 2 - f- F ' J eg, K3 L L. W, . QQ , L if' Q via? L.- SN!! - - A 'f " . i V ' . I L 'iff' it Q, l ,,i.: ff, L L Q L L, LL L fir - .1-r 1-eff' 152. z ' in L irq, -Vx , L . -ly .:, ' .s V W ' Michael McKee! A 'i ' .. fx , Pal McLaug11Iin 01" is ffagi , Sidney Mclehngf- .L Iy ia., If L Rickey McPherson Pamela McShane Barl?argLLMeud Merlynn Mecham L - Pamela MedmelfVicki Meguiar Mn A9524 Muffin Mele.- .fL.7 ' 2 i K. -' 5 V' r 551 ,si if if Y ' - Randy McMurray 'V L: Lffg. Phillipa McNab f fi-' ' LLL L ' Hugh McNeil . M i if . , 5' Q LM 1 ., L L Q K L 1 I' ? L - F Judy Merbifz ft 5' LL TL ' .- L L L Lg ii Linda Meyer LL gn, A 1 L Q 'L 5, L W 2 N ,711 L LL Sandra Meyers as-M' 5 1 , 1 es- ix. , 'K Dudlfv Mifhf-el ' XL 1 L 'EL L I 'i'.,, L L , s ,Ji Barry Miller A 5 W iisi .Q , V , V Milli John Miller L -. Q, , 115 s ,L 7 L. Kuihy Mllier - - so i or s " if V ...,fQxs. ,L Wilbur Miller L 1 Q ,,,, , 3 ' Carol Milosevich 'L L ' " L LL ,f .. L al a LL Eugene Minoux 4- b,.' 5 ig ' Patricia Mifchell L Richard Mihzhell ' Mi! i -.. . David MOM'-1900 . L Q -.,- :I -.',f' Joy M oo dy N., lm -2 , L - " - ,. K '11 .N - 5. 209 if , 1--.45 ,Q J -4. 4-J 7,9 -'ox 1 s w Jack Moore Donald Nebeker I vi pf N ...fs it f V' Sharon Morrisori- William Morrison Ronald Newton Carol Neufeld Ky .RJ ' zfo fu Z K ' me Q. Q V, f X 'Ai il ir, L ' 3 A Juliana Morsch Janice Moser Randall Nichols Gregory Mowat At the Awards Assembly George Fullerton, coach of the B Team, passes our well-earned let 'rs to the Bee football players. James Patterson Ronald Patterson Jean Patton Karen Paulson -ff Dean Pearson Sharon Pearson Susan Phillips William Phillips George Pieper Q' In F' 1 . 'f . sl t,4, fl V xnxx l K' ,, 4 , Alf V . -4.177 iiffif mv V ' xr-P I we ir' 1-fftl? li 1 xg in Q ' ' '57 i 7 ' if' I 'sr 7 J , Q., .. .f ' ' ' 3 is P -. -s I l 1 fm 210 P mf, James Ott 1 Q James Otto , Michael Owsley fau x , ' Sharon Page ,vw Steve Palmer Geraldine Papelltf Jn. ,rv 4 Christine Parker Ak is F Robert Parker l 'fre-v George Patterson K f Martin Pendleton J A Susan Peters -- Lowell Peterson x""? " , Y 'RM Janet Pilkington Harris Platner ' Jan Pluim kin Vicki Polis-47 James Poole Fred Porter '. if mf. 4 Patricia Murphy Leonard Nunnally Kathleen O'Keefe Jackie Olmstead ' " ff, We l A we Joan Murray Rita Osti 'ld .. ' 5-5. P Q J i n 1 7 'v-f.-:rj lg 'ag ef if 4'-3 i . 'le -v' 4 F if 'A ' .. 13 . . '- if-1. , Y if W i 'Y ,T , I - J? , , -X ' 14 Q , . 2 xi ' 1' We im Allen Potter Michael Rahilly Edward Renaltner Sharon Rickard James Rollins Katherine Rourke Joan Rosenthal Lf Patricia Powers Erleene Rainville Rochelle Rhodes Ruth Ricker James Roper Margaret Ross Marilyn Russell 51 R y lc f , Q , '29- Y 4' ' s . ll, - K E 5 Q.. , hx it IA Q if nf, Pamela Prentiss Sara Rainus Karen Richardson Richard Riddle Mary Rosati Pamela Ross Donald Rutter i , ,iz , W 'i,' V A, J Q, P fa 1'-1 V V Y+f:', . f ,, ,V ' J Q QW. i ' sss' . D 45' , fwgulgi X K -, yvwyikmfi. , . ,, s , A,, 2 1 s , William Price - ,X Gloria Price kStewart Randall!! David Raymond Judith Ryan William Salisbury Jane Sanders Robert Santhoff Sandra Schaefer June Schapper William Scharing Robert Schenk Joseph Rife .IZ Steven Riggens Henry Rivera Gayon Robb Sue Robertson Cindy Robinson Penny Robinson Brenda Robustelli Sue Rogers .ki 'lb 5 A nel. I ff?9z'k' . , 1. , fx. 'Y' , V g' fx s f 1 i1..4 , , . gy., I , f, , . 1 1? 9 1 .ga +f ., ' ,.f- f' K -f -way. , J Lois Pupo Robin Raymond 1-' ,us Q ? i il vii ,Vg lr , ,. if ' 'hx . . L. -f..i,, .X l y A' V. W . . ,W ., ., ' i . ".'. 41 ' 'MS X1 gasp ' . ' " ., , ,, . I 3 ' Sandra Sarwine 1: J , Q Susan Saucier l - ,gw f Q - Brian Scanlo V ' - 1, Susan Schaarpf-V P J dk. .'7p, ., A J, fm 7,79- i, Judy Quick Melna Regen , 'I 2 -,.-.. if ifsl 1 Q ue ist fi' 'Y . an et v 1 QVN, .X -sig 'BT' , if i A , 5 I Sharon Quisenberry Robert' Reininger if '44 N, so S l l - 'iili J "-' fvffuif. N, J I , N, A iii T S, , A ' 'aes ' W I i., H , I, . .- Q 'a,,,i J -2: 'Q sw I if - .I ,' E - xx 1, i xc. V M 2ll Sandra Scherer Barbara Schmid Susan Schmocker Betsy Schott A 4-s M kSh d ar craerjf W Eileen Schuman Francis Schwarze Pamelyn Scott Clyde Semler Larry Shaul David Sheets Kenneth Sherman Richard Shuler . l Q i 2152955 2 1 3' I QT G7 ' I XA 6- K Z sa' i 5 , . 'fi .,.....- ' Donald Smith Esther Smith Jessie Smith Judy smash Mary M. Smith Frank Shuttleworth Michael Silberhorn Gregg Simm John , Simmons A S Edward Sihjifiiliihqf Susan Sirlc i is E - . .W ' A. wr,-My szgfg' 'tiff' f xc - l 5 Michael Skinner ,V " "Z fu Y L L' Joyce Skoglund ' . five? Y 5. 3 Claude Smith ' J J In business education classes Tom Young and Susan Barnes . it learn the essentials of commerce. " , . , 1 'L 4 ,-, , l -5 1 fl . ,gg E .Zi S- g 7+ Shirley Smith Stanley Smith Betsy Spencer Paul Spencer Gail Splaver Susan Sprang Holyt Stearns Mary M. Stephanos Judy Stennett 212 Arthur Smithey Sue Sommer Leonard Soprano William Soule Robert South Elaine Spaulding I K , m e ' ' W i ,, A ' 2 ' , ' 'Wil wifi? uf M S ff fl- i ,'Yl - V if ill S , we ' Q in gp V g '. 9' 1 v ' 1 -t A t X S ' X li N S My ,M y wlskix xufiifhai c 1' it 1' "' - 4 'Q M ' . Z ., W VV s t -' A V.N,,- K all V V U I A ",1 1 l"' N1 A Z H' ef :Str xllulliljgggibx 4 ,, , VA, af- Zlg A , --, ii .,.. qui. 'i,.QE5EEis3 U' zu., . 'F' L QE? 135 J- M .1 A" .. ' g S if ,, . i -'I- N , 4 Marilyn Swab Arlene Taft Carol Taylor Barbara Thompson ' Q -. if lm f .- ff 4 F l l Daniel Stephens Duane Sternberg Joyce Stevens Josephine Stevens Robin Stevens Mary lee Stewart Steven Stewart Cheryl Stocker Daniel Stowell flf Susan Strock Carolyn Stuhrman Judith Summer Carl Sundstrom Carol Sundstrom Richard Taylor Joan Tepper Marsha Thalman John Thoe Robert Thompson Susan Thompson Clifford Timmons W Q S f y Judy Todd Q S 1 S 5 "' rl . ?"A S :ii J Hugh Townsend - 2 19 L' I 'A , f- I John Treichler if j 'Ugg K g X rl S is Fllitz' li 'jf' ,,el" 5f'TAl. iff x ,. x. E , 1 . A I James Troxel in 'S ,Q AS A .A .L ' Sa Robert Trudell S I . S ' f S5 1 Roger Tschirgi .S PI S ,Q X ,gift f . X t -,H ' ,J J ' jig ur, .,,n- P i Eiga. K it n -tg.. S, . R, M I V, . KX 'S,g ::2 ,:,m vii ., ,S K S ,.,.. 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' fi Qi Jill whiie ""Vik'z1. ' ff . W 1" - V -ff . 1 - ""' " x n 4 l ' 4 , l nt Midge Whitehill ,,-:Q i ' A 'N , 2 ,, Z LLLL K L I2 Mary Whitney L 3 fy' I3 I wa ag 2 r'-W - L - K-+5 Steven Wickes ' 1 ' 05 ' 'Y K 3 A' , K w ggfxi Karen Wightman I H 'nv' v-Q 5 fo-"V t' Jacqueline Wilco I ,-h'L, iiflfjk A , I , ' V Q Pamela Wilkin f xy Q . if J ev etii'ei " ' ,Richard williams V . a, : ,Rx ' D ' K, , . . l ., , 4 . :K wr., " ', 9 s 1 .nw an if. 'L if fi , 3 Q ' Gff ffl P au? ' . .t 1 ' r . ,,,: C, is .Vx I V,F,,,. ,fyt J W f' g f EL I ,,. ,Ml A l ag' M ' 93 .1 C M , ,, 7, 2 ligief 'A John Wyper Ginny Young ffm, zmgvfff..e0,,,,,,f Roger Williams Emy Sue Wilson Barbara Wilt df Vicki Wing Marilyn Winters June Wolters Demonstrating Arcadicfs advanced facilities for the visually handicapped was this display at the Los Angeles County Zziillyrwrggzgward Fair or Pomona lost fall. Roberta Wood CCELER TED PROGRAMS CHALLE GED SOPHOMCDRE I, Sophomore Secretary Terry Glynn looks over notes while President Rich Major and Vice- president Pete Johnson check them for accuracy. MEMBERS ot the sophomore class have become well adiusted to high school life. Since last September they have formed three Y-teen clubs and have displayed evi- dence ot fine leadership as they have as- sisted in many school clubs and campus activities. Faculty and students expect fine accomplishments from this group in the tu- ture, and the class of 1963 anxiously awaits a chance to prove themselves as upper- classmen. ln what responsibilities were open to them they have shown response and participation with the help of their sponsors Mrs. Diane Di Conti and Miss Gloria Rauchle and the guidance they have received from past upperclassmen the soph- omores are ready forthe new challenge. Q Q ,ff 'DNN Friendly sophomore sponsors Miss Gloria Rauchle and Mrs. Diane teously answer Elaine Roberts' questions about social activities. Sophomore treasurer Jim Giambrone eagerly counts money and checks receipts but unfor tunately the Sophomore treasury looks rather low C ASS QE 63 SOPHOMORES HAD LARGEST SCHOLARSHIP GRO yu, Scholarship Club Members, Row l, left to right: Shirley Fiske, Beverly MacKinnon, Janet Henney, Patricia Lancaster, Mikela Tilden, Joyce McCloud, Alice Covell, Mary Lyle, Diana Donnelly, Janet Syphers. Row 2: Steve Erie, Nancy Lyke, Carol Jusenius, Diane Lich, Sally Doolan, Jim Opel, Bob Milton, Dennis Anderson, Bill Hunnex, Joe Giouanini, Steve Nicholson. Row 3: Ron Ellis, Ozzie Oswald, Peter Johnson, Joe Walker, Doug Ford, Tom Rasmusen, Joel Amromin, Tom Anderegg. Not pictured: Phil Bosl, Joni Bresnan, Jerry Collier, John Curtis, Maureen Farrell, Mimi Feichtmann, Bill Harvey, Janet Lawson, Linda Robinson, Martin Roysher, John Shanley, Esther Smith, Linda Taylor, Laurel Truan, Joyce Ward, Judy Wightman, Bill Moore. Betty Jo Achilles Frank Adorno Robert Ages Lewis Akins Earl Albert Jane Alexander Robert Allison Donald Alpert Michael Ames .loel Amromln Thomas Andr.-regg Gordon Andersen T- Dennis Anderson John Anderson Linda Anderson Patricia Anderson Richard Anderson Evelyn Aos Annette Arellanes James Armstrong Gerald Arnone Toni Asturias Julie Austera Donald Axlund linda Aylmer Stephen Bahaiian Lemoyne Bailey William Bailey Loma Baldwin Richard Bardin Susan Banta John Bardin Stephen Barrett 'T' Marsha Battany Carol Baxter r fn -11" .J- Us , . i' :sf L Kr 3, 'f K L s s X . . 'YS' SJ Li s rtligti .r J yy e WH: ?""'1f1- ,rt lm N K FORTY SIX members of the class of '63 qualified for membership in the local chapter of the California Scholarship Federation during the-first semester by ac- quiring the necessary grade points in their college preparatory courses. Members were especially proud, for this was the first semester which counted in the semester requirement for being a Gold Seal graduate. ,fl iit' r 'V A 1 ' 1: 5. ' 'f K . ,,' it . , -f " ' it , - et: vii' . if 'if' ,I ' FE ' A . H ' 'F iii: er.-Y:?'. ,325-if, ' A- X , A r .. 5:33, , st 1 Kai!! A ,I ,, 'gli 5,3 , V ., I ,, ... 4. mm V X ' A i N V . : A . ,I , nv g i ,A l 'ttf W at - 'rr'r' 1 Q tiff s,ee A ' if 'f i Connie Baxter Linda Bay Beverly Beckwith James Bennett , . r , -5 ' I 2? . Rizhard Bennet f Stefie Berky tif A 5 T :Q- Lynn Berry James Berry Sharon Biaselli Wendy Biddle Brian Billing Thorne Binnings Ida Birney :hifi 1 i.. yy .gs 4 4 in .. . gfw t,,,,,,, me - -' H M Q ,- r,,rf,,,. M 0 lc 45 ng 5 Q A v Q , ae A Linda Bitner 6. 1 E. i fi' A ' xml -'.w.' Judy Blair W ' r f W' in if if ' le- r ' 1 Thomas Blair ' 1324 L asf' ' 'I' T , A , : Charlene Blaney John Bleeker , F, - .' ,-'ii A ' V J ,ix :JI rv - -f , , , it IP' -v' M i .l mr 'Sf + H K I Q45-f r . 1 in Y Dorothy Blood Jeff Blum Andrew Blyth Carolyn Bodily Roger Boettger Pamela Bonds Steven Bong Candace Boone John Bork 19 ' bn ' .32 ' 5 M - eg- ' .iii a im I f W 6 ! SAM TEAGUE explains operations of a depth perception test to Ron Ellis during Driver Education, a required sophomore unit. Mark Broughton Kenneth Brown Robert Browne Sue Bruns Mary Brustman James Bunt Steve Burchby Nanzy Burns ffo Chris Burton Barbara Bush Vickie Bush Elaine Caines Marilyn Caines Betty Callahan C. Cantwell David Carey Sharon Carlsen W' Kathryn Calamia 'l' in tow ,ii Q, -. 4 Stephen Carlson Leonard Carman K. Chambers Robert Chapman James Chapman Trudy Chapmen Kathleen Carroll Paul Casey Peggy Chaffin Renee Chavez Barbara Chilcoat Susan Churchill Diane Clarke Paula Clevenger Patrick Coffman Louise Cohen Jerald Collier "l" Jeanna Collins ., -,- o A G? Er., ii-fx 1 Q... tii L ' , ,mx ' - - 15, - 5 152-we iq M Q' W X 2 'B ,A , 4 Q' W ,qt ti, if B .e re . 'VJ' J' Wayne Bosecker Phillip Bosl Sheryl Bosserman Sylvia Bower James Boyden Annette Bragia Patricia Brandt Joan Bresnan Bonnie Britton Richard Brock' Sharon Brockie Carol Brodhea 56 - in ,x f-X vs . 35' ,ii 5335 . ji? is lg rf: sa- I ... fe 5 Q F -1 -fav' f kk nv " no' if Q ,ef awe, . cg N V ' 2 'gil qi L V' i'r J " 1 vs J' . f I f va I Vie i , ye, L , trt ' ,SQ 3 lm' t Z . V+. ,.-. 'nfs' I .-., , 3 em.- Hi,-MP' , ei- , ,M S -. M t in fi' S . N 5 V 13' vw e nj' J :.2g'-W5 Tfilsiiii 5 155 rr-'fl 1? In 3 . f 55? 5 gag.. be 1 is ESA 4 x av Q4 , or x 2 i."?DT'l on lm L Q A ' A gs f it Y i .9 ,ily J .S O H A2 f' an -5. . " F , 9 1: Q, ff- ie. K, if -ff, if w af " it i I 68 r 'it 2 Y an is By in 3 . E , s .A 9 -:Q , I G' ra, K ta- Lv hit:-"' rw- Af" rw 4: 4 with L " ' i alfa-Q LF. M" 'ff J Q .wir im: 3' it 535-1, . 2 A 1 Fa QE, .gigs L e it f Kg, Q it L A , , 51 Sg,4,j,, P 0' K , ...Q f- it 217 Y' Kevin Connell 5. Contopulos ' Carolyn Cooley ' f Marlin Coonan fu: 1,5 GJ 'S 3- f ,wa 4, Carole Cooper 5 2, H , 4: H . . ' Kay Courtney W ' ,- , 'gd 'A X 4- W ' Jeanne Cattraux -ii I 'VT' Af .-1 W K' .Qi I W Alice Covel I X g N :naw if Marge Cowan A in -,lf N, ix YK: . f .A 'i 1-- y R .i HZ?-1.3 wi Vow 5 32? if . Patricia Cowan -- ., I John Cranmer X 9 . I X Marie Crowley V N Q ' l 3- 1 Nancy Curran ' if - I .4 A 5. 9 at-4 ia: 4, V"" if oi Juanit Curtis Q , Q, ' . , gig. , , ,, W, 'Q' . John Curtis Q --Q , 'fs f X QT , M-A Vvrhh 5 vi' Lee Curtis i 3 X lk . 1, iit-:,l,- ,'i Laurie Dahl - Y ' K , 'J' F ' Linda Damery , x Yi. l John Davelaar "N Kathi Daversan - ' K , Stan Davies i Q 5 , ,M .5 K W 3 KaY Davis - . . I I M- 5, Q- NEW-K 5 :lohn Dean ni A ' . A 'R -' f- 15 , 3 5 l 6 v Karen De Bard ' 41. ' 'gf "" E eff! . ' V. De Benedetto " 'lf' 5 J , fy! .J Q5 sf ' - f ' Virginia De Camp Q 4 ' f, I K, K , 'J ' Diane De Cenzo f K I V, lg Nancy Deffebach . 6-' Jane Delapenha " . ,, it E' I. I + .4 , t K Linda De Long 6 3' Diana Dennia , A ev h ., , , I J 5' it 7' ,Q Vicki Derlachter 5, g J' " Claudia De Vare Y" . GARY JONES and Beverly Beckwith learn about the internal and external appearances of J gf the frog through dissection. f i I Phillip oi.. x J ' Helen Dickneicler ' ' Vickie Dietz J A -'af 4' 4, D A A James Dietze if Jiang J ' T .L ,, 44- ' c Jane Dillon " -W -- ax -" ,fl ' L M ' 'V 21 Daryll Dimit MV iv' N , - 'gy ' wax' ' Diane Donnelly " X' 'lic Q I fc:-, K " 1 V Sally Doolan ' J kj2,'qgi:hfgm "W 2 H f .gif 'U' -1 Q ' Vicky Draper N QQ' i 'X X -. " 'I' Vliiiiflif Sandra Draughon A ' . Bob Dunker XAKVWI7 l. D I 1- W I - X i A X ,jgglnygn UP gif- ., - g q ae ii, ., . ,. i C. at Q Q , Q Q we . Nancy Eichorn A "' i jf' , A A ' 1Q -. Dorothy Eiland " , it " A f K f K if ' -' K -E 74 'if- Ronald Ellis it i X7 ' ' I N Q ,. Thomas Ellison ' J f J, . T . f 'Ax 521' ' ,A , Stephen Erb ty. ' '-N f ' fn 1 0 1 '. if 5 ., 4 H- .51 xt Q 4 Stephen Erie I Robert Ertmann ' N Sharon Etue Lf 33? 15. , A, gg' . K K K Daniel Evans H ' " .. " ' K 1 h- Q . Sharon Fagan ,,,, R "' Al: 'J W 5 K I mi 1 - 1 "" " James Falk Ng K 1 5, i A A K Viv Michael Fara90 , .Ri ry A "iz 1 ' , 'Q' Gary Farr F ' R it ' ig orr rre ' C - Maureen Farrell ,4 Q 5? ,. , 1 J . ' Mary Feichlmann W Clark Ferguson A I Carolyn Fickas 5 I g , K, . - it Robert Fickas V. , 3 'J Q' Qi . ,L f , A . . I ' M L Susan Field , if " Z -, i A ' ' i io k I if 5 1 , "M 8' " Michael Fields 1-ig . 'sf 1 T, wr - 2, 1 H, Qi., Robert Fink .V N' K 5 x g f 1 71" A My ' -iii-eff Hifi J . it il it if c- Q fi .. Gary Fisher ' ' f 'iifff Q Q913 f 1 J .1 , ' . - . ERR - 'xii'-,Yi I M ' .5 Ss'-1, M. x 4-. X 1 I we Sl 'l J , l .helm Y sf 1 fe ei f " -fa 2 C- iv . 4 'L .. H .1 ' ' gi C i, V Q L,LW 2 , J , .... ' C or is e f m'1L sig -"' ,mm,A if f wQggif'TQi' ' 3. ' A Q . 5 in Q feel ' RX LK" 1,553 H A' ' A , r sph if .':3,5:5 . , Timothy Fisher Shirley Fiske Jack Folker Douglas Ford Kathleen Frakes Tim Frakes Victoria France Thomas Fraschett Susan Free A I , I Marsha Freeman 4 f Richard Freeman , ' S, 5 '1 " ' K ' r - c M Andris Freimania :lv -L 4- K is ,w A A 'W 1' Y QA, .Q Mary Furtak J: F K"" L I j " g is ' ' ' Calhleen Gaffney ' -- Qftw.-K xg: ly W F-z' Michael Gail i g K'-QR N - Afjw A l'is,,,fL X 7253 V. Galbraith i 1' X E W .. Stephen Galchutt -ff iz . , ASI 4, Y . se, v It Frank Gale if A if o F 'fri . ' f L. Galeotti .-,, . Patricia Gamby A .x A , J I , Margaret Garcia :L '- -.-' i ,Mi 33' Dianna Garfield "V J 'rl 1' -, H sri? 7, 7 1.15 i was vaiofalo ' " 'mf lf' "., 3 Linda Garr'ck - ' K "M, f Diane Geady ,K at . at Jim Giambrone '91, ' K, Gordon Gillespie V " lie xii 4? ij Judy Gillespie ' Joe Giovanini M VL Teresa Gleason ii' 1.3 I . Anne Glen ' " I ' 1 AL W ' L. Glendenning Q Us 1 ,E :QQ L ,. , , , . , ' 1, I J J 5 1' , 4 H Terry Glynn-f' 'A , an ' l- f by Francine Gobalie fi ,, -, g sr iw i - on if Donald Goens L' .. Q - ' ' Wynn Going a F i Q. J. to ,a to , or v w - rroo ,rg .R is ,s we 1.3 1 fr. J 'f "' " 3 , g i vw, . W V J Key f. f , CARY- Li -f W J r . 4 - si. ' f K 4 l I if! , ' ' f . f f iff A ,,, I fri, J J 331 Q' , qw- . , ll ' - T ' i QL 'W 1 . ' ' 'K 'I S, x - , 5 fx ,' . 'FJ 1, S. i.. N Vfhb Q A F T or R ilo 49. J 4 C 'Wim . V E A t A . Q i. . . V. ' H 3. Q: -wx z-' ' ' 'tix K , 1 . ' , Q 1 4: ' , - L . . . -11, , .L K h KE., N A , 4 .i . ,.LL A I rc f.: ,, - A '- -'j35,., ' -ff -. K T J Q w g? . .we l i Q Janet Goldberg Nancy Good Robert Gourley Eric Graewingholt Jim Graham Carol Gram Wendy Green Janet Gregory Q' . A. ,'A, f i r r 1 C ASS OF '63 ' ' we uw- 6' we 3 W 'wif of an . an , 6 w 1, 1- V .Wt year ,fl 1 ., . Wi K wx fi . M W, , , . . . 5 . 1 'TQ M 1 I I x ' if ie -fa G, , fag 3 can if J T k. .1 , ,Q X , ai ig , , 2, . Q sn? gl gif-403 1 . + my J 4 fl I We , w 'F .QNX . Catherine Gregg Gary Griest- Jerold Griffilll- Gwendalen Gum Dennis Gummf- James Hagen Karla Hall Nancy Hamloy Faye Hamel Craig Hamilton Marilyn Hammack Charles Hardinge Richard Hardy Ann Harris Sharon Harrison William Harvey Robert Hauck Fred Hawes Park Haws Jeffery Haves Cheryl Haynes Martha Heimdahl Edward Hempel Allan Henderson Cheryl Henderson Jannet Henny John Hergenrather fj Vicki Herman Rosemarie Hertzig Diane Heyne Pamela Higgins Sharon Grant Robert Gray Dole Green Dudley Green Frank Green 21 9 K , J J .lg -.,, X-. 'X tw: lik e c 'S Christina Hills Janice Hines Alan Hix Doris Hodges . A R ,, ' ,Q y J , Linde Holle A f i , ul V- N 5 Robert Hopper 5 ff' L N D. Hollingsworth ' ' "" - Paulette Holtzman K 1-415 H " .asks fly , , . 'R J' J? N A H b W -L -if ,K . 4, ,l,f -- ona nn u er 5 1' 6' , J " Cynthia Hughes f . ,fl , 1 - Mary Hughes William Hunnex . ' -' Jw-X 1 te , f f - V si"" ,ww il Q by e J L Q 'Q ,. sg , -, n G J b . an A ,ylih , V e 1., reg aco son D -, , N . ax ,, ll Caren James Q v. 'Pr x Q .,-:X ggrnle Jlayk' g I ggi, g e on en ms -fm -, sg , . , 5, .V t g 4 J Sift? 'J . . g m? . VV In gg, J Peter Johnson -X V Lka, blk Wg ZX '-f . 1 5' ' K 5 1, Wllllum Johnson wslis K 1 Z 'Q 1 f Susan Johnston - A, .gi "' A Ronald Joiner ff' ,ww A x . I .xg Q ' Qi, Gary Jones'l" ' 'lv' Ill, Pamela Jones ,4 11-- Susanne Jones Gil Jordan ,gr -I I V, .. -I . Julia Keenan Michele Keith ' , Jack Kelly , tr g K - Fred Kennedy ffl it 5 it William Kennedy Martin Kindel ' ,' m""" Karen Kirmsse , X. ,,.h Cf Corky Kite - - f 'A Dick Kitzmillg E H Ag: John Klamser Judy Klamser Brian Knight Karen Knowlton Barry Koch Barbara 'Kogan John Ko ar Diane Kouldxfrs Diane Kramb Laurel Kroeger Kristin Kuhl J Jed Kusik Ron Lacher Becky Lahrman Richard Laister Caroline Lamb P. Lancaster Cherril Land Margaret LaPatka Gerald Latham Michael Lauder Richard Lawrence Janet Lawson Barbara Lee Frank Lee Sally Leer Stephen Lease '1 - -4 6 me - . 21,-' get ,.1,-3- f f I Y We , I W ,I he F, Jean Jozefczyk Karen Julian Carol Jusenius Bonnie Karlquist William Karr Melvin Kaufman Linda Kay James Keeler 1 , j'.:.', 1 QIQWI EJ :Q X if 1 olive cl Q E , an 'ik JV! K , X , ' rg., J V, ye, - ll-flliifll Q, 4- A 1 Q' K Q I K Q :s,.52- g Vi 5+ R' f if , J ' SI ,J w ' l ug? ' f mf J - if W . xg at - A f 'f , K. A ' j' l b 'Nt N 3, I Lea be ., T 1' ,f ,J . J K. k ..- .. I g if l ' 'f J' z 1' t Gerald Hoefner David Horn Pam Hunsicker Carol Irons Michael Holland Pamela Holland Judith Horstman Karen Howard Robert Hunter Jennifer Hydev Donna Johancsik Barbara Johnso Susan Hollander Donna Howell Loretta Hildreth n Linda Johnson . . . if l 1lls'fil533l J , . "W" - J 1 C J 1 my ylyo C .. J "-' HE., If!! -1 fl 'TX .3 3 'Q .l"i,n 1 'iff . 1 gg, ' ,. ,J gm ,vt l if ,L X- A 1 ., .,-iw li I' ..,,--'xc K Q. V ' ' ' A it in R Q J , 'sf i H' 'I L Lyl e. .. ,gif ,A C a f Q K. I. nik f C eayl , ' " - J 'R "fri S s, ',: at 3,3 , . Xu: m y F V, Mr. iw llil 1 'V W Wg K b .V me K lg J f 'Q - JJ- I , J .. , 3 TQ 'f ' l 1 'Q if 'ff fflil " il all ' f W, ,. . b . , -"it Q slfigl Sf, if -V ' aml 1 "" .V .nf 'V T " ' J 7 41 J . il-iff: - if lfy,. .C 7 - as J Jtae i z.- , 1 v 'ii J J J -. ' l eui J -,, . E ,,. .x x I -A X, A . Q y - - Carol Leland ff A , W- Q Paul Leonhari I . . I , i " , , Y ,. i, T Laurie LePez , sag. F ii. ., 4: I Q H 'Ju g- 'Q il Mifhele Lesh 2 1 fl, g'L -.0 'l . ' A 4" 5' i 1 g rv 1 K KA- w. 'V - Andrea Lesfer 1 1 x 'M - :V , K 1:3 ' ' 2. ..L- IF" ' 1 72-I K - YQ' I Diane Lich fr' .3 l er ff, Q 'Y - ,, K' non Liddamd , Q Ad .. . 5 A ...lp t ,A virginia Lindberg 'X'f"E'b..5!K L fir it K K 5. r C- Und-ffmf-H X? ' A' V -A' Nancy Lyke Q ,I , -. ' 1' C' is ' Mary Lyle A . .J ' , . , - 5 , 1 " ' 'K M H. of B. MacKinnon .' 1, 7' ' - 'C' ix- V f ' U aren age ssen ' V fo A A . i. ' W an A Richard Maior v" Ein ,, .4 rw Q 7 if-2 fi Michael Malloy ' ,H ,WE 1 7? fjv' , 3' - ff' . Ginger Malmrose X f ' Q 55, l 'lim L,-1.22:QfY1Kf. - Eddie Malone 'K K3 I A Penny Little , , N id Wi, f M. Longenecker K' . K' W ,. sb... I K iw an . , Bob Loomis , W Lg 7 . ' Calherine Love - ' ' -V ie W f 'TV " 'gh Lyned Love 5 ' ' , K ,V w ' A A A Peter Love ' N -va. ,V -'E gf John Lucan I l . V . Rvr-old I-vs ' -llfhmgl k-,-: . Q -Q5 ..,.,, sl - . xc 2 35115. . adv panicia Lund Sandy Manker ,A L, A 1 Mary Manly ,j i K ., 'fr' Nancy Marascio ' :A ,. Cheryl Marble ... in K 3, , . Q A . A 1 N. V , lax Paula Marshall 7' X ' 5 , ,G W Qail Marlin ' fj- - -:E Jim Marlin- i E" ' 1, Marylou Marzluh ' K4 K My . ' 'H-1 'L X' 5 Wi? 1 . L -few k A 1 Jerlyn Mask " 5 A - 'X K. ,r 5. 'lf Gail Malhieson YR ir , Thomas Malhis ' N . 5, '-'lf 'JJ j Donald Malus A ' I - -F 1 A ,V ' SOPHOMOR uzzles over difficulr drawing during . W - Mechanical rowing ' ' 1.-H ' Q .-- ',, wg':5g,gf'y,f-1'i:1 fir-34 y if- I 1 K ,-1 N If 'Q v - -' Palricia Mazarka i ' v cl Carolyn Maury' - My Sv Barbara McBane -1 '-7, Terrence McCaslin - -fit 'lf ,,' 'Q , , . lil' ' "5 ' 1 4: L " Q sm -- Ee. .ef gh- lf i 5-SYCWETJ5-1 -- iff' 'Z A 'D ' Y QK A M, John McCrea r e - 1 'CF 1 W ,' ii? " Kathryn McDaniel j K " K fi, Q-Y 1 Y'-ffl X 'fix 4 ' - - . I wifi ' gd! ' " if L ' Yf - M '-v "NL-, A' -we f K 1 Q I A xl K 4... 4. .. Mark McQuown il 6 e A 3' Qi' e'T' 'LMS i - " ""' 'fi Wendy Meguiar Lf , . in D K ,xfjl - V , , Leslie Meiners -W ,, " 'Q . 'ir , in Janice Mendel , I i ff!! I ' f X L I if zf? A L' ix rxvxiix . C f Q 7 y 5 new ., 4 - , 1 g 'K " Y Pai Milano L. jf? . . . M- -Ps' , K ' V I ,gp K 'S--' it F il Paula Milauo -K 'X ' kai L1 2K I3 'W .. !K ,V 1 . V Claudia Miller kk-:Elf-1 . wg-yr, 1 jygy' ' :R W David E. Miller ki' ' I ' :Ev K "1 ' '- ' . I ' ' ey X, 1 - U N ,, :T 3 ,lk ' 4' --WK ,A -2 K. McDonald Hugh Merrill David F. Miller Sue McGill Douglas McGinnisMary Mclnlosh M. McKenzie Candace Meizgar Mary Meyers Donald Meyerson Judy Michael Mardell Miller .X-Claude Mills David Milton Raberl Millon Lynn Minaux Holly Montgomery Charles Moora I Rick Moore " William Mooreof D. Moorehead Lambert Morrison Patricia Morton Susan Moser Dena Mossar Steven Mueller Roberta Mullen William Mulligan, John Mumtordx! Martha Muntz Steven Murphy Robert Murray Kris Myler Diana Nauman Victor Nebekar Dan Newell Janet Newmeyer Kenneth Nichols Stephen Nichols James Nolan Martha Nordlie Christina Norvold A .S vw-fi? . Q f " - Y 339, rl" -an-1 .Q F F 1 N 1 , 415' 'N in 5' , 'wr' Q . 5 of .tn wg , vi i L krk K A V. I .kZ. N -. Y we ,....,:. Y X A ' A X -. Q, ,l . l , in 0 t f' KA: V 'i is Ny l L, 'h ' ' ,,.. if f o A j g u. 4 l.t .Q K ,-. - X-zxjvgxyx Ky: . . , f ll - ' I Q ' L W gif.. tt P 1 N tol Qld C 5--f P , , I l , Linda Northrop Kathy Norton Carole Nurse Kenneth Ogilvie in ,' A c at y X oeto , Elaine O Neill J James Opel 'G A ' 2 0 James Oswald " f' i , , s Lynn Otterbein my V , ,kr +R, , -. , ' ,Q .li Q, K 3 14 f - V as I Karen Packer i , ' 6- , I f Susan Paetz A 5: 'L' 'fs Q x 'W " ' Pamela Page ,iv ' ff' fr S o' Andrew Papa: Y' K .W '- x " "' 5 xy 5 If'- EXPRESSING concern for the welcoming of new girls to the high school the Girls' League sponsors the annual Big Little Sister Picnic. James Parks Nancy Paslaqua fl '7. Leonard Patton - -1 mr Kathleen Pauley Vrbh i A is , Cheryl Prwlwn P N- 1 f, if? .ls '--, ' 'Qs ' J Q it' , ft ,. Gayle Pearson 1 - , ' gi ,J V K A Q - My I - 1 if 3, , Y Gerald Pecarovich I .cf 5' ' Vg' 1 - N,-.. J - Eileen Pelto 1- 7 , K J ., , Linda Peria f. K f, .1 'ak f I, 'i" :XiffQQ,.!f l , 'i -fgg, do -' .i af-, X. :V ff W ' .V X 2 . ' ox P ' Cheryl Pertile Cynthia Peterson K , I fi Gordon Phares . J ' ff" y ., Donna Phillps V, '1 - ' 't 'f"ij3t 1 A , L- Q .- i ' A-e Patricia Pickens K , ' , Q 5 r 4, 4. 5 Tw . Pam Pine ' " '- f , ' Q, , . Nancy Pinney " Q , I If L: 'L ,C , ' KY 'M ii' Rodney Pitts .. 'V 'D 1 V fi -j ,.g3f.1 f -L ,I ' 5:-'lj Carole Piwonka . , v ' ,131 5 , ,X Vi ,1 .V , Donna Phillips Harvey Ploufte V f David Pohst . W y Jacolin Poindexter f W .51 , f ' K Richard Pommer V 5 K it f- K: , :,, H Aj , 1 i Leann Pontius Qu i 4 "sfst -- 1 7 5 , i -RJ David Pope V We-'Sf.a W L ,Jr Q ,ffl ' ...L-., Y Charles Posnecker K . , 'iw f ' 'r X Nh Frank Powers I ' x I X X X3 R ' .ri K J In , 'ig K 'W ag' 1 -E , . N 'X w ft" 'V :Kiltie AQZW. l U N , . Richard Pano 3.1 il liill ii in A ' . Betty Pryor f' ' i . Joseph Quint X," r J M sw , ' -f Paul Randall N , W I ,K 3 'K ". I , T ,g Lynn Ransom K -vu . Q ' I 'N' I yi. Ig 5' ' Qi -V In na- P 1 Thomas Rasmussen f 1 'V ggi 351' 5' 3 ':','i N - Carolyn Regal 'A .1 4 , ., " -- in Roberta Rehwaldt 1 F f 572, J i ,fx gut . P ' K l . 5, X ,k,g,, ,K xx ' . , . ,il 1.422 . ' U J 'E sql ' J-gal ' .6 cg if if 5,2 Q r ar ll 0 we we 1' 5 ,x c. 1 P-M .9 ,, ,. f 1. . 5' r I 4 5 , was ir! -iris, L w a. f , 3-'E R K., I Vkkkt H R' es' L' 5 x -- if B Q 9 53" 'R " :.MlQ3Q, 6. if N-r " E f L iff -1- frg V,, .,, , Q A. W, V , 2 ',-f -gg., . - kL,, 've :Mil ge Q he V ., I 5 J rss ' it g m 4 K! Mi " rm fs. L' 'f N ' Q, . is 5 J E 'ff f AGI lr' l 1 to . 1 4 Bruce Reiley L! K K 3 Q lm ki' Judith Reuter , , - V 5 E- 'Q' 1 Sally Reynolds x S r if 1 sf' Gi' Richards - 1 ' "k Q A 'V . John Richardson L? H Q K 'f - 'I xx "' Patrick Richmond I so , ' ' Dennis Riley , ' 1 Leroy Riley 1 Dean Rimmer I' 'S R. Rittenhouse . 4 , - ff Elaine Roberts M05 A . 6-M' ' y 4 Steve Roberts K 1 Wendy Roberts ' , 4- K -- Q +V--' lyk.-4 Andrea Robey ig- ' " Linda Robinson 6 S' f - H' , f S Rhea some ' K Bill Roeder Adrian Romero lit ' I X ' Linda Roscoe ' V ' , ., in I Sharon Ross if A Y i K are S , f Martin Roysher 'Q iq, if , Charles Rubash - '31 V' I Lynne Runyon wh 1 K K K - i , ,, Kathryn Russell J K. lgn- ' r' g, K 5 H' George Ryness Y ,G , ,W x Edward Sahagun ' ' J ' J George Sahagun Sandy Sunburn William Sanford Laura Scandalis Donald Schafer H, , El - w t is s- c.. f if' Marlin Schempp I , Mary Schlaifer Robert Schilling Jill Schlesinger I Vg W ' 'J "' 4 V :" r f .L 4 5 7 Q V, f' ' V HP , . ' i L.. 3 - 4' . ' yi ,, xiii Cherri Schmidt! if '21 X E 5"-ill? . Gary Schmitt 1 ' ,X "" Marie Schnur ' ' Carol Schurter Susan Shelley Jimmie Shelnutt Leisa Shivel Bruce Shively Karen Shunk Derald Sidler Laura Sihvonen Bob Simpson Sherri Scott Ronald Serino John Shanley Pat Sharp - Marilee Sleeler W., ,IQ Linda Small ,gr - 3 rf' N Sheryl Smith ,l'- - -,..- fr- i - .,"' , , , , David Smillt L ' - S, J ' J esoi 2 sii or Margo Smith L .4 04 I in , ' ' f Rtlbilt Smith 5 - W ' 35 I ef' M sz' Tracy Smith " 'H' , 5 -' A W q V, Barry Snider dit. 2:25 .erk 3 71 .3, kr . ev 2 Richard Snyders LZ I , A P , + all W Q 5 ' ,Q iiii l w"'W ' li Yi' 'il A L l L 1 Kathryn Sollauo F. Sollwedel Gail Soprano Gary Sparks Wren Sparks George Spillard Laura Spoon Cathy Sprang-1- Donna Sprotling John Stacey Kathryn Starnes Fredrick Steck Charles Stegner Karl Stephens Bob Stephenson Nancy Stirrett Rose Stokes John Stone 223 if fri it Nl? x , i -, ag - 'QE qv " K 'i K Nancy Stetler I- i -L K . ,, Q N Q T 3 , T ,, T N TV it Jimmie siovyf rx.. Allman - -gf F 7 if-JY. R 7 it -'Ulm SWB" il Q1 L ' J' 4 ,.,- - 2 1 3' Q ' ' Margaret Struve QS, f -b ' ' 1 ' I , . " J -7 i 41 ,fl v . 1 ii.-A..-1, 4. N .f 1 , :fda J X. J it it '1 'i i rees . .. . i T 5 ,iw as i A Nx- J i. - ii f -I JJ W Marilyn Sullivan 1 . in fy J -5. 25, vw A T ' W9 ' June' Svphers Q ' f . -- ff W 1 n . 34 - . , f,:a..,f vb ., ' K, Laurie Tait 1 1' 'P x V i - K , Craig Tavis ' V " X , ' it K ' Lf ,U 1' ., 'J V A 51 V . ., T, rimoihy Teich , t ... J J it gs. M 'ir fl , .IlamesTI'l'e?horst ' " ,QI L GCE 1 ""- ,-1 M z. ,E ,W. ij Q. gif , ynn a man , -ff Q ,,, . ul: N " i ig 'mmf mr Elfried rhieiieldei Q ' - - "ity, ggi - rw i , X -K f ik' . i . , AWN ,iv ex if ' ni, '. J t T X N A L 5 Y 1145-J 7 ,T i J Tl a, ' K K, K . 'iz 7 5 J li i A ici. Carolyn Thomas ' 7' .A - S T Q 'WP L ' z" Karen Th mas 'ii is . Q ' -lr Li Ji i gi. - " H,-fi ' .iif.. ' ' 5- Beverly Thompson is t A is f - Steven Thompson J 1 A - ix .sf ,- A i f . ., u lghyllc Tsirner Arthur Tuverson Mary Uhlman Marie Vqrelg ,i - ... 1: H I - ' ay are a James Vawter Di n V D' k V 5 It Q Mikela Till-.len Lonnie Vroman Thomas Wadleyrzhgitll Vlllggner lizhaelmwazunegr f fi "ie: E WJ ,,V ' Eflzgglllhlgiman Joseph Walker Judy Walker Gary Wallace Kim Wallace gy, ,. ' ' . 'wx G ,X ' T . . ' " Mary Tracy ' '- W ,n3, us'31 .1 " i .iirripf-I 'friggin ' we J - " . Fr? W jiri ii' - ' , T- , J :k'e Warden ' - J , e ' K ,Q Y I Bruce Trent Alhn: Waterhouse 'f ' . Y .., .V , W' Gary Troncalof- N M by w 51? """f'l T"""' . W.. ff?" my ii ' ni . ' i Y Christina Turchl f 'ziggy 3 331 X . 1 'M 1 .1 ,4 Q Q if -. f J' 2 i .ia J X f , Q la C. Waterhouse L, , ' A W ren Way , 'W' lf l 'i J Susan Wayment I f K I fu A ' Relland Weddell ,Y K grin-2 .5 1 L , ...uf K 1 it T C J Q ' , i iw 1 i .' K T, 5 , 'fu R3 Pamela Weidaw K K - . A Peter Weiss Q f T. ' J ' Lynn Weissman i ,K -A 64 " ' f W an ' 4 ' ,Q . ' , . William Wellman 'E' A i ' A L . 4 jfh V 9 9' q gi A I H 3 P- 1 5 Dale Wells f-W, r -fi " fa' f.:L1 ' if 1 sf 1 Jean Wells ' ,K 3 N ' "" L' i 4 ff, rv -V: Gilmara Werhane , .il i Q ' R. l fi 'K ' Q .M craig while. C 4 i if M,-5, i"i'i'i j X J Diane White ,gf V A- i I " N-my '-W-,V'1 Sandra White I V' I 'V I L' , Sandra Wicken ff! b - X, T L Judith Wightman , my .A . N R, Q' - K , ,W A. Larry wiuiams x an, A, fig' y ec:-.hi W fi W wi. A ,,, 1 .i,. Q E wt Nera i iams J J ' ly?" w ' , 5, .4 in y X1 'Q' W A -s J i r if Juni, wins 1 K ' -M T Susan Wills Q J ' nl. infix Shy is wif' I-f s, M 4 3 Robert Wilson ,Q , 9 f X ,' , HH - 1154- A 1 Stephen Wilson K - K , I AW is - J 2 Richard Winslow ' 5 J. Winterbottom 1? ly K- K 5 Jim Wish 5' -' ' XS Vi K -Q iflf' 2 ., V i ,, kg S A " ' V 'X MarshawWitbaarcl il U2 'V' QQ if, 'V 3 'iff if Q J if '..- --i Jigs ,. ffl' 0 i 0 James itter -gf 'I' -Q , j- 1 I J h A J fi Andrea Wolter Hg? - " "' ' ji", y sg Q 'Q' -23 ' Claudia Woolery ' if V , A . by Q f liar' , Marilyn wwf X i ' , 1. " Q i . I Robert Wray . ' ' T I Robert Wright if 5 J J T , A .f -5 -' . if Gll"99f vY'Vl'0hb0l f H t" ' Q ' ' 5 - .-.. J , .E A ,,,, ii K k , V , mi Rifle: iiffiff' A J 5 2 -21 3 ' Q ' Judy Sturrack I Qi, 'K' x M JY A QA, 'gy . fklQ,,.,, Q H . MarY Mannin9 A f" f 4 ire - K, A 1 Z J. if 1. - I In 'iw . , I GER FRESHME M DE R PID ACADEMIC PROGRESS C ASS OF '64 FRESHMAN PRESIDENT Russ Williams confers with Vice-President Craig Lucas and sponsor Max Cramer over Freshman class business. This is a pleasant relief from The tiring task of polishing The victory bell, which was rung many Times This year. NUMBERING more Than seven h.1n- dred, The Class of '64 has The disfincffion of being The lasT freshman class aT The high school. Wifh The complefion of The iunior high facilifies, Arcadia will be- come a Three year high school. ExTended day scheduling loroughf freshmen on campus aT IO o'clock, and Their final classes closed aT 4:30 each day. However, They made fine progress in Their academic sfuclies and by ioining many organizafions during The year, be- came well acquainfed with The enfire high school program. Now They can look forward To refurning To The campus in The fall wiThouT ThaT feeling of- "sTrange- ness." -nr '3 JoANN BLYTH, secrefary of The freshman class, and Treasurer Marla Morgan pose for The cameraman. 'ss-M W ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE WAS A FRESHMAN GOP !',Z A-on 5 ' fi' Scholarship Club, Row l, left to right: John Camphouse, Dave Crockett, Craig Johnson, Jean Du Bois, Laurie Stother, Leslie Taylor, Susan Crow, Shelley Lawerence, Jeff Arthur, Craig Maxwell, Row 2: Carol Williams, Eloise Sewell, Syd Marriott, Helen Mortensen, Nora Larimer, Amy Anderson, Barbara Neill, Janet Alcorn, Anne Bosch, Connie Retzlaft, Catry Chmitz. Row 3: James Harris, Jim Sharp, Jan Wilson, Laurel Tenney, Karen Snyder, Pat Portwood, John Rinek, Bob Moore, Doug Lacey. Not pictured: Steve Boss, Brian Bernard, Jeff Gathers, Susan Knight, James Scarborough, John Shanley, William Snider, Susan Vogel. DEMONSTRATING their academic competence during their first semester in high school, 37 freshmen out of a class of 695 attained the IO grade points which would quality them for membership in the Arcadia Chapter of the California Scholarship Federation. Due to early dead- lines, the second semesters members could not be published. Although freshmen grades are not considered in the naming of Gold Seal graduates they are nevertheless, an indication of the student's potential academic record in high school. 1, R '3fffif -,, , A y - , ' f Lf flzgi fffif' ,, ui I K. I ir' .. 3 ,4 4 all 1,-, -. ..t r ' , V . , - 5. L i , kim WLT ,g My 'rf l' -.t si-51. " --H -E: J Lifwlfl' 'Ve' l Eh, -' I .3 .. 1 :,g,,,fV , SM., , vu , if . . . . ,. . ,,,, ,,,, - r ,,,,,,, ,,,.t.,,i F r , ' I X x , aff, ,' 1 - f 55513 A ' A Don Ackerman Judith Adams M0l't'l'0f Adillfli Barry Adler Susie Adler Kenneth Akey 5'-"U" Alberdins Janet Alcorn Waller Aleshire Jan Allen Dan Allison Walter Alpaugh Richard Amromin Mary Anderson Amy Anderson Greg Anderson Judith Anderson Kathy Anderson Donna Arman Jeffrey Arthur Susan Arthur Owen Askin C Brian Balding Temple Baldwin Kay Bamos Roger Barnes Lee Baroni Barry Barrett ' , '4 N L t'.,, .yi Q v E 3 'v K.. L' , " .X , M , rf it . f ' Ill 8 , 1, -'lifts ' ' ' 5 ' CQ w,-:.ire!1:illll'li-fl:l V' ' if lll lli Anti fs 'TX x ? .. Mi A ri 'r'tr f i - 3, -.., . -, 1. . " rf a , J . ,s ,Is 'Q A l we . . x -A . i nu ' sl A W- it , sg ' A , g '31, xi Xx 15- '- S.3'Kff.s ."2??-Yi geniess f,!cr.m I3 v-0"2?."lEt1Ei Il Gary Barton Howard Bauer e Lee Baxter J Sandra Beard Kent Beatton Bob Beckman Carol Beckstrom Connie Bell Bill Belter Barbara Berry Greg Berkey Brian Bernard Carl Bergquist Craig Besingue Pat Bestler Terry Bishop Bonnie Blakelock Patricia Blomo 1 'iii - -- .., -if I 7 5 Jeff Bumgardner Nancy Burghardt Dennis Burman Bill Bush Bob Bushy William Butler Judy Cameron Nancy Campbell JOHN Camphovse Susie Carson James Casey B05 Cassleman Robert Chapman Penny Chester Jolene Chozen Pamela 'Citron Dick Clark John Clark Susan Clark Toni Clark Grace Clausen Margaret Clyde Boyd Cochran Janet Coffyn Susan Cohen James Collins Theresa Compo: Robert Conger John Converse Carol Cooper,+,. Pamela Coopenlf Wayne Cowley Kathleen Craig Jana Cramer Margaret Crame Jeanine Cripe Edythe Crippen Dave Crockett Rolland Crosby 5 l -l J J Il. r J JJ, J 2 y H .Q A , f l rg ' J - , ,, C if' M- - 1 S ' 'Q e 1 J. J -eff -- . JJ if ' 'J xr C " ' sara- 1 yeey ,J no i J Q -K of J . . J. ,.,, W .. f f New ' f+5' fifi5T' 'F J fl " V 'igiiflw ' I i 1 i J 5 ' ' J J f pf . if' J J J ' , Jf 1 6 to S 1 B 52 JJ ' ' 97 B J x fig- in .J . L? ,ff i i l V x'iv1x.J ,J , L V ix x x JJ gr Q 1, like A me ef B .mf I s Ala J 5 ' J 1' j . 5 K. J my viii: Tanya Bluemil , 1-new JoAnn Blyth ' ' I wi .2 Kristine Bodner an QS? J J,, 6 Marion Boisot om, if 0 4 B filet J J f 1 J J Kathy Boomer J JJ 5 "vw J J Anne Bosch F' G13 if A 3 in 0 if V 'J 5-K. Steve Boss 'Pi J J lik ,K K 'J , 'Vg-f Victoria Bourne ' y 3:91 I 1 M32 'SQ KR" ' r J, 'V A J - f , JI . irre Q5 '4 B J ' J if X1 E455 A Irs. I I 4 St BA S N I eve owman 8 , +-f J l A ' ,, Ted Bray 1 K 'Q 4 fi F S' as--J ' " 'N F, Q ,J Susan Brennan 'Q I V ij, ' ,5 57 . J W V ,V Linda Bresnan J,Ji wr: ' J f xza W ,J 1 our le, air?" ' 'ii - J 4 J Q 4 J i -fn' A ' XAXR, J r3'i-XEEELEE?-E!?'fS5:iE?5 7 ills k A k J aw' I Susan Broffman A ng r r I 1 ,A Mary Brown 'F LA Af- J , . - ' 8 I -' t "' Sally Brown 2 If N ' ,gf ., V . Steve Brown ' , "J K 'T ' 4:22, J J 4 me A he l 1 - ' V Ik e. x I V X ' HMG' ' lyg' .- ' My is 1 -' X .5 xl!! 2 J Q 1 ' - AV - " ' Ronnie Browning .AJ 1 J, A A J J A L, 4.4 ' Douglas Brutsche :g ' -if f I gtg' , f i J .J ' :nukes Bryant ' ifzff Q11 K ',J "W - gi., I 1 - P 1 - ye, 'wg H J , ' ' E J X I Wh ac Bucher N gm-rig, I K 5 ,JP Ms, 5 L J .f f 5, ,kd ' .V . I Y ' YJ .iiy xg jijvqff ' A ' 'X 'z A ,sf E "' l' ' i '-" K Mike Burton Carolyn Burwell Sharon Cahill Jane Callender Craig Carmehlf David Carpenter Bill Caster Pamela Chapman -we B 1 B B eg. I 'U' t Vg' J if K3 a. 5 y"M " 4. Ji. I J Qi. J. my JJ'i, Qi ,Kg l M y v JVJW , Q . f 1 .31 .-1. . so 1 ' L Jim? va" f 1 - ' Ni'-3. J L -Q-f' J .., g .g, L5 e .ay , Q. ee, - A J I - -J J ' f , x 'hw f ' Magix. fill ff Q f J Q . J J- li' rw 5 of m- ' e .Tl it 'V J' t S 42:9 it -31 f li ii it X .z- f- ,ix ' 'B I , - J' ' N - 3 -- J 5, .13 " .gj,g14.! " I if 5 1' 'iZif'Jw1-'i'y-?T1iiJ! S ..4 ....c.. l FRESHMEN learn their way around campus os they mingle with the upperclassmen during snack and lunch periods. 1- , . at-4' 2-i'S,UU V ' ' . 1:-4 "9 f-' I , 4 'V7-2 1' ' 9 a 9 4 , , f - -Us Q A - , U0-1:05 I5 .J 1 .M .1 ' 5- U 52 U F X ' X , N A Q na 4 ,-1 Q ' .. ., , lure -- V , . z Q ,J - m 9 72 Q ff 45, ' " 9 - , l Ph-T , 4, W, . f -w,MWQ,,x l ,gk-?' ",,' ' 3 f VN IH E -1 I- 4 g -3V"' Us 2 In ,f"- , ' Q 5115 o 'Ffa' t it , Q A . Q 2. U " was " ox . . - P 22 EDU - F" h, f 554. If ' l 'FWS Q , ' , 5 "2-.,,, N ' " 91' 5 2-'Z .1-Q 1 V , Q, P' ' + K :172::f -" snr - 4. U 1 fe- P :uTEon nf' ,gi 2.35.-gg, l N gg 5 E73 Wg , ,rf elm' if Q U- mf -' Y 1 fn ,rf -,, . '31 Eg n 5 ff , ,V ME if f ffl Y Q, of rr ,iff t 3 ' . ss?-rs ,P ill ' ' fi . + , o I E it ' Nile P 3 3 E.-4 E: ff, - fi .gsgy - f Qs., J Q, - ' . " 9 , ZEN' o V- ' f,,,, ln--4 ' "if 3 ' - ' , E- "'5""l' - 1 , ,4-, M, ...,...,,.., QQ., 5 lg ur we, , l . 2-3 3 E5 , - 'F in , , 'M 2 351' i N i --f 1 ,,h, ' 1' 'A " --U U ' , ' ' , M , , M' Y gsgie -j E wig, i, . or me '--it S 3 '.1 2 r' 'e l fl " 1 e o , I 5 A M .,,., ....,,,,,,.... ,... .- .H W 1 V, gg gg? ,A ff H ei' 5' 'F ' -W' 3-Lan-E f, ' . - 'K ' if X -M f- L --any he F E ,E .If h ra . ,C Qi - : in f- cz i Ag! - if 6 .' 1 4. 0 3 :fo ' - f ' 2 cs 0 4 .1 228 Jean DuBois Peter DuFresne Nancy Dunbar Treiber Duncan We Paul Duncombe Christine Dunmire Ron Dunn Dorothy Earl Norleen Ebert Terry Edwards Jewell Ellis Patricia Emm Dana Emmett Timm Emmons J Bob Engle Vickie Falk Russ Farnam Mary Kay Farrell Judith Felker Patricia Felten Bill Felter Robert Fenner Joyce Fenton Robert Ferguson Charles Fields Beth Fillmore Ginger Fix Kathleen Foerstel Jean Fellstad Ron Footitt Ellanie Ford Kathleen Foye J. r .E guy b N 4 r g A 7 J... 2-, fi:- .pv r S ' , s',5lxmA l if , .R Vf'5,.g? lf, -fr: G- W, it Q- , l' lr X Y f. P F . -... i Susan Crow John Crum Guy Cummings Chuck Curtis Earl Curtis Steve D'Auria Kathleen Dahlquist Patricia Daley A A 1-I' -A i . 4 . K TWV tiia1 it P . fi: o ff! H 6.-9, 1 Aj. A ' 'W' C ' ' ',1rr 1 V .P skill' ' T , M P rf ,Q 2 " gif 1 , ,. b Y Jl E e"'f Q , gs - A fi W, F f' if ' -v In A 5.: 9? yy! . Aziri I ui .L ,.Q- 1- -I I I ,,7-b,. L i -- E L .w' 3, V l .. - , . if ' g , ,,, E .. . :Q i 14 B A fg'Q'3'l ' 5 y N. 1'li .'i' A . t X ,A 'i M ,W ., F I i si " 1 , W' 9 ,. ' e1,, .,., ev .h 'W' - if .safe it r ,D - - F ii. 'P my A' , ., H Q r gt hiv" '37 ' 1 rrtiy J H ,4QsiYf"i K X, L s ', ' , K3 . Q15 V rr ,, A.. gl i it Qty E " Q, , 1 M! 'W 33 57' if Sava-0 fo. Yx 4 arf' y Nad' iff' v Tw aomhb E4 rn, A '37 Y ii rn I' 5 an f Xxx 'Gu f rags Clifford Ginlher Suzi Glaisler Dale Glicken Paul Glover ,. Lee Goodin Sandra Goslin Carol Gough Timothy Gower Randy Gragg , Sieve Graham Sandra Granneman Elma Ann Green James Green Mary Ann Greene Robert Greve Paul Grey Frank Griggs Karla Grondahl Eileen Grossman James Guglialmoill John Gundersen Susan Gum: Sandra Gwynn Susan Hagen Richard Hagerty Jeanne Hallock Bill Halpenny Ben Hamilton Raymond Hansen Drake Hanson James Harris . 5 5 : r- -W .i i, 4' lf, G ill .. , H., , , I.. f . l ,F V J' sf 4 4 Diane Frandsen Clin! Frank Sandra Fraschelli Linda Friar Diane Fromerie K. Funderburg H Sharon Gabriel'f" Howard Gad Teresa Gamby Larry Garcia Gary Garnet! Andrea Garrelson gill Garriotr eorge Gas er .. Peler Gales V Jeff Gaihers Jon Geiger Rirhard Gilchrisl J,- - ARCAEEC. ik eu scnoox FRESHMEN acquaint Themselves with the school on orientation day. ff . , Janice Hartman Linda Harvey Sally Harwell Douglas Haserol E"""""' Gm" umm Halfield mf Hawkins Karen Hegler ummm Hildrerh John nemzuim Condon Hershmon Nila Hess Barbara Solomon+,, Bob Hild David Hinshaw 64 Q-nr u 4- KG , J F ' . 'L' l 4 , .,, f 'Y Q-, ,,, ,M . 1 v . ,- 5-0 .-- gl ,g un. 'C' .0 -.. . it - K 229 F . .A , " ' J Sf J "x l' ' . " "M N W A 5 , ' if-, Aw .asf '.y QQ? J , X 4 A L ' 5+ f it , by cg J V! ,ge 92' ff? xl V4 S V . J 1 an ' jf -2 .' 5-213- bv- i 2-I -.- - ,:.A.,1 Don Kleckner Kathe Kloppi Susan Knight -rl' Kathi Knisley Sandy Knowles Jeanne Kober Randy Konski Connie Korpowski Sherri Kroeker Jeaneno Krumm Roger Kyle Doug Lacey Christine Ladd ' Nora Larimer , Judy Larson Gayle LaTourrotte ,. Denise LaVene V" " Nancy Lawrence bf Pat Lawson ' Sharon LeBas James Lee Lucinda Lee h Kathleen Leon art Michael Lesh J Scott Lewis X' Steve Lewis Lawson Lindeberg lr! Gretchen Linden Stephen Linder Donald Lindsay Kenneth Lindsey Linda Logan - John Lorenz Janna Lowe Bill Lowry Gregory Luboviski 1 ,NV ,ff j ' wg .A' .al t ,Q X l lx At .!. 24.3541 fsffifew f , 'Elf' 8 an 'N f 1 ,, 1' if s , a I re, XX I l , 1,-.. .-S Susan Hodges Jim Holm Lynn Hooker Barbara Hoover Linda Hostetler Gary Houghton Richard Houston Richard Huber Dirk Hueskin Susan Hughes Ronald Hull James Humble Jean Hunt Joy Hutchinson Revo Hutton Gretchen Hybskmon William Hyde Mary e William Ilfrey -ff David Jacobs Ricky Katz Catherine Kaufman Noni Kaufman William Kay J A N.. , '.,. ' I pef 3- . wg, F , ,, W, ,. . " ial ' ,:.. 'BJ f 1, t. Q 1 . H s Sv ." T, Q. ef Qi I C Simi i"i 3' to - ..4, . ,, 1 Ronald Keddie Robert Keller Robert Kerr Judy Kessel vtwfdi. qi Susan Jacobs Karin Jensen Greg Johnson 'E uv- if 0- "l""" Vw QT Edward James 'Y' Bente Jensen David Jensen Brandt Johnson Craig Johnson Diane Johnson Gary Jones Jerry Jones Judith Jones 'Vs -we ' 'R Joyce Kimble Martin Kirby Susie Kirchgestner Norman Kitzmiller' 1 if , l r 1 k . 4. I or Nl' H1 1-v Hn!- . W, V ,,-- s fi! . t , , 1 Q if -- 1 'lf Jig ' iv 55 V ,gg Q 4 V VWQwl'MV I.. " :lim iioii B 5 fefyg-VA,tw,m, wow .s ' 3-,gf 5 iv' . rs' J f r .' 'loft 1' K , , 31. H 3 if w' I ,. 1- c. , W, 'H Q L , L ' ,K it ,gi A. Wiley Jonosl! John Jordon Joyce Joseluy Betty Korlqurst VA I. ,L Q Elf M27 'wa J 'lr l .- ,X it A lx I L K .JA 0 c , ti G y nge .4 - .q i6 g I ,H . 11 .tg ,Ll' 7 N ' ' K '- i M 39 K ' 'E' tc - - ' Q L Q A, A - i .5 K if Ai jx A , A: ie S to J S W' I ,E i f I K i Xi , ,oe ' , A 5 el '- 2 li ' , , - 'A 'f N 513311 - J wk.H .- ml . R A it N t kd 4' G wr, B iz , , . 1 - K ,- - ,gwfIW,9,R '.v A, ,LEW M Eg L Am,N 3 4 .,: A l A Carol Lucan " f, f K- in V Graig Lucas ' . -- f 1 if . ,,a- 0-1 is ' L, ii A .s.- Janet Lucas ' f r asf e -'le "' Y l'L'r2'.5"illn5r""-. L E K -+-Q 5 ' L K' , 3 1 qw Q A -' 4 -' W V , X J W V, I Stan MacDonald I K K M n kv KH xkkwg K jllarc:lleAMcr::Donald f-15 f,- .rg 5V ' f' "fy H ane ac air 5 ii-li? Y" l,,.t ' 2 Q i , K A V George Main T r V igniaqm Mums V L ,Q -' ' ' heryl Mandeville L K R l M K i VV A A , 15, -g , -, Jack Manley 2 K .fi L' 'iff K .rl WWA 1 Q 4,,, '-lvl. Jackie Marantz 'Yi' A Vf' V :'i " ji!-5' Lt., A - 'T' Elizabeth Marikian IV V ' 1 ,, . . . Carol Mark4-2 ' l V 'f ' ' ' lv A XKM , Syd Marriott ' 253, ' f'N ' Ann Marshall - A K , VL . Linda Marshall ' Frank Marsman , f' qi , 7 ns Q 1 V 5 Karyn Marlin . - V ' . f V ,Vg V? 6 L V L' A we ct A Richard Mattingly V. ' ,K -P, -'AQ v- mg, V '31, W' f Craig Maxwell "' " F J, r J ' ' gil at , g j Q V aan Mayhew rj 3. 1, V Y, ' W'ii fK'1"Q Q 4:15 ':,h 'W ', Carol McCann x Af Kr f iqpiga X f A 6 'Ki 5 it w -A ,wi Baron McCullough u V Ei, ty, xv ? x:i,H,fI?!i: I Brian McDonald , ri , an ' , P- . 1 V . , V , , ,VA , Nancy Mclntire - '11 Q-v Rebecca McKeighan K K V K " " ' Terry McKay try - VV- K- Sharon McKlhben A , , if-I Bruce McLain ' - "ii . 'Fi '1 VV r sof- ,S - Vw V - f Q W 1 ii i lk -.e K Bill Mead 'Y l gy I il :it 7 "V: Darla Meadows Q '-' ' i x Qndy NAec:l:x...f- 1 r K' . 4. usan ee ' jf Lawrence Meikle K i?J. f :?i 4 . ' Q I ' ia f L - K V, ' g f',k 6 9 at Bruce Merritt 15' .. K A K . Michael Me r . . L - r Yes N '2n."f' 'A V 'i,f'tu Vivan Miles ' Ass, V we 'V L Heidi Miller mv-it I. Lillian Miller V " . V JOINING in the school spirit, Freshmen cheer at K 'A I F j" Q Ned Mme' their first Pep assembly. E -if' li Susan Milosevich .., Ve ' -' J V K V R- . A Sandra Moon V W Vg . A i Robert Moore gint H ,, l -F Pat Moramarco 'lmlgnwa I K Barbara Nelson Leslie Newquist Gayle Newton James Nicholas Randall Nicholos Susan Nieubuurt K , , ,xg Kathi Noble John Oeltman Peter Ogilviery x r 6 .- ' ' ' - f , ,N gf. Richard Moreland K ' E ' '.. ' i i' Sandra Moremon K ' ' ' V as X 5 'll - K r Carolyn Moreno 5 A , Gail Morgan fr fi 247 gk V 5'- 'K 3 Kira Marla Morgan ' VA! ex Qui- ti: J 'v i Xxx I mf ' Vi' f L T i x of ' i is ste , V J iiii l' 'L its , 3 6 ' -' ' Q5 t ,if ' uf " 3 4, ' V I Maryann Morse'7l' K - 'T' J -gf Slelen Mortensen . - ' W K 'Q K:ill:sMul::l?y?r V ' M- "" W V "' 'Y Mary Murray 4 J VV l' if' "' f ,U MQ 3 6 .,' i" K ' ' A 'V Stephanie Nance W-gf 'f l K ' ' , 'lv ,N David Nees - A, ,. V 5 .. ' -o, ' like E ' y. , Barbara Neill - ' in . , - V V' V Janet Neilson G ,Iv - 7 "- r 1 A V Colleen Nelson if , if E ' 1 . K ,'?1?:'4' K ,4 ak - . gist V. 4. it . , 1 ' SMH UQ Vfr 4 .L X V ryg 3 5h lr far .L y QV 7Y'w0Ks?'T.h lvvef':aeli3:I't'Jl 231 Richard Olmstead Steve Ort 1 Janice Ovington L L . .. f Ken Owrey f" 'gl -1 P -S I K '-W' 1 ' Randy Packer Gregg Parish Fred Parker Leslie Parker Christine Partch ,If 24, , he 1 Jeanne Pate Victoria Payonk '-if be V e JV I J. I J: X 2 "-L?" John Perkins Nl' V3 4-I A4-'g"1 'ii Christine Peterson ' f 6' gy :H stephen Phillips ' N Susie Pickford ' Richard Pierson James Pinkston Bernard Pirih , W in V. f I Cynthia Porter Linda Quensler Bob Ransom Sally Pollock Joan Poole V! Pam Provins I Sally Pulliam Dick Raming dk, Ron Ramuz , "' is no K l Q L. 3- "sri, , e, , Q -4 Ms Y 1 , 4 hz , 5 Q if 'xy Y fgg, gi no - Q . ra H 5' 1 L ti-1 lg., . gp P cf Sf S it J.. I , . 5 tg il K rv V 3. S. 5 R My , Away' .,-r . f-tw ill? K Kathleen Schickel Cathryne Schmitz James Schneifer Lynn Schwartz Judy Schwarze Diana Semp e James Sharp Victoria Shatford Barbara Short Richard Siemens Janie Simpkins George Skialm Susan Price Ann Rahilly Patricia Portwod Lynda Quick Veronica Raymond ,B , 6' . if Y hu Q W: 5 is ' 2 if Jan Schneidewind Tom Schubert Linda Shaffer-fs Kathie Shurkus Bruce Smethurst Mary Sewell Susan Shugert Kay Slover 5 is ' AQ . - B, 'G' I J ic ' l I is 15, y r , M V2 ' r x f 'Q ' 'x " J ir- 1--f x" .. af gf A ,U ,J i is Q J iq' -ev ty we , 7, ' S, M. , J5- ie E X is.. , , ,. A nl ws' 2 k 3 fs. Q! Q V, I , ky X 1, ' if fl L 232 fel, 1' v Donald Reed Donna Reedy John Reedy John Regen Janet Reinhardtsen William Resnick Connie Retzlaff Linda Richardson Patricia Riffo Kristine Rimpau Connie Rinard John Rinek Carolyn Roberts Chris Robin Jea-nette Robinson Jim Robinson Lynne Robinson Peggy Robinson Mike Robinson Diane Rock Joe Ross Susan Rosenthal Bob Rourke Brent Rueb Buddy Rush Drew Russell John Russell. Clyde Salley N Lucinda Sanchez James Scarborough Bert Schaar gf Jim Scheuer i 1. c V i-, K iii A v, J HNF- Q J. L ,:.. 5 ff. -, .f v .. ,x , 'f .., ,, L . 5 Z3 ' ' 5 f P ' ll J ' Y w 1 A, -1- ' ', ' ,- . ,A 2, t"", gli , V . X, 'V' 'ci' t l f 4' E P N . ' V1 Lis.. 1 R .y iv . RA Siiilix ffiiiii Q g its X. V till' my .sw 4 armiil ,likes H .W ' sg. if "T, " . I 'Q Y' 'ai Tig lv K W' f-you . ' 5, ' X I S: - B pig' Wg, "L -1, 'C 2 f ' iii l is-1: i VK ,X Tv fi - 41 4' 4 5 ew . if .5-yi, ' . . xy ' M ity . X , ,Q Q-uf L X T y K Andrea smiih it - S i , ' A Charles Smith T . ' '- ' V, 4 ,p 9 - A , non smith T Q1 A 'Y 'lr .-. T: -'F' A I 23 L' fi -'is ' Deni Smith Lf r A 'Y , . ' . Wi ,,., Q K .K ., Dixie Smith .K L '--, , Q- LK V, Ki I K Donna E. Smith ' X , K fl k," N I 4... H SQ" I K' Gregory Smith 'lx his .ggi gr, L 1' in A R ,E I Sugqn Smith ' Q, ' I Q, W 'K i William Snider . of 1 W V so X.. A A '-3+ . S 'K ' . , ,. ' Donna L. Smith i A ' ' wk: ig ' P Karen Snyder A , . -T if ' A s s ' Q A 3 as ' 'i ' i F' ' f "Q i- :E Plslfsoouiliis . . . 1 , K' f Q ' SK' ' ' Ken Soutqtf- Y' " L-'H vd' Q ,N K f T! Sheryl 5Parks Y, ' -,, 1 f j ' 1 Cecilia Spurgeon 'J Q ',-' f W Y,-I , Joe Stanovich f Y Saundra Stanslow V 5 Q' Marty Stately it l ts- L y Stephens W, www , N W ,, ' Q!!! Lilrlslla Stephens mmKmmWK"'l"W"' ,, "W'i""'Ml "Ml W K y fr 'Q Virginia Stephens ,, N I N . ' "iff, 'i I 53 , , i 5 ii KTM .wi WW-UVMUU-aww, y 'A r " 1-W-s arg - 79' 6. Greg Stephens i 5. s' Ni, Q' David Stewart r 1 Margaret Stice ' Janet Stoffel-r. V A -7' fl 2 ., . . - h. z" K - Q73 ' Bob Storrier in 1' ' -ff' , '- 0- Linda Strampf ' '-,.f - H , A., , Paul Strawn H K ' 1- 'S Gail Strecker E li R y If x y x . - A I Laurie Strother 1 ' K V 4-e Marty Stubbs sn ,Q -.1 , Chgryls Sullivan 'K K ' iK,""' .lu y uter . V '-- H Y? M' S .V ... ' Q 1. . I rj , K KA' I M te FRESHMEN arrive at ten' o'cock to ioin the eight o'clock scholars. 43 A ? 1 -, Carol Swanson 3 V - Steven Swanson Q ' 3 -. iyzesigrggjg Byron Tobin Jean Todd Margaret Todd Cheryl Tompkins Timothy Tredwell . VII . Laurie True Andre Tulleners Froster Turner John Tyler Sheryl Ullman f K Gayle Vachon Dennis Vollone-y Stuart vanBibber Paige Varton David Van Iwaarden o l K . T S Q ,. L A i , I Leslie Taylor 5- I V g fr- fn ki -0 Y A W . 1 Tom Taylor f y 5 ,W Lk,.- i K A' , I VL , re empes , A pw, pr iv ' " ' ' fi V1 -, - 5 i 'K . Q ,f ,ff I . - P w 6 A ii 4- 'VIV is Y i ii ' . --l .TM Miva-sr, ' Mi . . , ' , l an Q Laurel Tenney ' J 6 C ' ' K . 1" W .1 Susan Tepper 2 ," V J Tb- gl K , 3 T l v S Timothy Theiss Q S J i H , an . -,,A' -1' ,- ., Ak iii 3 Robert Thoe K f ' K f ,:: it Q., . 1, I y . l r- , i -1 "" . ,,..,,- g , , K ' , , T ','K L r -'i' S , F ' , . G V , , rf, S, i Jim Thomas ,L ! K , 3' S ,V I , as f y A 2 f... A' , Gloria Thompson :!v"' A , 1 I K K V I. - L' fifj Tim Thurman 'll' - , K 3 N w. 1' ' I .A Rosemary Tipton ' I . t 4. N X Y Y T S "asa Q Ii 6 ' 'E 5' 92' '. ,L I N - .1-'-',.f-ff-'r T x ' 233 E A: S' . ' L , az- A cg no ah" "' I " Mdmm Vidican ,l ' ' A 5, , f -l' V' I - M . 'L ,X I -.M fy! -Wf' Y Mary Vogel f ,,ff ' X, .lgf X r .,-sJ .. 'ff -' , I 1 ,. l r ., , u - i I , 3 ' If 5 Z sg , - 5 5 -ef, --X - url ,y We is J, A 1 ' ,' V, X QV A , 5, , Harlen Wadley Liv if", A my 5 , QV I 'fl Carleen Walgren K ..- " Q Q L Larry Wahlborg . ,fi i ' ' 'K of K, Tom Wall l y ' Y' S ' I I W g 3 f Jw ' I ' r xl ,. -. o sw, jp 'fail 1. 1' H, - .- -X. e v' ll -' if, 'ze Z-1 - -' 4 le. , . -3.1 y .,,y K Bruce Wallace is , ' f i if S' W 'W S ' 5 N"'f . riff' Donald Wallers ' A E' ,' Q ,rw , K V J' A Judy Wambach ' qs K- Q '- ,f E it ' i, we - , ,J I A 'fl Helly Wapslra ,Ex 'ggi xx "' A N91 ,, . all X . LA A was: , Q ,L 2 z Thomas While John Whilelhead Palricialwhillingzyinelle Wiegal Marsha Wiggins 3 .f K K 4- V Scoll Wilcox Pamela Wilhllef Palrlcua Wilhlle Carol Williams Cylhia Williams , JI V 5' M w 'klns Richard Wllllams Russel Williams Tom Williams fbavid Wilson Douglas Wilson - " ' V V ' - arcy a i Cn- I T 7 'Q' Bob Walkinson if V l Susan Waylell 1, f Sue Webb x 7 f 'i I Chris Weber 'pb -' K f .lack Weiclaw ' 'Z 3 S is " Tom Weik . i 3 F 1 fg , - Nancy Wells if 5 A W 5 ,- ' A f se ' , , L' Q' S it W 'gif 5 K , Pele Wellman ' ' L 'A' ' Gail Wes! 1 ,V 5 fm Sally Wheolleyflf M i srdn whales V ' l Ah A I ,, Q? 1311 .win A C Q' ' , Rl y Hollie whmdndck ,f K , ' - , - Ben While ' K , Y -'Z L- H Laurinda Whilehf r 1. A .L ' -- l -, ' Q, X, Sluarl While li 955151 ,I , WT ix H" '- FRESHMEN boys eagerly await entrance lo the Hi-Dance, the first of E N 1 A S S many dances they will attend at High School. K K K Q K A Ronnie Wolfe - ,Q , ' K K 5 i Susan Winlers , A EL an Sn xl l Ln 1' M Q L' , Q " John Wolerer I 2 l"" ig ,, . ' '7 ,, ' , Q ff f E: Paula Wolerer 1 1, 'Egg 'fl' -f ,V T l ' 5 H Craig Wolfson vg XX y A 1 I A 5 X ', in 9iff9U"' Sleven Wopschall il if ' ' I., ' 4 ' 'L Roberl Worlendyke - V . . .5..... e- N,h, Jifiifl . 1 -ff' I R li 'W ' hl s ig ' lfm afar' 1--+2 1 img 0 e' "9 I 7 " Charles Wronka A , 1- 2' . M 4 nh s Sharon Yaffe A, . ' ' V so- V K A Barry Yarnell , K A. 1 W Af K V 4 M Suzanne Yales V I , A ,lag I Willard Yoder A "'f-.465 , , V3 s xl if g Q., Nancy Yoder ' 'K 55 l 'Fl is Z J, kg 'l Nancy Young I M yi F kg' is is f Janis Zarybica . 'lm . xl N X 1 I Sondra Zeller my W :fx ,. K Carol Ziegler X ' waiggh 5- A. - LK " K' Chrisly Ziegler A W1 M ,. I " 5,5 Mike Zugich e ' s- V ...L W " A' ff f Judith Meme! .ff I y 4 'Z Sharon McGralh ki K I if s Kahherine McGilvrey 1 A :li , O 'I'-:fl 'ii lil 'Y 234 Donna Abbott Alan Ahlander Marie Bacon Gerald Barbas Douglas Balcom Marco Bovee Larry Brakebush James Brandt Barbara Brock Susan Busch Ronald Cipriani Dale Clarke Richard Dunn Frederick Flinn Zan Ford Stephen Gaither Manuel Garcia Harold Gilman Cheri Goodin Diana Hansen Becky Bostow Steven Clark Bill Cosgrove Carol Dannel Charles DeLeo James Ewan Bruce Ferreira Leroy Flann Stephen Foster - Mario Glunt Sharon Grant Robert Gray James Grayson Judith Allor Mary Anderson Frances Arnold Gary Bigler Julie Bosonette . . . Arthur Bosworth Colleen Brackney Jerry Burden Sharon Burgess Robert Busby Katherine Campbell Michael Carava Lois Carey Karen Carlsen John Chrlsrndgg-,, Robert Considine Arleen Constantino Xnmniaia May lI5u+Cifrtis Peggy Davies Frank Di Rienzo Loma Eyer Dianne Fletcher CAMERA SHY Barry Hanson David Haverstock Gregory Herkner Robert Higgins Susan Hill Patricia Hughes Lawrence Laity Thomas Landini John Lauman John Laursen Thomas Lawson William Leer Jeffrey Linden Maris Lindley Carl Lindstrom John Little Peter Livengood Frederick Long William Lorenz Jeffrey Luebbers Dale Green Dudley Green Frank Green Julie Hackett ,.,.......g, Gary Havens Gary Hawthorne Loretta Hildreth Bette Holmes Robert Hunt Kenneth Kelly 'Jack Kelso Richard Kidd Andrew Lermer James Mackey John Flynn Nora Foster William Gekas Robert Hagenbuch Dianne Hagger Donna Harriman Roy Harrington Robert Harsen Joseph Harteis Michael Hawthorne Scott Hedges Cynthia Heiland John Herbaugh Eleanor Herzberg Gall Hubley , Carol Jamison Susan Kendrick Michael Keough Ronald Kleker Nickolas Kopsas Kenneth La Ray Gayle La Tourrette Robert Landa Craig Martin 'r'1nH"ET Tk mE"m"Eft Craig McNutt Connie Milazzo Elwin Nowa Claudine O'Connor John Oliver Linda Omohundro Nancy Ortman Eileen Owrey Ann Painton Ellis Parr A Donald Pluim Linda Reynolds Carolyn Richardson Mary Roscoe Dieter Rudolph Kevin Scanlon Carol Schuessler Patrick Sheridan Barbara Meeks Leonard Nunnally 'iilekigsh-PFI Edgar Reeve Brandt Risse Kenneth Robinson Ned Roehrig James Ross Mariorie Sarina Helene Sprague Craig Stewart David Stewart John Strand James Sweatmon Cheryl Lauless Shelley Lawrence Raymond Leonard Richard Libster Gertrude Lloyd Jeff Long Gerald Mahoney Barbara Maudsley Pamela Mauger Barry May Maiorie McCormack Judith McFee Rebecca McKeighan Joanne McLaughlin Mary McFarland Stephen Miller Greg Minoux Richard Moon Wayne Morey Janice Moser Cheri Munk Mike Murphy Diane Nelson JUNIORS William Snider Claudet Squires Ronald Stafford Cheryl Strock Ross Sweatmon John Swyke Nancy Terry Linda Toussaint Chridine Van Der Veen Ann Van Eenenaam Leslie Vaughan Elaine Viscio Donald Warehime Patricia Watts Sam Wenzel Marcene Willman Mary Wopschall Leslie Yasek Richard Zander Anita Ziebe SOPHOMORES Linda Taylor Sam Teague James Tinley Byron Tobin Nancy Jane Urban Mike Watner Harry White Pat Wikle Allan Willis Kathy Walsh Bill Young FRESHMEN Dan Neyman Robert Patton Richard Peters Alfred Pipkin James Pon Dennis Reddington Susan Redshaw Anita Renaltner Judy Richardson Beryn Roberts Ronald Rodman Theodore Roosendahl Leland Russell Judy Rutherford Russell Sharkey Linda Shaw Pat St. Clair John Stewart Carol Sznura Patricia Van Der Veen Mike Walsh Bryson Warner ff'-415:- asf? 5 6.1 Yu V Q9 nun! f ru: out 'M Ls.-L ..3-2 .M 14 'WI I' is . N J X, Q' x. ADVERTISING EMBLEMATIC of the pride demonstra- ted by citizens of Arcadia for their city was the magnificent local entry in the world famous Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. Funds for the execution of this float were raised by public subscrip- tion, under the sponsorship of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, The float, de- picting the famous "Lucky" Baldwin guest house called the "Queen Anne Cottage" was named "By the Sleepy Lagoon" in keeping with the parade theme of "Ballads in Blossoms." ,Arcadia junior, Miss Constance Chal- mers, was selected as Queen of the float, with Linda Lee Hunsicker, Carol Gourly, Sdndra Morrell and Marian Wiberg serving as her court. Arcadia's first entry in the Rose Par- ade' for many years, the float serves as a dramatic example of community pride. Similarly, the activities of Arcadia High School students have been enthu- siastically supported by members of the community. Since 1953, when the school's first yearly publication, the ARCADIAN, made its appearance, local firms have been unswerving in their participation through the advertising section of the ARCADIAN. For their continuing encouragement and support, in behalf of all past, pre- sent and future Arcadia High School students, the ARCADIAN again express- es the school's appreciation and thanks. More than one million people viewed the 73rd annual Tournament of Roses Parade, held on January 2nd under a sunny California sky. ' Photo Courtesy Pasadena Star News 7 MISS LINDA BRODIE shows Arcadia girls some of the beautiful gems that can be found at . . . VAlL'S JEWELERS 1275 S. Baldwin Ave. HI 6-2223 MISS MARJORIE PETERSON, salon operator styles the hair of Challis McPheeters at . . . Z0-LYNN BEAUTY SALON 6517 W. Duarte Rd. HI 121525252525:E:2:5g:5:gg255555553E3E551Erizi:5:5z5:gzgzgigE5E5555555555555E555555355EgE5E5E:E:3:5zg:5555E5E5E5E5E5E5E5EgE553y ,' 1:2:35555gagsgQgegs:s:s:sSsEsSs2s251,., 4f:I:5gsgzgegsgs555252555255555225225555igsgsgzge:sff:1:1:f:1:1EsSsEs2sfs211' I 5:5:7:Y:3:5:5:3:3:5:f:7:3:2f1 ,-12" '-52? grgtftfzf "" f:f:f:5:55:2355:21Ig3511522231f'5'5'f:5:2:f:f:f:f:f' , gsgsgsgsgsgsgsgagzrsw' :Z 1 " """ 1 fffifrizfifilfffizif-:':-:-:-:-:l""" -. ,C :zz-:-:7:5:1:f:i:f:3:5:3:i:1:2:1g: , -.-:-:-:-:g:::3:::g:::::::-'-'--' , , , 'gg I :-:-:-:':-:-:-:-: if-5 - :-:-:1:- f' 5:g:g:::E:2:1 l:2:f:f:3 -:-:-:-:-:f- :-:-:4 .5.g:g:::2:5:f:f:? 5:2123 :5:5:3:?i" , ....,...,. EL RANCHO SHOPPING CENTER 1101-1155 West Huntington Dr, Arcadia lbetween Michillnda 84 Sunsetl Calling all grads...f3 ss 7 - n", '------,,--n' a r ,v no telephone experience necessa ry' ,.,.... . ....... . 1-f f' lllllllllllliiifi1f7f1i5:f:::::::g:g:f:-. -.-. 8 ...,. ,.,.1 .ii Consider this a personal call from Pacific Telephone! We're growing fast, and need people! Whether you've taken a special course or general "curric" you may qualify for one of many excellent openings. You'll be glad to know this: at Pacific Telephone you start earning good pay from your first day on the job. Then too, yQu're in line for regular raises, paid vaca- tions, and enjoy a liberal benefit plan. And your chances for advancement are all the greater now because of our big expansion program. Come in toda - meet one o our em lo ment counselors and discuss yu . P 7 I your opportunztzes rn telephone work! We are at: 126 West Mazn St., Pacilic Telephone Alhambra. R,i.-v-V MW. 4,N'- L Q 2 Q v K . ig- . ' H .ftmzmf 1' .1 L M . kg K - ,',K1HaeisKK::sf K K9 g ,fg:Fg,'1'gf1',3:,f g:xsv . lfzffggw-SM-f?f247,g"1.. , miie- . -. 1 A KK - ,J iw 1ifz2'vKq:' Q K 111. ' 1 4 .fs . was-,v wif mi K Umm'-5 :ef ' K- 11-gif. .- 1-H125Qiiifiiz-f1..KXK. zap- ,MW ,. W , X 1,e4g?5g'.ef ,,q,,gg1ifWg?.g:3i'4 'f f -V. f wi K -1 L i ni . 4 k Kfff A fff: -1' , gf .- 1:-1f2"' 5 "' . " ' Qivfz' w ., - 145-'Q 5 32 uf av., g K, -.1:Q3Agfq.5.g,5 mgifgi ' J 'vgwtwf A 1- f m QvpvPi'l,,',f'5'fgE,' ' warg 1+ x ,f 1 ., K K K 1 K ". ng X , 59' A ' K J- lk . ' ' '- , ig' K. V . In 21 . Jai - A K . ' . 1 'fvQgwe,e.m.,.-1 - . if ' f ' .f35H'1?'12-'2.- 2- '.:1,5'1:gf 'mug K, , Y , H 9' .L r .fn fn f v:?,6jkMgsgMVa?.L,!g A lb' x ,K f , Km. - - M1 ,T K , 1 . V ', K k A , , I ww f,-Gig: , K , - f ' wf.-1.356--K-' . N , V , J P, 2, g,,,, .,. l IWW., ,A Q , . . I W 'Q f . . " TK Q N. Q. 4 cf. wvhtlgcgxi ,qw K gg. . lx: ,QQ N 1 4 .. 85" fini 4' ,K L . , s - ., ..f1' - x 5 ff"-' w."?x K KK'f-11,21-A, 14 f , li . , R W-fini , 5 , , W. ' . . 1' Q t K 4 g 4- gt 3' , ' ' , 5 is 1' ' A ' ,. . . .pi 71 ,As SQ' 11? AN f' fqvh uf. W k ' -Qwww Q Q 5 ' KW.-Kfff..,1., . N . W N 1 ' 1" 'Z -' " ' . 1 fwlfvrfgkw-Ki-,4..K,aKf1L1fui,'?Ki . ,li K. ,, .' y ff ,fi 'K Xu 1 J ' as K. Q X 5, , t .fam j ,Tx I 1, - . ' -41 f ' 1' F ., , I xg K Y X 5 Q W . 1' ff K Q ' . A ' f - f Aff A0 X K ' f A gxi' if , 3, MWA B ar: . 5 1 W k Q K f -1 ,.LL K .V . ., . 1 , ,, - 'A "KKK4'2f'l- ' 4 i h ff' ,wg fm M?Kfff-f--f1-,- K - K K , . yy ' 5, ,Q K W 'rg' .L , ' j147lMKi:w.1:.KK Q wx- we ! A . .. . ' W"ffKffKK:f fx f -gy., I a , Q 1 , , -Nw -yw1ggfg7.,y,5,,,., M M i ' ...,..,. mm ' A, 2 Nw:-psbuwwus. 'lfggxw , K . ' , ' tg 1 ,. u ' ,fa-Lay' fi. ,fy Kg, jzw, ' I. - , t A , I, 1 .,. .,,. A mm... . , ,Vi,mw,., VVLWV 1 X . ,. .,,fL,, .. kgigjil - If , X i X , . .. . . , 1a K 3 I .1 5 K L 1 My - - KM-K'KKv..2ff.f:L15:.,. 4' LK: 1 1 Rf ' -K, Ka, ' sg ' f Q, , ..,, , ,V ,V k K ....,N,W,, N K . ' XV K, Q, Kg ,g V- I K :MK wil? f f Q. 1 ,- , 1.-gQwx,f,,,., . . wi-H5 W., --ggfr-3, Wynn . 9 , 3 K :wi MRC Q -v A X", PPL, am M -M :S Y .1f.....omu-f .X ...f...f.....?7.. M.-. ,. fmmv--,.,. .W4k,3..?,:,. W. .,-1:-wwsgg-ff 32' x' ' - . N V,k, fi V In . - , ' - w 1 vfMf1,,,, , ,,, . x , . K , J L 'X , V 9 -. t A Q tl x " 'I . . 3-'Z W . 2, . ' 1 A' fm ' K., ' M2 ...Q ,. . 1: W ' ... , Q H' KWWL.: 3,34 . t' O S, .Q-'-lg , K ' ' of I , ,y.-ik , K Jf,z4.: ,. Q -1 K :SH X Jn. an H I V g ' A a b. ..-.. - . N H . - .,.p1ty R, 1 y .Rf-vxj., S Liar 3- 9 2 Kf v, A ff ' s V, , A Af? ...H - . + 1 'n'. W' ' ,J ., ,,,,'.Ys , .. , fn- 5 'A -1421 .J ,. I ,M 'inf .15 g. W, . , - . ' x i' 'inf .-'Vik fK'. ' 115 . V W v Q , , X. if Lf H ,Q .:.,'g,L.,., X . .w 'Jaffa N. 'm g,...v". 5-'I N" Y 5. L I c i I I C i . si' fm nK' . 4 f if .4 .., .Q f- fflif 4 x fn., 5 . ' ,,., .f' 2 - ' H x X f yr 1 f,. , 'F' f f"h-Y 1 1 A .Q f 5 ., N K Q Q K' . " K, an T9 f . . , "'i' .iqf nf ' K ' r. , L iff x , , ., I P X A " gg. v. ,f. . Yr xl? ' 'fl 'I' fit t' , ' ,I 1' iv. xy, if, .V X . , ' . ' x .. N Q .wg- u 1 ' fi W Q. ,..x ,K Q - ' . Qc, .Wu I VIVA M A TRIP to the South Pacific seems a long way off, but Mr. Thomas McKibbon tells Pam Scott and Cheryl Stocker how wonderful it will be as they plan with him at . . . HI 6-5223 SANTA ANITA TRAVEL 1110 S. Baldwin Ave. PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY HI 7-3531 PRESCRIPTIONS 84 SURGICAL SUPPLIES EXCLUSIVELY 234 S. Ist Avenue Arcadia l CHALLIS MCPHEETERS and Miss Alice Knight, store manager, discuss dressy apparel at . . . SNAPPY TOGS 629 W. Duarte Road HI 6-7601 APACHE STUDENTS Chris Parker, Pam Harris Ardie Kunz and Nancy Hughes enioy an after- noon snack at . . . 309 E. Foothill Blvd. BURGER LANE EL 8-21 SPENDING an afternoon at the Light O' Lamp store are Jean Sanders and Sue Sarwine. LIGHT O' LAMP 47 E. Foothill Blvd. HI 6-4791 'ix ,. ,,,s Wa.. , .f ROYAL MARKET is West Arcadia's courteous neighborhood market, where there is always free delivery. ROYAL MARKET 1212 S. Baldwin Ave. HI 7-9936 ZF L.E. BEAUCI-IAMP CWM I N S Li! LLLLSLNCE comeffvf ,f.:.U,,fEO"'O vounneeosm rw ww X ONE Poucv ,f '.s'6'SL"s" 611671957 WLQN LIFE Xie It KATHY DAVERSON and Challis McPheeters MILLIE VOGES and Karen Paulson spend an "plan forthe future" at , , , afternoon with Mr. L. E. Beauchamp at . . . ARCADIA LINOLEUM L. E. BEAUCHAMP-INSURANCE 24 E. Duarte Road Hl 7-0934 870 W. Duarte Road HI 7-1880 "THIS IS the new ltalian style," Barbara Kahn SHARON PEARSON and Parn Scott visit the points out to Dick Braeger whose father owns beautiful new offices of . . . A'CC'd'C' S ' " HAZEL PEARsoN HANDICRAFTS Baldwin Ave. BRAEGEWS SHOES HI 7-4281 4128 Temple City Blvd- G' 3-6136 3 lil' LEARNING the art of make-up, Karen Paulson, Cheryl Stocker and Millie Voges are assisted by M rs. Francies L. Oates, cosmetic buyer at. . . ' HINSHAWS 1201 S. Baldwin Ave. HI 6-4681 E- if nl L il! , f, ,-' 1 , jff, ' - , X ' -I , , ,ar 'N 1 -- , . ,- f --J I ,... 142 14 ' X fr I 1 'f ' ""- , .- Q Af., K if . - M , 5 ,f , I f v J Q-" , ..' ,-I f 5 J, 3 1 1 I Save This Space for Your Best Friends ARCADIA SPORTING GOODS 207 S. First Ave. Hl. 7-4923 ,K . 5 I I ' f il" X. a l I' 1 . . , I fl- I APACHE MAIDENS Mary Malefyt, Susie Madin- "I LIKE this outfit the best," says student Mari- ger and Marleen Gatewood sample Mexican anne Gable to Mrs. Beatrice Reeves, manager d' . . . f. . . 'Shes G' cAsA JANARA 0 RoLLANs oness sHoP 'ZOO E. Foothill Blvd. EL 8-7322 1309 S. Baldwin Ave. HI 6-2701 ,l MRS. DONNA HASTINGS shows one of Arcadia BRIDGET COMMINGS assists Cheryl Stocker in High's students some of the many beautiful picking up the family cleaning at . . . gifts that can be found at . . . RANEY CLEANERS HUB GIFT SHOP 22 E. Duarte Road HI 7-4224 1298 S. Baldwin Ave. Hl 7-4151 STEVE SIBINIE inspects bootery shoe with P.C.C. student, and first day on the iob salesman, Randy Kraus at . . . NEWSOM'S JUNIOR BOOTERY 1206 S. Baldwin HI 7-3812 We salute the graduating class of '61 ARCADIA MAINTENANCE CO. 615 S. First Ave. Hl 6-2232 We im NAV . -'N fu' v -4 5 a5'f5"t"' K. F .w. . 1.3. , Q 3 Aa 1 V f "r' ' iixislii "LOOK AT all these paints," exclaims Susie King to friend Sharon Morrison, who has dis- covered that fact for herself at . . . LIVE OAK PAINTS 42 E. Live Oak Ave. Hl 7-2912 CHRIS MCCRACKEN is fitted for a watch as Joan Murray looks on at . . . DAVID FINE .IEWELER 54 E. Live Oak Ave. HI 6-0353 il U1 I THE APACHES like to make their way to Taco GRACE WENDLING takes the pleasure of show- Treat each day after school for a good snack! ing Dianne Damron the newest in camera TACO TREAT equipment at . . . 74 E. Live Oak Ave. HI 7-9066 DENNY'S ARCADIA CAMERA 26 N. First Ave. Hl 6-3272 MILLER DUNCKEL REALTY CO. Homes of Distinction Hi 6-2166 12 S. Sanfa Anira Ave. Mu 1-O161 JUDY LESNIAK and Barbara Mead relax while being shown beautiful Tropical flowers or . . . HARDING'S GARDENLAND INC. 145 E. Live Oak Ave. Hi 6-8511 L ARCADIA STUDENTS enioy some of The refresh- BEAUTIFUL HYDRANGEAS are Odmired by Grace ing roof beer served at . . . Wendling GT - - . A 84 W ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN SANTA ANITA FLOWERS 422 S. First Ave. Hi 7-4117 511 S. First Ave. Hi 7-6915 ff 4 fi Q- 3i WQW7?RQiiF?YGE? I .0 4 4 . . , w-N. I , ., Susan ond CN O 2 m Z m C c 0 5 JE U O C -0- LD CD D cn -Q: C 0 L LD C o L. cs .C an .E 3: E an .E .Q o 1 'O C o D U X- U 5 us LI-I I U '4 n. '4 5. -0 C CD 3 T C1 HS prmg fclshio Ch :- 2 Q. .2 -0 L. D LC 4- L 42 OP SH THE CD 3 . rx 22 Blvd. 47 N. Rosemecd 72 Working hard on the iob John Moreland takes great pleasure in helping Pam Mecline with some beautiful copper ware while friends Sudi Lewis, Merdieth LaVine, and John Treichler balance scales while waiting for Pam at . . . A Hua HARDWARE 1311 s. Baldwin Ave. Hi 6-6151 1111 Serving the entire San Gabriel Valley . . . llllll Viiwlililllll 11 lllr 111111 1 ullll 1 TURNER WHOLESALE co. 11-4-116 W. Foothill Monrovia EL 9-1125 0 confections 0 fountain supplies 0 paper bags www- 1 'Esta Elko! WORKING FOR Dad after school Kathleen Krogh shows Apache warrior Penn White the newest in mens fashions at . . . KROGH'S MENS SHOP JANE SANDERS is on her way into one of the 115 W. Huntington Dr. Hi 7-3822 new 1961 Fiesta Pools to be found at . . . FIESTA POOLS 3833 E. Colorado Sy 6-8181 LYNN WIESSMAN and Meredith LoVene ore shown some of the fine quality work done ot . . . G1-AD RAG5 D 119 S. F' tA . Hi 6-6900 HIGHLAND CLEANERS 'rs Ve 59 E. Foofhm Hi 7-4210 APACHE MAIDENS find C1 CGVT full of be-CIUTITUI LONNIE VROMAN cmd Kris Lundquigt enter the spring tlowers ot . . . imposing First Western Bcink Building to open ARCADIA FLORISTS new QCCOUMS' - 101 N. Sontcl Anito Ave. Hi 7-1000 1155 W. Huntington H GTO Assoc FIRST WESTERN BANK Hi 6-462 I 6, ,uma IIC. INSURANCE HQ, KRIS LUNDQUIST, Lonnie Vromon ond Shoron Jackson pose before entering . . . HUNTINGTON ASSOCIATES, INC. 1047 W. Huntington Hi 6-4651 A SMILING ond very copoble stoff of operotors con be found to do your hoir ot . . . VERN'S HAIR DESIGNS 1111 Highland Ooks Dr. Hi 7-0735 , EE Tj MANY BEAUTIFUL gevvels con be found in the EI Roncho Center ot . . . ARCADIA HOUSE OF TOYS Formerly Shugerts 113 E. Huntington Dr. Hi 7-5385 COMFORTS for your home, or better, lovely fur- niture to moke your home comfortable may be found otArcc1dio's 1147 vv Huntin ron Dr. Hi 7-6013 524 s. First Ave.BREJ0N'5 HOME FURN'5H'NG5 Hi 7-7 EL RANCHO JEWELERS Q EDDIE SIMPKINS shows some of the femole members of Arcodids Junior Closs the operating equipment thot is found of his Dod's VACCO RUG CO. 10910 Live Ook Ave. Hi 7-6414 106 N, Firsf Ave. H1 6-4401 THERE GOES o strike for Susie King, while Suson Mothis ond Sharon Morrison look on with in- terest ot . . . SANTA ANITA BOWL 188 Los Tunos Drive Hi 6-7191 JI ARCADIA HARDWARE CO. 52 E. Huntington Dr. HI 7-2434 - CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES BEST WISHES to th e future home owners of America from . . . Q to the ARCADIA BOARD OF REALTORS 107 N. sumo Anita Ave. HI 6-4649 CIGSS Of 1961 SANTA ANITA STUDIO V- T 1 Official Yearbook Photographer 142 E. Huntington Dr. Hi 6-2365 ..., 1 ...- r, ..-.., vs. Melvin SASL! Kaiser ltlfkllilflll .. . . 1, i.. :ja-,:y' 1 lit . .15 . MELVIN KAISER ACADEMY OF DANCE AND THE ARTS "The School of Stylized Training" 306 S. First Ave. Hi 7-9502 X 'N OWNER MRS. VERA TSCHIRGI show Millie Voges the newest in color stoves and other appliances Ol - ' - ARCADIA APPLIANCE CENTER 28 E Duarte Rd Hl 6 4439 MR. LARRY SMITH points out places of interest around the globe to Dianne Damron and Grace Wendling at, .. GLOBAL TRAVEL SERVICE 18 N. First Ave. Hl 6-3148 YOU WILL finol a hard working, ready to help staff ot . . . W. T. BECKWITH-REALTOR 107 W. Huntington Dr. Hi 6-6111 BEST WISHES THE MASTERS MINIATURE GOLF 137 E. Live Oak Ave. Hi 6-9030 lEast of Double Drivel Arcadia, Calif. "ISN'T THIS A BEAUTIFUL ROBE?" says Bclrbara Mead to Chris McCrocken at . . . KATHI'S FASHIONS 40 E. Live Oak Hl 6-5703 X J 'fi -v-A QQIJ-,!-:e 80 T I . EFA " f """"Q-u---.,, is 3,0 .-.- N THE NEW BUICK IS out and Arcadna Coeds re INVESTIGATING the soft water system Apaches view the new stylmgs at enter Culllgan Soft Water for a tour 316 S. GAIL MALONE and Clndy McCIame spend a pleasant afternoon at ARCADIA LUMBER CO. 214 Santa Anita Ave H16 3181 Mdfya y so L l Qxx X. X -. xxg -XTX x x gq fx sy S: Mx fe ' X--.7 Xl I --N '--so 1-V, X. .X PLACING McBRATNEY'S on their shopping list Arcodio girls ore bound to find just what they wont in this lovely store. McBRATNEY'S Myrtle ot Lemon EL 9-l l ll Monrovio EL VALLEY LUMBERC l RHODA SPROUL sells on interesting book to Apoclwe student ot . . . THE BROWN SHOP 49 E Huntington Dr Hi 6 6148 2' sz-ea--n, f A , .. , A. by rljr A SAN GABRIEL VALLEY LUMBER CO. MATT QUlNT'S BARBER SHOP Service ond Quality Since 1904 I Alpcondllloned q 57 Wheeler Ave. Hi 6-7161 705 S. First Ave. HI 7-9030 Other Ycxrds: Temple City - lrwindole so-' MHSO BLUE 1 AS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SPOTS in Ar- El RANCHO MARKETS INC- codio, Rods serves The be-sf in Teen-age snocks 756 Sunsef Blvd' Hi 6-4603 while core-ring To The odulfs of The city os well. 41 W. Hunfingfon Dr. ROD'S Hi 7-7515 LEARNING the techniques of pressing, Apoche maidens spend port of their of-ren noon of . . . TOWNE CLEANERS 425 N. Sonia Anifo Hi 7-9117 ' i SUE MATHIS tinds cards for all occasions along PATTIE MITCHELL shows the newest of radios to with other important items at . . . Leslie Newloerg at Arcadia's popular . . . EL RANCHO 5 8. I0 EL RANCHO T.V. iII7 W. Huntington Dr. Hi 7-3992 ll27 W. Huntington Dr. Hi 6-4222 'i":A wa? f L Us THE FINEST in glassware, tools, and other items are on display at... EL RANCHO HARDWARE IIIB Huntington Dr. Hi 6-7016 I fi I PAM SCOTT finds a variety of colorful prints and plaids at . . . FASHION FABRICS 734 Michillinda Hi 6-II44 K 4, . Q. ,-. i:- "Where the best pies in Town are found" PIE KING I3 E. Live Oak Ave. Hi 6-1490 ,yt I 1 ,W y' 2 LW 1 C i 17 MW fi , fx! J Uv W K1 W EC 155C ,QV f ,.,--C, it ' H .L , J x" SERVIC 6-469i MA l.- , Sax. ' f . xr' ,f - .4142 ,f X! ,. A, ff ...r. Y -, 2 '2fz.lf' F" REFUSE SERVICE CO. CITY Hi 6-4691 Dr. C O -0- U3 C I C D I LI-I V-D '- OI A YOUNG ORCHID is shown to Pom Scott of . . . ARCADIA GARDEN CENTER 145 E. Huntington HI 7-2408 LOVING CARE is administered to "Peggy" by Dr. Dorrow ot . . . ARCADIA SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL 311 N. Sonto Anito Hi 7-2244 FAMOUS LANZ outfits gre modeled by Pot Mitchell ond Chris McCracken cut . . . MARBERRY SHOP 1137 W. Huntington HI 7-8695 - .-.- 1 --,i ,,,, ws, '- t--. I M - I .-. MMS' igw .7TNTNs,M .. www ,f ig is-in , A I FAST, COURTEOUS SERVICE is olwgys given the potrons of the friendly . . . UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK 128 Huntington H17-211 USEFUL MERCHANDISE is disployed ot the beou- tiful new store of the . . , SULLIVAN PAINT COMPANY 134 E. Huntington HI 6-2116 PAM SCOTT plons her new spring wardrobe GI' . . . TOTS TO TEENS 26 E. Huntington HI 7-2893 Nm Q. bio fg USS 3, gg vm' v 'fn r , , u ,DVI n , if Q . 'Q ,mn E5 M- xi 5 is ,A .3 S' ,yghr MMM Xxx"--4-53' 4 1 ' 'K , f , -.. TQ 5 ,M,, ,gl --..,:f1gi52'ifi?fw,f ,. 7' ...... 4 0 WNN"""' ' Q If x .W W K r 'll'szAf n . A-xgi, .,.' , ,mf -wwmxf' im x 'il ' iitqii X 5 Qing? filbw 4L,,: QT a flawai Agp 1 5 A' 3 ,ff 'H 1 W W W mil - if , l'siin lEM V X452 Q- X N 'HH U19 Z Hi V V V 1 V Vs1'V.1.' V xgcas 93f3:caavQjk.,yQQ s4sssi f6l"' rffffsss V355 553 un W 'L iiv u ,PU Yjfjx ., 1 X 'X ' H an ,l. 1 weeeseax Saas N veeeseswfewabs M' Xuuuxuvws 1 i5ii8KfS?SSS5 fuvaswoeeeeff , fsszf-xfvflypsfisks 3 in ls-3,-SW-' X Eu'.a,smx,s 5,5,g.5xQg".g H-.M uv mug- f," F 1. y' . LA, 'Ak ' l . K '? x gb fwlff fi .V S 1 - A a 1 Y I . q , 2 ' Vim 1 , X Qfaaq '4- 4 g fr 1 ' Rl U Q I E , 1 i A -W um Q 4 'Mi' -.--,..- 'W Wgx . " . 'x BEAUTIFUL CHRYSANTHEMUMS in all colors of the rainbow are admired by Jody Darney and Betty Beeson at . . . E. Duarte HORTENSE FLOWERS Hl 7-1841 ARCADIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 37 W. Huntington HI 7-2159 "THE BEST IN SHOE REPAIR" is the motto of . . . VlNCE'S SHOES 1430 S. Baldwin HI 6-6954 SANTA ANITA HARDWARE 'I 21 s. First Ave. Hl 7-1467 THE NEWEST SHADES in nail polish are iust one of the many fine items carried at . . . COLONIAL PHARMACY 1326 S. Baldwin HI 7-4679 "SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW . . . " is what Susan Mathis thinks as she admires the new Frigidaire electric stove at . . . R. S. HEGG 610 S. First HI 7-2757 COSMETICS, JEWELRY, medicine . . . all are sold at... KING PHARMACY 54 E. Huntington HI 7-2136 GLENN ROUTIER 8. ASSOCIATES ALUMINUM OR STEEL Sliding Glass Doors, Windows, All Types 820 So. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, California Hillcrest 6-6126-Res. HI. 6-3912 IRV NOREN'S LANES 3245 E. Foothill Blvd. EL 5-3326 Pasadena MILLER DUNCKEL REALTY CO. 12 So. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, California Hillcrest 6-2166-MUtual 1-0161 IN ADDITION to the beautiful canvasses being A SMALL HEART-SHAPED necklace with pearls is admired above by Mmes. Stimson Richardson, admired by student Pam Scott at . . . lrene Ashton, and Edith Henz, many other art supplies are sold at . . . . GLEN 'IEWELERS THE ARTISAN 617 S. First HI 7-8310 44'f2 E. Huntington HI 7-3267 hn Curtis can Apache sophomore looks over The new Hmmmmm Pam Scott has trouble deciding just what t in the sports line fashions ot to get because everything is so good ot . . . uns MEN s stone R I KARDS BAKE sHoP Huntington Dr C H17 4963 666 vv owne Rd UBY R C H, 7 502 ALMQUIST'S RANCHO TEENS' RANCHO VARSITY CHILDREN'S 2-7 THE BABY SHOP EI Roncho Sonto Anito Shopping Center HI 7-7357 II-41 W. Huntington Dr Arcoolio Office HI EDITH J. FRANKLIN - REALTOR 18 E. Huntington Drive Arcadia, California Real Estate - Rentals - Notary Public 7-7933 Phones Residence HI 7-6252 Congratulations to the Class 1961 Mr. Roy Long shows Apache John Stave the men's summer fashions at . . . Hi 7-3271 ROY LONG'S 23 E. MEN'S AND BOYS' SHOP newest N. x N PEERLESS LINEN RENTAL SERVICE lA Division of Model Linen Supply Co.I 122 N. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, Calif. Hi 6'-4456 WESTERNER HOTEL 161 Colorado Pl. HI 7 I Compliments of HENDERSON MOTORS 333 E. Huntington Dr. Hi 6-5201 1 My NL wb 1 , J V L L, J . l J ' f 7 DZ! x ja W!! QW V74 7 f of " WW-Aff 0 ffwwjwf fr WKV f 44 Autograph space complimenfs of "THE ARISTOCRAT OF PAINTS" Mfmwf ng PAINT COMPANY INC. F PUNI5 ' Q"-1u...5 ,. , --Y , . n f ,mg 1 ,--.. uumuncvunsns or Annu: umvs t ff- H ,. in los Luor Avz. - EL MONTE. cAl.lroRNlA 5 W., ,., - liz. 2-4:" '5 V9 . my .. 99 'JG uo46ug4unH 'M Jeloag pJo5 Alpuayj mok lL9S'L !H SSNIHDLFIH W .LO SHO 'OD ,..' wi, . R me .uv - if H., , VW 2 1 wjf' 'K if , "Q, ' 532155 ' f 3? nw 'EQ 3' I TA mfg A f::f,fgs5Zaf 'N fx , ,f-T952 ww gi ' " AX31'f3 .. ' 3 , X ,t:.,53,, if S2 1 . 1 . . 3'S'???' f5 f W -ffe. ffwswx. '?,i5"3-is-" 'df . -'fflflifl K ' 1' M Af- 'If if v if f f"f" f 1 gi., . Y wr ' 1. , . Q f , 'Mi 'HSM- Q 2+ .YAY v.1s.5Vx W , x' V N ' 1'-:L Q ilk meg -ig, F Q :i1raS'If Q 51-37 Q- A. 'f, 4 ,. ,. M x -.H fx -m. Jew g W fm , . a-,., Yiif- f X .N ii aw av? Q .. Q I 3. PM 1 1 "'. .1 fs. 5 -T-an Y ? Z I Z "' H SN 'E '1'i' " gp 1 As one of The oldest companies in The San Gabriel Valley The Thomas Co. works under the slogan "Ours is a personal service." THE THOMAS COMPANY 745 Cortez Rd. Hi 6-7171 , .N PART AS THE YEAR draws to a close, hectic activity in and tho turn to the coming year. Gone are the nights and weekends when lights blazed in H- staff members made hurried trips to the J-4 darkroom, the frantic Snack periods students ca-me to the publications room for p ictures and to give information. But, the final bell rings, scattering staffers and memories in many directions, I would li express my thanks to each person who has helped with the production of the ARCADIAN. Administration editors, CHRIS LUNDQUIST and SUE HAWKINS, diligently collecte fessional information about faculty members and planned interesting layouts for th ministration section. Categorizing all the coming events, Activity editors, LESLIE NEUBERG and JO PEDERSON presented an excellent coverage of the year's events. Organizations ed CHRIS MCCRACKEN and SUSIE KING have inaugurated a new policy of representing as they participated in their many activities. V PAM SCOTT, Advertising Manager, assisted by staff members and ,Faye Lamel, uncounted hours selling advertising space, taking pictures and making final layouts f excellent advertising section. Booking of six hundred senior appointments and arranging the Senior portrait s was the exacting task of Senior editors, BONNIE CAMPBELL and SHARON JACKSON year, too, this section carried pictures and copy blocks explaining curriculum offerin the High School. JOHN CURTIS, Sports editor, working against early deadlines, frantically coll 'fn k--i.'4-WL"" '-sh, .A ,.. 'istics and pictures of the latest games before the pages were due. MEREDITH LA VENE ned with this section and was also in charge of the Girls' Sports Section. Underclassmen editor, LONNIE VROMAN, assisted by KAREN KELLEY, has accomp- ed a remarkable feat in laying out over 2,000 pictures in proper order, surmounting ny problems arising from this format. Particular appreciation is' expressed to the photographic staff, headed by JOHN VA, which spent uncounted hours in the J-4 darkroom developing and printing pic- Ls to meet exacting standards. NORM SHAPIRO and RAY LEONARD,,as well as John, 'e on call, day anal night, to take several thousand pictures of all types of activities. SUE SOMMER, Government editor, and JANE WOLTERS, Circulation Manager, did ex- ent work on their assignments. Roving helpers, typists and layout planners, SUE MATHIS, -IN WEISSMAN and PATTY MITCHELL, completed the Annual staff. Thanks are also due PHIL CLARK of the S. K. SMITH COMPANY, for his guidance in wning and selection of'the cover. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY has guided the staff an entirely new copy-preparation plan and has solved many technical problems during year. Not,to be forgotten, too, is BILL GILL of SANTA ANITA STUDIO, who has done portrait work on the Annual and has been on coll to take special pictures all year long. Last, but certainly most important, is our advisor, MRS. HAZEL REEGLER. Through the L 1 s QW, s.g as 't x . X X fi I' -J- is .igxx t nine months, she has been most inspiring- in her guidance and criticism as she has ned us mold the i961 Arcadian. Now to all these dedicated people, I express my deep and sincere thanks for a iob ell done." jgetfafca, xtli ..A.. Acker, Lee. ,. ..... . .. Ackermann, Jo Anne. . . Ahearn, Gregory ..... Albert, Michael ..... Aleshire, Carol. ,. . Alfieri, Randolph . .. Allen, Mary ........ Anderson, Robert. . bl, Andrews, Andrew ..... Antone, Susan .... Arnold, Mary ....... Arnold, Stephen ..,.. Ashley, Wesley. . . Asmus, Stewart ...... Augonstoin, James. . . Ault, William ....... Bailey, Beverly . .. Bailey, Julie .... Bailey, Karen . Baird, Linda .. Baker, Cheryl . .. Balch, Harvey . .. Ball, Edward Banko, Barbara . .. Banks, Roger . .. Barclay, Jeana .. Barker, Caroline . Barnes, Kyle ..... Barnes, Patricia .. Barron, David .. Baxter, Carol . .. Baxter, John Baxter, Jean . . Beall, Judith Beeson, Betty Belter, Robert .... Bentley, Donna . . . . . Borgendorff, Cheryl Berry, Carolyn . .. Bertola, Billie Bertram, Greg , .. Bickley, Frank . .. Biles, Randall . .. Bingham, Carol .. Blake, Anita .... Blake, Irene ..... Blindbury, Lynne . Body, Suzanne . .. Bonds, Sharilyn . Bonham, Steven .. Bond, John .... Booth, De Ann . .. Both, Rose ...... Bostow, Patricia .. Bowe, Barbara Bowler, Deanna . Braff, Brian .... Braley, Linda . . . Brock, Charles . . Brock, Glenn .... Brodhead, Susan . Bronson, Willard . Browder, Barbara . Brown, Donald .. Brown, Margaret . Brownlee, Sharon Bryson, Penelope . Buckwalter, Barth Burger, Nancy . . . Burgett, Kenneth . 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 ....78,8l 158 ....156,15a . .... 123 ...,107 ....152,157,159, ,158 ,158 158 159 192 122,159 ....45,118,136,159 ............159 .....119,132,159 ....40,118,l37 119, ... .55,63,122,132, ,159 159 159 159 ...,159 159 ...........159,195 .159 ..51,55,62,118,159,195. ...64 . ....137 ..........144 ....62,122,123, ,159 159 ,159 160 160 . ....,..... I 160 160 160 160 160 ........,.160 ...126,128, ...132,137 . .... 122 160 160 ,160 ,160 160 160 ....160 160 .......160 .,..144 ,160 ..........137,160 ...........160, 195 . . .4l,11B,135,137,161 . ......... 107 161 ............63, ,161 .....,161 .....107 ,161 161 ....88,l02,161 .........161 ....126,161 .,....161 .......161 .. .122,161 ...102,161 SENIOR INDEX Burgher, Ronald . .. Burns, Carol ..... Burns, Robert . . . Burns, Richard . .. Burnside, Thomas . Burton, James . .. Burton, Patricia Burton, Prisilla . .. Burton, Stephen Burwell, David . .. Bush, Barbara . .. Butcher, Edwin .... Butcher, Gregory . . . Byles, William ... Byron, Joanne . .. 161 162 ...l19,162,193,194 .....102,162,191 162 162 162 162 ....78,B0,102,162 162 ......122,162 162 162 162 ...62,122,162 ...C- Calhoun, Carla . .. Cameron, Judy ., Campbell, Barbara Campbell, George Campbell, Jane .. Canales, Esperanza Cannon, Darrel .. Carey, Stanley . .. Carson, Catherine . .. Cartwright, Susan . .. Catalano, Sandra . . Cater, Sandra ...... Chamberlain, Ruth Chapman, Robert . .. . Chilton, Robert .... Churchill, Alana Cipriani, Sandra .. Cirino, Leonard . Clark, Barkley Cleary, Elaine . ., Cochran, Eileen . .. Cochran, Lynn Cochran, Susan . . Cogswell, Betty Cole, Lynn ....... Compas, Charles . . . Conrad, Bruce Conzen, Lawrence Cook, Linda ...... Costantino, James Costner, Penelope Cowan, Sandra Coyle, Mary ..... Cramer, Leroy Cranmer, William . .. Creer, Joyce ...,.. Crest, David .... Crooks, Robert Crow, Nora ..,.. Crowe, Marilyn . .. . . Cubba, Jon ...... Cummings, Bridget Cummings, William Cummingham, Walter 162 ... ,... .16,122,162 1l8,135,136,'l38,153,162 271 162 ..52,72,122,162,l97 162 ...162,191 ...126,163 ...135,163 ...132,163 163 163 163 163 ...123,163 .. .132,163 163 ...102,l63 163 163 163 163 ...122,136,137,163 163 163 163 164 164 .164 ...123,164 ,..l31 ...........-..1.6.4l 164 164 164 164 ,164 164 ,192 164 157,164,190,192,197 164 164 . . . 164,242 Curry, Timothy .......... 80,1 20,121,151 Curtis, Barbara ................ ...p- Danz, Anthony ......... Dalton, Thurman . .. Darling, Ronald . . Darney, Jodi .... Davies, Robert . . . Davis, Joanne . . . Davis, Jo Ann .. 164 164 ,164 ....73,164 164 165 165 ....135,137,165 .,..45 165 165 ...,...,'165 Davis, Larry ...,. Dawney, Thomas .. de Gero, Gary .... De Koven, Marie .. De Pietro, Cherie .. Del Rey, Barbara .. Delapnenha, Stephen Dennell, Douglas .. Depies, Donna Desbrow, Claire . . . Decimone, Ronald . . Diaz, Licha ....... Dickason, Thomas , . Dickey, Peggy .... Diddy, Cheryl . .. Dillon, Mary Dizikes, Dean .... Dockstader, Earl .. Donner, Marvin . .. Drew, Elaine Du Bois, Philip Dukeslaw, Ted .... Dumbacher, Ellen . Duncombe, Joan . . . Dunford, Patricia . . . Dunmire, Norman . . Dunn, Carolyn . .. Dyar, Barbara .. ...165 ...165 ......165 ........165 .....135,165 ....41,136,165 .........165 .....,.....165 ............165 ...51,54,144,165 ...........165 ...we ...166 ....166 ......166 ....136,166 ......166 ........166 .......82,166 ....166,191,194 17,44,118,136,157,166, 191,192,194 .............l66,195 ...........166 ...119,152,167 ......,..167 ......137,167 Dyer, Judith .... .. .132,137,167 Dyer, Susanne ............. ...... 1 36,167 T E ... Edgar, Josephine ...... .... 1 65,167 Edland, Judy .... ...... 1 67 Edmiston, Robert .. .... 167 Edwards, Karen . . ,. .167 Ekkens, Shirley . .. Elliott, Suzy .... Emm, Michael .... Emmett, William . . . Emmons, Terry . .. Engstrom, Lena . . Essa, Janet Evans, Roger Everett, Starr . .. Felker, Karen ,. Ferreira, Stuart . .. Feurst, Susan .... Files, Christine . .. Fink, Charles .... Flalegraff, Nancy . Flanders, James . .. Fleming, Shirley Fontany, Dennis .. Foster, William . .. Fox, Wealey ..... Franco, Sharleen .. Fredrickson, Linda .. Freeman, Ron .... Funderburg, Jan .. Futterman, Allan ,. ......167 ....63,167 ......167 ........167 ...55,167,192 ...46,118,167 ....,...167 ......167 .... 167,195 F... ...167 ...167 ...167 ...168 ...168 .....168 .....'.168 ....136,168 ......168 ....168 ....168 . ...... 168 ....122,168 ......168 ..,.168 ...168 ..G... Gable, Marianne .. Gallo, Constanoe .. Ganson, Nancy Gartner, William .. Gatewood, Marlene Gengler, Carter . .. ...152,16B,242 .........168 ......168 ........16B . . . .... 168,242 ...81,l26,169 Lash, Sally ...... 4 "5 -s -ii fl jg gf i'??ilf9 25525 Genova, Joe ...., Giambrone, Carol Giffis, Michael . .. Gilkerson, Nina . .. Glaspell, Rosemarie Goodhart, Nils . .. Goehler, Sheila . .. Golf, Joseph .... Gorman, Carolyn . Gourley, Carol Graham, James Jr. Green, Edric ..... Green, Laurel .... Grew, Michael Griffin, Jean .... Grimsiey, Gail .. Grobecker, Kenneth Groner, Peter Gross, John ...... Gruben, Jerold . .. Guinn, Charles . .. Guiwits, Linda . .. Guymon, Boyd . .. Gwynn, Richard .. ..........39,153,169,196 --H Habdas, Robert .. Hagger, Lana . .. Hall, Graig ..... Halstead, Edwin .. Hardinge, Franklin Harding, Neil Hardy, Glenn . .. Harmon, Judson . . Harper, Richard .. Harris, Judith . .. Harris, Thomas . .. Hastings, Gary . .. Hatter, Sallie Haubalt, Dona . .. Haverfield, Karen . Hawkins, John . .. Hayes, Julie ..... Haynam, Barbara . Haynes, Marion ., Headley, James .. Heale, Virginia .. Hedrick, Barbara . , Heidtke, Paul . .. Hempel, Vicki .U....U.169 .,.U..169 .N.54J69 .....169 ..H.169 H.122J69 ...H.82 ..H.169 H.126J69 ....1o9 ....169 .....169 H.123J69 ....A32A69 .H,54J56J69 ..,.J19n69 .......169 ...,iso ....i69 .H.170 ....17o .H.170 ....170 .....170 ...170,192 Ill ...41,119,120,123,151, 153J70 66J18J2OJ32J70 Henderson, Marie . .. Hendrio, Herbert . . Hendry, Marilyn .. Henisso, Cris ..... Henkey, Susan .. Henry, Christine . . Herndon, James .. Hershman, Robert . Higgins, Josephine Hildio, Marilyn . .. Hill, Katherine .. Hinrichs, David . .. Hix, Kenneth Hochmuth, Julie .. Hodges, Eric Hodges, Karen .. Hoertig, Gary .... Holland, Charles , Holland, Kenneth Hoover, James . .. Hoyle, Gary .... Hoyle, Ronald .. ...,,170 ...170,195 ....170 ....170 ....170 ....171 ....171 ....171 ....171 .....171 ...171,l93 .....171 ....122 ..,.171 ....171 .......171 ...136,171 ....,171 ....171 122, 133, 171,191 . .... 152,171,19O,194 'Qflnf .............171 ....H....U.171 ...H.....H.172 70J18J32J36J72 ...H......H172 ....H....H.172 ....136,172,195 ...........40,66,118,172 .120,143,157,172,190,192, 193,194,197 . .... ...,,.......... 1 23 .....39,42,63,120,172,194 ....172 Hudson, Mary .... ...... 1 72 Huffa, Fredericho . . . 132, 172 Hughes, Laurence . ........ 172 Huntoon, Glenn . . . .119, 172 Hyde,Jone... .. ......172 -... I ... Ianno, Frank ......... .. .172 Ianno, Charles . .. .. .172 lbershoff, Mary . . . ..... '.173 Ingersoll, Carol .. . ....... .173 Irons, Patricia ....,........ .... 1 37,173 ... J T Jackson, Byron ................,..... 173 Jackson, Catherine ..... 137,157,173,191,194 Jacobs, Jane . .. .......... 123,173,195 Jameson, Gregg . .. ............ . . . .173 Jaros, Candace ........ 51,54,63,68,118,173 Jasper, Nancy .......... .............. 1 73 Jay, Thomas ........ 39,63,119,12O,165,173 Jensen, Barbara ......,....,..,.... 66,173 Johns, Jeffry ..... . . . 173 Johnson, Bette .... . , .173 Johnson, Barbara .. ..... 173 Johnson, Bruce .,.. ...... 1 74 Johnson, Frank Ill .... 123,174 Johnson, Terry . .. .... .174 Jones, Sharon .... . . . 174 Jones, Ronald .... . . .174 Jozefczyk, Joanne ..... . . . 174 1 K 1 Kaufman, Gail ... .... .... . 174 Kealey, David .... ...... 1 74 Kelly, Karen .... .,.. 1 41,174 Keough, James . . .... 174,190 Kerr, Richard .... ....,,... 1 74 Kindel, Wallace . .. .40,66,89,174 Kinkade, Robert . . . ....... .174 Klann, David ..... .. .174 Kleckenr, Vicki ...... . . .174 Kleinnenz, Edward . . . .... .174 Knight, Judith . .. .... 54,174 Knopp, Marian ..... ...... 1 74,195 Knopp, Robert Jr. . .. .. .63,108,120 Knott, Donald ..... ........ 1 74 Koenig, Katherine . . . ..... .174 Kohler, Paul ..... ........ 1 75 Krag, Patricia . .. .... 137,175 Kramer, Carole . . . ....... . 175 Kroeker, Nikkola . . ..62,132,175 Krough, Kathleen .... 175,193 Kubic, Joan ..., .... 1 36,175 Kude, Bruce .............. Lee, Jackie .i. Lerch, Carol .. Lewis, Robert ..... Lewis, Virginia .... Lich, Jacqueline .. Lindell, Terri .... Loieski, Dennis Longden, Eric ..... Longpre, Suzette . . . Love, Ronald .... Lowe, Kendall . .. Lowe, Susan ..... Lucas, Michael . .. Luke, Joyce .... Lynch, Jeffrey .. ......175 ...L.. Lackey, Paula . .. Laing, Joann .. Lamar, Thomas . . . ............,....133,175 45.47,50,66,150,175 Lamel, David ...... 119,152,157,175,l90,194 Lancaster, Linda . Larimer, Laura . . . Laughren, James . .. Lauman, Thomas Lavine, Martin .. Lavine, Virginia . .. Lawrence, Brian . .. Le Clere, Judy .. Lee, Bruce .... .................l22,175 ....,........15O,175 ........175 . ..,. 63,123,175 ...........89,175 . .. .80,102,103,175 ............175 ...........175 ....122,176 ......176 ....64,66,118,156,176 .............128,l76 ..,...........132,176 ..40,66,120,122,123,176 ......176 ...133,176 ....55,176 ......176 ....176 ....176 Lynn, William .............. .... 1 76 ... M ... Maas, Donald ............. .... 1 76 Macdonald, Malcolm . .. ...... .176 Madill, Janet ........ ......... 1 76 Madinger, Susan .... 177, 242 Mahony, Jerry .. . ......... . 177 Malefyt, Mary ... .. .177, 242, 192 Mallery, Gerald .... .. .119, 177, 191 Mandeville, Prima .. .......... 177 Manley, Christopher .. ..... 102, 177 Manning, Patricia .. ..... 41, 137, 177 Manuell, Sherry ......,......,........ 177 Marascio, Rose Marie ..., 133, 134, 177, 195 Marconi, Mary ....................... 177 Marquand, Wendy ..... 53, 73, 177, 196, 245 Martin, Robert .... . ................ 177 Martin, William ,. .... 177 Mathias, Judy .. .... 177 Mathieu, Pierro ... ... .177 Maury, Hays ... ...,177 Mayhew, Terry .... ....... 1 77 Maynard, Robert . . , ............... .178 McBane, Baxter ............. 178, 195 McCroy, Stephen ...... 39, 79, 81, 119, 120, 157,17B,191,194,196 McCue, Jeanne ....., 73, 135, 156, 178, 195 McDowell, Terence ................... 178 McElveen, John ...................... 178 McGannon, Tom .. .... 102, 130, 131, 178 McKenzie, Marilyn .. ...... 137, 178, 195 McKenzie, Paige .. ..... I ..... 50, 178 McLean, Patricia .... ,............ 1 78 McPheeters, Challis . .. .... 51, 55, 60, 178, 240, 241 McQuown, Michael . . . .,.... .178 Mecca, Jefferson . . . ..... .178 Mencke, Melvin .. ......... 178 Menconi, Marsha . . . ,... ..... . 179 Merbitz, Judith . .. .. .66, 133, 179 Merrill, Barbara .. ..... ,.... 1 79 Metro, Stephan .. .... 122, 179 Miller, Sharon .. ....... 179 Mires, Dennis .... .... 1 79 Moore, Barbara ....... .179 Moore, Doreon .... .......... 1 79 Moore, Linda ..... 66, 122, 179 Morgan, Judith .............. .179 Morisse, Marian ... ...118, 152, 179, 193 Morrell, Sandra ....... 50, 179, 195 Morris, Thomas .... ................ 1 79 Morsch, Suzanna .............. 50, 63, 179 Mortensen, Rosemary . ..42, 62, 66, 150, 157, 179,190,191,192,194 Murphy, Edward .............. 76, 80, 179. Murphy, Rita ..... ...... 5 4, 66, 122, 179 Murray, Kathleen .... 66, 136, 137, 179 Murray, Stephan . . . .............. .179 9 Patterson, Donna .. 4 Qgfb r 19' 1 X WCA!! 1 W1 XQMAZJJ ll , ,fx ll Vx 1 F .0 ,V , HMA, 1 QQ' XM OJ fl! fy 1 UC 'X' tub by i , NAXIL! LA, jg 1 l 1 N J my M jj, V1 ""' ffl 1 014, 1 o f 'N' ,M X VL di ,JW s it , 14111 , gtfy W A 1' 1 1 ,wfjffft Muth, Julie ... ...... ..133, 134, 136, Neill, Stanley ..,. Nelson, James . .. N.. Nelson, Carol . .. ....... .. .. Nelson, Charles ............. 51 5 Neuberg, Leslie ,... , 5, 66, Newell, Richard .... , ........ Nichols, Dennis .. Norrie, Frank ......... Odening, Phillip .......... ... gp ... Oeltman, Henrietta Ogilvie, Sara ..... Olsen, Judith Orsi, Donald . . Ottosen, James . .. Owen, Margaret . . . 118,138, 180 191 1 ....5o, 118 ......135 .,.62, 120, 122, 157,180,193 ......142, 143, 180,190 ... p ... Pade, Todd ,........ ...... Paul, Robert ..... ...123 H..80 1 Pearson, Richard . . . ....... 119, Pedersen, Jo Ann . . Pendleton, David . .. Perini, Virginia .. Perkins, Anne . . Perlof, Allen .... . . . Peterson, Carol ...... Constance Peterson, Peterson, Douglas . Peterson, Ronald Paul . . . Pflueger, Phares, Donald . .. Phelps, Edwin Pitchess, Andrew ,... Plunkett, Jerry .... Pokraiac, Nicholas . Polansky, Judy ...... Pomeroy, Fred Potter, Ellen .... Pratt, Judy . .. Price, Juliann . .. Rafaelovich, Romilda ...136, 138 .iQi32Q144 ...79, 80, .. ..108, 45,157,181,190, 193,194 111151,'181f191, 1 1 Roger, James ..... . . Ramirez, David .. Randall, Wayne .... Raymond, William .. Rehwaldt, Susanne . . . Reutter, Pamela .... ..45, 55, Reynolds, James ........ .. . Richards, Mary Ann Rinek, Judith ,...... Roach, Thomas ...... Robinson, Kenneth Robinson, Patricia . .l5.2.l.l.57:' Robinson, Frank ............ Roche, Kathleen ...... Rogers, Nancy Rooton, Don ....... Rumbaugh, Charles Russell, Dixie . . . . .. 66, 122, .ffffde H..102, 118,122 1116f8d 182,191 135,134 162,111 179 180 180 180 180 157, 194 180 1180 180 180 180 180 180 180 123, 195 157, 191 180 180 180 180 181 181 :181 181 .181 181 181 181 181 181 181 181 181 181 181 192, 195 181 194 181 181 181 182 182 182 182 182 182 182 182 194 182 182 182 182 182 182 182 182 183 1 1 J- 1 4 1 CQf1gQ,Lfic wg VA 1 J JU' Ryman, Sharon ....... - s Sage, Richard ....... Sampson, William Sanchez, Drew .... Sanders, Richard .. Saunders, Sherry .,.... Sayer, Terry ........ Scanlan, Edward Scanlon, Michael . .. Schaefer, Judy .... Schruiff, Barbara Schuck, Geraldine Schultze, Donald Schultz, Leslie ..... 76 Schurter, William .... Schwindler, Robert Scoonover, Frank Jr. . . Scott, Suzanne .... Segers, Gary ...... Shaffer, Susan ..... Shapiro, Norman .... Sharp, Carol ...... Sharp, Kenneth Shepherd, Susan .. Shere, Gerald ..... Shoemaker, Nancy Shuler, Susan ..... Shurkus, Elaine .. Siane, Mary ....... Simon, Stephanie .. , Smith, Diana ..... Smith, Hillary .. . Smith, Joan ...... Smith, Mariella . .. Smith, Richard . .. Smith, Ralpth .. Smith, Susan . .. Smith, William .... Snyder, Donald Sorge, Joan ...... Spaulding, Marian .. Spencer, Susan .... Spreen, Gregory . . . Sproul, Rhoda ..... St. Clair, Robert Stacey, Peter . . Stava, William ..... Stephens, Daniel ..... Stephenson, Jenell . . Stoffel, Fred ...... 42, 46, 63, 70, 1 120, 156, 157,185,191 Strampe, Steve . Strand, Karen . Sutton, Charles . . . Swab, Charles .... Syphers, Carolyn - T Taber, Dale .,....... Taylor, Harry . .. Taylor, James . .. Tedesco, Linda .... Temple, Theodore . .. Terhorst, John .... Thacker, Susan ..... Tharlson, Gretchen Theiss, Christopher Theile, Susann ..... Thompson, James . . . Thompson, Sydney c J .AQ .2 V 18395, ll l pl 44f88f118 . .1.8.3.I 132 8O,81, 102 120, 183, 'fQ'18i .66, .Qfi35f15?, 140, II118f135,138, ......,102131, "QI'122, ffff122f131, ....44, 123, ..fffft84, .fff143f184, .fff151,135, Ilf bb 138 .II1139 194, . ...'... ..... G .-,....1.3.1.' 1182Q'i26fu128f 1B6,192, ' fQf16i . ,'. ,..1.0.8l, fff5i .ffi23,143 183 183 183 197 183 183 183 183 183 183 183 183 183 191 183 194 183 183 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 195 184 195 184 185 185 194 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 119, 195 185 185 186 186 157, 199 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 ..186 186 186 186 Thorn ill, Gary ....... . .. Thorsen, Elizabeth Thurber, Stanley ...... Titgemeyer, Roger Toohey, Mary Kathleen Tortoris, .lo Ann . Townsend, Michael Traugott, Connie . . , . Trotter, Don ..... Tucker, Judy ...... Tulleners, Lisette . Turmon, Sandra . .. Turner, Linda .... Turner, Michael . .. Turner, Philip ,... ....126, 128, ......62, .45, 132 .93, 187 .54, 122 55, Tyler, Patricia ....,.,,.... .... T U T Unland, Charlotte ......... -.. V ... Vaccaro, Frank ........... 81, 121, Van Horn, James ......... 81, 104, van Horn, Ruth ........ Van Twaarden, Gerald . Vanley, Geraldine 187 105, ...54, 63 Vawter, Alfred ....... Vetter, Sheryl .,...... Vollkammar, Dieter ..46, 102, 119, ... Vv.... 120 Wade, Garry ............. .... Wagner, Richard . . . Wallace, Jon .... Ward, Valerie .. Warren, David . ,. 188, 1.1.9 188, Webb, Dona ...... .. . . 136, 142, Webster, Richard .. .......... .. Weidaw, Patricia .. .... 41, 53, 127, 129, 73, 188 Westcott, Carolyn .... .......... Whaley, Linda .... Wiberg, Marien .... .......... Wilgus, Marian .... ..,63, 133, Willey, Mary .... .......... Williams, Sue ... .... .. .. Wilson, Barbara . . . Wilson, Pamela J. ... .. 132, 134, .44 f55 Wilson, Pamela M. .. ,... .. . 1 1 Wimbish, Richard ..... 102, Winter, Sylvia ..... . . .51, 55 Wisely, Brent Wolfson, Pamela .................... Wood, Gary .... ,,.................. Wood, Susan .... .... 6 8, 129, 156, 189 Wright, George ................. .... Wyatt, Vickie ....................... Wyman, Mary .... 51, 66, 133, 134, 140 Yeager, Suzanne .......... 41, 66, 118, Young, Donald . . ................ . . Young, stuart ........ 63, 56, 104, 118, 191, Youts, Janet ............. .,.. 1 89, Zack, Gary ........................ Zeliff, John .... Zeno, Lawrence .. Zirmerman, Phil . 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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