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vu. ica- Sv of ,J nf' -,xx f f ,iw- jj jvc! fC ppgixal ! 7 If f A5 5-ff-if J ff' 17 x 'X x ,J .434 fa P72201 1'- 3 1 KLM 627135 -.1-Kifc' M 1 it N V Q r 9, f . r - f ' A 'Vg . , V .f : K . -I . - 'f ' 1 l fl f . , , V ,G -5 :V . J. , . f . gs N V , 'pf c 'Q' 'I' f' - U ' I ' f If . 1 , h ,V 3 V sf l , W . 1 I E 1' - ' F ' ' 1. ' 1 1 ' .1 ' I . N, . V QVQA V r' - - . , . ' fu- J 1 1 A V ' . -V t If - 5' , ,. 9,4 ,. , ' f Q' .- I 1.3 L-. x L '35 I . I4 V , V 3 1, , V q , ,Y ,- ' V l' -V - ' ' . 9, X 1 ' -V f' ,-fL,V- , . , 4: , K , V .. , A LJV AX A K 1 ,V , . KV' , V , V' .V ,F 4 1 ,ek V 5 L, , AV , F , 1 ' ' 1' . .N ,, 1 , , 'fl S V. X 4' -K , L ,- V xx wx' :Q lxxyf . -LL -, i - I 1 A K , 4, klfk ,Q X f K, V L i Q lx 'x-XX Q ,wb-, VX- .xi '1 X54 I A , - .V X' ' L ' v F w X'-, .I ,V-9 .V xv' , ' l f I , Q . . ' xf' .' ' ' N ,, P' ,f A , ' 17. X-K 'V. , X ,.' i ,,1' . X. V, V ,V Vik '-N1 ,I ' A . 1 V V K I N Pax . I V F V ' s V' ' lr Vf . ' 4 . . , . ' ' -N .' 7 1 V I , A Q , , . I .5 6, L I, V ' L' I V . 5 r' j fr I ' Q ,f. ,. 1 'Q gc S -'mv , ' , , ' - 'V ' I r' K 'A , V471 ' Q, 4 ' - . V, K, . . ' ' 1 UV V ' '4 W if X f. , ' I, , J ., fy? ' , F V : At 1- 1,1 ljl- If r' I '-1 , -' ' ' V V 4' ' .ff l 'fn ' 5 ' V I- J ' ' ' 7 . ' ' .V -- Z. ,Vp WA , , , f . 1 c f , .' , f 1 ' ,- ' V -' 1' .4 5 , Y U , V V- , is ,V - , L- f I , . - .,L. - . , ,- 1 H. f ' 1' , VVV7 ,V V , - ' ' 4,':,f J Q A ff' .' A ' ' ff XV ' ' I. ' rx V ' F 1. 48, ' 1,1 A . X Q W T 2 fm' A X, ,X db' . 5 ' X m of 5' ,V . 5 A A 5, V, ' gf ' L t ' 1 , . Lf , ' 1 ' ' KV, ' . - ' Y, L 'X .' r , V V' . - V ' ,J . I ,QV J. .V V HX I-I, 4V , . , - A Vx ..5.V ' K5 24 L41 V - ' H r 5 I 5 , ' f , A 'f ' X . V . -. ' ' f 4 , ' .. Z I! ' 'N - ' - . 1 v V ' . 5 . ' 1 ,Vf ..,, , 1 wp 'P J X -f .4 ' l 2 X, .V -,, V Lf, V ' x .f, ' 'L V 2' ' ff V.. an ' ,U If ,E . Vzba, Li li-,X , h, , ,. ' 1 Q 1' , , ff xv! 2 ' VI' V, 1 if fl X, V, 1 E ga V , X , Q , 1 fix ' ' F E A-5 , 15 Lf V ' P K-,V TW -P' , 'i g 'K' ' .' Y 3 I L X uw Y A f U3 ' Y K. 1- ' 'J J , . ' 3 ,, , , ' V , Y -1, Q , . L - ,A-,M , ,,, 5 X ' . L h V .ff ' ' 7' ! 3 .J fi ' V' K - -v V, V if i J H I f ' k ' - 1 '3Y 1x 2, F d xg' , f ng, , V- . Xu bl .WX Q, 5 1 L, 'A' . 1 -A V ' b X ,L if , 3 V V 5 Vt, VL, '. . Q -K 5 x ., , . ' ,fx - '. N. ' ' ' kg ' ,-- fy J' '- ...J fx ' f ' 1 nf I f f, ,,,.. fi I ., K-q 'r 5 a .4 X Q V . ' ', ff -A X , V I , ,K Q. f.. N 5 uf . 9 I ' , 1 7 : ' . V V V V- if V , - VV 4 1 J ll ix' V f,-V V 'Q X X, V, K K . 1' 'v' t, ' J 11 'VV Z. 1 F 4 ,, f, V, 9 A, -' . I -- fl ' .V V ,L 5 . K A ff., - V,,, ,V-V, 1 'A 'Q 5 'E' X x' , r ,Y IJ JA.. If X J f if , ,. ,J Li ' if V N' A 9 , ' 'XR VI if ffl. VV NY 1 Q x ' ' V V: :V '- . 5 ,V ,, , 'H vw Vg 1- f 1 iff, ,, V ' , A i ,SX fm N .. . , A , L . ,. ,ff X L 'K I f V 1 L, J-V, I A 1. I if ' wp .V' I :'l r A v A 'V A Agn , V: XJ, I, - 1. - V 1 ri, WIA, 9 , ' K If ' 'fy ,V ' f 1 . , ' V V f. - 7 1 A . V - ' V ' .VW j A n V -V l sq, I ,. Q , 'A . iv l nl K , Afcadm Hgh Salma 180 W Hunfmgfon Place Afcaclm, C111 01-ma Volume VIII iff-SDI' wfffff My gnpf ,dw Mafjqjf fwwwf UWMQM M S, iff Q Q NW 47 Q56 K ,ggi YYK HN, 251,92 :Q .J If O JNQ QQ 'M of J xi IEW? arfkflyw Y www Q71 ,QW-A De fcaffonffrt WMM We honor the more than five hundred and fifty seniors who are being graduated in June of 1959, for it is with this class that Arcadia High School completes its first milestone in many years of its educational service to the community. Members of the class of 1955, the first graduating class of Ar- cadia, are now completing their college careers and thus offer the first opportunity for this relatively new school to evaluate the adequacy of preparation which these students received from the high school. Others of this class have gone out into the adult world and have become worthwhile members of their communities. Since the inception of the high school, members of the administrative, teaching, and non certificated staffs have worked diligently to make this one of the finest schools in Southern California. Members of the Board of Education and the District Administrative Staff have given unselfishly of their talents and time in shaping policy and directives to implement the development of the school. The school staff has been so thorough in its planning of curriculum offerings and school procedures that each year has seen a marked improvement in educational climate. With the completion, in 1954, of the final section of the school plant as it stands today, student enroll- ment was slightly less than seventeen hundred with a staff of 84 teachers and administrators. At the close of 1959 almost 2550 students and about 109 faculty members occupy this same campus. Through the years, such strides had been made not only in enlarging the number of course offerings but improving the quality of instruction that by the time the first seniors were graduated in 1955, their high school training was accepted without question by leading colleges and universities all over the United States. In 1957, far in advance of the popular demand for more advanced courses for academically able stu- dents, a pilot program of accelerated courses was begun. ln 1958, a further refinement in class scheduling and curriculum offerings also provided a full range of courses for the average and less able students who could also be challenged to develop their individual abilities to the fullest extent. Now, with the class of 1959 having completed its iourney through public education provided by the citizens of Arcadia, these young people go out into the adult world better prepared than ever before to take their places in society. It is to this class which stands as a symbol of Ar- cadia's coming of age that the 1959 Arcadian is proudly dedicated. XY V- NV' 'l My fifffgf WW Q 79153 f Q E ur W 540 5if,fi'i53Mff pw 1957 , , L76 .Q My I 2 . S , , 4:Z 1a 132: 'as-'S l9'3'5 E - :W-,3 . if F-A5-B 3 . ,r Q -rf 173 , , H -. is fg- K ff! Y 2: Y' li, f3g,5T1 L r- . M zzz' r U . KA? f ,- rf , ,., ,N 1' 'f' M . U Pr 1 . 1 a ' A 'S - fnfk V ,Nia 1.1 Aligry. :-9. 1 'FX 1.?, ., wg . I 7,-.lax .Q if. LAR Q X ,JV1 ' . Qfiq J., . ,K -dx 5 , 'Z tif.: '- . :Vi -V 1 -Q 4:9 'r nf- -.. L A 'Vs H-l'lx I- Q M NLN-' M f' FU... - I 1Y'I,iN'. QQ ' gt I'-. 1- VQQ5. 1 .W l -- i 2 4 ' N t Uv, In 5 A , V , ll' 5 I ' 1 . ' I i . W af f , 1' i'TTZT3'.,.'I.I.'L-.,,,,v, , I ' Wg' lj . ' ' 5. ' ' ' ' ' ' H 5.5-W' XY 4 fy ' 1 N fs t 4 'I . S L .,, , L. J 'Clk ' sig . I 4 ' ' ' 'l V' - 14'j f P- I Y I lllx 1 th. D rigmc 4 1 -, ,, ' l A 8 .L1 fQf,f3-?-5 ffm' mf -sa'-il '4 .'i'.UI I . 2 Xa- '- . ' ' ' iw-Exyg, 51 , , I u W1 5 txgdkx N-vv-114 - 1.-L-1.1:-X' .. ,ia , . J . A ,. z . -1 , 1 A fit? 'il' f?3PM',5w.Rr..s: LJ: .,.pa-as tr' - A . l I N .w-,gw - ms I 'WX x 1, sl s VK fn I y. an-V A .q, , , I ' fx. an T , uf ..f fmgj Kits- fr' .1 fy 1 L . 1 'r 1 n 1 I , . ' has nah' '.. 4415 V. if As., , . N X - , an-M -1. f mg. ts! wg . 5. 'f ' S 1, gm xx A A Fi' . .. ., 1-fn ' . . Q ' - A' ,tk . 'N fA..4 .. 'vkr ' , 'KN' ' ' I QM. EJ? AN., NK x B5 x s 5.11.5 , -fgq mpgs 'S 'MM Tn -nn S if Mia' Ksrvi l flyin- ifi, -. hifi 'L c-'WX Grassy lawns, beautiful expanses of ivy, graceful shrubbery and rapidly growing trees have made Arcadia High School a campus of which residents and stu- dents can iustly be proud. Now the landscaping is maturing and has become ci handsome frame for the modern archi- tecture of the school. Following the unification of the School District and the passage of the necessary bonds in 1950, construction was begun on the first section of the school plant. Two years later a second bond issue provided funds for the completion of the plant as it stands today. lt was not until the fall of 1954 that the new Administra- tion Building was occupied, the Adminis- trators having been housed in what is now the Home Economics house facing Duarte Road. While the building of the physical plant otural brick exterior of the wld ind of the Admin- stration Building is softened with iacaranda and maple rees which accent the carpet of variegated ivy. Functional design ofthe front of the school is shadowed by graceful shrubs and trees advanced, so did the acquisition of a competent staff, and the purchasing of text books and resource materials to be housed in the newly established lib . ln the initial years, course study, standards of grading, an accreditation for the benefit of Arcadia graduates had A? to be established. ,l N A By the time the first S nior Class was f Y ready to be graduated i lf? ,fcux1PicU- ,-1 lum standards were so fir tablisheplf s ,f 3 that graduates of that year X41 ' QR M1 cepted without question ysllfeading uni- J r AN versities all over the U ' Statds. A ,JV ,J 'X With the continued growt of the City of .X A Arcadia, the High School has exceederdfsfm X X the planned capacity of the school plant, . Va , ,U and is now faced with me neaeggtyoffor f' ' 'D QQ, 'X i planning a prospective enrollmieht of ,O L 'f more than 2700 students next fall. A ' Y' Ks l if mfs rs fs 'Nl Q XX f AX Qfix fr XX f-.N N 'X . rw i , . x i . it if ,ii fi ,inf U f-I , f v X i X, Editor fn Ctzfef janis Maddux Associate Karen Russe Ectitors Sue Spare N A U1SQ1 Mrs H0221 R929 21' Ofelgfl xc ange Stu ents DEAR APACHES AlThough I am anxuous To go back To my counTry I am sorry To leave Arcadua and my Amerucan Tamuly and Truends Fruendshup us one of The mosT valuable Thungs a person may have un hus lufe I hope I have gauned your Truendshup and I hope Thus wull noT end wuTh The endung of Thus school year buT wull conTunue I had a wonderful year un Arcadua and un The Hugh School wuTh you Loads of Thanks and love CAHIDE ILERI T958 59 Turkush Exchange STudenT Thus year as un The pasT exchange sTu denTs from foreugn lands have spenT one year as senuors on The Arcadua campus In adduTuon an Arcadua uunuor has been chosen To luve abroad durung The pre vuous summer The Amerucan Fueld Ser vuce us un charge of Thus program Durung The school year of T958 59 Cahude lleru from Turkey and ITalo GaTTeu from ITaIy were The exchange sTudenTs' They have been guesTs un The homes oT Arcadua resudenfs Ed Lolesku represenTed Arcadua un Germany The prevuous sum mer ParT of Theur expenses are defrayed each year by The presenTaTuon of a sTu denT TalenT show DEAR APACHES I really had a wonderful Tume aT Arcadua Hugh School I made many Truends and we passed TogeTher a wonderful year Many Thanks To all of Them and all The Teachers who made easuer Tor me The acquaunTmenT wuTh The Amerucan people I wull always remember Arcadua Hugh School Now The greaTesT ambuTuon of mune us To come back To Arcadua once agaun un my lufe ITALO GATTEI T958 59 lTaluan Exchange STudenT DEAR APACHES I would luke To suncerely Thank The stu denTs of Arcadua Hugh School for pro vudung The opporTunuTy Tor me To repre senT Them un Germany lasT summer IT was quuTe an experuence To learn The ways of The German people and I hope Ive been able To convey some of Theur Thoughfs and Teelungs To The general sTudenT body as a whole ED LOJESKI T958 Exchange STudenT To Germany 01' . u I for a life Time. l . I F Q . . . v I ff L . I.. I U .. H ' I Q T Q onienfc L lllllllwflliflllll lmcnznzenf XJ ' lf Gif, Adu :fre- l fnalen fa-smen Aclve rffffng WL 02 39 172 202 DUIIIUI S 5p0I fx tJl'L1GlllZt'lflUlIs C1291 O . AJ . .: l . 8 f ,Q. , ' A ',,4,i ELK L v!Ll, 'An' I I fl 'M pw- W' lf C . - 'iwl wz ,f A :X gg X, LI- 2 '-fl, ffa' LJ 11' QQ A' - 2, 7 ' .f Q ... . : .A Q 41 1 -5 'S Lf , ' ' : . G T ' ' 1 an--lr- .'-Q 'x ,..,- '. V4 4 - 4--' ' J -x MM ,tj ' ' ,la , , 5 Q ll U , . . Q ze , ,iff w 5 9 2 f 7' 4 Q 1 S ' Q1 .. ' ZwwW?m ' AY , f 'Q' Wi 'Bn' 'Q 'Z Q ' x iwQ'mVllmg Q M 1 we l,, if fv ' '.': 'lm fM,,, .W 1 r 'al 7 4. 'Inlay :N ' ' I . t. M X ...- ff fs 1 af: . uf. 4 5 v,:t g gi ,af 1 I 3 R .5 H ' sa aa 1. ,I .fb we Q, . nv- L' st 0: . Q .- Q Q Q five Y pq, 6, ' e ,m 'Nb K . , 'P ' 4 'Q ng ' . 1 1,7 . ,, A in I 4 Q.: 1 3 j 1 1 gs'-Q H A ' V : Q Q- iiiiig 3 on ' F M: ., , , I 1 A O vu. 5, 3 Q . K ,. q I nn ' xi .v . . l 3123 f Q 2 1ff11,'?'?3-?.?' filly g?. W My it 3? ,vim 1 4' .r 'H ' 'T 4' 2 - , V -W f' Vi - ' vu I ' f' f 45lf f g:? ?4Q k I I Y . 23ag5q,,i1:, :.5 gi , ... m '51 Q 'gg Q5 I 3 , , 1' 'V A 7 g 1 '1 g g I J Q. . , Ay Q N? -2- Q 3. 91 - W3 I 37:3 1- SQ ' , . i ' X- t , I. mf: 1:7-12 3:-5 .1 . Acfmfnfsfraffon . 'ls lai d Q 'f 25' gf 1 ri, ,fs 'Af fi' staff v. lp'-asf lr Rl nfs? 'F :fs-'wJ .. Wi-. '5f1z:1f2fQ?fsa5E:fa-11-.'wf3ge5 - - -M . ..' if 5:4 D' 9. , .cs-.. 31.5,-'Q fa .- J-,yy , . .,- -r. , - . 'X - ' itj f . wx- . I' K 2-ff 'V ' fl'-aff 54ti15'kvQfl-5,2 . . - f.. .. 15566 I ' ffffff 'ff'-' 1- -- if t' a, ' In 'is ?31i f'-ff-1 Yflgz. . f- 5-1 .ff 1.1 4 Through the leadership of the Arcadia Board of Education, the untiring efforts of the District Administrative staff, and thought- ful planning and consideration of high school administrators and staff members, gratifying strides have been made in the devel- opment of the present plant and curriculum offerings. Always with the best interests of students foremost in their minds, the entire staff has labored long and hard to develop course offerings which will challenge the individual abilities of each student who has attended the high school since its incep- tion. The planning of the physical plant, its enlargement, and its adjustment to the needs of an expanding student body has required many hours of extra effort on the part of all school personnel who have been striving to make this one of the out- standing high schools in California. Beginning with only a handful of books, the present school library now houses more than 9,000 references and recreational reading volumes. In addition, some 70 magazines and per- iodicals are provided for student use along with a rapidly ex- panding resource file of phamphlets covering hundreds of subjects. At the close of the l955 school year and with the graduation of the first senior class, total enrollment was iust short of seven- teen hundred. Five short years later, almost 2550 students meet in classes daily on this same campus. Because of the tremendous increase in enrollment which brought classrooms to a 1001, capacity, it became necessary to institute an extended day scheduling this year which brought freshmen students on campus at i0 a.m., to remain until 4:30 p.m., with the three other classes remaining on regular schedule. With constantly greater emphasis on strengthening the cur- riculum, a pilot program of accelerated classes for more cap- able learners was instituted in the 1957-1958 school year. D-ur- ing the year iust closing, this program has been vastly expand- ed to include English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Languages and Science. A further refinement has been in the scheduling of students in specialized classes, so as to achieve the most ideal learning environment for all. Truly, Arcadia High School has made remarkable advances in education since that proud day in June 1955 when the first graduating class marked the coming of age of a new high school in the San Gabriel Valley. Principal Elbert E. Souders, Assistant Principal Gerald Rayl, and Dr. W. R. Pat- terson, Director of Counseling and Guidance at the High School, study blueprints as they seek possible additional areas where classes may meet next year. A mmrsfrahon Board of Eclucahon Wnth real concern for the educatuonal welfare of Arcadua students members of the Board of Educatoon have spent many hours consudermg problems of the Dlstruct Not only have they met durmg regular Board meetmgs but they have spent countless hours an the commumty clar rfyung the needs of the schools to the crtrzens Because of thear leadershlp throughout the years Ar cadla ss known as a fme school system Overcrowdmg at all grade levels has been studied and the Board has adopted a plan provldmg for the contmuance of ex tended day scheduling for the Hugh School next year with added temporary housrng to provlde an adequate number of classrooms Harold Q Lertz I recu ent Ear! S Rrcleer ecrefary ward L Bufferworf F W Cowmg AIQH1 Cf' AIQITILQI' r...- Ilr. A. W Alisson flfem er Ptannect ttze overall policy for ttze sctzoots operationp Superintenctent Dr. William R. Staerkel, completing his sec- ond year as Superintendent of the Arcadia Unified School District, has done an out- standing iob as chief administrative officer for the schools. One of his major concerns during the past two years has been the continued strength- ening ofthe curriculum at all grade levels so as to better prepare students for the future. Also working with members ofthe Board of Education, as that group has had to consider the problems created by over-crowded schools, Dr. Staerkel has been able to pre- sent many possible solutions for the Board's consideration. His pleasant manner and earnest desire to provide even better schools for Arcadia stu- dents has made him many friends in the community D Hugt1es Personne Director Dr Wrttram M taer e uperrnten ent Henry S Malmo Dr Alton E Scott E ucatmna Serwces BUSVWQSS Sefvffes Assistant Supermten ents Assistant Superintendents Henry S Molino and Dr Alton E Scott have each assumed leadership in their respective fields Mr Mo llno directs the many divisions of Educational Services while Dr Scott is responsible for all Business Services for the District Dr Scott began his duties at Ar cadia last August ThoughTTul consideraTion of The problems and desires of sTafT members and sTudenTs alike has been The keynoTe To Mr. Souder's success as The high school's Principal. WiTh The myriad responsibliiTies of his posifion- ThaT of direcTing The conTinued developmenT of The curriculum, The selecTion and direcfion of The Teaching sTaff, and his many civic responsibili- Ties-There has always been Time To encourage and advise sTudenTs individually. V Through his guidance The pasT four' years, The enTire high school communiTy has shown greaT progress in all areas of endeavor. Princrpa HW UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTIICY a -i ..1 me mass, Mm Q. W. . miiU..f- A ny mu mm-u ma nn A. 1- N- an un :lm nf um, ry nun yu. .Q A 1 x nf mn rf-an nun sgnml. un uaxvxamx n Dunn x nn 1 nn -u ma an .nun mr - 'nun-a -z tha me xn- n ma r-nn-y -mf, x. an muulgxr an nu au 5-uw nun nf use -nu x - onarpqm .1 my em. ui an :hu nf u-xr eu.-n 1- yn eewnxm. x mn bun -nun.-z uf un uns -annum u 1 an nur-e may pq: snr n-nr UI tin IH Intl hlcl me-pun.-.n an wx ucclllmld by ln lnrn C-puny ed ui. -can mi - 1--1 .1 unmet .ffm 1. nf m un, namely- an Ili!!! lhlci fl! Itclldld I plllnt. um-uxy rm:-nfs in 1 nu. ummm annum -1. mn uu- rm yun. my run fn- ns an un. nu 1 sqm .y mm.. n um am. sawn. uc :nu- ma xcn nn an pl ny .mm mm en .mn nm.-e, r-:nn -mn, In-Q-nuifma nanny nu. qu fn :mug ua. uu- snmnxy. C. C. nun I. Swann rn-up-1 .,. fluff f- 1 na un- mud 4 .Q H Sctzoot Actrninistrators irectect sctzoot organization g gggi 35' T-gg yggv ysci Q gjf, ,gme,,-,Jai gllu use g of , s ,.-,on,, so ,es i 5 4 rs anct functioning. Assistant Principal Planning and supervising the physical operation of the school plant, establish- ing the master schedule for classes, and helping to select and guide the teaching staff are some ofthe important functions of the Assistant Principal, Gerald Rayl. ln a high school as large as this, thou- sands ot individual problems covering all facets of the total school program must be considered and acted upon. Mr. Rayl has done a fine iob in all of these areas in a pleasant and courteous man- ner. Pupil Personnel Albert Acton has the dual responsibility of serving in a Pupil Personnel capacity as well as acting as Coordinator of Student Activities. With fairness and real concern for the best interests of students, he has completed another successful year. Attenctance Qfficer Attendance accounting and counseling with students on problems of attendance as well as personal problems fill each day to the fullest for Lawrence Lucas, Arcadia High's Attendance Officer. With his quiet, sincere consideration he has become a real friend to many students, Pu it Personnel Atlzzrt Acton l'-Baa any www napa 5139 FYR? 9-ws QMWW ge-ww VN? i Dr W R Pafferson 'im GYYZQS Smafldon 4 U1 ance Coor mafor Dr W R Pattersons leadershlp In the fzeld of guudance and counselnng at Ar cadla has provrded a well rounded pro gram for hugh school students ln durect :ng the work of the counselnng staff In the many facets of educatronal develop ment career plannung and In the varsed areas of human relatnons students and faculty have benefnted He has served rn admlnrstratlve capacltles on thus cam pus for the past three years having come to Arcadia from Klngvulle Texas where he was an Assocrate Professor at the Texas College of Arts and Industries for sux years He recelved has Bachelors degree from North Texas State College and both has MA and Ph D from The Unnverslty of Texas In addutron he has had a rnch background nn both teachung and admunustratvve fnelds durung h s career an the profession urrrcu um Assnsfanf Development of currnculum guides co ordunatlng specual educatuonal offerings and asslstung nn the plannlng and sched ulnng of auduo vnsual materlals are only part of the many duties of James Small don Currlculum Coordunator He IS con stantly In consultatnon wnth teachers on problems of supplles and arrangung for fueld trnps and other special offerlngs Mr Smalldon has been rn the Dnstrlct for the past seven years, havlng taught Socnal Studles up until two years ago when he assumed hrs new post He re cerved both hns BS and MA degrees from the Unnversnty of Southern Cal: fornla ounse ors guided and advised sfuafenis ROBERT G. CAMERON B.A. U. of Southern California College Counselor Junior Class Sponsor S. R. PATRICK B.A., M.S. U. of Southern California Psychometrist and Junior Counselor Maryland Child Study Group With the best interests of each Arcadia student in mind, members of our Counseling staff guide and advise students on many different problems. The careful consideration of the needs of each counselee, linked with continuing contact with parents as needed, has greatly benefited the en- tire educational program. Both students and fac- ulty members are well aware of the fine accom- plishments of this staff, both from an academic standpoint as well as in the guidance program. The friendly atmosphere which has character- ized the Counseling Office has encouraged many students to seek assistance with their problems. MRS. MAVIS DUMBACHER A.B. Fresno State College Senior Class Counselor Kiowas Sponsor EDWARD HARVER B.S., M.S U. of Southern California Vocational Counselor Future Teachers Sponsor t '1 --1 MRS. FLORENCE SINKULE B.S. Eastern Michigan College Freshman Counselor Girls' League Sponsor HAL WILTSE B.Ed., M.S. U. of Alberta U. of Southern California Research and Sophomore Counselor Off Campus Club Sponsor Snglfslz LLOYD SAVAGE MRS. BARBARA ATON MRS. LUANE R. BUYS English B.A. B.A. Sacramento State College U. of Utah English English I X -' Dr. Katherine Jones and Harry Conover dem- ttl l onstrate the Charleston to the amusement of MRS. MARIE CARROLL HARRY CONOVER MAX CRAMER th f It T th Ch . Y P rf B.s., Ms. AB., Ms. B.A. ' e GW Y G 9 sms G Y' Occidental College, U. of S. C. U. of Southern California Occidental College Speech English English Swim Club MISS MURIEL DAVIS GEORGE HEROLD ROBERT KERR MISS CATHERINE LEARNED B.A. B.A. AB. A.B., M.S,, 5.5. Occidental College Arizona State College Brown University U. of Michigan English English English U. of Southern Calif. Kiowas Photography Club U, of Cincinnati English fffglzly trained faculfy mem ers f f LOUIS GRENIER MISS LOUISE ALLEN EDGAR CAMERON MRS. LILIAN De LEY B.A. B.A., M.A. V A.B. A.B. U. of Calif., L. A. North Texas State College U. of Calif., Berkeley U. of Calif., L. A. Language U. of Southern Calif. Language Language Language This year for the first time, educational back- ground of faculty members, along with subjects taught and sponsor assignments have been in- cluded for all staff members. Without exception, these listings are limited to degrees earned but do not reflect the additional professional train- ing which is constantly being taken by all staff members. We regret that lack of space did not permit the full list. Also for the first time this year, the entire English Department curriculum at all levels has been divided into three categories, providing homo- genous grouping for students so that greater progress can be made individually according to ability. MRS. HAZEL REEGLER, B.S., M.S. Texas Womens University New York University DONALD McGUIGAN, B.S., M.A. Creighton University English MRS. BEVE TAIT, B.S. U. of Illinois English, Drama, Jesters, SAMUEL ORSINI, BA. Harvard University English A.F.S. FRED THORP, B.A. Fresno State College English JESS RANKER, B.A., M.A. U. of Southern California English RICHARD O. WILSON B.A., M.A. Occidental College Publications Kallettes, G. L. Soc. Com. Scholarship Club Drama, Jesters PAUL WOOLSEY, B.A. EDWARD WHITTEMORE, BA. Los Angeles State College Whittier College English Social Studies Chess Club Junior Statesmen anguages MRS. BERNADETTE STONER MRS, ISOLDE SYBENr Ph-D License, M.A. U. of Prague Sorbonne, Claremont Grad. University College, London Language, French Club Language ARNOLD GALLEGOS, B.A., M.A. Mexico City, Fresno State Social Studies, Language Scholarship Club Iowa College Language French Club MISS JENNIE GLEESON Ph.B., M.A. Mather College, Western Res. U Language SALVATORE J. TRILLO, B.A. I8 VERNE WILLIAMS, B,A. ROBERT BACON, A.B. ALVIN BARLOW, B.S. KENT BARNEY, B.S, Whittier College Whittier College U. of Utah Loyola University, L.A. Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies, Lettermen's Club English Physical Education Sophomore Class Senior Class ocial fualfes World History Ancient and Medieval History United States History and a combination of Civics and Psychology comprise the Social Studies curriculum here This year the classes have been divided into three groupings in order that students may be challenged to develop their abilities to the highest level commensurate with their interest and achievement The four year program provides an excellent historical back ground for citizenship and an understanding of world affairs RICHARD DYER BA JOE GLENNIN BA La Verne College Los Angeles State College Social Studies Social Studies English HARVEY GODDARD BA MRS KATHERINE JONES MRS GLENNA P RASMUSSEN ROBERT M SHORTELL B E M A Bates College M A BA MA La Crosse U of Wisconsin Social Studies Ohio State University Brigham Young Stanford Social Studies Photography Club Social Studies Sehcapas Social Studies Senior Class Principal of Adult Education Towar pro 1c1ency 1n Miss Devalon helped serve hungry fowify nqemberg Hot Wmse LOW mules umcx BA JoHN r wmsimouse rence Lucas and Max Cramer at the Clolemolll Men S College B A M A Social Studies Occidental College Clillslmcs PUVTY Social Studies , , - , . . . - I t I I ' ' ,W , ' , . . . , . . , . , . . B.S., . ., Ph,D. . ., . . , . ' ' , , t qu , S 0 C , O K I A , 1 I I ' I' ' ' ' ' - . ., . . Math The Mathematncs Department of the hugh school otters such thungs as General Mathe matucs Algebra I 81 Il Plane Geometry and Soltd Geometry and Trngonometry These courses are also offered In the accelerated form Thus department gtves students wlth special mathematrcal Interests an opportunnty to ex JOHN HOFFMAN BA JAMES CALDERHEAD BA U of Redlands U of Redlands Ce Mathemattcs Mathemattcs Sophomore Class JAMES CALDWELL BA M A Eastern Nazarene College Boston Umverslty Mathematucs Sk: Club Rifle Club RICHARD CARROLL BS MS MISS JUDY DEVALON BA MRS ELSIE HUNSICKER U of Caltforma L A Pdmona College B S M S Mathematucs Mathemattcs Washburn U of Iowa Coach Pep Club Mathemattcs Engr Club RAY POTTER BS Pepperdme College Mathemattcs RAY STEPHENS B A MRS MARGARET URBACH Long Beach State College B A M A Mathematics Hunter College N Y U Englneers Club Mathematncs many :el 0 e ucahon pecm E ucahon Arcadna I-ltgh School offers a specnal program tor those stu dents who need special help Instructors who have had spe cutnc traunung nn thus tleld, teach the students basnc fundamentals MISS MARGUERITE WILCKE, A B BEN DENNISON, B A , M A Western College L A State, Long Beach State Speclal Educatton Specual Educotlon ot educatron Future Teacher s Club 'Qi -tiff I I I K , Q . , . , 1 , . . , . . , , ., . . I , .., .. , . . . , . ., . . . , . . . ., .. , . , . 1 . . , . . . , . . . ., . . . , . . . il r ? O ' a i , 'I-J' RAYMOND PASCOE BA MA Stanford Umverstty Mathemattcs MISS DIANA WEARNE BA U of Southern Calttornna Mathematncs I9 .IOHN D. DANCER, BS. RUSSELL BOVIE, B,S, MRS. CLAIRE LANDSMAN, B.S. WAYNE FOUNTAIN, B.A. ' ' ' b Occidental College U of California L A U of Pitts urg U. of California, L. A. . , , . . Science Science Science Science ROBERT GREEN B S M S WALTER LA GIER B S M A Long Beach State College Loyola University L Science Science RONALD PHENIX BA FRED SCHWAB AB Stanford University Los Angeles State College U of Southern California Science S bctence With the ever increasing necessity for scientific achievement Arcadias Science Department is definitely keeping pace with the trend Among its offerings are courses in Botany Chemistry Biology and Physics These range from basic to advanced study and offer the student a chance to excel in the science he most enloys GEORGE STAPLETON BS MA U of Arizona Stanford Science cience Science Club an encouraged file PHILIP E NEWMYER AB U of California L A Home Teacher STEPHEN MALTZ Los Angeles State College Science Junior Class Don Hewitt and Bill Zogg luggle the ball while tvvo Harlem Clowns shield the vision of r feree Gerald Royle 1 ' . .. ,B.A. . ,. , .A. . , . , 1 I . . . . . r I I , . , Q - ,- W. 5 r. f -F of , . . , . . , .., , . 9 - - I LLOYD DAVIES, Ed.B., M.S. MRS. DIANE Dl CONTI, B.S. U.S.C., U.C.L.A. U. of Southern California Business Education Business Education Aviation Club Freshman Class in iviclual ac fevemenf MRS. ELAYNE B. HOFMANN FRED SUNDSTROM, B.S., M.Ed. B.S., M.S. Arizona State College U. of Utah U. of Arizona Bus. Educ., Jr. Red Cross Business Education l Business Skills needed to succeed in the secretarial and business field, as well as the understanding of many types of business procedures, are introduced to many students here. Typing, shorthand, business machines, general bus- iness procedures as well as business law are included in the curriculum. -A MRS. DELMA FRAME, B.S. MISS ANNE GAYDOS, indiana University B.S., M.A. Business Education U. of Pittsburgh Business Education, A.F.S. Faculty members attend a P.T.A. sponsored luncheon during a pre-school meeting, G JOKKEL BS., M.S. DANIEL R. LUCERO, B.A. DONALD NORDVOLD, B.A., M.A. LEONARD STERLE, B.A. JOHN SWITZER, BA. Stout State College Los Angeles State College U.S.C., Occidental College Los Angeles State College Los Angeles State College Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts industrial Arts Key Club Industrial Ari Industrial Arts is an active program geared to the stu- dents' needs. Courses ranged from beginning general exploratory shop work in woodworking, metalworking, electricity and mechanical drawing to the advanced cour- ses in the various areas. Students learned the function at design and its application as well as building useful articles. Technical information and skills which are the basis of modern industry, were stressed at all levels of instruction. JOHN F. WARD, B.A. JAKE WEILER, A.B., M.A U. of Calif., Santa Barbara Colorado State College Industrial Arts lr1dUSTfiGl Arts Ari The Art and Crafts department has as its main aim the development of creative ability and appreciation of art forms in each and all of its students. The instructors work closely with each pupil while giving all a wide range of mediums, techniques and experimental ideas. The de- partment has earned widespread recognition through its students who have won many awards at various ex- hibits. These include the Annual Bullocks Scholastic Art Awards Contest and the Barker Brothers Youth in Home Arts Regional Exhibit Portfolios of student art work have been sent east for scholarship iudgung and graduates of this department have achieved high praise from colleges and art schools in the area more f an MRS RUTH LUBIN BA MRS COLLEEN BERCSI BA MA U of California LA Immaculate Heart College Arts and Crafts Claremont Graduate School JAMES NEUMEISTER BA MA FRANCES J BOYER AB MA Occidental College Occidental College Choral Groups Instrumental Music Drtver rammg Efficient and ready to train new drivers is the Driver Train ing staff Dual controlled cars are in constant use in the sur rounding area training students to become courteous and efficient drivers The staff also conducts the compulsory Driv er Education course for all high school students GORDON SANDFORD BA MA San Jose State College Redlands University Instrumental Music I' 2500 Area 10 Masta Among its various offerings at Arcadia High School the Music Department includes a concert band a lunior or chestra an orchestra and a seventy six piece marching band Included in the sev eral vocal groups are the A Cappella choir and Chan teurs which make many per sonal appearances through out the year LEONARD S BUELL BA BARRY HOELSCHER BA Hgme Cgmom 105 UD::i5: 2i,'3zz,.::t U of Cs,'.U::::'15x:,1?.,5'1 'f C' In addition to th r e e years of regular home making for the home ec onomlcs malor the H o m e Economics De partment offers a special s e n i o r homemaking course All these courses attempt to develop homemaking skills and abilities in the students and to provide opportu nity for creative expert ences and the achieve ment of individual com petence MRS ROSE ENDRUSIK BS Drexel Institute of Technology Homemaking MRS JEAN MONGE BA Whittier College Tawakas Duchesses Duchesses MRS IENITA SCHWARTZ BA Los Angeles State College Homemakmg , . . , . . . , . ., . . . , . . At ll . V O ' 1 I - I ,..,.. . ,..,.. ,..,.. - .tty 0 0 0 g vt af I I I lk . Q . , . . , . . . , . . . , . , . . . . I , . . . . , .. . , . . - , - . ROY E. WHEELER, A.B. DAVID ACKERMAN, B.A. JOHN BILBREY, B.A., M,S. Occidental College U of California Berkeley Pepperdine College Physical Education Physical Education U at Southern California Lettermen Physical Education lug Sclzooi Siucfenfs RALPH HOOKER BS MA Indiana State Teacher s College Physical Education MRS MA'RlAN CLARKE BA Pomona College Physical Education Orchesis ROBERT JACKSON AB Occidental College Physical Education MRS MARY BLOTT BS U of California L A Physical Educatgpn Chirakawas Band Auxiliaries Boys ' P11 ysfcal ucaifon Stressing the mastery ot skills in many sports, the Boys' Physical Education pro- gram provides healthy recreation and exercise tor all boys in school. Health education, leisure time sports, competi- tive sports in all categories-all these are the elements of which this tour yea: required program is composed Good sportsmanship is stressed in all areas The three football coaches study plays from the sidelines to discover new ways WILLIAM ZOGG B A to improv the team Westminster College Physical Education Lettermen K,-19 Nh '-lun' MISS MARCIA PETERSON B S M S MISS CAROL LAWSON 5 A U of Southern California Whnner College Phys Educ Drill Team Physical Education Chirakawas G A A Grrs Plzysrcal Eclucahon Modern dance tennis golf basketball baseball and many other sports are a part of the Girls Physical Edu cation program Adaptive Physical Education is al o available to those girls needing less strenuous exercise The entire program is geared to the sustaining ot good physical condition among girls at Arcadia as well as to provide skills and techniques in many types of sports activity The GAA program is ottered after school for those girls wishing to excel in sports MRS VIRGINIA STONE A B U of Calif Santa Barbara Phys Educ Girls League Wel GAA Freshman Class . , ' ' - A 0 L I , . ., . . , . . I . . - 9 - , ,,, ' . I I , . - Mgr M J L il G Y l I . ., . . . , . . . , . . , . . ' I . , . . ' 'I , , . . . ' he 9 I 7 0 0 4' ' 1 1 I 1 1 ' . . . . . . . S if QI, . . , . 5 . V if - - , I I ' . .I . l . fuclenf services provided invaluable s- Z 5 l 1 if It I fl i K -H-., l l X. . X Mrs. Adele Merz lrightl and Mrs. Emma Bracher lleftl are the school's nurses, checking students into school after long absences. Healfll ervices 24 L1Z71'd1'y Library staff members order, cata- logue, and issue books from the more than 8,900 volumes which make up the Arcadia library. ln addition, they issue all audio-visual materials and are constantly avail- able to assist students in locating resource materials. The fine efforts of this competent staff have been much appreciated. Mrs. Trudie Hunt, Librarian, discusses the distribution of books with Mrs. Maxine LeClere lseated, leftl and Mrs. Sarah Luclcenbill lseated, rightl, . 1C Q Mrs. Jeanette Bixby lseatedl and Mrs, Pat Lockner lsranclingl discuss some of the many problems relating to the principals office. Sfudenf assistance fllrouglzouf the sc 001 year 51 . uslxv' Mrs. Gladys Waterhouse and Julie Galeotti look over the books in the Student Store. Mrs. Waterhouse has been in charge at this department for seven years, and has been a wonderful friend to many students on campus. Secrefa ries Apaches served each other through the Student Store, as all came to buy needed school supplies. Counseling secretaries include, left to right: Mrs. Mariorie Smith, Mrs. Helen Reimers, and Mrs. Valois Rodelcohr. ervfces ' f ', ri i l ' L The main office secretaries are, left to right: Miss Marietta Viola Mrs Nina L Draughon, Mrs. Clara Jones, and Mrs. Archeva Huff an confrflmfecf fo fllQ comfort? an Bus Drivers W Standing in front of part of the bus fleet are lleft to rightl: Elmer Zabel, Frank Urzt, Wilbur Hoekstra, Bruce Klausman, Steve Dorse, Edgar Scott, Calvin Ford, Gordon Smith, and Ralph Atkinson. Bus Drivers are among the many people who have aided the students in various ways. Their friendly and courteous manner in addition to their promptness in meeting sched- ules has been much appreciated by all students. usfoalfans Helping to keep the Arcadia High campus clean and neat in appear- ance is the responsibility of the school custodian staff. Sweeping halls, seeing that the rooms are kept in order, and taking care of the dis- posal of trash are only a few of their tasks. They perform duties sometimes unnoticed by students but which contribute to the smooth run- ning of the school plant. Both the night and day custodians share the continuing housekeeping services for Arcadia High. X l t tions to Frank Merwar on the correct way to use the floor waxer Charles Gunyon, Head Custodian lkneeingl, gives ins ruc as Robert Steigner and Roy Manley watch. 26 convenience of ilzose on campus. ,4g Bertha Eisle, Rose Butler, and Marvel Gutr-nan serve lunch to hungry Apaches, Cafeteria personnel work diligently each school day to pre- pare and serve ap- petizing and de- licious foods. Ham- burgers by the hun- dred as well as thousands of serv- ings of balanced meals are available to students and tac- ulty members. Lucil Tammaro, Dorothy Keough, Grace Moley, and Cecilie Mouch busily prepare food, Cafeteria Sfaff 'lwlli Christine Tyhulski, Lucille Fields, Elsie Wilson, and Evelyn Pierce serve food from the snack bar. Everett Bone burns Apache trash. l . 1 JC -H, ns. . , xy- .!,,, . . ge, If K ,Q M gi fi ' 'f z 1 s f -I ,- A M f Q2 -, X -L.. 4 A M ,. 1-as-L jj' f ,- . ,Y Z .Tb if 14 31 Ni 'A ,4 A I wif 5 Student government at Arcadia has progressively improved with experience and the new approaches which have developed over the years. Many subiects relating to student interests and prob- lems have been acted upon or discarded by members of the gov- erning groups as they have learned to exercise judgment and foresight in the planning and execution of proiects. Working within the framework of school administration policy, they have considered such subiects as the activity program, which includes pep rallies, assemblies, dances and special events. ln addition, they have been concerned with student codes of con- duct on campus, and they have served as a liaison between student groups and the school administration by presenting the student's point of view on many matters. Election time during the spring semester is always an important event on campus, when students learn to choose and vote for the campus leaders whom they feel will best represent them. The drama of the campaigns and election assemblies has been a highlight of this important event. Members of the Executive Council, each assuming the respon- sibility for a segment of the total planning problem, are actively engaged in planning different projects. The selection of com- petent committee members for the proiects and directing their activities toward successful completion has also been a part of their responsibility. Serving in more personal capacities, Advisory Council members as a group endeavor to seek out the reasons for some students' lack of adiustment to the high school environment. Through the Council's efforts, many vexing or perplexing personal problems of students have been clarified and lessened. The third segment of student government, the House of Rep- resentatives, is composed of a representative from each class- room on campus. Matters of general student concern in any classroom may be brought to the attention of the Student Council and the Administration through the duly elected representative from that section. Meeting rather regularly cluring the school year, members of the House are free to present their ideas. Con- versely, these same representatives report decisions and matters under consideration within the House itself to their class groups. In yet another facet of student government, the Girls' League performs an important function. The creation of a fri among girls, the fostering of good campus support, and the wel- coming of new girls to Arcadia High are only a few of the functions which are an important part of Girls' League activities Throughout the years several annual customs have developed including the Big Sister-Little Sister picnic, the Christmas tea and the early spring Parent-Daughter banquet which this year hon- ored mothers. endly spirit Governmenf A B 0 jhcers assume f e resp0ns1 1 dy fu ent Q61 QTS Pres1 eni Andy Anderson The office of Student Body President is one which requires great responsibility and carries with it high honors During the past year Andy Anderson has ably fulfilled the demands of this position Through this office the President has co Council and represented the school in the National Association of Student Councils Sharing and discussing thoughts and ideas of student body interests with his fellow officers Andy has materially aided in the smooth functioning of the school s student government program Marcia Northrop Barbara Ware Dorothy Nissen Marilyn Hester Tum Chapman Susan Ba nes Marty Meeker Mrs Gladys Waterhouse and Dane Gilchrist are enthusiastic in promot ng A S B card sales sg . . I . 1 ordinated the activities of the Executive I l rx .fc 1 a ' i for leadership in sfucleni affairs: Albert Acton Coordmator of Student Actuv mes can be seen at almost every event staged by or for Arcadia Hugh students He serves as an advlsor for student government groups arranges the myriad detalls of the master calendar ns nn constant contact wuth other schools smoothing out details of events and us constantly consulting wath stu dents on many subgects He IS much respect ed for the competent way an which he han dles thus challenglng posltlon and for his unfallmg courtesy to all Vwe Presufenf Fred Yeager One of the most Important functions of Fred Yeager ASB Vice Presudent has been to preside over the lnterClub Councll This group representing each club on campus works to coordlnate club prolects during the year The smooth functioning of the Advrsory Councnl composed of members appounted by the Vice Presldent IS another malor re sponslblllty ln addntlon Fred Yeager has asslsted Presldent Andy Anderson In the dlrectlon of Executlve Council efforts Coor maior 0 Siu eni Achvihes Albert E Acton Sl O Q , . . . , 1 1 1 I . - 1 4 . . . I 1 ' - 1 Q , is .1 1 ,, A' 1 ' 2' 2 1 , . . . 7. I s o n Jam Pedersen A S B Treasurer Sandy Swanson Recording Secretary Lynn Hege A S B Correspondmg Secretary OUWC1 S Executlve Councnl leaders representung every student at Arcadla have worked hard to perform theur dutnes In an outstandnng fashlon Student government has achxeved a place of dustrnctuon nn campus affanrs an an orderly and efflclent manner Synchronuzung the schedule of I-lomecomung events sponsor mg the annual Christmas Dance and meetmg wuth other schools to learn more about effectuve student government practuces are only a few of the many consnderatuons of thus group durung the year They meet each day and are avaul able for lmmeduate consultatlon on student problems A second group the Advusory Councul as charged wuth the responsvbllnty of counseling and advnsung students on prob lems of campus behavnor They also promote good student relatuonshlps The results of the Advusory Counculs efforts have been hrghly gratnfylng and have helped a great deal to make Arcadna a school of whnch all can be proud xecuhve Councr 1712111 GTS Bob wmn Sugqn Barnes Glen Broadhead Speaker of the House of Representatuves Hustoruan Assembly Commussuoner all all dui uilnnii -ELM l Auf SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE The House of Representatives is composed ot one student representing each third period class on campus Each representative takes problems to The House for consideration by the students and then possible follow up turned To the student body by way of each representative reporting To his respective c ass When items need to be voted on by The student body the representative takes a vote of his class and reports to the House at the next meeting All the votes are then com piled and the proposition is acted on ac cordingly The House also acts as a clearing house for information coming from the Administra tion To the student body Bob Winn presides as Speaker of the House an elected office he received in The previous spring election Representatives are chosen by their classmates each semester to partici pate in this torm of student government BOBWWN House 0 Represenfafwes . House of Representatives members sign the roll sheet as they report to 'he Library tor a meeting. Members of the House participate in all discussions, expressing the views of their constituents. anal legfsiaffon was fniffafecl by - T I E . -4 by the Administration. The results are re- ' ' I . N I ls? ' 9' c ass representatives in fire lrouse. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Getttng the past years student government program tn the House of Representatuves off to a good start were the frrst semester House otfcers llett to rrghtl Steve Houghton Ron Rucker Marrlyn Hester and Ed Loleskr SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS med out school busrness with The second semester House oftrcers ca the ettrctency necessary to marntarn Arcaddna Htgh Schools hugh Consrderrng and dascussrng the actnvrtres of the stu dent body the House of Representatrves functions as o ltalson body between the general student body and the executive counctl and admtnrstrators Through on elected representatrve from each thrrd penod class the decrstons mode are carrred back to the Arcadua Hrgh students These students rn turn can express thelr opuntons on current and up cornung octlvrtres and legrslatron The representc: trves then present the oprnrons at therr classmates at the House meetrngs standards of government They were lleft to rnghtl Joe Genova Andy Zrnsmeyer Glory Clarke and Reg Rhodes These frrst s mester House member ore hard ot work consrderrng current legrslotton before the House of Representatnves .1 .nv .5 Gurs umfe fo promofe wen WZQSS, Gur c eague Grls League a club un whuch all gurls on campus are members was Thus year under The able durecTuon of Nancy Jusenuus PresudenT and Leslue l-lucks Vuce PresudenT IT was Nancy s responsubuulTy wuTh assusTance from Leslue To co ofdunaTe all The numer ous acTuvuTues of The varuous Gurls League commuTTees Publncufy publu cuzung all Gurls League acTuvuTues and prouecTs Sunshune organuzung The Fruendllesf Girl ballot and The Bug and Luttle Suser program and Ducnuc Ways and Means plannung and car ryung ouT all money makung prouecTs OTher commuTTees were Welfare plannung prouecTs To help The needy on an unTernaTuonal as well as a local basus Campus BeauTuTul promoTung clean campus and decoraTung for Gurls League funcuuons Program plannung Gurls League assemblues Socual organuzung Gurls League so cual acTuvuTues Campus Pals welcom ung new gurls on campus Employ menT helping Tund 'obs for Those who wanT Them and Dress and STan dards esTablushung proper dress and conducT sfandards Tor The gurls on campus 'GD-. Mrs Florence Sunkule was Gurls League sponsor The Gurls League offucers were, from left To rughr PaTTu Rum pau Lunda Ferrus and Georganne Papac goo grooming an compamons1 The Gnrls League Committee Chanrmen Included from left to rnght first row Adruenne Vaccaro Soclal Chaurman Carol Mueller Ways and Means Stephanle Wayment Program Sandy Steclc Sunshune Second row Debble Fluet Campus Beautnful Barbara Chaffln ployment Merrill Schoonmaker Dress and Standards Clanre Wheeler Welfare and Ann Nissen Publncuty Betsy Thorsen IS shown IH a Chrlstmas tableau one of the many enterfannments of the Glrls League Chrnstmas Tea Members of the Grrls Leaaue Forum were from left to rlght farst row Pange McKenzle Marllyn McKenzie Gayle Cummlngs Joanne Schlesrnger Chaurman Jo Ann Hamulton and Jody Hayden Second row Knrsten Young Suzn Gallaher Sandy Morrell Lnnda Andrus Sandy Swanson Joanne Byron and Krus Lundquust Thlrd row Glory Clark Dorothea Keeley Vick: Wing Ann Fredernckson Nancy Wells Candy Jaros and Vnckn Polls O I O 1 - 5 i f Z' 1 1 - f ' ' 1 , 1 ' , 7 , 4 - r ' , ' : ' , Em' z A , : ' , 2 Schmocker, Campus Pals. Not pictured are: Joanne Schlesinger, Communicationsg and Dorothy , . , . I 1 : V . I , , , 1 - ' f ' Z b I Q I I ' I r I 4 Z I I I A r f I I Q ' , 1 - S X Q -,,, sf.. it E enfor The personal satisfaction achieved by each senior as he ap- proaches graduation is tinged with a feeling of sadness as he realizes that he has come to the close of an important era in his life. Many will look forward to the inspiration of further edu- cation in colleges and universities while others will hurry to take their places in the social and business life of many com- munities. But to each there comes a nostalgia and a remem- brance of the many fine experiences which have been a part of his public school years. Classmates will scatter, new associa- tions will be made, and adult life will bring many new re- sponsibilities and pleasures, but the Senior year will be long remembered. Throughout the year seniors have held a pre-eminent place on campus. They have held the highest student body offices, they have helped to shape policy in student affairs, they have accepted many opportunities for leadership. Honors have been conferred upon them, both academic and personal. There has been earnest consideration of what lies ahead in the future and how best to prepare themselves. College -catalogues have been studied, applications and transcripts filed, scholarships and awards have been received. Career opportunities have been studied, and adiustments in personal affairs have been considered. Day by day, as the Seniors have attended their classes, greater educational opportunities than ever before have been made available to them. All these things are important, as are the many activities which close the senior year. The thrill of attending and participating in the extraecurricular sports events, the sock-hops and parties, and even the pleasures of meeting school friends on campus day by day, which is a part of each students high school experience, are only a part of the seniors' memories. Highlights of this memorable year are the senior parties, the annual picnic during Senior Week, the Junior- Senior Prom, the senior breakfast, baccalaureate and the Com- mencement ceremony, followed by the All Night Party, which brings this year of years to a close. lt is not an end but a commencement in the truest sense of the word. PRESIDENT As President of The Senior Class of 1959, Jerry Collins presided over Senior Council meetings and worked with The sponsors in co-ordinating various Senior activities, including the Senior party, the Senior play, Dear Ruth , The graduation ceremony and The All-night Party. VICE PRESIDENT Susan Schubert's main respon- sibility as Vice-President of The Senior class was To arrange and stage The production of The an- nual May carnival, the Pow Wow. She also assisted Jerry in his various duties and pre- sided at Senior Council meetings in his absence. - .,.'f'.' 1Q5Q gracluafes ave S Senior class officers are, left to right, Kaye Hansen, secretary, Virginia Jones, Treasurer, and Margie 40 Clarke, historian. own ieaalerslzip SENIOR OFFICERS Handling their responsibilities effi- ciently, the Senior class officers worked together to promote success- ful Senior activities and functions. Kaye Hansen, secretary, was respon- sible for taking the minutes at each S e n io r Council meeting. Margie Clarke, historian, prepared a scrap- book of the activities and achieve- ments of the Senior class and Vir- ginia Jones, Treasurer, carefully han- dled The finances and kept the books in order. x ass of 1Q5Q The Senior class of 1959 may be termed the award-winningest' class in Arcadia High's history. Twelve members of the class were California Scholarship Commission semi-finalists, five were National Merit finalists, two were winners of the National Council of Teachers of English award, and many others distinguished themselves by winning honorary awards. Outstanding achieve- ments in sports and other various activities also marked this Senior year. fl I , f flzrouglz ffrerr elected offcers an SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR COUNCIL ...'........ The Senior Council members who were elected by the students of their respective Civics-Psy- chology classes to represent them the second semester were, first row, Virginia Jones, Ann Frederickson, Kaye Hansen, Vir- ginia Bell, Margot Dakan, Car- olee Randolph, and M a r g i e Clarke, second row, Susan Schu- bert, Joe Schade, Allan Howe, Pete Johnson, Greg Meyer, Jerry Collins, and M i c k i e Skinner, third row: Bob Russell, Gary My- kles, George Holroyd, Bill Mar- tin, and Dick Thull. Sponsors for the class of T959 were Mrs. Glenna Rasmussen and Kent Barney. FIRST SEMESTER SENIOR COUNCIL After attending the weekly Council meetings, each member was respon- sible for relating the business that was discussed to his respective Civ- ics-Psychology class. The members were, left to right, first row, Allen Smith, Ken Kirmsse, Tom Steele and Bill De Witt, second row, George Holroyd, Christine Whi-pple, Ed Lo- ieski, Margie Clarke and Lynn Bush, third row, Mike Lamb, Bob Starken- burg, Andy Zinsrneyer and Mike Yates. ' ' counci mem ers. Gold cal Gracluafes ac feve aca emfc distinction. S,x Amis U l Y sffsf? -UW f My if-1 ' 'yu Q' L- In 1 V .wf my fy v. T?-vim ,M'. ' an , I in 1' EINAR ANDERSON JANIS MADDUX LYNN BUSH VIRGINIA SIMSON BETH FOYE Arcadia High School salutes the Seniors who have, by their academic achievement, earned The rig ht to be named Gold Seal Graduates. AT the close of the first se- mester these Ten students had completed The required four semesters as members of the California Scholarship Federation. Eight other Seniors had com- pleted three out of the four semester requirements at that time. If These students achieve scholarship grades during the spring semester, their names will appear on the Commencement program with The appropriate desig- nation. GARRETT GREEN ALLAN HOWE CAROLYN HUNT ROBERT WINN MICHAEL YATES KATHERINE ACKERMAN JAMES ALEXANDER NANCY ALLEN RICHARD ALLEN JULIA ALUTIN BETTE ANDERSON DAVID ANDERSON EINAR ANDERSON JERRY ANDERSON LINDA ANDREWS SCHUYLER BAILEY TED ANGEL TED ANSPACH DELORES ANYZESKI PHYLLIS AROZENA JOYCE ASH RICHARD ASHWORTH MICHAEL AUSTIN ConsisTing of five hundred forty-seven graduat- ing seniors, The class of 1959 is The largest graduating class in the history of Arcadia High School. These students have earned rnany awards, honors, and scholarships, bringing new credit to The school. New opportunities in education were offered to The senior class in accelerated and specialized classes. These students have been The first To receive two years of This new educational pro- HENRY AVELLAR ALLEN BAILEY gram. i Lenfor Cass of IQDQ 43 ARTHUR BOETTCHER MARVIN BOUDREAU BARBARA BOWDEN JEFF BOWEN JANICE BOWMAN SUE BOX THERESE BOYD SHARON BRACKNEY SHARON BRAGIA JUDITH BRILL of 1059 DILWORTH BRINTON GLENN BROADHEAD JUDITH BROOK BARRY BROUGHTON mor T espwcms g Ee wood as fey produce for 'fe semcr DIJf JUDITH BROWN LINDA BRYANT MICHAEL BRYANT BARBARA BUCICH HOWARD BUDWORTH an carme ouf f en' uhes capa y. LYNDA BURGER LYNN BUSH MELVYN BUTCHER GERALDINE CADWALLADER CAROL CALAMIA JAMES CARNAL JAN CARVER DENNIS CASEY BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN LAWRENCE CHASE They parffcipafecl in sclzool acffviffes WILLIAM CARROLL MICHAEL CHILCOAT FREDERICK CHILDS SUSAN CHRISTY DOROTHY CHASSEUR MARY CHESS MARJORIE CLARKE WILLIAM CLARKSON CONSTANCE CHURCHILL MILBURN CLAASSEN GRACE CLARK STEPHEN COMPAS PATRICIA CLIFTON ROBERT CLIFTON DORA COFFMAN JERRY COLLINS QTITOTS of 1Q5Q zpporfed many school clubs. MARGOT DAKAN JIM DALE LARRY DANVER BARBARA DAVIES KAYE DAVIS KAREN DAVIS PATRICK DAVIS SUSAN DAVIS FRANK DE BENEDET RONALD DE LONG v DAVE CROCKER ROBERT CUMMINS CATHERINE CUMMINGS GAYLE CUMMINGS NANCY CUMMINGS CAROL COVINGTON' DINAI-I CRANE WILLIAM CRANERT STEVEN CRESS MICHAEL CREWS New 'C' JEFFREY CONNERS SHIRLEY CONNERS SUSAN CORY LYNN COSBEY ROSCILLE COSTNER JOHN DE MUTH Tlzey affenaleal lzfglz SCZIOOY clances WILLIAM DE WITT KATHLEEN DE GRAZIA ,., xx, In The typical Roaring Twentles dress, students gathered To listen to Andy Anderson ploy Sweet Georgia Brown. DAVID DEPEW JEROME DEPEW SUSAN DESBROW eniors DOROTHY DEWSNAP RONALD DI NOTO PATRICIA DION MARY DISTEL PAULA DRERUP SHERLEE DOBSON DIANE DONALDSON DON DONISTHORPE ROBERTA DORR LAURIE DRAKE ROBERT DRAUGHON SUSANNE DREYER KENNETH DUCTOR JAMES DYER JOHN DYKES an clzeere at Area ia pep ,R Senior girls watch intently as models parade of Girls' League fashion snow. MARK ENARI CHARLES EYLES JAMES FAETH Of 1950 DAVID FELTON LINDA FERRIS DON FICKAS HARVEY FlSHER KENT FOLGATE WARLEY FONTANY BETH FOYE MARY FRANK GEORGE FRASCHETTI Ag ftf b in- - .J L .al yly f., - Awwgtf, .' :tm A1 ANN FREDRICKSON VlLNlS FREIMANIS GERALD FRICKLE SALLY FRITCH CHARLES GALLO rallies. SANDRA EDWARDS GARY EISENBISE vel 3. ' s W' lv , an ,ll K, A, V - , .:.:- .. . K 4.':f?3 ,-!..A:- ...L.., .g .....,., , '4 :.': . QT L My BILL EDEN W ':r i 41 JOHN GREEN PAM GREEN JOANNE GREGOLI CAROLYN GREVE JOAN GRILL 50 JAMES GODDARD MELANIE GOING JEFFREY GONZALEZ PAULA GRAHAM GARRETT GREEN SHIRLEY GILLETT KAY GINN LOUIS GIOVANNINI VALERIE GLEASON ARLENE GLESBY DAVID GARMAN ROBERT GASPAR NANCY GATES ITALO GATTEI DAVID GEDDES eniors ave supported sclzoo of 1059 ALLEN GROGEN JUDITH GRUBEN PETER GUNDERSEN KATHRYN GUTHEIL ROBERT GRILL NANCY HADDOCK CAROLYN HAGEN CELIA HAIGHT JEFFREY HAACK DIANE HACHTEN ' 147.5 ' Q ANTOINETTE HAMEL CAROL HANSEN BEVERLY HAIR RICHARD HALL MARY HALYAMAN ARTHUR HARRIS KATHLEEN HANSEN MARY THERESE HANSEN JOHN HARMAN LYNNE' HARPER i on flze in i e gran sian S. TERRY HARRIS THEODORE HARRIS BARBARA HARSEN JUDITH HARWELL JOHN HAUK 5I KAREN I-IILDYARD THOMAS I-IILGAERTNER RAYMOND HILTON BETTY I-IIMELHOCK STEVEN I-IIX BRUCE HODGES NANCY HOHLT GEORGE HOLROYD CINDY I-IORSTMAN EDWARD I-IORSTMAN LINDA HOWARD ALLAN HOWE ROBERT I-IUBBS JUDY HUBER of 1050 ii L... FREEMAN HUDSON PATRICIA HUNNEX LINDA I-IUNSICKER Three pUI'nIF:f1 sns s'c1ffmemI:Q's posed for cm ' ImformfJI? CAROLYN HUNT CAROL I-IUSEBY fesffvfifes anal ilze jqrsf league victory, .fa JEFFREY I-IUTTON ROBERT HVISTENDAHL ELLEN HYLTON CAI-IIDE ILERI DONNA ILFREY BARBARA ISI-IAM anal displayed file qualifies of goo I CAROLYN JACKLEY ANNE JACKSON RICHARD JACKSON SUSAN JACKSON VIRGINIA JAMES BARBARA JANKS JOHN JENNINGS SALLY JOHNS LOWELL JOHNSON PETER JOHNSON SANDRIA JOHNSON JAN ETTE JOHNSTON MARGARET JOHNSTONE VIRGINIA JONES JAMES JORDAN JUDITH JORGENSEN NANCY JUSENIOS DAWN JUSTIN SI-IEILA KAPLAN JAMES KEENE eniors N'-77' sporfsmans fp flzroug out file year. .-995-53'fQ19 ,L . - I yy is YE' SHARON KESSINGER MIKE KILLEEN RONALD KINCAID JAMES KINGMAN DIANNE KNELL JANET KNOTH KENNETH KIRMESE DOUGLAS KNUTSEN of 1959 MICHAEL LAMB PRISCILLA LAMB WARREN LAMBERT RICHARD LANDA MARINA LA RAY DARLENE KORFF JAMES KOHLER GEORGE KUHL WILLIAM KUMER KENNETH KURB DIANE LAMATRICE SANDRA KEITH GUY KELLER RALPH KELLY LOIS KELSO PHILLIP KERR KENNETH LEACH Higlzlfglzfs of flze Senior year included! NANCY LEE JANICE LEONARD En, lv 1 Sewers enioy Wc1TcI1IngrIweIrfInoI bmskefbollgomes os smdenfs of Arcadia. MICHAEL LESENEY ROBERT TIMOTHY LESLIE MELINDA LEWIS ,Lf 5 PETER LIEHR MARGARET LINDERMAN OWEN LOCKWOOD RAND LOECHNER eniors DAVID LOGAN EDWARD LOJESKI ROBERT LONGPRE DAN LORENZ JULIAN LOVE LINDA LUG DAVID LUNDBERG THOMAS LYNCH BONNIE LYNN JEFFREY LYNN file memorable unior- enior promg i I g s Mrs. Gladys Worerriouse fakes Q1 dim view of fhe proceedings while Two of Iwer senior ossisfcmfs or The Student Store cominue their work. of 1050 WILLIAM MARTIN CAROL MATHIS ELIZABETH MAURY ANTHONY MCCASLINE RICHARD MCCLOUD DAVID MCCORMICK EDDIE MCCRACKEN THOMAS McDOWELL LINDA MCINTOSH LINDA MCLEAN JILEAN MANN PAM MARLOW SANDRA MARSHALL JOSEPH MARTIN SUSAN MAHONEY JERRY MALMROSE CAROLE MALONE JANIS MADDUX THOMAS MAGILL ,All JOANNE MQCDONALD 'tb E Z HOPE MOODY JAMES MOORE PATRICIA MOORE CHARLOTTE MORGAN FRANCIS MORRISON JAMES MELTON GREG MEYER JUDITH MILLER JAY MILLER KAY MILLER JIM MICHAEL RONALD MILLER JAMES MILLS MEREDITH MOHR THAD MONTGOMERY MARY MEDINE MARTIN MEEKER BILL MEINERS MAXINE MEYERS DENISE MEZEK KEN MCPHERSON 'W 0 DONALD MQQUARIE bQn101 S MICHAEL MCWILLIAMS EDWARD MEADOWCROFT VALERIE MEINERS 'Y 3 ww 1 . I J mlm: yi 58 the honor of file enfor assemlnlyg F, SAMUEL Mum of DAVID MULLE GERALD MURPHY JANET MURRAY ROXANA NASH CAROL MUELLER ROBERT NEEL RLCHARD NEILL GARY MYKLES SHIRLEY NAASZ GEORGE NORTH MARCTA NORTHROP DOROTHY NISSEN JOHN NOLAN BILL NORRTS i e iwey umor- emor compehhon, A U M, V if Y !'7 CHARLES OLMSTED CHARLENE NORTON JUDITH OCONNOR CAROLE O'NEIL DOROTHY OBEIRNE 119' TTMOTHY OSBORN KATHLEEN OUTSEN RELFE PATTERSON WENDY PALJLEY JAMES REDERSEN WILL REID BILL RENO GORDON REYNOLDS REGINALD RHODES MICHAEL RICE RONALD RICE LYNN RICHARDS CAROL RICKER CHERYL RICKER RONALD RICKER ROD REIGER PATRICIA ROE ROBERT ROY JEAN ROYCE Of 1959 BOB RUSH GERALDINE RUSSELL KAREN RUSSELL ROBERT RUSSELL TERRY SANTO Janice Leonord wcvches wird grcde smdenfs of work os she pc1r'IcIpc1Tes In We Sfudem Obsermfion orogrcnm fn' Camino Grove Sdfool. file ga a evenfs of file all-night parfyg SUE SAYLER ALANNA SCANLON JOE SCHADE ROGER SCHAEFER DONALD SCHAPPER RUTH SCHIELD CONRAD SCHLICK FRANCIS SCHMIDT JUDITH SCHMOCKER HARRY SCHOLTZ JOANNE SCHLESINGER file so emn momenf of Bacco: aureafeg RICHARD SCHOTT RAYLEEN SCH RECK ROBERT SCHUMANN MARILYN SCHWAB DONNA SHAHEEN TERRY SHELDON RICHARD SCHWARTZ ALAN SEIDNER ROGER SHAFFER MOLLY SINKULE O'BEYRA SHIELDS PAUL SHIVELY WAYNE SIMS VIRGINIA SIMSON eniors in of 1959 fl, ,X GILBERT STROTHER JANE STUCKER JOSEPH SIJRRA JANET SUTTON LUCILLE SVOBODA e fnspfraffon of gracluaffon. 1 ROBERT STARKENBURG JOANNE STEEL THOMAS STEELE DONNA STEINBRENNER DAVID STOTLER JAMES SPENCER SUZANNE SPLAVER KATHERINE STAASHELM ANDREW STANGEL PHILLIP STARKENBURG 1 PETER SMITH ROBERT SMITH CRAIG SOPER JANET SOUTHALL RICHARD SKINNER ALLEN SMITH HELEN SMITH NANCY SMITH PRISCILLA SMITH SUE SPARE , ,J WA VL 551255 fpff ,mtv ff-fan .. 'M.:'g1S ,pos f., 3f'?J '2 . ,N 5 Q 1, '1 'i , k ' 1 , ' qt' 9 f A ,, A d. ft? ' Y. , .M ig,-sn gf? Q the Seniors move alzeacl io file future, The cnnuol King Briorpotch hiiinks brought mony smiles fo this senior group who watched 1he proceedings, of 1Q5Q MARILYN WATSON ELLEN WEISGARBER HELEN WELLINGTON CHARLES WENSEL RONALD WHEATLEY JUDY WHEELHOUSE CHRISTINE WHIPPLE DIANE WHIPPLE LARRY WHITCANACK NANCY WHITNEY ,L I JANET VAN PELT GIUSEPPE VELTRE MARGARET VON EPER LINDA VAN HORN HARRY VAN PELT CATHERINE LJHLMAN JOHN WALKER JOHN WALKER BARBARA WARE NANCY WATERS wr' FREDRICK YEAGER PATRICIA YOUNG ANDREW ZINSMEYER JANICE ZOELLNER STEVEN ZOOK 66 DIANE WOLTER NORMAN WROBBEL BARBARA WYPER MARILYN YAFFE MICHAEL YATES 'Y W ROBERT WILT ROBERT WINN DONNA WOODSIDE JOHN WOODRUFF LINDA WOOLF THOMAS WILLIAMSON JEAN WILLIS THEODORE WILMSEN ROBERTA WINTERS BILL WOFFORD SANDRA WIGGINS JOHN WIIG JAY WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS MARJORIE WILSON enfors Q D .- 45, ,If proudly remem erfng flzefr years af , f 19:10 SENIOR HONOR Five Arcadia sensors achreved The honor oT belng named Nahonal MerrT Scholarship F1 nalrsTs marking The TlrsT Trrne ThaT so large o group was named from Thrs hugh school Each of These sTudenTs has been considered for one oT The naTronal scholarship granfs awarded Through The Nafronal MerlT Corp orofzon Arcadra as proud of Thus group of ouTsTandlng sTudenTs who have ranked so hugh noTuonalIy The Calufornua STaTe Scholarshrp Commussvon has named The Twelve sensors plcfured be low as sem: TunalrsTs Tor STaTe Scholorshups Frnal1sTs announced Aprrl 20 Included Andy Anderson Shirley GulleTT Carll PonT1us Jr and Fredenck Yeager These sTudenTs Too are To be congroTuloTed on The recognmon They have recelved sTaTe wade --1. saw -gr' Nofronal MenT FmalrsTs Gary Green Wlll Read ond Andy Anderson-are seoTed wrth Prrncrpol ElberT E Souders Carolyn Hunt and BeTh Foye emors game nahona and sfaieun e sc oars 1pS Colrfornro Store Scholarshnp Commrssron Sem: Frnalnsts left to rrghf, seated, are Bruce Hodges, Conme Churchrll, Nancy Jusenuus, Ann Frederuckson, ond Andy Anderson Stondlng ore Carl Pontius, Wayne Sums, Ruth Schueld, Gory Green, Shrrley Gnlleft and Morgue Clarke SENIORS NOT PICTURED Lnnda Blomo Fredenck Johnson RoberT N PlonTe Joe Capps Gary Kleckner Mlchoel Syben Susan Cress Stephame Kobalunk Joseph Taylor Dole Goode Joy Loellner Joanne Troxel an sefifng their goals lziglz. hi ' , Q. ' . , ., . . 1 ' 1 1 D l . I I . r l . .- . . , I I , - - . . G I ' 1 1 I - - I 1 , , Y o 0 0 0 Z I 0 The tempo quickens as seniors ,gt 3 2' ' - j ,r 'V V .L ag ,-f tk, J. 5' lf gn ml ' 'l fi li .uf fi 3. 2? lr, 'E' The final quarter will bring re- loolc to the future. On these pages are pictured seniors who had already been honored at press time. RUTH SCHIELD Girls League Scholarship cognition ot many Types to oth- er seniors but an early press deadline has made it impossible to announce them, LELA HILBORN Kiowa Scholarship X00 C Boy anal Gu' of f e Year LYNN BUSH Bausch and Lomb Science Award Exchange Club Girl of the Year SUSAN BARNES EINAR IANDYI ANDERSON General Motors National Scholarship National Council of Teachers of English Award Exchange Club Boy of the Year Essay Winner California Scholarship Commission Winner WILL REID National Council of Teachers National Merit Scholarship Winner of English Award Yet to be announced are winners of the Key Club Dol lar for a Scholar award scholarships from the Rotary Club Arcadia Womans Club Arcadia Business and Professional Womans Club Panhellenlc Society Call fornia Savings and Loan Association and many others E li lulo ' I Z1 Southern California Edison Company . . I . . I .- CAROL MUELLER MARILYN HESTER CAROL HANSEN Orchesis Scholarship Arcadia Teachers Scholqgig Magazine AS50Cl0Tl0n 5Ch0lU 5l 'lP National Art Scholarship Bank of America Zone Finalists lleft to rightl Gary Green Liberal Arts Deanne Trerchler Vocational Arts Lynn Bush Science and Mathematics and lstandingl Andy Anderson Fine Arts At press tnme these finalists had not yet appeared In State competition LYNN HEGE DA R Good Citizenship Award NANCY JUSENIUS Elks Club KATHY OUTSEN Betty Crocker Most Valuable Student Award San Gabriel Valley Homemaker of Tomorrow Award for Arcadia GEORGE HOLROYD y L00 S MOLLY SINKULE GEL M wa Persona ify Each year all sTuder1Ts on Campos have The op porTumTy of voTmg Tor Those semors whom They cohslder To best eplTo maze The Tour personal aualmes of ouTsTaholmg semors There are no hommahohs and each person chooses The sem lors he vvlshes BlLL MEINERS VALERIE MEINERS ff Q , ,- K if r,' r A - I I 1' ll ll li l l y ' ' l - li 'T -2 'E . 5' sfgvsv T ,, lall P0 uar Vote p ANDY ANDERSON Mosf Brams Moray sensors homes ore sUbmlTTed rn The sec rer bolloTs The resulfs from more Thom 2500 bc1lloTs were compaled before The Tmol selec Tuons were mode The wmners homes ore Q Closely guarded secrer urml Themr clc1ssmc1Tes see Their porTrolTs Tor The Tlrsf Trme In The An nuol early In June CAROLYN HUNT PAT YOUNG THAD MONTGOMERY p1r1f Ygml , fx, i ,Y ' , . MIVJWI .K ' ,, ,v-main . ,- ,...-1--ff- M,.,Q 1 in K , ' 0 'Wk 7,,'a1'R A 7: ' vi . o f 5' . + 'F X 0 l Q B 7 if ' My Q Lv N 2 8 ' 3 ' W ' ,v 5 T xax 'V' 4 6 4 f ? li Z' q . 4 3, . I s ja 9 lf O N ,fs -l X wx 1 J.. 5 X 1 .ff Long remembered are the activities which highlight each school year at Arcadia High. Since the inception of the school, traditional events have been established to which students look forward each year. Pre-school orientation for freshmen and new students inaugurate each year and are closely followed by the opening of the foot- ball season. The excitement of the games, the cheering crowds, and brilliant half-time presentations of the Apache Band and Tom Tom Girls make fall seasons memorable. Sock hops after the games, and the pageantry of the Homecoming festivities are colorful experiences during the football season. The first formal dance ofthe year is the Christmas Dance, pictured at left. The Christmas Queens and their courts of princesses repre- senting each class, reign over the annual affairs. An assembly program of special events is scheduled each year to bring entertaining and instructive groups of performers to the campus. Because of the extended day scheduling and over- capacity enrollment this year, assemblies during the i958-59 school year have been limited in number and generally on an elective basis. Spirited cheerleaders and song leaders have helped to bolster school spirit at pep rallies and during games. Costumed in the traditional school colors of cardinal and gold, these students have been important creators of spirit and enthusiasm. Girls League activities throughout the year include the Big- Sister-Little Sister Picnic, the Christmas Tea and Mother or Father- daughter banquet, the honoree being alternated from year to year. In addition, during the entire year, the Girls League spon- sors the Friendliest Girl program and acts as a clearing house for the dissemination of information on proper campus attire, the orientation of new students on campus, and many other functions. The Sweetheart Formal and the traditional Junior-Senior Prom climax the social season. During the spring semester, seniors move closer to graduation and the round of special events which climax their year. Each year finds many social opportunities, in greater or lesser degree, available for all students and these experiences become a part of their High School memories. Hundreds of students and alumni danced at the Snow- A flake Whirl, one of the gala social events of the year. 73 dill Traditional acfivfffes egan file sclzool year .JAX Held in September of last year, the annual Big -Little Sister Picnic helped to acquaint the incoming Freshman girls with their big sisters and new friends. A fashion show was given as part of the program, and the girls later visited the high school campus. Shown at the left are lleft to rightl row l: Clair Wheeler, Stephanie Wayment, and Joanne Hamilton. Row 2: Leslie Hicks, Carol Mueller, Debbie Fluet, and Carolyn Slemmon. These girls modeled in the fashion show. Opening the orientation program for all stu- dents, the 'Big-Little Sister Picnic was spon- sored by the Girls 'League The event was followed by Orientation Day, Freshman Day, and finally the Hi'Week Dance. During Hi-Week, the first week of school, new students were welcomed to the high school. The previous year high school stu- dents visited the iunior high schools in order to introduce incoming students to high school life. Purses and coats piled against the walls and o chairs is a familiar scene at Arcadia High dances The first dance of the ear, the Hi-W k D h ld ' h n the y ee ance, was e in onor of the Freshman class and concluded the Freshman orientation in the traditional fashion. H0mec0m1ng eauhes re1gne w1f spienclor SENIOR PRINCESS Vulene Memers Fnve compus beoufnes enhanced the onnucil homecoming ocfnvl hes of October 31 1958 Queen Joyce Ash cmd her court relgned over The fesflvnfles She and her pnncesses were chosen In o pop ulor vote by The boys ofArcc1dlo High HOMECOMING 1958 .gd HER MAJESTY Queen Joyce Ash ,ga I .O'g: 0 C I 'Y 74 9 X JUNIOR PRINCESS Suson Hall soPHoMoRE PRINCESS FRESHMAN PRWCE55 Jane Campbell Pofrncuo Covungton 4 l . X Q ' K I X ,Q f 1 'n . .vqffi ,.:g:.:J.f I 64 'I' C ly Ihlllff Due To The To1cTThoT The Armory wos noT ovoiloble Tor The i958 Homecoming, Arccidio sTudenTs decorc1Ted only one main Tloc1T This yedr. Eoch club submiTTed o Theme ond The winning club vvos in chorge of The decoroTing. The winning Theme, 'Busy As Bees, wcis submiTTed by Debbie FlueT Tor Girls Ledgue. She vvos Then in chorge of decoroTing The flooT os The Girls Leogue enTry. I i I 'Tie 'il mm gs Key Club members Cl6'COVGl6d o cor for The Homecoming porode The royol courT ossembled To receive high honors GT holf Time. i K' .,l J 5 N kv ,V- X. Q S iq.,-fl' -I H'v'f ',,5 x -- N. Penny Mills, posT Homecoming Queen, rode on The 1958 floor designed by Girls Leogue. BunTing ond bonners, clever designs ond gciy colors, morked The pcirode of cours decorc1Ted by vorious school clubs ond orgonizoTions, Mony cors -old ond new, lorge ond smoll- ioined The procession in which numerous omusing ond originol en- Tries oppeored. Homecoming royolTy opened The Tro- diTionol donce, o sock hop in The boys' gym. ...ul .WAY if SW gs. V .I R Q f X , - y A- - , at - , v +'N 421- 4. LL- L-f Wir? ' Wa Q 9 A 'WI Q Q L S 4 I f w,f-... -it lvxn 3 u ' -...J 'nie I ie? gs 1 X'--m my X fi Y '+G 4. ,,, Ja YQ f 4, Dew , xii' 59 V ! I at 1 43' N . x Y, 1 :aff -' W, - wa M +1 it WP X 1 1 ,Q V nn W . I Q QW fmfi Q Qi- w X X, 9 wr ', ,, A v Molly presided with grace the Snowflake Whirl, charming her audience and receiving her royal crown. Molly and her court were se- lected to reign over the annual Christmas Formal by a popular vote of all boys on campus. A 3 t Royalfy anal lveaufy acceniecl ilze Molly Sinkule The first formal of the year, the an- nual Christmas Ball, was one of the outstanding social events attended by students from all classes. Couples danced to the music of a live band and enioyed refreshments in the lounge. Greatly anticipated by all, the Christ- mas Dance, held in the Girls' Gym, was the scene of much activity. A crowded dance floor testified to its success. The punch bowl was a center of attraction CIS the students gathered in the lounge for re- freshment and conversation. annual C msfmas Ball P ilk? SENIOR PRINCESS Marcuc Northrop SOPHOMORE PRINCESS Ba rbo ru Cu ms Sporklnng sulver snowflokes ond Chrusfrnos orno ments hung from red ribbons corrylng out The Theme of The Snowflake Whlrl In The Chrlsf nwos donce clecorohons Queen Molly Snnkole ond her courl of four pran cesses were onnouncecl by Bob Wmn of the clonce December I9 One prlncess was chosen To represent eoch clcxss while Molly was elecfed from among The sensor gurls JUNIOR PRINCESS Joneffe Robey FRESHMAN PRINCESS Cecello Hcchfen ll . I I . 8 I . , L 11 74. WHere omes file Slzowlnoafn lvenejqfeal file A series of acts entertained many onlookers during the T958 Talent Show, and among the group that presented Doin' What Comes Naturally were Barbara Swett, Sherry Carmel, and Carole Pitts. 5 , ,. ri Q 1-if E Talenf Slzow The annual talent show, Here Comes the Show- boat, presented a va- riety of entertainment by members of the Arcadia Student Body. The show was held in the auditor- ium at Monrovia High on the evenings of De- cember 4 and 5, 1958, and was under the di- rection of Glenn Broad- head, Student Director, Anne Bivens, Assistant Director, and R. O. Wil- son, Faculty Advisor. This is the fourth con- secutive year that Ar cadia High has present- ed the talent show to raise funds for the American Field Service program. These funds are used to bring ex- change students from foreign countries to Ar- cadia and to send Ar- cadia students abroad. 4... , -1 X S rg: . ,Q - '4 L 'rem em Carrying out the theme of Here Comes The Showboat, was Ed Loieski, featured as Mr, Ragtime, with Dennis Loieski and Mo Kendal accompanying him on the guna, and drums. The traditional Boys Chorus-line featured beauties from Around the World A. - 4 V , A? I V 1 ,Q QV 1 5 Q I- wg Avi. Wy H51 ' ,f,m..vM. Q YJ 1 , .vm V f , .fi Q' v? L lv 1 Lug? W M' . 4 gh 4 'A '-ef, my '-7'-wi VL- .fix fmefvf .av W ' .1- 5,1'a'y- fri. .' ,r ,QQ . 45451, .V .V ' M Hilfe AA- J Jrll ' '!L'fv2. if 1: - Ek L,., . ir, AN Um, M 9 ,4 ,Y .f . ,W . ei l 'x gall Yiwu K , QI I 5- -411. fe' :Inky ,, ,, 4 5 1 fs 5.21 fx' ,,'v3vlg .I ..l . D. Q Nl 1 P' ' .- A A, Q , 4 O ,0 rl: . Q' ,Q O.. f za, 'ruin 0 A x ' 0 it qv 4-7 2-v ll ' E D ' Q- , xx A 72 ' Z 3 ' . 54. al? ' if s xi I 0, l ' .X 0 , I E s 'C B 4 J' A JE, W A 11 60 i i i x . Vafenffneis Day inspired! f e Sponsored by the Kiowas and Key Club, the annual Sweetheart Ball was held on Valentines Day, February 14, 1959. A semi-formal dance, the Ball was one of the outstanding functions during the year. The crowning of Queen Sandra Swanson and her court ot four princesses highlighted the evening. Members of the royal court were escorted by present and former Key Club members. with regal splendor. r .5 .3 l il 4 it a l .E ! 1 1 l l .f , 'f 1 V V O . v Vg ' l ' Sweetheart Queen Miss Sandro Swanson, an Arcadia Senior, headed her court l tl I v Moe nl 4 'U 1 l I l 2 4. I 2 i i r f E . 2 i s F g l r l 2 1 --n-Q-.-........-s...... r r a,k 4-lf. f , Ae , T1 12- . cf' 1 .. 5, ' 1 3 D ff - ,x fi g... , l gg 8-- 1 V lf? xv! 7 ...E ix f S' . x Y ' M-' H ' f R , 'N Q. ,., ' R 4, Q Xiglvg' ' A 5' rig 'M ' A ? ,, -, is ,f if gf , i, W, 15 Ax ,VA ' x H , 4 X , ,fp 5, . 1 iw 1, 5 5 . 5' , 1:14, ' e eg' 'Q' 59 'Q 86 ' Prom I 59 Thus yeors gouy ond exclfxng Junior Senior Prom Southern Rhapsody was held of The Posodeno Cnvlc on Moy 23 Couples donced To The soff music provided by The Disney Lond Dofe Nufers ogcunsf The beoufuful south ern plcxnfoflon SSTTIFIQS Cholrmon of The 1959 Prorn was Pom Rurnpou HER MAJESTY QUEEN LYNN HEGE umors onore eniors with tl: Raya of Q N y e o o y y f-, 1 4 ,J ,fb , . 4 f 5 '2 'ax-fy , ,y igvu Prmcess Joyce Ash Pr mess Mfwrcwo Northrop l l Prmcess Volerwe Meirwers Prom celelvraffon. Princess Molly Sinkule and Ed Loieslci. Glenn Broadhead Assembly Commissioner The Assembly Commission consisted of, seated: Patti Rimpau, Janice Rude, Andy Stangel, Gary Green Kaye Hansen, and Anne Bivens. Standing: Dave Lundberg, John Hawk, Marilyn Hester, Andy Anderson o I o 0 o Assemblies acldeal vameiy fo file '-.4 years acf1v1f1es. The Assembly Commission worked many hours planning tor assemblies and the annual Talent Show. Two of the outstanding programs are shown on this page. . -, Featuring talented alumni, the Easter Assembly was a hit. Pictured above are some ot' the guests and the committee as they made last-minute arrangements. Because ot the staggered day the as- sembly program has been limited, but those that have been presented were outstanding. Models in the Girls' League Spring Fashion Show were Debbie Fluet, Val Meiners, and Diane Linder. x s Q xi xl xlh X l 1 I 'J ffl? +03 Q 9-fm' 'x I I ' l . v ', Ulf. ,, H, .cewkfp m the tradmon6T Goss- 'll' chools for game attendance Monrovla Hugh School At . good cmzenshup and etnquette In of the competmon the score' A, Q-,zfhe basketball season Arcadua held the coveted trophy 30 pomts but the Apache brlsk between the tvlio through the outstandlng tllt the scales In nts favor ms golf and baseball teams in o sportsmanshup program, mlttee were Andy 0 point system for pro- gomery and Pat Young were establlshed Pep promotes! the Wzipn in Spfrif. As Pep Commissioner, Pat Young was respon- sible for arranging pep rallies, planning the op- eration of the card sec- tion, editing football programs, and seeing that posters properly ad- vertised sports events. Coordinating all spirit building activities, the Pep Com- mission has also worked to promote sportsmanship. Having submitted letters to the Pep Commissioner at the beginning of the fall semester, the applicants were se- lected on the basis of their ability and desire for leading school spirit. Pat Young has led the Commission through a successful year of activities and proiects to further school spirit. Helping to promote spirit, Pep Club officers have assisted the commissioner during the year. Choosing and supervising the cord section board along with selecting all linemen, were the prin- cipal duties of the officers. Publishing the Meg- aphone, a book of school cheers, was their chief project. Pep Club Officers are: lleft to rightl Row I: Pat Sommer, Vice President, Sharol Stevens, President, Sandy Stuhrman, Secre- tary. Row 2: Stephanie Wayment, l,C.C.: Sue Shepherd, Treasurer, jf ur- 4' Members of the Pep Commission were: lleft to rightl Row l: Carole Pitts, Nancy Jurden, Jeff Bowen, Pat Young, Andy Zinsmeyer, Meredith LaVene, Makia Rajnus, Row 2: Ann Edmundson, Barbara Kolar, Glory Clark, Wendy Marquand, Lynne Mecham, Judy Miller, Sue Davis, Paige McKenzie, Carol Q0 Lerch. Row 3: Linda Lucas, Judy Wolters, Sue Sommer, Dee Dee Lamatrice, Sharol Stevens, Barbara Jones, Jane Campbell, Suzette Longpre. rrieol the Sian a Iirfr may M , ' ewg--R 7 4, . A' . .1 f 1 if ' . 'fr '. ' ff-Q-, A ----e-vrwv' ww-f '- , ' .3 , I. NG , JIU 1,6 lg L,Q Q,'E g'iCg,ZjM55, l Rn M Q ,.V 5 Q W gxwaf, , V 1 1f.f1.'qxg I K I W Y X . , K W -H. v . ' Q Q , P56932 9Cfdl9'IG 5 lG ' H Q A fQ.f,,5,f,1?' 1131 1, me larcna-GQ-?4BBfl1'QfT',cSe'd'11i ' Q ff-'W f N wi me 1iTg1 1 I pcircigies qQ,CiLQFlf ffme I3 , H - .,-wf-, g,.,,, - , 59,4 for-5.qnc:G5.fAi1iGf'gLf1? xaQrG ,Cg1iGtm with 5 - , R . , X I H ifiefif5KMr?i7lS3iEE?i'?f:QroLfg3'6f Tom T 1 i 2: ' W ' GILIR-, T1iey were sale if lpygjggfmgbi yf k W ff.. 1f in A ' 'Q -n 1GECf'P1'CGfef n.4H' f Qi ' i , ffl' iffy 1 M. . - -J -., '. l, - , f- Han , - V 'A'-.--'QV 4, 'g'+,,4, fv 5 Y.. - : '. . A 5535,-,f4. fn ' P ,-,aw . . ' U- -.f .'we:vKW fi. 'F' . I , . , ' f' '13 .,, gt ,wvfj -be ,, ,v J tiff? ff. :A1fw7'f1Q , f x 2 1 MJ LTALQ Q ,. ,. J 9? Y 3 A :Q ' Q fnfrffl 'J' i 'xff'-3ffR1w4?Y5rA Q T .---1,f1,3ff YE' . -gifs . , . Qgyg,-Y' :rf J 5. j,. N - 4 45' A 3:25. 'JFf3 5 N f ,Q Af , an . 5 ysk li' Axggfyi ' ' 'rg 3 83-5 W fwm., XJ-1 E. fr, As- W6 v I 3 -'13 'NVQ - ' .., -f.?. ' s - .Sim .b',- '31 vw xx X3 A gin- 'ma X 'fswlw , .ljwwi Q, A ,' 1 .- ' ,j' ., Q ' ,-, . an .4 7 41 'Q .1'2'5.y' Z al? Q 4 1 X' '. 1:y'71 si' 1,7 .J A ! , , el ,. iw-N69-14 . ACJ fl! 5 :V - s vm, If I R' XJ, 6 M : 1 QP wifi? ,ff Wigffiiiwf WWW 452 2 M1 W1 MQW fl -2 :J F' . A 1 aj , g M Q - J A. , L' X WM D 0 J xp ' , h M W ! L ! ' X , I ML , f ff - I X . ' f ,VL Dylfvt 'f ' xx 5 5, yj S-...vw Lb A! A X , K Pictured above are Julie Cogorno, left, and Molly Sinkule, Head Song- leader, right, Ong Leaclers Molly Sinkule, Head Song Leader, and Val- erie Meiners had the experience of being Song Leaders for the second consecutive year. Q. . 'V j 5- 5 , l 0 . J 7' i in gg 4 at 1 4, 1 Joyce Ash, left, and Valerie Meiners, right, step to one ,of the many routines. W hwy.. , i W wlzile song leaalers sieppeal fo cever rouh . ffl J' if ly I Ju, ' wit colorful uni- actions of the Leaders helped build school sports events an rallies. After passing the screening by a student-faculty committee, the can- didates for Song Leaders performed before the student body. Six of these entrants were chosen in spring elections. fl- ! Sharon Kessinger, left, and Carol Mathis, right, pose in typical positions, Precision twir ing was acquire SeIecTed by a screening commiTTee and iudged on Their abilify To march and Twirl The baton, The Arcadia High maioreTTes per- formed in many parades and half Time shows. Through many hours of pracTice They achieved precision Timing in Their various rouTines. This past year The maioreffes wore Their TradiTionaI red and white cosfumes, adding color and acfion To The Apache band. They are one of The auxiliary uniTs under Mrs. Mary BloTT. X KAREN STEINMAN PENNY WEIDAW BEV BLANCHARD flzroug praciice anal slain f Lmda Hunsucker Barbara Bucnch Flashung red and whvte flags twlrled by the Arcadia Flag Gurls added gay color and movement to the Apache Band This year the gurls changed from their for mer whvte costumes to new gray and whlte outfits They are one of the auxlllary unnts under the direction of Mrs Mary Blott Bonme Lynn Flag Gzrfs Mel nda Lewus Downeen Nannmga Q05 Cu or u ll cusiznneal the Apache Band has Arcadia's 80 piece band has made many appear- ances during The year. Appearing in Their colorful uniforms wiTh insTrumenTs gleaming, They have brought many honors To The school. Ken Kirmsse, Drum Major of The band, has served in This capaciTy for The pasf Two years. His capable handling of The performing group during half-Time shows and parades has been very evidenf. iff - ',,,. l ,518 12' 3 gg A.. QCITFIQCJ fame and ll0fl0T 07' Gordon Sandford, Band Director, and his group have appeared in parades in several Southern California ciiies as well as providing music and showmanship for The half-time shows of The varsity foofball season. Coming from Corona fo Arcadia fvvo years ago, he broughf many colorful ideas for his Top-nofch shows and parades. its many appearances Gordon Sandford Bond Di rector f ,fs if .r , , ,,,,., 4 -..Mn -.- . - -if 1.::ff1-1A - eff-2------rv-.aj-A - -- - Y , . , ,We-41- , .,-- ,, , :V,..Y, WY.: ,, ,,,,,-,,,yQ,..v:,,,-0 19 gg 0, Quo , pf?- 5 ,F ,. A, gr!! 5-iff if , gf-UW, A Alf: AAS ffp ,T ' t fs I 12 A U -+ 1f 5Q 'Q5 Q V 7'lffP'4 ,Sf I 1 , A , It alla . I J' A 1n A A It N r? - - , J' f' ., v , A gr , , Q h ' luv.. , X'k ' ' J.-W. . . '4 . -K., I 4 .W 1 ' K 4 ' . ,- ' , V. - g v . .. A Q- ,fix WN .w,,'f'f. 'ff . A' .x. KAL... JCB ,fi E . fr-6 F.. , . . - ..,.,...-,,,, , , . W , ,.H,,M , ,.,, . .,f,-nf, -.4-,wwf-,,,M.,,.- lk, . 4'-, 4. ,. 8, V, ..,- ......'-.W---f., .f,-..-.-f-rf-,ou-1-ov vo-vsavvvl'- Viv-'4 1-0 vous-unc-rvig ----i---A -- -.- - - .::-- A- ........., ,Q .- f-v-sv- u - -Q.. ..f,--v ,. -.4..-.....f.-.f-- ,....,-..... ..,k,.v..f- . 2715 6' ' 0 5 731105 -1 .. J A f 1 aff , ' ' 1 4 1 X' f- J 'J' rj W g V '42 Q f ' 6 ly 6 FE -' ' 14 WQA ij, 15 411,54 Q b 1' J I X A A 5 if , t ll - A Az, fy. M .41 x ' ' I .4 V . 1 ' K, X. f 1 - X. l 'vw' ' u , ' ,. ' 5. ' 1 ' V ' ' r . ' , V . . uk ' - , Q A ' ' 1 , ' . ' ' f A - '. A , - ' .Ib h A 1 ,- 1 ' , ' . ,.' A ' .,- ... ' . ' 'A X - 1' ' ' ' r ' p 'N' - 1 ,.- - . , A 1 ' I I h V 1 , a , -nf 'V -' .. ' ,' p 5, -1 , 5,1 fp- .-KM ' ' , f. - - A , ' '- - v,w....A.M K J ' , ' . -b ' f' 421 x , if '-r ' ' - !', M if .3 Z' Y , If , 2 ' ' I-,,-... L Q. 'Q Jw val E 13' .i I . 'QM V N . , k 1 W ,A . ,,,.. H A Y 152' fa V i 'af ru kgil aw , s H Z, 5 A K . V WM W g iw A ia 2 A nt , Hu T ' , Af x +.,L, A , A Pg- W ' 'xx m t' f 'Tgv,?Q. ' if? 5,5 M T Sv A ,. A5 . 45. .M g ' 2 M. 1 '.'5,L 'Q U-ur. J .Z fir M11 5' V WL E P 5' v 7 5 V ,e . . ,- , ,J .ws 5 e '. ,, . ' g . 1' l Q xl , Q A V Q X . , ' ' f . -Q ' J '. Y x Un ,fi . 55' I! bxf: t, rt- ., O Monrovia and Arcadia cheerleaders parade before spectators at the traditional Crosstown football game on November 21, 1958. Chirakavvas, the Junior Drill Team, serves as a training ground tor future Tom Tom members. Begun in 1957, the organization is made up of girls chosen from among those vvho tried out tor membership. The girls are iuclged on their ability to march, their sense of rhythm, their pos' ture, and their smile. Throughout the year, the Chirakavvas have marched in the Drill Team Competi- tion and Bee toot- ball games besides their numerous other activities. Clzira awas frafnec! fo become fufure om om Girls. Row T: llett to rightl Terry Emmons, Sandy Davis, Loretta Anspach, Judy Olsen, Leslie Neuberg, Gerry Vanely, Carolyn Berry, Melinda McGrane. Row 17: Joanne Laing, Linda Feise, Lissette Tulleners, Judy Knight, Pam Wilson, Sue Rehvvaldt, Susan Lovve, Susanna Morsch, Patti Tyler. 1 X- jg- i ', N N X' 1 ' ' 1 Q1 ..'Qqv , . - i In WV s - K, X' f ,,, I .fl 59' -fl 1 4 . 4 1 i, Q1 if q it , , ,M pw .,W,j,,f,, ig if 1 ir ,V -W 4 i', ' ?',' W' ' V .,.s. A tg? 46 is H ' v 'LTA4 I J if f 7, . , ,V fi . M ,,ir, if lr is i i sb l ff gvff,:, ' 1 - i ' r ,fr xr- A fl f, Y i,., ag t 1 J 3 i . It , Q .,.G,2?'..W h , 5'8 ,ffm ww ' aiu, 4:7 if ml 951 1 . 5 Q L ., ' po rfs The ever increasing numbers of fine Trophies on display in The handsome cases adiacenf To The LiTTle TheoTer TesTify To The de- veIopmenT of The sporTs program aT Arcadia. They represenT ouTsTanding accomplishmenTs in all sporTs, fall and spring. This year Arcadia enioyed iTs mosT successful fooTball season on The VarsiTy level. In addiTion The oTher divisions were sTrong con- Tenders in Their respecTive classificaTions. ConcurrenTly wiTh The fooTball season, The Arcadia varsiTy cross counTry Team shared co-championship League honors vviTh WhiT- Tier lasT fall and Then wenT on To win The League meeT. Each year, The baskeTball Teams have given good accounTs of Them- selves in all divisions. Spring sporTs have been of championship caliber for several years. In 1958, all Three divisions of The Track squad were vic- Torious in The Pacific League, making The firsT Time in The hisTory of The League ThaT one school had capTured all Three divisions in one year. The B squad placed second in The CLF, finals in 1957. The baseball Team expecTs To baTTle for The Pacific League championship This year afTer having gained The JV and Frosh TiTles lasT year. The Teams hope To repeaT or beTTer such per- formances again This year. The varsiTy Tennis Team garnered The Pacific League Champion- ship in 1955, 1956, and 1957. The golf Teams capTured Pacific League Championships in 1957 and 1958 and expecT To do as well in 1959. An early press Time did noT permiT The reporTing of showings in The mid-winTer and spring sporTs, buT The coaches were opTimisTic abouT The ouTcome of Their seasons. While winning Top spoTs in Their individual sporTs is each Team's obiecTive, The basic purpose of The enTire program is To acauainT sTudenTs wiTh The many pleasures and loenefiTs To be derived from parTicipaTions in sporTs. Win or lose, probably The mosT imporTanT funcTions are The individual physical develop- menT of The sTudenT and The undersTanding and pracfice of good sporfsmanship and courTesy. A parallel program of girls sporTs, implemenTed Through The Girls AThleTic AssociaTion, has been in operaTion since The school was esTablished. While noT compeTing in an inTra mural program, The inTeresTed girls have had The opporTuniTy To meeT AssociaTion members from oTher schools as They have compeTed during play days each year. Each year also, The modern dance classes pre- senT several performances of a Truly ouTsTanding dance reciTal. The May performances are a highlighf of The closing weeks of school. Girls parTicipaTing in The sporTs program have masTered recreaTional skills which They will enioy beyond Their high school years. Wifh The maTuring of The sporTs program, The compeTiTive sTand- ing of The school has been appreciably beTTered and Apaches enioy The pleasure of ouTsTanding Teams. 1' I! This is Kent Barney's second year as Varsity backfield coach and assistant track coach at Arcadia. He played foot- ball while attending Loyola University and before coming to Arcadia taught at San Dieguito High in San Diego. Wifi: an excelfenf coac ing Sfa f y l . my wr' 3 i Bill Zogg has completed his fourth year as Arcadia's head Varsity football coach and Cee basketball coach. He attended Westminster College, the Uni- versity of Utah, Los Angeles State, and S.C., par- ticipating in football and basketball and making the All Conference teams in both. Before accepting the coaching job at Arcadia, Zogg taught at South High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dave Ackerman has been coaching J.V. baseball and assisting as Varsity line coach during the football season for the past three years. At the University of California at Berkley Ackerman lettered in Varsity boxing. Row l, Charles Gallo, Alan Miller, Gordon Reynolds, Rod Florea, Mike Lamb, Ken Ductor, Barton Morrison, John Woodruff, Gary Mykles. Row 2, Tom Williamson Row 3, Charles Holland, mgr., David Gorman, Ken Kurb, Starr Everett, Mike Fraser, Richard Hall, Fred Scalzo, Ken McPherson, James Michael, Larry Krogh, Dennis Mike Chilcoat, Don Uhl, Jeff Lynn. gui ing ilzem, C0-Capfams 4 4 Coordinator of Athletics is Roy Wheeler's iob. While attending Occidental College, he participated in football, baseball, basketball and track. He has been coaching at Arcadia since its beginning, having previously coached at Alhambra High, Los Angeles City High, and Puente High. oi-..- Bob Russell Coach Zogg led the varsity eleven to the greatest football season Arcadia has known in the short football history of the school. The team set many new records this year including the first league win, the first Homecoming win, and the first year to win three games in a season. Sparking Arcadia's greatly improved team were four players whose outstanding play won for them berths on the All Pacific League teams and two players who received honorable mention awards. In addition, the San Gabriel Valley Prep Football Team judges named one Arcadia player on each of their three teams. Thomas Jay, John Batchelder, Charles Olmsted, John Wolfe, Dave Crocker, Robert Russell, Reg Rhodes, Jerry Collins, Roger Hedge, Edward Tallerino Martin Meeker Beason, Bill Meiners, John Hauk, Rex Patterson, mgr, Row A, Relfe Patterson, Tim Chapman, Terry Santo, Larry Henderson, Brian Gill, Joe Surra Les Schultz .', K Jerry Collins if 'I 6 1-an .Qs .. Thomas Jay Mike Lamb Jeff Lynn Meme Meeker L f A O I f 1s season f e most vrcforrous tt.. Mm.. RUSHING ARCADIA OPPONENTS Yards gained. .. .... 1472 1440 Yards lost ..... . . 268 276 Total yardage ..... . . .1204 1164 Average per carry .. .. 3.5 3.3 Longest gain ..... ...59 yards 93 yards PASSING Passes attempted . . . . 136 83 Passes completed . .. . . 58 37 Percent completions . .. . .. 42.6 44.6 Alon Mme, lnterceptions ....... . . 9 14 Total yards gained .. .. 703 613 Touchdown passes .. . . 4 6 Charles Olmsted makes yardage in close match with Whittier. Charles Olmsted Relfe Patterson Honorable Mention All Pacific League 5 407' Reg Rhodes First String All Pacific League First String San Gabriel Valley Prep Team .,, 'l 'gl -Q Bart Morrison Gary Mykles Second string All Pacific League Robert Russell Third String All Pacific League Third String San Gabriel Valley Prep Team Bill Meiners i' ...,,:., .-- . -- - .,,. Fred Scalzo if f cafe., 551 ans U f VN- ' r 'sm An. mf- 'Te 'n :s' r-1 pache Football High I igh ts YW- ' 'W U '47 'iff v -f-fd1,,.fn , Upper left, Brian Gill stars in touchdown play during the Alhambra game. Upper right, Varsity carrier is stopped short of a touchdown. Lower left, Varsity players carry Coach Zogg off the field after our first league win. Lower right, John Woodruff blocks as an Arcadia back romps downfield. -Photo panel-Arcadia Tribune in the lzisfory of Area ia High C1100 x n--. -4-' Leg Sqhulfz Joe Surrq Don Uhl Charles Holland Rex Patterson The IV feam lf' .Q ll' Aus J iI'BACH Coach Bob Bacon Having returned to Arcadia High this year after two years in the Army, Bob Bacon has coached the J.V. team, and in the early part of the season served as pass offense coach for the combined Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. While attending Whittier College and U.S.C,, he played football, tennis, and baseball. This is his second year as an Arcadia coach and teacher. Arcadia 38. .. Arcadia 6. .. Arcadia 6. . . Arcadia 13. .. Arcadia 20. .. Arcadia 40. . . Arcadia 25. .. Arcadia 27... garnere second place in eague pay, Fooflra Equipment Manager Don Hewitt This is Don Hewitt's fifth year at Arcadia High and he has stated that he is very proud of Arcadia's sports record this year. Before com- ing to Arcadia, Mr. Hewitt played two years of pro baseball and nine years of semi-pro football. He is the friend and confidant of all the higlc school boys. .. O Rosemead . . .12 Duarte ...2l El Rancho . . .19 Whittier .. 7 Alhambra .. O Mark Keppel ...l3 El Monte . . .41 Monrovia unior Varsffy Steve Houghton carried the pigskin for a touchdown during the Arcadia-Mark Keppel J,V. game. 4 J.V. Coach Bob Bacon led his team to a three-win five-loss season this year. He was very proud of his team's attitude and fighting spirit. Thirty letters were awarded to the team members for their performance this season. Coach Bacon predicts that at least four members will move up to first string varsity next year. The team was sparked by Bruce Hobbs, Corky Jones and Brent Wisely. rl Arg, - g-- E iii.-.rf egg 52 Mia ew Q 'l' - , As -,gf rlfi... TPVFQ BUTQZ .w4'.A. ...iff '. - .1 Row l Steve Johnstone, Mike Brent, Todd Pade, Jon Nausler, Kent Nebeker, Chris Miller, Carter Gengler, Charles Grinstead, Row 2, Bob Jetton, Ron Waterhouse Frank Robison Brian Braff, Joe Golf, Rex Patterson, Bill Meeker, Ted Dukeslaw, Steve Houghton, John Garton. Row 3, Bruce Hobbs, Wayne Randall, Gene Miller Lyndon Larsen Bob Murphy, Ray Leonard, Tim Curry, Lyle Van Vleet, Reg Wheatly, Jim Bradley, Tom Harris, Stan Smith, Al Lansford. Row 4, Bob Bentley Bill Snider, Marty La Vine, Bill Frazer, John Woodruff, Brent Wisely, Corky Jones, Art Donnelly, Don Harlan, Arcadia l3... .. 6 Arcadia 13... .. O wlzile file lneels' gafne valuable experience f.,. . 1 Arcadia 6. . . Arcadia O. . . Arcadia O. . . Arcadia 7. .. Arcadia 6. .. Arcadia O. .. . . .45 Coach John Bilbrey T lids., Arroyo Q SanMarino El Rancho Whittier ' -4 r' , . - A V Alhambra ' -ef ' if A W Mefk Keppel 'EQ 'M :nf 4. . 'A N -if 5 El Monte Qin y 4FV'4Q,:w - JJ e ' A Monrovia e ' . ,, -4,--A 1-L-...ggi . .ff he---M... ,A we , M , .ll,gfQ.g. 7' Bee football coach John Bilbrey has been coaching at Arcadia for the past seven years. He was pleased with the fighting spirit of the team even though the results did not show up well on the score board. Bee Nl ffqn Coach Richard Carroll A graduate of U,C.L.A., Assistant Coach Richard Carroll has worked with the Bee team for two years. He has also coached the Frosh base- ball team for the some period. While in college he played one year of Frosh baseball and two years of Varsity. Al Chozen scampers away from would be tacklers. With no returning lettermen to spark the team, inexperience spelled the difference as the fighting Bees finished the season with a record of two wins and six losses. Twenty-seven players received letters and Coach Bilbrey cited Steve Arnold and Al Chozen for their outstanding play. Co-captains for this year's team were Steve Arnold and Joe Genova. Fooflm ll and flze live y ceeis were Sturdy contenders. L . .- Cee's fight for yardage in El Monte match. , . . - .,.- 'riiwi ,J Ralph Hooker, assistant coach of the Cee squad, has been on the coaching staff at Arcadia for the past two years. He came to Arcadia from lllinois, where he taught physical education and coached sports. Mr. Hooker has also served as coach of the varsity basketball squad. ee Football The Cee's of Arcadia High this year were led by Coach Schwab and sparked by their cap- tains, Howard Lucas and Joe Rife. The team got off to a slow start with only 2 returning lettermen, and finished with 3 wins and 5 losses. Coach Schwab was pleased with the tearn's fighting spirit and good sportsman- ship. Twenty-nine players were awarded letters. Arcadia 7... .. O San Marino Arcadia 6... .. 7 Arroyo Arcadia O ....... 38 El Rancho Arcadia O. .. . .19 Whittier Arcadia l3. .. .. O Alhambra Arcadia 12. .. .. 7 Mark Keppel Arcadia O ....... 21 El Monte Arcadia 6... . .14 Monrovia Rounding out his third year at Arcadia, Cee football coach Fred Schwab instructed his team in a capable manner. He has also coached Varsity and J.V. golf since coming to Arcadia. While a student at Los Angeles State College, Mr. Schwab was a member of the golf team. 31? Qtclnfv ll2 vqmpff XX Row I, Jim Spencer, Jim Pedersen, John Shaffer. Row 2, Tim Osborn, Phil Mortenson', Dick Landa, Bill Reno. it - ff Coach Robert Jackson is the cross country, track, and D basketball coach at Arcadia High. He attended Occidental College where he par- ticipated in track and basketball. He was very pleased with his Cross Country teams this year and stated that they were of champion- ship quality. Varsiiy lzarriers inislrecl flfze Season as C0-C ampions Coach Bob Jackson led his seven Varsity Cross Country men to one of Arcadia's greatest years, tying with Whittier for first place in the Pacific League. The team had three returning lettermen and all seven team members were awarded let- ters at the end of the season. The team, which was sparked by Jim Spencer and Jim Pedersen, set both course and school records. if Y Jim Pedersen, Jim Spencer and Phil Mortenson start otf in a Varsity work-out. Bill Reno comes through the Qate at toP speed during the Monrovia meet. S Jim Pedersen, a senior and captain ofthe T s fl- 2 V - Cross Country team, has been running Cross Country for two cmd a half years. Jim holds the record of 8:lO.3. He also holds the l32O record of 3:12. ,, 'F vang .... . . .2 . . . ,W - . , , ' . r' sr -an ...wg K ,xg .,,,.-,:.f53f'fLs . -., , - . ..-,sieve '- 5 , IVZS aso ranked lzfglz. Arcadia's J.V. Cross Country team finished in third place in the Pacific League this year. All of last year's returning lettermen moved up to the Varsity, leaving the J.V. team with no experienced runners. How- ever, the J.V.'s had the largest turnout in their his- tory and they set the course and school records. Coach Jackson awarded letters to eleven runners. Throughout the season, the team was sparked by Trevor Bower, Rod Rogers, and Mark Carey. unfor Varsffy Cross Country Trevor Bower and Rod Rogers spark the J.V. cross country in the Monrovia match. 1-.5 . ZR r 9 a Qt 's K 5- 'BJ'-771 --5 1..9'..'m The start of an exciting win at the Arcadia-Monrovia cross country meet. . QV, Q . C . V 'HQ Harvey Fisher, Row 2, Trevor Bower, John Stava, Don Row l Maurice Clark Bob Clifton Ken Maior Rod Rogers Ken Wilson Mark Carey Wallace Kindel Brown Pete Cooper Carlton McCaslun Garold Larsen Richard Latham Chuck Rumbaugh Row 3 Allen Bailey, Edwin Ellis, Bob Eisen, David Tickemyer, Gary Cahill Dave Crandall Bob Vogel Jon Howell Row A Bruce Conrad Mike Luboviski Phil Turner Dave Caswell, Fred Porter, Mike Lund, Bill Fleming, George Pieper. Improving fowarcl file encl of file Season, ' f 'M o r A . 1-atssasvw f i R in ' ,Auf J, 6 . gt y D .AA x .1 , v Ed McCracken makes a iump shot, tallying 2 points during tilt with El Rancho. Va rsffy Baskeflmif Ralph l-looker's Varsity basketball squad, led by Co-Captains Dick Thull and Reg Rhodes, finished the season with a 4-7 standing, placing titth in the League. Arcadia showed good improvement over last year's record, and the team achieved many near wins through- out the season. ln addition, the Vare sity team scored a total ot 581 points for all games played, as compared to 614, the total score of all the opposing teams. Seven Varsity players earned letters this year. place shot for two points. Reg Rhodes clears opponents t the Varsity Basketball qua 1 .V 4 'Jeff' I ,f-- l vgih np N NN 11, fi 'w-.., J Coach Ralph Hooker led his Varsity Team 'ro a 4-vvin season This year. The Team showed improvernenf ov- er last year and, according To Mr. Hooker, There are greaf possibilifies for next season, Mr. Hooker has been coaching The varsity for The past Two years. Coach Hooker and Yecm huddled durung the match wufh Whither H6 -so Don Hand blocks while Joe Scliade shoots up for Two points. closecl flze compeiiffon 152 ia 37 Reg Rhodes QI3' Lynn Cosbey Honorable Mention-All Pacific League Dick Tlwll First Team-All Pacific League Row lr Dave Reidenbach, Lynn Cosbey, Don Hand, Joe Schade, Lee Sfrolher, Dick Rossj Ed McCracken, Larry Allen- maneger. Row 2: Rex Patterson-manager, Dick Thull, Al Miller, Tom Hilgaertner, Reg Rhodes, Jerry Collins, Thad Montgomery. Null' . Tl! if lay defeating their arc rivals, 1 , I or ig es .' I N. A a A Tom Hilgaertner T I Joe Schade ', lf? Us I .4 , x A . Q i funn., 7, x ,,,,,,,.i'f Son A ' it r Don Hand ' ' I v'S Q'- I Ed Mccf Qcken Monrovia. w ie ars Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia i iv ane g leaders take it easy h l V ty t e T gl .. . Whittier . . Alhambra Mark Keppel . . . El Monte .. Monrovia .. . Whittier . . Alhambra Mark Keppel .. Monrovia for the ball iii 1 PM . NS. Q gg U Q3 unfor Va rsify Basketball Row lr Phil Mortensen, Eric Godfrey, Steve Strampe, Minoux, Jim Lorenz, Gary Cramer, Ron Dorazio. J. V. Scores Arcadia 59 .. . Arcadia 74 . Arcadia 8l . Arcadia 31 . . Arcadia 41 . Arcadia 48 . Arcadia 40 . Arcadia 44 .. .. . Whittier . . Alhambra Mark Keppel .. El Monte .. Monrovia . . . Whittier . . Alhambra Monrovia u X. I1 L i Arcadia High School's J.V. team finished the season by winning the league championship w i t h a seven-win, oneeloss rec- ord. The tea m was coached by the able John Bilbrey, who was very pleased with their per- formance, the re s u l t s showing great possibilities for the coming years. L Dan Nash, Dove Taylor, Ken Wilson, Eric Von Bauer, Row 2: John Gorton, Bill Miclean, Bill Bronson, Brian Coach Ray Pascoe and the m i g h t y Arcadia Bees closed the season with a near miss at the league championship. An eight- win, two-loss record was enough to give them sec- ond position. Coach Pas- coe was very happy with the team results and plans to give Arcadia a league win next year. T? Row lr Joe Genova, Bill Griffitts, Steve Thurman, Barry Eichorn, Bob Shima, Bud Michaels. Row 2: Al Chozen, Je Lundin, Bill Hedlund. B68 Hasleeflvall 1 viral?- wb :.v.,,.m- 1 ' . W... . . s fzifisfisf.. 5.35 ag' -.,. it- fg? + X S Nr Y U' i l sl ,- Q Q99 Bee Scores Arcadia 46 .. Arcadia 49 .. Arcadia 51 .. .. Arcadia 48 .. Arcadia 40 .. Arcadia 41 .. Arcadia 38 .. Arcadia 38 .. . Arcadia 53 .. Arcadia 53 .. ff Lund, Steve Waylett, :mf .1 N. i l Q, lp . 3. Q 1 . , Y T Q g r 1 , i .. Whittier . . . Alhambra . Mark Keppel . .. El Monte . . . Monrovia .... Whittier .... Alhambra . . Mark Keppel .. . El Monte . . . Monrovia Herb Schmitt, Dick 555555555 llllllllllllll ::::::u:::::: ll::llIll Ill' - Bob Jackson and pn C7 ,- l on Ugg Haslccflmll ROW li Toni' Domi Rl-'ssell Bfmlsor Def1f1iS L0leSllli Sieve Copsan, Ed Boxer, Steve North, Roger Evans. Rovv 2: Jack Wiltso, Bob Davis, Larry Davis, Pete l'v6Vi90Odf Dave Waldvogel, Bill Cummings-Manager. CEE SCORES Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia . . Whittier ... ... Alhambra Mark Keppel .. El Monte .. Monrovia .. Whittier ... ... Alhambra Mark Keppel .. El Monte .. Monrovia Che Tec X , Coach Bill Zogg led his im to a six vviri, five loss season Coach Ycaa vvrrs vvell pleased wvli this year S 'earn and mfr:- s area' resiJl's now? r ir Mi' 7oaa also is if 'iir iq Varsity FoO'br1ll, Row l- Don Phares, Wayne Haas, Dave Crandall, Ted Horton, Jim Langhren, Mike Luboviski, Steve Wickes, Robin Waldvogel, William Gibbs, Ken Hart. ina Fr his ve Harding, Joe hs Coe squad tnislied he season with a seven wn loar loss reicrrl, Af- er a slow start 'ice 'efrm ri shed ti the show' ofn 'he members fickson expects great Var- ity nvitvrial, Mr. Jficlfson also coaches cross country ':r'Cl track ar s 'earn Coach Rife, Doug Bolcom. Row 21 Jim Hoover, DEE SCORES Arcadia 40 Arcadia 29 Arcadia 28 Arcadia 23 Arcadia 32 Arcadia 35 Arcadia 25 Arcadia 27 Arcadia 25 Arcadia f3l Dec Haslccflm . . . Whittier . . Alhambra Mark Keppel .. El Monte .. Monrovia .. Whittier .. ... Alhambra Mark Keppel .. El Monte .. Monrovia Pon Patterson, Ron Cipriani, SJ ' Uwe 4,,,! ll Lynn Cosbey aces a ound third base in march with Rosemead. Coach John Bilbrey is The Varsity coach af Arcadia High School. This is Mr. Bil- brey's oth year as the var- sity coach at The school. AT press Time The Team had a 6 win, 6 loss record. Top players were Ron Giam- brone and Bob Gaspar. M Varsiiy Baseball re, w, Li-bf X K , A xiii. ii? was 4 y J s X 1 .23 'B I if 'gf VH. -had 'F , f af . l' 'x I 6 my f-' fi .A t f 2' swf. 'fwfl fl 1 2 'Z 1 15 'Jff R if V- 'K ' , sr . 'g IA 'T' ' , f ff A ,l i ' ' I -' ,ff A 5 Q rn A Q S 'v, .Q -111 5 ! ff '-S !':m.ZsQ ,. rw , v 1 42 :J Q x'AA 1 ,gn J I Wm. i 'A 1 'a.4..LJ ' .5 Q will ll.. E1 . ,I .k- 'X if X Q Q. QQ. 4 . 'r am P it Zzfffrw 'I' M 1 fp. AVA ,A A3 U, H' L , A Af W 5...-v f ,',' W dr jp. A - x me. . 'I' H1 I N X Y Km, 'if'- .nm W, WH an extremely lzigll Season recor -11 K LS Herb Schmfr leads The way in The Varsity l2O yard high hurdles. Arcadia's cindermen were on The war paTh. LasT year all Three divisions won The Pacific League championship and They were afTer iT again This year. Jim Mills, Jim Pedersen and Bill Reno were iusT a few of The Top TlighT aThleTes on The rosTer. Jim Pedersen placed fiTTh in Coach Bob Jackson Va rsffy Tracie Coach Bob Jackson, who led The Track Teams To win all Three classiTicaTions in The Pacific League lasT year, confinued producing win- ning Teams This year. For more informafion a bouT Coach Jackson see The Cross CounTry secTion. ' -.4 KenT Barney, who helped Arcadia keep iTs high Track sTandards This year, also helped coach The Track Teams To championships in all Three classiTicaTions lasT year. For more inTormaTion a b o u T Coach Barney see The FooT- ball secfion, The naTion as a miler when he ran The mile in 4:2i.9 in The CompTon Relays. Coach Bob Jackson, AssisTanT Coach KenT Barney, and posTgraduaTe Kirby SmiTh developed A rc a cl i a ' s championship Teams inTo Tip-Top condifion and aT press Time excellenT marks were mounTing. JW f ile: ,lv AssisTanT Coach Kenr Barney at press time file Area ia fracie feams oi ... QMS .d'v,..v 5 J Jim Mills streaks to victory in the Varsity relay against Whittier. fi ,!U1f y I7 , if Oyfyc Clearing the bar in the Bee High Jump competition was Dick Williams W.- lit CJ pre-game warmup, Fred Scalzo practices the shot-put, Jim Spencer finished first in the Varsity mile event with Alhambra, had a strong C ance or another L l Dick Wimbish competes in the B High Jump event against Alhambra. ...W 2464.4 X 1-uc -, .-...,,. 5 'f'- i. -ff . fi, Aw, V - -1-4 YQ ff, ' ,. - . - ,Q-. A- . , . f . 4... Arcadia's Les Schultz dashes away from the chocks with other contenders in the Alhambra lOO yard dash event. ymtf I avi, . ' WN-4 r, ,Es Q L E 4' 4. Stepping high is Lee Strother as he tries his luck in a broad jump event against Rosemead. After winning the championship in the Bee division of the Pacific League last year, the Bee cindermen were again after the title this year. Many outstanding marks were recorded and sportsmanship was tops , QQ NIC Members of the Bee track squad were, seated, left to right: Dennis Beason, John Little, Garolcl Horson, Bruce Ungerlond, Dudley Michael, Les Schultz, Steve Thurman, Don Brown, Baird Caswell, and Ray Leonard, manager. Standing: Mark Carey, Dave Dueker, Dave Fillmore, Jon Williams, Chuck Rumbciugh, Jerry Pearring, Steve Waylett, Trevor Bower, Gentry Shaw, Roger Martin and Barry Eichorn, C ampfons fp in all tlzree fvisions. A E 04 ,, .,-.-'nails xi .--so n .- -4,5 ,.-.. ,a.. . N-X45 I :ah .-, Dave Sheets, Moc MacDonald and Harold Gilman lunge forward in C lOO yard dash. Jim Troxel finished first in the C 660 with Alhambra Second and third places went to Rich Hendrick and Dave Long Pacific League champions -that was the title the Cee harriers were again vying for this year. Each member of the team gained valuable ex- Q , perience and, under Coach Jackson's direction, ' 'S M developed skill in each event in which they 1 ,Pl , participated. Jerry Collins clears the bar at il' 6 to place second in pole I vault competition with Rosemead. Members of the Cee track squad were, seated, left to right: Bill Soule, Pete Bandurraga, Bill Classen, Ted Horton, Howard Lucas, Dave Caswell, Mike Lund, Dave Long, Ken Dorsett, Manuel Garcia, Dave Crandall, Tim Osborn and Gary Cahill. Standing: Mike Luboviski, Dave Sheets, Bill Fleming, Don McDonald, Mac MacDonald, Pete Livengood, Rich Hedrick, Bob Eisen, Mike Fields, John Oliver, Larry Shaul, Steve Copson, -Dexter Jones, Richard Albert, Gary Rees, Doug Soule and Ray Leonard, manager. ,I+ 14 aimed, foward league c ampfons ips. i Members of the Varsity golf team were, left Pat McCarty, Jeff Goldberg, and Dick Grinstead. Coach Schwab's golf teams have been Pacific League champions for the last two years and were after the title again this year. Arcadia's golf teams are known on Southern California golf courses for their good sportsmanship and golf etiquette, Top man on the team this year was Harry Taylor. Varsity Golf iff t ...-vm., to right, front row: Bob Wellman, Harry Taylor, and Dick Jackson. Back row: Gene Miller, Bill Griffitts, Coach Schwab led the Arcadia golf team to great success during the season. The team obtained their skill by intense practice at the Arcadia golf course. junior Va rsity Golf J V golfers were left to right Bob Vogel Mike Brent Bill Miclean and Joel Loane Parffcfpafing in Sporfs wlzfclz can e may 1 Against The beaunful backdr op of the Son Gabrlel mountains Arcadia Hugh gurls parhclpare In a varied and sarlsfymg sports program 'Rx wk at r YU k . ,, .o 51 W- - 'v 4 'K 1 ' 15 K A if f ,. N5 4 5 . , - V.. 1' A ,K ?A','llH V3 , Q, M ,rf ,,r , . enfoye now an in file fufure, An actuve volleyball game provudes excutement for each player An understandung of the basuc fundamentals of varuous sports plus coordunatuon un these games these are the results each gym teacher struves for every Arcadua Hugh gurl to accomplush Havung fun whule partucupatung us one of the maun characterustucs un the sports program But above all co operatuon and good sportsmanshup are stressed ux Thes jbadmunto dnthusuasts combune theur skulls as they engage un a luvely doubles matchl I - . . . ,X NU X up ' JV ,,', u 'f 3 u ' ' 1.5.1, my 1 X -Q Vp., , Vu V W' ,gl l ' . f fu' ll XA. Pl! . L ' ly J It I tif .1 ' - up 'ld ls V xr f if l v V' J f fx 'J lj s L, ' . ' 7 I ,- l X 1 J - I u ,JI X' ur, K slr I L J. I - I f X , A J ux ,J R 'NV ,f . Y IX X J X, ld Rx! vu 4 R I sv X X ' l IA u , RJ W Jo Xe, ut, ' X I - -. , u A f 1 ' J-' D ' , r 4 xi gf x' - C9 'l ,J Q' ,uffjl 1 ' ' tl- 1 I-f f ,J V, 1 1 Ip i lu, ., .Vx dp' X' s, I V, , ug . xl ,l' ,X .J '- F' JJ ,f .f X I , i K .' J xg' X 'Y s 2' u I 1 by : -in n It ' V I I 'l:,.wf' ' Q Jl Q! Gym teachers seated Muss Carol Lawson and Muss Marcua Peterson standung Mrs Maruan Clarke Mrs Vurgunua Stone and Mrs Mary Blott durected the S gurl s sports program '-'?' -q '13 5.1 -, .. Ag if e 4 girls learned the ru es and Sleills 0 A favorite of many energetic Apache girls is the stimulating sport of tennis. While recovering arrows, the girls observe the accuracy of their marksmanship. Practicing the skill of teeing off, these golfers polish techniques before going to play on the Santa Anita golf course. Ever willing to help many Arcadia High girls is Matilda Philipp, matron of the girl's Physical Ed- ucation Department. if , 'IX A 4 - Tlzey practice goo Sporfsmans fp anal fair pay. ' wi i M f ,T 'Y!9'Y5l3, Wi W. ,,,h:,1,,wfM A QQ W4-fp.,-'sail - , V f,r'J...v..- -V. . Chatting about everything from boys to ancient history, girls To hit a homerun is the goal of this Apache as she swings smartly at the ball await final dressing bell before assembling into squad lines, Fun and thrills are combined in the fast moving game of speedball. The girls take turns on the trampoline, a popular attraction, es peciolly when they are scheduled for the girls gym. sg:--,.....1,.,,W I 1 ffio , 2 I in s ' W 'S I D ' x If ! , N e 'I x ff -27' I gz - i : 5 I 2 I 5 i if S 5 3 l V i x 5 Many opportunities have been provided over the years for stu- dents who have special talents and interests. In the development of Arcadia High School's curriculum offerings, due consideration has been given to providing classes in the Fine Arts, such as vocal music, instrumental music, public speaking, drama and modern dance. Publications have also been established. In addition, a club program in which groups of students may pursue special interests and talents has been organized. The American ideal of community responsibility and service has been furthered through club sponsored proiects for the benefit of worthy causes at school and in the city. Collection of clothing for orphanages and needy families as well as the traditional White Christmas collection of canned goods and money has continued from year to year. These have been distributed through local welfare channels and are only two such projects which have been promoted during the year. The annual Pow Wow, sponsored by the High School P.T.A. and participated in by school clubs has served as a money raising proiect for the benefit of the P.T.A.'s welfare program on campus. Music groups, both orchestral and vocal, have presented several concerts during the year. Many civic organizations have been entertained by the various vocal groups which each year make more than fifty appearances. Competing with many other Southern California forensic groups, Arcadia's speech students have won an impressive number of tournaments during the year, reflecting honor on the school. Drama students have presented a series of outstanding one-act plays for the enjoyment of the public. Members of the school's publications staffs have labored dili- gently to keep students informed of campus happenings through the school newspaper and to provide outstanding memory books in the Arcadian. Participants in all these organizations have given freely of their time and enthusiasm to make each club or group a success. Because of the extended day, it has made it impossible for fresh- men to participate actively in the club program. Apaches can look back on eventful and rewarding years of club Cjrganiza Hans T ose groups wlziclz meet during regu ar CGSS sessions were esfgnaieaf as . . . ass fjrgantzahons Included in the curriculum program of Arcadia High School are many elective courses which meet during a specific class period. These are designated as class organizations and cover a large field of subiects, such as music, speech, drama, modern dancing, school publications, and many others. Enhancing the general campus atmosphere, these groups carry on a variety of activities and provide opportunities for students with special abilities and interests. In order to qualify for Scholarship Club, a student must have satisfactory effort and citizenship grades and be carrying three or more academic subjects. ln these subjects he must have a minimum of twelve points. A's count three points, B's count one point, and a C in any subiect except Physical Education disqualifies the student. When computing points for Scholarship Club, an A in an accelerated course counts 3.75 points, and a B in an accelerated course counts l.75 points. Sclzofars fp . . . Scholarship Club sponsors Arnold, Gallegos and Fred Thorp. Row lr Carolyn Syphers, Betsy Spencer, Marilyn Schwab, Linnie Young, Marian Morisse, Susan Barnes Margaret Owen Janet Bryant Dorothy Janks Row 2 Kath leen Lidholm, Judy Polansky, Anne Reid, Ellen Potter, Marian Spaulding, Lynne Blyth, Mary Stewart Row 3 Leland De Priest Steve McCray Bob Nscolais Charles Pfefterkorn, Will Reid, Einar Anderson, Lynn Bush, Beth Foye. Scholarship members not pictured are Norman Balliff Peter Bandurraga Bill Miller Brian Scanlon Charles Holland, David Lamel, William Griffitts, Patrick Marriott, David Reidenbach, Garrett Green and Michael Yates ,fav :rin F5 2, K W .. 4' I if B 'Q x s ,n 1 U. FV, fy ? W Q 'Fifi 1 3,5 Y x 4, f 5 . 'f 'V V Q J' Ax ,V Lg. . Q 0 LX O'l I.. s.i A .T 4 5 inf 'ef' Af 3 .' . ,U QS .. 1 , 1 Q an ,., -- AY fa 4 .V-5 5 I F5 'if -'fllp 'lllln I I: I ' I I- I II. I C7 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF T ,' Jon Maddux -., km y' ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sue Spare ASSOCIATE EDITOR Karen Russell The 1Q5Q Area ian picforiafizeal file yearb evenis Working diligenTly ThroughouT The year The Annual STaff's main goal was To produce a yearbook which, in The coming years, would bring back The cherished memories of high school days. Beginning The year wiTh The selling of adverTising, They followed up wiTh planning page layouTs, Tak- ing picTures of school acTiviTies, and wriTing and checking copy. Mrs. Reegler, The sponsor, has worked along wiTh The sTafT and given advice on The many problems ThaT arose wiTh The planning of The annual. ADVISOR Mrs. Hazel Reegler Beginning The year wiTh The sale of adverTising To The Arcadia merchanTs, The adverTising sTafT confinued iTs imporTanT iob ThroughouT The year. They wenT To work planning The layouT of Their pages and arranaed for all picTures which needed To be Taken. The adverTising secTion was one of The sources of in- come for The Arcadian. asf Z 1. Photographers were, left To right: Bud Budwonh, WalT FooTe, and Bob ADVERTISING MANAGER Grill. Molly Sinkule 4 -fwW,iq,5w 1,4 z 1-as . T, .W fu 2 :.J ' , N-.M -.l fe . .ug-if - im' 5' ,ai H . - . I, 21 ,. vii W 3 5- : , ,,,.,,, iz: 1, L f. Qin--4, N' C 4 3 'hifi H ,5 . x 1 F 4' E .4 1' e 1 , Q. 1, .ma fpff 1' 5,3g,f.n tg- Ligfxs ., ' 4 x 1 2 ai-1 x S 4' F , F1 F we iff fm. 3 ..'.,,. K +4 x 1' H, 5343 -:Q A B 7 af 1 2 rg 4. W -v- 'om I-x.,,,n Ni Q 1 T, 'Es 4 4 ff' L '10 gqgww ,Q ' f' wr -wap ' fr,- 3 -4 ,,f . ,V iw , 'W2-tvf if ' QKQQQJ, :7 .nn Q, , 'fb' . , x Q., fg...k.L,:uf.Q f Q fgs fhqgir, 6 R, , , V, YZ K ff iw , ,, Muff? k ' k, Hg. M fwagfw. ,V ,'a,t. ,, -I ,uid - 'ff' 5 '42 V ri' 1, X51 Q M51-if ' , ,P ff iegfi.. If Vg,- 5 .K wi' 4- mfg ' Y ff! ,-,, 1- 1 ' - 551 fam -M215-'fi3:f4'! :- ,yu Q. he Dnuhlou Spending many hours in the development of pictures for the Pow Wow were John Stava and Bud Budworth. 4 Veteran iournolists, Judy Brown and Ginny Syers, check their page racks before planning for o new issue. Campus events, school news of general interest, school achievements and per- sonal triumphs, well sprinkled with fea- tures and editorials, are reportorial responsibility of the newspaper staff. Meeting each day, class members inter- view sources, gather the news, write copy, copyread and proof read material as well as planning page layout for each paper. They master the skills of newspaper production as they report the news to all Arcaolians. faff mem ers reporfecl campus news FIRST PAGE EDITOR SECOND PAGE EDITOR THIRD PAGE EDITOR FOURTH PAGE EDITOR Judy Brown GIYIVIY SYGVS Anne Jackson Henry Avellar W . ax. f' By , ii fip ggi w Vw!-fy y.v fgff1., AFI' I E , . 1? Q 1' h is V WJ Q , f . ' fx, a T 5 K. z fr N .X Q .,, QM. n f, Wits, W5 pw- 'laufxgu-'. ue'5:f,1-Qrfef ,. ,, 1: - . .mmf L. , . M, M-Ma,...,. ak' 3 , 'fp 41 W1 ff - ff Kuff I ' ' Q Musk' 4 4 Y'- K bmi., 13722 5 3 ' ,, I 5 .9 I y. 8 'Nut' , r 'w:,vf 'e 9 , 4. T? Aiityft f - . ' A Fw, V AA LJ. ,y ff-any-' , 1 ' .-. '- J v .- .V N .f. 'I M ?T43 1f .ff M A4 .W , w I , C qu' ' ' mi 'f Alf' -' :. A -:eff V .l-5. - . gg 1' '.'- f fx, I N ', f4'5QZL- y , '. ' 'f- fsfigix, 44 it Mr R O Wulson dnrected the Jesters productions dunng 9 R w l lleft to rughtl C Stasney L Andrus S cry S Dobson K Camphouse J Buxton P Rumpau B Lynn Row 2 B Blanchard H Moody S Stevens S Stuhrman Wells S Dyer S Swanson Row 3 S Lunqutst Cole S Steck S Wayment A Blvens M Ralnus D Logan Row 4 R Darlrng B Olson K Young M Tlllot son S Carmel A Rerchert L Blyth S Baum Row 5 J La Fountain C McCaslun B Stadler S Troncae P Keene D Lundberg N Holllngshead OFFICERS Presrdent Phll Keene Vice-President: Dave Lundberg Secretary-Treasurer: Norm Hollingshead este rs presenfe Through the presentatuon ot two groups of one act plays Jesters members have gained experrence In theatncal productuons as well as provuole entertaun ment tor both students and adults In addntuon they have presented the Mellodrarna at the l959 Pow Wow Thus year the Thesplans dlvlded unto two groups rneetung tntth and sixth perlods have attended plays at dlfferent theaters along wuth thenr addutlonal ac tlvutles Under the leadershup ot theur sponsor Mr Wnlson and thenr elected ottlcers the Jesters have received valuable Instruction In drama production and tech nsgues rama, come y an mysfery. One of The many plays by The .lesfers was Submer- ged. lf was given in June for various English classes. Sump? Portrayung the characters In Submerged were Carlton McCclslme Dave Logan Phll Keene Dave Lundberg and Sfeve Baum .-1-1 ' .,.1- -f' Duplicate casTs from fuffh penocl Jesfers class rehearse or Wnfch Hazel a al gurl comedy Rehearsung for Wntch Hazel were Row l lefr to rrght Pat Cole Lynn Blyrh Caroll Sfansey Lor ranne McNe1l and Leflanu Farago Row 2 JoAnna Buxton Marcna Ralnus Path Rlmpau Dorrne Wells Sharol Stevens Marcra Luster Sandy Steck and Anne Blvens -.4 I , I T! I X fr L ,. I -1-1---lf , . -1'-0 f Al - IV! n I A H L H A I 1 9 I f ' Orc esis Clulo if A. iagfaf 4 L 4' X, ,Y M's. Marion Clarke has supervised and direc'ed all Orchesis acTiviTies. 3 :Q ,A iltzlyviil 4 . .ff 'il l , 'K ' . T, -I'-f T T , S., Q, fs ,E 1. in 1-. i'-NR ,., if n 459' ,Jil-ag, Jan Carver, The Bod Wmch frightens The Wizard lBonnie Nashl The Tin Woodsman lWendy Pauleyl and The Good Wifch ISusan Barnesl look on. 9 PresenTing Their spring show, A BiT of Oz, was The main evenf of This pasT year Tor Orchesis mem- bers. Melinda Lewis had The leading role of Doro- Thy. OTher characTers were The Scarecrow, Ginny Syersg The Lion, Ann Reeve, The Good WiTch, Susan Barnesg The Wizard, Bonnie Nash: The Tinwoodsman, Wendy Pauleyq anal The Bad WiTch, .lan Carver. The Scarecrow lGinny Syersl surprises DoroThy lMelinda Lewisl as The Cowara WA B 't f O ly Lion lAnn Reevel cries in asronishmem, ,A X 'fins'-:vp-gpg .Tim iii C VC IGSIS I 46 Orchesis l members also parTicipaTed in The spring show buT, due To The large size of the club, identification of all The members impossible. I in -al 99? 1-f J Orchesls ll meers lhird period every day To prepare dances for the spring show, Th- group is composed of girls who ore more cdvonced dcmcers. Because of lock of space, Identification of all members ln ihe three groups is impossible. was a part of file spring specfacu ar. nb-e's of Orchesis I mee' every Monday ofrernoon cxrd eferymlnlrd Monday nigh' during rhe year, Orchesls l members, os prc'ured on pages M16 14 147 are less experrenced dancers bu? they appear in seyercl numbers ln The Sprung Show. Oufsfandfng musical groups ma e many A Cappella V., . .X James Neumeister Vocal Director As The mosT aclvancecl large singing group aT Arcaclici High School, The A Cappella choir has parTicipaTed in many musical programs and ac- TiviTies Thr'oughouT the year. Highlighting The year Tor The A Cappella was The annual presenTation aT Handels Messiah , The choir also sang for a community church ser- vice held aT The Arcadia PresbyTerian Church on The eve of Thanksgiving Day. Row lr Marion Cvrlkerson, Billie Wyatt, Sharon Suter, Lynn Richards, Nancy Cum- mings, Lynn Adams, Carolyn Slemmon, Carol Hebing, Carol Scandalis, Sue Phares, Linnie Young, Gloria Elliof, Linda Ferris, Kay Hansen, Dick Leach. Row 2: Carol Herda, Victoria Stephenson, Sue Elvvell, Pam Waddell, Pam Neely, Dawneen Nan- ningrr, Cindy Ellis, Linda Henry, Carol Fisher, Ann Frederickson, Nancy Jusenuis, Sandy Keith, Therese Boyd, Carol Crockett, Jeff Gonzalez, Row 3: Walter Wald- vogel, Greg Jorden, Linda North, Susan Betsinger, Diane Clinton, Chris Wingard, Marilyn Healy, Carol Evans, Susie Drstel, Lynn Hege, Wendy Pauley, Randy Kusik, Linda Little, Bruce Hobbs. Row 11: Jerry Draughon, Jerry Rein, Allen Bailey, Chuck Pullman, Wendell Phillips, Murray McClellan, Brian Morgan, Fred Scalzo, Jan Johnston, Kay Hilton, Jerry Walovicz, Sue Jackson, Mary Tillotson, Gerri Hayden, Helen Smith, Julia Alutin, Ted Anspach, Jerry Collins, Francis Schmidt. Row 5: Garold Larson, Steve Vest, Terry Santo, Ken Major, Phil Mortenson, Jeff Lund, Gentry Shaw, John Gorton, Chris Miller, Norman Wrobbel, Dan Lorenz, Tim Chap- man, Bob Russell, John Hauk, Frank Hardinge, Derek Smethurst, Thad Montgom- ery, Jim Dale, Al Seidner. Row l: Bonnie Nash, Michael Blyth, Sandy Keith, Jane Camp- bell, Linda Little. Row 2: Karen Waermo, Joanne MacDonald, Sandy Bock, Taffy Giggey, Randy Kusick. Row 3: Jim Otto- sen, Janefte Johnston, Helen Smith, Julie Alutin, Paul Bur- lingame. Row 41 Bill Weik, Wayne Woods, Bill Kumer, Ed Loieski, Frank Schmidt. ChanTeurs, The double ocTeT, have provided mu- sical enTerTainmenT Tor many PTA. TuncTions and have Treguently appeared aT civic meetings in The communiTy. They also appeared on Television during The year. appearances during ilze year. 3m u Cfzanfeurs 14 Mixed clzorus an girs' gee fraine vocalists . . ikfixecl C110 rus M Row 1: Shirley Barrett, Sandra Turmon, Linda Lancaster, Loretta Anspach, Susan Slade, Nancy Keding. Row 2: Sue Rehwaldt, Pam Reutter, Cheryl Berg- endorff, Beverly Murray, JoAnn Pedersen, Susie Dyer, Linda Frederickson, Sue Cochran. Row 3: Linda Henderson, Pamela McShane, Chris Henry, Virginia Heale, Cindy Sanders, Sue Miller, Sheila Goehler, Nancy Burger, Linda Moore. Row 4: Greg Bertram, Chuck Baumbach, Gary Dfaughon, Sally Johns, Jody Hayden, Chris Whipple, Cindy YouTs, Judy Cameron. Row 5: John Garcia, Jeff Johnston, Ron Kincaid, Brent Wisely, David Burwell, Bob HvisTendahl, Terry Sanro, Edric Green, Gary Thornhill. Members of The Mixed Chorus Trained during They made appearances Tor civic groups and The year for The day when They would be eli- parTicipaTed in The annual presentaTion of The gible Tor membership in The A Cappella. Messiah and Spring ConcerT. C7 1 Raw i- Judy Watkins Diane Dickson, Betty Davidson, Carol Hawkins, Sandy Meyers, Mary Whitney, Sue Sommer, Nancy Roberts, Sue PeTers, Sandra Meyer Sandy Kinqdon Pam Ross, Roxana Herkner, Cheryl Frank, Susanna Judd, Sheryl Wysock, Sharon Rickard, Susan Busch, Joanne Davis, Marilyn Wing, Phyllis Coon, Joan Johnson, Carole Sundstram, Julie Marsh, Kendra Bock, Carole Taylor, Roberta McLaren, Amelia Marsh, Nancy Wells, Carol l5O Kennedy, Virginia Young, Elvira Diaz, Carolyn Lange, Marilyn Russell, Nancy Bourrette, Connie Peterson, Jean McHue, Lynn Mechom, Bev Howard, Kerske, Arlene Taft, Pam Harris, Merilee Burtt, Joan Tepper, Cynthia Anderson, Linda McDonald, Jane Uhl, Jari Liddle, Gail Malone, Pat Jones, Sidney f . for parffcfpafion in a vance music groups. aww- wi! Pow l Peggy Donegan, Linda Carter, Sharol Stevens, Linda Williams, Romilda Rafaelovich, Susan Glass, Elaine Shurlcus, Row 2: Sandy Heib, Pat Leese, L'iur'e Clark, Charlene Brad Bonnie Maine-s Marian Wilgus, Diane Wilbourn. Row 3: Janice Livacich, Pita Murohy, Judy Schafer, Penny Roche, Cherie Cochran, Donna Sliivvly, Donna Peters, Mabel Miles, Judy Merbitz, Pa' Bullard, Raw 4: Joanne Byron, Jim Augenstein, Judy LeClere, Roberta Hyder, Bill Norris, Shari Bonds Charlotte Unland, Al Barnes, Don Harlan, Row 5: Steve Ellison, Roddy Rogers, Bill Miclean, Bob Chilton, Shelley McDonald, Al Smitli, Sid Thomason Fred Peach, Greg Meyer. Enioying their first year of singing at Arcadia look forward To becoming members in Mixed High School, participants in the Girls' Glee Club Chorus andthe A Cappella. G1'rls I Glce Sawrlfe Judy Chandler, Siaran Morrison, Ba'bara Bauer, Susan Molino, Marilyn VVin'ers, Clauda Needham Pow 2 Mary Srnith, Judy Smith, Linda BWP ', Carol Neufeld, Karen Wightrrian, Pow 3: Jeraldne Phillips, Pa' Cowing, Barbara Brcflf, Poselyn Woodward, Sharon Page, Sharon Lamb, Viclfi Gourley, Mary Hutcheson. Pow 4: Jane Do J l' W'l e, acaueine icox, Joyce Stevens, Valerie Miller, Barbara Forbes, Jacquel ne Fisher, Shirley Caoos, Grace Victoria Smith, Julie Briggs Pow 5: Emy Sue Wilson, Laurie Schultz, Shelley McDonald, Lynda Barley, Laura Beck, Parn Wlkin, Puth Picker, Kathleen Mclean, Carol Bennett, flrclicsfra E . P' g I 1 Y l ' L . Q . I 4 ' r .5219 'ts Q i FrancisJ Boyer Symphony Orchestra Bam v Symphony Orchestra by Section-Violins: John Green, Sally Fritch, Gwen Lockwood, Pat Banko, Jane Fenton, Irene Blake, Foye, Patricia Weidaw, Lesley Wasserburger. Cellos: Sue Christy, Deana Schuck, Nan Burns, Anne Reeve, Jane Phillips Clarke, Sheila Kaplan, Phyllis Arozena and Carla Hultgren. Oboe: Bob Winn. Clarinetsi Ginnie Sinson, Ron Dietz, Bob ets: Ancly Anderson, Jean Willis and Richard Wilson. Trombonesf Fred Childs, Ken Kirmsse and Mark Mitchell. ine insfrumenfal performances The Symphony Orchestra, under the di- rection ot Francis J. Boyer, has presented two concerts sponsored by the Arcadia Music Club. In addition, the orchestral accompaniment tor the annual perform- ance ot Handel's Messiah was perform- ed by this outstanding group. Row 1: Bob Winn, Mariorie Clarke, Sheila Kaplan, Lucille Svoboda, Gail Splaver, Harvey Knell, Jim Rager, Carolyn Stafford, Jack Moore, Sandy Stuhrman, Harold Gilman, Bill Roth, Donna Steinbrenner, Bill Cranmer, Joe Rogers, Dennis Lynn Bailift, Jon Wallace, John Terhorst, Ken Bingham, Mo Kindell, Steve Brown, Tom McGannon, Stan Robertson, Jean Barry Miller, Jim Moore, Fred Childs. Row 4: Joe Alexander, Carolyn Barker, Nate Kaufman, Dave Hinrichs, Ruth Bishop, Mitchell, Jett Linden, Beth Foye, Judy Darrow, Carolyn Spencer, Carole Gillis, Jerry Weidaw. Standing: Mr, Sandford, Eisenbise. :V wQ 1 32 5? ka--5 Rf' 'f-in ' IW ,, if Sy 1 W If ' A i t f -,1 f ivygw Wiwgb mF2'? X V s ' 9 '?,f 95. '. ' D 3, A f 5 3 ' ., .Ae A xt.. ff Q.. 1 .1 A I AA f . M Q ',. I f i ' fi. is l r , Qs . I' ,sl ' U I wif' 6 Q 74 7 ' r 1 , , 1 . ' a X . ,ff-1 -rnggx.ann :Af 'YZ' Z 'E r l Members by section: Violins: Karen Paulson, Mary Lee Stewart, Mary Jo Holmes, Joe Cannon, Elizabeth Hamilton, Gayle Tuchscherer, Judy Stennett, Linda Omohundro. Violas: Lesley Wasserberger, Georgia Hildreth, Cello: Jane Phillips, Zan Ford. Basses: Peter Bandurraga, Roberta Barrett, Dexter Jones. Flutes: Harvey Knell, Carolyn Stuhrman, Gail Splaver. Clarinets: Lynn Bailiff, Brandon McClintock, Richard Albert. Trumpets: Steve Brown, Ken Bingham, Jim Hamilton. Horn: Harold Gilman. Trombone: Barry Miller. Percussion: Richard Holliday, Maurice Clark,:Patti Mitchell. Piano: Beverly Fritch, Phillippa McNab and Vicki Meguiar. Serving as a training program for less ex- .3- perienced musicians, the Junior Orchestra ISQX ,-5 . . . . .lf Qlges Volwble lllslrucllon lollls me,mbe 5, Often a beQinninQ for a music mC1lor, the QV C? pgrllalpcle ln Concerls Gong Wllh The XV Boys' Glee Club prepares its members for emor rc eslrc' .7 fx further participationin musical organizations. Row lf Richard Fraschetti, David Stanton, Jim Cudlip, Ralph Ashauer, Marco Bovee, Harold Valencia. Row 2: Robert Walkman, Arnold Barker, Don Nebeker, Mike Lund, Robert Thompson. Row 3: Edmund White, Ranney Adams, Jim Laughren, Douglas Balcom, Edward Renaltner, Steve Magallanez, Frank Johnson. Row 4: Randolph Alfieri, Jim Valentine, Richard McCreary, Sam Winzel, Gary Kleckner, Donald McDonald, Jim Rollins. Row 5: Carter Gengler, Roger Little, Cliff Clark, Larry Shaul, Larry Snow, Tom Lawson and Richard Curry, 'ff' ll? W 'I +5 l 9 V gf x 5 Mir 'f Q rf T Boys I QQ SPQCI GTS 110011 YIUWQQVOMS GLUCU' S Finalists in speech competition admire Sweepstakes trophy. Pictured above, are lleft to rigthl Mrs. Marie Carroll, speech coach, Mike Thorpe, Joan Ford, Steve Houghton, Margaret Owen, Torn McCauley, and Fred Stoffel. Row T: J. Hoover, C, Vance, F. Stoffel, G. Hunt, C, Chopper, S. Logan, D. Wilson. Row 2: J Schlesinger, M. Owen, G. McNab, G. Papac, M. Thorpe, S. Houghton, S. McCray, C. Mueller, J. Coke, Row 3: C. Matheny, J. Ford, J. Polanslcy, F. Hardinge, J. Ott, S. Riggins, C. Gorman O. Webb. Row 4: M. Koppel, K. O'Keefe, P. Arth, J. Rinek, K. Willis, J. Gathers, B. Beason N. Jasper, C. Brock. in fournamenfs. The Forensics club consists of Arcadia High Schools speech and debate squads. They have participated in all Invitational, Practice, and State Qualifying Tournaments and have carried away numerous honors. Mike Thorpe won high praise and was invited to attend the National Forensics League Conven- tion in Miami, Florida, June 23-26, l959. Mrs. Marie Carroll, the group sponsor, will accom- pany him on the trip. orensfcs . 5-.4-'N er . ww.. ... rt' Mrs. Marie Carroll Speech Director The officers are: Mike Thorpe, President Steve Houghton, Vice President Georganne Papac, Secretary Gillian McNab, Treasurer Tom McCauley, I.C.C. Representative N3 T55 Organizations meeting outsicte class time were esignatect as Since Arcadia High School was first built, many clubs and organizations have been formed. Some of these organiza- tions meet during a regular class session, but others meet before or after school. These clubs have been classified under the general heading of after-school clubs. Such clubs cover a wide variety of subiect areas and interests. Some are only school organizations, but others have nationwide memberships. Some are based on par- ticular classes or subiects offered at the high school, while others cover subiects not offered in specialized classes, and many of the infinite interests of the students. The protects of these clubs include both school and com- munity philanthropic endeavors. Due to the extended day bell schedule, the organizations that do not meet during a scheduled class period are re- quired to meet either before or after school, during the evenings, or on holidays. This differs from previous years when one period was set aside each week for club meetings. The club program is an important part of Arcadia High and gives the students an opportunity to participate in those activities which most interest them. After Sctloot Clubs The annual Pow Wow, traditionally a May event, was the scene of much activity. Brightly colored booths, each managed by a school organization, were set up in the rally court. Again this year the P.T.A. sponsored the Pow Wow and each club joined in raising funds for the P.T.A. on behalf of the high school. Students enioyed meeting friends and visiting the various gaily-decorated booths at the 1959 Pow Wow. .Q 15' KIOLUG Kuowa offucers were lleft to rughtl Row 'I Kaye Hansen Vuce Presudent Barbara Ware Presudent and Margue Clarke Secretary Row 2 Dorothy Nussen Hustcruan Susan Schubert ICC Representatuve and Marcua Northrop Treasurer the Kuowas throughout the year Honor Cu mem ers Serve f e sc 00 An honorary organuzatuon the Kuowa Club us maunly con cerned wuth servuce both un the school and communuty Kuowa members led by theur oftucers and advused by theur sponsors have been actuve un many prolects and atfaurs Each year no more than 20 gurls are chosen from the Arcadua Hugh Junuor Class to be Kuowas clurung theur seruuor year Membershup us based on the total number of pounts earned by each cancludate un both actuvutues and academuc work The gurls receuve pounts for holdung school oftuces and workung un varuous clubs and commuttees Havung submutted theur applucatuons the candu dates are uuclgecl on the basus of how many pounts they earned above a set munumum The names of those gurls accepted are announced durung an assembly at the close of theur lunuor year The l958 Kowa members were lleft to rughtl Row I Kaye Hansen Sandy Swanson Marulyn Hester and Marcua Northrop Row 2 Melunda Lewus Lynne Hege Carole Mueller Nancy Jusenuus and Margue Clarke Row 3 Dsune Gulchrusr Lesle Hucks Sagem Bynes Dorothy Nrssen Sandy Johnson Cahude Illeru and Barbara Ware Not puctured Molly Sunkule o I I . E , ' 1 . f' J A 1. I - . . . . - I I I - r , ' , ' . : lf ' , l ' , f I , Krowa sponsors Mrs Mavus Dumbacher lleftl and Muss Muruel Dayus lrughtl ably assusted and advusecl Key Key Club, affiliated with Kiwanis international, is the boys' honor society at Arcadia High. They serve the school and community in various ways. One of their many activities is a scholarship program entitled A Dollar for a Scholar, which they have promoted on a national basis. The Key Club members serve annually at the Mother- Daughter Banquet and coesponsor the Sweet- heart Ball. in -Q Sponsors: Donald Nordvold, Allan Jaynes and not pictured, James Smalldon. assisfecf in community projects anal School Serwce Officers pictured left to right are: Greg Meyers, Scholarship Chairman, Fred Yeager, President, Jim Pedersen, Vice Presi- dent, Bob Winn, Historian. Not pictured are: Wayne Sims, Secretary, Chuck Tharalson, Treasurer, and Corky Jones, l.C.C. Representatkfe. Row l: Ronald Ricker, Mike Killeen, Ken Wilson, Corky Jones, Wayne Sims, Fred Yeager, Jim Pedersen, Andy Anderson, Ken Dorsett, Bill Griffitts Row 2: Allan Jaynes, Bob Winn, Mike Yates, Gary Green, Eric vonBauer, Gary Cramer, Herb Schmitt, Steve McClintock, Jim Michaels, John Wolfe Bill Reno Steve McCray, Donald Norvold. Row 31 Mike Chilcoat, Les Schultz, Relfe Patterson, Bart Morrison, Steve Vest, Greg Meyer, Joe Genova, Tim Chapman Larry Davis, Steve Houghton, Charles Olmstead. Not pictured: Ted Angel, Glenn Broadhead, Jim Carnal, Bill Cooper, ltalo Gattei, Dick Hall Thad Montgomery, Reg Rhodes, Chuck Tharlson. 1k..2.:A4'.' R A Q r, Q Q L T5 115105. P12 1, Q fe, 'E 71 1 ' -A1 :Q j ,rdf I I 1 Q1 KW' gl W ' x'i '2f'5B 'Q2 vw 4 I iii '17, 5 El' 'g 1' E 5 5-,gfilgjf 5155 N 'f' Q Q F45 ef 'Q K' ri fggx gffr ,,,g ,I 'Q fY',' gf-n,,.'.9 -n. 's5 5.11 , -7, ,q-Q, ,3-15, Q- 'fg3'.r':,5',, T,,.'-,lt ,,h,. ,V ' 1 kb 'M . ,Mn V H F L H ,I .- 5 , ..' -l-- A- , V -X - .A,. ,r E A--. - .. - ,.- .,. .,,,. 'Y ln, 'fllvfiz - H f -- - w ff- M Q Q- I4 Q, --f af Q-S-- f wr A L . ' - ' , fy V,-' ' '-1. f - - U w - -, 'P . P' -- ' N ,. f- ,, -W A Z - i-4.,,,i Q., Qu, A-flliaf --rl' ,, s M rn A , --., V . . - . V -4 .. Q ,I v-, A... V vmg - z -- , -,, ',,-,4' 4 ' ,, 1,1 ' . ,' ' .'- - 'K -1- g, -- -. .., - ', f.. 11+ Q ff ,inf 1- N- - - E U V - gf -,wx . .w-Vg-V-Q- -f - -, 1-.,.,., Jr x , f J ..,'::- ' fv if -1. ..., . .-a as 2,5-, : V - K, . A . - K V. as A? , 'S ' ' ' :jr 1 . -L 4 5 5 5ff'vi.fQ 3,' . . 'ff-,rf3.g.g5:1-vii'-vf' Qg9'5 ' I 35-' ', '4'vl'E'1?N-uv- 44: - , ' 'A . M au ' ' ' .,7. 1 ' 151' '1 'V 2- - ' -'- V ,, . W -': '... -4 '.-4' - - W, H V- ggi! IM'-img .-g.TA1iH - I' A WJ . A rang ., h V .Q -IMA iwJm:'.-- ,MN , ,bn 4 Q , N. vm K 5 'V ' f' 'H V' '14 ' -. M - uw' J 52-f'ff ?S,' ::i': 'mf' -' .:.Ui1 A?51?g??vik':fk4'2 A' ' 5 '- ' -A J .- S-A . f- , ., g-,w'f3i..Q.f,- 1 ws- 4 f ' -,-,.,- ..1. M. Pk V- -, . ., xp ormg career opporfumhes m varmus ielcls, ufurc can zer- 5 of 'TN President Betty Widmann Row l G Lovine E Dumbacher K Willis B Widmann C Conger C Wheeler Row 2 J Vice President Sue Rehwgldr Polansky C Hunt M McKey T Welch N Faddts C Ely Mr Dennison Row 3 L Anspach Secretary Lynn Dixon E Oltman J Knight P Roche C Desbrow Treasurer Andrea Reichert Historian Marilyn Hester IC C Kathy Wlllls Sponsor Mr Dennison 60 Vice President, Sandy Swanson Secretary: Sandy Gath Treasurer: Joanne Schlesinger Historian. Judy Wolters l.C.C.: Dede Lamatrice Soonsor. Mrs. Bonita Schwartz Row lf J. Morgan, J. Davis, B. Campbell, B. Cobswell, H. Smith, J. Zoellner, K. Miller, S. Thomas N. Whitney. Row 2: E. Potter, M. Soaulding, L. Mclntosh, J. Schlessinger, S. Goth, J. Knoth, S Swanson, D. Lamatrice, J. Wolters, M. Wills, A. Vaccaro. Row 3: B. Touchon, L. Moore, R. Nash B. Swett, J. Russedll, B. Hair, B. Lietz, L. Kingsbury, J. Rude, C. Haight, B. Himelhoclc, L. Kissler B. Janlcs, K, Davis, C. Ely. Row A: M. Schaeck, L. Lucas, E. Dumbacher, P. Leese, L. Baire, P Mandeville, S. Willaims, B. Thorsen, S. Thiele, P. Maranville, P, Cameron, K. Close, C. Katz. s ' - -qw R cu S promofe m 1171 ua mferesfs unror biafe-men ,...-'- 5 if Presidenf Andy Zinsmeyer w I G Russell J Geary A Zinsrneyer T McCasline M Brown Row 2 S McCasline Vice President Tony McCosline Bariey E Von Bauer andS McCasline Secretary Wendy Wafson Treasurer Jim Sfolfze Sponsor Edward Whnfemore AYHQTICGH SQVUICQ 31 I 5 President: Dorothy Nissen Vice President. Carol Hansen Secretary- Leslie Hicks Treasurer: Linda Feise IC C. Represenrafivez Ginny Simson Sponsor. Miss Ann Gaydos Row L1 E. Loieski, L. Du Fresne, J. Livaccn, L, Moore, L. Hicks, V. Garter, D. Nissen, C. Hlerr, L Ferse, G. Simson, C. Hansen, A. Schrnocker. Row 21 Mr. L. Davies, C. Powell, J. Maddox, A, Alpert B. Johnson, P. McKenzie, C. Hunt, C. Panrus, VV, Peterson, A. Reeve, S. Clnrisry, M. Mitchell Row 3 N. Burns, C. Syorwers, J. Rude, C. Scdndoiia, T. Silberhorn, C. Spencer, J. Licn, M. Iber snoff, P Sproul, B. Tnorsen, D Gaffney, M. Hudson, D. FlueY,V.AbrCJL1Grns. 531,35 fra. 1. F3 prom e exira currrcu ar acfwzhes, eve ope Brology Row l H Scholtz B Lynn C Hagen L Frank A Jackson E Phillips Row 2 Robert Green President Carolyn Hagen Vice Soonsor J Woodruff C Regel A Read K Rennnck B Dretze Walter La Gler Sponsor Presldent Lynn Frank Secretary Bonnne Lynn Treasurer Anne Jack Row 3 D Sxmpson B Johnson G Wood D Stubbs S Phares Presndent Rlck Wasson Vice Pres: dent Leo Horstman Secretary Treas urer John Gray SOD Vusrtnng the San Diego Zoo to study brologlcal science was one of the mam actlvntres ofthe Blology Club durung the past year Astronomy Rowl R Relnlnger J Gray R Wasson S onsor B Bravo G Movvat W Hull lb? R Holliday J Gaffey Rowl? Mr Phenix A Vega Meeting about once a month Astronomy Club members have used both thenr own and the school s retractrng telescope ID theur study of the stars Some observzng and chartung was done at night meet lngs and the club members took an overnight tleld trrp to Mt Wilson area for further observation 0 o u o a an ' . A 5. G . 1 ' X S i V X x - ' f t 1 I ,, X L 2 Q' A , y A .J- ,-. C , f 3' z , , . , , , . , , , . V' . : , ' : , ' , I . , . , . I, . ' , , ' , ' , . A 2 , : : . ' , . , . , . , . . I , : - I . I , .- . D h . 3 , - - . . . . . I A . C 41- ' Z, 'X,!,f . ,f'AfP'f . , . , : . l , . . wen S rps an urflzere Specra fa enfs est ent Bonne Lyrn :ce esrdent Lael Llvengood Se tary Trrna Srlberhorn Tre-as Vlrgrna Ab hams I presentatrve Andy Stangel onsor Bernadette Stoner Row 1 Skrp Lrndqurst Gerry Murphy Freeman Hudson Joe Rogers Frank Hardrnge Doug Denell Row 2 Harry L Con over sponsor Drck Pearson Jerry Shere Rob Denell Carl Pontius Bob Grrffln Bud Buclworth Not plctured John Plunkett Mrke McQuown Paul Pcduska Presrdent Joe Rogers Vrce Presrd nt Freeman Hudson Secretary Treasurer Frank Hardrnge ICC Representatrve Gerry Murphy 'I I U 'd f i . . V' ' . ' , c- er: ' 'E ra.. . .C.C. 3 fi 3 'S Row 1: T, Silberhorn, B. Lynn, V. Abrahams. Row 2: D. Fluet, R, Sproul, S, Saunders, L. Feise, L. Adams, C. Scandalis, unfor Red C ross 'Q I 1 ,Q--.fx 5,-gg, .i,-qy1.1a.?:f1.,-1926151,1 1 fo 1--11.5, are-egrep' ,X -, ,113 51!'!,?'f1i'ff ii1 2, 11, .r lr' I.. r . I V -..-1...' -' -. ' .1 .11. 11 .,,.. First row, left to right: Frances Holman, Sue KldddY'Qf,,Wlia9lThacker. Second row: President: Marcia Rajnus Joanne Schlesinger, Patti Rimpau, Marcia Rajnugfsljglgiklpbatrick, and Winne Kogan. VLCS PV6Sldef1T2 Bonnie NGSLW Secretory Pam Wilson Treasurer Path Rlmpau l C C Representatnve Gnnny Samson Sponsor Mrs Hofmann Because 0 exfenclecl clay sclzeclufmg, President Carole Malone Vice Presrdent Carol Mueller Secr tary Marge Wulson Treasurer Lando Mclean I CC Representatuve Kay Hansen Sponsor Mrs Monge Members of Tawalcas the sensor gurls Tn Hu Y organrzatuon are Front row left to rlght Kay Muller Kay Hansen Barbara Ware Carol Mueller Linda McLean Carole Malone Marge Wilson Sharon Kessunger Linda Hunslcker Susan Mahoney and Karen Davus Second row Susan Barnes Paula Graham Joyce Ash Vurglnsa Jones Nancy Jusenlus Ann Frederrckson Lynn Hege Sue Dryer Vlrglnla Bell Sharon Thomas Valerae Meuners Jean Royce Sandy Swanson Prlscnlla Lamb and Pat Young Third row Marcla Northrup Chns Whupple Duane Hachten Marilyn Hester Duane Gulchrlst Molly Slnkule Charlene Norton Lrnda Van Horn Carol Covington Carol Mathns Linda Bryant Melinda Lewls Bonnie Lynn Pam Green and Donna llfrey .ha- , : 1 15 1 5 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 3: 1 1 1 1 1 : 5 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 :, 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - C w JO Rovvl B Meeker J Dorr A Grogan M Meeker J Graham James Calderhead sponsor Row 2 S Gallaher N Burger W Pauley J Woodruff J Galeorn B Dennls L Burger M Henderson S Surer R w 3 A Reeve S ChrnsTy J Murray M Mohr P Hunnex J Kublc J Larng P Cllffon B Johnson C Busch R Knopp In splTe aT a shorT season which llm :Ted opporTunrTles Tor skung The members of The Sk: Club neverThe less learned many of The Techniques of The sporT Pressdem John Woodruff Vlce Presndenr Julue Galeom Secretary Wendy Pauley I C C Represenfafnve Bob Dennrs Sponsor James Calderhead or f e rrsf hme m f e rsiory 0 Area 1a, Worknng dslugenfly ThroughouT The year The Card Secnon They planned The The members of The Card Secnon Board sTunTs marked The seaTs and passed had The responslbnlny of Takung care of ouT and CollecTed The cards Row l C Conger T Welch V Abrahams C Drddy Row 2 E Oelfman J LeClere L Braley R Balrd Ca Section Boar 3 N! -6 ,-J lg 9 6 cu groups were requrre fo meet Ixalleffes Presrdent Karen Hodges Vlce Presldent Sande Hrldyard Secretary Elarne Cleary Treasurer Barbara Banko Parlramentarlan Carol Lerch lCC Representative Patty Manning Sponsor Mrs Barbara Tart 1111761110 GS 'T' Row l R Sproul E Oeltman S Yeager B Cummrngs M Callnoun J Cameron Gourley T R Knapp Row 2 Mrs Tart M McKenzre D Moore l-larrrs C Lerch P Mannlng K Hodges E Cleary B Banko L Tedesco G Thar alson S Langpre S Wrsdom Row 3 L Kennedy S Thacker M Wrberg C Des brow S Dyer S Shepherd P McKenzue J Dddy G Lav ne P Barton J Mer butz J Polansky K Murray G Schuclc M Arrtold S Baker B Bowe B Del Rey Dumbaclrer K Hll P Mandevlle S Morsclw A Perlcrns B Beeson D Booth C De Pretro K Kellcer C Brnglwam R Cnamberlarn andL Braley I President Leslie Neuberg Vrce Presndent Judy Polansky Secretary Barbara Campbell Treasurer Ellen Dumbacher Hrstoraan Charlotte Unland l C C Representatlve Jo Ann Davus Sponsor Mrs Margaret Urbclch Row l G Vanley B Crmobell J Polansky L Neuberg J Davrs E Dumbaclwer aclcson C n r Wm er B Cogswe C Sypners nee C Kr g S Lash Row 3 P Wrlson P McLean K Wyman Anderson J Ackerman B Burley R Rafaeloynclr E Volzke P Tyler ,Q I G ' -a I 1 5' T 1 P tbi, A ' rf . . . I . C. ln, .Ltltde-ll, . ll. . ', ' ,JT A A V V ' 1 - J. louts. Row Holmen, AB. Curtls, Higgins,AJ, Campbell, BL Bertola, El . , . I , . l , , , . A , . , . , . . -rf ' ' f , I 0 56- I . . 1 ' I 1 C. J , . LJ land, Pow 2: V Lew's, S, ' f , . ll, . , S. 2 Tl1,l , . Frles, J. wr lwt, . . : , , . , , , M. 6 1 . a fer sclzoo or urmg f e evenmg S 111071295 Presrdent Potts Rnrnpau Row l J Jullan K Wlllls D Butler C Mathews P Rnmpau J Marquond S Stoll V1cePresldent Judy Marquand Nanmnga B Jones J Spltzer Row 2 M Rlddle S Pfleuger D ODonnell Secretary Barbara Kolar erndan B Harris L Lloyd L Llvnngood J Hamby N Sutherland P Smith Treasurer Carol Mathews Hollungswood L McAbee J Hayden Walter La Gxer sponsor Row 3 L Mlle H Hlstorlon Sue Stoll De Pnetro D Holmes M Wells S Klrkpotrvck L Harwood M Calloway C Smnth ICC DICIHG Butler C Youts P Covnngton J Robey W Starrett K Jorgenson J Cogorno I1 A11 Ari,-H premdem pcm, Krog Row 1 Mrs Florence Wulson Nukku Kroeker Donna Bentley Patty Krcg Sue Body V,Ce presmqenf Sue Body Marsha Menconl Row 2 Monlyn Hlldue Jo Toftorms Sandra Morrell Rosemary Glaspell Secfemry Comm Bentley Conme Trougott Maruella Smlth Karen Haverfleld Sergeant at Arms Connne Traugott Chaplann Marlella Smlth ICC Representatnve Marsha Menconr bponsar Mrs Florence Wllson Q 77,7 U- I 1 A' z. 4,. 4',. ,. ,.A ,. ,. '- ' : D. ',, ,. '. :.' ,. g.' ,K z Sh' ,- ,- ,- ,- ',J I I ft V- I Af . :. lf: V-7 Af- 1- f -I 414 1- 1- if . ,. ' ,. , .l ,, ,. . ,1 - A : 7 - L f I' 1 I I L ee ing fo furflzer flzefr nowlecjge of ofller - -- - - -f - -. '- f I N t sf 'V' ,rr- Sec QPCIS Row l: L. Andrus, B Widmann, N. Jurden, G. Kimble, G. McNab, D. Linder, K. Blair, S, Stuhr- President: Diane Linder man, S. Wayrnent, P. Sommer. Row 2: J, Wolters, J. Rude, J. Fenton, J. Jack, J. Blackstoclc, P. Vice President: Gllilan McNcb Tullgren, S. Cantwell, C. Roberts, C. Conger, D. l-larmer, M. Layne, C, Spencer, J, Anderson. Secretary: Karen Blair Pow 3 M. Williams, E. Bryant, S, Holmes, M. Stennett, D. Mclntyre, L. Dixon, B. Chaffin, L. Lucas, Treasurer: Gail Kimble A Biyens, M. Miles, S.Gath, N, Mason, I.C.C. Representative: Sandra Stuhrman cultures, Students participated in anguage clubs. N-2' Sec 1ClpL1S I Row l. D. McDorman, M. Turchi, L. Seidner, K. Young, A. Molina, C. Ellis, N. Clark, N. McFee, ln add'ion to their many other activities, D Wells L. Blyth, S. Bodily. Row 2: McKey, M. Rhoades, T, Welch, J. Coke, S. Carmel, C. Pitts, the Sehcapas, Junior girls Y-teen club, B Swe't, C. Ely, P. Cole, J. Hamilton, C. Green, A Reichert, S Van Frank G. Alward, B. Blanch- sponsored a box social held exclusively Ord, K Sreinman. Row 3: C, Wheeler, S. Steclc, G. Papac, M. Schoonrnalrer, M. Rainus, K. Sheridan, for the girls' fathers, caroled during the K. Kloke, M. Clark, D, Gioia, M. Caparone, C. Hebing, C. Scandalis, D, Gaffney, M. Nelsen. Christmas season, and painted the benches in the rally court. x'Qf Xxx Pa? Mlfchell Frlendluesf G I rl s are nominated monthly by The Sunshnne Committee of Gnrls League and Then voted up on by all The gurls Il'l school Sandy Sfeck who IS chairman of The Sun shrne Comm1TTee has presnded over all of The meehngs held To decide The nomlnees In May one of The seven girls was voTed Frlendllesf Grrl of The Year buT aT press Time The resulTs were sTnll unknown A G11'lS CZIOSQWI Fo r1enJl1esf G I Penny Wexdaw I Sandy Sfeck Chairman Pat Sommer Sandy Swanson Sue Sommer Paf Young Diane Linder Presented at the Girls' League Christmas Tea, the scene pictured at the right was one ot the several tableaus shown. These represented the different aspects ot the Christmas season. Invitations were extended to the girls ot all tour high school classes. The Little Theater was beautitully deco- rated in the Christmas vogue. The tea is an annual event held each year to further friendship among the girls on campus. Many Arcadia High School girls have exhibited great talent in the art ot sewing. These girls availed themselves ot the opportunities ottered in the Home Economics Classes. These classes presented a tashion show tor the P.T.A. and the girls picturebl at the lett received honorable mention in the tailoring division. Hosting G.A.A. members trorn six other schools, the Arcadia Girls Athletic Association competed tor top honors in various sports ot the March T959 Ployday. Trophies were presented tor out- standing achievement in the competition. The theme of the Playday was Sea Carnival and the gym was decorated accordingly. University of Southern California and West Point debate teams included Arcadia as one of the eight stops of their national tour. The debate was staged in March in the Little Theater for 350 selected speech and English students. The teams were introduced by Mike Thorpe. Five Arcadia mathematics students won honors for their school at the Annual Mathematics Day at Occi- dental College by winning the Grand Sweepstakes Award. The tive were Lynn Bush, Gary Green, Will Reid, Alan Howe, and Charles Holland, accompanied by John Hoffman, ma- then'atics advisor. The contest was held on March 7, and 600 students from 122 schools participated. The Sweepstakes award was presented to Arcadia High at the Spring awards assembly. 'N. Working diligently to collect and repair toys for underprivileged children the French Club donated these toys to the Arcadia Thritt Shop which then dis tributed them among Arcadia children as a part of the White Christmas project E5 wx 4 x has , M45 - f f, 33 :., . UW? 'rw W1 I W ,.1k. -vw 9 Ari 1 Mei' gh Wi ,ggi s I lfl QVC GSSVVIQYZ The designation UNDERCLASSMEN has been established to refer to all students below the senior level at Arcadia High. Pictured at the left is a typical General Biology class taught by Douglas Dancer, Chairman of the Science Department. This is only one of the courses required for graduation from this high school. Other requirements include three years of English, three years of Social Studies, including one year of United States History, one year of mathematics, two years of science, including one physi- cal and one biological science, and four years of physical edu- cation. However, because the majority of Arcadia's students attend insti- tutions of higher education, the minimum graduation require- ments are augmented by courses in greater depth in all aca- demic divisions mentioned above as well as languages, art and music. A strong academic program of course offerings has pro- vided freshmen, sophomores and iuniors with outstanding prepa- ration for their final year in high school as well as for college success and the vocational challenge. ln addition to meeting their classroom requirements, underclass- men have lent their support to many school sponsored activities and events, Acting as responsible members of the school and community, they have taken part in sports, social functions, aca- demic programs and organizational projects. As they move toward the completion of their first three years in high school, they look forward to the privilege of being seniors, since this is the goal for which they have been working for many years. Cass 0 IQQU U il --4 Ulf sgx K Robert Cameron and Stephen Maltz gave their time to attend class meetings and offer their assistance with ideas and criticisms of the class sponsored activities Presiding over the Junior Class meetings was President Turn Chapman assisted by Linda Lucas Vice President umor 0 rcers owe led flzen' cassmafes Throughout the year the Junior Class has sponsored many activities and un dertaken new responsibilities The Homecoming Barbecue and the Junior Senior Prom were the main protects along with the sponsoring of the Mr Ugly contest which was won by senior Chuck Olmsted Purchasing their Senior Class rings the Juniors looked forward to their final year of high school life A special program of education institu ted during the past year afforded them greater opportunities for learning in spe cialized and accelerated classes Begin ning to seriously consider college and their plans following graduation, the Juniors prepared to assume the greater responsibilities of student body offices next year. A ,ggi ,xi -Y 4- I- - - - , .--. 9-Lf,-, ,- , f- V . Y.- The Junior Class officers were: Lael Livengood, recording secretary, Diane Linder, treasurer: and Pat Sommer, corresponding secretary. Row l Christine Alexander Linda Andrus Karen Beatton Rosemarie Adorno Rawlene Alviginr Roger Bailey Paul Burlingame Row 2 Brenda Bateman Bob Breault Virginia Abrahams Pat Alpaugh Arleen Alpert Pat Banko Kathy Ballard Row 3 Janet Baker Peggy Bailey Carol Busch Mike Anderson Row 5 Bob Allen John Blake George Aunger Steve Boomer Steve Bingham Bill Baruch Larry Allen m many projects f1Ci'1U1f1QS 1' Row l Charlene Brad Lynne Adams JoAnna Buxton Julie Andersen Diane Bodnar Anne Bivens Bev Blanchard Row 2 Ramona Black Sandra Benedld Nan Burns Lynne Blyth Cheryl Budson Karin Bergendorft Judi Barr Row 3 Bonnie Banks Joan Betsinger Jan Blackstock Karen Blair Sharon Bodily Sue Bridges Bill Bishop Row 4 Steve Baroni Charles Baurnlaach Steve Baum Bob Bebensee Ron Brown Mike Bryant Mac Bains Row 5 Jim Baker Gary Boettger Ken Bcroklesby Bob Bentley Jim Bradley Richard Andrews John Rice Ay- I 'Q of ' I - a ,M , A I. . ' w' , . it ' N ' ' . V I . . v ' -s z. is U L 3 , . , ,' lv 5 ' ' L Y 1 l', A . -S ' 'Q 7 'g 7 44 V - i 1 f . , I ' . . X ' 1 ' ' D' l 5 , 1 . 2- 7 ' J . . .X I , T ' - 1 vy 7 V ,.,4.:s:'Q,, Q - 1 1 I ' I L I I ' I - ' -V 4 I A ' I I I V V I V - i I I 4 I I Al Barnes, Kathie Babin, Sue Bigelow. Row 4: Sharon Burchett, Dennis Beason, Jim Brown, Floyd Beutler, Dick Ammon, Trevor Bower, Joe Alexander. : I I I I A V ' I ' , U l I . . an . -.f f. ' ,: 'x ' x .I l 'A I . T f 3- ,. if L ,f 3 Q , ' 'ig - ' . ' 1 ' , , A, f ' , sQA , i r l .N 7 1 . l A , I xx R R 1 X ! i A N l I - f f B o O Row l Lynn Brannon Cherue Cochran Elxse Bryant Laurie Clark Krls Camphouse Mary Camparone Duane Butler Row 2 Penny Covington Julue Cogorno Nancy Cooke Glory Clarke Marty Clarke Peggy Cameron Karen Close Row 3 Nancy Clark Pat Cole Jury Cowles Carolyn Crockett Joan Carlson Judy Canaan Sue Cramer Row 4 Sherry Carmel Nancy Cavallunu Barbara Chaffln Carole Conger Susan Benslnger Duane Coe Dianne Clanton Row 5 Sue Cantwell Jud: Coke Lvnda Cummlngs Kathy Connelly Mlke Cooper Bull Campoy Larry Carpenter I-Iavmg pannecl f e H0mec0m1ng Barbeque an Row I Heather DePretro Peggy Donegan Susan Dannelson Bob Dretze Lynda Davrs Row 2 Lynn Duxon Pam Cole Lynn Ferncase Myra Callaway Lorna DuFresne Bull Dugan Ralph Duhn Row 3 Al Chozen Ran Dorazmo Tum Chapman Bull Cooper Gary Cramer Jnm Commander Mlke Daleo Row A Vrc Carlson Robert Cole Clrfford Clark Don Chehock Rob Denell John Blake Joe Dean Row 5 Dennus Craboll Terry Corbett Pete Cooper Mnke Chafters John Cole Terry Colluns Mark Carey . Q ' U l ' ' 9 1 Vx:- l,,...,- J... ,M ,,,,,, gist: ,LIZ Row I: Josie Elevato, Dolores D'Angelo, Cindy Ellis, Dee Finley, Bob Davis, Jim Dorr, Carol Ely. Row 2: Ann Edmundson, Linda Feise, Pat Darling, Carol Evans, Evelyn Ellis, Sue Elwell, Ken Dorsett. Row 3: Ron Dierlam, Georgia Emmett, Judy Darrow, Rick Darling, Howard Davis, Rod Florea, Bob Dennis. Row 4: Joe Dana, Philip Davis, Mike Fraser, Jan Delcema, Dave Fields, Barry Eichorn, Murray Dubin. Row 5: Doug Emm, Ray Essling, Baird Caswell, Roe Edwards, Ron Dietz, Bill Frazier, Art Donnelly. file Junior- enfor Prom, Junior Orchestra members practice for Fall Concert. , 'ami - 5. V JY' rr , 2 'figs --in Row l: Carolyn Grant, Delores Gioia, Dolores Gaffney, Debbie Fluet, Leilani Farago, Diane Fisher, Carole Fisher, Carole Goldman. Row 2: Sandy Gath, Sherril Fisher, Alice Fewkes, Paul Guglielmotti, Jane Fenton, Carol Gillis, Taffy Giggey. Row 3: Charlene Green, Karen Grondahl, Nancy Faddis, Jeff Gilbert, Dana Fisher, Bill Griffitts, Jim Gilbert. Row 4: Jim Freiwald, Bob Griffin, Russell Feurst, Paul Giuntini, John Garton, Don Glenn, Ron Giambrrone, Row 5: Eric Godfrey, Paul Gittings, Jeff Goldberg, Tyler Glen, Richard Grinstead, Ray Dahlgren, Keith Garrick. A Q MYZIOTS C011 00 CIC O71 G year ,fes- .9-anal' Raw l Judy Gathers Maureen Graham Blake Gnbbs Paul Garcia Betsy Holman Carol Heblng Carl Huff Row 2 Julie Galeottl Duane Holmes Bev Harrls Loraine Harwood Stephanie Holmes Chuck Hancock Linda Henderson Row 3 Barbara Howard Linda Hnldreth Barbara Hacks Julie Hood Susan Glass Rosemary Hullhouse Nancy Heath Row 4 Janet Harrns Howard Hawklns Judy Hollingsworth Juay Hamby Jody Hayden Lora Hord Drane Harmer Qow 5 JoAnn Hamllton Don Hand Byron Harrns Kent Hackman Bruce Hanton Bruce Hobbs Ron Hartley Row l Sally Jackson Barbara Jones Bob Justln Judy Julian Drane Joslin Karen Johnson Julie Jack Row 2 Beth Johnson Gerry ohnson Nancy urden Kathy Johnson Crndy Johnson Sandy Hays Beverly Hunter Row 3 Roberta Hyder Carla Hultgren Joan Hull Pat Herrington Greg Jordan Tom Jensen John Hamulton Row A Barry Hermanson Ray Herbranson Bull Higham Carl Hfgh Steve Houghton Tom Heinz Clay Hvxstendahl Row 5 Ron lsler Greg Hays Steve Johnstone Norm Hollungshead Corky Jones Bob Jetton Crang Hayden 6. N if - U 9. ., 4' V' s ' Y I M2 Yr x I I X, f s Q ' o .' A . h v, I . . . , S 1 . Q ' s SJ Y I Y 1 'f I : I I I I I V V . I ' : . .I I I A I ' I H I I V ' I I V ' I - I V I I A I V T - I J I I I I ' ' - ' : I I I 5 I I I I I ' l I I V I I I I I ' I V ' ' Z I I I I A I I ' 1 I I 4 I I I I ' I ' I I I 4 ' I - I I I I . ' : I I I ' I I I V ' 511-1 , A L. o A C Row lc Sandy Koerner, Molly Kirkley, Robert Leigh, Lynda Kreinbring Sharon Kirkpatrick, Carol Leaverenz, Karen Kloke. Row 2: Gail Kimble Donna Kieker Jeri Leavenworth Melinda Knoll Carol Katz Susan Klomm Karen Linden. Row 3: Joan Koch Lorraine Kessler Barbara Kolar Joan Kelly Karen Jorgensen, Kathleen Lidholm, Marilyn Landon. Row 4: Randy Kusik, Lindo Kingsbury, Marian Layne, Rob Kettell, Dianne Kriss, Pat LaForge, Richard Latham. Row 5: Bill Kneedler, Barry Luboviski, Larry Krogh, Dick Lundin, Ed Love, Tom Kays, George Kapp. student elections. 0 accomplishment. 'rx ve 2 c G' - -. . W 5 .vs- 5 Row iz Wannette McDonald, Carol Manning, Judy Nordvold, Linda Lucas, Lael Livengood, Evelyn Marsack Linda McClain Row 2 Judy Marquand Delores Manning, Bonnie Lietz, Judie Lyttle, Nancy Mason, Janice Livacich, Pat Liska. Row 3: Carol Lyle Diane Linder Marsha Lister Karen Luster Ann Mahoney, Steve Logan, Richard Leach, Row 4: Skip Lindquist, Gorden Morris, Linda Little, Jeff Lund, Garold Larsen Roger Liddle Leo Lambiel Row 5 Foster Markolf, Larson Lyndon, Jim Lorenz, Matt Leberthon, Greg Larson, Teri McGuiar, Dave Ladd. Bivens, Judy N . Many worked lzarcl in their acceierafecl classes, Y- Ah Row l Teryl Mowat Dolores Martlnez Bonme Maxnes Nell Mallmg Dennis McWhlnney Pat McCarty Linda McAbee Row 2 Mabel Mules Lorraine McNeal Madellne Mazy Gnlllan McNab Nancy McFee Pat McCallum Mxke Macardlcan Row 3 Pam Maranvulle Sue Mann Mary Anne McKey Sue Maltby Duane McDorrnan Jnm Mllls Brian Mnnoux Row 4 Jerry Marsh Pete Mutchell Dan Mumford John Rafe Bull Meeker Sandy Mclntosh Michelle McDonald Row 5 Bull Mlclean Al Muller Chrls Muller Dlck McElderry Ken Malor Phil Mortenson Gene Muller Row l Bonnle Nash Anne Molnno Marilyn Musick Larene Muller Kathy Nordstrom Marlan Nelsen Carol Mathews Row 2 Denise ODonnell Pam Neely Dawneen Nannlnga Blll Norman Ken Nrsbet Doug Newton Jon Nausler Row 3 Steve North Davld Nunn John Olfeete Ken Nebeker Andy Moore Steve McCllnto lc Dave Munger Row 4 Murray McClellan Brian Morgan Tom McCauley Doug Macdonald Dan Newton Jeff McHenry Steve Maletyt Row 5 Dennls Neary Puchard Maas Art Daniel Paul Rule Charles McCreary Bob Melbo Carlton McCaslun O Q4 lv, Q 9' 'N 1 lQ . -I f v x ', 1 Q ' Q . K I V V -. ' W g x : I r r r I I ' Z ' I r r V I ' 1 I I I r I I I ' I I I I V I I ' 1 r I I I I I ' .436 ,Ie ' x, - 2 I 4 if l i l ' r , . ' 9 I 5' , s l I f l v . V I 4 l 1 RN- A : 1 I I I I I ' Z I 1 , r I r - 2 , , I , ' : I ' I I I I ' ' 455 'A -,.....' nn- QA Wh Row T Geraldrne Phrllrps Kathy Parkrns Rosemary Pupo Sue Phares Julle Putman Pat Perry Mary Jane Poprk Row 2 Dayna Phrlp Judy Pope Donna Peters Elvzabeth Olson Marrlyn Puerce Sue Pflueger Lynn Perlclns Row 3 Carole Prtts Barbara Porteus Sue Pollock Anne Pomeroy Linda Paslaquo Charles Pfefferkorn Jerry Pearrrng Row 4 Dennls Marquardt Jlm Twist John Prtchess Gary Pon Wendell Phrlllps Greg Peck Greg Powers Row 5 Joe Ocello Ed Phrllrps Ray Ott Rrchard Olmstead John Ottosen Jerry Pnetrzak Buck Martrn Se ecfe an pure ase i err emor rmgs, as bill -4. ff lg! 'Ric Row I Pattr Rowe Nancy Rubey Kem Rennrck Connre Regel Brenda Robrnson Andrea Rerchert Marcia Ralnus Marrlyn Rnddle Row 2 Nancy Row land Mrlce Rugg Jerry Rem Ed Rerley Steve Malefyt Paul Ramrrez Gary Rees Row 3 Bull Quesnell Dave Reutter Joe Rogrs Anne Read Marsha Rhoades Duane Rautert Roberta Rowland Row A Wendy Peterson Martha Raymond Rom Rnggrns Hal Roach John Pl nkett Bll Roh Jnm Rnsse Row 5 Stan Robertson Jerry Werdaw Peter Ryder Rod Rogers John Rzfe Dave Reudenbach Dlck Ross JN ...--f I W, , 'fg U 'L 'fe T' Row l: Dorothy Ramsey Janette Robey Susan Stoll Patti Rimpau Cindy Smith, Karen Sheridan, Wendy Stirrett, Charlou Roberts. Row 2: Doug Soule, Ken Scheele, Frank Scalora, Jon Sprowl, Bob Sievert, Wayne Schnur. Row 3: Willie Stephens, Marilyn Sands, Emelie Snyder, Pat Smith, Deana Schuck, Ethel Schreckengost, Merrill Schoonmaker. Row 4: Sandy Steck, Cindy Sanders, Judy Stucker, Beverly Scott, Bob Spreen, Derek Smethurst, Larry Showalter. Row 5: John Shatter, Bob Shima, Roger Simmons, Gary Schott, Alan Schultze, Ken Springsteen, Richard Sherman. I O cm parf1c1pafecJ Juniors are measured for size as they prepare to order Senior rings ' X J , T 'N ?,...w.' 1 N it Row i:,Sue St. Thomas, Diane Stubbs, Carolyn Slemmon, Katherine Sheridan, Grace Sausedo, Delilah Schelen. Row 2: Kay Stewart, Sharon Suter, Janice Spotts, Carolyn Spencer, Carol Scandalis, Trina Silberhorn, Diane Simpson. Row 3: Linda Summerell, Sue Steinberger, Sharol Stevens, Sandy Stuhrman, Linda Seidner, Barbara Swett, Vicki Stephenson. Row 4: Marilyn Stennett, Karen Steinman, Al Schneider, Chuck Swanson, Fred Scalzo, Herb Schmitt, Carlos Saenz. Row 5: Tom Simovich, Alan Sihvonen, Terry Sullivan, Warren Street, Erik Schenk, Bill Stadler, Curtis Sidles. 182 Row I Judy Wolters Mary Schaeck Kathy Taft Vrckr Vaughan Adrrenne Vaccaro Sue Van Frank Lorrarne Townsend Row 2 Connie Thomas Ruta Traeger Pat Sommer Carole Thompson Melinda Turchr Pat Tullgren Stella Vusrch Row 3 Marla Van der Veen Marilyn Sllcock Lrnnetfe Sllls Wendy Watson Chrrs Vance Bob Vogel Davrd Thurber Row 4 Bruce Wood Frank Vrscro John Van Maanen Wayne Woods Earl Towsley Steve Thurman D' Row 1 Barbara Wrllrams Brllre Wyatt Vrckre Wells Lrnda Wrlson Mary Wrllrams Lerlam Wolsey Kathy Wrllrs Row 2 JoAnn Watson Chrrs Wrngard Pat Wareham Melrnda Walls Pam Waddell Gerry Walovucz Stephanie Waymenf Karen Waermo Row 3 Dove Walclvogel Bob Wellman Jack Wlltse Jerry Pearrmg Roger Wrthrow Joe Rogers Richard Wrlson Row 4 Dave Warrender Dorn Wells Lrnda Wurtz Clclre Wheeler Tracy Welch Maryanne 4 ey now orwar fo ecommg 1 v-X fs Wullrams Jerry Weldavv Jon Nausler Duck Whnfnngton Ralph Wyatt John Woodruff Row 3 John D Woodruff Ron Warerhouse Rod Ramon Bruce Wood Fred Scalzo Jim Partridge Martin Buck f e next gra uafmg Cass gl JN ln- Row I David Wulson Wmnse Kogan Gloria Elinor? Anxfa Omohundro Row 2 Mnke Brophy Dan Nash Mlke Brent Janet Spnzer Gentry Shaw Robin Baird , if, Y . . , 3, L U F V I '. i ' V S nk x Xiflvixx ' 'rf' , Y , 5 4 'Li lg .x vt 'Y - , , i' ,X V , r Na . If Nj ' - Q - J Q X ' 4 v , 1 4 ' a Row If Nancy Weidman, Linnie Young, Cindi Yours, Kirsten Young, John Wolfe, Jack Wiltse, Mark Wolker, Sfeve Waylerf. Row 2: Dan Newion, Stan I Q i. ' -5 1 4 Q ' , , fi' ' ' 'Q-' ' f' . 'l 'V ' 1 9 , 'Q ep P I- -X ' 4 1 , A - 'K . ' ., 1 , .- .2 ,X .i ,Q -1 L . I - ' n 4 W rn Q ' , w?'3.' I A . I ' The Sophomore Class officers were: Joe Genova, Vice President, Barbara Banko, Secretary, and Steve McCroy Treasurer. Cass 0 1961 Having completed their first two years of high school educa- tion, the members of the Sophomore class can now look for- ward to becoming Juniors and taking on greater responsi- bilities. They have added their support to school activities and proiects, become members of school clubs, and planned and managed their own Sophomore class party. This has been the first year that the Sophomore class has been offered an all-inclusive specialized program of educa- tion, including accelerated courses. Dick Sanders, President, led his class members in their second year of high school. Representing flleir cassmafes, file ofjqcers Sponsoring the Sophomore Class last year were James Calderhead and Alvin Barlow Working together to lead their class, the Sophomore class officers have coordinated the activities of their classmates and have assisted the Juniors at the Prom by taking care of the guest book. As Vice President, Joe Genova assisted the President and presided at the meetings in his absence. Barbara Banko, Secretary, kept the minutes of each meeting and Treasurer Steve McCroy managed the class funds. Sopho- more class President Dick Sanders presided at class meetings and coordinated class affairs and activities. C0 or mafe Cass acfwrfres urmg the year J M-ELB ,,,,w,,41i1v 3'WYu 0-if Row l Steve Arnold Mike Albert Greg Bertram Barry Ault Randy Altieri Lee Acker Harvey Balch Row 2 Marlene Anderson Wesley Ashley Kathie Arp Jeana Barclay Jean Baxter Pam Brainard Margaret Brown Bob Anderson Sharon Brownlee Row 3 Donna Atkinson Carol Burns Carolyn Berry Linda Baird Linda Braley Carol Baxter Jo Anne Ackermann Loretta Anspach Billie Bertola Row A Andy Andrews Janet Burpee Barbara Bush Karen Bailey Sandy Bailie Beverly Bailey Carol Barker Mary Arnold Karen Arp Row 5 Eddie Ball Patti Burton Maudie Bassity Nancy Burger Irene Blake Stew Asmu Tim Ahlander Steve Bonham Row 6 Linda Banta Lynne Booth Julie Bailey Cheri Baker Sue Body Jam Augenstein Brian Braff Glenn Brock if Row 1: Tom Burnside, Chuck Brock, Greg Ahearn, Larry Beck, Frank Rickley, Dave Barnard, Jim Burton, Kyle Barnes. Row 2: Linda Cook, Lynda Carter, Alana Churchill, Anita Blake, Pam Bybee, Esperanza Canales, Rozella Marie Boggio, Kathy Coyle, Susan Cartwright. Row 3: Donna Bentley, Barbara Bowe, Barbara Banko, De Ann Booth, Sue Brodhead, Betty Beeson, Carol Bingham, Lynne Blindbury, Shari Bonds. Row A: Randy Biles, Lynn Cochran, Betty Cogswell, Sandy Cowan, Deanna Bowler, Joanne Byron, Carolyn Brandley, Pat Bullard. Row 5: Ed Boxer, Bob Belter, Bob Burns, Nora Crow, Barbara Campbell, Richard Burns, Roger Banks, Ron Burgher. Row 6: Ken Burgett, David Burwell, Divona Case, Don Brown, David Barron, Bill Bronson, Greg Butcher, Bill Byles. -vo, X W 1 9,71 1 Q11 POVC1 11'1 0 1 11 wr 3 11 Jo1r1 C711 Swv Cumms Row 2 Bf1rbf1rH1 CurT1s ue f 11 on 11 1 1 LC 11111011 IV ,nn on ON Q 1 f1 o 111 1 lg M1111 111 S 11 1 W 1 11 HH C Ur 11 o 1111 O C11 c 1 1 11 0 1 1 FfdC1f1vv rc 1 D J rf' 1 1111 B b Croc KQ1 1 11501 L op 07710795 77161 Q O0 progress GCG QTTZTCCI y -A 3 A Q.. H-1 Y X f . .-f,..,,.- 1 Q p -ff?-fy 'ff-A f qw-F gf 3 gb f Y 5 .31 1 ,ywf 'mr J e',EHEm'1'1e?. on 11 , : 1 , . .1 4 , ,. , 1 , .M ,. um f,,,.,m, - Mn, MLW- :QL 1 'Mm ,1 3,-15111-Q ,f .3 ,Vg.Q, ,Q:',.,,,.,.., ,,.. --,... -J 3: 9,1 'ff A 'H 'uf n f1'f C'- 1 'f:.' E'-r': : Qyz' fin. fm? Fi.-.':'f92 'f'i:'Q Dhabi,-. 2i 'r Ser. -13 521: Z iff HS 5 K E 1'f:,,,.,J, ,,. ,. . .,,,,.,,,, , 'Y TCM Zinn 13, TC , Sifz 1. e E'-W1 :Wiz 1 M 1 ,. 1, num- NL.,,..' fm- :,,.. --,., '-V1 r -fa n,L,.Y 3, f,L,-,QS 95,11 5. JM Qgvy' 21-3 DGFQIZ 2531. 5,7-3 55,3 Ewggnl A 1' Fos'e', End Gwrnon John Gross Bill Cr-orqi Qow 2 Dfrwrd Gwynn Kaye Row l Jrn Crfihnrn Dennis Foninny, Carer Cenglor Jon Fi'zge :l:'l, Bll l-i':rse Carol Ginmhrone, Jeno Glhfrsor, C'l'rs'r'o Pies Mraz Psi' Jule Hzws K,: '-fr 're H l, Cf:,l Cririisley Pom fi Sasin Fears' '.l':'v hir,- 3-FSS , G':'e.4.:cfl Susan Dyer, Slwrley Fivrrinq PWM HJM Laurel Creen, Giro' Gone, Karen Hodges, Slielri Caelilm Dcvy A l.X'1r':nnQ Gable, Conn-e Gallo Nancy Gfinsavr loyro Creer Viilr rip livin' ini Fel ze , Jrn Flinders 3' l Dcflfge Paw 5 Alan Furwrirnin Ml-v Gus Vhs FC' M lfe G'e.v, Glen E'o:k, Pon Freeman, Susan Hvnkw, Crirolyi' C-ouniira :cw o- Jef:n Grill n, Charles Guinn, Kari Groherkier, Terry Grout Bill G.:r'r'e', Nls Gceairarv, Joe Golf Joe Genova, .-if have T00 9719 .. an--as an Row l: Glenn Hunroon, Dick Harper, Frank Hardinge, Ron Herfzberg, Bob Habdas, Chuck Holland, Ken Holland, Don Harlan. Row 2: Frances Holman, Barbara Haynam, Karen Edwards, Virginia Heale, Chris Henry, Sandra Heib, Jean Hansen, Karen Haverfield, Gary Hoertig, Jim Hoover. Row 3: Sonde Hildyard, Jody Higgins, Cris Henisse, Nick Hoogendoorn, John Hawkins, Ron Hoyle, Roger Humble, Gary Hoyle, Neil Harding. Row 4: Marilyn Hendry, Dona Haubelr, Judy Harris, Mary Hudson, Lana Sue Hagger, Julie Hochmufh, Sally Hatter, Glenn Hardy. Raw 5: Richard Haugh, Gary Hastings, Bill Hedlund, Jim Haynie, Paul Heidrke, Eric Hodges, Marion Haynes, Vicki Hempel. Row 6: Neil Hale, Mel Highlife, Bob Hershmon, Ken Hix, Larry Hughes, Jim Herndon, Reed Heinz, Ron Howard. 5 lk '? f Row 1: Bob Koop, Tom Jay, Dick Kerr, Terry Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Wallace Kindel, Bob Irvine, Bruce Kude. Row 2: Nancy Jasper, Mary lbershoff, Sharon Jones, Barbara Johnson, Chuck Ianno, Bette Johnson, Candy Jaros, Susan Lowe, Kendall Lowe. Row 3: Frank Ianna, Phil Kirkley, Carol Kagy, Rant Knopp Lee Kennedy Barbara Jess Barbara Jensen Judy Kntght Vtckte Kleckner Row 4 Kathy Jackson Joan Kubmc Nlkkr Kroeker Patty Krag Joann Laxng Joanne Jozefczyk Gaul Kaufman Kathleen Krogh Row 5 Pat Irons Suzette Longpre Karen Kelly Jeff Johnston Frank Johnson Ron Jones Bob Karadrztan Rrley Johnson Row 6 Bob Klnkade Jeff Johns Rob Knopp Paul Kohler Dave Kealey Richard Irone Boyron Jackson Bull Lauman f err nowe ge m many Su ject areas 1- pg-5 k-4 'Y4' 3, bf- Row l Ja k Mcflyeen Denr' s Lotesk Mtke Lu as D fd Lamel Tom Lamar Jeff Lynch D k Murphy Mary Laytne Row 2 Jackl Ltch Ltnda LGVWCGSTSY Judy Ma has Rosernarle Marascto Prtrna M nd ylle Melrnda McGrane Suzanna More h Werdy Marauand Judy Morgan Row 3 f' bert Lewts Jlm Laughren Hays Maury Beferly Murray Mar an M rtsse Janet Madll Vtrgrnta LeW1s Judy LClere Ron: Knopp Pow 4 Patty Manr' ng Patge Mc enze Marlyn M Kenzte Saly Lash Sharon M r Joyce Luke Ma ca Menconu Bruce Lee D w 5 Btll Lynn Allan Lunsford Rosemary M rtensen Terr Lndell Carol Lercl' Gnger Layrne Ka hy Murray Laura Lartrner Row 6 Steve Mhayto Donald Maas Tom McGannon Erlc Longden Bob Lts er Joel Loane Byron Ja kson Tom Morrns ll . . L. . I '-Ctr , 4 D af 1' vi ' ti QA .av- Y 5 -V ' r xN , ' U . A . ' Ti l . .,, '-1'?: W 13' f , , xx - R ' I , . , If , X f . , I 1 s r '15 m. I J, - 1. .X - : c c , f 2, ' c , ai , , ., lc , ' '. 2 ,' , ti, ' ', a.ei,, ' , c, , J . :VO I ,V I . O, I 1' .I E I . - i A' . - Ka, rt C , ' ., tlle, , ri ', . o : . , , O . 'I t 1, 1 ', '- , ' . 2 lr I, t t ' , ? ey ave fa en part m many Sc 00 Row l Ed Phelps Greg Spreen Bull Raymond Bob Pschnrrer Jerry Shere Wayne Randall Charles Rumbaugh Eugene Potter Row 2 Sharon Ryman Row 3 Connle Peterson Ellen Potter Judy Polansky Dnxue Russell Don Phares Jnm Rager Jerry Plunkett Doug Peterson Row 4 Don Rlcharason George Rogers John Doe Barbara Schrulff Ken Robinson Todd Pade Susan Spencer Paul Poduska Row 5 Jane Doe Nancy Ganson Vickie l-lemple Bull Martnn Pat Roblnson Bob Paul Wayne Rogers Charles Swab Row 6 Allen Perlof Fred Pomeroy John Doe Tom Roach Dave Ramrrez Jeff Reumer Ted Shore 'GM-Q Row l Jnm Van Horn Sue Slade Janet OBnen Carol Nelson Margaret Owen Mary Suano Carole Sharp Nancy Noetzel Rhoda Sproul Etta Oelt man Row 2 Pat McLean Mary Malefyt Susle Madlnger Susle Morsch Wendy Marquand Sara Ogllvre Leslie Neuberg Marran Spaulding Mary Wnlley Row 3 Prlma Mandevrlle, Judy Morgan, Jane Doe, Norman Shapnro Rnchard Smrth, John Doe, John Doe, Make Scanlon, John Doe, Duane Stuck: Row 4 Dlanne Marsack Judy Olsen, Judy Pratt, Ed Scanlan Fred Stoffel, Bull Wade, Bull Smlth, Larry Sheldon, Jeff Mecca Row 5 Howard Schnender O Jam Nelson Bull Sampson, John Doe, Larry Wase, Enc Longden Doug Moore, John Doe, John Doe L . ll , ,whi ' ' ' C , ,,r, Q ' .V '- . 'Tf'iaw'? f? 1: 4, ' . , j g V we f , r , x ll t . ' , Z s . Y x . - Q L 6 , 1 J 3. W ., ax Q. l ' J . L J 3 1 lr l Judy Rinek, Penny Roche, Mary Ann Richards, JoAnn Pedersen, Sondra Turmon, Romilda Rafaelovlch, Susanne Rehwaldt, Pam Reutter, Nancy Rogers. r. , ,A V - L , .W ..,. , . , V ,V s 'Q . ,M gig 1 - e N V' , , i N N L ' V J I , is ' 1 'rf A V . l , . 1 y gs . C .Z C ,..., J f J f l U. . 'W . Row l Blll Snyder Phrlrp ODennung Don Rooten Steve Strampe Ken Sharp Bob Schwlndler John Doe Baxter McBane Row 2 Hullary Smrth Joan Smlth Sue Shepherd Judy Tucker Sherry Saunders Judy Pratt Joan Sorge Lrnda Smlth Ruth Van Horn Lrnda Wllllams Suzy Thacker Row 3 Sue Shaffer Carole Lerch bretchen Tharalson Janet Youts Cathy Carson Sue Broadhead Sandl Hrllyard Lmda ledesco Jenell Stevenson Terr Lrndell Row 4 Nerll Stanley John Doe Chns Hennessy Andy Prtchess Chrrs The ss Jett Mecca John Stava Row 5 Terry Sayler Ted Temple Roger Nrsbet Nrck Pokralac Stan Thurber Drew Sanchez Duck Newell John Doe Jack Wllse Row 6 Terry Mayhew Drck Sanders Paul Pflueger Tom Morrus Jack Mc Elveen Iom Norrrs Don Young Bob Smrth John Doe socra evenfs an sports acfrvrtres no!- aff Row l Don Rooten Duane Stuck: Bob Renche Frank Vaccaro Terry McDowell Andy Prtchess Don Orsl Byran Jackson Row 2 Donna Shrvely Gary Wood Mrke Turner Harry Taylor Steve Mur ay Steve Metro Leroy Srnlth Row 3 Sandy Morrell Sue Mlller Snerr Vetter Parge McKenzre Betsy Thorsen Llnda Turner Joan Strlnz Jen Schuck Llsette Tulleners Row A Susookl Thlele Pattre Tyler Llnda Wholey Duane Wrloburn Judy Schafer Susan Shuler Jane Doe Joan Srnrth Jane Doe Row 5 Sue Wrllrarns Judy Pope Sue Wells Duck Wagner Carolyn Syphers Jane Doe Jane Doe Vlcku Hample Jane Doe Row 6 Eddle McDonald Dave Warren Mlssrng Gary Zack Jlm Van Horn Jlrn Ottosen John Doe Larry Snow Larry Sheldon ow f ey must prepare or greafer responsrln rfres, -7 Row l Bob Martin Mike Townsend Sydney Thompson Jim Zellers Ken Whittle Wayne Randall Larry Wade Brent Wisely Row 2 Elaine Shurkus Judy Stately JoAnn Tortoris Susan Madinger Mary Malefyt Joann Pedersen Mariella Smith Nancy Shoemaker Bonnie Schwalb Jane Doe Pam Charlotte Unland Jane Doe Gary Wade Jim Taylor Bert Wapstra Mike Will John Terhorst Roger Titgemeyer Chuck Sutton Row 5 Judy Pratt Sheri Saunders Patti Wilkins Carolyn Westcott Richard Webster Pierre Mathieu Richard Pearson Don Morrison Phil Odening Row 6 Larry Wade Jerry Van lwaarden John Doe Melvin Mencke Bob Maynard Gary Zack Tom Roach Bob Lister John Doe Dick Sanders xo. Row T Sue Smith Dina Smith Susie Yeager Barbara Wilson Stu Young Wendy Wyman Penny Weidaw Leslie Neuberg Gerry Vanley Row 2 Connie Traugott Barbara Merrill John Doe Joan Sorge Jam Wilson Judy Methias Maryann Richards Sondra Turrnon Marion Wiberg Vickie Wyatt Kathy Wyman L r I ole U V -A, . A its N! - C, X , if S 1 1 ,I V, , x i W , J 4 li ' X X 1 L, - 0 0 5 ' ' r if J v ' ' 1 l V l Q T P1 I if r 'T Q by ,, if I , + ,.- ' -, 4 all Wolfson. ow 3: Harold Valencia, Joe Hendricks, Pete Stacey, Bill Smith, Les Schultz, Gary Segers, Jon Wallace, Dick Sanders, George Wright. Row 4: -- J V ' ' T I x , .X X i J , U . ' . ' 2 , 1 l ' ' V l l l , , I f , , , W .v - , vi. P, '41 4 - as they look foward becoming upper cassmen. K .ha ,X in 0 O IJ-- - Row l: Sue Miller, Jenell Stephenson, Suzanne Scott, Anne Perkins, Suzi Gallaher, Jeanne McCue, Rita Murphy, Cheryl Bergendorff. Row 2: Bruce Conrad, Wanda Flannery, Doreen Moore, Judy Merbitz, Craig Grover, Larry Conzen, John Zeliff, Herschel Taylor, Don Schultze, iiimgg x.. fx ,M it I ., ,N , 1 nf A spiirted crowd furthered the success of The first Drill Team Competition Day on the Arcadia High School field, l Brian Gill is escorted into the gym by Pat Young at one ol Arcadia's lively assemblies, A typical scene is shown above as many students ride the rooters' bus, giving support to ine learn at all away games. Directed toy ttzeir etecteat class ofjqcers, The Freshman officers were: Janell Cohen, Secretary, Suzi Ginn, Vice President, and Pat Mitchell, Treasurer. Class of 1Q62 Assisting the class president, the Freshman officers have shared the responsibility of managing their class affairs. Janell Cohen, Secretary, has kept an accurate account of all the Freshman officer meetings. As Vice President, Suzi Ginn presided over the meetings in the ab- sence of the President. Pat Mitchell held the job of treasurer and budgeted the class funds. Steve Black, Freshman Class President, presided at the meetings of the officers, leading his class through their first year of high school life. I i Mrs. Virginia Stone and Mrs. Diane DiConti, Freshman class sponsors, 4 advised and assisted in the class' functions and proiects. President Steve Black has led the Freshmen through their first year of high school. Many activities highlighted the Freshmen's first year at Arcadia High. The Big and Little Sister Picnic, Freshman Orientation, and Freshman Day opened the year, to be followed by the Mardi Gras party held exclusively for Freshmen. They entered into a new program of education and the social life of high school, preparing for their sophomore year at Ar- cadia High. fres men engage in pre-school orfenfafion, Row l Seve Black Brran Bumgardner Hue Byles Doug Bolom Gary Bowe Alexander Bell Raymond Alpert Allen Andrews ffow 2 Ed Anpach Jrrn Bartley Ralph Ashauer Barbara Bradley Dantel Braymer Karen Brundage Marnlynn Byrkrt Lrnda Armstrong Jeanne Atkrnson Sandy Branch: Raw 3 Kat Beatton Steve Arnold Hans Ashauer Kendra Bock Jerrran Bcrany Joanne Barany Nancy Bourrerte Janet Bryant Jean Breadner Row A Carol Bennett Ctndy Bryson Susan Busch Marsha Anderson Penny Barrlngton Lynn Bodenschatz Dean Brewster Ranney Adams Row 5 Brll Bravo Merrlee Burt? Barbara Bourne Julre Brrggs Cynthta Anderson Mary Augenstetn Carol Allen Jean Armstrong Row 6 PaTArtl1 Susan Andersen Crarg Bernrs Bob Atkrnson Gary Andrus Bob Adnan Rrchard Anderson Rrchard Albert vv l ob Barnes Ly n Batlrft I Barre k Bell Russ Banko John Bourqurn Bll Byens Kp Botst Row 2 Dtana Burr Barbara Bell Jeanette Colem n B rbara Beason Stefe Brofvn Tom Barley Ton: Boyee Sktp Barker Carman Berum n P w .5 Earl Brederrnan Ken Brngharn Allen Baron Maron Bucre Srrley Capus Slerry Blu m Darts Chrtsty Jane' Carter Patty Covtngton Row 4 Carolyn Barney Sharon Beutler Connte Chalmers Srstrof Clark Sandra Burrley Barbara Brock Gary Brooks Pat Blerderm n Row 5 Peter B Jurr g Ca herrne Cltne Judy Basktn Vtrgrnra Bal wan Carol Bennet Vrckr Bornan Ruth Btshoo Margaret Close Row 6 Patrrck Barrett Jerald Broeske Kennel Brrll Arr Brown Robera Barrett Laura Beck Ju ly Ccsen no Peggy Btshop 96 2 93? V as- Row l Gary Cahull Chuck Church Tum Crews Ron Coffyn Maunce Clark Rnchard Curry Bull Cogswell Jack Clapp Row 2 Jam Cudlup Erlc Conrad Bob Canaan Phnltp Creek Bob Chtlds Susan Clark Judy Chandler Bonnie Campbell Bobble Dauer Row 3 Betty Davudson Wayne Cobb Gerald Chapman Dale Clarke Charles Capper Duane Duckson Tom Dtttrnar Mtke Crossman Davnd Cooper Row 4 Ron Ctpruant Rtchard Cuellar Jean David Ch ryl DeWttt Phyllts Coon Donna Cornell Janell Cohen Cheryl Coe Row 5 Ken DI Noto Gary Carmichael Joe Cannon Btll Claosen Don Dahl gren Jay Domenuco Mary Carl Lunda Chess Row 6 Shlrley Duhn Patti Cowung Sherry Clayton Pat Dougherty Marulyn Davldson Jerry Crabtll D ave Caswell Dave Crandall rvs man Day, and file H1 Wee ance 'I' ,Z Row I Muke Ftelds Ddve Dueker Bob Efsen Jack Foss Wes Duncan Curt Eastwood Russ Flnnt Ed Ellis Row 2 Joan Fnndley Beverly Frntch Joan Ftles Annamarue Fanes Sharon Eyles Pam Folgae Donna Englernan Duck Fraschettu Harold Fechtner Row 3 Bull Flemlng Btll Dtneen Ronell Fesncase John Fetterly Normtn Frazter Chrts Forman Rachard Evans Gary Ede Row 4 Jacqueline Ftsher Sharon Graham Helen Eltas Kathy Ewart Charmuam Ftelds Robert Dodson John wtng Zan Ford Row 5 Torn Enland Davtd Ftllrnore Gretchen Ehr Beth Ekkens Linda Fletcher Susan Fox Chrns Foster Nancy Fueld Row 6 Mtke Easley Jnm Davts Bull Elmquust Jam Faustnnl Rick Dtllon Dennns Fultz Ernc Flo Ken Damels f f . W. ., i f i I - - ,, r fi Q1 nf, , X ' I 1 5 0 Row l: Harold Gilman, John Gray, Jack Gaffey, Gary Hunt, Dale Gilliland, Manuel Garcia, Steve Gold. Row 2: Van Hawkins, Resa Hull, Marie Haasis, Robin Hodson, Rexine Harris, Carol Geller, Pam Gibbs, Dennis Gray. Row 3: Roxana Herkner, Barbara Hoelscher, Elizabeth Hamilton, Pam Huber, Georgia Hildreth, Mary Jo Halmes, Marianne Harris, Nancy Hughes, Carol Hawkins, Row 4: Lucy Haight, Mary Ann Hutcheson, Melinda Hall, Mary Jane Hansen, Susan Hawkins, Mary Ann Holmes, Rozann Hines, Charlotte Gillette. Row 5: Mary Ann Godfrey, Kathy Gaffney, Margo Garwood, Susan Garkie, Pam Harris, Peggy Hakkila, Carmen Hill, Cecilia Hachten. Row 6: Beverly Howard, Carole Harris, Pat Hall, Bette Ginsberg, Gloria Gyongyos, Carole Harris, Susan Ginn, Cindi Hesik. Five girls appear in Mardi Gras costumes, carrying out the theme ofthe Freshman Dance. The Vfcfory Bell 'Q Row 1: Bill Kramer, Bruce Howe, Gary Jones, Les Henderson, Joe Hendricks, Bob Heilweck, Carl Holm, Zan Hossin. Row 2: Nancy Hagerty, Sarah Glover, Bill Koulax, Jim Hamilton, Roland Hoagland, Bill Greenaway, Greg Herkner, Bonnie Kirkeby, Cathi Koppel. Row 3: Sharon Jackson,'Jeanne Knoth, Pat Knoll, Joan Johnson, Greg Kane, Dave Jones, Dave Jacobs, Wayne Hill, John Kindler. Row 4: Earl Kelly, Jim Harris, Harvey Knell, Ken Johnson, Dexter Jones, Hank Johnson, Don Johnson, Linda Jillson. Row 5: Barbara Johnston, Susan Johnstone, Pat Jones, Evangi Jones, Susanna Judd, Janeen Johnston, Carol Jamison, Dottie Janks. Row 6: Cherry Jarvis, Dick Holliday, Ken Hart, Jon Howell, Ted Horton, Dave Hayden, Chuck Halliday, Wayne Haas. was flzefr particular responsflfilffy If .xt-P Row l Ray Leonard Jeff Luebbers Tom Lawson Larry Lauber Wade Laursen Rnck Kumer Kurt Kroeger Tum Luttle Row 2 Wendy Lane Andy Lermer Muke Lund Mike Lubovxskl Stephen Land Bob Kodal Rxck Klern Richard Kreutz Row 3 Howard Lucas Steve Klehl Bob Kmgdon Susan Kung Kay Keller Row 4 Mar1sLxndley Lynn Langlols Tons Kloos Marulyn Koppel Dorothea Keeley Kathy Kerske Susan Lewns Sally Ladd Row 5 Grace Kennedy Krus Lundquust Jenmfer Kear Carollne Layne Meredith La Vene Thomas Landlnr Ruchard Lnttle Pete Llvengood Row 6 Jack Luttle Jeff Ltnden Warren Larson Russ Llska Ruckey Long Bull Lorenz Dave Long Larry Lalty ri. S Row l Bull Muller Dud Michael Jon Mosser Dave Montague John Muller Don McDonald Dennus McCreary Hugh McNe1l Row 2 Gene Mlnnoux Rnchard Mark Pat Marshall Steve Magallanez Ruck McPherson Steve McGee Karen Mcl-lenry Row 3 Kathy Muller Chrls Mccracken Pat McLaughlrn Barb: Mead Valene Muller Joan Murray Arne-lla Marsh Joan Malter Glnger Matheny Row A Carol Mllosevuch Joy Moody Sue Martin Phulluppa McNab Roberta McLaren Srdney McLean Kathy McClam Vnckl Megunar Lnnda McDonald Row 5 Pam McShane Lynne Mecham Gall Malone Sharon McCaslnne Susan McCasllne Nancy Matheys Sally McEderry Brandon McCIrntoclc Row 6 .lack Moore Barry Mrller Wayne Malmgren Randy Mc Murray Martnn Meler Craig Martln Mlke McKee John Meler ,au Row l Knox Prnce Ted Nuchols Jnm Poole John Olnver Allen Potter Make Owsley Chuck Outsen .lvm Ott Row 2 Dtck Mtchell Gregory Mowat Ken Marsack Harrus Platner Ron Patterson Claudla Needham Susan Moluna Sharon Page Sharon Mornson Susan Mathts Row 3 Pdtty Mitchell Sand: Meyers Juliana Morsch Pat Powers Linda Meyer Loss Pupo Lowell Peterson Martln Pendleton Bill Phlllrps Row A Fred Porter George Preper Don Nebeker Steve Palmer Ronnne Newton Jnm Otto Cheryl Pope Gay Phullnps Row 5 Jackle Olmstead Elleen Owrey R a Ostl Kathy OKeete Claudnne OConnor Carol Neufeld Nancy Ortman Karen Paulson Row 6 Steve Neece George Patterson Elwnn Nowa Frank Poter Arhur Norman Jane Phxlltps Linda Omohundro Susan Phullops e exfen e ay rouglzt res men on campus '?4 if Row l Henry Rlvera Mwke Rahtlly Steve Rlgglns Rtchard Rlddle Dave Raymond Stan Smlth Don Ru ter Hank Randall Row 2 George Seydel Jckl Polls Gerry Papel Susan Saucter Sue Peters Erleene Rannvulle Jo Stevens Pam Prentlss Chns Parker Row 3 June Schaooer Susun Rausch Nswcy Roberts Penny Roblnson Ctndy Robtnson Robln Raymond Kathy Rourke Margaret Ross Carole Rtchardson Row 4 Sharon Rtckard Vnrgtnna Retrorst Sara Ragnus Pat Rtchardson Sue Rogers Mary Rosatr Sharon Qu senberry Marllyn Russell Row 5 Puth Rucker Susm Schnxr Cheryl Stocker Pochelle Rhodes Sue Robertson Brenda Robustellx Mary Sharp Karen Rlchardson Row o Carl Sundstrom Robert Rernnger Jtrn Rooer Jtm Rollhs Larry Shaul Mark Schrader Joe Rrfe Dave Sheets 4. O .N v o gt, - M- fa -A : at 1 ' 0 C , i f W l ' I ' i .1 -' , ff . ,. . , f Q - . -7 ., .1 ! J 11 S, , 111. '.t'- M 4 . J, . I ' P. ft . '4 . Q I V f U - Y l r 'A 1 ' A ' ' 1 , f A t . M v U A 5 I' 1 C n 'Y 1, l l 'I 'I . Q ., . 'S' . 5' C l . , S, tr ' ' ', . N . U7 A A l All 1 . I . l , A r , y ' , , , I ', , ' , 1 , '.l , S , ' F., 200 I 1 rw ' , cr 2. ,R ' .u 'QL- Row l John Stmrnons Bob Schenk Bob Santhoff Kevtn Scanlon Bruan Scanlon Pat Shertdan Duane Sternberg Mtke Snlberhorn Row 2 John Samp son Davtd Stanton Bull Sntder Sue Sarwtne Martlyn Swab Judy Stennett Btll Stuen Bob South Btll Scharung Row 3 Marvnn Schmndt Ronald Stafford Betsy Schott Enleen Schumann Jane Sanders Betsy Spencer Shtrley Smtth Duane Sungerman Mary Smtth Row 4 Judy Smtth Sue Sommer Susan Strock Susan Schmocker Carole Sundstrorn Robun Stevens Joyce Skoglund Gaul Splaver Row 5 Joyce Stevens Pamelyn Scott Sue Strk Marylee Stewart Elarne Spauldung Vncky Smxth Carolyn Stuhrrnan Vtrgunna Stout Row 6 Hoyt Stearns Make Sktnner Claude Smtth Bob Stanford Frank Schwarze Steve Stewart Esther Smtth Laurte Schultz .ll M 11 '-Y rs Row I John Tretchler Clyde Semler Duck Wtlltams Ken Sherman Eddue Stmpktns Don Wheatley Dtck Taylor Bruce Ungerland Row 2 Clayton Turner Bob Wachman Robtn Waldvogel Steve Wtcks Jane Wolters Leslte Vaughan Row 3 Ltnda Ward Rtta Wtnter Karen Westner Roselynn Woodward Vtckt Wing Chrlss Vander Veen Mtllncent Voges Mary Wopschell Jackie Wilcox Row 4 Byron Van Vleet Alan Vega Jane Uhl Carole Taylor Nancy Terry Arlene Taft Judy Todd Joan Tepper Row 5 Lesley Wasserburger Mudge Whttehtll Jnll Whtte Pam Wtlktn Hugh Townsend Bob Thompson John Thoe Davtd Ttckemyer Row 6 Rack Wasson Sam Wenzel Btll Soule Len Soprano Chuck Spurgeon Rtchard Shuler Ltndo Toussatnt Gayle Tuchscherer x' ' ti . . ' gf f '2 ' ' 4 'l , L 1 1 t T ff ' ' ,:. af fen oblock anal limffecl active , . -, 3 I 2. 1, v, S N J 3 1 It . i I V , ' . N, g .fi Row it Les Yosek, Steve Yaros, Bob Watson, Jim Valentine. Row 2: Mary Whitney, Mary Vance, Marilyn Winters, John Wyper, Euoene Timmons, Karen Wightman, Ginny Young, Barbara Wilt. Row 3: Anita Ziebe, Carolyn Wronka, Elaine Viscio, Sherry Wysock, Judy Watkins, Sandy Walton, Cecelia Wescott, Emysue Wilson. clulv membership. Students decorated the Homecoming float Row 1: Penn White, Bob Nichols, Dennis Hamilton, Kaye Donegan. Row 2: Pam Medine, Cheryl Frank, Josie Gregoli, Nancy Alcorn, Lynda Barley. ,,, .,,A,..w ' 9 r .mm Qi: - , . M 'Z , Rf' -ai 1 - H .,,'f '5l,li4 'R .s I vm. .sg ,Nr .fi . N W.,-. f 3am ,msfsveiw O Symbolic of a progressive community is the night picture of the entrance to Arcadia's remodeled City Hall which serves as a clearing house for the many aspects of community life. Arcadia is now a city of nearly 40,000 people with about 9,000 children attending the ten schools. In a great measure, the effectiveness of the educational program provided for these students has been enhanced by the civic pride demonstrated by residents of Arcadia as they have supported the schools. At the High School, the full impact of citizens' con- cern and support has been demonstrated by the continued par- ticipation of local business firms as they advertise in the Ar- cadian, the high school's annual publication, year after year. The Annual staff, on behalf of all Apaches, wishes to express its thanks to each and every advertiser who is represented in the following pages. Civic organizations have also been generous in support of schol- arship programs to aid outstanding students and have given individual encouragement in many ways. Sponsoring poster con- tests for outstanding national philanthropies, providing many kinds of incentives to students as well as encouraging fine arts groups to display their talents during the year, all have created a fine rapport between the school and community. The value of the untiring efforts of the High School P.T.A. cannot adequately be measured as this group of interested parents has striven to complete many fine proiects to benefit students. The climax of each senior's year is the All-Night Party following Commencement which is arranged through community participa- tion. This event is a highlight of each year. For these and many other fine contributions too numerous to mention, the 2550 Arcadia High students say a heartfelt THANK YOU to Arcadia citizens. Acfverffsfng M-+4 KET' U ak. .4 1. --- '-'l-in lvl YI 1363 1 J1lV,j,v 13 1 A . ,,, , WMWWW A I ,,. X , ,:11g,,,,:W Y-ff1mf2l'!:21s5as,mmEf5 1 V A N5 ' Y F' 7 l '1 7 ' m- razfffvif-h?-'fi ,A 'gn ' fffzizrd' x2:g1gf1Fmwf fjyx K' I' W 'X '25 QQ,-I,ilu2 1 'v 'f ' '2 111111137 4 1 jY, .g gunz: , 11 Qi... Q m:,,, A X . 1 I' GMP V 1 n lf lil? ? , Q-an 2... COLONIAL PHARMACY Prescriptions - S.H. Stornps 1326 S. Boldvvin Ave. Hl 7-4679 f L, .Q 1 'T . . .1 ll' 2 ii 5 WEST DRAPERIES 1314 S. Baldwin Ave. HI 6-1545 jf f w 'rv' I. X 'R X A 11 l BLOCKS CLOTHIER 29 S. First Ave. HI 7-3383 RUBY RICKARDS BAKE SHOP 666 N. Duarte Rd. HI 7-1502 ,J EY misss C0 L 441- igpdy, i 1 .f,..7r ,- . ,.' ff -.,,,,.,-- .45- ' . ,-f - ' f 31- 5' 1 l'fff-W'---A ' .-. -Lv lf -.. -yr' ,. K If If 0 J . .-..--...... -, I . . , ,L '- . -. we-1-.,..C.,..,, ,, Y ,..., .. , . gint' -.... ' 1 ,, V . ' - ,U - .L ,. , -YA J,-l!.. .4f .i-e 7 -kr AV 1 --1 ' Q, 1 SAN GABRIEL VALLEY LUMBER CO. Service and Oudlity Since 1904 206 57 Wheeler Ave., Arcoclio HI 6-7161 Other Yards: Son Gobriel - Temple City - Irvvindczle --:Liv :snail-'aa '4.'1ff '1 1 , X DAWDSONS PAINTS 1310 S. Baldwin HI 7-4365 N I ' . RKIIIG nfMovALs AND sTonAGf OF 1 A 1 K s B I' V ,kg Q-an-assi CLIFTS MENS STORE RODS GRILL 28 E, Huntington HI 7-4963 41 W.HunT1ng1on HI 7-7515 . 'K ' . 2 .ak S 1311 S. Baldwin HI 6-6151 207 :IO WEIVHD W DEW GV ff ' Y Lfkif 2-1114 . ' r 4 52' .. x W 4-1 5? , 'L 6,-Y',3ff,Q QWNQC f S 1 ,gi-3--, 1. .J ,V K' Me . '4 EM , - 'Jxfff' 4. ' -24 .2 v if-V. 1' -wi -Q. I.. fi ,gf .-1... w 1, ' ,j ,N -f V-51 J, Z',Q ii: YT ? ' 'awww 'f . mf! . L ' re ah 45 ilfwffzzagl is ' jk- 2 KS J, 5 K 5 fig 3 ' '11 W ,fs . f F 'gf . . eff? fzigm .H ' if -nw ,. ahif wk 5 2' 5 W . 'vi 'Vx 1' .fan it 1' 5' 4 kgs f :bg git W FG ,FJ n Q ugnir F hm? ai x fu Q X . ' 1' . YV A, , ff 2 POST TYPE WRITER COMPANY PIA D oler 09 Arcoduo S Aufhorlzed OLYM e , ,, .if. if ,K -W , 41375 3 ' ' xx lf! S wqfwmgf k I 'lm , .X K , - Nw' 1' . :Qs New K-W bi' 'xx Q 6 1 Z- a T ,V I h J :t -- 1 1. ... . :, ., . A .... K V5 ,: - -- , - H5 - f . 1 -Y A 4 .vf - - - n- - , . A .. ' - -1 . X IA...-- 3. ' ........J ,Q if 1 Lzh, - 5 , --- -- - : : 1 F 1 'Q' ff' ' i g s., W. 1 03,53 ,, ,, ., .A,,.... -..dw , I My A ,Z MVWWJWSAQQQ X. . ----I 1 2 3 RA i 2 X 5 R A 5 Y - . We . J 'U-1-.-.., ' --,.i..1 .- . JZ: ' Q K Y ... I , V ' Q ' Lf fF?I' f l ' W , . - -fb - I , , - -V . , ,. ' ' ' . ,,,,. , A ' ziiflltm-pf-n..-ff-4-f-h,.., ,,.,m..,,, N .QM M , gl ,LJ 'N' 'E Vx-gg-ni' 4, Lk . ,. K J K u. I 5 L 5 I t 1--M 5 , ff M-dmoz. ,f,,., - ' 1' 'W , ' -kg ,A,, , g Y 1' f vzfsf s, m: , a 1 -ef - . 1 i ' W5 b Q Jl 1,4 , 5 . , ' Q52 . 3 M 1-. fb! 492 ff xl, f 21.1 . Y ' R. J' M WN. ,ng 346W E 31? .- ---.1 4 v v?g:i E T , 1 ' 1 MOM U 'wwf wW 'u v 1. fglf ..- Q . - .S GIFTS - vu, A -3 fx RIII TMS . GARUYI H ., ul xl: .',-y j2-'- u V' F '1 n -za-1 ,,, ,d x .F . wbife I 1 0: , F2 , 1 5 Y' i 2- A .5 3 , Q i A 'QQ 3 Wm ,. i f W I 5 if W -,, . I, fi Z u 'K 'M1M.M,, 1 f- -f 'V' T we ,1'!, W F fQ bX?r'w 1 ' J ui 1 -- ,. ' 7 4 1 , rg . ' iff- fv xg 'Q' fi , h , -Q J 'S Save This Space for Your Best Friends WHEELER'S ARCADIA SPORTING GOODS AND CAMERA SHOP 207 S. First Ave. HI 7-4923 Arcadia Feed and Seed ARCADIA'S COMPLETE GARDEN CENTER T45 E. Huntington HI 7-2408 I I 'U' T ARCADIA LINOLEUM ANDERSON'S AUTO AND SPORT SUPPLY 24 E. Duarte Rd. HI 7-0934 1312 S. Baldwin HI 7-6467 EL RANCHO JEWELERS John F. Parkins Established 1931 RYan 1-9829 1147 W. Huntington HI 7-6013 ARCADIA BOWLING 21 Morlan PI. HI 7-4021 ARCADIA SHOE SHOP 22 N. First Ave. HI 7-8809 MATT QUINTS BARBER SHOP 705 S. First Ave. HI 7-9030 I1 I I ED'S RADIO SHOP 404 S. First Ave. HI 7-6828 JOHN S. MCLAUGH LIN We Specialize in Custom Built Homes -Real Estate Sales- 5I5 S, First Ave. HI 7-9361 S Ewan, .umm-.nv 5-Mt L 4: 1 M31 Y, mimi if w , - ' . ,. ..... iw 7 h gg .- 3 1311, , S , p . ,..,.-... . M , , , 'XV V F . , fi , K 3 is X 4 2 ,, , 2' Q - A 1 , K . A 1 1 4. W 1,5 . , , 4 X A 5 , . .. 'L E. : Fifi 'E , W.. E 3 ww ff? '2 F, e 7 V512 V -f l 1 A g .'z h Q3 A I ...ful ., I 'W I l , I ' X r x ,Xl ii .1 K 1 my , Ti ' ,, 1.18 E - ima 4 - an W 4 J 6 ,..h.:5Q Hg, A :rj-'f.-V. jj ygirfii 5 1 - Mm Wx' Q I I . . , .N lx S A If ' f ,, U81 l GRILL 310 S. First Ave. HI 7-9906 TW , ,Q Q ' we 73' K? d x X iff '5- K, A 1 -- -J 7, ! , W 1 7 s 'F all rl , - - -'Q Juv.- Y 'ypa,'M.1n fsfqiwfwi- HQ? N 51 . 'l,1X,j' 'Q---5 f' 4. VJ JJ QD 'T' F? Q. A --xf, L . XX- 3 ,QF 30514 'W AMES REALTY of ARCADIA OFFICE HOME ru. Hlllcrest 7-8116 TEL. Hlllcrest 7-4296 ' 3 MORLAN PLACE Off Santo Anita, One Blk. No. of Huntington ARCADIA APPLIANCE CENTER 28 E. Duarte HI 6-4439 -i 5-.. HINSHAW'S 1201 S. Baldwin HI 6-4681 KASNERS MARKET HIGHLAND CLEANERS 800 Santo Amto HI 7 2324 59 Foothill HI 7 4210 5.3 Vx . K 6349 47 ? :: if ' A , ' 1 gi., G . F , :e-,W , L. im g' f?- 7, 8' , 'us E Zfv 1 ,- li saw ,M Nw f .Qu ix PNY, 'I ,fc X 1 f A, . 1 ' Q - as K? a'f:' I - ' 1 gc,4 .L ff, x , fi' rf is V f I A , , ,M ,V ww 'wmmf - 5 ,Q M H -f W 1 l gm? Agf Af' -142 , iv 4 f 3, iibvwgl V ' 1 , 5 A 1 , f ' an 'A N ,g yn f . .QQ 62 'V 5 Q a V A P' ssl, .-yi, 4 Q I ff . ' 5 4,5 A ,xx J' 61, ar y 1 ' .f 1, mlb 4-J:,'2k'.AL .uw P., -'Lexx f .fl Y X R x , I i 4 v ' .rt 5 . 'f 5541 I K, ' w . A YSSS' 1.- . -u-vw- 5 if . if W '0 f I' P I 1 , - I , ',. .v y e WWI 1' . -. 1' s- - .s ,u 1 . dies., sf , . l TKO I IIE? If-I ,Sh '- . -- , Mf,5f, Q .,,, . 1 K I f- M KENNYS DRIVE-IN TOTS TO TEENS 7-4 W. Las Tunas HI 7-0290 26 E. Humington HI 7-2893 I I f I K 1, - 'sip I 7-,5 if - ' Q-I-U, ' I 1--.I I R. J., ,, , -in 5 - ,A 'L W- LNOTAQ ing-Y- ,,,. -,......----I---W , H. H. GODDARD AND ASSOCIATES Complefe Real Esfafe Service 220 I505 Baldwin HI 7-2166 A Busy Office Is Your Guarantee of Satisfaction x .M 'N 5 --1.14 zxe..geqf'..,:,- - -wwmrfsv -1f?Q2.s:f ' 4.' fu W . , Q A 92 A 've ? .....l 3 , wg L'Z......g. ,, n ! 1 A Kg x A rt. W.. .....?,- -f .- ,. -..,......:Q.- K 1. WMM has ,..... - uk .HM -'ix f5f? f7Lg ,-712. 41 -,.' A. -.,..J' V -....,P M Gif? in 1 , lr.. . .'1-:'.f42.x,,,C ' U51 ' j . , .. .4 A ,- i1'.1.-- i r 1 L gy , 0' Q M . ,QF , LH.aM8E59'4.g3,?3,rwL-ECE- JQJMTDR 3 I X :ww man-- , f 3' -1 1 1 ,Y 5 - ......-..q- Q 50-v,.-.. 5, - is V , . g,r,:i-g Vghjm, -L A 1 an iw Q1 :H fig 2-,Q-4 f f , f 'Q f Q , EJg,y , ,, V, Yi W, 5 A W! v - W? I ,. W if , , V J h M , by - -9, JL ' .gy Qi..-,Q I A Z .A in fqg iw - A . wi?!,.I' 2',f+ I GEORGE S. ALBAUGH, REALTOR I. Answering Service 107 Genoa IFirsf 84 Genoal HI 7-4916 Arcadia EARL KING-CHEVRON 5 W. Duarfe HI 7-9179 Arcadia X -- , ARCADIA LUMBER CO. 214 N. Santa Anita HI 6-3181 !fL..L. LIGHT O' LAMP ARCADIA FLORISTS 47 E. Foothill HI 6 4791 101 N. Santa Anita HI 7-1000 Arcadia .,, Q,,7,x2g 1 s f, '47 Env x ' :,. W if y , lgxeg . if fl ' 5. J 7 w Q s.wr....n V --au HE vnvs HARDWARE v 'Q I ,4 .. I 5,2 xg. . M.: 4 :, ni- --UI' - ' - gl 4 - 1 ' 'N ' 1 rf , 4-4-' f , ullvI a '-A i RQ. '- I' i U W Q ,.. f 1 I C cv' . P 611 Wy xl L25 07' . xx, :ui .4 ,Q 'ff gi ., f I , if ? ,fw- fg 9' fqrsg'-45' 6 J -I 5 1 t 7 f , ,A , -LQJQUVT ' a'g y o Jl'iih l N H fx. 'rw ms l,,,.,w 1 - ? CAD W KL N. 'VMI QM . . 1 x 1 fd, I X.. .A . ,Y .- ..g .7., I A 531,353-'ij' ffl- A if5f'fQf' f A,A. A -gg. ,, 'fg2241 QQL 3,1Lg5,,. 33 p ff QW . . 3 'A iiiptlydfl gf, .., ' ? , S- 7f'r't-3 X j - ,cfip , 5 1 ,V K , 7,A.m3?4 ix' XV ' Q- fx 2 n, --- . ,,. r . .- if Rx, .,Anw.'Ql . .-, u ,,',,'+.,, , 1 ni f half-1 '.,h 34-'V?': 2450 V I i Jw 15 ,,,, ig - 12 1' , , x - ,ri 9 ii 25 fy i 9-QFW' K, 1 w I U, 29 4 S 1 . A 4 X-1-1: -5 LUTHER INVESTMENT CO. Mortgage Counsel - Loans - Insurance 1510 S. Baldwin Hi 6-3121 BOB'S CHEVRON SERVICE 801 W. Hunfingfon Hi 7-7169 li viii, 'M .r KVVV P A ' TL I , 7,4 I -Q 144 . Y Q I on-ff Z f ACQUILQILL. '-f Z. I 'mm' :lj lf: --ap.nmw R. S. HEGG PLUMBING 610 S. Firsf Ave. Hi 7-2757 BILL WILLIAMS REALTOR-INSURANCE Worthy of Your Trust 906 S. Baldwin Hi 7-2144 31 FLAVORS 1423 S. Baldwin Hi 7-9039 IgjjIS.IIX8lgZanclw PHARMACY , w,du'5lTemrl on. Ancrnuruuir. l.1Il'l3g , 193W -,jg -:Q . 'I Nita. ,. 33? w,' ,f 1 M ' K 2 W af .s,s' 5 ,gf 'A , .,1 . I . 2431- ,Wfn 3 5. - .gli 'iff if ni i?,5'i Qf if I 4 S22 ga .- n 4 v S -+.+ ff' . ' 5 W Wx . V -, ,. A , 7 Q. it' , . . 'bfi A o ,. 5 ' 11- E - ' s .. W..-I 2 . if , . iw. W , 2 -mn. fr xl' . . ni A ' . Q au. wwna ix' , ' as ii 'L-'ff 'Q ' , ,..f,-M... Mp.-M i ,. 'FM ' F '- nfl Limallf. . 'P -n .l ...I ,-1 rl M4 mm L f as fa a A 43 ii: In Apprecmhon Upon Completion of the 1959 Arcadlan The final dismissal bell rings and each student leaves the campus clutching his T959 Arcadlan and reviews his plans for the summer The continuous bustle of activity that has filled Room H 5 the headquarters of the annual staff is replaced by an incong'ruous calm The click of typewriters the ringing of phones the shouting of names and assignments all this bedlam has been put aside until next year when a new staff will descend on this quiet room and again fill it with the nolse of continuous activity Each staff member has breathed a sigh of relief as the year closed marking the com pletion of his prolect a book to recall the memones of a mulestone in the history of Arcadia High School It was a prolect into which they poured their creativeness and ambition and for that we as editors of this book are thankful Without them there could have been no annual Dummy sheets and scraps of paper no longer cover the tables but we can vividly re member when they did The continual clrcking of the typewriter as Janet Spitzer efficiently copied paragraphs of scrawled writing is no longer heard but we are thankful to Janet for the great 'ob she dnd The many phone conversations that marked much of the work of the Advertising staff ably headed by Molly Smkule are no longer heard Yet for what we remember we thank Molly and her staff for the superb lob they did selling advertising space In our annual to pay for this years color pages To Carol Hansen we extend a special thanks for this year s cover design and for her hard ance extended us by Phil Clark of the S K Smith Company In designing the book cover and for his always helpful advice Faithfully reporting through the camera s eye the myriad of events which occurred during the year the Photographic Staff are to be commended for their continuous coverage through the year Headed by Bud Budworth and Bob Grill assisted by John Stava and Walt Foote the staff has shown real devotion and sometimes personal sacrifice to meet the activities schedule during the year Also due our thanks is William Gill of Santa Anita Studios who took many group pictures as well as the sensor portrait section and Keith Rucker who worked closely with the Advertising Staff to illustrate this section To Tim Leslie the Sports Editor with an assist from Jim Goddard we say thanks for their sports coverage This section however could never have been completed without the fine work of several other staff members Finally we extend our very special and deep thanks to Yearbooks Incorporated Monrovia for their cooperation and for their technical advice in the printing of this book The assistance and professional advice they have given the staffs each year has been a necessary part of the production of this book Perhaps the most important of all is our advisor Mrs Hazel Reegler who has been our guiding light She has alternately encouraged caloled criticized and corrected our mistakes always with the oblective of making this the best book ever And now as we leave thus room for the last time we remember all these people who were so necessary in the execution of the 1959 Arcadlan To them we extend our deep and smcere THANKS e o C I O . I ' I I . . . . work as Art Editor, helping us design pleasing pages. We also greatly appreciate the assist- ' . I I I . . I . I . . . I . . I ' I I . I I . ' 23 Aufograp S , i ' I 4 '-, 1' .ff , rf, L 'I . I r I I' 4-. f , f ,Q F' I' L . Q. , I, X . , ..,X ,. . , L, 1...,..--if Q X, A X ' Xl ' 7 :Xl w X h 'V . I . , ' ' 1 , M... A X , XX XX , X 4 Xu: X , X. A K L 3 ' ' .,3 X ,J rx .J 2- f f ff X.-X - ' f-, f'- f . X X f 1 A . XXX ,' ,4 t- ' Q, X , f f -1.,,....l.....,A R H .,, .. F1 ,- r ' ' ' . , , ' ff: ',,.1 1 , v 2 , ,f --Q ku 1 ' Q f' f f f N - f YM f A X V X .. X ,X-.. X, I., X fy X . X X-V ' 'N X f ,.X 'X L . ' 1- Q-X . g 'I ' fs. , X , X ,. ln..-H X., f-f A ' IN 1' -.- XXA, 1 : f - , f X-- 5- fa- K.. U, - f +- -.- , wf ,' - X ' A ...N-A Xiu I., 'T' X,..,- I .... ' ' i . 1 f- X , , , Q, XA ,., X 'X X 'X X, 5. . -4. .... A LW, X XX X U . , . , fy PM . ,, 1 qw .X ' .-K - LX, ,... , , 1 ,Q P3 X, x X- ff X A . 1 X ,X , ? , IA X , XXV , ., -7 . ,SX A ' ' , C' J A 1 ,Q .,4 X, ,fd Lf ' 1 Q, M. 7 X X ,. X, X Q MX . X ' ' f , ' ,J -. f' , -'. ' 'E 1-'X-...,1 5 ' XM., XX,-. , -ev ,NX Y ' X' I. XX -1 1 Xb . H' ' Wx

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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