Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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mwf iAf fQff jig ggi H S922 f5y'fQf'f3y W 3 MW w W MQW NQQ QQQQEZVO .ag , NP T l YM ' J NIS 5 Q kvfgfy 4 Q, .LOTSQQLEUCFX -mu Q 5 ' In Awyngjgzfjf. . f9fjf13jJififf'f,iV1, '94 XE A '7WiffwiQ' 'Zigi QQQWN 51533 Ni keg 9522 ' 1 5 .ff ff! ffwlfjjff W9 M9 f ' 1 ' -f jfglwf V N in AMW 1fffy?fh,W2f W! W X 4' fffffff W fjihw ,JQ i . lf b i F xl in 1 fu ,ffAjjww J fwfffwj W If AA,--' Q! 'X gk, f ...Q x 1 I K-X xx.x K xxx! W RM I XXX X, if vw '1 A X ly f , 1, S X K Mgr ' xx w f 46 W .f'4 X31 'X . . " ' ffl A f MA I ' ' X"" Q: i c ' KI Lj gf jj Y f ff fZ, f V xX Q My 1 'Q M Alu fiiilyl KWWL 7 Q 28 '1 WW ,, L dj! SJ ' I ' OW du? FX w X .,b',,.f-0 5114- AW! f'1 ff fy Lf fWZws,i3? f5J eff X yy qgjwm fkimwwfvyk W MJ wily? k NXW' Gmimwxgvju BL wif L AC Obcyibtkq JD 9x in C.rjEZjAb Wfwg wif? ,iii 7532 W My W QW TD? 379413 E Qfnffllvtifgdn Riagg 9723! yodafiwtzi 3 A fmwmwa M ig if fffWWM ga sig f , .,, ---mv. K ,w-T 4' Q ' , . .V 4 .. , . ,, - 'f 'f 31" ' -4-4. Om A: -' Q V ' if . ' 'L "N ' ' 'Z nw '41, .. " -+2 7 . ' ' -...W S Q 'K A '. 'Sim ' V - .P N ' .E N-, E ' f A48 , , ., - L 'W mm.. . . """R" , QA .. , f 'NU , '7 t 1 M A N ' 'H 4' M A Q4 :wth If 1' ..:, -Q Q .r mid' ut, .?Q"V'J'l- ' k g K 4 W' J -uv ,, .. , L -A .. -my - ..- - ""' . M I k ill Q F' 3' ' 2 w CV , " 'Ubv ' ' . , wr , . ' ' 1 f ' 1 v A ' rv' , Y - ,,, ' 1 W 'J n l f-' x. r .. A- nk K , 3 . ww- f P . . 'W 1 3 i 9 - H , - . Q.. k ar 'Q ,h .J - - sf 0 5. 'Fx 'M x"' .,,,x .vw , I g n 7 . VA. ,M . , V .L . 'W ...- V i- ,Aw Q 3- R' bw .--, XT .S L ,,5,, "f ' lf -5- - .. Iv, I ., . if 31 1. - n ' - 4 -5' I f A' M A W .Y X S s 5 , X W -4 -sm , ' W-1 ' '. V l V 4 v 1+ , 'A ' . -ff b L- . -K 'F :Q -, V 'fig 1 fi 5 1' 1 A Q," A ,I ,x AA 1' Q 1 - . x Q ' , f i 'xp ,' 'wt X ' R Q -Q .f WF ,Q M l .. 1 .Q Y!! gs.. K w LA V .www Kr , ,-,,,- ' K ...A...,-. W.. 'ww , 1 .M 4 A wiki? M A ygnx MDW! aff w,.r'f' w 1 I WW WW, fv W f j X x KZ. , , . fl - K N . ' X ' ns u K - . P. x., Q' Rx Z' Af, ,X Ma x, -F' ' Iss- V ' iq ,, .N . x Q -- Nh .X Q " fr ..4. - - . V . .Nl ,-. - X5 . l . 1. C. K-, gf' ., xr- N .vw b r. . ,, xx ' X I x.S 1 -V Q n -. x up.. d"" Our Memories. .. E. V Av 3 We .5 Ai . VJ Q - A ,Je 4 :sit Lf mf., VK: in A . sf 1 , -H . gf -.......bN3 Q i --1? L.- . 1. 'va X We review 2 memorable year X 'X 'K We recall many pleasant experi- ences of this past year, and it is to these memories that we dedicate this book. "A man's real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poonu Alexander Smith X Table of Contents Administration Government I Classes Hi page I0 20 28 THAI! Organizations Sports Activities Advertising 0439.15 We remember wiTh greaT pleasure The many avenues of new Thinking and knowledge which were opened To us during This pasT year by our high school faculTy members under The capable leadership of The adminisTraTion. We express our Thanks To These people who have aided us in preparing for The fuTure. Q v-' Fvndvfih NWN .-ac? W! I' 2. A X A 5 N A , .4"'x,'f5g 3 "' Le, Board of Member Chorles A. Anderson President Edward L. Butterworth John L' Nourse Member Education Harold C, Leitz Fordyce V. Cowing Secretary Member Administration DR. NORVELL R. DICE - SUPERINTENDENT During his eighth year as Superintendent of the Arcadia Unified School District, Dr. Norvell school. HENRY A. MOLINO Assistant Superintendent R. Dice has demonstrated leadership and planning in continuing improvement of the high DONALD HUGHES Personnel Director EDGAR EGLEY Assistant Superintendent ELBERT SOUDERS Assummg leadership as principal This year, Mr Elbert Souders has se? an ouistancllng record for lvelpma Tlwf' entire slaflem body aclrreve its goals and directing llweur sclwolasilc achievements. Assistant Principals Principal GERALD RAYL As vice-principal, lvl Llrarge ol pupil persoanel, Mr Gerald Rayl has been ol great and To flue students and lras earned the respect of all. GARDNER SWENSON In luis SPfOl7fl year al Arnculm Mr Crcmlm-r Svvi-vrson rs lo commended on the work lie has done as wforprmcrpal rlwargf? ol Curriculum arwcl qurrlrmzff i Xi Counseling Stall' .... Hazel Lindquist Head Counselor Hazel Lindquist has served a successful year as Head Counselor. She has earned popularity from the understanding guidance slwe has given everyone. COUNSELORS: Edward Harver, Mavis Dumbacker, Harrison Wiitse, Hazel Lindquist, Pat Patrick, Henry Crane. ia! Irene Medlock of Coun- seling Office confers with student. Leadership in school administration is also sup- plied by Dr. William Patterson, Lawrence Lucas, and Albert Acton. . ww'-'H ..e...-. .vi . . ,W 0 H 5 5 - V gt-1534 L' ... me -lm s . L. MSW ii f 'ff Students are cleared by the Attendance Office Lawrence Lucas Attendance Ofticet Dt William Patterson Adult Education Franc 1 4 Albert Acton Co-orclinator of Student Activities ...Q vii -"Qu: -1-,.... lg Library Staff Student Qervices Familiar faces on campus are The Library Staff members. Nurses, and Student Store Manager. Throughout the year The people picfurecl on This page help us in many ways. Lily Sloan, Audio Visual Clerk, Sarah Luckenbill, Library Clerk, Betty Gerimenian, Librarian Gladys Waterhouse Student Siore Manager HEALTH SERVICES Q-rg' W How lo Chose ima is.: lo Help Cure a Zgiif Qhw vi 'zz a. K' -H ski ra hed M ui 5 Emma Bracher, Nurse Lillian Anderson, Nurse Popular spot on campus for supplies and conversation-The Student Store lx .j' lml if gl an ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL Grace Puett, Valois Rodekohr, lrene Medlock, Archie Huff, Lucille Lloyd, Jeannette Bixby, Florence Rye, Nina Draughon. Many people other than our teachers and administration help to make our high school if careers memorable, It is a pleasure to honor X 4 them in the 57 Arcadian. S CUSTODIANS The custodians have done a fine ,ob in keeping our Campus clean. CAFETERIA STAFF 0-41 lv Jean Kramer 5 1. " af, Barbara Aton Marie Caroll Millan Freeman Katherine .lanes Robert Kerr Catherine Learned Donald McGuigan English English English English English English English Hazel Reegler Florence Sinkule Verne Willman Richard Wilson Memories ol' our 'M 5 0 0 0 Ben Dennison Marguerite Wilclce Betty Gertmenlan Errol Allan Alvin Barlow Robert Cameron Special Education Special Education Librarian Social Studies cial tuclie MF Social Studies . A 5 Harvey Lkocldarrl Joe Glennin Jess Ranker Glenna Rasmussen Robert Sliortell James Smallclon latin Waterhouse Social Storlies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies I6 Edgar Crum-ron Lrlhnn D0 Ley lnngungv Lunguoge Ldnn We-sr Albert Hoelsher Lurrgrmm- Ave and Cmfrs ni X na - x X x..,... Brrgrrre Doeppner Jennre Gieeson Lcxrwguogv Longuoge X Lollvurw Lynda Qurh Lubrn Arts und Crofrs Arrs and Crafts Lours Grenrer Borburn Morcgnn Language Longrrogc 'g X -- r .' 31 w X4 g Lb r .T . .M -V 'W' Lf ' j " x r " b . rg ,Z . X V , , 1 V K . L r xi L A 3 I Alvrn Buby Junres Colderheud John Hoffmon Ersne Hunsncker Ronald Johnston Werner Mmwuld Mrlrh Morh Moth Morh Morh Mmh ,f-'rf 14 ts:-v. ,X 3 He-rnrrdelle: Stoner Lungumge I W' f? .F X , -.. ' Raymond Pascoe Raymond Srephens Morro Coderno Fredrrck Sfhwob John Dancer Wayne Founrurn Robvrr Green Mmh Moth Morh Scrence Scrence Scrence Scronce I7 W.iltur Lu Gier Russell Bovie George Stapleton Scienre Willicirti Jolslwl Donald Nordvold lnnlustrinl Airs Industrial Arts xg, Eluyne Hottmonn Business Morionne Mrllord Girls PE Science Science John Switzer lndustriol Arts Fred Sundstrom Mory Veitclw Business Business K 'gs f f..r , Leonard Buell .leon McLoughlin Mory Sue Klumb Rose Endrusipln Driver Training Home Economics Home Economics Home Econornirs Joke Weiler Jock Smitlt Jomes Neumeister lndustriol Arts Industrial Arts Music Raymond Davies Drone Corlotti Ann GOYHOS Business Business Business Mory Blott Corel Lawson Girls PE. Girls P.E. Morcno Peterson Moridn Clorke Girls P.E. Girls P.E William Zogg John Bilbrey Norman Beve' Roy Wheeler David Ackerman Robert Jackson Boys P.E. Boys PE. BOYS P-5 Boys P.E. Boys P.E, Boys pg Mavis Dumbacher Harrison Wilfse Edward Harver S. R. Patrick Henry Crane C0Uf1Sel0f Counselor C0Uf1S6lOf Counselor Counselor FACULTY NOT PICTU RED Orsini, Samuel English Robinson, Mary English Savage, Lloyd English Young, Donald Social Studies Zirpolo, Alfred Social Studies Allen, Louise Spanish Potter, Raymond Business Bowman, Raymond Music Boyer, Francis Music 1 he 4' 'CF I Hazel Lindquist entertains at barbecue. lg! illlllllll A memorable year has been successfully pleted under the leadership ot students have taken an active part in government ing Student Government Day, several classmen participated in civic positions an ioyed meeting Arcadicfs leaders. 'X "Q, Zhi. WI FYI DVB Etude President Leoding us through on outstanding yeor in our growth in student government was Bill Eldredge. Officers The ASB Officers hove obly served us. if -CIS Leaders Vice President The important responsibilities ot presid- ing over the ICC and the Advisory Board have been efficiently handled by John Linde-II. Advisory Board They have advised students on correct campus behavior. n VN. 'w--gf 35252 fog, A Q . 5 f N Q -A f 'K' Wfwf . S P1 "laQ,".Q -- mi. u x as s. ,ggqwggggjw ,.,.: 1 . ! I I . , IF 1 1., fp-g'2"5i1Q yy... Y r I A+ M, Q I v , S 3 'X -. -911 ,Kr ' M Representatives . . . bf 1. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Dirk Dnvns, Susrm Barnes, Dole: Daniel, Karen Johnson Paul PostleWoiT,Ci1ris Dueker, KorenJoi1nson, Dole Daniel ..-.1 SECOND SEMESTER HOUSE MEMBERS "i "' -' A f'm1"--'fvfisffww Girls' 75 The Girls' League, which is comprised of ,Sw all Apache Girls, has had a successful year participating in many school ac- tivities and community services. President Judy Bullock fx Q., -vlluP"'1 Officers Kirsten Johnson, treasurerf Barbara Royer, vice presidentg Judy Bullock, president, Doryann Lamel, secretaryp Rosemary Kay, historian, 26 ..W,.,,.,.1,,, ,.,, ... ,,K,W1,m,5f-Q.-v,-42,5 553, Q -E,yAW:SwWw,,5,5 7 at :, League COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN1 Front rowi Lynda Rainus, Program, Lynn Snyder, Ways and Means, Mary Simmons, Employment, Pat Simper, Dress and Standards, Robin Little, House Beautiful, Mary Jane Feurst, Sunshine. Second row: Jean Cleary, Publicuty, Efi Halkia, Honorary Member, Janet Corridini, Welfare, Dorothy Heffner, Campus Pals, ii GYM REPRESENTATIVES: Front row: Jean Royce, Pamela Cole, Irene Dunn, Barbara Royer, Linda Ross, Lynne Hege, Joan Briglebi Second row: Eloise Wellington, Nancy Grushlcin, Kaye Hansen, Cindy Horstman, Pat McCreary, Valerie Meiners, Molly Sinkule. W I 0 ? wg: S y Our fondest memories ore The ciossrnofes wi whom we hcive been ossociofed for The po veor. We bid good-bye To The Seniors who g on To other pursuits ond look forvvord To renevi ing our friendships in The coming yeors. s 5 x M , A 5 , X Ek :Mi A ,x.h Y ,. A ggi? x x '- A-XX - - S 5 - .- A-N Hgfgfm Q Lf ik S Q -- K? ,mir ,X X. Az.-X . S, gist B 5: Q A K .-4 33 'QI .fff 1 ., B 52 ,Qt fy A rur- .f an .WS ,af ,IR + ,f F V., fff, I 4 ,1 , , .L :E f e 17 KF' , rs-as -aww ? 1 ,ggi 'if i . alia, Q , my. 2 4 ,. .. ?'m,w 5 2 qs 4 t, gg PK 51 Q H, J f 1 , wa Q g ff L 1, Y 1, ' Pix' rf' .1 :R 0 wail 1 ff. M ,A 5' gf PRESIDENT .........-4.3 Senior Class Spirit and enfhusiam were expressed by The '57 Apache Seniors. Some of Their achievements wefrei Senior Government, and giving a successful Senior Play. Although looking forward To new experiences, They will fondly remember Their high school year. 5"'::f--1-nz-f' lliiis Duelcei' .1 3 ' 'Q Lid , Q 5 ,. .eri mfr nn.. RS I. Dunn, Corr. Sec, C. Dueker, Pres., M, Spencer, Vice Pres., S, Wilson, HisT., C. Klinger, T S. Cramer, Rec. Sec. SPONSORS Lloyd P. Savage and Florence .fi 'J Sinkule. First row: K. Johnson, S. Wilson, N. Roscoe, C. Schurter, P. Tremayne, S. J. McMullen, S. Cramer, J. Schwartz, W. Harris. Second row. B. Carlston, P. Geller, L. Martin, G. Dittmar, J. Schuler, W. McCormick, D. Heilman. 4-'4 3 'rf' n . were , 4,3 Q F. -f-Keg X. ar dvi LJ' '41 ' I .. 1 f,t. Marian Blake Judy Bullock Binnie Busby Jean Cleary Celia Crawford Congratulations are extended to the Gold Seal Graduates who have Judith Dixon 'M' . been members of the California Scholarship Federation for at least four ' fi' senior semester requirements. A3 715 xx . -I: 1 . f fff .1 s 'y'.gfIlfgg is . .Jig u 1 vm lv :vm 5' Gold Seal Graduates Karen Wingard Richard Van Horn Leslie Van Doren Peggy Tremayne Charlene Mayne Patricia Killeen Paula Havens Gloria Geisler as J y-we yr Q is t ii'i 4 r EXM 1' Peggy Tremayne Jean Ramage Troy Lemons Douglas Hunter Barbara Gurnz f out of the last six semesters in high school, of which one must be during the senior year. A group of other seniors will possibly meet the final Gail Douglas Christopher Dueker Irene Dunn Dianne Evans SC1lly GOllll'16I' Nqncy Fgrd 'ae Joan Gartner Gary Fultz 'A R3 t hai J Lenore Abilo Korlci Abrohomson Cynihio Ainsworth Arlynne Allison Jim Allison John Anderson Tom Afflwf GOVY Asdel Millicenf Ashley Bob Bcuiley Burron Boker Bonnie Bolch Senior Problems closs meets on the Senior Bench John Albi Gerry Andrews aff? Chorles Askin AI Bonks Elizabeth Borcloy Av-'X ,mg 'TNS "P""'K Julie Albi Roderic Andrews ff!! Joon Aunger in vp Benny Borber er-ri' Bruce Bcirreff v u Gary Barron Richard Beauchemin l f Bill Benscoier Eileen Biffle Barbara Black J Kirby Barron Clyde Barflebough Michael Baum Sondra Beal Beffy Beaudeffe Elizabefh Beck Victoria Benedicf John Bennett Richard Bensen Gilberf Berumen Carol Beufler Kay Bickley Jo Ann Biffle Don Bingham Alice Bishop Jewell Bishop Bill Black 'A ,,.... in fi. Bill and Denny consult on inconsequential matters rv-1 Q.. my k A I if il" W c if y i X 1 f' . if W ' A - .3 '-If rio -,rf , , J 3' x' Qs! 19 i A1 Senior play tickets go on sole. Pamela Boller Tom Boswell Jclnet Boyd Linda Brill JH 1' Judith Bullock Shirley Burgess 'f-'I' Ralph Butcher Douglas Byrkit Marian Blake Diane Boisot M.. Carol Boughner Carol Bowden Cecile Bowler f4"'ln 1 CQ! .A 1'7" Darrell Brook James Bryant Robert Bryant Barrett Busby Binnie Busby Robert Burgett Antoinette Calamia Constance Callari Richard Callaway 'O 'T' .1 r., .. ,. . , 3 rgvfffl , A FHS. , ,N5kLs ' I rg" P Mary Carmarata Bill Campbell Patricia Cannon John Caparone Robert Carlsfon Rene Caron l f 44, If if John Chandler James Chilton Jerry Cole Lynn Cole Nancy poses proudly wrfh the brains ji' X-I Michael Caparone Paul Carey Douglas Carlsfon Judith Carroll Berry Case Glenn Cavin TT Harvey Chozen Linda Cipriani Jean Cleary Ray CollefTe Larry Cooke Joyce Cosenfino Dick Covey John Covey Kathie Crest Carol Crews John Cowolell Susan Cramer Dick Croxall Sharon Crufchfielcl 56- Eric Cummings Robert Cummings Ronald Cummings Karen Cunningham Richard David Deryl Davis 7 x J Biology sfudets prepare fall display. Sharon Day Mike De Orio Janice Demers X wr .C' Celia Crawford Susan Cumins Dale Daniel Gay deGero William Dickey ig-:Y N-nf Roger Dills Judith Dixon lrene Dunn John Faustini Barbara Footitt Ronald Dimon il ' 1 Gail Douglas Cheryl Dinsmore Sally Draper Gary Ditfmar Joseph Dixon Christopher Dueker Sandi Dunlap Virginia Elder William Elclredge Diane Evans Edward Faeth V? i Robert Fearnehough Louis Fetterly David Fisher Kenneth Fobes 3 y '-4-lui Nancy Ford Mirrored s1ar being constructed in Metal Shop. X. " 1, ,M ' ' , 1 1 ,' r 1 l ..,..'-fm ci' Senior girls enjoy having lunch on rally court Walter Frickle Michael Froehle Gary Fultz Catherine Gallo Raymond Garcia Joan Gartner Khan- Gloria Geisler Jorene Geivet Paul Geller Joe Giles Shirley Gilrno're David Gilmour Jack Faye Jo Anna Funderburg ' fr ,ff Steve Gates Frank Giambrone Y' Annette Gish Linda Fricke Sally Galliher Bonnie Gefteney Carol Gibbons Phyllis Glafcke Barbara Goldman Jean Golisch Marylee Grant Roellen Grey Gerald Goldman Frank Goodson Steve Grant 'Y' Jo Gene Griffin Kiowas present football routine at Girls' League assembly. James Gorians Nancy Gough Gale Graham Arnold Green Joseph Green Karen Grell thang 'Q' James Grill Vernon Gross Lee Grund Barbara Gumz Everett Haack Eti Halkia Patricia Hall Robert Hall xl N, Y Tliomas Hall William Hamilton David Hardwick Terry Harkness Wendy Harris Susan Hatter Duke Haubelf Paula Havens x 10 '5 Edwin Heale Jay Heckman Dorothy Heffner John Heidfke kia Q elim fl - h gf f W i f Brenda Heifman Frank Heitmanek Carol Hendrixson Harvey Herr f , fi 1 Q- ...X i ll is BillHol'1lf One lone senior among hundreds of lowerclassmen. Dennis Harmer Clay Hayes Dick Heilman Harold Holman Candace Hopper L.. Carol Hutt Q me 3. Linda Jackley Robert Jancla Lee Hughes l'5 ii gn- Nancy Jackson Hugh Johnson Karen Johnson Michael Johnson 'J' Douglas Hunter Karen Hunter Jean lanno John Jacobi Thea Jacobs Juoly Janda Judith Johnston William Johnston Robert H. Jones Robert N. Jones Jack Jordan Donald Karotick ft .. G x K .. 15" T s 4 x Rosemary Kay Patricia Keith Senior class sponsor addresses senior assembly. R Bob Kerske Lynn Keyes Keith Klinger Mary Kloezernan 1 Q' Robert Kock Nancy Krag Richard Law Dick Lawrence L in ' . , .4 cbrr 1 ' Robert Kelly Joyce Kenney Pat Killeen Robert Kirby Marilyn Kirchner Ruth Knock Barbara Knopp Ronald Knufsen X Ken Kreuiz Robert Langsner Gary Laurnan Richard Leach Linda Lehr Troy Lemons 4 Z.. S f ff' N ' Charles Liberto Lynne Lindsay Gordon Maddock Judy Manly John Mann Larry Martin Richard C. Martin Richard C. Martin l if X' sr fk QQQ Ll ' '- 51 Varsity basketball lettermen receive awards. Alan Livingston Charles Luzader 137 Daniel Malloy Judith Malone Joyce Mark Gordon Marlow 1-1 Nancy Massa Richard Mathias .3 . Y-5 5 fl be.. , I af James Matthews Charlene Mayne Linda McCaffrey Robert McCormack Maryann McDonald Donna McElroy Verrnille McLaughlin Wayne Meng ef, ,:,- Q.-2,1 Christine Miller Faith Moody Glenna Morrow Valerie Nelson John Nourse Dolores Miller Ronald Miller Susan Miller Nancy Montgomery Clifford Moore Jack Moore Joyce Moore Nyda Moore 1 ar John Murphy Joel Myrvold K l.,.f jx i . , in rf' J Douglas Nanninga Jack Nelson x 'ffl' l l Kenneth Nichols John Nicolais James Norris Ronald Norton r -- .QM -- Peggy Parker ,vu Seniors march to Baccalaureate. Jesters' ploys ore highlights of 1he school year. Penny Peorson Kdy Perkins Fred Petersen Justine Piefrzok Arthur Ploof Sondro Pon David Prof? Joon Presfin John Pullrnon Lindo Posh Koay Pefrusho Poul Posilevvoif Judith Quorness ,gn- Jeon Romoge Judy Romsey George Rofhbun Cori Raymond Ehrholrdf Poul Tupper Peffir 2205. Cheryl Powers Suzonne Quigley Jonei Reeve 'VNYWQ ag ganna Myron Reichert Jean Reynolds uf-'R 'Xa 3 Ann Rhodarmer Judy Rhodes Tim Rite 'N -ug' Bert Roberts Harold Robinson Stuart Roether . if XM . Katherine Ross Barbara Royer Frank Rush Gary Salyer Victor Samarzich James Samuelson Bull and Dennis are an added attraction. Ralph Rittenhouse Christopher Rivera Nancy Roscoe Charles Rose Leslie Rush Beverly San Filippo Sue Ryerson Shauna Scanlon Pat Schenck Diane Schroer Johanna Schwartz Sam Scoleri Barbara Simon Dian Simons Judy Smith Richard Solar Jack Schuler Marcia Sheehan Hildegard Skrzypczok Judy Solberg Colleen Schurter Judy Shoemaker James Smeenge Sandra Spaulding lk ki fQinX Donald Schwab Y C? 5, X 5, Marie Siegel 'T C5 Barbara Smith Margaret Spencer Mr. Wilson tells seniors of play plans. 6' Patricia Spencer X Vincent Spencer Q y I Jerry Siadley Roger Stevens Barbara Sioltze Richard Strong Graham Siubblefield 3. Allen Swan Ingrid Swenson Edward Thomas v- A, 3-Vi 'r u .-- . r 'f A , John Sfaiely Linda Sievvarf Neva Sfafely Carolyn Sfirling Ann Sullivan John Sullivan 58 Janef Thornhill Gary Tickemeyer Kiowos and women faculty show their athletic abilities. Thomas Trippe John Van Ornum Barry Wayleif William Whifehead Seniors enioy themselves at the Sr. Patrick Dance. Bob Tross Theodore Vecchione Douglas Wear Richard Wightman afar Linda Treece lv ll if A Douglas Turner Leslie Van Doren Ken Verhoef Betty Wallace I , , ,, if . 1 Q s oi i i7 se L 1111 x N Joyce Weidaw Edward Wenzlaff Joan Wiig Charles Williams 50' Peggy Tremayne Richard Van Horn I . Jeanine Warren Sharon Wheeler Laurie Williams Sherril Williams Roger Willis Susi Wilson Linda Winchell Karen Wingard William Winn Edward Witt Judy Wood su. X' W!- e X V or i is 5 i s n X f 3 Joseph Woosley Jackie Worker Wayne Wragg Dale Wullner Robert Wyatt Sherry Yandle Jeri Yates Darrell Yost SENIORS NOT PICTURED Ron Andrews Madeline Phillips Jean Bristol Rod Phillips Gregory Huehl Wally Ray Adeline Oppedisano Donna Redman ii Helene Winer V -v nd' f Q ,wi rf, ', iv- iigygvuj V i A. , 4,1 ,gym If N35 it 'i M fig: 4. .5 p-.,e ,Q 1 Joel Woodward Peggy Wunderlich IC V-env Donald Yost 51 Dt ,O Officers Cindy Davelaar, Karen Bunde, Leighton Taylor, Chuck Donegon, Penny Mills l Sponsors Jarnes Calderhead, Barbara Morgan, James Smalldon, Barbara Aron Looking forward To The privileges of Their Senior year, The Juniors have had a full year of oufsranding achievemenrs which will be long remembered. Sponsoring The barbecue was a kick-off To their activ- ities. They also hosfed The Seniors aT The Junior-Senior Prom early in May. 'Q i 11 ...L- First row: Gail Waskin, Carol Pearce, Sharon McKenna, Betty Palmisano, Maureen Mclntosh, Sue Sutherland, Betsy Burghardt, Glenda Walton, Gail Gates, Pat Dillon, Priscilla Shadbolt, Ramona Reyes. Second row: Charles Dineen, Brice Dinsmore, Dick Blades, Gary Johnson, Susan Jensen, Chris Oeltman, Byron Baron, John Ekins, Bob Brown, Jack Sheridan, Gary Copson, Phillip Simon. Third row: Tom Weir, Michael Ely, Jim Lewis, Bruce Randall, Bob Brown, Bob Roach, Mike Proctor, Margo Prong, Nancy Camphouse, Hans Gallert, Tom King, Scott Reynolds, Fourth row: Emil Costantino, Jim Murphy, Dave Groner, Burton Marshall, Bob Snyders, Howard Faddis, Neal Henke, Gary Shima, Howard Runyon, Jean Survillas, Linda Ross, Barbara Nicholson. First row: Jean Sparks, Joan Hutchison, Sherri Kuiper, Donna Bray, Sherri Wolsey, Barbara Carlson, Jolene Daverson, Pam Pflueger, Ruth Wainwright, Diane Hull, Barbara Hansen, Priscilla Norah. Second row: Erin Elliot, Kathy Wholey, Janet Corradini, Carol Harrington, Luanne Cobb, Susan Danz, Karen Quackenbush, Pat Cronshey, Linda Botts, Nanci Davis, Elizabeth Arnold, Barbara Jones, Lindy Lucas. Third row: Joan Ignatius, Ann Malefyt, Claudette Perier, Marilyn Merritt, Pam lngraham, Ann Marsh, Mary Simmons, Toni Carava, Jan Le Pez, Gerry Kane, Carol Carver, John Buckley. Fourth row: Lewis Brown, Unidentified, Larry Robinson, Sandy Stone, Pat Simper, Steve Lawerence, Don Bryant, Bob Asmus, Bill Cockman, Paul Formes, John Muntz. First row: Mary Tumpney, Judy Martin, Bob Shank, Ross Buckwalter, Tim Platt, John Cheney, Raymond Holst. Second row: Bob Anderson, Jo Donafrio, Barbara Slater, Mark Spoelstra, Jerry Beschta, Tom Dodge, Linda Keller, Jack Vaughn, Leonard Veit, Virginia Manning. Third row: John Northrup, Sandy Perkins, Don Gates, Dave Whitney, David Wills, Phillip Simon, Chris Mecca, Tom Weir, Doug Mattingly, Gary Kennedy, Harry Winters. Fourth row: Dan Whittington, Jack Pearce, Schuy Bradley, Bob Roach, Gary Reno, Jim Gross, Alan Jewell, Charley Bailey, Tom Gee, Bob Davis, Steve Porter, Jack Deaton. 'Wx First row: Karen Wingo, Andrea Berry, Judy Schneiders, Jack Lawless, Frank Biava, Carol Minsburg, Gini Cooper, Rose Raffin, Dolores Vetari, Suzanne Clarkson, Nancy Agaianian, Second row: Jim Gardner, Gary Sullivan, Bobbie Smart, Linda Schaefer, Gail Kennedy, Linda McClay, Carol Bretonne, Mike Large, Bob Cook, Dave Rogers, David Ragains, Pete Mumford. Third row:'Bob Roach, John Coombes, Mike Tobey, Eugene Edmundson, Dudley Sadlon, Maureen Kelley, Pat Young, Jack Mildon, Roy Turnbull, Ralph Roberts, M. Brian, John Betsinger, Fourth row: Glen Barton, Bob Densham, Mike Bridges, Joe Bryant, Lyn Laister, Bob Chapel, Dave Groner, Tom Watson, Bill Scott, Norman Martin, Bob Swanson. +9C!ll"' First row: Diane Ling, Sara Sproul, Dorthea Bono, Linda Dickson, Jim Smith, Steven Taylor, Dorrell De Freitas, Donna Miller, Norma Mazzolini, Karen Temple, Vicki Brown, Augustine Hamm. Second row: Nadine Waldvogel, Lynn Horacek, Linda Stein, Wendy Wicks, Mary Beth Touchscherer,-Terry Moore, Mel Caines, Billy Saunders, Marshall Stevens, Jimpson, John Garcia, John Watkins. Third row: Bruce Johnson, Don Glenn, Dennis Nutt, Susan Huff, Lisa Elers, Ken Morrison, Ted Peterson, Doryann Lamel, John Northcote, John Weiss, Kenneth Soukesian, Robert Kramer. Fourth row: Gary Stafford, Norman Dickey, Bill Dirks, Bill Morse, Sam Dickson, Tim Olson, Bob Scheffell, Unidentified, Pete Wood, Jim Bennett, Don Dean, Bill Jurden. .Q , i First row: Eileen Shore, Kathy.Chadwick, Augusta Keck, Kim Pritchard, Eleanor Desatoff, Colleen Quigley, Betty Stein, Carol Pederzini, Diane Hennisse, Jean Gioia, Gerry Tobin. Second row: Jill Binnings, Connie Goehler, Joan Wilson, Rosemarie Burnett, Hanna Penn, Lindo Fisher, Patsy Duntley, Phyllis Daniels, Ellen Boyd, Mary Huntington, Betty Habdas, Jerry Wilson. Third row: Marti Tallent, Toni Massa, Jane Mowery, Ilene Robinson, Roger Diebold, Tom Cullen, Chuck Mattern, Howard Hilla, Jerry Adams, John Mclntyre, Lance Haserot, Larry Hughes. Fourth row: Jon Lloyd, Neal Loury, Barry Curtis, John Jelinek, Jerry Johnston, Bob Beckwith, Allen Lundburg, David Kingsbury, David Peacock, Charles Peterson, Dick Parker. First row: Gail Heidbreder, Charlene Grant, Sandy Glasco, Adam Brockie, Larry Costa, Chuck Donegan, Ruth McMullen, Linda Wells, Holly Aronson, Stevie Pomeroy, Barbara Redmond, Leigh Fairbanks. Second row: Fred Soule, Roger Haserot, Kim Gottschall, Steve Franz, Vernon Gerendasy, Warren Coleman, Gary Leer, Gary Smith, Bob Roberts, Richard McMillan, Jim Billig, John Juhring. Third row: Gary Field, Bob Guiwits, Grant Syphers, Linda Hunt, Don Rogers, Jim Loomis, Jerry Johnston, Kelly Lund, Jim Kittmar, Mike Kirchgestner, Jim Smith, John Donnelly. sa 9. e , I A rwppwmunw M' siriw . - "' ar-1' L ,' '1 A -1 First row: John Di Caro, Joyce Wisdom, Sandy Schlick, Paula Drerup, Karen Shanley, Anne Winchester, Carolyn Taft, Sherri Scarborough, Lynn Luther, Barbara Roles, Mary Jo Stately. Second row: Pat McCracken, Lynne Snyder, Charmaine Cummings, Judy Wootan, Karen Lundquist, Theana Sinclair, Lynn Langston, Joan Briglab, Donna Luke, Kirsten Johnston. First row: Shirley Grushkin, Dawn Melchoir, Sandi Stevens, Sally Elmquist, Unidentified, Pat Mullin, Lynne Smith, Donna Latham, Linda Wellington, Sue North, Judy Hoelsher, Duane De Freitas. Second row: Dean Ann Gath, Mary Jane Fuerst, Valerie Skoglund, Sharon Craig, Lynda Rajnus, Gail Sparks, Marybeth Bonham, Patty Jones, Lynda Schack, Pat McCreary, Susie Pearring, Judy Hoogendorn. Third row: Sharon Binghm, Karen Bunde, Sandy David- son, Lois Baker, Joan Janis, Jill Janis, Sara McGah, Jan Seinsoth, Pat Stratford, Judy Huff, Carolyn Garner. Fourth row: Dennis Wightman, Richard Schaller, Gary Pedretti, Gary Davidson, Bob Davis, Richard Hansen, Mike Michaels, Murray Seidner. First row: Patty Mathias, Marsha Carey, Linda Wellington, Carol Endicott, Lorrainne Gibbons, Ina Rodriues, Sharon Bristol, Sandy Phillips, Unidentified Valerie lvens, Janet Gilmour, Gwen Buxton. Second row: Anne Thompson, Barbara Randall, Marietta Viola, Edith Kent, Carol Cartwright, Penny Mills, Valerie Sharing, Karen Bassford, Carol Harentan, Monica Leer, Cheryl Frieser, Dorainne Knight, Margo Ashauer. Third row: Toni Carava, Dotty Yates, Jan Le Pez, Cindy Davalaar, Pat Mullen, Unidentified, Barbara Haddock, Linda Griffith, Marcia Petty, Steve Truan, Sue Gable. Fourth row: Loren Brubaker, Mike Davis, Tam Kreinbring, Bob Asmus, Ron Jones, Jeff Braff, Tom Meng, Buddy Brown, Mike Sweeney. Sophomore Class... The Sophomore Class officers have held the responsibility of leading this class the past year. They are Molly Sinkule, Dave Crocker, Joyce Ash, and Kaye Hansen. 1 Massa, Sponsor: Mr. Louis Grenier After enjoying a successful e y ar at "Arcadia," our sophomores have exchanged expressions of bewilderment and wonclerment for confident smiles. They have shown lively school spirit and active interest by attending and promoting all campus activities. Thus they have proved them- selves good "Apaches," making swift progress 'foward becom' ing capable upper-classmen. X NPR l i H. ENR . First row: S. Naasz, N. Gates, unidentified, S. Scott, J. Jorgenson, S. Kieth, Unidentified, M. Hendricks, C, Norton, L. Van Horn, C, Covington, B Campbell, B. Broughten. Second row: J. McDonald, D. Korff, Unidentified, B. Hansen, S. Barnes, V. Meiners, L. McCIean, B. Bowden, J. Maddux J. Roach, L. Williams, M. Mohr. Third row: T. Williamson, C. Schlick, J. Traver, G. Newton, N. Philp, R. Neill, Unidentified, B. Longpre, P. Johnson F. Haynes, F. Bearden, B. Beal, Fourth row. Unidentified, L. Cosbey, Unidentified, G. Kriss, B. Starkenburg, R. Rhodes, B. Wofford, Unidentified Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, T. McDowell. First row: S. Kessinger, P. Green, M. Sinkule, C. Mathis, S. Desbrok, A. Rasmussen, P. Hunnex, N. French, D. Crane, L. Ferguson, D. Justin. Second row. C. Pullman, P. Lamb, W. Sims, J. Neil, H. Avellar, L. Smith, C. Haight, B. Janks, R. Don, S. Posniel, T. Boyd, J. Miller. Third row: C. Randolph, M. Gough, E. Wellington, B. Hair, J. Wheelhouse,, D. Wolters, J. Schlesinger, A. Jackson, K. Ginn, N. Waters, A. Gilispy, C. Jackley. Fourth row. B. Touchon, D. MacQuarrie, R. Hedge, H. Scholz, D. Hall, S. Spare, S. Gillet, B. Meiners, B. Butterfield, R. Rice, T. Anspach, S. Edwards. First row. D. Whipple, C. Powell, B. Himelhock, S, Spangler, C. Hagen, J. X Grill, E. Rayburn, Hamel, B. Isham, G. Russell, D. Treicher, P. Arozena Second row. D. Brinton, H. Todd, R. Winblad, S. Heinz, P. Graham, J. Ash, L. Hunsucker, M. Peterson, J. Spencer, M. Killeen, J. Parker, D. Crocker Third row: T. Montgomery, T. Angel, J. Dyer, M. Lamb, R. Schaeffer, P. Kerr, R. Turley, D. Anderson, J. Mills, T. Wilmsen, J. Batchelder, T. McCasline Fourth row: J. Taylor, P. Wells, J. Baker, D. Stotger, R. Hilton, R. Wyper, J. Bowen, P. Starkenburg, L. Giovanini, C. Puett, J. Moor, T. Steel. First row: D. Knell, Unidentified, G. Clark, L. Sparling, S. Cory, R. Schield, B. Lynn, S. Chauncey, L. Hicks. Second row: J. Brill, S. Schuman, M. La Ray, L. Heimdahl, Undentified, P. Johnstone, B. Bancroft, S. Dreyer, B. Greiner, B. Cranert. Third row. J. Conners, A. Howe, J. Malmrose, H. Budworth, M. Clarke, J. Johnston, J. Mann, L. Howard, S. Cress, S. Mahoney. Fourth row. L. Henry, C. Hunt, R. Miller, M. Crews, L. Bush, L. Whitcanack, D. Felton, J. Michael, T. Mayne, B. Clarkson, K. Kirmsse. V' "'N all' - so Q' l First row: S. Medine, P. Dion, C. Ricker, N, Jusenios, K. Outson, J. Willis, G. Fraschetti, J. Michler, B. Boker, S. Boilley, S. Pritchard, C, Rucker. Second row. Unidentified, E. Laughlan, Unidtified, L. Andrews, M. Blyth, J. Belter, M. Haleman, D. Nissen, P. Smith, D. Messik, L, Kelso, A. Becher. Third rowf. J. Dale, J. Gillespie, L. Johnson, E. Anderson, M. Rice, J. Harmon, D. Uhl, B. Nolan, S. Zook, H. Smith, K. Davis, M, Austin. Fourth row: G. Broadhead, J. Brook, T. Hansen, J, Barrington, P. Davis, J. Wiig, M. Killeen, G, Mykes, S. l-lix, E. Tallerino, R. Ricker, P. Perkins it L ' ! First row: J. Quenzler, P, Roe, O. Shields, D. Chasseur, D. Lamatrice, D. Hachten, H. Marsh, L. Lug, Unidentified, S. Breggi, S. Brakney, Second row: D. Jackson, J. Strangio, Unidentified, H. Hawkins, G. Holroyd, B. Gasper, J. Collins, B. Reno, F. Pash, D. De Pew, J. De Pew, B, Grill. Third row: A. Mecke, B. Ware, R. Patterson, M. Gough, C. Gallo, W. Lambert, J. Kohler, D. Burrows, R. Martinez, J. Hawk. Fourth row: S. Allen, B. Rite, T. Sheldon, Unidentified, J. Higgins, J. Kingman, R. Di Noto, A. Clements, B. Starkenburg, D. Ashworth, J. Green. U? First row: M. Watson, S. Davis, C. Greve, R. Costner, L. Chase, R. McCloud, J. Brown, L. Woole, S. Dobson, L. Bryant, K. Ackerman, P. Stoepker. Second row: G. Hawkins, J. Miller, A. Seidner, J. Anforth, B. Rush, B. Cerino, B. Cireno, D. McCormick, D. Wetmore, L. Strather, B. Komer, R. Wilt. Third row. Unidentified, C. Soper, Unidentified, L. Scalise, R. DeLong, J. Goddard, D. Geddes, Unidentified, B. Phillips, G. Biffle, C. Eyles. Fourth row: J, Shade, J. Carnal, Unidentified, P. Lundberg, J. Kiehl, G. Boukather, J. Spencer, J. Frickle, K. Clayman, J. Surra, D. Knutson, J. Gregoli. ,..-1 I L . V 'fi fuk. H.:- dk? First row: T. Hamel, B. Isham, B. Martin, P. Greenberg, J. Sutton, R, Sparks, S. Kaplan, J. Faeth, S. Miller, G. Higgens, M. Knock. Second row: S. Heinz, C, Horstman, S. Splaver, N. Haddock, S. Whitehouse, C. Cummings, J. Huber, J. Leonard, L. Drake, M. Merrill, V. Jones, J. Royce. Third row: S. Jackson, K. Hansen, J. Knoth, Unidentified, L. Mclntosh, C. Pontius, E. Horstman, D. Plies, R. Wheatly, R. Fontana, F. Hudson, T. McGill. Fourth row: M. Tillotson, J. Parker, D. Donisthorpe, T. Angel, K. Hylton, J. Taylor, S. Cress, A. Stangel, H. Pratt, E. McCracken, J. Plamondon, B. Tennison. 4225- ann-omvmoa -lA 5, D, P Q J K . ,li ' .Q W First row: M. Lewis, S. Robins, B. Sheriff, Unidentified, M. Gilkerson, C. Huseby, S. Fritch, L. Richards, G. Ginter, T, Campbell, S. Ybarro, J. De Muth. Second row: M. Hester, M. Dolmon, S. Johnson, R. Roy, P. Liehr, R. Swartz, Unidentified, C. O'NeilI, Unidentified, V, Simson, M. Meyers, M. Tinkhom. Third row: C. Malone, K. Miller, D. Logan, C. Wenzel, J. Wiig, D. Jensen, D. Elliot, B, MacKenzie, Unidentified, B. Clifton, G. Keller, D. Fickos. Fourth row1 S. Perlof, B. Eden, B. Carol, W. Reid, T. Mayne, D. Hahn, B. Winn, D. Casey, B, De Witt, K. Eilers, D. Lorenz, N. Wrobbel. gg i I First row: A. Barony, L. Ferris, J, Carver, S. Sayler, C. Hansen, B. Wells, R. Costner, J. Rogers, Unidentified, G. Pearce, J, Gruben, B. Plante. Second row: J. Scott, S. Bodnar, M. Wilson, V. Bell, J. Troxel, L. Hege, S. Johns, B. Hickman, P. Elliot, S. Conners, K. Doctor, T. Osborn. Third row: F. Childs, T. Leslie, J. Alexander, J. Houck, M. Schwab, M. Healy, L. Oppedisono, P. Clifton, M. Yaffe, J. Bowman, D. Steinbrenner, S. Betsinger. Fourth row: C. Uhlman, H. Moody, B. Anderson, J, Alutin, K. Gutheil, Unidentified, J, Zoellner, W. Pauley, S, Christy, L. Harper, J, Southall, A. Reeve. p 'lt- ? E tl 'nxt First row. D. Gilchrist, D. Donaldson, R. Reposz, N. Allen, G. Lockwood, M.Going, L. Blomo, R. Loechner, C. Kleckner, M. McCarty. Second row. J. O'Connor, R. Schreck, B. Bucich, K. Phillips, A. Scanlon C. Churchill, A. Schmocker, C. Mueller, K. Keith, B. Faye, R. Nash, S. Compas. Third row: W. Fontany, M. Mryant, R. Beath, J. Aiken, M. Thorpe, G. Reynolds, M. Richards, R. Kuhl, L. Henkey, D. Lands, P. Shively, N. Whitney. Fourth row: T. Santo, V, Freirnanis, B. Morrison, M. Yates, B. Russell, P. Smith, M. Cumins, B. Marquardt, E. Loieski, F. Yeager, R. Schramm, H. Fisher. First row: M. Boudreau, G. Draughon, G. Syers, B. Chamberlain, L. Frank, N, Cummings, D. Lamatrice, M, Northrop. Second row. B. Kaskel, J, Murray, G. North, C. Tharalson, F, DeBenedet, A. Bailey. Freshman Class Starting our their high school yecirs by being "lowly" fresh- men, the largest clciss in school history hos proved ci creclii To Arcciclio with Their porficipoiion in Frosh Doy ond their suppori of school ociiviiies. SPONSORS Mary Robinson Joe Glennin OFFICERS Pres. Bill Compoy Vice Pres. Lindo Lucas Sec. Lgyle Livengood Treos. Judy Wolters I W .4 . xl Iii r Row l: K. Beatton, S. St. Thomas, B. Holman, L. Wilson, J. Dorr, K. Scheele, D. Butler, S. Kirkpatrick, C. Saenz, K. Dorset, M. Wills, J. Wolters. Row 2. C. Smith, D. Keyes, D. Gioia, J, Pope, E. Snyder, D. Kriss, P. Caldwell, D. Birch, D. Schelen, A. Chozen, M. Sands. Row 3: A. Vacaro, S. Benedict, E. Linquist, B. Dugan, F. Scalzo, P. Ramirez, L. Carpenter, J. Lime, S. Bingham, G. Jordan, L. Kessler, J. Bice, R, Edwards, Row 4: D. McDonald, T. McCavley, K. Wilson, D. Nelson, M. Raymond, E. Von Baur, W. Frazier, M. Stately, J. Ottosen, L. Cheney, M. Wright, R. Feurst, S. Baum, B. Banks. X . , - z an-. A 12 , Row T. C. Wingard, D, Kieker,, J. Putman, B. Jones, R. Anolrews, P. Garcia, B. Nicholais, J. Twist, L. Wolsey, L. Kreinbring, D. Martins, P. Leese. Row Q: D, Joslin, M. Chatters, C. Busch, D. Weaver, A, Omohundro, M. Layne, B. Bateman, K. Steinman, S. Lamb, N. Cavalini, N. Giggey, M. Mastain, Row 3: J. Coke, K. Connelly, P. McCullum, S. McDonald, C. Martin, S, Mclntosh, S. Bensinger, N. Fadclis, R. Florea, R. Hansen, J. Woodruff, T. Collins. Row 4. G. Schott, B. Kuhn, K. Maior, G. Powers, R. McElderry, B, Wortendylce, R. Ott, D. Neary, B. Wood, E. Schenk, W. Phillips, J. Wolfe. -en ug Gb. 1 4 I i ,,x I. .1 A Row l. J. Perkins, E. Bryant, B. Wagner, S. North, B. Griffiths, R. Kettel, B. Hermanson, J. Koch, S. Suter, J. Gathers, R. Dierlam, P. Marriott. Row 2. P Smith, B. Harris, S. Van Frank, T. Silberhorn, N. Dirks, Cole, C. Fisher, S. Cramer, D. Holmes, P. Wareham, D. Fisher. Row 3- L. Davis, W. Stirrett, S Stuhrman, Unidentified, J. Sprowl, Unidentified, B. Shirna, D. Pendleton, R. Olrnstead, J. Stoltze, D. Marquardt, R, Green. Pow 4. T Jensen, T, Corbett J. Commander, C. Livingston, J. Cole, W. Stephens, D. Nunn, H. Hamilton, G. Boettger, N, Widmon, C. Crockett, J Cooke. fl 1 , F llilw Row 1. C. Budson, P. Alpaugh, L. Andrus, D. Stubbs, L. Young, C, Hebing, T. Hodges, S. Jackson, J. Galeotti, R. Bell, B. Herr, J Andersen, S. Stevens, C, Hancock, Row 2: A. Bessolo, B. Chaffin, K, Hecht, F. Scalora, B. Calver, J, McHenry, L. Lloyd, A. Molino, P. Liska, B. Eichorn, J. Friewald, B. Cooper Row 3: M. McKey, D, Dixon, S. Bridges, K. Lidholm, S. Hayes, M. Lister, M. Schoonmaker, K. Young, C, Pitts, L. Blyth, S. Pollock, K, Wesser. Pow 4: M Daleo, D. Srnethurst, S. Houghton, S. Waylett. J. Baker, P. Mortenson, J. Dean, M. Fraser, S. Vest, A. Moore, J. Goldberg, B Bentley. 4 . nnwoawu ,fg 1 nsahinnkf. it ."'9 ' 115' , 'Stal' 5-'fx -. tn- ' . kpc ,fig wi , NE, Row lf Unidentified, N. Kaufman, J. Pitchess, R. Breault, W. Patterson, G. Peck, V. Carlson, R. Duhn, Boomer, J. Rogers, C. Katz, M. Clarke, A. Fewkes. Row 7. M. Musick, L. Henderson, D. Oppedisano, D. Soukasian, D. Ammon, Blank, A. McDoniel, P. Guglielmotti, B. Boird, D. Wells, M. Roinus, J. O'Keefe. Row 3: J. Nauslor, T. Riggins, T. Simouich, D. Gienn, S. Hayden, S. McClintoc, M. Maeardicin, J. Grary, E. Olson, W. Norman, W. Springstean, W. Weik. i M. Cooper, R. Pupo, S. Steinberg, M. Schoeck, B. Williams, C. Manning, D. Woldvogel, P. Scott, B. Leigh. Row I. C. Pfetferkorn, J. Gilbert, R. Justin, Row 2. M. Turchi, V. Vaughn, M. Stennett, D. Clinton, R. Adurno, J. Lorenz, L. Loe, B. Caswell, D. Mumford, H. Schmitt, E. Towsley, G. Cramer. Row 3: B. Halverson, L. VanVleet, M. Leberthon, S. Bodily, S. Carmel, A. McKlveen, N. McFee. S. Fisher, V. Smiley, W. Watson, P. Darling, N. Hollingshead. Row A: A. Donnelly, J, James, S. Monn,, S. Elwell, K. Johnson, S. Hoffman, B. Scott, H. Free, R. Jetton, R. King, R. Woodruff, K. Hackman. 68 L- ,ff X i 4 f vu" a s I Row l. Wellman, R. Davis, C. Huff, C. Brod, M. Graham, B. Harwood, P. Donegan, V. Wells, P. Perry, D. D'Angelo, J. Watson, J. Elevato. Row 2: E. Ellis, A. Edmondson, D. O'DonnelI, N. Southerland, J. Eiseman, R. Dunlap, J. Baker, K. Blair, C. Wheeler, N. Williams, L. Dufresne, C. Green. Row 3: N. Jurden, E. Hermann, L. Hord, R. Rowland, D. Emm, M. Austin, N. Brutche, P. Dunham, S. Laughlin, P. Juintini, J. Willman, T. Kays. Row 4. W. Woods, V. Evckels, L. Cummings, A. Pomeroy, D. Crabill, J. Rite, B. Dennis, J. Darrow, R. Dietz, B. Hobbs, R. lsler, M. Davis. Q lw-r -Q, 'lf Row li B. Wyatt, M. Caperone, P. Husband, C. Spencer, P. Covington, K. Sheridan, J. Young, C. Howell, M. Anderson. Row 2. S. Vusich, G. Elliott, L. Adams, S. Holmes, G. Berkey, L. Ferncase, L. Kelley, B. Bishop, J. Rein, N. Malling, R. Burlingame, H. Roach. Row 3. T. Chapman, R. Wilson, M. Williams, G. Clarke, M. Cooper, P. Cole, J. Anderson, V. Stephenson, P. Waddell, S. Klomm, J. Jack, C. Ely. Row 4. J. Barfuss, A. Bivens, K. Johnson, J. Hamilton, D. Nanninga, J. Janis, R. Black, L. Kimsbury, D. Linder, B. Porteus, A. Albert, D. Banlce. 'illlllllllllll . Q' li: 'iflllh I Row lr A. Schneider, W. Schrt L, Seidner, G. Shaw, J, Shaft ur, er, g H. De Pietro, M. Reynolds, P. Mercer, J. Robey, L. Miller, Grant, E. Marsack, C. Mathews, K. Taft, J. Searle. Row 2 R. Kusik, C. Conger, N. Mason, B. Robinson, J. Kelly, L. Perkins, D. Reutter, A. Reichert, J. Hamby. Row 3. Becison, D Schuck, E. Schreckengost, Rennick, Sanders, S, Burchett, K. Luster, T. Meguiar, D. Warrender, A. Barnes, Rule, J. Spillard. Row 4: D. Taylor, J. Risse D. Seaman, J. Gorton, R. Simmons, Merritt, Miller, Rogers, M. Carey, B. Spreen, Schultz, Ross. 31 'F Row I. K. Carnpltouse, C. Youts, K. Stewart, J. Marquand, J. Spotts, B. Quesness, L. De Angelo, G. Tharalson, W. Hesbol, J. Lund. Row 2. T. Bower J. Davis, V. Goydas, S. Hoyt, C. High, T. Teeples, P. Neely, K. Close, L. Hildreth, B. Howard, J. Hill, A, Reid. Row 3: Thompson, C. Hustgren, L. McEachern N. Heath, N. Weidmon, L. Harwood, N. Grushkin, Kath, P. Cole, F. Viscio. Row 4: D. Davis, K. Grondahl, B. Kolar, E. Fluet, N. Bryant, D. Harmer, M Aarris, S. Wayment, L. McAbee, P. Rowe, C. Gillis, P, Tullgren. 7 i Row I. B. Nash, C. Slemmon, K. Sheridan, S. Stoll, Fiebelcorn, C, Carlander. Row 21 J. Juliam, N. Cooke, B. Dietze, R. Barnes, P. Sommer, C. Cochran K. Kloke, L. Livingoop, O. Willis. Row 3: W. Kogan, B. Widman, L. Summerll, S. Cantwell, T. Sullivan, R. Bailey, D, Williams, D, Whittington, B. Campoy W. Ross, T, Alexander, R. Wheatly. Row 4. R. Allen, K. Jorkenson, M. Riddle, G. Johnson, P. La Forge, S. Malcolm, R. Martin, M .Mitchell, V. Swanson C, Sidies, J. Marsh, R. Sherman. . A r-15 l x-.-r M 131 f"l A I J 1 + N Row lg B. Lubouiski, D, Soule, S. Baroni, S. Capehart, J. Wiltse, C. Tuttle, K. Nisbit, S, Phares, M. Kirkley, J. Corgano, L. Lucas, S. Koerner. Row 2: B. Stucki, R. Latham, R. Ayala, J, Weidow, W. Street, B. Griffin, B. Minoux, N. Roth, R. Withrow, L. Lambiel, B, Morgan, D. Ladd. Row 3. D. Coe, K. Lidholm, G. Broske, M. Brent, G. Pierce, S. Steck, G Larsen, G. Walovicz, P. Redlark, J. Blake, J. Althouse, J. Harris.. Row 4: G. Emmett, C. Evans R. Hyder, T Welch, C. Macaslen, J. Pietrzak, D. Munger, CS. Grant, V. Kettel, C. Alexander, M. Brophy, K. Garrick. Row l .Unidentified, J. Buxton, H. Silcock, C. Whitehouse, R. Hillhouse, Simpson, C. Goldman, L. Farago, G. Wells, P. McCarty. Row 2: Williams, Heinz D, Wilson, Melbo, Rees, Knoll, Shapiro, B. Swet, P. Maranville, Goode. Row 3: B. Blanchard, B. Lietz, J. Leavenworth, M. VanderVeen, Unidentified P. Gittings, Gunn, Solar, Woodruff, J. Fenton. Row 1. L. Sills, P. Rimpau, M. Popik, S. Danielson, Unidentified, V. Abrahams, D. Philp, J. Rude, D. Gaffney, J. Pearring, G. Pon, G. Phillips, C. Christy Row 2. G. Papac, D. Williams, J. Partridge, P. Bailey, W. Barusch, M. McClellan, J, Brown, Unidentified, J. Hayden, D. Rautert, M. Rhoades, R. Dahlgren Row 3: C. Radford, W. Miclean, R. Giambrone, R. Essling, G. Aunger, E. Love, D. Fields, R. Ramon, C. Detralia, B. Harris, F. Markolt, G. Jones. Row 4 D. Hand, G. Miller, G. Way, B. Groff, J. Ocello, R. Waterhouse, K. Brinkman, B. Stadler, Unidentified, K. Brokesby, R. Survillias, M. McCreary. ROW 21 B, Hunter, J. Spitzer, J, Betsinger, L. Wurtz, J. Burr, J. Blockstock, K. Homberlln, D. Thurber, S. Johnstone, J. Von Monen, R. Wyott. ROW I: N Rowland, J, Davis, D. Ftsber, C. Vance, Bebensee, M. Collczwoy, B. Gibbs, D. Bodnor, K. Woerrno, T. Glenn. l 'Q X i xx J' . - 4' Q i, -- N I 'il' I . an ,V O Q- llllilllllq Organizations are an active part of our school years. A variety of them are offered Where stu- dents with similar interests gather together to learn, share, and create. The Inter Club Coun- cil, composed of members from each campus club, coeordinates common activities and creates new ideas. K0 i Xi if- my W? x ng 5? ME, -Q-'IQ m - m 552 gk . J FW, .. 5-Q xxx Q 38,5 2 'Ox X 9 xx Q egg v 1, px, R V X1 is Q 5' 38 XX .ml ki I 2?- l Emu Spwcer Sue Muller fgmmw A ,-514, .: vwegaf,-1-111 . sy :fy-f --14 ..... ,mlsw .. .. i,5.Q..X33g,i fr f . 1l,.,,, K+ ng, fl 'fm , Arcadlah lhu Annool SToll l5 lorTsToTTTly oc3Tuye ThroughouT The onthe school yvou. They plow lcuyoms, sell od- VHITMIITQ, cmcl Compose Copy, Armool phoTogf Tuplmezs Com he seem oT oll school ocTiviTies Tok- mq pTcTows lor The book To help recoxcl our high school Twwemom'-5. Under The excelleol direcTiorT ol' Mrs. Hozel Reegler The sTUclemTs hove or- gomizecl The yorloos porTs ol The Arcoclion from The luegivming sToges To The QompleTed book. 1 F' ' T 1, 'Tl Ymfr'-5. 1.4 ...ff X , i lWwmTx Klwvs flrlxmw Nlhsov Shmrl Kulper, Q lhTvlm1rr1 V-olrlmlm Sorry The plTo'ocgTf1plT4'-rs qol los? 'rw The- flmlc room Left To right. Ist row: S. Miller, L, Posh, J, Ycnes, C. Mendel, A. Gish, P. KeiTh, B. Goldman, S. McKenna, S. Kuiper. Qnd row: J. Grill, B. Spicer, D. Yost, B. Bon S. Cummins. Q-N 1 he Dom blow ,I QTMXKWID ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL, ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA Volume 5-No. 1 January 'I4, 1957 ..1Is PACHE BAND GOES TO WASHINGT N Band Members Leave in 2 Groups I1 Lux! wvffk Ur. Nnrvs-2II If. 4 Xriw, axmcrirxtezmmlt nz' Ar- Wuim 1'fx'I1rvl:IQ :xml f1cIl1mI uf- 'zwzzxh c'f-rrxgrivtvd :Ir-mxls for hgrgQ.beefn1frvmryAsuQas.essiwI in IIHTS year. fl! VTLIH .V - . rx bmmgmg EY5f7Y'.'1"TI5Ys year mil lu' hr- HU wg' pmpe1Kwh1Ga..,bfa6Q nwiimoliy iifedwfrrom , rxmzwx lxwaxmdem' Sfsdffpva. mzwrh mx tI1ll!lIi!Ij of rhc we bands feprewnring she Sense of lil gmc? vw-7zxr'rs1fv lw Alllfvlff M 4fxxfMzavr:1r'y QI Isw!1r':1zpvw will Irv gQmX1cifwI 'a YNY' EIU' '!kv'HiIf4'l'Q HI' Uu- The womestcr test finals Wm 'VIII 'Win Im Mnnday' Iizmzi rnvruwlxs REIT? .!wVx'x' January Nth. :md crm. Awww Irwin l,,mKh,N,.. 1 x I W NYM tmue thrnughuut that Ami? A,:,5,,I.MV1 JW, Arm ml AUM weeki. 'The ssfmester ends Jimgwi Aiww Mmm. VM ml Weonrene fvndenrskflffvflff' N Afmmr rm must... ,Img I fem. la, A Um- YIIW Second 5"'nwRI'?r IN' Rzwzrixxsrfxwzz. Rivhzmi Ii+f:z-max Q Gwyw mug Im I'QIIruarI" II' IIIRIW ifirum znujuw. ISIII Iilgnuk. 'X " mp :Meri 'WJEQIR III the IW' fmfllf IV! v x Q 1' 1 7, HI1LlEQ'I'I.lI.'4I. k,yIMsn1M.5, Q35 wwf -eg A W i, II, , WI W QWVU on -IUNIIIWF' KQIUIXH T3 FOR xl Ii V21 11, fm zxI N' ' V fi SH' rf L 'H 4 .V 1 . . . Tin- rl r' '1 F 1 I Q 1 -,E-. 'Q-2 mr 'Cry I3 'UI ima 1 Hifi hgh and zmh' The day of Rfmwnwf IWW' I UI'2W'W'1 " "' ' A - gi If 1" nw? , Jill. , . suv, Vgrzlf KS:-'IIB' x I ru I I Ili- I Ifm'f'fW rf f"l""f 'fflffff Nrw-A 1 Qwveilwwvv Jw I vfwlr .31-:rw E!gi:r3urs:'t swf X-.xg I I 3 I I IMF 'WI lm I"?'3n -ln' Y-Yuri ihilfii. Kfzxrpfic I lzwiw. ,..,,,,r MW- Q W-Mwwvww-.ff,Wr.W, xr. 1a4.w.un.-mn-..-Q-www,-.K Qu! Hr -ff-JXP :Ep y I wr I ri. A . 1 ,X rm RQ-Aw ra' 5 I Y f"L Q, 4- A .V X si 4.-Wax H .3 ltgmwn ' 1 th lm H X H f gwfgmzvd iam wg-wiv ,Iggy gg: April, tiny I-Mews A Mlm-Ixyvx'rr1t:,, "- I 1 :wx C 4 S uf , QNVIII v x' ,. N . - f ' ' 'I 2' vi New 1- .' 1 1 -ww xx if ,fs y H' H 'wa ' As, I' .': 'S f '-fFrdnti row:-rBiIIhfBarthebnwgH,hLiexia Ns'rtl:hmBhidk roM '.IIII'Fv Y Lhszg, I Maia ISw6erHey, Ilfnriffc' fFuIrqkQ,II,II1IVIIEsnr1firI N5r.,III5rf'Ig, QIIQQSIOIIIIA , . I X , A . I viinwg I?Iu-- rw aww fm Mr QL xwslir er nwrfszmrp Q- rm hm .lf mi .1.. urrlkwtllx-, I5'0:'NIVefkf'UaWIIDem6Is'IfII?c'W3II mwuob MSS' armed: rivrrtiebestwr CQLRQQQEQMQLWJQbfuJ9mbu1 fm., mrfwr - I 1.1, ,QU 1. N H 'av vnwrmge-mxr mms . ,X ' ' I A . , , I J I, , -,W M, . , K Hmmgffz I?sa:1'f.1I:1zg .iggmiggyy ftmm 4-frmg., 5licm'vfif'W1r:s1mzH exzmmggy-,1,wAy -ma 1,4 , XL 1:39- nsrv xwni tu the r-wzwmw A , I . I , . , mamma Q-rr Inger f I 'E, iii .j.Tf?iI?:.Z'1 Y wfgx N '-Sill by in AIM. ?-IIN :wi Wvfw I. t 5 fiihiin ' 1 SPORTS STAFF Bob Tioss and Dcirwll Yost to Right: Jo Myers, Margo Ashauer, Jan Demers, Mike Sweeney, Colleen Quigley, Jill Binnings, Linda Fricke, Barbara ti 47 l ADVERTISING STAFF Bill Bartlebaualw and Harvey Clwozen 4:11 NEWS STAFF Q POW WOW and ARCADIAN ADVlSOR Mrs. Hazol Reegler -ji' Club The Key Club, a service organization, is sponsored by Kiwanis International. During the year they participate in many campus and civic service proiects. Qrriggizs Bottom row: Lee Huglies, l.C.C., Rep, Dale Daniel, Pies, Darrel Yost, Sec. xv' ff 'N . CFEEN it an Tffwwissi' Hai .iuzcg Bottom row, L to r.: J. Cowdell, P. Postlewaite, T. Montgomery, D. Covey, J. Nourse, D. Hellman. Qncl Ricker, D. Daniel, E. Wiclman, L. Hughes, D. Martin, B. Eldridge, D. Yost, A. Jaynes, Kiwanis sponsor. Anfleison, J. Sheridan, G, Sliima, R. Rhodes. lem row: D. McGuigan, sponsor, A. Livingston, R Top row: T. Boswell, C. Dueker, L. Costa, A -,-,Q . Q if' Ln es I OFFILERS Presidenr: Bonnie Geffeney Vice President: Susan Cramer Secroraryi Karen Johnson Treasurer: Barbara Royer Kiovvas, The senior girls service club, accomplished many projecTs during The pasT year. Their ChrisTmas proiecf and Hungarian relief drive proved very successful as Well as The Hi-Week dance which They sponsored. The girls are chosen for membership for Their service, scholarship, leadership and ciTizenship. Firsr row: Barbara Royer, Wendy Harris, Coleen Schumer, Bonnie Geffeney, Charlene Mayne Gloria Geisler Dorothy Heffner Sally Golliher Second row Judy Bullock, Barbara Knopp, Barbara Gumz, Rosemary Kay, Gay Ellen De Gero Efi Hallcia Marylee Grant Par Lenz Nancy Montgomery Susan Cramer Karen Johnson, Joan Gartner. A., F Jyyiffm-1 f ' , .. 4. M I O 1 1 ' I 4 M The Forensics League of Ar- cadia promoles The inferesls of infer-scholastic debate, 1 oralory and other forms of 5 - t . speech activity. They partic- 5 ipare in Tournaments held in l California. 1, . Xml' l X - 2 QFFICERS Secretaries: Janet Corradini and President: Paul Geller llndg Keller Vice President: Chris Deuker l"9U5UV9"f Jonel Corlcdlnl X gl Marie Carroll: Sponsor 1"" 'ri-. - si- . 'Nu r-Af" V, ,A . 'X 1 I. im, x sg '17 ,W ,. . -1 -an ' ,- 'S L, 1 sg. Ll "L Vw QQ!! 'W -4. .HY ' 5 .ik 'M ' 'Aqel'-iA"u ' . k ' K' .ff liisaf-'Thi U A W7-a 571 A M . I A 'A ljlaigfav Qi' rl Lf' ' k at 4 af A "i'l'i-'7 Our school dramatic group shows its talent by presenting several performances during the school year. They strive to promote and stimulate a general interest in drama among the school and the community. 'NJ X i YEA Pc. 1 fa, ,kk X , 3-Cg t t cellar Y PP l l iEfr2QQt The A Cappella and the Mixed Chorus are two of Arcadids outstanding musical groups. They participated in the annual "Messiah," a Christmas assembly and other public and school functions. Mr. Neumeister directs both groups and their activities. 'fr-r f 'KN ' g .Irish iliig. - , Q4 'tl' 't ' "wg, Qtr, 'wat 51. R .X XX X X . A ili Mixed Chorus Hin The Chonteurs, ci double octette, is on extremely octive group. They porticipote in ossennblies, ot olonces ond other school ond community functions. They ore under the direction of Jornes Neumeister, H.,- t :f in v. 'w 'y ""t""'! 0011. :N .4 F 3- rg, 7 , .9 5 1 ' is ri - + iltfiuort Q ir N I - , Boys' Glee 5 35 6 4 fi , . W v f 'Ex .Q Lf 4.- tl' . A f Boy's ond Girl's Glee ore Trciining groups which porficipofe in The Spring Fesfivol and for P.T.A. rneefings. After another yeor of froining fhey will be eligible for A Copellcx. 5 Q 5 af Q Q , fi 1 ui ,Av A ii ll, QL? 4 , , 4 -lg' ., X57 'QT , ' V , K r - 1 ' . 2 f 5 K 1 ' 3.1 X , 1 i 'Q tlily 4 il ini. - P- The Arcadia Orchestra and the Arcadia Concert Band are two outstanding examples ot the tine talent displayed by the students. These groups are responsible for many excellent performances during the year. Ti The Confinenfals, Arcadia High's Dance Band, was esfablished last year under the direction of Ray Bowman. Dance dates, both here and in surrounding communities, plus an appearance on Television are activities in which they have parficipafed. i 'Y' Sclwolarshn Orchesis P Students who receive o minimum of three "Aus ond the rest "B"s on their report cords ore eligible for member- ship in the Colitornio Scholorship Federotion. About one hundred ond titty students porticipote eoch semester. Orchesis Club gives girls on opportunity to experience originol choreogrophy. They toke pczrt in the onnucrl Spring Festivol. Under the direction of Mrs. Marion Clorke ore some one hundred ond titty girls. President: Gloria Geisler Members ol' California Scholarship Federation Secreiary. Jean Cleary Treasurer: Judy Dixon Sponsor: Catherine Learned President: Joan Garrner Vice President: Rosemarie Secretary: Jan Seinsoth Treasurer: Diane Boisor Sponsor: Marian Clarke Burnett Modern Dance Club .41 X x latin The purpose of the Latin Club is to increase the knowledge ot Greek and Roman lite. ln this way they learn the contributions that these civilizations made to progress. " , f V-I-52 ' OFFICERS E President: Carol Hendrixson 4- Vice President: Frank Giambrone if ft' Secretary-Treasurer: Kirsten Young HH F Sponsorg Jenny Gleeson tt? llll anguage .... To further the understanding of French culture and their way of lite are the objectives of the French Club. Their activities include a home- coming float, a Christmas Party and sending packages to France. President: Pam lngraham Vice President: Maria Seigel Secretary: Ann Marsh Treasurer: Susan Cramer c l.C.C.f Efi Halkia BYYYI1 YI The German Club hopes to cre- ate a better understanding be- tween the United States and Germany. Each year they send an album to a German school that tells at our life and ac- tivities. President: Karen Wingard Vice President: Peggy Wunderlich Secretary: Marge Ashauer Treasurer: Monica Llehr Sponsor: 8. Doeppner 3 1 ' X President Marietta Viola Vice President: Barbara Carlson Secretary: Edith Kent Treasurer: Doraine Knight Sponsors: Miss Allen and Mrs, Morgan OS , . i di lag Although an emphasis is put on Spanish culture, the Spanish Club also takes part in many activities. A . party for orphans, complete with toys forthe children, was their Christ- mas proiect. looking towards the Future. . Engineers ,QR The basic obiective of the En- gineers Club is to interest stu- dents in careers in the engineer- ing field and the study of science and mathematics in high school. OFFICERS President: Ken Wilson Vice Pres.: Charles Ptetferkorn SecyeTreas.: Bill Griffiths Sponsors: Ray Stephens and Elsie Hunsicker The Junior Red Cross ot Arcadia is made up of students who are interested in assisting the Red Cross. They sponsor the Red Cross funderatsing projects, Jr. Red Cross ftT'P51 fe- 'QQ students who plan on going into the the Future Teachers Club is Q group of education field. They visit and observe classrooms and have speakers attend their meetings. is OFFlCERS President: Susan Huff Vice President: Marsha Carey Secretary: Nancy Camphouse Treasurer: Karen Shanley Sponsor: Edward Harver gr .H 5 af 11 OFHCERS President: Sue Vice President: Secretary: Sue Treasurer: Liza Sponsor: Mary Duchesses teaches girls more about skills and the appreciation ot horne- making. T h ei r activities included sponsoring a fashion show and serving at the Senior Breaktast, S vvrapping Christmas packages tor needy children. sl . .- ff Wa The Rifle Club learns the art using guns correctly as well proper care ot the equipr Their motto is "Safety First OFFICERS President: Bill Cooper Vice President: Bruce Groff Secretary: Sharon Bingham Treasurer: Gary Gramer Sponsor: James Calderhead Ril'Ie Ski Club s v-.... 0 0 0 ' 0 o 'o Cl l 0 I 4,,f The Ski Club covers a wide variety ot ski activities. They not only learn the art ol skiing but safety, courtesy and have lecf tures pertaining to skiing. Trips are made to ski areas in the vicinity. ill OFFICERS President: Bob Starkenburg Vice Rresiclentz Phil Simon Secretary-Treasurer: Molly Sinkule Sponsors: Albert Hoelscher, Ray Potter and Mario Codemo The Ahvvanee Club teaches girls about camping, hiking, cooking by fire and knowl- erlge pertaining to the out- cloors. They have planned trips to various mountains an cl deserts in Southern California. Girls' Uutdoor Letterman Q OFFICERS President: Kirby Barron Vice Pres.: Diane Gilchrist Secreary: Bonnie Wagner Treasurer: Eunice Fleutt Sponsor: William Patterson 4 J This organization was formed to unite all lettermen. The Lettermens Club has participated in many school and community service activities. The sponsors arc: William Zogg, Al Ackerman, and Alvin Buby. T -T vw- Yi?-,a,.,.,1.w-giygezg in J. W YYVY W ww- -A-vw Hob iesn.. Af"-5 9.3:- Qtamp Club Avrataon The mann purpose of The Avuatlon Club IS To learn and dxscuss The func The STamp Club dnscusses and Trades stamps They learn The value and charaderushcs along vvuTh other de falls about new Issues Displays are made hy Thus club Throughouf The school and communuTy OFFIC TRS Presrclenf Russell FeursT Vrce Prr'srdenT Eddy Phrllups 'Secretory Suzu ST Thomas Treasurer Davrd Pendleton Sponsor: Louls Grenuer Trons of The aurplane and The Theory of auTodynamucs They have Taken held Trnps To George Arr Force Base an arrcraff factory and a TrlTer Cen er OFFICERS Presudem Don Wetmore Secrefa Jrm Dorf Treasurer Drrk McElderry Sponso Lloyd Dawes and Edgar Cameron Chess The Chess Club engages in playing chess and learning iT well. Their pur- pose is To encourage inTeresT and fellowship in The game oT chess as a means of fun and enioyrnenT. OFFICERS President: Jrm Grill SrfrreTnry-Trensurer- Bull GTTTTTTTS Sponsor: Donald Young Radio Club The Radio Club turthers the under- standing ol electronics and commun- ications technique. They operate K6IPA, the schools amateur short- wave station, OFFICERS President: Lance I-Iaserot Vice President: Mike Davis .tary-Treasurer: Gieg Gordon is. Edgar Cameron and Smith Cartooners The Cartooners Clulo learns the tech- niques of professional cartooning, pen and ink drawing, good design and value ot layout, Their goal is to create cartoons for the school and various newspapers ol the South- land. OFFICERS President: Cole Puett Vice President: Carl Rvtalia Secretary: Carol Hansen Tioasuriii: John Garcia Sponsor- Ruth Iulwin if-asf f' ,,,,. ji? Photography This club stimulates a further inter- est in photography. It helps develop better basic skills and how to im- prove equipment and picture taking. They make field trips and cover school events. OFFICERS President: Bud Budworth Vice President: Alice Fewkes Secretary: Patricia Rowe Treasurer: Judith Marauand Sponsor: Harvey Goddard -www ni" v . ..WH v 'V ,f,' Q 'l .1 7 1 ' v f bseiss T W b iisst iits - e T' Science The purpose ofthe Science Club is to stim- ulate interest in Science and observation OFFICERS President: Sam Dickason Vice President: Allen Lundberg Secretary: Karen Lundquist l3C1lOtT1GI', Treasurer Bill Winn ot scientific laws, The club takes many tield trips, such as to Cal Tech and Mount A V,,- ' K1 Science . . . 1 'U '. if,,,f,,,N.g cigars if by M -MN g h fixdii-Wi' ' T. My we bi..-f ' I ti.. 1q1v.::f-""!'ia OFFICERS The Biology Club visits places of biologi- Pfffsldenfr leieltton Tfwlof cal interest and participates in biolological Vice Presiclentp Cecile Bowler , , , . . Secretory: Ncmcy Ford activities. Along with studying nature, the . Treasurer- Penny Havens club does service Projects tor the school. u W? C I . x Y! X The Trauveres is composed of artists in the various mu- sical groups. They assist these groups whenever needed. Among their activi- ties are a variety show pre- sentation and sponsoring a dance. Junior Statesmen teaches students to learn and under- stand the functions ot our government. The members are given a chance to meet with students throughout the state at conventions. ,Q Q , OFFICERS President: Pat Lenz Vice President: Bill Black Secretary: Marcia Petty Treasurer: Judy McCoy Sponsors: Frances Boyer and Errol Allan OFFICERS President: Binnie Busby Vice President: Janet Corradini Secretary: Ann Marsh Treasurer: Pam Ingraham Y' -4,,,,...----- 4' ' ' X A x, , K! X . ,, f , .. The Monatans is made up ot senior girls who are interested in service activities of various kind-.. They sponsored a Christ' nuns, an Easter and an Indian girl project. Kallettes OFFICERS President: Pat Keith Vice President: Jeri Yates Secretary: Lynne Lindsay Treasurer: Linda Fricke Sponsor: Doug Tucker The ohiective of Y-Clubs is to promote fe lonship and Christian living among th young people ofthe world. Senior Tri-Hi-Y l. 9 The Kallettes is made up ot iunior girls who do service pro- iects around the school and contnwunity. lO2 l usic listening his new club is dedicated o listening and appreciating ymphonies and legitimate azz. OFFICERS President: Glenn Broadlteacl Vice President: Sue Splavin Secretary: Marcia Petty Treasurer: Roger Steinbrener Sponsor: Francis J. Boyer ophomore Y-teens reslwmen Y-teens g Q i I ,.. 1 '11 .1 Q N ,grab Q3 A K ,QJQ ,W J 41 'R A ik U., .zwwgym view I - , M f nf'-a if 3" if wid ij 115K 1 ""s.. its 4 1 J ,surf x Sf 9- XSJ .,, 1 506 , l's 5 -"' xxx-QQ I? ,QQ D 'X V 7 F C2660 L.Qc,l4 INYE. fgy Q10fVlE-. ' F5O+LALL MAH? Rgmpy QRiAT vvPxiviN3T W' Sol? l'QElQ5ki'f: Fight on Arcadia, Fighf To victory, Win for Arcadia, We all hail fo Thee. Rah! Rah! Rah! To loyal sons, Apache braves, The cardinal and The gold we wave, Fight! Figh'f! Fight! For fame and glory, Arcaolia. I ep... X PEP BOARD Tom Boswell, Judy Malone, Marrl Talent, Janet Corra- dinl, Kirsten Johnson Q COMMISSION Torn Boswell, Pvggy Tu-rnaynr, Susi Wrlson, Mart: Talent, Annette Gish, Carole Menclvl, Julle Albi, Joan Prcstln, Candy Hopper, Larry Costa, Duck Davis Sportsmanship ----1 Cross-Town Trophy This year, for The first 'rigngswgb hinvep been the proud possessors of The Cross-town Trophy, cz sym- of our 'iriyofry' withr4Mohrovio-Duoffefjglgh School. Members of The Cross-fown Trophy bo! qu for the year . A . .- ffu. PEN -IQ swfkogn Q Q - naw ' E s X l my "'4f4......, J Dick Benson Drum Major Apache Our colorful Apache Band has received many top honors in the past year. They have ranked top in their divisions at the Long Beach and Huntington Beach parades, also in the Corona Half Time Band Jubilee. The crowning glory of a successful year came with o personal invitation from the Vice- President of the United States to the band, asking them to represent the state of Califor- nia on January Qlst, I957, in the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. R y Bowman Director Ban Murcia Peterson Sponsor 't"f?ifj'5 5' so a W,., Tom-Tom Precision rnorching, colorful costumes, combined with unique morching routines of the Tom Tom Girls provide entertainment tor Arcodions ond their guests on rnony occcisions during the yeor. Holt-time presentations ore o highlight ot the tootboll seoson ond the Tom Tom Girls' high stepping routines in their mony porode oppeoronces reflect credit on Arcodio High School. ai!! I 6 one-H t I' - 1 I Twirling silk flags to the music of the band have been a I Sarnma Jane McCullen, Judy Malone, Linda Hunsicker, Peggy Tremayne, Joanne Funderburg, Nyda Moore, Rosemary Kay, and Diane Henisse, U High Stepping maiorettes adding zest to parades and band activities were Cindy Davelaar, Dorothy Yates, Toni Cclrcvcl, Kay Pctrusha, and Linda Wellington, 1 ,Q- . ' ,rf , ll . XX g A: wr M , Q 5 ? I I Q I X lf' N-mls ,rf ser 'Nw' ' ""'mQy3gfr L ' s f .... T ' L " "'PU! ' . , .1"3. ., fr t ...W L , .W Q 2-3 . Q d o ,Q -,g3gg"g:vief:,5f:sfssA. L age-A l 1 H 'R if s swf" g an Qi fs. so -f ss ' 1 2.1M-fr 'L an to .. ' Y "' " t A' gwsrivrlt f 'bee W ff"-il .- s Q-fkivslll . ' N- ' f is .gi 111- X' "essay: , . L R534 44 .X-Mi, O 2 5' gy-,s5.,,A5.. ...wer iXg:fggAkhff.:3N5+'L. K A wiser, K , ,K - 19 - .L s Q 5 " fr- - 'i ' . ,V Q' -Ui if, if 'W' ' 'ff L' r gf' Q ' ::A,Ew fsv yl X vmv S. V gy 4, ,..+w ft' y ALL. 1' . 1 ,55 K ,.. L- ',5," " " gig- 5.596 ' L ' f , 'K ff- S if +2 ' 'f 'vt f ,,.,1.g.,fl " ex' ' ' 'V' , K '. V tg, . :Mi , AL,,,,,. ,. +'fl,5.! .4..,gL- ..s,, 9- Vivacious song leaders, Nancy Montgomery, Julie Albi, Jean Goliscli, Annette Gish, Lynn Luther and Joan Prestin added spark to games and Pep Rallies, Cheer leaders . me ' X B ' 5 Q la.t Y is I ri .,f..i.""m0S1'X't " Song Leaders Our spirited Cheer leaders Wendy Harris, Larry Costa, Candy Hopper and Dick Davis have clone well in bringing forth the spirit of observers at all athletic events, Q A R "X xl-,fr . ffk WK ii l X i Q' X Q ,iptf 1 ' x ' .L L 'fy V . 5 4' M el 1 v hcwua ' :wif 5 xi f fp .r 'r :4-, 'wiv gu'lafy5,-,Pvt M' Sl J .5 L- V . if ,of N in ' ootball . . K 3? K if - gi . NY: L .fffm asf? 2 .nf ., , . X X X W ,P i N 1 1 L x,.kk ,sb fx. -A I fi 116 ggi, ' f was 4 xx' ' 5 A X Q 1 I .XX . XX X Xa. ' ' . Couch Zogg 5 ,. X ,-rw ' . w f,,,..1f,, If fix A -f, N13 if :' . ,Af QW U Vi QZLWIX H i M . -'tx-H A -2, 5---,r.Qv-- -- ry Y - Couch Ackerman M., Yexmya k.'A 1' ' ' s 5 x':--117 xl s Y N L 1 , - A, .4 5 Lg if3?'Pf ,.g.A.g,1w"fL ki? '-, -. ,,p . ' ,, N g?"i,,5'4?L i Q A M., .1 ' wtf, 4: , 1 X A 'A ' 1 , p xx. s K . '.. . . ,.f.,pi'v VA 'fTf?L, . TQ J 23159 141 ' 4 1 1, H 1 .sa -,, Couch Buby Captain Nourse Cflpfain HUQheS f 1 k 4 4 i'xL2?' M ' ' --rf f-.MQ i f' J ' ' .- , i x 5 f ' , , st ' , ' - L','."i' f- p A '--- fy ' vii? Q 5' ' -bf ! . A x 'gs A K K , vw' A ,,f.. .x., I FWS? W VAR San Marino 27 Arcadia 6 .... Whittier 41 ... Rosemead 14 . Mark Keppel 48 Alhambra 27 .. El Monte 39 ... Monrovia 19 .. Arcadia 13 .. Roy Wheele SITY SCORES .... Arcadia O Temple City 6 .. Arcadia 14 .. Arcadia 12 .. Arcadia O . . Arcadia O .. Arcadia 19 .... Arcadia 7 San Gabriel 13 r, coordinator of athletics -gk Y 7 .l A.g.,g N, K, -Nr Y. . NW., 3, .. EW.. A , I Y.-. ,M Q' 1 x1'?'5.,'fr.j -. ,ll-Q51 -' . Q' . ,-of we .. C Gi, A " ' .Q N X .,,.. .15 fi 1 3. 'K V1 r 1 1 s ' -Q s s , .x fu W., 'rt 7 W i mix wi' :fi .,,.,.2. O 4-. Bottom row. J. Allison, T. Anspach, G. Barron, B. Askin, J. McDonald, R. Rhodes, D, Heilman, G. Huehl, P. Carey, R. Caron, J. Albi, W. Meng, P. Patterson. Middle row: J. Donelley, B. Jurden, D. Martin, B. Hamilton, R, Butcher, B. Eldredge, J. Lindell, J. Smith, B. Asmus, B. Brown, A. Livingston, J. Murphy. Top row: R. Rice, mgr, P. Postlewaite, J. Loomis, G, Dittmanr, C. Rose, J. Jacobi, E. Widman, D. Schwab, T. Collier, T. McKibben, D. Whittington, J. Nourse, R. Rittenhouse, B. Gill, G, Lauman. 117 gk! Y l :J L gg mi, Y Jim Allison Ralph Bvmher o 74 5 5 Q 5 Ted Anspqgh Paul CQFSY X - Qrefji -- Tom Arthur Tom Collier o orrr r f 'E My rf' 1 X A1 N X '- i . K Bob Asklh 7 i LIKL Rem! Caron 3 I . 'if W 35 1 'sf rn X r I s Q -xv 'IA Bob Asmus Gary Barron Darrell Brook . K... 4174- . 151 A S L' -. ..-xr ' i'x',-.f ,r .V 'X W a X if o 6- ig. Ill: Z, x oh ,Q N Q," UN l-1. G- F 3 Dick Hellman Lee Hughes John Jacobi l Gary Diitmar Bob Kerske i 'Z' Q l La Q-Q i 1 Bill Eldredge Gary Laumdn 4 l I Q A if i br ' I John Lindell Bryon Gill Bill Hamilton Allen Livingston, l l w ' Q, . .-gg.. 3 - A X X V Dick Martin 'H -if r t'e 1 f f . l , Wolf McCormick Tom McKibben Wayne Meng John Nourse Put Patterson Us f Paul Postlevvnm a Poipn Rmennouse scores voufnfinwn fov Apncbes fkpndwe lwne ntternpvs To open hole during Rosemeod game. . ..v Q iyrv tm L. 'FL K, I K, K W,:,.,, 4 4 XM .- . 2 C. mdpll Marvin Eldredge, and Luvmgsvon help block for Apaches f 1 plunge packs up Inttlp yardoqe I - Jim Smith my --ff -- f fm 1, fl .9 A. Y sv dv Bottom row. W. Phillips, B. Morse, J. Carnal, B. Meiners, T. Montgomery, J. Parker, D. Davis, B, Brown, G. Kane, M. Lamb, G. Reynolds, C. Gallo, D. Brocker. Second row. L. Costa, L. Cosbey, L. Cooke, M. Killeen, T. McCasline, J. Taylor, C. Olmstead, P. Davis, B. Wilt, V. Surra, J. Halk, S. Lawrence, D. Nanninga, B. Whippo. Top row. B. Grill, E. Cummings, R. Strong, L. Taylor, B. Tross, R. Norton, C. Mecca, Bryant, H, Avellor, T. Vecchione, D. Mattingly, B. Gaspar, M. Baurn. Mighty Bees as they were seen during San Marino game. Bees won eight, lost one this year. N.. it Q Bee x K K ,......,WL.s.. Jayvlee ...x -W, -v 'wr-If--we--'W-. W,-rf Q -7' s. S Bottom row. B. Free, F. Schmitt, T. Santo, L. Henderson, V. Fremanis, B. Morrison, J. Pierce, R. Waterhouse. Middle row. R. Perkins, T. Steele, D. Deon, J. Bennett, D, Peacock, J. Johnston, E. Tallerino, J. Jelinek, J. Woodruff, G. Schott. Top row: G. Stubblefield, mgr., P. Wells, T. Dodge, G. Miller, H. Garcia, L. Trouton, J. Batchelder, L. Haserot, D. Sadlon, J. Lloyd, K. Tompson. ' Bottom row: G. Kennedy, S. McClintock Cirino, R. Neill, R. Florea, S. Johnstons. Collins, T. Angel, P. Johnson, T. Collins, D. Whittington, T. Chapman, D. Uhl, S. C. Saenz, D. Soule, B. Griffins, mgr. R L A b Q 9 v v s K. Wilson, R. Simmons, J. Wolf, R. Hedge, M. Carey, F. Scalzo, F. Wurtz, D. Beason, B. Rush, B. Middle row: M. Caines, H. Free, G. Grant, K. Bloclclesby, C. Jones, R. Rogers, R. Edwards, J. B. Rife, B. Phillips, A. Anderson, C. Tharalson, K. Wesser. Top row. B. Dugan, mgr., J. DiCaro, Baum, D. Fickas, G. Peck, J. Van Moanen, D. Taylor, J. Love, J. Wiltse, D. Marquardt, S. North, E 5 i .s S l N'-x . 'Dx ""' N: fr Gees o o '23, my-Q - .-qw. -www. Cross P l V 1, t . b Q fr f , V R , Coach Jackson Bottom row: S. Bradley, J. Dittmar, M. Kirchgestner, B. Curtis. Top row: B. Anderson, R. Landa, B. Wclylett, B. Reno. l A., o S . 1 ff ...- ' -e L W A. M. QQ si I Cross-country team participates against Monrovia. Nm 1831 "N-mu 1 -Q... ' I .MMM A-.uv L, F, if I tm ...A 1 - M 1 'E - A. Country Lift ga-Q vi QI .mv Barry Wclyleff, copr, Boffom row. T. Gee, R. Henle, F. Yeager, D. Groner, D, Kirby, C. Walton, J. Pullmnn. Top row. T. Osborn, G. Stafford, B. Cochran, P. Bcmcmy, D. Molloy, J. Woodward, J. Geary Jr. Vars HY Crossfcounvry reom in action, Don Hewitt, Apache equipmenv monoger. ,.n r - " o.. .0 hs. -'1 4 '. qvts tump lvnll Ggmnst Altefs fx Q' . ay .owe Apcnlvvs snrcunwblv for bull. Bottom tow. D. Yost, B. Eldredge, D. Leuclm, R. Collette, J, Bennett, L. Grunri, R. Knrby, D. Top row: B. Casper, mgr., B. Askin, J. McDonald, J. Nourse, B. Benscoter, R. Rhodes, D. J. Snmuelson, S. Lawrence, mgr I Va rsity 1 Donnie! Covey K-Eb, adv lie-ym ERQX Basketball 1"X Nourse, Collette scramble for ball, Happy Apaches after upset over Whittier. 'X --ng Collette grabs rebound. 'li l 'LQ gf-3 Bull Benscoter Captam fl 'av Unidentified Apaches snare rebound against Mark Keppel. D. Yost P Rhodes ml, vs Qi .. Tig? B. Askin R. Collette B. Eldredge L. Grund Dick Leach, Co-Captain All Pacific League First Team J. Nourse t' X x Y 5 5 I 'E . Q 9 ff ff' f' v . x- 41 - -aj. J x.: Jayvee. . . 7351 -sv., -qs- ...AQ -df' -4" Bottom row. J. Bennett, T. Grotf, K. Cloymon, P. Arth, D. Hand, H. Fisher, B. Asmus. Top row: A. Miller, M. Kirchgestner, J. Schode, J. McCoy, J. Coombes, J. Murttz. Bees... I' 4 V Bottom row: B. Longsrter, L. Cosbey, R. Ricker, L. Strother, G. Shimcl. Top row: Coach R. Pascoe, D. Beciuchemin, D. Davis, L. Costa, B. Roach, T, Weir, P. Mumford, C. Dortnigcm. 130 BBS... ,1 son, W. Sums, J. Elder, F. Wurtz, A. Chosen, T. McCauley, G. North, S. Perktns, R. Buckwolter, P. Potterson, mgr I Q Q l .1 Bottom row: J. Goddard, D. Gotes, G. Johnson, C. Jones, E. Godfrey, T. Angel, E. McCracken, J. Collins, C. Kennedy. Top row: Cooclt Zogg, C. Thorl- .- Bottom row: S. Boomer, C. Ltvtngston, J. Von Moonen, G. Show, B, Cooper, F. DeBenedet, D, Mumford, K. Scltmttt, D. Wtlson, P. Mortenson, Top row: G. Gtlbcrt, mgr., B. Luluouttslct, S. North, J. Wiltse, J, Quenzler, S. Boroni, S. Botley, B. Breoult, mgr. 131 Track. . . Coach Spivey agar Coach Kerr Coach Jackson vi vs rf, X v- Ac bl!-Y' any First row: B. Cochran, A. Livingston, D. Martin, R. Dills, P. Battany, G. Hayes, W. McCormick, B. Hamilton, B. Roberts. Middle row: E. Cummings, J Covey, F. Soule, G. Reno, T, Gee, T, Anspach, R. Waterhouse, G. Tickemeyer, J. Norris. Top row: B. Dugan, mgr., T. Osborn, D. Malloy, H. Hofrnan, T Boswell, B. Gill, D. Karotic, B. Kerske, B. Allen, mgr., J. Dorr, mgr. 7 xv 6 Bryon! goes over high hurdles, McCormuck proctlces for the pole vault Nourse flies ofer hurdles alongside two Whittier lwurdlers. 'Q 1 nd' ,X it S' Wwe' .va-ogg., . Bee.. . A Z' Apache sprinters ready for the gun. J'-' Q5 ji' .,"' fr LA: - W jf vgcks? Ap? A X .Z 5 Jw Q AC if V QXCAUQX sircllrflf J., ,f I Q'-5 , .,f" n BEE TEAM Bottom row: M. Kirchgestner, J. Spencer, D. Garrick, C. Walton, B, Wilt, A. Clernent, L. Strother, J. Pederson. Second row: D. Caparone, R. Heole, J. Mills, J. Sheridan, B. Russell, S. Bradley, L. Robinson, B. Bentley, R. Lando. Top row: B. Dugan, mgr., J. Dorr, mgr., B. Morse, J. Michael, J. Northcote, D. Donisthorpe, C. Donnigan, D. Crocker, D. Mattingly, B. Allen, mgr. f Mx wx' K VY S l Eric Cummings A "m.... 1 . IN 0 Q x 4 N Apache polo voultm' gust fleurs bor l l .g--11 l l l 4 v 1 vq-Q-.vw H -a .u .. 9-A 5 WNWHQM , l ' l. af' Y - l 4 First row: S. Woyleff, B. Mdrnn, C. Jones, D. Gates, B. Rrle, A. Anderson, B. Corswill, E. McCracken, J. Collrns, B. Plnllrps. Middle row- D. Rourke, B. Anderson, D. Benson, S. Crosv, R. Johnstone, D. Huhl, M. Cones, B. Gospor, D. McDonald, G. Soule. Top row: B, Dugan, mgr., D. Allen, mgr., S. North, C.Tnorc1Ison, B. Reno, R. Buckwolrer, S. Allen, D. MrCormuck, J. Dorr, mgr. nv- 'Li' l i fr 'I- X M., vida W41!"1-wf i 1' 1-.'i.':g3j' "' mfr "?Zi""' 1. Batteries: Bertscoter, Cosbey, Rhodes, McDonald, top row. first row. Barber, Tross, Varsity 5...naulv- ---Q"""' g N7 .Q ,J-3, -A 4 ' X361 -4,-1'---' , a 1' -- . ' r 5-4 ' W. . - . Y """.":-.17 vw ' . - V - 5 Y "7 k,,U.f-' 14 -' we .. Ae S. ' -fn 1 - ' - Pdf-- Tross makes fog. Bottom row: B. Minouz, mgr., D. Croxall, J. McDonald, R. Rhodes, B. Asmus, D. Covey, B. Bertscoter, L. Grund, L. Cosbey, B. Chapel, D. HaII. Top row: L. Fairbanks, rngr., J. Samuelson, R. Norton, B. Bartlebaugh, B. Cummings, B. Barber, D. Dixon, T. McKibber1, 1. DiCaro, R. Hedge, B. Tross, J. Van Ornum, v 1 .l V , Baseball... -f. Coach Bnlbrey .-. .A - . -4-iii.,-'S - , .-...Q - ' w, 4 .+- , .- ' ,.. 10- . Q , -'U ,.1'. W-f 1,5 , s x 'G' :x " fd 45k?'!.,J '- - 'Z Q - -' urs., ' A 9 ,f usa". - 3 ' ,, , ' ... . H 4 .x . ' MA"1,'v 'XP il 'Sw-an HS.. C 'Q' . - J" Q " c TP 1-V" ' .4 .5-+1 BMI Benscoter, pitcher Bob Asmus, first bosemon . . A th Dick Covey congratulates Cnms Smr no er runner comes home for the Apaches. Q: -v ,4' r I. W, Y, ' fkriukgsj -A I , .1 -L,,,, it 1 a " W 1Xj9"'l hi ' 1 , N , . i . 1 uv., Q V 1 f 'Q - 'F -1 .. gf x Q Y -f . I l ., Q X df? Q- Jir i- Q, My V., ,,5y: 1 v, x ,,, M 4. 4 - -, 4 ,N Q - .-Q .a-.... , . . c- A,., -it ,-an ,731 ' , ,:'.E'tc- "CTU-'-' -V ffl., ' " '3b,.-' .1 ' " :N- .6'k nv 'I . :M ,.JKv, . c ,4. fs Apache infield proctices before first league game. .aiskf 11" ' ,...q' if bi' 1' . - wi,-' -. a rf , 'Q-"f'fi,y' ' f A A s, Ia.. 1' ,i , Outfielders: Mcliibben, Grund, Somuelson, first row. M., is Hedge, Cummings, Norton, back row. AP0Cl"9 Slides l .31 , 131' v'1.Ag: F . . .3 , ,,,4,' g. A q,-- A Y 4 V, D.,-LQ: . 1, 41 1,, . .4-- ,s, I i nro second bose. F .. .vu- gr nrlx, 4 '-"-- -gg mcg" .- - , .xr v f.. ,551 tal Jr. Varsity .... ,,: Q.: 'F'--s-'-:L - :ff y ag A l Vu 21" . . 8 Junior Varsity baseball, first row. R. Winblad, G, Johnson, D. Blades, M. Lamb, D. Davis, D, Ashworth, L. Fairbanks, J. Pience ,R. Turnbull, F. Schmidt, J. Quenzler, B. Herbelin. Middle rovv: J. Malmrose, M. Davis, T. Santo, G. North, B. Winn, J. Batchelder, T. McDowell, J. Taylor, D, Briton, G, Droughon, D. Lawless. Top row: R. Schrarnrn, J. Brustman, D. Bryant, G. Shima, F. Haynes, R. Thurman, P. Smith, J. McCoy, K. Soukesian, M. Austin, Noel Philip. Froslw . . . VFX Frosh baseball, first row. B. Luck, mgr., B. Davis, G. Boettger, M. Brent, K. Nisbet, K. Wilson, G. Cramer, B, Shima, B. Wellman, Middle row. J. Wiltse, A Chosen, N. Roth, N, McClellan, T. Collins, E. Tawsley, T. Chapman, R. Gianbrone, Coach Buby. Top row: L. Carpenter, S. McClintoch, S. Vest, J. Woodruff, E Godfrey, W. Phillips, R. Edwards, D. Whittington. Varsity .... 'xvgs 1 wa . ff F . .. , , F M ..,, ...L . X' ad l' J. Cheney, T. Montgomery, B. Morgan, J. Miller, M. Todd, T. Pettit, G. Tompkins, R. Ricker, M. Killeen, D. Leach, D. Daniel, C. Ligerto, B. Askin. Bottom row. D. Curran, G. Stafford, C. Soper, F. Markoff, D. Taylor, M. Spoolstra. Top row: D. Kingsbury, J. Taylor, G. Leer, P. Mortenson. MknsHy .... R t NA., Varsity golf: F. Beorden, T. Platt, T. Weir, J. MacQuarie, L. Martin, C. Raymond. Jayvee .... 3: xx, Junior Varsity golf: D. Jackson, B. Wofford, B. Broghton, J. Woodruff, B. Budworth. 141 142 Girls' Sports Marianne Millard ""'- ' f I 1 -rl':'if Marian Clarke Mary Blot? Marcia Peterson 25: 3 'i 'E' .4 Carol Lawson I Guess who got the rebound. M. 1, K 4 ,,q,.,.-, .,, mg- Qfff, , we 5 A X 'KIA' ' 1 NI ' W - S 'Q 1 , L57 :- 4 n' ff E .fa 4 , '! 556 u' . 1 n 'QP 4 , 'KX yi I ,.. '- V. I -a- 43- ' n . ' QV ,AD c, 4 " ..., " -WA 1, fv 0 'I 1 ln. x , I Q. A 4 U s' -4 ,,,, ,W .4 W 4 " " .I ' . lv- 4 H s , V '-s , Q-0-Q X ' 1 , . . I4 1 Q nf ' , .b K. , , k - k ' 'J ,Q If -A ,4 -- . .-'. Sf. ' '- .A M ,V 5 c , M uw .yff-..!f',.sQ X' ., 1- f Q U ' ,W , r rl W fl Q ' I , img ,V.Vgi,,6?:,.igJu. L, J MXN- M, , .1 1' , 4 if , l 'LEM-iv. f A ', "9E1:'QwXf.3" W W -- Q gy .. -xx, U L. K .' Af. K . 3 j, 1 -, ww- VW A V, x up .mug 7, -' K hi, ,' k,,y...,3355'if3T-n ff Q4 4-"+'fsf,Y+:H-. ' Nw . . ,. A ' 'L-Swv 'Ni-.'-wsis A. A " " , 77" Kwff 4- f ,f'4l,-1 If f I "T Q"""" ' -4 I fgxffwwmfp :L w ' 4 74, , . I .K .xx .24 , yi k..g.MmrVE , ,V k5j...1k3V ,,Q,,k,iw,,,h,,,?,E I it xt pl., ' H , bfwni , A VA . ,nz .REjAklJKxqE?5wK,. V xk,,,,: 4 VA . a . .. . A., W . , . AA, '- ix f 5.4, . , IV Y, N -1 ggi My W . hffi -'Q"'f 4- I ' ' , xi ,N A fy an -f 'Rx ,A "1 .rm ,, ' K XQYWIN-.4 4 Q ' W ,. . H, Ljj 'K A X nk , Itkxx . Y if 'vs ...qu--1-.. Yi 1' Si R O 'r .4913 in.. X . 1', ul X ' i Q J A -'B ' , in 4-.15 , ,r. ,- f -x.,',g , and-M .Aung ' W 'i .U . :tems -. ni- z. P? E", 1 ' I ".'A- If' x. Winding up. li.- .I46 Corrective class makes for better co-ordination. Lost hand wins first ot bot, 3 3 x 9 Q 4' 1 A 7 v' ' gy!" Q 'P i yi 'Ego Y! Li The wide variety of activities our student body has participated in this year leaves us with memories of the fun we had and the spirit we maintained. Besides our dances, assemblies, and pep rallies, our greatest thrill was sending our hand to Washington. Q it 4 ' 1 rl f 1 'w 1,11 f 'N ig . W ' n i H-I ' 0 . 4 0 A' nf' ,, ' .. 4 ' ' 3 'J " , , .a, 'Al ,-1 ', . If - , . 'f r' ' 3 2 Y I K. s I4 . f 1' 4' M Q n. Q Q f - 6 h " i S I 1 Q .4 ' , +X ww., 'Sl s'. U 4lJ .. .A V 1 Q 'J 9 4....g lg.. 3: 0 ? F . 1' 2?-' ' il- ,, Q . . .- ,Ei U V 35.-'P 1 3 ,L x .II .-. Q - 'f - . .Aw 'V' ' 5 . ' 'Q 1 . . - r 3 xg. 1 QQR .5 4 0 If 5 X SN. v AL S: 4 1, GI-1 Q.: 5 ."" 4-J rig '.L . ? K . xl! S A I., JA. si' Q. ? . , I .N A ,Q 4"-W. :Q " N . .3 in -'3 X E Ks ,I -A .fi ' 51 N M ,ga ' 1 . 'gg ss - 2 X 5 3 5 .3 , .4 QA' l ,I IJ , if Wx? fr p ff . 1 "" 153' r fu .x My v- ff . 1751? L ' jf 1 , oaks , Annette 1 John Jean Gol A 9: si' Q ,X Ns.. fig ,QQ Brains W - -uf -Ad. ..-. , og- - 451. W '.-1"'2. Gloria Geisler and BHIEkhedge Hopper SSBYYI ICS . . . bl' Many exciting assemblies, Under the able guid- ance of Bill Black, have been witnessed this year, including talent from our school as well as professional shows. il Exchange students tell of experiences in foreign countries 4 .tm Kiowa members entertain at Girl s League assembly. World Champion Speed Typist, Cortez Peters, displays his 'vc'-. Christmas music was provided by the mixed chorus, talents. I i A Jamaican-Calypso by Sharon Crutchfield and Joyce Mark. 'Fw . Qtr' Our talent show for the exchange assembly. Mr. Shurtlift presents a wrestling assembly. The Girls' League fashion show is a highlight of the year. Our able assembly commission: L. Baker, C. Beschta, J. Mc Cracken, B, Black, S. Crutchfield, E. Witt, L, Snyder, J. Mark NU .J Highlight of the homecoming fes- tivities was the crowning of Queen Annette Gish and the presentation of her court, left to right, Lynne Hege, Sophomoreg Julie Albi, Senior, Diane Henisse, Juniorg Janette Robey, Fresh- man. Our spirited song leaders ride to the afternoon pep Part of the spectacular halftime show put on by the band Third prize for originality went to the "Octopus" float entered by the Girls' League. ve Arcodro s goal post of the game if QC D ,I V 'YQ 541-n IINHQ of 11: wus ur by hundreds of Apochm und alumna X -Nt 1 xx '. 'gy vi' rf - . 1 Frrsv prrze for lu-army wus awarded ro the Orchesrs Lrftle Boy Blue flour HE ORC A,.v':'-. Apache Legends N I 1 L . The Arcudru Armory dance emiwu rm- ww-L of Homccormnq frcfrvmes Krowu s swevpsvukus wrrmer wrm Poyulfy of vm- Post S: X . 1 J QQLBQ ng fx x Vw. - X, ET 'f XfQ",mfi5X, -4 , Dain: v 5 A , Ng. l R m , . S ..., .. N.. . 'J 8 . Q...... x.,. ,,-a-...M ,. . N A K 1..wT.'- f sy 'X tF"'T"'k"'?fF" 1 1 A ""'! "Sig ' . . Q 1 P ,fn Q 4, X,- 4 N 1 . ...A A mx., 5 In Y b H -xi-uf N my AX, LJ N av iff' .. may -v . 3 ada 5 PN in K 4 .ra X if xc ' Q 4 X f il' ss X X f , 1 X , VW-.........,,-,h mr, , '- Q ,gi 4 - 1' 1 1' wa- - MN ' . f ,, 'r NX wg K I :mn , v 4. H X 2 .-an-dll U ' 5 K x -F - ' ilw 5-wqkfwm. - in - i ! .. , . . , ,, W Q "' "S ,. . wrfan, -M V LN l'LL X L - ' . , . , . V x 4, 'S 'I -- Q.. W -- am -""" 9' ,,,, 'fm im-e gm'-1 Q WM ,. -A sf? XX. - S ' ' ' '-' V' 1 A LXxL W X, Li , w N 1' ' - v J -QQ ' ff. X 5 gg , L. me .L Z," gi - QIKNAQQ P " "1ls5r.S-NM Q 5 f ' 2 FQ ' is ., -2 nag , K . , iz, ,QV ' ' fi ' , 3 Q 31. ' Q si, . s I -. M .3 Qs! ,..-.,1, f h ,A AY W gasps NX .1- x 'QR KA J: 's Yifgxl 'S kd f f We 1 19+ 'an gvl ss- S s 'ig M' :Ml .ff M W 'ttf '-ijti.. S f' x is 1 . l Xl, N 'Q 1' 'i - M f V.?Q't . I 4 Q I 1. x Q. sv la va L' Q-J :Q Q -, 5 . nw A X 1 . ,':. if .L W a xr Q ,is QA.. Q 5: Q t N,, 1 K Q , fa. 'Nl f 9.44 0' K L I -4.1 v'- 'A N " s .U-A , 'xg -l" - - . Q 'Qu 5 25ufsi.Q?sg 'LBJ' ,A I 40 1 NH, Q ! ,, ,- I ta r ig t- A Tloshing mirrored stor, which cor' ig ried OUT The Theme ol our cmhocil -V ChrisTmos donce, revolved obove l' cou les os The doriced dreomil To P Y Y 55 The music provided lor This gold -gk , W , . gay? Royalty 'Lg 1 KmgJohr1 Lindell crowns Queen AHFIGTTS Gish. 'L X X. K x ,gh M X- f 6 ' X. . lx. 5 x-.N - . . - at sy Y'-F. 'N .2 3' 5. 1-Q - , Lxll s wr -fly? is H-253 X- 184- " ' Q X 4 5. X-.ffl G! ,F Q Q 'fi 2. V 'fix ' -., ' -V X, "' f Q g L I s A his b 1 I s 1 f F ""'Q"' ' ' s Q :V Q ll '-. ' , , x ,U f' 'lm h 9 A eg S2 W ? Wil: N' XR 'L 3' X More Informal Dances.. 4' lv -, Couples enjoy refreshments offer on evening of dancing. TN- ln Pnsprf' is dancing fun for everyone. M412 in - DUI! Q Royalty. . . Princess Princess Joan Prestin Julie Alb: I An exciting highlight of The Prom was The crown- ing of The queen ond her courf, who were elected by The senior boys. Jai' 'TN Her Moiesty Annetle Gish Princess Princess Jean GOliSCl1 Karen Johnson lol Q he-X X 'Ja-T49 WF "1 -L.. QPF' 'L 6 . fs' -. A5 figgwiik an-J' W? 'nr . xlwxq x Q '- ' 1, -,j Pi 1 gf-Rig, A 0 'lf ki ,um UB 'SS' gi Hama if-4 ":"g 4 x , .mv.,. W ,bww . - l QI Q 4 CQ., 7- E o ps mmm of xg' 4 D xffopex A :rl -6 9-vc' Q, 51 fix P39 XB' X4 uid ' ' 1 . Y :I i ' V I N Many thanks go to the business and pro- fessional people of our city tor their sup- port and cooperation in helping our school this past year. They have been invaluable in their assistance of such activities as the all night graduation party, the newspaper, our annual, and the trip to Washington, DC. by our band. ,, . 5 ,, ,,f,-Y-- V,,,,. r!,,!M,,, Y, 'r.,v,.., A,-f' Y,-,,, Y.,- I-,W , D I M-,,,,., .ri- 9 -if Af S V K Sw gag Q X gi? 1 ,I ASX Q., U4 , A- .K X i wi 35' 'VE 3: , a" H if 9-S fb 2 9 x Y xv Q 14-f :QS Q -t .psf X. N 1 .334-Y ff, Q x Sue!! ity' 5 up 39,5 , A NAU new kg: 3 W N 3 , mx 1. , 1 x" 1 . y .r , svn ,4 8 . Q-13.1-2 :Q' if Q 2 .ff 'T' 3 a A -1 '-z',, 4 -M A , X . ,, 4 ,. W Y CARPENTERS SANTA ANITAN I25 W. Huntington Dr. HI. 79980 nmnl 1 IX xl Q Q M - I' . 5 J , . -Q i i f S F- I 'K S 'f Aw SANTA ANITA STUDIO 1112 E Hunfrngton Dr. HI. 6-2365 GIZJBEYBE3 DIAPER SERVICE II542' U CHILDS DIAPER SERVICE H7 N, Second Ave. HI. 6-5450 my ,,au:.: ,,,, w--Z-L., t" " , H.. " -ju f-my 42-332' - n- -A Q' I fe ge DRIVE fN I El SZ .jf .3 -J5 ' rf' ,LA A A QI- 27' . .. .f?Qif,1,ga5. 4? :pq if .1-W-,f-JH....e - ,N I 7 I ' 4? SANTA ANITA MOTORS ARCADIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 134 E, Huntington Dr. HI. 6-2365 37 VV. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-2159 xv' Bring In This Annual I 'it And Receive ONE FREE Record When You Buy U 2 ILP or 45I I PIPER MUSIC 9654 E. Los Tunos Temple City AT 7-4944 S 8. H Green Stornps 4. I ,r VACCO RUGS 10910 Live Ook HI. 7-6414 CLIFT'S MEN'S STORE 28 E. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-4963 "Your Hond Knits Go Everywhere." If you oIon't knit-we will teoch you. Instructions free with purchose ot yorn. KNIT-A-BIT YARN SHOP 53 E. Huntington Dr. HI. 6-1493 194' . Ak gi M v rIir1S 9 I Arcddwyaz 3 I Qumran ,rr , -W HINSHAW'S --wr, 41, --.., ,-1 Q 1201 S. Baldwin Ave. HI. 6-4681 .-1 S 1 LU 3 O il LL Lx.: 11 I ff Zi: Q91 LEU CL FA A an 1. CD .C 3 :N C o 'O cv L 3 ,. o 'O an .. an b flowers del' X 1xxYxxs X xx Jw l l- 5 f ik ' 1 Nm nl nw I U WOODYS UNION SERVICE 6 E. I-Iunfirmgfon Dr. HI. 6-3433 Complimenfs of BOLLER, SUTTNER 84 BOLLER 50 N. First Ave. I-Il. 7-8017 Qf'5'rn LEWIS SHOES I3I7 S. Bclldvvin Ave. HI. 6-2028 mm 54 'Q . ,,...........-.--ani ,-'f"b""'I UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK T28 E. I-Iunfingfon HI. 7-2I II I I S I K s IX ANDERSONS LOCAL AUTO 81 SPORTS SUPPLY 1312 S. BOIdvvin Ave. HI. 7-6467 ARCADIA FEED 84 SEED 1115 E, Hunnngion Dr. HI. 7-2408 Compliments of RANDS STEAK RANCH 721 VV. Huntington Dr. HI. 6-11421 IMFRIINK uno gaining - KERRS ROUSH PRINTING 530 N. First Ave. HI. 7-2485 'HQNQN wnmmw QP FRANK'S BARBER SHOP 73 E. Foothill Blvd. HI. 6-4372 The barber shop that donated the service to the all night graduation purty. We carry your style of hair in all sizes. Next time when yout at First and Foothill stop by and see if your style is available. Y O mx and than fftilltzur YYW Q,PS RANEY CLEANERS i 4 71 22 E. Duarte Rd. Hi, 7-4224 HJ ' ll bond O O r lft O rn Q, ,"'f5 "o. 5 ' ' -, V' ff ' N ' I W' 'x X '. l WPWXX 1 f gift, , 'yj xv x AF'-.QM ...,,?.1, 5 y , LX I 4 E -I 5 ' X '. x X1 . V my ...X , ,I A - A 'ii -T gif' dnb 1 Y 'r fl' - wi 5' ' " fa., ff f L5 J :M fl . kg, K:--if - - f Q '- 1 H, F- . , f f , f Y -5' ' -7 1 Z , ' ,I 1 - ' 9 'l ' , ' ,Q , ' N1 i " W QQ ll l I 'xx - , . 3 XX, . X DAVIDSON SPORTING GOODS MiiiEp.MyER5, imc, H39 Huntington Dr. Hl. 7-8337 19904 Live Ogk l-ll. 6-1301 W? ,f 'ft . vis BOB LONGPRE PONTIAC INC, 335 VV. Huntington Dr., Mon. EL. 8-0151 We salute the graduating Class of '57 ARCADIA MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO. 615 52 First Ave. HI. 6-2232 :Vx 'Va' -. ' ww' XIDEHH' 1 tjr ,R z. 'Hx " .iygv gl . X 3 X 'H . . '- g ' x Q ' du - 1 8 1 N M., ii I it TOTSATO-TEENS SANTA ANITA FLOWER SHOP 176 E, Huntington Dr. HI, 7-2893 512 5- First Ave' HIV 7,6915 ARCADIA SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL 311 N. Santo Anito Ave. HI. 7-2244 Compliments of ARCO BUSINESS SERVICE 41 E. Duarte Rd. HI. 7-4390 6454 ,K -. x BRAEGERS SHOES 1313 S. BoIdwin Ave, HI. 7-428 . Ll . , 1 RANCHO SANTA ANITA. INC. A ,IO45 r 'WVR A 'S'-'W RANCHO SANTA ANITA 1045 W. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-8118 DENNYS ARCADIA CAMERA SHOP VANS JEWELER5 131 E. Huntington Dr. Hn. 6-3272 We Gwe S 5 H Green Swmps 1275 S. Baldwin Ave. HI. 6-2223 ...L-05 'kt l I I s K FRANK'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 10906 Live Oak HI. 6-4780 4- f- " f , f-' 'D , ,,,.,,fX 5 1 X . an J 14214 '53 ,Qx 1 . 1 1-3. 1 HUB HARDWARE 1311 S. Baldwin Ave. HI. 7-1591 X ,.gi.i2X. I W- S ' M I ' - Ms, --vp 'N'--w4, 4-. I N., . " . """vn..u..k,'w' MN I . ol- F' SWL WI w MUSIC MART 2I E. HUntIngton.Dr. HI. 6-3111 fl ULHSS . NMI .L SX 5- P. A. P. PRINTING IO6 N. First Ave. HI. 6-44OI EL RANCHO CHILDRENS SHOP ARCADIA GLASS 81 MIRROR III5 W. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-7357 300 E. Huntington Dr. HI. 6-4437 X A 'II . Ewa' T 5 mmm lm! ! 5 T ' T " U Q I ' 'W"'W","" " """""""""" f f T ' 'X if 1 5 T ' T X1 1 1 T A 1 1 1 1 U 1 L 1 Y 1' 1 - 1 4' 1 s .1 1:1 H ln., NASHS OF ARCADTI-X 1325 S. Baldwin Ave. H1, 673131 59 E:-:rc 1 1 T r T . ff-XRCADTA FLORISTS 153 N. Santo Anim Ave, HT. 74000 I BATES CHEVROLET SHUOERTTS HOUSE OE TOYS SSO S. Bcxldwin Ave, H1. 62171 113 E. Hnmfingfon Dr, HI. 7-5385 'Bn ENGLES PHARMACY 34 E. HUnTingTon Dr, HI. 7-8IO5 un 'II"EqIzIIsuS X Mgif BREJONS FURNITURE ARCADIA HARDWARE 524 S. First Ave, HI. 7-7OII 52 E. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-2434 : 2... .lu LL 'E-....- SAN GABRIEL VALLEY LUMBER CO. 57 Wheeler Ave. HI. 6-2147 o 'Ji ,,.! PA ,Lf 0 RKING I lush . Lf. 'W HI BURGER -..::.9""' - .. - ' .. .Lf ELITE BARBERS 27 S. First Ave. HI. 7-5211 Mobilubricotion DAVE'S SERVICE I4 E. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-0084 420 N. Sonto Anito Ave. HI. 7-5308 yi . W. iags 1 ' qw? X. ....29 llllIIlll T llllllli CCIUUtiv lil . . SHOPPING BAG FOOD STORES Thirty-One Stores Serving the Southland IN ARCADIA-I407 Bcilclwin Ave. ond 7 E. Huntington 'Tr cqyp .Q.!1q'.yxL ' . 1 . V:- - 'M xv -- N i-..'-' 1 4 "Q-ex, - K A V ", .xi-A, -'gf t "...., x , ' I 3' il PINES COFFEE SHOP ABC TYPEWRITER 58 E. Huntington Dr. HI 7-2208 44 E. Huntington Dr. HI 6-1441 li' f " ts .I . 1' I' 5 1: ,-pn I.iJ'lZ g Hf.k.'ii4' lil IW QM! EL RANCHO .IEWELERS DAVlDSON'S PAINTS 1147 W. Huntington Dr. HI 7-6013 1310 S. Baldwin. Hl 7-4365 W. T. BECKWITH Realtor Real Estate-Insurance 107 W. Huntington Dr. H17-8191 Congratulations "STU" HENDERSONS KING PHARMACY The Refxall Store 54 E. Huntington Dr. HI 7-2859 YOUR ndependmf lmurafzre AGENT MEMBER OF N AT L S0 CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS Z Z ARCADIA STATIQNERS ARCADIA T.V. CENTER 12 NA First Ave. HI' 6.46Q7 129 E. Huntington Dr, HI. 7-9515 HI. 7-0785 551 I ,I .r , Z-- nlvm muscn DMC! KRIJUIY ,thi FQ?-vgw MELVIN KAISER ACADEMY OF DANCE PEERLESS LINEN RENTAL SERVICE 306 5- First Ave. HI- 7-9502 122 N. Sontcx Anita Ave. HI, 6-4456 I Q I WESTERN A uf 'AJ CHFIELD RICHFIELD n -mt tv ' gg - -Q ' ..:.d7"B f T 'lg 7:-.., ., u V' ' n Y NW- ,,,,,, I 'I 'f , rl 'IPI' "' , , , - ' ' . ---. --- t. 1 , dn 1 un II 4.-.::.-.zu 1 - - 1- , I 1, . - HUNTINGTON JEVVELERS JAMES SERVICENTER 42 E. Huntington Dr. I-II. 7-1669 50 VV. Los Tunes Dr. HI. 7-8971 3 , I v 'h A 1 I - 4 in MRS. SIMONS PASTRY SHOP KIRK HAIR FASHIONS 11110 E. Live Ook HI. 7-5880 120 5- Firgf Avg HI, 7-A688 if if TI I f 1 v- I 5 1, frm x If 1' I xi' I 0 s I , I 9 I 1 M' 1' Q 1 "E'.,fH A . 1 ,I ,N A ,E -1 5 if Q 3' 'wma ARCADIA WHEEL AND HOBBY PETER PAN SHOP OF DRESSES 160 E. Huntington Dr. HI, 7-3181 35 S. First Ave. HI. 7-11981 i " ""'-" A 1.31.3111 IRIN... I " i A,,,g'J J, ' .4 -.1--1 Q61 MQCREA WELDING 81 REPAIR SERVICE ARCADIA BQQTERY 113171-B 301110 CIOVO HI- 7-7743 30 E. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-11981 il . I I , I .5 S . 3.1 ,- . Imam 3, HH . 15 THE ARTISAN ARCADIA LINOLEUM 571 S. First Ave. HI. 7-8310 211 E. Duarte Rd. HI. 70934 LSL ., 202 SOUTH FIRST AVE 1 ARCADIA, CALIF DRAPERIES BEAUTI PLEAT OF ARCADIA DON PAIN! DOuqIos 6-1206 CAROLYNS PAINE DOuqlos 6-S136 BEAUTI PLEAT SULLIVANS PAINTS 202 S. First Ave. HI. 6-1206 25 S. First Ave. HI. 6-2II6 RY. I-5741 ROBERT HAIR STYLISTS ROY LONG'S MEN'S 81 BOYS' SHOP 2I2 S. Firsf Ave. HI. 6-5792 23 E. Hunfington Dr. HI. 7-327I mi-,i,o 3 5-IO-ZSI 'wan x 2.- F. S. RASCO 81 CO. MARSH EL RANCHO PHARMACY 32 E. HunTingTon Dr. HI. 6-2868 II25 W. Huntington Dr. HI. 7-2I6I -L -I KATI-II'S DRESSES CURRY'S HEALTH FOODS HII2 Live Ook HI. 6-5703 22 S. Firsf Ave. HI. 7-5880 II6 E. Lemon Ave., Monrovio EL. 8-8375 Q.: 1 We I MCBRATNEYS Myrtle and Lernon Monrovio EL 9-1111 Congrotulotions 3' A I f The Closs ot '57 -N RLISSIS GARAGE nmgx ' mi 50 Lo Porte HI 6-2226 MINNIE MOSS CLARK MILLINERY 221 S. First Ave. HI 7-6493 ARCADIA CANDIES EL REY BEAUTY SALON 11 N. First Ave. HI 7-8831 38 E. Huntington Dr. HI 7-2707 SANTA ANITA BARBER SHOP WEE YARN SHOP 9 E. Huntington Dr. HI 6-3310 308 N. First Ave. HI 7-6432 THE KINGIS CUP GLOBAL TRAVEL SERVICE 13 E. Huntington Dr. HI 7-0662 18 N. First Ave. HI 6-3148 HUNTINGTON BARBER SHOP 42 E. Huntington Dr. HI 7-1669 Scave This Space For Your Best Friends WHEELER'S ARCADIA SPORTING GOODS AND 207 S. First Ave. HI 7-4923 Q! SANTA ANITA CAMERA SHOP II23 W. Huntington Dr. HI 7-1854 .D CAMERA SHOP WILLIAMS ELECTRIC CORP. 6862 Golden West Ave. HI 7-6993 EI V,l Q I 0 l ll BLOCK'S CLOTHIER - MEN AND BOYS 29 S. First Ave. HI 7-3383 QT' .. ELECIRICIANSN -, L..- E- i kt ,Li Q' fx Q ? X Sl .1Q f X ' Q ., 5 Q w , ' Ax Q lla - X Sl fx 'x' W . ai X f ' ' , 1 is I X fx "" ,J f' x VX fix, if X -N lx, ' M V ' Q 1 P. - x. Elgsjk 1 ,. - , . , 3, ft 5 ' QA I H ,N 1 x 1 1 Lf .1 Q fax A 1 Ax . S - Ji, ,sf , .n.L...4l , ' '- 1 - l 1 L - ,N Q 0" ' l 0 Xu rl C I Z4 A k W Ag" ,ij A u ' . . X 4 D ' 1-EQ? , O FL .lil hr J 1 car u 'Qi l Ns... f nsr .'1 5 I , 1 u'n H ' +V 3 1 oish M CI FR Carole Menclel .Bruce Spicer Sue Miller .lim Grill Bflzbirra Golclmcm -Linclcl' Fricke 3lwt1roq,lCQjf e? NF E1 RcrF?iff , , , , Pill? Tiewh .Jeri Ymes Flyme Alllson , ,Bob Bailey Darrell Yes? Hegel Reegle? W V9 'N up i Q 'Denny Keyes ,xv -l ,AY L 67 My! X46 1 Cl. 'Fil . . f Q,g?!!F nap ond who 'K tk , 4.1h? fjh, ilh' Leaf'-'V 4ta?q"-S1781 9. .. . ,. V '4'f'..- nof on The J A'1g,+.Q "'-...-fa' " .- .4 Q'-ilivilv 4'-N .H-gw Autographs... fwfr , MS .55 , gftfwwtiiw 1 "Take these thoughts with y Forth y ' g down into th K ft valley nth your brothers. Ea nw! and w rk em o in life" E igtgg 3 ut iliis th ut -Qtoplford Brooke - l , IZHHIFI' ff6llfl'0II PUBLISHERS or vue sooxs ron mr DISCRIMINATING ff-. CLI' XICVIVLUOA gf0llSf JM0Ilf0l'l'll Caflforrzia O 'Q 1 I 1, xl, . 1 X , 1 we ' MWWW, M .' M,A5N'XQkfWfT7ff'5 y M 5 MWA QmQgQQMiM' N WWW V 'KIQHNP X f . ' ' PM Al w I . . 'cf - , s A H I J Q ws NX' 1 K X ' 1 ,Q Al, , xx In 1 ,J an 4 x R m R

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