Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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m , 1f A .! .A S J' J I ' ' ' ' 'iff' ff! x fc, S lf. fy? u faff PJ? g zjijydgfjyygf' My ff 521, VXQA M JW n Mm WJ I i ,ff WW My ,wipgif Q Q of sv jfiffww f0iff2MQfff6fViJ fp8 w .. A .M9fW.-A JAQMAMQMWW my 7 O9W w7?l9JMfQf! 70? V09 WOZUWMW . M0QfgHQAy Q W W WMWQM W5 lj WB 9 M ff M WM 1 i , A . , , g I t Jo ,ffdffb ff , W WMWWJVWW ,J 29'1Mjf?fW79f9!!i'S W Vi ' . lzifvi, ,umm ' .L-3 516 7 5 , 2: 14 9- L, , E :TM ' N h xi - , - , -' ' 1 ' Y N V- ,. M r:f,,f ,,m,,,w., I ' . 'K m m' 4, BL . I , VY V Q , ' k ' ' f' I ' ' W:',12' ML w t ' ' 'fl Q .f,?'w1,,, . '11 vw ,- . .x,- ,fy W Q ,fj ' t ' ' ' N V fix, '- Kw,w-F W .V .,.. 4 f f . 4, f , , 5 W:-, ih5 H,Ewx k if , 1 ' ' , ' 'N xrf 'J' . y QQ 'f f,?'2' '. ' ' Wajfifwlffkjjff f z fjlf! N3'Nf,ff46 1 jjmjjffw' 6 f ' Q QW Qwwffffigfw W My KDQWPRW ff5ff4fW 7V1!5f! MW 91 JW if ,jf 'Afc7?f,3jf?3fj,,f-5 QM .W ,,. XM Wm ww J,ff Q5 if W5ff3Qbi5PfZM wwf Mk gy W in , I kd, K JE tvfvidiyygj win M 435 fuf f W mm wff' up Xof lbw 6 J Aihfxfdfw ,1 W f W PYYJW ' 56 0 WM H' J! JH? THE! x 1' , X lu, Quart! 5 ,Milne 'le ' I - ,A , 1,6 WV vvlfrl 'fl , U fl I I' i A we W li! 001 'J I HJ' QMJ ,, , , ff g w aswwjf A V 'NWWX D :kr , . If Z xx! Pcjx H j VJJI If W gf M v ' , E rf '9 QW Wwdidwzwjwgfwwamd-do JM 161-fkfwi C ' --fo see wha! wRm we haue lwacii Gsskefbell VL096'Y'her' hdS 'UCLHY' bB2jL fucks LU V - fJfwz:c-4f2em!cLCMqo.C,of.9Loa,oa,Qf044mq2aaf0-wM 00 Me aid b.vskeJbQl1 court. Ehglvslx and Ewa geomed-ry ,LSC been Jan f--- faq., Gwen' Wi? yedtxs KSQLB f haue gogen NLG- Know you und fo Jeno'-u you cs do false ygu, I ,gm S-we +Add- YW' UNH be 65 swcess cfm I 1 fl Pl if np eollecle, buf' in euerylqunff YOU do. 6es+f apltrok we ' -ol YS A R-14 Ndnvcrek . 'f ver .X-a . -mf ' 4,4 W My Qgwfff W , W W? Sw M W M Www ff W Wim ww WM Q1Ef7g,E7f! WE M 4f29 7 M Wi'M kjgfrf , fa WW W . .,. - x V3 Q W R Q X F img 2 THE AR ......,....4..-P I Ho 5 Stn' 5-M-,..,,,,,j 5?3a5lQf2 'ball Pl3'15Y urfho OBYUT' P tal 'u.povG'bQf1 A dawn I ifQ?+'s Luc-,lc Jfvvv Q-'len I M34 lien. 2. go .p.,3,..Cl,LE WW C-THOPQ V23-P N-'eacLscm-Tm V24-JV ' 'Hniss whens-140-U, age, jp f 'This QM-'lcvwticgo-uf!! Km ,f do-eS'nL'I'cQlo Wwor-E. ,WWQQW idwggl W W f 7 VK' W' ,f QSM! 22? Wvgfafdo M QM W7 M CADIAN The purpose of The elective city administration is The expanding program ot spiritual and material develop- ment of our city. Accomplishment of These purposes is The will ot the people. - Mayor Hulse. In recogniton of The work These men have carried out, and in Thanks To The people They represent, The 1956 Arcadian is dedicated To The City of Arcadia, in appre- ciation of help and encouragement extended during de- velopment ot our high school. - Editor DWIGHT L. HULSE, Mayor l Councilmen, left to right: Elton D. Phillips: Robert W. Dowg Dwight L. Hulse, Mayor, Donald Camphouse- Robert F. Dennis. Absent: James Nicklin., City Attorney, William Richards, City Manager. , TABLE WW? OF CONTENTS rf? 4 rw Xyfj ,M WM TABLE OF CONTENTS Our Community .... ...Page Our Campus . .. ...Page Let Us Obey . . . ..... Page Let Us Govern . . . . . . Page Let Us Learn ... . . . Page Let Us Belong . .. . . .Page Let Us Play .... . . .Page Let Us Live .... ..... P age Let Us Support . . ..... Page 6-7 8-9 10-19 20-27 28-69 70-91 92- 127 128- 145 146-168 I The waving flag symbolizes the freedom and democracy in our school, our community, and our lives! Arcadia offers recreation for golf enthusiasts. X Here is the site of a future hospital to be completed in 1957. CUR COM 4 I ' sw S i Ready to serve! Arcadia Police and Fire Department. A resnolentnol oreo ofArcc1cIlc1. MUNITY M41 N , 1-J if ix .gn The County Arborewm. .4 fifiiQ'f1.3. A fflliijgf j ,ffm MU W ws CAMPUS xxx ,.4:.., ,....-.. ff +R Wwwmmww Like The people of our commu- niTy who need good leclders, There rnUsT be ouThoriTy cmd guidance Tor our own sTudenT body. Eoch dciy we ore helped by The Tdculfy ond administra- Tion in solving problems ond receiving on educczfion. Mr. George Nickel Board President Dr. Norvell Dice Superintendent of Schools Mr. Edward Butterworth Board Secretary X at ,, Q ml? b N .cgi i 'f Xi? 151: T' Mr. Charles Anderson Board Member Mr. Harold Lietz Board Mamber Mr. John Nourse Board Member 12 A Dr. Norvell Dice is to be highly commended on his outstanding work as superintendent of the Arcadia Unified school district. During the seven years he has held this office, he has greatly helped in the betterment of Arcadia schools. lllllllNlEllliillUll Mr. Henry Molino Assistant Superintendent charge of Educational Services Mr. Edgar Egly Assistant Superintendent in charge of Business Services Mr. Donald Hughes Personnel Director Principal Henry S. Molino llllllll llllll This year Mr. Henry S. Molino has had the difficult task of performing two iobs Assistant Superintendent and Principal. The entire faculty and student body .P are aware of the wonderful work he has done in both positions. Assistant Principal Mr. Gardner Swenson As vice principal in charge of guidance and curriculum, Mr. Gardner Swenson has become a prominent figure on cam- pus in the short year he has been with us. llSSlSllllll Assistant Principal Mr. Elbert Souders New to Arcadia this year as assistant principal in charge of pupil personnel, Mr. Elbert Souders comes here from Bell Gardens. His enthusiasm and hard work have had a tremendous effect on our student body. Plllllllllllll 22 . tl if if 23 Mr. Clayton Wardell Mrs. Gladys Waterhouse Mr. Donald Kuttrutt Attendance Supervisor Student Store Manager Director of Student Activities Lett to right, Mrs Crane, Mrs. Dumbaclter, Mr. Acton, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Patrick -Counselors. ......,. . A . .,... .i,, We rv-v 'I ,K ,,,,,..,,,v..,..,i,i i ,Q-pvovv' K Awuvjakwv fs...- L ll l3...-ww Y h Ai., l 1 tl Qi ,, sm r Y Q --f ' . ',.' ' - 1 --'Nnmwwr ss NFQM-.F A V , 0 4 Q, M M ,rcy ,, ri,, Helm r,,,r s wf ,isif ssiii 1 ' 7 hw kkyy W ,1 ffm 1 ' . . W? iii' it iiii ,M - ' . ii: IQQTQL7 rccec , , ,euci c i s : , M ' '2 ' my ,..-,. A. ., 4, I L K s,fm.m..M.,,s .W.,i is t 9 1 cw 'f s i 1 i n .. 1 , uni sl., M ' ' l i ,L .1 . 1 X ,, L T- A grit! LN rr,LA W A715 ogg ri.. l ci L 1 '.,,:' in 1 ' 2 L. :-- 2 11 . 5 2 ' -' -L V. A 'Q' so Y . ..,- K 'ssl E l I X ,...,, E N H , , ,,.. .r.. ,. . Y Miss Hazel Lindquist Mr. Gerald Rayl Head Counselor Adult Education Principal LQ K Cofeferio Workers Mrs. Emma Broclfier Nurse Mcirron, Mrs. Phillips Cusfoclicms Lefr To right: Mrs. Luckenbill, Library Clerk, Mrs. Qffjce Workers Gerrmenion, Libroriong Mrs. Sloon, Auclio-visuol. Left To right Mrs. Pueif, Mrs. Heckmon, Mrs Bixby, Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Huff, Mrs. Rye, ond Mrs Medlock. la. Albert Acton Alvin Barlow Ruth Bolin Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Barbeque-Ba bes Lawrence Lucas Eugene McKibbin Glenna Rasmussen Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Robert Shortell g James Srnalldon James Neumeister Social Studies Social Studies Music Barry Alexander Barbara Aton Marie Carroll Katherine Learned Beverly Locken English English English English English sist L 5 Ifi 1.3 Donald McGuigan Florence Sinkule Richard Wilson Thomas Wilson Robert Kerr English English English English English hs. Marion Bianchi Edgar Cameron Brigitte Doeppner Language Language Language Jennie Gleeson Louis Grenier Barbara Morgan Language Language Language Bernadette Stoner Raymond Davies Anne Gaydos Language Business Business 'Wk up gigi We've got the Coach! mfzdszs-esezs,ssf Hssigiaaissnz-1,4593 maizugmss ,Q ,s I 2 M ., :Iss -1 Q2 55-tw EBI Elayne Hotman lsadore Munger Ramona Otellio Hazel Reegler Fred Sundstrom Business Business Business Business Business Niary Veitch Peter Dekker Wiliam Jokkel John King Donald Nordvo Business Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts ld George Allen Edward Big Russell Bovie Henry Crane John Dancer Science Science Science Science Science Robert Green Edward Harver Harrison Wiltse Colleen Lynch Ruth Lubin Science Science Science Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts James Calderhead Mario Codemo Math Math Y iii i SQ J ii 'J 4 S f iiic TSE A R John Hoffman Ronald Johnston Math Math i Edward Olson Raymond Pascoe Sylvester Patrick Robert Simons Math Math Math Math Just between s .is girls! gf, , lsr fr . ',,,. 1 '., ., 1 Isabel Beckmann Rose Endrusick Shirley Nash Leonard Buell Albert Hoelscher Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics Driver Education Driver Education 52- 5? 3 .V ll , x x S irre itr lizr Norman Beyer John Bilbrey Cecil Cushman Robert Jackson Thomas Putman Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E. - a FACULTY MEMBERs Not PICTURED ' M ,Es Robert Bacon Social Studies 3 S Lloyd Savage English at r1s1i1-21 Verne Willman English i f ,ff Mary Robinson English S V Samuel Orsini English Williom ZOQQ Marcelline Barry Social Studies BOYS' P-5 John Waterhouse Raymond Potter Francis Boyer Raymond Bowman Elizabeth Perusse Patricia Elliott Jake Weiler Social Studies Business Music Music Science Math lndustrial Arts x :s psggff-:sms .-,gg . .,,inrWsif sm A Mary Blott Girls' P.E. . R l'rt fha isss V G y , ssti ! ,2'd , ' T15 S if ,,: Y 9' Marian Clarke Marianne Millard Betty Schaefer Girls' P.E. Girls' P.E. Girls' P.E. K. xt M x X XX xx Q N. X fi- Lkrg ' iiv - 2 ' MM 5 2 'iw 'B 1 : This year marked The advenT of a sysTem of governmem' enTirely new To Arcadia High, yeT esTablished Tor years in Com- muniTy and NaTional bodies. The un- usual success which came abouf in only one year of Trial, was due To The co- operaTion of almosT all The sTudenTs wiTh The aclminisTraTion. 21 Pliflllflll Heading our student government as ASB President, Marty Korolick led us Through a successful and produc- tive year. As ASB President, Marty has ably served l Arcadia throughout the year. - With a friendly smile for all, Marty has earned The high honor of being top man. N As ASB Vice President, Clint Harwick's chief responsibility was presiding over ICC and the Advisory Board. Clint has done much to unify AHS through our organizations, Here he is shown holding the coveted ICC Trophy. ip Q E g I U QE il, 'ME' Left to right. M. Kambeitz, Pep Commisisoner, R. Powell, Athletic Commissioner, J. Prestin, Buildings and Grounds Commissioner, M. Grant, Historian, S. Kennedy, Recording Secretary, M. Kordick, President, J. Cooperider, Corresponding Secretary, C. Hicks, Speaker of the House, P. Grimm, M. Crocker, Assembly Commissioner, P. Northcote, Treasurer. Not pictured: C. Harwick, Vice President. ADVISORY BOARD Seated: B. Irvine, S. Craig, K. Bunde, R. Duncan, V. Cuccia, C. Harwick, S. Kramer, R. Hunter, J. Bowen, M. Morris, L. Billman. Standing: S. Dunlap, L. Hicks. i i Seated in the cafeteria are the first semester representatives, conducting one of their meetings, OFFICERS Pictured from left to right ore: Sheila Sanders, Chaplain, Richard Duncan, Pro Temp, and Joan Wolters, Clerk. A significant revision made in our student gov- ernment this year was the formation of a House of Representatives. Selected from their first pe- riod classes, the members conduct meetings and introduce bills in the same parliamentary pro- cedure as our national government. HUUSE l Speaker of the House, Charlie Hicks iiiPiiiSiNiiiiiViS House of Representatives-Second Semester. Officers: Joan Wolters, Clerk, Rich Hunter, Parliamemarian, Charlie Hicks Speaker. Not pictured, George Woodward, Speaker Pro Tem. Sandy Mickelson - President Ell-HE' llllilll Under The exceptional leadership of The Girls' League President, Sandy Mickelson, The well-organized league has enjoyed a successful year. Judy Bullock - Vice President GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD-Left to right: S. Galliher, Secretary, S. Mickelson, President, A. Smith, Historian, 'J. Bullock, Vice President Not pictured: J. Griffith, Treasurer. Press 'mr ,.1 .V GYM REPRESENTATIVES Seated. k.. Hull, 5. Kuiper, A. Carava, G. de Gero, P. Peterson, L. Snider. Standing: M. Hester, D. Lamatrice, J. Corridini, J. Dixon, P. McCreary, L. Hicks, M. Sinkule, J. Golish. 'EV J. Delaney L. Flanders B. Royer M. Slough Sunshine Program Campus Beautiful , House Beautiful P, Slough C. Nilsson Social Ways and Means L. Schoonmaker K. Buncle D. Heffner M. Spencer Employment Publicity Welfare Dress and Standards exit' ,J fl Q I ' , xv we W ls. .' I f ' my ,QW ' e , LN ' 5' I M ' az . , -- Ag -,if . 4 , wwf W QW . wg -.f- , f an X , 'fv .Q -A 'X f 'N . fi K5-'fi . W v bf' x, K .x Q Q, K -. .as ,.., A -1 ad! .,. 3' .,- W Nh 'sg -sf 3 ww. r 'v. v Q. V .. p in ', 5' ' V . H f.. - , .-N in L- 1 -.+.-Q f-211 4 4 4 A .,,. ' y . fr - sg Q .O.k1 N, 3'- +--s t A ... .Q .- - ., ,f.:-21:1-e.'-Q-'fee ff 'f ., ::'1.-':.- L+ 3'5F'5-'Q '.' xi' , ff, -f ' - g,':-:..'3. ,.-'12-'..r:.' -'Z' -C .-',' fa.-wa' 40 0-4-J 4 4 ' 4. 4 e .49 -' 4 ' Q':rf4v :n'4P Sr4v'4vl' '. V' if F . . 7 1 - , ' . ' ' J, x A 4 , , , ,f 1 6 ' . ' . . ? . LC . KV I X, .6 Y ,A K. -1 .A 'X NT: x' Q M ' hx l ,, , ' . 'Q A A 4 'Msg X , . . 1 ,, My ,. - . - --1 - :fl-xl G ,,..W . . L. Lk , ryan- 4 . ev-' 5 - 1 44,4-L y .A , ' , N . is K .X T ' A1 fl -x A '-f.'L Q ,, vim ,..: 'fi 11' W-,. 6:17155ffff'-fgxfsfsgf' ' - - 4 , ,, 1 ' K Vi.- i ...uvvw W,,.,.n f t ii':1-ff: M..Q.M'1fff'f'f' -My fz:Sf1 7 ,.,.+- Q ,..,.Mf- QM-M' , f , I W , K f ' if K H +,3:f:111Zi,Lp-..fwMf tdyvaw-'WJ K t, j Population is important in any town or city lust os it is in ci high school. The city ot Arcoidio hos grown in the post tew yeors to o populotion ot over thirty thousand. Our high school hos Ieoped from about seven hun- dred students ot its beginning, to olmost two thousond this yeor. 29 fll X Fil 1 President-Richard Duncan a Q e .Q Q -. ll? :ua X fx Cl Sflllllll As the school year of i956 draws to an end, we pay Tribute to those giving Their last, long look To their Alma Mater. Ably led by their competent President, Richard Duncan, the class of 1956 has left a lasting impres- sion and will long be remembered for Their unlimited spirit and loyalty. Four years finally completed . . . such wonderful friend- ship . . . Senior Bench . . . Ditch Day . . . Senior Breakfast . . . Prom . . . and finally, happy, yet regretful preparations for Com- mencement. So much to remember . . . so much To look forward To. 1. -. Senior Class Sponsors-From left to right: Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. Green, Mrs. Rasmussen, Knot picturedl Mr. Waterhouse. A , iz-Mfg ir i,r,, Senior Officers-Top row, left To right: Trudy Gerry, Recording Secretary, Gene Silva, Treasurer, Linda Schoonmaker, Corresponding Secretary. Bottom row, left to right: Jo Ann Fisk, Historian, Richard Duncan President, Eleanor Reeve, Vice President. WM.. Q Four fabulous years and then , . l lC1I'I'y Adams Q' 1 Robert Allen William Allen Garrett Allison Judith Allison it A u,i, l M M X r Kenneth Angel Philip Anglesea Jo Anne Appleman Roger Bahruth Sandra Bailey Barbara Baldwin Larry Ball Robert Ballard Melvin Bauer Robert Beauchemin Barbara Berky Mary Berumen Marlee Alexander ' ' A ,Q Wie, 111-f 15: ' ' asa- - -f f .Y 2 Q f.5, .QI , A X A Jack Ames Marilyn Bailey Zishia Baron Larry Billman James Blake Paul Bliss Donald Blomo Sheridan Blythe Sheila Bolduan Diane Bonds Al Bonfiglio Charles Booih 13 Ronald Boiierna Helen Bramley Marilyn Brand Barbara Bray Howard Brisiol Richard Brock George Brokaie Burdick Brooks ' .. f . . iff 1-A--.-4'..aQ-1'. ma si'-45,v N. 'W dew, .rw Barbara Brown Janet Brown 32 A serious moment-Baccalaureate. nv' s. Exclusively Seniors! Wayne Bru ba ker Maureen Byrne Jack Carpenter Marjorie Chilton Al B YS at Richard Burchby K . Q wif Anne Carico . enei -:C ' C ee,e ei ee - C - C f :Ee C . ,,i , . m E yeiiye i if inn George Cawelti Robin Christy fsu Joan Brown Thaol Brown Norman Burgher Nancy Burnett Sandra Carlson John Carlton i . Robert Chamberlain Coleen Chauncy Sharon Clark James Clarke Ronald Clarke Peer Clausen Kennerh Cochran James Collier 'Q Y 'Ulf i 4, 1 Carol Cook June Coopericler Neilsen Crews Mary Anne Crocker Seniors chat over chow. Michael Cronshey Vicfor Cuccia Michael Curry Bror Dahlberg Mary Lou Davis Wayne Davis Dean DeBeneoleT Vlfglnlfl DGFVGHUS Judy Delaney we 'G' K Marilyn Dice Melvyn Dinsrnore Lucinda Dodson aymond Dombroski William Driver Robert Duffy Richard Duncan ii D ii , , Seniors work overtime for There's work To be done and plans To be made. Kalhleen Duniley Mary Ells l Kay Eicher Diane Elder Karl Elers Sonia Eriksen Louis Evans John Fenton Felicia Ferris Robert Fielding Elaine Fisher JoAnn Fisk Warren Forrest Sherrill French Florence Gaidos Cynthia Gardner Donald Garrick 36 Seniors have problems? David Fitzpatrick Lois Flanders Doreen Fudge Carol Gaines Robert Gardner Robert Garfield Marilyn Gates 'A Seniors once again shine as all dine af Their barbeque Gertrude Gerry Wayne Gowern ,ffjf Marilyn Groom b A Evelyn Hansen i Y Fair is foul and foul is fair. .. ! .. S-an yi. Sonia Hansen m Willard Hanson Ronald Hargeif Georgia Harris Douglas Harsen Clinton Harwick Sherri Hayden Nancy Helwig 4:-.zur Tom Hernborg William Henry Donald Herbelin James Herr l Charles Hicks Dick Hoegee Kathleen Hollingsworth Lynne Hollingworth John Hollister Jessie Holroyd Ernest Horocek June Howorol Mory Howe Woyne Hughes Corinne Hull John Humble Ronolcl Hunt Jerry Hunter Richord Hunter Bonnie Hurst Elizabeth Irvine Roy Jefferson Peter Jessen Kciren Johnson Jonell Johnston 44 w Seniors ore going places fast-too fast! Janet Jones Linda Jones Michael Kambeiiz Rochelle Kaplan Barbara Kay i Gail Kaye Patricia Keller Imelda Kelly Sylvia Kennedy William Kirby Richard Klagues Marcia Knipsfein Elizabeth Kohl Martin Kordick i 40 Margaret Kreinbring L ech Evcmne Leland Jdck Leonard ini Bevery Lcme me orssen Do e Lou er on e ff L ,Www LMM dw dLwWW,y 'WWW Y Robe ,fL.ndb.Om I LLMVL I VM MgLUV W? M L, QM! 7 D LI yd !j,LLiVC'M?LMvVWf LJ My Richard Locke Robert McAndrews Gerald McClellan Dana Lyn McCord Rose-Naree McDonald Donna McFaIl Robert McFetridge 1' - Richard McGinnis Rita McLennan Scott McMillan Dorothy McMullen Judith McNabb Elizabeth McQueen John Macardican if ., Us XO' 40 x wxxt R be men ounce . to 006 L. WWC 42 Dennis Malefyt Donna Mandella Melvin Manker Mary Manning Janice Martin Jean Massey Mariorie Massey Jon Mafheney Rudy Mauch , Robert Meyers Sandra Mickelson Ronald Milolon Janet Miller G, X Y 00100 Thomas Miller Terry Mills E270 ffb Mwfqfi . 5 i '74-I' '7 Q ' i ' --MM . Q' so 'MOU 1 uqflbn flesh? , ,i x em Qro SX ' 0171 91-9 ,, O U John Moore Y Richard Moore Marilou Morris Marilyn Moser Richard Moule Elizabeth Murphy David Mowrer Gerald Mullin Rochelle Nesbitt Russell Newell Chesrer Newman Carole Nilsson David Nissen Geoffrey Norihcoie Philip Norfhcole Berry Nottingham Daniel Noholi Sharon Nunnally Dale Olson Richard Orsi Mary Lee Owings Jacole Pade Mark Papel George Parker Linda Pasley Carol Paul Laomi Peake Richard Peake Patricia Peck Paul Peecock Nancy Perrine Gail Peters Patricia Peterson Gale Pettit Alan Phillips Donna Phillips Raleigh Philp David Pilmer Allan Pingle Ellen Pingle Nancy Platford James Porteus John Portune Ralph Powell Ray Puckett Neal Randle John Raymond Ann Reese Eleanor Reeve ff S f 07 'h e-,Us f e r S S O 'bode 'DQ-fur K - e oppo. l r 46 - 4 Ernest Reno Gail Richards Marjorie Roberts s Theodore Robertson Thornos Robillord Williom Rodgers Berir Rogs'rcid Gerold Rollings 5 W' ? l X Robert Rollins Donold Rosenberg Yonno Rossi Jolnef Rowe Edword Rowlcind John Royce Jocquelon Rude Jonef Ruth Sheilo Sonders Daniel Sonfo Cheridoin Sdwyer Kc1Thleen Scholller Suzonne Schield O xref O06 6 Elxkilogl 'YYQXQCSXOG' Q0 Rudy Schmuck William Schoenhdls Lindo Schoonmoker 47 dx Volerie Schott Mello Schubert Williom Schucholz Rudolph Seedorf Eloine Seidner Stephon Sencer Nancy Severtson Joon Sheldon Ccirol Shelley Eugene Silvot Ann Simmons John Simmons Richorol Simpson Pcltricio Slough 3 V Annette Smith f J OHM Corl Smith Howorcl Smith Joanne Smith The President approves the plons for the All Night Party. Kirby Smith Merilyn Smith Roger Smith Barbara Snider Senior play tryouts are in full swing. John Snyder Thomas Spare T Q S S iii i. T T S Robert Springsteen George Sproul James Stephens Arthur Stevens Marshall Stevens s. ki. K .M John Stewart John Stoftregen Timothy Stoll Charles Strawn Linda Strother Rosary Sulli Ellen Sullivan Glenda Sutton Barbara Taylor Charles Templin Harold Thomas Joan Thompson PaT Thompson lda Thorman .lack Tickner Marcia Tillofson Karen T x Jay Torrey Robert Touchon Thomas Traham Virginia Treece Parricia Treece Edward Tren? Charles Trippe Thomas Tupper 9 he 1 A . T T l nl - T 3' Michael Uhl Frederic Unger James Vaughan Valerie Vaughan Donald Verhoef Lucretia Voges Elizabefh Wainrighi Flake Wakefield Carole Walkden Gary Walfon Allen Waterman Michael Whirley Barbara Whirworth Patricia Weems Chloe Wellingham Donald Wesser Barbara Wilhiie Bonnie Wilhiie wi LE. , Roberra Wilkin Daniel Williams Norman Winblaol Joan Wolfe-rs + 3 aooo ii,fx George Woodward Doroihea Wurlz Donna Wycoff June YaTes Deanna Yosek Barbara Young Suzanne Zimmerman Gary Zucca Barbara Weriig Bryan Will'1iTe Jerry Woods Doris Yerkes 51 Officers lleft to rightl: Barbara Knapp, Colleen Schurter, Rosemary Kay, lfrontlz Dick Heilman, Chris Dueker. Jr. Class President -- Advisors - Mr. Dancer, Mr. Crane, Mr. Acton, and Mr. Smalldon Chris Dueker lnot picturedl. The years at Arcadia can be compared to a relay race. The Seniors have run the course with the spirit of victory. The Juniors must receive the baton, and, in turn, run the difficult course. lt is believed by everyone that the class of '56 will carry on with skill and enthusiasm. llllllUlllS Left to right-Row l--Arlynne Allison, Kay Bickley, Julie Albi, Diane Boisot, Lenore Abilo, John Albi, Jack Borret Busby. Row 2-Rod Andrews, Ron Andrews, Bob Askin, Bruce Barrett, Carol Bowden, Al Banks, Bob Bailey, Judy Row 3-Darrell Brook, Vickie Benedict, Jim Bryant, Janet Boyd, Doug Byrkit, Karla Abrahamson, Gerry Andrews, Row 4-Shirley Buraess, Bert Baker. Lindo Brill, Tom Arthur Finn Rrighnm- Firma A:-qqWf.f+L,' Mel Anglggggfql Anderson, Roy Armstrong, Binnie Busby, Bullock, Mariam Blake, Bob Burgett. Joan Aunger, Carol Boughner, Ben Barber. Tn'-vw DAf-.Hull IA A.-sn DIIII- C,..,..J.... D-,..I .-... .....-...,.., ..- ...... .,....o, ,,,,...e...A Doo.. Row 5-Gary Asdel, Millie Ashley, Jane Biffle, Bill Black, Dick Beauchemin, Bonnie Balch, Betty Beauclette, Barbara Black, Joan Bennett, Betsy Barclay AI Bonifiglio. Row l-Gary Barron, Pam Boller, Ralph Butcher, Alice Bishop, Bob Bell, Liz Beck, Bob Byrant, Cecile Bowler, Gilbert Berumen, Mike Baum. Row 2-Ron Cumings, Dick Croxall, Dennis Caparone, Rene Caron, Bob Cummings, Jim Chilton, John Covey, Dick Covey, Harvey Chozen, Paul Carey, Doug Carlston. Row 4-Carol Crews, Toni Calamia, Bob Cavin, Wayne Callaway, Celia Crawford, Karen Cunningham, Joy Cosentino, Dick David, Gail Douglas, lrene Dunn, Gay De Gero, Row 5--Euang Cardiel, Judy Carroll, Pat Cannon, Bill Dickey, Roger,Dills, Chris Dueker, Mary Carnarata, Mike De Orio, Renard Danielson, Bob Carlston, Dole Daniel. I Left to right-Row I-Connie Callari, Jean Cleary, Carol Carr, Dave Davis, Virginia Elder, Cheryl Dinsmore, Judy Dixon, Jack Eaton, Bill Eldredge, Jim Eaton. Row 2-Sally Draper, Janice Demers, John Lausting, Ed Faefh, Linda Frickle, Suzie Fawcett, Jerome Faustini, Jaon Elson, David Fisher, Jo Anna Funderburg. Row 3-Lynn Cole, Linda Cipriani, Bill Campbell, Sue Frisbie, Conny Farace, Glenn Fraisl, Walter Frickle, Barbara Footitt, Jack Foye, Dianne Evans. Row 4-Nancy Ford, Bob Fearnehough, Carole Fisher, Mike Foy, Bonnie Geffeney, Gary Fultz, Mike Frehle, Marylee Grant, Jan Golisch, Jim Gorians. Row 5-Steve Gates, Jamen Grill, Gale Graham, Catherine Gallo, Phyllis Glafcke, Barbara Gumz, Jo Gene Griffin, Karen Grell, Lee Grund, Dennis Harmer. Left to right-Row I-Joe Giles, Paul Geller, Barbara Goldman, ,Nancy Gough, Joe Green, Arnold Green, Gloria Geisler, Annette Gish, Sally Galliher, Ray Garcia. Row 2-Jorene Geiver, Harold Hofman, Terry Harkness, Brenda Heitman, Karen Hunter, Wendy Harris, Candy Hopper, Ross Heale, Doug Hunter, Penny Havens. Row 3-Carol Huff, Bill Holt, Pat Hall, Dorothy Hetfner, Carol Hendrixson, John Heidke, Bob Hall, Lee Hughes, Bill Hamilton Row 4-Steve Grant, Doug Nanninga, Jay Heckman, Allen Swan, Dick Hench, Dick Hellman, Harvey Herr, Jerry Goldman, Frank Heitmanek. Row 5-Sue Hatter, Greg Huehl, Howard Hand, Joan Gartner, Carol Gibbons, Pollen Greg, Jean Ianno, Bob Yanda, Judy Yanda. Row 1-Nancy Krag, Paul Karey, Bob Kerske, Pat Keith, Mary Kloezman, Don Karotick, Karen Johnson, Bill Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Dave Jones. Row 2-Chris Klinger, Tom King, John Jacobi, Bob Jones, Marilyn Kirihner, Ruth Knock, Bill Jacobs. Row 3-Linda Jackley, Jo Anne Julian, Robert Knock, Nancy Jackson, Robert Kirley, Rosemary Kay, Donny Keyes, Pat Killen, Ron Knutsen, Jack Jordan. Row 4-Judy Johnson, Pat Lenz, Linda Lehr, Lynne Lindsay, Gary Lauman, B'll Lammedee, John Lindell, Bob Langsner, Charlie, Liberto, Robin Little. Row 5-Ray Mueller, Tony Love, Gordon Maddock, Jim Matthews, Troy Lemons, Samma Jane McMullin, Judy Manley, Walt McCormick, Bert McKinley, Dick Lawrence. Left to right-Row l-Vermille McLaughlin, Bob McPherson, Phyllis Meyers, Judy Malone, Jeri McCracken, Shirley Melton,vChris Miller, Dick Martin, Dick Mathias, Wayne Meng. - Row 2-Donna McElroy, Carole Mendel, Chuck Luzader, Richard Law, Sue Mertz, Fa'th Moody, Tom McKibbon, Scott McGlasson, Jack Moore. Row 3-Charlene Mayne, Nancy Massa, Judy McCoy, Glenna Morrow, Joel Myrvold, Dick Martin, Dick Martin, Dan Mallery. Row 4-Dolores Miller, Sue Miller, Ron Miller, Dorene Meisch, John McQuor3e, John Murphy, Nyda Moore, Nancy Montgomery, Cliff Moore, Denny Marchand. Row 5-Linda McCafferey, Joyce Morre, Joyce Mark, Marilyn Madinger, Gordon Marlow, John Mason, John Mann, Sam Milazzo. i 1 Left to right-Row 'l-Penny Pearson, Cheryl Powers, Dick Rathburn, Leilani Nelson, Madeline Phillips, Larry Martin, Jim Norris, Ron Norton, Bob McCormick. Row 2-Kay Petrusha, Judy Quarness, Jack Nelson, Jerry MacDonald, Sandy Pon, Kay Perkins, Linda Pash, Dave Pratt, Art Ploot. Row 3-Judy Rhodes, Rddin Appidisam, Paul Erhart, Jack Pullman, Sue Quigley, Peggy Parker, Justine Pietrzak, Barbara Royer, Janet Reeve, Nancy Roscoe. Row 4-Fred Peterson, Rod Phillips, Chuck Sarts, Judy Ramsey, Sue Ryerson, John Nourse, Paul Postlewait, Donna Redman, Mary Ann Rhodarmer. Row 5-Steve Robison, Bert Roberts, John Nicolais, Jean Ramage, Jean Reynolds, Carl Raymond, Wally Ray, Jim Rudden, Ralph Rittenhouse, Les Rush. Left to right-Row I-Myron Reichert, Chuck Rose, Frank Rush, Pat Schenck, Marcia Sheehan, Judy Smith, Harold Robinson, Stuart Roether, Diane Schroer, Shauna Scanlon. Row 2-Linda Stuart, Roger Steinbrenner, Sandy Spauldng, Jim Smeenge, Judy Solberg, Ann Sullivan, Red Strong, Sam Scalen, Barbara, Stoltze, Louise Simons. Row 3-Maria Siegel, Carol Smith, Jim Samuelson, Tom Scalzo, Don Schwab, Elaine Simon, Barbara Simon, Jchn Sulluvan, Vic Samarzich, Mary Sue Silton. Row 4-George Sproul, Vince Spencer, Bruce Spicer, Hildegard Skrzypczak, Judy Shoemaker, Dick Solar, John Stately, Gary Salyer, Colleen Schurter Margaret Spencer. Row 5-Joan Spratling, Diana Stepan, Bob Slrkegian, Ed Thomas, John Stevans, Eddie Trent, Carolyn Stirling, Barbara Smith, Roger Stevens, Bev San Filippo 1 Lefr to right-Row 1-Ed Witt, Bill Winn, Jeri Yates, Ann Williams, Ed Wenzloff, Barry Wayleff, Helene Winer, Sharon Wheeler, Dick Van Horn, Karen Wingard. Row 2-M. A. Van Thillo, Bill Whitehead, Joel Woodward, Peggy Wienderlich, John Van Arnum, Ingrid Swenson, Linda Treece, Wayne Wragg, Ted Vecchione, Virginia Treece. Row 3-Darrell Yost, Leslie Van Doren, Ken Verhoef, Gary Tompkins, Murray Todd, Peggy Tremayne, Marilyn Tumilty, Debbie Merry, Susie Wilson. Row 4-Sherry Yandle, Elsa Woolberf, Joan Wlig, Rodger Willis, Bob Wuarff, Judy Wood, Jacki Worker, Linda W nchell, Sherrill Williams, Row 5-Doug Wear, Tom Trippe, Bobbie Wilkin, Janet Thornhill, Doug Turner, Barry Williams, Dick Whiteman, Don Yost, Joy Weidow. wx X ' 1 , ,t , , E K si P S-., A . , f.,i ssss T .yy-K-1 '.. . F l f 75, QU From lefi To right: Larry Costa, Vice President, Treasurer, Marybeth Bonham, Corresponding Secretary, Betsy Burghardtg Recording Secretary, Karen Bassfordg and seaied is Dick Davis, President. Qllllllillllllll The sophomores for The lasr Two years have served on apprenriceship. They have been sreadily preparing for the responsibilifies of sportsmanship, scholarship, and high standards, for which The seniors have always stood. The sophomores cinricipafe eagerly The long- awaired Title - UPPER CLASSMEN -- ' SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS From lefr To right: Mrs. Ruth Lubin, Mr. James Calderhead and Mrs. Berry Barber. Left to right-Row I-Holly Aronson, Dennis Albrecktsen, Kenneth Anderson, Bob Asmus, Jerry Adams, John Allison, Bob Anderson, Wayne Armstrong, Margo Ashauer, Elizabeth Arnold, Jill Binnings. Row 2-Susan Alexander, Nancy Agaianian, Richard Anderson, Charles Bailey, Jeff Braft, Phil Batany, Lewis Brown, Linda Botts, Vicki Brown, Sharon Bingham, Ellen Boyd. Row 3-John Betsinger, Don Blesi, Ken Bruce, Frank Biava, Bob Beckwith, Bob Bartholomew, Glenn Barton, John Boughner, Jerry Beschta, Ross Buck- walter, Schuryler Bradlery. Row 4-Gwen Buxton, Dorothea Bono, John Buckley, Joe Bryant, Mide Bridges, Jfm Billig, Bryon Baron, Jim Brustman, Don Bryant, Mary Beth onham, Betsy Burghardt, Bob Brown. Row 5-Robert Burns. Robert Brown Tony Brnsstielfl, Roy Brown, Loren Brubaker, Loi' Baker, ilslncii Bunde, Joan Biigieb, Karen Bassfora, Kathy Burr, Carol Bretonne. Lett to right--Row I-Sue Bazzell, Rosemarie Burnett, Sharon Bristol, Jackie Bradley, Andrea Berry, Karen Bertram, Antoinette Carava, Ruth Creighton, Kenlyn Card. Sharon Craig, Marsha Carey, Sam Dickason. Row 2-Nancy Camphouse, Rciyleen Campbell, Charmaine Cummings, George Ann Cameron, Shielda Chapman, Kathi Chadwick, Gini Cooper, Janet Corradini, Luanne Cobb, Karen Chauncey, Carole Christopher. Row 3-Pat Cronshey, Betty Brinson, Gerrie Collins, Rosemary Clark, Barbara Carlson, Carol Cartwright, Warren Coleman, Dave Curran, Garry Copson, John Cheney, Jay Carrol, Larry Costa. Row 4-Mel Caines, Tom Carpenter, Berry Curtis, Robert Cook, Tom Collier, Bill Cochran, Tom Cullen, Craig Carver, Bob Codson, Emil Costantino. Row 5-Cindy Daveaar, Jo Dcnotrio, Phyllis Daniels, Sandy Davidson, Helen Dueringer, Susi Danz, Eleanor Desatoft, Linda Dickson, Nancy Davis, 59 Jolene Daverson, Patsy Duntley, Brice Dinsmore. Left to r'ght-Row lfGary Davidson, Mike Davis, Bill Davis, Roger Diebold, Darrel Defreitas, Duane Defreitas, Bob Davis, Pat Dillon, Punky Englegart, Chuck Donegan, Johnny Dicaro. Row 2-Dick Davis, Jim Dittmar, Jim Denver, Jack Deaton, Don Dean, Tom Dodge, Chuck Dineen, Bill Dirks, John Donnelly, John Ekins, Gene Edmundson. Row 3-Mike Egan, Michael Ely, Erin Elliot, Dorothy Elliott, Liza Elers, Pat Engelman, Barbara Evans, Carolyn Endicott, Kay Ferguson, Linda Fisher, Cheryl Friesen. , Row 4-Mary Jane Fuerst, Donna Funk, Howard Faddis, Don Field, John Fedinando, Paul Formes, John Fieldng, Leigh Fairbank, Steve Franz, Joe Farina, Duke Fuller, Row 5-Gary Fields, Robert Free, Gerald Funk, Lewis Fetterly, Brian Gill, John Garcia, James Gardner, Hans Gallert, Jim Gross, Don Gates. Left to right-Row l-Tom Gee, Dave Groner, Bob Guiwits, Stanley Garner, Dave Gorman, Poyce Gilmour, Gale Gates, Deane Ann Gath, Linda Geiffith, Sandi Glasco, Katie Goodwyn. Row 2-Carolyn Garner, Connie Goehler, Lorraine Gibbons, Shirley Goushkin, Jean Groia, Harriet Gaffney, Bill Hensien, Ray Holst, Dianne Henisse, Nan Hoowell. ' Row 3-Charlene Grant, Sue Gable, Dianne Horn, John Gest, Barbara Hansen, Gail Heidbreder, Judy Huff, Susan Huff, Linda Hunt, Barbara Haddock, Lin Holt. Row 4-Sharon Harvey, Pat Higgins, Mary Hokom, Frank Holmes, Jane Holnhan, Richard Hansen, Joan Hutchinson, Mike Hudson, Rchard Hoertig, Larry Hughes. Row 5-Lance Haserot, Steve Hennessy, Bill Herbelin, Jill Harrington, Pete Humason, Allen Hart, Neil Henke, Diane Hull, Mary Huntington, Betty Hobdas. - .,.- -... ,....... ..., ..-,sg-,.. ',-F J.: Lett to right-Row l-Bill Jurden, Jerry Johnston, Susan Jensen, V'ctor Holst, Cynthia Johnson ,Gary Hunt, Valorie Ivins, John Juhring, Barbara Jones, Joan Ignatius, Linda Keller. Row 2-Howard Hills, Judy l-loogendoorn, Judy Holsher, Pat Johnson, George Hilista, Patty Jones, Ronald Jones, Pam Ingrahn, Kirstin Johnson, James Johnson, Richard Jones. H Row 3-Bill Kerske, Tom Kreinberg, Dave K'ngsburg, Ronald Kubic, Mike Krchgestner, Edith Kent, Ken Kurb, Robert Kramer, Sherri Kuiper, Gayle Kennedy, Bob Kagy. Row' 4-Gary Kennedy, Gerry Kane, Barbara Klagues, Barbara Kresick, Doraine Knight, Augusta Keck, Kathleen Krumm, Bruce Johnson, Jim Loomis, Steve Lavyrence, Lynn Luther. Row 5-Lois Leaverenz, Allen Lundbert, Doryann Lamel, Betty Lancaster, Diann Lating, Gary Leer, Pat Mullen, Richard Mansfield, Rodger Lee, Ruth McMullen, Carol Meer. ii Q-Lf is if Y Left to r'ght-Row l-Donna Luke, Donna Latham, Jan Le Pez, Mike Michaels, Pete Mumford, Ted Miller, Mike Large, Maurine Mclntosh, Donna Miller, Barbara Nicholson, Susan North, Row 2-Karen Lundquist, Peggy Lundquist, Ann Marsh, Lindy Lucas, Penny Mills, Judy Martin, Sharon McKenna, Sara McGah, Pat Mathias, Ann Malefyt, Bill Morse. Row 3-Ken Morrison, Candy Noetzel, Joyce Mattox, Ronnie Mandella, Burt Marshall, Toni Massa, Sheryl Minear, Neal Loury, Norm Martin, Jane Mourery. Rbw 4-Denis Nutt, Norma Mazzolini, Jim McCoy, Pat McCreary, Diane Nottoli, Jim Lawis, Carol Minsberg, John Munrz, Jo Meyers, Richard' McMillan. Row 5-Virginia Manning, Kelly Lund, Jack Mildon, Bill Laister, Dick Lawfess, Phillip Murray, Jon Lloyd, Jim Murphy, Teeple Mattingly, Stafford Northcote, Tim Olson. f-f-Mi-we -------u-we A ' -- 3 Left to right-Row l-Chris Oeltman, Pam Ptlueger, Brent Pehusen, Marvin Mclntyre, Bette Palmisane, Bruce Pehresen, Sandi Phillips, Mike Proctor, Steve Porter, Dick Pierce, Hannelore Penn. Row 2-Stevie Pomeroy, Jack Pierce, Carol Peterzini, Darrel Peacock, Susan Pearing, Carol Pearce, Shirley Pilmer, Jane Patrick, Karen Quakenbush, Colleen Quigley, Jim Northup. Row 3-Lucy Ann Perlmetter, Dick Parker, Marcia Pety, Gary Pedretti, Sandi Payne, Jerry Phillips, Claudette Perier, Chuck Peerson, Norman Nahser, Mike Davis, Larry Robinson. Row 4-Barbara Remond, Lynda Rainus, Lyla Riddle, Bruce Randall, Dave Ragains, Gary Reno, Bob Roach, Ruth Reise, Sharon Robey, Scott Reynolds, Bob Roach. Row 5-Don Rogers, Linda Ross, Eilene Robinson, Robert Scheftel, Barbara Randall, Barbara Roles, Bob Roberts, Bruce Raymond, Harold Runyan, Ralph Roberts, Jerry Rosas. ' R ' 'dwvifiy 1 ' 'BNN IIER he +5 My U w 1 4 P: 911- Left to right-Row l-Gary Smith, Paula Stoner, Bill Saunders, Sandra Stone, Fred Soule, Dudly Sadlon, Ken Sogkesian, Marshall Stevens, Rick Scharf, Tim Platt, Sandy Perkins, Sandi Stevens, Julie Snodgrass. Row 2-Sara Sprol, Theana Sinclair, Olga Samarzick, Bill Scott, Sharon Schriver, B'll Scoleri, Lynne Snyder, Linda Schaeffer, Grant Syphins, Jack Sheridan, Lynda Schack, lma Nutt. Row 3-Murrey Seidner, Neva Stately, Mary Simmons, Pat Simper, Jan SeEnsoth, Judy Scheinders, Valerie Skoglund, Sharon Scozzafava, Betty Stein, Karen Stanley. Row 4-Eileen Shore, Sharon Simpson, Mimi Slough, Mary Jo Statley, Bill Shank, Bob Swanson, Gary Sullivan, Pat Stafford, Sherry Scarborough, Lynne Smith, Valerie Scharing. Row 5--Jean Sparks, Sue Sutherland, Rod Stephenson, Linda Stein, Gary Shima, Phil Simons, Mark Spoelstra, Martha Smith, Bob Snyders, Gail Sparks, Jim Smith. Left to right-Row T-Pat Young, Gail Waskin, Marietta Viola, Frank Wurtz, Gary Stafford, Lynn Van Voorhis, Jim Thompson, Leighton Taylor, Stephan Truan, Mike Tobey, Don Whittington. Row 2--Leonard Veit, Glenda Walton, Marieile Van Orillo, Roy Woodruff, Steve Taylor, Karen Temple, Wilton Whitehouse, Dave Whitney, Ruth Wain- right, Tom Weir, Ed Widmclnn. Row 3-Jerry Wilson, Sherri Wolsey, John Weiss, Jack Wathins, Joan Wilson, Herb Wilmsen, Linda Williamson, Lynette Wells, Mary Tumpney, Anne Thomsen, Linda Wellington. Row 4-Annette Walrmo, Linda Thompson, Craig Walton, Dennis Wightman, Sally Wakefield, Nancy Young, Joyce Widsom, Karen Wingo, Kathy Wholly, Dale Zauner. Row 5-Carolyn Taft, Anne Winchester, Nadine Waldvogel, Dolores Vitari, Doloras Zauner, Carol Yates, Mary Beth Tuchscherer, Marti Talleht, Dorothy Yates. .., .rss ..-A M--. L+ ...QAM- George Holroyd, President, Molly Sinkule, Treasurerp Thad Montgomery, Vice President, Charlene Norton, Secretary President-George Holroyd llllSlllllll Starting with their enthusiasm on Freshman Day, the Fresh- man Class has contributed greatly to the spirit of Arcadia High. Among other duties they have done a tremendous Sponsors-Mr-S1ephens.Mr Lucas job in caring forthe Victory Bell. Missing: Miss Barry Left to right-Row l-Jim Alexander, Richard Allen, Ted Angel, Betty Anderson, Dolores Anyzeski, Phyllis Arozena, Julie Alut'n, Linda Andrews, Nancy Allen, Kathy Ackerman. Row 2-Garland Biffle, Dick Ashworth, Mike Auston, Steve Allen ,Andy Anderson, David Anderson, John Anforth, Henry Avellar, Jeff Bowen, Lynn Bush. Row 3-Marvin Bowdreau, Bob Baker, Randy Beaty, Bud Budworth, Frank Bearden, Schuyler Bailey, Judy Brown, Judy Brook, Sharon Brackney, Barbara Bancroft, Therese Boyd. ' Row 4-Albert Barany, Schoyler Bailly, Barry Broughton, Arthur Buettcher, Mike Mryant, Otto Bixler, John Batcheler, Larry Blackburn, Glen Brodhead, Barbara Bucich, Richard Buck. Row 5-Jim Aiden, Barbara Bowdon, Virginia Bell, Susan Barnes, Barbara Bucich, Linda Bryant, Judy Brill, Sally Odnar, Susan Betsinger, Joyce Ash, Linda Blomn Left to right-Row l7Sharon Bragia, Judy Belter, Michaela Blyth, Mary Boucher, Kaye Cummins, Sharon Chauncey, Lois Coffey, Susan Cress, Nancy Cummins, Barbara Chamberlain, Carol Calamia. Row 2-John Carlson, David Burris, Fred Childs, Buddy Campbell, Bill Brinson, Tom Campbell, Robert Campbell, Joey Camps, Sue Christy, Sue Cory, Dinah Crane. Row 3-Larry Chase, Jim Carnal, Tom Carry, Steve Cress, Bruse Chester, Dennis Casey, Richard Carli, Dottie Chasseur, Carol Covington, Shirley Conners. Row 4-Alan Bushman, Ken Clayman, Lynn Cosbey, Mike Cummins, Milburn Clorssen, William Cir'ne, Dave Corcker, Jerry Collins, Jackie Carson, Connie Churchill. Row 5-Bill Carol, Andy Creller, John Cueller, Brent Clarkson, Albert Clement, Michael Crews, Bill Cranert, Pat Clifton, Jean Chapman, Roscille Costner. Left to right-Row I--Frank DeBenedet, John DeMuth, Ronny DeLong, Jerry Draughton, Ken Ductor, Suzanne Desbrow, Susan Davis, Laurie Drake, Sandi DuBois, Kay Davis, Pat Dion. Row 2-Pat Davis, Jim Dall, Jim D'ermer, John Donisthrope, Ron Dinst, Ralph Dirks, Paula Dreup, Suzanne Dreyer, Margot Dakan, Karen Davis. Row 3-Charles Day, Diane Donaldson, Sherlee Dobson, Linda Day, David Depew, Jerry Depew, Joe Duncan, Bill DeWitt, Larry Denver. Row A-George Boukather, Bill Destro, Birgitta Ekland, Virginia Evans, Pat Elliot, Sandra Edwards, Chuck Eyles,, Bill Eden, Ken Eilers, Gary Eisenbie, Dick Elliot. Row 5--Linda Ferris, Beth Foye, Sally Fritch, Harvey Fisher, Jim Faeth, Bob Fernandez, David Fielton, Robert Emery, Neil Elliot, Dick Fontana, Vilnis Freimanis, Left to r'ght-Row l-Patty Feeney, Lynda Ferguson, Dorothy Fish, Nancy French, Bobbie Funk, Leonard Henkey, Linda Hunsicker, Marilyn Hester, Ed Horstman, Alan Howe, Dick Hahn. Row 2-Don Fickas, Gerry Frickle, Warley Fontany, George Fraschetti, John Hinkson, Freman Hinkson, Frank Haynes, Ray Hilton, Barbara Harson, Diane Hachten. Row 3-Paula Graham, Marion Gilkerson, Michaleen Green, Shirley Gillette, Katherine Gughpil, Arlene Glespy, Toni Hamel, Nancy Haddson, Lynn Heggy, Kay Hilton. Row 4-Jeff Gonzalez, Rod Greiner, Jim Goddard, Galen Ginter, Micke Gough, Larry Gibney, Paula Greenberg, Carolyn Greve, Pam Green, Joyce Gallert. Row 5-John Green, Robert Grill, Louis Giovanini, Charles Gallo, Bob Gaspar, Joanne Gregoli, Joan Grill Valerie Gleason, Judie Gruben. Left to right-Row l-Mary Halyaman, Patty Hunnex, Lynn Harper, Nancy Hohlt, Leslie Hicks, Kay Hensen, Lana Heslop, Cordelia Hooper, Barbara Hickman, Betty Himelhock, Carolyn Hunter. Row 2-Howard Hawkins, George Holroyd, Steve Hix, John Hauk, George Hawkins, Jett Haack, Carolyn Hagen, Moana Hendericks, Carol Musbby, Linda Howard. Row 3-June Hendricks, Sandy Heinz, Terry Hansen, Marilyn Healy, Cindy Horstman, Judy Huber, Beverly Hair, Linda Heindahl, Mary Heitmann, Carol Hansen. Row 4-Celia Haight, John Harman, John Harman, Larry Henderson, Jack Harman, Robert Clifton, Nancy Jusenius, Sandria Johnson, Heather Irvine, Anne Jackson. Row 5-Carolyn Jackley, Anne Jackson, Virginia James, Janette Johnston, Barbara lsham, Judy Johnston, Barbara Janks, Peggy Johnston, Virginia Jones, Judy Jorgensen, Sally Johns. Left to right-Row l-Richard Jensen, Lowell Johnson, John Jennings, Dick Jackson, Fred Johnson, Pete Johnson, Katy Kilmner, Linda Knudsen, Kay Keith, Marilyn Knock, Lois Kelso, Sheila Kaplan. Row 2-Janet Knoth, Sandy Keith, Dianne Knell, Stefan' Kobolink, Robin Kingsley, Guy Keller, Bill Kumer, Ronald Kincaid, Doug Knutson, Bob Kaskell, Jim Kohler, Phillip Kerr, ' Row 3-James Kingman, Mike Killeen, John Kiehl, Ken Kirrnsse, George Kriss Dan Lorenz, Mike Lamb, David Logan, Rand Loechner, Edward Lojeski, Diane Lomatafce, Peggy Linderman. Row 4-Marina LaRay, Janice Leonard, Ellen Lauchlan, Melinda Lewis, Bonnie Lynn, Priscilla Lamb, Alice Lamb, Linda Lug, Gwen Lockwood, Richard Landa, Warren Lambert, Timmy Leslie. Row 5-Susan Mahoney, Judy Miller, Bill Meiners, Kay Miller, Twee Marsh, Carol Mathis, John Michler, Mary MedIne, Maxine Meyers, Kent McAndrews, David Lundberg. Left to right-Row l-Thad Montgomery, Linda McLean, Meredith Mohr, Janet Murray, Gary Mykles, Tom Mayne, Carole Malone, Judy Miller, Dave McCormick, Bill Martin. Row 2-Joanne MacDonald, Linda Mclntosh, Jim Michael, Bill Meiners, Margie Merill, Denise Mezek, Tony McCasline, Dick Miller, Susan McCall, Hope Moody. Row 3-Gerald Murphy, Eddie McCracken, Torn McDowell, Pete Mitchell, Mike McCarty, Barton Morrison, Bill MacKenzie, Edward Masotti, Donald McQuarie, Richard McCloud. Row 4-Sandy Muir, Jim Moore, Jim Melton, James Melton, James Mills, Ken McPherson, John M'chler, Gary Kleckner, David Mulle, Greg Meyer, Ralph Martinez. Row 5-Ronny Miller, Tom Magill, Marcia Northrop, Dorothy Nissen, Gary Newton, Bill Norris, Roxanna Nash, Shirley Naasz, Charlene Norton. I ffiilff N , rv f -Hn, Kok . Left to righi-Row l-Richard Neill, Bob Nolan, George North, Herbert Pratt, Robert Ohanesian, Louise Oppedisam, Judy O'Connor, Chuck Olmsted, Tim Osborn, Carl Pontius, Roger Perkins. Row 2-Cole Puett, Johnny Parker, Glenda Pappas, Glenda Pearce, Chuck Pullman, Jim Pederson, Sallie Pritchard, Leslie Pelmear, Donna Peters, Dale Paisley, Jerry Quenzler. Row 3-Wendy Pauley, Jerry Plamondon, Steve Perlot, Sharon Posnecker, Noel Philips, Bob Plante, Bob Phillips, Dennis Plies, Coralyn Powell, Barbara Pamperin, Gerry Russell. Row 4-Pat Roe, Carolee Randolph, Gordon Raynolds, Bill Reno, Reg Rhodes, Eva Ruth Rayburn, Mike R'ce, Carole Rayle, Ronnie Ricker, Bill Rite, Bob Rush. Row 5-Ronnie Rice, Cheryl Ricker, Ann Rasmussen, Carol Ricker, Judy Rogers, Jean Royce, Ronald Rahman, Cliff Reich, Anne Reeve, Lynn Richards. Left to right-Row I-Susan Robin, Jane Raye, Nill Reid, Robert Roy, Morgan Richards, Warren Record, Terry Santo, Joe Surra, Richard Schott, Richard Schaller. Row 2--Roher Schaefer, David Statler, Virginfa Syers, Joanne Sled, Andrew Stangel, O'Beyra Shields, Michael Spencer, Richard Sommerville, Jane Stucker, Tom Steele. Row 3-Don Schapper, Virginia Simmons, Sue Spare, Bruce Sandel, Paul Shively, Linda Samsel, Jeanette Scott, Craig Sofer, Ruth Scheid. Row 4-Joe Schade, Molly Sinkule, Jacqueline Shuman, Bob Sparko, Susan Schubert, Bill Shaffer, Jim Strang'o, Marilyn Schwab, Terry Sheldon, Alanna Scanlon. Row 5-Allan Smith, Joan Swaner, Sue Sayler, Ann Schmocker, Lee Strother, Priscilla Smith, Pete Smith, Janet Sutton, Bob Starkenburg. Left to right-Row T-Jim Spencer, Jerry Stevens, Helen Smith, Alan Seidner, Ronnie Spark, Francis Schmidt, Janet Southall, Richard Schwartz, Phillip Starkenburg, Mary Tiilotson, Mary Tinkham, Barbara Ware, M'ke Yates. Row 2-Phyllis Saers, Susan Splaber, Donna Stienbrenter, Paula Stoepker, Joe Taylor, Tom McDow, Larry Thorton, Jim Trabner, Eddie Tallerino, Chuck Tharlson, Henry Todd, Unidentified, Andy Zinsmeyer. Row 3-Betty Touchon, Rosalie Torres, Bill Tennison, Mike Thorpe, Robert Trine, Cathy Uhlman, Sue Vail, Pat VanVoltenburg, Janice Zoellner, Barbara Wyper, Linda W lliarns, Nancy Whitney, Steve Zook. Row A-Bonnie Wells, Judy Wheelhouse, Jean Willis, Diane Wolter, Brenda Wintz, Nancy Waters, Barbara Valense, Marilyn Watson, Ronnie Wheatley, Doug Vaughan, Sharon Whitehouse, Linda Van Horn, Ted Wilmson. Row 5-Don Uhl, Bob Winn, Joe Veltre, Fred Yeager, Mariorie Wilson, Eloise Wellington, Diane Whipple, Walter Wilkes, Linda Woolf, Chuck Wenzel, John Wiig, Jay Williams, Jack Woodruff, ROW 6-Tom Williamson, Ronald VanBibber, Simon Ybarra, Paul Wells, Ross Wells, Gary Vradenburg, Don Wetmore, Larry Whitcanack, Ja Wiegand, Bob Wilt, Vivian Wilson, Linda Wright. -'A Y L- '-'--ng Q'-lv - 1 x a 2 0 1- . , I , K jg lx, lx x mi N -1 1. .. FB i , Age 7 ,,., ,WWW- 2 iii 2 4 . 4 3 K . 3 2 2-1- ii I f' P -532. . , i' , N .. wwf- ,Q .,:.. , ,N V w if-Y wr' :JA If u..+ ,V ' f xgvv-' L'-. ' ' ,I nn., f'AkAw J K ...H - ,.... , , A 1 nr gf 1 .Wy Q. M 6 715 , ' J. A k W' 4' if ..., ,, gk ' - 1 Agp: , A 1 K - .xv .ww ,, I sv, ,Mi ,., LL,, - -J-Q., -. al , N2 kg, , , 44L1v Sf R f A I .403 ,h 51, , -.4-4' 7 K qc , . I 'K V' .V , I y ff- -I '..-3 , Ad, 9' Af ' HJ. ,A -. K . , ,1 5,5 ,,.N, wg 3' .4 ' K. , K '-L' ' ,,. A ,L ' ,Z ff? t if ...... ,'.'x'f.,,sc... ,M ' .., 1. . , , QA m Our CiTy provides numerous clubs open To cifizens in cilmosT every field of in- Teresf. NOT only ore There working or- gonizovrions, buf sociol groups os well. Here, on cclmpus, we Tind one of The lorgesf vc1rieTies of clulos ovoildble GT ony High School. ' hr 5 6 Arcadiall The Arcadian and The Pow Wow are The Two publica- Tions in The journalism deparTmer1T. The T956 Arcadian, under The supervision of Mr. Barry Alexander, is The F fiTTh yearbook published by s'rudenTs of Arcadia High School. The Pow Wow is in iTs TourTh year of bi-weekly publi- PaT Keller E ' Ed' caTion advised by Mrs. Hazel Reegler. Xecullve 'lol T Seated from lefr To right: M. Howe, P. Keller, B. Roberts, ond B. Kay. Sianding in The first row: N. Perrine, J. Delaney, C. Mendel, J. Wolters, C. Shelley, L. Flanders, B. Irvine, J. Fisk, and S. HatTer. Second row: J. Ruth, K. Tooley, L. Haserot, L. Jones, B. HamilTon, A. Carico, J. Rhodes, D. Merry, and T. Love. ow Wow Lynda Jones Editor- in-Chief Seated from left to right: J. Martin, J. Yates, L. Jones, Mrs. Reeglenf, N. Helwig, and D. Yost. Standing: R. Duncan, J. Rollings, B. Gumz, J. McCoy, J, Bennet, T. Lemons, C. Strawn, B. Whitehead, P. Treece, T. Brown, J. Raymond, and B. Tross. t f L f 4 .K l ., Members-Left to right-first row: E. Reeve, H. Perrine, L. Schoonrnaker, I. Kelly, B. Young, M. Brand, J. Cooperider, and Mrs. Schaefer, Second row P. Keller, J. Wolters, M. Smith, B. Rogsfacl, M. Bailey, P. Slough, L. Flanders, M. Morris, S. Kennedy, A. Smith, S. Mickelson, and S. Sanders. Q1 c-lo Yaolxo ver . . qen X00 '0 fx vaieoxo 56000 9 . 60 cff lm. V0 X K. oi 'den 0 9 'wo WZ .O Om' ww Wxofl X60 .021 new we dvedl o xx o 1 A599 SO X9 e9 N3 X Q' O . V2 Ace' av Roe Xjx oi OK eos 093' ,V 400 Kool 5202 l YXQYN xx -, Rb. Q New . G Rx Ko xg: , Osxfixceis Qe oqixek., Vx. Wm . YNQMNO 0.9 Yx,'5q6x'iYN,0 0. 6 izxdxedq K6 ,. These smooth-talking speech makers, under the direction ot Mrs. Marie Carroll, entered orotorical contests and walked oft with top honors. The Forensics Club is devoted to developing the art of public speaking through competition with students of other high schools in both State and National tournaments. llllllllSlES irs: row: J. Rudden, J, Corradini, M. Talent, D. Knight, M. Ashouer, P. Keller. Second row: B. Kressick, D. Lamel, V. Benidict, J. Griffin, D. Hunter, B. Winn, P, Geller, D. Santo. This yeor found The Jesfers, direcled by Mr. R. O. Wilson, once again synonymous with oulsfand- ing and disfincfive drama. Long will be re- membered Those hours filled wifh lclughfer ond suspense as we recoll Wild Hobbie Horses and High Window when The Jesfers Present lllllllg 8 . rf GSff,,r'9!7fXF, P S0540 ey, V, 'fsf , . Sr- foe ow HQ, ' M Pr .Xe 44 SU ' G 651 ' W ' S 5- fo O19 A f71'f 1 MO0e,,7I Asecondni My '75 L BIWQWII W me . 8 ,O Bfok 10,77 44, Gffln A Ivy C ohh WXV e, B On P Crock 9 ' . , . . re , Sc O07 ond Mgooffv, Coffeffdec pfleffmonsfdenr, C Dum! 4 . . , ' 77, f ,q - if W' Z Cf . C ' l. N500 fly' D New Omp-90,7 Sunil, Urn Se CofS . - S,-6,00 'hon J , H On, 8 Crefory , Fofher on The rampage in Wild Hobbie Horses. '7, - U! ' F N Bur 4,7765 A Sl 0007! fl f o ' em F BCH ugh' che!! 'Who Sy ' ' C Suspense in its fullest and the Jesiers Present High Window Only one of the hilarious scenes from the comedy, Wild Hobbie Horses. A II cape a XQM .uM.maml!ill?l7lT The Messiah by George Fredrick Handel and Gabriel Faure's Requiem are the outstanding performances on the appearances in such places as Disneyland, service club banquets, and a Christmas assemb I ' ' is ,K 4 list of activities tor the A Cappella Choir. Under the direction of Mr, James Neumeister, the A Cappell made several ffljrl Qt MW iliirfl lylwlwwliw Mixed Chorus if W I I is H l 5 u 0, Z Cf 'V' 'ur' f' tf i ,,!'? 4 ,A as-as E A r -1 3 5 - E-V Rf g wg L 3, 9 G, k k X559 ,E A M k j . , I G Se 2 - - W J W , 'X I' 5 A ri , 5 V, 0- X ff, Y T ,V 0 X K S Pisa. kj v The Mixed Chorus, tor the tirst time, participated in The Messiah vvith the Orchestra and the A Cappella. The musical group was conditioned for next year's step into A Cappefla by singing tor various service clubs and similar per tormances. Mr. James Neumeister also directs the Mixed Chorus. Boys' Chorus g g The Boys' Glee Clulo is The orgc1nizc1Tion which Teoches young mole voices To sing wiTh o group ond in severol porTs IT is The pre-requisiTe To Mixed Chorus onol A Coppello. Mr. Jornes NeumeisTer is The olirecTor. Girls' Chorus ,sf ,Eff - T 9 0 We Qs is -so of t Q ssesfes L l Girls' Glee hos been Torrneol To improve The Tone quoIiTy cmol musicoil Tolenfs of young voices. These girls ore pre- poring for Mixed Chorus or A Coppello Choir nexT yeor. fwrr-lnncl-rr-i Under The direction of Francis J. Boyer, The Orchestra has taken part in many outstanding performances This year. In- cluded among Their musical programs were Their presentation of Handel's Messiah and participation in The Southern California Music Festival. Senior Girls' Chorus i , rr'ss Pictured above are members of The Senior Girls' Glee, another noted choral group on campus, also directed by Mr. James Neumeister. C,,,lf'f' Left to right-last rovv-Mr. Bacon, sponsor J. Prestin, M. Brand, J, Lindell, R. Hunter, R. Powell, D. Heffner, and E. Reeve. Second row-A. Winchester, B. Geffeney, K. Wingord, B. Young, P. Slough, B, Knapp, and D. Hormer. Third row-J. Bullock, P. Keller, S. Cromer, C. Horwick, M. Siegel, J. Corradini, ond J. Appleman. The Inter-Club Council ot Arcadia High School is the coordinating body between the Executive Council and organizations on campus. One ot the most important projects engineered by the group this year was the planning and organizing of our annual Pow Wow. Scholarship Students who receive a minimum of three A's and the rest B's on their report card are eligible tor membership in the Calitornia Scholarship Federation. Members who remain in the society tor four semesters, one ot which must be in their Senior year, will be awarded the honor of graduating as a gold seal bearer. l i Q14 President: Ralph Powell Vice President: Bob Allen Secretary-Treasurer: Margaret Spencer Sponsor: Mr. Acton SKI CLUB During the non-snow months, the Ski Club practiced the necessary basic skills on dry land. After these were accom- plished, the club traveled to snow-clad mountains and enjoyed using their new techniques. Y-9 -Ur mimic usp it px OFFICERS President: Dean DeBenedet Vice President: Kirby Smith Secretary: Dave Pilmer Sponsor: Mr. Putman LETTERMEN CLUB The athletic-minded boys in the Letter- men Club meet in the gymnasium 'and do various gymnastic exercises and watch athletic movies. Only varsity let- termen may belong to the Lettermen Club. Lettermen Um-.. C1....1.--....,-... l President George Woodward JUNIOR STATESMEN Vice Pre5ider11':DiCkVQr1 Hom Checking and running The school elec- SeCrefgry-TregSUrer: George Brokgfe Tions are The main services The Junior Spgnggrz Mr, Smglldon STaTesnnen offer The school. The mem- Rifle loers aTTend mock legislaTion, fashioned afTer The official sTaTe legislaTions, dur- ing The course of The year. President Doug Byrkii' Vice President Bill LaisTer SecreTary: Sharon Bingham Treasurer: STuarT RoeTher Sponsors: Mr. Lucas and.Mr. Hoelsher RIFLE CLUB Fish Canyon is The siTe where The Rifle Club Traveled each week To pracTice sharpshooTing and gun skills. A safeTy TesT was given To all members. A in-nd Q flfli Vice Presidenf: Duke Evans SecreTary: Gale Grahm Treasurer: Linda Brill Sponsor: Mrs. Morgan SPANISH CLUB - STudenTs found opporTuniTies for good Times while learning, by going on vari- ous field Trips To Olvera STreeT and Padua Hills. A floaT in The Homecoming Parade and a sock hop were on The lisT of acTiviTies for The Spanish Club. PresidenT: Joan Griffirh !k...l. sssss L Presidenf: Dorene Meisch Vice PresidenT: Charlene Mayne SecreTary: Donna McElroy Treasurer: Denny Keyes Sponsor: Miss Lynch ART CLUB These inTeresTed sTudenTs know arT is an expression of human experiences. Through The ArT Club They are gaining an undersTanding of arT as a parT of our everyday life. They parTicipaTed in The Halloween Window PainTing Con- TesT and The Poppy Posfer ConTesT. DUCHESSES DevoTing Their Time To servicing The school, These TuTure homemokers moke up one oT The mosT ocTive clubs on compus. Their enThusiosm in school ocTiviTies vvcis expressed Through Their pcirTicipoTion in The Homecoming wiTh ci TlociT TiTled, School Days. nl President PoT PeTerson Vice President Mcirilyn Brond SecreTc1ry: Trudy Gerry Treosurer: Judy Sponsor: Mrs. Is Johnson obell Beckman Trouveres is TROUVERES When There is o need for ossisToince in The plonning of musicol progroms, The Trouveres ore olvvoys on hcind To pro- vide enTerTosinmenT. Membership re- quiremenTs Tor The club include oi mini- mum of on C groole overcige ond The obiliTy To eiTher ploy o musicol insTru- menT, sing, dcince, or do o novelTy c1cT. N OFFICERS: President Dennis l-lormer Vice PresidenT PoT Lenz SecreTory: Judy McCoy Treclsurer: JoneT RuTh Sponsors: Mr. Boyer ond Mr. Alexonoler 85 II.. PresidenT: Koren Johnson Vice PresidenT: Bonnie Geffeney SecreTc1ry: KirsTen Johnson Trec1surer:Chorlene Moyne Sponsor: Mrs. SToner FRENCH CLUB STudenTs who wonT To TurTher increose Their knowledge of The French longuoge ond culTure Tind This clulo very reword- ing. Among some of Their ocTiviTies This yeor were The club's onnuol dinner, ChrisTmos porTy ond visiT To French ships docked in The Los Angeles Horbor. OFFICERS: President Richord Brock Vice-President Brion KnighT SecreTory-Treosurer: Morgo Ashouer Sponsor: Mrs. Robinson DC Chess CHESS CLUB Qucilificcdions for membership in The Chess Club include on offluence of Time ond poTience. Here, sTudenTs leorn ond improve Their skills in ploying chess, ond os members become more proficienT of The game. They porTicipoTe in chess TournomenTs. Biol f--' OFFICERS: President: Allan Pingle Vice President: Karen Johnson Secretary: Nancy Ford Sponsors: Mr. Harver and Mr. Dancer BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club offers an opportunity for students to increase their interest and knowledge in the study of plants and animals. Members take a field trip each month and bring back specimens to add to the school's museum. Latin OFFICERS: President: Carol Hendrixson Vice President: Dave Pratt Secretary-Treasurer: Nancy Ford LATIN CLUB The activities of the Latin Club are va- ried, but the constant aim is to direct attention to Latin as it is found in cur- rent American life. The year's activities included a study of the states using seals with Latin or Greek mottos. Some meetings were devoted to Latin Card Games based on famous Romans. AviaTion 11 AVIATION CLUB The acTive flighT enThusiasTs increased Their knowledge of The air age by several field Trips. Some of Them wenT To The Glendale AirporT and Long Beach Air Base. This club came Through wiTh flying colors. President Bob Fielding Vice PresidenT: Don Dean SecreTary: Jerry BeschTa Treasurer: Mike Egan Sponsors: Mr. Cameron, Mr. Davies, Mr. Big Science In The Science Club, sTuolenTs are en- couraged To promoTe Their scienTific inTeresTs and receive recognifion for Their TalenTs. When noT working on individual proiecTs, members observe experimenTs, films perTaining To sci- ence and go on field Trips. 88 OFFICERS: President Bob Gardner Vice-Presidenh Sam Dickason Secrefarya Doryann Lamel Treasurer: Karen LundquisT Sponsors: Mr. Bovie, Mr. Allen Quill and Scroll I' HQ -ui national Honorary Society tor Journalists are K7 The requirements for membership in this Inter- OFHCER5 President: Mary Howe I Vice President: Judy McCoy to be or have been on a student pub ication, be of junior or senior standing, and to be in Secretary-Treasurer: Barbara Gumz the top third of one's class. c . . 4-Q0 German T '47 xl 1' 5 'P' it 'J ft ..f1. .. l' . r ' t E TL ,Xi I A g lx- r Each year the German Club sends a scrapbook to Germany. Their Homecoming Float sym- bolized the tribute to Hanna Zwerck, last year's foreign exchange student: this won the prize for originality. R President: Carol Paul Vice President: Chris Dueker Secretary: Doryann Lamel Treasurer: Peggy Wunderlich Sponsor: Mrs. Doeppner 89 Kallettes , .4 ff, Y3' A new club on campus, the Kallettes have tinished their tirst year with many successful activities. On the year's agenda was a fashion show, many service projects, and a Valentine Dance. Amateur Radio :ww OFFICERS: President: Judy Hutt Secretary: Jolene Daverson Treasurer: Karen Bassford Sponsor: Mrs. Sinkule Q -fs rf- YH' l A ham radio station, which is operated at meetings, is the feature of the Amateur Radio Club. Only members with call letters are al- lowed to operate it while other members study code charts in preparation tor receiving their call letters. The club can contact such places as Illinois with its short wave set. OFFICERS President: Gary Tickemeyer Vice President: Clitt Moore Secretary-Treasurer: Lance Haserot Sponsors: Mr. King ancl Mr. Cameron A newly organized club on campus, the Future Teachers ot America, is de- signed to better acquaint candidates with the vocational opportunities ot- fered in Education. Club members at- tend conferences held on surrounding college campuses and invite repre- sentatives from the field of teaching to their meetings. E. .1-. ...- T......herS OFFICERS: President: Judy Dixon Vice-President: Wendy Harris Secretary: Gloria Geisler Treasurer: Rochelle Kaplan Sponsor: Mr. Alexander The members of the Weightlifting Club know how important good physical condition is to excellent health. They work out at the County Park swimming, running, and lifting weights. Weightlifting President: Dick Elliott Vice President: John Stately Sponsor: Mr. Calderhead 91 Kyiv V'- s ' 'N L K' MJ ,k.kL. , A Qffff . 1' X'QY s.Y1?'5fF?f59MKf2, :mW m., A 3.53 F' . : ' - Q, ffiqjgfif g n-.'!.1vi '4,:k+3fL.f1 . WSW W: i'5f Wf'b'jhD'f'1,eh- Q ,kk wg 'nf fi ,ai A-7'Tf 5i 'Nil-.ft-' k3 ,-W .i' .x v .. Pegg-,fk,v.f A ,-, ,ixqlg f3Ff:5 ',:1k-Q 4, ,, ':..,- ., . figs K5 f x ,555 .Q.,. .5L'i.w-k ' we SQ 'gif if fb- fem..-N55'-?5P' Q - h.- - ,'-,fry-Q4 - uf .f 1- , ww,-' m 'Q -1 Xl 'P - X. x x .' ' KX Ki - MILK g'::'- - 'K X .aff ,K'w'.': 1-.- , fx R- , , -rf ,gf ynf. Q a TS5g 3'A75 3'-xVg?1fx Si Sv I Pf'K 5,s- '17-M ' Q1 -' -f ,- fs-. + ' ' v 1' - WL 1+-,Q ' , l- wa . x -, - Lfs..f ' , .X KN-iw N 3'.. ,r . -:+:fiXxx'x2 1. qkiiggisgs :V 'tt .q.,1'x:'4N Q lYJ'f ' -' w 'iyi' 'af xv 9- -X I. -Q . . X-ri -nib fx .5 ,Ls-f'.n'lTg'g-' bel' A -f,.fif3-A-?,u.f?9Qa',,-N55 A na - V ,Q , ,. ....X......,, . lN:,Y,Qyx . ,t r?315,- ith.. Q4 53, Yw 1 if- ffW3'i' ks 0 w kv '-- X -A vt.. rtxx-'-'N - 1l?'r ' 1 Y-.' 2 . 'slug U- Www Lt.. 1, K., vri ,., V-:Q ,d A- , N- .sa.Q1iu,l A 4. .. ,qu - K A-.qv ,. -s x X 3. Q' -'Q ' 5- Y 'R ' 0' ' ' S3-'FL' tl-1 he . . ,L 1wi,gk4.g if .Q . X P. .iii 4. M -g v.f35'w , 'QQ - ' ' .A egg 3813 K ,::i T:, Q u . h fx '? 1' zfgrr 4 lx .-49 Q 'x'4.','7'4?'2v? 1 ,Sf t 9 gi ' X. - '--3 X . 'f-f , ff Q. f- , -f .. :K 9. ua -.4 , .fi y V::.LM:4fl- i S. - 'V . A,k' 1 4: l x tt- in Us W K ' V V 'I uv -' ' 5 ws + -, .Q . fx V ,wwf x W A 5-., . ju: 'fl ... M 3 C - -ae. V .aw .- f f -X .-fr. A -A . ' x f-1 , am- 1 - - . 1, A .w ,rw , -1. aw 1-1- V -Q n .qv- 2- ,,..-.hug 4-,4.n.....-......., l.. . ., 1 .3 ., .3 Q5 .J , -J x :vi . 3 4 V -sn' Q A .' .i W -S. - , 5 ,Y .. - . . m f.-w 'f ' 1 4 .Q .- :.L...:i- rg, I.. gawk- u v . I R A A , 1 z v . K K 4 - 51 m L V V . V ., - LLW, LL,, . V x V 5 s L y m ui ' X' .LL N - , - - ,, S Q I. 8 W A ,.M,mm ..x. B ,A.....,,- -- t - ' 7 ' - , 1 ' 3' Mi 2 W.. Q... .. r K V ' ' u 1 - I I ff . -uk In Our CiTy There are many recreaTions available, The rnosT popular being The well-known SanTa Anifa Race Track. IT is The cenTer of many acTiviTies all year round, iusT as The TooTball field of A.H.S. is irnporTanT during sporTs seasons. x 7' lg A ' 1- ,Q . 4 N 7 'MW' .. f-MH: ' 'I l ........-M a PEP BOARD E '31 PEP COMMISSION Spirit HEAD CHEER LEADER Bill Lcsmmcaolee HEAD SONG LEADER Sheila Sanders SONG LEADERS Left to right-first row-Nancy Perrine, Sheila Sanders, lmeldo Kelly Second row-Carol Shelley, Evie Hansen, Noncy Montgomery. More Spirit CHEER LEADERS Left to right-Neal Randle, Jcnet Rowe, Betty Nottingham, Bill Lczmmodee. 096 O fXO W, iff? , - HEAD TOM-TOM GIRL Mory Lee Gram' From' ro W, leff fo Se-cond r MA JOPET r1Q1'7f.- Jeo OW- Goff He' TES fv Massey Caro! ldbreedeq Deon D BAN APACHE GOl?7SS, Alvheffe Gfkh. '76 Yosek, Dorofhy Ycyfes, MAJOR DRUM Newen RUSS 97 A Homecoming dance and parade were the highlights of on exciting homecoming game. Members of the crosstown trophy committee evaluate points at each meeting between M.-D and Arcadia, They are left to right: Vic Cuccia, Joan Prestin, and Ralph Powell. V 'r QM 5 38. R Eg 3 ,gb ,s ,, 3 5 Af m . .fi I 4 Y any If ' ai 1 Q 5 Q 'L AJ s Q ' , N 4 .. Q K I f 7 V V .52 V X fi M 5 , 12 W A. ' 40 M K f J 39. L-L. i W' 5 if Q 1 i ,, UJv ., ., . , 35,- . -V lf z :Q K K W,.. ur 492 1, en 1 5 H! 4 If Z f ,,,.,.,Q , ig. . . fff'E.Ay - Q55 'L N iimf' K 5, ia - '+gg,,g-Q Varsity Football i ee CAPTAIN ...fl Ray Dombroski VARSITY COACHES Equip. Mgr. Don Hewitt Gene Beyer, Bill Zogg, Bob Bacon VARSITY AND JAYVEE FOOTBALLERS-First row lleft to rightl: J. Loomis, S. McMillan, T. King, R. Dombroski, G. Zucca, G. Allison, G. Silva, A. Bonfiglio, H. Hoffman, B. Free, G. Walton, G. Harwick, R. Rittenhouse, B. Stadley. Second row: E. Consintino, R. Butcher, B. Allen, F. Rush, W. Meng, M. Kordick, L. Hughes, R. Caron, G. Barron, D. DeBenedet, B. Brooks, J. Collier, J. Macardican, B. Eldredge, J. Clarke. Third row. B, Gardner, B. Wilhite, P. Carey, D. Santo, D. Schawb, R. Powell, B. Kerske, J. Lindell, T. Miller, B. Hamilton, T. Robillcrd, B. Garfield, M. La Forge, J. Smith, J. Tickner, T. Stoll, E, Rowland, R. Hunt, D. Martin, C, Strawn. I I Dom Sonto Lee Hughes Gory Allison Bob Kerske Dick Morfin Don Schwab Ronnie Hunt Mike LoForge ' Q A , K W an Nm iii.. f f ..,, ,. i 'U' , .... , - '- 'f-if .. . - k'W .. is .. I ,,ig,,, John Mcicorclicon Morfy Kordick Rolph Powell Deon DeBeneclet X , Jim Collier Clinf l-larwick Eddie Rowland Bill Eldredge Gary Walton Ralph Butcher Tom Miller Paul Carey l Bill Hamilfon Gary Baron Don Wesser Ralph Riffenhouse Tom Robillard Bob Garfield John Linalell Tom Scalzo 2 s , L, ,. Jim Clarke SCOTT McMillan Ray Dombroski Player of The Year 4 CEE TEAM First row left to right: V. Holst, B. J Ctrongo S Perkins M Caines, D. Gates, B. Lawrence D Mattingly J Northcote, P. Smith, M Ely I Angel I Montgomery, R. Norton, R. I Olson S Reynolds J Michael, G. Shima, J. Bee Football 'Jw f Q. . 4 Q g- BEE TEAM: First row, left to right. C. Almstead, B. Paisley, B. Hinkey G. Soule, P. Postlewait, R. Brown, B. Alexander, T. Main, D. Nanninga D. Whittington, T. McKibben, D. Olson. Second raw: R. Wilske, M Procter, B. Baker, B. Brown, J. Murphy, G. Reno, J. Carrol, D. Sacllon, D. Bryoni, R. Asmus, J. Nourse, L. Thornton, H. Faddis. Third row: R Rice, Mgr., G. Laumon, R. Phillips, J. Batchelder, M. Michaels, B McKinley, R, Burchby, J. Fenton, J. Jacoby, R. Stevenson, G. Brokate C. Luzader, T. Collier, R. Brown, J. Thompson, T. Weir, Equip, Mgr. Mr. Cee Football Nolan, J. Collins, B. Reno, E. Masotti, R. Neill, S. Allen, F. DeBenedet M Baum G Holroyd Gasper, B. Rush, B. Cerino, J. Pederson, B. Wofford, L. Fernandez, M Lamb Second row S D. Crocker, R. Fontaine J. Buckley, G. Kenedy, J. DiCaro, J. Brustman B Carlston E Wenzlaff Jensen, M. Austin, M. Todd, J. Melton, B. Phillips, T. McDowell-. Third row D Garman L Co by Carnak, C. Donegan, L. Costa, B. Morse, D. Felton, D. Donisthorpe J Parker D Pa sley J Sheridan L Strothei L Rush, C. Klinger, J. Surra, J. Hauk, B. Meiners, C. Eyles, D. McQuarie, R. Rhodes, J. Cikins L Cooke P Davis 1. S' - , -f. , , .,., gg' ,L',, S L ff. i f ' J SS 4 SQ, 'J , 1 .K .J fi H L ii of gi if z 'mmnHHwQ Q 'zz a. 534' gn W gi Tim :im I 106 VG HEAD COACH Bob Jackson Cross Country CO-CAPTAINS Kirby Smith ond Dove Pilmer VARSITY HARRI ERS Lef: to righi, first row: Ernie Reno, Bcirry Woyletf, Gerry Mullin, Second row: Coach Jackson, Kirby Smith, Dove Pilmer, Jim Dittmor .lay Vee Cross Country HW J. V, HARRIERS: First row, left To right: R, Dills, D. Geary, G. Stafford, S. Bradley, J. Grill, T. Mills. Second row. Coach Jackson, L. Ball, G. Ticlcemeyer, D. Malloy, J. Cullen, T. Gee J. Woodward. Third row: B. Dickey, B. Cochran, P. Thomson, B. Ballard, B. Tennyson, P. Formes, -107 Varsity Basketball N aaJa,a . 1 In the midst ot a mediocre season, the Apache Varsity has VARSITY HEAD MAN beaten San Gabriel, Monrovia, and Rosemead in Pacific League Gene Beyer play. Leading scorers have been Clint Harwick and Bill Schoenhals. VARSITY HOOPSTERS Front row lleft to righrlz J. Torrey, S. Williams, B. Lindblom, P. Gillespie, K. Smith, T. Brown, E. Rowland, R. Hunter, B. Eldredge, B. Schoenhals. Second row: Mgr. B. Martin, D. DeBenedet, R. Brock, J. Clarke, C. Harwick, B. Beauchemin, J. Snider, R. Mildon, N. Randle, D. Geary, D, Heilman, Mgr. C. Peterson. CO-CAPTAINS Clint Hourwick Bill Schoenhclls ,uf - 5, EQ ff Clint Horwick Kirby Smith Bill Schoenhols Thad Brown Necul Randle Xi.. is QA Bob Lindblom Eddie Rowland Jim Clarke Jay Vee Basketball Ji? l Coaches--John Bilbrey and Ed Olson Q: M-C043 maj JV BASKETBALL TEAM-Front row Ilett to rightl: Jim Samuelson, Bob Askin, Troy Lemons, Lee Grund, Paul Whiteman, Doug Wear, Coach John Bilbrey, Second row: Paul Forms, Jerry McDonald, Ken Kruetz, Jack Milton, Ed Faith, Greg Heuhl, Third row: Sam Malazzo, Gary Tompkins, Bill Jurden, John Bennett, Ted Miller, Ray Collete. Bee Basketball f ' - v BEE BASKETBALL TEAM-Front row: lleft to rightl Mike Crews, John Muntz, Jim McCoy, Gerry Mullin, Bill Schuchholz, John Fenton, Dale Olson, Second row: Bob Langsner, Bud Brown, Darrell Yost, Mel Bauer, Richard Leach, John Nourse, Leigh Faishanks, Third row: Coach Olson, Pete Humason, Pete Mumford, John Covey, Tom Tupper, Dale Daniel, Dick Covey, Arnold Green. X . ,, lll Ceek CEE CAGERS, front row, left to right: J. Nills, L. Costa, D. Dovis, M. Killeen, R. Norton, J. Brustman, K. Lund, T. Montgomery. Second row: B. Morse, J. Grill, D. Crocker, B. Bartholmew, D. Curran, B. Meiners, J. Sheridan, M. Davis, J. Lumis, G. Shima. Third row: R. Rhodes, T. Olson, L. Cosby, B. Cook, S. Reynolds. QQ A 01, CEE AND DEE MENTORS Tom Putnam and Cecil Cushman, Jr. f ry Dees H2 DEE CAGERS, front row, left to right: G. North, C. Thoralson, F. DeBenedet, R. Buckwalter, D. Gates, D. McCormick, R. Soechner, B. Areno, G. Teer, R. Neill, L. Fernandez, G. Hawkins. Second row: J. Quenzler, J. Pedersen, H. Pratt, T. Angel, J. Collins, E. McCracken, F. Wurtz, M. Cummins, H. Todd, C. Gcirvi, E. Masotti, V. Holst. Third row: Mgr. G. Cawelti, B. Anderson, R. Fontana, J. Milton, B. Reno, P. Johnson, L. Strother, R. Delong, B. Herbelin, B. Brayon, B. Starkenberg, J. Woodruff, B. Balen. Q- J yt 25 A , as ' H A L Q.. E J 4 V lJ A - ,, . A , ,K w ' K , e iiilfgff-+5 gf' E 0, ,A 'M W ,, , K 4. - W I. M, f,.. qw., , -1 M N, !.A M., m.,,.. , - H lil -- - vif fffam ' ' '-,, ' . ,, ,, ., ,z ? '!,,:15 ' . 'EL ' - ' AM' f . ' 'kkr - f : L I nsi p j 2 . ,,, V 3 1- 3 In 'ie if Q' 'KK is ' A v'Q'14,, Varsity Track QTHLET EDT S B1 ' l ' 7 Tom Putnam Coach H- ...N1 N ' 'W' - at uk! ' ... saga?-3., .,. if ' - , ,V .1 .6 K K -. .. , . j Y- . .N- qv- rv, , -A-45, 4 , A f as . .M . . ' . .... .. .F .ae- .. Wk 1- J km' P.: Paul Gillespie l'l4 J Es Qvmv' VARSITY TRACK-First row lleft to rightl: J. Donnelly, D. Pilmer, D. Gear, K. Smith, J. Porteus, T. Robillard, Gillespie, D. Hunter. Second row: J. Pullman, S. McMillan, D. DeBenedet, M. Stevens, B. Ballard, D. Santo Roberts, T. Scalzo, D. Fitzpatrick, C. Peterson, Manager. Third row: B. Kerske, Manager, J. Norris, J. Cullen, Mullin, E. Reno, M. Uhl, D. Herbelin, D. Schwab, B. Kerske, B. Tinkem, D. Martin. D. Pilmer, B, Curtis, M. Stevens, E. Reno, K. Smith and G. Mullen. 1 .:.a-'M P. B. G. ' 7 s , 11 .1 - fr- tilzw ' 1? ,,,., ! qv Q . Bob Jackson Bee Track , . .K 1 - SE ls. .., Q BEE TRACK-First row lleft to rightl: T. Gee, J. Dittmar, G. Tickemver, B. Cochran, B. Tennison, T. Boswell, J. Covey, F. Soule Second row: B. Kerske, Manager, D. Malloy, D. Sadloh, J. Eaton, W. Gowern, A. Clemet, R. Woodruff, C. Collier, F. Widmann, C. Peter son, Manager. Third row: R. Brown, M. DeOrio, T. Mills, G. Asdel, B. Gill, B. Curtis, R. Burchby, B. Waylett, B. Bryant, J. Thompson 4 24 . s x . ai 2. 1 A 1 1. .Q ' A A L ' Fil'Sf FOW lleft to fighilr B. Bartholomew, L. Costa, J. Northcote, J. Billig, S. Bradley, M. Egan, R. Allen, B. Reno. D. Crocker, J. Michael, L. Strother. Second row: B. Kerske, Manager, R. Norton, C. Donegan, B. Anderson, B. Rife, F. Unger, B. Norris, J. Besachta, A. Anderson, D. Donisthorpe, J. Collins, M. Caines, R. Landa, C. Peterson, Manager. Third row: L. Fernandez, F. Wurtz, J. Garcia, D. Mattingly, B. Roach, C. Thoralson, F. DeBenedet, B. Gaspar, B. Cirino, J. Traver. f--L:-N QA!!! D Cee Track Robert Kerr at 3 , . 1 t + ff 5 CEE ACTION Left to right: B. Reno, J. Michael, M. Caines, R. Norton, S. Bradley. Varsity Baseball I A 4 k J... n . 2 g , f li J . ' J' l A ' ' it A First row lleft to rightl: N. Randall, M. Reichert, D. Davis, D. Bryant, T. McKibben, B. Asmeth, C. Luzader, D. Gorman., J. Smith, L. Cosby, D. Lauderdale. Second row: B. Martin, Manager, S. Sencer, S. Truan, H. Chosen, B. Cummings, J. Lumus, D. Croxall, J. Gorions, P. Battney, D. Whittington, J. Decaro, D. Lawless, D. Verhoef, B. Tross, R. Rice, Manager. Third row: B. Herblin, D. Peecook, A. Stevens, J. McDonald, J. Samuelson, G. T. Dittmar, J. Van.ornam, B. Schoenhals, L. Grovanini, B. Wippo, J. Lloyd, D. Davis, B. Shena, J. McCoy. 'V M Z i 1 smif' -' f -Y .. . .M f H . A x .Y T x 'ii 35' ...A ,BE .iw-3 :wr , W .iv . dip X y NX sirss John Bilbrey D. Davis, L. Cosby B. Cummings, S. Sencer Coach 1 f. an - V my W V , ,..igfeg.i5V Effie fi? J. Scfmuelson, B. Cummings, D. Lauderdale and B. Schoenhculs R0berT Bacon Harvey Chosen J. Vcmorncm, B. Asmeth, B. Tross and S. Sencer fn 0 :X 5 L Q K 2, .,,.. ,-Q -M m1---'----'-'+- . wh' wwf... ,..., . .ff --- A u B A .. B ' f + . ff' f 5 ,,.. . IW ... , A - '.--W'e--' .-- - .- ... ,,.,. i .f., . . Jef? - IT' s i mff Hgiiuimk . . '...qgf w . Q. My L.Me 'A ..e L . , is B. Tross ond B. Schoenhols WZMWH iw fs. ., A.A. 5 5 1 ff BHIZogg Coach E Froslw Baseball V-I .Y . . , 4q Arcadia's first frosh baseball team in action. . 4 Varsity Ten n is Mr. Ray Potter, J. V. Coach Mr. Ray Pascoe, V. Coach. WO IW ff ,Mx . A CL U Ms Nt l0f, Fnrst row Ileft to rlghtt T Montgomery M Manker T Hemborg G Parker D Garrnck P Northcote Second row T Pettit P Grimm J Raymond B Askm D Daniel D Leach M Kllleen X 44? Vis' qfrvva' lp! Q AQ QDQ 4. ! I .gm I gm N 59'-ia 05,540 C6 1 is I - 7 vu Y 4 I Y 5 5 My Jay Vee Tennis First row Cleft to rightl: G. Copson, G. Thompkins, D. Nisson, R. Rickard. Second row. H. Hofman, T. Magril, D. Currant, J. Chenney, M. Spoelstra, W. Sims. Third row: J. Taylor, J. Myrvold, C. Liberto, S. Hix, D. Marchand, C. Stafford. I 4 i , . f in VARSITY AND JAYVEE TEAMS-First row lleft to rightiz C. Raymond R. Hcserof, F. Becrden, K. Verhoef, K. McAndrews, K. Ductor, T. Osborn T. Piotr. Second row: C. Smith, P. Bliss, R. Anderson, B. McAndrews, c D. Henry, J. McQuc1rie, H. Gullert, T. Weir. . 3 - -',,f- K . ., L H :':' K . .,, ,We -h A I A 4 'IT' 4--,Q ' ' A .' ,Q 1. ., mf..-, . 'V' ,wr .AN f K ar wi' ' r . -li' -W i f v -5 W.. ,Nr ., . , ,ml fi., gi , :iw vu 4. P 1 M K A K .,-, nw .q x J, , 4 .V .fix Tom Weir, Tim Plcitf Varsity Golf 57 ' f ' ISI ' ' . ' -Qlfffii. bf' .. , mu, , N ' .pa M. ,,, ..., ' ' , i .....,,,q' ,, 'Af ' is 1 f 6 bl s VN w. A . rd 4 , X T- Jw ' V Y ' ' 2 15. K 4' F' if ak fi. Q 3, A 4. 'K r + 4- P wi' 'D TA X J in ' ww, ,. ar- fi 'Wa -.. 'aff' , SE If 'N ii 1 if my R . we , 1 s 5 I X . +5-W1 ,, ,Jw . .- ,.. '45 '59 Q 95 Ln ,asf 7 A N ,,,. fm ' -N ,1 . d .. 'sith' ,, -11 ii K+ wif- if T. ' 5' L v4 + .wr we ,vii G fr jmndga N Q mmf' -aw. W rf' A 1 3: ff' A T. h ' 4.34. 3.1-J -VI .iff Nw TNT 7 Q, '775fz....7.Q2!i . - ... gg ff' A .f -, , 'r A f-QQ. ,,.. 151, pi. -vf w-j.,,.a, , ,V .V W , rw , g,:,',' , ' I ',..' .. M ' . . - ' r- W, ,L I W - jg, W g . f 1 A , ,iffifg A- ' John McQuorie Poul Bliss Bob McAndreWs Mr. Ed Olson coach fm Mrs. Marian Clarke Mrs. Betty Schaefer M ,ffl Girls' Sports Mrs. Mary Bloh' Miss Marianne Millard Volleyball is a lively game which can be enioyed by all. ni Us K VKX 1 S Ml 'Fug e q el, L The Hiumping lock is o good pepper-upper for games thot follow I . ,L., , i W 3 T , fi . 1 t s tst g t . css . , l E i s css t Top: In orchery, practice and skill ore essential for making o buIl's-eye. Bottom: For those with energy and cn liking for the out-ofedoors tennis is reol tun. ,... A. ff 3 .Fil In .. ..., ,, ,, HX it E. f ,. Speed and accuracy make badminton an exciting indoor sport. , K 5 .1 31-Kgfiye - ' s :oth Energy and a competitive spirit make for a lively game of basketball. zffiwf ily 'F 29 Vim and vigor are an asset while playing speedball. Golf is an excellent game for health and relaxation Practice makes perfect in the enjoyment of the trampoline. lt's a long stretch to those toes, but daily exercising promotes healthful living. i fi. Teamwork and good sportsmanship make softball a popular spring sport. The Girls' Phys. Ed. Modern Dance classes are for girls who enioy expressing and composing dances to various kinds of music. 1 -S12-sf ,gg 15- 1 me . IWQQE 4 Pictured above from left to right are the officers of Orchesis: Linda Schoonmaker, LCC., Sharon Swanson, Vice Presidenty Wendy Harris, President, Marilyn Dice, Secretary, and Lois Flanders, Treasurer. Orchesis is a club for those girls who have had a semester of modern dance and are interested in furthering their ability in dancing. E' A 6, Planning a four-school Playday, the mid-term spread and a Spring banquet were among the projects successfully' planned by the G.A.A. Board. The first semester Board members pictured above lett to right are: Jo Appleman, Nancy Jusenius, Barbara Young, Anne Thomson, Barbara Randall, Sharon Kuiper, and Marlee Alexander. l -H 4 - x mai- 4, ww Us 1 Wi-caekas-girls' Letter club-is for those girls who have been extra active in G.A.A. and who enioy having a good time as a group, whether it be giving a party or an excursion to the mountains, Shown smiling above they are: bottom row, Arlynne Allison, Barbara Young, Sheridan Blythe and Marlee Alexander. Top row: Jo Ann Roberts, Barbara Stoltz, Jo Appleman, Mrs. Blott, sponsor, Karen Tooley, and Sue Miller. Circus Daze was a successful Playday when everyone had a good time as Arcadia was host to Monrovia, California, and Bell Gardens High Schools. Entertainment, school yells, mass exercises, and refreshments were en- ioyed by all, as the rain forced out-door games to be cancelled. 3 o-v 'N-. f, 4 'ik mi- ',.3 W 'WSW 4 ,pf If K ,:FA','1 I ' ' J., - vL., aw ..--.vq,, ral? 3 . fs. 4 M l B School and community lite is alike in many ways. Activities in everyday lite are important to all individuals. ln the follow- ing section, the Arcadian salutes many interesting events held on campus this year, and recog- nizes The many groups which took part in planning and spon- soring these events. 129 Af 'fi 1?- Jcmef Rowe and Duke Evans Sheila Sanders and Dan Natfoli he ot' M Mal Harvis and his mal- adiusted teen-agers were re- ceived by a most receptive audience. An assembly of progressive jazz was presented by We Three Instrumental Trio. llll Our outstanding A Cappella choir presented their annual Christmas program of carols and spirituals. SSSi SSSSMSUSS Responsible for this year's fine assemblies is our assembly commission. ..w.,s...J.e,s..:s,,,,,c..,,... .W as The San Gabriel Exchange as sembly was lust one of this type presented at A H S This pantomime act represents one of the outstanding fea- tures of Arcadia High's Ex- change Assembly. ,K ., ,, a Q ,as . :,.: e..gsf.miff,i:,s.,2,fe', enema-s4f1,e,,,'sL ., s.,.csess.:ce:s.f,i,3.s.c,,s,fg1. S i -4 , .5 fi 1 -,seyii S5 Xekx Ko iwgox. ' M X N -lg! of s Qoxkskqvos 6000 eoxge Nm Coqoexoo. 1 'Li 'mg oxlei KYQXS N12 Psooexxe, C5130 , 0 06605 xdxqv ioX SYXQNNQA , 'Woe Soo-G woo Wqee . CO Mi dw. Inter Mc: Qecv. Wo s Th e th em e Set fo r th, Is Yeo s ann ual Ch ristm usd once Am. A 'dsr Poch b e co ack U Qr Ple Ou d nd Gf1Ce Snow mil fl Y. Gkes and mu hi .Colo red bo Hoo Hs fz,,U of Cr oL fzfy,g Of nge '77 Queen ls Q fb O 'he 'U 'fr Of 00,7 '79 I, Sr be fo r9o,f,,e,7 l'lUI'1dI'GClS of A-l'l'5- Students Ullended This YGGVS fhlfd Ulm'-JG' Prom- Responsible for the exotic decorations was the decorating committee. Left to right Diane Boisot, Dorthy Hetfner, chairman, Charlene Mayne, Susan Cumins. Standing Nancy Montgomery, Larry Martin, Mary Lee Grant, Maria Siegel. Spy ftf P l tus Rowe' Annual Briar Patch Contest featured Paul Gillespie as winner. , -i-i - il . NU MUN EWU 60 6. S4 Oo ef6Oj7 X80 .-65,54 so S 'I 'Of 4,0 0 C Oo 9 Betty Jo, Go! Go! Go! s,- r ,O so 4,6 fo Of 600 . -D! WS 0 FO R 0 Q if Lovely Queen Sheila Sanders, outstanding senior, elected by popular vote, reigned over Arcadia High School's first annual home- coming festivities. liilflllillllll Q -me Q? ii The Homecoming Court, reigning with Sheila are left to right: Freshman, Lynne - i Hege, Senior, Evie Hansen, Junior, Annette Gish, and, Sophomore, Diane Hennesy. The Sophomore class won the award for the most beautiful The grand sweepstakes prize float, depicting ShangriAla float with their display of the famous Apache Medicine Man. the Junior Senior Prom, was entered by the Kiowas, senior girls service club. The Roast The W'ld Car Barbeque started Arcadia High's Homecoming events off with a bang. Over 1,200 Apaches cznd returning Alumni attended the affair. in-sill A menu of barbecued beef, baked beans, salad, rolls, milk, and cake was served by the Dycus caterers af the huge dinner. After the Homecoming football game, hundreds of Apaches flocked to the Arcadia Armory where they enioyed an evening of dancing and fun ll f , ugj sw- f - el ,W M UllllElE llllll Judging by These Apaches nappy faces, the annual Gel Acquainleol Dance was quite a success. 3 .uu. ig V - li 7 l l A pastime enioyed at A.H.S. are our after game dances during football anal basket- ball season. Ticket buyers at an after game dance. r 'ful 4 1 'ff ffl it The newly formed Arcaolua High Dance Band clnrecteal by Mr Bowman has maale several appearances at school dances this year A very happy crowd attended this after game danceg the reason, a basketball victory over M.D. The most popular feature of all dances, the refreshment room! 5 r ,, JN 3 v f -X, SENIORS ON PARADE . ' vu it . 'rw XJ' L,.wP W ,L ' Q -' If A ' , jf' L i W A A,. , 1 N , J Qf , f sr A Q A ---. 5 WW? H K I it . W .- . . L QTY n- , , ,fk 'L It . :W 5 . K 1 ' L-1 lux f ,L W ,lg ,K JQF 5. J Q T3 ' 5, ,000 A 7? . -' 27? Q ge P- 'Mafia f b 6 5 Geo ' 'A M l yfj i Q 0 5 N...W, .V . I In K ff . 7 -'KQV' X eldo 'C A ' I , ' X3 , , .. I I I 5600 6 ,-5 , 515 S xi g' , Suzanne S V N X , ,. x lb . . , l Ol Wo '44 I '47 Xa X. N1 'Wy fo 6: Q ,X R , xkif N -Q, X 3 X A ' A M ,1,, 4 kv 51, fl. -f at 000 'V wi Q . , :L: A C590 .. W7 los A- NJECY P' sew! 1 ,, ,lk i M5 ff I, .f .WMM-' Barbara W N S' Clint H, I A 9 amy T Mczrilou jack , . NLJ Vic C. Pct W. f'N ' E 5 4 ff ,A 2 LED T M-'af Li 7,4 wig I Fl xii: Ha f SHR TRfme:2.E 'E H A ii, ,, ' 53 5 30 OL SHIP Xxx Q AT L R ET gint -nr SOLU 5:wL.Er.l- f 2 oggiticu By wx wow 'i LVIQI QI' 5 T 35:52-if fx , A Rf-5 5 Y 5 K, K if 1 S KA, , .. bmsce? M X ing , I 5 .smmss-1! yu, -,N ,v I ,w ,nl .map in qi - f A , , Ea Q, Y I i 2 l '54 , we . 1 MXH pq. Arcadia offers one of The most complete shopping districfs available. MerchanTs in every center are always cooperative and helpful, providing all nec- essary goods and services for high school srudenrs and Ar- cadian cifizens alike. On cam- pus, a complefe sfudenf store supplies everyone wiTh needed school materials. 147 HUB HARDWARE 1311 Soufh Baldwin Ave. DO, 7-1591 48 U.S. NATIONAL BANK 128 Ecssf Hunfingfon Dr. DO. 7-2111 P11 . , X C W K My i. 7' ARCADIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 37 West Hunfingfon Dr. DO. 7-2159 R u, KN , 1 H , n x. S , ,R , SU1.1.1VAN'S PAINTS ARCADIA FLORISTS 25 SOUTH Firgi' Ave, DO, 6-2116 153 North SCIHTO A0110 Ave. DO. 7-1000 149 mum, M CHAIN 6 .. iw +- nv iw .- 1:-.Ju ARCADIA MUSIC MART 21 Eclst Huntington Dr. DO. 6-3111 P.A.P. PRINTING ARCADIA FEED AND SEED ' 106 North First Ave. DO. 6-4401 145 Eost Huntington Dr. DO. 7-2408 ROY LONG'S MEN'S AND BOYS' SHOP MRS. SIMMONS PASTRY SHOP 23 Eost Huntington Dr. DO. 7-3271 11110 Eost Live Oak DO. 6-1562 1 E I 1 X 104.1 mourn Bcuidwin Ave. RICHARDS BAKE SHOP 666 West Duarte Road DO. 7-1502 L-- 'E N A S H ' S UU. o-3131 HZAA , ,.6, i. 1 A x JJ' ' 1 ,M CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 316 Soufh FirsT Ave. DO. 6-3161 A S MARBERRY SHOP ARCADIA TV CENTER 1137 West Huntington Dr. DO. 7-8695 129 EGS1' Huntington Dr. DO. 7-9515 1 BRAEGER'S SHOES 1313 South Baldwin Ave. DO. 7-4281 Q COMPLIMENTS 'tx BOLLER, SUTTNER, and BOLLER 50 North First Ave. DO. 7-8107 f 51 DAVlDSON'S PAINTS 1310 South Baldwin Ave. DO. 7-4365 ll OF 1 ARCADIA TOTS-T0-TEENS 26 East Huntington Dr. KNIT-A-BIT YARN SHOP Instructions Free With Purchase of Yarn If You Don't Knit - We Will Teach You 53 East Huntington Dr. DO. 6-1493 DO. 7-2893 SHUGERT'S HOUSE OF TOYS 113 East Huntington Dr. DO. 7-5385 -115- Q0 P R E I mnmwno A ummm FRANK G ROUSH PRINTER 530 Norfh Flrsf Ave 7 2 85 CLIFT S MEN S STORE 28 Eos? Hunhngfon Dr DO 7 4963 'J-5' W S: a W 1-'VIS 79 f f Emi. ROYAL'S MARKET 1212 South Bololwin DO. 7-9936 w OT DW 'g' fr: f i' N ' ' ,f'f- , ,. A .-I ,,Lf - - l Ib .,A 3' , , ---........m..,.,..o.,,,-,, PM in Y 1. .....a...,..w,,,,,,,,,.,, A ,,,...o 1. f W' 'f1ji'f'T iw --7' AM W 'iff' ' Q. S' A Agua xl -ti' .,,. V ' ln- . . , , V K ' ' . THE ARTISAN 521 South First DO. 7-8310 -ii f- --4----.,....aa,.. VAIL'S JEWELERS KENN EY'S DRIVE-IN 50 Eos? Huntington Dr. DO. 7-4319 74 West Los Tunos Dr. DO. 7-0290 1235 South Boldwin Ave. DO. 6-2223 zo 9 ,,,.. , A I ,.f- N A My-' --'Hwy' -V. .- 156 1 , lLi 1 A ' -' A A SAN GABRIEL VALLEY LUMBER CO. 57 Wheeler Sf. DO. 6-2147 I U 474 Xxx ABC TYPEWRITER SERVICE 44 East Hunfington Dr. DO. 6-1441 pun- ' fvx' , HinSa Qwg5 Arfiadid 7 WCM fm, Vw ,J , 5 , ir .',. A . ll l NVC. 77 Am- ,. ,. :f..,,.w,-zz:. wfav -fu -11 'L ,,,+M,:i ..,, W, 'W 'W f 'P-H. ---Q - , :qu Z W , 7 .W W S I I ANDERSON'S LOCAL AUTO and SPORTS SUPPLY 1312 SouTh Baldwin Ave. DO. 7-6467 HINSHAW'S E DO. 7-Saou ARCADIA STATIONERS I2 Norfh Firsf Ave. DO. 7-3092 my Q il I . ,, 1,M:, 'f- 'V y A x SANTA ANITA FLORISTS 512 South First Ave. DO. 7-6915 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE .svqla cafpafaffan OF Portable Tools CONGRATULATIONS 1 .Q.v.L.. 2730 Broadway Los Angeles RI. 8- 158 1171 v 101 w nurmuntc ARCADIA I 11 .- 73, 555, 1 72 33:14 lf gwirfzj ,.'V A ig A- I' Ifwl-'Ir an . '1.. I' ' I 1 ' : I ' M3315-gjon-ansunon 5:1 ' X ARCADIA INVESTMENT CO. DO. 6-21 1 1 40 North First Ave. DO. 7-8886 Reserve This Space for Your Best Friends THE WHEELERS ARCADIA SPORTING GOODS AND CAMERA SHOP 207 South First Ave. DO. 7-4923 BNIB KNUBSQPUL ist MSMW M Mill ARCADIA LUMBER CO. 214 North Santo Anitcx Ave. DO- 6-3181 HI BLA . , . . :aqm:::1 T 'ft 1141! 1 . FlSHER'S ARCADIA RESTAURANT 101 Soufh Firsf Ave. DO. 6-3591 1... A 'Mx ARCADIA BOOTERY ENGLE PHARMACY 30 Ecasf Huntington Dr. DO. 7-4981 34 Ecast HunTing'ron Dr. DO. 7-8105 , F K ARCADIA WHEEL AND HOBBY SHOP 160 Ecsf HunTingTor1 Dr. DO. 7-3181 I V I 2211, apf-S-mi, I 1 161 1 ri, 1 1J11 f . ,X A A A l THE WESTERNER HOTEL Coloroolo PI. DO. 7-3501 ARCADIA SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL 311 No. Sonfcl Anita Ave. DO. 7-2244 L N UARRQVI CVM DAVIDSON'S SPORTING GOODS 1139 Wesi' Hunfingfon Dr. DO. 7-8337 wits and weddl PHOTCIGPQPHY Q00 ' '09s - , 14? EH HUVTEQVTOD PR. .- ' L ggcn m J y 5132035365 SANTA ANITA STUDIO BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 Official Yearbook Photographer 142 East Huntington Dr. Arcadia SANTA Fmt YA MOTORS DRIVE 'N SANTA ANITA MOTORS PEARSON'S MEN'S WEAR 134 East Huntington Dr. DO. 7-8103 RY. 1-9284 1216 South Baldwin Ave. DO. 7-3134 X I QA , . .qaififffw ,. A .. ARCADIA TRIBUNE 909 Soufh Scmfo Anim Ave. DO. 6-4461 : W . K-1 ' :e 1 ,' f' V Y ,, 181 A - Y - Q 'f!a....1fl1. M 11 1 -5' BARRON'S PHARMACY 1271 SouTh Baldwin Ave. DO, 6.2113 1QOQd LEWIS SHOES 1317 South Baldwin Ave. DO. 6-2028 . ..,,, T. , , s AUTOGRAPHS ?fwf 9f5 QQ! '55 WWW . ,fi WW .XfF,Q'5x A My xiffyfwvzfk Vp i.fMW PM awww Q M E W5 2322 3 I 3 514 n QAMQQZ A UTOGRAPHS , W W MMM yy My W W fi 0 y W my ,N W xx ffgwf it Q., x g . I iM W F ' X 1 l V 5 A I s 4' r il.: Eleanor Reeve McCall's Teen Board D X F., I '-UMW? .-ZX Wnda Schoomaker DAR Award PaHy Slough Beffy Crocker Award iii? T... Berif Rogsfad Norway ' x Arne Larssen Norway Peter Grimm Switzerland F I i Editor-in-chief ......................... Pat Keller Activities. . .Marilou Morris, lLois Flanders, Carol Shelley Organizations ............ Mary Howe, Judy Delaney Business ...:. A .... Barbara Kay, Lynda Jones Faculty . .. ............ Jo Ann Fisk Art ......... . . . Anne Carico, Betsy Irvine Girls' Sports . Boys' Sports . Classes- . . ............. Ka ren Tooley Ralph Butcher, Thad Brown Nancy Perrine, Joan Wolters, Sue Hatter, J Debbie Merry, Judy Rhodes Photography ......... Lance Haserot and Jerry Woods Advisor ......................... Barry Alexander We wish to extend our appreciation and thanks to all the professional people who have helped in the pro- duction of the 1956 Arcadian. -1--f-.,m.+w,L,,., W H .w,...7.. -....,.-, .......--,.,.,m.,.m.V,,,.,....,,.,,.s,....,,...,. ,v,,,.,,,,,,w,, , . In H U N H kS X QQ,- P f 4 x , f'K 1 sg Cjxljgofif 5? if I , , ..,,., Oflwfllel' Cfedfwll . . . PUBLISHERS OFHYEAR OO -gig, DISCRIMINATINGH , Clie use Izro M-3, 1 I v. ' ' ,YN '- J

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