Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Wfwwwyw U69 Wfvppw ow W QM HTQZMWIQ ifyff jfi 2 Jciblalh-.,jag 7 w ff diff yfwatfy . ,Af 1, JN WW My M ,ff 1 MWQW' WW 1 wQ Mi w 050 Www' M MH 14.2 78 iq Wwfw ififfgffza , A MQW A S3 'SS iff? -X T B 2aV0fofpzsl0'lf WHEWHW WNW?- 3' Mb!! f'?L1a.iQf R ovvvwsf :LLL LQ 'A IWC! Sim? W f W ML Q .N Z? gjfw jfjfiiffw 1 , u it !0fQfjyjVM9WMVD wWNj9WM xibgwwwny W 0 LET! 52 Q1 if V -W ' My if ff' V my V .12L 1, l WW ff jvpyumv My qw if k md v' 97 ,px 1 Qcfy ., ?XWYMWwN iiifi? wjW?WS Nw iw X qifzggh-af !,f ,fVjy'G WM'ffQ"7 M9165 Jmvvgyyy ,FJ QW! 4fQ5p6I5 Yifvvlpfcb p 'fi A LT ' Mimi wmawwa jffaglkcffw QAM 1+ WM fi ,ewan CQJLU1 Q4LQ71543Wf3- , MU WM M' jx W , ww K '5l ZA 3Qf?7fY jam' AML my 0 WMA? Cyw ' W WM yu if ? CG EYM5 if G W Fx ww Q if Q Pig if ji Y3g5X?QQQ MMM Q ,Z w W WW g552, Sw S A J Q XW1 QQWFE-X 3 QS 353532 wg? R7 v FR Rf Uri! 'f's'fl5C H95 "Wi v g 'rfzwx 37046: 5 ,ft I af -34, W L dl! Q ITHLJ? K A' ,W 3 X I gs' x xo R 3 I . 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'ELSE V 'EII 6 X' 'I 1 Y' in xiuyuy V f W, Mr, ,A I Q. N - u-Lx ,ws 4' A-L lTK7,'5g4x,,v" A I. Av N 'asus' if ihlifffv fy . - - , 5 M- f W, I , T. I 3 :lik "9 'H'-Tn v' ',.,-Q4 ,, 9. .A nf!! A ',,", Vim " "' an. 'il'l""'l'7i M, If I I - I . . Q Y 5-gk: 4:"x I. , R' I - ,I -:E-f...3+ I JQERQT-xff'.' my 'sex A f .kxK,,u'tf ,' I -x ,xi-Q -. 'K 1 'us , Q-M if ER-Nn'5'N'Q, Q .4 , I f I X. 'Q nxgf X . ss. Q Q - A xx fgvr , 'rail is E 'Z' ' ' 'l1,,.Q,:X-R",s,nt ',:,, ,Q -5' . I W. w X Wu 'R S-T '- f"'- 'eb -I-.2-' Fw - X .. 'SREN . .. ,- , 33. W ,fi ' 'N .JH ' fi .,:.wi.w " .:m--Lf ' ,A gQ ' W-A"R-f-- ., ,wa -flu. Q- ' ' -hawk fm-I-' I I . X L xi L " . ., k , . , X, um Nkgxqwk , . Qs J .,. s-I. 1 , ,xg ,eww A f ,M 0 The 'rheme of fhe '53 ARCADlAN is +he Apache, fhe AHS symbol. ln reading rhis bool: you will nolice ihal The campus is allen referred +o as fhe Apache reservarion, and various ofher similes are made belween high-school and Indian life. Our lifrle Indian is yel young and has had liHle lime 'ro build lradiiion. l-le is iusl selling forfh io eslablish his personalify, and if is our pari' lo help him develop an inreresling one. The real purpose of lhe boolc, of course, is To parlray campus life during +he pas? year. We hope you enjoy having lhis '53 ARCADIAN as much as we on 'rhe annual slafl enjoyed assembling fhe book. ,.... ,......, ,-..,-., , -, 'w 1 A s. X ...X in XSL, . w1vl'1.x h AH' -1-...L ' x ff QVEBSU fi H NO f 6 we ' QQ? Q Q L Q? A 033 bg E EQ L? YQX N ww ' ex wx 1 f 5 NB ,wc fgb gg xx-X N V X1 Ric C- A 5 CE- Sk QT Q ic if kk X, mn Q X Q EDR X fxxx YQ Q S E2 h A ,WV X V' A S? we LX by Ea QEVQL ii Q Q9 Lid? ex if SQL X QQKSXE XR K2 1 E2 2 ,Z 'x f " , N 535 X x :Q wi ,f"! fl I X v X X X ff X , Af w , , X .ff - ." N ' X. f f 1f wafX Sf fwx QQ, V , If , ,X N 7 Q4 1' ,f XX X1 WX 1 X X!! If NX l ,pf x-5 W Q!! ffclmdadalffmldaa 9 MR. CHARLES E. WALLACE Principal His firsf year in 'lhe Arcadia Cify School Syslem, Mr. Wal- lace has mel' ihe challenge of complele organizafion of a new school - boih scholasfic and exlra-curricular aciivifies. Arcadia High sfudenis feel very 'forfuna+e in having a man of his abiliiies as 'rheir ll QW I QMWTZZL, We 5 "Liam E? kJk,A, , Q Q. gi gglg f f ,,,,i MW K MR. OTTO ROEMMICH. Vice-Principal The work of The vice-principal brings Mr. Roemmich in close associafion wiih The sfudenfs. Faculiy advisor 'ro lhe sfudenf council, Mr. Roemmich has guidedApacheaffairsihrough- ouf the year. M . JACK BUTLER. Dean of Boys The boys of.Arcadic High have as fheir special coun- selor, Mr. Butler. lf is lo him lhey are privileged lo bring lheir individual problems. His background of lraining and experience make his guidance valuable. MRS. RUTH CALVERT, Dean of Girls 432 X I . ,, f M..-'Tiki af, ln lhe one year Mrs. Calvert has had lhe opporlunily of lse- coming acquainled wilh The Apaches. she has made many friends. As qirls' counselor ond Girls' League advisor, she has shown a genuine inleresl in sludenf affairs. T HRV SECRETARIAL STAFP 'Q-,ua Q Assisling lhe adminislralion are elficienl -l -FO Z'7f'wi-ff1,,- . 'V . . .....i,Y.,i,l!iw:14-- secrelories Mrs. Richards. Mrs. Bishop, and Mrs. Puell. Their friendliness and helpfulness have also been apprecialed by lhe sludenls. rfif-i-T... ,, "s"' r' Fl 'Z-'ff",'fl 7' B -l .YQ M, DR. NORVELL R. DICE We fake pleasure in salufinq Dr. Dice, The Superinfendenf of +he Arcadia Unified School Disfricf. Durinq his four years of residence in Arcadia, he has made many friends and earned lhe repufafion of beinq an able adminisfraior. u f M95 i 0 Q Ulm MR. NATHAN MCCREA, Supervisor of Affendance A familiar Face in the office is lhaf of Mr. McCrea. super- visor of afiendance. His chief concern is fhe welfare of fhe sfudenis, wirh whom he is closely associaied. i 1? .E A ..- THE BOARD OF EDUCATION These peope have fhe overall responsi bilify for ihe Arcadia Schools. Each mem ber is admirably qualified and has con XI, .K Q . fribufed his parf in making This an auf- sfandinq board of educafion. Mr. George D. Nickel, Presidenf, Mrs. John T. Simpson, Dr. William W. Heiden reich, Mr. John L. Nourse, Mr. Oliver S. Norfhcoie. 'im ENGUSH: Mr. John Waferhouse, Miss Carh- erine Learned, Mrs. Marie Carroll, Mrs. Mary Robedson, Miss Mar- Celline Barry. LANGUAGES Mrs. Brigirfe Doeppner, Mrs. Mar ion Bianchi, Miss Mary L. Bol+on e 4 . . , ,.,. .aw .A ., slr' -,sw MUSIC: Mr. Francis Boyer, Mr. Frank Largenl. Mr. James Neumeisier '7wfW Also new This year are many members of Ihe facully, and s'riII more will be added before our school gains i+s full size as a four year inslilulion. Above and beyond Iheir regular Ieaching dulies, members of 'Ihe Iacully shoulder responsibililies for organizing sludenl clubs and aclivilies, Iaslcs which are espe- cially heavy This year since everylhing was slarled from nolhing. Many hours were spenl afler school wilh or for Ihe Apaches, plus regular aflendance af facully mee+ings and service on Iacully commillees. Few sludenls realize how much Ihe Iacully is doing for Apache welfare. MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE: Mrs. Carol Carlson, Mr. Roberl' Jackson. Mr. Sylvesler Pafriclc, Mr. Roberf I-Iodel, Mr. Russell Bovie, Mr. John I-Ioffman. SOCIAL STUDIES AND BUSINESS Mrs. Lecmore Adams, Mr. WiIIiom J. Griswold, Miss OrQI Wore, Mr. DonoIcI KuI+ruII. ARTS AND CRAFTS: 4 4 Mr. Donold Nordvold, Mrs. lsobe fulilyj' Beckman, Mrs. LoIcu Grube, Mr I R AI, IJ I I-Iorold Qnderdonk. D.p.'V TI iff IIFDXI U M! jftww , , , .1 My p ,M!O , Q! , My H 0 , fp ' . . , ww . , f W MQ M , I 1 . 1 I A XUUIM lf . fl ' , W my f f. P U ff M f Z 1 MWAP9 R W ' ' N Q J .X s 01 , Amunvjvi U! N' If-' . M 3 X "T W l ' ' '1 if in 4' ff' . 'mx -x 2 J l XR X 05 in A H, x N x X K S 4, , Sxvasgn ' I ,f"'f4 if A f xo ll 1 ' U K y rf' 'F 'Ee 73145, - f""" " , 1 1 U. X, XG., R. I lf- -GQf:Zlfx3a 'M :wear 'WS' V 'J' ' - 71 ' ' f ...fv-' new. Xx 'WX .- X W5 nh "f"4,Eg:Ls.-Q.: xx" le 1 ,A ', 1 ,7'0" lg? wg -3-' .J 1s ',f,f 3 ', ,H 3 mv-2 .1-1 -.H r ' vm - f 4. - A? y '- ,"'.- 51 .4 1 I -H. W- 54' - X ,'.. ,y 0 595--f . ' X. wir- ' f--ff' !' 1 1' x ., ' , -A . K . ' 1:7 "Y" -i Nw ' - ' ' "MW GNU- V+.-. ml' " 'iw 5 w 4 M 1 fi' . fm' -ren. A f.X . ' HQQ. 5 , V ' " if ' XPS gf! N""-'1 ,, ja x5Nz-51, 4- ', ' 'vi , , H 'H Q.. p v, 5 ., x,v, f - Q-rl 11 ,gy 1 , '4 1 A .R L1-V1 .:'.,r-Q :f - 1' 'L ' f- ' 'pb 'ff fi -2'-1 ' ,.-, 'L 'jk-Eli' Wfww ' Q S 1 5 " V ,, 'Q - .fi4'l'Z?-5' ' .4,g!i"L'51? Q 5 1 , N, f-14 L-- .. - 1 X T? Q3 if 'Q- sg, 5 40" Qs If JF J3' 5 cf OJ' J: ,,. Q' 2 ep Q2 ao .xy 55 4 -1- X .4 J? Z O Q 53. Q gf- HQ' -S SQ? fn J' ig! 5 C5725 ,gf HOWARD ELDREDGE. Sfudenf Body Presidenf In fhe role of chief Apache, Howard has proved himself compefenf in handling sfudenf affairs. He has made a "heap-good" represenfafive 'of AHS during fhis pasf year. VIRGINIA KENDALL. Sfudenf Body Secerfary Throughouf her years in school, Virginia has had fhe repufafion of being a dependable worker. She has fulfilled fhe dufies of her office wifh her usual efficiency. MIKE CORY. Sfudenf Body Vice-Presidenf: Mike was a good choice for veep of fhe sfudenf body. His enfhusiosm and abilify fo work have qreafly benefifed fhe Apache reservafion BURTON PIERCE. Sfudenf Body Treasurer: Faced wifh fhe problem of obfaininq wampum for fhe sfudenf body funds, Burfon has had a busy year on fhe Sfudenf Council. We congrafulafe him on doing his iob well. mi LOREN BROADHEAD, Hisforian Loren acfs as Tribe recorder, keeping a scrapbook of The year's happenings al AHS. lf will be inferesf- ing, in later years, 'ro review 'rhese "pioneer days". DIANE BARTHOLOMEW, Commissioner of Grounds "Keep-um Kampus Kleen" Barfholomew has been hard ai work, conrinually sponsoring campus clean up campaigns. lf is her iob fo see fha? fhe reserva- iion is always in good order, and we see fhaf her efforis have had effecf on fhe Apaches. THE STUDENT COUNCIL These Apaches are fhe sfudenl' govern- menf of AHS. They meel' every day fo wrangle over fhe problems always aris- ing in our new high school. lf is by fheir decisions 'rhaf fhe school abides. i "QM-W l ,as ...N-1 L. Brodhead T. Brooks H. Brown L. Brown V. Bucich R. Bunde B. Burk P. Burfon B. Bush S. Calver E. Carlson C. Chesfer iff 69 uve L. Bose P. Bolts J. Bradford D. Breeden A. Brodhead 'P-sa? A rr+ Q U. Abila 6 ,J Q ...F A C P. Agqaianian J - 1 J. Anlcen M f ' L " '57 J, Allen '-Q' , S. Anderson A I .. . M. Arnold .. .sa . C .. I Q A. Allcinson .., g 4? A F. Auqusf ' l 1 K, inf . , l' 'C' D. Aufen - . . ' and 4 . - ,- . E A H , "Y 5 . L - V V B - 'sf r X . B A 6 C ' if V ' ' ylmer .-. I fe C M. Baker A L. Balser , D. Barfholomew " ' M. Bassford Y .x Bafes M Bauerle 4 Beard Ai-hx ' l . slit C. C. Berqhofer S. Bey v A J. Belenqer E I. Bensen N, i R. Black A FCP' N A A f . N. Blake 'sf 'L W A, 2 ,Y ' . B. Blanchard C4 .ny . ' M , ,C .. 5 - ,V , . . nf? si. '-,'f C 5 :r V- , : kit ax . Q Y I ' . A y KW .-vf 177 W li 5,1 UC' N. Chrislensen C. Clorlc R. Clarkson W. Cline D. Coclce M. Colwes M. Cook C. Cooper R. Corpe M. Cory L. Cuccia P. Cuellar Edson Edwards . Eklund Elclredqe Ellis Ells Elmore Englemann Evien Ewan Feldman Eemino -"JF -S11 wwf -qv' L" A. Graves P. Green '2' -... L. Gregg H. Griffin --.1 L J 2 Le T D. Ferguson M. Fiebeikorn C. Fronlich J. Furnish B. Furqerson D. Gaqliano S. GaHal'wer M. Gear T. Geffeney G. Gidley G. Gilleffe R. Good B. Griffiis ,A 'UH' J. Gruben nl' W, . , P. Hadley J x K 133' . , ' W' K X S , wr- K Q . M. Hansen . - f . Harding E. Hamiifon "NV K Hcmsen K-K-KK K -KRW "-',' 1 fx qc, .Hardin K . K K KKfK - B l . Hcrsen 51' L' W J. Haw ins AV R-'J ' y . eblnq ' H K . Helss . ' ' . A A f . . ' . Q e - K .Henderson K . Q K ' .Henrlclcsen K I K Y ' 'V'- ,Heuser - . ...Qe J 232 R Helqers . r K if ..'- . .- .J,. , on J e rre rrr 1 ff J Hokom A' ' A ' W ' Y ' K. I K - ,, - mp. . J Q, Ii A . gn K '9' D "1 ix - 3 , .X K .., ,A 5 .K , .K l H Hor+on K Q ff J Hug . L Hopper .1 ' 3 2' ff? W Hunf M Hunfley .gy .K D Husband iffy 3 D Hyder ZA" ' D Hylron T , ' ,gg r 'un' ,. we .. fl: r Y Q K ef' ' f ' id x Q X . '3 . A , x , . 'iw ,... J 1.3-EQ E? V ..--.' 11.. ' J - - D 3 M A 'M 1' B Jackson L 'F Jaffarion EEFWQA . V . - fx J . ' J.-. J .. . ' J ' . K E K . A Q. ,. K, K -X K . K, ,K ... K ,K Q ,, . JS. M J - 5 Y . 5 r K Q, .K K . D -W q r , . ..rKK. .gi g "' 9,7 , I . 51 f Ji J KKK , KKK ,L XX ' K K 'N-X . , 1 f if new . K f . K . K K K K KKK Ka 5 . ,X 5 .K x W 5 . :Q Q D - 4 ' " X' is J-n xv am . ,K K ! K KK KK -K .H K wmv KY K Kk xfi . . . W., xi- -. f J - 9' J.. . 'Y . W' ' -' ' . If . x I' 12 ig' HJ.-1, . 2 .J. K 9 , AJ R 3 5 f 2. . I' 1i ' ' U K . , , X x K . " Q3'f:JJgg'K 'M ' W . ,wg .KKK ,S W .K ...rK KKK KKK. 1, K ,KKK K K . aeinr ' C ' 5 ' " 1 Hri? 5 - ' W 5 541 k I K K1 . E . 1- ' K f' -43 4 A A K, D 4 5 fm H 74 ' ' k 9 is is ' r . ....... P H R D - ' L f 4 K 5 JI NDA R JJ ,'J5r2'n:f6 K . am. , F 1 .am 7 R .532 1 A N. : ' Gi' lg ' I X ' ' 4 H -L? J ff' J' QE.. L. , 1-'R . yy I .1 1 R .. 9' iii 'Vi 'Q J L vu' L 5 K Qi -Q. .Q-Uf swim. I . 3 K ' A2 3 av Af J . I . P, L. h ., . rf A-ff"'Q 5 - .H . . X ,gn --X . ,K .. . Q g . . '92 Q 'N-4 i ,lu 'V g J. Lossifer J. Lawson D D. Leoveren E. J. M D. Leonard D. Lesfer P. J. M, . Leoclw f.-QQ. i is z gissfx .. iff- ., i 4.5 '-Q! X., Wg C. Kincoid B. King gm' . 3 A ,M . X Q1 'vi R N 'nd 'S-B' A ,YR I J- S in 4 . .i.. ,gi- i f T i , i E12f'xi3.iQ,'if 27. ' . k.. Q. iw! S35 JenJc'ns N. Jensen Jermen Jensen Jenson Jensen J. Jesson D.Jol'1nsnn T.Joi1nson P. Jones S. Jones B. Kisi ' ii 1 x . J .A A f , . va x D i L D r K K M M. Johnson Q? I st Yu tv Y 'X' T i if Gi i . 'V W iifii-J he rv 'V I QTY, NH V1 Y UU T47 KN' ZW G. B. R. L. S. M. H. S. R. R. J. G. 'Y '7 J f-3 K' P. LoGiudice C. Lorlmer J. Leuclwf R. Lundberg N. Lufher A. Luzader J. Mack S. Mackey V, Maddis L. Mahoney M. Maier B. Monq V f ri ,qw M. Mann QV 'E' 4 1 V. Mann aw F' A P. Marren V, R B. Marsman f K it , D. Marlin '. Q I ff ',. V J. Maslers X al l . R',' 495 B. Mollwews -N. I! P. Mozzarella M. Mcfasline Y D. MoHl1es 2 4, M J. Mayo ' Q ' '7"7' wa' K f J B. McCaugl1ey s Q J A " W. P. Mclcay 3 'J E Q I H, Mead J - ' V AL.. WJ R 5 S. Miclean f N 4 W , V J, B. Males R . A it fu J.Misl1ler J? I Q ' has -b T' in J naw' , 1 R. Moser I if - ...Q . 5 "' . ll J G. Mme. f. V J A V ' J Q "' ...j ' N ., W A A 3 Q K , ... "" f . L. . A Neff . V ! .o- ,g, ji 7' Newman M I , VW I 0 gp Newlon fi "e,g "'M an 'J ku NlSbel' 'IMG-7 -vs.-0 N Hzlcowslcl -...wg zzn I Noble 1, v V ' g r , Norlhup I Nourse ' Nye fm O'Donald ""' O'Grady Porlc AA R 7- qv 'S0 3 'nr rg 'hw f -xl 5 .W ,....,' ff -Q Q, --1 if M '-QT' . , mi 'J 'B' fig' '- V . it in L Pefly W- , if 8 B. Pierce E K ,X ' B. Piwonlco R L R ,3 5 Plaskew I n b . , K . . 1 1,7 9 . R- l " WP XQ' J. Poole lx P. Prall Z S. Price s X 4' C Quenzler ' Q 'Q' B. Rcmsden V l IN sd , N. Reed L. Reeves P. Reibold R. Reid D. Reimers B. Richardson P1 Richardson D. Riddle M. Riley ' W N- Robinson U W: . , .. - . 3 .J L. Y' K5 we """ ' R. Rullenlwouse f- 'I ' K ff V F35 3 x 5+ Q C A. Rolauslelli B. Roellmer L. Roland M. Rumbauglw J. Russell R. Ruflwerlord "1':r Randall J, Raymond Redmend ' SK. Lan K W fr as-2' no . in . r 7 gf .. Q5 A ' A ' lx . . , lg-GV? , -. . f ' f- ' wg'-.7 4.5 2. - ! df' . Parker Pafriclc Pallerson P. Palferson Peacock Pedreffi Pehrson Penn Perlmufler Perry Pelers Peflif CY 9,5- Qi 1r"'P ,s. .rx if get S 1 N .r Q 5 :Q 'st f. - in 5 x ' .. ,- ','. Us '32 'v 'Q vi? KITTY 2 ,J P. Slrauss M. Sufcliff E. Swanson M. Swiff S. Tallenf C. Tarullo J. Talum T. Taylor D. Thomas B. Thomson B. Tinlrham J. Tolen '51 1 My P.ShelIy ,M A N. Shoberq T 'K . ,JK J . 1 l.. Shoflon ww - G. Sinkule Q...-v I .J Am T Q M. Sklar Q I B. Slcrzypczalc K Fd D. Slallery A 'Sf . rf':A ' -.4 L. Smilh V TT. Q R. Smifh B. Sloan Q' 0 D. Smeihursl .Q J. Smilh K . .f .T s. Smilh 'Hg +. .-.4 S 'K T. Smilh 1 'T , x . F. Soelie , r J. Solheim R. Spaulding R. Slarlcenburq ' Q B. Sfone 1 H .. V , uma' WIS 21 V 2 ' ,. , VK 5: If YZ K . .K .JV J I , S 'f A .inf K .. U4 ' fi .fx 'J-Pa 1 if ' ' are l. ' . . Alle J i' +V l .W .J J W ' 1 3 4 111 'Rf iw-sf 'V' Q i Em S ,,.. ,fi ik N . ! 4,,, i 53.3 1 li". X . ff'-'55 ' M33'i2ff'.f5 . .4 ,C W ef N. E. D E. B. J. J. Z. D B. C. R Salas Samuelson Saunders Schaeffer Schack Schliem Schreiber Schoenhals Schmid? Scolf Seaman Sheehan , so L7 'Y 1 . . fi Q Q T.- - if J ' FH. .1 K' . .1 :xiii A ..r..W-.1. -4. -2:3 gl, . K - 4 if fs...- vi S. Willse S. Wisluelc R. Wolfe J. Wood D. Woodruff D. Wroqq M. Wurfz P. Wynn Y. Yerlces B. Young D. Young C. Zoclc N. Zinnsrneyer J. Zoolc C. Zuerleln T. Tuchscherer l.. Turner S. TUFHSI' D. Wager J. Wagner V. Walker N. Wallace J. Wells J. Wells L. Wheeler 'S' WJ fit! ?'Y Q-I C. Booflw R. Boffema D Bowman D Bowman H. Bromley M. Brand D. Brinkman G. Brolcale B. Brooks J. Brown R. Brown N. Burqlner .Q zz' sh' rf H. Adams .api an . Gi J.Al1lro1'l1 Q, ' x F gf M. Alexander --ff' A Ax J' -,24Q:'V,' R. Allen W A fl . Q G. Allison i I A -ef A J. Allison ' Ax In E! L. J. Ames A' V J 5 in V D. Anderson 4- 'R E- . L . " M ,Q 1 ift-A K, Angel N-J I . 'B , lf K I 4' A L P. Anglesea -QM vi' f " A' A J M ' D.Anll1ony 'Billy 5 '-.. yi .Q B ' R.Bal1ru'rh I A A L. Y? M. Bailey B. Baldwin L. Ball B. Ballard H. Barlon J. Bafelle M. Bauer , A B. Berlcy 'if - I J T. Berumen .in ,K . A B: QQ? . ' S. Baxfer N. sm X I -sd R. Beauclwemln I A 4 ,,, s K :gg B. Berry -Q X ark A"' V' 4 K -S .7 1 - L. Billmon ."'3' Q 1 if 1 X 3 ASIS' J. Blalce Y J k I, 4 P. Bliss 4- 5. Blyfh S. Bolduan D. Bonds C. Bonney -1 ' it B - T, Q 411-nu. QT? xi' 4' , HJ, -fr .32 I dv-' f h 'f, Xa 4 WE 3 1 ti- 5-':..,m sf - N 1 ... . fr... Jig JE.. Y . X: ei. 1 Hb ,ff wi T C39 'zz f NEO' vp J 4 . DN! BQ .-kg.. K ani ami. 3 Q-3 'MJ ss'i'f9i,C ,,.,i R. Diemerl M. Dinsmore C. Dodson R. Dombroski B. Driver R. DuBois B. Dully K. Dunlley J. Dwyer E. Dysorl K. Eiclmer D Elder MJ W. Davis B. DeBenedel V. DeFreifas J. Delaney M. Dice 1' r. ,M-.1 'SY' N. Crews M. Crocker ..,:' 'Y V -Q--rv C. Cook J. Cooperider A. Cox B. Dalwlberq M. Davis S. Davis N. Burnell J. Bulls M. Byrne N. Canlrall fri. A. Carico S. Carlson J. Ccrllon J. Carpenler M. Casey N. Cauffman R. Clark S. Clark J. Clarke P. Clausen J. Collier B. Conklin A y .4 5. ., M. Cronshey X X g T V. Cuccla K . .- l,.. ls N J D , ' ,BE ':: . K Je- E 'N 1 'L ' Kai if -rf? K Q!-A' 5 - ..-. X ,bi X H W . -5 Lf? 'Sie-3gf..', . ,Ji ll .. .: K SWL 'Rik f".f'Vf.f' .. . A LN A-AA '1K!"'7 'Rf .8 .aw L My J Ir.: J vm? ,ll .6 'S av sv J 5 D. g a ff- V N , K " A f . h EA . J. KV T. . in J? J X 3 ' e " A C. o w'. . V' 'M' ' ' - , H, f I 4. r A-rx. N. Hglwwq if lip.. . ,A x . ' K 'a ,Q X R, EHES T. Elk '71 S. Erlksen nu 'f-an L. Evans 'NFO' " L. Farina J. Fenron J 'K L F. Ferris ,Q 1. I ,v ,V . S J. Fusk , at A J. Flanagan N' f I ' ,if L. Flonder b 1 - A ' - W. Forresf I 1 I , K h A C. Frances we n K'.J Q 'J A. Franco S. French C. Gardner R. Gardner 'W e R. Gorman fm- ,,,. D. Garriclc M. Gafes D. Geary T. Gerry ' I + D. Gear A, 5 o.c3eQfhQf+ 'Y D. Gieqer 'JK LQ .. V. P. GiUespie .V 'V -, 1-r--M i J. Gnrnour K N-I I J. Goodv-An B . Gcwern 49, S. Gran? 'F' M. Groydon E, U. Green 'T i J. Griffith T. Gross J, Gruben C. Hahn 5, S. Hanson """l' Q-'fs W. Hansen R. Harqett I 4 'J A - Horns Harsen qu- 4- HGFLY Q.-d L: H r ffl V X Qi .gmefi AM 1 n 5- wr. :Ji I, .J i ' 1 T. Hemborg I ' N B, Henry vt A N ', " X . 4 D. Herbelin 7 l I 4 'Q f J- 6 w S. Hernandez X J Q , Q-dew A J ' ?J C. Hicks 'N' f ' 6 N1'i L, J J, ' T. Hicks e e 1 'V " Q . y CN. .. X A . ' Y l if ll " H, Hllsfo E Q 1 . p 'Q' D. Hoeqee it ' kg 0' J K. Hollinqsworlb r' 1 , lj- r I va L. Holllnqsworfln min - ,K Fig ' b r Q .-ig. ws!! . ,Fee ' J. HolrOYCJ J J . 1 E. Horocelc 1 ...gpm 1, ' K ,.f- -wg M. Howe M. Hubbard :F W. Hughes C, Hull J.HumbM QE , R. Hun? ,. ki.,--.., J J. Hunfer ex -N 'Q3 55' WI ,ff 7 ni' ' ,-AHhnnML.0 C , B. Hursf l E. lnrncn .. R, Hunler A P. Hurd lWYfY- I .?aUl f w:aR - 5 ' E g ,Q B. Irvine J l' ' " -I K - ' "" B. Joquilb t ' J l , B. Joquitb . l x J , by R. Jefferson V f .. I - .+A , ' P. Jessen ' ' 4' f is 5305- Q K. Johnson J - i - W 'Tj' 4 J. Jonnslon N ,..fhiir5figg J 1 J. Jones J fe J . . . J- W '- .X Lmf V - - 1 b if .NK Q .. , X P 4. A V 3? J, ,uv f , -A ' li. f ,V ' , ' A . -ug - ll- 1 K X I -un! xi .415 J aw -1-J 'ft' 1v'Y 3 u 'QT 'X .,k 5 4.55 YC.. A 7 . .1 .A-,al Eg S. Kennedy J. Kellerlnq J. Kellerinq J. Kelferlnq W. Kirby R. Kloques L, Jones S. Jones M. Kornbeilz R, Kaplan P. Keller l. Kelly gi- S E. Kohl M. Korcliclr M. Kreinbring . X is eq ,V 'EY QW 9- W- ... i. J. Krueger 1 .,...,,, C. Kumer A i V E. Lamonf ,ix . Kylix fifi15.y 1 J S. Loncasfer ,Z 74 A -R J K A. Londini 'N M- . Q ' f' Q. ' . 1 . " 'K f - ' -f B. Lane 'R V '. Q, 4 - f f .-,J 1 ' - M , if I X 'R D. Lauderdale I J if 1 g V-..h . ' K- - S. Ledclux . v.Q.,,... ' V. ii J' Q ,V ' K . 'J P. Leech 'X I -,Q . Q. ' ' A 3 fi x 'A J 76- ..-' D Q ' M R AA K M. Leiser X V ' . il .. E. Leland Qs' 5 x il. x . f J. Leonard I va., .1 'R 'wr . 1. xy Q . - x .,'. ' .mqyggfgs Q fi? R. Lindblom ' . D. Lloyd ii ,Q -, . 4 I K D. Mondella 1 ,Vx fl A N . J' . . . J f J 'L 1 in -. J, 4 L 1 ...M . ' 1 . .,.. fa :4' M. Massey M , J 'A 4 ' .Manning ,S .VL g , X-JA M. Manker . , Q Q Q wb' 1 .. 5 ' , W ,xi . "-771 --.Hy uv A , . 7. x 1, fi ,Q -Q i J. Mallweny A . V... . J I' Q ma J. McClellan 1 , W . Q? d D. McCord W V I . . .L ,,,. E 5. 3 .M Y 3 R. McDonald . og, A' 1: L- D. McFall , -an - 1 I V , W 5 B. McFeTridqe , A .Y I on K J. MacKenzie ' . L R. McLennan NX.. 5 .1 Q nm ,Aa x. 3 , . N' Q.: ,V Jai A t. f :M J f J N M, I 'C-3' - of L , X, , 2..: . -59? S. McMillan D. McMullen E. McQueen Y. Mefro S. Mickelson R. Mildon J. Miller T. Mills J. Moore R. Moore L. Moran M. Morris M. R. R. C. M D. B. C. G. P. B. D. 'JF Q-.17 .1 Moser Moule Newell Newman Niemeyer Nlssen Nolan Norman Norllwcole Norlhcofe Nollinqlwam Nolloli 'S' 'Sul Y :,.52,i2J K , is Q-'wi W... 'eg-we-W . .,,-M 7 .,,.. . V - N- S- ,,.m,.1-4, , 5 ,QM . .V -.,,,fxll..,Fx,.. :fg55:5Qy5.: ' x . A Y . .. J . .. Wm ' mfsiy . K 5- .U K. . W -. .A I ,.. X K . K . X ,.., . my ,.. .1 I ' .fig ' J K i . Q: 1 'axe J F155 .. f"-I -. ' 5 - 1 elif . R 'ff N 'il , . N ., ' is - ' f, . N6 ee . ' "if haw k Q. .Lk - QQ. . K? A neat A ,ff 25. M ' J i I u k . J A .M QL X A - J . ...J J .5 . Q I . J R , . K 'Q V A f- : .- R -- ll .C 'N 5, . .as . X ,qt ,X . . f f. N W' ' J I ...l ' Q . N Y 1 1 R YJ 2 1 V h gs 4+ . 5 " Gslffw- 1 g K' W ,MQ g :L S Nunnall . ,JA sl J l ' V ' ' if f 1, Q., 7 .Q .-f.e lf D. OH f" m f"J lr K, 5? H l g Q f:s ., D. Olson 'Q A , l. I L . L. Palwluslci a T 1 f J K L 5-I -1' 'Y .. 5 , M 1 , A .1 A . A M. Papel G. Parker r J . L. Posley 'S Ala: .s 'Lil 'Ge J " . VF 5f'I 'X ' QW 5 ey 5 , 5 A -.. Q . , ,.., A N---' ' SQ I .K Q., .9 b , egg I X x R. Pedli 5 5 N. Perrine QQ , F. Pasquarella g ' Cf PDU' ' 1 K f A Q 3613 X ,,. ., . t 55535, I' Ha ' I K X. 7 Xu z . . g F it g li " -w .Sf G' Pefefs R 85 V P. Pelerson G. Peflll M! 1? v'-"Y ...WS-' 'la .. J 9 'VY' wwf Mir' R. Philp A. Phillips D. Phillips A. Pinqle E. Pinqle Qs! .-.4-7 N. Plalforcl J. Porfune J. Potter R. Powell J. Ouigqle R. Quay T. Raleigh N. Randle J. Raymond W. Redman P. Rausch A. Reese E. Reeve E. Reno G. Richards P. Rlppens T. Robillcrd M. Roberfs M. Roberfs B. Rodgers R, Rollins J. Rollings A. Romberqer Y. Rossi 477' wr 1177 E. Seidner S. Sencer N. Severlson J. Sheldon Carlo Sheldo C. Shelley L. Sherwood L. sible G. Silva A. Simmons J. Simmons D. Simpson 11? TW' L 1 is 1- ' . -- . ,Q UN M S I eff' J-g s. L - -if bhh. Q Q Q y SFI' Tuff' v m in ,-R in 4 .. 'bm - k . x l 5 .Qi i . sr K K. A . i .Ty L .Nye 5.1: Q.k sz n Q-vu' K is K as. Q - " N9 X - W1 X qv-7 . 'LL, L ' ' L I J V 5 so L L X j Q , . . 1 Ak 7 f V VLA ,K V Q v - . -, k. K 1 -' far. Q M-...M x . N I Wi Y 1 l X Y - s v- Q -Q 'F L I vig? if N: M nf f K LLALL 1 K. Tooley B. Touchon JL Torrey M. Uhl F. Ungger V. Vcughon D. Verhoef M. Verhoef F. Wakefield G, Woffon T, Woskin A. Wofermon S. Sfov 1 . - D, Slough A. Smifh G. Smifh J. Smifh K. Smifh M. Smifh N. Smifh R, Smifh W. Smifh B. Snider T. Sporling B. Sfodley A. S+evens M. Stevens J. Sfroffregen T. Sfoll C. Shawn hx 'Q .V D S L. S1 fh Q . ro er ?,gk:ii Y G. Suffon . J S. Swanson Q3 H . . T S ' " J. Tongemon XT f 5 H. Thomas J-- J J. Thompson il I X - - f ' P. Thompson 5- J f' . Y . L ' 3 ' ' P. Thomson sms- A, 'V A ' A L L Lx W f vm L ww T .L .Y fr: V Q - .A l.Thormon K . A X . K "" .. . L - - M.TilloTson 'f .L -V .. y W f y.. -'L xy J. Tirfon . X LL ' J a --'Q ' J A N ' 1 . -.s4.x,.......:, K, J' Q Q11 x x an ' J L . L 55, Q J L Gs A 'e""'4Y we Q .K AL 35 3 'is-113 I X 15 uf' Mu' ii L L f o' L.LL ng a.. 7 J is ' Q 2 I' 1 Q 5 S-H T .nh 'firm . v" ' Q ' sy' 0 W if DWMWWK ,ECW 1-Wf W f QSM . ffkifgg - ,. , 9? N fyfyffffyp, W , X W f35lWf f f'if5m'!ff if fpgf ' ' b fl hilffg Mwwfvlygwwy iw Awww MQ WW f Hmmm 360 5 iz UM Q VJ My . vu ,yn fy QV ELXR M219 V My m 35Qg nfl-oNlw?XM,wljj'j v Jw mc My H MMM E 7igf5+4,MwCfQEN WWW W mfffj , W . df-ggi? Cf WW fl 4159 W d - My W 6 MMV M N fdjwfiff WWW L WL Wai? , W W Q, .. ymtqwlgam so nys-was he-fx.. , 'Hu-u-'v0" 14-uf 66:46 The ArT Club is Tor Apaches who are handy wiTh brush and paleTTe. They have been worlcing on several proiecTs, one of which was decoraTing The display windows, adding To The appearance of The reservaTion, and anoTher was designing book covers Tor use on school boolcs. lnTeresTing Tield Trips Taken during The year were To To The Ari' CenTer School and The ScholasTic ArT ExhibiT. .JMD The AHS Spanish Club has been esTablished Tor The promoTion and undersTanding oT Spanish language and culTure, and Tor world Triendship. The Los Dormilones lThe Sleepyheadsl are noT so lazy as Their name implies. They have Taken inTeresTing Tield Trips and com- pleTed various worThwhile proiecTs. They enioyed Themselves aT Clivera STreeT, when They Took a day oTT Tor some Tun. ,Xe OFFICERS: Karen Jensen, PresidenT Sue Galliher, Vice-PresidenT Ann Carico, SecreTary Virginia Mann, Treasurer PaTTy Slough. HisTorian OFFICERS: MargeTa Elclund, PresidenT Phyllis Reibold, SecreTary Judy Ailcen, Vice-PresidenT Noreen Langsner, Treasurer mi if f-sv" W ""-4. C wif 2 gps? 5, l 'r if i iw S OFHCERS: Terry Mills, Presideni Don Giger, Vice-Presidenf John Porrune, Secrelary Fred Unger, Treasurer David Nissen, Parliamenlarian OFHCERS: Jerry Woods, Presidenf Terry Mills, Vice-Presidenl David Nissen, Secrelary Fred Unger, Treasurer 15 L "' u A., V , " ,view ' X ay. . and The Engineering Club was organized lo furlher 'the knowledge and inleresl' in engineering. During ihe year 'rhe club has seen several films on engineering. and afrended some leclures ar Cal-Tech. Corn- plefing 'rhe year's acfiviries 'rhe club visiled The Pasadena Power and Lighf Company, where generafors, furnaces, and cooling rowers were explained. The members also wenl lo Van de Kamps Balcery, where lhey sludied mass-producrion melhods and machinery used in rhe producrion of bakery goods. I comes Z! Liquid air? Tesla coil? Oscilloscope? These have been used in experi- menrs during Science Club meefings. When nor experimenling, The junior scienlisls view demonsfrafion reporis and scienfilic movies. Club members have been aHending Cal-Tech leclures and visiled lhe new chemislry laboralories al UCLA. One proiecr has been The consrrucfion of exhibifs for rhe Science Fair af rhe Los Angeles Couniy Museum. The purpose of The Science Club is To promofe inleresr in science and +o provide an opporlunify for lhose s+uden+s who are inferesled 'ro use Their Talenls. Qzenedal The purpose of The French Club is To sTimulaTe in French sTudenTs an inTeresT in The culTure, life, liTeraTure, and cusToms of France. ln accomplishing This obiecTive They have seen movies, a French play,-made reporTs, and have wriTTen To sTudenTs in France. Early in The year The club held a French dinner, which aroused Apache curiosiTy, because heading The menu were snails. 74a S The Sodales are sevenTeen LaTin sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in TurThering Their knowledge of Raman life and cusToms. AT Their Monday aTTernoon meeTings They presenT oral reporTs and hold dis- cussions of The lives oT Tamous Romans, myTholoqy, and Roman Tood, cusToms, and dress. A Roman bonqueT was planned as a biT of educaTional diversion To be held during The second semesTer. it OFFICERS: President Bob King SecreTary, Cappy Frolich Vice-President Bob Good Treasurer, PaT Dolan OFFICERS: Linda Schoonmalcer, Marilyn Bailey, PresidenT Larry Billmon, Charles l-liclcs, Vice-PresidenT PaT Keller, FlizabeTh Kohl, SecreTary ix -sxfx A new orgonizalion on campus, lhe Crealive Wriling Club, has had dilficully in gelling sforfed. Their Friday oflernoon meefings have had much publicify and very inleresling programs. Several meelings have lealured faculfy members, who spoke on phases of crealive wriling. The Crealive Wriling members have been encouraged lo en+er wrifing conlesls and submif 'rheir works lo sfudenl magazines. The Apaches should lceep an eye on lhis club, for il is growing These Apache broves and maidens have enlered many infer-scholasfig rapidly. speech con+es+s and oflen relurned wifh awards. One of The special evenls of lhe year was o lhree day lournamenl of fhe Universify, which was highlighled by a formal dinner-dance. Membership is earned by parlicipalion in speech evenfs unlil one has earned lhe 20 poinls necessary. Sodolawkp ul The primary obiecfive of fhe A.H.S. Scholarship Club during fhe year was fo become esfablished as an official chapfer of fhe California Scholarship Federafion. This was finally accomplished in March. Thirfy-seven sfudious Apaches have affained a prescribed grade level and become members. A field frip was faken fo fhe L. A. Museum, and a Chinafown dinner was enjoyed afferwards. A Scholarship Conference was held af P.C.C. and many of our members offended. 9,44 The Girls' Afhlefic Associafion has really been popping. Their year was sfudded wifh acfivifies. Early in Sepfember a swimming parfy was held of Leora Gregg's and since fhen fhere have been hilces, conferences, fournamenfs, playdays, and a game of baseball againsf fhe members of fhe faculfy. The C1 A A membership consisfs of afhlefic-minded girls who spend one or more nighfs per weelc in physical educafion. Vw +C OFFICERS: Cindy Edson, Leora Gregg, Presidenf Cappy Frohlich, Heidi Brown, Secrefary Marfa Perry, Gynelle Dysarf, Vice-Presidenf Mariane Penn, Carol Harding, Treasurer OFFICERS: Paf Praff, Presidenf Bev. Jackson, Vice-Presidenf Paf Dolan, Secrefary Marfha Sufcliff, Treasurer Sue Donisfhorpe, Afhlefic Mgr. Leora Gregg, Parliamenfarian Marfa Perry, Corres. Sec'y. iQxa 706400864 The Trouveres are lhe AHS music club, lhe purposes of which are To promoie fun in music, assisi fhe music deparlmenis, and ro aid ihe school when music is concerned. The Trouveres sponsored The iirsi cosfume ball af AHS, which was fhe "Come as a Song" dance. The week of Easier vacaiion was used for a beach par+y a+ Capisfrano for fhe Trouveres, which was 'rhoroughly enjoyed by all present 6 1 Q' K The Girls' League is an organizalion eslrablished +o promoie lhe welfare of ihe school. Under lhe diliiculf concliiions found in a new high school, fhe Girls' League has done especially well in giving several dances, a molher-daughier lea, and in lending a hand in planning lhe Arizona, Nevada, and Souihern California Girls' League Conference. A X OFFICERS: Alberr Ealon. Cappy Frolich, Presidenf Bob Randall, Sheryl Bey. Vice-Presidenf Cappy Frolich, Marianna Maier, Secrefary Sally Price, Rochelle Kaplan, Treasurer Dick Jenkins, Parliameniarian OFFICERS: Presidenl, Beverly Jackson Secreiary, Marilyn Fiebelkorn Vice-President Nancy Luiher Parliamenlarian, Carol Knulsen T' 55 Y I v xx S' X x fd' - Y H , t X A J, X. U ' '4 1 xl, xx! X l,'ll:g':7"-J' ' 4, iudlffll ' 'x 4mm X ' ' ' . X Rig , f , ke.. WN LIC' XXNW L if X I , Q' .n A X ljfgiffj yg Ml. I in NV' V "I 4,1 6 V A , if X wx A , Q 5: .. f- K , ' 1 I 4,ZnQq"fI TE' A 1 X 1 I ' 7fTffE.?? xw Z tx ,Ta , 'L' . E 'WA gf' U' Q v' 4, X 'i1'3',.' ' , Xl ,, Y ,b X f 'xx V1-fb, ' - . ii .f N51 , , miami f N, WMS. kr X iiiifiliiisqfak 24514555 , 9:1524 - 'wav 'f cfm . H' K I , SJ M f 'sifix J r kr iz? 'Wi i . if ' 4 K , V W ,0',fWf!! ...f4- iii! X fi Bob Bailey Chuck Berglwoler Jim Blake Leonard Bose Dick Breeden Alan Graves Paul Hadley Lee Hopper Darrell Hyder David Hylfon Duane Leonard Bob Nye Milfon Peffif Dick Reimers Tom Robillard Harold Sparling Eric Swanson Jim Tulum Tom Tuchscliarer 7oaZZczZZ,.. 7ao4,'ZaZZ... l M.,,..r CECIL CUSHMANI JR. MR. JOHN HOFFMAN MR. "MAC" We Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Foniana 7 Foniana 0 Monfebello I9 Marl: Keppel 20 Alhambra 20 Whiffier 7 Monrovia 33 Lewis Brown Edmond Carlson Rolland Corpe Paul Dyer Howard Eldreclge A Marlin Johnson Tom Johnsfon Sian Lamb Don Leaverenz Eric Lehamn Ed Rowland Jim Russell Roger Ruiherford Dave Schaeffer Don Schmid? Bob Ballard. Mgr. Charles Shawn, Mgr Paul Gillespie. Mgr fer off fo fhe races on a reverse againsf nfana as Hue Apaches score an impres- 'e 38-7 vicfory. Dyer and Eldredge haul down Monfebellds Don Juan offer a Hwirfy yard gain. Dick Breeden sfops an unidenfified Monfebello man as 'the Arcadians go down To fheir firsf defeaf, I9-0, offer +wo successful sfarfs. Under The waTchTuT eye oT Coach Cec'xT Cushman, Jr., nTneTeen reTurnRnq TeTTerrnen and Ten noyTces puTTed our T'rrsT heayywe'rqhT Team Throuqh a TaTrTy success- TuT season. Ass'xsTed by John T'ToTTrnan, Cushman brouqhT The Apaches To a 3-4 record. The Jayvees opened The season wKTh a srnashXnq y'xcTory over The FonTana STeeTers, by a score oT '38-7 . The Tohow- Tnq week, The qndders squee-Led by The some Team b-O. The Apaches TasTed deTeaT Tor The T'rrsT TTrne, qeTT'xnq dumped by a sharp MonTebeTTo ouTTTT, T9-0. STreTch'rnq Thekr Tosxnq sTreaTc by droppTnq a hard TouqhT TKTT To Mark TCeppeT, '10-9, The Apaches showed rnuch 'rrnproyernenT. Under The T'rqhTs aT MonroyTa TTeTd, The Jayvees conT'rnued To Tose by droppknq a 'ZO-O decTs'ron To The ATharnbra Moors. The bkq upseT oT The year came when The Apaches downed The NNh'xTT'xer Cards, T9-7, a Team ThaT had never been beaTen 'rn preseason oT PacTTRc League pTay. Arcadkds b'rq qarne oT The year saw The T'rrsT I . . . Larnb drryes OxTers haTTback ouT QT cross-Town rryahy wrTh MD., Turned ouT To be The bounds OS Bose ond Lehmann The season Tor The Apaches as The Come yn gov on assist. ' The Tune oT 33-7. TourTh Toss oT ' W'rTdcaTs ran wud To Monroyra Spflrlin g is n k . ec hed afTer a shorT gClin of HW ee yards 0 S 'The Cor . dlnql G nd Goyd SCOr-es The bg 99es+ U Psef Of .the season roy, ' 'Ing ov ef Th . e pr-eVIoUSIY undef eafed Wh, lffier Ca Vds. Under 'rhe lighfs of Monrovia field 'rhe Apaches l'asl'ed clefeaf for fhe fhird consecurive game as Tafum is snagged by a Moor defensive back. Don Leoverenz 'raking off on an end sweep behind 'rhe high-flying Apache forward wall. Breeden coming from behind +0 slam down Kenny Myers of fhe Wildcafs as fhe jcyvees suffer Their worsf licking of Hue secson. dyhefa owne show We 6 rfWO't'xOnOX . dvfmq , s s on We sxdime - Xscene pxosfer . 'NWCO n we , o SMOWS up f We hownme on i f Q R5 XNXPXN ii P0 Qofncvl io 51 YN ENS QNX ASSY X Firsf Row: Hunfley, Pierce. Engelmonn, Collier, Powell, Abilo Sonlo, Cummings, McMillan. Second Row: Kosfler, Geffeney, Curlis, Hlisfo, Mayo lccptl, Lindblom, Francis. Moore. Third Row: Torrey, Redmond, Boll, Clwrislenson, Norfhrup, Avellor. Woslcin, Cowles, Slrouss. Four'rl'1 Row: Feldmonn, Clarke, Hornelioux, Free, Cory, Woodruff, Kelly, Posquerellcl, Young. Fiffli Row: Cooclw Pufmon, Quiggle lMgr.l, RondlelMgr.l, Jenkins lMgr.l, DeBenede'r. Allison, Smifh, Hun? Meniored by Tom Purman and Tom Skevens, The Apaches Bee Reserves 'rurned in on unsuccessfuk season wirh one w3n aqalnsr four Nosses on iherr sXare. Afier openRnq rhe year wnh a scrrrnmaqe aqalnsi Gkendake Hoover. Rn which rhev came our m Ni 1-fr, on the shor'f end of a 44-0. Due io a mba-up Hn ihe fb - . A ' scheduXe, rhese Two reams used hrs? srrrnq squads B Y on N aqaXnsr our reserves. Because of a Xack of exper- 'renced pXayers we were forced 'ro hekd a reserve ,wif r' A A 'A iearn. As our boys were qakninq expenence ihev r-' were Xrnprovxnq as 'rhev wen? on io hokd EX Monie io yd, 19 poinrs, whue falhnq ihernseNves io cross rhe qoak A A Havxnq more conhdence rhev bounced back To rake ihe NNhRH'rer squad V3-7, as Pere Skrauss scored The hrs? Jrouchdown for rhe reserves. The qrrdders khen 1 , Xosr To Mark Keppke 32-7. The Bee's Kos? rherr Nas? qame of ihe season to a superXor Akhambra squad 40-O. A hrqhhqhi of 'rhe season was ihe Kniersquad game Hn whlch Tom Puimorfs BruKns knocked over Torn Sievens' Trorans 32-7. TOP: Mm Uarke sreaks rhe bah from on EX Monre end. BOTTOM: Pere Sirauss scores hrs? rouchdown for ihe Bee reserve squad in ihekr onhf vlciory. gigs--sfmzifgi dmv , Q, .. .. .wh' N1 s ', wa Nh -i.,g',41 . E , ,..qf..'.y .X .s I ,frs5s"'m.,5 Be Q - Swiss ?aru!ZaZZ . . Arcadia 30 Rosemead Arcadia 35 Bonila Arcadia 47 Fon+ana . Arcadia 27 Cifrus Arcadia 20 EI Monre Arcadia I4 Mark Keppel Arcadia I4 Alhambra Arcadia 6 Whirfier Arcadia O Monrovia 'B ' f ggi, gl W I ' A l QE c f 'XZZQV is A, N XPWXNPZ J cofkoii . phi I ffm ' lir Firsl' Row: Bahrulh, Ferguson, Dombroslni, l-lemborg, Graydon, Malheny. Olsen, Gear, Bauer, Harsen, Lawson. Second Row: Gruben, Norlhcole, Kronquisl, Brooks, Brodhead, Silva, Bliss, Williams, Schmuclc, Humble. Third Row: Moran, Manlcer, l'-luges, Mallhes, Aflcinson, l-largeH, l-liclc, Wesser, Carlfon, McCaughey, Coclce. Fourlh Row: Free, l-larsen, Sfevens, Whilley, l-lariy, Angel, Gorman, Sherwood, l-lebing, Norlhcole. Fif+h Row: Lilly, McClellan, Buffs, Kordiclc, l-larwiclc, Shoemaker, Wilfse, Salas, Wallon, Allen. Sixlh Row: Coach Wardell, Assl. Coach Shipley, Siadley lMgr.l ATTer geTTing oTT To a bang-up sTarT, The Apache Cees let down in mid-season To win 4 TiTTs while losing 3 and Tying I. The Cees. aTTer dropping Rosemead 30-I2 in a scrimmage, blasTed an I8- man BoniTa squad 35-0 in a lopsided nighT TiTT. The nexT week The lighTweighTs leT Tly and leveled FonTana 47-I9. ATTer pounding CiTrus 27-I4, The Apaches goT Their TasTe oT league compeTiTion as They squeaked by El MonTe 20-O in Their worsT game oT The season. Then The Cees were handed Their TirsT deTeaT as a bigger and more experienced Keppel squad Took Them 26-I4. The AzTec loss musT have done someThing To The boys as They kepT sliding down hill Tor The resT oT The season. ln Their second game under The lighTs, The lighTweighTs losT To an aggresive Alhambra Team which previously had noT won a game. l-lighlighT oT The TilT was a 90-yard run Tor a TD by Craig Shoemaker. The Tinal score was 34-I4. The nexT week, The Apaches were blasTed 28-6 by undeTeaTed WhiTTier. Then The boys seemed To caTch Tire again as They played The besT game oT The season To deadlock Monrovia 0-O in The TirsT game oT whaT promises To oT The greaTesT grid rivalries in SouThern CaliTornia. AT The close oT The season which Coach Wardell called "Tairly successTul" The Apaches were Tied wiTh El MonTe Tor TourTh place in The Pacific League sTandings. Y Q .K . l-larwick crossing FonTana goal only To be called back on a penalTy as The "Papooses" melT The STeelers, 47-I9. .Q -' .x I, T1 "' Smokey WilTse pulling in The ball in Mark Keppel's end zone. Harwick makes Tackle on Moor ball carrier under The Monrovia lighTs, while Shoemaker pracTices his smile. Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia 35 Arcadia Q, w me NN 'RWE cyl QOPX Zcuketlall Cifrus Ciirus Rosemead El Mon're Rosemead Mark Keppel Alhambra Monrovia Rosemead Alhambra Monrovia , We - Jayvee Baslceiballz Firsi Row: H. Eldredge, R. Lanlz, M. Johnson, S. Lamb, H. Sparling, Z. Schoenhals. Second Row: R. Hargeii lMqr.l, B. Ballard Mgr.l, E. Rowland, A. Graves, P. Dyer, D. Prior, R. Sfarlcenburg, Coach Wardell. 1? The Arcadia Jayvee's Turned in a good season wiTh a Tive win six loss average. HighpoinT man and capTain aT The J.V.'s was Roger LanTz who was elecTed To The honor aTTer scoring I I6 poinTs in I I games. Second bes+ was Howard Eldredge wiTh IO4 poinTs. The Arcadia Apaches scored 423 poinTs during The season To Their oppon- enTs 440 poinTs, a diTTerence of I7 poinTs. Two men scored half oT The ToTal poinTs, These being Roger LanTz and Howard Eldredge whose scores ToTaled 220 Tor The season. AlTogeTher Arcadia played Rosemeacl Three Times wiTh The Apaches losing all Three games. One 36-26, The nexT 59-29. and The lasT game 3 I-23. Howard Eldredge. Roger LanTz, and Alan Graves were high scorers in The respecTive games. Cen, ee jf- V eh Ffdf f o'Sl'f . edg , Ae Bee y In Q golf? s. n ,,, 9 fo fGl'-5'qUO9U f 09 0,0 l.LO'7fz Q sCO,- D Of, ,701 H S. Offerh Oworol 'of fo sf 5107 eo' 0,0 Qe 0 v RO-Ye CIDA' fneoo, game or H7e OgQ1Q7sf The J.V.'s played Two conTesTs wiTh Al- hambra. Winning The TirsT game 62-SI. Roger LanTz was high poinTer wiTh 25. The second games highesT scorer was Eddie Rowland when he scored eleven poinTs of our 47-44 win over Alhambra. Monrovia's J.V.'s Tool: Two games Tram The Apaches wiTh a close 33-3I win in The TirsT game and an enlarged lead in The second 47-36. Marlin Johnson being high poinT man in The TirsT game and Alan Graves in The seconcl. The TirsT Three games The Apaches played were wiTh varsiTy Teams buT aTTer They goT inTo Their own class They won The maioriTy oT Their Junior VarsiTy games. Roger Laniz was high poinT man in Tour games wiTh a Tofal of 70 poinTs. Mr. Wardel deserves a loT oT crediT Tor Turning ouT an excellenT ball club. sei' Xoose e as Xeifs ROS awe' A game secon Q0 me 4 x Se R as Rees O o oe- 'Q- -WJ'-f? Coach Tom Pu+man's "Bee" Baslceiball squad playing as "Bee" reserves as 'rhey did in foofball. were an ouffif whose prog- ress showed sfeady improvemenr alfhough fheir record failed fo show if. While winning only fwo games againsf Alhambra and San Marino respecfively and losing a couple of o+her hearfbrealcers by +wo poinfs. one of Them +0 Monrovia. fhey could never seem +o gel' fhaf scoring punch. Some of fhe s'randou+s of +he season were Doyne Ed- wards who was elecfed by his 'reamafes as Team capfain for fhe year. Les Feldman. fhe 'reams highesl' scorer. Mike Cory. and Nick Salas. 4' ,Af 5 ssa 'as' A BEE BASKETBALL: Firsf Row: R. Powell. N. Salas. F. Pasqueralla. R. Hunf. T. Thomas. D. Kelly. Second Row: R. Drake, M. Easferbroolc. M. Corry. D. Henderson. N. Randle. B. Sfadley. Third Row: D. Hoegee lMgr.l, W. Hughes fMgr.l. L. Feldman. K. Edwards. U. Abila. P. Gillespie. B. Griffirhs. Coach Pufman. 'ie-C. CEE BASKETBALL: FirsT Row: B. Allen. D. MaTThes. B. DuTTy, G. Silva. Second Row: D. NoTToli, A. WaTerman, R. KronquisT, P. Hebing, G. GilleTTe, D. Coclce. Third Row: J. Blake lMgr.l. J. CarlTon, L. Brodhead. T. SmiTh. M. Rumbaugh. M. Curry, Coach Cushman. DEE BASKETBALL: nm Row: T. Hembofg, J. sioif- regen. G. BrokaTe, J. FenTon, B. Gardner, B. Henry Second Row: D. Wesser. T. Gross, P. Anglesea, A STevens, M. Bauer. D. Gear, L. Moran, R. Williams Third Row: J. Blalce lMgr.l, D. Herbelin, T. Hicks. E T-loracek, A. ATkinson. M. STevens. L. Palculski, R. HunTer, Coach Jackson. The Apache Cee BaslceTballers Tared worse Than Their TooTball Team. In Their TirsT season of Pacific League compeTiTion, Coach Cecil Cushman Jr.'s hoopsTers raclced up a record of Two wins and eleven losses. Perhaps The mosT exciTing games of The season were The TilTs wiTh Alhambra's Moors. ln The TirsT meeTing, Arcadia showed a wealc TirsT half buT came back To Take The lead in The second. Only in The lasT Ten seconds Alhambra Tinally rallied To Take The ball game 26-24. The second TiTT, a TasT-moving game, was Talcen by The Apaches 26-25. Gary GilleTTe, who was promoTed Trom The Dees and laTer became The Cee's high poinT man, was elecTed Team capTain. The Dees. coached by Mr. Jackson. also wound up wiTh Two wins and eleven losses. BoTh wins were Talcen aT The hands aT El Rancho I8-I5 and I9-I6. Mel Bauer, Dee high poinT man was elecTed capTain oT The Team. and - W 'V x x K is Zg g BOB JACKSON CECIL CUSHMAN, JR ZZ Wilh 'rhe addiiion of John Bilbrey, ex Monrovia varsi'ry coach. ihe Apache horsehiders seemed lo 'rake on new life as compared +0 lasr season. The diamondmen, who siaried +he season wilh Three consecuiive losses, finally broke in'ro lhe win brackel wi+h +he reserve 'ream whipping +he Ciirus freshman squad, I2-9 and I7-I. A well-rounded infield consisfed of Bob Bailey behind ihe plaie, Gene Park on fhe inirial bag, Dick Breeden on second. David Schaeffer al shorfsrop, and Leonard Base covering 'rhe hor corner. Rog Laniz, who was a sfandoul' in baskeiball, was a lop-ilighi pifcher, along wi'rh Bill Cummings and Leo ShoH'on. Also on ihe piiching siaff were Sieve Sencor and Bob Randall. In lhe ouifield were Mickey Noble, a new- comer 'ro Arcadia, Richard Whifehead, Sieve Tallenf, Busier Norihrup, Milf PeHi+, Don Schmidt and Bill Schoenhals. The remainder of +he rosrer include David Hylron, Neal Randle, David Manookian, Tom Johnslon, and Jack Gruben, who was puf our of acfion early in 'rhe season wirh a broken arm. COACH JOHN BILBREY A+ rhe lime ihe annual wen? ro press, 'rhe Team had a fwo win, six loss record wiih a full schedule of Pacific League play lying ahead. ...s ' x ,,, 3 I-..,,mH WX 1 Jayvee baseball: Back Row: Dave Manookian, Jack Gruben, Sfeven Sencer, Gene Park, Milf PeHi+, Neal Randle, Leo Shoilon: Second Row: Tom Johnslon, Bill Cummings, Don Schmidi, Mikey Noble, Bill Schoenhals. Hale Norihup, Dick Whiiehead. Bob Bailey, Bob Randall: Third Row: Dick Jenkins. Terry Gelfeney, Dick Breeden, Dave Schaeffer, Roger Lanh, Sieve Tallenl. Managers: Glenn Lilly and Jim Quiggle. Righffiefder Milf PeH'i+ giving Hwe old coliege +ry os he goes down swinging. ,,r-fx 'X was--.Q ..,Q-sswgs -- sf ' - . kgkfkgsl g s, Q .f t P ..-, 1 X. - ,M - fl- -- -1 A . is xg A sm. K K 'M , K ...X , K . . . sf' - K is vs K W' . . ,wks L gif. 1 ' -544.14 K ' - Q ' M- J, Km, K uf ff. . we K fx 7 ' 'N Lonfz fhrowirlg firsf official Seggnd bggemgn Breeden woifing OH APOCP16 field. GS ROSel'f16Gd for ground boil in El Rancho gome. downed us for second consecu'rive Hme. v-'NAV Varsify Track: Bock row: Poul Dyer, Alan Graves, Eddie Rowland, Rollcnd Corpe, Dick Slafiery, Eric Lehmann: Fronl row: Edmond Carlson. Bari Blanchard, Peler Jessen, Sian Lamb, Tom Robillard, Lewis Brown. I " , 1 Q2 i'7'ii Ni ,fyi . , W -n X , -, K 2: K 'rx 4 Y ., . 1 12, K, : ,., N 'Qi i . of if-or Q A ff ww L ' 5 . ss- 152 Q , X , f , , ir Qi .ici were iw iii le fr Bee Track: Top row: Dick Englemann, Howard Eldredge, Brion Brooks, John Free. Bob Bush, John Miles, Gary Allison: Second Row: Tim Sloll. Luke Cuccia. Jerry Mayo, Terry Waskin, Bob Nye. Bob Kelsey, MQH Colwes: Third Row: Dave Thomas. Dan Sanfo, Larry Boll, Dick Woodruff, Harold Sparling, Kirby Smifh, Scoff McMillan: Fourlh Row: Ronald Drake, Deon DeBenel:e+, Dick Reimers, Rod Hilgers, .lim Talum, Marlin Johnson. mae Showing sTeady improvemenT, all Three Track Teams had a very successful season. Records Tell and new marks were seT as The season progressed. Under The insTrucTion oT Tom PuTman and Bob Jackson, The VarsiTy Team, aT The Time The annual wenT To press, had a no-win. Three loss record while The Bees had Three wins and no losses, and The Cees had Tour vicTories and Tour deTeaTs. HighlighT oT The year Tor Jackson's Cees, who parTicipaTed in The PaciTic League, was The 46-3I vicTory over Keppel. IT was The TirsT Time an Arcadia Team had won a PaciTic League meeT. AnoTher highlighT Tor The Apaches was The visiT oT decaThalon champ, Floyd Simmons To The "Reser- vaTion". Simmons, who Took second in The '48 Olympics and Third in '52, demonsTraTed several oT The decaThalon evenTs including The high jump, shoT puT, high hurdles, and iavelin. As a Token oT Their appreciaTion The boys presenTed him wiTh a Trophy aT The end oT his sTay. He said ThaT he had never received a Trophy like ThaT, even in The Olympic Games. All Three Arcadia Teams also parTicipaTed in The Pasadena Games. LaTer on in The season, The VarsiTy and Bees wenT To The ChaTTey Novice MeeT while The Cees Took in The EI MonTe Relays. A ToTol oT Twelve records were broken wiTh very Tew old marks leTT sTanding. Paul Dyer broke The 880 mark wiTh 2:O5.4 Tor The Two laps - a mark which he has never come close To since. ln The VarsiTy high jump Alan Graves cleared 5 TT. 3 in. For The Bees, Rod Hilgers wenT over The I20.low hurdles in I4.8 and cleared 5.6 TT. in The high jump Tor new records. Jim TaTum ran The IOO yd. in IO.8, while Harold Sparling puT The IO lb. shoT 43.2 TT. Marlin Johnson broke his own pole vaulT record Twice This year, TirsT clearing I0 TT. and Then IO TT. 3lf2 in. The relay Team oT Nye. Kelsey, Sparling, and TaTum also cracked Their mark Twice, Their TasTesT was l:lO.9. For The Cees, Craig Shoemaker sprinTed To a IO.7 record in The IOO yd. breaking his old record OT IO.9. He also broke his own broad iump record wiTh a leap oT 20.4 TT. Nick Salas broke Bob Nye's old hurdle mark Taking The barriers in l4.7. Kenny Angel cleared 5'3" To break Howard Eldredge's old mark oT 5'2". In a TerriTic phoTo Tinish, DwighT Cocke, who has never been beaTen in dual meeT compe- TiTion, edged ouT Alhambra in The 660 and shaTTered Harold Sparling's record by a Tull second. A T Cee Track: Top Row: Vic Cuccia, Kenny Angel, Terry SmiTh, ClinT Harwick, Gary GilleTTe, 'Dan NoTToli, Don Herbelin, Dick Simpson: Second Row: Bob Allan, Jim Lawson, Gene Silva, RoberT Beauchemin, Mike Uhl, Jim Solheim, Marshall STevens, Gary WalTon: Third Row: Wayne Gowern, Bob Garman, Leo Moran, Warren ForresT, Loren Brodhead, Jack CarlTon, Bob Rollins, ArT STevens, Paul Rippens, Mike KambeiTz, ArT ATkinson, Johnny Moore, Dan Williams: FourTh Row: Ron KronquisT, DwighT Cocke, Nick Salas, Dick Gear, Don Wesser, Tim Trahan, Craig Shoemaker, Bob McFerTridge. A , 9, M, .A 1 , , Eldredge puffing lhe sho+. f 2 John Free lolces l'he I32O ogoinsl . Son Marino. e l rel We . elee l - ' '1 5--:, Vlsiexjgk s "k' I v In - W if, ,.,. . 1 -':: ,,.. , Q L ,.L,'.. l l K h'h 1 rlr g l 1 ' Wyf' rkkry We Y 1" ,:,: 1 . ,,.A N "L" "'5: Angel se+s o new Cee record oqoinsf Baldwin Pork. if Wosldn hifs The rope in fhe Bee 660 Dwighf Coclce confinues his un- beofen s+rinq os he scores five poinls ogoinsl Keppel. Morlin Johnson barely cleors IO' 3'f2" lo breok o record. In fhe firsl' year of golf al' Arcadia High, +he Apache linlcsfers fared well. considering lhe facf lhaf lhe schedule was almosf enfirely agains+ varsify compelilion. Number one man mosl of fhe year was Roger Clarkson. Olher lop fee-men included Bill Roelher, Bob Grilfils, Paul Bliss, Chuclc Bergholer, and Bob Schaclc. Each weelc durinq +he season a lop golfer was delermined by lhe lowesl 9-hole score. Six boys represenled 'lhe Indians in every malch. Af fhe 'rime 'rhe annual wenl +o press, lhe learn score slood al four wins, eleven losses. Golf Team: Firsl Row: Paul Bliss, Bob Gardner, Bob Schaclc, Bill Schuchholz, Dale Lauderdale. Second Row: Coach Cecil Cushman Jr., Roger Clarkson, Bolo Griflilhs, Bill Roelher, Chuck Bergholer. The girls' physical educaTion has been mosTly a recreaTional program This year, TeaTuring IighT sporTs. UnTil The compleTion aT The dressing rooms, The girls played deck Tennis, volley ball, croqueT, horse shoes, archery, and Table games such as H20 To 2" and "Chinese Checkers". Occasionally, The Apache maidens Tools over The Trampoline, which added varieTy and amusemenT To phys. ed. classes. A volley ball TournomenT was arranged and winning Teams Trom each class compeTed. ATTer The physical educaTion buildings were ready Tor use, The girls sTarTed soTT ball and baslceTball, which They played alTer- naTely Tor The remainder oT The year. NexT year The regular phys, ed. program will sTarT, wiTh speedball, hockey, and oTher Team sporTs. ,004122 S The Trampoline - a TavoriTe wiTh The girls. MRS. MARIAN CLARKE MISS BILLIE JEAN POWELL i Ge f ff1of 5 ol!! U10 ff 9055! Q .sw-5 Girls PE classes molce like liHle Indians. ,iii Xjlsffff Xfxl f x Al M ff x K ff Q NW W3 4 X W 'X iq: Q' 55 2 W1 A is , ifl -f" 9 'llwrilu-9 ,,1 f , ,f 4 V 7461550615564 14,0346 grand Under The direclion ol Frank Largenl, 'rhe Arcadia Apache Band worked in pallerned precision 'ro spur cheering fans on wilh numerous pep-rallies, loolball games, and parades. The 75 piece bancl has done AHS proud wilh 'rhe number of high ralings lhey have received during 'rhe year. Al lhe Hunlinglon Beach Band Review lhey were awarded a firsl place lrophy for lheir division, plus a sweepslakes award. The band parljcipaled in lhe Temple Cily Camellia Eeslival. Maylime Band Review, and Monrovia and Arcadia spring celebralions. 'The concerl' band has also been doing well. A+ music leslivals al Monrovia and Eullerlon lhey received lop-ralings and have played lor public groups on several occasions. The line of lrophies which were kepl in lhe music room window during lhe year give 'rhe Apaches on accurale idea of whal our band has been doing. Band Members: Sonia Baxler, Chuck Bergholer, Jim Collier, Elaine Dysarl, Gynelle Dysarl, Mack Easlerbrook, Alberl Ealon, Cappy Frohlich, Belly Furgersonflrudy Gerry,PaulGillespie, Roberl Good Duck Jenkins, Karen Jensen, Mike Kambeilz, Rochelle Kaplan, Dale Lauderdale, Glenn Lilly, Bob Lind bloom Marianna Maier, Scoll McMillan, Russell Newell, Linus Pakulski, Allan Pingle, Ellen Pingle Pal Prall Sally Price, Bob Randall, Neal Randle, Eleanor Reeve, Dick Reimers, Roger Rulherford Dan Sanlo Bill Schuchholz, Slephan Sencer, Roger Smilh, Bruce Thomson, Don Verhoef, Mike Whilley 1- 5 1 1 -4-of gsfmxi JA, .gi i , z ig., K T 'Q s 'JT T T if ., TT - Ns ETB.. 4 Q T 'T .3 Y X Tiki SY gr xv ' ifh. ,ol w 5 i. L., I-of 77141444 The Two glee clubs are TundamenTally Training groups Tor good choral singing. Glee club is The pre-requisiTe oT A Capella choir, which is Tor sTudenTs who are excellenT in The Tield. This year The glee clubs have perTormed in public several Times, buT mosT oT Their eTTorTs are spenT in prc1cTice. BoTh The members aT The Boys' Glee and The Girls' Glee seern To agree +ha+ iT is a mosT enioyable elecTive. The Mixed Chorus aT Arcadia High School had a busy TirsT year. Singing under The direcTion oT Mr. James NeumeisTer, The chorus had numerous en- gagemenTs. Some oT The organizaTions They sang Tor were The Lions' Club, Kiwanis Club, Royal KnighTs aT The Round Table, P.T.A., and The Amer- ican Legion. They also gave a series oT assemblies during The monTh oT April. MargareT RoberTs, Eleanor Rockwood and Carole Lorimer were soloisTs Tor The chorus, wiTh Carol Jensen acTing as accompanisT. , MIXED CHORUS: D. AuTen, M. Byrne, P. Dolan, S. DonisThorpe, B. Eurgerson, D. GriTTey, P. Green, M. l-lansen, C. l-lull D. Husband, C. Jensen, P. Jones, S. Jones, V. Jones, S. Kenedy, S. Kepner, M. LancasTer, S. LancasTer C. Larimer, L. Mahoney, D. Mandella, M. McDaniel, P. Marren, J. Mishler, D. Phillips, S. PlaslceTT, M Riley, M. RoberTs, L. Schoonmalcer, N. SeverTson, S. STav, B. WeTTig. J. WhiTe, M. Wilband, J. Zoolc U. Abila, Avellar, C. BerghoTer, D. Breeclen, CurTis, P. Dyer, A. EaTon, D. Edwards, C. Gray, T-l HlisTa, C. l-larwiclc, R. l'lunT, D. GearhearT, P. lessen R. KronquisT, D. OTT, G. NeTT, E. Rowland, W Redmond, R. RuTherTord, N. Salas. D. SchmidT, K. ShelTon, K. SmiTh, D. Spears, D. WhiTehead. GIRLS' CSLEE CLUB: M. Bailey, S. Blyflw, D. Brinlcrnan, S. Calver, M. Croclcer, S. Davis, L. Jaffarion, J. Jones, C. Kincaid, M. Kreinbring, P. Lewis, J. Luechi, S. Maclcey, P. Mozzarella, S. McClean, H. Moser, S. Nilzlcouski, C. Norman, R. O'Donnell, N. Plalford, B. Ramsclen, P. Rausclw, G. Riclwarcls, D. Saunders, A. Smilh, R. Sulli, M. Tillolson, J. Walker, S. Wilson, D. Young. BOYS' GLEE CLUB: C. Boollw, R. Brown, P. Clausen, R. Carpe, E. Curinglon, R. Dombroslci, D. Fisher, D. Teary, D. Giger, D. l-larsen, P. Helsing, D. Herblein, R. l-lilqers, T. Jolwnslon, D. Kelly, W. Kirby, A. Labriola, R. Lanlz, B. McFe+ridge, R. Mildon, G. Park, R. Simpsen, L. Smillw, C. Shawn, J. Taium, J. Torrey, T. Urnbrighf, T. Waslcin, N. Willse. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS: Marianna Maier, Cappy Frohlich, Lois Knock, Eric Lehman, Ronald Reid, Gary WalTon, Jon AlroTh, Jim Blake. Georgia Harris. JaneT RuTh, Norman SmiTh, Sandra Jones, Marilyn BossTord, Merilyn SmiTh, Gynelle DysarT, Rochelle Kaplan. Bob King, Ido Thorman, PoT PraTT, David Nissen. 0 FuncTioning primarily as a sTring orchesTra, in order To furnish The band wiTh enough wind insTrumenTs, The AHS orchesTra has had a successTul year, Two oT The many acTiviTies in which The orchesTra parTicipaTed were The spring music TesTivals. held aT FullerTon and Monrovia, aT which The AHS soloisTs received Top raTings. The MD. orchesTra inviTed ours To an assembly when The M.D. orchesTra played. Many orchesTra members are excepTionally good soloisTs and have provided musical enTerTainmenT Tor oTher organizaTions. The orchesTra as a group was on P.T.A. programs, aT The Music Club Dinner, and made an appearance aT The Arcadia Schools Spring Concert The Apache drama deporTmenT lcepT busy This year, despiTe The TocT ThaT ET has cornparaTively liTTle To worlc wiTh. The TirsT semesTer was spenT learning The hisTory aT The TheaTer, Types oT plays, sTage Techniques, and acquiring a baclclog oT plays. These were produced in The LiTTle TheaTer during The second semesTer, Tor The enTerTainmenT of The sTudenT body. "High Pressure Area", o one-acT play dealing wiTh o Teen age and parenT problem, was produced Tor The Founder's Day P.T.A. program, and was given again upon requesT Tor The Co-ordinaTing Council. The cosT included Sally Jones, Roger Spaulding, Gynelle DysarT, Roxanne l-lubbinger, and was direcTed by Eileen l-lomilTon. "lns and OuTs", anoTher play concerning Teen-age problems, was presenTed Tor The TiTTh and sixTh period classes, ond laTer Tor on adulT group. The casT included Barbara SCOTT, Viclci Maddis, Milce Curry, Bob Miles, Milce Casey, and was direcTed by Nancy Pehrson. As The years come, The drama deporTmenT will have more opporTuniTies To presenT Their work beTore The school, buT we Teel ThaT They have done o very good iob This year. 74044 I 14 76465540 The Ten members OT Mr. WaTerhousels TiTTh period iournalism class comprise The sTaTT oT The '53 ARCADIAN. STarTing early in The year To plan The book, They have been working sTeadily ever since. Pro- ducing a school yearbook demands The Time and co-operaTion oT many people. Besides Those who worked on The sTaTT, we wish To Thank Carol KnuTsen Tor her carToon work. Karen Jensen Tor her original cover design, and several members aT Journalism l Tor Their assisTance. The general procedure used in assembling The '53 ARCADIAN was This: FirsT The book was discussed, and The number oT pages, Type oTicover, paper, and prinTing decided upon. The imaginary book was Then divided inTo secTions, wiTh an alloTmenT aT pages To each secTion. Judy Schrieber, arT ediTor, planned The layouT Tor each page, wiTh The approval and suggesTions aT The sTaTT. NexT, The copy and phoTographs had To be assembled and sorTed. The phoe Tographers had special prinTing and enlarging Tasks To do, and did Them well. Dick Breeden and Zeke Schoenhals spenT hours on The sporTs secTion, aTTer we Tinally persuaded Dick To sTop asking Tor more sporTs pages. Meanwhile, The Town was being canvassed Tor adverTisemenTs To supporT The book Tinancially. The od crew Tound This diTTiculT, buT Tun. The copy was senT To be prinTed and came back in sheeTs. We cuT This ouT and posTed iT and The picTures To pageesized cardboards, which were senT To The liThographers To be phoTographed - misTakes and alll We enioyed producing The '53 FNRCADIAN Tor The sTudenT body, and hope ThaT you will receive iT wiTh enThusiasm equal To ours, Jimi WWW The TirsT volume OT The Apache POW WOW was produced This year as a biweekly newspaper. Work- ing under The diTTiculTies involved in organizing and publishing a paper Tor The TirsT Time, Darian LesTer, ediTor, and The sTaTT have made The Tabloid-sized double sheeT a crediT To AHS. The POW compares very Tavorably wiTh newspapers of oTher new high schools. The iournalism room has been busy 'Til laTe aTTer- noon on mosT of The school nighTs. There are always assignmenfs To be made and covered, IayouTs planned, TeaTures wriTTen, headlines composed, and phoTographs To be Taken. The journalism I class has been helping - mos+Iy in The capaciTy of cub- reporTers. As The school does noT have prinTing TaciliTies, The POW WOW is prinTed commercially. Using sTudenT body Tunds To Tinance iT. no adver- Tisers were accepTed This year. Many an Apache waiTs in line on "paper days" Tor The school paper. They use iT To express Their views Through IeTTers To The ediTor, To gain inTormaTion abouT pasT and fuTure evenTs, and To keep hep wiTh The la+es+ gossip. The POW WOW has done exceed- ingly well This TirsT year, and we hope iTs success conTinues To grow. STAFF: EDITOR, Darian LesTer MANAGING EDITOR, Carol Clark FEATURE EDITOR, Sue Evien CITY EDITOR, Carol Paul SPORTS EDITOR. MaTT Colwes BUSINESS MoR.QQQ3Ta"'c'65.5 Zia iii ff K1 X 1' 3 ffii i k iiliy Mc! my ig g 1 YN fi l . l The girls' and boys' physical educafion classes each had half a garage, in confrasf fo fhe large, modern physical educafion buildings used lafer in fhe year. Classes sfudied fo The accompanimenf of bulldozers and power saws. The Apaches will have fo bear wifh The various inconveniences unfil fhe buildings are complefed, buf when fhey are, AHS will have one of fhe finesf cam- puses in Soufhern California. Sfarfing wifh fhe official ground breaking in November, l95l, AHS had classrooms ready in Sepfember, l952 for 750 fresh- men and Sophomores. As fhe school year progressed, fhe snack bar, cafeferia, liffle fheafer. shop, gym, and adminisfrafion offices were complefed and puf info use. Unfil fhe middle of fhe year 'rhe music de- parfmenfs frelced across El Monfe Avenue and over a playground fo a house. where fheir classes and ocfivifies were held. ,nw 44416454 1 1 - 1 n I I p Wzfafzma! FZ .4-I X I., E 'Cc mv, M, QP' vm -',- f i-X f r a -j in A V iff' xp. 4- 1 W 1 5 . wg!! lf F X MX S L ,wi gs s s Q. + ' ,1 1 . X M 5,4 X Y Vx ix 'wf X A. Q 'X Y fx x 6 1 l . 'S nf I f 2 ,lil 5, x Q 5 n 3 . 5 . 5 I' wk .. X F 1 R ' : i. X' 2 X :N f kr -1 ml dundee... 4 'bpm' P '-sailg .. .i . Q , H 5' 1 -.. L .gb 4 iw! X A , 'W' .ai Q f 'X Q X Q- H. J ff -W 'ff 5 Vw-4' SERVICE 1789.1 ,,g, f Q 2 Z" " "f,L.sQf"I2,a f , '5WiU K ' ,, ' k I 'fl7Xi. W --mg: f:--1w,i:W.p1,Hf, ff, ,, U -if if .. ,.,,h1, H-vslwwlnnlnnn A... M. . ap.. caoldmacea.. if , A , 6 ,,., it Q? X f ' 'v f-1 ll ,-f"" A 3V I n in Yi if S 2? PY' g 4 , aooldcmcee.. A' Rift E' ,K 'W lj I Y EH'- '---u f,f"f""f--Q E. Wfxahl WEBB'S HOME APPLIANCES I.V. - APPLIANCES - RADIO Soles 84 Services 73 E. Duorfe Rd. Arcodio, Cc1Iif. Phone: DOugIos 7-65l9 I PEARSON'S Men's Wecir ond Dry Cleoning I2l6 S. BALDWIN AVE. ' DO 7-3I34 , Ill I 4 NW ,Wwe Jiiilyykotwear 30 E. Hunfinqfon Drive Arcodio DOugIos 7-498I Besf wishes on Your second yeor from ARCADlA'S 5O'rh ANNIVERSARY I903 - I953 ARCADIA CHAMBER OE COMMERCE CONGRATULATIONS io '53 A R CA D I A N PAUL KENNEDY STUDIO i42 E. HUNTINGTON DRIVE DO. 7-1497 Phdrogrophs for All occasions ARIIAIJIA BUILDING MATERIAL DOugIcus 7-3595 - RYon I-7763 Reserve This Space for Your Besf Friends Ihe Wheelers ARCADIA SPORTING GOCDS ond CAMERA SHOP ,,,,f IN-N-OUT HAMBURGER 2I8 E. Hunfingfon I 84I W. Foo'rI'1iII 823 S. Son GcbrIeI Azusa Son GobrieI I iaincanm Fam K 1+ F.. ,4 lKlUM III!!! . . ' . .rx 1 DOugIos 7-4523MART Douglas 7-883' ARCAWA MUSIC ARCADIA HOMEMADE CANDIES Mel ond Jean ProH 4N.F' IA .,A CI' I I5 E. Hunfingfon Drive Irs Ve mo IO X , . 1 BRE.ION'S MERRY'S HOME FURNISHINGS WOMAN'S APPAREL 524 S. Firsf Avenue Your Cornplefe Shopping Cenfer DOUQICS 7-70' I I6 N. Firsf Avenue DOugIcis 7-4553 LQ. usiegan I'u s ,, fi i il , -- L M . I - 5 I ARCADIA FEED AND SEED I45 Hunfingfon Drive DOugIos 7-2408 I H I' I Congroiulofions from . . . if LARKIN'S MEN'S SHOP 28 S. Firsf Ave. DOuqIos 7-3383 7 ARCADIA LUMBER COMPANY COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS FOR BUILDERS AND HOME OWNERS ZI4 N. SANTA ANITA AVENUE DOuqIos 7-353I HORTENSE FLOWERS AND GIFTS I-Iorrense D. Seymour I3 I4 S. Baldwin Ave. DOUQIQS 7-I84-I O X, , SHUGERTHS "HOUSE OF TOYS" R Nw WXQ I I3 E. Hunfingfon Drive ' T.. f I Hi --'11 If ' . , A X xQ -AX xxx-IxII--4vvI:1 Iuunu, DOugIos 7-5385 It SporIing Goods 0 Porfy Gomes v Mcigic Tricks Croff Hems 0 BicycIe Supplies "Your Store For Fine JeweIry" We Give Gold Bond Stamps IOI E. Hunfington Dr. DO 7-2529 K... - - in reproduefi K High quality engraving and litho plates are dependent upon the perfection of photography and a highly developed craftsmanship. These and other skills plus the finest specialized equipment add to the fidelity of reproduction in Roberts engravings and litho plates. You can cle- pend upon this high quality in all our plates whether black and white or full color. DIEIVW O:IO c: ID 3 -4 ART AND MAT SERVICE AVAILABLE FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT IT'S ALWAYS . . . ZZ Qmzcda 54076456919 . 9-A51 E 525150 l 5'mv: i. "A TreaITl1aI Can'+ Be Beal" SNO WHITE FREEZE 34 E. Duorfe CARPENTER SANTA ANITAN I25 W. I-Iunlingfon Drive ...YourI"IosI... Glen Grnundson and Leonard Taylor DOuglas 7-9980 rerrr .ff.:"i A I v Aff: W I -mr Z fn. DAVIDSON'S 2 I I3 IO S. Baldwin Avenue .lam Arcadia, California DOuqlas 7-4365 Conqralulalions from . . . RUBY RICKARDS 666 W. Duarle Rd. ARCADIA FLORISTS I53 N. Sanla Anila Avenue Arcadia, Calif. W. A. Grden J. A. McVay WALT'S MOBIL SERVICE TOWN AND COUNTRY CLOTHES Duarfe Road and Baldwin Avenue IZOO S. Baldwin Arcadia, Calif, Arcadia. Calif. V, Q 'ya Arcadia's Complele BRAEGER'S SHCES Family Deparfmeni' Sfore I3l3 S. Baldwin DOuglas 7-428l Wes? Arcadia, Calif. cm Qczfuel Wmfieq .lamina v. 57 WHEELER AVENUE ' ARCADlA, CALIFORNIA DO. 7-2 l47 - AT. 6-7 l 74l -Yards- Temple Cily 0 San Gabriel 1 Arcadia 0 Baldwin Parlc fax fi SIP 'N A I4 E. I-Iunlinglon Drive Arcadia, Calif. ROY LONGIS Malls .... 2Oc: Burgers . . I9c 36 E. I-Iunlinglon Drive Arcadia, Calif. PAUL J. MILLER'S IO N. Firsl Ave. Besl' Wishes from . ' . . Arcadia. DOugIas WINIFRED'S 2 I4 S. Firsl Ave. 7.1. W in ' wx.. . ALLEN J. BRIGHAM MENS WEAR I202 S. Baldwin Avenue LOCAL AUTO AND SPORT I3 I2 S. Baldwin Ave. Arcadia Com. Wes? Arcadia, California eongratulationo! ON YOUR SECOND YEAR ..... AND YOUR SECOND YEARBOOK 1 fiffggym QQ, b X K 7 ,A i UE FOLLOW THE ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL NEWS IN THE TRIBUNE And BULLETIN Wifhouf The help of our adverfisers, paIrons, and sponsors. Ihe pubIicoI'ion of +he '53 ARCADIAN wouIcI have been an irnpossibIIIIy. Thanks Io Their financiaI supporf, we have been abIe 'ro presenf fhe book Io 'Ihe sIudenI' body of Arcadia I-Iigh. 0054 R. D. JOHNSEN ARCADIA AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY 40 E. Duarfe RcI. 0 Arcadia. CaIif. DOugIas 7-OI2I KENNIT HARTZLER HARTZLER'S SHOE STORE I5 E. I'Iun+ingIon Dr. I'IINSI'IAWS TERRACE ROOM DUARTE ROAD aI' BALDWIN ArcacIIa's Newesf Fine ResI'auranI Congrafulafions from ARCADIA LADIES OE ROTARY GENE FEWKES OWENS DEPT. STORE I22O S. Baldwin Ave. Sfamps, Sfafionery, and School Supplies R. E. EISENBIAE ROYALS MARKET I2I2 Baldwin Ave. O Arcadia, Calif. We Sfrive Io PIease E. J. WILTSE WILTSE'S FOUNTAIN GRILL I-Iome of The Open Face Hamburger Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia Boolery' Building Maierial Company' Candies' Chamber of Commerce' Feed and Seed' Florisrs' Jewelers' Lumber Company' Music Marr' Sporling Goods' Baldwin Avenue Hardware Company IZIO S. Baldwin Avenue Braegers Shoes' Breions' Brigham Men's Wear' Ca rpe niers Sonia Ani'ra ' Chevron Siaiion, Bob Sible 5 W. Duarie Road D'arcy, O. D. I232 S. Baldwin Avenue Davidson's' Duckwor'rh's Marlcei 5I7 N. Firsi Avenue Global Travel Service I8 N. Firsf Avenue Hollander Appliances l228 S. Baldwin Avenue Hammond Lumber Company 205 E. Hunlinglon Drive Hanes Pholo Shop I3I E. Hunlingion Drive Horlense Flowers and Gilfls' In-N-Oul Hambergers' Paul Kennedy Siudio' King Drug Company 54 E. Huniingfon Drive Roy Longs' Margarei Rose Shop I23O S. Baldwin Avenue J. C. Penny Company' Kay L. Quick Beauiy Salon 37lf2 E. Duarfe Road Raney Cleaners 22 E. Duarfe Road Roberis Engraving 81 Liiho Plaie Co' Robinson's Book Sfore 200 S. Firsi Avenue San Gabriel Lumber Company' Shugeris "House of Toys"' Sno While Freeze' Webb's Home Appliances' 'Denoles i953 Arcadian Adverliser ARCADIAN STAFF Edilor-in-Clniel ,, ,, , ,, , ,Linda Wheeler Assislanl Edilor , Roberla Wolfe Ar? Edi+or , ,, ,Judy Schreiber Business Manager Howard Sclwoenlwals Assislanl , , ,, A, , ,, , , Diane Aulen Sporls Edilor, , ,, , , , , ,,,,,, ,, , Dick Breeden Pliolograplwers , ,Brian Kisjr, Jim Lawson, Bill Mcfauglney General Assislanl, ,, , ,, , , ,, ,, ,, , ,, ,, ,, , . ,Terry Smiilw Facully Advisor , ,, ,, , , , , , ,, Jolnn T. Waferlwouse We wish To acknowledge The lwelp of The following, and rnalce lcnown our sincere apprecialion Tor llneir assislance in producing Jrlne 53 ARCADIAN: The Arcadia Tribune Roberl' Engraving and Liilno Plale Co. S. K. Smiilw Company x I 4 5' NLL Y ,J JL :V AY K' V " " xv pbdb ML X YJ L A, M' I. K' 1 N I vb flu x,ju X .Ji X I ,Rv AUX M9 I -f ' " L 'X mf' ,vb ' v 5 M21 ff , 1 ,'L gf, M Lukyl fx L X 7 ,xy v 'L v . , l V N ii 61 ,- X 1 7 7 lf7"7'2.---'gi,g.f,,,,LEL, -.,f! ,,, f : gn. . 1 Q ,XF 4 I ' UZ" M44'3'nA,l,f1.:a..f'f- ,.VW 'X ileljmii, U-0.f'RZf5L..fL,1w,,GV,i I . f . ' 1 15' '-1-Nfl.-"7 Ii. fv 72 c"1,,',y,l cf, ,A,,fAV JMf,i,,,.l,,f 1 4.1! "A-A ff: -43-. , f if C' '34,!xw.Sl --'- !14'f"7'14f'A- 01 4"Q"0 "1 'JW' MTH r , 17 -.., G JL, M fL f1g -k 1 ' , 75 ck IJ 671 A-f' 'rv 411 X f4,ffv4,fClj 1"'2,,f,,,fjJwl'J"'1 fyffjjffj W4 jg , ,fav M ,y L

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