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V a g lil Q1 Ei Ei M 1 , : infix. X A 1- .1 5 .T-'gl'-' 1 N' O 1 Qi 5 . ,v,-,. 0- vs ,UP . , ' 'gl' A -Y . P no ' - I 'U ., , nw , Nav , ' u , , f 3 H, 'M ,- J' . u 1 X I .. 1- " , . . ti. " v r .' , Q , , 1 '- - 1' . q,"'A- Q. ., 1' I ' "' ' ' " v J' ' ' ' ' 'VN."y' 4 Q. 5 g -p"1.,. ' -i,f lil' , M M ' 14 " -4 5'- QI! c AH ..-gp wa 1 1' ' K . A ., 1 5 ,, ,. .D ,V , W vff. Vi Q: QV! a M 1- ' .vb ,Q 5. l f ,fu"'b'9 1- ' . f vo 1 1 Ja, . 1, ,. , . -vv , y r - it u Q L ' V ' ', ' f 5' Q 7 4' ' ri . Y .M g A . ... X V 1 ' ' 1 ' ' V fl 1 -. l v .4 97' 1 N' . ,I I I ? . ' 5 5 - 'af' ' ' -- A 4 .' U ll, - M 4, . r, ' 1 -41' It 1 . . - JF " 4 04 44' .. ' ' , I ' M ,. 1"T.""". - ' ' . - .1 Dm, - , , -tl: , . 'c45!lD,-.95 w ,.ns.,"'f ," Ll .5 ."V' ' , - ' , , ws .f'ff'f- ff " ' 7.1 X' ' . ' ' ' fy A ' A - ' -. . 5 . ,1 . ,,r" . , , - ' ' ,,,'rv 4'9" ,,FaZ,,A ' 3. Q- ' - - ' L I x , - ' ' .J ' Pf . . .,.- -- - ww- , V, ,. .- , Y dr Qwqq,-4 -.Nevin f ' K.. ,, 5-1 - al. f . . A. dan' ,, , 1 1.9 'Alf 4 ,' , -f,x','-.1-,X. ', . V .,' I ' M , 1 .1,',. a, V, W. if, ..' x,.,,-4,4--'Lai' ls- , 14. ,.'Q,51, r ij, -- L., .3 5. . A A ,af .,y.:5, .. - H im ' .vi ,,,.n., .vms-Q 3 M , ,. - in M ,V .,.. . - ,iw f,. . - 1 ., '- + - 5 91 -V 52.4 ', Mig- sw xi' P15 Y. I , , ,. .Ly 5- ' v. ' - ' ' 1 ' vp-4 ' '-. .N "1 . . , ' ' -' ' . "V , i'g"',.H ' ,A "F ' Q Q . ."f-4" Ja. I " "' y g ' Q gills ' ,in ,, , 1' 3-. - C W, .14 M, N1 ' -1 -Y .U " .531 - ,' -Q' " "A r ". M 1 1,41--1" ' 'YQ' ' . ,lm 5 - . :M .Q.-.M . , -. ,I .-I Q- 'im , - 1. , ,,- H , ',W".g , .a,., ,,,w' 4,1 rf., ,HV ,-gg rt A hi-, .'i,. Y h ,4. J, M N , vu, X ' pn f .. N,-ff -1 , '- . , M . N314 !.wlkJ1f-7.n,:1?Pi'!. -,ij 1 1 , , t Q K , W' pn, ,l ..uW,.g' J! A . x :WL . u A h I , - ., 4 . -'Hb - ,- - . , 5.1 , ' 'fwf - ff' H-""'. -. ' . ' -' 1,45 3.-v ' '. A I W - . . in fx- ,, "ici ' ""1 Us Ah' ' "rv - ' A 1 ,w' "fx 1 ' ' ' n ' ' I ' XJ.: I . .l '4' . ' ,'-Q. 'Q.,'1i -' I ',4,g,,,,'4.:1 A va. g AJ 1 , xg 5 in ' - v ,--p,..'5-, ,. 5 . ,Wg--,, .4 -, -. - ,. fa . .SAI .- , mg. . . "I HY' ' ' -X ' 1 ' ',3 NJ? 1 ,iilti . 'X' 'X I 'G-3.1 Q' Q-, .Y .1-0 ' K - ' X 'Q ,, f x - -. . ' - -, , ',... , -A . ,wg r' - H ,-. 1 QMS? Wg: QMK -'wfix jvyjfy w JJGU sg Wbvkcg Vg Sf DP! 'NN Q30 ,jg Al U XWOYE pb , gibwjgcfp Q wgvfwv ,MJ wp, My Name 15 , wwe - HND Z"m From fl -7 Q U 'L X x Q.Eo.Qg wk, A chit, "'f .x.' ... , I. f 1-x'..'x: K .-JE THE 1968 ' :N , ,1- '4 g. ... Q . ,3-. , v RCADIAN if S Q A ii h . 'I I i li I 3 FORE W ORD E I 1 To ou Seniors who are abouttoleaveArcadia Hi h School, S Y S 4 I say, think of education as acontinuous never ending process. " Q- Keep up with your reading of good books, magazines, news- 1 papers, and through this media continue to develop a keen 3 i interest in the world in which you live. 3 Try to find opportunities, wherever you are, to be of real I : service to your fellowmen. Affiliate yourselves with the 1nst1- E q tution and movement that has for its purpose the making of I ' better world. I I a - ': Remember that genuine and lasting success comes to him i who can lose himself in the interest of others. It is my wish - " that you may have such success. i - ." Respectfully, 5 ui E 'I Q I L' ' - 5 " .o ML : 1 LT F 2 1 4 John F. Cindric : 'H 2 S 11 Z: Q - Q' l Q'-LE! K -iq ,N-ft S v 1 i E4 Il I1 it Y an u KI 4 IE TABLE OF CUNTENTS Foreword . . ........ . . Page 2 . . Page 4 Seniors ............. . . . Page 13 Senior Activities . . . . . Page 31 Underclassmen . . . . . Page 41 Student Life .... . . . Page 59 Activities . . . . . . Page 65 . . Page 79 Organizations .... . . . Page 95 Page 107 Page 115 Page 125 Page 161 3 -1 B 1 1 Q 'A .- E D 1 1 5 is Q ' 1 in -s - E E a 1 I I P I I I E '1 u S S 12 tl!! MH 1 Nxfz W Administration and Faculty E 1 - i 1 1 P S ll I I1 -C ,- 1 l - QI I ll' TC O R STUDE T A D FRIENDS As our farewell message to the Seniors of 1968, we wish to impress upon you that your education does not end with your graduation. If higher education is your goal, you will learn many new and exciting things. However, if your formal education ends at the closing of your twelve years here at Arcadia, then you will find that your opportunity to learn has not necessarily ended. Experience is a slow but thorough teacher and it is common knowledge that most of us get a fair share of our education by way of experience. It would be a wonderful thing is we could accept the testimony of others who have traveled the road we are on, provided always that the testimony has behind it authority. Experience will teach us that if a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well. This advise is not new. It antedates the proverbs of Soloman, and, as a matter of fact, goes back to the very beginning of things-- the Cre- ation. If the Omnipotent in constructing the universe in which we live had bee11 careless in only one or two little things, or had done something in an imperfect manner, then we could look for a collision of planets, or a spilling of the ocean over the land, that would put us out of existence in a very short time. Perhaps this perfection in the beginning was meant to be an example for us to follow. ' From out the precepts of the olden time we gather this one. "Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding, for the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver and the gain thereofthan fine gold." All along the road of life the paramount thing is to do the thing at hand thoroughly, understandingly, and in a manner done so well that the keenest critic could find no fault. Things done by halves, and this includes both teaching and learning, are never done right. We, the faculty, paraphrase a well known poet and leave this thought with you, KLABOR FOR LEARNING, in letters bold, for learning is better than silver or gold, silver and gold will vanish away, but learning, once gotten, will never decay.' ? -1 B 1 I 'Q 'l l 2 -.. 1 Z 1 5 1' H f 1 in A T Q U u ' 1 I n ' LT I if Um UM Mm Il lil l Q . f-1 M ,, x 2 Lg' , , Q--N: ' 11 .,, xx-,, 353 X Ni? H3 W 3 'G X 1 2 gum' TTL 1 I if s, N - . v u . .fi I ,X 4 w. 1...-----' '4 Q ,v-""" it gy .rpm . .1-vfmvw Fq..',g4 r r 1 4 . ,, Q The Board of Education Mr. Donn Conrad Mrs. Robert Gunn Mr. Fred Heischman President Mr. Francis Steyer ZX fis- Y"'f Mrs. Robert Fleegle Hancock County Staff -Wm .,. ,H+ Y li 4 ' 'dn ' f 1 ,4 . la. 1 Mr. john Metzger 3' Mr. E. joseph Mr. Charles Blazer Miss Charlotte Eicher Mrs. Martha Cain Hancock County High School Coordinator Elementary Coordinator Secretary Superintendent A A A A x . 1 -.,...Q 8 - " .g 5, 'fgtx ,wJ 'A-Rig in V. 4... . 1, ' .xx Vx . 45? . "1 C, ev-mfg sg Q .auf TM sp t :ir . ,iii his Mrs. Charlene Vermillion Secretary Mrs. Martha ZeDeck Speech Theraphist fo ",f 't if aw., I Mrs. Naomi Lather School Psychologist clministrators 'Q 3 Nm""'QEs. Mrs. Wolery It has been said that a perfect secretary anticipates the every need of her employer, and has a solution for every problem before it appears. We certainly feel that Margaret is just about perfect and she surely helps us solve many problems. Margaret enlivens our Main Office with her wit and personal charm. The beauty of her seasonal decora- tive displays are appreciated by the whole school. Charm and efficiency are a truly outstanding com- bination. Thank you, Margaret Wolery. I 1.-ef Mr. Cindric and Mr. Slough With two such enthusiastic educa- tors as Mr. Cindric and Mr. Slough as our leaders, Arcadia will continue to be a school that stands firm in the belief that education can enlarge our concern for mankind and teach us to place service to society ahead of personal interests. if ' High School Facult , , , , 1 fllrs. Cammcll, wfmf r11'f',1'r111 rlrmnzing up hr your hivlmjf siuzlcnls Mr. C znzninglzam .vlmws Cafv hmm In weld II finger lu 11 Razzle: now? 3 41111 Dt'fl'l1 II man who is .vlririllv b1z.vfz1c'.vs. Mr. Elica rcnzinzk .vl111lc11Is ofwiczzn' rlny rlzfrzrllizzcx. uw M LH Um .Ump Hafzjl' xq1nx', 'Que 1!IA'fl'HI!l.,. film. Hurlak. Il'llA1' Lv llml .Vigil up lfzcnzn - Smiling Faces of the .Q 5. x .5,,.,,5. Mr. K eller smiles as he rvazls the asszgnmcnl on the boarrl. lllrs. Noel lrics lo cram for one aflzcr own lcslx. ,'Ur'. Riz7A'1'l!.x'. .s'jnn1.vr11'fr11' hun r'lr1.v.vr'.x', is f1l'1'.s'xnl for linux Mr.s'. Knousc wants lo know zfyou have orrlcrczl your Arcuzlian. N M r. RL'lg!C IU!llL'llC.Y lm' gym class mul womlcrx. High School Faculty -E 1 4 "fx ., . l. ...,.,.uwx'SSf ' Alr, Slough living lo I'!lff0llll!fQ'6 away luli paper work. l fi .H Mr. Szurzxirk pvmzx lo the blackboard and smiles. Zllrx. Wylmjf xnlilcs, now sflcfv lcacllfug lmyx Io bl' gon!! nooks loo i ll ri., ..,. .. . , A L .. ,. -. 'r't"o"M' i' ,rw I o Bus Drivers Every morning and every evening parents of students at Arcadia entrust their children to the drivers of our nine school buses. Responsibility for the safety of these students on busy high- ways, icy roads and windy and rainswept lanes does not rest lightly upon the shoulders of the men who drive our buses. They recognize the necessity for careful and alert driving under all conditions. We have complete faith and trust in their discretion of what constitutes safe driv- ing. is s te stee 2 Cooks . . , V E .mv avrt uisn t . Mrs. Paul Conine, Mrs. Raymond Nesbitt E " d: . V .W iw and Mrs. Ray Mellott are busy every day pre- it .. ' --if f R ' Y paring appetizing and attractive lunches for ,, '- Arcadia students. Good nutrition is an aid to . Y healthy bodies and minds. Healthy students if! y R gg l are alert students. , H + XF: Q 1 VN t , X X . i i . , R'-...i "AA we t . 0 Custodians s. . r t .- . -1 , I L i H - , k- i i -F 1 . ly' . i, Q .,..' Y x K x Mr. William Bickle, Mr. Robert Good and Mr. Clyde Cardwell keep our school in tip- top condition at all times. Good housekeeping for over 700 young people is a never ending operation. Our maintenance men maintain the machinery of the building and keep our rooms and halls clean and neat. Seniors Congratulations to the Class of '68 MR. GMRS. IOHN WOLFARTH MR. GMRS RAYMOND ROSS RUSSELL MR. G MRS. FRANKLIN WOOLLE Y MR. G MRS. KARL GASSMAN MR. G MRS. ROY WEHRLE MR. G MRS. GILBERT PELTON MR. GMRS. HARRY WELLS fR. MR. G MRS. RICHARD WOLERY MR. G MRS. ROLLAND BEA CH MR. GMRS. PA UL LEE MR. G MRS. WILLIAM SALDA USK Y MR. G MRS ARNOLD RA THB URN MR. GMRS WORTHY HASSAN MR. G MRS. FRED HEISCHMAN MR. G MRS ARTHUR TRED WAY MR. G MRS. PA UL S CHE TT ER MR. G MRS. FRANCIS STEYER MR. GMRS. CARL PURKEY MR. G MRS. LEROY DESGRANGES MR. GMRS WARREN fENSEN Senior Class Officers . 5 I ,ll ."' l 'E' ""Q nn. N Debra Schetter, Secretaryg Gary Conine and Pat Wells, Student Councilg Alana Heischman, Treasurer Alan Russell, Presidentg Stan Wolfarth, Vice-President. VALED ICTORIAN Duane Dukes SALUTATORIAN Luanne Jensen DOROTHY JEANNE BEACH Homecoming Attendantg Head Majoretteg Honor Society CSec.- Treasjg Annual Staffg jr. gl Sr. Plays, Student Director. RICHARD ALLEN FRUTH Bandg Choirg FFAg Basketball Managerg jr. 8: Sr. Plays. MICHEAL PATRICK BOLIN Bandg Choirg All-County Bandg All-County Choirg Jr. 8: Sr. Plays. Class STANLEY BRANDEBERRY Basketball Mauagerg Jr. 8L Sr. Plays Committee. BRENDA LOUISE HASSAN All-County Choirg Jr. Playg Li- brariang FHAg Concert Choir. .yu 'N-P A 48"'f'vo ALANA HEISCHMAN Yearbook Editorg Cheerleaderg GAAQ Baskctballg Jr. SL Sr. Playsg Honor Society. of '68 lllCHARD CHARLES C0l,ElVlAN FFA, Basketball, Football. LUANNE KAY JENSEN Honor Society, Band, Student Council, Jr. 8x Sr. Plays, Annual Staff. 9 Q s""""" .we ,:.,:, :. .'2' - 4 ' XX ., as . Q GARY EUGENE CONINE Buckeye Boys, State Delegate, Sr. Class Student Council Rep., Honor Society, FFA, President, Basket- ball. GERALD BERNARD LEE Band, All-County Band, Honor Society CStudent Council Rep.j, Annual Staff Photographer, jr. SL Sr. Plays. DUANE A. DUKES Honor Society, President, Varsity KA' Club, Treasurer, jr. Class Play, Football, Band. JULIA KATHLEEN LONG FHA, CAA, Student Council, jr. Sz Sr. Plays, Choir. DIANE MARIE LOWERY Choirg FHAg GAAg Jr. 8z Sr. Plays Committeeg Annual Staff. RUTH ELLEN RATHBURN GAA, Basketballg Choirg jr. 8: Sr. Playsg Annual Staffg Honor So- ciety. - Mfr' 'gun MARY ALICE LINDA LUTE FHAg Jr. 8x Sr. Plays Committeeg Librarian. DONALD IR. RISER Footballg Basketballg Track. Class lf KATHLYN KAY MARTIN GAAg FHAQ Choirg Annual Staff. KENNETH L. ROLLER FFA, Vice-Presidentg Footballg Bas- ketball. of '68 B- Q""f's GN N FRANKLIN CARL PURKEY ketballg Choirg Student Council. RUTH AGNES PELTON FHAg Honor Societyg Librariang Footballg Varsity KA' Clubg Bas- 15" ALAN RADER FFAQ Sr. Play Committee. Jr. SL Sr. Plays Committeeg Annual Staff. jk ,. rr, Q DEBRA SUE SCHETTER ALAN RAY RUSSELL Play- Basketball, All-Conlerenceg Foot- ball, All-Conferenceg Trackg Hon- or Societyg Sr. Class President. Honor Societyg Sr. Class Secre- taryg Bandg Annual Staffg Sr. Nbr W LOUIS J. SMITH FFA, Reporterg Ir. Play Committee jr. 8x Sr. Plays Committeeg Li- TOM SMITH FFA. IUDITH M. STEYER GAAg Choirg FHAg Annual Staffg Honor Society. Class DON SWARTZ Nam-sf' MARSHA MARIE VALENTI Pep Clubg Choirg Annual Staffg brarian. JAMES WALTERS FFA. FFA. MARGARET L. WEHRLE CAAQ FHAg Choirg jr. 8L Sr. Plays Committeeg Annual Staff. of '68 JACQUELINE ELAINE SWVARTZ FHAQ GAAQ Annual Staffg Honor Societyg jr. 8z Sr. Plays Commit- tee. PATRICIA ANN WELLS Homecoming Queeng AnnualStaffg Honor Society fVice-Pres.Jg Cheer- leaderg GAA. Jw ""t'r "NIP GLORIA JEAN TYSON HUTCHINS I REBECCA ELIZABETH TREDWAY GAA, Basketballg jr. 8: Sr. Playsg Choirg Annual Staffg Cheerleader. Sr. Plays Committee. N950 xii- STANLEY JOHN WOLFARTH Wrestlingg Sr. Homecoming es cortg Sr. Class Vice-Presidentg Stu KATHY L, WENTWORTH dent Councilg Ir. Play. Choirg FHA, Presidentg GAAg Choir Ensembleg Jr. 8: Sr. Plays Committee. GAAg FHAg Annual Staffg Ir. 8z uv' CAROL ANNE WOOLLEY Honor Societyg jr. Playg Librar- iang Choirg Annual Staff. DUANE ALAN JACOBS Footballg Choir. Mo tt 0 Class of '68 RUBEN PEDRAZA Wrestling managerg Choir The timber is cut, now let us build. CO1- or s Aqua 81 White F1 O W C I' Carnation Class Will JUDY STEYER: Wills her natural curly hair to Blayne Kreais, now you can have thatbabydolllook, Blayne. GARY CONINE: Wills his basketball knee injury to Dennis Wonders, now Dennis, you'll have a good excuse for the next basketball season. DUANE JACOBS: Wills his Simca to Dick Johnson, now you 'll have another car that won't run! DIANE LOWERY: Wills her two lockers to the Junior class, that is if you can get into them. ' RUTH RATHBURN: Wills her position as Mrs.Noel's helper to Dennis Hill, now you can be in the library, legally, eh Dennis! ALAN RUSSELL: Wills his ability to catch girls to Gary Gaertner, now you won't have to chase them. ALANA HEISCHMAN: Wills Tom Bechtal the Physics Lab, use it for your own destructive purposes, Tom. STAN BRANDEBERRY: Wills his draft and I.D. cards to Jerry Isbell, now it will be legal, Jerry. DOTTY BEACH: Wills her quiet ways at school to -the Sophomore girls. A JULIA LONG: Wills a ball and chain, a pair of her hand-cuffs, and a roll of scotch tape to Gary Gaertner, AH!! Utopia at last. JACQUIE SWARTZ: Wills her ability to endure after- prom-parties to Nancy Heiserman, now you can see what goes on, eh Nancy??? ' PAT WELLS: Wills her Mustang to Dick Johnson, now Dick you'll have a car that at least runs! DICK FRUTH: Wills his ability to play the' baritone to Gerry Graham, now you won't have to strain so much-when you play your tuning note! MARY LUQTE: Wills her sixth period library to Dave Thomas and Dennis Yeager, now boys you can talk all you want. KATHY MARTIN: Wills her driving ability to anyone who wants to make a quick get-a-way. DON SWARTZ: Wills his nickname of Idiot to anyone who wants it. KATHY WENTWORTH: Wills her big black pocket- book to Kathy Wolery, you better start eating your Wheaties, Kathy, or you won,t be able to lift it! KEN ROLLER AND LOUIS SMITH: Will Khoeler's lawn thatcher, which they lost, to anyone who can J find it. ' MARSHA VALENTI: Wills her figure to Steve Williams, now they ,ll really have something to talk about. RUBEN PEDRAZA: Wills his long hair toJohn Dutton, maybe this will help him with the girls. DON RISER: Will his ability to get his drivers license taken away to anyone who wants to save on gas and tires. DEBBIE SCHETTER: Wills her silly giggle to her sister, Beth, too bad Faculty, you're not going to get off the hook that easily. LUANNE JENSEN: Wills her clarinet to Stan Jacobs. The next time somebody takes yours, you'll have one to play with. FRANK PURKEY: Wills his defensive football ability to Becky Cole, now maybe you can stop Al! JIM WALTERS: Wills his ability to be yelled at and moved in study hall to Ace Griffith, now you donlt have to worry about sitting in the same seat twice, Steve. ' MIKE BOLIN: Wills his singing ability to Chauncey Nalle, better luck next year, Chauncey. BECKY TREDWAY: Wills her pleasing smile to her brother, John. See John, it really doesn't hurt to ' smile once in awhile.. GLORIA HUTCHINS: Wills her ability to endure Jacquie Swartz's driving to anyone who thinks they can live through it. RUTH PELTON: Wills her ability to get along with the teachers to Dave Roberts. Now Dave, maybe the teachers will have abreak. CAROL WOOLLEY: Wills her 'long skirts to Diane Taylor, now you can surprise the boys, Diane. RICHARD COLEMAN: Wills his I.D. card to Steve Holman. Now you wonlt have to bother anybody on Friday nights! MARGARET WEHRLE: Wills l1er personality to any- one who is brave enough to have it. ALAN RADER: Wills his driving ability to Barb Smith, now maybe you can get your license, Barb. BRENDA HASSAN: Wills her hair pins from the Prom to Gary Gaertner, 'now Gary you won't have to go around swiping them for your hair!! TOM SMITH: Wills his ability to sleep in study halls to anyone who wants to learn by sleeping! DUANE DUKES: Wills his everlasting hate towards the Juniors to the teachers, now maybe the Juniors will get the grades they deserve. STAN WOLFARTH: Wills his wrestling ability to Barney Johnson, not that you'll do very good in wrestling, but man when it comes to the girls ...... GERALD LEE: Wills his photographic ability to Linda Waggoner, now those little happenings at noon will be preserved forever. ' To the green Freshmen, the Senior Class wills them the permission to change colors. To the Sophomores, the Senior Class wills one of lileis most important traits---Shyness. To the Juniors, we will our scholastic and athletic abil- ities, which they need to reach the full and complete life here at Arcadia. ' By Gerald Lee -ww H.. Would You Mary Lute Don Swartz ,A q 'Q Q5 X r l E Q. " Marsha Valenti Believe . . . Louie Smith Q 1 v' L i V is I 1 s el .pu-cv ,, f T ' i Al Luanne jensen Frank Purkey ,.--v""' Ruth Rathburn kb fu Duane Jacobs .... 9 ii 0 Q , 3 , S3 l LI -. .. ff ,- Stan Wolfarth Becky Tredway an fy'-Qfy by -N 1' i Pat Wells Alan Russell Cary Conine .,....u-- ,,.- Alana Heischman FZ I W X to " 4 .' Q L1 ..,... ' 0 3 Q K V ' f Dony Beach Mike Bolin Debbie Schetter Seniors ? Y Duane Dukes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Luanne Jensen Duane Dukes E a MOS I Senior Hall MOST DEPENDABLE Gary Conine Dotty Beach of Fame BEST MUSICIANS Luanne Jensen Gerald Lee BEST ATHLETES Alan Russell Alana Heischman X PRETTIEST HAIR Ruben Pedraza Dotty Beach Senior Hall BEST DRESSED Pat Wells Gary Couiue of Fame QQ QUEEN Sz KING Pat Wells Gary Couiue X. A 1.1 Q, f Y L , k BEST ACTOR SL ACTRESS Mike Bolin Alana Heischmau Senior Hall of Fame wamnrmv WITTIEST Judy Steyer Duane Jacobs . MOST PLEASING PERSONALITIES Debbie Schetter Gary Conine 'a F A 52 v-fir Senior Activities I Senior Play Rodger Butler . . if . . . Mike Bolin C urrie B utler ..... Ruth Rathburn Caroline Butler . . . Bill Butler ...... . Bobbi Butler ..... Grandma Butler . . . Alana Heisclnnan . Duane -Iucobs . . . . Put lVells . . . julia Long Director ..... Tasle good B0bbi.a'2U "All American Famil " S 5 2 '43 Crrmzlnza B1lf!Cl'flIll,L1lLt'VMl'fl!l!6pIT!l clzaltmg. RT0lllU"-SMU Lvvv f A ll!lI1llVllIlk6 insiearl ofa kiss! Till' 11111111-up commitlee 111 work. 4+ C Why, Daddy! Izwrnzalcl' wfml lfmlfv all 11bo111 ki fus! like women, always talking! Working hard b0yx.'7 Aye, aye xir! M YNY' ' in N Q .l..1 nit Hi Harvest Supper L How did wc get .vfurk IUITII Ihivjobf' I mn 'I cu! 071011167 bile! 'K-7?-A 1 5' 'N 'W 5 ns'- ' D u ' Looks good doesn ? it Carr1!.'W' 1 QUI77' Winter Wonderland . Christmas Dance 1967 e enn af A 1 011 ! I know 1'lfvf?1lle11i2zg! Rzfi'e.vf1n1m1l Frm' 'fa ' 5, - .Q . . .- - . - ' ' L+ . V .','. ' .'."7.','.. -W 'Maw' ...- LBJ B Baby, flfv cold oulsfrlef - u , "We ,f . ,NJA L Q- W 1 -A D!I,1'!JII rzvzffy think Srznla ?U1A!!f'IlIII6'.'-fp lfl could laik, oh, wha! Ir'1111l1ll1'll.U Senior WASHINGTON, D. C. is not only the Nation's Cap- ital but also the center of the free worldls struggle to preserve its liberty. Adomed with the glory of the past and the splendor of the new, its broad tree-lined avenues, great public buildings, monuments, and shrines are full of interest and excitement! Il THE CAPITOL - 5 he ff I WHITE HOUSE l ' JEFFERSON MEMORIAL Trip NEW YORK CITY draws v1s1tors from everywhere It is the entertainment capital of the world glam our . . . thrills . ..spectacles each moment you are there. STATUE OF LIBERTY T Senior Assembly '15, 'PTS' my 1 I iQ? Senior Assembly was held May 24, 1968, for the high school students and faculty of Arcadia High School. Duane Jacobs began the program with the reading of the Class History, followed by Alana Heischinan with the Class Poem. The future of the Class ofL68 was predicted in the Class Prophecy presented by Ruth Rath- burn. The Class Will was delivered by Gerald Lee. The Senior Choir sang two numbers, ul Believe," and uClimb Every Mountain. ' The Valedictorian, Duane Dukes, and the Saluta- torian, Luanne Jensen, received their awards. Alan Russell, Senior Class president, presented the Senior Key to the junior Class president, Becky Wiseley. The 1968 Senior Assembly was ended with the Seniors singing the Alma Mater for the last time as students of Arcadia High School. For 1968 Grads Commencement Commencement was held May 26, 1968 at 8:00 P.M. for the graduating Seniors of Arcadia High School. Gary Conine was chosen as class speaker and pre- sented a speech on Freedom. Alana Heischman was chosen to give the class poem. Honor Society awards were given by Mr. james Slough and diplomas were presented to the graduates by Mr. Fred Heischman. The Senior Choir sang two songs, KI Believe' and 'When You Walk Through a Storm'. The Valedic- torian Award was given to Duane Dukes and the Salutatorian Award went to Luanne Jensen. Baccalaureate was held at 2:00 P.M. the same day. Reverend Reeder was asked to speak at this service. The Senior Choir sang'He'and "Climb Every Moun- tain'. Underclassmen Tom Bechtel Ed Bishop Jane Boes Gayle Brown George Colvm Dave Crouse B iff-,iTe2o0nJ?Zd juniors - Full of Bag Bullyl' A friendbz chzl-chat. Larry Davidson Diane Dehnhoff Margaret Desgranges Dean Dukes john Dutton Bernice Emerine Gerald Eply Bob Evenbeck Pep ! Debbie Good Dave Graham Sue Graumlich Kathy Grine Cheryl Heischman Nancy Heiserman Nancy Henry Dennis Hill Dennis Fruth Sue Gilliland I fe. - were .V f . 1. -. ,skgm Am . ,.7w,iQE?g :j, iss? 'T ' ' - ' ' ' I ' riff! W" K., ,YW W - f -, 4. .J Z ,, V My , ,,fLt lf' X 1 lx gk 'n ie: A 4 A . X-x- N ..+:, 1 .2 . 3 .. PUSH Lesler 1uzdSlzerri have fm al flame - L ww :waive '-N wa- -. faq Jon Hill Boyd Hiser Steve Holman Eldon Hoy Nancy Huffman Bob Insley jerry Isbell Betty Jacobs Dick Johnson Dennis Kirian Blyane Kreais Hazel Kring Shirley Lieb B ob Long Dan Lowery Lester Lute Gary McCumber Sharon Monday Larry Mosher Dau Moyer Chauncy Nalle Noel Pedraza Alice Peters Betty Peters "J .Y -Z'.f 4-1 fx, - " M35 3 ' ' -. .. ' iv ,- - ' r ,. Tit. V ,. Ly, or wr JE , or , ii ' Q ' Q l ,K 1 1 , K, 2 4 . .' 1- X L sn fn I if 'gi '4 at.: -25?' f'2'f Kafhr, llzvrck 1111 L'II5fCl'1UQl' lo catch fl man. What art' you pfznmfng I0 do CIIIIIIIIIIIVI7 - ' H.-1 Young sdenlisls hard al work. Vo. Ag. leam skills by doing. hs 0 T ere Comes A T1me Alan Rader Steve Roberts Sherri Rosenberger Iacquie Shaw Barb Smith Dennis Smith Kathy Smith Luanne Speelman Mike Stroub B ob Swartz Dave Taylor Diane Taylor Dave Thomas Sandy Tong Dennis Walters Brenda Wells For Study Tom Wells Becky Wiseley 4-.f xgw Q 2.1 'sf lf ". Lx 1 X W e . L X , Q Sl , 'fi . . 'H Wag .gwui ,ig 'F' K I . X .1 ,gxefyffo i --SM 'x - J If 1 N S oo,y Hflllll' Ev. girls lfxlcn lo good fmmcmaking 11z'nl.x'. Kathy Wolery Dennis Wonders Dennis Yeager Rick Zellers .M - I yy,e4y? E 5-45 gf , . They' lc!! mf Mild maga mu arf' quilz' ffm thing among the S0fIfI- No! everyone can lmar flu' feacluv' wlmn llc fell? llzcm lo fm! llze zmzomv. magazines away. What are the Merry 'R TV g f fe ' he 4 Barry Adams Ralph Beamer Jim Bowman Teresa Brown Cheryl Brubaker Barbara Butcher Becky Cole Kathy Cook Sherry Davidson Chuck Ebersole Carolyn Eddington Becky Evenbeck Larry Flemion Sandra Ford Dennis Caertner John Gilliland Paula Grossman Don Guttenberg Don Hiser B arbara Hitchings Sophomores up to ow? John Hoffman Stanley Jacobs Shirley Kumek Larry Law Ivan Lee Randy Marks Larry McCumber Audie McDonald ?.sN5wm'w sw Roger Smith Glenn Steyer Sue Reddin Robert Roller jane Smith Terry McEntire Cindy Nichelson Fred Pedraza Ann Rader Sophomores Glen Stqycr ilu' mzul Hl!lf1ll7IIl!lffCilIH ofthe Sopfzonzarc sect, Hnlfomx Up! -. ,. ,ax ,l 4,ffY . , i K Laura Swartz l Alan Thomas ' " in John Tredway Steve Valenti lx 'f 'Rx Linda Waggoner Frank Wehrle . ., Steve Williams Ron Wolery -f-93, -we de TP 'lb-f ' 1 r r Cn the Go In the Know He wgnf fha! way, Even blimmlldcrl shcfx' up to no gill!!! Lee Anderson T i ss 5 1 Rick Bame Zane Baughman Rick Beach c 1 ' Christine Bechtel Philip Boes Richard Brandeberry Jim Breyman The Freshmen are A Hard Carol Brown Ben Burkett Bert Carman Harry Colvin Ron Colvin Dennis Conrad Diane Crawford Linda Dehnhoff ' 'WE 'fu N ancy Epley Richard Fox im Frankart Cary Caertner Sue George Steve Griffith Kip Gunn Tim Hiser Working Group viildi vie' . 0 1 32 Fo Xa, 0 ! F E sm wk rr kykxi lk rw A- ki . 'Ufi"' 4 'fl' f 'Ta Q 31.3 x wx K i n .... . 3 r S Q t 9' I . , ' K . Rf f9'f6x k 7' 'L 1 U As long IIN ilu' fl'll!'hl'l' Lv cloxr' at lllllllf file Freshmen work H111 IUfIl'II ll1c!4rr11'l1L'r fz'r1zfz1.v flu' mom lfn sn 114 rfmn rx Gary Holden Ann Hoffman Ron Hoffman Lucile james if Barney johnson Judy Kaufman Dean Kirian Susan Lantz Kathy Law What Are we :Q Some Freshmen look toward llwir teachers for the answer. By studying hard llzey can End lhe answer to llzcir queslions. W . L,.. ,. M arilyn Lewis Debbie Lowery Kathleen Lowery jim Margraf C - u --Q-. -'uw - .. V- .- -cs-'fvfirr-I ---ff Jennie Martin Pat Mellott Meritt Metzger Rex Mosher ..,.4,,, ...q:.'mvm,. 1 .. ,Q r f . I 0' A A '35, ,f Wat Q- .1, xylgha '45 LH .Q g -:Maw if 11 K f"mA ' X M M M M the Goals of Dffy1Na11e -"A" Freshmen? M' e rm ,ft Sheryl N alle Manuel Pedraza Norma Pedraza Susan Peters Olhcrs may look toward the upper L'!!l.Y.Yll1L'll lo .show lhwu Mc way. The lroubfc Lv wllcrc lo End Iliff upper clrzxxmcu. f. M LJ.. ,gt if Eddie Risner jackie Rothenbuhler Becky Smith Ogden Price Charles Smith Nd' k Janice Springer David Swartz Chris Taylor 3 ......... The Freshmen Do A Lot Have A X' "' , ' : Q. ' 4 1 . AA A A T41 ,fi Q C4 :L ' Qvfl 1:-up . v ' -. Q Wim: you 11rc Il l'7'c.x'flu11111, Il lilllc bil 11f'.vl1l1l1'i11g IYIII go Il XUIIAQ 771111 IIII1.Yf bv .mule love ll0fl', girl. 11'111'. That musl be some bil ofnews to keep a person that izzlcraslcrl. of Studying and Lot of Fun Ty Taylor jerry Thomas Diana Williams Dawn Wonders Linda Woodruff Diane Wykoff Becky Yeager Kevin Zellers W JFS-sf! Q. 14, k Wigs. Gia an ,Q !',25!'Liti2',Q' '2 "'l'l5' f ' ll High School Class Officers Sophomores Teresa Brown - Student Council Sue Reddin - Treasurer Glen Steyer - Vice-President john Gilliland - President Stan Jacobs - Secretary Dennis Gaertner - Student Council 1 Juniors Dave Thomas - Vice-President Rick Zellers - Student Council Ed Bishop - Reporter Mike Stroub - Treasurer Becky Wiseley - President Cheryl Heischman - Secretary Brenda Wells - Student Council Freshmen Kevin Zellers - Student Council Lee Anderson - Secretary Ben Burkett - President Debbie Lowery - Vice-President jacie Rothenbuhler - Treasurer Pat Mellott - Student Council YE N X Q X x x QE Y? A Y Si gf xx 'E X Qi Ei N E .qv QR W ---...g -v---... A l 6'-.W ."7 F 152, 5- 5' Wal Aw lie . Lumnze and Dlllllllf arc bzuzrllerl up likefzgqv wuzqy bears. rl: bllllllk arc blllf and bflllfllf 11.vf1z!1'r1, Kalfzy mul fmly .vlmw us. MN: stocking caps on !lC!l!lfV, the brzskefbzzfl bow' zuz'11l.s'l01'kir1g new zfrtories lllhv 'lIIlA'f.Yl'll.Y!1II. FADS, FASHIONS S1il"l'EMBI'1l1 6 Here we go again 8 Beat Leipsie 26 - 0 13 S1nile pretty for pictures 21 -Iuniors get class rings OCTOBER 20 Queen Pat reigns 28 Eat lrardy at llarvest Supper NOVICKIBICR 3 Football at Pandora, renmetnlmer the weather 22 Beat Liberty Benton 85 - 47 DECICMBICR 6 l'All Anieriean Family' 8 F1'C5l111lCll were initiated 15 99 - 68 overMeCon1lJ 16 Mr. lilsea is a daddy 22 'XYinter XYOllLlC1'lilllCl- .IAN UARY 5 Beat Cory liawson 79 - 59 6 Carey - well you ean't win tllein all 25 Semester grade cards Mike, Slllllbf, G!l7:1'IlIl!!Rl1fh .rfznw I1Xffl!If1flllI'IlII kzzifx mul xwrrzf- cr Uexlx were qmh' jmpulnr NIU-l'C!1l', ' 1 O .l1ik1', f111i11 111111 1511 11cQ11'11111 1111c11r11ln Ihr 111111s' III! 11111015 111111 ZUhI'1l' .v111k1'11' x11111'.v. AND HAPPENINGS FEB RUARY 3 Bettsville, we want a hundred 10 MI Wish You Love' 23 Tournaments, beat Cory Rawson 24 just ask New Riegel MARCH 2 Against Riverdale 15 Freshman Dance 23 Steyer is a proud papa l7j11r.s' S11'1j1U.v1 115 K1111l,1'. BCCM' 1l1111S1111l1111 m11111'1f111' Us 29 uThe Belle of the West' 31 Mr. Keller, father ofa baby boy APRIL f 1 April fool. Mrs. Cammell 3 F F A Banquet 8 Honor Society Banquet 26 Varsity A Dance MAY 1 Government Day fflii l 3 "The Tin Hero' M 11 'The Enchanted Sea' 26 Graduation 31 School has ended for another year 1 1 X I -x A'l'II, Suv, Riffs. D1'11, C1011 111111 C111111' p11.s'1r 111 .s'11'1j11' .s'111'r1.f IUIIIACII I1'1'1'l' INUIAII 01' 1111 1h11Y,l'l'1Il'- 1111111 lIII!1!lII17l'1III1 1111 j111'1Q1' !TfIfl.V 111 go 1111l.vi111' 11111111111 l fo-Vcc, zucsaffl SAHLE. in Puffy mkzg puffy mkzg' lfzc bakery three. EFA pvriozl snub' fm!! A111 Vroomrzn fv llzrflrlacllr. Smile You're on Mrs. Blackman gctx paizlfbr slapping classes. VA Q 1 pf QR - ,. :z"V ,Q ' rf.-,Q , . x - me J-My if 'fi-ii ' Iii N- ' 1 if 'QU' A'x DUH Down in lhe vallqy wlzcrc the green grass Soc if I0 nm. A frmg Long. gronxv. Alf. Szuasfclc. Sweel ax ll rose? Girls, z1'1"z'1' 11111111 ofl11'i11g f!ll'ffZl'. l111l fllllfktiffilrllkf I1 f1'llfz'f111'. Gerry's Camera -, M., L....... Rrnlf-11-l11'4' l111b1'z'.v . . b 1-1 - fi ' P 5 - Hen' 1'11111c.v Ifu' 1IlflLfl'. 1710.wr1111.vl1'1'.v.s' 111 z11n1'l:. 4. I 1 ,. .,.1. ,WLM 1 v au. fuxl lilfl' g1'rlv. N111 7 lfrfp 1111-11-1'f1'0111 lflz'f1f10111'. TWU11' Iv pcopfv 111 flu' 1'11Fl1'1'1'f1, fl 1111111 111- afar llzr' .YfVI'A'l'. pI'!fl'fIll' ffm 1la'111L bu! av' 6011! lf111.s'1' bzv11'.x' Science Fair Participants sc 'Y 1 I Lucilc james - Superior Glen Slayer - Superior Diane Wykrzf- Superior J Chris' 7-Qjflflf - Exeelleni Debbie Lowery - Excellent Dcmzix Caerhzor - Exccllerzl X .... .N- 5, mm llllll Ease Sir 5432 E I5 . 4 . , N V 4 'JL l Robert Insley Sian faeobs folzn Lee Greg Sleyer Merril! Melqgei' W 1 M H I 1 I I H13 I 4 ,N AN 1 i N ,N f W 4 5 4 , 1 i H i 3 J Activities - 1 ' Q X J xi X'' - i i. W M, " NM-Hump-'LAI Avu-HA-..a--HAM i,v4 ,MQ-NMDA ' xxx If fy! XX XX Alf" IJ 1 NH if x f N I wx I K F M U Q, ' 0 M ' A Queen Pat and Attendants Dotty B each Senior Attendant 4 -qiglzqm QS, X1 Q 4 i . i nb n if . iii: Sandy Conine junior Attendant Layne Beamer Doorxnan Wanda Woolley Crownbearer p .--' ' t 1, f N -I N , Paula Grossman Dawn Wonders Sophomore Attendallt Freslllnull Attendant tt "M 'Hg' 1967 Homecoming Court Ed and Sandy Paula and john Kevin and Dawn Dotty and Stan Layne, Gary, Pat, Wanda The Queen and her court were chosen by popular vote by grades nine through twelve. The week of October twentieth was on the miserable side. All week it was raining or a chill wind blew over the mud. It was mighty difficulty to find a decent time for a rehearsal. Finally the night of the big event arrived. The mighty Arcadia Redskins played the Van Buren Black Knights. The Redskins played a hard game, but they lost after all. The Queen was crowned at half time while the Arcadia High School Band provided appropriate music. Alter the game a dance was held in the old gym in honor of Queen Pat and her court. The Student Council was in charge of the voting, the crowning ceremony and the dance. The Senior Class sold mums the week before and at the game. Synopsis of Events Thr' Hllllfflltf ofa QIIITII Thr' I'I'!lH'llflIAf Thr' l.'1'.x'.v W ,J-3,2-I lflrml off Ilfv II Ny bg!! You frm 7 :vin fhflll flff . U1 fit w EX'fI!'t'fIlff!1lI C'!llIfI'HlfI!!1ff0Il C'ml.vlcrnr1l1'n11 Q 110611 P111 and King G111111 5 3 1 Queen P111 and f1c1' 1701111 t1'111lilfo11alb1 bqgun the frxlivilics 11flf11 HOIIIUL'llI1lfIIg 5111211762 Her Majesty Reigns Daily 11111z'St1ln S111z1l11 llllll E11 3' Paula 112111 fnfm IJIIIUII 111111 K1'11i11 5--......,-a"' The Sophomore dance each year is set aside to ini- tiate the Freshman into high school. Counting pieces of toilet paper, bobbing for apples, getting painted with lipstick, and Knosing' a bean across the gym floor are just a few ofthe perils which highlight the evening. Freshmen are Humbled W- S -+- , ,Q "-.QQ fl: Shamrock Getffogether The annual Freshman dance honors St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. The success of this dance was a result of an experiment in which the Freshmen not only provided dancing but various other activi- ties for the enjoyment of their guests. 1 , l w Varsity J a,..l , 1 This is the second year that Varsity A Club has been at Arcadia. It is made of boys who have earned their letter in any sports activity. This year the Club entertained the student body with a dance held in the high school caleteria. They engaged the Notables to provide nrusie for their guests and a good time was had by all who attended. l Q 'A" Dance Junior Class Play Row One: Dave Crouse, Rick Zellers, Ed Bishop, Lester Boes, Deb Conrad, Brenda Wells, Gayle Brown, Becky Lute and Mike Stroub. Row Two: Mrs. Knouse, Jane Wiseley, Sue Graumlich, jackieShaw and KathyWolery. 'The Tin Hero' was presented by the junior Class on pertaining to her son. How Doug, supported by his May 3, 1968. It was a three act comedy concerning a loyal sister, saves his mother's face, gets his girl, and fond and adoring mother who exaggerated everything becomes a real hero is the theme ofour play. 'Hs you my my dear' I! musl be love. "Cut Tin Hero" -F f +S+.,r"' V. 6 f' V: Slmkv. .vlml.'r'. will fu' vzfcr !l'IlI'l1.p v xi' ', N? b V s,jQ'wx : ,vr:, nq,,'at,'i axalunegguqil Qf:'!'iaQS3'M r1."ms.,'f'l5x 'v viQfnaiQ:'ig!". , gk r"l::k:'5"iJ'F,jit" ' 1,uw,,g'09,8 , , is lug. 6 g U , .,-" -,'-, 1. gr IQ 14.-as - 'I lg 'G ' .. . Y P 1 'QU " 1 N - CQ 1 I X-QF? " 0 M4 771 ,p .ff ,wt 1 aa- .. nfl g -11 il-.I 4- H .-21.1 .gg ,,- ,W , jftfi , s ' ., MVB '. .Vg 1.4 , . Bu! Ifnjy 10111 lllI'.l'lII1 17111111117.Wl'I'llI., VELEUME I 1 Q :- Q . " 5 ' H 1 xi , Ai ' 1 , , I . . it l ' QM U K 4 V . V K X 5 ,UV firm, .UV llvrn. .VY HEROM' 7714' firm l'l'fI4I'Il.V. Y A Q . Ani , r , R K -Q N . 2 sw :H Jas , , X S Y S if pg QW , Ri.. 3 Q15 A I N1 lIl'!llIf I0 mflf In 31' .m'c4,'! Drrzfggy, I rm! Cfr111rf1'll1'. V511 . Knlfqr TVofr'2:1' r1llrf,'llr'f'fc' Slnnzff iwrlr' 1z'r1r11lr'1'fNf .slzulwll Ill'l'l'tLfU7'.X', The Enchanted Sea With a row boat and a mermaid overhead, the 1968 Arcadia Spring Prom got underway, under "The lin- chanted Sea'. lt was held at the Findlay Ellis Club on May 11, 1968. Beautiful decorations, music by The jades, and the hard work of the Student Council made the Prom a large success. The Senior and junior Classes chose Alana Heisch- i" it ' g ' ff' ..-,ixw'islffQf"W"xnnc- man and Alan Russell to rule their kingdom beneath the deep. The Queen was presented with a jeweled crown and a kiss. Alan and Alana ascended to their fish net covered thrones to scan their subjects of fish, plants, and octopus. Together they led the beautifully gowned maidens and escorts in the royal dance. ....----f s.,MMi,.:,f .. Spring Prom I ' K ff J. .A 0 1. ! , K ! . junior- Senior Banquet 4. , ,f 1 1. X kia - . A 1 3-gal-' ' if Msabf' The Junior-Senior Ban- quet was held on May 11, 1968 at the Findlay Elkas Club. Those attending had their choice of baked steak or ham. The meal was quite good and enjoyed by all. The Welcome was given by Becky Wiseley and Re- sponse by Al Russell. Mrs. Wykoff presented 'This is your life' which greatly sur- prised many ofthe Seniors. ,r .Q iaye 4, if ,f 4 ff 'f The junior Choir sang two numbers "Today' and 'May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You'. The teachers provided a comedy skit which depicted the shenanigans which go on in many of the Senior Classes. Robert Evenbeck and Alice Peters played a piano duet 'Tonight' and Bob also played a solo"Ex- odus'. tx a -v fir, "JJ .Mg -nf' ' E 'N 'J' SL' xq I ! f 1 , Q ' A 4 I W 2 . , i - 1 f ' i X rl ki L T ,- 3 , 1 1 , 1 'LK 1 H ,J zen' Y g, . 125, .1-T4,,, uf, 4 JJ:- fx ffl" .fflfaf ggi-:ra .,,.:, ff f. ,-: . 'sm ,ug-05 lm " .,-,:' ' 'Nu- -:P-' :fr-,, 1 N41-915453 I' K Y- .1 J . 1 . 1 , 1 1 31 1 ,J 1 1 3 w Q 'ggi W1 L 1-zbcyi. mx? Sports w"" 1 ',':'z"'7'L'5 ' F591JC123'f":'111"ewi:':rfz"-:qw fr---rr-fu - W , ..,.Ax... N ...,., ,, . , N w.e.z::'+r' , 31 V'Lrlf--f'2!'n:f2"f'1311?-5-Sv:-i'.V155 ' -'fir-ff ..v:"ffE-"W -Lum -2.14-2-1 L. f"7PP?QfFfY-ffwxg1,'.zA.1m-5.1-Wm ,V tab- W fa.: I " " , .. J Nl H in-"Y 'gr-5,'51i:6,f',1, 4.13.5-. LZ?" -- '35-is--1-Lax.:-,J . ..H' . .1 f- - -2-1-H----H -f 'Y' H' ' 3-6 Record-Despite Rugged Defense 11 '3U 'l! ,r 50 ESJZQZB 3 V5 80 Row 0110: Den11is Caertner, Dan Lowery,Ceorge Colvin, Tow Wells, Frank Purkey, Dua11e Dukes, Alan Russell, john Hill, Alan Rader, Coach: Reigle. Row Two: John Dutton, john Tredway, Dennis Kirian, Dennis Hill, Boyd Hiser, Dave Crouse, Audie McDonald, Dennis Yeager, Terry Mclhitire, Frank Wehrle. Row Three: Q '?'ilQ 0 1 71 Kip Gunn, Larry Law, Chuck Ebersole, Glenn Steyer, Rod Huffman, Ron Wolery, Barry Adams, Ben Burkett, Dennis Wonders, Dean Kirian, Ivan Lee. Row Four: Dan Hiser, Jim Frankhart, Tim Hiser, Jim Margraf, Deryl Nalle, Rex Mosher, Lee Anderson, Richard Brandeberry, Dennis Conrad, Tim Bolin. ,Q ang xx M I f ' , fs . f f 'S " -wil , 4 ' X , fir 'Y' , ff W 'J e, 2 '47 l ff , L' A aflui 4 ya we .. "fi 'X Grid - Iron Standouts ,ww s...-lb, Duane Dukesg Senior Tackle Frank Purkeyg Senior Tackle All-Conference-Honorable All-Conference-First Team Defense Mention T1 Dave Crouseg Junior Guard A11-Conference-Honorable Mention Coachg Larry Reigle Q, - I ':,l a7NN Al Russellg Senior Halfback All-Conference-First Team Defense Dennis Caertnerg Sophomore End All-Conierence-Honorable Mention Special Teams 103 OFFENSIVE Row One: Dennis Gaertner, Dave Dutton, Jon Hill, Alan Rader, john Tredway, Frank Crouse, Tom Wells, Terry McEntire, Dan Lowery, Purkey, Alan Russell, Coach Riegle. Duane Dukes, Audie McDonald. Row Two: john DEFENSIVE Row One: Dave Crouse, Duane Purkey, Frank Wehrle, john Tredway, Alan Russell, Dukes, Larry Law, Dennis Yeager, Dennis Gaertner. Alan Rader, Glen Steyer, Terry McEntire. Row Two: Tom Wells, Dan Lowery, Jon Hill, Frank napouts 7-bill' Ollf., 7710 Lord fx' Prabwrr 7?1r'lfle 1' Crwrtner Pile-up .U Sm,-flylg Ofjg-,IW lll1HlL'COIIlf!I.Lf Nfghl . 6 tl 1391. ff . K Q -- 0.1 A: . gf, .495 V335 ! !..... - ! V -f H mf A B S- F A Q ' Season's Standouts Cary Conineg Senior Guard Starting Seven: Left to Rightg Ed Bishop, Dave Crouse, Al Russell All-Conference-Second Team Dave Thomas, Cary Conine, john Hill, john Dutton. Dave Crouseg Junior Forward All-Conference-Honorable , t I'Q i Mention A1 Russellg Senior Foward Ed Bishopg Junior Center All-Conference-First TCEIIII All-COl1fCr61'1C6-II0I10fablC Mention Reserve Team Row One: Frank Wehrle, Ivan Lee, Dennis Wonders, Boyd Hiser, Audie McDonald, john Tredway, Dennis Robert Roller, john Gilliland, jim Bowman. Row Yeager, Barry Adams. Two: Terry McEntire, Dan Hiser, Dennis Gaertner, Cc! Tha! Ba!!! fumpfim O- 45 .lk .x I' 43 X Redskin Grapplers Have Kneeling: Manuel Pedraza, Gary Gaertner, Bob Insley, Larry Law, Dennis Hill, Tom Bechtel, Dan Lowery, Dave Graham, Rick Beach. Standing: Coach Swasick, Stan Wolfarth, Chauncy Nalle. Stan Wolfarth, Senior Managers from left to right: Ruben Record 12-2 Pedraza, Ben Burkett, Jim Cooper. New Coach for '68 Season Kneeling: Chuck Ebersole, Tyrone Taylor, Barney Coach Swasick, Dean Kirian, Glen Steyer, Dennis Johnson, Larry Flemion, Roger Smith. Standing: Kirian, David Taylor, Ralph Beamer, CeorgeColvin. Thinclads Place Third QQ Q Row One: Jim Frankart, Dan Moyer, Barney Johnson, Manuel Pedraza, Dennis Conrad. Row Two: Ivan Lee, jim Margraf, Richard Brandeberry, Dennis Wonders, Jim Breyman, Richard Fox, Lee Anderson, Chuck Eber- sole, Larry Law, Deryl Nalle, Ben Burkett, Dick Fruth. Row Three: Coach Reigle, Dennis Walters, Dean Kirian, Dennis Yeager, Gerald Epley, Stan Jacobs, Dennis Kirian, Dennis Hill, Dennis Gaertner, Dave Crouse, John Treadway, Al Russell, Kip Gunn, Cary Holden. Al Russell - Senior 100 yd. dash - 2nd county 2nd conference 10.2 3rd district 2nd regional 8th state 220 yd. dash - lst county 23.7 lst conference 3rd district Broad jump lst county 20, llfg 3rd conference lst district V . ...,-1-.fgmf V,-.. ,,,. .. . q,-,,,-5,N--,,u,- -,,,- ,N - W , - --,--vw --cf v-,,-Y 3. ,E In District E Xl Dennis Wonders, john Treadway Chuck Ebersole or Dave Crouse, Al Russell. 880 yd. relay - lst county-tie 1135.2 lst conference YL--L. L 3rd district , 1 X Dennis Hill - junior Discus - lst County 138, 5' 2nd conference 3rd district Shot Put - 2nd county 46' Vg' 3rd district x -be Alana H Debbie Conrad Brenda Sandy Gayle Debbie Alana Brenda Mellott, who won the school spirit contest by naming Big Chief Champ, extends a hand of congratulations to the brave Indian warrior for his fine job of boosting school spiritand enthusiasm during the mighty Redskin's season. Reserve Cheerleaders Linda Waggoner, Paula Grossman, Dawn Wonders, Teresa Brown, Jaci Rothenbuler 4 o Jumor Hrgh Cheerleaders Donna Gilliland, Kay Yeager, Pat Mellott, Joyce Anderson, Lucile james Qrganizations Student Council Row One: Glen Steyer, Sandy Conine, Gary Conine, Wiseley. Row Three: Rita Pelphrey, Teresa Brown, Sue George, Advisor: Mrs' Wykoff. R0w T300-' Brenda Donna Gilliland, Pat Mellott, Rick Zcllcrs, john Gilli- Wells, Pat Wells, Luanne Jensen, Alan Russell, Dennis land, Ben Burkett, R011 Conine, Kevin Zellers, Cary Caertner, Kathy Wolery, Tom Bechtel, Gerry Lee, Becky C601-gc. 'Responsibility Educatesf' -- Wendell Phillips The Student Council gains much experience in its responsi- bilities. Besides supervising the Homecoming activities and the Prom, members are in charge ,of Recognition Day, sponsor dances after games, and daily monitor the halls. The representatives from each class and organization in high school compose the membership of this student governing body. The Student Council strives to promote better citizenship, high ideals, scholarship and school spirit. President - Gary Conine Honor Society Row One: Mr. Slough, ADVISOR, Dotty Beach, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Pat Wells,Vice-President, Luanne Jensen and Gerry Lee, Student Council. Row Two: Luanne Speelman, Sharon Monday, Jane Boes, Cheryl Heisch- man, Ruth Pelton, acquie Swartz, Sue Craumlich,jacquie Shaw, Sandy Conine, Kathy Grine, Alice Peters, Carol "A world to be born under your footsteps . . .' -St.--john Perse. Youth today, but leaders tomorrow. Honor students best exemplify the American ideals of ambition, incentive, and integrity needed to gain the goals they have set. Members of National Honor Society must maintain a three-point grade average throughout high school. They must successfully exhibit the qualities of service, leadership, high character and scholarship. The local chapter was honored this year to have Duane Dukes elected to the post of sergeant-at-arms in the County Honor Soceity. YVoolley, Judy Steyer, Deb Conrad, Nancy Henry. Row Three: Barb Smith, Betty Jacobs, Deb Schetter, Becky Wiseley, Lester Lute, Gary Conine, Allen Russell, Alan Rader, Mike Stroub, Rick Zellcrs, Ruth Ratltburn Kathy Wolery, Brenda Wells, Hazel Kring, Alana Heischman, ABSENT: Duane Dukes, President. President - Duane Dukes Future Homernakers of America EHUMEM R if Gi AKENS . 'H 9 'fu ,N ,os CJ F AMERICA Row One: Sue Graumlich, Debbie Conrad, Kathy Wentworth, Betty Peters, Mrs. Wykoff, ADVISOR. Row Two: Mary Lute, Jacquie Shaw, Kathy Wolery, Julia Long, Shirley Lieb, Sue George, Hazel Kring. Row Three: Kathy Law, Sandy Tong, Sue Gilliland, Janice 4-L - Springer, Diane Lowery, Gloria llutchins, Nancy lleiser- lnan, Sharon Nlonclay, Nancy llenry, Kathy Martin. Ron' Fozzzz' Diane Wykoll, Judy Steyer, Sheryl Nalle, Margaret Desgranges, Ann llollvinan, Diane lVillian1s, Ruth Pelton, Susan l.antz, Chris Taylor, Kathy Lowery. Ron' Fl'I'!'.' Marilyn Lewis, Lucille anics, Marg Wehrle, Lauri Swartz, Diane Denlioll, Nancy llufhnan, Betty Jacobs, Carolyn liddington, Jacquie Swartz, Kathy Crine, Linda Denholl, Becky Yeager. 'A hundred men may make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home." -- Chinese Proverb The purpose of the Future Homemakers of America is to Kathy Wentworth, Local President, Kathy Wolery, County President. instill within its members the qualities and ideals of a good homemaker. The girls work toward three degrees: Junior Degree, Chapter Degree, and State Degree. This April, after much hard work, four Seniors, Jacquie Swartz, Ruth Pelton, Julia Long and Judy Steyer, received their State Degrees. The Local Chapter was honored this year to have Kathy Wolery elected to the high post of County President of the County FHA. Future Farmers of America gifs: Row One: ADVISOR, Mr. Cunningham, Louie Smith, Dick johnson, SWEETHEART, Sandy Conine, Gary Conine, Ken Roller, Dave Thomas, Alan Rader. Row Two: Dave Graham, Tom Bechtel, Bob Swartz, Dennis Smith, Don Swartz, Chauncy Nalle, Steve Holman. Row Three: jim Walters, Dick Fruth, Alan Rader, Tom Smith, Gary McCumber, Dennis Yeager, Dick Colman, Eldon Hoy, Dave Taylor. .t 4 Row One: Charles Smith, Dennis Conrad, Ed Risner, Ty Taylor, Rick Beach, Alan Thomas, David Swartz, Jim Breyman, Larry Flemion, Manuel Pedraza. Row Two: Merritt Metzger, Jerry Thomas, Richard Fox, Robert Roller, Steve Griffith, Jim Bow- man, Rod Huffman, Glen Steyer, Philip Boes, Ben Burkett, Roger Smith. Girls' Athletic Association ,' ,. 4' , 2 . x. Row One: Sandy Conine, Barb Hitchings, Alana Heisch- man, Pat Wells, Deb Good, Kathy Wolery, Advisor: Miss Stewart. Row Two: Paula Grossman, Teresa Brown, Kathy Martin, Sandy Tong, jenny Martin, Jacie Rothenbuler, Dawn Wonders, Carol Brown, Kathy Law, Becky Cole. Row Three: Judy Steyer, Nancy X Heiserman, Brenda Wells, Diane Wykoff, Debbie Con- rad, Gloria Hutchins, Sharon Monday, Kathy Went- worth, Kathy Lowery, Sue Gilliland, Sandy Ford, Diane Lowery. Row Four: Sue Reddin, Pat Mellott, Susan Lantz, Sherri Rosenberger, Chris Bechtel, Gayle Brown, Becky Yeager, Cindy Nickelson, Ann Hoffman, Sue George, Cheryl Heischman, Sheryl Nalle, Betty Peters. Row I'l've: Luanne Jensen, Debbie Lowery, Lucillejarnes, Kathy Cook, Ruth Rathburn, Becky Tredway, Julia Long, Becky Wiseley, jacquie Swartz, Marg Wehrle, Becky Smith, Lauri Swartz, Linda Waggoner. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasmf' -- Emerson Enthusiasm is one thing our GAA girls excel in. GAA parti- President - Pat Wells cipates in many sports and activities that stress physical devel- opment. Among these are: bowling, volleyball, basketball, and ping-pong. The highest award ofthe GAA is the Honor Award. To achieve this, a girl must have accumulated 300 points over a four year period by attending and participating in various activities. The Girls' Basketball Team, selected from members of GAA, have been coached by Miss Stewart to acquire the skills and techniques needed to play a good basket- ball game. The Varsity finished their season with a four and two record, and the Reserves played an undefeated season. Girls' Basketball 'eller .gg rs . N- -,, Sw - if . -, S 3 9 ,. . V 'Q' Us ' . Q5 X' Q' A", -fig' Ra 1' CA3. ' ,141 . tap ,gf , A 1 at K if :es h as B n 3 mu 1, s ,- xx , K V QW ,lic if -FQ' e QQ. .ft fbi Q32 a, 5 1, ' Z3 ISF REDSXIN ' Row One: RESERVE - Cindy Nickleson, Paula Gross- Wells, Becky Wiseley, Julia Long, Ruth Rathburn, Pat man, jacie Rothenbuler, Debbie Lowery,BarbHitchings, Wells, Sandy Conine, Gayle Brown, Deb Good, Debbie Sheryl Nalle, Sue Reddin, Dawn Wonders, Kathy Cook. Conrad, Alana Heischman, ADVISOR - Miss Stewart. Row Two: Cheryl Heischman, Betty Peters', Brenda 'S ' 11 Qs at illakc il, Refls'kz'r1x.' The ballerina lzpx il of' Varsity A Run' Ollll' ADVISOR - Hr. Reigle, Tout Wells, Stun ders, Dave Crahanl, Larry Flemionl Row Three.. larry Wolllurtli, Camry Conine, Alun Russell, AlilllRilLlC1',I'11'll.1lli Law, Dave Taylgr, Glen Steyer, Tom Bechtel, Ion Hill l'urkey, Dunne Dukes, ADVISOR - Mr. Keller. Ron' Boyd Hiser, Dave Crouse, Audie McDonald, ohn Tzm: Roh Insley, Dun Moyer, Clntuney Nulle, Mike Tredway, Dennis Gaertner, Dennis Hill, Dennis Kiridn Strouh, Dun Lowery, Darryl Nnlle, .Iohn Dutton, Terry Dennis Yeager, Chuck Ebersole. NIeICutire, George Colvin, Frzutk XVehrle, Dennis Won- President - Alan Rader 'I ezune, I saw, I eonque1'ed.' --1IlllIliSCiiCSil1' Yzirsit' A is it newl' lortned or fztnizzition at Areudizi this I I E, year. Anyone who has earned at Varsity letter in Football, Ilztsketlmll, Wrestling, or Trzteli is eligible lor tnenihership. Advisors ol' the froub are Mr. Keller und Mr. Rei fle. The is I Q .5 purpose is to ereitte unity und lellowship zunong the athletes und to achieve this, rules und regulations govern thent. The Red und Rlnek Varsity A jzteket is at nturl-:ed distinction ol the inetnhers. This yearns sports reeord proves that We eiune, We sun, und We eonquered. Librarians If fl' Gb Row 0110: julia Long, lNIargaret Desgranges, Gayle Debbie Schetter, Brenda Hassen, Mary Lute, Carol Brown, Pat Wells. Run' Two: -lane Bocs, Judy Steyer, Wooley, Ruth Pelton, Kathy Wentworth, ADVISOR Sue Gilliland, Sharon Monday, Dolty Beach, Barb Mrs. Noel. Smith, Alana Hcisclnnaui. Row T!I1'l'l'.' Ruth Ri1ll1lJllI'1l, 'Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition is that of good books." -- Colton The Arcadia Library has made a point of acquiring many new and interesting books this year. The staff, which has been directed and supervised this year by Mrs. Noel, is com- posed of juniors and seniors. Their duties, other than chasing out the students who talk, are dusting, repairing and filing the many books in the library, caring for the reference books, newspapers, and magazines in the study hall, and, of course, signing out books. .2 Gsiil ix Arcadian Staff Headlines, Deadlines, Cutlines, Pastelines After a year of scrambling for the mean- ing of these terms, the Staff has finally been successful in completing this year's Arca- dian. They have strived to capture the most memorable aspects of life at Arcadia High, and hope it will hold many memories for the Class of '68. Brenda Wells, Assistant Editor, Alana Heischman, Editorg Mrs. Knouse, Advisor. Row One: Becky Wiseley, Pat Wells, Kathy Wolery, Dotty Beach, Brenda Wells, Alana Heischman, Mrs. Knouse. Row Two: Sandy Tong, Diane Lowery, Sue Gilliland, Deb Good, Ruth Pelton, Kathy Wentworth, Nancy Heiserman, Sharon Monday, Gloria Hutchins, Kathy Martin. Row Three: Carol Woolley,Jane Boes, Cheryl Heischman, Sue Graumlich, Kathy Grine, Shirley Leib, Rick Zellers, Mike Bolin, Luanne Jensen, Jacquie Shaw, Sandy Conine, Judy Steyer, Dean Dukes, Gayle Brown. Row Four: Marg Werhle, Jacquie Swartz, Becky Tredway, Julis Long, Gerry Lee, Alan Russell, Ed Bish- op, Stanley Jacobs, Lester Lute, Debbie Schetter, Ruth Rathburn, Mike Stroub. ,.,,.. DEPARTMENT HEADS Scaled: Ruth Rathburn, Deb Schetter, Pat Wells, Alan Russell. Slamling: Cheryl Heischman, Deb Good, Luanne Jensen, Stan Jacobs, Gerry Lee, Sharon Mon- day, Becky Wiseley, Sandy Conine, Ed Bishop, Alana Heisch- man, Brenda YVells. W N' -iiifrl' GENERAL MANAGERS Row One: ADVISOR, Mrs. Knouse, Dotty Beach, BUSI- NESS MANAGER, Pat Wells, ADVERTISING MANAGER, Alana Heischman, EDITOR. Row Two: PHOTOGRAPHER, Gerry Lee, ASSISTANTS, Kathy Wolery, Becky Wiseley, Brenda Wells, Stan Jacobs. CLASS LAYOUT STAFF Sealed: Jacquie Swartz, Becky Tredway, Julia Long, Lester Lute. Slunding: Diane Lowery, Gloria Hutchins, Ruth Pelton, Carol Woolley, Sue Graunllich, Kathy Grine, Judy Steyer, Jane Boes. I l.'l . I II. Scratch! Mc Pro on lllc Co Hurray! We Did lt! This yearis advertising stall' hit the all-time high. Although their goal was to sell 31500 worth of ads, they sold more than S500 over this aim. To celebrate the grand achievement the group held a party at Alana Heischman's on May 5. The food was plentiful, pool shooters were sharp, and all had a very 'Funderful' time! 's Who 3 lhe my.vtcrz'0us cue slzarkf' D-D-11021 7 drop il! Music "Belle of the West" 9 Row One: Jerry Thomas-Stage Handg Lester Lute-Boys Chorusg Ralph Beamer-Boys' Chorusg Gary Gaertner- Boys' Chorusg Ed Bishop-Boys' Chorusg Alan Rader- Boys' Chorusg Stan Jacobs-Alan Millerg Dennis Gaert- ner-Handsome Harryg Duane Dukes-Sure Shot Samg Dick Fruth-Cussin, Calg Chuck Ebersole-Boys' Chorusg Mike Bolin-Speedy Summersg Frank Purkey-Stage Hand. Row Two: Diane Wykoff-Stage Handg Luanne Speel- man-Laramie Loug Sue George-Girls' Chorusg Alice Peters-Nevada Nettieg Brenda Wells-Missouri Myrtg Luanne Jensen-Carmeng Kathy Woleryg Girls, Chorusg Ruth Rathburu-Mrs. Ida Mae Browng julia Long-Stu- dent Directorg Mr. Vrooman-Directorg Becky Tredway- Student Directorg Becky Wiseley-Klondike Kittieg Lucille james-Seattle Sueg Linda Waggoner-Girls' Chorusg Alana Heischman-Colorado Carrieg Becky Yeager-Stage Handg Sue Reddin-Pianist. March 29, 1968, the Arcadia choir presented an operetta entitled "The Belle of the Westf Roarin, Creek, Idaho, a small town in the West, is the setting for a plot that revolved around Mrs. Ida Mae Brown, a lovely lady barber. The lively music and humorous verses helped the operetta to be a big success. Don 7.1111 lfmzk we 're pcrlyflp Wfl are fs If css .9 r f mem nslo iii in " x L .J - mug-H UU' , mg X , -X ENN f Q XX wx f' n sm " 'R b 9 Q ch .. 'M N. 5 4 " 'D S Y I Xxx fu, is Rf'1'4"'.Uf'f Slick 'mn uf!! 'I Izlulfgr 11111 ' Q .. A X if f , 'gf f" li :law A iff . .L .-1r'1'lf1cj1'fllfzzlrlrlfflp you j,,,,A-1,041-, Ilzm 'IWW fv fVr'.Yl ' AI'!',1'IlIl llffllfll of mr. lIIlIIlLK'l1I?Il'.9 x :L -Q, Q GXIIIPIUIII' Cirlvffg I 'gd .mu L' H'1'f!l ull lfu' rlirfl' IIVHA' 1 1 va.--4i,.V 1--nf. Row One: Sandy Ford, Beth Peters, Luanne Speelman, Diane Wycoff, Diane Lowery, Judy Steyer, Deb Good, Sherri Rosenberger, Sue George, Susan Lantz, Gayle Brown, Barbara Hitchings, Cheryl Brubaker, Kathy Lowery, Debbie Conrad, Kathy Wentworth, Sharon Monday, Kathy Law. Row Two: Mr.Vroon1an, Alana Heischman, Hazel Kring, Paula Grossman, Sue Reddin, Debbie Lowery, Pat Mellott, Marilyn Lewis, Pat Wells, Diane Taylor, Alice Peters, Sue Graumlich, Sandy Conine, Margaret Wehrle, Becky Yeager, Linda Wag- goner, Ann Hoffman, Luanne Jensen, Sheryl Nalle, Nancy Eply, Kathy Martin. Row Three: Ruth Pelton, Carol Woolley, Linda Dehnhoff, Lucille James, Brenda Wells, Ruth Rathburn, Brenda Hassan, Betty Jacobs, Nancy Huffman, Kathy Wolery, Julia Long, Becky Wiseley, Becky Tredw ay, Debbie Schetter, Diane Dehnoff, Jacquie Swartz, Shirley Kumek, Kathy Cook, Shirley Lieb, Jacquie Shaw, Chris Bechtal. Row Four: Jerry Thomas, Allen Thomas, Dan Moyer, Mike Bolin, Dick Fruth, Larry Mosher, Mike Stroub, Alan Rader, Gerald Lee, Stan Jacobs, Duane Dukes, Dennis Gaertner, Ed Bishop, Alan Russell, Frank Purkey, Gary Conine, Dennis Yeager, John Dutton, Lester Lute, Ralph Beamer, Chauncy Nalle, Chuck Ebersole, Tom Wells, Merritt Metzger, Ivan Lee, Gary Caertner. "Let There Be Music" Sue Reddin, a sophomore, is the choir's fine pianist. She accom- panied the choir at all the per- formances and also at this year's operetta, BELLE OF THE WEST. HES? SENIOR CHOIR Q MEMBERS Row One: judy Steyer, Kathy Wentworth, Alana Heischman, Kathy Martin, Diane Lowery, Margaret Wehrle, Pat Wells, Jacquie Swartz. Row Two: Carol Woolley, Ruth Pelton, Luanne Jensen, Debbie Schetter, Ruth Rathburn, Brenda Hassen, julia Long, Becky Tredway. Row Three: Dick Fruth, Mike Bolin, Frank Purkey, Alan Russell, Duane Dukes, Cary Conine, Gerald Lee. ALL-COUNTY CHOIR MEMBERS Row One: Brenda Hassen, Ruth Rathburn, Luanne Speelman, Pat Wells, Alice Peters, Brenda Wells. Row Two: Dan Moyer, Dick Fruth, Lester Lute, Frank Purkey, Alan Rader, Cary Caertner. THE ENSEMBLE Row One: Sandy Conine, Luanne Speelman, Kathy Wentworth, Alana Heischman, Pat Wells, Alice Peters, Luanne Jensen. Row Two: Gerald Lee, Duane Dukes, Kathy Wolery, julia Long,Becky Wiseley, Ruth Rathburn, Brenda Hassen, Brenda Wells, Frank Purkey, Mike Bolin. up-new Row One: Gary Vogelsong, Diane Wykoff, Kay Yeager, Ogden Price, Rick Zellers, Sue Graumlich, Dotty Beach, Becky Wiseley, Kathy Grine, Mike Bolin, Lester Lute, David Noel, Gary George. Row Two: Mr. Vrooman, Becky Williams, Patty Reddin, Linda Waggoner, Luanne Jensen, Lucille james, Rick Aurand, Stan Jacobs, Kathy Gaertner, Chris Mattox, Sue George, Kathy Lowery, Larry Flemion, Kathy Cook, Diane Williams, Sharon Monday, Kathy Law. Row Three: Robin Price, Dan Peters, Tim Boliu, Kevin Zellers, Becky Yeager, Gerald Lee, Duane Dukes, Alan Rader, Larry Mosher, Ralph Beamer, Debbie Schetter, Chuck Ebersole, Kim Sim- mons, Mark George, Terry Nickelson, john Rocky. Row Four: Eldon Hoy, Jerry Graham, Sue Reddin, Rose Lowery, Marilyn Lewis, Becky Evenbeck, Dennis Gaertner, Dick Fruth, Robert Evenbeck, Debbie Lowery, Gary Gaertner, john Lee, Ron Vogelsong, David Rob- erts, Dennis Yeager. "Music: The Speech of Angels" D 161 QQN L., N 3 5 . ' G -N i:-I ' X SENIOR BAND MEMBERS Row One: Dotty Beach, Luanne Jensen, Debbie Schetter. Row Two: Gerald Lee, Duane Dukes, Mike Bolin, Dick Fruth. BAND CFFICERS Row One: Dotty Beach, Luanne Jensen. Row Two: Rose Lowery, Debbie Schetter, Dick Fruth, Larry Flemion, Kay Yeager, Rick Zellers, Mike Bolin. ALL COUNTY BAND MEMBERS Row One: Sue Reddin, Becky Wiseley, Luanne Jensen, Linda Waggoner. Row Two: Eldon Hoy, Robert Evenbeck, Gerald Lee, Duane Dukes, Stan Jacobs, Mike Bolin, Larry Flemion, Dennis Yeager. 4 Majorettes Dotty Beach-Head Becky Wiseley Sue Graumlich r E' l,....n Kathy Grine Becky Kathy Sue Dotty Junior High it E 4 A X ' g I , 'r y . ' I Rich Aurand ri, uf' Lynette Baughman 3' Duane Boes Z' Tim Bolin Ron Conine Jim Cooper john Desgranges joe Emerine ..,, Q 851' viii X w is , K Pi W.. . ,, H. Mcclirzg at the lockers in llzc morning io say 'lzi't0 every- A quick trzp to llw lockers belwccn classes is a muxl lo moxl batbf is ve7jy importmzl. lzzjglz school sluflenls. The Center of Activities Steve Fleegle Craig Ford Becky Fruth David Fruth Mark George I Pat Gorrell Laurie Grine l Barb Guttenberg George Henry- Dorothy Hill .- f Craig Holman ' -0, A ,Q W wg Jenniece Holden N ' xx ga.. D ,. 1 x 1 , . XX-X ..N-f-- ' , .. X Alan Hoy Lou Ann Kish Q f Mike Kreais Lorena Kring i ' 50, x 1 s qw kt W .'f -i rel, Y Q V Before Classes Q 3' v , ., 4 '- f ' ,Q - 'f 'ff s sf ri ' ti. 'fi 1 S H I 'x f' 2 3 X X Looking Through the Eyes Rose Lowery Bonnie McDonald Brenda Mellott Terri Nichelson N-.4- David Noel Ruben Orozco Rita Pelphrey Danny Peters Il fs rmzazing mlm! EIlQ!1f,I graders sec in u uzicroxfopc. Wim! fs' the maficr boysyou look fIIll4:'!L'll.'7 sfjqyl QQF' , Rvws E : 1 P '.,. Q X . . - s fre , , j'if,np ',.'., ' . -K, px. ' , Ya zzg , K fa :. , ,5' 'R 5' :T In f W e ..... N ms f - fs ,,., ' Diane Peters Robin Price Patty Reddin jim Risner avg wg. ff? R B ' '34 , 3SafQ ez'g9Q'w" of an Eighth Grader Dennis Roberts john Rocky Ray Rocky Mark Rosenberger Io Russell Beth Schetter Barney Smith Linda Smith Alex Strausbaugh Harry Swartz Leonard Swartz Dennis Tong Janice Valenti Tim Vance Cary Vogelsong Kay Wentworth Becky Williams Doyle Woodward N ancy Zellers D allas Zickefoose N- is-3 Joyce Anderson Kathy Beamer Mark Bechtel Nancy Binger Robert Brandeberry Arthur Brubaker Dan Cole Becky Cramer K is 5 Kim Crow Daniel Dehnhoff Jeannie Desgranges Keith E pley i Seventh Graders Look Some dqrxiiou will lu: lhzlv fall. 77lUfl'tLfI1 mzrfizlzzrzr .vm1'n1'.s'. Debbie Filliator joe Frankart Kathy Gaertner Gary George Donna Gilliland Martina Gonzalez Jerry Graham Larry Grandy Betty Guttenberg Jim Heiserman John Heiserman Diana Insley .. -K if N ms Q WF ' x. , i , fm I Through the Halls of the Future Susan James Denise Klotz Rick Knepper Robin Lantz Pete Ledesma john Lee Joe Leonard Mark Lieb 'V W .N -ii' Y it , 5' .. 5 ,"l'JL"l' fda L, ,M 'rf n -. I H , I Ai ' M? 14' ' AQ ' x t te 1 i Q,1.6 Vb QS Zlul 9 3 it 2+ Y l J L? . . Jl,,. . t . .,L.,-1yf- ,,., . .,Zi 1 '11L.:zM A X LLIL . Pat Logan Kris Mattox Melissa Metzger Kevin Monday Holly Null Debra Patton Martha Rader Mark Reinhard Hard Working Seventh Graders D0 V110 Il fllfilkvjlflll Y! ever 111z1ler.x'l1uzd il? Things 17011111117 be fha! 111111 6011111 llzqyf? WQ . '841v. ' 'Q jerry Risner David Roberts Orville Rockey Bradley Rubel Tom Sherman Kim Simmons Doren Smith Tony Smith Greg Steyer Tim Stroub Marcene True Mike Tyson Connie Valenti Ronnie Vogelsong Tom Wagner jan Wolfarth 'R Dale Wonders D arlene Woodward Kay Yeager 4 Jr. High Activities Row One: Richard Fox, Rick Bama, Jim Breyman, Brandeberry, Lee Anderson, Jim Margraf, Rex Mosher, Dennis Conrad, Ron Conine, Kevin Ze11ers,ZaneBaugh- Kip GUHH, Tim Hisef, Gary Holden, Deryl Nalle, Ed man. Row Two: Mr. james Miller, coachg Richard RiS11Cr- Row One: joe Frankart, Ronnie Vogelsong, Larry Grandy, Bob Brandeberry, Dan Cole, Ruben Orozco, David Noel, Rick Knepper, john Heiserman, Mark Rosenberger. Row Two: jim Heiserman, David Fruth, Gary Vogelsong, Jerry Risner, Jim Risner, Steve Fleegle, Pat Logan, Dennis Tong, Joey Leonard, Kim Simmons, David Roberts, Craig Fordg james Miller, coach. -,.,,,......,.. -- .- 5- V., ,, W Elementary Elementary Mr. james Miller us the principal ofthe Ele- mentary School, works very closely with the students. Mr. Miller, through his athletic work with the grade school students, gives the impetus that carries over into high school and becomes the product for Mr. Keller and Mr. Reigle to then mold and work into our high school alth- letic program. Mr. Miller works, with his teachers, to keep our elementary school at at high level of acad- emic excellence und yet promote at young and happy atmosphere for little people. MISS JUDY STEWART Sixth Grade MRS. MARIE WEAVER Fifth Grade Faculty gf? MRS. WAHNETTA DUTTON MISS BESSIE FOX Fourth Grade Fourth Grade MRS. MARJORIE TREECE Third Grade MRS.JEAN VAN FLETT MRS. CLARA HOFFMAN Third Grade Second Grade Elementary Faculty r, I.. 4 it Q . 71-,.. . 4-nitg ,e it grin 4"'Y 'I . JM-me - , vm Mrs. Ruth Wolfe, second grade teacher for en- Mrs. Margaret Brenner smiles, she must love ergetic students. her work. Az . Mrs. Ellen Shaw new teacher for first grade pupils. ' V, .. :.Q.."xk.i iftlf. , , - t . 4- . W' ,gl .yum-li 4 7 .-9' tx. '."lAl All , , A , , .. gill - 4,1 Mrs. Marelene Wallen teaches both morning Mrs. Emily Cronenwett teaches music for all and afternoon youngsters. elementary grades. 3 Deadra Bachorik Debra Binger Gary Bowman Karen Cook jay Flemion Resa Gaertner Roger Gilliland Denise Gosnell Steve Graham Tony Hotelling Tom Isbell Kim johnson nn fi sw Rfb: Q X x Sixth Grade Isn't ll Fun Albert Kelbley Brad Kemerley Becky King Josie Kreais is :N I I ff I . 'x ' . , ff , f f 1 I s ,., . Q l A 'WV ' , , 1 " ,N ,v 4 -Z..v1ll.w"' . 2 --',',11--w-'II' " .w""'u ' .1 'aunt ,.-nu" ...U . L., we-Q4 , U' -' .N.w,. fy 'la-ff l f ' A v 'SF fr XY 5 m bf Give them lime, lhcy'll mich on. A ,. if 1 r I g' Q A Slorc up your kIl0ZU!6f4Q'6 loday, for you will :well it tomorrow. Ya wil A if if 2 L Reina, X K Rita Ledesma Carol Lowery Marianne Lowery Christy Lunsford Kathy McCirr Nancy Reddin Barry Simmons Candy Stahl Preparing The Goals Sch Jeannette Steyer Lydia Strausbaugh Florence Kay Swartz William Swartz Debra Vogelsong Tim Weiler Richard Wyans Bonnie Zickefoose Maria Almaquer Carleton Beamer Teresa Beamer Gary Brubaker Sheryl Cobb Joe Dipplehofer Frank Eddington Bonnie Fisher to Meet for High Debia Gosnell Teresa Gorrell David Holman Steve Lantz Brenda Mattox Sandra Mattox Sam Mellott Dean Metzger N If-you lllink ilfv ll111'1lIl1i.v-Vclzg zvnil lilf IIILYI biwir. Wi? 'hav 2 Vickie Moon jeff Pelphrey John Rigsby Martha Roller Homework will bring you success in fzlureyears. Jim Rubel Ernie Russell Kathy Sherman Larry Siferd The Future Holds For tudents S The weather may bc cold bu! llze .Sf1l!l6'llf5,NlfFlll5 arc brzglll. V' 771011: IIIIFIL .s'l1ulc11l.v, flu' IIIISII Ll' ix' no! zlwcufi. Hmm know lllc Ill1.SIl'6I' uma 1 our lmml fn I1 A Lot Who Study Judy Swartz Virginia Swartz David Tong Mike Tong jennifer Wagner Marcie Wolfarth William Woodruff Brian Ziessler Sharon Snyder e Wm TW! R 1 ' I H . "1 WW i- Q: mf U . 'Ti v " ' UM 43321112- ' vi To 5- Q'rg'3x'xf:r-fv- 5- '. M .!,' g ' 5 .5 :ti 'iltazrggz 1 ul. Q.. ui Q '1"' ' vii The Fifth Graders Have When Waldo Good was our custodian he suggested that the fifth grade take charge of the flag raising. He thought it would be more impressive. It was tried. The fifth grade children enjoyed it so much and did it so well that it has been done by Rosie Fox's fifth grade ever since. Dennis Binger Gary Bowman Dennis Butcher Sheryl Clark jeff Cooper Ronald Crawford Chris Crow Cathy Current Ronnie Duray A Big Responsibility Kenneth Epley Steven Fetters Kyle Ford Robbie Good David George Elaine Kemerley Cheryl Klotz Carman Ledesma Mike Marvin Rich Noel Kathleen Rockey Mary Roller Fred Smith joe Salyers jean Sopher Floyd Swartz Rita Swartz Rodney Thrush Thomas Weiker Victor Woodruff fe? 'Q W T png 1 ,if'A"' X is S ' af if--Q U 1 ii-. ' ,gg 3? 555 Q Ffi ll: nh . . , L. 4, . , My .Q an fl Q: 'Z 4 if 5 , vf. fill Fifth Graders Hard at Work 55,5 john Hitchings Jeffery Holman Guen Lowery Kyle Baughman joe Binger Daniel Brandeberry john Cole John Corbin Judy Desgranges Robert Dippelhofer John Eddington Debra Frankfather Kathleen Grandy Vicki Griffith Deidre Gunn Lomf l,,,,,,4g 0f,,,0,.A. Im. ww, ,U EN goof! grarlcs 72'uchc1'.s' are jIC'01pl!lUhCIIfJ7'Ilb!L'HlS nrivc. ,5 ' ' x g 1. ' David Moyer Pamela Norris Jeff Pessell Jacqueline Reynolds Joe Sopher Cindy Stahl Mark True jim Warren Marietta Marvin Larry Moon fly' .X Q, ,.,l. llzr ll James Wooduff Mary Wyans Chester Zickefoose xlib- , ,--. . .A xi-nh" z ,T rw , xdr X X Q, i 4 X l f -nr' -i , 1 gf 4 'im ff. :flf fix ya 1 ' x X,,.n..' I wg -J, Q, X x fa- - 4 X,-I 'I Q x, if , R55 '2 k Q 'I 1 fi fi f? Nfl Uv . ' v I' if 36 'J p , in '15 Jf 1 fi vi Al' Leonard Boes Doug Conine Jeff Crow Chris Fleegle Tom Fruth Linda Graham Susan Hill Dennis Kelbley Fourth Graders Scramble "Let's Go Duane Kirian Cynthia Metzger Arnold Moses Gary N au ' Brad Paulsen Rex Rader Karla Reeder Peggy Rigsby Pamela Roberts John Snyder Tim Sopher Ricky Tong Gary Toornan Rebecca Tyson Patty Warren Barbara Wyans saw?-. .1-a www' 5:1 33:35 "il eff A , ' ,vrgfarw was , . M2wT'9 When Mrs. Dutton Says, to the Movies." WE NIV! I GIRLS ANU ll IIVS TIXARE YIINIIR l RWM 3 Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet? Ask Michelle Thrush the young lady who so beautifully colored this picture. QF Rebecca Brandeberry Darlene Eisaman Bridget Emerine Scott Hill Z., fm ,fl ., Q N fl il X f Rodney Hotelling Valerie Hurlds Edward James Elaine johnson Guy johnson Peggy Ledesma Mackey Lunsford Sue Risner Cheryl Sopher Michael Staht Michelle Thrush Roger Wedge Roger Wolfelt Timmy Zickefoose Margarita Gonzales Rodney Rubel Kg, 4 Fourth Graders Learn Beauty Through Art - -- - F1 - ,frwferf ww... N...1.ff.W ,L -- , ... , , ..g,ff.,.,gr , .. . M., ,Y L, . - - - , . -if -N ri -71? ,S - f K L... ,.,, 5 , .K K ,V 5 , Q3 ' l a r? I 'Qin rg x Q V rvi. . K. A--to . , Y , ,Z ,, . ky A :.y: Q I R i M , .., ,,.: . Ll,i,1Lb,. .,Q..LA, , .L,, , ,A..l if I' 'K t. f' Freida Barnett Christine Beamer Layne Beamer john Fetters Tina Fruth Deanne Gosnell Marilyn Graham Douglas Grandy Third Grade Learns Laura Lowery Wayne Lunsford Carol Kemerley Steve Law Sonya Ledesma Robert Hilt Paula Holman Teresa Hoy Sally james ,fn xx Wu' keys I0 .v1m'c'.v.v arc nwrkirzg IlH!lXfIlll1YfIlg. Through Work and Study K . was .a L Steve Marquart Tom Nau Kim Paulsen Ann Reeder va IQ Tlzirrl tLffllIl!'7'.Y keep up Itfffll lfzc nczux by rmrling IIlIlgILZl'IIl'S F Q J mil l Karen Reynolds Crystal Rubel Gene Smith Laura Strausbaugh Martin Swartz 'S Q ll 1 - lCffSwihart lx" l Steve True Wanda Woolley e4 ey S 1 f Q- 1 t- . . K "Eg,-'+ '- ' - 7-711' t'!lIS.Yl'00Nl Lx ll lmqy pfarc rlurfzzg rfrzss. . ,..k . ,WWI K Wim: ffzc clr1.vx1'00u1 zlv 6'IIlIIll',1'UIl IYIIOII' lfu' .vfn1l1'l1l.v ure' up I0 llII'5ClIflf .YOIIlt'Il'!lf'I'l'. Wfzrrcff Il b6'ffCl'f1l1lC6f6l4 lllfSC1Ifl7-fflllll ilu' fIf!U1QI'0IllIlf.9 Class Room is Familiar .RAB f':"' . W HM X l's, 'xg' Eddie Arnette Susan Bolin Paula Clago Barbra Cobb i A gi' Y Nag Jeanine Coleman Tonia Eddington Lynette Farmer Ricky Good Steven Linville Drew Kirian Raymond Mattox Kevin Marks Marcia Marvin Vicki Marvin Marcia Monday Robin Null Scott Hatfield Jessie Hickle Karen Hotelling A r ,XE +3 5 12 M . Wk, . 6- 2 A me-4 -Wf W, W ., 'hai- W' f Q5 N ,Q fa W? .KN .Q 'n u 5,- f.'N H... Y- fx: Place for Most Students Celia Ann Price Paul Rigsby Louise Rocky John Roller Martha Swartz Alan Theis john Wagner Craig Wykoff Y T 'T 'IU 'I'i'W"2"92r E' -E-:,,.'- , vi.-V A t 5. E., . -' - . - r f 1 -- ff- .M-WM, s 1 i ll, A Q. . Y ' ZQ. gi xwwggli ,p - ai flfiff 'V '- - Second Grade IS Daryl Bachorik Tim Barnette Deborah Brandeberry Robin Brooks Margaret Cobb Laura Corbin Lisa Diebley Bradley Frankfather Keith Holman Terry Holman Brad Kennedy jeff King ' jr- 1 art! er 1' wi Idid il! Tha! was ajob wc!! done. Ready for Easter Connie Lowery Lela Metzger Farell Metzger Ronald Moses Robert Noel Walter Noffsinger Mark Orozco Tina Marie Palmer Cliffton Rigsby Alan Ryman Dawn Simmons David Smith Marla jean Smith Terri Sopher Christina Spearman Thomas Vogel 4 x b Ss srl y . Y. J.r, J- X fmt. 0 'f0':-4" 'A lf' - It 1. . we: E l my V' ml X .V 1 , ,i,., ge. ,1- f I 1,- ,,,, ,J il 3 1,, l i l NK sl IHS ,lx ff g1x,w..Ni vilkssfsilvl x..1 ' 1 :mfg .Q Hifi is asses 4 X W Q sf K uv, Weis' Q' arise tr, ' 4, - kfkk 1 -jf-in 2 r -ns-,gi r , vb wi ": ' A my .. . Q. .Q 's .-9 . ,,. . wqfqy 'K at Q53 Ve! 5 an-f 8' 'SEE-x L: ,aa-' X 1 'V "gas 'YI Terry Wolfarth Benny Vallejo so dm, , ,L Learning the N Sfudgnfy mug! wnggnlmge whgn ,hey arg wmmg, For seconrlgmdcrs learning the lhrcc rk ix fl major ml f M 1: X. aww, 0 .1 if ls Q L if , L 9 C Diana Crouse jeff Diebley Brad Adams Douglas Barnett Carol Beamer Sue Ellen Brown Doug Buchanan Samuel Cole jane Coleman Kaland Cook Three R's David Epley Leslie Hickle Tim Hitchings William Hurlds Brenda Kelbley John Kinshaw Becky Logan Darlene Margraf jimmy Nickelson Cinda Noel Tony N owicki Robert Pessell Robyn Reinhard Robert Smith Larry Snyder Julie Swartz Roger Weaver David Weiker Susan Wells Norma Vallejo "fu x NW isit iitx 'R fl EET ltr? it F SORRY, NO PHOTO Q X 1. 5 will X 'Q' 4 FSQQ an auf - . u" W 4 ll is Em l 1 N ,. 2 , M. Ss. . 5, ...-.....i...... .......rt. 1 M an L 'S 1 ...Q W.. ' -04:1 A g. 2' at I Qi 1 3' 1 . 'l gill ff' 1 '. ' ' ff -. Q me if .1 -.W-W. fwrmf R Y Annu ix working ,lIU'!ff0flIlllYl1 lim' ar! pirllzrc. N14 ,.,.,.., 12 Machelle Baker Lisa Bechtal Toby Bickel Teri Binger Jody Coleman Gilbert Santa Cruz Devan Eisaman Anne Fetters Lt'!lfIIl'IIg In prim' f4'!l1'r's an Illc l1lm'klmrlnlix al1z'r1x1'.s First Grade Learns Together in 'HT wi- e Ralph Gilliland Kim Lee Hickle Brian Hilt Ken Holman Robyn Horrath Shelly Ann Johnson Annette Lowery Duane Margraf Judy Mattox Lowell Metzger it Gary Miller Jeffery Noel 5 L :VH L I fel ' .' 'ff , K, . ., ,V ,wmWw,, K - 1,55 lg - I ,ff Lisa Reeder Pat Reinhart Jody Swartz Diane Valljo Through Work and Pla Recess i r Il good lima' lo gc! nulsirlc' mul jllqlf. 1'l11Yf-gl'!I!l1'l'.V 11lz1'r1.1'.r cujq 1' ll good gmm' aflug. Trent Beamer joan Bowman Stanley Desgranges Lois Eisaman - Learning :ffl ofthe fn! graders. jon Fleegle Andrea Hamlin Dennis Holman Harlan Hoy l Donald Kinshaw Amy Klotz Shelia Lenhart Lisa Lowery .fix 35 ESQ' EM? :Sgr . X Q. Q L A ' i y f t E to Live Together Connie Mandell Jimmie Mattox Donald Moses Linda Nau Lissa Noel Darlena Palmer Linda Patton Douglas Reinhart . ' NO PHOTO AVAILABLE " of 'jL'fi'fj ....,:i j'51l:wQ.a r l 1 fi. ff, QMUwWvxf, .9 A ' 1 'z .5 1. Dennis Smith Karen Strausbaugh Scott Switzer David Thomas julie Thomas Joyce Tooman is N xt V ' "N Q4 W, . ff f A . 5 3 ,: N' I' A wx '. ,-' ' 'tn 62. A ,Q . ,R "' 'lv 1 fu- '.:' an ' ', ii 5?5g.25- 'kms li ..f 09 lfanoufl Jr .1 : 'f'f,.,:' ,, UW fi :QW A . , 'fx' . fly ff Fl s l 2 . 1 '11, . I4 mf' vg- Q' - a J, 4 1'-:em he--':':e X A .wp-e ,A Q UJQYTDAM. .,,.,., A, Christmas Time is S lxisgii k-L. gi It , , S ,X ff-c"'-,As' Xu f A . j 1 ii 5 2 1 LK.. 4 Y.4,f4-f 'QP X if .. ,,.. .. .. WZ,,,,:,f,w..,.,. , sq, , .W . - 3-wi zzawesig ff f S th.. Q , .1 . .m . Q A at-,. 1 6 t. '53 me I x 0 , Y 0 All my A 'gk R wtf. F 1 a t E, :QL rp .A " A viii K. I. L' f gig a ut I ,t -, s-,.v. " ' lk is S an 'N +3 .Q s .Q 'Ss in-8 M t .sw- U Q 4 'R 1 5 1 , .9 ,..,X,i,, ..,A.., ,... hw, . 5 ff? ,f " . A ' , ., 'C 'lt , W .oaiir ,.,.---,X ' X, f ,V S-Q 41 -,,. gf Ni , 'wwf' S 2 , S l 5 in Melanie Bishop Brian Brooks Gary Cooper Cathy Dray Kenneth Emerine Glenn Holman Julie Jacobs Marvin Kelbley jennifer Margraf Robert Mattox Elaine Metzger john Moses Kevin Nau Emily Noffsinger Darlene Painter joseph Recker Patty Roberts Susan Saltzman Tana Simmons james Spearman Fun Time for Kindergaften A ffllfll' CXIFXVDIIIIX varolbringx 0l1ffll!'jQl'fIl vvefv 171111113 llC'IlI'f. Bradley Stahl Dawn Stein Tome Swihart Bryan Switzer 'l E5 Edward Theis F ri ff mmw' fo 41 Kimberly Valentine f i ,QQ . Larry Walsh N qknll D ' l by William Weiker A 'fl' ' I 9' 5 as f The .vpiril ofClzrz1r!ma.v :lf shown by givinggwv. my aw' rf Yi E S t , i, 1 : V p ilslmill Q- 'AA' y ,Q,. igJqQ't'x A . Q r Y m vf l - :Ss ilii ' my If l ish 4,1 Quiz ,z - Christin Ziessler ar The Little Graduates of Arcadia Kindergarten -S'i5,'- '- ,A X, - i' -'-- 2153? ' 1 , -smrytg -Yr - ' or was ,ff ' ll an S 'E , Sf NP v- U' , "' . if I ,..i - i.,,. , ., l ,A .,ii. Y . y .ri .:.: ..'::: :ii 1 r 1 Q " Xcg,,.X ' ... .. ' H '. 1: i n , . :fr as ,sf-J .rr mf 1 ' . A 1 . l , :I - if- ' 5" -1, 9' ' "'L ,Q ,,,.:.f i -..f A-is ,ww -sf-, A .. . . . - VVIL Y k,t. lg V fr -k::: 5 . i -- : ":'.' T . fs ,, , V, .. 4:1 4 I 5 eip .i.t ., ei:-.,, 8. I xl J W r X tg-,,l1. J lf , 1 l " g 'Q X ee e w - or 2 rr 1 ' , as Michael Binger Forest Clagg Patricia Cobb Linda Current Judy Diebley Carol Fleegle Jon Good Robert Kinshaw Dane Kirian Rex Linville Donna Lowery Pamela Lowery Charles Lunsford Vicki Myers Teresa Noller Gerald Nowicki W Q- ,..,....---o-- That bzg rlzplonm for a liltlc girl. Proud parents ofgraduales look on. julie Nowicki Roger Reinhart John Roberts Timothy Rubel julie Ryman H Biron Smith , RK. Todd Sopher I 7 5" '. f T ' W ll ' 'v" ammle a ers 1:R ' A niflyx X K , R f ig Q? R R M . 7 fx gk ' jerry Weaver Robert Wehrle f s. Y 11, 4 3-M d?xf.N'f""K 1, . 1' if lv ,- ek V X ,wg fl-f A 4 1 , ' 9 is Q ,415 .v..l. .math Elementary Student Council Rnzz' Ona: Roger Gilliland, Secretary, Mike VllO11g,P1'CS- Guy Johnson, John Cole, Doug Conine, and Ronnie ideut, and .Ioe Dippelhofer. Rua' Two: Sheryl Clark. Crawford. Karla Reeder, Gwen Lowery, Kinrlohnson, Mrs. Dutton, C? Row One: Jeff Pelphrey, Vice-President, jerry Bowman, ings, David George, Debra Ringer, Cathy Current, Presidentg Sandy Mattox, Secretary, and Mrs. Dutton. Kathy Grandy, Roger Wolfelt, and Chris Fleegle. Row Two: Cheryl Sopher, Rebecca Tyson,john Hitch- Elementary Christmas Program ' s K qi . K . ' Q , K , Q I K A xf O Elementary Snaps fic f I Q lf w v -X Q3 gf QE' yr. ,11 Q ml 5 Q 3 ' vi la Y 'F '53 3 'n-K K ics - ?9 H'v- :LSU A' I 'Q qi' - . X S ,- ff V VER"-N, xnxx "Wh x..x cm- '- A, xx , NNT , -MQNVMM -...N . 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Provided you bring them with you! 4 Q 0 'ily oooRER TIRE Sr RUBBER ooMRANY X xx M Findlay, Qhio lla" A-1--- no . . . ,Ml Compliments Compliments of STARK'S MARKET BAZLEY'S MEATS - - 9 .ariifnu fixe d K5 'l L fy,- .ff Fostoria, Ohio South Main 2 Findley ohio THE NATIONAL LIME and STONE COMPANY Crushed Stone - Ready-Mix Concrete Agricultural Lime 8 Limestone Plants At U Carey Findlay Phone 396-2611 Phone 422-3216 FAIRVIEW GOLF COURSE 0pen To Public County Road 205 Findlay, 0hio 45840 Phone 422-5035 4'TW1, N - 'ill' THE AncAolA cREAMEnY 1 L-32 - ff MIIK-Cl AM ii 'I nu' CARPENTER Cash Buyers--- Cream and Eggs P. HEATER 0 R. LANAGAN Phone 894-623l General COHtf8Ct0fS Arcadia Ohio 1224 Byal Ave Findlay, Ohio Phone 422-5801 swf? SUPEIISUY QNRSMML SWIFT 8L COMPANY SUYBEAN MILL Fostoria, Ohio .se rye 1'1 I ROSE CYCLE -Fl' 1 I HONDA BMW TRIUMPH Sales Service Accessories 408 N. Main Street Findlay, Ohio Phone 422-9026 .JAY'S TIRE G BATTERY, INC. Complete Wheel Service Phone 587-6I5O Vanlue Ohio COVERED WAGON STEAK HOUSE New Riegel RD Ml Phone 595-0288 4' I S -. GLORIA - GRACE HAIR STYLISTS Expert Hair Styling and Permanent Waves II5 E. Crawford Phone 422-9493 HUSTON LUMBER COMPANY, INC. READY Mix CONCRETE CUMPLIMENTS UF THE ARLINGTON NATURAL GAS COMPANY Van Buren, Ohio I Congratulations from the FORT FINDLAY VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Findlay, Ohio ENCK'S Grocery, Carry Out and Tavern 556 Trenton Ave. FINDLAY GLASS GU., INC. Ulf it's Glass We Have ltiu 208 East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Phone Ohio 422-6872 COMPLIMENTS UF ATLAS CRAN KSI-IAFT CORPCDRATICN Fostoria, Ohio FURNES BRAKE SERVICE Compliments of "Specialist SIVICS IQQQII Relining R . . II4 West Main Cross epaIrIng Findlay, ohio MXIUSIIIIQ Kermit A Mable Casteei 2ZiErg3LIii?ItEOZL5O 125 E. Front 422-8945 CUMPLIMENTS UF SAN-A-PURE DAIRY COMPANY Finest In Dairy Products Phone 423-2526 , Findlay, Uhio asa. ICE CREAM CUMPLIMENTS TU THE CLASS UF 1968 . HORPORATION FINDLAY,0HIO 45a4o- AREA Coos 419 4236123 Findlay Division RUSS' ISA MARKET jd AN Z' a s Congratulations to 4E .u M ' THE CLASS OF 1968 Compliments of STROMAN IMPLEMENT CO. Fostoria, Ohio Phone 455-259: CUSTOM FARM SERVICE, INC. Complete Fertilizer Needs Arcadia, Ohio Phone 894-64l4 HANCOCK GAS SERVICE, INC. LP Gas for Farm, Home lndustry llI2 Lima Ave. Findlay, Ohio 422-4575 Hancock Countyls Only Complete LP Gas Service Compliments of ARCADIA ELEVATOR Elevator Mill 894-6444 894-6451 BISHOP STEEL BUILDING COMPANY Route H4 Findlay, Ohio CECO STEEL BUILDINGS Factory Produced For Every Use Telephone 425-2464 14 i img WON DERS' FLOWER SHOP Route 2 Fostoria, Ohio Coior TV Stereo 5YLvANiA by JONES RADIO 8 TV Findlay, ohio Z5 MOORE EXCAVATING COMPANY Stone Hauling, Top Soil-Sand Septic Tank Installation O Repair Wate r L i nes-Pumps-Gas Lines Bulidozing Backhoe Work Compliments O Good Luck SUE'S SALON OF STYLES 1401 sixth Street Findlay Qhig IO5 Brown Road Arcadia, Ohio 44804 Across From Timberlanes 894-6II5 R. P. HEISERMAN Owner SUE WELLS FOSTORIA AREA LK SHOP FOOD GIANT 1521 N. Countyline Road Fostoria, Ohio 44830 i A i E FINULAY'S ELKS CLUB Grill, Banquets, Receptions Phone Findlay 422-2442 Ohio 1' Seo! REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Rhone 455-77ll l25 W. North Street Fostoria, Ohio MOES BAKED ENAMEL SHUP 24-Hour Wrecker Service Complete Body R Fender Repai Radiator Repairing ring Phone HE 5-6207 Countyline Street Fostoria, Ohio E. J. MOES MAC AND BUB SERVICE GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecker Service Tire Repairing Phone 422-4462 Sundays A Holidays Call 425-IOE7 229 E. Front Street Findlay, Ohio THRUUGH Read your local newspaper for local, national, and world news. lnclude the editorial page and other features. And remember-- GUUD MURNINGS START WITH The Republican-Courier THE YEARS AHEAD WFIN Radio and WFIN-FM serve this area with entertainment, news, and special event broadcasts. These stations serve the Northwestern Uhio audience WFIN Radio and WFIN-FM Studios in Findlay Hancock County Farmers Equipment Dealers Association J. l. CASE EUUIPMENTS CENTER Findlay Uhio JOHN SAUSSER DODGE, INC. STEEL COMPANY 422-5653 422-9652 o '99 Gs Luwfndhoc SERVVCE t,4 qt Findlay, Ohio lvugtux lxuuux 1 Compliments of mm. UNI' BALLREICH BROTHERS " CLQj'3?5-3 POTATO cu i P Tiffin, Ohio Congratulations To The Graduating CLASS UF 1968 Lester Beard Bulk Milk Hauler Phone 387-7044 Alvada, Ohio vs ill My W! PORTER MUSIC OO., INC. Conn-Selmer Band Instruments Everett Pianos Hammond Organs 550 South Main St. Findley Ohio Across From Marathon FINOLAY PAINT COMPANY Retail - Wholesale Dean 8 Barry Paint-Wallpaper-Supplies Michael F. Wise Phone 422-6565 Manager 2I6 S. Main St. Specializing ln Pizza, Spaghetti, e.o.Q. Rios D B.B.Q. Chicken Your Favorite onbe' Beverage Phones Sus. 425-22Ol Res. 425-l2Il 5lOO North Main St. Findlay, Ohio DONALD D. COURTNEY I VERES SPURTMAN S SHUP Real Estate And Insurance 509 South Main Street 455-4850 Representing The Travelers Insurance Companies Fostoria, Ohio Business Rh. 422-BIOO Residence Ph. 422-5I84 ANDY VERE5 425 Taylor St. Findlay, O io It's Patriotic To PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS Compliments Cf FINDLAY FAIR 122:3- 47 'WQg r Compliments of THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY Packaging Division Findlay, Ohio Compliments of MOREY'S 5OI South Main Street Findlay, Ohio REINHART AUTO BODY Complete Body 8 Fender Repairing infra-Red Baked Enamel Phone 455-8040 Day or Night i628 N. Countyline St. Fostoria, Ohio WAYNE REINHART, Owner THE J. A. MILLER TILE CO. Manufacturers of Duality Clay Drain Tile Use Uur New Notch-Tile for Faster, More Dependable Phone 937-3514 Drainage Bascom, Ohio Compliments of ROYAL TIRE SERVICE Findlay, ohio 422-96l2 EQ! PRODUCERS LIVESTOCK ASSN. Findlay, Ohio Auction Every Tuesday Daily Hog Market 'iiiiiiii Compliments Of JACK'S PLACE Arcadia Ohio agar-old egfacanrd "PERSONALIZED FOR YOU" Mrs. Don Beamer Route W2 Fostoria, Ohio Phone 894-66ll b TPM ' ' PM Evans Office Equipment 125999 7222 M Corn an l ' "' p Y l 2 I W 2 Royal Typewriters Office Supplies OFFICE T Victor Adders Office Furniture Norelco Oictating Machines 4OO S. Cory Street Findlay, Ohio FRED'S BRlNDLE'S WAYSIDE FURNITURE CU. 27l6 No. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Values Tell Our Story Shop and Compare SERVICE Open Evenings Fostoria, Ohio Corner Sandusky O Buckley St. Phone 435-I555 THEIS SHEET METAL CO. RAY reels, Mgr. Coal - Gas - Oil f Roofinq, Spouting, General Repairs Rybolt Furnaces Phone 595-2290 New Riegel, Ohio AT GRUMANS MUSIC The Band - Orchestra Shop Sales - Rentals - Repairs Reynolds, Leblanc, Armstrong Band Instruments Guitars, Amplifiers, Drums 729 N. Main St. Findlay Ohio CIRCLE FOUR WESTERN SHOP The Finest ln Western A Square Dance Clothing C Accessories Congratulations to THE SENIOR CLASS MCCOMB DAIRY Leather Goods Saddlery Mccomb Ohio DUN at FLORENCE HAUGH , GA' 2-4835 Distributors of Meadow Gold 507 Trenton Ave. I Findlay, Ohio Dairy Products l TIFFIN UNIVERSITY HPreoarinq For Careers ln Busines l55 Miami Street 4l9-447-6442 Tiffin, Ohio HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC. Complete Line ot Farm Seeds 422-9572 IZO5 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of The Hancock County Automobile Dealers Association Hollington Buick l, Harrington Chevrolet CCD? Herrin Pontiac Sausser Dodge Wiggins Rambler Golden Lincoln Mercury "X 'Q gfd . Willard Sales Duffield Motor Co. Lariche Volkswagen Kibsgard Sports Car Collingwood Ford Findlay International Compliments of CCLDREN FUNERAL HGIVIE, INC. 205 West Sandusky St. Findlay .Ohio l Mi LLER MOTOR SALES 1212 Blanchard Ave. 423-2664 Findlay, Ohio The Finest Used Cars in Town CONTRACTORS Commercial Industrial HULLENKREMER Institutional CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Findlay, Ohio 400z S. Main St. GA 2-4646 PAT RONS ARCAOIA BLOOMOALE A. C. Lewis Custom Sawing nr, F, J, Nemcik Oicken Manufacturing Company Wagner'5 IGA Kay's Beauty Shop Ruhy's Beauty Shoppe QAREY ALVADA Burson Chuck' Hill, Inc. s Super Dollar FIO'S Halfway 'OO Oelta Plastics Corp. Fox's Garden Center Nye's Grocery McCOMB ARLINGTON Lenhart's Implement C Hardware McComb Farmers Co-op Arlington Ford Sales, Inc. Norway - Bower T, V, BASCOM TIFFIN Town Tavern Hanson Machinery Tiffin Hardware Company Uhlman's VAN BUREN Cliit Clements, Auctioneer FINDLAY Air - Flo Heating 8. Appliance, Inc. Dr. Bair and Dr. Burnett B8tJ Photo Beltz Clothing Bindel's Maytag Appliance Center Davis Explosives, Inc. Dietsch Bros. Ice Cream 8. Candy Egbert Carpet Store Fenstermaker's Shoe Store Findlay Body Repair Co. Findlay Hardware Findlay Power Equipment Co. First Federal Savings Hancock Savings 81 Loan Co. Inbody - Smith Reality, Inc. Jac 84 Do's Pizza Jackson Furniture Company Latham Oldsmobile Maior Appliance Co. The Midland Grocery Co. Miles Funeral Home Miller's Kitchenette Miller's Luncheonette Mitchell's Watch 8- Gilt Shop Montgomery Ward - Findlay Morey's M.D. Nett Lumber Co. Ohio Beauty Supply The Photo Center Plotts Harness, Luggage Shop Dr. J. R. Robertson Sohio Station, Tiffin Ave. Jim Stall Contr. Dr. R. L. Stealey Sturm's Market Town and Country Hardware WFIN The Wheb Egg Co. FOSTORIA Al's Jewelers Barb's Beauty Salon J. B. Basehores 8. Co. Bishops Sanitary Dry Cleaners The Black Cat Dell's Dorthy's Shop DeKalb Seed Corn, George Monday Fostoria Concrete Prod., Inc. Fostoria Pet Hospital Fostoria Vault Co. Fruth's Hardware Hoyt Seed Co. Jeannette Shop Kelley Explosives Thomas P. Kidd DSC Kleinhen's Kwik Shake Plaza Barber Shop Production Credit Association Roth Furniture Store Dr. R. J. Seiler Town 81 Country Ward Livestock Co. Wedge Lumber 81 Supply Wilson's Gull Wig w ii iisv-fx 575:15 Fisiil use Eff Q .2 33" - k Q Lg' :Q I . x in in Z.. L 5 Ng, A i V r i P ew. ., ,A V5 b Q fix-L ' Aiwa P' . Fiifv 5222 X-115 595, 1 gf: Riff 1 4.15: N., xx. , .. 1 . . fz,M-55 ,, - 4' F- av L, ,kan , - '5- qzji 1, M:- Siu W-ff Q' ,im A ,A 5 will Q J 1fbQ'4S'S REA, mm wwf-Q ,gx U. .1 ,I ! I J 1 f J N 1 ii New s. A Q 1 1 Ax I. 4 l A 4 1 I 7' 9 I ,Q w 1 ,1 M V Q 5 ff' fQ5VQ i 9ff 70 Q5 H4 by y w 'W wp W W ff Jw JL WO W JW M34 0f1XyK,y Jw ' ,W . JM Www WVW, W , www 4 AM, W Cwldl WW 4 eg, 335 mf -ps f VIH, 05752 xg- CQ' 2 "1 0 1,16 E5 2 E390 AJ Nw! NV' 47 wfx wb 3. QQ? URW 6255551 Ti My , M 0 Cifliggi N7 N15 fb fl? 'ifig - fi ff' W My I V V s T S 9 vw ,QAM ,ff WW 1. . 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