Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH)

 - Class of 1962

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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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q 'ff -aff 'I vii 1....,, f,-94.-hefsf 'ff' lp, lx X 'Iii , 'TW w Qin- p,,. , ,, A. 4-s f f ,rr V fflfv . : w 4, .. 4 Q ' 'Pm 5 , ,,--Til cf, . I ?r " 1 ,A V. I V .1 - ,,..f ii ' 1,4 I 'X izff f , H? f , r 75 7?--1 ,if-4 " -, 1-r" 1 ' 2 r '3 f L, ' ,. Ni . . b xhsgx - S NRK Xxx N f. X -' Q, N 5209 Q K: N mga EX Xigsl NN sig 5 .,, 1'-wr . 'K , Hail, ' "-552 ,, 2 JR- " ' . - an11F1i?Sf7.271'if-f6'.'W'-'- ""5ii."1' '-3 'A ,"':" "-" "1 4551 '.1 'B-'-IEW, few-2 ' ' Uk f --'H 'W' -s' , Y , -ws:--.. 'fzhcizxz '1 ..,,-,-., h Ii, 1,. .. 'af' V .V LH M -w-A f I - . V.--f - - - -- V -1-'1?,f1ST1 1 A 'life' f ' f"' J., ' fn' - ' ' , "- " ' , F lf., -rl A,.,.v: T .4 --- M ,........ --- 4, , . , N. r - ,-V ,-.V , - -Qs w I . W we sas - ms as-mm 1 E B N , k 'V .ff ss f E B EE gym Q : 'Eg' mu-4 , EE M w , - +P-M M W Qmwrsf as Z5 'B ,vm 5525 4: 'M W -saga-us':-agar? Q M ,mw- E .K was TIAH... 4- 55 Q ag,-. --7-' 4- 5 , ,. 5 -' xg-pn. Haw,-..f, . Y :pink ,ywz ' M ,f Q .ini if ,.,'g'E' rf UW, l l .nm 'ffisf-vw. H . - , ,I fig fig' --2: , .V WK Q r V- ,P 1, ' ' .gg i AgsAggisHi22g:f ' x ' ,-, if If-ag . , W f ' 1?ff3:"-Qf' ' 471-Y:,'i 'ig' m"'Ef'?f el. " -ii-1 '42-P--.'F'Jf:' .V 3-" ' ff -' " 7 V, -7 - iw E -a:1!I' ' "If ' W, ' I .1-P ...., . , + waz, y...-1--1 Sis use sf. u ,fr ?X.vI,Jf3fim',, - Y, 3. - Q..-J: A .,. V, ,. - A-11. V fa, --., . K 1? 2' ,, ,- 'swf I H .Gm gf'-lfz' ,, muses 1 Wg M , ' - ' - m 1 fi' A ms - asa E ms 4:14 Mwwwf e mu E ss K m- ,sl-2 E125 Qin new 2 25 DEDICATIO Ms- x C. E, GROTH ,During the course of our years in school we have known many joys and disappointments. Typical of all teenagers, we needed the understanding and guidance which you so willingly gave us. And so, we, the Senior Class of 1962, wish to dedicate this Arcadian to you, Mr. C. E. Groth, for your time, given so willingly and cheerfully for the betterment of the school. I AM PROUD OF MY SCHOOL Yea Arcadia! Let that cry be heard for generations to come. May Arcadia High always be a symbol of excellence, worthy of the pride it is endowed with. Pride in an institution of learning involves many facets. First let us define pride and determine its origin. Pride may be defined as high esteem, propagated by the achievements and accomplishments which a person incurs. Each new school year constitutes a quest for achievements made possible through growth and development. As growth occurs in many ways, students at Arcadia develop intel- lectually, socially, and physically. Students grow intellectually, as they absorb the increasing concepts of knowledge and practical arts presented to them each day. As a result they face their future in the world after gradu- ation with cognizance and co m pr ehen s i o n. S cho ol organizations, class parties, and other student activities provide social development, and will develop students into fine American citizens. Physical development is also encouraged, and is provided in the proper proportion with other aspects of education. Whenever I go into a classroom, or to a class party, or to a sports eventg then I know why I am proud of my school. Ithen know why I am grateful to Arcadia High for providing me with the advantages that will be indispensable in planning my future. When I think of my school, Ithink not of a building, but of achieve- ments acquired by human experiences that I will never forget. Yes, Iam proud of my school, and will be always indebted to it for twelve years of golden experiences. John .Cramer ADMINISTRATIO MR. JAMES SLOUGH Principal MR. CHARLEY E. Superintendent K GROTH BOARD OF EDU CAT ION STANDING Mr. Fred Pessel Mr. Harold Peters Mr. C. E. Groth Mr. Duane Beamer SEATED Mr. Fred Gassman Mr. Luther Wiseley Mr. William Bowm 3.11 LA GUAGE Mrs. Noel, our English teacher. Look interested, kids! 2: :Sw Studying hard?'??'?????'?'?'??????? -1 L ,..,.g Mrs. Reardon, our Spanish teacher. Spanish in action! SCIENCE l Here a few of the freshmen science class examine Gary Baughman prepares to give a reading on the various slides with the new Microscopes. This is balance. This year the class was the first class to only a part of the ten new microscopes the school have lab work. purchased. S , ,Q , 0 Vernon Seel and Tom Paananen are examining the Bob Peters and Tom Castor are observing some of organs of the human body. the electronic apparatus which they constructed in freshmen laboratory class. l DEPARTME T nu-,Quia The theory and operational procedure of the analog computer is an important part in the study of physics. These chemistry students are involved in qualitative analysis, which is usually studied during the last six weeks of the school year. Number please! The addition of ten new microscopes has greatly broaden the scope of the biology department. MATH DEP RTME T Mr. Maaske explains the double angle These seniors in trigonometry class seem formula to the trigonometry class. to be enjoying their study? of the triangle. Bookkeeping is an important part in the As a sophomore, the math student delves commercial major's curriculum. into the world of plane geometry. SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. James E. Slough, Principalg Findlay College Part of the Junior American History class. De- B. A.4g Bowling Green M, A. mocracy and World History are the Senior and Sophomore subjects, respectively. E GLISH Mrs. Eleanor McCoyg Columbia College, Columbia, Here Becky Groth, Gary Baughman, and Roger South Carolina. She is now working on her M. A. Good are looking over the new paper back novels at Bowling Green. that will assist them in their studies. HOME The picture to the right shows the attractively dec- orated tables for the annual Mother-Daughter Ban- quet. The picture to the left shows some sophomores en- joying the results of their Dinner Unit. Mrs. Wykoff smiles in appreci- ation of the gift she received from the members of the local F. H. A. Chapter. ECONCMICS Sandra Springer is shown pinning the sleeves of her suit she is making in Senior Home Economics. ,.. I anet Kuhlman, Bonnie Thomas and Marilyn Hiie are sewing in Junior Home Economics. l R Y S Nancy Good, Pat Peters, Dian Stillberger are making de corations for the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. I DUSTRIAL Electronics laboratory. Cabinet making in the Wood Shop. Working in the Wood Shop. Drawing and planning room. With the addition of the new building the Industrial Arts Department became one of the finest in Hancock County. The facilities provide separate areas of work in printing, electronics, wood working and metal working, which includes foundry work, welding, machine shop practices, and sheet metal. Printing in the Print Shop Drilling on the drill press. T 2 .f H Mike Bulkowski in the metal shop. A large mechanical drawing and planning room is also provided. A photography room and a wood Freshmen SOPh0lTl0IC Juniors and seniors participate in Industrial Arts. The instructor is Mr. VOCATIO AL " J-I .s if r Here Mike, Dan, and Gary are inspecting the arma- John Grossman and Bob Coleman are shown working ture of a starter. In the background are the new on the engine of the department's old Farmall. cabinets which the Seniors helped finish. Mr. Cunningham looks on as Dan Dutton inspects the As part of Farm Safety Week, a tractor tipping complex gears of the transmission of the tractor. demonstration was put on by Dick Gassman and Dave Fruth. This year the Vo. Ag Department was fortunate in obtaining a new classroom and shop in the new building. This valuable space was needed with the increasing size of the Ag classes. . ..:f LFE? ' .' " .1 GRICU LTU RE Dave Mellott and Tom Noel are working on an The Freshman boys look on as Mr. Cunningham in- automatic transmission of an 01d Car, structs them on the correct form of operating a hand saw. Larry Thomas and Jerry Gassman look interested in Dan poses for us as he goes to the new loft in the the Demonstration given by the State Farm Safety Ag. Department. What is the hammer for Dan? Committee. This year six Senior Vo. Ag boys took the newly offered course in Vo. Ag, called Special Agri- culture. This class taught the boys advanced mathematics and mechanics. At the end of this period of studing, the boys went outside the classroom for on-the-job training. HEALTH AND PHY. ED. Xqififar T The health class is given instruction in artificial The girls in physical education class are put through respiration. their paces. DRIVERS ED. ff' Students discuss operation and care of automobiles with the driver education instructor, Mr. Johoske. COMMERCIAL DEPARTME T Mrs. Edith Covert teaches commercial subjects at The Juniors above are learning the basic techniques Arcadia. Among her classes are Typing I and II, for using the mimeograph machine. Shorthand I and II, and Office Practice. Mrs. Covert attended Bliss Normal School, Musk- ingum, Ohio University, and Bowling Green State University for her college education. The Sophomore typing I class is learning the basic Jeanne Waggoner, a typing I student is putting her skills for typing. skills into practice. EVANS OFFICE EQUIPMENT Findlay, Ohio fx-1 ziz W Enema -F 4- M45 SH 1 QM. - F PQ I' -ffl vm: .su WE Sf 1 U K 1 '. , V K PP ,gsm g P , , , . V K A X , ms. , P, , , ' 5, V. i . ii E ' , . W Ag :ty A Fi: W -SPE 3 A A JW E gr J. ef' 'T E A' P P 1 3 P! , ,a ' 7 L55 fl W XX 1 5 ' fx P , 1 if 1 I 5 E sam, gm ,,... 1' 'Y-'ti .T 4, V , ,gg P ,i ' , P U, . , ZZI Q-262 1 A Q b , , , 1 222 A X 2 1 5 E-Znigsf. w Q :-1 ' 2535155 . PW PP 1 ji. fi , T , Y fa ig MEN 2 1 Q , W i X J ,JY in P P P X 1, ' P 5 "5 "' by., : , ' 2 ' Q - ' , - ' pei' P , HQQSQA , : Z 1 ii 5 yy Y V H Y- i , x I Q gzigigw P , ' P 1 ' ' Y . ' Puff Q P, QQ22' P P ' " ,Q ggxfggfggxf W 435521, , S g,QSff?g j ,. '- Pi? P :Nagy ,, NV, aigqg A , 'yi 'iiiiix I 3125352 ' . Uvygggxu W! in N gig, , I Q5 X sh ,Q ,R my y 33 LQZZPWZIX ggi! SLA , E, ,,-- L ,551 . x. P '1 I V 1 1, P, 'PP' , . P--'P i ,. . 1 i P 71 , W P ' "QA PERETT 11" r . , 4 re'-,mam is - risrr so T wr 'V -,- - , Y- R. "Steamboat Sam" "Nobody Loves Me" I The Mississippi River, with its gay legends and tales, set the background for this year's operetta, "Mississippi Melody". The operetta based primarily on the story of Tom Sawyer, was a combination of melodic folk music and light comedy under the leadership of Mr. Irving Christnagel, the high school music director. The 61-man cast created an evening of delightful entertainment for the audiences. Outstanding in their parts were Gerald Lewis as the mischievous Tom Sawyerg Karen Fox as his harassed Aunt Pollyg Lanny Springer as the rattle-tale Sidneyg Bill Collins as Steamboat Sam, the town herog Carole Gordon as Mammyg and Don Driesbach as the naughty, dirty Huckleberry Finn. ., Y ,is -We , X. f., - ' of 4- , 1 "V wr! ' 9 112' T' S A .11 . sg r.s.,,Q , iisrr,r l vsiffs i ,S ,N . J , ,,.., msg ssl as rx ,X . - .. , rl QQ X 2 ru ,gg N Mr Z , ,si QQ, a fl 1 ',yra'i'fw1sa,.r,ss, ip agar ' m ' " ' 'S 'sf , . 1 1, p s 1 ,gi rr gsm! my Q M, we , , ' a ' si r-,. if .fps-1 5 ' aux ru t ,. , f. "What a Beautiful Brass Doorknob" , Mr, Chrismagel, E ,ra R Tw s B I iil, 1 SENIOR CLASS r . ,-f 65511 44 54? ' ,H nz :.: :.. , ., Steven C. Adler President . . . Vice-President Treasurer. . . Secretary. . Reporter . . PATIENCE IS THE KEYSTONE TO SUCCESS Sponsors - Mrs. Edith Covert - Mrs. Virginia Wykoff Flower - Pink Carnation Color - Blue and White . . Gary Switzer . . John A. Cramer . . . Karen Sue Fox . . Barbra Jeanne Wade Dian Arlene Stillberger June Bishop , f , QM' 4 WILLIAM D. COLLINS JOHN A. CRAMER P . 15 wi MICHAEL V. CURTIS , 'F' F---' I DAN D. DUTTON KAREN SUE FOX LINDA FOX 'L-.A 7! f GARY JOSEPH FRANKART TED L. GARRETT DAVID A. FRUTH NANCY GOOD t'?""""v RICHARD M. GASSMAN J -l CAROLE ELAINE GORDON 5 ' rl 16' .W ll' ff' iv-i DENNIS G. GREER P? DENNIS L. KING mm 'Q' ROGER M. KEEFE DAN G. HARMON fu Q x,-W-iii.--:Sim :f':rAw1:1 gx,L.r,5,, D, Q? ' :mln K .'-:-Q'5gU:"a E ' -H. " , ,-:."-gf.'?v . Evil! 'QQ' f'5f':f't"'wvv-v fliliwm 'Iv 'WW N 3 151.3132 zlfflrfdffl w1.aeNsUi'5,! ff TOM G. MART IN ., ,, ,4 . .fwtf-Iixfif 'ifiisib 1-1 -3 '-IQ f?v22f""'U!'Ifff77.'F?2: 1' JOHN L. LOTH SANDRA KAY MONDAY DICK M. NOLAN NH? L, ZOAN PAA NANEN PAT RICIA RUTH PETERS I JACKSON RISNER L 15:-3? Q. GALEN L. ROTH Photo Center Plotts Harness Luggage Shop Warren's Men's Shop Black and Warrners Jim the Bicycle Man E. W. Schaufelberger Jr. Insurance Co. Office Supply Candyland Lunchnette Cappy's Findlay Flowerland LeMars Upholstery Shop Neff Lumbef Co. Sturm's Market Miller's Luncheonette Capital Tire Koehler's Flowers Jacob's Floor Covering DONALD I. HART Drainage Contraetor HDrainage is Land's Greatest AssetH Member Ohio Drainage Contractors Association Phone GA 2-35l7 Compliments of DICKEN WCJNDERS STU DIOS HYour School Photographeru Fostoria Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Findlay Findlay Arcadia Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Findlay Ohio Bugner Grocery Fostoria LeRoy's Jewelers Findlay Kay's Beauty Shop Arcadia Dr. and Mrs. G. R. Williams Fostoria Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Brown Fostoria Porter's Music Findlay Kennedy Printing Co. Findlay Bryant's Shoe Store Findlay Medlock Jewelers Findlay Pelton's Super Market Fostoria Kinn Motor Sales Fostoria Dr. Nemcik Bloomdale Findlay Hearing Aid Center Findlay Elsea T.V. and Appliances and Records Fostoria Dietsch Brothers Findlay Kelly's Hot Dogs Fostoria Blose Gulf Service Fostoria Al Bass Clothes Findlay Besserman Florists FOStOFlS Alice Dress Shop Findlay Moreylg Findlay Buckeye Auto Parts Fostoria Wilson Shell Station Fostoria PCA Fostoria Ballereich Furniture Store Fostoria L 8 S Hobby Shop Fostoria Graber Brothers FOSt0Vla Gulf Fostoria Pattersons Findlay Anonymous Donor Fostoria Compliments of FINDLAY HARDWARE Ulf we haven't got it, and can't get it, forget it.H Next to Gas Co. VERE'S SPORTSMAN'S SHOP 309 South Main Street Fostoria Ohio Findlay Ohio KlTCHEN'S C . HOUSE ongratggatzons OF MUSIC The Class of '62 Ulf It's Music - We Have ltu FENSTERMAKERS 3l8 South Main Fostoria Ohio HE 5-7209 For Quality Shoes In Findlay Since l889 Compliments of HAROLD G. METZKER Drainage Contractor C. B. MOORE Hardware , paints 1506 Fostoria Road TW A-M391 Findlay Ohio Arcadia Ohio Phone GA 3'2372 THE ARCADIA CREAMERY Cash Buyers - Cream and Eggs Phone TW 4-MI76 Arcadia Ohio C H A P M A N ' S . .. L Fostoria's Leading Jeweler' Fostoria Ohio BARNHART MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME Established l89l Findlay Ohio FRUTH HARDWARE Established l907 Fostoria Ohio ARCADIA ELEVATOR Grain - Feed - Coal Fertilizers Mill Phone 89-HHIZI Elevator Phone 89-AAEZI Arcadia Ohio THE BASKET MARKET Arcadia Ohio HOn the Corneru Fresh Dressed Meats Fancy Groceries General Merchandise Congratulations Compliments of to BAUGH AND SONS COMPANY OF OHIO The CIIGSS of '62 FOStQr'ia FINSEL'S SUNOCO SERVICE Phone HE 5-7779 Fostoria Ohio HE 5-7770 BILL'S MENS 5 BOYS WEAR HWhere Economy Prevailsu Fostoria's Most Complete Store for Men S Boys II8 South Main HE 5-2555 Courtesy of JOHNNY'S FRIENDLY MOBILE SERVICE Lyte 8 Poplar Street ne: A35-6966 Fostoria, Ohio FINDLAY PROVISION COMPANY North River Road Findlay Ohio Phone GA 2-8232 Elsie Says: HGood Luck to the Class of '62H BORDEN'S ICE CREAM M29 Trenton Avenue Findlay Ohio Compliments of JACKSON'S FURNITURE COMPANY M6l East Main Cross GA 2-3300 Findlay Ohio Rugs - Furniture - Carpets Compliments of WILSON'S SANDWICH SHOP Hamburgers-Chile-Malts Findlay Ohio BRUCE B. BRYAN 5 SON Dealers in Builders' Supplies Cement Products and Feed M09 West Main Cross Street IOO7 Western Avenue GA 2-lI82 GA 2-295l Findlay Ohio Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE COMPANY 508 South Main Street Findlay Ohio Best Wishes To the Class of '62 JAQUA'S SPORTS MARINE INC. Findlay Ohi TIMBERLANE BOWLING ALLEY IMOO Sixth Street Findlay Ohio Good Luck Graduates from ONE HOUR MARTINIZING Hthe most in dry cleaningu llO East North Street Fostoria WEDGE LUMBER 8 SUPPLY Plumbing Furniture Heating Appliances HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC. l205 East Sandusky Findlay, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '62 EGBERT'S HOME FURNISHINGS MOM East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Compliments of LANDMARK Farm Supplies and Grain ' d Fln lay Mt. Cory Williamstown and Mt. Blanchard Compliments of ARMBRECHT APPLIANCE Maytag Appliances Findlay, Ohio THE COUNTRY MARKET West on Route 224 Meats - Groceries General Merchandise Findlay, Ohio Compliments of TASTY TATERS Phone GA 2-l365 237 Prospect Avenue Findlay, Ohio Compliments of WARD LIVESTOCK COMPANY Phone HE 5'8lO3 Fostoria, Ohio SWIFT 8 COMPANY Soybean Mill Fostoria, Ohio FORNES BRAKE SERVICE l25 East Front Street Findlay, Ohio Specialists Since i929 Compliments of FOSTORIA CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. Phone HE 5-3655 or HE 5-5160 Concrete 5 Light Weight Building Blocks Transit Mixed Concrete MUSIC CENTER Everything Musical Repairing - Instruction New and Used Musical Instruments - Pianos Accessories - Music lOl Perry Street Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of ZIEROLF'S Findlay, Ohio Compliments of THOMAS JEWELERS Quality Jewelry Since I887 303 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio EDISON'S Fostoria's Busiest Drug Store lOl North Main Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of FLOWER LAND Artists With Flowers R.R. 3 Phone Fostoria, Ohio HE 5-6lll Compliments of COLDREN FUNERAL HOME GA 2-2323 Findlay Ohio 205 West Sandusky Compliments of MENNEL MILLING COMPANY Fostoria Ohio Flour - Feeds KWIK SHAKE INN Quality Food at Reasonable Prices Carry Out Lytle Street Fostoria Ohio Phone HE 5-0992 Best Wishes To The Class of '62 H O F F M A N ' S Arcadia Ohio Compliments of BLOOMDALE FARMERS ELEVATOR ASSOCIATION Bloomdale Ohio Phone 4232i MAURICE TRACTOR s IMPLEMENT HOMER BEAN John Deere Sales 5 Service CREDIT 405 East North Street JEWELER Fostoria Ohio Phone HE 5-M893 Findlay Ohio Maurice Creeger It Must Be Good at HARRY'S GOOD FOOD Route I2 Fostoria Ohio MANN FUNERAL HOME INC. 2l7 West Center Fostoria Ohio HE 5-6694 Compliments of KNAGGS INSURANCE AGENCY Serving this area with the finest and complete insurance needs. Phone 45M282I Bloomdale Ohio MOES' BAKED ENAMEL SHOP Complete Body 5 Fender Repairing Phone HE 5-6297 IZM7 North Countyline Street Fostoria Ohio E. J. Moes Compliments of HANCOCK SAVINGS 8 LOAN PEGGS WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE 3l3-3l5 South Main Street Fostoria, Ohio Phone HE 5-2703 Carpets-Drapes-Linoleum-Tiles From A FRIEND Compliments of BLOOMDALE BARBER SHOP HThe Finest of Groomingn Bloomdale Ohio Compliments of NOLLER'S GARAGE THE OHIO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings and Home Loans Corner of North and Main Fostoria Ohio HProtect What You Haven By insuring With KINN, GREEN 5 THEOBALD AGENCY lO9 East Center Street Fostoria Ohio Phone POS HE 5-660m or 6605 J. B. 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For Farm, Home and Industry Arcadia TW M-A6h5 Fostoria HE 5-53332 Lawson Toro ANDERSON LAWN MOWER REPAIR Parts - Service Sharpening - Chain Saws R. R. l Arcadia Phone TW M-4l6l Clinton Briggs Compliments of KORNER LUNCH Good Food and Sundries Arcadia Ohio Compliments of FOSTORIA NEW CAR AND TRUCK DEALERS ASSOC. Willis J. Hakes, Inc. North-Up Motors, Inc. Hummel Motor Sales, Inc. O'Donnel Chevrolet, Inc Gillig Motors Nye Implement Co., Inc. Weltle Rambler Sales Reineke Buick 8 Olds Co That the Beauty of Life Compliments of HARROLD FUNERAL HOME 201 West Tiffin F t ri Oh THE TARBOX MCCALL STGNE Manufacturers of Crushed Stone F diay Oh MEMCJRY GARDENS May Survive SIMON'S DRUG STORE ies - Gifts Prescr pt S Bi dale Oh Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL BANK Three Offices 220 Perry Street ------- Fostoria, Ohio--22O South Main Street Bascom, Ohio Complete Banking Services at all offices Including Drive-In Banking at the Perry Street Office and Bascom Office Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Federal Reserve System Compliments of CLIFFORD E.-SNYDER Arcadia Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE Vitrified Drain Tile Fittings - Y's, L's 8 Curves Phone GA 2-652i Findlay Ohio HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS ASSN. GRUBB IMPLEMENT SALES FINDLAY TRUCK 8 FARM EQUIPMENT HALL HARDWARE HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU SMITH IMPLEMENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION F. G. BAME STREACKER FORD TRACTOR SALES BURT PHIL IMPLEMENT SALES BOWMAN IMPLEMENT SALES FINDLAY IMPLEMENT COMPANY WINK IMPLEMENT COMPANY Compliments of NATIONAL CARBCN CCJMPANY THE SAN-A- PURE DAIRY ...--17' ' N-fu... ww- '4 .--- 14-1: , - f . FI DLAY COLLEGE N! Wide choice of majors V Outstanding faculty V Evening and summer school programs V Spiritual and personal guidance X! New science hall N! Modern residence halls V Choir and band V Intercollegiate and intramural sports programs N! Student publications V Variety of student organizations N! Cogenial community Ohio's Fastest Growing Liberal Arts School NONTEACHING EMPLOYEE Mrs. Louise Kirkendall serves as Secretary to Mr. Groth. XX Mr. Waldo Good, Head Custodian, Mr. Bob Good, Assistant Custodian. Mrs. Lucile Conine serves as head cook and Mrs. Glenna Mellot and Mrs. Marge Nesbit assists her. Mr. Kenneth Anderson serves as Head Mechanic for the Arcadia School Busses. He is assisted by eight competent drivers. CLASS : T' ik 1 "' i , -Z5 ff 1:11 ii ROW ONE: Marianne Lowery, Paula Ewing, Helen Streacker, Jennifer Wagner, Resa Gaertner, Candy Stahl, Vickie Moon, Bonnie Fisher, Dana Such, Pam Semler. ROW TWO: Bernard Sheridan, Joe Dippelhofer, Carleton Beamer, Sharon Snyder, Sandra Matrox, Carol Lowery, Karen Cook, Linda Harris. Jerry MOYCY, Jeff Pelphrey. Tony I-Ioteling. TEACHER: Mrs. Kieffer. ABSENT: Steven Graham. Ge., j asggl, wg . F Y , Xi' Mrs. Kieffer is showing her students how to tell time. . It 'looks like resting time. She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University - and received an Elementary Education Diploma. KI DERG RTE ROW ONE: Michael Marvin, Barry Simmons, Ernie Russell, Penney Zellers, Kathy Sherman. ROW TWO: Timmy Weiker, Jeff Cooper, Virginia Swartz, Richard Wyans, Brad Kemerley, Steven Lantz Albert Kelbley. ROW THREE: Mike Tong, Jerry Bowman, Carol Wilhelm, Terry Beamer, Debra Binger, Becky King, Nancy Reddin, David Tong. TEACHER: Mrs. Kieffer. 54.1, rf: - iii- " L-,F M 1. X This is an attentive rou . These students enjo their recess. 8 P Y GRADE SEATED, Left to Right: Martha Rader, Nancy Oates, Donna Gilliland, Phillip Hackworth, Robin Lantz, Gary George, Denise-lglog, Betty Guttenberg, Yollanda Tijerina. SECOND ROW: Kay Yeager, James Heiserman, Susan James, Tom Wagner, Christina Mattox, Pete Ledesma, Timothy Stroub, Joey Leonard, Jan Wolfarth, Jerrold Risner, Dale Nye. TOP ROW: Jay Flemion, Gregory Steyer, Ronald Wilson, Danny Cole, Kevin Monday Melissa Metzger, Kathryn Beamer, Rita Ledesma, Michael Tyson, Daniel Dehnhoff, L36 13350, ABSENT: Cathy S61T116I'. X ,Lis MRS, MARTORIE MOORE Here is the first grade doing their part for the Christ Bowling Green State University mas Program- Diploma FIR T TOP ROW, Left to Right: Orville Rockey, Charles Casdorph, Jeanne Desgrange, David Holman, Dale Wonders, Marcene True, Mark Reinhard, Holly Null, Jerry Graham, Kevin Litell, Keith Epley. SECOND ROW: Connie Valenti, Debra Filliater, Nancy Binger, Richard Knepper, Joyce Anderson, .Rebecca Cramer, Carolyn Rock, William Swartz, Kathy Gaertner, John Heiserman, John Lee, Debra Patton. SEATED: Diana Insley, Mark Lieb, Clinton Oldaker, Robert Brandeberry, John Hayes, Sammy Mellott, Tomas Sheman. ABSENT: Carl Hackworth, Irene Tijerina, Kim Simmons. rl Qi . J Mrs. Evalyn R. Gedeon has attended Bowling Green This picture shows the first graders. It is in this State University of Chicago and Western Reserve grade that learning begins. ' University. GR DE ROW ONE: Mary Sheridan, Danny Peter, Nancy Zellers, Kristina Moyer, Mark Rosenberger, George Henry, Terry Nickelson. ROW TWO: Duane Boes, Lynette Baughman, Jimmy Cooper, Jimmy Risner, Dennis Tong, Ricky Arrand, Kay Wentworth, Barbara Guttenberg, Sandra Stewart, Brenda Mellott, Karen Litell. ROW THREE: Tim Bolin, Rosie Sparks, Nick Geudea, Gary Ward, Tom Mandell, Stephen Huff, Rebecca Fruth, Craig Ford, Dennis Roberts, Alan Hoy, Janet Hackworth, Lorena Kring, Jo Russell. TEACHER: Mrs. Wolfe, Attended Findlay College, Ohio University, 3 yrs. ABSENT: Norman Sheridan, Lenard Oldaker. 1-miuuhuman ll' SECOND ROW ONE: Timothy Wells, Mark George, Lou Ann Kish, Beth Schetter, Janice Valenti, Ruben Arazco, Diane Peter, Joe Emerine. ROW TWO: Ronald Connie, Harry Swartz, Linda Smith, Doren Smith, Steven Fleegle, Laurie Grine, Gregory Blosser, Ienniece Holden, Dorothy Hill, Perry Callaway, James Schubert. ROW THREE: John Rockey, Rebecca Williams, Bonnie McDonald, Timothy Vance, Robin Price, Michael Corner, Ricky Gibson, Robert Mullholand, Patricia Reddin, Robert Moore, Rita Pelphrey, Rose Ann Lowery, David Noel, Edward Rock. TEACHER: Mrs. Clara Hoffman, McComb High School, Bowling Green State University, B.S. in Education. ,I I Q VV , ,vm V,-.- GRADE ROW ONE: Kevin Zellers, Craig Holman, Jacalyn Rothenbuhler, David Fruth, Sue George, Richard Bame, Carol Brown, Nancy Epley. ROW TWO: Rodney Ewing, Sandra Fitzpatrick, Robert Sheridan, Diane Crawford, Diana Williams, Lee Anderson, Jim Bob Breyman, Dawn Wonders, Jennifer Martin, Bernard Johnson, Edward Risner. ROW THREE: Diane Wykoff, Jane Nye, Deborah Lowery, Sheryl Nalle, Marilyn Lewis, Judy Kaufman, Kip Gunn, Steven Cook, Tyrone Taylor, Zane Baughman, Ogden Price, Dery1Na11e, Patricia Mellott. TEACHER: Mrs. Treece. ABSENT: Gary Holden. ,iff rv" MRS. .MAIUORIE TR-EECE 'Third graders busily, studying their English. Bowling Green State University B.S. Degree fr. 'J 4, - THIRD ROW ONE: Neil Such, Dennis Conrad, Randy Gibson, Jerry Thomas, Kathleen Lowery, Susan Peters. ROW TWO: Gary Gaertner, Ann Hoffman, Ricky Beach, Merritt Metzger, Linda Dehnhoff, John Desgranges, Susan Lantz, Christine Taylor, Janice Springer, Sherri Gerber, Thomas Wolford. ROW THREE: Benjamin Burkett, Rebecca Smith, Rex Mosher, Carolyn Callaway, Keith Frankart, Timothy I-Iiser, Rodney Huffman, Edward Pownell, Rebecca Yeager, Dean Kirian, Lucile James, Bonnie Reynolds, James Margraf. TEACHER: Mrs. Cosner. I ' 'QT if 1 MRS. MARlI,YN B, COSNER Mrs. Cosner's third grade class showing an eagerness ' Findlay College to learn. f - Ohio Northern University B.S. Bowling Green State University ' Graduate Work GRADE 2 'ir 'J ' W' 72 'Z' 7 l ' t fs-F , ,gm , as J ROW ONE: Charles Ebersole, Larry Flemion, Brenda Littell, Sherry Davidson. ROW TWO: Paula Grossman, Danny Hiser, Sue Reddin, John Gilliland, Barry Adams, Ralph Beamer, John Hoffman, Larry McCumber, Ann Rader. ROW THREE: Stanley Jacobs, Kathy Cook, Dennis Gardner, Shirley Kumic, Audie McDonald, Randy Marks, Linda Waggoner, Mary Ann Stuart, Laura Swartz, Glen Steyer, Frank Werhle. TEACHER: Miss Bessie Fox, Bowling Green University, 2 yr. -, . 1 .aw Q. FOURTH ROW ONE: Michael Gerber, Barbara Hitchings, Rebecca Evenbeck, Steven Valenti, Charles Hackworth, John Tredway, Terry McEntire, Ivan Lee, Allen Thomas, Michael Huff, Cynthia Nickelson. ROW TWO Wahneta Dutton, Charles Thomas, Curtis Such, Lucille Sherman, Stephen Williams, Ronald Wolery, James Bowman, Jeranimo Guedea, Michael Coronado, Douglas Sparks. ROW THREE: Teresa Brown, Kenneth Augsburger, Donald Guttenberg, Sandra Ford, Elizabeth Oldaker. TEACHER: Mrs. Glenn Dutton, Bowling Green 1935-1937, 2 yr. diploma. f9'ef N ffYg,wVr-wfjyzflg, ,V , ,, -E ,WALL 4, , ,iM GRADE N ff T ,. , , ,. an sa L: eszff ' w Q 5 M ' D' "W A 'E ' :rag 1 zzz: i f ZZL , Z ' F ,AQ TOP ROW: Dennis Hill, Alice Peters, Dennis Yeager, Brenda Wells, Gary McCumber, Margaret Desgrange, Dennis Kirian, Georgia Calloway, Sue Graumlich, Becky Wiseley, Susan Litell, Nancy Huffman, Alan Rader, Dennis Wonders. ROW TWO: Sharon Monday, Eldon Hoy, Gerald Epley, Dick Augsberger, Boyd Hiser, Diane Dehnhoff, Janet Curtis, Iacquie Shaw, Diana Taylor, Robert Evenbeck, Debbie Conrad, Bernice Emerine. ROW ONE: Larry Mosher, Dennis Fruth, Nancy Henry, Betty Peters, Shirley Lieb, Sharon Rosenberger, Ricky Zellers, Larry Davison, lack Moyer. TEACHER: Rosie Fox. MISS ROSIE FOX Bowling Green University Life Certificate FIFTH -'aggfg'-'Q 93... 1 ' '.'1i1'- .Ns ' ROW ONE: Cynthia Needles, David Graham, Robert Insley, Debra Good, Cheryl Heischman, Rachel Coronado, Sue Gilliland, Deane Dukes, Daniel Moyer. ROW TWO: Hazel Kring, Lester Lute, Daniel Lowery, John Moore, Kathy Wolery, David Taylor, Gayle Brown, Gale Yoakam, Christina Kolatis, Chauncy Nalle, John Dutton, Michael Stroub. ROW THREE: Stephen Holman, Nancy Heiserman, Tom Decker, David Thomas, Linda Nye, Sandra Conine, Edson Bishop, Larry Marks, Steven Roberts, Oneida Guedea, David Crouse, Jon Hill, Betty Jacobs, Constants Wilson, Sandra Tong. TEACHER: Mrs.Weaver. MRS. MARIE WEAVER Bowling Green University Life Certificate GR DE ROW ONEg Diane Lowery, Jacquie Swartz, Debbie Schetter, Judy Steyer, Darlene Gibson, DarienSuch Victoria Needles, Alana Heischman. ROW TWO: Rebecca Schubert, Ruth Rathbum, Rebecca Tredway Judy Long, Margaret Wehrle, Patricia Wells. ROW THREE: Stanley Brandeberry, Mike Bolin, Alan Rader, Robert Casdorph, Daniel Ewing, Lewis Augsberger, Duane Jacobs, Alvin Curtis. TEACHER: Mrs. Gladys Kuhlman. MRS. GLADYS KUHLMAN Michigan State University - B. S. Degree Western State Teacher's College Ohio Northern University Findlay College IXTH A ROW ONE: Cynthia Beamer, Marsha Valenti, Harry Thomas, Donald Risner, David Hardin, Juanita Sheridan. ROW TWO: Gloria Tyson, Alan Russell, Gerald Lee, Carol Woolley, Duane Dukes, Kathy Martin, Stanley Wolfarth, Terry Lawrence. ROW THREE: Marsha Hummel, Kathy Wentworth, Gary Conine, Richard Colman, Frank Purkey, Daniel Frankart, Dorothy Beach, Mary Desgrange, Hector Guedea. TEACHER: Mr. Richter. MR. JOHN RICHTER ' Findlay College 1953 - 1957 B.S. Bowling Green 1959 - 1962 M. E. GR DE TOP ROW, Left to Right: Robert Mandell, Charles Lowery, Donald Sheridan, Michael Frankart, Thomas Jameson, Richard Farmer, David Lute, Michael Wolford, Jerry Margraf, Steven Nickelson, Robert Grossman, Richard Fruth. SECOND ROW: Larry Wedge, Jack Grossman, Carolyn Nye, Sally Hile, Nancy Powell, Ruthann Moyer, Hilda Kingery, Margaret Smith, Ruth Wilson, Gregory Raney, Daniel Tyson, Nickels Coronado. SEATED: Mary Guedea, Elizabeth Paananen, Carol Kaufman, Janet McCumber, Dana Wonders, Rae Marie Myers, Linda Abersole, Patricia Smith, Nadine Bruce, Kathy Schutzberg, Sharon Fruth. ABSENT: Raymond Valenti. SEVENTH 5 ,Nj ,J ' L , aezuraikl A V: if TOP ROW, Left to Right: Glenn Waggoner, Michael Litell, Randall Huffman, Donald Lewis, James Nichols, Victor Price, Thomas Graumlich, Kerry Gunn, Duane Bowman, Larry Ziegler, William Peters Stephan Johnson, Daryl Fruth. SECOND ROW: John Metzger, Joseph Moyer, Vicki Wiseley, Andrea Wonders, Sharon Binger, Wanda Fox, Helen Sherman, Pamela Gerber, Karen Bundy, Janice Moyer-, Steven Bibbee, Dennis lnsley. SEATED: Lenna Bickel, Karen Bulkowski, Narda Boes, Mary Reynolds, Mary Gilliland, Sandra Fisher, Barbara Knepper, Karen Cole, Deborah Henry, Sherry Zellers, Cheryl Fruth. ABSENT: Sharon Crouse. 'x. -.I IU 15 5' . '13 K"fiX'HaQ 1' K .K -1'-Gu., 4 4' ,Al-a.a.1'ar - B' GRADE TOP ROW, Left to Right: Galen Bruce, Vernon Seel, Tony Wiseley, Tom Paananen, Gaylen Taylor, Warren Cook, Gary Tong, Mike Beamer. SECOND ROW: Alice Thomas, Suzanne Russell, Janice Moore, Sue Schutzberg, Janet Metzger, Lucy Swartz, Pat Wolford, Jacqueline Lantz, Linda Norris, Becky Grine, Janet Monday. SEATED: Tierney Conrad, Juanita Fruth, Linda I-Ieiserman, Donna Gooch, Peggy Cole, Thana Reid, Alice Beamer, Sharon Adams, Susan Mandell. ABSENT: Lynnie Calloway, Don Rockey, Kristine Wentworth, Fabio Franco. X as-'hem , N PL 4 EIGHTH N' 7' TOP ROW, Left to Right: Robert Smith, Glen Kring, Jack Bame, Steve Mellott, Bill Fox, Steve Gillen, Fred Leonard, Ron Lawrence, Tom McEntire, Richard Grossman, Steve Brandeberry. SECOND ROW: Todd Vitt, Ricky Bowman, Charles Yoakam, Nancy Augsburger, Mary Howard, David Snavaly, Dan Raney, Dan Noel, Robert Hiser, Randy Russell. SEATED: Carol Crawford, Sheila Ford, Lucille Thomas Pamela Wolfarth, Nancy Hiser, Peggy Augsburger, Nancy Harris, Bonnie Barnes. ABSENT: Melody Hill, John Long, Nancy Spero, Richard VanSant, Sam Easterwood. . in I CLASS ROW ONE: Sharon Nickelson, Linda Thomas, Marlene Steyer, Susan Vitt, Beth Peters, Mary Ann Moyer, Marsha Seel, Jane Myers. ROW TWO: Nancy Wilson, Luana Sherman, Marilyn Moyer, Sandra Schubert, Barbara Nesbitt, Vicki Tredway, Karen Woodruff, Vera Perkey, Linda Schutzburg, Diana Swartz. ROW THREE: Brad Russell, Bob Vackert, Ian Moore, Mike Morris, Jerry Tong, Raymond Reinhard, Charles Watkins, Bob Roberts, Tom Wade, Tom Rader, Don Noel. 1 T ' r , 'T w JK --Q , w Y u . ff-- , yf I f aa I Q 4 1 V 6 wife' t.. , tif K ' t- . 4 T: 'is' - Jr-aa' -. FRESHME ROW ONE: Judy Martin, Loretta Me11ott, Linda Dutton, Royetta Desgrange, Patty,Gibson, SueKnepper, Nancy Beimdieck, Rebecca Groth, Eulalia Emerine. Fisher, Mary Augsburger, Barbara Blake, Pat Bibbee, Gary Baughman, Franklin Long, Larry Brown. ROW Stephen Huffman, Torn Farmer, Roger Good, Steve Lamar Miller, Ron Beach. ROW TWO: Dave Hengsteller, Tom Caster, Connie Peggy Garrett, Deborah Burkett, Mary Jane Good, THREE: Dick Margraf, Gary Moore, Lanny Boes, Bishop, Larry Bowman, Gary Grine, Daryl Jacobs, CLASS '1' ,sv I DW Q' x' N,,,g. ROW ONE: Susan Swartz, Vija Paananen, Martha Weaver, Janet Kring, Sara Sherman, Zuelrna Marquez, Martha Keefe. ROW TWO: Rosemary Nolan, Grenda Roth, Carol Salisbury, Jean Thomas, Phyllis Wolford, Jeanne Waggener, Patricia Jacobs, Lois Snyder. ROW THREE: Robert Peters, Robert Swartzmiller, William Minard, Robert Leonard, William Hiser, Larry Thomas, Ray Sheridan, Kenneth Knettle, Thomas Moyer, Eugene Margraf. fggiggsj 1 ,vi ::sa:sMs,,1A5wwv , SHIRLIE ANN BAKERY 116 E. North St., Fostoria E soPHoMoRE ,. A ... -,. - , l 44 - ROW ONE: Jane Fitzpatrick, Glenna Farmer, Sondra Adams, Sharon Frankart, Sandra Breyman, Sherry Cook, Rita Emerine. ROW TWO: Lonnie Greer, Richard Crawford, Melvin Boes, Carl Fraley, Dan Davidson, Roy Gibson, Charles Cole, Ron Edwards. ROW THREE: Jack Hardin, Jerry Gassman, Carl Heinsman, Michael Hill, Glenn Farmer, John Crouse, Mike Brandeberry, Bill Ebersole, Tony Filliator. -6' 4"""0,- .dl PAYNE BROTHERS FLOWERS Fostoria, Ohio , . rr., . . V CLASS , - .-: 'E "F 135: :,, M ,,... .. sf V ,Q li, TT I N' 'A"f M If, xxsm! , rw ' Q 5 eff ,Vg W 1 2' .Y-1 Ei ,,.. f .wif 5' ga, , Q Q L.. -X HT ROW ONE: Martha Peters, Bonnie Thomas, Phyllis Ziegler, Sharon Norris, Mary Loth, Jane Nichols, Lou Russell, Janet Martin. ROW TWO: Louis Pelton, Dwight Roether, Kay Nickelson, Paula Reinhard, Barbara Noel, Tom Noel, David Roberts. ROW THREE: Lanny Springer, Mike Leonard, David Mellott, Henry Vackert, Gerald Lewis, Tom Pessell, Mike Snyder, Dennis Shiley, Dick Steyer. l N,-44 JUNIOR W 7'2" NN - 5393 'H "V X i'-sw , , 51 , it few' .. Mere' ' H r , I ' '.E???1 'S 1 .. r,,.w,J,, , I , A.. Z , y G bl ,r M' JH 1 2' .Ju A ' , - M: D r 1: H . - .X E. FN L - f ROW ONE: Maxine Good, Brenda Killien, Nancy Anderson, Sandra Killien, Marilyn Hile, Joanne Eisarnan, Janet Kuhlman, Pat Farmer. ROW TWO: Mike Bulkowski, Don Driesbach, Dennis Bruce Gerald Desgrange, David Groth, Mike Leathers, Norman Boes. ROW THREE: John Grossman, Bob Colman, Francis Boes, Allen Huffman, Tom Fox, George Fruth, Dale Bowman, Gary Decker. 'Q 5 lyk f'I, 3 UNDERCLASSMEN ANNUAL STAFF TOP ROW, Left to Right: Dennis Bruce, Janet Kuhlman, Zoan Paananen, Paula Reinhard, Maxine Good, Bonnie Thomas, Nancy Anderson, Galen Roth, Dale Bowman, Karen Fox, Sandra Killien, Pat Peters, Carole Gordon, Sandra Monday. SEATED: Mr. Davies, Brenda Killien, John Cramer, Gary Frankart, Gerald Lewis, Jane Nichols, Bill Collins. EW PAPER TAFF .,.r,.a-A 4. -- - TOP ROW, Left to Right: Martha Weaver, Louis Snyder, Grenda Roth, Sharon Frankart, David Roberts, Lanny Springer, Gerald Lewis, Don Driesbach, Pat Jacobs, Sherry Cook, Barbara Binger, Sara-Sherman. SECOND ROW: Barbara Wade, Zoan Paananen, Sondra Adams, Vija Paananen, Phyllis Wolford, Jean Thomas, Karen Fox, Barbara Noel, Mary Loth, Rosemary Nolan, Carole Gordon, Martha Keefe. SEAT ED: Mrs. McCoy, Nancy Good, Steve Adler, Mary Ann Thomas, Pat Peters, Dian Stillberger, June Bishop. I J STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: Mrs. Covert, Sponsor, Martha Keefe, Secretary-Treasurerg Karen Fox, Presidentg Maxine Good, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Burkett, Reporter. STANDING: Janet Kuhlman, Vera Purkey, Nancy Good, David Groth, Gary Frankart, Mike Curtis, Roger Keefe, June Bishop, Bonnie Thomas, Roger Good, Torn Moyer. , HO OR SOCIETY SEATED: Gary Frankart, Student Council Rep. 3 John Cramer, Vice-President, David Fruth, Presidentg Karen Fox, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Slough, Sponsor. STANDING: Janet Kuhlrnan, Zoan Paananen, Brenda Killien, Maxine Good, Paula Reinhard, Nancy Anderson, Sandra Killien, Dale Bowman, Tom Fox, Gerald Lewis, Don Dreisbach. li 14.x-,Hkf' y LSXNQ -lrnI'l'l47UZPI 7Urn'U'UCvv ANQUET . Q x , ,- "ThS MO0HdUStEIS" , a group of Juniors sang in honor Those attending were the Senior class, Junior class of the graduating Seniors at the Junior-Senior Ban- and the faculty and their wives or husbands. quet held on May 12 in Findlay. Here at the FHA banquet June Bishop presents gifts Only a part of the large crowd which came to the of appreciation to those women who helped the harvest supper is shown here. The Seniors served FHA. this supper to help pay for their trip. MUSIC FESTIVAL This year the Hancock County Music Festival was held at Arcadia. The all-county choir and all-county band were composed of the best music students from each of the seven county schools. The directors of each county school took turns conducting the choir and band. All members and conductors arrived at noon, and spent the rest of the afternoon practicing. Supper was served and a record hop held for the students in the evening. That evening the concert took place in the new gymnasium with the band and choir presenting several numbers each. The finale was a combined number 'by the band and choir. Meg Wheeler . Miles Doughton Evan Doughton Mrs. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler . Aunt Fern. . . Aunt Lettie. . Ada .... Lisa . . . Jeannie . . Terri . . Alvin . . Vince . . Ruby. . Heidi . . Jane ..... Ellen .... Telephone Operator . . Director . , . Student Director JUNIOR PLAY Janet Kuhlman . Dale Bowman . Gerald Lewis . Maxine Good . . . Tom Fox . Barbara Noel .Paula Reinhard Joanne Eisaman . . Mary Loth . Janet Martin Nancy Anderson Lanny Springer Don Dreisbach . . Lou Russell . Marty Peters . Kay Nickelson Phyllis Zeigler Kay Nickelson Eleanor McCoy Brenda Killien A S K A N Y G I R L ,, 'ge :Ig So why take it out on her? Sure it's 55. s,rts,r.. ,Mg J , 5 W ww dm: e 'Ig 'as p The Play Cast The Martians have already landed Synopsis Act One - The lounge of Madison Avenue Girls Hotel. One Afternoon Act Two - The same. Mid-evening, several weeks later. Act Three - The same. Mid-evening, several weeks after Act Two. SENIOR PLAY I il h l 1 V is Paw Belsnickle . . Maw Belsnickle . . . Ceelie Belsnickle . , . Bonnie Mae Belsnickle Juney Lou Belsnickle . HILLBILLY WEDDIN . . .Bill Collins . .June Bishop . . Carole Gordon . . Zoan Paananen . .Sandra Springer Four Belsnickle. . . . . . . . Nancy Good Five Belsnickle. . . . . . . . LindaFox Six Belsnickle . . Obeey Upschlager . Chiz Upschlager Ronald Maxwell Lucy Maxwell . . The Reverend . . Cousin Zeke , , , The Cousins. . . . . . . . . .Ted Garrett Dick Gassman Dennis Greer Dennis King Dan Harmon ,. 1 11 E . . Pat Peters . Dan Dutton . Dave Fruth . Gary Switzer Dian Stillberger . Mike Curtis . Dick Nolan HIGH SCHCDCJL PARTIE -qi' Smile Shall we eat? , , V if il 1. C , . K ,K ng.. V - - 'N Q , , .- .qv - ,V -S 1 ,f Q , 5 ' 1 f' 1, 2, 3 Kick Watch this, one gulp Mr. and Mrs Iris rwisrin' time, What's the problem ! ! I A V t t - fa LUE WA The Spring Prom, sponsored by the student council, had as its theme this year "B1ue Hawaii. " Gary Switzer and Dian Stillberger were elected king and queen of the prom by popular vote. L, W - I A , -Y F ru W - if 5, . F e . gi. Q "'2 -5' ' ,1-se - ,, ., , ,A ,JL .,g:g.,-J If sew- f 5:1 iff-1, wx - --v. '. 1 --...f-:s.,,.,.1a.-24.5.w:.:- fn.-,..Y . V .. -,gm Y, H... ..- 1.11: Q., ,fu vii- .-.U .M -, fy K , . , 32'-zfifezm 59:-:.rf:a " an 1'J","3 'fe in 1 in if t fi ., ME .5 FIR 'EN if 4,1 4 'RQ T- -l UBI 00 K8MSM Bob Peters and Torn Castor are shown here with their projects. Bob received a superior rating on his digital computer at the Science Fair and an excellent at Science Day at Bowling Green. Tom re- ceived a superior at the Fair on his project of an Etched Circuit Radio Receiver. He also displayed his project at Bowling Green where he received a good. The Science Fair held at Arcadia this year proved a great success. The fair was the culmination of two years of effort on the part of the Science Instructors of Hancock County. The purpose of the fait was to serve as a local elimination contest which is required for all pro- jects going to the District Science Day at Bowling Green. Four out of six gold medals for the top projects in each field went to Arcadians. The medal winners from Arcadia were: Gary Baughman in the field of Zoology, Bob Peters in Physics, Sheila Ford in Earth Science, and Dennis Insley in Mathematics. Gary Baughman and Ray Reinhard both received superiors at Bowling Green. Out of 960 projects 186 received superiors, and '76 of the superiors were chosen to go to the State Science Day at Toledo on May 5. The candidates for State Science Day were chosen on a point scale of 40 points. Of the inhard received 40 and earned the right to go to Toledo. Gary Baughman received 35 points but due to the number of people who had higher scores, he did not get to go. 40 possible points, Ray Re " Ni. SCIENCE NW F3 iff' Dottie Beach is shown here with her display of the quartz mineral family. The knowl- edge of her project plus the minerals she collected from her family and friends, rated her Superior at the Science Fair. :ff- Galen Roth is shown here being judged by Professor Harold Newhard of Findlay Col- lege on his project of micro photography of crystal formations. Galen received an excellent on his project and was encouraged to go to Bowling Green Science Day. Alice Beamer exhibits her project in the field of botany, on "Reproduction through Po11ination". Alice won a Superior rating and a chance to enter her project in the District Science Fair at Bowling Green. Q32 f ffQ."lm.?,Z S Q Sharon Adams Barbara Nesbitt Karen Cole Barbara Blake Linda Hiserman 'Q qu Vija Paananen Kay Nickelson Sue Knepper Janet Kuhlman Sondra Adams XX gy 5 ' T Sandra Breyman ' Nz: , ir Y ' ,, f i J Grenda Roth Bfbb .,, .. ,. ., Sherry Cook ,',,ff' X4 .QB x IE W-. y S'-.X JAN .L -Nga YS Sara Sherman K 1-1' ,Hr -1 H ' f' ' L Q9 T I MMM an V Q . if if 2 so B N Q -- B ,ai...4 R mu.- -,X Nj 'pid 3 1 A R B W V or - sys 3 . . a My si - r .5LT,1' fi' lg LQ? kk J, ffl -B ' B " ' F T., W ii R li ,Q as ROW ONE: Tom Moyer, Torn Pessel, Bill Ebersole, David Groth, Mike Leonard, Torn Fox, Dennis Shiley. ROW TWO: Coach Kenneth Shaffer, Jerry Gassman, Carl Heinsman. Mike Brandeberry, Gerald Lewis, Bill Hiser, Tony Filliator, Don Dreisbach, Manager Jerry Margraf. ROW ONE: Bobby Gassman, Mike Frankart, Jerry Margraf, Billy Peters, Joe Moyer. ROW TWO: Tom Rader, Don.Noe1, Dick Margraf, Brad Russel, Tom Wade. ROW THREE: Coach Kenneth Shaffer, Gary Grine, Larry Bowman, Fred Leonard. Steve Gillen, Roger Godd, Tom Paananen, Jerry Tong, Manager Bob Mandell. - ' x91 fs 'kJ I 9 ,Y Y n qi, 1 .fr Q' fi' . J' .4-ul VARSITY BASKETB LL I U 45-'I E4 E, "7 I v 1 KNEELING: Coach Johoske and Captain Jack Risner. STANDING, Left to Right: Dwight Roether, Gary Switzer, Gary Frankart, Galen Roth, Mike Curtis, Dan Dutton, John Loth. The success of a team usually depends on the number of games won in contrast to the number of games lost. I feel this to be true also. But I also feel that the attitude, spirit, and desire, plus the way a player or team plays the game is important, too. The members of this year's team gave one-hundred per cent of their ability all of the time. In any endeavor this is a great characteristic to display. To the senior members of this year's squad I want to wish the greatest amount of success to you. Work as hard as you did in basketball and your life will be very rewarding. Good Luck. Richard L. Johoske Basketball Coach VARSITY SCORING RECORDS - 1961-62 Jack Risner Dwight Roether John Loth Gary Switzer Gary Frankart Dan Dutton Total Points Average 107 10,7 144 9.6 138 9,2 111 7,4 109 7.3 80 5.3 wma, The team's season record was 5110 while the league record was 313. We tied for third place in the county . G Mr. Tank 2 5 sit, if ' L I - ,'g--"M, , f, . M.: " f 4, at ' 'Z J, f- f.t':.::.:43 Ted Garrett .vu-x ' Z., :tj V.. .IJ -. dew. f5',g.:y. ' tt. Q: I I - H .. .. ,rf if L, ,, . --I1""".2ff , .. X .--:Q :.:2::i2'1 if -' ,gf 11' r-Q' fi' ?-TN -1'Si3'ff'l7' 1 to X' x."19'Q,i1'-iiifflie ,f WRE TLI G TOP, Left to Right: Glenn Farmer, Coach Tank, Robert Swartzmiller, Dennis King, Ray Sheridan, Carl Fraley, Dennis Bruce, Raymond Reinhard, Roger Keefe, Dan Harmon, Dennis Greer, Bob Roberts, Bob Colman, Chuck Cole, Mike Bulkowski, Henry Vackert. BOTTOM: Bob Vackert, Eugene Margraf, Bob Peters, Dick Steyer, Dick Gassman, Dale Bowman, Gary Decker, Bob Leonard, Ted Garrett. The Arcadia High School Wrestling Team posted an eight won and five lost season record. Most valuable wrestler of the season voted by the team was Ted Garrett. Ted has won twenty-one, tied three in dual matches, and lost two in tournament play. Ted holds the distinct honor of the first Arcadian to represent this school in Ohio State Athletic Competition. , 'fig-JI fv f ln? -,B 5 MW iii: HJ r 1' M71 ,N 1 I qi. f STANDING: Coach Johoske, Jerry Tong, John Loth, Dennis Shiley, Dan Dutton, Jack Risner, Henry Vackert, Bill Ebersole, Gary Switzer. KNEELING: Roger Good, Mike Bulkowski, David Groth, Tom Martin, Dwight Roether, Tom Moyer, Gary Grine, Brad Russell. SITTING: John Dutton. The team played five games this year. Two of these games were tournament games. The record for the season stands at two wins and three losses. H The first game of the tournament with Cory-Rawson went to Arcadia with a score of 11-1. The championship game with McComb ended with a score of 3-1 in favor of McComb. 4.3L In-1 Loth, Dennis Greer, Coach Tank. .., V'-if ' . . w ' x 5- A , rw.: ' " I' X' ' VU! -. , tr ' , ff: , 4, are -S, .. 1 ' , rv- .Q F .f 'U - . -I I -f.'f-'z-ff' I-.Pin H " fit 5:3512 - ze , 1 '- -z. ,f ,.,r-asm -' if f' I 5 ' 1 In If-Y "fe I f as--'T "Hg" -, - ..,, . 1 1 Stu- H1 'f 2 :E Eqpfvlr -t X K A Q5 1 L-v lx' .A 17 .. ., 'Q 1:55 ' .Af v , . 1 'Sf 1 ' v- 1 "' ' W -2 'r lj, ,z ,.,:.f ., gm... ,S 5'.-Ped a, ,L , ff n-1 'Y ' gy FQ 'WUT G MGM' -IFE? .. ..l 1 .K ' , ,J 'r'vx'i?- Lugismi, ly fs ,,f,,ggQvZ it , , .1 it ..,..,- wx I X, ". 1 . ' g: , q I fx -,. - 'e- 1 - ' za' gli: it it - r 4 12, A -ee ' . 'ff si -ia I 1 . "1-sri.:-.-.. mfg ,' 5' . ,.l.:,t:, 'fs...u,L - -' Q,"'i:' 'FJ ig. X , iif-.:" 1 'f t. .Jffr . ha-f.-4' ' ,i fjfi ::f'- 55 -it 5,s5.eru.r,,,.,,w,aft, .., r .f,,,rr,. vifsaafv. Wife I r M 5 T' ff-1 I-in ,, .., ' V' J? - f. , We xy 4 ' , I - , iff? rig- Wi- " ' 'Nj ' ff 1 . , ,. V X I 1 K F: xl E ,J ff. ' 4 ,F L r ,J my X gy....,N ' I J A, I, ,fir S 'ir 'L S A ST J 'S 'Nr fi ' Y 1'- W .rc J , s 5 .Q f 4 51 53? 1 H 'ist Q A1 ,. , Y r,,Qss.,a' 55,3 . ,r ' Y sg, tak 3 1.. H ext rr j swf gk 'Sk W ar Lx Q '1- , Hitt- X. q V 5 A wx FCS- s 'T' 'Fi H- Hn " ----. ,.s...-1555, , -all TOP ROW: Mike Bulkowski, Dwight Roether, Carl Fraley, Galen Roth, Mike Brandeberry, Mike Morris, Franklin Long, Darrel Jacobs, Dick Margraf. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Leonard, Gary Decker, Tom Fox, Steve Adler, John Arcadia's track team had two meets before County time trials in which two boys placed, John Loth and Mike Leonard. At the County meet we had a team score of 4 points. John Loth supplied 2 points and the mile relay team produced 2 more. Tom Fox and John Loth were our co-captains. RKD GRIDDERS GRIND OUT THIRD IN COUNTY - 4 WINS 3 LOSSES I TIE z It I ROW ONE: Tom Martin, Ted Garrett, Dave Fruth, ,Galen Roth, Gary Frankart, Jack Risner, Mike Curtis, Dick Gassman, Dan Dutton, John Loth, Gary Switzer. ROW TWO: Assistant coaches, Mr. Johoske and Mr. Shaffer: Head Coach, Mr. Tankg Don Dreisbach, John Grossman, Dave Groth, Iienry Vackert, Tom Pessell, Bill Ebersole, Dennis Shiley, Dwight Roether, Mike Bulkowski, Mike Leonard. ROW THREE: Brad Russell, Bob Vackert, Daryl Jacobs, Charles Cole, Tom Moyer, Bob Peters, Bob Leonard, Dave Mellott, Bill Hiser, Mike Brandeberry, Tony Filliater, Ronnie Beach. ROW FOUR: Jan Moore, Larry Bowman, Torn Radar, Roger Good, Raymond Reinhard, Charles Watkins, Steve Bishop, Jerry Tong, Tom Wade, Dave Hengsteller, Don Noel, Manager: Dan Harmon. HCMECOMI G 5 r f, . 1 5 4 E fi 3 t . F ! lg . Preceding the Cory-Rawson-Arcadia game, Homecoming Queen, June Bishop, was crowned in the traditional Homecoming fashion by the football captain, Mike Curtis. The queen and her court were chosen by popular vote of the student body. Attending the queen during the ceremony wereg Senior attendant, Dian Stillburger, and her escort, Jack Risner, Junior attendant, Bonnie Thomas and her escort, Dwight Roether, Sophomore attendant, Carol Salisbury and her escort Tom Moyer. The crown bearer for the occasion was Joyce Anderson and the doorman was Ed Bishop. The traditional Homecoming Dance, sponsored by the Student Council, was held in honor of Queen June and her court, following the victorious game. ATHLETICS GRADUATIO .ff 'rrv KAREN FOX JOHN CRAMER Valedictorian Salutatorian GRADUATES GRADUATES Barbara Wade, Class Poem: David Fruth, Class UPPER TWENTY FIVE PER CENT--Barbara Wade Historyg Gary Frankart, Class Wi11g Zoan Paananen, Dian Stillberger, Karen Fox, Zoan Paananen, Bill Class Prophecy. Collins, John Cramer, Gary Frankart, David Fruth. DELFINA TELLEZ SANDOVAL SANDRA KAY SPRINGER DIAN ARLENE STILLBERGER GARY SWIT ZER MARY ANN THOMAS 'Sf I!! BARBRA IEANNE WADE Muiign my Q l 9A 4. wifi' H W "si W. ,. i , A - ' Ax - ' ' 'MW 2 L0 X : Q -' .ff 4? - --,.:: X -5 f ,J KA 625453 SE. M X 3 2 s f ,sm C .1 . S2 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City - Winnipeg Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements USA .--1 A '? 1 ET., --.A ' f Q, ..y+f113:-K'fir-131:-rin .. V. ,Jw , 1 gf? i' I ,X I l g:IQ2lh lil E xx I n en' li n, ny! ff 5 :Nix Nfxg: ESX Ni X R N Egg , Nix I X W A Q 'ISSN F? , 22 H2244 wg ,Wgesisess ax ,, H252 waeszzef X 1 E fx :Lf -'fiT'. ' X-'- Q-ffl . . '3f""" 311 ' I if .gg i 'L A La 1 V - W 1 'Ti-lf.,-A ' 1: 7555 . via Nm ,W 'i , 1 ' K' Q vs, O' ggef . fb ' . ' , - - T N - 1 ' P - 1 C 7 2-Yi--. ., '.f,'. Q I : ' -V -- 2':Ji.,, fr-- J- -- 'E 3, --. - , , ,Y r T TI', "'ff-'li . ' Exif: ! ' 4 1 5 i Q9 A A , H x vw w F B'-.1 V .fax I X ,H I L ,J f I ,l lk T 1- 1 r I I I' yin . -1- f: ,V - '1ii7 " ' 1:4 -wg! .. - -"SQ " .1--s,: r JS' U 1 li ' 'f gfllp vqiv-'ALI " .f1 Q'-m. g, Ui' 1 M tg H5 ei' ff ' gf! 31 'I 1 4-JPL ' 1 W i gr 2 i - ' . W , 1 f nf! gf X1 .Wtv'Qi7' I x, .1 , '-.R , A . ,X 3,. , , X XX RX. N X -N X XA X X'x XX E555 X5 5. .1 x I . .-4 I' 'sl N , 'fm' -HK -2 F15 'H -EDA? , HPV., - .' ,- 1- ,.f -. rg, L ,Auf 1 'I r"' ,fn H' ff ., A 'sf if r u

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