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ARCADI E ni ' F' Ihtvi l LY' FI-- -T-C1k6 Off y0Llr hCL+S LICYQ, CQYNCS Al' gl if 5' - OJ' F63 J A WGRIC 30+ CL 6F0O+J't7l1'H T int: ' I-Q-QIPH 1 i D f 5 L 1 s- ' iid-l-Elm win- +0 We are march-ing ,V if Fill '7- I - auf? our might We're Soir-513 raise, 'Hui I ..-....-..,,... - A -, -, -, -:p l fight A . C WW X. , , ' ' ' """"' 4-4 some -HJ- -- - ch " CL CL clorecgfn red ancl 4 .. I A 2431114.11 ! 0 D c . L ,lfill 1515121111111 lgil 'n and Cheer'-ing squad, 'For' we know We,H 11Hl!lllF'Yl'l l4L'!U5Z-Iffl ll - 7 --- fo vic-1'0" Y, and we are Cheer .5119 WVHI FB S0 'Hlccy can See, Ar' - ca- di 'S here. +0 Q A ., E L -'12-'52Eiijijijijigijijijijij 'Q51-555553555523555323553255 Qifiifiilfififiiffiifiifi53515 1:2:1:7:f:1:1:1:2:2:2:2 ' "' ' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.5.1.g.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.g.g.:. -"""''Z:I:Z:Zg.g.g.:.:.:.:.g.g.g.' ' ' ' ' Z:I:I:1:1:Z:I:Z:Z:Z:I:2:Z:Z 195 ARCADIA Arcadia Local School Arcadia, Ohio Xn mhis 'oooh is a sxow oi one oi Cne 'nappy yeaxs soenx in pau, she setions- med no caowxe, chexishame W e hav e hooX days adia. e the sc ges: at Arc ness and she gaiew which :hah smww msn thxough xhese :exninisc ent pa women Boatd oi Qs. Asglon Page 3 A OU V age 'l Educ an V age ecoming e 8 Bom Haw ess Snppe: CXasseS P ag Acxw mes V age 'LZ S enlots P age 35 Psdnxinxsu anon V age A3 P age AA P age 55 nd S K Xenos, a Soon Undetdassmen acuv ities, ou: Q dai may we esp aw asjs xenhemhex xhe out teachets who have accompanied as evew n eciahsg Asc adia eat pe thas xhe 1958 oi evetsj sg . ii, sincetebj ho ' he Xjeats to come v4 XXX We, she Sxa 'oxing you many iond nxemoxies xn 1 2 Board of Education Harold Noel, President Paul Conine, Vice-President Mrs. Louise Kirkendall, Clerk Fred Pessell Harold Peters Luther Wiseley The chief functions of the Board of Education are to attend to the business of providing and maintaining adequate buildings and facilities for school purposes, employing competent te a c h i n g and non-teaching personnel, and setting the general policies for the operation of the school. Under the leadership of the Board of Education and the co- operation of the citizens of the community, wehave been able to have a program of studies and re- lated activities of which we can be justifiably proud. Her Majest ueen Barbara Lx.. s ,, 2,-K ..:.. aaaaa a a aa . - - L- AL'L ' an WL SENIOR, Linda Kinshaw JUNIOR, Sharon Stall SOPHOMORE, Joanne Moore Homecoming Attendants :gf 'rs , TEQ- f t -fl X I im - U in W 0 N v-if-. Charming Miss Rothenbuhler looks very attractive in her beautiful white gown with rhinestone accessories as she is coming to the climax of the homecoming ceremony. Her bouquet consists of red carnations and white chrysanthemums. At last the tense moment is here and while the band is playing soft sweet music in the background, the privileged captain for the fes- tivities, Justin Emerine, crowns Barb queen for the 1957 football season. Attending the queen are seniors Linda Kinshaw and Bob Beamer, juniors Sharon Stall and Mark Plesec, sophomores Joanne Moore and Darwin Schmuck. A student council committee chose Gene Margraf to open car doors and Dotty Beach to serve as crown bearer. Queen Barb, with her pretty smile, is seated here with the attendants and escorts reigning for the remainder of the Arcadia- Arlington game. The queen's decorative float was placed in the gym for the tra- ditional homecoming dance which followed the game held in honor of Barb, her escort Justin, and attendants. ws wt K I KAW "n 1 X 5' 1 b 'ff T V igkz. S, - 1 .V ., A 1 k ki: , . B X 'MN' V" .fT,g,f:'f H wwwb- A . 4 gi R dex Tnfl-. Swv H f .5 We 'iff 'ZW' , 1 .2 gy.-5"w-xwif , wi. :gm s:2 . Choir The choir is a group of selected students from grades nine through twelve. The choir is directed by Mr. Charles Hoover and accompanied by Betty Lee Fox. This year the choir gave its annual Christmas program along with the band, which was a great success. Selected stud ents were chosen from the choir to participate in the annual All- County Music Festival. Many solos, duets, and quartettes were entered in both County and District Music Auditions, which proved to be successful. I C 1 8 'xbali 2 5' Y 51 5 W i 11, f53.'.3L.v, yu II! ' W ' IN Q ix' H A 2 I' 5, ,., jig, '-"4 ff " A I 1 . A 'Q My Y E V jx -Q ,, If , A . -A , ' A i , 'S an 1 C E 'L W 5 if 2:2 1, m if Q' 'W I 4 w -ff 3 4 if 9' Hs Q 'Q , ww '- xg an W f EU -,QQ A Sh xi ,, Q Q, 6 y f Q A l Speech Many different phases of dramatic skills are taught in the speech class, but one that probably creates the most interest is the speech choir. The speech choir as an active unit is the only one in Northwestern Ohio. The choir works in class preparing programs that may be presented before outside organizations. The main produc- tion'this year was the presentation of the Christmas program, which was the retelling of the nativity story in a beautiful and impressive manner conducted by Mrs. Sharninghouse with her never-ending patience and helpful guidance. Although not holding a leading role in the program, Faye Presler and Norma Shaull performed an outstanding task in assisting with the effective background music. Traveling the famous journey to the holy city the blessed couple, Mary and Joseph, Fred Pessell and Karen Spearman encountered many joys and heartaches along the way. Living in Bethlehem at that time were Elizabeth and Zacharias, Nancy Kuhlman and Leonard Snavely. The citizens of Bethlehem were portrayed by members of the entire cast. E F iv , l . Ay Tcnding their flocks on this chilly night, the shepherds were told by an angel of the Lord proclaiming the Christ child's birth. These shepherds traveled far to bring their small treasured gifts to the newborn King. The im- pressive climax was reached when the angel appeared to the holy family, the shepherds, and the wise men in the stable at Bethlehem, "Glory to God in the Highest" rang the voices of the choir. I0 English In English 10, the students learn to read with understanding and to express their thoughts clearly in both oral and written forms. English 12, also taught by Mrs. Sharninghouse, is an intensiv e study of American and E nglish Literature. This course is essential for all the students who are planning to go to college. English 8, taught by Mrs. Reardon, deals with literature mainly as a source of entertainment and pleasure, with emphasis on the true story and biography. Elements of grammer are reviewed with stress on spelling. Reading Circle books are of great advantage in book reports and for class discussion. In English 9, more complex sentence s t r u c tu r e is introduced, together with paragraph building and written themes. Literature includes interpretive stories and longer biographies. An aim of this course is to build the foundation for a varied vo- cabulary. The business English class, taught by Mr. Justus, is designed to discuss, in a manner as simple as the subject will permit, "How to Get Along with People at a Dis- tance. " A further purpose is to illustrate to the youthful student who is preparing for a successful career, not necessarily in business but in a life activity allied to, associated with, or affected by business the necessary attention to details. Spelling and letter writing are the most emphasized in this class. Commercial BOOKKEEPING Bookkeeping is a good math course for anyone who plans to be an office worker in the future. The Commercial Department has two adding machines to help the stu- dents with the long bookkeeping problems. The Commercial Department, head ed by Mrs. Edith Covert, is one of the larger departments of the school. ln this depart- ment, bookkeeping, typing I, typing ll, shorthand l, shorthand ll, and office prac- tice are taught. T YP ING The typing ll class learns to operate many different office machines, such as the ditto, and mimeograph. The Commercial Department has one electric typewriter, which the students take turns in using. Typing is a subject studied by many sopho m ores, juniors, and seniors. The first year of typing teaches the students the basic fundamentals of typingg for further knowledge in typing, typing ll is offered. Department Shorthand is a popular subject with the girls who wish to become secretaries in the future. This subject, taught by Mrs. Covert, helps much in the field of writing and spelling. The second year of shorthand 15 taught to those pupils who w1sh to acquire more speed and efficiency in writing shorthand. The second year of shorthand has been taught only one semester. OFFICE PRACTICE Many different types of office filing and general office work is taught in this class. In this class, students learn to oper- ate different kinds of office machines. Office practice isaone-semester course. During the semester, each student gains experience in office work by help- ing the other teachers with their office work. Social Studies History and geography are interrelated. History is a record of the people and the events which have helped to make that country whatever ithas come to be. Geography, which includes land, people, and climate of a given country helps to determine the potential of that country for greatness. ss 1" 1 if A5- E l By working together, Mr. Justus and the seventh grade students accomplish much in the field of geography. The class is divided into four committees in which geographic research material is founded on various countries of the world. To add variety to the class, current event discussions are scheduled once a week. The eighth grade American history class studies America from the first explorers to the present day. One of the most emphasized sections in this course is the study of the constitution and its meaning. In this manner they learn to love their country and appreciate their freedom. l The roots of modern democracy goes to the days of the early Greeks. The religion of the present comes to us from Judaism. Our government and laws were formed in the philosophy of the Romans. World history helps us to understand our beginnings. In American history we attempt to relate the progress and problems ofthe present American way of life with the progress and problems handed down to us from our own historic past. The senior democracy class proves to be an interesting subject for everyone. To develop the ability of expressing orally your ideas, Mr. Slough has successfully planned the Toastmaster's Program for each Friday. Of the four speakers, a winner is chosen and presented the trophy by the toastmaster for that particular day. I4 Library Staff One of the busiest places in school is the library. Other than their classrooms, the library is most used by the students. Our library has become increasingly larger and has more to offer this year than in previous years. Many new fiction and reference books have been added to the 1ibrary's collection. Mrs. Noel, assisted by JeanAnnNorris and the other student librarians, have in- corporated many new ideas on how to keep the library running smoothly. This some- times proves more of a problem than one would imagine, but with all the problems of the library, Mrs. Noel and her student librarians keep it running very efficiently. Mathematics Throughout the world the experiences of the past few years have clearly demonstrated the impor- tance of mathematics in our civilization. As a result, in our school today more students are studying mathematics than ever before. l Algebra and general mathematics are the choice of subjects offered in the ninth year of high school. Algebra is a study of mathematics taught by Mr. Vor- dermark, making use of symbols in deve- loping the mental capacity for systematic and logical thinking. General math is a continuation of the basic arithmetic skill. To prepare themselves for the ad- vanced mathematics, thc seventh and eighth grade students are taught by Mr. Groth, Mr. Vodermark, and Mr. Norberg the basic fundamentals concerning loan- ing and saving money, and formula prob- lems. 1 The geometry course is a prepara- tion in plane figures that are used in everyday lifeg their construction, their properties, and their design. These prin- ciples are taught to the twenty-two sopho- mores by Mr. Groth. Science We live in an age of science where science has become the most important single field of human knowledge. Students, as well as adults, are eager to learn the biological and physical principles that govern the world in which we live. In the seventh grade a student's natural curiosity carries him into an elementary search for the why, when, and how about the things around him. Although general science is, as the name implies, a general treatment ofscience many ninth grade students begin to specia- lize in their favorite areas of scientific achievement, giving some idea of direction in a chosen vocation. Chemistry, the final course for juniors and seniors, gives the student an opportunity to get acquainted with science in the first person, handling chemicals, and equip- ment, and even searching for sometimes unknown goals in an experiment. The ad- vances that have been made in chemistry have completely cliauged the operations of the modern world. Of all sciences, biology has perhaps been the least appreciated. To many people it is a subject in which you pin bugs to a picture frame and cut open an unfortunate frog or two. Yet, biology can be a magic carpet of adventure and discovery. lt brings to lifc a fairyland in your own back yard, if you just take the trouble to go out and look. But most important of all, biology is the study of you yourself--your body and mind, and how they work. It holds the se- cret of bodily health, of mental happiness and of useful citizenship, 'Wu X Agriculture v" i 'E es l , -Af. I. ,L 'QI' --.. ., l .lin "ii -A 18 Vocational Agriculture consists of a program for all four years through high school. Crop and livestock projects are re- quired in order that boys may gain practical experience from them in addition to earning money which will assist them in preparing, for farming. The first two years are made up of a study of crops and livestock. The later years involve the study of engineering and farm management. Farm shop is integrated throughout the whole four years. Home Economics ir ff' AF if if if 'R Home economics is a course that most high school girls desire to take. The art of homemaking is taught by Mrs. Wykoff in this class, butprobably the most emphasized are: cooking, sewing, general manners, household duties, and family relationships which help prepare the girls for the future. X 'LLQEE - is .- -0 'H"Q itll l' ' . -t , ,X:' X fx 4, L-9 f , " V - d Q t - ,Le B- ,- 6 Ill H if 19 Industrial Arts Industrial Arts is design- ed for those students interested in manual skills. Although many areas of training are offered, woodworking is one of the most popular choices. Furniture projects are number- ous. Training in reading and planning mechanical drawings is required of all Industrial Arts Boys. The area of metal- working, such as the metal lathe, gas and electric weld- ing and sheet metal work in- terest many boys while elec- tricity and electronics hold the interest of others. A new foundry and patternmaking unit is to be installed in the In- dustrial Arts department soon. 20 Driver Education Driver Education, taught by Mr. Warren, is set up by the school to facilitate the students with the task of learning how and improving their driving methods with ease. By turning figure-eights and parking the car, both parallel and horizontal, their driving methods soon meet the require- ments that are set up by the state which help decrease the number of automobile accidents. After the students have com- pleted sixty hours of classroom work and in actual driving on the road, adriver's examination is satisfactorily passed and their license is obtained. 9 '2-,-,1?- 41 is l if Q, EL f is K mm ir mlm Annual Staff Never a free moment! The production of the annual was a long process which began last year with the choosing of our staff. Our staff is in three divisions - editorial, business, and circulation. However, being a small class, we all worked together with the assistance of Mr. Davies. Th was a great success this year with the help of the students that participated in the sales campaign. The first prize of S5 w as presented to Eil Bowman for h e 1958 Arcadian een . er outstandin ' sal' f 'N g effort in the e o. ga annuals. Betty Lee Fox . Gordon Fruth , Jerry Harmon Gerald Gaertner. . Betty Copsey , Dan Dulgar . . Sue Huffman . . Bette Bob Beame , , Audrey Walsh Derol Jo Switzer . 1' . Painter . . Karen Greer , , Our sincere th SENIORS Editor . Business Manager Activities Manager . . . Sports Editor . . Art Editor . Photographer . . . Typist . . Typist . Advertiser . . Advertiser . . Advertiser . Advertiser anks! Annual Staff IUNIORS Sandra Russell. Nancy Kuhlman Karen Spearman Leonard Snavely Faye Presler. . Larry Diebley . Carol Monday . Nancy King . . Diana Conley , Scott Philo . . Donna Jacobs . Darlene Bricker I A . . . . . Editor Business Manager . Activities Manager , . Sports Editor . . . Art Editor . . Photographer . . . . .Typist . . Typist . Advertiser , Advertiser . Advertiser . Advertiser l ll 'mg lllw ,fs-1 :Qrrl,Hirfg ge '-'Tl 23 F. H. A. RE HUMEMA AMERHIIA Severity-seven girls make up the Arcadia F. H. A. chapter in working toward better home and family living for themselves and others. 24 F. H. A. The efficient FHA officers this year are: President, Bette Io Switzerg Vice -President, Bonnie Eberlyg Secretary, Betty Lee Foxg Treasurer, Eileen Bowmang Historian, Darlene Shaullg Parliamen- tarian, Diana Conleyg Song Leader, Darlene Brickerg Reporter, Judy Gassmang Photographer, Sharon Hengsteller. fy C . X615 C -yfgij fu Regular monthly meetings are held and conducted by President, Bette Io Switzer. At each meeting a committee selects an interesting topic that may be discussed by all the girls. Some special FHA evenings are Daddy-Date-Night and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. After the business meeting the girls look for- ward to the close of the meeting when refreshments are served. Si QQIQECE F EMAEER5 N ' f s p N 1 3 i' 1-pr-up-inrwn Q' 3 A basketball game is usually the finale of the recreational period. One of the biggest recreational programs of the year is sponsoring a square dance for all FFA and FHA members. The homemakers of tomorrow work together as a bi-county unit. We were fortunate to have our president, Bette Io Switzer as bi-county vice-president last year and Karen Spearman secretary for 1957 -58. flfzg zj Lt? Future Farmers Chapter activities throughout the year consisted of the county fair float in which we took first place, basket and soft ball teams which competed with other chapters in the area, county pest hunt, county parliamentary procedure contest and other varied livestock judging contests. During national F .F .A. week the chapter performed the community service project of painting and lettering mail boxes through the school district. The highlight of the year was the annual parent and son banquet which was held at the school on the fifth of March. The guest speaker was Mr. Robert Feller of Findlay. The year was closed by the chapter entering the state livestock judging contests and sending two delegates to the state convention. wifi? f. x '-ff, ffm-K1 54: -no' . Ir o f oo -' A 4- : 'r 0, C 0 of N 02? un. A I 1 26 of America Twenty-one farm boys make up the Arcadia F.F. A. chapter lead by the effective president, Delbert Smith. The remaining officers are Vice-President, DerolPai11terg Secretary, Dick Conineg Treasurer, Justin Ernerineg Centennial, Ken Lenhart. Sally Binger relinquishes the title of Having formed a hillbilly band, the F.F. A. Chapter Sweetheart as Delbert musical junior and scnior boys find the Smith presents the crown to Nancy Kuhl- band to be a favorite pastime. 1173.11 fOl' the COlTlil'1g YCBF. U. . sr- S K Having won many county F.F. A. Although many community projects chapters, the basketball team is looking were satisfactorily completed, possibly the forward to a victorious season. most important this year was painting mail- boxes. 27 Student Council The objects of the Student Council are to co-operate with the teachers and repre- sent the student body in promoting citizen- ship, fostering scholarship, high ideals, and school spirit. Elected students of the high school classes and organizations are the re- presentation at the councilmeetings although every student and teacher is automatically a member of the organization. Without the leadership of the President, Derol Painter, the Student Council would not be as effec- tive and active. PRESIDENT ............. Derol Painter VICE-PRESIDENT .... . Fred Pessell SECRETARY-TREASURER ...... Pat Arnet REPORTER ........ Mary Lou Rothenbuhler SPONSOR . . ..... Mrs Covert The entire homecoming ceremony is con- ducted by this group. A few weeks prior to the traditional festivities the polls are opened and the primary election is held in elect- ing the Queen and her attendants. Mrs. Covert, the sponsor, lends her advice often when the fourteen members of the council become stationary on a project. 30 Student Council Possibly one of the biggest events of the year for the council is the Spring Prom. Many long hours of concentration and hard work go into the prepara- tion of this forever remembered dance to make an enjoyable evening for the faculty, students, and alumni. The ultimate goal of the student council this year is to create in each student a broader social attitude. The council has sponsored dances and other social activities to obtain this goal. Welcoming the new students as they enter high school and helping to orient transfer stud ents, Derol Painter presents to them a handbook published by the student council consisting of the accepted school policies. aan. , I JU: 591591 3 fi 9 31 The student council also conducted a clean-up cam- paign with every person clean- ing out his own locker. To show pride in the school, the student body is reminded fre- quently of keeping the build- ing clean, which is a yearly project of the council. 32 Y 9 The Senior members of Honor Society are President, Gordon Fruthg Vice-President, Linda Kinshawg Secretary, Betty Copseyg Treasurer, Betty Lee Fox and Paul Peters. Each year the National Honor Society adds to its membership those students who meet requirements based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. The new members for 1958 are: Leonard Snavely, Karen Spearman, Nancy Kuhlman, Diana Conley and Sandra Russell. ational Honor Society Our school was honored to be hosts for the an- nual county Honor Society social meeting held in November. The Senior members and Mr. Slough prepared the activities and the weiner roast which were enjoyed by the forty county members and advi- sors that were present. The ten junior and senior honor society members are striving to encourage scholar- ship and scholastic honors with- in the school and county. Arcadia shares pride with one of the most outstanding members of National Honor Society, Paul Peters. He has put forth efforts which have re- sulted in high returns in scholar- ships for his future education. Promotes Scholarship Entering the citizenship contest, N a n c y Kuhlman, a junior honor member, obtained a high rating in the county on her theme consisting of the responsibilities she would as- sume as a citizen of tomorrow. Sharing the top three hon- ors in the Voice of Democracy Contest in Hancock County were Nancy Cole, Diana Conley, and Betty Lee Fox. NATIONAL Houck SOCIETY X SL XXUX .Q L Class Plays The play "The Family That Nobody Wanted," was presented by the junior class on November 1, 1957. The cast included: Rev. Doss .......... Fred Pessell Miss Rieley . . . . Donna Jacobs Mrs. Doss . . Carol Gooch Bill Thomas. . . . . . David Eash Donny Doss . . . . Larry Diebley Mrs. Parkenson . . . Karen Spearman Nan Johnson . . . Nancy Kuhlman Mrs. Hardy . . . . Connie Horner Diane Doss . . . . . Diana Conley Mrs. Allen . . . . Carol Monday Laura Doss . . Barbara Van Driest Mr. Johnson. . . Keith Van Meter Rita Doss . . . . Darlene Bricker Mrs. Johnson . Sandra Russell Tim Doss . . . . Leonard Snavely Director ...... . .Mr. Justus Ted Doss . . . . Mark Plesec Student Directors . . . . . Von Bishop Alex Doss ......... Ed Pellegreni Ceara Withrow asus On March 28, 1958, the play "State Fair," was presented by the senior class under the direction of Mrs. Sharninghouse with Betty Copsey, Betty Blue, and Jean Norris as student directors. The cast in cludedz Storekeeper . . . . . Paul Peters Melissa Frake . . . . Bette Switzer Abel Frake . . . . Gordon Fruth Margy Frake . . .... Karen Greer Wayne Frake . . . . Gerald Gaertner Harry Ware . . . . Jerry Harm0Y1 Eleanor . . Emily .... Pat Gilbert . . Mrs. Rallins . The Barker . . Stage Managers Betty Lee Fox Sue Huffman . Bob Beamer Linda Kinshaw . . Gary Roth . Dan Dulgar Gene Eisaman 4 'Y ae AS-URER Barb RO fhenbuh QQ' Ax 3 White Rose 60196 J' lei- 1? We 'G' " Higher Toward Success" PRES IDEN T Bob Bcame r Semors x6 I QQ ,oe fo gi sw W L BMG ff Blue: and Silver 1- ROBERT BEAMER Class Officer 1, 2,3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity A 2,3,4 Choir 2, 3,4 Co. Music Festival 2, Boys' Glee 1,2 Annual Staff 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Student Council 3 SHIRLEY BROOKS F.H.A. l,2,3,4 G.A.A. 4 Choir 3 Girls' Glee l,2,3 Co. Music Auditions 2 Candy Room 4 Science Day 2 3,4 Seniors SHELBY JEAN BROOK S G.A.A. 4 F.H.A. 12,3,4, Girls' Glee 1,2,3 Choir 2,3 ,4 Co. Music Auditions 2 Co. Music Festival 2 Dist. Music Auditions 2 Operetta 1 36 BETTY LOU BLUE Choir 3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2 F.H.A.1,2,3,-4 F. H.A. Officer 3 F.T.A. 2,3g Library 3,4 Student Director 4 Co. Music Auditions 2,4 Dist. Music Auditions 2,4 Operetta 1 BETTY LOU COPSEY Class Play 3,4 Honor Society 3, 4 Co. and Dist. Auditions 2 3 4 Class Officer 1, 2,3 Co. Music Festival 3,4 Library Staff 3, 4 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Choir 2,3,4g Annual Staff 3 4 Seniors DAN DULGAR F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Judging Team 3 Choir 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Football 3,4 Basketball Manag Science Club 2 Stage Manager 4 Varsity A 3 JUSTIN EMERINE F.F.A. l,2,3,4 F.F.A. Officer 4 Football 2,3,4 Varsity A 3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Student Council 2 Boys' Glee 1,2 Choir 2,3,4 C Co. Music Festival 2,3,4 Operetta 1 ,LW ' 1 X JL new .4 X ,H ,W 5 E'7?C,'1f7v GENE EISAMAN Basketball l, 2,3 Football 1,2 Baseball 1, 2,4 Choir 2,3 Boys' Glee 1 Class Play 4 Library 2 Co. Music Festiv 37 al2,3 IAN ET KAY EAT HERT ON F.H.A. l,2,3 G.A.A. 1 Girls' Glee l,2,3 Co. Music Festival 4 Co. Auditions l,2 Operetta l Choir 4 BETTY LEE FOX Yearbook Editor 3, 4 Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 3, 4 F.H.A. Officer 3,4 Class Play 4 Choir Pianist 3 , 4 Girls' Glee Pianist l,2 Band l , 2, 3 , 4 Co. Music Festival 2,3,4 Co. and Dist. Music Auditions 2,3,4 Seniors GORDON FRU TH Library 1 Candy Room 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 KAREN SUE GREER G. A. A. 1,2, 3, 4 G. A. A. Officer 2, 4 Co. Music Auditions 2, 3,4 Co. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4 Annual staff 3, 4 Band 4 IVAN GOSHE GERALD GAERTNER Scholarship Team 1,2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 District Science Day 1, 2 State Science Day 2 Annual staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Co. Music Festival 2, 3, 4 Co. and Dist. Auditions 2 PAULIN E KISH Girls' Glee 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 Operetta 1 Class Play 3 Science Club 1 F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4 G. A. A. 4 F. T. A. 3 Library Staff 2, 3, 4 Co. Music Festival 1,2, 3, Class Officer 1,2 Basketball 2, 3 F.F. A. 1,2, 3,4 F. F. A. Officer 2 38 SUE ANN HUFFMAN Annual Staff 3, 4 Scholarship Team 4 F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Class Play 3,4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3 Band 4 Science Club 1 Science Day 1 Operetta 1 MARILYN LAZENBY Girls' Glee 1,2 Choir 3, 4 Co. Music Auditions 2 Dist. Music Auditions 2 Operetta 1 G. A. A. 1, 2, 4 F. T. A. 3 F. H. A. 1.2, 3, 4 Library Staff 3, 4 Semors LINDA KINSHAW Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3 Cheerleader 4 Honor Society 3, 4 F. T. A. 3 F. H. A. 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 Co. Music Festival 3, 4 39 .TERRY A. HARMON F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Varsity A 3 Football 2,3,4 F. F. A. Officer 2,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Choir 1,2,3,4 Parliamentary Procedure Team 1,2,3,4 Boys' Glee 1,2 JEANETTE uTroN Glee ciub 1, 2, 3, 4 F. I-I. A. 1, 2, 3 F. T. A. 2, 3 Journalism 3 Senior Dramatics 3 Annual Club 3 Class Play 3 G. A. A. 3 Seniors BETTY MINARD Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3 Choir 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,4 G.A.A. 1, 2,4 Operetta 1 Dist. Auditions 2 Co. Auditions 2 PAUL PETERS Scholarship Team 1, 2 Honor Society 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Varsity A 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 All-County Football 4 Class Officer 1, 2 Choir 2, 3, 4 ,3 DEROL PAINTER BONNIE JEAN MINARD Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3 Choir 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1 Operetta 1 Music Festival 2, 3, 4 Dist. Music Auditions 2 Co. Music Auditions 1 STEVE RAT HBURN Candy Room 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Dist. Music Auditions 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity A 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Student Council President 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Officer 4 40 , ,C A' V, 1, ?q,.lf,,,,, .,, Q. V fr Ev, JOYCE RITTER Library 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Girls' Glee 1,2 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Operetta 1 Class Play 3 Ensemble 1 Dist. Music Auditions 2 DELBERT TROY SMITH Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity A 2, 3, 4 All-County Football 3 F. F. A. 1,2, 3,4 F. F. A. Officer 3, 4 Judging Team 2, 3, 4 Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 4 Student Council 4 Choir 4 Co. Music Festival 4 Seniors BARBARA RO TH EN BU HLER Operetta 1 Ensemble 1 Choir 3, 4 Girls' Glee 1,2 F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Homecoming Quee Queen Attendant 3 Student Council 1 Class Officer 4 Music Festival 3, 4 41 fl GARY LEE ROTH Football 1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Varsity A 4 Judging, Team 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Class Play 4 Boys' Glee 1, 2 Operetta 1 Co. Music Festival 2, 17, -1 BETTE JO SWITZER F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4 F. H. A. Officer 2, 3, 4 Bi-County F. H. A. Officer 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. T. A. 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Co. Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 3 525 , iL.A . -:si is Seniors JEAN ANNA NORRIS F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4 Library Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 F. T. A. 3 G. A. A. 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1 . 31: if Q 7 Co. Auditions 1, 2, 3, 4 U Co Music Festival 1 Dist. Music Auditions AUDREY WALSH A A 2 Choir 2 3 4 Student Council 1 2 Annual staff 3 4 Girls Glee 1 2 Class Officer 1 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Operetta 1 Co Auditions 4 2, 1. 42 CAROL ANN TREECE Science Day 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 G. A. A. 1,2, 3, 4 F. T. A. 3 F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 2 Operetta 1 Dist. Music Auditions 2 JAMES WONDERS State Manager 3, 4 MR. GROTH Mr. Groth successfully completed his fourth year at Arcadia as adminis- trative head. Known over the com- munity for his progressive views on modern teaching techniques, Mr. Groth has shared in the excellent re- putation that Arcadia enjoys today. Greeting everyone with a plea- sant smile, Mr. Slough, the high school principal, is a teacher every student admires. Mr. Slough is appre- ciated forhis outstanding teaching pro- gram and his assistance to Mr. Groth in making decisions concerning -the school. Mr. Richter, beginninghis teach- ing career at Arcadia, is discharging the responsibility as elementary princi- pal. Administration MR. SLOU GH MR. RIC HT ER Football TOP: Danny Rader, Freshmang Sam Moyer, Freshmang John Peters, Freshmang Ralph Lazenby Sophomoreg Ronnie Vitt, Sophomore, Gary Stillberger, Sophomore: Melvin Brooks, Freshman MIDDLE: Joe Woodward, Manager, Larry Binger, Sophomore, Don Kirkendall, Sophomore Von Bishop, Junior, Fred Pessell, Junior, Terry Good, Sophomoreg Dick Conine, Sophomore Larry Noel, Manager. BOTTOM: A1 Vordermark, Coachg Bob Steyer, Junior, Derol Painter, Seniorg Paul Peters Seniorg Justin Emerine, Seniorg Gerald Gaertner, Seniorg Bob Warren, Coach. ABSENT: Glen Johnson, Junior. Even though the football season of, 1957 was not what the team wanted it to be, each sprint, callisthenic, and game played with other schools help to build into each team member a strong mental and physical character. The three top men in scoring were: Paul Peters with 37 points, Fred Pessell with 24 points and Dick Conine with 12 points. The combined efforts of these players gained them '73 points out of the' 91 points scored in the eight games that were played. The season's record was 6 lost and 2 won. Paul Peters was chosen as most valuable player of the season. Justin Emerine was chosen captain for the homecoming game. The team will lose four seniors this year. 46 Lettermen Emerine - Guard P, Peters - Halfback Gaertner - End Blshop - Tackle Paxnter - Tackle - Tackle Steyer Pessell - Halfback -E Conine - Quarterback ff Good - Center Vitt - Guard J. Peters - Guard arsity Basketball STANDING: Don Kirkendall, Sophomoreg Bob Beamer, Senior, Scott Philo, ,Tuniorg Gerald Gaert- ner, Senior, Fred Pessell, Iuniorg Terry Good, Sophomore, Al Vordermark, Coach. KNEELING: Larry Binger, Sophomore, Paul Peters, Senior, Bob Steycr, Junior, Dick Conine Sophomore, Larry Noel, Manager. The team had a fairly successful season this year, winning 7 and losing 8 out of the fifteen games played. On Febraury 8, the team traveled to Arlington where they met Liberty Benton for the first county tournament game. Even though one of the team's best players, Gerald Gaertner, could not play, the team mana ged to hold Liberty Benton to a tie during the third quarter of the game. However, they over came us with a 56 to 67 win. The three top men in scoring were Gerald Gaertner with 235 points, Terry Good with 220 points, and Bob Beamer with 176 points. Bob Beamer was chosen captain of the team. Gerald Gaertner was chosen most valuable player. Gerald Gaertner and Terry Good were chosen for all county team. 48 Top Five Plus ne Gerald Gacrtncr 2335 total points Bob Beamer 176 total points Don Kirkeudall 50 total points Coach Vordermark 917 total team points 49 Fred Pcssull l-111 total points Tcrry Good 220 loml points Reserves STANDING: Larry Noel, Manager, Mark Plesec, Junior, Keith Van Meter, Junior, Von Bishop, Junior, Ed Pellegreni, Junior, A1 Vordermark, Coach. KNEELING: John Peters, Freshman, Dick Conine, Sophomore, Larry Binger, Sophomore, Bob Steyer, Junior, Larry Leonard, Sophomore. Here are a few of Arcadia's varsity team for the coming, season. They look very promising with the record of the top three in Scoring: Dick Conine with 177 points, Bob Steyer with 82 points, and John Peters with 63 points. The three together scored 322 points out of the total 455 team points. unior High STANDING: Bob Warren, Coach, Danny Dutton, 8th Grade, Ed Cardwell 9th Grade, Sam Leonard, 9th Gradeg .T ack Risner, 8th Grade: David Bowman, 9th Gradeg David Minard, 8th Gradeg Roger Tanner, 9thGrade,SamMoyer, 9thGradegDuaneSteyer, 9th Grade, Larry Monday, 8th Grade, Mike Leonard, Manager. KNEELING: Dwight Roether, 7th Gradeg Tom Pessell, 7th Gradeg John Loth, 8th Gradeg John Smith, 8th Gradeg Bill Collins, 8th Gradeg Gary Frankart, 8th Gradeg Dennis Shiley, 7th Gradeg David Groth 7th Gradeg Gary Switzer, 8th Grade. Here are the beginners who are being trained by experience for the future teams at Arcadia High. The three top boys in scoring were .Tack Risner with 83 pointsgSam Leonard with 44 pointsg and David Bowman with 40 points. The three together racked up 167 points out of the season's total of 279 points. The record for this year was 3 won and 7 lost. 51 arsity Cheerleaders On the brisk autumn nights the en- thusiastic crowd cheered the team on to victory by these five girls dressed in short red skirts with white V-necklettersweaters. The attrac- tive girls, chosen by popular vote, are: Senior, Linda Kinshawg Jun- iors, Sally Binger, Joan Reid, and Darlene Brickerg Sophomore, Janet Noel. During the entire sports sea- son the cheerleaders take much of their time in teaching the new cheers and chants to the student body by regular pep meetings. i Xxllfx FIGHT 'yt , xx re 4 grxl Q0 X wr Weak voices are often the result of the fabu- lous task these girls preform during the bas- ketball season. No one can overlook the sparkle in each of the girls as they perform in their red outfits accented with a large white letter A. Two of the favorite cheers of the leaders and the crowd are We've got the boys, and 1-2-3-o'c1ock. THE FRED C. SWISHER COMPANY Builders' Supplies and Coal 50 years of service Findlay, Ohio unior High Cheerleaders Cartwheels and fancy steps highlite the 1957-58 cheerleaders as they pushed the junior high team along the road of victory. These five attractive girlsg Nancy Anderson, Norma Swit- zer, Dian Stillberger, Sandra Noel and Sandra Monday, were chosen for their outstanding cheering ability by the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Ringing through the auditorium were the voices of these girls as they led the crowd in their favorite yells of: "Extra-Extra, " "A-A-AAA," and "Yea Red. " The cheerleaders chose red corduroy dresses set off by a large Indian head representing the Junior High Redskins. A A V.. . ' me .::f ig W: f Q.. ,,,, 17 f 543:-gf Q, .:ig ,- , . ' f?i-Y X , N M xo i 3 YI do fl 41 V N 1 If 9 MQ ,ff Q 'ff JK fy 1 '7 fix' l I Eleventh Sally Binger Von Bishop Kenny Boes Darlene Bricker Mary Coffman Diana Conley Gene Corron Larry Diebley David Eash Bonnie Eberly Linda Eisaman Mary Ann Fraley Judy Gassman Carol Sue Gooch Alma Goshe Sharon Hile Connie Jo Horner Donna Jacobs Glen Johnson Nancy King Nancy Kuhlman WAALAND'S GREENHOUSES Wedding and Funeral Work Our Specialty 132-42 Larkins Street-Phone GArden 2-2343 Findlay, Ohio MR. SLOUGH 56 fade President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter. . , . . . Bob Steyer Barbara Van Driest . . . Nancy King . Mark Plesic . . Carol Monday 57 Kenny Lenhart Carol Monday Kay Payne Ed Pellegrini Fred Pessell Melanie Peters Scott Philo Mark Plesec Faye Pressler Joan Reid Janice Ritter Sandra Russell .Norma Jean Shaull Leonard Snavely Karen Spearman Sharon Stall Bob Steyer Barbara Van Driest Keith Van Meter Ceara Withrow Frances Ziegler PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone GA 2-1515 Findlay, Ohio Tenth Patricia Arnet Imas Barnes Larry Binger Eileen Bowman Nancy Cole Dick Conine Judy Conley Jackie Desgrange Marilyn Frankart Naomi Fruth Terry Good Charles Groth Jim Harmon Sharon Hengsteler Thomas Keefe Don Kirkendall Louis Kish Beatrice Knettle Larry Leonard Ralph Lazenby Martha Lewis EGBERT'S' HOME FURNISHINGS 404 East Sandusky Street i Findlay, Ohio MR. ENGLEHART 58 fade MR. W ARREN 59 Janice Leib Carolyn Marvin Pam McGough Howard Minard Lawerence Monday Gene Moore Joanne Moore Sue Ann Moore Janet Noel Larry Noel Millie Noel Connie Payne Marilyn Rainey Jim Ritter Darwin Schmuck Darlene Shaull Jim Smith Ronny Springer Gary Stillberger Ronnie Vitt Judy Wonders Joe Woodward FINDLAY PROVISION COMPANY Butcher Boy Products R.F.D. 5, Box 120 . Findlay, Ohio inth f:':2 ' Janice Anderson Carole Bishop 2 Betty Bowman David Bowman :-h Melvin Brooks f '111 12 2 ,,r.,M.'M M-wimw-r.4gr .f....,..,...4: Eddie Cardwell Pat Cole Mike Crawford Judy Elsea Carolyn Emahiser web- Nfimiaz, fries? - my ' 555,-': -- - gr, 'figiifiiii " " 13:11 Jimmy Farmer V C rr , raw Sm rift lffimfvf .. 581155 , ,L , V Melmda Good .1 C 9 ' '- - . ,,.. ' Ann Graumllch , ' M """' t Tom H111 I -- Vicki Horner Q 1 ' ,.. , X X . C- W ffliillii-J Aff, f1:ZZ,H's: "W: fwfzrfegi Qtzwwfg 15 . ff.-if - 310 1119 it 1555- S31 i 555,15 -w- 1: '3 4 h ' h fri-1155131 222.41 ,- 1' f f - 'W .- .4- Jo U. KIDS HW 'fs '- .. M- .W 51 11 ' -Eeu ssyr .1212 -- -7 H22 . -f Margaret Lf1ZGIlbY A, Sam Le0Hafd B Arlene Llrron 1 " . A . - .' ill? ' Q X35 Lana Miller MR. CUNNINGHAM THE FINDLAY PUBLISHING COMPANY -THE REPUBLICAN-COURIER Radio Station WFIN 60 fade Bill Martin Sam Moyer Sandra Noel Kennie Noller Carol Norris Arvilla Pelton John Peters Danny Rader Mary Lou Rothenbuhler Don Sherman Doris Sherman Nancy Snavely Jan Snyder Duane Steyer Norma Switzer Roger Tanner Tommy Thomas Daun Van Meter Mary Lou Velliquette Thora Withrow ,X . 135 MR. VORDERMARK ALICE BEAUTY AND DRESS SHOPPE 411 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio 61 v Eighth Steven Adler June Bishop Bill Collins Mike Curtis John Cramer Danny Dutton Patsy Farmer Georgia Forney Karen Fox Linda Fox Gary Frankart David Fruth Ted Garrett Dick Gassman Nancy Good Carole Gordon Dennis Greer Danny Harmon Gene Huff LeRoy Huff it sr Roger Keefe Dennis King Pat Leonard THE BOSTON STORE, FINDLAY, OHIO "Where Spending is Saving. " THE HOUSE OF DOERTY, "Is the House of Fine Printing" 114 E. Sandusky, Findlay, Ohio 62 tim e -, , A is is i K :sg ---"-Z as 'aaa-at - ,H ' .::v:x25-sus'-we :-fini" ' fiirzf iff . - W,.wwrfenwr:3n-M-:rg1:-1:1-if ,. is , :za -R K sf--f, .f-- 1 rf--rf 1 ,ze , W ,.,. , rr.. rr.iagri,,,3:k,,H,: .,k. EE,w . , , 7 . ne,:ra,asmezesvgeffffsifsi K ,saw - " ri, fade Merl Litton John Loth Tom Martin Larry McGough David Minard Larry Monday Sandra Monday Dick Nolan Patricia Peters Jackson Risner Darrold Ritter Diana Ritter Galen Roth Delfino Sandoval John Smith Lanny Springer Sandra Springer Dian Stillberger Rose Ann Swartz Gary Switzer Mary Ann Thomas Charlotte Wickiser Compliments of FOX DAIRY Findlay Road, Fostoria, Ohio SACKETTS FLOWERS - Fostoria, Ohio 63 Seventh ,, ::3f,:EY5If?'JEZi?f: uf. ::- .sri-ra f- nfs: J Nancy Anderson ' ':':' I "-. is J 5 Norman Boes Dale Bowman Larry Joe Brand Dennis Bruce me ., .:P::'Xs:y:. Z I H 1 t im ,gi ? il! , Ee gg 5 -in 5 ' s 1- l 'fi-?i' a Q 5 it H is if X sr W 2 tk- rf. 1 Qs. 3 5,33 E Sh se 1 Larry Cole Robert Coleman Donald Dreisbach Joanne Eisaman Glenn Farmer Tom Fox George Fruth Maxine Good Harold Goshe John Grossman David Groth Marilyn Hile Bob Hook Arthur Holmes Allen Huffman --".I.,-.r 'J J? Patricia Hummel '::gq.5 'AVA A Brenda Kiuien H Fggg Sandra Killien Janet Kuhlman 'J:: :: JJJ: Mike Leathers K Mike Leonard Gerald Lewis 'J 1 :,.:EQ,15Egf5 JEZMILLE 2' I:f'f"f- f- ff' f"E:5':i2i 5 J ' vii Q ' fi s:,.,: 2.3-,L 252 MRS. REARDON THE B. S. PORTER SON COMPANY "Findlay's Complete Music Store" HOADLEY'S RUG AND CLEANING COMPANY 131 N. Cory Street, Findlay, Ohio, Phone GA 2-2535 64 fe gg 3:1125 ,,,. sr :gtg . W 5 J I K , Le r ff' pg L is rl N rr geek? -- -' 211125 25 H L1 91 Haag ,NEWER rs,.., ,CWM Ag,,,3,.:a.fwg. fx-fwmsew si: Grade Mary Loth . Janet Martin David Mellott Billy Minard Jane Nichols Kay Nickelson Barbara Noel Tom Noel Tom Notale Torn Pessel Martha Peters Kay Pressler Paula Reinhard David Roberts Dwight Roether Lou Ellen Russell Howard Sherman Dennis Shiley Dick Steyer Phyllis Ziegler Lawrence Swartz Robert Swartzmiller Bonnie Thomas Henry Vackert Lana Jo Wisely Ray Wonder MRS. SHARINGHOUSE HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC., Hybrid Seed Corn, Wheat, Oats, Soybeans 1205 East Sandusky, Findlay, Ohio 65 Sixth Micheal Brandeberry Sandra Breyman Melvin Boes Sherry Cook Rose Coronado Amelia Cortez Bill Ebersole Glenna Farmer Anthony Fillator Carl Fraley i l Jerry Gassman Don Greene Ida Guedea Linda Holmes Ellen Hoover Jill Hoover Patricia Jacobs James Johnson Martha Keefe Diane King Robert Leonard Eugene Margraf Sandra McEnrire Thomas Moyer Robert Peters Grenda Roth Sara Sherman Annabell Swartz Larry Thomas MRS. KUHLMAN YM,k1f,v,1'7i J L ' .Tw ff' N r Fifth Ronnie Beach Ronnie Blair Stephen Bishop Deborah Burkett Tommy Castor Royetta Desgrange Eulalia Emerine Connie Fisher Peggy Garrett Roger Good Peggy Hook' Stephen Huffman Sue Knepper Judy Martin Loretta Mellott LHMZI Miller Marilyn Moyer Mary Moyer Barbara Nesbitt Sharon Nickelson Vera Purkey Cathy Quinn Raymond Rienhard Luanna Sherman Marlene Steyer Jerry Tong Bobbie Vackert Lois Weber S Q ,Q 3' 1 fi 5 gf, if -- :K Q its fir L, s is wr i if 5' if rp, Y. R E r KJ P5 ? i. W SIB M , rr ' --is k Tis: "' , 1 isses B 1 Y mf X A 5 Y - if , l . tt Y ,ff . ,..,,. W .,--v,,,r,, .rki .tm .K ,-.ti , . .- L -1:26 L zr' Q1 Sk 2 H W3 J pf A M , it 1 Q 2 Y .i tt," Q, 1: is t , in P at 135 fe,. Q iv 8 im- sni 4 'N 'if Q xg .Min A L fwfr: i - ' . f f :Qt :' X L1 iff fi , " :E-. Qi? f' 5 si f ' ' fag- . pai " A Qgffffkf I Y ,E Q.. 1 H 1 f 4 J S .K j . . t - , - , ' tiff: fi' v- - - -if 1 'QfL?'f?ii45x-fg::iZ:st'E21:.' 55" K ..,,, V E be r -t It ii '.lt ' I . gf ,,. , 'VVL I 'malt I it L ...' as " Q' - fr Q aknmamf in hid ii ,A iizdfe- .." p fu.: y f isrss if ,gl wsifff favs Q 5 they sississ 5 iixadwim i J 5 'Q -'ffffifll - . mx! vf1-' ,,.-f , , . iit' M MISS ROSIE FOX - ' r , K by ...AN A W s 1 gf K f W fra - QQ: . Q3 , ' Z ' 54' J . Q F ,. M Aj, 3, R W Hg K y Q in 1 R1 s ir? if E2 Q -Yr A I - ,.v L, ' , ' ::' 12,125 .V 1 R :" rw war y' 'L. MRS. WEAVER fade ,V I n f 7. 75 , ja L- qs: K, 5,415 'ff' 515355 :Z gg K ., ' .' :MJ-7 " ' ' I ' J , 9 1- I. .. - 02. 551 'N " V , Q ,ga-..a..., ' ,,,..,, -T ' B 1 Q if fix , 3 4 , ,,,. , ' ,r V an 9 1, W f 1 3 e S M fl iid E w k.,, X , ' fm ,ab 'qw X K i 'film .5 , -flag . :K V . W W L I J'-. , wifi " V., 225515 at I 4 , - 1, 2, , V i X i 'V fr' , 1, i - 1 : 1 , 3 . girl? s ,M , .iii af N, , 'Jw Michael Bame Barbara Blake Lanny Boes Larry Bowman Edwin Byrd Calvin Dawson Linda Dutton Thomas Farmer Mary Jane Good Rebecca Groth David Hengsteler Donald Hook Franklin Long Richard Margraf Gary Moore Donald Noel Daryl Jacobs Ted Johnson Beth Peters Linda Thomas Thomas Rader Robert Roberts Bradyn Russell Lorian Schmidt Sandra Schubert Marsha Seel Diana Swartz Sandra Vitt Fourth Sharon Adams Bonnie Barnes Alice Beamer Steven Brandeberry Galen Bruce Peggy Cole Tierney Conrad Carol Crawford Larry Emahiser Richard Fruth Steve Gillen Richard Grossman Robert Hiser Linda Hiserman Jack Hoover Jackie Lanrz Tommy McEntire Steven Mellott Janet Monday Thana Reid Randy Russell Robert Smith David Snavely Gaylen Taylor Alice Thomas Tony Wiseley Pamela Wolfarth MRS. DUTTON MISS BESSIE FOX Grade Jack Bame Timathy Beckman Richard Blair Ricky Bowman William Caton Sue Clymer Shelia Ford Billy Fox Juanita Fruth Donna Gooch Becky Hartranft Tim Hartman Nancy Hiser Ellen Hudson Freddy Leonard John Long Janet Metzger Freddy Moon Janice Moore Danny Noel Linda Norris Vernon Seel Nancy Spero Lucille Swartz Todd Vitt Dicky Webber Kristina Wentworth MRS . VAN BLARCUM Third Linda Jo Bickel Sharon Binger Nadine Bruce Karen Bundy Billy Clymer Jesse Crotez Sharon Drier Linda Ebersole Wanda Fox Micheal Frankart Thomas Graumlich Micheal Greene Robert Grossman Egna Gueda Kerry Gunn Lynette Hartman Sally Hile Dennis Insley Torn Jameson Donald Lewis Charles Lowery Joseph Lowery Rebecca Martin Janet McCurnber Ruth Moyer Steven Nickelson James Nichols Victor Price Helen Sherman Lucille Sherman Louise Stump Danny Tyson Larry Wedge Vicki Wiseley Sherry Zellers MRS . TREECE fade Narda Boes David Bowman Iames Caton Karen Cole Nick Coronado Alberto Cortez Sharon Crouse Richard Farmer Sandra Fisher Cheryl F ruth Daryl Fruth Sharon Fruth Kay Greene Paul Greene Jack Grossman Deborah Henry Carl Hoover Randall Huffman Jack Johnson Carol Kaufman Barbara Knepper David Lute Jerry Magraf Chuck Metzger Janice Moyer Carolyn Nye Billy Peters Lorraine Schmidt Margaret Smith Patty Smith Raymond Valenti Glen Waggoner Dana Wonders Larry Ziegler Linda Beckman Mike Bolin Richard Colman David Cortez Teddy Curtis Danny Ewing Daniel Frankart Marsha Hummel Duane Jacobs Dolly Johnson Sharon Kitchen Patricia Litton Julia Long Diane Lowery Kathy Martin Frank Moon Alan Rader Steven Roberts Rebecca Schubert Jimmy Spero Judy Steyer Gloria Tyson Patty Wells Kathy Wentworth Second f 1f2'fstQig,feggEsh H:-fr fi'fWfi " it ' di-fsaixw vvwas' J 2 i Q ts' J . " f. . L, .. f ami Hr .' .. 5 is if - V ' J ss . t"'22V f a" ':' 5.-ft f 1-. ,. A W 4 gm s Q Ti l S5 Riga Q, wfimg iggq it r 5 x :Ei 'S 5 2 r 5 L , Ma Q .Q Q 5 5, ft, at ,.-: , as M, .,-t. A :-. is-rs - 'ld' ' 'wi r K K asia.: - 15,6 gg Y 2 ' V yygy ' E 'W' .s.Lf:." ' at f 5 5 we - as J 3 s A: - we b 1 i , , 53 i it gi 3 'W E5 'X QF sl 6 5 S J 3535252 K ., ' 'Rn J'fifffbiiygf-rfL:59vf.'f s X Tl W W if meg x W W eric ma y - u, . ..w.s, 5,,.--,i:5.,,s..:.-sims- , t.-ss:-..., g 1 -.,f.: 1 ti gf "" f . ,' td' gsiiiii .. . Q , is l 1 Ne E at 'JE J' 5 R Ii M r E is R X EE Sf' Wg J Q "'5":5"'::f :5E?5 -s 5- r MRS . HOFFMAN 1 .lyk we ' . . v 'N wx J i Y M . fx R gm, ,V wffgyrgm wfi' ,Q ,. L QQ if Wiff we-FW' . L., H. ...W f, K - X Ja- JSI' ,: i. W Y Qqgsi., ,,.'-'J ,M ,f-,'.' 1,2.',.., ' F qv Um-'ply-1: , First Eddie Bishop Sandra Conine Racheal Coronado David Crouse Janet Curtis Darlene Dawson Margaret Desgrange Bobby Evenbeck Sue Graumlich Daniel Hartman Nancy Henry Eldon Hoy Robert Insley Betty Jacobs Sue Ann Johnson Christina Kolatis Robert Long Gary McCumber Sharon Monday Daniel Moyer Linda Nye Geraldine Parsons Betty Peters John Ritter David Taylor David Thomas Karen Webber Brenda Wells Kathy Wolery MRS . GE DE ON MRS . MOORE rade Gayle Brown Donald Clymer Debra Conrad Diane Dehnhoff JoAnn Dreier John Dutton Dennis Emahiser Dennis Fruth Debra Good David Graham Nancy Heisermai. Daniel Hiser Nancy Huffman Dennis Kirian Shirley Lieb Daniel Lowery Lester Lute John Moyer Chauncy Nalle Alice Peters Alan Rader Sharon Rosenberger Jacquelyn Shaw Gary Spero Michael Tarleton Diana Taylor Steven Valenti Rebecca Wiseley Linda Young Ricky Zellers Kindergarten Ralph Beamer Teresa Brown Mike Coronado John Desgrange Michael Dreier Charles Ebersole Larry Flemion Scott Forney Donald Guttenberg Stephen Hartranft Barbara Hitchings Robin Knowles Larry McCumber Cynthia Nickelson Joseph Oman Ann Rader Linda Waggoner Franklin Wehrle Ronald Wolery MRS. KIEFFER Kindergarten Barry Adams James Bowman Kathy Cook Sandra Ford Dennis Gaertner Stanley Jacobs Judy Kauffman Donna Lazenby Ivan Lee Sue Reddin Paula Grossman David Hannigan John Huffman Garry Huff Larry Huff Lucille Sherman Laura Swartz l T' VEBEQS SPOBTSMAN'S SIl0P 309 S. MAIN ST. FOSTORIA, OHIO 1 - W 1 . H .,.k. Lf ,gg -.J I 'te g m? MUSIC CENTER Everything Musical Repairing - Instruction Accessories New and Used Musical Instruments Pianos - Music 6 Record Players 226 N. Main Street Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of TASTY TATERS POTATO CHIP COMPANY 237 Prospect Ave. Phone GA 2-1365 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of WILLOWS DRIVE-IN 5 Mile North On l99 Fostoria, Ohio 80 r...... Compliments of THE SNYDER LUMBER CO. Lumber - Coal Builder's Supplies Ready-Mix Concrete Phones Carey 6-7091 Vanlue EV 7-6615 FORNES BRAKE SERVICE 125 E. Front St. Phone GA 2-8945 Findlay, Ohio Specialists Since 1929 455751544 REI5-:IA TAG SPEARMAN ELECTRIC Autos - Tractors Fractional H. P. Motors 7 Miles East of Findlay L...... on 224 CDelco-Remyj Compliments of ARMBRECHT APPLIANCE Maytag Appliances Findlay, Ohio I... L THE BASKET MARKET Arcadia, Ohio n0n The Cornern Fresh Dressed Meats H Fancy Groceries General Merchandise NOEL'S FEED MILL Feed Grinding and Supplies Anhydrous Ammonia Application Arcadia, Ohio C. B. MOORE Hardware and Paints Arcadia, Ohio Compliments of KORNER LUNCH and Sundries 0' 'on cv""o, Good Food b Aroodio, Ohio L. .. .. . Best Wishes To The Class of H58 HOFFMAN'S Arcadia, Ohio REID'S MARKET Groceries, Meats, an Arcadia, Ohio ll d Gifts Compliments of HANCOCK AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASS'N. ARLINGTON FORD SALES COLLINGWOOD MOTOR SALES CORBIN BROS. DUFFIELD MOTOR CO. MALCOLM EDSEL GRUBB MOTOR SALES HARRINGTON CHEVROLET CO HOLLINGTON MOTOR SALES LATHAM MOTOR SALES LAUB SALES CO. MC CULLOUGH MOTOR SALES VERN GUILDFORD, INC. WILLARD SALES 6 SERVICE . FINDLAY TRUCK 6 FARM EQUIPMENT Buick M A , In mmf,-:D , - 2, EQURQ' - - mf wm - 83 u I , LITTLE THEATRE SHOPPE 2342 S. Main SC. Findlay 9 I 1 Ohio iyvrfgai X. fi' , 'f '1 ,K? Corona - Theat - tion rical Crowns'5i55EZi?i3EEE Make- up Rental Costumes CHAPMAN'S Fostoria's Leading Jewelers ' Complete Camera Supplies Fostoria, Ohio DYSINGER MARKET East Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-0762 We APPQcKEPQ1tv0"age 0 HANCOCK SAVINGS AND LOAN A South Main at Sandusky Street Findlay, Ohio Savings Insured I--. 84 WEDGE LUMBER G SUPPLY Plumbing Furniture Heating Appliances Compliments of FOSTORIA CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. P. 0. Box No. 709 Fostoria, Ohio Concrete G Light-Weight Building Blocks Transit Mixed Concrete Compliments of ATLAS CRANKSHAFT, INC. Phone HE 5-6674 Fostoria, Ohio R. C. A. Victor T. V. Whirlpool Appliance Q 5,452 F. ELSEA f'f::' " uf l' -. 230 N. Main sr. P- a--" Ph. HE 5-5505 P . Fostoria , Ohio l r..... NISWANDER'S JEWELERS LZWWS 'l'l'VW 107 W. Crawford St. Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-8142 Compliments of K. N. NOLLER . Cities Service Arcadia, Ohio COUNTRY MARKET West on Route 224 Meats Groceries General Merchandise Findlay, Ohio Compliments of AIRPORT CAFE Bill Deeds, Manager ' r..... I "If 1 NIXON-PETERSON LUMBER CO. K1TcHEN's HOUSE OF MUSIC It's Music - We Have Itn 318 S. Main HE 5-7209 Fostoria, Ohio 635 Tiffin St. Fostoria, Ohio Phone HE 5-6671 VANLUE GRAIN AND SUPPLY ASS'N Master Mix Feeds Grain, Coal and Farm Supplies VANLUE, OHIO THE PEOPLES BANK COMPANY Member of the Federal Deposit Compliments of Carey, Ohio nGrowing with Careyn Insurance Corporation 87 I in I A BILL' s .4 Auto Seat Covers 'Tv 116 Findlay, Ohio 127 W. Main Cross Street Phone GA 2-0845 F Q5 .ma , - ,ffqxf O b oi N' FENSTERMAKER'S SHOE CO. Home of Quality Shoes in Findlay Since 1889 FINDLAY CCDLLEGE A Good Liberal Arts College In Your Own Neighborhood Elementary or Secondary Teacher Training Pre-Professional Courses -- Secretarial Business Administration -- Secretarial Ministry and Social Service Modest Cost 88 F. . Compliments of THE HANCOCK BRICK AND TILE COMPAN Vitrified Drain Tile Fittings - Y's, T's, L's G Curves Phone GA 2-6521 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of BROSKE'S PIZZA G SPAGHETTI HMade The Way You Like Itn 227 N. Main St. Findlay Ohio Open 4 P. M. till l A. M. Fri. G Sat. 4 P. M. till 2 A. M. Phone Orders Accepted L GA 2-7799 E S7. 1 5. .. I Compliments of Q HANCOCK COUNTRY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSN. Farm Supplies and Grain Findlay, Mt. Cory, Williamstown and Mt. Blanchard 89 1- l"' ' ' DE SANTOS HAIR STYLISTS HThe Latest in Hair Stylesn Phone HE 5-3649 319 N. Main St. Fostoria, Ohio Home Baked Quality Is Our Standard Best Ingredients and Plenty of Them 116 E. North Street Fostoria, Ohio SHERLIE ANN BAKERY YORKERS INS. AGENCY 118 E. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio We were happy to insure the football team and students against accidents this year. Phone HE 5-2573 Arthur Yorker Carl Yorker nServing the Community with Sound Policies I and Faithful Performance for 74 years' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FOSTORIA Fostoria, Ohio Bloomdale, Ohio Free Parking Up to 322 Interest on Savings Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation l 1 ' 90 T' MAc's CHICKEN ON WHEELS nChicken At Its Bestu For Delivery GA Findlay, 3-0717 4-1. I Jwfroon MAURICE BEAUTY SHOP Hair Cutting - Hair Styling Permanent Waves Phone GA 2-0474 Findlay, Ohio BARNHART MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME Phone GA 2-2626 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of JACKSON'S FURNITURE CO. Findlay, Ohio Rugs - Furniture - Carpets nProtect What You Haven By Insuring With KINN AND THEOBALD AGENCY 109 E. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Phone HE 5-6604 or 6605 THE OHIO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings and Home Loans Corner of North and Main Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of STAR GLASS 6 SUPPLY CO. Restaurant Supplies Equipment Phone HE 5-2564 Fostoria Ohio It Must Be Good At HARRY'S GOOD FOOD Route 12 Fostoria, Ohio I Compliments of FOSTORIA NEW CAR AND NEW TRUCK DEALER'S ASSOC. J. OLIVER PORE CO. HUMMEL MOTOR SALES, INC. MC CORMIC MOTOR SALES W. E. KINNEY CILLIG SALES G SERVICE WILLIS J. HAKES CARROL LINCOLN-MERCURY GODDARD CHEVROLET INC. WELTLE SALES 8 SERVICE NYE IMPLEMENT CO. INC. Compliments of HAROLD FUNERAL HOME Fostoria, Ohio fm FOSTORIA LUMBER G SUPPLY 240 West North Street Phone HE 5-7727 Fostoria, Ohio 7""' ' , "' is F' SWIFT S COMPANY Soybean Mill Fostoria, Ohio BUTLER'S HOME MADE PIES AND RESTAURANT We Are Here To Serve You Neva Van Sant Carol A. Treece Lo1a'Byrd Pearl Donaldson 1027 N. Main Findlay Ohio NEUHAUSER HATCHERY 452 - 454 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Hy Line Chickens White - Egg - Layers Full-Line Poultry Equipment Poultry-Remedies Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone GA 3-2212 215 West Main Cross Street Findlay, Ohio HAROLD G. METZKER DRAINAGE CONTRACTOR 1506 Fostoria Road Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 3-2372 BRUCE B. BRYAN 6 SON Dealers in Builders' Supplies Cement Products and Feed 409 W. Main Cross St. 1007 Western Ave. Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE CO. 508 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio I Ol. llThe Light Refreshmentn Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION I FosToR1A es. RURAL SUPPLY BUYERS GROUP Phone HE 5-6556 RFD 02 Fostoria, Ohio We Handle All Nationally Known Merchandise Compliments of WARD LIVESTOCK CO. Fostoria, Ohio Phone HE 5-4600 :Cir Compliments of DICKEN-WCJNDERS STUDIO ' 96 -I F I VANLUE LCJCKER SERVICE Processing for Home Freezers Custom Slaughtering - - Processing Supplies Plain View Ice Cream Phone EV 7-6155 Vanlue, Ohio h PHOTO CENTER .fr THE Quality G Service 207 S. Main 4 ,, 1: I5 Phone GA 3-2365 14 5-4 ' Findlay, Ohio - v Cash Buyers - Cream and Eggs L.... ,wir BELTONE FINDLAY CO. 412 Niles Bldg. Phone GA 3-0154 Hearing Consultant F. D. Speier THE ARCADIA CREAMERY Phone TW 4-4176 Arcadia, Ohio iii! 97 I'-' I R MEMORY GARDENS On Findlay - Fostoria Road That the Beauty of Life May Survive 'The kiss of the Sun for pardon, 'Tne song of the birds for mirthg Oneis nearer God's heart in a Garden, Than anywhere else on earth. Dorothy Francis. Com liments of 5 SNYDER Arcadia, Ohio CLIFFORD E. Compliments 6 Best Wishes To Class of '58 BoRDEN's ICE CREAM l 429 Trenton Avenue Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-2965 ' Ulf it's Bordens, I it's got to be good.n I E BLS ED wr-aol. ooo Dlsrulsuvons HOTEL az INSTITUTION DIVISION 648-52 WOODRUFF TOLEDO OHIO PHONE CH 8 4278 G H MORMAN M u Wholesale Food Distributors Hotel 8 Institution Division 648-52 E. Woodruff Toledo, Ohio Phone Ch 8-4278 G. H. Morman Manager C. L. HUM ARGER Successor To H. D. Grube - Jeweler Fine Watch G Jewelry Repairing 325 South Main St. Findlay, Ohio DAFFODILLE BEAUTY SHOPPE 203 Commerce Building Phone GA 2-5845 SIMON'S DRUG STORE is '33 Sundries - Gifts Bloomdale Ohio I I , 4 ..l Compliments of ouio Powsn FFT W 'hzenty-four Brunswick Alleys Completely Automatic 616 Trenton Avenue Findlay, Ohio Phone GA 2-9757 THE TARBOX MC CALL STONE Manufacturers of Crushed Stone and Agricultural Meal Findlay, Ohio WHEN YOU GIVE, IN FOSTORIA, OHIO, IT'S GIVE THE FINEST N. A W KEIDAN'S .IEWELERS I NEH G. A N X d 9 THE PLACE TO GO FOR NAMES YOU KNOW! s f - Livjz j, D ' A M O N D R ' N G 5 . Keepsake Diamonds 4, 3 . watches FREE BOOKLET! ' 5 - iv' Qu", ,ff GUARANTEED . Appliances The Etiquette Of The 8 GN, PERFECT . Silver Engagement and Wedding wg iawi v PRICED TO . Costume Jewelry A 335 PLEASE YOU! . Cameras - ...-J 100 DAVIS' K and ELECTRICAL STORE 105 Perry HE 5-2362 ll. .01 so TH our 'Wvwsash" 50 h Pr t . Anniversary FRUTH HARDWARES Established 1907 Fostoria, Ohio KAY'S BEAUTY SHOP Arcadia, Ohio Open: Mon. thru Fri. Tue. and Thur. Evenings Phone TW 4-4695 HA R FWS DRUG Prescriptions Are Our Specialty Two Registered Pharmacists Carey Ohio nIn Business For Your Healthn L..... ..- 41 101 i l Batteries, Cords, Repairs For All Makes l29 W. Main Cross Half Block West of Court House GArden 2-5242 Day or Night Service Maurice S. Alexander Consultant K. V. ANDERSON Lawn Mower Repair New and Used Mowers - Engines Clinton Chain Saws Engine Parts - Mower Sharpening Service All Makes TW 4-4161 Arcadia, Ohio Lgzz. - - 1 102 Compliments THE OHIO OIL COMPAN Marathon Products Super-M Mile-Maker Motor Oil Lubricants No. l and No. 2 Marafuel HBest in the Long Runn Phone GA 2-8065 Findlay, Ohio 103 RALPH D. COLE JR. KOEHLER'S GREENHOUSE CAPITAL TIRE SHOP SAN-A-PURE DAIRY MILLER'S KITCHENETTE BLACK AND WARNER THOMAS JEWELERS ALL BASS MEDLOCK'S IEWELERS LYNN A. LYON PATTERSON'S WALTER'S SHOE STORE REED DUNN EARL WALL WARREN'S - MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING MITCHELL'S WATCH AND GIFT SHOP PARKER LUMBER COMPANY TEA GARDEN RESTAURANT POWELL RADIO AND TV FINDLAY EQUIPMENT SALES IDUIE THE BICYCLE MAN BLOOMINGDALE'S FLOWERS JACOBS FLOOR AND WALL COVERING MOREY'S DRUG STORE KOFFEE KUP MILLER'S LUNCHEONETTE PLOTTS HARNESS SHOP LUESTA MILLINERY CRAWFORD'S MARKET ELSIE MAE'S BEAUTY SHOP AIRE-FLO -LENNOX Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Findlay, Arcadia, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Vanlue, Ohio Bloomd ale, Ohio Findlay, Ohio VAL-U DRESS SHOP DRY CLEANERS OF FOSTORIA SCHAUFELBERGE2 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE HARRY'S WORK CLOTHES OHIO FARMERS GRAIN AND SUPPLY HOYT SEED COMPANY EAST NORTH ST. LUMBER COMPANY BESSERMAN FLORISTS MANN FUNERAL HOME MOSE BAKED ENAMEL FLECHTNER BROS. FLECHTNER LIVESTOCK INC. ROY'S SHOE REPAIR THE BOOK AND GIFT SHOP BLACK SWAMP R.C.A. DR. AND MRS. F. G. RUBLE DR. AND MRS. I. W. CARTER DR. AND MRS. S. L. BROWN DR. AND MRS. FRANCIS J. NEMCIK MR. AND MRS. PAUL R. CAPELL AL'S IEWELERS WILSON'S SHELL SERVICE THE LITTLE FOLKS SHOP OFFICE SUPPLY MOSE LAMFROM CLOTHING COMPANY KELLEY'S LUNCH PETER'S CIDTHING L. R. GOOD AND SON RUBY'S BEAUTY SHOP Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria, Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fosotria Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Bloomdale, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Fostoria, Fostoria, Fostoria, Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Arcadia Arcadia, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio We Seniors wish to express our sincere thanks to the advertisers for making possible the great success of the 1958 Arcadian. 105 X, -. a, f -,4 , ' we w -K 1- Fx f., - , U. ., , ,A V 1- K - -f -H V-. , -.1: eg'-if 'V '1 , K -I 'f2"H" f.' xg1! ng ,1- -' . , xv- --x Y R-,,4r,' ,- .,g,, , ,-wg' f -', . , ."' -kv .. -... .4 44,31 5 1"gl1" " --N -. N in 'T 1 '4 "'S ' ' " W ,f , hiv.,-.AJ , . . . X .N ,A W A ,'lf.1-'wi-.U-45, 'f,.':Q-!:?e4'f'f2'fv?.m ' Q fgl.-:,,,'f.x1:.,. - f -. ' . 1' V 7 X . ,wg ,. vpn., I .w , A Q. , ' A' ,. - - ' 'a :H ff., X ' ' " ' ' 'H' . 1 ' - 1 1 . -5 ' . y,:- -fl .. V J ln.. Q-. .. Ap-. - s ,. - it 4 98 , Q - N ' ' x'. ! ' , s. ,4. 'wx :Phu . , 1 . .,. , '., ww , , ,N . ... 4 ' w . , ,w... 'r 4 4,,. , ,, . r 1 x s Mg - f -v g- ,L1.v.a X 4 ."-' V.-Q ., v' J. 15. F Q l b ll, , not . , LM Q wb-.- QA . -V 1' - , 1, f f N .-, 'V .wiv ' I , ' , ,Q 111' 39. Z 1. ,. -- - W. ' 5 ,.1.:' , , - ..,,:.g: - W, ... .N ,. . A fx, .' , . Y 3' , . , . . - ---1 - '- - - -1 L- . -ws .. -- - vf. c v. 4. - ,a,..fw,w ,wh ,H , . , ,M 7 .- ,J ,.- .. ,Q,,.f..1,,.,4 ' 1 ' M S '. f ' . , - .mu - 4.,,j,"v" f' ' un" 4 " 2 'JF IH' '9'f1f7,-'lu' ' '-Q' Y' I Q.,,w..m,.,,.M1n:,1....v .w..J3Z , 4 .1..h.im5.'-f.5..-. .J .-Ww.,M.wm.,w.,n-3-M .W 1-5 ., .,. ,f3:s.1 X ,--. ' 'fr -f' .. .4 ,x , , I Lx fur.. W. ., ,JV "+P-, , , ' - -2 ,., 4 ,., V ,f,"' . , -4,. r uw 1 1, 1 qi. 1, lf. -"v Y ' r , A W- 1 , J, .,f,. 1.x f. x, ,f fx . 1 M 44 -.x , 1. YA . x 7 ,Q ,M 1 , ,-we 1-wwwmmwwm95,7W'wMf,g'wwfw T f-wwmww -MQ ,N , 6. 1. F4. .r, ,, v., ,. w. .., ' ,w 4 , V F ,kv ' , "Y x , . ' Q iw ,. it V V 4 v . It l f.6?T?' " ' ' , ' . ' 1 ' fm 41, f ' 0 ' A 1 ' Q Xl M1 , ' , . . , 'SV - f ' H Milifg x u , ' ' ' "fa, , mlvk 1 1 1 7 qfdyll ,P 4' ' .MNA b , . , ' .-VY" VU 'l Q , ' - 5' "' ' ' ' If f 2 K e , A . fr I -A Zf K 1, Q. I xl N W 'Ax A .V -'MI Q , W f l , 4 az M +1 '- , x 1 . fl ,- A 5 9. ' of Q Q 'L .ff is .A 7,917 .V ', N I I A , .hy Ekl..1.,,....m. i ag A 001 fp , .... ,, , ,. 1 ,.,...,X u,.Lm,f.... :.l.'f ,. ...Q,..'..k..m,.L:J, A .ul .r .-..,. 4 1 1 A .MQA.As'?2'I'f',,. ,.., f 1 1 r w f X , . , . .W- i , ' w Q Q-2 INTER- COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Manufacturers- Book Binders FACTORY -HOME OFFICE Kunsus City -1. Q. 1 13 Q, 4. fx Sf A QQADIA li! 11 Yll , mi I ZIY1-lIll-Ii HE' F-- 1 -T-O.k6 Of? y0LlT h4+S 'left COFHCS 5, Ill! 71:1 vi wl'1l+e. ar rag V Webe 50+ CL Noon' ' -4--l-- '111l!lll -111131111 A o Z J -Q-- 1 fy ,,, H, ,w v w"' Q, Wm +0 fligmf 4We are marc. H!! 1 ,jf - Il :I l my a l In .our mig We,re Soirg 'ro raise ' I 5 1315 I --- , I -:p u 5 'Fi3l1'f'. C +4 ' ' 'A ',.H,wM, . ,-, :lx 1 A . A 0,515 , -7- fi ., , nj- 'NN -Tc V ' k . V. w, - 1 '11 .. V . , . L fl 'IGI-VVSGNG .HKliP-E...-..- 1 111- 1l11l7i,lf Il ca- cli " CL CL Clorecl Cn rec! and qf Li na cam ancicheer-ing gcluacf, o we, now we, i 1 1l 1 X1-Hliffl J1!'!l7IHF'I'l11l i 11- 1 5 5 gn +0 vic-tor' Y, and we are -- - cheer mg WFH1 score. so Hwey can see, Ar- - ca- diffs here +0 2 , , , , .,,, .. ...,,.....,,...U., '

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