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T' 1 X, . yi 14- -, . . 2153" 5 " 'E'm,J 5. " Q 2-4 ' ff-3 , A. X .,F-51 , ..-1 .. gg,-Q Z If - .-X . ' -wr. ' - , A f gsfflf -" ' 1 .2 V , r :K 1 N . , , 7' X 'S Y -.1 FR nr A 1 b 1- i I S 1' Q. 5 UA 1. sf v. .r X -Q x H wiil mb i ZZ? x am PRESENTED BY THE CLASS of56 D2 ,,.-Wu.. ...F-Q. ,,,....,,.,,,,,. ,,..,,,..,..,,,,..,-.-,f,,.. ...V-..,Y,.,, -, W,-r .fm N . -.-- ..-.r-.. s.,-.-.em-awww--,.-, ,F DEDICATIO We, the Senior Class, hereby dedicate the 1956 ARCADIAN to our sponsor, Mr. James E. Slough. We recognize the fact that his help and guidance these last three years has played a major role in helping us attain our goals as a graduating class. ME ORIAM The X956 Annual is being given in Memoriam to Marjorie Harmon, who was fatally injured in an automobile accident on March 4, 1955. There will always remain a place of respect for her in the hearts of all her classmates. Page 2 ADMINISTRATIO CHARLEY E. GROTH JAMES E. SLOUGH Superintendent Principal FRONT ROW: Louise Kirkendall, Clerk: Luther Wiseley, Vice-President: Don E. Armbrecht, President: Harold Noel. SECOND ROW: E. I. Joseph, County Supt.g Paul Conine, Fred Pessell. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Findlay, Ohio Compliments Of NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVES FIBERS, INC. , Findlay, Ohio Page 3 ,I if if 4 5? r iff I- iiETl'Q" .f-Mil! W! IHF4 I Q, . 5 ,ft-1 J X fx Y N r '99 3 Butcher Boy Products Phone 2818 and 3222 R.F.D. 5, Box 120, Findlay, Ohio "Best Wishes" from FRUTH HARDWARE, Fostoria, Ohio Page 4 r lfllao if J ,A FINDLAY PROVISION COMPANY -Q X jf .v tax' -we K YV' X ,. ,. . , .X , , ,. .., . ,.. .. ,,, , ,, X "Q 9 1 1 ,A E7X fd 9 i X' f 3' Y W! if , , ,, ., V ,.., , . ,. , 1., . .. L X A j , Pag SENIOR BARBARA JANE AGNEW "Barb" "She is good and she is true-- a fine girl through and through. " WILLIAM E. ARMBRECHT "Bill" "Never serious or sad, just a hap- py good natureei lad. " BARBARA ARNET "Arnet" "This young miss is quite an athlete: her smile like her man- ner is winsome and sweet. " Page 6 DA LE BARR "Barr" "I have nothing to declare except my genius, " PAT BREYMAN "Nellie" "An awful tease--a peek of fun, a loyal friend, a jolly chum, " KARL BURNS E IOR .wa A "Q, inf' in ,wll y Vl,,,i V at V A -rf' E" Ali" 3' -2. ' 'A UWM MAX BROOKS "Brooksie" "One ear heard it, at the other out it went. " "Burnsie" "I understand the fury in your words, but not the words. " K or l i -my 4 Page 7 DALORES CA MPBE LL "Dee" "I can resist everything except temptation. " ,f-Hn, Y?"-v SENIOR LARRY E. CRA TES "Chiu-sie" "II does ll heap of good some- times ro go slow. " ' if www fa? , lg W e: k 'L XV?-I , .4 .iyilf 3 s I fy , 'Q my ' "' ft.. K x I sg 5 -sum.. Q 9tiggi.,,,?Y. ' ' A PATSY CONLEY R "Par" "Never sigh when you can sing, but laugh with me at everything. " MARLENE DIEBLEY JvuP"' .- V 1 9-I, 2 .fl 1 JOHN DIEBLEY "Johnnie" "By jove! I must confess women like me. " Page 8 "Diebley" "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " fat JACK L. EISAMAN "Smoke" "I would rather be the first man here than the second in Rome. " W 'rrafrssw 7 .WD ,.,...v - in E. . : S if , r s - W. wana? ,Sli fix + W f rf sl 5, f 'fs eww-1" NORMAN R. EMERINE "Norm" "Give me a talker and I'll do the listening. " iii" . 3 Er. ll f. 1 I V 2 -2 5 3' . I is A fr R Yi ' H wgrfff ' V 75 grit s',rr1gWf? - , my ' s 1 ,,,- 't.' af' I 1 if-A 'ff "rr 'wir f' . wr-amz: 4-W ffm? SENIORS E wr-' Page 9 WILLIAM R. EISAMAN, IR. "Bill" "When ever I feel the urge to work coming on I lie down un til it passes overf' fx -qw' 4 if LESTER S. FRUTH, IR. "Fruthie" "Beware when the Great lets loose a thinker. " - X :- God SENIGR MARILYN JOYCE HAWK "Joyce" "A girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. " JA NICE HEINZE "Ian" "It's nice to hc natural when you are naturally nice." RUTH ANN KEEFE "Ruth" "Shyness is the best policy in some cases. " Page 10 JACKIE L, KEEGAN "Keegan" "There's no love lost between usp school and I. " CARSON DEAN KIEFFER "Dean" "Always tell the truth even if you have to rearrange the facts to make them believable. " , J-W" ' , vs 4 A .' ?' NM' DOROTHY MONDAY "Dorothy" "No matter how you live your life, live it to the fullest extent. rg -.W 'WJ wr-ev - ts, ' was-' N, ' " SENIORS Page 11 'fbi 'as ff In K MERLE LIEB "Merle" "They also serve who only stand and wait. " BARBARA PETERS "Pete" "Not too quiet, DOI too gay, just a good sport every day. " SENIORS SHA RYN PETERS "Sue" "Man has his will but woman has her way." VERNON RICE "Vernie" "Here I sit all brokenhearted trying to learn but haven't started. " LAVERNE SHAULL "Shaul1" "Women irritate me, I love to be irritated. " Page 12 BILL SWITZER "Bi1l" "You have to do with what you've got. " SENIOR JANE VAN DRIEST "Janie" "Wisdom is too high for the fool. " DAVID VELIOUETTE "Twitch" "Girls! Girls! Why don't they let me alone?" JOYCE WALSH "Joycie" "A good reputation is more valuable than money. " Page 13 CAROL E. WICKISER "Carol" "Be good, sweet maid, and let who can be clever. " SENIOR V ,E RICHARD ZIESSLER H X E - ,. ' if 'li l "myh "All great men are dead and I don't feel so well myself. " A hb' ' Z TWELVE YEAR TOGETHER Page 14 VICE-PRESIDENT LESTER FRUTH TREASURER SENIOR CLASS OFFICER PRESIDENT BILL ARMBRECHT CLASS MOTTO - Work Will Win CLASS COLORS - Green and Gold CLASS FLOWER - Yellow Rose SECRETARY JOYCE WALSH REPORTER BARBARA ARNET PAT BREYMAN MAURICE BEAUTY SHOP, Hair Styling, Hair Cutting, Permanent Waves, Phone 70, Findlay Page 15 SE IOR ACTIVITIE BARBARA AGNEW - Commercial, Annual Staff 3,45 Honor Soc. 3,45 Arch. I,25 Band I, 2,l,45 Girls' Glee 1,25 Boys' Glee Pianist5 Choir 2, 3,45 Co. Music Festival I,2, 3,45 Auditions, Co. I,2,4, Dist. 2,45 Ensemble I,2, 35 GAA 1,35 FHA I,2,3,4.: FHA St. Del. 25 Class Off. I5 Library Staff 3,45 Asst. Librarian 45 Jr. High Cheerleader I5 Homecoming Queen 4. WILLIAM ARMBRECHT - College Prep. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Football I,2,45 Stu. Coun. I, 2,i3,45 Varsity "A" 1,35 Orch. 15 Band I,2, 3,45 Boys' Glee I,2,35 Choir I,2,3-,45 Co. Music Festival 1,2,3,45 Auditions, Co. 4, Dist. 45 Candy Rm. 45 FFA L5 Science Club 3,45 Class Officer 3,45 Red Cross Rep. 2, 3,45 FFA Public Speaking I5 Baseball 3,45 Buckeye Boys' St. 35 Operetta 35 Dist. Science Day 35 Homecoming Attendant 3. BARBARA ARNET - Commercial. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 35 Honor Soc. 3,45 Girls' Glee 1,25 Choir 2,3,45 Co. Music Festival 3,45 Auditions, Co, I,2,4, Dist. 45 Ensemble I5 GAA I,2, 3-, 45 FHA I,2,3,45 FHA St. Del. 25 Class Off. 45 Red Cross Rep. 45 Operetta 3. DALE BARR - Vocational. Annual Staff 3, 45 Class Play 3,45 Football I5 Honor Soc. 3,45 Scholarship Team 1,35 FFA I,2,45 Judging Teams 25 Public Speaking 4, PAT BREYMAN - Commercial. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Girls' Glee I,2, 35 Choir 2,-3,45 Co. Music Festival 2, 3,45 Auditions, Co. I,2,4, Dist 2,45 Ensemble I,2,35 Candy Rm. 45 FHA I,g,3,45 FHA Del. , Dist 4, St. 35 Class Off. 45 Operetta 3, MAX BROOKS - Vocational. Football l,2,3,45 Varsity "A" 2,3,45 FFA I,2,3,4. KARL BURNS - General. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 35 Football 3,45 Stu. Coun. 25 Varsity "A" 3,45 Boys' Glee 35 Choir 2, 3,45 Co. Music Festival 3,45 Auditions, Co. 3,4, Dist. 45 Ensemble 3,45 FFA 1,25 Class Off. I5 Parlia- mentary Procedure Team 25 Operetta 3. DALORES CAMPBELL - Commercial. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Girls' Glee I,25 Choir 2,3,45 Co. Music Festival 2, 3,45 Auditions, Co. 3, Dist. 3.4, St. 35 Ensemble I,25 GAA 1, 2,3,45 FHA I,2,3,4g Operetta 35 Office Staff 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 4. PATSY CONLEY - College Prep. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Hon. Soc. 3,45 Stu. Coun. 4: Girls' Glee I,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Ensemble I,2,3,45 Co. Music Festival 2,3,45 Auditions, Co. I,2,4, Dist. I,2,4,: FHA I,2, 3,45 FTA 45 GAA I,3,45 Operetta 3. Scholarship Team I,2,35 Sci. Club 3,4. LARRY CRATES - Vocational. Football I,2,3: Varsity "A" 45 Movie Projectionist 3,45 FFA I,2,3,4g Football Man- ager 45 Stage Manager 3,4. JOHN DIEBLEY - Commercial. Class Play 45 Basketball I,2, 3,45 Football I,3,45 Stu. Coun. 45 Varsity "A" 2, 3,45 Boys' Glee I, 2, 35 choir I, 2, 3,45 Library Staff 45 Judging Team 25 Basketball Captain 45 Football Captain 45 Class Officer 2,45 FFA 25 Ensemble 35 Co. Music Festival I,2, 3,45 Auditions, Co. 3.4, Dist. 4. MARLENE DIEBLEY - Commercial. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 45 Band 2, 35 Girls' Glee 1,25 Choir 2, 3,45 Co. Music Festival 2,3,45 Auditions, Co. I,2,4, Dist. 2,43 Ensemble I,2,35 GAA I,2,35 FHA I,2,3-,45 FHA St. Del. I5 Library staff 3, 4, JACK EISAMAN - General. Basketball 2, 3,45 Football I,2, 3,45 Varsity "A" 45 Candy Rm. 45 Baseball 3,4. RAYMOND EISAMAN - General. Football I5 Band I5 Boys' Glee I. NORMAN EMERINE - Vocational. Football I, 2, 3,45 Varsity "A" 45 Band I, 2, 35 Boys' Glee 2, 35 Dist. Auditions 25 FFA I,2,3,4. Numbers that are underlined indicate the year in which the person held an office in that particular organization. THE ARCADIA CREAMERY, Cash Buyers, Cream and Eggs, Phone 221, Arcadia, Ohio THE BOSTON STORE, "Where Spending is Saving", Findlay, Ohio Page 16 SENIOR ACTI ITIE LESTER FRUTH - General. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Stu. Coun. I5 l-lon. Soc. 3,45 Scholarship Team 15 Sci. Club 3,45 Class Off, I,2, 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 4. MARILYN HAWK - College Prep. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Hon. Soc. 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Co. Music Festival 2,3,45 Auditions, Co. 4, Dist. 2,45 Operetta 35 Scholarship Team 35 Sci. Club 3,45 Cheerleader 35 Science Day, Dist. 3, St. 35 Library Staff 35 Office Staff 2,4. JANICE HEINZE - College Prep. Class Play 3,45 Stu. Coun. 1,35 Honor Soc. 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Girls' Glee 1,25 Choir 2,3,45 GAA 2, 35 FHA L,2,3,45 Science Club 3-,45 Class Off. 1,35 Co. Music Festival 3,45 Auditions, Co. 3.4, Dist. 3, Sr. 35 Operetta 35 Cheerleader, Jr. High 1, Var. 4. RUTH KEEFE - General. Girls' Glee 35 FHA 4. JACK KEEGAN - General. Football 3,45 Varsity "A" 3,45 Baseball 3,4. DEAN KIEFFER - General. Basketball 1, 2,3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Varsity "A" 3,45 Boys' Glee 2, 35 Candy Rm. 45 FFA l,25'Library Staff 3,45 Parliamentary Procedure Team I5 Baseball 3,4. MERLE LIEB - Vocational. Football I5 FFA I,2,3,4g Stage Manager 3,45 Movie Projectionist 4. BARBARA PETERS - Commercial. Class Play 45 Band 2,3,45 Girls' Glee 2,35 Choir 2, 3,45 Co. Music Festival 2,3,45 Auditions, Co. 2,3,4, Dist. 2,45 Ensemble 2, 35 GAA I,2, 3,45 FHA I,2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant I. SHARYN PETERS - Commercial. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Stu. Coun. LE, 3,45 Honor Soc. 3,45 Orch. 15 Band 15 Girls' Glee 1,25 Co. Music Festival I,2,3,45 Auditions, Co. I,2,4, Dist. 2,45 Ensemble 1,25 Candy Rm. 45 FHA l,2,3-,45 FHA Del. , Dist, 3, St. 35 Class Off. I,2, 3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Library Staff 3,45 Jr. Fair Bd, 3,45 Operetta 35 News Ed. 4. VERNON RICE - General. Class Play 35 Boys' Glee 1. LaVERNE SHAULL - Vocational. Class Play 3,45 Basketball I, 2, 3,45 Football I, 2, 3,45 Stu. Coun. 45 Varsity "A" 3,45 Boys' Glee 2, 35 Co. Music Festival 35 Candy Rm. 45 FFA I,2, 3,45 Library Staff 3,45 Parliamentary Procedure Team 2, 35 Judging Team 35 Public Speaking 25 Baseball 35 Operetta 3. BILL SWITZER - College Prep. Annual Staff Ed. 3.4: Class Play 3,45 Football Mgr. 2,3,45 Stu. Coun. 25 Honor Soc. 3,45 Varsity "A" 2, 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee 35 Choir 1,2,3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Scholarship Team I,2, 35 Science Club , 5Class Off. I,2, 5Science Da , Dist. , St. 50 eretta 5Co. Music Festival 2,3, 5 Auditions, Co. , 3. i 3 Y 3 3 P 3 4 4 Dist. 2,4. JANE VAN DRIEST - College Prep. Class Play 3,45 Honor Soc. 3,45 Orch. 2, 3,45 Band l,2,3-, 45 Girls' Glee 1,25 Choir 2,3,45 Ensemble I,2,35 Scholarship Team 1,2,35 FTA 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,45 Science Club 3,45 Class Off. I5 Co. Music Festival 2,3,45 Auditions, Co. I,2, 3,4, Dist. I,2,4, St. 3. DAVID VELIQUETTE - General. Boys' Glee 2,35 Operetta 3. JOYCE WALSH - Commercial. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 35 Stu. Coun. 2, 35 Girls' Glee 1,25 Choir 2,3,45 Ensem- ble 1, 25 Candy Rm. 45 Co. Music Festival 2,45 Auditions, Co. I,2,4, Dist. 45 Class Off. 2,3,45 GAA I,E,3,45 FHA I,2,-3,45 FHA Del. , St. I,2,3, Dist. 45 Operetta 35 Homecoming Attendant 2, 3. CAROL WICKISER - General. Girls' Glee 35 Choir 35 FHA 3,45 Ensemble 35 Co. Music Festival 3. RICHARD ZIESSLER - General. Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Football I, 2, 3,45 Varsity "A" 3,45 Boys' Glee 35 Choir 3,45 Ensemble 2, 35 Class Off. 25 Operetta 35 Co. Music Festival 3,45 Auditions, Co. 4, Dist. 4: Queen Escort 4 HARROLD FUNERAL HOME, 301 W. Tiffin Street, Phone 7711, Fostoria, Ohio THE HOUSE OF DOERTY, "Is the House of Fine Printing" II4 E. Sandusky, Findlay, Ohio, Phone 170 Compliments of FOX DAIRY, Findlay Road, Fostoria, Ohio Page 17 CLASS HI TORY In the fall of 1944, the future graduating class of "56" passed through the doors of the Arcadia Local School as students for the first time. We were a little frightened and yet excited at the new adventure that lay ahead of us. For some, it was a dreaded experienceg for others, it was a dream about to become a reality. With the kind and able assistance of our first grade teacher, Mrs. Abe, we mastered, each in our own fashion, the fundamentals taught us and were promoted to the second grade where Mrs. Amstutz became our instructor. During this second year of our school career we had the chance to appear on the stage in our first "big production", the operetta "Peter Rabbit". Barbara Agnew had the honor of having one of the main parts. Our third year with Mrs. Miller passed without much excitement, but in the fourth grade, with Miss Cole as our instructor, we again found ourselves appearing in another operetta, "Christmas in Mexico. " Two of our fellow students, Dalores Camp- bell and Carol Noel, received leads. This was another memorable highlight in our school life. Also in this year many of our friends joined the newly formed band under the direction of Mrs. Payne. Our fifth year held some new experiences for us, for it was in this grade that we were moved upstairs and we thought we were getting mighty big. We also had two teachers for the first time, Miss Rosie and Bessie Fox, who also served as our teachers in the sixth grade. Time passed very quickly and almost without realizing it we found ourselves in Junior High. This year we were able to help choose high school cheerleaders and one Junior High cheerleader from our class. We chose Sharyn Peters. In the eighth grade we participated in more of the school activities. This year we chose two Junior High cheerleaders, Sharyn Peters and Barbara Arnet. At the end of this year we took the difficult Eighth Grade State Test. It was not too difficult for Bill Switzer, however, who ranked first in our class and second in the county. At last ---- we were Freshmen, the year for which many of us had been waiting. The boys went out for sports, we elected officers and many of us joined the different organizations. As class o ficers we chose as our president, Bill Switzerg vice president, Janice Heinzeg secretary, Jane Van Driestg treasurer, Barbara Agnewg reporter, John Diebleyg and student council representatives, Sharyn Peters and Lester Fruth. As our colors we chose green and goldg our flower, the yellow roseg and our motto "Work Will Win". We elected Barbara Agnew and Janice Heinze as Junior High cheerleaders and Barbara and Dennis Peters were chosen as football attendant and escort. Our Sophomore year was much the same as our Freshman. As class officers we chose Bill Switzer, presidentg Lester Fruth, vice presidentg Joyce Walsh, secretaryg Karl Burns, treasurerg Dick Ziessler, reporterg Sharyn Peters and Bill Armbrecht, student council representatives, with Mr. Slough as our sponsor. We were happy to find Bill Armbrecht on the first team in football and John Diebley in basketball. Marilyn Hawk was elected as Varsity cheerleader and as football attendant this year we chose Joyce Walsh and as her escort, Dennis Peters. Now just two more years before we find ourselves out into the big world. As Juniors we elected Bill Armbrecht as our presidentg Bill Switzer, vice presidentg Joyce Walsh, secretaryg Lester Fruth, treasurerg John Diebley, report- erg Sharyn Peters and Bill Armbrecht, student council representatives. This year found many of our classmates officers of the various organizations. This was one sign that we were growing up and able to accept responsibility. Two of the highlights in this class was the presentation of our class play and of our high school operetta, Our class play was "Green Grow the Onions" directed by Mr. Crates. The leads were held by Bill Switzer and Janice Heinze. The thing that made us the most proud of our operetta, "Meet Arizona" was that out of the fourteen principals nine were held by us. The leads were played by our own Dalores Campbell and Bill Armbrecht. This year we chose our class rings which also made us feel as though we were at last growing up. Our speech choir, directed by Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse, was a huge success. We put on the Christmas play and the Easter play. We gave our Easter play at the Lutheran Church in Findlay and also in Arcadia. Another of our classmates, Sharyn Peters, was elected Varsity cheerleader. Once again Joyce Walsh was chosen as football attendant with Bill Armbrecht as her escort. The one tragedy in our school life occurred during this year. One of our dear friends and fellow classmates, Margie Harmon, was killed on March 4 when the car she was riding in was hit by a train. As Juniors we honored the Sen- iors at the Junior-Senior Banquet held in May at the Civic Nic Nac in Fostoria. We were very proud of ourselves for doing such a good job. Well ---- this was it ---- our last year at R. K. D. To some it was going to be sadg to others, it was just another year. This year we chose Bill Armbrecht as our presidentg Lester Fruth, vice presidentg Joyce Walsh, secretaryg Barbara Arnet, treasurerg Pat Breyman, reporterg Sharyn Peters and John Diebley, student council representatives, and two of our girls, Sharyn Peters and Janice Heinze, were elected by the student body as Varsity cheerleaders. John Diebley was chosen by the players as Captain of the Year in football and basketball, and most valuable play- er in basketball. He also was chosen on first team All County Basketball. Barbara Agnew was chosen football queen with Dick Ziessler as football captain. Dalores Campbell was attendant with Lester Fruth her escort. For our class play we put on "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay". Marilyn Hawk played the lead with Janice Heinze playing the supporting lead. Our play was directed by Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse, One of our biggest projects was the assembling of "The Arcadian", of which Bill Switzer was editor. While taking pictures for the annual we discovered that seventeen of us had attended Arcadia all twelve years of our school career. Once again we had ten of our fellow students on National Honor Society. The speech choir was again a big success. This year we not only did the Christmas play again but we also put on a program at Findlay College. In May we were honored. by the Juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet held at the American Legion in Findlay. We held our Baccalaureate Services on Sunday, May 13, with Rev. Russell Hawk as our speaker, and on Friday, May 18, with Dr. Clyde Hissong as our speaker the class of 1956 graduated from Arcadia High School. At last the moment that we have feared, dreamed of, and planned for has come. We do not know what the future holds for us, but we do know that we are going to try to do our best and try to do and believe as our motto says, "woRK WILL wtN". By Best Wishes to the Class of "56" HOFFMAN'S Arcadia, Ohio Sharyn Peters HANCOCK HARDWARE "The Hardware Store Opposite Courthouse", Phone 2033, Findlay, Ohio Page 18 CLASS PROPHECY New York City June 9, 1970 Dear Diary -- Just graduating with another degree and my career in nursing administration secure, I decided to take a vacation. As life in New York becomes very monotonous, I decided to pay Arcadia a visit. After packing, I left for the airport. I stopped at a kennel boarding home to leave my pet poodle. The veteri- narian in charge introduced me to his lab technician who, much to my surprise, was JANE VAN DRIEST. She told me that they were the main suppliers for the Book's Flea Circus, owned by MAX BROOKS. We laughed over the fact that DEAN KIEFFER has been trying to sell Max his new improved bug-bomb. So far he hasn't met with much success. I hurried on to the airport and boarded the plane. The stewardess, MARLENE DIEBLEY, brought me a magazine. I read an article by a nurse, PATSY CONLEY, who claims that it is dog biscuits, not bread crusts, that make curly hair. After a mere twenty minutes of flying, the plane landed at the new Arcadia Airport owned by MERLE LIEB. I hailed a cab, which was a new Ziesslerine, the latest invention in propulsion-driven cars devised by DICK ZIESSLER. I learned that the driver was rapid DAVID VELIQUETTE. After a speedy ride, I arrived at the Burns Hotel owned by KARL BURNS who has driven practically all competition such as Harry's Shack and Ned's Shed out of business. The head receptionist was SHARYN PETERS. It seems her interests here are quite strong. After checking in, I left to take a short stroll before eating. Looking down the avenue, I found some inter- esting signs. For instance the brilliant colors of the Crates Theatre owned by LARRY CRA TES. Coming closer I found DALORES CAMPBELL starring in a musical "Call Me, Drummer." On a billboard I read that "Gallop-along" BILL EISA MAN chews Demon's gum, the only brand that blows, bubbles, and bites. Next I came to a bookstore where CAROL WICKISER was the owner and doing quite well. I looked around and after glancing through the latest publications, I happened on a book that told of the adventures of VERNON "BUCK" RICE in the jungles of Borneo by JACK KEEGAN., It was an unusually thin edition and I found why on the dedication page. It read to the SWMBR fStudents Who Make Book Reportsj. I left the shop and walked to the street just in time to see a lady driver bash a male pedestrian crossing the street. Traffic halted while the miss, PAT BREYMAN, jumped from the auto to inspect the grill along with the jay-walker, LaVERNE Sl-IAULL, the school coach. LaVerne wasn't even dented much to her surprise. Walking to the corner, I came to a large drug store owned by BILL ARMBRECHT. Upon entering I found JOYCE WALSH in charge. It seems they have their own crew of little soda jerkers. An explosion came from the back room and Joyce informed me that Bill was filling an order for a new type of explosives for the famed geologist, LESTER FRUTH, who recently discovered an uranium mine. Next I entered a keen sounding restaurant named "Tomaine Tommies. " BARBARA PETERS was working behind the counter and arguing with two customers, RUTH KEEFE and DORTHY MONDAY. The ladies were sure Barbara had fed them horse meat in their spaceburgers. DALE BARR, a local millionaire farmer, happened to drop in and after a little detecting exclaimed that it wasn't horse meat but pony from NORMAN EMERINE'S huge pony farm. While eating, I picked up a newspaper and found some interesting items. On the front page was a coming attraction starring JACK EISAMAN, the champion weight lifter in a recent national contest. Another item tells of BARBARA JANE AGNEW being named "Secretary of the Year." She has placed BARBARA ARNET in charge of her secretarial school since the law profession is taking up most of her time. On the advertising page, Short Out spark plugs say if their merchandise was good enough for JOHN DIEBLEY, Indianapolis 500-mile winner, they ought to be good enough for you. As I was leaving the restaurant a flying saucer parted my cranium's locks and everyone hit the deck till the barrage had subsided. Iwas told that it was only BILL SWITZER returning from the moon with a load of blue cheese. Upon returning to the hotel, I received a call from JANICE HEINZE, who has gained great fame in her stage career The next stop on her tour would be Paris and she invited me to spend the rest of my vacation with her there. We laughed and said we hope this turns out better than the trip to Paris back in '56l Because of these sudden plans, I had to return to New York, but I must say we've finished better than many said we would back in '56, MARILYN HAWK THE FOSTORIA MONUMENT CO. , Opposite Fountain Cemetary, Phone 3872, Fostoria, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of "56", BUCKEYE STAGES, INC. . Fostoria, Ohio Page 19 CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of 1956, being sound of body and mind, do hereby proclaim this our last will and testament. To the Juniors we will our dramatic abilities and winning ways in front of an audience. They need itl To the Sophomores we will our athletic skills. We always like to give to worthy causes. To the Freshmen we will our ability to argue with the teachers. We wish them more success at it than we have had, Barbara Agnew wills her ability to act innocent when guilty to Gene Snyder. Now you'll be better than ever at it, Gene. Bill Armbrecht wills his presidency of the senior class to any Junior who wants a big headache from now on. Barbara Arnet wills her basketball abilities to Sandra Russell. The Sophomores are sure to be the champs next year. Dale Barr wills his ability to get along with certain Freshman girls to any Freshman guy who wants that type of ability. Pat Breyman wills her driving ability to Mr. Crates. The question is "Do new Plymouths gallop?" Max Brooks wills his stature to Dave Cardwell. Only a tall man knows the joy of the upper air, Karl Burns wills his football abilities to Scott Philo. Don't overdo it, Scottl Dalorie Campbell wills her drummer friend in Findlay to the Arcadia Band. Boy, will things ever boom nowl Patsy Conley wills her majorette uniform to Jerry Woodward, and her candidacy on the "paddy-wagon" to Mr. Davies. Say, doesn't that chauffeur look like Mr. Crates. Larry Crates wills his position as projectionist to anyone who can get the sound going at the same time as the picture . John Diebley wills his numerous admirers to anyone who can manage that many women at one time. Marlene Diebley wills her tendency to get stuck in the mud to Paul Peters. Now you have an excuse for getting home late, Paul. Bill Eisaman wills his love of study to Leonard Snavely. You'll have time on your hands now, Leonard. Jack Eisaman wills his Charles Atlas Book to Gene Switzer. It takes awhile, so don't get discouraged, Gene. Norman Emerine wills his quiet ways to Norma Shaull. Classes are bound to be quieter now. Lester Fruth wills his ability to get straight "A" all through high school to anyone who thinks he can do it. Marilyn Hawk wills her 4 A.M. adventures to Bob Beamer. Think you're man enough to handle them, Bob? Janice l-leinze wills her ballet abilities to Gerald Gaertner. Up on your toes now, Gerald. Ruth Keefe wills her bashful ways to Pat Reid. She's a changed woman, John. Jack Keegan wills his dislike of "big wheels" to any other abused little hubcap who's interested. Dean Kieffer wills his tendency to go to the movies instead of basketball practice to any other player who likes sitting on the bench. Merle Lieb wills his Ag. shirt to Bill Good. How good are you at sewing on buttons, Margie? Dorothy Monday wills her domestic abilities to Otto Coffman. Oh, Bette! Barbara Peters wills her college interests to anyone who has a big enough address book to carry them all. Sharyn Peters wills her dark hair and cheerleading abilities to Nancy Kuhlman. No more worries about temper or waistline now, Nancy. Vernon Rice wills his Fostoria girl friends to Ray Kessler. Can you handle that many, Ray? LaVerne Shaull wills his figure to Bonnie Eberly. Life just won't be the same now, Bonnie. Bill Switzer wills his scientific abilities to Joan Reid. Now you'll always be eligible in science, Joan. Jane Van Driest wills her property at Ohio State to any other young animal lovers. David Veliquette wills his ability to operate a motor vehicle, while having both hands out the window, to Mr. Lucas and his Drivers' Ed. Class. Open ditches are now in great demand. Joyce Walsh wills her sense of humor to Mrs. Oberholtzer. English will be a breeze now, David. Carol Wickiser wills her blond hair and blue eyes to Pat King. We hope Danny approves, Pat. Dick Ziessler wills his ability to talk in history class to anyone who knows for sure that he doesn't know what he s talking about. Patsy Conley Class Attorney Witnesses: Yes KORNER LUNCH, "at the traffic light in Arcadia", Bob and Thelma Nunn, Prop. , Dinners - Short Orders - Soda Bar Page 20 EUEEEEE 'lill- " . . ' ' - U NDER-CLASSM EN R? Page 21 CLASS OFFICER 33 Gene Switzer, President Pat Binger, Vice-President Roma Beamer, Secretary Dave Shiley, Treasurer Gene Snyder, Reporter Irene Sharninghouse, Sponsor Rudolph Lucas, Sponsor i Q Paul Peters, President V Bob Beamer, Vice-President Betty Copsey, Secretary Rosemary Conine, Treasurer Betty Fox, Reporter Edith Covert, Sponsor Mary Groth, Sponsor Leonard Snavely, President Bob Steyer, Vice-President Mark Plesec, Secretary-Treasurer V , , Owen Ziessler, Reporter Karen Spearman, S. C. I Fred Pessel, S. C. Richard Davies, Sponsor Fred Crates, Sponsor MONTGOMERY WARD, "Where all America Shops and Saves," 219 S. Main, Fostoria, Ohio. HOADLEY'S RUG AND CLEANING COMPANY, 131 N. Cory Street, Findlay, Ohio. Phone 100 Page 22 Dave Cardwell Arvid Weaver 4 Pat Reid 1, J V Jim HitChil'lgS Gene Switzer Donna Wickiser Richard Kessler Raymond Kessler Roma Beamer Rodney Conley Bob Farrell Betty Bame Gene Snyder Bill Good Margie Plesec Dave Driesbach Tom Treece x Pat Binger f 5.5, 'A s W, , Q-. J " v. 37. me .,, g r , E: 'z. 3 A V 'Ee - ' , 1 , 1 Q 'vc M, C Sr ni 'Y Y, 1 4 Q sk K. Q Q.. S ff , if r Dqk 4 .- t".:,,' lgpjrsrsiill ir . f 7' ijjfhgi? f - , , .1 as fetl fn Di," K r s 1m'?wl?frt - wav 5? ,m '- Sw , if ,M pf as P' 'X ,xx V- -M 'x- Dave Shiley 3 is E A Ierry Woodward i K Ellen I-Ieinze , ' Dan Kuhlman "' Marvin Boes 'J' Joan Myers Tom Miller off? "' me . +1 W K xwimi V V WH: wa' V 1 , if 5 2 r fs W 'T 4 'rl Q K .r 'Un an. , x. Es -1 Y M: , ,. W 'A K, . -'WMA ' vi imfgliqib Gene Lewis Pat Eisaman as : - Otto Coffman '- rw' f +1 Lester Bowman A 1 A Pat King 4 "X A Absent: Dennis Peters Motto ... .. . "The Horizon Widens As We Climb" Flower .. .. American Beauty Rose Colors ............ Scarlet and Silver JU IORS Page 23 A A1 Av , 1- if 'V LW, W, Don Wonders ,- - 3:31, 4 ts. 4- fm "J-. . R C it Jgjg., ' M 7 113' ,afxlllubi f lstl f r in .xx'2'g4 i - , , 1 I A ,J n TF: 45 as , A . P... W v ' lv .f V B Sue Huffman ' 1 BV Bob Beamer V -et 'W' Marilyn Lazenby V A - B. , E Justin Emerine l Bei Vi Karen Greer Lk- ing, BB 'Bmfta-fi V Paul Peters aa Biff-K--'A f f V B -. V ' Bonnie Minard L ' K.: if' " Bob Fox B B B B, V V New BB Betty Blue B' f' I,"-' Derol Painter " 1 -4 5, rn-.13 as .-.4 gl rl B. B ,,.. BB B V J B Bette Switzer - ' f- 3" B Tom Springer 1 " l. ,, 5 L I, Jean Norris Q ' I 'r V . . 5 MIS Steve Rathburn ..B 1 Neva Van Sant - B V Clair Cook 5.8 3 ,DA V? 'Vt M A B r i V :V Lou Ann Seevers ' V. V 7 ' y Gene Eisaman ' 3 f B",'fM ' ' N Joyce Ritter 1 M f f B . EA B as fa MT ' 2 Jim Wonders fm nik K Ll' A B55 t B V Carol Treece B ""' B L B Bla-'iii - ' A' au 31 Jerry Harmon 4" A ' K B if in B . . VV "" "'f i -if-.. . B B' a Pauline Kish 'G B . My i t ' M , Gary Roth I 'B iv f ' B at ff ' Betty Copsey BB .,, V V V B, VV B if B BBBB iB"-'r 1 H " B -B ' B' f 'il' Gordon Fruth ' 1 Kg, 1 f' N 2. . Rosemary Conine .Vi A 43 if ir.V B, Z :TTB V Dale Swartz M A JK B ' tih' Shelb Brooks B B at Y 'ff'-,L .R Delbert Smith :.' - K. B W B aw , r w. it Dan Dulgar V V 'B - Q? 'W ,S Q, , Annebelle Kessler "'V B VV ' V V 'V VB Gerald Gaertner BBB.BB G GGG G if' Z GG B, 'BBG lla Y Janet Eathermn s ' ' A Bllt T A: Absent: Betty Minard, gg Audrey Walsh B B B gi 7' Shirley Brooks ' lloward Fruth 'i 1 BA an. if Barbara Rothenbuler PI I O I Page 24 janet Hill Mark Plescc Faye Presslcr Sharon Hile Fred Pesscll Tom Van Sant Sally Binger Dave Eash Nancy Kuhlinan Barbara Van Driest Diana Conley Gene Desgrange Melanie Peters Connie Horner Larry Ryman Reginald Springer Linda Eisaman Nancy King Scott Philo Darlene Bricker Carol Monday Sandra Russell Leonard Snavely Norma Shaull Owen Ziessler Kenny Lenhart Mary Coffman Judy Gassman Von Bishop Joyce Lieb Ceara Withrow Joan Reid Kenny Boes Janice Ritter Bobby Steyer Darrold Myers Sharon Stall Donna Jacobs Larry Diebley Bonnie Eberly Not Pictured: Karen Spearman Ed Pelligrini v 2, FRE HME Albert B,a,,dttmy H V' V 7 7 .ij JM., V V i ggi 'iff ir,,L Q 15 .rig 7 p m +- 15513 :fly . - ' h ' , . V 'i" 9 ' f A -, I ., 4. ' at wr' " M , 'W '15 , 4. 'ff it L ' ' t "M if ry, f . Q" ,V ,M 5, im 2 : W' W i V" M y AFM, KY. V Q ,-. .M mm' W' 14 - I s. - t 5 if Q. X 5 I ' -' , cf Til 5 Q "' u ,. 'M f - K Q ,I Q ,. rt, " A., - N it Q 'Y 1, Q 'ahh ik. - A 5' 2. df -P ff rv' na: , fi ni : " .a We V J ' X, 'f 'Q A fr fw. .L it at .W ., C .W , A M Q S I v lr, . .' , C3 "' -1. J 3. .. U '-P ri Ca " Q A ' get , -V , , ,af 22-V ,,' . . My V V ., y K N :Vi an gs V 'if Y A - 5 113 5 . i . 'it W- , - R K 'if Q ' - - ang -1 af V -W ah- . y y -- K W V ' . V M- W 'J'-f R -fa 4,29 1145-, 5' Piif i , J 5 tif il L I . , .5 0 1 Q f -' J - f . an Q . 7 I K A Xe WW ,L V K A J Q 'v- :t!- ,.,. K f ' g , N K -'ii V. W L , f J A' , L L 'I H f f- M in it - 5 R M a W K '. . f 1' Q ' 'H V7-RWY ., my - wi. ,. A - ' 'f -9- ,- i"""f "' - a, W , Hy W ,, ., - ,. , J L - it i, 5 india' :XM 53,377 kV,,Nv-. . tt.. M f J m.aQaaa5etfMi . N 1? 4 , , if 4 -i 5 W- " -it 1. 'A f fi , 7 J - 1' 1 - . -4 ' jyx V 9 LIL -., ' X :tg-t 4.... fQ J 5 S Ann Tesnow ,',,., a -L :- Page 25 g 'f 2, A, J ,K,, .Q-,1,A . Don Kirkendall Judy Conley Terry Good Eileen Bowman Larry Binger Nancy Cole Dallas Critchet Marilyn Frankart Dick Conine Patricia Arnet Gary Armbrechr Naomi Fruth Danny Fey Jackie Desgrange Charles Groth Thomas Keefe Louis Kish Sharon Hengsteler Gerald Kessler . A 1 is ie ss' r ax? Se? is if ,..1' fm ., Y RN .V X15 me if cf Q ' Sr . -A K L K' I " J ssa- A 4' .- : Q, ha -kky . Imas Barnes f ' 5 srarr I' L1 ff H, if 5 sw , , xg X K M K ., r v ,sr Lf mr J mir ' , fggrw , -wi gsvzjyfir' we ,si J .r,.. gn .. .A C . Q ,L -div V ' gen TG. Ak x m Sk 'C J - gE3t.kf,f gahemfgfry M Q Jim, ,E Q.. K , rzfws, HP K an K ' Q.. L 2 V Ns, 1'-A . F, " 1 . ,, II, H X. f '-..,,, r' . . . ll in 1 1 2-,Q-1 X " . f in " F . K 9 Q , , J M i ' , 5 J r r Q A - ,L Lv - ,L 1wa?sef?egsrsa2iu1Q:zz.' ,. . ,-f-sw:-'E 5--mr:-a,ef.-.. -, .:. awww? -V if ' , 're T ,- ' ' in - na l A i f-1, B iii" Not Pictured: Velia Cortez Richard Boyd EIGHTH GRADE NORTH END TOY TOWN "The Complete Toy Center" ZOI North Main Street Findlay, Ohio Page 26 James Farmer James Harmon -an i' " ' ' ,r., 1 Pi , .-ss H fl Lf. K' X J.,-v-H' ,..-M--1 of - E3-an 1 yu .. 1.3 , 'f-. S' f . ,. . - - :--s,.i:iE5Ei army., . -Vkyggi fn. w. fisii li .rv ' f S' 2 ' I Nm ,r-wt .pmt WM ii I A 2 ,V iii' W iw 1 0 'X' . I .. f ,sv , n,,, r 1 wr -- :fe,?iwf5wfg,ng3ez.g.r,: 8 L f sr L ,JF in Jug fl S' san i at in aw 4 L. . ' 7 New as W .. .. :Q D Ar ., b ..r:igg,.5,:s? Z: fp 'vga f2Y:ifkfif'i-1,f:fM!s.'f".':1r'1e2f . , 1, 3lw,Ll,13,.-3yfvln g r it . EWFJNW 1 ,, J ,ig .,,, , ,.,g ,, 7 L V I jf ,,,. ,,,V,, Jiigfsfsgssm if frsif,,-Qiwi K. , , wsilggar 1 , Q- ,sm - ilszyzj ' If ,wr if F , fzfuygl, "' , yy," ' WSE? Hifi qs, rkfgifri xiii? Wil iw 5 iw! sw 5 xliiwygf, KH H A' 5 ' xl 6' a gi? N ggi ae. F y at y r J 1 :I wfmwfe Im' 2 59 .2 :QI M gz wmrsyq z K , , ilwjt M H ka ax A . , ,, ,r I its yz giiizsgixn 1 ,, ,W r i an i wr so 3 4 H E Judy Wonders Larry Leonard Joe Ann Moore Ronald Springer Mildred Noel Martha Lewis Jimmy Smith Janet Noel Gene Moore Sue Ann Moore Darlene Shaull Dick McDowell Pamela McGough Gary Stillberger Shirley Nunn Ralph Lazenby Janice Lieb Howard Minard Marilyn Rainey Larry Noel rrii J - J A Joe Woodward J ii 3 iii' ' y L 'i'a James Ritter .... ' Nb!" . J xy f P v 'Vin at J ' L Y Veha Cortez My J, J . my F 1 r Ronald Vitt Arden Blythe Not Pictured: Bill Raney EIGHTH GRADE Page 27 THE M. D. NEFF LUMBER CO Quality Lumber and Millwork Phone 7 Findlay, Ohio Gary Crawford Ann Graumlich Sam Leonard Vicki Horner Harold King Patty Cole Mike Crawford Carole Bishop Melvin Brooks Judy Elsea Leroy Huff Janis Anderson Tom Hill Betty Bowman Billy Martin Margaret Lazenby Paul Brandeberry Paula Huysman David Bowman Me linda Good SEVENTH GRADE BECK S LOCKER SERVICE Processing for Home Freezers Processing Supplies Phone 115-A, Vanlue, Ohio Darrell Ritter Bill Myers Norma Switzer Roger Tanner Roseann Swartz Johnnie Peters Janice Tesnow Charlotte Wickiser Duane Steyer Carol Norris Glen Wedge Lana Miller Mary Velliquette Sonny Miller Sandra Noel Tom Thomas Thora Withrow Nancy Ziessler David Minard Mary Rothenbuhler Jan Snyder Nancy Snavely Not Pictured: Helen Raney Elaine Oberholtzer Kennie Noller SEVE TH GRADE Page 29 FOSTORIA AND RURAL SUPPLY Buyers Group Phone 6566 R.F.D. 2, Fostoria Road Danny Dutton John Loth Karen Fox Gary Switzer Dick Gassman Pat Farmer Roger Keefe Lanny Springer Diana Ritter Dick Nolan Galen Roth Mary Anne Thomas David Fruth Gary Frankart Linda Baker Dennis King Billy Collins John Cramer Larry McGough Absent: Dennis Greer Gladys Kuhlman SIXTH GRADE Page 30 3 Q 1 ,xifi?S?5?S S YLSXXVM1 lfW55'l5i"fTif5l'i?'fi11QTfQ W1 ,,f?5li?3f'??'l3l'?1..1 X , .s'f11ff?i?frJ-122 2 3i15r5?2i'ff? silliffirflsffaiifahiilialxfWe'f11?fi?2i1?fi?irflP1 s . 35 .1 r111.11,rg1 .2 r1.rr1xr1af.1-lm, i1g1r11m1al1.r11 w : Qi w.r11h1.e-.f11111113111-f wggyzig5i,-11- X - g -a H 5sgs2g5y555?igg??g5,4 ggggmsgrrsszxgffr 1r1lgg445z1s2sggz5Q2'l13:frw1, M-ff1'1 ' --yy - Slifri lri 1 ifgrsggegggrgfirgif iifi2gii1yrr,:a1 K1 fi -. 111111 11, 1r11l1f,11 1 -. S 1 K . fra' fiiggif ii 1f35?,FlffiQl55?i . ww ga 1 5, . , ,,.. f , V iifimflfl 3 'K 1 V ,yijgifffgzf xiii? Y xi , I . -1' ' 7 ' H ' ,,. 1 '1 1,1 ww-grii '11 xL1lri1 ' . S 2,1 .- .. U S3 : 1 'mb 5353195 Wifi' i1 I -Qfgyw V l W' ' " .13 11 1 1' fi? H 1 ' 1 1 11 . 1' is gg 1. 33. , ragfrqrqi .f11s11-Sw g. 1 ,gif- ' vi , 1 m- 1 1 r, A 21w'r1- L, 11221 ,J ' W " 51-1 11 11 K A21! " i rl :iff 21142111 - . fire 1:1111 ' 11 -" .ra krxwf 1 11 S112 , efiis Simi- 953511- 1 A 1 " 1 1 51 "Er af' I Fietlfezf - ' ' f ' Z f'f111'5f1f5,ghZ,,1nf' 41.81 WS' 1 1 wi L51 A mixer? f' 1 . -. 1, . - 1,1 '-::r1i:rg::r11:rsig2f . -1 'w r' 1lw,f1f Egg -,551--I , .,, 1,35 ,V1 .ir 1 r111,1 11, lf 'img Wwiasaf fii ., 1 N' i' 'kf...' 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' ' r .w if :wif , J, , V , 71 Igqfi J 1 , V1 A r X '1 1 11 3, , . 1 1 1 g -9111. EX? Q M 1 1 K 5 ' 211 1 'Y ' ' In 'K' . ,Q f vwisl Wxliaf ' w11:ff'f'1'f1i'c 'f fl 'ff'-K' 1 1 1' - f i1'f35ff!11W-Wlfsiff 1?f'11'4s1.f11:1111 1feQ1gsz11F1151.rf1 1:1 1 1 K -1 1a1issrzsie151ff211:1e9r -H 51 S1121-1111?r115ifr5'fs51fr1151.111 12- -V f-f- . -A! V1 W 1 K1 '51 A111 f- L1 .e1.ze1.:11.: 11-: f 1::1f11ffs-r11f1111 gy.g1iie,.111z1 -1,15 1 "' gffsyfggkfiffgfim ,,:E'i ' 8 531 iv? H1 : 'iw P1-Ffh' k ff . L' A -gm ' f 1 K ' - fb- ggj . ? H , Q 1' ' 1 ' T152 :."' ' ' . -1 "' 55,. . 1 1,1 'W 3,1 5 +1 11 -1 K - M . 1 ' V 1 rw .1 1 'llisrffzf 7 .I k i jj O Q K 11.. I f 1 O ' H 1 -110 4 -y,11rw1""1 ' vii' F ' " ' ' "" 'f l 7211?-'211 ' r me 1 .. 3 ' A K1 .1 V1 f-'- A ' U 1 I 1.11611 1:61, 1, 3 1 r. 1 11.211 1, '11 iq ' fi 11 4 mf 5 .m?2Srgfff1fif11 :ga f 7 1 i:: 5.2::iEg,E:5,,H A ,,"g5' Siiiir' W' K L '4'?ggig.? 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Page 32 : - - -luegrgrggql -V 'L - V A fluff ' 'I' fix: .Q Q ' ., : 'N K l'Wnfw"'ii X L q,,..' W ' - ' L... -'iff -V 1 V , K t z gif ' i . signal by be I ..,..., W. 4, V , ,, 4 V 'Q ' "H'2rff" ..f 1 ' ., H' r-Sw , 2 V ml , i if' 1 ' . E ' ,W 1'3u'lzs,usa45 fl 'iisi"i'5lZQEZMQY'32l:?l'3"'Hlf2Hfr mmf!?ls3i'3?i2f"3'll6i5iWlW?9'f5iVfSl V59fsvTlr,gi'zz, .ri::.2 '. ',sE,3:VQ?'.-i':: ' ' P31 3514535 xr , ZW. X . .. v,,. f,,.m.s,5ri,s,rr,K ,5g,r3,g,r,mA .i,rgg5w3Er,gE,lf,,,nr.f5 E gilgw m , Egmww,MWQE 3 2 51+ Slef rr lwfagrr i rise' fa A Q gsvgsiggsizgsegs - 4522-lw,1s1fisiiiraf " 1 'gli QfQsga3,43g,'4f' .V ?55Q5rzi12if'rs?f In .. .. ,, My ..,,.. -' ' fa H , , ,.,, is p Lg 181 ,M ' ' :I ' 'Z' , ,v- 4wuaw'1"w 1 1- 5 ' ' sw' 5 qi' 2 , V i ki- lrwzv 1 .V - Z M V 1 - 'X vm ni: 'SL uiiiifl.. '::"'.- Z Z .:' - V L ' ' ' i K ' - l 2?i,:-,eaiMii'e5zl- 5551551555555 ' ' iff L 37' U J' T I ,, f - 'WR' l . A ,M Z V, , , - ,1, . V E ,W , , A ,V. V . iw, V., Nw " W" , , QW-'A .. L 1' W 1 . , V' swf' .. 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I V mA ,V fli L , Amelia COM f f i g S Arthur Armbrecht ii '4lQ, i 'Y f at '--' ' Y'L' A7'ifL i' f Patricia Jacobs 'ssg1g55ga1gi,32iftfiffvgitlwilfszilsfa fs ga wi Sax 1 QW' z 3 ata- aff' ,.., f S usa? we" l Merlin Dawson K'rr'LY a Jean Thomas ,--:: Dick Crawford 2 ' .5 kkV,k - - ,f Sandra McEntire ' 1 William Eberso le zz. K Q1 H SMB? , rs. - al. - f 5,i,?lft ,ssf the ara: t : H SE-sr .55.': . : fglfi 5 5 2 ' X at L, . W L ':1a:2::fF1 QF:-- L .:"':'. 9 .Mgr - :-aaa.:: ': 'iff' - Lili - f l. Q . ' H 2 ' szsallffssfivf 1 fb X he S W T, a , - 2l'gq.segSxsf.:L V Q A fat ' Er 2 . 41 w ' ?l ' l was N if si? ggffgik 9 K vga X film i. 1 an P1 M1 ' - Y' "1 .az RSSB 3 ' W. 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Sherry Cook Carol Sue Ritter Susan Swartz Diane King Rita Emerine Not Pictured: Linda Moyer Q R 1' K .S H gangs 1 , ,5 ,,vaf.s' ,S .Q f X X 55535 gm 93 James Chapman Jan Moore sh., ya Z- W' L S it ' Q -wi .V 'dmv 5 5 Isrtsseiw ti? ' 7 wgSifz'flijgfi?i?fLf , X1 25 , , in . 7-as "s'1sf?:s'1'N5 la its 5 K 3 X S Q V " -wvx z-55 tire,-YQ,s555?3eX??5fiiS?lg'5 i A mga -as -, vfwsziffg- --ia, -feta:-i 5, ai as wt--f5551fWN' W1t -QSQ TZ: iffy- . 1 - F-self, ' v ,5rt?wF'i- ll 3: 233555 if ??f9fa'7?is1 gfiesxgiff - V . 1ez-fp,X,g,-- V .W,+1.,1- K -.Nea l a- ,me '- wffviszff,-' ,i . K f WW-fw , - 's5f'5?i?i Q, or t 1 his 1? 4 Y 7 .Q- fail? .. ia, , 3 . , s?g5'Eiw Va-aw X , gl' M ? I sf.. 1,4 z.. 5 .. .f,ff1Ef .JK . yi .. E ,., ,muse pl r sig of X .1 ...J . QU f w BT .I iw 952 1 fl Kewl X F Q S :.:.: ,..: , -Hsu M 1.2: fi mi ' ,Eg i.'r -. lwxsgi ' A it... . , . 9 s I 'c SW 'Iif .t5i: i.,J 547553155 ERSF9?iifiisif-'19':i55ffFinfe": lea? . ,Q ' - 3 g -'a . ' i :,. if :L m . ZH.. 1.-IL-2 ig JA NICE BOLES FOURTH GRADE DYSINGER MARKET - 120 E. Sandusky St. - Phone 178 Fancy Meats - Groceries - Fresh Vegetables Findlay, Ohio. Page 34 -if wp.-M' ,4-, -3. 9' 'VH -'HM T, if url , . Jwag, 11. Yi - I V ff , rg .,,.,,, , N' A , . ,,,. ,EJ,,.k,,lW,,!k:, I P1515 V, E Q Q r 1 1 .. X t .. V A ' di- I N lb' we L M. f 1: 1 -J- fs 2 S 5 E m r M i A ! , in A B wa me at gg " '- T L T T M A' W I xx -W H-, y V.. G I A Am ' ' C T ,419-1 A V ' gsxaj' t I ii' f t ' ' , ,W 'Q 6 a.rf- wg -at Q, '+f , ,, . ,iA e at ' ,, xv Rosemary Nolan 'A' Sharon Frankart BESSIE FOX -:iii Page 35 Robert Peters 1111 Hoover Melvin Boes Mary Hartman Robert Leonard Sandra Breyman Eugene Margraf Barbara Binger Stewart King Annabelle Swartz Charles Cole Martha Keefe Paul Cole Glenna Farmer John Crouse Zuelma Marquez Larry Thomas Grenda Roth James Forney Jeanne Waggoner FOURTH GRADE ROBERT E. JONES INSURANCE AGENCY "Insure Today-Be Sure Tomorrow" 105 E. Sandusky St. - Phone 6056 Findlay, Ohio. Steven Bishop Beth Peters William Carman Luuna Sherman Edwin Byrd Eulalia Emerine Frunklin Long Mury Jane Good Tommy Castor Royctta Desgrdnges Brad Russel Shdron Nickelson Fred Tesnow Sue Knepper Richard Margraf Connie Fisher Jerry Tong Peggy Garrett Don Noel Rebecca Groth 'tb Xb N V . . M, Hs. 451 . 7 N-ff' sm- . el X ir rg M eu! if 1 E 4 my Q? i rf 3 5 I-N" or 1fffi!t'+Ef'i3i25'l5ff'1f.:ssi-'Q'f sy ..-w- .P-.foil wi M , .L hy. 1 Q. , .,, L, by V afww' x f , , g . Q- HS' ' : 2 ' ' - ' . 1 'c it w:21wi5fi.if,:i ' 'Silt t5im?Bi wwixewav nf j g55'kijg.- ig FX , 3 rv P A 1- if ' ,Wy K E dw ' Larry Bowman ': ' sr- .,+-,'1ii::7g'3f,f ffzti-"i' , David Hengsteler Mickey Crawford Not Pictured: Gary Moore Glen Brandeberry Susan Vitt VA N BLARC UM THIRD GR DE ALICE BEAUTY AND DRESS SHOPPE 411 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio. 5 - are .. f W, in L. -.L: . kk 1. Bt W' 1 - M. in Q . . iw T 1-M f A A A Q L. mf f 5 , 51 V, gn 'W in 'I ,Vi . Q . , . ,: - A VI . 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J.: 1, , W- Mike Bame f-iffy' A V ' A H Diana Swartz :Jaw it F if s . ,. 1' Q 5 I t Q MARJORIE TREECE Stephen Huffman Loretta Mellott Calvin Dawson Barbara Blake Kenneth Howell Marilyn Moyer Lanny Boes Marlene Steyer Daryl Jacobs Deborah Burkett Raymond Reinhard Carol Seever Thomas Farmer Barbara Nesbitt Lemar Miller Dorene Brandeberry Ronnie Beach Linda Dutton Bobby Vackert Yvonne Nunn Not Pictured: Linda Thomas Roger Good Cathy Quinn Tommy Rader "For the Best in Floral Arrangement" - SINKS FLOWER S Findlay, Ohio. Page 37 Kristine Wentworth , 'l'lianaRcid in , J B.irb:1r.i Wolford ' Peggy Cole ,V ' Barbara Brandcbcrry Page lm gp 5 1 2 "' in JW 'V' X 4 rv . , 'uf 5 i wt - J ""' J . , J if N X as-M N 4 Y h 2 .ei K3 Aw 3 iw I ga, 6 4 A 'S Q. K 44 it 5 I or f xg B S! Dennis Critclict Randy Russell ' -- as .' , '-3 A. s. " , 2' : , . .. " A t. , -ww ' ' ' ' . , 4 1 1 J 5 L ik t Q A 11 1' f . 3 t,a-t it VK 7 if A f. we ? Katy, J, .. :Sf-S' ,JS ' Q tr Billy Fox JCM ' ' r' iw? Kai" ' "H - f 1 ,f , sw ff- .- Steven Gillen ' N ' in K0 - Q' 35 A ' ? ' ' e 9 f 'J it Frederick Leonard , 1 ' ' A A Y if Carol Crawford - J Tierney Conrad if 3 ' 4.1 te. Sheila Ford saga " ,sf TY C ti, M. . ,ft :ls . - . . H 3 Juanita Fruth F W rg Bonnie Barnes fffflif ,Q gy 1 -jzg-15: w ft 1167 i'i' P J 1 f i'i' 2 a ll J - 44 is W 4' X rss' ' it Wilma r ' I V Q J' ' Galen Bruce mu. W, V ,i,,i, 3 W h bi L: M V, Q, Jack Hoover - W Sv. L Q t J J F-A -.. Richard Grossman , r,m.. ' . f as Y, , M , ' J 3-, , 'll '-" 1 Q - f-i. , , J' I gg . K-tg A t Janice Moore .',i:'f?vf,, J A 1. r Q A A H X f if s l figfl ,X ima wx if--g,.:4t:,5 J r - " C N ., A s Y, ,. so sg f "-A twig, ,V ,r,, .L .. C. C . r. , sa ' M M 31: 5, . K t 5.13, Sh ,www ,tire it -?fEl1?'1?vSesQiwilg5'9 M 4 O if si iid. S' T? 'idiw i ' . ' Nancy S pero A " A tg Linda Heisrrman 5 ' H , sw- Lucy Swartz ' 'W A Of W 'V ' . fr " , r J ,- . W T y .,, H Janet Metzger ""' ' W . V 5 f V A :""' Jacqueline Lantz ' M Q' p ' W EQ, ' T A ' "' . elf Q , ' Not Pictured: L' f'w"1f FJ A Todd Vitt Danny Raney SECOND GRADE CLARA HOFFMAN CLIFFORD E. SNYDER - Ford Service - General Repairing Maratlian Gas and Oil - Arcadia, Ohio. Page 38 w 7 L--, t. 5 , 92 ,, 5 S rm: w I t W U my . , :Q . We K Ax-QL 4 ,www 5 as rfqijs my 1-I, 'emi ,Q f ns . 4,221 ? 1? N., li gt 1 if 'fn 14 If if C, wars it A W W of f r rf: ' If f , " 1' flirty., sf1,, 3it!5'-vf 1 tp-. A.. . Mijas ,xr -l - 7 331. " r, :Al uw W, ,, 2 5 SEX YZ' 1 . ,ks , I ,gg m t .. V, 1 f if , 5 A A to s,gQ:':f?YA iris if ' A wg t y K. A . "1 . . y M wr sr' zz mir-vs -was .z 7 - ws s f may ar' rf 22532535.- ,t gs -wriisiflii 5 gr zSw??gs?ifsa's2stw'fs ZS5552352332255522552255225klvtigtigiiiiiwttgaft wr - tw? rtlntsstiristmwt. t,,ma58gXr2,w 7 w ZamttMttM,, fgKlgwQ5If5i,S5,? t , rrigigssgssggsegg 5 zgggigxti fsftr -- - w yigiigig A Y 1 wg, a-"7tgmgrzg. 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W , "A" V -Ji f' has Karen Cole I n if l Q ' , i, WM Q Q . Roger Mellott , 'w 5 ,X 1 it s Not Picturedg U Karl Brandeberry EVALYN GEDEON WAALAND'S GRRENHOUSES Wedding and Funeral Work Our Specialty Corsages for all occasions 138-42 Larkins Street - Phone 369 Findlay, Ohio. Page 40 Raymond Valenti Janice Moyer Duane Bowman Margaret Smith Albert Hcrrera Lenna Jo Bickel Jerry Margraf Lynette Hartman Stephen Frankart Nadine Bruce William Clymer Wanda Fox Steven Nickelson Cynthia Gale James Nichols Karen Bundy Larry Wedge Sharon Binger Charles Lowery Patty Treece Dennis Insley Narda Boes Daryl Fruth Janet McCumber Randall Huffman 1, t i' - as C,, 2 WC. , ,, aw' ,x i M fi is '- : ' .:: . - C f C v 4 EC wr' W :E L, C -f 91 " M .. 8 at K f :H u a f:C I , .. , .,., e g i t C K A ,: ,ME Epi gi V -- ,.,,.o Cs, A ,.- ig: , C W C Lk 1 A ,,f' , -:C , C ,,,, it - V V , 7 Q:-aiu Mgt' M 3' ' I V7 fi 1 K 25 , 1 5 ,,: A 'ACC 'A' ' " it f , I 7' - C 1 .. Ww,:m-1 eafirzf-ff,5,:C, Cu,w,3gw,- f. 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V " - - ' 'i' ,Crt S r ' ' , - ,QV f ' ' 5 f, C :C L' K v . 1- 5' kd' aC Iliff "' v -- " T 'i .' .1 , 55 -55' 'fU?l::""" :X ' W 1- f5HQ?"'im 'frzeiww x i it V, ., fl' 'L 'x r W at - i 9 r - l ttaiflfsii sag K gg 1 .- ' 4 51 ' S fm fir etfilszwfr -- 5 5335 3, A ici, H it ri "1 " q 4 'js C fin M i? V ml ' W ,- f WW' ' . ,.,, if f f e7"l"W1 i f n ew 'Q a rrtf if rt. I in N.. , ..., ,,.. ,,,. 1, Sally Hue Q11 5 C A C Jack Grossman Cii' 1Cn C av , Cheryl Fruth h gm""f - V C 'M K ry' f -Q I 9,3 - -' ,P C I VCA' 1 -C-C H Cf f David Lute 1 C it - S 'f2a?m'H4- E' C " ,g,f1f1.'a,451'C,tgQL QM 1 -, MAJORIE MOORE Page 41 FIRST GRADE Quality and Service - THE PHOTO CENTER , 207 S. Main - Phone 5925 - Findlay, Ohio. r . E 4 2, ' L L. . L 5 I ' VV L VV L i , L ,L L v ggt Ivhkt' Bohn SL L, L M lf: L rw L if - L Margrnrct Wehrlc M-f 1' "1 . h VV fin- L -V t Dann ' Ewin ' I ' X: V Dotl ' Beach W L f t - y L wr Lg y iii? ' ly V H fLg,LLL'QL Krcth Kromcr f V' 2 fy' L 1+-Q, '.'7 C Y 4 23 1522222 Qin M 751 , WN? L 'r,,V'1-1-V L 1 1 , L L ,','1m ,'k"A Y i "":' ' V ' ,fm WMV vw . : VV L V Dcbbrc Schetter hy L1 kt? ,mu av , , 'bf , L Curt 15 1 , L ,Q m"- Vw, L S Z L m,, ,L., Le LmK,m,-,A' -' V A Kathy Wentworth ', ,.. "ME " ' K ,L. - '. ' L. Z , LL Q L ,L 1yL,QL?r-'M jL,, ' V -1 - -V V L,-L Q V it V' " w g ' 53511 Huff if V A W H s L ...' . ' 1 att ' 6 S il P 5 ' Lmzz : .. hhhhh r -- 3 V D b Ltyt m,'k - . ,,,, uane dco s rt f 1 . J V - V ' W' '- " 1 "A' 'H Marsha Hummel ' , :" 1 gl '93 f V' mm,' K ff? Albeff Huff , V ,, SQL . . LL-,555 1 . A L N L "V Chefyl Lmnbv V . ' Lg Z fy 1. L Danny Fraukart V 'fff- ' "-' -f.1'l:2,,,E, L LL ,Lap L' , fig, K .. - V Ls. - V W .L L L -V 'V V L , L " VV v jf L L dig- 3 L L 22545 L Kathy Shoemaker VL J Ruth Rarhburn A is- L -V V ""g-f 5 Q WL L L',,V L, L Q' Milf DCS F30 C t . 'Y ' L'VL .L - V ftp U A a E yi LVL ,L ' LIL 11 St I L .l Ruth Feucht xg, " ,LW ,X I ,A ju ' 4 1 In in K , EL QIEL:iVf,L. , -2 I I 2,5 x N M Y: my fr wb? jlmmy Mlller L L ' 4' H' in ' L sff? ' ' WE. " " 1 wi 'r ' V Gary Conine W ' L , L L, L L i 'ii-2 L ML., ' ,, VIRGINIA LUCAS Page 42 KI DERGARTE CHAPMAN'S - Fostoria's Leading Jewelers V 73' ' r 1 C R6"3C93557W5 f Q fa f 599 Emi ,. L 5 ml ' 5povTs anal Qc' fw'Tif'5 Q WM I N ANNUAL STAFF C H ,,r'f,"9 7593 "N.:Qu The Seniors in collaboration with the Juniors have successfully published the 1956 Arcadian. The staff was under the very fine supervision of Mr. Richard Davies. Participating in the annual sales contest were grades four through twelve. These grades were divided into fourteen teams, each team under the supervision of their own home room teacher. The grades four to eight were assisted by Seniors who acted as co-captains. The winning team was the Senior Class whose sponsor was MI. Slough. The four high salesmen in the contest werc Sharyn Peters, Sue Ann Moore, Sharon Stall and Ceara Sue Withrow. SENIORS Editor Bill Switzer Snapshot Editor Dick Ziessler Karl Burns Art Pat Breyman Sports Bill Armbrecht Circulation Lester Fruth Advertising Joyce Walsh Patsy Conley Marilyn Hawk Dalores Campbell Dale Barr Marlene Diebley Typists Sharyn Peters Barbara Arnet Barbara Agnew JUNIORS Gene Snydcr Dave Cardwell Ellen Heinze Dave Shiley Rodney Conley Roma Beamer Marge Plesec Bill Good Bob Farrell Jim Hitchings Pat Reid Pat Binger Betty Bame Pat King Compliments of HUB SUPER MARKET - N. County Line - Fostoria, Ohio. EGBERT'S HOME FURNISHINGS - 404 East Sandusky St. - Findlay, Ohio. Page 44 STUDE T COUNCIL r 1 ,C.':f"0m v x fl JN. The Student Council is an organization of organizations. It is composed of 18 members, two from each organization in the school and two from each of the top four grades. The Student Council sponsored many dances throughout the year and was in charge of the annual Homecoming and Spring Prom. They also chose the four full-length movies which were shown to the high school and Jr. High during the year. As one of their projects they gave money to Care and to the Polio fund and as the other they set up an Ethics Committee. This committee's goal was to attempt to help the students become better school citizens. This committee was selected from the Student Council. They were Sharyn Peters, Pat Conley, John Diebley, Roma Beamer, and Bill Good. The Student Council chose the following officers: Sharyn Peters-President, Bill Good-Vice-President, Audrey Walsh-Secretary-Treasurer, and Darlene Bricker-Reporter, Mrs. Edith Covert-Sponsor. They were in charge of Recognition Day, and set up the dates for the high school parties and sponsored a clean up campaign. REID'S MARKET, Groceries and Meats, Arcadia, Ohio - WARD STOCK CO., Findlay Road, Phone 4600, Fostoria, Ohio Page 45 SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class presented the play "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" on November 3 and 4, 1956 The play was a three-act comedy centered around the experiences of Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough, while enroute to Paris, France, Cornelia got sick while on the boat and had to be dis- guised in order to get off. It was very hilarious and entertaining all the way through. The cast included Marilyn Hawk as Cornelia Otis Skinnerg Janice Heinze as Emily Kimbrough, Lester Fruth as Otis Skinnerg Dalores Campbell as Mrs. Skinnerg Bill Switzer as Leo McEvoyg Dick Ziessler as Dick Winters: Sharyn Peters as Harriet St. Johng Patsy Conley as Winifred Blaughg John Diebley as Purser and Window Cleanerg Dale Barr as Steward and Monsieur De La Croix, LaVerne Shaull as Admiral: Dorothy Monday as Stewardessg Barbara Peters as Theriseg Pat Breyman as Madame Eliseg Marlene Diebley as Inspector. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse with Bill Armbrecht and Jane Van Driest as student directors. The stage managers were Larry Crates and Merle Lieb. LAMFROM'S, "Dress Better and You'll Feel Better" , Fostoria, Ohio PAYNE BROTHER'S GREENHOUSE. South Union, Fostoria, Ohio, Phone 4324 Page 46 JU IOR PLAY CAST The Junior Class presented the play "Papa Was a Preacher" on March 23, 1956. It was a 3-Act Comedy in which the righteous old Miss Jonas, a staunch church member, causes trouble for Papa and his family through pictures she has taken of the children. She disrupted the Porter family by threatening to take the pictures to the Bishop at the Conference and having Papa released. But she realized the injustice she was doing the Porter family when Edd, the youngest of the family, shows the family and Miss Jonas, some pictures that he took with his camera, of a still in Miss Jonas's basement, Miss Jonas seeing that appearances sometimes give wrong impressions became friends with the Porter's and agreed to forget about the meeting with the Bishop at the Conference. With things calm in the Porter household again, Papa and Mama celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary, by a renewal of vows, with the six Porter children taking part. The play was under the direction of Mr. Fred Crates, with Pat King as the Student Director. The cast was as follows: Papa . . . Dave Shiley Edd. . . . . . Dave Cardwell Mama . . . Margie Plesec Jenny Pat Binger Cecil .... Dan Kuhlman Lucy ..... . . . Pat Eisaman Alyene ...... Roma Beamer Helen Pat King Miss Jonas. . . . . . Betty Bame Jeffery Rodney Conley Raybon .... .. . Hugh ..., JHTICIIC... Bob Farrell Gene Snyder Pat Reid Bride . . . Groom . . . Ellen lfleinze Gene Switzer COLDREN FUNERAL HOME, 205 West Sandusky Street, Phone 600, Findlay, Ohio Compliments of ATLAS CRANKSHAFT INC., Phone 6674, Fostoria, Ohio Page -17 HO OR SOCIETY rv The Honor Society consisted this year of ten seniors and six juniors. One social meeting was held this year at Arcadia in February with all Hancock Honor Societies attending. The M. C. for this event was Bill Switzer, program chairman, Barbara Agnew, recreation, Janice Heinzeg food chairman, Sharyn Peters, reception, Jane Van Driest and Lester Fruthg ticket chairman, Marilyn Hawk, and entertainment, Patsy Conley. Our advisor was Mrs. Elaine Oberholtzer, and Sharyn Peters was "Sergeant-at-Arms" in the county chapter. Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character. A resident require- ment of at least eighteen weeks in a Hancock County High School is necessary before a pupil is eligible for membership, Eligibility as far as attendance and scholarship are concerned shall be determined as of the end of the semester preceding the time the nominations are made. BASKET MARKET - Home Dressed Meat - Complete line of groceries and vegetables, Arcadia, Ohio MABELLE BEAUTY SHOPPE - First National Bank Bldg. - Room 307 - Tel. 537. Page 48 FUTURE TE CHER The Future Teachers of America is a new organization in the school activities this year It is open to all students in high school who are interested in teaching. The F. T. A. members played host to the County Teacher's Meeting held at Arcadia School, January 27, 1956. The Arcadia branch ofthe organization was honored with the privilege of selecting the all-county president who is Paul Peters. The officers of the organization are: President, Margie Plesecg Vice-President, Patsy Conleyg Secretary, Karen Spearman, Treasurer, Betty Bameg Reporter, Karen Greer. TRI- CI REID'S SOHIO SERVICE - Arcadia, Ohio - SACKETTS FLOWERS - Fostoria, Ohio. Page 49 LIBRARY TAFF , , A , .t , ,lax ef! fi, ,KAW :ratify A.'x . The library staff consists of students who are interested iti library work. The staff is headed this year by Mrs. Marilyn Noel and Barbara Agnew, assistant librarian, and consists of seven seniors, five juniors, and two sophomores. RED CROSS l i 5 ' 5 'r 5 E i iw ,ga w 'SF 'f it This year the Junior Red Cross held a successful year under the supervision of Mr, Grotli and the student leaders Pat Reid and Bill Armbrecht. Each class was represented by one or two members. The representatives packed their classes boxes to send overseas. Upon payment of any small donation, each person received a pin or a iiiciiibership Card. Page 50 .A.A. J F , The Girls Athletic Association is composed of girls from the ninth through the twelfth grades who are interested in sports and good sportsmanship. On April 14, we held our mother and daughter banquet. Awards were presented by Mrs. Ober- holtzer, our sponsor, to the outstanding members. Some ofthe Varsity A members served the meal The officers for the year are: President, Pat Bingerg Vice-President, Sharyn Peters, Secretary, Roma Beamerg Treasurer, Rosemary Conineg Reporter, Margie Plesecg S. C., Karen Greer and ARSITY A Sally Binger. C5 fi 50533 f if M -'Av-45'..XE'L.A.-'A ff y . The Varsity A, organized to promote and improve athletics, is composed of boys who have received the Varsity "A" in basketball, football, or baseball. The organization started a new tradition by electing a most valuable player of all these sports. The officers of the club are: President, John Diebleyg Vice-President, Gene Switzerg Sec- retary-Treasurer, Dick Ziesslerg S. C. , Bill Armbrecht and Bill Goodg Sponsor, Rudolph Lucas. Page 51 F.H.A. www' H MM Hs AMERICA The Arcadia Chapter of Future l-Iomemakers of America, with Mrs, Virginia Wykoff as the sponsor, elected for their officers, Pat Breyman, President, Joyce Walsh, Vice-President, Pat Binger, Secretary, Jane Van Driest, Treasurer, Pat Reid, Song Leaderg Bette Io Switzer, Historian, Pat Eisaman, Parlia- mentariang Mrs. Velma Beamer, Club Mother. The big event that highlighted the year, was the Mother-Daughter Banquet, at which the F. H.A. members treated their mothers to a delightful evening. 6 FIOOG 'J-'-"" r,z'ffXf59.E HQMSMAKEA, -41 AMERICA Page 52 The Arcadia FFA Chapter completed the year with 33 members. The Chapter officers this year are: President, Bill Good: Vice-President, Gene Lewis, Secretary, LaVerne Shaullg Treasurer, Gene Switzerg Reporter, Jerry Woodward, Advisor, Adrian Blythe. The Chapter entered several contests at the State FFA Convention. Marvin Boes, Bill Good, and Clair Cook received special awards in the judging contest. Norman Lewis al- so received his State Farmer Degree at the Convention. The Chapter won the dairy cattle and general livestock judging within the county. They also received the Silver Medal for Parlimentary Procedure. The members had many champions and grand champions at the county fair this year. The Chapter placed third in the couty pest hunt. They also had a softball and basket- ball team which competed with other FFA Chapter's teams in the area. The Chapter entertained their parents at the annual parents and son banquet. HANCOCK HYBRID, INC., Hybrid Seed Corn, Wheat, Oats, Soybeans, Findlay, Ohio. SMITH TRACTOR SALES, Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer, 1628 N. County Line St. , Fostoria, Ohio Page 53 BA The performances of the Arcadia High School Band included the Hancock-County Fair, the state Fair, the football games, the Arcadia Halloween parade and the annual Halloween parade held in Fostoria. Members of the band participated in the county auditions and the All-County Music Festival. Outstanding performances were given by the majorettes, and the two drum majorettes, Patsy and Janice, who made their last performances this year, SWIFT AND COMPANY - Soybean Mill - Fostoria, Ohio. THE B, S, PORTER SON CO, - "Findlay's Complete Music Store. " Page 54 GIRL ' GLEE CL B The girl's glee club was directed this year by Mr. Charles Hoover, accompanied by Betty Fox Members of the glee performed in the county auditions and the All-County Music Festival. Q ARTETS N75 fa-'a -mrs , Y: 7 ? 5 M, M I EVANS TYPEWRITER CO, - Corner, Cory 8L Crawford Sts. - Phone 1180 - Findlay, Ohio. Typewriters - Adding Machines - Office Equipment. Page 55 CHOIR Cf' cf. fy :mt Our choir this year was under the direction of Mr. Charles Hoover, accompanied by Barbara Agnew. Members of the Choir participated in the All-County Music Festival and the county auditions. AUTOGRAPH CIVIC NIC NAC - "For Best in Foods" -v Dial 196 - Fostoria, Ohio. C. B, MOORE HARDWARE - Phone 74 - Arcadia, Ohio. Page 56 CHEERLEADERS qi q Ps Once again the student body chose five girls as their 55-56 Varsity Cheerleaders: Seniors: Sharyn Peters and Janice Heinzeg Juniors: Pat Reid and Pat Bingerg Freshman: Joan Reid. The recruits, Jan and Joan, were immediately initiated by the other three who had gone through similiar experiences in previous years. Their goal is to improve the cheering section and the way of presenting their yells. One of their favorite yells, which is sung, is 1-2-3 o'clock. Some other favorites are: We're With You Team, T-2-3-4, and With an A. I ops? 949 The five Junior High Cheerleaders for the year 55-56 were: Sally Binger, Darlene Bricker, Jo Ann Moore, Janet Noel, and Nancy Ziessler. These five girls were elected by the seventh, eighth, and nineth grades. A few of their favorite yells were: Yea Red, 1-2-3-4, and Go Back. THE FRED C. SWISHER CO. - Builders' Supplies 85 Coal - 50 years of service - Findlay, Ohio. Page 57 fqF'5 FIRST ROWg Don Kirkendall, Charles Groth, Managers. SECOND ROW: Coach Lucas, Arvid Weaver, Dan Kiihlman, Gene Switzer, LaVerne Shaull, Bob Beamer. THIRD ROW: Dave Cardwell, Patil Peters, Jerry Harmon, Gary Roth, Fred Pessel, Gerald Gaertner, Dale Swartz, Ed Pellegrini, Justin Einerine, Gene Switser. JU IOR HI E m'Nf"m,.,i 500 FIRST ROW: Leroy Huff, Roger Tanner, Gary Crawford, Larry Noel, Eddie Cardwell, Gary Armbrecht, Larry Leonard. SECOND ROW: Ralph Lazenby, Dick Conine, Don Kirkendall, Jerry Good, Bob Steyer, Dallas Crit chet, Larry Binger. THIRD ROW: Coach Lucas, Gene Moore, William Myers, Sonny Miller, Duane Steyer, Charles Groth, Melvin Brooks, Jim Ritter, Darrold Myers, David Minard, Bill Martin, Sam Leonard. Page 58 STANDING: Bill Good, Dave Shiley, Dean Kieffer, Jim Hitchings. KNEELING: Coach, Rudolph Lucasg Bob Farrell, john Diebley, and Jack Eisaman. The Redmen looked promising under the direction of their new coach this year. Although the teams season record was an unimpressive six won, nine lost, the boys showed a marked improvement over last year and hoped for a better team next year. The spirit was at its highest peak when the Redmen drew McComb for its first tournament game. After a hard-fought half the score was tied 35-35. The next half the Redmen fell behind to lose the game by four points. John Diebley, Dean Kieffer, Jack Eisaman, and LaVerne Shaull were the Seniors who played their last games this season. Date Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Opponents Jackson-Liberty Vanlue Arlington Van Buren Liberty Vanlue Hopewell-Louden Mt. Blanchard Liberty Mt. Blanchard McComb Cory-Rawson Arlington Van Buren Tournament McComb Page 59 Where Here Here Here There There There There Here Here There Here There There Here Cory -Rawson They '77 53 58 62 38 68 68 67 44 46 53 87 66 89 75 BHK" ,L ,w 4 ? ..,.. 1 X 'rf 5 1.1 5? :HEL gsw-3' A1 'X HN, Qu 42? 1. Q ,gm X f ' . . fwmi . N ' 'M Q M' i1 3 , W" 6,55 3 - 3' f A A " .W I -' "' f , . .S ., A . -1' :miie ,. .N 3, ,,,, i 5 I figkjum r 1: wiv -, i, f,y5 12' it A RSL. K ,130 ,Iwg-kg,3?fg14mt,555, ,, ,ij ,fl 3 A K I .. YFWG ' - Uzfwfff L21 -gum, -N' K W 0 -' , K ww .. .V,.gmuzmmfwNf?A fe5w,Lf5i3l'. -' -M ., 'fktgyiw ,W-2. .df '53-' "H" gnu r A A , , Iii wiseff' . .MA wr , n K 1 3 Vkkf 1' H f:ffs'z11, ' ,5- M X .1 ' sw '- ,Ag ,lf inn A 2 M4 5, , ww K www 2 1 I ,K , wg ., ' H ' ,eff P - 1"' .. -- . -- xt .- 'vim Page 60 , A X X, I , 1151 f w Q35 ik J' 1 , 5 . , .W pf, . ..,: .:i,: A : l f L QP, in ,sf 3 6 Q 53 Q 1 -5 ,Qu V"'1! in-+9 Fl. 11? ,. JI! ... FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Bill Switzer, Managerg Larry Diebley, Delbert Smith, Tom Treece, Norman Emerine, Jerry Woodward, Dean Kieffer, Bill Armbrecht, Leonard Snavely, Larry Crates, Manager. SECOND ROW: Dick Ziessler, La Verne Shaull, Karl Burns, Gene Switzer, John Diebley, Bill Good, Dave Shi- ley, Paul Peters. THIRD ROW: Von Bishop, Darrold Myers, Arvid Weaver, Fred Pessel, Bob Beamer, Jack Eisaman, Jack Keegan, Lester Bowman, Jim Hitchings, Max Brooks, Gerald Gaertner, Don Kuhl- man, Gene Eisaman, Owen Ziessler, Derol Painter, Jerry Harmon, Gary Roth, Justin Emerine, Coach Lucas. The team started the season by treking over to McComb. Although the boys played a strong im- pressive game, they came home on the short end 12-6. The next week we welcomed Cory-Rawsen only to play a struggling 20-O loss. Very determined to make a comeback from the week before the team came off the Liberty- Benton field victors 26-O. Even though the field was wet and soggy, the team was able to trudge their way to a 6-0 vic- tory over Mt. Blanchard." The Van Buren game "which words cannot describe" was lost 31-7. In the game with Arlington, the team, hoping to win like the year before had the tables turned by the 1955 Champs '7-0. The last game of the season was with Vanlue on our field. The hard fought, nerve-racking battle was lost 14- 12. At the end of the season, John Diebley was elected honorary captain and Gene Switzer, most valuable player. The Seniors playing their last game were John Diebley, Bill Armbrecht, Dean Kieffer, Jack Eisaman, Jack Keegan, Dick Ziessler, Max Brooks, Karl Burns, and Norman Emerine. Page 61 ,.-:EDM Page 62 Our advertisers have made possible our most successful year financially, in the production of the Arcadian. Your business with the advertisers who have helped with this book can now add to their success for the year. BALLREICH FURNITURE Fostoria Ohio MOES BAKED ENAMEL Fostoria Ohio GRABER BROS. Fostoria Ohio EAST NORTH STREET LUMBER CO. Fostoria Ohio FLECHTNER BROTHERS Fostoria Ohio KIRBY'S SHOE STORE Fostoria Ohio LAUNDROMAT Fostoria Ohio MANN FUNERAL HOME Fostoria Ohio NEWHAUSER HATCHERIES INC. Fostoria Ohio THE LUNCH BOX Fostoria Ohio L. R. GOOD Q SON Arcadia Ohio OHIO FARMERS GRAIN 5 SUPPLY Fostoria Ohio BOOK AND GIFT SHOP Fostoria Ohio OFFICE SUPPLY Fostoria Ohio J. H. DANIELS COMPANY Fostoria Ohio DRY CLEANERS OF FOSTORIA Fostoria Ohio RUPP 5 RIGGS FEED COMPANY Fostoria Ohio HOYT SEED STORE Fostoria Ohio PETER'S CLOTHING Fostoria Ohio VERE'S SPORTSMAN SHOP Fostoria Ohio DELLA S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Fostoria Ohio SCHAUFELBERGER REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Fostoria Ohio VAL-U DRESS SHOP Fostoria Ohio BLACK SWAMP P.C.A. Fostoria Ohio THE DRESS SHOP Fostoria, Ohio BILL S ECONOMY STORE Fostoria, Ohio MARCHION STUDIO Fostoria, Ohio DECKER'S SECOND HAND STORE Fostoria, Ohio COMMERCIAL PRESS Fostoria, Ohio KESSEL'S Fostoria, Ohio WILSON S SHELL SERVICE Fostoria, Ohio KITCHEN HOUSE OF MUSIC Fostoria, Ohio ARMY AND NAVY SURPLUS Fostoria, Ohio BENEFICIAL FINANCE COMPANY Fostoria, Ohio STAR GLASS AND SUPPLY CO. Fostoria, Ohio DUFFIELDS'S MUSIC CENTER Fostoria, Ohio DR. b MRS. S. L. 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