Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH)

 - Class of 1955

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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1955 volume:

A -..-- . 4 .,...., -,-- - .... . -.,..r- -my Y 1-, my -u '.,f4,!.-,-, -if ,-1 ' ' ,.x.j-1' I. . . .. ., ., . , -fp. n .1 fa .L ,v A n w J P fi A , fe , 'H' xi: 1 1 W -.,, .w ifz, sfifkif' L N 1 - ,,, ,, Y I L - - - " ---- v IN MEMORIAN GRETA ARMBRECHT To the memory of Greta Armbrecht and Margie Harmon who were killed by a fatal automobile accident on March 4, 1955. MARGIE HARMON :LI I CLASS GF 1955 l FOREWORD The Senior Class of 1955 present to you this edition of the Arcadian. We hope the pages within this book will bring to your minds many pleasant mem- ories of the year 1954-1955. DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1955 dedicate this edition of the Arcadian to Mrs. Virginia Wykoff, our class sponsor, and to our parents. We realize that without their aid and co-operation we could not have succeeded as graduating members of this Senior Class. For their aid and co- operation we now express our sincere thanks. IN MEMORIAN In memory of Jane Welty, who died as the result of rheumatic fever on April 30, 1950, during the seventh year of school. Her polite and courteous ways won a place of respect in the hearts of every member in our class. 2 ANNUAL STAFF The Seniors in co-operation with the Juniors have successfully published the 1955 Arcadian. This year the staff has had a new sponsor, Mr. Richard Davies. For the annual sale contest, the grades, five through twelve, were divided among eight teams. The teachers were captains and the seniors were co-captains. The winning team was sponsored by Mrs. Covert with Jim Woodward as co- captain. The three high salesmen, who received free annuals, were Sharon Stall, Jim Woodward, and The staff is as follows: SENIORS JUNIORS Editor Gertrude Marvin Bill Switzer Snapshot -Editor Tom Bickel Karl Burns Donna Bame Richard Ziessler Art Bob Noel Pat Breyman Sports Jim Woodward Bill Armbrecht Circulation Ron Stall Lester Fruth Advertising David Corbin Joyce Walsh Janet Shiley Patsy Conley Gerald Marvin Marilyn Hawk Barbara Good Dalores Campbell Betty Fruth Dale Barr Larry Walsh Marlene Diebley Typists Mary Ann Steyer Ruth Ann Smith Sonia Schofield Sharyn Peters Barbara Arnet Barbara Agnew BOARD OF EDUCATION AND ADMINISTRATION -A .:-: I ' , ,L I 3-L ..-M: ' Z? Sm '-"S," 5 .,: 1135 , I ' wjfxwi . mfg!! ,.,. '-I- -.-Qv,f.': 4 1-j 'fl ' ' . 'I ,,.-, 'K mi! A QI I - 2 X , IRQ Mfg , ' I P -- - vm. " "Al . . . l In e ' I .f fi N.,-1 f Jas, Msg Kzklf' A ", E Aj .. . '- NK w . - wx , F 155.9 :Iz- CHARLEY GROTH, SLIPERINTENDENT JAMES E. SLOUGH, PRINCIPAL CLYDE PEPPLE, PRESIDENT I I DON ARMBRECHT, VICE-PRESIDENT ROBERT BEAMER HAROLD NOEL PAUL CONINE LOUISE KIRKENDALL, CLERK FACULTY EDITH COVERT MARY GROTH 7:5 :-:f f 'I ll' LE:- I ' I Lf. . ff! 'svwf-f' ' f f . ' ,I Qcf-1wKfQfT1ifBfQ g 'M .i" gf I I ,EI -' MW If W V 4 Ig 1 51:5 . W nf :.3:1:gQ:f" -,gg-Q 159 wif HW f Q Nu Ig eg M E gg 5, If -f 'K:?ff:f:i ff Q23 Exim Q Q.-Em B E M Q . Z.: .:. I.: ,A 3 3 wg 5 E mf , XM , Wwiw .-I if . , grf ' K M1102 1'-I EE A I U ' 1 - f .. ' f M :R ,M IL: n L I Ig" ,ax If M 4 , 53 ij? " Qi, A 'f f f' I 1 5 ' 4' 1'5" ff TW- -.. Zi 'If I Eg M I Ngw sig-AEN ' ' gf ' -253 5531 Qi an-.WI I 1- HEEL, 5.5: I N,5w,'x5f5, gigmgg Egg?-jg? Q M ,I H fx, v '1,,,5.:,.g.-M1 - , zyg gmf. 55, I QI' 2, Wi, ,, I-W .' ig, fi J f.,?Ig?,QQI vwsuxm ,L-A-,QA , Y ,1.L,,g-IW.,-.-aw my FRED CRATES ADRIAN HANES CALVIN KNIGHT ELAINE OBERHOLTZER RICHARD DAVIES WILLIAM PITTENGER 5 FACULTY :Tw Q m,..1 I IRENE SHARNINGHQUSE EVALYN GEDEON CLARA HOFFMAN ' VIRGINIA WYKOFF MARJORIE MOORE SARAH LOUISE KARFIT na ss m 5 B H as H ggm BEE Im ' ww H xx E If ' . , mga? Emma 4 H may by mgg E uk.-ss . an mam wsiamgs mam: -1 .: mmm EQ - , lu ms 'Emu W ..: 2: - VI, ' suuzusv STRAYER MARJORIE menace 6 FACULTY an my kyfvrs 15' www Q .mx 3, ., YA " 5:55 5' 4 A Qgg m-,.. 3. t ,W W4 , .t X24 1 yt J- . eszvfgf f .H-,,.-S. HW, , Q.: - ,-',. .,'. .,x,5,Af ,rl . wc gfigkkt, fx MAY VAN BLARCUM JANICE BOLES BESSIE FOX 'hlbtidli li:Z X 'Y Q 223255 'QV W 'f N - I 'X s ? x .1 W ut fr ' W G Q 'Q 45 '44 Ii, in :V is I ROSIE FOX MARIE WEAVER CARTHA CRITCHET N f:ivva'zw:.c'-.f ,. ' H " ' W W seiw-iz. 4' ' - 4' ,ff .15 M AMY ,H , ,,, - f A I my u2'sf'iy+Q 1 'W' " - ,wr H2 .E if if ' f . ' , AZ., ,,,5,.-,- A vit. X n ss WW ,, , :R . y .Y W N , 'V -,',.4 H. Y'-, , . gf, 1 . , ,, . ,Y A I 1, - .. Y nwas:,4'is, W I V E 5 N fi 1 H . K- M, : 1 L Y hx V J - Mm-. ,rv b . -'1'A, 1 Y' " W - -, E ,Q ,, .Y 1 'ff J ', san f' ' ALICE BEAUTY AND DRESS SHOPPE 411 South Main Street GLADYS Kun-ILMAN Findlay, Ohio 7 f f - - yy- . i 'A rq, .. 4 : ' - .-. ' ' ' S L, L me 'Q . :Q wifi 55 .cfwgl Wazaaf 4 ,wwwgxili mxww mm. A63 'ml P 1 Y , 'Ja Mi ay? as H S 4Q 'I Q 1 Au ,N QQ 0' 4 , N , Z my U x Q ii: wi H Z516. ifi-Q? Q. . a r e V Y 1 3 44 is 11-1, 5 Q 5+ 1 .K FI' ' 5 V65 'S 5 1 - S . . Q M if W. , , ' wuz . , -2 ' if . ii k r 2,2 PL 1 ,1- 12 I , K f QQ N as 4 E 'fi . .ge .UW W 'ii s w fi f i Q ,fu . , Q I" .:4...: F .51 1' in ' .2 5" f:f ' ,. 3 5 Q me W , , 1. 5 8 .,, 'LEA 'WM iw as 5,5 '1. 1' x, E., 'ZW ' N5 ' E : xi X ,- XY , ' ' Xisx. - Q, "- a Q -. If -: , . X .--" -"' "0 .y fi." lx - ,I 7 . Z 1, ' X ':,',-"' ws. .1 by ff ,,-' . - xx-.. 1 5 NY " '-4' ,XX --J K x Q-"' 4 L 1' ff 0 ' ww '-,Ji 0:11 - ff! Z f bx if tx 5. We . .11 ff -XX .-.-- - .Q X' . J ! I zzz QNX ,Q-,.. X ss N xx u -'if 'Av X X. 'ff' xxx... x" ss fl f,Z,- XY --,-- ks- i XxxgX's4" 1:-J I '-"1 X, 'l' w."I :W C: ,J 1 fi wx -' 27 Q. -mv. f J!! ff? r-F-L. ,kxsn s XXXN xs- f,- X - ,. 9 x- ' ' 4 5 -:l S- 4' . " - , rj, ,',, .X 4. sk- -,' X xx-:ur ffl, ff, 1 -r:: xg- j xx-- M ' A 2 - ' " 4 ' x' ,j 1 Q ..-.. Q' -7 Qgs f l -T-A - 5 f - ,JJ S' t k ,E xx. 'I i' 315' "J 7- 5 A ' ' i 6 OP' uv' I .' Q X :- J 1 sts .1 3 , - '. J' , . f 2,5 Mm ms--S gina wwf" I ms ms sm was Eg! mm MW mal mmm! an 5 mgmu gums BRE an-'El wa Em s W gm 1 ma M Q mms, mu ms ms E:-2: sm EE Haggis wi Ragga sw awe 383:55 swff QLD sw ms as ms '42 sm WWI mn LE Wm. 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H ,H , If , I - j"' N , - ..... . H Q-1 ..L...... A- E.: I :5 32 52? " R gn T - , t I., Sis-55:54 -seE g?f,2 B fm H 5 W ggi- i w I ,H wzgg j iig I H I H ,E LLYH wk +:..:-:I:.. I:I 'Q 5 ,. I E M 5 Yfgigggsa- Eglggmmm xnxx: mn E ' E! ,Q3g. ' 'U fa Imzgwgggf wg' ggggjg H M: is Q, I-15152 -igfmxvgi ig'-M m ggigsgm 'vfwffigaxmxm J, """ ""f"1E.f- ,.. M , A-,Arr W ' LII . I ffl I S8 H . M Eggs ,1 :ss I E AK Mg fem? as z a xx-.Q I gs L" L I1 nm E I z-. I Q Ffgiif'---ww me 3,2 ,Tvs- i..M.smgH1Q51 5----ZILIIM wif wma- MSM- A THOMAS L. BICKEL RUTH ARNETT DONNA BAME DAVID L. CORBIN CHARLES WILLIAM DIEBLEY BETTY I0 L. FRUTH SENIORS fr P J Y. , v Eggs 41 f GERALDINE A. KING BARBARA GOOD Q RITA GRINE GERALD MARVIN ROSANN LENHART RAYMOND LAZENBY H SENIORS A . w ' iii 5 L 'sfgflmfi zsimm' 3i'J,..5v'-"55'BSi . . is f-5-2ev',-ww'3W.wFigm 5253225 ima Rm' .g5Qg,Q,,,45'- lf H w ' A '4 , gm ,f fie -31iE,jlE?EW,,2'm'us H K . 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K H ul ii :zz -, . -M sm as ss Q Q Q Qs ms Qu H wi' 5,322 W GERTRUDE MARVIN ROBERT NOEL wa- Lx www ERNESTINE RICE I SONIA MARIE SCHOFIELD 12 xwm 'sms K., 1 msn mm im 1 f wwf: iii 5-5 5 g 5 Y mm, gmgsm, H 5-fm mu Maw 5' , wqgw, XZ' E LQ 5 "Ni L EVELYN MILLER MARY LOU RADER SENIORS M M MMM I MMTM..---MMM., M M MM MM MM--5M'MM'M'-"W -X Y WM: WMM- H is-gzw'5 EM -255525 -ZWZM M MM m4H?3Ems H WNMMEMN MM 'I - MM II -:"III M I MM MIIM-MIII I5 ips M:MIIIII MMM II M I MMMMIII- MMMMI., MM I 1-:MM M f MMQIIMQIIMMIII M IIMMIIM M III MMM M X IIQMMMIII MMM 2gXH1X?i.EMiw'. VB .mfX. ', -M?MgQ??Mw,ITesMQgQ?+ MM'w.,IM,fMHfMeQ if MMMMQ-5. QSIEXXM H M: '-wi' +5 IMMMQMQMIM II 'MMMMfM'?2'MM . - - -MM.-1 M X M 1.1 -- X. M MM MM I. M M MMM MM M MMMM HE: 'H ESQ- M E ' I MM I M IMM ,II M-M IMMM I IMI I I . IIIEMII :M MM H '5QE.. .1 M XE W' H M.jIIM 41.3. I M - MMM? MMMQHMMM M-MMR M aw QM ,X Mmfgmv MEM . A -gf.M. . 2:2 W MEM. 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T5,.,M:M5?,g,-'H .WII H M ESQ XMMVM W ' I XXX IIIHZIMXM MEWIMM' MMHIQIMITMMQX'-'IIIXX -.QHWI MgX5X,gWg'Xg-M55 MIXMSf'f,MIMM.:.- - M 1'-1 VM,Xv..f- -HMSMMMB . 'WEEMMXW-MMWMMMW TMM.-2"-X2 MM I M MM ,MgwMXX' 4 ' 1 Mg' ' M Igmwm-M: ff M' III XM IIXX II I M IIIIQM II xx IIIIIHM X M 'II II IIIIIBM ' XII I Maja M. M I M- I M L' M M H II M . MW IMMQIQ M , M MM - MI, I 'KXM - '45 II 'M MH EM' MH 5 MM '- ' T Y' M X Mas MNH MFE: ....... M X -' , Mg IIIM SEMIIM- M I Q II IIM - .QM IIMMM' X ' 61 ' STE lah M . XLMYWME ' M .M M M HMM? -H Mwvwe v - - an Q -I I Fi - - Sm iii! ISI ,I W as-XMHQGMIQSEM--"N " aw I gm IIII M I5gIIJCI.I,M EQSEMQIIQ M 'M H ,.M"M, M M.-FI-:MMM I MM 1gIM.X MM? -M Q WISM H' HV. 'HI I .. I M M255 5 'XII M 'Z M WSII --5 . 1: M .1 I IM ,.,- I II, ... M IM JANET SHILEY LARRY WALSH RONALD STALL LLOYD THCMAS 13 RUTH ANN SMITH MARY ANN STEYER SENIORS ,, ' V f 145525 Jfiiagm :X il, 2,. .. I I E353 .QE ULN if M B ,ff 2: MARILYN WALSH A- 4 A - 1 f 'Zig in 13:1 - - 1 1 1 M ay JAMES WOODWARD mia? 41 as TWELVE YEARS TOG ETH ER 14 RUTH ARNETT General Course FH I 2 3 Glee Club I 2 Chair 4 Class Play 2 4 Red Cross 4 GAA 2 3 4 GAA Officer 4 Music Festival 3 Operetta 2 4 DAVID L CORBIN Vocational Course Class Presidentl 2 3 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Honor Society 3 4 Honor Society Officer 4 Student Council 4 Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Sigma Alpha Officer Pro1ect1on1st2 3 Class Play 4 Christmas Play 3 Radio Show 3 Library Staff 3 4 Orchestra 2 Choir 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Music Festival 2 3 Operetta 4 Music Auditions 4 Basketball 2 3 Football 4 Varsity A 4 F I 2 3 4 FFA Officer 3 4 Judging Team Parliamentary Team 2 3 State Farmer 3 BARBARA GOOD College Preparatory Class Officer I 2 3 Student Council I 2 Student Council Officer Cheerleader 2 3 4 Choir 2 3 4 Glee Club I 2 Ban I 2 3 FH I 2 3 4 FHA Officer I 2 3 GAA 2 3 Class Play 3 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Operetta 4 Phi Sigma Alpha 4 Speech Choir 3 Orchestral 2 Music Festival 3 Ensemble I, 2, 3 RAYMOND LAZENBY Vocational Course Football I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 2, 3 Varsity A 3, 4 Stage Manager 3, 4 Christmas Play 3 FFA I, 2, 3 Science Club 3 4 I 4 DONNA BAME Commercial Course Glee Club I 2 Choir 3 4 Ensemble 2 3 Operetta 4 Music Festival 3 Music Auditions 2 Honor Society 3 4 FH I 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 Annual Staff 3 4 Class Play 4 Christmas Play 3 CHARLES WILLIAM DIEBLEY Vocational Course F I 2 3 4 FFA Officer 3 4 Parliamentary Team 2 3 4 Judging Team 2 3 Class Play 3 Student Council 2 3 4 Christmas Play 3 Glee Club 3 Choir 3 Foo all I 2 3 4 Varsity A 2 3 4 Radio Show 3 Stage Manager 4 Store Manager 4 Band I Orchestra I All County Basketball 3 RITA GRINE Commercial Course Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Choir 4 FH I 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 Ensemble 2 3 Operetta 4 Christmas Play 3 Music Auditions 2 ROSANN LENHART Vocational Course Glee Club I 2 3 4 Choir 2 3 4 FHA I 2 3 4 Speech Choir 3 Student Council 3 FHA Officer 4 Class Officer 2 EVELYN MILLER General Course Glee Club I 2 4 Choir 4 Operetta 4 FH I, 2, 4 GAA 4 15 THOMAS L BICKEL College Preparatory Class Officer I 2 3 Jr High Basketball I Band I Library Staff 2 3 Asst Librarian 4 Basketball 2 Football 2 Annual Staff 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Choir 4 Glee Club 4 Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Sigma Alpha Office Varsity A 4 Radio Play 3 Speech Choir 3 Christmas Play 3 BETTYL FRUTH Commercial Course Choir 2 3 4 Ensemble 3 Glee Club I 2 3 Annual Staff 3 4 Student Council I Phi Sigma Alpha 4 Operetta 4 Class Play 3 4 Speech Choir 3 FHA Officer Honor Society 3 4 Class Officer I 2 3 4 GERALDINE A KING General Course Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Choir 2 4 Ensemble 2 3 Music Auditions 2 Operetta 4 Speech Choir 3 FH I 2 3 4 FHA Officer 2 GAA 2 3 Ban I 2 GERALD MARVIN Vocational Course FF I 2 3 4 FFA Officer 4 Parlimentary Team 2 3 4 Public Speaking I 2 Judging Team 2 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Student Council 3 4 Christmas Play 3 Operetta 4 Ban I 2 OrchestraI 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Music Festival I, , , 4 Basketball 2, 3 Basketball Manager 4 Annual Staff 4 Music Auditions 4 Radio Show 3 District Public Speaking I, 2 SENIOR ACTIVITIES A, ,,4 il, ' ,,,4 U ,,3,4 ' , .' I . .I I I. . . I I4 , , 3 3' ' 14 ' I A, , , ' , .' , I . . 3,4 . Ill .M . . . ll., I .I ' . . 3,4 . ' I I -' ' ' ,,4 .I . .. N4 I I Bland 1, 2 ' Baskgtball 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4f I ,Il I . . . .' 'I I4 i 'I . I - I4 -I l',l I FA , ,, t . .A l2'3 . ' ' ' . ' ' ' I , I A I I I 2' I .'., ,,,4 A , ,, ,,a,4 ,Z , 3,4 d, d,,' A,,, A , ,, , ' ' d , A ,, 23 GERTRUDE MARVIN Commercial Course choir 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Operetta 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Editor 4 Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Class Officer 3 Class Play 3, 4 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Auditions 2, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2 Ensemble 1, 2 GAA 2, 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Radio Shaw 3 Scholarship Team 2 MARY LOU RADER Vocational Course Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 3, 4 FHA.1, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 2, 3 Music Auditions 2 Speech Choir 3 JANET SHILEY College Preparatory Glee Club 1, 2 Choir 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 2, 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 2 GAA 2, 3 GAA Officer 2 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Operetta 4 Christmas Play 3 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Auditions 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra I, 2 MARY ANN STEYER Commercial Course Choir 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Ensemble 2, 3 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 GAA 2, 3 GAA Officer 4 Operetta 4 Music Festival 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Speech Choir 3 Music Auditions 2 FFA Sweetheart 4 Band 1 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 Office Staff 3 FHA State Delegate 3 FHA Radio Program 2 SENIOR ACTIVITIES ERNESTINE RICE Vocational Course Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Speech Choir 3 Operetta 4 RUTH ANN SMITH Commercial Course Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA 2, 3 Class Officer 1 Ensemble 2, 3 Operetta 4 Music Auditions 2 Speech Choir 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 LLOYD THOMAS Vocational Course FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA Basketball 1, 2, 4 Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Operetta 4 Music Festival 4 Stage Manager 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Science Club 3 JAMES WOODWARD College Preparatory Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 3 Honor Society 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity A 2, 3, 4 Varsity A Officer 4 Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Speech Choir 3 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Staff 2, 3, 4 Phi Sigma Alpha 3, 4 Phi Sigma Alpha Officer 3, 4 Operetta 4 Radio Play 3 Music Festival 2, 3, 4 FFA 1 Christmas Play 3 Music Auditions 4 Choi rOfficer 1, 4 MARILYN WALSH General Course Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 4 Ensemble 2 Music Auditions 2 Operetta 4 Speech Choir 3 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Officer 3, 4 GAA 2, 3 Class Officer 3, 4 16 ROBERT NOEL General Course Annual Staff 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity A 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Music Festival 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Stage Manager 3, 4 Radio Play 3 Proiectionist 2, 3, 4 Phi Sigma Alpha 3, 4 SONIA MARIA SCHOFIELD College Preparatory Choir 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 GAA 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 1, 2, 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Music Festival 3, 4 Operetta 4 Phi Sigma Alpha 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Music Auditions 2 Christmas Play 3 Class Play 3, 4 Speech Choir 3 Library Staff 4 FH-A National Delegate 3 FHA State Delegate 2, 3 Office Staff 3 FHA Radio Program 3 RONALD STALL General Course Class Officer 4 Student Council 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Class Play 3, 4 FFA 1 Operetta 4 Music Festival 2, 3 Library Staff 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Jr. High Basketball Manager 1 Radio Play 3 Office Staff 2, 3, 4 LARRY WALSH Vocational Course FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Parliamentary Team-2, 3, 4 Judging Team 2, 3, 4 FFA Officer 4 FFA basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Public Speaking 2, 3, 4 Stage Manager 3, 4 Store Manager 4 Radio Play 3 Annual Staff 4 CLASS HISTORY ln September, l943, we met in the First Grade room for the first time. All thirty-eight of us were strangers to one another and so the first day was not as happy as we had expected it to be. However, in a few days time we were the greatest of friends. As the years rolled along we were always delighted to show our acting ability in assemblies and PTA meetings. Our greatest highlight was the success of the operetta "Peter Rabbit" in which our class participated. In the fifth grade some of our members decided to turn their musical abilities towards band and orchestra. We thought we were quite grown up. Our chance was soon coming to show every one what a fine class we had. This chance was well shown when two members, Mary Steyer and Gertrude Marvin, participated in the school operetta "Christmas in Mexico." ln the first year of high school we elected as class officers the following: President, David Corbin, Vice President, Ruth Ann Smith, Secretary, Barbara Good, Treasurer, Tom Bickel, Reporter, James Woodward, and Student Council Repre- sentatives, Betty Fruth and Ronald Stall. As our class motto, we chose, "Today Decides Tomorrow." We decided upon maroon and white as the class colors and the white rose as our class flower. Barbara Good and Janet Shiley repre- sented us as iunior high school cheerleaders. In the ninth grade we split up, with some choosing college preparatory, and others the vocational courses. Mr. Groth was our class sponsor. Many of us ioined the different clubs and organizations. Most of us boys were very much interested in athletics, and ioined the basketball and football teams. The big event of our freshman year was the Spring Prom. As sophomores we elected the following class officers: President, David Corbin, Vice President, Tom Bickel, Secretary, Rosann Lenhart, Treasurer, Alan Ryman, Reporter, Gertrude Marvin and Student Council Representatives, Barbara Good and Ronald Stall. This year we had the pleasure of initiating the Freshmen. Also, during the year, two of our members, Barbara Good and Janet Shiley, were elected as high school cheerleaders. Mr. Groth was our sponsor in the Sophomore year. Our Junior year rolled around very quickly. The year was very busy for us with the choosing of class rings, averaging grades for the Honor Society, presenting the iunior play, "So Very Young," and the Christmas play, "The Children of the lnn" and last but not least, entertaining the seniors at the Junior- Senior Banquet held May I5 at the Civic Nic-Nac in Fostoria, Ohio. This year the class officers were: President, David Corbin, Vice President, James Woodward, Secretary, Betty Fruth, Treasurer, Marilyn Walsh, Reporter, Tom Bickel. The Student Council Representatives were Barbara Good and Gerald Marvin. Mr. Groth was again our sponsor. We also helped in the publishing of the "Arcadian." In the fall of 1954, we entered school for our last wonderful year. Our class officers were: President, David Corbin, Vice President, Tom Bickel, Secretary, Betty Fruth, Treasurer, Marilyn Walsh, Reporter, Ronald Stall. Representing us on the student council were Barbara Good and Gerald Marvin. Mrs. Virginia Wykoff was our class sponsor. The year was filled with many activities. We presented the play "Meet Corliss Archer" as our senior play. This year we were held responsibile for publishing the "Arcadian." We were honored by having ten members on the National Honor Society. We were guests of honor at the Junior- Senior Banquet which was held in Fostoria at the Civic Nic-Nac in May. Bacca- laureate services were held on Sunday, May l5. The Rev. Hilliard Camp of Findlay College gave the address at our Commencement Exercises on Friday, May 20. Now we are standing on the theshold of a big world. What the future holds we do not know, we feel the knowledge and the attitudes acquired during the past twelve years will help, us to take our places in that world. If we have done today's task well-we can face tomorrow with greater courage for "Today Decides Tomorrow." Compliments of FOX DAIRY, Findlay Road, Fostoria, Ohio. CLASS PROPHECY As I was sitting for the last time upon the Arcadia stage in my high school career, l was wondering what would become of the class of 1955. Suddenly, I wasn't on the staoe anvmore. but in a newspaper office. I was a newspaper reporter in a small town, which consisted of the Arcadia class of "55." This village is called Seniorville, and was incorporated in the spring of 1955. Since this was the tenth birthday of our community, we were putting out a special anniversary edition of our paper. My iob was to write about the residents of our community. First, I interviewed the employees of our hospital. Barbara Good is the Supervisor of Nurses. She says that the hospital has been crowded ever since she hired Betty Fruth as the nurse in charge of taking pulses. Another person employed by this hospital is Janet Shiley. She is still as good at handling needles as she was in her high school days, and she has even added the use of the hvpodermic. Rosann Lenhart, Mary Lou Rader, and Bob Noel are in the picture industry. They take X-rays for our hospital. Watch for their new picture release, "The Inside Story." Because of his training in high school, David Corbin is in politics. He is the mayor of our community. Jim Woodward is a scientist in his own laboratory. He iust made a great discovery-the 101st use of the peanut. He is now using it as a substitute for beans in a bean shooter. If you have wondered where all those new-fangled hair styles are coming from, the answer is from Ruth Ann Smith and Ruth Arnett. They both have their own beauty salons. Ruth specializes in long hair, while Ruth Ann specializes in short hair. Rita Grine and Marilyn Walsh take care of the banking business of our community. Their motto is, "Put your money in our hands and you will never have to worry about it again." Another member of this bank is Geraldine King. She takes care of the figures-all sizes, large and small. Another familiar face which we see going around our community every day is Larry Walsh. He owns and operates a dairy. He has to have a special truck for al! the milk Lloyd Thomas gets from his holstein cows. ln addition to raising holsteins, Lloyd also sells Allis-Chalmers tractors. Sonia Schofield has been hired as the private nurse of Dr. Kinsey. Gerald Marvin owns a farm on the outskirts of our community. I hear he iust had quite an addition to his family-fifteen Duroc pigs. Donna Bame works in the branch of the Ohio Oil Company in our community. After ten years, she has lust been appointed head messenger. Gertrude Marvin is also working there as a private secretary. Bill Diebley is the coach at our school. He has won all his games, except, of course, the ones he lost. Ray Lazenby has his own business, Excuses, Inc. He specializes in excuses for staying home from school. Evelyn Miller is using her baby-sitting techniques that she learned in her high school days, on her own five children. We also have some members of the class of "55' who have not stayed in our village. Among them are Ernestine Rice who is in the waves. She is doing pretty good, she has already had twenty proposals, but is sticking it out for Bill. Tom Bickel is a senator from Ohio. After he held down the floor for five hours last week, his only comment to the news reporters was, "Give me some throat spray." Ronald Stall is Liberace's secretary. Besides the other work he has, he also takes care of combing the waves in Liberace's hair and lighting the candles. STEVENSON 81 CLYMER Inc VANDERSALL IMPLEMENT SALES Distributors of Shell Oil Products Allis Chalmers New Idea Bolens Haski Western Avenue, Findlay Ohio North Baltimore, Ohio Phone 2191 Plant Phone 2496 CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of 1955, being of sound mind and body, hereby declare this our last will and testament. Article I To the Juniors, we will our quiet ways and modest manners. Do you think it will help? Article ll To the Sophomores, we will our last place in cafeteria 'line and the right to attend the Junior-Senior banquet. Article Ill '- To the Freshmen we will our ability to get to attendance check on time. It's not as easy as you think. 1 Article IV Ruth Arnett wills her ability to move around the basketball floor quickly and smoothly to Betty Blue. You'll have to step light, Betty. Donna Bama wills her blue Ford to her sister, Betty. Donna won't be needing it - anyway since Bob got his driver's license back. Tom Bickel wills his ability to foul out of the basketball games to John Diebley. Now it will be every game instead of every other game. David Corbin wills his ability to get along with the teachers very well to anyone who needs better grades. Bill Diebley wills his haircut to Mr. Slough. Now you won't have to keep pushing it back! Betty Fruth wills her ability to go to school ten out of twelve years without missing a day to Jack Keegan. Barbara Good wills her beat-up megaphone to anyone who can put it back together again. It's pretty bad. y Rita Grine wills her naturally curly hair to Donna Jacobs. Now you won't have to skip school Donna. Geraldine King wills her ability to make the car run smoothly to Pat Breyman. Now your car won't "gallop" down the road Pat. Ray Lazenby wills his ability to roll his car with success to Jerry Woodward. Watch it Jerry. Rosann Lenhart wills her needle and thread to Delbert Smith. Be sure you make good use of it Delbert. Gerald Marvin wills his public speaking ability to Max Brooks. The F.F.A. will be sure to win now! Gertrude Mawin wills her position as editor of the annual to Bill Switzer. But remember Bill, that wasn't a whip she was cracking, it was only her gum. Evelyn Mliller wills her baby-sitting iobs to her sister Rosalie. Keep up the good wor ! Bob Noel wills his ability to get excused from study hall to' Dennis Peters. It really doesn't take much skill. Mary Lou Rader wills her lonely nights to Betty Collins. You surely will get lonesome Betty. ' Ernestine Rice wills her ability to write love-letters to Janet Etheraton. You better start now, Janet, it takes practice. Sonia Schofield leaves her lasting devotion to her fiance to Sharyn Peters. Don't use it on too many boys, Sharyn. Janet Shiley wills her slow-eating habit to Pat Reid who eats like a. turkey talks lGobble-Gobblel. Ruth Ann Smith wills her numerous blushes to Janet Hill. She hopes they won't clash with her hair. Ronald Stall wills his drum maior position to Bob Farrell. Let's have some height now Bob! Mary Ann Steyer wills her F. H. A. presidency to Gene Switzer. You really have to know how to handle girls, Gene. Lloyd Thomas wills his bashfulness to Dick Ziessler. Watch out for him girls, he's a changed man. 9 Larry Walsh wills his seat in English class to anyone who can remember the nominative and objective case pronouns better than he can. Marilyn Walsh, being treasurer of the Senior class, wills her Senior "mint" to anyone who can pull in that much money. ' W James Woodward wills his ability to confuse himself and the teachers to anyone who thinks they can do it. V HARROLD FUNERAL HOME HOADLEY'S RUG AND CLEANING COMPANY 301 West Tiffin Street 131 N, Cory 51,-eef Phone 77ll Fostoria, Ohio phone 100 FI,-,d1ay Q1-no ff gag :Em 5 it .4 , 3 : 6 -W ' 1 L ! ix , 4-11. fr 5 . Ib 2 If unssmfn l mr Z JM? 4 ... wa. nl 4, Vice-President Secretary Bill Switzer Joyce Walsh , 1 . 1 l H4 .6 5 lem xg, sw an 2 xiii x l"' l - ':' sg 3 :-: - H t ,ii is ' If M sw 'V 4: sa z z gf K H B X Si las W gg? , si iw l l7"5fff??i ' :f nf U- ! Q:-I ,.:.: V Q , 2 E Z B rust-1vs Ql'?'1H :wa X fi R, , Q X ., . 1 , .. X. President Bill Armbrecht Class Motto-Work Will Win Class Colors-Green and Gold Class Flower-Yellow Rose Treasurer Reporter Lester Frufh Janice Heinze 21 .2225-:erik ., 231, gas 'e:gisz,:en:y F ' -.:.:.:, s 4 's. A is , A at. my V! , af ' i sais:-35. l wisffil s- If l arg! ,ww . .Q E 31 s M lim, 1 Q1 f H? 1 fi 1 5 as kv' Q 'I EE: as ig H V' is JE :E W if s X i 1 38 5 X S! s R 2 wig L .Lsirfis ?'W'3?Y Q Z will Zi ll if 4 A ,,,. , JUNIOR CLASS I, U ,, 51 .4 '-Jr H -1 :,.: t' 'ug Q 1 wg: .:,: -.5 1 i ra.. t ..:,-'- ' -'g - is -:,.:::: 'I ig N. 35, , ,,,,, . 2 .... H -i-5,1 - Q -' W:-:.:K ..., Q -:gig .5 w s as .5 lil 1 , W t. , 1 -,ij : if' -ag, ' -A "3 AT- M ' 45 121 ll pf v 'lg-5 'Y Q I C A' i ' 'F J af ., , J? . f' I U 1 sigh, 'sf' I Z! 'lx Fi iw it News L X I lu 'L' l Q -I1 ' ' gi ' r ' 1 Y ., L , M. .j, I t , , g -ill: 13215 ,Q if A L' .f:-. :fi 'ji :1:f ze: t:- gl -1- I liz, " t ' QT ' galil? . ,zz ,zi ' ive 5 lk A 5 s fr- 1. V254 J l P 8 l N llllll t I' '3 l 'Q 'ff 1-uni l 7' ',5 ,E.Ir-1 .'. Q' '.F1,u,.EI if E 25, - - 3- l .4 X , , If I 1 1531 R 'gi P . at 5 - Dick Ziessler Barbara Agnew Barbara Arnet Dale Barr Patty Breyman Max Brooks Karl Burns Dalores Campbell Patsy Conley Larry Crates John Diebley Marlene Diebley Bill Eisaman Jack Eisaman Norman Emerine Margie Harmon Marilyn Hawk Jackie Keegan Dean Kieffer Merle Lieb Dorothy Monday Barbara Peters Dennie Peters Sharyn Peters Vernon Rice LaVerne Shaull Jane Van Driest David Velliquette Carol Wickiser Marlene Withrow Donnie Wonder Betty Bame Roma Beamer Par Binger Marvin Boes Lester Bowman David Cardwell Otto Coffman Rella Collins Rodney Conley David Driesbach Pat Eisaman Bob Farrell Bill Good Ellen Heinze Jim Hitchings Ralph Kelley Raymond Kessler Richard Kessler Pat King Danny Kuhlman Gene Lewis Joan Myers Rosalie Miller Tom Miller Margie Plesec Pat Ried David Shiley Gene Snyder Gene Switzer Tom Treece Arvid Weaver Donna Wickiser Jerry Woodward SOPHOMORE CLASS is is-I ':'::f:Ti5: if ' -if fi -v-- me . i - :Misa - f:::i-f- Eiliai 4.5: E:f"" ll, f ' L ali -H l is v l ri. . .S 5-: 5 i.: F wa s-:ei ' -'Q QI? i 1 g - 7 5 ,Pi is Q, ia mai E E- Mi, mms - ': swam FRESHMAN K ' l i l l i First Row: Bob Beamer, Betty Blue, Albert Brandeberry, Shelby Brooks, Shirley Brooks, Rosemary Conine, Clair Cook. Second Row: Betty Copsey, Danny Dulgar, Janet Eatherton, Gene Eisaman, Justin Emerine, Betty Fox, Bobby Fox. Third Row: Gordon Fruth, Howard Fruth, Gearld Gaertner, Karen Greer, Jerald Harmon, Sue Huffman, Annabelle Kessler. Fourth Row: Pauline Kish, Marilyn Lazenby, Betty Minard, Bonnie Minard, Derol Painter, Paul Peters, Scott Philo. Fifth Row: Joyce Ritter, Gary Roth, Barbara Rothenbuhler, Lou Ann Seevers, Delbert Smith, Tommy Springer, Dale Swartz. Sixth Row: Betty Switzer, Carol Treece, Neva Van Sant, Audrey Walsh, Jim Wonder. ABSENT: Jean Ann Norris. EIGHTH GRADE L as a ,a L- First Row: Norma Shaull, Carol Monday, Joyce Lieb, Linda Eisaman, Nancy Kulhman, Judy Gassman, Melanie Peters, Barbara Van Driest, Greta Armbrecht, Darlene Bricker, Donna Jacobs. Second Row: Mr. Davies, Ruthann Cobb, Mary Coffman, Connie Horner, Faye Presler, Karen Spearman, Sally Binger, Joan Ried, Sharon Stall, Sharon Hile, Diana Conley, Ann Tesnow, Nancy King, Ceara Withrow, Sandra Russell, Betty Collins, Janet Hill, Sonny Springer. Third Row: Robert Agnew, Larry Diebly, Howard Minard, Larry Ryman, Owen Ziessler, Edward Pellegrini, Kenneth Boes, Gene Desgrange, Tommy Van Sant, Mark Plesec, Darrod Myers, Kenneth Lenhart, Lenoard Snavely, Lawerence Monday. AUTOGRAPHS "Best Wishes" from First Federal Savings and Loan Association FRUTH HARDWARE Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Janet Noel, Mildred Noel, Judy Wonders, Patricia Arnet, Sharon Hengsteller, Naomi Fruth, Judy Conley. Second Row: Joe Ann Moore, Nancy Cole, Velia Cortez, Larry Noel, Ronnie Vitt, James Harmon, Melvin Brooks, Mrs. Oberholtzer. Third Row: Louis Kish, Larry Leonard, Carl Fox, Gerald Kessler, Dick McDowell, James Smith, Larry Binger, Ronnie Cobb, Danny Fey, Dick Conine. First Row: Sue Ann Moore, Jacqueline Desgranges, Janice Lieb, lmas Barnes, Pamela McGough, Shirley Nunn, Martha Lewis. Second Row: Darlene Shaull, Sharon Eblin, Marilyn Rainey, Susan Morrison, Eileen Bowman, Gary Businger, Gene Moore, Gary Armbrecht, Gary Stillberger, Mrs. Groth. Third Row: Ronald Springer, Dallas Critchet, Terry Good, Donald Kirkendall, Ralph Lazenby, Charles Groth, James Ritter, Joe Woodward, Adam Keefe, James Fafmef' THE ARCADIA CREAMERY Cash Buyers Cream 8. Eggs Phone 221 Arcadia, Ohio . 5 .,, slxn-1 GRADE Fnrst Row Charlotte Wlckuser Melmda Good Paula Huysman Betty Bowman Norma Swltzer Janus Anderson Judy Elsea Jamce Tesnow Second Row May Vellnquette Dons Sherman Margaret Lazenby Bully Martm Darrell Rutter Duane Steyer Jerry Gulpm Gary Crawford Mrs Crutchet Thlrd Row Eddie Cardwell Wllluam Myers Paul Brandeberry Harold Kung Leroy Huff Jan Snyder Thomas Hull Kenneth Noller Ann Graumllch Carol Norrls Vlckl Horner Second Row Patty Cole Lana Muller Mary Lou Rothenbuhler Carole Bashop Davld Mlnard Paul Baker Michael Crawford Dale Fox Mrs Kuhlman ' Thrrd Row Samuel Leonard John Peters Davnd Bowman Glen Wedge Thomas L Thomas Roger Tanner Wullram Gllpln Sonny Muller Absent Nancy Zlessler Congratulations to the Class of 55 SWIFT AND COMPANY BUCKEYE STAGES INC Soybean Mull Fostona Ohio Fostoria Ohlo . I . . I . I ' I . I . I I . . I 2 . I . I In . l . I I . . I I . Q I . 1 . 4' . . I I I I I . I ' First Row: Thora Withrow, Nancy Snavely, Roseann Swartz, Sandra Noel, . I . I . . D : I Q I I l I . . I I . I I I I . : I I . l I . I ' I . . . . I . V I ' . . I . . I . FIFTH GRADE First Row: Linda Baker, Patricia Farmer, June Bishop, Patricia Leonard, Nancy Good, Barbara Critchet. Second Row: Patricia Peters, Sandra Springer, Steven Adler, Galen Roth, Gary Frankart, Larry McGough, Mrs. Weaver. Third Row: Larry Monday, Dennis King, Ted Garret, Dick Nolan, Lawrence Swartz, Gary Switzer, Billy Collins, Eugene Huff. First Row: Mary Anne Thomas, Karen Fox, Sandra Monday, Linda Fox, Diann Ritter. V Second Row: Danny Dutton, David Fruth, Mike Curtiss, John Cramer, Roger Keeth, Mary Lou Horn, Dian Stillberger, Rosie Fox. Third Row: John Smith, John Loth, Dick Gassman, Danny Harmon, Mike King, Lanny Springer, Dennis Greer. "We Appreciate Your Patronagef' HANCACK SAVINGS 8- LOAN, Findlay, Ohio. FOURTH GRADE First Row Nancy Carmen Patrlcla Hummel Lana Wlsely Janet Kuhlman Mary Loth Paula Reinhard Nancy Anderson Kay Nlckelson Second Row Davnd Mellott Thomas Fox Dennis Shlley Larry Cole Allen Huffman Glen Farmer Henry Vackert Mrs Boles Third Row Bully Munarcl Larry Bash Bobble Hull Donald Dreusbach Dennis Bruce Tommy Noel Johnny Grossman Thomas Pessell si Q J. Frrst Row Karen Morrrson Marulyn Hlle Joanne Elsaman Bonnne Thomas Kay Presler Lou Russel Sharon Norrls Dons Treece Second Row Barbara Noel Maxine Good Ray Wonders David Groth Ducky Steyer Dwnght Roether Gerald Desgranges Carol Muller Bessie Fox Third Row Mlchael Leonard James Fruth Tommy Notale George Fruth Gerald Lewis Bobby Coleman KORNER LUNCH CLIFFORD E SNYDER at the trafflc llght In Arcadua Ford Servlce Gener Bob and Thelma Nunn Prop Marathon Gas and Onl Dinners Short Orders Soda Bar Arcadia Ohio al Repairing ' I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I I ' ' ' I I I I I I I ' C W.,W,., . at ,Vs-W will , . Eggs., an---Wwaimw ggggw 21.g1alg.glggE53sL3M.s.gEW SE - w- 3" ' kaii 'Sm L mimi we Qggmgm- sa BE -,famjf W' ,M . sa Wm was 'HW aagga Us a' V, H A ..m.,sw , , M H Em Q H mu H E gsm B H flf,-Ai"H.'fS?m ' ,sais as TSE 2 sal H -i 'f.-as ss '1'asss " sas , na at sms an 23: -4 ,A gy- sis E H ms. L Us H B E KJ E -as ' a a E E Egan sa m V , gg B sang K msg as ' , W ss , 11- ' f' V K L".E H M .M 2 sms V "a Ha as I - mxggxm ', x EQEHHEH E . mr. Q55 ll H . I Ei 1 JN S .LMT s-H as -a- S ,-1 X is E' 3- V -VM if B I rw is . .,'1s4 Yin-S ' I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I I I I I ' ' I I I I , . H . - . . ., . .. , . - - ' THIRD GRADE First Row: Martha Weaver, Mary Hartman, Sara Sherman, Martha Keefe, Sandra Breyman, Leanne Brandeberry, Duana Fey, Patricia Jacobs. Second Row: Lois Snyder, Diane King, Annabell Swartz, Sandra McEntire, Jean Thomas, Elida Zarate, Jeanne Waggoner, Mrs. Treece. Third Row: Lonnie Greer, Robert Peters, Paul Cole, Richard Crawford, James Chapman, John Crouse, Merlin Dawson. Absent: Zuelma Marquez, Ronald Edwards. Back Row: Charles Cole, Robert Leonard, Eugene Margraf, Jan Moore, Larry Thomas, Stewart King, Gerald Gassman, John De La Rosa. Middle Row: Susan Swartz, Barbara Binger, Vickey Doll, Amelia Cortez, Paul Huff, Arthur Armbrecht, William Ebersole, Edward Lazano. Front Row: Rita Emerine, Judith Horn, Glenna Farmer, Carol Sue Ritter, Rosemary Nolan, Grenda Roth, Sharon Frankart. 'AFOSTORIA 81 RURAL SUPPLY SMITH TRACTOR SALES Buyers Group Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer Phone 6566 Richard Lehmann 1628 N. County Line St. R.F.D. 2, Findlay Road Box 746-Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, 0hl0 SECOND GRADE First Row: Loretta Mellott, Pamela Wolfarth, Diana Swartz, Rebecca Groth, Royetta Desgranges, Susan Vitt, Sharon Nickelson, Deborah Burkett, Connie Fisher. Second Row: Sue Knepper, Barbara Blake, Barbara Nesbitt, Ernest Zarate, Raymond Reinhard, Gary Moore, Tommy Farmer, Calvin Dawson, Santos De La Rosa. Third Row: Glen Brandeberry, Ronnie Beach, Bobby Vackert, Dan Noel, Kenneth Howell, Jerry Tong, Roger Good, Brad Russell, Jimmy Burkett, Steve Bishop, Tommy McEntire, Mrs. Hoffman. Absent: John Long. First Row: Linda Thomas, Eulalis Emerine, Bonnie Barnes, Kathleen Berger, Lorene Brandeberry, Marlene Steyer, Linda Dutton, Susan Fox, Carol Seever. Second Row: Elizabeth Cobb, Luana Sherman, Yionne Nunn, Mary Jane Good, Peggy Garrett, Beth Peters, Marilyn Moyer, Nancy Morrison, Don Noel, William Carman, Michael Bame, Mrs. Karfit. Third Row: Franklin Long, Richard Margraf, Marion Crawford, Lamar Miller, David Hengsteler, Steven Gillen, Stephen Huffman, Lanny Boes, Larry Bowman, Fred Tesnow, Daryl Jacobs. EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY, Royal Typewriters 81 Business Machines, Findlay, Ohio FIRST GRADE First Row: Barbara Brandeberry, Linda Norris, Sheila Ford, Janice Moore, Carol Crawford, Jacqueline Lantz, Peggy Cole, Thana Jo Reid. Second Row: Rebecca Hartranft, Penny Wolfe, Kristine Wentworth, Gaylen Taylor, Billy Fox, Steven Mellott, Robert Smith, Craig Chapman. Third Row: Carl Berger, Raymond Valenti, Joe Cortez, Robert Feucht, David Lute, Jack Bame, Richard Grossman, Tommy Cobb, Santos Lozono, Mrs. Gedeon. THE Where First Row: Cinde Fey, Sue Clymer, Lucy Swartz, Tierney Conrad, Janet Metzger, Alice Thomas, Alice Beamer, Juanita Fruth. ' Second Row: Janet Monday, Linda Heiserman, Janis Horn, Barbara Wolford, Frederick Leonard, Tony Wiseley, Dickie Farmer, Ricky Bowman, David Snavely. Third Row: Randy Russell, Jesse Cortez, Galen Bruce, Tom Jameson, Tim Hartman, Dennis Critchet, Todd Vitt, Roger Mellott, Robert McCarly. Quality and Service BOSTON STORE THE PHOTO CENTER Spending is Saving" 207 S. Main Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio 5925 KINDERGARTEN Flrst Row Margaret Smsth Sally Ann Hrle Sharon Sue Bunger Barbara Knepper Llnda Ebersole Second Row Cheryl Hammond Rose Ann Gray Jay Howell Stuart Hlle Karen Bundy Lenna Jo Buckle Thrrd Row Steven Frankart Steven Nrckelson Todd Russell Bully .lo Peters l Flrst Row Dana Wonders Debbie Henry Sherry Zellers Nadine Bruce Lynette Hartman Second Row Becky Snell Helen Sherman Karen Cole Cynthia Gale Tommy Graumllch Emma Carmen Carol Sue Kaufman Third Row Patsy Smith Jack Grossman Steven Hanes Randy Huffman Glenn Waggoner Billy Clymer Patrlcla Treece THE TARBOX MCCALL STONE CO Crushed Stone and Agricultural Meal Findlay Ohlo . : . I . I . I , . : I I I I I ' ' : I I I I Chuckie Lowery. Robert Grossman. I : I . I I ' I . 1 I I I ' I I I ' : I I I I I I ' ., I I . I I .+A ur' uw H , , .,., , M . M ,. I lb x , yy! if 4, , , . mums za? a ms ' an ,. 2, nv . Z , . E 5 . . 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The play was a three-act comedy in which Corliss Archer shocks the community by making up a diary which des- cribes her father as a habitual drunkard and Dexter Franklin, the next-door neighbor, as a iuvenile delinquent. Quite by accident, their visiting Cousin Agnes, reads the diary and exposes her cousin's husband and Corliss' boy- friend. The cast included Janet Shiley as Corliss Archer, Tom Bickel as Dexter Franklin, Gertrude Marvin as Mrs. Archer, Jim Woodward as Mr. Archer, Barbara Good as Corliss' best friend, Betty Fruth as Louise, the Archer's maid, Sonia Schofield as Cousin Agnes, Donna Bame as Betty, another of Corliss' friends, Gerald Marvin as' Doctor James, Mary Ann Steyer as the Nurse, Ruth Arnett as Mrs. Franklin, David Corbin as Mr. Franklin. . The play was under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Wykotf with Ronald Stall as student director. The stage managers were Bob Noel, Chairman, Bill Diebley, Larry Walsh, Lloyd Thomas, and Raymond Lazenby. JUNIOR PLAY CAST The Junior Class presented the play Green Grow The Onions on March 25 1955 The play was a comedy in which seventeen year-old Tommy Britton sends off his maiden story Shakespeares Onions to a national magazine Trouble develops when Tommys uncle Thomas Britton a Pulitzer Prize winning author arrives for a visit and announces that he has gust sent his latest story to the same magazine The title? You guessed lt' From there on In there s trouble a plenty As a would be genius Tommy runs hog wild he mars the beautiful friendship developing between his famous uncle and his mothers spmster sister when a check arrives from the publishers Tommy blithely cashes it and invites half the teen agers In town to attend a Super Party At the plays peak theres one item after another of bad news for Tommy At the end however with an unexpected assist from Linda he s back on an even keel and comparative peace reigns in the Britton home The play was under the direction of Mr Fred Crates with Jane Van Driest and La Verne Shaull as student directors The cast was as follows Helnze Felicia Flash Britton Patsy Conley Stinky Schemmer Dalores bell Gladys Ives Sharyn Peters Doris Brntton Pat Breyman George Richard Ziessler David Vermeer Karl Burns Minnie Maquire Marilyn Thomas Britton Dale Barr Ruth Marlene Dlebley Becky Margie Harmon Bill Armbrecht Mary Barbara Agnew Skip Vernon Rice Camp Logan Hawk Fuzzy Arcadia Ohio 205 West Sandusky Street Phone 600 Findlay Ohio Tommy Britton, Bill Switzerg Paul Britton, Lester Fruthp Linda Weaver, Janice RElD'S SOHIO SERVICE COLDREN FUNERAL HOME OPERETTA On April 27, the Arcadia High School presented the operetta, "Meet Arizona" under the direction of Mr. Pittenger with Barbara Jane Agnew accompaning all musical numbers. The student directorswere Dalores Campbell and Ronald Stall. The play was centered around the lost will of Colonel Blair whose sudden death left the "Ride 'Em Hard Dude Ranch' without a legal heir. Larry Benson, the adopted child of Colonel Blair, remembers the Colonel mentioning the making of his will and Jack Guldy, the Ranch Manager, doubts that there ever was a will. Lettie Blair, the next of kin, the Colonel's niece from Vermont appears to take over the ranch if no will is found. After much fighting and gay scenes, the will is finally brought to light. Cappy finds it and it tells that the ranch is Lettie's and Larry's if they .love and marry without undue outside influence. The following had principal roles in the operetta: Dalores Campbell, Bill Armbrecht, Janice Heinze, Bill Switzer, Ronald Stall, Donna Wickiser, Pat Breyman, Patsy Conley, Jim Woodward, Dick Ziessler, Sharyn Peters, Gerald Marvin, David Shiley, and Karl Burns. CHOIR The high school choir consisted of fifty-six members this year. The members were chosen from the three upper grades in high school. The choir took part in the traditional Christmas program. Some of the mem- bers participated in the all-county choir at the annual music festival which was held on February 5, at Arlington School. The most successful proiect was the presentation of the operetta, "Meet Arizona" which was held in the spring. The officers for the past year were: . President , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.........,...,.. ..,...................... ------- B I l l Afmbfechi Vice President ............ ...... - .. ----------- 3-Pai B"eY""'an Secretary-Treasurer ..... --------- J lm Wcodwafd Reporter .................. .......... D avid Shiley GHUEVGLEE The Girls' Glee Club is an organization composed of all the high school girls who are interested in music. The group has sung for the Christmas pro- gram and some of the members were chosen to go to the County Music Fes- tival. During the year they rehearsed twice a week under the direction of Mr. Pittenger. Betty Fox served as accompanist for the group. BOYS'GLEE The Boys' Glee Club is an organization for all high school boys who wish to participate in musical activities. This year they have sung for the Christmas program, high school operetta, and assembly programs. Some of their favorite songs were "Old King Cole", "Irish Eyes Are Smiling", and "We Three Kings of Orient Are". Ten of the twenty-six members were chosen to take part in the County Music Festival. The boys rehearsed once a week under the direction of Mr. Pittenger. Barbara Jane Agnew served .as the accompanist for the club. ENSEMBLES : ., ,Y The freshmen, sophomores, and iuniors, each had a class ensemble. The ensembles sang for the Christmas program, county auditions and other special programs and banquets. Each ensemble met once a week under the direction of Mr. William Pittenger. HANCOCK HYBRID, lNC.. Becics LOCKER SERVICE Hybrid Seed Com Meat Processing and supplies for Home Freezing Wheat-jO8fS-59Ybe3fl5 Phone 115A Vanlue, Ohio Flf1dl5Yf Ohm BAND The performances of the Arcadia High School Band included the Fostoria Centennial Parade, the football games, two days at the Hancock County Fair, and also at the Ohio State Fair. The Band was privileged to have received an invitation to play at the Dedi- cation of the R. C. A. Building. The Band attended the County Music Auditions at McComb March 4 and the District Auditions at Bluffton March 26. The members of the band who attended the County Music Festival were: Barbara Jane Agnew, Bobby Agnew, Bill Armbrecht, David Cardwell, Linda Eisaman, Pat Eisaman, Marilyn Hawk, Derol Painter, Margie Plesec, Gene Snyder, Bette Jo Switzer, Gene Switzer, Jane Van Driest, and Donna Wickiser. Ten iuniors and one senior received band letters this year. They were: Juniors: Barbara Jane Agnew, Bill Armbrecht, Patsy Conley, Marlene Diebely, Norman Emerine, Marilyn Hawk, Janice Heinze, Barbara Peters, Bill Switzer, and Jane Van Driest, Senior: Ronald Stall. . We were very proud this year of the performances made by our maiorettes and the drum maior who made his last appearance this year. The officers of the band are: President, Barbara Jane Agnew, Vice President, Margie Plesec, and Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Van Driest. The B. S. -Porter Son Co. PAYNE BROTHERS' GREENHOUSE Findlay's Complete Music Store" South Union Fosforia North Sandusky Street Tiffin LIB RARIANS The Library Staff consists of twelve students, five seniors and seven iuniors. Our main proiect this year was the planning and completion of a new filing system. Also, the boys of the industrial arts department made us a large book- case to correct the over-crowded condition of the library. Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse, the faculty supervisor, is assisted by the student librarian, Tom Bickel. The Honor Society is a National organization composed of high school iuniors and seniors. These students are rated by a faculty committee at the end of the first semester for their merits in scholarship, leadership, character and service, along with a B average or above. The combined Honor Societies of Hancock County had three social events during the school year. The first is a social meeting for second year members, another is an informal meeting of iunior and senior members. In the Spring a banquet was given at which the new members were initiated and given their membership cards and pins. The Senior Honor Society members this year are: Gertrude Marvin, Betty Fruth, Mary Steyer, Donna Bama, Ron Stall, Bob Noel, Sonia Schofield, Janet Shiley, and David Corbin. This year another senior, Jim Woodward, became a member along with a number of iuniors. C. B. Moore Hardwar Congratulations to the Class of "55" . . Hoffmarfs Phone 74 Arcadia, Ohio Arcadla' ohio J FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CF AMERICA The Arcadia Chapter of Future Homemakers of America, with Mrs. Vir- ginia Wykott as the sponsor, elected for their officers, Mary Steyer, Presi- dent, Sharyn Peters, Vice President, Margie Plesec, Secretary, Marilyn Walsh, Treasurer, Pat Breyman, Song Leader, Pat Binger, Historian, Marlene Dieb- ley, Parliamentarian, and Mrs. Velma Beamer, Club Mother. This year the club consists of 65 members which includes 2l Freshmen girls, who were initiated into the club in the early part of the second sem- ester. The Freshmen members received the Junior Homemaker's Degree and the Sophomore members received the Chapter Homemakers Degree. The Arcadia F. H. A. received third place in the float parade at the county fair. Once every month our Club had a nightly meeting, at which the prin- ciples of F. H. A. were explained. Another event was a square dance sponsored co-operatively by the F. F. A. andthe F. H. A. The final event, that highlighted the year, was the Mother-Daughter Banquet, at which the F. H. A. members treated their mothers to a delight- tul evening. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Arcadia F F A Chapter completed the year with thirty three act ive members The Chapter officers this year were President Dave Corbin Vice Press dent Bill Diebley Secretary Gene Lewis Treasurer Larry Walsh Reporter Gene Switzer Sentinel Gerald Marvin and Advisor Mr Knight The Arcadia F F A Chapter entered contests at the State F F A Con vention Dale Barr won first in Farm Shop This honor won Dale a tree trip to the National F F A Convention The two members who attended the and Mrs Knight took this group to the convention and observed the dram atization of the F F A Creed plus many other interesting sights Joe Steyer Bob Graham and Dave Corbin received Farmer Degrees last year at the State Convention The Chapter also received the Gold Medal for Parliamentary procedure for the seventh consecutive year Larry Walsh won the county extemporatus public speaking contest and received the silver award in the district Gerald Marvm won third in the county written contest Jerry Woodward Lloyd Thomas and Gene Lewis attended Camp Mus kingum the State F F A Camp Dale Barr won first in County Sheep Judging Contest sponsored by the County Agriculture Teachers Association The Chapter members had many champions and grand champion live stock at the County Fair this year The Chapter placed fourth in the County Pest Hunt They also had a softball and basketball team which competed with other F F A Chapter teams in and out of the county The Chapter entertained the parents at the annual Parent and Son ban quet . , I . I . I . .- , 1 , 2 , n 1 , I I I F I ' ' National Convention in Kansas City were Dale Barr and Dan Kuhlman. Mr. . . . . , I - , . . . . A PHI SIGMA ALPHA The Phi Sigma Alpha, Arcadia's science club, was organized under a new constitution this year. The club became affiliated with the nation-wide club the Future Scientists of America. Their goal has been to advance under- standing and knowledge of science. The activities of the club have beentours through the differentplants and laboratories in the vicinity such as R.C.A. and Findlay College laboratories. They also had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Jewel Perkins, a Dupont re- search engineer, who spoke to the members of the club on the different types of problems and kinds of work that an engineer of his type faces. The membership of the club was made up of people from the upper three grades who were enrolled in a science subject. The officers were: Bill Switzer, President, Jim Woodward, Vice President, Tom Bickle, Secretary- Treasurer, Dave Corbin, Reporter, Janice Heinze and Jerry Woodward, Stu- dent Council. ' STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of eighteen members. These members represent the four upper grades and the different organizations within the high school. The Student Council sponsored a number of dances after the football and basketball games and the annual homecoming. The highlight of the homecoming evening was the crowning of the Queen, who was Janet Shiley, by the football captain, Jim Woodward. The homecoming took place during the half of the Van Buren and Arcadia game. The Student Council also sponsored the Spring Prom, which was held May 13, with music furnished by a professional orchestra. The Student Council project for this past year was to make hand books for the freshmen and new students entering our school. The officers were: President, Barbara Good, Vice-President, Bill Armbrechtp Secretary-Treasurer, Margie Plesecp Reporter, Audrey Walsh. W P G.A,A. The Girls Athletic Association is an organization for any girl in high school who is interested in sports. We have regular monthly meetings during school and hold practices regularly after school. For recreation, we often invite the G.A.A. club of other schools over for a ball game. As our proiect for the past two years we have bought the school games and equipment for recreation. In April we had a mother and daughter banquet. At this banquet many awards were given to the members who had done outstanding work. The Varsity A members served the meal and in turn we served at their banquet. The officers for the year were: President ........................................................,...........................,....... Sharyn Peters Vice President ........................,....... ,....... J anice Heinze Secretary ............ ....... B arbara Arnet Treasurer ......... ........ R uth Arnett Reporter ....... ....... P at Binger VARSITY A The Varsity "A" Club, which was organized only three years ago, is an .organization whose membership was constituted by those who have received the Varsity "A" in football and-or basketball. The club's purpose is to promote and improve athletics and to stimulate interest in athletics at Arcadia. The officers of the club are: President .............................,.,.... ................ J im Woodward Vice President ..... .. ..................... Bill Armbrecht Secretary-Treasurer ..,...............,.....,.....,. Bob Noel Student Council ..,..... ........ B ill Switzer, Bill Diebley Sponsor ................. ...................... A clrian Hanes Compliments of "For the Best in Floral Arrangement NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBERS INC. Sinks Flower's Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio 1 CHEERLEADERS The five girls chosen to be the Varsity cheerleaders for the 1954-1955 football and basketball season were: Barbara Good, Janet Shiley, Sharyn Peters, Pat Reid, and Pat Binger, These girls were chosen by the student body by popular vote, and it is their duty to lead the fans in the yells. Some of their new yells this year were: We've Got the Boys, Water, Water, Water, and Swing 'Em to the Left. The five Junior High cheerleaders for the year 1954-55 were: Jo Anne Moore, Joan Reid, Sally Binger, Rosemary Conine, and Audrey Walsh. These girls were chosen by the three Junior High grades and all of the cheerleaders were present at every game. 'Their favorite yells were: A Basket, Go Team Go, Let's Go Team, and Fite Team Fite. - J. B. BASEHORE 8: CO. Cement Blocks - Builders Supplies -Septic Tanks THE,FREQ C- SVWSHER CO "All Best Grades of Coal" Blllldefs 5UPPl'e5 81, Coal 362 Columbus Ave. 312 E. center si. 50 Years Of Ssfvws Phones 2492-6667 Fostoria. Ohio Fin'-l"Y' Ohio FGOTBALL First Row: James Slough, Assistant Coach, Bill Diebley, Bill Good, Ray Lazenby, Jim Woodward, Bob Noel, Dave Corbin, Jackie Keegan, Gene Switzer, Adrian Hanes, Coach. Second Row: Paul Peters, Dean Kieffer, John Diebley, Dick Ziessler, Max Brooks, Dave Shiley, Tom Treece, LaVerne Shaull. Third Row: Larry Crates, Arvid Weaver, Jack Eisaman, Lester Bowman, Otto Coff- man, Norman Emerine, Karl Burns, Ralph Kelly, Jerry Woodward. Fourth Row: Dennis Peters, Bob Beamer, Bill Switzer, Manager, Gerald Gaertner, Delbert Smith, Darold Painter. The first game this season was with McComb here. Although the boys went down to defeat 18-0, they played a very impressive game which show- ed that we could figure on some good ball playing this year. The team traveled to Cory-Rawson the next week and lost a very hard fought game with the l954 county champs 19-6. - The team, which was very determined to beat Liberty, marched off their home gridiron with a very astounding victory score 'of 52-0. The next game was lost to Mt. Blanchard l3-6. Mt. Blanchard "mudded" their way to two touchdowns in the last half to win the game. The boys played Van Buren on the night of our homecoming. We were defeated by a score of l4-O. ln the game with Arlington, the team pulled a surprising victory by defeating Arlington 6-O. This was the first time Arcadia had beaten Arling- ton in twenty-five years. Our last game of the season was played at Vanlue. Although the boys played a very progressive game they came home with a defeat 14-6. The Senior boys on the football team were: Jim Woodward, captain, Bill Diebley, Bob Noel, Ray Lazenby, and Dave Corbin. VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row: Bill Good, Danny Kuhlman, Tom Bickel, Adrian Hanes, Coach, Dave Shiley, Bill Diebley, John Diebley. Front Row: Bob Farrell, Gerald Marvin, Manager, Jim Hitchings. The Arcadia Redskins opened their 15 game schedule with Jackson-Liberty on November 12. ' Although the boys had a height disadvantage compared with the other schools, they still came through in fourth place in the county standing. The Redskins almost pulled a maior upset when they were leading Cory-Rawson at the end of the third quarter in the tournament game, but Cory-Rawson came back with a strong last quarter and beat us 56-67. At the end of the season, Bill Diebley was selected by the coaches of the county to the all-county basketball team. His brother, John, received honorable mention. Seniors who played their last basketball games were Bill Diebley and Tom Bickel, DATE WHO PLAYED WHERE WE THEY Nov. 12 Jackson-Liberty away 49 65 Nov. 19 McComb here 46 66 Nov. 24 Vanlue away 37 82 Dec. 3 Arlington here 69 56 Dec. 10 Cory-Rawson away 58 92 Dec. 11 Mt. Blanchard here 69 53 Dec. 14 Hopewel I-Louden here 61 83 Dec. 17 Van Buren away 50 64 Dec. 29 New Washington Tournament at 56 63 Dec. 30 Sycamore Sycamore 57 81 Jan. 7 . Liberty here 67 58 Jan. 8 McComb away 54 56 Jan. 1 1 Bloomdale here 75 78 Jan. 14 Vanlue here 52 54 Jan. 21 Arlington away 64 71 Jan. 22 Cory-Rawson here 77 95 Jan. 28 Mt. Blanchard away 53 54 Feb. Van Buren here 72 59 Feb. 1 1 Liberty away 61 58 TOTAL 1127 1288 TOURNAMENT Feb. 1 9 Cory-Rawson 56 67 CHAPMANS HORNERS MARKET Fostoria's Leading Jewelers Foslorm Ohm RESERVE BASKETBALL Back Row: Dave Cardwell, Tom Miller, La Verne Shaull, Ralph Kelley, Jack Eisaman. Front Row: Dennis Peters, Adrian Hanes, Coach, Bob Beamer. A JU NIOR HIGH BASKETBALL l l L Front Row: Larry Leonard, Terry Good, Gene Eisaman, James Slough, ' f Coach, Don Kirkendall, Dallas Critchett, Dick Conine. Back Row: Justin Emerine, Delbert Smith, Dale Swartz, Gerald Gaertner, Gerald Harmon, Leonard Snavely. WARD STOCK COMPANY REID'S MARKET Findlay Road Phone 4600 Groceries and Home Dressed Meats FOSlOl'lB, Arcadia, Ohig , xg Our advertisers have made possible our most successful year, financially, in the production of the Arcadian, Your busi- ness with the advertisers who have helped with this book can now add to their success for the year. KESSEL'S Fostoria, Ohio KIRBY'5 SHOE STORE Fostoria, Ohio BILL'S ECONOMY STORE Fostoria, Ohio THE DRESS SHOP -- Hays Building Fostoria, Ohio COMMERCIAL PRESS Fostoria, Ohio THE LITTLE FOLKS SHOP Fostoria, Ohio DECKER'S SECOND HAND STORE Fostoria, Ohio ROY'S SHOE REPAIR Fostoria, Ohio DR. b.MRS. S. L. BROWN Fostoria, Ohio MUSIC CENTER Fostoria, Ohio LAUNDROMAT Fostoria, Ohio J. W. CARTER - Optometrist Fostoria, Ohio MARCHION STUDIO Fostoria, Ohio SPORTSMAN SHOP Fostoria, Ohio HORNER'S MARKET Fostoria, Ohio FIRST NATIONAL BANK Fostoria, Ohio VAL-U DRESS SHOP Fostoria, Ohio TOWNHOUSE RESTAURANT Fostoria, Ohio LaNIER AND PHILIPS Fostoria, Ohio SHALUFFELBERGER REAL ESTATE R INSURANCE Fostoria, Ohio RUPP E RIGGS FEED COMPANY Fostoria, Ohio DRY CLEANERS OF FOSTORIA Fostoria, Ohio BOOK AND GIFT SHOP Fostoria, Ohio PATTERSON'S Findlay, 01110 SALISBURYVS RESTAURANT Findlay, Ohio SPAYTH DECORATING co, Findlay, Ohio LYNN A, LYON Eindlay, Ohio JAQUAVS SPORTING GOODS Findlay, Ohio WAALANDVS SREENHOUSE Findlay, Ohio NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES INCO Findlay, Ohio EGBERTVS HOME FURNISHINGS Eindlay, Ohio GULF olL PRODUCTS, J, U M. DlSTRlBUElNG co, Findlay, Ohio SAN-A-PURE DAIRY Findlay, Ohio DIXIE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Findlay, Ohio KOEHLER'S GREENHOUSE Findlay, Ohio CAPITAL TIRE SHOP Findlay, Ohio ALLSTAEE INSURANCE oo, Eindlay, Ohio ROYAL TlRE SERVICE Findlay, Ohio H. C, BECK, STANDARD OIL DISTRIBUTOR Findlay, ohio STANDARD olL So. - Main R Larkin Si. Findlay, Ohio WOODWARD MONUMENES Eindlay, Ohio DAY'S NURSERY Findlay, Ohio GENE GROVE Findlay, Ohio PEGGYUS JEWELERS Findlay, Ohio PLOTTS HARNESS AND LUGGAGE SHOP Eindlay, Ohio S his DRUG STORE Findlay, Ohio MEDLOCK JEWELERS Eindlay, Ohio TURNER-FENSTERMARER Findlay, Ohio ALLEN FooDS, INC,, LEO STREloEER Toledo, Ohio L, R, Uooo R SDN Arcadia, Ohio HOYT SEED STORE SMITHTS APPAREL SHOP A R P OFFICE SUPPLY J. H. DANIELS COMPANY MANN FUNERAL HOME STROMAN IMPLEMENT COMPANY OHIO FARMERS GRAIN 5 SUPPLY ASSVN, THE LUNCH BOX MENNEL MILLING CO. EAST NORTH STREET LUMBER COMPANY FOSTORIA LUMBER E SUPPLY THE BERSTED MANUFACTURING COMPANY FLECHTNER BROTHERS GRABER BROS. BALLREICH FURNITURE KENNEDY'S BLACK Q WARNER Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Findlay Findlay 9 9 ! ! 5 9 J 9 3 7 J 7 7 9 7 9 5 3 Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio HProtect What You Haven By Insurance With KINN A THEOBALD AGENCY Insurance Brokers CITIES SERVICE Petroleum Products GALENWPRESLER Tank Wagon Service Gasoline, Fuel Oils, and Lubricants 109 E. Center St. Phones Fostoria, Ohio Arcadia 343 Fostoria 3332 WEDGE LUMBER E SUPPLY Plumbing Furniture Heating Appliances Phone 5001 Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASS'N. Farm Supplies and Grain Findlay, Mt. Cory, Williamstown and Mt. Blanchard VANLUE GRAIN H SUPPLY ASS'N. Master Mix Feeds Grain, Coal, and Farm Supplies Vanlue, Ohio Compliments of TASTY TATERS POTATO CHIP COMPANY 237 Prospect Ave. Phone 291 Findlay, ohio BUTCHER BOY PACKING Phone 3222 R.F.D. 5 Box 120 Findlay, ohio Compliments of FINDLAY FOOD CENTER 820 N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of TROUT FURNITURE CO. 508 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT p DEALERS ASSOCIATION DALE KROUT 8 SONS Asphalt Contractors Residential-Industrial Findlay, Ohio Plant Phone 4761 Compliments of FOSTORIA NEW CAR and NEW TRUCK DEALER'S ASSOC. J. Oliver Pore Co. Hummel Motor Sales Inc. McCormic Motor Sales W. E. Kinney Gillig Sales 8 Service Willis J. Hakes Carrol Lincoln-Mercury Goddard Chevrolet Inc. Lamberjack Sales H Service Nye Implement Co. Inc. Compliments of HANCOCK AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASS'N, Arlington Ford Sales Collingwood Motor Sales Corbin Bros. Duffield Motor Co. Gleason Sales E Service , Grubb Motor Sales Harrington Chevrolet Co. Hollington Motor Sales Findlay Truck E Farm Equipment Kirk Motor Sales Inc. Latham Motor Sales Laub Sales Co. McCullough Motor Sales Willard Sales A Service A Good Elementary or FINDLAY COLLEGE Liberal Arts College In Your Own Neighborhood Secondary Teacher Training Pre-Professional Courses -- For Law and Medicine Business Administration -- Secretarial Ministry and Social Service Modest Cost SENECA LUMBER COMPANY Division of Hixon Peterson Lumber Co. 635 W. Tiffin Street Fostoria, Ohio Phone 6671 ,DE SANTOS HAIR STYLISTS NBest in Hair Stylesn Phone 3649 316 N. Main St. Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of ARMBRECHT'S APPLIANCE Findlay, Ohio BRUCE B. BRYAN Q SON Dealers in Builders' Supplies Cement Products and Feed 409 W. Main Cross St. 1007 Western Ave. Phones: 257 H 494 COUNTRY MARKET West on Route 224 Meats Groceries General Merchandise Findlay, Ohio THE OHIO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings and Home Loans Corner of North 6 Main Fostoria, Ohio FINDLAY EQUIPMENT SALES Food Service Equipment Supplies 830 N. Main St. Findlay, Ohio Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL BANK AND SAVINGS COMPANY Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System FINDLAY GLASS Safety Glass Mirrors Thermopane Picture Windows Furniture Tops 210 E. Sandusky St. Phone 2231 PERRY MILES FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 60 Findlay, Ohio NOEL'S FEED MILL Feed Grinding and Supplies Anhydrous Ammonia Application HONOR BRAND PACKING CO. HUHUQQAND N. River Rd, P.O. Box 153 Phone 4335 Findlay, Ohio THE TARBOX MCCALL STONE CO, Oo K. SMITH Residential Manufacturers of Plumbing, Heating 8 Wiring Crushed Stone and Agricultural Meal 636 Clinton Court Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Phone 5869 Electrical Equipment Motor Repairing ANDERSON ELECTRIC SALES R SERVICE Short South stQ - Fostoria, Ohio Telephone 3970 ' Industrial Construction Installation Maintenance and Repair Compliments of THE SNYDER LUMBER CO. Lumber - Coal Builders' Supplies Phones Carey 6-7091 Vanlue 61 NOLLER'S GARAGE Ford Sales 8 Service Cities Service Gas R O11 Phone 105 R 194 Westinghouse 5 Philco Television Compliments of THE HANCOCK BRICK R TILE COMPANY Vitrified Drain Tile Fittings - Y's, Tees, Ells 8 Curves Phone 780 Findlay, Ohio Compliments of THE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY FARM BUREAU INSURANCE CO'S. Fire - Auto - Life - Liability Health and Accident Insurance Milton Dressel Clarence Schaaf ' Pho ne 2 ' Phone : Office 210 Residence 2554 Office 423 Residence 6l58J 219 Frazer St. 210 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Compliments of DICKEN-WONDERS STUDIO nYour School Photographern Compliments O H I O O I L C O M P A N Y Marathon Products HCatu Gas Motor Oil Lubricants No. 1 and No. 2 Marafuel HBest in the Long Runn Phone 2672 Findlay, Ohio E KMwmwmQw1l4ff'f.www L4 Z ,ff X XHUKQQKMIXN lf fqxxwv fy!! Wffkulffl y fgx :fav sm wr N X 1 UW NlNU's'F1lifl WUfM aPWSi9fiKr513f M MMMI f ww LL X sk I 2 SARS XXIKKX Sq! 1,4 'QQ Xxx xx QNX xwflfx RN MX XX fi M Q11QKNpvv.pWENNyQx W 7 ' M QXL1QQfxQQQfifffff S X Q fffjfwf Wi: iff QQ A1545 fff Vff' NXLE.-xx WQQKXQQE , if ff?-' RSS 3 X f MWffAQQ4W ML'Z'Q3S wfiwx X f1 x1xssww QM 0, XXX SX N U W sXExx?XXix XX f ff! XM XYNVX XXX Ny? 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