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12-T" , ,ld ,A -.fiQ.LVk .Vi f, ,- ,V WV-1 . ,gf , , ,,V,..4- f., , 154, 1 V QQ, x ::.. . ,,,V,. , - 47 " .fl 41.51. K ' ii .:', . 4, ,,-. ' f-Z' ' 'iwfh fe 4f11,:e,y :I i2??fV' . ,. Vmilf.-Qi sf-wg-QV .iff if --4 . '-"'fp..2'SV3 ' :V V-Vfwgffa VV, 'gfV: - :'V fyffw X-Aa, ,Z '.g1yf1l:41-1, f V V-an 'ff W TV 7 - 2' ' :PA 521' . -1 ' P44271--:, 1:5 7-, V: .. : . V '31- ,-,dc ,-. Yfff A, i I 4 xc, , ,. 5,-, v .k Vgg. V . 1x V A: - V-gm, ag-:z-' A I F- J3".'. " , V V- Q5 fri : .- , 135 Any., gm " 3' ' - ,' -I:'1.'P. 2 f V .hu .rm .g...., V T' -5Tyl?f3Qg5sg::Vlf:1 , 405:22 T? .ef s HV "ng 1' . 3 . 1. gif'-, N ' ' JLQIV1, 2,1 ' .f.'ve,-1.1 ' .5,'f:.Fj5, - L. if-1-JS., ... I 1 -":.. .J 592 .vy:V4':1, ,it .nil . , V A 1 -5- 4 ., V . +4 V- ,, p. . - 'Q .V-.5 9,5 --egg. mm. , V,.:,, f.aV.' A, - . M Q ,V..,.,gfM,,, ff V V Q ,L'Lw5'e'L5f?:j,- . , - V . 'f513fl73'Qi???7f-Y ' V ' V - ' 1 52.1-VV,5??Ef'-ff: -N ,fa ..,.V,-new-. V x ', ,3"'Z V '. V V , . , V!-M .-'igyfl-A 2- :V , . f", -QT -Q "1--IVGQT V4 , V,-Vim... , . - ,: 1j'fH95g V an Vf 4' -xff .kgxjig-ff : .4 K TM . f , ,V 'l 7-' X -Ar X V ,M - fi: ' 'iii . 1 'fur' fx V ' +3 V. . . M. VV, ,, nm' ...Vu ,h V1 :Y gr. 'g.,g.rVX .V - ,f 'iff' -5" 'K "Q if , V. Vw., -,V p,'1V,.' ' ,.-L-,.:1 ,5,1f,.. ' ,V ,.-gli h ' .na , .- Y V gif - '- .-3 .,4g,VV , Vf , 4. V. . .Q ,V f L' .I . .V V-1.5, 3 v sb V .1,.J 1 -.:,'1-,,1,- vi? - 1- -,,,. -."'-F-1fii'311'f' a5'?Zxlf11V . ':., L , V - .R x ,-v,!lF'j -.s' 593 V Q5 V' ' ic:"'f .s- V' 'fi " ,Q fi' . iffy: ..V.,-:gf -,Q QFJNZ ,S-qi! fflfx 3? ' '. .,:'.i"i3'. ,gr -5 'ff-AQV' - . . iirizrigf V wx. 7 i.Qiif V M-7-,:'VV ' 'Q ' ,gf - , 2 ,QV V. :V ,A . 2 0 5' .K-V , . ink 3 B TIIE ARCADIAN 1954 7 pawn-as--A--1 There has always been a general agreement other. It, therefore, is the aim and the duty among educators that all children in a de- of us in the Arcadia School to help adjust the mocracy, regardless of economic status or any curriculum and methods of teaching so that other difference, have equal rights to all pri- each youth can profit to the utmost of his vileges and opportunities that are available, ability. be that health, happiness, education, or any -Vaughn C. Blauvelt Published by the Senior Class of 1954 Arcadia Local School, Arcadia, Ohio Foreword We, the members of the Senior Class of l954, present for your approval the Arcadian. It is the sincere wish of the class that this yearbook will bring back those precious moments of importance and memories which you will cherish forever. To the faculty we extend our sincere appreciation for its cooperation which, throughout our high school career, has been both remembered and cherished. Dedication The Senior Class of 1954 dedicates this edition of the Arcadian to Mrs. lrene Sharninghouse, our faculty advisor for four years, and to our parents. This team-a faculty as represented by Mrs, Sharninghouse, dedicated to service to young people, and parents, rich in wisdom and understanding -is what makes school days at Arcadia so pleasant in experi- ences and so rewarding in educational values. Annual Staff Senior Staff junior Staff EDITORS Lewis Campbell ...................... Gertrude Marvin SNAPSHOT EDITORS Hilda Grine .................... .............. D onna Bame jim Blake .....,.............. .................. T om Bickle CIRCULATION Mary Weaver ........................... ...... R on Stall ART Bill Peters ............................. ........ B ob Noel SPORTS Carol Kieffer ............................ jim Woodward TYPISTS Maxine Dreisbach ........................ Mary Steyer Pat Butler ................. ....... R uth Ann Smith Nina Lewis .............................. Sonia Schofield ADVERTISING Mary Dicken .................,.............. janet Shiley Carolyn Clark ....... ...... B arbara Good Arlene Walsh ........ ...... B etty Fruth Harold Nye .....,,, ........ A lan Ryman Bob Graham .......... ......... R ay Kuhn LaVerne Snyder ....... ....... D avid Corbin . - -4 The Seniors, in cooperation with the juniors, have successfully completed another year- book, the 1954 Arcadian. We have made a few changes and hope that they meet with your approval. As memory fails, the yearbook will serve as a reminder of the past school days. This year the annual sale contest was among eight teams, headed by high school teachers with Seniors as co-captains. The win- ner of the contest was the team sponsored by Mr. Blauvelt, assisted by Nina Lewis. The Seniors held a party for the winning team. The high salesmen were Derol Painter, Arvid Wea- ver, Sharon Stall, and janis Anderson. We are happy to announce that this year we sold more annuals than any year previously. This was accomplished under the management of Mary Weaver and Ron Stall. We Appreciate Your Patronage Hancock Savings ond Loan Findlay,Ohio Administration and Faculty CLYDE PEPPLE Board of Education President Term Expires 1955 DON ARMBRECHT Board of Education Vice-President Term Expires 1957 ROBERT BEAMER Board of Education Term Expires 1955 PAUL CONINE Board of Education Term Expires 1957 HAROLD NOEL Board of Education Term Expires 1957 RENWICK KIEFFER Clerk, Board of Education VAUGHN C. BLAUVELT Superintendent A.B., M.S., in Ed. Findlay College University of Michigan Bowling Green State University 17 years experience Law CHARLEY E. GROTH Principal B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. Ohio Northern University Ohio State University Bowling Green State University 24 years experience Mathematics, Science Faculty l 1" 6fQ,l2j wf1fzf 4 EDITH COVERT B.S. in Ed. Bowling Green State University Muskingum College Bliss College Normal I9 years experience Shorthand, Typing, Bookeeping, Office Practice LLM! Haw? RICHARD DAVIES Grade 7 B.S. Degree Findlay College Science, Math, Chemistry ADRIAN HANES Grade 9 B.S. in Ed. Ohio Northern University 2 years experience Coach, Industrial Arts CALVIN KNIGHT B.S. in Agriculture Ohio State University 5 years experience Agriculture, Farm Shop ELAINE OBERHOLTZER Grade 8 A. B. Findlay College IV2 years experience English, Physical Education, History and Geography of Ohio, Health 617 , 611444, fyaqff. f f ' L IRENE SHARNINGHOUSE Grade I2 B.S. in Ed. M.A. in Speech Bowling Green State University I2 years experience Dramatics, English JAMES SLOUGH Grade IO A.B., M.A. Findlay College Bowling Green State University 7 years experience History, Physical Education, Geography 'H """'-s...4u.W Faculty VIRGINIA WYKOFF B.S. in Ed. Bowling Green State University SV2 years experience Home Economics WILLIAM PITTENGER B.M., M.A. Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University 3 years experience Instrumental and Vocal Music NAOMI HOCK 4 years experience Findlay College Bowling Green State University Kindergarten MARJORIE MOORE Grade I Diploma Bowling Green State University I7 years experience EVALYN GEDEON Grade I Bowling Green State University University of Chicago Western Reserve University I8 years experience ETHEL AMS-TUTZ Grade 2 Diploma Bowling Green State University Ohio State University 22 years experience On leave of absence MILDRED NESLER Grade 2 Diploma Bowling Green State University 9 years experience sf' sf 'feE? gf? .ti 'Q ...uf .ffl E ' A J iv. S? if Faculty BETTY ROSENDALE Grade 2 Bowling Green State University 2 V2 years experience MAY VAN BLARCUM Grade 3 Diploma Cincinnati University Bowling Green State University I3 years experience MARJORIE TREECE Grade 3 Diploma Bowling Green State University 8 years experience BESSIE FOX Grade 4 Diploma Bowling Green State University 25 years experience ROSIE FOX Grade 5 Diploma Bowling Green State University 30 years experience CARTHA CRITCHET Grade 6 Elementary Diploma Bowling Green State University 3 years experience GLADYS KUHLMAN Grade 5 B.S. Degree Michigan State Normal Ohio Northern University Western State Teacher's College Findlay College I2 years experience .tbh , J - S. N X X x xx gaw m .5 jwxxg X, Q . Q X Q X M , 'il , X N E i ff S 5 5. Q a 5 Q . , i Q. il: . 93 ,ep -'15 -H' xsf9 -q-lr N5 ' M for as 'L 5 , 1 k f C ' Q l fa X ss V' V N-,Q,,,.,, 4 'iv What's so interesting? 6. Some Senior boys lO. Who's your cell mote? Look at the birdie 7. Go Harold ll. Graduating? The candy-room girls 8. Three muscular men l2. The bus Aren't we nice? 9. Two more Seniors l3. lsn't he sweet? The shy ones l4. Make it, Joe James P. Weakley Plumbing and Heating Contractor 432-38 E. Sandusky St. Findlay, Ohio Phone 439 fain? mp trim-v Y--.M-,af Seniors HAROLD NYE General Course Class Officer l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Basket- ball l,2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Boys' Glee 25 Annual Staff 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Class Play 35 Parliame ary Procedure Team 3, Student Council 25 F. . l,2,35 F.F,A. Office ,35 Judging Team 2 rsity A 2,3,4. Q JOSEPH STEYER Vocational Course Class Officer l,2,45 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Basketball l,2, 3,45 F.F.A. Officer 2,3,45 Parliamentary Procedure Team 2,3,45 Judging Team l,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Varsity A 2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 Student Council Of icer 4. tw PATRICIA BUTLER Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,45 i Glee 2,35 Choir ,5 Girls' Ensemble rls' Trio 45 F.H.A. l, .A. Officer 25 Libr y aff 2, 3,45 Operett , 5 Class Play 3,45 R ross 3,45 Class Officer ,45 Speech Choir 3,4. 11,5 -MJ wi lt' ll MARY DICKEN Commercial Course Choir 3,45 Girls' Glee l,25 Speech Choir 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 3, 45 Operetta 1,35 F.H.A. l, 25 Annual Staff 3,45 Girls' Ensemble 3. x YQ JAMES BLAKE General Course Annual Staff 3,45 Band l, 2,35 Stage Manager 35 Basketball l,25 Boys' Glee I5 Speech Choir 3,4. RALPH BROOKS Vocational Course F.F.A. l,2,3,45 F.F.A. Bas- ketball l,2,45 Football l, 2,35 Speech Choir 3,45 Stage Manager 45 Varsity A 2,3,4. LEWIS CAMPBELL General Course Annual Staff 3,45 Editor 45 Class Play 35 Student Council l,2,35 Football l, 2,45 Basketball l,25 Var- sity A5 Speech Choir 3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee l,25 County Music Festi- val l,2,3,45 Buckeye Boys' State 35 dent Council Officer leretta l,3. 'l is Olxllllx , J N X: W ,,. l if l' 'Go Seniors be 1 Lil' , V L. L ifll' I I 7 l ,ll 3' ,Y 1 CAROLYN CLARK Commercial Course Speech Choir 3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 3,45 G.A.A, 35 Annual Staff 3, 45 Class Play 3,45 Oper- etta l,35 F.H.A. l,2,3,4. BARBARA COFFMAN Commercial Course Girls' Glee l,25 F.H.A. l, 25 Senior Store Manager5 Speech Choir 3,4. SHARLET COOK Commercial Course Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Operetta l5 Girls' Ensemble 35 Class Play 4. ll ,V IA, MAXINE DREISBACH Commercial Course Girls' Glee l,25 F.H.A. l,25 Annual Staff 3,45 Speech 3,45 Senior Store Manager. FLORENCE ECKER Vocational Course Speech Choir 3,45 F.l-l.A, l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3. GLEN FRUTH Vocational Course F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Student Council 45 Speech Choir 3, 45 Stage Manager 3,45 Movie Projectionist 2, JERRY GAERTNER General Course Choir 2,3,45 Football l,2, 3, 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Junior High Basketball l, Class Play 3,45 Junior Red Cross 2,35 Student C0 i 45 Class Officer 2,3 Speech Choir 3,45 V r A 3,4, Varsity A Off' 45 Operetta 25 Boys' Gle ,2. 3 IW' .CT 5'-S IME Tx Q-S ' f in I ,1vu.,-I --Qi' N-...Q li J fl ' ll ' r J fl KJ Seniors L. ROBERT GRAHAM Vocational Course F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Parliamen- tary Procedure Team 3,45 Judging Team l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Choir 45 Boys' Glee l,25 Class Play 3,45 County Music Festival 45 Speech Choir 3,45 Sci- ence Club 45 F.F.A. Officer 3,45 Annual Staff 3,4. HILDA GRINE General Course Choir 3,45 Girls' Glee l,2, 3,45 Girls' Ensemble 35 Speech Choir 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3, 45 Operetta ll. 4 f ri! .1 fv L A 5 ', ' ,9"'.3flf"J-J . ff ggpwm JOHN HOWE General Course Football l,2,3,45 Basket- ball l,25 Varsity A 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Boys' Glee 25 Operetta 25 Speech Choir 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Science Club 4. r i fly Ltllrllk. E,FE R ocational Course Girls' Glee l,25 Choir 2,3, 45 Ensemble l,35 Library Staff 2,3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 F.F.A. Sweetheart 3,45 Bi-County F,l-l.A. Officer 35 F.H.A. Officer 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Operet- ta l,35 County Music Fest- val5 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Student Council l,2. NINA LEWIS Commercial Course Girls' Glee l5 Library Staff l,35 Student Council l5 Class Officer l,2,35 F.H.A. l,25 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Senior Store Manager. wellb- NORMAN LEWIS Vocational Course F.F.A. l,2,3,4, F.F.A. Officer 4, F.F.A. Basket- ball 2,3,45 Parliamentary Procedure Team5 Boys' Glee 25 Boys' Quartette5 Speech Choir 3,45 Stage Manager 3,4. X, ,J YW? "' vb Q! JANET NUNN Commercial Course Girls' Glee l5 Choir 2,3,45 Ensemble 35 County Music Festival 45 Operetta i5 Li- brary Staff 45 Speech Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,4. Wx Ni Q If - X 5 1' ,x if cn' ,ss .A . I ff X X Og ,W ii jug?- ... ,K 1.1- X. Q 5? .,lf. .,,, C M its , .,5,g.,?Q 2: 15, i. .. X 'sf HJ, Il lf is --5 1' Y-hx -is l is ,Q J., .. ,V 175 ang' QL. ig...- I . .2 gal if X. t'-15 1. l 5 Seniors WILLIAM PETERS General Course Boys' Glee 25 Class Officer 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 35 Speech Choir 3,45 Science Club Officer 4, N f. I' it L xxjiii, if" CAROL REID Commercial Course Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 2,3, 45 Ensemble l,2,35 Orchestra l,2,35 Band l, 25 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Library Staff 2,3545 G.A.A. 3,45 Operetta l,35 Girls' Trio 45 County Music Festival l, 2,3,4. JAMES RUSSELL General Course Choir 2,3545 Chorus 253,45 Boys' Glee 2,35 Track l5 Football 25 Wrestling 35 Projection Club l5 Radio Skits l,25 Operetta 2. LAVERNE SNYDER General Course Football l,2,3,45 Basket- ball l,2,3,45 Varsity A 2, 3,45 Speech Choir 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,4. 'i ,.1 i, IW Af l ,I ,. 1 x .2 x s x 'ix i X 4 5 fx' cgi? , ,ry i' ,gi A 9 i' A ', ' I, i ri.: tar A ,F 'V K M 5 . r , if . 1 S S14-jr' affix" x. il, Rosii.YN s'rizss'r General Course Speech Choir 3,45 Choir 3, 45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Operetta 25 F.H.A. l,2,3, 45 County Music Festival 45 Class Play 4. K ' f , f ply,-5, . ,f12,f,!z4,f' ARLENE WALSH Commercial Course Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 2,3545 Girls' Ensemble l, 2,35 County Music Festi- val 3,45 Mixed Quartette 35 Girls' Trio 45 Operetta l5 Library Staff I5 Speech Choir 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Red Cross Representative 2,35 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 An- nual Staff 354. A -.J ,K ft? I MARY WEAVER Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Student Council 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Choir l,2,3,45 F.H.A. Officer 35 Library Staff 2,45 Operetta l,35 Band l,25 Orchestra l,2,35 County Music Festival l, 2,3545 Speech Choir 3,45 Honor Society 3,4. CAROL WOLFORD Vocational Course F,H.A. l,2,3,45 Girls' Gle l,2,3,45 Choir 2,45 O er- etta l,35 Class Play Speech Choir 3,45 ty Music Festiva 4 7- ,qtvvs Q, ry- rl? vi' 63 M' +e- ,B W Twelve Years Together K 'isis 13413 A fb +C fri' Standing: Arlene Walsh, Nina Lewis, James Blake, Seated: Carolyn Clark, Carol Reid, Carol Kieffer, Mary LaVerne Snyder, Ralph Brooks, Robert Graham, Harold Weaver, Pat Butler. Nye, Mary Dicken, Hilda Grine. Autographs .4 .- WT- vi- sf-w- T?-mv? fs-.T f---UWT- . Class History September, l942, found forty-one starry-eyed kids, slowly and cautiously pass through the doors of the institution of learning, Arcadia Local School. The dread- ful thought of leaving our parents and our families, to begin this unknown, new, and 'exciting adventure was smothered by the dream that was about to become a reality, at last we had grown up enough to start school. We glided through our first six years with growing anticipation of junior high and eventually senior high school. We participated in the operetta, "Peter Rabbit," which found us before a large audience for the very first time in our short school career. Much to the liking of all the students, we had our own lower-grade assem- bly, and we were especially happy when our own grade got to perform. ln the sixth grade we again appeared in the school operetta, "Christmas in Mexico," with three of the leading parts going to Harold Nye, Barbara Cook, and Lewis Campbell. This Christmas program, which was a wondrous thrill for everyone, was directed by our music teacher, Mrs. Payne. Finally, our first six years were completed. September, l949, admitted thirty-five students into junior high. During these two short years, we learned, in what some- times seemed the hard way, to get to our classes on time and, on the whole, to act like pre-high school stu- dents, preparing to face the duties and responsibilities that would be ours in a few years. We learned some- thing of the principles of our high school discipline and haw it was put into operation, to make our lives at school more pleasant and happy ones. Our achievements were not all scholastic, we were privileged to have a few of our boys play on the Junior High team. Carol Kieffer represented us as cheerleader of the Junior High team. We also had members in the newly organized band and the traditional orchestra. The more musical members, Mary Weaver, Mary England, Carol Reid, and a few others, belonged. Drawing near the end of our eighth grade we took the difficult Eighth Grade State Test. However, they did not prove too difficult for Nina Lewis, for she ranked number one in the county, quite an honor! , With just a wee perspective of what lay ahead and with the willingness and curiousity to advance, we en- tered high school with a rousing initiation. We miracu- lously managed to plod through the "Greenie" stage and then settled down to the tasks that were before us. For the first time we elected class officers to lead us through our school activities. They were: President, Harold Nye, vice-President, Nina Lewis, secretary, Joe Steyer, treasurer, Jerry Gaertner, reporter, Lewis Camp- bell. This year we were allowed a voice in the Student Council and with great pride we sent to this organiza- tion Carol Kieffer and Lewis Campbell as our spokes- men. We chose as our motto: "Patience is the Key- stone to Success," our colors, green and gold, and our flower, the yellow tea rose. In the late spring, we blend- ed our voices with the rest of the high school students in the "Gypsy Rover." Again our musical ability beamed through with Mary England and Lewis Campbell 'captur- ing two of the solo parts. Alice Beauty and Dress Shoppe 4l l South Main Street Findlay, Ohio As sophomores, we again elected officers: President, Harold Nye, vice-President, Nina Lewis, secretary, Jerry Gaertner, treasurer, Joe Steyer, reporter, Mary Weaver. lnitiating the Freshman was one of our fun-packed ad- ventures. We were also greatly thrilled when Carol Kieffer was elected varsity cheerleader. She proved her capability, by being re-elected in her junior and senior years. To make us even prouder, six of our boys re- ceived varsity letters in both football and basketball. To crown our junior year was our junior play, "The Little Dog Laughed" directed by our dramatics instruct- or, Mrs. Sharninghouse. In the late spring we sponsor- ed the Junior-Senior Banquet, held in Findlay at the Elks Club. Gaining more courage we took on part of the responsibility of producing the year-book. We elect- ed as our officers: President, Harold Nye, vice-President, Nina Lewis, secretary, Mary Dicken, treasurer, Pat Butler, reporter, Bill Peters. Mary Weaver and Bill Peters became members of the Hancock County Chap- ter of the National Honor Society. August 3l, l953, started another school year, but it was just a little different than the previous ones. This was the final year, the end! From the large first grade class of forty-one we had dwindled down to the smaller number of twenty-nine, with only fourteen of the orig- inal members still together. For our last year, as in the years before, we obtained the help and guidance of our wonderful sponsor, Mrs. Sharninghouse. For the last time we chose carefully our officers: President, Harold Nye, vice-President, Nina Lewis, secretary, Mary Dick- en, treasurer, Pat Butler, reporter, Bill Peters. Along with the juniors we took full responsibility of producing the "Arcadian." Around Christmas time we went on tour with our Christmas play, "Come Ye to BethIehem", going to Mt. Blanchard, Vanlue, and Fostoria. We breezed through our first semester and started on the last lap. For some, this time of year was a time for relaxation, but for many it did not prove to be so. We participated in the All-County Music Festival, held at Cory-Rawson and everyone's eyes danced, the eve- ning of the program, when Lewis Campbell had a solo part in the Boys' Glee. Lewis Campbell and Arlene Walsh also entered, as soloists, in a contest at McComb, where they competed against members of other schools. The newly formed Senior Trio was also an entry from Arcadia. The Trio was composed of Pat Butler, Carol Reid, and Arlene Walsh. Setting a precedent, we presented our senior play, "Our Miss Brooks" on May 7, with Sharlet Cook por- traying the loveable and witty, Miss Brooks. May l5 we were the guests of honor at the Junior-Senior Ban- quet held at the Civic-Nic-Nac in Fostoria. Setting on- other precedent we had Baccalaureate on Sunday after- noon, May 23 and the some evening held our Com- mencement. At last the moment that we have dreamed of and planned for, has come. We do not know to what to look forward or from what to shy away,' but we leave, determined to do our best and to try always to make our best even better. Coldren Funeral Home 205 West Sandusky Street Phone 600 Findlay, Ohio The Last Will and Testament of the Senior Clo s of I954 We, the members of the class of l954, of Arcadia High School, residing in and around the village of Arcadia, County of Hancock, in the Buckeye State, Ohio, being of graduat- ing age and unsound and indisposing mind and memory, but mindful of the fact that time marches on, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby re- voking, and annulling any and all wills made by us heretofore. First we direct that all our just and unjust debts, l. O. U.'s., and grudges, be paid out of our estate as follows: The Senior class wills to the juniors the ability to come through with their English lesson in time for class, To the Sophomores we leave our ability to produce Comedies and Christmas plays. Can you do it? ,T To theyfreshmen we leave our ability to keep our-grades just high enough to pass. Now those poor boys won't have to study so hard. james Blake wills his old "Chevy" to David Veliquette. There's another loose nut behind the wheel. Ralph Brooks wills his broad shoulders to jack Eisaman. Don't get lost jack. Pat Butler wills her harsh library voice to Ronald Stall. Peace and quiet in the library at last. Lewis Campbell wills his flat-top haircut to jim Woodward. Now jim has a place to carry his extra books. Carolyn Clark wills her bottle of "Light and Bright" to Barbara Good. This doesn't leave an orange tint Barbara. Barbara Coffman, Maxine Dreisbach, and Nina Lewis will their jobs in the school store to any capable juniors. Hmmm! Looks like we are going to have to fire the script writer. Sharlet Cook wills her honey-toned voice to Ernestine Rice. Think it'll help? Mary Dicken wills her shy ways to Pat Reid. Don't take it so hard, john. Florence Ecker wills her job of washing the dish towels from the cafeteria to Ellen Heinze. Get 'em clean, Ellen. Glen Fruth wills his ability to pronounce words to Raymond Lazenby. Lets see some results, Ray. jerry Gaertner wills his ability to touch the Reid's Sohio Service Arcadia, Ohio rim of the basket to Bobby Farrell. Lets see them block your shots now, Bob. Bobby Graham wills his horse and buggy to janet Shiley. Now janet doesn't need to worry about running out of gas. Hilda Grine wills her job at the cigar counter in Gallaher's to Ray Kuhn. There go all the profits. john Howe wills his spelling ability to Bill Switzer. Bill doesn't know what he's in for. Carol Kieffer wills her method of chewing gum to Pauline Cantrell. lt's an art, Pauline. Norman Lewis wills his ever present smile to Mr. Groth. Maybe things will be a bit brighter now. janet Nunn wills her driving ability to any- one that can master an art like that by using her methods. Harold Nye wills his parking place in front of Reid's to john Diebley. Someone should put a parking meter there. Bill Peters wills his Plymouth coupe to any- one with an oil well. It better be a gusher. Carol Reid wills her quiet ways to Margie Harmon. All motors should have mufflers. jim Russell wills his job at Flechtners to anyone that can stand that much bull. Any Volunteers? LaVerne Snyder wills his study hall vocabu- lary to Alan Ryman. Use it lightly, Alan. joe Steyer wills his basketball ability to Ruth Arnett. There's I5 more points a game. Rosilyn Street wills her out of town boy friends to Donna Bame. Don't be too rough on them, Donna. Arlene Walsh wills her glass-shattering voice to Dorothy Parmenter. Another probable opera star. Mary Weaver wills her red hair and temper to Sharyn Peters. Can you handle two tempers at one time, Sharyn? Carol Wolford wills her boy friend from Liberty back to Liberty. Give me Liberty or give me death! This will is established as being valid and conforms to rules and regulations. Signed, Jerry Gaertner Attorney for Senior Class and Lewis Campbell Assistant Attorney Korner Lunch "At the Traffic Light in Arcadia" Bob and Thelma Nunn, Prop. Short Orders Dinners Soda Bar Class Prophecy I, Harold Nye, member of the l964 Federal Bureau of Census, do hereby file my special and complete report on the members of the graduate class of Arcadia, l954. jim Blake has his own root-beer stand. He's got a real bargain, too-one glass for 5 cents or two glasses for IO cents. Ralph Brooks is testing jetcycles for the S. O. U.P . Company. Pat Butler is raising little "Pickles," Cucum- bers that is. Lewis Campbell has just started a car lot and is making millions by selling his new kind of car the "Studalac." Carolyn Clark has just developed a new hair bleach. It curls as it bleaches. Barbara Coffman and Maxine Dreisbach now have their own candy store. They caused a sensation with their new recipe. Their first concoction blew up, but the next one hit the jackpot. Sharlet Cook is now married and is head tele- phone operator at Fostoria. Florence Ecker has been promoted to the position of head cook in the cafeteria. Glenn Fruth has his own 300 acre farm. He's made milking much faster by feeding his herd Mexican jumping beans. Now all he has to do is grab hold and hang on. jerry Gaertner is now manager of Gallagher's in Fostoria, manager of the "soda jerks." Bob Graham is now employed in the Allis- Chalmers Company maintenance department. They discovered him after he rebuilt his trac- tor in farm-shop and it ran like a top. lt spun round and round. john Howe, due to his experience in Arcadia, is the champion paper picker-upper. He can pickup more paper in an hour than the latest paper machine can. Nina Lewis has just won the Nobel Peace Prize for her outstanding work for the U. N. Carol Kieffer is now a research scientist at the University of Hoofersnoofer. She has just dis- Compliments of The Commercial Bank and Savings Co. Fostoria, Ohio covered how to make two chickens come out of one egg. Bill Peters has his own sending and receiving station on the planets of Mars and jupiter. LaVerne Snyder has just received his dis- charge from the Marine Corps with the high- est degrees possible, a four star general. joe Steyer has monopolized the fur coat indus- try. He is now selling fur coats with ready- made pockets. He crossbreeds minks with kangaroos. Arlene Walsh is now singing opera, "Grand Old Opera," that is. Mary Weaver is now a very famous pianist. She even writes her own melodies. Her latest release is "Head for the Round House, Mabel, He Can't Corner You There." Norman Lewis is busy raising pigeons. lt seems kinda funny, but the Arcadia F. F. A. Chapter has been winning the pest hunt pretty regularly here latley. jim Russell is raising his own wrestling team. Mary Dicken-Manager. Hilda Grine has been making the headlines with the spectacular record in stock car rac- ing. Carol Wolford is married to that Liberty kid and they live in a house trailer. For each new addition to the family they just add another little trailer. janet Nunn is now a fourth grade teacher. One day while lecturing on the different gov- ernments, she had just finished telling her pupils that we must get rid of "radicalism, socialism, and communism." Then a voice from the back of the room pipes up with, "Why not get rid of rheumatism too?" Carol Reid is the private secretary of the big- gest wheel of the many little wheels of the Chrysler Corp. Rosilyn Street has finally captured her Navy man and is now happily married. Harold Nye Kirk Milling Company Findlay, Ohio The future scientists lt isn't that funny Our music teacher Acrobats What is this? Lets' go 'round Why all the pigtails? The chief secretary A very busy man Housekeeper Director Handcuffed Laugh some, Bob Our dramatic teacher Girls at play I6 I7 I8 I9 20 2I 22. 23. 24. 25, 26. 27. 28. 29 The Arcadia Creamery Their first year Ain't we cute Vaughn's staff A cute couple The physicist The janitor in How's the picture going, Jerry The three Stooges How's the ice cream, Bill The cooks The mailing staff Charley's staff What's the assignment Armchair general his office Cash Buyers Cream 6' Eggs Phone 221 Arcadia, Ohio 9936 LASS 3 THE CL ocff OF YEARS' 7 6 5 6 9 Q 444, ll ' 1 10 2 9 3 4 Juniors "N STANDING: Ernestine Rice, Rita STANDING: David Corbin, James STANDING: Raymond Kuhn, Alan Grine. Woodward, Tom Bickel. Ryman, Robert Noel. SEATED: Geraldine King, Mary SEATED: Marilyn Walsh, Betty SEATED: Janet Shiley, Barbara Rader. Fruth. Good. President ........... ...... D avid Corbin Vice President .... ..... I im Woodward Secretary ........ ........ B etty Fruth Treasurer ..... ..... M arilyn Walsh Reporter ..... ...........................................,.............. T om Bickel Class Motto: Today Decides Tomorrow Class Flower: White Rose Class Colors: Maroon and White STANDING: William Diebley, STANDING: Lloyd Thomas, Ray- STANDING: Sonia Schofield, Ros- Larry Walsh, Ronald Stall. mond Lazenby, Gerald Marvin. ann Lenhart. SEATED: Ruth Ann Smith, Mary SEATED: Donna Bame, Gertrude SEATED: Pauline Cantrell, Ruth Ann Steyer. Marvin. Arnett. Sophomore Class 9. ,fall-Sm ABQ STANDING: Don Wonder, Karl Burns, Bill Switzer. SEATED: Lester Fruth, Joyce Walsh, Richard Ziessler. , 4,14 . 3 A L uf' 9' .if ,-Pftf I 4' STANDING: Glenn Monday, Ver- non Rice. SEATED: Dave Veliquette, Nor- man Emerine. 514-1 STANDING: Margie Harmon, Barbara Arnet, Sharyn Peters. SEATED: Laverne Shaull, Dennis Peters. STANDING: Brooks, Jack Eisaman. SEATED: Conley. Dale Barr, Max Pat Breyman, Patsy President Bill Switzer Vice President Leste r F ruth Sec reta ry loyce Walsh Treasurer Ka rl Bu rns Reporter Richard Ziessler Colors: Green and Gold Class Flower: Yellow Rose Class Motto: Work Will Win ...-El STANDING: Marlene Diebley, Marilyn Hawk, Janice Heinze. SEATED: Larry Crates, Frank Fogle. STANDING: Dean Kieffer, John Diebley, Bill Armbrecht. SEATED: Barbara Agnew, Dolores Campbell. if 4 M4 - '-s.. STANDING: Dorothy Parmenter. SEATED: Marlene Withrow, Dor- othy Monday. LQ STANDING: Raymond Eisaman, Jack Keegan, Merle Lieb. SEATED: Jane Van Driest, Bar- bara Peters. Freshmen STANDING: Da v i d Dreisbach, STANDING: Bob Farrell, Jim STANDING: Richard Kessler, Ray- Lester Bowman, David Cardwell. Hitchings, Arvid Weaver. mond Kessler. SEATED: Rella Collins, Pat Eisa- SEATED: Pat Reid, Roma Beam- SEATED: Pat King, Dan Kuhlman. man. er. President .......... ..... P at Binger Vice President ..... ....,...... B ill Good Secretary ........ ...... M argie Plesec Treasurer ....s ...... D avid Shiley Reporter ..... ...... G ene Snyder Class Motto: "The Horizon Widens As We Climb" Class Colors: Silver and Scarlet Class Fower: American Beauty Rose STANDING: Bill Good, Dave Shi- Iey, Gene Snyder, SEATED: Margie Plesec, Pat Bing- er. I 5 I In STANDING: Gene Switzer, Ralph STANDING: Marvin Boes, Otto STANDING: J e r ry Woodward, Kelley. Coffman. Tom Miller, Gene Lewis. SEATED: Torn Treece, Tom Miller. SEATED: Mildred Edwards, Rod- SEATED: Ellen Heinze, B 6 f T Y ABSENT: Rosalie Miller, Emma 'WY COVIIQY- Beme- Rice. Eighth Grade iss 1: C . I .- Q., ' ' W - ni fs I y , ,I K' Arg- H ., ' l ' .Z AXQ Qt , I, SS., 29 its: J K X "' C' ' K is .' 75. v' 3' 5- s ci- . , . C. X 4 -. , ww use Z. in , 1, -it t A fc it L R ' I if 5 Y C T i A 1 - lllfl kb K J V - K, ' X A L- 5 J 5 ' J . sg, " . . ' V l, Q - Q -. K l X , C i , ee-ft we K LADY v C X - X , - 1 id 5 s X ff f - :--E 1 S Q.. g C ' S JAH in l YB .' yt., x ,cs - f l 3 XS S A st: 'A : sv-if .sz R: we L Q.-Tl G Q 'N Lx N . llifl: . : fish J' ' B ' . . il 5 3 I Q q Q '- ll ll ' CY? 3 lt EY f Kc J t J ' T' .10 , - 6 x 'Rx J ,XA J' in-f ei-B. 5 X T T3-is S 5 . h . P ,sf rj? Q uk zqai ' 5 -7 ,, , , ,:.. Q gih Q x if y J , - K C .-we . 9 , f K, 1 A TOP ROW: Delbert Dan Dulgar, Nancy Gaertner. SECOND ROW: Paul man, Robert Beamer enbuhler, Clair Cook. , Rosemary Conine, Barbara Roth- Smith, Pauline Kish, Bobby Fox, FOURTH ROW: Betty Copsey, Albert Brondeberi y, Betty Keegan, Bonnie Minard, Gerald Minard, Bette Jo Switzer, Tom Springer, Jerald Harmon, Neva VanSant. FIFTH ROW: Scott Philo, Joyce Ritter, Howard Fruth, Gary Roth, Karen Greer, Marilyn Lazenby, Betty Blue. SIXTH ROW: Sue Ann Huffman, Audrey Walsh, Derol Peters, Shirley Brooks, Gene Eisa- THIRD RO : helby Broo harles Brant, Lou Ann Painter, J stin Emerine, Carol Treece, Betty Fox. Seever, A a Kessler, e Swartz, Gordon Frut , A E James Wonders. X U Martha Rob . A J, V? -gg, X x., f xx, 'J X X it ,tl 23 Seventh Grade Q J' , fi 1 J .4 Orff' lex V . 5 ' J 5 '15 'cf' f 'F' 'Fr' X g lb ,YS -1 t A 17-' Q Nw , Y M S. 6 . I A ' J'-z. igiix. 'il gf , F fu it TOP ROW: Leonard Snavely, Janice Ritter, Gene Des- grange, Diane Conley, Bobby Agnew, Donna Jacobs, Kenneth Boes, SECOND ROW: Ann Tesnow, James Walsh, Nancy King, James Grine aye Presler, L rry Ryman, Connie Jo Horner. 5 THIRD RO 695-obs le, on Hile, Tommy von Sant, Joyce Lieb, Mark P e c, Rose Turner, Bobby Steyer. 1' ' 4, , gr, 1' 1 J K' 4 w...,- tn , V - finv., f , 9 I- ' J i civil N , QQ' ,Q K , . I S , q Y ,W ri . i " 1 if ' V' 'J ' "" - ' E ' . X, if t . ,L V ig. WK if f vp. I . A L Q l ' ,,, , ' ' Nj i" ' A - 5 fl l " F FIFTH ROVv': Kenneth Lenhart, Ola Fae Rice, Von ' , Carol Monday, Howard Minard, Norma Jean Sha aul Grine. SIXT OW: Barbara Van Driest, Larry Die I y, aren pe an, Mary Coffman, Joan Reid, n hlmon, Binger. ENTH ROW: Sandra Russell, Janet I ud ass- n, Sharon Stall, Ceara Withrow. Collins, James Smith, Darlene Bricker, Lawrence Mond Ruth Ann Cobb. FOURTH ROW: Greta Armbrecht, Sonny Springer, Begg, ABSENT: Lindo Eisaman, Melanie Peters, en Zi sleri bien i . i1 'i Sixth Grade in A .We .NW , i .,.,, gg' f . 1 I, .1 Affinia all W. s I as i ll 2 W H' Q' Q we-, new "" x . as, VX li ...Nm 4 . fx X ' 73. in ajiyfbf TOP ROW: Lana Miller, James Farmer, Sue Ann Moore, James Ritter, Janice Lieb. SECOND ROW: Don Kirkendall, Susan Morrison, Gary Businger, Martha Lewis, Charles Groth. THIRD ROW: Joe Woodward, Shirley Nunn, Terry Good, Pamela McGough, Dallas Critchet. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Bowman, queline DesGranges, Leroy Huff, lmas Barnes. FIFTH ROW: Ralph Lazenby, Marilyn Rainey, Gary Armbrecht, Darlene Shaull, Gene Moore. Gary Stillberger, Jac- Sixth Grade 4 S! "' S x , x Q : 4 , Aww 3' 'S Q J' C el f1iP'4"" Q me , be dnlltri iff'-fx Y' 'SEZ 'W' iw- '90 iff: rf, J 2 if rt MQ X ,R .avg f' 3 X' 3' , C :iii Q71 Fl Nw anim..- 'Q ' QE il. Q C : 'is 1 ' :,. :-i:.i . TESL.. 3 - TOP ROW: Joe Anne Moore, Carolyn Marvin, Sonny Marilyn Frankart, Carl Fox. Miller, Sharon Hengsteler, Ronnie Vitt, Larry Leonard. FOURTH ROW: Naomi Fruth, Louis Kish, Nancy Cole SECOND ROW: Gerald Kessler, Mildred Noel, Ronnie Larry Binger, Ellen Grine. Cobb Sharon Dillery, Patricia Arnet. Q FIFITH ROW: James Harmon, Judy Wonder, Dick Con THIRD ROW: Larry Noel, Janet Noel, Ronnie Reuter, ine, Judy Conley, Melvin Brooks. Fifth Grade 5' - fi -:i ,-.A . 'aw e N- K' 'S sd S x ' '53 gf , it A Xe L it 1 is A .a:, c :lk 7, is., 1 ev ' ,r g a. faux I V, A , A Q ir- or t ers., C t F ,fe il , : X L . au. A gb A-"' .' - S Q 1 1-Q K C F' K T E9 S 4-f . k ,fi .X,,.. X ,, i - , Q ' 5 V "' J' 'Q I K 'C K F4 1 . l f 1- Q to M as . .. ff- Df f- U L K : D. . g 1. g x- x g,,,x t be ' , i X ' S ' hs 'X i :Q . F ll QL F vs. Q Q . ,.- 1 5 31 ' -V ' ,Q 15 tier , sf ' K J-E. 'S ' X i UL" --i t 41, "N ,fx K, V . ", . lg -5 ape- s I Q , ai. t Q51 XJ' Ig A. 5' . if-it , F' : 3 T' - 5... L5 1? ' Z: .- - , " 5 F A ,x xl ' Q A , Q y 'Q i A4154 x K b " Q x - f J ., h A .V -hs -W N: "EF .K V Q '5 E .E 4' 5 153452114 . li gf ,X .Q A fl A A V TOP ROW: Janis Anderson, Mary Lou Rothenbuhler, Melinda Good, Jan Snyder, Eddie Cardwell, John Peters, Rosemary Perkins, Janice Tesnow. SECOND ROW: Darrel Ritter, Charlotte Wickiser, Michael Crawford, Paula Huyserman, Nancy Ziessler, Duane Steyer, Judy Elsea. THIRD ROW: Norma Switzer, David Minard, Vickie Sue Horner, Dale Fax, Sandra Noel, Paul Brandeberry, Doris Ann Sherman. FOURTH ROW: David Bowman, Ann Graumlich, Sammy Leonard, Rose Ann Swartz, Kenneth Noller, Carole Bishop, Billy Martin. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Snavely, Kenneth Fairchild, Patty Cole, Tommy Thomas, Thora Withrow, Sammy Moyer, Mary Lou Veliquette. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Hill, Betty Bowman, Gary Craw- ford, Marilyn Brant, Glen Wedge, Margaret Lazenby, Roger Tanner. ABSENT: Harold King, James Fairchild. N: '5 .I Lx iii ,us V . ia. X b. of J Fourth Grade 5, sr iq- '97- K s, 91. I 3,.,,r Q ' Fl' f , I 1257 at 1 L I EEQ ' ' ,:.,,.fs' ' - .K i if , ' 5 I in ig ' IL- ' ' M 'T V ' ' 3. "' IN , I ,fix , . '5't" .M r' ' ' 'M 'TP' 5' Q 1 ' .,, tw-vftf ' -' iii! .iii I bf I!! l, 'Ds ' V . - A ,km K L. A - A Aan V AAV. , lj , . ..h AA , ' , ,em lf' ' -- , - I I I X - ,arg xhcgc. . to 5 A lsxl' .K I "' Q. I WN..- l A ' 5 I ' f iw:-,' ai! 8v',. .-mr. ....: u O , I 5 I . I 'Di' Qt . 5... , ia- 1, S 8 f- -I e ee I -T so , s r + T.. ,. L S F ' ss , Q I ' X, , g i 1 9 . TOP ROW: chet, Dian John Smith SECOND ROW: Galen Roth, Gary Frankhart, Lawrence Swartz, Mary Ann Thomas, Karen Fox, Nancy Good. THIRD ROW: Rhoda Perkins, Patty Farmer, Sondra Springer, Lonnie Springer, Joe Zorate, Gary Switzer. Ted Garret, Sandra Monday, Barbara Crit- Stillberger, Danny Harmon, Steven Adler, I FOURTH ROW: Mike King, Larry Monday, Dennis King, David Blauvelt, Dick Gassmon, David Fruth. FIFTH ROW: Gene Huff, John Loth, John Cramer, Patricia Peters, Lindo Fox, Diana Ritter. SIXTH ROW: Sharon Boker, June Bishop, Patty Leonard, Dennis Greer, Danny Dutton, Dick Nolan. ABSENT: Larry McGough, Billy Collins, Guadalupe Flores. Third Grade 1 mix kt ll ,jg . ' V I , Q- +1 f i : 'Lf' .. , - K as L Q 3 mg. T ..'7LVV A A J W . . ig A , wg- R? . xg , , . :LN-n-we N M , ...,..,. Rx S: Q .. iQ 4 ,i . W '41 mx: itrrv ,-rf ll u '-P np, Q, .E g,,' i if sf We il 'K Q, . W' X., i Wen- A 'r , ., ' - . L - W xx ff i i'h+et4A' -Ii r S AL ? 1 vs . K . .k t ,.nci,-5.5 8 - g TOP ROW: James Fruth, Gerald Lewis, Lana Jo Wise- ley, Duane Hile, Maxine Good. SECOND ROW: John Grossman, Gerald Desgranges, Dennis Bruce, Kenneth Turner, Karen Morrison THIRD ROW: Bobbie Hill, Richard Steyer, Joanhe Eisa- rnan, Nancy Carman, Kay Nickelson. FOURTH ROW: David Groth, Lou Ellen Russell, Doris Treece, Glenn Farmer, Kathleen Stafford. FIFTH ROW: Martha Peters, David Mellott, Barbara Noel, Janet Kuhlrnan, Nancy Anderson, ABSENT: Allen Huffman, Lee Ann Brandeberry. Third Grade if ,..., . . E , N' B3 6 il A 4 V6-B RT H Q? A , L X V f A 0 Q ..- 1 is 4 Q My 1 ,- T AL' r f'X!'2fZ- :nf , xt, IQ- Jeff , ' V if - i ,U-1 . uf SMQQ F ri 'ff Wi T' f - h3i3zr1'45E'35MJfEr:b.5. TOP ROW: Thomas Pessell, Kay Presler, Dennis Shiley, Donald Dreisbach, Martha George. SECOND ROW: George Fruth, Marilyn Hile, Thomas Fox, Mary Loth, Larry Cole. THIRD ROW: Jane Nichols, Michael Leonard, Carol Miller, Robert Colman, Harold Dillery. er -41 'Fir f, F i I "'. nm , ,GA , - -in ,. 'ia' in " .' , I 3, .X ia", - if K ,.. 1 sg. L --1--r is s-W fx 1 - . , . ii , N J T h ff r ll I fl X r r riiliiifir, I X- - L 4 hh in L, posit. 'jgllj sz, fx ::.-:I Stu nz FOURTH ROW: Henry Vackert, Thomas Noel, Patricia Hummel, Billy Minard, Lowell Fairchild. K FIFTH ROW: Bonnie Thomas, Larry Bash, Paula Rein- hard, Dale Bowman, Dwight Roether. ABSENT: Tommy Notale, Ray Wonder. at ' if 'Q 'Y- S , " 351 as Q O Second Grade . 3 . E Q: ,ff E- l to 0 I e 'ft 1 I Ybrrv T - 'vm "' he 5, K fi 'Cro' ,,-H. . ,. X.. , Gi 'fir'-t-, .. ,Ha Q 1 , ' ff "'5'if-1- e. Q i i ' i rs is sf 'via it " 199' 5 l 'ww y' 1. f , K - Qt- gi. f . is . Q , . we-fi N X l M 5' N' KG fi xiwi f .. -i - -f 'rib L- x A 'Q " -if 53 ff . f -a-ffsffsssffffzpf .'.' ff: ' ,bfi t : F X , i s ' el ef- rg ,. S gf - I A TOP ROW: Stewart King, Barbara Binger, Jerald Goss- Fairchild, Vickie Doll, Charles Cole. man, Jeannie Waggoner, Thomas Moyer. FOURTH ROW: Rosemarv Nolan, Richard Crawford, SECOND ROW: Susan Swartz, Douglas Rodus, Susan Sara Sherman, Glenna Farmer, Ronald Edwards. Fox, Michael Haughawout, Carol Sue Ritter. FIFTH ROW: Diane King, Mary Alice Hartman, Sandro THIRD ROW: Billy Ebersole, Zuelma Marquez, Paul Breyman. 'X N I lvl' 5 ' xx p 1,1 Second Grade K. 4 he , i fl" lc ' ' Q X .tics I 7 ly ff- X as 'J ,, l ' 1 he i"vl?5"i'1Xg1 1 , ,gm 1 . K 4 A I K wg 55 4 M eu, .. ' 1 f x I A A K fi. , We Q . , ,Q , xg 7 K ' 4 A . ll ilk ' . ., S17 if-Q - ,S x R K kr ll f l Q, 5 " if Y he-X7 T in-r - -a-.. Y 5 i 9' J' if hw- S K ,ii ve.-ff T' is ' , . - ,, T: fig: mx ii' 11:11 ,ga in it J' 55-U i rm .. T-aw' i . 'fi is if ,- b 'lf Q. . 2 I 7 i .na L , . Q. , j 9 , M 'Gr' 3 L " ' V 'Shu i V 'J - H . 'WT KK-V4 gg Af l 55. ,JS , . . Q L., J sf-5. 5-img , f1 , fl , ' .' . W Q' K Y -fr 4: 5 T L Q' W' , K I T551-,lrwk , ,-- bl xi A1 AUQQK . Q- Q lr.gm1f., Y iv . , F g TOP ROW: Jan Moore, Martha Weaver, Larry Thomas, Lois Snyder, Bobby Peters. SECOND ROW: Sandra McEntire, Paul Huff, Jean Thomas, Jimmy Chapman, Sharon Frankart. THIRD ROW: Eugene Margraf, Annabelle Swartz, Arthur Armbrechf, Grenda Roth, Lonnie Greer. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Jacobs, David Baker, Rita Emerine, Bobby Leonard, Eleda Zarate. FIFTH ROW: Tommy Farmer, Sherry Cook, Paul Cole, Michael Brandeberry. First Grade ' ,.,.vw Q : X Q, : Nf'f,? Qs ,Ye Q i g i f n rl X ,. ifsgkirf i f A dt' Us - X l X Q Y 'T T if 5:97 l pf'Us""! "900ooo4, . U 6' 1- 'bpd' it wr 'C.".. if iw-Q' ... RJ iffx X 'BP 8. Q S. t L Q4 X . mu rf L- K- ' -A fd ' Q. Xgqq , " -"""-"S" -N- .- Q -..-:'...-.w..-..:-..,-Q... 3. ." ,.--......i, ,: ,. ., '- ,Y K -K:-. , - ,T X Q vi. Q3 'W' r , A X in jf 551. 'g,.x -5- t gg .. , I e N " ' R ll 'il s-. V s X B I 5 Ag Y 1 ' N , f I LI S. X i i Y Xf T ,,. ' sw - Ts' 5 . T 'ii N , i K Q , - 55:1 --M . VX l ui- .- if : .i n T 3 ffizgftml :fm : if ffl- , ii ., . K an in ' Q ' X M-3 x , S--'M' T T X H was N . TOP ROW: Gary Moore, Linda Thomas, Ernest Zarate, Barbara Blake, Richard Stafford, Eulalia Emerine. SECOND ROW: Barbara Nesbitt, Ronald Beach, Diana Swartz, Thomas McEntire, Ronald Kendall, Carol Seever. THIRD ROW: Daniel Noel, Constance Fisher, Roger Good, Beth Peters, Robert Smith, Peter Haughawout. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Moyer, Lamar Miller, Kathleen Berger, Clearence Turner, Royetta Desgrangc, Larry Bowman. FIFTH ROW: Susan Vitt, Marion Crawford, Marlene Steyer, Raymond Reinhard. SlXTH ROW: Peggy Garrett, Donald Nocl, Deborah Bur- kett. ABSENT: Michael Bame, Stephen Huffman. First Grade s . F 5 I , Q, m, f , , e "" ST' hu F, 5'-4' wa. 1 yr Q. . ,L 4 ,V LS X, Q, X QL- V ' rl, ' A f G . D' f 'M 'ff--44'-!"'l , li, " .espn 4 ' S A , HM , slr uf X -if .Lui F ii' D if. .. ' vs. , v. f' ,gg-V, ' I M 'W' " 4 .M S 4. L, .w 'sf . 2' Sf- e e '-f , 1 , sz:-ff, 454' all , V K h j. Q , xnr, Q -:N 1 H K i?" 'fi' i'-if . ii '-it l M W , ' 1. mir I me qw-M V Qu V ' :is - fn , ' , I " - it A. i l ex., i, Q W' A - - k,,f.N 1: 'fi A . Q "" :r 2 ',i I' Q , s L.-X Q T ,fn . , 49, si! 'sl'-4 3 i f Hi V T" lla: "1 Q ig: .ng 1? f , y cgi! M 'fa sf' ' "'f I Q? 'S 8 ' L., ,- A ai :zb L ' , Y ,jeg ' "' ' p T e - it , 5, . few. it , ' E , W kkkv E LLLL , ""?i '. we S TOP ROW: David Hengsteler, Nancy Morrison, James Burkett, Elizabeth Cobb, Kenneth Howell, Sue Knepper. SECOND ROW: Sharon Nickelson, Frank Long, Mary Ann Moyer, Richard Mcrgrof, Cathy Quinn, William Carman. THIRD ROW: Robert Vackert, Mary Jone Good, Glen Brandeberry, Linda Dutton, Lanny Boes, Rebecca Groth. FOURTH ROW: Luona Sherman, John Long, Susan Car- penter, Fred Tesnow, Dorene Brandeberry, Dennis Crit- chet. FIFTH ROW: Loretto Mellott, Brad Russell, Yvonne Nunn, Daryl Jacobs. SIXTH ROW: David Snavely, Bonnie Barnes, Jerry Tona Steven Bishop. ABSENT: Wanda Fairchild. It uulerga rten "-C. M , , ,. , 'E - ' . an s 4. 'vi H 'M I X , T N 1 C R T fs it - ah R CHI' Y'- h'f'l c'1s" N183 li J lg l i V .J is ,- W 1 ri Qs.. QQIZJX 3 t Z., I -0 AJ, ' - r I 1 i l 'C l Lf' ,ws l A 7 if r - S ll F . Nu- sme ,V iq FIRST ROW Alice Beamer Randy Russell Thana Jo Hartranft, Galen Bruce, Tierney Conrad. FOURTH ROW: Richard Grossman, Sue Ellen Clymer, SECOND ROW Todd Vitt Janice Moore Steven Bran- Tom Janeson, Kristine Wentworth, Craig Chapman. FIFTH ROW: Rebecca Perkins, Steven Mellott, Lucy THIRD ROW Jacqueline Lantz Tim Hartman Rebecca Swartz, Sheila Ford. American Junior Red Cross if 01-ll fi.. N1 STANDING: David Fruth, Paul Peters, Bill Armbrecht, Pat Reid, Gertrude Marvin, Pat Butler, Audrey Walsh, Darlene Bricker, Gene Snyder, Mr. Groth, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Rhoda Perkins, Betty Bowman, Nancy Anderson, Paula Reinhard, Dale Bowman, Duane Hilersxxx This year the Junior Red Cross carried on another successful year under the supervision of Mr. Charley Groth and the two student leaders, Pot Butler and Bill Armbrecht. Each class was represented by one or two members. These representatives packed boxes for their class to send overseas for Christmas. Upon payment of any small donation each person received a pin or a member- ship card. During the summer we carried on a drive to raise funds for the tornado victims in the vicinity. This drive was successful. Grenda X . ,lil Joe Woodward, Joe Anne Moore Marlene Steyer, Mickey Crawford, John Peters, Becky Groth, Diane Tommy Moyer. We are hoping to have more successful years in the future. Our school library was remodeled to provide a large reading room this year. The purpose of this was to fur- nish a place for reference work. The room was equipped with choirs ond two large tables, a librarian's desk, and proper lighting. The library staff consisted of five Seniors: Carol Reid, Mary Weaver, Pat Butler, Carol Kieffer, and Janet Nunn. The four Juniors were Ronald Stall, Tom Bickel, David Corbin, and James Woodward. Mrs. Sharninghouse was the teacher-librarian. Pat Butler was her assistant. Library .1 N Ward Stock Yard Findlay Road Phone 4600 Fostoria, Ohio ja 'ga Swift and Company Soybean Mill Fostoria, Ohio SPQRTS ci 7 ACT! ITIES gm M f if HA L FFA ..-,,O M E 5' f' cfszwcz D521 CLUB S Student Council The Student Council is composed of six- teen members-two from each of the upper four grades, two from F. H, A., two from F. F. A., two from Varsity "A", and two new mem- bers representing the G. A. A. The i954 Student Council officers are: president, joe Steyer, vice president, Barbara Good, secretary-treasurer, Sharyn Peters, re- porter, Margie Plesec, The work of the organization this year con- sisted of sponsoring dances after football and basketball games, arranging th e annual homecoming celebration, organizing an as- sembly program to interpret the purpose and the function of the S dent Council, and car- A rying out our annual project, which is CARE. As the highlight of the Homecoming, the Queen, Carol Reid, elected by the Student body, was crowned by the football captain, Harold Nye. This event took place during the half-time of the Van Buren and Arcadia football game. Also the Student Council supervised the election of the Queen to reign over the Ses- quicentennial and Halloween celebration. Pat Butler was the girl chosen by the popular vote of the students. Arrangements were made for the annual Spring Prom, held in May with music furnish- ed by a professional orchestra. Hnday Ohm RepubHcan Conner VVFIN l33O-KC VVFH4-HM IOCLS AAC Junior Play . 5 fig! ji Q ffg' 1, . A Q S T 4 fe S A .Nil The Junior Class presented the play "SO Very Young" April 2, l95-l. lt was a comedy in which eighteen-year-old Ann shocks her parents by announcing that she will be married next Wednesday. How the family tries to stall the marriage forms the plot for the play. Ann's father, having a love for flowers and bulbs, wants very much to meet Mr. A. Albert Monroe, a mill- ionaire bulb grower, to show him a blueprint of his idea for a bulb garden and get financial aid in bringing his plan into effect. The surprise that Mr. Chambers then receives when he finds that Uncle Arch, about whom Ann spoke so often, is really A. Albert Monroe. The cast included Janet Shiley, Bill Dicbley, Gertrude Marvin, Raymond Kuhn, Barbara Good, Tom Bickel, Betty Fruth, Sonia Schofield, Mary Steyer, and Jim Woodward. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sharn- inghouse with Gerald Marvin and Ronald Stall as student directors. I 1 The stage managers were Bob Noel, Alan yrrian, Raymond Lazenby, Lloyd Thomas, and Larry ,alshf l . , ffflf! T 1 National Honor Society l STANDING: Donna Bame, Gertrude Marvin, Ronald SEATED: Sonia Schofield, Bill Peters, Mrs. Oberholtzer, Stall, Bob Noel, David Corbin, Betty Fruth, Janet Sponsor, Mary Weaver, Mary Steyer. Shiley. Membership in the National Honor Society is attain- ed by excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The records and achievements of the Juniors and Seniors are reviewed by a committee of the faculty and if qualifications are met the students are recom- mended for membership in the Hancock County chapter of the National Honor Society. The Senior members are Bill Peters and Mary Weaver. The advisor is Mrs. Oberholtzer. The Hancock County Chapter has two social meetings per year and the annual spring banquet, at which the new members are initiated. Science Club STANDING: Lloyd Thomas, Bob Graham, Alan Ryman, SEATED: Lewis Campbell, Tom Bickel, Jim Woodward, John Howe, Raymond Kuhn, Raymond Lazenby, Bob Noel, Bill Diebley, Dennis Peters, Larry Walsh, The Science Club was organized this year for the purpose of helping pupils to further their knowledge in the field of science. lt was operated on the project basis with a person or a number of persons having a project. The club's officers were Bill Peters, president, Bill Bill Peters, Bill Switzer, Mr. Davies, Sponsor. Switzer, vice-president, lim Woodward, re- porter. Because there were no clues or min- utes taken there was no secretary-treasurer. Anyone in the upper three grades interested in science subjects beyond the classroom was eligible for membership in the club. F. II. A. .t,-e,,.,, A-...x x,gRX59-P HU EMMTQQS X mmm dp, D F AMERICA FRONT ROW: Barbara Peters, Jane Von Driest, Janice Heinze, Shoryn Peters, Mrs. Wykoff, Barbara Arnet, Dolores Campbell. MIDDLE ROW: Betty Bame, Pat Reid, Patty King, Rella Collins, Ellen l-leinze, Barbara Agnew, Margie Harmon, The Basket Market Groceries Meats Dry Goods Shoes Phone ZO7 Arcadia, Ohio Marlene Withrow, Dorothy Monday, Marlene Diebley, Joyce Walsh. BACK ROW: Pot Eisaman, Patty Binger, Roma Beam- er, Emma Rice, Rosalie Miller, Mildred Edwards, Country Market West on Route 224 Findlay, Ohio Meats-Groceries General Merchandise FHA - gg--. ,,.,,...,, E E HDMEM FRONT ROW: Barbara Good, Carol Kieffer, Gertrude Marvin, Patty Breyman, Mary Steyer, Patsy Conley, Betty Fruth, Marilyn Walsh. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Weaver, Carol Reid, Rita Grine, Sonia Schofield, Ruth Ann Smith, Mrs. Wykoff, Arlene The officers of the F. H. A. this year were: president, Mary Steyer, vice president, Carol Kieffer, secretary, Betty Fruth, treasurer, Ger- trude Marvin, parliamentarian, Marilyn Walsh, historian, Patsy Conley, song leader, Pat Breyman, reporter, Barbara Good. Carol Kieffer was the Bi-County treasurer. Mrs. Vir- ginia Wykoff was our sponsor again this year. The first of our activities of the year was the State Convention in the month of june. There were four members from our chapter who attended. At this convention Sonia Scho- field was elected to attend the National Con- vention at Columbus in july. The F. H. A. has different degrees which The Seneca Lumber and Millwork Dependable Lumber Quality Millwork AMERICA Walsh, Carolyn Clark, Hilda Grine, Janet Nunn, Janet Shiley, Rosann Lenhart. BACK ROW: Margie Plesec, Mary Rader, Ernestine Rice, Geraldine King, Sharlet Cook, Ruth Arnett, Carol Wol- ford, Donna Bame. they award to girls for their work. This year twelve Freshman members were awarded the first, or junior, degree. Twelve Sophomore members were awarder the second, or Chapter, degree. Two Bi-County meetings were again held this year. The first meeting was at Van Buren in October. The second one was held at Liberty in March. As a final act of the year, the F. H. A. mem- bers honored their Mothers at a Mother- Daughter Banquet on April IO. Now once more the F. H. A. has completed a successful year and we face the future with warm cour- age and high hope. J. B. Basehore and Company Coal, Builders Supplies and Septic Fostoria, Ohio Tanks 3l2 East Center St. Phone 6667 Fostoria, Ohio Arcadia F. F. A. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Knight, Norman Lewis, Bob Graham, David Corbin, Carol Kieffer, Chapter Sweetheart, Joe Steyer, Bill Dieblev, Alan Ryman. SECOND ROW: Merle Lieb, Lloyd Thomas, Dale Barr, Dean Kieffer, Karl Burns, LaVerne Shaull, Ralph Kelley, Gene Switzer, Gerald Marvin, Larry Walsh, Otto Coff- The Arcadia F. F. A. Chapter completed the year with thirty-four active members. The Chapter officers this year were: presi- dent, joe Steyer, vice-president, David Corbin, secretary, Norman Lewis, treasurer, Bob Gra- ham, reporter, Bill Diebley, sentinel, Alan Ryman, and advisor, Mr. Knight. The Arcadia F. F. A. Chapter entered con- tests at the State F, F. A. Convention. Harold Nye was third in Farm Power, David Corbin fifth in Shop Construction, Lloyd Thomas was tenth in judging beef cattle. Our two delegates for the National F. F. A. Convention at Kansas City were Norman Lewis and Alan Ryman. Carl Graham drove this group to the convention and observed the granting of the American Farmer Degree which he received two years ago. Bob Good and jim Steyer received State Farmer Degrees last year at the State Convention. The Chapter also received the Gold Medal man, Arvid Weaver. FIRST ROW: Larry Crates, Norman Emerine, Danny Kuhlman, Glenn Monday, Marvin Bocs, Ray Lazenby, Ralph Brooks, Glen Fruth, Max Brooks, Tommy Treece, Jerry Woodward, Gene Lewis, Bill Good, John Diebley. for Parliamentary Procedure forthe sixth con- secutive year. Gerald Marvin won the county public speak- ing contest and also received the silver award in the district. David Corbin, loe Steyer and Bob Graham attended Camp Muskingum, the State F ,F, A. Camp. David Corbin was chosen chapter lead- er at the camp that week. Bob Graham and Gerald Marvin also pro- duced ton litters this year. Bob Graham won first place in the County Sheep judging Con- test sponsored by the County Agriculture Teachers Association. . The Chapter won the county pest hunt and later planned a scrap drive. The Chapter had a soft ball and basketball team which compet- ed with other F. F. A. chapter teams in the county. The Chapter entertained the parents at the annual Parent-and-Son banquet. Jackson Furniture Stores 3ll S. Main 320 N. Main Findlay, Ohio Ch 0 ir The high school choir was the largest in the history of the school, It was composed ot fittyetivc members. They presented their annual Christmas pro- gram. Some of our members participated in the Girlie ffm 'inn Nah all-county choir at the annual music festival at Cory-Rawson School on january 23. This group participated in the Variety Show which was produced in the spring by the high school students, The proceeds went into the Music Fund. Glue 3353 Ci ' an if The C1irl's Glee Club is an organization for all high school girls who wish to participate in musical activities. This year they have sung for the Dedication Service of the new building and Baccalaureate. Some members ot the group were chosen to take part in the County Music Festival. Some of their favorite songs were "Moonlight Bay" and "Deep Purple." The girls rehearsed twice a week under the direction ot Mr. Pittenger and were accom- panied by Carol Reid. Compliments of Atlas Crankshaft Inc. Fostoria, Ohio Senior Play This year the senior class presented the play "Our Miss Brooks," a comedy in three acts. The play is centered around Miss Brooks, an English teacher who was the main character in the play. lt takes place in the high school where she teaches and shows the trying times a teacher has in directing a play. The play, under the direction ot Mrs. Sharninghouse and Nina Lewis, student di- rector, proved to be a success. Cast Miss Brooks .............,,.,,..,,ss,s...... Sharlet Cook Mr. Wadsworth ,,.......,s.s,,. ..,.... I ohn Howe Hugo Longacre .,.,... .....,. j oe Steyer Evans Typewriter Company Royal Typewriters and Business Machines Fincllay, Ohio Miss Finch ,,..,....,....,s........,.,,,. .Arlene Walsh .....Hilda Grine Miss Audubon ........ .... Ted ,....,................ ..jerry Gaertner ...Mary Weaver jane .................. .... Rhonda .......... Elsie ............. Stanley ...... Martin ...... Sylvia ........ Elaine ....... Doris ......... Marge ....... Faith ...... ........ ...... ......lanet Nunn Mrs. Allen ........ ...... .......Carolyn Clark ...........Carol Reid l.aVerne Snyder .....Bob Graham ........Pat Butler ..Rosilyn Street ......Carol Kietter ...Mary Dicken ......Carol Wolford Senior Trio The Senior Trio was organized this year. They have sung in the Chistmas program and the assem- bly programs, They competed in the county music contest. They met once a week. Pat Butler, Carol Reid, Arlcnc Walsh Mary 540-l-Sli, accompanist WNQVQV Ensembles lunior Ensemble Sophomore Ensemble ,ef Q sg - it Kgs .F STANDING: Betty Fruth, Barbara Good, Geraldine King, STANDING: Jane Van Driest, Patsy Conley, Barbara Ruth Ann Smith, Sonia Schofield, Mary Ann Steyer, Peters, Pat Breyman, Janice ze, Sharyn Peters, Janet Shiley, Rita Grine. Marlene Diebley, Margie Har n. SEATED: Donna Bame. SEATED: Barbara Agnewsb Girls representing the Freshman, Sopho- They sang a variety of songs which included more and junior classes took part in the high popular and spiritual. The girls took part in school ensembles, The ensembles consisted the assemblies and the variety show which WGS of seven or nine girls. They met once a week held in the spring. They entered the County under direction of Mr. William Pittenger. Audition which was held in March. Freshman Ensemble STANDING: Pat Binger, Margie Plesec, Patty King, Pat Reid, Betty Bame, Pat Eisaman. SEATED: Roma Beamer. Harrold Funeral Home Payne Brothers' Greenhouse 3Ol West Tiffin Street South Union Fostoria Phone 771 l Fostoria, Ohio North Sandusky Street Tiffin lland FIRST ROW: Patsy Conley, Janice Heinze, Rosemary Conine, Pat Reid, Joyce Ritter. SECOND ROW: Susan Morrison, Sandra Russell, Connie Jo Horner, Greta Armbrecht, Bobby Steyer, Don Kirken- doll, Gary Armbrecht, Judy Gassman, Linda Eisaman, Barbara Van Driest, Darlene Bricker, Nancy Kuhlman. THIRD ROW: Barbara Good, Janet Shiley, Patty Binger, Roma Beamer, Ceara Withrow, Faye Pressler, Carol Treece, Pat Eisoman, Derol Painter, Bobby Agnew, David The Marching Band played two days for the Hancock County Fair. The band played and marched at every football game during the football season. We marched and played in the parade of bonds at the Hallowe'en celebration at Fos- toria. Our band also played for the dedication of our new school building which was held in December. Several members of our band were given the opportunity of playing with the All-County Band which played during the County Music Festival, january 30. Participating members were janet Shiley, Gertrude Marvin, Margie Trout Furniture Co. 508 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio Cardwell. FOURTH ROW: Patty King, Bobby Beamer, Justin Em- erine, Ellen Heinze, Bette Jo Switzer, Betty Fox, Barbara Agnew, Marlene Diebley, Margie Plesec, Ron Stahl, Mr. Pittenger, Sally Binger. FIFTH ROW: Gene Snyder, Bill Armbrecht, Joan Reid, Karen Spearman, Bill Switzer, Norman Emerine, Von Bishop, Kenny Boes, Jane Van Driest, Barbara Peters, Marilyn Hawk. Plesec, Gene Snyder, jane Van Driest, Bill Armbrecht, Bill Switzer, Bette Switzer, Barb- ara Agnew, Patty Eisaman, Marilyn Hawk, and David Cardwell. As a group our band participated in the county auditions held at McComb School. This was our first year to make an appearance for the auditions. Much value is received by every band member who attends these audi- tions. The performance of our Drum Major and Majorettes was very stunning during our per- formance for the football games. We proud to have such a fine group of peop marching in front of our band. Hancock Hybrids Inc. Certified Seeds-Seed Corn Wheat-Oats-Soy Beans Findlay, Ohio l. Seniors 7. Dribble it, John'?Q 2. Sideline Strategy 6. Que-en's Court 3. What's next 9. Watch 'em, Verne 4. Queen Carol lO. Our Cheerleaders 5. Action, or Pose? ll. Queen and her attendants 6. Shoot Acelsoug-Vv.L IZ. Two points Congratulations to the Class of "54" Congratulations to the Class of "Srl Hoffman's Buckeye S-rages, Inc. Arcadia, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio G. A. A. The G. A. A. is a newly farmed athletic organization for any girl in high school who wishes to participate in Sports. Officers elected for the '53-'54 year were: President ,,,., ., , ,,,,, ,....,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, M a ry Weaver Vice President , ,,,,,,,,,.. .. ...... ,,.,..,,,, M ary Ann Steyer Secretary-Treasurer .,.., ,,.... B arbara Arnet Reporter , ,,,,,,,.,.,,,, ,,,, , , , ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Margie l-larrnon Sponsor The colors of the club are blue and whitej the flower is the white Carnation. Throughout the year, the group played basketball against other schools in the county and had a very successful year, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,c,, Mrs. Oberholtzer Varsity "A " et is .. ki sg? Far . 'R sl ., -5 i The Varsity "A" Club was organized only two years ago with the idea of promoting and improving the ath- letics at Arcadia. lts membership included both letter- men of basketball and football. The officers are: President ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.... , ,, Harold Nye Nye Implement Company, Inc. Frigidaire and International Harvester Farm Equipment l49 East South Street Fostoria, Ohio Ni be is . -sqft? Q ilgiff 1 ijisw.. X 3 Vice President ,, ,,,,,, .,,,., ,,,, l. a Verne Snyder Secretary-Treasurer , . .,,,,,, Jerry Gaertner Reporter , ,,,,,,A,,,,,,,, , ,, ,,,,,,, , ,,,, Bob Farrell Student Council ,,,, Joe Steyer and Bill Diebley Advisor .,.. ,, , , Adrian Hanes Compliments of National Automotive Fibers Inc. Findlay, Ohio 5 Varsity Cheerleaders The five girls chosen as cheerleaders for the l953-54 year by the student body were: Carol Kieffer, janet Shiley, Barbara Good, Marilyn Hawk, and Pat Reid. lt is the duty of these girls to lead the yells at the football and basketball games. Some of their favorite yells were: W-I-N, TE-AM, Boom-Chika- Boom, and Hey Team. Carol Kieffer Pat Reid Marilyn Hawk Barbara Good Janet Shiley Junior High Cheerleaders Five junior High Cheerleaders were chosen from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. The girls who won by popular vote were Margie Plesec, Pat Binger, Roesmary Canine, Sally Binger, and loan Reid. The girls were present at all the games to lead the student body in yells. Their favorite yells were: With an "A", We're Gonna F-I-GHT, Yea Blue, and Clap Your Hands. Sally Binger Pat Binger Margie Plesec Joan Reid Rosemary Conine Hughes Cleaners l I2 W. Front St. 7Ol Howard St. Findlay, Ohio The M. D. Neff Lumber Co. Quality Lumber and Millwork Phone 7 Findlay, Ohio 49 ver , .-- ,. v. Football BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Slough, Assistant Coach, Bill Swit- zer, Bill Diebley, John Howe, Lewis Campbell, Harold Nye, Jerry Gaertner, Joe Steyer, LaVerne Snyder, Mr. Hanes, Coach. SECOND ROW: Gene Eisaman, Dick Ziessler, Bill Arm- brecht, Raymond Lazenby, Jim Woodward, Bob Noel, The first game of the season was at Cory- Rawson. Although the boys fought a slow arld hard battle, Cory-Rawson was victorious 47-O. Mt. Blanchard was another struggling battle and again we were defeated 37-6. Very determined to make a comeback in the Liberty game, Arcadia marched off the field a 37-7 victor. We lost our next game 37-O to Arlington, the county champs in football in l953. After holding Vanlue to a scoreless first half, our opponents broke away in the third quarter and defeated us 26-O. ln the McComb game we were looking at Clifford E. Snyder Ford Service General Repairing Marathon Gas and Oil Arcadia, Ohio i Dean Kieffer, Bill Good, Jerry Woodward, LaVerne Shaull, David Dreisbach, Manager. THIRD ROW: Jack Eisaman, Lester Bowman, Norman Emerine, Max Brooks, Tom Treece, Jim Hitchings, Gene Switzer, Dave Shiley, Arvid Weaver, Larry Crates, Ralph Kelley, Bob Farrell. victory with a 6-O lead at the start of the fourth quarter. It was snatched from us when Mc- comb scored a touchdown and converted the extra point. Final score: 7-6. We were off to a good start in the first half of our homecoming game with Van Buren- three touchdowns to their one. But we stead- ily lost ground in the battle of the second half and were defeated 20-I9. The Senior boys who played their last high school football, lead by Harold Nye, captain, were LaVerne Snyder, Lewis Campbell, joe Steyer, jerry Gaertner, and john Howe. Due to injuries, Bob Graham did not get to finish the season with his classmates. Maggie's Lunch Short Orders and Fountain Service Homemade Pies Basketball STANDING: David Dreisbach, Harold Nye, David Shiley, KNEELING: Jerry Gaertner, LaVerne Snyder, Mr. Hanes, Bill Good, David Corbin, John Diebley, John Howe. After the usual season of games we entered the tournament against Van Buren. We turned the tables by defeating them 54-52 one week after we lost to them in a league game. By winning that game we were entitled to play McComb in the semi-finals. In this game the boys played very spectacularly to leave McComb out of any further tournament play- ing by winning 50-47. In the finals, which were held the next night, we played Cory-Rawson. That night before a large crowd we started the deciding game with Cory-Rawson. At the end of the first quarter Arcadia had not let Cory-Rawson get a single field goal. The game proceeded nip and tuck until the last quarter when Cory-Rowson had a streak of good luck. This good luck seemed to prevail the entire quarter for we lost 60-43. Although Arcadia lost, we received the run- ner-up trophy which was presented to us at the end of the game. Vl!e then got to go to Tiffin for the district eliminations. The Seniors who played their last games this season were jerry Gaertner, Harold Nye, LaVerne Snyder, and joe Steyer. Coach, Joe Steyer, Bill Diebley. Date Who Played Where We They Nov. 20 Liberty here 37 49 Nov. 24 McComb there 29 53 Dec. 4 Vanlue here 38 65 Dec. 5 Arlington there 42 54 Dec. l l Cory-Rawson here 49 60 Dec. l 5 Hopewell-Louden there 46 69 Dec. l8 Mt. Blanchard there 56 47 Dec. 22 Van Buren here 54 45 Dec. 29 New Washington there 57 58 Dec. 30 Republic there 49 50 jan. 8 Liberty there 52 39 jan. 15 McComb here 40 46 jan. l6 Vanlue there 36 9l jan. l9 Bloomdale there 70 63 lan. 22 Arlington here 58 56 lan. 29 Cory-Rawson there 43 64 Feb. 5 Mt. Blanchard here 88 58 Feb. I2 Van Buren there 45 54 TOURNAMENT Feb. l9 Van Buren 54 52 Feb. 26 McComb 50 47 Feb. 27 Cory-Rawson 43 60 Mar. 5 jackson-Bourgoon 48 34 Mar. 9 Cory-Rawson 42 5l Reserves FRONT ROW: Gene Lewis, Bob Farrell, Jim Hitchings, LaVerne Shaull, Gerald Marvin, Jack Eisoman, Mr. Gene Switzer, Dean Kieffer. Hanes. BACK ROW: Tom Treece, Frank Fogle, Ray Lazenby, The Reserve team this year consisted of Freshmen, Sophomores, and a few juniors. Some of these boys who were not quite good enough this year will be Arcadia's future var- sity, The team's record this year was: won 6- lost IO. The team as a whole looked quite promising. Junior High FRONT ROW: Gene Eisoman, Arvid Weaver, Danny BACK ROW: Lawrence Monday, Larry Ryman, Bobby Kuhlrnon, Lester Bowman, Ralph Kelley, Tom Miller, Steyer, Justin Emerine, Mr. Slough, Fred Pessell, Gerald Bob Beamer, Dave Cardwell. Gaertner, Danny Dulgar, Doral Painter. The junior l-ligh basketball team had a very successful season, including their tourna- ment games in which they worked their way into the semi-finals by defeating Vanlue. After losing to Liberty, they were eligible to play in Compliments of Armbrechl"s Appliance Findlay, Ohio the consolation game, which they won. They were awarded the basketball used at the tour- nament. These are the boys who should de- velop into a strong, future Arcadia High School basketball team. Howell Hardware Phone 80 "Where the Best Costs Less" Arcada, Chio Our advertisers have made possible our most successful year financially, in the production of the Arcadian. Your business with the advertisers who have helped with this book can now add to their success for the year. Al Bass ........................ ...... F indlay j. I. Newberry Company ...... ...... F indlay, Turner-Fenstermaker ....... - ..... Findlay Simon's ..................... ...... F indlay, Townhouse ..... ..,, ..... F o storia A Er P ................... ......... F ostoria Val-U Dress Shop ...... ..., ..... F o storia First National Bank ........ ......... F ostoria Chapman's jewelry Store ...... .... ..... F o storia Book and Gift Shop ..,..............................,.,......... ..... F ostoria E. W. Shauffelberger Real Estate G Insurance .... 4 ..... Fostoria Dry Cleaners Association of Fostoria .................. - .... Fostoria Kitchen's House of Music ............... .... ..... F o storia The Bersted Manfacturing Company ...,. ,,.. ..... F o storia Flechtner Brothers ........................... .,....... F ostoria Rupp C1 Riggs Feed Company ........ ..... Fostoria Hoyt Seed Store ...................... ..... Fostoria The Gordon Lumber Co. ...... ....,.... F ostoria Wilson's Shell Service ....... ......... F ostoria Farm Bureau ....... . ....., Findlay, C. B. Moore .................... ......... A rcadia Hummel Motor Sales lnc. ...... ,..... 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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