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Y' ! 5 3 F c E' E 7 S B ll Y 1 2 S 3 fx J U 5. 1 IW' THE RCADI l953 A great challenge lies ahead for planners of education. The census re- port confirms the fact that secondary school enrollments within the next five years will for outpace existing facilities. Our administrative group has planned for the future and is constantly alert to discover the needs of the youth and the needs of our community. They have given untiringly of their time and effort in the construction of the new building. They are always looking forward to greater things in education, realizing that a community is no better than its schools. There is little agreement among educators about the school program of the future. The administration has made its building and curriculum flexible to allow for all sorts of revisions and changes within the shell. To do less would be to straight-jacket the constantly developing secondary school program. Published by the Senior Class of l953 Arcadia Local School Foreword In this l953 Arcadian we have tried to cover fully the highlights of the school year. lt was prepared by many of the Seniors and juniors, with the help of the faculty, in the hope that it will serve you as a diary of the events of the past year at Ar- cadia Local School. We hope that you will enjoy this yearbook im- mensely and read it with warm feeling toward our student body. Dedication We, the Senior Class of l953, dedicate this edition of the Arcadian to Mr. Charley C-roth, advisor of the Arcadian annual staff for the past nine years. Through his faithful leadership a new and improved annual has been published each year. ANNUAL TAF F Each year the annual staff tries to publish a yearbook that is a little different and a little more interesting than the year before. They have made a few changes which they hope will meet with your approval. The classes were divided from the fifth through the twelfth grades into eight teams, each having a high school teacher for a cap- tain. To provide more competition, we used the names of the successful candidates in the recent election as the team names. The win- ning team will be rewarded with a party spon- ored by the Senior Class. Mrs. Covert's team won the contest. Her team was entitled Rep. Jackson Betts and her assistant was Richard Smith. The three high salesmen were to re- ceive free annuals but due to a tie four free annuals wereawarded. The four winners were Charles Groth, Derol Painter, David Cardwell, and Arvid Weaver. SENIORS JUNIORS Editors Glen Saltzman .....,.................. Lewis Campbell Snapshot Editors Lanny Semler ................................ Hilda Grine Carl Ziessler .............................. James Blake Art Floyd Hissong ...................... Bill Peters Sports Shirley Lenhart ....................,..... Carol Kieffer Circulation Janet Boes .....,.......................... Mary VVeaver Typists Janet Ziessler .................... Maxine Dreisbach Richard Smith .............................. Nina Lewis John Bushong .................................. Pat Butler Advertising Jim Steyer .................................. Mary Dicken Shirlee Farrell ............................ Carolyn Clark Jim Warren... ...... Mary England Marilyn Plotts ....... ......... B ob Graham Bob Good ........ ....... L averne Snyder Pat Emerine ....... ............ J oe Steyer We Appreciate Your Patronage Hancock Savings and Loan Findlay, Ohio dmini tration and Faculty ROBERT BEAMER Board of Education President Term expires 1955 LESTER CORBIN Board of Education Vice-President Term expires 1953 ROBERT PAINTER Board of Education Term expires 1953 CLYDE PEPPLE Board of Education Term expires 1955 FRANK SALTZMAN Board of Education Term expires 1953 VAUGHN C. BLAUVELT Superintendent A.B., M.S., in Ed. Findlay College University of Michigan Bowling Green State University 16 years experience ' ' History, Law, Econ in ,, ,, ffff'U:f CHARLEY E. anon-i Principal Clerk B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. Ohio Northern University Ohio State University Bowling Green State University 24 years experience Mathematics, Science 1 self i s , FACULTY MARJORIE MOORE Grade l Diploma Bowling Green State University I6 years experience do r-LKB Moore MARTHA BRENNER Grades l and 2 Diploma Bowling Green State University 9 years experience IVCHIWB ETHEL AMSTUTZ Grade 2 Diploma Bowling Green State University Ohio State University 2i years VIRGINIA MILLER Grade 3 B.S. in Education Bowling Green State University 6 years experience MAY VAN BLARCUM Grades 4 and 5 Diploma Bowling Green State University Cincinnati University 1,2 years experience BESSIE FOX Grade 4 Diploma Bowling Green State University 24 years experience .l 1 FACULTY ROSIE FOX Grade 5 Diploma Bowling Green State University 29 years experience I ft L Cf! ALLEN I. BISHOP W jk ,, Q5 GLADYS KUHLMAN Grades 5 and 6 B.S. Degree Michigan State Normal Ohio Northern University Western State Teacher's College ll years experience i QM! ,+A I FLORENCE LEORA WARD Grade 6 Elementary Diploma Bowling Green State University 8 years experience Grade 7 B.S. in Education Bowling Green State University 3 years experience Industrial Arts A Geography 7 ' ,l History 8 ,aryl 5 i X ' EDITH COVERT B.S. in Education Bowling Green State University Muskingum Bliss College Normal I8 years experience Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, Mathematics MARTHA FOX Grade 8 B.A. Findlay College 2 years experience English, Science, Mathematics YJ NJ' sw...-f FACULTY CALVIN KNIGHT Grade 9 B.S. in Agriculture Ohio State University 4 years experience Agriculture, Farm Shop WILLIAM PITTENGER B,M., M.A, Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University 2 years experience Instrumental and Vocal Music ROBERT ROBINSON Grade l2 A.B. Fairmont State College, l West Virginia ' West Virginia University ,fl 3 years experience 1, Physical Education, V 1 History, Coach H , will X , IRENE SHARNINGHOUSE Grade ll B.S. in Education M.A. Bowling Green State University ll years experience Dramatics, English LADONNA STEWART B.S. in Home Ec. Ohio State University 9 years experience Home Economics, Personal Hygiene f 4 X l Professor Jr. Play Tryouts Mechanical Drawing Our Home Ec. Teacher Advanced Typing Jr. Play Tryouts Hard at work Ag. 9 and lO Our Secretary Don't work too Our Janitors Our Cooks hard Local Loafers Those Seniors Germ Warfare Fifth Grade Teacher Did you hear the one about Maestro 563556533 wwsaam Q Qgfezfqefm Qiifica 1955 E IOR GLEN SALTZMAN College Preparatory Editor of Yearbook5 An- unal Staff 3,45 Class of- ficer 2,3,45 Class Play 35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Foot- ball 3,45 Student Council 2,45 Varsity "A" 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 All Hancock County Football Team 35 Choir l,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Band l,25 Operetta 2,45 FFA l,2,35 FFA Officer l,2,35 FFA Judging Team l,2,35 Parliamentary Team l,2, 35 All County Choir l,2, 3, 45 State Farmer 3. JIM STEYER Vocational Course Choir 2,3,45 Band l,25 Boys' Glee 2,35 Operetta 2,45 All County Choir 2, 45 Football 3,45 Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Play 35 Speech Choir 35 FFA l,2, 3,45 FFA Officer 2,3,45 Parliamentary Procedure Team l,2,3,45 Judging Team l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Buck- eye Boys' State 35 Var- sity "A" 4. SHIRLEY RAINEY Commercial Course FHA l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 2,35 Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 35 Operetta 2,45 All County Music Festival 3, 45 Student Council 35 Library 25 Honor Society 3,4. FLOYD HISSONG College Preparatory Choir l,2,3,45 Class Of- ficer l, 2, 3, 45 Speech Choir 35 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Bas- ketball 2,35 Movie Pro- jectionist l,2,3,45 Honor Society 3,45 Operetta 2, 45 All County Music Fes- tival l,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee 25 Scholarship Team l,2,35 Valedictorian. JIM WARREN College Preparatory Football l,2,3,45 Basket- ball l,2,3,45 FFA l,2,35 FFA Officer 2,35 Annual Staff 45 Varsity "A" 3, 45 All County Football 45 FFA Judging Team l,2, 35 FFA Parliamentary Procedure 2,3. .IANET BOES College Preparatory FHA l,2,3,45 FHA Offi- cer 2,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3, 45 Class Officer l,25 Choir 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 Class Play 35 Speech Choir 35 County Music Festival 2, 35 Library Staff 2,35 Operetta 2,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Annu- al Staff 3,45 Scholarship Team 3, Salutatorian. fl! krrg ,Wlll I Q4 ML l I0 t vi E IOR JOHN BUSHONG Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,4, Band l, Boys' Glee 2, Chair 2,3,4, Football Manager 2,3,4, Basketball Mana- ger 3,4, Class Play 3, Varsity "A" 3,4, Speech Chair 3, Operetta 2,4. PATRICIA EMERINE Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,4, Class Play 3,4, Operetta 2,4, Speech Choir 3, FHA I, 2,3,4, FHA Officer 3,4, Bi-County FHA Officer 3, Choir 2,3,4, Girls' En- semble 3,4, Girls' Glee l,2,3, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, County Music Festival 2,3,4. SHIRLEE FARRELL Commercial Course FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Officer l, Girls' Glee l,2,3, Choir 2,3, Operetta 2, Speech Chair 3, Class Play 3,4, Stu'- dent Council l, Annual Staff 3,4, PEGGY FOX Vocational Course FHA l,2,3,4, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Girls' Glee l,2,3, 4, County Music Festival I, 2, 3, Class Play 3, Speech Choir 3, Operetta 2, Band l,2. ROBERT GOOD Vocational Course Annual Staff 3,4, Foot- ball l,2,3,4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Speech Choir 3, Student Council l,2,3,4, Student Council Officer 3,4, FFA l,2,3,4, FFA Officer 4, FFA Judging Team l,2,3, Parliamentary Procedure gelnm 3,4, Varsity "A" RICHARD KELLEY Vocational Course Student Council 4, Foot- ball l,2,3, FFA Officer 4, Red Cross 3, Speech Choir 3, Choir 2,3, Boys' Glee 2,, Judging Team 2, Parliamentary Team 2. ll IOR JOHN KING General Course Boys' Glee 35 Choir 35 Varsity "A" 45 Class Play 35 Speech Choir 35 gootball 3,45 Basketball CAROL KUHN Vocational Course Choir I5 FHA l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Oper- etta 2,45 Speech Choir 35 Class Play 3,45 Library 2.3,4. SHIRLEY LENHART Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,45 Class officer l,25 Class Play 3, 45 FHA l,2,3,45 FHA Of- ficer 35 Cheerleader 2,3, 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Girls Glee l,2,35 Operetta 2,45 Speech Choir 35 Librar- ian 45 GAA 45 GAA Of- ficer 45 FFA Sweetheart 45 All County Festival 4. MARILYN PLOTTS Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,45 Choir 2,35 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Speech Choir 35 All County Choir 25 FHA l, 2,3,45 Operetta 25 Class Play 3,45 GAA 4. NORMAJEAN RITTER Vocational Course FHA l,2,3,45 FHA Offi- cer 45 Junior Red Cross Representative 2,45 Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 35 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 45 Band Majorette l,2,3,45 Twirling teacher 3,45 All County Music Festival 45 Operetta , L 1, ' ,A J ' 5,1 , LANNY SEMLER General Course Annual Staff 3,45 Boys' Glee 1,25 Choir 25 Var- sity "A" 2,3545 Football 2,3,45 Football manager I5 Basketball manager l, 25 Junior Play 35 Speech Choir 3: Operetta 2. x E lllll RICHARD SMITH Commercial Course FFA 2,35 Choir 3,45 Boys' Glee 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Red Cross l5 Football Manager 35 Speech Choir 35 Basketball Manager 35 Operetta 45 Varsity "A" 3. CARL ZIESSLER General Course Annual Staff 3,45 Foot- ball l,2,3,45 Stage Man- ager 35 Speech Choir 35 Choir 25 Boys' Glee 25 Class Ofticer 35 Operetta 25 Student Council 35 Varsity "A" 2,3,4. JANET ZIESSLER Commercial Course Annual Staff 3,45 Choir 2,3, 45 Girls' Glee l,2,35 Class Play 3,45 FHA l,2, 3,45 FHA Officer 3,45 Li- brarian 2,3,45 Operetta 2', 35 Student Council Representative 2, 3, 45 Speech Choir 35 Girls' Ensemble 35 All County Music Festival l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Junior Red Cross l5 Girls' Glee Officer 3. TWELVE YEARS TOGETH ER JOHN CARTER College Preparatory Choir l,2,35 FFA l, ' Honor Society 35 Cast 35 Basketball ' Annual Staff 35 Foundation Scholar, Uni- versity of Louisville, Lou- isville, Kentucky. 2,3, Play 2,3, Ford STANDING: Glen Saltzman, Robert Good, Jim Warren, FRONT ROVJ: Marilyn Plotts, Janet Ziessler, Peggy Fox, Lanny Sernler. ABSENT: Janet Boes. Shirley Rainey, Shirley Lenhart, Patricia Emerine. iillnward Toward a Higher Aims' Four years to go and goal in sight, We chose our flower the carnation white, And "Old Rose and Silver" lead us through bright. Some have faltered and fallen from strife, Giving up when the pace seemed slow, our school days But others "Onward Toward o Higher Aim" still go. We entered the last year with goal in sight, Twenty-one entered to finish the fight. We worked faithfully and struggled to capture the goal, For success we learned, one must pay the toll. We want to drink from the victor's cup, And smile with the rest when the time is up. Farewell to teachers and to our friends, Farewell to the twelve happy years we've spent. May the Lord bless each one and all, And help us to share and not let us fall. We shall always remember for real gain, Our motto, "Onward Toward a Higher Aim." -Shi rley Lenhart SENIOR CLASS HI TIIRY ln the fall of 1941, the future graduating class of 1953 came to school for the first time. Twelve years ago each of us lived in his own world. But then, we came to school- some of us didn't want to come. We didn't want to leave our own small worlds. But our curiosities and our wonderings pushed us out and on. Gradually we progressed in the following years. When we reached the fifth and sixth grades, our class had several members in the Elementary Chorus and several students had also joined the band and orchestra. Then came the day we had long awaited- we were promoted upstairs with the high school. In the seventh and eighth grades we learned to do without recesses and managed to get used to going from room to room for our different classes. We were also given those memorable eighth grade tests. FRESHMEN at last! Oh, how grown-up we thought we were and how sophisticated until the fateful day-Initiation. We finally strug- gled through all the embarrassment of being "Greenies" and were really "in" at last. This first year in high school we joined in almost all of the scheduled activities. Our class officers were: President, Floyd Hissong, Vice Presi- dent, Patsy Noel, Secretary, Shirley Lenhart, Treasurer, Larry Myers, and Reporter Janet Boes. For our class motto we chose: ON- WARD TOWARD A HIGHER AIM. Our class colors: Old Rose and Silver, and our flower, the White Carnation. Also this first year we had two members from our class as Student Coun- cil representatives. They were Barbara Cramer and Marion Peters. This year Mr. Richard Reis was our class sponsor. Next came the Sophomore year. We elected the following officers: President, Janet Boes, Vice President, Glen Saltzman, Secretary, Shirley Lenhart, Treasurer, Larry Myers, and Reporter, Floyd Hissong. Glen Saltzman and Janet Ziessler were the Student Council repre- sentatives. This year we had the pleasure of initiating the Freshmen. What a time we had making them recite their rituals! We also participated in the operetta, "The Gypsy Rover." This year two of our members were also elected as Cheerleaders. Again, Mr. Reis was our sponsor. Our Junior year rolled around very quickly. 5imon's Apparel Exclusive Ladies' Wear Popular Prices Findlay, Ohio This year was very busy for us with the choos- ing of class rings, averaging grades for the Honor Society, presenting the Junior Play, "Quiet Summer," and last but not least, enter- taining the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Ban- quet held May 17, at the Y. M. C. A. in Fos- toria, Ohio. The class officers this year were: President, Glen Saltzman, Vice President, Jim Steyer, Secretary, Shirley Rainey, Treasurer, Floyd Hissong, and Reporter, Carl Ziessler. We elected Bob Good as Student Council representative. This year our class obtained a new sponsor, Mr. Robinson. We also helped in the publishing of the "Arcadian." In the fall of the year 1952, we entered school for our last wonderful year. We were finally Seniors. The time had come for us to make decisions. This year we chose once again our class officers. They were: President, Glen Saltzman, Vice President, Jim Steyer, Secretary, Shirley Rainey, Treasurer, Floyd Hissong, and Reporter, Jim Warren. Student Council representatives were Janet Ziessler and Bob Good. Our Senior class sponsor was Mr. Robinson. This year we had the respon- sibility of seeing that "The Arcadian" was published. Again we showed our dramatic ability in presenting the Senior Play, "Nine Girls," under the direction of Mrs. Sharning- house. We were also honored by having five members on the National Honor Society. The Juniors entertained us at the Junior-Senior Banquet held in May. Baccalaureate services were held Sunday, May 17. Commencement exercises were held the 21st of May. Dr. MacDonald, president of Bowling Green State University, gave the address. Out of the group of students who started school together, only eleven remain. We have acquired and lost several of our members during these twelve years. Now we are standing on the threshold of the world. What it has in store for us, we do not know. The world is ready for us, we are ready for the world. We came to school, but now we are leaving. Once more we leave the security behind that we have built up in these past twelve years witlr our friends and teachers and we are stepping out into the world only to try to succeed and going ON- WARD TOWARD A HIGHER AIM. Shirley Rainey. Alice Dress and Beauty Shoppe 411 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio An Excerpt From The Lives Of The Senior Class of l953. Ten Years Hence. Carol Kuhn is the only smart one of the bunch. She got married and is now busily raising little tax deductions. Q, Jim Warren, the athletic one, is now playing for the "Globe Slobbers," which is the best Tidley Winks team in the country. He is their best Tidler. Lanny Semler got fabulously rich by making a killing in the stock market. lt seems that he invested in Amalgamated Tooth Pick just when the bottom fell out of his Jelly Bean Stock, making his holdings in National Door- nob increase SOOCKQ. Shirley Lenhart has just realized her lifelong ambition of being a nurse. She is now the nurse of Dr. Von Hoopenshlimer, the famous tree surgeon. Bob Good, the famous dairyman, has just cre- ated aboon to the Dairy lndustry which will set it ahead 25 years. He has just invented a non-slip, non-tip, milk stool. Carl Ziessler, the great mechanical genius, has just set the automotive industry ahead a century by inventing a car that doesn't use gas. He uses horses to pull it. Glenn Saltzman was the one who wanted to become an Engineer. He's an Engineer all right. I see by the paper that he runs the Flatwheel Limited between Podunk and Flat- bush. Floyd Hissong had the ambition of becoming a great painter. He is now happily situated in his present employment, which is painting eyebrows on the dolls in the Findlay doll fac- tory. John Bushong has a very comfortable position in the White House. He is the best piano tuner they ever had. John King has been with the French Foreign Legion for ten years. He decided on this secluded career as the result of a drastic hap- pening in his life. Ten years ago he received a traffic ticket and decided to beat the rap by skipping the country. Shirlee Farrell, the wealthy society matron has Reid's Sohio Service just traded in her eighth Cadillac for a new one. The windshield got dirty. Richard Smith is now a prominent Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He says he owes his entire success to the Commer- cial Law class he attended in school. Janet Ziessler always had the fond ambition to work in a large business office. She now is filling a position at the office of a large New York lawyer. She is in charge of sharpening pencils and keeping the water cooler full. Norma Ritter is now employed in the large chain store of "Rears and Soebuck". She sells chains. Janet Boes decided to enter law after she graduated from high school. She is now a prominent lawyer and is famous for convict- ing her former school teacher for cruelty to dumb animals. Peggy Fox, after graduating, decided that she would enter the field of Stereophotomicro- graphy, but gave it .up after she found that she couldn't spell it on her application form for the job. She now sells mop handles in a large department store. Marilyn Plotts has become very famous as a popular song writer. Her latest song, "My tomato ran away, but l'll catchup with her," is doing very nicely in the number one spot on the hit parade. Dick Kelley has opened a chain of candy stores all over the country. He said he is entranced by the sight of children straggling up to the counter with a penny to spend. Pat Emerine has become very much interested in her present employment as a newspaper writer. She has her own very important job in a very famous newspaper. She numbers the pages. Shirley Rainey organized a very prominent detective agency in Chicago. She calls it the Rainey Super Duper Snooper Agency, Jim Steyer has been commissioned an Admiral in the U. S. Navy. He has command ofa fleet of rowboats on the Blanchard River. Korner Lunch "At the Traffic Light in Arcadia" Bob and Thelma Nunn, Prop. Dinners-Short Orders-Soda Bar CLASS WILL We, the SENIOR class of l953, being un- sound of mind and physically dilapidated, do hereby bequeath the following will and testa- ment to our fellow inmates, hoping that it will make them happy and their later days easier. To the teachers we extend our deepest re- grets that we will not be here to entertain them in the years to come. To the Juniors we will our SENIOR cell- blocks. iHome room No. 4683927584933 To the Sophomores we will our play acting ability. To the Freshmen: "Disinherited." Carl Ziessler bequeaths his mechanical ability to Barbara Good. Jim Warren wills his trouble with girls to Paul Thompson. Peggy Fox transfers her athletic ability to Johnnie Diebley. Glen Saltzman leaves his basketball sweat pants with Mary Weaver. John King wills his ability to argue with teachers to Mary Dicken. Let's not overdo it, Mary. Richard Smith wills his position as assistant soloist in the choir to Jim Woodward. Another person destined for fame. Carol Kuhn bequeaths her quick temper to anyone who can control it better than she can. Floyd Hissong leaves his speed to Ray Lazenby. Maybe we could start a track team. Shirlee Farrell leaves her "Jim" to anyone who can handle him. Jim Steyer transfers his immense collection of exotic, fabulous, and usually mis-placed words to Jack Eisaman. Compliments of The Commercial Bank and Savings Co. Fostoria, Ohio Bob Good bequeaths his intensely, studious, attitude in Ag. class to Carol Reid, Oh, those project tours! Lanny Semler wills his dramatic ability to LaVerne Shaull. You'll never need to worry now, Mrs. Sharninghouse. John Bushong leaves his jokebook to any- one strong enough to carry all that corn around. Janet Ziessler delivers her cute little "blush" to Lewie Campbell. Patty Emerine transfers her property in Carey to Dalores Campbell. Janet Boes wills her.blond hair to Ronnie Stall. Now you won't have to bleach it, Ronnie. Dick Kelley leaves his pet mice in the Candy room to the next candy room propri- etor. Shirley Lenhart bequeaths her junior girl friends to the Junior boys. You guys can han- dle them better than she can any way. Shirley Rainey transfers her cafeteria posi- tion to Joe Steyer. Let's keep that line mov- ing, Joe. Norma Ritter gives her clerks position in Fostoria to Sharyn Peters. Marilyn Plotts wills her capability of hand- ling four subjects and two boy friends at the same time to Pat Butler. Glen Saltzman Witnesses: Yes Kirk Milling Company Findlay, Ohio E IOR PL Y The Senior play this year was a "spine thrilling" murder mystery, which demonstrated again that the female of the species is more deadly than the male- nine times more! Under the direction of Irene Sharninghouse and aided by a very able cast of nine girls the play moved through two acts of excitement to a very satisfying conclusion. JUNl0R CAST Jane .,...... ................. ......... P a t Emerine Freida ...... ........... ...,..... S h irley Rainey Alice ..... ....... S hirley Lenhart Eve .......A................... ...... S hirlee Farrell Sharon ........................ ........ N orma Ritter Shirley, Betty, Phyliss ...,. .,..... M arilyn Plotts Stella ..................,....... ...... J anet Ziessler Mary ........................ ........ C arol Kuhn PLAY THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED was presented by the JUNIOR CLASS, MARCH 27, l953. The story centers around the Huntington family. Laurie Huntington, a college psychology major home for the summer, creates a stir in the household and neighborhood by using her little knowledge of psychology on family and then the procedure is reversed and the family uses psychology on her. The cast included Carol Kieffer, Harold Nye, Janet Nunn, Jerry Gaertner, Carolyn Clark, Mary Weaver, Lewis Campbell, Pat Butler, Joe Steyer, John Howe, Carol Reid, Hilda Grine, Arlene Walsh, Mary Dicken, Bill Peters, LaVerne Snyder, Carol Wolford, Bob Graham, and Nina Lewis. The play was directed by Mrs. lrene Sharninghouse with Pat Butler and Hilda Grine as student directors. Stage managers were Glen Fruth, Norman Lewis and Jim Blake. The Arcadia Creamery Cash Buyers-Cream and Eggs Phone 22l Arcadia, Ohio U!YOH?L'Z A SSIWW 'S PAW 1- ' 1 ' e7"1'C' Sing children! Kiss me quick What are you writing? Why so glum-chum? What a woman! Smile Jan We don't know what it is either Our teacher 9. It must be good 10. That's a junior 11. Showing off 12. The star way back 13. Little Miss Peter Pan 14. l'll take some 15. Egad! Compliments of Your lce Cream Dealer Try Meadow Gold Ice Cream Made by Pure Milk and Dairy Co, Tiffin What's so funny? That's another junior The new maid Can't we get rid of her? Not that again! Smile Barbara Poor Bob JUNIIIR STANDING: Carol Kieffer, Lewis STANDING: Mary Dicken, Bill Peters, STANDING: Ralph Brooks, Glen Fruth. Campbell. Pat Butler. SITTING: Barbara Coffman, Maxine SITTING: Carol Reid, Mary Weaver. SITTING: Nina Lewis, Harold Nye. Dreisbach. President ......,... ...... H arold Nye Vice President .... ...... N ina Lewis Secretary ........ ...... M ary Dicken Treasurer ..................................,... Pat Butler Reporter ....,................................... Bill Peters Motto: "Patience is the Keystone to Success" Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Yellow Tea Rose STANDING: Betty Miller, Shcirlet STANDING: Janet Nunn, Carol Wol- STANDING: Jim Blake, Joe Steyer, Cook, Arlene Walsh. ford, Rosilyn Street. John Howe. SITTING: Jerry Gaertner, LaVerne SITTING: Hilda Grine, Carolyn Clark. SITTING: Bob Graham, Norman Snyder. Lewis. IIPHO ORE SEATED: Gerald Marvin, Ronald SEATED: Janet Shiley, Barbara SEATED: David Corbin, Tom Stall. Good. Bickle. STANDING: Floyd Gamby, Ray- STANDING: Ruthann Smith, Betty STANDING: Gertrude Marvin, mond Lazenby, Lloyd Thomas. Fruth, Mary Ann Steyer. Alan Ryman, Rosann Lenhart. President ......... ...... D avid Corbin Vice-President .... ............ T om Bickle Secretary ....... ....... R osann Lenhart Treasurer ................................ Alan Ryman Reporter .......................... Gertrude Marvin Color-White and Maroon Motto-"Today Decides Tomorrow." Flower-White Rose SEATED: Jim Woodward, Larry SEATED: Evelyn Miller, Marilyn SEATED: Mary Rader, Donna Walsh. Elsea. Bame. STANDING: Raymond Kuhn, Bob STANDING: Sonia Schofield. STANDING: Geraldine King, Mor- Noel, Bill Diebley. ABSENT: Ernestine Rice. ilyn Walsh, Rita Grine. 22 I FRESIIME SEATED: Margie Harmon, Marlene SEATED: Dorothy Parmenfer, Sha- SEATED: Patsy Conley, Marlene Diebley. ryn Pefgrg, WiTl'1rOW. STANDING: Diane Crawford, Les- STANDING Merle Lieb, Jack STANDING: Vernon Rice, Paul ter Fruth, Joyce Walsh. Eisaman, Raymond Eisarnan, Thompson, Pat Breyman. President ....,..... ......... B ill Switzer Vice-President ......... Janice Heinze Secretary ......... ....... J ane VanDriest Treasurer .... .,.......... ..... B a rbara Agnew Reporter .........................,. ...... J ohn Diebley Color-Green and Gold Motto-Work Will Win Flower-Yellow Rose SEATED: Bill Switzer, Janice Heinze. STANDlNG: Barbara Agnew, John Diebley, Jane VanDriest. SEATED: Barbara Peters, Richard SEATED: Dean Kieffer, Bill Arm- SEATED: Max Brooks, Dennis Ziessler, brecht. Peters. STANDING: Karl Burns, Robert STANDING: David Veliquette, La- STANDING: Wilma Wickman, Ecker, Norman Emerine. Verne Shaull, Dale Barr. Barbara Arnet, Dolores Campbell. l l EIGHTH GR DE Sv vu, TOP ROW: Patty King, Rella Collins, Arvid Weaver, Pat Reid, Gene Lewis, Jerry Woodward, Gene Switzer. SECOND ROW: Howard Buchanan, Mona Kay Bruce, David Dreisbach, Mildred Edwards, David Shiley, Emma Rice, Darold Thompson. THIRD ROW: Margie Plesec, Carl Thompson, Ellen Heinze, Bill Good, Patty Binger, Otto Coffman, Betty Bame. FOURTH ROW: Tom Miller, Gene Snyder, Rosalie Miller, Patty Eisaman, Roma Beamer, Al Garcia, Marvin Boes. FIFTH ROW: Richard Kessler, Danny Kuhlman, Rudy Cordova, Ralph Kelley, Jim Hitchings, Tom Treece, Bob Farrell. SIXTH ROW: Rodney Conley, Lester Bowman, David Cardwell, Raymond Kessler. James P. Weekly Plumbing and Heating Contractor 432-38 E. Sandusky Street Phone 439 Findlay, Ohio EVE TH GR DE TOP ROW: Gene Eisaman, Audrey Walsh, Scott Philo, Rosemary Conine, Justine Emerine, Pauline Kish. SECOND ROW: Joyce Ann Ritter, Gordon Fruth, Betty Jo Switzer, Keith Fleegle, Annabelle Kessler, Paul Peters. THlRD ROW: Gerald Gaertner, Marilyn Lazenby, Dale Swartz, Shirley Brooks, Albert Brandeberry, Martha Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Rothenbuhler, Tommy Springer, Herff-Jones Co. Manufacturing Jewelers for: Carol Treece, Robert Beamer, Sue Ann Huffman, Jerald Harmon. FIFTH ROW: Howard Fruth, Betty Fox, Derol Painter, Karen Greer, Delbert Smith, Betty Minard. SIXTH ROW: Louise Cunningham, Clair Cook, Olivia Cordova, Gary Roth, Betty Copsey, Danny Dulgar. SEVENTH ROW: Betty Blue, Lou Ann Seever, Bobby Fax, Bonnie Minard, Shelby Brooks. Mt. Cory-Rawson, Mt. Blanchard, Liberty, Van- lue, Van Buren, Arlington, McComb, and Ar- cadia Schools in Hancock County. IXTH GR DE TOP ROW: Tommy Ash, Sally Binger, Karl Crawford, Diana Conley, Jimmy Smith, Fred Pessellg Mary Coffman, Larry Ryman, Gene Desgranges. FlFTH ROW: Norma .lean Shaull, Linda Eisarnan, Sandra SECOND ROW: Leonard Snavely, Karen Spearman, Mel- Russell, Darlene Bricker, Sharon Stall, Sherry Hile. anie Peters, Bobby Steyer, James Grine, Joan Reid. SIXTH ROW: Carol Monday, Betty Lou Collins, Donna THIRD ROW: Greta Armbrecht, Howard Minard, Paul Jacobs, Ola Fae Rice. Grine, Ruth Thompson, Ceara Withrow, Mark Plesec. ABSENT: Sonny Springer, Janet Hill. FOURTH ROW: Kenny Boes, Janice Ritter, Jim Walsh, IXTH GRADE in 'V' in 3 TOP ROW: Larry Diebley, Barbara Van Driest, Robert man, Kenneth Lenhart, Owen Ziessler. Agnew, Von Dale Bishop, Ruth Ann Cobb. THIRD ROW: Judy Gassman, Joyce Lieb, Faye Presler. SECOND ROW: Nancy King, Ann Tesnow, Nancy Kuhl- FIFTH GRADE Vx TOP ROW: Carl Fox, Ellen Grine, Sharon Dillery, Sharon Fruth, Judy Conley, Ronnie Cobb. Hengsteller, Louis Kish. 4 THIRD ROW: Patricia Arnet, Carolyn Marvin, Gerald SECOND ROW: Mildred Noel, Larry Leonard, Naomi Kessler, Marilyn Rainey. l l Lis FIFTH GRADE TOP ROW: Marilyn Frankart, Joe Anne Moore, Dallas Critchet, Ralph Lazenby, Ronald Vitt, Susan Morrison. SECOND ROW: Melvin Brooks, Eileen Bowman, Joe Woodward, Charles Groth, Gary Stilburger, Sonny Miller. THIRD ROW: James Harmon, Leroy Huff, Dick Conine lmas Barnes, Jimmy Farmer, Pamela McGough. FOURTH ROW: Jacqueline Desgranges, Larry Binger, Lana Miller, Darlene Shaull, Shirley Nunn, Larry Noel. FIFTH ROW: Terry Good, James Ritter, Janice Lieb, Gene Moore, Gary Armbrecht, Martha Lewis. SIXTH ROW: Sue Ann Moore, Gary Businger, Don Kirkendall, Ronald Reuter. FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Charlotte Wickiser, Mary Lou Rothen- buhler, Judy Elsea, Norma Switzer, Nancy Ziessler, James Ash. SECOND ROW: John Peters, Thora Withrow, Doris Sher- man, Glen Wedge, Tommy Thomas, Margaret Lazenby. THIRD ROW: Ann Graumlich, Darrell Ritter, Sammy Moyer, Janice Tesnow, Paula Huysman, Billy Martin. FOURTH ROW: Betty Bowman, Roseann Swartz, Kenny Noller, Melinda Good, Eddie Cardwell, Nancy Snavely. FIFTH ROW: Robert Robinson, Mary Veliquette, Duane Steyer, Roger Tanner, Jan Snyder. ABSENT: Gary Crawford, William Moyer. FDIRTH GRADE FIRST ROW: David Bowman, Janis Anderson, David Sam Leonard, Eric Goodwin, Tommy Hill. Minard, Rosemary Perkins, Harold King. THIRD ROW: Carole Bishop, Dale Fox, Sandra Noel. SECOND ROW: Paul Brandeberry, Michael Crawford, THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Pat Leonard, Sandra Monday, Virginia Critchet, Patricia Peters, Rhoda Perkins. Garcia, Teddy Garrett, Gene Huff. THIRD ROW: Dian Stilberger, Galen Roth, Sandra SECOND ROW: David Blauvelt, Danny Dutton, Barbara Springer. THIRD GRADE 'lv Mlm ruin., Qu' an ANT TOP ROW: Gerald Desgranges, Shirley Robinson, Michael King, Carol Miller, Larry McGough. SECOND ROW: Nancy Good, Dennis King, June Bishop, Raymond Miller, Nancy Thomas. THIRD ROW: John Smith, Diana Ritter, Daniel Harmon, Ruthann Phillips, Laurence Swartz. an ag... 5.4. flu F FOURTH ROW: Linda Fox, David Fruth, Karen Fox, Gary Switzer, John Cramer. FIFTH ROW: Dwight Roether, Guadalupe Flores, Dick Gassman, Patricia Farmer, John Loth. SIXTH ROW: Billy Collins, Dick Nolan, Gary Frankart, Dennis Greer. ECO D GRADE TOP ROW: Judy Hagerman, Danny Rice, Lou Ellen Russell, Henry Vackert, Raymond Garcia, Mary Loth. SECOND ROW: Dennis Shiley, Bonnie Thomas, Doris Treece, Dickie Steyer, Leanne Brandeberry, Tommy Fox. THIRD ROW: Barbara Noel, ,Michael Leonard, Lana Wiseley, Paula Reinhard, .Glen Farmer, Janet Kuhlrnan. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Hill, Marilyn Hile, Dale Bowman, Patricia Hummel, Tommy Noel, Nancy Anderson. FIFTH ROW: Martha Peters, Kay Presler, Bobby Cole man, Karen Morrison, Johnny Grossman, Marcia Mc Cracken. SIXTH ROW: Billy Minord, Jane Nichols, Donald Dreis bach, David Mellott. , EDD GRADE TOP ROW: George Fruth, Larry Bash, David Day, Dennis SECOND ROW: Allen Huffman, Tommy Pessell, Maxine Bruce, Duane Hile, James Fruth, Harold Dillery. Good, David Grotlfi, Kathleen Stafford, Joanne Eisaman. EIR T GRADE TOP ROW: Eulalia Ernerine, Glenna Farmer, Sandra Mc- man, Francis Bernal, Lonnie Greer, Anita Bernal, Diane Entire, Mary Alice Hartman, Jeanne Waggoner, Vickie King. Doll, Barbara Huss. THIRD ROW: Annabelle Swartz, Billy Ebersole, Paul SECOND ROW: Sara Sherman, Lois Snyder, Jerry Gass- Huff, Zelma Beardsley, Rita Emerine. FIR T GRADE TOP ROW: John Ash, Sharon Cook, Robert Peters, Mar- tha Weaver, Richard Crawford, Elizabeth Cobb. SECOND ROW: Barbara Binger, Arthur Armbrecht, Susan Swartz, Larry Thomas, Patricia Jacobs, Thomas Moyer. THIRD ROW: Edward Lozano, Sandra Breyman, Steve Cramer. Susan Fox, Stewart King, Rosemary Nolan. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Frankhart, Ronald Edwards, Carol Sue Buchanan, James Chapman, Dorene Brandeberry, Robert Leonard. FIFTH ROW: Glen Brandeberry, Zuelma Marqueg, Michael Brandeberry, Jean Thomas, Dean Davis, Jan Moore. SIXTH ROW: Thomas.Farmer, Grenda Roth, Alan Rob- inson, Carol Sue Ritter, Charles Cole. DE? H71 Ear l , .. Q. ... "5 ':1+I.?4:- ly I "fl ',',':,'a' . 4 ju: 5 'ru L 425 7 LL rg Q4 I Og ig! X ini i ,ggifzs 5 ,t . , 20 A 4' C5 0 TUDE T COU CIL The Student Council is composed of four- teen members: two from each of the upper four grades, two from the F. F. A., two from the F. H. A., and two from the Varsity A. President ........................................ Bob Good Vice President .............. ....... L ewis Campbell Secretary-Treasurer .................. Barbara Good Reporter .................................... Sharyn Peters The Student Council's work for the year consisted of sponsoring dances after the foot- NATIONAL H0 ball and basketball games, planning the schedule of the high school parties, and spon- soring the Homecoming. At the homecoming, the Queen, Pat Emerine, was crowned by the co-captains, Carl Ziessler and Jim Warren, during the half-time of the Vanlue-Arcadia game. Arrangements were made by the Stu- dent Council for the Spring Prom which was held May 8, with Ernie Duffield furnishing the music. OR OCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is open to Seniors and to Juniors at the end of the first semester. A faculty committee rates the students on leadership, scholarship, char- acter, and service and if found satisfactory, the students are eligible for membership in the Hancock County Chapter of the National Society. A student may be dropped from this society by falling below standards in any one of the four points. This year we have five seniors as members of the Society. They are Janet Boes, Shirley Rainey, Glen Saltzman, Jim Steyer, and Floyd Hissong. At the spring banquet the new members are initiated and given their membership cards and pins. The new members this year are Nina Lewis, Mary Weaver, and Bill Peters. WFIN Fl"d'0Yf Ohio wFlN-FM 1330-KC Republican Courier 100 5 MC Findlay, Ohio ' F. F. A. SEATED: Mr. Knight, Advisor, Bob Graham, Jim Steyer, Shirley Lenhart, Bob Good, Joe Steyer, Harold Nye. SECOND ROW: Merle Leib, Norman Emerine, Karl Burns, LaVerne Shaull, Raymond Lazenby, Raymond Kuhn, Bill Diebley, Ralph Brooks, Gerald Marvin, Bill Armbrecht, The Arcadia F.F.A. Chapter completed the year with several outstanding activities being completed. The chapter thisyear is celebrating its 25th. anniversary with 28 active members. The chapter officers this year are: Jim Steyer, President, Bob Good, Vice-president, joe Steyer, Treasurer, Robert Graham, Reporter, Dick Kelley, Sentinel, and Mr. Calvin Knight, Advisor. We entered five contests at the State F.F.A. Convention and came home with several awards. Harold Nye won first place in the state farm shop contest and received a trip to the national F.F.A. convention at Kansas City. Joe Steyer attended this event also. Jim Steyer won fifth judging Jerseys and Robert Graham won second in judging Merino sheep. The chapter also won a gold rating in the state chapter contest for the first time in the history of the Arcadia Chapter. Ward Stock Yards Findlay Road-Phone 4600 Fostoria, Ohio Dean Kieffer. THlRD' ROW: Larry Walsh, Lloyd Thomas, Floyd Gamby, Dale Barr, Max Brooks, Robert Ecker, Glen Fruth, Nor- man Lewis, Alan Ryman, David Corbin. We also had a member, Glen Saltzman, re- ceive the State Farmer Degree. Again this year we won first place in the county Parliamentary Procedure Contest and Gerald Marvin won the County Public Speak- ing Contest and placed fourth in the district contest. The chapter for the first time in several years conducted a scrap drive, and were very successful, ranking fourth in the state in the amount collected per member. Dave Corbin, Jim Steyer, Glen Saltzman, and Bill Diebley attended State F.F.A. Camp. Gene Wedge won the swine showmanship contest at the County Fair. We also had a Game Supper with the F.H.A., competed with other chapters in softball, and had a very successful Parent and Son Ban- quet. Swift and Co. Soybean Mill Fostoria, Ohio ll. H. A. TOP ROW: Shirley Lenhart, Norma Ritter, Janet Nunn, Janet Ziessler, Peggy Fox, Shirley Rainey, Sharlet Cook, Carol Kuhn, Carol Wolford, Arlene Walsh. ABSENT: Janet Boes. The Arcadia chapter of the Future Home- makers of America was sponsored by Mrs. La- donna Stewart. The following were elected officers: President, Pat Emerine, Vice Presi- dent, Janet Boes, Secretary, Janet Ziessler, Treasurer, Geraldine King, Historian, Mary Weaver, Parliamentarian, Norma Ritter, Song Leader, Janet Shiley, Reporter, Barbara Good, Student Council Representatives, Carol Reid and Janice Heinze. ln the early part of November, we initiated our Freshmen girls. Everyone had fun at the party, although the Freshmen had a hard time struggling through their part of the initiation. A few days after hunting season opened the F. F. A. fellows entertained the girls at a Game Supper, held in the school building. There are many different projects a mem- ber may choose to do during the summer to acquire a Home Economics degree, such as hand-crafts, sewing, cooking, baking, interior decorating or gardening. The Basket Market Groceries-Meats-Dry Goods-Shoes Phone 207 Arcadia, Ohio BOTTOM ROW: Ladonna Stewart, Shirlee Farrell, Mari- lyn Plotts, Pat Emerine, Hilda Grine, Carolyn Clark, Mary Weaver, Carol Kieffer, Carol Reid, Betty Miller, Rosilyn Street. Three degrees may be received by a mem- ber of F. H. A.: the degree earned through co- operation in club work, the degree in leader- ship, and the degree earned by completing projects and passing the tests given over these projects. The symbols of these degrees are the key for the Junior Homemaker, the scroll for the Chapter Homemaker, and the torch for the State Homemaker. These degrees are the symbols of honor, loyalty, and achievements of the individual toward the Future Home- makers of America. Twice a year a bi-county Future Homemak- ers of America meeting is held. Our first meeting last fall was held at Mt. Blanchard and the spring meeting was held at McComb. Mary Weaver was elected treasurer of the bi- county organization. F. H. A. sponsored the concession stand at the Vanlue football game last fall. We, the Futu-re Homemakers of America, are proud of our organization, and we face the future with warm courage and high hope. Country Market West on Route 224, Findlay, Ohio Meats, Groceries and General Merchandise EH. . FRONT ROW: Donna Bame, Mary Rader, Marlene With- row, Sonia Schofield, Marilyn Elsea, Rita Grine, Mary Ann Steyer, Jane Van Driest. MIDDLE ROW: LaDonna Stewart, Rosann Lenhart, Eve- lyn Miller, Barbara Agnew, Margie Harmon, Janice Heinze, Dalores Campbell, Barbara Peters, Barbara Good. TOP ROW: Gertrude Marvin, Marilyn Walsh, Geraldine King, Ruth Ann Smith, Diane Crawford, Betty Fruth, Joyce Walsh, Pat Breyman, Sharyn Peters, Barbara A'rnet, Marleen Diebley, Patsy Conley, Janet Shiley. A ERICAN JU IOR RED CROSS n The Junior Red Cross this year packed boxes which were sent overseas. This is a yearly procedure. Each home-room was responsible for one box to fill. A representative from each home-room was chosen to take care of col- lecting the money and filling the box. A county-wide council has been organized The Seneca Lumber and Millwork Dependable Lumber-Quality Millwork Fostoria, Ohio in Hancock County. The purpose of this coun- cil is to establish ways in which the members wish to appropriate the money they have col- lected. We have two representatives from our school on this council. They are Pat Butler and Jerry Gaertner. Pat Butler is vice-presi- dent of the council. J. B. Basehore and Company Coal, Builders Supplies and Septic Tanks 3l2 East Center St., Fostoria, Ohio Phone 6667 SW? X i U44:' 'E - AUT0G11APHs WC? 1 '16 9 A 15: gaeffffff fff Lf U x4 fl p MJ 'W 'jf ff I 'f5fJ?Qfa" 9 O 13 W fb X V' ,iff ' U! 3 f J KJ X G- 67 K q M if 2 KD r-f' 3 I f M. .si . ' , uf" QQ ' 'Uhx 0 W 1 5 SYMJQ5 '- 'E' U lg VY., L? . .l J fl X ' " 'St' .4 1 " xf Vs W f , pw by ww fzfwww LIBR RY TAF F SEATED: Mrs. Sharninghouse, Janet Ziessler, Carol Kuhn, Shirley Lenhart, Pat Butler. STANDING: James Woodward, Nina Lewis, Tom Bickle, Ronald Stall, Carol Kieffer, Carol Reid. The library staff consists of students chosen the room so that there will be more space for from the high school. Each librarian must shelves and for some reading tables. work in the library at least one period a day to Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse, the faculty sup- receive one-fourth unit credit. This year a ervisor, is assisted by the student librarian, number of new books have been added to the Carol Kuhn. library and plans are being made to enlarge llPERETT SEATED: Patty Emerine, Carol Kuhn, Arlene Walsh, Shirley Lenhart, Dolores Campbell, Carol Reid, Mary Weaver, Janet Ziessler, Pat Butler. , STANDING: Mrs. Sharninghouse, Mary Dicken, Janet Nunn, Jim Steyer, Jerry Gaertner, Ronald Stall, Glen Soltzman, Lewis Campbell, Floyd Hissong, Harold Nye, Mr. Pittenger. CHOIR The Arcadia Choir consisting of forty-one boys and girls in the upper three grades have been quite active this year under the direction of Mr. Pittenger. Their first appearance was held on Decem- ber l5, l95Z. The choir with the other musi- cal organizations had an annual Christmas Program at this time. ' On January 24, l953, many students from our choir went to Arlington where they parti- cipated in the County Music Festival. For their final performance the choir chose the operetta, "ln Gay Havana". The leads were to be taken by Arlene Walsh and Lewis Campbell. Because of the illness of Mr. Pit- tenger, the operetta was not presented this year. GIRL ' GLEE CLUB SEATED: Mary Rader, Rita Grine, Mary Ann Steyer, Sharlet Cook, Arlene Walsh, Normajean Ritter, Barbara Peters, Dalores Campbell, Mary Weaver, Carol Reid, Donna Bame. SECOND ROW: Pat Butler, Marilyn Elsea, Rosann Len- hart, Marleen Withrow, Gertrude Marvin, Marilyn Walsh, Carolyn Clark, Hilda Grine, Sonia Schofield, Rosilyn The Girls' Glee Club is an organization composed of all the high school girls who are interested in music. The group has sung for an assembly program, Christmas program, and the baccalaureate services. Some members of Street, Betty Miller, Evelyn Miller, Mr. Pittenger. THIRD ROW: Marlene Diebley, Sharyn Peters, Barbara Arnet, Barbara Agnew, Diane Crawford, Ruth Ann Smith, Peggy Fox, Shirley Rainey, Betty Fruth, Joyce Walsh, Pat Breyman, Carol Kuhn, Carol Wolford. ABSENT: Janet Boes. the group were chosen to go to the County Music Festival. We rehearsed twice a week under the direction of Mr. Pittenger and were accompanied by Carol Reid. All the girls of the Glee Club took part in the Operetta. Compliments of Atlas Crankshaft, Inc. Fostoria, Ohio BAD The Arcadia Band, under the direction of Mr. Pittenger, is composed of 42 members ranging from the fifth grade through high school. We played for all the football games. A few selections that we used for the foot- ball games were "Washington Post," "Victory March," and "School Song." Some of the vari- ous formations we used were "A" for Arcadia and "Hi" to welcome the other teams. We often made the first letter of the other school's name. The band participated in the Fostoria Hal- loween Parade and the Homecoming festival at Liberty. The band entered a contest at McComb on March l3. There were several members selected from our band to play in the all-county band in the Music Festival which was held at Arlington in January. The following were selected: Pat Emerine, Janet Ziessler, Janet Shiley, Gertrude Marvin, Bar- bara Agnew, Patty Eisaman, Margie Plesec, Geraid Marvin, Billy Armbrecht, Bill Switzer, Gene Snyder and Jane Van Driest. The young students hold promise for a strong band in the future, but we will keenly feel the loss of our seniors, Pat Emerine and Janet Ziessler, who have been with the band ever since it was organized. 0RCllE THA The Arcadia School Orchestra is composed of eighteen members from the ninth grade through high school. Composing the orchestra are two violins, six clarinets, three trumpets, one trombone, two saxophones, one snare drum, one boss drum, and one accordion. Carol Reid is the accompanist. The orchestra under the direction of Mr, Pittenger has played for several different pro- Payne Brothers' Greenhouse South Union Fostoria grams such as the Senior Play, Junior Play, and the Commencement exercises. We are proud of our orchestra and enjoy playing the many different compositions. We will keenly feel the loss of our Seniors, Pat Emerine, Peggy Fox, Janet Ziessler, Janet Boes, Glen Saltzman, Floyd Hissong. We practice once a week according to a ro- tating schedule set up on class time. , Harold Funeral Home 301 West Tiffin Street i North Sandusky Street, Tiffin Fostoria, Ohio l IIPHO IIRE ENSENIBLE SEATED: Mary Ann Steyer. STANDING: Sonia Schofield, Ruth Ann Smith, Barbara Good, Geraldine King, Marilyn Walsh, Gertrude Marvin, Janet Shiley, Rita Grine, Donna Bame. The Sophomore Ensemble is a newly organized group. They have sung in assemblies and other programs. They also participated in the county music contest which was held on March I3 at McComb High School. FRESHIVIAN NSEIVIBLE SEATED: Barbara Agnew. STANDING: Jane Van Driest, Dolores Campbell, Patsy Conley, Janice Heinze, Joyce Walsh, Pat Breyman, Barbara Arnet, Sharyn Peters, Marlene Diebley. The Freshman Ensemble was organized this year under the direction of Mr. Pittenger. They have participated in many programs. A few are the school assemblies, Schoolmasters banquet, and a county wide music contest at McComb. Residential - Industrial Dale Krout and Sons Findlay, Ohio 85I Hurd Avenue Asphalt Driveway Contractors Phone 476I JUNIOR ENSEMBLE Pat Butler, Carol Reid, Hilda Grine, Carol Kieffer, Pat Emerine, Mary Dicken, Arlene Walsh, Sharlet Cook, Janet Nunn, accompanist, Mary Weaver. The Junior Ensemble consists of nine girls The ensemble sang under the leadership of from the Junior class and one Senior. The Mr. Pittenger and was accompanied by Mary ensemble appeared in assembly programs, P. VVeaver. T. A., and the Christmas Program. VAR ITY HA" SEATED: John Howe, Jim Steyer, Bob Good, Glen Saltz- man, Carl Ziessler Lanny Semler, Lewis Campbell, Har- old Nye. ' STANDING: Robert Robinson, Paul Thom-pson, Ray- The Varsity "A"' Club was organized last year with the object of promoting and improv- ing athletics at Arcadia High School. lts mem- bers include lettermen from both the football and basketball teams. This year we prepared programs for the football games. Trout Furniture Co. 508 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio mond Kuhn, Robert Noel,.Jerry Gaertner, Joe Steyer, Ralph Brooks, Bill Diebley, LaVerne Snyder, Jim Wood- ward. ABSENT: John Bushong, Richard Smith. The officers are 1 Advisor ................... ..... R obert Robinson President ...................... ........ H arold Nye Vice President ............................ Carl Ziessler Secretary and Treasurer ............ John BuSl'1OnQ Student Council ...... Joe Steyer, Glen Saltzman Hancock Hybrids Inc. Certified Hybrids Seed Corn, Wheat, Oats, and Soy Beans Phone 3493 Findlay, Ohio VARSITY CHEERLE DER Barbara Good, Janet Shiley, Shirley Lenhart, Marilyn Plotts, Carol Kieffer. Shirley Lenhart, Marilyn Plotts, Carol Kief- fer, Barbara Good, and Janet Shiley were the five cheerleaders chosen by the student body to lead the yells during football and basketball games this season. Dressed in the school colors, red and white, the cheerleaders were a great inspiration to the team during each game. Although they had many good yells to help the team, their favorite yells were: l-2-3-4, Fite Team Fite, W-I-N, Center End, and Go Varsity Go. The five Junior High Cheerleaders, dressed in their colors of blue and white, cheered their team to victory through all their games up until the semi-finals which they lost to Cory- Rawson. Their favorite yells were: Yea Blue, Clap Clap, With an "A", Rickety, Rackety, Rust, and We're With You Team. T JllNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADER C Pat Binger, Pat Reid, Barbara Agnew, Janice Heinze, Rosemary Conine. Congratulations to the Class of "53" Buckeye Stages, Inc. Fostoria, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of "53" Hoffman's Arcadia, Ohio BA KETBALL KNEELING: Bob Good, Robert R-obinson, coach, Glen Saltzman, STANDING: LaVerne Snyder, Jim Warren, Jerry Gaertner, Joe Steyer, Jim Steyer, Harold Nye. Cory-Rawson .... 41-36-There ...,.... Nov. 26 The Arcadia Redskins opened their 16- McComb .......... 83-34-Here .......... Dec. 5 game schedule with Amsden on November 7. Liberty .............. 64-66-Here ......,... Dec. 6 The high-light of the season was when the Vanlue ...,.......... 54-48--There ........ Dec. I2 team'upset a highly-favored Cory-Rawson Mt. Blanchard...Q41-53-Here ..,....... Dec. 19 team in the opening round of the County- Arlington .......... 53-46-There ........ Jan. 2 tournament. The Redskins almost pulled an- Bloomdale .... . ..7O-53-Here .......... Jan. 6 other major upset when they were tied 12-12 Van Buren ........ 49-53'-Here .......... Jan. 9 with the high-scoring McComb team going McComb .......... S7-43-There ........ Jan. 17 into the last tour minutes of the fourth quar- Liberty ......,....... 60-54-Here ......,... Jan, 23 ter, McComb won, however, 23-13. Cory-Rawson .... 60-49-There ........ Feb. 4 The Seniors who played their last games Mt. Blanchard .... 58-74-There ........ Feb. 6 were Bob Good, Glen Saltzman, Jim Warren Vanlue ..,.......A... 65-62-Here ........A. Feb. IO and Jim Steyer. Tournament Amsden ............ 40-53-Here .......... Nov. 7 Cory-Rawson ........ 46-48 ......... ........ F eb 12 Arlington .......... 68-45-Here .......... Nov. 14 McComb .............. 23-13 ....., ........ F eb. 19 Van Buren ........ 53-39-There ........ Nov. 21 Nye Implement Company, Inc. Compliments of Frigidaire and International Harvester National Automotive Fibers, Inc. Farm Equipment Findlay, Ohio 149 East South Street Fostoria, Ohio RE ERVE BOTTOM ROW: John Howe, manager, Johnny Diebley, STANDING: Robert Robinson, coach, Gerald Marvin, Bill Diebley, Ray Kuhn, Paul Thompson, Tom Bickel, LaVerne Shoull, Bob Noel, Raymond Lazenby, David John Bushong, manager. Corbin, Dean Kieffer. The Reserves were made up ot Freshmen and Sophomores who will be playing on Arcadia's future Varsity. The season's record was 8-8 which in- dicates that a lot will be expected from this group. RCADIA JUNIOR HIGH BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Peters, Arvid Weaver, Gene STANDING: Robert Robinson, coach, Gene Eisaman, Lewis, Bill Good, Tommy Treece, Darold Thompson, Gene Gary Roth, Jerry Woodward, Tommy Miller, Howard Switzer, James Hitchings, Danny Kuhlman, Bobby Farrell, Buchanan, Lester Bowman, Gerald Gaertner, Carl Thomp- Bobby Beamer, Bill Switzer. son, Gerald Harmon, David Cardwell. Composed of the seventh and eighth grades, the Arcadia Junior High team was undefeated during regular season play. Eentering the tournament with an 8-O record the Little Redskins beat Vanlue 47-34 and then lost to Cory-Rawson 37-27 in the semi-finals. Rupp and Riggs Feed Company The M. D. Neff Lumber Co. Purina and Master-Mix Feeds Quality Lumber and Millwork Fostoria, Ohio Phone 7, Findlay, Ohio iooiimii BOTTOM ROW: Allen Bishop, assistant coach, Lanny Semler, Jim Steyer, Glen Saltzman, Carl Ziessler, Jim Warren, Bob Good, John King, Robert Robinson, coach. SECOND ROW: Ralph Brooks, Harold Nye, LaVerne Sny- der, Paul Thompson, John Howe, Raymond Kuhn, Jerry Gaertner, Joe Steyer, Robert Noel. THIRD ROW: John Bushong, manager, Raymond Eisa- Although our boys were defeated in each of their games, much can be said about their ability to co-operate and their good sports- manship. They played hard, but were plagued with many injuries early in the season. We wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude to our coach, Robert Robinson, whose guidance and character training will be of far more importance to the boys than whether the score recorded a loss or a win. Jim Warren was the only Senior chosen for the all-county football team this year. Maggie's Lunch Short Orders and Fountain Service Homemade Pies man, LaVerne Shaull, William Peters, Raymond Lazenby, Jim Woodward, Bill Armbrecht, Richard Ziessler, Bill Diebley. FOURTH ROW: Bob Farrell, manager, Jack Eisaman, Merle Lieb, Tom Bickle, Max Brooks, Dale Barr, Johnny Diebley, Norman Emerine, Larry Crates. The Seniors who played their last football games were Jim Warren, Carl Ziessler, Bob Good, Glen Saltzman, Jim Steyer, Lanny Semler, and John King. Sept. Sept. l 2-Gibsonburg ....... -Mt. Blanchard 26-O l5-7 Sept. 26-Liberty ...........,. I3-13 Oct. 3--Arlington 32-O Oct. l O-Vanlue ........ 33-6 Oct. l 7-McComb ..... l 3-Os Oct. 23-Van Buren .... l 3-6' Oct. 3 l -Cory-Rawson ....... 4l -O Clifford E. Snyder Ford Service--General Repairing Marathon Gas and Oil Arcadia, Ohio i l. Red scores. 2. Where's Shirley? 3. Grab it Joel 4. Our Team! 50 Royalty 9. Lihemenl Queen Pat. lO. Upset in the making! You tell them Bill! ll. What a mess! Pep talk! l2. Will he make it? This high school yearbook is made possible only by the finan- cial support of those who advertise in it. The advertisers listed in the following pages and other places in the book have faithfully supported the Arcadia school in this annual production. We re- commend them to you when you consider buying items or services they have for sale. Naco Fertilizer Company ,,--,, ---,-,- F indlay, Qhio C3Dl'f0l Tire Shop -.....g....... ....... F indlay, Ohio RaY,S Bakery ---,- ,...... F indlay, Ohio Farm l3UFG8U -----4V-....... ....... F indlay, Ohio Waaland's Greenhouse Findlay, Ohio VSFU Dress Shop ---.--- ...... F ostoria, Ohio Mann Funeral Home 4ss,,,, ,,,,,, F ostoria, Ohio Carr's Furniture Store Fostoria, Ohio First National Bank ..,... Fostoria, Ohio Chapman's jewelry .,.. Fostoria, Ohio Hoyt Feed Store ..,.... Fostoria, Ohio Radcliff Television .a,, Fostoria, Ohio Fruth Hardware .... Fostoria, Ohio Mose Lamfrom ....,...,,,.,,. ...... F ostoria, Ohio Harold Emerson Garage ....,.. ...... F ostoria, Ohio L. R. C-ood G Son ......... ...... A rcadia, Ohio Walter Noel ...... ....... A rcadia, Ohio C. W, Blake,,.... ....... A rcadia, Ohio Davis Chair Company ....... ......... lVl arysville, Ohio Turner-Fenstermaker ........ ....... F indlay, Ohio Black 6' Warner Clothing ..... .....,.. F indlay Ohio Kennedys ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ...,,.,. F indlay Ohio Plotts Harness, Luggage Shop ..w... .....,.. F indlay, Ohio Twining Music Store and Studio ..... ........ F indlay Ohio Lester Thomas, jewelers ..... -Findlay Ohio Uhlman's ...................,...... .Find ay Ohio jackson Banner Furniture ...... .,.,,,, F ind' ay Ohio j. j. Newberry Company ....... .Find ay Ohio Peggy's jewelry ............. .Find ay Ohio Medlock's jeweler's ....... -Find ay Ohio Warren's Men's Shop ...... .Find ay Ohio S. C1 S. Drugs ..... ...... . Findlay Ohio Al Bass ........ -Findlay Ohio Will Bish ..... ....... F indlay Ohio Lynn A. Lyon ..... ....... F indlay Ohio Lucille' Westcott ..... .Findlay Ohio Switzer Brothers ........ .Findlay Ohio Porter's Music Store ....... .Findlay Ohio Pattersons .......................... .Findlay, Ohio Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. ...... ....... F indlay Ohio Findlay Hardware ...... .Findlay Ohio C. B. Moore ............. Arcadia Ohio Hub Super Market ....... Fostoria Ohio Mennel Milling Co. .............. Fostoria Ohio East North Street Lumber Co. .... ...... F ostoria Ohio Fostoria Serum Co. .............. Fostoria Ohio Hummel Motor Sales, lnc. ..... Fostoria Ohio Flechtner Brothers ............. Fostoria Ohio Fostoria Lumber ...... Fostoria Ohio Ballreich Furniture ....................... ...... F ostoria Ohio Moes Baked Enamel Paint Shop Rose Barber Shop ...................... ...... Fostoria Fostoria Ohio Ohio Hills Cas Station ...... Fostoria Produce ......... ....,. WiIson's Shell Service Commercial Press .,,, Sherl ie Ann Bakery ,,,.. ,,,,... Little Folk's Shop .... Bill's Economy Store ,,.,.. 3 Alan s Shoe Store ,.is....,s.. ...... Stroman Implements Co. .... ..,,. . Book and Gift Shop ........ ...... Flowerland .........,, Myers C1 Lichtle ...... Personal Finance Co. .,.... ...,. . Roys Shoe Repair v......,............cV........... ......, Dry Cleaners of Fostoria Association .,..,.............. Shauftelberger C1 Son Real Estate 8' Insurance ..... Smith Apparel Shop ,,,.,o.,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,-,......... Kessels .......,,.,.,,..,.......,..,..,. ..,,.,. Emerson's I nsu rance Agency .,,, ....., Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria .Fostoria .Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Fostoria Kitchen Studio ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, F ostoria Francis M. Marley ..... ...... F ostoria Dick's Sohio Service ,,,,,,, ,,4,,,, F indlay Sink's Flowers ............... ....... F indlay, Schwab's Sports Center .... ....... F indlay Louie the Bicycle Man ...... ....... F indlay Egberts Home Furnishings ...,.. ....... F indlay Davis Electric .................... ......c F indlay Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio THE TARBOX McCALl. STONE CO. Manufacturers of Crushed Stone and Agricultural-Meal Findlay, Ohio NOLLER'S GARAGE Ford Sales 8. Service Cities Service Gas C1 Oil Phones lO5 6' l94 Westinghouse Television Compliments of THE HANCOCK BRICK 81 TILE COMPANY Vifrified Drain Tile Fittings-Yees, Tees, Ells and Curves Findlay, Ohio QWLIO 6I4fL8lfLf5 OHIO OIL COMPANY Marathon Products 46Cat" Gas Motor Oil Lubricants No. 1 and No. 2 Fuel Oils 66Best in the Long Runv Phone 2672 Findlay Oh Do You Have "Farm Liability Protection" KINN 81 THEOBALD AGENCY Insurance Brokers lO9 E. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION Compliments of HANCOCK COUNTY AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION - FINDLAY GLASS SAFETY GLASS Mirrors Thermopane Picture Windows Furniture Tops 2lO E. Sandusky St. Phon e 2231 Courtesy of LAMBERJACK SALES 81 SERVICE Fostoria, Ohio Your Friendly HUDSON-WILLYS DEALER GRABER BROS. Custom Meat Processing Phone Fostoria 6061 :f51f--f-::Q.-- 1--.1 -Q 'P-'5:?f".g:iLy if-"-g1a?3j.:-53.-''sip ,, ., L - M AMN! .. . 2351 'ws e f are , , . , - , , ' .- f Y . . ,Q, - ' 4-5,5-22-N5I."S "Lf-'F' ' 'ff:.-gf? 153 "VF -I: JM-E,.HI"fS.'1 L-5.f'f'i,f9f'l' f'3f5-'1iQ2Qf'ii'r"f'f?5.9YfQ 5ff .4Qj' 'r QT M QQIQ'-,11ii9.-A 5 "W, ',l"Y .'5T!,.7i'I, 'ft t.7W7Qi35'1-"fg'! " Qlfj ,,.', I .V V? "i f , fi fn'--: Y 'ff' -Q "" +571-5 -,Q iff xi ' ' 'EXW '1c'iP'3'l-1'r'jfF A L- -3 Q: ff. " -F11-fggy' f ,L f jig if" .',' "3 ff, Eg ' VK jaw 7,525.3 . ky- K '35 9f:'jg,,,' ffril: .i,.:?X-,134-H .'jV!,'h Hfpa' 2.,,55.g, 15,1gQ,gc'Qgf.-Fqygikgfhgf, iw.1,g5g,?5aj-,jaxg Qfn,j,,F,i'k-QF,,'-jijzfgx-fijil h J Lg-gifxjmjgsj fjfQQ" ffk fg'f4fSm55',.g'Q ':Q1gg 'f':,.. f15H'-"fa - f :Rm .,,,f'-We -"- Wil' iv: . - iw '-41 W -ff 2-M'-.W ' f 11.1 H+- ' KV' wf fx. 'Fx 1251 wp --V 1- '. bf- ' ffg' 'g'F?5' pfjgx' -7455 -:JM 1'-k I z .' Y' '-rfilgi' -"X 1- 'aww -XJ ' -154-. 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Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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