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 - Class of 1952

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P 1 ., r. v N f, 'f 1 C 1 f 1 1 X ' W 2. f ' 1 r'.', ,fh ,SM - Lf , x mx -.. X 1 fi .1 117' ,... -715 '--- 1 1 1 - 1 , , 'ir 1 .ki A x . ', f ,, f , . v .k. , x 1- N 4-1. , 1 1" , . 1 f f K . 1 I x ' , x 1 N x 1 X ' a 1 dx Qxx, N x X 1 1 .. 1 i r "L .1 '11 v 1: I' , - 1 . . 11: X 1 AK- xr' -9 --PX '- "c.. - x 3 . 4 .wg lx, 1 I 5 .f ,,' ' 1, .by ' A 1 . uf ,, Y W S I ' ' N 1' 1 X . , ff 1 x ..' z' , I 1 V 1 1 f 1 1 I f f, f 4 1 X, ' ' f4 Ji -if Y 1. .,, y , . ,I , 1 'f' ' '.u ,X ,Ml ,1 1 , X l ,xgrcowfian 1952 f 2 1 ZQSQ-J ' f ,ll Sy M5 Rxxx E7 kxx X All fkse xXx E joreworal f X N X X Ou h gh st aim for our 1952 A d io 1 u leave ple 1 me-mori ith th p pl f X E XL: school a d mmunity X X We havepbl hdth yb k th 1 X the cooperat f y f th t d t f X N the lunior a d S l 1' X In thes D Q P l p t d I XX X tory th hqhlqhf d t t f h 1 4 l year. I fl' t N J J We wantt l pl t Y 1h H l", our readers and h p ff t h ot 4 6 been in vain. ' Published bythe A d s Cla f 1952 Di , 4, mecbcafzfolfz, The Senior Class of 1952 respectfully dedi- cates this Arcadian to Mr. I. C. Kieffer, our teacher and superintendent. After thirty-six years of faithful- service, Mr. Kieffer is retiring from the teaching profession. He began his career in l9l4 at old No. 4, sometimes called the Hosler School, two miles north of Arcadia. Then for two years he taught in the old school building in Arcadia, in the third room, called the grammar room, made up of grades six, seven, and eight. In 1918 his teaching career was interrupted for service overseas with the Marines in World War I. In 1920 he taught for one year in high school in the old buildingffol- lowecl by two more years in high school in the present building. In September of 1924 he be- came Superintendent and has continued in that capacity to the present time. ' .-' I His first college work was a summer term at Ohio University in 1914. He later attended Bowling Green and Findlay Colleges. In 1924 he graduated with a B. S. in Education from Ohio Northern University. His graduate work was done at Chicago University and at Ohio State University from which he received the de- gree of Master of Arts in 1936. We do not know how to measure accurately the value of a lifetime of teaching, but we do know that a whole lifetime devoted in such full measure to the best training of young people of a community must have a tremendous con' structive influence upon the life of that commun- ity. May the lives of his students bring a firm conviction to Mr. Kieffer that his job has been well done. c 419 'QP S 0 8 t O ......a,.1--. SEATED, Clara Buchanan, Ellen Gassrnan, Shirley Russell, Glen Saltzman, Duane Beamer, Donna Gaertner, Mr. Groth. SECOND ROW: Donna Iunf: Dornan, lanet Ziossler, Elnora Kave, lanet Bees, Pat Emerine, Shirlee Farrell, Virginia The Senior class of "SZ" hopes that this year- book, the 1952 Arcadian, meets the approval of its readers and will merit the mark of suc- cess. Some rearrangements and a few changes have been made. The aim of the l952 Arcadian is to develop the personalities of the students and faculty of the school. Because one soon forgets, this year- book will serve as a reminder of old friends and of interesting events that have happened during the school year. The sale of Annuals was conducted by a new method this year. Each of the upper eight grades was a team. The fifth grade won the contest and was awarded a dinner. For the sixth year Mr. Groth was our advisor. Again this year the luniors assisted the Seniors. Needed experience was gained by the luniors, so that next year they might publish a new and improved annual. The following are staff members: Beamer, Kay Kieffer, Shirley Lenhart, Marilyn Plotts. THIRD ROW: Neil Weaver, Floyd Hissonq, Reid Hill, Iohn Carter, lames Steyer, lack Wheland, Richard Smith, Robert Good, Larry Myers, Lanny Semler, lohn Bushonq. EDITORS SENIOR lUNlOR Shirley Russell Glen Saltzman SNAPSHOT EDITORS Neil Weaver Virginia Beamer Larry Myers Lanny Semler ART Floyd l-lissong Carl Ziessler SPORTS Kay Kieffer Shirley Lenhart CIRCULATION Elnora Kave lanet Boes ADVERTISING lohn Carter Shirlee Farrell Robert Good Pat Emerine lames Steyer Marilyn Plotts Duane Beamer Donna Damon lack Wheland Reid Hill Barbara Fillhart Kay McDonald TYPISTS Ellen Gassman ' Clara Buchanan Donna Gaertner lanet Ziessler Richard Smith lohn Bushong ,!d0!lflfLilfLi5flf'6Lfi0VZf ana! jacngly Em PL! U! 67564004 fion SITTING: Lester Corbin, vice-president, Clyde Pepple, Dorotha lvtengert, clerk STANDING' Robert Painter Frank Saltzman, Robert Beamer, president. This has been a year of more than the usual amount ot work tor our Board of Education. They have had the responsibility of exercising intelligent foresight in their decisions in con- nection with the new addition to our building. At the same time they have continued to sup port school policies which enable our school to remain on the lists ot the appropriate accredit ing agencies. Mrs. Mengert has continued the efficient handling of her duties. 2 zfzfoerilfzfefzpfelfzff Qtilicnyoaf t y yy . 'A T if M Q! kia' 'V - an JA 3 N V ' J' 'I ' T fx lf. -. Sq" Y. i 1 f-Lf . ii' ff., Q N ' '.'9T-f - iz 1 its tti i A - 3 1 35, 'Wi . Q fff t I 'f iw.. - Iohn C. Kieffer Training: B.S. in Education, M.A. Llcllcxges: Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University Experience: 36 years Arcadia Community Suhiects: Mathematics I-lobby: Playing Croquet Children: One daughter, one son Training cation Colleges. Green Charley E. Groth BS. in Education, M.S. in Edu- Ohio State University, Bowling State University Experience: 4 years Marion Township, I9 years Arcadia Subiects: Science, Mathematics Hobby: Gardening Children: One daughter, two sons MCMA? MARIORIE MOORE Homeroorn: Grade 1 Training: Diploma College: Bowling Green State University Experience: 4 years Wood County: 3 years East Cleveland: 1 year Mt. Blanchardg 7 years Arcadia Subiects: First Grade Children: One son MARTHA BRENNER 1-lomeroom: Grades l and 2 Training: Diploma College: Bowling Green State University Experience: 3 years Monclova 5 years Arcadia Subiectsz First and second grades Married ETHEL AMSTUTZ Homeroom: Grade 2 Training: Diploma Colleges: Bowling Green State Universityg Ohio State University Experience: 1 year Seneca County: 19 years Arcadia Subjects: Second Grade Married VIRGINIA MILLER Homeroom: Grade 3 Training: B.S. in Education College: Bowling Green State University Experience: 5 years Arcadia Subiectsz Third Grade I-lobby: Music Children: One daughter, two sons BESSIE FOX 1-lomeroom: Grade 4 Training: Diploma Experience: 11 years Seneca County: 12 years Arcadia Subiectsz Fourth Grade l-lobby: Sewing, gardening MAY VAN BLARCUM Homeroom: Grades 4 and 5 Training: Diploma College: Bowling Green State University: Cincinnati University Experience: 4 years Wood County: 3 years Milford Exempted Village: 4 years Arcadia Subiects: Fourth and fifth grade Hobbies: Gardening, reading Children. One daughter Y" , V 'V 'O' " .' . J - -mf: T f ' S :.,E -fa' V Q4 5:35 -. i . N ai' l A + J igs-if' - 4 7 sg, , 1 nu wang? ROSIE FOX Homeroom: Grade 5 Training: Diploma College: Bowling Green State University Experience: 2 years Biglick Township: l year Seneca Countyg 25 years Arcadia Subtects: Fifth grade Hobby: Painting WILLIAM ROBISHAW Homeroom: Grade 6 Training: B.A. College: Baldwin-Wallace Experience: 2 years Arcadia Subjects: All except music Hobbies: Sports, model making Children: Two sons EDITH COVERT Homeroom: Grade 7 Training: B.S. in Education Colleges: Bowling Green State University: Muskingum: Bliss College Normal Experience: 5 years Guernsey County: l year Belmont County: 1 year Summit County: lU years Arcadia Subiectsz Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Typing, Mathematics Hobby: Knitting Children: One daughter, one son MARTHA FOX Homeroom: Grade 8 Training: B.A. College: Findlay College Experience: l year Arcadia Subiects: English, Mathematics, Science IRENE SHARNINGHOUSE Homeroom: Grade lO Training: B.S. in Ed., M.A. Experience: l year Richman dale: l year Chatfield: l year Mt. Cory: 7 years Arcadia Subtects: Dramatics, English Hobby: Reading Children: One daughter ' in uni I u-1 'Jas -.. 'Nh-ff' 44W Q! if Q45 ei . M14 r' . A J' -5 JCULQ7 ROBERT ROBINSON Horneroom: Grade ll Training: A.B. College: Fairmont State College, West Virginiag West Virginia University Experience: I year New Washington: l year Arcadia Subiectsz Physical Education History, Coach Hobby: Detective stories Children: Two sons VAUGHN BLAUVELT Homeroom: Grade l2 Training: AB. Colleges: Findlay College: Bowling Green State University: University ot Michigan Experience: l year Oakwood: I year Cygnet, 7 years Leesville: 6 years Arcadia Subiects: History, Industrial Arts, Physical Education Hobby: Painting Children: One son VIRGINIA WYKOFF Training: B.S. in Education College: Bowling Green State University Experience: 5 years Arcadia Subjects: Home Economics, General Science Hobbies: Sewing, Crafts Married CALVIN KNIGHT Training: B.S. in Agriculture College: Ohio State University Experience: 3 years Arcadia Subjects: Agriculture, Farm Shop Hobby: Photography Children: One daughter WILLIAM PITTENGER Training: B.M., M.A. College: Ohio Wesleyan University: Ohio State University Experience: l year Arcadia Subjects: Instrumental and Vocal Music Hobby: Swimming Married N: 4.3 '73, 1 ll Q xiii. ifqqfl 1 1, -. 'lizif Angel ot work Wild Sompson Dmner tlme Pure Contentment Fndoy nlqht "Hero Ionltor on Mme Not too much, Shlrl Innocent Smllmq Som Those Two Proctice teocher Dism1sso1 time Is thot so? Smlle, Q1f1S W?1ot C1 doy Sr. Ploy Drink up, gals! Freshmen mltlotion FN O O F HISSONG Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Assomauon, Cavmqton, Ohm Ohm Mutual Wlndstorrn Insurance ASSOC1GT1OI'1, Bucyrus, Ohm Farm Home-F1re-Lxqhin1nq-Wlndstorm Ralph Beamer. Agent 0 Arcadia. Ohio O Phone 202 I W ' 5 qu YW' 'Il' I 5 . fax 736'-by '1--liar uf' X ' '29 eniom DUANE BEAMER College Preparatory Choir l,2,35 Boys' Glee 35 Class Officer l,2,3,45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l,2,35 Annual Staff 3,45 Operetta L5 Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 35 All' county Choir 3. VIRGINIA BEAMER Commercial Course Choir 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club l,2, 35 Girls' Ensemble 3,45 Orchestra l5 Class Officer 35 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 3, 45 Library Staff 45 Class Play 45 Concession Manager 45 Operetta l,35 Quartet 45 Speech Choir 3. CLARA BUCHANAN Commercial Course and Vocational Course Orchestra l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Band l,25 Girls' Ensemble 45 Operetta 1,35 Class Play 35 Speech Choir 35 Annual Staff 45 F.H. A. l,2,3,45 Senior Girls' Quar- tet 4. DONNA IUNE DAMON Vocational Course Annual Staff 3,45 E.l'l.A. l,2, 3,45 F.l'l.A, Officer 3,45 Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3, 45 Band l,25 Choir 2,3,45 Girls' Ensemble 2,3,45 Operetta l,35 Speech Choir 35 Class Play 3, 45 Student Council 35 Class Officer lp Senior Girls' Quartet 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Allecounty Choir 3,4. DONNA EISENHAUER Vocational Course Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Girls' Ensemble 45 Operetta l,35 Class Play 45 F.l-l.A. 1,2, 3,45 Speech Choir 3. SUE ANN ENGLAND Vocational Course Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir Z,3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Operetta 1,35 Library Staff 2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 Speech Choir 3: Senior Girls' Quartet 4. 'ACM HD All 'Pl 054' 'fy' QQ .v-eq.--f fa t mv.- Q, if OW! 4--....-"" ,r . , IK If no sr.- ?Y"'1TU' 'ns- F' A -19' T' WILLIAM FRUTH Vocational Course Speech Choir 37 FFA l,2,3,47 Stage Manager 3,47 Iunior Red Cross 37 Class Officer 37 Movie Projectionist l,2,3,4. DONNA GAERTNER Commercial and Vocational Course FHA l,2,3,47 Girls' Glee l,2,37 Choir 2,47 Honor Society 3,47 Annual Staff 3,47 Operetta l7 Class Play 47 Concession Manaqer 47 Speech Choir 37 County Music Festival 2,3,4. ELLEN GASSMAN Commercial and Vocational Course Annual Staff 3,47 Girls' Glee Club l,2p Choir 2,3,47 Band 2,3,47 Orchestra l,2,3,47 FHA l, 2, 3, 47 FHA Officer 2,47 Cheerleader 2,37 Operetta l,37 Class Play 3,47 Speech Choir 37 Student Council l,2I Na- tional Honor Society 3,4f Coun- ty Music Festival 2,3,4. endow REID HILL Vocational Course Annual Staff 3,47 Football 4' Basketball lj Class Play 3,47 Speech Choir 37 Student Coun- cil 47 FFA l,2,3,47 FFA Officer 47 ludqinq Team l,27 Parlia- mentary Procedure Team 4. LILA ROSE HUYSMAN Vocational Course Class Officer l,47 Girls' Glee l,2,3,47 Operetta 1.37 Choir 2,3,47 FHA l,2,3,47 Class Play 3,47 Girls' Glee Officer 47 En- semble Z,3,47 Speech Choir 37 County Music Festival 2,3,4, ELNORA KAVE Commercial and Vocational Course Annual Staff 3,47 Library Staff 2, 3, 47 Operetta 1,37 Class Officer l7 Girls' Ensemble 47 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,47 FHA l,2,3,47 Speech Choir 3, 'L W . '23 "' 'ii 'V' 4 tx x 1" ' ' VS: S . 7,4 -7,34 V, li- ' ggi-eg grief" 227. .. . A u cdr-v . ' :ry N56 w--..,- V F l hgh? A tl. ""'m,, . ,, ,Jr , x 'tl wr-ull" ul I. ,,i, 1 v endow .-'aa' KAY KIEFFER General Course Hb Girls Glee 1,25 Choir 35 Q1 Cheerleader 3,45 Class Play V 3,45 r.H.A. officer 3,45 FHA. 1,2,3,45 Library 2,3,45 Oper- etta 2, 3, 45 Red Cross 1,35 Annual Staff 3-, 45 National Honor Society 3,4. A zvv WERNER LEMKE ,,, College Preparatory 'wc ' ,Q Library 25 Sports 1,25 Choir 1,2,3,45 All County Choir 3,45 N " Class Officer 1,2,45 Football l 'C' 35 Basketball 35 Orchestra 3, 1 45 Boys' Glee 35 President of ".jy,,, Choir 4, 1-lonor Society 3,45 1915 Class Play 2,3,45 Operetta 35 ' lgoys' Quartet 35 Speech Choir 'f Q. J", a A ' tr k.v, Q ., ' 'fl Q! - 5' 4 a, ' l.1",i3, 'x rx Ms' -f 1 ff "" TED RADER . ,sat Vocational Course ---7. A" Football 2,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 I Staqe Manager 35 Speech . V Choir 3. NV' X tx ,li X 15, yt :XX 'fs l 4 4 , 1 lr 1 . EVANGELINE ROSS College Preparatory Girls' Glee l,2,3,45 Choir l,2, 3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,45 Li- brary 45 Class Officer 25 F.H.A. Officer 2,35 F.H.A. 2,3, 45 Orchestra 1,35 Operetta 1, 2,35 Class Play 35 Ensemble 3,4. SHIRLEY RUSSELL Vocational and Commercial Course Editor of Yearbookp Annual Stall 345 Class Officer 1,25 Student Council 3,45 F.1'l.A. l,2, 3, 45 PHA. Officer 3,45 Girls' Glee Club l,2,35 Oper- etta l, Speech Choir 35 Na tional Honor Society 3,4. DORIS STREET Vocational Course Girls Glee 1,2,3,45 Girls En- semble 45 17.1-1.A. 1, Z, 3 4, Operetta l,3, fn. ,- '11-f 1 ff-me 'wwf' Rl'Ulv-fi 19"-5. W f, W rw, I .' fav nQ NEIL WEAVER General Course Basketball Manager 1,25 Foot- ball Manager l,2,35 Basketball 35 F.F.A. l,25 Class Flay 35 Speech Choir 35 Class Officer 3,45 Student Council 2,3 4 Annual Staff 3 4. eniom ry-if-is 5. :ez . ' " .1 x sr- w f GENE WEDGE Vocational Course Football l,45 Basketball l,3,45 Choir l,3,4 5 Boys' Glee l,35 Parliamentary Procedure Team 45 Iudging l,2,3,4g FF Team l,2,45 F.F.A. A Officer 4- O er . . , iv etta l3: Stage Manager 35 Band lg Speech Choir 3. Twelve Y ears Together U an-,lt ,ff If r is gt. I A., x X' , ti l AM np., b 5 2 1 ll-XCK WHELAND General Course Student Council 45 Choir 2,35 Boys' Glee 3, Class Officer l Annual Staff 3,45 Football l Class Play 3,45 Speech Choir 35 Operetta ly All-County Choir 3. F1 ,Q ,- ,,.. X '. lit 4" 'L' . f tt' flax ur 'Y' 1 l' 'Af-sw l ., N" f SEATED: Donna lune Damon, Clara Buchanan, Donna Eisenhauer, Virginia Beamer. STANDING: Neil Weaver, Bill Fruth, Reid Hill, Kay Kieffer, Ellen Gassman, Sue Ann England. The Seneca Lumber and Millwork Co. Compliments of Dependable Lumber Quality Millwork The Commercial Bank and Savings Co. . FostoI.a, Oligo Fostoria, Ohio t t nv! , -rv-1-1 www -f-ur-v--gf-5-un,-fx-inner endow Q55 ,J41451f0r It was with a feeling of great anticipation and satisfaction that a small group of children entered into their school career as first-graders in Septem- ber, 1940. This class was the future graduating class of 1952. Upon reaching the end. of our first year in school, We had our graduation exercises, in which we had the distinction of Wearing caps and capes at our miniature commencement, in May, 1941, along with the Seniors. This was a big moment in our lives, for we felt we were really growing up when we were handed our diplomas. The first six years of our school career hurried by, while we lost many of our members, and also acquired a number of new ones. While in the fifth and sixth grades, a number of us took part in the Elementary Chorus. ln the sixth grade, we took part in the operetta "Peter Rabbit." Advancing to the seventh grade, We found our- selves going higher in our school career -up- stairs, with the upper classmen. Our class felt very proud of themselves when we got to enter a num- ber of boys in lunior High Basketball. The one main event of the eighth grade was the State tests. During the year we enjoyed a number of class parties-with chaperones, much to our disgust! When we finally entered high school, we felt we had really reached a milestone in our lives. We were officially christened "Freshmen" when we were initiated by the Sophomores. We then as- sumed the role of High School members and elected the following officers: President, Donna Damon, Vice President, Duane Beamer, Secre- taries, Don Smith and Lila Huysmany Treasurer, Shirley Russell, Reporter, Elnora Kaveg and Stu- dent Council Representatives, Ellen Gassman and lohn Ridenour, We chose the Red Rose as our Class flower, the colors, Blue and Gold, and for our Class Motto, "He Conquers Who Enduresf' Many of us took part in the operetta, "Words and Music." Our class showed outstanding abilities- in the fields of sports and in the arts of music. The Spring Prom found many young dancers from the Freshman class, entering into the first great event of their social world. Continuing our High School career, we found ourselves Sophomores the next fall. We had the satisfaction of entertaining the entire High School at our first High School party given in November, 1949. To our amazement, it was a roaring suc- cess. We enjoyed "treating" the poor Freshmen "Greenies" to a lively initiation-much to their dismay! For our class officers we chose Iohn Ridenour, President, Duane Beamer, Vice Presi- dent, Shirley Russell, Secretary and Reporter: lack Wheland, Treasurerg and Ellen Gassman and Wayne Smith, Student Council. As the lunior Class of 1950-51, we assumed a much heavier load as students of Arcadia High School. We were honored to be able to help the Seniors publish the 1951 "Arcadian." We had seven distinguished members on the National Honor Society. Presenting the Broadway hit "Dear Ruth," our class play, was our first attempt to show our dramatic ability. lt proved very success- ful. Many of the class took part in the operetta, "Gypsy Rover." Ordering our class rings was an exciting event which everyone had looked forward to. The lunior Class entertained the Senior gradu- ating class at the Iunior-Senior Banquet held at the Civic Nic-Nac on May 11, 1951. Under the leader- ship of Duane Beamer, Presidentg Neil Weaver, Vice President, Virginia Beamer, Secretary and Reporterg Billy Fruth, Treasurer: and Shirley Rus- sell and Neil Weaver as representatives to Student Council, we completed a very profitable year. Seniors-at last! We entered upon the final part of our school career. The first event of the year was the Senior Play "Good Housekeeping," which was given November 3 and 5, 1951. We entertained the High School at a party in Decem- ber. Publishing the 1952 "Arcadian" proved to be a big undertaking, but it was accomplished suc- cessfully. Mr. Blauvelt has been our class sponsor throughout our four years in high school. Leading the Seniors as officers of our last year in school are-President, Duane Beamerg Vice President, Neil Weaver: Secretary, Lila Huysmanp Treasurer, Werner Lemke, Reporter, Kay Kieffer: and Student Council Representatives, Shirley Russell and lack Wheland. The luniors honored us' at the Iunior- Senior Banquet in May. Baccalaureate Services were held Sunday, May 18, with Rev. Fred Ross as the speaker. Commencement Exercises were held the 24th of May. Dr. Tennyson Guyer gave the address. Of the twenty-nine students who started school here in the first grade, only ten finished the twelve years together. Now that we have completed our high school career, we want to set forth into new Worlds of experiences and duties fortified with the knowl- edge acquired during the past twelve years. May we be found to be young men and women ade- quately mature mentally and socially for our years so that We can strive successfully to follow our motto+"HE CONOUERS WHO ENDURES." -Donna lune Damon The Arcadia Creamery Cash Buyers - Cream and Eggs Phone 221 Arcadia, Ohio Ol' ,AQ 6T,'LCLftf'2:S C0l'LQiM,El' Looking back o'er memories dear, So many things have disappeared From grade school, and those childhood days From September on through May. Yet year by year we grow and strive For better things to do through lite, The friends we've made and left behind, The teachers with their hearts so kind. Through clubs and plays and studies past We did so much, but yet so tastg Those days that were so dear and blest Are gone iorever like the rest. G-oing o'er the path we've trod On and on to higher sod, Opportunities and careers, Stand wide open through the years. From now on we're on our own So let's go on with what we know, To build our lives and to be strong And build the peace tor which we've longed. With the help and love ot God We'll' go on down the path we've trod For all the glory, laud, and honor For he who endures shall also conquer. Evangeline Ross I. B. Basehore 6 Company The Fruth Hardware Co. Coal, Builders' Supplies, and Septic Tanks Established in Fostoria l9U7 3l2 East Center St, 0 Fostoria, Ohio "Over 40 Years ot Service" Phone 6667 Fostoria, Ohio .U L ,, 61,615 We, the Senior Class, of Arcadia High School, in this year of 1952, being of sound mind and body, will the following traits, characteristics, oddities, and possessions to whomever it may concern. ARTICLE I To the Iunior Class, we will our quiet ways and modest manners. Do they need them'?? ARTICLE II To the Sophomore Class, we will the ability to get into trouble. ARTICLE III To the Freshmen Class, we will the chance to grow up. ARTICLE IV Donna Iune Damon wills her blonde hair to Carol Kuhn. Might need a little peroxide, Carol. Shirley Russell wills her ability to get the car whenever she wants it to Pat Emerine. Now you won't have to hitch-hike, Pat. Neil Weaver wills his height to Ioe Steyer. You won't have to jump for the ball now, Ioe. Doris Street bequeaths her typing accuracy to Larry Myers. Now we'll have less broken typewritersl Donna Gaertner wills her ability to flirt with the boys to Mary Dicken. Don't get too many on the string! Gene Wedge wills his variety of girl friends to Iim Woodward. Now you can have a change, lim. ' Sue England wills her quiet ways to Shirley Lenhart. Don't misuse them, Shirley. Clara Buchanan leaves her place in the Sen- ior Quartet to lim Warren. Let's make good use of it, lim. Ted Rader wills his fast talking to lanet Boes. Let's slow down a little, lanet, W Kay Kieffer wills her locker to any girl that has a boyfriend who will hold it up. Donna Mae Eisenhauer bequeaths her ath- letic ability to Peggy Fox. Reid Hill bequeaths his ability to sleep in literature class to Floyd Hissong. Let's not overdo it. To Carol Kieffer goes Lila Huysman's numer- ous blushes. Don't have a red face all the time. Evangeline Ross Wills her natural curly hair to Shirlee Farrell. Take good care of it. Duane Beamer Wills his position as class pres- ident to anyone who has plenty of time, plenty of patience, and plenty of aspirins. Elnora Kave wills her boy friends in Lima to anybody who frequently visits there. Billy Fruth bequeaths his ability to run the picture machine to anyone who has enough skill to do it. lack Wheland wills his ability to skip school to Lanny Semler. Let's not get caught the next time. Virginia Beamer wills her numerous boy friends to Marilyn Plotts. Now you can have more variety, Marilyn. Werner Lemke wills his scholastic ability to Carl Ziessler. Now you won't have to study, Carl. Ellen Gassman wills her brown eyes to Ianet Ziessler. Now they'll match your hair. We therefore sign, seal, and deliver this, our last will and testament. Signed, Ellen Gassman WITNESSES: Mr. Groth Mr. Blauvelt Superior Pioneers-All New for "SZ" Trip-L-Safe Super-Guard Safety Frame, Safe-T-Shield Panelling, Unibilt Body Superior Couch Sales Co. 0 Findlay. Ohio 1 I endow Way . , H ,iv l 1-4 . lA . This year under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse, the Seniors produced a very successful play entitled "Good Housekeeping". What happens in a normal American family when Mother-armed with a big psychology book-sets out to get everybody happy? When Mother is the imaginative Marian Burnett, the answer is pandemonium. Dignified Father, president of the state uni- versity, is paraded down Main Street on the shoulders of four girl cheerleaders and drawn into a clash with the local political boss, daugh- ters Chris and Katy almost lose their boy friends, and Marian her happy home. But underneath the commotion and laughter, illuminating them with understanding and sym- pathy, is the warm story of a youthful and attractive woman, who with teen-age daughters and a tyrant in the kitchen finds herself no Swift G Co. Soybean Mill Fostoria, Ohio C" YL? longer needed by her family. That problem is grave enough to make a tragedy, but because the Burnetts love each other and are not afraid to stand toe-to-toe and slug out their difficulties in family argument, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ends happily. Marian Burnett .... . . .Lila Huysman Charles Burnett .... .... D uane Beamer Christine Burnett. . . . : . .Barbara Fillhart Edward West ..... .... W erner Lemke Katy Burnett .... .... K ay Kieffer Nat Kahn ..... ...... B eid Hill lim O'Neal ..... ..... I ack Wheland Mrs. Benson ...... ..... D onna Damon Drum Majorette ........... Ellen Gassman Cheerleaders Virginia Beamer, Donna Eisenhauer, Donna Gaertner Payne Brothers' Greenhouse South Union Street, Fostoria North Sandusky Street, Tiffin L -I Ir t V I ga.. F,,,,.L,.-gW-,...,.-L..,- .,. D W. . -, ., , -nuuuu . Mojo ec? On a warm spring day in May of 1962, I en- tered Grand Central Station to board the "Speedway Limited", the train which was bound for that great metropolitan city of Ar- cadia, Ohio. As I boarded the train, who should I see but a former classmate, LILA HUYSMAN, now the wife of the world-famous millionaire, Ranny Rogers. She seemed to be happy with her new position as the Woman's Social Leader of the world. Upon arriving at the Nickel Plate Terminal in Arcadia, I saw TED RADER, new owner and manager of the Nickel Plate Railroad. It seems Ted is so rich he doesn't know whether to buy out Ali Kahn or to buy the B Gt O Railroad. As I walked down Main Street, I saw a large neon sign which read, UWERNER LEMKE, M. D." I was quite interested, so I walked into his large waiting room, which was a beautiful sight to behold. His waiting room was filled to capacity. His nurse, much to my surprise, was DONNA EISENHAUER. She helped me find a chair and I sat down to wait my turn to see Dr. Lemke. While I waited I had the opportunity of listen- ing to Arthur Godfrey's morning radio program. The next song was "Daddy's Little Girl," sung by the "Seniorettes". The members of this quar- tet were none other than CLARA BUCHANAN, VIRGINIA BEAMER, DONNA IUNE DAMON, and SUE ENGLAND. They also appear on God- frey's television show and have gained world- wide fame. They have won every type of quar- tet-singing contest. After this song there was a pause for station identification when I was amazed to learn that station IERK was owned by IACK WHELAND. lack has made his money by selling strawberry flavored potato chips. ELLEN GASSMAN is his chief adviser and SHIRLEY RUSSELL is his personal secretary. Donna then informed me that it was my turn to see the doctor. As I walked into his spacious office, I noted the clean ultra-modern equipment. Korner Lunch "At,the Traffic Light in Arcadia" Bob and Thelma Nunn, Prop. Dinners-Short Orders-Soda Bar We immediately began to discuss our former classmates who were not living in Arcadia. I was very happy to learn that Captain DUANE BEAMER was doing well after his hitch in the Coast Guard and now he is Commander of a fleet of shrimp boats. The largest library building in the world can be found in Arcadia. Yes, you guessed it. Our classmate, KAY KIEFFER, is Head Librarian. She is noted for her fine Children's Hour which h,as recently been televised over station RKD. EVANGELINE ROSS is now president of the Nurses Training School here in Arcadia. Dr. Lemke says her nurses are the best-trained nurses in the world. ELNORA KAVE is now the head of the Com- mercial Colleges of America. This is a group of well-organized commercial schools of America whose graduates are of the highest standard. Our conversation drifted on to other class- mates. REID HILL is now head of The Inter- national Hog Producer's Association. It seems that he has been able to produce the largest hogs on record and BILL FRUTH has also broken records by producing the most grain per acre. DORIS STREET is working for Dr. Lemke as I-lead of Pediatrics. Doris has always had the ability to hum and sing soft tunes. She now puts the children to sleep in the hospital. NEIL WEAVER has almost achieved his goal as President of the Amalgamated Rabbit Pro- ducers Association of America. He is the C I O Representative from Ohio and is the leading contender for the nomination for President of the A. F. of L. I-le had gained his fame through his ability in debate. GENE WEDGE has worked his way to the top as a movie star. He still has the same old diffi- culty of keeping the girls away. As I bade farewell to Dr. Lemke, I went back to my career as the one and only authority on excuses for Seniors to skip school. Donna E. Gaertner Clifford E. Snyder Ford Service 0 General Repairing Marathon Gas and Oil Arcadia, Ohio 'I' ' 5 ' al 1 ' ' amor ,Stal ana! Name Duane ...... Virginia .. Clara . . . . Donna Iune Donna Mae Sue ...... Billy ..... Donna G. . Ellen ..... Reid ..... Lila . Elnora . Kay ...... Werner . . . Ted ...... Vangie . . . Shirley ...... Doris ..... Neil . .. . Gene ..... .--no ..- ..- Ccm Be Found Shouldering .. Locker 118 In Findlay .... With her violin .... in rne Chrysler . .... Skating Rink . . At a movie .... With Reia With BOYS . . . D'ya' think .so? ..... In Fostoria .... Making plans of .... any sort In Lima ..... .... In Locker 1 18 ...... Around Pretty Girls. At Srnith's house .... Selling Studebakers With the Ford. .. Gallaher's . In his White shoes. . Papa's Nash . . . . Occupation Arguing with . teachers Going steady ..... . Reading .... Telling jokes Falling down . Voice lessons . Running movie projector Telling family . history Laughing . . . .. Raising pigs ...... Early to Bed. . . Army .......... Correspondence . Whispering ..... Studying ......... Making Speeches . . Worrying ....... Raising steers . . . Digesting stories . . .Wrestling ...... Teasing girls .... 66 97 Wm- GMM By-Word Ya knucklehead! . Perdiddle ..... Eh, Shuddup! .. Oh, Cripe!! . .. It don't make sen Oh, My! ....... Oh, you jerk! . .. Wanna bet? . . . Gads! .... I guess so ..... Oh, Heavens! .. For Pete's Sake! , Hey Kid! ...... That's what you Be quiet! ...... Oh, gee ..... Oh, you- .. Eh, go BLOW! .. Aw-----?? . . . . Ya know it! .... .... think! sel... Destiny lanowicz ll Old Maid Second Kate Smith Godfrey's fifth Chordette Horse Ranch Owner Singer Farmer On Television Comedienne College Professor Millionaire's Wife WACS O.S.U. Cheerleader Doctor Politician Registered Nurse Kroger Store Manager Mgr. Lonely Hearts Club U. S. President Hot Rod Racer lack .. . Everywhere??!! .... Making up excuses.tCensoredl!! . .. Traveling Salesman Ward Stock Yards Rupp and Riggs Feed Company Findlay Road - Phone 4600 Purina and Master-Mix Feeds Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio -.FQ - 'Fl Winner ot Heisman trophy Lunch time Dismissal time Rosie and her Students Studying Secretary Bessie at Work Ott to iail "O" you The Sth grade gang Get to Work! Kids Preparing to eat. 'Skim Cute lr. Valentine Party Watch the birdie What the? Spell down Start Praying What they gonna Noon hour Playing cowboys Posing Pretty Watch'er, Sneek. Reading Class x 'Kitt 0? 25. Bessie on the job. 26. Bus garage 27. You're late 28. Writing class 29. Building in process 30. Writing class 31. Snap Shot or big shot 32. New building 33. F. H. A. initiation 34. Hope they tall out 35. Petunia in onion Patch 36. MMMMM - - - MMMM REL :S ' 39 Mi "Z-14'-- T- ' f - S- 'S ,f .Z ,ii X TL. -Z 5 ht N ,df-If Xdgff i-qgiif ff f' l 'Qgb-5 S-.5 Z .a si-5,-.S f f.'.'-,..-4 ""' Q 1 x 2 . -xxx X lf. i -QQ Q? - ffl X 5 Z 3' ' Q-1-?+ ,k ' sigi W af'-,fi T! -"""' 1-1, f ff? ,.. si fr,- -.,-....'i.,1.,i M ffl- g 1-1 5 zz! ,- ?s-- -3' j ' - ----ss.,-,N ,f rf-, X- --xg-gas X Z1 Z'-1, I s 2 Z-f ' -QQ, X t 'i f'!k , . ' H, QW" Y 214 IL g 5 F' , -X, W X The Ohio Oil Company Refiners and Marketers Marathon Gasoline and Motor Oil "Best in the Long Run" zfmzfozf' Cfowd 35 x 4' .duL..4... .av . STANDING: Richard Smith, lolin STANDING: Iames Steyer, Shirley STANDING: Ianet Boes, Shirley King. SEATED: lohn Bushong, Rainey, Carl Ziessler. SEATED: Lenhart. SEATED: Shirlee Farrell, Richard Kelly. Floyd Hissonq, Glen Saltzman. Marilyn Plotts. President ...... Glen Saltzrnan Vice President. . . .... Iarnes Steyer Secretary ...... .. Shirley Rainey Treasurer. . . ..... Floyd Hissonq Reporter. . . ........ Carl Ziessler Colors. . . ............. Old Rose and Silver F lower. . . ............,... White Carnation Motto. . . . . ."OnWard Toward A Higher Aim" f'ff"f-iffy ,3:e2fiiiIl3fi- ' - Tv Q 'U lug' STANDING: Robert Good, Iames STANDING: Janet Ziessler, Carol Warren, Iohn Carter. Kuhn, Pat Emerine. SEATED: Larry Myers, Lanny Sem- SEATED: Peggy Fox, Norma Ritter. ler. NSZIO 0If1fL0l"8 Cfddd Q5 STANDING: Mary Dicken, Sharlet STANDING: Harold Nye, Ioe Steyer, H -A t F. ,, - .,.-,L STANDING: Rosilyn Street, Carol Cook, Carol Reid. SEATED: Billy Ierry Gaertner. SEATED: Nina Wolford, Ianet Nunn. SEATED: Hilda Peters, LaVerne Snyder. Lewis, Mary Weaver. Grine, Mary England. President ....... . . Harold Nye Vice President. . . ...... Nina Lewis Secretary ...... . . . Ierry Gaertner Treasurer .... ...... I oe Steyer Reporter. . . . . . Mary Weaver Colors .................... ,. . Green and Gold Flower ..................... Yellow Tea Bose Motto .... "Patience is the Keystone to Success" L STANDING: Barbara Coffman, STANDING: Glen Fruth, Ralph Brooks. SEATED: Iohn I-Iowe, lim Florence Ecker, Maxine Dreisbach. SEATED: Carolyn Clark, Betty Miller. Blake. .-. ,Q Vu-I ' ,r .W Q 'Irv-"s' 'V' ,., 1 '. V 1r4l-1" fi ,mf sw-4 ' .4 L..4 -l STANDING: William Parmenter, Lewis Campbell, Bob Graham. SEATED: Pat Butler, Carol Kieffer. ABSENT: Arlene Walsh. 23 .tn I F 'fx 5, nl jlf'Qf5AlflfL6LlfL ggdfjff Tm Xin MXN' ll ll V nfhfrlzvl 4' as r Wm xi' 5 STANDING: Glen Ritter, Raymond STANDING: Geraldine Kina, Betty STANDING: Raymond Lazenby, Rob' Kuhn, Irvin Swartz, SEATED: Doyle Frulh, Gertrude Marvin. SEATED: ert Noel, Billy Dlebley. SEATED: Cobb, Alan Ryman. Mary Ann Steyer, Donna Bame. Lloyd Thomas, Larry Walsh. President ......... .... D avid Corbin Vice President .... . . .Ruth Ann Smith Secretary ...... . . Barbara Good Treasurer. . . ....,... Tom Bickle Reporter .... ...... I im Woodward Colors ..... ....... W hite and Maroon Flower. . . ................ While Rose Motto .... . ."Today Decides Tomorrow" ., .Qi it "QM c 'wit 15 xl STANDING: Rita Grine, Ernestine STANDING: David Corbin, Tom STANDING: Evelyn Miller, Ianet Rice, Mary Rader. SEATED: Olivia Bickle, lim Woodward. SEATED: Shiley, Sonia Schofield. SEATED: Guerrero, Marilyn Elsea. Barbara Good, Ruth Ann Smith. Gerald Marvin, Ronald Stall. NEW: Marilyn Walsh and Clarence Cunningham. ABSENT: Rosann Lenhart. .yt Aga Kjglrflr Qin Q X. L ' ,U il ti wwf if Q- ' 533 n nh -1 , '- ' ' f:, ' f 'L -- -ve . 2 , . . ' r 1-. .Q 4 APC- ' I'- is I M lb A ' 5? ' ' tw ,? XNIHFHH .IA , I 1 X wx a. fi. 1' N Q- Uk, . V4 4 'F ,Qs " TJ wh vo 'V .1 J .. szi 'if ' l N TOP ROW: Barbara Arnet, Larry Crates, Dalores Campbell, Max Brooks, Iohn Diebley, Wilma Wickman, Dean Kieffer. SECOND ROW: William Armbrecht, Marlene Diebley, Dale Barr, Barbara Agnew, David Veliquette, lane Van Driest. THIRD ROW: Patty Breymarf, Paul Thompson, Patsy Conley, Vernon Rice, Marleen Withrow, Richard Ziessler. Trout Furniture Company 508 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio 'I p. .,.---Q--'--A Y Q t " .. i . tue, 'Elissa . -w , K A 451 Ki 'I - :-', if f l rl 'T 'A K FOURTH ROW: Karl Burns, Nancy Fox, Dennis Peters, Ianice Heinze, Norman Emerine, Barbara Peters. FIFTH ROW: Rosemary Kitchen, Merle Lieb, Lester Fruth, Iack Keegan, lack Eisaman, Bill Switzer. SIXTH ROW: Yale Goodwin, Bill Eisaman, Dorothy Par- menter, Sharyn Peters, Robert Ecker, LaVerne Shaull. NEW: Ioyce Walsh. Coldren Funeral Home Ambulance Service 205 W. Sandusky St. Phone 600 Findlay, Ohio EUQVL Q68 i,0: T axle' if ,Q fm . ' lf -4-Q f n R3 "sXilfxS, o. C4 , I E -3 an .sri K .MM .2 A ag -fl I f X ,lf s 9, ' ' 4 'L . Y , ' , xo' 4 fi n f-nf.: lit 4 . Q3 TOP ROW: Tom Miller, Roma Beamer, Arvid Weaver, Mar- jorie Plesec, David Shiley, Monna Kay Bruce, Gene Snyder. SECOND ROW: Marilyn 'Babcock, Dave Dreisbach, Rosalie Ann Miller, lim Hitchings, Patty Binqer, A1 Garcia, Marvin Boes. THIRD ROW: Rodney Conley, Emma Rice. Lester Bowman, Patty Kina. Otto Coffman, Rella Collins, Howard Buchanan. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Treece, Carl Thompson Darlene ,sl . y . .H Vg. . .1 .4 '- Q . V jg RJO lf- 'H ja.. -mm. '1f1- '- i . 1 "NAR ,'1?gi.1.U'7- W1 . ' ' lacoby, Richard Kessler, Patty Eisaman, Rudy Cordova, Gene Switzer. FIFTH ROW: Dale Ebersole, Mary Ellen I-leinze, Raymond Kessler, Danny Kuhlman, Patty Reid, Bill Good, Darold Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Betty Bame, Ralph Kelley, Bobby Farrell, Dave Cardwell, Gary Woodruff, Ierry Woodward. Republican Courier WFIN WFIN-PM Findlay' Ohio 1330 KC 100.5 MC Findlay, Ohio 4 - . -f A QU, 9 I w H N -'D ' i fr F . 1: 1 I ' -t a , I S ,, - S 'V 5' 5 . .. i I k'Q,oi1i9 I 2 4 1 ,Ln i Q. . 5- W 0- X ' GW F S . il :Q 1 . i ll 1 51 . vi Nr V? .., . , . J-A - . Q. vu - 1 "X, ' ,y Q5 ' 5 '4 'A' - ' ' - :. . 2 . 'Tl Y. ' ' x x ' 5 3, .1 - - Q 4? .F ., 113: A X 12 1 .tr if , - .. it . f 6 'S' S -nf' S . . JY- -3" ' A15-.if-.2 T wi E . . . - iw 3 X ' W1 J A , 'tt 1 . RE I -I It R 'ff : ' C5 , 1. us- , Q 3 lay? " as- ' g ' ' 1 'Q fe.- W f iq fi' ' fi-i f 'E 1? S 5' W F Ei x 1 sl L :gt Eau . .I lie 6? I. i 'L I ' i "' gli' W -'fi K 'V' A att ' R " 2-. JL, ' up ' ' - fi? , V ', : 5' ' fc-fi A' , B' x . , 'W '. f- 'V' -- . ,I -be 3 :ro 1 ' 'T l 3 ' -2: -efiw,'f' vii Ill' ' 1 'Fi I-lu ft L. ' J ma, . 'i 12 "'V A T ' G iklrxf Q , F , 1 V A . .5 ' . n 1 n TOP ROW: Betty Minard, Keith Fleeqle, Betty Lee Fox, Delbert Smith, Pauline Kish, Gary Roth, Audrey Walsh. SECOND ROW: Gene Eisaman, Lou Ann Seever, Derol Painter, Betty Io Switzer, Danny Dulgar, Shelby Brooks, Louie Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Carol Treece, Ioyce Ritter, Albert Brcmdeberry, Arlene Walter, Betty Lou Copsey, Bob Fox, Linda Myers. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Minard, Scott Philo, Nancy Keegan, Compliments of National Automotive Fibres. Inc. Findlay, Ohio Betty Lou Blue, Annabelle Kessler, Tommy Springer, Sue Ann Huffman. FIFTH ROW: Clair Cook, Shirley Brooks, Gordon Fruth, Karen Sue Greer, Dale Swartz, Rosemary Conine, Bob Beamer. SIXTH ROW: Martha Robinson, Gerald Gaertner, Iudy Goodwin, Howard Fruth, Iustin Emerine. NEW: Barbara Rothenbuhler, Marilyn Lazenby. Nollei-'s Garage Arcadia, Ohio ZW, Qin 8 Y ni, 5 1 Q liullviqg I+! 1- - ' ,wx ' " 2511 , h LY ' ' W age, K 3 A AIX, -A , Rf? E ' 2? ,. f I 35 - S 1 '- 1 f f vu.. 7 fr 'W ' 1 7 - S . r e ' WVR af - ' f 1 5. u , . 'J' '51 I A TOP ROW: Paul Grine, Ruth Anne Cobb, Von Bishop, Linda Eisaman, Kenneth Boes, Nancy King, Robert Agnew. SECOND ROW: Barbara Van Driest, Kenneth Lenhart, Carol Monday, Larry Diebley, Diana Conley, Mark Plesec, Anne Tl-IRD ROW: Owen Ziessler, Sally Binger, Larry Ryman, Sandra Russell, Greta Armbrecht, Nancy Kuhlman, Fred Tesnow. L sr , I ff -. f Y l x Q- , 'ks I 'A iff- A 1 "Lh' '. J .. W Q V s, S' , , ' L- ' T' 'H . '- .': ,L L , A 5 : 4 K .. ' 1 Sr XX if Pessell. FOURTH ROW: Faye Pressler, Howard Minard. Sharon I-lile, Donna Iacobs, Mary Coffman, Gene Desgranges, Ceara Withrow. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Ponn, Ioyce Lieb, Darlene Bricker, Ted Walters, Iudy Gassman, Wyneta Fox. NEW: lim Walsh. A il k 9 4 TOP ROW: Ruth Thompson, Janice Ritter, Lynn Ebersole, Betty Collins, Bobby Steyer, Melanie Peters, Ioan Reid. SECOND ROW: Karen Spearman, Sonny Springer, Norma xml ff if Shaull, Ianet Hill, Sharon Stall, Iarnes Grine, Ola Fae Rice. NEW: Leonard Snavely. The McCormick Motor Sales Company Dodge-Plymouth Cars TrucksABuses-Motor Coaches 155-159 E. South St. Fostoria, Ohio g0lfLl"fA Qu 8 1 5- -.4 in s bk -e- T S. , - A All TOP ROW: Martha Lewis, JoAnne Moore, Sonny Miller, Louis Kish, Naomi Fruth, Gene Moore, Ronnie Cobb. SECOND ROW: Darlene Shaull, Marilyn Rainey, Sharon Dillery, Sandra Iacolay, Melvin Brooks, Patricia Arnet, Carl Fox. THIRD ROW: Tommy Hill, Sharon Henqsteller, Pamela Mc- Gouqh, Gene Walters. Susan Morrison, Ianice Lieb, Lana Q' l I ,--.-. 5 . '-Q, Miller. FOURTH ROW: Mildred Noel, Larry Leonard, Paul Brande- berry, Gerald Kessler, Imas Barnes, Gary Stillberqer, Iames Farmer. FIFTH ROW: Ianet Noel, Carolyn Marvin, Iudy Collins, Ellen Grine. Sue Ann Moore, Ronnie Vitt. NEW: Ralph Lazenby. 1 . ...Qa- G 1, CW L Q., " Q..,.. -aK..J'5u P li fishes TOP ROW: Leroy Huff, Don Kirkendall, Stanley Slough. Dicky Conine, Terry Good, Larry Binger, Iacqueline Marilyn Frankart, Ronald Reuter, Joe Woodward, James Desqranges. Ritter. THIRD ROW: Shirley Nunn, Gary Armbrecht, Charles Groth. SECOND ROW: Eileen Bowman, Larry Noel, Dallas Critchet, Compliments of Borden's Findlay, Ohio jALr0! Qu e L W Cs ,-' , ,un V.: 1 :ff be . We-- La g V 8 K I X x 40 TOP ROW: Ertc Goodwm, Samuel Moyer, Norma Swttzer. Melmda Good, Davxd M1nard, Robert Robmson, Harold Kmq. SECOND ROW: Ann Graumhch, Thomas Thomas, Charlotte Wtcktser, Darrell Rltter, Paula Huysman, Max Barnes. THIRD ROW: Iudtth Elsea, Denms Kromer, Beverly Hahn Dorts Sherman, Wllliam Martm, Betty Bowman. FOURTH ROW: Dale Fox, Iamce Tesnow, Roseann Swartz, Tom's General Store Repaxr1nqfWeldxn 1-Batteries TIYGS and Appliances West Independence, Ohto f . X 7 X I ' I 'F I , V l ls b ' .1 il .N . rf. ' ,H . I 1 rg 7 j. ..WiT,,,,., . ir . 1' -q ' ' 4 ' Sim , fa Ati' 'S .qv 3, at ' , : X s. Q 7 " ,. ' . W . .gi . 4 QT' Q ' ' T 9 jg- 9 , ,J ,E . -stl if I' T P - '- A if , ' .A gi" ' , fri A 1-'-mr ' to . J ' . N -LAL., 'arttjyu rs V .-ig. 'v . Q . 1 ly if 'T A C h J 'LU' r .':' l'5 5 1 ' 1 -gt-h, J N' as 1 I , Y sp T 'kt X, 1 Y wr vs , - r -fl A ,. ,,-- - Q, .A 'R 6. v LP 0 ' L- I 4. . 'T' T' . 'rx il- U Mtchael Crawford, Mary Vehquette, Davrd Bowman. FlFTl"l ROW: Carole Btshop, Duane Steyer, Thora Wtthrow, Ian Snyder, Sandra Noel, Glen Wedge. SIXTH ROW: Samuel Leonard, Rosemary Perkins, Edward Cardwell, Nancy Zressler, Kenneth Noller, Iams Anderson. NEW: Mary Rothenbuhler, Nancy Snavely, Margaret Lazenby. R. K. D. Drive-In Short Orders and Fountam Servxce Home Made Pies Located Just east of the schoolhouse ZCOVL . 'lr x A- '.. iz - no ,,. lr -, -1 A V " A . ry f' - -.-'P' .c . .:: f f l rt. 1 -w 5 ? . ll M Amt : ,I 854 ug La' bo- : s 1 , A Q .f 5 we ' 9 ' ,' 1 ' l' Y N 3' ,gl vu- 1 Q 5 ' A 3 5. , kg - ,A A Q L, xiii' r' xxx I- , ,, -fl ' . , ff' '- ,il 9 0 - - fs 'J Q " 'PQ 1 Wx' 'ff l -4. ii 1 it ee Awh 1 , ' Q. A L, -4,3 1 8 ? , .V 1 J' V l V, . .- Ji! ,X wt. Y , u . : , - . Q i .e6i'L,,4hj as ,,,,,-Jfen' ' L , A ' W. EF .. A ' .. Q v Q' alfa. L' . 4 -- . it TOP ROW: Iohn Loth, Iune Bishop, David Blauvelt, Patricia Leonard, Lawerence Swartz, Sandra Monday. SECOND ROW: Sandra Springer, Danny Dutton, Barbara ',Critchett, Gerald Desgranges, Nancy Good, Iohn Cramer. THIRD ROMI: Marvin Bernal, Dian Stillberger, Gene Huff, Shirley Robinson, Ted Garrett, Patricia Peters. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Thomas, Dick Nolan, Virginia Garcia, Galen Roth, Rhoda Perkins, Dennis King. FIFTH ROW: Leanne Brandeberry, Larry McGough, Dian Ritter, Dick Gassman, Carol Sue Miller. NEW: Rita Ybarra. 4? T ,g - 1 -v-'L J 'li' sk 1 J .' U 5 sb 'U' "" " 'B' 1 'R , L. .,'kf'f1u.. v , " V A' M, N i Xx , . X V,,.- 'A X k ' fini S' , . Q V H A A ' .9 Q 1 53 " A '4 ,, - , - ' 1 P , ff 'ff Fifi 1--I " L. R "ti L ' 1 f X o, 4, uf' if - ' -4, h . X -.5 tv TOP ROW: Dennis Greer, Ruthann Phillips, Gary Switzer, Linda Fox, Billy Collins. Congratulations to the Class of "52" Hoifmcm's Arcadia, Ohio SECOND ROW: David Fruth, Mike King, Karen Frankart. Fox, Gary The M. D. Neil Lumber Co. Quality Lumber and Millwork Phone Main 17 Findlay, Ohio Slim! QM ' "E F ' 'P .I .Q Us, rl Q X ' lu ,' Q s .2 f- Q V fa ' 'z' Iii-fi L- 13 L - il I B A P , 1 ' . ' 1 us. I, . Q 4. x x . . . :N 6. " f . L. gg, I 9' s "' -Q 5,4 fl' l Q . J I . , 'L A F: x I , iv, 3 ll I I 'QL I 1 . -' 1 I , I -- I "' " -Q , ,Lt 5 ' A lv " - I.. :', 1 .l , is P- ,La ., 13, viii x . t 1 "' f V TOP ROW: Gerald Lewis, Annabel Swartz, Dennis Bruce Kay Pressler, Harold Dillery, Joanne Eisaman, David Groth SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hile, Georqe Fruth, Bonnie Thomas, john Grossman, Barbara Noel, Richard Steyer, Doris Treece. THIRD ROW: Glenn Farmer, lane Nichols, lames Fruth, Maxine Good, Dale Ross, Duane Hile, Allen Huffman. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Walter, Michael Leonard, Larry Bash. FIFTH ROW: Bobbie Hill, ABSENT: Edward Locano. T E Sze' Hancock Hybrids. Inc. Certified Hybrid Seed Corn Wheat, Oats, and Soybeans Phone 3493 Findlay, Ohio TOP ROW: Paula Reinhard, Karen Morrison, David Mellot. Patricia Hummel, Ivan Fox, Marcia McCracken, Lou Ellen Russell. SECOND ROW: Tommy Noel, Martha Peters, Nancy Ander- son, Raymond Garcia, Lana Io Wiseley, Dale Bowman, Ianet Kuhlman. THIRD ROW: Billy Minard, Mary Loth, Donald Dreisbach. Heril Iones Company Manufacturing Iewelers and Stationers 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue ' Indianapolis 7, Indiana Fox, Robert Coleman, Sharon Glenna Farmer, Henry Vackert Thomas Pessell, Dennis Shiley in xii Q x .1 ,- .ml N? Lx., ,, ., . .H IQ '51 if 'lf' rf 1:-N ,--A n- vf P X I Q- 4 ,f NN W --' X' " -:. Q f, - ' """", Q-' 1i'4 , EJ7Zz:zoaq an gvx 5 X . -il-11 X ..,1.ii ,Tl 1- , f I' 5' fab! V-ll I v 1 55 :YR ', , rj 41 "0 . A ihfigfiil yy I 4 U, I ' 1 ,y R ' K 4 In M 'In 33 -1.-1 .1-ii v -..AC Ls., ft allg Ov ,Il 1 ,-- l NN , 510 Hold that line What is it Ref? 'Cx 1- Ili What you doing Bob? Mr. Manager Sleepy time gals Hot shot Miss Boes lump Get it, Beamer So Shy Mr. X Football Bosses Afternoon Hike Let's go for a ride What Now First and Ten Pose girls 'iv ' Faster What's up, Reid? Warming up Stadium Unpile Another Basket Homecoming Did you make it? Larry runs again 1 rj I 1 H 1'li Q W ' Q53-4 'QC '77 Tx aglwcfenlf Cmnci .f 1' F' SEATED: Barbara Good, Bob Good, Shirley Russell, Carol Kieffer, Mrs. Covert. STANDING: Reid Hill, Ronald Stall, lanet Ziessler, Betty Fruth. Shirley Rainey, Iack Wheland, Carl Zlessler, Lewis Campbell, Harold Nye, Neil Weaver. The Student Council of the year 1951-52 was composed of fourteen members: two from each of the upper four grades, two from the F. H. A., two from the F. F. A., and two from our new club, the Varsity A. The following were elected officers: President ........ .... S hirley Russell Vice President ....... .... R obert Good Secretary-Treasurer ..... .... C arol Kieffer Reporter ................................... Barbara Good Our first important event was the Homecoming, October 26. The crowning of the Queen, Ellen Gassman, took place at halftime of the Van Buren-Arcadia football game. The attendants were: Freshmen-Lloyd Thomas, Rita Grine, Sophomores-Sharlet Cook, Bill Peters, luniors-Shirlee Farrell, Floyd Hissong, Seniors-Barbara F illhart, lack Wheland. The Student Council planned the schedule for the high school parties throughout theyear and also sponsored a few dances after the ball games. The Student Council took charge of two high school assemblies, one of which was Recognition Day, a day all students look forward to. We also sponsored a "Good English" campaign. 1' We made arrangements for a Spring Prom which was held in May. The Hancock Brick and Tile Company Vitrified Drain Tile Findlay, Ohio I1 0lfL0l" ociefy 1 i:.g QV.: ,bm C--3 s 95 i V Y 1 l Q SITTING: Shirley Russell, Donna Iune Damon, Ellen Gass- man, Kay Kieffer, Mrs. Wykoff, Evangeline Ross. STANDING: Ianet Boes, Donna Gaertner, Shirley Rainey, The Hancock County Chapter of the National Honor Society was started in 1946. Its charter members from Arcadia were Alan Kieffer, Iuanita Knepper, Mary Nickelson, Lucille Shaull, Alice Saltzman and Irene Huffman. Since that time the students have strived to achieve the honor of becoming a member of this National organization. To become a member of this organization one must excel in character, scholarship, leadership, and service. We have the honor of having sev- en Seniors graduating this year in National Honor Society. They are Werner Lemke, Donna Gaertner, Donna Iune Damon, Shirley Russell, Ellen Gassman, Kay Kieffer, and Evangeline Ross. Three social meetings and a banquet were held this year. The first social meeting of the Hancock County Honor Society was held at Vanlue November 7, 1951. During the evening the students from the other county schools en- joyed the evening by playing "get acquainted games," active games, and best of all a "truth or consequences." The Fostoria Lumber and Supply 240 W. North St.-Phone 727 Fostoria, Ohio Werner Lemlce, Iohn Carter, Iames Steyer, Floyd Hissonq, and Glen Saltzman. Afterwards, delicious refreshments were served and the time was spent in conversation. These social meetings are valuable because we are able to meet students from other schools and compare our school and school subjects with others. The next meeting was held at McComb Ianuary 23, 1952. This meeting was also spent in games after which delicious refreshments were served. The banquet is held each spring. This year the banquet was held at Mt. Cory-Rawson. Each year after the banquet new members are formal- ly initiated, there is election of officers and we listen to an address. After the returns from the election were read, we had the group pictures taken of the Junior and Senior groups. It is at this time that the new members receive their pins and membership cards. The Iunior members of the Honor Society from Arcadia this year were Iames Steyer, Iohn Carter, Floyd Hissong, Glen Saltzman, Shirley Rainey, and Ianet Boes. Harrold Funeral Home 301 West Tiffin Street Fostoria, Ohio I' VCULAOL . . . . l SEATED: Mr. Knight, Adviser, Ioe Steyer, Sentinel: Reid Hill, Treasurerg lim Warren, Vice-President, Kay Kieffer, Chapter Sweetheart, Glen Saltzman, President, Gene Wedge, Reporter, lim Steyer, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Thomas, Larry Walsh, David Corbin, The Arcadia F. F. A. chapter was an active group under the sponsorship of Calvin D. Knight and the chapter otticers. To start the year we attended the State F. F. A. Convention and Iudq- ing Contest at Ohio State University. Two of our members, Glen Saltzman and Bob Painter, played in the All-Ohio F. F. A. Band. During the summer we organized a sottball team and ended the season with a 3-3 record. We put up a safety display in the First National Bank at Findlay in observation ot F. F. A. Safety Week. ln August, two ot our members, lohn Carter and Glen Saltzman, attended F. F. A. camp at Camp Muskingum. lohn Carter was the winner ot the Ford Camp Scholarship. One ot our money- making projects this year was the Pancake Sup- per in October. ln September, exhibits were dis- t 6 , t ft lg A i Cl l ...D i , RKU l l I N501 l sghg' 'E T RKD 4 s . FV' Gerald Marvin, Raymond Lazenby, Doyle Cobb, Ronald Stall, lim Woodward, Bob Graham. THIRD ROW: Bill Fruth, Iohn Carter, Bob Good, Glen Fruth, Ralph Brooks, Ted Rader, Dick Kelley, Bill Diebley, Harold Nye. played at the Hancock County Fair and many blue ribbons were brought home. Our annual Game Supper with the F. H. A. was termed a success. We will enter the Parliamentary Proce- dure Contest again this year hoping to achieve the gold medal award which we have won each time during the past tour consecutive years. Four members coming back trom last year's gold medal team are lim Warren, Glen Saltz- man, lohn Carter, and lim Steyer. We also took the silver award in State Chapter Contest. We are planning tor a successful Parent-Son Ban- quet on March 22. Our chapter sweetheart, Kay Kietter, will reign over this banquet. Although not winning many games, the Arcadia F. F. A. basketball team gained much experience. KNEELINGZ David Corbin, Larry Walsh, L ' t Lloyd Thomas. I , STANDING: Gerald Marvin, Dick Kelley, Ralph Brooks, Doyle Cobb, lim Woodward, I' Mr, Calvin Knight, coach. It O H9151 gl I J 4 R T1 Q Ne i Q X SEATED: Shirley Russell, Pat Emerine, Shirley Lenhart, Shirlee Farrell, Marilyn Plotts, Norma Ritter, Kay Kieffer. SECOND ROW: Donna Eisenhauer, Doris Street, Donna lune Damon, Sue Ann England, Evangeline Ross, Ianet The Arcadia Chapter of the Future Homemak- ers of America was an active group under the sponsorship of Mrs. Virginia Wykoff. The fol- lowing were elected officers: President, Kay Kieffer, Vice President, Shirley Lenhart, Secre- tary, Pat Emerine, Treasurer, Ellen Gassman, Historian, Shirley Russell, Parliamentarian, Ianet Ziessler, Reporter, Pat Butler, Song Leader, Donna Damon, and Student Council Representa- tives, Shirley Rainey and Barbara Good. Entering a float in the Hancock County Fair and winning third place was the first event of the year. The F. H. A. Initiation was as usual, an ex- citing party for all-including the Freshmen. The upper classmen enjoyed watching the Freshmen struggle through their antics while wearing their peculiar costumes. On. October 6, a meeting for girls wanting to work for their third degree was held in Colum- bus. Those attending were Shirley Russell, Donna G-aertner, Virginia Beamer, Donna june Damon, Ellen Gassman, and Lila Huysman. The F. H. A. Banquet was held April 18. A program including musical numbers and a speaker followed a very enjoyable meal. During the Freshman year in F. H. A., each girl must complete three projects to be able to acquire her full Home Economics credit of the year. Also, during the second, third, and fourth Simon's Apparel Exclusive Ladies' Wear - Popular Prices Findlay, Ohio Boes, Lila Huysman, Mrs. Wykoff. THIRD ROW: Clara Buchanan, Carol Kuhn, Ianet Zeissler, Ellen Gassman, Donna Gaertner, Elnora Kave, Virginia Beamer, Shirley Rainey, Peggy Fox. years she must finish four projects to be able to receive her credits. The F. H. A. has one meeting a month, held during the sixth period on Thursdays. We dis- cuss the events and parties we want to sponsor. This year the F. H. A. had concessions at one of the football games. In that way and by selling vanilla, the club made enough money to pay for the F. H. A. letters which each girl receives after she has a minimum number of credits. Through the school year, there are two Bi- County F. H. A. meetings held at the different schools. The meetings include a program, which includes sending Red Cross boxes and clothes to needy people abroad. As in other clubs, the F. H. A., too, gives de- grees to those who earn them. To earn a degree a member must be cooperative in club work, be understanding of others, be a fairly good leader in any kind of work and have all projects com- pleted. A test is given before the degrees are conferred upon the students. There are four degrees of which the symbols are: the key for the Iunior Homemaker, the scroll for the Chapter Homemaker, the torch for the State Homemaker, the rose for the American Homemaker, all of which, when received, are fastened onto the F. H. A. pin and guard. These degrees are a symbol of the honor, the loyalty, and achieve- ment of the individual towards the Future Homemakers of America. Alice Beauty and Dress Shoppe 411 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio W5 7 r f FX f F I V ' SEATED: Ruth Ann Smrth, Gertrude Marvm, Ernestrne RlC9, Ianet Shrley, Barbara Good, Betty Fruth. SECOND ROW: Donna Bame, Betty Mrller, Mary Weaver, Carol Herd, Mary Drcken, Carol Kreffer, Patty Butler, Rrta Grmes. THIRD ROW: Marrlyn Elsea, Carolyn Clark, l-lrlda Grme, Rosrlyn Street, Mary England, Evelyn Mlller, Ohvia Guer rero, Maxrne Drexsbach, Mrs, V1rqin1a Wykoff. FOURTH ROW: lanet Nunn, Carol Wolford, Nina Florence Ecker, Geraldme King, Sharlet Cook, Mary Steyer Sonia Schotreld, Barbara Cofiman, Mary Rader. Lewis '57 l,,.N if N24 ll FIU? Comphments of Hancock Co. Farm Equipment Dealers Ass'n. Compliments of Hancock County Automobile Dealers Ass'n. g zfmior pfag Q Pg . 'L w. SEATED: Carol Kuhn, Ianet Zeissler. A.. T' SECOND ROW: Shirlee Farrell, Shirley Lenhart, Marilyn Plotts, Ianet Boes, Pat Ernerine, Norma- iean Ritter. THIRD ROW: Floyd Hissong, Iohn Carter, lim Ste-yer, Shirley Rainey, Iohn King, Peggy Fox, Robert Good, Iohn Bushong, Larry Myers, Glen Saltzmcm. "Quiet Summer" was a rollicking comedy with an amusing and interesting theme. As part of the plan for becoming District Attorney, Iames Clark hoped to spend the summer in peace and get elected president of his country club. His niece and nephew from New York were unexpectedly left with him for the sum- mer. Uncle Iimrnie had to learn about the younger generation and even received some unconventional aid in winning the election, but his house was turned into a combination rum- pus room and campaign headquarters while Pamela and Sonny got involved in romance and adventures that taught them a few things, too. O52 Pdf? .S? Z I I 0 if I A I E " l I 5 sf , .D 6 ' 7 ' I -fl 1 U ",.. ' L ' . 45 :in f I 1, 5 , .,,,..,- 7. . . Q '- .....-in-ui Ln--nn ' -- ' ' -.....,,'s SEATED: Carol Kuhn, Ianet Zeissler, Ianet Boes, Kay Kieffer, Assistant, Sue England, Elnora Kave, Evangeline Ross. STANDING: Pat Butler, Carol Reid, Mary England, Virginia Beamer, Carol Lee Kieffer, Mary Weaver. The library staff is under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse and her assistant, Kay Kieffer. Several new books have been added to the library and each librarian must work one period for which they receive one-fourth credit We are very proud of the efficiency that we maintain in our library. I 1 l UMW SEATED: lanet Boes, Carol Reid, Shirlee Farrell, Marilyn Sharlet Cook, Mary England, Clara Buchanan, Sue Ann Plotts, Evangeline Ross, Betty Miller, Carol Kieffer, Pat But- England, Shirley Lenhart, Mr. Pittenqer. ler, Mary Weaver, Donna Eisenhauer. THIRD ROW: lim Woodward, Iohn Bushonq, Iohn King, SECOND ROW: ,Donna lune Damon, Pat Emerine, Ianet Richard Smith, Ierry Gaertner, Werner Lemke, Iim Steyer, Ziessler, Ellen Gassman, Donna Gaertner, Shirley Rainey, Gene Wedge, lohn Carter, Richard Kelly, Larry Myers, Glen Carol Wolford, Virginia Beamer, Lila l-luysman, lanet Nunn, Saltzman, Lewis Campbell, Floyd Hissonq. The choir, now progressing in its thirteenth year, started this season with a new instructor, Mr. Pittenger. The choir consists oi forty members from the Freshman through the Senior class. Several members of the choir were chosen to participate in the All County Music Festival which was held lanuary 26, l952 at Cory-Rawson. We are especially proud of our boys' section of the choir. Besides having a love tor music, several of the boys have excellent solo voices. The choir also made several other successful appearances by singing be- tore the high school assembly and the Parent-Teacher Association. Three of the favorite selections were "Sylvia" by Oley Speaks, "Oklahoma" by Rogers and Hammerstein and "The Big Corral" by Harry R. Wilson. Accompanying the choir at the piano was Mary Weaver. Nye Implement Company. Inc. The Basket Market Frigidaire and International Harvester Farm Equip. Groceries -- Meats - Dry Goods - Shoes 149 East South Street Phone 207 Arcadia, Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Le CM The Girls Glee Club is an organization com- posed oi all high school girls who are interested in music. They have sung for an assembly pro- gram, County Music Festival, and Baccalaure- ate services. Ianet Ziessler was elected secre- taTY. Some oi their iavorite songs were: "My Task" and "I Hear the Bees a Humming." The 4. group rehearsed twice a week under the direc- tion oi Mr. Pittenger, the new instructor. They were accompanied by Carol Reid. ln the spring we ordered some new music. We really en- joyed singing this, because it was quite a change from what we had. K,-ya. ir 5 QJQMAA FIRST ROW: Sue England, Donna Damon, Evangeline Ross, Elnora Kave, Donna Eisenhauer, Doris Street. SECOND ROW: Pat Emerine, Ianet Ziessler, Lila l-luysman, Clara Buchanan. PIANIST, Carol Reid. The Girls Ensemble is composed oi ten girls from the Iunior and Senior Classes. The En- semble has appeared in assembly, P. T. A. meetings, and the County Music Festival. The girls sang "White Christmas", and "Santa Claus ls Coming to Town", at the Christmas program. Another favorite song is "Night and Day". They were under the direction of Mr. Pittenger and accompanied at the piano by Carol Reid. QVCA85 fl"6L i L 5 Cb SEATED: Carol Reid, Mary England, Donna Damon, Clara Pat Emerine, Sharyn Peters, Peggy Fox, Ellen Gassman, Buchanan, Ianet Boes, Floyd Hissong, Rosemary Kitchen. Barbara Agnew, Ianet Ziessler, Glen Saltzman, Gertrude STANDING: Mr. Pittenger, Barbara Good, Gerald Marvin, Marvin, Ianet Shiley, Werner Lemke, Mary Weaver. The Arcadia School Orchestra is composed of twenty members from the eighth grade through high school. Composing the orchestra are seven violins, five clarinets, three trumpets, one trombone, one saxophone, one snare drum, and one bass drum. Carol Reid is the accompanist. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Pittenger, has played for several different programs such as the Senior Play, High School Assembly, Iunior Play, and the Commencement exercises. A few of our favorite selections have been "Tea for Two", "Stardust", "Whistle While You Work" and "Festival March." They had try outs from which they chose the best players and the ones that were not good enough for orchestra were put in class where they could learn to play better, then later on they will be put in the orchestra. We are proud of our orchestra and enjoy playing the many different com- positions. We will keenly feel the loss of our Seniors, Donna Damon, Clara Buchanan, Werner Lemke, and Ellen Gassman. We practice twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, according to a rotating X schedule set up on class time. 1 Lim! Inv A' - .' 43 . n . 1 Q ? if ., '212v:tfi2'1.ffi- f . A-s Q,C,ADf 'Stl SEATED: Barbara VanDriest, Iustin Emerine, Derol Pain- ter, Ianice Heinze, Barbara Agnew, Norma Ritter. SECOND ROW: Bobby Agnew, Gene Eisaman, Nancy Kuhlman Darlene Bricker Linda Eisaman ane VanDriest, . . . I Ellen Heinze, Margie Plesec, Patty Eisaman. THIRD ROW: Mr. Pittenger, directory David Cardwell, Gerald Marvin, David Corbin, Larry Walsh, Pat Emerine, at Simi' -Venus' .c sm Sharyn Peters, Ianet Shiley, Barbara Good, Gertrude Mar- vin, Ianet Ziessler, Gene Snyder, Lynn Ebersole, Mary Steyer, Ronald Stall. FOURTH ROW: Geraldine King, Bobby Farrell, Danny Kuhlman, Gene Switzer, Darold Thompson, Tom Bickel, Billy Diebley, l.aVerne Shaull, lohnny Die-bley, Dick Ziessler, Billy Armbrecht, Dale Ebersole, Ruthann Smith. The Arcadia Band, under the direction of the new instructor, Mr. Pittenger, is composed of thirty-five members ranging from the fifth grade through high school. We played for all the football games, an assembly program, and P.T.A. A few selections that we used for the football games were "Across -the Field", "Victory March", "Wave the Flag", and "Four Leaf Clover". During the Coronation ceremony at the Homecoming game we played "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody". The various formations We used were "A" for Arcadia and "HI" while we played and marched across the field. We also made the letters "V.B." for Van Buren. Four Leaf Clover was formed, then a Heart and last a "Horse Shoe" was outlined. The Arcadia Band has several young musicians which intimates that the Band has a very promising future in store for them. The Band participated in the Fostoria Halloween Parade and the Home- coming festival at Arlington. Ianet Ziessler, Pat Ernerine, lanet Shiley, Gertrude Marvin, Barbara Agnew, Gerald Marvin, and Billy Armbrecht were selected to play in the all-county band in the Musical Festival which was held at Cory- Rawson in lanuary. The Band Boosters purchased a bell lyre for the band which blends very nicely with the rest of the instruments. C lv Hughes Dry Cleaners OmP1meH'S Of 112 w. Front sf. and 701 Howard si C. I. Laftey. Contractor Findlay' Ohio vmior Cfaeeriaaferd f.A-,.-. k 4' .Til .., .. -, ll ill! . - L SEATED: Barbara Good, Ianet Shiley. STANDING: Barbara Arnet, Sharyn Peters. Margie Plesec. The five lunior High Cheerleaders, dressed in Blue and White, gave the boys more pep. It was also good practice for those wanting to become high school cheerleaders in years to come. Their favorite yells were: Blue and White, fight fight: Touch your heel: and Team was in a Huddle. "HOT ROD" Body Finish-Is Pretty ....................... Wheel Base-Means Length ............... Wheel-Runs Around ....... Tires-Full of Wind ........... Fenders-Keeps the mud out .... Motor--Chief cause of trouble ......... Self-starter-Never works .............. Spark-That which keeps life in school .... Speedometer-Always Moving ....... Muffler-Keeps silence ........... Gas Tank-Always empty ...... .... .... . . Gas-That which explodes ..... ,. , .............. . Transmission-Moves backward and forward .... Cushion-Soft .............................. . Cut out-Makes a lot of noise .... Tail-light-ls red .................. Windshield-Easy to see through ..... Chauffeur-Always in Ditch ........... Nuts and Bolts-Holds things together ..... Gas Line-Always closed ............ License-Someday ......... Brakes-Holds us in check .... . . . .Barbara Good . . . .Werner Lemke . . . .Carl and Lanny ...Ted Rader . . . . .Waldo Good ...........Iuniors . . . .lack Wheland ............Seniors ... . . . . .Kay Kieffer Mrs. Shaminghouse . . . . .Duane Beamer . . . .Donna Damon . . . .Grade cards . . . . . . lohn Carter . . . .Donna Gaertner . . . . . ."Fted Saltzrnanu . . . . .Larry Myers "Bluff" . . . .Ellen Gassman . . . . .Shirley Russell . . . . . . .Carol Kieffer . . . . .Paul and Betty . . . . . . .Mr. Kieffer 6A88lf'L6L6!8l"fI c time FIRST ROW: Carol Kieffer, Marilyn Plotts. STANDING: Shirley Lenhart, Kay Kieffer, Evangeline Ross. Five Cheerleaders were again chosen this year by the popular vote of the student body. Any high school student from a Freshman to a Senior may try out on the stage for one of the five places. The Cheerleaders' duty is to help build the enthusiasm of the audience and the morale of players, and to promote the will to Win. The favorite yells Were: "We're Gonna Fight, Let's Go Team, l-2-3-4, and Yea Red, Clap, Clap." amify L l n!"!'9t e.5S"'W'71Ii SEATED: Iohn Bushonq,. Gene Wedge, Glen Saltzman, Iohn Howe, Ierry Gaertner, Ioe Steyer, Iames Warren Larry Myers, Duane Beamer, Neil Weaver, Lanny Semler, Robert Good, LaVerne Snyder. Carl Ziessler. SECOND ROW: Harold Nye, Richard Smith, Ralph Brooks FIRST ROW: Robert Robinson, coach, Lewis Campbell, Werner Lemke, Robert Noel, Richard Kelley. The Varsity "A" is an organization composed of High School lettermen to promote better athletics and good sportsmanship at Arcadia High School. Z700fM f :gin A A .tif ,-.N if -- Ala U W T , Y ' " Q . -fr .5 . . 4-5--9' .grad W , X' B it - ,ll If-lg ti.. si eggs, is .Ili WWW :tg Way 'lib' ' ' 1 ' If C -9 " Q 5 3 A 1 - 4' ' Ill' 3 f fd - . L 5 ll 5 6- V139 U W A J' -Q,v..u' A Y . x .1 .-'.,-nw Lung.. '-2 . A - ' -ai:ii!"""-'2'lkH!re-v.':n-c:.P:. 'saga 'JU 'a-:'v.-r.L8:frm11.:'-v'!i'v1' FIRST ROW: Lewis Campbell, Reid Hill, Larry Myers, Duane Beamer, Carl Ziessler, Gene Wedge, Werner Lemke. SECOND ROW: Ralph Brooks, ferry Gaertner, Iohn Howe, Raymond Kuhn, Glen Saltzman, Ice Steyer, lim Warren. THIRD ROW: Robert Noel, Iohn King, Harold Nye, Lanny DATE GAME WE THEY Sept. 14-Gibsonburg, there . . . . 6 34 Sept. 2l+Mt. Blanchard, here ...... 21 13 Sept. 28-Liberty, here ....... . . . 26 U Oct. 5-Arlington, there . .. . 0 27 Oct. l2-Vanlue, there .... . 5 58 Oct. l9-McComb, here .......... 6 35 Oct. 25-Van Buren, here ......... l3 6 Nov. 2gMt. Cory-Rawson, there.. 13 46 Our new coach, Robert Robinson, had the unenviable job of building a football team around only three letterrnen. Although he makes no excuses tor our 3 won-6 lost record, it's a fact that he was plagued by injuries Sernler, Iarnes Steyer, Richard Kelly, Robert Good. TOP ROW: Iohn Bushong, manager, Richard Smith, man- ager, Alan Ryman, Billy Diebley, Iim Woodward, Robert Graham, William Robishaw, assistant coach, Robert Robin- son, coach. throughout the season. We feel that he has done a commendable job, especially in the develop- ment of some of the Sophomores and Iuniors who should win some games for him in the next couple years. We had tour players who were selected for the coaches' All-Hancock County Team--Duane Beamer, Larry Myers, Werner Lemke, and Glen Saltzman. Our captain, Duane Beamer, was selected tor the All Hancock County Team by the Toledo Blade. Seniors who played their last games for Arcadia were Beamer, Lemke, Hill and Wedge. Howell Hardware We've got it-We'll get it-Or it isn't made. Phone 80 Arcadia, Ohio gafelfgaff Robert Robinson, Coach, Glen Saltzman, Larry Myers, Duane Beamer, lim Warren, Robert Good The Arcadia Redskins closed their season by losing to Cory-Rawson 49-36 in the Hancock County toumament at Findlay High School. Duane Beamer and Gene Wedge are the two seniors who will not play with the Redskins next year. DATE GAME WE THEY Nov. 9-Amsden, there .... .. 31 43 Nov. 16-Arlington, there .. 37 75 64 39 Nov. 23-Bloomdale, there ...... 50 49 Nov. 21-Van Buren, here ....... Nov. Dec. Ian. Ian. Ian. lan. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb. Feb. 30-Cory-Rawson, there . 7-McComb, here ..... 4-Mt. Blanchard, there 8-Liberty, there ...... 11-Arlinqton, here .... 12-Van Buren, there .... 18-Cory-Rawson, here . 19-McComb, there ..... 22-Vanlue, here ..... 25-Liberty, here . . . 1-Vcmlue, there ...... 8-Mt. Blanchard, here. Compliments of Atlas Crankshaft. Inc. Fostoria, Ohio ederue . . 75 SEATED: Harold Nye, lohn Carter, Ioe Steyer, lerry Gaertner, Lewis Campbell. STANDING: Iohn Bushonq, manaqerg LaVerne Snyder, Iames Steyer, Robert Robinson, coach: Gene Wedge, lim Blake, Richard Smith, manager. The Reserve team is composed of boys who need more experience and practice in order to play on the varsity, but are Willing to play hard and master the qame of basketball hoping to become a member ot the varsity next year. vmior JM? Q: Q X53 Q SEATED: William Armbrecht, lim Hitchings, Robert Farrell, Danny Kuhlman, Iackie Keegan, Glen Ritter, STANDING: William Robishaw, coach, Iohn Diebley, Dennis Peters, Darold Thompson, William Diebley, Raymond Kuhn, Paul Thompson, Robert Noel, Tom Bickel, David Shiley, Alan Ryman, Ronald Stall, manager. The lunior Hiqh, under the direction ot William Robishaw, broke even in the victory column with a 2 and 2 record for the season. Next year the older boys in Iunior High -hope to play on the Reserve team. We Appreciate Your Patronage Hancock Savings and Loan Findlay, Ohio f fr ""t J Om' fgalfrolfw This book is possible only through the iaith that our business men have in us that we will make their advertisements worth the money invested. We hope that our readers will notice the names of the advertisers listed throughout this book, and Will consider them when they think oi buying goods or services. Art Yarn Shop ....... Fostoria. Ohio Bill's Economy Store ..... Fostoria. Ohio Black 6. Warner Clothing .... ..... F indlay. Ohio Blake, C. W ...... ....... Ar cadia. Ohio Book and Gift Shop .... Fostoria. Ohio Buckeye Auto Parts .... Fostoria. Ohio Buckeye Electric ...... Carr's Furniture Store ............... C. C. Slotterbeck. SOHIO Distributor. Chad's ............................ Chapman's Iewelry . . . Commercial Press ........... David 5. Roy's Shoe Service ..... Dry Cleaners' Association .... Earl D. Rummell Furniture ........... East North Street Lumber Company. . Emerson Insurance Agency ......... Evans Typewriter Company ....... F. F. F erguson. SOHIO Distributor. .. Findlay Hardware ............... First National Bank ................. Flechtner Brothers. Tasty Brand Meat ..... ..... Fostoria Produce .....,............ Fostoria Serum Companyf .......... Fostoria Tire 6. Appliance Company. . . . . .Findlay. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio . ..... Findlay. Ohio Fostoria. Fostoria. Fostoria. Fostoria. Findlay. Fostoria. Fostoria. Findlay. Fostoria. Findlay. Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Francis M. Marley ....... Gillig Electric Company .... Gordon's Women's Wear ..... Harold Emerson Garage .......... Harry and Marion's Greenhouse .... .... Hi Hat ......................... Hi-Iinx ............... Hill's Fair Price Station ..... Home Pastry Shop ..... Hoyt Seed Store ................. Hummell Motor Sales Company ...... .... Iackson Banner Furniture Company I. I. Newberry Company ........... Kennedy's ............ Kitchen Studio ....... Koehler Greenhouse ..... Kuhn Bros. Market ..... Lee Incorporated ........ Lester Thomas, lewelers .... Little Folk's Shop ........ Louie, the Bicycle Man ..... L. R. Good 6. Son .............. Lybarger Insurance Agency ..... Lynn A. Lyon ................ Mann Funeral Home .... Medlock Iewelers ........ Mennel Milling Company ........ Moes Baked Enamel Paint Shop ..... .... Mose Lcnnirom Company ........ Music Center ........... Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio . . . . .Findlay, Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio Findlay. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio . . . .Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio . . . .Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio . . . .Findlay, Ohio Arcadia, Ohio . . . .Findlay, Ohio . . . .Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio . . . . .Findlay, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio Naco Fertilizer Company .... ..... Office Supply Shop .......... ..... Ohio Savings and Loan Co.. . . . . . . Patterson s ................. . . . Peggy's Iewelry ................ . . . Plotts Harness and Luggage Shop .... . . . Radcliff Television .............. ..... Ray's Bakery ...... . . . R. M. Steen ..... . . . Ruby Reid's ........... . . . Ruhl Motor Company .... . . . Russell's Iewelry ...... . . S 6. S Drug Store ....... . . . Schwab's Sports Center ....................... Shauffelberger 6. Son. Real Estate and Insurance. Sherlie Ann Bakery ............................ Sink's Flowers ......... . . . Smith's Apparel Shop .... .... Sportsman's Shop ............ ..... Stroman Implement Company ..... .... Turner-Fenstermaker Shoe Co. ..... . . . Uhlman's .................... . . . Val-U Dress Shop .......... .... Vogel-Elsea Music Center .... ..... Waaland's Greenhouse ..... . . . . . Warren's Men's Shop .................... . . . Western and Southern Insurance Agency ...... Whitney's iPhillips' Drive-Inl .............. . . . Wilson's ................... . . . Zierolf's . . . . . . Findlay. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio .Fostoria. Ohio Findlay. Ohio Findlay. Ohio Findlay. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Findlay. Ohio . .Findlay. Ohio Arcadia. Ohio . .Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio Findlay. Ohio Findlay. Ohio .Fostoria. Ohio .Fostoria. Ohio Findlay. Ohio .Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio .F ostoria. Ohio Findlay. Ohio Findlay. Ohio .Fostoria. Ohio Fostoria. Ohio . .Findlay. Ohio . .Findlay. Ohio . .Findlay. Ohio . .Findlay. Ohio Findlay. Ohio . .Findlay. Ohio

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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