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T a f , i r fx. 1- I , M, 5 'cJf'x""'?-'EQ wgzpy , 'V .!-: Q- , ,: rf 3. W 1' Yr,-:gil 3:55 ,,,.. . V., 5, 5jI?::r- . '- fi V. I. uf, "M-,-T . -Q g,5f"Kl - 4' f 5: " 4, , qi? . if I . 7 ,.:. :' . - A 'wif ,Sf 4-'if-ug, - 41- -. -Q- u QU 3.1 4. .'?,:'. his B" i " ,ii-Lia. X . '.'T!1?J'. If , 'Y :'ff3.f231?3:Y'3'Ef' HL ,UA A F, , A A, ,. ..-:-9 ' f .LIL . -fri ,-1:1 ,V N . :gli I 2,- 1+- .,, ..', -.:.,e n 1 Al 41,5 . : '5 s.-. 'fn ' -,"? '--:-Q ' ., -2 , 5 ax .rm ', :,.,.-- - of ,u Egg ' fig' .Q . Y. . If Q uf' " I ' 1 X " 1131. , I . I. 1 ' ' . -..ig4!Ll',' x ?,Qv-'-1 f . 'Y'-I4 ' WI' , 'gif' ', 1 w.2-'-.2 ' W .. ".,l,:'7 5- 313 I ','. .,-, U,-+4---,-1 . . g LL lfbglnlx :.if+,f,- . A ,K sjfiff h ff? g ,5 fm,-. ?,Hg,.--.I 1. A .' 'F' 1-V Q H .. A1-5 'N "rbi, ' ..-. 'gg' , 5 L' , , M' . , ' x? :Yr,,- u' ' C 'PRP'-', . . . X v J in p , 'L nm .Q r fi Tw . 1 r ,1 f ,, Q L '..- .11 y 'J ,J .ef Mr: r,. -ssh' -- ."!' x '- -'lift' - , -u '2 f I I 1 X, -,X .N - .-if 41 . 'Y-ii' . ' 7' .- 1 ', - ? -.54 . .K , ,K i'a 1-e.5ff'5-3 35 ,F :ji :zfiilk If '1,,,-ga -,tvs 1' - iff-',-f!Fpr.s, .ww , N. f -1,r:h:3-1 -. V 3' f' ..,,+1:,eb"a-15f- 'ga ' .. ,., 5" 1' jp., V, , , 'lfggain ,fe97,5,.'- ., 12 X -nf 'tv' , .Q -,. ' ' , X z,L,5Qg-L:.1g,pffwC'vf,, H ' fb, 'I' K .HI 5-yi-:,y.,f':f: 5 V , - 'H '-I-V' . 51.5-I ' ' 4QeX,',4!E,, 9:31 .x . . .fw,,11 Lf -fwyr -V 2FZ:fQf22'S5,. Fifi? ,A .1 1- .-1 ,- ,3 , MFI - -45:4 1145, . . ,, , A A . . -1,,x.-W... 1 ,LQ ,.5Qu:!nzaaziamL11:-a:e?.kmm -L 7 J ,Y - 0 - 75,11 . ' X - hgg., ',,1',.. . K, A.. I1 Q-ix:,:L-1:5-QT5.. -- ya -'mf E- . . .xw 'efT...,,x.m.1-',,u1.1 , j,,4.: , a .--4, Y nf. 5.Aw',3 in 12 'U PUBLISHED BY THE ARCADIA SENIOR CLASS 1951 jlvfmwrmd, Within these pages lie the hopes, the dreams and the ambitions of our annual staff and of the whole school as Well. The publication of this book is but one of the activities which are centered around the Seniors, but Without the cooperation of the student body and our spon- sors, our efforts would be useless. Our highest aim has been to produce a year- book vvhich will be a memento to its readers. We hope our efforts have not been in vain. O I A As a measure of love and respect, we wish to dedicate this 1951 ARCADIAN to our parents. We realize that without their aid in our behalf we would not be in the memorable position that we hold as graduating seniors. For this aid we now express our gratitude and thanks. dnmml, was 1 The Seniors, in cooperation with the Juniors, have successfully published another Senior yearbook, the 1951 Areadian. Some additions and rearrangements have been made in the annual this year. The aim of the 1951 Arcadian is to develop the high lights of the personalities of the students and faculty of the school. Because memory fails so soon the yearbook serves as a permanent reminder of the school days which We cherished so much. This year the annual sale contest was among six teams, known by the names of different kinds of automobiles. Mrs. Wykoff's team won and was rewarded with a dinner. This year the staff has added a new adviser, Mrs. Grener, to assist Mr. Groth. The Juniors have been placed on the annual staff for training for the following year. In this way the Juniors have a good idea of what to look forward to when they publish their own annual. The following are staff members: .S EDITORS SENIOR JUNIOR Kathryn Marvin Shirley Russell SNAPSHOT EDITORS Douglas Good Neil Weaver Tom Wentworth Virginia Beamer Mary Wells ART Neil Breyman Russell Clark SPORTS Beverly Damon Kay Kieffer CIRCULATION Herbert Archibald Elnora Kave ADVERTISING Duane Beamer Donna Damon Jack Wheland Barbara Fillhart Robert Painter Carol Breyman Rex Cunningham Betty Lenhart Russell Clark Reid Hill Margaret Fruth Kay McDonald TYPISTS James Ebersole Ellen Gassman Marilyn Canterbury Donna Gaertner Norma Nye Sue England IL and, J THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Sitting: Lester Corbing Clyde Pepple, presidentg Dorotha Mengert, clerk. Standing: Robert Painterg Frank Saltzman, Robert Beamer, vice president. As in the past, our Board of Education con- tinues to establish sound policies in support of public education in our community. They recognize that only in this way can the Arcadia school maintain its high standing among the schools of the state. Through them the community is able to so chose the equip- ment and personnel which enables us to have a First Class Charter in the state, and to be a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the highest accrediting agencies to which We could be- long. Our Clerk is to be commended for her efficiency in handling her duties. Q 0 0 l - r , JM A , K. J K if ' - it 2 K' . . f it . OM I -. -N an f is V ,, f , ya V, A -Q' V 5 X , 4 . :KY if . , x K it ' , 411:-Q 1 'S A l K V S cf W c - Qifni figr I , Sij. -Q , 2455-zfrfggzc K , wr yg,2,.i i - 5?Q5eQ+Q Q: ' fi v ga . 319 553 Q .5 4 ' Si Q91 ' ,it 'A WQSSQY I gt ffm ,wr A ' 'S -.s,,is5g.g . X. . - i n - 1 ,sa ws jx rr J. C. Kieffer B B. S. in Ed. A '-1 Ohio Northern University M. A., Ohio State University Democracy, Mathematics Charley E. Groth B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University M. S. in Ed. Bowling Green State University Science, Seniors Jwzultgc MRS. MARJORIE Diploma Bowling Green State University First Grade VN. fMr1ff'f'Vf'f'6 Jfgfnre, s g 'Webs ix ul MRS. ETHEL AMSTUTZ Diploma Bowling Green State University Ohio State University Second Grade Bowling Green State MRS. VIRGINIA MILLER B. S. 1n Education Third Grade MOORE 'mf MRS. MARTHA BRENNER K Diploma Bowling Green State in University First and Second Grades I MRS. MAY VAN BLARCUM Ohio University Bowling Green State University University of Cincinnati Third and Fourth Grades WW! J , fff,n,L4f fvixfyflfif .J fw5,.X ' V' fi gif? fa ,I X X J' , . 1 -J, J it University MISS BESSIE FOX Diploma Bowling Green State University ,Q Fourth Grade I k. UPI ,ff fy! fix!!! fl I, ff Jwllllfff MISS ROSIE FOX Diploma Bowling Green State University Fifth Grade WILLIAM ROBISHAW B. A., Baldwin-Wallace College 47' Sixth Grade COM K' , RICHARD REIS B. S. in Education, Bowling Green State University English, Coach, ho CMM VAUGHN C. BLAUVELT A. B., Findlay College Graduate Study University of Michigan Bowling Green State University Industrial Arts, ' t.ory, Juniors CALVIN KNIGHT QI, B. S. in Agriculture, Ohio State University Vocational Agriculture K MRS. IRENE SHARNINGHOUSE ki x, B.S. in Education, Bowling Green State University M.A., Bowling Green State Uni- versity Speech, English, Librarian, Freshmen MRS. ELAINE GRENER B. S., Findlay College ,ft History, Mathematics, Science Eighth Grade MR. RALPH LUPIDI B. S. in Education Ohio State University Music MRS. VIRGINIA WYKOFF B. S. in Education, Bowling Green State University Vocation me Economics MRS EDITH COVERT Bliss Normal College Bowling Green State University Commercial, Mathematics Seventh Grade R K D DRIVE-IN ROBERT W' PAINTER 85 Son Short Ofdefs Fountain Service 171111-lu1'm-cl IIL1INDSl'll!'f' Swmo Home Made PMS Pf'Wl1'Vg19"dg1g'S2 Located just cast of the school 8 - , .. Foslmm, no . . house h FIIIYSJIIISIH4IEIDIYIEITQBIEHEIIIEJIEJIIIEJIET-ll CZ' h I 1 gl ' 1 ,Ill THE ARCADIA CREAMERY C h b y s-Cr am 8: Eggs Ph 221 Arcadia, Ohio Xl sip? QM A . WS J x fl We HERBERT ARCHIBALD "A smile for all, a welcome glad, A happy jovial way he had." General Course Annual staff Football ........ 1,2,3,4 Softball ..... ...... 2 Boys'Glee... Choir ........ . . . 2,4 Operetta ....... .... 2 ,4 Speech Choir ........ 3,4 Class Play .... 3,4 JAMES BRUCE "Don't hurry, there's lots of time." General Course Football ............ 1,2 Speech Choir ...... 3,4 RAYMOND BURNS "When duty calls, he will not shirk, Just so duty isn't work." Vocational Course Basketball .......... 2,3 Football .... . . , . . 2,3 Choir ........... 1,2,3,4 Boys' Glee .......... 4 Orchestra . . . . . 1,2,3,4 Operetta .......... 1,2,4 F.F.A. ........... 1,2,3,4 Parliamentary Procedure Team 4 Judging Team ...... 1,2 Junior Red Cross ..... 1 Stage Manager ....... 4 CAROL BREYMAN "Better late than never." i Commercial Course Annual Staff Girls' Ensemble ...... 4 Girls' Glee .......... 1,2 Choir .............. 3,4 Operetta ...... .. 1,2,4 F.H.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. Officer ........ 3 Class Play ..... . . . 4 Red Cross .... .... 2 NEIL BREYMAN "How fluent nonsense trickles from his tongue." General Course Annual Staff Football ..,..... 1,2,3,4 Basketball .... .... 1 ,2 Boys'Glee 4 Operetta ....... 4 Stage Manager ...... 3,4 Student Council .... 1,2 MARILYN CANTERBURY "She can stitch, and she can bake, "What a housewife she would makef' Commercial Course Annual Staff Girls' Glee ...... 1,2,3,4 Operetta ........... 1,2 F.H.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. Officer ....... 4 Concession Manager .. 4. Sembzm, RUSSELL CLARK "A dimple in his chin, the Devil Within." General Course Annual Staff Football ........ 1,2,3,4 Basketball . . . . . . 1,3,4 Softball .... 3,4 Boys' Glee .... . . . 4 Operetta ..... . . . 4 Class Pla y .... .. 4 Speech Choir ...... 3,4 Class Officer ...... 2,3 BEVERLY DAMON "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." General Course Annual Staff Girls' Ensemble ..... 3,4 Operetta .......... l,2,3 Girls' Glee .......... 1,2 Choir ............. 2,3,4 Orchestra ....... l,2,3,4 Band ..... . ....... l,2,3 Student Council . . , . . 2,3 Junior Red Cross ..... 1 Library Staff ...... 2,3 F.H.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. Officer ........ 4 JIM EBERSOLE "Often seen but not heard." General Course Annual Staff Softball .......... 1,2,4- Basketball ...... l,2,3,4 Football .... .... 2 ,3 Choir .............. 1,4 Operetta ........ 1,2,4 Speech Choir ...... 3,4 Student Council .... 3,4 Boys" Glee .......... 4 REX CUNNINGHAM "I always get the better when I argue alone." Vocational Course Annual Staff Football ......... 1,2,3,4 Basketball . . . . . . . . l Class Play ..... . . . 3,4 Speech Choir ...... 3,4 Class Officer ...... 2,3,4 Student Council .... 2,4 F.F.A ........... 1,2,3,4 F.F.A Officer ....... 3,4 Judging Team ........ 3 Parliamentary Procedure Team .... 3,4 JOE DIEBLEY "Full of fun, full of joy. Just a typical American boy." Vocational Course Football ............ 3,4 Baslgetball ...... 1,2,3,4 Choir ........ 2,3,4 Boys' Glee 4 Orchestra . . . . l,2,3 Band ...... .. l,2,3 Operetta ..... . . 1,2,4 Class Play .......... 4 F.F.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.F.A. Officer ...... 2,4 Parliamentary Procedlue Team .... 3,4 LAVERA EMERINE "A maiden shy am I you see, My middle name is modesty." Vocational Course Choir .............. 3 Girls' Glee ........ , 1,2 Operetta . ..... .... 1 ,2 Class Play .. ....... . 4 F.H.A. ...... 1,2,3,4 N9 'Q GM Sembfm, MARGARET FRUTH "The busy have no time for tears." College Preparatory Annual Staff Choir .............. 2,3 Girls' Glee .. 1,2,3 Class Officer ........ 2 F.H.A. .......... l,2,3,4 Honor Society ...... 3,4 CHARLES KING "Tall and slim and rather shy. Yet he's the apple of our eye." General Course Boys' Glee .......... 4 Operetta ............ 4 Junior Red Cross .... 4 Class Play .......... 3,4 Speech Choir ........ 3,4 BETTY LENHART "A giggle, a snicker, a smile, But with all that, she's quite worth while." General and Commercial Course Annual Staff Girls' Glee ...... 1,2,3,4 Choir ...... ..... 4 O eretta ...... 1,2,4 Cljass Play .... . . . 3,4 Class Officer ........ 1,3 Speech Choir F.H.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. Officer ...... 2,3 Library Staff Junior Red Cross ..... 3 3,4 3,4 KENNETH GAERTNER "I'm Willing to do work When therels no work to do." General Course Band .,.............. 4 Choir .......... .... 4 Boys' Glee .. 4 x X if DOUGLAS GOOD "A gentleman makes no noise." Commercial Course Annual Staff Class Officer ........ 3,4 Orchestra ....... 1,2,3,4 Library ..... ...... 4 KATHRYN MARVIN "She sings, she acts, she dances, She even lilies romances." Commercial and Vocational Courses Annual Staff Editor of Yearbook Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4 Girls' Glee ........ 1,2 Choir ............ 2,3,4 Operetta . . . . . . 1,2,4 Class Play . . . . 3,4 Speech Choir ........ 3,4 F.H.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. Officer ...... 3,4 Student Council ..... 4 Librarian ......... 2,3,4 Class Officer . . . . . . 1,2 iliwjfmlf 4 fl fl X L :dl 1 ,Mr Suubfm, LLOYD MONDAY "Why sit there idly waiting, She will never come to you!" Vocational Course Basketball .... . . . . l,2,3 F.F.A. ,......... l,2,3,4 F.F.A. Officer ...... 3,4 Class Officer ........ 4 Junior Red Cross .... 2 Parliamentary Procedure Team . 1,2,3,4 Judging Team ...... 1,2 ROBERT PAIN TER "I am he that is so love shaked, I pray you sir, what is your remedy?" Vocational Course Annual Staff Football .......... 1,2,4 Boys' Ensemble ...... 1 Choir .......... 1,2,3,4 Boys' Glee ........... 4 Orchestra ........ 1,2,3,4 Band ...... l,2,3 Operetta .......... 1,2,4 F.F.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 F.F.A Officer ...... 2,3,4 State Farmer Parliamentary Procedure Team . 1,2,3,4 3 Play .......... Officer .... . . . 1,2 Society ....... 4 JOE SOPHER "He is good and he is bad Always jolly, never sad." General Course Football ........ 1,2,3,4 Boys, Glee ........... 4 Operetta ............ 4 1 Junior Red Cross .... , F '1- I J ' Lf NORMA JEAN NYE "Loving, loyal and kind, A better friend you'l1 never find." Commercial Course Annual Staff Girls' Glee ........ l,2,3 Choir ....... ..... 3 Operetta .... . . . 1,2 Class Play ..... ...... 4 Class Officer ........ 4 F.H.A. .......... l,2,3,4 LORETTA RICE "Independent now and independent forever." Vocational Course Girls' Glee ........ 2,3,4 Operetta .......... 1 ,2,4 F.H.A. . ......... 1,2,3,4 Class Play ..... . 4 LELIA WARREN "A little bit bashful in her way, But, on my! That's what you say." Commercial and Vocational Courses Girls' Glee ...... 1,2,3,4 Operetta .......... 1,2 F.H.A. .......... 1,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross .... 4 Library Staff ........ 4 7f5'W'W I VM' ,QW A1 MARY ELLEN WELLS 'Tm happy, glad, and free, Nothing ever worries me." Commercial Course Annual Staff Choir ..... ,...... 2 ,3,4 Girls' Glee ,......... 1,2 Girls' Ensemble .... 3.4 F.H.A. .,........ 1,2.3,4 F.H.A. Officer ...... 3,4 Speech Choir ...... 3,4 Cheerleader ........ 4 Honor Society ...... 3,4 Scholarship Team Student Council ...... 1 Library Staff ........ 3 Class Play ...., . . . 3,4 Class Officer ... ... 3,4 Jwielvn, Um, THOMAS WENTWORTH "When joy and duty clash, Let duty go smash." General Course Annual Staff Football .... Basketball . Class Play . Speech Choir Jn 2.3,4 1 3 'yr A .7 271 ' 1. 7 cw ,A mi' J' l Y Seated:Lelia Warren, Kathryn Marvin, Margaret Fruth, Norma Jean Nye, Carol Jean Breyman, Mary Ellen Wells, and Lavera Emerine. Standing: Douglas Good, James Bruce, Joe Diebley, Raymond Burns, Rex Cunning- ham, James Ebersole, Lloyd Monday, and Joe Sopher. DICKEN STUDIO G Photographers to the Arcadian Portraits of Distinction 121 Perry' St. ' Fostoria, Ohio ' Phone 3615 .. ag.. Together we've been striving Since nineteen thirty-nine To receive an education Which in life may always shine. Here we have toiled for twelve long years With many worries and many fears, But our goal we have reached at last And soon those memorable days will be past. Yes, we'1l miss those pictures on the wall And that old-fashioned clock in the study hall, We'll miss the echo of the teacher's voice Saying, "Get to work and no more noise!" But now as the end draws near And we know that with school we must part, We realize the things that were dear As into this world we depart. Yes, we are Finished Yet Beginning As our motto clearly states, But as we tread life's treacherous highway We'1l ne're forget our dear classmates. Robert Painter ROYAL TIRE SERVICE U. S. Royal Farm Tractor Tire CLARK LEONARD Vulcanizing and Road Service Dealer in Hay Straw and Coal 326-28 WEST MAIN CROSS Ph. 90 Arcadia Ohio Findlay, Ohio .Jani UML Jud J We, the Senior Class of 1951, realizing that our high school days are drawing to a close do hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament. A We, as a class, name Mr. Charley Groth, executor of this our will and testament. To him we extend our thanks for his faithful guidance and service during this last year. lfVe givc the right of publishing the next annual to the Juniors, provided they can get enough money. To the Sophomores we will our athletic ability, hoping that they will bring greater honor to our school. We leave our musical ability to the Fresh- men. Take advantage of it while you can. Mary Ellen Wells wills her place on the Honor Roll to anyone capable of earning this position. Kathryn Marvin leaves her ability to get along with the teachers to Gene Wedge. Don't overdo it, Gene. Joe Diebley bequeaths his small features to Jim Warren. Bob Painter wills his musical ability to station R. L. S. QR. Lanny Semlerl. Lloyd Monday will lend his new Chevrolet to anyone who can get the girls to court around in it. Betty Lenhart bequeaths her pleasing per- sonality and quiet humor to Shirlee Farrell. Carol Breyman leaves her ability to stay in Home Ec. class to Shirley Lenhart. No more trips to the office, Shirley. Russell Clark wills his speed to Floyd His- song. Take advantage of it, Floyd. Neil Breyman leaves his sharp jokes to Donna Damon. Please, Donna, no more corny ones. Ray Burns wills his frequent Sunday night trips to Meadowbrook to anyone who can afford it. Norma Jean Nye wills her typing skill to Marilyn Plotts. Be a star, Marilyn, it pays. Lavera Emerine bequeaths her shyness to Jo Ann Sutton. Don't take it too seriously Jo Ann. Rex Cunningham wills his corny laugh to anyone who can control it in Mrs. Sharning- house's English class. Jim Ebersole leaves his good sportsman- ship to Larry Myers. Don't be afraid to use it, Larry. Tom Wentworth leaves his beard to any- one who is too lazy to shave. Marilyn Canterbury wills her job in the candy room to anyone who can remember enough about that all important subject, bookkeeping. Lelia Warren will lend her Arlington boy friend to anyone who thinks they can get him. Jim Bruce wills his pocket edition books to anyone who has time to read them. Joe Sopher bequeaths his ability to skip school to anyone who can think of a good excuse. Herbert Archibald wills his shuffle board ability to Neil Weaver. Margaret Fruth bequeaths her willingness to work to Glen Saltzman. It Won't hurt you, Glen. Loretta Rice leaves her job at the Candy- land to anyone who can work and go to school Without much sleep. Douglas Good wills his job as high school reporter to Lila Huysman. Charles King leaves his ability to drive fast to anyone who can do as good a job as he has to dodge the patrolmen. Kenneth Gaertner wills his job at the A 81 P to Jack Wheland. You will have to work for a change, Jack. Beverly Damon leaves her double seat in study hall to Kay Kieffer. Hope you can find your better half, Kay. -Beverly Damon FRANK G. FIELDING Groceries-Meats-Dry Goods-Shoes Phone 207 Arcadia, Ohio NAME Herbert . . Carol ........ Neil ...... Jim B. ... Raymond Marilyn .. Russell .. Rex Bev Joe ..... . Jim E. Lavera ...... Margaret Kenny . . . Douglas . . Charles ...... Betty .... Kathryn . Lloyd ....... Norma . . . Bob ..... Loretta . . Joe S. Lelia .... Mary Ellen Tom ....... ...n ..-. HAS Weight? . . . Dimples ..... A Curl ........... Broken specs Girl? ............. A Diamond ....... Hot Rod ..... Convertible .... A sparkle ' ILA, gmlcx, CAN BE FOUND BY WORD Playing pool ...... At Ralph's ........ At the station ..... " Wrestling matches." Fostoria .......... " Ice cream room ..." "Look fellow!" . "Now look!" ........ HOBBY Tormenting Girls Dancing ' Whatcha gonna do?"Drawing cartoons I'll bet ya!" Whatya doing?" Oh Shoot?" Can't be found .... "'Can't ketch me!" ??????......... H George!" ...... Pa1nter's ......... "Now Bobby!" . Elevated shoes .... Wells' ......... .' Handsome featuresAt Sunday School ."I think so?" Brown Eyes . . Long Curls . A Job ....... White shirts . Crush on girls Looks! ....... Spiced Tongue Freckles ..... Red Hair .... Hampshires .. Long Hair A little Ford Height ...... Specs ........ . .Whiskers . . . . Carey ............ " 'Aw Naw" ..... Oh Kid!" ..... ln candy room .... "Be careful" At home .......... AKIP ............ " What the heck" For Pete's Sake?" .. North of Arcadia .."Yes Sir!" ......... . Gallaher's ..... In Study hall .. Driving Model A Meadow Brook .... " At Church A 81 K ....... Not at school ...... " .....Leonard's In the WAAFS .... .....Swimming U Oh Golly" ..... Beats me!" Now Cal" .. Hon Yack!" .. Oops" ...... You All" .... Now Ruthie" ....... Yo" .... .... . . "Ya bird" .. "Never fear" Teasing Tom Snooping Selling candy Making touchdowns Flirting Playing piano Falling down Basketball Being shy Studying Loafing Listening to concerts Ping Pong Training Ralph Actress Arguing Square dancing Raising pigs Watching wrestling J ack-of-all-Trades Milking goats Cheerleading Reading I7 Klaus, Jizbiozzy, In the fall of 1939, a class of frightened, wondering children entered school. This first year we made a good start and the first grade was ended with miniature commence- ment exercises at which we wore white caps and gowns. Our teacher was Miss Tallman. Our second year was filled with the funda- mentals of learning under the guidance of Mrs. Amstutz. Advancing to the third grade, Mrs. Arthur helped us present a stage circus featuring "Deep in the Heart of Texas." The next three years passed rather slowly but we considered it an honor to plan and attend chapel programs. We participated in two operettas and members of our class were in orchestra and elementary choir. Upon reaching the seventh grade we encountered thrill of being advanced to the second floor. This was very different and we felt lost moving from room to room for our classes. It did not take long for us to get acquainted and by the time we had gotten to the eighth grade we had proved our ability to be very aggravating at times. By the end of the term we began to act a little more refined and set- tled down to end the year with the Eighth Grade Test, which gave us our chance to prove what we had learned. Alas, in 1948, we were freshmen but at this point we thought ourselves just about "it" and were disappointed when we were dubbed as greenies. We were given a thorough initia- tion which officially made us Freshmen. Our officers for the year were: President, Betty Lenhart, vice president, Bob Painter, secre- tary, Frances Garrett, treasurer, Melvin Len- hart, reporter, Kathryn Marvin. We worked under the leadership of Mr. Mengert. During our sophomore year we began to show our athletic ability and the girls took first place in the intramural tournament. Members of the class took part in the operetta Compliments of BROWN'S FOOT COMFORT SHOP. Corrective Footwear for the Entire Family 113 North Main Street Fostoria, Ohio "Words and Music". We elected the follow- ing officers: president, Bob Painter, vice president, Rex Cunningham secretary, Mar- garet Fruth, treasurer, Russell Clark, repor- ter, Kathryn Marvin. Again Mr. Mengert was our class sponsor. At last we reached our third year in high school. During this year, under the direction of Mrs. Sharninghouse, we studied the art of acting and toward the end of the year we pre- sented the very popular stage play, "Dear Son." ' We helped produce the 1950 annual and entertained the Seniors on May 5 with the Junior-Senior Banquet at Fostoria. Our offi- cers were: president, Rex Cunningham, vice president, Virginia Noel, secretary, Mary Wells, reporter, Russell Clark, and treasurer, Douglas Good. Miss Reimund was our spon- sor. We are now Seniors and we realize that our education has just begun. During the four years of high school we lost half our members but we are well represented in every activity. We are proud of our lettermen. Class officers were president, Lloyd Monday, vice presi- dent, Rex Cunningham, secretary, Mary Wells, treasurer, Norma Jean Nye, reporter, Douglas Good. Mr. Groth was our class spon- sor this year. Members of the class took part in the operetta "Gypsy Rover" and our class play "Seventeen is Terrific", was a success. There were three members of the class in the National Honor Society. The 1951 "Arcad- ian" was published. The Juniors entertained us at the Junior-Senior Banquet in May. We approach commencement time with a sense of an impending loss of friendships and other things we cherish, but at the same time we are happy that we are graduates of Ar- cadia High School and that our education is "Finished, Yet Beginning". Betty Lenhart E. P. REID Reid's Sohio Service Arcadia, Ohio Clam, ng 57 MoTTo:. ..... .... F inished Yet Beginning FLOWER: ......................... Red Rose CoLoRs: .................. Green and Silver "Seventeen Is Terrific" by Esther Olson The following cast presented this comedy under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sharning- house: Dr. Allenby ............ Herbert Archibald Mrs. Wagner C'Grandma"J .Norma Jean Nye Hannah Hawks ............ Carol Breyman Chuck Allenby ............ Russell Clark Barbie Allenby ..... Mary Ellen Wells Janie Allenby ........ Loretta Rice Billie Allenby .... ...... J oe Diebley Patsy Gardner .. .... Betty Lenhart Nancy Pomeroy . . . ..... Lavera Emerine Hugo Jarvis ....... .... R ex Cunningham George Bennett . . . ...... Charles King Ginny Grant .... .... K athryn Marvin Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL BANK AND SAVINGS CO. Fostoria, Ohio Chuck is determined to take his girl to the Spring Dance but he can't get the necessary five dollars and keep it. He even tries work- ing on the slop wagon, which embarrasses his sister very much, and although he earns the money he loses it. Then he goes out to his father's farm and digs up five hundred pen- nies hidden there by his grandma, but even this brings disappointment because the pen- nies have been promised to Chuck's little brother. While digging, Chuck discovers a hidden cave which brings a fortune to the family, and his father is so pleased that he gives Chuck the money for the dance and for- gives him for all the trouble he has caused. Compliments of KINN AND THEOBALD INSURANCE CO "Insure and Be sure" 113 W. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio I9 '11, Pzwplmcq. Good morning, radio friends, this is radio station WRKD, with studios in the Bank Building, Arcadia, Ohio. The time is now 11:30 and it is time for the June 1, 1961 edition of "A Walk down 'Memory Lane' ". "Memory Lane" as you know is presented each Friday morning at this time by Cunninghamfs Chrysler Garage. This morning we are focusing our peek-o-scope on the Arcadia Class of '51. Of course my program this morning is of special interest to me as I graduated with the Class of '51 so without further comment let's see what has happened in the last ten years. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Painter, the former Beverly Damon, celebrated their ninth wedding anniver- sary yesterday. Bob nearly wore out the carpet in the waiting room while Beverly presented him four bundles of happiness, two boys and two girls -six Painters in all. Congratulations. I guess that it was quite a "classy" affair-Margaret Fruth and Betty Lenhart, head O. .B. nurses here at the Arcadia Hospital, assisted in the deliveries. Betty said they had their hands full. Well I guess so! Of course I am proud to number among my classmates Herbert Archibald, who succeeded Mike DiSa1le as Price Stabilizer. He seems to be doing a good job and has things running smooth- ly and prices under complete control. While we have our peek-o-scope focused on Washington another name that strikes a familiar chord is that of James Bruce, who is head scientist at Carnegie Institute. While on his recent trip to Mars by rocket ship he discovered that the flying saucers you have been seeing were invented by the men of Mars. James is now busy testing the advanced scientific theories of the Martians. Next there are Carol Breyman and Norma Nye, both serving their country, Carol as a Lieutenant in the Waves and Norma as an airline hostess for T.W.A. It seems that several of my classmates have maintained a decided interest in the school here in Arcadia. Douglas Good graduated from Toledo University and for the past two years has taught Commercial right here in the Arcadia High School. He expects a call from the government soon to set them right in their bookkeeping. Lloyd Monday has a small truck farm on the outskirts of town and supplies the school cafeteria with fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The former Marilyn Canterbury, who is head dietician, says that this practically eliminates meal planning drudgery. Joe Diebley operates a large dairy farm just east of the city. He furnishes the milk for the school as he does for most of the people of the city. Now getting away from home, I find Russell Clark, out at West Point. Russ said in his last letter that he really enjoyed playing football and was THE FRUTH HARDWARE CO. Established in Fostoria 1907 "Over 40 years of Service" Fostoria Ohio chosen captain for this season. His ambition is to command the World Army in the maintenance of law and order everywhere. Home again, I find Neil Breyman, owner of the filling station in Arcadia. Joe Sopher is his assis- tant mechanic. Neil fills the car with atomic power and Joe keeps the atoms under control. Last week in Fostoria while getting my hair set by Loretta Rice, I noticed a familiar face and it was none other than Lelia Warren, excuse me, it isn't Warren now. Anyway, we had a nice chat. Lelia is a housewife and has three children which keep her busy. Loretta mentioned some- thing about seeing the morning's paper and then put the drier on my head and I heard no more. When I arrived home, I read the paper and it almost completes the Memory Lane Program. On the back page was a picture of Raymorvd Burns. Raymond has an orchestra of his own and he is to arrive in Fostoria from New York to present a program of violin music to the public. Glancing further through the paper I saw that Charles King was playing the leading role in "Life of Henry" at the Paramount Theatre on Broadway. It seems that Charles' acting ability, which he had in school, is taking him places. WELL! WELL! What I saw on the society page was a surprise. Miss Mary Ellen Wells who is em- ployed by that famous lawyer, Jim Ebersole at Fostoria, Ohio, and who has been successful in her business career is going to change her last name at an early summer wedding. Well, Jim, it looks as if you'll have to look for a new secretary. Maybe your wife can help you out. Lavera Ernerine is a receptionist for a dentist in Findlay, Ohio. She seems to enjoy her job im- mensely. I mustn't forget my neighbor, Kenneth Gaert- ner, who owns and operates "Kenny's Super Supreme DeLux Market" on South Main Street in Fostoria, Ohio. He has just about taken all the business all because he has motorized the shopping baskets. Don't forget to listen tonight at 9:30 to another member of the class of '51, Thomas Wentworth, who plays the leading role in "The Hermit's Cave". If you have seen Tom lately, you know that he has grown a two-foot beard. Tom feels that to get the right effects on his radio show he has to live the same way in ordinary life. Well, our time is up now, radio friends, and so we shall have to close our program for today. Our sponsor today, Mr. Cunningham, is also a member of the class of '51. Although Rex never drives a Chrysler in bad weather he will vehe- mently assure you that they will run. And so this is Kathryn Marvin signing off for "Memory Lanen and hoping that you will listen again next week at the same time, when we shall peek into the lives of another group of people. --Kathryn Marvin NOLLER'S GARAGE Arcadia, Ohio X UNDER , Cid Q' 9 TWO WN .3 x 4 YXCV 1 4? Z4 +I I af -z Co, p we ' 5 fl I 6 Buffs QQAA ?x2-ffpn C04-'JJ x , f ELHEEMEN f . NY . O . glllilblld, Standing:Alice Dalzell, Sue Eng- Standing: Virginia Beamer, Standing: Donna Gaertner, Lila land, Clara Buchanan. Duane Beamer, Shirley Russell. Huysman. Seated: Doris Street, Donna Seated: Bill Fruth, Neil Weaver. Seated: Ehiora Kave, Donna Eisenhauer. Damon. President ........ . . . Duane Beamer Vice President ...... ....... N eil Weaver Secretary-Reporter . . . . . Virginia Beamer Treasurer ......... ..... B ill Fruth FLOWER: ..... ...... R ed Rose COLORS: .. ............... Blue and Gold MOTTO: .. "He Conqaers Who Endwresi' Standing: Ellen Gassman, Kay Standing: Jack Wheland, Werner Kieffer. Lemke, Ted Rader. Seflfedi Barbara Fillhaft, Kay Seated: Gene Wedge, Reid Hill. McDonald. Svphonwam, A 5' 1 4 '30 l ,1 Standing: Peggy Fox, Shirley Standing: Floyd Hissong, Larry Standing: Barbara Cramer, Janet Rainey. Myers, Glen Saltzman Ziessler , Seated: Carol Kuhn, Norma Seated: Shirley Lenhart, Janet Seated: Marilyn Plotts, Patty Ritter Boes Emerine President ...... ..... J anet Boes Vice President . . . . . . Glen Saltzman Secretary .... Floyd Hissong Treasurer .... Larry Myers Reporter . . ........ Shirley Lenhart CoLoRs: . ........ Old Rose and Silver FLOWER: .................. White Carnation Morro: .... "Onward Toward a Higher Aim" Standing: Richard Smith, Carl Standing: Robert Good, James Ziessler, James Steyer Warren, John Carter Seated: John King, Richard Seated: John Bushong, Lanny Kelly Semler J Standing: Hilda Grine, Flor- Standing: Sharlet Cook, Ar- Standing: Mary Dicken, Carol ence Ecker lene Walsh Reid, Carol Kieffer Seated: Barbara Coffman, Seated: Mary England, JoAnn Seated: Mary Weaver, Patty Maxine Dreisbach Sutton Butler President: Harold Nye Vice President: Nina Lewis Secretary: Joe Steyer Treasurer: Jerry Gaertner Reporter: Lewis Campbell Motto: "Patience is the Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Standing: LaVerne Snyder Seated: William Parmenter, Robert Graham Keystone to Success" Standing: John Howe Seatevd: Janet Nunn, Ruth Ponn Standing: Ralph Brooks, Standing: Betty Miller, Rosi- Standing: Lewis Campbell, James Blake lyn Street, Carol Wolford Joe Steyer, Jerry Gaertner Seated: Glen Fruth, James Seated: Marcele Bruce, Car- Seated: Nina Lewis, Harold Edinger olyn Clark Nye Y J 25 wr lghth, -X r. tt N ,,K, ,. WEE5: M w' EQ Weir. 1 .s itfiiiig ' Q - r E -"' f il? f or at A -a t ., , rrfiflf , jfyflii K , m e if uf ' 4 A ,r - ai xjtk '- 'Otklhyi l . . we . kv 6 . . in '3 K if rf . -' ' . "U i '-" 'P Y' A 2.1-.:f. Q " A '5 A' 'i Q 'V b'i'+?Q'iz.,. - 'Tig ' s, , E l 5' V4-M1 A W 5 L V 0 fu ,I , . . t N I Q .. - , A ., I N,,.,, f 15 , n, Q 7 .. K Q in N. riff? - '-i 33 Us f" . ' mfs. .. krr.,.:, 1 V, I -. 51 , 3 . f , , gg e .. . aa. A ,, 'K ' Q, D ' ,vnu . X A A . ig 'I 'Nw ' W Q ., , ,. ...qu 4. f iPgs..,v-'lY5', '74't.9' 1- i . 1 ,A Hd. 14 'u 46510.15 'f' tr' . N fir if "' J ., . ft midi 3 if Top Row: Irvin Swartz, Evelyn Miller, Ronald Stall, Geraldine King. Lloyd Thomas, Sonia Scho- field Second Roiu:Olivia Guerrero, Alan Ryman, Ernes- tine Rice, Jack Fillhart, Mary Ann Steyer, David Corbin. Third Row: Jim Woodward, Gertrude Marvin, TONG IMPLEMENT COMPANY "Findlay's Oldest Implement Store" 26 Findlay, Ohio Phone 4544.1 Y, x 'N . :ea 4 is 1 4 , Pfzswf' . :V " 4 gi . N R Thomas Bickel, Ruth Ann Smith, Larry Walsh, Barbara Good. Fourth Row: Rita Grine, Raymond Kuhn, Mary Rader. Glenn Ritter, Ruthan Fisher, Robert Noel. Fifth Row: Gerald Marvin. Marilyn Elsea, William Diebley, Donna Bame, Rosann Lenhart, Betty Lou Fruth. FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Fire-Auto-Life-Liability Milton W. Dressel Phone 2554M-219 Frazer Street Findlay, Ohio .Swnnllz, Hlzada, : -agaif .. 3:2 3 - 3 . ii. I W w. to flig- f 5 K 55 ,, Q Y' S AS fy Sw jfk yi M . ,511 .L lj! , ki 'So - L ' " S ' H ' I vm ,Agfa Milf it as the t .ce wr ' sh fix if? gt. into - 4 4 QQ .- ni Q Q grin 954 ' J ' .wb . ' 1 I fw ' ' al mil. V .. '-'1" ' WY' Q3 9 JA .sf 5 5 -lf: Top Row: Janice Heinze, Lester Fruth, Barbara Arnet, Billy Armbrecht, Clara Fillhart, John Diebley, Ruth Brown. Second Row: Vernon Rice, Barbara Peters, Jack Eisaman, Marleen Withrow, Max Brooks, Marlene Diebley, Merle Lieb. Third Row:Ruthanne Cain, Karl Burns, Sharyn Peters, Richard Ziessler, Dalores Campbell, Wil- liam Eisaman, Nancy Fox. J. H. JONES 8: SONS Fourth Row: David Veliquette, Norma Holmes, Dale Barr, Barbara Agnew, Norman Emerine, Jane Van Driest, Laverne Shaull. Fifth Row: Patty Breyman, Robert Ecker, Dorothy Parmenter, Dean Reese, Sue Oler, Dean Kieffer, Billy Switzer. Sixth Row: Connie Mathews, Jack Keegan, Paul Thompson, Dennis Peters, Larry Crates. Coal, Builders Supplies, and Concrete NYE IMPLEMENT COMPANY, INC' Phone 2358 Fostoria,, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio is.: , J gfrfgmfrgg, ,im g we 'as as 'M fs, " 1 E -' ' . K ,fdiisig-, '- . ' ' ,if ' 4 'karat N ' . ' 'I .fe rex . . W. Q " ' ' . -i-1 " K .5030 K - ia? Q ' . , :ia 'll 5 w Mg., y . S . . '- -- ' Q. ' "" , i " in-. ' I . .i - K .' Q ui - 4 K . . . .. l' L l L f' sf? Lf . L 5 ' - Plc' i f Le 1 .,.. ' X l,2,.,3 I, Q A., H k,Z.,,, In i W kiln, .. an .,,.. , . k K - A - rw . M wwe , +iv1.r :fe T W QMN'w?g. W Q a.' N.. ' Mr, ,A ,Q . "B, " i .ii f i '.1i A, uma, WTS was wi' - 1 M-5 f . ffii., i Ifig . . A 5555: ifikii 5 - A - aQia'wSi4agQiwi x . . .,,, , :-- - ' frm . ' no 3 . ' L 1 -' x fr' s - mv . .. , , .,.. , X 4 . 3- . my ,Q . 5 2 h f ' .i.5?Uf 3 i I ' Q if JE' Q ...,.,.knr, , ue - , fl is Q m wxeewam - - Cb Q f ir. O 'Win " ' G ,I . Xl , i ii, , .4 i Lf iz . K X ' - ' X um fi M L i ' 5 .1 ' lf -. - I . P. 225232. 1- , . mis? my - , ' i 'A - f . - 1 . .. V '. L' ' 95 E-:ei - ' W' 3 . g- . I, -f Sw' ' vffigggj in .Y a -f " 'Q . . xi . . ..,. ,ii . .... .. 2 . A . . , -.1 . . x z - wh: A V-Q 'l - 5- , K " dugg -A ' fr -'-, .. . i . ' . .. 1 Q i . 1. , - .h I k y .ag 4, fgvwp it 5 I: 2, . K I I ,L I L i . ,,... yr .P .LM 'L .. , K . . 7 fl, E A E. UQ K ,A , Q dr T, - 3 -S-. nf 1.53, 'i 'WMS 1 ,' 5 .L ' . , Top Row: Jerry Woodward, Rella Collins, Tommy Miller, Betty Bame, Raymond Kessler, Joyce Con- rad, James Hitchings. Second Row: Rosalie Miller, Carl Thompson, Patty Binger, Danny Kuhlman, Monna Kay Bruce, Tommy Springer, Roma Beamer. Third Row: Al Garcia, Suzanne Reese, Dale Eber- sole, Patty King, Marvin Boes, Patty Reid, Lester Bowman. Row: Emma Rice, Rudy Cordova, Mar- Fourth jorie Plesec, Otto Coffman, Patty Eisaman, Gary Woodruff, Ellen Heinze. Fifth Row: Darold Thompson, Bill Good, David Cardwell, Bobby Farrell, Howard Buchanan, Ar- vid Weaver, Ralph Kelley. Sixth Row: Gene Snyder, Tommy Treece, Gene Switzer, David Dreisbach, Richard Kessler. THE MCCORMICK MOTOR SALES CO. Dodge-Plymouth-Cars Trucks-Buses-Motor Coaches 155-159 E. South St. Fostoria, Ohio zlthyfzada, ' ., -A . ,- . ' . , ivlrivf - , L - . s it - tm-M1 --' A , 1 - Mx - ' Sk, "N , V . Hi E - ss ll I . .qw -, Q , A f I h Kg F , -its ,Si x . .A , .Q ,Q i 1 K Q All fx YIM, , ' in ' 'fi - 111 L. i . isli A is S 8 X .,,, ur-' Ng! K ' fi A Rx X CNS if B s NR X X, ,urs ,pax Q ,WT Q k' 3' ,fy x , A5 A wg 1' :Niki '- Misqp A . -,L-twill as 'I ,,, ,N 52 Pg' 019 I , ,ra i ,-,ts Q Q, -'tw ,mf ., . .,"'f .. 2, 1.5 22- 59,3 A fi Qs 35 " H , . :f,'f,:ZEi'f - f v :-14'-fir - l , . it V1 I fy . - ' V f 'rx 'Z if-a .. 1 . "' Q V 6 ' Qi My ei' Ye MQ if , Xxx 8 m QQ , a L 3 H- .- L + 1" 5 ,g E f .. V N 3 4' Sr , , '?'f L.- - . I , 3' -, if S .. ti - , ,V l X 1 ,V . r 'Yi-ni H X ' 'K ' A 'E Q ,. - ' XM , i a, we - " A , at iff , 3.. 5' " 4-A f A "' " s - iq Q : ,Q we 1 5 Q 5- ' . J ' E ' 1, , '.':', o 0 0: 0 w .f 5, , " A ' -""- A , Q 'fl ' 4 V A' 0 3 'u Q A , A' r . ik , , , Q 0 9 9 Q , . -' - - ' o 4 Nj. 5 'F -fr' -Y H 5 Qx ' 5 p s it' -ss . gig? , X 9, 1 J A Q Qi. 4 gr ' L' QS ss V- Q g g, 'j ' , ... V , A., Q . ,. NK -. " 'L X3 1 Y .Q . - f 55 .1. , ., , 5 'Q :el X . i 9 3 SSS- REQ +1 ig ' X , W 5 .I X r , w N11 B X X r ' I 1 ' ,gi S as ' Q f -X - Q la www? X L , i i Ja-i - ,,,, ' 1 , -. g ,. , A '- f Q, if :If - 9 A . , ' a-. . , W' 'fl- 1 5 ' 'L 'Ii '- 1 A , 'M -:if . r ,. 1 A., 3 f ., 5, exe P , . f Szvgwfgr, B W-0 ' ' -' H, xLmYh Q .W r , , i , ,. A N, , , ,... E- x kk t . K S I ,, K4 , I M -L , 1 . Q ,K wlpx' J .ft ! -H. vii 1 Lf k M N", t' : ,,. 3 , be l - .. .. l 3 i 4' 4 S ul ' Ffliipn thin, Aw - - ' 1 " Top Row: Arlene Walters, Keith Fleegle, Joyce Ritter, Carol Treece, Jerry Edinger, Justin Emer- ine, Nancy Keegan. Second Row: Shelby Brooks, Shirley Brooks, Bobby Beamer, Dale Swartz, Betty Minard, Del- bert Smith, Karen Greer. Third Row: Gary Roth, Betty Fox, Rosemary Conine, Pauline Kish, Linda Myers, Betty Copsey, Howard Fruth. Fourth Row: Betty Blue, Gene Eisaman, Lou Ann Seevers, Danny Dulgar, Bobby Fox, Gordon Fruth. Fifth Row: Sue Anne Huffman, Gerald Gaertner, Bonnie Minard, Scott Philo, Betty Holmes, Albert Brandeberry, Judy Mauer. Sixth Row: Clair Cook, Martha Robinson, Derol Painter, Annabelle Kessler, Audry Walsh. Compliments of BORDEN'S Findlay, Ohio 29 jnunfh, 9 3 5' A me ' ,Q wr fa, L. RX N 'Ol .v-5, r'Y"'v Q N 'E A K X A . P. gp, 2.5: 55.4.11 7. 3 I J Q. "' lil: o K -wi 2? M . A' W is' if ,-vd:' , 46, J il lv nb X I ' 5 - W iigylp . s V4 . , P ? f X i 1 . . . Y. lf Q. ii- ' 2 V. . ai 5 X ., Q .-:, E GN 5 Q s bill I, 'C at .as - ,. NNY Q fr' 5 , cg .' V .--, -e 9 in 1 fu- QQ, J 5524 fl it 7 it ., 3 ,,- g A 7 . - . L,,,. Q3 , ,X 30 HANCOCK COUNTY AUTOMOBILE Teacher, Miss Fox, Top Row: Kenneth Boes, Jan- ice Ritter, Melaine Peters, Charles Groth, Darlene Bricker, Betty Collins. Sonny Springer. Second Row: Sandra Russell. James Grine, Joyce Lieb, Howard Minard, Norma Shaull, Ronnie Wise, Shirley Ponn. '1'hirclRow: Sharon Stall, Barbara Van Driest, Bobby Agnew, Ruth Thompson, Larry Diebley, Sharon pllile, Linda Eisaman. Fourth Row: Wynetta Fox, Ceara Withrow, Judy Gassman, Freddy Pessell. Nancy King, Greta Arm- brecht, Janet Hill. Fifth Row: Ann Tesnow, Joan Reid, Luis Cortez, Karen Spearman, Owen Ziessler, Donna Jacobs, Nancy Kulhman. Sixth Row: Ola Fae Rice, Bobby Steyer, Janet Bender, Faye Pressler, Sally Binger, Lynn Eber- sole, Carol Monday. 1 I i 4 " ' :lsr ' " U Q 1 1 WAIT ' ' ' ' 3 . K-4 , '7 ' ' , QQ A ' 1 - . t as M Q Q, , . e .V by wr , I . 4 Q a . A . 1' ' I " 5' ik? .J in 917 " " af . 5' J . . V- Q: 1:3-5 ' - , .3 e rs Q i . . 3 . 5, k , we .. gp I I ..., .M , . w e-il : ,K 1 . A -. ' ..,,, -g ' ' ' Y T - .,. ' - A , ' -V ' wx , r " - ' Teacher, Mrs. Van Blarcumg Top Row: John Cain, Second Row: Robert Brown, Mark Plesec, Von Gene Desgrange, Mary Jane Coffman, Ted Walters, Bishop, Paul Grime, Larry Ryman. Kenneth Lenhart. Compliments of DEALERS ASSOCIATION BIXEL TRACTOR COMPANY Ford Tractors-Dearborn Implements 716 Lima Avenue . .. ...... . . .... Findlay Ohio ri -In is . A sr r SE 1 lubul L. : if-2 K .5 W of B at L is ., X- aiyiysjje , ' ,, 'ig . ,.,3 S., . . . E A -' 4 QA .,,r,il2f'12 ,f"'. ids - . J . ' JV? XX ' - . 1.5. f : i ' . U ii- Qs , si . , 'gras' r Q..-159 5 ' ' f-f'3' Q , ' ", .,.. : qT.'2i2-..- .- .. I 1: I ' -0-4 ' 1 '45 .-.ifiliifmvlf fig' K s f ' wi- ' " Teacher, Mrs. Miller. Top Row:Shir1ey Nunn, Don Kirkendall, Patricia Arnet, Larry Leonard, Janet Noel, Larry Noel, Sue Ann Moore. Second Row: Dallas Critchet, Mildred Noel, Gene Moore, Marilyn Rainey, Terry Good, Carolyn Mar- vin. Ronald Vitt. Thzrd Row: Joe Anne Moore, Richard Conine, sas, at ...,, 'P' fr 4 ez 3 U x 2.4, f' . gf 1 'H' Q5 14 r 3 ag? .Qui it , Ikyy ,:" 'j .L 45 A is ,Q hw' xr. - :asjii il f u l f W, lil! Ich' s xiii A ., ,5.5,.,.. . rg ,ew as we S s fa s in as 'W E Q. , . Xp, L .4 , L ws x ,F u Sharon Hengsteller, Carl Fox, Martha Lewis, Gary Armbrecht, Sharon Conrad. Fourth Row: Ronald Edinger, Jacqueline Des- granges, Stanley Stough, Marilyn Frankart, Joe Woodward, Mary Herbert, Larry Binger. Fifth Row: Darlene Shaull, Eileen Bowman, Shar- on Dillery, Susan Morrison, Velia Cortez. f ' ' life? e- 255: - ' I H . .G 2 ' Qi N , - ' 2 ' W 1 Hifi . .. 'i ' .Q ,. N' " rr K . 6, .. Q., Y - A x Q - '-.tx 1 S 'L . 1: ' E' gy- n ew ,Q i , ft in 5 - X - if ,f V 4 x .si r X .t ' Q: ' A may sm 'SN , ' 'N :U ll all 0 4. - x 1+ up 1- 3' 5 .Eel 7 ., X wi S' , K' wh Wifi 'YF-is M ' A' . - , . v MM, .X r . , 41,32 x j ' . N MIS, f Q' ' Jw ' . P-I 4., :- X . fs 'fs -. ' .5 , A ' 51 Q X- r 5, N Q -- , . fish ' 1- 6 T gf' " ef? ., ti ' TAELQ. A .. ' Sl' , 59' - xxx ,QA ' "' i' ' J' - i' 'K f. V 5551 . . . . ws- we A i is . ,. kr . - 4 4 5 Q x 5. .. 4. yqql, 522, 5 3 6. Y M Sw , Qs , ' s Q 1 Y . . 'sr as 1 . -- is -P 'sr y i . V or '-" s-61155 , W ,ht - - 1 s. K - W ' 1 ,af w , -F-2' b- , f- , I , - H . - M . ' X- -' X ' ' ' . X f J J X .. rx v - J frm. Teacher, Mrs. Van Blarcum. Top Row: Carl Mosier, Ellen Grine, Ronnie Springer, Lana Miller, Gene Walter, Janice Lieb, Jimmy Farmer. I Second Row: Pamela McGough, Gerald Kessler, Nora Brown, Ronnie Reuter, Imas Barnes, Leroy HANCOCK HYBRIDS, INC. Certified Hybrid Seed Corn Wheat, Oats, and Soybeans Phone 3493 Findlay, Ohio Huff, Bobby Annon. Third Row: Melvin Brooks, Paul Brandeberry, Louis Kish, Sonny Miller, Tommie Hill, Jimmy Ritter. TOM'S GENERAL STORE Repairing-Welding-Batteries Tires and Appliances, West Independence, Ohio Samui Hfzaclc, Teacher, Mrs. Amstutzg Top Row: Sharon Mosier, Third Row: Jean Maurer, Patsy Farmer, Eddie Sandra Noel, Sammy Moyer, Betty Bowman, Mel- Cardwell, Duane Steyer, Max Barnes, Gary Craw- inda Good, Arthur Holmes, Billy Martin ford, Michael Crawford Second Row: Sam Leonard, Mary Veliquette, Fourth Row: Judith Elsea, Doris Sherman, Rose Carole Bishop, Darrell Ritter, Diana Ritter, Kenny Ann Swartz, Tommy Thomas, James Anderson, Noller, Harold King Ann Graumlich, Thora Withrow 'if . -. A l '- .. ,,,.' ., Q 1-. . :-,. .- f s : ..., if - fs 'N ' ,,,. l"'1 , .,,. Teacher, Mrs. Brennerg Top Row: Janice Tesnow, Second Row: Dale Fox, Jan Snyder, David Minard, Glen Wedge, Nancy Ziessler, Charlotte Wickizer, Paula Huysman, Roger Tanner David Bowman, Norma Sue Switzer jimi. yzuwlv, if z4Af 'i f .3r1"ii"Ni . ,, ,-., , . , . ,f3.,.. N If sg 4, f i In 'A 5, . Q- " -s ,X 5' r i if .- -s-' Y 'ie ss A 1 N X, ' 4 J, Third Row: Patricia Leonard Ivan Fox Mary Ann Teacher, Mrs. Moore. Top Row: Gene Huff, Ruth , , Foster, William Collins, Randall Stough, Marvin Thomas, Karen Fox, Shirley Robinson, Dennis Bernal, Linda Fox, Gary Switzer, Charles Brown. Greer, Carol Miller, June Bishop. Second Row: William Minard, Daniel Dutton, Fourth Row: Micheal King, Ted Garrett, Charyl James Frye, Gerald Desgranges, Phyllis Annon, Crates, Marilyn Reese, David Blauvelt, Lawrence Dick Nolan, Galen Roth, Amelia Cortez. Swartz. Teacher, Mrs. Brenner. Top Row: Leanne Brande- Second Row: Arlene Wise, Sandra Springer, Den- berry, Lanny Springer, Dwight Roether, Barbara nis King, John Loth, Dick Gassman, John Cramer, Critchet, Nancy Good, Ruthann Phillips, Virginia Gary Frankart, Sandra Monday. Garcia, Patricia Peters. ALICE BEAUTY 8: DRESS SHOPPE JACKSON'S BANNER FURNITURE COMPANY Findlay, Ohio Opposite Court House 411 igggrfaglaglhfjtreet ef 3 If 11 , .i A allf0qJI.tlPflA.. ' QQ! '52 WMV if ., . f 1 F f ilk!-VI , if gag? 9 , 71174 . W 9' l D' I 'LQQ-W . G 'fy 2262 dt? .r REPUBLICAN COURIER YQQQNKC vagal! Fd1vOh Fdlyoh nnuuanmwnuuusnugl Q gmZ:4ZWmWEU am:w:fu Qounumcnf 'rf i!-!1ffUfQYX'3f2UiT!1f4Uf K I 1,' , ,O xx 9' K of l Q 152' fy If GTC? if if 3 FULL SEHUEJL. 9, FHJETHVHTHEE WWUITQGGQGQQGEGQQGG 1 J jim funnel 3 Fe i Seated: Janet Ziessler, Donna Damon, Rex Cunningham, Carol Kieffer, Mrs. Covert. SfCl7l,di71Qf Shirley Russell, Glen Saltzman, Nina Lewis, James Ebersole, Lewis Campbell, Kathryn Marvin, Neil Weaver, The Student Council of the year l950-1951, was composed of twelve members: two from each of the upper four grades and two from the F.F.A. and from the F.H.A. Mrs. Covert acted as the sponsor. The following were elected as officers: President .............. Rex Cunningham Vice-President .,,.... .... D onna Damon Secretary-Treasurer ........ Janet Ziessler Reporter .................. Carol Kieffer The firstfimportant task of the Council was the Homecoming. The crowning of the elected Queen, Betty Lenhart, took place during the half of the football game between Arcadia and Vanlue. The Student Council planned the schedule for High School parties and also sponsored a few dances after the football and basket- ball games. One assembly program was given by the Council, that being Recognition Day. Courtesy in the school was stressed by the Council, as well as the cleanliness of the building. The last duty of the Council was to sponsor the Spring Prom. JIDIZDIL The Honor Society is a national organiza- tion composed of high school Juniors and Seniors. Prospective members are recom- mended by the faculty of each individual school to the county organization. Members are selected for their merits in scholarship, leadership, character, and service, along with a B average or above. These qualities are the basis of the Honor Society. So that the members might become better acquainted, the combined Honor Societies of Hancock County had three social events dur- ing the school year. The first of these gather- ings was held in November at Van Buren. Another was held at Arcadia in January. Then in April a formal banquet was arranged at Arlington. At the banquet the business of election and installation of officers, and the formal initiation of new members was carried on. The emblem of the Honor Society is a lighted torch at the bottom of which are the S for Scholarship, C for character, L for leadership, and S for service. The purpose of the Honor Society is to promote leadership, to stimulate scholar- ship and to develop character. It provides a challenge to underclassmen to put forth their best efforts before they become Juniors and Seniors so that they may also become mem- bers of the Honor Society. FINDLAY COLLEGE A Good Christian College In Your Own Neighborhood Findlay, Ohio '11, Had 511044, During the school year, each grade had a 100 per cent enrollment in the Junior Red Cross. Two representatives were chosen from each grade making a total of 24 representa- tives. Before Christmas We packed boxes to be sent over seas for the less fortunate child- ren. The group worked under the guidance of Mrs. Virginia Miller. lzlmafzq, ima The library has operated efficiently this year under the direction of Mrs. Irene Sharn- inghouse and her assistant, Kathryn Marvin. The librarians are students interested in library Work. Every member must Work one period a day for which he receives a grade credit. We have received a number of new books this year. The school secures books from the Findlay Library several times a year. '1z,6'laM,P!aq. l This year the Junior class presented as their Junor play, "Dear Ruthn. This play is one of the most popular comedy hits of modern times and has had a long run on Broadway and the road. The story concerns a young girl, Miriam, who carries on a rornatic correspondence with an overseas soldier in her elder sister's name. Through a series of hilarious compli- cations after the youth returns, the older sister, Ruth, as a result of a whirlwind change of heart marries the soldier. The cast included: Clara Buchanan, Lila Huysman, Kay Kieffer, Duane Beamer, Kay McDonald, Werner Lemke, Jack Wheland, Barbara Fillhart, Reid Hill, and Neil Weaver. The director was Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse, assisted by the student directors, Ellen Gass- man and Donna June Damon. jim yypay, Baum, The High School operetta was presented on April 27. The play is built around Rob, a gypsy, who is really Sir Gilbert Howe of English nobility. Rob doesn't know his true identity and so is ignorant of the fact that he has inherited a large estate. One day Lady Constance and Rob meet. They immediately fall in love. Rob wins Lady Constance for his wife. As Rob says, "The good faries have HUGHES DRY CLEANERS 112 W. Front St. and 701 Howard St. Findlay, Ohio led me to the beautiful country after all, and our story, Constance, can end in the proper Way." The following were the principals in the cast: Lila Huysman, Bob Painter, Clara Buchanan, Donna Damon, Werner Lemke, Lewis Campbell, Joe Diebley, Duane Beamer, Mary England, Raymond Burns, John Car- ter and Charles King. Compliments of EARL D. RUMMELL FURNITURE 2217-19 North Main St. Findlay, Ohio Phone 408 J. JL. Q. f . K The Arcadia Chapter of the Future Home- makers of America was an active group un- der the sponsorship of Mrs. Virginia Wykoff. The following were elected officers: Kay Kieffer, president, Beverly Damon, vice- presidentg Marilyn Canterbury, secretaryg Kathryn Marvin, treasurerg Shirley Russell, historian, Carol Breyman, parilamentariang Lila Huysman, song leader, Janet Boes, re- porterg Nina Lewis and Donna Damon, stu- dent council representatives. We entertained the other county F.H.A. clubs November 21. Our formal initiation was held February 20, when the Freshmen became F.H.A. mem- bers. Our last event was the Mother and Daugh- ter Banquet held in Anril. .AL Congratulations CLIFFORD E. SNYDER D Class of 't51" HOFFMAN'S Arcadia, Ohio Ford Service-General Repairing Marathon Gas and Oil Arcadia, Ohio JJ. Q. Seated: Joe Diebley, Sentinelg Rex Cunningham, Reporterg Jim Steyer, Treasurer, Bob Painter, Vice President, Betty Lenhart, Chapter Sweet- heart, Lloyd Monday, President, Glen Saltzman, Secretaryg Mr. Knight, Adviser. Second Row: Bob Graham, Glen Fruth, Gene The Arcadia F.F.A. Chapter carried out a well-balanced program under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Calvin Knight and the chapter officers. We started the year by attending the State Convention and Judging Contest at O. S. U. Ralph Marvin and Robert Painter each received a State Farmer Degree. In the summer we organized a softball team and finished the season with a 4-4 record. Exhibits were placed at the State Fair and the Hancock County Fair and brought worthy awards. We entertained the F. H. A. at our annual game supper in November. We will enter the Parliamentary Procedure Contest again this year hoping to achieve the gold award which has been prominent in our chapter the past three years. Rex Cunning- ham won the County Public Speaking Con- Wedge, Ted Rader, Bill Fleegle, Richard Smith, Raymond Burns, Bob Good, Larry Myers. Third Row: Reid Hill, Bill Fruth, John Carter, Joe Steyer, Ralph Brooks, Jim Warren, Dick Kelley, Mark Metzger, Harold Nye. test which entitled him to participate in the District meet last spring. We are planning for a successful Parent and Son Banquet which will be held March 20th. This was the first year we attempted to organize a basketball team in our chapter. Any members not participating in high school basketball were eligible. Robert W. Painter donated his time as our coach for which we wish to thank him. January 2 Hopewell Louden Arcadia 39 January 9 Bloomdale Arcadia 56 January 16 McComb Arcadia 66 January 18 Bloomdale Arcadia 51 January 24 Junior High Arcadia 39 January 30 Liberty Arcadia 50 February 8 Van Buren Arcadia 25 .QQ aw' 1,2 H0 t Mr. Knight, Reid Hill, Bob Painter, Lloyd Monday, Dick Kelley, Ray Burns, Rex Cunningham, and Mark Metzger. jf 4 ,K ex. ,pp 4 cz ww Complimcntq of J. B. BASEHORE 8: COMPANY EAQT NORTH STREET LUMBER COMPANY Coal. Builders Supplies, and Septic Tanks F0 uma- Ohm Phone 759 312 East Center Street Fostoria, Ohio Phone 6667 gm' gmt gm The Girl's Glee Club is an organization The club contributed its services to the for all high school girls who are interested. All-School Christmas Program, Operetta, This year the club elected officers to or- County Music Festival, Assembly Program, ganize their classes which met twice a week. Farmers' Institute, and Baccalaureate. The officers elected were: president, Donna The girls, accompanied by Carol Reid, were Damon, secretary, Barbara Cramer, trea- under the direction of Mr. Ralph Lupidi. surer, Nina Lewis. fmt' gm gm A Boy's Glee Club was organized this treasurer. Our function has been chiefly year for the first time in several years, We singing for our own enjoyment, although elected Russell Clark as president, Duane several of our members were selected for Beamer, secretaryg and Herbert Archibald, the all-county Boy's Glee Club. CHAPMAN'S Nationally Advertised Merchandise VAL'U DBESS .SHOP - - Fostoria, Ohio Fostor1a's Leading Jewelers Kluuh. E i Seated: Marilyn Plotts, Mary Weaver, Donna Eis- enhauer, Shirley Lenhart, Barbara Cramer, Clara Buchanan. Sue England, Janet Ziessler, Patty Emerine. Mary Ellen Wells. Second Row: Mr. Lupidi, John Bushong, Carl Ziessler, Virginia Beamer, Shirley Rainey, Lila Huysman, Donna Damon, Beverly Damon, Kay Begining its twelfth year the choir present- ed to the public progress in music culture. The Choir, consisting of both boys and girls from the upper three grades, has given a var- iety of musical programs this year. It partici- pated in the Farmer's Institute, All-County Musical Festival, Christmas Program, P.T.A. and the operetta. The Christmas Choir Festival was held December 19, 1950. The choir gave its best presentation of the year which included "The MYERS WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE Phone 3828 214 Western Avenue Findlay, Ohio McDonald, Betty Lenhart, Carol Breyman, Kath- ryn Marvin, John Carter, Floyd Hissong. Third Row: Glen Saltzman, Lewis Campbell, Gene Wedge, Herbert Archibald, James Steyer, Ken- neth Gaertner, Werner Lemke, Duane Beamer, Jack Wheland, James Ebersole, Raymond Burns Joe Diebley, Robert Painter. Hallelujah Chorus" by Handel. A number of choir members were chosen to attend the All-County Music Festival held at Arlington on January 27, 1951. The pro- gram was broadcast by WFIN. The whole choir participated in the oper- etta, "Gyspy Rover" which was given in April. Under the direction of Mr. Lupidi the choir had a most successful season. Mary Weaver was the accompanist. BRUCE B. BRYAN 8z SONS Builder's Supplies, Feed, Cement Products 409-11 West Main Cross 1007 Western Avenue4 Ph. 257 Findlay, Ohio Ph. 494 Band, The Arcadia Band, composed of students from the fourth grade through high school, was under the direction of our new instructor this year, Mr. Ralph Lupidi. We played for all the home football games, most of those which were away, and Various other school programs. Some of the selections played at the football games were, "Turkey in the Straw", "Hi, Neighbor", and "Across the Field". For the home- coming game we chose to play "Auld Lang Sync" during the coronation ceremony. Many formations were used, such as, "Hi", "A", and emblems or figures representing the songs which were being played. We participated in the Fostoria Halloween Parade for which we played several marches. We also played a couple of numbers to introduce the National Champion V. F. W. Band of Fostoria, Ohio, which exhibited a fine concert program here last fall. A few of the members were chosen to play in a small German Band which played for several basketball games. A couple of their selections were "Hi Le Hi Low and "Bier Her Bier He". Norma Ritter, one of our majorettes, won second honor in a baton twirling contest sponsored by the McComb Lions Club. By February of 1951 the band program had grown until it was necessary to divide the band into two separate groups. The Senior band is composed of the more advanced students while the Junior Band is composed of less experienced students and the beginners. Janet Ziessler and Patty Emerine were elected to play in the All- County Band at the Music Festival which was held at Arlington in January. HOMER F. BEAN BAZLEY'S MEAT MARKET Budget Plan Jeweler Quality Meats at Lowest Prices Findlay. ohio Findlay, Ohw Ufzchnwza, E . 4 i f The Arcadia Orchestra is composed of twenty members from the fourth grade through high school. In it are eight violins, four clarinets, two trumpets, one trombone, two flutes, one bass viol, one snaredrum, and one bass drum. The orchestra continued its fine work this year under the direction of Mr. Ralph Lupidi, our new instructor. We played for Commencement, the Junior and Senior Class plays, the Farmers' Institute, and an Assembly program. One of our members, Douglas Good, played in the All-County band. We also made a recording to be broadcast on the Arcadia Merchants' Music Program over W. F. I. N. Of all the selections, the most outstanding were "Coronation March", "The Sailors' March", and "The Russian Choral Overture". We practiced twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, according to a rotating schedule set up on class time. We are proud of our orchestra and enjoy playing the many different compositions. The orchestra will keenly feel the loss of the four Seniorsg Beverly Damon, Bob Painter, Raymond Burns, and Douglas Good. THE FOSTORIA LUMBER 8: SUPPLY Compliments of 240 W. North St. Phone 727 NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE FIBRES, INC Fostoria, Ohio Findlay, Ohio fnumble Mary Ellen Wells, Kathryn Marvin, Carol Breyman, Sue England, Beverly Damon, Donna Damon, Lila Huysman, Virginia Beamer, Carol Kieffer and Carol Reid, pianist. The Girl's Ensemble consisted of nine girls from the high school. They appeared in Assembly Programs, P. T. A., the Farmer's Institute, and the County Music Festival. The girls sang under the direction of Mr. Ralph Lupidi and were accompanied by Carol Reid. 6' i Shirley Lenhart, Mary Ellen Wells, Kay Kieffer, Marilyn Plotts, Ellen Gassman. With a ball game go the cheers. Our five cheerleaders gave the games more pep, and also inspired the boys to better playing. Adorned in the school colors of red and white they led in some of the favorite yells: Yea, Redg One, Two, Three, Four, and We're With Ya Team. THE SENECA LUMBER 81 MILLWORK CO HARROLD FUNERAL HOME 46 For Dependable Lumber and Quality Millwork .301 West Tiffin Street Fostoria Ohio Fostoria Ohio was ' a6'aAluzt6alL 3, ', Joe Diebley, Larry Myers, Duane Beamer, Bill Fleegle, Jim Ebersrole, Russell Clark, Coach Reis. November 10 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .33 Arlington Varsity: Arcadia. .48 Amsden . . January 13 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .37 Amsden . . Varsity: Arcadia. .67 Van Buren . November 17 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .47 Van Buren . Varsity: Arcadia. .50 Arlington January 19 at Cory-Rawson Reserves: Arcadia. .37 Arlington Varsity: Arcadia. .32 Cory-Rawson November 22 at Van Buren Reserves: Arcadia. .50 Cory-Rawson Varsity: Arcadia. .56 Van Buren January 20 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .36 Van Buren Varsity: Arcadia. .46 McComb . . . November 24 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .47 McComb . . . Varsity: Arcadia. .50 Bloomdale January 26 at Liberty Reserves: Arcadia. .21 Bloomdale Varsity: Arcadia. .68 Liberty . . . . . December 1 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .36 Liberty .... . Varsity: Arcadia. .41 Cory-Rawson .. February 6 at St. Wendelin Reserves: Arcadia. .23 Cory-Rawson . . Reserves: Arcadia. .25 St. Wendelin . .29 December 8 at McComb Varsity: Arcadia. .50 St. Wendelin ..78 Varsity: Arcadia. .50 McComb . February 7 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .22 McComb ...,.. Varsity: Arcadia. .27 Vanlue ........ 43 December 15 at Arcadia Reserves: Arcadia. .31 Vanlue ........ 39 Varsity: Arcadia. .54 Liberty ........ February 9 at Mt. Blanchard Reserves: Arcadia. .38 Liberty ........ Varsity: Arcadia. .39 Mt. Blanchard . .52 December 22 at Vanlue Reserves: Arcadia. .34 Mt. Blanchard . .40 Varsity: Arcadia. .37 Vanlue ........ February 17 Reserves: Arcadia. .30 Vanlue ........ The Arcadia Redskins closed their basket- January 5 at Arcadia ball season by losing to Arlington 57-48 in the Varsity: Arcadia. .57 Mt. Blanchard. . tournament at Findlay High School. Those Reserves: Arcadia. .49 Mt. Blanchard. . who finished the basketball season as Seniors January 12 at Arlington were Joe Diebley, Jim Ebersole, Russell Varsity: Arcadia. .38 Arlington ...... Clark, and Bill Fleegle, SIMON,S APPAREL-Exclusive LONGS BAKERY Ladies-Popular Prices Fine Quality Bread and Pastries Findlay, Ohio 231 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio 47 Humana, was l QQ2 gg i, l' gift ug i QM' f 'P' 'l ffl! x , fe .. , y ,.. .W hffw Q ,Aa-J-. v . M X . f -r l-4, , A e - ' 3 f , K-Na t w'j,f'lAv-Q ,V N, 6 agp A N fl'. Seated: Lanny Semler, managgerg Werner Lemke, Bob Good, Glen Saltzman, Floyd Hissong, Neil Weaver. Standing: Jim Steyer, John Carter, Jim Warren, Gene Wedge, Coach Reis. The Reserve team is made up of boys who master the sport of basketball in hopes of be- are not quite skillful enough to play on the coming a varsity member next year. Varsity. but are willing to play hard and . JL . Seated: Robert Noel, Robert Graham, Jim Blake, Tommy Biekel, John Howe, Jack Fillhart. Standiiig: Johnny Diebley, manage-rg Harold Nye, Lewis Campbell, Jerry Gaertner, Joe Steyer, Paul Thompson, La Verne Snyder, Bill Robishaw, coach. The Junior lligh team is a group of boys good sportsmanship and builds healthy willing to put their time and effort into learn- bodies. These are the boys that will comprise ing basketball. Competing with other boys our future High School teams. under adult supervision helps teach them PAYNE BROTHERS' GREENHOUSE South Union Street. Fostoria ' . . North Sandusky Street, Tiffin Fostorlav Ohio SWIFT Sz CO SOYBEAN MILL 1-' - 1 fastball First Row: Duane. Beamer, Herbert Archibald, Rex Cunningham, Neil Breyman, Carl Ziessler, Thomas Wentworth, Bill Fleegle. Second Row: Bob Painter, Larry Myers, Russell Clark, Joe Diebley, Ronald Mattox, Jim Warren, Lewis Campbell. September 8: The Redskins opened their football season by playing Carey at Donnell Stadium in the preview. We came home with a 13-0 defeat. September 15: We played Arlington on our home field. We were defeated 13-0. September 22: Our team traveled to Liberty bringing home a win, 41-6. September 29: The Redskins traveled to Mt. Blanchard to be overwhelmed 30-7. October 6: We grappled with Cory-Rawson on our home field resulting in a 34-12 victory. October 13: Homecoming! We handed Van- lue a 19-7 defeat to make the ceremony quite successful after crowning Betty Lenhart Homecoming Queen. This night was also Third Row: Jerry Gaertner, John Howe, Paul Busick, Vern Snyder, Lanny Semler, Bob Good, Ralph Brooks. Fourth Row: John Bushong, Neil Weaver, Harold Nye, Bobby Graham, Richard Reis, Coach, Bill Robishaw, Asst. Coach. celebrated as Dad and Mother's night. October 20: We played Van Buren on their home field defeating them 32-0. October 26: We ended our football season by losing to McComb 38-13. Two of the members of our football team were outstanding enough to win places on the All-Hancock County Football Team. They were Russell Clark and Bill Fleegle. Those who finished the football season as Seniors are Russell Clark, Bill Fleegle, Herbert Archibald, Joe Diebley, Rex Cunningham, Bob Painter, Tom Wentworth, Neil Breyman, and Joe Sopher. Mr. Richard Reis served as head coach with Mr. William Robishaw as his assistant. HOWELL HARDWARE We've got it-We'll get it-Or it isn't made Phone 80 Arcadia, Ohio The publication of the 1951 ARCADIAN has been made possible by the cooperation of the student body and by the financial support of our neigh- boring businessmen. We highly recommend these business establishments and sincerely hope that they will receive your patronage. A and K Drive-In ..... Ahlenius Company .... Alan's Shoe Store .... Al's Jewelry ................ Army and Navy Surplus ..... Art's Shoe Service ........ Art Yarn Shop ...... Ballreich Furniture ..... Bill's Economy Store .... C. W. Blake ................. Black and Warner Clothing ..... Book and Gift Shop ......... Buckeye Auto Parts .... Cameron-Weber Insurance .... Carr's Furniture Store ............... .... C. C. Slotterbeck, SOHIO Distributor .... .... Chad's .............................. . . . Civic Nic-Nac ..... Commercial Press ..... Dairy Whip ................... David and Roy's Shoe Service Dietsch's Confectionary ............ The Women's Apparel Dress Shop .... Eddie A. Spieldenner ............. Edison's Drug Store .......... Egbert's Home Furnishings ..... . Fostoria, . Fostoria, . . . . .Fostoria, .Fostoria, . . . . .Fostoria .Findlay, . . . . .Fostoria, Fostoria, . Fostoria, .Arcadia, .Findlay, . Fostoria, Fostoria, . . . . .Fostoria, . Fostoria, . Fostoria, . Findlay, Fostoria, Fostoria, . Findlay, .Fostoria, . Findlay, . Fostoria, . Fostoria, . Fostoria, . Findlay, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Emerson Insurance Agency ..... .... F ostoria, Evans Typewriter Co .............. .Findlay, F. F. Ferguson, SOHIO Distributor ...... .... F ostoria, Flechtner Brothers, Tasty Brand Meat ..... .... F ostoria, Findlay Hardware .................... ..... F indlay, Findlay Printing and Supply Co .... .... F indlay, First National Bank ............. ..... F ostoria, Fostoria Serum Co ..... .... 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F indlay, Little Folks' Shop ....... .. Fostoria, Lucille Wescott ..... .Findlay, Lynn A. Lyon Co.. .. . .... Findlay, Mann Funeral Home ..... , , Fostoria, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Francis M. Marley .......... .... F ostoria, McClelland Implement Co. .... ..... F indlay, Mennel Milling Co ................. .... F ostoria, Moes Baked Enamel and Paint Shop ..... ..... F ostoria, C. B. Moore ......................... ..... A rcadia, Mose Lamfrom Clothing Store .... .... F ostoria, Naco Fertilizer Co ............ ..... F indlay, Neff Lumber Co ..... ..... F indlay, Nye's Hi-Way Market. . ..... Fostoria Office Supply Co ........ ..... F ostoria, Ohio Savings and Loan ..... .... F ostoria, Patterson's ............... .... F indlay, Phillips' Drive-In .................. ..... F indlay, Plotts Harness and Luggage Shop ..... ..... F indlay, Howard Pressler, Stone Hauling .............................. Carey, Producers' Livestock Co-op ...... ..... T iffin, Findlay and Fostoria, Ruby's Beauty Shop ...... ..................... A rcadia, Ruhl Motor Co .......... .... F ostoria, Salisbury's Restaurant .......................... .... F indlay, Shauffelberger Sz Son, Real Estate and Insurance .... ..... F ostoria, Sherlie Ann Bakery ............................ ..... F ostoria, Smith's Apparel Shop ..... .... F ostoria, R. M. Steen ............. .... F indlay, Stroman Implement Co ..... .... F ostoria, Thrailki1l's Grocery ..... .... F ostoria, Townhouse .......... ..... F indlay, Turner-Fenstermaker .... ..... F indlay, Uhlman's .............. ..... F indlay, Vel-Jame Beauty Salon .... ..... F indlay, Vogel-Elsea Music Box .... .... F ostoria, Walter's Shoe Store .... .. . . Findlay, Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio . A -A ,J 4 15 I. W.. . 1' 'I me , -V- J - 'fy' A., z V ' 1 57 ia U K, A N. 1 . ff-f . 'Q-' X. ,... Q .W vm -ill mggl. Y-11 X , - 'L .iff , . 5. . ' w n . - w 1 w 'f 'L ' -.Asa A-1 1-4 . .N . ., W 1 .-, J . , 1 , r 1 . n 4 'x s ' "' w . , K 4 ' v-V . A wr, 1 I s fi . , if . 1 'Ls 5123531 1. .1 351.4 . ,i , '. ,Ji ,, " PM ,- 4 , up QA' ' 1 3'f5"5'I ' - L 'Sa'-'Kg--' Bi .,,. v,, 3.151 , xl , ff' 3-5. , ,, , . .,-K, . " WT- . 'i ,f rn . , .,.,,51, . I 'IM ' .4 , 1 ., 51-,' . L ' ' 1 fl - 4 I . .-1 .4. H l .ix if 5523 1 4- .-,.1 " I f ' LU ,-A ' , 1 um , 1:51, . .rl - .. A+' 2- - Lit? . , nm., .L .um iz- fi 'lt W lx .lu iq' .44 -41,1 fr. gkily a gr. . .vip ' " + fi 4 . --1, 1. Qmilff , . ' . '1'ff7a'7X5" .. - .iprT3'f'.ffl?. "' . , . . - . A 13, new - v sq + 5' ' x Y fl, . H, if P' S" f -' ' H15 ., ' 1.5 . -, ,, ,'14"':-,- 3. 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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