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. H ieiQ'f,52: 2975? if-if 1' A' AD AW B950 jzmewwwl Having received instruction in knowledge and training in virtue, we are leaving this yearbook as a memento of those activities and high ideals which are a vital part of school life. We feel that its con- tents are of such a nature that it will be looked upon in the years to come as a priceless possession, es- pecially to the Class of l95O. As we journey ever onward down the highway of life it will furnish us with a lasting memory of those who helped make that journey possible. lf this book is cherished by all who possess it, then we shall feel that our efforts have not been in vain. . .IL lt is with deepest sincerity that we, the Senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty, wish to dedicate this edition of the Arcadian to Mrs. Irene Sharning- house. As our class sponsor for three seemingly long years, she has made it possible through her untiring efforts in our behalf, for us to enter this coming half-century with a strong sense of responsibility and a feeling of security and self-confidence which are so essential to our well-being. Through the cooperation and efforts of the Juniors and Seniors, another Senior yearbook has been successfully published. Many changes and additions have made this annual one of the most attractive annuals ever pro- duced by our school. Due to the tremendous amount of work involved in the publication of a yearbook, the staff was enlarged, with the plan of a Junior and Senior staff being retained. For the first time in many years we have used some of our own original art . The aim of the l95O ARCADIAN is to de- velop the personalities of the students and faculty of the school. Because memory soon fails without some definite reminder of our school days, this album should be cherished for many years. Our annual sales contest this year was ar- ganized into six teams, known by the names of Santa Claus's reindeer. Miss Pepple's team won this year and was awarded a dinner. The following staff members, with Mr. Groth as adviser, published the I95O AR- CADIAN: EDITORS Senior Junior Tom Hissong Virginia Noel SNAPSHOT EDITORS Marion Dick Douglas Good James Patterson Tom Wentworth Mark Metzger Mary Ellen Wells ART Clarence Cain SPORTS Margaret Ebersole Beverly Damon CIRCULATION Pat Lanning Herbert Archibald TYPISTS Marilyn Arnet Marilyn Canterbury Betty Lou Stahl Norma Jean Nye Jack Huffman James Ebersole ADVERTISING Bob Painter Carol Breyman Rex Cunningham Kathryn Marvin Betty Lenhart Russell Clark Alvin Schubert . Ralph Marvin Donna Wiseley Esther Kieffer Robert King Dorla Diebley ,IL and, faculty, THE BOARD OF EDUCATION SITTING: Lester Corbin, Clyde Pepple, president, Dorotha Mengert, clerk. STANDINGZ- Robert Painter, Frank Saltzman, Robert Beamer. As we begin the second half of the Twen- tieth Century many ot us wonder where our country stands on its path of destiny. By ad- hering to wise policies in regard to the intel- lectual and social preparation ot the young people, our Board of Education hopes to fit SUPERINTENDENT J. C. Kieffer B. S. in Ed., Ohio Northern University M. A., Ohio State University Mathematics the citizens of this community to fulfill their obligations to the country as the need arises. Mr. Wilbur Noel and Mr, George Roth, the two retiring members, are to be commended for a job well done. We look ahead with con- fidence in the wise decisions of our present members. PRINCIPAL Charley E. Groth B. S. in Ed., Ohio State University M. S. in Ed., Bowling Green State University Mathematics, Science Miss Rosie Fox Diploma Bowling Green State University Fifth Grade Mrs. Martha Brenner Diploma Bowling Green State University First Grade Mrs. Virginia Miller Three years Bowling Green State University Third 'Grade Miss Bessie Fox Diploma Bowling Green State University Sixth Grade Mrs. Marjorie Moore Diploma Bowling Green State University First Grade Mrs. May Van Blarcum Ohio University Bowling Green State University University of Cincinnati Second and Third Grades Richard Reis B. S. in Ed. Bowling Green State University English, Coach, Physical Education Calvin Knight B. S, in Agriculture Ohio State University Vocational Agriculture l faculty, Mrs. Ethel Amstutz Diploma Bowling Green State University Ohio State University Second Grade Miss Ethel Cole Findlay College Bowling Green State University Fourth Grade Vaughn C. Blauvelt A. B. Findlay College Graduate Study University of Michigan Bowling Green State University History, Physical Education, Industrial Arts Sophornores Miss Virginia Pepple B. S. in Ed. Bowling Green State University Vocational Home Hygiene Economics Miss Helen Reimund A. B, Findlay College M. A. Columbia University Graduate Study University of Michigan Democracy, Latin, English Juniors Mrs. Virginia McKinney A. B, Findlay College Science, Physical Education Eighth 'Grade Mrs. Irene Sharninghouse B. S. in Ed. Bowling Green State University M. A. Bowling Green State University History, Speech, Librarian Seniors Mrs. Edith Covert Bliss Normal College Muskingum College Bowling Green State University Commercial, Mathematics Mrs. Mary L. Payne B. E. University of Toledo Baldwin-Wallace College Ohio State University Music No sleeping in class! 1 Future Farmer? Nice entertainment. Spring fashions. What's cookin? You don't say1? 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. DICKEN STUDIO Dream girl. I did it and 1'm glad! Winchell or Kaltenborn? Queen Betty. Knitting tor an occupation? Our piano teacher. Photographers tor the Arcadian Portraits of Distinction 121 Perry Street, Fostoria, Phone 3615 Fr' S 1 K xx ,.pX , I ,, K ,, ,- ll X X K V X 4' , Of' 1 W X30 'H v S gf , THE TROUT FURNITURE CO gl-AZLEZ SF MEAL MASK?-r G od Furniture S 1886 F, cfs Offlf 0'Y 508 s. Mom sf. Ph 414 m Gy' 'O Findlay, Oh Clarence Cain "Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine." General Course Basketball, Football, Softball, Choir, Class Of ficer, Operetta, Junio Play, Senior Play, Stu dent. Council, Annua Staff. I' Marilyn Arnel' "Constancy is human nature." Commercial Course Class Officer, Librarian, Girls Glee Club, F. H. A., Junior Class Play, An- nual Staff, National Honor Society, Operetta, Scholarship Team. Dorla Diebley "One so meek can do no wrong." Commercial and Vocational Courses Annual Staff, Choir, Girls Glee Club, Girls En- semble, Concession Man- er, F. H. A., F. H. A. Officer, Class Play, Op- eretta. Um, Norma Binger "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men," Commercial Course Librarian, Girls Glee Club, F. H. A. Senior Class Play, Operetta. Margaret Ebersole "Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases." College Preparatory Course Valedictorian, National Honor Society, Scholar- ship Tearn, Cheerleader, Class Officer, Junior Play, Senior Play, F. H. A., Girls Glee Club, Or- chestra, Choir, Operetta, Annual Staff. Eldon Fisher "A second Daniel Webster." College Preparatory Course Class Officer, Student Council, Junior Play, Senior Play, Choir, Foot- ball, Basketball Mana- ger, Scholarship Team, F. F. A. Marion Dick "His motto is: Rest first and then work." College Preparatory Scholarship Team, Foot- ball, Football Manager, Movie Projectionist, An- nual Staff. Esther Ann Kieffer "With a pretty wit and refreshing personality, we like her well." Commercial Course National Honor Society, Librarian, Student Coun- cil, Cheerleader, F. H. A., Choir, Class Officer, Girls Glee Club, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Annual Staff, Operetta. sdflivlld, Tom Hissong "'He's a clever young student, both witty and prudent." College Preparatory Course National Honor Society, Basketball, Softball, Op- eretta, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Senior Play, Scholarship Team, Class Officer. Jack Huffman "He knows what is what." Commercial Course Choir, Orchestra, Band, Football Manager, Bas- ketball, Softball, Boys Ensemble, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta. Pat Lanning "Her good nature is a sign of a large and generous soul." Commercial and College Preparatory Course Annual Staff, Choir, Girls Ensemble, Girls Glee Club, Librarian, F. H. A., National Honor Society, Red Cross, Concession Manager, Senior Class Play, Operetta, Scholar- ship Team. Ralph Marvin "True to his works, his word, and his friends." Vocational Course F. F. A., F. F. A. Offi- cer, Annual Staff, Boys Ensemble, Choir, Oper- etta, Junior Play, Senior Play, Class Officer, Par- liamentary Procedure Team, Livestock Judging Team. Mark Metzger "His pleasant disposition is more precious than rubies." Vocational Course Annual Staff, F. F. A., F. F. A. Officer, Boys Ensemble, Choir, Foot- ball, Basketball, Junior Red Cross, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Operetta, Livestock Judging Team. Robert King "This noble man is led by a woman's gentle voice." Vocational Course F. F. A., Football, Bas- ketball, Softball, Junior Play, Senior Play, Oper- etta, Student Council. ll ll Alvin Schubert No really great man ever thought himself so. Commercial and College Preparatory Courses Boys Ensemble, Football, Basketball, Choir, Junior Play, Senior Play, Na- tional Honor Society, An- nual Staff, F. F. A., Operetta, Junior Red Cross, Scholarship Team, Softball. John Nau Hes a royal good Scout Vocatlonal Course A Basket a Chonr Band Orchestra Junior Play Sensor Play Operetta Student Coun cil Boys Ensemble Par llamentary Procedure Team lmagene Thomas "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit." Vocational Course Choir, Girls Glee Club, Band, Library, F. H. A., Operetto. Um, James Patterson He is well paid who is well satisfied Commercial Course Chair Junior Play Senior Play Annual Staff Op eretta Junnor Red Cross Donna Wiseley "Gentle manners, laugh so low, We scarcely hear her come and go." Solutatorian Commercial Course Class Officer, Choir, Op eretta, Girls Glee Club Scholarship Team, Na tional Honor Society Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Cheerleader, Student Council, Annual Staff, Orchestra, F. H. A., F. H. A. Officer. Virginia Ziessler "l never bother anyone, l keep the golden rule.' Vocational Course F. H. A., Girls Glee, Red C r o s s Representative, Operetta, Library Staff. 1 Betty Stahl "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Commercial Course National Honor Society, Choir, Girls Glee Club, Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta, Cheerleader, Library Staff, Class Of- ficer, F. H. A., F. H. A. Officer, Student Council. -. -ff' jafmwlall, ,711 Jhm lt was many and many a year ago ln a building at R. K. D. That a class there entered whom all were to know As the class of nineteen hundred fif-ty And this class toiled with no other aim Than to be praised by the power that be. lt was nineteen hundred and forty-six ln this building at R. K. D. That we entered as freshman to learn Our algebra from x to z, Blue and silver our colors we chose, Matching the great depth of the sea, Our flower, the American Rose, So rich, so red, so free. And this was the reason, that three years ago, In this school of R. K. D. That this class studied and planned With the greatest of psychology For our motto we chose What a motto should decree "Try till you win" and never stop Until crowned with victory. Other classes, not so happy in school, Went on envying our class of fif-ty Yes, that was the reason las all can know ln this school at R. K. D.l When we Juniors played "Atomic Youth" Authored by that Speech Prof. at Bee Gee. But our interest was stronger by far, Than "of those who were older than we" "Of many far wiser than we." And neither atomic energy on ahead Nor subs down under the sea Can ever make us forget the theme Of beautiful "Marcheta", lovely as Annabel Lee. For the moon never beams without bringing dreams . Of this school at R. K. D. And the stars never rise, but We'll feel the bright skies Over the school of R, K. D. And so all the night--all the day Whenever the class of fif-ty may stray ln the years that are to be We'll never, never forget R. K. D. -Pat Lanning Compliments of KIRK MILLING COMPANY Findlay Ohio UML We, the Senior Class of l95O, being sound of body and mind do hereby sign our last will and testament. To the Juniors we will our great athletic ability. To the Sophomores we will our quiet, but efficient ways. They need them. To the Freshmen we will our ability to get the teacher off the subject. You won't have to study so hard now. John Nau leaves his ability to eat candy in study hall to Glen Saltzman. Don't get caught the next time, Glen. Virginia Ziessler wills her quiet ways to Kay MacDonald. You need them, Kay. Ralph Marvin wills his large, sticky wad of gum under his desk in study hall to aid in making lessons "stick" to Reid l-lill. Donna Wiseley bequeaths her pleasing personality and quiet wit to Carl Ziessler. You had better take advantage of it, Carl. Jack Huffman will lend his "flivver" to anyone who won't forget to take out the keys. He daesn't want anyone running off with it. lmagene Thomas will lend her "friend" from Bascom to Marilyn Canterbury. Don't stay out too late, Marilyn. Norma Jane Binger gives her silly laugh to Shirley Russell. Don't be afraid to smile once in awhile, Shirley. Marion Dick bequeaths his scientific theories to Ted Rader. We're hoping for a second Einstein. Pat Lanning donates the management of the ice cream room to any Junior who can HARROLD FUNERAL HOME 30l West Tiffin Street Fostoria, Ohio remember that one subject, "Bookkeep- ing-ll Jim Patterson wills his ambition to be a bachelor to anyone who can convince him- self that that is the best way of life. Betty Lou Stahl wills her "giggles" to Betty Lenhart. Don't overdo it, Betty. Tom Hissong wills his ability to get on the good side of teachers to anyone who thinks he is capable of doing it. Oarla Ann Diebley wills her desire to start housekeeping to Pat Spearman who is equally devoted to her boyfriend. Clarence Cain wills his ability to argue in democracy class to Russell Clark. Prove your points, Russ. Esther Ann Kieffer wills her ability as a cheerleader to Joe Diebley. Good luck, Jae. Bob King wills his ability to play foot- ball to Marion Peters. iTake it Pete, he's strictly pro.l Mark Metzger bequeaths his typing skill to Neil Weaver. Will you be a star next year, Neil? Eldon Fisher wills his large vocabulary to Lee Myers. Make good use of it, Lee. Alvin Schubert leaves his ability to "spout off" to Mary Ellen Wells. Don't get in too much trouble, Mary. Margaret Ebersole wills her ability to skip school to anyone who can get by with it. Marilyn Arnet leaves her ability to blush to Barbara Fillhart. Dan't blush too much, Barb. Marilyn Arnet THE FRUTH HARDWARE CO. Established in Fostoria l907 "Over 40 years of Service" Fostoria, Ohio They're off! ! Who you waiting for? Da! Proving Einstein's theory? . Isn'T he wonderful? "H" bomb in the process! Tch! Tch! Curses, Mice! Concentration. Senor Monfez. 11 I2 I3 14 15. 16. 17. 18. I9 Not too much, boy! Infrovert and Extrovert! Ah! Success! The Hermir! Let's go now! "Marcheta". Alas, we must part! If goes there, I tell ya! Big blow! The Hancock Brick 8- Tile Co. Vitrified Drain Tile Findlay Ohio grew. Jaw The year i946 dawned with a world striving to make peace an actuality, the United Nations had been formed and Rus- sia was already giving Trouble with her use of the veto power. On the home front we began to settle back into our usual routine and . . . 30 members of the l95O graduat- ing class made their debut as Freshmen of the Arcadia l-ligh Schol. Behind us lay eight years of work in the grades and we now started in earnest our high school career. ln organizing our class we elected Stanley Strausbaugh as presi- dent, Betty Lou Stahl, Vice President, Clarence Cain, Secretary, Ralph Marvin, Treasurer, Virginia Ziessler, Reporter, Donna Wiseley and Eldon Fisher, Student Council Members. We chase for our class the colors blue and silver, for our flower the American Rose and for our motto "Try Till You Win." Mr. Mengert was our class sponsor. The outstanding events of our Fresh- men year were our initiation, participation in the operetta and our attendance at the Spring Prom. And then we were Sophomores . . . an- other year in our career as high school stu- dents and a step nearer graduation. As the leaders of our Sophomore year we chose for President, Donna Wiseley, Vice President, Clarence Cain, Secretary, Betty Lou Stahl, Treasurer, Eldon Fisher, Repor- ter, Tom l-lissong. We had a new class sponsor this year, Mrs. Sharninghouse. We had our first chance to show our ability in dramatics this year by presenting a one-act comedy, "Party Line", for an assembly program. The boys of our class were presented a trophy for winning the in- tramural games. Again this year our class E. P. Reid Reid's Sohio Service Arcadia, Ohio lwas well represented in the operetta "Ask the Professor." With the coming of our Junior year we realized that our high school days were rapidly coming to a close. We found our- selves very busy raising money and making preparations for the Junior and Senior Ban- quet which was to be held in the Spring, at the "Y" in Findlay. For this busy year Mrs. Sharninghouse was again our sponsor and those to lead us were: Ralph Marvin, President, Stanley Strausbaugh, Vice President, Tom l-lissong, Secretary, Marilyn Arnet, Treasurer, Est- her Ann Kieffer, Reporter, Betty Lou Stahl, Student Council Member. After many practices the moment came for the curtain to open and the presenta- tion of our Junior Play, "The Atomic Youth" began to take place. Also to our credit we had seven Juniors enrolled in the National Honor Society. With only Zi members in our class we began our Senior year. Once again this year Mrs. Sharninghouse was our sponsor and Ralph Marvin was our president. The other officers were: Vice President, Betty Stahl, Secretary, Donna Wiseley, Treasur- er, Tom Hissong, Reporter, Margaret Eber- sole, and Student Council Representative, Clarence Cain. We proved our dramatic talent by pre- senting three plays during the year, our Senior Play "Marcheta" and two one-act plays, "Nobody Sleeps" and "Fright." This year we had eight Seniors as mem- bers of the National l-lonor Society. The Junior and Senior Banquet held at the Nic Nac in Fostoria brought a close to our l-ligh School career. Betty Lou Stahl Compliments of BORDEN'S Findlay, Ohio V Senior Play - Officers Class Officers: Ralph Marvin ..... ..... P resident Betty Stahl ......... ...... V ice Pres. Donna Wiseley ...... ...... S ecretclry ll ln an old Spanish garden lived "Marcheta," the girl who loved not wisely but too well, and for whom a man left the material world and went into the church, waiting for the time to come when he would die and rejoin the girl for whose death he felt responsible. "Marcheta" was really two plays, as the story had to do with the lives of two girls- Dolores, the modern one, and her great aunt, Marcheta, who lived and loved fifty years ago. The first and third acts were laid in a modern setting while the second act flashed back fifty years in time, during which the an- cestors enacted the story told by an old Padre. "Marcheta" was the most ambitious play ever undertaken by the Senior class and it Tom Hissong ......... ....... T reasurer Margaret Ebersole ........................ Reporter Motto ............................ "Try Till You Win" Color .... ................. B lue and Silver Flower ..... ........ merican Beauty Rose ll will stay in our memory for a long time to come as one of the most interesting plays we produced. Cast was as follows: Marcheta Montez ..... ...... D anna Wiseley .......Alvin Schubert Ross Hamilton ..... Carlos Cortez ...... .......... J ack Huffman lsabella ........................ Esther Ann Kieffer Pedro .................................... Tom Hissong Mrs. Robert Southmore..Norma jane Binger Senora Rose Folrez ........ Margaret Ebersole Sheridan McLean ..... ........ J im Patterson Father Ramon ......... ........ C larence Cain ........Eldon Fisher ..,.....Ralph Marvin Don Montez ......... Juan Montez .... Lola ................ ....... B etty Lou Stahl The Ohio Oil Company Findlay, Ohio Refiners and Marketers Marathon Gasoline and Motor Oil flaw, Pfwphenq, "Ten Years Hence" On a balmy spring day of April I, I96O, I received a surprising telephone call and learned I was one out of millions selected from the telephone directory to appear on the "Kingfisher Wheel of Fortune Quiz Show." I hastily finished 'my morning's work and left my two children with my next-door neigh- bor. On arriving at the radio station I was quite nervous from excitement. Much to my surprise I learned that a new announcer had been appointed. I took a second glance to be sure and it was none other than a "l95O" classmate of mine, Eldon Fisher. "Kingfish" drew a number from the wheel and luck was with me again. "Kingfish" called out my number and I walked slowly up the aisle. I won over the five contestants be- cause l was able to give a quotation from Macbeth. I was given my choice of three things. As a winner I chose to have all my classmates of "I95O" come'by air to this broadcasting station on the following Wed- nesday. Eldon, "The Kingfisher", did a good job of interviewing us. Until the very hour of the broadcast no one knew that his classmates' would be there. The hour arrived and the members of the class began to appear in the studio. You can imagine the shouts of surprise and exclama- tions of joy as each classmate appeared on the scene. Finally the "Kingfisher" succeed- ed in quieting the noise and confusion and the interview began. In the questioning of ALVIN SCHUBERT it was learned that he was an ace pitcher with the Cleveland Indians and drew the largest salary in baseball history due to the fact he won four World Series games in a single series, an unheard of feat up to this time. ' DOIRLA ANN DIEBLEY lives near Vanlue and is a busy housewife caring for six children. JOHN NAU lives on his own dairy farm near Arcadia. NORMA JANE BINGER has a good career as operator of "The Bingo Beauty Salon" in Hollywood, California., JIM PATTERSON is a fresh-air taxi cab driver for the "Go-Gettum Taxi Service." DONNA WISELEY and her husband live on a large veterinary farm near Vanlue. Donna's chief interests are the success of the veterin- ary farm on which she lives and her lovely home which represents her interior decorating abilities that we all knew she possessed when shew took Home Economics at Arcadia School. JACK HUFFMAN and BOB KING have been playing basketball for the past five years with the World Champion New York Subways. The pair set a record of 43 straight field goals. Bob missed the 44th goal when his attention was attracted by a young lady in the audience. BETTY LOU STAHL is co-owner of the Hitchings Square Deal Jewelry Shop in West Independence. "A place where your credit is good when you pay cash." RALPH MARVIN is the new agriculture teacher at the Arcadia School. Ralph has done considerable research and several articles have appeared in leading farm journals throughout the country on breeding of squeal- less pigs. Perhaps next it will be mOO-less cows. PAT LANNING is a well-known chiropodist and has foot patients coming to her from all parts of Ohio. MARK METZGER became a dirt farmer upon graduating from high school and in- tended to make farming his Iife's work. But upon learning of TOM HISSONG'S entry on the Republican ticket for State Senator, Mark immediately entered his name for Democratic Representative from Hancock county. Both won by a land slide-look out Senator Taft- your job may not be too safe. MARGARET EBERSOLE is head nurse at Flower Hospital in Toledo. She plans an early June marriage. IMAGENE THOMAS is employed as tele- phone operator at West Independence. It is rather doubtful how long she will hold this position since she is making plans to become a farmer's wife. CLARENCE CAIN is a favorite of Broad- way actors. His Iast appearance is the play, "Barb Oi' My Heart", that is now showing for its third consecutive year in New York. MARILYN ARNET is the commercial teacher in the Exclusive School for Girls in Cleveland, Ohio. Her increased ability in speed and accuracy helped her to secure this high position. VIRGINIA ZIESSLER and her husband op- erate a successful restaurant and recreation center at ZiessIer's Corner on Route IZ. It is one of the favorite pastime spots for Arcadia students. Nation's Number One Argumentative Re- search Technician, under Dr. Einstein, is none other than MARION DICK. It is rumored that SIR MARION doubts every authority he finds in Mr. Einstein's library. DICK and ElNSTElN'S latest theory is the triple crack- ing of the atom. SIR MARION started to explain the theory but ELDON who was quick on the trigger wished all a safe journey home and announced the next get-together would be held IO years hence in Paris. Esther Ann Kieffer Compliments of The Commercial Bank and Savings Co. Fostoria Ohio N CLASS ME Frank G. Fielding Groceries, Meats, Dry Goods, Shoes Mutual Phone: 207 Arcodicu, Ohio Qzuubfm, STANDING: Jim Ebersole, Charles STANDING: Joe Diebley, Robert STANDING: Kenneth Gaertner, Bill King, Neil Breyman. Painter, Lloyd Monday. Fleegle, Thomas Wentworth, SEATED: Russell Clark, Joe Sopher. SEATED: Kathryn Marvin, Beverly SEATED: James Bruce, Alan Kraus. Damon. President: Rex Cunningham Vice President: Virginia Noel Secretary: Mary Ellen Wells Treasurer: Douglas Good Reporter: Russell Clark Flower: Red Rose Colors: Green and Silver Motto: "Finished Yet Beginning" , . STANDING: Douglas Good, Rex Cun- ningham. SEATED: Mary Ellen Wells, Virginia Noel. STANDING: Melvin Lenhart, Herbert STANDING: Lelia Warren, Marilyn STANDING: Carol Breyman, Margar- Archibald-, Raymond Burns. Burns. et Fruth, Norma Jean Nye. SEATED: Loretta Rice, Jeannette SEATED: Patty Spearman, Mary Ellen SEATED: Betty Lenhart, Lavera Em- Jameson. Thompson. erine. STANDING: Elnora Kaye, Kay Kief- STANDING: John Ridenour, Duane fer, Lila Huysman. Beamer, Jack Wheland. SEATED: Donna Gaertner, Donna SEATED: Ellen Gassrnan, Shirley June Damon. Russell. President: John Ridenour Vice President: Duane Beamer Secretary: Shirley Russell Treasurer: Jack Wheland Reporter: Ellen Gassman Flower: Red Rose Colors: Blue and Gold STANDING: Alice Dalzell, Virginia Beamer, Clara Buchaman. SEATED: Doris Street, Donna Eisen- hauer. Motto: "He Conquers Who Endures" STANDING: Kay McDonald, Reid STANDING: Wayne Smith, Ted I Hill, Barbara Fillhart. Rader, Charles Kessler. SEATED: Sue England, Neil Weaver. SEATED: Billy Fruth, Jerry Arras. A 3 STANDING: Peggy Fox, Shirley STANDING: Floyd Hissong, Larry STANDING: Richard Smith, John Rainey, Carol Kuhn. Myers, Marion Peters. King, Richard Kelly. Seated: Viola Sterling, Norma Ritter. SEATED: Shirley Lenhart, Patsy Noel. SEATED: John Bushong, Paul Busick. President: Floyd Hissong Vice President: Patsy Noel Secretary: Shirley Lenhart Treasurer: Larry Myers Reporter: Janet Boes Motto: "Onward Toward a Higher Aim" Colors: Old Rose and Silver Flower: White Carnation STANDING: Harold Grine, Lee My- STANDING: Jim Warren, John Car- STANDING: Barbara Cramer, Janet ers, Ronald Mattox. ter. Ziessler, Janet Boes. SEATED: Carl Ziessler, Lanny Semler. SEATED: Jim Steyer, Glen Saltzman. SEATED: Marilyn Plotts, Patty Em- erine. . Careful, Tex! . Sober sides! . Milton himself! . Don't look so studious. . Mrs. X! . l-luba Huba! . Egad! l 2 3 4 5. Napoleon the ll. 6 7 8 9. Muscles. F. F. Ferguson Standard Oil lOhioJ Distributor Findlay Road Fostoria, Ohio What next? Star Rader! What ya reachen tor? Quit loaten, Kirk! Burnt, l bet! Whot's the matter, she poisoned? Looking the situation over. Don't slip! Watch it, Lila! Differential Steel Car Co. Findlay, Ohio qldlrymde ei n m: A295512 .I ' : f ffisfw :Gli- ' 1' . I 5 p - qgygdggf I ,I .mu ,gs . ' .fiakiisqfygw fg2S'i2,Eq2?fqgf2Qeig?'2 +52 H, -an-21. 55 'ff-ff' 1s ff'f::, I , -, 2 , A ' ' ' - - , ,- .ss wit ' ff ,.:sv,gtgm is-has ,5.i,s,a:f5,':-' - 3 ffiiiiflilwx 11: -f " is - 4,1 "ii:--f:--:SIU 2 I ,ii r' 'e I :sir fix A 'Lvfsz-'I - Eff- Qgw 'f fir ve ,,-- W 2.-z--iff - , I I f f fwvfgiss f' ' , ,gn 15- ,wfikvi +3615 " : , . 5 jim ' ' 1. fx: , . ' - 'W ' " -f 'y 1 K .f i 1 f5fW?fi1rerewzfwigifgii fm -m,s ,vgsifgigz . gp iggsgfim' "'!fm.' .,es,1g:11m, gi. gg 3 xf , :I I - 5 ,1 HiY3,,,:g5jg,-7Ef55,g5LQ ,Ig-Qilliiigp ' 5, '-iw 1-,gi :Iiw.Q5:i3'2Qt5I 'iizifugi En. - , IL DI :EZ 1:51 , VY' if If T?'Ie5vfI.f3Ei' nfl lffllfilqit I f,,H',.:: . : ::'. ,:H-v, k 5ff15gQ?l2eIE.lg,ij,lwfEEi'I' , f.53ij3'g:?,J5f 43, 2-jf? fri:-gf ': - I-'fhiflg f?'LIs.I"ffl w -' V' Ein. 5-i:3!Yi17fEfi'1' mn I - I - -- ,. ' ' 553: 7 , ' .gh r iff' ' kill I W! 9':b9JAV ' QL?" ' :Y A' A 'TIES 'A-' YT , ' 5515. ' I f L M' fki'22iAlbl'5I1:1i, if ' wx : " ' 'Q TOP ROW: James Edinger, Glen Fruth, Mary England, Mary Dicken, Arlene Walsh, Nina Lewis. SECOND ROW: Marcele Bruce, Mary Weaver, Florence Ecker, James Blake, Betty Miller, William Parmenter. THIRD ROW: Ruth Ponn, Carl Ramm, Carol Wolford, Joyce Edwards, Robert Graham, Patty Butler. FOURTH ROW: LaVerne Snyder, Carol Reid, Carol Kieffer, Lewis Campbell, Rosilyn Street. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Gaertner, John Howe, Ralph Brooks, Maxine Dreisbach, Harold Nye. SIXTH ROW: Hilda Grine, William Peters, Inez Grine, Carolyn Clark, Joe Steyer. Findlay College A Good Christian College In Your Own Neighborhood Findlay Ohio ll X, 1 4' :iv- x 79 ,, 33 'K Xi X, ,H X LKLXXS E yy' iwmfh, Hhada .. .,,..,:. .. ,--, . ., A. , M 3, ,f , '- . zi.:w1X,z. f2vaEi -A-4 X it L4 5 'H X :smut XX XX M , X we X gp S? L, 1 15 X .. 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Long's Bakery Fine Quality Bread and Pastries Ralph Beamer, Agent . . Tel. 202 ' Afcodao, ohio 23' 5- Mom Sf- F"'d'0Y I N :ww 1 3,52 1,-,ag - my 1 i . s. .., ,,...,... , , Ng,. . "'- 5 H ' .. ,Q - -.Q figilfil qt .V "ge K-g e. -. -fri 'ew r xi :.. ':r:::s J- iw' :I f i . it 2 -- - i f 1 s urf' s ,.,:-n- fg,:,5,.+,1 iiigg:wg-1- -A f f?-, - . f . K .. J 1. K W 4, 'gi-slit? ff"-fr ff- 'lfiffgl il' i 'W' . W . .- ,T-,.f,,i ., , . Q : - if-1 , i , 'cfs ' - A f If. . " : .. . Q K B Fi' Q ., iv t T ' esf e fziisag . Wwe egggfwaf . 1 -fi nf : ' , . 1 L D ' y .ik wifi fr' ,E fxw lffksfig H- fiffwg s., 9-fs: ., HCM' " '. .R .agzgx , seeps Zryigqile? rv. f- "T?.'F:Ji::':' 1 'M- v sgxnytgr we ' misss kisses New V- S- f gsfifilfii f Mrs? ITE- :f :im T SW 'X f fa ," -E125 :-. ' if K elif sill' ff. , ' 'l - s ,,.., xi. . 'fills 1 Q , y wwf -- ' fm. . . , J xi. gzf,ia1'mz4 355-i-if r , ' I . 'ililwf' I A EW .uifffxfimf ' 5..3':': 'i '-va: ge ,rf .. 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H ws 2 ' ' - i s ."-T L . i . . . ' TEACHER: Miss Rosie Fox. TOP ROW: Patty Rada- baugh, Betty Bame, Carl Thompson, Rosalie Miller, Patty Reid, Earl Marshall. SECOND ROW: Emma Rice, Mona Bruce, David Dreis- bach, Annette Edwards, Bobby Farrell, Gene Snyder. THIRD ROW: Arvid Weaver, Sara Komarck, Darold Thompson, Joyce Conrad, Patty Eisaman, Billy Good. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Reese, Patty King, Norris Fostoria Concrete Products, Inc. Fostoria, Ohio Phone 3655 David Cardwell, Jim Hitchings. ,Shine, Richard Kessler, FIFTH ROW: Raymond Kessler, Roma Beamer, Dale Ebersole, Marvin Boes, Gene Switzer, Lester Bowman, Ralph Kelley. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Miller, Patty Binger, Patty Tong, Ellen Heinze, Danny Kuhlman, Tommy Treece, Howard Buchanan. Nye Implement Co., Inc. Fostoria, Ohio Jnufzfh, 1 5 'fe v iit if :K 5 - -emi "1r?sf I rw . i L GLX., ' W. Ml! ' M, Q S ge L il gg ,ir ,... ea. . , :Mr-I r ..l'rr-Z-gi--:,., Vg,--1 -fr..-rd .,:3f,,gK'.,,,,:-: J 1 T5 J i ,,,, , ,. 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' J f1 Qsll,kll"FflSXr 1 FOURTH ROW: Lou Ann Seever, Arlene Walter, Shelby Brooks, Betty Lou Blue, Betty Jo Holmes, Sue Ann Huffman. FIFTH ROW: Robert Fox, Danny Dulgar, Delbert Smith, Robert Beamer, Gary Roth, Dale Swartz. SIXTH ROW: Gordon Fruth, Derol Painter, Gene Eisa- man, Jimmie Komarek, Karen Greer. Alice Beauty and Dress Shoppe 4ll South Main Street Findlay, Ohio X ..,L ew K rv , i5e,,,?'2' .. 4:1 if I X Hfzade, I ar :Q L f ' 5 Af! ,Kf.' e sif-I-5 Ee .: fir J fl i Y rl ra, is 'nf X Q 1 W f x, TEACHER: Mrs. Miller. TOP ROW: James Grine, Judy McKinney, Charles Groth, Sharon Hile, Bobby Steyer, Ceara Withrow, Jimmy Smith. SECOND ROW: Linda Eisaman, Owen Ziessler, Joyce Lieb, Lynn Ebersole, Sharon Stall, Von Bishop, Barbara Van Driest. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Lenhart, Nancy Kuhlman, Ted :::r: sl . I A rea , ii I ,M :EE :::: " Walter, Nancy King, Bobby Agnew, Karen Spearman, Gene Desgranges. FOURTH ROW: Donna Jacobs, Larry Ryman, Janet Hill, Fred Pessell, Judith Gassman, Darlene Bricker, Greta Armbrecht. FIFTH ROW: Faye Presler, Lois Busick, Carol Monday, Sandy Ulrich, Janice Ritter, Sandra Russell, Sally Binger. by ' ,. :,,. .. - ssrr -'V TEACHER: Mrs. Van Blarcum. FIRST ROW: Norma Jean SECOND ROW: Ronald Wise, Melanie Peters, Donald Shaull, John Cain, Wynetta Fox, Kenneth Boes, Joan Sherman, Shirley Ponn, Reginald Springer, Ruth Thomp- Reid, Paul Grine, Ola Fae Rice. son. Tom's Sohio Station General Store Repairing and Welding West Independence Ph. 2I6 Arcadia Irvin L. Martin Alvada, Ohio Ph. 203 Alvada The I87 Hybrids Product of Pfister Hybrid Corn Co. J fr 1 T a 5, I , , , K S wi ,ia Ex i 1 is ., ... pf .sw any H V ., J! -, 4 . 'L 1 K i F my P Y Q 4' fr Q Sd , r J ' " , AP . "-T, "': ii 1 L it r , 22 1. .Swnvl 5 ' :si if ru-Z? W1 12 its - ms r- . 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SECOND ROW: Mildred Noel, Gene Moore, Sharon Conrad, Ronnie Springer, Marilyn Rainey, James Ritter, Sue Ann Moore, Norman Thompson. 6j3g,c,, . ,. . ,ws .rr . ,. V ..v ., , . ,Me em: My i - were ,. mi-, was A . V 1 . , 'fir -:Rafi V' . ., ,i.,. ,. ... L, L ,S 'J if tix i ""! 22 Q ig it if '-'ter 9 4 i wi tf' , la? -rx 5 2 i, 1 r1g,.:.r.gEg:,::'r -' X 5 Q, l 1, tif? S' A Q Q Q ,e- J SJ X " 2 'f 'B i A V fy? J I V2 e V- .v ,.,, is-,k.M ::, . . i 'SSW5 if gi wnenf 1 eng .1 3 1 it ii K if at K E 'Y S 1 ,jijl -'sri' Jsf'7Ll'2lEEl " - kjmgii' .V i ff N N L 1: 'ir QM 1 iii., 'z i s R is i 5 3 if i V2'ifVgafn4-'V,, -'wx Ji .e.Ka'cf.sf': ffe'g,,1'11ifg? . f. -cn, THIRD Annon, Robert Heng- ROW: Jo Anne Moore, Carolyn Marilyn Frankart, Janet Noel, steler, Eileen Bowman, Ellen Grine. FOURTH ROW: Max Barnes, Darlene Shaull, Imas Barnes, Martha Lewis, Mary Herbert, Sharon Dillery, Gerald Kessler. Marvin, Sharon TEACHER: Mrs. vor! Blarcum. TOP ROW: Ronnie yin Pamela McGough, Larry Leonard, Gene Walters, Melvin Brooks, Jacqueline Desgranges, Tommie Hill. SECOND ROW: Ronald Edinger, Larry Noel, Betty Compliments at Earl D. Rummell Furniture 2217-19 N. Main St. Findlay Phone: 408 . ., ,,, .ii,i , ,,.... , , ,.,, ,, A. wwe '-fr fV::i:",,:'HC: ixzfeitriiig ' airizfr' W,,frf: ,ink it ee? LM V' 1 Qs 2 , '. I 15. . fi-sity : .sa:2,:'iES-2555? Mil, Pl ' 'V , : - .' "V73'iLf:5fi11is f " '- f - exe? V 1 ie if V ff ' ' - Ee - V f if' - ig: -Y i A .. S -,raw Q' sm - . -I 2:-:fait ' ,-V' .. .. : SF . V :er W1-s' it-":i:,,,,E ..,. W urged -:.Z..z:::- '-:eel ' M' v V ' 'A' Annan, Larry Binger, Paul Brandeberry, Stanley Terry Goodi THlRD ROW: Janice Lieb, Robert Marshall, Miller, Carl Fox. StOugh, Horace James P. Weakly Plumbing and Heating Contractor "The Plumber with a Conscience" 432-38 E. Sandusky St. Ph. 439 I i Jimi, 9 K 352555 .--,mia , , ' f , -, ' -,r 'S . E:,15.E-- 'V mai QV-V - 'BQ A . ,i.,lJ, V, ,., Z EV ,p , A mx, fx is ik, A at . ,p fy? V, A J 355 fa- V X ,A , 1921 22 14. it :J .V S, xy or 'rl' , .,.x I ,,' JN? f . ,- Lff,-AL. 1,1 ,L-M , W TEACHER: Mrs. Brenner. TOP ROW: Roger Tanner, Sharon Noel, Norleen Thompson, Melinda Good, Harold King, Doris Ann Sherman, Ann Graumlich. SECOND ROW: Gary Crawford, Clinton Weaver, Janis Anderson, David Bowman, Sandra Noel, Gretchen Ul- ls l v at 1' Q ' M W' S: ,,.,. , I ll A lift V me ffgfr wg, lb ,V W i Q, x , is at WE, :fi 5' 1- VV , V V H 5 , V , V. AN. I , " - - ., ' . .E V . V 44, V V, rich, Jan Snyder. THIRD ROW: Betty Bowman, Connie Harris, Norma Suet Switzer, Eddie Cardwell, Mary Lou Veliquette, Billy Martin, Paula Huysman. NEW MEMBER: Eppie Castillo. af A-ef ff" fm'--' 7 : mf AP a--s'aa:::1a:+as- . 12257554 we--f..:-fr.: srr" : 51.55, .Nw 31, - f -- H -A W ' ', ,. , A 1 ' t - ,V A+- , - nw., Q4 ' ,..,,. fa rzfkisgf Qsifrifrsf is f i ' ,- wx . 1 ' . -V i I 1 to 2 V - 5 . 'F- Wfiszsliz ,5,gi5,, .JV -7.515 ' -' We ' ' A V- Hg - ' .ai +- 5 " V : ' 13, ' - f . ' if V... , -. ., A 4, .... , , . 1,34 -Q ' ' S , , - V V . S - f 'j - ii" , -M QV , Q - ,N gc. ' s ,,2:'uE,w: -' y:-.:Vm,1- ' , a I - "VF, . ff - f egg- .4 1 . 1, 4 .,, - fs f -V W ,Q ff 2 - H 1 . 1' -, " smaitfu-.2 - 1 M. .. .. V' .W . , V. .. .- , ---- . , -V V 2- V' .. V ' V, - ,'V f1wff .5 t..,, f ffffgtggii geese v Qs- " ' ft : iii rsf:.::Sev,?.-V:,f'x J " ' V it 't - fffiu, E my W Q" ,- ' HEL ,til hr -' W: am., V ' xezgs, , .- "ff s f " -' V" .. Y-N iwf 5 , . V M V Q 211- V , V , . ef., xv! Y- Q. if, K xx, s 21' P53 . . - , A 5 f I " ' iyggwffw f ,, ,. H 'Y' . . t i " V i . ' -N w g- , 1' L. hw " 5 -- V ' -' ' w ' r " fi --.. ,V 2-,HSE ' ' ' 3 , 92 ' ',,, ' : ""' : .-V, I - ' vgmfggm V,3 -N V , .- ,, --, ,',,,,- Sg,.am,. V .. ., .. .. .. ,.,. ,, sg QV .. . o,.,, . , . ,l. T . zuauew .V s, . . p.. . .. 4, . , . 7, 2 - g ' ' 1 V QV, V V . , V. if 1 K -L , U I K I Vik, 'I VV. . , gala V., K i g? ,V:2fV.4'-V. :Q-Vrf-Pf::.'2- ..:-LV.. s1QIii,Vw, W f-'+:V5fr, ' New :rw Qi,21,s2:we w :iw f ' - . -' 1,f'V,1'i- TEACHER: Mrs. Moore. TOP ROW: Sam Moyer, Sue Tong, Dale Fox, Linda Reese, Leanne Brandeberry, Law- rence Swartz, Nancy Ziessler. SECOND ROW: Diana Ritter, Charlotte Wickiser, Tom- my Thomas, Kennie Noller, Darrell Ritter, Carole Bishop, Arthur Holmes. THIRD ROW: Sam Leonard, Michael Crawford, Thora Withrow, Roseann Swartz, Duane Steyer, Bonnie Rada baugh, Judith Elsea. Compliments ot Compliments of Hancock County Egbert Home Furnishing Automobile Decler's Association Findlay, Ohio Quia Hancock County Farm Bureau Bixel Tractor Co. Complete Form Supplies Ford Tractors-Dearborn implements Phone: 2885 Findlay, Ohio 716 Limo Avenue Findlay, Ohio 0 f QQ? Sherlie Ann Bakery Compliments of Quality Goods Baked Fresh Daily The East North Street Lumber Co Fostoria, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio S jim 6oun,ciL The Student Council this year was com- posed of twelve members, two from each of the upper four grades, F.l-LA, and FFA. with Mrs, Covert as the advisor. The officers were as follows: President ......,,....,.... ..,.,..,. R obert King Vice President .......,...,....., Virginia Noel Secretary-Treasurer ........ Ellen Gassman Reporter .............,............ Shirley Farrell One of the Student Council's most success- ful projects was the crowning of the Home- coming Queen, Betty Lou Stahl, by Alvin Schu- bert, the football captain. The Social Activities of the school are scheduled by the Student Council. Several speeches were made by the Council in order that the building might be -kept cleaner, The Student Council stressed courtesy in one as- sembly and in another it had charge of Recog- nition 'Day. The Student Council sponsored several dances after football games and they also made arrangements for the Spring Prom. The Fostoria Lumber 81 Supply 240 West North St. Phone: 727 Fostoria, Ohio Stroman Implement Company l25 East Center St, Phone: 259i Fostoria, Ohio mlm swat, SITTING: Betty Lou Stahl, Margaret Ebersole, Esther Ann Kieffer, Donna Wiseley, Marilyn Arnet. STANDING: Alvin Schubert, Tom Hissong, Margaret Fruth, Pat Lanning, Virginia Noel, Mary Ellen Wells, Mrs. McKinney. The National Honor Society was organized in the nation approximately fifty years ago to create enthusiasm for scholarship throughout the schools, to encourage students to render service to the school and community, to pro- mote leadership and to develop strong char- acter. Recommendations for membership are made by the faculty. A student must have a scholarship average of B or above. Music, plays, sports, class and club officers, cheer- leader, volunteer service and church activi- ties are considered with scholarship to be a member of the Society. Eight persons of the Senior class of l95O, graduated as members of the Hancock Coun- ty chapter of the National Honor Society. Mrs. McKinney was the sponsor of our chapter. In January, a social gathering was held Republican Courier Findlay, Ohio at Rawson for all members and initiates to become better acquainted. In April, three Juniors and one Senior from our school were initiated into the society at a formal banquet held at Vonlue. A meeting of the executive committee of Hancock County was held at the beginning of the year to make plans and recommendations for the coming year. Honest effort and hard labor are the pre- requisites for becoming a member of the Na- tional Honor Society. AII the members re- ceive a pin which is a lighted torch, represent- ing the four characteristics, scholarship, ser- vice, Ieadership, and character. To become a member of the Honor Society is a challenge to all underclassmen to put forth their best efforts, for it is what you do in the present that determines your success in the future. WFIN WFIN-FM l330 KC 100.5 MC Findlay, Ohio '11, During the school year, each grade and room had a l00 per cent enrollment in the Junior Red Cross. Before Christmas we packed fourteen boxes to be sent overseas to the un- fortunate people of Europe. We plan to fill ld: 611.044, A just as many more boxes before the year is over. Two representatives were chosen from each class making twenty-four directors alto- gether. The group worked under the guidance of their sponsor, Ethel Cole. The library has undergone another change this past year concerning the grading system. Six weeks grades are now given and every librarian must work at least one period a day to get his credit. There have been several The Seneca Lumber and Millworks For Dependable Lumber and Quality Millwork Fostoria, Ohio library tests given during the year. The li- brary staff has cooperated and worked under the direction of the faculty librarian, Mrs. Sharninghouse, and her assistant, Pat Lan- ning. J. H. Jones 81 Sons Coal - Bldrs. Supplies - Concrete Phone 2385 Fostoria, Ohio kg 'JL glam, 691411- The Junior Class play "Dear Son," a three act comedy, was presented April 28, l95O. The play is centered around Lee Sheridan who claims to be a rich student who goes to Albany every week to see his parents. lt is later discovered that he has no mother or father and goes to Albany only to earn money for his educatiom The play ends happily finding Lee and Jean infatuated. No effort was spared to make this the most outstanding hit of our school year. The cast included Mary Ellen Wells, Kathryn Marvin, Betty Lenhart, Virginia Noel, Jeanette Jameson, Rex Cun- ningham, Herbert Archibald, Charles King, Robert Painter, and Tom Wentworth. The play was under the direction of Mrs. lrene Sharninghouse who was assisted by Beverly Damon. Compliments of Kinn and Theobald Insurance Agency Insure and Be Sure Phone: 225i ll3 W. Center St. CHAPMAN'S Nationally Advertised Merchandise F0storia's Leading Jewelers J. Ji.. H.. -01 The Arcadia Chapter of the Future Home- tarian, Virginia Noel and Barbara Cramer, makers of America was an active group under Student Council representatives. the sponsorship of Miss Virginia Pepple. The We entertained the F. F. A. at a Christmas following were elected as our officers: Donna Party on December l3. Wiseley, president, Dorla Ann Diebley, vice Our formal initiation was held on January president, Betty Lenhart, secretary, Mary l7, when thirteen Freshmen became F. H. A. Ellen Wells, treasurer, Betty Lou Stahl, his- members. torian, Ellen Gassman, reporter, Kathryn Mar- Our last event was the Mother and Daugh- vin, song leader, Carol Breyman, parliamen- ter Banquet held in April. Jackson's Banner Furniture Co. Swift and Co. Soybean Mill Findlay, Ohio-Opposite Court House Fostoria Ohio J. J. Q. FIRST ROW: Neil Weaver, Rex Cunningham, Lloyd Monday, Bob King, Mark Metzger, Ralph Marvin, John Nou, Bob Painter. SECOND ROW: Calvin D. Knight, Bill Fruth, Reid Hill, Glen Saltzman, Richard Smith, Jim Steyer, Jerry Arras, The Arcadia Chapter of Future Farmers of America has a good start toward a very prosperous year. Under the leadership and direction of our officers and advisor, Mr. Knight, the chapter has achieved many goals. We entered a number of livestock and grain exhibits along with a chapter float at the Hancock County Fair. The chapter sold greeting cards and pencils to increase their financial status. Four members took part in a livestock discussion for the Farmer's Institute. We also Harold Grine, Melvin Lenhart, Joe Diebley. THIRD ROW: Wayne Smith, Ted Rader, Charles Kess- Ier, Jim Warren, Bill Fleegle, Ray Burns, John Carter, Richard Kelly. gave a radio program over WFIN. The chap- ter gave a parliamentary procedure demon- stration in assembly. The F.F.A. and F.H.A. enjoyed their annual game supper this year with plenty ot pheasant and rabbit. We are planning our annual Parent and Son Banquet with the state F.F.A. President as our speaker. The Parliamentary Procedure Team tried for top honors again this year. We are also planning and working on our booth for the Ohio State Fair exhibit for next year. F. F. A. Officers President ........................ Bob Painter Vice President ............ Lloyd Monday Secretary ......... ..... N eil Weaver Treasurer ...... ......... R alph Marvin Reporter ..... ..... R ex Cunningham Sentinel ..... ............ B ob King Hughes Dry Cleaners ll2 W. Front St. and 70l Howard St. Findlay, Ohio ' I M HM W6 4 l l The Girls' Glee Club is an organization open to any high school girl who wants to participate in musical activities. The Glee Club has rendered its services to the music program of the school this year by assisting in an assembly program, the Christ- mas Choir Festival, the Farmer's Institute, the County Music Festival, and Baccalaureate exercises, The girls met tor rehearsals twice each week under the direction of Mrs. Mary Payne. The group was accompanied by Carol Reid. C 17114. ,fnunwlc BACK ROW: Virginia Noel, Lila Huysman, Pat Lanning, Beverly Damon, Mary Thompson, Kathryn Marvin. Mary Ellen Wells. FRONT ROW: Dorla Diebley, Donna June Damon, PIANIST: Carol Reid. The Girls Ensemble consisted ot nine girls tute, and the County Music Festival, from the three upper classes. The Ensemble The Ensemble sang under the leadership appeared in Assembly Programs, P, T. A., of Mrs. Payne and was accompanied by Carol Christmas Choir Festival, the Farmer's lnsti- Reid. Clifford E. Snyder Ford Service General Repairing Marathon Gas and Oils Arcadia, Ohio Compliments of Emerson Insurance Agency For All Insurance Needs Fostoria Ph: 2894 grim, BOTTOM ROW: Betty Stahl, Mary Ellen Thompson, Donna June Damon, Virginia Noel, Donna Gaertner, Floyd Hissong, Glen Saltzman, Joe Diebley, Sue Ann England, Carol Breyman, Kathryn Marvin, Mary Ellen Wells. MIDDLE ROW: Imogene Thomas, Dorla Ann Diebley, Lila Huysman, Norma Jean Nye, Raymond Burns, Jim As the choir started its eleventh year, they demonstrated their progress in musical per- formance. The mixed choir has given many musical numbers this year. The a Capella singing ability of the group has been noticed. They met every Monday and Friday with a membership of forty. The choir has partici- pated in Farmer's Institutte, County Choir Festival, Christmas Program, P, T. A. and Assembly Programs. The Christmas Choir Festival was held De- cember 22, l949. It was a pageant in song and story, called "Christmas the World Around." The Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, and Senior High School Choirs partici- Patterson, John Carter, Bob Painter, Beverly Damon, Ellen Gassman, Clara Buchanan, Pat Lanning, Esther Ann Kieffer, Margaret Ebersole, Lavera Emerine. THIRD ROW: Margaret Fruth, Donna Wiseley, Jeannette Jameson, Alvin Schubert, Jack Huffman, Clarence Cain, Duane Beamer, Jack Wheland, Ronald Mattox, Marion Peters, Mrs. Payne pated. Farmers Institute was held on January 26th and 27th, at which time the choir sang the following numbers: "Nocturne" ........................................ Frlblch "l Got Shoes" ,............,.......... Negro Spiritual The County Choir Festival was held April I4 at the McComb High School with guest conductors. All schools in the county partici- pated. There was a select group from each school. The Arcadia Choir presented the fol- lowing numbers: "Ifaca's Castle" ..,..........,.... Czeck Folk Song "To Thee We Sing" .................... Peter Tkach "You'lI Never Walk Alone" .............. Rodgers The choir accompanist is Mary Weaver. The Arcadia Creamery Cash Buyers Phone: 22l Cream and Eggs Arcadia Band The band received their new suits in Au- gust. We are thankful to the Band Booster Organization for the splendid work and in- terest they showed in getting these uniforms. The band performed in a contest among num- erous High School Bands of the Northwest District. This contest was held at the Clover Farm Picnic at Riverside Park in Findlay on Labor Day last Fall. We were able to win fourth place in the contest. This was our first appearance in our new uniforms. The band also played at the Hancock County Fair one evening. This performance was rained out. We also performed at all the home football games. We used various formations on the field such as an "H" for the opposing team meaning "Hello" and an "A" for our home team. A small band, composed of advanced stu- dents, played at the intermissions of a few basketball games. A few of the selections Royal Tire Service U.S. Tires, Batteries, Vulcanizing and Wheel Balance 3628 W. Main Cross St. Findlay, Ohio were college marches such as Ohio State's "Across the Field" and Notre Dame's "Vic- tory March." We also appeared at P. T. A. and Farmers Institute. We played in concert formation on the stage for these occasions. A group of selected students played at McComb in the County Music Festival this spring. The twirl- ers, Norma Ritter, Barbara Agnew and Jan- ice Heinze, along with Ronnie Stahl, our drum major, form splendid leadership for our band. Their white and gold uniforms contrast very well with the red and white of the band's. The band members collected sales tax stamps and purchased an American Flag and a school flag. Later we bought an eagle for the top of each pole. The band members elected officers last fall. They chose Bob Painter as their president, Glen Saltzman, vice president, Beverly Da- mon, secretary, and Ellen Gassman, treasurer. Hancock Hybrids, Inc. Certified Hybrid Seed Corn Wheat, Oats, and Soybeans Phone 3493 Findlay, Ohio 0 The Arcadia Orchestra is composed of twenty-one members from the eighth grade through high school. ln it are ten violins, three clarinets, two trumpets, two trombones, one tuba, one base drum and one snaredrum. The Orchestra, under the direction of Mrs. Payne, has played for several different pro- grams such as the Senior Play, High School Assembly, Junior Play, Farmers lnstitute, Grade School Assembly, and the Commence- ment exercises. A few of our selections have been, "Across the Field", and "Shoulder to W. H. Taylor Livestock Hauling Phone 147 Arcadia, O. Shoulder" which are marches, "ln a Garden", which is a serenade, and "Barcelona", a Span- ish melody. The Orchestra practiced twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, according to a rotating schedule set up on class time. The orchestra was accompanied by Carol Reid at the piano. We are proud of our orchestra and enjoy listening to music featuring the string instru- ments. Arcadia is one of the few schools in the county that can claim having an orchestra in addition to a band. H. G. Metzger Drainage Contractor Registered Surveyor No. 3397 Phone 2191-R 540 Center St., Findlay, O Estimates and Drainage Maps Getting ready for the big game! 7. King drives again. 3. Where's "Toots"?? 9' Who ya lookin at? IO' VVOl'Cl'1 Larry breaks loose. 12' Dorsey Motor Soles Reliable Used Cars Score! l l Home Esther? Get the Royalty! l Can it girls. Nose like a bloodhound Which switch is which. All Makes and Models 26O'E.lPine Ave. Findlay, ohio L S P 0 R MF? XE Jrwiball, MANAGERS: Lanny Semler, Jack Wheland, Neil Weaver FIRST ROW: Bob King, John Ridenour, Clarence Cain, Bill Fleegle, Duane Beamer, Herbert Archibald,'Eldon Fisher, Alvin Schubert. SECOND ROW: Thomas Wentworth, Ray Burns, Harold September 9: The Redskins opened their sea- son by playing Carey at Donnell Stadium in the football preview. We came home with a 7-O defeat. September 16: We played North Baltimore on our home field. We were defeated 20-O. September 23: Our team traveled to Arling- ton to be overwhelmed 47-O. September 30: Liberty came here only to be defeated 2O-6 by the Arcadia Redskins. October 7: The Blanchard Purple Hurricanes defeated our team 13-12. The spectators found this game to be thrilling to the very end. October 14: We grappled with Cory-Rawson on their home field in a close game result- ing in a 6-6 tie. October 21: Our team traveled to Vanlue to Grine, Neil Breyman, Rex Cunningham, Ron Mattox, Larry Myers, Russell Clark, Kenny Gaertner. THlRD ROW: Coaches--Richard Reis and Vaughn Blau- velt, Marion Peters, Melvin Lenhart, Richard Kelley, Joe Diebley, Bob Good, Jim Ebersole, Jim Warren. defeat them 32-12. This gave us 2 wins, one tie and 2 defeats. October 27: Homecoming! We defeated Van Buren 2O-l2 to make the ceremony quite successful after crowning Betty Stahl homecoming queen. This night was also celebrated as Dad and Mother's night. November 4: We ended our football season by losing to McComb 46-13. Those who fin- ished the football season as Seniors are Clarence Cain, Bob King, Alvin Schubert, and Eldon Fisher. Mr. Richard Reis served his first year as head coach with Mr. Vaughn Blauvelt as his assistant. Together these men were able to produce a team with football knowledge and with a hope and determination to be winners. They helped the team to build a respectable seoson's record. Howell Hardware We got it-We'll get it--Or it isn't made Phone: 80 Arcadia a8a4lmtbalL ,. . ,,,.,f Varsity STANDING: Mark Metzger, Duane Beamer, Bill Fleegle, Jack Huffman, Larry Myers, Bob King. KNEELING: Clarence Cain, Coach Richard Reis. November 23--The basketball season was opened by playing Mt. Blanchard in a non-league game on our home floor. We won both games, with a varsity score of 39-24 and a reserve score of 30-10. November 25-We traveled to Bloomdale to play them in our second non-league game. The varsity won their game 51-32 with the reserves losing 44-34. December 2-We played Vanlue on their home floor. This non-league game was thrilling to the very end with our varsity losing 32-31, while the reserves won 25-23. December 9-ln our first league game of the year we met Arlington on our home floor. We were unable to obtain a victory in either game. The varsity team lost 49-36 and the reserves lost 34-16. December '16-We were able to defeat Liberty on their floor by scoring 52 points to their 41 in the varsity game. The reserves also won with a 31-18 tally. December 27-Our team met the Findlay Reserves on their floor only to be defeated 32-19. January 3-We traveled to Amsden on this evening to defeat them 46-41 in the varsity game, with the re- serves winning 22-17. January 10-We went to Mt. Blanchard to meet them in a league game this time. We were able to come home with a varsity win 54-30 and a reserve win of 34-32. January 13--Cory-Rawson came here to compete in an exciting game which was completed only after a three- minute overtime. The end of the game found the teams with 53 points each. At the end of the overtime the score was 61-57 in Cory-Rawson's favor. Our reserves lost by a score of 35-30. January 20-We met Vanlue at home in a league game to defeat them 52-43. Our reserves lost by 45-40. January 27-We played Van Buren on their floor to defeat them with a close score of 61-57. The reserves came home with a 39-24 victory. February 3-In the last league game of the season we traveled to McComb. We were defeated by a disappoint- ing 66-41. The reserves lost by a close score of 32-30. February '10-St. Wendelin was our opponent in a non- league game. We played on their home floor only to be defeated 60-45. The reserves won their game 34-32. February 16-Tournament, at last! For what turned out to be the most exciting game of the year we drew un- defeated McComb. By this time we had four wins and three losses out of our seven league games. The team went to Findlay with determination and a hope of win- ning. The game was a close race all the time with Ar- cadia leading except once at the beginning of the game. The boys' teamwork and fine playing upset McComb 40-35. February 24-Our second game of the tournament was with Vanlue. Competition was close to the end of the game, with Vanlue beating 35-32. 26, JL KNEELING: Joe Diebley, Neil Breymon, Russell Clark, Raymond Burns, Lloyd Monday. STANDING: Mr. Reis, Alvin Schubert, Ronald Mottox, John Nou, James Ebersole, Lanny Semler, Neil Weaver. Our Reserve basketball team is composed primarily of boys who have set a goal for themselves . . . to master basketball. Our physical education classes furnish training for the maintenance of healthy bodies, but these boys have the some advantage in basketball plus the hope of playing so well that they may be skillfull enough players to be members of the varsity team. Their season's record of seven games won and five lost gives us hope of having a good team next year. The Junior High team was a group of boys keenly interested in learning basketball and in winning ball games. Their fine spirit could not be destroyed by their record for the seo- son of four games won and five lost. KNEELING: Harold Nye, La Verne Snyder, Lewis Campbell, James Steyer, Floyd Hissong, Bill Diebley, Jerry Gaertner. STANDING: James Blake, Robert Good, James Warren, John Carter, John Howe, Glen Saltzman, Mr. Blauvelt. Clark Leonard Hoy, Straw, Livestock Ph. 90 Arcadia Payne Brother's Greenhouse South Union St. Phone: 4324 ' Fostoria, Ohio 6' Margaret Ebersole, Esther Ann Kieffer, Virginia Noel, Ellen Gassman, Donna Wlseley Five Cheerleaders were chosen again this year. For the l9-49-l95O football and basketball seasons five cheerleaders were chosen to lead the yells. Some new yells were introduced to odd more pep to the cheering Some of the favorite yells were F I ght Yea Red, Clap, Clap, R-E We re With Yo Team. llli t ,icii fr " - Q 3' H is'i 1 A. . F . i v isse filiiifx, 'Q ,, . it siis f r ABSENT: Shirley Farrell, Freshman' Marilyn Canterbury Junior, Robert Good, Freshman. H cainlsf SU99' Bowl ,, Value Dress Shop Known or Fine Foods Fostono Ohm Open Daily Arcadia Ohio Our advertisers make the publication ot our yearbook finan- cially possible. Because of their products and services and because of their loyal support of our school, they deserve your serious con- sideration when you plan to buy. A and K Drive-in ..... Ahlenius Company .......,.. Army and Navy Surplus ..... Art Yarn Shop ............... Babb's Motorcycle Shop ..... Ballreich's Furniture ................. Beach's Cycle and Marine Sales ....... Bill's Economy Store ...............,. Bishopis Sanitary Cleaner .,.. , Black and Warner Clothing .....,. Blake, C. W. ..cuuc..,............. . Book and Ciift Shop ........ Buckeye Auto Parts .....,.. Carr's Furniture Store ,,.... Chad's .............,...,...... Civic Nic-Nac ...... Conine 6' Son .o,... Commercial Press ...... David and Roy's ............................. Dress Shop, The Women's Apparel ....... ....... 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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