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 - Class of 1956

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EDACRA The Yearbook of ARCADE CENTRAL SCHOOL Arcade, New York The 1956 Songs of pral e and deep oevotlon love and loyalty. ARCADE CE TRAL illllll ALMA MATER- Aroade Central, Alma Mater, we would bring to thee, ARCADE ALMA TER Words by W Prey Music bv H V Aldrich Q , PTP bri thee high id Ale f un rthy any Bl Q I' 1 S pth 1 yalty p yi g lif gr lt I.- gld PPD' BY! s fe rs lif g h 1 d h gh thy f t d KR up I., .Iii d at Ars I . I C I I I I I I . 4 f I 1 J ,I -I2 S Arcade Central, Alma liter, we would ng to , St by thee, d r Alma Hater, e we o d, M y our aims b at g in u ose, wo of la , IP f- F V I 1 P I' P I p F I' I EZ I I- I I I- I- I I . I I I I I I ' I I S 6 1 I I I d u Q j Q Songs of p ise and deep devotion, love and o . Wisdom know ed e, power for service to the world around. As on unknown a s we travel, la n e's e game. IF F F s I I' I' I I I A I I I I I . P' P I I I I Q . I . I I I I I ' I I I 5 4 A I I Q S4 II I 1 s 4 1 I Q For we ow to thee A memories of those he d , Thou hast led s ever onward, easing doubt and I , Thee we would not truly honor, 'th good deeds and fine, . - V ea I P , I , I' I' , I O I I . b 4 I I I I I I b Q 1 I J I 5 1 Eg G When pre par ing for our e 's work , thou I id guide our 115 . Giving stren t to meet the chnl eng of th future ye . Hol ing i oble san ards, Alma Meter, mine. IP I P I I 3 P 8 I P I' I V I I I- I b I I I I I X g if X 1. 1 EEE K3 f' X 'Q X. N S q Q-Q Ngq X X535 U 1 wwf 11 117711 Thou he st lee ue ever onward , easlng doubt GlVlHg st ADM S and fears, rength to meet the challenge of the future years I I TRATIO and FACULTY 2 gs V x xx I ,N x- 1 f 1 ,iq x 1211 I ' Eff 11525 235525 ' .f f' ff f 1' , I :gal 4513-9 'N' --1 X ' 'rl lp-I 1. X A X f?7' , 6':y 5' X f .ff'1'.7!7 N 1 !1'1f',,'l1f 'I 'l 'I,1,'r,1'1f 1 X - V f ,, C Q' 'll 1 s- , 'm , , 15' I' 3 1 t I 1 1.' , 1 x ,gm xv x I- ya .f A - i 'X . .-' I . 1 ' .535 ,I f. X - Q. ggi.-61135-2.1 -idk, Y I 1 11 INSQ1- 47 'L ,,,. , my ,111 1 -ef, 1 1.-11--1--1:-1--'..-Q. ,fx ,-.Q K. - , x-x..- .R ..g .1,.g.5g.g,f..5.v,,. 1, ,pl .-,R ,gif-.xt -52,5 .. Vf. 1 ' I1'!:3:'2. -SxS11 f '3-32 , -LN-::.':fff55i1 Ei . , :.1.i:::. YT ,. xzgl .' V :hW1H'tw3f 4fQWW 4, K -. Ikifli ef 4 '5 155551-.' 5l:5i7e?':51' 4 ' , ah- ' g ,.,1x '- '-f I I : mwffwfiww ,T1 - 1 ' N 1, 1- -'sji 11 1 1 -1111 1, . 1 3 2. Q 'W' N 'FN IB' ,i x 1 ' '- fl i7 '- 1:9 -Q f X11 H1 1' f 1 T' is .g- :' ' 1 57- ,S ,th-bm, I l11111,,. 111111 3 1 it ' TRN .1 -V 1 - , W1 , 1 ..,., , -lm Y N, NU.-11 1 1 ,,1f.,j 45?.TQ'g11'f!g52is2512135 , 1 T! ?'Q5s:.fE:fE:'555::35 -. ,U If gy:-3Q-g1.g:.g:553g.E1415255335111 1 'Y' , -11' ' ' Ati , y K X 1 U Board of Education Administration LEFT T0 RIGHT Kenneth Storms Assistant Principal Donald Belden Board of Education Ralph Brown Board of Education Francis Conners Board of Education Carl Miller President, Board of Education Victor Blom District Superintendent Maurice Phelps Board of Education Robert Witter Board of Education Mr Harry Miller Board of Education Miss K Louise Mount Elementary Supervisor : MR. - ' ' ' Mr. - ' Mr. - ' Mr. ' - ' Mr. Joseph Kemp - Supervising Principal Mr. ' - ' ' Mr. . - . . . . Mr. ' A - ' Mr. ' - ' SEATED Mlss Dawn Stuart, L1brar1an, Mlss K LOUISE Mount, Elementary Supervlsor, hlss Nancy Tucker, Grade l, Mrs Maude Wllllams, Grade 1 rs Dorls Ross, Grade l Mrs Ieah Caner, Grade STANDING M1ss Insklp, Physlcal Educatlon, Mrs A1106 Mason, Klndergarten, Mrs Helen Kruse, Klndergarten, Mrs Dorothy Edsall, K1ndergarten, Mrs V1rg1n1a Feraldl, Grade 2, M1ss Wlnlfred Prey, Grade 2 Mrs Sh1rley Schrelner, Grade 9 MISSING Mlss Allyre Yoggy, Muslc, M1ss Dorothy fmes, Muslc Facult SEATED Mlss Barbara Prudom, Grade 4, Mlss Alta Blasdell, Grade 4 Mrs Mary Blakeley Grade Mrs Gertrude M1111HgtOH, Grade 3, M1ss Barbara Wrlght, Grade 3, Mrs Audrey Wallace, Grade 3 STANDING Mrs Josephlne Hudson, Grade 5,Mrs Isobel Gunn, Grade 5,Mrs Gladys Tw1ss, Grade 5, Mrs Ethel Glbbon, Grade 6, Mr Anthony Affrontl, Grade 6, Mrs Orpha Cartwrlght, Grade 6 MISSING FROM PICTURE Mlss Esther Kohel, Grade 4 y , . . . . . . u ' Q . l ,. U . ,. , ' 7 M . 3 . 1 l. : . . . . . . U . . . . . , I , , . . . . 5 .L l . 5 O . . . . . A . I-ll 9 L A 4 Q I . O l 0 ' 1 , . . . , - ls 1 - . , . , n ' o . . . ' . . 0 . 5 . . I l : SEATED Mrs Margorle Ryan,Eng11sh, Mr Harry DouglasS,Soc1al Studles H1SS Dorothy W1ghtman, Mathematlcs, M185 Joanne Moore, Engl1sh, M1ss Del1a Shadbolt, Languages, Mrs Shlrley Garlapo, Soc1al Stud1es, Mrs DOF1b Downey Soclal Stud1es, Mrs Mary Lou Shenk,Soc1al Studles, Mrs Janlce w61tZ, Engl1sh, Mrs Jane Stevens, EHg11Sh STANDING Douglas Tullar, Sclence, Mr Raymond Garlapo, Commerclal, Mr Robert McGowan, Commerclal, M Dav1d Barnett, Soclal Studles, Mr Robert Young, Mathematlcs, Mr Raymond Cottrell, SCISHCG MISSING FROM PIC Facult SEATED Mrs Jenn1e Whalen, L1brar1an, Mrs Rose Prent1ce, Home ECOn0m1CS, Mr Frederlck La1rd, Industrlal Arts, Mrs Beverly Holmes, Home Economlcs, Mrs Sandra Cranmer, Art, Mr Ph1ll1ps N1chols, Agrl Culture, M1ss Ann McConnell, Phys1cal Educatlon STANDING Mr Wesley Dailey, Industrlal Arts, Mr Chester Mlnkler, Muslc, Mr Wayne Kellog,MuS1c, Mr Rauber Ryan, Physmal Educatlon MISSING FROM PICTURE M1ss Frances Breen, School Nurse, Mrs Luc1lle DeV1lle, Dental Hyglelllstn MI' Earl Blakeley, Attendance Offlcer : . . . . . n . . 3 .u , . . . . . . . I ' ' ' ' . ' ' . 2 Mr. 9 . r . . u e a . . TURE: Miss Elizabeth Arthur, Science, Mrs. Lucile Smith,Mathematics. 7 Cafeterla taff FRONT ROW Alice H1ll1amsrEfm3 Reed, Elda Stone, Mabel New man, Jul1a Loomis,Al1ce Weber SECOND ROW Leland Nourse Barbara Kaye, Robert Morgan Rose Hurlbert Ethel Tullar Mary Lou1se Nichols, Gerald Welles, PBtF1C1B Morgan, Char 1o+te Ward MISSING Betty Fox Sardlnla faculty SEATED Mrs Bernlce Brown, Grade 1, Miss Melva McNees, Grade 3, Mrs Mary Owens, K1n dergarten STANDING Mrs Joy Lester, Grade 6, Mrs M11dred Watson, Grade 2, Mrs Chf1St1n6 Clark, Grade 4,M1ss Mar1e Nea mon, Grade 5 W LQEWW - 3 238 IW I 1 152 Annu mrwivk , ?',i i Vx , Q' 'W J3HltOFl3l Staff FRONT ROW Alice Heber, Arlie Austin, Elsie Kaye,Elda Stone SECOND ROI Gerald Hellas, Arnold Stone, Gordon Hopkins, Earl Brewer Mvf 5-L 5,NL 1 iagmx lffv. 'Z K ff- S E XX NEX 5' EX May our alms be Strom' ln DUFDOQG vvorthv OT thy name As on ummovm maths we travel elavlno llfe S great game E HDR X , . N I VY!! ff N, ' Z' , I , ' l' Hi 1 - e , if 3 'five - g - - 'E -, ' 'E' K .: f:'f 'T '-X Y-iff' - ,. .A .nk-' i - . - Q- if e- --E f ' aff: a'f ff e 54. A-i' wa 4- -1:,.pi'1ft .V e 'A ,si , e-- ' 4 , ya: 1, 215'-Tifi A ,,:- f ' A 4a - -ia ..- L ' fi A fee-ei 3--T44--11,11-W in - fg?, iii ft --JLSX ,4:..g,-5,17-V::ggr A Tl? 111 Q 'fl -IQ -:19J.4,.T- i it 5Ei:t'i:i!in gir2g?gj,fi'igQg5'e1?'f35l-3351-nj,iaQf , T 5 1 1-?.f49lLlj 1 E, 'm1?if ?fT?f, Liv 7 'W77fi Y ci xiiiff' 1' f?Yf 7353! -.... .Lf-' , , ,, ,421 5 Q'-'Mfg , +--fag, - fr Ag f LY-:g4,-t-1 j --f- ,ffgf-Y f -' 'YV ' K l -f' 'ff f ' ,L-T Yi? i Y ' QTL' , V Lt ive-,ieijja-fiz- ': 5F, an-25297 - -,, ,-..-i!---A:- ' V f V Y Y ..,.,i f- e f' X: '21 K 1 - fx. '57, X jx X 3 -X! Xfsh nngi .. 'vii , ,X ' tm' , . X X xigktvw Q :X X .X V fx .YM X -K X V. - if . X , K. ' ' wt ' W 1 M :xx k N 5 ixvx .:4.i f .Xu - X X X Q . I X ' X x Y X X - , fy N xx' X ' X ' Ji Q H' fi W XX 5 I r wi N Y X' X- N X' Vg if kv fig' YVVV f 3 . X .1 .5 , X sy Y 7 X X X K H X X. A A x ., . . A X X X . . ,., 1 3 . - 9 . + . 9 . . ' ' 0' 1. 3 . . ' yi? V1v1an Allen Sharon Arnold 'S11ence 1S one great art uShe shall have her heart's conversat1on H des1re N Joyce Bateman Charlene Bates HShe walks 1n beauty, llke NLove 15 better than great the n1ght H rlches H Ng A I Z ' ' .'. i for . X .Vik -ii 'WY Xing! v1V1an Ben3am1n WA sm11e for every g1r1, for every bo R A EQWMS ,ig was -QM' -..-..g, 'if Lawrence Benton A k1nd and gentle heart e has.n two W WW fl 5 mmf? 4 '3P 'slip E101S8 Benstead W ot much talk a great sweet s1lence H 'SN qt '77 ww Carol Benzel WCharm and grace wlth laughter for sp1oe,N E My V 5 , V A ,LQJQLQ Cf' A, :H , W -,', V , A w ' - Kxlg' , 1 L l f .L A 'QQK' 4 W , V ,-. , I V, 1 5, Sv we , V .651 ? xx' 1 47 , ' Y- K mx I4 NR J.: ' . v ' - 1 . . . . . . . N - ll ' y O I QQQ' HZ efwfg gyg an ymmp Q' 'J aw ' 55 6 . 57 V Y ' ' ' 155 Q W M Af 157' fl' ina -: in , -I . -, 314-A - Q tap QS? ' 2 lair , 6' ' wx , W. , V. b .,. 'N M . it ,V A w ' A in ea A , 1, el 5' Q J FL ! A s ., 'R kj QW .W-7 W ., ,f 2 X .A .J ' , 4 P W Q, lf'Y ref:-2 nfl 2 W, U 5 .V , f L Ari xx, , , . 4 f L -3? L . ' 2 , YL Fi gif: , , I . , 1,4- , f . , jf X-,' 1 . .Q a f A-4 f .3f1f., , . ' , .,. ' ,gene - , 54 5--'R -. . X- ,: ff' 7' 1 'A I K ,. ivPl,. , . . h . 'AA fhmm' , I 'W fnffi' Mir' Margery Bleyle Raymond Buncy NLaugh and the world laughs nYouth comes bu once 1n a wlth you ' 11fet1me 'im '51 .Qs-if Gerald Burton Robert Caner NLabor and love' There are HNow I lay me down to sleep, no other laws ' the 1ecture's dr , the sub gect deep N C , 2 XO' 0 ' E ry e . 1 , xx X . A , I A t . ' . I ' ' ' ll 7 .- r I - ' ,,. - V fi X f . . x, . r x I -q,,x - 'iwgwx q,g, Z! h V Qu? 9 I s ' I nik r if A 'XX' . .' . y - -i' oc' Kay Carr 'She holds her llttle though 1n s1ght, though gay they run and leap H wk -ai ' si Sandra Coloross HShe 15 a wonder and nothlng 1ess.N mxfw? W1ll1am Clos HSt11l waters run deep H i' 'GND' HCV Barbara Dav1dson HLove thy ne1ghbor.N fl Q W Q Q' at y if 'C S- ,Rv RX . X X .V N. 1 K!! X . 1 t s X . . e ' ' ts ' . l hw ig ny iff! sh -v I -be-'fi I ' A?gx e,q , R1chard Day Darrell Domes 'The word '1mposs1b1e' 1S no NA great s1ncer1ty, a great 1n my d1ct1onary N 1mag1nat1on, a great Dale Drennan Robert Drennan nS11ence more eloquent than USO much power and peace words N h1s strength does not dally ' t , . . . t . . . inte11ect.u i . 0 IIC: R Jack Gulld Frances Holland The sm11e that won't come K1'10W3-edge 15 POWGY' 0 II 433 sp-4' 'W -cur Joanne Hopk1ns Dorothy Hurlburt N smlle er 1 s, H sunny d1spos1t1on 1S half twlnkle 1U her eye N the battle H M e,na .a.,n ,, vga Q KN ,ye ,, A 1,1-Y K 9,0 . ' ll O ff. If A Q' , I.. Q D . ' l 'J' A ' on h 1'p a A ' ' ' ' I O 'Z 139 .ff-'K Harold K1ndel 'To be exact 1n everythlng 1S a prlceless quallty H psf? N17 'Q Frank Lavrey NA thousand glrls do not charm me.H 'Z' Joseph King HLad1es, where were your brlght eyes glanc1ng?H NK' 5.6-,,' Rowena Llndsley Hkoth1ng lS so dlfflcult but that 1t may be found out by seek1ng.N i . -ih V QE' if Tdgh, 'gh n n A 3f ?9h h 5,' Ki 453 'ags n XM' 4 h Y a !? ,?w M kva X K ' I 'fi 'rl 3 'Rx ' M of ,A jg , . . . . 1 a h h , h ' . q'g H A Wk Sin yd as if M 155' YQ' tix 0 James Montgomery Robert Mould HA good name 15 better t an NAn essentxal of a happy llfe rlches 13 freedom from care H 'HY Egfr fa. fa' 51 The W WOTF1S Mummery Marle Newell H no U1 e sure e ' e great pleasure 1U llfe rth 15 round ' lS dolng what people sav you cannot do ' r ,gf J ' ' 'A - I 4 p k l P Q I! A , ,A 1 l - , - ,ff A f o 4 ' ' . h . . ' . H ' . Y if r ' he , rmA l, 5 p 1 I ta by ' ., Q ' Ti' th' . 'V I ...III ,V as up I am 1 t q 't th 'Th A ' ' ea ' .' ' ' ' L I L1nda Noel NThe qu1et d1gn1ty of charac ter N Ida Noon 'Pleasure and aCt10H make e hours seem short Sally Nolan nSnatches of thee everywhere make 11tt1e heavens through out the day N Larry Nourse NAn honest man's the noblest work of God N l l 1 'l 0 n 0 D 0'De Ronald Poole ate w1ll, endurance, fore s1ght, strength and sk111 N Joyce Potter Charles Roche 'A merry heart S1DgS al e nThe lofty oak from a small day N acorn grows L. . 11 WThe reason firm, the temper- NHis mind was never hurried.' ' ' 1 th .N fain J!! Joanne Rosenthal HShe s pretty because 1t's pleasu e N 'E- Evo 'iff' Env Peter Schnltzler 'Wlt and w1sdom are born W1 a man N 7 Charles Rosler 'A good man lS contented W d N YUNL Dale Shaw HHow very small the very great are Y jggl - Q2 - - 1 N ' ' a ' ' . r . 55tV WWE 'VL' 42 ' - It h irQaiQEtJ Vtxw . '53 ' 'ggi Mg V Q , . . .th . . Il aer- 'Q-of Marva Shearman NHer vo1ce was ever so t, gentle and low H C 'rn -..', 'Q-..,4f 1' Carl Smlth H e w o lau hs best to a alll also laugh last fi 43 Songa Shepard NAbsence makes the heart grow fonder '1 7'1I?' Donn Smlth 'The op1n1on of the strongest always the best I ' W V, wx 1 W YQ' ,A - ' f l I n 59 V , I f I ,A ' .L ' gl 75, , . - N H h g d y ' ' ' , - ' H S - . u Kathleen Sm1th Theresa StBCh0WSk1 N easure 1S my occupatlon WThere 15 none 11ke her on thls earth N Rhoda Steward Arnold Stone nGay and goyous, ever a sm1 N o man was ever WlS9 1ng face U ChaHCe Pl . . .,, . . ' '1- N ' by . . N W1ll1am Stre1cher ND6V1lS are not as black they are palnted H Kay Van Slyke H0ne always return t her Mlldred Tyler N ter the verb 'To 1ove,' 'To help' 15 the most beautl ful verb 1n the world N Peter Walter HWISG men say nothlng ln an f1FSt love N gerous tlmes H ,N ' as Af f' l I t i X s o ' ' ' d - 1 Qa i Mwvfn R1chard Wh1te N cons1der the world made for me, not me for the world H 'dn' -ff' Shlrley Wood NH1gh ldeals and mlghty hopes.N PO 'Q --'gr Gall W11l1ams WA1l the world loves a lover ,1 u .fi Karen Woolley NAll that 1S good and gay f'k?Q fold I t L la 4 -I . w?gy Q4 AL ?igQA V it if , V V ,Q ',.A wid - ff , H M f ' - - A 4, ff ' ff ,' 'Q :iff 2 3, ,V ,. Aff? v-Q ' V , l is f Q 'i Q ,. ,fn ' , xi A J, 2 ' Q Q Ml p M f2 A., A4 W ,I K ,fi ff I ' in I , ' fa , I mf . . iw- A A 3 ,H A ,lla A ' if d ' J X J? ' . 1 K ,Z 5 9 .H I . . V A l K T Mrs Janlce We1tz H Ph1111ps Nlchols Senlor Class Advlsors Senlor Play Cast SEATED Sandra Coloross, Joyce Potter, Joanne Rosenthal, Shirley Wood, Kay Carr, Kathleen Smith STANDING: Frances Holland, Jose h King, CPromptsrJ, Robert Drennan, Dale Shar, Jack Guild, CProperties , Peter Schnitzler, Arnold Stone CStage Hanagerl, Hiss Joanne Hoore,CDirectorD, Alan Jackson XQ- 7 . ' . r . I C 0 5 I . 'I' ' l 5 1 . 115 v ' M V', . N .no . I ' XX 7 ? I + y 1 Q L ' . ' L wg A 1 ' . xl k lass Wlll We, the Senlor class of 1956 of Arcade Central School 1n county of Wyom1ng and State of New York, belng of sound mlnds memorles by some mlraculous event, do hereby make, publlsh declare thls to be our last wlll and testament and revoke other former wllls made by us FIRST We w1ll and bequeath to our dear old hlgh school the and and all and the faculty our hlghest regards for the tralnlng they have g1V6n us 1n all phases and flelds of l1fe SECOND We w1ll and bequeath to the Jun1or class our ab1l1ty to nold well organlzed class m8Gt1HgS and the prlvllege of the front seats the aud1tor1um provldlng they s1t up stralght and pay attentlon THIRD We w1ll and bequeath out br1ll1ance and brlght re marks to the Sophomore class hoplng they w1ll make better use of them FOURTH We w1ll and bequeath to the mlghty Freshman our luck 1n maklng sales 1n our campalgns to the publ1c FIFTH We w1ll and bequeath the followlng to 1nd1v1duals VIVIAN ALLEN w1lls her long halr to Janet Ross SHARON ARNOLD wllls her booth 1n the Sweet Shoppe to Le Anne Benzel JOYCE BATEMAN wllls her w1tt1ness 1n health class to Joyce Burton CHARLLNE BATES w1lls her herd of horses to Johanna Lavery VIVIAN BENJAMIN w1lls her glggle to Joyce Brown ELOISE BENSTEAD w1lls her bus trlps to Chaffee t Janet Meyers LARRY BENTON wllls h1S studlousness to Tom Musty CAROL BENZEL w1lls her old cheerleadlng unlform to Florence Bray CARL BLACKHALL wllls h1s Job at Motorola to Louls Thorton MARGE BLEYLE wllls her Bermuda shorts to Pat Klttleson RAYMOND BUNCY w1lls h1s old Engl1sh IV book reports to Cllfford Davles fcontlnued on next pagei O in . . . . . . . . O o CLASS WILL fcon'tl GERALD BURTON wllls h1s fl1rt1ng talents to Bruce Palmerton ROBERT CANER w1l1s h1s used Jungle buggy to Dan McNulty KAY CARR wllls her 1augh1ng ab1l1ty to Donna Devl1n 1n hopes she can control 1t WILLIAM CLOSE w1lls h1s t1re Jack to T1m T1tuS SANDRA COLOROSS w1lls her drlver tra1n1ng cush1on to Albert Blgelow BARBARA DAVIDSON wllls her passes to the candy machlne 8th perlod to Barbara Dawson RICHARD DAY w1l1s h1s muslcal ab1l1ty to Everett Domes DARRELL DOMES w1lls h s a1l1ng T V set to Joyce Anderson 1n hopes that she can f1X lt DALE DRENNAN W1l1S h1s basketball ab1l1ty to Paul Sharon to do w1th as he wlshes ROBERT DRENNAN W111S h1s ab1l1ty to h1t a movlng target w1th a car to Walt Llndsley MARIE FARRINGTON w1lls her gadget fllled purse to Glorla Storms hop1ng that she can flnd someth1ng of value ln lt ALTON GILLETTE w1l1s h1s stlck to lt 1ve ness to Betty S1xt ROSE GREEN W111S her seat 1n the Senlor homeroom to Dorotny Wl111amS JACK GUILD wllls h1s 15 pool cue to Duane Welchman FRANCES HOLLAND wllls her gymnastlc ab1l1ty to Carollne Rakoska JOANNE HOPKINS wllls her permlt to drlve around Sard1n1a at n1ght to Sue Sprlnger DOROTHY HURLBURT W111S her seat on the bus to her S1SteF, Dlane ALAN JACKSON w1lls h1s tr1cycle to B111 S1mons LEE JOHNSON W111S h1s ab1l1ty to blow up a S1tUatlOH to Walt Dabolt RICHARD KEENAN W1llS h1s cowboy boots to Tom Wlley fcontlnued on next page, . i . . . . TOM DUTTON wills his quietness to Dee Snitzler. ' ' oz. ' . CLASS HILL fcon'tJ VICKI KENYON wllls her French bathlng su1t t Barbara Hoffman HAROLD KINDEL w11ls h1s ab1l1ty to turn students 1n on Hall Patrol to JoAnn Mason JOE KING w1lls h1s football shoes to Gary Ke1cher FRANK LAVERY w1lls h1s shy blush to Donald Whlte ROWENA LINDSLEY w1lls her Job at the gas statlon to her ister, Noralyn LLOYD LUTHER w1lls h1s well chewed gum to Donald S1mOnS PHILIP MAHONEY wllls h1s clever wlsecracks to Larry Davls RUSSELL MILLER w1lls h1s F F A Jacket to Norman DZ16dZ1C CAROL MINKEL w1l1s her locker to Jackle Wells 1n hopes that she can stra1ghten lt out JAMES MONTGOMERY wills h1s farm1ng Sklll to Ph111p M1ller ROBERT MOULD w1lls h1S second gear 1n h1s father's car t Charles Powell MORRIS MUMMERY w1lls h1s snappy sh1rts to Ed Drennan to help h1m 1n h1s new T V s ow Cal11ng All Glrls H MARIE NEWELL w1lls her helght to Jon1 Hacket LINDA NOEL wllls her freckles to Joyce Hopklns SALLY NOLAN w1lls her long flngernalls to Kay Humphrey IDA NOON w1lls her orange and black sp1ders t Sylv1a N1chols LARRY NOURSE w1lls h1s Jalopy to De Vere Bllss 1f he can start lt JACK O'DELL w1lls h1s seldom used stllts to Dlana Caner RONALD POOLE w111s h1s ab1l1ty to h1gh Jump to Dave Lehnlng JOYCE POTTER W11lS her love notes to Shan Hyman CHARLES ROCHE wllls h1s curly ha1r to Charles Mayer PETER SCHNITZLER wllls the class gavel to next year's S6n1OT presldent Ccont1nued on next pagel . . . 0 S . . . . . 0 1 . . . . h N . . 0 4 . . . . O . CLASS WILL fcon'tl DALE SHAW wllls h1s car palntlng ab1l1ty to Mr Cottrell MARVA SHEARMAN w1lls her shyness to Nancy O'Dell SONJA SHEPARD wllls her park1ng place 1n her front yard to her S1St8F, Ethel CARL SMITH W1llS h1s lllegal excuses to Shlrley Farren DONN SMITH wllls h1s s1lence to Roseanne Rast KATHY SMITH w1lls her cheerleadlng tlghts to Marle Glasner THERESA STACHOWSKI wllls her ab1l1ty to arrlve home on t1me to Carl Relsdorf RHODA STEWARD wllls her black ha1r to Beverly BTZ6Z1Ck1 ARNOLD STONE wllls h1s space ln the park1ng lot to am LaScala BILL STREICHER wllls h1s unused space on the tape recorder t Peggy Mussleman MILDRED TYLER wllls her sklll ln bookeep1ng to Donna Hetzel KAY VAN SLYKE wllls her SGWlHg ablllty to Joan Brauen PETER WALTER w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to keep one g1rl so long to M Kellogg DICK WHITE wllls h1s two geared Ford to Gayle Klng to dr1ve to school next year GAIL WILLIAMS w11ls h1s temper to Davld Woodruff SHIRLEY WOOD W1l1S l smashed telephone pole and several bent bumpers to Carol McFarlane KAREN WOOLLEY w1lls her saxaphone to Jean Van Slyke 1n hopes that she can do more w1th lt SIXTH We hereby nomlnate and appolnt M N1chols to be the Executor of thls, our Last W1ll and Testament IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto subscrlbed our names and afflxed our seal IHIS twenty slxth day of June, the year of our Lord one thousand n1ne hundred and flfty S1X fLSP . . . . S . . O r. . I ' ' r. ' . A. - . in lass Prophecy It all began when I was exper1ment1ng w1th y toy erector set, when suddenly, to my amazement I had constructed the most unbellevable gadget ever created It was a t1me machlne o those who don t know what a tlme machlne lt 18 a machlne that looks lnto tlme D Suddenly a thought struck me flt hurt, t o Sure, why not? I'll ask the machlne to reveal what y classmates of '56 w1ll be do1ng ten years from now I loosened the bolt and tlghtened the nut and PRESTO What do you thlnk my eyes beheld? A commerc1al H1ll1am Close was advert1s1ng Zlppo soap one fllck of the wr1st and 1t's clean The soap or the WF1St? I don't know I d1dn't walt to f1nd out I cut h1m short He used to be tall I was just t1me to tune ln on the 364,000,000 Questlon To my amazement, L D 0'Dell was the Master of Ceremonles and the famous M1ss Amer1ca of '66, Sandra Coloross, was h1s asslst ant Stepp1ng from the 1solat1on booth was Robert Drennan who had Just mlraculously answered the 32,000,000 QUeSt1On The next person to appear on the program was trylng for the top questlon Ida Noon trled desperately, but to the d1sappo1ntment of everyone, she falled to answer the questlon, 'How many sta are there?N The flrst of her consolat1on pf1ZBS was a 24 karet gold m1nk l1ned '66 Cad1llac convertlble chauffeured by R1chard Keenan and presented by the top off1c1al of the program, Charles Rosler The second prlze was new get home styled by e famous archltect, Morrls Mummery The thlrd and flnal pr1ze was a beaut1ful atomlc powered ocean l1ner presented personally by Larry Nourse, Presldent of the Ocean L1ner Company D 0'De ended the program w1th the usual llhe NTune 1n next week to see 1f Robert Drennan w1ll try or the 364,000,000 QU9St10n ' Next to appear on my tlme machlne was the l5 o'clock News Around the Unlverse Darrell Domes was the news commentator reported the followlng news ltems nThe second E1nste1n, a famous electrlcal englneer has done the 1mposs1ble he has spl1t an electron' Th1s remarkable genlus 1S none other than Peter Schnltzler We have advanced further 1n our SC18Ht1f1C research than ever before Last year at th1s tlme, Lee Johnson revealed to us the 1ncred1ble feat of a Brzzz fgetl that goes faster than l1ght ltself arold K1ndel and Larry Benton, p1lots of th1s remarkable lnstrument, had reached a helght of 5000 mlles from the moon m sure you all remember Lee S predlctlon that h would create a second Brzzz that would deflnltely reach the moon Well, 1S me he m e 1t Today, at 76 mlnutes after 13 o'clock, the Brzzz reached 1ts destlnatlon Harold and Larry are Ccontlnued on next page, . . . m . . . . . , . . is---. . . o .J . ' ' 0 m . C . I . in .... . . - . S - o , 0 ' ' ' rs ' . ' a U' N th ' ' . L. . ll . . f, ---' - .'1 g g g ' g . . He . . Y . . --- . . . E H . . . . I' ' ' ' e th' ti ad ' .. ' CLASS PROPHECY fcont P 1n good cond1t1on owe a great deal tor, but also to accompl1shment Now all they have to do 13 get back J of thanks not only to the pllots and the 1nven Robert Mould who flnanced the expenses for th1s fHe certa1nly could afford lt after mak1ng h1s 5th b1ll1on from h1s o1l wells 1U Texas I FLASH A bullet1n has Just been rece1ved from our star rov1ng reporter, Dale Drennan, that Marle Farr1ngton has Just become the f1TSt woman to break the llght barrler w1th a Brzzz 1She d1d th1s acc1dently wh1le chas1ng her man J UCarl Sm1th and Wllllam Stre1cher have st1ll not been heard from yet after beglnnlng the1r th1rd expedltlon through the dangerous unexplored gungles of Afrlca They have been m1SS1ng for four days now, but we have not glven up hope yet Meanwhlle, James Montgomery and Donn Smlth, employed by the Natlonal Snake Exh1b1t1on, have been sent to f1nd and capture the world's most deadly and dangerous snakes, 1nclud1ng the g1gant1c Zsa Zsa, a snake 725 feet long and 34 feet 1n dlameter CAh well, 1t's been nice know1ng them J Russell M1ller, Amer1ca's foremost da1ryman, has succeeded 1n his experiment with a scientif1cally developed cattle feed1ng program One week on the produce m1lk that 13 already pasteurlzed Cornell Un1vers1ty Lab, had been mak1ng a months now and posslble for NAnd now aga1n He has H15 only reply w1n next year spec1al dlet and cows Charles Roche, of the Slmllar exper1ment for belleves that h1s StUd19S cow to produce chocolate m1lk and labor w1ll make lt for the sports 1tems Robert Caner has done lt won three consecut1ve Ind1anapo11s Speedway Races was, 'Just watch my smoke when I try for my fourth We all w1sh Ronald Poole, U S Representat1ve . . . . c . . We ' ' . ll . -L . . . - a - .lu is ' ' ' a . U. . ' ' ' P t w ' . in track to the World 0lymp1cs, good luck as he ventures towards thls d1ff1CU1t goal wh1ch he has strlven so d1l1gently for Alan Jackson and Joseph K1ng are to be congratualted for thelr out standlng performance 1n the Army Navy football game yesterday Ten touchdowns each ceztalnly nothlng to be sneered t Joanne Hopklns has been voted the most outstandlng athlete 1n the S She w1ll always be recogn1zed for her famous sportsmanship throughout the world Peter Walter, better known as Mr Unlverse, w1ll begln h1s 98th wrestllng match tonlght on channel CBN e er, by the way, has on every slngle match N WIt seems that there 15 a Perfect man 1n the world after all Mar1e Newell and V1ck1 Kenyon have completed thelr robot at last and he 1S obed1ent to every command,so they say V1v1an Bengamln, w1fe of the rlchest o1l man 1n town, has generously glven them a year's supply of 011 for the operatlon of th1s perfect man Marle and V1ck1 are very grateful to Frances Holland for her help w1th the mathematlcal and sc1ent1f1c problems Without her, they wouldn't have been able to make hls bra1ns lcont1nued on next pagoi CLASS PROPHECY fcont J NDale Shaw, President of the Chrysler Motors Corporation, wishes the announcement made that the famous one wheel get Plymouth car will be on display two weeks from today The Grand Showing will take place at Gail Williams' huge Chrysler garage at 14 0'C10Ck fBy the way, Joyce Bateman 1S working there as a HOU Pald meChaH1C J Da1e's secretary, Linda Noel will unveil H119 Strlklngly beautiful car and Richard White will demonstrate its breathtaking speed and the balance The Saturday Evening Post claims that this car is so low and stream lined that you don't get into it, you put it on Eloise Benstead, who has taken over Norman Rockwell's position, has done n excellent Job in lllustfatlng this car for the cover f the Saturday Evening Post which will be on sale on the day of the unveiling Raymond Buncy, draftsman who d ew up the plans for the U S Atlantic Pacific six lane highway, is proud to announce that his coast to coast super highway will b opened for use tomorrow at 7 p m Carl Blackhall told our reporter today that the engineering and con struc ing of the future bridge from San Francisco to Hawaii w1l1 take place next month Carl has been working on this project for two years ' Darrell Domes closed the News Around the Universe and the weather report was issued for the day Theresa Stachowski was at proach toward western New York fThe city of Arcade was gravely in danger D Theresa contacted Gerald Burton, who was at the North Pole He was trying to break the world's record by sitting on the Pole for the lvngest duration of time He had been sit ting on the top for 78 straight hours now and was still there when Theresa synchronized with Alton Gillette who was competing with Gerald at the South Pole Others who were contacted were Arnold Stone, who was in Moscow for the Peace Talks and Thomas Dutton who was on the Island of Pogo Pogo trying desperately f rec1v1l1ze the natives from pogo sticks to stilts CBoy that weather girl sure can make her program 1nterest1ng'D A commercial appeared next in which Carol Benzel was model ing her beautiful school girl complexion for the NSh1n Deep Beau ty Creamn I wasn't surprised, for she always did have such a lovely complexion What did surprise me was that Frank Lavery was announcing the Grande Ole Opry to appear in 30 seconds Philip Mahoney was calling the square dances and doing a marvel ous Job Carol Minkel was the yodelin' belle of the Opry while Mildred Tyler and Kathleen Sm1th,under the name of the Kamil sis ters, did a beautiful duet together while playing their guitars Suddenly Lloyd Luther appeared on my screen and was doing what I thought to be the craziest thing I ever say He bounded on a mat tress 15 feet into the air about 20 times in succession I soon found out that he was only demonstrating the indestructability of Margery Bleyle's nSleep Fine Mattresses ' fcontinued on next pagel . up , . 0 l ' , o n i D . . a , , q O ' r I . . - . . 1 . . e I Q I the weather board announcing hurricane Pluto's rapidly moving ap- - ' o - 1 CLASS PROPHECY fcont P I watched for a few more mlnutes wh1le my tlme mach1ne re vealed what the rest of my classmates would be dolng I learned that Jack Gu1ld had taken over the Jackle Gleason Show and was mak1ng a smash h1t Sh1rley Wood, w1th her asslstant Kay Carr, 1S on the Pla1n and Fancy Cook1n' Show Sh1rley and Kay's famous reclpe, the 'Get Your Man' salad dresslng had reached the top ten rec1pes' Sharon Arnold had always wanted to JOIH the Waves soon found that she had achleved her goal and more She 1S now head of the U S Wave Corps Another advert1sement appeared 1n whlch the Greenall Nursery school, operated by Rose Green and V1V1aD Allen, was commerc1al 1z1ng the1r motto 'We w1ll take care of your ch1ldren wh1le you take care of yourself H Testlmonlals were glven 1n appreclatlon for the Servlces of the Greenall Nursery by Charlene Bates and Barbara Davldson Ctop fllght secretarlesl and Rhoda Steward They are all marr1ed now and sometlmes take thelr chlldren to Rose's and V1v1an's nursery I turned to another channel and was 1n tlme for the late late late mov1e Thls movle, based on an adaptatlon of a novel by Sally Nolan, starred Dorothy Hurlburt who portrayed a spy worklng for the Federated Un1on of School Teachers The settlng was a Latln school 1n M1sh1wask1, Arkansas Th1s school was run by a teacher portrayed by Joyce Potter The plot of the mov1e concerned the attempt, on the part of the Un1on, to ferret out the unfalr pract1ces of the teacher, M1ss Potter She never on a date and she forbade the Home Economlcs teacher, played by Kay Van Slyke, to buy potatoes for the class work She had to P3156 them herself J After Act I, Karen Woolley, a Prlma Ballerlna, danced for the advertlsement of L1ndsley's Green Cheese Wthe latest snack before bedtlme Rowena, by the way, has made m1ll1ons on th1s sensat1ona1 new two tone green, del1c1ous cheese Followlng the show, 1nformat1on was g1ven that sets had been deslgned by Joanne Rosenthal, Hollywood deslgner, and make up by Marva Shearman who had manufactured the new l1ve movle l1pst1ck called nWh1sper 3 the favor1 e d1sc Jockey f all bobby soxers, R1chard Day, began h1s program w1th some soothlng Jazz muslc so soothlng 1n fact, that I fell asleep for my wonderful t1me machlne had answered my questlon as to what my A C S classmates would be dolng 1n the future Good 'ole Arcade Central had grad uated prosperlty and well be1ng for the whole natlon Perhaps the success of the Senlor Class was due 1n part to the efforts of the Senlor Class advlsors, Mrs We1tz and Mr N1chols,who retlred from teachlng after the publlcatlon of thelr book ln the summer of 1956 The book was entltled NHow to Make Money and Influence Senlors W . , , I , ' . . . I . . . ---, . . . allowed one of her teachers, played by Sonja Shepard, to go out u . 4 n . 1-1 1 n s n n ni n 1 . ' At a.m., 't ' -' o - lass Hlstor We, the Senior Class of 1956, as we stand on the threshold of our commencement and our emergence into the adult world, look back a few short years ago to September 1943, when we stepped for the first time through the portals of Arcade Central School Since that day, our education has progressed steadily onward to the goal which we now face By the time we finished kindergarten, we felt ourselves well on the way to becoming students, and we greatly anticipated the arrival of September 5, 1944, when we would enter elementary school After struggling through six years of hard labor we finally won the victory and entered Junior High, at which time several new students from outside schools entered our class In our Freshman year in high school, our class numbered 113 Our class officers were President, Joseph King, Vice President Alan Jackson, Secretary, Sandra Coloross, Treasurer,Sh1rley Wood, and our class advisors were Hrs Harrison and Mr Tullar were initiated into h1gh school social affairs by be1ng guests of the Sophomores at the Freshman Sophomore party We began collect ing class dues as the first step toward the Washington trip In our Sophomore year, our class officers were President, Robert Drennan, Vice President, L D 0'Dell, Secretary, Joanne Rosenthal, Treasurer, Joyce Potter, and our class advisors were Mrs Prentice and Mr Garlapo We continued to collect class dues and in our turn, as Sophomores, entertained the Freshman class Our Junior class officers were President, Peter Schn1tzler, Vice Pres1dent,Ga1l Willlams, Secretary, Carol Benzel, Treasurer, Vicki Kenyon, and our class advisors were Mrs Weitz and Mr stationery We held a Halloween dance and a skating party June the blggest social event of the year,our Jun1or Senior Prom, was held We were as surprised as everybody else to discover how grown up we were from that fateful day back in 1943 when we f1fSt began our educational endeavors In our Jun1or year we selected green and silver as our class colors Our class was represented at the Syracuse Citizenship Convention by Joanne Rosenthal and Robert Drennan At the beginning of our Senior year,we selected as our final class officers President, Peter Schn1tzler, Vlce President, Robert Drennan, Secretary,Joanne Rosenthal, Treasurer, Dale Shaw, and our class advisors were again Mrs Weitz and Mr N1chols Our magazine campaign netted a profit of 31,550 Our first skat ing party at Silver Lake was a financlal and social success December 2 some of us exhibited our dramatic talent 1 the pre sentation of the play, 'The Inner Willy On December 21 we held a spectacular Christmas Ball with a Winter Wonderlandn theme On April 23 we left for Washington on our Senior trip We feel that, after twelve years of formal education, we are ready to face the problems of the world and to take our places successfully in our complex American society W have learned skills and subgect matter that will enable us to perform our vo cations to greater advantage We have developed talents which will allow us to live fuller and richer lives The cultural training which we have received will permlt a greater participa tion 1n the society 1n which we live and move 0 ' . ' . . We Nichols. Our first big money-making venture was the selling of ' . ' . In o I Q n ' 0 . . . . .n - ' I ' . ll . . H . . . . . U e 1 f Ni 'kfi bet bv thee, dear Alma Mater, nlgh loeals we found Nlsoofr, kno vledge, ooffer for servl e to the world around CLASS S A I ' If ' 1 1 S xl I f I ,,,g,A!'H yn ' . -, 1 , N I f 2 - , ' xv S S , , X . I I b t J, X' ' 7 S l U' X , -- S 1,14 1 S, 1 . ig LQ-373 A X S XSL' - .I fx ,J-gf A 1 - f ffl I Mi- XT' ' ' S Z., W- SS ' I ,I I. ,ti'gs.1?e5:1gef-1 S S o --ft S- SSS S S, , :- !gyQ3gf.fiff5 'Y 251- N -ml, A- nw. -6551.5 V 2 --1 ,2 'SEE 1:-1+-rf S ,J FWWM V Y f-.W J -.3 SAW,-e -il - S 'W S . 1 I ml 1 1 1 I' L' ' v il ' T 1 .LI 1 Y . . 1 W X G I N . . . 1 , ' A , . , . . v Y w - 6 V X 1 . 1 v U V ef Senior Officers Robert Drennan, Vice Presidentg Peter Schnitzler, Presidentg Joanne Rosenthal, Secretaryg Dale Shavg Treasurer. Junlor Qffleere Dorothy W1111ams, Secretary, Carl Re1s dorf, V1ce Presldent, H155 Arthur, Ad vlsor, DeVere B11ss, Pres1dent, Donna Devlln, Treasurer MISSING FROM PICTURE M Douglass lass fflce Soehomore Offleere SEATED M1ss Shadbolt, adv1sor, Judy Cotton, Treasurer, Bexerlv B1nn1e, V1ce Pres1dent Margaret Agen, Secretary STANDING Mr Tullar, Davld Blendlnger, Presldent Freshman Uffleers SEATED Hrs Shenk, John O'Del1, Pres ldent, Ga11 Gr1ff1th, Secretarv, Albert yangcker Vlce Presldent STANDING Ca,-01 Hlncr-, Treasurer, H Barnett E 5-of Senlor ROW NEAR WALL V1v1an Benja mln, Llolse Benstead, Thomas Dutton, Raymond Bunc5,Lawrence Benton MIDDLE ROW Charlene Bates, Gerald Burton, Marle arrlngton, oyce Bateman, L1Ch3Td Dav ROM NEAR RAILING Sandra Coloross V1v1an Allen Sharon Arnold, Carol Benzel, Margorle Blevle, key Carr Q HIOP ROW NEAR WALL Rowena L1nds le , Songa Shepard, Ph1l1p Mahoney, Alan Jackson, Lloyd Luther MIDDLE ROW Llnda Noel, Joanne Rosenthal, Jack Gulld, Arnold Stone, James Montgomery, Larry Nourse ROW NEAR RAILING Sally Nolan, Mlldred Tyler, Rxchard Keenan, Joseph Klng, Alton Glllette, W1ll1am Close Senior ROW NEAR WALL: Shirley Wood, Kay Van Slyke, Gail Williams, Donn Smith, Carl Smith,Richard White. MIDDLE ROW: Karen Woolley, William Streicher, Charles Roche,Peter Schnitzler Charles Rosier. ROW NEAR RAIL- ING: Theresa Stachowski, Rhoda Steward,Dalo Shaw,Peter Walter, Dale Drennan, Robert Caner. 5 J xc- I Senlor ROV VLAR WXIL rances c ana, Marie Newell, R nald o Ro ert Hoa Robert rennar, L D O'De MIDDLE RON c 1 Pnyon, Dorothy JF burt aro e , Uurris Mownerx Carl Blackhall ROW BEAR RAILING J anne Hopk ns, Jo ce Potter Rose Green, Ida Noon, Darrell Domes, Russell Miller FRONT ROW Shlrley Farren, Florence Bray, Kay Humphrey, CeC111a Hackett, Joyce Brown Joyee Burton, Gayle Klng, Donna Devl1n, Mary Hackett, Janet Caner, Betty F1ll1on, Barbara Dawson, Beverly Brzezlckl SECOND ROW Maurlce George, Anna Bennett, Betty Barv1an vlfglnla DeGol1er Joyce Hopklns, Joyce Anderson, Donna Hetzel Betty Flelds, Joan Brauen Barbara Hoffman Marle Glasner, George K1rsch THIRD ROM Everett Domes, John Dutton, Walter Dabolt Donald Franz Robert Klrsch, Alfred Hutton, Larry Davls, DeVere B11SS Wllllam Bruyere, Edward Drennan, Norman Dz1edz1c, Cllfford Davles Junlor FRONT ROM Janet Ross, Johanna Lavrey, Jane Schlltz, Jacquellne Welles, Betty Slxt, Joan VanOcker, Carollne Rakoska, Charlotte Rakoska, Sue Sprlnger, Sandra Moltrop, Jul1a McKerrow SECOND ROM Rowena Roche, Margaret Musselman, Janet Meyers, Dorothy Wxlllams, Dav1d Lehnlng, Roseanne Rast, Jean VanSlyke, JoAnn Mason, Glorla Storms, Mary Slmons, Donna Mower, Ronald Lester THIRD ROW Walter Llndsley, Charles Powell, Paul Sharon, Walter Muslck, Carl Re1sdorf, Thomas Hlley, Davld Woolley, Tom Musty, W1ll1am S1mons, Sam LaScala, Duane Welchmann, Louls Thornton, Danlel McNulty MISSING Nancy O'Del1, Brlan T1tus it 111 FRONT ROW Joan Hackett, Rowena George, Elma Bart, Florence Calkins, Jean Kirsch, Sharon Casey, Patricia Harrigan, Dorothy Calteaux, Christine Burrows, Geraldine Hanson, Judith Gerstung, Judith Fisher, Delores Baker SECOND ROW Judy Cotton, Beverly Binnie, Sandra George, Margaret Agen, Claudia Domster, Sharon Bingham, Joan Bartz, Diane Hurlburt,Bever1y Davies, Linda Gust, Rita Conrad, Edna Busted, Marie Bliss, Judith Bieber THIRD ROI Roger Garbouski, Wesley Barber, Hubert Koch, Charles Byroads, Fred Bieber, Shan Hyman, John Kibler, David Blendinger, Ralph Heinenan, Raymond Kaiser, Kenneth Behr,Robert Burton, Larry Casey ophomor FRONT ROW Patr1c1a Roche Georgetta McK1nsey, Joyce Stortz, Mary Ann Schiltz, Ann Marie Suttell, Lola Sampson, Noralvn L1ndsley, Donna Sch1ckler, A1168 McNulty, Margery Moltrup SECOND ROW Larry Mathewson, Carol Ovens, Sylvia Nlchols, Ruth Pfarner, Lucille S1c1ar1, Mary Jane Mayer, Sandra Lloyd, Bernadette Re1sdorf, Barbara Hledemann, David Reisdorf THIRD ROW R1chard W1nch, Lee Schnitzler, Dav1d Woodruff, Harold Morgan Donald Whlte, Robert Rakoska, Ph1l1p Mlller, Denn1s Walrod, Charles Wallace, Gary Rhoads, Donald Simons, Gary Vaughn MISSING FROM PICTURE Albert VanOcker, GLor1a Ellis FRONT ROW Susan Kirchneyer,Betty Norton,Joan Keenan, Yirglnia L9DHOX,Al1C6 Keem,Patric1a M11ler,Ju1ie Jewert,Nancy Newman, Margorle Koch, Patr1c1a K1ttleson, Sharon Marble, Shel1a McKinsey SECOND ROW Leland Nourse,Gary Ke1cher,Sharon Lawton, Margaret Ka1ser, Marr1anne Phxllxppi, Bonn1e Meyers, Patric1a Morgan, Barbara Kaye Shirley Miller, Nancy Montgomery, Al1ce Kibler, Robert Miller, Bruce Palmerton, Charles Mayer THIRD ROW James K11l1an, Phil1p McNulty, Denn1s McCutcheon, Clarence Newell Earl Mahiques, Elwyn Moore, Patrick McFa1l, Robert Morgan, Earl Moore, Edw1n Nourse, Gary Noel, John Leonard, Bernard Please, Ray Killian, Thomas Magner MISSING Beverly Noon Jerry J1rak, Davld Sherlock, W11SOD S1nk, Kenneth Westfall F eshmen FRONT ROW Rose Chamberlaln L1ll1an Brehm Sandra Gunn, Gall Grlfflth, Patr1c1a Evenden, Sharon Glasner Leanne Benzel Rae Almeter Judy Black, Judlth Drennan, Peggy Davldson, Gall Campbell, June Ellls, Marllyn Baker, Jolnn Gerstung Judy Coloross SECOND ROW FFaHCO1S Bla1s,Freder1ck Balley, Robert Conroy, Robert Domes,T1mothy Byroads, PatF1C1a Casey, Karen Campbell,Barbara Anderson,Molly Dorrls D1ana Caner August Gerspacher, John Hackett, Steve Holden,Mary Cl1nch,Albert Blgelow THIRD ROM John Eldenler, Donald Fawcett, John Dawson, Gerald Burgess, Glen D3V1S,ROb9Ft Hopklns, Horace Gasper, Robert Hoffman, Robert F1ll1on, Ronald Hoyt, Earl Bartz, Wesley Dabolt, Elon E1den1er, Donald Holmes 'gm P awdllll 1- f-' I ' -Q - '- we , HD' V f , ' ' . 8654. 2' 1 '- fi. . . f , ,. V . . . . - . . . . . . . l , . . . , . 1 . . . - . - , ' J 1 ' Y 1 7 L' , , , : . . . . Y . . Y ! . . , . . . v , 4 5 FRONT ROW Adallne Ros1cr,Margaret hlcdeman, Jean V1ckman,Sunn1e Sprlnger, Nancy Woodruff, hay Waters,Sharon Wallace Ann Roche SLCOMD ROW Martln Sherlock, Dlane Welles, Charlotte Ward,Rosc W1n1arsk1,Lorma Schlltz Marv Ellen Slmons, Joyce Tolhurst, Cynthla Tracy, Carol Wlnch, James Ruhlen THIRD ROW Xlfred Roll John Wllbur, Earl Rosler John S1Xt Davld R1ter,John Rodgers Gerald V nO k R , a c cr, lchard Tl1tOH,G1GHH Schade, Gerald Westfall MISSING John O'Dell Colleen Davls, Gerald Daxls F eshme lghth Grad FRONT ROW , G1 a earlng, Gretchen Mlller Rose Jutrzynskl, Elleen H3m11tOH, Marqorle Bush Barbala Dav Marcla Butt D , on, arlene DBYIQS, Janet Roblee James D1ld1ne SECOND ROW Dawls Carla o Fd p ward halter, Joan Smlth Judlth Whltmer, Elalne Holzschuh, Nancy Blum,Jean Keem, Geraldlre Dzledzl Nancv N1 h l c 0 S, Judlth B1nn1e, Douglas Moore, M Young, THIRD ROW Allan Gerstung Mlchael R1mmer,W1ll1am N1Ch0lS, Roland Welles Robert Shlck, Patrlck Noon Dav W , 1d llson onrad Phelps, Morton Benstead, Gregory Hlndsi Roger Ashworth MISSING Garth Brown Donna Burgess Sh 1 D vi L! FRONT ROW W1ll1am Hlllery, Anne Dutton, Leona Pawlowskl, Carol Stortz Ethel Shepard Carol Kaye,V1o1et Hart,Ruth S hade,Dan1el Boldt SECOND ROW Barry Morgan Cynthla Beach Paulette Petr1e,Joan Fonta1ne,El1zabeth Porter,Lorra1ne Ebert, Mary Chllds Janet Bengamln Phllllpp Kepp, Samuel Lee, Mr Barnett THIRD ROW Donald Vaclnels, Don ld Franz, Lloyd Butler, Raymond Rosler, Franklyn Porter Alfred Burrows, Samuel W1ll1ams Walter Carley Joseph Hoffman MISSING Louls Farr1ngton Elghth Grad FRONT ROW George VanDerwen, James Marsh Marletta Tyler, Sandra Shearman, Allce Smlth Juanlta Kaler, Sally Stachowskl, Margorle Mlller Elalne Roll Donna Coloross, Laura Breltwelser, Jean Baker, Patrlcla Meyers SECOLD ROW Joseph Flynn, John Draves, Ruth Berry,Frances Kurdz1el,Betty Bllss, L1ll1an Porter, Helen Noon,Lo1s Pha1r,Norman Wllllams Kelth Ressler,Glenn Smlth Theodore Bosworth Mrs Stevens THIRD ROW Merrltt Bray,Robert Bosseler, Ernest J1rak,W1ll1am F1ll1on,Larry Lehnlng, Joseph Welnlnskl, Thomas Harrlngton, N1ckolas Phelps,Thomas H1ttle,Charles Blake, John Myerhoff, Danlel Carr MISSING Robert Allen FIRST ROW Ralph Schroeder, Norman Amels, Nancy Mllgate, Annette Day Dlane Wyllle, Barbara Potter, Alberta Welles, Jutv Haggerty, Carol leonard,Dav1d N1ch0ls, Nelll McNe1ll SECOND ROW John Agen, Bernard Hoffman, iebefca Chamberlaln, Sharon w1S6, Beverlv Gasper, W1lma Bwroads, Pr1sc1lla Stock1n,L1nda Lawrence, Jack Yllllken Bruce B1nn1e, Mlss Moore THIRD ROW Donald Meyers, Lowell Tltus Gary Dreyer,R1c1ard Doster,Charles Doane,Harvey Larlmer Thomas Cotton, Norman Sham, Rlchard Lar1mer, Ph1l1p Chapman, Bruce Hoffman FRONT ROW Mark Hopklns, Ward Newland, Nancy Neamon, Llnda Burton, Gerald1ne Arthurs, Carolyn Ressler, Joann Warner, Dlane Wledeman, Vlolet Allen Gary Benzel SECOND ROW Charles Bookmlller, Otto LaScala Shlrley Sampson, D1ann Sweet Pr1sc1l1a Black, Rosetta Berry, Lynn Ann Hall, Barbara Morgan, Tom Drennan THIRD ROW Gerald Martln Vernon Hop klns, Paul Hoffman, James Bartlett Tom Schaus, Douglas Domster, Douglas Chapman,Walter Grant, Ronald Ressler James Roblee Mrs Garlapo MISSING Davld Braymlller 445. F FRONT ROW Llnda Newman, Nancy Gorham,Helen Fera1d1, Lynda W11l1ams,Sh1rley Keem, Margaret Blake, Barbara Brooks, Jan t Dornan, Jean Moore, Mary Lou Thompson SECOND ROW Thomas May, Yvonne Glasner, Sh1rley Fllllon, Donna Hoyt, Thelma Llndsley, Norra Ellls, Patr1c1a Zlelenleskl Laurene Snyder, Mary Tolhurst, Betty Brlgham, Dale MHKOWSK1, THIRD ROW James Dalley, W1ll1am Broskett Gerald Fox, Ronald Belden, George Sprlnger, Jack Fuller, Randy Case, John Frles, Allen hratzer, James Gunn, R1chard W1edema TEACHER Mrs Smlth Seventh Grad FIRST ROW Shanr Casey, Sharon Baker N1na Wledemann, Helen Ruth Hudson, Sharon Sampson, Nancy Flynn, Lols T1lton Aprll Conner, Sally Peters, Baroara Klrchmeyer, Beverly Button, W1ll1am Rosler SECOND ROW Dennls Hlllery, Rlchard Hanson, Rlta Balley, She1la Almeter Carol Ruhlen, Sandra Owen Melv1n Morgan, Donald Norton, Wayne Lehnlng, Lou Johnson, Mrs THIRD ROW Dav1d Dutton, Robert Breltwelser, Danlel Berry,Dav1d Campbell, Wlllard Shenk Aldrow W' wif Rlchard Burton Gerald Washbon, James Vaclnek, Kenneth Barber '5 ARFHIMEJIC LURI uh READIN Y u For we QW? to hea 2 T mOFl of those h ppv Gays, when Drew rvng Tor our Life worm tnou dldSt gulde GRADE OUT NHVS uf fs K J, Y, .11 lx f I fyiiifl it fa ': .Tl I Nw, gy, I ' Af- , I I W Jw X . 4 5: '. ,IL fi 2' , ' .LL 1 - In 'X if ,ll l I I 1! l-. li, ' I Y W ' , L JM Q1 m ,Q Q9 3 N 1 Sixth Grade FROIT ROI SlATEDx David Bush, laaey Davies, larilyn Kaye, Johnathan Sherlock, Donna Hut- ton. SECOND ROI SEATED: Diane loarae, Riehard Keen, Alice Clark, Diane lnrein, Douglas lyrnade, Allan Jones. THIRD ROI STAlD1l6x Kiss ioggy, Jo- seph laekett, Harjorie Gere- tung, Yvonne lclineey, Janice lntler, Judy larble, Barbara leaeh,Cerden Co1e,Thonas Hart, Clara Burrows, Dale Stiles, Larry Andrela,Genevieve Dravee Janes lolzschnh, David Rule, Nancy Lingenfelter, Linda Honrse, Janiece Bliss, Hr Af frenti SlXth Grade X1chael Holnes, Jay Hakes SECOND ROI Leroy Gerstung, Janes Childs, Stephen Connors, Jacquel1ne Crosby,David Enn1s Joann Han1lton, Sandra Wagner, Gary Barrow, Doris Green Clara Hunted, Jeanne Warner Edvard Slith THIRD ROW Beverly Kerr Shxrley G1lbert, Y1ck1 Kepp, Margaret Roll, Thomas Ros1er Jack F1sher,Albert Degenfelder Janes Tracy, Gary Klng W1ll1an Meyer,lrs Ethel G1bbon MISS ING Carolyn Schade S1Xth Grade FRONT ROI: Charles Nichole, Jean Peters, lary Norton, Eli xabeth Shepard, Diane Kay Har lburt, Rita Killian, Lucille laaierski, Jack Griffith, lar vin Moore SECOND ROI: lary Ieidaan,Gene Stranoh,Catherine Hall, Stephen Hndeon, Richard ialrod THIRD ROI lrs Cart lfight, liehael Hiller, Dianne L Hnrlbnrt, Robert Chaffee, Sandra Rogers, Nancy Chapnan, Faith Lapp, Joseph Agne,Phi1ip Ely, Larry Helitt,iil1ian Hur ein MISSING: Carolyn Hitt, Gerald Batee FRONT ROY: Constance Benzel, . . , ! 1 . : , ' 1 1 1 Q Flfth grade FRONT ROW James Schnltzler, Patr1c1a Hart1n,Jenn1fer Byro ads, Ph1l1p Kratzer SECOND ROW Leroy Dell, Joyce Glaske, Ronald Ashworth, Gordon Bray, Thomas James THIRD ROW George Davldson, Robert S1nk, Wallace Newland Kenneth Andrews, Anne Welles FOURTH ROW Lowell Y1ckman Dav1d Davls, Jon Col oross, V1rg1n1a Tllton, Ph1l1p Barrow, Judy Pha1r, Wltt, Karla Jean Howe Stachowsk1, Beverly Kenneth Flsher, Mary G1lbert Eugene Brandt, Llngen felder, Edward Fontalne, Pat F1618 Brehm, Joseph Romance TEACHER Mrs Gunn Fifth grade IRONT ROW Janes Cottrill r eldine Stachovski,Gaylen Titus Donna Burlburt, Donald Hakow ski, Harold Beach SECOND ROW: Timothy Brown, John Hanselman Kathleen Pawlowski, Anne Ger bolski THIRD ROW Janes Wiley, Andrea Hooper, Sally Zeczak, Lorraine Conner, Dale Keicher, James Plugh,Cynth1a Schre1ber Harc1a Garlapo, Kathy McGowan, Kenneth Bruyere, Arthur Dillo way, Keith Thompson, Richard Hill, Richard Wilson, Joan Norton, James Belden, Sharon Hoore,Donna Neamon,Hrs Hudson MISSING Lewis Hawks, Bruce Button, John Witt Elfth Grade FRONT ROW, AT DESKS Maureen Gunn, D1ane P1xley, Pamela D18tf1Ch, Lance Matth1es, Paul Evans, Denn1s F1195 SECOND ROW, SEATED R1chard Mattson, M1chael Connors, Franc1s Mum merv,Sandra Keem, Garry W1nch, Gary Merr1tt THIRD ROW, SEATED Robert Pha1r, Duane B1nn1e, Ronald Hartln, Kenneth Mayer, Cra1g Stone, Stephanie Dubay, Darlene Rogers FOURTH ROW, STANDING Ronald Neamon, Lawrence Brown, Jean Ame1s, Edmund Beck, Dale Easterly, Janet F1sh, Wendy May, Mary Gubb1ns, Sandra O1und,MarJor1e Button MISSING Patr1c1a Gerr1ty, Jud1th Koch TEACHER Mrs Twiss I 4 ' P : ,Ge - l 1 . . , , 1 rw ' I Y ' ,- Q.. -. . -- Smith, Shirley Burrows, Ronald I T 1. . r . X . . . 3 Thlrd Jrade RONT ROW M155 Hrxght, Gerald aV1dS0n, Emmett Green, Dlanne Harrlson, Patrlcla Cotton,Judy Button,Ga1l Evans,D1ana Beach, L1nda Burgess, Gale Ph1ll1pp1 SECOND ROW Rlchard Dalley, John McK1nsey,Lynda Brass,Anna belle Schoen,JoAnn Bush,Sharon Young, Roger Schang,Bruce How lett, DaV1d Hopklns THIRD ROW Douglas VanOcker, Robert Murcia, Roger Gorham Judlth Reed, Dav1d Stevens James Ros1er,Sherry Lew1s,Roy W1lSOH James Breltwelser .-...sq-y., fs mi-dir Thlrd Jrede FRONT ROW Ronald Hackett, L1nda Beach,Gregory Bolt, Dan 1el Dawson Terrence Wells, Joyce Keem,Hrs Audrey Wallace SECOND ROI Laura Brown,Joanne ROS16r, Wayne Hanson, Jeanette Plugh, L1nda Day, Lawrence Clark, Gerry w11l18lS, Loulse Dz1edz1c, Donna F1sher, Donna Mae Owens, Annette Mayer, R1ta Bosworth, Sue Ann H1ll1ams, Helvln Harble,Kathleen Larson, Sharon Domster THIRD ROW Donald Rule, R1chard Harrlson, Gordon Falconer, Ronald Chap man MISSING FROM PICTURE Kathleen H1llery, Lynn P1rdy vi Tnlro grade FRONT ROW Kathleen 'h1tB, Carol1ne Hull, Hllford Drake, Janice Warner, Sandra Hall, L1nda Shepard, Sharon ihit1ng, Darrel Hopklns, Robert Kraft, Alv1n Re1d, L1nda Bray, Gary Dean, Hrs Blakeley SECOND ROW Thomas Pha1r, T1mothy Sherlock, Lynette Brehm, Lxnda P1rdy Patr1c1a W11ber,R1chard Wallace H1chael Peterson,Dav1d Ring, ar1lyn Wallace, Deborah Wallace Sandra T1tus, Wayne Sampson, L1nda Crabb. THIRD ROW: James Luscher, Thomas Schroeder. HISSINC:Karen Hove. Fourth Grade FRONT ROW: Thomas McKinsey, Raymond Garbovski, Michael Howlett,Corinne Broskett,David Mil1er,Thonas Wi1son,Carme1ita Kaler, Richard Joslin, Carol Degenfelder Sally Rosier SECOND ROW Darlene Butler, Gail Palnerton, John Karcanes, Sandra Marble, Elaine Tinch, Dolores Zielenieski THIRD ROW George Francis, Robert Winch, Donald Kurdziel, Nancy Meyer, Andrew Black, Kenneth Harrington, Richard Woodruff, Carl George,Raymond E Aldrou, Miss Kohel Fourth Grade FRONT ROW Louis Fulkerson Kathryn Weidman, Deanna Salvo David Lewis,Esther Roll, Susan Drennan, Jean Bray, Patricia Kepp, David Young, Mary Gust Donald Boslorth,Diana Sherman Ellen Clark SECOND ROW William Rinmer,Wilson Byroads, William Wilber, Joseph Paulo! ski, Dale Mathelson, Bruce Bl!'b0!'v Gary Bray,Chery1 Ring, Lillian Kolenda THIRD ROW Miss Blasdell MISSING FROM PICTURE Judith Hopkins, Ken neth Whiting, Terry Lloyd ll' 1-Q1 Fourth Grade FRONT ROW Richard But1er,Pat ricia Tolhurst, Roger Winch, Terrill Yan0cker, Dolores Ebert, Richard Dailey, Donald Hackett, Gerald Fulkerson, Dalton Ressler, Gary Cotton, Jacqueline Carr, Kay Kiroh neyer, Paul Heyerhoff, Diana Deering SECOND ROW Victoria Lee, Nancy Hurlhert, Tennis Wilkey, Gerald Andera, Michael Driver STANDING Nancy Stortl Carol Keen, Sandra Merritt, Donald Dildine, Ronald Ely, Miss Prudon MISSING !ROM PICTURE Donald Kraft Thlrd Grade FRONT ROI Gary Kepp, Alan Witt,Jane DaIson,Linda Lavery, Sara Lingenfelter, Hargorie Bray, Scharlene U11lians,Jerry Beach SECOND ROI Russell Powell, Er1ca Dubay, Donna lollee, Ela1ne Shernan, Brenda Brehn, R1chard Mayer THIRD ROI Nancy Brayni11er,Krist1ne Duguid, Edwin Sutton, Susan Lounsbury, Richard Sh1ck, Dale Case, She1la Lester, Beth Ann larner TEACHER Hrs Millington Second Grade STANDING: Stewart Sink, Ralph Ivana, Deborah layer, Karen Ialdron, Donna Rathbun, Laiern Brown, Diana Kratzer, Jaaea lake., Kay Dailey, Kathleen Phair, Lorna Telhnrlt, Hrs. Teraldi, Timothy Fulkereon. BACK R0lxC1andia Auatin,Robort Tojdolaki, Julia Fitzgerald. FRONT ROI: Connie Reynolds, Donald Braun, iillian Dawson. AROUND TIE TABLE: Sharon lichole, Elaine George, Theo dare Kose, Dennis Barrol,David Banson,Sandra Harrison, Robert Dell, Stanley Cxesak. Second Grade AT DESKS, FIRST ROW Roger Falconer, Jerry Tinch, Odette Fitzgerald, Phil1p Stortz, Philip Harble,Harold Hntuszak AT DESKS, SECOND ROW S1dney Barber,Rona1d Hakolski,Beverly Cole, David Neamon READING GROUP, FIRST ROW Ph1l1p Rix, Gayle Benzel, Marjorie Crosby, Dnrleen P1x1ey READING GROUP, SECOND ROW Cheryl Kepp,Hickey Waldron, Eleanor Francls, Paul DZ18dZ1C, Jeffrey Mason T LIBRARY TABLE John Higgins, Synthia Springer, Mary H11 lians, Christine Z1e1eniesk1, John Welles, Thomas Bentley TEACHER H155 Win1fred Yrey ggw Q -' ?' ,Q ,Q 'T Hurlburt,Char1es Brohm, Gerard A 4 , it 4 . I . 11,4 'A . . ' A Flrst Grade FRONT ROW Nancy Stevens, Sara Lee, Alan Hopk1ns, Denise Ful kerson SECOND ROW Denn1s Burgasser,A1an Roblee Patrlcia Merrltt, M1chael Sp1egel,Doug las McGowan THIRD ROW Mlss Tucker, Robert Tilton, Martha W1tt,Ke1th Neamon,James Lester James Tolhuret,L1nda Lounsbury Dan1e1 Roblee, James Carley, L1nda Bek1e1lstand1ngl, Robert Green, Rebecca Kl1nk, Suzanne Klngsley, Sara Andere, John W11l1ams MISSING FROM PICTURE Rebecca Kerr, Susan Allard, H1Ch8B1 Boreanaz i Second Grade FRONT ROI: Ann Sehnitaler, le11y Crabb, lernard lannan, Julie Iile, liohael Deainiek, Kenneth leanea, Carel Denning, larold Oeedwin, Jay lnrgaeear, Charlee lull, lre. Shirley Schreiner, Richard Sitter, Charlee Fuller, Larry lelaee, Jeeeph leak, Jaae Charnan SECOND ROI: liehael Darth, Richard leeht,Deaiee Calpiell, laeel lenilten, Fred Warner THIRD ROI: lehert laaeelnan, Stefan Czeeak, Killian Green, Gregory nUlfll llssllol Jain Ierrity, Mary Lavrey, Deieree Fitzgerald -hu.. Flrst Grade FRONT ROI Wendy McKinsey, Donald Ring,Deborah Ra11,Janet Raabe, Ronda YanOcker, Randy Yaughn,Diane Ru1e,Craig Bixby SECOND ROW Robert Dietrich, Beverly Miller, Suzanne Knoll ton,Doug1as Kraft, David Dren nan, Rickey Rogers, Gloriagean Gu1do, Melissa Clark, Sharon Woodruff, James Keen, Henry Williams, Robert Dai1ey,A1bert Witt, Donald Killian, James Keenan, Stephen Ovens MISSING FROM PICTURE Dale Brauen, Linda Harrison First Grade FRONT ROW Daryll Rathburn, Susan Tanner, Daniel Hall, Chr1stina Barnes SECOND ROW Mrs Ross, Carol Sink, William Brehm, John Wyllie, Ronald Leonard, Rebecca Wallace, Lyle Bray, Charles James THIRD ROW Lawrence Rundle, Duane Fitzgerald, Charles Wright, Morice Fuller Barry Mason Roselyn Trubia Wanda Hint, Janet Dziedzic, Kathleen Gil bert, Mary Lou Falconer,Howard We1dman, Kathleen Lindsley MISSING FROM PICTURE Michael Doster, Ricky Gleason, Jeffrey May Kindergarten FRONT ROW' James Higgins,Bruce Johns,Darlene Breitweiser,Mar- garet Neamon, Delphin Tingue, Daniel Rathbun, James Book- miller. SECOND ROW. Pamela Barber, Diane Miller, Alan Harrison, William Lavery, Wil- liam Lavery, William Mahoney, Christian Mayfstandingl. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Kruse, Richard Toj- dowski, Gregory Wright, Jan Case, Neoma Jones, Nancy Mat- uszak. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Vicky Johnson. ws:axQg First Grade FRONT ROW READING CIRCLE Pat F1618 Luscher, Thomas Kirsh meyer, Daniel Dr1ver,Miche11na Barth,Robert C1ark,Dav1d Urban Connie B1BGkl3U1 Howlrd Burl burt, Lois Bennett, Suzanne Morgnn,Sharon Esposito SECOND ROW AT READING TABLE Ronald Witter, Jack Cudworth, Robert Fish, Barbara Tuttle, Carolyn Delaney, Carolyn Crosby, Mrs Caner THIRD ROW AT DESKS Shirley Neamon,Hlrold Kleever, Arthur Green, Darel Hatth1es, David Meyer, Diane Rathbun, Sandra Snyder,Richard Troutman FOURTH ROW STANDING James Morgan, Donald Hull Klndergarten FIRST ROW John Rlabe, Marlet ta Youngers, Jud1th Tanner David Brown, Car01 Phalr Kathleen Nichols,Kathy 0'Dell SECOND ROW Valer1e Barnes C31-01 Kfolick, Pafrlcli KBBIII Dorothy Ameis, Donald Pixley, Mrs Dorothy G Edsall MISS ING James Dom1n1ck Ronald Hanson, Gregory Kepp brxi Kindergarten FRONT ROW James Karcanes,Ray- mond Kraft, Douglas Morgan Donald K1ng, Cynthia Bates, Donna Drake SECOND ROW Mrs Mason, Sylvia Harr1son, Karen Ke1cher, Jacquel1ne Conner Peggy T1nch, Kyle F1sher,Linda K11nk MISSING FROM PICTURE M1chael Gerr1ty,Wi1l1an Hughes Lawrence Rol1,Marc1a Scroback, Carol Gerstung nga Klndergarten FRONT ROW John Kile, Mark Welles, Richard Dawson SECOND ROW Cynthia Mayer, Martha Bay, Jeanne Dovn1ng, Barbara Chapman, Brenda Koss, Myrna Wagner, Linda Storms THIRD ROW Gary Peterson, Duane Harr1son, David Moffatt,Jera1d Brass MISSING Walter Bur ton, Br1g1tte Schaefer, Ann ette Button Kindergarten FRONT ROW: Susan Lafferty,Mary Most,Dennis Hall,Joellyn Olund Richard Howe, Robert Gregg, Deborah George, Gary Hint,Mar- lene Dornan, Chester Bekiel. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mason,Eleanor Reynolds, Gary Nourse, Anita Dominick, Alphonsus Berwanger. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Edward McVay, Sharon Anderson, Linda Dell. Sardlnla Grade 5 FRONT ROW Jane Armstrong, Robert Noel, Raymond Baker Larry H1ttle,Lawrence Mohlques SECOND ROW Sandra Woodruff Dav1d Westfa11,Jan1ce Horn1n Kenneth K1ttleson,James H1ttle Dav1d Smlth, Donald Spencer W1l11am Jackson,Gerald Pfarner Gaynel Smlth, Margaret Baker THIRD ROW Marle Neamon, tea cher Denn1s Carlsen, Garry Hoch, Larry Petrl MISSING FROM PICTURE Theodore Domes, Carl Franz Serolnla Jrede 6 FRONT ROW W1ll1am Bleyle, Donna HOS16F, Ronald Casey, Norman Farner SECOND ROW Donna Montgomery,D1ane Enders, Lou1s Ellls, Larry Rhoads THIRD ROW Barbara Woodruff, Dav1d Montgomery Duane D G0116F FOURTH ROW H1ChB61 Noon, Denn1s Mould, Harold W1ttmeyer STANDING Joy Les ter, teacher MISSING FROM PICTURE Sandra Smlth, Sandra Ph1ll1pson,Eugene Ruhlen, J , W1l11am Morr1s qpnw -li ,-ra'-,, ,Z Sardlnla Grade 5 FRONT ROW Judlfh Kelle Cather1ne Noon R1chard Jor dan, Brlan L nd1s Rebecca W1edemann Jay Spencer, E1a1ne Phelps, John H ch,Terry Becht Robert Ka1ser James Meyers SECOND ROW Ca olyn Armstron Nancy ox, H rbert Chapman, L1nda Sm1th, enn1s Benstead Sharon Spencer Cralg Lehnln Charles Kn ght Deborah Lefort Terry Petr1e, Thomas Hestfall THIRD ROW M155 Melva MgNess Margaret Mahlques, Sandra Hor ning, Jean Sm1th, L1nda W1tt moyer Safdlnla Grade 4 FRONT ROW Carol Bleyle, Lester Phi11ipson,Connie Lehn 1ng,R1chard Casey,Edward Sixt SECOND ROW Mar11yn Lehning, Peggy Lancaster,Richard Domes, Sandra JBCkS0h,L1hdl Weldeman, Joseph E111s, Jan1ce Rhoads, Mrs Chr1st1ne Clark, Joseph H1nkler, Anton Vaclnek, Gwen dolyn Phelps, Donna Shearman MISSING FROM PICTURE Tarry Lee Gasper S3TdlHl3 Grade 2 FRONT ROW Patr1c1n Rosier, Sandra Becht, L1nda Lawton Ronald Hoesel, Wayne Mould, Dav1d Barrows,Bonnie Mohiques SECOND ROW Duane Domes, Syl vester Bremi11er,Iris Reinhart Freida Rakoska,Revere Perkins, Tommy Fetzer, Raymond Hoesal THIRD ROW. Mrs, Watson. MISS- ING: Terry Ruhlen, Wanda Dick. ar lUl3 Jraoe 1 FRONT ROW Becky Yox, Donald Hoesel, Gary He1chman, Mxles Goss, Wlllxam Becht Davld Las 1nsky,Karen Gambee,V1ck1 Schaus James Hltter Mark Lefort SEC OND ROW Sharon Armstrong,Pat r1c1a Ruhlen Robxn Lancaster, W1ll1am Noon,Gary Hlll, Denn1s W1tt Debora Re1nhardt, Helen Perklns, Ton1 Whltefleld, Jef frey M1ller, Paulette Bremll ler, Ronald Rosler, Gregory Landls THIRD ROW Bernlce Brown, teacher MISSING Dav1d Hall Eagle ,filo LEFT TO RIGHT' Lorralne Dornan, W1l11am Thornton, Sharon Dornan, Hrs. Blanche Day. MISSING. Dlana Thornton. if Qardlnla Klndervarten FIRST TABLE Cynthla Lancaster Gordon Rakoska, Jacquellne uh1t8f1B1d, Kenneth Spencer Pamela Beck SECOND TABLE Judy Carey, Barbara Barrows Cheryl Armstrong, Donald Per k1ns STANDING IN BACK Carol Kramer,Hrs Mary 0wens,teacher James W1edenan,Dan1el DeGo11er, Elton Re1nhart, Jr SEATED IN BACK Martha Knlght, Margorle LEWIS MISSING FROM PICTURE T1mothy Ph1l11pson, LaVerne Ruhlen, Sharon D1ck, Marsha Meyers ..1.-...V rw ' ' f'1 'I X N1 6 ' U . . 1 ' . 1 i ' ' - ' -A : - . 4- 7 if f V ' ' ' . , r' 5 . Y I L . V . . : - J. . . , . , L.: ,- : 7 1 . . . r ' . : ' I . - . . . . ' Q . . Y . Eagle 1996 LEFT T0 RIGHT: Hrs. 'aryl Davies, Marsha Redden, Suanne Redden, Hlrtha Flynn. XISSING2 Jeanne Dutton. Currler S STUDENTS Roger B1Sh0ff, Jea nette George, Sue N1cho1s,Ga11 Barrow, Allen B1shoff, Gary Horn1ng,Caro1e Barber, W1111am Peglow,Jane Haggerty TEACHER Hrs Gertrude Kohel MISSING FROM PICTURE V1v1an Barber, Diane Meahl, Nancy Heahl Q ' . , - e , Q . . . . . n I 3 P it sr Thee NG woulv mo I trul 1010? Vlth gooc dpedq and flne Holdlng hlgh th nool tarcards Alma fater mlne ACTIVITIE . f,- ,, I. J 5 1 rt 1 ' QQ ' 1 f- ti -Q' ai q . i': - ':v: W its gf-.' V J. X ,iv I 'it ag. -V5 -1, ff: HQE5?'f.WW Q T 5 : f ' ' '? ,'1 w .W ' ffl ,W 2 1' : ! . l. .5 1 F, nk. H J It L, W f , w j Q f V j - K ' ' ' ,, . . M J - A , v L f g ' ' v 1 Q Q 3 ' Yi ' 'v V sq M A A , fg J 3 . Aa FRONT ROH Alfred Hutton, Joyce Anderson, Noralyn L1nds1ey, Harrinnne Phillippi, Shirley Farren, Jean Keen, Sandra Lloyd, Marc1a Button, Beverly Davies, Margaret Husselnan, Jean VanSlyke, Rose Jutrzynski SECOND ROW Roger Ashworth, Diane Hurlburt, James Harsh, Albert Bigelow, Janet Ross, Anna Bennett, Ronald Poole, Lowell Titus, John Agen, Karen Woolley, Bruce Blnnie, Ted Bosworth THIRD ROW Mr Hinkler, Hubert Koch, Harold Mor gan, H111iam Close, David Lehning,John Rodgers, Brian Titus, Robert Kirsch, Robert Miller, Thomas Cotton, Carl Reisdorf MISSING FROM PICTURE Darrell Haggerty, Colleen Davis, Thomas B1nnie Senlor Band Junlor FRONT ROW Jerry Fox, Ronald Ashworth, Kenneth Whltlhg, Cralg Stone, Francls Mummeryycafy Barrow, Melv1n Morgan, B1lly Ros1er, Donald Meyers, Ph1l1p Chapman, V1olet Allen, Glenn Sm1th SECOND ROW Jean Ame1s, Sandra Owens, Pamela D1etr1ch, Janet F1sh, R1chard Doster, Donald Norton, Conrad Phelps, Sally Lou Peters, Mary Norton, Morton Benstead, Joseph Romance THIRD ROW Mr Mlnkler, Carole Ruhlen, Kenneth Barber, Steve Holden, Norman Ame1s, R1chard Burton, Dav1d h11son, Jack Gr1ff1th,Gerald Hashbon, W1111am Broskett, Wayne Lehnlng, Dav1d Dutton, Thomas Schaus, Jack Fr1es , . u . , e ' . e I e ' . . u . - o . . ' ' , . I ' 0 1 FRONT ROW Donald Kurziel, Ronald Ely, Dav1d Levis, Kenneth Bruyere, Alice Clark, Kathy Michael Connors, Dennis Fries, James Schnitzler, Albert Degenfelder, Edmund Beck, Levis Hawks, Dale Hathelson, Richard Keen, David Bush, Kenneth Harrington, James Belden, James Cottrill :B6gIHH6FS Bands Dance FRONT ROW Karen Woolley, Jean VanSlyke, Rose Jutrzynski, Carl Reisdorf SECOND ROW 2:5-:RL0h!1iUE1 Robert Hiller, Hr Hinkler, Will1a.m Close, James Harsh, Albert B1gelow, e oss McGowan, Wendy Hay, Karla Howe, Patty Martin, Nancy Meyer. SECOND ROW: Hr. Hinkler, I FRONT ROW Judlth Colofossf y Wat9TS JoAnn Gerstung, Betty Norton, vlrglnla Lennox Rose Chamberla1n,Nancy Woodruff Julle Jewert,Sunn1e Sprlnger, Carol Wlnch, Sharon Marble SECOND ROW Patrlcla K1ttleson Leanne Benzel, Mary Cllnch, Ga1l Campbell, Bonnle Meyers, June Elllxy Peggy Dawldson Rose Marle W1n1arsk1, Patr1c1a Evenden, Barbara Kaye, Margaret Waldman, MI' Wayne A Kellogg THIRD ROW Patr1c1a Mlller, Margaret Kalser, Sharon Law ton, Dlane Welles, Charlotte Ward, Patr1c1a Morgan, Mary Ellen S1mons, Nancy Montgomery, Barbara Anderson, Patr1c1a Casey, A1108 K1bler MISSING Etta Mae Neamon, Beverly Noon Choruses SEATED Rhoda Steward, Lola Sampson, Joan Hackett Sandra Coloross Charles Mayer Roger G ld n Garbowskl, John E1den1er, Elon E1den1er, Cl1fford Dav1es, Ann Marle Suttell era 1 e M ld d T ler Beverlv Brzezlckl SECOND ROW Kathleen Smlth, Bernadette Relsdorf, Hanson, 1 re y , Dorothy Hurlburt, Carol Benzel, Joxce Burton, A1109 McNulty, Patr1c1a Horr1g n, Leland t M l an Nourse, Wesley Barber Gerald Burton, Alan Jackson, Robert Caner Margate usse m , M 18 Glasner Noralyn Llndslex Llnda Gust, Judy Gerstung, Mary Hackett Shlrley Wood, ar Florence Calkins, Janet Ross THIRD ROW Marr1anne Ph1ll1pp1, Barbara Wledemann, Dorothy h B h G ald Van W1ll1ams, Barbara Hoffman, Sylwla Nlchols, Dorothy Calteaux, Kennet e r, er 0 k Gar Vau hn Arnold Stone Robert Mould, h1ll1am S1mons, Margaret Agen Kay Carr, c er y g , G1OF1g Storms, V1v1an Ben3am1n Joxce Brown, Betty Fllllon Janet Caner,Mr Wayne Kellogg, L d l Edna Dlrector FOURTH ROW Jud1th Bleber, El a Hart, Donna Schlckler, Rowena 1U s ex, H t d Joan Bartz Luc1lle S1clar1, Gary Rhoades, Russell Mlller, Rlchard Day, W1ll1am us e , , Close, Larry Nourse Darrell Domes, Ronald Poole, Roseanne Rast, Donna Devlln, Beverly DaV16S MISSING FROM PICTLRE Nancy O'Dell, Wllson Slnk Sectlonal All State Chorus LEFT T0 RIGHT Janet Caner Joyce Burton,Ray Buncy,Russe11 M111er, M Wayne A Kellogg Gerald Burton,Margaret Mussel man, Sandra Coloross All-State Sectionals LEFT T0 RIGHT Llfrld lution, Anna Bennett, Curl Rdildarf, lr linklar MISSING FROM PIC TURB Dlrrell Haggerty Double Quartet LEFT T0 RIGHT Gerald Burtun Ray Bunny, Gluril Storms, lar gnret luaacllln, Sandra Coll ross, llnoy 0'De11, Russell lillsr, Jack Guild, lr Iaynl A Kulllgg R6l1QlOUS TTlO LEFT T0 lIGHTxloralyn Lindsley, lolona Lindsloy, Gloria stUflS, lr Wayne A Kellogg Library Club FRONT ROW: Geraldine Hanson, Karen Campbell, Joan Keenan, SECOND ROW: Rae Almeter, Rose liniarski, Sharon Lawton, Mrs. Whalen, Joyce Tolhurst, Sharon Wallace, Anne Roche. GlTlS TFlO LEFT TO RIGHT Nancy 0 Dell, Sandra Coloross, Margaret Mus selman, Mr Wayne A Kellogg fareltl heerleaoere FRONT ROW Beverly Brzezlckl SECOND ROW Sharon Arnold Carol Benzel, Songa Shepar THIRD ROW Glorla Storms, Mar1e Glasner, Margerw Blew MISSING Nancy O'Dell Jean VanS1yke, Sub , V1Ck1 Kenyon, Sub Sandra Coloross, Mgr Ooeretore fleual AldS FRONT ROW Robert Klndel, A nold Stone, Earl ROS1Bf, W1l 11am Strelcher SECOND ROW Paul Sharon, Gary Rh0adeS Cl1fford Davles, Walter Llnds ley MISSING Gall W1l11ams, Gerald Burton '52 JUHIOF Jarslty Cheerleaders FRONT ROW Sharon Glasner, Joanne Gerstung, Noralyn L1nd sley. SECOND ROW: Margaret Agen, Patricia Evenden, Sub., Kay Waters, Sub., Leanne Ben- zel, Sharon Marble, Sub., Joan Hackett, Mgr., Sylvia Nichols. .ol ,V .yy 1. 55 -'YP-Q. t W A4 41 f .vw - Y-I ,af '- 'Y .' F -,-I+ . gf.-1:1 , sr, ,, ' .. - ,,, A K f,-vial: . I si ' f ' ,, g 'I . 1 - . VW. t I? fb 1 L Joe Klng Peter P 1 r Walter Co Captaln, Gall Wllllams, , FRONT ROW Sam LaScala, e e , Schnltzler SECOND ROW M Cottrell, Coach, Brlan T1tus, Carl Blackhall Larzy Nourse, Rlchard Whlte Wllllam Bruyere, Mgr M SING D O'De1l, Lo Captaln ar lt Basketball Jr Var lt FRONT ROW Duane We1chmann, Jerry E1denier, Norman Dziedzic, Charles Wallace, C11fford COND ROH H Tullar Harold D8V18S, Charles Byroads, Gary Kelcher, John Eiden1er SE , DeYere B11ss, Shan Hyman, Earl Moore, Paul Sharon,Gera1d Van0cker, Morgan, Patr1ck McFa11, Mgr llll kim 'W MWWQ Y' T 'E 1 4 FRONT ROW: Davis Garlapo, Clifford Davies, Earl Mahiques, Gary Keicher, Larry Mathewson, David Lehning, Raymond Buncy, Peter Walter. SECOND ROW: Mr. Garlapo, Charles Byroads, Peter Schnitzler Charles Wallace, Darrell Haggertv, Arnold Stone, Joseph King, Alan Jackson Paul Sharon, Elon E1d0H16f, Mr Rvan THIRD ROW Charles Powell, Edward Drennan, Charles Rosmer, Davld B1bHdlHg9F Larry Nourse, L D O'Dell, Thomas Wlley, DeVere Bllss, Larrw Benton, R1chard hhlte Football Track F ONT ROW Laurencf Benton, Peter Schnltzler, Joseph Klng, Norman DZ16dZ1C, Frank Luvrey, Gerald SCHUFP, Otto BFk11MG1S9Y, Tullar SECOND ROW Shan Hyman, James Hughes, Charles Lawrenfe, Ronald Poole, Rooert Drennan, k1111am Close, R1chard Day MISSING Davld Bantle, Dale Drennan, Thomas Blnn we'-'-fp FRONT ROW Robert Morgan, Mgr James Kllllan, Rlchard heenan, Rcbert Mould, Herbert Koch, Rlchard Hlnch, hllllam Strelcher Larry Mathewson, M Barnett Coach SECOND ROW Samuel h11l1ams, Thomas HdFF1HgtOH, Robert Hopklns Carl Reusdorf, Rlchard Day, Edwln Noursc, Earl Mahlques Tohn 1X IIbSING Robert Fxlllon Wrestllng Baseball FRONT ROW: L. D 0'De11, Sam LaSca1a, Dav1d Sm1th, James Glase, Ronald Patchett, Hike Dorr1s, Alan Jackson SECOND ROW: Mr, Ryan, Ga1l Wi111RmS, Peter Halters, Phillip Gunn, Donald Franz, Edward Drennan, Gerald Burton, R1chard Keenan, Leland Nourse, Mgr. , - Q- . I 1 Q,-H ..-V .. f I f w ' Mganhgd Q 1, 5573 .mt-251 , ,Q .'4 fa Kia? , , K 1 f -- ,x V b , 0 s , 7 C . . , , , r. , . : , , ' 1, ' , . S t . P ' . 1 ' ' , I FRONT ROW Mary S1mons, Edna Husted, Sylvla Nlchols, Lola Sampson, Patr1c1a Miller Barbara W1edeman, Charolotte Hard, Barbara Kaye V1rg1n1a DeGol1er, June Ellls, Sunnle Sprlnger, Jean Klrsch SECOND ROW Ruth Pfarner, Ida Noon, Songa Shepard, Marle Glasner Margery Bleyle, Carol Benzel, Marle Newell, Sharon Arnold, V1ck1 Kenyon, Joanne Hopklns Rhoda Steward THIRD ROM Allce McNulty, Elma Hart, Patrlcla Horr1gan, Rowena George Patrlcla K1ttleson, Leanne Benzel, Joan Hackett, Mary Anne Schlltz, Rlta Conrad, Barbara Dawson, Sharon Glasner, Dlane Welles, Sandra Lloyd FOURTH ROM Mary Jane Mayer, Betty Barvlan, Margaret Agen, Nancy O'Dell, Barbara Hoffman Gayle K1ng, Jean VanSlyke, Jane Sch1ltz, Joyce Hopklns, Pat Morgan, Cecella Hackett Glrl FFA FRONT ROW N1chols, Earl Bartz, Davld Woolley CSent1nalJ Thomas Dutton fSec I Peter Walter CPres D James Montgomery fTreas DeVere Bllss fReporterD George K1rsch, Lloyd Luther SECOND ROW Ph111p Mahoney, Donald Fawcett, Dav1d Re1sdorf, James Ruhlen, Maur1ce George, Norman DZ19dZ1C, Rlchard W1nch, Harold Morgan, Ralph Helneman, Raymond Ka1ser THIRD ROW Donn Sm1th, Samuel LaScala, Carl Relsdorf, Russell Miller, Charles Powell, W1ll1am Close, Robert K1FSCh, John Dutton, Bernard Pleace, John Leonard MISSING Darrell Haggerty, Ga1l W1ll1ams, Walter Mus1ck, Gerald Dav1s, Rlchard Tllton, Robert F11l1on, Wesley Dabolt Lloyd Butler : . . . -- , 1 . : 7 ' v . 3 1 . l 1: s L- . . . . ' 9 . Q Q . Q z Mr. , , , 'Y 'Ju 1 . : . . . . . F . z . . . . . . . . ,Y I 1 FIRST ROW Sh1rlev hood, Kay Carr, Carol M1nkel, Ga11 br1it1th, Marv Jane Mayer, Molly Dorrls, Cynthla Tracy, Dlana Caner Rae Almeter, Joyce Tolhurst JoAnn Mason, Judlth Drennan SECOND ROW Steven Holden Gary Ke1cher, Sharon Wallace, Judy Coloross, Kay Waters Judy Gerstung, Nancy Newman Sharon Casev, Jovce Potter, Barbara Dawson, Patr1c1a Roche,Sandra Coloross,Jacquel1ne Welles,Dorothy W1ll1ams,Ph1l1p McNulty THIRD ROW Joan Brauen,M1ss Shadbolt Jane Schlltz CharlesWallace,Denn1s Walrod,D0na1d wh1feyCha1'1eSBy1'0adSy Davld Blend1nger,John 0'Dell, Lawrence Davls, Ph1l1p M1ller,Walter Dabolt, Danlel Mchulty, Davld Lehnlng Ronald Hoyt, Thomas Magner MISSING Glorla Storms, Vancy O'Dell, Harold Klndel Latln lub Fren h Club SEATED Judy Cotton, Delores Baker, Sylvla hlchols STANDING Beverlv B1nn1e, Sandra Lloyd, Georgetta MCKIHSOY, Lawrence Davls, Margorle Koch, Sandra Gunn, bhe1la McK1nsey, Br1an T1tus, Margaret heldman, Donald Holmes, M1ss Shadbolt, Ruth Pfarner lr cz 5 . . . , ' Y .- 1 . 1 , , A - ,- ' u u 7 7 V : v ' V ' 7 I 1 1, . . . . . . , , . Y Y . . V , . . 1 . - ' - I : - . ' , H ' : y ' ' . ,U --' K , Q - ef' Q ,,. aff.. L .- , A lv ' ' ' ' ' ' I L u !- - . I Q. v I 1 H5 x - x' ' jk q ' V. lf' A - ' . x '-'f 5 '- , 4 1 . A 3 X .1 f? K I ' 5 ll :I 1 if 3 SEATED Anna Bennett, Donna Devlln, Mary Hackett, Shlrley Wood, Betty F1elds, Joan Branen JoAnn Mason, Julla McKerrow STANDING Sandra Coloross, Carollne Rakoska, Charles Powell Jane Sohlltz Roseanne Rast, El1zabeth Barvlan, Mary Slmons, Larry Dav1s, Carol Benzel Peter Schn1tzler Margery Bleyle, Marle Newell, V1ck1 Kenyon, Jean VanSlyke, Beverly BFZGZ1Ck1, Gayle Klng, Joyce Burton, Charlotte Rakoska, Donna Mower, Margaret Musselman M McGowan, Janet Meyers, Dorothy W1ll1ams, Mrs Shenk, Theresa Stachowsk1 Theacles Staff Edacra taif ShATFD Vtxxan Allen Rose Green, Mar1e Farrlngton, Sharon Arnold, Sonja Shepard, Theresa Joanne Hopk1ns, Joanne Rosenthal, Rhoda Steward, Elolse Benstead, Mlldred Tyler, Ida Noon, Sally Nolan, Llnda Noel MISSING Charlene Bates : . . . , Q . . . x I u Q n , . , I n n , Y . . V . Y Q . D 1 1 I ' '. 1 I l I . Stachowski. STANDING: Darrell Domes, Mr. McGowan, Mrs. Ryan, Kathleen Smlthy Dale Shaw, , , 4 , I ' Q . I FRONT ROW: Dorothy Williams, Cecelia Hackett, Sandra Lloyd, Betty Sixt, Joyce Anderson, Florence Calkins, Frances Holland, Marie Farrington, Carol Owens. SECOND ROW: Rhoda Steward, Donna Mower, Johanna Lavery, David Lehning, Charles Wallace, Richard Day, William Bruyere, Darrell Domes, Lawrence Benton, Arnold Stone, Morris Mummery, Theresa Stachowski, Sally Nolan, Mr. Tullar. MISSING: Christine Burrows, Betty Fillion, Kay Humphrey, Kathryn Hunt, Shan Hyman, Roseanne Rast, Pat Roche. A111 d Youth Honor Patrol FRONT ROW Carollne Rakoska, Joanne Hopkin Dorothy Hulburt, Carol M1nke1, Charlotte Rakoska SECOND ROW Mrs Holmes, Thomas Dutton, Dale Shaw, Gall Willlams, Alan Jackson, Darrell Domes, Sunnie Sprlnger, Shan Hyman, Gary Rhoades, M0ff1S Mummery, Ronald Hoyt, Donald Holmes, Mrs Weitz MISSING M Lalrd Q! Us Naam ll S 8 9: 'Pye' I 'I i L..- Snaps I 'Sf ,Mfg X Snaps .4-ff ,gf ...anbi rv JE, auf' I mr Snaps Ill-F 1 dr- xlx 1 rl

Suggestions in the Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) collection:

Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 62

1956, pg 62

Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 58

1956, pg 58

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