Arcade Central High School - Edacra Yearbook (Arcade, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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The 1955 EDACRA ARCADE CENTRAL SCHOUL Arcade New York The Yearbook of CIO'JP"1'.l '-if" 4.4 Board of Educatlon Admlnlstratlon SEATED STANDING Donald Belden, Board of Education Ralph Brown, Board of Education Harry 0 Miller, Board of Education Victor Blom, District Superintendent Grant R Lynde, Clerk of School Board Carl Miller, President, Board of Education Frank C Wilson, Board of Education K. Louise Mount, Elementary Supervisor : Kenneth H. Storms, Assistant Principal Francis H. Connors, Board of Education Maurice Phelps, Board of Education Joseph A. Kemp, Supervising Principal 555' gi-M, I Q Exif!! . fykist, ' ', ?zAf.'-Ag, A i f, ' , If if " " '- ,, . , .,, 1 4 . , ry , ,,., . x f A . 4 'ww .vs - nw , 1 ,. ' . I . . . I . . . . I . . . . . U I-rf Cf ,a4L .nn FRONT ROW M1ldred Falslon, Marv Gentner, Luc1le Smlth, Grace Hogue, Rose Prentlce, Margaret Gracle, Shella Barmasse, Del1a Shadbolt SECOND ROM Anthony Dalley Carl Roch, Ellzabeth Arthur, Frances Harrlson, Margorle Ryan Jane Weltl THIRD ROW Douglas Tullar, Kenneth Storms, Raymond Garlapo, Wavne Kellogg, Robert McGowan, Harry Douglass, Rauber Ryan, Archle Petty Phllllps Nlchols Gorruso, Wesley Stevens, Janlce Facult rs eah Caner Qlstl rs adys T 1ss th hrs Janlce ee Mlss K L oulse Mount fElem Supv D, M Gertrude Mllllngton C3rdD,Mrs Dorothy sall fkdg J, Mrs Allce H Ckd M O ason g rs rpha Cartvrlght lbthl, Mrs Josephlne Hudson Cath? BACK ROW Mrs Dorls Ross Clstl M1ss Barbara Prudom f4thJ M1ss klnlfred Prey qndl, Mlss Nancy Boynton MUSIC, Mrs V1rg1n1a Feraldl f2ndJ, Mlss Frances Smlth 2nd , Mrs Ethel Glbbon C6thJ 1ss Laurel Engllsh Q2ndJ 1ss Esther hohel Isobel Gunn 15th M Anthony Affront1 C6thJ Allce Insklp lGvm 4th Mrs Shlrlew Schrelner f4thJ Mrs MISSING Mrs Marx Blakelex c3Fd,,M1SS N.-.1 X: 'Ll : ' . , - a- N 4 we L A . ' ' 1 if -- - - . -,H , , - I ' ,. : ' ! xl ef X G Y I " : 1 a If . 'E , 5 T .. y 5 . X . A g - 'I in a Q 5 ' P x 5 D X-ft-M. -' L, 5 1 1 if ' K Lf 'Y . A Q -gf ' 533 H I , f n .. . . y ' a . Y . . A-. l U FRONT ROW: Miss Barbara Wright f3rdD, Miss Dawn Stuart fLibr.J, Mrs. Maude Williams Clstl M . L , M . Gl w' Q5 7, A . ' R d Ckdg.D, ' . ' . . rs. ' ' . Ed . . ' .J, . . v I 5 A I. Aw. 1 F ' . ' : ' ' 2 . . . , ' . ' 4- . C ' , . Y ' x K J . , M. ,- J M' V C Jr - l f U 1 - J, r. J ' . . .' : . . N' ' g ' . . M J r I U 1 -1' - g : V' 0 1 X , 1 .h 'h 'I ,R i as A f L Aw .M xW umxmN if - .A. 'L .+,.'.,5.' ,.v 5 Z 1 I -It 1 L35 ' :A N,.,--MT Patf1C13 H Ashworth Pat nLove 18 a ta1kat1ve pass1on W Betty Barber 'Bettyn 'The way to get what you want is to ask for it.n Dav1d L Bantle Dave 'A good reputat1on 13 better than money Robert Barvian WBobW 'A 11tt1e nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.n N Y by l hz vw, f 1' V51 X . ,e If K Y V ' ' n n ' n n C C 0 n f -CBP ex Thomas B1nn1e Tommy' Ulf to h1s share some errors fall, look on h1s face and you w1l1 forget them all .1 V Lesl1e Brauen Les N worry llttle and stu 1ess,1s my ldea of happlness N ill! ii Robert Brass Bob HPat1ence 1S the best reme y for every trouble U N00 Francls F Braym1ller Fran WIt's good to forglve, best to forget N jqiih yi I y . I!! K f S AQ L X x xy f '! S5 ' - - vu o H n . . . d - Du 0 8. A I sg -V1 gy K G 'kfify , sf r, ' Q . QQ . mek: M 1 "ing ' N 9 ,bfi 'wl."', 1. 7 51-Q . ' ll U ' 7 ' ll ll U To ' dy ' ' id" Wy' s Jeanette M Br1gham Jan WThe shortest answer 1S d01ng N R Ronald R Carey k1pper HIt 1S the pr1me duty of a man to look well, neatness 1S the 1mportance of clothes W l FrahC1S Beyer 'Flex Ulf the end be well, all w1ll be well U an-if 43's film 2 sur' Q? T' Mary C Calteaux Mary' WHeart on her 11ps, soul 1n her eyes W lf. , ,y Q ' Q ,V .Ti I fly ' A ,M k ' I , tx , ' iff.: z A ' . -it-'L 'r f , A, ,ht A . 1 ,Q. ,f M' A ' ,ff 1 ' 1 ' - ,w,.f-'JI :..,g3 we Af- ' U' Il ' I H Q . . . . I t 4' Q 1 7 1 A Qi . w3r' ' Y jf: AJS . ,Q 'l9F. -ff ' ,Zyl - I -NA Q- V - - :fi s 1 ' V . A K .4 y I - Lf I I sl, fs- ' , L 1 Jcfivig, Ya'-sw , . ,X . ' L . - . Q M, ' x V3 1 Q-I Q . ' ' fi? it , as All l C' ' V. 1 1 M if , y ,, iv' ,V E, 0 N S ' ll . ll l I . . U L hm 1 'bf llama. Nxx John Chmlelewski 'John' Elizabeth C11nch Betty' WHe's not as quiet as he lodm" NW1thout love and laughter, UF" there 18 no Joy in l1fe :gif YPUQ-7 Y 1 .P Thomas Crosby nTomn Marjorie Davies nMargen nI'm little and I'm wiseg I'm NIt's nice to be natural when error for my size.n you're naturally nice.N Ronald J George Ron An1ta Glasner N1ta' NThere'l1 be a hot t1me 1n the old town ton1ght W James Glase J1m the lean n Ph111p Gunn Ph1l' nLonger l1veth a glad man than a sorry one N ll n n lllll n ' H 'Throw fear to the wind.n 'A man must take the fat with ' ll ' I W V' V ' I1 ' I Helen Hackett Helen' Roger Hammond Rog WHer ways are ways of pleasant nH1S greatness, not h1s 11tt1e ness H ness, concerns mank1nd W Betty He1neman Betty' Donald H1tt1e Don nL1ve to 1earn,1earn to 11ve W 'By the work one knows the Workman U ll f 'U 'I 0 o o 0 0 tg A 2' 'l 1 V : i K '14-w' ' ' H I ' ll ll Q . . o Joan M Den1son Joan1e WBeware of her red ha1r, for she excels all women 1n the maglc of her locks W Shirley M Doane 'Shirl' WThe most man1fest s1gn of wisdom is continual cheerful- ness.n Dav1d Detschner Dave' Should l1fe be all labor?' Charles J Dutton WChuckn 'Though he 18 small, remember please, small keys open large doors.' l I ' Y ,, ' ll ' H ' ll l O . W . . ' O W , 0 0 IRIN 'xr 1:t.""s. 'V' Y Mary M Ebel Mary' Joanne Eldenler Jo W e must laugh before we are H true frlend a frlen h ppy forever W wiv -S' 'Sv "'F!' Kgdg'-ff. Hugh Ely Sonny' Sally Engllsh Sal NC1everness 1S servlceable for NSpeak low 1f you speak love W everyth1ng, suff1c1ent for noth1ng N W: 41 - L, ' Y .f X A 1 , .. xv R a n 9 ,- ' n n . W A ' is ' d I a .N . ' 1 .J :uf ' "fu . 441 X fx Q N ' WN ' iffil' . " Z' 1 ' , , I' W-ff 'fff ' 3 ' if 1 ,jig Q h , ' f. ' I f f V V , l - IFR., ' 1 , I ' ' , " - ..-,, , V A 1 ' 3- ' . 5 k H I ' ll ll O . . . U flu fUN qmH97 if Helen M Hoffman Hel U never take a n p af er dlnner, but when I have a bad n1ght, the nap takes me Cv i Q' vlrglnla D Holmes Glnny' W0ne nay smlle and sm1le and be a v1lla1n ' '91 l Nike Patr1c1a J Holland Pat N er vo1ce f1ts lnto the lence, not breaks lt H -'PF Nancy Howell Nancy' H gave her t e grace t grow W in 'N fx ,Ale PA, V., ' ' V ' II ll ' ' ll I! 0 E 0 I a t H ' ' ' si- . . . ' ll O ,. A " . ,,, ,l'1'?'ff'iLff9Lj4 M4""'7j x , ',.-'vu' A: - 4--1' 5 ,VU ,' L ,ff Afl,A ' ' " I' J NL, if ,z 'x I A Mzfn -zyg, rx' A I all 6 X ' f ., ,fha , ,' ', , ' u al, 4, , . ar' ' H: ' - , . . . H . ' , W I 1 . . Go d h 0 D . I ' O Orrelle B Hudson Oralee 'A sunny d1spos1t1 half the battle i Jean Hulton WA smile for every for every boy NJeann girl, two II lk James Hughes J1m N0bl1g1ng and cheerful, 1ndus trlous and k1nd U June Hulton NJuneW NWe are not here to get all we can out of life for ourselves, but to try to make the lives of others happ1er.n QQ, RQ M N J V 1 f ' 5 fiM'NX ix A f ' A " U i , I A . I 4 f EX 'K . Y 1 f 1, ' ZA G L . ll ll II ' H , . . .on is . . . - . ll ' ' . f 1 ,ff y 'xn? +..,,X 1-v' Larry Hyman nLarryN nHe does not only find the gest, but the laugh too ' ndlfil :u n Thelma Johnson Thelma' WA penny or your thoughts ufhw. ff!! QQ Q-ah-f"Y Charles Killian e Ali 'Chuckn Doris Killian NDorisn 0Hhen you have nothing to say, nAll things are cause for say nothing.n wither laughing or weeping.W "',a'ilu4I:n -q.:pw- '-llus Patrlcla D Knack Pat Charles Lawrence Chuck NThe most completely lost of H can reslst anythlng but all days 1S that on whlch one temptatlon N has not laughed H 'Wk 'IV Neg! -S Carole M Lyons Carole' Barbara Mart1n Barb' N 11ve long 18 ever3one's N 'm Just golng to leap 1n o wish, but to l1ve well 13 the the dark.N ambltion of few.U . " 52 e . xx S , I V A --.,,. si' lar ' 1 Y ' I li , f e'- ,r H VQ ia A ' ' . ll H H ll I . . o r r .r f gr' " Q 441 . t xi'-V 'F ' K. " A 5 ,!" 1 ' J 1 J 'f - Q H x P . IV I ' ll I To . . , I . . . t W , r fy 1 Lorra1ne A Maz1ersk1 Lory Robert McNulty Bob nSpeech 18 s11ve , s11ence 13 NAnything for a qu1et 11fe golden W llEd1e UI of all possess1ons N be r dlth M111er NLe1sure 1S the bes H A iu.s. Sh1r1ey M1nke1 nShe who 18 content u1ned H Sh1r1' can never ' - ' n n n n C . . r . . . . .n oe aio o D tang V 3 P ' H , A, jj I .4131 5 f o ,M -If . E . . . . . U . , 0 0 It 4 N QZWV Florence Mummery Flossle Ronald D Patchett Ron nTo love 18 to be11eve, to hope nThe word 1mposs1ble 15 not 1n and to know W my d1ct1onary H FWFN 'G' N-.94-swf' 7 'Gail Donald Peters Johnny Cora Ph1ll1pp1 Corky' nHe has achlevcd success who WHe who never falls, never has lived well, laughed often, grows r1ch.n and loved much.n I I if -'ku A Elf, -:M f e s v 2 gi L y 4'-42.51-' ' Q . - l 1 , 5:19 yi - Lb y I VI. me Q e Wfif yd iuxxff x Q A Q s N ' Il , ll U E N' '- ,f" f 'X V AX- . V L Y A ll H ' ' ' H I Dav1d Poole Dave' NGod cut the w1cked short N Jan1ce Re1sdorf Jan NWe're born to be happy,a11 of us ll WA ready sm11e, a dGS1fe t i both of these n Gerald Schurr erry WSometh1ng between a help and a hlndrance ' X J ' I! I -----7 Y . . . . 0 please and actions back of . K -Y' S X , ' ' ll ll ' 1 Albert S1mons 'Bert' 'All your fortune 11es beneath your hat W RQ "f": Carol H Strauch 'K1ttenn WNoth1ng great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.n A M. "2-f W Dav1d Sm1th 'Dave 'Now I lay me down to sleep, the 1ecture's dry and the sub 3ect's deep FF" lf 19" 1!3""!'V R1chard Westfall 'Dlck' W ever do today what you can put off till tomorrow.' vw . ,, Y, M , -J 1 n g,ge y' y - N5 , 3 l Jig I ti tw I Q! ,A , -I xx I Ei . , f Sgfiiitf-iff D e f' WHHQQmEEEPE . an enunuevssgggel vs Smkmwiwmvw ' v a ' - o n ' 9 . - - n O Ny 1 em. 4 ,mtww 5 Q . 5 e , e i Q , 1 ' I I . ' V I f l Q ' LA . ' ' ' ' ' -., h' ' K. . 1 Ak fi xi T' . W 4,, f ' ti A 'l E 2 A K . 1 . . , . , O ns ana E rlght Dee lence 13 more muslcal than Robert K Z1mmer B073 WIt 15 only the 1gnorant W 0 1 on esplse educat1on any song Y? lbw' CAST OF SENIOR PLAY, NFOOTBALL FEVERN FRONT ROW Mar3or1e Davles, Barbara Martln, JoAnn E1den1er, Orrelle Hudson,Patr1c1a Knack BACK ROW Mrs Barmasse, Charles Dutton, Robert Zlmmer, Davld Poole, Nancy Howell, Ph1l11p Gunn, Thomas B1nn1e, Donald Peters, Ronald Patchett IEQ nal! NSI , 1 V1 i IND S S 5 rf ,Mug ,,. ' xgjifp-fn FRONT ROM D r1s hllllan, D a a W rt V1r lH1a Holwes hd1th Mlller, Patrlcla Holland Orrelle Hudsor, Bar ara Martlr, Janlce RQ1SdOfp, Lorralre MBZIGFSK1 Srlrley Mlnkel, Flor ce Mum ery Carole L ons SECOND ROW Carol Strancn, Thelma Johnson, Cora Lou1se Phll l1Pp1, Patrlcla Krack, Charles K1ll1an, R Jert Mchult Larry Hyman, Naucx Howell Elalne or er, June Hu tor, Jear Htltor THIRD ROM Crarles Rocne, Ronald Patcrett Charles Lawre ce, Gerald Sclurr Aloert SIFOHS, Dawlo Poole, Davlo S 1th James Hughes Donald Pe ers, Rlchard Nest' Senlor FRONT ROM Jeanette Brlgham, Joan Denlson, Sally Engllsu, Betty Helneman, Betty C11 c Mary Calteaux, Mary Ebel, Patrlcla Ashworth, Helen Hoffman, Betty Barber SECOND ROW Helen Hackett, Shlrley Doane, Hugh Ely, Charles Dutton, Phllllp Gunn, Thomas Crosby, Roger Hammond An1ta Glasner Margorle Davles, Donald H1ttle THIRD ROW Ronald George, John 7 Y Chm1elewsk1,Robert Barvlan, Lesl1e Brauen,Dav1d Bantle,James Glase, Thomas B1nn1e, Francls Beyer, Ronald Carey, Robert Brass, Davld Detschner C7 FRONT ROW Shirley Mood, Jovce Potter, Rhoda Steward, karen Woolley, Marva Shearman, inda Noel, Carol Minkel, Joanne Rosenthal, Mary Ellen Nunes Sally Nolan, Theresa Stachowski, kathlnen Smith, Mildred Tyler SECOND ROW hay VanSlyke, Marie Newell, Dale Shaw, Phillip Nahonev, Peter halter, Richard White Morris Mummery, Donn Smith, William Streicher, Songa Shepard,Ida Noon THIRD ROW Robert Mould, Gail Williams, Ronald Morgan, Arnold Stone,Peter Schn1tzler,Russell M1ller,Larrv Nourse, L D O'Dell, James Montgomery, Charles ROSICF Ronald Poole, Carl Smith, Phillip Schickler MISSING Jack Guild Junlor FRONT ROW Sandra Coloross, Sharon Arnold, Rose Green, Charlene Bates, Barbara Davidson, Carol Benzel, Vivian Bengamin, Rowena Lindsley, Frances Holland, Marie Farrington, Dorothy Hurlburt, Joanne Hopkins, Mary Berge SECOND ROW Vivian Allen, Margery Bleyle, v1Ck1 Kenyon, Thomas Dutton, Richard Lloyd, Raymond Buncy, Gerald Burton, Frank Lavery, Robert Kindel Richard Keenan Eloise Benstead, Kav Carr THIRD ROW Francis Braymiller, Alan Jackson, Alton Gillette Joseph King, Darrell Domes, William Close, Robert Drennan, Warren Lee, Robert Caner, Larry Benton Dale Drennan, Darrell Haggerty MISSING Joyce Bateman Ronald Garbowski, Charles Roche Norma Tucker, Lee Johnson YQ' 1' r...,.,,. . I r 4 I , ..- nas 'Q 2 1 I R 35 ' 5 v . V1 if . 5 M? n 4'-.,: B I 1 ' 1 If K p H FRONT ROW: Barbara Dawson, Anna Bennett, Joyce Burton, Gayle King, Donna Devlin, Joyce Brown, Johanna Lavery Mary Hackett, Marlene Hall Virginia DeGolier. SECOND ROW: Marie Glasner, Barbara Hoffman, Beve Fields, Joan Brauen, David Lehning, Donna Hetzel, Joyce Anderson, Humphrey, Florence Bray, Maurice George. THIRD ROW: Clifford Davies George Kirsch, Walter Dabolt, Harry Emery, Lawrence Davis, Norman Jones Sam LaScala, Michael Dorris, Walter Lindsley, Everett Domes. MISSING: Sophomores 7 1 ! Y Cecilia Hackett, Shirley Farren, rly Brzezicki,Betty Kathryn Hunt, Kay Norman Dziedzic, Otto Breitweiser, Janet Caner. 8. FRONT ROW Eileen Reisdorf, Florence h1lliams,Janet Ross, Donna Mower, Charlotte Rakosk Carol MacFarlane, Gloria Shick, Susan Springer, Rowena Roche, Virginia Moulton, Sand Moltrup, Julia McKerrow SECOND ROW Margaret Musselman, Dorothy Williams, Janet Mever Jacqueline Wells, Nancy 0 Dell, Caroline Rakoska, Jean VanSlyke Joan VanOcker, a Schiltz, Mary Simons, Betty Sixt JoAnn Mason THIRD ROW Duane Weichmann, Larry Roblee h Louis Thornton Daniel McNulty, Charles Powell, Carl Reisdorf Titus, Thom usty William Simons, Paul Sharon, Roseanne Rast David Woolle Fa S H Timot YY xx mf' FRONT ROW Ann Marle Suttell, Ann Ramson, Lola Sampson, Geor etta MCK1HS9N Mar, A11 SCh11tZ, Donna Schlckler, Noral r Llncslex WZFIZHHC PH11l1PP1 Carol Owens Margery Holtrop, Allce McNulty SECOND ROW Lucllle Slclarl, Barbara Mleocman, Jean K1TSCh, u h Pearner rx J ne Maxcr, R chard MIHCH, Glrx Rhoats, L Q c1n1tzler Dennls Walrod, Gary Vaughn, Bernadette Relsdori, Sxlwla N1chols Joxce Stortz THIRD ROM kllson Slnk, Larry Mathewson, Leland Nourse, Dav1d Relsdorf, Robert Boolmlller, arold Moryan, Earl Moore, Raymond Kalser, Donald Slmons, hdwln Nourse, Daxld Woodruff, Larrx Smlth FOURTH ROW Raymond Neamon, Raymond Rllllan, J hn hlbler, Robert k1fSCh Charles Wallace, John Roagers, Robert Rakoska, Ph1l1p H11ler, Donald Mhlte, John hhlte, Robert Iorgan, Hubert Koch MISSING Davld Sherlocl, Patr1cxa Roche Freshmen FRONT ROW Rowena George, Dorothx Calteaux, Ldna Husted, Sharon Casex Geraldlne Hanggn, Beverly Davles, Patr1c1a Horrlgan Elma Hart Judx Gerstun , Judx Flsher SECOND ROM Kenneth Behr, Roger Garbowskl, Judx Cotton, Bexcrlx Blnnlo, Florence Calklns, Sharon Blngham, Llnda Gust, Wesley Barber, Larry Casex Arthur Beach, Robert Burton, Marle Bllss, Chr1st1ne Burrous THIRD ROM Dlane Hurlburt Rlta Conrad, Claudla Danster, MBTVIH Croop, Larry Hlnt, Ralph Helneman, John Dutton, oxce Chr1st1an, War aret A en, Joan Bartz, Glorla Ellls, Ruth Dake, Judlth B1eber FOIRTH ROM Frederlcl Bleber, DaV1d Blendlnger, Robert Hoffman, Arthur Braskx, James kbert, he1th H1nz Daxld Davles, Davld Gordon, Edward Hoffman, Robert HOPKINS, Shan Hxman MISSING Gerald Davls Joan Hackett, Dolores Baker Sandra Lee Lloyd 45-7 G R A Ii! 1 FRONT ROI a Dt Jo Xrn Gerstung Julle Jewert June h111S Ga1l Grlfflth Carol 1nz, u Lunar, Ptgtx Daxldson, Susan Klrchmeger SECOND ROW Thelma Colllrs Glasnfr LeAnnt Benzel, Patr1c1a h1ttleson, Molly Dorrls, Barbara X 1 FlL ho Gaul Cam ell Judlth Drennan THIRD ROR e Alrm n denmcr, Guy Comfort, Garv Kelcher, Frederlck Ballex mn, fnde Baroara Kaxe, Marfaret Ka1ser, Albert Blgelow FOLRTH ROM LT en Holdc Alfred Burrov Glenford Dav1s, Horace Gaspar, Floyd Gran Jwhn D xson, Gerald Burgess, heslev Dabolt, Lloyd Butler,JerrV J11-ak Rfher 'ISSVG Pd F101-fl Cd'iw Dorald Burton,Ronald Hoxt,T1mothy Bvroads, on F1 Elghth rad FRONT ROW Sannt Syrmn er, Ptta Mae Xeamon, Betty Jean Norton, Kay Waters, Shella lU11 Iennox, Margaret Weldman, Nancy Newman, Cynthla Tracy SECOND ROY r 1 sf'a Gerald Su Mar1lyn Mlller, Sharon Lawton, D1ane Hells, Ruse h1HaTSk1, Martln Sherlock, Charles Mayer THIRD ROW bert Mlller, Charlotte Ward, Patr1c1a Morgan, L1ll1an Porter, Snlrlex Mlller, Bruce Palmerfor, Wllllam Leonard FOURTH P111 ROS1CT, Kenneth Westfall, Patrlck McFall, John 0'Dell, Rmchar T11tOH, Llwyn Moore Gerald Van0cker, John Slxt ING Sharon Marble Parl Wahlques, Bonn1e Meyers Joyce Tolhurst M lnsex, J ar X clran, lf Wancv Moodru 4 1 Rosl ames Rurlen X Beverly No, 1 vn R0h Jo n P1 our bxrx C arles Law ax L ' Q FRONT ROH Gerald1ne DZ1EdZ1C, Judlth B1nn1e, Joan Fonta1ne, Nancy Blum, Lorralne Ebert, Jean Keem, Cynthla Beach, Betty Bl1ss, Margle Gllbert, Mary Ellen Ch1lds SECOND ROW Danlel Boldt, Carol Kaye, Frances Kurdzlel, Donna Coloross, Laura Breltwelser, Marcla Button, Anne Dutton, Margorle Bush, Darlene Davles, Donna Burgess, Rose Jutrzynskl, Shella Dearlng THIRD ROW V1olet Hart, Janet Bengamln, Ph1ll1p Kepp, John Draves, Allan Gerstung, James D1ld1n, Dav1s Garlapo, Garth Brown, Roger Ashworth, W1l11am H1llery, Elleen Hamllton, Karen Clemens FOURTH ROM Joseph Flynn, Merrltt Bray, Joseph Hoffman, E nest Jlrak, Donald Franz, Da 1el Ebert, Thomas Harrlngton, Thomas Hlttle, Edward Grant, halter Carley, Morton Benstead, Charles Blake, Robert Bosseler MISSING Barbara Day, Patrlcla Meyers, Dan1el Carr, James Bartlett Seventh Grad RONT ROM Joan Wllber, Carol Stortz, A11C6 Smlth, Sandra Shearman, Marletta Tyler, Ethel Shepard M Janet Roblee, Leona Pawlohskl, Helen boon SECOND ROW Sally Stachowskl ancy N1chols, Mertle Rawson Paulette Petrl, Lo1s Phalr, Ellzabeth Porter, Elalne Roll udy Whltmer, Gretchen M1ller Joan Smlth, Margorle Mlller THIRD ROW Douglas Moore dmard Walter Barrv Morgan, len Smlth, W1l113m Nlchols, Robert Shlck, Raymond Rosler avld W11SOH, Samuel Lee, helth Ressler, George VanDerven FOURTH ROW Steve Slnk lchard Morrls, Larrx Lehnlng, Patrlck Noon, Joseph h8lHlHSk1, Franklyn Porter, Nlcholas Phelps John Smlth, Sldney Lee, Donald Newland, Conrad Phelps, Roland Welles l-l - l .P-T-n R 5 fif its 11,4 FRONT ROK Sally Peters Carol Leo Marllou Thompson, James Roblee, Do naro, Robert Breltuelser, Mark Hopklns Dale Makowskl, nald Norton h1ll1am Rosler, Bernard Hoffman, Davld Nlchols, Barbara Klrchmexer, Jud1th Haggcrtx, L11da Newman, JoAnn harner SECOND ROM M Affrontl, John Agen, Aprll Conner, Nano, Gorham Nancx Neamon, James Da1le5,Bruce Hoffman, Ronald Ressler, Ronald Belden, Charles Boo mlller Donald Meyers, Vernon Hopklns, John Frles, Janet Dornan, Bettx Brlgham Barbara Potter kenneth Barber, Norran Amels Mrs G1bbon THIRD ROM Llnda Burton, Thelma Llndslex Shlrlex Sampson, George Sprlnger R1chard Doster, Gerald Martln, Norman Shaw, Douvlas Dorster, Jack Fuller, Rlchard Burton, Yvonne Glasner, Marx Tolhurst, Judy Petty MISSING Geraldlne Arthurs, Thomas Cotton SlXth Grad FRONT ROM Dennls Hlllerv, Roger Marble, Ward Newland, Garv Benzel, R1Ch3Fd Hanson, Annette Rob1ee,D1ane Wyll1e, Patr1c1a Dag, Jean Ioore, Sandra Owens, Sharon Sampson anc M1llgate, Al Thomas May, h1ll1ams, Sh Morgan, Bruc Sharon W1S9, Z1elen1esk1, Shlrley Keem Thomas Drennan berta Welles, Helen Hudson SECOND ROW Mrs Orpha Carthrl ht, James Guu Bruce Burton, Gerald Washbon, Carolxn Ressler, Llnda Lawrence, Lynda Kax ella Almeter, Lvnn Hall, Rlta Ba1lex, Allen hratzer, hllllam Broskett Melx1n e B1nn1e, Barbara Mor an, M Anthonx Affrontl THIRD ROM Laurene Snbder Paul Hoffnan, llma Bvroads, arol G1l ert, rlscllla Stock n, Patr1c1a Douglas Chapman, Randolph Case, Charles Doane, Donna Burton, karen Whltenack MISSING FROM PICTLRE Gerald Fox John Behr Davld Braxmlller, Shan? Case X f gg i 110 4 FRONT ROM ncx Daxles, arlgce Bllss, Dlana Nmur orls Grenn arlcc " r rk rs so L nn, use r C arc R nm, wonne MCDIHSL Sufdfd Bur' 1 rs Glddxs TYl5S THIhD ROM nrx Dr Cs, ourse, rxln 1oure, D lL r an Jones, Gar oras IOSILF Fd r S Husted 1 OFC YS UT' Constdrcg Bznze r T Ha es SECOND ROM lure Clara Burxous, Tucx Marble dxgs Tr C pro G rs un ICL If 1 ar , Llrda r, are r WCL car Daxxc Ru e, Qrlu WISSING FROI PICTIRE Clara S P an Flfth Grad FRONT ROM omas Har Sandra he ner Geor hor 14,Ste1nQn Connors, Jacquvllnu Crosby, Charles Nlchols Gnne Strauch arx Urtun kllza Lparn, Can Pe ers iarx Mpldman, Dlane ka Hurlbcrt SECOND ROM 'rs G adxs l1SS, o art CHai Qc,S nvhcn Hudson, Alber rlfflth, D xld Bus , Catherl e Ha Larr Ardrem Lanne Mar ur, Lxerl nLrr, Jack F1sher Dlanne L lurl'ur 1 ma qrclr, JCI in 1ors11, R1 a hmllman, Mrs uosenr1ne Hudson THIRD ROM Gnral s B xna n C r L C131 r, Carollnc Se P MISSING Mlcrael H1 ler SanCrd Ro urs c Q o , arrx LM 1 s a Ro , Qvlf FRONT ROW Bobby S1nk, John Hanselman, Toyce Glaske, Jennlfer Byroads, George Da L eroy Dell, Andrea Hooper, Ann Schnltzler SECOND ROW Esther Mary L1genfelter, Lowell VICK a Kratzer, Kenneth Andrews,Darlene Schre1ner THIRD ROW Lorralne 6 dson, Garbowsk1, Kathleen Paw1owsk1, T1mothy Brown, James Kohel,Gordon Bray Dav1d Dav1s, Judy Phalr, Sally Zeczak, Thomas James, Ph1l1p Sm1th, Wallace Newland, Ph111p Karczak, Larry Law, Jon Coloross, Donna Hurlburt, Sh1r1ey Conner Shlrley Burrows, Joan Norton, Kathleen McGowan I Kelth Thompson, Eugene Stachowskl, Marc1a Garlapo, Gmlbert W1tt, Kenneth F1sher, Edward Fontalne R ld A h , ona s worth, Joseph Romance, Anne Welles, Patr1c1a Mart1n MISSING James Belden, James Cotrlll, Rlchard Dawley, Judy Koch Fourth rad FRONT ROW M155 Barbara Prudom,Har Rose Mary Wagner, Donald Makowskl, Shlrley Schrelner SECOND ROM Cra1g Stone, Robert Phalr, Ronald Patrlcla Gerrltv, Jean Amexs, D a THIRD ROW Gary Merrltt, Dale hel Paul Evans, Dale Easterly, Mary Gu Duane B1nn1e, Mlchael Conners, Darl f..v. old Beach, Gaylen T1tus,John W1tt,Gerald1ne Stachowskl, Dale Mathewson, Loulse Comfort, FFBHCIS Mummery, Mrs Janet Flsh, Garrv Hlnch, Lawrence Brown, Kenneth Mayer, heamon, Marqorle Button, Stephanle Dubay, Edmund Beck, ne Plxley, Dennls Fr1es, Lance Matthles Sandra Keem cher James Plugh Georgla Chllds, Cynthla Schrelber 1 bblns Maureen Gunn, Ronald Martln Rlchard Mattson, ene Roge rs Rlchard Wllson 1 'll FRONT ROM arx Brax, ruce Barber, Tar ust, er arl, r1c1a Kepp, Jean Bray, Ela1re T1nch, Raxmond Garbomsk1, Thowas wCKlH Harla Gorruso, Dawld Lewls SECOND ROW W1SS Barbara Mr1ent, Lllllan holenca, Estxer Roll, Jus Hopklns, Dlane Sherman, Kathryn M e1dvann, Kcnretr Whlt1HQ, Susan Drernan, Terrx Lloxd, h1ll1av hllber Dolores Z1elen1esk1 ! Carol1re Hull THIRD ROM Robert M1HCh Ga1l Palmertor, Dax1d H1ller Sallx Rosler, Carol D V ld 1 eser e er, 1ll1am RlWm6f, Daxld Young Mllson Bxroaos, R1chard Kllmer, Larry Chapman, Crerxl Rlng, R1chard Moodruff ISSING Mrs Marx Blakelex Russell Campbell, LOU1S Fulkersor Joseph Pavlovsk1, Hlchael Howlett, Sandra Marble Th 1rd Grade FRONT ROM Mrs G r xu l 'J , m LL 1 11a Nanc lexcr, omas Wllson, Sharon O lee Gerald Pulkerson, c orla , Bak hlfChFCNLF, C rlnre Brosketi Paula L mburner 1 ss Bar ara Tr ND 1 11 rlenr Bu ler, Iarxln Poo ee, Dona YGIICI, Dvrald D1 dlne, d a ufflt Georse anc s, rald r 111 YanOcker, er MIHCF C rd L sane r z Fe r l1a s Del+or R ssler THIRD ROM Carol keer Pa F1013 Tolburst,Nancx Huflblft, Bonnlxn Brax D nalo Iac at Rlchard Jaslln, Ronald Chapmar, Dolores E Clukllnl C 1cnaLl DFTNLT Trnrx Flcaxe D1ana Dearlne FRONT ROW Janice Warner, Linda Pirdv, Kathleen hh1te, Sandra Hall, Linda Crabb, Sharon Young, Sandra Titus, Diane Sheehe, Sharon Whiting, Deborah Wallace, Linda Shepard SECOND ROW Lynn Pirdy, Daniel Dawson, Kathleen Hillerx, Terrence Wells, Eleanor Francis, Linda Day, Catherine Gorruso, David Decker, Louise Dzihdzic, Linda Beach THIRD ROW Gary Dean, Robert Kraft Thomas Hartley Darrel Hopkins, Thomas Phair, David Ring, Wayne Samp son, Michael Peterson, Anthony Almeter, Timothy Sherlock, Thomas Schoeder, Jay Allvn ROW Miss Smith, Ronald Hackett, Melvin Marble, Joanne Rosier, Betty Beardsley, Donna Mae Owens, Donna Fisher, Richard Harrison, Donald Rule, Annette Mayer, Laura Brown, John Fay, Larry Clark, Wayne Hanson, Sharon Domester, Jeannette Plugh, Sue Williams MISSING Richard Wallace Second rade T R W Th Bentley Margorie Bray, Linda Schuyler, Betty Neamon, Caroll Norton, FRON O omas , Jane Dawson, Alan Witt, Scharlene Williams, Jerry Beach, Gary Kepp, KP neth Neamon, Linda R ll P w 11 Luana Lavery SECOND ROW Erica Dubay, Sara Lingenfelder, Donna Holmes, usse o e , Goodwin, Judith Stiles, Grant Paulson, Walter Dilloway, Dale Case, Richard Mayer, Beth Ann W N Bra miller Elalne Sherman, Sheila Lester, Brenda Hurlburt, Kristine Dugwid arner, ancy y , THIRD ROW: Mrs Virginia Feraldi, Richard Dailey, Lynda Brass, Robert Murcin, Dianna Lynn G ld D vidson Pidsadnick, Roger Gorham, Roy V Wilson, David Hopkins, Dianne Harrison, era a , Emmet Green Bruce Howlett, Diana Beach, Linda Burgess, Miss Winifed Prey BACK ROW M Ki , Ja es Breitweiser Carl Davis, Douglas Wa 0 Ker, JoAnn Bush,MU'11Jn will-ICG: John c nsey, m , David Stevens, Judith Reed, Richard Bailey, Sherry Lewis, James Rosier, Gail Evans, Thomas Romance MISSING Theodore Scroback 1 .1 . . 0. ' . - Burgasser, William Koch, Milford Drake, Linda Bray, Patricia Wilber, Miss English. FOURTH ' L'v' f-' .' - : FPONT ROW Julle Klle, L1nda Fulkerson, M1chael Domlnlck, Robert Hanselman, John Hlgglns, S1oney Barber, Mary Layery, Rebecca Kerr, Carol Domnlng, M1Ch39l Barth, Harold Goodu1n SECOND ROM Peter Lymburner, Roy DZ1CdZ1C, Fred harner, John Gerr1ty, Lelgh Cleveland, Rlchard Hecht, Stefan Czesak, Marv M1ll1ams, Chr1st1ne Z1elen1esk1, Jerry T1nch, Dav1d Stlles, Gayle Benzel, Ph1l1p Stortz Joseph Beck, Synthla Sprlnger, Jane Chapman THIRD ROM Mrs Maude hllllams, Colleen Petty Molly Crabb, Ann Schnltzler, Gregory Nourge, W1ll1am Green, Larry Holmes Davld Neamon, Rlchard Wltter, W1ll1am Bray, Beverly Cole, W 11 Ply, Howard Hurlour Rotald Leonard, Mrs Caner MISSING Arra Mae Dell, John e es FII' Grad FROLT ROH Darleen Plxley Mar or1e Crosby, Harold Matuszak, Cheryl Kepp Wllllam Dawson, Ralph Evans, Deborah ayer, kathleem Phalr, Stanley Czesak, James Hakes Sharon hlchols SECOND ROM Robert Dalley Paul DZ1CdZlC, Stehart S1nk,haryn hhlte, Lorna Tolhurst, Ela1ne George Ponald M3kOMSr1, Jeffrey Mason, Robert TOjdOhSk1, Daren Waldron Dlana Kratzer, Marlene hoerner, llchael Decker,Ph1l1p Marble THIRD ROM Mrs Leah Caner Connle Reynolds, Claudla Austln, Tlmothy Fulkerson, Sanura Harrlson, Charles Hull, John Spauldlng, Donna Rathbun, Randall Bray Theodore hoss Donald Brass, LaVern Brown, Charles Fuller, Kay Dawley Robert Dell, Mrs Ross MISSING Mlckev haldron, Carol Campbell OU Y' MMSB An. i-gi FRONT ROh u 1th Fax, ale B auer, Su anne hnoslton, Gregorw Alnr er, Grace Almeter, Denlse Fulkerson, Charles Romance, J nes Tolhurst, H llssa Clark, MICIEC1 Doster, Douglas McGouan Bruce hallace, J hn E le, Nanc Stexcr 1 M1 SECOND ROn Nrs Al1C Mason, Carl Roch, Rober reen, rselxn Txubla, COWHIC Blackman, Dlane Rule, Suzanre KlHgSl0Q, Dawld Drernar Nlcholas Bocnars ers, HICIZLL Borearaz, narles rlght, Robert Clark onald Hlt er, Ronda Nan C er, our llsi, C rol n Cro Mrs Dorothx Edsall THIRD ROM Mrs Janlce Roeo, Carol Slnk, l1c1el1ra Barth S efan FOFHOlSk1, Llnda Beklel, hathleen Llrdslex Jddllh Roblee, Llnoa horezak, Ala? HOPk1HS1 lane Rathbun, Sara Lee, Tromas Shellex, Darel Mat h os, A 1 n Neanon, Barr iasor, Danlel a l, Deborah Hall, Rand VHUQHH, Donald hllllan, Tromas RITCIMQ er MISSING John Cudworth, Wllllan Mahorex, Janet DZ19dZ1C Klnd rgarten FRONT ROW Patr1c1a Merrltt, Donald Rlng, Rlcky Gleason, James Keem Janet Raabe Danlel Drlver Alan Roblee, Sandra Blank, W1ll1am Koerner, Barbara Roblee Martha N1tt James Keenan Wendy Mchlnsex, Shlrley Neamon, Lucllle Chapman SECOND ROW Howard We1dman, Glorla ean GU1dO, Donald Hull, Chrlstlna Barnes, James Lester, Danlcl Roblee, Suzanne Morgan Garv Kllmer John hllllams, Margare e leux, v1d Mewer, Jerome George, Barbara Tuttle Lawrence Rundle, Mlchael Merrltt Charles James, Cralg Blxbv, Mrs Allce Mason THIRD 1Ov Mrs uorotnx Edsall, Aaren St John, Llnda Harrlson, Harold hleever Elalne Chapma Lyle Braw, Sharon loodruff, Susan Tanner, Dennls Burgasser, Douglas Kraft Llnda Ya chz Daryll Rathburn, Sharon Esposlto, James Carlev, Manda Hlnt, Arthur Green, James Morgan Lo1s Bennett MISSING Phvllls Rathbone il' rfx '.: '1' , e :ww , ,I .M . M 5 il I U-.Q .T-. -N -1 ...Ln FACL LEFT T0 RIGHT lrs Wlldred Matson re ChFlSt1n9 Clark, Mrs hdlfh Torrey: Leo Dum ea Helen Dumke, Mrs Evelyn Fladle, Mre D Sardlnla FRONT ROM Marv Ann Murphv, Arthur Sferccr, Blllw Becht, Clalre Beaman, Ronald ROS1ET V1ck1 Schaus, James Hltter, Daxld M1Qdewan, Dawld Laslnsky, Joanne Clemens, BACK ROW Jeffrey M1ller, Paulette BT6F111FT, Helen PCFk1HS, Patrlcla Ruhlen, Larrx St9bb1DS,GF6gOTV Laudlo, Garv H1l1, Ton1 Wh1tGfl9ld Mrs Torrew 'JY' L -r vda. e Jr H ke-.-4 .A....u f Zv FRONT ROM Bonnie JJ Miedeman, Miles Goss, Patricia Rosier Shirley Beaman, Steven Murphy, nald No l Bonnie Lfe Mahegues, Robin Lancaster, Earl Spencer, Theresa Murphy, Mary Holland SPCOND ROM T rlw Ruhlen, Duane Dome David Barrows, Deborah Reinhardh Svlvester Bremiller, Revere Perkins Thomas Fetzer, Iris Reinhardt Freida Rakoska, Linda Lavton, Kenneth Lnders THIRD ROW Mrs Matson, Maxne Mou1d,James Mexers, Dennis Benstead ar aret Moh1gues, Fmilw Clemens, Catherine Noon, Thomas Westfall, Brian Landis, Linda Mittmever, M11l1am Murphy Darlene Noel, Manda Dick, Sandra Horning, Mrs Flodie FOURTH ROM Rebecca Meideman, Susan Noel, Terrv Petrie, Judith Kelley, Linda Smith, Fay Spencer Snaron Spencer, Elaine Phelps Pobert Kaiser, Danny Almeter Larry Hone, Ida Beaman, Jean Smith Sardlnla FRONT ROM Duane Miedeman, Sandra Jackson,Ronald Casey, Sue Glase,Jon Hock, Dennis Myers, Carol Blevle, Donna Shearman, Edward Sixt, Peggy Lancaster, Richard Domes, Robert Holland SECOND ROM Mrs Christine Clark, Marilvn Lehning, Craig Lehning, Janice Rhoads, Joseph Winkler,Gwen Phelps,Herbert Chr1st,Tarry Gasper,Joseph Ellis,Conn1e Lehn1ng,Denn1sDonovam Linda Wiedeman, Dale Detschner, Mrs Helen Dumke THIRD ROW Kenneth Kittleson, Margaret Baker, James Hittle lda LaScala, Janice Horning, Judith Carlson, Jane Armstrong, Sandra Woodruff, Ravmond Baker, Gaynel Smith Laurence Mahigues FOURTH ROW Gerald Pfarner, William Jackson, Richard Hill, Theodore Domes, Dennis Carlson Gary Hoch, Larry Petri, ll x,J FRONT ROM Eugene Ruhlen, Donna Montgonerx Donna Rosler, Gary Mould, Dlane Enders, Larry Rhodes, Duane DeGo11er, Harold hlttmever, W1ll1am Blexle, Louls Ellls, Barbara Woodruff, Sandra Sm1th SECOND ROW Mrs Day, Lenl Detschner, Otto LaScala, Mayne Lehn1ng, N1na hledemann, Helen Ferald1, Dlane hledeman R1Ck3Td Wlcdemann, hllllam Morrls, Dav1d Hontgomerx, Hlchael Noon, Ronald Case Bonnle Brldenbaker, Mr Dumke THIRD ROW vlO1Bt Allen, Ralph Schroeder, Carol Ruhlen Norma Ellls, Thomas Schaus, Bexerlv Gasper, Douglas Stebblns, Margaret Blake, Donna Hoyt Dennls Dlck ardlnla haffee LEFT TO RIGHT Kathleen ROSS, charles hmghf, Carl Franz, Bofmle ROSS' George Rossf M155 L1ll1an kerhln it 15' an. Q E FRONT ROH D1ane Thornton, Lorralne Dornan, Odette Fltzgerald, Dolores Fltzgerald, Bernard Bauman BACK ROM Mar1e Neanon, Ju11a F1tzgerald, Sharon Dornan, Rlchard Shlck, Wllllam Thornton, Sharon Moore agle Vlllage agle N0 6 LEFT T0 RIGHT Davld Dutton, Nancy Flynn, Marsha Redden, Martha Flynn, Suanne Redden, Veryl Dav1es . Q . . . . 'fx . . '. Q' Q . 1 .' V:- , -U . .-, . I 'Jg . ' ' - ' ' 'A I FRONT ROW Roger Blshoff, Allen B1ShOff, Wllllam Peglou, V1v1an Barber, Dlane Meahl BACK ROW Jane Haggerty Row Thomas, Carol Barber, Sue N1ChOIS, Gertrude Kohel MISSING Garv HOTUIHR Punk hire LEFT TO RIGHT Rlchard Larlmer, Harvev Larlmer, Hllllam Larlmer, Roger Dax, LEWIS Hawks, Marle Kerwln MISSING Donald Day, Eugene Delaney urrier 34 .m 'WM ww' f A' 'fx 'f4""""" vb, 11 ,143 K 3 1 vw' MN C f Q Q . ' ly , nv, A 9 I , 4 ., 1 , , ,, X ' 3 s J ' ' , x I I, f'5fng,f 'T ,,,,.,, il?-Q :, 1 VW' -' gre: , I' J , .ffjj ,r h .17 1 - ,,, "" 1 " 1. ,' V ., 311 ' :,.'-'.-Y 1, '- 113' , I , A U , ' 1. "' Kfggg 'Yiwu P -1: -37-if .'f' -mg jf . : Z,-'ff 1 53, " ' J -3 7 -:. 'J 51" ff- - 'Q -5 'I " . , N: ' A ,g " ,:.w:- my , f-' 4 " L if A K . X1 'f H.-:Q ,." L. , ':LyZ395' Q., 55.- FRONT ROH" James Ebert, Phillip Schickler, David Woolley, Judy Petty, Marsha Button, Beverly Davies, Helen Hackett, Margaret Musselman, Orrelle Hudson, Noralyn Lindsley SECOND ROW Joyce Anderson, Patricia Ashworth, Joan Denison, Charles Dutton, Ronald Poole, Anna Bennett, Charles Lawrence, Kay VanSlyke, Hubert Koch, Harold Morgan, William Close, Judy Bieber Janet Ross, Albert Bigelow THIRD ROW Sharon Glasner, Shirley Farren, Marianne Phillippi, Marie Bliss, Beverlv Brzezicki, Carl Reisdorf, Rose Jutrznski, Karen Woolley, Jean VanSlyke, Larry Hyman, Darrell Haggerty L D 0'Dell, Timothy Titus, Ronald George, Otto Breitweiser, Ronald Patchett Band Haggerty, SECOND ROW Roger Hammond, Harold Morgan, Albert Bigelow, Janet Ross, Charles Lawrence, Ronald Patchett, Carole Lyons THIRD ROW Thomas B1nn1e, James Glase, M Gorruso v i ' : ' y 1 f FRONT ROW: L. D. 0'Dell, Rose Jutrznski, Patricia Ashworth, Phillip Schickler, Darrell . 2 - ' ' r. C-3 tt UNT 1 4? 'N X1- 4 L A Lawr D1FtL ,- CX DQ Q7 DOLLLE ITLT 9 L Y W 1 C 1wQS Q1 Q a lar C drl Q 1dhre1cL, Pa+r1c1a FF 1 LA nfl nc , Dona1c SLWILKLG , Ha un pq C Bar r iar 1 r are L Ldv Q N-'fx .i, xi! nu-ang 4 V 'QF .,-. ' BACh ROM C arle ACh ROM 5. ,, GI' Jx RONT ROW larx Berge, Sanora Coloross, Carole L ons, Joyce Burton, Sallx Nolan, Marle asner net Me ers, are Ross,'argartt Mueselman, ha Carr,Sr1rle hood, Joxce Pot er ECOND ROW Katnlcer Swlth vlff rla ol tfn Norra Tucker, Nora C Sylwla Nlchols Marx Caltealx, rbara artxr a n unt, K VanSl e Marfaret Agen Dorna exlln or1a SFIC Llnda Nre , AllCL 1cNult THIRD ROM r e Farren, aymond a1Qt ,Duane he1cnranr,Mar Ellen Nunes,Barbara JI ran Dorotm hllll3mS, Orrelle Hudsor a cw 0 ell, Nanc omfll,Mar Ebel Ida Noon, Rouena L1ndslcx,Patr1c1a Ashwortn, Mlchael Dorrls axnt e o Dlrector FOLRTH Francls Bra m1ller Rqssell Mlller Carl lSd0ff, Robert Mould, Charles Lawrence, Donald Hlttlc Ronald Carfx Leslle Brauf Kclth Hlnz, Ronald Poole Robert Caner, Gerald Scnurr, hllllam Slmors, Darrell Ha cr'y Gera urton, Everett Domeo MISSING FROM PICTLRE Robert Z1mncr, Joxce Batewan, Ja et Cader, ooeannn Rast, Joan Haclett, Helen Hoffman, Jxck Gulld, Otto Breltwelser Choruses FRONT ROW Judy Gerstunh, Geraldlne Haneon, Jovce Broun, Marx Hackett, Ann Marle Suttell Edna Husted Florence Bray, D1ane Hurlburt Carol McFarlane, Elma Hart, Ann Rawson Mlldred Tvler SECOND ROM Ju x Cotton, Jovce Stortz Bexerlx B1nn1e, Glorla Shlck Lucllle S1clar1, Joan Bartz,Vancx Howell, Mar aret Agen,Barbara Mledeman, Donna Schlckler Jean Klrsch, Joxce Chrlstlan, Bernadette Relsdorf, Dorothy Calteaux, M Wavne Kellogg Dlrector MISSING FROM PICTURE Betty F1elds, Betty BBTNIBH Q 5-9 il 3 FRONT ROM Donna DOX11H, reas , Dorothx 1 l1ams, o ec V , Danl Mc Wulty, M N l Sec' Pres , Florence Calklns, F Pres , Judy Co on eas , Allce c u x BXCK ROM Carol Benzel, Jr 1C 1 enwon, roas , Ga1l Ml1113mS, r P es , Peter Schnltzler, J Treas Ionald Patcnitt, S P es axld Bantle, r Barbara D V Bllss o artln, S S c'x MISSING FROM PlCTLRh o ert Z1mmer eas , e ere , av1 avles, lass ffloers Honor Patrol ROW D l Shah Hugh hlx Bettx Barber, Mar3or1e Davles, V1r,1n1a Holmes June FRONT a e , Hulton, Marx Jane Maxer Carollne Rakoska Marb Slmons, Dorls Kllllan, Harold Klndel M Allan Moore Davlu BACK ROW M1ss Shadbolt Mrs HC1tZ, Cllfforo DHXIQS, Ronald lnkel, , Poole, James Hughes, Shan Hxman, halter Hallbauer, Danlel McNulty, M Lalrd fjjggfigfi, 5 Q l:"! 1'! L T 1 34" .F 31, l FRONT ROW' Doris Killian, Jeanette Brigham, Florence Mummery, Helen Hackett, Thelma Johnson, Barbara Martin, Carol Strauch, Betty Clinch, Shirley Minkel, Dale Shaw, Roger Hammond BACK ROW Lorraine Mazierski, Joan Denison, Helen Hoffman, Mary Calteaux,Rona1d Carey, Ronald Morgan, Francis Braym11ler,Donald H1ttle,Robert Brass, Mr McGowan MISSING Robert Zimmer Edacra Staff Theacles Staff FRONT ROW Jeanette Brigham, v1V1dn Allen, Sharon Arnold, Sandra Coloross, Rose Green, S ll Nolan Kathleen Smith Joyce Potter, Mary Berge, Joanne Hopkins, Theresa Stackowski, a y , SECOND ROW Linda Noel, Shirlev Doane, Joanne Eidenier Carol Benzel, Songa Shepard, Vicki Kenyon, Ida Noon, Elizabeth Clinch, Barbara Davidson, Charlene Bates, Lorraine Mazierski, Carole Lyons, Shirley M1nkel, Barbara Martin, Mr McGowan THIRD ROW V1rg1n1a Holmes, Margery Bleyle, June Hulton, Patricia Knack, Eloise Benstead, Marie Newell, Nancy Howell Elaine Porter Kay Carr, Orrelle Hudson, Joanne Rosenthal, Marie Farrington, Mrs 7 Ryan MISSING Francis Beyer, Peter Schnitzler, Richard White, Morris Mummery 'III qui' ill' .2 lene H ll QL , Kav Humph ey F , Jovce Chr1st1 n QFD, Georgette McK1nseyQFD Ruth Pfarner QF Carollne Rakosna P Rhoda Stewart L Sandra Coloross L Joyc Potter QL Mary Berg QLD Barbara DausonQLDShCOND ROM Janet Ross I Carole Lyon LD Rowena lndslex F Marv hllen Nunes F Norma Tucker QFD Kay VanSlyke QLD Sharon Blngham QFD Judy Cotton QF , BeQer1y Blnnle QF , Kay Ca p L Carol Mlnkel L Mary S mons QL , Jane Schlltz QLD Glorla Schlcl L THIRD ROW Barbara Hoffman L Dorothy Wllllams L , Jacquellne Belles QLD Orrelle Hudson QL Nancy 0'De11 LD Joyc a eman QL Nancy Howell L Marx Jane Mayer L Jovce Anderson L , Mary Ebel L Joan Brauen QLD, JoAnn Mason QL Mlss Della Shadbolt FOURTH ROW Rlchard Keenan QL Harold Rlndel QLD, Danlel McNultx Dax1d Lehnlng QLD, Hugh hlv QFD, Mlchael Dorrls L awrence D3N18S QF LD Tlmothw T1tus F Ph1l1p Mlller L Paul Sharon QFD Edwar Drennan QF Walter Dabolt QL MISSING Sh1fl8N Hood QLD Patrlqla Roche L Kaye W olex QL Davld Poole FD, Dolores Baker F d n French and Latln Club FFA McNulty, John Chmlelenskl, Phllllp 5ChlCk1ef1 LaTfW Maurlce George, Thomas Dutton, Harold Morgan, Charle Robert Rakoska, Davld Relsdorf, M Carl Relsdorf Gall H11113mSy Peter Malters, George k1FSChr JO Larry Benton, Charles Hallace, Brauen, Marren Lee, Relth H1H2 halter Hallbauer, Gerald Davls Wlnch, Ralph Helneman, Bre1tue1ser THIRD R0 Roblee, Arthur Brasky, Haggertv FOLRTH ROh h1111am Close, Leslle Davld Gordon MISSING Donn Smlth SECOND ROW Charles Powell, Rlchard Kalser, James Ebert, Otto cala, Robert Klrsch, Larry , Norman Dz1edz1c, Darrell Mlller, D3X1d Blendlnger, Montgomery, Norman Jones, Bl1ss, Harry Emery Human, s Roche, Raymond Sam LaS hn Dutton Russell James , DeVere M4 """' vw X 4'5 'QS - 3 A 1 'fu 1 X -' " Q - 1 4 Q f . I L ' Q s 45 . " I W ' A FR : a we lr ' M ' 'a ' , D, ' .e f'I, Q J, Q J, e A ,Y . e ! 1 V D V 'z ' NIJ, , S QF 7 I L .V c D1 C' I tv C ,7 V y 7 . U 7 J I D , J ' ' J U r C ,, . 1 J, 1- Q 1 D 1 y " ' i Q D. : Q D, v C J V y - J: 'Y Q , 6 Bt J, - chi b f cn, . cm cg, 9 ' Q ' I ' " ' .-cw, f - ' 3 ' ' 'ml L ' , L' ' Q J, ' ' .' Q D, , v D1 h Do S : - J v v m . Q D, 0 L' J, 6 C J. I I O O FRONT ROW: Mr, Phillips Nichols, Charles Dutton, Francis Beyer, Robert Barvian,vRobert H . , . , in ' 3' 4 Q, D, x , N , , ' ' I -7 K my X ev -: I . N' Q .' n' i- ' 4 I, - -fi vu -W . - 'f . . 1 2 I 'I N -' f ,. ' ,. , Q.. 1 ! A I x. " Q .1 -,'.iAk " Q X " , V . Darrell Haggertx Jack Gulld Charles Wallace, Donald Smlth, Edward Drennan,Dav1s Garlapo, SECOND ROM Alan Jackson, Robert Caner, Arnold Stone, Jr Joseph Klng, Cnarles Rosler Robert Drennan,Dexere Bllss James Mont OmCfW,R1Ch3Fd Hhlte, Larry Benton, Cllfford Davles THIRD ROM Raymond Garlapo, Coacn, Donald H1ttle, Gerald Schurr, Charles Lawrence, Ronald Patchett, Dax1d Bantle, Leslle Brauen, James Hughes, Paul Sharon, Mana er, Rauber Ryan Head Coach Football Baseball FRONT ROM Rlchard Keenan, Edward McNulty, L D O'Dell, Donald Re1sdor1, Gall Wllllams, Ph11l1p Gunn Rex Clouston, Peter Walter, Sam Lascala, Gerald Burton, Larrv Nourse BACK ROW Roger Hammond, Mlchael Dorr1s, Joseph Klng, Darrell Haggerty, Ronald Patchett, Dav1d R C D ld Smlth, Coach Rauber Ryan, Donald Franz, James Clase, Rlchard Mhlte, obert aner, Ona Peters, Edward Drennan, Paul Sharon - H-Y l. , , , dw Y . . . ci y , .. . , . . . ., f 7 1 r . U Y . , . , . l Q Q. ' I l 'Y' - . 1 ' 1 A U f. 7 . I . . C -N 0 . . . . I 7 . . . Y . . .L ' . 44... FRONT ROW Peter halter, Joseph k1np Francls Bravm1ller, Ph1ll1p Gunn, Rlchard Wh1te, Robert Caner, Gerald Schurr Gall M1l1l3mS BACK ROM ir Archle Petty, Coach, James ughes, Larrx Nourse, L ' Q axld Ban Q, Tames Glase, iana er arslt Basketball ar 1 FRONT ROW Gerald Burton, Jack Gulld, Charles Wallace, Sam LaScala, Mlchael DOFTIS, Frank Lavrey Norman DZ16dZ1C BACK ROW M Douglas Tullar, Dale Drennan, Peter SChH1tZ1Ef, Robert Drennan DeVere Bllss, Otto Bre1tne1ser Paul Sharon, Cl1fford Davles ' ' . .1 . U' ., N . H ' L'.' . D. O D'll, D"' tl- X .Ag 1 , I g- . O 0 Jr. t , ' ' . A : .r. 7 ' Q O EE Q I ' f. .1 Q ,. , , - I I 5 . ' 4 1 1 'pf' 35 ...,... 'QV FRONT ROM Noralvn Llndslex, Barbara Martln, Helen Hoffman, Jean Hulton, June Hulton, Anlta Glasner, Patr1c1a Knack, Joanne F1den1er, Betty Barber, Margorle Dav1es, Joyce Burton SECOND ROM M155 Golnlck, Llnda Gust, Beverly BFZ9Z1Ck1, Marvaret Musselman, Marle Glasner, Barbara Mlederan, Betty S1xt, Frances Holland, Joanne Hopklns, Joyce Chr1st1an, Lola Sampson, Al1ce Mckultv Judlth Flsher THIRD ROW V1rg1n1a DeGol1er Joyce Potter Barbara Hoffman, larcery Bleyle, V1ck1 Kenyon, Sonja Shepard, Jean VanSlyke, D1ane Hurlburt, Carollne Ravoska, Kay Carr, Marr Hackett, Marlanne Ph1ll1pp1, Donna Devlln FOURTH ROW Rhoda Steward, Carol Benzel, Kathryn Hunt, Gayle K1ng, Nancy 0'Dell, Sue Sprlnger, Marle Newell, Jovce Anderson, Ida Noon, Margaret A en, Marle Bl1ss, Glor1a Shlck, Mar, Slmons Glrl Track FRONT ROW James Hughes, Ronald Poole, Gerald Schurr, Larry Benton, Arnold Stone, George Lynch, Thomas B1nn1e BACK ROW M Tullar, Charles Lawrence, Dav1d Bantle, Davld Poole, John Glase T1mot T1tus Robert Reuss Peter SChH1tZ16f Ian 2 V 1,5- "',..a,a'1.g5 n LEFT TO RIGHT: Carole Lyons, Joyce Potter, Joanne Eidenier, Sharon Arnold, Sonja Shefard, Carol Benzel, Anita Glasner, Betty Barber. ar lt Cheerleaders ,Ir arslt LEFT TO RIGHT Harle Glasuer or1a 1 War aret Mussel Joxce Bur n Ja e Ross Beverly BFZ9Z1Ck1 q 9 f L Rose Hurlburt, Mabel Newman, A1160 hllllams, Zelma Vlckman, Ethel Tullar, Mary Lou1se N1chols, Al1ce Weber, Jul1a Loom1s, Erma Reed BACK ROW Leland Nourse, Carol1ne Rakoska, Charlotte Rakoska, Claud1a Do ster, Joa Bartz, Pa r1c1a Mor an, Arthur Beac BACK ROW Gerald , .73 c F ' N ,155 'KW' n New ,L W-.. F , ' 1. 2 2 : 9' , w MT ,nk t I , .. - -nx..,,, Qu. ' 0 n Q C Msn' AIQ .ws .,. -. ,. 1 J 1, 1' Q '.,1' :z,llLi A 2' if x -J, f on. k'1?'l"'-Ti- ' 5 'Ki ' ,JN ' ,Q 1 1 " , - Y'5""f 'wifi ' X 3511, -sw 7' 'ik ,Q ,a' f P Q1 "-1, S 'Wig 5Q'3, 554,5' E, 1sSzieg 53 :yQ - ' I -5 x f 5 K 1 fi Ml 5 'A ' 'filfk pf' at femmfgw SEA- pvif' 4 1... ""' 4.1 'Rs f' f 49' rA'J ,f 'R ,.-Mm. v .!W fm 4-nf 'X Y III' r A -b -tuf- .-'ffl ,.-tg ' ' E f . 91' .. 4 X- K- ,, , MW X .Q- I v QX 1 '-Q ' ' - 'Q ,Q T I A A-,-1,.,, . 'V , : 252 gfvez f, '21 3 '- '. 1 Q . ' X-.1 M .' ,.., 'Y 4 J' Qi 'QA Q, ,-D An, If ,fx , .-X -1 '- 1-it b' lzsf ki .ZS , . . .1 'N x h : . , I A bfjx '1 1.5 ' , ' - , .'4','1En X,-A," ' , ,.g--ju - 51 .if f ' Zn.,-,,,..fg..i - -...X 3, . 'W ,, 'f' L ' f' ' " V q x .rf + iff' , ,' " ,J . .., .L . - V Qfiix. :.- ' 1 me , . A - ' 'f 'J 5.4 -1 If Q W.. . 45, - ' A Nh o"fjA , . ,pg-. ,. filfjf-fi , , . QQ. -1, ,.f . rg-1"ff-'J.-f .. -: ' - .1-"Iv, 'ttf -V A ,--ff?.-fvrffiif,595-.,:-f . .2-iff: .1 ,1L X- an U 1' , 1 , " . 21: Y 1 . 321, :" A --1., A., 7f:.f",e5"' f 9912 fi" . I fu., -1,4-V s ,f-'- ,rf el Af? df fzfj,-' x P ,jf ' ,.. .v -s 1 . 11:1-7 ,P ' . 5' I -iff ' Aff: Jug 1-' --' ,L'.' V npr., 4 ' 1 ,v 11:2-2 ,- ' -1' ,--1 "" Q -.,- IJIN4,-.1 V, 3.57, v , w c- ' U-1 ,up - -uv' 5 , 1,1 ,s,,',r- Mit. A7 ,?' W. 5- lass Prophecy It was a magnlflcent sprlne mornlng ln Fay, 1965 as we com menced our long trlp across the Unlted States, our destlnatlon San Franclsco, and then on to Hawa11 to pay a v1s1t to the class advlsors of the Class of '55, Mrs Prentlce and Pr Garlapo, who had been V1Cat10n1ng there wlth the1r fam1116S ever s1nce the Class graduated 1n l955 1S a well deserved rest Tlred from dF1V1ng long, stopped 1n Ill1no1s at the Musty Mattress Motels, owned by Maz1ersk1, Mlller and M1nkel, t lodge for the n1ght W were greeted w1th the warmest hosp1tal ity and g1ven very sat1sfactory S6TV1Ce dur1ng our n1ght's stay We were awakened early the next morn1ng by the sharp sound of our Westfall Never Fall Alarm Clock, a greatly apprec1ated g1ft sent to us from a former classmate of '55, R1chard Westfall, when h had learned of our proposed tr1p We left the motel at early dawn and started onward Wh1le pass1ng through Wyom1ng, we spotted a mlnk farm and due to our unavoldable cur1os1ty, we stopped for a few mlnutes t look around Two lean and lanky young men strolled toward us and as they came closer, recogn1zed Dave Detschner and Dave Smlth They told us that they had come west shortly after graduatlng 1n Les Brauen and Francls Beyers had a successful sheep farm up 1n Idaho We congratulated the boys on the1r success and started on our way once more We sa11ed through the remalnder of the states and the fol 1ow1ng mornlng, we reached the Pac1f1c Coast Our sh1p, enroute to Hawa11, wasn't sa1l1ng unt1l sunset so we had the rest of the day to spend at le1sure We declded to drop 1nto the NBC tele v1s1on stud1os 1n t1me to wltness the comedy show, WMr Peepersn belng telev1sed Much to our SuFPF1S8, we dlscovered that UMr Peepersn was be1ng played by Don Peters, a class member of '55 We remembered Don's abil1ty for actlng from our Sen1or Play stayed after the show to say hello to Don and he told us that there were several successful '55 class members 1n Hollywood Among them were Bob Brass and J1m Glase who had the1r own Sef1eS of t616V1S1OH mov1es playlng the role of W1ld Bob H1ckok and Jingles They stopped to say hello and we almost spl1t, laughlng at the1r costumlng They were ser1ous, however, and asked us 1f we'd seen Ann1e Oakley r1d1ng anywhere When asked who she was, they were aston1shed that we hadn't heard the terr1f1c h1t Cora Ph1ll1pp1 was maklng as Annle Oakley We congratulated them the1r success and started over to CBS stud1os to see f there were any more surprlses 1n store for us There wasn't any show on at the t1me but we saw several people s1tt1ng about, one f them whom we recogn1zed as Barb Martln. She explalned to us that fcontlnued next pagel . . . on . . 1 - ' . It ' - . . . . so we . . . . . . . 0 . . e . . - ' e . . . . O U we ' ' . 1955 and had gone into the mink business. They also told us that . . . . . . . , . . . . We . . . . . . on . . i . . . 0 cont she was Waltlng for her telev1s1on show, Prlvate Secretary', t go on the a1r We were not a blt surpr1sed 1n Barb's show for she had been our falthful secretary for our four years 1n h1gh school She lso told us that 1n her studlo next door, where all the laughs were com1n from, Jerry Schurr, well known comedlan, was keep1ng the audlence 1n stltches as usual he sa1d goodbye to Barb and wandered over to Jerr5's show He had a very good show and 1n one of h1s serlous moments he 1ntroduced the newly dlscovered Slnglng star, the country was rav1ng about, Orrelle Hudson, w1th her accompanlst, Carole Lyons who had also ga1ned fame for herself S1nce Carole came to Hollywood, L1berace was forced out of town Ne were 1ndeed happy that so many of our '55 classmates had shown Hollywood what A C S could produce he left the studlos and drove down Sunset Boulevard stepped 1nto the AXP store on the corner to purchase some re freshments and to our amazement as we walked 1n, there was Fran c1s Braymlller He told us he was now Manager of the AGP stores 1n that c1ty He recommended us to try a box of Crosby's Cr1spy cool1es, manufactured by one of h1s old fr1ends 1h the class of '55, Tommy Crosby Je saw a fam1l1a1 face on the box top adver t1S1HU and Fran told us lt was Carol Strauch Well, purchased some cola to go along wlth the cook1es and Fran told us that Do11s and Charles I1ll1an now brew that type of cola he only hao few m1nutes before the boat sa1led and x ceeded the speed l1m1t, I m afrald Ne were stopped by a tall AS the c1rcumstances stand, he let us off okay and told us to say Hhellon to all h1s classmates of '55 We f1nall5 got aboard the steamllner, the Jazzy John, whose captaln and co captaln were former classmates of '55, John Chm1elewsk1 and Bob NcNulty But apparently Dave Poole, well 'nown tracl star, was later than we, for he merely took a broad Jump to board the sh1p We strolled down the decc and someone recognlzed Ronald Carey and h1s wlfe, formerly Vary Calteaux, who were golng to Hawa11 for thelr honeymoon Fuch to our pleasant surprlse they told us there were several class members of '55, aboard the sh1p W1fh them were Mr Amerlca, known as Dave Bantle to the class of '55, wlth h1s two nurses Joanne E1den1er and Mar1or1e Davles, as Davld had a terrlble selge of sea s1ck ness Nlth hlr sas Jlm Hughes, star football player Also, our U S Swlmmlhn star, Betty Barbe1 She had galned fame for her self by recently aCCOmP11Sh1Hg the feat of sw1mm1ng Lake Super 1or Betty was w1th her old fr1end Sally Engllsh, who was now marr1ed and was engaged 1n the modellng PTOfeSS10n She had been modellng Esklmo clothlng but was golng to Hawall to look for a better p0s1t1on Sally told us that Helen Hoffnan was now mar r1ed also and was the manave1 of the Se1v1ce Store back 1n Arcade where she had worked ln her hlgh school days We bade goodbye to Sally for the t1me bc1ng and proceeded rown to the cab1ns As were about to open the doors someone snapped a plcture of us It fcont1nued next page 7 C L A S S P R 0 P H E C Y K .J . . . . H . , O I . a ' ' . U - . O . . . . . , . U Y I O C I v ' . i. . . . 1 ,, v . . Q . , U " . . 0 . . we 1 Q . . A. , i. . . f f ' a . ' ' e - .-. , . . , and good looking state trooper whom we recognized as Bob Barvian. . I U , . . - . I . . . , A . - Lf I ' . . , . . i . . . . , . l O J . . V . . . . - , .. 11' . , o o 0 an " . . . . . I . 1 . . . .. . . 1 - . Q P A O Q g . . . ' 1' ' ' . we . I fcont was Ron George, roving reporter for the New York T1 es Pe told us that Albert S1 ons was the editor and Jeanette Brigham, Co Editor As we sat leisaiely in our cabin, we picked up the litest issue of Look As we glanced through the pages, we saw a full pave p cture of Fary Lbel advertising Colgates Chlorophyll Tooth paste with her pretty set of teeth Joan Dennison appeared on a facing page, her radiant auburn hair advertisln a new home per manent, Hairglow, a product of Vir lnla Holmes's ingenious mind Then we came upon the full length novel, The Case of the Snuevlgg ndy Bars, written by Deanna Wright Glancine further through the magazine, we saw an advertiserent featuring Betty He1neman's Happy Homemakers' Coolbook being demonstrated by two typical American housewives, Florence hurwery and Helen Hackett There was also a lengthy and interesting article on the P lton twins, Among other interesting articles was UDon't Let That Ian Get Away,W written by Janice ieisdorf When we heard some dreamy music coming from the ballroom f the ship, we dropped our magazine and went to investigate found this heavenly music was coming from Reg Hammond's Heppy, Hopsters dance band featuring clarinet soloist, Pat Ashworth, trombone soloist, Chuck Lawrence, and a real gone druf er, Tor B1nn1e W listened awhile and then Don Hittle, featured bass soloist, came into the spotlight That boy sure went a long ways from Double Quartet back in high school He sanv a lovely song ca led NI got the Bob ob Bluesn w11tten by Betty Clinch, well known song writer Ne heard rumors that Rog's orchestra was really going places, they had well exceeded the popularity Glenn Miller Later Pat knack and Anita Glasner came into the spotlight doing their famous tap dancing act s we sat our table, Pat Holland stopped to say hello telling us that she was on her way to Hawaii to paint her new picture Pat was recently rated as one of the top ten artists of the United States She had dinner with us and explained to us that the masterful cook behind the delicious meal was none other than Thelma Johnson he retired to our cabins and switched on the radio in time to hear the outcome of the Last West basketball game It seems that the star, Phil Gunn, had gust made a record of making 107 points The eleven o'clock news was reported by a woman reporter Shirley Doane, who reported that President of Columbia Univer sity, Ronald Patchett and the Director of Internal Revenue, Robert Zimmer, were flying to Hawa11 for an urgent business con ference with a prominent businessman, Hugh Lly We remember Ron ald and Robert as excellent leaders of the class Sooner than we expected, we were in Honolulu and as we des- cended from the ship, we were greeted by Nancy Howell. Charles Dutton, her chauffeur, drove us in her new Cadillac to our hotel where we would later meet our advisors. Nancy told us that she is now a famous fashion designer with the aid of her most com- petent secretary, Elaine Porter. C L A S S P R O P H E C Y .I I A ' . 171 0 4 .UE ' . cs ' ' ' L . 'Q . . I . C ' -, ,. U 1 1 - 4 A Q L ' ' - 0 A . D -r ' 1 U--9 . . . ug I - . A . 3. . . . . . ' , Y i L I 2 fu.: Ca . . Q - --? . L . A v . I1 x I K . . ' I ' ' ' 1 A ,.' M l I . . . U . Lu . June and Jean, who were now U. S. Champions in the Olympic games. ' .Z . n . ' ch L . M . ', ' o . . . . . we 14 I 7 4, ' if H . . .D e . . . . 0 , 1 --B -- Q. . ' ' ' of . ' , . l . . . . - . . A at . . . A ' u 9 , . . . L . . . . . I . . . O .. . - lass Wlll he the Senlor Class of 1955, Arcade Central School, 1n the County of Wyomlng and State of New York, bel1ev1ng ourselves to be sound of mlnd and memory, and conslderlng the uncertalnty of th1s frall and transltory llfe, do therefore make, ordaln and publlsh th1s to be our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FIRST, We order and d1rect that our Executor here1nafter named pay all our Just debts and graduat1on expenses as soon af ter our graduat1on as conven1ently may be SECOND, We hereby revoke all former Wl1lS made by THIRD, To the Class of 1956 we wlll the rlght to sleep 1n study halls, run 1n the halls, the front seats 1n assembly, and the pr1v1lege of enJoy1ng the teachers' good natures Monday mornlngs Added to th1s we W1Sh them lots of luck and may they leave the school ln better shape than we d1d To our dear patlent teachers we gladly bequeath the shreds FOURTH, After the payment of sa1d graduatlon expenses, and debts, we g1ve, dev1se, and bequeath the follow1ng PAT HOLLAND w1lls her rlckety w1ndow pa1nt1ng ladder to Joyce Potter VIRGINIA HOLMES w1lls her sm1le to Marle Newell NANCY HOWELL w1lls herself to anyone who can stand her ORRELLE HUDSON H1115 her talkatlveness to Sandee Coloross JIM HUGHES w1lls h1s D A to D1ck Whlte JEAN HULTON w1lls her athlet1c ab1l1ty to Sh1rley Farren JUNE HULTON w1lls her worn out basketball to Charlotte Radoska 'LARRY HYMAN w1lls h1s ab111ty to get along w1th women to D1ck1e Keenan THELMA JOHNSON w1lls her ab1l1ty to get along w1th people to Tom Musty CHUCK KILLIAN w1lls h1s h1dden talents to Janet Meyers Ccontlnued next page J o . . . ' us. . . . . on O of textbooks and all our worn-out pencil stubs. . . . . U W . . . . c L A s S W I L L fcont DORIS KILLIAN wills her sweaters to Janet Caner PAT KNACK wills a hook, line and sinker to the Junior girls to help them catch their men CHUCK LAWRENCE wills h1s musical ability to Gall W1111ams CAROLE LYONS wills her piano seat to Janet Ross BARBARA MARTIN wills her straight skirts to Mickey Berge FLORENCE MUMMERY w1lls all her bookkeeping marks to anyone who needs them RONALD CAREY wills his seat in shows to Jack Guild DON PETERS wills his part 1n the Senior Play to any Junior who thinks he would engoy it CORA PHILLIPPI wills her horsemanship to Sharon Arnold LORRAINE MAZIERSKI wills her big barrettes to Bob Caner to keep his hair f?l in place BOB MC NULTY wills his personality to anyone who needs one SHIRLEY MINKEL wills her ability C?J to drive to anyone who has good nerves DAVE POOLE wills his 1mag1nat1on, the rabbits, the horses and h1s Councilship in the nEn11ghtness of Venusn to any Jun 1or who can handle them ELAINE PORTER wills a couple inches of her height to Julia Mc Kerrow JANICE REISDORF wills her seat in driver training to anyone who thinks they would engoy lt JERRY SCHURR wills his ability to pitch oats to Norm DZ16dZ1C ALBERT SIMONS wills all his hot rod magazines to De Vere Bliss DAVE SMITH wills his wavy ha1r to Ph1l Mahoney CAROL STRAUCH wills her enthusiasm for great achievements f??J to Art Brasky, hoping that he can control 1t' DICK WESTFALL wills all h1s troubles to Lee Johnson fcontinued next page, .J EDITH MILLER wills her eating ability to Caroline Rakoska. fcont DEANA WRIGHT wills her quietness to Rowena Lindsley BOB ZIMMER wills his yellow and green rabbits to Bob Drennan, his orange rabbits to Mickey Berge, and his chartreuse polo horse to Mrs Ryan PAT ASHWORTH wills her ability to annoy Mr Kellogg to Joyce Bateman DAVE BANTLE wills his station wagon to anyone w o has a b1 enough landing field BETTY BARBER wills her Terry Moore bathing suit to anyone who can do it Justice BOB BARVIAN wills his '41 Plymouth to anyone who can make lt run land BOB BRASS wills his parking place during school hours to Bob Drennan LES BRAUEN wills his ag notebook to anyone who can stalghten it out FRAN BRAYMILLER wills his strength to carry girls' books home to Joe King JEANETTE BRIGHAM wills her French perfume to Peggy Musselman FRAN BEYER wills his worn out tires to Bob Caner RONALD PATCHETT wills his football helmet to Arnie Stone MARY CALTEAUX wills her ability to talk fluently to anyone who needs it JOHN CHMIELEWSKI wills a squirrel cage to De Vere Bliss BETTY CLINCH wills her position as Treasurer on the Edacra Staff to Margie Bleyle TOM CROSBY wills his position in 6th period studyhall to Mrs Shelly MARGIE DAVIES wills her seat in Chemistry to Pete Schn1tz1er JOAN DENNISON wills her Irish temper to Joanne Rosenthal, and hopes she can control it better fcontinued next page, C L A S S W I L L .J . . i I - h .g TOM BINNIE wills his ability to do no homework to Frances Hol- fcont DAVE DETSCHNER wills his dainty C??D boots to Joan Hackett SHIRLEY DOANE wills her silly giggle to Otto Breitweiser JIM GLASE wills his sousaphone to Butch Bigelow in hopes that he can hold lt ANITA GLASNER wills her ability to drink in school to anyone who can hold lt PHIL GUNN wills his blazing fast ball and sharp breaking curve to Joe King HELEN HACKETT wills her blue eyes to Joanne Rosenthal ROG HAMMOND wills his he1ght C91 to Jack O'Del1 BETTY HEINEMAN wills her red vest to her safari friend, Vick DON HITTLE wills his voice to Ray Buncy HELEN HOFFMAN wills Curriers Road to Sonya MARY EBEL wills her ability to laugh at silly Jokes to anyone who is simple enough JOANNE EIDENIER wills her cheerleading uniform to Gail Williams HUGH ELY wills his seldom used French book to Bunny SALLY ENGLISH wills her ability f?D to skip school to Sis RON GEORGE wills all his well chewed gum to Billy Streicher LASTLY, we make, constitute and appoint Raymond Garlapo to be ecutor of this, our Last H111 and Testament IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereto subscribed our name this twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Five CA D 19551 WITNESSES 72925151 l c L A s s H I L L .J CHUCK DUTTON wills his old book reports to Bill Close. ' ' ' Ex- ? f SENIORS Pat Ashworth Bob Brass Frannle Beyer Ronn1e Carey bary Calteaux Tom Crosby Chuck Dutton Joanne Eldenler Ronnle George Rog Hammond Don H1ttle vlfglnla Holmes June Hulton Chuck K11l1an Pat Knack Carole Lyons Barb Mart1n Florence Mummery Robert lcNulty Shlrley NIHKQ1 Carol Strauch Robert Z1mmer Betty Barber Bob Barv1an Jeanette Brlgham John Chm1elewsk1 Marg Davles Joan Denlson Sally Engllsh Anlta Glasner Betty He1nenan Helen Hoffman J1m Hughes Jean Hulton Larry Hyman Thelma Johnson Charles Lawrence Ronnle Patchett Davld Poole Ela1ne Porter Janlce Re1sdorf Albert S1mons Dav1d Sm1th Dave Bantle Tom B1nn1e Leslle Brauen Franc1s Braym1ller Betty Cllnch Davld Detschner Shlrley Doane Mary Ebel Hugh Ely J1m Glase Ph1l Gunn Helen Hackett Pat Holland Nancy Howell Dor1s n1ll1an Donald Peters Cora Ph1ll1pp1 Lorralne Maz1ersk1 Ed1th M1ller Gerald Schurr Rlchard hestfall Deanna hr1ght Senlor SOAG Mood Ind1go I G1ve hy Heart To You Let Me Go, Lover T111 We Two Are One Always You It Don't Hurt Anymore Mr Sandman Count Your Blesslngs I Need You how Let he Go, Lover Cara M1a Count Your Blessings S1St6TS Let he Go, Lover Hold My Hand If I G1ve My Heart To You The Nearness Of You I Need You Now Patr1c1a I Need You Now Even Now M Sandman Unforgettable It Don't Hurt Anymore Woman's World Cookoo B1rd In A P1ckle Tree I Sandman Hold hy Hand Sm1le Let Ne Go, Lover A L1ttle Span1sh Town Unforgettable That's All I Want From You Dlane I Need You Now Let he Go, Lover Sm11e Count Your B1eSS1hgS Snow, Snow, Beautlful Snow The Lord Is My Shepherd Let Me Go, Lover Stardust Let Me Go, Lover Teach Me Ton1ght Llttle Th1ngs Mean A Lot Let Me Go, Lover Mr Sandman Hold My Hand You Made Me Love You I'll G1ve My Heart To You The H1gh And The Hlghty Mr Sandman Hold My Hand Secret Love Let Me Go, Lover Granada I Spoke Too Soon Teach Me Tonlght Dream New Green L1ght Shoemaker Song Th1s Ole House Dawn I heed You Now Th1s Ole House C , . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If ' ' ' -.--- -.--------- A Y 7 , - - - , . . . .---------------- ----- ' ----------------- r. ---- ' ------------------ ir. ---- Orrelle Hudson ----------- - - You'll Never Walk Alone - . .-...---------- 4- - - - - Senlor HANGOUT FAVORITES gust around Chev1e convert1b1e alleys Mary's '50 green Plymouth Sweet Shoppe Home Home Hogan's anyplace I seem to 170 East Ma1n Home anyplace I am havlng fun Crosby's W1th Bob babys1tt1ng anyplace there's fun anywhere Bob food anyplace anywhere 2701 Cl1nton Yorkshlre '52 Bu1ck basketball games Hogans Home anywhere lt 1S fun Sard1n1a anyplace between here and there Chaffee H0OdS1d6 any place that's fun my car any place that I am havlng fun F1ve Corners Dole's Store black '52 Chev1e North Street anywhere Home 55 Chev1e Brook's Brook's 264 North Street M1ke's Mercury bowl1ng alleys where there's exc1tement Chev1e convertlble no place 1h part1cular Cottrill's Pharmacy wherever I mlght b anyplace I can have fun anyplace I happen to be bowl1ng alleys Home Home 11ttle Hoot anyplace to have fun 50 Ford Home Home Clarence anyplace I happen to be Sard1n1a Home 2. muslc and dr1v1ng lonely place and danc1ng, sports, Ron Splcy G1rls Bob S Betty my car a g1rl mov1es sweets eat1ng , food , food g1flS Janet Bern1e sports hot rods Men wr1t1ng letters l1v1ng r1ch Bob Pat danc1ng tall handsome men rambler Gene school Dave anchov1es Rex weekends champa1gne Chuck fellows men belng crazy g1rls 1n general belng crazy Mary yellow convertlbles Jam sess1ons Joanne glrl, football, Mercury WOFk1Hg for Hr Storms How1e sport cars back seat of the bus worklng Ann bowl1ng someone 1n Bradford Bob squaredanc1ng, partles eat1ng and Bucky just l1v1ng 8th per1ods 1n 327 eat1ng sports danc1ng I'll never tell someone speclal anyplace Dave 15 danc1ng horseback r1d1ng danclng dT1V1ng try1ng to do 1mp0SS1b16 8th per1od 8th per1od C - V be ------------- -------- ' -- is --...--.-... .......... - - - ' St. ------------- ------ - - fff- -fffjlfflffffflfffffilf'-F .. - - where there's jazz ----------- ----------- Bob - ' e-fIfffIfffffIffI---- ml A nth..-gf 'J 4-'sf .53 . y v,. 9 , . 1 9 Q 7 ,F ' ez 1 bl 4 Iv' ' I y f' f b E ' ,J :iv 'ah'-M gb' 4 -Ya -If ,fs 14, Q-ro? lsr- W I -4 -:hr .1 -'vsfm ,--44 lim 'E :qifffs N' ' ,ij I X? it A ' '53 BN I fig: X Y rg +' rf'f" A-.. u'V ' ' A 0 Q ulg lass Hlstor In the fall of l942,a small group of freshly scrubbed l1ttle v1ll1ans entered Arcade Central School to commence thelr s1ege of never forgotten school days As the years sped by, we collected a few stray from here and there and also lost a few, but flnally reached our Senlor year vlth 64 senlors 1n the graduatlng class In the fall of 1951, we began our f1rst year of hlgh school, our Freshman year We elected Mrs Harrlson and Mr Tullar as our class advlsors and the followlng class offlcers Presldent, Ronald Patchett, V1ce Pres1dent, Davld Albee, Treasurer, Robert Z1mmer, Secretary, Barbara Martln The Sophomores 1n1t1ated us 1nto h1gh school by g1v1ng the Freshmen Sophomore party 1n our honor At th1s party Barbara Mart1n and Robert Zlmmer were chosen as Freshman k1ng and queen We sold candy and pop at basketball games for the purpose of ra1s1ng money toward our far away Wash lngton Tr1p At the term1nat1on of the school year, the class had a skat1ng party to celebrate the success of the Freshman year In our Sophomore year, we elected Mr Koch and M1ss Harbeck as our class advlsors D1ck Tucker was elected Presldent, Ronald Patchett,V1ce Presldent, Robert Z1mmer,Treasurer, Barbara Martln, Secretary Durlng the year we gave a party 1n honor of the Sen 1ors and also had a party for ourselves Our Jun1or year began w1th the electlon of Mrs Harrlson and Mr VanOrnum as our class adv1sors We elected Ronald Patchett as Presldent, Davld Bantle,V1ce Pres1dent, Robert Z1mmer, Treasurer, our Washlngton Tr1p, maklng a total prof1t of S416 79 After the dr1ve, the loslng team gave a party for the wlnnlng team sponsored a Jun1or dance, a skatlng party, and the Jun1OF Sen1or Prom We were proud of our two classmates Ronald Patchett and Margorle Davles, who attended the Syracuse 1t1zens Conventlon as representatlves of our school F1nally, we reached the most glorlous of h1gh school years, our Sen1or year We elected as our class adv1sors, Mrs Prentlce and Mr Garlapo Ronald Patchett was elected Presldent, Dav1d Bantle, V1C6 Presldent, Robert Z1mmer, Treasurer, Barbara Martln, Secretary In the early fall, we had the annual magazlne dr1ve and, through our efforts and hard work, we sold the hlghest total of sales 1n the hlstory of the school, the sales amount1ng to 4160 After the campa1gn, we had a Vlctors and Losers party, the los1ng team g1Vlng the party Among other aCt1V1t1eS of the year, were a skatlng party held on October 22, a Chr1stmas Ball on Dec ember ll, and a round and square dance on February 21 We also presented on stage the comedy, FOOTBALL FEVER, whlch was success ful both f1nanc1ally and dramatlcally In the latter part of March, we had a Pre Washlngton Get Acqualnted party for the pur pose of becomlng well acqualnted w1th all of our classmates and to promote fr1endsh1p among all Durlng Easter vacatlon we, of course, were en3oy1ng what we had been look1ng forward to for so long, our Washlngton Tr1p We had a graduat1on party on June 28, and on June 29 our Sen1or year came to a close as we, regretfully and happlly, accepted our dlplomas o Barbara Martin, Secretary. We sold stationery to raise funds for ' I . .' . . 6. . . ,l gf . n .a. fsr"'4 ' 1 s 4'-Y I .9 -4 -,, xv' 'S , . 35 ':' Q x 1 'mf Ax L 135 x fl' We., .- six H: Q I .Wg 'i , 3. f Wt-,J . - 'Q S i 'VF wg f ,xi x ..q pl ,. Vx... . W! K! ll rn."-

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