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1947 EDACRA Ylbzaenied By. .Wm .?tu.denfA G64 fmmewmzfuwoe FUHEUJURIJ In an attempt to render the 1947 Edacra interesting to the alumni, supporters patrons, and friends of Arcade Central School -- and not merely to the students thereof the staif has in keepmg wrth the Dedlcation on page 3 carrxed through the book an account of the his tory of education in Arcade This ls done with the f1rm convlction that our book will prove the more treasured to the graduates and pre sent students and will at the same time, be shared with the citizenry of the community served by Arcade Central School The 1947 Edacra Staff wishes to extend 1ts sincere thanks to all those people who have aided in the comp1lat1on of this book wlth their loans of books, p1ctures, announcements, etc We know their contn but1ons account for a large share of the value of our publication Editor 1n ch1ef Assistant Ed1tors Buslness Manager Assistants Art Editor A sslstants A ssxstant Features Editor A ssistant Literary Editor A ssistants Make up Editor Assistants 2 Rose Marie Conroy Edward Redden Mary Kittleson Raymond Zimmer Ronald Wiedermann Betty Brass Howard Williams Dolores Demicke Karolyn Altmann Kay Welles Earl Buncy Ivy Wagner June Howell Edward Barber lean Maracle Sally Feraldl Sibyl Smith Nancy Almeter Lois Fetzer Martha Joslyn Josephine Decker Joanne Fuchs Patrxcia Stockln Betty Hamm Bill Bates Arlene Domes Shirley Zimmer -- , z Sports Editor ..,.L...r .K.,,,Q..cE F o rd Strong DEDICHTIUH THE CLASS OF 1887 Left to nght Dr Elmer Grant Horton, Nel11e Clough Homer W Clough 1th a humble realization of the inadequacy of the recogmtlon afforded th1s lssue of Edacra is sincerely dedicated to the class of 1887, Arcade Hlgh School In the snxty years smce thenr greater age and wxsdom has come a greater claim we realxze, to our school s academlc honors Therefore, ln accepting such honors, as may come our way on our graduatlon, we do so wlth the knowledge that our prominence is as a brief flxcker while the1rs IS of a lasting brxlhance We hope that the Class of 1887, 1ntact as it IS now, can be w1th us many years to come as alumm of the alma mater we share with them 3 ' : . ' , . . graduation, the members of this class have grown older and wiser than we areg and with this . . I . ,-, -urn Intersection of Liberty and Main Streets ln the Village of Arcade in the e r 1864 Y 2 Courtesy of Grant Hodge HUTES FHUIH THE PHST The following historical notes on Arcade s Schools, gleaned largely from the t b k f no e oo o Mr Harry Douglass, tell the story of the growth of Arcade s educa tional facilities They tell this story, we must admit, in a rather sketchy mann er, but brevity ls necessary to cover the span of years treated Sallent events have been noted together with, here and there a dlgression to cust d oms an char acterlstics of a period These facts could be woven into a smoother narrative but t hat could be accomplished only be a story of much greater length The pages given to these glimpses into the past are connected by a note at the bottom of each page indicating the next page on which the notes are continued 1811 Rebecca Parker was teaching in the first school of the Town of China fthere is no record of the location of the building, but it was somewhere ln the vicinity of what is now Arcade Centerj 1813 Joel Dutton was teaching ln Chlna's first village school - a log hut At this time, a Deacon Walter Hunckley had his "Temperance Tavern" in about the location of the present Post Office. The village fArcadeJ at that time had no name, it was sometimes known as "The Settle- ment" or "Hlnckley's Station," having been a stop on the stage lines. There were scattered farm buildings and possibly a general store near the site of what is now the corner of Liberty and Main. In this same school building, the town's flrst Sunday School and church services were held. 1813 - Aprll - At a Town Meeting of the Town of Sheldon Qlncludlng at that time the present townships of Arcade, lava, and Sheldonl, three inspectors of common schools were appointed: Walter Hinckley, Israel Klbbe, and Simeon Welles. This ls the earliest mention of any school officials ln what are now the towns of Sheldon, lava, and Arcade. NOTES FROM THE PAST continued on Page 5. 4 Q. f ,. f' 1 ,. 'A Q . V ' . 7 '. , tb 'va .' W' 'kwa gf.,-. -,pa l X ,' A V 1 'h , ., - - .-nf 1 V K ' ,,. ..-.F Q v , I ' - , 1 , - lx 'u f , . '- .as - L- . . . I f , - I I NOTES FROM THE PAST lcon! l 'llllll IKIBBTI' IZIIBYI Oil' 'TIIIII BIBUUHID 'IIIAIB Ol' THE ll :ll rommmrc on Tlacsday, Juvust .2-I l84l + -note Jn lull lnstltunou for tlu- untruclnon of lOl N0 LKDIFS and GEVILLNIEV, m the usual Academe cnune, IS located ln the hcaltllful and SRLKDL WXOWIING COI NTY N X lr has now cnnxplc-ltd nu fur t 'md tho hole- ol' nt- fm mls huvc, thus far, been fully rmlxzcd It null conunuc under the chnrfvc ol' nts former pnncwal . who-c character and qualxlicauons for this station nccd no eulogy hcrc llc Mall be H ll l Um ""'c ,,,,f,,,.1 - ju a2af,,s.s,i'J1:sNc plc-121m x lllnfvr- of by n com clcnt lrmnlc frnrhcr Tn: ,Far uxll In :Lulu-r bu dnnltd :mo nm Trmu nl' " meek: each md cnch Term unto t xo Quarles ol' ll vocclls each vnth n suntalzlr ucn llon 'Al the clu c of rnrh Quarter 11- ,, ,ny ,lmmhlrthatNtu4l1nls cntcr at thu. rommrnrrmtnl of thu Quarter, but they vull bc received nl any tune, mth the cxpccunon that they cuntmuc to tlm aloft' of llxc Uuurtcr ul: follqmn a 1 to thc prmcu u ln lpproxcd 'lon Books ofthe Scnunary lmrmu nu m mm 1 ,crm num ul-f, xr lltllll Hvlrl L album ,llalu I ' uuruuL1'x1. tusuxxrrnx A31 RUVUXH ,nur man uns rum lLATIY 1 1 nt nay fvrutod lin vu: bo. lllan :Le llrarvu r nluusm x I 0 u lm x x mf A-uw .-.1 :mann Rua' 4- 1 1.--r t ant A cguml . muh na m,mM.f ILITIUN S3 to 'fl 10 per quarter 3CCOYullYlf' to studies BOARD and ROOMS on reasomble IENIIS TRUSTEE Irrlulr, NAI!! Harvey Ami.: llxllu Am-:ln l B Box nn! Slml 2 Bnuhwz Hmm Bvvoxu Jerome Buren I D Buravrq Harmon B ebr Dunus Bembe ll m Buxbv L A Llllcm Judxon LllLun1 lxonnrd Cullum Allen L Cobb Hcrry Cavpemu Hanna Hodge Jr ur July H INH ll H0111 l Ill I SPRIYG ll ll COLIGROXIL ClC1l.0GUEO.fS!UDEN'ti JDBC!! YE3lF79l'fGlUl-Y 27130 C ENTLENIEN LADIES Rumrvrr Nlnu Knlnncl Anah Frmlan Clem: lovlxhrr Franlluurdlf Alrmll Jac llnbm w. M umm., In S llam- llunm ll Lukwn Xlunrilhbe ll L1 ht nl nm r Lmgmna R ul Xlavun 1-:r ,nl Margin L anavd F I aku Rmhzvd lukfr Klmrk A Pura: S hu In Perl Chu ev ln L I- ltunll Ahm Shaurrmln A Steels Dnld Smlr Chmon Thayer Simeon S Waldo Phula Nei I mul: cam n fnlmffza .4 mu. Frudon ca... Am Ie Pm, farnurnllz Mxddlfbuvy .afmn ffm.,- .4 ma, Nall! villlnbeth hmm fl.ucy Arnold um, G Bnrmvrs ' Xluy C Buuhvune gums Boulord I Rhodovphn 13.1.11 ' Luanne Xl Beebe Sally Ann B-nb, Sym L Calun ' Luau A Carpenter I Adlllne Cobb Huy B Daw Hannah Henry Xlzlmda Xl H0402 ' Lnun E Hedge Volmn Hahn! C Aupntn Hooker Heuer C Hyde Ann L H de Susan he lon Mumn lellu Rlunncl Fmnllmrlllr Ansari: Frmlal Arcade Fm llhnnlla I orlzhre Funennllz Arrmle Prado: A reed: Chu Nllns Whru Wlrld llonnn Nnchalu Alrml 'Ynchols Clmllne ucv llmuu Peet 'lhnhn A lmmagf Dolly F Runlll Dehnnh E Rowley Emelml Shelan Mun-I sfxrnap Lance Sl-elf Huldlh S Sullmnn Abugul w spun, Mary I Thayer Helen N ldulallb Hume: Wndnonh Deny R wan Juln A Weelu Wlanhn W'eelu Phcbel-I Wah Rnlnwrn Fmnlluunlh Fmdnu. Fnrnnrndl: Franilnlnzlle Anal: 1 nl Fru-lun A ned: l ovltxhve Arudc Ffndnu Anal: Mu, I-: wfm. Mmhn A Weeks Anal! Wood WHO!! Ol' IUIOLAII 81 The above pictured announcement of the Arcade Se was presented to the Arcade Cen tral School some years ago by the late Mrs Metta Foote It offers interesting possibilities of comparison with present day education, inasmuch as it is dated more than a century ago NOTES FROM THE PAST Continued on Page 6 5 1 ' U -' . 0 C ' ' , , . '-' L- . v v ' r A 4 3, A , , , - 7. . , S . , , . l 5 . ' ' 4 ' . ' B '- .MI.SllIlELSEDUUlCK.l.l . A ' ' ' " "Q ":e::L15zg..2 "" N' f ft ". 'I' gn! ls f 'l.l:d: ' ' 1 '5 r. z .' uni . ' ' V 1- I V A A- l- ' - - Ax..1 ax. . 'I b, . ,V ...,, rqfw tllllllblkll 1- ' - 1 ' - - ff' ' 4.0! yr - ,r -nr. J., , . . . , , mp "u.r11nx.m rm. . 1 , ' . star. lm., F' . 1 .n . . . 1 , .'.-: . I - C - ' . X X I . 1-1. 5 ., . . .V l.. Il. . VIS, 1 . . ' i '. , .L S'l'l'Il'1l,l'1, 1 C. O. Slll:.l'ARD. . L , V . . . . I ' 4' ' 1' . . , . . . . . I . ,' , ,fa n ' , an , . . A ,' f ' , sl . , . do . , du I. . df' , , , . dn. - , . do ' . dv 0- - - dv I' . . it . , . lla . . , V dv- , , ' , up L :nl ' . . ,. . . . rio ' . . . . . . , . . . . , , , . ' . . . S -. . . dn . , . 4.1. - - , dd . F. 1' H . flu' ' ' . '. .l ' 'f . AA , ' , . ., '15 . . ll ' V t iv- . V ' . . . I c . , ' , . . . , 1 do. . ' , 1 - ., , . . . do ' . . da W , . . . . an ' v J.. - , da , , A . I 5 5 i ... ' . . Ja. Z , . . la. , V Q 4, , do , . . J.. , . l . ' , it l . . . ' . . dc , le. ' . ld. ' . - . . ' e 8 public 1820 821 1827 1828 1837 1839 Norms mon 'rss Pasr qcom 5 April At the first Town Meeting of the Town of China, S75 was approprt ated for the support of common schools At that date the town of China newly separated from the town of Sheldon, included what is now the towns of Arcade and Java This figure of S75 represents the entire cost of tree public education for this large area The following year the sum was ln creased to 3100, at which point it remained until 1827, when it was lncrea sed to S 250 The report of the Commissioners of Common Schools showed 199 children were taught during the past year, although only about S60 was distributed to schools By 1832 the figures had risen to 753 puplls taught and S309 49 divided among 19 districts CAt this time a schoolhouse stood near what, at the present time, is Hurdvllle, and lt is said to have been the on ly frame building in the settlement at thi time Ira Shedd taught school in a log hut that stood, as our town is now laid out just west of the Arcade and Attica Railroad tracks on the south side Main Street that Money there is now in the hands of the Overseers of the Poor will go to the support of common schools The records of the United States Post Office Department show that there were four post offices ln the township China, East China fprobably on the South Road! North China , Uava Lakej, and Centre China KCurr1ersJ Town Meeting April l, "Voted to impose a fine of flve dollars on all per sons who shall exhibit any puppet shows with animals or wire dancing wax figures or shows of any kind the present year and the avails of such fines to go for the support of common schools Population of what is now the Village of Arcade was 325 Professor Samuel Sedgwick on behalf of the Arcade School Association, o pened a private academic school ln the basement of the Old Congregation al Church He conducted lt there nmtll the flrst academy building was o pened on the site of the present llethodlst Church five years later Known as 'The Arcade Seminary and Classical School' , courses were offered ln the common English branches at three dollars per term, the higher English branches at four dollars, for Latin, Greek, French and German Language flve dollars extra This school continued untll about 1853 or 1854 when the bulldlng was sold Consequently there was no secondary education available in Arcade until the opening of the Arcade Academy in 1863 NOTES FROM THE PAST continued on Page 10 6 181 -- -- - ' t Y 1 "' 2 of 1827 -- The minutes of the Town meeting of the Town of China contain the notes K I . JJMQMJMW 220026, fx -32:29 ,Lf ny 71 M BUHRU UF EDUCHTIUH Mr Francis Connors, Mr Carl Miller, Mr Clifford Tullar, Mr Joseph A Kemp, Dr George Pickens, President, Mr Harry Miller, Mx' Frank Wil son, Missing, Mr john Hamm PR HC PHL SUPERIHTEHDEHT MR JOSEPH A KEMP MR H I HARRISON 8 ' L- . . . . . . - , . . I a 1 as , gn 'Q f'X ABOVE FRONT ROW Mlss jones Mrs Hudson, M1ss Valone, Mnss Andros, M1ssWalkley Mrs Roll SECOND ROW Mr Gorruso, Mrs Smlth Mlss Shadbolt Mrs Cartwrnght MISS Mascho, Miss Barlxe Mlss Brxnkerhoff Mr Nlchols Mr Dalley THIRD ROW Mr Murphy Mr Rowley Mr Ryan BELOW, FRONT ROW Miss Buck, Mrs Day, Mrs Watson, Miss Howell Mrs Dabolt Mrs Kohel Miss Kerwin SECOND ROW Mrs Roberts Mlss Matusik Mrs Twiss, Miss Prey, Mlss Waters Mrs Mason, Mrs Edsall, Miss Murphy Mrs Rxce THIRD ROW Mxss Neamon, Mrs Shaffner, Mxss Glaser, Mrs Slocum, M1ss S Kohel, Mxss E Kohel, Mxss M Schwab Mlss Leonard 9 , : ' , . ' ' , , . . : . . ' , ' . , D ' . , . . . y . . , Mr: Garlapo, Mr.. McGoyvan, Mr. Douglass,.Mr. Boxnmatrie, Mr. Storrhs. , . , . , . . : . , ' , . . u , . . I , . . : . NOTES FROM THE PAST lcont I 1844 The village opened a district free public elementary school of two rooms on Pearl Street This building ls now part of the residence of Dr George Davls Some of the original woodwork still remains This school was used mmtll l870 Some of the customs prevalent in the school in this and earlier periods were Desks were slantlng shelves of slabs or boards usually arranged around the outside walls Ordlnarlly, girls and boys were seated on opposite sldes of the room A dunce stool or block was lnvarlably situated ln the front of the room The qulll pens were made and repaired by the teachers at the be ginnlng of the morning sessions It was customary to assess the fuel supply from parents accord ing to the number of children sent to school In some cases, lt was one third to one half of a cord of good maple wood per child to be delivered before the first snowfall and usually was meas ured by the trustees or teachers Apparently the schools had health regulations, for there was a rule which forbad sending children who had the itch to school There were no formal grades pupils advancing from reader to reader and from one arithmetic book to another 1863 Arcade Academy fa private elementary and secondary lnstitutlonj was o pened on April 7 An advertisement printed ln THE ARCADE ENTERPRISE PRISE on April 3, 1863 contained the following interesting notes 'The Arcade Academy is nearly ready for the opening term. The Trust ees are busy putting things to rights, here and there, and will make lt com ished this institution will equal any similar one in western New York Prof Earle, the Principal, has arrived, and is also getting ready on his part Underteachers and assistants are nearly all designated and will be in full the week The desks and seats are today Q Thursday J going into the schoolroom and the ladies Just like 'em, are carpeting the chapel ros trum and have on hand for that room a fine chandelier' So, every day some thing is done towards completion And now, boys and girls, blg and little, here and elsewhere, let's see you on hand next Tuesday morn at the tap of the bell ln your school rlg, and with smiling faces, of course, and so avail yourselves of this new and lnvitlng opportunity for an education which is better than houses or lands, gold or silver, or greenbacks either 1871 Miss Mary Wright became the only woman principal of Arcade Academy tonly woman ever to be principal of Arcade School J She served three terms 1870 In April the Arcade Academy was sold to School District No 1, which was made up of the Village of Arcade, and, with this transfer, the Arcade Aca demy and Union School was established under the general law of the state Tuition was stlll charged to non residents CThls date marks the end of the Arcade Academy and the public elementary school on Pearl Street J 1871 The old district school house on Pearl Street was sold at public auction NOTES FROM THE PAST continued on Page 28 10 . . G. fortable for the 7th, What they do is well done, and when finished and furn- II ,WZLJZJ gf 4 W? M, ' 'f X ' n P1 f-wah iaagsjs X f I if J' ' '-5 x-f, 40 -4-. SEATED Raymond Zimmer Treas , Martha Joslyn, Sec y , William Bates, V Pres , STANDING Louis Domes, Pres f 13 va-v MR HARRY DOUGLASS SEATED Almeter HW R The senior class wishes to sincerely thank Miss Val one and Mr Douglass, who for the last two years have acted as our most capable and willing advisers With out them we would never have accomplished the many goals which we have attained dur ' was ing this past year "' Josephine Decker, Edward Barber Nancy STANDING Gerald Wiltse 12 ,.,. .o-. 6 x.l MISS ROSE VALONE TDM 3 NANCY RITA ALMETER "Nance Vocational Stenography 'On thoughts of life I have but one, And that by gosh, is ving fun CARLTON W BENNETT "Carl" Vocational Agriculture I m a very umble person KAROLYN FAYE ALTMANN 4 :Lyn Vocational Stenography "All art is an imitatlon of nature EDWARD L BARBER "Eddie Vocational Agriculture I m lxttle and I m wise I m a terror for my size WILLIAM E BAT "Bill 'I hate to wait why I come late ' ELIZABETH IEAN BRASS Betty Business It s nice to be natural when you are naturally nice bf E? 13 ts 11:9 RA LPH E BAIRD "Ralph Industrial Arts His bark is worse than his bite ROSE MARIE CONROY R College Entrance Nothing great was ever achieved without enthu siasm X 5'-A bf X, wb ' il ll I I! l 0 ll U u ha , 9? ' . I7 3 u 1 . 1 "" i 1 G n - I! If - f Industrial Arts f 4 u 7 . aalv A 'UP ' Il ll e 1 ll I ll ll 7 I - D! li 37 6 . V X I f 1 1 , L IOSEPHINE SUSAN DECKER Non-vocational Business Dance and sing, we are eternal Y C? LOUIS CHA RLES DOMES 'Louie Vocational Agriculture The word impossible is not in my dictionary A 'Y Y-I RUTH ANN DENISON Ruth Science It s good to forgive, best to forget ARLENE H DOMES Ikey Homemaking That smile that wins them all EDWARD DOMES, IR Eddie Busmess a man KEITH W EDMUNDS 'Tex College Entrance A horse' A horse' My kingdom for a horse' l Q 14 Pi Q' VIRGINIA ANN DICKEY Ann Science Speech is silver silence is golden ELLEN M FERA LDI Ellen Vocational Stenography I m not arguing with you, I m telling you l S X Y? t V' ii K N fr X, i V K., r X f 1 " n U, IIIOJY ll ll ll II u U 1 . as , 7 Il If ll ll . JI G A ,, S' ' ll , Q- 1 ll ll . "He's quiet but what ll 4 n 1 0 ll ll 6 n ll ll ll 7 n . tn l 1 n Z - 1 3 X 1 ' .Q X: , M xl' r K ag a SA LLY DEAN FERA LDI 'Twerp Vocational Stenography Oh' That man with the horn i LOIS R FETZER JACOB S GENDZERSKI Rusty ake Vocational Stenography Latin The place to be happy A penny for ur is here, the time to be thoughts happy is now DONALD KILLINGBECK Don Vocational Stenography I would rather be rlght than President ROBERT G HUMPHREY Bob Science There is a time for speaking and a time for being still MARTHA JANE IOSLYN Marty Science ' Love me, love my dog Ad Vocational Stenography Sxlence is the element ln which great things fashion themselves 1 S.. Q IYX xl 'UA 15 JEAN E MARACLE BH Vocational Stenography The blush ls cute but sometimes inconvenient 2 E ' N as Q 5 Rf Q G- -.. 4 yy u . u A2 n I H ll u , 0 H . y 7' . ll . ' u . U at H ' Qi I " W n In sc 9 A 'VA X 4 n A ADELINE LA SCALA u n u n H3 H u . H . . u ,, If , "" il , . x F ,mv " I ' qyuhuyl 1, Q 4 -Xxx' 'I V l if fu? ROBERT CLYDE MASON MARYETTE LOUISE METCA LF AGNES M METZ Bob Lulu ' ggie Vocat1ona1 Agriculture Science O this learning, what music, friend of pleas a thing it is' ur wisdom s aid ' T JANET A RANDALL Randy Vocational Homemaking No human thing is of serious importance W Q at JAMES W MORGAN m .Q 3 Vocational Agriculture Makehay wh11e the sun shines GLORIA M NEWLAND Kitten Homemaklng 'I am Just going to leap into the dark EDWARD JOSEPH REDDEN Eddie llege Entrance I can resist anything but temptation so 16 Vocational Homemaking Words fail me ELEANOR D REISDORF Ellle Vocational Homemaklng 'No one knows what he can o until he tries MILDRED H RICHARDSON Millie College Entrance Nothing succeeds like success STANLEY I TARBOX Junior Science Free soil, free man free speech, free mind -aaa, RITA F ROCHE Shorty Vocational Stenography When I was measured I was found lacking MABEL L SMITH Mab ' Science She speaketh not, and yet there lies a conversation er eyes F ORDI STRONG "Chevy College Entrance Josephine please MARIORIE F UNGER ' rge Academic Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well 17 f- l VIRGINIA MAY SCH UESSLER Ginny Science " H1tch me to the one I love l 2 1 MARGARET ANN TURK llpeggy Science Little grains of mischief Mixed with grains of sass Brought the mighty senior From the freshman class 65 .R tx H . U U . H u n u , U , ' H ll il ' ll .I u . 6 ' s c in n " ' . If s , We sc , no . lean on the bell." ll u 'rr ,ll ' H ll ll ll 1 ID ll o n II -, 2 Q ' ' ' S 15 S' ,V A G' ? v' 3' . 4 .K 5 - ' 1 ll r IVY WA GNFR Vocatlonal Homemaking Now I lay me down to sleep, the lecture s dry the subyect s deep 1 NEIL A WA LDRON RONALD E WIEDEMANN Tiny Industrial Arts The strength of twenty men EDWARD F WILKEY Stxll waters run deep GERA LD R WILTSE erry Non vocational Business Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers RAYMOND w ZIMMER, Ra Non vocational Business Tho' high school days have their delights, they can t compare with high school nights 18 , 'F 'bw ' "Ivy" I ul u U . u . 3 1 . 1 u , 'I ClEd,3 Industrial Arts ax . u . . ' 4' III l n u '- n u gn as - ' 7 n 'K X I ,gil I Ill D Y H 6 Q ' 00.0, O i iz'c ,gf ul, ,AM L 7 0,6 Q v 0' I " ' 29 f '90 ,O 4 I A ' li , 2 1 A ff "l':l4! W , ,." I F ' 5 xx 'K-1: FRONT ROW Dolores Demicke, Shirley Glasner, Joanne Fuchs, Doris Doane Vxrguua F1sher, Ursula Bartz Marion H1nz Carol Delaney Thelma Hyman, Rita Mitchell SFCOND ROW Earl Brauen Howard Evans Frank Griffln Howard Crosby james Fuchs Allen Dean, Robert Lynch, Warren Foster, George Bigelow THIRD ROW Rita Hyland Hazel Abbot, Eleanor Ely Char lotte Barkewitz Betty Hamm, Carl Clmch Byron Hurlburt Teofil Iachim W1ll1arn jones C7 .I JUHIUR UFHCEHS FRONT ROW Howard Williams, V Pres Dolores Demicke, Sec y Mary Klttleson, Pres ,Joanne Fuchs Treas SECOND ROW Mr Murphy Miss Walkley, Advisers FW' FRONT ROW Ioyce Metcalf Joyce Moulton, Marlene King Joy Sergel Sibyl Smith Patricia Stockin, Wenonah Smith Beverly Landphair Jeanne Nichol son Ioan McKerrow SECOND ROW Roger Wolf Donald Storms Dean Stan bro Robert Rosier Richard Kindel Lloyd Neamon Glen Phillippi Gerald Lester Wayne Knowlton THIRD ROW Mary Kittleson Grace Wulff Doro thy Re1sdorf Shirley Zimmer Dorothy Wilkey Carlton Ring Clare Rogers Howard Williams Frank Noeson john Marzolf HUHUR STUDENTS Ursula Bartz STANDING Earl Brauen 'A' N? 21 Loi : I I ! r K- 1 1 ' 1 H : Q 1 ' 7 7 ! ? 9 Ir - 1 1 2 ' ! 7 ! l I 7 7 ' . 'ffv' SEATED: Mary Kittleson, Donald Storms, 3,3 1, 'S . : . 9 1 Q .A Q V , x . . y I y I 4 ff f an 1 SUPHUHJURES FRONT ROW Elsie Gleave, Mildred Gleave, Catherine Green, Allene Les ter Naomi Glasner, Bruce Kramer Nell Dennis Ronald Hopkins, Russell Jewert, Thomas Clark, Francis Lefort SECOND ROW Elvina Domes, Jean Relsdorf Shirley Sarr, Joan George Lucy Gendzerski Gerald McCormick Warren Mason, John Dennison, James Lavery, Peter McNulty, Joseph Mat usik, Stanley Houck, Franklin Minkel THIRD ROW Janet Montgomery, her Florence Mitchell, Robert Carlson, Ruth Grevln Thomas Morley Rob ert Fahy SUPHUIHURE UFHCERS SEATED Marianne Sherman, Treas , Jennie Turk, Sec y,, James Lavery, Pres , Thomas Marzolf, V Pres , STANDING Mr Dailey, Miss Andres, Advisers fb-I 22 , A, , 'N 7 7 ! ! l I 7 Gladys Frazer, Barbara Miller, Thomas Marzolf, David Grevin, Joanne Ma- : 1 9 " oJ U ...J 'I A . I I .. -. Y . Q . . ', Q ! ' v A if ' SUPHUIHUHES Q J FRONT ROW Ioyce Schuster, Grace Rogers, Lols Marsh Ruth Bleyle, Marianne Sherman, Margaret Almeter, Laurel Waldron, Elizabeth Stanbro, Lillian Butler Laura Stanbro, Mary Mowers Norma jean Bennet SECOND ROW Mary Ellen Holmes, Dale Hobin Jennie Turk, Lee P1rdy Roland Ros ier, john Newman, Robert Storms, Robert Brzezlcki Robert Putney, joseph Thornbury, Arthur Stevens THIRD ROW Loretta Haggerty, Donald Roche Harvey Buncy, Alan Wiedemann, Delbert Wolcott, Mary Ann Stotsky Ethel fn HUHUH STUDENTS FRONT ROW Florence Mitchell Mari anne Sherman, Ethelmae Shisler BACK ROW Russell Iewert Z3 , 5 ,R Q ' ' ' ' J r Y' ' 'I . 'V : n - 5 ' , - mae Shisler, Iune Barche, Grace Weichmann, Olive Roblee, Edna Reisdorf. v, T-7 T ! '5 1 '. I R14 gh ,J t , - .L.,2. "' 4' - 2 N V. o Ts 1 . . .A . Y 1 FRESHIHEH FRONT ROW joseph LaSca1a Arnold Metcalf, Gail Marble Vernon Dean, Francis Hoffman, Lois Ellis, Shirley Henry, Phyllis Hoffman, Edna Hurl burt Marie McGuire, joan Lynch janet Glasner, Evelyn Green SECOND ROW Harold Howell, Thomas Gainey, David Hyman Dorothy Miller, Mar lene Haskell, Margaret Koerner, Ianet Dole, Monica Hoyt, jean H1bsch, Bar bara Dawley, Jane Lewis THIRD ROW Joseph Kross, Beverly Mowers, Harlan Holmes, Robert McKerrow Donald Conroy, james Manlon, Richard Lavery Sharon Drennan, Mildred Hinz Shirley Edsall, Gerald Hughes, Rich ard Gustos FHESHTHEH OFFICERS Sec y Bruce Stockin, Pres , Norman Zim mer, Treas , Mrs Roll, Mr Garlapo Advls ers 24 FRESHHHEH CNW FRONT ROW MarJorie Wiedemann, Loretta Wigler Dudley Tullar, Rich ard Byroads Wilham Pleace Hugh Smith Russell Bolm, Ronald Reuss Paul Montgomery, Bruce Stockln Harold Yonmg SECOND ROW, Mary Noe son Margaret Schlener Francis Paulsen, jean Sloand Ioan Putney Mary Lou Randall, Kay Welles Helen Ptaszkowski Ioan Almeter, Norman Blank Clifford Butler, Lawrence Westfall THIRD ROW William Moltrup Nor man Zimmer Ruth Reisdorf, Shirley Rauenhorst, Thelma Page Clarinda Scott Maryan Smith, Audrey Newland Delores Proudy, Viola Reisdorf Marion Byroads, Paul Bigelow, Lawrence Penfield HUHUR STUDENTS " SEATED Phyllis Hoffman, Ioan Lynch Kay Welles STANDING Bruce Stockln 25 .., , V V . 4 , A ,. Q G V J "' B l R A X , 6 4 ' Q . ' , -,-' M ' h V ' ,, , ,A - ' . - " -n . C l - ' 7 I i ! D 1 ' ' ' D 9 9 I ! D I . : , - Y ! 1 9 , P 7 1? '.I ,. ,Q V .. ' 4 r- . , y I 5: K , . . W7 ,- . EIGHTH IW-DE FRONT ROW Mrs Delia E Cartwright, Betty Ann Weichmann Nettlemay Bowman, Robert Martin, Ralph Howell, Richard Gasper, Dahl Blum Stanley Gendzerski John Crosby, Robert Campbell, Larry Emke, Daniel Crowley SECOND ROW lean Devin Dorothy Byroads, lean Fuchs Harliene Ellis, Alice Carpenter, Lucille Farren, Gertrude Battaglla, Ruth Bieber, Donald Holmes, Gordon Flammger, David Carlson, Donald Lewis, George Klttle son, Richard Fahy BACK ROW Bonalyn Bakeman, Jeanette Buncy, Doro thy Bleyle, Rolland Bray, Louis Edsall, Ronald Kittleson, Walter Abbott, Arnold Brldenbaker Bernard Glasner Richard Hamm John Pleace Floyd Hughes Robert Barber, Dennis Mlllgate FRONT ROW: Suzanne Morley, Alice Henry, Ann Kramer, Donald O'Neil, james Myers, Marjorie Porter, Nancy Stockin, Loretta Schreiber, Wilma Zeches, Ianet Mordan, Dolores Montgomery, Phyllis Roblee. SECOND ROW: Miss Dorothy Brinkerhoff, Phyllis Taylor, Norma Heinemann, Glo ria Killlngbeck, Richard Turk, Donald Westfall, Preston Rice, Donald Tor rey, La Verne Phllllppi, George Moulton, Vernon Nichols, Loretta Hoffman, Miss Lllllan Jones. THIRD ROW: Audrey Mitchell, Ruth Miller, Harlene Hughes, E. Marie Moltrup, Marion Shlsler, Sharon Smith, Carol Randall, Dale Rice, Ioseph Turk, Edith Hackett, Norma Hughes, Bernice McFall, Larry Williams. 26 ,,,- - '- , .x Q. ' 4 ff, S I nw ti U 'RA 4 :. . , 1 , . 3 a , 7 D ! I , . SEVENTH BRHDE FRONT ROW Donald Hoffman, james Hopkins, William Collins Martha Byroads, Elaine Kelly Arthur Mummery, Donald Lynch Raymond Allen Raymond Arnold Leon Foster, james Hulton, Wxlliam McGee Paul Gus tas SECOND ROW Mrs Smith Nancy Ashworth Dawn Campbell Ruth Bridenbaker,Eloise Durkee Ann Drennan Kenneth Burgess Garry Barber Erwin Frazler Richard Frazier, john Kane Paul Kirchmeyer Alvin How ard, Miss Andres THIRD ROW Donald Heineman, Charles Burgess Ken neth Ellis, Robert Feister, Kelth Damon Robert Rockwood Lee Hartung, Paul Grevin Lowell Brown, Wayne Arnold, Naome Baker, Jean Charles Marjorie Byroads, Constance Brown Edwin Balcom .J FRONT ROW Betty Gilbert, Betty Leonard lean Porter, Jeanette Gen dzerski, Joanne Kaack, Shirley Gasper, Janet Norton, Charlotte Stanbro, Lucille Miller, Patricia Smith Ceora Pangel james Pangel SECOND ROW Mr Nichols, Jean Fitch, Betty Lou King, Arlene Phillippi, Doris Grooms, Florence Roche, Margaret Weidlnger, Caroline Emke, Con stance Kittleson, Mary lane Miller Albert Wagner, Melvin Schuster Clair Williams, William Phllllppl THIRD ROW Elizabeth Lewis Duane Carlsen, Carl Youngers john Stotsky, David Smith, Joseph Ziellnski Earl Perry, Herbert Perkins, Patricia Lavery, Constance Rupert Joyce Twiss, Barbara Henry, Nadyne Fowler Bruce Puff 27 ' a -7 q.'v ' .Hi n f Y L V . J ,g 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . I - , , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . . , 1 1 1 1 , . 1 A ' . ,l - f' Q tru l V'-I K . L. -y J V v X , . U 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 . I , 1 1 , . No'rEs FROM THE PAST Ccont 3 The Buffalo Express of August 3 1867 had th1s to say about the above buxldmg "Arcade Academy, chartered xn 1862, IS very pleasantly sztuated upon a lot of our acres ln the western part of the Vlllage The bmlding is forty three by sixty three feet three stones above the basement ln whxch are placed the furnaces for warmlng the entlre bullding The chapel is saxd to be the finest room for public exerclses concerts etc , in Wyoming County The fall term will commence September 3 with Prof Hussey, formerly of LeRoy, as principal and three other teachers as assis- tants This spring the citizens planted over one hundred shade trees in the Academy yard, which in a few years will make a beautiful shade Qwrltten by james Glbsonj fThe charter of Arcade Academy was granted in February, 1862, and school opened in April 1863, with 1. W Earle as principal, Mr Earle was succeeded by William N Benson, in 1865 who, in 1867, was replaced by Mr Hussey mentioned above. Above picture is by courtesy of Mrs. Vernon Gibby NOTES FROM THE PAST continued on Page 38 28 kl N! SL, KN' 42 k W r 47 1" ' Mfg 'if M4 29 J Z IU FRONT ROW Louis Domes Robert Mason Joyce Metcalf Jennie Turk Mary Lou Randall Mildred Gleeve Mary Noeson Shirley Edsall Shirley Rauen horst, Marlene King Shirley Zimmer Keith Edmunds SECOND ROW Mrs Roll Mabel Smith Margaret Turk Ursula Bartz Rita Hyland Elsie Gleeve Joan Almeter, John Demmlson John Newman Dudley Tullar Russell Bolm James Fuchs John Marzolf Harvey Roll THIRD ROW Elizabeth Brass Maryann Smith Clarlnda Scott, Evelyn Green Marlon Byroads Josephine Decker Lillian Butler, Norma Bennett Monica Hoyt, Naomi Glasner Laur ence Penfield, Neil Dennis E 'A I1 GT FRONT ROW Joann Fuchs, Joyce Moulton, Karolyn Altmann, Janet Randau, Marianne Sherman, Slbyl Smlth Patricia Stockln, Beverly Landphalr Vlr ginla Fisher SECOND ROW Mrs Roll, Ruth Bleyle Dorothy Miller Mar Jorle Wledemann Loretta Wlgler, Barbara Dawley Jane Lewis, Lois Marsh Margaret Scheiner, Margaret Almeter Martha Joslyn, Rose Marie Conroy THIRD ROW Marlene Haskell Delores Proudy, Janet Montgomery Alvlna Domes Arlene Domes, Eddie Barber, Norman Blank, Donald O Nell, Donald Torrey, B111 Bates Thomas Morley, Norman Zimmer 30 I g , qs' , . 'V M V1 J 3 I ' , , ' , , ' ' " ,,'W7, ff IUIXEU UHURUS 3 Q IN F ' el- C 0 , X M g . ll M 7 4 7 3 A U 1st CLARINET Virgmla Dnckey Ruth Ann Denmson, Mary Lou Metcali Ronald Ruess 2nd CLAR INET jean Fuchs Ursula Bartz Vxrglma Fxsher 3rd CLARINET Shnrley Edsall, Marle Mc Guire Edward Barber ALTO CLARINET Robert Brzez1ck1 BASS CLARINET Rodney Young OBOE Shlrley Rauenhorst FLUTE Dav1d Tullar SAXAPHONES Thelma Hyman Peter Mc Nulty Nadyne Fowler, Warren Foster, Betty Lou Kmg jean F1tch TROMBONE Floyd R Hughes, Francls Keem, Harlan Holmes BARITON Margaret Turk HORNS Dons Doane Joann Fuchs Barbara Dawley Vernon Dean BASSES Harold Young, john Denmson Francxs Leiort lst CORNETS Leon Foster, Louls Edsall PERCUSSION Betty Hamm Russell Bolm, Wayne Arn old lean Devin Robert Wxlkey TWIRLERS Al1ce Henry Iosephme Decker GIRLS CHORUS ,S fi gall! Dah T Plleh F1 FRONT ROW Lucille Mxller Marlene Haskell Marlon Byroads Mary Randall Clarinda Scott, Mxldred Gleave, Elsxe Gleave Margaret Schiener, Shlrley Rauenhorst jean Devm, Loretta Wng ler Lois Marsh, jean Lewls SECOND ROW Mrs Roll, Betty We1chmann lean Fuchs Gert rude Battaglla Ruth Bxeber Margaret Wledmger, Patrxcma Lavrey Constance Rupert, Dorothy Byroads Suzanne Morley, Glorla Kmlhngbeck Dawn Campbell Nancy Ashworth lean Taylor Nancy Stocldn janet Norton, Loretta Schrexber THIRD ROW Charlotte Stanbro Constance Brown, Martha Byroads Elaxne Kelly Maryorxe Wexdemann, Ruth Bleyle, Audrey Newland lean Charles, Ann Drennan Eloise Durkee Norma Hughes Carol Randall Betty Lou Kmg Arlene Phxlllppi Betty Roblee 31 1 : . . . y . , . - : , Y . . . . . : . . - , . : ' '. : . : ' . : ' . : , - 1 ' 1 ' - I - ' . : . : ' , , , . : ' , ' . : ' . : , - 1 1 . ' 1 Q 1 h ' 7 N L. 1 K ' ' -i me X x, .., I I I P75 I I T VQX 4 '4 X at ul I ,I A : ' l I . 7 7 , . , . , . . - y ' ' : ' . 1 1 ' , . , . . . . , Q I . . ! I 1 I , . . , y . , . . . , ! 1 7 1 . ! . , . UIUSIU CLUB FRONT ROW I Turk, H Williams M Ios1yn,1 Fuchs, M Turk, I Ran chll, I Decker, S Smith P Stockln SECOND ROW Mr Goruso, E Brass A Dickey, R Dennison M Metcalf, M Smith M Almeter, N Almeter Mrs Roll THIRD ROW I Newman, E Barber I Denison F Keem H Roll, R Mason, K Ed munds W Bates R Bolm UHHIUHTIC CLUB FRONT ROW D Killingbeck, C Bennett F Noeson, F Strong R Mason W Bates SECOND ROW I Metcalf I Moulton, A Bleyle A LaSca1a I Randall, M Unger, S Smith P Stockin R Conroy M Joslyn I Maracle E Feraldl THIRD ROW Mr Murphy A Metz W Smith K Altmann, S Feraldi V Fisher, B Landphair M Smith R Denison, A Dickey K Edmunds Miss Andres FOURTH ROW M Hoyt H Abbott, L Fetzer A Domes, R Hyland G Newland, E Ely I Decker E Brass C Rog ers, L Domes I Morgan, E Red den E Barber FUTURE FFUUUERS FRONT ROW W Foster, G Hugh es E Barber N Waldron L Domes F Noeson R Mason, C Ring I Morgan, W Mansfield SECOND ROW Mr Nichols W Moltrup R Fahy, A Wledemann, R Roster, D Wolcott N Young, L Pirdy R Gustas THIRD ROW R Klndel, F Lefort, W Pleace S Houck, H Evans, C Bennett, D Stanbro R Rosier L Nmrnon, G Lester R Hughes 1 Matusick D Hobln . . . , , . . , . . , . . , . . : . . , . , . , . . 1 ' 7 - - , . . , . . : . , . . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . , . , : . , . , . , . . , . . , . , M. Turk, N. Almeter, M. Metcalf, . . , . , . . . , . . , . . 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' - 1 , u a - , . . , . , . y I , . , . . Q ' ' ' : - 9 ' , . . . . , . . , . . : . . . , . 1 - 9 ' ' , . , . , . UEHHBUUH STHff FRONT ROW Kay Welles, Karolyn Altmann Patricia Stockin Sibyl Smith Ivy Wagner, Josephine Deck er, Ehzabeth Brass SECOND ROW Mr McGowan Martha Joslyn, Rose Marie Conroy Mary Klttleson, Wil llam Bates Raymond Zimmer, d ward Barber Ford Strong Sally Fer aldl THIRD ROW Jean Maracle Lois Fetzer, Arlene Domes, Nancy Almeter Dolores Demlcke, Joann Fuchs Betty Hamm, Shirley Zim mer Edward Redden Howard Wxl hams Y--'Y FRONT ROW Raymond Arnold Daniel Crowley Raymond Allen, John Crosby Dav1d Carlsen SECOND ROW Ronald Kittleson, Kenneth Ellis George Klttleson, Gordon Flammger Garry Bar ber THIRD ROW Kelth Damon, Edwin Balcom, Larry Emke Roland Bray, Wayne Arnold, Rob ert Fahy SEVEHIH llBHTH BHSHETBHLL FRONT ROW Maryorie Byroads, Dor is Grooms, Jeanette Gendzerski, Jean nette Buncy Dorothy Bleyle Bonalyn Bakeman, Marie Moltrup Arlene Phil llppi Norma Heineman, Ruth Miller SECOND ROW Phyllis Taylor Betty Gilbert, Janet Mordan Connie Brown Eloise Durkee, Ann Kramer, Jeanette Vedder, Phyllis Roblee, Nancy Stock 1n, Gertrude Battaglia Shirley Patrl kus Gloria Killlngbeck Catherine McGee Alice Witt Ruth Bleber, Shirley Gasper, Jean Fitch Bern 1ce McFa1l FOURTH ROW' Alice Carpenter, Lucille, Farren, Martha Byroads, Nettlmay Bowman, Harliene Ellis, Constance Klttleson, Harlene Jughes, Lucille Miller, Mary 'Jane Miller, Edith Hack ett, Norma Hughes, Charlotte Stanbro, Delores Montgomery. 33 I- 6 ' ' f - , 21 .. : 2 1 - . '.- I rf 1 ' 5 A 1 ' . 1 - '. k 1 K . , - I U 1 157 1 , E ' lk A Z 'fx 24 ' 4 7 1 ' ' 1 2 , , - A , FL 3 is T ' A .D as ,,- 3 1 1 Q , - . A , ' J i - - 1. J 1 E . . fn 1 1 f 8 'O' ' 4 'y - 'I K ' X54 1 , H 5 4' li, . : , s ' X 1 s . , - 1 1 1 1 1 CHEER LEHDEHS VHRSITU BHSHETBHLL tha Joslyn Marjorie Unger, Huner Smith, janet Mont gomery, Ioann Fuchs Iennie Turk Wenonah Smith Miss Barlie, Coach -4 he Howard W1ll1ams, Ford Strong George Bigelow BACK ROW Mr Ryan Robert Mason, Keith Ed munds Donald Storms Delbert Wolcott r u 19 FRONT ROW Harvey Roll, Neil Wal dron, Robert Rosler, Frank Griffin, Richard Cole Donald Storms SEC OND ROW Mr Ryan, Glen Phillipp! Robert Mason, Raymond Zimmer Ford Strong, James Lavery Byron Hurlburt THIRD ROW Harold How ell, Bruce Stockin, Edward Redden, Thomas Marzolf, Paul Montgomery James Morgan, Howard Williams. 34 E V 1-Uv, ,I r 6, Q h Q, ,w 0 Z5 -i S ' V I xl K ,, W Q b X 0 . K 1? L 5 Q was Q 1: L 1 t ' :I s Y. I -1' 1 J- ,-A I FRONT ROW: Grace Rogers, Nancy Almeter, Mar- FRON'I' ROW: Raymond Zimmer, Richard Briggs, , I 7 7 : ' 7 . 1 . , , . f. x 0 , . 2 x? , S x - - a -I - D- if tx . - I F E 1 ' ' ' H : . , s '. x , . X , 7 JUHIUH VHHSITU FRONT ROW Howard Evans Stan ley Houck, Richard Cole Thomas Clark Robert Rosier Dale Hobin SECOND ROW Mr Ryan Frank Noeson, Ronald Hopkins Robert Storms Iames Lavery Russell Iewert THIRD ROW Robert Carl sen, Bruce Stockin john Denism Paul Bigelow BHSHETBHLL INTRAMURA L BASKETBA LL CA PTAINS FRONT ROW James Morgan Carl ton Bennett, james Fuchs, Thomas Clark SECOND ROW Earl Bunc Ronald Hopkins, Dean Stanbro Rich ard Cole, Mr Ryan IHTHHHIUHHLS BHSEBHLL FRONT ROW Richard Briggs james Lavery, Norman Yonmg, Earl Bimcy, Howard Williams, George Bigelow. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ryan, Keith Ed mnmds, Robert Mason, Donald Storms Delbert Wolcott, Ford Strong D ! 7 ' 7 I i ? 1 Norman Young, Paul Montgomery, : , - - I Y, , - 1 , I UCUTH CLUB OFFICERS PHCTCCCHPHU CLUB 46 wr fa! gil' Q' 'Y' 'St Yu- as x ff FRONT ROW Iosephlne Decker Pres , ith Ed FRONT ROW Iohn Denison john Newman james rt SECOND ROW Carl Bar munds, V Pres , Joann Fuchs Sec y SECOND Fuchs, Robe Storms ROW james Lavery Treas che Thomas Marzolf Franklin Minkel I ge: QXCQ G Newlnrrof V..- 36 A CIHLS BHSHETBHLL FRONT ROW Lucy Genzerski Janet Dole Mary Ellen Holmes, Loretta Haggerty Jean Maracle, Kay Welles SECOND ROW Miss Barlie, Dolores Demlcke, joan Put ney, Laura Stanbro, Elizabeth Stanbro E1 len Feraldi, Helen Ptaszkowskl Phyllis Hoffman, Ioan Lynch THIRD ROW Naomi Glasner Rita Roche, Allene Lester Bar bara Miller, Maryann Stotsky Grace Sic lari Alice Tuczapsky Ruth Grevln D Q 4' Slit' Q ' C . . - - . l 'N 'a 9 '5 'J 4 ' VF, ' ' .1 ,yr , A 4 ' xx. l Tm! I 'i Q 1 , U as ' 7 I . Q. A . M ,K , X X 8 . ' J :V Y, , W . , Vee' .sa-mi 1' . va 'S - 4 , V. -ff V If , A I I , .' Ke ' I , , . .' . ' ,. . : - . , . X. ,tag ,lx , , . ' s 1 ,H .M-'H 1' X x j ll 2 y I W 5 I 53 ? ,. , . -' " : 1 2 0 A V, Q.. :V I , I ' Q , . , I h X, r y 7 1 - BHCHELURS CLUB PLHU CI-IST 36 U V3 SEATED Ford Strong Neil Waldron Robert Mason IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL THANKSGIVING PLAY CAST Carlton Bennett Keith Edmunds STANDING Miss Walkley Ronald Wiedemann Robert Humphrey, Ray mond Zimmer Miss Valone GIRLS BHSHETBHLL FRONT ROW Alice Henry, janet Montgomery, Grace Rogers, josephlne Decker Mary Lou Metcalf, janet Randall SECOND ROW Miss Barlie Barbara Dawley, Wenonah Smith, jane Lewis, Ruth Ann Denison, Ann Dickey THIRD ROW: Betty Weichmann, Shirley Rauenhorst, Shirley Edsall, Marylou Randall, lean Devin, Gloria Newland When Elmer Played john Alden FRONT ROW Sharon Smith, Ann Kramer, Ianet Mor dan Alice Henry Norma Heinemann SECOND ROW Mrs Lucille Smith, William Collins Donald Torrey, Bruce Stockin Louis Edsall, Mrs Delia Cartwright 'K J . 55 .1 .26 , ,, V'- '3 9 .. c - .' ' Y: A 0 2' .11 ' L4 00 . ,, 4 1, 4- -- - - fx C1 4 2: . 5, - V 1 - Q vt n -.qvy , 1 1 V cl 5 1 O ' 1 ' .L .f ' 'V , - W ' v . , 8 , ff I 5 ' , J, A , , ,J-M . -- , , Q Q. . l . - 1 1 , . I ' , u n , . . 1 . Q 9 ' - 7 , . . .T-l e ' - O' 31 . 5 a 'V A . 3 ' '- .. .- 4 l .. - , , - , 1 NOTES FROM THE PAST continued on Page 47 1870 The Arcade Academy and Unlon,School boasted a faculty of two in the aca demic department, about the same number ln the grades, and a part time vocal and instrumental teacher Two terms of sixteen weeks made up the school year In 1883 Mr Goldsmith, Principal was conducting teachers classes Two of the best remembered teachers of the training class during the subsequent years were Mrs Mary Fenner Knight and Miss julia Young Blackboards, in these days were painted boards, while erasers were blocks of wood covered with sheep skin or rags It ls interesting to find that ln 1880 the School Commissioner complained, in his state report that many schools had no crayons or erasers, while blackboards were univer sally poor To remedy the situation, the Commissioner carried a can of blackboard slatlng under his wagon seat a brush ln a teapot with a hole in the lid to allow the brush handle to pass through, a tea cup, a lot of erasers he made himself, and a box of chalk He claimed to be able to paint the blackboards in ten minutes and that twenty minutes later, the boards would be ready to be used The school had its own outside pump to which the older boys went with pails Back in the school room it was a privilege to pass the water pail, while each pupil filled and drank from a common dlpper Each room was heated by a large stove which used three foot sticks of wood brought in by the older boys Q A pile of such wood can be seen in the pic ture of the building J James H Gibson was principal of the Arcade Academy for seven terms in the 1860 s and 1870 s I-le is pictured above ln his home office It is interesting to note that, before entering the field of education, Mr Gibson was, at different times a drugglst and a printer The local paper, Arcade Enterprise, ln April, 1865, reported that James H Gibson was making qulte a success of a hair restorer called Orn aline which was supposed to eliminate gray hair In August, 1865, the Enterprise carried this advertisement for Gibson s Restorative Dressing Cures baldness, falling hair and promotes growth been ln use about a year There ls a class of bald headed people upon whose heads the hair cannot be made to grow by any remedy known The Restorative Dressing will not perform miracles Mr Gibson was founder, editor, and publisher of the Arcade Enter rise established March 31 1859 This was Arcade s flrst regular newspaper In his st issue he offered to take good maple sugar or wood on subscriptions NOT rr- FROM THE PAST continued on page 47 38 ' 9 ' I ' - , . I D Q , 4 i it 8 all ll' f, , Q - s A A 13 A I, 1 , fi Qi" " . an a .ag - '2 A no I: L 5 1 .-J . 4 zf' " , I B I ' , ll . C - I . II 1 . , u . II I I ll .ll gym E033 GLS X i-"- ! I : .ff an ' . ' .. : I ' 'fi-2. 1, '.,',.'.,g.,. ' ,-... 1 O 4' as .up V4 41 r A f 1 1 'NIEHS ,cn ,Q l X f , x A llc-' .7 C60 Cfse Dub 3 me .-J N S N N R C0107 nSW"" ,X ' 77 L L 'I' L. Do mfs 32 6 Gen ZQRSKI "X N I gi gl xg :uk Q Wo 8 41' Ex Qll X wvvv v, Q3-Itkmcefea Q 9 gnnnlltli I CLHSS HISTUHU Nf1Kf'l' I In the fall of 1943, we entered high school as freshmen We met early in the year and elected the following officers President, Edward Redden, Vice Presi dent Martha Ioslyn Secretary, Annabelle Rogers, Treasurer, Rose Marie Con , W lected Mrs Edwards and Mr Garlapo for class advisers The main roy e se event of the year was the Freshman Sophomore Party, at which we were enter tained by the Sophomores At the close of the year, we received diplomas as acknowledgement of the completion of one year in Arcade Central School ing officers were elected President, Ludovic Mercer, Vice President, Martha Joslyn Secretary Rose Marie Conroy, Treasurer, Ronald Wiedemarm At this meeting Mr Douglass and Mrs Allen were elected as advisers Our only ac tivity was the Good Time Party held early in April to entertain the Fresh men M-9m H1 We had forty nine members as we entered our Junior Year Early in the h en President Ed fall, we held a meeting and the following officers were c os , ward Redden, Vice President, Arlene Domes, Secretary, Nancy Almeter T urer Raymond Zimmer Miss Valone and Mr Douglass were chosen as E tie.: Jew- reas advisers We held a Thanksgiving Dance and an Easter Dance to raise money t tertain the Sen In the spring, we held the traditional Junior Senior Prom o en iors As Seniors, we elected the following officers President, Louis Domes, Vice President, William Bates, Secretary, Martha Joslyn, Treasurer Raymond Zimmer We selected Miss Valone and Mr Douglass as class advisers Ear ly in the year, we decided to raise money to take a trip to Washington around W nsored many activities to raise money Among them was Easter time e spo the Magazine subscription sale, the fall dance, the Senior Christmas Ball, e wi h Penny Arcade the Valentine Dance, the movie, and the Senior Play We s to thank the people of the community for their whole hearted support of these activities As we leave school, we look back with satisfaction on four years of en1oy ment It has been hard work but more than worth the effort is NGVSQM :July esev-seg X12 -1 My X YG 2.95m- uR B 1 , 4-wx l I 42 .Q I. p Z J ' V P I J .fi L 'x. . xx, Qtr, 4, 5 Ng!! 'AQAS xl " 1' ' P. 4X Sz' , , :wg 0 P QQ af ,f xr X r X 1 5 X B. HM H1 U m . Z o S I : ' n - Z X E . . - . . - up I I 6 In our Sophomore year, we held a meeting early in November. The follow- . ' ' - ' -. 1 fi 9 ' . 51 fi I . 2 . - ' Qjflqf, . . , . - 4 K ' ' th n A -Q. ' V .N , 'U fl 1 .- - ! ig 2 - 5' f I, V fu 1 5 lg " 2 I Th 5 'El' TEX Fono i 3 - -Q x XY YN g Lfoufy Jon D Mfr '3 C., fr Ea:-. , 0 Tgwf R flxnk y f O SUNG TITLES A Nancy A lmeter Karolyn Altmann Edward Barber B111 Bates Betty Brass Ralph Baird Carlton Bennett Rose Marie Conroy Josephine Decker Ruth Ann Denison V1rgin1a Dickey Arlene Domes Edward Domes Louis Domes Ellen Feraldx Sally Dean Feraldi Lois Fetzer Jacob Genderski James Grevin Frank Griffin Robert Humphrey Donald Killlngbeck Adeline La Scala lean Maracle Robert Mason Mary Lou Metcalf Agnes Metz James Morgan Gloria Newland Ianet Randall Edward Redden Eleanor Reisdorf Mildred Richardson Rita Roche Virginia Scheussler Mabel Smith Ford Strong Stanley Tarbox Margaret Turk Maryorle Unger Ivy Wagner Nell Waldron Ronald Wledemann Edward Wilkey Gerald Wlltse Raymond Zimmer Nancy with the Laughmg Facew , Rumors Are Flying -A Rio Rlta For he s A Jolly Good Fellow Five Minutes More Cuddle Up A Little Closer 'Daydreaming I Came Here To Talk For joe Please Don t Say No Say Maybe Exactly Like You just A sittin AndA Rocldn This Is Always Sentimental Reasons Who Put the Over Alls In Mr Murphy s Chowder? ""' N H I ll Never Love Again The Things We Did Last Summer Love Is The Darndest Thing 'Dreams Bell bottom Trousers Sleepy Time Gal Shuffle Off To Buffalo Why Does It Get So Late So Early 54 lv 'Does Your Heart Beat For Me? Stardust My Sugar Is So Refined As Long As I Live Humoresque I Wish I Knew The Old Lampllghter I m a Big Girl Now It Couldn t Be True Is you Is Or Is You Ain t? One O Clock jump You re A Great Little Girl Put That Ring On My Finger 'Don t fence Me In Sooner Or Later X 1' QI gi sq, Zip A Dee Doo Dah U ' 'Sweet And Lovely ij 'Breathless Night And Day K I H Nita X 1 More Now Than Ever Scatterbraln It s My lazy Day The Girl That I Marry To Each His Own J 0 3-CHN A14 L 'W ---'KJ is ...M , HQRJ UIYGEE 43 '61 E' 9,Q.,, lpw H J 1 -- : 1 - L 0 4 -5' ,K . .... --.g Ai.. I- 8 ,..: un- 2' J . J ' VJ - , .. ,,.. fr Q. Y . I t '- ' 2' . Q 1 I af J 7 ol. N I0 J J Q: . K jj II . ,, " 0 1 jj I' ., " I 'f X un- as u , x jj II ' " . j f . -- u - 4 A fn I , - jj II " ., 1 T 1, ' ff .. 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'49-f"N5 LDDAFHNIJQQLORNNLQ L13 CQNQJQQ. fQ,v.-JL,fA,e-vxaJl:llc9 95.15 94,49-cafofmd CS- -texssuscv-rf6'YTL -Shad 04116. 'bxwxru Qyvwfv LDA QKQQZKQJ X4 Q CC V Q vm K Q 5 . . . ' -,YK , an I -'Q ' I qw - I' h t 'nb - q-v-4. E. . x , . ,O . . , . ' .x 3, CMN! Q ' . rx .AAAL ' x h Q' . h f-'rvx u,.,,- IYSAA ' O' Q Q' -9-A bk 563 - nffuh R 1 . . , JL . . - 'P ' bg f. ,,, -5:-' 5 v Q Q , I ' , ff , . 9- ' ' , . 3 -L ' K HN ' cauld , . , Q- . S. . . J , CLHSS PHUPHECU On our return trip from Washington, aboard the Paradise Llmlted, all the seniors snlckered as they woke Mr Douglass out of a troubled sleep Everyone sat up and eagerly listened as he began to tell Mlss Valone of the amazing dream he had, revealing the future of the drowzy faces he had seen as he looked about the bus This ls what we heard In my dream I saw a small, modernized commxmlty called Boomtown, with everyone as happy and as busy as could be In the newly built Lmrn Less College Louis Domes had been appointed chief assistant to Professor Murphy The promotion was due to his unexcelled knowledge ln the field of grammar Notlclng a bill board, I saw that Marjorie Unger, with janet Randall as her cam paign manager, had been elected Senatol' Ford Strong was conducting a course for the Light On Your Feet method of dancing This method ls said to be useful to people with small feet like his own As I entered the Hlgh School I observed a notice annonmclng that Ray Simmer had just received his appointment as basketball coach in the Slng Sing Association He was said to be training them in the method of fair play Walking along I heard the rumor that Bill Bates and his wife, the former Mar tha Joslyn have opened a new theatre They called it the Wild West Hangout with Bing Crosby play ing on Sundays Buying a newspaper at the corner drugstore, I noticed thot the Backyard Ballyhoo edited by Keith Edmunds, was supporting a bill to require younger teachers ln school The latest comic strip which had been added to Ballyhoo was 'Daffy Damsels drawn by Nancy Almeter As I glanced through the paper I saw that Mary Lou Metcalf, Ruth Ann Denison and Vlrglnla Dickey had become vice presidents in Petrillo s unlon and were striking for higher wages A special headline ln the paper announced james Morgan s new experiment He had succeeded ln crossing telephone poles with Hybrid Company The result was a decrease in party lines Dlstracted from the newspaper by the soxmd of music I saw that Mrs Donald Hughes, the former Sally Feraldl, was featured vo calist with her husband s band Right next door to the music hall was a restaurant owned by Mabel Smith and Margaret Turk They called it 'Cockroach Haven and the menu for the day was bug hash with pickle juice for a drink Overseelng the community hospital as head nurse appeared Rose Marie Conroy She, in her white uniform went dashing down the hall to a patient I met jean Maracle in the hospital and she was just arriving to do secretarial work for the good looking doctors It was rumored that if Lois Fetzer and Arlene Domes soon didn t put through the blll in Congress to decrease high school sub little boy ln the 'Hospital News He won first prize ln a local baby contest Rita Roche and Mil dred Richardson had been compllmg a list of Available Men and chances of getting them Oh what a problem "As I left the hospital and again went on exploring the small community, I noticed an Admlra of the Navy coming towards me As he came closer I saw that lt was Carlton Bennett He said he had been given his commission after having the honor of swabblng the deck of every ship ln the fleet Talking to Carlton for some time he informed me that Ellen Feraldl was teaching Shakes peare at Cornell University and was one of the country's best authorities on Macbeth He also told me that Neil Waldron was nnklng a fortnme as the thin man of radio fame Leavtng,Carlton, I noticed a slgn which read 'Bumblebee Stamp After lnvestlgatlng I fommd out that Josephine Decker was giving jltterbug lessons She told me that IacobGendzerskl was awaiting his promotion to man ager of the Statler Hotel 'Ivy Wagner and Betty Brass were attending the new school for backseat drivers in the com mnmlty They will graduate with honors this year Eddie Wllkey and Bob Humphrey have been seen together quite a bit down at the corner ice cream bar Rumors say they are planning to go ln to business together selling easy chairs and feather beds In another corner of the lce cream bar were Karolyn Altmann and Gloria Newland busily working on their bills for the day s profits I overheard a few people talking in the ice cream bar and they said that Ronald Wledemann was belng featured ln the reproduction of the movie 'Gilda as well as ln 'The Trip to the Insane Asylum I also heard that Bob Mason was assistant mamger to john Powers Hls department ls concerned with types of blondes The newest appointment tothe jolm Robert Powers staff was Eddie Domes He was given the exclusive job of tamlng red heads Notlclng a hotel, I saw that lt was called the 'Broken Down Arms hotel with Eleanor Relsdorf as proprietor Frank Griffin and Ralph Balrd were staying at the hotel, resting between glving boxing lessons They have had success though, as was lndlcated by the fact that all of their clients can box their shadows very well Adeline La Scala, a columnlst ln the New York Times, was spend lng a few days at the hotel also Her department handles 'Advice To the Lovelorn etc Her newest readers are Donald Kllllngbeck and Eddie Redden who have joined the Y W C A and have received appointments as telephone operators The newest orchestra at the hotel was Eddie Barber s 'Hllly Bllly ln C Minor ' Doing very nlcely too Gerald Wlltse busily looking out of the bus window hadn t heard Mr. Douglass dream but was having one of his own Gerald had been manager of all those big trucks that were whlzzlng by 46 . I jects they wouldbe inthe hospital and not as nurses. There was a picture of Virginia Scheussler's 0 . I , a - - l , . . 6 . . I - , 1 l ' - . . . . , I 7 . , . H . NOTES FROM THE PAST lcontl 1887 In Iune the exercises were held for the first class to formally graduate from Arcade Academy and Union School To these three, we have dedicated this book 1899 First basketball game played ln Arcade school 1900 Grommd was broken for a brick addition two stories high with basement This was erected as the West annex to the frame building, and was deemed nec essary to accommodate the enrollment which had reached the figure of 270 pupils This building remained tn use lmtil 1927 -2 B .ni MW Ukbovel Picture of Arcade Academy and Union School after addition of brick an 6. nex lCourtesy of Mrs Olive Burrows D S QLeftJ Francxs M Smith Principal of Arcade Ac ademy and Union School for several terms at the turn of the century fCourtesy of Mrs Alice Smith J NOTES FROM THE PAST continued on Page 48 47 7 1- , 1' Xugi. ,QQ .. , A A 6.42, ffvf- uf V.: 1 fi- A V f A I Qs , A 7 'll ' '1 'i if Zf ' ' . ' X 4? 1 ,ffl " 7 ff sf!! A , f G . , 1 5 07 A' 0 . . x .A g y- . NOTES FROM THE PAST fconi I 1910 Some interesting items taken from the 1901 1902 ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE 1924 1926 1927 1928 1929 1934 1939 ARCADE HIGH SCHOOL The Faculty was made up of seven members Francis M. Smith, Prin cipal, Julia Young, Preceptress, Grace Hickey First Assistant Grace Stone, Grammar Department, Margaret B Davis, Intermediate Depart ment, Alma Helnzelman, Upper Primary Department, and Hattie 0'Dell Lower Primary Department The Board of Education consisted of Henry Beardsley, W G Conschafter, I C Sanford, Luman A Davis, Archibald C McCall, and John Knight Under the heading, Rules and Regulations, the followlng,concern1ng non resident students, are included Non resident students must not be absent from their rooms after 7 30 P M without permission from the faculty, nor reserve company after that hour On Saturday and Snmday evenings this hour will be 10 P M instead of 7 30 Non resident students must not visit saloons Non resident students should get permission ln order to be absent from own The officers of the Alumni were President, 0 T Wilson, Vice President, D C Bentley, Secretary and Treasurer, Iva Francis There were 182 resident students and 106 non resident students The latter paid tuition at these rates Primary per quarter, ten weeks S2 50 Intermediate, 3 00 Grammar, 3 50 Academic, 4 00 Teachers Class 'Tuition Free Construction of a second annex known as the "Chicken Coop facing Church Street New school building voted to be constructed on the site of the existing bulldr In September the cornerstone of the school building was laid Classes dur ing the following school year met at various places ln the village In june the new building was formally opened for the gradmtlon exercises of the class of 1928 Establishment of kindergarten and home economics departments Agriculture and Commercial departments added Arcade District No l incorporated with 25 other districts to form the Ar cade Central School Subsequently, several additional districts have be come part of the Central District 48 Hilfe HUFFALO ' ' , : t . The total regisu-anon was zaag 2 made up of 138 boys and 150 girls. I, ing.

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