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W W 'HV a',f,,j, ' 1 .f 1 1' Iv ' "' ' 1' . 1 DW' ' " ff mi' .1jim.'Q-'H9wQwr151:'uf -N W . A tim' 'pw W ffm J5U,I'y:Nu'n1'54N Y MA Y .. Ay, ',,,yv.'-- 'xx fi! Sq ' vi wa Tl' ,Q- u I, 1.4. M, I 'NNW i iw x .I 1 1 B' gf F . I ,M w , Ni A. x : .Ayr Y ' ,R - I , ,J uf . V 'W W fm ' M'-agi v S f 4 :Mn Q? ,1 W! -Q Mi .IM NA,. M-Q., ' A , '?J !wW1i?ifWk 72 f wh A 1' w' f if ffm .A-WU., ' . ,N WW' N' K -... ,. ,,,, I i' .- 'Hxmh W A-Y ' lm ,?"- ' .' A ,aiiswgrw - ,, . 4? ,V ,l ,. h www, ' -' .w.jw?, , iv 1 X. v i m- A 5 4 N , ,V A ,, l 1 , ,w i .'N,x qw , 1 . . 4 V G! .W ,, M , W 1 an 4 4 Yami fe mx If ,,, L .4 W Y A W' 4 sv wp 4 "' X ww N W v A ,.fa-. ., f mm? vsp, 1 K Ria ' - . L .YA wx " X XS xx M, ,MY pun-P-' Han-.M X THE EPIC Arbor Heights Junior High School Westside Community Schools School District 66 Omaha, Nebraska 1976-77 1 In many ways a school year is like a jigsaw puzzle-many irregular and diverse pieces need to be sorted and put back together to make a complete picture. Seventh graders begin the sorting process by facing many new situations and through trial and error End a place for themselves. More confident, but still in need of help from time to time, eighth graders seem to End that the pieces of the puzzle Ht together a little more easily. and the partially-completed picture begins to take on a recognizable shape. As students enter ninth grade, the puzzle is almost completed. Al- though a few pieces remain to be put in place, the freshman reaches with assurance for those final pieces and completes the puzzle that is junior high. This is our story as we went about our way- GETTING IT ALL TOGETHER! pk W QW it X Q. , iw .. I .., Activities! 4 Sports! 14 Music!32 7 "1 ' i Recognition!41 Sevianth Grade!50 Administration f Faculty! StaiT!44 Eighth Grade!57 N t Closing!75 Pizzo is Populor Postime for Extended Homeroom Pizza was dennitely the most popular s culinary preference for the fall Extended Homeroom as 34 homerooms Hocked to local pizza parlors. All students land teachers?i were more anxious to leave the building at eleven o'clock than they were to return at one, administrators, teachers and students agreed that Extended Home- room is a FUN, worthwhile activity and should be continued. Matt McClellan grins his approval after polishing off a hamburger with cheese! No time for talk-Fran Halsted and Ann Martin at Pizza Inn. Scott Heider and Steve Peterson-i'Pizza should be taken seriously!" How sweet it is! Mark Johnson enjoys 'tone more." Jay Swo boda looks full and content. Homerooms Provide Home Bose Although Homeroom may not always seem the most exciting place, most every- one will agree it's not so bad. And, looking back, may even decide it was a pretty good place . . . a place where . .. you got things done together... you could always borrow lunch money . . . s. , ,., Na: you could stash your lunch . .. or your gym shoes, Www' you enjoyed frinedships you probably wouIdn't have known otherwise . . NR . t t they made you feel important! W s .- .... ..,..t N NNNL , 5 Wh X8 m N fb X x ,fs 4.5.4 x X . S N P- snwwshko ries Programs Provide Breok Q S , St-Q' UA complete success," Mr. Erickson stated after trek to Westside. Not your ordinary gym class. Several programs and assemblies provided a American Teen," the Bicentennial Stars and Stripes pleasant break in a day's work. Arbor this year was show at Westside, the General Motors Science pro- the welcoming audience to such performances as: gram, the Westside Orchestra and the i'Good Vibra- The Strategic Air Command Band, llThe Great tions" Swing Choir. Arborites ill Westside Auditorium for llStars and Stripes" show. Mr. Henningsen's HR Wins Again! Paper Drive Nets Epic Camera With a total accumulation of 6,653 inches of newspaper in the fall paper drive, the long- awaited dream of a camera for the Epic staff became a reality. For the second straight year, lVlr. Henningsen's homeroom earned the top prize. Forty-live homerooms participated. IVlr. Parker, Arbor's resident ecologist, and IVlr. Pfenninger manned the collection trailer. The top finishers: 1. lVlr. Henningsen 2. IVIr. Adwers 3. Nlr. Schultz 4. Nlr. LaFon 5. Mrs. Steiner Bennet Ginsburg, Mr. Henningsen and David Green watch the total rise. Theresa Darby does her part for her homeroom Mr. Pfenninger measures while Mr. Parker tallies it up dur- ing highly successful paper drive. 8 Hummel Park on Self Day Self Dciy--A Day for Curselves 7 Field trips, speakers, tasty breakfasts and lunches, demonstrations, movies and rehearsals were just some of the many activities students enjoyed on Self Days. With some of the first-year Ubugs" worked out, and a little more time for sched- Q S Q ule-making, students and teachers alike gave a good grade to Self Day. A full-page 5' 2. "' 3 3 -2 o to ro 5 3 3 SZ 3 -. o 3 SD P m S Q ro 5' 5 gg fn in 'ii FD Th O U 2 9, ID '4 I E 1: SD U7 V' C SJ Z :.o to c 3 EZ' Q. H- Q. 2 T :S Z to 3 U7 D, S 3 0 0.37 cr -l 3 o C 3 LQ 3 X' -H E Q, C 3 2 'D 3 5' sn H' 3 2 Q. U' 2 jp 7 S- I O fD 1 3 I T' 91 ,,,,gghliW Tom Taylor shows his skill in the Karl rown and Dr. Lon Lemon, veterinarian, discuss a Tom Hunter uses a Self kitchen. non- laster cast during Self Day. Day library break for some individual research. . . luuivdii-Abi .tygf f ye Kim Dibble, Tony Juliano "How come this dough bounces?" Jeannie Brinkman, Holly McLendon and Kim Wd Pete' Borchman en' Schwenk wonder what went wrong. Joy the natura' beauty of outing. X , me wr ' XX 5 XX x X X Ax etsefiig xv , l b x Q is Q we k,., N 5 'ii - . ,.,, . M N ....., - -::' Carl Wegner and Kim Nluller spend some time in science lab. .. ....,... In Eric Bystrom applies architectural know-how to German gingerbread house. Bernie Peters finds the project ulinger-Iickin' good." , 9 1 O Arts Festi Returning for a repeat performance t fall was the Fine Arts Festival. Planned and organized by the ever-industrious mu- sic and art departments, the Festival of fered a variety of activities from puppetry to jazz improvisation, from creative dra matics to creative glass blowing, demon strations and a Field trip or two. Students signed up for activities that terested them and took time out from their classes to attend the Festival. Cheryl K. Smith is artist's model for NSS vcil Drciws Crowds! Scott Adkins, Scott Norman and Mr. Groth broadcast the news of the Arts Noreen Christon demonstrates her kind of llspinning wheel." Terry Gilliam, senior citizen, hopes his stage make-up comes off as easily as it went on. Something for Everyone . . . ' .t,,..nW"f . :- . as body movement exercises for Susie Sallquist, Donna Ronneau and Laurie Crookham . . . a jazz improvisation group from even a puppet show! UNO . . . Clclss Activities Arouse Interest t to S fei X Style shows culminate clothing classes: Patty Christie mod- els her first-quarter clothing project. Spanish students celebrate "Feliz Navidad" at an after-school fiesta 11 '77 Epic is Thirteenth Although some think that 13 is an unlucky number, the Epic staff can attest to the fact that the thirteenth year of Epic production proved to hold no more trials than any other year, but certainly just as many! Editors Susie Saliquist and Monica Angle check over copy and layouts. Choosing pictures is part of the job for staffers Lori Dolezal and Linda Sobeski. l l EPIC STAFF-Front, L to R: Tom McCartney, Mark Jensen, Dan Mathisen, Don Slaughter, Eddie Hagerty, Bruce Fellman, Mr. La- Fon, Advisor. Middle: Cheryl Pellegrino, Debbie Polsky, Kit Patenode, Margaret Pinson, Christine Bell, Kim Kline, Anne Burke, Ja- net Lynch, Linda Sobeski. Back: Therese Vana, Claire Winstrom, Jenny Gordon, Scott Kesick, Terry Kroeger, Lori Dolezal, Monica Angle, Kent Trofholz, Jerry Cleaver. 12 cope Staff Makes Headlines Meeting everyday for a jour- nalism class made it easier for the Spartan Scope staff to pro- duce its four issues. Working under the guidance of Ms. Barnes, both full-year and se- mester students did interviews, attended games and other functions, took pictures, wrote stories and captions, proofread copy and, finally, as the dreaded deadlines drew near, struggled with layouts, along with numer- ous other last-minute headaches. Providing journalism experience and editorial leadership are these full-year journalists. From right: Tom Golden, Rhona Peck, Libby Diers, Paul Maenner, Carol Ball, Beth Neely, Kevin Finn, Monica Angle, Jay Dandy, Robert Greenberg. Not pictured, Melanie Sturm and Kris Knudsen. SCOPE STAFF-Front, L to R: Shelly Knapp, Beth Seldin, Karen Goldner, Monica Angle, Claire Winstrom. Second: Jeannette Ferrante, Beth Bean, Nancy Steinberg, Les Gwartney, Tom Golden, J.C. Shipp. Third: Steve McGill, Gavin Kelley, Jay Dandy, Mike Zoob, Robert Greenberg, Ms. Barnes, Advisor. Back: Melanie Whitta- more, Debbie Martin, Rhona Pack, Carol Ball, Paul Maenner, Libby Diers, Beth Neely, Kevin Finn. 13 Sports Some Good News And Some Bod . . . respect with their courage and llstick-with-it" atti- tude. As the Epic goes to press, hopes are high for successful wrestling, girls basketball and track sea- sons. And although we may not win them all, the cry of NGO Spartans" will tell the world we're proud of our teams and their coaches. Shane Rlebersehl goes high into the air in attempt to block Valley do It tl'llS View punt, Spartans, M.C. in "Reversal," Arbor Heights is Tourney Champ! l'Reversalll is usually considered a wrestling term. This year, however, it fits right into the volleyball story. Af- ter three straight regular-season championships for Arbor Heights and three straight tourney trophies for Nlillard Central, the two rivals swapped places in 1976-77. A single loss to M.C. relegated Arbor I7-17 to second place in the nnal league standings and gave the championship to the Indians. In tourney play, Arbor used Millard North's upset of Central and victories over LaVista, Valley View and North to claim the tournament champion- ship and cap another great volleyball season. Wins over Blair and Gretna in the Arbor Invitational boosted Arbor's season record to 12-1-the BEST EVER!! W l Lisa Mahowald is a picture of concen- Debbie Siciliano serves up one of her tration as she serves it up in win over fifteen straight points in deciding game Papillion. against Westbrook. TOURNEY CHAMPS-Front, L to R: Lisa Mahowald, Judy House, Sue Sharpe, Michaella Esters, Kim Kiefer, Therese Vana. Back: Lynn Reynolds, lVlgr., Debbie Siciliano, Jody Addison, Ann Nlartin, Shannon lVlcGuire, Margaret Pinson, Becky Busler, Rhonda Edgington, Mr. Von Seggern, Coach. 15 Time Out! Margaret Pinson is ready to return. xv "',, j we it XTR Camera catches crowd in serious moment . . . and in championship celebration at Happy Joe'sl NINTH GRADE "B" TEAM-Won 5-Lost 3-Front, L to R: Paula Anderson, Kate Gardner, Fran Haisted, Rhonda Chilton, Kit Patenode, Lynette Taylor, Debbie Jensen, Laila Vilums. Back: Beth Neely, Denise Karnes, Alice Wear, Dawn Urich, Karen Rinn, Barb Egan, Sheryl Hadley, Helen Bosse, Mrs. Thomsen. V H, , aw V V V, W.. A A Y 1--,. amfm- -ffmr-me- Eighth Graders Look Forward to Next Yeor EIGHTH GRADE UA" TEAM-Won 3-Lost 1-Front, L to R: Mary Beth Bishop, Lynn Latta, Hannah Izenstat, Beth Bean, Susan Aarvig, Patti Rath, Lori Diesing, Jean Pascale. Back: Miss Hammer, Julie Burns, Lori Fuglsang, Dana Cole, Lori Christensen, Ruth Chantry, Siri Severa, Mary Ann Mashl, Sara Severa, Susie Martin. EIGHTH GRADE HB" TEAM-Front, L to R: Susan Henderson, Anne Weldon, Bea Birdman, Anne Rothfuss, Jean Hoefer, Angie Mercier, Maureen Comerford, Donna Swanda, Carol Wegner. Back: Kim Gilmore, Kathy Philby, Brenda Danenhauer, Marie Mon- tag, Diane Olsen, Molly Adams, Mary Lou Rood, Julie Kyker, Mr. Salerno. Spartans a e Division Champs! CHAMPIONS-Front L to R: Joel Babb, Phil Schack, Shane Riebersehl, Bo Bonn, Bob Kleyla, Jim Gresham, Steve Harris. Back: Dave Epperson, Andy Pfeiffer, Steve Stock, Don Beller, Marshall Pred, Randy Naran, Bill Stock, Randy Eager. Arbor had to pick up the pieces off the held, but when the season ended they had played their way to a Divi- sion Championship. A thrilling come-from-behind win over Millard Central, 18-16, clinched the championship for the Spartans Arbor O Arbor 20 Arbor 36 Arbor 18 Arbor 20 Arbor 26 Arbor O Arbor 34 SPARTAN SEASON Westbrook Bellevue Mission Bellevue Logan Millard Central Valley View Fremont Millard North Papillion Dave Epperson throws Valley runner for loss with this good defensive play. Spartan standout, Steve Stock, leaves three Valley defenders in his wake after taking pass from Randy Naran for Arbor TD! 18 Randy Naran gets good protection in backfield in game at Valley View. Defensive Captain, Bill Stock, gets quick brieling from Coach Bateman during tense moments. Q Everybody gets into the action! SPARTAN RESERVES: Front L to R-Alan Horn, Barry Jones, Phil Roach, Rod Gigax, Dan Sortino, Scott Al- tic, Kevin Finn. Row 2: Rick Morehead, Dave Philby, Kurt Prososki, Mike Braun, Dan Somberg, Andy Mellen, Norm Foster. Row 3: Brian Fallon, Mark Sempek, Craig Lewis, Bill Foran, John Meier, Ron Smith. Back: Jeff Nickelson, Tom Weisbecker, Mark Reynolds, Scott Pavlik, Bob Forsgren, Tom Eyler, Mr. Fey, Coach. 19 Arbors, Sportons Develop Skills, Anxious for Next Yeor SPARTANS-Front, L to R: Robert Marble, Kyle :'ixmiller, Kelly Mack, Phil Slavik, Jef-T Focht, Larry Bloch, Mike Gronin. Row 2 Scott Lundgren, Kevin Steimer, Mike Klein, John ro, Bob Roggenback, Rick Arnold, Doug Starks. Row 3: Mark Yeck, Bruce Tully Dave Lucks, Scott Kesick, Randy Brown, Joe Golds ein. Back: Jim Armstrong, Bob Pezdirtz, Matt McClellan, Bill Scheufele, Tom Samson. Coach: Mr. Laffey. ARBORS-Front, L to R: Blaine Duffy, Mark Thelan er, All Bonge, Jeff Linden, Mike Wilzewski, Jeff Hector, Tim Kryszak, Rick Rhodes. Row 2: Chris Dodge, Mark Herring, Scott N ilson, Eddy Mommsen, Brant Passer, Norm Hall, Bill Meyers. Back: Mr. Bushnell, Brad Bonn, Abbott Smith, Brian Holzwort , Steve McGill, Mike Dudzinski, Mr. Moulton. 20 Cagers Pclss Endurance Test! NINTH GRADE VARSITY-Front, L to R: Kevin Rice, Mgr. lVlr. Henningsen, lVlr. Irish, Bob Beck, Mgr. Back: Charlie Pugh, Bob Baldwin, Randy Eager, Gary Pickering, Jay Lynch, Steve Harris, Marshall Pred, Terry Kroeger, Phil Schack, Bob Kleyla. I Although the record was a disappointing 1-9 lthe lone victory coming over new opponent, Logan Fon- tennellei, Coach Henningsen expressed pride in his team at season's end. llDisappointed? We all were. But this was a good bunch of guys. They practiced hard, they never complained, they kept a good atti- tude, they hustled. They never gave up!" Here's proof! Scoring 144 points in ten games, Phil Schack was the Spartan's leading scorer and l'lVlr. Mainstay." - 21 24 Arbor Gymnosts Compete Carol Ball shows perfect balance on the beam. A full season of gymnastics, plus a fourth-place standing in the conference meet, made the activity a full-Hedged member' of the Arbor athletic scene. Coached by Miss Hammer and Miss Kniefl, the gymnasts worked hard and learned a lot. l In Yefieding On the 5951500 M555 NINTH GRADE GviviNAsT1cs TEAM-Front, L to R: Elizabeth sundemeier, Laila Vilums Hammer felt all the gil'lS did a Sally Kuehl, Debbie Polsky. Middle: Sue Sharpe, Carol Ball, Lynn Healey, JoAnn Huels- good job and gave Special com- kamp, Michelle Ponsiego, Tami Hollenbach. Back: Barb Egan, Madeline Crowley, Dawn I , Urich, Annette Penning, Liz Bilek, Miss Hammer, Bev Knieft. mendatlon to the following: SEVENTH GRADE: Debbie Polsky Stacey Kapustka All-Around Debbie Williams All-Around Michelle Ponsiego Floor Exercise EIGHTH GRADE: Beth Bean Liz Bilek Debbie Martin Balance Beam All-Around Laila Vilums NINTH GRADE: Uneven Bars Sue Sharpe Vault Barb Egan seems to enjoy her work on the uneven parallel bars. Beam, Bars, Winning Apparatus EIGHTHEGRADE GYM NASTICS TEAM-Front, L to R: Nora Mangiamele, Beth Bean. Row 2: Mary Ann Mashl, Patti Rath, Kim Kline, Annette Giard, Debbie Martin, Anne Rothfuss, Kim Muller. Back: Carol Huston, Diane Olsen, Amy Ahlquist, Pam Peterson. ' SEVENTH GRADE GYMNASTICS TEAM-Front, L to R: Stacey Kapustka, Alyson Grifhths, Debbie Williams. Middle: Rosie Bishop, Debbie Rookstool, Sheri Passer, ReyNette Yeck, Miggy Sudyka, Terri Wintle, April Humphrey, Jackie Gohr Back: Patty Paskevic, Christy Hall, Laurie Piatt, Diane Heese, Karen Faller, Cindy Rothfuss, Lisa Mommsen, Vicki Nel- son, Carol McFadden, Diana Mumma. 26 i Girls Start Righty Grab Wins over Poipio, Logon NINTH GRADE VARSITY-Front, L to R: Lynn Reynolds, Beth Vondrasek, Nancy Landen, Jeannie Weiner, Diane Faust Back: Susie Kirchofer, Michaella Esters, Fran Halsted, Sue Sharpe, Shannon McGuire, Rhonda Edington. Mr. Kurtz, Coach. NINTH GRADE HB"-Front, L to R: Miss Patchen, Lynn Healey, Becky Busler, Dawn Urich, Kathy Krupa. Back: Ann Martin, Gretchen Boom, Mary Kay Kinney, Debbie Jensen, Patty Christie. 1 Gropplers End Monarch Reign? Although one match doesn't make a season, it appeared after Arbor pounded Papillion 41-24 that the Monarch's 2-year strangleholdon the Subur- ban' Conference championship was over. Q In the second match a scrappy Logan team held the Spartans to a 33-33 tie. The tie was a disap- pointment to the team who vowed that they were out to win the conference championship-last won in 1973. - A WRESTLING SPARTANS-1977 28 S lbs. Seventh, Eighth Programs . . . Where it All Be ins Doug Dohlen iupi and Aaron Weiner get ready for action . .. Steve Ludwig and Karl Rasmussen ind themselves in the middle of it! 29 . . l Spirit Through Intramurals VOLLEYBALL CO-CHAMPS-Team 1: Mary Ortega, Carol VOLLEYBALL CO-CHAMPS-Team 3: Front, Lto R: April Hum- McFadden, Alyson Griffiths, Amy Major. Back: Kim Kixmiller, phrey, Barb Britten, Barb Hinchik. Back: Courtni Williams, Sara Beth Burke, Cindy Rothfuss. Ferlic, Stacey Brockman. s E l mm FOOTBALL CHAMPS-Team 4: Front, L to R: Terry Hansen, Jef? f Lane, Tim Finn, Matt Walsh, David Marble. Back: Jeff Loudenback, Jay Mack, Joe Mahoney, Gary Richardson. BASKETBALL CHAMPS-Team 3: Front, Lto R: Tom Bean, Mike Learch, Matt Walsh. Back: Bill Roskens, Dave Shirley, Tony Miceli. 30 All Around Arbor "I don't know, what do YOU think it was?" "Next year I think I'II take 5 hours of woods w NWN ,...,...-naive'-MW""""M 'Was it someone you knew? i'Mrs. Johnson, are you sure I'm a size 11?" Choruses, Arbor Teens, Seven teens in Winter Concert Eighth Grade Chorus presents their rendition of 'tHave You Never Been MeIlow" . . . . . while Arbor Teens, Jeff Focht and Ka- Seventeens look at "Both Sides Now" during Winter Concert. rin Miller "reminisce" about the fun-filled fifties. Cathryn Jordan and Dennis Day exchange Christmas lyrics. "I Write the Songs" is musical message ofthe Seventh Grade Chorus. I l SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS-AFTERNOON 1 ' SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS-MORNING ARBOR TEENS Front, L to R: Jerry Wattonville, Pam lVIercier, Ann Kampfe, Lisa Gass, Libby Diers, Jeff Dross, Karin Nliller, Jack Dross. Middle: Carol Ball, Alyson Berk, Tricia Kane, Terry Gilliam, Dawn Urich, Tom Samson, Tom Duensing, Tim Nieland. Back: Cathryn Jordan, Jeff Randklev, Sue Kenedy, Peter Rigby, Gina Carusi, Jeff Focht, Dennis Day, Kent Trofholz. SEVEN- TEENS SEVENTH GRADE SWING CHOIR Jeanne Boom and Beth Seldin rehearse their part during Eighth Grade Band practice. Trumpeters, from left, Mark Hughes, Mike Klein, Steve Ludwig and Grant Peters don't miss a note. EIGHTH GRADE BAND Tom Woods and John Albert take a rest but pay close attention. On key are Rachelle Holm and Sheri Passer tbackl and Gail Pouchert, Marci Noodel and Desiree Reece. ORCH ESTRA-Front, Lto R: Lori Christensen, Melanie Whittamore, Alex lVliIIer. Row 2: Kathy Peters, Lisa Bilek, Amy Kuehl, Dorcas Brown. Standing: John Hufford, Sana Amoura, Karen Nlailander, Don Slaughter, Nlarc Simon, Darlene Andersen, Geoffrey Jones, Tami Farrell. Not pictured: Kathy Hanson. 37 JAZZ ENSEMBLE E DIXIE LAND BAND X NINTH GRADE BAND STAGE BAN D Music Ccmdids Flutists strive for harmony. Arbor Teens Dawn Urich, Terry Gilliam and Alyson Berk en- joy the Christmas season in number from Winter Concert. 40 Chris Mailander makes a ubeautiful noise." From Left, Glenn Meyer, Rhonda Kyker and Ray Herzog add rhythm to band rehearsal. Athenas, Rotory Boys Honored Selected a year ago by a 'vote of their eighth grade teachers, the Arbor Athenas and Rotary Honor Roll Boys pictured here rate high in the areas of leadership, scholarship, character and appearance. . Honored by the Women's Division of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce was i'Top Athena," Susie Sa'lquist. ARBOR ATHENAS: Front, L to R: Pam Mercier, Lynn Reynolds, Patti Falcone, Susie Sallquist. Back! Linda Sobeski, Sheryl Hadley, Monica Angle, Fran Halsted, Kit Patenode. ROTARY HONOR ROLL: Front, L to R: Tom Golden, Paul Nlaenner, Robert Greenberg, Scott Adkins. Back: Bob Baldwin, Ed Sisson, Doug Heimstra, Peter Rigby, Ron Smith. , W -s , , ww-we-lm fnnmvrs,-asm: Arbor Recognizes By a vote of the entire school, Mar- garet became the hrst girl to serve as Arbor Heights' Student Representative to the Board of Education. Attending meetings of the School Board, Ivlarga- ret attempts to represent her school in matters of concern to her fellow students. Honored for her school and commu- nity service by the Cornhusker Park Op- timist Club, Karen received an award for being an "Outstanding Youth." 42 Monica and Fran were selected in November as l'0ut- standing Youth" by the Mid-City Optimist Club for their school achievement and participation, and for service to their community and to their fellow man. Receiving the same award from the Mid-City Op- timist Club in January was Kari and in IVlay Gordon was similarly honored. Congratulations! Administration Pod . . . ci busy place! From about 7:15 in the morning, until well after 4:00 in the afternoon, there are few places busier than llthe ofiicef' -meetings, -appointments, -conferences, -students using the phone, or needing pens and pencils, or seeing the nurse, -mothers bringing forgotten gym suits, notebooks, musical instruments, special projects, and lunches, -teachers needing change for the coffee machine, or turning in bake sale money, -a thousand phone calls, and -endless announcements, keep lVlr. Erickson, lVlr. Haffey and lVlrs. Hanneman on the go all day long. IVIR. DON ERICKSON, PRINCIPAL ' MR. BILL HAFFEY, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL st .. I . A g A 44 s Faculty is Flexible . . . l The liliuid block," lunch during peri- ods four AND five, changes in Self Day, assemblies, programs, and other changes and innovations combined to make this another year of change for the Arbor faculty. Five new teachers joined us in the fall, and one-Nlr. Boyer-returned af- ter a two-year absence. Arbor congratulated lVlr. Venditte on his election to the State Legislature, and welcomed his replacement, Miss Sue Patchen, in January. lVlrs. Barnes, in the middle of things, gives her attention to the speaker during speech class. lVlrs. Sherry lVlr Joe lVliss Helen Nl . P t lVl . ' . gdwsf ifdslf marry Science Guidance Engllsh- Industrial lVlath Home Speech Arts Economics lVlr. Tom lVlr. Roger lVlrs. Glenda lVlr. Tom lVlr. Dave lVlrs. Linda BOQHCZ Boyer Bro Brown Bushnell Chevalier Band Science Reading Social Studies Science English I l lVlrs. lVliss Pam Nlr. Bill Day Nlr. Tom lVlr. Jim Fey lVlrs. Ann Catherine C0bif16 Social Studies Eastlack Art Fintel Chin Spanish Industrial Arts Library French 45 Every teacher ci tecicher-cidvisor . . . Miss Carolyn Miss Linda Mrs. Mary Mr. Roger Miss Marlys Mr. Terry Floerchinger, Greguras, Ellen Groth, Hammer, Hart, English Art Reading Greiner, Instrumental Physical English Music Education Mrs. Gayle Mr. Carl Mrs. Jan Mr. Fred Mrs. Noreen Mr. Dean Heckman, Henningsen, Hopkins, Hutchinson, Johnson, Klein, Social Business English Math Home 'Industrial Studies Education Economics Arts ,X . Mrs. Judy Mrs. Marcia Mr. Jim Mr. Denny Mr. Dan Mr. Ken Kniewel, Kolterman, Kovarik, Kurtz, Laffey, Math LaFon, Social English Reading Physical Special Studies Education Education Mr. Gene Mr. Rick Miss Verena Mrs. Mr. Bruce Mrs. Karen Larsen, Math Link, Math Maethner, Mardelle Moulton, Mullen, Spanish Meredith, Science German Guidance 46 Mrs. Carol Mrs. Inta Mr. Tom McRae, Nielsen, Nielsen, Ninth grade dream: 'iSee, Mr. Wisch, I told you Enghsh German 532855 I was right!" Miss Elaine Mr. Dale Mr. Phil Mrs. Eena Miss Arline NIV- Gafy O'Brien, Parker, Pfenninger, Rubio, Russnogle, Salerno, Vocal Music Science Math Spanish Math Math Mr. Erling Mrs. Geneve Mr. Mike Mrs. Shirley Mrs. Cindy Mr. John Schultz, Selsor, Shada, Steiner, Thomsen, Thomsen, Science Futures Guidance English Business Social Studies Education Studies is Y sf Mr. Pat Mr. Ken Von Mr. Harold Mrs. Janel Mr. Dick Mr. Don Venditte, Seggern, Welch, Wilbern, Wilson, Wisch, Health Science Orchestra Resource Social Science Room Studies Stuff sometimes asked to "pick up the pieces" Although not always visible to the students, or even to others outside their own departments, the staff personnel pictured here perform a wide, wide I range of duties-and all are necessary to the smooth operation of Arbor Heights. Below: MRS. DORIS BOETT- NER, Library Aide MRS. CATHY OLDFIELD, Re source Room Aide MRS. GWEN MADISON, Vo- cal Music Aide MRS. CAROLYN TURNQUIST, Oflice Assistant MRS. KATHY SHAFER, Atten dance Secretary MRS. RUTH GILLILAND and MRS. JULIE HOMAN, Teacher Aides MRS. VIRGINIA BOBEK, Health Aide a.s. . 'FN ,E gy' 1. in NT. 'Q im-Qi? A A Q E 4 iw? N ,P ' -fx 3 fx Above Left: MISS KIM WEBB and MRS. MARGE MCDONALD, Fluid Block Aides, and MRS. ANNE POLITO, English Aide Above Right: MRS. PATTI BABBEL and MRS. CAROLYN COOPER, Science Aides Left: MRS. ARLENE RICHMAN, Reading Aide, MRS. JESSIE WIN FREY, Special Education Aide Below Left: MRS. GINGER SCHENKELBERG, Math Aide, MRS. BETTY VAN ZANDBERGEN, Math Aide Below Right: MRS. JAN GIROUEX, Math Aide Bottom Left: MRS. SHERRY BATEMAN, Career Education and Home Economics Aide Bottom Right: MR. ORVILLE UDOC" CROFFORD and MR. JERRY DRYDEN, Custodians. Life CI puzzle for Seventh . . . Life can be a puzzle when you are in seventh grade. You look at your schedule and wonder what UPA CAFSWlVI" means. And HPE B" and NPE G." You discover it's an even day and your gym suit is home get- ting washed. You learn that lVlrs. Nielsen is lVlr. Nielsen's wife, but lVlr. Thomsen isn't lVlrs. Thomsen's hus- band. And you Finally locate Nlr. Laf- fey, only to hnd you were supposed to see lVlr. Haffey. It doesn't take long, though, and you begin to feel more at ease. Your homeroom teacher seems interested in you. People you don't know too well begin to speak to you. Your circle of friends widens. You begin to think the pieces might fit together after all. You belong. Susie Adams Scott Affleck John Albert Chris Amberg Sana Amoura Kevin Anderson Kurt Andrews Jon Annable Tim Armstrong John Augustine Scott Babcock Tim Barnes Lamont Barrientos Eben Battaglia Sarah Bauerle Tom Bean Lisa Beeler Brian Bell Mike Bernstien Kevin Bessey Lisa Bilek 50 Dan Mathisen hard at work on his woods project-a new mailbox. was-Q5 tri r ..Wg X x "-' - .5 Q . S Q ,,- I . In F V-so T41 sw S x s ' Q X fi ,,.,. xxx X X x X kk Q S S tsl K 5 i New Rosie Bishop Chris Blake Rick Boire Phil Bolton Peter Borchman Jon Borgen Dick Bosse Bob Bowen Edie Brader Scott Braun Brian Brejnik Lynette Brinke Carol Brinkman Barb Britten Stacy Brockman Alan Brown Dorcas Brown Beth Burke Jennifer Campbell Carol Carson Jeff Carstens Mike Cassling Russ Chadwell Larry Christiansen Chip Coates Don Coco Jeanette Cortez Sandy Couch Brad Crosby Jamie Crowley Mike Darby Doug Dohlen Pam Eckert Bill Ellis Colleen Estill Karen Faller Jeff Farrar Mary Faust Howard Feldman Bruce Fellman Sara Ferlic Larry Fincher Tim Finn Kim Foran Tim Fowler John Gessert Bennet Ginsberg Matt Goermer Jackie Gohr Angelica Grage Debbie Graves David Greene Allison Grifhths Mary Grimes Warren Grush Rich Hadley Beth Haffke Christy Hall Stacey Hall David Hansen Steve Hansen Terry Hansen Katie Harrington Dan Harris Julia Harrop Sheri Hawley Paul Heald Diane Heese Ron Henry ' Ray Herzog Laura Hiemstra Barb Hinchik Rachelle Holm John Hufford April Humphrey Wendy Hunkins Frank Iaffaldano Mark Jensen Larry Jobeun Christy Johnson Mark Johnson Tony Juliano Jennifer Kaiser Jim Kane Janie Kantor Stacey Kapustka Tammy Kasat Kathy- Kenedy Diane Kennedy Mark Kennedy Bob Kirchofer .il-2 i'e- 5 .- .-,- -T S. 1.., , ..,.e . JQP. X' ' lllllll Q s fs? Q. ft M5353 J- -he F Mr Adwers and students talk over a confusing scientific principle. x X Nh X 1 X is X W ss? N S 't X N was is QSSC as Barb Hmchik gives the directions her serious attention be- X. '3 sgssg ssfse- st s 2 L N Ks Nx s S A X X X X egg M 2 X wg V X xmwx s Q K L si "2-fx iz! S S LQQX ZS X l E Q X X X S N X as X C K M JE Q s , X Q F N V .- X S. X X. x sk XX? K gg X XX NNN xx X K K . the V E as l CX X KX X . . . rs XE X Q i w l Q L X Q H it WN ' it 5 1' 4 ig 49 sesaqlfva fs5hswsitadhEs QFKMQSFWQS s se , gm - s sp -- fr 5 b-5, ,, ' . ...., , FX: is . Y f ,X .1 N ,I QQ X Dave Olbertz enjoys a short 'ltime out" in the library before dig John Kirkland Kim Kixmiller Chris Klaasmeyer David Kobs Kim Korner Andy Koszewski John Kragh Mark Kramer Amy Kuehl Ronda Kyker Bruce Ladwig Dawn Lamm Jeff Lane Mike Learch Maria Lee Colleen Leif Cliff Lester Sandie Leuck Steve Liebig Tom Loker Jeff Loudenback Bill Lux v Marlenee Lyons Mark MacDonald Jay Mack Mark Maenner Joe Mahoney Karen Mailander Amy Major David Marble Lisa Marcuccio Pete Mason Dan Mathisen Todd Matteson Carol McFayden Todd Merriman Bret Meyer Glen Meyer Tony Miceli Clark Miller Laura Mitchell Lisa Mommsen Andy Morehead Mike Morfeld Paul Morgan Cory Morris Jeff Muller Diana Mumma Ruth Munson Jim Murphy Tom Neal Anny Neff Jane Neff Vicki Nelson Marci Noodell Matt Norris Michele Nottestad Kathy Novak Dave Olbertz Mary Ortega Todd Parker Charlene Pascarella Patty Paskevic Sheri Passer Craig Patterson Chris Perrone Kathy Peters Sandy Peters Neil Petersen David Pfahler Lori Piatt Mike Piatt Cindy Polston Gail Pouchert Farid Pour Josho Raha Rita Rasmussen Desiree Reese Angie Reynaud Kim Reynolds Gary Richardson Pete Ricketts David Rief Greg Riley kfx.. Q , x Q x X X X Qwis aB XX f' QQ . -KX NX S x C 'T X X sg, XR st ix as agar Y 1? N X 9 M X xx A L so wk .V - -n xg.g L 4 X Q x X 3 N X X X wx X is 'KN ,.. L. ,rw We sv N ,L.. . N it it QQ X K X K . X :E is X SX X X XX gg Q i X SR R i 2 N, Q fr?" v A ,SN - w 2 "" S ' sf' """"' W" C Xi -"S - ..F3fi:'ii'l - AQ 'E-'lx " ', ' W . Q fig? if-. - . 5 S X 45 A Tw ai X? Ng 5 of Q .X,.x.,, cf' x L-. - . f XYX x ew . .a:. ,, ,,, 1 L . .. is K Q. A .38 g L. K- ,: Q L s . ,.-1L f '- L' ffw' -C s'::: 1 ,..- , xx 5 4 4 5. -Ja ,A .zz e 445 L-22: 3 e A x 5 E L Ng k s. QQ X T A we 1 XJ ,.'i.::- af .nfs A S kQ V v of 3 A X A K es X A K x ak Fw ,er r X X i 1' xiikg ' " "" L ..,,.,.,,.t e . ,,,-, ...L - X X A X ...., s.-. ws M ,y yyt iisy y iirt X r x X X me -' T X x S is S x X X X W W X N X X X X H ,. Q five' ,....e-"N fr ii , is t, 'guy ...S-L Q N fy' H, 'R R T' ..LL l fig ' X -r: ' of N.. X C X, -e 1 sk - - f - 1 ' I 'xi 4W"t"'vQ 'TNR 3 T sk ..-gs -' P ii. " ':L .. .f ' fm , T ""i Pi x tet. , O A ..L. . WN ---W1 v X. 1 an 1 X --"'-3'9" ii-f 'i"' -- so-5 k 1 ,5 - 2 R G s Paul Morgan and Chris Klaasmeyer take their surveying unit seri- ously in careers class. Sw: X. N NSY S W s Xx XXX TS it Q E XQE fx C51 1 " ' - ' XXE Q X Q x S X X S S X X i X NX SX 5 A XX X WN XX X XX, X XXX X X X XS X X SS X X .X XMXX NX X 5' xibf XX SX X - XXX X N X k sm XXX X X i X X Q ST GK RX xi -'-" if X X X 'QE t A X X Y ES ' X X XX X: EXX 5 X X XX 'Ss sss-.-- . :XK XX Q XX X B SY wi XXEX gg X N X XX X X X f : Q Q Q SSN NX X Xxx N - LM.. 5 X 5 X W QL X Q X SX XQ 5' in 5 X SX X, Xa X X S Q ggi . XX .X X ' .'3f3iffXX fl is L P X 5.4. X X Xi ' ,iS SX XXX X X Ns X NX Xx NX 2 X X F X X X X X X xi- X 5 X X X X 5 XX Xe X - s-sage-ss .X KN SX X X S X X Qs Kwan, X A K yi, X A x x EP 'S 4 Xq f X 5 f ini' ?"N'--XX.. X XQXXQXX X X XX X 5 X X A NQXXX XX Q XXX X XXX ix gg XX X XXRQXX X s W XX X X , .Xa X X X C X X X X QM XXX X X SM, P -X532 ss X X ? XXX X AX X 'sl iw :X .X SX K , X. K it W K is 3 kk X, QS I EE Llllll ff :er 3,3 535 ilii' 'f'7.X :ff , 5i:TX.'55 iii I Ri- ll' -. 5 " :f:..'.Xk 5' QHQSW - EX e . S xgllux- i t ii 5 is MSX sq' sem we .- we X W, J XE. Q, .X-. .X X - J ee X ees M Skip X X wg r - X V as .X rl " xg H 3 X lg, 9 K ri X W M' if ,. Lx X X XXXi X XX X XiX it 'il 3 lffil is : kgs. :KX -X e' We' XQTQ P 5. S5 sr' f l ,ew E X 'W ll 45 Y l W e X,X,,. if X X is X ga X is J Q X K in if X X we ri QX v Emma QQ Kevin Robertson John Rocker Peter Rolfzen Debbie Rookstool Bill Roskens Cindy Rothfuss Lori Runge Brett Sage David Sailors Mike Saint Steve Sallquist Sandy Samson Dan Schack Mary Schuler Robert Scigo Kathy Sears Bob Sempek John Sennentz Mike Sexton Ira Shapiro John Shields Dave Shirley Sherry Shriver Steve Shugart Todd Simon Ken Skutnik Cheryl A. Smith Cheryl K. Smith Holly Smith Mike Smith Tim Smith Chris Snipes Lisa Sobeski Liza Solzman Chris Sonntag Lori Sorman Ann Soukup Michael Stanek Heather Stanway Greg Starks Roger Stiehl Tom Stock Natalie Strait Miggy Sudyka Terri Swoboda Robert Taylor Mark Thompson Randy Thompson Robin Thompson Joe Trouba Todd Undeland Mark Vanderloo Barb Veldman Karl Vilums Jeff Waiter Rob Walla Mark Walsh Matt Walsh Mary Ward Laura Weaver David Weber Aaron Weiner Karen Westphal Callie Whitacre - :ag S NX 5 . v -as -es. SK A .. . ea, as ,..:w, s X lx N lg at Q it t E , N' we X ' ' kt Q it s' K X my , H Q it ggi Mkt Q 1, X X X- N X as S' 'Q Nx X '- t, . M t e 5 XX-:S SX N X get X A X A X X x RX s :fix is x tstgegg K. K Q .. Ugg if K1 kt f' -. 9 sliiffs k W B r 'N T tg X ,Tix X XX 'iw . S5 x Q X : N, :. ss ,H N X X S X xx X R N A X we S S Q X h W. N-'NX - N x I Q X Es at Q s X N Q N X. X xx x x . gSQQ X S ,Sk ' S .Q --Q -'ss ak.. S ,C K sill? -f s .s + :bio-,Q X Q ,Q .s- x. , .. 1 5, ii' 56 Steve White Lucy Whiting Dan Whitmore M A i Mark wuke Courtni Williams .-v.1 . . . ssts Debbie Williams 'ae' ' RIN 1- t-- x i,. Ann Winter y fi "kk'M'k K 'M"ffIQ"Q3-i "" 'N k"k Terri winue "e'e Stk X Tom Woods S Shelley Woster fi' Renee Yeck Sil- Pam Ziegler ggi N X Amy Zimmerman Stli 4 S Phil Zoucha Rosie Zweiback ns! l X. att Mike Cassling and Sarah Bauerle turn their attention to 'tcreative clothing." Eighth Grade-ci time to grow . . . The puzzle that was seventh grade doesn't seem nearly so confusing when you are in eighth. You feel very grown up as you watch the seventh gra- ders so seriously searching for the right room ibut it doesn't seem very long ago that you were in their shoesl. You are eager to try things by your- self ibut you're glad for a little help when they don't go just rightl. You enjoy the excitement of competition ibut you can't quite believe the crowd is cheering for YOUD. You enjoy the praise for a job well-done Cbut you wish you could remember to just smile and say Uthank you"l. You sort of look up to the ninth graders, but deep down you're satisfied. Your time will come, but for now ileighth is great!" The Winners-Carter, Zorinsky and Venditte! Robbie Johnson and Teri Hollen bach congratulate a new state legislator-M r. Venhitte. Qs its s l.l' wg P: 2 it ' A ,gaif Susan Aarvig T Molly Adams Amy Ahlquist Denise Amato Darlene Anderson Debbie Anderson Asn Lisa Ariza XWNRN W ' Q X- X14 is if Jtm Armstrong ':'i T Rick Arnold 'i,- Mark Barton A A Connie Bauerkemper Beth Bean Jim Belgrade Peter Benson mb Alyson Berk Kelly Berney Roger Bicknell Bea Birdman s ee ., Maribeth Bishop Tim Blakely Larry Bloch xx s X SQX X it X QW 1 M K s XXX YQ . t Xe ' -f f N S ssl XX: vigfigx XXEQSN .fi , AI Bonge Paul Bonham Brad Bonn Jeanne Boom Mike Borgen Jeannie Brinkman John Bro Deanna Bromley Teresa Broomhall Randy Brown Kittie Bucholz Jenny Burham Sherry Burhenne Anne Burke David Burns Julie Burns Robert Burton Patti Butera Mary Byam Trudy Bystrom Tim Campisi Tenley Carp Ruth Chantry Lori Christensen Jerry Cleaver Dana Cole Maureen Comerford Tom Comerford Mindy Coppi Mark Cornelius Stacey Crane Mike Cronin Brenda Danenhauer Joey Dann Theresa Darby Shelly Daurn L.D. Davies Gail Dawson Melissa Degroot Kim Dibble Lori Diesing Chris Dodge Bruce Drake Mike Dudzinski Blaine Duffy Lisa Dugan Steve Edwards Jim Ellis Mike Engman Lori Epperson Jeff Epstien Jay Ericson Stacey Erman Barb Estey Susan Farrell Tami Farrell M' W N ak ' . K We wt ss is 94:3 sw A S We My xx ,Qs CY Q S . t i 'Y .. X. rs.. sf? ev 1 X 'soil lxxic K? s X i i I-xv ,ilu Xt , X H- . lg l Wxxvv' X Q is N 5: X X NX 'ku is X X sam 3 .Q ' N dsx sk X-ws X D -as- in ' if S 5 8 T is J +24 ' -, lx i t i X E Q it Q D i W X N N S X -. 1 swf xr , ., at I' wb v it f fsfjzlr, M45 'j X-L it i KRW? t I L' Q ' i J XQQSSRX M sees, Nix sf Q X vi X fe as . its 3. s G J ai, 1, jj Egg ww, n z:jX5k g lg II T 1 T i i X 3 x x XX xi xi X Sa sk REQ we egg Q N X 2 g X W X ,Q AQ? 5 , wit we ,Q x 1 gfn Y x Q Q' l xt N . fx A X R HF .ma S A 5 1 1 qwia fi liek Q2 1: slid , t 7.5 X X X X vat' D li QXX vt to QE' is Bs N s Sig? , t,,, A wLxxx Z ..,... h 2 wg- ' .jf Z X , X S., N . l ,- X-keg-:L -. Q X I YL-.551 m a ze 2. . s r .ss ., . in x ifzf .2 I g sg tsfx Xe- , o f 2 me -k - , f W. X at xv, iii News akbgsl v X , -s.a..gSe,. ,, r' s , wie ta sks, N x . s S if X I 9 X ..g.. ts Q -ft 1 I ., xX s Q- -s et W X iigq 'x ,xy xx X se ii Nx X S XX X Kg .. S X 1 " is? .- S 5, Y' N Y 3 . e xif KQSXQ5 X Qx X cvs S s . , k,., SN .,,. , .xg x - Q I K if ik xx 3 J-Q g X X X ,..... Q SX ss .. ...wie ,gi xv, KDS , X X x N x X X S fe geeks ':- i X SSW xQ X X261 W' t . .aku Janette Ferrante Kevin Fitzpatrick Jeff Focht Steve Foster Steve Fredrickson Lori Fuglsang John Gappa Diane Gartin Lisa Gass Luke Geddie Nancy Gendler John Geppert Annette Giard Ted Gilliam Terry Gilliam Kim Gilmore Dave Goldberg Karen Goldner Joe Goldstein Jenny Gordon Debby Gorlicki Scott Gourley Bill Graves Cheryl Groves Paul Gruidel lVIike Gunset Patty Gunther Lee Gwartney Eddie Hagerty Bill Hahn Linda Haile Norman Hall Kyu Han Kathy Hanson Kim Harms Doug Harris Brian Hearty Joe Heater Jeff Hector Art Heesch Debbie Heese Scott Heider Darrell Hein Susie Henderson Mark Herring Maimie Hill Jean Hoefer Teri Hollenbach Doug Holub Brian Holzworth Chris Homan Greg Hughbanks Mark Hughes Kevin Hurley Carol Huston David Irvin Hannah Izenstat Julie Johnson Laura Johnson Robbie Johnson Andra Jones Geoffry Jones Phil Jones Tom Jones Phil Kalhorn Anne Kampfe Jeff Kantor Jackie Keck Gavin Kelley Scott Kesick Kyle Kixmiller Mike Klien Kim Kline Janie Klopp Shelley Knapp Lesa Knollenberg Linda Knudsen David Kohll Paul Korbitz Renee'Korner Tom Kozeny Chris Kravchuk John Kriefels Vicki Kroupa Tim Kryszak lVlatt Kurtz Julie Kyker Rosemary Ladwig Mike Landen Jim Larson Tim Larson K' X x 'I' XE E K K. .M ..ts ev was s CNS Q L X -- Qlsxsiif ' Ms- ' f X ,Stl - MFT is ..c. ,Ss 1 New 3. Q 'Vg :.,, Q , e,Q s ,J L .s . . ,- We , , ec 1 ,N .. sw - X I X X X XXX sk X Q 'W K N S k X ing QR S N at X c L 5 ' X X is . -. Q55 , www' k a Qlx W xx X was s. f .. 25 gl. Qu QR? J 'f X- 4 X. ss X ii E ' 1' S X XS S 5 X RS X e X Q X N wxs X X Q kgs Q 'S X Xqifxae s . QQ: ' x Xws Q X ss ,X N P X , .t XRS Y N X S 'W : i ,:-1' -V is 12:5 S ss .Q 0 wx X 5 ANS Q W P X E9 Rex X A , wk S . THX J:-5 N 5 3 5 L ss iw Q V4 S 'F' sf x e N Y N E z X . L X Q A Y W' if it exec X X K sg , " "'- S Q Q -. N Y SX 'ts , X Xe SQ? Q X X Maja' ' " wp, A ,:. N Sarah Smith sews with skill as she works on her clothing project. '- Trias ya- fi Y .- g" "s- L. .X we 5. .sl - E , l exxfxv K Xwigy N 1 S X N NX GSX ss we X S l Q X 'D X S Q l - A Q- .ll S 1 X XX-s : E' l . S -, as X X X xxx X X S X x X sy . Q J Q. ug-as 1 sm , 2 R . .J " J . is J MN - ., .. s iq I I Q Doug Harris enjoys an exciting episode in "Johnny Tremain." 'QL t i Y X R X N i R fs X 0? X X ,223 ' N' Six is X disks? x X Xl X ,.-ax T. . . - was-Qwest' 5 if w. A as i x - ,raw Qt 1 ' got tm :jaw N 1 Lynn Latta Lisa Q Leclair Susie Lehr Louis Lester .I Lisa Lienemann Jef? Linden Kristi Lipelt Dave Lucks Steve Ludwig Scott Lundgren Janet Lynch Kelly Mack Stacy Maddux Holly Madison Chris Mailander Nora Mangiamele Brian Manzer Robert Marble Debbie Martin Susie Martin Melissa Marvin Mary Ann Mashl Matt McClellan Doug McDonald Steve McGill Holly McLendon Angie Mercier Bill Meyers John Meyo Kevin Miles Alex Miller Jeff Miller Karen Miller Todd Minard Keith Miskie Michelle Mitera Connie Modlin Eddie Mommsen Marie Montag Lori Moran Laura Morgan Clay Morrison Kenny Moulton Kim Muller Jackie Mundorf Scott Musgrave Julie Nelson Mary Newland Tim Nieland Mary Beth Nielson Scott Nielson Kelley Nilsson Dan Novak Diane Olsen Richard Oye Jean Pascale Larry Pascarella Brent Passer Mark Pease Matt Perrone Bernie Peters Grant Peters Joey Peters Shelley Peters Pam Petersen Steve Peterson Jennifer Petrashek Bob Pezdirtz Kathy Philby Joan Pinkes Jerry Pistillo Tami Pollard Susie Pour Mono Raha Jeff Randklev Tim Rands X l . - Nw Sir X Ls 2:3 q Q ers- si: ' 3 QM s.. , .tr-ff s as l 4 Janet Lynch, Kim Kline and Jeanne Boom smile in anticipa tion of a tasty treat Dan Wingard applies paint to leather work with care and concentration. ww X F X ,, Iii "i'N t SEWER N N i- i.::: get t ks- .4 .X :.. -::.. wet :I:.,:.Q f.m:samaw,Qaam W it 'Q mug, bin: Ri, xi A Nii, X , ,, . x sw M N km 'li ,.ggfjj5Z-N X . ge t 5 we X x'5'X 2 i XX K i 1 X N . X m N its W1 it S i t N X N S X6 gy W B R X xx 5X 3 N X 'S K X N x Y ' ' X S tksict Q s I X X 4 ' X I R XX if X X it S35 x KN i. Q 5 1 Ns wif "" ' Y xxx N M A QNX N X Ni X: N Rx SE QXYE xt? X X X Sox X SQ K X E X X f my R X , X D' M ii X if Karl Rasmussen Patti Rath Mark Ratzlaff Debbie Reynolds Marty Rips Ricky Rips Jodi Rising Bob Roggenbach John Rollag Denise Roncka Mary Lou Rood Marty Rosen Anne Rothfuss Tom Samson Michelle Sawicki Katie Sawtell John Scheinost Amy Schenkelberg Bill Scheufele David Schlichtemier Jack Schmidt KimQSchwenk Beth Seldin Sara Severa Siri Severa Kevin Sherlock J.C. Shipp Jami Siciliano Marc Simon Donna Sisson Chris Skoog Don Slaughter Phil Slavik Abbott Smith Sarah Smith Tony Smith John Soukup Doug Starks Dan Stastny Kevin Steimer Nancy Steinberg Julie Stiehl Dave Strong Gary Stuckenschmidt Becky Suverkrubbe Randy Suverkrubbe Donna Swanda Jay Swoboda Tom Taylor Jim Tefft Kelli Terpenning Mark Thelander Travis Thierstein Jay Townsend Bruce Tully Jay Turco Steve Unruh Andy Van Doren Paige Vicker Bob Wagner Tim Ward Jerry Wattonville Carol Wegner Anne Weldon David Wentworth Jill Whiting Melanie Whittamore Tom Wieczorek Mike Wilzewski Paul Williams Adrienne Wilscam Dan Wingard Janet Winkempleck Ken Winkempleck Vicki Winters Chris Wintle Tami Woldokewitsch Mark Yeck Dan York Andy Zimmerman Alan Zinneker Mike Zoob Lisa Gass and Lori Diesing engage in a little table-top talk as they stitch and sew in clothing class. .NSN X-QR i QNX ik' sa-5-ahli Ninth Grcicle-ci varied ' Kurt Kravchuk dashes up from P.E. to finish a test. , . ,p 'nvidgi'-I 1. "1 Nggfei 4 , g is sw E x-,Ai : 'K . , Y fx' W . .1 t -- if x . ,k 54 .. A st sQt 5 X r it NX E i Q x .X iw-.W WWE 9 X S 'Qf r -5 it? 4 is ff its 5 il 4' AQ X w e x Q X s .4-gi A X S Rigs ix X X XN5i ram 4 it was we sf xv, '-I ,- . iff' 'Riff f ,Na-fe 1. - . in QR--z-msc! 'ya A picture . . . NINTH GRADE-and you're getting it together at last. You aren't there yet but the pieces are finally begin- ning to fit, and you begin to get a glimpse of the finished picture. Lead- ership that you were hesitant to show now blossoms as you assume new re- sponsibilities and accept new chal- lenges. You enjoy a new prestige. And with it comes greater demands and higher expectations. The course work stiffens, more homework and more studying for tests. But some- how you don't mind it. Because when you get a difficult assignment it comes with a conhdence that you can get the job done. You play an active part in planning school activities. It is a social year. Teachers and staff seem more like friends, and over the Span of three nee-ting years those once-upon-a-time seventh grade strangers are now some of your clos- est friends. There is a surprising twinge of sadness as you realize that this is your last year at Arbor, but you realize that the days spent here were mostly good ones, and while you look back with some nostalgia, you look ahead with excitement and enthusiasm! Jody Addison Scott Adkins Jean Albert Greg Albracht Scott Altic Liz Anderson Mark Anderson Paula Anderson Susie Andrews Monica Angle Sara Armstrong Carol Arnold 65 Freshman day has variety a piece of wood idea . . . Nebraska Plants and Animals students get hrsthand experience in tan- Andy Mellen applies glue and hand clamps in early ning a deerskln. stages of his woods project. Chris Arnold Deantha Ashby Joel Babb ' Tom Baker Bob Baldwin B Carol Ball S if k i iiip .. Q yi Q, S , Barb Barnes Julie Bauerkemper Mike Baumer Bob Beck Christine Bell Don Beller 55 ,Xb . sq- , s, , l , Liz Bellinger Brad Benson Dana Beringer Ida Berman Liz Bilek Dean Bolton 66 XXXW,-X1 ,..., .X ,.,.,,,.,,, , ,...,,, ww f , 2 X Xgw X, ,X le, """ 2 MXSRS ,WXYYXX is i Q X1 :,fR253::.fif3S i X if X :XXX-5 , X NG 'i - 'M '- 3 :JX Xggwsw X ' L M Xi? i w , XXX., ,X N -s XX X - - Xb -X5 -XXX X XX X-X t X, X XX XXX Q sm' f X X X-X X X X XX , X X ii XXXX X XX ,X X., X v X X K T ii Ein XX XXXXX X XXX XXXXX X X, X, XSXQXXXX XX1 - - , gag X X - -sg X 'i M 5' Km :eww .- , +9 4 i , -r-Sig N, .-,. X :,,sj-'Aff S , 35 s NX X 3 X 5, Q X' :,, f.,.A'e:- X ' X X X . SX X X Q f Q XX i X sw W3 X Kg! rw if XX 'if I' fi Xe- .XY Xe. fax ,es-X33,o as ,Q . 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Q , x 1 as x as Kathy Sobeck Linda Sobeski Dan Solzman Dan Somberg Dan Sortino Joe Stastny Dick Stern Mark Stevens Bill Stock Steve Stock Sandi Stolz Jill Stone Bob Stungis Melanie Sturm Theresa Sudyka Liz Sundemeier Rick Swanson Dale Talty Lynette Taylor Jim Terry John Thiesfeld Jeff Thomas John Tilly Eric Tollefsrud Kent Trofholz Dave Trouba Amy Tucker Duane Unruh Dawn Urich Therese Vana Donna Veldman Laila Vilums Bob Vogt Beth Vondrasek Cathy Vrana Jai Wall Bill Walters Laurie Walters Terry Ward Marcy Wax Alice Wear Larry Weidner Jeannie Weiner Tom Weisbecker Jon Whitmore Doug Whittamore Todd Williams Claire Winstrom Scott Wolodkewitsch Dwayne Woster Rob Wyant Jeff Young and best of all ...time with friends! K X ' z X1 fv.z:.:.."I:Q. :::." 4 gf SQS' x . s Q X 1 s , . as , .X s .. .x . F X :I- -..Z5I.. " ,. r :E QM! . We Wi' Q A N. ..,,, -- ' N ..-M--W he X u w sys.. Q is ask xx .1 -' Y THE PIECES are in place now-we can stand back and look at the completed puzzle. And although we see the entire picture, we can recall the individual pieces and how we put them together. We remember beginning to feel comfortable in new situations . . . Wanting to make 6 Contribution - being part of a group ... wwe l l l or going it alone probing the unknown . .. working hard to do a job well . .. SPACE laughing at some of the things we did and a little at ourselves . . . and trying, really trying, to get it all together! - :gt , ,W ,F , ,w, fx -,,. ,ww JMW ig - 0 , ww , gym v nif. 'W' , Q, A xi... N p u " ,W .S?f?'f:Q,, 'Wa' ' -,Q gba, wr' ,,u..,.fW-A ,z ,. 1' ' ,,.-,..,-.W-mf' ""'Am M . www Nw' , .WMM , ,v aw Q- -1 1 .-ff' 4, . M ,wma KW N w c ...,. -.--. dp Wwmg -'vu .A X 'V x -FW 'Sl . 1 F4 7' 1wW,n,i,x .Yip-, vmiz T :iq-ffi,.3w7??: ,Zvi ' Ma 'H' "W rs 4 - -E :rn Q, 5, L" rl--faq.: ,gig ' im-,,'i'. 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Suggestions in the Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) collection:

Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 51

1977, pg 51

Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 48

1977, pg 48

Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 16

1977, pg 16

Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 66

1977, pg 66

Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 9

1977, pg 9

Arbor Heights Junior High School - Epic Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 69

1977, pg 69

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