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900 Alameda de las Pulgas San Mateo, California 94402 1987 EL TESOR0 Aragon High School Volume Twenty-Six WH T IS A DO ?! In Search of the true identity. . . F 2 Wai, w?"F5: ,, Y if r Activities ...... Sports ....... Organizations A A A Personnel AAA, Senior Class , A A Junior Class AAAA Sophomore Class Freshman Class A Our Times A A Ji.. ADonis... E DEDICAT QW' 4 'Q QHRITED! my ADOEIVIDUAL! IN w 'J v YB , Av, if , Q ,L L ,fn , W , , ,, , , , , , Q ixiiiin Q... 11 wif, ,ggi 4i A DON is. . .US. -'Yi i 1 iff" F! 9 -,hmm- "Activities add a chance to get in- volved with school and demon- strate Aragon spirit. lt's the high school activities that will be re- membered in the futuref, Barbie Pacchetti '87 14 f Activities ACTIVITIES Small Class Orientation Is A Big Success DISCUVERI G A EW WURLD Nervous but excited, the fresh- man class of 1990 gathered at Aragon before the year started for a fun-filled orientation. They entered their new school, for the next four years, to learn their bearings in a new world. Assem- bling from middle schools all over, they met new people and got ac- quainted with some of the veter- ans of Aragon. The day began with schedules being passed out, and then a quick Always cheerful, Chef Palazzi makes hot- dogs for the rowdy group of students attending Freshman Orientation. 16 Freshman Orientation run to the nearest group of friends to compare classes. Soon they all filed into the Little Theater fwhat horrors could lurk there?!l for the traditional movie and welcome. Freshmen got encouragement from administration and clubs to join in and "make those high school years the best in your life!" After a spirited performance by the cheerleaders, the freshmen went on the grand tour of the school lead by the Spirit Squad x I, , - .,., , . Q., -- and Service Commission. Roaming the school in groups, questions were asked, such as: "Where is F- Hall?" or "How do I get an eleva- tor pass?" A hot dog lunch was provided by the PTSA, and then the Activi- ties Commission put on the tradi- tional water balloon toss. Even though the freshman class was small, they made orientation a big success. N St:-5 T5 F I-'E-fi R .. 1- .Sits jjlislft . .. :Sis k T fx X C5256 Sflivf? - .Q .- K lui - li: -. ,kr 1-'ff-g,g,E. -. sings. -9325.1-5.q.,Q. fisf: .1f:.:fi, ...s-11:gr,g 5-1--.. .ig - i ERE It seemed like everyone was compare ing classes at one time or another dur- ing this fun-filled day, introducing the new students to a new experience. " and to your left is the rest of B- I-lalll" Freshmen were enthusiastically shown around the school by helpful Ara- gon veterans. Crowding around the table in front of the Little Theater incoming freshmen re- ceived their schedules for their new year. Freshman Orientation f 17 PASS THE POPCQRNH! The Birth of Aragon's Homecoming W T' 23. I ' 5 X I Z uk' The scene was full of excite- ment: The bleachers were packed, the crowd was screaming wildly, the cheerleaders jumped in a fren- zy, and the football players were in rare form as they dominated the game. It was unmistakingly Ara- gon's Homecoming game. Different in the game, was a special event during half-time. The 18 Homecoming upper and lower classes combined forces and created unique floats which carried the twenty royal nominees for the Grid as well as other outstanding students and cheerleaders. While the floats ventured around the football field, Marc Bernstein announced the nomi- nees, and red and black balloons were released to start the begin- ning of Homecoming. The climax and end of the foot- ball season was highlighted with the defeat of Hillsdale. The score was a victorious 20 to 7. lt was one of the most success- ful games of the year. Watch out Ana Heim, here we come! Hey guys, off to work and no Snow White?" HALLQWEE Who's That Masked Man? A journey into a wondrous world with boundaries of imagina- tion . . . ," not only described the Twilight Zone but Aragon High School on Halloween as costumes crowded corridors and center court. The annual festival of dis- guises swept through the school as many students dressed up. It left teachers guessing identi' ties while providing for a fun-filled costume contest. From savage cave woman to beautiful gypsiesg from bums to a three legged man fthe winner of the contestl, stu- dents proudly paraded their un- usual appearances. Even the facul- ty revealed extensive spirit as they joined in the masquerade, and judged the costume contest. As, Activities Commission Head, Lin- da Valter, explained, "lt's a chance for everyone to be creative and it brings out the kid in all." So while walking through the halls, the common question could be heard: "Who was that masked man?l' A'We know school seems like a jail, but really " 20 f Halloween V Nw Q9 Q i 40 WOOOOOW! S Clockwise from top: Chris Haesel engages in mortal com- bat with a Hersheyls Bar? And the victor is the l-lershey's Bar! A couple of hip Halloween people. Crystal Ewing as an Easter Bunny without a sense of timing. Senior To Freshman THE SHOCK Shock could fairly accurately describe the typical college fresh- man's reaction upon entering a new campus. In comparison to high school, the college looks like a strange giant ready to swallow him whole among the vast crowds of people. In an effort to alleviate such shock, on Monday, December 22, the fifteenth annual Holiday Hap- pening was held. An event which drew many of the previous year's seniors who are attending four- year colleges and present Aragon 22 f HOLIDAY HAPPENING Jason Wong, Barbi Pachetti and Cathy Artoux have a good time gesticu- lating with their hands trying to discuss what college life is like. Liz Lempert tells Dave Yarne and Sally Bennet how much fun college will be. During Mrs. Chiossi's annual holiday gathering, college freshmen and Aragon seniors get together to talk about life after high school. Here, Laurie Lum, Su- zanne Cohe, Courtenay Carr and Elea- nor Traubman enjoy the good conver- sation. seniors. Former students from schools in the Bay Area, to the east coast, we well as Europe turned out to share their college campus insights with the seniors who had applied to four-year col- leges. Among the college fresh- men were students who attended campuses such as Stanford, Cor- nell, and even the American Col- lege of Switzerland. Accordingly, there was an excellent turnout of students from colleges in different parts of the country, representing different styles of college life. As in previous years, Mrs. Chiossi graciously held the event in her San Mateo home. A conve- nient location for students home for the holidays to gather for the special event. As a result of the annual Holiday Happening, Ara- gon's college bound seniors could, hopefully, experience a smoother transition from high school to col- lege. Parking? Where? Save That Space? THE MORNING RACE If you have ever driven to school, then you know the conse- quences of being late: no parking space, and a long hike to class. Throughout Aragon's years, many suggestions have been pro- posed on how to solve the need for parking spaces. Such as: build- ing a two story parking lot, paving the atheletic fields, and allowing only upper-classmen to park. But, who knows? Maybe one day Aragon will be granted with a two story garage. Then again, that early morning "dash to class" sure has been the ideal eye-opener, and great exercise! ".,,.-aw-""' --n-wg ,-,, ,Wi As the human stoplight, Diane controls and directs the always heavy after school traffic. Above is a view of the overcrowded Ara- gon parking lot. The mad rush out of school after the bell has rung. Free at last! A growing new form of transportation- scooters and mopeds. Parking Lot 23 Going Once. . .Going Twice. . .Soldl SERVANTS FUR SALE Arms waved violently and the pressure was high as people bid for servants. A fundraiser for the freshman class, the servant sale proved very successful. The crowd was excited and enthusias- tic as students went up for sale. Bidding was a challenge that many people faced, and prices ranged 24 f SERVANT AUCTION from an average twenty dollars to a surprising 3100. The participants enjoyed them- selves braving the "sale block" on stage in single and double groups as auctioneer, Torrey Sullivan "sold', the servants to the huge crowd. As one person noted about the sale, "It was really fun to watch the people wildly bidding and see the strong spirit circulating the auditorium. The auction was really done well." So as the "sold" was shouted from the auctioneer, people were placed in the "em- ployment" of the buyers the next day. In Appreciation Cf All Our Fall 8: Winter Athletes. . SPCRTS RALLY i :yi ff' FALL 81 WINTER SPGRTS RALLY X25 Making Cf A Winter Formal TI-IE GRID UF 1986 1. Silk, lace feathers, corsages, se- quins, strapless dresses, highheels. and 2. Bow-tie, tie, jacket, tux, cufflinks, cologne, boutonniere. What do these words equal? The Winter Formal of course! The formal was held, differently, at 1l The evening was filled with everything from wild dancing to tender moments. 21 Seniors Isabelle Steitz and Margaret Flynn take a break from the traditional attire, and show the signs of being "80's" women. 3l 1986 GRID King and Queen- Michael Jurgenson and Barbie Pacchetti 4l The ultimate in formal style, arriving in a white strech limousine. 26 Winter Formal CSM, which once decorated, was mis- taken for a grand ballroom. Students dug out or bought and borrowed fan- cy outfits for the occasion. And all took part in dancing and socializing with friends at the event. A difference at the annual dance was the ice sculpture, which included the silhouette of two deers kissing. Also outstanding about the dance, was an unusually high profit, which exceeded other profits from six years before. But, aside from the profit, the fun all the couples had came first. As one attendant mentioned, "It was the best time of my whole life!" l P f Q f Nu , U ,, vu , 4 " ? YL 5 2 e 5' Na Z !L ,f 1 . z , 6 , ,,,,il"ffFl. ,',: f,' " ARAGONIANS IN CHARACTER Homecoming Promotes Spirit Week Jockls obnoxious people, Geeks, red and black. What do they all have in common? All of these adjectives repre- sented a seperate day during Spir- it Week. Spirit Week was part of initiating spirit for Homecoming. On Monday, a swarm of Jocks 5... walked the campus, accompanied by obnoxious people on Tuesday. Short pants were popular on Wednesday, as it was Geek Day, and finally, clothing of red and black were worn for Red and Black day for the Homecoming game. The excitement oriented by the goofiness of students and fac- ulty, proved Spirit Week to have been a huge success. Who could not have been hu- mored and excited for Homecom- ing seeing your teacher as a genie? Getting Close-Up To Democracy In Action LET'S MAKE "We'll stop giving aid to the South African rebels, if you stop aiding the Angolan rebels." "What are you going to do about the arms race?" "We want you to stop SDIl', These comments were all part of an international rela- tions activity in the Close-Up pro- gram of 1986-87. The students on the program were divided into dif- ferent countries and attempted to work on foreign policy and diplo- macy. This was all part of a new Visiting Congressman Tom Lantos on Capitol Hill was a highlight for many students. Here are Cathy Cunningham, Julie Trangmar, and Bridget Abbott at his office. Yes, we would like to tell the world we have just taken-over Washington DC. Aragon Close-Up stu- dents relax on very official Capitol Hill. We all got tens for our performance and creativityg this seemed to be the general consensus of this happy group of people after skating on the ice rink on the Mall. 30fCLOSE-UP A DEAL focus for Aragon's Close-Up trip: the United States and the Global Community. Students attended many semi- nars and topicals, given by ex- perts, on such things as: US and USSR relations, South Africa, and national security. Although they were not all exciting. everyone agreed they learned a tremendous amount and gained new insights. One highlight for all the partici- pants was meeting students from all parts of the country and learn- ing about them and their lives. Other exciting events included a tour of the city, a day on Capitol Hill, and a free day fGeorgetown was a favoritel. Every participant had a wonder- ful time and as one student, said, "Close-Up was an experience of a lifetime, that no one will ever for- get!" No, we're not about to be arrested! Linda Valter and Christina Nicolosi take a seat on an officer's motorcycle outside the White House. L YIVVNVTT' I love my paper. A typical breakfast scene, with Mr. Lawrence enjoying his Washington Post. That's our future home. Amy Frankel, Linda Sell, and Ali Barcklay enjoy the White House when they took a tour of the city. Charlie Crouse on top of it all, as he relaxes on a roof of a government build- ing overlooking the Capitol, "Why do the Dons do so well in sports? Because we tryf, 32 fAthletics Jack Durham '87 ATHLETICS l What Is A Synonym For Invincible? THOSE SCRIMMAGING MEN! After viewing the powerful 1986-87 FroshfSoph Football Team tackle its way through an- other exciting season, the Dons were surely added to the dictio- nary as a synonym for "invinci- ble". Experience and unity proved to be the key to this team as two solid coaches, Mr. Brian Von AI- men, and Mr. Greg Jones, who had previously led another high school's team through successful seasons, taught the Dons sureshot plays. Coach Adolf Snaft returned for a second year to continue training these Dons for future var- sity play. Many of the previous year's freshman players also re- turned, providing leadership for the team. Unity also played a major role in the power of the Dons. Commu- nication between the players showed clear, enabling the suc- cessful execution of plays. Even off the field the athletes supported each other adding to the ability to cooperate which is so vital in such a sport. Intensive training with condi- tioning, drilling, and practicing, built an all around potent team. Opponents struggled to penetrate the Aragon defense which stood like a brick wall. A goal of lettin as little points as possible be takei motivated the defense to "hole their ground." On the otherhand the offense exploded through the opponents' blocks. Led by quar terback Mike Chandler whorr teammates called the strength o' the team, no one was to be disap pointed with Aragon's perfor mance. Mike Chandler promiseo "We'll make a lot of touchdownsf With much throwing, numerous catches made by the receivers and track speed running by th running backs, anyone was bound to often see a red and black jersey 34 f F ROSH f SOPI-l FOOTBALL 1 i l in the goal. With great confidence, the FroshfSoph Football Team entered the season. Though all agreed that the Woodside team would give the Dons a tough match, increased preparation rea- died them for a showdown. Coach Sanft summed up the feeling of the Dons by remarking, "We're no match for any other team in the league! We're in a league above the rest!" Indeed the playing of the ProshfSoph team soared and no one was let down in the end. QSLRABBNLS 1 335 ON, FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Juan Alvarado, Rick Arcuri, Ed Ayala, Antonio Batodano, Seth Brown, Dave Burland, Eric Cardona, Mike Chandler, Vic Chelone, John DiMatteo, Kevin Duf- fey, T.J.Ewing, Jason Failla, Kevin Faulk- ner, Brad Ficcaro, Devo Fineanganofo, Juan Flores, Jeff Gabriel, Steve Galliano, Jeff Geller, Jeremie Gonzalez, James Grossley, John Harrison, Mike Head, Joe Jensen, Leo Kaing, David Kellejian, Vic- tor Lam, Rob Landry, Mike Nicholes, Dan Ortner, Marco Palencia, Manuel Par- tida, Steve Partida, Mike Pavid, Jimmy Pryor, Chad Reyes, Keoni Soares, David Tuakoi, Bob Warrington, Corneal Wash- ington, Ray Wenson, James Wong, Eric Zimtbaum. Head Coach: Brian Von Al- men. Assistant Coach: Greg Jones. T.V. SET FOR F COTBALL EXCITEMENT Dons Give New Meaning To Football The players take alignment on the field, you are on the edge of your seat, heart racing, palms sweating, the concentration of the crowd so intense you can feel it. The players scramble and the ball is thrown. Slowly, it makes its end- less trip, sailing gracefully into the hands of an Aragon Don, standing inches away from a touchdown. The crowd goes into hysterics, you are able to tell as the popcorn rains in the stands, and all control is lost. No, this excitement wasn't only limited to Pro-football, but was al- most guaranteed to be observed at the local Aragon Varsity football games. The team was packed with enthusiasm as the Dons strove for A determined Don dodges dexterously to the distress of the dumbfounded defend- er. One of the most devastating detriments of this year's team was their uncanny ability to tackle each other instead of the opposition. 36 f Varsity Football excellence with each play. Strenu- ous and sweaty practices were not considered hard work, but merely as necessary steps toward that precious goal of stomping each opposing foe. This goal was soon realized. "The players are extrememly op- tomistic about this year," com- mented Coach Britt Williams dur- ing pre-season. "There is a stron- ger desire to win, and the players support for each other will prob- ably make it happen." And, indeed, it did. The Dons played their hardest, displaying beautifully executed play after play, always managing to get the ball into their territory. What made the year special? 7 "Most likely the originality of our plays, and the unity between us all. It's a different world when you're out there . . , it's survival", commented Greg Tateosian. A primary focus of the Don's game was a very strong defense, sup- ported with newer graphics and well-designed plays. So, when your family feel that burning desire to experience sports excitement at its best, don't pay the expense of a 49er ticket. Instead, save your money, pack up popcorn, hamburgers and soft drinks and head for the Aragon football field. Anyone can safely say, "It's the best sport in the world". VARSITY FOOTBALL: 27 Alex Aguirre, 9 Al Bernal, 64 Bobby Bianchi, 40 Shannon Carrithers, 36 Boyd Kiefus, 22 John Eke, 82 Chris Fex, 25 Marc Friedman, 42 Mie Giaco- mino, 56 Terry Gordon, 1 Mike Hendricks, 3 Ray Gambol, 88 Adrian Hines, 47 Bill Hos- kins, 4 Lee Jones, 54 Alex Jun, 4 Joe Lah- louh, 30 Mohu Latu, 32 Larry Lealao, 33 Richard Lealao, 35 Armand Leiro, 85 Gary Leonard, 80 Ryan Lilomaiava, 59 Marty McMahon, 79 Todd Mefford, 76 Will Meyer, 46 Soakimi Ongolea, 38 Penisimani Pahulu, 24 Goerge Pineda, 87 Venscky Rodino, 77 Peter Scatena, 7 Brian Schuler, 2 John Stiles, 57 Patrick Svoboda, 45 Mac Ferguson, 8 Greg Tateosian, 12 Simon Tomanogi, 34 Tai Tonga, 72 Nick Tsivikas, 55 Sean Wester, 19 Jim Wilkinson, 20 Victor Wu, 35 Josh Yager, 67 Dave Yarne, 5 Andy Zelms, Robert Dou- gherty. Aragon's punter demonstrates his aerobic abilities with his high kicks. The Aragon varsity football team plays ag- gressively to win. Players get stepped on, sat on and knocked down for the ball lwherever it is.l ,,V. J 5 , 9 ,,,,,, 7 rrr, , ' 7 fflr 7 ttir 5 l.Zfgf22f4f Q fe op L94 ' I ""--, ,,,, , A5 ssrr fx T' 7 f ,irr 2 , 1 f -neun ff W, . if 4.11 ,V , -,5,,w,e,, 4? , ,,,, My .. Y , 'fr ,,,' I'-W mymm ,, r , HEADS! The Main Vocabulary Of The Girls Volleyball Team When entering the girls gym last volleyball season, watch out! Balls were airborn everywhere and al- though someone usually had con- trol of it, the possibility of it sud- denly changing direction was al- ways there. The fourteen girls on varsity and fourteen on frosh-soph volleyball practiced five days a week until four in the afternoon. Their matches were held weekly against the other schools in our district. "The most important things," began their coach, Ms. Thompson, "are team work and team unity, if they do not play as a unit, it doesn't work." During the season they worked hard on serves, basic skills, and court stratagies. "They need to have total communication, and know where the players are and where the ball isf' commented Ms. Thompson. "That will be essential to their success." Last year the teams season was hurt by player injuries but this year they got through it smoothly. "The team is a year more experienced than it was last year and we have a lot of new talent that will bring up our standings in the league," admitted varsity player Diane Bertagna. The matches are when all their hard work pays off. Each Tuesday and Thursday the girls got to show their stuff and hopefully come out the winner. For varsity this meant Sophomore, Soko Ofahulu concentrates on teamsmates play. As Soko's first year on the volleyball team, she proved to be a valuable asset to the team. 38fG1rls' Volleyball winning three out of the five games in a match while frosh-soph only had to win two out of three. This may have sounded simple but it wasn't! Volleyball took a lot of team work to produce something to write home about. "The group rightnow has a potential of being a good team if they work on their skills and develop them through the season,', noted Ms. Thomp- son during pre-season. Volleyball is a tough sport but it is also re- warding. Connie Sullivan added from years of experience that "volleyball was really funli' Heads up! VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: Angela Hotchkiss, Holly Waid. SECOND ROW: Nicole Lee, Sarah Per- ish, Samantha Senett, Erica Cauchi. BACK ROW: Katie Koch, Charisse Lee, Barbara Bertagna, Cheryl DeI.eon, Diane Bertagna, Karen Roady, Dianne Pineda. FROSH-SOPH VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: Dierdre Murtaugh, Julie Johnson, Karen Tensfeldt. SECOND ROW: Mikala Lauridsu, Janet Olimpo, Ilene Wilkins, Carin Craig, Debbie Dou- gherty, Alma Arreris. BACK ROW: Catherine Kenny, Paula Welch, Karen Ja- cobsen, Debbie Jang, Jenny Laisser, Jen- ny Long. Another diligent Don practices service, to prepare for challenging meets ahead. Freshman Karen Tensfeldt and sopho- more Aimee Grant, show their serving styles. The long hours spent after school paid off in their triumphant season. The Don's Keep On Treading WATER BABIES While most Aragonians were warm and sound asleep in bed, a small portion of high school life could be found on the seemingly deserted Aragon campus. Bobbing up and down in the deep blue wa- ters of the pool were thirty-four very dedicated guys in funny caps. They were polo players, but where were their horses? They did not have horses, for they were the talented members of the 1986-87 water polo team. Under the third year of direc- tion by coach Bob Greene, a for- mer Aragon student and water polo player, the thirteen seniors, thirteen juniors, seven sopho- mores, and one freshmen learned skills critical to their success in wa- ter polo. Endurance was a key ele- ment, and a great amount of swim- ming, about twelve hours a week improved their strength and stam- ina. A much needed element to survive ten league games plus 7 tournaments. The success of the team could be given in part to key returning players, Mike Janney 11985 var- sity all leaguel, Ted Gourvitz l1985 frosh-soph all leaguel, Jim Peterson C1985 honorable men- tion goaliei, and Chris Noa C1985 frosh-soph honorable mentionl. "We have an all-star team this year," claimed coach Bob Greene. The team certainly had Wheaties potential! Varsity Back Row: Lester Knok, John Welson, Ted Gourvite, Dave Mathisen, Mike Tanney, Brad Klapper, Mark Vas- quez, Mark Conney, Chris Noa, Front Row: Torrey Sullivan. J.V. Back Row: Barry Stinmetz, John Gill, Mark Dowling, John Yardley, Scott Hausworth, Alex Pao, Front Row: Chris Agdahl, Jikash Kataroka, Mike Yager, John Keiffer, David Bart- feld, Paul Ring. 40 Water Polo mmwfnuw ,,,,, , ,,,, X,,,,L. I ,f,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, , ,.,, A ,M ,.., M .W ,,W, , ,u.,5:ff 1 ,,,.y ,H , N,,, We, ,A.,, ,,,,., V,,, 4 , ,Q.W 4 , W,,,W,h,,,M,,,.,W W-WN,,,,,,, X 'f 5 f I Z V V A, "' V 'Z -ge ' 'I' . M .I V 'Z 2 . 'ff , , f ' "" "" , - Q ' ,V . , ' ""' f, 1 495, K , ,, , 4' ,, f ,H , W ,, V, ,W ,,,, 4, 5 1 IV , ' ,, N' 'f N V V , ' V' ,gl ' ,f'?i57,,lf? ' ' W e ,M - ..v,zf, 1 ' fl 5 fyyy 4' we ' , H ' me . fl V- lf , " I , ' 'f'3"Q1'v. f , H H' W5f'i'Z01' I ' f , ' ' 'if fx- . H ,JJYW f' ,V ' " A ' f K MCG 5 1 'f . f 4 , W' f, ,,,, ,,,, , f ' H - M ' ' V-,. n' I J2ba5wf'W'H , f'W V ' fem' ' 'g-1 5, fff, f ,az egg' -' 53, A , ,WN - ' W , , L I M a I " - " M g i ,i1. f ' yi?" , f,,,,,, , mww w lgf fwxgiiiyfzfv' 'f 5 " 1 ia. ,,,, we 1' x -, wr ,V '-,f , ,,,, 1-lf-, 'wi " fag ' ww , i, ff, f aw w V H H H H wgaw, y wi A ...,,, , g V If A, W ' ,, ,.,,, ,A , f l , f , - V A H ., f ?r7?Q Q 1, f ' ' Wwwg, i n V 7 A 'W 'V C f' f 041 5 H ' 1 I 'ff' " HH 'f 'V ' , ' H ,, 57, 3 , ,M fhq,""" ,, Ms fy A ,Aw f, , f , ,, Jaffa i w , , Www Y'-Mwni Don Defends the ARAGON Goal. Senior, TED GOURVITZ sends the ball to another teammate to make the play. Water Polo f 41 THE WATER'S READY Aragon Dives In ',s give them a swim for their moneyln exclaimed Coach Guy Oling of the Aragon girl's swim team. The year 1987 had brought together Aragon High School, a well-qualified coach, and thirty-eight swimmers ready for ac- tion. With such a great combina- tion, spectators were ensured an exciting season of swimming. Amid all the backstrokes and flut- terkicks stood the man who led the varsity and frosh-soph teams to success, Coach Guy Oling. He sports an extensive coaching back- ground including heading the Bur- lingame and Hillsdale swim teams in previous years. Although 1987 had been his first year coaching swimming at Aragon, Mr. Oling was very impressed and excited by the team's talent and unity. The team consisted of nearly an equal number of powerful veteran and rookie swimmers. By practic- ing every weekday together, the new members benefitted from the experience of the veterans and de- veloped and sharpened their skills. The swimmers concentrated on stretching their talent to a variety of events, enabling the Aragon team to excel in all areas. The league meets occurred twice a week where the swimmers proved that practice really does pay off. Apparently, the loss of last year's seniors did not affect the team's performance in 1986 because of this year's multi-talented swim- -wr ,, if -M WW' 42fG1rls' Swimming ,by uf fa . ff wi 4 if . mers such as varsity's Pam Ad- dison and Sandy Ravens. Although approximately one- half of the frosh-soph team had no experience in competition prior to this year, the swimmers displayed great initiative and promise. Among the outstanding swimmers was freshman Amy Caplan. To- gether the girl's swim team swam furiously against Aragon's top con- tenders Menlo-Atherton, Wood- side, and San Mateo High School. Happy and satisfied with the girls accomplishments, Coach Oling concludes, "We,ve got good spirit on this swim team. There's a lot of group effort among the swimmers. lt certainly is a pleasure to coach at Aragon!" 9 fiw,,.w --- 2 5,7 nf ,mr H' fe ff lim 'XJ .gg 1' lg' I I ggi 2 if GIRLS' VARSITY SWIM TEAM: Back Row: Chelle Gumbingerg Linda Plachyg Sandy Ravensg Pam Addisong Jenni Dol- lardg Cory Mooreg Sonia Siglerg Shadi FRONT ROW: Amy Camplaing Jenny Thomasg Adine Aviannig Julie Goldkuhlg Cindy Karrg Crystal Ewingg COACH Guy Oling IX Q It IIQ X i yiy rs it vt it H iiii A "M . aw - 'v ff' 'A if f 3.2 " A s M , uf iki' 5 'I mr., ' Y , K Lf I Hr. f f' It . . ti, V if Coach Guy Olmg gives the thumbs-up, if' .157 X 5. , ,fn is 4' o-ahead for a reat season sd v . Q -' 12, QJQA. A, ' Q I Q Q ' f f 'f'-x 4" ,,,, -,-4.1 Q- WN.. .-Q , , , , ' ,yn V jg N '- "f,,.,f'7.' , V ,it ,QWQW iii I , ' T ig , ,,fg:,,' GIRLS J f V SWIM TEAM: Back Row: I , V Tina Baruhg Deanna I-Iarpg Jenny Cur- ,,f, M s, 5. fs ,,' I' ' A 7' K M 'V I , . . 2 -.ALg',gf2'fm,Q?3AiiI,,.,il,S X 4 U , rithersg Corinne Schnedekerg Shawn . WW W1 wt . v:Z 5'fi4i.,W'l 4 Tk , I ,ggi Holmg Deidre Daltong Valerie Berkg Gail U : A ,I , Sarlesg Karen Weissg Front Row: Natasha V. M: rii I 1 f 1. , f we ' Maw Traubeg Christi Sternerg Kelly Caing An- Freshman Amy Camplain was a great as- set to this years varsity swim team. She demonstrates here her winning butterfly which led the medly relay to numerous victories. Junior Sandy Ravens swims backstroke in true champion fashion. drea Gilligan, Christine Loweg Jessica Tirschg Krista Mathiseng Jill Pollock Was That Boy,s Cross Country Passing Or A Runaway Train? ALL ABOARD FOR BOY'S CROSS COUNTRY! Quick! Catch the fast paced ac- tion of Boy's Cross Country be- fore their images have faded into the distance. Skillfully guided by Coach Daskorolis, the varsity and frosh-soph teams left foot- prints on several grueling runs in and around Aragon, each covering several miles of various terrain. Morale among the team mem- bers and their coach was high, for the atmosphere was one of good BOYS' VARSITY CROSS COUN- TRY: FRONT ROW: Ken Toda, Ber- nard Camarao, Josh King, Skip Connors, Jason Hoffman, Chip Strause, Karl Shackne, Robert Ortiz. SECOND ROW: Kevin McKinney, Jack Durham, Jeff Ba- ker, Kevin Toa, Joe Nerelli, Matt Ciranni, Scott Haslam, Chris Ellertson, Jeff John- son, Brian Smith, Coach Daskorolis. BOYS' FROSH-SOPH CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW: David Chu, Eddie Goldkuhl, Cyrus Johnson, Pat Aus- tin, Lee Wittsit, Derek Pritchard, Yuan Chin. SECOND ROW: Jody Foster, Derik Haslam, Jason Feiner, Jason Roach, Adam Kemist, Jeff Crocker, Rob- in Chan. THIRD ROW: Garret Glasgow, Scott McGlaushin, Brian Ellertson, Mike Ciranni, Scott Bergman, Adam Florez, Mike Homelund, Jeff Crocker, Jeff Cold- well, Mike Chafik, Mike Yarne, Fernado Carpenter, Amish Desi, Derik Taller, Flemming l-line, Corey Cohen, Alan Col- tar, Robert Sweeny, Mike Reily, Coach Daskorolis. 44 Boys' Cross Country feeling and good exercise. "Every- one is coming out, working hard, and having a good time," noted senior Jack Durham. Why the hard work, muscle strain, perspiration, and fear of athlete's foot? For several rea- sons, to win the meets, personal achievement, and to be victorious at the P. A. L. finals. The meet, which occured on the fifth of No- vember, was "la creme de la creme" of cross country meets. Chip Strause, a varsity cross country member, commented, "Cross country is a unique blend of harsh physical training and in- tense fitness only few athletes are ready forf, How do they do it? The Boy's Cross Country teams concentrated on technique, put in time and effort, but most of all, they stayed relaxed! 'rwffi r 'M' -'-'-"""""?if Kevin McKinnie leads Aragon's Varsity in the race against Serra. Aragon's Frosh'Soph boogies forward and onward in valient attempts to beat their rival Serra. Aragon Frosh-Soph cross-country team stretches at the starting line in prepara- tion for the grueling race they are about to begin. BUILT FOR SPEED Girls Cross Country Goes The Distance Bang! They're off! The Aragon Girls Cross Country team gave it their all this season. A winning atti- tude and competitive edge gave the team what it took to be one of the best in the PAL. Anxious faces seen in the beginning of the season were soon transformed into faces of grim determination as the girls gained confidence in themselves and their teammates. That confi- dence was reflected in their speed and technique, two factors that gave the team the winning edge. But success did not come easily. Daily practice consisted of a gruel- ing three to six mile workout, come rain or shine. But that didn't stop the girls from having fun. As the team stretched during practice or before a meet, there was always friendly chatter going on. Coach Bill Daskarolis wasn't the only one giving his team members sup- port, the girls were there for each other as well. "It was hard work," commented Bridget Abbott," "but that always pays off in the end, and I really had a lot of fun." Obviously that was true for the whole team, veterans and new- comers, who came out on top in the long run. You're either slowly struggling to get up that hill A A 46 Girls' Cross Country Or another hill Or charging in a mad rush to get down to where you started. Kristen Linden and Tiffany Kyle demonstrate the strategy of keeping pace with a team partner. As the pistol blasts and the runners stam- pede from the starting line, Mary Mano- lakis knows she has her work cut out for her. GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY: Bridget Abbott, Julie Aliemus, Lisa Cash, Susan- na Chan, Cathy Cunningham, Marcia Gagliardi, Robin Goodstein, Tiffany Kyle, Kristen Linden, Mary Manolakis, Linda Messana, Linda Sell, Kim Shimokusu, Cindy Silva, Elisa Smith, Patty Spadaro, Julie Trangmar, Renee Trudeau, Susie Tse, Renee Van I-looidonk, Anne Wash- ington. Coach: William Daskarolis. Aragon Girls Dominate The Court RALLYING TO SUCCESS New her Sen' ior Barbara l-lammed practices her powerful forehand. Walk into the gates of the Ara- gon tennis courts and you will most likely hear questions such as, "What's Capuchinofs record? What are our chances of getting to CCS?" These inquiries clearly show the determination and com- petitiveness of the 1986-1987 Aragon girls tennis team. Coaching for his second year, Gene Gordon led this enthusias- tic group through running exer- cises and calisthenics in order to maintain the level of physical con- dition needed to produce a win- ning team. Through relentless drilling and practice matches, Ara- gon's Varsity continued to en- hance their skills and stamina. Not only did Varsity concentrate on conditioning but the Junior Varsity as well. Mr. Gordon worked with the girls during practice and dedi- cated his time afterwards, as well, to further develop their skills and prepare them for match play. this year's team had a tough act to follow. l-lowever, with each new year comes new players to help meet the challenge. This season's mixture of fresh talent and the ex- perience of the older players, such as Lisa Layton and Yo Koneda, combined to insure another fantas- tic year. When asked what the principle strengths of the group were, Christine Crosby replied, "Depth in skill level and a sense of spirit and comradery. Every play- er watches both the Junior Varsity and the Varsity matches and roots each other onlf' This type of unity and support was nearly as impor- tant as the neverending energy and complete concentration need- ed to win. Clearly, life was not a spectator sport for this vivacious group as they competed strenuosly and de- terminedly to achieve a truly smashing season. After last year's performance VARSITY TENNIS: FRONT ROW: Barbara Hammed, Christine Crosby, Debbie Stockwell, Leslie Lanier, Barbie Pachetti, Sally Bennett. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Fitzgerald, Laura Spanjian, Laura Bernstein, Lisa Layton, Carrie Kremers, Jill Perish. BACK ROW: Yo Kaneda, Sandra Schuber, Becky Fisher, Catherine Crosby, Paige Morway, Krystal Pollock, Coach Gordon. 48fGirls, Tennis Aragon's number three singles Yo Kin- eda, practices for Thursday's match. Sophomore Leslie Keifus demonstrates her running forehand for the camera. ' it 1 , 54 JXV TENNIS: FRONT ROW: Darcey Wong, Millicent Mayfield, Rui Kaneda, Anita Cheung, Jeannie Pailhe, Elaine Hosking, Karen Winklestein, Jennifer Yuen, Coach Gordon. BACK ROW: Col- leen Kreidle, Tiffany Carr, Kristil Co- pland, Leslie Kiefus, Sheena Cushner Meagan Donovan, Ann-Marie Husack Adrianna Delora, Lauren Klapper, Anna Lanthier, Serena Chu. s 1 M me . lg, tii' we-msn ww Ball-Handling Perfection WHAT'S ALL THE COMMOTIGN? Sounds of high-tops squeaking on the floor, the ball bouncing, and the swishing of the net resounding throughout the boys gym as the Boys Varsity Basketball Team dashed to success. Returning from a championship year and the loss of a number of great starters ad- ded great pressure, yet the team handled it as well as they handled the ball! Energy and teamwork kept the team on top. Many new players "Man, l'm getting tired!" 50 f Boys' Basketball added optimism and depth to the Dons. Quickly and easily, the old and new members of the team joined to create a whole united force. Rather than depending on a single player or a single strength, the Don's game was perfected in all areas, offense and defense. Of- fensively, height created a prob- lem as most were small in size in the league. However they did not let that hinder progress. Defense played fearlessly, not letting any- one get inside the key. Near perfection came into view as a result of hard work and dedi- cation. Intense workouts and con- ditioning even during winter break, kept the Dons in "high-top" shape. Thus, again, the Dons of Aragon were sure not to let the fans down, and added loud cheer- ing to the other basketball noises from the gym. VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL: Peter Ho, Terry Sullivan, Jimmie Pryor, David Lee, Pahulu Puteni, Adrian Hynes, Steve Hauser, Marty Wall, Jeff Ficara, Brian Schular, Jimmy Geosly, Anthony Nelson, Coach Bolin, Lavell Ferguson. Reach, reach, reach! The Best Offense Is Defense CUURTRDDM DRAMA A promising new group of ath- letes ensured Aragon fans an ex- citing and successful season of frosh-soph basketball. Although the team lost their veterans from the previous year to Varsity, the arrival of seventeen talented new players brought sincere spirit and determination onto the court. Re- alizing the team's inexperience and lack of height, Lou Murgo coached the team everyday after school until 5 o'clock in order to intensify the drama on the court. Coach Murgo concentrated on improving the team's weak de- fense and sharpening the players' impressive offensive skills. Accu- rate shooting and cooperation on the court helped Aragon attain many victories during the season. These skills also qualified the Dons as competent competition against rivals San Mateo and Hillsdale. Be- cause such a large amount of freshmen tried out for basketball they outnumber the sophomores 2 to 1. Through unity and dynamic action on the court the Dons en- joyed a triumphant season of bas- ketball. Aragon basketball performed W4 S . .t K ,g-.. 11557. Wt' 1 V X .... . , , i A s 'ii-f if g A g , . .Q 5 SS 1 r g -' Q .. , 1 A A Yr., , ., E ' is rigs 1 . A :Sa 5. - 5 , L G :-, -:v,.t " I l - " .. X ' rv - ' A srr T. i 4 4.1 L nf 5355 7 . -ggg --. if ... ia , My Coach Lou Murgo, Hosea Patton, Gary Werchick, Rick Arcuri, Malik Shakoor, Darren Cox, Andre Crump, Nathan Rhoads, Rigo Calderone, Jeff Saunders, Derrek Foster, Robbie Morris, Steve Tingley, T.J. Ewing. Jimmie Pryor goes for the rebound. well because of the combination of raw talent and serious practice. Skilled freshmen and sophomores dribbled, aimed, scored, and raised the crowd to their feet in enthusiastic applause. A great coach, determined athletes, and especially a strong offense contri- buted to their success. Freshman Kevin Vasquez stated, "All of the players shoot really well. We also have very good centers. There's no hogs either, Aragon plays team." fs ir , ,,,,, ' if rg rtr ssii 'f" U ,, .1 ,,. I 1 , T A-5 --'. 1 - rr" P it- T Ie .A ,. . .,,,., X 1 4 ,t-mtiif " V ,, M --ci ' I 4. f - ffl--f 1-- 5 4 ","', ,,,.,, 'Gp Everybody, get the ball! Quick, before he get's it! 66 Togetherness Is The Key "Unstoppable" - that's how one player described the Girls, Basketball Team: a good descrip- tion for the highly-charged and en- thusiastic team that perfectly com- bined talent and hard work. Under the coaching of Mr. Beltran, the girls practiced daily to make their team the best it could be. With superb players like Netty Gennaro, Jane Tuipulotu, and UNSTOPPABLEIU Pauline Manu, the team was des- tined for victory from the start. Its excellence was apparent even in the pre-season games, in which even the strongest competition didn't stand a chance. The key to success in any team sport is togetherness. The Girls' Basketball Team had that key, and for them it opened many doors. VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: Coach Mr. Beltram, Netty Gennaro, Cathy Cunningham, Katre Coch, Kris Kellejiang MIDDLE ROW: Gail Sarles, Barbara I-Iammed, Lisa Cresci, Kelly Faulkner: BACK ROW: Pauline Manu, Nicole Opalka, Jane Tuipulotu. FROSH-SOPI-I GIRLS' BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: Nikki Murgo, Jenni McBurnie, Kelly Nicholas, Ann Washing- ton: SECOND ROW: Janette Novello, Karen Weis, Muffy Ashleyg THIRD ROW: Tammy Sorg, Tiffany Doelger, Jill Pol- lock: BACK ROW: Viola Tonga, Karen Tensfeldt, Carla Bianchi, Caren Canziani, Coach Chris Stave. BOY'S SOCCER TAKI G The Echo's To Success Thump Thunk Ting . Ugh! Ouch . . . ffft , , . Bang No, these weren't the sounds of the Thanksgiving Parade, these were the sounds which could have been heard during one of Aragon's Boy's Varsity soccer games. Led by coach Guy Oling, Ara- gon team did exceptionally well, having had no losses in their pre- season games. Beside the offense and defence having been perfect- ed to their peak, exceptionally strong on the team was the goalie defense, which was performed by player Jim Peterson. Practices were instense and scheduled regularly. By just look- ing at the balls flying, heads bang- ing, and bodies running, it was evi- dent that the team was out for first place. "The team is really together this 4 The varsity team prepares for a game by setting up a goal. FRONT ROW: Curt Lawton, Boyd Keifus, Don Ricca, Gary Lorin, Ivan Bazan, Tim Clarke, George Pineda, Ed Lawton, Vic Wu, Bader Behbehani, Arturo Lopez BACK: Jenny Beck, Tyrone Diaz, Simon Johnson, Ricardo Carpentar, Nobu Taki, Sean Cleary, Sergio Carrera, Doug Andrews, John Rau, Brad Klapper, Payl Espinoza, Jim Peterson, Coach Guy Oling, Chris Ellertson, Jason Hoffman 54 f Boys' Soccer THE LEAD year," commented Tim Clark, "the practices are a little lengthy sometimes, but they really pay off in our games." Thus, the work and effort the players put into their not only im- proved their individual perfor- mance, but lead the team on to victory. -- K . .--i as .. is ,... L, - " T -Fifi . ,ASQ K ks. . Vykkk , is 1 , was --sr K W5 'f... i p 2 S " ' h .,,. "" W . . ...-' , . K -sv' V . i it r r, - ,rrir r . ' - V -. V 1 f - L , ' ,. .WE-i-Ei:-' , . -. . ' sffiik fit' ' .UFS QE7 : 1E:f"':Q ' A A irgk ,,,,,. I ,,. .,,, , ,, K KKLII it - I gsssici ,ik . 7. ,QS Junior Tim Clarke practices his ball han dling techniques. Q s X Ni R E N, X Rx is ggi? iv X XX X X S , it X 55 fx sf Ng , l The goalies practice catching the balls. FRONT ROW: Peter Johnson, Steve Stanovac, Ermon Barrows, Marc Rarden, Jer- emy Styer, Greg Sarrail, Cyrus Johnson, Matt Jones, Ken Kreidl, Frank Walter, Jason Tyndall, Phil Hall BACK: Coach Doug Wilkins, Kevin Faulkner, Adam Kemist, Ben Silk, Scott lVlcGlashan, Brian Ellertson, Eric Larson, Flemming Hein, Matt Segall, Rich DeWood, Ryan Manero, Robert Linden, Dave Cresson, Phil Lorin, Derek Burrill, Bill Daskarolis, Coach John Aliamus. SINGI G I THE RAIN Boys JV Soccer Conquers Obstacles It was one of those cold, wet and rainy days. The ground was muddy, and to go outside without a jacket was suicidal. Would you be prepared to face the cold out- side in nothing more than a T-shirt and shorts? This was one consideration that the Junior Varsity soccer players were prepared to disregard. Fac- ing other obstacles besides weath- er, the boys determination crushed any force keeping them from playing. Having started off with a good season, the boys made exceptional progress, losing few games. The team had a strong defense, the one focal point of the year. This strength was accomplished Running in lines is one of the many drills the players participate in. with vigorous practices and scri- mages. "Soccer is a lot of fun this year," commented Scott McGla- shin, "we,re having fun and doing really well." And who wouldn't be? Soccer in the mud is supposed to be a challenge! Get On The Ball! GIRLS SOCCER PLAYERS GET A KICK OUT OF WINTER While most of us are bundled up, huddled for warmth during the winter months, the dedicated members of the Girls Varsity Soc- cer team, remained outdoors, braving the cold to practice and play games after school. However, their determination payed off as the 1986-87 season proved to be one of the best. Winning games only comes from hard work, and the girls cer- tainly did just that. Led by SHIR- LEY CONNERS, team members practiced every day. First they worked on calisthenics, and stretching, moving on to running, and finally practicing different plays. Because of these strenuous practices the girls not only shar- pened their skills, but created a strong sense of team unity and cooperation. The talent found on the team was only one of it's many strengths, as JENELLE FRYE commented another as being, "The support and spirit found be- VARSITY GIRLS' SOCCER: FRONT ROW: Christine Crosby, Karen Michels, Laura Bernstein, Linda Sell, Barbie Pacchetti, Sara Hurd, Sally Bennet, Erin Pierce. BACK ROW: Coach Mrs. Connors, Julie Trangmar, Catherine Kinney, Erin Murphey, Carrie Kremers, Liz Gecks, Laura Hardy, Sandy Ravens, Jill Parish, Tiffany Kyle, Jenelle Frye. 56fGIRLS' soccER tween the teammates." This unity also boosted their confidence, which in return, helped to achieve victories. Clearly because of the Varsity having strong defense and offense, they were able to beat the fierce competition from the other team- mates in the PAL. However, de- spite outstanding results, the prac- tices and games weren't always pressured and serious, as the girls were out there to have fun along with playing their best! , . , i, .ff M 1 in .Q.,,wgpV' ML FROSH-SOPH GIRLS' SOCCER: FRONT ROW: Coach Mrs. Kiefus, Valerie Berk, Dedria Murtog, Eileen Wilkenson, Christine Kennelly, Susan Flag, Julie Johnson, Jane Frye, Susan Nutti. BACK ROW: Larissa Hughes, Samantha Senet, Sarah Parish, Deborah Jang, Karen Jacobsen, Kristle Copland, Colleen Cridle, Jennifer Long, Paula Welch, Amy Wardwell. Girls JV Soccer Goes For The Gold FOOTLOOSE With feet flying, bodies moving, and hearts pounding, the girl's JV soccer team scored goal after goal. The combination of old and new talent on the team proved to be a definite strong point, as both offense and defense illustrated skill and technique on the field. But success didnit come without a struggle. Grueling practices, begin- ning with running, then progress- ing into drills, and finally finishing with a scrimage and more running, were the key factors in developing the team's skills. Extremely competitive tryouts added to the excitement of the season. For two weeks the players strode onto the field to strut their stuff. COACH JOANNE KEIFUS stated, Hlt was difficult to make decisions when all of the girls showed so much talent." When the final cuts were made, the re- maining girls received their uni- forms and began the practice sea- son the very next week. The team had an impressive season, with all of the members contributing to the team's success. Skilled players, tough practices, and fancy footwork was the team's winning combination. The Few And The Proud Tl-IE WRESTLERS Thanks to the 1986-87 wres- tling team and the coaches, wres- tling is a sport to be proud of. Requiring speed, agility, skill and determination, wrestling is de- manding both mentally and phys- ically. Monday through Friday the team refined their skill in vigorous workouts ending at 5 o'clock. However, strenuous they are, it gave these young wrestlers the cutting edge in competition. Each person wrestled for three two-minute periods. This made up a match. The winner was deter- mined by points for such maneu- vers as escaping a pin by the oppo- nent, putting the opponent on his back, a reversal, and pinning someone down. The varsity team, made up of 15 boys, showed a lot of talent. "I think we had a lot of experienced and consistent wrestlers on our team that performed well through- out the season," stated Skip Con- ners, a varsity team member, "It's hard but it pays in the end!" Varsity Wrestling: Front Row: Mario Siguenza, John U, Willie Garcia, Jeff Shinozaki. Middle Row: Brian Tauchi, Skip Connors, Paul Cardinale, Trebor Myers. Back Row: Coach Ernie Holsop- ple, Ron Boehm, Dave Hechim, Coach Derek Brewer. Gary Leonard, Young Jim Choi, Coach Tom Kennedy. 58 f VARSITY WRESTLING f MW5' f JUN THE 880538 A., '52 1 V Km,, ' ' " " ,, . ,L f- gn ' 'A A'm.,.,, 5 W vw , vo' Q X ,,, i 1 W QM, Boys Track Spells Victory THE CHOSEN Bang! They're off! Heartbeats sped up as the Boys track team showed what they were made of. Time after time the boys demon- strated effort, skill, and determina- tion at their meets. Fleet feet swept past competitors and once again defeated the opponent. The team worked extremely hard for their high standing reputa- tion. Daily practices began with a good long stretch. "Stretching is important so muscles don't get pulled. Runners should never even think of racing without stretching first," advised team member Adam Kemist. After stretching the runners condition before prac- ticing their individual events. Although track is an individual sport, the team made an effort to encourage their teammates on to victory. At the meets their cheers were always heard encouraging the racers on with coach Bill Das- karolis leading the crowd. VARSITY BOYS' TRACK: FRONT ROW: Karl Schackne, Chip Strause, Tim Clarke, Bryan Smith, Mohu Latu, Todd Mefford, Ron Boehm, Jason Graham, Scott Silva: SECOND ROW: Will Meyer, Bernard Camarao, Jeff Baker, Greg Lenzini, Cris Ratko- vic, Mike Jackowitz, Dara Chafikg BACK ROW: John Eke, Tyrone Diaz, Jack Durham, Scott Morris, Sean Cleary, Robert Ortiz, Coach Bill Daskarolisg NOT SHOWN: Kevin Toh, Whitney Kai, Coaches Hal Huffman, Bill Larson, Tom Kennedy. 60 f Boys' Track I i i i MW lugs, lbw 'iw i S, Varsity distance runners Chip Strausse, Karl Schackne, and Bernard Camarao pacing each other in a work out. FROSH-SOPH BOYS' TRACK lin alpha- betical orderl: Pat Austin, Earman Bar- ros, Ricardo Carpenter, Robin Chan, Da- vid Chu, Corey Cohen, Matt Connolly, Dave Cresson, Brendon Fallis, Kevin Faulkner, Aaron Florez, Steve Galliano, Garret Galsgow, Mike Head, Hai Ho, Pe- ter Johnson, Neil Kaufman, Adam Ke- mist, Mikihito Kuraya, John Lazzareschi, David Lin, Robert Linden, Mike Nichols, Mark Phillips, Jimmie Pryor, Carlos Ra- mirez, Mike Reilly, Jason Roach, Gene Romano, Erik Sardinas, Yun Shin, Ben Silk, Robert Sweeney, Erik Sylvestri, Jason Tyndall, Frank Walter, Alex Well- man, Mike Yarne. A Potpourri Of Events 0 RUNNERS-UP Can there really be "runners up" in track? Of course not! Just developing personal athletic skill makes every enthusiastic and hard-working participant a winner. Ah, and the variety! With events ranging from hurdles to the ttriple jump, the girls had quite a selec- tion to choose from. Renee Van Hooidonk and Marcia Gagliardi were especially notable among long distance runners. Coaches Mr. Larson and Mr. Huffman helped the girls reach their potential in field events, while Mr. Daskarolis dominated running. With such dedicated coaches and team members, the team could not lose. ,gm Coaches, Mr. Huffman and Mr. Larson, stand by with helpful hints. Even with tiring workouts there is time for fun. 62 Glfl,S Track V W , W... ff ' . . 'WM ' 1 , Hwdmkfkk is . .iw .-,,, f wtf .. If ww Y.. L . 4 I' , f , ,.. 4. X - , ' Y S A ' . s A + :,. i .uf - . .. as at ' Q.. Y. 51 l ff-- .. , In alphabetical order, the girl's Track Team: Bridget Abbott, Julie Aliamus, Jennifer Baughman, Susana Chan, Cath- erine Crosby, Cathy Cunningham, Tiffant Doelger, Amy Everitt, Marcia Gagliardi, Robin Goodstein, Anne Grant, Laura Hardy, Kathleen I-luvane, Kris Kellejian, Jenny Knight, Debi Krumm, Nicole Lee, Kristen Linden, Mary Manolakis, Janay Michaud, Paige Morway, Cathy, Nafici, Janet Olimpo, Erica Ozanne, Jill Parrish, Sarah Parrish, Erin Pearce, Linda Sell, Cindy Silva, Elisa Smith, Jenny Solomon, Patti Spadaro, Jaime Thomspon, Renee Van I-looidonk, Holly Waid, Bibi Wu, Ei- leen Wilkins. Long distance runners, Linda and Renee, enjoy a lap around the track. Mary Manolakis pushes to her limit for a strong finish. Sophomore, Jaime Thompson, runs fast and hard to beat the others. CATCH THE ACTl0Nl Dons Baseball Taking Bases "Silence spreads throughout the stands, the ball is thrown, the Don batter cracks the bat, ho- merunlf' announces the commen- tator at an Aragon Baseball game. Popcorn flew all over as the crowd roared with excitement and the Don's marked up another win in the league. So went typical plays during Aragon's baseball season, which lead them to success. The begin- nings were rough, however, as they faced hard times getting back into the "swing of things." Once they started, though, the teams were on fire, and no one could A masked man's place is at home. The view from behind FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL fnot pic- turedl: Juan Flores, T.J. Ewing, David Lamb, Ryan Manero, Erik Larsen, Ron Capra, Phil Hall, Malik Shakoor, Dan Ortner, Steve Stanovack, Mike Corby, Rich DeWood, Ken Turner, Crystal Ew- ing lscorerl, Ron Bolin lcoachl. 64 Baseball stop them. With great enthusiasm and great strength the Dons were ready to get dirty or get hit by a few balls in order to win the game. And win games they did, as the Dons quickly redeemed from their beginning losses, and struck back into a pattern of invincibility. Noth- ing seemed to stop these boys, as it became clear that their eyes were out for the number one spot in the P.A.L. However, every great team re- flects hard work, and here, too, the Dons endured. Practices were long and required various exer- cises to sharpen base and bat tech- niques. Often enough, also, were practices held on dusty fields, and in glaring heat. To help, the team- mates created many sayings that they shouted, unifying the players and motivating everyone to consis- tently try their best. Having the best team spirit and intensity in the league, with great skills to match, the Aragon Dons left the crowds standing at all times and leaving them infatuated with all-American baseball . . , Aragon style. Running speed is a critical part of the game. Patience is an important element, too. The Dons play all their home games at Central Park. VARSITY BASEBALL: FRONT ROW: Jim Wilkinson, Chris Gallego, Norm Pol- lack, John DiMatteo, Jim Reed, Marc Friedman, Brian Schularg BACK ROW: Coach Lou Murgo, Mike Giacomino, John Stiles, Joe Heath, Mike DeI.oia, Doug Andrews, Randy Kaminsky, Kevin Henderson, Tony McMahon, Jason King. Devotion, Spirit, Talent WINNING WAYS Cheerleaders? No. A band? No. Devotion, spirit, and talent? Yes! Even without the frills, the Varsity softball team turned many heads. Crowds were never disappointed because their play always proved to be excellent. Despite sand-filled eyes, cleats, and uniforms, they braved the ter- ritory and left opponents with gap- ing mouths. Both their pitches and hits whizzed by opponents, barely I V ,".,1pf.r rw- 3 .1,.-we f .W-1 ,, ,refine " - f ls. ' IL- w if" V ,' , :.1 4 ww ' mama f f mf Did he say he wanted me to hit it all the way to the El Camino? VARSITY SOFTBALL: FRONT ROW: Elizabeth O' Conneer, Missy Raffo, Bar- bara Bertagna, Erica Cauchi, Julie John- son, Catherine Kinney, MIDDLE ROW: Jenny Long, Tiffany Kyle, Lisa Cummins, Karen Roady, Diane Bertagna, Coach Chris Staveg BACK ROW: Kelly Jorgen- sen, Shawna Pulley, Carrie Kremers, Jan- elle Frye, Jenni Beck, Erica Jensen. I think I missed that signal! 66 f Varsity Softball leaving them a chance to blink. With such talent, the PAL cham- pionships were clearly within their reach. The remaining step was up to their desire to win. To progress toward their ultimate goal, strenu- ous practice was held several hours a day where they sharpened their skills such as batting and catching. In the end, their dedica- tion showed and left them with their winning ways. However, their success could not have been accomplished with- out the guidance of coach, Chris Stave who had been with the team for five previous years. He helped the team progress toward excel- lence with his insights and softball knowledge. With everything work- ing together, the team rose above all others to glow despite the ab- sence of frills. . Shannon Murphy begins her silent prayer way out in right field. A' W iw - ffm- "" V When can I stop running? FROSH-SOPH SOFTBALL: FRONT ROW: Shannon Murphy, Tiffany Kyle, Stacy Jorgensen, Suzi Nuti, Carla Bian- chi, Carin Craig, Christine Kenellyg BACK ROW: Samantha Sennet, Anne Washington, Jenny Long, Tammy Sorg, Caren Canziani, Lisa Cresci, Karen Ja- cobsen, Coach Pat Sangimino. Beating All Odds GOPI-IERS? With an improved infield, the Frosh-soph softball team seemed to have it made. However, the rest of the playing field had much to be desired. Despite gophers which popped up every once in a while and eucalyptus trees on the verge of falling, the team managed to beat the odds and came out win- ning. Fresh new talent and returning players gave the team the winning edge. They performed outstand- ing feats such as spectacular saves which even left the gophers hiding in their holes. These feats, howev- er, did not come naturally and re- quired much practice. Thus, the team practiced several hours a day to sharpen their skills. Helping them train was coach, Pat Sanga- mino. Although Frosh-soph teams al- ways seemed to get the short end of the stick, the softball team beat the odds once more and overcame their secondness to come out win- ning. Undoubtedly, the team had a winning season in every aspect. Frosh-Soph Softball f 67 "TEE"lVl UNITY! Varsity Golfers Putt Their Way To Victory While most were struggling with the windmill at the miniature golf course, Aragon's Varsity Golf Team was out on the real courses, hitting balls flying out of eyesight! The Aragonians that comprised the team were dedicated to the sport and eager to do their best. Although it was difficult at times, the boys met every day at various local golf courses and completed lengthy practices. As most of the boys had several years of exper- ience behind them, coach Phil Pa- len certainly didn't need to explain any basics to this group. Instead, they perfected their strokes, and practiced harder shots. The past success of pre- vious Aragon teams motivated the -s group to do just as well, if not better. As stated by Gary Loren, "The best strength of the team is definitely our enthusiasm about the sport and desire to do well." All those who have ever lost countless balls in an attempt to play golf, can surely appreciate the skill and expertise of the Varsi- ty team members. Greg Sarrail chipping to the first green. esfooif Jason Hoffman hitting a smooth nine iron to the center of the green. Scott Haslam sends the birdie putt on it's way as Ted Gourvitz contemplates his attempt. JGIN THE CLUB! J.V. Golf Gets Into The Swing Gf Things Golf, a game of concentration and skill has been consistently gaining popularity at Aragon and throughout the country. As more and more interested students joined the team, a J.V. division of golf was developed for the first time at Aragon. With enthusiasm and dedica- tion, the J.V. worked on develop- ing the skills and mental concen- 5 g l 5,537-Hhs if 1 l E E. tration needed to succeed in the sport. Any inexperience on the part of the boys quickly diminish- ed as a result of the lengthy, but constructive practices at Coyote Point and other local golf courses. With goals set high, J.V. Golf aimed for a spot in CCS competi- tion. Their aspirations were cer- tainly not unattainable as talent was abundant, and the team had excellent leadership under coach Phil Palen. Clearly, the Junior Varsity team represented a group with impres- sive talent and eagerness to do well. Their willingness to work hard, in turn, perfected their skills and held promise to be Aragon,s "ace in the hole", in the future. Ted Gourvitz practicing for the birdie putt. Back Row lleft to righti: Kathy Faulkner, coach Phil Palen, Chris Hoover, David Frame, Joshua Stern, Ted Gourvitz, Scott Haslam. Front Row fleft to righti: Jason Hoffman, Gary Lorin, Phil Lorin, John Pilks, Bill Alhorn, Bill Jukes, Tim Foster, Shannon Mendoza, Marc Rarden, Greg Sarrail. Getting The Birdie Over The Net ANOTHER RACQUETW! No, it's not tennis and it is not racquetball, it is the Aragon girls badminton team. These girls were the group out to bring badminton victory to the school. They prac- ticed and played with a fury not usually associated with the sport. Under the leadership of the coach, Ms. Thompson, the bad- Ready to play, and very happy is one badminton team member. In deep concentration Sandra is prepared to hit the birdie back over the net. 70 Badminton minton team worked hard. But the workouts paid off for the practice was the key to continued success and improvement for the team. The team was divided into single and double teams each having their own ladder. And there were people from all classes from fresh- men to seniors participating in the rigorous sport. Although badminton has a repu- tation for being an easy sport, in reality it is a grueling and hard working sport. It requires strength, agility, and quickness the team members all had their work cut out for them. WWW The Girls Badminton team lleft to rightl: Back Row: Monica Ruiz, Soko Ofahulu, Amy Frankel, Jill Pollock, Krista Mathe- sen, Jessica Teisch, Ann-Marie Husack, Pam Addison, Corinne Snedeker, Linda Plachy. Middle Row: Christine Low, Sara Magoffin, Lisa Marks, Renee Tru- deau, Margaret Abe, Kristi Yim, Amy Wardwell, Laura Spangjian, Anita Cheung. Front Row: Dorothy Tang, Sandra Schubert, Becky Fisher, Wendy Smoot, Crystal Pollock, Angela Hotchkis, Charisse Lee, Connie Lui. Practice makes perfect, as the girls work out in the girls gym. STEALING THE SHUW Watch Them Flip Flop To The Top! The spirited group of Boys Var- sity gymnasts soared to new heights, doing acrobatic maneu- vers and difficult gymnastic rou- tines. Working together as a close knit team, the varsity gymnasts practiced long and hard for their ultimate goal, the CCS Champion- ships. Their coach, Mr. Wilcox, said of them, "The varsity team is one of the best Aragon has seen in four or five years." Considering their level of performance, they be- came better as the season pro- gressed. Their strength wasn't concen- trated, but spread out over a range of different events. For in- stance, Chris Baffico dominated the all around, accompanied by Andy Gotelli, while Bill Hwang mastered the pommel horse. A strong team with good leader- ship, the varsity boys gymnastics cetainly flipped their way into our hearts! Mr. Wilcox, Andrew Gortelli, Chris Baf- fico, Jon Bookspun, Wilbert Rivera, Jeff Lamb, Mario Siguenza, and Curtis Baf- fico. The rings are an event that requires much skill. 72 Girls' Gymnastics ,W F, .I li Handstands are an important element in the floor routine. Great concentration is needed for the bars. 'f my Cyrus Johnson, William Segura, Aaron Gomey, Garry Lester, Brandon Pearce, Kenneth Stockwell, and Mike Bookspun. Garry Lester prepares for the bar rou tine. JV IS LOOKING UP! Always Reaching For Bigger And Better Things' Determined to gain more exper- ience and expertise, the boys JV gymnasts trained long and vigor- ously. Supplemented with new freshmen talent, the JV team shaped up to be a promising bunch, like its varsity counterpart. Coach Williams commented, "With the addition of new fresh- men, they will hopefully win the league and score well in the CCS." Their strong points laid in the areas of tumbling, rings, and vault- ing. One team member, Ken Stockwell, specialized in not only vaulting but free exercise. What a versatile group. Strong and dedicated, the JV gymnasts had the spirit to make themselves a winning team. USWOOOSHV' The Unidentified Super-Heroes No, that wasn't the typical bird or plane you might guess, but Ara- gon's own Superwomen of the Varsity gymnastics team. Super- women they were, as these girls had no problem in "flying" circles around their competition. Having come out especially strong in their first few months, Above, freshman varsity member Tricia Taylor flips over gymnastics. VARSITY GIRLS' GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW: Jennifer Bloom, Heather Meal, Christine Sterner, Michelle Adams, Tricia Taylorg BACK ROW: Kim Theisen. Now how do l get out of this? 74 Girls Gymnastics the clever routines coincided with music, as well as the difficult moves, led the team well into the finals. Practices were lengthy and usu- ally demanded extra time from the girls schedule on Friday's and Sat- urday's. As Jessica Bott commented, "Gymnastics was fun because we got a chance to learn the moves and at the same time practice with our friends." But who ever said anything about being a super-women was easy work? X X .ttt t I i How far down is the ground anyways? JV GIRLS' GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW: Sarah Lum, Anamaria Bariels, Me- lissa Dipman, Karen Grant, Jenny Car- ithers, Kim Theisen, Valerie Berk, Elaine Crotty, Natesra Traubeg BACK ROW: Megan Donovan, Shana Cushner, Angela Sauermann, Darcey Wong, Millicent May- field, Serena Chu, Jennifer Yuen, Deirdre Dalton, Aimee Grant, Cindy Drury, Moni- ca Lee, Claudia Eckman, Mimie Wu, Anna Dizon, Michele Cravalno. TI'IAT'S INCREDIBLE! J.V. Girls Gymnastics Prances Ahead "Wow! Did you see that?" "What?" "There, that!,' "Wait, what?" '4That was incredible!" "What, what?" "That girl just did a triple back fling, double turn tuck, back- bend!" "I-Iuh'?', Visiting the Girls J.V. Gymnas- tic practices is just that- Incredible. The girls swinging, bouncing, jumping, balancing and leaping ability last year, demonstrated their determination for first place. And practicing they did, as the girls not only had to condition their bodies into pretzel-like positions, but also had to plot these moves into music routines. The competitions were consis- tent throughout the year, and for each one new boundaries were ob- tained. Determination was evident in these girls, as the enthusiasm pro- jected in their movements demon- strated unique pride. If you watch carefully, you might be able to catch their new move, the front-run, leap point, double-twist. Nfwii :lr 955 1 , W il,,,Q ii. I , ,,,.,, rrri is , , , ...: r : 3 ill: I :ilii 7 Junior John Nelson displays perfect 1 form. Boys' Varsity Swimmers Splash To Victory! Ever wonder who the boys with the early tans and bleached hair were? Most likely they were mem- bers of the Varsity swimming team, who practiced for long hours during their season. Their tans were only secondary rewards compared to the great success that the boys enjoyed last season. Victory could have only come from the hard work-outs led by coach Guy Oling. The morning practices, which included weight- training as well as swimming, were described by Mike Janney as, "ex- hausting, but worth the effort". The swimmers also had to com- plete equally difficult practices in the afternoon. However, these workouts developed the stamina and strength needed to do well. Talent was abundant, as many strong J.V. swimmers moved up to join the remaining Varsity mem- bers. Team unity and spirit were also high, as all the team members were always supportive of each other. With such talent and deter- mination to do well, it wasn't sur- prising that the Varsity team was swimming in victory! Lesson in studliness Mr. Guy Oling. VARSITY BOYS' SWIMMING: Lester Kwok, John Keiffer, Josh Yeager, Skip Connors, MIDDLE ROW: Coach Guy Ol- ing, Brad Barry, Barry Steinmetz, Kirk Baldwin, Torrey Sullivan, Eric Low, Marc Dowling, BACK ROW: Dave Mathisen, Alex Jun, Mike Janney, John Nelson, Scott Hauswirth, Kevin McKinney, Sandy Ravens, Jeni Dollard. 76 f Boys Swimming I 1 A Dip In The Pool SINK OR SWIM I-Iow many people enjoy getting up at 5 a.m.? And how many few- er would do this to plunge them- selves into a pool of ice-cold wa- ter? As Spartan as this seems, it is precisely what the Frosh-Soph Swim Team did much of the sea- son. Whether they enjoyed it or not, their willingness showed the level of dedication among the teammates. Swimming in the rain was not uncommon either, but this too was part of the training of an athlete. Under the coaching of Mr. Guy Oling, whom most swimmers sim- ply called "Guy", the Frosh-Soph Boys drilled on everything from freestyle to butterfly, paying atten- tion to such seemingly minute de- tails as turns, that unquestionably prepared them for their future years on the Aragon team. Aragon Dons practicing their starts for an upcoming meet. FROSH-SOPH BOYS, SWIMMING: FRONT ROW: Vikash Kataruga, Eric Cardona, Seth Brown, Eddie Goldkuhl, Mike Cirrani, Mike Holmlandg BACK ROW: Coach Guy Oling, Mike Yeager, David Bartfeld, Dave Burland. Frosh-Soph Boys, Swimming 77 On The Ball COURTLY GESTURES Whizzz Another winning shot sounded across the court. The Boys Varsity Tennis team demonstrated poise and skill as they won match after match. With mounting confidence, the team climbed, step by step, up the PAL ladder. The team's own carefully con- structed ladder proved to be a Demonstrating the new sport of ballet- tennis, Charlie Crause practices his moves. VARSITY BOYS' TENNIS: FRONT ROW: Yusuke Higashi, Boyd Kiefus, Robert Fontanosa, Ken Kredil, John Hen- drickson, BACK ROW: Todd Goodwin, Mike Jurgensen, Greg Gilbert, Ronnie Berkowitz, Garry Haslam, Charlie Grouse, Larry Nelson, Rick Kung. Mike Jurgenson shows how to get just the right edge on the ball. 78fVarsity Tennis valuable asset and gave the team an excellent balance. To create the ladder, the team members played against each other and the result was perfectly placed singles players and doubles teams. An afternoon walk past the ten- nis courts provided a view of the hard-working team members un- der the instruction of Coach Gene Gordon. Often players stayed as late as 5:00 PM, practicing serves, volleys, and ground strokes. The team was strong in both singles and doubles and indicated a high standing in the PAL's. Con- tributions from the entire team made the difference. Army, Navy, Air Force,-Tennis? BATTLE CRIES It wasn't just a sport, it was an adventure. The members of Aragon's boys' frosh-soph tennis team trekked to the courts every weekday to un- dergo grueling training. There they learned the skills that separated the men from the boys. Artillery in hand, these brave athletes served, returned, and volleyed until only one man was left standing. Only the finest and the fittest won the honor of representing Aragon in the regional tournaments. The adventure would begin every- day after school and end somewhere around sixteen-hundred hours. Lead- ing the troops was Mr. Gordong the athletes' best friend and worst en- emy. Under his command was ap- proximately a dirty dozen of Aragon's most talented young tennis players. In the army of underclassmen, the sophomore veterans outnumbered their freshmen plebs by five to two. The lucky seven that fought in the regionals brought home many victo- ries and made Aragon proud. Armed with new-found confidence and success, the athletes settled back for some well deserved R8LR. They had been through it all, try-outs, train- ing, and the glory of victory. They had started off small, now these ath- letes could very well be future lead- ers. At Aragon, these frosh-soph boys' tennis players became all that they could be. FROSI-I-SOPH BOYS' TENNIS: FRONT ROW: Kevin Vasquez, Noa Blechman, Derrick Haslam, Adam Traubman, Lee Whitsite, Kosuke Hashimoto, Kevin Ser- geeff, Clay Tingley, Calvin Tug BACK ROW: Derrick Taller, Raymond Lee, Jeff Saunders, Derek Burrill, Matt Segall, Ste- ven Tingley, Fernando Carpentar, Matt Jones, Marc Bernstein, Amish Desai, Bill Morris. For some reason I think there are one too many people on this court. Varsity player John Hendrikson shows his magnificent form. Frosh-Soph Tennis 79 i'Aragon organizations are special because they demonstrate the school character and personalityg they enable us to see ourselves as a group and as individuals." Steve I-louser '88 80 f Organizations QRGANIZATIQNS Fall Government On The Move! LIFE IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPGRT Never sitting in the bleachers, Fall Student Government played an active role in school life. These officers, representatives, and com- missioners were essential to mak- ing the year special. Working hard they brought new and innovative ideas to the school. With the boundless enthusiasm characteris- tic of a Student Government mem- ber, all worked hard to get things done. Each of the Student Govern- ment officers had projects to com- plete during the semester. They maintained a notebook on all that happened in the course of the pro- ject for people in future years. The officers worked on ideas such as reorganizing the structure of the government to make it more work- able, so that more could be done. With a new advisor, Mrs. Mat- thews everyone cooperated to achieve the best possible results. Mrs. Matthews stated she, ". . . loves working with them on this level, not as a teacher but in a relaxed setting. My favorite part is the interaction." The dedication and achieve- ments of this group, the Student Government, really showed as they went on to prove that to them, life was not a spectator sport. 82X Fall Student Government Well over 100 students attended the meetings which occurred monthly, Mrs. Gaylen appears pleased with the meeting so far, but now let's try some- thing a little more difficult than passing out agendas. Connie Liu, Crystal Pollockg and Becky Fisher deliver a report on the latest USAB activities. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Secretary Barbie Pachettig Vice-President Greg Ta- teosiang President Tory Sullivang Treasur- er Connie Sullivan SECOND PERIOD REPRESENTATIVES: Front Row: Maria Sotelog Carin Craig: Leisje Nicolas: Traci Taylorg Gina Allara: Lisa Hell- er: Chelle Gumbingerg Serena Chu Back Row: Judith Rubinson: Claudia Eckmang David Bart- field: Paula Welch: Suzi Nutig Eric Low: Al Bernal: Melissa Dipmang Cathy Haas: Adam Kemistg Robert Linden: Cherel de Leon CLUBS' COMMISSIONERS: Connie Liug Crystal Pollock: Laurrel Sullivan: Christi- na Nicolosig Joe Nerellig Sally Bennett 84fS GOVERNMENT A LA ARAGON STYLE People Power Presents Rallies, dances, contests, games and discussion of student concerns filled the spring semester as stu- dent government promoted ac- tion! After undergoing a major re- organization process, the student government proved that it does give students power. lt improved upon methods of getting the whole student body involved, thus revi- talizing school spirit, and pride. "We want to do things for the stu- dents," explained Christine Cros- by, Student Body Secretary. To get increased involvement the or- ganization of student council was expanded and it provided for stu- dents to take on large roles.q- . Major concerns as SADD, Stu- dents Against Drinking and Driv- ing, were discussed. Special stu- dent services as the Friday morn- ing donut sales were created. Ac- tivities Commission provided the entertainment through most lunch time activities, like contests and games which got students in- volved. New commissions within Activities Commission guaranteed success. For instance, a commis- sion solely for publicity was cre- ated, making sure communications occurred. Unity also played a key role. The Student Activities Council, CSACD allowed the leaders of orga- nizations to meet and share ideas so everyone worked as one. And to insure the opportunity for ex- pression of student views a sugges- tion box and evaluation of activi- ties were distributed. 'iWe are en- thusiastic about action," was the overall response by student gov- ernment members. This enthusi- asm flowed throughout Aragon creating great vitality! - i -. . - A is T 'ilk' ,5 A 55 , ,,. :.r::--, C. . 3 iii gs N 5 Ns 1 - 1 pring Student Government f sf, i V 2 iss N Q, Q ss iw X X. X Aragon's student body officers head a meeting in the Little Theatre to discuss school maters. Student government members listen in- tently and take notes on what is being said, "Hey you, the one with the hat, stop goofing off!" 1' QU Q "' . STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Nick Sarles ltreasurerl, Barbie Pacchetti KPresi- dentl, Connie Sullivan lVice-Presidentl, Christine Crosby lsecretaryl. iiee xg? iv W, gs K A The student government holds meetings in classrooms during lunch sometimes, People can eat while they meet. . ' ' R . F' 2 All student government members includ- ing second period class representatives, attend mass meetings that are held regu- larly, School Spirit Sparkles ENTERTAINMENT AT YOUR SERVICE Welcome to Aragon I-ligh's en- tertainment company, the spectac- ular Activities Commission. You were guaranteed an event-filled stay at Aragon as the experienced commission acted as your enter- tainment guide. Recent history showed that un- der the direction of Linda Valter and Christine Crosby, the mem- bers of the commission accom- plished their ambitious goals of Much of the Activities Commissionls time is spent in meetings for planning events. The Halloween CompetitionfRally was one such activity planned by the Commis- sion. 86 Activities Commission generating spirit among Aragon- ians and promoting pride in the school. Not only did the commission work together, but the whole school worked as one. School uni- ty was accomplished because the commission instilled a new plan where all class presidents joined in the planning and leading of the various activities. The calendar consisted of on- going rallies and dances in center court and the gym. Athletics, held on the field and in the gym, was also courtesy of the Activities Commission. It organized the Sport-a-Thon, the major fun- draiser for sports. Activities Com- mission furthermore was capable of successfully organizing big events, such as the annual Grid. They became tradition starters as the commission began Home- S? coming Week with a parade of floats at the Big Game. The rookie Pep Squad, with its many members also branched from the commission. So, it vvasn't surprising if others besides the Ac- tivities Commission guided your entertainment. For the commis- sion wanted everyone to take part in preparing and enjoying the fun. The future looked bright as the spirit fever spread! W 1 , ' Often the student body president fFalll Torrey Sullivan presided over the activi- ties. Yet, Linda Valter and Christine Crosby are the true leaders of the Activities Com- mission fFalli. 'U-vm., 'r-.X w , MMMWMWWM if WW 'MW iiics X if The Activities Commission is not com- pletely independent, so it must consult the administration to get the OK. from the Big Cheeses. SER VICE COMMISSION PERIOD SQUAD: Front Row: Joey Heath, Kristin Windell, Barbara Hammed, Torrey Sulli- van. Second Row: Michelle Rounds, Mary Manolakis. Last Row: Rick Kung, Jeff Fi- cara, Pauline Manu, Crystal Ewing, Dar- lene Jesus, Mike Sylvestri, Gary Leonard, Sean Western, Ryan Lilomaiava, Lunch squad commissioners like Barry Steinmetz and Mike Janney help keep Aragon clean during lunchtime. t vig SERVICE COMMISSION LUNCH SQUAD: Front Row: Chris Haesel, Doug Andrews, Alex Jun, Mike Jurgensen, George Pineda, Dave Hechim, Laura Hardy, Sarah Hurd. Second Row: Mike De Loia, Nick Sarles, Charlie Crouse, Dara Chafik, Tim Clarke, Sandy Ravens, Willy Garcia, Linda Valter, Albert Bernal, John Stiles, Annette Gennaro, Marty McMahon. Last Row: Brian Schuler, Dave Yarne, Dave Mathisen, Mike Jan- ney, Adrian Hines, Barry Steinmetz. THOSE HELPFUL HATS When In Doubt, Find A Hat! As you casually strolled to class, you passed several upperclassmen with red and black hats who ap- pear to be doing some sort of spe- cial job. Who were these people, and what were the hats for? You soon found out who they were when your locker jammed and you needed help fast. The hats meant help. The Aragon Service Commis- sioners were the selected group of upperclassmen who assisted other students by opening jammed lock- ers, directing them to classes, and making sure they weren't tardy to those classes. In addition to these important tasks, Commissioners supervised the campus and park- ing lot at lunch, and delivered no- tices and summons to classrooms during class. They contributed not only to Aragon and its campus, but to the community as well, making sure the litter problem was under con- trol, and setting good examples for other students. Commissioner Mike Janney remarked, "Being on the Commis- sion really gives me an important feeling. It's good to know that I'm helping others and contributing to the school's prestige." Prestige was the key word as the Commis- sion, under Mr. Leydig, strove to make already smooth roads smoother for the students and fac- ulty of Aragon. Commissioners give their "undivided" at- tention during a meetingl? "Get to work! You guys have only fifty fT10I'9 tf3Sl"l C6.I'lS to Llpln COITlITlal'1dS Service Commission advisor, Donald 1:fOntROW'. Barbara Hammedt LBSILROW Leydig' Jeff Ficara, Greg Tateosian, Joey Heath Jumping Into Politics FREEDQM GF SPEECH The dynamic intellectual atmo- sphere of JSA provided its mem- bers with an opportunity to unite and voice their opinions on many important topics. Seeing that JSA had always been a very popular club at Aragon, president Chris- tine Malfanti set her sights on getting even more members and keeping the loyalty of people who already joined. The number of members totalled to an impressive fifty or so count. With such a large body of members, officers Linda Garcia, Cindy Gilligan, and Kristen Windell worked hard to prepare each person for the many activities they had planned. JSA met to debate or to discuss 90fJ s.A. future plans. At their meetings de- bates were usually on topics of less of a political nature. Debates on subjects students were more famil- iar with increased the number of participants during the discus- sions. What JSA members looked forward to most, however, were Fall and Spring State. At these overnight functions debators had more time to discuss political is- sues that effected the lives of ev- eryone. Fall State was held in San Francisco and Spring State in Sac- ramento. In this way, the outing provided a fun and productive field trip that members enjoyed. Debates were also held outside of Aragon such as at Stanford Uni- versity which JSA members at- tended. As many as twenty people attended these debates to discuss the 1986 elections and other sig- nificant political issues. The benefits one received from JSA were evident, as members learned more about politics and how it effected their lives. Public communication was also stressed as they practiced their oratorical skills. All of these and other op- portunities to take a stand took place in a friendly, responsible at- mosphere. Encouragingly, Chris- tine Malfanti concluded, "It real- ly is a great and interesting learn- ing experience." K F-S'ig f.. .- ... Q gg Xu g , 4 . is V - S is .,-V - s. f 'sg - KN. .Q . sc 2 -zi- X '15 33" is . 5 ' Ml .i ,Qs--.., 5 ...Eg 1 iz Q iii p i . .... is Two young politicians check out the campaign pins- hoping someday maybe their pictures will be on them. will M, Q ef V , As president, Christine Malfanti is on top of the political scene, and plans to make sure the members of JSA are too. Politics prove to be fascinating as teacher Mr. Kennedy intently looks on. Lunchtime meetings are an important part of JSA- they are the perfect time to get up to date on all the current issues. Creating A Change I TERACT GIVES SUCIETY A HAND how many kids Do you know M.A.D.D. helps you know how phaned kids need to help out with "free rides?" All of these organizations and more, were what Interact was all about. each year? Do much help or- in homes? Want Having been it's third year, In- f61'aC'f if C, y. WHS www ,, W its ff Si 5 5' 5 A ! Ig ek? E 2, v,' - 2 min . fi, an organization that , ,,. , ,i, ,,, . I fi ., , i,, M, ,,,, lv I I I , E' 33.4 I 1 . 5 ff ",' . t ,f yi it V a 5 . 4 , ""' - I N ' .1 , ".' ef -.4 , ,-1 r 1 ' M Q A 6 5. , . 1:1-:H ijaifd Y 5, - if ,, .. . . ,V,Q ,HW Q Eleanor Traubman encourages motivation in the club. 92X Interact was dedicated to supporting ev- erything from charities in need, to elucidating international affaires. The club drew it's strength from various salesg candy, shirts, etc., where profits were donated back to society. "The best part of Interact is the feeling that you get when you know that something in need is be- ing helped. Plus, the people think of more and different ways to make it exciting." commented one Interact member. Thanks to the dedication of the Interact members, the Aragon community became a better place to live. A large turnout. S tm wtf! 1 1 Paul Ring, Baffled by the masses at a regular interact meeting. Model United Nations Promotes Awareness NATIO AL UNITY Learning about our world and eing aware of its strengths and eaknesses were two of the main goals of the Model United Nations. Headed by club president Gary Gross, the M.U.N. members learned about procedures of the b w United Nations, debated current political and foreign issues, and at- tended a conference held in San Francisco. According to member Sarah Magoffin, "I had fun and learned about world issues I would have otherwise been unaware of." The club gave students an op- portunity to experience issues ar- gued in a political atmosphere and to learn what they could do to help promote National Unity. Yes, the one and only . . . members of the Model United Nations club "Why are you laughing? This is a nuclear war we're talking about here!" Model United Nations f 93 The Big Payoff UNIFICATIO Unite as defined in Wester's Dictionary is "to bring together as to form a whole or to combine people in interest, attitude, or ac- tion." Union was a key word in the name Black Student Union be- cause it worked to unite all black people for their personal benefit. Founded at Aragon in 1982, the B.S.U. has been a great asset, not only to it's members, but to the high school community. The club of approximately twenty, infor- mally met each Wednesday at lunch to share new ideas and plan various events. During the meet- ings, much emphasis was put on the importance of education and the rewards of one's hard work. The B.S.U. realized that they were the world, and that they were the children who could make a better day fand worldl if they just started giving. Undoubtedly, the Union gave by sponsoring school and dis- trict wide events while also financ- ing scholarships and trips for mem- bers to Close-Up. Under the direc- tion of Mrs. Swann, and presi- dent, senior Anthony Nelson, the Union held various fundraisers to finance their activities. Among their activities, was the planning of a conference held at Aragon where the members of other B.S.U. clubs in the district could get to know each other and share their interests. From the start, the Black Stu- dent Union was successful and proved that working as a team is useful and effective in reaching higher achievements in life. Black Student Union officers with teacher advisor Mrs. Swann. The year brought an influx of new members and officers. 94fB su. President, Anthony Nelson, demonstrates the vitality neces- sary to be the leader of a student club. r--i -..W ,,.- ,,,.s,m,,.,: ?wWW--M.-w...,..t,,,,M M' A i f.,,,,-A-m..-.-.-,,... Though sometimes the enthusiasm of members wanned, Anthony was always ready with his reassuring smile. Veteran advisor Mrs. Swann, was always handy with helpful hints on how to run the club, as well as fundraisers and coun- ty-wide conference! Mrs. Swann is obviously proud of the hard work and dedication of B.S.U. mem- bers. l 4- ' ,Ng And Now For Those Immortal Words. . . TI-IE BUTLER DID IT! As the lights dimmed and the crowd grew quiet, the curtain rose and life flooded the stage, as Ara- gon's Theatre Company present- ed the fall play Out of Sight . . . Out of Murder. Directed by Mr. Bruce Hoard, the play proved to be both humorous and intriguing. The cast of nine people held the audience through their witty lines and fine acting. Yet, not only was the cast to be credited, but also the crew, who worked hard behind the scenes. The play was about a murder mystery writer who ends up writ- ing his novel in the old home of a murdered writer. Frustrated by his work, his characters all come to life, from the always pregnant maid, to the sweet ingenue. Slowly people were murdered one by one, but who had done it? With all the extreme personalities it was difficult to tell, and then came the moment of truth, "The butler did it.!', Combining the themes of love, adventure, humor, mystery, and intrigue, the fall play was definitely a resounding success. As one per- son commented, "l really enjoyed watching the play. Everything was very well done and I never would have guessed the butlerf, Out of sight , . . Out of Murder Peter Knight Minna .... Lydia ..... Cogburn . . . Kay Kelsey Fiona .,,.. Addie ,..,. Dick Stanton Jordan Killingham Cast . . . . . .Kirk Baldwin .....,.Erin Murphy . , .Amy Freeman . . . . . .Ray I-Iesselink , . ,Jamie Thompson , I . i . .Pam Addison . . . .Carrie Kremers , , I ,Jeff Johnson , .,,, Derek Burrill 96 fran Play OPPOSITE PAGE: Kay, played by sophomore Jamie Thompson, stands in fright as Cogburn and Fiona lJuniors Ray Hesselink and Pam Addisonl threaten her life. Fiona sits contently sipping her English tea. Peter Knight lKirk Baldwinl falls in love with the ingenue, Kay. Dick Stanton iJeff Johnsonl falls prey to the mystery murderer for murderessj Communication THE LI K Parents, teachers, students . . . the PTSA. Remnants of their past and present contributions could be found throughout the Aragon cam- pus. From the football field to the classroom, the PTSA contributed something. Playing the role of head rah-rahl, they bought shiny new bleachers for the football field. In the classroom, materials were purchased to aid in the im- proved education of students. To raise funds for such improve- ments, activities such as Casino Night were held. Thanks to chair- woman, Kathy Low and her hard working committee, the Casino Night was a huge success, and con- sequently, money poured into their treasury. Structured with parents, teach- ers, and students in mind, commu- nication between them was a pri- ority. Through efforts to increase communication, the PTSA pub- lished and sent out monthly, the Aragonette, their newsletter. Behind much of the action was the president of the PTSA, Susan Yarne, who kept everything going. The rest of the PTSA, however, could not be forgotten, for they were the ones who made the asso- ciation so successful. Successful in bettering the Aragon community for the benefit of all. 98 XPTSA WDW, l The Cry Of A New Student ' 'I-HELP! ' ' Among the shuffle of an aver- age day at high school, a student stood helpless. He, like many oth- ers, was new to the school. Luckily his new school was Aragon where a special Club got these people started off on the right foot. The Big BrothersfBig Sisters club at Aragon is an organization devoted to welcoming new stu- dents. Club members do a variety of things to make sure these kids mulrnruw ii iiillfiliil Milli! illlilllillii enjoy Aragon. They introduced them to fellow class mates, helped them get involved in school activi- ties, encouraged them and much more. "The club leaves you with a sense of warmth," comments member Isabell Steitz. "You get a feeling of self worth when help- ing these people out." Last year the club wasted no time in getting started. The big brothers and big sisters began call- ing new students and transfer stu- dents during the summer. These new kids were invited to a special party in the computer room on freshmen orientation day. This helped them begin their future at Aragon. With all the hardships of starting over at a new school, with too many new faces, for new students it was nice to know that they had a friend. 'Z ll Wow, what a family! Don't worry, I promise she washed her hair this morning! lMargaret Abe and El- eanor Traubmanj Big Brotherf Big Sister 99 Math Gains A New Reputation THE EQUATIC FOR SUCCESS I-Iow's this for an equation? 2 hours tmathfyour IQJ:ifCr-TC!!! Many Aragonians suffered from a terminal phobia of mathematics. However, the efforts of one orga- nization encouraged students to overcome this fear of math and actually enjoy the subject. The Math Club, comprised of eighteen enthusiastic and intelligent stu- dents, met twice a month and dis- cussed computation and logic Math Club members meet at lunch to share and learn with others. President, Andrea Sim, prepares to lead the mathematicians. 100 fMath Club problems. Thus, members broad- ened their mathematical horizons. The Math Club was lead by three influential veteran members. President Andrea Sim worked alongside Vice-President Wilson Chen and Secretary Jessie Chen to create a dynamic learning envi- ronment. Together these officers geared their goals to making math as interesting as possible for the club members. Under the guidance of Mr. Keffer, the club's advisor, the Math Club prospered with new-found knowledge and spirit. The equation for success starts with the Math Club. A word of encouragement from President Andrea Sim, "Math can be fun and interesting. The Math Club hopes to help the members realize and develop their mathematical potential." l Numbers Challenge DECIPHERI G DIGITS Competition not only occurs on the fields or gyms at Aragon, but in the classrooms also, as the Math Team, solving difficult math prob- lems competed against other schools year-round to be in first place and receive a trophy. Com- posed of students from all grades the Team brought people with a common interest together. They enriched their knowledge of math while having fun. During the com- petitions, the students were given problems to solve by a certain time, thus, they put what they have learned in the classroom to use, and consequently learned practical skills such as handling themselves under pressure. Mem- bers admitted that many of the questions were extremely difficult. Yet they liked being challenged, and the satisfaction they got when solving a problem right was re- warding. Members were normal students enjoying the chance to learn while being with other people. As Karen Sue, a member, saw it, "Mathe- Team is challenging and it is fun to be around others who have the same interest," Encouraging any- one to join, Dortha Chu, a leader of the team explained, "lt's a orga- nization for everyone. Not every- one is a genius. It's a learning pro- cess." Aragon's team in recent times has experienced success, always ranking in top spots among the schools in the district. Continued success was assured as hopes and chances of becoming number one ran high among these experts in numbers. Members of the Math Team ponder a confusing question during a lunch meet- ing. MATH TEAM: Front Row: Karen Sue, Gail Brodyg Tami Gangelhoffg Norma Tamg Second Row: Steven Ching Wilson Chang Ephrem Wug Peter Hog Joy Chaog William Chang Thomas Hsug Back Row: Carolyn Lundquistg Connie Wai, Marina Krakovskyg Dortha Chu, Mr. Kefferg Ada Chang Simon Tamg Eugene Leung. 101 f Math Team They Brave The Wilderness COUNSELORS AT OUTDOOR ED Banana slugs, nature hikes, and cabin life. Aragon students cheer- fully offered their time and volun- teered to be counselors at Science Camp in La Honda. To be elligible for this experience, one had to be a junior or senior, responsible, and come across as a positive role mo- del. Run in La Honda, Science Camp offered a chance for fifth and sixth graders to learn about the environment, and for many, Outdoor Education Counselors for Borel. Top Row: Angie Scott, Michelle Van Stij- geren, Jim, Michelle Rounds, Marty, Hol- ly Waid, Courtney Carr, Tom Brown, Lisa Parlee, Steve Groves, Tim Hilliard. Bottom Row: Chris Hasel, Amy Freeman, Adine Aviani, Crystal Ewing, Wendy Smoot, Karen Roady. Senior Wendy Smoot shares special times with her cabin. 102 X LA HONDA their first experience away from urban life. Trained naturalists pro- vided information to these groups of students, enlightening them of the many wonders of nature. Mrs. Silverman, organizer of Aragon students wishing to be counselors, stated, "I think being a counselor for Outdoor Ed is a valuable experience because it teaches leadership skills." In addi- tion to that, the counselors had to learn to get along with one an- other, a skill that can be used ev- erywhere. 'ilt was an extremely positive experience, and different from academic learning," noted Mrs. Silverman. Although the counselors had to deal with things like homesickness, rivalries, and illness, the response was enthusiastic. In fact, the ju- niors who participated this year wanted to do it again! THE J OY GF ART Humanities In Action Provides Insightful Information Have you ever noticed the same group of people leaving school and wondered how they did it? Contrary to outside appearances, this lucky group was not breaking any school rules. They were a part of a new class called Humanities In Action. The Humanities class enabled its participants to experience the aesthetics of our culture, such as art and architecture. The class of 24 students met once a week in various locations. Among these had been the Asian Art Museum, antique stores, and the Palace of Fine Arts. During these meetings, the class was usually led on a de- cent tour, and later had discussed what they had seen. In addition to the meetings, each student was required to com- plete one F.E.P. QField Experience Projectl a week. In order to do this, the students visited an as- signed location and answered a list of questions concerning such things as color, form, and balance. Perhaps the best asset of the class taught by Mr. Pardini, Mr. Pednicci, and Mr. Holmes, was the variety of the places visited. Brad Klapper stated that his favorite as- signment was going to the Nation- al Theater of The Deranged. An- other memorable trip was to the S.F. Opera Guild, as several stu- dents got parts in "Saust". As evi- denced, Humanities was not just another boring art class but one that increased the knowledge and interest of our culture in each stu- dent. Humanities in Action gathers for a field trip at Fort Point in San Francisco. Aragon students gather in front of a his- toric cannon to learn about the surround' ing community. Mr. Holms, Humanities in Action teacher, is happily looking at the camera. Humanities 103 104 The 9 To 5 Pace Of Aragon Workers BRINGI G HOME THE BACON When most students are trudg- ing through fifth and sixth period waiting for the bell, participants of the Work Experience program are hard at work at their jobs. These career-minded students usually gave up time outside of school in order to enjoy the benefits of em- ployment. The benefits were many indeed. Most importantly ifor many stu- dents, was the weekly paycheck brought home fand usually spent within the next few daysl! This was not always the case though, as some participants learned to man- age their money and saved for fu- ture use. The Work Experience program enabled students to get a taste of the job world as well as its expec- tations. Valuable vocational skills and techniques that were acquired ranged anywhere from how to flip a hamburger to organizing inven- tory. In addition to these skills, stu- dents also recognized the impor- tance of responsibility. What was the most valuable aspect of Work Experience? As put by Debbie Perkins, "Learning how to deal with people and obtaining a better outlook on the jobs of today." Phil Palen, the organizer of the program, gave instruction and guidance to the group to help Who could resist buying shoes from Sen- ior, Chyrel Ehara, when she flashes a smile like that? Senior Chris Kooyman unsuccessfully tries to cut a croissant and smile for the camera at the same time. make them better employees. Par- ticipants were graded by him, in addition to the grade given by their employers. Clearly, the benefits and oppor- tunities opened up through Work Experience far outweighed the negatives, such as time manage- ment problems. All left the pro- gram well-trained in their skills and fully understood what "working hard for their money" really meant! The added work load seriously dampened some students' usually cheerful disposition. Mr. Palen carefully outlines the' intrinsic elements in successfully applying for a job. Kim Boland tries to mantain a friendly smile while her customer attempts to steal a shirt before paying. ,ny The added work load seriously dam- pened some students' usually cheerful disposition. Mr. Palen carefully outlines the' intrinsic elements in successfully applying for a job. Kim Boland tries to mantain a friendly smile while her customer attempts to steal a shirt before paying. A Friend In Need ls A EXPERIENCE In this world of plenty there were also those with so little. ln an effort to close the distance be- tween the haves and the have- nots, students all across the United States combined forces and formed a well known association, Amigos. Amigos is a national organiza- tion dedicated to help the overall living conditions in six different Latin-American countries. Thirty- five Bay Area students, four which represented Aragon, went to ei- ther Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, or the Dominican Republic during sum- mer vacation and undertook many rewarding tasks. Several adult coordinators were responsible for the participants' training in dental, vision, or immunization skills, as well as their stay in the foreign country. The dedication and effort of the volunteers were deeply appreciat- ed by the people of the villages, and they received the best of what the people had to offer. The vol- unteers also learned a great deal about health care and Spanish. Aragon senior, Kathleen Lew- is, stressed the humanitarian quali- ties of Amigos. She concluded, "lt's a good feeling that you're helping and to see the smiles after all the work and effort. The peo- ple are so satisfied and are really grateful for your accomplish- ments!" Senior Jack Durham taught these Para- guayan children the proper use of the toothbrush. Kathleen Lewis relaxes with her Hfam- ily," iosftos Aiviioos Friend Indeed TI-IAT LASTS A LIFETIME A Full-Fledged Club UNITED THEY STAND Have you been seeing red ev- erywhere you turn? Red T-shirts, emblazoned with flags from all the Spanish-speaking countries, were the prominent marks of members of Latinos Unidos. The club, founded just last year by Carla Campillo, attracted some 40 stu- dents from Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Ecuador. The club's purpose, according to secretary Brenda Gonzalez, was "to unite all Lations in Aragon High School" and allow them to "get to know other Spanish peo- ple from other countries." To meet these goals, Latinos Unidos met every Tuesday to organize i S aww-f -iz Q . za .. - f1s..mN3sRir.-pang .ig 5 .. 'f'3XQIfERi. A .Pig ' WF. ' E 3: X - like , - - . . . ' . S f . . EIN: ' 5 . 'a ' " S . ."', .- Q . i i 1 11 fs A r f if X . ,,,,, t .tt L 3 X, i 5 ,i sic f xi., ,..: r s X 2 . QR is Ss '35-5 's v 5 'ESQ Y is X Stir X divas WN r ' 1 X ,, Y 2 rf W X R., . . J 5 N . dances, picnics, and fundraisers, like their successful fall T-shirt sale. Judging from the spirit and en- thusiasm demonstrated by its members, Latinos Unidos was among the most personally re- warding clubs at Aragon. FRONT ROW: Astrid Sierra, Salila Ra- mos, Maysa Asario, Ms. Campillo, Brinda Gonzales, Diana Gutierrez, SECOND ROW: Esther Barros, Anna Herrera, Jo- sefina Banuelos, Evania Caliz, Elizabeth Iriarteg THIRD ROW: Patricia Osario, Gao Kazmierski, Michelle Matheny, Carla Ortiz, Aracely Vanezuela, Aurora Meza, Yamilet Garza, Arturo Lopez, FOURTH ROW: Joel Caceres, Julia Meza, Maria Zaballa, Porena Sierra, Sherrie Con- treras, Cindy Nunez, Joel Ortega, Tony Meza, Frank Flores, FIFTH ROW: Maria Barajas, Rene Rios, Tyrone Diaz, Adda- bel Hernandez, Mike Lopez, Ricky Ser- rato, Juan Najera, Jessie Mendoza, Man- uel Partida, Mr. Bloom lAdvisorl. Latinos Unidos members gather at lunch to get to meet others of Latin heritage. "So, what is it like in Puerto Rico?'l fuss-s. . wine , ' , , District-Wide Student Literary Arts Magazine PAIDEIA Stirring some warm winter soup transcendental meditation books floating amidst paper piles and in- tegral signs. Blossoms blow fall next to bright orange leaves in the gutter . . .But only in Califor- nia and it's too late, find an air- plane. We all dove in and burnt out eyes . . . the shriek colored flames stung us. A big room of boxes and they never all fit right because they're all shaped the same and some always have to get squashed and some always break. Some can't fit into the room. "And life is like that." Clay boxes fit a little better, but they lose their form. Whois shaped like a box any- way? Sharp corners and straight lines. Mixing some warm winter soup. Jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered all over the kitchen floor. Voices picking them up looking putting them together. It's funny how all jigsaw puzzles come in boxes. CEven in boxes made of steel I- beams and fiberglassl The pieces aren't shaped like boxes - they're all shaped differently. But they all fit. And life is like that. And the Greeks called it Paideia Paideia is at Aragon too. lt's all over the peninsula in fact. It is a student organization that publishes student thought . . . artistic or sci- entific or critical or creative or an- gry or proud thought. lt all fits because it all is. People are not boxes. -Julie Wyman - .. A l 5 Editors of Paideia: Julie Wyman, Stuart Naifeh, Lisa Heller, Michelle Murray, Mike Yarne, and Allison Zaro are all from Aragon. Art and literature for the maga- zine is selected from all of the schools in the district. The Maclntoch computer was used to print Paideia. 108fPaideia ,Ya an Representation Without Taxation THE CONNECTIO Have you ever wondered who thought of the idea for "see red, say no?" And who brought it to Aragon? The latter was just one of theprograms accomplished by the Youth Advisory Council, an 8- member commissionconsisting of 2 student representatives from each school in San Mateo. The council met bi-monthly to "discuss issues that affect the city's youth," according to Margaret Abe, one of Aragons' representatives. The council's major project was ggi 3 .. . 'Q k w ff. undoubtedly "youth in Govern- ment Day," an event which gave students the opportunity to exper- ience a working day of a city offi- cial. Because of the council's new- ly broadened power, it was able to get involved in other projects, in- cluding the "Corporate Cup" and "Project READ". But perhaps the council's most memorable contribution was "See red, say no." The project's goal, according to council chairperson Michelle Murray, was to encour- age 3rd-7th graders to "grow up and say 'no' to drugs." ln an at- tempt to do this, Michelle gave a speech she described as having been "very responsive." The City Council, then, origi- nates the ideas and the Youth Ad- visory Council helps carry them out by bringing them to the schools. Margaret Abe summed it up saying that in a sense, she and her fellow reps are cials." "city offi- Margaret Abe and Michelle Murray are busy talking with distinguished city officials. From these two minds came the brilliant fight against drug abuse, see red, say no. Youth Advisory Council f 109 The Song Of The Cyclists A NEW HORIZON As the sun rises in the east, the silhouette of fifteen bikers can be seen peddling their way towards their destination. A relatively new club, the Ara- gon Cycling Team, thrived this year. A surprising number of stu- dents joined the club last Septem- ber. In previous years, the club was a small group of friends with a common interest in cycling. Last season it became much more than that. Over thirty young cyclists turned out for the first meeting. The cycling club met every oth- er week to swap information. In their meetings they discussed bike- Advisor Mr. Kennedy, and a cyclist are all smiles at a meeting. . . and here they are, the all-new and active Cycling Club. 1 10 f CYCLING CLUB related things such as bicycle rac- ing. "Every three weeks," began the club's president, Brad Barry, "we got together and went on a short bicycling trip." Usually more than half of the club members turned out for these journeys. "It's kind of neat that so many people are willing to give up their Satur- days to cycle," commented Brad Barry. Other club plans included entering a bike race and an over- night cycling trip. Thus, as the sun sank down into the ocean, the high-spirited club could be heard singing, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again The Pep Squad Adds Spirit INITIATING ENTI'-IUSIASM The crowd gathers for another exciting Aragon football game. In the crowd, are 125 black and red striped bodies in a cluster. All of a sudden someone yells, "Give me a D!" and every person in the black and red cluster responds, MDI!! "Give me an Ol" ICOM "Give me an N" CGND7 "Whats that spell?" 'iDon!" "Go Aragon!" Cooperation and hard work are all part of creating spirit for these industrious work- ers. No, these weren't the yells from some ordinary football loonies, these were the shouts heard from Aragon's own unique Pep Squad. New to Aragon this year, the Pep Squad consisted of roughly 150 members and was responsible for the enthusiasm in Aragon,s football crowd. Led by president Cathy Cunningham, the squad not only made the games more exciting, but supported the team on to victory. The Pep Squad was also re- sponsible for adding enthusiasm to Aragon's lunchtime rallies. With an excited Aragonian, as a leader, wearing a black and red stripe shirt, who wouldn't have gotten spirited? The squad met roughly once a week and planned out their strate- gy's and chant's for the next game. As one Pep Squad member commented candidly, "It's so much fun, and we're getting spirit back into Aragon!" And that they were, as was seen by the increase in game atten- dance and membership. Q We The 1986-87 Pep Squad, assembled in its entiretyg all ready, willing, and able to evoke spirit. All smiles, this is definitely a happy and 'ipeppsf' group. Pep Squad f 1 1 1 We Got Spirit, I-low Bout You? TI-IE HSPIRITUALH MOTIVATIGN OF THE ARAGON CHEERLEADERS "Go Dons! Let's go Aragonlll' These words were typical of the many enthusiastic cheers yelled by the Varsity Cheerleaders at the football games. Not only did these cheerleaders motivate and sup- port the members of the football team, but the Aragon crowds as well. Their neverending energy and spirit was clearly evident as they were in constant motion, jumping and clapping wildly for the next touchdown. The Varsity Cheerleading Squad is composed of Pom Pon girls as well as cheerleaders. To become a member of this lively group, the girls auditioned in front of a panel of judges and were judged on attitude, appearance, and physical coordination. Al- Mascot Beth Cahn poses for a picture with the Spirit Squad advisor, Lisa Murgo. Cheerleaders practice their cheers just before a football game to give the crowds a good performance. 112 Varsity Cheerleading though a lot of hard work went into practicing for auditions, all agreed that being a cheerleader was well-worth the effort. The work did not end after tryouts either. Members of the squad practice daily for upcoming games and rallies. The Pom Pon girls work hard on making up new dances and perfecting precision movements for each rally, while the cheerleaders practice new rou- tines and cheers for upcoming games. Mrs. Murgo, the cheer- leader advisor, supervises these practices and attempted to keep these spirited girls under control! "The best thing about cheer- leading," as described by Shawna Pulley, "is contributing to the ex- citement of the game and arousing the crowd." Clearly, the Varsity Cheerleaders, with their unique ability to excite the fans to the point of frenzy, were doing just that. l i Mascots Connie Sullivan and Beth Cahn have the job of leading cheers to get the crowd to root for their team. Aragon's cheerleaders practice their pyr- amids. VARSITY LETTER GIRLS: Front Row: Marianne Lauridsen, Kathy Zachar- iashewicz. Second Row: Anne Grant. Last Row: Laura Mittelstadt, Kris Volck- mann, Lori Rosales. 1 sieve QF VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Front Row: Jennifer Bloom, Isabelle Steitz, Adine Aviani. Last Row: Jennifer Ap- plebaum, Amy Freeman, Rachel Good- rich. ,ll JV Cheerleaders Evoke Enthusiasm SPREADING THE SPIRIT The wild cheering of the crowd at the games throughout the year, followed that of the perky and spirited JV Cheerleaders. Keeping up the spirit of the players and spectators was no easy task, yet these girls handled it with finesse and ease. Constant practice and creating imaginative routines was not as simple as it sounds. The girls worked extra hard so that they could give all their enthusiasm and pep to the crowd and also to en- courage the Dons. Dedication was required of all the JV Cheer- leaders to carry them through rig- orous schedules that started with camp in the summer. Yet, cheer- leading camp proved not only to be fun, but also informative and helpful. Thus, with all the spirit they held, the crowds of people attend- ing the JV games could not help but be inspired a little by this group of enthusiastic and cheerful girls, the JV Cheerleaders. 114 J V. Cheerleaders JV CHEERLEADERS: Bridget Norman, Jennifer Baughman, Monica Holm, Shawn Holm, Kristine Ewing, Cindy Yuan. JV LETTERGIRLS: Tiffany Carr, Shannon Gallagher, Colleen Kreidl, Bibie Wu. Read All About It EWSPAPER What enlightened Aragonians on current events? What con- tained sports scores, great adver- tisements and pictures, and school events? Nothing but the Aragon Aristocrat! With all of the newspa- per's staffs working together, the Aristocrat achieved one of its best years. All of the staff members took their work seriously. Each one, "had a goal to the Aristocrat, an award winning paper," comment- ed the advisor Mrs. Stoehr, and because of the support they gave each other, the paper has had an FEATURES STAFF: FRONT ROW: Courtney Young, Linda Chu, Editor Jen- ny Thomas, Amy Wardwell, Josh Finkles- tein. BACK ROW: Kevin Toh. EDITOR STAFF: FRONT ROW: Mi- chelle Murray, Jenny Thomas,Jennifer Bloom, BACK ROW: Micheal Miyahara, Mrs. Stoher, Gary Gross, David Mathisen, Chris Kooyman. 1 16 Aristocrat NEWSFLASI-I excellent year. Each staff of the newspaper had an editor, and all editors worked outstandingly together to produce the finished project. One of the features of every issue was an edi- torial generated by a joint effort of this group. One section that received little recognition was the business staff, headed by Michelle Murray. This staff, virtually unknown, played a major part in the paper. lt's responsibility was to collect money for financing the Aristo- crat. Because the newspaper re- ceived no funds from the district, this staff rounded up money through subscriptions and adver- tisements. What would the paper have done without it? Gary Gross, news staff editor, saw the efforts of newspaper staff as, ". . . a lot of work, and a lot of fun because we treat it like a pro- fessional newspaper. lt gives us experience both in journalism and in working with people." The Ara- gon Aristocrat had the great staff and the great stuff to make an ex- cellent newspaper. .,,,... 'W l 'Q S BUSINESS STAFF: FRONT ROW: Shirley Miyamoto, Margaret Abe, Her- 'fsp man Chan, Editor Michelle Murray. 1 PHOTO STAFF: FRONT ROW: Kris- tina Tuohey, Ken Cosi, Editor Chris Kooyman, Kevin Sergeof. NEWS STAFF: FRONT ROW: Cindy Yuan, Amy Sueyoshi, Andrea Sim. BACK ROW: Laurel Sullivan, Vic Tafur, Linda Valter, Editor Gary Gross. . Aa W ,ML :Y I iik an : ' P T, 3 33 is S R K .Q C .--- SPORTS STAFF: FRONT ROW: Lau- Z E: ... ra Spanjian, Tim Clarke, Chip Strause, ii , Editor David Mathisen, Clayton Tingley. Creators Cf A Treasure! THE BUCK CF THE YEAR Deadlines stress suc- cess: these were all the elements that made up the year of the 1986-87 El Tesoro yearbook staff. Hard work and cooperation were all part of the job for these people who aimed at creating the best book possible. The five staffs all worked to- gether, each person using his cre- ativity and imagination to make something original and different. The photography staff took the pictures and the copy staff wrote the articles. Then the layout artists put the whole thing together in one more beautifully done page. Yet these were only three of the staffs, the other two were business and computer. They had the hard jobs of selling the yearbook, and maintaining the records so vital to all parts of the books progress. The yearbook encompassed all The creative writers of the bunch. Front row: Editor Christina Nicolosi and Shawna Pulley. Second row: Deborah Jang, Bibie Wu, Carrie Kremers, Anne Grant, Leslie Lanier, Susie Goldenstein and Margaret Abe. Versatile Copy Editor Christina Nicolosi can do layouts too. Jason Wong, our beloved Editor-in-Chief is always working hard. As usual layout is a little mixed up. Lying around is Kristen Linden, Mimie Wu, Scott Hauswirth, Editor Pam Addison, Claudia Eckman, Linda Sell, Sally Ben- nett, and Crystal Pollock. 118 Yearbook Staffs ln-J.: aspects of Aragon life, from aca- demics to fashion. Events new to the school, such as Homecoming floats and class competitions were included to make the book special to this year. Under advisor Mrs. Ruth Witte, yet basically run by stu- dents, the El Tesoro staff definite- ly created "The Treasure" of the year. Lost and bewildered the Photography Staff Paige Romnes, Karen Winklestein, Victoria Sandilands, Dave Yarne, Scott Silva, and William Chan are directed by the even more lost and bewildered Edi- tors Kristin Windell and Cindy Gilligan. Well at least we tried. How is that copy look Shawna? Pretty funny huh? Led by Editor Christine Crosby, Dave Marchi, Scott Hawswirth, Kristine Ewing, and Eric Low are busy Business Depart- ment has handled the selling of our year- books along with many other duties. The small but important Computer Staff, Peter Ho and Wilson Chan, have been a vital asset to the yearbook. 1 119 "The personnel gives life to Ara- gon that motivates the students." 120 f Personnel Debbie Paslin '89 PERSCDNNEL Quality Is Job Une ARAGGN'S FINEST Innovation is to change as Ara- gon administration is to quality. Al- though this analogy might not have appeared in this year's SAT's, there was no question as to the accomplishments of the admin- istration staff in quality control through the year. Interacting with the faculty, parents, and student body, the administration success- Y l Ohll l'm going to get those guys- Despite what might seem a tough appearance by Mr. Don Leydig 122 Administration fully improved the academic atmo- sphere and overall school spirit at Aragon. With the two new addi- tions to the staff this year, Bar- bara Gaylen tAsst. Principle! and Linda Commons tDean of Stu- dentsl, the administration brought unique fresh ideas together with tried and trusted tradition. Among the staff's top priorities was the possible discontinuance of Aragon's present Wednesday schedule and open campus. With quick action and careful planning, the administrators saved these much valued customs at Aragon. However, in spite of their efforts to circumspect several new district policies, the administrators had to see that new rules regarding Mr. Palazzi shows that there are smiling faces . everywhere. l l school dances and lockers were carried out. The administration was also responsible for the com- petence of teachers at Aragon. By regularly evaluating the teachers at work in the classrooms and add- ing several new members to the faculty, the community was en- sured the best possible education available. The credit due to the adminis- tration can only be expressed through the success that Aragon has achieved in strong academics and Don spirit. With innovation and solid discipline, the adminis- tration molded Aragon into an out- standing institution to be admired. Just as Mrs. Commons once ac- curately commented, "Aragon tru- Mr. Mahaffy proves you can get the job done without having to lose your sense of humor. ly is a beautiful school." No doubt the contributions the administra- tion had made will have a positive effect on Aragon for many years to come. Robert Palazzi John Mahaffy 0."s PM Don Leydig Barbara Galyen Linda Common Diane Reynolds Counselors Get The Year Off To A Great Start EIGHT WO DERS Help!!! A word often ex- claimed in the counseling office. No, it wasn't rightfully exclaimed by the counselors, but by students who the counselors were more than pleased to help. Headed by Brooke Knight, the counselors MRS. Cl-HOSSI is responsible for helping college-bound students find funding. Carol Bibel Marion Chiossi 124 Counselors turned potential chaos into tran- quility. The tumulous first couple of weeks of school were converted into peace with the aid of seven counseling wonders. The tremen- dous overload of schedule mix-ups Y Always ready to help MRS. BROOKE KNIGHT talks to troubled students. S' were corrected quickly and effi- ciently so that students could be in class instead of wandering around campus looking for a class that did not exist. Consequently, school began smoothly with the aid of dedicated advisors. XE E . . X kg . . ' X .....- T tiii-- --1 - l i ii When one needed information about colleges, one woman sat content at her desk with shelves of information neatly filed behind her. In the desk second from the left hand corner of the counseling office, sat Marion Chiossi, the college advisor. She was always available to aid in career decisions and recommended classes to back up those decisions. Her advice could be vital to a student and his future, so her job was taken with extra care. The future, was a time thought about regularly by the counselors. For they played key roles in the present, which would undoubtedly affect the future. Any whim of in- decision, any how, when, why, where, or what, were accepted ea- gerly by Aragon's devoted coun- selors, people always there who could be counted on. Joanne Eliopoulos Brooke Knight Emmy Lavenstein Reta Mayerson Diane Sang Delphine Sarro Helping Sophomore Bridget MRS. BIBEL reviews her fall schedule. Where The Action Is WI-IAT'S YOUR EXCUSE THIS TIME? I-Iow would you like to keep ac- curate attendence records for 1600 students? This, among other things, was the job of the school record clerks, Mrs. Swann and Mrs. Rosenbaum. Their eight- hour-a-day job included record- keeping, making reports, and en- rolling new students. In addition to this, they worked with the dean and assistant principal in handling truancies. But the up and down job had its rewards, the best part, according to Mrs. Swann, is dealing with the students, because "if it wasn't for the students, there would be no schoolf' Through their experience, the two ladies in the office have be- come experts at spotting phony notes, and at distinguishing the nu- ances in pitch between parents' voices over the phone and the voices of students posing as par- ents. 225 1 26 f Attendence " x ing? s qpuvnul-vw pdl ,.,. .M-,........, QW..-.- Though truancies remain a problem, especially 4th and 5th periods, Mrs. Swann believes that monitoring and enforcing school attendence policy could help improve the attendence re- cord. Thus, with the aid of five stu- dent volunteers and two comput- ers, Aragon's record clerks did an excellent job keeping tab on every student's attendence. , X Susanne Downs Hannah Rosenbaum Mildred Swann Mrs. Rosenbaum, a veteran of the at- tendence office, gets back into the spirit of paperwork. Mrs. Downs, new to the Aragon staff, exemplifies the enthusiasm of a new school year. Aragon Secretaries Endure Hard Work MGRE TI-IAN The second tardy bell of the morning rings, and Aragon's secre- taries clear their desks for the im- pact of the papers of the day. Suddenly, appears a lone stu- dent who walks into the office ten minutes into brunch. After a secre- tary asks if the student needs help, he replies, "Well see, I was sup- posed to bring in my money for the P.S.A.T. today, but last night my cat was left inside the house lwe all thought that he was out- sidel. Anyway, the cat was left in- side, in my room, and slept under- neath my table, and wasn't fed that night because my mother and 1' Tift SKIN DEEP father went out to dinner, so, my cat chewed on my alarm-clock cord, so my alarm never went off. But, I woke up at 7:15 anyway, but everyone already left for work, so I got dressed, but I forgot that I was off schedule, so I sat waiting for a bus for 15 minutes that never came. So, I stuck out my thumb, had some gardener drop me off because I hitch-hiked to school. But I forgot my check, so do you think that I could bring it tomorrow?" These student pleas and other daily routine work of the office were only the tip of the iceberg in 5? Mrs. Scatena gladly helps a student. what the staff of secretaries en- dured each day. The women con- trolled the needs of the faculty, managed to perform the duties of authorities, while answering phones, signing papers, giving di- rections, and typing forms. With all of these jobs combined, it wasn't out of proportion to mark the Aragon Secretaries as "the runners of the school." As a result of their hard work and a job well done, Aragon's year ran smoothly and with organization. Aragon couldn't have gone a single day without thern! Jan Franchi Margene Noyes Joyce Reith Aileen Scatena NOT SHOWN Dixie Bazzani Jeanne Taylor Secretaries 127 The English Department Answers These And Other Age-Old Mysteries CDNJUNCTIDN, JUNCTID WHAT'S YOUR FUNCTIDN? Walk into any English class and one will hear, not monotonous repetition of pronouns, but most likely the sounds of a thoughtful discussion of a literary work. ln- corporated in the classes was not only lecture from the teacher, but student opinions as well. This unique studentf teacher blend was just one characteristic of one of ,. ll cl Q Donna Brinton Jackie Estes Susan Hall Marlene Hubbard Sara lraheta Maria Lucidi 128 f English Department the most highly regarded pro- grams in the district. The staff of 14 teachers was never without a dull moment, whether hearing standard student excuses for late papers or com- pleting the over-whelming task of grading a constant influx of pa- pers. Because of the high stan- dards demanded of students in all Mr. Murgo's composition class writes many papers. phases, they were pushed to their full potential, becoming prepared for the future. While the English Department emphasized vocabulary tests in preparation for the SAT's and oth- er tests, students came out with more than an expanded vocabu- lary. The department has also de- veloped an excellent writing pro- Mrs. Witte enlightens her students with her vast knowledge of Shakespeare. Mrs. Hubbard enjoys teaching freshman English. gram which encouraged a person- al critique of a literary work rather than a simple regurgitation of in- formation. Grammar was also stressed and presented in a way that attempted to make it at least tolerable! Clearly, anything from Moby Dick to modifiers was covered by the English Department. Their thoroughness was evident in the high test scores achieved by Ara- gon students. Although the de- partment was unable to produce Saturday morning cartoons on grammar, their effective and cre- ative ways of teaching not only led to a solid understanding of materi- al but reminded students that Eng- lish didn't have to be dull. wikis Mrs. Matthews always has time to help her students. Mrs. Hall has received many awards for her teaching. Mrs. Brinton lectures to her Freshman English Class. Robert McLean . W if Jack Shackleton Ruth Witte Thomas Maes Susan Stoehr NOT SHOWN: Kelly Matthews Lou Murgo Britt Williams A BLAST I TO THE PAST History Happens With Excitement Penetrating the barriers of time, students relived the times of Ro- mans, Greeks, and the beginning of our nation as the Social Studies Department presented creative activities to interest modern day students in the past. Unlike most history classes in the nation, Ara- gon's classes emphasized more than memorizing dates and places. Programs were designed to blend right and left brain thinking. With such study methods as creative writing, visuals, metaphor-making, the students were encouraged to explore and utilize all aspects of the brain. Furthermore, used throughout the social studies classes was the infamous left and right side notebook tthe gospel ac- Mr. Bloom checks to see if his students have completed their assignments. 130 Social Studies cording to Swensonl. Teachers, given creative li- cense, came up with imaginative projects as they planned, shared ideas, and coordinated together at most times. At times, projects be- came too imaginative for most stu- dents at any other school. Yet, the students at Aragon, as they were tolerant, open, and willing to try Mr. Hill passes out dittoes to aid students in their studies of both World History and U.S. History. new things, kept up with the facul- ty, creating a high energy level in the classroom. Indeed, with so much vitality, as Mr. Don Hill ex- plained, "Our goal is survival of the faculty members, students, and the world!" Such a program, however, en- abled the Social Studies Depart- ment to be chosen by the National Study of Social Studies, as one of the top in the U.S. With such posi- tive input, the department was en- couraged to continue to delve into the world of creativity and more was expected. Yet students were not pressured, as Mr. Hill rea- soned, "l hope the students feel there will be some relaxation and learn something once in a blue ,iii ir., ri' ,- , moon!', Definitely, with enthusi- asm, the students as well as the teachers furthered their scope of the world. Mr. Gwosden relaxes as he conducts an informal discussion. Kathleen Peter Lawrence Huntington Kelley Matthews Julie Williams NOT SHOWN: Don Hill Brian Bloom Kathy Brown Milo Gwosden Tom Kennedy Lee Swenson Richard Raiter This teacher gesticulates as she makes her point. Raise Your Paintbrush! THREE CHEERS FGR ART Come one, come all into the realm of artistic ability so craftfully ruled by Mr. Jamison and the shorts-clad Mr. Grosse. This course, varied in content, offered a rainbow of colorful activity, a development of skill, and the vast knowledge of the department's two instructors. With emphasis in development of creativity, the basic class con- sisted of learning basic drawing techniques and fundamental art skills. Students in this course fo- cused on their tasks and followed a well structured syllabus. Though it may have sounded terribly aca- demic, students listened to the stero and shared good times. Advanced art shared these pleasant atmospheric qualities, but a looser structure and more inde- pendent study was a bigger part of the course. Mr. Grosse, who taught second semester, regarded the art pro- gram as, 'CA creative energetic, in- formative, exciting, and beneficial program. Unfortunately, many students were not able to take it." Student Kim Morgan noted, "the art department at Aragon seemed much more professional than other schools l've been to. V -fAf:555'3if: :ln -: ' -EEQQR E Q K K 7 . ks i s .5 iii - . Henry Rianda R. Jamison Not Pictured: Stan Grosse 132 Art Department The teachers have an ability to un- derstand and help the kids with their skills." Not only were skills taught, but there was also a background in the history of art, and an appreciation for the arts in order to keep stu- dents in touch with the art world. "All this variation allowed stu- dents to open up their eyes to the creative processf, Mr. Grosse pointed out. Talent, variety, and apprecia- tion made up the list of ingredients the Art Departmentls receipe called for. Hats off to the teachers and students of the program! Art students tried diligently to copy per- fectly ancient masterpieces. Mr. Rianda lends a helping hand. For the beginning students papertowel painting proved most exciting. The Sounds Of Music MUSIC DETERMINATIQN PAYS CFP "Teeeter, teeter!" "Bam, bam!" "Voosh!" No, these weren't jungle noises, these were just some of the sounds he pa ard from the Aragon music de- rtment. The Band and Orchestra worked hard to compare their tal- 211 t and ability with other schools. Each player dedicated much of his time and effort in order to teach his peak of perfection. This includ- ed not only a period a day, but performances as well. And prac- tices paid off, as Aragon's music department became recognized. Of course, it was not all work and no play, as one player com- mented, "I just naturally love mu- sic, and being able to perform at- my best makes it worth all the work." Not only was Aragon's band su- be perior, but so was the Chorus. Also giving up a period a day, plus long rehearsals, the Chorus exer- cised their talent and did it with excellence. Singing at various assemblies and special programs, the group definitely was an outstanding and inspirational organization. Aragon's crowd surely couldn't doubt the power of the Music De- partment when they performed. Lisa Murgo Not Shown: Meriwether Mason Always practicing, the band works hard to improve their skills and talents for per- formances. Fa-la-la! Singing was definitely more than just for fun for these dedicated people, it was an art. Music Department 133 Does working with woods, metals, The students had hands on exper- students, L'It made me more aware of W 9' What Works For You VERB GR TRANSMISSION? machines and electronics sound excit- ing? Then Industrial Arts was the class to take. This class may have sounded like an easy A on the report card, but it was not. The skills ac- quired from it were extremely valu- able. They were ones that will be re- membered and used for a lifetime. We If ,fri xg , James Shaul Charles Smyser ,V . ,, ,,,, 'WW' lrf. I iii 1 iir., 312275, ffv. ' .g ,Q . iiii,, ,V in f,,,ms,,,,.-,, W . Is that black tube really important? 134 f INDUSTRIAL ARTS ience in specific areas of Industrial Arts that may lead to future careers. They applied their creativity and pro- duced something that reflected their personality and hard work. "The class broadened my mind to different career opportunities," recalled Fer- ris Kawar, a former Industrial Arts what dedication and talent goes into everyday art and technology that we otherwise take for granted." In Industrial Arts, basic academic skills came in handy. Math, reading and writing were examples that ap- plied directly to the projects done by each student. Mr. Shaul assists a student in connecting the wires together. Industrial Arts classes were just as important as the academic classes. The Industrial Arts classes specialized in one area of Industrial Arts and In- dustrial Arts students learned specific aspects of Industrial Arts which proved to be more relevant in lifes' problems than the proper use of a verb. On the top a student becomes intrigued Darth Vader invades the welding scene. by the complications of a drill. Mr. McClure lectures his class on the im- portance of carburators. Once Again, Mrs. Tucker Flies Solo HOME O THE RA GE. . .A D THE SEWING MACHINE Cooking, sewing, nutrition, gourmet . . . she didn't ask for ex- perience, she gave it. Of course, it was Mrs. Tucker, the home eco- nomics teacher who flew solo five periods a day. She donned every- thing from an apron and chef's hat to a newly sewn blouse. As for experience, she had plen- ty. For sixteen years she had been an asset to the high school district, eight at Aragon , . . hopefully many more will follow. As a junior l just ate what??? You mean the eggshells are not part of the ingredients? Boy, this rice sure tastes good! 136 Home Economics in college, her home economics teacher inspired her and guided her toward her career. Certainly, one gained inspira- tion by taking one of Mrs. 'l'ucker's classes. In cooking, from gourmet to beginning, students had fun tasting dishes that they had actually made themselves. Food was also a factor in nutrition, where students learned a practical approach to eating, keeping them- selves healthy and strong. Then, in clothing, students learned to sew. Undoubtedly, the home eco- nomics courses served many pur- poses for the present and the fu- ture. Everyone has to feed and clothe themselves to survive, and Mrs. Tucker aided in the ease of these skills. Home economics as- sisted in the future of the Aragon- ian who walked in and out of it's doors. ARAGONIANS LEAR TO DRIVE Learning The Tricks Of The time is 10:10, and the class is well into their daily lecture of Traffic Safety. From the quietness of the classroom, a boy interupts, "Wait, I still don't understand what the red sign means." The teacher responds, "What red sign?" "You know, that squarish one with the white words in it." "Oh, the one on the end of a pole?" "Yeah, that one!" "That means you put pressure on the brake petal which makes the car cease to move." "Oh, I see." The teacher com- ments, and after a while, the same hand is raised. "Wait, excuse me again, what do those glowing things mean?" Mr. Mason enjoys teaching his students the rules of the road. The Trade "What glowing things?" "You know, those glowing things green, yellow, and red cir- cles, above the streets." "Oh, you mean stop lights?" "Yeah, stop lightslf' "Oh, those direct traffic going through an intersection. The green means put pressure on the gas petal to make the car go. The yel- low means caution and you should look both ways and proceed care- fully, and the red is the same pro- cedure as the stop sign.', "Wait, then why are they called stop lights, when there is a green light that lets the car go through?" "Because the red light orders the person to stop." "No wonder there are so many accidents, this is confusing!" So was Safety Education taught with the teacher's detailed an- swers to any questions the stu- dents may have had on how to drive more safely. The Safety Edu- cation class was offered to any stu- dent, in order to fulfill their re- quirements needed to maintain a license or for personal benefit. With this in mind, it wasn't difficult to see how the Safety Education classes filled up so quickly, conse- quently students took it upon themselves to enroll early. With the knowledge on how to fix a flat tire, engine breakdown, or burned out lights, or broken air condition- ers, traffic safety could only in- crease and constitute better dri- vers as well. The students listen intently, ready to write. Safety Ed f 137 ENGLISH BREAKS Tl-IE BARRIER The Universal Language of Friendship Drive-ins, Mom, apple pie - it's the American way of life. But for many of Aragon's foreign students, these American customs may seem as strange as eating in some hot dog joint named Weinersnitzel. Fortunate- ly for them Aragon offered a fast- paced English as a Second Language course, commonly known as ESL. The program was started four years ago to help Aragon's foreign students learn to read, write, and speak Eng- lish quickly and effectively. ESL is headed by Marian Park who beside teaching in the program also befriend- ed many of the students taking the course. This instructional course in basic Marian Park Marcia Poms 091 Q4 ,afar ans if Qovo'K"fg'oGs:w Madeleine Wegner Susan Whitehurst ESL Students come in all sizes and colors, but they're all Aragon Dons! Great teacher-student interaction is the key to the success of the ESL program. issfiast English helped adjust foreign students to a relatively strange and new lan- guage. Although the course was de- signed primarily to teach students with only a limited grasp of English, the program was so effective that many of the students progressed to higher phased classes after only one or two years. Because of the success of the program, ESL acquired new teachers, Mr. Oling and Mrs. Wag- ner. With the growing amount of stu- dents, the additonal teachers were in- valuable in teaching reading, writing, and oratorical skills. The ESL pro- gram also offered Social Science courses for students who had trouble with the English in the regular classes. Although only a few of the teachers knew a foreign language, everyone seemed to understand the universal language of friendship and coopera- tion. Nearly one hundred students pol- ished their English in the program during the year. Besides studying a different language, they made new friends and learned many American values and traditions. Students of all nationalities com- bined to form a large and important part of Aragon's student body. Under the careful guidance of talented teachers, these students learned how to be all that they could be. - ' lf W A 4: " -r Mm A Booming Business Department THE BASIC TYPE With career plans in mind, the Aragon Business Department helped students polish up their vo- cational skills to prepare them for life after high school. With typing classes running six periods a day, students with goals of becoming accountants, secretaries, or com- puter programmers were quickly set on the right track. The teachers maintained friend- ever necessary and gained valu- able knowledge from faculty ex- periences. The department con- centrated their efforts in a number of areas, including the growing field of computers. The students and faculty worked together to help improve the atmosphere of the department and give the stu- dents a better perspective of what to expect from the future. Ww- ly relationships with students and it showed as students eagerly sought teachers for assistance. "I appreciate it when students come to me for help," remarked faculty member LLOYD MAST. "We try to emphasize the fact that we are here for the kids if they have prob- lems concerning their workf, Students used this bonus when- Ormond Heacock Marilyn Lee Lloyd Mast Phil Palen The Business Department offers courses in skills valuable to any student as well as the job-seeker. One excellent example is typing. The Computers in Business course is par- ticularly useful in today's increasingly computerized world. BUSINESS f139 Aragonians, Those Worldly People! F CREIGN CUNVERSATIUN With one of the most advanced foreign language departments in the district, containing fourth and fifth level classes in Spanish and French, students were filled with information which gave them the feeling of actually living in the country they studied. Two goals structured the de- partment's program, preparing the students for college language courses and more important, to in- terest the students in cultures that contained things other than hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie! With two new teachers whom Mrs. Cot- ter described as, "lively and ener- getic," the whole faculty gained more enthusiasm than ever and succeeded in achieving the goals. Indeed, many looked forward to gourmet cuisine in fourth and fifth 140 Foreign Language year courses. Furthermore, taking foreign lan- guages encouraged international understanding, and this feeling spread outside the classroom as two foreign language teachers, along with students created the In- ternational Club. With such energy put into international communica- tion, Aragonians were sure to be- come the diplomats of the future! Yet another Aragon student risks his dig- nity in an attempt to impress Ms. Cotter. Judy Cotter Martha Rubinson Ronald Ucovich Susan Whitehurst Jean Whitman Connie Minsky Mrs. Rubinson, a new addition to The Aragon Foreign Language department, proved to be invaluable in continuing not only our French but also our Latin pro- gram, the only Latin course available in the district. Physical Education Department SOMETHING EGR EVERYO E "What's your favrotie subject?', For many, the answer was P. E., a fun class without any homework. Its popularity was evident in the numbers: more than 60070 of Ara- gon's students were enrolled in P. E. But it was not all fun and games: a major emphasis was on physical fitness, with regular drills to im- endurance along with prove Spring fitness test scores. The ment's physical education depart- major goal was to intro- duce students to a wide variety of sports Cfrom aerobics to frisbeei and to start a life-long athletic hab- it. ln the process, there need be no Students stay fit and have fun at the same time while playing basketball during P.E. PUUULU A P.E. student works out in Aragon's weight room. bench-warmers, since everyone gets to play. Ms. Martin takes pride in the department of which she is co- head, calling it "one of the best physical education departments on the peninsulaf' George Bolin Bill Daskarolis Gene Gordon Sue Thompson George Wilcox Physical Education 141 It All Adds Up ARAGDN MATH DEPARTMENT A year of planning combined with a confortable blend of teach- ers equaled a successful year for Aragon's math department. Classes were made more interest- ing and new leadership revitalized the department, to the benefit of both the students and faculty. The math department's struc- tural framework underwent stud- ies to obtain ways of self improve- ment. The first sign of these changes included a repackaging of Susan Bailey Edward Diaz 'G f 2 T .4 Nancy Downs Sue Keller Above Mr. Palen assists a student with these mind boggling math problems. In the center the humorous Tom Olsen explains the confusing theorems of the parallelagram. To the right Mrs. Mendez shows off her cover girl style. 142 f Math Department the classes. That means that the courses are shuffled around to of- fer 2 years of Algebra instead of having a Pre-Algebra class. As for higher math, the syllabus was cen- tered around the California State requirements and included more of such things as probability and statistics. Famous for her Birkenstocks, the new math department head, Ms. Bailey, stated, "So far I'm finding being the head challenging si and sort of fun." Replacing Mrs. Ghizzone, who retired last year, Ms. Bailey provided cirricular and instructional leadership, as well as help with the revisions within the department. She took the inititave and offered support and management to the other math teachers. With good leadership and pro- gram change, the Aragon math de- partment excelled in teaching its subject. The figures added up! HRW R l if or X ll 'ewqmg vs nz., . QL Edie Mendez Lisa Murgo h..X Upper left Mr. Diaz, always smiling, works at the board. In the upper right hand corner, Mr. Olsen is seen again this time working at his desk. Above Mrs. Murgo happily works at the over head projector. On the left is the French math class, very rare at Aragon High School. Lou Murgo Phil Palen Not Shown: Terrance Keffer Tom Olsen Sue Ellen Powell Scientific Evolution SGLVING THE MYSTERIES From the obscure corridors, a bright light emerged through the erything from life science to phys- ics, always answering "why?" cracks of an unlocked door. A Through such courses, students door which cried "open me!" Once opened, it led to the wonder- ful world of science. Enthusiastic teachers taught ev- Suzanne Black John Demarco 1 we . Lucinda Hitchner Guy Oling N O T P I C - TURED: Jackie McEvoy 144 f Science Department were brought into a world un- known to them and left enlight- ened and knowing. In the process of solving the my- steries, students snapped on pro- tective goggles and hovered over tables of bubbling potions like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Microscope syndrome was also a problem commonly encountered by stu- dents. A snydrome which left one No, Mr. Chambers is not making a bomb! He is just setting up the lab equipment necessary for one of the many complex experiments the chemistry students are assigned. eye closed and the other exhaust- ed from having examined the specimens hundreds of times. However, from such exper- iences, evolution of the mind oc- curred. Students not only learned how they and the world around ticked, but concepts necessary for their own well-being and common knowledge. After all, what made their high school years so great? Without science, much would have been lost. Ms. Hitchner, like all the science teach- ers, gives lectures on the subject the class is studying to help the students under- stand it better. Ms. Black assists one of the Biology 1-2 students. Ms. Black also teaches the Ad- vanced Placement Biology 3-4 class as well. Two biology students examine a drawing of the plant cell. The students themselves not only draw the plant cell, but some- times animal cells, DNA, and many others as well, as class projects. Mr. Oling instructs his class on the finer points in science. LUNCH The Best Class Of All Patient, reliable and quick are three adjectives that described the cafeteria crew. These diligent workers had one task in mind as the end of second and fourth per- iods came. Feed those kids fast! Aragonians needed their food in order to get through six periods of classroom work. Thanks to the cafeteria workers, the school got just that. Each day, food was available be- fore brunch and lunch for the ma- Here, your Don Burger is ready. It is a known fact that bagels are the most popular item bought in the school cafete- ria. No, I don't want the bagel. l want an apple. 146 Cafeteria jority of hungry mouths. The lines stretched out for miles to buy any- thing from a small snack to a full meal. However, they didn't re- main that way for long due to the quickness of the crew. This job may have sounded easy, but try being attentive and patient with hundreds of high school kids daily. It's liable to drive anyone crazy. For the staff it's all a part of the job. Serving the students and faculty has its advantages. The satisfac- tion of knowing that lunch is the best class of all because of their scrumptious food, was very re- warding. Knowing that all of Ara- gon was relying on them to make their day shows these cooks just how much they were needed and appreciated. The fifth period bell rings out and students and teachers run frantically to class with a full and contented stomach! Hats Off To A Fantastic Crew THE HELPING HANDS OF ARAGO Did you ever wonder where the empty Coke can you kicked out of your way yesterday disappeared to? Well, your wondering days are over! This year's spectacular cus- todial team made sure the school was clean and organized before the multitudes of students flooded its halls each morning. Though stu- dents may not have known it, the finger-printed windows, the trash on the ground, and the dirt on the floors all had to be cleaned up after school let out for the day. These' tedious chores often kept the crew on campus from six o'clock in the morning until ten o'clock at night or even later. Yet these hardworking men were never too busy to smile and were universally well liked by the students and faculty. Vito de Robertis and the oth- er members of the crew were only too willing to point a new student in the right direction or help a fac- ulty member locate a Service Commissioner. These helpful hands contributed to the friendly atmosphere of Aragon and helped make it a better place for learning. The smiling custodial crew, always there to help: Eric Beltram, Edward Nagar, Clifton Wells, Vito DeRobertis, and Jamie Cocadiz. Cheerfully ready to go about their busi- ness are the custodial crew of: Dane Blackwell, John Brunamonti, Carlos Men- donca, and William Brookes. Custodians 147 148 f Senior Class SENIGR CLASS After Years Of Experience. A A THE OLD PRDS Fighting a crippling case of sen- ioritis and maintaining a good im- age of the student council at the same time was no easy job. Yet fall's senior class officers handled it beautifully. Headed by Greg Gilbert and Autumn Alvarez, president and vice-president respectively, the council planned and organized many of Aragon's major events, including the prom in the springg and along with the juniors, created a float for the homecoming game. The major goals for the semes- ter, according to Greg Gilbert, were to "unify the student body," make S.A.C. la plan to improve the workings of student govern- mentl a strong part of the school, and to "leave a strong base for future years of government." Judging by the fact that the sen- iors survived the fall semester, the student council was pretty suc- cessful! 150 Senior Student Council Fall Senior Student Government First row: Autumn Alverez A Doug Andrew .... Marty McMahon A A Back row: Nina Allera A Greg Gilberg A A A Gina Allera A A A A A .Vice President A A A A A A .Delegate A ,Secretary A A Treasurer A A President A A A Delegate SENIGR GOVERNMENT PROVOKES E TI-IUSIASM The Ingredients For A Good Year Imagination, hard-work, and de- termination. These were the unique qualities seen in Aragon's senior officers last year. Their skill in working between the senior class and student government was apparent as activities and enthusi- asm in the students flourished. The senior's spring agenda consist- ed of such things as the prom, rais- ing and spending profit, and the class's annual graduation tribute to Aragon. One benefit the senior's had last year was their large treasury, which enabled the class to be more extravagant in their activities. As Autumn Alverez stated, "This group of officers is the best l've ever been able to work with. is Everyone works really hard, and we get a lot more done than pre- vious councils. Plus the fact that they are all really fun people to work with." With this kind of efficiency seen in the Senior Student Govern- ment, no wonder last year's class was the most spirited! Yes, and here you have the elite officers: fleft to righti Vice President, Mike Jur- gensen, Secretary, Doug Andrews, and President, Autumn Alvarez. Missing from this picture is Treasurer, Amy Freeman. Very important to all class governments are the delegates, and these are the sen- ior VIP's: fleft to rightl Liz Gecks, Brad Barry, Jennifer Bloom, and Kevin Toh. Missing is Erik Giacomelli. Spring Senior Government 151 if A 'VV ww K 441 Ninn , ..,.' -,N M? pf 'fi W , W fn ,f ' 5 X 'uafiwg , QI J. l ai .4 o,,c , K af W wf,5Ez.2:f',,f ' ' .,, if 1 me y s i f v ' ' af K' if f" 'w.,w,,-- ,ww ww 5 Beth Cahn Tahoe wfold crew, Prom84: ULook at the bee Chris!"g Prom86 wfnew crew, CS-Hot- tub in Cap.g fallin in closet wfKV lboogerl: CHEESE Beth-Scarylg PANIC wfgood buds, Mooohlg 3yrs. cheering U R the best Shorty, luv ya' always lvania Ca Caliz Good times with my friends Julieta, Elizabeth, Mayra and Patricia. Special memories MT, with you all the way. Thanks for every thing Mom and Dad. Todd Campbell Party at my house! Good Times WXDE SE LF MD LH KD Special Memories Wftluls TC PM Cruisin the station wagon Y8cT FOREVER Paul Cardinale 'il didn't play the game right in high school, but I will play the game right in life." BM. lives! GO SKATE! Thanks Derek Brewer, Thanks Mom and Dad STATE !'87" Go for it! Nadine Renee Cardon 12yr-mems wfDre LUVYA PAL! gr8 x wf CH WP LA B-King 81 cuts Ang. '!Whut,' Chicken Skiing gl la 86 wfOey 8: 'APAZZOH L'1203,l Luv ya MOM, Nat, Sz Chris Anthony I LOVE YOU!!! Chow! Courtney Elizabeth Carr HA man's methods may be studied, his resources considered, and his efforts admired, but the final verdict of posterity is based only on the results he accomplished." Lov u, mom+dad. Lisa Jamie Cash Spx's wfJB, cc'85 wfDW-Cntrl par8LMarc truck. Spudfzsprint dwnhil, Nick8zchinese fd. Thanx. The Bratt Pakk 4ever! Je t'aime SE. Pink Champ alwys. 17thBDy thanx MA8cTT. Dreams 5150 Halwn-MOUSEH!!! Rafael Castenada Brenda A Castillo Spcl mems WXRB, MM, 4ever whrever Gary: THE TIMING COULD B RIGHT B-day 17 T- garden 'ATROPICAL DAZE' MC BCKT I miss u Gi-Gi, Debb "K" where r u??? I LOVE U mom, sis. 87' LETS PARTY!!!ll Marlon R.S. Castro AAHHI I NEED THE BLOOD! INSIDE JOKES RULEIESPY TEAM SURFS! BXW TS 8: posers Mr.S. 7-7, SG, Boa, SH, NJA, Norb, RM! U dnt no ths bt ur my bst frnds!Lve to all MXD 2, esp to Kim always! Bye!!!! Herman Chan "It,s always showtime here at the edge of the stage. Wake up and wonder - what was the place, what was the name? We wanna wait, but there we go againf' great and LATE times wffriends! Mary Chan 155 William Chan Although it is a time to separate, memories will always be with me. Spcl thnx to Dad, Mom, Bros., Sis., thnx for the help from friends Tuong, J,ca, 8: Ly, Good Luck, Class of 87! Wilson Chan Rem: It's hard to find a true friend, so treasure the friendship when you have one. Spcl thnx to Mom 8a Dad, also Bros., Sis.,, Ly gc Tuong Best wishes to the class of 87! Howard Chen Thanks Mom + Dad, also Bro + Sist. Great times with the CREW! Good Luck to you all. J.K, you're going to make it BIG! Jessie Chen Wayne Cheung 'L man was made to cultivate his garden or to live in lethargy of boredom." SUMMER 85, the Elk, ski trips, where's Shirley? THANX to great friends!! Love ya smurf!!! Young Jin Choi Give it up! Special mems to J.U., B.H., L.P., J.B., B.T., A.L., W.G., etc. W'crew forever! Tgether in 'HAWAII '87' 4 yrs of vocab finite! Mom 81 Dad, MERCI! 'BEAUCOUP' Lucy Chow 4 years at AHS brought new friendships while old ones grew. Special thanks to J.C., A.G., twin, teachers - esp. J.E., for the memories. Luv gl thanks to Mom, Dad, 8: brothers. Angela Lynn Christian 4GR8RAD yrs wfbstbuds 4ever GC CE DJ HM SX NC+MORE. PALSCgDTheSHACKf 4+4:7? YUP! 3YrsGYM:SWEATfHW2f DC85fCO87 STANGl'86fHawaii86f87fThnx MfGf8zGRAMfBROfBC' ILYXCC Marc O. Connors 86-87 swim team, explorerfire, much thanx to Bhip, MS, MW, TD, AF, MC, CS, MSLD s1O blaz and thanks to every one along the way. Sherri E. Contreras "87" HOW IT BE! THANX MR. GWOSDEN THANX DAD N' KELLY I LOVE YOU MOM. NOW VM R. F. T. W. ILLIN' X Wf I.A. C. N. N.S. R.B. M.M. B.C. WHERE IT lS?? LOVE U CUZZ WAKE UP SV. Russell Corona Great memories with friends of "Tl-IE RAIL" Thanks to my parents, and my teachers for helping me graduate?. "lt all happens in '87 W.N. '78-'87, Kenneth Cosc The world is but a stage, and llm merely z player who lost the script. Watch out for TI5 8: Officer D. Thanx Mom, Dad, 8a Bob THAT'S A WRAP! same 156 f Senior Class Robert Alwin Drews KILLER TIMES WITH FRIENDS K.B.C. PROM 86 WAS R.A.D. CLASS OF 87 IS HOT!! THANX BROS M,M.P.P. GREAT TIMES WITH KRIS AND TINAIHDSJ THANX MOM AND DAD!!!! Tamara Droese MBBKEL A,A,N8cG,DL,SF-RALLY Wf FAR,LAR,AUT,KEL 17 BOTSI slow down' passme the thooper-WHAT??c,c-c-r-razy an afternoon with pigs- hanx MSLDSLRIKE ILY Jack Daniel Durham "I could a stayed it I wanted to but I didn't want tof, -MT Amigos, CRYMZ!, I.C.C., Public, X-C,V.W, "What a long strange trip it's been 'I Jeri Durlester One day at a time, this is enoughg do not grieve over the past for it is gone Israel 85-JB JG IVIL TD, Great times with DM,LW,8a SS in HB. Thanx M8zD Christina M. Dvorscak LOOK MA I DID IT SPECIAL MEMORIES FRM FRSHMN YR. ALL TI-IE PRTYS W?SLY, KRISTI,JULIE,BETH 8: DAWN SI-IERRI 2 HAWAII HERE WE COME LUV U M8aD ROCK ON CLASS OF n87,, Cheryl M. Ehara splx'swfsplfrndsfYB-bfftnx4u'rluvf COLLCRW-jrsmf,smfette,mems! tnx4uIrluvlyls'ff CSm15j2186mems4evrilya8rfUcrk"fLVtnxbhff C,R,K,M,T,Ltnx4splx'sfac8rgc3mm'sfr8crimyf mnymrmemstrsremallfluvyaM8rD Chris Ellertson I never let schooling interfere with my education! Deanna Dawn Erickson rse up ths morn' smle wf the rsin sun 3 lil brds by my dorstp sngin swt sngs of melod pure an try syn' ths is my mssg 2 U9 don wrry bout a thng cuz evry thg gonna B alrt - B. Marley Paul J. Espinoza Thanks to my mom and dad for all your support throughout the years. And to all my friends, thanks for all the great memories. Michael M. Esteves Contagious to minor possession citations. What's up you little arab. Happy Campers- Yosemite. A nice fatty. BB. JP, TG,CE,MV,TG,KO,KD,GA,MM,CM. Thanx Mom + Dad Crystal L. Ewing I MADE IT! spcl memories wfbst friends MICHELLEPLEY 81 TERRI-BERRI.gcl x's wf JF MM DH AF 8: RH. Gdbye 81 Thanks Dons! Hello World, luv ya mom, dad, grndma 8: TJ, Lisa Fahey Good X's Wfbst BUDS: All 3 kinds Summer of 85-Todd 8: Dave Lisa Jim Karla Keithf Day on Greenfpartys CQ ToddsfS-tation Wagons Bst frndsgDE TC LH JWXLED ZEP RULESXRANDY RHOADS LIVESX METALLICA! 158fSENIOR CLASS 5 X f 'K f 'kffdw 1 J , - -X M j f .SQ- r " N N ...,.. - K A S 4 ev a X f X iw ,X , , J.. ...,:.:::, X 1 QQ L if Y S Eff- . J W E X l T Cynthia Ann Gilligan None of the guilt Bubba from the beg. Kris, Chris, Lin-08A We found S! mega-nite, usual-guess not. Jolla, poppers, H2Obed-mine. AA, TT, G8cN,A GGT's, +. Ice Cream anyone-Mike! All of the Pleasures. Julie Ann Goldkuhl Great times with all! ESP. KGlchip!, Margluscl, KF, J.T, B.E,A.F ALWAYS'K3" CINSLDE G.T at Tahoe, Close-Up86, Hawaii85, 4 yr. Swim U.O.P 13. or 4!. l LUV U DAVE! THANKS Mom, Dad 8a Ed IluvU:M-saylsryl Rachel Anne Goodrich "Razy Bbyu G8x's! Beach Bunch ,86, La honda'85. Grids-Proms Yuck! Spirit Squad wfBest buds. Tahoe'86 UI like him cuz he looks older." Izzy THE BLAST!! Whols car? Camp '86 best ever! L8 nites wfRicky. Good Luck Murph. THX Mom ILU! Terrance Gordon Ted Gourvitz Jason Graham Omygod-frends-BB, JR, RS, BH-Raf-bedbug? I dunnofhowya doing? T.H.wfnatureboy buzin wkndswfMay Italy'84, Trin summers-n-my O'bri.-B.ADAMS-3yrs. PVSLHJ-THNXM8rD Kimberly Ann Greene Made it! YeaBuddy! J.G-where's the cookie?Hawaii-F.Y D.J, Tahoe-Doodles, Burl. Ave.:M.C, Cheer, ILY Mom, Dad Bob, Keep smiling . . Maynerd smiles. Luv Pesty Cat. Gary Philip Gross 'LI will take the Ring," he said, 'Lthough I do not know the way." IJRR Tolkein! MUN, JSA, Aristocrat, BBYO, BILL THE CAT FOR PRESIDENT! Thanks to friends and family. I LOVE YOU ALL! Hilda C. Gudino Mama y Papa: Por ustedes estoy aqui y con su apoyo lo logre. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! SPCL THANX to Antonia G. Ester, Carol, Lucy, Sue, and Pabi my pal! GO DODGERS!!! Nathaliey Guiragossian I-Ii MaJEdLARK 8: MrL! Some spices we were! My Art8zMusic will be! "Marc,Iknow soon, I'll meet you"! Maman et papa, je vous adore et remercie infinment! I'm going to be somebody, GOD! "LaBise" Rochelle L. Gumbinger Fny hw x flys . cldn't hv md it wfo spl frds KV, BP, BC, NL, DIARY sp. R.L, spl.mem wfpregles, 3of the bst! Con, MA, BES!fnx WXCREW! ?'s!, CHEER85!, Pep Sqd.87', lv u all bt I gt2go!thnxM8cD Paul Haas WELL I finally made it. Great times with Ned, Marn, Jim, Tav, Todd, and rest of Rail. Thanx Mom and Dad for getting methrough it!! Party at lunch always!! 161 Dana Haber "Move over bacon "Laughter wfHO: Bg18zCrmChsg no tray!JF: Get Redy to Rag! LN: Trky day? TT: Brkn Keys! HSLB? GGT's! Santini's, Di-Alws smthg thr to rmnd me!! CBB4evr-Aud! Cheers mom ILOVEU! Chris S. Haesel Bst x's wfbst frnd Rob, u2 MN.Gd x's wf MS,KT,TD, Bennt, JA, RK! Thnx Mar for hlpng me fnd myslfl bld of a boom, aahh . Thnx Mel lsi God bless all! I owe it all to u Mom, ILY!! Smack! ahhh Robin Lynn Hahn Good times with special friends D.J., GS., A.E., S,R., K.G, LA, '85 Prom with B.F. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Denise! I Love You Bob!!! Tracllyn Hall Best wishes to my best friends Linda, Andrea, Heather, and Jane. Special memories of all the good times we have had together. Balloons! Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you. Alisa Ann Hamilton Love and thanks to all friends, especially Gail, Kelly Nancy and Kristina. Halloweeni86. Life is what you make it. Denmark in '87. Barbara Hammed There are things l've yet to know, each passing day allowing myself to grow. A task never ceasing to end remembered and nurtured by you my friends! KH'S EMfee Scotg Haslam Teresa Faye Hatfield AUSSI '86 SPCL Thnx Greg: Prom 86 Gd x's wf K.M: D.Rg CE, L.V: prnts gn agn? HOLLY COW! Mich U R the BXFXE: l.M.H.G.C: LIMO '85! bng the lst of the Hatfields was hrdg M8LD I DID IT! Barry Hawkins Joseph V. Heath Great times wfthe CREW!lThrasherlParties, sprtpck, Mav, sltos. 4yrs BallfJD Champs Aus. Tahoe 86, rd. trp. UCSB cls pals luv ya IJK, PS, JW, MG! "lim here to have fun!" Love ya Mom and Dad! Bye David Hechim "Goodbye to Romance"fWRESTLING - No pain no gain.fLUDWIG 8a PAISTE 4ever!! Tommy Lee, YEAH! M.M.! INNER- what? " , U never miss it till it's gone away."+I.M. Vaya con Dios mis amigos! Elisabeth Ann Heller Barnschwargle 8: be merry! Jules, Stuart, Lis, Scott, and all . Peace. Keith: "lf the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you" - Led Zep Mom 8a Dad, love you both SHINE ON 162 f SENIOR CLASS John Hendrickson Its over. ftball, tennis ffl. Gr 8 x's wth friends, my buds Kiwi, GT, TS, DY, PW, 8: the gang. Gr8 partys, scam. Miss you Kiwi Love you Mum and Dad. Daves basement. Texas 411 Kevin Hennessy Best wishes to the Class of '87. Party'n with the Crew. Best wishes to the Class of '87. Party'n with the Crew. You know who! Thank you Mom for everything. I love you. 'iGet Bla!" Eugenio Hermoso Yusuke Higashi Thank you for your support. Bye-bye my friends it was nice knowing you. Special thanks to my parents. Barry Hirschberg Best times-Mike, Chris, Ken, Herm, B- LEECI-I, Sgt. 447 Stern. CLTC '84, ILTC+IC'86, Israel'85. Washington8cODE Don't advocate change, advocate progress! ILY JLF Peter Ho "One of the wonderful things in this world is to be able to understand that realization and comprehension come not so much from reaching the goal as from along the way." CM Hi Wendy! Craig Hook 4 yrs. H.S. come and gone. Good Times: Grt. wknds.- PrtysfI.L.'sJ THE DUSTER- N.Y.E.'84fUh-Ohl Uevrbdy funny-u funny too!"-G.T. Good Luck Class of '87- Thanx Mom!!! William Hoskins Kyaw Myat Htoo 4 great years and memories wf JB, TT, CL, RD, SM, 8: SC. On to bigger and better things. Goodbye old friends 8: so long ARAGON. Thanks MOM and DAD. Sean Hudson Bye school, hello life. Luv all my friends. Fix cars go surfing. Also I could not have done it without the help and kyv if nt n luv of my mom, dad ancl bro Brent. And dog "Woody" luv tool Brian Dexter Hughes WHAT CAUSES PEOPLE TO CHANGE? IT IS LIFE I TELL YOU! YOU EITHER MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. DO YOUR BEST, GOOD LUCK!!! BEST FRIENDS CADDEN, COURTNEY HELPED ME THOUGH. WHO'S DEMONET!!! Mark J. Hume lt has been a memorable experience these last 4 yrs. Now its on to bigger and better things, Good luck with future plans M.K, and J.L Thanxs Mom and Dad. CLASS OF '87 163 Mereta A. Hunter GR-8 X's WITH SLY, JULES,- WHERE'S JILL? SLY 8: SANTA CRUZ. RON'S TIGHT BUNS IN 501'S!! GR-8 FRIENDS C.S. KS. J.R. P.I-I.! LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS RONNIE KISS-KISS. LOVE YOU MOM Sz DAD!!!! Bill Hwang Nancy lshimoto love to all my friends - especially sue, shirl, kris, kell. me?!?! loud ?!?! anyways, it was fun - i guess. ly mmy ddy. mer Christiana Jackson Michael A. Janson The best xls shared wf great friends. ragersf CRYMZ! Blah! SUI TahoefSun Valley! Thnx all 4 gr8 mems. ILY MKLD! "lf you feel it, do it: for all you know it could be good for youf, -P.C. Erika Jensen Darlene Lynn Jesus 4grt yrs CQArgn.Summrs wfTalbots gang8LJen, Gclx's wfold8cnew frnds mems 4ever in my hrt.Spcl buds Ang, Rob, lrene. J.B. No more Trds Rons-Luv8rxo, SEALS!LUV U M8zD. Thnx Ginger. Gdlk sis. L'Moving On" Todd Jines Looking forward to more beaches, bikinies, and ice cold beverages. Thanks to all good times! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!! Shaynee Johnson Special X's wfKookie, Chris, Karla, Diane-u- guys are the best! Mems of the city-l-dancin'in bfs, Marine World, ZZTop L.A, -l-Hawaii '87. lLU Mom, Dad, Tori + Steve!! Rachel A.S. Jordan My love 2 the GRLS: Kimbo-Reeny-Nic-opp twn Chris-SP Chelle,NEVER FORGET YOUR FOOTPRINTS. Thnx MELD 4 the chnce 2B indpnclnt.As Always . Hopate 'OFA ATU' Kelly Frances Jorgensen 'LA Perfect Circle of acquaintances and friends. Drink another coin a phrase." Faulk - thanks. ILY M8zD. Good luck Stace. ASTALARASTA! Alexander Jun Will never forget ft.ball, swirnn', inside jokes, Kunta-talk, music, telephone, or Prom,86lthe FOURSOME?!!, "the Letter" Awrite Den . 164 X SENIOR CLASS Michael Paul Jurgensen S'rightEverythang! Red, ED8a!'E"Man. Sumr- fnwfErikngang Dg8aLz4evrg Rachf MareURSpujinMAGAHI! TalkinSmak? Barb- thozeMABF sSmell! MOKECruznBongWknz:!-IO! ThxMD8zuAmber"? Michael G. Kamholz I had a wonderful 4 yrs. At Aragon. l made it! Special thanks to Pat, Gary, Wayne, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Gwosden, and especially to Pat, Gary, Wayne, Mrs. Knight, Mr. Gwosden, and especially GRAM. Time to begin my career in law, GOOD LUCK AND GO NAVY! Randy A. Kaminsky Where's the Doolittle? 151 is def! Posse is 2 !ive:2FlyKai PTH, Loverboy, Sweet E, Killer B, LA-J, Gd.x's wfNO, KM, KG, VR, LL, CE, TT, TM, LM, DH, DS, Vars. Baseball. DJ Cut in the Mix!l!LuvU MKLD Cynthia Karr "Greet" times wfJulie Sc Adine FfFfWfL. Here's 2U Roomy Amy. To all my friends- Love 81 Thanks. Special luck to Brian 8: Amy. Love ya 4ever-Liz, Mom, 8a Dad. Merry Christmas 2 all- SMILE!! Kyoko Kato Susan Kawakita Spcl xs wf gr8 tends NI, SL, PTlKNEE!, SM, KS, KT8Lthe rest-WE MADE IT!! Nevr 4get any of U. CLOSEUP 85 next sum. 87! Thnx to the fam. esp Mom8cDad gl my Best Pal lLY!? wfKT,l LUV U! Boyd Kiefus Jason King Ball.Mom-yr4!f12me. Thanx4allhelp-G-K, D. Dad-I wishwedidmr. Word-cld'tvdnwu. BK- Dushgo2it. Pat-inv. tlks, pls4ever. Rob-Bro3- ukno JH-ap! BrmeT.H. '86. J.B. 724 10th - incred. experience. Ford Kirschenbaum Tracy Kiyohara Brad Klapper The longer you dwell you sit by a wel! making a wish. But when you finally realize we're all the same. ACKEE 1 2 3 LOVE YOU ALWAYS MOM, DAD, LAUREN. Chris Kooyman All the world's indeed a stage, we are merely players. Performers and portrayers. - Rad Crymz, "Don't loose my iff" My CORONA, No Dixon's. Thanx Mom, Dad, and Steve. same 165 Debi Krumm Special memories of the best year I have ever had. Good times with K.G.B.'s. But most of all l want to remember the best times with my sweetie. I LOVE YOU!!!! Rick C. Kung ". . Be responsible, respectable, stable, but gullible. Sound and caring help the helpless. But always remain ultimately selfish " Special thanks to SUMMER 85, DEPECHE MODE, DEAR FRIENDS, you have helped me grow, THANK YOU. Lester Kwok Joseph Lahaouh Jeff Lamb FUN with Jon, Eddie, GK, SF, AC, HM, WG, GC, JB, MS, and MORE! Gymnastics BUDDIESX The Fabulous Foursomel CB, JL, JB, AG, RAD!!!! Thanx Mom and Dad and Dave, And Mr. W. for 3 gr-8 yrs. CO 87' Mohulea Latu Marianne B. Lauridsen Grt Frnds :fs Grt X's, Swim'n JVfVar. 5:30?!Wrng! "SD" Cheer86-87, Stnfrd, TheGrd8LPrms. 23K? Sumers'n'DK. Thnks M.J. 'LChampagne8cD.P. i'Good Lck Y'all"TX', ILOVEYOUMXLD! Curt Lawton lt's an uphill climb from here fellows, but just go with the flow! Cool Times at ZZ-top, Travers, Hatchet. 3 yrs. Varsity Soccer. All Nightersll Thanks M8cD Richard Lealao David Lee 4 yrs of great times with my friends, AN, LF, JF, TS, SH and especially Nicole. 3 yrs. of B- Ball lFS,VAR.l lyr. CCS. Good luck to my friends, Thanks M8LD Luv D8zD John Woo Lee I've made it! 4yrs have gone with happiness and effort. Farewell my friends, school faculties. It has been a pleasure knowing you. Remember best friends Thomas, Jack, Mark. TX Mom! Pamela Ann Lee IMAGE 86, SKl:X-mas 86 wfnew frenz H, H, E. H8LS The Club, To all my BEST BUDS - luv ya 4-ever. And can't forget Wookie. H. and suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character, hope," Rom 5:3-4 166 f SENIOR CLASS ,, Wm , dm . f -I ...f P , V H ,,, 1,.. . an "if fm' V ia: ' 11 w a 1 5, ,QQ ,,,, +11 , mswa QW .. . wi M fwf f wig Q V,,, f A,,, Arturo Lopez Spcl memories WfI.C.Z. Sz G.W. good lck 2 my little brther in 'L89". Good X's Wfall of my frnds also a vry spcl thnks 2 my Brther's Sz Sster's luv u MSLD. I MADE IT ll!! Gary David Lorin JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING FUN! Great x with EL, BC, JK 8cJJ Clyears Soccer gc Var GolffGCPICfPalm Springs H22 "Bug Fest?"f GTA'?fEspana 87-ILY mom Sz dad-ADIOS !i87,, Al Lovotti Sally Lui Best wishes to friends, memories are forever. Best X at S.C. wfP.T., S.K., 8a P.L. Don't 4-get 8f16f86 Peg! Luv Sz Thanx Mom 8: Dad 4 all U've done. Christopher Lundquist Good Times WfK.H., J.B., R.D. 87' always. Live ACCESS. On to College!! Defeat and Konker! Ski 84 n 85. SQUAW. Spain! Luv Mom and Dad. I made IT'-? TO M.E. Thanx Doug M.! Now away. James Mahoney Christine Malfanti GeeI08Amatressthrofware'sS? Lg-usual- wrong! CG'rast. queen!KW-crashmuch?NN- ROSL, KNAC'86fHappyCamper-C. litefMlVI- bruise4BozfJP-homowner:jokefMiya-rast. king fGGT!fTJpopfBO-hands! PA4gossp!ML- no stressfLUV8zTHANXMOIVI8aJEN, LACEIW-2, 3, 4!l Pauline Heleni Manu Great X's wfNina, Mare, Vah, Nana, gl Bren.2yrs Ser, Com. 4RAD!! yrs Var B-ball, CCS,8: the WORM!! Good Luck JT, VT, NO, 8a LV!! Fl. '86 TONGA'87I Specl Thnx 2 family 4- luv 8: support OFA ATU IVIOM8zDAD! Joe Marchi Wake up! Life is a beer run. Poke me with a fork, I'm done. Eraserhead is God. American dream is close at hand. Buy a house at the least expense. Surround it with a chain'link fence. Susanne Martinez Thanks mom and dad for all your support and encouragement. Special thanks to Annie, Hilda and good luck to K.K., D.S., Y.I-I.K,, E.B., and G.B, Elizabeth Maske Watch Out World Cause Here I Come! Great times with the best of friends Peggy, Dawn and Sharon. Thanks Mom and Dad, you too Arthur. David Mathisen 5Today Aragon Tomorrow The World'To TS, JY, DY, GT, CS, CC: Semper Sale et Vale: I have just met you and now I must say goodbye. Tks M8aD, Kris, REL, GSP: The grtr the struggle, the grtr the Triumph, 168 f SENIOR CLASS Michelle McAbee Kevin McKinnie Michelle Rae McLean Spcl mems wf JB LC CE DI'I BM MR VR JW lluv u all!!! Thnx 4 your luv 8a sprt M8zD L8rB. Thnx for helping me grow in so many ways Jeff . I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, BABE!! Martin L. McMahon Thanks to: Mom 8: Dad, all the teachers who put up with me, and good friends BOBO, AL, 8: MEFF. NETTY you are TOO good for me, I love you, Brian McNeal John Fryer McWhinny, Jr. Spesh memos w BD, SP, CB, PO, 8a eons of others - ILY JF!!! CLOSE-UP, PROMS, DRAMA! Myrtle Lives! Oh, CORK IT! Chow For Now, Chicas and Chums! ILY M 8: D! Watch for my name!!! Todd Mefford Great times with all my buds, FB ifl. Got a woody, or lip. Buds MP, RB, MM, AJ, DY wever got to party, SF 8a beach with Debbi. Love you sweetness, Thanks Mom and Dad I.L.Y. Edith Carol Mendoza We made it! Look out world, here I come! I love u mom 84 Dad! Couldn't have done it without u! Spcl memories with pals: Nat, I-Iilda, 81 Alice! Hi Kat! Them good old days! Linda Messana KR-best of times 4 the best of friends. BM- you've always been there. KA, KL, KB, JA 81 CC-I Love you MPlant your own seeds, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers "Ma-We made it!! William C. Meyer To all of my best buds, thnx for the great X's together, there shall be more in the future. As for the rest of the 'LCLASS OF 87", who gives a .! Aurora Meza Special memories with best friends A.V., M.D., J.M., Y.G., MZ., A.L., D.G., J.M., J.O., T.M., Good times with Alex A. Annette W. Aracely V.. See MOM, brothers8csis.8zuncles I MADE lT!!Thanks M8zD I love U!! CLASS OF 87 911 I!!! Veronica Meza 169 Michael Miyahara Shirley Miyamoto Fun X's WXKS KT GL Nl SK, espanol buds 8: Mr. Potato head- what will I do wfo all of ya? MK Leni!! PPTls, chats, walks, duckies, j gl pcorn, spies, ZOO! Thanks daddy ILY John Montgomery Party'n at beach 8: bridge wfparty animals. Queeb'n! Ned where is the 15l? PauI's at lunch. Fk'n Uhm! Grt. mems. wfspecial paraniod friends. PARTY HARDY! Karina l. Montgomery Remhrz hrd2 recall nitsWfMS, TH, Sz Gng. KevKev! 85 Dnc-GINlLafs 8zTi's-I-LV, TH, MS. Drive! Sumr 86 GetnBLAA-DABEST!! CCIMY BESTEST 4EVR! Alwyz Thre- Randy. JoseQ!SCAMR?? CEYA! Thnks D8zD, MYluv:M.S. Cory L. Moore I-ISJ it was fun! CGAMDCPS? gandfin So. Cal. DA knows. DOLPHINS, OBS 81 CHGS was it worth it? SURE. 701 XSL I'm glad I have it, Thanks! Dan Moore Mela Moraru Good times wfspecial frnds, espec. RB, BC, Summer 86' L.A. VENICE BEACH Grid 85' caravan HBOB MARLEYU MC BCKT 2, alwys 8: 4ever M!! HESCORT 86" ILY mom 8a dad thanx!!!! CLASS OF "87" Lisa M. Mori I FINALLY MADE IT! 4 KILLER YRS Wf BEST BUDDIES, GIGGLES, KN, CE, 81 CV! SPEC X'S WXLEE. GREAT X,s AT CITY, CONCERTS, PARTYS, 84 PROMS! HAWAII Sz L.A. WXGANGII LUV gl THANX MOM!! Blake R. Morones Freedom and happiness is found 'iln nature, From nature, Divine illumination". I may be going to hell in a bucket babe, but at least I'm enjoying the ride. Scott A. Morris SPECIAL MEMORIES with best friends Travis Ficel, David Peterson, Lisa Cash, and Patti Spadero. You are the best friends for these past 4 years thank you. Especially Erin D. Scott Mowery Steve Mullins Import brews and break'n the rules. Been party'n since I was 7 8: am goin to grad with the class of 87. THANX MOM, DAD. Good X FU, BH, PH, MB, ML. SPEC X N, MB 1 70 7 SENIOR CLASS Rex Murakami Special H.S. memories with the ONE I LUV. Great times surfing WIT DA BOYZ! Thanx for being there when I needed you Chris! Luv ya Mom, Wayne and Rus. Erin Elizabeth Murphy Ohwel , . . BHyageek! KWgesswat? Spain LG8cBH-bah HotT CQ MG, SD-KWglases, Owmyear! PlmSprgs Prm86INF Jhny-hny, ILY my afctn8! Thx4 the mems past8rfutr, ILY MD8cShan Stuart Naifeh Seeking a cat , dearly bought , . time TIME , , . beautiful existence where does it all lead? A path through a forest . , . dragons and roses . . skog and mice . and the price? a cigarette tossed aside Mitchell S. Nakagawa It's been great wf What's Happeningl, Chris, 'Bruce', Susan, etc. Sayonara to all, see ya' in college! It was fun while it lasted Long live Cowboy smurf! Power to the Yazuka!!! Anthony E. Nelson Un4getabl xs wfmy posse Joe, Red, Colt, Elg, etc.+ the yng ladies HoopsfBSU 3 yrs, gr8 xs wf86-7, luv ya mom, dad +9 I'm coming up! What's the x? x to get ill! ANTSKII SERVIN'EM WELL + PROPER!! Liesje Nicolas BEACH! let's go! SDiegoWLsg TJpoprsg GGTg G8rTg Dnt Srf ded myluv8Lfrndshp4ever HEID-wats inmycoolr?g .IOC-Spalding WAB?, TRAC-guacrnlelg Dana-H8cB?!Whaat? ILYmom8rpapa! Linda Nishimura Cherishing spcl x's wfmy baby Rex. Bst frenz Suzette 8a Kris. Great x's wfLM 8: AP Thnx JW! Chris, couldn't make it wfout you. L.U! Thnx Mom 84 Dad ILY! Karla Ann Nissen Fun times with S.J., L.M., C.V., and gang. Killer parties 8: concerts. L.A. 8: Hawaii "87." Its been tough guys, but we finally made it! Good luck wf the band D.P.8aD.H. LUV YA M8rD! Chris Noa Heather Norton Great X wf DL. KC, LM, MM. Memories of Bermuda, Proms wfChris Summer School wf DL. OH FOR GODS SAKE!! I Love You Mom 84 Dad. All My Love to Chris. We Finally Made It! Cindy Nunez GREAT MEMORIES WXGRT Frienz S.C. R.B. M.M. I.A, B.C. I LOVE YOU MOM + DAD+SIS+BRO. "It's PARTY TIME" CLASS OF 87!!!! Shanie Odo "Ggmts2attIcc 8atc2cttlc8rtw2ktd "VW Cnt yr blsngs" BF: AK!-I-J! P.F.!8z all-U will alwys b xtra spcl 2 me! Love-n-thnx, M8zD!-I-S . . ILU, Bri !AnFl Gifl, l'm outta here! 171 Heidi Lynn Omodt SPALDWAB?SDfTJ-MV: TeqpopPainfuI AMGGTs-3OBeachCamjugDntSrfDecl BrknKeyGetn ChngLVU-JF: ClintLN: WLQueenTT: Ol'JIivGuacoDI-I: H8cB?JS: Damigets ForevrJocefLieG8cT MontlateILU- M8zD, K, E, D-MIKE: JAMAICA. Robert A. Ortiz U in me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage, I lJesus! have overcome the worldf' JESUS CHRIST Mayra Osorio HereIcomeE.S. It'sPartyx!Wildxswf LaMaraFromLU! Spl. Mem.OfSmr. '85wf ED,DyaIa,AC8cKev.L8nitesParty 'nAtLaFuawf Regie, Tony8cRick! PromwfG8cGridwfC. GrtBucIs: DR, CA, JN, MZ, AL, ML, EC, IC, MR, JR. LUM8cT8cTP! Patricia Osorio Gracias por todo Mom-I-Tita.Grt x's wf homies from LATINOS UNIDOS. Prom wf O+Grid wfJuan.Party'n at La Fua Dwn Mission wfRegie,Bst buds: D, M, I, J, M, J, A, M, PorVida. Barbara Gayle Pacchetti Like sands through the ourglass, so are the days of our lives. To t'best of friends-C, C, B, C, L, S. Spcl Mems- SPIRIT, The Guys, Stud Govt, Drama, Shopn', Cookn', ,88 gals lT8LMl, 8: S.M. frnz. M8zD, B, L-ILYI Funnyhowtimeflies . Miss Ya Aragon Penisimani Pahulu Andrea Palladino FNLY GT WHT WE WNTD, HUH, NA?SH! DN'T TELL ANY1. ALWYS RMBR THOSE L8-NITE SNK-OUTS WXTHE CAR. ALWYS IN TRBL gl LOVN IT! GR8xWfWP, LA, NC, LN. WE MADE ITGYS! Lenord Parayo Dont no about u wear evr lm go n Im takn my 'Lil Rice Cooker B x's 54 JUN Smr S. vvrts, slnky D, KIT, Les, BT, WG, U, KT, Gldn egle, My Paley Waley MK Bruci 4-30, Fnls, ILY MfD Drms Cme Tru CHEERS! Eric James Parker Unforgetable moments with F.K, J.F, R.P, M,J, J.R, J.C, R.S, CG, L.V, K.G, S.O, AND J.L. Rad !'B+B", f SKIING. Thank you Mom and Dad and all my friends. 1983-1987, UCSB . Lisa Parlee Spec. Mems wfBaby G.8aCuftie. Ging-busted again! All Nighters, D.B.-scam? never! A,S. eternal friendship 81 Love. F8zV charished x's. Thanks M, D8zC I Love You! Dan G. Paul Great times ROCKIN wf ABRAXAS: J.Z. G.S.8cWm man 8: Party times wfthe gang 8: buds on the rail. J.Z. rem. 6k's, 2UAF8zthe rock oops! "87" sure ain't heaven! Lana Ya-Huei Peng Thanks to Tsudas, W.W., J.C., and all my teachers. Special memories to UTennisH, notes in chem. class, and Madrigals. Thanks mom 8: dad 8: frids tor all. 1 72 f SENIOR CLASS Vincent Pereira Goodbye to the best 4 years of my life, partying with JB. M.D.8r DB. Ski Tahoe 81 S.V. Ski Team forever! Thanx M, D and fam. Z X's KILL "Let's go crazy" Deborah Perkins Hrd X's! Jac we CORUPTED! It's rlly TURBOIPS-U btr go ez! LB-Pa lika GaDaRaHa! MM-Pylss-I-Mpdzno gt awy!25OPC TL-Hlcrst? ML-1995?MD-WGEN35 Wahhe! MPD'85 GD Lck LL! Thnx M8rD, HASTALARASTA! Danny Pesusic Wendy E. Petersen Memories of 1-PE fBreakfastI wf A.P., N.C. 81 L.A. Good X's wfGood Friends- M.B., M.B., R.H., MP., T.P. 8: ALWAYS LORI Skiing KGB LATE AGAIN!! I Luv U Mom Dad Dean gl Ramby ITGIOI Jim Peterson "Try to keep your feet on the ground wfout getting stuck in the mud, you will soon be over the moon or twice as hot as the sunl' Hey Jacko, Sunshine 8: Jayne, Hanx 8: Love Mom.Boastm Randy Powley TS Rules 87 sp x wfspfr stagf7-7fzinkaf silverfherm 84 Jam Jai utb pyb lnd anita buka c8zb dunes hey stag st pb p in b HTMFC dirge-smiths, dm RIP gb Hi stang,txmd Ronita Prasad "Stray mental cattle on the train tracks of my mind." John-Phillips. Look forward to see Dragon. Special memories, S,G L,A C,L D,H. Thanks Mom, Dad 8a Family. LOVE YA. n87,, Jeff Price Sharon Printis "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."-MT. 6:21 Alwys mem- L.L, N.8rJ.C., D.W., J.M J.L., K.I., 8: T.O. Luv you very much, MA, DA, Sr ANT. Michael J. Priolo 3 YRS FB 475 4 Yrs Partying thnks to Frends "THE DEGO" ORLIP, NIKI.T, CHARLIE, ANTHONY Rmber Gregs house It all, Thnks to the ladies, thnks. m+D Melinda Monica Prohaszka Special memories wfMB, WS, CS, WP, LA, 8a SR. PARTY!!! UR all the best! Hawaii 86- MB. Thanx mom and dad, for all the T,L.C.!!! D Ridgley 173 Rebecca Rivera Karen Jannette Roady PARTYING WTH CHAR, DI, WEN, gl DAVE WAS GREAT!ARE WE HAVIN'FUN YET? GO FOR IT!!CANADA WAS RAD! I WUV MIKE, 4EVER! WUV YA M8zD!!!! HAWAII 487' WATCH OUT!! ANTI-M-n-M! RIGHT TIM! WHAT'S UP DOC!! Matthew Roddy Venscky B. Rodino LL, MM-1mryr!?LordBless class '87lKB,RL,RK,EC,RSllBRWS!, +ALL The Trendies! - JS my 931 ALWAYS - LvYa M+D, Later. The wind dies and the flower withers but the word of GOD lives forever Arturo Rodriguez GOB! Shoreview Rules ITM, PV, JR, KH, CL! Var. Soccer. Best of times. Hawaii 87 Thanks Mom 8: Dad George Rodriguez ShorefView Forever Thanks Mom and Dad Love you Michele Kris Rodriguez Dina Marie Romo Bye to 4yrs. Gr x's wfJY TH MS AS. Pr. Parties!! unexpected events!L8 nites. Summers in L.A. Sp. x's wfTSlg8:b!luvya! Thanx MOM ll luv U 4 it all! George Rosas SCHOOL IS OUT!!! RIGHT ON! Excellent times partying with friends "PASS THE CHASERH crazy-X"s at concerts DIO, SCORPS, AEROSMITH ROCKS! take it ease walt thanx mom 87RULES 69KlLLS! Jason Paul Rossi KEGGER,LED ZEP-KILLER X'S WXJOE, NED, SYL-PAUL's HOUSE. KGB TRS, WGHTRM, RAIL, BEACH, SUMMER OF 86, HAWAII, LOVE YA' MOM 8: DAD ACXDC CLASS OF 87' WE SOLUTE YOU!! "RIGHT ON!" Michelle S Rounds Grt x's wf Grt Frnds Cris-LEY Nettie-Boss DH 2PL LS MMCL Serv Comm 2yrs Grids Proms Outdr Ed TOY ALWYS RICK H 9f27 spcl thanx Jim Rach ILU M, D, SIS, GRAM Kevin Rovno What's up? Good times 8a great memories wf Best Buds. Clear Lake, 151 deg. of Cabin Fever, Kick'n Back, the Beach 8a Bridge! FUN has just begun!!! 1 74 f SENIOR CLASS Edward Brian Rubinfeld Good times with Jon, Jeff, Gary, Sc Steve. How ya doing pilgrim! BBYO, ISRAEL '85, SFL, DODGERS, COWBOYS. I have a headache, take 3 tablets, no Anacin 3! THANKS MOM 8a DAD! Julieta Ru Ruiz Good times with my friends Mirna, Ivania, Mayra and Paticia. Special memories to my boyfriend Eugenio Hermoso. Thank you for everything Mom and Dad. Jeff Rupprecht Skim'n vvf da boys "Crab Ball!" Party At D.Rs? "Btchims-Maxism" "1 more rep!" "N Dr 1Os" UB. Basin wf BLDY Grks" "Ghia- BUG FEST?" Thk M8:D. Serena Dawn Rush SPXWXSNIFNSL PRJRHSHMMJEWLSGANG GRTXWXAMY NEWTON-THANKS WHOZYURBUD? UKIMBYLIEVER LUVY D8LS,M8rT GOOD LUCKXMISSY THANKX4GHlA! LUVIT! IST LOVE BILLY- forever Lavina Akanesi Sanft Friends that I've known 8a friends that I've met you won't be 4gotten. Goodx's wfMare, Line, gl Bren. New Zealand '85. Special thanx 2 Mom 8a Dad, 8: GOD. I love you!!!! Ned Sawacki hey all you party animals . tj. ph. jw. tm. ms 8:all other buds rock n roll, rail, volvo power class of 87 cptn caveman thnxs to all who helped mom 8z dad here i go Tony Saxelby CLASS OF "87"GOOD TIMES WITH K.H., MOP.,8c T.M. AND THE CREW BUT THE FUN IS OVER NOW AND ITS TIME 2 GET YOUR SH-T TOGETHER. THANX MOM AND JOE. ICORONA EXTRA! Michelle Schagerer Unll-getable X's wfK,M, D.R, the rest 8: Bf FfA Teresa! Thnx G.C! Gd Frenz L8LC Prnts Gn Priv Prtys!SQEK! Hskngn Ht. Tubn. LMO85, Kev Kev!Where did all the X go?? lspecluvl ILY M8rD-lOUISIS!!! Sandra Schlossberg Douglas Schmidt Henry Leonard Schroeder GR8 X's wffrz. GG, TW, SJ, CC, CS, ME, KH, TH, Sz The "inn crowd. Rad prties 8: cruisin' the El. AHSpirit is back again! Memories with the Pep Squad. Best wi to Joanne. Thanx Mom 4 all your help,Frz 4 ever.Cldnt Liv wfo you.Ms ya '87! Joanne Schroeder Gr8 x's with best frenz: IA, YG, DJ, CO 8: Others in the crowd. Rad Partiz, Dances, Cruzin the El,8zspecl mem. Summer of '86, Thanx mom for your support, Best of luk to Henry. I LUV YOU! 175 Angela Marie Scott They call this CLUBMED?iCAMP86J Grids, Proms, ALOHA 87 NUDITY-UGH! Amigosg KG, DR, JY+4yrs of frnds8c2 KITSLJEN: We were madefl this life''EATSNOW"8c2Brennan, I Love U" Deanne Selvaggio Unllgetable Xs wfChincha Jeneh Monger 8: GGTls gr8 Xs wfEJ-longago Hawaii YazandRitz Moraga-MR: brkntoilet Ging-frenz till geriatrics mems Eric luv u m8cd Suzette Shadowens Best Frenz, Linda8zJ.J.RAD TIMES wfTM, KTDMLSPMAFBVMV. Good things come to those who wait. Put HIM lst! Cherish Precious memories. Love ya DADDYSLMOM, mahalo! Yogesh Sharma "Life itself can be an enigma, but the most pertinent part of life is to challenge it and attain the goals and aspirations that you long and desire for". Thanks Mom and Dad. Drew Shoolman Andrea Sim I'll never forget times wf Ray 8: Dale. P.H. and Wendy, U are so smart! Shadi, Goodbye, stupid! Fun? wf math club 8: AP forever. This is just the beginning! Love ya, mom 81 dad! Christine M. Simmons Gd X wfBst Bds Rach JB KB SX JT NA KR JW PH DH Gd Lk2 SK EB BS D8zD JE' Rmbr: Prom868c87 SJ SF Pismo Jan7 cruzin Fash 8a UTHE RAIL" All my love 2 Dave Thanx Mom gl Dad the end Raffi Siyahian Bst Rrncls CG, JF, FK, EP, The Code, Olmpcs, I-Iawai? Vn Hln Criswho? Jefwho? Proms, Elxr?Whodni, BUIVLFKXLJR-Trndy? VR-Homyjoks, ASiday? Luvmom, dad, sis. So long, so short. Wendy Smoot He who catches the joy as it flies lives in eternity's sunrisefThanx to xtrasuper teachers!fMay we be like the Fool on the HillfSteve, Sandra, MDHurSPC ily Troy C. Sparks 4 Years i'up" and gone. Great time with D.H., J.T., J.F. All my love to D.I'I. special thanx to Mr. Engle and Mrs. Hirsch, Thanx Dad. Had fun with class of "87',. Linda Stallwitz To all who knew me: T.l'I. A.S. M.R. N.G. K.T. 18a esp. Dave T.! Scupper's wf V.M. NR. THANXXX!! Helen's sister is gone now. Hejsan och tack M8zD. Isabelle Christel Steitz Luv to all my friends - Spec. memrs. wf Razzy Tahoe'86. "I like him cuz he looks olderfl THE BLAST! Squaw 8LI-Iawaii wf "Sis, Beach Bunch '86, V.CheerfV. Swim, Spain '87, Close-up. ILUM8zD 8cOvie. 1 76 f SENIOR CLASS Cassandra Stettner Nancie Stockwell SOMETHING FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED!! MOM, DI, I FINALLY MADE IT! WHAT'S IT WORTH? SPECIAL MEMORIES WXGOOD FRIENDS EK DR SC AND IA, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS RIGO I THNX MOM!!! Constance A. Sullivan "FOREVER YOUNG", What is life if one is not involved? B.S.! Panic, uncontested Gr8 XwfBabs, Bob, Xb, shl, date, y-t, fat boy, Bro, B.T., H-UAE, n countless good buds. D.L.S.+G.G., unique? , Kelly Lee Sullivan Sorry I'm latel!Troopettes, The Zoo, 10f4f 85, GG's,. 5parties, I-IW, Mislmp, L.A., Tahoe, skiing, Whrs the Frwy? B.BUDS Kristina, Den, Gail, Nanc, Shir, Al, Sue. Love8zThanx Mom8zDad, K, T, K, K. Torry Sullivan Basically, Good X WXGRS buds GT, Kwi, DM, JH, DY, PW Date sis CG CC, SR+ the rest! 2 yrs H20 PolofSwim, Taho wf boys+Frank, Trble wfJoey, lmpalas rule,Mr+Greg: Politics? Thx lVl8cD Tateosullivans Patrick Svoboda Mom,if u only nu how mch u mean 2 me. JK-tgthr we r strength dvded we r lost. ORlG.CREWl FB-not the only thing just the best, My Aragon Experience-if they only nu how affectd they r. Michael Paul Sylvestri Watcha doing 4th? Hajawit! FB-l-Track:GIMP. Hawaii'86 Love to the gang, exsp. MC, TB, CH, for your help! Express KMZ?Thanx Mom gl Dad. This is only the beginning!Psych! Ming-Ching Sze Cheer8zPom! News! Watch out Wendy, here I come! Stanford - no? Well, MM, catch you at Berkeleyl? XOXOX to all my friends, esp. best buds P8aP!We,ve come a long way babiesll Luv U MSLD! Vittorio A. Tafur "The stupid speak of the past, the wise of the present, fools of the future." I'lere's to the future. Thanks Dad, Mom, and Sis for everything. I love u. Alexander Tang 4 Years is over But memories will be with me for ever. Great times with S8zR C.H, G.L. Thanx Mom 8a Dad Sis's you too. "Good Luck Franky" Greg Tateosian "NO VENTURE NO GAIN!" Like the CAMPAIGN, TAHOE, PARTIES, FB, 90days BID TRUKS, BIG BOOYA! GRT Xs wfKIWI, BOBO, SCOOT, PETEY, PATTON, GIL MIYA151, GALS 8a ELWOOD THX POPS! MHEY WERE BACHELORSIV' Brian Toru Tauchi lights, oh well. 4 sum + bagels. what a combo! They both stink Csyunkl. think I O sum I S5.Damn. WHY? can't say. sorry. Thank u M+D. When the music is over, turn out the 177 4 I' Traci Taylor WHAAT? San Diego Specl.X's wfthe blnds LIES:qu. ofWL HEID:CANI DYC? JOCE:Den. Brg. Mems of GGT, Beach, TJ's 8zTequil. Grt.X'sWfC.G,, D.H. 8Lthe f'TWINS"Gd Lk TSLT TMD Jenny Thomas Try to realise it's all within yourself no-one else can make you changef And to see you're really only very small, and life flows on within you and without you -Geo, Harrison Kenneth T. Toda Good times wfJD SL ganggProm'86, Nature "Iost?" Rob-he's Brown! CH-GERMS! Never 4get"Golden Eagle" LSLB. YBA, JYO times- the best!Tnx8tLuv Mom, Dad, Tim. Susan, love always. Marc Todd Kevin G. Toh "Yes, Isn't it pretty to think so?"E,Hemingway. Memories: RPI, sports. Thanks to M, D, friends, Dr. Fisher, Mrs. Chiosso, etc. I hope that I will be worthy of my destiny.fLittle Corporall James Tolentino Jr. KOOKS wake up!"Surfers suck, RIPPERS RULE!" Puka CHELLE hang in there.Kiersten-"YOU ARE THE ONE FOREVER!" but Milo I was sick?Amir, I mace em brah!THANKS MSLD. Live to Surf, Surf to Live Elanor Linn Traubman "We are one earth, one humanity, one spiritfl "Service above self" - Interact motto M gl D, Ad, Coco -you're awesome! Thanx 4 everything, Mr. L. Nick Tsivikas Basically, its been a great 4 yrs. Good times wf AZ, WM, MR, AND all friends. To all students may all your ups-and-downs in life be in bed. Thx. M-I-D+151. Peggy Tsuei Special mems wf best buds SLSLPL. Its been fun. Great X's at IFCCI dances?, Prom '86, Hey Sal don't 4-get 8f16 cstle. Alwaz rem Sue. Clmsy, 10f31.ILY MSLD, Max, L8zBobs Kristina Maria Tuohey Troopettesll Mems SFS Kelly, Gail, Denise, Nancy, Shirl, Ali, Sue. X-CHapRUN, 10-4-85, THE ZOO, shiing, MissImp,. 5Sparties, IDRS, Whrs the Frwy? Luv8cThx Mom8:Dad, M8zfrnds!! John U Mele Seini Vaitai Good Luck Sz Best wishesto all you strive for May your dreams come true. Unforgettable X's wf Vah Line Bren-Our friendship will grow wf time-Lots of love 84 God Bless Mom 8L Dad forever 1 78 f SENIOR CLASS Aracely Valenzuela TGIG!!!Thnx 2 my buds:DJ, AL, WOODY, MD, MZ, AM, LV. Buzzin' WXW-C's ILY LCD!!! V BCKT 1 RB MM BC DJ 'break times'! thnx MOM, DAD BRO's 8: sisters I LUV U! S.A.D. CLASS OF U87' ill!!! Mark Vasquez Lisa Corinne Verili GreatX's wfKM, MS, TH. Crystal, Leave my locker alone!! Vars. Pom-ULet's give 'em the boot!" Memories. lLYMOM8:DAD Dancingmylifeaway-LANCE, I'm forever yours Wendy Wai uAfoot and light-hearted I take to the open roadj Healthy, free, the world before me,f The long brown road before me leading wherever I choose." Walt Whitman Shaun Walter Remembering Cool Times wfPS, CW, CL, JW, BK, SH, BC, EW, Prty Hitting the Beach!! Go Easy Jake. Love to Jenelle. Thanx for everything Mom 81 Dad, See ya Aragon! Peter Weinberg SKANK, 3ft girlslflat headslKwi, J, G, G, T, D, D, M, C, C, B, L, To Rad, Parties while Parents at work! oh Yah! Cigars, BIG TRUCK, X-Cntry lsometimesl Oh Baby, WHAT IS UPI!!! Robert Earl Wells I LOVE YOU Jenni, Deanne, and Jason! Pizza, peptalks and parties. You three are the light of my life. I pwe you an eternity of thanksll!! Sean W. Western CINEMA H-E-E-Y!! Mikey D Gdlckl!RAISE HELL BROS 4ever!! NATASHA, thxs. Rembr 10f24-X86 Q23rd8zF1ores? MOM8rDAVE, I LOVE YOU!! LOVE SEAN. I'm OUT!! Emily Ann Weston Old man on Geary? Beach Bnd.MF in SD!! YO CD WIRED?sebastion JOLT the LYMPH moments! Hugs 2 "Ears", SW, LL, J, CR, P, REW, HANK! NOTHINGS REAL UNTIL ITS EXPERIENCED. rsvp-Rasta!4 it all M8zD! Kai Whitney To the Posse, Killer B Sweet E Djcut Loverby 8a PTH, Where's the Doolittle? l151 BCRDI, Gd Tms wf Fila, Run Dmc. Wheres the dip? TM, DS, KF, JP, CE, ga TT. The crew 8: the brawl at Mickey D's, Tahoe 87'. Thnks Mom Sz Dad Jim Wilkinson Wild Xs Wfthe Crew, Killer weekends wf P.S J.H L.A K.H B.B M,R J.K Parties, Thrashing, Fat Packs, VAR. Football, Baseball, Slutoes Thanx Mom8zDad. Chris Willett Just Relax! LYNYRD SKYNYRD RULES - All Nighters - Just listen To The Rythm and Your Heart Won't Lie, Rock-N-Roll Parties Just Never Die - TRIUMPH - THANX Mom 8a Dad. Love To Heather 179 Dave Williams Member my BUDS 8a RAD X's at the Glass Buildings f KGB! VW's-Tilt '68-CAL BUGS! 4yrs. XC, TRACK, BRATT PK. I LOVE YOU 4EVER Jenifer! SCORPIONS-4EVER!!! Kristin Erika Windell Gee Iforgt! Porsche-there is a substitute! CG-gotta go!LG, AA-blond much? CM- slitebuz?EM-1 more x.BH,das it!GoGos, meganite, SB, PS-we bla! TJpop, GGT,u POlice ?DCw?NGA8LUT, 08Ax6:Rage,wares S?Wares Lin?In hamok!Who called H2Obed?ThxBroW124! Jim Winkel Here's to the good times, but they're not over yet! :P.H., T.F. M.S., CS., K.R., N.S., D.W., M.R., L.F., K.N., T.C., AND ESP. BONEHEAD AND M.M. - STACEY - I LOVE YOU Jason Wong Here's to four full years of tremendous times, never-ending nights, sticky stickers, fantastic friends, and crazy CRYMZ! Where should we go now? I don't know, just keep driving. Julie Forrest Wyman Ripenes, I build my wings discard the hollowsounding voices, Dionysian rapture ripping peach flesh to drink the sweet juice, unfolding fetus, there and back again, but it's the circle that counts. Sylvia A. Xuereb SLY!! SANTA CRUZ, PARTYS, CRUZIN,8z CITY. 4YRS WXMAST. KILLER X's W??JB, CD, KB, BA, AC, MH. FRESH YR WUZ RAD! ELIO,I'LL ALWAYS LUV YOU.LUV Sr THANX MXDXM. I GUESS THAT WE'L MEET IN THE END John Yardley Gidday Mate.Thanx for adopting meg JH, GT, PW, DY, TS, DM, CS, CC, BP, SG, BC, GD Beach 8a Blazer.NZ Jil. Sheep ii1.Gt 151 gIug.JH B Hats DY God.PW Beanies.TS W Ball.Love you aIl.IIl be back, KIWI. David Yarne Maria E. 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Maman, Baba, Dadaha merci 180 f SENIOR CLASS n 1 , Matthew Segall 182 f SENIOR CANDIDS JWWE Q ,, ,Q L at ": K' f al Z, Vf' 1 Wwiw, xi' ff? , U Nonstop Excitement THE JUNIGR FALL GGVERNMENT WI-IIRLPGOL Zip, zeal, and organization all contributed to the busy productiv- ity of the Junior class government. In the fall semester, the represen- tatives faced the age old problem of too much to do and no time to do it, but managed the impossible despite the odds. School spirit promoted this fall, along with new ideas. Une of the ideas was to join up with the Ac- tivities Commission for the plan- ning of events. Another idea was to get volunteers to prepare floats for half-time during Homecoming. Self improvement was a part of the fall semester agenda. Uniting with other schools, the Junior stu- dent council tried to make revi- sions by using other school's coun- cils as examples. Mr. Lawrence, the advisor to the Junior government, comment- ed that, "They are busy with the demands of the Junior year. It re- quires more responsibility and new levels of competency. lt's a cruci- ble." Margaret Abe, president of the Junior class, noted, "We are try- ing to do creative things and come up with innovative and original ideas. We also have a good mix of boys and girls on the council. Caught up in the whirlwind of activity and hectic business, the Junior student council performed beautifully inspite of their full 1 . .J.' J . .ff- . as Junior Class Officers: Nick Sarles, Trea- surer, Shawna Pulley, Secretary, Josh King, Vice-Presidentg Margaret Abe, President. 'ii schedules. E Ei 5 3 485 .I l Delegates: Barry Steinmetz, Kelly Faulk- ner, Amy Everitt, Lisa Layton, Pam Ad- dison. Not Shown: Jenelle Frye. 184 Junior Fall Officers Remember, Think Responsible! AN INSIDE LOOK AT JUNIOR SPRING GOVERNMENT Accomplishing what they set out to do, the Junior Class Gov- ernment toiled hard to make the year a memorable one for their fellow classmates. Just think of what they have done this semes- ter! The officers were a major force behind the JuniorfSenior Prom. Different members were assigned S . '65 . -I I I 'K .. f as I' .X ' .ia 5 6 17' , My r X0 specific tasks covering everything from the location of the event to the decorations. In addition, the Junior Class government conducted fund rais- ers such as the carnation sale for VaIentine's Day. They wanted to prove that they could get the job done and wished they could have done more. Junior Class president, Pam Addison, noted of the Class gov- ernment, "There are people that have never made it before, which gives us new ideas. They are really motivated." It seemed like the Junior Spring Government could do whatever it set out to do, both with energy and effectiveness. na- ' 'Ny-' 'C SPRING JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Josh King, Treasurer, Jenelle Frye, Secretary, Pam Addison, Presidentg Chip Strausse, Vice-President. DELEGATES: FRONT ROW: Leslie Lanier, Chyrel de Leong BACK ROW: Mark Dowling, Bernard Camaro, Lau- ra Bernstein, Kelly Faulkner. Spring Junior Officers 185 186 f Junior Class JUNICDR CLASS Aarons, Stefanie Abbott, Bridget Abe, Margaret Addison, Pamela Aenlle, Victor Aguilar, Marisa Aguirre, Alejandro Aissa, Nicole Alacantar, Mike Alfano, Armelle Alusa, Sam Appelbaum, Jennifer Arrecis, America Baffico, Christopher Baffico, Curtis Balliet, Nicole Barcklay, Allison Barros, Gonzalo Bartels, Ana Maria Bautista, John Bazan, Ivan 188 f Junior Class Bennett, Evan Bergman, Scott Berhane, Isaac Bernal, Albert Bernard, Shannon Bernstein, Laura Bertagna, Barbara Bertagna, Diane Bianchi, Bobby Black, Cindy Blundell, Jimmy Bosschart, Robert Bott, Jessica Bright, Marilyn Brizzolara, Jennifer Brodie, Michelle Brody, David Brown, Shepherd Brown, Tom Browne, Steve Brugioni, Russell Brusso, Terry Bruzenak, Colleen Burgdorf, Mark Caldwell, Tiftaney Camarao, Bernard Cardenas, Oscar Cardinale, Melissa Carrithers, Shannon Castillo, Felix 189 Chafik, Dara Chan, Susana Chan, Yin-Yen Chang, Ben Chao, Joy Chao, Walter Chen, Ami Chen, Helen Chen, Lisa Cheu, Linda Chiang, Albert Choy, Leon Chu, Dortha Chuang, Kuo-Hsiung Ciranni, Matthew Clarke, James Cleary, Sean Codori, Greg Connors, Richard Corollo, Angela Cotter, David Croce, Carolyn Crotty, Jason Crouse, Charles Crupi, Chris Crupi, Jim Cunningham, Catherine Curry, Alfonzo De Leon, Chyrel De Loia, Michael 19OfJunior Class V r r Mk f f wr ,few isa ,gn 7 ,HZ!?ZZ'f!!!f5EEr i l v " ,,,,,,,,, ,, ' . ,,,,, ..,,, . . ,,,,, ,, W, .., I ,W V, ,,,, ,,,,,,:,.,,,, ' 1 2 252 ff! I t QQ s X f . ,f ,,,, ' ,f'fff'ff y v ,, f w 1- :wi is ' De Ocampo, Eymard Delmundo, Christina Deuschel, Chimene Diaz, Tyrone Dizon, Anna Marie Doelger, Kim Donoho, Gavin Dougherty, Robert Dowling, Mark Dubrow, Debbie Eastman, Freya Eke, Matini Elliott, Karen Esposto, Hilary Estrella, Scott Evans, Christine Everitt, Amy Faivailo, Ana Faivailo, Frederick Fallis, Paige Fam, Sandy Faulkner, Kelly Ferguson, Mack Fex, Christian Finkelstein, Joshua Fraino, Robert Frank, Adrian Frank, Sharon Frankel, Sharon Fried, Kevin 191 Frye, Jenelle Furtado, John Galdikas, Scott Gallagher, Eileen Gambol, Ray Garcia, Salvador Gebara, Yvonne Gilbert, Carl Gilbert, Laura Giles, Jessica Gill, John Goldenstein, Susie Gonzalez, Brenda Gonzalez, Mia Goodwin, Todd Grant, Anne Gross, Terri Groves, Steven Guerra, Gammy Gutierrez, Diana Halstead, Kyri Hardy, Laura Haslam, Gary Hauswirth, Scott Hellman, Lisa Hendrichs, Michael Hernande, Anabelle Heron, Valerie Hesselink, Ray Higashi, Jeffrey 192 f Junior Class ,...,, , tiv ima v 2 WW W 5 f -IW. ww? ,Q Wi ff is f , L? md W Q W A , K 14 X M f gl 1 ' W 4 H X ' is V f f , , fffvvv 11,3'::..:':::..,5g,,, KW r , , 4755255 irit i"' "fl 'v ,, ' z ' Wien, ,,,.,,,A 'iifvz , W, 1 l," K ,, I A ,EH , ,, ,M Z 4 QM , , iff! f J ff' W 1. , W of K A fm f f f W ,M f X V L, me Z w M ii X 195 47 X 'ff' ,4 1 , may 'V Z , fx Tu ,vm ri Hilliard, Timmy Himrich, Danielle Hines, Adrian Hite, Scarlett Hoffman, Jason Holbrook, Cynthia Holm, John Horowitz, Diana Houser, Stephen Howery, Allen Hsu, Jack Huang, Jack Huggins, Forest Hurd, Sarah lriarte, Elizabeth lshikawa, Akemi lssabeigi, Melina Iverson, Dawn Jackowitz, Michael Jackson, Jason Jackson, Terri 193 Janney, Michael Johnson, Amy Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Demetrios Johnson, Jeffrey Jones, Lee Jukes, William Kajikami, Joyce Kaneda, Yo Kanemitsu, Mariko Kawahara, Alan Kawar, Ferris Kaye, Nicholas Kazmierski, Gaohta Keeslar, Lisa Keiffer, John Kellejian, Kristine Kelly, Sean Kereazis, Theresa Kim, Tom Kim, Young Hwa King, Elizabeth King, Josh Kintz, Robert Kong, Anne Krakovsky, Marina Kranitsky, Amy Krayem, lmad Kremers, Carrie Kuldin, Franky 194 Junior Class W1 e HW' 'fyhv' 55: f'lill5fMW ,z ,rm " ll. ?'l:vvll:'l ,gs La Ratta, Caron Lachapelle, Jeffrey Lahlouh, Sandra Lam, Annie Lanier, Leslie Lawton, Eddie Layton, Lisa Lee, Monica Lee, Wilson Leighton, James Leiro, Armand Lenzini, Greg Leus, Anthony Lewis, Torrey Lin, Michiko Linden, Kristen Lobsinger, Lois Low, Eric Lui, Connie Luis, Heather Lynch, Steven Ma, Gilbert Madera-Meza, Michael Magoffin, Sara Makhlouf, Nacia Mandracken, Karla Manolakis, Mary Manuck, Jill Mapa, Semisi Marchi, David 195 Mariano, Suzy Marks, Liza Martinez, Lourdes Matheny, Michelle Mathura, Robert McFarland, Traci McKee, Jennifer McMahon, Anthony McVicker, Candace Mendes, Lisa Mendoza, Jessie Michaud, Janay Michelman, Sanford Michels, Karen Milani, Maureen Minnig, Michelle Mittelstadt, Laura Miyahara, Monica Morgan, Kimberly Morway, Paige Murphy, Danny 196 f Junior Class ,,-f .A-"" ,N ,.., ,,,,,,,,.Nem.. ,,.. , , V, , , .... Q Si: ii.: :gggts Nts X egg so X in H553 as N S is K SQL sw? X fr 1 sg was gs X 25 Y 5 SE xml, R X S r sw X 'XX Qi fx , , EN gr - E E J A sl gym ,m,,:s15gs:ss12::9lf,t i, 1:22PM:2'QQs?iZ:2i'fii:iH ,111 if ' K is iiir sl L 1 aaaiiii .,,,,, , at sssii - ::-1 , ,,,, , .. 'Lg Murray, Michelle Murtagh, Gerry Myers, Kimberlee Myers, Trebor Nafici, Catherine Nagasue, Go Nelson, John Nelson, Larry Nelson, Tami Nerelli, Joseph Nicolosi, Christina O'Connor, Elizabeth O'Donoghue, Paige O'Sullivan, Chris Opdahl, Chris Ortiz, Carla Oster, Michelle Owen, Bronwen Pagan, Haryel Paik, Sojin Pal, Sanjeev Pantages, Christian Pao, Alex Pappas, Chris Paredes, Jason Park, Jihyun Parrish, Jill Payne, Sean Peterson, David Peterson, Ronald 197 Pethes, Robert Phillips, Kevin Phillips, Mike Pierce, Jill Pineda, Diane Pineda, George Plachy, Linda Pollack, Robert Pollock, Crystal Poston, Lee Pritchard, Catherine Prochaszka, Andrew Prodic, Zeiko Pulley, Shawna Puteni, Pahulu Raffo, Michele Ramirez, Fabiola Ramirez, Jamie Ramirez, Juan Ramirez, Sarah Ramos, Dalila Raposo, Joe Ratcliff, Sharlene Ratkovic, Chris Rau, John Raun, David Ravens, Sandy Reed, Jimmy Ricca, Donnie Ringer, Jodie 198f Junior Class ,ww nr- ,v i f ,, 'r bf ,AEQLA Rivas, Jimmy Robinson, Callie Roddy, Kristin Romero, Jennifer Rosales, Lori Ross, Louise Rottiers, Julie Royden, Christi Rubinson, Judith Rushing, Michael Russo, Antonina Ryan, Shannon Sadiq, Salma Salas, Rodrigo Sanchez, Brian Sarles, Nick Scatena, Peter Schackne, Karl Schneider, Gwendolyn Schuler, Briane Schultz, Robert Sebanc, Mike Sell, Linda Serrato, Ricky Shakoor, Malik Shimokusu, Kim Sierra, Porena Sigler, Sonia Siguenza, Mario Silva, Scott Simms, Marc Sinigiani, Mike Slatt, Melinda Smith, Bryan Smith, Elisa Smith, Robert Soals, Paul Sommons, Kelly Sparks, Marni Sprague, Gene Stark, Polly Stave, Jennifer Steinmetz, Barry Steinway, Karen Stiles, John Stockwell, Debbie Strause, Charles Sue, Karen Sullivan, Laurel Sullivan, Terence Tada, Wakana 200 f Junior Class Taki, Nobuhiko Talavera, Gerald Tam, Sharon Tam, Simon Tang, David Tang, Dorothy Tapia, Tim Tarantino, Ed Taylor, Jeff Taylor, Jim Taylor, Tami Thein, Kristin Tonga, Tai Trangmar, Julie Trudeau, Renee Tse, Susan Tsuda, Emika Valiente, Soraya Valter, Linda Van Stijgeren, Michelle Vargas, William Vincent, Derek Volckmann, Kristi Volpe, Christina Wagner, Lee Waid, Holly Wall, Martin Wan, Theresa Wang, Tarring Wang, Terry 201 Warrington, Rick Way, Scott Whitney, Catherine Wiggins, Michaelann Williams, Delano Willimont, Ginger Winterbottom, Tina Witt, Charlie Wu, Ephrem Wu, Mimie Wu, Victor Yager, Joshua Yamaguma, Derek Yardley, Jeanne Yim, Kristi Zalkind, Scott Zuniga, Richard 202 f Junior Class TL. , ,z.:,,,fg?g.- r M, "" M P yyyi V V, 3 ,Q kr W 'riff .Q PY 1' 1 if'-4-efj 'if i ...N w..:.,iX,...k Q 204 f Sophomore Class SGPHOMCDRE CLASS Sophomores Travel To Self Improvement SOPHUMCRE TRAIL BLAZERS Sophomore class officers for fall semester demonstrated the quali- ties that make up an efficient stu- dent government. While keeping their priorities straight, the sopho- mores forged ahead to make new reforms for governing those they represented. Traveling to Fremont, the offi- cers viewed another student coun- cil which they regarded to be an excellent role model. They also re- ceived aid from the junior class, and worked with them on projects. Record selling was one of the undertakings of the sophomores. With the freshmen they built floats together for homecoming. President, Marc Bernstein, noted about the sophomore stu- dent council, "The individuals are motivated and the potential is there. The government runs well, and we like to think in terms of quality instead of quantity." Making the Sophomores think and come to their own conclu- sions, Advisor Mr. Hill helped show weak spots in the class gov- ernment and gave suggestions on how to strengthen them. Getting better and better every day, the sophomore student coun- cil blazed a clear, productive trail during the fall semester and im- proved themselves as they did so. Sophomore Class Officers: Kristl Co- pland, Secretaryg Colleen Kreidel, Trea- surer, Catherine Crosby, Vice-President, Marc Bernstein, President Delegates: Deborah Jang, Tiffany Carr, Shawn Holm, Amy Sueyoshi President Marc Bernstein sleep-talks to his cabinet members on occasion. 206 f Fall Officers We The People. . TO BE OR OT TO BE Would the sophomore class spring government be a success? Of course, the officers proved to be energetic and ready to work for the people, by the people, and with the people. This morale in itself made them a success. Not only did the sophomore class benefit from council activi- ties, but the entire student body also did. One of the main objec- tives of the government was to raise money for future activities such as the prom. Thus, they orga- nized fundraisers such as a candy sale, dance, and buzz book sale. The previous two not only served as money makers, but involved student interaction. Though the dance seemed the most obvious to involve student interaction, the buzz books were designed to help students keep in touch, especially over the summer. The officers also worked for more student involvement in gov- ernment activities. Anyone was welcome to attend their meetings with suggestions or complaints. In- stead of the same people involved over and over again, they wanted a diversity of people. "We're striv- ing to promote unity within our class as well as school spirit," stat- ed Delegate,ShannonGallagher. Undoubtedly, the sophomore class spring government proved to be a success. Dedication and the will to put forth many hours helped the officers make school a better place to be for everyone. Wai . DELEGATES: FRONT ROW: Catherine Crosby, Shannon Gallagher, Tiffany Carr, MIDDLE ROW: Jeff Saunders: BACK ROW: Scott McGlashan. SPRING SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Dan Conway, Vice-President, Kristil Copland, Secretary: Mike Yarne, Treasurer: Marc Bernstein, President. Spring Sophomore Class f 207 Ackley, Lynette Adams, Julia Agua, Shannon Alava, Edward Alfson, Shawn Alhorn, William Aliamus, Julie Alvarado, Juan Alvarez, Cory Ash, Donovan Ashley, Mary Aven Vai, Curtiss Ayala, Edmundo Baccelli, John Bagley, Scott Ball, Thomas Baltodano, Antonio Barber, Tara Barden, Marc Bartfeld, David Baughman, Jennifer Bello, Sue Bernat, Gary Bernstein, Marc Bianchi, Carla Bjork, Jeffery Bookspun, Michael Boonsong, Suriya Boyd, Christian Brayer, Nancy 208 f Sophomore Class wma M 4 i Q as Bright, Robert Brody, Gail Buenrostro, Anna Burg, Mary Burland, Saul Burns, Erin Burrill, Derek Burse, Marnie Caceres, Julius Calderon, Rigoberto Cameron, Christina Canziani, Caren Capabianco, Jennifer Capra, Ronald Carberry, Joseph Cardova, Graig Carpenter, Richard Carr, Tiffany Castillo, Claudia Castresana, Cesar Castro, Luis Cauchi, Ericka Cerri, Alicia Chacon, Henry Chan, Robin Chan, Sharon Chandler, Michael Chang, Jerry Changeur, Duncan Chao, Sunny 209 Charpiot, Michael Chaung, Kuo-Hwa Cheung, Theresa Chin, Steven Chou, Keng-Ming Chung, Likchi Cirillo, Michelle Clemente, Betty Cohen, Corey Coletta, Annamaria Cologna, Matthew Coltari, Alan Connolly, Matthew Conway, Daniel Cooley, Christopher Coombs, Kerry Coon, Paul Copland, Kristil Cornejo, Shannon Costello, Monica Cox, Darren Cravalho, Michele Cresson, Dave Crosby, Catherine Crosby, Sean Cruz, Raymond Curd, Tiffany Curphey, Michael Daily, Stacey Davis, Christopher 2 10 f Sophomore Class De Monet, Monique Deal, Jason Denning, Tara Desai, Amish Devine, Julienne Diaz, Enrique Diaz, Laura Digiancinto, John Dimatteo, John Doelger, Tiffany Dollard, Jennifer Douglas, Amani Drury, Cindy Duiz, Monica Durham, Tamie Ebihara, Naoko Eckman, Claudia Eichenbaun, Ralph Ellertson, Brian Ellison, Joanne Esposto, Mario 211 Ethington, Max Ewing, Kristine Faulkner, Kathryn Faulkner, Kevin Ferrona, Alicia Ficarra, Brad Figone, Larastina Fineaganofo, Alice Flaig, Suzanne Flinn, Chad Flores, Francisco Florez, Aaron Fontanosa, Melanie Foster, Tim Frame, David Frank, Angela Fu, Larissa Gagliardi, Marcia Galindo, Edwin Gallagher, Shannon Gallegos, Shane Galliano, Steven Gangelhoff, Tami Geller, Jeffery Genilla, Rochelle Giebel, Seth Gieling, Erol Gintjee, Michael Goering, Todd Goldschlager, Hilary 212 f Sophomore Class R... Q is, fe if Q ,i E :f 2 in MIIVI .. ,,,, .. , f A - , LL.,,,,,, fi 5 Goodman, Neil Goodrich, Jared Goodstein, Robin Gotelli, Andrew Grant, Aimee Grey, Robert Guadron, Victor Gudino, Oscar Gulliksen, Lori Gutierrez, Adriana Guzman, Jose Hamashima, Kunimitsu Harris, Rylin Harrison, Carl Hartman, Isaac Hashimoto, Kosuke Head, Michael Hein, Flemming Hermoso, Eduardo Ho, Hai Ho, Kathalina Hogan, David Holderman, John Holl, Eric Holm, Monica Holm, Shawn Honigs, Timothy Honjo, Chika Hotchkiss, Angela Hotta, Steven 213 Htoo, May Huffman, Jennifer Humiston, Kiley Husack, Anne Marie Hyde, Kimberly lbarra, Rafael Ikeda, Yoko Jackowitz, Daniel Jacobsen, Karen Jaeger, Koren Jang, Deborah Jaramillo, Guadalupe Jestr, John Jew, Stephen Johnstone, Loleini Johnsen, Mark Johnson, Julie Johnson, Peter Jorgenmsen, Stacey Kaufmann, Neil Keifus, Leslie 2 14 f Sophomore Class Vx af - ', uf ,Wi ' ,WW ' as mfv' 5 U, , lf? , 1 ,V w , 4 1 i,.1,.f Kelly, Dennis Ketchum, Andrea Kiang, Leo Kinney, Catherine Kiser, Pat Klippel, Dawn Koegl, Joseph Koepsell, Carmelita Kovacs, James Kreidl, Colleen Kreiter, Elena Kundin, Nathan Kyle, Tiffany Lam, Jameson Landry, Robert Larson, Erik Laurence, Sheri Lee, Charisse Lee, Nicole Lee, Raymond Lee, Wei Sue Leek, Heather Lent, Gabriel Leung, Eugene Levine, Dave Levine, Laure Lew, Laura Lieuw, Angela Lin, Yea-Ping Linenberger, Jennifer 215 Lingys, Christina Long, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Lopez, Veronica Lum, Christopher Lundquist, Carolyn Luong, Ngoc Lurie, Michele Mancero, Wilfrido Manero, Ryan Manlopig, Morgan Manlove, Christopher Maples, Christine Marinas, James Martinez, Alex Martinez, Ricardo Martinez, Sandra Marubayashi, Sherri Mason, Robert Matsue, Ryota McAbee, Kiersten McBurnie, Jennifer McDonald, Ian McGlashan, Scott McGlown, Hue McGuire, Laura Medeiros, Robby Mehl, Heather Meyer, David Meza, Julia 216 f Sophomore Class A,--f :f., , Erf , Q M x X X X 2 X .. X X Q Ns Miller, Jody Minami, Tatsuya Moore, Jason Morgan, Michael Morgan, Rotelia Morris, Robert Morris, William Muller, Lawerence Mullins, Annette Naifeh, Ted Nallick, Marlo Neal, Jennifer Newson, La Ron Nicholas, Kelli Nichols, Michael Norman, Bridget Novello, Jenette Nuti, Suzanne Ofahulu, Soko Olimpo, Janet Olivar, Julio Opalka, Nicole Orlega, Joel Ortner, Danny Paden, Sean Pagani, Christine Pal, Georgina Paladino, Marie Palencia, Marco Palicki, John 217 Parise, Marianne Park, Jane Partida, Manuel Paslin, Deborah Pearce, Erin Perdoma, Ileana Phelps, Joseph Phillips, Mark Ponce, Victor Powell, Tyler Pressgrove, Anthony Preston, Clyde Raposo, Rosa Rapposelli, Sandra Reed, Marlene Reilly, Michael Remes, Chad Revo, Stephanie Riddle, Laura Ring, Paul Rodda, Peter 21 8 f Sophomore Class Rodruquez, Daniel Rogerville, Paul Romano, Eugene Romero, Michael Romnes, Paige Rubinstein, Michael Ruiz, Grace Ruiz, Monica Rush, Stephen Rustay, Michael Salas, Alvaro Salomon, Linda Sanchez, Jason Sandilands, Victoria Sandoval, Alfredo Sandoval, Daniel Sardella, Jaime Sarles, Gail Sarrail, Gregory Sauermann, Angela Saunders, Jeff Savitgz, Stephanie Schackne, Beth Schmidt, Erika Schultz, Susan Scurlock, Daniel Seaman, Jonathan Sebanc, Anne Segall, Matthew Seinwerth, Danny 219 Selia, Shelly Selvat, Gerardo Sendach, Kim Sergeeff, Kevin Shakoar, Malik Shin, Yun Shiner, Robert Shinozaki, Jeffrey Sierra, Strid Silk, Ben Silvestrini, Denise Simoni, Jason Skaff, Thomas Smith, James Smith, Shane Smith, William Snedeker, Corinne So, Renee Solis, John Solomon, Jennifer Sorg, Tammy Spadaro, Patti Spanjian, Laura Stallwitz, Helen Stanovcak, Steve Stern, Joshua Sueyoshi, Amy Sum, Cameron Sum, Dickson Sweeny, Robert 220 f Sophomore Class E XX QQ . p E 1 .. 'ight E Q5 L I s ll- fi? Taller, Derek Tam, Norma Tang, Tom Tannhauser, David Tay, Gerardo Teichert, Aislinn Tensfeldt, Gary Thompson, Jamie Tindal, Tagt Tingley, Clayton Tolentino, Maile Tonga, Leila Tonga, Viola Touchstone, Margaret Tran, Do Traubman, Adam Trias, Gemma Tu, Calvin Tuipulotu, Seine Vaenuku, Caroline Valdez, Nancy Vance, Kobi Vanhooidonk, Renee Vargas, Norbert Varpenter, Fernando Viggiano, Todd Villanveva, Angela Viviani, Andrew Wagner, Mark Wai, Constanza 221 Wang, Edward Wardwell, Amy Warrington, Bob Washington, Corneal Watkins, Scott Weiner, Lisa Welch, Paula Wells, Heather Wiley, Thomas Wilson, Carrie Winkelstein, Karen Wong, James Wong, Kimberly Wong, Pauline Wood, Daniel Wood, Gail Wu, Bibie Wu, Eddy Xuereb, Michelle Yager, Michael Yarne, Michael Yates, Kevin Young, Courtney Young, Henry Young, Howard Young, William Yuan, Cindy Zamora, Ignacio Zanette, Johnny Zaro, Allison 222 f Sophomore Class is S Zigal, Elizabeth Zimtbaum, Eric x L. sd Y QQ.. 4 MQ? SA K ,,,.. 5 5 'P 1 L 'vw if M .JW k A , XL. ff Nuff , m,, , 3 mm., x..x ,,,..W, - ,, .... ,,,, - ,-1-x 226 f Freshman Class FRESI-IMAN CLASS It's A Jungle Out There! FEARLESS LEADERS As tough as the life of a fresh- man may seem, a few always ism in just the right way, Alex bravely emerge in the forefront. Wellman, president, led his class The fall's Freshman Student Coun- in an attempt to "raise school spir- cil was filled with enthusiastic offi- cers, experienced in the ways of tion of the student council." student government from the not- so-distant middle school years. freshman class, along with fellow sophomores, created a float for the homecoming game and planned rallies and fundraisers. Meeting and working with other officers, Alex Wellman quite possibly achieved his goal of "making Aragon's Student Coun- cil one of the best in the district." By balancing realism with ideal- it" and to "improve the organiza- To achieve these goals, the 228 f Freshman Fall Officers FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Christine Kennelly, Treasurer, Alex Wellman, President, Kevin Vasquez, Delegateg Shannon Murphy, Secretaryg Chris Silk, Delegate, Shane Cushner, Delegateg Elain Crotty fabsentl, Vice President. Fresh Start FRESHMEN TAKE O RESPONSIBILITY New faces, different people, and a large freshmen class added to the important responsibility the Freshmen class had. Not only did they have to unite their class, but they had the task of raising a booster revenue. Adapting excellently to the sys- tem, these new officers did an out- standing job of pulling in money, and creating one of the most en- thusiastic classes yet. Some of the classes most suc- cessful fund raisers were the amus- ing "Servant Auction", and the candy sales. With advisors Mrs. Estes and Mr. Leydig, the Freshmen class had a way of not only obtaining new ideas, but also were coun- seled on the correct procedures in their activities. With this kind of early power evident, who knows what Aragon could accomplish. SPRING FRESHMAN CLASS DELEGATES: Shana Cushner Adam Kemist, Matt Jones, Christine Huvane, Susan Veiss. CLASS OFFICERS: Kristine Kinelly, Presidentg Jenny Mal fanti, Treasurerg NOT SHOWN: Kathy Haas, Vice-President Elaine Crotty, Secretary. Spring Freshman Class Officers 229 Aburto, Lorena Adams, Michelle Alexander, Shawn Alfson, Megan Allison, Paul Alusa, Amelia Alvarenga, Salvador Anderson, Wendy Aoyama, Jun Apaza, Christian Arcuri, Rick Austin, Patrick Avendano, Lorena Baker, Kevin Banas, Stacy Banuelos, Josephina Barajas, Maria Barber, Michelle Barnes, Tina Barron, Steven Baruh, Christina Baumrucker, Heather Bergman, Tiffany Berk, Valerie Blechman, Noah Bleuler, Sid Bonner, Sean Bosik, Jason Bradley, Tim Brown, Seth 230 f Freshman Class W 3 Z ? K f l -wwf I Brust, Lori Buizer, Cynthia Caceres, Jeffery Caceres, Jesse Cadden, Jeanine Cain, Kelli Caldwell, Geoffrey Camplain, Amy Caramanis, David Caravaca, Rochelle Cardona, Eric Carrithers, Jennifer Centanni, Todd Chan, Angelina Chan, Karen Chang, Myra Chang, Ninette Chang, Steve Chang, Wendy Chelone, Victor Chen, Eugene 231 Chen, Rocha Cheung, Anita Chu, Caroline Chu, David Chu, Serena Ciranni, Michael Colpitts, Peter Corby, Michael Cortesi, Joseph Craig, Carin Cresci, Lisa Crocker, Jeffrey Crotty, Elaine Crump, Andre Cushner, Shana Cyr, Glen Dalton, Deirdre De Loia, Adrianne De Soto, Joseph De Wood, Richard Dean, Shana Delmundo, Raymond Delmundo, Richard Detrista, Katie Di Vella, David Dilks, John Dipman, Melissa Donovan, Megan Doughterty, Debbie Dreiling, Jeeny 232 f Freshman Class if .. ' 9 I rv? I . R uv ral 2 f , 'ey Q an Duffey, Kevin Elbaz, Aline Espana, Carlos Esposto, Raymour Esposto, Vince Ewing, Tyrone Eyvazov, Michael Failla, Jason Fallis, Brendan Farosigh, Tracy Fernandez, Carolina Fex, Carla Filimoehala, Carolyne Fineanganofo, David Fisher, Deborah Flanagan, Jack Flores, Juan Foster, Derek Frye, Jane Fulcomer, Beth Gabriel, Jeffery Gaillard, Nadine Galli, Teresa Gardner, Tyler Garza, Carlos Garza, Yamilet Gilligan, Andrea Gin, Gary Giotis, Michael Glasgow, Garrett 233 Goldberg, Gerson Golduhl, Edward Gomes, Aaron Gonzales, Christopher Gonzalez, Jeremie Good, Kathy Goodman, Keirsty Goodyear, Tanya Gradwohl, Lisa Grady, Elinor Graham, Aimee Graham, Alex Grant, Karen Grossley, Jimmy Gudino, Pablo Guerrero, Martin Guiragossian, Isabelle Guyton, Derek Haas, Cathryn Hall, Phil Haney, l-leather Wf Vx ,nv WW f f if f X 'Z M ,JZ .5 v 234f Freshman Class , ,,,,. .. ,,,, ' W Z Haniff, Tamiq Harp, Dina Harrison, Jon Haslam, Derrick Heidenreich, Christopher Heller, Susan Herrera, Ana Hessari, Babak Heys, Tom Hidalgo, Luis Holmlund, Michael Hoobyar, Tracy Horelick, Devra Hosking, Elaine Hughes, Larissa Huipio, Hector Huvane, Kathleen lmler, Roberta Itoh, Hiroyuki Jennings, Andrew Jensen, Joseph Johan, Arvindra Jones, Corey Jones, Matthew Jue, Amy Kaneda, Rui Kataruka, Vikash Kazmierski, Jong Jai Keels, Nicole Kellejian, David 235 Kemist, Adam Kennelly, Christine King, Shannon Kiribuchi, Tatsud Klapper, Lauren Knowles, Sean Koch, Katie Kogl, Alexandra Kraft, Cynthia Kreidl, Ken Kuraya, Mikihito Lamb, David Lanthier, Ahna Lasser, Jennifer Lauridsen, Mikala Lazzareschi, John Lee, Loreen Leeb, Aimee Lester, Garry Lew, Jennifer Lieberman, Hyla Lin, Cliff Linarte, Claudia Linden, Robert Lorin, Phillip Low, Christine Lum, Sarah Ma, Shu Chiang Macias, Claudia Madriaga, Conrad 236 f Freshman Class S W W . ' i 2 , r i M4 L G4 Us , ' f' 5? My W Q1 ,J 55 Wff, f X f W4 5 ,, f 5 1 ff 0 f ? 1 xg il -Z li Madriz, Abraham Malfanti, Jenny Mandracken, David Manthorne, Cori Marino, Mike Marticorena, Amna Martin, Maranda Marx, Nichole Mathisen, Krista Matsue, Miki Mayfield, Millicent Mazini, Keith McCusker, Kevin Mcl.ish, Ronald Medina, Myrna Mefford, Kevin Meleanek, Rona Mendez, Marisol Meza, O Toniel Mikulik, Janet Mikulik, Jeff Miller, Laura Mittelstadt, Tanya Molina, Lilian Moore, Jason Moore, Michele Morgan, Norman Morgenstern, Lachele Mulipolu, Eric Muraki, Yuki 237 Murgo, Nicole Murphy, Christine Murphy, Shannon Murray, J. Collin Murray, Michael Murtagh, Deirdre Naeata, Mary Nakazato, Yuko Nelson, Daniel Nguyen, Diane Nguyen, Tony Ohara, Dennis Olkowski, Jonell Ortiz, Tioclolinda Ozanne, Erica Pailhe, Jeannine Pal, Amman Palencia, Servando Palmer, Bryan Pantages, Erica Pappas, Celyn Park, Sue-Mee Parrish, Sarah Partida, Steve Pascal, Greg Patton, Hosea Pavis, Michael Payne, Kevin Pearce, Brandon Peng, Deana ,is lf' it 3, I' :,:a.sSs1 ,gt .s :fe w - ' 111511 . kg ',,. isa , i is ,,,, 3 ..,, ,tm .. aww? Q . -if . - f ,,., t. A ,,, ttttt , 238 f Freshman Class as .rw is X F si QW v - 1. iii 1 Penn, Shelli Penn, Sheri Pilari, Carl Pimentel, Elizabeth Ping, Cynthia Pirzadeh, Mandana Pizzo, Lane Pollock, Jill Pristavok, Jonathan Pritchard, Derek Pryor, Jimmie Pulido, Ruben Punzalan, Marc Rahm, Renee Ramirez, Bernardo Ratkovic, Douglas Realacantar, Rebecca Rhoads, Keith Rhoads, Nathan Riordan, Yvonne Rios, Renee 239 Roach, Jason Robinson, Yolanda Rodas, Evelyn Rodriguez, Raul Rodriguez, Roberto Rodrugues, Esther Rothenbuescher, Kurt Ruiz, Remy Sakashita, Keiko Salahutdin, Eric Salomon, Stacey Sandoval, Judith Scarpace, Holly Scatena, Nicole Schaar, Jerret Schvvanbeck, Sarah Scott, Heather Segura, William Sennett, Samantha Sezgen, David Shelby, Sean Silk, Chris Silva, Cynthia Sitterly, Eddie Skaff, Laura Smith, Michael Soares, Keoni Stanley, Joanne Sterner, Kristine Stockwell, Kenneth 240 f Freshman Class fit," Strungune, Angelica Styer, Jeremiah Sullivan, Andrea Sullivan, Michael Sunclstrom, Gregory Sung, Sammy Sutton, Jennifer Sylvestri, Eric Tada, Soichiro Tatom, James Tauscher, Lori Taylor, Tricia Teese, Elizabeth Teisch, Jessica Tenfeldt, Karen Theisen, Kimberly Tingley, Stephen Tongren, Marcus Torngamoa, Marcus Torr, Eric Traube, Natasha Tuakoui, Tgevita Turner, Kenny Tyndall, Jason Uechi, Edward Unangst, Jason Updyke, Samantha Vance, Kristine Vanclalen, Monique Vangele, Christine 241 Vasquez, Kevin Verbeek, Marc Viess, Susan Villalobos, Silvia Vroman, Nichole Wallace, Andrea Walter, Frank Washington, Anne Washington, Kareem Watanabe, Lena Weber, Corinne Weiglin, Glenn Weiss, Karen Weitzel, Joshua Weitzman, Bret Wellman, Alex Wenson, Raymond Werchick, Gary Whildman, Christy Whitney, Krista Whitsitt, Lee 242 f Freshman Class is EW: Wilkins, Eileen Williams, Ryan Wilson, Jason Winterbottom, Matt Wirgler, Renee Wohler, Kirk Wohler, Tara Wong, Darcey Wurnitsch, Nancy Wyman, Pamela Yee, Timothy Yuen, Jennifer 243 244f Freshman Candids ,, ,M , f T W i 1 W , , S? w g 2 ff f 1 ,- f W4 V H,-,, 7 ,wzmfm f 'W J' F E, :whiff ,f1'f6fw"y ,,,,, , ,K , T fr at TIT' hi ima? 'vii Q PM ..,,,,,s IAQ lift Q ci Q I , ' 'sf 2 ,4 L. K MW"' 1,3191 ' 41 54. -4107 din Q M 1949 4 2 i'We are united at Aragon, but the way we are as individuals makes our generation different from the rest." 248 f Our Times Autumn Alvarez '87 UUR TIMES THE SWEET DAYS OF SUMMER Aragonians Spared No Expense To Make 'Qi' Cruising casually in a stationary convertable were Sharon Printis and a friend. 25OfSummer Fun Summer '86 The Best Ever! ' l Dan Paul and Dave Hechim are head over heels for life under water. Don't forget to hold your breath. Ohh-la-la! Mike Esteves under the Effil Tower in Paris- definitely good sightseeing. V! '55 3 ,N All washed up, Mike Jurgensen was the beached turtle on the beach this summer, Cheers! A great end to a great day in the City. . . ,-if k!:,: . In ..t, i Aloha from Hawaii! Soaking up the rays this summer lmaybe too manyll on the islands were Isabel Steiz and Kathy Zachariasiewiez. Haunting Salem in the summer were Deanna Erickson and graduate Nicole Vanstijgeren. Tarzan, Ron Boehm, got swept off his feet when Jane, Darlene Jesus, carried him away. .4uunnvvv"'Nt' 1-tiv -J 251 252 fFASI-HONS is ' 5 2 - K fm:-My ,A .mf ,Nia Y 3? igwmfnzi 253 FASI-IIC STATEMENTS The earrings that make a statement. Hoops are definitely popular, and too much looks like it's never enough. Wrap it up! Wool, leather, jean: these jackets were all big news. 'Cf' S 5 Take a walk, Shoes and more shoes kept everyone in style, from silver, to gold, to leather. High-ho Silver! The western look, with fringe was all part of the new look this SQBSOD. Step right this way. Boots dominated the fashion scene. More than just to keep your pants up. Belts were the final touch of any outfit. .. . :KX lf Q w 'sf E4 F F X xr AQ wi J 'rf K N nw X Q ,mx Q N Qfmg N- Tggfsx K as ri Sh J as R fr ws Q R was 4 K HQ sg pxqfhv X5 iw w M K ix f we sq E ?'I'is .,.,, ,Li 15555-fi . an "X -gray fssg' .. ' N 1+ 5 M - The Gold Standard had heavy cham necklaces as part of Bxg bows were sported on many heads throughout the .f n Rice cakes and Cafe Mocha were in everyone's kitcheng food for any occasion, Bubbly, flavored selzters were in everyone's possession, and had many brands from which to choose. .M . .5 if .-M ky QE 'if WRKSNNII A 5245514412 ZW: -Wit 4 1 -is 3 .4 7 fa, ia ' Jolt, certainly provided a jolt. All new on the market, twice the caffeine proved appealing. Seeing the world in a new light: colored contact were the 80's version of rose-colored glasses. 257 And I-Ieeeers. . .Richard . .Dawsonl ARAGON TACKLES DAYTIME T.V. With Torrey Sullivan as Rich- ard Dawson, and a select few stu- dents from each class, "families" battled out answers from ques- tions, making the game a version of Family Feud. The mixed families consisted of such characters as: a punk-rocker, the children from The Brady Bunch, a family of jocks, a geek, a prostitute, and yet the ever origi- nal, every day father. Aragon's Family Feud was put on as a fund raiser for the Junior class. Besides the money which was made, the students had fun creating it. It wasn't to say who won the game, but rather, who was that "White" and "Black" girl up there? turning answers? This wasn't Wheel of Fortune! "Listen Mike, fDad?i, don't get nervous but your next!!' "And introducing . . the Geek Family!" '!Well, Earl and I here, we were out moonshining one night , , " "Hi Alice!" l l BLGOD IS TI-IICKER THA WATER Aragonians Give Blood Giving blood to people who need it to save their lives was a concern of many Aragonians dur- ing the year. The second annual Blood Drive, held by the Peninsula Memorial Blood Bank, attracted the attention of many students. Most donors were seniors and faculty because it was required that the participants be 18 years old at least. Barbie Pachetti, student coordinator of the drive, commented, "I think that the Blood Drive increases in popular- ity each year, as students are be- coming more aware of the need for blood." After donating their lifeblood, students were served refresh- ments orange juice and donuts as appreciation for the success of the drive and to get needed replenish- ing nutrients. The Blood Drive was definitely a worthy cause, helping to succeed in saving lives. Seniors Blake Morones and Anthony Nel- son demonstrate the sincere joy one feels after giving blood. Their only question is, "Where are the free donuts?" Sorry Mr. Leydig, even that great smile can not win you a spot in the Peninsula Blood Banks calendar. 55E1!151?:5:'f' Blood Drive 259 ARE YCU TYPICAL? TYPICAL CtYp'Y -kall adj. 1. Exhibiting the traits or characteristics peculiar to its kind, class, or group. 2. Conforming to a type or species 3. of or pertaining to a representative specimen. TYPICAL FRESHMAN Yes, most likely it does insinuate negative connotations. You're new, you're young, Cyou're shortl, You're inexperienced, in short you're, hate to say it, weak. Yet take heart, you make many attempts to emulate your elders. You copy their fashions, their cliches, their styles, the way they eat, sleep, talk, and breathe, and it does seem to help. Youire on your way to becoming an awesome Sophomore. Typical traits? Trendy fashions ibows and silver jewlery for the girls, rugbys and polos for the guysl, walking to the Bungalow at lunch tif you dare to leave campusl, frequent anxiety attacks about really important matters ilike what to wear tomorrow, once it is cool to go to dances. I I 5 Yj 5 ii 5 if Ar 'Y A typical freshman scene unfolds: the 1 'I backpack on both shoulders, trendy clothes, very happy smiles fas if they had anything to hidel, and to top it all off, sitting on the steps of the parking lot waiting for mommy or daddy. WHAT'S IN A FRESI-IMAN BACKPACK? Sam Trans Schedule Orthodontist ticket and retainer Lunch Locker combination Key to bike lock Elevator pass How to be Cool Calculator, ruler, protractor falways pre- paredll 5 Qavrisiiirafri if a, It it ,. 260 f TYPICAL DONS TYPICAL SOPI-ICDMCDRE Sure you're cool, cooler than freshmen ibut that's about itll After one year of careful observing you've finally learned how to blend in. It's a year of firsts: cheerleading, Shakespeare, your first all-nighter Keven though it only lasts until 1:30 ami, PSAT, and of course, YOUR LICENSE!! Of course, your license has its own firsts, first car, first ticket, first accident, and first time you miss curfew fit's hard to be home by 11:30 when you have to drive 12 people homei. Congratulations sophomores, you've picked up a few hints on how to be cool! ll Backpacks on one shoulderg 25 not being at dances firstg 35 not being dropped off at school in the family station wagon. WHAT , S IN THE BACKPACK? llofhleesfililioiiu52'l.re5EZZfifZSll2f and the backpack on one shoulder denote PSAT Booklet they're getting cooler and more confi- Cliff l'1Of9S l5l'1ak9SID2aY9l dent. Make special note of the huge fam- Permitfl..icense ily 'car that's taking them places. Dance ticket Forged admits fyou were to scared to usel Biology book TYPICAL JUNIOR You made it, you're an upperclassmen! Finally you can enjoy Service Commission, Varsity sports and cheer, the Prom, La Honda, picking on underclassmen, and the respect of seniors land you don't even have to fill out college applicationsli You have your license and the BMW daddy gave you for your sweet 16, so what do you do? Drive around aimlessly and over-consume, of course. Your favorite hangouts? Houses without parents, the Burlingame Drive-ins, Pier 39, Chinatown, Army Stret, and, of course, McDonalds. Of course you have a few things to learn. Don't park in crosswalks, don't turn in admits signed "Jimmy's Mom", and don't, under any circumstance, lie and try to play it off like you're a senior. Your time will come! WHAT IS IN A JUNIOR BACKPACK? Cliff Notes lMoby Dick, Scarlet Letterl SAT preparation Books Parking Tickets Prom Ticket and Bid Chemistry Book Service Commission Hat Matches lfrom Friday's, McGiIlicuddy's and Jack'sl Tennis Racket Car Keys Gas Card Forged Admits Typical juniors Mike Deloia and Laura Hardy in front of the BMW Daddy gave for the Sweet 16. Mike holds a baseball bat for Varsity Sports, and, of course, their both on Service Commission. E f i ' X, ,,.. ., is gaisgqrs ri , 262 f TYPICAL DGNS TYPICAL SENIOR CONGRATULATIONS! You are the cream of the crop, the king of the hill, you run this school! When you're here that is, which is very seldom. Besides having no 1st period and no 6th period, very seldom do you arrive earlier than 10:30 or leave later than 11:30. Youfre 18, old enough to vote, write your own admits, and tell your parents what time youlll be home at night. The basic difference between you and a lowly junior is that you do all day long what a junior would only dare to do on a Saturday night. Your favorite place? Anywhere except school. Your favorite pasttime? Cutting. Your favorite class? Humanities or N.A.S. So what do you do for excitement? Sneak into private hot tubs, sneak into the drive-ins, convoy to the beach, flaunt around the city. Sooner or later you do go home, but all you remember is not remembering what happened the night before. Besides constant parties you have time to fill out a few college applications. Good Luck! I-Iere's hoping you get into one so you can repeat the cycle you just completed at Aragon. WHAT IS IN A l?.5iEZi3?lZ2iJIZie.i.'1ZZ2131223312 h ' . ' SENIOR BACKPACK? 22,26Soeifajflngdilifeaffiiitl,iilieT0YZ8 CBikers beware- seniors don't usually NO BOOKS Cthat's for surel prankl h k t ,f , h . f , dl SAT Score tripped into 50 piecesl Egg Baby Chee 0 Seal I yo: re avmg a min y College Applications Bottle Opener C at gn the awn t ey Want to pw, 013' College Acceptance for is it rejectionl Blank Admits Doe? It Seem odd this H? one else 15 m t Q Letters Senior Portraits parking lot when this picture was taken? Where do you think everyone else is? In Toilet PaperfShaving Cream ffor senior Graduation Announcements class, of coursel UNDER TI-IE WINTER Kevin Downney, Susan, Marianne Laudri- sen, Anne Grant, and Margaret Flynn knee-deep in the white-stuff. Pam Lee and friends stayed nice and cozy indoors. 264 f WINTER FUN SUN Krissy Dirking and Gina Amoroso in a tree? Tracy Taylor and Kristi n Windell with their partying snowfriend. 5 3. 435 al - 1 fi! lvl?" W....-4-M' -M Shawna Pulley, Pam Addison, Jenelle Frye, and Kelly Jorgensen hit the slopes and some trees. lsn't it hard to make snow-angels with your skis on, Jenelle? Congratulations! You're a Parent . . lT'S A . . .EGG!?! Crack! That's the fatal noise that psychology students try to avoid during that harrowing week of becoming single parents. Deal- ing with all the problems and re- sponsibilities of become parents was an experience to be remem- bered. All during that week people were seen carrying baskets with great care, making sure not to hurt their "child," The students went through the trouble of providing babysitters to protect their chil- dren while they were busy. The purpose of the week in psy- chology was to learn about parent- ing and to see peoples reactions to gender. People had all sorts of families. There were single boy and girl babies, identical and fra- ternal twins, and even babies that were mentally retardedg all the types of children that parents in real have to deal with. The egg babies were dressed up in cute or ugly costumes and given names. There was a beauty con- test in class, and in which all the babies entered. Point awards were given to such wonderful titles as "The most beautiful" and "the most ugly" babies. As one psychology student said, "It was a fun experience, and it taught me how much trouble and joy being a parent can be." Howdy Parnter! We love country music and milk. 266 f EGG BABIES I know. l'm just the cutest little old egg you've ever seen. 'QQ .... 5 X l . A " iwiiwf' - - . 53 . 'S k X. Q L 'he Little Rascals. With silly grans that show their mischief, these two egg babies are efinitely a handful for their parent. "Yeah man, it's cool!" Great words from an egg dressed in mirrored shades and a mohawk. The cave baby cometh! Now we just have to wait for fire and the wheel. 5 ig 'fi' S-3 film 1311? 'Q Hfwizawglfi. , -f qf' J ,Y U if . L sg ixgxwiif . 3 Q g v , wa- K as , A45 I iff 'Q fgf if, 5 2 ix A .. 529 " Q . 5 -f 55 5 -u Y! NIAXX N M L 'U V FYI 4 , ir 1 'sw as 97: ' T- ff F M. fqhf-'Q Y, ,,4 ff, f Q V Q me kg I 3 ' 1 A' ' fx gi 3 J . www A if ,, , W M ,i MA" I fi' " N., ,A . N , 1 M 'WW Q 3 p a 'MB is Where Does A Don Get All That Energy? FGGD! A Tale Of Lunchtime Qifestyles. . . 270 f LUNCI-ITIME Some eat side by side . Or back to back. Others can only eat on the go. I 1 Below, the two-handed style is demon- There's even a bag-in-front-of-the-face style. strated. 'X ---.2 An example of the rare lunchbox luncher species. Another example of eating on the go lnot recommended at high speedsj Welcome To San Mateo CH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CITY! Bored? Do you have something to do today? Drive through San Mateo and youlll always find something exciting to see or do. Nature has much to offer here, for you can visit the serene, blue wa- ters of Crystal Springs Reservoir. Look at a demonstration of man's talents and nature combined, as you stroll around the peaceful Wa- ter Temple or go by Father Juni- pero Serra kneeling and pointing on the hillside. Want to swing? Central Park is the place for you to play in the sand or on the jungle-gym and pic- nic on the lawn under a tree on a nice day. Near by, you can also visit the very old and tall Benjamin Franklin building downtown and shop. History comes alive on the famed "King's Road"-El Camino Real. You can cruise along the an- cient Spanish road to different cities or turn off and go on a shop- ping spree at itrumpets pleasell Hillsdale Mall. When it's time to see something new and different, visit the all new, modernized City Hall and learn even more about the city, San Ma- teo. Or, old but always fun, you can drive up to a high place in the area and get a breath-taking view of this city! Pulgus Water Temple. The newly remodeled City Hall. 272 f Community i at 'W if , if iii I! M820 , 35'-x S. EL CAM! xi fafiw fl U rw ' r -1 . L BEARS A birds, eye view of the city. Hey Dude! Let's go cruzir1'. San Mateo's own Fair Grounds.'s go for a ride at Central Park. ' W i 273 World Events I THE NEWS Xen W Presldent Corazon Aqumo took hold of the relns of the Phnllppme government endlng Ferdlnand Marcos reglme A wave of lnternatlonal terrorlsm struck Pans and shocked the world. Voyager travelled around the world non- stop - on one tank of fuel. at -t .Mmm A ll..-...M -v 'W .uW,t.W. ..X.X. , . " . -W..-WWW., 274 f WORLD EVENTS America saluted Lady Liberty's 100th birthday with a gala celebration and a complete restoration of the stat' ue. ftfim ug we 0 Q. me pf jr 'IZ' 4 yyllwb: Z 4 ,Kc f Q . 3,5 M. 7 fe 4 e -. 5 -mem rw' The disastrous explosion of a Chernobyl nuclear reactor raised questions in many minds, President Reagan's administration was rocked by the controversy and unan- swered questions surrounding the Iran- contra scandal. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson tied the knot as only the British do. 276fCandids Q is , X la. 1 N ,fr I qs nbias. 5 3 wfemwwwwwfwwf ITEN lf? K wr Mg!! Pr 1 11 'df W ,Q wig v U4 Y mi W, ,655 277 278fCandids .-, if ' ' X f ,, ,,.. I Q fm 5 W .ff mm, I mwml 31 VFW 280 f Candids T. In fnwzfnn GW M4 , , 283 ANOTHER DAY. . . NOT JUST ANOTHER DON Senior Baby Pictures E x s H EY ?, f.fff M f ,,,. ..,x,,,.U ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,M,,M,,,4 M A g 4 Q 125 3 Q s ,xv m 'f L Qi W , NW. WY Wf' A ' ,ggiig w 1 3 V, fl A K fgmiiii M" ,xfiq we kr? ,J Jw 1?Y'5 ii :A fgif , Mx ,Ka Q- fest ,A ' v 54 'K ,W ,s 7 nn. SWR n .W-aria vm 'Mini .JS .. . 'A A if QQ' fx ffl Aug? f 'fiisffwi 'Qu .f 'W ,e 9' 'NA ' qg.g-an aff' ffzziiesfif wg ,M x we fin Vg,-if sg, 4 W giw ,,,,, 5 Q75 LJ N-inf ..,,..,-.4-. Simi W 289 X -1. x if f wen .3 1 K , .S 1 ww - E25 if wp' Ai 5 - ww sag fw- 4: H at 2 2 Q KN .51 X Q3 M - 1 fir 2, ., f'.i'I , , , . ww ",M"fVa " K X 6'9XfX"," 'M ' gg 2 ' if . Q xx .,,,h ,-fu, ilzlrth af... xavw, yum, Lf Aww fu. , Hy QQ: ' M, , 2 .. .A-fffzgsqurwyt N ww . f A r xf 1 as in 12 asa, gs .355 is ,lk ,M-M, if Y 106 9 n,,, ye ii W Q if -mW SENIDR PULLS DESIRED DONS Greg Tateosian and Kelly Culbertson 292 f Senior Polls DEDICATED DONS Mike Jurgenson and Barbie Pacchetti ORTHODONTISTS' NIGHTMARE Joey Heath and Heidi Omodt f 'H' .4 K . 3 i i BEVERLY HILLS BOUND Sally Bennet and Peter Ho R . , zr: . K TNT'm"s-X , AHEAD DF THE TIMES Debbie Perkins and Jim Peterson ,T we HUMOR'S A MUST Crystal Ewing and Bill Hoskins 293 MRS. SWANN WANTS YOU! l Rachel Jordan and Doug Schmidt l POWERED BY PERSONALITY Greg Gilbert and Cindy Carr Maas? x' Vg X, 7:-,, , ,- . K i iss- . 'N ieeef ,:. Q S SOCQAL YET ALWAYS SPIRITED 294!SeniOr Polls Ll d 1 Torrey Sullivan and Connie Sullivan A SIGN OF STYLE Nina Allara and Anthony Nelson Qi dr' ji:-F! TI-IAT WAS THEN, TI-ISS IS NOW Dave Mathisen and Tracey Taylor SPORTY ONES Mohu Latu and Netty Gennaro Q 5? if X25 7 Q in K f ' f f f f K! 6. 3 5 , I , if 55 fl Mg 0 ,J ,,.. , 1 .lf K .. 2 if 1 Q v ,gg 1 . "" f, , 5 if ,,,,, f fff-- Z c 's?5'?f W-w..,. i ,,,, A ,,,,, 'W' f VVVV gm, 'M ..W,,M,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , 11:--:,1::::::::'u,Q,, W 1?fiiwHiiis2fL22i ,,,, J Ag, H , 2 gk 1 WM H an mg -f . ::,,, ,, 2 ' 5 25 " Q F W EW 2 W 3 3 w ' 'Q "1" LM , ,,,,,,,, KN 97 E ffff an K W E 5 ,V 59 WH - , ff mfgwgq my " img " 'W' H' Ma M Q? fax f M Z SE ,ai f- S if EM K ' 4 ,-. N I WW ffi 5 f 'K' J ii 53 , Q by , gk . ff. , T ,Qs fm, M A .., j 455 ir, I i QW , f in 1 a dnl f ,, ,W , Q, ' 3 Time is continually passing by, unaffected by attempts to stop its progression. Nevertheless, in cre- ating the 1987 El Tesoro, we made an attempt to capture and portray the life and times of Ara- gon and all its students. Hopefully, when you page through this book in ten, twenty, or thirty years, it will faithfully remind you how it was at Aragon in 1987. For high school happens only once in a life- time. We put hundreds of hours of work into this book and we feel it successfully shows it. Think of this book as more than just a set of pages - think of it as a year of your life compressed into 8 V2 inches x 11 inches x 1 inch. Enjoy it now - as we are sure you will - but remember to enjoy it later, too. As time passes and memories fade, you will appreciate the 1987 El Tesoro more and more. QM Jason Wong Editor-in-Chief 298 El Tesoro Editorial Board amcawlwsl Pam Addison Layout Editor UMisj1AuQ7ls5P' Christine Crosby Business Editor GL . Christina Nicolosi Copy Editor .mmf Shawna Pulley Copy Co-Editor Here are some bizarre, eccen- tric, schizophrenic quotations from our yearbook experience - use- less and meaningless to all but sev- en of the two billion people of the world, but nevertheless amusing. If you extract some meaning in reading these quotations, it is purely accidental on our part. It you gain some great insight into life, you should be committed to an asylum. "Who's bright idea was it to meet Sunday at 8:30 am?" Ml don't know his name, just make one up!" "Problem!,' "It's gotta be a full moon!', "Pam, you have grease pencil all across your face." "Mikel Take the watermelon and hide. Here she comes again." "Save room for Pam's DPS." "Jason, you can't even see it." "Let,s everybody start your own club' "I know titty pages were due a week ago, but what can we do Kristin Windell Photo Editor 'M Cindy Gilligan Photo Editor problem?!', K'Who's been switching mugs?" "Did you leave your fifty cents?,' "Not Pete and Beth again." "I'll kill you!" 'LKristin, don't hurt Cindy any more." "We're going to Brooks nowf' "Jason, no one is listening to youf, "Let's steal a Pepsi." 'Tm going to serve timeg only six now!" more hours left." "Quit playing with those mag- netsf, "It's only 900 in herel? Whatis the 300 f Thank Yous The editors of the 1987 El Tesoro would like to thank all those who helped make this yearbook a reality. You're greatly appreciated. Mrs. Witte Dick George J osterfs Jake Barker 81 Portrait World Kaufman's Sanford 81 Myers The Wongs The Windells The Gilligans The Nicolosis The Addisons Chris Kooyman Ken Cosci Mike Miyahara Julie Wyman Fog Kitty Scooter Toby Affie M 8: M Frito-Lay Nabisco Business Staff Kristine Ewing Linda Garcia Scott Hausvvirth Lisa Layton Eric Low David Marchi Erin Murphy Barbie Pacchetti Kevin Phillips Copy Staff Margaret Abe Susie Goldenstein Anne Grant Deborah Jang Marina Krakovsky Carrie Kremers Leslie Lanier Shawna Pulley Bibie Wu Layout Staff Scott Bagley Sally Bennet Claudia Eckman Kelly Faulkner Kristen Linden Crystal Pollock Linda Sell Mimie Wu Photography Staff William Chan Nicolle Lelieur Paige Romnes Victoria Sandilands Scott Silva Karen Winkelstein David Yarne It is never any good dwelling on good-byes. lt is not the being to- gether it prolongs, it is the parting. -Elizabeth Bibesco NAMES FOR THOSE "BEAUTIFUL BABIES" From p. 284: 1. Lavell Ferguson 2. Paula and Pamela Lee 3. Gina Creed 4. Ali Hamilton 5. Dave Hechim 6. Marianne Lauridsen 7. Kristin Windell 8. Ming-Ching Sze 9. Ser- ena Rush 10. Courtenay Carr 11. Maria Diaz 12. lvania Caliz 13. Susan Martinez 14. Esther Barros 15. Doug Andrews 16. Sylvia Xuereb 17. Andrea Palladino 18. Nathalie Guiragossian 19. Mike Giaco- mino 20. Sally Lui 21. Merete Hunter 22. Rachel Jordan 23. Karina Montgomery 24. Elizabeth Gecks 25. Christine Crosby 26. Rachel Goodrich 27. Joe Heath 28. Tavis Fiscel 29. Gina Amoroso 30. Kath- leen Fitzgerald 31. Wayne Cheung 32. Lisa Cash 33. Tracilyn Hall 34. Joanne Schroeder 35. Jennifer Bloom 36. Marga- ret Bunler 37. Darlene Jesus 38. Lisa Fahey 39. Lisa Heller 40. Beth Cahn 41. Susan Kawakita 42. Becky Fisher 43. Jeff Ficara 44. Terri Dien 45. Gary Gross 46. Art Gallego 47. Henry Schroeder 48. Jessica Chen 49. Edith Mendoza 50. Julie Wyman 51. Jenny Thomas 52. Crystal Ewing 53. Teresa Hatfield 54. Michelle Rounds 55. Lisa Mori 56. Evelyn Lim 57. Krissy Dirking 58. Autumn Alvarez 59. Scott Haslam 60. Tracey Taylor 61. Mi- chelle Schagere 62. Nadine Cardon 63. Peter Ho 64. Peggy Tsuei 65. Dina Romo 66. Marty McMahon 67. Wendy Smoot 68. Kevin Toh 69. Jeri Durlester 70. Lin- da Garcia 71. Mike Sylvestri 72. Debbie Perkins 73. Vittorio Tafur 74. Shadi Zo- kaei 75. Kimberly Greene 76. Cory Moore 77. John McWhinny 78. Barbie Pacchetti 79. Robert Fontanosa 80. Kelly Sullivan 81. Pat Svoboda 82. Isabelle Steitz 83. Kim Bolan 84. Jim Wilkinson 85. Angie Scott 86. Mike Estevez 87. Angie Christian 88. Sally Bennet 89. Da- vid Mathisen 90. Chris Haesel 91. Kathy Lewis 92. Michelle McLean 93. Sean Western 94. Cindy Gilligan 95. Gary Lorin 96. Tod Covarrubiaj 97. Kathy Za- chariasiewica 98. Linda Stallwitz 99. Nan- cy lshimoto 100. Erin Murphy 101. John Bejarano 102. Nicolle Lelieur 103. Greg Tateosian 104. Deanna Erickson 105. El- eanor Traubman 106. Shaynee Johnson 107. Chelle Gumbinger 108. Kristina Tuohey 109. Connie Sullivan 110. Eliza- beth Maske 111. Priscilla Lim Good-Bye Aragon 1987 7 301 ik Aarons, Stefanie 188 I Abbott, Bridget 47, 188 A Abe, Margaret 99, 188, 117, 118, 184 Aburto, Lorena 230 Ackley, Lynette 208 ACTIVITIES COMMISSION 86 Acuna, Lucy 152 Adams, Julie 208 Adams, Michelle 230 Addison, Pamela 43, 96, 97, 118, 184, 188, 265 s- Iaf-aa:-ff,-1-g-..:,1::, -81.8,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,Ili, ...kk, ,, ,A.A., .. .a.,,,,,,5. fii- rixiiififiamiirs.ivI--2522-arf: zi. 222152: are -:Q salsa aa If -I-aa. -, ...... ,-...--..ff- 8 ao- -----w- ---- I ., an :afl7.:EEf,::5E5f5ii52:. ::gig7:i-:Qg5i,1es:5 .a If 5: ' 5 5' if 'fiiiit zi157asii?7f, sQ5i:'1'.i:2i-.' l:22iw:2f-gi " li- X I P2- aa' lf? i55i'::?l799i1f2l55? '-ff?"-555'1.if'iEEE:l'iii5E' 555' 351 " -55:'If9ff, 599-'.E-'F' E151 Eiiif' I aii iaieee aaiiiaeaa 1 A eiea ' I ' a,a, 102, ieea 1f1i3,1l52 S i a, a , 177 -2089 , ' 0 BABYAPICTURES, SENIOR 284 ,BacG8iIi,gs f 501515 A 208 ,,,,,, 152, so . I ,s,,, 188 - 118,153 I 88 a aeaaaa Bergman, Scott 44, 59, eiaa 5 Bergman, Tiffany 230 V aaial I I Berhane, Isaac 189 I , , Berk, Valerie 43, 57, 230 Berkovits, Ronnie 154 Bernal, Albert 37, 85, 89, 189 Bernard, Shannon 189 S Bernat, Gary 208 Bernstein, Laura 48, 56, 189 , Bernstein, Marc 206, 208 Bertagna, Barbara 39, 189 Bertagna, Diane 39, 189 Beyer, John 154 Bianchi, Bobby 37, 189 ADMINISTRATION 122 aetaaia a,,,,,, ,tre I, Bianchi, Carla 208 A201161 Victor 188 208! t, A 'Bibel, carol 124, 125 ss, Agua, Shannon 208 ,sssis usan 142 as ,, ,,, BIG BROTI-IERfBIo SISTER,, aa99jQf Aguilera Marisa 188 III I ftrt lll l ii' Bjork, Jeffery. 208. ,il-1 IAIIZ r.iii'l iiill Aguirre, Aleiaiidro 37, 188 ,,,, ,8 ,re ,, ,, ,, A f ,,,,,,,, BiaCk1CiHd939Y,s, Aissa, Nicole 188 I ' iii l aaaaf ,8, ,,aa 1 "Elm, 5953814447145 Akers, Sarah 152 as ISIIII BLACK Aiacafii-ar, Mike 188 Iliiii at iiiiiii iii aaaa'i A A ifmfickw-2118, Ara Alava, Edward 208 A ,,,, iiii IAAA , , ,,,,,, A, iA, ,a Alexander, Shawn 2308 , ,Aiiii aiatiaiir, Aaaai AA8ai i ,,,,, ,aai ,sis,i lrrii I rraaa 5193185 ii,a Alfanoi Amelie 188 iil, 1 023 i a0a i oisai IiaI,, so i8 BLIOQDSADRIVE-259 ii i aiiii Alison, Megan 230 Alison, Shawn 208 Alhorn, William 208 Aliamus, John 55 Aliamus, Julie 47, 208 Allara, Gina 85, 150, 152 Allara, Nina 150, 152 I Allison, Paul 230 Alusa, Amelia 230 Alusa, Sam 188 Alvarado, Juan 208 Alvarenga, Salvador 230 Alvarez, Autumn 27, 150, 152 Alvarez, Cory 208 Amoroso, Gina 152, 265 Anderson, Wendy 230 Andrews, Douglas 54, 89, 150, , 152 -as .aaa ,ga .. aiii, Jvsephiria A :W ei i . - if -ifi'55'- .in . ' 1973 As, ll i lllli l l,i ,,,ss i,sili ea. -. Allison? 31, 188 Biifliels Barren, Barros, Bafres, Barros, Marc 208 as , Tina 230 , I Steven 230 Esther 107, 153 German 55 Gonzalo 188 Barry, Bradford 153 j Barrels, Ana Maria 188 Bartfeld, David 40, 85, 208 I-1B81'1.Il'1, Christina 43, 230 BASEBALL 65 BASKETBALL BOYS' 50 GIRLS' 52 Aoyama, Jun 230 , A 208 Apaza, Christian 230 A as,,,,si ass 230 Appelbaum, Jennifer 113, 188' ,, sss, A i,,,,a 188 Appleioii, Noah 208 , sss isssssiia 1 as lilsa AII 153 Afwfi, Rick 230 - Assir si i8 A aaii ,,,,,,, ARISTOCRAT 116 sl 8 s I Affecisi Alma 39 a ,s,,,,,,A ,,,,, , Affecisi America 188 Asas ass siiisr i I A . Affudai Irene 152' a,,,, A 5 ai i , ART DEPARTMENT132 Iiii ssi, ,ias AAAAAAA ,,, I iiillllll 0 lliili Arthur, Lori 152 I w A si iii, I lllti Ash, Donovan 208 I fl iaaaaioaa, Q I,,,, 5 Ashley, Mary 208 It I ATTENDANCE OFFICE 126 A saso I, s 147 89 - if IN il ll VKKL in .. .. Bloom, Brian 107, 130, Bloom, Jennifer 113, 116, ii, , ,ii Blundell, Jimmy 189 aii, iiii f ,,aii ii', Boehm, Ronald 58, 154, larai Q, lll,ai i, Boland, Kim 105, 154 Bolin, George 141 I Bonner, Seanl230 Bookspun, Jonathan 154 Bookspun, Michael 208 Boonsong,iSuriya 208 Bosik, Jason 230 Bosschart, Robert 189 Bott, Jessica 189 Boyd, Christian 208 Bradley, Tim 230 Brayer, Nancy 208 S Brewer, Derek 58 A Bright, Marilyn 189 Bright, Robert59, ,a,,,,i Brinton, Donna 128 ,,,,, Brizzolara, Jennifer 189 A Brodie, Michelle 189 Brody, David '189 Brody, ,,,, ,Gail 101, 209 , I "Brookes, I iiaaaaiii i, , BFGWI1 if-, Seth 230 iyiy .,,,,, A Q I - She Brown, Tom 102, 1189 li Aa Browne, Steve 1895 , Brugioni, Russell 189 I 1 Carpenter, Fernando 44 147 154 y ' 189 1 i 1 1891 1 ,1 Anna 209 i i 1 154' , 1 1 f L J 8 118 L - ark 89 1 6 2091 ii,i 1 i i i 96, 209 if,,, 1Viarnie209 iiiff June 154 Caceres, Jeffery 231 Caceres, Jesse 231 Caceres, Joel 107 e Julius 209 ee 231 e 9111464 1 1' eee fBethf27 112 1131 155 Cain, Kelli 231 1 Calderon, Rigoberto 209 Caldwell, Geoffrey 231 Caldwell, Tiffaney 189 Caliz, Ivania 107, 155 Camarao, Bernard 44, 189 Cameron, Christina 209 Campbell, Todd 155 Campillo, Carla 107 Canziani, Caren 209 Capabianco, Jennifer 209 Capra, Ronald 209 Caramanis, David 231 Caravaca, Rochelle 231 Carberry, Joseph 209 Cardenas Oscar 109 Cardinalez Melissa 189 1 Cardinale, Paul 58, 155 1 if Carden, Nadine 155 'Eng 231 C.-55665, Craig 209 Carpenter, Ricardo 54, 209 Carr, Courtenay 22, 102, 155 Carr, Tiffany 47, 49, 206, 209 Carrera, Sergio 54 Carrithers, Jennifer 231 Carrithers, Shannon 37, 189 Cash, Lisa 47, 155 Castaneda, Rafael 155 6 1 noiiiifi ilii , , -,,,, ,n,y,,,gs,1f1,f 1, 1 1iii 1 iffii 1309 1 1 209 1 it 1 1 ' 1 . if f ,lll ,11iii i'i 3 f V lliiii 1 1793 J111 nnnl i i11 i111i 1 51 I 906 1 llli iloiirr 1 1 1 144 ii' 11901 fxwgi ,H . 1 17, 155 231 1 155 1 1R,6bi5,,44, 209 i 209 6 ,Susana 47, 190 it1111 Wiiiism 101, 119, 156 Wiliwn 101, 119, 156 11, Mibhael 209, Changi1 i11 -,," ww' ,, 1 1 111 1111rl,,,i6t 1 1 Chair 1 iii 1 vel ffia 1 fifiii cm, 231 Duncan 209 Joy 101, 180 Sunny 109 Charpiot, Michael 210 Chaung, Kuo-Hwa 210 CHEERLEADERS 112 Chelone, Victor 231 Chen, Ami 190 Chen, Eugene 231 ,Cherr,,1 iiff 190 11, 1 1 1 56 i ' 1156 it 7 liiiiff 190 232 Cheung, ,Wayne 156 iChiang,1,1,A1ibierii 190 Chin, Steven 101, 210 Chin, Yuan 44 "Chiossi, Marion 124 Choi, Young Jin 58, 156 Chou, Chow, Choy, Kevin 210 Lucy 156 Leon 190 Christian, Angela 156 Chu, Caroline 232 Chu, David 44, 232 8 if Chu, 1 iif 419011 1 Chu, 1 Ch'-iaiifif 1f1i 1 i Chi-11191 16i Q ii,1i 1 2 if 1 ,ii 6 1 1,ii 9 71 ' 6 iilsi 1 1 V1 1 1 Cvdfdriy fi1 CQhCfhg ff1 1 coidwairi iii 5 1 Coletta, Annamaria 210 Cologna, Matthew 159, 210 Colpitts, Peter,gl,232 f 1 Coltart, Alan 49,'59, 210 Common, Linda 123 COMMUNITY, 1 1 ' ffiiiili , 1 1 . Connors, 3180 Contreras, Sheri J1111 1 5107, 1156 Conway, Daniel 210 Cooley, 210 Coombs, 2 1 0 Cooni,,1155aL1I iii 59, 210 Copland,iKristil 49, 57, 206, 210 Corby, Michael 232 Cornejo, Shannon 210 Corollo, Angela 190 Corona, Russell 156 Cortesi, Joseph 232 Cosci, Kenneth 117, 156 Costello, Monica 210 Cotter, David 190 Cotter, Judy 140 COUNSELORS 124 Courtney, Ginger 157 Covarrubias, Tod 157 Cox, Darren1210 ' 4 1 Craig, Carin 39, '85, 232 Cravalho, rrif Miche1lie1'2i10,i 1 Creed, Georgina ,,,i 1571, p Cresci,Lisaf ii i 1 Cresson, Dave 55,1210 Croce, Carolyn 190 Crocker, Jeffrey 44, 232 Croft, Edward 157 Crosby, Catherine 48, 206, 210 Crosby, Christine 27, 48, 56, 117 157 Crosby, Sean 210 CROSS COUNTRY, BOYS' 44 CROSS COUNTRY, GIRLS' 46 Crotty, Elaine 228, 232 21 212111115112 5 3 2 15 i ,xi 2 5 .ii I 2 5 .411 1 1 ' 1 ss N111 111 91 3 1 115 F 111sw12111112f2221o11111 2 111 s s 21111, 21 2111111112 11212113 I 2 E 1 .,, 2 1 ... 3111, 21111 1 11 1. 21,21 11 ' 11235112 E1 11,51 F1 k11Y 2: 1,1 2 N N. 1.15221 321 QN 511 1 1 3' I 1 11 ...f:.h,. ::" f"' 1 -::-: 111 11 "'- 11 1 1 2 1 i-1 iYfi:f1i1f' E 11L','- ' ' A--1 111i ,1 1-1 -'A.. 1 1f iiifiji gi '52 1, 111111111 1111 1 a 1 f 12121I2 21i2 22 11 ',k:k i..: iii 21 iii 1 1 . 11 kki. 1 , 1 2 Doi ar, K1msg191 w Evonft, Amy 134455191 1 L11, - L:L - 11 22 211112111 11 V 211 12112 2 ei 2 EWQ2 1111 Qfvsfif 431 2 8, 102, 158 fi Doii onni or 43, 21113 12 EWll'l 212 i 212 1 - 111 1 111 11222 21 2221 2 112222 . 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S. f .. a S5 L -btw' :Y Rubinson, Judith 85, 199 I'ISchultz, Susan 219 'Rubinson, Martha 140 Schwanbeck, Sarah 240 , , Smith, Michael 240 Smith, Robert 200 Rubinstein, Michael 219 , Ruiz, Grace 219 Ruiz, Julieta 175 Ruiz, Monica 219 Ruiz, Remy 240 Rupprecht, Jeff 175 Rush, Serena 175 Rush, Stephen 219 Rushing, Michael 199 Russo, Antonina 199 Rustay, Michael 219 Ryan, Shannon 199 Sadiq, Salma 199 Salahutdin, Eric 240 Salas, Alvaro 219 Salas, Rodrigo 199 7 Smith, Shanek,220 ..,,, , Scott, ,,i l. . tiii iiii iiii L I Scott, Heather ,y SSSSSS Wendy scuriock, Daniel 219 tiii I 'sniysen ssssss i Seaman, Jonathan 219 Sebanc, Anne Marie 219 Sebanc, Mike 200 SECRETARIES 125 Segall, Matthew 55, 219 Segura, William 240 Seinwerth, Danny 219 Selia, Shelly 220 Sell, Linda 31, 47, 56, 118, 200 Selvaggio, Deanne 176 Selvat, Gerardo 220 Sendach, Kim 220 SENIOR GROUPSHOT 268 Sennett, Samantha 39, 57, 240 Sergeeff, Kevin 117, 220 Serrato, Enrique 107, 200 SERVICE COMMISSION 88 Snedeker, Corinne 43, 220 So, Renee 220 Soals, Paul Soares, Keoni SOCCER, 54 SOCCER, 56 . y SOCIAL STUDIES, DEPARTMENT QQ .,,i ifiiifri SOFTBALL ,....., ,...,.., . . 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