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 - Class of 1972

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-. - "L.-,..-4.. .,f,,-..:-n ry... THE 1971-1972 AR-WE-VA ROCKET 'M v TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION 3 ADMINISTRATION 5 FACULTY 8 SENIORS 13 UNDERGRADS 24 ORGANIZATIONS 29 AC TIVITIES 45 SPORTS 55 C OOKS AND CUSTODIANS 78 SENIOR ACTION 80 HUMOR 86 ADVERTISING 89 DEDICATI0 ff 36553, Mm P if 1 l'q5'67' .TN X H H QrLf.f-PD! Q33 -,aig,y5S',,, gui Mk M fif- ' in K! Luis - A as-a - ,E o ,ti ": 4 X 'N W?" ff, VX 'y X N F ' welxj -rpm 2 ' , I y-X' AL. Q i' J K 3 a k: x X -1 "1" M 1. X1 f+ if ' Q" 4' V I x ,u UW' QV mf ' K Ax""""w?5"' ff " -1 '5'5Y?' A 1 c is 141 F' Q G 'flag 5 Sr' " K 3654 54, 1 I 'JF QHQEAB' 1 f"q.f"-llv wmv! 1- di? ,mn N.-I "serv-" .ffm 1-fgrfmiw V Y ls s est- 111 , ' 'P -3' lhriaf bf +'42L',4?+,,1:f41.5"fZw' V' 4-A fA!as.' ,!-AZ, N434 V' , .1 , H, M, k ww' if 'gig 1 ' ,fx ':"3 yxf R Y , P X ..,.'fgf' -25,121 1 ,V - x XJ? . , S" "' f if 1 "" . ,,, 'N fu 'E f Q .U 7 -' 2 4 fe is ' 5 - Q fb, 5 . n L . fig -.' .-- 'fr ' 5' K "' -"' ' 'b " 'Vi' ,JS , fl i' .1 G ,GX N 31 W, K if ' if Q j KQLIZZH-1 ,, s ' ' "" 1' -gg P L 4' ' A J fa .T ' "Courage in danger is half This year our Senior class Was honored with having Arturo Morales Ortego as Ar-We-Va's last foreign exchange student. Much to everyone's dismay, Art's stay was a short one. Art returned to Mexico November 21 because of cancer. On May 10, our 1972 Awards Day, we learned Art's condition had greatly improved through treatments he had been receiving. Art had even hoped to return to AWV for commencement ceremonies but Was unable to do so. Thinking back, all the Seniors can recall our surprise birthday party for Art in the new gym and how he broke the pinata. Susan Musfeldt will especially remem- ber sharing Homecoming with him. The Speech class will never forget his sto- ries about his life in Mexico. Art has touched our lives in a Way that We can never forget and has proven him- self a dear friend to all. For this reason, We the Senior class of 1972, dedicate our annual to Arturo Morales Ortego. the battlef, ADMINISTRATIUN kts Dale Crane, President LSTOY Koch Ted Hawley Leonard Petersen, Secretary Henry StOff91'S David Freese Secretary to the Superintendent Mrs. Lois Rickers s Superintendent, Mr. Robert Nielseh Secretary to the Principal Mrs. June Hazelhoff ! Principal, Mr. Darrell Hazelhoff We zu -1 .- xn,,,.Agq-Ixx'-. k ' iqisfrzsrvqgsgilfq.-35:11 , --fs' xxx-- , - QA-:ax by :glipg-yi' puff E., 0 5. inf.-.' V5.1 ggv, ,lib-f'f' 1' -'T -ry." ', Jv',- ' -f 1 -L, 5 ' 2113. is E . 1- f.. an f' f V - .Y : '- af f . ,Q 1 , .. 1. Q 71 ' 2- ,.. fl' , , Qfw fff'3" 'q "i1' x 0l'3 ' W P x 'if M T , l' X M43 JQQ' f ' Q K f N FAC LTY MR. LANNING General Science Biology Drivers Education Souix Falls College B,S, University of South Dakota M.N.S, MRS. OUVERSON MR. CAIN Algebra I gl II Geometry Girls B.B. 8a Track Drake University B,S, University of South Dakota M,A. MR. MENTZER American History American Problems Economics Sz Sociology Drake University B,A, Kansas State University University of Montana English III 8a IV Communication Skills Advanced Composition Michigan State University B,A. N. C, State University Iowa State University MR. STENDER Chemistry Physics ' Senior KL General Math U, S, Military Academy B.S University of Iowa Iowa State University MR. WHEELER Guidance Counselor Iowa Wesleyan College B,A. N.E, Missouri State Teachers College M,A, MRS. COEN Librarian Special English Drake University B.A. University of Iowa M.A. University of Nebraska MR. HUISMAN Industrial Arts Central College B,A, Simpson College Iowa State University State College of Iowa Lafayette College MR. NETLEY Football gl Track Coach Jr. High Girls B,B, Coach XL Track Jr. 8a Sr. High P,E. Westmar College B.S. MRS. NETLEY Home Economics Westmar College B,A, MR. TORKELSON Vocal Music Waldorf College Augustana College B,S, MR. MANGES Instrumental Music University of Iowa B,M, MR. ROWEDDER Art Elementary Art Supervisor State College of Iowa B,A. Drake University MRS. WHITEHOUSE Spanish World History Kansas State College Bob Jones University B,S, Drake University Coe College Buena Vista MRS. MALLONEE Commercial Courses Westmar College B.A, Drake University University of Iowa MR. DIGGINS Englishl at Il Midwestern College B,S, Bemidji College Northwestern University MR. KNOTT Jr. High Math World Geography Junior High Basketball Coach Buena Vista B.A, University of Iowa MR. THOMAS Jr. High Science Iowa State University Midwestern College B.S. Mankato State College MR. BRADSHAW MRS. WENZEL MRS, SCHULTZ Jr. High Social Studies JT- High Developmental Reading and Math Boys' B.B, Coach Iowa State Teachers College Primary gl Junior High Ass't Football Coach Drake University B,S, University of Northern Iowa Buena Vista College B,A SE IUR N 729 XXX! KE C P QMCRICA N-ICR A gg .,...NlV'wf,X Ml Arff fr UNFUL ,QW ' W' 5 If ' A '-L.. 1 22 - iv .1 545, . f"a:f' -1- W ,N ,. . fga .AN 1',O! I 1, v??,2,b" If XX ' V511 v' X 5 5' 'Q X 4 W, 'XE 'XA'-Q ' NR 4 -40- S-'L .Fi?i3i5Qi5f ' .11-Q.. wr' :V .. iwlwx V , ... -17, 1 YSQQEHP ' X - fa ,Z WWW! 1 X Lf, ' YSQNN Y-Y. Z. U' - xxx. X . . 47 ' wx" " his ff 'N w 4 ' fix Q - 1 ' . mf A fffk X Lv X41 . 54 ':33i5?4' X f"f 0 o' Ni, v f ' Qsrfaiifrikfif 1 " .'T?Aai:.-g:s?!1.e vZ"f:'IiQ?11EdP5:Q3L. X I Q- I, ':Q,L af-c -fr.-.-.-' ,. - '1 ""' I. .. ',"., ,, ls Eg if f Tr? rs: Eel ax 7983? jgiigliifi in E -1 4 'Q . , J i'2:?'.2: .-gin-1-v':152' 5-1 ' , 6'--gv:'4"',i 9114 'G Qqgvguggex:-3 ' . aww .3-SSM Qf?a?2-ai., ' Q 'rfefftf ,dv-1 t-54?E:YIq'2'AX1.4 "' .-'X' B-'ky'-f ,' ' X I Q-5 -1-J.-yr-' M 1: v4f,.',ff' q , 'ff . .flifav ix if 'A V . 5' li ' ' "L-""E4'?in12'f .1 W , . C 7 I MM... A Q ? ju 1 '-...'Q55 I Gy , L X NM JW 15 -Ajkliig, 13 JEAN LENZ "To be courteous is the mark of a gentle woman Track 1,4j Basketball 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2 Concert Band 1,2Q Rockette 3,43 Girls Glee 33 An nual Staff 43 Rappin Rocket 43 Student Council 13 Class Officer 3,4j Homecoming Attendant 43 A- Club 2,4 LARRY EHLERS "Friendliness is the road to happiness." Basketball 1,2,3,43 Concert Choir 1,2,3,43 Boys Glee l,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Pep Band 1, 2,3,4 CLASS OF 72 PAM STENDER "To laugh is the music of a nurse's soul." Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Rockette 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee 1,2,33 Concert Choir 1,2,33 Annual Staff 43 Rappin Rocket Staff 43 Class Secretary 43 Student Council 23 Homecoming Attendant 4 RANDY PETERSON "Happy people are always in demand." Basketball 13 Basketball Mgr. 3,43 Football 2,3, 43 Student Council 33 President 43 A-Club 2,3,43 Class Officer 2 RANDY RUCH "If you feel neglected, think of Whist1er's father." Basketball l,2,3,45 Football 1,23 Baseball lg An- nual Staff 4 L UCI VETT ER "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an ex- cellent thing in a woman." Concert Choir 1,25 Girls Glee 1,2,33 Rockette 2, 3,45 Track lg Basketball 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 1, 25 Student Council 43 Homecoming Queen 4 2 I LYNN PETERS "Love is friendship set to music." Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee 1,2,3,4g Ac- C0mDanist 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 2, Stage Band 45 Chamber Singers 2,3,4g Rappin' Rocket Staff 4g Librarian 1 RANEE WEIRKMEISTER "The course of true love never runs up a big light bi1l." Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,33 Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Rappin' Rocket Staff 4g Band Contests 1,2 KAREN VOEGE "It takes a certain amount of push to accomplish everything." Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 2,3,4g Instrumental Contests 1,3,4g Rappin Rocket Staff 43 Annual Staff 45 Betty Crocker Award 4, Outstanding Home Ec. Student 3 RICK THOMSEN "Take time to live, that is what time is for." Basketball 1,3 DENNIS MORTON "Success is being able to pour salt even though it rains." J anitor CINDY MOSER "She conquered because she believed she could Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Marching Band 1,25 N,W,. Iowa Band 4g All-State 4g N,W, Vocal 45 Girls Glee 2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,43 Rappin Rocket Staff 4 GAIL MUMM "Willing heart lightens work." Football lg Boys Glee 2 JANET WHITEHOUSE "Nothing is so infectious as a good example." Concert Choir 33 Girls Glee 33 Annual Staff 4 BOB KOCH "One half of responsibility is ability." Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3, 45 Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Boys Glee 1,2,3,4g Chamber Singers 2,3,4g Annual Staff 3,43 Student Council lg Choir Council 15 A-Club 1,2,3,4g North West Iowa Rep. 3 RUTH LA UND ERVILLE "A good heart is always young." Concert Choir 3,45 Girls Glee 3,43 Rockette 3,45 Track 1,2 g Librarian 1,2g Rappin Rocket Staff 4 T ED HUCK "The do-it-yourself craze might be carried far enough to include thinking that way." Track 25 Football 1,25 Football Mgr. 3,4 MARY HILES "Complete happiness is not attained unless both giving and receiving are exercised." Concert Band l,2,35 Pep Band l,2,35 Marching Band 1,2535 Girls Glee l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 1, 2,3,45 Chamber Singers 35 All Seasons 45 Track Mgr. 45 Band Solo 1,25 Vocal Contests 3,45 Li- brarian 1,25 Cheerleader 2,3,4 GAIL THI EDEMAN "Ability is a pharmacist's wealth." Concert Choir l,2,3,45 Girls Glee 1,2,3,45 Basket- ball 15 Students In Review 2,3,45 Marching Band 1, 2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,35 Pep Band 2,35 Chamber Singers 2,3,45 Choir Council 45 Class Officer 35 Speech 2,45 Dramatics 35 Annual Staff 3,4 RANDY DREESSEN "Leaders are servers." Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Track 45 A- Club 1,2,3,4 ROBERT I-IEALY "Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned." Football 45 A-Club 4 BETH FRE ESE "Insisting on perfection, she makes the first de- mand on herself." Marching Band 1,2,35 Concert Band l,2,35 Pep Band 25 Girls Glee 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 1,2,3, 45 Vocal Small Groups 2,35 Rappin Rocket Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Student Council 45 Cheerlead- ing 3,45 Cheerleader Captain 45 Choir Council 4 Outstanding Home Ec. Student 25 Librarian 2,3 SUSAN MUSFELDT "One may smile and smile and be a villian still." Track 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee 15 Marching Band 3,43 Rappin' Rocket 4 RON NELSON "Do not take life too seriouslyg you will never get out of it alive." KEVIN KROEGER "Few men have ever repented of silence." LOU ANN GEHLSEN "Integrity is the ticket of admission." Basketball 15 Basketball Mgr. 4 5 Track lg Concert Choir 2,3g Girls Glee 1,2,3g Dramatics 2, Students in Review 2,3,4g Band Contest 1,23 Speech 2,3,45 Pep Band 1,25 Marching Band 1,2,3g Concert Band l,2,3g Rappin Rocket Co-Editor 43 Annual Staff 43 Student Council 3,4g Semi-Quaver Club 3 JAYNE SOMMER "Laughter will dimple the cheek, not furrow the brow." Concert Choir l,2,3g Girls Glee 1,2,3g Chamber Singers 1,2,3g Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,25 Marching Band 1,23 Speech 2,33 Annual Staff 25 N,w.1, choir 3 ROD NIEHAUS "We forget what we ought to remember and re- member what we ought to forget." GARY GRIMS MAN "No gains without pains." Basketball 1,2,3,4. LORENE POPP "Some people bring happiness wherever they go." Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track Mgr. 33 Girls Glee 1,2, 3g Concert Choir l,2,33 Chamber Singers 33 Con- cert Band l,2,3,43 Stage Band 3,4Q Marching Band l,2,3,43 Pep Ba.nd 43 Annual Staff 43 Student Coun- cil 3,43 Choir Council 3,45 N.W, Iowa Band 43 Vo- cal Small Groups 1,23 Instrumental Small Groups 1,2,3,4 E'W'1m ig 5 KIM POPP "lt must be wonderful to be young enough to know everything." Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Pep Band 1,2,3,43 Girls Glee 13 Cross Country 23 Basketball lj Rappin Rocket Staff 4 KRIS PETERSEN "Good humor makes all things tolerable." Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Students in Re- view 2,3,4Q Annual Staff 43 Pep Band 1,2,33 Rappin Rocket Staff 4g Instrumental Contests 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Stage Band 1,2,3,43 Semi-Quaver Club 3,4 BECKI KOCH "She forgives others and builds a bridge to happi- ness." Concert Choir 1,33 Girls Glee 1,3j Rappin Rocket Staff 4 KE VIN LINDE "You are expected to make good-not to make ex- cuses." Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,4j Football 2,45 Base- ball 1,43 A-Club 2,3,43 Concert Band 13 Marching Band 1 EILEEN EHLERS "The art of' being happy lies in the power of ex- tracting happiness from common things." Track 1,2,3,4g Basketball Mgr. 45 Rockette 2,3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Rappin Rocket 43 Librarian 1, 2,3,4 BRUCE YOUNG "We can live on less when we have more to live for." ROBERT IVERSEN "Fortune smiles upon the person who can laugh at himself." Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Marching Band l,2,3,43 Pep Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,43 Boys Glee 2,3,4g Chamber Singers 3,43 Basketball 1,3,4g Speech 2, 3,45 Drama 1,2,3,4g A-Club 4 GARY KRAL "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere." SANDI SCHUETTE "I shall bring to each lonely life a smile." Rockette 2,3,4g Rappin Rocket 43 Girls Glee 1 MARY KOENCK "I shall plant a hope in the place of fear." Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee 1,2,3,4g Rappin Rocket 45 Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3g Marching Band 1,2,3,4 l C BRENDA ASCHINGER "She takes time to work which proves to be the price of success." Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee l,2,3,45 Cham- ber Singers 2,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3g Majorette 4g Jr. Majorette 33 Speech 43 Drama 35 BB 1,2 STEVE MCCOLLOUGH "Our five senses are incomplete without the sixth -- a sense of humor." RUSSELL JOHNSON "Show us a man who does what he wants, and we'11 show you a bachelor." Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Stage Band 45 Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Boys Glee 1,2,3,49 Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Instrumental Contests 3 MIK E J URGENS "A talker and thinker as we1l." Concert Choir 1,2,3g Boys Glee 1,2,3g Concert Band 1,2,3g Marching Band 1,2,3g Pep Band 2,35 Annual Staff 4 3 5 E MELANA VERGITH "People who do their work well and make good are never asked for explanations." Rappin Rocket 4g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee 1,2,3,45 Students in Review 2,3,4g Speech 4, Dramactics 2,33 Student Council 45 Concert Band 1,2,35 Pep Band l,2,3g Marching Band 1,2,3g Semi-Quaver 3s Choir Council ls All Seasons 4 ALLAN KOCK "Success is not a matter of luck. It is mainly a matter of work, work, work." Basketball l,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4g Football 1,2, 3,43 A-Club 2,3,4g A-Club President 45 Student Council 45 Student Council Vice-P resident 4g Class Officer l FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT ARTURO MCRALES ORTEGO -2, --.,,,1-fn.:-:E12,315,553 :Ez . mwMNm1w1wfW-Q11 -"' -"" ---- 1 -:Q-1-Q , , 1-1-11 ' - - sf .5 -:xf -1-K1 f 1- - 1 5, 11, - e z mwsv 1 1.23 ,, ' ,, 5-'Ja h 1 WE, W-: 1 'N W, :'.vI' ..5I 14fw ', ..E1:'2:. isis' ? 2::, 1 -1515 111457 55. f--' .,., 1 Aw 1 f 11 1' ":a, 1 , U--8,11 1 A4i1'?5s65f, 1 : um J ie, -1- -11.5131 -,5gf".g':4 f" ,' ,,":.."11: ' 2g3 , msmf2ss211 'fm , . 1- 11315 -1 f55Q3?' 3i215iYRif' . a- ': : ,, rw 1511, 7-,fA5il,11,' 1 , 1511-11757115 111 , 1-, Q1, - 1- 13, 35 .... efkfwie- 1111- me ram, -:,,:faf- 11. 11.1 1 1 1 .- Mr- 111-1 11, 11 -21: - .. 1. 1 , ax . 1- - ,- . 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B1 '--- ,. . ,1 1 ,,M,,k4s1z1 1 1- fm 11 : if , 51 ::'E.:EZ5fSs?5:'a:ei5 my 1 w fy 12- 'Ha- Es .A wwf? ,Q -1, 1 ff 112 ,11 ,fi , KP, 1,,i ,f ,'1 M3,Ig 1 - ., ig 1,-1,11',111'ffi1fL1,f53?2 f 19 '?11f1Qi1 veijgq 115-',11H-' '12-112511,iQ1e' fn-,,5 - ' 853,312-Vi,,7'h,ist,'w1 '1 ,1f11Q - A-111' ez 1 1-1 ff ,12'1f1,1Q:f1 ,??Y,I1111s21 , 1 1 1 1 fiff 1-1 1- ' 1' . 9315 -1255522 1i11f,111L1,1f151yg5?f5' 111,g11v111w11-,11,5?-E 'ii ' ufiliiifi-3XTlW5?Ei- 1 -SVU-' as'1x-'x11w,:, 1'2,:?1, 111: 15521115 11,73 , ..1,W W ,1f,1,1,1--W 1 1 11 ,, ,,,1 1 zfb5ii?iELi5l7i?Y'S51-PM Yf2f'1f'1f3zs'NT 1 X11-ix"-l15?1ls5:5i'zri'15iVl,X'!5Eff HQ,121--:ei--Sw-111.-11 13--11,1-, 1-, 14 ,51 1,1gg551g3lg1w,g1J,5-,,1-1 -hMg,Agf,15gz-1-51,G-,1mss:11i'11115i 'fk 1 1 QM ,JFQ 4 'S' 'P' X N Qgggggggaii .Q Q' I -M E"-E .J 7 Q 'L X li l ,IQ Q f ff' :'Z XA F ' X , fs Q. , ' xxx Q' , Q.. 'J' xx iv xL" in I I X 0 -is 'MM i - 'BER UNDERGR 4-4 ,.-,, ,SMT - M, , in XX , A f C ' Y wiki ,assess , ' I----1 .V f 7, rmvrxxcl ,043 ff1Wf i,7v3q9S5xgx K YN , .X fff frf"r5. W'xWf 7'4" f I e - 4,7 ,Eff ,,m,iNyxkXM 1 ti X 1: +7' " f'1 r'f1' W,WN' , f -EX r x lf" V 5" ,Vu fx X 'x xx x.z 4 fu U v Q' X! A fN fa-RE-7 '- ' ' ,rw Q fi- 1 5' -' ffji-.?22f5'ff "5""f-i':Ze7'a' 1 11 "gf: sf' , Ffh !3fffi1'fg:If' '1:"2LSii'fI5ii:1f'. flIv":v,,, . fm' . fiiiss:-'f SQ-f!:,'g4:f'f' 'K k::S:Gif1..4ii'i25"S IP ., N f , 'i .xt:yz3?ii2?f" , 1 A' .l, v:5:aas+9 W Q' 9 we M w I r N, .nf n s 7 If w 6: lfalvxd 24 1 1 mx un? First Row, L, to R.: Larry Pieper, Linda Hiles, Mary Ann Jackson, Carol Ragaller, Janet Meyer, Kathy Gottsch, Peg Rake, Reesa Rothmeyer, Lanette Eck, Sheryl Oeser. Second Row: Mrs. Mallonee CC1ass Advisory, Kathy Mason, Kay Hoogestraat, Mark Peterson, Donnie Healy, Charlotte Pauley, Terri Thiedeman, Betty Herrig, Mark Crane, Dale Lenz, Diane Bruggeman, Mrs. Netley CClass Ad- visory, Third Row: Mr. Huisman CC1ass Advisory, Dannie Huisenga, Keith Riley, Connie Kuhl, Rick Vetter, Rick Petersen, Jim North, Rick Brockman, Darlys Ewoldt, Steve Jons, Russell Brockman, Mr. Mentzer CClass Advisory, Fourth Row: Rick Cornelius, John Martins, Cary Rehbein, Diane John- son, Rodney Koch, Beth Johnson, Randy Muhlbauer, Larry Dreessen. Fifth Row: Lyle Podey, Ross Iversen, Marlon Druivenga, Dennis Mohatt. Class Officers: Reesa Rothmeyer CVice-Presidenty, Lyle Podey CPresidenty, Connie Kuhl CSecretaryy, Kathy Mason Cnot picturedy was secretary after Con- nie 1eftAr-We-Va. First Row: L, to R.: Donnie Lewis, Ronnie Petersen, Rose Mary Jurgens, Delores Miller, Kevin Eck, Tim Rake, Terry Koch, Terry Anderson, Lori Lenz, Marla Jans, Janice Finch. Second Row: Mrs. Whitehouse CC1ass Advisory, Gloria Witt, Rich Stoffers, LeAnn Fagen, Debbie Peters, Faye Wiese, John Lussman, Gayle Lanning, Debra Starek, Paula Andreasen, Leesa Dettbarn, Mr. Net- ley CCI:-iss Advisory, Third Row: David Meggers, Dennis Hoffman, Rex McCo11ough, Terry Lewis, Jerry Luetje, Tyson North, Randy Cornelius, Monte Crichton, Sylvia Wenzel. Fourth Row: Lloyd Freese, Russell Lenz, Gene Thiedeman, Dale Musfeldt, Charles Ertz, Tom Dohse. SOPHO CRES Class Officers: Gloria Witt CPresidentj Dave Meggers Cvice-Presidentj, Gayle Lanning Csecretaryb. i First Row: L, to R.: Kathy Herrig, Janice Rutherford, Doug Kuhl, Joe Ryan, John Linberg, Paul Ehlers, Gregg Oeser, David Grimsman, Terri Sue Dixon, Pam Linde. Second Row: Mr. Cain CClass Advisorj, Diane Weller, Alan Segebart, Becky Coffin, Cindy Ragaller, Theresa Huck, Kathy Koenck, Cindy Koch, Mary Niehaus, George Launderville, Alan Bruggeman, Mrs. Coen CC1ass Advisorb. Third Row: Lorna Leuders, Vicki Wilken, Darlis Kruse, Michelle Healy, Denise Muhlbauer, Kimberly Hawley, Karen Gottsch, Luanne Wiebers, Diane Winey, Kimberly Doyle. Fourth Row: Rodney Lenz, Denise Morton, Terry Huisman, Garrie Huisenga, Lucinda Podey, Barbara Musfeldt, David Peters, Linda Cornelius, Ronald Koch, Jill Kroeger. Fifth Row: Steve Ragaller, David Heuton, Larry Stark, Randy McCoid, Dwight Segebart, Kevin Nulle, Patricia Grimsman. Class Officers: Denise Muhlbauer CSecretaryD, George Launderville CPresident7, Becky Coffin CVice-Presidentj. Eighth First Row, L to R Marty Crichton, Bradley Linde, Kelly Brockman, Tom Hawley, Laurie Hulse-nga, Debbie Nobiling, David Leiting, Michael Kenny, Paul Wiese, Da.nnie Oeser. Sec- ond Row Mr Knott CClass Advisory, Sandra Riley, Beverly Aschinger, Eileen Langenfeld, Debra Finch, Susan Muhlbauer, Connie Rutherford, Rae Ann Rothmeyer, Lori Rae Koenck, Kay Freese, Cindy Dixon, Mr. Thomas CClass Advisory, Third Row: Kary Freese, Rhonda Gottsch, Scott Slechta, Colleen Young, Cheryl Kock, Cheryl Lenz, Nancy Malloy, Dean Kruse, Brian Freese, Debra Hansman. Fourth Row: Karla Petersen, Darlis Maasen, Ron- ald Holdsworth, Theresa Crampton, Louis Winey, Bruce Mason, Dan North, Larry Meg- gers, Diane Peters, Rhonda Hawes. Absent--Gregg Borkowski Seventh Wheelchair, Terry Kaspersen First Row, L, to R,: Kenny Neppl, Dennie Huisenga, Shawn Schmitz, Thomas Adams, Laurie Dieter, Mark Nielsen, Mark Brockman, Doug Hansman, Arlan Lueders, Susan Hawley. Second Row: Max DeVolld, Connie Mason, Sandra Cornelius, Julie Kracht, Barbara Grimsman, Melanie Stoffers, Debbie Segebart, Judith Feilmeier, Gary Weller, Rollin Kroeger. Third Row: Mr. Bradshaw, Mrs. Wenzel CC1ass Advisorsb, Sherri Wilken, Allen Grundmeier, Robert Os- terlund, Bradley Lanning, Doug Schuette, Mark Ertz, Tamara Huck, Scot Stoelk, Curtis Ehlers, Carla Bruggeman, Mrs. Schultz Cclass Advisory, Fourth Row: Carol Hamblen, Diane Kaspersen, Alan Cars- tensen, Clayton Hawes, Roger Leiting, Richard Putt, Mark Crampton, Jerry Lapel, Beverly Lawler, Susan Rickers. Fifth Row: Von Holdsworth, Sandra McCoid, Marjorie Andreason, Kathy Amundson, Ross Thiedeman, Dave Kock, Karen Koch, Janet Vetter, Jeffrey Kruger, Paul Johnson. Absent-- Dean Muhlbauer IIRGAN ZATIUNS J T , 7 AA ' 7 N If , T-rf: 'Al -fr ,,, ff4fq rRm i n rw' M f ww ,f , Hp, -f f mi f , Qs i-11212, ,A lv, ' A fx ' s '7 f A .1275-'t 79 ' ,... , 1' , ' f,ff.E1N ' ' " - - 'GN ff, ' x ,443 -.R fffyf J wfswm- ff: v w i . V 1 f Y , ff Q, 1 If Q,s.. ,e- A 1, ' -1 f ll W. V54 4fff .. f xx .X-aw ffwx 'fff W .ff ll ,. .LX ,. x..W"11 4 .QM X , QQQUN " HNQEQPX fl: K X xW'K"2SP 4-21" M -X " X .49 ' in in Ag.'QLge3:.?,l! Y, gag, fq . 4-,af ,. ,, w .- f Qgxgdfl 1 Q, J, Xl +.v' 1419" '12 figlgflxfyq-. L SQEQS CXEQ V 52'- ffzf Q ,ffifwfwifff :V w. rvwfz- -, ' ' mv payer., - 7 fare-25'w1S,Q-Q 'f ,afafm V. pear-1 '+ffawwaf'+gges:ffIf th-Qc 3250-.' 9334-rf: 1-zbxwszi'Xf'e2x29Q:'f2'T--Q,5fMe-112.T'-. z-- ' gigs, xi sig gvuggxx '-at-,X 'Q g',.X.Lsj" 'x,.g".vg1 - . 'iff M w 3 11"'..'v gs f 8552+ Nr ' :I-NW 'QF-i5'?mw fmQ+'3'M ' 111. ,110 v 2 ein--iN-Ji r s3'xr3'5'l5q 953- .fx X Qqsqnq- - , My SN j f rw " 421' .af 3.35-1x43 A vrgyg- rv' +' g1 A 1- 1 -- . -I 5' . x C 4 3,5 ,J D375 29 K e if if 5 ii v F 5 s K 5 X i , 5 5 fi .M First Row, L, 'co R.: Cindy Moser, Diane Bruggeman, Vicki Wilken, Tyson North, Ranee Werkmeister, Kim Doyle. Second Row: Lorene Popp, Gloria Witt, Gayle Lanning, Debbie Peters, Mark Crane, Paul Ehlers, Kris Petersen, John Lussman. Third Row: Leesa Dettbarn, Terri Sue Dixon, Lorna Lueders, Darla Kruse, Terry Huisman, Terry Lewis. Standing: David Grimsman, Alan Bruggeman, Michelle Heally, Reesa Rothmeyer. MR. MANGES, DIRE CTOR First Row, L, to R.: Rodney Lenz, Barbara Musfeldt, Karen Voege, Kendall Freese, Lucinda Podey, Sylvia Wenzel. Second Row: Russell Brockman, David Heuton, Mary Kae Koenck, Brenda Aschinger, Becky Coffin, Gene Thiedeman, Kathy Mason. Third Row: Kim Popp, Ross Iversen, Robert Iversen, Monte Crichton, David Meggers, Rick Brockman, Larry Ehlers. SE 1- QUA ER Top, L, to R.: Kris Petersen, Kathy Mason, Reesa Rothmeyer, Larry Ehlers, David Meggers, Robert Iversen, Mr. Manges, Terry Lewis, Diane Bruggeman, Sylvia Wenzel, John Lussman. MARCHING BAND PEP BA D First Row, L, to R.: Monte Crichton, Dave Meggers, Robert Iversen, Larry Ehlers, Rick Brockman, Kim Popp, Allan Bruggeman, David Grimsman. Second Row: Rodney Lenz, Karen Voege, Becky Cof- fin, Gene Thiedeman, Sylvia Wenzel. Third Row: Russ Johnson, Mark Crane, Paul Ehlers, David Heuton, John Lussman. Fourth Row: Terry Lewis, Terry Huisman, Terri Sue Dixon, Debbie Peters Lorene Popp, Leesa Dettbarn. Tuba: Ross Iversen. , STAGE BA D First Row, L, to R.: Lynn Peters, Allan Bruggeman, Gene Thiedeman, Sylvia Wenzel, Liz Podey, Kathy Mason, Lorene Popp. Second Row: Ross Iversen, Larry Ehlers, Robert Iversen, Dave Meggers, Monte Crichton. Standing: Reesa Rothmeyer, Paul Ehlers, Russ Johnson, Kris Petersen, John Lussman, Mark Crane. Director: Mr. Manges. ORTHWEST IO A BA D L, to R.: Beverly Aschinger, Rhonda H awes, Connie Ma- son, Tom Hawley REPRESENTATIVES L, to R.: Larry Ehlers Cindy Moser, Lorene POPD, Robert Iversen GIRLS GLEE First Row, L, to R.: Delores Miller, Sheryl Oeser, Kathy Mason, Kathy Gottsch, Cindy Moser, Melana Vergith, Becky Coffin, Ruth Launderville, Debbie Peters, Mary Koenck, Vicki Wilken, Marla Jans, Debra Starek. Sec- ond Rowz Mr. Torkelson, Gayle Lanning, Beth Freese, Brenda Aschinger, Dena Ballantine, Darlys Ewoldt, Leesa Dettbarn, Mary Hiles, Gail Thiedeman, Gloria Witt, Sylvia Wenzel, Jill Kroeger, Denise Morton. Third Row: Reesa Rothmeyer, Lucinda Podey, Barbara Musfeldt, Lynn Peters, Louanne Wiebers, Cindy Ragaller, Terri Dixon, Lorna Lueders, Diane Bruggeman, LeAnn Fagen. Accompanistg Top to Bottom: Lynn Peters, John Lussman, Syliva Wenzel X 35 CGNCERT First Row, L, to R.: Mr. Torkelson, Luanne Wiebers, Terry Dixon, Lori Mil- ler, Sheryl Oeser, Kathy Mason, Kathy Gottsch, Cindy Moser, Melana Vergith. Second Row: Lynn Peters, Gayle Lanning, Reesa Rothmeyer, Beth Freese, Barb Musfeldt, Brenda Aschinger, Dena Ballentine, Darlys Ewoldt. Third Row Larry Ehlers, John Lussman, Russell Johnson, Alan Bruggeman. Dave Meg- gers, Bob Koch. Fourth Row: Tyson North, Mark Crane, David Heuton, Robert Iversen, Ross Iversen. CHOIR COUNCIL Top to Bottom: Ross Iversen, Dave Meggers, Lorene PODP, Dave Heuton, Gail Thiedeman, Beth Freese, Art Morales, Sheryl Oeser, Larry Eh- lers, Mr. Torkelson. First Row, L, to R.: Becky Coffin, Ruth Launderville, Sylvia Wenzel, Deb Peters, Mary Koenck, Vicki Wilken, Marla Jans, Deb Starek, Second Row: Leeza Dett- barn, Mary Hiles, Gail Thiedeman, Gloria Witt, Diane Bruggeman, Jill Kroeger, Denise Morton, Leann Fagen, Third Row: Dale Lenz, Rick Brockman, Terry Lewis, Cary Rehbein, Kevin Nulle, Paul Ehlers, Fourth Row: Dennis Mohatt, Gene Thiedeman, Jim North, Garrie Huisenga. CHOIR DIRECTOR: MR, TORKELSON ALL SEASONS First Row, L, to R.: Becky Coffin, Brenda Aschinger, Sylvia Wenzel, Diane Bruggeman, Lynn Peters. Second Row: Melana Vergith, Gayle Lanning, Mary Hiles, Gail Thiedeman. Third Row: Mr. Torkelson, Dave Meggers, Larry Ehlers, Rick Brockman, Jim North. Fourth Row: Bob Koch, Robert Iversen, Gene Thiedeman, Ca'ry Reh- bein. First Row, L, to R.: Mr. Torkelson, Alan Bruggeman, Dave Meggers, Bob Koch, Terry Lewis, Monte Crichton, Rick Brockman, Ronnie Koch, Paul Ehlers. Second Row: Mark Crane, Dale Lenz, Larry Ehlers, John Lussman, Russ Johnson, Dennis Mohatt, Cary Rehbein, Kevin Nulle. Third Row: David Heuton, Tyson North, Robert Iver- sen, Ross Iversen, Gene Thiedeman, Jim North, Garrie Huisenga. L, to R., Top to Bottom: Ra.ndy Muhlbauer, Randy Petersen, Randy Dreessen, Allen Kock, Gene Thiedeman, Steve Ragaller, Melana Vergith, Lorene Popp, Liz Podey, Sheryl Oeser, Luci Vetter, Lou Ann Gehlsen, Rae Ann Rothmeyer, Beth Freese. Absent- -D elores Miller STUDE T COUNCIL Officers--Luci Vetter Csecretaryj, Randy Petersen CPresidentj, Allan Kock CVice- Presidentj. X we E Q 5 3 2 3 5 ss 3 1 5 5 2 X: 2 H V? 5 2 Q1 mms: mm wmzmfwwmmrmxmaeauawwwy W mmmwen .awm::mvm1m4wwmm mmmanmrmwwm-ummm E 2 E 5 2 5 3 Q-mmmnewm iz mm , 53 s ummm ..................m -ml m ' WV 'EW Section Editors: Kneeling, Randy Muhlb au Sitting, L, to R.: Pam Stender, Lou Ann Gehlsen, Ga,i1Thiedeman, Lorene Popp. Standing: Randy Ruch, Kris Petersen, Li Hiles, Carol Ragaller, Janet Whitehouse s ,, , e RAPPI 9 ROCKET STAFF Co-Editors: Melana Vergith, Lou Ann Gehlsen. Advisor: Mrs. Mallonee Sitting: Ranee Werkmeister, Becki Koch. L, to R.: Beth Freese, Kris Petersen, Lynn Peters, Eileen Ehlers, Jean Lenz, Susan Musfeldt, Karen Voege, Mary Koenck, Pam Stender, Kim Popp. Machine Operators: Cindy Moser, Ruth Launderville, Sandi Schuette. Fi fi ,,,2. E L a bf.. E gli i Ei? M .i:, 553 L sr.. . LIBRARIA S First Row, sitting, L, to R.: Janet Meyer, Liz Podey, Darlys Ewoldt. Second Row: Kathy Herrig, Marla Jans Eileen Ehlers, Susan Musfeldt, Theresa Huck, Delores Miller. Third Row: Mrs. Coen, Betty Herrig, Larry Dreessen, Dale Musfeldt, Dennis Mohatt, Dennis Morton. new T2 A 5.1531 i'3"""B'f'L"'l K.""n'i'E E !lF M?"""fl -S Outside Row, L, to R.: Keith Riley, Russ Johnson, Bob Healy, Randy Muhlbauer, Dale Lenz, Bob Koch, Randy Dreessen, Lyle Podey, Gary Grimsman, Randy Petersen, Allan Kock, Gene Thiedeman, Don Healy, Randy Ruch, Russell Lenz, Russell Brockman, Dannie Huisenga. Middle Row: Dena Ballantine, David Meggers, Rod- ney Koch, Ross Iversen, Mark Crane, George Launderville, Carol Ragaller, Luci Vetter, Kris Petersen, Gayle Lanning, Lou Ann Gehlsen, Larry Ehlers, Rich Stoffers, Kevin Linde, Rick Brockman, Rick Vetter, Susan Musfeldt. Inside Row: Diane Johnson, Reesa Rothmeyer, Sheryl Oeser, Kathy Mason, Jean Lenz, Pam Stender, Lorene Popp, Eileen Ehlers, Lori Lenz, Faye Wiese. Crossbarg Mr. Cain, Mr. Bradshaw, Mr. Netley A-CLU I ITIATIO , , N f" CTI ITIES fxvn 1111 In KL hm I lwl v .wi MIX Q3 ll' . , .11 - xn --fn .., ATTENDANT Miss Pam Stender ATTENDANT Miss Jean Lenz HOMEC OMING Miss Luci Vetter z w -M532 ,PW ?'L"f SPEAKER GARY DREESSEN SPEAK ER KENDALL STAREK HOMECOMING ACTION PEECH CONTESTANTS Back Row, L. to R.: Gail Thiedeman, Daryls Ewoldt CII, State Conte-stj, Lou Ann Gehlsen, Melana Vergith CII, State Contesty, Barb Musfeldt, Front Row: Brenda Aschinger, Gayle Lanning, Kathy Mason, Leesa Dettbarn, Deb Peters, Jill Kroe ger, Robert Iversen. f-9 X Zin w 3 I I KING AND QUEEN TED HUCK AND MARY HILES PRINCE AND PRINCESS LYLE PODEY AND SHERYL OESER BRIDGE M OVER TROUBLED ATERS SPIIRTS Ak Y 1 S Q E X s S Q s i K , 1 3 5 i 5 S E 5 z 5 E x s E K 5 E 3 5 E s Z z z I E 1 E 5 5 5 E 56 UP WITH RGCKET PRIDE First Row, L, to R.: Ronnie Koch, George Launderville, Kevin Linde, Dave Meggers, Randy Petersen, Russell Brockman, Mark Crane, Rodney Koch, Steve Jons. Second Row: Dale Lenz Cmanagerj, Terry Huisman, Bob Koch, Rich Stoffers, Robert Healy, Terry Koch, Allan Kock, John Martins, Rick Brock- man, Randy McCoid. Third Row: Coach Jim Netley, Russell Lenz Cmanagerj, David Heuton, Dwight Segebart, Lyle Podey, Randy Dreessen, Ross Iversen, Randy Muhlbauer, Larry Stark, Rick Petersen, Denny Hoffman, Rick Vetter Cmanagerj, Assistant Coach Denny Bradshaw. SEASON'S RECORD AR-WE-VA 6 GLIDDEN RALSTON 26 AR-WE-VA 6 WEST HARRISON 14 AR-WE-VA 18 CHARTER-OAK . UTE 40 AR-WE-VA 16 LOGAN-MAGNOLIA 46 AR-WE-VA 8 DOW CITY-ARION 27 AR-WE-VA 14 WOODBINE 35 AR-WE-VA 0 DUNLAP 44 AR-WE-VA 0 SC HL ESWIG 12 AR-WE-VA 22 MANNING 36 COACH NETLEY LLAN KOCK- -H alfback Co-Captain PIGSKIN ACTION CO-CAPTAINS RANDY PETE CO-C 7,1 ai L5 2 5, i Q 2 gi if 52 5 4 R RICH STOFF ERS- -Halfback ROSS IVERSEN--Tackle , A11 Conference Honorable Mention LYLE PODEY--End TERRY KOCH--C enter DAVE MEGGERS--Guard RUSSELL BROCKMAN--Guard s E GEORGE LAUNDERVILLE Haliback I g s -5:::m:.:.-- 2 2f2:,,:2!'!,'5 1:-4ai-,55.:,,E:i...1:,:E1:,s, -E ff5,ais:gf2:fs5i:g:5g' 5 as K R QV X Q' R u A . 5 ' W RODNEY KOCH Quarterback RICK BROCKMAN Halfback MARK CRANE Fullback JOHN MARTINS End RANDY MUHLBAUER End BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row, L, to R.: Rodney Koch, Kevin Linde, Bob Koch, Larry Ehlers, Rich Stoffers, Larry Pieper. Second Row: Randy Petersen Cmanagerj, Coach Denny Bradshaw, Randy Dreessen, Robert Iversen,Gary Grimsman, Randy Ruch, Lyle Podey, Gene Thiedeman, Allan Kock, Russell Johnson, Coach Dave Tho- mas, Rick Vetter Cmanagerj. RECORD Ar-We-Va 67 Schleswig 41 Ar-We-Va 7 1 Schleswig 33 Ar-We-Va 78 Dow City 29 Ar-We-Va 83 Dow City 49 Ar-We-Va 51 Dunlap 53 Ar-We-Va 32 Woodbine 68 Ar-We-Va 58 Woodbine 72 Arf-We-Va 92 East Monona 53 Ar-We-Va 77 Lo-Ma 65 Ar-We-Va 40 Irwin 39 Ar-We-Va 73 Irwin 48 Ar-We-Va 49 Charter-Oak Ute 51 QOTJ Ar-We-Va 62 Charter-Oak Ute 70 Ar-We-Va 87 Wall Lake 54 Ar-We-Va 51 West Harrison 54 Ar-We-Va 62 Manilla 65 Alan Kock-Captain All-Conference Third Team KEVIN LINDE RANDY RUSH LYLE POD EY LETTERME GARY GRIMSMAN 5 . f F 1 Q LARRY EHLERS BOB KOCH 5 , S 5 RANDY DREESSEN RODNEY KOCH RICH STOFF ERS First Row, L, to R.: Vicki Wilken, Debbie Peters, Gayle Lanning, Faye Wiese, Lucinda Podey, Pat Grimsman, Sylvia Wenzel. Second Row: Eileen Ehlers, Reesa Rothmeyer Cmanagersj, Kim Hawley, Kathy Koenck, Sheryl Oeser, Lisa Dettbarn, Jill Kroeger, Cindy Ragaller, Pam Linde, Lou Ann Gehlsen Cmanagerj, Mr, Cain. First Row, L, to R.: Paul Ehlers, George Launderville, Garrie Huisenga, Ronnie Koch, Terry Huisman, Kevin Nulle, David Heuton, Randy McCoid, Steve Ragaller, Alan Segebart, Gregg Oeser, David Grimsman. Second Row: Rick Vetter Cmanagerj, Rich Stoffers, Kevin Eck, Dennis Hoffman, David Meggers, Rodney Koch, Gene Thiedeman, Lyle Podey, Charles Ertz, Larry Stark, Monte Crichton, Joe Ryan, Larry Pieper, Mr. Thomas, Rex McCollough. GIRLS VARSITY BB Front Row, L, to R.: Sheryl Oeser, Pam Stender, Leesa Dettbarn, Lori Lenz, Luci Vetter, Jean Lenz, Jill Kroeger, Carol Ragaller. Back Row: Coach Jim Cain, Lou Ann Gehlsen Cmanagerj, Kathy Mason, Gayle Lanning, Lorene Popp, Diane Johnson, Kris Petersen, Lucinda Podey, Faye Wiese, Reesa Rothmeyer Cmanagerj, Eileen Ehlers Qmanagerb, Mrs. Wenzel Qchaperonej. CAPTAIN JEAN LENZ--Guard AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV AWV SEASON'S RECGRD Lake City Audubon Schleswig Dow City-Arion Woodbine Dunlap East Monona Manilla Westwood Irwin Schleswig Woodbine Charter Oak-Ute Logan-Magnolia Irwin Dow City-Arion Charter Oak-Ute Wall Lake West Harrison Odebolt-Arthur fChristmas Tourn I fChristmas Tourn J fSectional Tourn.J 69 KRIS PETERSENH Guard, Forward PAM STENDER--Forward A11-Conference Honorable Mention LETTERME DIANE JOHNSON--Forward 2nd Team All-Conference 2nd Team All-Meet Empire KATHY MASON- - F OI'W ard LORI LENZ--Guard CAROL RAGALLER--Guard LUCI VETT ER- -Guard GAYLE LANNING--F orward LORENE POPP--Guard Front Row, L, to R.: Debbie Peters Cmanagerj, Kim Hawley, Susan Musfeldt, Eileen Ehlers, Mary Jackson, Pam Linde, Cindy Koch, Cindy Ragaller, Mary Hiles Cmanagerj. Second Row: Vicki Wilken, Sheryl Oeser, Pam Stender, Carol Ragaller, Jean Lenz, Leesa Dettbarn, Sylvia Wenzel, Jill Kroeger. Third Row: Mr. Cain CCoachj, Denise Morton, Gayle Lanning, Faye Wiese, Beth Johnson, Diane Johnson, Kris Petersen, Lucinda Podey, Barb Musfeldt, Kathy Mason. Not pictured: Lori Lenz, LeAnn Fagen, Charlotte Pauley. GIRLS TRACK K Q 1 73 BOYS TRACK Front Row, L, to R.: Russell Brockman, Keith Riley, Danny I-luisenga, Garrie Huisenga, Terry Lewis, John Lussman. Second Row: Paul Ehlers, Bob Koch, Larry Ehlers, John Martins, Monty Crichton, Rick Brockman, Kevin Linde. Third Row: Mr. Netley CCoachj, Gene Thiedeman, Allan Kock, Ross Iverson, Lyle Podey, Randy Muhlbauer, Steve Jons, Charles Ertz, Kevin Nulle. ALLAN KOCK CAPTAIN State Qualifier in Broad Jump JR HI FUOTBALL Managers: Paul Wiese, Scott Slechta Front Row, L, to R.: Danny Oeser, Brad Linde, Kelly Brockman, Clayton Hawes, Mark Brockman. Second Row: Marty Crichton, Mike Kenny, Arlan Lueders, Tom Adams, Mark Nielsen. Third Row: Jeff Kruger, Jerry Lapel, Rollie Krueger, Curtis Ehlers, Allan Grundmeier. Fourth Row: Ross Thiedeman, Brian Freese, Mark Crampton, Tom Hawley, Douglas Schuette. Fifth Row: Paul Johnson, Butch Osterlund, Davey Kock, Brad Lanning. Sixth Row: Scot Stoelk, Larry Meggers, Ron Holdsworth, Richard Putt. JR HI CHEER- LEADERS Karla Petersen, Rae Rothmeyer, Sandra Riley, Tammy Huck, Susan Hawley. JR HI BA KETBALL Front Row, L, to R.: Diane Kasperson, Lori Koenck, Sandra McCoid, Nancy Malloy, Darlis Mason, Karen Kock, Theresa Crampton, Kathy Amundson, Rhonda Hawes, Cheryl Kock, Debbie Hansman, Cheryl Lenz, Von Holdsworth. Back Row: Connie Mason, Julie Kraft, Debbie Finch, Kay Freese, Beverly Lawler, Carla Brugge- man, Barbara Grimsman, Susan Rickers, Susan Muhlbauer, Melanie Stoffers, Carol Hamblem, Beverly Aschin ger, Sherri Wilkens, Cindy Dixon, Debbie Nobling, Laurie Dieter. Third Row: Diane Peters Cmanagerb, Coach Netley, Connie Rutherford Cmanagerj. Front Row, L, to R.: Dennie Huisenga, Tom Adams, Brad Lanning, Kary Freese, Curtis Ehlers, Butch Oster- lund, Rollie Kroeger, Marty Crichton, Mark Nielsen, Back Row: Scot Stoelk, Doug Hansman, Roger Leiting, Jeff Kruger, Davey Koch, Ross Thiedeman, Bruce Mason, Larry Meggers, Paul Johnson, Greg Borkowski, Mike Kenny, Torn Hawley, Scott Slechta Cmanagerj, Coach Knott, David Leiting, Cmanagerj. IIIIKS AN USTIIDIANS 7, X X f X fWW'WfPS - ' af f'Q6 5: fr N X 'VS- ' hm Wo W 'S K ' 14 f' A29 f 71 Alf f 1 WW UW. 'ft' xy, ' V V Wa' ' 2 V 1 .v-1 4 ' f I J gy ' Q 0 0 0- 2' .- Ns :-1' Wk-. J A ,H ff. ' 'fl -,ya 42'-, fav. .2 ,vm 5"r -.fgfff ,f"1Q2l'i'e'Y3?1 ' " WI fd'-'.s1Sw.f?5 ,-tT'2gw7.fM1?c' Z Arrffgl-'iQ51'ggK5?ef" 43 g Af Wi- '.-14: Q ,- .f:?: i'!kf'9iEi- 113332, , G Z' , 'HQSEFQEBZQKKH'A'??'Cf'?:-21 'QM' Ax ' '1'Ix'2" 75?"v?'QQ-2 '19-' 'BW W' :SgA1,g.-5211 .'6p,,c , 4',fq9H. ,fgg5',6 ,w','0..ff HQ, .At J u' f sNY'RQX.iXX71,1 7 Jr Jo" .1' 4-0 - 2' F4 U ffxw' ff?" Wax ffvf ,?,,,,, Q. .x x .1 ww: 1 sg Q. 1, ,. Q. 1 , v,-Q:.M.,g,QKXQ5kv km ".1,"QQ XX1sS1fi'.,9f ' :Maw fo, ,V- .f'i4f'Q,41f 1 . -' wr ,Av ,, ,,.,.p ,WLAN "f ' 5'f?QxN:f- fvffnw 322-W 5 Q Yif W' 4. sg, .-Q-Qs-Lg, J .' 9- I -' J:-fic .lf ',-I+" DRG, 'fqv - L xx., QI? :W 'mf' - A fr ' ' , 4 - 1 A 49' 9 '- I 4',- I 1 fuk uf' A 41' -s.. ' Hs. ' ,'.'f4fJ -Er - " Y ,.-an v " ' 35 , ,VMQQ " S I ll , 1 9 ' I Q AM -Mfg W Ps.:-,ff Pj-,-, - -- - , gi,-,,.. :Eg A. ,,,.,,,, , .5 , l, ,ggi--v-'2"""" ' H, i vwn 2 u J QQQQ ...Qi 1 f!'.!'tf'efQ'-f!f:. ,,i'.,,W,., ' 'Q Oqbtzdx - iii' L--,:,:,.+.. f v.,,.l-4 , l 1 ' 1.3.-Q. if-- f 5 ' f if-4'- " .F K Al--B-,. -"0 A Al:-:,,:,.Y W.-.-. an I ESV! Evfw' dx" A E, O' --.-K.. -2- Q N 1 W A! A :WJ-155. b 'Q H Q l 1,1 5fo'o'4' fftfeg 9 j " ' " .-- - 1 I ' VI I ' JAN1T9flE?45r1L, Mi? nb f + M' -if Q I H lfx 7-H: f-,QA u Qa W ,Null Q L .J 3 L-J: X: 'Q ,, , 1 14 ,M 4 , rl it J . yi Q, +1 , N 4 it KX H lx" : F I, J k 1 Q M -... Q ' ' 1 ' 0 ' ml ' -.-Q. , E Wan L la ,..i- Q s D J 0 c.52-'.. "1 1 - IH f,, 1, f 4, f xW' L aiu' ff Q I fy 4.43 0 Q -I Cooks, 1. to r.: Joan Lindstrom, Elaine Kroeger, Neva Petersen Janitors, 1. to r.: Dick Anderson, Vernon Rickers SENIIIR ACTIO C0 PX , Qxifb 'X , 'Y x f- A XX 4 Qi Hs Mrx - X vf ff 'f A 2. Q ' Q, M Q43 Q SO QR x wi? FPS ' Randy Petersen--MC Larry Ehlers--Class Will Jean Lenz--Rocket Dedication AWARDS DAY D ennis Morton- -Janitorial Duties Bob Koch--Citizenship Award Melana Vergith--For the Cleanest C115 Locker I CoMMENCEMENT y MAY 15, 1972 CLASS COLORS- Purple and Lavendar CLASS FLOWER- Yellow Rose CLASS MOTTO- "Our deeds are like stones cast into the pool of timeg though they themselves disappear, their ripples may extend to eternity." Lyle Podey--Junior Class President Reesa Rothmeyer--Junior Class Vice President Commencement Speaker-- Dr. George E, LaMore HONOR STUDENTS Eileen Ehlers Larry Ehlers Lou Ann Gehlsen Mary Hiles Mike J urgens Jean Lenz Lynn Peters Randy Petersen Lorene Popp Jayne Sommer Pam Stender Gail Thiedeman Karen Voege Janet Whitehouse IDR X:- i i 2 M 87 88 ERTISERS gg iv V- I ,.. , rf T. x L ,O E 0 , I 07 MTE . T Iii T-1 ix QF-'iff :ik , ,,, ,, 1 6 I U XY ,.......,,-he .KA , I 1 1 E? W ! Q91 fx X1 ' 11.1 NX i 3125 'V ! I pl X1 l M E 1 M VX MM re? 13? 9 My f g wuijfogfi 1 1 ' 1 . . 1 41- 1 1 3 ' 1 ff - 1 1 1 . 1 1 Aw 1 1. - Y , . L 1 4 Y Vx, 4 - , - 5 ' X 3 . 1 1 K J X X X . A .. h 1 1, ' M K L Q 1 U ?,3 ,QQSSAX - .A-.. J 1 L.-E1 X H 1 JK 11 , xi 1 I N f 1 t ll K 1 U 1 0 1 X ! A! X l xx, M 1 1 :f an fv. 1 I ' A X A I X XS 'l Qgzgfk 1 , Q .. I 11, ga -1 1 1 1V , 'g0V5fb2f?F' X XX ff' " 1' 1 .- I ' 'NA Q ' ,4 ' A 'tl ,px ' u- t 1 N 45 9 - AMW- 1 ' U AU 1 QW' 1 1 ' kv 'fy ' 1,1 1 ,35'Q3xX!QQhW"HiE2E5'HRKxx ' Q ' 5 5 ' 356' Q-21' Q '-' , WW' .1 1 fl V 431, 43, J X xxx C11 M 3 ? ' q 111, RX 1 ' , -159' K A gif' ,ff l ,, . 1, L4 0-Q39Qx! -,'-ikaiif' X1 V A 1 .r I - 3- 1 1 Aw.. 6 1 , 45:4 KQQv1a6!a5ewEa N- I 91 WM- 1 1 914' ' J gyfwmyX1'gM' N 4 14 - - if -, x,X 'tv' 1 W 1 1 " If -q lux W' 1 .111 A , ,.,. 1 , .XR - . W M' N f W 9? , 1 N A-A ww vw. B ' XX .3966 f -"' Z, W 7 f 11 Q 4t O XX: N , , V V X 'wx X Q ,I Q R v ' ' ' S- X, ' y x , A 'V r, f Q I, I, N qw f x JN xk XV ' . 6 Q 1 1 My 1 .1 X X swzkx Q' 1 89 Y lsxy ' .' X f 'Q NYQQIQ' x ' ix' xxx X Q' ,W xx X N S59 45 ROCKET BOOSTERS ARCADIA Al's Service Andersen's Parts and Service Arcadia Insurance Agency Arcadia Locker and Market Arcadia Oil Company Arcadia Telephone Cooperative Farmer's Co-op Elevator Leichti Brothers Trucking Lon Diers Grocery Muenchow's Welding Porky's Tavern Ron Sundrup Transfer Stoffer's Oil Company VAIL Crane Feeds Incorporated Donna's Beauty Salon Dr. J. L. Flood Etzel and Jackson Jackson Motors Marvin's Market and Provisions Wiese's DX Westside Lumber Company WESTSIDE Dr. K. A. Doyle, Veterinarian Cal-C ar Service Company Carm's Cut and Curl Denny's Restaurant and Lounge Don Nobling, Standard Tank Wagon Service East End Cafe and Beiter Oil Company J ans Food Market Luetje Plumbing and Law Enforcement Mason's Auto and Equipment Repair M. Wilken and Son Trucking Noack and Johnson Ragaller Standard Rose Feed Farm Supply Trucking and Livestock Dealer Sid's Place Triple "F" Service Center Weber's Electric Westside Auto Salvage y Westside DX Westside State Savings Bank Westside Telephone Co. DENISON All New Cronks Anderson's Clothing Anthony's Hairstyling Carlyle Memorials Charlie's Alignment and Radiator Shop Coleman Motors Crawford County Trust and Savings Bank I Denison Auto Company, Inc. Denison Bottling Company Denison Candy Kitchen Denison Drug Denison Furniture Mart Denison Livestock Auction Denison Newspapers T Denison Professional Cleaners Denison Sporting Goods Denison Super Valu Dr. J. L. Flood, M.D, Dr. Paul S. Baker, Optometrist Dr. R. F. Logan, Optometrist Earl's Conoco Station y Farmer's Elevator Mill, Inc. Ferris Hardware Flower Nook Gaughan Pontiac and GMC Honda Village Huebner Funeral Home Jahnke Implement Company J and O Service J. C. Penney Maxwell Funeral Home Modern Woodmen of America Old Home Bread Retman Furniture Ritz Theatre Roscoe's Jewelry S Sz S Schau Shoe Repair Scherff Pearson Texaco Smith Motor Supply Two Miny's Vince's Skateland CARROLL Ann's Flower Shop Anthony's Hairstyling and Wig Salon Bernholtz Brothers Frozen Food Center and Dairy Betti's Bridal Shop Bierl's Parkway Furniture Coast to Coast Store Community Jewelry Commercial Savings Bank Dearduffs Dahn and Woodhouse Funeral Home Don's Bakery Dr. L. B. Westendorf and R. E. Langenfeld Economy Shoes Eddie Quinn Ellerbroek's Farm and Home Store Jacobsen Travel Agency J. C. Penney's Jahnke Implement Co. Jurgen's Produce Sz Feeds Loehr's Jewelry Nockels Clothiers Pauline's Cafe Prenger Furniture Production Credit Association S and M Finance Sernett Family Center Sharp Florist Sunderm an Sz Brothers The Loft-Bridal Service Uptown Sporting Goods Wilke Drug Store OTHER FRIENDS C. G. Johnson Boiler Co. Chuck Wood Crouse Cartage Co. Dr. George P. Berry Ed M. Feld Equipment Co Genelli Studios, Inc. Harlan Office Equipment Huff Refrigeration Iowa Public Service Johnson Motor L. G. Balfour Lane Audio Visual Co. Luther Allen Mid-Bell Music Company Misle Bus gl Equipment Co Playtime Equipment Company Sportsman's of Storm Lake The Observer IN MEMORIAM s We the Seniors of "19'72" dedicate this page in memory of Rick Hansman, Class of "1967". WALSWORTH Marceline. Mo , l .S.A HBIw.lf."w" u rho Z '!l'l'n"': :ll I ' :ll -' 1' ' 'lIv.iHHll2nlH'II'h EH IKIIQ.. -71511: wmquq- I In I I n I I I- Inn 1 P-.D-if I Z 'I 1 I I I. . I- .-I. . I-.1I-'I.I ' : I-if ,-by 5: II--I.-f-,1 .-, lI.' ' . III".IIII.'I.I ' . "'1 I.I.'.'- "'. I- -HHH I T . -I .- :-- - 5- ",-. -- I WI-.'IE - . -' I 'Is . " . . I I '. . II I I IIII- I.I ' .-' '. ' '.':. ' - 1 ' I'- .. I I -.: " . .fy 'nr IIW -ur I I. ..f II ' .. is . . . If I ww If .. I , I.,.r I I I.,- . I I. I . I,-:'I-I.I :I ,III II ev v. I .I I' I I'If i I ff. .. - ' -1 'W' ."g.I " - .II m -.. . .. .. . .I III:II:.I. - , ll' ll II':I I DRIIII . II I. I' . 'I.II'.'-I 'IR I 471, IIII I I ..'I, III I.I II I. 'II L INL II ' I . . . .' 1I'I ' . .' . -1. fI'I . I "M:"."I- w, II '.I'k I. I .. il '.-" If -T-l-:-J Y II - 1' I-'I..I: I.-II III.. I ' . I.:I' . ." .. I" v I: I -Il l WIN II II II WIN I' F I! JI II' E H? ff 'wa J' ...Z H' ' I .-.II . IIIIIII I .- I I : I I M '.-M Er! -I .- I - au. .II . 1 I . I 'I . - - - f III EI I If! .., 'I'I" .. 1 -- I I lIII I .. -i'5. ?"."I -."'. -...ILL 2 '- . -I-- - . I.." -.. ' ' I - . -. .'.' ' - H .'... IIIILIIJE 'I'Ig .'I-I.."- . - If - 1. nf I::I"I. 'I "'.? '. JE. -3 . ' . ' I' .-I' -I f-' ' I 7, .E 'I"'II I II I',-'LII JI' . If " I . I .' . I I -H- f I " 'I I . ..r'IIg H. 'I - .-' T' ".:'i-'- -'. L-"." LV ' . 'I. II. "I' 'IIIII I:'.' . 'I II I .I I II.I .. II I IIIIIII I , .I II. .II IIII.I'IIII-, -I I I.-. -'!':I'I I, I IIIIIII II I II ' I EI - II.I:f:.I ':.'I.IrI . ... .TE ':. "IIH--..- .I-l.!'v I -5I.. . I- .I .- ' I .I ":' II ' III.'I-FII. -I :I I IIP. .II I II. I. II - , .II- . I ..I I III ..' I ':-I-:'.I:.:'I?' ' ' I ,II I' XI 1.-' I IIII .gf Ii I I.I II-,I II '5 Z'-.I ': -.- I ..I'E ' . I' I.. . "' 'I '.': .. 'I'III. 5 I III-iIg:lII - I I-I IIIIIII. I.I -I I :ISI I I.. I J "r :C 'I .,' . -2.1.54 5'-'I I rx I.I-III ,IIIIIFI I-.I I I I . I1 I .. IIII III.Igi'III I f 'II --:III ' . I.-i'.'I: '-r S -.' V I. . If I.I . I , - III x N" " M I I I " ir I . .'- I. -I-:" .hlgI f , : I If - u.- I H I ' .,-I - QHL 'I -' -H . f ' -' . 1' gay . I -,J.I-I..,..j-4Lx..-u':-.,-l'.U-.,..H 1 I.I' ' -"1 hw-.'.-.--.g-J..1a4.....fli.L..- . I I w w 42 ' 1' u X' A' 1: v I A un "r,, dl' 4 F.. . ' W '-T5vIg..'f"'l1:,E P. L wx V 1 V Y ' n PM 5 . , . -. 1 . L , . , X , f . . . 1 W . . , K :YI 4 W . . ,- - L L I. .J . I J - . x. F . . ,Inf . ' Llgifhw F-Uv Q' 61 3' I .- 4 .Ll 1 .u'. - .a. ,- . , I 1 u A ' " F'.-Fu' I vw: - A Q - n 1 'Aff . '- Fill., .- , s..:'F 5 , . 1 . , :rm-.. ,, . ..,-.. . Lf-5 41 - n n '-I - -Q" F, "H ' ' '.'!"i7f1f""l. " J.u.a-D. A, vi ww. .:.fv,,r.. -- ,.' .. gg '.-A-W . A 'iET'1f- .xifl ' ' I nv -I la, ,, .. .. . -ygw , ,. V '5"'3c'u-'V'-X L 3 4 .QV - ,-'-,ras 3-Hs' bu 34 A.: f l .. 'JP ' tv-'nm .f 1 Q1- ., ' W 135. 'lk QTL F' N l.-nu' 'liz J-?m,2-Qfk 'Wgff-T ff 0 51" 1-nl .- , , , , . 'tina-'la-egrif si, F iff Liftqsx 4 r 6.111553 E' 1 - WE H ..A 1 'n ,A K, X . . U VY fs?-'YF1 . ... . 'W ,, ,, . L.. iw '1' :F IF Arm W ,J rf W ln'- 1 fi 5 V - .un Q -:,1r- Q - ,gg Figs: " 1z.,1:jI.rJ- A "KJ:--. gllydi' "T, l , Q - ' -v - rv-lp?-, Jn, . 'rffxf' .L,,'2-17 fl! !,W.u. Z . .- :1.. gf. A.: U' f1'UHd3 . ' H-fik A - -101,1 "WHS KlLll Q , .,, ,1 v r f Q5,ew'.f'v':'.'-uf-'sf-, X X q JZ , T. . I V, , . ,. , I 'A K I ' 1 J E W. X A J ,lv -V , , ,1 , , I 'I' - JL' ,ji FV' " ' - ' " '-11:1 1 . ,. ,,1,4..,, 5 :. -2--:.m.xf. -V .:, .,x . -Ji " 1-'r-J-f,'-'-HZ-"' I -' ' WH ,mv 1 ,.,.L,.,,,,c,?g,v . . , . 4 limxlqj . 4' I :wg -'Q-15, ,. ,,,. f-A R pr , ., N4 ., ., .. ' G 1 -91-'efnqfi--7: 7f r uw. . ., H f 7

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