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QW! ,Lawful W www ff dw 344150911 WMM ffwmwf fda wwwi fyfffffk wwwdf A my MM fpizffy P,Z2f1,Lw!Mf7f5z'e4fv"fA' LULQ I fblaapwxw P' Lffilfi-P4f"'Cfef2f4'z1uil Nik JM awp WE? Wifylff' M w" f' A QW Qiilil QW new . W '5 7 J' ff ,, , ff - ' . J f 1 . J V'.- Q V Lf'4'ff' Y ' X " '67, , l I I V 1 A 4' - P ,f f SL f , 14,02 . , 1 A iff V j 1 f- ,A ..-f"""""'-Mr' Fx J 7 JVFWH I 4-ffm, ' ,Q-A QA' ff, I . V 1, if x , ,HQ , 0 j - Y t AU Y , ff S-N., , Af A 1-3 ,fl 021, -xx F. ' , if ig 1 ' .. . ifw...N.,!1 J , VJ ft F , fl , W! 5 'XX 5 , N'-. . 'ki N b I., QJ ll f AANAF 71 A lf.: 1 eg U 3 A r 1 1 ' ' Jw XFN n J g ,M KJ , xx fa T B7 J fi f ffj KX- 7 :av fi A .xvxzqx .DQ - f fx ' AX g SX QU 100 4' JN ' 'Q fg '27 '65 f l . Q N Q 4? Q X , S E7 l 'il ' Q 5f..A"A-iiiqtyi gg if C EX C I? x Q 1h , Q-Q' ' Q 1-aa 9 wi W fv r X ni 0 "' J 'L YN 47 X ? l if J., Fuwg f X X C10 f f 1' SHLEUQ me Q5L.1 , ,J A 'Dow' Liv! 74 X if if f ,W .1 A A Q3 fkx M TER Thou, place of rezfrie. Praise we and njzloolzl flue Ill relrospeflion Wfe see ilu' ilIl'671fl0I1,' Always to sirive for Tloat zvbiclo we were made or, Aquinas, evernlore. Dear Alma Mater, May you in all hours Be the Ullfiflllldlllg, Be the one cmnnlaullizlg Amr' of tlmse striving. Be the one s1zrz'i1'iug, T7'lIllIlphd1If orer all. if rg at W K Ns A r N. W" ' xr 44 ff ' Ztffzu T. . if ,VN S, '-,I 1 E- , , it Lili? wma 'gf 1-. ' sir ,a I if gf -U 41542 1 3 Q. f Egffy gm ml 4 'xx . , 5 fi? , . Z ' 'Ek 22 M X ??' gl, gc If A ' V :', 1 , A , 3 :ai 66 M", x 2 Y 1 W ', ,, H" Y f fi? xg S QUINAS TITUTE 9 W r H X r Q I .WWF -fi! ' s ,fi xi if ff? Q' z DICATIO At Aquinas. rw are all SfIlll'l'llf,Y, ll'l' are all ntissirmarics. As zrc gaze in retmsflcwt nrer fzast -'l't'u'l'X at nm' sulmnl, ll'L' gran' lIlL'I't'z!XlI1glA1' auarv of flu' imfmrfant flart ll'l7ll'lJ tin' missions lvazlc fllajwl in tba' lifes of its stmlents. Unitb Ibis tlnnfgbt in mind, uw feel justified in lmnoring the fldfflill and ,'n1trnnesses nf the missions-Saint l'4ranc'is Xar- icr anzl Saint Teresa of LlXCll.Y. "'1'lllf LlT,1'I.1f I:l.OW'lfR". The uwrk of the flH'lI16l' is nmre vrizlcnt, for bis labors in 'lafzan and the lfast Indies remain a znozlern miracle. l1ou'e1'er. Saint Teresafs mntrilnttinns to tba spread of the Catbnliv Ifaitb are aniytbing but zrizlelj' recognized. It is a fact, nevertlaeless. that upon ber death. ez'irlenc'e was ffnfnn' tn the egecst tlaat slye zlizl nmre for the missions, by ber flfd-1'L'l'S and savrifves, than any ntber nzissionarby, avtfrc' as be may have been. To these stalwart partisans for the missions, zrbn fought nnceasinglus and IlIlll'dl'6'I'il1g1'1' in their trllth-teaching tasks, we of Aquinas arzlentlj' zlezlivate Ibis blllllblf' effort. our yearbook. "Tile Areteu. Q Ki, 'pl 'TJ a, rt ' c ,fb Q. f-5 5 -lz' '1- T. TERESA OF LI EUX fjufroneu of fAe 77iiJ51'onJ Burn - 'lxlllllzlfij 2, 1875 limcrcd Ciirincliles - A,t1ril9, 1888 Died - Sefltwlllzer 50, 1897 filllllillibiid - 11111-3' 17, 1925 Patrunesa of the Missiona - Derember 14, 1927 lfcaat Dux' - Ovtnber Srd. 'Q' 'Q' ST. FRANCI XAVIER ,Jah-on of fAe 77!f.5JionJ Born - xl ril 7, 1506 A vt, ff Hcuunc Jesuit - Anguyf 15, 155-1 fyflidillfd Priest - june 24, 155' Died - Dwellzbcr 5, 1552 Cfmmniscd - ,1111'y22, 1622 lfmst Day - Ilefenlber Fwrd. 3155 44. ', V f at . ' - . xr -, A J S' 4 , HOU PLACE OE RE ERIE Oxer a half century ago fifty fne years to be exact the late Father Hickey conyerted a part of the old C athedral Hall tnto a schoolroom where he prepared to open 1 busrness class Ivso sears later rn 1904 more rooms were fitted out so that an academic as well as a tommercral course could be had at the new school I'hus Cathedral Hugh the flrst Catholrc High School rn Rochester was establrshed ln May of 1905 Father Hickey was consecrated Brshop Nexertheless he contmued hrs leadershrp and remamed a member of the faculty of the school whrch he had founded After slx years the school had advanced to such a stage th it Brshop Hlckey felt that vuthout rrsk he could leave rt under the guidance of prnests, sisters, and lasmen Stster Prudentra was named prrncxpal Wfhen rt was fnrst founded m 1902, there were only thrrty puprls, but by 1913, rt had ox er four hundred students regtstered The faculty was made up of four priests, fourteen Sisters of Saint joseph, and three laymen Already, even at this early' date ln the school's development, commercial graduates of Cathedral Htgh were occupytng Important posttrons rn the busmess world, and the graduates from the academrc courses were wmnmg honors and fame for themselves and for their former school at colleges and untversmes throughout the country, not ably at Notre Dame In the fall of 1925 under the leadership of Father Charles Muckle, who had been appolnted prmcrpal rn 1915, a drne for funds for a new and better equrpped school burldmg was begun, and before II had ended, over S900,000 6 nc hccn suhscrlhcd Un Xl :rch ' ' thc pttron tl fc :st of Snnt Thon um is sho 1 ic cx hr ulcc thc grounc fc r thc ncw Aquinas Ihe hull in s c m m ctccl in tlmc far thc Scptcmhcr opcmn m 1275 I tther XX1lI11m Bxr c :mc ic s ti ncw sc ic mc in 1978 he w ts succeede IIIILI' Ctr x c fo I4 Xqumxs cstlhlishcc itsclf notxhls in llmost eserx tctixitx in which thc stuclcnts plrticipttccl Irom the first the deblting team w I5 it th hlnc onc of thc citx s hncst thc hislsethtl telm the best in ts in c tihlishmg rccorc tftcr recorc I1UflXXUI'lI"ll 1 1 worlds one hx sir ue 00 shutout xictorx in thc National C ntholic High School tournament 1 77 mc tic ont tll team hccimc thc ttllc of the town from l9s0 lv thc Iiisiliin I ithcrs Itiils oxer thc idministrttion of the sc c I lssummg thc huge debt which had tccumultted in the w tlse of the depression gress ri ndlx XX hen Iwthcr Duggan succeeded Ixther Olome in 194s Aquinas began rise is 1 great foot 1 power Ihe ftcilitxes of the original home grounds Idgerton Pirlc not being sufhcient to hold the s ist crowds which clme to witness the gunes the tctm mos ed to the adequate resources of Red XX ing Stadium where Aquinas footbill retlls entered the limelight The first Bosstown game drew tlmost twcnts thrcc thousand people tnd in nerige of oxer fifteen thousand mended etch Sund is In 1949 with lither fullmine is new principal, Aquinas really toolc a big step in the school s histors md 1 hllf million dollir stadium was constructed in honor of the school s wir dead Ihe following xeir the new Memorial Stadium w lb the scene of mms 1 thrill is eight strught opponents went down to defeat md 1 perfect se ison w IS secured Ihereupon it was decided that new fields must be sought for conquering md in 1951 an ill prep school schedule was ob tuned X ictorious in ill but two glmes the little Irish were named one of the best high school eles ens in the n ltlon Howes er the years following such great success can lead only to a Iesellmg off which A uinis his had to icce vt rather reluctintlx Let us ho we we can raise I ag un to the heights we once enlosed The setr of 1952 saw I' :ther 0 I oane return to Aquinas as principal after an absencc of almost a decade And in 1955 I lther Magee our belosed present day principal succeeded rather O Loane Such 1 brillnnt histors cm onlx arouse a sense of pride in all who contrib uted to so great a success XX e as students of Aquinas, in the year nineteen hundred and fiftx sesen haxe a great tridition to uphold Mas God help us to carry on I I I I 7 I 1 I '- ' ' - . . . ' 'th, IJ--I, - 1 1 u 1' 'IHS Acl ' 1 , Ili I ll' 'Is 't 4 - ' I 1 ' ' ' 1 ' 1 . ii ' Ll' g wa 'o I I - ' A i - c ' .L ' ' ' ' i g i f-'. "1 '1 'DC he '1 ' tl - fir t principal of Ie ' 'I vol, 1 I ' - , '1. . " d by I". - ' adv. In th- years to I mg f ' 1 -I 1 ', -I '. ' 1 1' ' 1 . .' 4' D' ', '. 1 'i 1, 1' 1 '1 Al st11ncIoL 1 1: 1 I, ' ' " 2 1 ' 1, ' 1l 1 , ' I the lfz . I, i '21 i, A " I 1 ' ' I, ' ' .lip 1 ' v' 'i I of115 - . " " ' 1'1' 1 I1 " 'Y i' 1 in ll-..1 1 I I ' f 1 IU1 '1 "1 ' ' 1 ' ' Q' on. In ll'7, ' 1 "1 'iz H c ' ' '1 ' i. 1 ' Shao, 1.. ' 1 ' ' ' i' 1 1 " 1 ' '1 ' years. Father U'I,o1me was selected as principal and the school continued to pro- .. ll ' Y' '1 ' '1 . " :1 '.1 ' f, "' to ' 1. 1 1 b1lI ' 'i ', I i ,Q ' L. .' L, . , . , ' 2 ,' 1 '1 A ' 1 ' ' ' "' ' ' , ' ' 1, 1 1 ' ' if . ' ' ' 1 . " " fl 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' .' 1 1 ' I 1 '. q Y. Ii I . 1 2 V . -. 1 . Y I I '1 9 ' 5 ' '. 1' 1 1 1 - ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' - 5 ' 1 1 . ' i ' I' 1 , ' i '1 J ' 1 I' 1 ' 1.' ' ' 1' ' ' 1 1 ' J if '1 5 Q ' . i ' , i ' ' I ' k k. W I i ' ' , 1 -1 - r - f - V 1 - ' - - . -- - , . , 1 ' , ' i' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 " ' 1 '. ' " , , , I' 1 ,I Y .1 , 4 I . ihfx . . , ' 1 B' '1 1 Af . 1 ' ' fi , , , . - , , I I i 4 -V I I u - , , - - '7 . - - ' , . ' , , ' . I.-5 , y , . , , 2 ' ' . , I, ' . , l MOST REVEREND JAMES E. KEARNEY, D.D. .-19. WKEEQQ 3 4 M ' 112931 A TITULAR BISHOP OF CEA AUXILIARY BISHOP OF ROCHESTER OUR BELOVED BISHOPS ' WG f II, II , mjg n nv 1 Q Z 'L X BISHOP OF ROCHESTER gofclen .xdnniueraary a.4 pr1'e5f Ordamed Prlest Seplember 19, 1908 Appointed Bishop july 1, 1952 2f .fdnniueraarg ad Minis MOST REVEREND LAWRENCE B. CASEY, D.D I Dil hi bv .ff 9- .J P item ali" ELO: 0 R PRI CIPAL f'--'IFE 11,05 THE VERY REVEREND ERNEST P MAGEE CS B You the graduates of 57 jom the ranks of an mllustrlous body of men the Aqumas Alumnl ust as the tree IS judged by IIS fruxt so also IS the school judged by the type of manhood xt produces We are proud of the record estab lnshed by our Alumm Thelr number includes men of every professton priests tc thnngs sacred ewndenced nn thexr lnes as famtly men and social leaders They are men before men and men before God Try always to remember that you wxll eyer be a part of Aqumas Graduation effects only a phy sxcal separatlon from nts enurons X our Alma Mater welcomes you mto the Aqumas Alumm May you preserve and ey en mcrease the honor and presnge that thus group of men has brought to Aqumas IO H lg.. -' P 1 , 1 1 a 7 7 7 - J ' , , , . Y 7 . - . I .u . . I . : . , doctors, lawyers, engineers, judges and business men. We rejoice at their adherence I . 1 , y. . . . Y . Y , . ' , . I . JY lv 'L . . . , i g v gbx A.. lL F. jr FR. VINCENT F. ECKERT, C.S.B. Treasurer . FR. XVIIFRFD S. RILEY, C.S.B Dirvrlor of Dixriplinc IDMI I TRATIVEX1 OFFICER FR. RAYMOND L. PRINCE, C.S.B. Sophomore-Freshmen Counselor K FR. LFON G. HART, C.S.B. Vin'-Pfinfipal FR, XV. OSCAR REGAN, C.S.B. Senior-junior Counselor J '11-T .1 ,af FR. CYRIL F. CARTER, C.S,H. FR. CHARLES P. IJONOVAN, C.S.B. FR. VHVCFNTJ. FULLERTON C.S.B. .'H.1llJz'malirJ Afllillfmdlifi Sfmflifb f"'v-Xin., lik, x . ,-cn 'fn I FR. -IAIWES KEON, C.S.B. FR, CYRIL D, UDALL, C.S.B. Aiatbemalirs, En 'lixb Musif L FR. JOHN C. SPRA'I'I', C.S.B. Pbysiral Edufalion F CULTYI 1' 0 FR. JOHN R. WHITLEY, C.s.B. FR- JOHN N- WILSON, C.S.B. Libmriml Clnfmixtry 12 V . . M-1 gifs i MR. SAMUEL D. FEMIANO, C.S,B, MR. RICHARD J. SCHIEFEN, C.S.B. MR. XVILLIAM A. SCI-IREINER Christian Dottrine, Latin History, Spanish CSB' Latin 15:9 MR, LOUIS D. BASILIE INIR. FELIX F. HART fbysital Edutalion, Health Registrar M 5?-I W MR, NVILLIAM F. MLCARTHY MR. ARTHUR C. NOXVACK MR. JOSEPII S. RIEPKO Business, English, History History, Health History I3 ' env'- MISS FRANCES HFANEY PHN Yrlaool 'Nurse INIRS, IRENE KARP and INIRS. HELEN IWASSETH Serrefaries of Ike Treaxurerk Offire J 1- 1' ,jf INIISS SARAH R, INIALONE INIRS. ELEANOR WARNER and IWRS. PATRICIA YEAGER Typing Setreiariex of the Rerordx' Offife 14 li wg? 4. gc , f --f "" Q? ff as if Q N C. ,.+'Z - " . KJ L 41: ,, 1' ' V' . iwrzigd gg "af f 793 'W 71?Q2ifJ+ :f ' ua vw . - was ' v 1 FH 'Q' -. W 919 IWc c"lF'pu ' gg Hu 59" -4-- fwqvff gg gg 'wigs-"cw., UQ 'X w x!...4 L-1 'Aw iq Ll.: h J. ' ' li ll E, x Y 'IU Ziff' gf? 1 an cg Yi zu M f ww evil L-1 qv lg 1-,Q v 'I' y,n.v 'xl ,N-.. :I U me K1 5 EQ ,iff 3' 5:2 573 22... T13 5 ' ff" 1: Q, an "Y Wi :iw rbi " B' x 'ff 5-" g1QH.Q.' is mis IQ -, pe' :N :Img n"3 full H .iq :1'P1h-1" uh- wr. ms...a:as..a pw., 1, uvf- J -vu . ysls'f5E.'95a rfb '?4'1m-fefsfm Iilyfl iw-H 'r+"n?WXW:" 1'-'S .--- .... .1 V.. mil? Siifwg ggi I3 lgjijfgglgjj its 5 .,,....v I ' 4 K, ' Q 1 li' 'Uh '. 'I 1 is 4 '11 4 . If r 1 Standing: Ronald Marang, john Duggan, W'alter Eisenberg, joseph Mitrano, Kneeling: Gerald Frank, Philip Nothnagle. Back Roux' joseph Dolan, Ronald Schvven- ger, Edward Tabak, Vincent XVissman, Stephen Martin, Gerald Klueber, Andre Lair. Front Roux' Robert Engl, Alan Scar- sella, Salvatore Faso, james j. Kelly, Robert Baumgartner. 0D LITY FR. J. J. ABEND, c.s.B. Director 1 'Y' Left lo right: james Schermerhorn, Richard Long, Terrence Fleming, Michael Boccacinn, Paul O'Connnr, Brian Gibson, Edward Bara, Lawrence McAlpine, Sanford Petix, john Adams, Michael Tighe. l8 as J 1 fi, gin Jil ,vi C Q I I 1 " FRFSHMFN MISSION LEADERS-Standing: Thomas DeCesare, Gary Klein, james Chisholm, james Agos- tinelli Richard Iintress Raymond Merkel Kneelin y , . - Sf- Richard Palumbo, joseph Degnan, 3 SOPHOMORE MISSION LEADERSNBack Roux' Mi- thael Grattan, Robert Yahn, Robert jones, Roy Scolera. Front Roux' james Albano, Patrick Doyle, David Nier- meyer, Howard Bernola. ISSIO FR. M. VUILSON, C.S.B. Director The fine mission record set each year by Aquinas is some- thing in which every member of the student body shares, and of which all should be proud. Through the years, the annual total given to foreign and domestic missions has steadily increased to the point where each year a new world's record is estab- lished by the generous sums contributed through the self-sacri- ficing efforts of our mission-minded students. It is our expressed hope that the totals will continue to rise as time wears on. jIfNIOR MISSION LEADFRSiLeft lo rigblx Rich- ard Austin, Michael Sedita, Ronald Marang, Thomas Aleo, Philip Nothnagle, 5945? S PM' ' '1 .J SENIOR MISSION LFADFRS-Left to right: Roy Miller, Francis Lipani, Carl Silxio, Edward Graham, Gerald Abel, john Doyle. OFFICERS OF TIIIS AQYINAS C.S.lNI.C.-Sttnzdingx Roy Miller fl'it'v Prtsifltfull, Gerald Matheis fPre5- idwltj, Carl Silxio fsttH.fnl?'j"1'7'c'tlXIH'c'V'I. Scultfzi' Fr. j. INI. Xlfilsun, C.S.B. 20 I 7: x jL'NIOR REPRESENTATIVES-Slumling: Peter Donnelly, VC'il- liam Howard. Sealed: Thomas Aleo, NX'illiam Crandall. w u l l i i K Z l l l l I ,AIA ... xx , "NX w 1 M ll . FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES-Left to right: Peter Shaughnessy, Dennis Fox, james Beckman, Thomas Cichon. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES-Slanding: Donald Crow- ley, Frederick Pestorius. Seutnl: Gregory Riley, Ralph Esposito. TUDE T COVER E T Once again, this year's council attempted to live up to the high standards set by previous Aquinas stu- dent governments. This Student Council was a fine example of student self-government. Elected represent- atives were the oflicial voice of the students in all student affairs. During the past year the Council has sponsored excursions to football games, the football ticket drive, the Victory Dance, the St. Pat's Dance, the junior and Senior Proms and has managed many and various assemblies. It may be said that from all aspects it was a suc- cessful year for the Aquinas Student Government. FR. W. O. REGAN, C.S.B. Director Q. 1 - ..,a..,,.., 5 F xr I K , ,XXV ' .M - Y ,YQ .','-K?T""'T Q' 4mJpQA'r4 I ! I l', ' 4 , , ' 1 Q nh" -Q' 1 Q xxx: ' ,4 t J tl ' gh ' " - 'L' -3 B L . f - ,JT . EM ,f7"Q"i' g ji :mrrg nv' 'i W L " ' ' z o ' X Q . ' . am ,,,. A - A -AH...A,z, . HA 1 ' 1-f-1' fx" V f ! x pq - 1 '. ,a ' . -A ,,,,.3Z ,lfpf -V V " ' 1 1 'jfs I , . ' 'C fin? 4 .t4 -I ,' WV x,q ..,. - ..- ,, 'Y f 1- 4 . , 'ML . -, - ' ,r, I L l L ig 2, I Fr. Abend discusses Lilerature with his class. Fr. Cullen leacbes his classes some of tbe fundamentals of grammar. E GLIH FR. ABEND, C.S.B. Director ln our modern world today, the man who is able to express his feelings intelligibly and to write coherently is a blessing to himself and to his fellow men. It is the aim of the Aquinas English department to produce such men. Start- ing with the fundamentals of sentence structure -parts of speech and vocabulary- and leading up to the great works of Shakespeare and Mil- ton, the English course serves to cover the study of our language in all its aspects. Novels, poems, short stories, essays, and ballads are all included in the Aquinas students' four years tmsoffd 111 Iqvnfsyl of English. Special stress is placed on com- position writing as a developer of personal expression. Thus, through all the manifold opportunities which are afforded, English has become an integral part of the educational system at Aquinas. auf fu QL! S---ml Mr. McCarllJy drills his class on lbe principal paris of verbs. rl!" M' o o -Q .1 1 1. is eg I 011 TORICALS On Thursday, February 14, the 1957 Aquinas Oratorical Contest ofiicially opened. It was the day of the Freshmen Finals. After all the contestants had been heard, the judges selected the winners. First place was awarded to David Perry. Second place was won by David Lawlor. Friday, March 8, saw the Soph- omore finals take place. Once again the judges selected two winners af- ter careful deliberation. In first place was Peter Benizeski, and the second place winner was Ralph Esposito. FRESHMENfDax-id Lawlor, On March 15, the four winners lbavitl Perry. from the Freshmen and Sophomore levels competed for the underclass- man championship. The judges chose Peter Benizeski as the winner and David Lawlor received second place. The first of the eliminations for the Bishop's Oratoricals took SENIORS-Michael Pesmflusa Joseph Dolan- place on Monday, March 18. Frank Iacovangelo won first place in this junior Oratoricals with Philip Nothnagle placing second. The winner of the Senior Oratoricals, held on March 22, was Michael Pestorius. Second place was awarded to joseph Dolan. On March 29 the four winners of the Junior and Senior di- visions competed for upperclassmen championship. The winner of this contest was Michael Pestorius who will represent Aquinas at the city-wide Bishops Oratoricals. X? 'yi , 1 ,' f . If V' f K. J B 12 6 SOPHOMORES-Peter Benizeski, Ralph Esposito jL'NlORS-Francis latovangelo, Philip Noth- nagle. DEB TI G FR. A. O'Rlill-l-Y, CSB. Director The Debating Society or the Society of For- ensic Art, has proved to he one of the most beneficial organizations at Aquinas. lts members are trained to speak in public and therefore develop poise and self-conhdence. This is accom- plished through the medium of debating and other orarorical activities. The members of this Society have taken part in many of the debating activities throughout this State, in neighboring states and in Toronto at an invitational tournament sponsored by St. Michael's College of the University of Toronto. The Society again sponsored the Aquinas ln- vitational Tournament, held this year in February. Bark Roux' Ralph Esposito, james j. Kelly, Thomas Nc-llis, Stephen Martin, Paul Haney, Gerald Matheis, Graydon Vadas, john Miller. Fran! Roux' james Nesti, Daniel Shaughnessy, Peter Tornanovith, Peter Hinaleskiv Robert Rossi, Brian Gibson. 1 A FRFSHMEN-Back Roux' Charles Bordanero, George Rockwell, Gary Wenglovvski, Charles Garland, Gerald Merkel, Ronald Grrvmkevvski Middle Roux' john Adams, Xvilliam Fennessy, David Perrv, Richard Long Frou! Roux' David Lavvlor, james Hermann, Harold Hess Richard Lovell. Back Rou George Scialdone, Gerald Frank, james Ehr- stein Iron! Ron Nlichael Pestorius, john Roberts, -time HI TORY FR. P. IZTLINGISR, C.S.B. Director The purpose of the Aquinas History de- partment is to prepare men for life in an ever- changing civilization. Students are taught not only of the great discoveries and contributions of mankind, hut also of his follies and failures. This is done to serve as an aid to the men of Aquinas vvno will be of some importance in the history of tomorrow. Since the beginning of recorded time, man has seen the importance of preserving a testimonial to the events in which he has taken part. Therefore, because such a written memorial is so essential for the truly educated man, the History department of Aquinas is fulfilling a great task. ,,,. - iF,.'.',, ' 'Y-ni iq Slanding: Edward Pierrera, Sebastian Petix, Francis Bauer, Richard Pasnak, Peter Mahler, Sealed: XVilliam De Ryche, Richard Ger- vickas, Gerard Frank. LIBR RY FR. R. XWHITLEY, C.S.B. Librarian just as the body needs material nourishment to maintain life. so too the mind needs intellectual nour- ishment in order to subsist. The source of our mental diet at Aquinas is the Library. The Aquinas library is a real and friendly place, partially because of the fact that it is manned to some extent by the students themselves. The Library Club was formed to assist the Librarian and to train its mem- bers in Library Science. The work this organization performs is a tribute to the unselfish spirit of particular Aquinas students who are willing to help their school without any tangible reward. Bark Row: Ronald Pappert, james Dooley, Stephen Martin, joseph Dolan, Christie Hart. Front Row: Francis Di Mora, john Roberts, Frederick O'Brien, james Dunphy. YQ.- WC an Standing: Norman Hoffman, john Wright joseph Scholand, Francis Salamone. Sealed ton, Lawrence G rieger. . Bark Roux' Michael Cerretto, james Byrnes George Scialdone, james Tantelo, Richard Hart Front Roux' Thomas Timmons, john Wiesner Philip McMahan, Robert Boykin. 28 O 4, tl Lawrence Brown, joseph Geraci, Donald Mill x a THE RETE FR. T. CHERRY. C.S.B. Farultj' Diredor RONALD PAPPERT Editor-in-Chief Standing: George Scialdone, Sebastian Petix. Seated: Michael Russo, Fr. j. T. Cherry, CSB., Stephen Martin. 1 "ARETE"l Many students are unaware of what it stands for. It is the Greek word-good- ness, a most desirable virtue. Each Aquinas stu- dent should strive for "arete" with which to grace his character. The Arete staff has worked diligently on their yearbook to complete a representative pictorial history of Aquinas, 1957. At this time, it is impossible for us to judge whether our aspirations have been fulfilled in this publication. Nevertheless, it is the result of many hours of labor and attempts at original expression of the students' memorable year at Aquinas. I sI"1-. LM Shzndingx Ronald Pappert fPbologmpberj, Alan Scar- sella KAN Edilorj. Sw:1cd.' Oskar Reimann fPbo1o Edilorj. Standing: Richard O'Connor fBu.vine5x Alanngerj. Sealed: Michael Wesley' fLilerary Edilorl. :ir I J'l:l1Lf l A1100 WHITE FR. F. C. BOFHM. C.S.B. Faculty Direftor V4 DIRFCTOR AND EDITORS-Slumling james Piecuch, Stephen Marlin, lusc-ph Qff Q1 Dolan, james Kelly. Svulvrl: Fr. F. C. Boehm. C.S.B. A ClRCl'I.A'FlON STAFF, CARTOONIST, PHOTOGRAPH- ER-Bark Roux' Ruben DeVito fPl1otogrupl1er2. Timothy Rinknrcl, Alan Scarsclla fhzrlaorzislj. Front Roux' Gerald Abel, Frank O'Cunnell, john Doyle. NFXVS STAFF-Slanflirlgx john Clrcscns, Gerald XY'halen, Prater Mahler, XY'illiam Hughes, Righard Long, Smlul Rlnhard Buss. Su:-phen Martin fliriilorj. JAMES J. PIECUCH Edilor-in-Chief ,JJ '. 'W' I W 'vw AC - --CA-I . , ,g frf. 14, nl'-C' l. 'f The staff of the school newspaper, the Ma- roon and XY'hite, is composed of the editor-in' chief, the managing editor and four page editors. Each page editor has an assistant and a staff. Each month the students eagerly await the distribution of this newspaper. In order to supply the students with the maximum information pos- sible the staff of the newspaper all work indus- triously to meet their deadline. Such an activity is not only of great value to the betterment of the staff itself, but is also a stimulus for the school spirit. FEATURE STAFF-Slandirzgx Robert Brasch, Kenneth Mass, john Brydges, john Callaghan, Sebastian Petix, Har- old Ehmann, Michael Russo. Seated: john Roberts, Oskar Reimann, joseph Dolan flidilorj, Mark Hulbert, Mithael Verno, Thomas Bonfiglio. LITERARY STAFF-Standing: Daxid Kinsky, joseph Stho- land, Robert Boykin. Seated: john Oberlies, Mithael Pes- torius, Richard O'Connor. 33 ST. GENESIUS CLUB-Back Row: Fr. J. L. Cullen, C.S.B., Salvatore LaBella, Eugene Zientara, Patricia Culhane, Jo Ann Piro, Terrence Fleming, Francis lacovangelo. Middle Roux' Peter Russo, Peter Mahler, Bernice Bieau. Fran! Roux' Raymond Buchanan fPreridentj, Jeanne Hogan KVice Presidentj, Richard Tasti, John Callaghan, Sue Socokti, Paul O'Connor. ffl' A P Ab' .5 'A ..-i n sl lx J H 4 1 I .II ,,,, 1 ST. GENESIUS CLUB-Bark Roux' Eu- gene DePrez, David Statt, James Hendel, James Blackburn, Francis DeI.ucia, Tim- othy Quinn. Middle Roux' Robert Baum- gartner, Fr. J. R. Wfhitley, C.S.B. KArs'l Direclorj, Anthony Iacovangelo, John Herrmann, Janet Faust, Judy Christman, David O'Brien, William Ammon. Front Row: Eugene Michaud, Donald Koell- mel, Kay Gaugel, Patricia Hogan, Don- ald Milton, Timothy Oakes. FR. L. CULLIEN, C.S.B. x X X Director Once again the St. Genesius Club has succeeded in their quest for the hnest in theatrical productions. Fr. Cullen and his able crew of technicians, actors and actresses have worked long and hard at their tasks rehearsing, re- writing and campaigning for better attendance, which. by the way, is on the increase. The Clubs first presentation was "Beat The Machine". a better than usual comedy with better than usual patronage. It centered around a college president who became hard pressed into running against the local political "machine" for governor. The spring musical was a praiseworthy production- "Annie Get Your Gun". On Broadway this play ran for 1147 consecutive performances. lt recounts the life of Annie Oak- ley as written by Herbert and Dorothy Fields. The musical score was composed by Irving Berlin. The play ran for three nights but due to publishing requirements of the yearbook we regret the absence of any pictures of the fine actual production. x ff If rhology. ll l 1 l A jeu of lbe ras! rehearsing the songs for "Annie Get Your Gun". Z i The professor refezzes a lesson GU GE FR. A. P. LOCOCO, C.S.B. Direrlor Human beings are distinguished from all other creatures by their profound ability to convey ideas. These ideas can be materialized properly only in the form of words. Each individual student is imbued with the proper usage of language to enable him to ex- press himself in the realm of human society. lt is the purpose of the Aquinas Language depart- ment to develop in the student this ability of self expression. elle A X l..-XTIN fQI.l'B--lfnnlli Rau, lil. rl. P. Lwtoto. CQSH., Ritlmrd Ofionnor, Stephen Nlartin, Thomas Heffernan. Paul Clerzseny, Thomas Nellis, Sli- thael Wesley fSuur'tI.1r'1 - 'l'r't.1,mru'!. joseph Dolan lPw,ri1lw1I!. Vinum XYissman, james Byrnes. james Dunn, Oskar Reimann, james j. Kelly, james lx. O'Brien, Rithard Cierxitkas. lzcl- uard Pirrera, Tbirrl Rau: Paul Glen- non, john Deyyleff. Strom! Rauf james Reisinger, james Pietuth, An- dre Lair, Ronald Sthxxengcr. Ifirsr Rau: joseph Gerati, Mithacl Spinelli, Robert Norton, ,A i Q. 'lu 46" GREEK CLUB-Burk Roux' Mr. R. T. O'llalloran, C.S.B., james Dunn, Eduard Tahak, Andre I.air, Alan Scarsclla fViz'v Prcsidwztj, Frcderitk Risch- enole, joseph lDiCerco. Middle Roux' XY'ayne Mei- senzahl fSct'r'ulur'y-TrmszrrcrI, Mithacl XY'helehan fP7'l'Silll'llfl, Front Roux' Richard O'Connor, lid- ward Pirrera. Mr. Srbreiuer learbex the fzmdameulals of elementary Laiin. illisx Clfiappmlc c.x'un1iz1e,x the unrk ff nm' nf ber I7rem'lJ sfuzleufi. FRENCH CLUB-Fifth Roux' Miss Rose Chiappone, Stephen Martin, james Byrnes, XX'arren johnson, David Nealon, Paul O'Connor, james Paul, Richard Clark, Frantis Salamone, john Roberts, joseph DeRoller, XY'illiam Naylon, Stanly Pntrie. Fourth Roux' Lawrence Broun, Robert Boykin, Mithael Cer- retlo. Third Roux' Eugene Clifford, Rithard Carriero, Donald Crowley, Michael XX'esley KVIM Pnfsitlwltj. St-t'm1tl Roux Robert Lambert, Stanley SPUUF, Stephen Andrews, Frantis Bianthi, Michael Dexine. Firrl Rau: Charles LaVerde f7'P't'tIJIIft'7'l. San- ford Petix, Lavureme MLAlpine. GERMAN CLl'B-Fourth Roux Mr. M. C. Taylor, CWB.. Robert Sthoenberger, Tbinl Rau: Tcrrentc Donahue, Mithacl XY'issman lVirc Prosirluzl-SarrcmrjJ, Oskar Rcimztnn fPrtiiA tlnllj. Scroml R011 .' Thomas Andres, XY'illiam Rcifstctk, Charles Finsterualder, Edward Pirrera, Raymond Summers, lfiril Rau: George Kappler, Gerald Klueher, Rohert Baumgartncr, px Fr. Biondi tearhes one of his First Year Italian flasses the fundamentals of Italian. Some of Fr. Fullertonlv Spanish students help him fondurt his flass. Lf' ITALIAN CLl'B-limi R011 .' Riclmrd Ognilwnc Natale Rivaldo, joseph Laffava, Alan Smarsclla George Scialdonc, john Caxalier, joseph Rina- co, james XV. Kelly. Aiizlrllc Roux' Samuel Lo Biondo, Gerald Pontiacllo fI'ifv Prcsitlwllj, lynn tius Ponlimcllo. lfronl Roux' Sebastian Pctix lPrw idenlj, Samuel Rizzo fSvw'cluryj, Fr. M. B. Biomli C.S.B. fDirerl0rj. gs Fr. Donomn inlrodures one of bis classes lo llae mysteries of Trigonometry. Mr. Doran works tbrougb a problem in Plane Ge- ometry. A group of Algebra sludents consul! Air. Menner on a problem. THE TIC FR. C. P. DONOVAN, C.S.B. Director Mathematics at Aquinas teaches the individual student to fathom many of the problems which will confront him when he steps out into the world someday. In addition, such a course forms cleverness and preciseness in those who are smart enough DOI to shirk one of the more diflicult roads presented at our school. Beyond this there is a better purpose involved in studying Mathematics. This is not a secondary aim of the Mathematics Department, it is pri- mary. For the infinity which this course of study presents can lead only to the conclusion that be- yond this world of ours there is something of boundless limits, of unlimited attributes. Thus Mathematics leads to a better understanding of God. A student .volres a geomeiriz' problem in Fr. Boelanfs flair. CIEN CE FR. M. VUILSON, C.S.B. Direflor Everywhere in the universe, from the smallest particle of matter to the IHOSI enor- mous of heavenly bodies, are found beauty, power and majesty. ln the material things of the universe we find a portion of God and His attributes. It is the profound pri- vilege and duty of science and the individual scientist to discover and to put to proper g Getting ready for an experiment in fflfemislry. use, for the benefit of man, the hidden creations of God. Here, at Aquinas, the student receives ample education in the physical sciences, which when combined with the proper Christian outlook, aid him to have a better understanding of himself, the world he lives in and the Creator of that world. Q S Diserting llJe rrayfisb in Biology A Physics class decides u'lJeflJer Ilse wir- ing is in series or parallel. 40 RADIO CI.l.lBmSfdI1l1f71g.' john Komola, Thomas Corbett, Stanly SAINT LUKPS SOCIETY-Slanding: john Dey, Daxid Hall, john Honan, john McK:1ue, Michael Ripton, Samuel LoBiondo, Fr. j. F. Cross, C.S.B., Dennis Meritt, joseph Trowato, Viilliam Stuart, john Niermeyer. Scared: August Ciiannavolo, Thomas Flynn, Michael Noonan, Salxatore Faso, Daniel Barber. Patrie, George XX'elth, Fr. A. E, Doser, CSB. Seaiezlx Paul Ritatto, 1 Ot Pl'lYSlfQS CQLVBV-liluk Roux Fr. A, lf. Butler, C.S.B, Ifronl Ron George Kapplcr, Frank Lamafamt-, XYilIiam Iiiscnberg. Hr. Guelem and .mme of his budding .uienlisls zmmzel ilu' mljtteriet nf Ike 6l6t'ff0I-jiii of tuzler. CHEMISTRY CLUB-Sixth Roux' Gerald Ponticello, Robert Baumgartner, Ignatius Ponticello, Ralph Citino, james E, O'Brien, Richard Boss, XVilliam Hughes, james Gras- si, john Pawlick, Thomas Hoffend, Emmett Neary. Fiflb Roux' Richard Snell, VC'illiam Gardner, Kenneth Mass, james DeClerck, Timothy Glennon, Raymond Sommers. Fourth Roan' joseph Geraci, joseph Urban, Michael Spelman, Edward Pirrera, Robert Hartter, Richard Wilson. Third Roux' james Tantalo, james Russell, Robert Brasch, Paul Gerzseny, Donald Robideau, john Branagan. Second Roux' Thomas Corbett, john W'iesner, Stanly Patrie, Kenneth Budinski, Richard Volz. Firsl Roux' Thomas Andres. IW 19 C Fr. Wilson demonstrates the properties of rlaloriue. fm--f CHEMISTRY CLUB-Sixlh Row: Mi- chael Pestorius, Raymond Buchanan, Gil- bert Fuhrman, Sebastian Petix, Alan Scarsella, Oskar Reimann, Dominic Ro- tolo, Andre Lair, john Bauerschmidt. Fifth Roux' Francis Aloi, john Hendel, Robert Phillips, Robert Orlowski, john Faust. Fourth Roux' George Scialdone, Stephen Martin, joseph Dolan, Thomas Bonfiglio, joseph DiCecco, Tbird Roux' john Cavalier, Salvatore Faso, james W. Kelly, Vincent Wissnian, Michael Russo, Wfilliam McKenna. Seroml Roux' john Foglia, john Murphy, james Piecucl1, Thomas Nellis, Mark Hulbert, Firsl Roux' Fr, j. M. Wfilson, C.S,B, 42 BU I ESS FR. A. O'Rlill.l.Y, C.S.B. Directnr The signihcance of a good businessman is due to the fact that the individual is constantly en- countering the pitfalls and challenges of a pre- dominantly economic world. Here at Aquinas the Business Department serves not only to train the student in efficient economical practices, but also to infuse in him a Christian attitude towards them. The courses all combine to produce men who will be well versed, aptly trained and properly pre- pared for the business world in which they will live. Checking our Bookkeeping for Fr. O'Rei1ly. Miss fllalone instructs in the finer points of typing. ,eff Fr. Kraus and his future salesmen. Future tymnns check the tlfiflfltlffitk of 41 mn- temporary :chile Fr. ClJau1'ir1 keeps 41 uutclaful 1 eye on the proceedings. 43 "Hr Man, as an inseparable composite of mind and soul and body, is not a completely educated person unless all of these are developed to their necessary extent. The Physical Education Department according- ly sustains a great burden. Its primary responsi- bility is to perfect the bodies of its students, and to instruct them in the efficient care of those bodies. The Health courses instill the knowledge for proper physical hygieneg the gym classes de- velop, so far as they are able, the healthy function- ings of these human machines. HEALTH AND PHY ICAL ED CATIGN NR. LOUIS BASILE Director A sfudeul serves as a model for KI demon- slratimz in playsiczil hygiene by Alr. Basile. A Physical Edufation class plays basketball with Air. Basile ref- ereeing. Fr. Spralt puts bis flats lbrougb some callislbenics. RT FR. I.. CII'l.I.IiN. CI.S.B. Dircwlfzr These Ar! xfmleuls unrluru Ilwir r1r,'ixlit' mleufs zt'illJ wrruunzgcnrwzf from Iir. C111- len. , 4 .L 1. . . Members of the Art II class der- oratiug lhe scenery for tbe "An- nie Get Your Gun" produrtiwz. ART CI.I'BfSItnnIir1g.' joseph Ter- rito, Fr, I., Cullen, fi.S,H,, Danie XY'eidmann, Eugene l,CPI'Cl, limit I l Start, Stanley Napierala, Eugene 7ien- tara, Thomas Cammarata, Gerard Ros- kosky, George Nlarinutti. .Smlrrfx Mi- thael Sanford, Bryan XY'ittman. 45 Bi. L0 tt ri I TS-.Q-A The artistic talents of Aquinas students are guided to maturity in the Art I and ll classes during the school day. Imagination, combined with aptitude, are directed. united and fostered in them. To acknowledge the desire for further "4'9""' activity. Father Cullen organized the Art Club this year. Its membership, drawn from his students. create the sets for the dramatic presentations, in addition to other endeavors, while nurturing their abilities as artists. So result these ex- pressions of creativity which foreshadow the skill to mani- fest their desires. to interpret their feelings. to effect a praise for the Divine Artist with pen or ink, in clay or stone. 5 Q in l"5 y vi WSI K 5 'Wig - V55 I.: ,Z -I il I Iii . 4. I ini., A : 'hm , QN fx if MXXW 1 , ,,,.. JW .4 . ,YJ if 5 M Q. 'hx lgwxml ' if Aim V. ,g..Q Q Hn! x x X I -I A L, QV by , 1, Q 1 s5'5 ' 'fx N41 I x- 'I :Ie 2. W I . u-A--, " JN K XX IX X.'m Xplx-X lx in 1 - ' Nfllgfqn - pn iv . ,, xg V -...a..f 4 'JR gf . ...A+-Q 4..' IC PR. f.. D. l DALI., f..5.B. llirecfnr Under the capable direction of Ifr. l'dall. the Aquinas Music Department has succeeded once again in producing a line band, orchestra and glee club. NY'ith long hours of patience and rehearsal Father has molded together these organizations which have enter- tained us throughout the year. Our "men of music" have provided many hours of enter- tainment for the entire student body and faculty. The marching hand provided delightful amusement during the football gamesg while the orchestra performed on many occasions at the school assembliesg the glee club, besides its other activities, recorded a radio program for one of the local stations. XVe are truly proud of this Hne organization which has gen- erously contributed many hours to the success of the school year. f 1 FR. lf, D. l'lDALI,, CSB. . .., -A l 12 ,V 1 1 " it suing il Q I . l W I l ' " XVOOIJXVINDS-l.cfl to riglzrx Arthur flau- Llio, Michael Anthovialk fLjlH'ilP'itIllf, Louis Cirassadonia, Thomas Leonardo, Michael Nasello, Louis Hatthetta, james l.aMonita, Robert Kutlur. '9- BASSES-Left to right: Angelo Bianchi, Ronald Caratite, Vfilliam Thompson, Eduard Kier. 47 ,, mm, ,.,,4. M ., N-'rn W -.:3'7f"i'? 'l'fl'.- me Cf' " LOXVFR BASSFS---I.cfl lu riglzlx james Kolb. Douglas Bristol ll'ice Prmiflwllj, -lanmc-s Maher, lJeXXiit Taq, Donald llcgus, '15 if 3 9m Q, . . 'H ij, K 1, Z if gy ,Q x, 5 4+--N 5 ,L .H ,ma 1' ' ,,, '5 f'.,Y' ,ww-db-,M ski flair fi..-3' A MM ' - f, W W , 1- : .1 51" iigm'-i 1124 il 1 P f W W if ,maj il' x 'wp 3 hu A af. '- V ga, - w 5' T' ff bf Q wg, , .7-:af sz,-Jig? SH 3 3' ' . XA n K C ,W Q. HHNPN, X , 4 K V , l :MV V ,g ,X Q 1 W KC my ,. ? A 1 95 , . , w . f ef VQv5fW ' " 9 K A 11 - Q f QQ Q 1 . 5 . , fi 959 v 4 B uf I A o I we i X . JS ' 1 K I -Lx - 6. .1 SOPHOMORI1 MEMHIQRS- -Bark Roux Peter Weaver Brian Gibson Robert Yahn, Mithael Ciratton ames Sheremera. lfroul Roux ames Sthmitz Gerald Budinski, Eugene Clifford. Michael l,iXiil'1kCf1ltt. SENIOR MEMBERS Left to right Thomas lNellis 'Nh chael Wesley Edward Pirrera Aquinas is an institution dedicated to the education of Rochester's Catholic youth. Of all the lads who endeavor to achieve the highest scholastic success here, there are but a very few who actually do. These boys are members of the Saint Thomas Club. The school's mentally elite, in the maintenance of an average of at least ninety percent with no mark falling below seventy-Eve percent, fill its sparse ranks. An education consists of more than high averages, but study and application which result from them are of inval- uable assistance and worth to the few who do discipline their minds in study and thereby prepare themselves for a life which does require self rule for true success. Monsignor R. K. Burns ron- gratulales a member of the Club as he gires him bis a- ward, iw ff? H 3 JUNIOR MEMBERS-Bark Roux' james Ehrstein, james Griswold, Gerard Frank, Philip Nothnagle. Front Roun- Robert Boykin, Samuel Rizzo, joseph Scholand. T. THOMA CLUB 'asf X X 5a as Xi. U! 45 RAILROAD CLliBgLcft to right: Mr. -I. li. Goeters, C.S.B., Donald Marthand, Ronald Andrikitis, Ernest Pink, Donald Latinski, Kenneth XY'eidner, Robert W'illiams. SAFETY PATROL-Bark Roux' Robert Long, james Paul, Donald Halsey, David XX'engender, David Brownlow, Salva- tore Nalbone, Christie Hart. Middle Roux- james XX'right, David DeCook, Robert Engl fCaplair1j. Front Roux' Richard Pasnak, Vincent Pozzanghc-ra. DEP RT ENTAL Bishop Kearney offers Mass for the Students. DEPARTMENTAL SHOTS The Bishop speaks. German Band Library "R"" s 1,9 Sll'llIg5l67'5 al Assemblj -1' Lunrlaeon nr Fr Rzgnej 'fb 1 ,fi 't 7' Q , rf- 'Jit W . . 'ti' 1 ' . Q, . pi ,L w M ' " .if ,wav 1 - 3' 1 2 'if :HQ J? - . v if . . 1 I 1 QIJX 'lf :"v 5 I? I 1 2 zu ' HHHSSM 1 QWMZW GQ, t 'P in -T . nl ........ ....- .. .... ..... - . 'S .ll ' Q R ,QW N X ..'f:.3Q Awjg N A Q - Qi ,. is Q 'Y ,af , stiff: F R E S H M A N 2 0 7 YW A Ii' Bari Roux' Anthony Taroni, Charles Cmlalm, james Klipfel, joseph Com, jerry Norton, Ralph Catalfo, Olixer Howell, Angelo Sirrianna, Leo Tritkey, Rithartl lzntress, Middle Roux' jack Atlams, james Sthmerliorn, Thomas Leonardo, joseph Prahler, Peter I Forte, Miehael XVilliams, Cieraltl Kuhn, 2 Ifron! Row: Robert Guarino. Bark Roux' joseph Tarati, Louis Fichter, Douglas Pelino, Daniel Lippa, MR' JOHN MIENNFR' C'S'B james Zielinski, George Meek, Mithael Marotta, Robert Kapitan, Chflsflan Dflffflnc james Rossi, Robert Relfermat, james Beekman, Mafhffmflfs flliddlc Roux' Vfilliam Boyer, Thomas Henretty, Thomas Mortillaro, Kerry Mcllonald, David lDaMore, Philip Arsenault, Patritk IJiStephano. Frou! Rau: Gerald Gautliere. l ,fl ,. 1 L, +q,, fxg l 25270, ' 1303 'Q' QM 1 Thnmas Cimmclrnzxn, George XY'elnh. james XY'ard, Charles Leone, Luke Perfume. PR- A' hum ARD DO5l3R- LNB- Baci Rout Lnxxreme Hurley, -luhn Duerr, Nlinlmel Slxinm-r, llennix I-hx, Christian Dmtrine jeffrey Stark. Ninlmel Kasper, llzmiel I.ulJul1.e, Tixmrrlmy .Xslmm11. Malhemulins jerry Alses, Tlmmus Liswxx, Charles Zlllltfl. Physirs Hliffdlc Roux' Henry llull, Rmrlu-rr Ruth, Brurw I'-llllUlIL', blames Kullw. lluwm- as Fiehmer, john Muylrm,Tinmxl1y Ihmrls. l'rw1l Roux Amlrexx Mellini, l Bm! Roux james llerney, Tlmnms Oakes, XX'illinm lirmxu. llmu Xguxlirmelli, Prllll lilllllkll, Gregory Pfflllllllli Rinhrlrrl Nl.lKl1lINAl. 5IL'lYll.lH Bell, Xrmrlmuru Cfululim Frou! Roux' Ralph McKinney, .lelfrey Clurller, llmmlrl Xvtlllllfil, RCj.IlI'I1llLl Nlillltll inf R014 .' .-Ktillwriy Pulxiniv, -l'llUIlhlS Riu, Riilmril Zuicrlcin, llauiil Kuliliulx, Rulwrt Lzilfuric, liulwrx Cluirs, I-'mmis l.g-um-, Paul liiitlrr. .Xntlmm l:2lllUI1L', Nliilmul Ceramic, Virgil lficlcls, mul R014 5 Tlmixnls Nlilfllll, lmkxxllll Taq. XY illi.lm Ifux. 'limi-pli NlLll1H'.lILl, Russull Lum- lwinu, l:F2lHklS llcgimii, liiuink KL'.lI1L'. Hin! Ruiz: 52llX.lllH"C lm.1rilun.1, Bliilmcl .-Xlukwn. Nliilmul llimlm, Dun- f rd' , HJERICQK WI, XX'.iXjlJ.X. 1,5 zllal Cluuk, lfmmcs Sluimcr, Rimlmril SLl1IHlLll, fflmrlcs PL-rrp, bury Cfhrisliim llmtrim- Bilktilfll, Ruimlal MiNully, in-ixilcl Markup, Marlin Hall, 5lkllllUI11illIK9 illirlilfv Roux' l.L-uuiircl Mililcllu, lumen Hurrnmnn, Kenneth, linilllbll Henry Hcmus, Robert Xxlllllillllg, l3ilNiLl Cirnlmni, Rulwrt Vicxm, lfmul Rau: -lcmlil Rmxlcy. 'af' it Harrigan, Kenneth Masi. ham, Henry Hess, Daxiil Yogi. Front Roux' Frank Gelfo. MR. ROBERT T. CTHALLORAN, , 'CSB' h Burk Roux' Thomn: O'Grndy, Kenneth Yoikel, Vimem Orrolani, john Chflsuan .noffflne Shannon, james Chisholm, joseph Lamherson, lfrnmis Russo, Donald Ijalm Faraone, Kevin Melirh, Arthur fi:mclio,josepl1 Miller. fffefk Fran! Roux Dennis Infnnlino, BllLll2lL'l Al2lkSVI11klVk', Rohert Callahan, Charles Berry, Paul Franiis, George Rorkuell, Donald Stott, Bark Roux' Riiharnl Long, Bruie Shapiro, james I:ll'lklLilI1C, Xwlllllillll Thompson, cr2lt'lAlI'll7 Coppola, james Kelli, Francis Rzmclise, Rimhural Sihmilf, Ciernrcl Konnlort, liolwe Mirldle Rau-,' Laxsre-me Lewis, Dale XY'urver, Craig Bader, Paxriik Mulinhy, john bra , E 5 i i x .,,f' Burk Roux james Kcnnerion. john Cimmlu, Riilmrnl Rauncr, Ronald lfruln-rink, YI.-hn Bcst, Robert Fiorcnlino, joseph cillfklilftl. Lilu-rr Anmio, Bcrnzirn Slalom-3, lfoli- dam Kraniariluik. Frou! Roux' Gcrzllnl Siiarahhzl, Paul Miller, Raymonnl Dry, .-Xml:-ms Fiifiiril, john Olicrfc. jesse Munil, Anthony Lihcrti. 'ina W-Q- ., 'd I. Ml'RK.l'lDl S. 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Third Roux' Leonard Messino, john Peters, Eduard Barra, Mithael Grattan, Bartley Brennan, Stephen Yax, Gerald Liaudiere, Ronald Andrews, Fred Kaiser. Second Roux' james XVengender, Mithael Herne, Ronald Fess, Fred Montrois, David W'arren, Robert Crowley, Thomas Ryan, john Lambert, Frank Bianchi. Firxt Roux' Vintent Pozzanghera, john Tighe, Daxid Slattery. PH 73 ,rl fi Back Roux' Anthony Syracuse, Edward Ehman, Robert Personale, XVilliam Steinxsacks Phillip Quirin, Guy Pelino, Frank Bauer. .Middle Row: Thomas Camillaci, Thomas Fischer, Thomas Mentue, Robert Miller, Rona xg' ald Bartoszevxicz, Richard V4'iltlbrett. Front Roux' Eugene Zientara, Robert Coco, Samuel LoBiondo, Bark Roux' Gerald Brown, Leonard Drogo, George Schmidt, Robert Hargarther, james Christ- FR. ROBERT T. CHAUVIN, C-5-B man, William lJeRycke, james Stanton. Chl-igiian ljmg-ine Middle Roux' Roger Sisca, Robert DeNoto,,Ronalcl Allman, Robert Boykin. 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Roux' Donald Vigna, Donald BCI'lNNlIl, Anthony Metro, :story Christian Dottrine ' 'gulf 11 1 1 ii , Sf f ir' f'K s 1 Wm x D Ai " ' 1 , . 4" 1 '- s A . - ., gm, f ' V lngw wb ' Q "QE ..",4.J40In2mz1 '. J J Q. gn! iii, s. K- K z .L ,,s4 Qi, .wi .-Q .- - , 4?- V. , ,. , L: 9, 'Qs , Q f '31,-, ., .. - , , ,K Y , . iw . I , F' v il W M' -.A- . 76,1 U' f ,sew if f N S X Q -3' if 1 P A 3 ,Ape - ' i'-W. Wf,g, 1 1 ,-any '. 5443+ 2' m a . ' f. bl 1. m :IM f . 'K . , 'Inf Aw ':wf.1Q'f-Van 'f Q 3 LM' nU...V ,. .4 e: 'l'f V, ff 1 :if J T-'Cf IQ , .1 E :fl gg gy' 1, ,e QMS' '4 ' fy If 1, 5, I 1' Qi 1 'X g f, , 9 QL-v' ' LPMMA 6 f N E .35 ' 5 , 41, ,. 44, vim f s Q if -' 1 he 5 w' 1. 13? .ge r , 2 -sf' 1 A ., . Y 5, gmqmmmf A ,Muze W . , 1. A 1 i I - l -4 ' , T? ,. I . I 2- , , F . '4 K , FR EDMUND E BURNS CSB Homeroom 319 sta r FR JOSEPH J ABEND CSB Homeroom 318 r Dot me En 5 PETER J ETLINGER C S B Homeroom 314 Chr st an Do H ne Soc al Sfudwe ax. M FR JOSEPH A O REILLY CSB Homeroom 320 Clwrrstnan Doctrnne Business IEIOR CLASS K FR ANTHONY P LOCOCO CSB Homeroom 323 r at an Doctr ne Lat n gs- FR FRANCIS M SHEAHAN CSB Homeroom 321 Chrstan Doctrme Latun 82 FR M ADRIAN RECORD CSB Homeroom 316 Chrust an Doctr ne Mathemat cs HOMEROOM MODERATOR . C i,7,:1, A -spd. fi V ilk. ' Q ji' 'X -G-. . x GERALD R. ABEL St. Charles Borromeo Sfudefll Coun'l 4g Perpfl Ros ' I4' Mlssfon Uni? 34- Mar'n Y Sf WI-'. 43 Baskefbl I-4g Golf 4 l'lf"I Spo'?s I-4g Clubs: Va's4y 4' Chemigvry 43 Ugnerg 4 E41 THOMAS S ANTINORA Si James rpll Rosary I S a Ira an Club 'WP JOHN F BAUERSCHMIDT St Augushne 'S' N QT? A 'iv DAVID J. ALDRICH FRANCIS M. ALOI St. Charles Borromeo Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sf. Glee Club, SV. Tlrorrwas Club 2g Honor Roll I,3g Perpfl Rosary 3,43 Inlr'l So-offs I-45 Clubs: Cnerulsfry 43 Spence I. E IOR 1-av' PAUL D ARSENAULT St Salome rpll osa y S ee ub o fs 2 Clubs ers 4 Bowl ng I -ff ROBERT L BAUMGARTNER Si Ambrose fini-9, JOSEPH J BADER Holy Famnly Perpfl Rosary 34 Aou nader Mar n Wh? Inrrl Spo 4 Ushers Club ROBERT C BAYER SQ Mergers! Mary nor R II er os r 0Sdry Glee I' a Vy u nd I 3 e C b Yes f V S w mm ng I4 Clubs Ge m n wl ng Chem sl y 4 83 V-4, , 'LIU' A . . ,s. ' - ul -nf ,' In it IN 9 . '. 8 Q' . 'BJ r , . A .,Qsf4b:, H -2'-I , 14,1-, .1,, .If pl - 'gui 2 ,' ff., 'A- ,figq we 4 5 .4-., ',,g sg, THOMAS W. ANDRES St. Ambrose Perpfl Rosary I-43 Irm-'I Sports 3,43 Clubs: German 43 Chemis- try 4. 'Sf' DONALD C BAGNE Our Lady of Porpeiual Help ence CI b D Q ROBERT E BELL Holy Rosary e pf I osa r n f 4 fb r lr ss on Bo fs X ' 5 E v"'l ' 3 4 150' 14 r - - ' 'HO sr 1 . , 'l'I , ' ' ,zg d rf ug , , 5 I , :fm Sports Ig 1: 0 lY3,4. - C' U I Pe ' R f I,2,4g r. GI ' . 3 I Cl g lnfr'l Sp r I, g : 43 ' B . 43 ' 'fs Ush Q I I-4. 3, I ' 4- , Z . T, I' L: r 4 l' xi , . r -- '. f if , . D P r ' R ry I-4: Ma ' 8. ' ' Wh 3 Inf"I Soorfs l-43 F I. . . I, Tac 343 BowI'ng Club I-41 Ho o I,3,4g P pI'I R v Pe pf'I R l'4g Sr. MI I u ' I-4, a y 3,43 Sod li 1,4 fSec,l: CI bg Invr'I Spovfs 1,21 Fibl. Be - 5 Sf. G nesius lu I-3 I,2,4g Bsbl. 2,3,4 SPA .ln 43 Inf 'I Soo f I-43 I I - 2 : r a 45 Bo I I,3,4g ' f . Holy Rosary I St Margarei Mary 'D" fm Y M R BENZON GERALD P. BIANQ-u V RICHARD V4 r ora Mason BoJs rack Team 34 Bowl ng CIub cf Margarel Mary Pele? and Paul u u ss on Un I 34 Pe'oVl Ros Sf. GIee Clugng Pc of I BRQ I I o 4 c Spofrs I-4g Pb. I-41 Liwr' f all 234 Vafsvfy CIM! CIub 2. b 3'-4. THOMAS J. BONFIGLIO RICHARD C BOSS NICHOLAS A BOZZELLI St. Salome Holy Famrly Most Precuous Blood Perpfl Rosary I-35 Mar'n 8- Perpfl Rosary I4 Marn XI Wh? rpll Rosary I Inlrl Spor Whf. 45 lnlr'I Sporfs 23 Clubs: n r rs Clubs Ushe Cu BloIoqy 23 Bowllng 2g Clwemlslry 4, s RICHARD J BRADY JOHN J. BRANAGAN RICHARD A BRANDT ROBERT J BRASCH St James Blessed Sacrament St John the Evangelasi Si Clwarles Borromeo Pefofl Rosaw I-43 Arefe 45 Per Rosar InfrIISpors orc Clubs: Sdence Ig Rad'o ,Q I 2 I 2 l 4 Chess 25 SI. Genesms 23 CI-em' Cho Q 1 Iglry 4: Bowling 4, bl 5: 5 hal n w rv G 84 ffl fi l ll S. I ' Sa' ' RONALD C. BROTSCH JOHN L. BRYDGES SQ. Andrew SL Salome roll osaw 41 In?r'I Sports Honor Rol I3 Perpfl Rosary 43 U cr Cl b 4' B w?'n 4 Ba fi IL4' Mar'n 81 Wfl. 44 Inf"l asm of JAMES B BYRNE Si John fhe Evangelust rpfl Rosen-1 r S o is 5 J , o q . rw , , Spo'?s lg Biology Chb Z. SX we-rf' RAYMOND F. BUCHANAN St. Margaret Mary Hone' Roll lj Perofl Rosary lg Sodalfw lg Band 2,343 Salary Pfr'l2,3g lnfr'ISporfs l-4gCl:1bs: SY, G-eneshs 2,34lP'cs,lg Gen. Sclence Ig Crer'w's9ry 4. 1- '. JAMES P. BYRNES Si. Bridget Persfl Rosary L37 Clubs: Cl-ern isfry 41 Lafln 45 Frencm 3,4 L'b'aff 41 Acolffe 4, 'S U-40 X-J FRANCIS R CAFFERY JOHN R. CALLAGHAN JOHN E. CALLAHAN MICHAEL C. CAPPON Blessed Sacramenk St. Monica Our Lady of Good Counsel Holy Cross fo osa f 34 Track 2: Perpfl Rosary 3,4f Sf, T'o"1as Ciub I1 Ffbl. ,YQ Perpfl Rosaw l-43 I-I"3 Scar' ee U S90 rg 4 Mar'n 8. WM, 3,4- 'n"'- Sao-75 Pe-pr! Rasa'-f l.2f lfwffl S:c'9s I2g !v'arTon Cuz: 3. Lf I C o r 4 343 Cubs: SM Ser-es'L.s 2,343 N43 P,nI':A'y Sfalf 4. Cre"'s"-f 45 Bowlng I-4. 49' .4 L, Nv5 tr-ff' abr ROGER C. CARLIN RALPH R CITINO N SY- MLCL1-39' Si Mlchael E ,jmi , GQ? jg THOMAS M. CASEY JOHN c. CAVALIER fF'fggQe,, 1'i,NQg4 M6333 Qi w 'ng Cmb L . Sacred Heart Holy Aposiles Ass mace pG'D' 0557 IT F'bV. '41 PCVDW Rosa' V - YUN. 2' Cluns: Vafsffy 41 Ushcfs f Ck 43 MV! S2045 Y4j PFW' Swfnrfno 2 3- GOP: 2- Sr, Cherish, 43 Soanigh 4A Bowlin Lb 4. GNU? C 'X Q V5 81 RAYMOND E. COLLINE JAMES P. COLLINS EUGENE C. COLLISON THOMAS F. CONNELL Holy Cross St. Monica St. Ambrose St. James pr' sav ,g ' S5045 Band Tf4g Amfnadc' ' J" .rsfl Rosary N-43 Inf'-'N Sports Pe'm'N r - 3 , : ' V1 1 wh? 3. X1 WM, 331. , 3 obs: mush 23g B Swv-rf nq cosy 3 01s o s sv ,s.s 1"-R . A 'u..,,,' 1 ' 4 f L f ,H A 'fl wi JOHN F. CONNORTON EUGENE F. COON St. James Good Shepherd, Henrieita Perp1'l Rosaw I-41 Mission Uni? 35 Ffbl. l,3,4g Baske?b'I l,27 SwFmmInq 23 Tfack 43 GOV? 23 Band I 2,3g Safefy P1r'l3gAcuIn' oder 25 ln?r'I Soorfs I-4. 86 65 -Q-'41 .aff 14' 'fd' sq L THOMAS F CORBETT St John the Evangelnst Pefp1'l Rosary 2,143 Honor RQH 4 Mnssuon Umf I Infrl Spor-is 23 Clubs Bowlwnq I4 Sramp I2 Scrence I Physlcs3 Radro 43 Chemistry 4 RONALD J CORRIGAN Sl John the Evangelist Greece Pe pf I Rosa v 2 3 4 Sodahf 5, RAYMOND COUNTRYMAN SI Anne JAMES J CULHANE Sacred Heart .63 i --00' A-.3 Y I DAVID R CRAGG LAWRENCE G CREWE Holy Family Holy Famuly PATRICK T D AGOSTINO Holy Famuly 3 I RICHARD B. DANEHY V Holy Rosary V , Avfff I T". i A-A v Hg?" r,.,. p ,7. f, ,, I?3 ' ' :A .. :.. yy 2,1 . y- Q .I z.: ' IVV: yn: q B Q Z3 Q, ' N F-':'I Ryan 23' Su P-'J' Rmv. 4- Sn C- I I Ro I I " R v I C.:j L',' C'Q" N, "' C,r'M1"v P. '.'!v,-1' "' l Q O' I B I F 7 L 1 E,.', 73' C .r, R : 4' '11 QQW.-'.', C.I:4jC1- C' Vw ' U I' "- 2 Ioan' 2 43 O' 'ef all I7 ' I S 'nf CI.r- I 'f I Iv 't-' in an M -M Q7 l if ,T f-1 F1 I 1 X I .R C JOSEPH L, DANESI WILLIAM R. DAVIN JAMES F. DE CLERCK STANLEY A. DEDOSZAK Holy Cross St. Helen St. John the Evangelist Holy Redeemer I':'o' Rc' " l'aI'a'v C'.:: 23. 3Q':'I Rosy, L43 Sn Gcc El. Gee C Jn: F'r. 2 Razr. 2344 IH' S ., 3. ., - C .QA Inffl S::"s I4g Uylvz I- B...-Q I CLL: 4. BARRY A DE HOND Holy Cross w 4 JOSEPH M DE ROLLER JOHN S DETTLEFF ALBERT J. DOBBERTIN St. Bdniface Ng 55,3 A7 P" if ,, --f1J'f,,qh6M 'X ,H Wg hu f K X' I . Y x fr.2.'K1'5" CJ 4. U R w Su T' M52 c::.D ug Pew. Per ' RQQY, 4-4A C S L Qcssm N-4' S". G' i CLS' 43 Bbwogy 25 P316 2 LW." CM ' 41 C .hc F'f1C -41 Us"f"s 4. sn Ti M55 Cub wp- Hgrfo' www R I 24- cp, if R 3 I sf Rc" 3' 'Pack 343 IPM" SIN' Cwss Z3 L'rr'1'. 3415191 ' N4 34: Cpcs' Gfecv 4- Pwnc" 3- Iw if -"'. 6. 1' f in H U 5 few Q, , . f an 55. 1...-r TERRANCE J. DONAHUE JOHN L. DONOGHUE JOHN E. DOYLE JAMES G DUNN St. James Si. Charles Borromeo Our Lady of Lourdes Si John ihe Evangelust Hcwo' Rc" Ig S'.1d'f Co.m'! 2,3, SwIr'1"1'nq 37 Tfack 35 Pe'cH Sf,:i'r Coufl Ig M'5s?on U Basebl Q 4KVY:cfD'es.Dj M'ss'o'w UV? 31 Rosafv I-43 Sn GWee Chbg In"'! 27 B3sb:+k:'i L43 Base-b'l 234 n Ffbf. 2347 Bscl 23 Pvnf' Ros Srvoffs lZg Cfmbsz L'L:'aw 4: Pe':"Y Resin' L41 Mafn ee U e nw I-43 Sc':aY" Vg invf! Sno'fs Chess 4g Aff 4. W", 43 VH"'l Srods V7 C! bs I-41C Ebs: Va's'f,' 4: GUMM 4. SCLPMP 1' Usffv' 4 ...V l , , , lfgx 'kg if if 'hr x X SALVATORE J. FASO SL Rita c':' F?:3.z'. 234' Sc: 4' C .:Q. 5:31, 2-1 3' CJW911 N A.1' 3' 31 C'C"' 1. . 1. , - Jw.L-.f'f. I D 1 R V ulRcsJfV4So1 I4 'K Jn' H .-. tae, ..... 71:9- "st, 4 '-yr ROBERT J. Gerslovese , V RICHARD M. GERvrcKAs Church of the Annunciation I S St. George Chapel P VII R r l-43 Sr, GI V, TH r" Cl'b I: H r R ll Cllhllgj Ffbllsalgg llal'an Cl., JOSEPH J' RICHARD J' 33 M.:?r'riaS Zi JWHI. 4?nOPerr:CI'l St. Ambrose Holy Redeemer Rosary 231 Clubs: Biology 23 Honor Roll lj Perpfl Rosa'y Perpfl Rosary 3,43 Safely Pa' French 33 Latin 4: Library 43 I-43 Clubs: Ayialiori 31 Science vol 3. ACOlylC 4. I Lalin 4 Cherrfsvr 4' PM sics I i I Y I Y 33 Library 3,43 Chess 2,3. PAUL J. GERZSENY TIMOTHY D. GLENNON PHILIP J. GOLDING Sacred Heart St. Augustine Sacred Heart Sl, Thomas Club Ig Honor Roll Perol'l Rosary lg Sr. Glee Clibg Perof'l Rosary Ir4g So'i:ilTl,f l4 33 Pe'pf'I Rosary 43 Clubsg Lalin lnlr'I Sporls 33 Biology Club IZ, Ffbl. If4g 'Pack Ig lrilr'l Sro'ls fio 43 Chemislry 4g Bowlinq 34. 21 Va'Sily Club 34. J. GARY GOODWIN St. Charles Borromeo Inlr'l Srvorls l2' CI IV' A n 3g Bowlirwq I4. W 'nur , L r in 4 - .er vrifxsx 'V vie an if 'fir EDWARD K. GRAHAM JAMES G. GRASS! JOHN N. GRESENS THOMAS J. HANSS St. Monica Sacred Heart Holy Redeemer St. John lhe Evangelisi Honor Roll l,2j Slud'T Courl'l Perp1'I Rosary l,2,31 Ffbl. I-43 Perpl'l Rosary I-43 Sr. Glee Perpfl Rosary lf4. 2,4lTres.lg Mission Uni? 45 Frbl. Bsbl. I3 Track I,2,3g Golf I: Club: Mar'n 81 WM. 43 Clubs' I-4g Perpl'l Rosary 345 Infr'I Inlr'l Sporfs I-4g Varsity Club Radio 33 Chemistry 4. Sports I-43 Varsity Club 34 2,34 90 if S- , J" MCM, I Rosm F HARTTER JAMES w. HENDEL e o L bra St Charles Borromeo St Augustine Dfl O My so Jos S Genesms 23,43 Conv- 2 Sc 'Ice I. gf. RONALD H. HIRSCHLER Holy Family Pe-'pf'I Rosary 33 IntrI Sooft I-4' MissIon Bouts Ig Bowling cms 2.4. THOMAS R HOFFEND DANIEL J HOFMANN WILLIAM M HUGHES MARK A. HULBERT Sacred Heart St John the Evangelist Holy Apostles St. Anne nor R II 055 rpfr osa n Thomas CIL.b I Pe p PerpI'I Rosary 3,45 Mann 81 WM. 4 lubs Pval on 3 Ugtver 5 ss on Un? LI M r 8: W f 4 Infrl 4g lnfr'l Sporfs 344: Sw'f'-ming C ern sf 4 w n 4 a? ng I n O offs 4 C u s nce I 45 CIJbs: Physics 33 CHc"Is+'-y 4. ISL fa- 9 if S-I udxd RONALD F JONES St Augustune ptl e o . V I ,w ..E'?4f.? he 3457 W7 iz, ,,.7::,f l f! 'A . s w' Pe' ' Rosaw Ig Bash 9' 'I lj VI offs bs ow 'I ons r Spor 5 Infr'I Sports I-45 Cfeisffy w 234 Ra Io ck u Phys cs Clob 4. F encn . 'figs-I H 'L-""' 'ZZ' E. GEORGE KAPPLER E Sl. Cecilia DANIEL M. KANE DONALD G. KAPP 2Q5,l'.OjM CMI 2: Clubs' Sacred Heart St. Bridget Per gd , 5 Basket ' 3 e' fl Rosa" , , 3 M'ss'on r- 8. j r' 5 If 5 f. lee Cubp Clobsf 5 on 15 3 Or r Bowllnq 4. JAMES J KELLY JAMES W. KELLY GARY C, KINNEN DAVID A. KINSKY ',vIRo' I34 bII pp f I23 Mg' . WN. 3 ln? I Snort Uri 3 S G I lf4g M 5 BOD 24 aio 'als I, Sacred Heart St. John the Evangelist St. Andrew St. Boniface T ornas Club Ig Honor Roll PeroI'I Rosary 2,3,4g Clubs: B7- PerpI'I Rosary I,4g InIr'I Sporls F'crr1I'l Rosarv l,2,3g Mar'n 5: rDfI R SGW I-4: Sf. Glee oloqy 23 Sclencc I3 IIGIINI 342 I-4. WIII. 4g lnIr'I Sporls lf4g Mis' Db Morn8iWIw?. 3,4ILII.Ed.lZ Cl1crriI5Iry4j Dcbaflnrm I,2j Ra- sion Bouts I,3g MISSION BOM ur O 4: Clubs: French fIIo 4. OIIic'I 45 Fibl. Mqf. Ig Clubs' ry 34g Lalin 41 Greek Ushers 41 Ski 2. Acol lc Dcbalfnq 43 Scie C ' in gg' Q YY' -.-an . x Ea. , X 5 --3 N., 'ii' UP-'f -0 Nm.. GERARD G. KLUEBER DONALD T. KOELLMEL THOMAS J. KRETCHMER ROBERT F. KUDER Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sf. Charles Borromeo Holy Apostles rprl Rosary I-43 Sodallfy I-45 Perp+'l Rosary 2,33 Mar'n 8iWI'iI. Do'nI'l Rosa'-1 I-4' F'bI. I' Buj Clubs G rrnan 43 Acolyre 4. 3: In'fr'l Soorls 2,141 Clubs: S+. IZ3' S1 Glas Clit. Genesius 3,4. 92 ANDRE C. LAIR Sacred Heart . Y... ,ICQ 5: g ,fm g S n e g "cd . W-2 A Sacred Hear Holy Rosary 2 ' JC' Rosa E IOR 9 5 I'v s f X he 3 Q if f X ' if f . I I ' 1 1 If ,hfog 'wif ,QOALIQ 2. GEORGE w. LANDRY THOMAS A LANNI B3 I 2 B Q 2 Int I S o 1 I4 ab F ncn I 4 L1 4 cwc c I L ay L, S 'I I Con I Po 4AI.f34cf.,4 Q Qawqw Q It G K 4 nj C :J I2 DONALD C. LE BOO DAVID E. LELLA MICHAEL J. LENZI FRANCIS M LIPANI St. Anthony of Padua St. Margaret Mary Holy Apostles SS Peter and Paul nfl Roscvy Ig FfbI, 3.4: Pc'cI'I Rosa y 2 33 S. G cc, Pe'pI'I Rosow 2 43 Sc G.-e at o e o T a K 3,45 M'ssIon Boats 43 Ir-1r'I Chbg Science CILD I. Cmbg F'bI. 233 Chbs: Ifa"a o o'fs I-43 VJYSIW CIub 4. 23 Science I2g BcwI'ng 2 3,4 I4 M ss on U I 4 ad E7 W in-5 5-fl DAVID H. MAGIN EDWARD J. MANGAN St. Charles Borromeo St. Charles Bcrromeo :ff Rosaq' I4j S2 G'-22 Pe'pII R::3'y If-4g I""I S::": 'Fil' V, M XJ 06' -J MICHAEL E. MANION Immaculate Conception :ni Rosy, 133 I-'r S: C :nj T'a:f Ig IHVI Snc": IZ3, I4g L 5'3'f CI-o 34. Ifig Sang Ban: 12. as 'W' fs' 'LS' I' STEPHEN R MARTIN St Thomas Sa J 2 KENNETH H MASS CHARLES B MASSE 1 6 5 G St James Sacred Heart bs F en ar H 81 O gb ss on Is C s 'I 5 em 59 y 4 . . E I 0 R GERALD E. MATHEIS GERALD N. MC CALLUM JOHN R. MC CARTHY JOHN B. MC CORRY Our Lady of Lourdes Sf. Salome St. Ambrose cnc' Q 'ss'on I , ' r 3 r' Spo Is I. ack Team Mg . 3 ' ' 4 res. 5 askeVbaII -4 Mg , g , 3 enEof IQ, 'ack 3 r' o 'V' 'Q SM' I A Ji," - : U ner 4. 3 -J I'-'IQ' -.1 ' " of' 3 Q' Cu N.- if HARVEY J MASSEAU St Momca O53 Y D St. Ambrose NJ Ai' H THOMAS V. MC GUIRE WILLIAM P. MC KENNA St. Thomas Sacred Heart Hans' RGII 22 F'bI. 41 T'5Ck NIISSICW UnIf 2-43 FIIJI. I,2,j F 34' M'ss'cr1 Bowfs 2-4' Pe"'I'I t'I r ' r , . e . -1 Perm Rosa V I-4, S . GIee Ros-HW 42 IHVI 50015 I-42 Clubg Infr'I Sports 2,3. I CII,b5g V.3r5'Iy 43 Ckermsfry 4. 94 JAMES W. MC KEON JOHN W. MC LAREN Sacred Heart Perpfl Rosa'v -: I r , f -2 shers u Sacred Heart Ibl, I 23 BsbI. 23 Track Ig Honor RoII Ig Per::f'l Rosa x I 3 Sodal ry l,2g 2-4: Sr. G-'ee Club: Che SI ni I S00 Is I 4 U Cl b 4 CI b " , I LI . 1 S-fs gil PHILIP C, MC MAHON St. Monica 40 4-V, tv-4 33? 3254-3 ' NELSON H. MEISENZAHL WAYNE R. MEISENZAHL 35.1 H I , V 33 - Sl. Andrew St. Margarei Mary Fc'pl'l Rosaff 2,33 Mlsslon Uni? Perpfl Rosary l,2,33 Mission I3 lnQr'I Sporls I,2,33 Clubs: Unir 43 Oraforicals 2,143 Ffbl. Scrrnon 23 Bowling 34. 23 Bsbl. 43 lnfr'I Sports I-43 Clubs: Greek 43 Spanish 43 Bowling 2,3343 Ushers 4. ARTHUR L. MILLER ROBERT J. MILLER ROY T. MILLER COLIN P. MONTEITH St. Helen Holy Family Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Pcfofl Rosary l2,43 Sodolllv Perpl'l Rosary23,43 Inlr'l5oorls Pe'p1'l Rosary 23,43 Slud'l Perpfl Rosary 3' Mar'n 81 Wr' 4' Irffl I,2,43 Cnernlslry Cub 4. Courrl l,2343 Mlsslon Unlf 3,4 fMgr.l3 Track 43 Spo I . . Shorts 2333 Clubs:-B'oloQf 41 Radio 4. lVlc:e-Pres.l3 Flbl. I-43 Bsbl 2, -43 Mrssron BoufsIOffcll 4 T I4 I I b ence Club I. 3, 3 rack - 3 Sr. G ee C u 3 Ma"n 8- Wvf, 3,4lAss'T Ed.l3 Inlr'I Sporls I-43 Misslon Bouls 334IMqr,j3 Varslry Club 334, I' if I SIP' 491' if' 6 -1-rf' THOMAS F. MOONEY BERTRAND W. MORGAN JOHN L. MURPHY JOSEPH A. MURRER Si. Augusiine St. Charles Borromeo Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Fe':'I Rczaw I3':"y S'a'l Ef:':rI Rosary I-43 Swlrrr'-Inq ln1r'ISpo'Vs 43 Cr1e"H5?f'fClub4, SV. Tl'c"1as Club 4. I - lrvrl f fc I - Isngg Rosary I333 Infr'I Snols I 2, Soo s ,233 C Bolagf 23 Cfess 43 Llbrary 43 BDNI ig I 2. 95 I L 3 ENV -I. -spins 'hu' wa-f g RICHARD F NAUGHTON EMMETT J NEARY St AUQUSUNS Holy Apostles ja GE C WILLIAM E NAYLON DAVID J NEALON IO RO' ' SMH CO fe V o St Thomas St Salome I Sly rn C' fn f a v F each Clu s on urs 2 Club I LJDS 'IC n B urs THOMAS F NELLIS St. Andrew . Thomas Clu ,Z Per Rosary 2,33 Sr. Glee I A V' Cholr 43 Clubs: Lafln 43 Debal in g Slam a Bearer 45 Ushers 43 C errrlsr . WK JOHN W. OBERLIES St. Augustine Slud'l Coun'l 3,4lPres.lg Perpl'l Rosary l,2,3g Missron Uni? I-43 Mar'n 8IWhf. 2,143 Inlr'l Sporls l,2,3g Flbl. 25 Oraforlcals I,2,31 Clubs: Deballng l,2,3,4lPres.lg Ushers 4. ' I C rw h Usher E IOR RAYMOND A NICHOLAS ROBERT A NORTON WAYNE F OAKES St. Salome St. Charles Borromeo St. Charles Borromeo Dl'l sary 3,43 r' Spo u 'l C Im'l 2-43 r ' - ' osary -g lrI?r'l Spor .- 2,,Z l ,Z 'lf' -I f 1Club:BowlI'I , lf 3 r' 0' s - g , g Llbrar . , Q I I j Usher . ,- 'hand' an-" 'lil' FREDERICK J. O'BRlEN JAMES E. O'BRlEN JAMES P. O'BRlEN Si. John the Evangelist Holy C,-055 Sf. Thomas Greece Sr. Thomas Club l,2g Horrgr- PerD+'l Rosarv 2g MEss'orI Boi: Perpl'l Rosary 2: lnlr-'l Sporls Roll 37 PQ"Pf'l ROSGVYI 214: li Ushers Club 4- l,2g Clubs: Chemlslry 43 Librarv Cllfbfi pl"Y5'C5 32 CllSm'5l'Y 42 3,45 Bowling 2,4. l-alm 4- 96 Eb i - X 44 FRANCIS C. O'CONNELL St. Augustine DAVID R. OLIVER Mosher of Sorrows Sfffll- Railiigia l' 2,5 1,2133 2 RICHARD D, o'coNNoR THOMAS J. OLDFIELD Mgfn 'L WH. 45 I-H: Snood Sacred Heari Si. Andrew I 43 Ugffyg Club 4, Sf. Tho" 1, Cum I' 7- " 'I R: Pzyzfl ROSJH I 43 S2 C in V, I24 So.:.a1', I3' Miz" Z CLD3 Pnl. 23 Myr B1 INN. -1' W". 34' P'c"- 3-18.3. M113 l'v"l Scans I4' M seen BJJ, Clms, Emo?" 33 l.3'o"- 43 L1' 'v lj C3,c3 Bowl rm 3' A:o'.'f' 43 Du1.S' nj I -1 l. :.'.1'v 3-7' Cfvss I23 lnwags 33 A'3y" I43 O'.3'o'Cxl3 34 FRANCIS J. PALOZZI RONALD J. PAPPERT STANLEY A. PATRIE JOHN M. PAWLIK Holy Rosary St. Andrew St. Thomas Si. John the Evangelist Pe'pf'I Rosary I,23 In?r'l Sporls Sf. Thomas Club lg Hono' Roll Sr, Glee Clabg Frbl. Z3 lnvfl Greece 5.43 Misson Bours I,-43 Bowlinq 2-43 PevpV'I Rosafy 343 A'c'C Spo'Ts I323 Sw1r'wm'nq 334gTfJck pcm,-I Rogan, IY4. IM." S0043 Club I-4, 3,4lEoHor-ln-ChIe:'J3 Marn E. 2,47 Clubs: Varslw 343 F'en:o I-4. Cubs. Bowl-nb 2.4. U5,C,S WM. 3343 Clubsi Chess I3 L 3,43 Radio 343 Av'a'on 3fP'es.lj 4. 'L3b,a,YA4. Chem-Sf, brary 3,45 Science I, Cf:-Marry 43 Bowllng l,Z. ' ' ' Y ' 1 . my p lr f A 1 4 f 'Q , il QCD sf ' KENNETH C. PELCHER JOSEPH R. PERROTTA F. MICHAEL PESTORIUS SEBASTIAN A. PETIX HOIY APOSITIE5 3 I Holy Family Holy Rosary SL Ankhony of Padua erpfl Rosary 2-43 Basra-'bl Pefofl Rosafy 43 Sr, G'ee Hgoor Rgli 33 Perpr' Roux' De'pH Rosaw I-43 SodaI"f I- l'4:,T'ack I: lnffl Scwffs 2.3: In1"l Scans I23 Choa. warm 343 Frbl, 3g Man 3. wry :f Band 1.37 Mawr 2. Vlrfl-17A'1j-vo VG'S7Y Club 4- 3,43 Bowlnq I-4. Arch: 33 Inffl Soorfs 343 Vac? 41 lHf'1 S:o"s 123 Clubs: I'1l 34: Choa: Acolffe 4: PHs':s 3: lan 34lP'ES41Z L'b'J'v' 34' Cne""s?'1 4' Debafkwg 4' O' Coern's"y 4. a+o"cals 334.' I 97 1 ,, f 5 f r , 1 ,- . M 54172 -1- ' -1 " 5 -fini v' 5 fuf'-' lf' -'il 'Fl 3-'L' "VH -"7-.4-wr Viv" Zfiuz-1712" 'ff' 9' ,ffijwl 3, ffffffw, 3 f 3 , 1 ff f. JAMES J PIECUCH Sk Salome O rm E IOR GERALD S PONTICELLO IGNATIUS S PONTICELLO Holy Apostles Holy Apostles Tnornas Club l Honor T orrwas Club Honor rD osar r er osa y orls I 4 Club Clverrw sf y orls I 4 u ers 4 n Ushers 4 Cnemnsfry 4 THOMAS P PIEKUNKA Sa , , ,, W Si Stanlsla bf SSS MCE H no Ron ROS, es Plwsc 3 Chermsr THOMAS A PORTH SQ James I I I l g 6 Q Sf T . . Ro . . ' us Cl Sf. Tr 'vas Cub lj PcrDI'l Ros Q r If PerpI'l my lj IP ary l'4j Mann Xl WPI. 34, Edl' SQ35l",f lj A':,'r1aGC' 4: lr1fr'l Geek 4 V' V 'n-Cnefg Mason Un! 23 Ffbl. Sp rfg I-41 I ,ralnq ld: lj T'ack l-4j Lall Club 4. Cl, 2 Va'5lly 4j C5 'n7S"v 4. I Roll sr. II lg Roll ' Il R y l-4j lnl'l 21 P pl'l R r I-4: lnl"l s: ll r 41 So - 5 Cl bs: Ifallan 2,34' llalia 2,3,4. j ' . A! Y bs 'CY .Ll V' "wi 2 f I -cg. 1-I DONALD J. RABlDEAU DAVID C. RAS WILLIAM A. REIFSTECK OSKAR A REIMANN St John the Evangelisi Holy Rosary St. Monica Holy Redeemer nfl ry l-41 Banol l'3g Pn'rl'l Rosary Is3' Sh Ge-wc-sf.: Perpfl Rosary 43 lnIr'l Spo romas ub 2 Honor r orls -43 Clubs: B7oloQy C'ulo l2g ln+"l S:o"e I-43 F l. 2,33 Clubs: German 43 Solen e I r 2 S ence I Plwvslcs 3' Clwern- I- Track 34' Cubs: U0-:'s -4' I' Library 4. son I rn W usfry 4 4 Bowling 2 3,' V I Arele 4lPholo Edj lnfrl Sporrs M Sf James I ' Our Lady of Lourdes I RC 3 5 Og' KENNETH L REMMING PATRICK D RHODES I ' A' St. Theodore Holy Rosary Hans' ROII I F Ro F43 Ciobsz A 0 FREDRICK A. RISCHENOLE St. Margaret Mary SI. TFOVYIGS Cho Ig Pef:fI Ros my 231 InIrI S:orIs I,2g Cbbs O'cck 43 Science I, if ,el- FRED J ROGERS RICHARD C. ROSOLOWSKI DOMINIC J ROTOLO SAMUEL A RUGGIERI IUIMBCUIBIE C0f'C9Pf'0" Sf- SIGNISIGUS St Anthony of Padua Our Lady of Mount Carme I? 1 I34 I IW-""Rs1f I2'I"IS 'I 9 rf R 31 I S P IR 1 I SosI4 I C Bo 112 Co I U If S I4 I 4 II134S OI C e I C'- , ., o I I 4 n po 41 lbs: N n j 'o bf . if lmmaculaie Concephon ' Good Shepherd 5 GERARD J Russo MICHAEL A. RUSSO f 2 Oi' S . C St Ambrose St. Theodore f Q F 14. IM, C. M.. C R H f 2- :faq 5 3-1 Aff AV ,A -1- Cf.- ...,. J. 'if -' Bcf1.2' .,,, 4, EVW Nl 'Qu MICHAEL R. SANFORD St. James Tfazx lj Bowlfnfl 3. 4 wg. e V4 'S' psf .7 I if it '57 I CARL A SCARSON JOHN A. SCHAEFER St Joseph Sacred Heart Persf' Rcsam' l'3: lf"'f Sc:": V4. 100 fi .m.m, . DAVID W. SAUERS Si. Charles Borromeo FQ'pf'l Rosary 4j Mafn X1 14- Cabs- L'b'ary-1' PM ....r4 I. THOMAS E. SCHEG ARTHUR J CCHMITZ St. Boniface Sf John ihe Evangelist Pr1fr'?'l Rosarv 3' In'f'T S or A T TQ- 1- C '51 IA 5 Q .23 4 su-1 GEORCE E SCHMITZ I-'oIy Gnosix 1 Q H gtg j Pg c 4:8540 r BSD'-7 gui, 1 D Si Margaret Mary Our Lady of Good Counsel S J' GEORGE M SCIALDONE JOHN C SHANK JOHN J SHARPE JOHN G SHEA St Anthony of Padua St Momca HoIy Cross St Augustme one R II DVI Rcsarv Pc pf Rosa v n Sporfs 234 of I ern ee J zolnadef X4 Club 4 43 Ma' n I I 6 , s Eij, nr r fs ac 341 CI-bs av 34: Oco- 4 Go' 3 S 2 . . ry, 3:35 .wwz ,. :-2-255555. ft-2+"atL'c..5s DAVID F SHEEHAN CARL F SILVIO PAUL J SLOAN GARY G SMITH SQ Ambrose St Andrew SS Peier and Paul St Thomas T I N 1lr"" -J' Q' 1 gf' 5 ,' fly MICHAEL J SPELMAN if fer 1' ' R dr. Sacred Heart iw, Sf James Ol' 55 S00 I5 RAYMOND L SOMMERS DAVID P SPAKER C S5 re Y SSS O H St Charles Borromeo St Margaret Mary Us Y no R rr o fs C Soo vs nq 4 ubs S e man 4 C em ly RICHARD F SNELL E IOR FRANCIS A. SPINELLI SS. Peter and Paul Holy Apostles St. Margarek Mary St. Charles Borromeo ubs: ' rary ' ,j ' , C b Il l'I orls 233 ubs: "su s 3 u S: af ily g in . I l I 'rr 3 Clwewfsr y . 1-ur N-nf MICHAEL J. SPINELLI PAUL S. SROKOSE THOMAS L. STEININGER , romas .J g , , : rw-' sa' , 3 a r v ' 'no 3 .u 1 Bolo v Ck 3: ' A H U ' ' : . "'4 Wm I . 'RHI' -if 'W' lgfl'.:Q, . lv L- ' .. 5351426 'rr I: I A .2 I if 'I M3' EDWARD H. TABAK RICHARD T. TAMBLIN JAMES P. TANTALO JOSEPH H. TERRITO Holy Cross SL Monica SS. Pefer and Paul Holy Rosary Homo' Roll lg Perpl'I Rosary Pero?" Rosary 12,33 Sr. Glee Perpfl Rosary 3,43 Clubs: Pbvs- Bowling Club IY4. I-43 Sodallfy I-4: Clubs: Greek Club: Swlmminq 25 Flbl. Ig ics 31 Chernlslry 43 Coin Ig LZ. 4g Bowling l-43 Crvernishy 4. Lifurg'l Cl-oir 4. brary 3,-ig Radio 4. 102 JOHN G. THOMPSON SI. Ambrose 'SP PWDVI ROSGW 22 Clubs! Bowl- THOMAS H. TIMMONS RICHARD J. TOMASELLI ' 355 Inq l,3-13 Cl'verr1Esffy. JOSEPH C. URBAN St. George Ftbl. 25 Perpt'I Rosary I-43 So- dallly I'4g Inrr'I Sports I-43 Chemistry Club 4. ers sary ' nr Snow neo l gr.,g erp V44 'Wbs' A'oN'-2 IZA B:,w"wg ary 24- infra Sznorfs I St. Theodore St. John the Evangelisi D V' Ro 4 lf'l r Bas' "l IM ' P fl Ros- .2. LAWRENCE M. voLPE Si. Bridget Perplfl Rosary 3,43 Ma 3,4g In1r'I Sports 3 Art 43 Ilallan 14. 137 G-Nb T 3 '--A RICHARD L. VOLZ C. MICHAEL WADE EDWARD A. WEAVER TIMOTHY G. WELCH Si. MICIIHOI St. John the Evangelist Holy Rosary Sacred Heart Ffbl. Ig MISSION 501-IIS L22 Perpf'I Rosary l,2,-lg F'bl, I.3,4g PefpI"I Rosa'y Ig Bowlffq Club 3e'of'I Rosary l-4g Soda lv I Pe'pl'I Rosary I,3g Sr. Glee Mission Bouts I,2,3g Clubs' 3,43 Infr'l Sports I-4, Stud? Coun'l Ig Ml 50-I Clubj Aquinader 4g Iflff'I Sporli French 35 Verify 34. 41 Flbl. I-4- Baskelbl I In r I-43 Clubs: Chemuslry 45 Ush- Snorfs IA: S',Glge Cl b Ma ers 4. 8. WM. 33 Varslly Club 3 lbs on 0 e -...ui sv, ' RICHARD A WILSON Si Clwarles Borromeo 3. I'.x JOHN H. WIESNER St. John Ilwe Evangelist JEREMIAH C, WHALEN pm., ROSf.'eF'jF HOW RC Corpus Christi Holy Cross I 24 Mfs as Bcdfs 25 mf Df':' Rosy. 4- T':if 34' S' PQ':,fI Rosy, V43 Hors' ROW 5::"s Zj Clpbsz Libfaw f' ,C , IQ- Pg' I4' Tfaflr 3' l'1"I C'C"'s", 4. JEROME J. WISNIESKI VINCENT G. WISSMAN BRYAN W. WITTIMAN Holy Rosary Our Lady of Perpetual Help Holy Family xnfl Rosary 47 Bowl'r-Q I-ig Homo' Roll I2,3g Pefo+'l Rosary Pc'nI'I Rosary 3.4Z l"IV'l SDOH r'I Soorfg 124. I24g Sodallly 3,45 Maf'r1 S 33 AVI Club 4. 9-af' 3 Gr Csn' Aisrewh' 4' I S:o"s I4- V?" 21 If f7's'c':1 s 3' C .za B.,-. 1 Ffff-V 14- Upf-3 c rl si y 4g Bowlpo 234' Po , ig CF "fs", A Inf 4 DAVID J. WITTMAN ROBERT J. WOOD Our Lady of Lourdes Si. Andrew for sa y I,2 33 S'. Glee Dew" Rosary 2343 M7ss'orw C JbfP ssl Ffbl, I 3lMq'.Ij BQJS 3' l'wY"I Sooffs I-47C'.bs1 rls 1.43 UsI'e's 4. Bbw'-:J 33 Srafs' 4 -S , X X xxi 3 X 'K -, Q X SR, X X J SX s xs y Nl- -. r-X K X , X:NMSF:-f -X 'Xi 'S - E, X- Xxx S -- ' --X f '---,x 'XX 'QA t -s.,- 6 X KAW, X , V x X V ,hy f 1+-xx- fx XX ef' f X :XX ,MXMN 4 I -X,Xx ,f X, - R Q ' Q ' '- f-N X--Q- 5.54- Jas, , A X ji vi: . "- gY i--is. -, .1 XX- X! - s 'X-Ky' X v S-iv, sg., Bi I 'xwxi l i, L+,-, '-5 -. '+.,,s S. N Q 4' SU U r H m H U WMS o X i Q 1 OTHER ' CL B FR. V. Fl.'l.I,lfR'l'ON, C.S.B. ,llndemtnr The Aquinas Mothers' Club is organized to assist the Faculty in providing services and facilities for the students: also, to afford the mothers an opportunity of working in an organized wav with the Guidance Coun- selors in a joint effort to help prepare the students for life. In order to raise funds to carry out their purposes the Mothers' Club sponsored a very successful card party in the fall, a Christmas bazaar and a fashion show in the late winter. They also assisted the school nurse in carrying out many of the health programs at the school. Time out for refreshments at lhe Christmas ba zaar. Fr. Abend, C.S.B. addresses one of the meetings. E' CLB The Aquinas Men's Club assists the Aquinas stu- dents in any way possible during high school years. The members of the Club make an effort to help them to choose a college for further education and to place them into business and industry. This Club also assists the administration in the promotion and conducting the Aquinas Sports Program. In order to flnance their projects the Club has held various bingo games during the past year. One special bingo game was sponsored for the purpose of raising funds for Christmas baskets for the poor and needy and another was held to raise funds for Hungarian relief during the critical period of the Hungarian revolt against their Communist op- 1 at-' 1 I. OFFICERS-Bari Roux' Charles li. Foos lVife Pfl'Slll6'?Il2, joseph Connolly fSerretaryj. Front Roux' Fr, F. M, Sheahan, CSZB, Ullozl- cratorj, Frank j. Biondi fPresidcntj, XY'illiam j. Frank lfrcamrcrj. PFCSSOFS. Will he win. A special game session 4- I -wuurfwl. 30+- Calling the numbers The Moderator and the President look pleased. They don't fall the right numbers ,.6aaa.WA. Q-Q31 , '1 - ' u 'NNW :A wifi '5, ',L9'1l'1,25' 1? l10' 'fu ,1 e 11' "W .,,,,,. V, .. I, x ' . f A . A . W, MW..-M!-f lf,:,. , , LM... r ww ' ' f,- . .hw 1 ,l- INF? 11' W, g,yv:z.,p,f V .nv - W 1 - Qg' ' R9 'f :g..,,, X ' if 7 , , ' 1 ,f1,NA C 9 H f ., 'W g ' G 5 HHH: ..., , - A W as J . .num 1' Xlilllflln u xflf V IT! 11' ,vu in .yy 3' 3 'N-. 'OJ ai' 0 -IU S be L -,., ..f T. P T' DAY D CE HOTIHL SI-,Nlifn-K B.-XLLROOM Margh 16, 195' ,S x, n Ziff ll JVYF. 1 Q 1.49-dr , E, xv, T2 felt? 32' 141- , 4,95 gs. g: Sz' , It u v X , xl 'A I 'PII ,P ,-1 .,- x ZWWJA ' x 21 xx ' X511 Q' fl , Z1 51 ,, 2354-Egg ,IN- .wld Q -1 0155 P Q fi ri t:W,vQ,? xx A Q' I A Q, ,fr 4 Q '. in Q , I o. A Ti if-42. ,ZW llii -f -' ' lla .nz EBRQJ at 9 f"Vu " 1 . 'f' 4 .- 4 K ,fix 61 I . , alY""' , ' AA.. 1 2 X W EK gi 'Af -vip X .1-11. ,,. 'D c M, " 'w-."'x,4"' f . M19 1 Wx. 1 In w.-,K I T , L -. ,lk , . Trigg ffxi u ' 414- V ,V L.,J,1,5A ' 'o Pt- I, wx ,iii ' Ei? ' -. R'- ,'MQN v l T. ,iw u2.'W7p:ln.-3. i 95 qw 521 4 ff- 15 M ,L . 2 1, . - . qsriii' 96' X ull? by ,. iz 3, , f f',.e:f I ' , .Wm Q ww 1 J' fg,x,'-- ,A, ,- qgjx - ,' ET' Xanax .4 -1 A X.- WFSSZK-Q, is - Vg, :.'!'."... ' ' lk lo Q E ll Q' 'I I S I A ..-,.- N. - 1-11 '-l!!. THLETIC DEP RT E T .-N gy. AQ ,y-. X ww-H" im, ,.--' m WM 1 fu Bark Rou Fr R T Chauun C S B ffoofballj Fr F H Sohn C S B fFoolballj F F C Boehm C S B fTrarkj Fr M A Record C S B Klntramuralj Fr E A O Rellly C S B KB :J kdb Jllj Fr M B Blond: C S B KBau ball! Iron! Rau Fr C F Carter C S B Illrrc rlorj My -ff'-Z' Q 114 7 N - I 122 Q 3 f - w UUL V QQMWQ as K Eg f 1a gg 5 G QW 5. 5 ' 35' 54 if Q q 6 gfgiisiff in if I' DOYLE KhNNkTH PELCHER fx an-"' Z... ABEL 2 fNf',s', 5,3 3 -,R 4 N-df" I sf iiiii Qmlll " lull' ww' iv - rf ii? A " se? Q, t Y X Q 1 Il. x r I KX Inj! 1 ffwt Y xo LH . .u .- s J , Q ' NS :QA I If 341 r Q. 55563 W Yu'efOf5f 3133703 919153031 E' E B Q 3 al 'F- Wwni 5 0 1 5 P -'lx 1 5' ffirfv wg 1 ...-J 4 Al ze 'J x Q 1 v iff, X l x V au Qxs LS f i? J, '+L 1: ' ,I l xg . M Q-.Q , L . I jj V' -malnguq-un 54 15 mmm' I P Q- X Nw ' 9 5-""wM I ,N FOOTBALL THE 1956 FOOTBALL STORY September to Nos ember 1956 were not the happiest of months for Aquinas grldders or their fans A rather dismal record of 1 14 left little to cheer about Howes er the whole story, as the saying goes, was not indicated on the scoreboard. Coach Repko found himself faced with a rather difficult job when he took over the reins in September. A relatively green team provided little in the way of experience. Add to this the fact that a new system had to be Y learned, and you have the ingredients for a slow start. Opposition, as usual, was formidable On Sunday, September 23, the boys from North Catholic of Pittsburg came to town VARSITY COACHES-Bark Roux' Frank Vadas KAx.vis1ant Coarbj, Arthur Nowack fl.i716' Coarbl. Fronl Roux' Donald Marcin fBarkfivld Coavbj, joseph Repko Ulead Coarbl. 120 9 g Z? S X f' e. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD-Fourth Row: Anthony Andre ano, john Connorton, Michael Byrne, David St, john, Michael Whelehan, Charles Lissow, Dean Weinecke, Barry DeHond Richard Naughton, Philip Golding, William Crandall, Gregory Riley, Ronald Terharr, Michael Wade. Third Row: Geremia Ricci, Patrick Rhodes, Thomas Aleo, Robert Bayer, john Fisher They were strong and they were fast. This, matched against a lighter and inexperienced home-team, resulted in a 19-0 victory for Pittsburg. The Little Irish worked hard in the next week and were prepared to improve on their first outing when they met St. oseph's of Cleveland the following Sunday, Septem- ber 30. Razzle-dazzle play describes Cleveland. A fellow by the name of Raglow proved too much and the Dewey Avenue boys met a second and rougher defeat. The score: 41-6. Things could not get worse, and in fact, they did not In the only night game of the season the Irish met and tied a highly-acclaimed Rome team. The game was especially sweet for Aquinas supporters who saw their team, down 15-0, fight determinedly to a 13-13 tie and almost to victory Once having come that close to triumph the Little Irish were not to be denied in their next outing when they defeated St. Cecelia's of Englewood, N. .-12-6. The victory road for the Maroon and White was a short one, however. In the next two games they fought doggedly but were turned back by two stronger and more experienced squads. October 28, they journeyed to Erie, Pa., where they suffered their third set back at the hands of Cathedral Prep, 53-6. November ll was the date that the perennial foe, Cath- olic Central of Detroit, tabbed Aquinas with their fourth and hnal defeat of the season by a score of 38-6. In more ways than one this Armistice Day was the end of the football war for the Aquinas gridders. The season ended here be- cause of the cancellation of the Canisius and Boystown games for reasons which are now past history. 121 Maia? ease, fx x'S i I wt" as A I WWW, " " a 2 'mi Fm A -X5 I: x " A 05 fox", I' omas Tortora Peter Tomanovich Dasid uadrini james Grass: Roy Miller Michael Sedita Edward Graham Terrence Donahue Thomas Enright Fran Lipani Second Rau Donald LeBoo Richard Telarico Michael Flynn Philip Gruttadauria Timothy Welch Patrick Doyle Robert Bates Richard Ntermeyer Patrick Wall First Rou Carl Scarson William Lehner 1... in' I .,fL.t VARSITY MANAGERS-Burk Roux' Louis Niger, Stephen Martins, Michael Noonan. Front Roux' Eugene Marion, Eugene Page fSenior Managerj, Robert Vieau. in , ' . . A 5 'wr ' I J fr f 'lf ,Nxn 'AA-A .ac A-e.: Nz L y Q , 5 I -N ' . 5 , K I 4, . if 'A i 1 L X5 ' ' if 1 35 1 , . .7 1 lf, 1 X f E V Q . , .,f. I Xl 1 ' v Il ,, E CID 3 fe- t- , .4 U- L ,AS ,f 5' I ,, I 1- Ta V QQ Q I 1 ' WSTLK :x V Z, . E " - :-.,N-X VY n " A I 45 3' Pl - Za! 7 f I ,- -f 0535, r - 1 I J s ts ' A4 A 4' J K N i i M ' U- -f l ' I i y X1 , tu I 1 'U hr f I 4 V - I I, -4 -. , ' V, Q . Q! 1 -X A 4- Lf 3 A. J - , , . - 35 A ,S ' ' q ' 'av' '53 ' K-L' a V . J Uv' E. . ' ly X P . , 5 " f ll X . J l T , f az, , 4. : Q. f V P' ,I E 1 if ,F PHILIP GOLDING , -End V Y ,A f' .- , gv. ,- h,'GEliEMxf1?:iilCCI ., - cGuard. J- M, , A "' J'-Q57-,YZF JSHZK ' X W' 3 :V fgfii'-md:-.V gf- Q :H ,1 ' 5 ' ' , I mvm QUADRINI .Q X Cenlcra K-N X. 'I . 27 ,,. . ,,: , si" N-AOBERT BAYER- Guard -1 , i 2 W" , , Q' v I gx ffof' v 15 V 7 ia' f 5 DONALD LeBOO Gugidw Q .wg . f . .,'s. x X ru YI, if V CARL QCARQQN' ff 195.1 4 f-Gugffi ui 1 5 , , Avm ST...1Ol-IN t Tarfle' , - 1 9 'O s 6 P 3 F, ?' X, .,, 1 'H -x " ' JOHN CONNORTO buard " Awucu f Gyafd , TERRENCE 1 fe EDW -w"'-M . MICHAEL WHELEHAN Co-Cuplaiuv Tarkle -,-, ,. ' .,"'.' ,X Qc! " ' 1 . Y De-,pQ3Nbf' ' A A 'ilind - -E ,,vf9'- -' , bv A Anicnmm ' 'End fm.. fl. ,.'-L' K :W xi J ,is . ' , ,, H: -1: -' LE-- , .JJ ,Q Q, ' ,aa .' , " Y' LZ. , . V-lj, ., ." ?:ffsfcfmL BYRNE f- 4 End PETER 'ROY MILLER Fullbnrk ' A Ggcnnl l FRANK LIPANI Halfbark MICHAEL WADE W' jAMEs GRASS! ' ' Halfbatk. ' En? S Q, " ,P YN llfff T M I j . jUNlOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD- - " I T, I ,A ' Barb Roux' Guy DeLucia, Warren johnson, -' l ., N N " H I, - - ' - t- ,' Q. .2 Peter Stacy, joseph Krzanowicz, Thomas Q A xy f-N n Brady, Ronald Chatterton, Michael Boland, ' 'W ' ' f' X 1 Richard Quadrini, Edward Monaghan. Mid- : 'af " ff 4, ' 4 I dle Row: Kenneth LeBoo, james Agostinelli, -1-W t "' V james Klipfel, William Naylon, john Ad- rx -tx ' 'ff L. . - t ams, joseph Camillaci, james Rohring, IQ ,Q 1 -I qv t 'K ,tw ' I 2 Thomas Flynn, Richard Evangelist. Front Y' , y l Z- K5 ,K Roux' Robert Lambert, Michael Devine, Nicholas Abraham, joseph Bell, Kerry Fing- er, john Roberts. Coaches: Frank Vadas, ja L 'n 'xl I iff 1 'ff FRESHMFN FOOTBALL SQUAD-Barb Roux' Robert Sperandio, Dennis Fox, Robert Polito, Peter Shaughnessy, Anth- ony Rossi, Thomas Cichon, Ralph Yahn, Robert Lamberson, Albert Remeikis, Wil- liam Apton, Robert LaForce, Michael Cerame, james Whitney, Middle Row: ' William Greif, X, x ,se 5 Na Fr. E. E. Burns, C.S.B., Daniel Lynd, joseph Taraci, Charles Zubert, Anthony DeRose, Thomas Ritz, Fr. M. A. Record, C.S.B., Lawrence Hurley, Salvatore In- cardona, john Reisinger, john Phillips, Richard Poretti fManagerj, Front Row: john Graham, Russell Lombino, Martin Hall, Robert Mirguet, Patrick Mulcahy, Carmen Sofia, Thomas Martin, Francis Degnan. THE FUT RE FIGHTI G IRI H Texas Longhorns FRESHMFN INTRAMIQRAL CHAMPIONS-Back Row: Ralph Yahn, james Zielinski, Anthony Cedoline, Francis Leone, Robert Polito. Middle Roux' john Reisinger, joseph Taraci, Anthony DeR0se, Kenneth Yockel. Front Roux' Patrick Mulcahy, Martin Hall, Robert Mirguet fCaptainj, jon Kuppinger, Mr. j. E. Goeters, C.S.B, xl' , .sf My f V 1-lr Ws?xQg S . f M ,Q 'va . W, ,L V ,A W? W .wwggs .Q-...fy. yy' ' www' I SM. L :l NJ.,,,,,M V ,H V r A fvzxmu. ,, nr-sq., in ,. 4 12 Fe 1. Avg' O FS ,Q ,pq .3 . ,,. 4 'S I vb " 39 . v ., ""' ss... .A-x.."""4-way., .,,,,i. 1 ew n ,av Q Q. 1 an-dm-. '15 'J "ij, gezgiag , . inf A .- . V x vm w ww' A 5., , N x . ,4 1. , f- W. - .- .M,, f I Qi y ., Qs. 'T' M , i,, .Fw f' 1' W, .QL Q' x 'Q . , 4 2 E' nixwkgi as , I - W iw: s ' " Q .W A ' I my I ,f 5-1 ,..,,,,Mat ' -a gl 9 1-.. - I Y a ,149 ilu: 15 Y ,ll - .1 A x " . 4 1 'x X xx ,Z Ag, W Lj . I In VI. x Wi x x . Y ' 4-1. '?3?f:7'5f"? -I TW up :La A Aw 1 ,ngygmf-wgftimq,-.T45-, -. , .. 1 A I ,Q . . I g, , ,X 'K "'w"4 J A' .- , Y '. . K. A ' ' .N K ,. Qs-..1qa-q.,M,,...,il I J, 9 . MA. ,.,'QA- .,, .QR Q 4. M' 'law ,,s x ,--:eg-',',:g ""-' ' "' , A-A' ,WA .wwf -J x 01-. OFFICERS-Standing: john Doyle fVire Prefi- dentj, jerry VC'haIen lSecrelary-Treasurerj. Seated: Timothy Rickard lPrcxirlent1. This year the Student Council initiated a new organization called the Ushers' Club. It was composed of a group of seniors who devote one-half of each football game to work as ushers aiding spectators to find their assigned seats. This organization deserves a large amount of credit for this interest in helping Aquinas. USHERS' CLUB Bark Roux' john McCarthy, Carl Silvio, john Cavalier, Richard Volz, Gerald Matheis, David Wittman, William Davin, Donald I-Iachadel, Thomas Hoffcnd, Stephen Martin. Front Roux' Sebastian Petix, William Hughes, Edward Vahue, Ignatius Ponticello, Francis Salamone, Harold Ehmann, Vi'illiam McKenna. Bark Roux' james P. Obrien, Gerald Abel, Gerald Daley, Francis O'Connell, john Fleming, Ronald Brotsch, Warren johnson, Thomas Nellis, Richard Volz, joseph Bader, joseph DeRoller. Front Row: john Pawlick, james Dunn, john Oberlies, Vyil- liam Hughes, Orande Bianchi, Ralph Citino, Ger- ald Ponticello, Francis Palozzi. Z 2 P BLICITY TAFF The Publicity Staff has done a fine job in working up the programs for the football games and also the Mission Bouts during the past year. All publicity for the athletic program at Aquinas was handled ably by this capable staff. Bark Roux' Michael Pestorius, Leonard Ruszkou ski, Thomas Mooney, john Callahan, XX'illiam McKenna. Seated: Fr. F, H. Sohn, C.S.B. xx RICHARD GRAHAM JOSEPH AMOROSO MARTIN HALL JOSEPH BELL Atomir llwcigbl junior Paperweight Papefweigh, Flyu-ejglgf if RQBERT M IRCLI 'FT junior Bdilfallllllflrfllf I 4 1-'f' THONIAS CARI I I.I.AflI Ifvailaeruriglzi mu A NIICHAEI. SPINIQLII junior U"elteru'eigb! if EINIMETT INEARX Boxer-of-the-Night u-X ,A rv 1 X ROBERT HOGAN Bunlamweigbt .N , 1' B MISSIO BO T CHAMP -. ag, TIIOIVIAS BELL Lightweight F 4 THOMAS ENRIQHT EMMIHIT NEARY GEREMIA RICCI W'e1leru'eigbt Afid Hea1'yu'eigbl Congratulations to the fighter-of-the HOGAN vs FINGER night. Before a crowd of 4,690, twenty-four Aquinas students battled it out in true Mission Style. They proved to be in good condition as there were no knockouts and only one T.K.O. In the first bout on the card Dick Graham punched his way to a decision over Charlie Golab in the atomicweight class. This was followed by joe Amoroso, Marty Hall, and Bob Mirguet scoring wins over Lou Andolino, Frank Degnan and Ken LeBoo in the junior paperweight, paperweight and junior bantamweight classes, respectively. The Bell family came through in flying colors with joe, using a good left jab by a sharp right cross, taking the nod over Frank "Togo" Polozzi who proved to be a very game lighter. Tom put up a Hne boxing exhibition mixing his punches and using line combinations in defeating Dick Telarico. Defending champion Kerry Finger lost a close decision to Bob Hogan. In the junior Welterweight class, Mike Spinelli won a decision over Craig Elphick. In the only T.K.O. of the evening Tom Camillaci won over johnny Roberts in the featherweight class when johnny's nose was badly damaged and he was unable to come out for the second round. Tom Enright successfully defended his title by defeating john Fisher. Both boys got a standing ovation from the crowd for their great third round. Emmett Neary defended his crown with a decision over Tom McGuire. Jerry Ricci missed his third straight knockout win, in the finals, but took a decision over Jim Szpiler. A Winner is afmfmnfed- CAMILLACI gm painters from CARMEN. 'C 2 Ewa? BFLL and Tl L-XRIFO get instruttions from ABI RAHH SPIINI LLI v s FLPH ICK 'x FINRIUHT v s FlSHI.R NIEARY vs MtGlflRF Bark Roux' J. VC'ood, K. Finger, P. Yantz, P. Spencer, Sullivan B Sutton Lon inotti T Corbett A J- . . . J- g , . . . Lecesse, F. Montrois, R. Lighthouse, IJ, Ruscio, P. Hun- toon. Aiiddle Roux' Fr, Sheahan, J. LaMonica, J. Thomp- son, J. Rivoli, G. Goodwin, R. Brasch, T. Timmons R. Sommers, D, Spaker, P. Srokose, R. Benzon, XV Meisenzahl, G. Furhman. Front Roux' J. Schmitz F Palozzi, G. Schmitz, M. Oakes, D, Hyatt, W". Dalberth, P. McCoy, P. Gerzseny, I2 J. Foglia. Fourth Roux' R. Herschler, D, Hyatt, B. Butz, T. Holfend, R, Esposito, D. Quad- rini, D. Hyatt, W. Ammon, J. Szpiler Third Roux' G. Landry, W. Reifsteck R. Hartter, R, Wilson, J. Bodensteiner, J. Brasch, M. Spelman, R. Quadrini, Fr. Lococo. Second Roux' XV. Gardner. R Baumgartner, R. Brotsch. Fr. Biondi, R Tamblin, P, Arsenault, R, Boss, H. Ber- nola. First Row: J. Faust, J. Wisnieski, A. Giannovola, R. Williams, P. Binazeski l32 SE IOR BOWLI G Fourth Roux' D. Deck, G. Meagher, R. Machik, R Fella, E. Faker, E. Wfeaver, L, Wfaters, R. Cummings Third Roux' D, Lincoln, D. Fichtemaier, R. Fsgro, V DiNitto, M. Stevens, J, Yurkshitis, J. Rittaco, N Hoffman, J. Pavrlick, J. Territo, T. Smithers, J. Per- rotta, F. Affronti. Second Roux' R. Corrigan, A, Syra- cuse, J. LaCaya, R. Tomaselli, E. Sulkowski, D. Halsey F. Colosimo, G. Beadling, R. Hensler, R. Bartoscewicz M. Lenzi, D. Kapp, W. Branagan. First Row: F. O'Brien G. Zubert, R. Rossi, J. Serdenis, L. Woodard, R. All- man, R. Serafin, J. Branagan, M. Wesley', R. Engl. rffy 1-Yi 5 i',l Ng, Burl Roux R. llziilkaniec, R. Vieau, j. Kuppinger, R, Mkliinncy. Bark Rau: L. Anclolino, F. Laurenus, j. Carey, R. Naiale, R. Sper- R. Long, H. Maloney, j. Bogardus, R. Triano, T. Ychl, G, XYcl1h, amlio, ID. Faraone, j. Corsiia, R. Klim, I., Clar, S. Legesse, P. Fcola bl. Prakler, Mr. Fcmizino, fllirfzlfz' Roux' Mr. Schreiner, Mr. XYajda, .liiflillu Rouz' S. Mommano, R. Aniinairelli, j. Stark. K. Nlasi, R Nl. Kasper, R. Deutsch, R. Frederick, R. Palumho. Frou! Roux A. Kdpilnn, j. Doerr. Frou! Rau: j. KHIUS. F. RUSSU. ff. HHr1llHrf. P Rcmeikis, R. l.oXell, XY. Boyer, j. Chisholm, C, Berry, L. Lewis, Casey. R. Rauner, P, Miller. Ifourlln Roux F. Keane, j. Coco, P. Francis, C. Perry, T, Ritz, R, l.aForv.e, j. Mamo, j. Moriarty, D. Fox. Third Rau-: D, Laliolne, j. Pickering, M. Nasello, J. Cassala, C. linkert, G. Dejohn, D. lnfanrino. Second Roux R. Olas, XY. Thompson, First Roux' A. Gaudio, j. Kupv pinger, R. Dziukaniec, D. Lacinski, F RESHMEN BOWLI G Tusghong, V. Orrolani, T, Dehlarse, P. Serafm, P. Valxano, P. O'Nlara, XY. Summers. Middle Rau: Mr. Gaelens, P. lDiSrefano, XV. Saahill, XV, Rybank, D. Pilot D. Taq, R. Harrigan, T. Fichlner, Mr, O'Halloran lfrorzt Roux j. Taylor, G. Feola, Rowley, Beckman j, Luias. 133 X., x Fourfb Roux' j, Beikman, P. Arsenaull, D. Gaudieri, T. Vergari, j. Santelli, T Oakes, R, Roth, Mr. Dugan, Mr. Menner, R, Hartman, A. Capura, R. Fnrress T, Bonflglio, A. Pulxino. Thin! Roux R. Refcrmau, D. Vogt, Ciurrler. XY' jackson, G. Rockwell, F. Pink, H. Hess. Suomi Rau: T, Henrelry, F. Tanldeo D. Hofford, C. Bader, M. Xliilliams. Firxt Roux j. Munir. N 'N-. , 1. Xb 4, ' K T534 F xx mfs Back Row: Richard Pasnak, Paul Butler, Stanly Patrie, Robert Baumgartner, Lawrence Winter 'Nlichael Ti he Middle Rou Gar Smith Frederick Stark Peter S encer Thomas Connell 1 S - Y , . P , Mr. VC'illiam Kanaley fCoarlJj. Front Roux' Rithard Okolowirz, Mark Hulbert, james Sher- meta, Kenneth Budinski, Frederick Kaiser, CHEERLE DER Fourth Roux' Donald Connorton. Third Row: Donald Pelino, Patrick D'Agostino. Second Row: Michael Wfesley, William Hartman, Ger- ard Roskosky, First Roux' Thomas Scheg. ,Q I Z' 2 if J L 1 , '41 at M :,, ull" Qflsfz JV I1 -v Q . Xgflizbg l A . 'x'., ' . .lx L ef , , 3' Q' 4 I ' i 1 3? '13 5 5 aw gfa Q 42 Dina-ww ,' X' Yi M 444 . 1.7 x I N I QR. J 1 HL' iw Q PATRO OF THE 19 7 ARE E Most Rex Iaxx rence B Casey D D Rex LX Rex Rcx ex ex Rex Rex Mser 'xlser 'Nlser Mspr Msy.,r Mspr Mser Mser oscph A Balcerak Thomas F Connors Ccoree NV Fckl Arthur F Florack lrank Hocfcn C corgc Y Prcclmorc ohn S Randall ohn B Sullrxan ex oscph A C rrrlnclone Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Rex Francns M Feeney Robert Fox Albertj Celger Robert A lxeleber I Frank XX Mason C1eorc,c Schmitt Aquinas Men s Club Bastlan Bros Co Rochester Nexx York Bennette C offcc Shoppe 693 T1tus Axe Cooper Dellcatessen 12 Cooper Rd Domcstrc Fuel Serxnce 196 Lyell Axe Dudley s Esso Scrxnce 1051 Dexx ey Axe Leo X Smith Rex ex Frank Valukex lclus and Mrs Leonard C1 Currler and Mrs ohn Kirby r G Hlckcy Sr Thomas F Corbett Archre D Mackay Albert XV Skinner Holy Rosary Church 414 Lexlngton Axe St Augustme s Church 410 Chill Axe St oseph s C hurch Doxx ntoxxn 'Nlazareth Hall C adet School 180 Ralnes Pk Aqulnas Mother S Club Hart Food Stores Klems Dairy Umon Park Lange Fuel Scrxlce Inc 305 C lmton Bldg, Lucas 8. Dakc Company Inc 10 State St Marks 8. Abramson Inc 10 State St Morgan Dairy 511 XVh1tt1er Rd Spencerport Paramount Dalry Inc 128 East Parkxx ay Wfllllam F Predmore 998 Cllnton Axe S Rochester Busmess Instltute 177 Clinton Axe S Republlcan County Commlttee 605 Lmon Trust Bulldlflg Rochester 'Noxelty Wforks Inc 485 Hague St Wfm Schmltt lnc 118 Broxx n St C harles XY! Schrader Garage 686 Cllnton Axe S Standard Bulldcrs Supply Co 264 MeNau5,hton St Titus Axe Hardxx are Inc 683 Tutu Axe Trant s Inc 96 Clanton Axe N XValdert Optlclans 56 East Axe XX ard s Plumbing X Hardxx are 567 efferson Axe 137 Rf. . Rt.R".t .f. .f , Rt. ".1.'.1- 1 '. Rt. ff. . Rt.R-'. -J. C- Rt.Rf'. ff. 2' Y- '. - 1 Rt. Q. 1 ' Rt. nj .' Rwjc- .1 C , ', ' ' , N , '. .' . 'I 5- F X-1 Sch, F . xy. ,x Yhjlkh . 1 '- ,x, .'.,, ,. RV. . . K. Fessner Food Store, 425 HumboldtSt. Mr. .. 1' ' ' Mr- -1 ' ' ,. M.j. . ' --xv " ' 1 '- U ,D W V .yy .. .Y , .v ,A ,, i ' 'k- v ' " V. 'U . , . '. . 1 Q Q '. ,D .. " . . A Y . , ,. .gf ,LY Y y A ., . . ,, .K . C' U - J. .Q 11930 IOHN FISHER COLLEGE ROCHESTER NEW YORK 5,5 C. I 1 COURSES OFFERED Accounhng and Busmess Chemnsfry Classucal Languages Theology Modern Languages Physlcs Social Scuences Enghsh Mafhemahcs Hns+ory Phulosophy Bnology PRE PROFESSIONAL COURSES Pre Engmeermg Pre Den+aI Pre Medical Pre Law UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE BASILIAN FATHERS 138 www "":'? D 024072119 J THE HEART OF YOUR YEARBOOK TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK IS INIPOSSIBLE WITHOUT AN OUTSTANDING PHOTOSRAPHER dz YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 139 , ,, I! fi A ,I ' Xiu X 'F " ," ' NL ' -e 'M , L, U 1 IA- AHALNU ..g+- - 5 Q. f 1431-,Af,,,: - i - ' '-1 - I I 'I 4 I I I FX d1111111str1t1u11 11111111 1dtr bt xff 1111118 IIISIQ A1111 Art Asscmhlx Stlff Athlctxts Athlctlt D11cttors md I5 1sLI7 ll Ii tslxtth 111 Iixslmps 11118111188 I3t1xN1111f,, licmxlntg, l1LLI'1k1LIL!'S f lbs Xttmlxtt ff C l1Cl11lSII'S 171111111152 IILFICI1 Crum 111 Crrcclx It1 1 1 I 1hr1rs Ix1LI1 s Mothers 131115118 R 14110 R ulroxd QCDIOI' Glee 91 Cencsms I1 1111111 1 N 7 7 1791711 7 7 01 4 Ilslurs 27 N trsltx mtts 11 136111111132 1711111 1111111 I3 1111 nuts 113511811 uultx 111111 11Ul11LflJUl11S I 1111111 xx1t11t1ut 114111101011 s mt 11 ILSI1l11Ll1 ILSl1l11Ll1 lilslxctlwlll 1LsI1111L11 I1fJXNIll14Ll rcslumtn I 71 IL1 7 G45 56 80 56 65 14 c 11th Iinsturx sturs Xct II4Jll1K.I'UUI11S Ircshmen umor St1pl1t1111t1rL umors II X trs tx Iiulxtt 11t1r N SIIX at mguagu I lbrlrs trocm A XX 11111 'Xltrmm K XX11111. 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