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Our Alma Mafer. . Our Newly Ordained Our Bishops . . . Our Adminis'I'ra'rion . Our Depar+men+s . Our Seniors . . . Our Underclassmen . Our Organiza+ions . Our AH1le+ics . . . Our Social Life . . page PGQQ page page page page page page page Page S0 CPr0udly We Hail.. Conducted by the Basilian Fathers - 4.4 md. 'I s n x' v 25' A .' 55" ,p'f5f ' rn 15 o Q,- . - 5 ., tt:-f.: it 1-'H ., - ,q.' 2' " W' ,Q , ., - 3, N0 .856 "3 'L' ,V -.- ry . . ' ','.' - x I '1-I.. H'.f,. 4 3-Bw A 1'g?'fF-5.+cg.1"s, ' :'4 4 .f 0-if ,Si , ' ,je on N4 1 .V 'ix 1 Ka rv 3, ,. g , nz , 9, . 1 ZI. A., 'S ', , A .I - ,Q Q, ,ng za fm 4, '5"" V u A fx r -new .,.'!f. K . n l,l' -" , Q if rw ' , 1 ,, ' 1,3 " ' ' ' F 3 '11 .' nm." v, ea "ja ' .4 ' f 4,5 A 3 -q,fK"' L? ,fn 7 V uf " ' J. -A.-f ,QQ 1 W-. 5... e df --,L gf 1 f.,.J.1. 1 - -.- , . A'WfQ,.5, , ' Lt f'-..:-ci. .. ,lf 'y ra' - in . A2 + ' A' -Ymfrr 'Uv 5. 115 gxeri g 'Z TX, x A ,Q - , 3 " 3f4,.l"t"oxq Z , , .81 .. . A 1 ' x 7 ! l X. ' , -' . -1--X 1 , hifi I A 5' ' . , ' v 1 - f 1' CN - v , KV... ,w Q Yi' X: , . ..' ' f'!?. -5, .. f ""' -. w' J'.f:4-1, Lf' 1- .Q . -. -.4 w,, .- v. f. ,..-4' . , . 1,9 A. ,.. ,Y G., ,,sgxM1.' Q. ,. ,Y , , . Q . ' QI! 13 ,. . Q 'gf A ' , Y 5 ,I A, 2 22 J M.. 2' K .V V W' ..,....,.w,.,N4p4,,MMM., W., . . ,wp-v --W' ,,, .aw . -. ,.. , Wm e gm' , . - A, ' M 4, f 'f e f. , 'Z' vw , , Af ,. f 4- ' - J' , N" JAM I 1 fo -gf' 'YV 'M 1 V ' , 1 .,,,f, 2 ,,,1,f,v K , Editor-in-Chief ..A,....,,,,AA, ,,,,,,,,.......,.. J ohn D. Samuelson Photo Editor ., ,,,, .,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,....,......,,,, F rank a Literary Eduor .,... , .,.,........,., , .john Regan Composilzon Editor ...,.,. . .John S Barrosz Managmg Edzlor Walter B Hlckey Facully Aduxor Rex Anthony P Lococo, 55? .MJ REV. THOMAS BROWN O.M.I. i ii .mr REV. ANTHONY E. DOSER REV. JOHN R. DOUGH ERTY REV. THOMAS M. ERDLE C.S.B. C.S.B. Dioceses of Rochesfev REV. JOHN R. CAVANAUGH C.S.B. REV. EDWIN B. METZGER Dioceses of Rochesier REV. FREDERICK H. SOHN C.S.B. REV. M. PAUL of the Cross O.C.S.O. KWILLIAM MURRAYl n 0.3:-,. 4 3 '. ' '11-fvhiii 1 V ,Ui 1 4 . X rn 5 ,gf V , -if DEDICATION Wirh a grear deal of ioy and pride, we announce 'rhe elevalion fhis year oi eighieen former Aquinas siudenls 'ro lhe dignily of lhe priesihood. i'Every high priest" according fo S+. Paul, "+alcen from among men, is ordained for men in Jrhose lhings lhal apperlain lo God." Thus Jrhese eighleen graduafes are 'rhe flowering grow+h of whal Aquinas reaches, for lhey are men of Aquinas chosen by God fo aid l-lim in saving souls. These young men lypiiy every form of prieslly endeavor, since some have been ordained To leach, olhers lo work in parishes, slill olhers To spread Chris+'s gospel in mission fields, and finally one a Trappisr, fo aid olhers as a spirilual dynamo in 4 +he confemplalive life. P13 an H' rfb REV. WILLIAM E. FARRELL REV. LEO A. HETZLER REV. RICHARD KRAFT REV. JOHN W. MCGEE O.S.A. C.S.B. S.V.D. C.S.B. REV. JOHN E. MCMANUS C.S.B. REV. JOSEPH AUBIN Dioceses of Ogdensburg REV. WILLIAM F. LAMBERT Dioceses of Rapid City lPicTures not available, The diverse paThs which They have Taken To God is amazing in The lighT oT The TacT ThaT This group was exposed To The same Type oT sTudies. We reallze ThaT The call To The priesThood comes Trom God, buT also ThaT God uses such insTrumenTs as The home, The parish and The school To TosTer This vocaTion. We aT Aquinas lilce To Thinlr ThaT, in some way, we helped To nourish The vocaTions which These gracluaTes have Tollowed. Because iT is our consTanT and TervenT prayer ThaT whaT This school gives To iTs sTudenTs be benehcial noT only in This liTe buT in The hereaTTer, our hearTs are gladdened when we see resulTs such as These. The prayers and congraTulaTions oT The enTire sTudenT body go ouT To These eighTeen men who have so magniTicenTly proven, 'Aquinas evermorew. And so we The Senior Class oT your Alma MaTer, aslc a memenTo in your Masses, and To you we proudly dedicaTe our yearbook. 5 REV. CHARLES J. PRINCIPE C.S.B. REV. CONRAD J. SUNDHOLM Dioceses of Rochester REV. FREDERIC J. KELLY S.J. THE MOST REVEREND JAMES E KEARNEY DD Dynamic Spurnfual Farber Sfronq Champuon of Yourh Pervasuve lnrere-S+ nn Educahon Shaunclw Advocare of Democrahc Prmcnples THE MOST REVEREND LAWRENCE B CASEY DD Asfure Admlmsrrafor Zealous Leader lnroieranf of Error Sympa+he+uc Analysf of Men F Om 50 QNXNAM-WJ X ,6 M fb Cl, VERY REVEREND E L E JOHN H OLOANE css Mg .db X 8 QQ , W 1 O ' ' - 'TJ' K Q X . W 1, A 'IL' 6 , ,,.x I9 4' 45 Q' , 'TW' are Z iv ' REV ROBERT M FISCHETTE CS B REV W OSCAR REGAN CS B REV VINCENT E ECKERT CSB Vlce Principal Drrecior of Chrlstlan Formation Treasurer REV WILFRED S RH-EY CSB Mrs Karp Mrs Masseth and Fr Eckert pose for a pucture In Drrector of Drscrplme the ffeasufefs Om'-79 and our devofed officers, W Regan discusses vocahons mth two Sensors Fr Riley and Fr Bemnger smrle In ine rnrdsi of iherr work 9 fn? REV. JOHN C. SPRATT, C.S.B. Health Instructor 1' Mr. Hart, Mrs. Warner, and Mrs. Yeager in the Records Office . . and faculty who teach Goodness, D and Knowledge iscipline CT. REV. EDMUND E. BURNS, C.S.B. Christian Doctrine, English REV, CYRIL F. CARTER, C.S.B. REV. DONALD B. BENINGER, C.S.B. Director of Athletics, Mathematics Ass't Director of Discipline 6,92 1.5191 lo h7n'U4?xG51aVaFo'gY-I-Ha An interview with Fr. Burke. ' I X REV. JOHN A BURKE CS B Priest Counsellor Latin M W 642 41 Lair A RE fini V. VINCENT J. FULLERTON, C.S.B. REV. PETER J. ETLINGER, C.S.B. Chrisiian Doctrine, Spanish Chrisiian Doctrine, History 4 1.1. Our Nurse, Miss Heaney checks a Health Record. Pr W MAX i 'X xy, Rim ' N We v xx WW X ' X 1 'XNGQYK JV 'x I . . foir follow Chrisf SR. M. GREGORY, R.S.M. English, Typing H ,ff , A, REVQROKGER F. DE BILLY, Q.S.B. fix," ,Q.IyfQial? Docfrine, Business K, f 'fini I-r ,jfzfffif V f ' if?" . Lf- SR. M. STANISLAUS, S.S.J. Maihemaiics SR. FRANCIS LEONA, S.S.J. X Library Typing ,ALJ pq K MR. FELIX HART MR. MICHAEL ZOLONDEK, C.S.B. MR. CHARLES LYNCH, C.S.B. Registrar Business ALMA. English MR. PETER BEATON, C.S.B. Mathematics, Social Studies A i " f'52i:f'. ii, - ,: vii ,.., ,K ,X 1. L ' ffzs. Q 1 , ,L 5 5. . , MR. THOMAS DONOHUE Music . . The Way, The Trufh, and The Life K' f., .Vr,. MR. STAN ZAJDEL Health, Physical Educati 071 I2 Mr. Lynch, the master of the stencil machine. J 0 The Way fhe Trufh, and fhe Lrfe Close up of mothers and sons recervrng communion QQM 'Rx REV FRANCIS M SHEAHAN CSB Drrecior of the Departmenf of Rellgnon The dedrcatron of all Aqurnas actrvrtres fo Mary at the end of the Marian Year Mothers and sons receive communion Bnslwop Kearney says Mass for the siudents I4 0 o ' X.-was 3 X f ,Q -1 M- 1 y X X 5 Q' we 'A l , if 5 X - I "':i-"'- 'VY A - ,,, 2.: , if f 'llzzlv A v-,, ::,, y P? . W rrf gx Sale of relrglous artrcles to members of the Mothers club Acolytes 'From the sodalrty prepare for a relrgnous ceremony RELIGION Chrnshan Doclrlne ol prlrne sm porlance In lhe curriculum ol our school no+ only as a means ol slrenglhennng our lazlh whale leachung +he lrulhs ol 'rhe Carholsc Church buf also because I+ ns lhe local ponnl' around whuch all olher sfudues revolve Any course of sfudres whnch would allernpl lo elnmnnafe God from rl as comparable 'ro an alorn wrlh oul :ls nucleus or a body wulhoul' lule for lhere can be no real educahon whsch ns nor Chrlshan Our four years of relugson are spenl In sfudyung lhe lle of Chrlsl our rela 'nonshnp 'ro l'l1m +he hlslory of Hrs Church and lmally fhe defence of our lanlh by means of reason Yel fhls rs an exlremely rnaclequafe porlrayal of lhe place relnguon occupres rn fhe school lnle of Aquunas ll would be rmpossrble 'ro delarl fhe eflecfs of Mass every mornong Conlessxons every aflernoon lhe perpe+ual rosary lhe Sodalsly re lsgrous assemblnes 'rhe Sensor refreaf and 'rhe example gnven us by our leachers Only God realrzes +he ellncacy ol such helps l+ rs only lhrough our reluguous sludnes and achvuhes 'rhal we can come +o know God and ulhmalely lo love and serve l-lam I+ ss only lhrough relagsous ands lhal we can lulhll l-les commandmenls and lrnally sahsfy lhe longmq for Hxm whrch l-le has placed In our hearls Thus lhrough fhe sludy and prachce of our fanlh afforded us here we can draw near 'ro Chrfsl Who rs 'lhe Way +he Our President crowns Our Queen at Marian Year ceremonies Perpetual Rosary group rn the chapel I5 Trulh and lhe Lufe . . . is , . h x. " A ' . ' ' . Q . . . kk ' 5' ' . . I . ' I A Y' 9 ks . , . V . . f r ' M 5 . ' I-A. ptrhiwix . 4 .. TK, l 4 fl l A in , .AV K LANGUAGES Civilizafion in Words "'vff"'f"? REV. ANTHONY P. LOCOCO, C.S.B. Direcior of the Department of Languages Dialects according to provinces in the Italian lil class. Picfure study in Fr. Waligore's Greek class. fs17n?nf5i'E'F!'I'iAi-EQB -l"?j,!"j "" '7f"'y "Z, "' "nf , i A ' 4 3 Q 25: ,j..'ia.J5.-ii,-iivif..LJ d IL: lfiifli MEA Wil' ...ii Nmdl at wi iii lliiqlcf-ig ri! " Q 7 SANTIAGO Ds CoMPosTf.i.A i 2 -31 -FF! ...iiilik li Au! uusiiii I lil 5152. ' 51 "J 61 if' i I ,V 111 ' I i i 1 QL i ' S :I A324 L., it 31- ,im ma ,mg-r , . una- .. .gf ,d,,,l.'-' " 2 ,f Y - - nl - ' 5- -.Q I6 There can be humor in a Spanish Ill class. I As Cicero would say it in a Latin lll class. "Will he get it right?", in Fr. Vincen'c's French class. I iii li i lll g i Mil iiill. f:l'lllil L., 'Fl itll, 1 A' f , 'I aiwlr lllwil -"gs s Singing in a German lll class. LANGUAGES A very wise remarlc was once made lo l'he effecl 'rhal he who is ignoranl oi foreign languages is ignoranf of his own. Realizing lhis, an inleresling and very exlensive program ol sludy in The lor- eign languages has been ser up. We find lhe classical as well as fhe modern longues represenled in lhe course of sludies. The sludenf may choose his linguislic endeavors from such languages as Greek, Lalin, German, French, llalian, and Spanish. Thus lhe sludenl is given a broader oulloolc by means oi menral lravel in foreign lands. However, lhere are several aids cul- side The classroom which help young linguisrs 'ro familiarize 'rhemselves wilh life as lived in olher lands. Foremosl among lhese are fhe varied language clubs which serve as a means 'ro gaining insighl info foreign cullures. Because of fhe unselfish alrilude of our leachers, lhey give up valuable lime 'ro spend wilh Their sluclenls in imparling eagerly- soughl knowledge. Words are bul 'rhe vehicles which 'rranslale civilizafion, wilh all ils aclivily and beauiy, info ideas which can be grasped and enioyed by lhe human mind. Dramatizing Macbeth in Fr. Grescoviah's English class. ENGLISH Truth and Beauty in Words. From our earliest childhood we have heard and partially comprehended the English language, our mother tongue. It is probably tor this reason that otten the expressiveness and beauty ot our speech do not malce an impression on us. We employ these words every day ot our conscious lite in order to translate our teelings and opinions into thoughts which others will understand. We receive tour years ot English in order that we may be prepared to step out into the world with the ability to understand people, boolcs, newspapers, movies radio, television and the host ot other modern devices which continually lceep the English language betore our attention. Yet even these most practical ends are not the only ones achieved by the study ol English. For words also give us truth which we are constantly seelcing. This is one ot the reasons why the supreme Truth, Jesus Christ, is called the Word, By arriving at a lcnowl- edge ot truth through words we are prepared to lcnow and imitate God which is the rime gr, Gr t' 5 El " Rev. FRANCIS J. Gnescovmc, c.s.a. E' i x ,I Director of the Department of English Ron Allen, a politician in the making. - P obiective ot our lite. Literature is lite, truth and beauty, all ot which are the expressions ot Eternal Lite, Truth and Beauty. Discussing the novel in Sr. Mercede's English l class. kia! if Larry Palvino conducts a meeting of the Public Speaking Club in English IV Q ff' C- N REV. JOHN M. WILSON, C.S.B. Solubility ot certain solutions Director of the Department of Science demonstmted 5Y F" Wilson' 22 Lfwigdf-tw '7 Experiment in density in Fr. Poluilris' physics class. SCIENCE The glory of God revealed by science. The universe is charged with mysteries. The more we thinlc about it the more will we realize that those things which we otten talce tor granted are wondertully complex and in- tricate. Obviously such pertect complexity and order could only be the result ot an intinitely beautitul plan and design. lt is the purpose ot science to open the door behind which stands the plan ot God in great glory and maiesty. Thus the first aim ot the science course at Aquinas is to malce man more tamiliar with his Creator. Secondly, the study ot science, lilce all other studies has a practical purpose. Primarily to teach him how to thinlc, and secondly to prepare him tor a calling in the scientitic tield it that be his vocation. S. rs iff The process of electrolysis explained by Fr. E. O'Reilly. Fr. Abend explains the structure of the fish. Within a period ot tour years the student has the opportunity to come in contact with General Science, Biology, Physics and Chemise try, together with the time science clubs which operate in these tields. Although these sciences are tundamental in nature, they otten lead to a desire to comprehend more tully the operation ot the universe. Ultimately this desire leads a man to God, the Divine Planner who designed it in l"lis Providence and keeps it in existence. REV. CHARLES P. DONOVAN. C.S.B. Director of the Department of Mathornaiics MATHEMATICS Menfol Discipline 'Harough equafions, proposifions. logarifhms, and permufofions. In ihe developmeni and progress of +oday's complex world, maihemaiics plays an im- poriani pari. The sciences of asironomy, aeronauiics, neuclear physics eic., all have maihemaiics as iheir basic foundaiion. Even ihough ihis would be reason enough io promoie The siudy of maihemaiics, There is +he iuriher ideal of inducing ihoughi ihrough clearer paiferns of ihinking. Anyone who has had some coniaci wiih maihemaiics will readily siaie Thai i'r iaughi him io ihinlc more clearly and more quickly. The mos+ irnporiani reason for 'rhis pursuii is ihe fad +ha+ 'rhe siudenl' can gei' a glimpse of G-od's plan in creaiion fhrough ihe siudy oi 'rhe logical order and consisiency of maihemaiics. The course a+ Aquinas includes elemen+ary, inierrnediaie, and ad- vanced algebra: plane and solid geomeiry, and plane irigonomeiry. li is 'lhe hope ihai ihe siudenis through ihese will begin io acquire a greaier knowledge of lhe world, and iis relaiionship wiih God. Hard af worl in Sr. Suzqnneg Elementary Algebra class. g'll Fr. Carter explains a spherical polyhedron in Solid Geomeiry. B Fr. Donovan's math wizards. A new proposition in Mr. McCarthy's Plane Geomeiry class -,ar Aggressive feaching in Sr, Hildegarde's Social Siudies class. Fr. Elli 3- ' REV. ARTHUR R. LOOBY. C.S.B. Direcior of fhe Department of Social Siudies Down in South America in The finger of God wrifing in fime. l-lislory is primarily a slory, a very inleresl- ing siory ol wha? man has Jrried in rhe pasl and is now frying, wha? he did and wha'r he failed lo do, where he progressed and where he regressed. lr is hoped 'rhar 'lhe sludy of hislory will help man lo profil' by whal he has learned from 'rhe pasl. The hisrory course here is exrensive, rouch- ing pracrically all fields of human endeavor bofh in lhis counlry and lhroughour fhe world. Social Sfudies, World l-lisrory, American His- rory, Problems of American Democracy, and American Governmenr give The sludenr ln- sighf inro 'rhe rnoiives of people, rhe iunclions of government and mosl imporlanl, lhe providence of God. A young Carholic is berrer able lo inlerprer lhe modern world and his relarion +o ir when he has digesied 'rhe iacls of hislory, l-le is capable of be- coming a good cirizen only when he under- srands rhe duries ol a cirizen, and lhe rela- rionship oi a cirizen 'ro 'rhe srare. THE LIBRARY Books, fhe daily bread of the intellect. Just as the body needs food to live and maintain life, so 'foo the mind needs intellectual nourishment in order to subsist. The source of our mental diet at Aquinas is the Library. Books' serve many purposes. Some we read lor factual knowledge, some lor the pictures they paint of real life, others for the answers to prac- tical problems which present them- selves. Another reason for reading was perfectly expressed by Emily Dickenson when she said, "There is no frigate like a book to take us worlds away." This reason, often overlooked, is one of the most im- portant purposes of good reading. It is this type which takes us out of ourselves and places us mentally in lands which we otherwise cannot visit, and introduces us to peoples whom we may never know. The Aquinas library is a real and Friendly place, partially because of the fact +ha'r it is manned to some extent by the students themselves. The Library Club has for its primary function the humanizing of the library and making books friends, good read- ing good company. Where can one 'Find better conversationalisis than in good books, "where the witliest and wisest meet to converse?" Enioying silence and study in the library. M ISS JEAN CAPPELLINO Taking inventory. .,t WWTP l l gf 5 . Librarian Lowell McNally and Ed McDonald catch up on current events. Making use of the card catalogue. i-- Good Business practice in Mr. Zahoor's Business Management class. F 1 - - . X f '-C'e-N 'LN xx f xxx: v Mr. Zolondek's interested Business Arithmetic students. Q-t REV. JOSEPH A. O'RElLLY, C.S.B. Director ot the Department ot Business es-silliri l ' Rhythm typing in Sr. Gregory's class f, f ff ,fo Balancing ledgers in Fr. O'Reilly's boolrteeping class BUSINESS "Business standards are based on justice." Catholic standards in Business are based on iustice, which is one ot the Cardinal Virtues. Justice demands tair play in dealings with competitors, business associates, customers and employees. Misleading advertising, harming a competitors reputation, are examples ot ottences against Justice. The Business courses at Aquinas attempt to place betore the students. standards ot integrity, honesty and tair play. Such courses as lntroduction to Business, Business lv1anagement,Sales- manship, Business Arithmetic, Business Law, Boolclceeping and Typing, not only endeavor to provide basic lcnowledge, slcills and ideals tor suc- cesstul living in the business world, but also to show their relationship to Christian practice. , 'T I 23 REV. J. LEONARD CULLEN. C.S.B. Direcior of 'the Department of Art ART The Expression of Man's Delighf in God's Work. God has especially favored man by invifing him 'ro share in His life and work. So if is, fha? in creaiing +he world, God, as is were, lefl il incom- ple+e lhai man, whom he creaied lo His own image and likeness, mighf be ennobled in +he work of iis complefion. ln 'rhis work, rhe ar+is+, in a special man- ner, gives glory +o God, 'rhe Creafor of all fhings. The arl' course al' Aquinas has much fo offer The sfudeni. ll brings him a finer appreciaiion of realiry, and a fuller developmeni of his ialenis for borh aes+he+ic and praciical purposes. ln shori ir helps ihe siudeni' realize ihai every man is an ariisl' insofar as he works wiih God in ordering and beau- 'rilying 'rhe universe. lr is hoped lhar fhis realizaiion may have ils beginnings in ihe arf courses here, and +ha'r I+ will lconrinue io grow as siudenis inieresied in lhis siudy, coniinue fheir work in if in ihe fuiure. Mr. Jackson's Basic Art class. N wut The use of decorative colors in Art Ill A study in proportion in Fr. Cullen's Art ll class A helping hand by Mr. Jackson Pulse lzalring in Mr. Zajdel's Healih class. The fundamenlals of basketball in a gym class. Eye test given by Miss Heaney. Physical examination given by Allred Seller, M.D. HEALTH Caring for a giff of God. The True significance of heallh is nol' a narrow fhing buf ralher il' lalces info consideration every aspecf of man's life. I+ a'H'emp+s +o develop him physically. menfally. and emolionally. ln general if has for ifs aim 'rhe clevelopmenl of +he complele and well-rounded personali+y. The firsf con+ac+ is made wilh lhe healfh course in +he freshman and sophomore years by means of gym classes. During 'rhis Hme and afrerwards The sludenlrs are encouraged +0 lake par? in alhlelics in order lo develop any nalural abilily lhey may have in sporls and lo pul inlo praclice whal lhey have learned in gym classes. Finally every senior has lo falce a comprehensive course in heallh which consisls of lcnowl- edge of +he body and Hrs funclions, proper ealing and sleeping habils, lhe do's and don'+s ol social life, and 'lhe developmenl' of personalily. Conse- quenlly lhe gradualing senior is equipped wilh a knowledge for very praclical needs. ll is only righl 'rhal' a Calholic school should fhus equip ifs sludenls +o prolecl and nurlure a divine gif+ . . . healrh. l, MR. LOUIS BASILE Director of 'the Department of Health gh Rev. Cyril D. Udall, C.S.B. Director ot the Department of Music TRUMPETS AND TROM BONES Front Row: John McDermott, Douglas Bristol, John Triclcey, Thomas Bristol, William Crandall, John Schalk, William Zweigle, Owen McDermott. Back Row: Carl Altamura, John Werder, Francis Lipani, Carl Silvio, Paul Ayers, Raymond Mura, Joseph Rabideau, Thomas Micelli, James Cantella, Peter Provenzano, Sebastian Petix. MUSIC Aquinas has always been iustly proud ot its Music Department, and certainly this year has been no ex- ception. When Mr. l-lasenauer announced his retirement atter twenty-two years ot taithtul service, no one envied his successor, because there had been built up an organiza- tion which was outstanding in the state, and thus he would be expected to continue the high standard. With youthtul enthusiasm and conscientious zeal, instructions given the Drum section in specialized techniques by Mr. James Murray, and the early morning drills conducted by Fr. Udall tor the whole band. Students ot the Freshman class, interested in broaden- ing their musical knowledge were instructed, one period a day, in the playing ot the French l-lorn, the Flute, the Tuba, and the Clarinet. The Band Council with Peter Provenzano President, Tom Bristol Vice-President, Charles Masse Secretary, Don Father Udall undertoolc the taslc. Anyone who has seen and heard the band will admit that it is comparable to the best in the past in musical ability and marching. With the aid ot Mr. Donohue, who directed the Glee Clubs and Liturgical Choir, and Mr. Zalcoor, the business manager, the organization is continuing the splendid tradition begun over thirty years ago. Interesting and helpful innovations this year were the Piccolo Librarian, and Carl Silvio Manager, strove to popularize and publicize the activities ot the Band. BRASS Front Row: Lawrence Mulhern, Robert Welch, James Maher, William Lehner, Walter Schaefer. Baclr Row: Frances Diprosa, Donald Dequs, John Concannon, John Morley, Robert Kretchmer, Daniel Hofmann, James Brooks, Richard LaForce. THOMAS BRISTOL Drum Major During +he year, +he Band preformed oulslandingly al Pep Rallies, Assemblies, Foofball Games, and al Mercy l-ligh School and lhe annual Spring Concerl. Al l-ligh Masses, lhe Lilurgical Choir has rendered Gregorian Chan+ accu- rafely and inspiringly. The Glee Clubs have been heard al Assemblies and 'rhe annual Spring Con- cerf, al all of which lhey were enlhusie asfically acclaimed. We wish ro congralulafe all connecled wifh lhe Deparlmenl for lheir worlc in making 'rhis year's performances a grea+ success. CLARINETS Front Row: :Ives Qaccea.. Eyzzges 3"'3U 3 in' uf" fi' 'fn air' 523 a Pa" 3 Vai Back Row: 'v':'ae fA'ffZf5' :at Petvcoac Pete' vzrmarcwtn J Sqceneberge' Wa te' B,.:':f. e Q sec' Sac: :bet Qi'a'U 3" WOODWINDS Frcni Row: N Tae G-awe, Se'a P-'fre ,fn Bfzifretta Picef Ba '1a't'er Pobcdt lfoen Bach Row: Rc Streb M :hae So ne Da. Z1 C .ad R 'hard G, C, led Lncc n J Sneryda. PERCUSSION Leif io 2 i,"" Us-ge J, 51 ! T X S N ik Fronf Row: .VTR4 vi nf A , I if , X S. 1' Tom Coiiins, Bob Dennis, Ronald Letky, Peter Grassadonia. Dick Casey, Jim Rife, John Schueier, Miio Tomanovich, George Stewart, Dave Schmitt. Back Row: Dick Vo'pe, John Aptcn Bob Krapf, Paui Muidoon, Dave Cotteriil, John Bonn, Flcryan Scwinski, Ron Alien, Joe Neary, Larry Guzzetta. A Robert Corietfa, Robert Sherelis. PIANISTS Director: Mr. Thomas Donohue. 'Q 5' . QM I li rup- 44' COLOR GUARD Left to Right: John Concanncri, Robert K.der Jchn Crowfey John Morier, Robert Kretchmer Thomas Lynch. MAROON AND WHITE SWINGSTERS Froni Row: Ted L'wcc'rr, R.cha'd G. Q Dcndd Pc:O'o Seraiino Arncne, Joseph Sarmfi ppc, Middle Row: Jack Trickey Tom Brstoi Cari Sivic, Joseph Rabideau, Peter Prove"zano Warren Kuiawa. Beck Row: Cha"es Messe Justn T,b do Joseph Pohzzi, 29 GLE 'A- ,, 4 pn ui Front Row: Antlncny Juliano, Mictwael Beianger, William Wrlliam Doyle, Jim Mooney, Tom Allison, James Daly, Bob LaCrosse, John Tobin, Antliony Fiorica, Ronald Bootlrby, Landry, Dave Lyons, Don Funk, Peter Martin, Paul Welch, Franlc Slmse, Bruce Carlin, Dave Stepeni, Cliarles Masse, Bob Kraft, Jerry Quigley, Joe Errigo, E Roger Pettis, Mr. Donoliue, Back Row: Frank Calvaruso, ,s 'X My 4 L., ig, 9, .,, 9 Front Row: Bob Carlscn, Paul Waqrier, Sam Ri.scio, Jclnn A dewon l'-Mgt Marlrs Mr, Drnotme, Jim O'Reilly, Dial: lfile't Anoeo Bovenz Al Rwelnc. Middle Row: James Civnani M lce Pe'otta Jn-tn Tebola, Jaclc Gattney Ray D N fti Ben C.arn 'ia B Sileoter, Jolnn Hamm, Jim Vclz 30 1-5 Dave Lella, Bil Srnytln, Don Maccic, Bacl: Row: Sam Rv: , Ted Hanes, Jc:Ln Re: Jolin Valentg Robert Cannan Franlc Lepiani, Dave Glessner, Jaclr Triclcey, Vnce Przybyla, Franlc Andolno, Jolwn Son Franc Jerry Campo Bernie OSLliyan Don KUlTV7"lG"l Jim Stflivan. Fr. OLoane con ra u a es mbers of H! Sfu n NIC I' Ge Ca Student ouncil STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS rk Reddy lSecretaryl, M T manovic- lVce-Pres.l Larry Palvro resdenll Michael Tcmainc llreas- 9F 4:1 ,mas R le Ronald Zl t lr crge S:'ne.zer, Jczepn han. JUNIOR COUNCIL SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Ry' Mler Terry DTCBFIC, I O K Edward G'ana'n Rcbcrg NM- N x A ? s""""":h-Y- 411' f .IAEA-X Front Row: Rat Roddy, M I Tr-mancvicn Larry Palvirc Fr, Donovan Mcrae' TOVYTEICTE. Back Row: Frank Doherty George Salernu, John Samuelson, Charles Marang. SENIOR COUNCIL Because ol rho cerlral posilion which our federal governe menl holds in America, il is only lilling lhal a school dedicaled lo Chrislian principles ol governmenl should provide lor sludenl parlicipalion in lhe adminislralion ol lhe sclnool. This represenlalive lorm ol governmenl goes under Ihe heading ol Ihe Sludenl Council. This council consisls of four represenlalives from each year plus Ihe lour Senior Class Ollicers who preside over Ihis body's -Jperalions. All council members are chosen by means of homeroom nominalions and class balloling. The aclivilies ol Ihe Council are exlremely general and diverse lor Ihey encompass 'rhe whole ol 'rhe school lile. Primarily, lhey allempr Io represenl Ihe opinions ol all lhe sludenls whom lhey represenl. Aside from lhis lhey sponsor our Magazine Drive, supervise all dances, allol subsidies Io lhe various clubs in Ihe school and in general lceep everylhing lunclioning properly. Cerlainly rhe members of Ihe Sludenr Council deserve a greal deal ol credil for Ihe service which 'rhey are performing lor the school and ils sludenls. FRESHMAN COUNCIL PFI Notnnade Jrn Griswcld W 'am Lehre Peter Donne y. RONALD G. ALLEN 87 Van Berqh Ave. Ron St. John the Evangelist Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Liturgical Choir 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 B Squad Football 23 Swimming Team 43 Bowling Club I3 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. L KENNETH J. AMAN 2628 Ridge Road E. Ken St. Cecilia St. Thomas Club I, 2, 33 Per betual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Greek Club 43 Latin Club 43 Intramural Sports I, 23 IOO Club I. ROGER W. ANDERSON I6I Alameda St. Sacred Heart Perpetual Rosary 43 Band I, Rog 2, 3, 4? Bowling Club I3 Intramural Soorls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 3. .ga-.,X lu. WILLIAM A. ANDERSON 84 Middlesex Rd, Bill St. John lhe Evangelist Perpetual Rosary 43 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 43 B Squad Football 23 Arete 43 Intramural Sports I, 23 Bowling Club 33 Varsity Club 43 Booster Club 3, 43 Library Club I. gi 'G' HENRY N. ANGELONE 84 Fulton Ave. Hank St. Anthony of Padua Perpetual Rosary 43 Glee Club 3: Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Freshman Football I3 Reserves Basketball 23 Frosh Basketball I3 Track Team 43 Mission Bouts I, 2, 3, 43 Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 IOO Club 4, 955 SENIORS DANIEL R ATTINASE 35 Magee Ave an Sacred Heart rsl PAUL B AYERS Woodrow Ave Pau St James w n s ers 4 Inframura orts I JOHN P APTON 38 St Jacob S Jack George no R II Perpetual Rosary 2 Glee 4 Liturgi Choir 4 Camera Club 3 Chems b G k ln Spors JOHN F BAKER 96 Harvick Rd a Sf Ambrose fy ss on t ee b ca o Ma oon and Wr te 4 T a k Team J J C J u I I If IOO C u r mu al o s 33 PAUL E ARENDS 4 Lakewood Dr Pau St Charles Bcrromeo ono R I Pe pe ua osary 2 3 4 Sodalify I German Club 3 4 Mission Committee 3 ot Lghf Club 2 I0 Cu 'tural Sports I HENRY F BALCONI 22l9 Clinton Ave S Hank Sf Anne sa Bow r c ence I b I V' '-1-ff, Manny CHARLES ATTARDO 66 Culver Parkway Charlie Sf Ambrose rpetual Rosa y Bow n ub I u B o o 1 ub 2 ce Cu Ma a zine apt u rarn ral po ts STEPHEN F BARBER 763 Westchester Ave Steve St James ee C o 9 I I . al ,, , .Q I , , 1 . y , . ' ' . ff .' I ' St. . . I 1 Ho r o I3 3 H r ol I, 2, 33 ' t I Pe r I, 23 I q ' 3 4? Club 3, 3 ' 'cal R , , 3 ' 3 CI I3 Spansh CI b 23 ' I g , ' 3 3 i- . I I ' - I 3 Cl 3 Scien I b IZ 9 ' V'y Clu 43 ree Club 43 tra. So 7 3 O Ib 43 ' C . I3 IOO CI b 3, 43 , mural I I. IV'li'd , 2, 3, 4. Int .u S f I, 2, 3, 4. .' o 24 f i 3 . ' s I ' '. . A . erpetual Rosary 2 43 Intramural Peroetual Rosary 43 Band I, 2, 3, Peroetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So- Pefbetual Ro 'ry 3, 43 Ifq GI I. 3443 Bowl? C-b ' not , 2. 43 S 'QT 3, 3 I dai' I3 MI ' Un' I3 .GI CI-: 43 S' C u I3 00 Cl,o 2 3: Ita, ar C -b 2 3 4' i"'ef Sp 3 2. CY.. 3 43 Liturgf ' Cr r 43 43 In"a"w.i'al Spots I 3 4. 'Jai S:o"s ' 2 3 4. 43 B'ology CI b'43 If B I' b 3, 43 P bIfc'ty S.a 43 I-b 3, 43 Inf a r Sp 't I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN S BARTOSZEWICZ 86 Baumann Sf Barl Sf Sfamslaus Sam? Thomas Club I Honor Roll 2 3 Perpetual Rosary 2 4 Arele 4 lCompos1ruon Edl Debafnng ub34Trac Tem2Lav Club 4 Blology Club 2 Chemlslry C ub 4 Lnbrary Club I IOO b 2 Sk Club 4 lnlramural Sporls ROBERT D BAUMAN 35 Eglanhne Rd o SI' Charles Borrorneo Perpefual Rosary 3 4 Scdalnly I Chemnsfry Club 4 Scuence Club S? mp Club 3 IOO Clu 955 SENIDRS YN? LLOYD F BERARDI I35 Congress Ave Peg Leg Sf Monlca Sam? Thomas Club I Honor Roll 2 Perpehlal Rosary 2 4 German Club 3 Chemuslry Club 4 Greek ub 4 Inlramural Sporfs I DAVID R BERTSCH 20 Rlversnde SI' Dave Sacred Hear? Perpefual Rosary 3 4 Sodallfy I Glee Club 3 4 Arefe 4 MISSION I 3 Dramahcs 2 3 4 g I Club 2 3 4 Bowling u Sk Club 3 Buology Cu 2 Boosfer Club 2 3 4 Magazine C pf 3 Inlramural Sporfs I 2 Club I LOWELL C BAN 9I Saranac Sf Lowell Perpefual Help Perpelual Rosary 3 4 Reserves Baseball 2 Track Team 3 4 Mus n Boufs I 2 3 4 Bowlnng I Science Club I Chemusfry Club mural Sports I RICHARD J BEIKIRCH II9 Roslyn SI Duck SI Momca Honor Roll I Perpelual Rosary 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Dramafucs 3 4 Greek Club 4 Treas French Cub 4 Science Club I Lubr y u 2 3 IOOC 4 n 'n ral Sporls I 2 GERALD E BETH 52 Owen Sf Gerry Sacred Hear? Perpefual Rosary I 2 4 Varlely ows I 2 4 Spolllghf Club 4 Chemlsfry Club 4 Inlramural orls I 2 34 PAUL W BAYER II54 Mann SI E Pau Corpus Cl'lI'ISTl Perpetual Ro ary 3 Chemusfry Cu 4 lnframural Sporlsl 3 4 Y'-up "'T"I.'W ROBERT G BAYER 86 Richland Sl 0 S? Ambrose Perpefual Rosary I Sodalnfy I Bowlmg Club 2 3 Scsence Club I Bnology Club 2 Spanish Club 2 Megazune Cap? 2 I00 Cl b 4 Inrramura Spo CHARLES A BELL 383 Seneca Pkwy Tony acred Heart Perpelual Rosary3 4 Sodallly Track Team 4 MISSION Bouls 2 4 nn Club 4 Chess Club 3 Spanish Club 4 IOO Club 4 lnfra mural Sporfs 3 WILLIAM P BIANCHI I0 Madison SI Sf Lucy rsnfy B eball 2 3 4 Le Baseball 2 Inframural Sporfs I CHARLES R BELMONT 23 Brooklyn Sf ob Holy Rosary Glee Club 3 4 lnframural Sporls DONALD J BINNERT 66 Gold Sf on Sf Anne Perpefual R ary I 2 4 IOO Cl b Inlr mural Sporls I 2 ' . 7 ' .' B b . ' ' . .' 7 7 I ' . ' R d ' I 7 I 7 7 ' 7 . I s I ' 7 I 7 7 ' I . : . 2 ' 7 ' 7 . : '- Ib 1 . . I 1 I . " , 7 ' I7 a 7 47 b 47 sic 7 7 7 7 I' Club 7 ' I CI 7 7 k a 7 fn 7 ' 7 7 ' - I U 7 ' 7 ' 47 Inrra 7 27 3, 4. I7 27 37 7 I rls I. I A 7 A 7 Clu 27 37 4. I I I I7 2. ' fk NJ' I ASI fl' .wi . ' S : , . : ' I: . 1 : ,7 ' . 7 " ,7I727374. ,L 7 7 .7 Lal' 7 7 47 f ff C: b : ' : ' dr ' 1 : - x " 7 7 47 I b 3, 7 I I - . If 7 U I 1 u ra 7. ' ' ' -I . ' ' . ' mu . ' D .I 7 7 . I .I .7. 2 ' Va' 65 I . . I glen os' 7 7 7 u - , - - 7 . Q 7 Sh 7 7 7 2. I 7 47 a 7 74. I I UH? I 7 7 7 Spof- 7 ' 7 27 37 4. Cl I -- 2' II I1 7 7 7 ' CI b Sp 7 4. 37 4. I, 27 i 7 ' 1 b ' Ia q : I I . I 7 loo 7 27 37 4. F- ' 3' owe ROBERT F BINSACK ROBERT G BISHOP ZI Brooklea Dr o l42 York Sl 0 Sf Helen SS Pefer and Paul Honor Roll I Perperual Rosary 2 Pe"D6lual RosarY 2 3 4 Gefman Spollughl Club 2 3 Slage Mana u Inframural SDOW qer 4 Radio Club 2 Chernls ry u 4 IOO Club "Smurf my-rf 1-.Q Www HERMAN C BITTLINGMAIER I76 Falrgafe Sf u Holy Family Peroelual Rosary 2 3 Sodallly 2 wing Club 3 Science u Magazine Capr 2 n ral Sporls I 2 JAMES 59 Van Slallen Sl EIER im Perpefual Help Perpelual Rosary 3 Club 3 Bowling Club 2 Mission Boufs 2 lnlrarnural po GEORGE A BLICKWEDE 65 Monroe Pkwy Blick Blessed Sacramenf rpelual Rosa y 2 B Sou ofball 3 Vars ry Baseball 3 Reserves Basebal 2 Leg on Base Sw rnrrm ng re rn Va ub 4 rannu Cx' nf' M., gf" WMM mg.. W .4-1'-M Seniors Examine Their Porlrauls DONALD D. BLUM GERARD T. BODENSTEINER 205 Wesl' Ave. Don 650 Frosl Ave. Bodle Sl. Augusline Sf. Augusline Clwemislry Club 43 German Club Perpelual Rosary 3, 45 lnlrarrlural 47 Camera Club I, 2, 3, 4, Bowl- Sporls 3, 4. ing Club I, 2, 3, 45 Inlramural Sports I, 2. THOMAS W. BRISTOL 49 Langford Rd. Tom Sacred Hear? Honor Roll 3, Peroefual Rosary 47 Sodally 4, Mlssfon Url? 3, 4? Band l 2, 3 4, Vice-Pres, and Drurrl Malorj Swfnqslers 2 3, 4j Science Club lg Bowl'nq Club I' Chernfslry Club 47 lnlrarnural Sporrs l, 2, 3, 4. WILLIS H. BRITTON I80 Pullman Ave. Bull Sacred Hear? Peroelsal Rosary I 2 3 Social", 3' M'ss'on Urlvf I Bam' Ig Vars"y Foo'oa" 23 lfss' Bo.'s l 2 3 43 Bovfrq C '-o I- Boosfer C ab 2, IOO C'ub 3 l-'ra rnural Soorfs I 2 3, 4. f JOHN P. BONN 89 Roslyn Sl. John Sf. Monica Peroelual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3. 47 Lllurglcal Choir 43 M'ssTon Un7r 31 B Squad Foolball 37 Cress Club 21 Science Club lg L'srary Club 2, 3 VTce-Pres., 4 lnnafrlural Soorls l, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH J. BROGAN 32 Nelson Sl. Amos Blessed Sacramenl Peroeza Rosary 23 M'ssEo'v Bows 41 C'er"S?'y Cub 4? Gif: Cl.b A- ln'r3"-ral Soo"s l 2 3 4. 35 i J 'fi , , THOMAS W, 752 Flower City Pk. Sacred H Sa'nr Tbornas Club Rosary 23 Sodallfy 2: Maroon and wr fl BROOK MICHAEL J. BROWNELL Tom 576 Lake Ave. Mike earl Holy Rosary I 274 Pe'Ce'l-QI Peroeha' Rosary 2 37 3'-ee C'.b Ig M ss7on Un ' 3 4' Fresrmar Fo:'ba- If Bow JE 4I O'5'0"' "Q C.o l 2' S:'er:e CHI: Ii des 3 43 German C'ub 3 4' lr'rar-' ra' Sfr"s l 2 3 A C'8'rl'SYry Club Sports I, 2 3, 43 lnlrarfura' WALTER M. BUCHEWIECKI 287 Carmel St. Wa Annunciation Perpetual Rosary 4' Banc I 2 3 I-loner Roll I' PSVD-Btu I I 1 If IOS Revella SI. 'il 'UP' 'imma WILLIAM B. BUIS . Sf. Philip Neri I R r Bill 2I5 , , 3 I , a osa y 43 43 M'55IQI-I Bout Booster 3, 43 Miss on Bouts 3, 43 Booster Club 2 Intramural Sports I, 3. . 3. 43 lntramu'al Sports 2. CI: lntramu al Sports I 2 4 . DONALD J. BYRNES 367 Selye Terr. Don Holy Rosary Honor Roll I3 Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Maroon and White 43 Biology Club 23 Science Club I3 Chemistry Club 43 IOO Club 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. gr RAYMOND S. CAMA EUGENE R. CANTISANO MICHAEL F. CAPPETTE B80 North St. Rock I05 Lyell Ave. Cat 20 N. Main St. Mike Holy Redeemer St. Anthony Peroetual Rosary 43 Maroon ano Perpetual Rosary 2, 33 Italian Club St. Paul of the Cross Perpetual Rosary 23 Arete 43 Golf White 43 Ski Club 43 ltaI'an Club 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Team 43 Varsity Baseball 43 Re- 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 43 Intramural Club 43 Intramural Sports I. serves Baseball 33 Bowling Club 43 Sports I, 2. ARTHUR F. CAPUTO I44 Sunset St, Punchy Holy Apostles Peroehal Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So' dality I3 Band I3 Glee Club 3, 43 Maroon and Wrrfte 43 B Squad Footba' 33 Mission Bouts 3, 43 Bowlng Club I, 23 Chess Club 2, 33 B'oloqy Club Z3 Chernstry Club 43 Pubf'C'ty Staff 43 LIb'o'y Club I 2, 33 Intramural Soorts I, 2, 3, THOMAS C. CARDILE 977 Fernwood Ave. Little Tom-Tom St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 SO. dalily I, 23 Mfsslon Unit I, Z3 Band I3 Bowling Club I, 2, 33 Biology Club 23 IOO Club 3, 43 Magazine Capt. I3 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Italian Club 43 Chemistry Club 4' IO0 Club 43 Intramural Sports I 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM B. CAREY 72 Rhinecliff Dr. Bud Our Lady of Lourdes Saint Thomas Club I, 23 Honor Roll 43 Perpetual Rosary 3, 43 Sodality 43 B Souad Football 33 Track Team 3, 43 Mission Bouts I, 2, 3, 43 Cross-Country Team 43 Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Greek Club 43 Latin Club 43 French Club 43 Varsity Club 43 Acolyte Club 43 IOO Club 43 Intramural Sports I, 2. 36 JOHN W. CARMODY 75 Peck St, Jackson Corpus Christi Perpetual Rosary 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 43 Science Club I3 French Club 33 Chemistry Club 43 Biology Club 23 Booster Club 3, 43 IOO Club 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS M. CAHILL 79 South Sl. BOP St. Mary Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sooality 23 Glee Club I3 Variety Shows I, 2, 3, 43 Spotlight Club 3, 43 Halt Time Club 43 Spanish Club 3. Senior Participation .,! , JAMES H. CASCHETTE 274 Navarre Rd. Jim St. Margaret Mary Perpetual Rosary I, Z, 3, 43 So- dallty I3 Salety Petrol 43 Variety Shows 43 Ski Club 43 Booster Club 43 Biology Club 2, Vice-Pres.3 Camera Club 33 Radio Club 43 Chemistry Club 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD F CASEY I70 Albemarle Sl Duck Sacred Hear? roerual R ary 2 4 e .JD Lllu Q C w ng Club I WILLIAM E CASEY 22l Summll Grove Pk Casessr Sacred Hear? rperual Rosary I 2 3 Soda 4 Mrssr If 2 6 4 Mlss I 2 V I orball 2 Mgr Freshman Foolball I Mgr sslon B uls I 4 Bow u 2, os er ub , Varslly Club 43 lnlrarrwural Sporfs WALTER F CASPER 40 Del Monle Sf Wall Holy R deemer uad Foofball Feshman olball I Fr s B e a rarnural Sporlg I 2 DONALD J CATTALANI 23l Mlchlgan Sf Don Holy Aposlles rpefual R ary I Iry u 4 Ar GOI' Team 4 Bowllnq Club Boosler Club 3 4 Irallan La n Clu ANTHONY L. CINOTTI 254 Lyndhursl Sl Tony Ml' Carmel Peroerual Rosary 43 Band I, 2, 33 Ian u 33 lnlramural orls l wail? 3 W1 my' 1 ' ln Social Life ROBERT P. CIRRE RAY G. CHAPMAN Il5 Worcesler Rd. Bob I5 Lochner Pl. Gene Sl. Charles Borromeo Sl. Andrew Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodalily Perpefual Rosary 27 Swlmmlng I3 Oraroricals I3 Bloloqy Club 23 Team 22 BOWIIVIQ Club IZ BIOIOCJY 39 chess club 2, camera Club 2, club 2, Science Club I: Infra- Chefnislry Club 4. mural Sporls I, 2, 3. JOHN E. COLLINS THOMAS D. COLLINS JOSEPH COMPITELLO JOHN J. CONCANNON 5 Wlllon Terr. Jack 526 Clifford Ave. Tom 64 Presque Sl. Joe 78 Owen Sl. Jack Sl. Augusllne Sf. Michael Sf. James Sacred Hear? Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Band 43 Peroelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Glee Pefoerual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Pernefual Rosary I, 2, 33 Band I, Bowl'nq Club I3 Mediclne Corn- Club I. 3. 47 I-l'urq'cal Choir 43 Club 3, 43 Bowl'nq Club I 23 2, 3, 43 M'sslon Unlr I3 Maroon 'n"+ee 33 Inlrarnural Soorls I. Mlssion Bouls I, 2. 3, 43 Bowllnq Car-ne'a Club 23 Soarfsr Club 3, and Wife 43 Sa'ery Pal'oI 4' Cl-b I, 43 Boosle' Club 2, 3, 43 43 Soence Club I3 IOO Club 43 Bowllnq Club 43 Sclence Club I' ln'rarrIural Soorls 2. lnffarnural Sporrs I, 2, Cl-erruslry Club 43 Color Guard 3 37 43 lnfrarraural SDO'fS I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN B. CLEARY IOI Culver Pkwy. Julungo Sf. Ambrose Honor Roll I3 Perpelual Rosary 2, 33 Sodallly I3 Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 43 French Club 33 Chernislry Club 43 Inf-arnural Sporls I. THOMAS M. COOPER I37 Indiana Sl, Coop Sf. John lhe Evangelisl Band I 2, 33 B Scuad Foo+ball 23 F'eshr"an Foo'baIl Ig C'oss Coun- lry Tearn 33 Sk? Club 3- Svfnqv sfers 33 Inlravlural Soorlg I, 2 3, 4, if ROBERT J CORLETTA ANTHONY M COSTANZA FRANCIS M COSTELLO 3I2 McNaugh?on S1 Robbie 368 Fourfh S? Tony Luzerne SI Frank Holy AposIIes S1 Francls Xavier Blessed Sacramenf al as y 4 r elual Rosary 4 Irallan Cub ef UBI RO GW 3 Mlsslon gb 3 4 Accomp anus? Va I B n r u s In? amura S or s ows 4 Boosfer Cleo 3 4 lfa orfs I uc? SIVCU e C I Maqazlne Ca 4 Inlrarnu UTS 955 SENIORS Q13 hqgpv' 1 ,Q -X Ax DAVID L COTTERILL 30 VlIIe Wood Dr Dangerous Sf Charles Borromeo Honor Roll I Peroemal Rosary 2 ee CIub 3 4 Llfurglcal C I M on oufs 4 IOO Infra WILLIAM P COTTERILL I2 Casfleman Rd SI Anne Perpefual Rosary 3 4 Sodallfy I 3 4 Vrce Prefecl Golf Team Bo C Spanslw CIub 4 Chemlslry CIub ol? ub I0 Cu rarnural Spoffs I 2 ROBERT D DEEGAN RONALD J DeFRANCE ISS Wsllus Ave Red 23 Prumrose SI Sf Charles Borromeo Sacred Head Per-penal Rosa y 4 BowIlnq Club roelual Rosary I 2 3 Soda ro ral Snorfs I rl r rrmra M5 JAMES A COUGHLIN 699 Plymoulh Ave S Corky lmmaculafe Concephon Perpefual Rosa y 3 Glee Club 3 Bowllng CIub Msslon Bou FRANK V DeLAUS Il2 Lornmer Sf Frngers Sf Anlhony ora 4 Perpe ua B y S I Ar Lolo d ee I 3 a I Reserves BasebaII 3 GQII Team Track Team 4 BowIlnq Club 4 Chemlslr Club 4 Boos r u 3 nr ral Sporfs I 38 DANIEL J CULHANE 68 Dlx Sf Dan Holy Aposlles I-lonor RoII I PeroeIuaI Rosary 2 daIlIy 2 Fren u 4 Inlramur offs I ROBERT J DENNIS 9l9 Bruffon Rd Denny Sf Charles Eorromeo PerpeIuaI Rosary 3 4 Glee Club 4 LIN. qlcal Ckolr 4 Freshm n oIbaII I w rl u rx amuraI Sporfs SAMUEL M DAMICO 402 Beach Ave Sambo Holy Cross rpeIuaI R a y 4 SodaIlly Sw mmlng Team 4 Bowlmg CIJb I C u Frenc CIU IO0 Club 4 STAN J DERNOGA I077 Hudson Ave las SI Sfannslaus r efual R sa y I I C BIO gy b M sswon Bou s earv lnlramura or+s I xr .ff . . Q DONALD H. DEVERELL 382 Sawyer Sl. Sl. Monica Perpelual Rosary 3, 45 Drarnalics 35 Maroon and While 45 Aquinader 45 Bowling Club 3, 45 Biology Club 25 Chemisfry Club 45 Library Club 45 Infrarnural Sporls I. Don 'QW-gr ANTHONY J. DiMARCO EDWARD DiPRIMA JOSEPH J. DiTUCCl 66 Locusl Sf. Tony 5I5 Clinron Ave. N. Ed 234 Parkway Joe Holy Rosary Honor Roll 25 Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club I, 45 Deballng Club 45 Chernislry Club 45 Ilalian Club 3, 45 Library Club 45 Inlra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Club 45 Chernisfry Club 4. Sf. Bridge? SI. Anlhony Perpelual Rosary 45 Bowling Club Honor Roll l, 2, A32 PCFDBWBI I5 lnframural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Rosary 3, 45 Sodallry 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres., 4 Pres.5 Ilalian Club 2, 3, 45 Library JOHN E. DOBBERTIN l26 Amslerdam Rd. Sf. John fhe Evangelisl 2, 35 Sodallly I5 Dobbs Perpelual Rosary Maroon and Whlle 3, 45 Varslly Baskelball 45 Reserves Baskelball 35 Cross Counlry Team 35 Chemis- lry Club 45 German Club 35 Goll Club 2, 3, 45 Publlclly Slaff 45 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. FRANK J. DOHERTY B0 Ramsey Pk, Weasel Sl. John lhe Evanqolisf Peperlual Rosary 2, 35 Sodalivy Z, 35 Sludenl Council 45 Mission Unil I5 Glee Club 3, 45 Maroon and While 35 Foolball I, 2 3, 45 Baskefball I, 2, 3, 45 Varslly Baseball 3, 45 Legion Baseball 2, 35 Golf Team 25 Mission Boufs 45 Greek Club 4, Sec,5 Varsify Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 35 Chernisfry Club 45 I00 Club 4. CHARLES H. DRESSER II3 Manor Pkwy. Chuck Sf. Monica Peroelual Rosaw 3, 45 Sa'e'y Patrol 2, 35 Sc'en:e Club I5 Radio Clslb 2 35 I"4ra"w.'al 5po"s I. ln Ak RICHARD W. DOHR OWEN E. DOLAN 237 Arlidge Dr. Dick S82 Flower Cify Pk. Ted Sf. Charles Borromeo Sacred Hear! Perneluel Rosary 3. 4: Bowling Band I5 Golf Team 45 Ski Club 25 Club ll 42 Track Team 45 lnlra- Mission Bouls I5 Science Club I5 1 .1 .gl-5 Seniors Sing on lhe Erie Express mural Soarfs I, 2, 3, 4. Boosfer Club 2, 3, 4, loo Club I, 25 Inlramural Sporls I, 2. ! 5 JOHN W. DUEMMEL DANIEL L. DUGAN WILLIAM J. ECKERT GERALD F. EDWARDS . SI Delmar SI. John I69 Campbell Pk. Dan 43 Pershing Dr. Bill 279 Weslchesier Ave. Klmb Holy Apostles Holy Family Sr. Ambrose Sf. Ambrose A Sari' Thomas Club I, 25 Honor Perselual Rosary 2, 3 45 Bowing Perzzevua' Rosaw 3 45 Bowlng Pe'oe'-al Rosaw l, 2, 45 Sodallly Roi 3, 45 Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, Club l, 25 Spansn Club 45 ln"a- Club l 45 Scenze CLI: I5 In"a- l 25 Giee Csb 3 45 Maroon and 4' Sodallw l, 25 Aoifnafjer 45 "ral Ssorls I, 2, 3, 4. ",'al S::o'ls I, 2, 3, 4. N"'e 25 Va's'W Baslefball -32 Lc'a'f Club 2, 3, Treas. 45 Reaewes Baslfe'ball 25 Vo'S'r A:o'y'e Club l, 2, 3, 45 F'encn Basebal 3 4: Legon Baseball 35 Club 4 Pres.5 Greek Club 45 F'en:' Club 4, T'eas.5 Va's'N Club Lafn Club -ag O-.slaflcsls 2. Z: Bows' Club 4: IOO Club I. 3 4 39 17, m.,:f53.51' 21155 Efflgfeu ' lf sfas:-Hera!-:4:f-. DAVID B. EHMANN 29 Paige Sf. Dave Sl. Monica Chemislry Club 45 Science Club I5 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 45 ln+ramuraI Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL J EISMAN 206 Lux SI. Pee Jay Sf Andrew pelual Rosary I Missi . 3, G e Cub , 4, Lifurgi oir 4' win u Camera Club I, 25 Acolyle Club 25 Inlramural Sporls I. 4--4... if THOMAS G ELPHICK I05 Barlhole Rd Tom SI Charles Borromeo erpelual Rosary 3 Mission us 3 4 lnframura Spors GERARDJ EMPEY I3 Fairview Heighls Jerry Sacred Hear? ission U if I Varsify Fool a M r 2 3 4 Reserves Baskelball Mgr 2 Golf Team 4 Glee Club 4 Safely Paro 3 Inframu orfs I, , , . ROBERT D ENRIGHT SI9 So Goodman Sl Bob SI Boniface P pelual Rosary 2 3, 45 Varsily Foolball 4 Reserves Baskelball 25 rosh askefball ' Swimming Team 4 Golf Team 45 Bowling u 25 Mis: n Bouls 45 Track Team 45 Inlramural Sporfs I. -I I X il' THOMAS C. ETSLER JAMES W. FAKER GEORGE J. FARMER 85 Lozier Sf. Els B9 Denise Rd. Jim 473 Hudson Ave. Agricola SI.,Augusfine Holy Cross Holy Redeemer Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Sodalily Honor Roll I5 Perpelual Rosary 45 Perpetual Rosary I5 Science Club 2, 35 Inlramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 4. lg Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3. BERNARD J. FARNUNG GERALD J. FELTZ JOHN R. FERRIS 68 Thatcher Rd, Bernie 64 Fair Oaks Ave. Gerry 764 Wegman Rd. Gasher Sf. Thomas Honor Roll I5 Perpelual Rosary 3, 45 Bowling Club 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 German Club 35 IOO Club 45 Inlramural Sporrs I, 2, 3, Our Lady of Lourdes Honor Roll I5 Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Swimming Team 3, 45 Science Club I5 Biology Club 25 glargify Club 45 lnlramural Sporls , ,4. Holy Aposlles Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 So- dalily I5 Glee Club 35 Golf Team 45 Mission Boufs 3, 45 Track Team 45 llalian Club 25 Boosfer Club 3, 45 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. 40 ALFRED E. FIELDS 500 Cenfral Ave. Flash Sf. Joseph Peroerual Rosary 3, 45 Sodalify 25 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Chemislry Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Varsify Club 45 lnlramural Sporls I, 2. Record Joi-IN DL I35 Glen Ellyn Way Moose Our Lady of Lourdes Perpelual Rosary 3, 45 Sodaliry 45 B Squad Fooiball 35 Varsily Baseball 3, 45 Legion Baseball 35 Swimming Team 45 Ski Club 45 Maroon and While 45 Science Club I5 Boosler Club 3, 45 I00 Club I, 3, 45 Inlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN E. FITZGERALD ROBERT J. F-LANIGAN JOHN R. FLANNERY ROBERT J. FLEMING 675 Pos? Ave. Fill 4l Midvale Terr. Bob 707 Elrnqrove Rd. Johnny 50 SI. John's Pk. Irish Bob Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Good Counsel Sl. Theodore Holy Cross Perperual Rosary 2, 3, 47 Maroon Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 Track Bowl'ng Club I, 47 Mission Bouls Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 47 Sodaliry and While 3, 47 Golf Team 47 Team 47 Library Club 37 Chemlsiry I7 Inrramural Sporfs l, 2, 3, 4. 3, 4 PrelecY7 Sludenr Council 27 Sk: Club 47 Library Club 3, 47 Club 47 Spanish Club 47 lnlra- Mission Uni? 47 Varsiry Baseball I, Golf Club 3, 47 Science Club I7 mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. 27 Mission Bours 2, 37 Magazine lnframural Sporrs I. Capr. 2, 37 IOO Club 2, 3, 47 Inrrarnural Sporfs I, 3, 4. ROBERT L. FLUGEL 4l2 Hazelwood Terr. Sf. Ambrose Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 47 So- dallry I7 Mission Uni? I, 23 Glee Club 3, 47 Freshman Foolball I7 Golf Team 37 Bowling Club l, 2. 3 47 Biology Club 27 Radio Club 27 Magaz'ne Capt. 2: IOO Club 22 Inrramural Sporls I, 2, 3. 4. lqqv Voices JOHN E. FOLEY JOHN L. FONDA YI Rugby Ave. Fixer 826 N. Clinron Ave. Johnny SI. Augustine Sl. Michael Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Salnl Thomas Club I, 27 Per- Club 3, 47 Bowlfng Club I7 Spol- pefual Rosary 3, 47 IOO Club 2. l'gI1l Club 2, 3, 47 Library Club X I, 2, 3, 47 Science Club I7 IOO Club 4. JOHN FREDERICK JAMES A. FREEMESSER RICHARD G. FURSTOSS ARTHUR R. GAISSER 64 Barker 59. ' Jack 29 Sullivan Sl. Jim 279 Keeler SI. Dick 62 Sfanfield Terr. Ari Holy FUTIIIY I Sl. Michael Perpefual Help Our Lady of Good Counsel pefpeldil Rosary l. 2. 3. 47 Vd'S1Y7r Perpetual Rosary 47 IOO Club I7 Pe'oewaf Rosary 3, 47 Band I7 Perpemal Rosaw 2 3 43 BowT'ng Baseball 4: Bowl.nQ Cldb li Si- lnvarnural Sporfs I, 2. Glee C'-b 3f Bowling Club I7 Cub 21 Boiogy Cl,c 25 Ge"'a'w Club 3. 4: lflY'5"U'6l 59005 l. Boos'e' CLI: I 37 IOO Club 2, 37 C'.b 47 Cnem's'ry Cl.b 43 Inva- 2. 3. 4- l"'a"'.'al Ssorfs I, 2, 3, 4, mural Sporls I, 2, 4. 4l JAMES R. F-ORGIONE 2466 Sf. Paul Blvd. Valley Forge Sf. Marqaref Mary Perperual Rosary 2, 3, 47 Boosfer Club 2, 3, 47 Ifallan Club 2, 3, 47 Science Club I7 Chernlsrry Club 43 Inharnural Sports I, 2, 3. DAVID A. GALEN 76 Bradford Rd, Slave Our Lady of Lourdes HCVIO' Roll lj Perf-7e7,al Rosary l, 2 3 4: Va's"f Baskerball 3 47 Resewes BasPe':aI' 2, Track Team 3 47 Boos'e' C',b I 2 3, 47 German Cho 37 Va'siry CL.,b 43 C'e"'s"r C'-b 47 IOO Club I 2 3 4j l'i"a".'a' Sso'+s l, 2, 3 4. X -if md' LAM 4 RONALD N. GALUSHA CLAYTON R. GEHRING EDWARD C. GERVICKAS I34 Sixfh Sl. Guche 88 Allmerofh Sl. Clay? 682 Hudson Ave. Eddie G Si. Francis Xavier Sf. Boniface Sf. George Perm-rival ROSBVY 2. 4: Mission Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Science Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 French Uni? I. 23 Glee Club 35 Frosh Club I. Club 45 Inrrarnural Sporls I, 2. Baskelball I5 lnrrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. PHILLIPS J. GIBSON 84 Barons Rd. Phil Sl. Thomas Sainl Thomas Club I, 2, 35 Per- pefual Rosary 3, 45 Maroon and While 2, 3, 4 Lil. Ed.5 Debaling Club 3, 4 Sec.5 Oraloricals 3, 45 Lalin Club 45 Chemislry Club 45 IOO Club 2, 3, 4. I I ' , . I I I . VINCENT W. GIONTA I7 Julia Sl. B00lKle Sf. Lucy Perpelual Rosary 45 Glee Club 35 Band I5 Varsily Fooiball 2, 3, 45 Freshman Foolball I5 Frosh Baskel- ball I5 Track Team 45 Varsily Club 45 Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. l955 SENIDRS WILLIAM P. GREENE 220 Wesf High Terr, Verde Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 3, 45 Science Club I. AMW" 2209" X LAWRENCE J. GUZZETTA 404 Alphonse Sl. Larry Holy Redeemer Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Lirurgical Choir 45 Mission Bouls 45 Track Team 25 lfibgarg Club 45 lnrramural Sports , . , 4. ROBERT E. GORES 2I5 Carling Rd, Bob Sf. John fha Evangelisl Honor Roll 25 Peroelual Rosary I, 25 Maroon and While 35 Varsily Foolball 45 Reserves Foolball 2, 35 Reserves Baseball 25 Track Team 3, 45 German Club 35 lnrra- rnural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4. LEONARD J. HACK IOI Lux Sl. Lenny Sl. Andrews Sodalily I, 25 Band I, 25 Infra- mural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4. 42 PETER L. GRASSADONIA 237 Curfis SI. Pele Holy Redeemer Glee Club 3, 45 Lifurgical Choir 45 B Squad Foolball 25 Freshman Foolball I5 Track Team 25 Spanish Club 45 lnlramural Sporls I, 4. THOMAS G. HALL 546 Clarissa Sl. Tom Immaculafe Concepflon Mission Bouis I5 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Chernisiry Club 4. DONALD P. GRAY ISO Anfhony Si. Don Our Lady of Good Counsel Sainr Thomas Club I, 2, 35 Per- pefual Rosary 35 Sodalily I5 Maroon and While 2, 3, 45 Arefe 35 Debaiing Club 2, 3, 4 Vice- Pres.5 Lalin Club 4 Pres.5 Library Club 3, 4 Pres.5 Greek Club 35 German Club 35 Chemislry Club 45 Science Club I5 Magazine Capf. I5 IOO Club 4. NORBERT F. HALLER 322 Lexinglon Ave. Bud Holy Rosary Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Sodalily I5 Glee Club 3, 45 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3. wg- RICHARD S. HAMM II2 Bowman Sl. Ham Corpus Chrisli Pefpelual Rosary 33 Dramalics 33 500 Club 43 lnlrarnural Sporls 2, WALTER B. HICKEY JOHN C. HAMMERL 765 Hinchey Rd. John Sf. Helen Honor Roll I3 Perpefual Rosary 2, 33 Sodallly I3 Sk? Club 2 3, 43 German Club 33 Boosler Club 3, 43 lO0 Club 43 lnfrarnural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN J. HODGETTS MICHAEL F. HEBERGER FLOYD H. HEGEDORN JOHN R. HENDERSON l40 Hillendale Sr. 453 Sfonewood Ave. Mike 353 Troup Sf. Floydsie Sf. Charles Borromeo SS. Peler and Paul Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodallly Perpefual Rosary Z3 Sodallly I3 2, 3, 43 Deballnq Club 33 Chernls- Mlssion Uni? I3 Varslfy Baseball lry Club 43 Boosler Club 2, 4: 4: Reserves Baseball 2: P. A. L. IOO Club l, 2. Baseball I3 Bowling Club lg Infra- mural Sporfs l, 2, 3, 4. Jack Our Lady of Good Counsel Perpelual Rosary 3, 43 Varsfly Foofball 33 B Squad Foolball 2, 2 3 4 ly 33 Track Team , , 3 Safe' Palrol 2, 33 Chernislry Club 43 lnrrarnural Sports l. DAVID C HOGAN 276 Bonnie Bree Ave. Hi: 76 Harris Sf. Jack 205 Bryan Sf. Hoge Our Lady of Lourdes Sf. Michael Holy Rosary Perpelual Rosary 23 Sodalily I3 Perpefual Rosary 43 Sodallly l, Honor Roll lt Pefpefl-'Bl ROSGVY Ed.3 Varslfy Baskefball 3, 4 Mgr.3 Mlsslon Boufs 3 Treas.3 German Club 33 Boosler Club 2, 3, 43 Oralorlcals 23 R. A. U. N. Rep. 3, 43 Magaz'ne Capf. 23 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 4. ROGER S. HORTON 53 Lincoln Sf. Rog. Holy Redeemer Perpelual Rosaw l, 23 Sc7ence Club l3 Bblogy Club 23 Infra- rnural Sooffs I, 2 3. Mlsslon Unil 4 VlCe-PVeS.f Aqulna- 2, 33 B Squad Foofball 23 Misslon l. V2. 3. 4: SodalllyA lj Mlsslon der 2, 3, 43 Arele 4 Managing Bouls 43 Track Team 2, 43 lnrra- Um? I, 2, 3, 43 Misslon Bou 'nural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 43 Sclence Club I3 Blolo Q Club 23 Magazine Capf. 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 3 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. fs I, ilggfii 2 4 1 .,.,.. Seniors Enjoy Themselves af lhe Barn . UI." ' RICHARD HOWLAND DANIEL T. IRELAND MICHAEL A. JUDD GEORGE M. KALABRY l6B Harvard Sl. Dick 94 Spruce Ave. Dan 33l Plymoulh Ave. Mike 727 Dewey Ave. George Blessed Sacramenf Sf. Monica lmmaculafe Concepfion Holy Rosary pewefual Rosafy 3, 43 Sodal'9y I3 Pe'oe'ual Rosa'y I, 2, 3, 43 Glee San? Tnornas Club lj Honor Roll Honor Roll 33 Bang 33 Bow'-3 Mssfon Uni? l, 23 Sa'ely Paffol Club 3 4. 33 Perpenal Rosa'y 3: Safely Club l3 Cfess C'.b 2. 43 Bowling Club lj G-o': Cleb 43 Pa"ol 2, 33 German Club 3 lffrarnural Sporrs l, 2, 3, 4. Greek C'ub 4 V':e-Press L'b'a'y ' - f f' Cl b 3 4- cheese, Cl a 4- f Za, ,J 43 BODSle'l Cllub 47 Ma'oonu and! M W ' Inf al offs 3. ble 43 rarnu' . So fdf WW' lie fl' Vilfgnv JAMES L. KAZMARK 2 Belmont St. Jim Blessed Sacrament Perpetual Rosary 3. WINFRIED M. KELLNER Iroquois Rd., Caledonia, N. Y. Winnie SI. Columba Honor Roll I3 Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodality I3 Aquinader 43 Maroon and White 3, 43 Debating Club 2, 3, 43 Oratoricals 33 Lalin Club 43 Greek Club 43 French Club 33 Library Club I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 43 lnlrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. DAVID J. KIRBY Sea Breeze, N. Y. Dave Sf. Salome Perpetual Rosary 43 Spotlight Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 43 Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Magazine Capt. 33 IOO Club 2, 3, 4. DAVID J. KOHLER 533 Chili Ave. Spike Si. Augusfine Peroelual Rosary 2, 43 Sodality I3 Bowling Club l, 23 Science Club I3 lnlrarnural Sports I, 2, DONALD A. KIRBY Sea Breeze, N. Y. Sf. Salome Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 So' daliiy I3 Mission Unit I, 23 Spoi- lighf Club 2, 33 Science Club I3 Booster Club 43 IOO Club l, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, 2. Don HARRY J. KOLB B3 Tolfenham Rd. Hank SI. Ambrose Sodality I3 Mission Unil' I, 4 Sec.- Treas.3 Glee Club 3, 43 Drarnatics 43 Var'ety Shows 43 Bowling Club l, 43 Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. DAVID P. KELLY ll25 Genesee Park Blvd. Dave Our Lady of Good Counsel Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Council. 2, 33 Mission Unit Z, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Varsily Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Freshman Football I3 Mission Bouts 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Science Club I3 Magazine Capt. 43 IOO Club l, 2, 43 Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM J. KELLY DAVID P. KENNA 40 Ellicott St. Bill l28 Wetmore Pk. Dave SI. Monica Holy Apostles Maroon and White 43 Bowling Perpetual Rosary I, 2. 3. 45 SO- Club I, 43 German Club 33 dality 23 Swimming 'learn 2, 43 Chemistry Club 43 IOO Club 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 33 Track Team Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. 43 Science Club I3 Chess Club Z3 Intramural Sports l, 2. 3. 4- Seniors RODNEY W. KNUTH I2I5 Norton St. Minnie Sf. Andrew Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Reserves Baseball 23 Legion Baseball 2, 33 Varsity Club 43 Greek Club 43 Spanish Club 43 lnlrarnural Sports I, 2. fe 4,,,,,,, . 3? . Q41 ill! fmaiizlgi. GERALD F. KOTWAS ROBERT N. KRAPF ROBERT W. KRETCHMER I74 Winfield Rd. Pierre 256 Bay View Rd. Bob ll'l Ayer Sf. Bob Sf. Salome St. Ambrose SI. John IGreecel Sainl Thomas Club I3 Honor Roll 23 Perpetual Rosary 3, 43 Sodality 23 Variety Basketball 3, 43 Reserves Basketball 23 Frosh Basketball I3 Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Reserves Baseball 23 Legion Baseball 2, 3, 43 Gerrnan Club 3 Treas.3 Greek Club 43 Varsily Club 3, 43 Mis- sion Unit 43 Intramural Sporls I. 44 Honor Roll 23 Perpetual Rosary 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Dramatics 33 Liturgical Choir 43 Variety Shows I, 43 Ski Club I, 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Science Club I3 Chem! istry Club 43 Intramural Sporls I, 3, 4. Perpelual Rosary 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 33 Color Guard 3, 41 Library Club I3 Chemisiry Club 43 Science Club I3 Swingsters 43 Intramural Sports I, 2. is . , .eh , ,. Aa zi I RONALD A. KUHN EWHEN KULYK CHRISTOPHER J. LaDELFA JOSEPH J. LaGRECA RICHARD K. LANCER 3 Bloomingdale SI. Ronnie I34 Hand SI. Eugen 7 Finney SI. 3 Chris I79 Pennsylvania Ave. Joe l39 Garfield 59. DICK Sf. Michael Sf. Josaphaf Mounf Carmel Sf. Francis Xavier Sf. AUQUSHFIS Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Spanish Perperual Rosary 43 Chess Club 4. Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Bowl- Perperual Rosary 23 Bowlng Club Peroelual Rosary 47 Library Club Club 43 IOO Club 43 Intramural ing Club I3 Cnemislry Club 43 43 llal'an Club 23 lnfrarnural I3 Camera Club 3. 5DOrls I, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Sporfs I, 3. Z9 'tri' A+ Half-Time CHARLES A. LaMONICA ROBERT S. LATRAGNA NORMAN W. LAUDISI 3l4 N. Union SI, Chuck l78 Edqeland Sl. Bob I89 N. Union Sf. Norm SI. Francis Xavier Sf. Ambrose Corpus Chrisli Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Mission Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Mission Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Boosfer Unir l, 23 Glee Club 33 43 Bowling Unil I3 Glee Club 3, 43 llalian Club 23 Chernislry Club 43 llalian Club 2, 43 IOO Club l, 23 Inlra- Club 2, 3, 43 Camera Club Z, 3, Club 2, 3, 43 ln'rarnural Sporfs mural Sporls l, 2, 3, 4. 43 Bfology Club 23 Chemislry I, 2, 4, Club 4. J I RICHARD J. LEARY JAMES A. LECCESE DAVID M. LECHNER JAMES V. LEICHT RONALD M, LETKY B40 Meigs Sl. Sam l06 McNaughfon SI. Jim 297 Wendhursl' Dr. Dave 474 Lakeview Pk. Jim l82 Herald Sf. Lucky Ron Sf. Boniface Holy Aposlles Sf. Charles Borromeo Holy Rosary SI. Josaphaf Sain? Trlornas Club I3 Honor Roll Perserual Rosary 2, 3 43 Bowling Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So- Peroelual Rosary l 2 3 43 So' Der::e'ua' Rosar. 2 3 43 So1al.r, 2, 33 Perpetual Rosary 3 43 Bowl- Club l, 2, 41l'dCk Team 2, 3, 43 oalify I3 Reserves Baskefball 2 dalfry Ig Glee Club 3 43 Bowlfng 2 3: G,-'ee C'.p 3' B Szuarz ing Club I, 3, 43 Radio Club 43 Boos'e' Club 23 B7o'ogy Club 33 Mqr.3 Bowlfng Club 43 Ski Club Club l: lOO Club l 2 43 Infra- Fowbal 23 Fresnrcan Foo'ba" I3 IOO Club 2, 4. Sconce Club I3 IOO Club 43 lnlra- 43 Track Tear-rl 3 43 Glee Club 33 mural Sporfs l, 3. Hcwnq Club l 2 3, 43 M'ss'on rrnral Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. Library Club I3 Science Club I3 Beds I 2 4' B'c'ogy Club 23 Chernisfry Club 43 Boosfer Club Lbrary Club l 23 Maqafne Cam. 43 IOO Club 43 lnlramural Sporls l 23 lOO C'.b 3 4' Inrrarnural l, 2, 3, 4. Sr:o"s 3 4. 45 Mm THEODORE J LINCO RICHARD H LINDNER SAMUEL J LoPALO RICHARD J MACKAY GERALD P MADALENA I80 Kirk Rd. . a gg ghelfer 59, Dick 27 Eddy St. Doc 28I Yarmouth Rd. Mac I4I Elmgrove Rd. Chubby Mother o or o St Mom a SS Peter and Paul St John the Evan elxst St John Greece f. , . c - , - 9 . I I , Pe petual R r " , Perpehyal Rosary 2' 3: Chemistry Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Sodality Perpetual Rosary 3, 4, Science Perpetual Rosary 3, 4, Sodali ., f , mural ports I, 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 4, l00 Club I, 2, 3, 4, In- 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, trarnural Sports I, 2. 3, 4. . O V . tv E Gd l. .. 4. i b 4, Intramural Sports I, 2. it ?lleV'l'l'5l"Y Cgub 4, Italian Club Club I, Radio Club I, Band l, I, Bowling Club I, Italian Club ra ' n ra f - - I U l955 SENIORS ITT! Y PAUL G. MANCE 32 Lynda Lane Paul St. Helen Honor Roll I' Per etual Rosar - ,. D v 2, 4, Sodality I, 4, Freshman Football I, Swimming Team 4, Cnernistry Club 4, Library Club l, 4, Science Club I, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD P. MANGAN I92 Sherwood Ave. Dick St. Augustine Perpetual Rosary I, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 4, Reserves Baseball 3, Chemistry Club 4, German Club 3, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. RONALD J. MAIER 20 Wakefield St. Yogi Perpetual Help Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Bowlino Club l, 2, Mission Bouts 2, Camera Club 4, Library Club 2, IOO Club 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES J. MARANG 97 Cliffordale Pk. Chuck St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Sodality I, 2, Student Council 4, Mission Unit 2, Band I, Spotlight Club 3, Booster Club 2, 3, Italian Club 3, 4, Publicity Staff 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Magazine Capt. 4, IOO Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3. 46 PAUL A. MALANGA 48 Ernst St. Paul St. Stanislaus , Perpetual Rosary 3, 4, Bowling Club I, Safety Patrol 4, Chess Club 2, Science Club I. PHILIP R. MARTELL 695 Clarissa St. Phil Immaculate Conception Perpetual Rosary 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Bowlin Club 2, Ski Club 4, Biology Club 2 Pres., German Club 4, Radio Club 3, 4, Science Club I, Library Club I, Chemisty Club 4, Chess Club 4, Intramural Sports I, 2. FRANKLIN J. MAMMANO l25 Tottenham Rd. Frank St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 4, B Squad Foot- ball 3, Freshman Football I, Biology Club 2, Intramural Sports l. MELVIN F. MAYER 277 Merrill St. Me St. Charles Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Club 3, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3 Glee .QR ANTHONY F. MAZZA 220 Norran Dr. Pile Annuncialion Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 45 Reserves Baseball 25 Bowllng Club I, 2, 3, 45 Boosler WILLIAM F. MCCALL I4I Arbordale Ave. Bill Sl. John fhe Evangelist Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 41 Sodallly I, 27 Maroon and Whlle 43 Track Team 2, 33 German Club 2, 37 THOMAS P. MCCARTHY l26 Garson Ave. Duke Corpus Chrisll Perperual Rosary 43 Lalln Club 45 French Club 4. Foolball Mlsslon Team - JOSEPH L. MCDONALD 93 Broolxlea Dr. Sl. Helen Peroelual Rosary I 2 3, 4: So- rlallfy lg Scorlgv Club 2, 3: French Club 2 3, 47 Crcrfsfry Mac Club 3, 43 lnfrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Chess Club 23 lnlramural Sporls l, 2, 3, 4. I 4p IO0 2, 3, 4. I Sporrs Club 43 L'bra'y Club 43 Sole-noe Club l. 'RYA' -vw... THOMAS P McENTEE 79 Renouf Dr Tom Sf Helen rsslon U If 3 Freshrn n Foolball l Boosle Club3 Mage e pr n annua Spo ROBERT J McDONALD Allcn N Y Mack Epiphany So allry 2 French Club 2 3 CHARLES A McKAY IIZ Broadway Chuck Sf. Mary EDWARD R MCGRAW S4I Wlnfcn Rd, S. e Our Lady of Lourdes Trred Sensors From Buffalo RICHARD L McGLYNN 33 Rowley Sf Duck Blessed Sacramenl oerual Rosary 4 cenc I. JAMES J McKEOWN JAMES H MCMAHON 6 Durgin SQ. Curly IO8 Clay Ave. Oa SV, Michael Sacred Hear? oerual Rosary 1 So arf or Sl 7 Pe'r:e'.al Ro ev .':,'. ' t 2'E"CE '5--- ' ' ,7 Vaqlll' X . 4: penc CII , 3 wf u ' 'e lu.. -., j " ' ".' ' :V . ' ' C. Foclcall 3' . a" ' 's" ., . 55 ESI I C... ' - S,- , . ,,M, CO. 47 AZ' do THOMAS A MCMANUS 74 Amslerdam Rd. Tom SV. John lhe Evanqellsl ,e .b ' ' "' ' xr' ' 'z':,. 'Q 7 'er'- ' ' Q 7 - ' rm' . SDo' s yff ',.,',k If-f ' -v LOWELL J MCNALLY JOHN R MERKEL SAMUEL P MERLO 246 Conlrey Ave. Mac B5 Delamaine Dr. Jack 348 Bay Sf. Duke St. Michael St. Andrew Sf. Francis Xavier Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 47 So- Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 4: Track Honor Roll I, 2, 47 Bowlinq Club dality I, 2, 3 Sec., 4: B Squad Team 3, 47 German Club 3, 47 I7 Italian Club 2, 3, 47 Science Football 27 Freshman Football I7 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Club lg Intramural Sports I, 2 Debatin Club 3' Latin Club 47 9 . Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. 3, 4. PETER J MERMAGEN 370 Rockingham St. Pee Sf. Anne Perpetual Rosary 3, 47 Band I, 2, 3, 47 Maroon and White 3, 4 Editorg Spotlight Club 37 Science Club I Pres.: German Club 3, 4 Pres.7 Chemistry Club 47 Oratori- cals I7 IOO Club 47 Intramural Sports I. 'Ns' RICHARD M MESSURA 66 Curtis St. DIC Holy Rosary Honor Roll I7 Perpetual 3,47 Bowling Club l, 27 Chemistry Club 47 Science Club li mural Sports I, 2. 3. Rosary Intra- ROBERT L. METEYER II3 Kiniry Dr. Flashbulb St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 47 Sodality I7 Glee Club 3, 47 Mission Unir 3, 47 Aquineder 3, 47 Maroon and White 3, 47 Arete 47 Dramatics 3, 47 Camera Club 2, 3 Vice-Pres. ANTHONY M. MORREALLE l782 Winton Rd, N. Tom St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 2, 37 Mission Bouts I7 Italian Club I7 Science Club I7 Intramural Sports l, 27 3. EDWARD C. MIRGUET 222 Hermitage Rd. Ed St, Thomas Perpetual Rosary 37 Dramatics 37 Bowling Club I7 Ski Club 37 Mission Bouts 47 Science Club I7 Biology Club 27 Magazine Capt. I, 47 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 47 Intra- mural Sports l, 2. PAUL C. MUELLER 878 Bay St. Paul St. Joseph PSVDENBI Rosary 47 Bowling Club I, 47 Science Club I7 Magazine gait. I7 Intramural Sports l, 2, Seniors THOMAS D. MOORE 233 Rosewod Terr. Tom Corpus Christi Perpetual Rosary 27 Glee Club 3, 47 Freshman Football I7 Reserves 15 . 'Uh Baseball 27 Legion Baseball 37 Bowling Club 27 Mission Bouts 27 French Club 37 Cheerleader 37 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3. PAUL B. MULDOON 665 Westchester Ave. Paul St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 47 Soclality I, 2, 3, 47 G-lee Club 3, 4: Liturgical Choir 47 Bowling Club I, 2, 37 Booster Club 47 Camera Club 2, 3 Pres.7 Chemistry Club 47 IOO Club 47 Intramural Sports l. 48 ROGER P. NAPIER ROBERT E. NAUGHTON IBS Clairmounl St. Roq 57 Appleton St. Bob St. Andrew Sl. Augustine Saint Thomas Club I7 Perpetual Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 47 So Rosary 2, 37 Debating Club 37 dality I, 2, 37 B Squad Football French Club 37 Chemistry Club 27 Track Team 2, 3, 47 Intramural 47 Intramural Sports I. Sports I, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH T. NEARY 60 Rochelle Sf. Nero Holy Cross Peroelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Mission Unil' 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Lilurgical Choir 43 Spo+ligh+ Club 23 Maga- zine Capl. 23 B Squad Foofball 23 IOO Club 3, 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT L. NEARY 483 Oakwood Rd. Frenchy Sf. Charles Borromeo Honor Roll l, 23 B Squad Fool- ball 23 Freshman Foolball I3 Science Club I3 Camera Club 33 French Club 43 Chemislry Club 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3. 'lhe Crib RICHARD P. O'CONNELL 5. BRUCE M. O'CONNOR l6l Normandy Ave. Dick 8 Marigold Sf. O'Kie Sf. Augusline Sacred Hear? Sodal'Iy I3 Bowling Club I3 Chem- Peroelual Rosary 43 Bowling Club b 3 I I Club islry Club 43 German Clu 3 Cheerleader 2, 33 IOO Club 3 43 ln9ra"iu'al Soorls I, 2, 3 4. .23 Chess Cub 3, 43 Greek 43 Chemisrry Club 4. ROBERT W. NEARY 790 Wesfside Dr. Rufus Sf. Helen Honor Roll I3 Perpefual Rosary 3, 43 Freshman Foolball I3 Golf Team 43 Bowling Club I, 23 Ski Club 43 Mission Bouls 2, 43 Track Team 43 Science Club I3 Boosfer Club 43 IOO Club 23 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL E. NOTHNAGLE l33 Dove Sl. Nolh Holy Rosary Perpelual Rosary 3, 43 Sodalily I, 23 Boosfer Club 3, 43 lnrramural Sporls 3, 4. DAVID J. O'CCNNOR 540 Clay Ave. Dave Sacred Hear? Sain? Thomas Club I3 Honor Roll I, 2, 33 Peroelual Rosary 43 So- dalily 43 Band II Maroon and While 3, 43 Debafing Club 2, 3, 43 Golf Team 43 German Club 3, 43 Science Club I3 Chess Club 2, 3 Vice-Pres.: Chemistry Club 43 lnframural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. 49 ALBERT G. NEU 237 Dodge Sl. Red Holy Family Perpeiual Rosary 4. JOHN F. NUCCITELLI l78 Orchard Sf. Bones Sf. Francis Assisi Perpefual Rosary 3, 43 Sodalify I3 B Squad Foolball 33 Bowling Club I3 Mission Boufs l, 2, 43 Track Team 2, 43 Science Club I3 Biology Club 2 Sec.3 lfalian Club 43 Boosier Club 3, 43 IOO Club 43 Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM R. OLDFIELD 33 Chapin Sf. Barney Sl. Andrew Honor Roll I3 Perperual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Golf Team 43 Bowling Club 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Mission Bouls 3, 43 Track Team 3, 43 Science Club I3 Camera Club 27 Booster Club 3, 43 Inlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT E. NIGER 283 Merrill Sf. Bob Sacred Hear? Perpeiual Rosary 2, 43 Sodalily I3 lnlramural Sporls I, 2. DANIEL F. O'BRlEN 478 Clover Sf. Dan Sf. John fha Evangelisf Perpefual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodalify 2, 33 B Squad Foofball 23 Swim- ming Team 43 Track Team 3, 43 Varsily Club 43 Spanish Club 43 lnframural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL J. O'MARA IO3 Hursfbourne Rd. Judge Sf. James Perpefual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis- sion Unif I, 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Liturgical Choir 43 Dramalics 2, 33 Spolligh? Club 2 33 Bowling Club I3 Magazine Caof. I, 2, 33 500 Club I3 Invrar'-u'aI Sporrs I , 3. RICHARD J. ORCZYK JAMES R. ORLOWSKI DONALD F. OSBORNE RICHARD B. OSTERMAN 339 Weaver Sf. Dick 42l Conkey Ave. .Iim 336 Champlain SI. Ozzie 275 Tifus Ave. Richy Sl. Sfanislaus Perpetual Help lmmaculafe Conception Sf. Margarel' Mary wi Club Per elual R a I 2 3 4 Glee Honor Roll I 2 Sodaliry I Pexferuai Rosaw 2, 3 43 Salevy Perpelual Rosa'v 43 Bo I'nq p os 'y , , , 3 , 3 ' Pafrol 45 Debalng CI,b 33 Lafn 43 Science Club I3 Chess Club Club 3 43 Science Club I3 Chess Maroon and White 3, 4 Fealure CI.c 43 IOO CII.: I, 2. 43 IOO Club l. Club 23 Biology Club 23 lnlra- Ed.3 Debaling Club 2, 3, 4 Pres.: 2 3 Fe 4 Lat lub 4 rnural Sporls I rnch Club 3 in C CHARLES J. OTERO 4l58 Ridge Rd. W. Chuck Sf. John IGreecel Perbelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So- daliry I3 Freshman Foolball I3 Bowling Club I, 23 Science Club I3 Spanish Club 43 Cheerleader Treas.3 Library Club 43 Oraforicals 3, 43 Inlramural Spo'Is I. 43 Magazine Capt. 23 lnframural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, 55 SENIORS JOHN R PAPALEO 22 Lorimer SI Jack SI Anfhony of Padua Pe celuai Rosary 2 M ss on Bouls GARY M PAPROCKI 55 Del Monre Sf Rocky S? Slamslaus rpelual Rosa y 2 Bow in ub M ss on ouls 4 rack earn Bo OQV Club 2 Inlrarr- ral Scorls LAWRENCE R PALVINO 303 Laurellon Rd Larry S+ Ambrose S Inf Thomas Club I Honor Roll r e ua ar u enr Council I 2 P e ssion U if 4 Maro While 3 Va slly Fool al Fres man Foo a Legion Baseball Z 3 Track Team Deb Q b 4 Var: u Chem s r C u llalian Club 2 3 Magazine Cap? IOO Clu VINCENT A PARELLA 364 Merchanls Rd In Sf James pel al sa y S I ss on ri eshrr-an oolball Bow Inq u C e de 3 Sclen ub I Chern Slry CI b 4 Bioo ub 2 no uo IOO C u -nur or s 5O DOMINIC A PANE 9 Prince S? Dee Corpus Chrlsh r elual Rosary 2 3 Soda: ee Club 4 Feshman Foofball Swimming Team wing Club 4 Boo r ub 2 3 4 Chernlslry ence Club I Bloo Cub 2 ramural Scorrs I WAYNE T PAPPERT ISI Delamanne D Sf An Perperual Rosary Foolball 3 Boosrer Club 4 Infra ral Sporls I Papnv drew B Sou HARRY C PARKIS LEON T PEARSON 78 Alden Rd Spike 208 Bronson Ave Leon Sf John IGreeceI Sf Monica erbelual Rosary 3 dalify eroelual Rosary 4 S dalxly 2 Sl Andrews Boosler CIub3 in Club 4 I0 Cu Inf amural Sporls .fy ' , xy J -I 3 . '3 3 - Q. a' . I 3 Pe p , 3 l'Iy I 3, 43 ad Z, 33 Pe p T I Ros y 2 3, 43 I3 GI 3, 3 r 3 3 - Sl d ' , ,3, 4 I F S-IZ I3 ' ' 43 mu ,2, 3, 4. Mi ' n' I, 2, 3, I OH Bo Ii I, 2, 3, 3 sie y ' and ' , 43 " b I Cl 3 , 3 . ' Club 43 H 2, 3, 43 M Ib II I3 sa 3 ' I qy I 3 I ' , 3 3 In? 3 2, 3, 4. f 2, 33 alin Clu 3, 3 sIy 4 CI 3, 43 :ly 3 I b 43 3 23 b 41 ' ' ,. , f, I i if ' , nl I ' I T i I PE I r , 33 I'q Per 4 Ro lr 2, 33 odaI'Iy I, P I 3 So ' I, P I 3 o ' I3 3, 43 Inlramural Sborls I, 2 3, 4. Cl I3 Ski Qlub 3 4: ' 3 2: M: ' U43 33 3: Ba d I: 3 I 3. 3 Lay . O 3 b 4, B4 T T ' T 2, 3 43 F' F I3 Ii 43 r 4. I i 3 .3 CI b I3 he 'lea r 2, 3 ' ce I 2, 3, 4, CI 2 ' LJ 3 ' I gy CI 3 Sla .s CI ' 33 I b 33 lnlfa al Sp I I, 2, 3, 4. 3 ROBERT B. PEREIRA 40I Knickerbocker Ave Doc Sacred Heart Perpefual Rosary 2 3 4 Sodalnfy ssron nu I Bow :ng u 4 Mussnon Bouls 2 o Club I Biology Club 2 Foolball Tra1norl4 I00 Club 4 Inframural orfs JOSEPH F. PETROSINO 423 Jay S1 e Sf Joseph Perpefual Rosary I 2 lnlramural orls I 2 PAUL J. PETROTTA 30 Cherry Rd Ollie S7 Charles Borromeo Perpefual Rosary 2 4 Bowlmg u I 2 4 Chemusfry Club Scaence Club I Hanan Clu 3 4 I00 Club 3 4 lnlramural Sporls .10 'M il 'AQ- nf MICHAEL F PIOTROWICZ STANLEY E POPEN ANTHONY J POVIO 23 Durnan Sl Mlke 23 Depew Sl Sian 36l Sunsef SI' ony Sf Slamslaus Sl Auqushne Precious Blood Perpelual R ary 3 4 Bowlnng H nor R II I Perpetual Rosary pelual Rosarv I 2 3 4 u I 2 Sceen e Cub n So I I Frenc n Um? Bowlng ub m ral Sporfs I 2 u 4 Inlr mural Sporls I y Club 2 4 lla RALPH L PRZYBYLA 263 Sl' Caslmlr Sf Parks SI' Sfanlslaus Perpelual Rosary 3 4 Saey Pa rol 4 Varsuly Baseball 4 Re serves Baseball 2 Leguon Baseball 3 4 Swnmmmg Team3 4 owl Clu C 3 4 Cr Counfry Team 3 Inlramural Sports u 2 ROBERT L QUINN JOSEPH E RABIDEAU 34 Camden Sf Horns 303 Carling Rd u Holy Cross Sf John lhe Evangellsf Perpetual Rosary Z 3 4 B Squad nor Roll I n Football 2 Swimming Team Swlmmlng Team 4 Mxsslon Bouls wang Club I Ifalnan Club 4 Swmgs rs 3 4 Germ n Bnology Club 2 Scuence Club I u 3 Chemuslry Club 4 00 Boosfer Club 2 4 Inframural ub Inframural offs orfs I 5l . . P I . . . 2,33Mi' u"+'f I' Sp ,,3,4.I: cIb,,g 43CIb3S'cCI'b'I3If-3,1 ' 'z ral Clbg-" :elf ' :V b, U Sp 1.3.4. "5 3' I,'2,3,4." Sp , 2, 3, 4. as it ' wa, A 'IW , Q .1 Pep I 0 1 . 2. 3 ' 3 ' , res,3 ' ' 3 . Clb ,43 erm I 3, 43 CI 3 ' .. 1 ,I13 L'b 1 ' I: 1 1 P- 1 'N , . lnl , , ,4. I M 4 1 5 73 VK ' II, I I' ' , "3 ' bs , 3 ' o o .3 Per . , 1 IMI5' CI b , 3 ' c I I3 I fra- I, 2, 3, 43 daI'ly 3 h slo ' I, 23 I' CI l,. 2, u , . Cl b 3 a , 2, 3, 43 Librar , 3, 3 Iran 3, 4. CI b , 3, 4. , I' lg . ' " . . ' ' .' ' Bd ' . ' I , 3 If ,, 3 Ho I 3 Bad I, 2, 3, 43 o o .1 Y 1 ' 1 - 1 ' ' 4: ' ' 1 ' ' 1 A 1 1 ' Bo I' 3 ' 23 3, 3 ' Ie , 3 a , 3 3 1 1 ' ' . :B - ' 1 ' 1 Clb 1 ' 1 I . Ing b I3 Ski lub , 3 oss , 3 CI I3 Sp I, 2, I Sp , 2, 3, 4. 3, 4. I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS L. PHILIPPS 2474 Laila Rd Lance Molher of Sorrows Perpelual Rosary 2 3 4 Bowlung u I cuen e u n ra rn ral Sporls I 2 3 RICHARD W POWERS 36 Elmwood Ave Duck Sl Momca I-I nor Roll I Perpelual Rosary 4 Maroon and Whnle 3 Deballng u 3 G an Cub lrary Club 4 Oraforncals Inlramural Sporls I 2 STEPHEN D RAINS 74 Monfclanr Dr Claude Sf Thomas H nor R Il I Perpelual Rosary 3 Scnence Club I Camera Club 2 3 German Club3 Inlramural Sports I GERALD S. PIERCE 40 Randolph Sl' Jerry sr Andrew Perpelual Rosary 2 Mnssuon Bouls 4 Spanrsh Club 4 Inlramu orls I 2 PETER P PROVENZANO 82 Mona Sf Pele S1 Francis Xavier r elual R sary 4 Band I 3 4 P Mnssuon Bouls 4 Track Team 4 Swungslers 3 4 Ira an ub 3 4 Magazine Ca ramural Sporls I 2 3 Tom S+. James Honor Roll 45 Pe'oe+ual Rosary 2, 3 45 Sodalily 25 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 45 Mission Bouls I5 Chess Club 2, 35 Clwernisrry Club 45 Sc'ence Club I5 Track Team 2, 3, 45 lnrramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICK T. REDDY 32 Bryan Sl. Piafla Holy Rosary Honor Roll I5 Perpefual Rosary 2, 3, 45 Sodaliry 25 Sludenf Council 2, 3, 4 lSecl.5 Maroon and While 45 B Souad Foolball 25 Varsiry Baskefball 3, 45 Froslw Basketball I5 Varsiry Baseball 3, 45 Leqion Baseball 2, 35 Publicily Siaff 45 Gerrnan Club 35 Greek Club 4, iPresl.5 Varsily Club 3, 45 Mission Leader I, 25 Cliemislry Club 45 IOO Club 4. JOHN T. REGAN l85 Collage Sl. Jack Sf. Monica SainlTlion'1as Club I, 2, 35 Maroon and While 45 Arefe 4 Lirerary Ed.j Bowling Club I5 Ski Club 45 Track Tearn 25 Chemislry Club 45 German Club 3, 45 Science Club I5 Infrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3. . 51 1,15 fW.'i1.i. , ... .,. 4' 3151 !'f'Hf.5-5 EDWIN J. REITER II36 Dewey Ave. Eddie Holy Rosary Sainf Thomas Club I, 2, 3, 45 Maroon and While 3, 45 Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 45 Debalinq Club 3, 45 Greek Club 45 Lalin Club 45 Chemislry Club 45 Oraforicals I, 2, 3, 45 IOO Club I, 3, 4. FRANK E. RICOTTA 45V2 Woodward Sr. Ric Moun? Carmel Perpelual Rosary 2. 3i Sodalily I5 Safely Palrol 45 Bowling Club I5 Ilalian Club 2, 35 Library Club I5 Biology Club 25 Science Club I5 Camera Club IT Infra- rnural Sporfs l, 2, 3, 4. MARTIN J. RIEDL 392 Ames Sf. Marly Holy Family Peroelual Rosary 25 Sodaliry 25 Varsily Baseball 45 Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 25 Inrrarnural Soorls I, 2, 3, 4. JEROME P. ROCHE l40 Albemarle Sl, Jerry Sacred Hear? Peroerual Rosary 3, 45 Bowling 4 Club 45 IOO Club 2, . JAMES D. RIFE l086 Ridge Rd., Websler Tex Holy Trinily Peroelual Rosary I5 2, 3. 45 So- dallly I5 Glee Club 3, 45 Lirurgi- cal Choir 45 Bowling Club I5 Boosler Club 3, 45 Biology Club 25 Science Club I5 lnrramural Sporrs I, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL W. ROCHE 882 Genesee Park Blvd, Mickey Our Lady of Good Counsel Peroelual Rosary 25 Varsily Fool- ball 45 B Souad Foorball 2 35 Library Club l, 25 Varsily Club 45 Cazrnera Club 25 lnlrarnural Soorls JOHN E. RITZ SOI Seneca Pkwy. Rumble Sacred Hearf Peroelual Rosary 2, 45 Mission Unil' l, 35 Acxuinader 4 Edilor5 Boosler Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 2, 3, 4 Pres,5 Frencli Club 4 Vice- Pres.5Cl1ernisiry Club 45 Magazine Capl. 2, 35 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 45 Inlrarnural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4, GERARD K. RONCINSKE 2I6 Avery Sl. Polack Holy Family Peroeiual Rosary 45 Safely Palrol 45 Mission Bouis 45 Acolyle Club I5 Science Club I5 Library Club I5 Inrrarnural Sporls I, 4. 52 ROBERT E, ROSS 32 Edward Sl. Bob Holy Redeemer Honor Roll 2 3: Perpelual Rosary 2, 45 lnlrarnural Sporrs 2. Seniors Help In +l1e Vw. . 'W r I film 'fi' .xi-. -P ' PHILIP C. ROTOLI 770 Plymoufh Ave. N. Phil Sl. Anfhony Sainl Tliornas Club I5 Honor Roll 25 Peroelual Rosary 2 45 Library Club 45 Greek Club 45 Cliernislry Club 45 IOO Club 45 lnirarnural Soorls I, 2, 3, 4. 2.1:-:gr GEORGE A. SALEMI 63 Coleman Terr. George Sf. Francis Xavier Peroefual Rosary 33 Sludenl Coun- cil 45 Varsity Foolball 2, 3, 43 Freshrnan Foofball Ig Track Tearn 2, 3, 43 Varsily Club 3, 45 llalfan Club 2, 3: Inlrarnural Sporls I, 2. ANTHONY M. ROVITELLI l28 Champlain Sl. Tony Sf. Lucy Glee Club 3, 4: Bowlino Club 43 lnframural Soorls l, 2, 3, 4. is , R3 JOHN D. SAMUELSON 200 Clover Hills Dr. Sam Our Lady of Lourdes Sain? Thornas Club lg I-lanof Roll 2, Mission Uni? 2, 3, 4 Pres., Arele 4 Edilor-in-Chief Varsity Baskelball 3, 4 Mgr.: Track Team Z 3, 45 Science Club lj Boosler Club 2, 3, 4, Magaz'-we Caor, 43 IOO Club l, 2, 3, 4j lnlra"'ural Ssorls 21 Sfudenl' Council 4. l JOHN F. SANDMAN JOSEPH S. SANFILIPPO 38l Tifus Ave. Jack 95I Plymoufh Ave. S. Joe Sf. Margaref Mary Sf. Monica Honor Rol' I: Percelual Rosary 2, Perselual Rosary 43 Band I, 2, 3 3, 41 Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 4g 4, Freshrnan Foolball Ig Svfnqslres Gerrnan Club 3g lnharnaral Sporrs 43 Sconce Club I, French Clu I, 2. 3, 4. Food Drive 41 Chernislry Club 45 lnlrarnur Soorls I, 2, 3, 4. gf" W H' r '-" ,3' Cy, A N li 'ff Z W -. ., , . . , . ,... . Zh RONALD J. SANTELLI CARL J. SCHAEFER ROBERT A. SCHAEFFER 9, 5 M W 56 Avenue A. Ron IZB Thorndyke Rd. Carl 5I Belleclaire Dr. Bob T- ' Sf. Joseph Sl. Margarel Mary Sl. Thomas 1 ' V ' I Derselrual Rosary 3 43 Boosler Band lj Glee Club 3, 47 Ski Club Persehal Rosary 2 3 43 German 7, " I X 1 Chb 4, Chernsfrf Cab 43 IOO 2, 3, 4: Misson Bans 2 42 Track Club 3. X f' I f Club 43 ln'-armral S:or's l, Tearri 3 47 Booqf Club 25 Ger- i 'nan Club 3 4' Creerleader 3, 43 fb. f Mission Leader lj lnfrarnural 4 ,. spans I, 2, 3 4. 4 S. MARTIN W. SCHAFER JOSEPH J. SCHARR ROBERT J. SCHEFTER ROBERT F. SCHENKEL RICHARD C. SCHEUERMANN 3l9 Sherman Sl. Marfy IO44 Joseph Ave. Joe 48 Maxson Sl. Bob 440 Westfield Sf. Bob 23 Rutledge Sf, Dick Holy Aposlles Perpefual Help Sf. John fhe Evanqelisf Our Lady of Good Counsel Sf. Margarel' Mary Honor Roll l: Freshrnan Foolball Percelual Rosary 2 33 S:ar'sr Pe-penal Rosarf2 3 4' Bow"nq Honor R: 'j Deroemal Rosary P-arsenal Rosary I 23 Fresrrfa Ig Mssion Bons 21 lnlrarrural CI,b 47 I-wfrarnural S:or?s I 2 CJ: I 27 C'err's'rf Clsb 43 2 3 47 S'a"z C-b 3: GS""5'i FQ:':a lf lnrrarrxa S:cr's Soorls I, 2 3. 3 4, OO C-b Z 3 4. Club 3' Sz'-ence Club lj ln"a- 2 3. r".ra S:cr's I, 2 3 4. 53 JOHN A. SCHIFANO 250 Weyl Sl. Sonny Perpelual Help Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 4: Sodalify l, Swimming Team 4, Mission Boufs 2, 3, 4, Track Team 4, lnlrarnural Sporrs I, 2, 3, 4. CLARENCE J. SCHLEGEL 5 Walion Sl. Jeff Sf. Boniface Debafing Club 3. JAMES A. SCHMIDLIN 99 Cinnabar Rd. Jim Sf. Thomas Perpeiual Rosary I, 2, 3, Mission Uni? 2, Varsify Foolball 3, 4, B Squad Foolball 2, Freshman Fool- ball I, Swimming Team 2, 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, 4, Varsily Club 3, 4, IOO Club 2, lnframural Sporls l, 2, 3, 4. NORMAN G SCHOTT 50 Oxford Sf Dufch Blessed Sacramenl erpelual Rosary 2 3 4 JOHN F SCHUELER 2l26 Tilus Ave u Sf Cecilia Perpelual Rosary 2 3 4 Sodalily ub 3 B Squad Foo a Freshman Fooiball l, Swimming am 4, Bowling Club 2, Trac Team 4, German Club 3, Science ub , u ,lg nra- ee u Lllurgica oir 4, O b , , . mural Sporls ,PL , . 7 I l i llw i ."': irfl l, l',l.f U 3. JOSEPH P. SCHIRMER 844 Maple Dr. Joe Holy Trinify Honor Roll 2, Perpelual Rosary 2, 4, Sodalify 2, Debaling Club 3, Chess Club 2, Biology Club 2, Chemislry Club 4, lOO Club 4. JOHN A. SHAUGHNESSY PAUL T. SHEEHAN ROBERT T. SHERELIS IOO Avalon Dr. Shaq I37 Colebourne Rd. Red l040 Lake Rd. Bob OI-If Lady of l-0Ul'deS , Sf. James S+. George Perpelual, Rosary I. 2: Sodalily Glee Club 3, Bowlfnq Club I, 2, Sodalily I, 2, G-lee Club 3, 4 I, 2, Biology Club 2: SCIEHCS 3: lnlramural Sports l, 2. Accompanisi, Mission Bouls 4, Club ll lVlll'5mUl'5l SDOHS li 2- Greek Club 4, IOO Club lj lnlra' mural Sporls l, 2, 3, 4. 54 DAVID A. SCHMITT 225 Spruce Ave. Dave Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Swimming Team 4, Golf Team 4, Science Club I, Swingslers 3, IOO Club 4, lrilramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT L. SCHMITT 550 Clover Sl. Bob Sl. John fhe Evangelisl Perpetual Rosary 2, German Club 3, Library Club 4, Science Club l, Chemislry Club 4, lnframural Sports I, 2. RONALD A. SCUTERI 377 Hawley Sl. Skeels Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary l, 2, 3, 4, Maroon and While 4, Publicily Slaff 4, Science Club l, Library Club I, lnlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN A. SHIELDS l42 Albemarle Sl. John Sacred Hearl Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Mission Uni? l, 2, G-lee Club 3, 4, Varsiry Foofball 3, 4, B Squad Fooiball 2, Freshman Foolball l, Debalinq Club 3, 4 Sec., Varsily Club 4, Chemisfry Club 4, Boosler Club 2, lnlramural Sporis l, 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY J. SELVAGGIO l4l2 Creek Sl. Tony Sl. Rila lWebslerl Boosler Club 3, 4, lOO Club 3. EARL T. SKELLY 679 Woodbine Ave. Arn Sl. Monica Perpelual Rosary 4, Bowling Club l, Boosler Club 4, lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3. FREDERICK W. SMALLENBURG MICHAEL W. SNOW JOHN C. SOROKTI 4l2 Cooper Rd. Fred I637 Ridge Rd. W. Markik 38l0 SI. Paul Blvd. Rocky Sf. Thomas Sf. John IGreecel SI. Josaphal' Pefpelual Rosary 2 3, 43 Bowllnq Perpelual Rosary 33 Aoulnader 43 Perpefual Rosary 2, 3, 43 So ub ' Ience u 3 Dramarlcs 33 olllghf Club 3 dallly I, 2, 33 Mlsslon B Cl I, Sc CI b I IOO Sp ours 2, 3, Club 43 Inframural Sporfs I, 2. Slage Mqr.3 Sclence Club I3 French Club 43 Chess Club 2, 3, Camera Club 2, 33 Blology Club 43 Chernlstry Club 43 Intramural 23 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Sborls I, 2, 3. Qs., Q-awk 4.5 FLORYAN P. SOWINSKI 45 Sf. Sfanlslaus Sf. Floyd Sf. Slanlslaus I-Ionor Roll 43 Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 G-lee Club 3, 43 Lllurqlcal Choir 43 Bowllng Club 43 Sk? Club 3, 43 Track Team 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Spanlsh Club 43 Science Club I3 Inlramural orls I v EDWARD P. STANNY 364 Hudson Ave. Ed Holy Redeemer Bowllng Club I, 23 Science Club I3 IOO Club 43 Infrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD M STIFTER 205 Welmore Pk Punchy Holy Aposlles DONALD A STILSON 94 Gorslme Sf Don Sacred Hearl' Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Varsily Perpefual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee DEAN S. STANWIX CHARLES H. STEWART GEORGE T. STEWART ZI4 Fairfax Rd. Slan 45 Kohlman Sf. Chuck 33I Seneca Pkwy. Sfuie Sf. James Perpelual Help Sacred Hear? Foolball 2, 3, 43 Freshman Fool- ball I3 Bowling Club I, 23 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Boosfer Club 3, 43 Varslly Club 3, 43 German Club 2, 33 Publlcily Staff 43 Sclence Club I3 Llbrary Club I3 IOO Club 43 lnlramural .Sporls l, 2, 3, 4. Club 3, 43 Swlmmlng Team 23 Bowling Club I, 23 Spolllghl Club 23 Science Club I3 Blology Club 23 Radlc Club 23 Soanlsh Club 43 Chess Club 43 IOO Club 23 Inlra- mural Sporls I, 2, 3, Perbelual Rosary 33 Bowllnq Club Bowllng Club I3 Chess Club 33 Perpelual Rosary 43 Sodal'Iy 4 Z A ' ' ' 'al Cro 4 I 2' L7brary Club I' IOO Club I. Chem Slry Club 43 Inlrarrural Crlee Club 43 LIIurg.c I I I Soorls I, 2 3. Sa:-ary Davrol 43 Maroon w-we 43 swzammq Team 45 eau Tear' 43 Bow 'ng Club 43 Scanisw C-o 43 IOO Club 43 Inlrarrmra Ssorfs 4. DONALD P. STINER LAWRENCE J. STREBER GERALD E. SULLIVAN 477 Sherman SI, Don IB4 Shore Acre Dr. Larry 454 Sawyer SI, Sully Holy Rosary Holy Cross Sf. Mary Perzexal P:::r, 2 3' Friar 5ar:e'.:' Razer. 2 E 4r S323 '. Per:e'.a Rozary 43 M'sac'I rrzr Fzrfsrf ' Frczr B31-ver. 2' Frezrrrzn F::':,: 3 Ifssc' 4- Bow ra C,b I3 Irfra 5 I3 M Lzgrv B933 2' B:::'er C .L E233 2' Beaver C .L 3' B Steer: Cggrw I 2 E, 2 3 4 'r'r:r'.': Szzr ' 2 F:2':z 2 Mgr: Ir'rarr.r, 7 4 I 2 3 4 . . if "3 3 . 55 -fxfff. .Z DONALD J. SUMMERS DAVID J. TAYLERT I35 Crosman Terr. Bulls 395 Simpson Rd. Krouf Blessed Sacramenf Sf. Marqaref Mary Persehal Rosary 43 B Siuac Foo' Verbefual Rosary 2 3, 43 Bowl rg nal 23 Fresrrran Foo':al I' C.: I3 Tracr Tear' 43 Bing. V3rs"y Basebal 43 Bow"'3q CLE Cub 23 Ir'rarrr.raI S:or's I 2 I3 M'ss'cn Bcsls 4jTrac1 Tear' 2' 3, 4. Sc erce Club I3 Maqaz ne Cast I3 IOO Club 43 Infrarrxa S:o"s I, 2, 3. ROBERT TIERNEY WILLIAM J. THIEME II9 Richland St. Bob 65 Roseview Ave. Slush St. Ambrose St. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 2, 33 Sodality Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee 23 Liturgical Choir 43 Chess Club Club 3, 43 Bowling Club I3 IOO 2 Club I3 Intramural Sports I, 2 3, 4. MICHAEL T. TOMAINO 425 Hurstbourne Rd. Mike St. James Saint Thomas Club I3 Perpetual Rosary 2, 43 Sodality I3 Student Council 4 QTreas,l3 Mission Unit 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Maroon and White 2, 3, 4 lNews Ed.l3 Varsity Football 33 Swimming Team 4 Mgr.3 Debating Club 2, 3, 43 German Club 2, 33 Oratoricals I, 3, 43 Magazine Capt. I3 Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD D. TOSTI 30 Pioneer St. Don St. Monica Perpetual Rosary 2, 43 Biology Club 23 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS J. URQUHART I37 Woodbine Ave. Urk St. Augustine Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Mission Unit I, 23 Glee Club 33 Varsity Football 3, 43 B Squad Football 23 Freshman Football I3 Reserves Basketball 23 Frosh Basketball I3 Track Team 43 Varsity Club 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. PHILIP TURRIE 28I Marlborough Rd. P.J. St. Lucy Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Bowling Club I, 43 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. HARRY C. VAN BEURDEN 246 Tremont St. Van Immaculate Conception Saint Thomas Club 2, 33 Perpetual Rosary 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Track Team 3, 43 Biology Club 33 Camera Club 3 Sec.3 IOO Club 4. ANTHONY R. TURRISI 78 Randolph St. Juice St. Andrew Perpetual Rosary 3, 43 Italian Club 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. CHESTER P. VILLA 5I3 Jay St. Chet St. Francis Asissi Perpetual Rosary I, 43 Golt Team 43 Track Team 43 Mission Bouts I, 2, 3, 43 Science Club I3 Library Club I3 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, 56 MILO TOMANOVICH 85I Stone Rd. Meatball St. Charles Borromeo Honor Roll I, 23 Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodality I, 2, 3, 4 Treas.3 Student Council 3, 4 Vice-Pres.3 Mission Unit 23 Glee Club 3, 43 Maroon and White 3, 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 B Squad Football 23 Freshman Football I3 Mission Bouts 3, 43 Track Team 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Italian Club 3, 43 Latin Club 43 Oratoricals 23 IOO Club 4. .ff BRUCE W. TORKINGTON IIO Cabot Rd. Bruce St. John lGreecel Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 4: Sodality I3 Glee Club 3, 43 Track Team Cheerleader l, 33 Biology Club 2 Intramural Sports l, , Seniors RICHARD W. VOLPE I8 Galusha St. Dick St. Bridget Honor Roll I, 2, 33 Perpetual Rosary 3, 43 Sodality I3 G-lee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Accompanist3 Liturgical Choir 2, 3, 43 Maroon and White 3, 43 Variety Shows 3, 43 Italian Club 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 43 Biology Club 43 Library Club 43 Intramural Sports 4. PAUL S. VON BACHO II47 Bay St. St, Ambrose Chess Club 23 Intramural Sports I. Paul f 1 P V f . we Nui ,- JOHN J. WALLACE WILLIAM B. WALLACE I47 Eleclric Ave. Wall 209 Bronson Ave. Bill Sacred Hear? SS. Peler and Paul Peroelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Glen Honor Roll If Peroemal Rosa'y K i JOSEPH D. 239 Wesfminsfer Rd. Joe Blessed Sacramenl roelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So- 2 Pe Club 4 Pres.: Frosh Baslferoall I3 3, 43 Sorlaln I: 5 Squad Foqyball daliry I, 23 Mission Uni? 3, 43 SCIQVICS Club I: Boosrer Club 43 33 Track Tearn 43 Clfernisfry Club Maroon and While 4 Business 2 3 4 4 lnl arnural Soo ls I 2 3 4 MQ lnlrar'1uralSporls I, , , , 3 r r , 3 3 , rophies fuzzy I .J ROBERT B. WELCH MICHAEL H. WELLING Marsh Sl, Bob B4 Spruce Ave, Mike Sf. Monica Sf. Monica rnelual Rosary 43 Band I 2 3 Peroelual Rosary 3 43 French Soof"gI" Clab 23 Bowl'ng Club Club 23 Boosler Club 33 Inrra- 4' German C' b 3 4- L'brar- Mural Soor+s 3 4 cur! 3, 4fBOes+.5r cpez I3 1 ' I A SST-ence Club I3 l"ra"'.'al S:o"s 2 3, 4. r.3 Varsily Football 2 Mgr.3 Bowling Club I3 Barn Rep. 43 Chernlslry Club 43 lialian Club 2, 3, 43 Science Club I3 Magazine Capi. 33 IOO Club 43 lnlrarnural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT E. WEICHBRODT 247 Racke? Sf. Bob Sf. Ambrose Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 43 German Club 3, 43 Boosrer Club 33 lnlrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD N. WIATER SOI Hudson Ave. Windy Sf. Stanislaus Honor Roll 43 Peroelual Rosa' 2, 3 43 Swinnirnng Team 43 Bowling Club 43 Slri Club 3, 43 Track Tearn 2 3 43 Cross Country 43 C'e'nis'ry Club 43 SDan'sI' Club 47 Soence Club I3 Infrarnural Soorls I, 2, 3, 4. 57 WILLIAM F. WEDEMYER 209 Rosedale Sf. Bill Blessed Sacramenl Honor Roll I3 Perperual Rosary 2, 33 Reserves Baskelball 2, 33 Science Club I3 Biology Club 23 Larin Club 43 Chemistry Club 43 Mission Uni? I, 23 Magazine Capr. 2, 43 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 43 lnlra- rnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES E. WEGMAN Bb Lisbon Sf. Jim Holy Family Perpelual Rosary 43 Bowling Club I3 Science Club I3 lnrrarnural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. I RAYMOND C. WEIDMANN 492 Hague Sf. Kike Holy Family Perpefual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Maroon and While 43 Bowling Club I, 2, THOMAS H. WIESNER l390 Maiden Lane Tom Sf. John IGreecel Sain? Thornans Club 2. 33 Per' pelual Rosary 33 Chernisfry Club 33 Debalinq Club 3, 43 Mission 43 German Club 33 Lafin Club Uni? I3 Boosler Club 2, 3, 43 43 Library Club 42 ll'I"f3"'W'f3l IOO Club l, 2, 3, 43 lnlrarnural Snorls I. Soorls I, 2, MAX A. WICKERT JOHN E. WILKIN 4 Beverly Sf. Adolph I68 Alameda Sl. Will: Blessed Sacramenl Holy Rosary Sa'nr Thornas Club 2, 33 Honor Peroelual Rosary 2 3, 4' M3901 Roll 43 Peroelual Rosary 23 U,,3+ 27 glee C35 3 4' Acjra- Maroon and While 43 Debaffnq de' 43 Vars'+y Baslferkga' 43 Re- Club 2 3, 43 German Club 3 43 genes Basyeybew 2 3, pose gag. Cl'e'n'sl"y Club 43 Spanisb ClJb ,Mba-I 5. 85099. Clay: 2 3 43 43 La+'n Club 33 Oraloricals 2, l,,y,a,,,u,a'! Snow, I 2 3 4, 3, 4. ' I 'Q .330 JOHN E. WISNER I8 Clarington St. Win St. James Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 Sodality I5 Glee Club 3, 45 Maroon and Wnite 3, 45 Bowling Club 45 IOO Club 3, 45 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. QQL. im' 'wmv ff JAMES R. WHEATER 300 Rossmore St. Jungle Jim St. Theodore Perpetual Rosary 3, 45 Bowling rua RICHARD J. WHITBOURNE 68 E. Main St., Lima, N. Y. Dick St. Rose Perpetual Rosary 45 Intramural DONALD L. WOHLRAB I79 Northfield Rd. Arab St. Margaret Mary Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 So- GERALD I735 Culver St Jerry nor R ll Club 2, 35 Booster CIub5 IOO Club I5 Intramural Sports I, 2, 4, Sports I, 2, 3. dality I5 Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 35 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Magazine Capt. I, 2, 45 IOO Club l, 3, 45 Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. 3 4 Asst. Editor an 45 Swimming Team ing Club I5 Track Team 45 Fren Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Scien ub os er ub u 3 Intramural Spor l955 SENIORS ,. iwffi '1-asf' nw A WM 'Qs RUSSELL J. ZAMMITTA 42 Second St. RUSS Q9 f if "T Nd wif THOMAS E. ZDANOWSKI Annunciation St. Francis Xavier I634 Norton St. Ski Reserves Basketball 25 Frosh Bas- Perpetual Rosary 2, 35 Bowling ketball I5 Bowling Club l, 35 Club l, 2, 3, 45 IOO Club l, 2, Italian Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN T. YEAGER St. Charles Borromeo 75 Conrad Dr. Red St. Charles Morromeo I Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 35 Sodality l5 Mission Unit I5 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 B Souad Football 25 Freshman Football I5 Varsity Club 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3. LEO J. ZIENTARA I467 North St. Spiegel St. Stanislaus Perpetual Rosary 2 35 A:u'nader 25 Maroon and White 2, 3, 45 Arete 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Camera Club l, 2, 3, 45 German Club 35 Chemistry Club 45 Intra- mural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. 58 ROBERT J. YOUNT EDWARD P. YURKSTAS 33BI Culver Rd. Bob I50 Weaver St. Eddie St. Cecila Perpetual Help Glee Club 3, 43 Library Club I5 Perpetual Rosary 25 Cherristry Chess Club 25 IOO Club I5 lntra- Club 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 4. mural Sports I. PAUL F. ZUKOSKI 225 Henrietta St. Zeke Blessed Sacrament Perpetual Rosary 3, 45 Track Team 45 Chemistry Club 45 lntramu'al Sports l, 2, 4. JOHN T. BROWN 240 Furlong St. John St. George Honor Roll I, 2, 35 Latin Club 45 Liturigical Choir 4. 5 Mr. Lynch and happy Underclassmen Oraforical Finalisis px Front Row: Barry O'Brren, Bernard Renberq Jenn Enrrgnf, Rcbert Dae? PM Y rp Banznr. Middle Row: John Tfckey, Joseph Carrnar' Jenn Gafxne, Rcbert Entress Cnarres Srn tn. Back Row: Davd Gbssnev Robert Aqostrne Twamas McMahan Fred Ma'a'co James Bren Ra DrNtt Jose n Mcfaf, ra J 1 , 1 , y 3, D James Vcrz, Ray M Jer, Bruce Lcwenguth. x D-ws, Fronf Row: Gesrge Aman Frank Rvers, W Jam Bgrlv: der. Middle Row: Jiseon Sip an W'Ja'7w Mac al Tom Carrdr WT arn lrvrn, Vfmas Lafcar, Peter Lefnard. Back Row: Jenn SQ' :ana David ' Hari, Rfcnard Rasselr, Peter Pavra, fXr'roWd Madrqan, Pa, Ccnfey, N-Qnolag Presuttr, Jonf Zeppetefa, Peter Kane, X j , ,nj X HQMERQOM 200 Rev. LeoN cs. HART, c.s.s. Q - "-aff I 60 IUNIOR 95' Q' P! Front Row: Serafino Pavone, Norman Caccamise, Thomas Keegan, Peter Lersch. Middle Row: Wrlliarn Zwerqre, Charles McLaughlin. Jack Smith, John Nderson John Reif, Wilham E. Seelman. Back Row: Sam J. Rivoh, Robert Sfaucenberq, Thomas Gahfney, Wrlriam LaCro55, Joseph Hartman, Richard Trerney, Donard Finch, Gerard Campo, Kendell Brimstein. GLASS Q7 Q ,ffl Froni Row: Jchn Barrett Lawrence Marconr Rcnafd Case, Thomas Aman, Middle Row: Francs C Wazlrede Edwa'd Lum, John Nugent, Jusbn T-bo'c Wr'am McMu'en Dc'va'd W kent, Back Row Antnofy D Pa'e"'vo, Roger McC',sry, R::l'-ard Pr-nzrnq, Jchh Krnqstcn, W N am Sch e,.:e' Rcbew Kira", R Chard M ler, Anthony Sf. Prerre. Herbert B ngafk, v, ARTHUR F. WALIGORE. c.s.a. HCMEROOM 205 61 Front Row: Paul Wagner, Joseph Calnan, Robert Rein, Herbert Leftau. Middle Row: Frank Argento, Richard Battle, Arthur Miller, James Semple, Warren Gaisser. Joseph Dipaola. Back Row: Joseph Smyles, Donald Murphy, Lawrence Gordon, George Kliment, Dominic DeBonis, Leonard Ofonnor, Gabriel Milonni, George Schnetzer, Michael Garvey. Front Row: Francs Sales, Donald Winfield, Patrick Ford, John McDermott, J. Thomas Jones. Middle Row: Vincent Przybyla, William Hayes, Hugh Marks, Frank LaMuraglia, James Tucker, Charles Meagher. Back Row: Joseph Cayallaro Robert Stanirr, Richard Lum, Michael Perrctta, Salvatore Cofsho, Thomas Aileen, Thomas Carde'la, Roger Streb, Joseph Errigo, - 4, V 'v'- 4-kv 1 - Rafffri-ioMAs M. MILLER, c.s.B. T I u N I 0 R i 62 , ,F- 11 Wa' YI Froni Row: Lcufs Turpyn, Louis Pwvlno, Frederclc Reis Anfncny Gab, Middle Row: Roger Petts Mfnael Be anqer, Robert Marteii, Wriiam Srnytn Jenn O'Dcncgnee Rfnard Nward Pasf R:b 'sen Back Row: Jeremy Ashnan, Francis Ca varasc Peter Cerqecne Bernard Kon 'nee' Laferse Be'a'd James Murray Terence Falk, Joseph Santarese Frank Lapani Steuben Cnecnakl 3' 'Gr , ri pg av- 7' -9 sl x.J Front Row: Joi-n Few er Leonard Lettau Ar't"cn, Schrader Mcnae D':n':', Middle Row: 'awe Sjifarr fvtrreny J- are Genrqe Grgwne, R:be't Landrf Rvard Mzffvratr Jarrses ff' a Jafnes Breaks Beck Row: Wlfarn Gcrdcn Edwr- Knfk, Peier Declrnan Pifad Ziff? Rtnard 3? Hegedcr' Joseph Mefanscn G. Peter Mfnbazr Dtnad Weber James Ccsrnanc. if c L A S S sk. MARGARET HELENE, s.s.J. 63 "aww V. ALBERT F. BUTLER, C.S.B. I u N I 0 Front Row: Pnr ip Lane. Kennett- Rocco. Middle Row: James DeForte James Kratt, Thomas Clittcrd, uoe Meli, George Bonacci, Robert Dodd, Gerard Be-. Back Row: Robert Fehrenbaclc, Paul Mura, Joseph Hafner, Peter Lynd, Robert Chrstman, George Rennie, Edmund Lewis, Ralph Gallo, Eugene Santuoci, Donald Herbert Norman Kolb. fx Front Row: Angelo Bovenzi, William Christ, Robert Cannan, Donald Piccolo, Ernest Montebella. Middle Row: Harold Spitz, Nicholas Prizzi, Thomas Murray, John Wittman, Norman Schwamle, Francis Vaoantr. Baclr Row: Raymond Countryman, John Wegman, James Kasernan, Allan Schroeder, Benjamin Quarnrna, Francis Martin, Kurt Swartzenberg, Robert McGuire, Robert O'Loughlin. 64 I cuss Rev. Josem-1 J. ABEND, c.s.B. ' ' 4, f - YSYQ5 - Front Row: Gerard Os g'ey, Jerome Shea David Keeler. Middle Row: Frank Sapere, Frank Menz l Thomas l-lollman, Frank Andolino, Peter Rbaudo. John P. Bell, James Bond. Back Row: Edward Q Mooney, Dona'd Ciminelli, Gary Ne son Jcnn Ccrnerlord, Thomas Limner, Joseph Kress Rael Brach , I Richard Delaeye, Gary Schon'eber, i ' x Front Row: Albert Laedadlo, Norbert Schrcth, Robert Stiller. Middle Row: Richard Slade, Ronald Krolak, John Valenti, Thomas Woodrall, Anthony Ferrari, Lawrence Downing, Leon Creek. Back Row: Michael Myers, James Cantella, Gerald Rodenhouse, James O'Reilly, John Lyons, Martin Gullen, William McGwin, Robert Frederick, John Pickens, Peter Martrn. l 65 SR. M. DEMETRIA, S.S.J. Front Row: Cnaries Masse James Moo"ey. Middle Row: WH am Schwartz Rfcnard Miae, Owen DeWert, Joh' Creston Jerry Latas Bernard'an, Richard Hcccir. Back Row: Wiiiram Roto Brace J. Carrn Maarrce Branner, Aftnony Croiirrw, Mrchaei R Chard, Richard Freemesser James Kramer James Coyne, Wriharn Doyie. 'X X3 fp-.1 if J' J X N N. JUNIOR Front Row: Eugene Granyechro, Fred Taddeo, Rau! Weich, Middle Row: Raymond Ferriqno, Thomas Burchard, Thomas Myers Paui J. Siceiiy, James Lechner, David Stopani, Gerard Mel-iugh. Back Row: Donaid Maccio, Bernard O'SuiIivan, Mark Bonsignore, Larry E, Roth, Daniel E, O'Brien, Richard VanGroi, Anthony Sassone. John Benson, John Keeier. 66 '1- GLASS REV. CLAUDE L. VINCENT, C.S.B. Froni Row: Patrick Pietropaoi Daniel Micnalowslri, Pas Legan. Middle Row: Terence Neary V'-:en May, R'cl'ard Van Nierop, Vincent Coccia, John Sccalr Ronald Bootriby Terence Whalen. Baclr Row Wiliiam Roll' Samael Rebis, Jenn Morley, Raymond Otero Thomas Riley James Daiy, Martin Three 1 -.4 Q-.V hglvv I X Front Row: Robert Yeoman, Jolin Kemp, Raymond Davison. Middle Row: Jolin Budinslci, James McLauqn'in Laurence l-lurslw, Gary Benwitz, Francis Carlson, Donald Kulwman, William Dietz.Back Row: Russe' Ferre Jenn Hamm, Edward Fuierer, James Burke, David Leiclwt, James Rogers, Bernard Hyde. 67 ie...-,. in Front Row: Mrcgl-ael R. Dambra, Michael F. Burke, James R. Long, John N. Vollcmar, Joseph M. Janlrowlak. Middle Row: Danrel J. Funk, Alfonso L. Rlvellino, Gordon J. DeHond, James W. Hynes, Joseph Pclrzzr, W?'lram l-l. Kuhn, John R. Parrrnello. Back Row: David E. Lella, Eugene Colllson, Stephen J. Carlucci, W1l'lam F. Straub, Ronald E. Butler, John P. Glaser, Thomas W. Nicolay, Louis Drltablo, Rrchard D. Reeder. REV. MICHAEL B. BIONDI, C.S.B. v 0 IUNIOR GLASS ROOM I9 T Qv-4 Y x,.f -' ' Froni Row: Patrick Dfqostrnc, Hardd Ehrmann, J, Michael Wesley, Dcnard Rabrdeau. Middle Row: Dcnard Baqrwe, Harvey Masseau, Wrllram McKenna JosepH Ventura, James Weidmann. James Grcwney. Raymond Vogt. Back Row: James Maicney, Jcrv- Flemming, Trmot?-y Rickard, Richard Rcsorowski, Mrchaer Byrne, Micrrae' Spire! Rcaald Jcfes Kermetrr Mass. SR. LAURENE MARIE, S.S.J. Front Row: F'-ec:-efif Qa:'e':e papfzfc Nay. Middle Row: Jcsepb Scarpa a Sebasta DP Q Taro Serge' Da' e pixma' Garde E am' Dard Arser'aJt. Back Row: Wa "e Oakes La'd',' M c'ae Spemaf Jizepf Pb'a'a"' Robert B'ascb Rcbert Mrler Gary SL'VfLV Jcrw Q z f' 3 f Q' 'wir Edfvawi vabav. 69 Froni Row: Rlclrard Gerviclcas, Gary Barraqato, Bryan Wlttman, Robert Phillips. Middle Row: Sam Tcrnatore, Jenn Fcqlla. Bernard Ross, Patrlclc Brennan, Gerald Abel, Donald Copenhagen, Jolnn Oberlres. Baclr Row: Gerald Blanclwr, Francrs DrMora, Richard Tamblirr, Antlvony Powderly, Edward Rgnbneyer, James Leger, Davrd McKenna, Jenn Kaiser, HOMEROOM I06 REV. JOHN A. POLUIKIS, C.S.B. SOPHOMDRE swf it gg' , 1 'Q 5 Q J' -A? , WS? v ,, I fr J x ' V 'K I V ,E E f -Q ' Q A . If y , E 3 9 f me WP !5 2,55 , f if egg -Q if ' V ,,gW fgx 5 M QCQQ Fronf Row: Louis Vernarelli, Franlc Mutlra, Colin Monteith, Samuel Rugqieri. Middle Row: Thomas Pielcunlra, Ronald Corrigan, Gilbert Fuhrrnan, James Christ, Joseph De-nesi, Joseph H. Territo, Joseph G. Territo. Back Row: Francis Lancie, John Gresens, Patrick Eagan, John Bodensteiner, Timothy Howland, Paul Srolaose, Thomas Degnan, Michael Manion. HOMEROOM IO8 MR. ROBERT J. PINK, c.s.s. Froni Row: Charles LaVerde, Lawrence Gianqreco, Raymond Calline. Middle Row: James O'Brien, David Kinslcy, Carl Silvio, Vincent Wissman, William Reilsteclc, Franlr Aloi, Daniel Kane. Back Row: Terrance Donahue, Jeremiah Whalen, John Bauerschmidt, Ronald Brotsch, Emmett Neary, Thomas Hanss, Peter Verroca, John Callaghan. SOPHOMORE Front Row: John Stanton. John Callahan. Middle Row: Edward Danqler, Thomas Smrthers, Raymond Cowan, James Rersrnger. James Russell, James O'Bnen. Back Row: Paul Manuse, Gerald McCallum, Robert Nuccrtelh, Robert Krntner, John Schaefer, Robert Harter. REV. J. LEONARD CULLEN. C.S.B. I f 7 'f' rg 5 u -nts 3 W el' 3 i, V M Front Row: Salvatore Faso, Dona'd LeBoo. Frank Galusha. Middle Row: John Brydqes Robert Q, Ba-mgart"er Matthew Szelao, Laurence Aman, John Donoqhee, Gerald Rcntrcelo Oalfa' Rermarn. Back Row: Davrd Celeslu, Nelson Mersenzahf Donald l-lochadel. Rona'd Pappert, Trmothy Glenncn Joseph Rrvaldo, Donald Mooney, Thomas Bontiglio. GLASS Q5 h:l"'QX Front Row Cf asain S Jing- .sr VV ater Fra REV. JAMES F. We-ty,-. T .."'fwli " : WI arn Ga'drier Robert Bayer, Thcrnas Scheg. Middle Row: David Oliver, Francis freshen I-lawlc ns John Thompson, John Shank, David Cragg, Wayne Meisenzahl. Back Row: R Chard Shel Davd Twarnley Philip Golding, Barry Dehlond, Andrew Marroccc, Ronald HOMEROOM I I I Uhr - '59 fe ?e4A' Front Row: James Larnuraqlia, Richard Boss, William Hughes. Middle Row: Richard Rizzo, Ignatius Ponticello, James Villone, Michael Lenzi, F. George Kappler, Raymond Buchanan, Russell Morgan. Back Row: James Andreano, William Davin, Warren Johnson, Michael Cappcn, David Wittman, Kenneth Rernrning, John McCarthy, Fred Starlr. SOPHUMURE GLASS Front Row: R?cl'-ard Fedrson. James Kelly, Tlromas Andres. Middle Row: James l-l,'e,f Rzoao Mroeli Edward Prrrera, Robert Bel Tlwomas Stenmqer, Peter Garland, Ridarcl M:':'a'o, Baclr Row: Gerald Martn Raymond Sommers Mrclwael Wlrelelran, Jolrn M:G,,rre, Rfl'd'd OC:nno' Vivre, Trmmons, Robert Wood, Jolrn Doyle, I REV. EDWARD A. O'RElLLY, C.S.B Front Row: Lawrence Crewe, Josepln DeRoller, Miclnael Russo. Middle Row: Wrllram Sclnmldt, Gary Goodwin, Rrclnard Robe'fs, Joseplr Perratta, James Davrs, Stanle Patrre. Back Row: Donald Koel'mel y . Kennetn Budlnslcr, Jameg Hendef Roger Carlrrr, Thomas Connell, Raymond Nrclnolas, Jolnn Sharpe, Frarrcrs Lipam. Oy, ""-.if iff wg. mg' K iii Ms R55 4 , -2. ,Sf 3 ff? A 3 3 ug: -U0 FY I f W , H' , WF dw ff' f'1.'f ,, ,,.,, M4 I , , .,,.:,.'-.gfif L 'Q 1,5 44 I 5 xy 5 X ,f K 5 1 1 f- O' fy W sf W wf T5 'L Y :wiiif-4 , ff, 'ff' 'ff' ,Q a..-if ,, vw f -f M w,w M' vi K 1 Ms. 4 : A ,.,. VW 1242 if 2322 fiffe' f MT Sli' ' , f ,L 1 J , f Q' ff mv, .1- 'f 1 Riggs K Q ,, 3' F V1 'Iwff ' gr I I X 1 "' fy V A A'-- V V' aw ' f h K my Ag "'f 2 'lj Q Jah if v Vf 1 -'.. ff 4 ' wx p -, x'l'P'-" V- V W fe? sf as f?-35' I f ,ii . K W: Vt I Si ., ,, , X z .4 1 ffa"Q 1 ff' V 1. ' 'W g wvfz, 'nfl ' Ar fi 1 ff ' 3, i fx, , mam, 9 As -ef- F iw x 9 .J , ,rf , Q , W 1 . xtis? as ,pw , i . y ' 1 J ' 1 it 1.33914 Zi W an Q 1163, W ,fn gg' 11 fa 5, 315 , ,, 1 wmf, ' 5 133 C , 'ff V if Front Row: Robert Edwards Warter Ersenberq. Middle Row: Guy Pellrro, James Holland, Patrick Grrlln Wa ter' Schaefer, David Goaveia, Mrclwael Shaw, Back Rawg David Galbgl James Haley' Elvlrp Nfthragfe, Rrcnard Laliorce, Wrlllam Crandall,Tl1omas Berent, Walter Larkin, James Richardson o o't eng. in HOMEROOM 302 F R E S H M A N Front Row: Carl Altamera, Nerl Demarse, Alan Mason, Salvatore Nalbone, Jolun Werder. Middle Row: Jora Carazzc, Roger Case, Ronald Tsclwetter, James Valnue, George Montesano. Back Row: Gerard Bates Mrclsae Pabfrnlrrs, Gerald Prlnzrng, Wrlllam Manclne, Nell Wresner, Roger Wagner, Thomas REV. RAYMOND L. PRlNCE, C.S.B. Mosonzahl, W Tram Caus, Robert Koesterer, Tlromas Frsclwer, 78 Front Row' Thomas Carnllaci J s li D R . i , oep e osa, 'llwornas Hololca, Thomas Mentus, Louis Boucnard, Middle Row: Edward Tuite, Daniel Sousa. Back Row: Robert Bates, Robert Persona e. Donald George Ronald Lewis, Cliarles l-lawlxins, Frank Mancusc, Lee Woodard, Micliael Antlcovialc, Gerald Monti. g L A 3 3 Homeizoom aos Front Row: Ricla'd Latfaca, Donald Scliey, Willram Wakefield, Jenn Casella, Miclwael Salliyarx Middle Row: Stanley Nap eraia, Joan Roberts. Raymond Lum, James Eggleston, Tliomas Fanigan. Back Row: Rodney Putz, Jann Colson, James Cusimano. Patrick McCoy, Franlcin Grillo, Lawrence Jones. Dcnald DeVr,eze. SR. Q24 Q M. SUZANNE, R.s.M 79 Front Row: Lecmfd Kamp, WJwam Quinn, Thomas McDonaWd, Lawrence NUCCJYGJZ, Middle Row: JCM- Pafermc, Davd Lmcdn, Rcnaid Maranq, Roger Sesca, John I-ie1Cfercn,Andrew Uttaro. Back Row: TG'fy Ennqnt, James Cnnstman George Schmidt, Mlcnael Mahan, Wi!NRam Wailace Michael Hymn F'a"k Bauer Dom nc Piccmii R.ssew Bonacci. y Front Row: R:be't S. .few Jowy Cfedcf V1f"e't Gfvbazy Middle Row: Sa avatcfc LaBe'a Robe' DCNMO Gay Pemfs Gfvifd F M W' W ,. .., - 'a em Leme' Dfead Beewtz Rvevd Meetves. Back Row Rcbef Cece W am Detz Pete' Rfse Rcbeft Left Pvde' Pa'3,:f's Mime' Cevettc Qc'a'c Efb aed R :herd fhstn JCM Keily. N Front Row: James Husfward, Robert Warth, Lawrence Kesef, Dcmafd Degus, Dcugfas Bnstoh N t a a e Rwve de, Petef Yeefweccve. Middle Row: James Nesci, Samuel Rizzo. Back Row: Denfws Campbel', Ronad Desmond, Francs Marafinc, Gene Deprez Joseph Hem, James McEvoy, Rmhard Turcbettx W 'Vam Slwdcs, Rvdward Ognibene. SR. M. MERCEDES, R.S.M. 81 HOMEROOM SR. M. HILDEGARDE, R.s.M. 308 nt Row: Joseph Svc and Frank D'Ma't he W"am Gahney Thomas Etze. Middle Row: James mpry, R:"a'd Pashax Gerard Brcwr, Mrcfaer Ackroyd Rrchard r-era James Vccarc Francrs anzs'ame Back Row- Kent DeHond, Thomas OBrren Phlrrp Dfxgcstrnc John SWGVYCJ5 JCM' L ' . . Herrmann John Mcfiiynn Michaer Keily. -4-v ...A Q7 'J' Front Row: Thomas Gervasr, Edward Cook, Dcna'd Mcpherson, Robert Boykin. Middle Row: Harry Dean WrY'ram Pfrenqre, Lows Bacahetta, Gerald Roskcskr, Mrchaer Marciano, Edward Paplcoski, Pao! F R H M Yantz. Back Row: Fred Lehncr, James Vacankr, Theodore Oleksyn, John Moore, Thomas Mrceli, Yqnabos Progho John Grastcrf, Wrrrram Howard, Wrl ram Campbeli, 82 HOMEROOM 3 REV. J. ARNOLD MEGAN. C.S.B. Front Row: Larry MJ'em Gerard Etrmaw. Middle Row: Drclc Nfcotay Roger Rasmalr, Josept ' Lafava Hared E. Cade Pete' Dome f Rcoatd J, Atmin. B3 DeRy:Re. Back Row: Mceae! Ortrdi Mke Sedta WVam Gaermct John Wood, Bob Hargartver Tow Tm Reiter. Front Row: James Trrano. James Brown, Middle Row: Robert Marlrese, Robert Ross, Sam Va'Ye'a 0 Robert Mr Ver, Robert Brsbarro. Sam LcBrondo Mrclwae' Barrsbactw, Back Row: Ronald DeLaus, Thor' Ccmeta, Fred Kotwlmerer, James Maher, Robert DeVrto, Roger Carre, Dennis Hyatt, Rrctward Spa3. 83 ,ff HOMEROOM 3l I MR. FREDERICK J. zAKooR. c.s.B. Front Row: James Cvcmey, Johfw Daqqar-, Frank DeLocwa, Middle Row: John Pastoreila, Brace Pedehcks, Loas Mara Edwwfw Hoefier, Bfaw Page, Robert Kohmav, Back Row: Mwohael Verne James McLaJq'wl n Rona d Terhaa' Robert Mavhn, Thomas Nwer, Bamface Vlwfa, Dame! Bavbev Robert Roth. ?-,,, Ah.. , q-'W-ff Qs N 47 5 W .J , f Sm'B'f 3 f 'Y X 4 I K, 5 Front Row: Robert Orlando, Pau! Looe, John Murphy. Middle Row: James Ehrstein. Patrick CaHery, S Pao! Anderson Joseph Rwttaoo, James Serdews, John Hanan. Back Row: Robert Lee Frederlck F R E H Savefha. Joseph Mwtrano. John Hadlock, Robert Gmehn, James Dittrhar, James Bfazkbum, Wihiam Butfer. 84 MR. THOMAS F. MOHAN, c.s.s. HQMERQQM 3l2 Front Row: Donald Vlqna, Louis Nrger, Richard Wildbrett, David Wenqender. Middle Row: Rena d Bartcszewrcz, John Lcchner, Michael Rotolo, James Hahn, Samuel Clurca, Gerald F., mer John Doble. Baclr Row: Joseph Presuttu, Charles Elchas, Norman Hoffman, Anthony Andreano Charles Ke' Paul lrnhcl James Paul, Eugene Femiano. If ff Froni Row Charles Mondo Franlr Sfrowqer Edward McStraviclr Thomas Ledcmx Middle Row c Raymond lramonto, StephenlMartrns, Ralph Crrico, Richard Cummlngs, Danlel Shaurghnessy, Samuel Bonaccl, Dennis Byrne. Back Row: Anthony Fantauzzo, Mlchael Desmond, Robert Dunn, Davrd Gosling, John Crowley, Thomas Pxleo. Richard Muto, Philip Quirin. C11 Q 2' 1 Froni Row: Chades Amalfr, James Cellrns Jenn Snaugr- Mrcnae' Wade, Jenn Brennan, Davrd Wnrte Robert messy, Joseph DrCeccc. Middle Row: N nk B:zze5'. Rrcnard Sweeney, Davrd Simms. Richard GMO, Robe't Wynne Vo1z, Jenn Dettreg, Joseph Barra Max Resser Thomas Robert Werss, WaWter Lass, David Sneehan. Greco, Philip McMahon. Back Row: Richard Corbett, JUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE ABSENTEES FRESHMEN ABSENTEES Jeffery insfrucfs children af a Mexican m.agQ24.i r x , ,M mission o sfafion 2 I 9 44" -51" 5 XM. . 'SSW MR! 3 ""iEr .:.-. W: QW ' X , " :- x ll' .5 A 4 . In - . , L .. 5, , , B wif X-X sf 1 A n 'N f -n NT X ,Hx Wh IJ " -' ' v',1"Q , P I !-' I' f'?.Q6 A. an XPL K fn, ,. , may F. 'S ,Af QF 'Zigi gi 4 4 'wJ.,' n ,riff i f Y W, rf' 313' - is 4,1 6 ,X Q. QW rvl Q .w. ,-If X 'if' 'V' f. , L., Jael: Strowger and Tom Lynch pleased over retrieving es- E 1 caped turlreys. Dominic DiLelIa, Harold Dorsey, and Jaclr Strowger sell refreshments. Officers: W. l am Schetter lVice-Pres- Harold Dorsey at the refreshment table. .dentl, Raymond Englert llreasurerl. Char es Fccs lSecretaryl, Jaclc Strow- ger tpresdentl. John Degus announces the winner of a live door prize. Men's lub The Aquinas Mens Club has stepped to the tore mainly because ot their annual Awards Night. This is a very successtul attempt to honor those boys who have proven themselves academically, athletically, and musically. Yet this one example can not tully tell the story ot what the Mens Club has done in the past and is now doing in the in- terests ot our school. Every activity ot the organization is aimed at helping the students in general and those most de- serving in particular. Among the many operations ot the lVlen's Club we might mention: their tootball night, the Christmas baslcet drive tor the needy, the very successtul Mardi Gras, and tinally the Awards Night consisting ot a dinner and presenta- tion ceremony. Also the men tortity themselves spiritually every year at a day ot recollection. Len Page listening tor a higher bid. fi' 3 . v,' f' E , W rf F .K M V fi, S I 'Z -ig 'I 'l ' 1 Charles Mirguet, John Degus. and Peter Reiland checlcing finances after the festival. Sports Night Celebrities: f S" .-.1 D'e'::e" at 'W' F r E" A , . v J sa .' I -' . 'H Qed Wszz GC-few "1'a':f-' :fa 5' Bycean' HUGO CH" D Jaclr Strowger and Charles Hack wel come back Father Sheehan. Salvatore Orlando, Franlc Biondi and Jaclr Smith at one of the booths. The debt Aquinas owes To this splendd grow: lor its interest in the students is a great one. We would lilce to express ow gratitude to the wlvoie organization, and in particular to Mr. Jaclc Slrow- ger, president, Mr. William Schelter, vice-presE. dent, Mr. Charles Foos, secretary, Mr. Ray Englefr, treasurer, and to Fr. Butler, the clclis very capable moderator. Mrs. J. McKeon and children with Jaclr Fleming, Ed Doyle, Franlr Wagner buy ticlrets at the Turkey rattle from John Degus. If ,JN -ff J. McKeon and W. Schefter register C. Vacanti. The A II E T E for I955 Seaied: Jcnn Reqan lloterarylp Walter I-lickey IManaginqlg Fr. Lococo IModeratorl:.Jchn Samuelson lEditor-in-Chiefl. Standing: Frank DeI.aus lphctclz -IOIW BGVIOSZGWICZ ICOVVIPOSWOVII- 'J ij: ffif' Lay John Regan, Donald Gray, Michael Tomaino, Phillips Gibson, Richard Osferman John Samuelson. LITERARY STAFF THE EDITORS The purpose of any school publicalion is Io Iell Ihe slory of Ihe whole sludenl' body Io Ihe besl of ils abilily, Nowhere is Ihis aim more efleclively achieved Ihan in Ihe Aquinas yearbook, Ihe Arele. For wirhin i+s pages are conrained rhe picfures, aclivilies, and Iriumphs of Ihe sludenls Ihemselves. I+ would be an impossible Iask Io allempl Io Ioial fhe hours spenl by Ihe edilors and 'rheir moderaior, Fr. Lococo, in seeking Ihe endeavors ol each slu- denl and presenling Ihose endeavors in an inleresling and colorful manner. Probably no olher organizalion expends so much lime in porlraying vividly, Ihe diverse aspecls of 'rhe school. -A,,..-- Seaied: Frank DeLaus, Walter Hickey, John Bartcszewicz, Frank Arqento, Standing: John Ferris Wiliam Anderson, Robert Meteyer David Bertsch Abseni: Donald Cattalarii, COMPOSITION AND BUSINESS STAFFS 92 Father Lococo, Frank DeI.aus, John Samuelson Don Cattalani, and John Bartoszewicz choose the pictures to be used in the Arete. Worlcing under The assumplion rhar everybody has a slory fo fell and +ha'r olhers are inleresled in hearing +hem, 'rhe Aquinas school newspaper, 'rhe Maroon and While, feels carefully lhe pulse of Aquinas life. l'rs aims are many and oflen hard 'ro achieve. These sfudenl edilors arlempl ro presenl' news which is nor merely ancienl' hislory, buf 'ro malce 'rhe sluclenrs rhinlc by means ol religious and secular edilorials, +o poriray rhe sporls front and 'ro cause a few chuclcles lhroughoul rhe school. The allempr has freguen+ly been successful. The hard worlc of Farher Abencl and his hirelings is 'ro be commended, for 'rhey have done a consislenlly good iob on a fough assignment EDITORS 'w,,., tp-" 2 'nik I W 'V ' 'T Seaied: Max Wiclcert Tom l-lclfman, Arno'd Madigan, Dave Simms. Standing: Donald Byrnes Edwin Reiter, William Kelly, Dave Hogan. FEATURE WRITERS EN Seated: Frank Argento, George Stewart Jaclc Fink, Bob Meteyer. Sianding: Richard Corbett, Al Revelllno. Peter Mermagen lEditor-in-Cniell, Mchael Tomaino lNewslg Richard Osterrnan llzeaturelp Joseph Waters lBusinessl: Donald Gray lbteraryl, Dave Ofonnor lSport5lg Philips Gibson lbteraryl, COMPOSITION Wm MAROON md 'WHWE Standing: Wm. Cotterili lvice-preiectl, Ed McGraw. Seated: Pat Seated: Robert Engl, Ed Tabak, Gerry Kleuber, Joe Dolan. Stand- Pietropaoli lsecretaryl Bob Fleming lpreiectl Er. Grescoviak ing: Joe Urban, Phil Golding, Dick Ofcnnor, Phil Scarocccs. ldwecml' OFFICERS X C G T n i a"- , ' r I T r hurl' r,,y ii li - ii i' SODALITY CANDIDATES Frank Row: Charles Mondo, Vince Ger- basi, Ronald Maranq, Middle Row: Ronald Barfcszefvcz, Donald Vgna Er. l-la't Sam Curia, Ray Trarncntf, Back Row: Ji" Doble, Tom Alei James Pai., Joseph M frafc, Tim Ama' Steve Mart r' Dev d Wengerder Je"y Frank Dar' Snasghneisi, R cha'd W ldb'Qff. 94 The Sodality The Aquinas Sodalily, dedicaled especially lo The Blessed Virgin Mary, forms 'rhe spiri+ual forlress of Aquinas life. Consisling of lhose boys who are anxious lo do iusr a bil more 'ro demonsrrale rheir devolion, The organizalion is one which has lor Hs aim The encouragemenr of aposlolic zeal among lhe Carholic boys who will be The Calholic leaders of rhe iulure. The Sodali+y's many acriviries are parricularly designed 'ro draw arrenrion ro rhe religious side ol life ralher rhan ro Jrhe Sodaliry ilsell. Endeavors such as The Triduum closing lhe Marian Year, The canned iood drive, and The worlc oi The Sodalisls a+ lhe Trappisf monasrery are selfless acls wilh spirirual perfeclion as +heir aim. Oddly enough however 'rhe lrue work of a sodalisr exisrs aparr from lhe lime he acrually spends al ils funclions. For rhe sodalisl has a rigid daily schedule which he is expecfed +o adhere +0 in order lo achieve The aims oi lhe organizalion. As regards prayer he should say his rosary, devole I5 minures lo menlal prayer, and say Acr ol Eailh, Hope, Charily, Thanksgiving and Conlrilion. He should also malce an examinarion W 5 was Back Row: Larry Hwsch Roger Streb Torn Bristol J m Tackef, M Tomanoyich, Front Row: Neiman Schwamie, Jce DiT-cc Ai R yeiiino, Pat Pretrcpaoii. of conscience each day, and go ro confession as well as Holy Communion irequeniiy. Adding ihese iogeiher wiih +he +wo days of recolieciion required of him, we can easily see 'rhai fhe iob of ihe sodaIis+ is a full-rime one. I+ is our fervenf hope ihai ihe Sodaliiy may achieve ihose high and mos+ worfhy qoais which if has ser for iise-li. For ii is The aiiainnfienf oi 'rhern which aione can saiisiy The craving man has in his heari. Canned Food Drive-Roy Mier Dcir Tafnb n, Jce M,' Diiir Messura, A ' i TOY DRIVE-,fe "cf 'fave Q vi.. ,, 1 m..1',1uz-w P:-g -ii Back Row: Paui Brach, Ron Ziotnik, Mark Bonsgncre Ren Szwyef er, 7, George Aman. Fronf Row: John Rerf, Larry i-iyzcn F R weir- Jim Long. Joe Haeirwer, Mike Heberger, Pa' M new sim FW F i ff-sn Rivers R... 5.43 a i ,..,- r.. 'E' :M l,f 'N.. Missions Because we nave been enioined lo love our neighbor as ourselves, we lhe srudenls ol Aquinas, leel lhal lhis ooligalcn canno' be carried oul in a passive way. Conse- gsen' ,, she Agjnas Mission CVUSGOG was formed TO give us an oppormnili, lor aclive parlicipalion in lhe saving ol souls and fhe lulimiing of our duly lo men who have nol lhe marveous gif ol iailh. Over a comparalively shorl span ol years lhe amazing iam oi over Sl75 OOO has been arnasseo. Yel even This slarlling ligure does noi begin lo delail lhe ehlorls ol rhe srudems on behalf ol lhe missions bolh home and away. For who can add up lhe prayers, masses, and sacrilices which have beer given unsellishly7 Who could say lhar rhese have nol had a grealer ehlicacy lhan lhe money which we donaled? l-lo"n"an" O5 Fr, Loeb, lM::1e'at l-levn-anr' 305 Frank Arge-'to 2Co J Ron Z ctnk 207, Another Mission Church built by Aquinas Students. The monelary mission aclivilies may be enumeraled as consisling ol: daily homeroom colleclions, Mission boul proceeds, and a share of lhe Thanksgiving Day lzoolball game liclcels which replaced lhe selling of Chrislmas Cards. Also helpful are lhe colleclions ol medicinal supplies and slamps lor lhe aid of lhe missions. The voice ol lhe Mission Crusade is lhe "Aquinader," capably manned by The members of lhe Mission Llnil. This is supplemenled by various Mission magazines such as lhe AQUINADER 'STAFF Wall l-lifkpv W-nn,a Kallnaf lawn Xixfilnflisflf- inn- PM 15,4 .Mi i: HOMEROOM MISSION LEADERS Front Row: Tony Mevc 307 Bcb O lando 3ll George Scnnn dt 305 Do Oslca' Rernanr' l7C 'lem f'1eo372 Ca S lv 5 lO8 La'ry Jcres 305. Middle Row Bob Bsbari 3lO Jzrn l:s'er 2u lj Nctnnagle 302, Nfrm Kib 208 Bc Fserr' ng 3Ol Mike lcma nf 3l3 r'la Kob 3lS Lecnaro Ruszkcfvsk "9 J Obefes lilo. Back Row: Dc' Macc 214 Dck Terney 205 Jon' Dc, e lib Larry Palvr: 32l Joe Ca nan ZCC J Pcizz 2l9 Marlty Gsllen 2'O J 'n Pe cacn 307 Andy Maru?" lfi Da Hogan llc Jerry Kctwas 3lo J Waters 3l4 Dave Samcezon 323, Ab seni: Jm Burke TS Da-'e Ke , 32 A home in ihe Texas Mission Field. ,Q ,Q ,Q STAMP CLUB Left to Right: Nym K: D Mn Mya' Peak Delaza Tcm Net Jenn faggan Dil Cfifni' Jcsecn Scho and B,d Mad ga' Robert G'a'dC Dick W - rett Tom Cvbett M". Beat? Te", Pal Vote' R-sec Salvatcfe l.aBe' a. Tom Aleo takes the Mission A chapel built by ihe Aquinas Mission Unit. bag fo We safe' "Cbla+e World' and lhe "The Shield which are dislribuled each monlh lo ered, homeroom, ln lhis way +he missions are conlineally lcepl beiore 'he eyes ci +he siudenls. The final sphere oi aclivily of fhe mission unil may be Corsioefeo lhe ehd pfoducf of The money Colecled. Such noleworlhy resells as churches in Texas, lhe supporf and educafion ol foreign seminarians, and lhe donahon: +o mission ofoefz have made Aquinas lhe mission capilal oi lhe world. Conqrafulalions lo Faiher Looby, presiclenf John Samuelson and his a2"ve group of sopporlers as wel as The siudenl body for a ioo well done in 'Gvoing iomh and leaching all nalionsf The Mission collection in 323. Inside the dispensary on ihe Texas Missions. Nh . f -i ?5"95?3 '5 L 'tkravdf M 'Ex dv", 3 J Q 3 ' Sd .ski , " W - ' 1 is-, f9f? 5 E ' 'Q"5 wi11f tj , my ,ji 3 v-E 2.35 Egvee: . . 1 -4 f Qgigf li' N til 'jiftfg 2, g M N fy , M , iffy . Q N I .M g fi , 'S' 'Q ,v , W fpfw A 4 k f Seated: Dave Ofonnor. John Nugent, Arnold Madigan, Fr. J, A. Seated: Frank Argento, Michael Tomaino. Larry Palvino, John O'Reily, Moderator, Dck Ofonnor, Artncny DiMarco, Ray Oberiies, Al Rivellino, Pat Pietropaoli, Standing: Larry Hursh, We'dman, Standing: Dick Corbett, Winifred Kellrer, Terry Falk, James Kely, John Shields, Norman Kolb, Jim Bond, Edwin Renter, George Schnetzer, Ph llip Gbscn, Donald Gray. Max Wckert. he Aquinas Society of orensic Arts Probably fhe mosf acfive club in fhe school is fhe Debafing Team. Nof only does imparf a proficiency in all fypes of speech work, buf if also members access fo social graces as well. off ifs barnsforming wifh a fournamenr af Oswego, New York, second. They followed fhis friumph wifh a frip fo l-lamilfon fhe club affempf fo endeavors fo give ifs The club sfarfed in which fhey placed College, where fhey placed fhird. Then fhey fravelled fo Jamesfown and Buffalo, on which frip fhey defeafed Canisius and losf fo Jamesfown. Early in February fhe group sponsored ifs firsf home fournamenf in which five schools parficipafed: Jamesfown, Canisius, Syracuse, Norwich and Ufica. Jamesfown and Aquinas fied for fop honors wifh six ouf of eighf vicfories apiece. The nexf meef for fhe club was anofher innovafion - fhe lnfernafional Speech Fesfival held af Toronfo among four Basilian l-ligh Schools. The Fesfival consisfed nof only of de- bafing, buf also of ofher spheres of oraforical work. The school fook fwo firsfs and fwo seconds fo bring home an enviable record. The remainder of fhe debafers' fime was divided among fhe New York Sfafe Forensic League Finals, fhe Nafional Forensic League Finals in New York, and fhe Cafholic Forensic League Championship also in New York. lf was af Albany fhaf Don Gray, Dick Osferman, Phil Gibson and John Shields won fhe New York Sfafe Finals, and were invifed fo parficipafe in fhe nafional finals held in San Jose, California. Gordon DeHond. Gerald Frank, Norman Kolb and Uticans admire Aquinas brochure. L AT THE OSWEGO BANQUET Jamestown debaters at lunch. Front Row: FF p Cbscn Don Gray Dck Osferman Max Wcrert. Lunch between rounds at the Aquinas Sponsored tournament. geek Row: CSA Tae' TSMG 'Q T9"Y Fdlf Fr. J- A- Bfle G'3f"5'? :Metzer E wc efed 54... 1. in 1 Maxim in L... I rl: .rl s-.. Front Row: Ph ip Rotoli, Robert Sherelis, Edwin Reiter. Charles McKay. Middle Row: Michael Judd, Patrick Reddy, Frank Doherty, Richard Beikirch, Frank Argento. Back Row: Wi"iam Carey, Bruce O'Connor, John Duemmel, Ken Aman. Lloyd Berardi, John Apton, Wintried Kellne' Gera'd Kotwas Rodney Knuth. Moderator: Father Waligore, GREEK CLUB FRENCH CLUB Front Row: Henry La" lSec.l John Ritz lVi:e-Pres.l Fr. Vncent, John Driemme' lpresl Jerry Edwards lTreas.l. Middle Row: Edwards Gervckas Dante' M chalowsk- Ted MIGMBN Tom MCCa'fhw Fra'k Sapere Jm Coyne Chafes M:La..3h' fi D ck l-leech Tom Wood' ft, Back Row: John Svfkt Dick Bekrch Wntfeld Kellner, Dave Lycos Robef Neary Star' Prpen Pao' B'a3h Garry Nelson Jchr Camnody Rzger Napef, LATIN CLUB Front Row: W'ntried Keiner, John Duemmel, Richard Osterman lSe:.- Treas.l, Donald Gray lP'es,l Father Lococo, Edwin Reiter, Mi: Tomanovcv Back Row: Richard Volpe Wi Iiarn' Carey Lowell McNally, Richard Orczyk Thomas McCarthy, William Wedemiyer, Kenneth Aman, Leon Pearson, Phlips Gibson, John Bartoszewicz, Charles Be'l, Thomas Wiesner. CLUBS at Just as the studies are designed to develop the minds and thinking habits ot the students, the clubs have been tormed to develop and extend the personalities ot those participating in them. Although each club imparts turther knowledge ot its par- ticular study to the members, it tunda- mentally gives them an opportunity to meet their classmates on more intimate grounds. They likewise encourage team play and the ability to mix with others? they enable students to discuss their many and otten contlicting opinions. The tields covered by the clubs are even more numerous than those covered by the course ot studies. Everything trom Greek EN x-5 9 , Q .4 X - l yga 1'. 1swxn32 1 gi 5 1.3, if .3 ff, . X V N R XXV X 5 ?' bbxk x A 5' ,Q F 9, if' fh- Q 5 Q , jf A' 5' .f N t Cf is V' QR. ,rw '. ' - u . 'Y 4 N4 .W ., Q gn ? ,kkdv Q . 'ik Wu 7 A - . A . 4 Y qw-V ' h Q ', ,Juv- V Iv if Q' G , i'.vL V . I W fV5?f2 1H?llf5!H F! ff!!! V ' s 41, 'S -Q 99 A Q' Aj ,.. um- ,L fig' C , ' I D 'AQ' 335 J ., 1. 4 2, M Q V A -5 X f ' J M, A ' 3 XX 'f , I 3:1 5' Vx 2 xy ' ,V,, jg? g 'P f'5,:'E ,Q 4 . ,-,gvg N f. ' w. A - " H, . ' I V , ., H ,.t , . ff A Q - Ad Front Row: R. Osterfvan J. C:':a""c" J. Scfrrner fx R. 'vase' Rev, -. W so' CSB. R. Gbsc' Cv. BefF. -. V! ere' F. Deeass. Middle Row: E. Yqksias R. Stite' T. Rec ne R. Vc"Ba:'c A. Gaisser M. V. :ae a G. Stewart D. Lecnne' R. I'Icwa'd. R. Sante C. Dressen Back Row: M. Wiclcert D. Gray R. L'o'er J. Rtz A. Freds D. Osborne. D. Byrnes R. Neary F. Sow -sk C. Skewed J. Blum. J. Scrckti D. I-:gat CHEMISTRY CLUB Q CHEMISTRY CLUB Front Row: R. Sclvenlcel, J. Casclwette. C. McKay, J. Latraqna. C. LaDeIpI'1a, W. Cotterrll, J. Bartoszewicz. A. Caputo. T. I-Iall, R. Corletta. E. Reiter. L. Bay. Middle Row: W. WaI'ace. M. Cappeite. A. DiMarco. R. Sclnrnitf. J. SI'7e'ds. L. Palwno. T. Cooper. P. Martell. P. Roto i, J.'. J. Aptcn. J. Regan, C, Sclwlegel. Back Row: R. Werdrnann. J. Waters. W. Kelly. J. Carrncdy. R. Faniqan. P. Bayer. L. Berardi. J. Hen- derson. T. Broclcs J. Brogan. J. Rabideau. P. Zukoslri. I B nn C C Moderator - REV. J. R. MEGAN, C.S.B. Front Row: T. Bcnfiq 3 L. I-Iursrv J. I4e'Iy. Middle Row: R. Pasn . Baclcbqn IV ce-Pres.l S. Faso IPres.l T. Ledc-x ISec.l. Fred Res. JoF Henan. Back Row: S. C -rza R. Geri: Icas M. Pab'-Irs M. Rosso. Siandin I B'YdQ'3S G4 I:'G"If D. M clialcwslr' R. Volpe. B. Morgan. R. Vande-'Twee G. Deprez J. M trans D. Barber. Abseni: J. Deffleil ITreas.l. ST. LUKE'S SOCIETY RADIO CLUB Front Row: M. Belanger J. Gordon. J. Sullivan. W. Ryclce. R. Cowan. Back Row: M. Brunner. R. Baurngartner. G. Campo. R. Declcman. W. Green. J. Weqrnan. J. DiTu::ci. J. McMahon. W. Steinwazns. J. Casclwette. Front Row F, Lupiani-kneeling, P, Rofoli, J. Rel F. Reis, A. Julianc. J. DITucci. Middle Row: R. Stlter. D. Gray lPres.l, Miss J. Cappellino, F. Argento lSec.i D. Simms lVice+F'res.l, M. Wiclcert, R. Stanin, P, Deck' man. Back Row: R. Ferris, R, Welch, R. Tamblin, W. Kellner, R, Welch, R. DiNitto, R. Schmidt, J. Me arisori, R. Entress, T. Allison, R. Eckert, T. Cordelia, T, Weisrrer, A. Rivellino. LIBRARY CLUB CLUBS ai' AQUINAS i ef Fronf Row: G, Amee F. Rivcli, G. Berwitz. F. Oldfield. Middle Row: R. Ccfey R. DiMarcc, Sister Fracces Le-cria, Miss J. Caooelrc M. JLdd lT'eas.i Safe' Margaret l-le'e"e R. Dasck, F Tadclec. Baclc Row: W. Kuiawa K. Brxcekec J. Foley P. Welcc T. Ci:- Fofd. D. Defere' J. Hamm L. Bcafd R, V: se D. Macce J. R: zz A. D31 C. LIBRARY CLUB CHESS CLUB Seated lFirsf Rowl: Q. Mecca' J. Rcbef , Gere' R. Scel J. F-ice' R. 3"e'e E. Drrcva J. '.':'.'e':'. Seafedx lsecond Rowl: J. Sadier R, Cfvci' lireazf R. Le'::c G. Fscrfa' Fr, RCl,Di.SLar1ding: J. 9:1 lR'ei. if N'-:ii D. S:':e'Gbe":Q' B QCCMC' lV Ce-R'e:l U. BNN? J. Maine' E. l4.i,f J S760 M, Bzccer 'Sei' D. 'Beige C. Be fa S,-ef W. Cazey. PU BLICITY STAFF Standing: Rcnaid Sauter' Patricia Reddy, Ted Kinsify. Jctrn 3 i Dobbertin, Seated: Ctrartes Marang, Kneeling: Vince Przybyia. f"'s X "wal SAFETY PATROL Front Row: Raymond Bucinanar: Gecrge Stewart, Dams DeCcolr Robert Engle. Baci: Row: Rev. W. Rrfey, C.S.B., Joseph Ventura, James Casctvette, Maurice Brunner fCapt.i Stephan Hawkins, Robert Sctwcene berger. ANN' HALFTIME CLUB Front Row: Gerard Frank, Salvatore LaBei'a, Peter Russo, Gary Peters, Franlc Del.ucia, Standing: Michael Pabrinkas. Absent: Dennis Byrne, Aian Scarse'ia, Jotrn Herrmann. ST. GENESIUS CLUB-Kneeling: Pat Hcgan lVrce-Pre-s,l, Pamg DrMarfpg Callaghan. Gene M chaud. Margaret Farrell. Jrn l-lcrdel, Vnce Wssman, DCWW3 Dblily Safe Ieihref Norrne Christiane, Kay Cglngy Seafedg Kay Gouqel Father I.. fallen CSB. Dlretfir Ron Zlntrk lprezf Tory alyatcre LaBe"a Father C. Vincent C.S.B,. D'ector, Shelah D1r.r-get Sassgre Gnny Richardson Carol Wiesr. Pat Egar lV:ce-Pres.l, JM Anne Deare, Pat Fox Jcar Effort Peter Rossa Marge D'AnnUnZlO, Mrke Sullivan, Ile lacovange: Briar' Page, Bob Crfando. Absent: Kay Barrett elarqer, Phyl s lmfeld, Jan Leonardo, Ray Buchanan. Sfanding: John PGIIW3 Kle 'V Pattie Klien, Fr. Cullen and Fr. Vincent discuss a script. -sz Dramatics The erlecl of good, wholesome enrerlainmenr cannol be overeslimaled in a Calholic school. For This reason many line plays were slaged by lhe S+. Genesius Club, +he drama group of lhe school. I+ would be impossible lo lolal up lhe hours spenl by These young players in rehearsing Tor lheir performances. ll would likewise be impossible +o discover lhe hours employed by The club's moderalor, Falher Cullen, in research and rehearsing for lhe plays. Truly a remarkable and worlhwhile eflorl. ing and enlerlaining comedy. Olhers have been "Jenny Kissed Mew and "Rose Feveri. Through rhese 'he club conlribuled much lo 'he recrea- lional as well as an educa'ioral lunclion of rhe school year. To lhe modera'or, Fr. Cullen, his assislanl Fr. V'ncen+ f congralulalions, CAST AND STAFF OF "MISS PRIVATE EYE" Froni Row: 'V' ve Be a'2e' Bib Ba."ga'o'e' Bch B'zair JW S, fa Middle Row: '.'a"ge ZF-"fi: 5.9 Le:"e'. Siandingz Dina Dcle, Vat Ve' om Hesse Jcrr Ca agrar pete Rollj Pa: Face' lie '"e1 9a,.a D'-'a't'i Pa, Bahasa' Gmy Ri'a'd22' 105 The lirsr presenlalion was "Miss Privale Eye". an inleresl- and 'ro all ihe members ci 'rhe group. we w7sh lo oher our Ffa Bob Orlando Ron Zlotnilr V reprnmand Pattie Klein in Jenn Margie D'Annunzio gives Ray Buchanan a rough moment in "Miss Private Eye." Ince y K Wissman issed Me a Ho rec ive s gan Phyllis age instructi s Jr I ,,4"" lm'Feld, Vince Wissman ons from Father Vincent. Donna Dibley and Pat Eagan dispose ot a body while Margie I . Ml. The Ladies Committee in "Rose Fever' grow enthusiastic while John Foley and Karl Clancey aid the prostrate Bill Farrell. Scenes rom 0ur Plays Subject of Sue Lechner's call is shown in the concern on 'faces ot John Callaghan, Paula DiMartino and Ray Buchanan. D'Annunzio watches in "Miss Private Eye." A rude awakening as Bill Farrell and John Foley are roused by Pattie Klein in "Rose Fever." I fe 4, Q 5 I ' , F W x Y 4 K ,K C J 3 . , l ae ' . 1 . K . .4 , L A A , 5 1 :' , . . rl viiii 1 . J I 1. -..O-li .. N - s ,ff 106 Paula DiMartino assists .lim l-lendel with malce-up tor role in "MissPrivate Eye". x X 1 pq. x 'Z' 2 x'Q 4 v-on fa: V LIT B SQUAD COACHES Fr. Biondi, Mr. Basile, Guy Vito. Y Sq-K. .J 3 ,S X, . XX 1 A Q .4 SH, K As .:, 348 ' x r , ll ' gg, X NW 'S p n , . A SN E 0 an . Kneeling: Bll Cazey Jail: M:Mal'c:n Q fn Le 5 Standing: Bob Pevewfa .levy Emoey. MANAGERS ae fi 4 A fn ,K ' 'ft 1 f Sk i I y 0llI' S am0US . K A I ' ,- 4 ff I Mr. Basile, Fr. Carier, Fr. E. O'Reilly l rw- ATHLETIC BOARD in-.ij --if. S 1 A 'A' in xi-s f -.,, ..,,,. ,MA K .W ax' .I I ' ' , sf , L A 4 S h N .K J.. :Z ' . 1. . , A ul. ! ,V 4. ,N. A K paw . , , ' f f 11' pf X S , ' --P' A Y' . A Mr. Vic Bonaldi, Mr. Frank Vedas, Mr. Stanley Zajdel, Mr. Bernard Sullivan VARSITY COACHES ...Ak " 4 - fr :At 3 t " , Q I Q 41 - 48 5 Q tw , . S Front Row: George Salemi, Herb Lettau, Vince Gionta, Charles Amalfi, Rictiard Stitter, Franlr Dolnerty, David Kelly, James Sckmd. lin. Second Row: James Lecnner lMqr,l, Sam Rusgigl Paul Robii-igcq, Bernie O'Sullivan, William Anderson, Dave Young, Jonn Parrinellg, Donald Maccio, Milo Tomancyiclw Gerald Empey lMqr,l, Third ROW: -laik MCMaliOn llvlqhl, Robert Rereira lTraincrl, Roy Mller Milre Rocte, Tim Howland Jgl-n St e'dg Larry Palvqf-:X ML Zalde' Under the guidance of a capable coach and laclcinq experience at many positions, the Little lristi faced a sclwedule ot strong opponents. Plaqued by iniuries tlwrougln- out the season they tinislwed witln a record of tlwree wins and tive losses wlniclw does not reflect tlwe true caliber ot the team. ln tlrie First game against Nortn Catholic l-lign ol: Pitts- "LittIe Irish" burq, Aquinas emerged victorious, 7-6 in a tiglwt detersnfe battle. l-lanlc Anqelone contributed wlnat was only the fret ot lnis many fine pertormances ttfosglnout ttie season. Angelone eludes St. Peter tacklers. ll-lead Coaclwl Henry Anqelone, Franlr Sapere Torn Urqfart James DiBou, Ricnard Tierney. Ronald Al'er Mr. Su'liyan lfxsst, Coachl. Back Row: William Casey lMqr,l, James Grassi, Lcu Di- Fabio, Dave Boland, Jaclr Yeager, Ricl-ard Benzon, Sam Rebis James Burlre, Robert Enriqnt, Robert Gores Robert Kintner, Tern Riley, Phil Goldnq Robert Sweeney James McMatfon. Angelone makes a shoestring tackle against a Pittsburg stalwart. Tomanovich aided by Gionta halts an Allentown plunge x 6' I Tit.. .xi 1 N fx A ,f xy X K 4 RON ALLEN Fr. O'Loane congratulates Fr. Kehoe on retention of Qhe irophy. ,J i 3: 5, 9 ,fi P cfi' 41 P-53' 'M xx' lv-'W FRANK DOHERTY Excitement on ihe sidelines. NLR . .L--P 7' ummm N ' f .J N lj ,' Paivino receives instructions My fvom the coach. MILO TOMANOVICH GEORGE SALEMI 5 JACK YEAGER HO 4' -F x ' , 4 +' ' ' 0, '. Li H ,, A , v Q- ' - - . , ' 1. . ,qv 1 X , , . . . 1 I z 13' 'fb ' Q Schmidlin brealls away wiih the aid of beautiful ' Y 5 Na - .QM g 'xf"f', " -"H f x. kg 5 makes unffoiic Cerrfrar. 'W' - -' ia vs-0 ,.. Q. 4' 7958 ,, In " - ffl' 4. ,tw 1 ,.:,, ,-3 2 Mu ' 61N-f,wj.f Ziff! 'Bf'f5ffsl7?f A 5, f :egg fl ,ag "ff 'Y' S, -' -,Q,6V, X '-F, 3123+ 4 I ' 5355 I -Gi L xo 2 ' ' Q .1s,, 'Y o S31 f '- ,fnqr f nh x - f ' f". ...irx - -4 . , Q ' u Q :iw Q airs, . ' D .I 1 fl H A - 45' in , 1 J' , A UQ H N td , Q f. M l x Q ,L " qv 'E 1 , .X 5 I ii MSA I if ?,' Elf, 'fx . ", ,.a J' v '::41NQN. -M -v X., rw F--?lqF1!v.,l I I ,N -. .41 ...- '., ' 'mx 1-., . lp.. , . ,.,, , 1 . I 5 -V ,. r r '01 nl I -1 , ,jf , yi ,r J 6 Forward pass' atiempt, 5 smothered by Diliqbio. - .1 Q Host of tacklers smother . r. 5 s W . .Kiss !:'5.K.""' 1 'A .. . N V .... o ,, f Q- . . ,, I , ' 4 '-"Ho-an M ,, ,, I A 'sh 'r Q fp ' from a Toledo iackler. L 1 rr! nn M-I. la 0 Q CA , 1 1 . fr Angefone-brehY1'W5Y"""'ww4M I 3 vw ga X . Paul Borreggine gets instruciion from the press box. , , I J 1. -4 JIM SCHMIDLIN X . -,Q fi - 5-va JIM McMAHON 31 Q in 4 in li X .. 31" f L .fix Y TOM URQUHART aff' rs, 7 Victory after Chattanooga battle. , A , 19 I I L N -3,-o -as .Ai Ax ' I i, if i ' - ,ry I f ' 1 'ii Xi., a, M . dr WW . X W ww" -,w VINCE GIONTA Aquinas brolce baclc info fhe vic- fory column againsf Nofre Dame Prep of Chaffanooga, a Team coach- ed by an Aquinas alumnus Torn See- man. A+ fhis game sfudenf spirif reach- ed ifs peak and fhe resulfs showed in fhe play of fhe feam. The final score showed fhe Irish a convincing vicfor I9-6. A defermined Boysfown eleven moved info 'fhe sfadium for The season's final game. Ivlalcing fheir greafesf feam efforf of fhe year, fhe varsify foughf fo fhe final gun before losing I4-7. The defence was ouf- sfanding, holding a high-scoring Boysfown eleven in 'rheir own ferri- fory for a greaf parf of fhe game. We wish fo congrafulafe our new coach, Sfan Zaidel, on fhe develope- menf of a feam which gof progres- sively beffer as 'rhey gained exper- ience. I+ was a feam of which we may all be proud. ei ' , if ,fx N. ,, - 4 M, -5 691 ... I JOHN SHIELDS LARRY PALVINO 'II2 fr DAVE KELLY Angelone on the loose again against Toledo. 'I .1 Scoring attempt thwarted by Angelone. MIKE Roch-as xi'-5 ,. fi 5 C X LQ BILL ANDERSON sos eonss f BOB ENRIGHT DICK STIFTER 13 1 '41 7 1 4. If HENRY ANGELONE Za 1 ,Mo I ,ne V' 44 me W..- ', -J .aw 'SN N 87 X ' ' Back Row: Tom Tortora, Ed Graham, Mike Sedita, Erwin Nitzman, Mike Byrnes, Barry DeFlond, Charle Lissow, Mike Whelehan, Dave St. John, Joe Urban, David Quadrini, Terry Donohae, Middle Row Bill McKenna, Jerry Ricci, Fr. M. Biondi, Mr, L. Basil, Mr. G. Vito, John Fisher, John Rrogno. Front w Don LeBoo, Paul Scarson, John Calahan, Jim McKeown, Francis Lipani, Larry Grarqreco Anth y Juliana. ire an -7' A 1' W J fry- :fr Front Row: Ron Marang. Gene Page, Pat Mclfeon, Terry Enright, John Roberts, Jerry Bates, Bobby Bisbano. Second Row: John l-lefleron, Dennis Hyatt, Roger Grlder, Bill lmholil, Tim Rector, Mike Orlando. Bob Persorrale, Pete Donnely, Mike Verno, Joe DiRosa, John Kaiotso, Phil Griitladaurea. Third Row: Jim Christman, Benny Rotolo lcoachl, Mr. Fink lesslt coachl, Bob Bates, Frank Grillo, Andy Lecesse, Gerry Monti, Bill Guarinot, Fred Brcqnra, Bill Butler, Fred Lehrier, Bill Lehner, Mr. McCarthy lass't coachl, Joe Robinson, Mickey Flynn, Back Row: Bl Wallace, Bonitace Villa, Al Rosrnno, Charlie Hawkins, Tony Andreano. Jce l-lem, Mark Flolihan, Bill Crandall, Dick Comstock, Frank Mancaso, Ron Tschetter, Pat McCoy, Bob Orlando. H4 reshman Football Bas e lfiacnl. VARSITY BASKETBALL Faced wiln flue loss of four lormer oulslandinq players, flie Aquinas Varsify loolced forward fo a challenging season. Willw Caplain Jerry Kolwas flue only relurning sfarler leading 'rlwe way all season, our ream closed wiln an impressive I2 won and 4 los? record. Highliglrn ol flue season was a remarkable IOI lo Sl viclory over Sr. Michaels of Toronlo, Canada. Losing flwe four games by a 'roral of Front Rowz' Jrlvi Dcbbert n, Peter Pavia, Jerry Kctwas, Fred laddef. Lecrt Roco Gal' Dane Galen M lie R irards J m Back Row: Walt Flciey lMqr.l, Robert Auqostne' lMqr.i Dare Guam ra Ja P K s J Sa lM N L S ,H .fn Arn m nf-fs f-rl .., 7., Basketball 1954-1955 only 8 poinrs, and bearing rlwree of our opponenls in relurn marches, lne ream proved 'rneir worrh. Hard lo iorgel will be ine performances of Jerry Kolwas, Jim ll-lowdyl Burlce, Ben Quarnina, Pere Pavia and Ralph Gallo. Muclw credil' is due lo our very capable coacln - Mr. Basile, and llrme fine cooperafion shown by all llie members of +l'ie 'ream for a very successful season. Halftime instructions from Mr. Basile. MANAGERS Dave Samuelson Walker Hickey 8 1. gif 'fa-'ive A -ans- 'Q if 'bf wig av an " 0' - C n 'find 2 I 'W' , Q ag gf., i wg ' f S f' Ei .,1 x JL . , liyjiy BTA. QM 4 I - ll gk eu x Y :EQ 5 1 R H3 0 3 X, W ,. - 3 Gfiffszgx ' V": W . an -Q 'S X if - f , - -"?,'9M' Q ff E, QQ 5' X I . fa 1 ,rf ' 1 Q W Z s 'ffvgff vm Skfify A 0 If Q Q1 Q' G P a ,,, rcnt DCA, e, Pat Cfeere Romer Washer. ack Row: Kew P5-'g-ef Cf-45' 9 Sscw Bob K ave' JCM Mi' C A V9 E:b GMD ' Dam 30'- tfwgef Je-frv, M5f'fj'3 JUQ X ,'J', SUN Zajdef fffafal Junior Varsity Basketball a Row: Jeff, Abe JCM Left fo right: Pat MfKe:fv Jack KCMY, George Schmwdt, Bal! Lehfwef, J m Bvaxch Dave GCSNHTQ. Rqgm Wagner BN Ste fwaiw Bf b Gmdm, Row Swfer KMQLJ, B' Cfafclal Dave Dwi wqcr, BN Cvwe Jf-"' VV"C1 D4 fa 'ff T 'U GWGH ' m X ' , y , N , , C a, Tc Meiefm' Cfff FFi",.,YfC Absent: .Make Soaag fC:a:L'. 'B HOMEROOM 321 SENIOR CHAMPS Front Row: Dem Wollfab, Dan O Br ew Wat Casper Ralpl Przybya JCM' Dcbbeftlr Ccacfl. Back Row: Larf, C 3 E b pea qaf JCL1' HQ dawn' Bob Ear gmt, Bcb Gc'es, Larry Palvmc. HOMEROOM 106 SOPHOMORE CHAMPS 'JS' ronf Row: Jw MiKecwm, Tum Welch A Q. tm Obe' ea Ra'pl'v Satwo. Back Row: R M' gh Dave Milienna, Duck Nan Q3 D-ij Q' JCM, Abel. 'rv '2 I Q Intramural .--1 3 1 vw Basketball Champs HOMEROOM 308 FRESHMAN CHAMPS Front Row: Ken DeHCfd Jf" MCC?1X,"'I Mke fXCVrCX,d. Back Row: JCLW Meme, B '-lwvafci MP0 Navi aff DF D'Aqcstmo, lqnat Us Prcgnf. Legion Baseball TEAM RECORD Firsf Round Second Round 209+h Opp. 209+h Opp. 8 O PuIasIci Posf 7 4 I5 2 CoHeraI-Warner I5 8 7 3 Warner-CIaudius 7 O 3 4 Dofy-Magill 8 IO I 4 Loeser-ShavIan 2 3 9 2 Brooks-Shepherd 3 I 3 4 FIower Ciry Pos+ I 5 5 2 Greece Posf 5 I I3 4 Spencerporf Pos+ I O IO O Jules-Vern-Fish I 2 f' , Front Row: Bernard Kohlmier, Gary NeIson, Jerry Kotwas, Jerry Edwards, Dick Benson, Jim 3 6 PICCOIO POSI' I5 7 McMahon. Baclr Row: Tom Moore, Rod Knuth, John ParrineIIo, John Fink, Anthony Sasscne, RaIph PrzybyIa, Pat Reddy, Father Biondi. Monroe Coun'I'y Play-oFFs ' The 209'rh Legion baseball feam, coached by Fr. Biondi, finished second in Ihe 209+h "" 2 Wa'ne"CIaUd'U5 -- O Ieague wifh a I4 and IO record. In Ihe Monroe Couniy playoffs 'rhey deieafed 209141 ,,,, 3 DO+y-MagjIl H 6 rX1Var'rrIergCIauc3Iius 2 Io O, buf were overcome a+ Red Wing Sfadium by Doiy- agi, Io . Superb performances were Iurned in by Jerry Ko'rwas, Frank Doher+y, Minnie ,X Knu+h, Paf Reddy and Jerry Edwards. Jim McMahon Tom Moore in 3. fs ,fs ,A 4 Q X X ' x f K I. X " . 67 ,Ln , y M: , - 5- K' I 'Irv 72 IX , . L. 'I W, ' Minnie Knufh 3 Pat RecIdY xy f fx? ,N , V , ' , I ' , W, 4 ' f I '42 " ' ff sf ' iff I I I Xi' II I " I xy fs If X T V' ' I f , ,Q -ww 4. 31 J I . ' 4 I 371 L I ,R 37, ,I ffzggf' ,I ' Q lf, , ,V 'M A I F Ig. , i- , , ' y 8 1 xx y f Q .4:- F I , . V E I I 4 I Q V: EII Moose Fink is ' ' are " ' I, ,Q JerrY Kotwas 1 I ' tw , V R,lph Pnybyla Jerry Edwards f Vw, , If A -. ,A Lllll HAL! 5- gi 5 Vg .Ky 4 s f' wi' -as ..' -1 .-3 z -it 5 3123 V45 wiki-- 1 aw fav 4 ,- ,f Uvnn P , gg X g- U A 4169 sf 6 Q3 'ESQ Us I i XY A r Q 1., ., !4-f 'ff 4 v yi 3 . W. f N bn , , 1 J," ..........,.,' ,,-H--.,..'.,,,. ., .W I 1' 1 0- viwy , . . M vm ...N Ml.. ., l -Q Y WI Q 3 -9 ,,.- Challenger Henry Angelone takes e left to the chin from champion Dicl Tierney. Tom Annan scored e fecbndgouh f on Herblglef Milo omenovich iries to ou euver Bob Fleming in white. Devo Hogan left thrown m Elphiclx. Moore and M6Q69fefter their The overflow crowd ai Che finals. A int lol vt I fnfiv 414' 5.39 white Koail. s'S!fun5W ' I by Jerry Riccix .., L' 'Q F I ,mi w W3 ' Q ,nln bhllf. gif ,ez ' gn iggg 1 Ze! 5? ' 1 ,M W if in sw I W1 I , K rllig ygggi 1 A M . 'iiqp - I W , A , ff-ff"!"" A-L"'1'7fii'lig V, 4 ,' 1 3 al "af 'V 'YQ Q 1 n fr 'fm , af ... , r , " pg? ,A V - 9 'iqfi 2 ' 7. 12 E, . , , ., A N . L, . H. I V 4" 'n A , X , . ' . , 4 v . A ' " 5 ' e ,En-f ' WP! . Q - v - 5, Q ll 3 1 gg 4 Y Wiflk "-he 1... 1 rmen Basilio receives fha Aquinas ward from Harry John Samuelson, me A :"' -1 . ff 1 -. 1 - - f -Q, ' ' Q R9 sau attebmpts Qo go 'into a V . 1 . , . ' v , J rry Q ugley i"d.lnQl'o 3'dEn'amet Neasy plgnffs ight . dill Culhdhe' dr thi "QM e uc nn yi 6 his but J , 1' avoids. a long ,left yard: 1. Y "e K . W ,, u NVQ' COUQH. w-S..,' fr e .' 'r B I 'Siu-I' J . ' ' , ' ' E., ngug ' .. W, , ' ' 5 ' " x P 4' 1 J xv. -,nl,.'4 ' t,.. '..'fJr '...r-ues ,'Q' xmm M' M' Misa Q B Q . 4 ' M. ' 9 if 'five 3,39 'M f f' a,,df'e,'Qj , I K' .' QV, A ,fu 4, ' K fi - M, ' 'WH' 7, J ' V p" fr- " ' A ,1 I 1. Mission Q :H A 4 , V . . ' . . la f 7 I 4,500,l+ho 20+h'annu l preserffa non offlre fxquma Mupoon Sporh Aren oh Mazch 245 l955. ' of F whfc wweref l'1el::l,in flue gym dffer school, 26 Snhlisls wer realdy .fqj fhe finals. I+ ii, we fo nie lhaf, over I00 'boys parffcipafed in ll-lese Fdzlsl' A ,' ' , 58" V , , f 1. Highliglqf of flwe even? was +l1e presenfalion of a1Slaque for his servigeslo ygung aflnl sr fo No. wog wellerweiglft confender Carmen Basilio, whoqrpfereedlhe Wa -Enrighrlwmi eweigl1+b'oul'. Qeen champions were crowned fs fl'1evf!lleQ1g wenfqpn, and l'l1e'nlghl fdfured m fltlhfor lll. 4 A g 5 f5Wor1hh'pvaise for 'lhe ine sli'ow'Were Fr. Looby, Fr. Carfer, Abe Raff, Frank Arles, Sam Cappa, Elme ney an Franlx Duggan who mlrlbuled flweir 'lfmihd . . M r , efforls fo malre lhe I on of MnsslonQu+s +l1e gre sf eve . f 0 Q .14 li ff. x f..9.. . .,oo. ..., .f Q.. X Q 4 'W Wil' f r l 'fnqutsf ,ff l J W' . Y, . , . g Q x EK? uf . 'Q ,Ay fgwffq' 47 WZ :-e':f,,"5fF 1 U ,A A 'k , 4, wif! ,M 6, , . y. JfKMx.s?:vWif"'?'k1.1 115 'F .' Q .1 glib-QM f . N- - .ww , . W ,HM , . A . , L M 'lv 1? T Agfa wg, Z .L Ei wash: iiw-iii? L if W wfsf W iffwvif Q s ' KE! 'W 'Y mi b ff wg!! f-.if QQ hjvff 2 44 J -191, f A t ' . ,fr N i Y ' ' - KEY' f "WE ' Q1 fn X! R A I 4 ski' g Q Y' if 5 A if AA,b Z., I rl by gm N X 1' ,A , " W L.2if-'h4wQ'S""v - V. I , ff' ' gi ff, .,.,. ' , M , A :mg 1: - ,,,..W f, A Q, ,, i 1 .V vi EQ 5 , 11' ' f F VN . N , ,an ga Y , 1 f N ws- Q Q 'Q X Z BQ 'wh in Lv., Z .E ll '55 ' fm 'Q , ,iw Y W li 1 N l TXN vW5W 5 f N 'K 1 N Wu I r It was too crowded on the dance floor Yor these couples enf9"fd"" at fhe Barn Ed Meaih and Aquinas Barn representatnve Joe Waiers , pose for the photographer Don Caktalam Frank DeLaus and Muke Cappette decorate Car! Schae+er leads an John Dobberim, Bob Gores and Don Covbeit iheur daies at the Victory Dance Aqumas cheer at the Barn and escorts just arnvmg 737 1 98 Sfanding: Sapere, Rabrdeau, Bamngartner, Eckert, Stamn, Mai'a, Frank, Farming, Mooney, Sitting: DeYager, Winfield, Calanar Hcfmann. Ocstcn. Kneeling: Kcvlc, Gullen Kmby, Kolb N., Wederneyer, Hickey. SWEATER WINNERS Standing: Erbland, Notlwnaqle Brognra, Martin, Tucker, Neary, Sclaalk, Ernetine. Sikking: Shaw, laccvanqelo, Scnoland, DiMore. JACKET WINNERS 130 0--s, A,-. .. .fT.,. Firsi Row: Mrs. Quinlan, Mrs. Cavalier Mrs. Cardella, Mrs. Ferrrnanc. Mrs. Eckert. Middle Row: Mrs. Zweck Mrs. Sckvefter, Mrs. D,e'nmel, M's, Neary Mrs. Kfby, Mrs. Comstock. Back Row: Mrs. Fcley Mrs. Farrell, Mrs, Bertscn Mrs. Pelcner, Mrs. Ke y, Mrs, Tkiele. he '54 Magazine Charlie Attardo raises the magometer. XM: nn... su.. announced by Larry Palvino. I rlve A student council projeci Mariy Gullen receives a jaclret from Fr. Looby. The by-words in 'rhe pasl al' Aquinas have seemed +o be "bes+" and Hbiggesrw. Nowhere have lhey more lailhlully repealed lhemselves lhan in lhe annual Magazine Drive. Aquinas is +he unchallenged magazine-selling champion of rhe world. Cerlainly no small lribule 'ro school spifil and persislance. Subscriplions were secured by eager srudenis in every place where people wilh rhe abiliry 'ro see could be found. l-lomes, laclories, and business esrablishmenls were gone over wifh a line +co'h comb in amassing lhe lolal ol over 585,000 :or fhe second successive year. Alrhough wor+hwhie prizes were a spur fo many sfudenls, lhe grea'er bullc ol The selling was done by lhe average s'ude'+ who had nolhing lo ganlorl1imsellbul'evefy'V'Q lor his school, Oi course il lhe name of Dave Berlsch wifh his S2 000 were erased, 'rhe dfve mighl have been ano+her slory. The winning homeroom 30I, under 'he C'- reclion of Fafher deBilly, displaced Fa'her Olleillyls second-place room from a rhree ,ear reign al lhe lop ol lhe heap. Falher WflsO'l,. 3I6, rounded ouf +he big lhree. 131 r. ' 5 i Q. Q Mui xi Q Hai: , 41 5 QE UE? twig 'H X 0 n' Ol Da' in iii. 3' .5- 92? gif 4 hi! AX, xl Wm' ,xy ' X 'fyni if I 1,2 - wig if 7 Q" Ufff J4A'q ,Q-yt' wi.'1-nw H ' Vu. ' , ,FAN fb if kai 'A4ri'v' r f ' L I 'lv L4 x, , K Y 5 Y ' 'ft Y 2 1, 3 . Q 1 Back Row Henry Balcon Jaclc Ritz, Bill Wedemeyer, Marty Gullen, Dave Bertsch, Dave Galen, Dave Krby John Samuelson Froni Row: Peter Pavia, Don Winfield, Harry Kolb, Milo Tomanov ch, DOW TOP SALESMEN To name names for such a campaign would be impos- sible. However, lhe Drives leader Falher Looby cerlainly deserves a lion's share of rhe credit lor lhe indefariqible eflorf he provided. Also fhe lv1o'rher's Club musl be com- mended lor The innumerable hours 'rhey spenl in working over 'rhe relurns. The viclory was a school ellorl in lhe real sense of lhe word and consequenlly praise is due each and every Aquinas sludenr who did his share. 4 1 Hcmerocm 3l6 Third Place 34,262.00 Froni Row: Vrnce Gonta. Joe Schfrmer, Hank Angerone, Ed, Drprrma, Jrrn Ccughhn, Lowe!! Bay. Second Row: Drclc Mackay. Charles Mc- Kay, Dave Kchrer, Carl Schaefer. Fr. Wrfson, Mrke Protrowrcz, Bob LaTraqna, Anthony Maz- za, Pat Reddy. Third Row: Vince Pareha, John Carrnody. Dave Cotterrrl, Ross Zamrnrtta, Uoyd Berardr, Bri! Wedemyer, Dave Ehmann, John Cleary Jlrn O'NerH, Ed Stanny, Tom Moore. Beck Row: George Kalabry, John Ferns MF:- key Rothe Don Bnnert, John Foley, Dave Taylert Jw McMahon, Jerry Ketwas Max Wicket Tony Sehfaggrc, Wart Bqchewleclrf Tom Urquhart, John Hammerl. Homeroom 320 Second Place 34,456.00 Front Row: Dave -erfer ate' :': venzaw M 10 Tcmaozc 2' J:e Ci' Die 3 Da' Att'ai. Second Row Ea' S-re', Je", Efnoe, E11 Nfl" ao B Case, Fr, ClRe er, Dave Steffi: D11 Oaterfnan Dir Stfter Dave Ke r,. Third Row: Ha", Va Beyden Bcb Pefera Jr' W fe' Pa- MJCJCC' JCM BQM Vafy Scnaier DCA Dsbfme Paw Na" marc Pa, Zjrosr B' Sree' Si Be R ':'. Back Row: Geoqe Br :rrfveoe Bob Ross Bob Weicn Jenn Ftz qerad Def Gray ,, nn R59 P' C: D gon Liner NCNG , Roy CSWG Sim Dam co Boo Kretcnrner P't':n,' D Marco. Paul Muldoon, Harry Kolb, Peie Provenzano, Jim Rife FV- VNQISOW Bm Jvefdefzzeftin? Vin and Jo? .Compitello relaxing afQer the hockey game on the bus io Buffalo. are a rea y or e rp ,n Buffac, Y? J. , '90 '63 Homeroom 323 JKTIMZ, 'UUIPA rg I R HVSSDDI ffm' 05060 can rrirz Fourth Place 53,633.00 Kneeling: Jokn Samuelson, Tom Etsler, John Wa lace. Leonard Hack, Owen Do- lan, Dave Kenna, Gerard Bodensteiner, Robert Quinn, christopher LaDelta, Domi inick Pane. Back Row: Ewen Kulyk, Peter Mermagen, Joe Broqan, Fred Srnallen- burq, Jolrn Hodqetts, Don Stiner, Jolwn Flannery, Dick Ofonnell, Jerry Wunder- licn, Tom McEntee, Ron Delirance. Charles Belmont, Ron Hofmann, Dick Mangan, Jenn Duemrnel, Don Testi, Jenn Regan, Mike Cappette, Bob Nauqn- ton, Mlke Welinq, Don Cattalani Paal Ayers, Frank DeLaus, Ted Lincoln, Father Lccoco. Excitement at an assembly. fi Homeroom 3l3 F illh Place 33,212.00 Front Row: Bob Yount, Mke Brownei Bob Corletta, Ckiarlie Lafvionica, Steve Barber. Second Row: Bob Meteyer, Je"y Fe'tz, Dan Dugan, Jerry Sallivan Fr. Etlinqer, Jerry Betlw, Mike Tornaino, Ron Letky, Jcnn Ritz, Third Row: Bob Flugel, Don Byrnes, Bill Oldfield, Ron Galuskia, Dick Wlwitbourne, Tony Cinotti. Wayne Pappert, Dick Scneuerrnan, Torn Pnilipps, Jim Faker. Back Row: Jobn Scnseler, Don Kirby, Dick Lindner, Steve Ra ns Torn Cardile, Ron Allen, Dick l-lowfand, Ed McGraw, Joe Sanfilippo, Norb Haller Stan Dernoga. . when, in your haste ,ag you jammed the loclr. Nt 2 .fe-v Do you remember that ill 'fated morning in January when you overslept and left home without your breakfast IS y Your ife" r Looking baclr . . . and made a date 'lor three o'clocl: in 206 You entered the school with a little confidence, since you were not the only laggarcl that morning. Nervously you entered the "chamber of justice" . . . .and shametully you were there. XX KSA MJ., W, K-. Z.. C v W v E. gs ,,, ga egg: Mg h wqfq,..y i Y-I Ma 'ka Z4 V' 5 2 j iii! mf A SSTY' 2 , 3 :sf 14 9 1 f , , ik ,W .mu ,. 331 2, ? , , K , A ? 2 -Vw X gig? 4 X i H53 Y L , 'Wy T' .,f,-za!" 0 ,f y 1 Cf! Do you remember the day you found 'IH it so difficult to part with your hard earned money . . . from you for a pad , w ' if Q br" ."i,t-A ' in . . and George Salemi gave you a salami sandwich. Even when all things seem to go wrong. YZU wound P9559 in 5 visit fo me . . where the faults of the past c a e . . ' ' - P ' forgiven and joy is renewed. 139 . . and when .3 little more was talren .. and all you could afford then was desert . .. J: ii- You then went to Fr. Regan to find out how to replenish your supply. BFE i- an ,wvwml Lv gn"'i IT? E, 'ff L'--M W f-Q '.. ,-p.v,,,,.m....,., 1 1 1 ,, A A 4 A 2' ? z ,W S- 3 A ima., ,ww "W, . . - A il 5 X gi xv! . ' -f ' , 3 Yr, 2 1 I i sf, Wm 'N v v 1. , v,, , ., M '19 Nf U My , 1 wg. 'fd 5 5 "Hg " fd xx 5 -1. 'fi U 2 LN .Y N217 I 1' f 555 l.. f 4-'v'nrnm,,,,m :- Sf if 1 .G , , ww ur ' I1 ' ff' -wi .7 f kg ' 2 ,W Vw Mos+ Rev. James E. Kearney, D.D. Mos+ Rev. Lawrence B. Casey, D.D. Patrons Rev. Rober+ J. Fox Rev. J. Emil Gefell, Ph.D. R+. Rev. Msgr. Wm. M. Har+, V.G. Rev. All-'Jeff J. Geiger R+. Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Balcerak Rev. George M. Kalb R+. Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Connors Rev- Roberf A. Keleher R+. Rev. Msgr. Wilfred T. Craugh Rev. Roberl L. Kress R+. Rev. Msgr. John M. DuFFy Rev. Francis W. Luddy R+. Rev. Msgr Joseph E. Grady Rev. John D. Malley R+. Rev. Msgr. Charles F. Shay Rev. Frank W. Mason R+. Rev. Msgr. John B. Sullivan Rev. Roy B. Morphy Very Rev. Msgr. Gerald C. Lamber+ Rev. J. Joseph O'Connell Very Rev. Msgr. John S. Randall Rev. Charles J. Azzi Rev. W. Darcy Bolger Rev. Charles J. Bru+on Rev. Paul M. Ciaccio Rev. Jos. A. Cirrincione Rev. Raymond J. Epping Rev. Francis M. Feeney Rev. Ar+hur F. Florack Arpeako Pure Mea+ Produc+s Bas+ian Bros. Co. Berger Bros Elec+ Mo+ors nc The Bohman Bros! lnc A. R. Bowman Co. T. T. Bearing Co. lnc. . . I . C Champion A+hle+ic 8: Spor+swear Vi+o Cimino 8: Sons lnc. Brews+er, Cri++enden 8: Co. Inc. Caldwell and Cook Chris+opher Press, Inc. Pe+er Dohr Cons+ruc+ion Co., lnc. Donovan Pain+ 8: Lacquer Co., lnc. Flower Ci+y Dry Cleaners, Inc. Genesee Pa++ern Works Har+'s Food Sfores, Inc. Highland Mo+ors A. J. Hoflend 8: Son Co. Judge Mofor Corpora+ion Klier Pharmacy Lucas 8: Dake Co. lnc. Langie Fuel Service Inc. Me+eyer's Food Markef Rev. John P. O'Malley Rev. George V. Predmore Rev. George J. Schmi++ Rev. Alber+ L. Simone++i Rev. Leo V. Smi+h Rev. Edward E. S+einkirchner The Redemp+oris+s Mr. and Mrs. E. Rober+ Anderson ommercial Patrons F. J. Michel 8: Co. lnc. Paramoun+ Dairy William F. Predmore Roches+er Business lns+i+u+e Mr. and Mrs. Ar+hur J. Bamann Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burns Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Cappe++e Pa+sy Corella Na+han Feinberg R. Leigh+on Gridley Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hickey Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Wal+er Hickey Mr. and Mrs. John Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Kleisley Mr. George A. Klier Dr. Howard B. Kolpien Mr. and Mrs. An+hony Pie+ropaoli Judge Michael L. Rogers Honorable Harry L. Rosen+hal Leo J. Ruby Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sak Charles W. Schrader Alber+ W. Skinner Louis A. Wehle Roches+er Maid, lnc. C. S. Scheuerman 8: Sons Wm. J. Schmi++, Inc. 7 Up o+ Roches+er Sea Breeze Coas+er Corp. Silver Cleaners The Spring House, Inc. S+andard Builders Supply Co. M. Suskin and Sons lnc. Tran+'s lncorpora+ed Valley Bus Lines Varden S+udios Walderl' Op+icians Wegman Dairy Whelpley 8: Paul Wm. J. Woerner 8: Sons You+h Bureau and P.A.L. Zweigle's S+. John Fisher College Nazare+h Hall Cadef School Aquinas Mo+hers' Club Aquinas Mission Crusade The DuBois Press 145 Oongratulatlons To The Flrst Graduation Olass ST JOHN FISHER COLLEGE ROCHESTER NEW YORK ,r4'f" ss' COURSES OFFERED Accountmg and Busuness Chemnstry Classrcal Languages Theology Modern Languages Physrcs Socral Scrences Englrsh Matlnematrcs Hrstory Phrlosophy Beology PRE PROFESSIONAL COURSES Pre Englneermg Pre Dental Pre Medlcal Pre Law UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE BASILIAN FATHERS 146 S I tx rt n rf , W TT FI ag! N gov' 11 a. gang gg W 55 If N g as ii n T , - ,V-1 ,M lr an S L IN THJb YEARBOOK VARDEN STUDIOS SLHOOL DIVIbION Spumhstc H1 mode rn yearbook photography ZW Bi S fi' STLIDIQS 28 50 UNION ST ' ROLHESTER 7. N Y ' BA O"2O I47 Y f ' ' X , V xl d., I ,fl .V I I k --W I , 6 'I 4 I , I , I f .I I' If WW, ' fQf'??t I I V T -l-i X ir- I I 'I' - . I I if . I I I I I , I I W 3 wa. , , W Absenlees Admmls+ra+uon Alma Maler Aqulnader S'laFF Arele Ar Alhlehcs B Squad Foofball Band Baseball Baskelball Biology Club Bushops Bowling Club Boxlng Business Chemuslry Club Chess Club Clubs Bowling Chemuslry Chess Debalmg French German Greek Half hme llalaan Jumor Gle Club Lahn Llbrary Mofhers Publlcrly Slaff Radio Safely Palrol Sensor Glee Club Spamsh Slamp S+ Genesrus S+ Lukes Socuely S+ Thomas Varsrly Color Guard Conl'en+s Dances Debahng Club Dedrcahon Deparlmenfs Dramahcs Engllsh Deparfmenl' l07 I26 2627 88 89 I28 l29 I3 30 Facully w1+hou'l' Homerooms 9 2 IIEX Facully wllh Homerooms Foolball French Club Freshman Baskelball Team Freshman Foofball Team Freshman Homerooms Freshman Officers German Club Glee Clubs Greek Club Half fume Club Healfh Hlghllghls Hlslory Homerooms Freshman Jumor Sophomore lnlramural Baskelbal Champs lfallan C ub Jumor Glee Club Jumor Homerooms Jumor Officers J V Baskelball Lahn Club Library Club Lulurglcal Choir Magaznne Druve Maroon and Whale Maroon and Whale Swmgslers Malhemahcs Men s Club Mlssuon Crusade Mnsslon Boufs Molhers Club Music Ordmahon Class Orgamzahons Palrons Physical Educahon Prefecl' of Duscnplme Principal Publlclly Slaff Raclro Club Rellgnon 60 85 I08 II4 78 85 28 30 I4I 44 78 85 60 68 69 77 60 68 I30l36 90 9I 96 97 I24 I25 88 89 26 27 l4I5 Safely Dalrol Scnence Sensors Semor Glee Club Senior Officers Slu Club Socral Life Soclaluly Sophomore Homerooms Sophomore Officers Spanrsh Club Sporls Slamp Club S+ Genesuus Soclely S+ John Frsher College S+ Luke s Socaely S+ Thomas Club Sfudenl' Council Swrmmmg Team Swmgslers Table of Conlenls Thus IS your lrle Track Team Underclassmen Underclassmen Council Varden Sludlos Varsrly Club Yearbook Slaff 33 58 I27 I29 94 95 69 77 I07 I26 I37 I40 59 85 2 bass ssssssss,sss.a 86 H .W .. . xyy-M---ynxyi-A7-9 iff-ifiviw-Piiii-2-3 I d ig ' ,,,,,.. saas.,.-a97 Q .,,,,.,,,,H-,, .,,,,,,,s 92 2 Y J N + as ,aaaasasv 24 ' v'X'Tf'f1' ' ii i iiniiii Wifi - lj, 'I 'I YYYYYY---,A . 77777 I " 7, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-- I2l n-fff----i,,,,Y-- 100 css ss.saa.aaaa,a ll5-I20 ,aYY, ll9 ' ssss asasaasss I02 W-,,,eaall4 y u yyy yy-yykxyyvyw-i--Eywb vyyyyyy - , ' c, I23 ,,YVg,x,-wYkd 32 ' sss.s.s,.........a l24-l25 Wddddddx i A-,-YY,- l0l ' s.sssaaaaasac...,aasaa 23 o-,------ Q ----a- : ' .ssss..c,.aaaa I02 -,--a,vAAAa,ax-xa l00 ,ee-----------,,,,l03 -' av,aaaaa,----,I04 I ,...a,.......,......... 25 ' ss......s..aaca..,a I23 ' ' ,,,,AM,aw,,,,v- -I ' s..........,,s,.. 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