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12. M , .. in-Q4 . xl' ' .M .. f w . . gf, . , ' .ly 4. - V ......,w "J .g " P Q .QQ,H A . :1 y - , ,. 1 .g 4, , . , 2 I-. r X . -.1,- "fi, 1 'X 1 ' ' .I A mf 1,1 4 !, t 111, . Je. . . .'w'." . .'-,' fi , 1. , .I , , , , 4, -gg - If Y 'A . ' -' Q UQ.. ., V, .', W: , . ' +.., , V ff' ' , 5... - X ,, .. - .-. , - Jw yi .,A x . ,A 0 ..Ll - ' v ' 1' .H . .. . . a . ... . - .4 n , - .1 , . .,,, , is X w- . 1 wx - - ' ,p . , . , 1 Y 'KJ :..-A , .g . - '-F112 ' L - . ,5"L': . 'i. 3 . Q' - "W 'N' T ' 1" 1 . ..a., V: ,Q '- az, E, if V-F-5,91 Q 1 fx , ' ' :'2g'fg'i.1N fl' 11 -...L ' ., ' 1 Y , . !5yg.'.':.,,.L.,. -.Lf - , I ,, , , 1.. V ., - 'j ll ,- W 1 - z., . , - l- ',-I, 'QT I : X1 - A ,Q 1' '!'r:c.f il K 5334 " . . x ,' .. .ll W:-1 1 x ' ' , W 4 - Fl I . 5' ri bk! X Vg -. . ' -xi: 71' , A 51 Mx: - .V ,. , V 15211, wa '. 1,. I., . if H Q ,A '. J A " I ' . ,I , ' .1 J , 1. . I ' I r , Q A ' 1 , V, 1 , l J" X V F . , 1' x ' if ' J . ., "1 fix? ,-, U Y 51. f ,pam A ,N ' X539 5 'al . .A .EMI 1" 4- f f fa . f . 1 - 552353-iff-3-'-P., --, f L. .N A . N ,' , ' gg... .s. . ' -41 ,,.5,. -'I !,. , . 'ren f 5'F"'fl. ' ' W ' ' - 'flfrilflful ' ' z r - ' 1 1 z 73331:-v -- 'P?,.'1 fig. x 1vY9Lf"i7 ' ' Ein-,,.'. - My-,. -, 3 .K A' 1 ,. '13 1. , 3' s- ' ' ' ' ' ' we '- . .A . 4 '.-1:,.',,, ' -we.-ff:-1 zlbma- QQ: -b1-v5.1,wg-2.14.-.6Qz1aAmnifSaii3v,amLim.. JL?-121' Q.. -J' J- 'ef ff Ji, ' . .-he , rj . ' mai .' -4 ' ' . ' , K x -4-if' ., jp. xf V. , 1 'I ' -ww 'J A . , 5 .V . p,,.- ' V -x . , , 6 , , ' .-. ,, -N f '. 'fx .wink Y! - , . K ' , 'jg . 1 v . ,X ,, 1 . 1 . . , . ' - LVL 'ff ,,,.1f:- .V ,pug--' .I A A' ,.-Iva ' 1 Y- 1,41 Edifor-in-Chief JOHN A. HAEFNER Business Manager MICHAEL A. ROSE Li+erary Edifor JAMES W. RIEFLIN Phofo-Edifor WILLIAM P. LYNCH Faculiy Advisor REV. ANTHONY P. LOCOCO, C.S.B. IW., ,V CONDUCTED BY THE BASILIAN FATHERS NN ' D 9 Gux Q U1 4, 'I' 4211399 ' AM! 794dLZM,Pwd0y. Jae www, eem ag AQUINAS INSTITUTE Rochesfer, New York ron 1954 an., W -. X.: fl 'VA , ,1 1 We mu. gas A MARIAN YEAR Pope Pius IX, on December 8'lh I854, infallibly proclaimed +o ihe world fhe Ca+holic Docfrine 'lhai +he Mo+her of God "ln fhe firsf insiani of Her Concep+ion was, by a singular grace and privilege of Almighiy God. in view of fhe meriis of Jesus Chrisf, fhe Savior of lhe human race, preserved exempi from all s+ain of Original Sin." Alfhough for hundreds of years previous +o fhis procla- mafion, Ca'I'holics believed 'I'ha+ Mary was immaculafely con- ceived, fhere was never an official definifion of ihe belief as a dogma of faifh unfil fhai' fime. Now almosf one cenfury has elapsed since +he occurrence of +he solemn event So in preparafion for, and in commemorafion of ifs cenfenary, His Holiness Pope Pius Xll has pe'I'i1'ioned all Cafholics fhroughoul' ihe world +o ioin in observing a Marian Year. During +his period, which ex+ends from December 8, I953 fo 'I'he same dare in I954, Cafholics are urged fo seelr 'lhe Blessed Virgin's infercession for fhe 'many needs of man. Expressing +he hope +ha+ cenfurial Marian celebrafions will serve +o sfimulafe sincere devofion 'lo 'rhe Mofher of God in fhe souls of all Ca+holics and encourage +hem 'lo confirm iheir lives in her image, our Holy Farher urged devofion of every sor+, borh public and privafe, individual and collecfive. To honor 'lhe lmmacula+e Concepfion in a specially infense manner rhroughouf ihis Marian Year, fhe Pope sugges+ed infeniions for which prayers, sacrifices and o'l'her penances be offered. These infenfions included +he s irifual and moral welfare of fhe youfh of +he world, and fhe freedom of 'l'he Church "fo exercise her righfs and fo pursue her mission." The Supreme Ponriff in declaring a Marian Year frusfed rhaf ihe celebra+ions would "bring forih mos+ desired and salufary frui+s which all of us long for." Mary, under The i'i+le of +he lmmaculaie Concepiion, is fhe pafroness of Cafholics in fhe Unifed Sfafes, while sfudenfs ai' Aquinas have crowned her 'lheir Queen. Among fhe many organizaiions and ac+ivi+ies wifhin 'lhe school are 'lhe Sodaliiy and fhe Perpe+ual Rosary Socieiy. Wiih +heir moHo, "Ad Jesum Per Mariam," 'lhe purposes for 'lhe Marian Year are fruly exemplified. May fhe graces and blessings which will come from Our Divine Lord lhrough Mary as a resul+ of fhe Marian Year, flow abundan+ly upon us her Children of Aquinas. 5 l- Z',,....- 11' 97,45 0 v me .K II Q I D E D I C A T B 0 N jllilf. qpmllllll Wlllllll I' r 1 H if ll! i. ' v 2. Ilugllllllm Joy came 'lo fhe hearfs of Cafholics fhis pasf spring when Monsignor Lawrence B. Casey was consecrafed Auxiliary Bishop fo His Excellency James E. Kearney. The moffo of S+. Lawrence, inscribed on Bishop Casey's coat of arms, porfrays accurafely fhe characfer of our new Bishop-"God alone do I serve." Born in I905, Lawrence Casey heard fhe voice of God beclcon him early in life, and on June 7, I930, he was ordained a priesf by fhe lafe Bishop O'Hern, whom he lafer assisfed as secrefary. Serving in fhe same capacify fo fwo ofher Rochesfer Bishops, Fafher Casey proved his faifhfulness and efficiency as an adminisfrafor. In I947, he was elevafed 'l'o fhe rank of Domesfic Prelafe wifh fhe fifle Righf Reverend Monsignor, and five years lafer was named recfor of Sacred Hear? Cafhedral. The following year, His Holiness Pope Pius XII appoinfed Monsignor Casey Tifular Bishop of Cea and Auxiliary fo 'lhe Bishop of Rochesfer. As a Bishop, he proved fo be a sympafhefic shepherd and oufsfanding leader, a fearless defender, and a devofed fafher. His loyal service fo God fhroughouf his life is surpassed only hy his love for Him. And so +o you, Bishop Casey, we, fhe Senior Class of I954, respecffully dedicafe our yearboolr. I L' 'fm "'- , .,,. mpg . , ...,. . .,.. ,, , .. , .. ,. , ,, . -"liii""""' ,,...., - A ' Adminisirafion Depar+men+s Seniors . Underclassmen Organizafions AiHeHcs . Sochl oumns P599 Page Page page page page Page ADMINISTRATION , Q X ww ua SEQ w 15 X i A f. 9 'r ll I -6 L, .im ,A . ,,,,, ,4,4 ,F L, 334 I F? is I , , ii A' f '15 T :Q-M-fg 4:-+,,, XNP-M VERY Rev JOHN H OLOANE css CDCQ JVO 30" v ,L I 1 l E , x Q- 3 9 '51 9 Wm n" xo oun PRINCIPAL WO - fb REV, ROBERT M. FISCHETTE, C.S.B. REV. W. OSCAR REGAN, C.S.B Vuce-Prmcnpal Director of Chrnskian Formation REV. VINCENT C. ECKERT, C.S.B T REV. WILFRED S. RILEY, C.S.B. reasurer E h I I Director of Olscuplrne A D M I N I srnmo N REV. JOHN C. SPRATT, C.S.B. Healih Instructor REV. CYRIL F. CARTER. C.S.B. REV. JOHN M. WILSON, C.S.B. Director ol Aihleiics Ass'k Direcior of Ailwletics M6 REV. DONALD B. BENINGER. C.S.B. REV. JOHN A. BURKE, C.S.B. Ass'i Director of Discipline Priest Counsellor 'i-- l , 1. -'.f7?f-'awfrf I 1' 1 'f' . . , -is V 'iii U rssil i f N .f,.gf.Mrk2Vw,A. wi! REV. EDMUND E. BURNS. C.S.B. Clwrisiian Doctrine, English REV. JAMES E. MARTIN, C.S.B. REV. VINCENT J. FULLERTON. C.S,B. LGUU. Alqebfd Christian Doctrine. Spanish SR. FRANCIS LEONA. S.S.J. Business, Typing SR. M. STANISLAUS, S.S.J, Algebra 5 'wi Q,.gg.:f X ,Q . ,H Q iw ss Riffs f Jgzfmg 5.32, ws, 59. ' iY5?55!? ' . . ' f . wifi? Qs . .ws' ffii A x V. A V 52 srrirr 2 A I , . I krk. ,V f ' f , "E" ' ' ,J A ,." -,'-' V, rzyyfgfi,yj?5t,3f.e'gff, ,f'f, 9 55,-jgfi '-.V 1 A:,i', gi-gf fL-. . .,.,i5f2,j i,Ai.' lfflf if,' r A 1 V Q , 3 , .4 Qiggglggigig,tg3R3jg95fm fii V' ri5 jqjg iirlf MR. FELIX HART Registrar MRS. A. LEGNINI. P.H.N. Nurse MR. LAWRENCE GALLA, C.S.B. Science MR JOSEPH D BERNARDO Mathemahcs Social Siucllos MR. RAYMOND JABLONSKI Physical Eclucdion, Healilw MR. WILLIAM GREIF Social Siudies ,aw- Father Riley and Father Beninger Checking the ubsentees for the day. Our nurse Mrs. Legmm, tests Don Bf0lU7l'J eyesight. I . Mrs. Mary Helfrich, Father Eckert and it Mrs. Irene Karp at work in the I Treasurefs ojfire. M I N I S T II A T I 0 N 0 F F I 0 E S 22:52 ,,,'?.Sfx.'f.i p,'fi?ZZfh.Me'4 E at the files in the Records Office. I6 Father Regan disrusses future rareers with two seniors. r'--u dill Father Burke advises Tom Ronfinske on his fhoite of subjefts. DEP RTME ff vi. Vfii 4 X ', , .nw .. Q- Nl., 1' it ' 3:9 J' ." ' - . - , . ' , -5' 4 . 'lf 5 ., , . i3wl""- . ,. g ,, :H-1' 'ff . , " ' in Aw I , ,, -I V ' H. Y,-2, 2, 13,5 ' flil.. -Y'-9 QS Aff '1 .21., .Q "uf: "-."'L'nf,7'iX14 H"fyY'-.Te-"T . 'ii' 'ggfe-fum w,, , . ,1 -'-.f.- X ..,, 'z: 1. fb,- vy, 1-1.5 K Q1 3,5--1 1 -J'-2a,v.414g.i.1 Aigdmgw .,-.4,,,A-.1,:.f ,if ffm, Af' .. in in HA, ,. N, , . , , , -,, .1...,-,Y,,, iii . ,A ., A ,., -X f":- LC:-l:1.'1' Exif as, 56 ur 1 ' , .Nwfs-" , f' 4, REV. FRANCIS M. SHEAHAN, C.5.B. Director of the Department of Religion. . QQTQKI Ulf? Shrines to the Blessed the homerooms. This one is found in Sr. Succursu's 507. Virgin are erected in all RELIGION The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is said every First Friday for all the students in the auditorium. The football team hears Mass and receives Holy Communion before each game. Religious articles are sold by a sodality group during the Lunrh hour. Here we find Al Rivellino with the display at a Mothers' Club meeting. During the Marian Year, many home- rooms say the beads in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as we see here in 521 with Fr. Sheahau. .53 QX 4 9' 12 Tx . 5 - am 1:3 t 'tv SA lr- .. YR:sQ: f if-'A' Each September our Bishop opens the school year with the Holy Safrifre of the Mass and an Instrurtion. LANGUAGES Fr. Murphy reads a humorous story in a French Class. Reading Spanish in Fr. Fullertorfs class. , REV, ANTHONY P. LOCOCO, C.S.B. Director o+ the Department of Languages. Hearing German in Sr. Laurene Marie's rlass Pronouncing Greek Fr. Wurzefs flass. D oraling the room in er Fr. Biondilc Italzan in class. cords Cirero classes. vi J Nh, mv: LQ I fm' i - " ' 5E " 159 1 Lili San Pfe tr'O Vocabulary drill in one of Fr. Lo REV. FRANCIS J. GRESCOVIAK, C.S.B. Direcior of the Deparirnent of English. Don Mariollifv oratoriral skill displayed in Fr. Burns' public' speaking dass. Homework assignment is given by Fr. Grescoviale in an English class. Real interest is shown in the Tale of Two Cities in Mr. Marceau's English rlass. mf' Nz? in Img W? Fiji 4 V? .ri A , ,.... .,., ' w k,.w,?.W 5, ,ss V 2 5 sf: V Snr f5siiJ:s:55? 41521 - 1 iq if -is T2 lf?5Qii?3T?f W. K if I ' ff MN The principle of the atom demonstrated in Fr. Wilso11's Chemistry Class. SCIENCE The disecting of the worm in Fr. Cross' Biology class. REV. JOSEPH L. WILLETT, C.S.B. Director of the Department of Sciance. The power of vacuum established by experiment in Fr. Butler's General Science class. Fr. Willett demonstrates electric current in a Physics class. ff ary Algebra in a frexlymau rlasx. NIATHEMATIC Solriug a proposition in Fr. Poluileis' Plane Geometry class. Derlan begins the study of Element- rvm-FQ W REV. CHARLES P. DONOVAN, C.S.B. Fr, Donovan takes "time out" in an Director of the Department ' F M th t' Intermedzate Algebra dass. 24 0 f' em' 'CS- Actiriiies in the Library MISS JEAN CAPPELLINO Librarian Wlaere silence reigns supreme each period of the day The Magazine Rack, a popular spot ,255 e Map study in Sr. Hildegarde's IX Grade Sofia! Studies Class. REV. ARTHUR R. LOOBY, C.S.B. SOCIAL STUDIES 5 Lofating the plate under disrussion by Fr. feffery, in a W'orld History Class. had RZ Director of the Department of Social Sfudies. "What is going on in the world" in Fr. Looby's P.A.D. class. Ax, X E X Q IX 2 f Sr. Francis Leona's Typing Class. Fr. DeBilly supervises the study of Business Law. Mr. Dupre explains a problem in Business Arithmetic. BUSINESS REV. JOSEPH A. O'REILLY. C.S.B. Director of fhe Deparfment of Business. Varied projects in Fr. Cullen's Art 3 class. REV. J. LEONARD CULLEN, C.S.B. Direcior of Qhe Department of Ari. The Formation of Roman letters in Art 2. Sketching the human form in Basic Art. MR. RAYMOND J. HASENAUER Director of the Department of Music Back Row: John Britt, Joseph Gaiter, Paul Ayers, Joseph Rabideau, Anthony Cinotti, Raymond Mura. Middle Row: David Schmitt, Robert Welch, Robert Gullo, James Cantella, Robert Burkwit, Front Row: Carl Silvio, Wiltred Wagner, Peter Provenzano, Sebastian Petix, James Brooks. TRUMPETS An outstanding organization at Aquinas is the Music Department. The unitormed band, Glee Club, Liturgical Choir, and the Maroon and White Swingsters, under the baton ot Mr. Raymond J. i-iasenauer, have kept their Alma Mater on top in the tield ot music. The band, which pertormed at all the tootball games and concerts, delighted everyone who heard this excellent group. From crisp Sousa marches to tlowing concert and dance waltzes, the band and swingsters throughout the To maintain a music department ot this caliber is not an easy task. The unseltish person who has sacriticed a great deal ot time to prepare the musical scores and toot- ball shows is the Director ot Music, Mr, Raymond J. Hasen- auer. For over twenty years, he has taithtully labored to develop outstanding bands and glee clubs, many times with relatively little talent. Mr. l-lasenauer and his "music- men" are truly symbolic ot the great Aquinas Spirit. year during assemblies, rallies, and concerts have upheld the proud name ot Aquinas. Not to be overlooked are the noteworthy pertormances ot the Glee Club and Liturgical Choir at the Christmas play and Spring Concert. ROBERT GULLO Drum Major SAXOPHONES, FRENCH HORNS. BASS CLARINET. FLUTE, OBOE-Back Row: Richard Fess, Michael Spinelli, Richard Gullo, Ted Lincoln, Francis De Rosa. Middle Row: John Morley. John Concannon. Robert Welch, Ernest Persi. Front Row: Charles Corrado, Seratino Arnone, Joseph Cometa, Michael Garvey, Ronald Krolak. 30 1 I L C Back Row: William Irwin, Robert Schoeneberger, Hans Dotzler, Walter Buclrowieclni, Joseph Sanfilippo Middle Row: Richard Maclzay, George Kalabry, Ivan Tomanovich, Patriclc Pietropaoli, Donald Piccolo Front Row: Donald Rabideau, Francis De Rosa. Orrin Ochs, John Brydqes, John Foglia. CLARINETS BASSES, BARITONES, TROM BONES Back Row: Joseph Cassata. Charles Vacanti, Neal Smith, Anthony Spall. Middle Row: Daniel Hofmann, Thomas Cooper, John Hofmann, Gerald Slcerrett. Stanley Szczepanslci. Front Row: John McDermott. Owen DeWert, William Zweigler, Thomas Bristol, John Trickey, John Schallr. PERCUSSION SECTION Back Row: Charles Masse, Roger Anderson, Joseph Cometa. Front Row: Richard Whitley, John Wallace, James Gerace, Roger Streb. SENIDR GLEE Back Row: Louis Bieler, James Lyons, Gerald Lootens, James Cortina, Donald Granger, Ronald Witzel, Gerald Phalen, James Brown, Frank Ruh, James Proud. Middle Row: James Cfonnor, Roger Bossert, Karl Clancy, Gerald Locliner, Edwin Clark, Philip Cassara, Rance Horton, Judd Dry, David Warner, Frank Row: Russel Guelli, Robert Burlre, David Fay, David Rogers, Edward Roberts. Nicholas Bianchi, John Guarino, Louis Civilekti. BARITONES AND BASSES LITIIRGIGAL CHOIR Back Row: James Reiflin, James Ofonnor, Frank Ruh, Donald Granger, Gerald Lootens, James Lyons, Middle Row: Philip Cassara. Daniel Roberts, Louis Tasciotti, James Proud, Joseph Cassata, Jerome Ver- straete. Front Row: Larry Lawson, Walter l-luurman, Edward Wollensalr, David Fay, Rance Horton, Richard O'Neil. At Organ: Richard Volpe. 32 Back Row: Robert Hayes. James Rietlin, Robert Spano, Jerome Verstraete, Eugene McKay, Clifford Joslin, George Prenderqast, Joseph DiFabio, Edwin Delarnble, Gregory Brltz. Middle Row: Timothy Napierala. Peter Mcfkdam, Ronald Durand, Louis Tasciotti, Michael Hynes, Theodore Houck, Russell Mandrino, Richard O'Neil, Daniel Annechino, Daniel Roberts, Front Row: Donald Arioli, Francis Beritella, John Schantz. Larry Lawson, Walter Huurman, William Foster, Charles Beyrle, Alex Galardx, Jerry Rutledge, Edward Wollensalr, Robert Frederick, Orrin Ochs, SENIOR GLEE CLUB, FIRST AND SECOND TENORS MAROON 84 WHITE SWINGSTERS Back Row: David Schmitt. Joseph Rabideau, Charles Masse, Robert Monahan, Paul Ayers. Thomas Cooper, Peter Provenzano. Middle Row: Joseph Cassata, John Hofmann, Thomas Bristol, Robert Burkwit. Front Row: Joseph Polizzi, Hans Dotzler, Seratine Arnone, Francis DeRosa. Richard Fess, Ted Lincoln, Richard Gullo. 0 John Concannon, Robert Kretchmer, Robert Mona han, Edmund Lewis, John Morley, Robert Kuder. G0l0R GUARD ,iw 5 ,I .,.. 5 ,vt W 1 2 yi K ,E - ,., 0, 1 W ' 4 MQ f . M X- ., M I Q Q .A Q-fe.hEE'f1:f5nz 5 Q A MW law , U' ,M .fair SE ICRS Front Row: Richard Meyer lSecreTarylg Kevin Malay lVice-President l Louis Tasciotti lPresidentl. Back Row: Joseph Di Fabio lTreasurerl Fr. Donovan lModeraTorl. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS THE STUDENT 00IINOIL 1953-1954 Once again, This year's council aTTempTed To live up To The high sTandards seT by previous Aquinas sTudenT governmenTs. In This They were successTul. FurThermore, They enlarged on This by seTTing cerTain goals Tor Themselves Towards which They could work. Under council guidance several addiTions were made. A driver Training course was inTroduced inTo The curriculum, and a VarsiTy Club inTo The already long lisT oT exTracurricular acTiviTies avail- able To Aquinas STudenTs. ln l953, The Magazine Drive, under STudenT Council sponsorship was The mosT successTul in Aquinas hisTory. The VicTory Dance held on Thanksgiving nighT was a Tremendous success boTh Tinancially and Trom The viewpoinT oT populariTy. AnoTher annual ST. PaTriclc's Dance is planned as well as a "Sock-Hop". Because oT The success oT acTiviTies supporTed by The council, iT was once again possible Tor Them To meeT The needs and demands oT clubs and organizaTions ThroughouT The school. Some such moneTary aid was given To The Maroon and WhiTe sTaTT, The DebaTing SocieTy. and To The BaslceTball Team in The Torm oT new warm-up iaclceTs. Hence, iT may be said ThaT Trom all aspecTs, iT was a successTul year Tor The Aquinas STudenT GiovernmenT! SENIOR COUNCIL Front Row: Joseph DiFabio, Michael Spang, Fr. Donovan, Back Row: Louis Tasciotti, Guy Vito, Richard Meyer, William STephan, Kevin Maloy. ANTHONY J. AMOROSO 3 Edilh Sf. Tony Immaculafe Concepfion erpelual Rosary I, 2, 43 Ilalian Ilub 3, 43 Radio Club 33 Chess Ilub 33 Greek Club 43 Bowling :lub I3 Inlramural Sporfs I, 2, 4. EUGENE J. BAILEY 0 Millbank Sf. Gene Sf. Monica evpelual Rosary I, 2, 43 French Ilub 3, 43 Library Club 43 Bowling Ilub I3 Inlramural Sporls I, 3, 4. DANIEL A. ANNECHINO I4 Edgewood Park Deacon SS. Peler and Paul Pefoelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Varsily Football 3, 43 B Squad Foolball 23 Freshman Foofball I3 Freshman Baskerball I3 Drarnafics 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 lnrramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 43 Track Team 3, 43 Iialian Club 23 Chernislry Club 43 Varsily 43 Varsiry Club 43 Ari Club 3. DONALD T. BARNES 57 Willisfon Rd. Moe Sf. Charles Borromeo Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis- sion Bouls 23 Inlrarnural Sporfs I3 Italian Club 2, 33 Biology Club 23 IOO Club 2, 3, 4, NN XD, s" 03 QU: 4, ca Q7 Q3 AN O 7 IA DONALD L. ARIOLI I30I Emerson SI. Don Mos? Precious Blood Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 llalian Club 2, 3, 43 Inframural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES R. BAUMAN I30 Conrad Dr. Bones SI, Charles Borromeo Honor Roll I3 Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Golf Team 3, 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 23 Glee Club 33 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 43 Chemislry Club 43 French Club 3, 4. JOHN O. ASHTON 502 Genesee SI. Johnny SI. Monica Reserve Baskelball 23 Frosh Bas- kefball I3 Mission Boufs 43 Per- pelual Rosary 2, 33 Dramalics 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Maroon and While 43 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Variely Shows 3, 43 Spoi- liqhl Club 2, 3, 43 Publicily Slaif 43 Debalinq Team 43 French Club 4. EDGAR R. BEGY 332 Winchesfer Sf. Dick Sacred Hear? Perpefual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Var- sily Foofball 33 B Squad Foolball 23 Freshman Foolball I. ROBERT I.. BACCHETTA 36l Avery SI. Bashay Mos? Precious Blood Peroelual Rosary 2, 33 llalian Club 2, 3, 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD R. BERGIN 37 Brighfon Pk. Berg SI. Anne Perpelual Rosary 2, 43 Reserve Baseball 33 Inlramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Track 43 Spanish Club 4 QPres.I3 Cross-Counlry 4. FRANCIS T BERITELLA CHARLES J BEYRLE NICHOLAS D BIANCHI I70 Flflh Sf en 87 Cypress Sf Chuck 25 Moore Sf Big Nick SI' Francis Xavier Sf Boniface Sf Anlhony erpelual Rosary I 2 4 ee Perpelual Rosary 4 Glee Club 3 rpelual Rosary I 2 3, 43 Glee Club 3 4 Inframural Sporfs i o u 2 Inframura C ub 3 4 Bowling C ub I3 Ifalian I orfs I Cu 2 Mission Bo s 23 Infra- '3 6 5 1- ' - I . H ' - I - ' ,x . . . lv r 1 . . 0 YP P , I ' ' ' flg, 43 eau gy ci is 1 1 pi , 7 ' ' I C6 E 3,-1. Sp ,2, 3. is 3 " ul lyr 1 mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. If NRI. 'if grim.. 3. Wi rg. 751333 s 'su 7:1 EMM. I . si rs' ma. '-3 l sf :gf Y Sisiilff 1 I Q RPF' QL, I .Lair fry.. I 3 4,4255 ,. 5,5 .L , bmi Misiifii Y I wif Z We We 3241? 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' 22.2555 I 1433.4 is ' I L 4 as 4. 53.2 .ss-me. .lmimlliqs . X.: V. WX ' ' f ,SH .-mu ,fe .1 'Quiz w fl-jtkz iii se- sw is ' 'ii 3 'S' affg .lv,e4fI,.. .Q ,. We., w.w.x w . I. ws. we ,sv if A he . 2sasmr..Qrs3ev 3 4 rwvfwaoaif 3: 34 5 fslgiilibff' 'ifllls' i 4 wi, ,Zi ,344 fswfm 3 3 i2Mr'M I 1. M' .Q ,w,sNr:.s?s:.i ffffv,,,g,y'fff ?z'..4rQz3H? ir i1Pr4'ss42d,'.-:f.- xsfilsri ru' 1 riff' .. I Wie .. Ivy ui f ,xy ., 6 3 -I wil 1 az. .1 ,Wg RICHARD A. BIANCHI LOUIS G. BIEHLER 3l2 Pennsylvania Ave, Dick 37 EI-Kel-Car Dr, Lou Sl, Francis Xavier Sf, Charles Borromeo Ferpelual Rosary 2 3 43 Ilaliaw Perpelual Rosary I 2, 3 43 Cherri Club 2 3, 43LAiJuilno Slall 2 3 Ico odirorl 4, ledfrofli Drarnafcs 2 4 va o s S ol islry Club 43 Ski Club 23 Band lj Glee Club 3, 43 Inlrarnural y 3, 3 '.r'eh, Sh w 23 O Soorls I. lofi Club 2 3 43 IOO Club 4. LAWRENCE J. BOUDENS 557 Grand Ave. Lar Corpus Christi TERENCE W. BRADY ll8 Harding Rd. Terry Sacred Hear? PerpeIual Rosary I, 43 lnlrarnural Pefpelual Rosary I, 2, 33 IOO Sborls I, 2, 33 Golf Team 43 Club 33 Intramural Sborls I, 2. Bowling Club 43 Spanish Club 4. DONALD K. BLOOMFIELD 256 Hazelwood Ter. Don Corpus Chrisli ROGER R. BOSSERT 357 West Ave. Rog SI. Auqusfine Sl, Thomas Club lj Honor Roll 33 Perpelual Rosary I 2, 3: Sodalivy French Club 3, 43 Debating Club I, 23 Glee Club 3 43 Camera 43 IOO Club 2, 3 4. Club 2 43 Chernislry Club 43 Bowling Club 43 lnrrarnural Soorls I. THOMAS R. BRICKLER l627 Laffa Rd. Torn Mofher of Sorrows Perpelual Rosary I, 2, ICapl,I 33 Mission Llnil 23 Inrramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, GREGORY J. BRITZ 49 Wilder Sl. Greg SS. Peler and Paul Perpelual Rosary I, 43 Mission Unir 4 lPres.j3 Glee Club 3, 43 Maroon and While 43 Varsily Club 4 lPres,l3 Chernislry Club 43 Slu- denl Council I3 Varsily Baskelball 2, 3, 43 Varsily Baseball 2, 3, 43 Cooper Marines I, 23 Freshman Foolball I3 Freshman Baskelball I3 Inlramural Sporls I3 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL S. BROWN 264 Rufqers Sl. Dan Blessed Sacrament Sludenl Council I, 23 Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 B Squad Foote ball 33 Reserve Baseball I3 Bowl' ing Club I3 Aquinader 3, 43 Maroon and While I, Z, 3, 4 llvlan. EdiIorI3 Track 3, 43 Pub- licily Slaff 43 Boosler Club 33 French Club 33 lnlrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I, 2, 33 43 Chernislry Club 4. 38 JAMES D. BROWN 620 Hazelwood Ter. Jim SI. Ambrose Perbelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Golf Team 43 Bowling Club I3 Boosler Club 33 Inlrarnu- ral Sporls 2, 3, 43 Spollighl Club 23 IOO Club 4. ANTHONY J, BRINDISI I72 Empire Blvd. Tony SI. Ambrose Rerpelnal Rosary I, 2, 43 Inlra mural Sporls I, 2, 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 43 llalian Club 2, 3, 4, Nice Pres.l. ROBERT A. BURKE 359 Field SI. Jeff Sf. Boniface Perpelual Rosary I3 Glee Club 3, 43 Ski Club 43 Bowling Club I, 3, 41 Golf Club 43 Cheerleader 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT L. BURKWIT Ridge Rd., Onfario, N. Y. Bob Holy Trinily Honor Roll lg Perperual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Sodalily I3 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Swinqsrers 2, 3, 43 Talenl Club 3 43 Chemistry Club 43 Variery Shows 3, 43 Inrrarnural Sports 2, 3, 42 I00 Club 4. JEROME B. CALLAN 253 Winona Blvd. Brady Sf. Margarel Mary Peroerual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodaliry 33 B Squad Foolball 33 Mission Bours 33 Invrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE J. CALLEMEYN 400 Flower Ciiy Pk. Cal Sacred Hear? Perpelual Rosary l, 2, 3, 43 Inlrar rnural Sporfs l, 2, 3, 43 Track Team 43 Mission Bouts 43 Bowlnq Club l, Ski Club 4. ROBERT P. CARGES 3l Lark Sl. Wally Holy Rosary Perpetual Rosary 3, 43 lnrrarnural Soorls 3, 43 Mission Bouls 3 43 Boosler Club 43 IOO Club 4? French Club 2. CHARLES J. CARRADO THOMAS W. CASS PHILP F. CASSARA JOSEPH D. CASSATA I66l N. Goodman Sf. Chaz 40 Lake View Pk. Jack 666 Joseph Ave. Phil 24 Villa Sf. Joe Annunciafion Holy Rosary Sl. Michael Holy Aposlles U Perpelual Rosary l, 2, 43 Band l, Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 33 lnlra- Perpelual Rosary l, 2, 33 Glee Perpelual Rosary l3 Sodallly I3 2, 3, 43 Infrarnural Sporls I, 23 rnural Suorrs I, 2, 3, 43 Golf Team Club 3, 43 Lilurgical Choir 4. Band 3, 43 Maroon and-While 3. Bowling Club I3 23 Swinqsler 3. 43 Ski Club 43 Track Team 3, 43 43 Liturgical Choir 43 Variely Varsiry Club 4, Shows 3, 43 L'Acouilino Slaff 3, 43 Biology Club 23 llalian Club 43 Swinqslers '3, 4. DALE S. CASTERLINE l3l Massefh S+. Cas Holy Family LOUIS V. CIVILETTI 27 Jones Ave. Sf. Anfhon Irish KARL V. l25 Pearl Sl. Blessed Sacramenl Sf. Anne CLANCEY EDWIN T. CLARK Lover l2B lrvingfon Rd. Ted Y P-GVDEWQI ROSGVV lI 2. 3. 42 MIS' PCVDCIUGI ROSBVY l. 2. 3. 42 Glen Perpelual Rosary 2, 33 Glee Club Perpelual Rosary I, 3, 43 Glee SIOY1 UNIT li ll"l"5mU"5l SDOVIS l. Club 3, 43 lnlrarnural Sporls l, 3, 43 French Club 3. Club 3, 43 Biology Club 33 Arl 23 Glee Club 3, 2, 3, 43 Posler Club 3, lSecl,I, ' Club l3 23 lnlramural Sporls I, 4. llalian Club l, 23 Library Club 43 Ari Club 23 Bowling Club l, 2. 39 I':I1I3:..TIlIIwIIIIIII MI-,I-II,xI.S +I'IM'I-1II.I'1.f' ' I3.l'n.1,':'I-I IMIQ Illlll .IIIIIII3 I I IIIIIIIEIIIIII1SIWIIIIIIIII ,,,I3,3.3,I3AI',I,.II1II'.II:IIIII IIINIRQIRI I I ' if"".:.IIy3I I. :I1'yI?IIWI IW ,III IMI. 1.1.3335 I llllnxll :II I IIIIIIMIIX ,..3,IIy3:IIIIQI'III3'.l.. l.W3III39IIIInIM,'I , II l .2 I' II'II'I. ', .I1II'I,I'III- II-IIIII IIIII3:r.II I .II'.I:I ""I'3 I Ill II 'MIM I.. II. II, IIN 'III III. III I ,IIIIIIIII 3... IIII, . I. I Sir' i.':r1f:l 'III' III: :I 'll' I flI'II'lI" I.I'I'I 'NI ll 'II.1I:I:2 Ili' I I I. I ni, WIIMQ II:3'I:II,g.I.1I,I"I,1.. , , ,,I-III,51I:I1.II:II'I'It,IQ5 llI'l-'IVIII :I'II.1I-III I I.iflziiffzII15fIiIllIRl y.I,:III,I,r.I 3-.QI .-,,3-II.1I3I '.,IY III wIyIIII'IIr,3.y31y 'SIIIPII-.IIII II. 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XIII I I I-II I.Im,III1.II1.I: . LI'III5Il'l3 IIIIII III' -I I III 3 ' .IEIIXI ",.lII l' ' IIIFI .I 'Iggy' ISIIKQIII ,II I . I.. ..I I .III III. I. ...I, I I-III. I ,iy,III'IIIII I IIIIIIII I I ,III IQIf:.'I.n'II:rl -IIIIIIIIIFIIII I ,.,., , ,I,,,,I3-uIIII 'I II'II'II ,I IIIIIIWIIII II I I Igyii -.I I -I-II ...ISIN I Jw yl ,I I IIT., ' .13 3.3 IQWIIIIIII IIIIQ I I :I :I we IMI. ., III' EJIIITIIIII 1.3.2, II .. 'IfII,,-II. I IgII,IiII:I,III'Isz III I III, ,,.I. I IIIEIIIIJII III -3 I I I,III,II'II.I':1'I-.Q I'.Xi51IIlII llll? ..':II-'."1lII.I'I II ll" f ' III. ' i:"IXWIM II 'IIIuI',III-, I-II 'lb 'i"l.iQI'."nk6"I' l III3 " I :.IIIwIIp.I.I.,IIII Iy., III.-I-WI, ' ,II:I3:II'.rI-IWSQIIIIII I 335 I 'I 32.3 '1I'I5'I'I PW 'IIN .ll I Il . QIIII IIII1 I' f' I' I I' II. "I.'I'IS.'I il I I.I'r.III2I1t..." '3II1III..-I ,'II2I III: III I -III-II , I -.s,IuIIIIIIIII.I. ' In I.WIIII:IIIIIll I I.. I I IEW '.." II' Ir- 3' 'I3"3H'3IS.IWlII 113.3-3 If'. 'I I I I'5IJ,.3I3IyI..Wya I .I I.Il'ElI'I?II 5 'II'l II 'III'3'IlI.1IIIyI'I w3.IjIg:1II -fi I'.3 I' I,IgII?I1"'., " If 'L II ll.:ll'llIl"IIliIsII-I f':lIl'I?'I5lr: ' I IIlizlllj'WXSS.5'i'3-I-I I I Iiul III.: . , IIII' I I-'I-I I:'-I:IIIuIII I Slfflillfl I:.g'I Iritwi 'J IfQ5:II.gyIIQQ3'I3I31lIl A' IIIIIIII: I ',2I'IIIII"I1III'EGQIl:'kI ,IgII,III.I,I II3,'.I II, ,,'3,1lIl3yy3IIIlII,I I II"-iI,IIII' 'I 3 3I51QI.i1I'II1 ' '1I.2'I'.I:."-'cw SIM Q I'I, I'III3gII'I,I,.3IQ2I1I,.'lI',.313013QI ,I .I.,..,y..I, II 'Mu .III .I.I.3y. ,' - I. -II-II , I. I' IIIII ,I '1"I11II'11".LI I' 1 Igll-I11'.III.:II133IIlI 3 3'-Il. II... I fl . I y Iwlyy-,I I-I'S"' TB. II III I -I ai III, IIII'IIII Is. -I .,.I W.. I. I ,,i' I I I I .il I Ill 'I I III-II-I3I.I 3... I. III. I':.' 1'1l13lII-MN I II II. II,.. IIIIIVIIIW- IIIIQIIIIIII IIIIIIIII :II I I Il III ",.II-'.:,':II. 'T 3: ISIIIIJI"fI1l1IlIlI3iIll I I I-II..'IIr.I'IIlIlI I. 5 I I .. .III I 3 ,I IIII3Il,l.IIII I.,,I33llI - .I 3, I:I:' I, ,IIIII II 'EI -'Ill "III IIII3-QI I.?il5Il'i'?' ' :,,13:LlIRlIII 3 I ' EI I 3,5 :IIIIIQI I , ,,..3.yI, I 'II.,I"ll: :,?'-,,,IY '.IIl3'33 - l I II I I I III y. Il QIII-I WR I IIII II I I .I .3,, I WI 3 I u .I I,3I.III3IIlI ,Iam I IYI-X I ..x3IcXI:l,yI5I I II ,.., wi 3 .I ' I If I 'lid :,'iSiI3II GERALD J. CLIFFORD 8Bl Posl Ave. Cliff Good Counsel Perpetual Rosary I, 23 Mission Uni? I3 Boosfer Club 33 Intramu- ral Sporrs I3 IOO Club 4. LOUIS A. CORBELLI 30 Corrigan Sf. Lou Holy Cross Perpeiual Rosary 2, 3, 43 lfalian Club 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 33 In- lramural Sporls 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 4. PHILIP R, COENE EDWARD R. COLLINS JOSEPH R. COMETA 74 Kingston Sr, Phil 23l Fairfax Rd. Ed I2 Sigel SI. - , Sunny Corpus Christi St. James Sl. Francis Xavier Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 33 G-oll Sodalily I, 2, 33 French Club I, 23 lralian Club 2, 3, 43 Crail' Club Club 43 Inlramural Sborfs I, 2, lniramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO li Band li 2. 3. 'ii lfllV5l'l'lU"5l 3, 4. Club 4, Sporls I, 2. DONALD J. CORBETT L. WILLIAM CORSICA JAMES CORTINA . 75 Browncroff Blvd. Don 23 Oneida Sf. Bill 26ll W. Henrleffa Rd. Mickey Sf. John The Evangalisl Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So- dalily 33 Glee Club 33 Arefe 43 Maroon and While 3, 4 INews Ed,I3 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 43 Bowling Club I3 Mission Boufs 3, 43 Oraloricals 43 Debaling Club 3, 4. Sl. Andrew Honor Roll 2, 33 Perpelual Rosary I3 Chess Club 33 French Club 3, 43 Camera Club 23 Radio Club 33 Chemisfry Club 4. Sf. Mary Perpetual Rosary I, 23 Mission Unil' I, 2, 3, 4 IVice Pres.l Var- siry Foofball 3, 43 Vlarsily Baslcel- ball 4 ISr. Man.i3 Freshman Bas- kelball lj Glee Club 3, 43 Var- sily Club 43 IOO Club I, 2, 3. DONALD C. CONGDON I02 Virginia Ave. I Good Counsel Peroelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Var Foolball 3, 43 B Souad Fooll 23 Freshman Foolball I3 Freshr Baskelball I3 Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Cooper Marines 2, 33 Sw rninq Team 33 Bowlino Club I Ski Club 33 Glee Club 3, Varsily Club 43 Inlrarriural Spi I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 3. TERRANCE M. CRANDALL 32 Newfon Rd. T Sf. John lGrsecsI Perpelual Rosary 43 Chem Club 43 Track Team 43 lnlram Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 4 LAWRENCE G. CULHANE 29 Essex Sl. Larry SS. Po1er,and Paul Honor Roll I, 2, 33 Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club I3 French Club 33 Inframural Sporls I, 2. PAUL G. CURRAN I4 Shafer Sr. Bones Corpus Cllrisli Perpelual Rosary I, 23 Varsily Baseball 43 Cooper Marines 33 lnlrarnural Sporls l, 2, 33 Glee Club 3. FRANK T. CUTALI 2007 Culvsr Rd. Cool Sf. Sfanislaus Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis- sion Unil I3 Swimming Teagn 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, , 43 lralian Club I, 2. The witch srene from Macbeth, ena RICHARD M. DANDREA Maple Sf. Dick Holy Family mr Roll I, Perpelual Rosary 2 3, 4, Chemisfry Club 4. JOHN E. DEGNAN I3l Cady Sl. Jack lmmaculale Concepfion Perpelual Rosary I, 4, lnlramural Soorrs I, 4, Arr Club 2, Lalin Club 4. FRANCIS D. DE ROSA Norlh Sl. Pep Holy Redeemer oelual Rosary I, 4, B Squad ilball 2, Bowlinq Club lj Mis- i Bouls 2, 4, Band I, 2, 3, lnlrarnural Sporrs l, 2, 3, 45 ie'y Shows 4, Ifalian Club 2, 4, Library Club 4, Swinqslers Acolyle Club 2, 4. EDWIN DE TAMBLE 62 Simmons Sf. Eddie Sl. Theodore Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Maroon and While 4, lnlramurals Sporis l, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club 2, Chemislry Club 4, Bowling Club I, 2. THEODORE J. DENGLER 89 Barons Rd. Ted Sl. Thomas Perpelual Rosary l, 2, 4, Swim- ming Team 3, Bowling Club I, Slci Club 2, 3, 4. AUGUST E. DE PREZ IDS Eiffel Place Gus Perpelual Help Perperual Rosary 2 ICapI.l, So- dalily l, 2, 4, lnlramural Sporls I, Frosh Baslrelball I lMgr.l, Acolyle Club 2, 4. JOSEPH E. DI FABIO 59 Locus? SY. Joe Holy Rosary Srudenl Council 2, 3, 4 ITreas.l, Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, So- dalily I, 2, 3, Mission Unif I, 2, 3, Varsity Foolball 3, 4, B Squao Foolball 2, Freshman Foolball, Cooper Marines I, Glee Club 3. 4, Maroon and While 2, 3, 4 lSporls Ed.l, llalian Club 2, 3 lTreas,l, Varsily Club 4 lViCe Pres.l, Biology Club 2 lVice' Pres.l1 Intramural Sporls I, 2. 3, 4, IOO Club 4. RICHARD A. DIEJOIA 24 Gerlrude Sl. Corky Corpus Chrisli Safely Palrol 3, 4 lCapf.l, ln- framural Sporls 3, 4. NAZARENO E. D'ERCOLE 7 Cliflon Sl. Nano Sf. Lucy Perperual Rosary 2, 4, Varsify Foolball 3, 4, C-lee Club 3, B Squad Foolball 25 Freshman Fool- ball I, Bowling Club lg lnlramural Sporls I, Z, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, Varsily Club 4, llalian Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGE DI GIOVANNI 373 Cenfral Pk. Dege Sl. Francis Xavier Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, B Squad Foolball 2, Freshman Fool ball lg Mission Bouis I, Bowling Club I, llalian Club 2, 3, 42 Goll Club 3, 4, Boosler Club l. 2, 3, lnrramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Fr. Gresfoviakk English 4 class. JOSEPH DI LAL RICHARD J. DI MARCO I3 Onfario Sl. Joe I69 N. Union Sl. Dick Our Lady of MI. Carmel Our Lady of MI. Carmel Perpefual Rosary I, 2, 3, B Squad Perpelual Rosary 2, 3 4, Varsily Foofball 2, Freshman Foolball lg Baseball 4, llalian Club 3, 4, Cooper Marines 47 Golf Team 4, L'Aouilino Slaff 3, lnlramural Glee Club 3, 4, Safely Pairol 41 Sporfs 2, 3, 4. Lilurgical Choir 4, Spofliqhl Club 2, Track 4, lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. GERARD C. DOERR 94 Oneida Sf. Jerry Sf. Andrew Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, Ari Club 3, Crall Club I, lnframural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4. -4 iw xv 3 We .f,,,,, xi Q ,ffffQ,,- Q' 3 , iQs,fZig1s:,i,'i,,..s. f., W. I". 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HANS J. DOTZLER 8 Bateau Terr. Dot St. Thomas Perpetual Rosary I, 2, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, Swingsters 4, Track 4, German Club 4. DAVID A. DOYLE l25 Dallreith Rd. Brute St. James Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Mis- sion Unit 4, B Squad Football 2, Swimming Team 3, Mission Bouts 2, 3, 4, Aquinader 3, 4, lntrae mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4. JUDD F. DRY 58 Veness Ave. Polock SS. Peter and Paul Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Football 4, B Squad Football 2, Freshman Football I, Cooper Marines 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club 3, Track 4, Chemistry Club 4. GERARD J. EISEMANN I77 Culver Rd. Jerry Blessed Sacrament Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Bowl. ing Club I, Band I, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club 4. ROBERT IOO Sagamore Dr. Bob Thomas C. ENGLERT St. Honor Roll I, Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, Mission Unit 4. 42 RONALD E. DURAND l2O Crosman Terrace Scot Blessed Sacrament Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 4, Swim- ming Team 3, 4, Bowling Club I, Grlee Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club I, 2, 3, 41 Track 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. LOUIS J. EHMANN 56 Caroline St. Bud St. Boniface Perpetual Rosary I, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Spotlight Club 2, Track 4, Reserve Baseball 3, Spanish Club 4. LEO O. FABRIS 49 Concord St. Flash Holy Redeemer Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 3, Bowling Club I, 2, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, Chess Club 4, Italian Club 4. BRIAN R. FALLON 55 Lettlngton Dr. Professor St. Helen Perpetual Rosary 3 lCapt.l, 4, Intramural Sports I, IOO Club I, Spotlight Club 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4. 'DAVVID R. FANCY JAMES E. PANTONE . ROBERT L. FARNAN WILLIAM P. FARRELL 220 Unaverslfy Ava. l l Dave I37 Ravine Ave. Jim IOI Ridge Road Easf Farnie 97 Bradburn SI. Bill COFPI-I5 CIWISYI , HOIY APOSIIG5 Sf. Marqaref Mary S+. Monica Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4. Varslfy Baseball 3, 43 Golf Club lnframural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. SI. Thomas Club lg Perpelual 45 Inframural Sporfs 3, 43 Italian Rogary ly 2, 3, 47 Bowling Club I! Club 4- 23 Dramalics 2, 3, 45 IOO Club DAVID W. FAY 97 Aldine SI. Dave Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Golf Club 2, 3, 47 Bowling Club I, 2, Boosfers 25 Glee Club 3, 45 In- Iramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Ll' Iurgical Choir 4, IOO Club 2, 3. WILLIAM P. FINNERTY 55I Clay Ave. Willie Sacred Hearl' Varsifv Fooiball 43 B Squad FooI- ball 23 Freshman Foofball Ig ln- Iramural Soorls I, 2, 3, 47 Var- slly Club 4. DAVID M. 345 Tafl' Ave. Annunciafion Perpelual Rosary I, 2, lnframural Sporls I, 23 Track 3, 4. FEDISON Fed I, 2, 3, 41 Spoihghf Club 2, 3, 4 RONALD J. FELERSKI ISI Bayview Rd. Skip Holy Redeemer Perpefual Rosary l, 2, Cooper Marines 3, Varsity Baseball 4, B Squad Foolball 23 lnframural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4, J. V. Baseball 3. RICHARD 970 Allanfic Ave. Flip Evangelisf 2, 3, 4: Band E. FESS SI. John Ihe Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, SpoIllghl Club 2, 3, 43 Swingsiers 3, 43 Chemislry Club 41 Talenf Club 4. BERNARD M. FLAVHAN ROBERT M. FORD 32 Hazelwood Terr. Frenchie 336 Flower Cify Park Henry Corpus Chrisli Perpefual Rosary lg Inframural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 41 Honor Roll I, 43 IGolI Team 4lg Bowlincl Club 5, 45 Ski Club 4, French Club 2, , 4. Sacred Hear? Maroon and While 45 Inframural Sporfs I, 21 Crafl Club lg French Club 2, 3. 43 WILLIAM E. FOSTER 346 Champlain Sf. Bill Immaculafe Concepfion Freshman Baskelball IMgr.lg Mis- sions Boufs 3, 43 Perpeiual Rosary I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 3, 4: So- dalily I, 21 Maroon and While 3, 4, lniramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. IIIIIIIIIIII-III IIWIIIIIII I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfI'5hIIII'IIIIIIII IIII.I.IIIII E ' I I I 'IIIIIIII-Wil-IIII t.II'IIIIIIII IIIII.-:I-XIII-IIII I-JIII IfBIQIIIINIIIIIIIIIII:,II,I:III.II, :II I,I,IIIIII .IIIIRII II, II IIIIIIIII I If ' III 'IIIIIXII 'II 23, 'II?,'II I5fI9III IQIIIII ICI II II II I IIIIIIInIIuIII I-IIIII-II. 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QI II:II'II,II E: I'II3II,II,.:IIIIII lI3IIIfIIIII.II1IIIIII IIII: I',II:'III IIIIIIIIIXQI I'5IfI'II'IEIIII:IfI.I:1I I '-.Im I5III:'I1IIrIi II I: III: LIIIIIIIII SIRI I'I'II,IIRII IIIIIIIUITQ' IIII:IYII I"III!WIIIIIIINIII-II .jII5y3I1IyIII',I il I ,IP my.:1II:I'IIgIIIIN.Ig I M ISIII-'I ' 'I I I 'I ROBERT M. FREDRICK I877 mage Ra. w. sob St. John lGreecel Perpetual Rosary I, 41 Glee Clubs 3, 41 Intramural Sports 41 Golf Team 2, 41 Slci Club 2, 47 Track Team 4. RICHARD M. GANGALE 409 Orange St. Dick St. Francis of Assisi Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 31 Glee Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 41 B Squad Football 2g Freshman Football I1 Italian Club 3, 4. PAUL R. FRI EDLER B0 Dalkeith Rd. Frie 7I Hurstbourne Road Joe St. James Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 41 Honor Perpetual Rosary 31 Band I, 2, 3, Roll I1 Freshman Football lj 41 Intramural Sports lg Bowling Bowling Club 2, 31 Intramural Club I, 2, 3, 4: IOO Club 3, 4. Sports I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 2, 33 Biology Club 2, PHILIP L. GENIER I775 Portland Ave. Phil St. Margaret Mary Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 3, 41 So- dality I1 Intramural Sports I, Z, 3, 4, Track Team 41 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 41 B Squad Football 21 Freshman Football I1 Mission Bouts I, 2, 41 Library Club 41 Varsity Club 4. ALEXANDER R. GALARDI 4I8 Verona St. Alex St. Anthony Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 41 G-lee Clubs 3, 41 Bowling Club Ig ln- tramural Sports l, 2, 3, 41 Italian Club 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH R. GAITER St. James JAMES J. GERACE THOMAS J. GILL 549 South Goodman St. Jimmy lI2 Fenton Road Tom Blessed Sacrament St. Helen Perpetual Rosary I, 23 Band I, 2, Perpetual Rosary 3, 45 Intramural 3, 41 Intramural Sports I, 21 Sports I1 Bowling Club Ig Li' Bowling Club Ig Italian Club 3, 4. brary Club 3, 4. JOSE M. GAMERO I07 Manor Pkwy. P St. Boniface Perpetual Rosary 3, 41 Intram Sports 3, 43 Dramatics 41 Sv ming Team 3, 41 Varsity Base 4, Mission Bouts 41 Variety Sl' 4, Spanish Club 3, JOHN T. GIRVIN 259 Warwick Ave. St. Augustine Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 41 I mural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Box Club I1 Biology Club 21 I Club I1 Chemistry Club 4. JAMES T. GLEASON JOHN G. GORSUCH 276 Wellington Ave, Jim 87 Richard St. Goose u tine Blessed Sacrament St. Aug s Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis' Perpetual Rosary I, 23 Glee Club I234' sion Unit I1 Sodality lg Intramu- 31 Intramural Sports , , , ral Sports I, 2, 3, 41 Bowlinfl Ski Club 2, 3, 4. Club I1 Ski Club 4, Radio Club 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4. if ,II 1 I ROBERT R. GRAMZA II7 Van Stallen St. Bob Perpetual Help Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 So' dality I, 21 Intramural Sports I, 43 IOO Club 41 Chemistry Club 41 Biology Club 3. S NIB. r fil Fr. Donovanlv interes DONALD E. GRANGER Whileford Rd. Tex St. Anne .e"ual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Mis- Jnit 3, Varsity Football 3, .qiad Football 2, Freshman ball I, Glee Club 3, 4, Ma- and White 4, Intramural ls I, Z 3, 4, Mission Bouts ' Liturgical Choir. ROBERT A. GULLO Earl Sl. Crazy Sl. Monica etual Rosary 2, 3, Band I, 2, lDriim Maiorl, Intramural ts I 7 3 4' Golf Team 4? my Club 2, Swinosters 2, 3, hernistry Club 4, Talent Club THOMAS H. GRECO WARREN T. GRINNAN 72 Somershire Dr. Mouse 50 Ridge Road W. Terry St. Margaret Mary Sacred Heart Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, ln' Sodality I, 2, Intramural Sports I, lramural Sports I, Mission Bouts 2, IOO Club l, 2, 3, 4, Bowlinq b 4 Cl I 2 3, Italian Clu . RICHARD J. HABES Sl Oberlin Sf. Dicls Sf. Salome Perpetual Rosary 4, Sodality 3, 4, Swimming Team 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Spanish Club 3, Biology Club 2, Chemistry Club 4. ub,. JOHN A. HAEF-NER 330 Schull Rd. John S+. Anne Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Perpetual JOHN F. GUARINO 423 Hawley St. Johnny St. Monica Honor Roll I, Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, Varsity Football 3, 4, B Squad Football 2, Freshman Foot- RUSSELL P. GUELLI 520 Parsells Ave. Russ Sf. Ambrose Peroetual Rosary I, Varsity Fool. ball 3 4, B Souad Football 2, Glee Club 3 4, Intramural Sports ball I, Glee Clubs 3, 4, lnfrarnu- I 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Mis- ral Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Bouts 4, Varsity Club 4, Baseball Mqr. 2, Chemistry Club 4, Italian Club 2. sion Bouts I, JOHN E. HALEY 43 S. Washinglon Sf. Jack Immaculate Conceplion LAWRENCE A. HALL 94 Culver Pk. Larry Sl. Ambrose Perpetual Rosary 4, Intramural Perpetual Rosary I, 2, Glee Clubs Rosary I. 2. 3. 47 Afefe 4 lEdIlor Sports I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3. 3, Intramural Sports I, 2, Golf 2 in Chiefl, Intramural Sports I, , 3, 4, IOO Club 3, 4, Senior R. A. U. N. Representalive, Biology Club 2, German Club 4, Golf Club 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4. Club 4, Art Club 3. th. students. JAMES C. HANNA IZ6 Penhursf Sl. Crash Sf. Augustine Perpetual Rouary I, 2, 3, 4, Frosh Basketball I, IOO Club 4, Intra- mural Sporls I, 2. ROBERT C. HARGATHER JOHN E, HAWKINS 360 Lake View Pk. Two Point Penfield, N. Y. Jack Holy Rosary Sf. Joseph lPenfieldl Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 3, Reserve Honor Roll I, Perpelual Rosary Basketball 2, Frosh Basketball I, I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, Intramural lnlrarnural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Sports I, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 4. 4, French Club 3, Chemistry Club 4, ,SEI ,.. illllg0 ll S 45 ARNOLD J. HAYES ROBERT E. HAYES JOHN T. HICKEY l55 Dalkeith Rd. Arnie 942 Monroe Ave. Bob 56 Kingsley Rd. Hic St. James Blessed Sacrament Holy Cross i Perpetual Rosary 2, 33 Mission Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Gler: Student Council I3 Intramural Unit I3 B Squad Football 23 Club 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, Sports I, 23 IOO Club 3, 43 Bowl Freshman FootbalI3 intramural 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club l, 23 Ski ing Club l3 Spotlight Club 2, 33 l Soo'ts I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 2 3 Club 3 43 Track learn 3, 4. Mission Bouts 33 Poster Club 3. 43 Ski Club 23 Mission Bouts 42 Chemistry Club 4. DANIEL J. HOFFEND JOHN M. HOFMANN RONALD F. HOFMANN l3BB Mt. Hope Aye. Dan 53 Floverton St. Red I20 Edgemont Rd. Ron Sf. Anne Sl. John the Evangelist Sf, Boniface Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 33 Mission HOVIOV Roll li 33 Bond I. 2. 3. 42 Perpetual Rosary 2, 43 Mission Unit 33 B Squad Football 2g Intramural Sports l, 23 IOO Club Unit 23 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, , Freshman Football3 Intramural 2 4C Goll Team 31 'li BOWIIUQ 43 Bowling Club l. 3 Snorls l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Bouts 3. Club I 2, 42 Spolllqlll Club 2 I 4 33 Swinqsters 3, 43 Golf Club 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. JOSEPH R. HICKEY I07 Thornton Rd. Joe St. Margaret Mary Perpetual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Sodality I3 Bowling Club l3 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I3 Mission Bouts 43 Booster Club 3. JOSEPH F. HOLLA 34 Fairview Ave. Dorker Good Counsel Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis' sion Unit I3 Glee Club 33 Intra- mural Sports l 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club I3 Ski Club 4. JOHN J. HOLLAND RALPH A. HORTON RANCE M. HORTON I03 Ellicott St. Reddy 53 Lincoln St. Duke 53 Lincoln St. Duke St. Monica Holy Redeemer Holy Redeemer Perpetual Rosary I, 43 Sodality Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 33 Mission Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 33 Glee I3 Band l, 2, 33 Intramural Sports Unit l, 33 Intramural Sports I, 2. Clubs 3, 43 Intramural Sports I. A, I 2, 3 43 Swimming Team 43 2, 3, 43 Liturgical Choir 4, tl fl Bowling Club I3 Bioloqy Club 23 Q Chemistry Club 41 eau Club 2. 46 THEODORE J. HOUCK 385 Clay Ave. Ted Sacred Heart Peroetual Rosary 43 Varsity Foot- ball lManaqer 2, 3, 4,l3 Fresh- man Football llvlanaqer l,l lntrae mural Sports 23 Glee Clubs 3, 42 Mission Bouts Booster 3. WALTER W. HUURMAN 46 Ohio Sfreel Wall' S+. John the Evangelisl Honor Roll l5 Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Aouinader 3, 45 Maroon and While l, 3 45 lnlrarriural Sporls I 2, 3, 45 Liluroical Choir 45 IOO Club 3, 4' Swimrnino Team 3 45 Bowling Club I 25 Spanish Club 3' Cl-emislry Club 45 Booster Club 3, 4. MICHAEL L. HYNE5 52 Wesf High Ter. Mike Sf. Monica Peroalual Rosary I, Z, 3, 45 Mis- sion Uni? 3 45 Freshman Foolball It Frosh Baslcelball li Mission Bo-ils 3 4f Glee Club 3, 45 Drafnalifs 7' Arele 45 lnlrarnural Soorls I, 2, 3, 45 Varielv Shows 7' Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club l. PATRICK S. IATOMASI LOUIS A. JOHNROE 54 Ave. D Kid 5Il Posl' Ave. LOU Sf. Lucy Good Counsel Perpelual Rosary 45 Inlramural Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 45 Bowling Sporls I, 2, 3, 45 IOO Club 45 Club I5 Intramural Sporls l, 2, 3, Mission Bouls 3, 4. 4. DAVID J. JOHNSON 78 Elmquard St Dave Sf. John lGreecel Perpefual Rosary I5 Glee Club 35 Intramural Sports I, 25 IOO Club I, 45 Spanish Club 45 Golf Team 45 Bowling Club I5 Ski Club 2, 4. CLIFFORD T. JOSLIN JOHN A. KANNAN 35 Camden Sf. Cliff Lower Maplewood Park Punchy Holy Cross Sacred Hearl' Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 fs I If 2 3 4 Club 3, 45 lnlramural Spor , nramural Sporls I, , , 5 2, 3, 45 IOO Club 45 Biology Club Freshman Foofball I5 Bowling 25 Spanish Club 45 Bowling Club Club I, 2, 3, 45 Mission Bouls 3, 4. l, 2. EUGENE J. KEHOE 300 Kenwood Ava. Gent Sl. Augusline , Perpefual Rosary l, 25 Drarnafics 2, 3, 45 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 35 Spolliqhl Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 Library Club 25 Glee Club 3. FRANK E. KESEL HAROLD E. KICK IB4 Roclrview Ter. Bud 3l5 BGFHICG Sf- HGFYY Holy Aposfles Perpefual Rosary. l, 45 Bowling Pe Sf. Charles Borromec rpelual Rosary I, 2, 35 Mission Club 45 lnfrarnural Sporls l, 45 Unil I5 Bowling Club l, 25 Ski Spanish Club 4. Club I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Infrarnural Sporls I, 2, 35 I00 Club l, 25 Track Team 4. ROBERT F. KINSELLA 37 Magee Ave. Kins Sacred Hear! Perpelual Rosary l, 2, 3, 45 Mis- sion Unil I, 25 Varsity Foolball lMgr.l 25 Frosh Foolball lMgr.l I5 Reserve Football 35 Bowling Club I, 25 Boosler Club 35 So- dalify 2, 35 G-lee Club 35 Infra- rnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 45 IOO Club 45 Golf Club 2, 35 Biology Club 2. 47 JOSEPH C. KOESTERER 23 Champlain S+. Pepper Immaculafe Conceplion Perpelual Rosary I, 45 Varsity Foofball 35 B Squad Foolball 25 Frosh Foolball I5 Varsify Baseball 2, 3, 45 Cooper Marines I, 25 Inlraniural Sporls l, 2, 3, 45 Varsily Club 4. JOHN W. KREBS 89 Fairgate St. Jack Holy Family Perpetual Rosary 4, Intramural Pe Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Biology DANIEL G. KUJAWA IOBB Avenue D Kui St. Stanislaus 'petual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis- Club sion um 43 eau Club 43 Bowl- 23 Bowling Club I Ipres.l. mg LAURENCE J. LAWSON 3 99 Weston Rd. Larry Sacred Heart Perpetual Rosary 2, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club I, 23 Ski Club 2 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Liturgical Choir 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. CARL S. LENZO 50 Alpha St. Sonny Holy Cross Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Sodality 43 Maroon and White 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 43 Debating Team 43 Oratoricals I, 23 Chemistry Club 43 German Club 43 Biology Club 23 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. I Team 2, 33 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Mission Bouts 23 Safety Patrol 3, 43 Aouinader 43 Maroon and White 3, 43 I00 Club 43 Track 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Booster Club 2 3, 4. WILLIAM D. LECHNER 297 Wendhurst Dr. Bill St. Charles Borromeo Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Mis- sion Unit I3 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Golt Team 3, 43 French Club 43 Bowling Club I3 or-,ir cub 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR W. LEO JOSEPH J. LADUCA 25 Petten Sl. Joe Holy Cross Perpetual Rosary 3, 41 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports 2, 3,43 Booster Club 3, 43 Italian Club 23 Biology Club 23 Camera Club l, 2, 3. CYRIL J. LEDOUX 4I Penhurst St. Cy Good Counsel Perpetual Rosary 2, 33 Sodality I3 Band I3 Maroon and White 3, 43 Arete 43 Debating Team 2, 3, 43 Oratoricals I, 33 Biology Club 23 German Club 43 Library Club 43 Chemistry Club 43 Intramural Sports I, 2. JOHN S. La FORTE DONALD E. LATTANZIO 59 Delamaine Dr. Jake 50 Baden Sf- I- St. Andrews Perpetual Rosary 2, 33 Latin Club 4. ALOYSIUS A. LENHARD l8I Elmtree Rd. Billy Holy Cross Perpetual Rosary 43 Intramural Sports I, 3, 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 43 Craft Club I. St. Bridget Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 II ian Club 2, 33 Booster Club Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD J. LENHARD 98 Campbell Pk. Holy Family Perpetual Rosarv l, 2, 3, 43 Hc Roll I3 G-lee Club 33 Intram Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling C 3, 4. t Guy Vito in diffiru THOMAS R. LOBENE 20 Bleile Terr. Artie 63 Austin St. Tom Perpetual Help Holy Apostles Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4 Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Ital ICapt.l3 Sodality 3, 4 IPrefectI3 ian Club 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2 Student Council I3 Intramural Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Sports I, 3, 43 I00 Club 43 ing Club I, 23 Chemistry Club Acolyte Club 4. Bowl- Holy Rosa ry peerual Rosary I, 2, 3, Infra- 'al Sporls I, 2, 33 Glee Club 4, Bowling Club I, 2. DONALD S. LUCZAK Agnes Sf. Woody Sl. Theresa oelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 al-1 Palrol 3, 4, Chess Club 4, nish Club 33 Lalin Club 41 arnural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. ri GERALD G. LOCHNER TIMOTHY F. LONGUILLO GERALD N. LOOTENS Emerson Sl. Jer 6 Rome S+. Zeke 34 Soufhview Ter. Jer Sf- Joseph Sf. Anne Perpefual Rosary I, 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, IIGIIBVI CII-Ib 22 BOWIIVIQ Club IT Lilurqical Choir 43 Inlrarnural lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Sports I, 2, 3, 4, MICHAEL A. LUPO PAUL E. LURZ I85 Parsells Ave. Chief 42 Belmeade Rd. Ed Corpus Chrisfi Sf. Marqaref Mary Peroerual Rosary I, 23 Bowling Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4 Club 45 Library Club 3, 41 Lalin Crall Club Ig Bowling Club I, 2 Club 4 lSec.lg Arefe 45 lnfra- Inlramural Sporfs l, 2, 3, 4. mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. PETER L. LOWERY 43 Leedale Dr. lWebsIerl Pele Sf. Rila Peroelual Rosary 45 French Club 45 Track Team 4: Chemislry Club 45 Ski Club 41 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM P. LYNCH Onfario Sf. lHoneoye Fallsl Chillie Sf. Paul of The Cross Perpelual Rosary I, 31 Bowling Club I, Chemisfry Club 4, Arele 4 lPIio'ro-Ed.lg Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS J. LUBISCHER 93 Falleson Rd. Lula Holy Cross Bowlinq Club 3, 43 Spolliqhl Club 2, 33 Biology Club 35 In- lramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL P. LYND 55 Harlem Sl. Ox Blessed Sacramen? Honor Roll I1 G-lee Club 3, 43 Golf Team 4p Track Team 3, 43 Bowlino Club Ig Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Y 2.ff:,j,,4.-.sw V fu-.,N,,.,.P-yew. the Italian 5 class JOHN H. LYNG 88 E. Parkway Jocko Sf. Margarel Mary Peroelual Rosary I. 2, 3: Mission Unil I, 2, 3, Varsily Foolball 3, 4, B Souad Foofball 27 Frosh Baskelball I3 Varsily Club 4: Inlramural-Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES B. LYONS 550 Seneca Pkwy. Jim Holy Rosary Pernelual Rosary 45 Mission Bouls 4g Dramalics 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4, Liluroical Choir 43 Spot lighl Club 2, 3, 45 Variely Shows 3, Cheerleader 3 4, Track Team 3, 45 lnframural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. PETER R. MAC ADAM 27 Clernafis Sf. Pele Holy Cross Perpelual Rosary 25 Glee Club 1, 45 French Club 43 Mission Bouls 23 IO0 Club 4. RICHARD K. MACKNE WALTER J. MAC MILLAN ANGELO J. MADDALENA 229 Ernsl SI, Ken 69 Kingslon Sf. Mac 385 Empire Blvd. Sonny Sl. Andrew Corpus Chrisli Sl. Ambrose SI. Tnr:-rnas Club I 2, 3, 43 Peroerual Rosary 43 Salely Pa- Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Fresln- Clwerrfslrv Club 43 Greek Club Irol 2 33 Ski Club 43 lnlrarnural man Foolball I3 lnframural Sporls 4 lSec,-Treas.l3 Band I 2, 3, 43 Soorls 2, 3, 43 B Squad 23 Boosler I, Z. Standard Bearer. Club 3. WILLIAM C. MAGEE l56 Argo Park Irish Holy Rosary Peroelual Rosary I, 2 3, 43 B Squad Foolball 23 Bowlinq Club I3 Mission Bouls I3 Inlrannural Sporls l 2 3, 43 Crall Club I3 Boos?er Club 4, KEVIN A. MALOY RUSSELL J. MANDRINO ANTHONY G. MARCELLO DONALD J. MARIOTTI l76 Dorchesler Road Kev 303 Augusline Sf. Russ I000 EYTTSVSOI1 SI- 6962 345 SBXIOTI SI- DOI1 SI. John the Evanqelisl Sacred Head Precious Blood SI. Francis of Assisi Sain? Thomas Club I- Honor Roll Perpetual Rggary-ll 2, 3, 45 glee Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 In, Honor Roll I, 2, 33 Perpetual 33 Perrin-Iiml Rosary 2 43 Maroon Club 3, 43 Inlramural Sports 2, lrarnural Sporls I, 43 Mission Rosary 23 Bowling I3 lnlramural .mu wma 1 4- lnrrarnural Soorls 3, 43 Frosli Haskell-yall lg Boosler Bows I. 2. 4: Track 4. Sporfs I. 2. 3: Reserve Baseball 3. I. 2. 3 4' Sliirlr-nl Council 2 3 Club 43 Track Tearn 3, 4. 4, IV'cf- p""S.lA Vfl's'lv Foorball 3 42 B Sqlinrl Frnolball 2' IOO Club AIA 2 3 43 Orqlorirals 3 1 4' Mission Boql Booslnrg 3 4' penis mm 2 4 fym n.F,5,y Greek Club 4' Debalinq Sociely 43 Varsily Club 4. GARY R. MARTINS THOMAS J. MASSETH JEROME P. MCBRIDE JAMES J. MCCANN 2l6 Seneca Pkwy. Gar 560 Birr Sl. Tom SI Randolph Sf. Mac I3Z Milbank Sf. Ari Sacred Hearl Holy Rosary ST. Andrew Sf. Monica Maroon and While 43 Greek Club Poroelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 ln- Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 43 lnlra- Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 43 Debalinq Socicly 4. lrarriural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Boosler rnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 French Band l, 2, 33 lnlramural Sporls Club 33 Cliernislry Club 43 Ski Club Z, 3. I, 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Club 4. 50 Mission Unil l, 43 Frosh Baskef- ball lj Mission Bouls I, 2, 43 Cher-nislry Club 4. JOHN B. McDONALD 93 Brooklea Dr. SI. Helen HOMER N. MCGILL PAUL J, MCGLYNN WILLIAM J. McGUIRE Cid l22 Barlon Sf. Home 40 Auslin Sl. Paul I99 Bellehursl Dr. Bill SI. Monica Holy Aposlles 5I- Tl10mdS l-lonor Roll l3 Perperual Rosary Peroelual Rosary l, Z, 3, 43 In- Perpefual Rosary l, 23 lf-iffamufal Honor Roll lg Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Varsily Football 3, 43 rrarnural Sporls l, 2, 3, 43 lOO Sports l, 2, 35 Latin Club 4, l, 23 Bowling Club l3 lnfrannurgl B Squad Foolball I3 Ski Club 2, Club 4. Sporls l, 2, 3, 43 French Clu 3, 4 lvice-Pres,l3 Track Team 43 Varsily Club 43 Chernisrry Club 4, b4. EUGENE D. McKAY l080 Wesl' Side Dr. Gene Holy Ghosf Perpeiual Rosary 2, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Chernislry Club 43 French Club 2, 3, 4 lTreas.J. CHARLES G. McKENNA 28 Elecfric Ave. Charlie Sacred Hear? Perpeiual Rosary l, 2, 3, 43 Mis- sion Unir 43 Varsiiy Foolball 3, 43 B Squad Football 23 Fresh- man Fooiball I3 Bowling Club I, 23 lnfrarnural Sporis l, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 43 Varsily Club lSec.l 43 Arr Club 33 Track Team 33 Boosier Club 3. PATRICK A. MCKEOWN PATRICK P. McLAUGHLIN 6 Durgin Sf. Paf I36 Thomas Ave. Pele SI. Michael Sf. Thomas Perperual Rosary 2, 33 lnlrarnural lnlrarnural Srnorls l, 23 l0O Club Sporls l, 2, 43 Freshman Foolball 43 Arr Club 3. I3 Chernislry Club 43 Goli Club 4. DAVID J. MEAGHER 70V1 Alexander SI. Dave Sf. Boniface Perpefual Rosary l, 2, 43 lnira- mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD C. MEYER 7 Borchard Sf. Dick Perpefual Help Sain? Thomas Club I3 Perpelual Rosary 3, 43 Maroon and While 3, 43 lnlramural Sporls l, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 43 Track Team 3, 43 Publicily Slaff 43 Chemisfry Club 4 lPres.J3 French Club 33 Boosfer Club 33 Mission Bouls 4: Sludenl Council I, 4 lSec.l3 B Squad Foolball 3. JOSEPH W. MILLER LEO H. MILLER I9 Newcasfle Rd. Joey I676 Penfield Rd. Leo Sl'. John The Evangelisl SI. Joseph Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Library Perpelual Rosary 43 Honor Roll Club 23 Posler Club 33 French I3 IOU Club 43 lnlrarnural Sooris Club 2. 2, 43 Chemiglry Club 4, ' 5 34.15 'll I 5? ri M'igf.ia5'.Yl'lr'?h'l 'N ' iwrwrsfs, 3 sffjf ifm-'j.g2fj'f5Sfgf Mavis Wllidii ew.. .ss- -333 5 .si r4g5g?f5,f.e-, 2 me-xi..f Y. 12' Q51 Wir' iw' we ,iw . 3543331432 fi . My sf ai Q in 1552 354.533 frfinggli. ifasifh raefssgi fsisi iifsfgs -2 I .5 .fe J- r,.wV,ww..r -'she v23gTl3f1'iffi5'5s:?iifr?Enl?ilt'V..HvQ5 55941 Wg? :W U egg zjlifyiiw fm. fl ivan 125 .L 3.44.3 fwwfrf'3f'rr?g' ufsvrzs' s 4553 Qkfiggficqfil 74313 s W' ull '5 .Q Q X J ffss lxfxf . ,WM . ya bgg? 53351 L45-'S1s,r,s.' fm . .. Me. -fswsaf . .,,,Q,,,k. i. ,3,,.i.5?..i.2i3,. i Q, rr-Q3 wi -. maxi , ,169 2 L' xlfi,lr,4'1'NH3 4 , M 1332 Hilfe. , ,fllxgt-wi 3 an 95333 3 ini? W aw fs, fgisfsigfpi VAR Qui gg :is Avg ff, ,.iils1w.r'.i R ff: 9972, . sis, ' if, . 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MONAHAN I052 Edgemere Dr. Bob Molher of Sorrows Perperual Rosary l, 2, 3, 43 So- dal'ly I3 Band 43 lnlrarnural Sporls I 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I, 2 3, 43 Spolliqhl Club 33 Posler Club 33 Arl Club 2, 33 Swing- slers 43 Chernislry Club 43 Tal- enl Club 3, 43 Boosler Club 2, 3, 4. EDWIN T. MORRIS I9 Rodenbeck Place Mike Blessed Sacrament ' Perpelual Rosary 43 Bowling Club l3 Mission Bouls I3 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 2, 43 Golf Club 2. JAMES W. MONTEAU ALBERT F. MONTVILLE JOHN E. MOONEY JAMES L. MORPHET 24 Highwood Rd. Jim 3l0 Cumberland Sl. Al 45 Burlinglon Ave. Jack 90 Chippendale Rd. SI. Ambrose Sl. Joseph Sf. Monica Sl. Charles Borromeo Honor Roll l3 Perpelual Rosary Maroon and While 43 Spollighl Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Bowling Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club I3 In- Club 23 Lalin Club 4. Club I, Dramalics 2, 3, 43 Glee Freshman Foolball I3 Bow lrarnural Sporls I, 23 I00 Club 2, 3, 43 Chernislry Club 4. JAMES E. MORRIS 68 Everell Sl. Jim Sl. John lGreeceI Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 ln- lrarnural Sporls I3 Bowling Club ROBERT J. MULHERN Sl. Monica lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 33 Boosler Club 23 Biology Club 2. Club 33 Maroon and While 3, 43 Club 2, 3, 4 IPres,l3 Salely Inlrarnural Sporls l, 2, 3, 43 lrol 43 Inlrarnural Sporls I, 2 Variely Shows 3, 43 Spolliohl Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 De baling Club 43 Publlcily Slafl 4. BREN DAN A. M URPHY JOHN F. MURRAY 99 Milbank Sl. Moe 37 Glendale Pk. Murph 305 Pullman Ave. Holy Rosary Sacred Heart Perpelual Rosary I, 23 B Squad Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Bowl' Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 B Foolball 23 Freshman Foolballg ing Club I3 Inlramural Sporls I, ing Club I, 23 Boosler Clu 2, 4. Band I, 2, 33 Glee Clubs 3, 43 2, 3, 4. Inlrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4 TIMOTHY J. NAPIERALA 35 Sl. Casimir Sl. Nap Sl. Slanislaus Honor Roll I3 Perpalual Rosary 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Safely Palrol 3, 43 German Club 43 Chemislry Club 43 Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IO0 Club 2, 4. ROBERT D, NEARY RICHARD E. NIER 935 Genesee Pk. Blvd. Bob I0l Redwood Rd. Dick Good Counsel Sacred Hearl Perpelual Rosary 2, 3, 43 Glee Perpelual Rosary I, 33 Mission Club 33 Safely Palrol 2, 3, 4 Unil 33 Maroon and While 43 lLieul,I3 French Club 33 Library Inlrarnural Sporls I. Club 43 lnlrarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Chernislry Club 43 B Squad Foolball 33 Bowling Club I, 2. w --riff .1 .-75-:ein u.:9l'ff.5'4f t'Qi-if-tra llzfgl 13.3 7 1 Ready response in ,gr- Ne PETER J. NOCE THOMAS J. NORTH DANIEL G. O'BRlEN Wallon Slreel Pele 25 Anlhony Slreef Tom 257 Augusline Sfreel Dan SI. Boniface Sf. Augusline Holy Rosary 'pelual Rosary 43 llalian Club Perpelual Rosary 43 lnlrarnural Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Inlrae Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. Soorls I, 2, 3, 43 Cross-Counlry mural Soorls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club Team 4. 2, 43 Varaily Club 43 Varsily Bas- lcelball 3, 43 Reserves Baslcelball 21 Frosh Baslcelball l3 Bowling Club lg Track 4. DAVID C. O'NEILL RICHARD P. O'NElL JOHN C. OPLINGER I Melville Slreel Dave 44l Child Slreef Tick l8I Sherwood Ave, Oppie Corpus Chrisfi Holy Family Sf. Augusline 'pelual Rosary I, 2, 43 Sodalily Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Glee Honor Roll I, 2, 43 Perpelual 2 Mission Unil I3 lnlramural Clubs 3, 43 lnlramural Soorls I3 Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Jrls I, 2, 3, 43 Golf Club I, 2, Lilurqical Choir 4. Chernislry Club 43 Radio Club 3, 4' French Club 23 3, IPres.l. 4 IPres.l3 lnlrarnural Sporls I, 23 Bowling Club 2, 3. ORRIN G. OCHS 354 Lexinglon Avenue Oreney Holy Rosary Peroelual Rosary I3 Biology Club 2 ISec.l3 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 23 Bowling Club l3 Posler Club I. EDWARD J. OWENS 296 Kenwood Ave. Gus SI. Monica Sain? Thomas Club I, 23 Perpelual Rosary 2, 33 C-reel: Club 43 French Club 3, 4 ISec'y3 Debaling Club 2, 3, 4 IVice-Pres.l3 Oraloricals 3, 43 I-Ilslory Club 33 Publicily Slalf 43 Maroon Br While 3, 4, IEd.-in-Chiel33 Arele 43 lnlramu- ral Soorls I, 2, 3, 43 Lilurqical Choir 43 Spolliqhr Club 2, 3, 4. :rceaulv English 4 class. ERIC M. PENDLETON ERNEST R. PERSI JAMES A. O'CONNOR 428 Magee Avenue Shamus Sacred Hearf Perpetual Rosary I. 2, 33 Ms sion Uni? 23 Glee Clubs 3, 43 Aquinader 43 Maroon and While 43 Lilurgical Choir 4. LEO E. PENDERGAST 606 Soulh Avenue Tank Sain? Boniface Perpelual Rosary I, Z3 lnlramural Sports l, 23 IOO Club I, 2, 33 B Squad Foolball 23 Freshman Foolball l. EDWARD M. PETIX 24l Spruce Ave. Slubby 35 Ellsinore SI. Ernie l32 Rand Sf. Ed Sf. Monica Precious Blood Holy Rosary Perpelual Rosary I, 23 lnlrarnural Perpefual Rosary 43 Band I, 2, Intramural Sporls I, 23 Bowling Soorls I, 27 IOO Club 43 German 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Inlrarnural Club I, Club 43 Library Club 43 Chem- Sporls I, 2, 33 Biology Club 23 islry Club 43 Bowling Club I, llalian Club 23 Bowling Club I. .'.'l 'I . ' 3 1 . 'f .cg-,3gg34.,,v1 13 .. .f g 3 4 . -3 . 3 , ,. , 5 K .. ,K ., . ,, , i , .I A 53 3 ,, .3 ffwv "Ls, M I. 1 af? i r xx 2932451 i zwaj. f f X6 . 3 .... kwgogrlysgrrzgyr .3 . ..'.aagw3,,i iiwfrif J if .NZ s'.i,f4 . ffiigof. f-:2.r'.N I. 1' wi' gymqixfifk, , Lzzigds. args if fffss, ' sw W.sw.f1.w A S'W':w.'ar..f I . 2 if? is ,, . . 7... . .. Rf-4 -fs. , uv 1-J. ' J 5 N..-MP' M -ff,.4 ?5m' , M 3 I .em I 5, 15515: -fl iii: if 1- 17' I P Z fist if -X , . I 4 I - ff .Heli Elf My ' Nr gwf, .C-.. Q w 35 sgilif. I .. . i'i1'75!if , Eg. , . fiillffy " 'I ' we S. rf... f 2 Aww iff., 2 N 2 3 s If . I 25. mu., 2 , HM Q yy. ,,,,,E3r,. I . 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I x fr -, , , Rf., ,Q ww wwf 4929 Q 13' Y?-"' visa GERALD D. PHELAN 245 Reynolds Sl. Gerry lmmaculale Conceplion Perpelual Rosary I, 21 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Inrrarriural Sporls 2, 3, 43 Mission Bouls 2. MALCOLM J. PICARD IZ4 Terrace Park Mac Sl. Monica Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, So- dalify I, 23 IOO Club 43 French Club 25 Camera Club 45 Mission Unil 3. JOHN F. POWERS 2l5 Lincoln Ave. Jack Sf. Augusline GEORGE E. PRENDERGAST 74 Chippendale Rd. Rip Sl, Charles Borromeo Honor Roll I, 2, 45 Perpeiual Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, So' Rosary 2, 35 Sodalily l, French daliry 2, 35 G-lee Club 3, 41 ln- Club 2, 35 Chess Club 33 Bowl- 'rramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, Varslly Inq Club 2. Club 43 Varsily Foolball 3, 43 B Souad Foolball 21 Bowling Club I, 21 Mission Bouls I, 2, 4. RONALD L. PIEKUNKA 42 Shady Lane Dr. Pie Sl. Sfanislaus Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 4, Safely Pairol 35 Intramural Sporrs l, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club 33 Camera Club 37 Chemisiry Club 4, Mission Unil I. JAMES A. PIERCE 659 Brown Sl. Red SS. Peler and Paul Honor Roll I, 21 Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Dramalics 3, 4: Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 2, 33 Spolliqhf Club 3, 4: Booslers Club 3, 4, Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES F. PROUD 6I5 Laurelion Rd. Charade S+. James Honor Roll I3 Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 45 Dramalics 2, 3, 43 Maroon and While 3, 4, Infra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Lilurgical Choir 43 IOO Club 45 Variery Shows 3, 45 Spollighi Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 31 German Club 43 Oraroricals 3: Varsily Baseball 3, 4 IMgr.l. PETER C. PRZYSINDA l64 Berlin Sl. Pell Sf. Theresa Honor Roll I, 3, Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, Spanish Club 4. LOUIS R. PULVINO RICHARD J. OUATAERT 72 Sylvesler Sl. Louie 2576 Ridge Rd. W. Dick Sf. Andrew Sf. John lGreecel Peroelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 ln- Perpelual Rosary 3, 43 I00 Club Iramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, llalian 4, Arr Club 33 Posler Club 35 sl Mi wlln lu I Club 2, 3, 4 IPre .. 'ssion Unir 33 Bo 'g C Is , 2, 3, 4. 54 JAMES P. QUINLAN B9 Bradburn SI. Quinn Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary 3, 43 Arele 47 Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 3, 43 Varsiiy Club 43 Mis- sion Bouls l, 45 Bowling Club lj B Squad Foolball 23 Varsily Fool'- ball 3, 41 Mission Unif I, 2, 4. THOMAS A. RAAB 230 Tilus Ave. Tom Sf. Margarel Mary Perpeiual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 ln- iramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 47 Biology Club 23 Library Club 41 Crafl Club I. ALVA E. REED JOHN P. REEDER JOSEPH A. REINSCHMIDT 46l Flower Cily Pk. Sacred Hearr SI. Stanislaus Joe JAMES C. REN DSLAND Al I5 Warsaw Sf. Jacks 336 Ogden Parma Town Line Rd. 30l Frosl Ave. Rennie lmmaculafe Conception Perpelual Rosary I, 43 lnframural Chess Club 3, 4 ITreas.I. Sf. John Perpeiual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Infra- Sporls I, 2, 4. PerpeIual Rosary 23 lnlramural mural Sporls I, 2, 33 IOO Club Sporls I, 2, 33 German Club 4. 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Boosler Club 2, 33 Bowling Club I, 2. JAMES W. RIEFLIN 2I50 Manifou Rd. Jim S+. Theodore Sf. Thomas Club I3 Honor Roll 2' Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 43. Aquinader 4, IAssl. Er'l.l3 Arele 4 ILilerary Eclilorl3 Intramural Soorls 2, 3, 43 Lilurq- ical Choir 43 IOO Club 2, 3, 43 Qebafing Club 3, 43 Boosler Club , 4. NORMAN E. RICKARD 70 N. Sf. Regis Dr. Norm Our Lady of Lourdes Perpelual Rosarv I, 33 Honor Roll 23 Inlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I. 2, 33 Boosler Club 33 Hislory Club 43 Crafr Club I. DANIEL T. ROBERTS 37 Woodcresf Drive Dan Sl. Joseph lPenfieIdl Pernelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4' lnlramural Snorls l, 2 3, 43 Lirnrqical Choir 41 Arr Club 2, 33 Camera Club 23 Mis- sion Bouls 3, 4. I EDWARD J. ROBERTS l72 Parkway Ed Holy Rosary Perpefual Rosary l, 2, 3, 43 So- dalily I3 Glee Club 3, 43 lnlra- mural Sporls 23 Craff Club I3 Track 43 lfalian Club 23 Freshman Foolball I3 Swimming Team 33 Bowling Club l. LAWRENCE A. ROESCH DAVID J. ROGERS MICHAEL A. ROSE WILLIAM A. ROWE 46 Kiniry Dr. Larry 2I5 Avery S+. Dave 473 Lyell Ave. Mike 83 Sawyer S+. Whipper SL Ambrose Holy Aposiles Holy Aposlles Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary 23 lnframural Glee Club 3, 43 Maroon and Perpelual Rosary 43 Arele 4 Perpelual Rosary I3 Band I3 ln' Splorls 2, 3, 43 G-oll Club 2, 43 While 43 lnlramural Sporls I3 lBusiness Mgr.l3 lnlramural lramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Track Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4. Ski Club 43 Chemisfry Club 4. Sporls I, 2, 43 IOO Club l, 2, 3, 3, 43 Camera Club 43 B Squad 43 Lalin Club 4 lPVeS.lf lfalian Foolball 2, 33 Bowling Club l. Club 43 Bowling Club I. 55 I IIIII IIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIII. I II I ,I ,'2"III' IIIIII IIIIIIIIZII IIII IIYWIII .,.., .,,.. II.,,I,IIIII II II IIIIIII IIIII IIIIIuIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIII' I IIIIIIIIIIWI IIIII IIIIIIIIII "IIIIII'I.IIII'gIII1IE"I'II ..rr- I IIII-IIf,IIII7:.Il,I I I I III I .II IIIIWIIIIIII IIIIIIIII.'u'III,I FIIIIIIIIII'IIIIII3I :IIII IIIII IIIIIWIIIIIIIIQI IIIIIIIIIII IIIII ill II IIII IIIMIIII II II3 III I II ,IH I I II :I II! 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RUH 425 Avenue D Sfrelch Perpelual Help Perpelual Rosary I, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Inlramural Sporls I, 2, Li- Iurgical Choir 4, Track 4, Var- sily Foolball 3, 4, B Squad Fool- ball 2, Freshman Foolball I, Bowling Club I, Mission Bouls 2. EUGENE D, SCHAFER 3I9 Sherman SI. Gene Holy Aposlles lnlramural Sporrs I, 2, 3, Radio Club 3 lTreas.I, Swimming Team 3. JOSEPH P. RUSSO JEREMIAH P. RUTLEDGE 50 Angle Sfreel Joe 743 Genesee Sf. Jer Holy Aposiles Sl. Monica PSVDSIUGI Rosary 4? Inlrarnural Perpefual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, So b 4 dal I Glee Club 3 4 lla Sporls I, Italian Clu . ily , , , n r - mural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club I, Library Club 4, Golf Club 4. JOHN J. SCHANTZ RICHARD J. SCHARR 4029 Sf. Paul Blvd. Shane IO44 Joseph Ave, Dick Sf. Thomas Perpelual Help l'lOV1O" Roll II PSVDSIUGI Rosary Perpelual Rosary 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Inlramural 3: Intramural Sporlg 3, 4, Sborls l, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club 3, 4, Boosier Club 2, Bowling Club l, 2, 4, Mission Bouis 4. JOSEPH E. RYAN 50 Hobarl Sf. Punchy Sl. Augusfine Perpelual Rosary 3, 4, Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Mission Unir 2, 4, B Squad Foolball 3, Bowling Club I, Mis' sion Bouis I, 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL C. SCHIMMEL I56 Perrinlon Sf. Russ Sacred Hear? Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Ma- roon and While 3, 4, Inlramural Sporls I, Crail Club I, Chern- isiry Club 4, Bowling Club I, Z. DAVID J. ST. MAURICE II7 Harding Rd. De Sacred Hear! Perpefual Rosary 3, IOO Club French Club 3, 4, Chemistry C 4. JAMES T. SCHIRMER 237 Barlon Sl. Jin Sf. Monica Perpelual Rosary I, 4, Inlram Sporls I, 3, 4, I00 Club 4, E man Club 4, Chemisly Club Bowling Club I. JOHN L. SCHLAFFER LAWRENCE H. SCHMIDT HENRY N. SHELDON 3606 Big Ridge Rd. Farmer 532 Eafon Rd. Larry 35l5 Culver Rd. Hank Sf. John lSpencerpor'Il Sf. Thomas Sl. Cecilia Honor Roll 2. Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Perpeiual Rosary I, 2, 4, lnlra- Club 2, 3, lnlramural Sporls I, mural Sporls I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2 3 4 2 Cr isson Unrl 5 all Club I, M' i i 4, Bowling Club I. Sr. Gregor . in 1 gi Wfgfrzfzff-.gins.3g,s.:.:Y4Q4'iSi'5fi A 's1.'3a.s.w. 2 I I ....... f W, gi Yiwu , M .. R , W sn mm sr.. Q , , . ish... i 1 J .iw limi' 3315, yy... .Swv Q' SQ.12'g,'ngzgLai..' 3 '-4i,5,F.3,.:3f' ggazsyizslliwfw T41fgQ,2f'sf',iNr,.?"wifi" N, 3 M, .3 ' U 'shi 5653? 52455 21? .vii Alf 'J f -' I2li3?s2Pl?2?wfi ii'Q1f'i ff 1v"igl1if5i7,13i4E3Tiqsiiwirs.ix 4 355451 'mae wa H.. :fs s,sfff,ww.,: I -Qiniim Ms... uw mi.. .max rw, - fm .lin-f' mizesssmiynfSwwpzsg. .y1.,.1f:sZ5f2?i.-Q-3 X' -- 5,1551 3 gg ,iigiff fa I z ,gif ,IQQE .1 . :ww 'A H viliif. ws' a 'Ki'14a..w-mf. are ,ww waves: s ,ewggwe..s,32.'ii'+2 A 23+E'w 2.51-iii. ,Harte f .W Mis.1RiiiiiwigmfsiwvuiV rm...lwssem:wi. mfg: ,rgigfauifissgsirxli PETER N. SHEPPARD JAMES A. SHERIDAN ROBERT P. SHUKIS GERALD J. SKERRETT DONALD R. SMITH 30 South Ave, Pete 37 Sycamore St. Scharr I25 Baycrest Dr. Iron Jaw 234 Hurstbourne Rd. Jerry 289 Arnett Blvd. Smitty St. Anne Blessed Sacrament St. Andrew Sf. James St. Augustine :nor Roll I3 Perpetual Rosary Perpetual Rosary I, 43 Band I3 Varsity Football 23 Varsity Base- Dramatics 3, 43 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Perpetual Rosary I, 33 Satety Pa- 2 3, 43 French Club 3. Intramural Sports I3 German ball 2, 33 Varsity Basketball 33 Intramural Sports I3 Spotlight trol 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, RICHARD M. SMITH Quincy St. Dick Corpus Christi 'petual Rosary I, 23 Intramural arts I, 23 Bowling Club I, 23 ss on Bouts I. Club 43 Bowling Club I, 3, 4. Freshman Sec.3 Junior Class Pres.3 Club 3, 41 German Club 43 3, 43 Freshman Football I3 Chem- istry Club 43 Spanish Club 43 Camera Club 4. I-li-Yjl, 2, 33 Patrol 3, lBrockport Chemistry Club 4 lSecy.J. High . R. NEAL SMITH WALTER J. SMITH GUY F. SOLIMANO MICHAEL M. SPAN6 Il? Chadwell Rd. Neal 298 Seward St. Wally l4O Michigan St. Guy BI Arnett Blvd. Milne St. Ambrose Immaculate Conception Holy Apostles St. Monica Band I, 43 Glee Club 33 lntra- Perpetual Rosary 4. Perpetual Rosary I3 Sodality I: Honor Roll I3 Student Council 2, mural Sports 23 Music Appreci- Intramural Sports I. 3, 43 Perpetual Rosary l, 2, 3, 43 ation Z3 French Club 4. Sodality I, 23 Band I3 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I, 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Varsity Club 43 Mission Unit I, 33 Var- sity Basketball 43 Reserve Bas- ketball 2, 33 Bowling Club I. ifk fingered typists. ROBERT F. SPANO WALTER J. STANNY FRANK R. STEES 378 Scio St. Turk 2066 Culver Rd. Skip 52I Stonewood Ave, Rueben Mount Carmel St. Ambrose Sf, Charles Borrqmeq Perpetual Rosary I, Z, 3, 43 Glee Perpetual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Intra- Club 3, 43 Arete 43 Intramural mural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club Sports I, 2, 3, 43 I00 Club 33 I. Italian Club 2, 33 Library Club 23 Bowling I, 2. Perpetual Rosary 2, 33 Sodality 2, 33 G-lee Club 33 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club I3 Track 43 Golf Club 23 Cratt Club I3 Var- sity Football 43 B Squad Foot- ball 2, 33 Freshman Football I3 Bowling Club I3 Ski Club 2. . , I ax., 5 .. fl ,'Q.:.e ,'fl.:Zfgk':.Htw . af:5:,l.iif41f:f'fsg. I .. ' . ,... , A I iiiiii I I i'il37'5?3f?fg-rf2'3f3r - i I F Z Q Wi? rfffl Ffzifiiiifff ' - 11 11 1,,.-111911 1 1 1 ,,111111,, 1111. ,. 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STEPHAN CHARLES W. STYLES GERALD A. SULLIVAN JOHN P. SULLIVAN 3I Oakwood Drive Bill 202 Woodbine Ave. Chuck 24 Winton Rd. Sully 262 Zuber Rd, Sully Perpelual Help Sf. Augusline Sl. John fhe Evanqelisl Si. Salome Honor Roll I 27 Perbelual Rosary Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 4, Glen Perperual Rosary 2, 43 Sodalliy Ig Peroelual Rosary I 2, 33 Infra- ' 2, 3, 4' lnfrarnural Sporls I, 2 Club 33 Sa'e?y Palrol 2, lnrra' lnlfamwai Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, IOO mural SDOVIS I 2: Craif Club lj 1 1 3, 4, IOO Club I, 2, 3 43 Siu rn11al Sporls I, 2, 3, 45 Library Cub 4: Qoll Club 4: Chemlgrry Blgloqy Club 2, den? Council l, 4, Miss1on Unif Club 23 Boosler Club 3. Club 43 Bowling Club I, 4. 3 4 Bo I Q Cl b I 2 3 4 1 i W -II, 1 1 lPres.lq German Club 4 lPres.l, Goll Club 3, 45 Debalinq Club 4. THOMAS F. SULLIVAN STANLEY M. SZCZEPANSKI 7I0 Winlon Rd. So. Sully 649 Avenue D Sian Our Lady of Lourdes Sf. Sfanislaus Poroelual Rosar I 2 3 4' lnlra- Pefpefual Rosary I Z' Sodalily Y 1 1 1 I 1 . mural gports I, 2 3 45 Cliemisrry Band I, 2, 3, 4, Salefy Pair CIUL1 4g Boosiei Club 3, 4. 3, IOO Club 3, 4, Spolligld 3, 4, C all Club I, Z, ol 2, Club Biology Club PETER R. TARRANT 2l4 Universily Park Pele Sl. Anne Honor Roll lg Perpelual Rosary 3, 4, lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, IOO Club I, 2, 3, 4, Publlcily Slaff 4, Chemistry Club 4, Mis' sion Uni? 3, 4, Maroon and Wliile 4, B Squad Foolball 3: Swim! ming Team 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4. LOUIS P. TASCIOTTI 82 Kirkland Rd. Lou SO. Augusline Sl. Thomas Club I, 2, Sodalily 3, 4 lVice-Prefecflg Sludenl Council 3, 4 IPres.lg Glee Club 3, 4, Maroon and Wlniie 3, 4, Inlra- rriural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Lilurq- ical Choir 4: IOO Club 4, Pub- licity Slaff 43 Cliernisiry Club 4, German Club 45 Boosler Club 33 Debating Club 41 Mission Uni? 3. GERALD F. THOMANN RICHARD M. THOMANN LEON R. THURSTON 860 Porlland Ave. Jerry l56 Jerold Sl. Dick 7 Glasser Sf. Lefly SI. Andrew Sl'. Andrew Holy Family Honor Roll lg Perpelual Rosary I Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Infra- Perpelual Rosary 2, 4, lnlramural 3, 43 lnlramural Sporis I, 23 mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, German Sporfs I, 2, 3. Lalin Club 4, Spanish Club 4. Club 4. 58 CHARLES J. TOBIN 682 Pos? Ave. Jerry Good Counsel Perpelual Rosary I, 3, 4, Dra- malics 2, 3, 4, lnirarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Variely Shows 33 Soci- liqlil' Club 2, 3, 4: Publicily Slaff 4, Mission Unil' 23 I3 Squad Fool- Ioall lj Varsily Baseball 3, 4 lMgr.lg Golf Team 2, 3. RONALD J. UBER CHARLES J, VACANTI JOHN R. VADAS JAMES P. VERRONE 36I Slonewood Ave Ron I6B Gilmore Sf. Charlie l29 Burlinglon Ave. Doc I69 Lewis SO. Jim Sig Charlgg Bari-gmac Holy Redeemer Good Counsel Mounl Carmel Maroon and While 4 IP'-mag Sf. Trforrias Club I, 2g Honor Rrzl l'erpelu'aI Rosary 4g Sa'ely Pa- Peroerual Rosary 2 4, rapneflg Posler Club 33 Bgwlrnq 33 Band I 2, 3 4' Maroon and Urol I, 23 lnlrarnural Soorls 3, 4 Club 3. While 3, 4 lLlcrary Eoilorlj Track 4: Chem slry Club 4, Bowl Arele 43 liilrgrriural Siiofls I, ng Club 3. IOO Club 4, Chess Club 4j Da- balinq Socisly 2, 3, 4 lPres.lf Greek Club 4 lPres.lg Slandarm Bearer: Chernisfry Club 43 Mission Uni? 2. JEROME A. VERSTRAETE GUY M. VITO FREDERICK J. WAGNER ZI Langford Rd. Jerry 94 Lorirner Sf. Gyke 47 Ameflqe Park Fred Sf. Charles Borromeo Sf. Anlhony ST. Margarel Mary Perpelual Rosary I, 2g Glee Club Perpelual Rosary I, Z, 4, Sodalil- pefpelual Rosary I1 Track Tearn Y 3, 4, lnlrarnural Sporls I, L'rurg- lg Aouinader 4, Maroon anzl 3. 4: Cross Couniry Tearn 4g ical Choir 4, Bowling Club I, 2. While 3, 4, IOO Club 3. 43 Track Srnnnish Club 'Ii VGVSIIY CIUI3 4? Team 3, 4, Ilalian Club 2, 3g Mission Uriif I 2: Varsilv Baskffr Pub ball 3 s lb ll 2 C'alf Club I, Varsily Club 4g l'r-ily Stall 4, Sludenl Council 43 Mission Un'l 2, 3, 4 lSec'ylg Var- sily Football 2, 3, 43 Freshrriari Foolball lj Bowling Club I. . , 41 Reserve Baske a 5 Frosh Basketball I. WILFRED J. WAGNER I30 Seville Dr. Will SI. Margarel Mary Honor Roll lg Drarnalics 3, 47 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Spollfqhr Club 3, 43 C-err-nan Club 4 lSecy.lj Chem islry Club 4g Goll learn 41 Ski Club 2, 3. - ai THOMAS M. WAKEFIELD JOHN W. WALLACE 2804 Sf. Paul Blvd. Bubby 44 Elmcroff Rd. Wally Sf. Marqarel Mary SI. John The Evangelisf Perpefual Rosary 2, 3, 43-Inlrarnu Peroelual Rosary I, 45 Band I 2 3 4 ral Sports l, , , g Freneh Club Z 3, 43 lnlramural S orls I, 3, 4 P 43 Biology Club 23 Ski Club 4. IOO Club 3, 41 Chess Club 3, 4 lSer'ylj French Club Z, DAVID J. WARNER 607 Magee Ave. Dave Sacred Hear? Peroelual Rosary 2, 35 Glee Club 3, 4g Maroon and While 43 In' rramural Sporrs 2, 33 Golf Club 43 Boosler Club 31 Bowling Club 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 4. 59 RICHARD B, WARTH I32 Hermilaqe Rd. Doc SI. Thomas Perrielual Rosary I, Z, 4, IOO Club I, 2, 4, Bowling Club I, 2, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD J. WEHNER IOI9 Long Pond Rd. Red Sf. John IGreeceI Perpefual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Arele 43 Inlramural Sporfs I, 23 IOO Club 2, 33 Arr Club 33 Boosfer Club 33 Posler Club 33 Mission Uni? 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 4. RONALD F. WITZEL 70 Eslall Rd. Wih SI. Charles Borromeo Honor Roll I3 Glee Club 3, 43 lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Boosler Club 33 Chemisfry Club 43 Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT P. WEIS 230 Rogers Pkwy. Bob Sf. Margaref Mary Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 In- Iramural Sporls I, 2, 33 I00 Club 2, 43 Bowling Club I, 4. JOHN W. WOJCIECHOWSKI 55 LeFrois SI. Woogy Sf. Sfanislaus Honor Roll 23 Perpefual Rosary 3, 43 lnframural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN M. WELCH 34I Flower Cily Pk. Jack Sacred Hear? Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 43 Maroon and While 3, 43 lnlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Slu- denf Council 43 Mission Uni? I3 Freshman Foolball I IMgr.l3 Bowling Club I3 Ski Club 2, 4. EDWARD A. WOLLENSAK CLEMENT C. WESLEY I37 Delamains Dr. Clem Sf. Andrews Perpelual Rosary I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club I, 33 Inlramural Sporls l, 2, 3, 43 IOO Club 43 Arr Club 33 Reserves Baskelball 23 Freshman Baskefball I3 Bowling Club I, 4. CLARK. F. YEOMAN I9 MI. Airy Dr. Ed 5I0 Auqusfine Sf. Yoyo Sr. Thomas Holy Rosary Perpelual Rosary 33 Dramalics 3, Inrramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 43 Golf 43 Glee Club 3, 43 lnlramural Club 43 B Squad Foofball 23 Sporls I, 23 Lirurgical Choir 43 Bowling Club I3 Mission Bouls 2. Sooflighl Club 3, 4 IPres.I, Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD F. WHITLEY 87 Richland SI. W Sf. Ambrose Perpefual Rosary I, 43 Band 2, 43 Intramural Sporls I, 2, 3, French Club 3, 4. HENRY A. YOUNT 338I Culver Rd. Top Sf. Cecilia Perpefual Rosary I, 43 Inlram Soorls I3 I00 Club 43 Bow' Club 23 Ar? Club 33 Lib: Club 3. O x IN ,V I -.J I X, -J N I X . . . .. - . f.. N..,,f... ., ,f .. . ...I . .1 -an S. . I iw gflslgzfzflg ' bfi' 'irq I-3 F' miiigy -C 'lt,,rY'4v2f,rgs.s x' bww? 4. 7 sane! Iif..:g'TLQvI'f-' 3.3 -'Z,,,': ip, Q. V QSYQ gum' -. H - 13' My ,pf V 3 ,, . ,Msg 4- p,'55sgs4,'-3,5 ,,M-,gi, ry..-wgzrv... pf S' .3 an elf! 41 ffl. " ,-155,gg,fUgf':',1fa:.g+ogg.fygffssffMz:f,52v5zgf'7 P-qg::g'Q::ssf::g5j5grg. ' ,, 'wwxgaaegssaff?Mif53s.'fu,g.:. -,sg 5. P LQf1,r?.g , N?'I.w,-as fy, V f NWVI .ms.ziwlfgv-w.,gw.fm2 wwf4sfhffs.r2'.,L,1.-Mega,:fw.w4f? swf an-M1fHf.Jmff.gs2wmgasses .r..,z.,., . my ,sfwff . , mir' M. I 5'fg.:msr 33,533 9334. 337wq:f,5fa Zgsvzw-gg.. rg .'3g,ipQIf214545354532igg:'s.,z,sf3ffs3Qfi'jw5s,g552j3,:iz,Zg5wJg5gW 55.43 gangs . M 4g7:,:w..s?.s'fA sz.:w,-N3 113533045 tirigffggy 3,1349 g ,IF-,jfb g I - M, Hlfniif , . I ' . 3 1s.'3.f'.fiup wszrf, I mg fs 'g.rg'f,f,3"fs.w-fmfwgi 7. ?21Wf?Y5'35SE.S32'5?E5353235451-ffsliE'i2'iSm37fS,51!iwgefQ"1W:XS .Qi 61.53. axis . wwf 5:44 2325 U. 'W-Asgfu :ff iff-sfffis A4533-ifmlf s ffi.2f.wQ.s x 2: UNIV!! rr. I ,, ,-z5z.w5f5,f 4.?':?3fg'f.?:IX's2i . ' a t ii? pw? ,5ilssrgwffmssszsif4g2.?M .. v2:r1'f,giT:E,3fH ' .. . f 4 l f UNDERQLASSMEN ' - m 1 s s r v FRESHMAN COUNCIL Seated: Francis Lipani, John Doyle. Sianding: Tim- othy Welch, Roy Miller, JUNIOR COUNCIL Front Row: Larry Palvino. Fr. Donovan David Kelly. Back Row: Milo Tomanovich Pat Reddy. Seated: Joseph Calihan. Standing: George Schnetzer, Thomas Riley, Ronald Zlotnik. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL IINDEIIGLIISSMEN 00II GILS Baci Row: Robert Schmitt, Paul Zukoslri, Way'ne Rappert, John Cleary, John Sandman, William Wedemyer, Richard Dohr, Richard Mangan, Joseph Rabideau. Middle Row: James Rogers, Gerald Kotwas, Thomas Brennan, John Fink, Edward Stanny. Robert Neary. Front Row: James Forgione. David Hogan, James Falcer, Thomas Philipps, Stanley Dernoga, Samuel Lopalo. AREV. RICHARD JEFFERY, C.S.B. Baal! Row: Jerry Cuar-lt Vwfalter Hinliey, Charles Maranq, Robert Niger, Franlr DeLaus, Stephen Barber, George Riley, George Kalabry, Robert Binsack. Middle Row: Kenneth Carducci, Harry Kolb, Thomas Wiesner, Edward McDonald, Max Wickert, Thomas Hall. Front Row: Charles Dresser, William Austinq, William Thieme, Robert Cn-re, VVullis Britton, Daniel Attinasi. JUNIOR GLASS Baci: Row: Gerard Bell, Ronald Delzrance. Joseph McDonald, Donald Deverell, William Eckert, Philip Martell, Robert Krapl, Joseph Brogan, John Fitzgerald, William Casey, James O'Neil, Middle Row: John Merkel. Robert Dennis, Norman Laudisi, Leo Zientara, Anthony Turrisi, Ronald Boothby. Front Row: David Hoadley. Lowell Bay. JUNIOR Back Row: John Ritz. John Willcin, Dean Stanwix, John Rombaut, Martin Schafer, Gerald Pierce. James Wegman, Joseph Scharr, John Shields. Stephen Rains. Middle Row: Edward Frederick, Ronald Thorpe. William Greene, Charles Schonleber, Clement Etsler, Norbert Haller. Front Row: Rlflmfd LSNY- Wlllmm CGFGY- REV. WILFRED J. MURPHY, C.S.B. 64 Baal: Row: Phnlrp Rotoln, Robert Kretchmer, Lowell McNally, James Rlte Jercme Roche. Anthony Du Marco, Wlllram Blanchr, Thomas Brlstol, Mlfhael Protrowvcz, Edward Mlrquet. Middle Row: Rrchard Casey, David Kohler, Robert Schetter, Thomas Reclne, James Kazmarlc, Rlcharcl Maclcay. Front Row: James Freemesser, Joseph Hawluns, Robert Werchbrodt. Albert Neo, Thomas Zdanowslcn. iff CLASS , t 1955 3 Back Row: Gerald Edwards Charles Stewart, Robert Deeqan, Robert Flanigan, Clayton Gehrinq John Bonn, Robert Enrnght, Thomas Urquhart, Norman Schott, Ronald Allen. Middle Row: John E Collins, Richard Hamm, John Wlsner, Allred Fnelds, Thomas McManus, John Balcer. Front Row REV. PETER J' ETLINGERI Clsj, Gerard Roncmslce, Earl Slcelly, Roloert Tierney, Robert McDonald. 65 JUNIOR Baclm Row: James Leccese, John Schiieler, Alan Lcclminqtcn, Chester Villa, Gerald Madalena, Winlried lfvnei' Jshn Hamrrierl. Middle Row: Thomas Collins, Thomas McEntee, Michael Tomainc, Nicholas Mastieila Herman Bittlingmaier, Ronald Kuhn, Front Row: Gerard Ernpey, Donald Wohlrab, George laliiwaln James Warney Thomas Roncinslce, SISTER MARGARET HELENE. S.S.J. HOMEROOM 207 Back Row: Kenneth Aman, John Hodgetts, Thomas Brook. Frederick Smallenburq, Stanley Popeni David Boland. Middle Row: Vincent Parella. Paul Mueller, Donald Byrnes. David Ehmann. Raymond Weidrnann. John Flannery. Froni Row: Samuel Merlo. Richard Stiller. Robert Quinn, Paul Ayers. 66 CLASS 1955 Back Row: Joseph M. Compitello, Gerard Bodensteiner, Paul J. Maier, Robert J. Fleming, Philip J Tum, William F. McCall. George Farmer. Joseph J. Di Tucci. Milo J. Tomanoviclc. Charles l. Attardo, Middle Row: Dayid P. Kelly, Robert B. Welch, Robert E. Ross, Christopher J. La Della John J. Nuccitelli, Thomas P. Reddy. Froni Row: Daniel J. Culhane, Robert G, Bishop, Thomas M sa. M. DEMETRIA, s.s.J. CGM Rohm Hales- HOMEROOM 208 Back Row: Donald F. Osborne. Paul B. Muldoon. Roqer W. Anderson, James R. Horn, Joseph F. Pertosino. Russel J. Zammitta. Anthony Povio, Richard G. Furstoss, Richard L. McGlynn, Middle Row: Donald J, Cattalani, Harold C. Parlcis, Marlc F. Brown, Paul J. Eisman, Donald A, Stilson. Joseph G. McCall. Front Row: Jerry C. Wimderliclc. Joseph S. Sanfilippo, Harold Van Beuerclen. David M. Leclcner. 67 id JUNIOR Baclc Row: Anthony Selvoqqio, Leon Pearson, Thomas Elphiclr, Richard Powers, Paul Bayer, James Ed ard McGraw Ronald Maier John Sch lano Philip Gibson George Toner Froni Row Raymond C' owslci. Dominic Pane, Donald Blum, Joseph Waters, Willlam Kelly. Middle Row: Arthur Gaisser, C l A S S W ' 1 - ' i 4 i i . : Came, lhomas Cardiie, David laylerl, Casimir Maciejewslci, Thomas Cooper, HOMEROOM 210 Back Row: Roger Horton, John Regan, Franlc Masuzzo, Joseph LaGreca, Matthew Visharus. Robert Flugel, Robert Sherelis. Robert Bayer, William Anderson, Francis Costello. Middle Row: Daniel REV' JOSEPH J. ABEND' CSB. O'Brien,. Donald Kirby, Ediaard D.iPrima, James Caschetle, James Leichk, Michael Heberger. Fronf Row: Michael Welling, William Smith, Richard Messura, Michael Brownell, Donald Stiner. 68 Back Row: Lawrence Streber, Rlchard Ofonnell, Anthony Rovutelll, John Concannon, Richard Howland, Roger Napier, Michael Judd, Henry Anqelone, Bruce Torkrngton, Paul Petrotta. Middle Row: Ted Lincoln, Vincent Guonta, Edward Yurlcstas, Richard Osterman. Ronald Santelli. Ray Chapman, Front Row: Gerald Felts, Edwin Reiter. of 1955 69 REV. ROGER F. oe BILLY, c.s.s. HOMEROOM 214 Baclr Row: Robert Pereira, Wulllarn Oldlleld, George Blrclcwede, Mlchael Snow. Dayld Galen, Euqene Cantlsano, Davld Bertsch, John Wallace, Paul Malanqa, Middle Row: John Carmody, Walter Buclcowleclcl, Melvln Mayer, Floyd Hegedorn, Paul VanBacho, Leo Shatsel. Froni Row: Charles McKay, James Wheater, Robert Latragna. A ..-L . .,..., A REV. MICHAEL W. WURZER Back Row: George Huber, Wllluam Wallace, Rmhard Llndner, John Soroktl, Robert Naughton Daniel Dugan, John Bartoszewlcz, Francxs Ricotta. Franlr Doherty. Middle Row: Robert Corletta James Bleler, Mlchael Cappette. Raymond Ferriqno, Peter Provenzano, Carl Schaefer. Front Row: Willlam Buns, Robert Yount, James Couqhlrn, Gerald Sullivan, Joseph Perno. n HOMEROOM 218 JUNIOR Henderson- dl- John . Lawrence FlOYd Serials ROW' cgeofqe - ne- M1 Ravi? t d Whxtbouf hnesgpf. ' Front d Lancer- Rlchalr John SRRSRRCQ OCOVWO' S hlef3-Bl Rlcharj mes Mclqeowjohn Foley' c ' tg. 5 N ary, 1 tk. ack Rove Rl?RZnCi"tRO,lNhnChR2toR'JRRbeRZPalee0- Donald OS u ' 0 O n Ronald ab kggreir Knuth, Palvmo, rauxepxancel RodneY 70 Salffml' a Th B U Davd Ccttem!! Anthony Costanza, Da Back Row: Rxchard V0Wpe, Horyan Sowmsku, rwmas u , I f , Ofonnor, Frankhn Marnrnano, Robert Dnherty, WaNter Casper. Peter Grassadonfa. Middle Row. Ralph Przybyla, Pau! Schaeffer, Joseph Neary, Gary Paprockn, Robert Bauman. James McMahon. J h F nda. John Samueison, Chades Otero. Front Row: Lawrence Guzzetta, DonaNd Grey, o n o HOMEROOM 219 CLASS I955 Beck R Schmmjyow: Davfd Sch Dolan E' Anfhony Agmdf- Thomas M Richard Qberf Meteyeiizza, Donayd Score, John Bak fdfer, Char! ' Pdul Sheeh Ummef-SN M er' Ronafdl es Befrmgnt O75 in, Arffwr Cirfrn Rledl John Fen. D V re5L13Momr DMD' Pd. 9 Ro f is' awd a an D uf Afend "- Wfllfam by .1 C . ' 5VT1e5 anfel lreyan S, Fr t dA oflf R , O ferfll, 0 ow. Donald Bynngen 71 rf, REV: MICHAEL B. BIONDI, C.S.B SOPHOMOR Back Row: Josepln Janlcowralc, Gerard Quvqley. George Growney, Joseph Scwplone, Albert Laudadlo, Frank Waclcerle, Davwd Lyon-2, Ernest Montebella, Wrlliam Zwelgle. Middle Row: Franlt Menz, Paul Robwnsnn, John Nuqent, Eugene Glanveccluo, James DeForte, Francus Vacantw. Froni Row: Donald Wfnfie'd James Lf-nq, Mrcnael Belanoer Paul Slcelly. SR. LAURENE MARIE, S.S.J. 72 Baclr Row: Anthony St, Prerre, Terry Falk, Joseph Kress, Raymond Mura, Anthony Cluflini, Richard l-leqedorn, Joseph Cavallaro. Middle Row: Francws Calvaruso, John Kemp, Francws Thomas, Mark Bonwgnore, Jolwn Scnallc, Raymond Countryman. Froni Row: Rodney Adams, Wxlliam MCGWH1, Peter Rlbaudo, Franlc Andolmo, Lawrence Downing. CLASS HOMEROOM 106 Back Row: Robert Agostinelli, Richard Delaeye, Arthur Wittman. Edward Mooney. Martin Gullen. Wayne Scheible, John Kennerson, William Staub, John Sharpe. Middle Row: James Murrav. Francis Sales. Harold Thompson. Robert Frederick, Peter Martin, Charles Smith. Front Row: Ronald Krolalc, Edward Ribstein, Thomas Hottman, Donald Maccio. Baci: Row: Patriclr Pietropaoli, Anthony Ferrari, Thomas Clifford. Robert Dasch. John Valenti, Bernard O'Stil'ivan, Thomas Jones Kenneth Rocco. Middle Row: Gerald Campo, Angelo Bovenzi. Peter Nicchitta, Gerald Mfhltiqh, William Doyle, David Gill. Front Row: Thomas Burchard, James Lechner, Bernard Quinlan, Peter Cerqucne, REV. JOHN POLUIKIS. C.S.B. K 1 '45 . 5 if A if K mf ' if I' ' t it I Baclt Row: Rrwlfvert Freernesser, Paul Brain, Danwel G'Brien, Mlcnael Rrctxards, William Wiley, Raymond Oterc, Sarnnel Rebus, James Dennlston. Antnony Cerrettfu. Middle Row: William Haefner, Jerry Astwrnan, Jerry Rndonlwonse Vrnrent Cncfgra, Antnony Salyaqgio, Robert Felwrenbaclv, Front Row: tern Creelr, Dayrd Glfwssner, Rf bert Kent John Sralwrll, Jnlnn Wwttrnan. Bacln Row: Frank Slcnae, Jervy Betlw Wrllram Lnnrette, Wnlllam Polwto, Robert Carman, William Senlrnan Jarnei Rfmbwnsnn, Jwnn Aldwson, Rrfnard Mrale. Middle Row: Charles Messe, James Mctatrqnlrn. Antlnmny Jnlrann Ttmrnnf. Mnrray, Steven MacAdam, Donald Kulwman. Front Row: Jamei Moqenlwan, Jann Tobm, Paul Wacgner, James Sullnvan. lx ya: 'tt SOPHOMOR of MR, WILLIAM C. MARCEAU, C.S.B. HOMEROOM 107 74 CLASS 1956 REV. THOMAS MILLER, C.S.B. HOMEROOM 108 75 Baci Row: Barry O'Brien, John Weqman, Jim Brien, John Cornerlord. John Glaser, John Kingston, Diclr Reeder, Dick Gullo, Bud Madigan. Middle Row: Diclc VanGrol, Russ Ferris, Tom Cardella, Pat Bertram, Jim Daly, Ed Fuierer, Froni Row: Pete Bansbaclc. Bruce Lowenguth, Steve Chechaln, Dan Michalowslci. Back Row: Milne Myers, John Shaughnessy, Joe Santarose. Walt Rodenhouse, Roger Streb. John Parrinello, Owen DeWert, John Schifano, Carl Ducci. Middle Row: Dick Hooclc, Al Polizzi, Dick Slade. Jim Mooney. Chas. McLaughlin, Michael Burke. Frank Row: Warren Kujawa. Pete Kane. Pete Lersch Tom Woodruff. Woodward' James Ed-Wim X MGQHUS' 11,1-Zflbeliql F ntl, RileY- Albetgawz liufl Stalk-:wi Dan U nof Thomas n Middle Poliui. Hon . , O . i,-yer ' John Q W, ia eman. , gonald 6 Roth. Colman, I James Kas B ck Row. V Lawfenc E qene tweigs. famii Diiljeph l'lijflaeiiei1i:efQ Robe' Kms i BarralBern joS9Pl'l HOMEROOM 110 Back Row' Michael Dambra W'll . , i iam Christ, Donald Finch. David Young. John Trichey, Richard Von- Nierop, John McMahon, Kendell Brimstein, Arthur Miller. Middls Row: Ronald Love, William Dietz. Bruce Carlin, Donald LaCour, Thomas Myers, William Schwartz. Front Row: Joseph Gordon, Peter REV' ARTHUR WALIGORE' c'S'B' Leonard, John Burlcholder, Michael Venners, Philip Bianchi. 76 Back R Brrff Jew: M1556 X Alfonsoagles Cdfvteifd Capddano, R 5 et Welling ' Raymond O -eff WVU ffw. Law A Fdw D U erence Hurafd Lum J dvlsonl M, ef Louis D. sch ' dck Smith 'ddlg R ' Fabio ' .F OW: J i Ge . rant Row: Nicxiiafeppifgsvllmmng, John H fesuiti Tho '3 Crosse dmmi Joh i I J H .Fl mas M M O H R r c ahon, Herbs? HOMEROOM 'I1'I Back Row: William Roth, Justin Tubiolo, Franlr Sapere, Herbert Binsaclc, William Schlueter, George Mumboch, Lawrence Gordon, Michael Perrotta, George Miller. Middle Row: Terrence Neary, C b P l Welch Ronald Malcely, Joseph Kase. Froni Row: Francis REV. JAMES J. CROSS' CIS-B John O'Donaghue, Donald Mc a e. au , Argento, Anthony Fiorica, Thomas Gaffney, William Duggan. 77 1 r - I . Rev. FRANCIS P. rEvuN, c.s.s. TWV wha and 'am CMM Back Row: Fred Taddeo. George Schnetzer, Bernard Kohlmeier, Robert Chrnstman, Roy DiNutto, Gary Netson, Rlchard Prlnzinq, Peter Pavia, James Tucker. Middle Row: Harold Spitz, Thomas Ruscio, LaVerne Botand, David Keeter, Anthony Sassone, Robert Vllta. Front Row: John Croston, Don Brown Leonard Lettau, Ted Hansa. 5 Back Row: Willram Gordon, Fred Marasco, Wilham McMuUen, Bernard Hyde, Kenneth Shaw. Richard Lum, Raymond Miller, Robert Yeoman. Middle Row: Frank Rivers, Warren Galsser, Henry Balconl, Rlchard Eckert, Robert Rein, Roger Mcftusky, Front Row: Richard Alward, William Muoio, HOMEROOM 116 SOPHGNIOR of 78 Bach Row: Donald Foley, Thomas Nicolay, George Bonacci, Franlc Lamuraglia, Dominic DeBonis, William Saunders. Stephen Carlucci, James Hynes. Donald Ciminelli. Middle Row: Philip Lane, Arthur Eisenberg, Martin Kolb, Franlr Lupiani, Richard Baute, David Hart. Front Row: Anthony ff' Schrader, Thomas Keegan, Norman Caccarnise, Joseph DiPoalo, Samuel Rivoli. SR. M. MONICA, R.S.M. Back Row: Vincent Przybyla. Paul Mura. Joseph Smyles, Thomas Lirnner, Richard Miller, Lawrence Marconi, David White, Maurice Brunner. Thomas McGrath. Middle Row: Charles Amalfi, Charles Meagher, Norman Shwamle, John Vollrmar. Joseph Erriqo, Richard Corbett, Front Row: Anthony Gallo. John Zeppetella, Richard Russell, Frederick Reis. CLASS 1956 79 Nd 7, tnrk Daykd Srmms, Georqe Bach Row: Sahrakore Corsmo, Joseph MeJanson, Rona o . L K , Pxhan Schroeder, Benkamm Guamma, James Voh. Mrddxe Row: Robert Skanr N ton. John Bonahde. Front Row: Jo CWS En' hk Joseph Cahahan. Lawrence or John rrq . Pekhs, John Mdlermokk. James Brooks. Rennrr, Edward er, RaXph Gaho, hrw Heh. Roger HOMERQQM no Back Row: WiXX'ram Xrvrn, a rrc , Lynch Joseph Hartman, GabrKeX Mnonni. James Kraft. Middh Row: ona , RonaJd Wraker, Lewks Turpyn. MrchaeJ Garvey. Frank Row: John DonJoh, NNRXham Schaefer, U Ge Keeher. Thomas Carra , P K' L Ford Peter Deckman, Robert Landry, Hugh Marks. Thomas D Nd Murphy M'rchaeJ orqe Aman. s R' M- STELLA 80 Ja SOPHOMQF of ' R.S.M, Back Row: Jonn Foufer, Pau! Logan, Bob McGuire, P t Bond, Bob Mart f. B' Pufvino, e er Lyncl, Ronald Case, Gord De Hond, Jim e iil Hayes. Front Row: Tom Gerico, Gerry Latus, Bob Doud, John Budinslri, Lou qmss 1956 REV, J. lack Row: Mickey Thiele. Torn Kellner, Don Wills' Jim Kr N' C.S.B. CULLE LEONARD 81 01 HQMEROUM 2 ins, Bob Enfress, John Pickens, Norb Schroth amer. Front Row: Bob Stifter, Bob lstvan, Jim Cosrnano, J h B o n enson, Torn Aman. FRESHMEN Bach Row: Frank O'Connel, Arthur Johnson, Edward Tabak, Joseph Mastowslci, Robert Kintnor, John Masco, Walter Lass. John McLaren, Bertram Morgan, Max Russer. Middle Row: Richard Dean, Gerald Abel Vincent Wissman, Gary Barraqato. John Selvelc, John Ribis. Front Row: Arthur Miller, Ronald Flannery, David Platt, James Culhane, Thomas Smithers. HOMEROOM 301 MR. RICHARD WHALEN. C.S.B. 82 Back Row: Joseph Rivaldo. John Bauerschmidt, Kevin Considine, Joseph Ventura. James Bieber, James Weidman, Thomas Nellis, Paul Brennan, George Kappler. Leonard Drogo. Middle Row: William Schmidt, Al Mahar, John Cavalier. Francis Spinelli, James Byrne, John Pawlilc. Front Row: John Geraghty. Donald Rabideau, Ronald Hirschler. Joseph DiCecco, Paul Schwartz. CLASS 1957 Baclc Row: James Byrnes. Raymond Nicholas, Anthony DiPalermo, Peter Shafer, John McMahon James Maloney, Thomas Eclcer, John Fleming. Middle Row: John Rizzo. James Reisinger, Edward Miller, Bernard Johnston, Donald Hochadel. Timothy Welch. Front Row: George Schmitz, Gerald Ponticello, HOMEROOM 302 Back Row: Louis DeCarolis, Ronald Brotsch, Wayne Cook. Kenneth Pelcher, Richard O'Connor Michael Spinelli. Thomas Timmons, James Kelly. Middle Row: David Celeslci, Joseph DiGuardi Richard Tamblin, Richard Gervickas, Richard Bolaowslci, Robert Verhagen. Fronk Row: Michael Russo Charles La Verde. REV. RAYMOND L. PRINCE, C.S.B. Bach Row: Richard Rizzo, Phillip Nato, Michael Byrne. Arthur Mundy, David Twamley, Kenneth Remminq, John Bodensteiner, Paul Gerzsney, Robert Norton. Middle Row: Wesley Edwards. Robert Baumqartner, Thomas Hotlend, James Andreano. Kenneth Gugqino, James Kelly. Front Row: John Foglia, Patrick D'Agastino, Michael Wesley, Ignatius Ponticello. SR. M. DECLAN, R.S.M. Back Row: Leonard Ruszlrowslci, Louis Vernarelli, John Shane, Robert Miller, James DeClercl:, Ronald Jones, Gerald Matheis, Raymond Sommers, Francis DiMora. Middle Row: Robert Mechler, John Stanton. Edward Brown, Donald Koellmel. Joel Celso, Joseph Mangan, Front Row: John Schmitz, Thomas Oldfield, Donald Copenhagen, Joseph Territo. FRESHMEN of 84 Roberts. HOMEROOM 306 CLASS 1957 Back Row: Roy Miller, John Shanlr, Stephen Mancini, Albert Dobbertin, Robert Smith, Michael Byrne, Robert Nuccitelli, Jeremiah Whalen, Ralph Citino. Middle Row: Robert Bayer, John Kelley, Raymond Foti, Michael Lenzi, Warren Johnson, Joseph Perrotta. Front Row: Peter Verroca, Richard MR. JOSEPH B. COURTNEY. C.S.B Back Row: John Thompson, Daniel Hotmann, Paul Murano, Thomas Corbett, James Sadler, Wayne Meisenzahl, Patrick Brennan, Lawrence Gianqreco, Robert Wood. Middle Row: Stanley Dedoszalc, Richard DeCroce, Thomas Czechanslci, Thomas Bontiqlio, Thomas Andres. James Growney, Front Row: Harold Ehmann, Donald LeBoo, Thomas Scheg. G. X-ePin GeOfqe th . whelewl' than-as PO' ' Mmhael 11 vl' M ref . . . Middle " ',,.Jahn Yanus' Joseph ul 'a PUCQ' Front Ro ' Timothy Hgwgnixd Daievl Gereirgmes Villone. R - Joseph Dolagg De Geert-gehrmini Paul Sloliosel Back QVLJOMHI Lawrerl' V Gkxbert U Daxgdrtsliuder' Jollnttlifagillennon' Ro 9 ' ioim csiiaiwwi We FRESHMEN 43' HQMEROQM 307 Baclr Row: Richard Fedison J , ames Mclfecfn. Albin Orlowslci, Richard Clarlc, Joseph Urban, Andrew Marracco. James l-lancoclc. John McCarthy, Stephen Miller, lvan Tomanovich, Ronald Corrigan Middle Row: Donald Mantello, Milton Oakes, Sebastin Petix, John Sh vatore Faso. Front Row: Raymond B ea, Lawrence Kenney, Sal: auchard, Thomas Antinara, Arthur Schmitz, Fredrick Rogers. SR. M. SUCCURSU, R.S.M. B-lcl: R W - owf J A Willllgegl Thorne? fifagllccdrfy- Thorne Bryd Gardner' DS' Andre Laffy Z Degnan' Rob CLASS HOMEROOM 308 Back Row: Raymond Cowan, Edward Riqhtmeyer, John Faust, Richard Rosolawslri, Anthony Powderly, Philip Golding, Michael Cappon, Patrick Cleere. Richard Tornafselli. Middle Row: Seratino Arnone, Terrance Donahue, Carl Silvio, Nicholas Bozzelli, Thomas Miller, Robert Schoeneberqer, Front Row: Richard Danehy, Joseph DeRoller, Lawrence Kesel, Franlc Palozzi. 99 , J 5 ohn Oberlisglild Spdler' Ffggergfplljglllps, exlidlizlli Thomas T a Q R Q orf-O ri ow' J rd' 5 G' Hfvmek. Ff:iiineRW'iSnf'elfilidlFilwWeil, Domiri' ' l ow: Philip flcLZr:SMi!,On? ' ohn SR. M. HILDEGARDE, R.S.M 87 REV. ALBERT F. BUTLER. C.S.B. FRESHMEN Back Row: Raymond Colline, David Cragq, William Whutenaclc, Francis Lancie, Edward Vahue, Francis Lipani, Kenneth Simmons, Michael Pozzanghera. John Toomey. Middle Row: Thomas Bell, Ronald Young, Ronald Hart, William Hughes, John Riley, Peter Pavia, Front Row: John Garland. Cuary Goodwin, Fred OlBrien. HOMEROOM 310 Back Row: John Kamola, Michael C. Wade, Richard Brady, John McGuire, Richard Naughton, John Schultz, Robert Brasch, Kenneth Mass, John Dettlett. Middle Row: John Papietro, Charles Mello, Anthony Spall, John Fisher, Thomas Steininger, D. Paul Arsenault. Front Row: Carl Scarson, Joseph Danesi, Bernard Ross. 88 'KP MR. EUGENE T. O'REILLY, C.S.B. CLASS Back Row: Darus De-Cook, Edward Graham, Robert Engl, Joseph Montante, Franl: Stupia, Terrance King, Richard Boss, Edward Dangler, James Collins. Middle Row: Michael Wagner, Robert DeYager, Daniel Tuite, Raymond Buchanan, Daniel Kane, Joseph Scarpulla. Front Row: George Landry, Harvey Masseau, John Wiesner, Lawrence Crewe, Franln Galusha. HOMEROOM 311 Sgrzf Baclr Row: Michael Spelman, David Quadrini, Richard Benzon, James Piecuch, Thomas McGuire, Charles Lissow, David Sheehan, Erwin Nitzman, Sam Toratore, William Highfield. Middle Row: Joseph Abraham, Raymond Nary, Robert Dietz, Timothy Riclrard, Ronald Schwenzer, Dominic Rotolo. Front Row: Robert Hartter, John Callaghan, Gerald Klueber, Ronald Pappert, Nelson Meisenzahl. 89 A ,, -9' 3 , is Back Row: David Pas, Anthony Cnntestebile, Stephen Hawkins. Robert Genovese, George Dougherty, David Alclr-Ch Gerald Benrhi, poqer Carlin, Uavid Mclferine. Middle Row: David Willriris, William Kannan, Fiedeiiflq Rwsfiter, Colin Monteifh, Paiil Sloan, Alan Scarsella. Front Row: Francis Colosimo, llnfimas Siillixan George Srialdiinn. FRESHMEN of MR. JAMES DALEY, C.S.B. Back Row: Kenneth Budinslci, William Naylon, James O'Brien, Michael Manion, Leo DeVos. James Grassi, Charles Parrinello, Richard Vander Tweel, Thomas Lanni, William Lanni. Middle Row: Raymond Vogt, Joseph Machia. Charles Finsterwalder, Gary Kinnen, Thomas Pielcunka, Joseph Territo. Front Row: James Hurley. Samuel Ruggieri, Michael Ripton. CLASS s. Davld Maqrn, John Doyle. MR. DAVID DUPRE Back Row: Stanley Patrle, Donald Kapp, Thomas Mooney, Wulliarn Reitsteclc, Edward Weaver, John Schaeter, James Larnuraqlia. Matthew Szelaq. Middle Row: James Davis. Joseph Vath, Richard Wilson, Albert Warslnger, Donald Hyatt, Eugene Michaud. Front Row: James O'Brien, Orande Bianchi, Davrd Kinslcy, Joseph Geracl, Fredrlclc Rnschenolc. Baci Row: Emanuel Buono, Anthony Cascianl, Kenneth Mattle, James Russell, Emmett Ne-ary, Paul Manuse, Thomas Connell, Gary Smith. Middle Row: Wayne Spencer, James Tantolo, Edward Pvrrera, John Connorton, James DiBuo, Rrchard Brandt. Front Row: James Hendel, John Gresens HOMEROOM 313 IUNIOR AND SDPHOMDRE ABSENTEES FRESHMAN ABSENTEES Front Row: Gary Benwitz, Joe Sclwirmer, Stacy Pevone. Jim Coyne, Dick Hoilaert, John Dobbertin, Ed Gerviciwas. Robert Schenkel, Tony Mor- reaie, Vincent May. Middle Row: Don Poecola. Bob Olouqlwiin, Bernie Farming, Jim O'Rieiiy, Dave Keuna. Dick Beikirch, Don Weber. Peter Mermaqen, Dick Tierney, Dave Stopani, Back Row: John Duemmei, Jack Gaiciney. Eu- gene Santucci, Leonard Hack, Dave Leila, Peui Nothnagle, Dave Leiqht, John Yeager. Dan O'Mera, Dick Orczyk, Mike Roche. Frank n. . . John Bianaqg David Ubbink, Martin- Richard siephen s Pxioi- Robjrtoaiavrefnipawck iiipstiiiiiier, nCl ' ' 5 R Miciwaei iaoiiandikoiiiiejd KABYV Ejnvri Donoqnuejhoma t ow. W. Ffon IBWLMI Back O I Geraid Martin' Miodus Geifgid Mcfaiiurfi, XNikirYX5r" 92 ,A We i E QW WP' lg! ,L . .5 fi 4, 4 5 ,Ev , M f f J. "':.,...v ik .M IN TERRY SHEEHAN On Ocfober 30, l953 +he huslle and busfle of Aquinas school life slopped momenlarily +o honor a los+ son, for Terry Sheehan, Aquinas honor Sfudenf, had died. Terry was rhe Calholic ideal, which Aquinas helps build wilhin her sludenls. The life Terry Sheehan led was a 'rribule +o his parenls, church, and school, bu+ his courage ar lhe consummalion of +ha+ life was even a grealer lribufe To him. Alllicled wilh an incurable disease, Terry spenf many agonizing monlhs of pain. Yer The record he achieved here a+ Aquinas will nor end, nor be forgorlen. His work on 'lhe Aquinas Debaling Team, his eFFor'rs in lhe Mag- azine Drives and his life as a soldier of Chrisff have leff an indelible record +0 be admired and remembered long afler fhe las+ one of us has leff Aquinas. Terry Sheehan was a friend +o all lhose who lcnew him, buf in a larger sense he was a friend lo everyone, for living he was a lribule +o Aquinas, while dead he remains a s+ill greafer +ribu're fo all 'rhal Aquinas is and slands Tor. Requiescaf in Pace GRGANIZATIGNS MOTHERS' CLUB Members of the Board of the Mothers' Club with their sons- Communiorz Breakfast - 1955. Officers of The Mothers' Club - Mrs. William Scheiter - Treasurer, The lVlOll79l'5I ll55 accomplished more This Year Than al V5 Comellus Monahan ' Pres" Mm' Patmd' Fanell ' Vlce PWS" any Time since iT was Tounded. Besides The regular meeTing on The Mrs Theodore Houck - Sec'y. Card Party Committee - Mrs. Gullo Mrsi Yagy, Mrs. McGill, Mrs. Kirley Mrs. Zlotnilf, Mrs. Monahan, Mrs Przybyla, Mrs. Paproclu, Mrs. Kujawa Mrs. Maier, Mrs, Kolb, second Tuesday oT each monTh, The club has parTicipaTed in many oTher acTiyiTies. The opening TooTball game was sponsored by The MoThers in The monTh oT SepTember - They Toolc care oT The clerical worlc in The Magazine Drive W A card parTy aT ST. STanislaus was Their November underTalcing - The ChrisTmas parTy was a huge success. Many oT Them Toolc Time OTT Trom Their duTies To aTTend a day oT recollecTion, preached by Their moderaTor, Fr. l:ullerTon, in The early parT of January. ThroughouT The resT oT The year, There Toolc place a rummage sale, The annual Fashion Show, and The annual lvloThers and Sons Com- munion BrealcTasT. FaculTy and sTudenTs wish To Thanlc This grand organizaTion Tor Their help in malc- ing This school year a success. Chairman of the Card Party MfS- VIHCSHT Pflvbvld The Card Party at St. Stanislaus Hall. A group of ladies at the Card Party - St. Stanislaus Mss Rosalie Midnight, Mrs, John Catra. Mrs. Samuel fxmaru Mrs. Marlc Bonsignore. Communion for Mothers and Som - May 24, 1955 Execuiive Commifiee. Fronf Row: Thomas Lynch lPres.l, Franlc Biondi 32nd Vice Pres.l, Patrick Farrel llst Vice Pres.l. Second Row: Fr. Sheahan lModeratorl, Edward Doyle lSec.l, Harold Dorsey lTreasl. MEN'S CLUB Men sewing th . . . . . fh ' 9 5 The Aquinas Mens Club has sleadily increased in Thglyasclgdgflla, Cha,7gf'Hf"iUt Suppe,XJOh P . ' I G V C W J V7 prominence and popularnly in lhe pasl' lew years. The Y Osepl' Cffnnaliy. joilgfeb Jffhn Cream A Q . . . l 6 XT l nr enlhusiasm ol lhe club members is readily seen in a re- qw. Frank Bimdi view of some of ils aclivilies. Memorable evenls such as +he Sauerlcraul Supper, fhe Foolball Rally before lhe Thanksgiving Day Game, lhe Talenl Nighl, lhe Player ol ohn De us resents a rize to an . 3 , Aquinas student at Men's Club meetn The Weelc Award presenled alier each loolball game,-All These allesl lo lhe willing ing' cooperalion of +he men. Oufslanding among Jrhe year's happenings was lhe 2nd Annual Awards Nighf a+ which sludenls were honored for lheir alhlelic and scholaslic abiliiies. The excellenl performance of 'rhe Men's Club can be allrib- uled lo ils Moderalor, Fr. Sheahan and President Torn Lynch. To lhem, +0 The olher officers, and lo all lhe mem- bers, lhe sfudenfs are mosl' apprecialive. Liederkrantz Choral Group at the Pbane' Sauer Kraut Supper. . is f I. nt? john Degus holds the box while Father u K' Sheahan draws a lucky number. President A Tom Lynch watrhes from behind the micro- . Tr X -. 1, i . 1 x 4 i Mrs. Eckert and Mrs. Yagy pouring roger' at the Sauer Kraut Supper for Harold Dur- 97 Kev. Rav Enylerf. and Pete Reiltuzd. Un., iff' Kill! ! I li' I YW . f Q , 3 ll KM, 2 in ...lam UW 17 'fx egg ' ' To record the events that talce place in school lite and to intorm the students ol them, Aquinas publishes, monthly, a newspaper, the Maroon and White, which has become an outstanding feature at the school. The Maroon and White contains news, sports, features, and also interesting editorials and articles ot humor. Besides informing the students, the newspaper helps to train its statl in journalism and photography. This year the members received more experience in so lar as they were able to attend a convention in New Yorlc City. We teel that the Maroon and White under the direction ot Fr. Abend and the ellorts ol the many statls has proven beneficial to Aquinas students, and is worthy ot praise. NEWS AND LITERARY STAFFS Standing: Tom Kellner, Louis Tasciotti. Phillips Gibson, David Sims, Don Gray, Bill Stephan, John Ashton, Kevin Maloy, John Mooney, Don Corbett. Seated: Peter Tarrant. Milne Tomauno, Carl Lenzo, Alfonso Rivellino, Charles Vacanti. MAR00 EDITORS AND WHITE Shnding: Don Corbett, Gus Owens, Joe Dilzabio, Charles Vacanti. Seaf- ed: Gary Martins, Fr. Abend, Dan Brown. SPORTS. BUSINESS AND FEATURE STAFFS Standing: Dick Powers, Don Kujawa, John Welsh, Cy Le- doux. Walter I-luurman. Seated: Bob Meteyer, Guy Vito. Diclr Meyer, Jge Dillabio, Jim Proud, Bill Rowe, 99 K. Bach Row: Ronald Zlotnilr, Paul Brach, Joseph Barra. Don Foley. Joseph Di Tucci, Vincent Coccia. Patrnlc Ford. Front Row: James Long. Lawrence Hnish, George Aman. ADVANCED CANDIDATES SODALIST3 Baci: Row: August Deprez. Louis Tasciotti lVice Presl, John Sorolcti, Lowell McNally lSec.l. Middle Row: Franlc Rivers, Norman Schwamle. Milo Tornanovirh lTreas.l, James Tuclcer, PaTriclc Piehnpaoli, Ed McGraw, Marlr Bonsignore, Paul Muidmwn. Bob Pererua, Patriclc Ford. Fronk Row: Arthur leo lPreTecTi, Arthur Yaqy, William Cot- Tcrill, Anthcny Gallo. TOO MAJOR OFFICERS Milo Tomanovich lTreasurerl, Louis Tascioiti lVice- Preiecfl, Arthur Leo lprefectl, Lowell McNally lSecretaryl, Fr. Grescovialc, Sodality Director, SODALITY The SodaliTy oT Our Lady was inauguraTed aT Aquinas in May oT T947 by Bishop Kearney under The TiTle oT "The So- dali+y oT The lmmaculaTe l-TearT OT The Blessed Virgin Mary". lTs main obiecT is To develop a wholesome religious aTTiTude in iTs members Through The ThreeTold purpose oT selT-sancTi- TicaTion, sancTiTicaTion oT oThers, and deTense oT The Church. The SodaliTy consisTs oT Freshman CandidaTes, Advanced CandidaTes and SodalisTs. Many proiecTs, spiriTual and corporal worlrs oT mercy, such as The sale oT religious arTicles, The PerpeTual Rosary, and a Canned Foods Drive To aid needy Tamilies, were successTully underTalcen by The members dur' ing The pasT year. The SodalisT dedicaTes himselT To Mary, his Queen and MoTher, and Tries, wiTh her aid, To be and To live as a good CaTholic. '15 , f a x X s yif X KW 2 'S OFFICERS Seaied Froni: Jim Cortina Guy Vito, Standing: Mr 0'Reilly, Fr. Looby. Rear: Greg Britz lPres.l. MISSIONS AQUINADER STAFF Seated: Jim Ofonnor IEditorl, Bob Meteyer, Dan Kujawa, Jim Rieflin, Fr, Looby, Wayfne Scheible, Dan Brown, Walt I-Iiclxey. CHRISTMAS CARD COMMITTEE Seated: Bill Stephan, Dave Doyle, Pete Tarrant. Skand- ing: Fr. Looby, Jim Mooney, Tim I-lowland, John Ritz. John Samuelson, Arthur Madagan. Mission acfivify during fhe year I953-54 was in- dicafive of fhe fradifional spirif af Aquinas. Nof only was enfhusiasm displayed financially buf also in The worlc of fhe Sfamp Commiffee, Ihe African Commif- ree, fhe Medical Commiffee and lasf and mosf im- porfanf fhe Crusade of Prayer. Financially, fhe amounf will surpass lasf year'S S24,000, which is being raised nof only by personal confribufions in each homeroom, buf by fhe Chrisf- mas Card Sale and fhe Mission Boufs. Aid confinues fo be senf fo bofh foreign and home missions. Already, boxes of medical supplies have been frans- miffed fo needy missionary hospifals. Fr. Biondi's Sfamp Commiffee has gafhered fhousands of sfamps, which will be senf fo Fafher Collins, fhe Direcfor of fhe Mexican Missions. The African Commiffee confinues fo keep acfive fhe growing correspondence befween fhe sfudenfs of our counfry and fhose in Africa. The Aquinader published monfhly informs Ihe slu- denrs of homeroom sfandings, and confains mission news wifhin fhe school and from fields afar. Very imporfam' among fhe aciivifies, is fhe pro- gram of Sfudy. Each monfh copies of The Oblafe World, Ihe Shield, The Mission Memo from Mexico, and Marylcnoll are placed in every homeroom, and all sludenfs are urged fo read fhem. Mosf imporlanf of all is fhe program of prayer. Be- sides privafe and classroom prayer, each homeroom is scheduled fo affencl fhe eighf o'cloclc Mass in our chapel each morning. MEDICINE COMMITTEE Standing: Fr. Looby, Winlried Kell- ner, John Collins, Bob Schefter, Torn Kellner. Seaied: Milne Wesley, i 2 zfrz, - :NL v-, .- , ii V233 .ine 5 - 'si Q- 5' E53 , f ye u 354 J W ve? .Jaw 'R . 1 -.-W, 5 F 8 ,Sm K1 Ngnrf 1,2 is d figs X ,,,. e ff: Sffzizi 21 Y-www., 332 X ., i My f gin 'L msflg' 455 xf ...nga '!c,.fdx.,k..i d . Q' I ' e , af, e . 2 54 ' . :gf ,,.. 7 Aww.-x..,' , 9 -ia Laing Q is I J E . ff e 2 ' A 'Z Q pf Q3 'gn , Q 'E N. W-W x if Bzsbop Sheen, Fr Looby and Carl Brasley admzre the lruck donated by the Aquzrzas Mzsszon Cruvade to be used zu lbe Mzszon Fields 0 Norlberrz Canada SM? if . l . 4 V A n I 1 a 1 O 3 Froni Row: W. Kuiawa, F. DeRosa, T. LaCcur, K. Brimstein, L. Civiletti, Second Row: P, French, C. Ledoux, D. Gray. Miss J. Cappellino, J. Bonn, J. Duernmel. R. Stanin. Third Row: P. Conley, M, Judd. R. Neary, B. Welch, P, Genier, T. Houlc, J, Rutledge, J. Fitzgerald, T. Gill, E. Bailey, F. Argento. Fourth Row: M. Wiclcert, F. Oldfield, W, Kellner D. Beikirch, J. Rogers. M, Lupo, E. Pendle- ton, B. Flanigan, J. Rombaut, A. Povia, T, Kellner, C. Maciejewslgi. LIBRARY CLUB CLUB OF THE YEAR "Beiween Book-ends" sfaff J. Fiizgerald, W. Kellner, Grey. Tb - E K At the Christmas Party, Fr. Regan, Fr. Fischette, Hojnefrlglixfocapgggzz Fr. Murphy and Mr. Courtney. with some of the group. The many clubs, acrive ai Aquinas, have for 'rheir purpose many diverse goals. Yei, one can fruly be said io have as iis goal 'rhe inrelleciual growih of each Aquinas siudeni. Thai club is lhis year's seleciion as "Club of ihe Year" by ihe Areie - THE LIBRARY CLUB, The Library Club was formed To assisr rhe Librarian, +0 irain i+s members in Library Science and lo encourage a high educaiional achievemeni ihroughoui ihe siudenl body of Aquinas. The work which ihis organizaiion performs is a iribuie io 1-he unseiiish spirir ol pariicular Aquinas siudenis, who are willing io help iheir school wiihoui any 'rarigible rewards. Special commendaiion musi be given io ihe Librarian, Miss Cappellino, whose uniiring effori and guidance, made possible The many proiecis underfaicen This year. The trip to St. john Fisher. Father Flood the Librarian, explains the system at the College. IO4 The Fall Exhibit prepared by A. Povio and Horn Seaied: M, Bruner, T. Aman, T. Kellner, G. Aman, W. Carey, R. Streb, B. Renberq, L, Hurscli, J. DePaulo, T, Hoiclman, G. Campo. P, Pietropaoli, W. Kujawa, J. Janlcovialc. Standing: G, Scnnet- zer, P. Mura, H, Van Beurden, P. Gibson, D. Gray, J. Fonda K, Aman, J. Duemmel, T, Brook, D. Sims, R, Zlatnilc, A. St. Pierce, R. Krolalr, E. Kinslcy, M. Wiclrert T, Wiesner, N. Kolb, J, Regan E. Reiter. T.THOMAS CLUB , M5571 Tri,-E ' 1-:.:':i' L':-:ggi ' .--zazj, .Q 'fx' QT. ifji-P :":g: -, . fa- gy ,vii- :e1,f:--- ,. -fer , 1, 'fig-I ,Q . V' The srholastir giants who attained an average of ninety or more, with no mark ,A under seventy-five, for all four quarters. I i I l 5 .vii . ,v . , 3 - . 4 4 Q F' 1 Q 45,7 'A' f' .Z' f-,j"' i Z4-fi X41 X, 1 '0 is 5 1 LN . f uni N AQ: U' ' E- U S, Atbletif giants who received their letter in one or more sports. 105 Front Row: Guy Vito, Joe Ko- esterer, Jaclc McDonald, Dan O'Brien, Larry Palvino, Bill Fin- nerfy, Dan Anneclwino, Bill Nelson, Don Congdon. Kevin Malay. Mid- dle Row: Jim Sclwmidlin, Jolin Guarino, Russ Guelli, Scsi Du- rand, Pete Tarrant, George Sa- lemi, Jaclc Lynq, Dave Kelly, Baclr Row: Philip Genier, George Pren- derqast, Jim Cortina, Greg Britz, Fred Wagner, Milce Spanq, Joe DeFabio, Jirn Burlce, Diclc Meyer. VARSITY- CLUB JUNIOR DEBATERS Back Row: W. Rowe, J. Mooney, J. Nugent, R. O'Connor, J. Glasner, D. Powers. D. O'Connor, R. Wiedmanri, P. Gibson, G. Dehiond, R. Streb, Midclle Row: B. Brash, T. Falk. Fr. O'Reilly, G. Schnitzer, J. Bartoszwicz, L. McNally. Front Row: F, Argento. E. SENIOR DEBATERS Back Row: D. Bloomfield, J. Riefliri, Cu. Owens. C. Vacariti G. Martins, J. Ashton, K. Maloy, L. Tasciotti. Middle Row: edoux, C. Lerizo. D. Kane. J. Oberlies, W. Kellner, Nl Tomaino. Front Row: W. Stephan, D. Gray, J. Shields. The Debafing Society has proved to be one of the most beneficial organizations af Aquinas. lfs members are trained to speak in public and thereby develop poise and self- confidence. This is accomplished through fhe medium of arfful debating and various other oraforical activities. Highlighting fhis year's schedule was the affainmenf of firsf place honors at a New York Sfafe invitational fournamenf held af Corf- laricl Sfafe Teachers College. The members also partici- pated in national tourna- ments at New York and Cleveland. Other debates included home and home series with Sf. Michaels of Toronfo, Bradford, C.B.A. of Syracuse, Jamestown, and Ivlf. Mercy of Buffalo. A HEATED PRACTICE DEBATE Ledoux. L Dick Powers, Don Bloomfield. ouis Tasciotti, Carl Lerizo, Kevin Maloy, Cyril Reiter, T. Caroll, J. Schirmer, J. Kelly. VICTORS RETURN FROM CORTLAND, N. Y. STATE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Back Row: Gary Martins Chas. Vacanti, Fr. O'ReilIy Gus Owens, John Shields Front Row: Don Gray. Mike Tomaino, John Ash ton. Absent: Dick Oster man. s Standing: Chas. Vacanti lCoachl, Dick O'Con- rior, Bob Brash, Jim Kelly, Danny Kane, Don Gray lCoachl. Seated: John Oberlies. FRESHMAN DEBATERS WITH THEIR COACHES ITALIAN CLUB Front Row: Anthony DiMarco. Donald Arioli, Joseph Cometa. Joseph Russo, Second Row: Frank DeRosa, Thomas Greco, George l.aDelpha, Arthur Caputo, Robert Corletta, Richard Bianchi, Third Row: Robert Bacchetta, Anthony Turrisi, Joseph DiTucci, Fr. Biondi, Frederick Barber, James Persi. Joseph Cassata. Fourth Row: Nich. Mastrella, Frank Argento. Chuck Marang, Louis Pulvino. Dick Volpe, Nazerene D'Ercole. Anthony Brindisi, Robert Latragna, Anthony Fiorica, Anthony Arno- rosa. Fifth Row: Anthony Costan- za, Robert Spano. Joseph Di- Eabio, Leo Eabris, Anthonv Cinotti, Guy Vito. Raymond Cama, Larry Palvino, George Salemi. FRENCH CLUB Front Row: Richard Whitley. Eugene Bailey, Peter MacAdam, John l.aEorte, David St. Maurice. Robert McDonald, Middle Row: Edward Owens lSec.l. David O'Neil lPres.l, Fr. Murphy, Kevin Maloy lVice-Pres.l, Eugene Mc- Kay lTreas.l, William McGuire. Back Row: James Bauman,William Carey, Donald Bloomfield. William Farrell, John Ashton, Eugene Ke- hoe, William Doran, Michael Spang, Gary Martins, John Haley, Bernard Flavhan, L. William Corsica. IO7 Lo SPANISH CLUB Front Row: John Mooney, Larry Boudens, Er. Jettery. Donald Bergin, Walter Huurman. Frank Kesel, Louis Ehmann. Back Row: John l-lotmann, Gerald Thomann, Daniel Kujawa, Donald Luczak. Fred Wagner, Robert I-largather. Ronald Witzel, Richard hlabes, Clittoid Joslin, GERMAN CLUB Front Row: Cyril Ledoux, Carl Schater, Robert Schenlcel, Robert Welch. John Merlrel, Carl Lenzo. Second Row: Stephen Rains, Raul Arends, Peter Mermagen, Max Wichert, John Dobbertin, Walter l-liclcey. Third Row: John Ham- merl, Michael Tomaino, Hans Dotzler, Donald Gray, Sr. Laurene Marie, Michael Judd, Wilfred Wagner, Thomas Wiesner. Fourth Row: Robert Weichbrot, William Stephan, Richard Stitter, Gerald Slcerrett, Eric Pendleton, James Sheridan, Richard Powers, Gerald Kotwas, James Proud, Timothy Napierala, James Schirmer, John Haetner, Patriclc Reddy, John Regan, William McCall, Fifth Row: Robert Schaefer, David Ofonnor, John Sandmann, Nore man Schott, Robert Gores, Robert Enright, David Galen, Thomas Bull, Thomas Broolc, Lloyd Ber. ardi, Bernard Farnunq, Joseph Reinschmidt, Louis Tasciotti. rw, gn LATIN CLUB Standing: John LaForte, Max Wiclcert, Paul McGlynn, Milne Lupo, Milce Rose, Dan Luczalc, David Roqers, Gerry Thomann. Seated: Albert Montville, Fr. Lococo, John Deqnan. 108 CHESS CLUB Front Row: Jim Long, Norm Shwamle, Ken Mass, Torn Keegan, Ron Pappert, Don Finch. Second Row: Maurice Brunner lSec.l, Chuclr Bell, Torn Burchard. Diclc O'Connor, Roger Streb, Bernard Rehburq. Fr. Poluilris. Third Row: John Reeder lTreas.l, Anthony St. Pierre, John Sorolcti, Steve Pains, John Wallace, lVice-Pres.l, John Nugent, Standing: Charles Smith, Joe Melanson, Chuck Vacanti, John Ritz lPres.l, Art Capulfo, Bruce O'Connor, Don Luczalr. John McMahon. CAMERA CLUB Baclr Row: Roger Bossert, Donald Blum, John Nugent, Jim Caschette, Jim Tucker. Larry Roth. Bob Neary, Bob Stanin, John A ton. Front Row: Joe Schirrner, Bob Metever lVice p - Pre-s.l, Don 'Winlield. Diclc Corbett, Tom Hoffman, Sal Faso. Standing with Camera: Paul Muldoon lPres.l. Mod- erator Fr, Teylin C.S,B. CCIN CLUB Front Row: Michael Westley, Domeniclr Whitt Leonard Droqo, Emanuel Buono, John Tantalo Leonard Ruszcowslri. Back Row: Paul Hafner Wayine Scheihle, Paul Brach, John Weqrnan, Fran ris Spinelli Moderator Mr, David Di.: Pie, RADIO CLUB Front Row: John Wegrnan, Bob Stanin, Bach Row: Paul Mura, Larry Roth, Charlie Dresser, Fr. Butler. At Key: Joe Di Tucci. IO9 CHEMISTRY CI.llB First Row: Bill Stephan, Bob Gullo, Eugene Mc- Kay. Ron Witzel. Second Row: Jim Schirmer. John Giryin. Roger Bossert, Ken Mackne, Willy Wagner. Third Row: Judd Dry, Ed Wollensak, Tom Raab, Eric Pendelton, Torn Greco, Fourth Row: Tim Napierala. Jim Pierce, Lou Biehler Lou Tasciotti, Al Reed, Russ Schimrnel, Pete Tarrant, John Haetner. Fifth Row: Jim Gleason, Jim Bauman, Don Mariotti, Don Bloomfield, Ed DeTarnble, Jerry Skerret, Dave Rogers. Sixth Row: Dan Annechino. Don Smith, Jack McDonald, Terry Crandall, Walt Huurman. Gene Kehoe, John Corsica, Seventh Row: Tom North, Jerry Sullivan, Ron Piekunka, Dave Eedison, Pete Lowery. Bob Neary. Standing: Seated John Ret Albert Weisinger Larry Lrsch ic Awar Ra Boic ar traub, S anding: e er Martin, Mark Bonsonore, Leonard Ofonnor, Bll Roth Lar y Roth, Fr. Cross. James Tucker, William La Crosse, Don Brown, Louis Di Ea 'o. B I CLCC Y Cl II B GENERAL SCIENCE Front Row: Mike Wesley, Dick Ulbnnk, Bill Huqhs, George Landry, Fran Galusha, Joe Geraci, Middle Row: Ron Pappert, Joe Montante, Ed Graham, Duck Rizzo. Mike Lenqi, Wm. Reitsteck, Dave Quadrini, Pat D'Aqostino, Ray Buckanan, Mr. Galla, Back Row: Andre Lair, Francis Di Mora, Ed Pirrera, Joe Dolan, Stephen Hawkins, Bob Schneneberqer, Torn Corbett, James Hen- del, James Kelly, Ray Sommers, Oscar Meyer, Er. Wilson, Charles Vacanti, Cy Le our. Dave St. Maurice, Art Leo, Bill Lynch, Brady Callan, Dan Brown, Carl Lenzo. Absent: Dick Fess, Bob Monahan, John Guarino. Greg riz, Jack Holland, Tom Sullivan, Bob Burk- wit. Torn Masseth, Hryrnak. IIO DRAMATICS No sei ol spollighl aclivilies is ever complele wilhoul a line dramalics organizalion. In lhis respecl, Aquinas is represenied by an oulslanding group, The Spollighl Club. This year lhe Spollighl Club had a very successful year pre- senling Three plays. To open The year, our dramalics group pref senled The hilarious comedy, "Mn Barry's Elchingsu slarring Dave Berlsch as Mr. Barry. Nexl on The program was anolher greal com- edy, "lV1r. lceboxf' The Presidenl ol The Club, Ed Wollensalc very aplly handled The lead. The spring play was lhe musical "Finian's Rainbow." Oiher oulslanding aclors were Jerry, Danny O'lvlara and Jerry Garifl. Congralulalions lo Fr. Cullen and his line group. A scene from Mr. Barrylv Etrhings-Kay Sullivan, Dau O'Mara, Pal Doyle and Steve Cbechak. Fr. app to fgbn Iggge-Zldleeqlp Baclr Row: Stan Szczepansli, Jerry Slrerrett, Dave Kirby, John Foley, Jim Proud, Brian Fallon, Dan O'Mara, Joe McDonald, Tom Lynch. Middle Row: Mike Beianger, Steve Chechalc, Don Kirby, Will Wagner, Bob Bin. sack, Gene Kehoe, Jim Pierce, JGWY Gdfllll Ed Wollensal: lPres.l, Chuck Mai-ang, Dick Alward, Froni Row: Peggy Moore, Terry Philippone, Kay Sullivan, Pat Alward, Eleanor Ma. hon, Pat Doyle, Nancy Smith, Maureen O'Brien, Laurie Johnson, SPOTLIGHT CLUB A bouquet from Dave Berlsrb to Carol Hussey. X Polish Danfers entertain at the Christmas Show. Christmas songs by Ed Wollensak, Ron I-lojman and Warren Kufawa. DRAMATICS Eleanor Mahon listens to radio con- Tap dancer Dave Ras per- formed at the Christmas Party. rersation between lim Pierre and Bill Santa Claus McCarthy trips the light Farrell in Mr. Ifehox. fantastic with Elvie Diyuliu. A warning by Chuck Marung QF. B. IJ back to the camera, to ferry Skerrezz, Ed Ufollensak and Nimry Smith. fi little zalldatfille by jim Proud, Carol Hussey, Pat Doyle, and bill While. l Laurie johnson, Bill Farrell and Ed Wollensak in a scene from Q ,Q . - w. . . ,. , .-"3 ' '5 Q Mr. Iieboxi iii., V 'mx xi . lx' , X ' 5 G 1 W is ,. 2? " g SS .fs is X w ATHLETICS REV. 'CYRIL CARTER, C.S.B. Director ot Athletics REV. JOHN WILSON, C.S.B. Asst Director of Athletics MR. LOUIS BASILE Director ot Health and Physical Education Mr. William Greit Ass't Coacln Mr. Raymond Jablonslci, Head Coacli. Mr. Hunlc Vadas, Asst Coach. CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Carl Sctiaetter, Clwuck Maranq, Jim Lyons, Bob Burke. Tom Keagan, Mike Hynes. Middle Row: Jim Andriano, Ed Wollensalc. Top Row: Diclc Ofonnell. F0 OTBAll 1953 PUBLICITY STAFF Front Row: Guy Vito, Dick Meyer Lou Tasciotti, Jerry Tobin. Baclr Row: Pete Tarrant. Gus Owens, Greg Britz, Jack Mooney. Jolnn Ashton. Dan Brown. FO0TBAlL Loolcing ai lhe year's record, we may gel Ihe impression Ihal il was a ralher mediocre season. because we iirid lhal The score board reads 3 wins, 3 losses and a lie. I+ is our opinion rhar we had a good, well-coached l-ligh School Ieam. An exarninalion ol Ihe caliber of ihe opposilion, and Ihe spiriled showing ol our boys, should convince everyone ihal il was a leam of which we can be very proud. The iirs+ game was againsl powerful Calhedral Prep from Erie, Pa. Playing inspired foolball againsl a Ieam favored lo win, Aquinas had lo sellle for a I3 lo I3 lie. Every player, led by Dave Kelly, who re- ceived lhe "player of ihe weelc award," refused lo give up fill Ihe lasl whislle had blown. Oswego did not stand a rbanfe against an Angelone drive. foe Di DAN ANNECHINO Oswego l JIM CORTINA II5 KEVIN MALOY , Determined applies the straight arm in the THE VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Tom Urquhart, Kevin Maloy, Jim Cortina, Joe Di Fabio, Jim Burke, Jerry Yeager, George Prendergast. Torn Riley, Franlc Ruh, Jim McDonald. Third Row: Jerry Empy lMgr.l, Dick Stiiter, Larry Palvino, Phil Genier, Dan Annechino, Nano Dllfrcole, Frank Stees, Jaclc Enright, Guy Vito, Bill Finneriy, Don Congdon, Bill Casey lMgr.l. Second Row: Jim Schmidlin. Franlc Doherty, Russ Guelli, Jack Lyrig, Chuck McKenna, Judd Dry, Dave Kelly, Bill Anderson Charlie Amalli. Froni Row: George Salerni. John Guarino, Vince Gionta, I-lanlc Angelone, Sam Rebis. Sfbmidlin makes a gain around right end, against Oswego, Fabio game. Catholif Central's beautiful blocking that defeated Aquinas. Prendergast about to tatlele a Catlaolir Central stalwart. JOE DIFABIO DON CONGDON b rounded y e g . Angelone about tgentrnl Players GUY VITO 1, three C For lhe lourllm successive season, Aquinas delealed Boyslown ol Nebraska in +l'1e sec- ond game ol 'rlwe year. This was a coniesl which will long be remembered because Boys- lown, as usual, came 'ro Rochesler wilh a powerful squad. A forward pass caught and held in the Catholic Central game. atl90l'f E 1 , ,, 'N JACK McDONALD 116 The Third and TourTh games wiTh Oswego High and Archbishop STepinac of WhiTe Plains, were easily won by The convincing scores ol 3l To IZ, and 20 To O. IT was no disgrace Tor Aquinas To lose To CaTholic CenTral of DeTroiT, Tor we believe ThaT CC. would have been a march for many college elevens. Big and sTrong, uniTed wiTh superb Tackling and bloclcing lsee cuTl, They Toolc advanTage of every brealc ThaT came Their way. The second deTeaT came aT The hands ol AllenTown, where our boys meT anoTher powerful squad. IT is well To remember ThaT we held Them To a I3-7 score aT The begin- ning of The TourTh quarTer, buT in ThaT game we losT Mc- Kenna, Angelone, and STiTTer, which weakened us con- siderably. JACK LYNG CHUCK McKENNA Fleetfooted Srhmidlin goes around left end in the Boystown game. Sfhmidlin performs a danfe for the benefit of Boystown. Angelone breaks through the Pittsburgh line PHIL GENIER T Y T T JUDD DRY MYQN, eb- Anxiety displayed The hearfbreaicer was 'rhe season's Turkey Day finale againsf Nor+h Ca+holic of Pi++sburgh. Thirfeen fhousand exciied fans saw fwo evenly maiched Jreams baffle ii out wish neiiher showing any signs of weakness. I+ was +he iirsi E4 Thanksgiving Day game losi by Aquinas. by Guelli, ,Ma'Kem1d, Rebis and Shields ll'1J6"7l BOJ'5f0ll'71 had possession. McKenna receives during the g C bannel n the Sam irzsirurfions from Asst. foafb Hunk Vadas. FRANK J . LL! RUH NANO D' ERCOLE U 6- Two minds that zgosstown Gam JOHN GUARW0 GEORGE PRENDERGAST XX JIM QUINLAN R H8 We wish Io conqraiulaie Coach Ray Jablonsici and his capable siahf for Iheir fine woric in weidinq Iogefher a Iearn which was a credii +0 our school. Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas I3 I3 3I 20 24 7 I3 THE RECORD Erie Prep ,,,, ,,.. I 3 Boysiown so ss I2 Oswego ,,,,,,. . - - , I2 Siepinac ..,.,,s, -- O Caihoiic Ceniral W... 46 Alleniown ......,,,. 27 Piiisburgh --- -, --I4 RUSS GUELLI MR. RAYMOND JABLONSKI I-Iead Coach af" 1 BILL FINNERTY I FRANK STEES Schmidlin gets another T. D. against Stepinac. Diverse expressions from Tomaino, Salemi Anderson, Lettau, Vito, Riley, Stees and Fr. Biondi. Angelone almost breaks through, but was raught from behind by a Stepinac speedster. iii 1413? W 3' Q53 73 5, 33 lg S5 QQ' 3' is is C qw ,QQ W s z.'a Q 'fa Q Z algt 3 Q 6 3 v 1?gQ7a5i' 31 44' ff A mark f f jim Q I V', , I 'ti ,,, M ' ,eww ,Fa wr 1, im 5 wg A 'iw W -dw 'Q W fx . . 7 rw: T37 Q5 X W Q my f gif' 'S Q X i',..,,.-f., WTA. Wipe + n I 9 61 L 1 W if ai I O 'Mio , N 'Q 4:- , W5 fx b item ISS, , -.1 1 x I I 55 W 'EM Q, W Q J K TL- A gb 'l. ,. l t Nl 's ax, g f T, . ' 2 "4 1 ' ,, 'V MQ x . w ' . K , Ji I A 2 I l 2 Q W EQ 253 N in In H. Q ,,,- ' 3 3'-Q1 ,,., . ":1-' f .,,, E? """ P S H5 5 X59 W , Y l. if , 'Q W 2 I5 IF N., YVk t2 P ,Q U PM 5 S si ,1 V sg is YM-af is I QQ fl A fs X f WW 0 2 32 X. Q V W mf' S M iff Q W W W :--,. -. Z V +A Vw .Q 5 X 'Q Q K Mi ,- f S .. .. .. - , if W ,. 2 i 4 2 W fn if sy-my 'wgqg f -:,: 9 ' Vx v :':.. GS: , ,M ak "Y ww .llyfq 2? . A , sfwa- if W if E 5 .. ,iw ,ms f M 65 Mk' I Jxxgv WM , A 1 S N Q, , 6 , Q :sszi-' 43 ' W ,af .W ,N ' x W .- ' 2 7 fwgif - 3 s E 'fm A an Q X 5 5 3. x -f i f W e . . i Shnding: Charles Tobin lMgr.l, Greg Brrtz, Jack Burns, Tom Walz, George Bridgman, Bill Doud, Matt Branski, Don Congdon, Bernie Ron Kujawa, Jirn Pantone, Gary Nelson, Ron Mack, Joe Koesterer, Polle, Roy Engels lCapLl. Joe DelVecchio. Abseni from picture: Gabe Malonni, Ray Jablonsk: lcoachl. Kneeling: Bill Bianchi Noel Marianetti. Jerry McGuire. VARSITY BASEBALL Top Row: Minnie Knuth, Fr. M. Biondi, Pat Reddy. Middle Row: Skip Felerski, Gerry Kotwas, Howdy Burke, Paul Curran, Larry Palvino. Front Row: Bill Bianchi, Gary Nelson, Hugh Marks, Bunny Kohlmeier. BUUPEB MARINES 125 BASEBALL Faced wilh a group of mosily inexperienced ballplayers, Fr. Biondi, neverfheless, pulled fhe learn fhrough wilh a successful season. Wifh an overall record ol I2 wins, 9 losses, and 2 lies, Fr. Biondi's lirsl allempf al coaching baseball was a happy achievement Winding up in lhird place in ils division, +he "53" Cooper Marines did as well as could be expecled. The only holdovers from fhe pre- vious year were, Ron Mack, and Joe DelVecchio: lhe resl were all newcomers lo lhe squad, and in mosl inslances, comparafively new io 'rhe game. Superb performances were lurned in by 'rhe pifching mighl ol Paul Curran and Ron Mack, along wiih lheir ballery male, Jerry Kofwas. Power ai +he plale was ceniered around Bill Bianchi, Paul Curran, and Ron Mack. This was no'r enough, however, when +he Cooper Marines faced 'rhe powerful Flower Cily ieam, which fwice deleaied ihem. I+ was 'rhis same, inexperienced learn which lraveled io Fairporl, champs in lheir own di- vision, and delealed lhem on 'rheir home field 410 3 in a desperale lale-inning surge. Wilh 'rhis same cornpelifive spirii, Knufh, Reddy, Kofwas, Nelson, Palvino, Burke, Marks, and Kohlmeyer. will aHemp+ lo make nexl sea- son a grealer success. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Firsl Row: David Fedison, Donald Bergrn Thomas McManus, Donald Wohlrab, Sec ond Row: Louis Ehmann, Thomas Cooper. Fred Wagner, Daniel O'Brien Joseph Cali ran. Third Row: Robert Agostinellr lMgr.l Mr. J. B, Courtney. CSB. TRACK TEAM il S Sedrta, closely followed by Gurnbrechl, wins the TOO yd. dash in the A.A.U. meet at the U. ol R. TRACK TEAM Front Row: Torn Racine lMqr.l, Don Maccio, Jack Smith, Don Somrners. Jim Schmidlln, Mrlo Tornanoyich, Ray Ferriqno. Herb Leftaii, Jim Mooney, John Nncitellr, Tom Hall, Pete Grassadonia. Middle Row: Bob Aqostonellr, lMgr.l Dick Meyer, Larry Guzzeita, AI Fields, Dan Annechino, Bob Dailor, Paul Robinson, George Salerni, Dial: Wiater, Gary Paproclri, David Fedison, Dave Samuelson. Jwhn Rogan, John Bartoscewrcz, Mr, Ware CSB. lCoachl. Back Row: Mr. W. Marceau, C.S.B. lfoafhl, Dan Kiljawa, Ben Quamxna, Bob Hayes, Dan Brown, Bob lsfoyan, Torn Riley, John Henderson. Mr, L. Basile lfoachl, Fred Wagner, Tom Lubischer, Tony Ciulzlrni, Sam Rebis, Franlc Sapere. Ron Durand, Florian Sawinslu, Bob Naughton. Scot Durand fleurs pole mul! rrossbar. JUNIOR MEMBERS OF THE TRACK TEAM io Right: T. Hall, P. NL i J. Mooney. R. Cramen' au. R. Ferriqno, M. Tomr rc J. Schmidlin, J. Smith, accio, B, Grassadonia. Naughton. Front Row: John Kannan, Jerry Sullivan, Tony Junano, Tom Resine, Tom Zdanowski, Bob Weis, Third Row: Ed Reiter, Charles McKay, Jim Pierce, Jim Morphet, Brll Stephan. Fourth Row: Fr. O'ReiIly, John Schanty, Bob Casey, Bob Stitter, Frank Kesel, Bob Brasch, John Hoffmann, Ed Lenhard, Dan Arinechinc Tony Mazza, Martz Reidl. Fifth Row: Dave Warner Butler, Jim Cleary, Bob Bayer, Bob Cannan, Fr. Biondi, Jim Sheridan, Bob Dennis, Fr, Poluikis, Bill Anderson. Sixth Row: Bob Stitter, Ron Witzel, Larry Bouclens, John Blum, Homer Brindisi, Jerry Doerf, Clem Wesley, Al Lenhard, Jim Morris, Bob lstrarn. Jim Bauman, Fr. Sheahan, Roger Bossert, George Bonnocci, Frank Lamurqlia, Sam Rebis, Joe Cavallaro. SENIOR LEAGUE Fr. O'Reilly, Bob Brasrh, Dick Quataert, Dave Warner discuss fundamentals with Dot Hartleben. Bill Stephan fonjident of a strike. 'arl Lenzo. Larry Boudens, im Bauman, Fr. Sheahan orn Weis, John Schantzil lick Quarterti Bob Brasch ill Stephan, Fr, Biondi ohn Mazza, Marty Reidl im Morphet. 'lim Pierce and Bob Dennis l- Fr. Butler, john Sfhantzil, Clem Wesley, and ferry Doerr examine scores. BOWLING zn perfect form. JUNIOR LEAGUE Front Row: Tom Landry, Frank Palozzi, Frank Argento. Tom Steininger, Tom Bell, Ron Kuhrnan, Tom Murray, Jim l-lurly. Middle Row: Mike Meyers, Jerry Whalen, Bob Brasch lVice-Pres.l, Joe Kress lPres.l, Joe DiPoalo lTreas.l, Warren Johnson, Gary Benwitz. Back Row: Andy Marrocco. Bernie Rehberq, Joe Barra, Justy Tubiolo, Ken Mass, Tom Timmons, Tom Corbett, Bert Morgan, Dick Roberts, John McMahon, Frank Martin, Ed Fuierei, George Growney, Jerrv Wisnieski. Frank Menz, Carl Lenzo, Paul Sheehan, Second Row: Dick Quartert, l-lerb Schroth, Tony St. Pierre, Fr. GSW! Bb Y SKI CLUB Baclr Row: Ed Fredriclcs, Ralph Przybyla, Bob Free- messer, Bernard Hyde, Bill Carey, Ed Wollensalr, Ted Dengler, Gary Paprochi, Leo Zientara, Stanley Der- Noca. Third Row: Larry Lawson, John Hammer, Bob Kraft. Tom Cooper, Larry Roesch, Bob Farnung. Florien Szewiwslci, Diclc Wayter, Bob Fredericlrs, Fran- cis Sales. Second Row: Bill Cotterill, Dan Kujawa, Fr. R. deBilly, Philip Martell, Dave Johnson, John McDonald. Front Row: Don Wolrab, David Rogers, Carl Schaefer, Peter Tarrant, Diclc Stifter. SWIMMING TEAM Back Row: Bill-Maguire, Ron Pielrunlca, Jerry Wunder- lich, Joe Kase. Ted Dengler, Cliff Joslin, Bill Vadas. Bob Freemesser, Jim Spinelli, Ralph Przybyla, Tom Connel, Gordon Del'lol'1n, Pat O'Donagl1ue, Peter Tarrant, Walt Huurman, Kneeling: Jerry Feltz, Jim Schmidlin, Bud Morgan, Tom Eclcer, John Cavalier. Bob Bumgardner, Dick Kaiser, Louis Kimmel-Coach. Seated: Diclr Mioli, Tom Steininger, Tom Pielcunlra. Franlc Colosimo. clinch :be . f0"' Instructions l A PERFECT START John Vadas, Bill McGuire, Ron Pielcunlca, Cliff Joslin, Ted Dengler, Walt Huurman, Pete Tarrant, Lou Kim- mel lCoachl. 0 IA ACTI ITIES Q M X ,. Q Q24 of N -f' gi' P 'i r. z 9,1 'ga 'K ii y 1, V .,,.. -' --,zz -.Q Q ,x 1 4 -.VT , ZXW5' x ,.npw 'Z42?Ffvfi4Qr1.y . fy. ?,,M,yww 2? qv., 1, Uh Q' ,,..,.ef 1 X1 f 4. 5' J sf if M. ff? -fu'-'qygzyf 'fjM,'jf,X -ff CQ-W? ,. in , bmw 'hw COLD 45 V, Q 5 ' '4 pf? Agrgfw tx' x L,x6.,g. 5 16aQ5?ni8F"ikgv 4 QQQT? 2 v EWR W if if M, f2 HQ x ati a iff 5 1' QYJQTAQQ E ,, .W ,l?5'x ' , 5 F 3 AQ Q f f Q l 3' 's 'Q-4 f 3, Q 2'4 Fr. Biondi urges on the juniors to greater coo peration. We should mention here that the Magazine Drive has contributed funds to many improvements which otherwise could not have been made. Some ot these improvements are the new floor in the Library, the sound proofing on the first and 'rhird floors, the asphalt parking lot, the painting of all the woodwork on the outside ot the school, andthe painting ot the first floor corridor. The school is greatly indebted 'ro everyone who made all this possible. iwzirrxaxifr NIC Mrs. Eckert, Mrs. Schetter, Mrs. McGill, Mrs, Quinlan, Mrs. Straub and Mrs, Kohlmeyer, adding daily quotas. Mothers who helped during the drive. Standing: Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Bayer, Mrs. Marceau, Mrs. Duemmel, Mrs, Kohlmeier, Mrs. Yagy. Mrs. lonsignore, Mrs. Monahan, Mrs. Pelcher, Mrs. Mchlale, Mrs, Croston, Mrs. Zurich, Mrs, Stees, Mrs. Eckert, Mrs. Cardella, Mrs. Martins. Seated Ibehind tablelz Mrs. Gullo, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. -Iouck, Mrs. Quinlan, Mrs. Heisinger, Mrs. Foley. Seated Itront of taI:aIeI: Mrs. Naughton, Mrs. Ai:Gill, Mrs. Mathias, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. O'Connor, Mrs. Schetter. TOP I5 SALESMEN Name Homeroom William Stephan Marty Gullen Mike Rose Walt Hickey Ed Mirquet Chuck McKenna Bill Wedemeyer Bob Carges Peter Pavia Ron Durand Bob Fleming Dave Kirby Bob Monahan Kevin Maloy Terry Sheehan 133 to a close. Interest tn the stand: n gs was shown by Mothers and students as the drive drew Mothers at work I. I. I. Amount 226.90 078.28 034.40 874.35 820.00 583.43 549.78 506.96 492.59 488. I3 449.68 427.47 424.36 4OI.73 400.00 S. S W ww S 312922 Q52 P' if Q., wx , ik ""7Wf Y 1 I 1 . 1 Q - ',sZ51.52f?L5Ef W 'ug 'El t 4 as f gf L 'JZ 'IQ Q an 1 ff, ' ,Q HN ' A, V, 3 + J Y, A wwf GK-if 3? Q I 1 x '3:fz5Q? is Sig? 'QF H W , 'msjji FS ay'-, eg., fx W 9 ,Q ner 133' xg,-Y g iqvmw Q 5 5 lf E if ik X qvuv V Q l s Q M..1"'A -.,, V x X .., nw ww Q ,Q S 'ff 5, N - 5 V x f . 1 ,J if? I i jgul' In 320 CHAMPIONS S522I.50 Front Row: Dave St. Maurrce, Leon Thor- ston, Lol. Johnroe, Augre De-Prez, John Grwrn, Guy Solrrnano. Second Row: Tom Grebe Jerry Clnclord, Brll Corsica, Fr. ORerlly, John Powers, Tom North, Bob Bacghetta, John Kannan. Third Row: Bob Carqes, Don Luczak, Gerald Doerr, Peter MgLaoghlrn, Henry Yount, John Hoffman, Bob Ford, Phrl Gamer, Joe Koesterer, John Wcpcreghcswslcr, Gerard Else-mann, Ed Col- lrns, Torn Bruclxler. Back Row: Larry Roesch, Al Reed, Errc Pendleton, Jrm Hanna, Charles Vacarrtr, Milne Lynd, Brll Magee, Jrm Mcrphel, Edward Petux. AbS9hfZ Bill Leghner, Angelo Branchi, Bob Farnan, Torn Lcnqnrllo. Henry Sheldon, Brll Stephan, Guy Vrto. Q 'l Bill Stephan from 520 happily learns thuf Q : MM 02. L he was the high salesman. fx Cx? S X lx A' li 1.1 ff l .fx P' 5 hx TJ X 3 ZX l Y A way WM F! l-x X f '- l -R - v' FSS f I g 1 IP? j 4 1- RJ W U G ' i X, A fr N2 'W ,ff ' l 3 -an Jil lx The champs dressed up for the trip to Buffalo. "" MORPHET Guy Vito, magazine captain, from the homeroom of fhamps. ,3q'CJ 1 --, 'T l lvl-V .hgiyj l l lyyl I , evvwf-is--v I, , 4... L .JE 'N 5 1 K 136 'K U Q'f:w Koesrens VJ! 1 l 5 316 2nd PLACE S4575.0I Front Row: Art Leo, Dwck Dandrea, Paul Lurz, Joe DIFdb1O, LOL, Cvmettw, Lcu Tas- cwottw. Frank Berwteila, Joe Russo. Second Row: Raiph Horton, Dwck Fess, John Wal- Nace, Fr. Wxison, Bob GMC, Terry Brady, Dick Roncmske. Third Row: Chuck McKenna, Don Comgdon, Bob Gramm, Ken Madame, Duck Scharr, Clmck Sty'es, Bob Monahan, Jam Verrone. Mal Pucgard, Jwm Schwrmer, Don Ammechync, Duck Quataert, Joe Laduca. Back Row: Gem Wesley. Jwrn Rleiim, Bryan Faiion, CMH Joslm, Dave Doyie. Jchm Op- Mnqer, Lou Bwchier, Jchn Hwckey, D1ckSrmth, Joe Gauter, Gary Martms. Absenk: Mike Hynes, Leo M+Her. Fr. Looby distributes rhefks to Fr. Lovoco the three top homerooms. MAGAZINE DRIVE In a Bugalo r ig, 0-'rf N F-4 Q 'L5'c .ash fig 'iw I 'UMR Il 4 wx A xffjyg N., QQ E FJ, MONANA estauram J i b G . . . ,J after ,jg 'Io n uarzno, jim Proud, Guy Vito, fudd orkey game. e Dry, Kevin Malay, and jack McDonald if entertain with "Eh Compare," at one of the assemblies. Tired but happy after DI FA340 the activities at Bujalo. ,f 5 I wg ffzl, Fr. O'Reilly, and Fr. Wilson, Moderators of 323 3rd PLACE 54076.67 Froni Row: Dick Delvlarco, John Schentz. Phil Coene, Walt Huurman, Joe Rein' schmidt, John Guarino, Torn Sullivan, Dick Bianchi. Second Row: Frank DeRosa, Frank Cutali, Dave Fay, Bob Burke, Jim Rends- land, Bill Donovan, Will Wagner. Third Row: Tony Marcello, Mike Rose. Russ Man- drino, Homer McGill, Bob Mulhsrn, Jim Proud, Pete Sheppard, Dick Whitley, Pete Lowery, Bob Fredrick, Don Barnes. Fr. Lococo. Back Row: Clark Yeornan, Bob Enqlert, Bob Hayes, Ron Uber, Bob Shukis. Terry Crandall, Greg Britz, Ed DeTarnble Jack Hawkins, Bob Spano, Absent: Gerry Lootens, BRIIZ QQ MAGAZINE DRIVI Father Locoro refeives the trophy for the homeroom. PK Z' f - , x ily i l ,,,,,.,.....--0--"' 1 WV The peruliar Rose swagger, The "downs" o 325 affer raising the magomeler. y 011 the 5145 fvr I 5 Buffalo rflkj B75 f J 2,5 for Fr. lor-obj' and Fr. Lococo with homeroom 323, before leaving for Buffalo. l 4 lg -5 Qggurz. -NI Fr. deBilly, Fr. Spratt, Fr. Lococo Fr. OReilly, and Fr. Butler rela: a ter the hockey game at Bu alo. SENIOR HOMEROOM 3 I4 53260.52 Front Row: BIII Rowe, Dick DieJoia, Lou Ruivino, AI Gaiavdi, Don Mariotti, Jim Gieason, Paui McGIynn, Daie CasterIine Tony Amoroso, Cari Lenzo, Joe Cometa Fr, Grescoviak C.S.B, Middle Row: Dick I-Iabes, Pete MacAdam. Jim Bauman, Dick O'NieI, Jim Monteau, Roger Bossert, John I-Iaiey, Ron Felerski, Tim Napiereha, Russ SchimmeI, John WeIch, Don Smith. Back Row: Jim Brown, Dave Johnson, Frank Ruh. Joe I-IoIIa, Hans Dotzier, Mike Lupo, Leo Fabris, Jack I'IoIland, Jerry Phaian, Abe Vadas. Reuben Stees. Dan Kajawa, Paui Curran. Absent: Ed Begy. Amie I-Iayes Norm Rickard, Pete Tarrant, Tom Wake' tieid. N ' x SENIOR HOMEROOM 32I S3I60.97 cv? . sv, Front Row: Nichoias Bianchi, Bob Weis, Anthony Brindisi, Charies Tobin, David Rogers, John Lyng, Russ GueIIi. BIII Foster, John LaForte, Fr. Sheahan C.S.B. Second Row: Brendan Murphy, James Gerace, Ron- ad Hotmann, Earnest Persi, Nano D'ErcoIe, s ' Edwin Ciark, Pauf Donoghue, Cy Ledoux, , Peter Przysinda, Eugene Bailey. Third Row: H ' Jerry Skerrett, Ted I-Iouck, Charies Carrado. ' ' Ron Durand, Dan O'Brien, Dick Meyer, BiII 5 FarreII, Stan Szczepanski, Jim Morris, Larry " Ciihane. Back Row: John McDonaId, Eugene Sizhater, Jim Cortina, Jim Lyons, George Prendergast, Bob I-Iargather, Fred Wagner Tom Lubischer, Eugene Kehoe. John Reeder, Terry Grinnan, Mike Spang. IgIIIr, yhs trek IVFGYLNN S I 8 I 9.63 Front Row: John SuIIivan, Don Arioh W t QM yi? SENIOR HOMEROOM 3:9 ' :II I f 4 x I L , 'Ill 4 b- I , aI. Smith, Jim McBride, BIII Lynch, Chuck Beyrie, Dave Warner, Dan Hottend, Joe Ryan, Larry Lawson, George Caliemeyn Fr, Burns C.S.B, Middie Row: Ed Lenhard, Dick Thomann, Jim Pierce, Wait Stanny, Tom Cass, Dick Gangaie, Don Cor- bett, PhiI Cassara, Larry I-IaII, Angeio Maddalena, John Mooney, Judd Dry, Rance Horton. Back Row: Dan Roberts, Joe DiIaI, Ted Dengier, Larry Schmidt, Ron Witzei. Paul Friedier, Gene McKay, Larry Boudens Tom Raab, Harry Kick, Bernie Fiavhan Mike Morris. Absent: Dick Wehner. -1- 1 2. r 'I tr 8 Pete Noce, Don Granger, Jim O'Connor, yi H X I39 SENIOR i-ioMERooM are f SI'-725.40 Front Row: John Schiatfer, Aibert Montvilio Tom Masseth, Jerry SuIIivan, Jack Degnan, George DiGiovanni. Bob Lutrario, Fr. FuIIer- ton. Second Row: Dave Fedison, John Murray. Lou Ehmann, Ron Piekunka, Frank Kesei, Jerry Rutiedge. Waiter MacMiIIan, Ed Roberts. Third Row: Pat Iatonasi, Don Bioomtieid, Donaid Lattanzio, Jerry Vei- straete, Dick Nier, Jim Quinian, BIII Finnerty, Dave Meagher, Tom Lobene. Louis Corbelii, David Fancy, James Sherie dan, NeaI Smith, BIII Doran, John Ashton, Brady CaIIan, Joe Cassata, Jack Krebs. Brown, Jose Back Row: Absent: Don Bergin, Dan Gamero, John Gorsuch, John I-Iaetner, Joe Hickey, Rat McKeown, Dave O'NeiII, Dick Warth. Jerry Thomann, 1 ks GAN G-AL 4' lf' A , we -N QI I E 5, '51 X 5 C"- L-2 E VW,Ae J N - .1 aff 45 In Q ' H ' .W .wah .gzzmg ' AY W 4 . Ln. -W as " M' f ' .LR??YNP??63W'5-QM' " WWW ' . 4 .. W,,3.,1k -lm ..,,,,.M . M a I ,J R A 5QBQ3f 5 fd-if is fi f 'f?ff'5Vf'i5!"f iffiifffff if X k , 4 L ik, k. -x 3 x K, VJ", , . ,,, g ., , il A A . 'E QIQ, V0 ' , x K, gk, x " fYf-'fs' 45304 F J, , fig fy A i if 'S' ' A . V f ' 1' K ,, M wg -, if 'ky L A 'L .9 6 'J if if ,, X :B 1, A ' V , ' A R gi 5 t., fin' :fir ' , E A kg 2' , 5 ,Q V fi fm J gi W ,-. ig ' N 'I v ,fy ,Y X iw Q.. 3 '-7 5 4 .ww as Risk 5. ,SE W Yr 115' a ' if 4.+fj,,g4f V in ,dl ,Qi tru if-if xi" Ei 4 XV? im, V675 A X is 1 f .sax M , xi? fa Gif! Jf"MX"xWJ 15 .... ff if an ' A' L' Qs . M ,. 1. fx W 4 . A W Q., Mxkmlx ' -'--' 1 ' ,, 5-iq.::a-2-s'1::2a:f,,2',E-E2 ' wzggglf. ,L ,im 1, 14 g ,W Nw. ' 4 M, :.2,.,: , .J M533 -1. ml . . Aish : xkf' F tacit if ,az -rw, I 4 Q- 1' ,X L x X ,siytgg ,R E M 1 eg if ru if X Ag 3 1 ' ' ::. - '.a,. kV':: V lt gr fx f:: A:,"5A'A f 'A I E1: A f" X l , , Q an 3 M . - . , ag? ' V "M 1 Wx, Q ,Away W ,m f'm"Y'Q 25? Q fi Uma N O l Zi Q Af, X. X Ns bf f iff 5' Q-is ,fu Q . ,ui 5, L , wff.g!4!5' ' nav " S 1 gf v X fx ' A ,friiew A 35 x S 4. we " QV' f ' af 1-' - ' 'W g rgflfgff 'Q ik if-fi' 2" -fi f ' A v I N Q? 'fig ffwjgk, gav Sammi! A H xi. A 5' mg if f , S sg 'if wg ,,,-ug Q3 -2 , sm 1- sk if w hm, KM Q: W I ll 5 Q'-X2 rg 64 ' ws, Q 'Y B' vw K if , Q 'Q A1 z . 5, ' 'fb-Q ,aa Q? H M as s 4, 'SS ' Gennaro J. Ven+ura 'Rev. Rober+ A. Keleher Rev. Francis A. Kleehammer Rev Roberl' L. Kress Rev. Francis W. Luddy Rev Donald E. Lux Rev. Frank W. Mason Rev. J. Joseph O'Connell Rev John P. O'Malley Rev. Jacob R. Rauber Rev. George J. Schmi++ Rev. AIber+ L. Simone++i Rev. Leo V. Smi+h Rev Edward E. Sfeinkirchner Rev. PATRONS Mos+ Rev. James E. Kearney Mos+ Rev. Lawrence B. Casey R+. Rev Msgr . William M. Har+, V.G. R+. Rev Msgr. Joseph A. Balcerak R+. Rev. Msgr. George V. Burns R+. Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Connors R+. Rev Msgr. Wilfred D. Craugh R+. Rev Msgr. John M. Duffy R+. Rev. Msgr. Joseph E. Grady R+. Rev. Msgr. Charles F. Shay R+. Rev. Msgr. John B. Sullivan Very Rev. Msgr. G. C. Lamber+ Very Rev. Msgr. John S. Randall Very Rev. James T. Connolly Redemp+oris+ Fafhers Mr. E. J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ar+hur J. Bamann Mr. William H. Carr Mr. John J. Casey Mr. and Mrs. Pa+ri'ck J. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hickey Mr. Norman G. Kleisley Genesee Valley Provision Co. Gen+ile Floris+ Hafner Home Laundry lnc. Hanss Elec+ric Co., lnc. Paul W. Harris Funeral Home Har+'s Food Sfores lnc. Haubner 8: S+allknech+ A. J. Hoffend 8: Son Co. Ho+el Roches+er Joyce's Pas+ry Ki+chen Langie Fuel Service lnc. D. A. LePine 8: Co. Lucas 8: Dake Co., lnc. Manson News Agency Mary's Delica+essen McEvoy Mo+ors lnc. Morgan Dairy Mueller Bros. Nu-Li+e Neon Paramoun+ Dairy William F. Predmore Roches+er Business lns+i+u+e Rev. Charles J. Azzi Rev. W. Darcy Bolger Rev. Charles J. Bru+on Rev. Raymond J. Epping Rev. Francis M. Feeney Rev. Rober+ J. Fox Rev. J. Emil Gefell Rev. Al J. Geiger Rev George M. Kalb CGMMERGIAL PATRDNS Amalfi's Mea+ Marke+ The Ans+ice Co. lnc. Arrow Ma+erials Corp. Bas+ian Bro+hers Co. Bafavia Downs T. T. Bearing Co. Blanchard Floris+ Bonjon Tux Shop Brews+er Cri++enden 8: Co., lnc. Champion A+hle+ic 81 Spor+swear Chris+opher Press G. Clancy Car+ing Co. Con+inen+al Baking Co. B. S. Cos+ich Cramer Rexall Drugs Pe+er Dohr Cons+ru'c+ion Co., lnc. Domes+ic Fuel Service Donovan Pain+ 8: Lacquer Co., lnc. Don's Jewelers Dudley Service S+a+ion Ernisse's Greenhouses Gargano Bros., lnc. 146 Mr. and Mrs. George A. Klier Dr. H. B. Kolpien Mr. C. T. Krenzer Mr. and Mrs. William James Maloy Mr. Francis J. Michel Mr. Mar+in Moll Mr. Benymin Paxhia Mr. and Mrs. An+hony Pie+ropaoli Mr. Frank J. Prinzing Jr. Honorable Harry L. Rosen+hal Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruh Mr. Alber+ W. Skinner, Sheriff Mr. and Mrs. Sa'muel Tascio++i Hi and Len Tomczak Mr. Vincen+ W. Weis Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wesley Nazare+h Hall Cade+ School Mo+hers' Club of Aquinas lns+i+u+e Aquinas Mission Crusade Grey Knigh+s Drum 8x Bugle Corps. Republican Coun+y Commi++ee of Monroe Coun+y Homeroom 305 Roches+er Coca-Cola Bo++ling Corp Roches+er Echo Singing Associa+ion Roches+er S+a+ionery Co., lnc. Ruby's Spor+ing Goods S+ore Schan+z Homes lnc. Schmid+'s Markef Wm. J. Schmi++, lnc. Charles W. Schrader Schul+1e Barber Shop Seven-Up of Roches+er Shields Jewelry Simmons Mo+ors Corp. S+andard Builders Supply Co. L. H. S+rawhecker Tobin Packing Co. Tran+'s lnc. Walder+ Op+icians Wegman's Dairy Whelpley 8: Paul Wm. J. Woerner 8: Sons Woodfill lnc. Zweigle's ST. IOHN FISHER COLLEGE noumzsren, NEW vonx COURSES OFFERED Pxccounling and Business Chernislry Classical Languages Theology Modern Languages Physics Social Sciences English lvlalhemalics l-lisfory Philosophy Biology PRE-PROFESSICNAI. COURSES Pre-Engineering Pre-Denial Pre-Medical Pre-Law Under fhe Direcfion of fhe Basilian Fafhers 147 view. 3 Q by ZW" ai, Fi ff! 'B 195 QS? I LU -2:5 Q .4 .1 . 6 5 55 R, x 5583 fi P wwf A .Q xg all if '55 vs 1 rw Q 1 we QQ' 4 Ai- r,. .1 ' ,s ,-A 7 9 , ..,,. Q ' 'iff " 1 'x--- J or 'EF'-gn 1 ,1,, ' '-w ."' -. - -r -A .f .Q-:. 3: ,, ' :...,' , .n- 1. .J 'ff , i :Sf ' ah' 3, ,- . 4-. 1:15 2 , - , , 4 , W 1 f. . ,,,f ,, J I k ,.,., n. ..f - 1 Y '?+'-, y. a , f. " -QC: mg ,. ,Slip 4 ff. . -.A Lb, I- -'f :+- QTEL5 A-,E .,-V ,,.,, , ,. x V3 f

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