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QQPXMW Q G' 9 f? OI ACM ?-aj 092 ChA5.HtHV0A H.l?. I o 5' A7vnvAs.lxv57' THE ARETE L1 II L. lj G ' fJ'.11?'i2'T 4. il fl L E i Q SG I1 io I' A H fl U ol . 3- or AQUINAS INSTITUTE Rocnfsrfk, NEW YORK FOREWORD T IS NOW at the close ot a most important era ot our lives that we, the Class ot I942, are embarking on an even more responsible and signiticant period when our thoughts and actions will verily determine our eternal destiny. The past decade or more has been solely a time ot training during which we have been preparing in soul and body tor victory over the inevitable struggles in our paths. Despite all this preparation, the obstacles will become too great tor our natural selves to surmount alone. Failures and disappointments ot all kinds will tend to make us take the attitude that these hardships are the work ot blind chance with no just hand guiding them to the ones who supposedly deserve them. At this point we may well look back upon that period ot our lives when Catholic truths were so vividly presented to us. Then we shall realize that all is not the result ot this so-called blind chance. that there is behind everything a Divine Motive which will evolve into numerous blessings in this lite and in the next. lt may well be said that there is only one usage tor the word "chance" in a Christian's vocabulary-just give God a "chance," To whom, now, are we to turn tor counsel when these momentous problems con- tront us? Everyone will agree that a friend is the answer. And who is a better friend to us than God? Can we not go to l-lim at any hour ot the day. open our hearts to l-lim, and tind consolation in the tact that He hears our supplications and will give us the grace to persevere? This is giving God a "chance" and our reward-peace ot mind and happiness. lndeed, happiness can come only trom knowing that God is on our side and that we are conforming with His wishes. A wicked man does not prosper tor he is beset with so much doubt and anxiety that, while he may appear to be satisfied with worldly goods, inwardly there is not a more distressed man on the tace ot the earth. Let us consider tor a moment what the word "prosper" truly means and then we shall arrive at a clearer understanding ot the above tact, ln order to prosper, we must not only gain the wholesome pleasures ot this lite, but we must also be developing such a devotion to God that our alliance with l-lim will never end. As illustrated, the wicked man complied, or at least he attempted to comply, with the tirst part ot the proposition, but he totally disregarded the second and most important part. Let us not forget, then, that there is happiness with God and misery without l'lim. One tinal point is worth noting, however, that many an ironclad friendship has been torn asunder by over-confidence in the other party's faithfulness. We, therefore, must constantly pray that Our Creator will keep us humble, sincere and devoted to His holy Will so that we may tind the Way, the Truth, and the Light. E E 'Qty' CONTENTS DEDICATION OUR LEADERS GRADUATES UNDERCLASSMEN MISSIONS ACTIVITIES MUSIC DRAMA CLUBS HUMOR SPORTS OUR ADVERTISERS THE MosT REVEREND JAMES E. KEARNEY, D.D Om' Bixhop OU were born, James Edward Kearney, in the small town of Red Oak, Iowa, on a cool October day in ISB4. Q! DEDMCATIQN Having decided to be a teacher you enrolled, after graduation from high school, at the New York Teachers' College. But two years later you realized that God called you to teaching of a different sort. "Go, teach ye all nations," commanded the Lord to His followers, and you, James Kearney, prepared to become one of the elect in Christ's army. Henceforth you were to teach Christ's Holy Doctrine to souls thirsting for knowledge of Him. Your decision finally made, you plunged yourself entirely into your chosen work, attending St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers for five years-five years of hard study. But your unsatisfied heart desired to know more-ever more-about our Divine Master. At the Catholic University of America you received the degrees of Bachelor of Sacred Theology and Bachelor of Canon Law. In 1908 you were ordained a priest. Yours was not a meteoric rise in the ranks of the clergy. It was only after nearly twenty years of toiling energetically as assistant pastor of St. Cecilia's Church in New York City that you founded the Church of St. Francis Xavier there. During the four years of your pastorship the parish developed and flourished under your expert guidance. So many years of such evidently superior ability were bound' to command atten- tion: and in i932 your patient labor was rewarded, os you knelt and heard with almost unbelieving ears the words of consecration which raised you to the Episcopate. As though filled with a burning desire to prove yourself even more worthy, Bishop Kearney, you became increasingly active in your care for souls. For five years you were Bishop of Salt Lake City: it was the outstanding results of your boundless activity in caring for that diocese which led to your appointment as Bishop of Rochester. It would be difficult for us to appreciate fully or even begin to comprehend all the blessings this diocese has received since your advent. Your untiring zeal has caused, in the last few years, an almost incredible increase in Catholic devotion, par- ticularly to the feasts of the Holy Name and the Holy Family, and to the Forty Hours' Adoration Through you, the Legion of Decency has taken on a new, more significant meaning. Your tireless energy has been the chief cause of the wonderful success of the drives for the new Nazareth College and the new St. Mary's Hospital. Yet, ever thinking of others, you showed your love and respect for the men in our fighting forces by your active support of the Red Cross Blood Bank and by inaugurating the "Pray for a Soldier" idea among the students of the diocese. But it would be impossible to go on with your accomplishments-those visible evidences of your unceasing love for your diocese. For no sooner have you completed one task than you are inspired by some new way of bringing God's grace upon us. Thus it is that with humble gratitude and a deep sense of appreciation for your endless efforts in our behalf, we reverently dedicate to you, Bishop Kearney, this, the Aquinas Senior Annual for l942. May it ever serve as a token of our respect, our love, and our thanks for your services in the past and the present, and for the countless blessings which, through your prayers and sacrifices as a captain of Christ's shock troops on earth, shall pour on us in the future from the Fountain of Grace. 0000 'w I, A THE VERY REVEREND JOHN O'LOANE, C.S.B., M.A Primipal In 6 ,lux ,qw . ,f' f ff" . 11 ,fffy JL 'ffzffgy' "'4"1ffi7fCZ' 6 , 6 f qv s , '- THE REVERBND WILLIAM P. MCGEE, C.S.B., M.A. Direrlor of Sifzdiex 00 Q0 G Zfiihfzw aww' FACULTY OF AQUINAS INSTITUTE THE VERY REVEREND JOHN H. O'LOANE, C.S.B., M.A., Principal THE REVEREND J. PAUL MALLON, C.S.B., Ph.D., Vice-Prinripal THE REVEREND WILLIAM P. MCGEE, C.S.B., M.A., Direrlor of Snidiey INSTRUCTORS THE REVEREND CYRIL F. CARTER, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND CHARLES P. DONOVAN, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND WILLIAM J. DUGGAN, C.S.B., Ed.M. THE REVEREND ORRIN W. FELLER, M.A. THE REVEREND ALEXANDER J. GRANT, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND HUGH J. HAFEEY, C.S.B., M.A. TI-IIE REVEREND LEO E. HASTINGS, M.A. TI-Ili REVEREND WILI-'RED M. KEHOE, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND LEO J. KELM, C.S.B., M.A. THE REVEREND PATRICK J. LEWIS, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND ANTHONY P. LOCOCO, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND J. PAUL MALLON, C.S.B., Ph.D. THE REVEREND JOHN W. MEYER, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND JOHN F. MUIKPHY, C.S.B., M.A. THE REVERENIJ ARTHUR J. O'LEARY, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND JOHN F. ONORATO, C.S.B., M.A. THE REVEREND RAYMOND L. PRINCE, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND W. OSCAR REGAN, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND WILLIAM J. SHEEHAN, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND FERGUS J. SHEEHY, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND MAUIRICE F. WHELAN, C.S.B., A.B. THE REVEREND JOSEPH L. WILLETT, C.S.B., A.B. MR. ARTHUR R. LOOBY, C.S.B., A.B. MR. ARMANI: A. MAURER, C.S.B., M.A. MR. JOSEPH L. MEYERS, C.S.B., M.A. 12 Religion, Mallaenialiar Religion MallJenzaIif.f Religion, I-Iixlory Religion, Latin Religion, Scienee Religion, Clielnimjx Public S peakin g Religion, Hiffory Playfias' Religion, Lalin, Frenfb Religion, Srien re Economic Geo graphy Religion, Lafin Religion, French Librarian Religion, Englifb Religion, Latin Religion, En glixb, Italian Axyiflant Director o Sfndief Religion, Englifla Bilrxar, Mallaeinaiicf iiif Religion, Englixla, Maibenfal Religion, Malheinalim' Religion, Maflaeinaticy En gliJlJ, Hiflory, Sofia! Slinliex E n gl i.fI1 En glirh, Srienee FACULTY OF AQUINAS INSTITUTE INSTRUCTORS SISTER M. ALBERTA, S.M., A.B. SISTER M. CLOTILDE, S.M., A.B.lVl.A SISTER M. MONICA, S.M. SISTER M. PAUL, S.M., M.A. SISTER M. RAPHAEL, S.M., M.A. SISTER M. STELLA, S.M., A.B. SISTER M. AGNES RITA, S.S.j., A.B. SISTER M. BRENDAN, S.S.j., M.A. SISTER M. CONSILIA, S.S.j., A.B. SISTER M. DEMETRIA, S.S.j., M.A. SISTER M. GERARD, S.S.j., A.B. SISTER M. LAMBERT, S.S.J., M.A. SISTER M. LAURENE MARIE, S.S.j., A.B. MR. EDWIN J. DOLAN, M.A. MR. FELIX F. HART MR. RAYMOND J. HASENAUER, Mus.M. MR. MORTIMER J. LEARY MR. RAYMOND J. MARLING, A.B. MISS FLORENCE E. NAYLON, R.N. MR. JOHN T. SULLIVAN C.S.B.-Congregation of Sl. Bezxil S.M. Religion, Engliyb Religion, Hiflory, Social Slizilief Religion, Englixb Religion, Latin, Serial Sfnflief Religion, Lalin Englifla Religion, Mfzlnennrliiir, S oriol Stnclief Religion, Ar! Religion, Latin, Soeial Slnclief Religion, Gerinan, Mollaelnfzliazr Religion, Conzinereial Slnilief Religion, En glifb Religion, G67'llZc?7I, Social Slinliei Dranzizfief Serrelory Miiyic Playxical Ediimtion Afliztbenzoticf, Hiifory, EFUYYUIIZTLXY S vloool N iirxe Phyyiml Eilnmlion S.S.J.-Sifler of Sf. joyepb Sifrer of Mercy 13 FA CULTY .MEMBERS KNOT APPEARING WITI-I HOME ROOM GROUPS, FIRST ROU7, loft to right REV. WILLIAM J. SHEEHAN, C.S.B. REV. HUGH J. HAFFEY, C.S.B. REV. JOHN F. MURPHY, C.S.B. MR. ARMAND A. MAURER, C.S.B. SLCOND ROH7 REV. WILFRED M. KEHOIZ, C.S.B. MR. ARTHUR R. LOOBY, C.S.B. REV. CHARLES P. DONOVAN, C.S.B. REV. W. OSCAR REGAN, C.S.B. THIRD ROW REV. VVILLIAM J. DUGGAN, C.S.B. REV. JOHN F. ONORATO, C.S.B. SISTER M. BRENDAN, S.S.J. REV. RAYMOND L. PRINCE, C.S.B. FOURTH ROU7 REV. J. PAUL MALLON, C.S.B. MR. FELIX F. HART MR. JOSEPH L. MEYERS, C.S.B. REV. LEO E. HASTINGS B11l'.I'm', Mollaenmlicf Cholnixfry, Pnblio Speakiizg Aflfnlemlor of Room 306, Religion, Englixb ljnglixb Plvyiicu' EngliJh, Hi.rlory, Social Slnilief Moclezzzloz' of Room 312, Religion, Mizfhenmliri Moclemlof' of Room 301, Englilla Mozlerfzlor of Room 307, Religion, Hiflory Moilemlor of Room 305, Religion, Ilolion, Englifh Religion, Ar! A,!',l'jJ4ldl7l Direalor of Slnilief Moilerolor of Roonz 302, Religion, Frenrh SofreIaI'y Svience, En glifh Moclemtor of Room 308, Religion, Hiflory 15 THE ARETE BO BERNARD J. DOOLEY ASSO CIATE EDITORS KENNETH H. MCDONALD ...... DONALD E. SCHMITT EUGENE R. MALLEY DOMINIC G. IEZZONI FRANCIS H. PIERCE . JOHN B. TIERNEY . CHARLES J. TUCKER ARD EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ART ATHLETICS BUSINESS DRAMATI CS HUMOR MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY WILLIAM P. DEVER WALTER E. FOOS HAROLD R. GEIMER DONALD L. HOYT JOHN B. TIERNEY KENNETH H. MCDONALD DONALD E. SCHMITT LITERARY BOARD DONALD P. REINHARDT FREDERICK C. RICHNER DONALD E. SMITH EDWARD E. STEINKIRCHNER MUSIC BOARD EDWARD J. O'GRADY ART BOARD JAMES P. SPILLANE ATHLETIC BOARD EDWARD B. SHLESINGER DRAMATI C BOARD DONALD M. SULLWAN JOHN J. VAIL VINCENT G. WELTZER JOSEPH J. SCOPA ROBERT G. RITZ JAMES C. TRACY DOMINIC G. IEZZONI ANDREW W. TEUSCHEL PHOTOGRAPHY BOARD CHARLES J. TUCKER WILLIAM C. DIETER FRANCIS G. CONSLER WILLIAM P. DEVER JAMES G. GREEN DOMINIC G. IEZZONI WILLIAM B. FULLAM BUSINESS BOARD RICHARD G. MUELLER THOMAS XXI. O'CONNELL DONALD T. O'CONNOR JOHN A. REGAN DONALD P. REINHARDT FACULTY ADVISER FATHER JOHN XV. MEYER. C.S,B. 16 RICHARD F. SCHERBERGER DOMINIC W. SCORDO ROBERT J. SMITH DONALD M. SULLIVAN ROBERT G. WILSEY -J' I 2 Q S W .3 5 , 5s:u:': I NK 1 3 fi ,. .-.Y 5--I ft. ..,-., . .W y,M.1. V w-use . FA--,-, 1:-nassaui: 5 ' ""T"Y" " -""fv xasei-fi i N I Vasu! ,- Qgggpl . un v .Ji ,iw 4? 'Q l-gui! ' "Nye,-rvfi' ' ""' ' 1 .- ,..... .., 3 was wi' !,....,T. r",' I-.I f Ei IIEQ v W wil J. 8. nv www-' x.,,,L I A 4 Qu-, V . 1. f ,.,.,9 rf. 1 'Qc .',, I v ii 'E alf Jim if-132234-F-Qi 4153. m sas, ?EN,,, SLI ' e i ,U f.. . ll MTIQW .H yd 'fi ,, ,. .1-z 1 YT! ':-' - - . ' ' xl I xl Yhiiytf, ..- I ,' " 1 " 1. M" TH : ' - in - J., ,, gg., I A Y! ,HNF N H VW." ,X ' Jw Hgigiggi H1 V'- 1 1 !.',4 , 4" 9 . ig, v"'5, im .,,,.- ,. ,, Y I X ,. , , ,' x' f' f X N iq , ' . ,A F A X - 4 . ,AQ ' .Xi -X 1 . , X- xxx, - " ' 4 -1, -I , e I I G rrp 155 rm- l'I'F'l' if-7-"x F'F'I-Il' PIT' FTF E1 , c ' 17 c J' ,EQ Seniors FRANK C. AMERING Vanity Football 3,4,' Intramural Baxbetball 1, 2,- Intramural Bute- ball 3,' Bowling Club 4 As one of our highly honored ath- letes, Frank has achieved recogni- tion for his .gridiron accomplish- nients. Seemingly a quiet fellow, his double nature is known by few. He merits success. 'ROBERT F. ANZENBERGER Intramural Football 1,' Intramural Barlaetball 1, 2, 3,' Minion Unit 4,' German Club 3: Bowling Club 4,' Dramatic Club 4 Though his varied activities at Aquinas invariably had a pecuni- ary aspect, ."Abe" is well-liked by all. May his future be as bright as were his days spent with us. QQXU QQ NICHOLAS J. ARIOLI Italian Club 2, 3,' Latin Club 4g Acalyte Club 4 Take the words "friendly," studi- ous," "quiet," and "gentleman- 1y," and you have an apt descrip- tion of Nick, the kind of fellow you like to boast about. 45 AQUINAS INSTITUTE c I. A s s o F 19 4 2 V 'DAVID H. ARMBRUSTER Varsity Football 4,' German Club 3,' Science Club 4: Math Club 3, 4,' Camera Club 41 Cberr Club 4 Everybody who knows Dave re- gards him as a pal. Usually rather quiet he commands your respect. His zeal is the real pep upon which this school of ours is built. RICHARD C. ARNOLD "Still water runneth deep." That's Dick. You have been a good ex- ample tolall of us by your good sense, discretion, humility, pa- tience, and good will. May God Bless you! WILLIAM G. AUBEI. Sl. Tbomar Club 1, 2: Minion Unit 1,- Glee Club 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: Aviation Club 3: Hi!- tary Club 4 There's never a dull moment in Bill's company. We have known him for four years and his constant good nature makes us relish his companionship, EDWARD j. BARRY Minion Unit 3 ' Cbeu Club 3 Ed's good nature 'ind wit will long be remembered by us. He won many friends during his years of high school. They fall generally in two classes: those at Aquinas and those elsewhere. 'EDWARD F. BATOG Vanity Football 2, 3, 4,' Intra- mural Brubeiball 1: St. Tbomar Club 1: Mirriafz Unit 31 4: Ger- man Club 3 4' Camera Club 3, 4' Gun Club 2 3, 4 Horizontal" Ed has had a merry time at Aquinas snap ing candid shots and passing out ids. It was a real task to keep out of his way. WILLIAM R. BAUER lnlramuml Barkelball 1, 2,' Mir- ,rion Unit 2, 3,' Italian Club 2, 3,' Tranril Commiztee 4,' Aquinudor SMF 3, 4 Bill will long be remembered by our class for his good fellowship and social activity. We heartily congratulate him for four well- spent years at Aquinas. G5 1flEE! .- o i A All .N 5 H r l, ily ly 435 AQ N nisisrrrora i QM? JOHN C. BEHAN Inlmmural Faolball If Inimmural Barlaetball 1, 2,' German Club 3, 4,' Hirtory Club 4 jack is that quiet thoughtful lad, who is never at a loss for some witty quip to lend a cheerful note at the most needed moment..Keep it up, Jack, and success will be yours. JAMES E. BELL Inframnrzzl Bnrkelball 1, 2, 3,' ln- lnmllzml Barebrzll 2, 3,' Table Ten- ni: 3: Bowling Club 3, 4 A bundle of vivacity plus a ready grin is Jim's external description. Delve deeper and one discovers a shy, serious lad, whose modest, winning personality bespeaks of fu- ture prominence. ARTHUR G BENNETT Math Club 3: Science Club 2, 3 4' Azlialion Club 3 4' Table Ten ni! Club 3 uret unobtrusive but with a C ieerful, happy - go - lucky spirit which has endeared him to all his acquaintances, Art is one friend we ll not forget CbA?5-QFl942 4, .Q.' fellow well worth knowin -Bill CARL A. BORRELLI WILLIAM L. BENNETT Intramural Bareball 1, 3,' Minion Unit 4: Dramatir Club 4: Maroon and While Staff 4: Bowling Club 4,' Tranrit Committee 4 A ready wit and a strikingly pleas- ant nature are combined into a Bennett. Ever ready to lencfa hand in any activity, Bill has helped to put over many an enterprise. MICHAEL B. BIONDI Vanity Football 3, 4,' Intramural Baxketball If Glee Club 3, 4: Catbolic Literature Club 1 5 Italian Club .2, 3, 4,' Latin Club 4: Table Tennu Club Although he is well-known as a stellar performer on our football team, Mike is even better known for his steadfastness, reliability, and cheerfulness. G00 Ogg EDWIN R. BOEHME Varsity Football 2, 3, 4,' Minion Un1t.3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4,' Bowling Club 1 Football. took up too much of Ned's time to allow him to pur- sue his studies with zest. We can't possibly forget Ned. I5 AQUINAS INSTITUTE L A s s o F 194 2 V WARREN E. BOEHMER Intramural Football 2, 3: Intra- mural Barketball 1, 2, 3,' Minion Unit 31 Bowling Club 4 Warren is one of Aquinas' re- served gentlemen. A true sport, he seldom fails to radiate his cheerful disposition to others. May he en- joy all the success of life! 'PAUL J. BORREGGINE Intramural Football 2, 31 Varsity Burkelball 3, 4: Intramural Ba:- ketball 1, 25 Minion Unit 2, 3: Glee Club 3,41 Italian Club 2, 3,4 One of our more vivacious lads, Paul seemed to be everywhere. His ready iokes and good humor have made him well-known and equally well liked. Vanity Football 3, 4: Intramural Barketball 1, 25 Vanity Bdlffl- ball 3, 4,' Glee Club 3, 4: Italian Club 2, 3, 4 Carl has been a leader in Aquinas sports'for two years. 1-Ie is noted for his agressive nature both on the Held and in the classroom. It is our guess that he will be a leader in life too. LYLII E. BRANAGAN Lyell has cheerfully pursued his four years at Aquinas meeting his obligations steadily and without complaint. A serious earnest atti- tude toward everything character- izes this lad 1s a true gentleman. HARRY N. BRANCH Srience Club 4 Harry is one of those who is seen and not heard. He loves to delve deep into the mysteries of chemis- try. Happy to be numbered among his friends, we know of his capa- bility both as a student and a gent eman. 95004, 'EDWARD G. BRAUN Bam! 1, 2, 3, 4: Orcbertm 2,' Cum- era Club 2, 4,' Bowling Club 4 The center of many a merry-mak- ing crowd, Ed has attracted nu- merous friends. He is reall can- did.and sincere. We liked' your music, Ed. GERARD E. BUBEL Intramural Foolball 2,' Bowling Club 1, 4 Gerry never took a front seat un- less he had tog But he was always ready to give support to a worthy undertaking. He'l push himself to the top someday. CREDO G '--4 o cz: Z D U5 c: E tri bc N . "-4 -55539: - - 5,0-.-..,,, 5'ivig.P5E REM 55 3570.-mba? Baia: Q1 ... W Ep" im 3355 W5 ' s3"'5"fs 3 Ve." Or-.-,... Q- uu-' 5 Oo.-rr-Lf' N 331'-H Z ',g-SD-8 -. ,,'om,,o ,q-'Uvov lx: --:1 rn as "gs" 3 as ui Bn- N. mga-E. ... Wm N MGM- s. is 2 g . f N ri 5 e CLASS Ol-71942 JOHN M. BUCKLEY Intramural Barketball 2, 3, 4 : Minion Unit 1, 2, 3,' Glee Club 4: German Club 3 John must have been born with the gloves on, as-his pugilistic ability in the mission bouts has proved. He was a model senior of whom we are indeed proud. .rv 3iIL'h.'Kb.'b!h3lr Eillilfl LEON R. BUFANO Glee Club 3, 4 Lee's perpetual grin and unquench- able spirit form but one side of his versatile nature. On the other are his industry, perseverance, and staunch winning personality- at- tributes necessary to success. PETER J. BUHITE Inn-amuml Barkeiball 1, 2,' Mir- .rion Unit 2,' Band 1, 2, 3, 4: German Club 3. 4,' Aviation Club 2, 31 Gun Club 3,' Cberr Club 2 An all-around fellow, Pete is a fine musician and is active in many extra-curricular activitres. 69001, RAYMOND J. BURNS Glee Club 3, 4,' Stamp Club 2,' Hillary Club 4: Bowling Club 4 Every day we were afraid that Ray was about to blow us all to eter- nity by his chemistry experiments. Vilebfthall meet again in that land o rss. AQulNAs INSTITUTE c L A s s o F 19 4 2 Y EDWARD J. BUTRIM Vurjrizy Football 3, 4,' Minion Unzt 1, 2, 3,- Matb Club 4,' Stamp Club 3 Ed never let us down. He was Eood at football, good at studies ut he was best at just being a gentleman. RALPH J. BUTTACCIO Band 1, 2,' Italian Club 2, 3, 4,' Hirlary Club 4 Ralph doesn't say much: but when he does something has really been added. This is an admirable trait in any young man. 'EDWARD C. CADOGAN Minion Unit 3: Latin Club 41 Maroon and White Staf 4 We admire his Irish loquacity and sincere religious nature. Landed for his poetical endeavors, this versatile character is worthy of high praise as a model Catholic young man. -mi' -- ROBERT M. CALLAHAN Vanity Football 2, 3, 4: Vanity Barleotball 3. 4: Intrawltral Ba:- kvlbdll 2,' Btwol 1 There isn't one fellow at Aquinas who doesn't give Bob credit for his athletic ability,l He has won many friends and will always keep making them in later life. THOMAS W. CARR Varsity Football 3, 4,' Intrafnnfal Football 2,' Intramural Baxketball 1, 4,' German Club 4: Aviation Club 2,' Bowling Club 4 The football team will lose a line man when Tom leaves his Alma Mater. Generous of heart and staunch of spirit, Tom has made a pal of everyone he has met. 'WILLIAM E. CAUFIELD Intramural Bafbetball 2, 3: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Orcbeflra 2,' Bowling Club 4 Bill may be classed as one of the silent, intellectual type. His deter- mination and manly dignity will carry him far in life. THOMAS L. CAVANAGH Minion Unit 3: Gloe Club 3, 4,' Transit Committee 4 Tom's magnetic and pleasinfg per- sonality has made many riends for him. We shall remember him as being never too serious, never too quiet, not quite boisterous. ,A . X BERNARD A. CHIAMA Varsity Football 4: Intramural Football 2,- Intramural Barketball 2, 3, 4: German Club 4 Bernie always strives for the best. He has won it on many occasions and no doubt the best awaits him after graduation. You were a real credit to Aquinas. . XDQ 0 47 Fil-05 JOHN H. CHRISTNER Intramural Basketball 1, 3,' Intra- mural Baseball 1, 2, 3 ,' Minion Unit If Maroon ana! Wbile Staff 4: Table Tennis Club 3, 4: Bowl- ing Club 2, 3, 4 jack, a swell fellow in the eyes of all his classmates, possesses an un- surpassed sense of humor, :L friend- ly smile, and an irresistible per- sonality. 'FRANCIS A. CILUFFO Inlfafnural Basketball I: St. Tbomar Club 1: .Minion Unit 4: Lulin Club 3 Bud, an ambitious plugger and a capable leader, is Aquinas' gift to the world. He is especially popu- lar with the fair sex. WILLIAM A. CIMINELLI Vanity Faolball 3. 4: Intramural Barkefball 2, 3: Minion Unit 1, 2, 3: Imlian Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Debaling Club 4: Safety Prllfol 4: Acolyte Club 4 Versatile, enthusiastic Bill fre- quently answered questions in the classroom before they were asked. Though Aquinas has housed Cim- mey .or four years, his heart has been in the prairies. 'ERVIN R. COLLE Mafls'Club 2, 3: Science Club 3: flrfugrzon Club 2: Maroon and Wbite Slrl0'3,4,' Di.rcu.r.ri0n Club 4 Competent Dick's initiative and talent seem boundless. His ability as an artist, and skill at making friends, will never be forgotten by his devoted classmates. 0090 o AQUINAS INSTITUTE 5 C L A S S 0 F 'I9 4 2 WILLIAM J. CONNELL Inlrumuml Brukelbnll 1, 4: Dm- mafic Club 4: Gefman Club 3, 4: Science Club 4 Bill is a born mechanic. If he has an engine to repair, he is com- pletely happy. May there be many engines. ROBERT C. CONROY History Club 4: .Bowling Club 4 If you have ever met Bob, you were undoubtedly impressed by his gleaming countenance. Such a characteristic has made him one of our best liked classmen. FRANCIS G. CONSLER St. Tbarmzr Club 3: Camera Club 1, 2: Aviation Club 3: Arete Board: Bowling Club 4 Frank's massive body is topped with an equally sound mind. His social activities fail to keep him from being a good student. This fact coupled with his high ambi- tions are sure to bring him success. THOMAS I. CORNISH Inlranzural Football 2,1 Intramural Barkelball 3, 4: Muuon Umt 1, 2, 3: Lalin Club 4: Malb Club 4 As long as "Social justice" is pub- lished, Tom will sell rt. He repre- sents here at Aquinas, the sarne high ideals that paper offers rn print. 'GORDON H. CRAMER Minion Unit 3: Bowling Club 4 Gordy was never gloomy. If things went wrong, he simply et them be buried in the past and faced the future unafraid. ROBERT L. CRAMER Inlfamural Basketball 2, 3,' SI. Thomas Club 1, 2, 3,' Band I, 2, 3, 4: German Club 3 Bob possesses creative abilityin the musical as well as the scholastic held. Keenly attentive to his du- ties, he need not face the world with trepidation. A AQUINAS -INSTITUTE c L A s s o F 19 4 2 C V 'JOHN J. CULLIGAN St. Thomas Club 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Orcbertra 1: Maroon and White SMI 2: Co-Auibar Varxely Sbow We cannot yet be sure whether to hail Jack as a famous playwright, a great philosophic mind, or an outstanding figure in the world of music, but hail him we shall. JAMES F. CURTIS Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Intra- mural Football 1, 2,' Intramural Baseball 3 Kind, Friendly, Plezising, Useful, Near fLatin Adjectives Jgoverning the dative casej are apt escriptive notes of this young man. WILLIAM P. DEVER Intramural Football 2: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: St. Tbama: Club 1, 2, 3: Minion Unit 2, 3, 4: Arele Board A Hne record of scholarship and extra-curricular activities can only be the result of a keen mind and steady application. WILLIAM C. DIETER Iillramural Burbetball 1,' Intra- mural Boreball 1, 2, 5: Minion Unit 1, 2, 3,' Science Club 3,' Camera Club 3, 4: Hirlory :lub 4: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4,' Safely Po- lrol 4: Afele Board Bill always had a camera with him. His arguments usually hinged on the question: Is photography a LOUIS R. DIGIULIO Band 1,' Orcbenm 1, 2,' Italian Club 2,' Projeclor Club 4 Meet :I prominent member of the Maroon and White Swingsters! Louie's musical prowess on the bass fiddle professes this lively lad's future. JOHN B. DILETTERA Intramural Foolball 4: Sl, Tbomar Club 1, 2,' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Italian Club I, 4,' Table Tennis Club 3, 4 "Little John's" versatility together with his ability to pitch in and take hold at a point where every- one else has apparently failed promises him success in later life. fine art? comb AQUINAS INSTITUTE c I. A s s o F 19 4 2 V VINCENT I. DIRAIMO Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 31 St. Tbomar Club l, 2, 3: Minion Unit 2, 4,' Bond 1, 2, 5, 4 A three year S. T. C. student, Vince is one of our intelligentia besides being outstanding on the clarinet. Handsome, talkative, and a good mixer, he needs no further introduction. ROBERT E. DOHERTY Intramural Barkeiball 1, 2, 31 Mir- .rion Unit 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orcberlm 2,' German Club 2, 3,- Hirtofy Club 4: Bowling Club 4 Bob can really produce jive out qi a trumpet. This coupled with his line disposition, may some day prove to be the reason for dancers saying a high price to hear his and play. ROBERT E. DONALS Va:-:ity Football 3,.4: Intramural Borbetboll If Minion Um: 3, 4: Latin Club 4,' Motb Club 3, 4 That fine steady player on our var- sity football team was Bob Donals who was equally active in other school activities andlrnission work. You couldn't help liking him. ROBERT M. CALLAHAN Varrily Foolball 2, 3, 4: Varrily Barkelball 3, 4: Infmfnural Bar- kvlball 2: Baud I There isn't one fellow at Aquinas who doesn't give Bob credit for his athletic ability. He has won many friends and will always keep making them in later life. H . -MT-1,:,,.,. THOMAS W. CARR Varriry Faolball 3, 4: Intramural Foolball 2,' Intramural Barkelball J, 4: German Club 4: Aviation Club 2,' Bowling Club 4 The football team will lose a line man when Tom leaves his Alma Mater. Generous of heart and staunch of spirit, Tom has made a pal of everyone he has met. JQXC z' Ji 'WILLIAM E. CAUFIELD Inmzmural Barkelball 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4,' Orrberira 2,' Bowling Club 4 Bill may be classed as one of the silent, intellectual type. His deter- mination and manly dignity will carry him far in life. V UM E lull llitll iillif UNIV L- Mi -:es r - -- --' ,' , THOMAS L. CAVANAGH Minion Uni! 3: Glu' Club 3, 4: Tnmrir Commirlec 4 Tom's magnetic :ind pleasing per- sonality has made many friends for him. We shall remember him as being never too serious, never too quiet, not quite boisterous. --. .-,-V , --, -13 - cds., N'Pk?fOXLi"i,f REQ X fr-l ff il Q ,'-1-,.-1'5" L-, E - .. , l , . is-.--1-sri U E Q? fra ,' ,fx ,J 5' nik no Q25 gi aw Eigltfbgy -1 lee ll., get .cn for if li us Tj, ,itll ' ff KQV . s l ti rfaxrf' BERNARD A. CHIAMA Varsity Football 4: Intramural Foafball 2: Inlramural Barkelball 2, 3, 4: German Club 4 Bernie always strives for the best. He has won it on many occasions and no doubt the best awaits him after graduation. You were a real credit to Aquinas. JOHN H. CHRISTNER Inlramural Barketball 1, 3: Intra- mural Bareball 1, 2, 3: Minion Uni! 1,' Maroon am! While Slay 4: Table Tennir Club 3, 4,' Bow - ing Club 2, 3, 4 jack, a swell fellow in the eyes of all his classmates, possesses an un- surpassed sense of humor,.a friend- ly smile, and an irresistible per- sonality. "' FRANCIS A. CILUFFO Intramural Barkelbull If Sl. Tbama: Club 15 Minion Unit 41 Lalin Club 3 Bud, an ambitious plugger and a capable leader, is Aquinas' gift to the world. He is especially popu- lar with the fair sex. WILLIAM A. CIMINELLI Varrily Faotball 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Minion Uni! 1, 2, 3,- Italian Club 2, 3, 4,' Latin Club 4,' Debaling Club 4g Safely Putral 4,' Aroljte Club 4 Versatile, enthusiastic' Bill fre- quently answered questzons in the classroom before they were asked. Though Aquinas has housed Cim- mey or four years, his heart has been in the prairies. 'WERVIN R. COLLE Math Club 2, 3g Science Club 3: Aviation Club 2,' Mdf0DII and White Sta173.4,' Dixcurfion Club 4 Competent Dick's initiative and talent seem boundless. His ability as. an artist, and skill at making friends, will never be forgotten by his devoted classmates. QXOQ 0 O AQUINAS INSTITUTE c I. A s s o F 19 4 2 WILLIAM J. CONNELL Iulramural Basketball 1, 4: Dra- matic Club 4: German Club 3, 4: Science Club 4 Bill is a born mechanic. If he has an engine to repair, he is corn- pletely happy. May there be many engines. ROBERT C. CONROY Hiilary Club 41 Bowling Club 4 If you have ever met Bob, you were undoubtedly impressed by his gleaming countenance. Such a characteristic has made him one of our best liked classmen. FRANCIS G. CONSLER Sl. Tbomar Club 3,' Camera Club 1, 2,' Aviation Club 3,' Arele Board: Bowling Club 4 Frank's massive body is topped with an equally sound mind. His social activities fail to keep him from being a good student. This fact coupled with 'his high ambi- tions are sure to bring him success. JOHN 1. FEDIGAN Intramural Barketball 1,' St. Thofnar Club lf Mxrrion Unit 1, 3 john has several interesting Achar- acteristicsg he played golf with a olf ball and he contributed to li- rar funds by paying lines reg- JAMES K. FEELY St. Tlmma: Club 1, 2, 3: Clan Oralarical 3: German Club 3, 4: Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4 "Senator" Feeley's personality is a Finely balanced one. With his manly and steady character he will ANDREW A. FEHLNER Glee Club 2,' Science Club 4,' Avi- ation Club 4 Andy, reticent but extremely good natured, has walked through our halls for four years and we hardly knew that he was there. Elarlly. someday attain his wish-a seclud- cd home in the country. r Q --fy i - E- -E- AQU NAS EYNSWTUTE l A 5 S Q F 19 4 2 -' be sc'--------A-W---H , . r .rsl 'ss"'-ccefcc2-'s-s-- RICHARD L. 'FISCHETTE Glee Club 3, 4: Italian Club 2, 3,' Aviation Club 41 Hiftary Club 4 Dick spent most of his time won- dering and wondering how he was icing to get all of his homework one. EDWIN F. FLECHE Intramural Barketball 1,' Mifrion Unit 3, 4,' Glee Club 3, 4,' Pre!! Club 3: Maman and White Staff 4: Hiftury Club 4 An admirable young man, intelli- gent, sincere, respectful, courteous, genefous, energetic, and compe- tent. JOSEPH T. FLOR The tive months Joe has spent with us haye not been enough. Such a man is our conception of a real Aquinas gentleman. MARTIN A. FOOS Intramural Baxeball 3: Sl. Tbomaf Club 1, German Club 3: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4: Safely Patrol 4 A lasting tribute to a boy who has come up the hard way. We admire you for your patience, Marty, and are confident that the future will bring you success. ROBERT I.. FOOS St. Tbomar Club I, 2, 3: Minion Uni: 1, 2, 3, 4 Bob's indomitable spirit and abun- dance of enthusiasm have gained for him the admiration of all the students. He is the soul of opti- mism, ready and willing for any- thing. 006,00 ROY A. FOOS Intramural Barbeiball 1, 2,' Prem Club 4: Maroon um! White Stuff 4: Hinfory Club 4: Bowling Club I, 2, 3, 4 Roy's' ability at managing the Bowling Club is surpassed only by his boyvling average. His spirit is appreciated by all who have worked with him. V AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S O F 19 4 2 WALTER E. FOOS Intramural Batketball 1, 2, 3: Sl. Tbomar Club 3,' Calbolic Lilera- lure Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 4: Safety Palrol 4: Arele Board Walt's sincerity is one of his most dominant characteristics. Since our First days at Aquinas, we have en- joyed his companionship. WILLIAM B. FULLAM Inlramural Baseball 1, 2, 3: Mi:- .riou Unit 2, 3: Orcborlra 1, 2: Clair Oralorirul 1, 2: Lafin Club 3: Hirrory Club 4: Bowling Club 3, 4: Transit Commiltor 4: Sl. Tbomas Club 1 With a flair for sports as well as study, Bill has set the pace for Aquinas men by his constant in- tegrtty. 'ROBERT A . GARBACK Intramural Football 1: History Club 4,' Bowling Club 4 Definitely not the worrying type, Bob may seem to take things eas- ily, bnt his cheerfulness and gen- erosity are two of the best substi- tutes for vim and vigor to be found. ROBERT P. GEHRIG Intraozural Football 1,' St, Tbomax Club I: Glee Club 3, 4,' Maroon and Wbile Slolf 4 Bob is one of those fellows who can always reflect the cheerful side of an otherwise troublesome situ- ation ancl laugh his way through it to inevitable success. tl-IAROLD R. GEIMER St. Thomas Club 1, 2, 3,' Glen' Club 2, 3: Gemlon Club 3, 4,' Arete Boardf Bowling Club 4: Ed- itor of rbe Aouinodorg' Arxiftanl Slondord Bearer Harold is happy-go-lucky. But he does not let this interfere with his studies. We admire him for his JOHN J. GERBINO Inlramurol Foafboll 2, 3,' Vorrity Football 2, 3, 4,' Ilalzao Club 3, 4 jack is a sound sleeper-even in study' periods. Such is not true on the asketball court, however, for lmany points have been tallied by lm. consistent dependability. il -l -1 l 9 li I Na' - f V -i - at-if-:,t,-.:'-Q A-ffl!! X-if-IT Ngfxig' - D- ff'.-v 1 xg ' ' X 1 ' If-V-A----eff-1 --' 1-'T-if-I-f iii- 'H Aou reolss riuioli ai U 9, e ii. lu 5 e Q F re or 'F. CHARLES GLATZ Irzlramuml Football If Camera Club 1: Bowling Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Safety Polrol 4 Charlie's calm disposition has act- ed as a check upon the potential boisterousness prevalent in his classes. A magnilicent career lies ahead. PETER J. GRANT Illlfdllllllkll Bomball 3,' Minion Uni! 3: Maroon and While Stop' 4: Bowling Club 4 Upright, hardworking, and thoughtful, Peter has iustg merit- ed our esteem. "G1'ant's urgling Giggles" are fixed in our memory. 'JAMES G. GREEN Inrromural Football 2,' Ixzxramurol Borkezboll I, 2, 3,' St. Tbomar Club 1, 2, 3,' Matb Club 4: Hir- mry Club 4,' Table Tennir Club 3. 45 Bowling Club 3,-4: AreteBorzrzl Gentility and jim are synonymous. He is always victor in his scho- lastic battles. WILLIAM J. GREENWOOD Varrity Baxketball 2, 3,' Intra- mural Batkelball 2, Sf Glee Club 3, 4: Aviation Club 2,' Bowling Club 4 Bill's remarks are an infinite source of amusement. His intimates know he isn't as bashful as he seems. WGEORGE W. GUERINOT St. Tbomar Club I, 3: Discuniorr Club fly Clan oratorical 1, 4: Catholic Literature Club 3, 4: Frerzcl: Club 3, 4: Table Teunit Club 3, 4: Safely Patrol 4,' Senior PlZ'Q',' Managing Editor, Maroon an , White One of the more active members of our class, George abounds in initiative and talent.. We see in him a budding genius who will accomplish all his hopes and en- deavors. QQXU O50 ROBERT W. HAMMER Intramural Beueball 2, 3: Glee Club 3, 4 He may sing like an-angel, but we Find Bob an angel ot many angles, the problems of which he has solved expeditiously, seldom ex- tinguishing that grin. AQUINAS FNSTITUTE C LASS O F 'I 942 ' v JAMES W. HANLEY Intramural Barketball 4: Intra- mural Baseball 2:.A1Jiatio71 Club 4,' Gun Club 4: Hulory Club 4 Sincere, steady, and studious, jim has the qualities of the trustworthy and dependable men who are the backbone of America. ROBERT J. HARMON Vanity Batlaelball 2, 3,' 4: Glee Club 3, 4 "Big Bob" has the inate ability to complete everything he at- tempts. His basketball achieve- ments are ample proof of this fa- cility. JOSEPH J. HARTMAN Vanity Football 2, 3, 4: lntra. mural Baxketball 2, 3, 4: Minion Unit 1, 2, 3, 4,' Aviation Club 4 Active in mission work and re- nowned as a footbalbwarrior, Joe tackles his stuldiesgwith the same pep he used. in his incomparable football playing. 'JOSEPH J, HAUSER Inlrumural Baxeball 5: Sl. Tlsomru Club I, 2, 3 joe, wc predict, will gather moss rather than dust with the passing years. A brilliant scholar, a scin- tillating conversationalist, his fu- ture is destined to shine. GEORGE H. HEIDRICH Aviation Club 21 Bowling Club 4 George is never. too preoccupiedrto assist one in distress. His uhntnring efforts point ,to success in his chosen profession-aviation. THOMAS J. HEMPEI. Iaztramuml Baxketball 1: Minion Unit 3: German Club 4g History Club 4 Tom is- always reserved but with his reticence he invariably com- bines pleasantness and complaisan- Cy that command more than ordi- nary respect from his classmates. .r Aoii N.fasiEii5ii'sriiriiuiE E i ic L A s s o is 1 e ai 2 'EEE ' 9- If l GEORGE T. HENNESSEY lntrfmmml Basketball 1, 2,' Imm- mural Baseball 2, 3,' Table Tennis Club 3, 4,' Tfflilfll Cznnmilfee Always ready with 21 chuckle, chort c, or a quip to add to the merriment, George is one of our more "Critic" al seniors. "Smile awhile with Hennessey" is the motto of a host of pals, JOHN H. HESS Glce Club 3, 4: Tmmii Cammil- fee 4: Bowling Club 4 Characteristic of a. redhead! jack possesses a determined' spirit. He is a cheerful companion and a good fellow to have about. RUSSELL C. HOFFMEISTER Camera Club 4,'BozuIil1g Club 4 Russ has moved serenely and qui- etly through his years at Aquinas. Reserved but never snohbish, studi- ous but not bookworm, his friends are sincerely appreciative. THOMAS J. HOGAN Inlramural Barkefball 2, 3,' Intra- mural Bareball 2,3,' Minion Unit2 A strong propensity to drowsiness, great popularit and a distinctive nickname are the personiiication of carefree "Chink." WALTER T. HOLLAND Intramural Football2p Banu' 2, 3, 4 Here is a fellow who believes in "blowing his own horn" to good advantage. Outside the band, how- ever, Walt is unpretentious but he has a flair for fun. QQX0 QQ 'KEDWARD C. I-IOUSEL lntraguural .Bareball 1, 2. 3, 4: Minion Um! 31 Gun Club 3 Ed isn't the loquacious tipe-his smile does most of his tal ing for him. Confident and sociable, he wins the friendship of everyone he meets. AQUINAS INSTITUTE c L A s s o F 19 4 2 V 'DONALD L. HOYT St. Tbomar Club 2, 3,- Intramural Barkelball 1,' llaliarz Club 41 Sci- ence Club 4,' Projector Club 4f Table Tenuir Club 3, 4,' Arele Board: Standard Bearer Impetturbable in any situation, our intellectual standard bearer is a genuine student, the pride of his teachers. Don is never affected by the weather, because the Hag must wave aloft. EUGENE B. HUETHER Mission Unit3 ,' Maraou andWbi1e Slajf 4: Hillary Club 4p Aralyla' Club 4,' Safety Patrol 4: Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4: Calbulic Lif- eralure Club 3, 4 An inspiration to his fellow class- men and a staunch advocate of free speech, Gene is certain to at- tain his desired goal. 'DOMENIC G. IEZZONI Sl. Tbaruar Club 1, 2, 3: Misrinu Unit I, 4: German Club 3, 4: Lulin Club 3, 4,' Science Club 3,- Arefe Board Dom has that dignity and majestic rnicn which are typical of the Ro- man Race. Dramatics is his forte. 'RAYMOND E. JEFFERY Culbolif Literature Club 4: Freucb Club 4,' Maroon and While Slafll Ray uses his verbosity to good ad- vantage on the Maroon and White Staff. I-Ie and his sophisticated repartee are an inseparable part of that publication. RICHARD J. JEPFERY Mifiiou Unit 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 31 Clan Oralarimlr 2,' Catho- lic Litcrulufe Club 2, 4: Ffencb Club 4,' Latin Club 3 ,' Maroourmzl While SMH 4f Debating Club 4 There's a reward awaiting the per- son who ever heard Dick shout. The reward: a copy of one of Dick's superb pieces of poetry. X0 0 ,V RICHARD D. KEARNEY Intramural Barkelball If Imm- muml Bareball 1, 31 BowlingClub 47 Gemmn Club 2, 3, 4 Dick may prefer making history to studying it, but we can easily for- give his tendency to be in the cen- ter of any carefree group. U l EliAElEl'QgElrElli3ls!ll1.E, 'LAURENCE F. KELLY Minion Unit 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3. 4: Orebexmz 2 An accomplished virtuoso of the piano, likable Tim will be greatly missed by our swingsters. His tal- ent and ambition may some day cause Eddie Duchin to look to his laurels. . - 'DONALD C. KLEEHAMER Si. Tboma: Club 2,' Baud 1, 2 Here is a bundle of iollity and good-fellowship. Seldom have we seen a dark cloud hovering over his brow. Consequently, Don, a noteworthy musician and scholar, will be long remembered by his friends of Aquinas. I0 49 l r ' G qN.,s.r. sr' G- E 1:-ia 2' X br 1-f LJ + ei i K, '5 'Stull WILLIAM J. KNAPP Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Or- rberfm 1 Bill is extremely practical. Very good natured, he rceeives every complaint and compliment with the same tolerant and steady smile. - ,- - iq-5-E 'ROBERT H. KNOBEL lntmrnural Football 2,' Intramural Barbetball I, 2, 3: Intramural Bayeball 1, 2, 3: Minion Unit 4: Dramatic Club 4: Bowling Club 2, 4: Tranrit Committee 4 Bob is very fortunate 5 he gains enjoyment from everything. The present odds for his success are two to one that he will be a winner. WILLIAM K. KOERNER Intramural Barlzeiball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 2, 3: German Club 3, 4: Camera Club l: Bowl- mg Club 2: Safely Patrol 4 Billldispels monotony iust as a hurricane dispels a fog. He de- parts with our best wishes. FRANKLIN A. KRESS Minion Unit 4: German Club 4: Latin Club 4: Bowling Club 4 Frank, who has been with us only a year, readily and easily adapted himself to his new surroundings to become one of Aquinas' foremost gentlemen and scholars, Good luck for the future, Frank! 09 Og, V Y AQUINAS INSTITUTE E E 'JOSEPH F. KUNZ Intramural Basketball 1, 4: St. Tboma: Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Latin Club 4 Joe's easy drawl may lead one to under-estimate his undoubted abile ities: but his courtesy, seholarly mind and gentlemanly spirit fore- tell a great man. MARTIN I- LALLY Intramural Basketball I3: Intru- muml Baseball 3: Minion Unit 3: Frenrb Club 3: Latin Club 3: Rod ana' Gun Club 3 Fun, food and femininity are but three of bright-eyed, good-looking Marty's enthusiasms. We doubt whether his "pep" will ever be di- minished, even under the stress of his diversified activities. CLASS OF 1942 WALTER J. LARKIN Band 1, 2, 3, 4,' Aviation Club 4: Bowling Club 4 If we were asked to give an ex- ample of cheerfulness, we would without doubt choose Walt. Opti- mism is his clioicest blessing. WARREN L. LAVIGNE Glee Club 3 4' Safety Pafral 4 The Glee Club's gift to the Metro- politan is "Pinky' who possesses falsetto reaching to the limits. With his reserved and polite man- ner he has won the admiration of all those with whom he associates. 1 1 , , H u JOHN J. LAWSON Mirrizm Unit 3: Bowling Club 4 Serious and reserved, John is well liked by us for what he is. A broad smile and a spirit of cooperation are his eternal identification tags. x0 Og, 'JOHN R. LEINEN Intramural Barkerball 1,' Intra- mural Baseball 2, 3,' Glee Club 3, 4: Transit Commirlee 4: Variety Show 4 Fun-loving jack's cultured, well- modulated voice, which has been a welcome addition to our Glee Club, is. highly indicative of his personality. RAYMOND J. MAHON Intramural Football 2,' Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: lnframural Bare-ball 1, 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Variely Shaw 4 It is rumored that Ray studies, but no one can prove it. We know he prefers his saxophone to his books any time. 'JOHN P. Maman Scienre Club 3, 4: Camera Club 2 3. 4: Bowling Club 4,' Variety Show 4 jack, consistently cordial, is truly versatile: he ca tains a bowling team very ably, abbles in photog- raphy, and even takes chemistry in his stride. 'EUGENE R MALLEY Srbool Play 4' Minion Unit 2 3 4' Clan Oraloriralr 3 4' Lalin Club 4' Hixmry Club 4' Burinerr Manager of the Arete 4' Senior Play 4 Can we ever express our gratitude to Gene who has shown himself to be a spirited supporter of all school activities? Aquinas will al ways remember him as one of its most cooperative students f . E 'I , 1 '1' JAMES V. MALONEY lfzlramural Basketball 3: St. Tbqmar Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Minion Um! 1, 3,' Clan omlarzmlr 2, 4: Ala:-aan and White Smy 4: Pro- jector Club 3,' Debating Club 5, 4 We admire Jim's high ideals and superb ability. An. able and pro- gressive editor, he is a pensive stu- FRANK C. MARACLE Clnrf 01-.fzlaricnlf 1 "Chief Maracleu is typical of his early American ancestors. Sleep seems to be his avocatiou, but am- bition is not altogether lacking. WILLIAM F. MARTIN Glee Club 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Camera Club 4 Diminutive Bill has a profound love of learning-so great that he even pursues Latin 4. Though somewhat reticent, his lively dis- position. makes him a welcome companion. dent to whom the class of '42 owes a great deal. 690046 R AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S 0 F 19 4 2 V ROBERT M. MASUCCI Mirrian Unit 1, 2, 4: Ilulian Club 2, 3, 4,' Camera Club 3: Preu Club 2, 3,' Maman and Wbile SMI 2, 31 Hirrary Club 4,' Pub- licity Bureau 4 Bob's enthusiasm in school activi- ties has hinted a bright and suc- cessful future. We sincerely be- lieve that his ambition to succeed will derail any obstacles in his path. 'JOHN A. MATTLE Inlramuml Barkeibull 1, 2: Mi:- .fion Uni! 1, 3, 41 Band lj Table Tennix Club 3, 4,' Glee Club 3, 4,' Trunriz Cammitlee 4 In jack we present a most zealous member of our cheeriniz section. In future years the tab es will be turned as we cheer him on new and greater conquests. JOSEPH A. MATTLE Irzlramuml Bafkelbull 27 Malbe- malirx Club 4,' Stamp Club 35 Cberi Club 2 joe always greets ou with a grin that seems to swallow up his en- tire countenance. Somewhat re- served, his abilities are known to his intimates. 'JOHN E. MCDONALD Mirrion Uni! 4: Baud 3, 4: Avia- tion Club 2, 4: Archery Club 4: Safety Patrol 4 "Mac" has an outstanding ability for hard work, but small talent for self-advertisement. His willing- ness to help has made many a school function a greater success. KENNETH H. MCDONALD Glee Club 3, 4,' Lnfin Club 45 Cimzera Club 4: Afele Board 4 Here we have Kenny, a veritable duke in demeanor and manners. An artist and a vocalist of no mean distinction, we hope he en- joys the best in life. JOHN P. MCTAMMANY lnlramural Football If Intramural Eufbefball 1 The one who thinks first and then speaks is considered a wise person. John believes this and acts accord- ingly. May he ever thus continue. U ll AQUQNVQS M 5 if HUGH T. MCWHINN EY Irztrrznmral Bureball 3 Hugh's shyness has served as an excellent defense against the some- times annoying queries of his teachersg never voluble, he is a perfect listener. NORMAN V. MEINTEL Inlrrmmml Barketball 2,' German Club 3,' Bowling Club 2, 4 We can find no one who has not a good word for Norm. He is gen- tle and modest, and is indeed for- tunate in possessing these aureate gifts. t i s , N45 'EDGAR F. MEIXNER German Club 4: Hixlory Club 4 Bowling Club 4 Ed's unpredictable antics and in fectious grin make him a "must' at every festive gathering. His apti tude for German and staunch de pendability point the way to suc cess. Auf Wiedersehen! VINCENT J. MELITO Intramural Football 2 g Intramural Basketball 1, 2,' Intramural Bare. ball 1: Glee Club 3, 4: Italian Club 2, 3, 4,' Camera Club 3, 4g Rod and Gun Club 2 What a pleasure it has been to spend four years with this Aquinas student.-He has given us an ever- lasting impression of steadfastness and staunchness. PAUL A. METEYER Iniramural Basketball 31 Miniorz Unit 3, 4: Maroon and 'Wbile Stag 4,' Bowling Club 4,' Trafrrir Committee 4 Paul is interested in two things: wisdom and fun. If he is not pur- suing his studies you will invari- ably find him in deep conversation with lovely young ladies. JOHN F. MICSAK Intramural Baseball 3,' Aviation Club 2, 3,' Bowling Club 4 John is a passive observer. When the vociferous and aroused persons have subsided, the quiet logic of his statements forces all others in- to oblivion. 00000 AQulNAs INSTITUTE c L A s s o F 19 4 2 V HENRY P. MILLEWICK Camera Club 2. 3, 4: Bowling Club 4 Perhaps the reason for Hank's ap' parent disinterest in classwork is his constant meditation on his fa- vorite hobby-photography. ROBERT T. MITCHELL Intramural Barketball 3, 4,' Avia- iiorg Club 4,' Table Tennis Club 3, Bob is no hypocrite! He will speak his opinions openly, but surely not before he has thought about the matter thoroughly. WILLIAM J. MITCHELL Varsity Football 3, 49 Band If Aviation Club 2 Bill would make a perfect prize- fighter because he has all the qual- ities of one. He is pugnacious, strong and virile, both physically and mentally. nn-umm-nunuunnni n -u-:1 EUGENE T. MUELLER Band 2 3 4' German Club 3' Science Club 3' Rod and Gun Club 2' Bowling Club 4 ' Tranril Committee 4 Dashing flashing always on the bound-that is the real Gene Mueller.. So too he symbolizes the true spirit of this class of 42. 'RICHARD G. MUELLER St. Tbomur Club If Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4,' Arete Stal Dick enjoys a good time! Never- theless ze has one quality to be admired by all-truthfulness. His example has brought about results. . QX RAYMOND B. NANNINI Vanity Football 2, 3, 4: Intra- mural Baxketball 1, 2,' Minion Unit 3: Camera Club 3, 4 A man of many and diverse activ- ities, tall, handsome, athletic "Ray" is a perfect gentleman. We can be.sure.his earnest, affable personality will carry him far in the future. O i 1 1 v 4 1 1 s u I i , . . . .- -Y , -,-..-'-.fizi-51,17 VY 3-fh ':?v:.g- . CPED y qi W i AQUHNAS MSTHTUTE 9 fl 'CHARLES A. NAPIER Intramural Football 1, 2 5 Intra- mural Bafketball 1, 2: Minion Unit 2, 3,' Band 1,' Dramatic Club 4: Latin Club 3: Malbcmatir Club 4: Bowling Club 4 Chuck has kept up the prestiege of the Napier boys at Aquinas. His popularity was due chiefly to the admiration we all hold for him. WALTER E. N OWACK St. Tbomar Club 1,' German Club 3, 4,' Hiffory Club 4 "Walt" possesses a reflective mind coupled with an amiable disposi- tion. Tenacious in his search for knowledge, his staunch determina- tion to succeed can yield him only success. Good luck, Walt. GRASS QF E942 VALORY L. O'BRIEN Varrily Basketball 3, 4,' Intra- mural Barkelball 1, 2,' Intramural Batebnll 1, 2, 3,' Minion Unit 3, 4 ,' Maroon and Wbile 3: Hirtofy Club 4,' Advertixing Committee 4 Val has been too busy holdin fame as a yokester to spend mucg time at school Work. He is a gift- ed artist. PHILIP J. OCA Varrily Football 3, 4: Band 1, 2,' llalian Club 2, 3,4: Variety Shaw-4 Husky "Phil' is seen usually in two poses-plunging furiously on the gridiron, or sleeping peacefully in study hall, but in either, he re- mains a swell fellow-a true Aqui- nas stude. THOMAS W. O 'CONNELL lnlramrmzl Barkrfball 4 ,' Intra- mural Football 2,' German Club 2, 3, 4,' Arole Board Tom is a happy-gn-lucky fellow, who apparenty enjoys work as well as play. His witty remarks have brightened many classes. Gifted with a dynamic personality and a strong intellect, he is sure to succeed. 6900 o DONALD T. O'CONNOR Igztramnml Barkelball 1, 2g Mix- .won Uni! 3, 4: Bond 1, 2, 3, 4,' German Club 3,' Arele Board 4: Table? Tennir Club 4,' Safely Pa- ffa Informal and friendl , Don has a lackidaisical attitucllf combined with an -intense attraction for swing music. AQUINAS INSTITUTE c LA s s o F 19 4 2 V 'JOSEPH A. O'CONNOR Band 1, 2, 2, 4,' Orcbertra 2,' Ger- man Club 2: Swing Baud 2, 3, 4 Like the slide of. his trombonetjoe slips into our midst-he's musical, de ightful and yet enigmatic! Never shall we be able to cast aside the memory of his comical stage antics. "E. JOHN O'GRADY Intramural Baseball 2, 3,' Sl. Tboma: Club 1, 2,' Mission Unit 3, 4: Band I, 2. 3, 4,' Arete Board 4: Safely Patrol 4 Jack, quite a versatile and popular fellow, has distinguished himself by his leadership in Mission work and by his exceptional musical ac- complishments. FRANCIS E. O' HALLORAN Intramural Football 1, 2: Vanity Football 3, 4: Minion Uni! 2, 3. 4,' Traruii Commiltee 4 Bud is a real sport! He enjoys ath- letics and has spent a considerable amount of time working for the missions. This diminutive senior is tops. 1 JOHN N. O'NEILL Minion Unit 1' Bauling Club 4 You'll hardly find anyone easier to get along with than jack. Calm unperturbable Jack is a real man. WALTER T. O'REILLY Inlramuml Foollmll 1, 2: Imm- mural Burkelbull I ,' Bowling Club 4 That good things come in small packages precisely applies to Walt. A fellow who is exact and right to the point with every statement-he well deserves the trust his friends place in him. 'CHARLES R. OSTER Band 4: Ortberfra 25 Glee Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 4 Bob's shoulders are broad enough to "support the world," and his character is just as well developed. Staunch and steadfast, it will take many storms to disturb his calm, iggifiib --- ----?11n O '. , i A 5. 'flea AQU M SE WESATETMTE i ernss or was ., .W , Q ' i ROBERT J. OSTRYE Itilfdfllllfrll Bruketbull 2 5 Intra- mural Barebull I, 31 MiJJi071 Unit 3, 41 Glce Club 3, 4: Cheer Leader 3, 41 Dramafir Club 2, 3: Tmnrii Commillee 4 Here's Bob-that vociferous, school-spirited fellow whose vic- tory cheers shall ever reverberate among the halls. I-le's real, pop- ular :md true. THOMAS A. PALMERI Intramural Fnalball 2,' Irdliurz Club 2, 3, 4 The extraordinary sobriquet of "Tiny Tim" designates a person- afge of no little consequence in our c ass. He abounds in felicitousness. k2Ti?lE6T-Ti' - 'i'E'ilf' b 'f ' 2g3f'iIuz1 Ei! - 5.5 i x r---P:-R -3- - 1:-7-v f--' :L- V 1 l ll' HAROLD C. PERRY I Lulm Club 4,' Hirfary Club 4,' Bowling Club 4 Harold is built in large prnfor- I tions and his heart and inte lect F are both a size to go with his mas- sive frame. As a friend he is deli- i nitely not of the fair weather va- riety. l l 1 I I U rl ri l l . 1 li 'OTTAVIO V. PEZZI Intramural Baseball 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Orrbertra 2,' Camera Club 1,' Aviation Club 4 An accomplished Senior Band mu- sician, "Pez" is equally proticient on the french horn as in his studies. A cheerful grin and a sgmtcd personality complete the picture. 'FRANCIS H. PIERCE Si. Tboma: Club 1, 2, Inlramural Barkelball 1, 2,' Minion Uni! 1, 2,' Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Arele B0dfll,' Arolyte Club 4,' Senior Play 4 Fran's wise cracks are the wisest of them all, and some are master- pieces of repartee and epigrammit- 1sm. We wonder where they all come from. O00 00 AQUINAS INSTITUTE A 5 v E 5 ALFRED W. PIETZOLD Stamp Club 1, 2,' Camera Club 2, 3,' Table Tennis Club 4' For 'four years, Al has traveled to Aquinas every morning all the way from Greece. He apeaks very sel- dom but when he oes only words of wisdom issue forth. CLASS 0F1942 ROBERT J. POCKETT Varsity Football 3, 4,' Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Glue Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 4 Amiable and athletic are the two worcls which describe Bob. To him goes much of the credit for our victorious football season. CHARLES G. PORRECA 1, 2, 3,' Intra- 2, 3,' Band 1, Club 4 Maroon and Teuni: Club 3 in the af- a policeman ROSS F PORTER German Club 4 Table 'Iennu If ever a revolution were lncited in the halls of Aquinas Ross would be the logical person to quell the disturbance He will make his mark as a diplomat or as HENRY J. PURCHASE Imrunzurol Football 1: Intramural Bnrlaeiball 1, 2, 3, 4: St. Tbornaf Club 1: Matb Club 1: Science Club 3 Harry's outstanding work is basket- ball. But through his pleasing manner and true sincerity, he has found an eternal dwelling in the hearts of his classmates. WILFRED F. RAES Intmmural Barketball 1, 2, 3: In- tramural Football 1, 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Table Tennir Club 3: Safety Patrol 4: Motb Club 4: Glee Club 2 Fred has no substitute. Although he is diliicult to stop talking, his witty remarks have brightened many a dreary class . JOHN A. REGAN Srbovl Play 4: Intramural Foot- ball 2, 3: Vanity Barketboll 2, 3: Intramural Bnrketbull 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Arnie Board 4 john's stately form his often been seen traversing before the foot- lights. He has three preferences: Basketball, Dramatics, Mercians. GRANGER E. REYNOLDS ji x 3' 1, 1 va- 'sas-:aa-L...J.g., . L., -gba... i .Y- . - l i I 3 U rf -eff'-fra ff'-fl-:aww ' V . ', .. H f. T, at :T X ,. :rn in. lk! " f- ' 2' lg -, X AQQUHWQHIAS Mfslliii lilliiiill ll C U. bv S Q iF lb? 4 2 --L Ama' -1 - M -- - --.- -W-4: ' --- --0---E--F-Rm-eil--r ----H--1 255555 LEO F. REHBERG Intramural BdIkPlbdll 4 5 Intra- mural Bareball 1, 2, 3: Sr. Tbomor Club 1,' Lulin Club 4: Stamp Club 4: Hirtory Club 4 Four years of Latin docs something for a man-and if Leo's the prod- Ect of its fecundity, it's only the est. DONALD P. REINHARDT St. Tbomor Club 1, 2, 3: Misrion Unit 3: Arete Board 41 Bowling Club 4 It is hard to imagine what our class would have been without Don. That persistent spirit and bashful smile will live on forever in our memory. Vanity Football 4: Intramural Barbetbull 1,' Intramural Bate- boll 3 Granger is a sports minded fel- low. Through many perilous fights on the gridiron, he has gallantly shown his Irish spirit. 'FREDERICK C. RICHNER Xt. Tboma: Club 1, 2, 3,' Glue Club 2,' German Club 2,' Science Club 3, 4,' Cberr Club 4: Maroon and White Staj 3,' Arele Board 4: Prajerior Club 4 'Ifhe possessor of a keen mind and light-hearted spirit, Fred is the Personilicatiou of persistence Ac- tive ibn many affairs, he particular- ly enjoys the study of German. JOSEPH F. RINGELSTEIN lnlrumural Barbelball 3: Minion Uni! 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowl- zng Club 4g T1-omit Committee 4 f'Drum Boogie" is 1oe's favorite indoor sport and joe is Aquinas' favorite funster. With cheers and good wishes we give you a candi- date for Krupa's shoes. , 1 o MICHAEL A. RISTUCCIA Intramural Football 2, 3,' Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Inlramural Ba:- betball I, 2,' Glee Club 4,' Italian Club 1, 2,' Table Telmir Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 3, 4 Mike has spent many long after- noons in the Aquinas gym prepar- ing .for basketball encounters. His persistence has been rewarded as the records show. AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S 0 F 19 4 2 V "ROBERT G. RITZ Glee Club 4: Latin Club 41 Cam- era Club 3, 4,' Arele Board 4: Pro- jeclor Club 4 Friendliness and Bob are synono- mous. Wlmenever and wherever he is seen, a smile discloses his ami- able personality. It is no wonder he is classed as a true Catholic gentleman . ber him. THOMAS S. ROACH Intramural Football 2,' Intramural Barkeiball 1, 2, 3, 4,' Intramural Bareball 2, 3 Tom is a typical student, interest- ed in scholastics and athletics and excelling in both. His willingness to help has merited him a host of friends, who will always remem- COIDC. JAMES E ROLAND Intramural Football 3 Intramural Baiberball I 2 German Club 3 4: Hifrory Club 4 Bowling Club -'l,' Traurit Commlltee 4 A fellow who Lan never be count ed out, Jim with his practical and ambitious nature is certain to win unbounded prosperity in days to RICHARD H. ROOD Likable Dick was studious to the nth degree. His agreeable manners made him a favorite. May you ever thus continue, Dick. ARTHUR A. RUSSELL Inlramural Football 2, 3, 4,' Imra- mural Barkerball 3, 4: Inlramural Bareball 2, 3: Minion Unit 3,' Band l,' Preu Club 3 f Tramit Committee Art's angelic countenance does not entirely misrepresent his true char- acter. Nevertheless he manages to JOHN T. RYAN Intramural Baseball 31 St. Tlzomai Club I, 2, 3,' Maroon and White Slalf 4 fohnny, with amazing ability, col- ects S. T. C. sweaters in great quantities, and with his pleasing personality he gathers friends in even more multitudinous numbers. become entangled in many mis- chievous enterprises. F li- -f f-J-- -- -w-:-- - -- H- --Typ - :aa-, mir'-i is Q L A S 5- er H a ee 2 I tll J. l I KENNETH P. SACHS Iulramural Baxeball 2,' Minion Unil 2, 4: Clee Club 3, 4: Gun Club 4 Meet Ken-the senior with the vi- brant personality and tenor voice, whose gentlemanly polish was in- spired largely by the "fair sex." Ken's likable ways have earned him many friends. WILLIAM A. SALINA Inlmmural Ba.reb.4ll 3. 4: Catholic Lilefalure Club 2 That slim, handsome buy with one or more books constantly tucked under his arm is Bill, here nomi- naled as one of our most charm- ing and ingratiating seniors. 'RICHARD E. SCHERBERGER Sl..Th077ldJ Club 2, 3,' Mirriorr Unit 4: German Club 3, 4: Stamp Club 2, 3, 4: Sriencc' Club 3: Anza' Board 4,' Table Tennir Club 3, Undoubtedly one of the most ac- tive workers in the school, Dick is an S. T. C. man. No wonder he is admired by so many. FRED C. SCHMIDT lnrramural Bareball 1, 3: Intra- mural Barkelball 1, 2,' Orcbertra I, 2: German Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 4 The firm solid jaw, which is a natural asset to Fred, shows one that he is persistent and will make a success of his life. 'DONALD E. SCHMITT Inlranmral Football 3,' Intramural Barkeiball 3: SI. Thomas Club 1, 2, 3: Malb Club 4,' Arete Board 4 Two words are suliicient to de- scribe Don's stay at Aquinas- scholar and athlete. There is only one possible conclusion: That he knows 'the time and place for everything. 'ROBERT F. SCHNACKY School Play 3: Intramural Barker- ball 2: Sr. Tboma: Club l,' Mi:- .vion Unit 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4,- Cbeer Leader 4: Clan Oraiorical 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4,' German Club 3 During the past four years, Bob has been very instrumental in cre- ating school spirit. His long list of worthwhile activities speaks for itself in confirming his character. AQUINAS INSTITUTE C LASS OF 'I942 V 'JOSEPH J. SCOPA Sl. Tbomu: Club If Minion Unit 4,' Band 3, 4: Arele Board 4 Synclopated swing of big-time cali- ber is Joe's dish and his sax play- ing is mute evidence of his abili- ties in that field. May we bid "Good-bye" to a gentleman and a scholar. DOMINIC W. SCORDO Sl. Tbomax Club 1,' Minion Unit 3. 4: Italian Club 1, 2, 35 Arele Board 4 Dominic's prudence in all his ac- tions prove that he has learned the real purpose of his Aquinas educa- tion. The world is yours, Dom. RICHARD C. SCOTT Glen' Club 3, 4,' Math Club 4: Safely Patrol 4: Tranrit Commit- tee 4 A circle of sunshine is Dick's presence anywhere. We wonder what his secret potent of person- ality could be. 'RICHARD H. SFORZINI Preridenl -Senior Clan, Intra- mural Bthfklflbllll 2, 3, 4: Sl. Tbomm Club 1, 2, 3: Mirxirm Unit 3,' Clarr Orarorifal 2, 3: German Club 2, 3, 45 Mdfh C1115 4: Table Tefmir Club 3, 4 Behold our pride-orator, athlete, S. T. C. member, president of our class, Dick Sforzini. A dynamic leader, his ambition is unexcelled. T.. Mui, qhf. - -.-.4-4 AQU NAS INISTTEITUTE 'BERNARD E. SHLESINGER Intramural Fonlball 1,' Intramural Barbelball 2,' Sl. Tbomax Club 1: Mirrion Unil I, 2, 3,' Glee Club 2. 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: Mail: Club 4: Arete Board 4: Hirtary Club 4: Debating Club 4: Safely ROBERT C. SIMPSON lrztnmzuml Barkelball 3,' Minion Uni! 3, 4: G'er'man Club 4: Tranrir Commitlec' 4 Yes, a thumping disposition which carries with it a King George smile -that's Bob. He is outstanding in ROBERT T. SKIPWORTH Iulramural Foolbnll 2, 4,' Intra- mural Bafbelbull 1, 2, 3, 4: Mir- riou Uni! 3, 4: Cheer leader 4: Dramalir Club 2: Italian Club 2,' Transit Conmzillee 4 Skip will lead a cheer for anything as Ong as it is a good Cause. To him at our parting we raise three loud cheers. P4001 4 mission work. Ed is a bit loquacious, and is noted for his argumentative spirit. 0" Q"4 'e u V Q 1 K -- ----an : 1--.V C3 rQ:',fw -"1 , , CLASS 051942 I W M V 1 -...--,-. .-.-a-- f '- ---v- - rw- --ff'-1:-f -V.-up - -- i-1' , 0 V 2- Fl 2 L ' A 'ROBERT P. SMELT DO Ei SMITH .5ZhTbagn1?r 4Club 3,' Maroon and lntr mur grfegbgl 1, 2, 3, gf ite ta mr ur are a 2, 37 t. If all of us had the outlook on life TW uh If Gln Club -if that Bob has, there would without 4' A' odrdi' Table Tmml a doubt be more charitablcness and Club 31 ' fewer .wars in the world today. Keep smiling Bob. Prudent a d praic ical in his opin- ions and derti ings Don's a lad who can be relied upon to express himself both frankly and politely. 'EDWARD E. STEINKIRCHNER 'ROBERT J. SMITH CHARLES FL SPEIDEL JAMES P. SPILLANE Sl. ,Thomas Club 1, 2, 3: Mission Um! 2,' French Club 3, 4: Arete Board 4 : Bowling Team 4: Tran- .fit Committee 4 So far this genial fellow's life has been a haippy one. An "ace jitter- bug" an consistent student, he shares his optimistic nature with his many friends. Srbaol Play 3: Intramural Fool- ball 3: Minion Unit 3, 4: Clan Oratorlcal 1, 3: Matb Club 3, 4: Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Hixrory Club 4 Chuck has a decided propensity for ,outdoor sports with skiing and sailing in the foreground. His ability on the ski-trail has often Varsity Football 4: Intramural Barketball 1: St. Tbomat Club2,3 jim possesses an enviable artistic ability. In the cover of this Arete we see an excellent exemplilication of this rare talent. been recognized. AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S 0 F 19 42 V HAROLD V. STANTON Illlfdlllllftil Football 2,' Glee Club 3. 4: Maroon and Wbite Staff 4: Safely Patrol 4 Through the cold winter months, one could always see Harry in his S. P. uniform guiding Aquinas boys across Dewey Avenue. 'V' EORGE L. ST UD Senior Play 4: School Play 4: In- tramural Bt2.fkEll7dll 2, 3: Minion Unit 5, 4: Golf Team 3, 4: Glee Club I 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Bowling Clubll, 2, 3: Safety Pa- trol 4: Publicity Bureau 4 George is always ready to help a lady in distress. His pleasant per- sonality and superb dramatic abil- ity have won him wide popularity among his classmates. Senior Play 1:.St. Tbomar Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1: Frenrb Club 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Arete Board 4g Bowling Club 4: History Club 4 - Ed's industry and talent point to a worthwhile careerg a member of the S. T. C. and many activities, has been a real pal to everyone. WILLIAM F. STROHMEIER Intramural Bareball 3,' Sl. Tbomfzr Club 1, 2,' Traruil Conzmillee 4: Stamp Club 1 Suave and jovial Bill has light- ened many a weary hour with his uaint ideas. Let's hope his plan an a new world order will never be realized. 'DONALD M. SULLIVAN lnlrumural Football 2,' St. Tbomar Club 1, 2, 3,' Mirrion Uni! 3, 4: Lalin Club 3, 4: Rod and Gun Club 3: Areie Board 4 Don solves Math problems and translates Virgil with remarkable ease. He enjoys his studies. AQ QEEP'-lair i i . ' 'fl P GERALD J. SULLIVAN Intramural Barkerball 2, 3: Mir- .rion Uni! 2, 3, 4,' Dramatic Club 3, 4: Safely Pan-ol 4: Tranrif Conzminee 4,' Senior Play 4 You would have to meet Gerry to had out what a swell fellow he really is. Besides being dramatic- ally inclined he is a fair worker and has what it takes. RICHARD A. SULLIVAN Intramural Football 2,' Minion Unit 1 An unassuming, steady and studi- ous manner is paradoxical in this fellow who is constantly on the alert for knowledge an a good tune. Keep it up Dick. WILLIAM T. SWANTON Vanity Football 2, 3, 4: Varrily Barkelball 2. 3, 4,' Intramural Bareball 2, 3, 4,1 Minion Unit 4 ,' Maroon and Wbzte Sraj' 4 Of Herculean build and con enial behavior, brawny Bill will a ways be remembered as our capable quarterback, who is not only ro- bustly virile but also zealously studious. THOMAS J TALLARIDA Glee Club 3 4 Ilalmn Club 2 3 4 Latin Club 4 A three year Italian Club member Tom has displayed literary ability love for livel discussion and A manly versatie character traits of an unforgettable classmate ,Fiat um 112212: ii ii 'egwar K ,- i 'ls Qi 9 5 , I-i' -.473 ii V, ii 'ANDREW W. TEUSCHEL Varrily Foorball 4,' Sl. Tbornar Club 1, 2, 3,' Mirrion Unit 3, 4: Cflee Club 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 41 Areie Board 4,' Bowling Club 4 Andy is a fine example of brain and brawn. His prowess on the gridiron is equalled only by his scholastic ability. His "up and at 'em" spirit will bring success. WILLIAM B. THANEY Intramural Football 1, 2,' Vanity Barketball 3, f Intramural Barker- ball 1, 2: Golf Team 1, 2, 3, .4,' St. Tbomar Club 1, 3f Mirrion Unit 3, 4: Latin Club 4,' Math Club 4,' Bowling Club 2 A four Year Latin man, captain of the gof team, and basketball Elayer extraordinary, Bill is well nown and liked by all. Q0x004Q, JOHN B. TIERNEY St. Tbornar Club 2, 31 Mirrion Unit 3. 4,' Band 1, 3: Clarr Ora- torical 1,' French Club 4,' Latin Club 4,' Arete Board 4 Acigood orator, a better musician, an the best pal, John ranks among the most prominent seniors. R AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S O F 'I9 4 2 all ' BENEDICT F. TOFANY 'DAVID M. TORMEY 'JAMES C. TRACY Varrily Foolball 2, 3, 4 g Infra- rnural Football If Varrizz' Barber- boll 3, 4,' Intramural Bar etball 1, 2,- Bareball 1, 2, 3 jovial, energetic, entertaining, and alfable are Benis attributes. He did much for Aquinas in the field of athletics. School Play 2,' Golf Club 4,' Mir- .rion Uni! 3, 4,' Maroon and While Stay 2, 3, 4,' Hirlory Club 4,' Ta- ble Tennir Club 3, 4,' Bowling Club 4,' Senior Play 4 David gave all he had to this studies as well as to extra-curricu- lar activities. A continuance of this zeal into his chosen life work should do wonders. Bareball 2, 3 J im ' s carefree, hagpy-go-lucky stride and Sfllfdg p ysique are common third oor sights. A pleasant, permanent smile, a pas- sion for Math and a bubbling good nature are his identification tags. 'ANTHONY J. TRAPANI Scboal Play 3 4 ' Intramural Foot- ball 1' Intramural Barkelball 1 2' Dramatic Club 2 3 4' Prem Club 2 3' Hirrory Club 4 Sleek black hair boisterous laugh and pronounced dramatic ability- that's Tony. Leader in many mis- chievous doings he is a swell fellow through and through. 'VRAGAN W. TRAVIS St. Tbomar Club 3,' Clarr Oratar- ical 3 ' French Club 3: Latin Club 3 4' Maroon and While Slaf 4: Debating Club 4 With a wide grin illuminating his handsome features, this debonair chap has won friend upon friend. Ray's lively wit and numerous ac- tivities point out a talented young man. CHARLES J. TUCKER Irziramural Basketball 2,' Intra- mural Bareball 3: Minion Unit 1, 2. 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Clan Orator- iml 2, 3: Latin Club 4: Camera Club 3, 4: Arele Board 4,' Acolyte Club 4: Bowling Club 4 A silent gentleman in the halls, a dynamic speaker on our stage- there you have Chuck in a nut- shell. Need we say more? QQXU Q0 asiumrni-bei , ilii 5 1 e t A s s o r 1 Q 4 2 JOHN J. VAIL Intramural Baxebull 2: Minion Unit 2, 4: Catholic Lirefaruf-e Club 2, 3, 4: Arele Board 4 Witl1 his manly and steady char- acter and his alert mind, John has implanted in our hearts a deep sense of admiration. He has what it takes to be a success. 0 ., 'CHARLES 1. VENTURELLI Intramural Baflaerbull 1 2' Band 1, 2, 3, 4,' Orclsertra 2,' Lalin Club 4: Italian Club 2, 3, 4 Chuck has shown by his friendly participation in our varied activi- ties that he is a typical carefree student of Aquinas. With his assets he cannot fail and we are rooting for his success. 'MICHAEL G. VOELKL Inlfdfllllfdl Bafkelball I 2 Mike is an excellent example of one who knows when to keep quiet -in class. But anywhere else you may be certain that he is one of the principal factors of a conver- sation. , 3 q i n ai - c , Xfraxlp 'GEORGE H. WALTER Sl. Tbomat Club l,' Minion Unit 4: Clan' Oraloriral If German Club 3, 4: Camera Club 1, 3: Azfi- ation Club 2g Bowling Club 4 George, a consistent student, claims that science is his dish, but his bowling scores cannot be ig- nored, His pleasant attitude has won for him a place in all our hearts, a. calling card for the future. EDWARD J. WALTON Intramural Football 2, 3,' Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Stamp Club 2,' Hiilory Club 4: Tranxit Committee 4,- Safety Patrol 4 Ed is a pioneer in many fields of athletic endeavor. By his participa- tion in so many school activities, he has won the esteem of all of us. ALAN J. WANDER Intramural Batketball 4: Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Camera Club 2, 3,- Pro. jector Club 4 Besides being able to relate almost every known fact concerning bees, some taken from actual experience, "Red" is also regarded as the school's long-distance bicycle rider. 30014 AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S O F I9 4 2 V 'JAMES W. WEGMAN Minton Unit Latin lu ' 3: C b 4: Bowling Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Meet jim, one of our better bowl- ers and also one of the most pop- ular fellows in school. This is only natural for we all admire his sterling, Christian character. NORBERT J. WEGMAN Intramural Football 4 Norbert is a reader, witness his extensive use of our school li- brary. His good sense and admir- able conduct have been a ource of edilication am g ws. will CW Oilbffl G. WILLIAM WEIDER Glee Club 3. 4: History Club 4: Bowling Club 4: Tramit Commit- ree 4 G. W. is another of those fellows it was a pleasure to have known. I-le has made his stay here a pleas- ant une for those with whom he has come in contact. gs i , l , i .. l .I . , 'VINCENT G. WELTZER Sl. Thomas Club 2, 3, 4,' Minion Uni! 1, 2,' Glee Club 2, 3,' Catb- olic Literature Club 4,' Science Club 4,' Afete Bourrl 4 Truly a "superman" in the eyes of God and of anyone who has ever met him, is Vince. No class work ever stumped him and neither will the world and its varied problems. 'JOHN J . WERNSDORFER Minion Uni! 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3,4 Musically and artistically inclined, Johnny-the fellow with the good nntured and radiant disposition- is a leader in all his un ertakings. Judging from his past efforts, he should accomplish much in life. i Q0 L20 K li- s , ,-,--H A ,..a-- Y , i,-we--1, ' , 5---,-- -A- - 5--'H AQUENAS ENSTEEUTE U .CLASS O F E942 J-sr-43:2 af .- - -7 ll-Y ?---..-4 X , liatki' -a-:ffT--- 1 -3- gl- - v T-f-f - 5 t 'DAVID J. WHALEN 'JAMES E. WHALEN JOSEPH A. WILBER Inifamural Basketball If Transit Tennir Club 3f.Sl. Tbongur Club Band 1, 2, 3, 4,' Orrbertra 2,' Committee 4,' Sr. Tbomar Club 1,' 1, 2, 3, 45. Minion Unit 3.x 4: Glee Club 3, 4,' Ffentb Club 3,' Minion Unit 1, 2, 3, 4: Clarr Or- Class Onztarxcal 2,' Curbolxr Lner- Serenre Club 4,' Swing Baud 3, 4 aloriml 1, 3,' Fffflfb C1115 2, 41 Cutlmlic Literature Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 3,' Bowling Club 4 May we present a man who has never been at a loss for words. Dave with his likable personality has been recorded in our books as a true and finished man of char- acter. azure Club 1, 2g Senior Clan Treasurer jim, that versatile mass of vim and vigor, has brought distinction to Aquinas by his efforts as class treasurer and mission leader. Long shall he be remembered by us as Sl true gentleman. Joe is never perturbed. His pleas- ant manner and his superb musical ability have given him a wide margin of popularity with his classmates. ROBERT J. WILSON Bowling Club 4 Bob never says much, but this is no indication that his thoughts are not worthy of mention. He has been a model Aquinas gentleman. 'JOHN J. WOERNER lnlrumural Barbelball 1,' Inlm- mural Burebdll 3,' St. Tbvmar Club 1 John's small, but good things oft' en come in small packages. He has always been an ardent supporter of the missions. 09650 o ROBERT L. WOERNER St, Tbumur Club 3, 45 Minion Unir 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4: German Club 3: Scienre Club 4 Modest, affable Bob, a foremost scholar, will pursue his chosen vocation-forestry - at Syracuse. Eagle Scout, musician, and true friend to all, he rates tops in our hearts, AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S 0 F 'I 9 4 2 V 'WALLACE J. WOLF lnlramuml Burketbull 3: Sl. Tbomar Club I, 2,' Latin Club 3,' Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Aviation Club 2, 3: Prerr Club 2g Murorm and White Slufl 3, 4 An able follower of the terpsichor- ean arts, tall, lanky Bud has proved his superb ability in the classroom and on the dance floor. We admire his friendly spirit. JOSEPH M. WOOD Varrily Fontbull 3, 4: Intramural Bfuleelbull 3, 4: St. Tbomar Club 1,' Minion Uni! 1, 2, 3,.4: Lalin Club 41 Maroon and Wblie Slull' 4 A little man with a big heart, Joe, because of his perseverance and de- termination succeeded in becoming one of the Mziroon's able gridiron performers. ROBERT A. WORTHINGTON Imramuml Football 2: Intramural Barkelball 1, 5: Intramural Bare- ball 2, 3, 41 Baud 1, 2, 3, 4 Hats off to the backbone of the Swingsters. Bob, a veteran trom- bonist, has echoed many a note within these walls and is predicted a future Glen Miller if we've ever seen one. 'WILLIAM E. YOUNG Sl. Thonmr Club I,' Band 3, 4: Clrm Serrelary 45 Bowling Club I,' Swing Band 3 Those who know Bill, out class secretary, admire him a great deal. They know that this smilirgg lad's favorite topic is music. He isplays his musical ability in the playing 'CLARENCE C. ZIMMER Bunn' 1, 2, 3, 41 German Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 4 Clarence although silent and shy possesses an inclination toward music as his four year record bears out. Clarence spent more time on the campus than did any other student. of the trumpet. 909040 AQUINAS INSTITUTE C L A S S V Beneeliction 0 , bean! , awe, su rezneft worrhi blenzlin J' J' 8 In one long breath of perfect eeftnry, Song from our hearts to Goflir own hear! amen all The mortal merged in irnfnortezlity. There veiled beneath that racmnzeninl whitenerr, The wonder lhat all wonderr zlolh transcend, The Word that kindled rhaor into hrighlnefr, Om' Lord, Oni' God, Oni' Origin, Om' End. 59 "RUDY J. ZINK Minion Unit 3. 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Arolyie Club 4: Safety Parrol4 Rudy isn't an outstanding student, but he will always stand out in our minds as the personilication of hard work, He will reach the top. OF 1942 THE SPIRIT OF AMERICAN YOUTH If 4 4 Into the teeth of a raging gale Unheeding strode this fearless male A man of muscle, a man of might Eager and anxious, yea, spoiling to fight Eager to get a chance to rap The dirty, blankety, so and so Jap. His blood was boiling, his face was flushed, 'Twas plain his spirit was sorely crushed. He cried aloud with a tearful frown, "I couldn't enlist, they turned me down. They said that they couldn't They meant that they wouldn't." "It just isn't fair," he sobbed again. "I made them admit they wanted men, And yet they insist, still they choose, Much as I'm willing, me to refuse. I heard them admit they needed men. O why does it matter-that I'm only ten ?" 60 Underclassmen Jvlodemlor SISTER M. STELLA Q. W :sag ff JUNIORS. ..Home Room 120 Fin! Row-john M. Muldoon, Frederic H. Young, john F. Seward, Ovidio D. DeVin- centis, James E. Meagher, Richard E. Trompeter, Donald E. Walsh. Second Row-Patrick F. Passero, R. john Sixbey, Richard J. Stillman, joseph I. Attridge john C. Maloy, William R. Radtke, john H. Michel, Thomas G. Wliite, john E Maier. Third Row-Benedict E. Camelio, Bernard Schnacky, Gerard M. Darby, Thomas E Cozzo, Edward Beikirch, Paul Mika, Harry E. Guldenschuh, Elmer S. Eberhard Fourlb Raw-Robert E. Dispenza, joseph S. Appleby, John F. Kost, Raymond Saxe Charles G. Sellmayer, Richard B. Meyering, Robert D. Clifford. 62 Jvlarlemtor REV. ALEXANDER j. GRANT, C.S.B. X' 1 l-'.lN1A gi ' -- ., ' .:..,.-.- 11' 1 W J U N I CP K S . . . Home Room 218 Firxt Raw-Maurand H. Seil, Robert C. Meyer, john W. Church, Roy J. Hiller, john J. Moffett, james F. Fleming, john W. Le-Roux, William H. Knobel, Robert M. Lauth, William L. Bromley, Edwin C. Skelly. Second Row-Anthony V. Passannante, Robert F. Bailey, Richard A. Reber, john F. Costigan, George E. Bauer, Edward 1. Flynn, Frank X. Stadler, Robert J. Heindl, Thomas P. Mulhern, Eugene D. Burke. Third Row-Francis E. Donnelly, Victor M. Jonaitis, joseph L. Kircher, Joseph B. Tydings, Erwin Boerschlein, James C. McCaffrey, joseph W. Vornclran, Matthew J. Toscano, Robert I. Hall. Fonrfh Row-Christopher I. Cox, Frank J. Dobson, William D. Wilber, Andrew J. Dominas, Angelo G. Nicchitta, Frederick G. Schoeneman, Paul J. Sayre, john J. O'Connell. 63 .jvloderator REV. CYRIL F. CARTER, C.S.B. 1-Z ,-2 JUNIORS. . .Home Room 313 Firrt Row-Donald J. Metzger, Louis M. Slater, David L. Shea, Nicholas F. Norris, Bernard R. Heinsler, Donald E. Kreiger, William T. Echter, john D. Flynn, Donald W. Doran, james F. Magill, Raymon O. Amesbury, Charles A. Liebeck. Second Row-Eugene D. Fava, Thomas O'Connor, Harry W. Kestler, William A. Rund, George P. Gleason, john T. Doud, Ackley J. Clink, Howard E. Weltzer, Martin V. Battaglia, Francis P. Carra. Third Row-Howard J. Fritz, William E. Cavanaugh, john B. Miiller, Donald 1. Walsh, Norbert S. Kuchman, Richard J. LaCrosse, Kenneth F. Schaller, john S. Kelly, john A. Gallagher. Fam-tb Raw-Albert J. Uhl, Paul T. Scottebo, Edward B. Mogenhan, Gerard A. Pilecki, William F. Riley, Robert E. Christie, Richard 1. Timmons, John O. DeMars. 64 .JVIoderat0r REV. ANTHONY P. Lococo, C.S.B. JUNIORS . . . Home Room 314 First Row-James J. Strazzeri, joseph L. Weckesser, Anthony J. Pignone, james M. Deisenroth, David L. Greene, Sylvester J. Parina, Francis J. Ritz, Francis C. Petote William J. Clare, Edward J. Werdein, john E. Marsielje. ' Second Row-Reginald B. Rieger, Alfred A. joseph, Edward W. Krihn, Roger N. Tra- bold, Michael F. Doyle, john J. Collins, john L. Maracle, Dominic I. Parrone Michael P. Alletto, john L. Kister. Third Row-Francis V. Dupre, Robert E. Ginna, Walter D. Kinley, Robert G. Slayton Richard Baum, Gerard Fullam, Chester P. Trzeciak, Edward Wegman Robert E. Gallagher. Fourth Row-Paul R. Kaiser, David T. Moran, Richard O'Brien, Robert D. Foley, Harley L. Burgess, joseph M. Cattalani, Norman F. Donovan, Thomas J. Loew- enguth. 65 9 7 7 Jlflozlemlor REV. OR1uN W. FELLER I UNI O RS. . Home Room 316 .K -xv i s Fin! Row-Victor A. Aspromonte, William T. Spaker, Donald W. Durnherr, Lawrence M. Quigley, George V. Kiersbilck, William P. Reynolds, William F. Murray, John F. Butler, Richard G. Bopp, Clarence R. Dangler. Serozzd Row-Robert C. Amering, Joseph O. Kenney, William T. Martin, William J. Kuebel, Herbert A. Kuppinger, Frank G. Rossney, john J. Maj, Dominic F. Giancursio, James McGinn, Richard F. Decker. Third Row-Raymond Diringer, Donald Karal, Leonard Huether, Roger A. Blocchi, Kenneth J. Sleyman, Carl F. Groth, Eugene F. McLaughlin, Jack G. Sankel, William A. Kraft. Fourth Row-Arthur B. Curran, Francis E. Puchnick, joseph G. Melinis, john A. Drews, John G. Weisenborn, john T. Nothnagle, Paul D. Gilligan, James J. Grimm. 66 tjvlodemfor SISTER M. DEMETIUA n.. s L J U N l O R S . . Home Room 321 Fir!! Row-Donald P. Lane, William T. Burke, Edward Lupiani, Werner F. Schmidt, Robert E. Weltzer, Leo E. Kujawsky, William A. Spallina, joseph DiBenedetto Kenneth W. Ritzenthaler, Paul G. Ehmann. Sevorzd Row-Edmund C. Carey, Vincent R. Mikeshock, Donald A. Bayer, Donald J O'Brien, Victor R. Szatkowski, Alfred A. Renzi, Robert E. Keegan, Arthur E Yockel, john J. McCarthy. Third Row-Leo A. Hetzler, joseph J. Haszlauer, Bernard R. Dalton, john A. Oster, Raymond G. Pierce, Robert S. Hurley, Edward W. Scharr, Bernard L. Heindl. Fourth Row-Alfred D. Bates, William J. Neary, Thomas T. McCarrick, Donald F. Flugel, Carl E. Hill, Robert M. Dobmeier, james A. Smith. 67 1 Jvlodemlor MR. RAYMOND J. MARLING f-Z 1-Z JUNIORS . .Home Room 323 l Pirfi Row-Angelo L. Giangreco, A. Edward Doser, Bernard A. McGlynn, james F. Hasselwander, William A. Tillman, Raymond A. Schneider, William F. Schoepfel, james A. Donovan, Anthony M. DiPrima, Stephen R. Hickey. Second Row-john A. Canfield, Lorne H. Brooks, Norman P. Ladd, Royal I. Mutter, G. Thomas Schnurr, Charles P. Hall, Robert F. Menz, Andrew D. Virgilio, Leo F. Resch, Robert T. Howe. Third Row-Donald W. Spall, Edward I. Bates, Earl E. Prevost, Ralph A. Iorio, Richard L. Crowley, Arthur E. Hawkins, Robert W. LaVigne, Thomas H. Spiegel, Donald E. Heberle. Fourth Row-Thomas J. McGarraghy, Louis C. Wesley, Edward J. Heisel, Bernard J. McMahon, joseph W. Martin, james E. Yockel, james H. Hamill, Henry I. O'Boyle. 68 I Y I is .jvfodemtor SISTER M. ALBERTA SOPHOMORES. ..Home 1100111205 Fir!! Row-james B. Acker, Donald F. O'Connell, Louis 1. Caccavaio, john E. Lill, Louis J. Loiacono, Edward W. Throne, Robert T. Frank, Amedeo F. DiPrima, William H. Halligan, Anthony M. Moscaritolo, William P. Sloan, Anthony Strazzeri. Second Row-William E. Burdick, john R. Wiegand, Donald L. Griffin, john R. Baum, Donald M. Steinburgh, Robert J. Baum, Richard L. Flanigan, Donald F. Sayre, William A. Radel, Allan Brown. Third Row-Donald E. Diehl, Williarn J. Zapf, Vernon E. Nesbitt, Robert E. Caul, John E. Foley, Richard G. Huxley, William F. McNulty, Richard F. Datz, Charles R. Hasenauer. Fourth Row-Thomas J. Flaherty, Hilaire P. Gaelens, Arthur W. Fuchs, William Schirmer, Richard C. Crowley, Raymond E. Bergan, Steve F. DiGirolamo, Richard A. Metzger. 69 cJVIOdemlor SISTER M. RAPHAEL SOPHOMORES. ..H01ll6R007lH207 Fin! Row-Donald M. Long, Thomas F. Curran, William J. Flaherty, john F. Roe Ludwig J. Muratore, james P. Buckley, William E. Nolan, Elmer G. Vanderward Richard F. Mitch, William J. Creary, Richard J. Schauseil, Alexander A. O'BoyleZ John H. McGuire. Second Row-Leonard P. Capadano, Earl M. Gleason, Edmund V. Caluori, Francis O. Gardner, Richard J. Tuite, Francis A. Smith, Robert A. Beierschmitt, Thomas F Hall, Michael R. Gaglardi, Bernard J. Lynch. Third Row-Vincent L. Tofany, Charles P. Dispenza, Lawrence D. Logan, Raymond S Wizman, William 1. Dietrich, Clarence A. Amann, Edward J. Christoph, John J. Boland, Laurence N. O'Brien. Fonrlb Row-Raymond D. Krager, Robert G. Cannan, George F. Hart, Thomas A Deprez, Harry F. Ferri, Paul A. Riedman, Richard Springer, Robert C. Young 70 Jvlodemlor REV. MAURICE F. WHELAN, C.S.B. U H U M ffl E . . . Home Room- ZH Fir!! Row-Thomas P. DiPasquale, Frank E. Meixner, john J. Steger, Kenneth Auber- ger, Paul R. Bray, William G. Herbst, Michael L. Cordaro, john R. Whitley, Louis F. Piazza, Edward A. Padelford, Robert M. Chambers, Charles W. Rogers, Thomas A. Foery. Serofzd Row-Robert A. Bolowski, Francis M. Ryan, Raymond G. Hannan, Peter J. Smith, joseph Brophy, James F. Angelini, Thomas A. Lyons, Anthony P. Bardelli, Samuel A. Lacagnina, john Geisler, Norman O'Brien. Third Row-Alferd S. Ryan, William C. Graham, Edward C. Mayer, Kenneth R. Put- nam, Arthur F. O'Brien, Robert J. Nary, Bernard L. Fruehmesser, Gerald H. Myers, Ralph M. Vecchi, Charles J. Cameron. Fourth Row-John T. Murphy, Robert W. Brennan, John P. Sullivan, Joseph R. Culhane, Robert E. Daggar, Thomas Hanlon, john T. Mallet, Peter A. Tacy, George F. De Bottis. 71 Jlifoderzztor SISTER M. LAMBERT lllluu lm ti X-Wiisrf. ii N.. 1: iw-f2r1fal"4r . ' I 1 a-I -- SOPHOMORES . . . Home Room 219 Fillfl Row-Frank C. Boehm, William G. Wegman, Robert J. Lang, George L. Hurtubis, Albert A. Di Giacomo, William J. Murrer, Leo M. Carroll, Richard F. Limpert, Fred C. Eisele, Charles E. Romano, Raymond P. Cocuzzi. Second Row-Louis A. Marino, Samuel 1. Tartaglia, Francis X. Orlando, Annibale A. Picciocchi, Anthony J. Del Vecchio, Louis F. Scarciotta, Adrian I. Shannon, Fred R. Urlacher, Dominic E. Frumusa, Edwin F. Ward. Third Row-Robert P. Di Veroly, Florian Sobolewski, William D. Eberhardt, William L. Maier, George B. Zlotkus, john L. Bennett, james R. Spurling, William W. McDade, Donald J. De Bottis. Fonrfb Row-jean J. Hoffman, Howard J. Chippero, john G. Heeks, Robert E. Norton, john F. Murray, Milton Schmidt, Edward E. Haefner, William M. Attridge. 72 Jvlodemlor SISTER M. GERARD SOPHOMORES...Home Room 318 First Row-Philip E. Sweetland, Robert J. Gallagher, Sylvester J. Sanfilippo, Joseph S. Carges, Edward B. Reagen, Roy C. Stewart, Charles J. O'Brien, Robert B. Carroll, Edward J. Costigan, Andrew F. Corcoran, Victor A. Bodway. Second Row-William E. Predmore, William J. Breen, Salvatore P. Trapani, Paul J. Mutter, Robert J. McNerney, Richard G. Ensman, Daniel J. Sullivan, John B. Coyle, Robert J. Cook, Anthony J. DiLorenzo. Third Row-Thomas F. Brown, Charles R. Ernstberger, Thomas B. O'Hara, Domenick J. Critelli, Daniel J. Kinney, Vincent F. Bracci, Robert F. Camilleri, William M. Rooney, Donald J. Marcantonio, joseph R. Walz, Richard R. Trott. Family Row-Roger Quinn, Eugene P. Lawton, John R. Schramel, Raymond I. Reilly, William D. Long, Arthur J. Beane, john R. Spellman, William D. Kohlman, james J. Hayes, Edward D. Flanigan. 73 v.JVI0d7B7'LZf01' REV. joslsm-1 L. WILLETT, C.S.B. SOPHCPMORES. .Home Room 319 First Row-Robert J. Tuohey, Nicholas T. Parent, Joseph T. Leone, john B. Boehmer, Leon L. Nalewalski, Salvatore I. Dalberth, Edward F. Burns, Edward J. Davis, Vincent F. Lang, joseph S. Guadagnino, Robert D. O'Connell, Charles T. Colletta. Second Row-John J. Ryan, Robert J. Flavin, Richard J. Quinlan, Christopher J. Cal- cagno, Frederick G. Stohr, Warren A. Kirchhoff, John E. Beiter, Richard F. Erb Adrian Ryan, Richard Reulbach, Carl L. Fischer. 5 Third Row-William E. Cornelia, jacob G. Wander, Theodore R. Klem, Gerald M. Moffett, joseph B. McGovern, john F. Flood, Paul J. Quinn, Alexander A. Qua- drozzi, Joseph M. Gallina, john J. Brennan. Fourth Row-William C. Burke, joseph S. Battaglia, Paul E. Kreckel, William D. Cooke, Arthur J. Schueler, Paul Taylert, William J. Sliney, Daniel F. Fitzgerald, George P. Neary. 74 tM0d6l'dl0l' SISTER LAURENE MARIE 5 5 5 0 P H O M O H E 3 . . Home Room 320 asf' le? Firrt Row-joseph H. Kane, james E. Flanagan, Paul Borreggine, Eugene A. Keating, Robert W. Treacy, Kenneth F. Weingartner, Norbert J. Lighthouse, Paul F. Scheg, John B. Dollinger, John H. Curran. Second Row-Clarence B. Brasser, Bernard J. Kromer, Richard J. Seidewand, Charles H. Meisenzahl, Thomas A. Gallagher, Donald O'Neill, Robert W. Erb, Neil T. Belknap, Donald M. Leary. Third Row-Arthur E. La Crosse, Anthony J. Zanni, Bernard W. Connors, Richard I. Shannon, Robert R. Kramer, john J. O'Neill, George A. Thorne, Angelo A. Cos- tanza, joseph R. Morris, Karl W. Strack. Fonrlh Row-Alfred G. Santolla, C. Donald Butler, Albert V. Ryan, Philip Tschiderer, Richard M. Fritz, Thomas A. Keenan, Leon G. Hart, Harold Sentiff, Frank B. Torre. 75 Jlflodemlor REV. FERGUS J. SHEEHY, C.S.B. 1-Z f-Z FRESHMEN.. .Home Room 105 Firxl Row-Kenneth E. Weiser, Edward S. Wajda, James H. McGuckin, Lawrence F. Tranello, Walter J. Adams, john A. Barbato, Paul R. Schnacky, Robert G. Brady, Donald F. Stein, Patrick T. Rooney. Second Row-Robert W. Hamill, john A. Carstensen, Leon Lipinski, Salvatore A. Di Tucci, William P. Fermoil, George E. Gallagher, Everett I. Gallipeau, Francis J. Piehler, john H. Morgan, Daniel M. Greenwood, Donald R. Kelly. Third Row-Frederick F. Beritela, Rowland J. Carroll, Gilbert J. De Ritis, Theodore A. Miller, john F. Wood, Robert G. Kuder, Roger E. Lafferty, James C. Edick, Martin J. Hoenig, Anthony R. Paradise. Fozzrlh Row-Robert E. Farnung, Robert I. Hall, Patrick J. Flannery, Wilbert K. Mur- phy, Robert F. Lerch, Alfred H. Miller, Charles F. Heindl, Richard F. Rebman, Thomas McNamara. 76 JVIo:leml0r SISTER M. PAUL l P R S H M E N . . Home Room 106 Firrl Row-Lawrence A. Weider, Robert I. Griffin, Alfred F. Miller, William R. Kee nan, Joseph M. Eeckhout, john E. Schulik, Paul E. Wishmeyer, Eugene L. Valerio Gerard J. Fly, John R. Palermo. Second Row-Robert J. Hamrnill, Patrick R. Gaffney, Peter T. Conti, Edward W. Der leth, Douglas Williams, Carl A. Kautz, Raymond E. Campbell, John F. Hanna George Melino. Third Row-Louis F. Piazza, William G. Dunn, Eugene E. Rossney, Donald J. Zobel Thomas G. Hogan, Dellis J. Healy, Francis E. Keenan, Edward E. Affolter. Fomvfb Row-Leon G. Bartle, Edmund A. McGuire, Robert L. Finewood, Raymond E Stenglein, Benedict J. Messner, Leo C. Koscianski, Earl E. Schoen. 77 rjvlodemlor Rrzv. ARTHUR J. O'LEARY, C.S.B. if-fe 22' FR E S H M E N . .Home Roo11zl07 Fin! Row-Earle A. Nowack, john A. Burns, Charles E. Busch, Robert L. Vande Castle, Albino R. D'Agostino, William F. Reid, Edward J. Collins, Frank L. Siesto, john O. Welch, john E. Powers, David J. Maher. Second Row-John C. Bly, joseph Vella, Raymond M. Toomey, Nicholas L. Scipione, john B. Cornish, Dominic A. Bianchi, john R. O'Brien, Croce D. Palozzi, Dominic P. Diponzio, Charles F. Link. Third Row-Raymond L. Holley, Victor F. Faso, Warren C. Gager, Richard A. Nowack, James Murray, Patrick S. Egan, Arthur G. Keegan, john M. Mugavero, George V. Bates. Fourth Row-Donald L. Evans, Robert E. Wilson, William F. Meyer, Louis R. Roycroft, John M. Tripi, Alfred G. Stiler, Richard C. Comerford, Edwin F. Allen. 78 Jvloderalor Ruv. PATRICK J, LEWIS, C.S.B. P R E SZ' H M N . . Home Room l08 'Z JT, Firfl Row-Arthur C. Emrich, Thomas P. King, Charles R. Milne, Francis O'Boyle, John H. Burnes, Paul J. Rombaut, James F. Nagle, Edward A. Collins, Jerome L. O'Hara, Joseph C. Harkins. Second Row-Richard A. Parina, Charles W. Lang, Julian Ruiz, Dumont W. Gosselin, Eugene F. Niggli, James P. Keating, William A. Aman, Gilbert P. Vanloo, William F. Butler, James J. Tobin. Third Row-John S. Dierna, Norbert R. Grimm, Leonard P. Metzger, Robert B. Shea, Clemens Salber, Martin Calihan, Robert W. Cope, Donald P. Drumm, Andrew A. D'Aquisto. Fourth Row-Robert A. Schottmiller, George P. Reiss, Robert L. Mahoney, Clarence J. Wild, John J. Bauer, Robert W. Haley, Frank G. Bovenzi, William E. Powers. 79 tJVIOde1'al0r' SISTER M. CONSILIA ! ,-2 1 lxl i rx. it . N A . F R EXS H M E N . . . Home Room 116 Firrt Row-Charles L. Skelly, john R. Thomas, Albert D. Laudisi, Karl H. Vogt, Donald J. McNamara, Gerard B. Metzger, john F. X. Dougherty, George A. Lee, Robert E. Giblin, Richard F. Lanseer. Second Row-james F. Baum, Leo J. Mans, john E. McManus, Donald P. Clauss, Lawrence E. Brassie, Daniel P. Dieter, Louis Di Vincenzo, Wayne M. Rowan, Thomas A. Rice, William J. Amann. Third Row-Matthew H. Van Order, Thomas Guider, Kenneth H. Hamilton, Edward G. Langschwager, Walter A. Kelly, Salvatore P. Profetta, Robert A. Borgyon, Anthony P. Petix, Gerard I. Reichhart. Folmh Row-Andrew C. Hartzell, Edward G. Coffey, Ralph E. Gordon, F. Leo Thaney, Francis J. Hone, Leo F. Rigney, Robert J. Burns, Charles J. Kingston. 80 JVIodemi01' SISTER M. CLOTILDB l., . ,4L,4Z5ffm1. 514.22412 li .li flfll iii N . . ifilame Hoon: H9 g - ,.,V , T-, i i ' l 2 ,fi 2 l Fifi! Ro-uf-Donald H. Bray, Gerald F. Stiner, Ralph -I. Masi, joseph V. Guerinot, Ray- mond L. Skelly, Louis T. Di Girolamo, joseph J. Teuschel, Gerald R. Hill, Herman J. Walz, joseph C. Angello, john W. Kunz, Leo F. Oakes, Donald G. Becker. Sevoml Row-john P. Twamley, Raymond M. Przybyla, Richard V. Ohm, Park M. Johns, John W. McGee, Walter C. Harvey, William H. Kirchoff, joseph C. Brett, Ray- mond Haefner, Harold A. Dixon. Third Row-Peter M. Rinaudo, Charles J. Cook, Bernard J. Hearns, Donald K. Booth, Glenn W. Massey, James J. McManus, john I. Foley, Matthew J. Ryan, Carmello J. Domino. FOYIITZ7 Row-John B. Coast, Raymond T. Warren, William G. O'Brien, Gene I. Mid- night, George E. Perrin, Donald L. Schleuter, Robert E. Kuhn, Henry A. Wegman. 81 .jvlodemlor SISTER M. AGNES RITA, 5,21 ff F R E S H M E N . . Home Room 121 ' 3 i Q F ii 'fr ii 4 G Q' 1 if 4 l T i l l Firrl Row-Anthony C. Colantoni, Donald C. Wiegand, Robert A. McCarthy, Robert F. Stockmaster, William Bergeman, Willard H. Galvin, John G. Wheeler, Francis J. Cook, Edward H. Fischer, Frank Gardner, Carl E. Ehmann. Second Row-Louis F. Petote, john E. McDowell, William H. Falls, Charles R. Schick- ler, john F. judge, Robert E. Hearns, Francis J. Santini, Harry E. Keys, joseph T. Guth, Gerard E. Kenney. Third Row-Milton T. Staud, Robert W. O'Connor, Richard C. Bartholomay, Frank B. Woodruff, Eugene V. Antczak, Owen J. Roth, Ralph W. Hill, Charles P. Cox, Joseph F. Roach. Fozzrth Row-James J. Tas, George T. Quirk, George Noeth, Paul W. Pyle, Louis M. Bopp, David W. Brazill, joseph M. Doran, William G. Hirschman. S2 JVI0deml0r REV. Lno J. KLEM, C.S.B. F R E S H M E N . . . Home Room 206 T 1 -. s First Row-Walter G. Kalb, Nunzio A. Stortini, Richard A. Pettifer, Thomas R. Vaughn, William D. Keyse, Louis J. Casaretti, James P. Cook, Bernard R. Steimer, William L. Gallagher. Second Row-Richard S. O'Connor, Robert E. Ternmerman, Joseph A. Farinella, George A. Herbst, john F. Donovan, Leo J. Dodd, Richard F. Giebel, Donald J. Lerch, Victor L. Guzzetta, Donald A. Strassner. Third Row-John T. Deegan, Glen Bennett, Paul C. Bourcy, Charles P. Laiosa, James W. Elam, Gerard F. Schmitt, Harry J. McFarlin, Francis Duffy, David Quigley. Fourth Row-Arthur Barnann, Richard Brown, Charles Lill, James T. Christie, William W. Robinson, john H. Ryan, Richard F. Sanger, William P. McCarrick. 83 tjlfloderalor S1sT12R M. MONICA A FRESHZVIEN. . . Home Room 208 Fiffl Row-William M. Hartman, Salvatore M. Romeo, Michael A. Latorre, William C Wenzel, Vincent C. Cigno, john F. O'Reilly, Gerald P. Keating, Andrew A. Ro mano, Herbert O. Duschene, Robert J. Gillette. Second Row-Anthony D. Di Perri, Edward C. Freed, John Straube, Peter Bongi ovanni, William C. Marceau, Paul J. McLaughlin, Robert E. Bailey, Charles I Militello, Samuel P. Brescia. Third Row-William R. O'Neill, Walter J. Bayer, Richard M. Lipani, George F. Stei- mer, Theodore J. Vogle, Robert J. Burke, Roger H. O'Connor, Robert W. Di Gioia Alexander H. Germaine. Fourth Row--Donald F. York, Merle W. O'Neal, Robert G. McAvoy, Thomas G. Kirn Charles M. Wall, Frederick E. Strauss, john W. Kavanaugh, Robert J. Donovan 84 A SHORTER SHORT STORY john Manson sat alone in the small room. He was seated by the open window, and at a first glance it would be obvious, even to the unskilled observer, that he was flushed with happiness. Such an observation would be correct, for john was happy. And it was a super- natural, an ethereal joy that filled his heart. For today had come the change. No longer was he just plain "John Manson." From now on it was to be different. He had been raised to a new dignity. At this point, the door opened wide, and a pair of smiling faces peered in at John. "Congratulations!" they said, "Congratulations, 'Father john'." Witli a laugh, they closed the door and left john to his thoughts. He smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Father," they had called him. How beau- tiful that word had sounded, and he would be hearing it often, now, for that was the difference. It was "Father john," now. His whole life, he reflected, had been leading up to this moment. He remembered how he used to love to go to the church as often as possible, just to watch the priest bap- tizing newly-born babies. He had always liked babies. He reminisced about other incidents in his life, and so passed a pleasant hour. Suddenly the door opened again. A pretty nurse stood there. "You may come in now," she said. At last! john's heart sang with joy. And with that proud step that only a new father can achieve, he entered his wife's room to view his first-born child. 85 ,:,,,- -..Y , ,f - 7 Y--....-7-- - .::,- A - 7:1 -,-- W- JT,-i:s.q, fag? WE OWE A DEBT OF GRATITUDE TO FATHER JOHN W. MEYER, C.S.B. Faczzlty Adviser BERNARD J. DOOLEY Editor-ifz-Chief EUGENE R. MALLEY Bzzsiness Mazinger' WALLACE J. WOLF JAM ES F. DOYLE For loyal support to the Business Board 86 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD H. SFORZINI WILLIAM E. FARRELL Prefident Vice-Prexidemf JAMES E. WHALEN WILLIAM E. YOUNG Trefzmrer Serretary 87 ALMA MATER Thou, place of rev'rie, Praise we and uphold theeg In re-tro-spec-tion We see thy intentiong To always strive for That which we were made forg Aquinas evermore. Dear Alma Mater, May you in all hours, Be the one outstanding Be the one commandingg And of those striving, Be the one surviving, Triumphant over all. 1 if if The Star-Spangled Banner O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming! And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there: O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep, Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes, What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep, As it fitfully blows, now conceals, now discloses? Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam, In full glory reflected now shines on the stream: 'Tis the star-Spangled banner! O long may it wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 88 3 X C, 'MX W W ff uf Y RSE N3 MISSION REVIEW 1941-1942 " AIL MARY, Queen of Aquinas, we consecrate our activities, our studies, our present interests and our future, this day to thee." With the intonation of these beautiful words the students of Aquinas dedicated every branch of activity at Aquinas, press, music, art, clubs, and sports to Our Blessed Lady at the second annual "Hail Mary" day. This splendid ceremony was only one of the many sponsored by the Aquinas mission unit which has for its purpose the raising of funds for mission work and the spiritual development of every student. Due to the untiring efforts and direction of Father Halfey we look back upon a most successful year. The unit not only accumulated and distributed to the home and foreign missions over 133,300.00 in the last year but also inspired the students of Aquinas to say many thou- sands of prayers each month for the success of the missions. This hard work and prayer not only gave much needed help to the missionaries but also brought great honor recognition to the faculty and students of Aquinas. Our moderator, Father Halfey, received the grand cross of the Paladin Order-an honor that goes for outstand- ing promotion of the mission cause. The Aquinas unit was further honored when it became our privilege to be FATHER H. HAFFEY the first high school to give a program over the Pan and South American radio chains for the promotion of better understanding between the youth of the Americas. One of the chief perpetrators of Catholic Action during the past year was the ever- popular "Discussion Club," which was sponsored by the mission and alternately at Aquinas and Nazareth. Each week various topics of interest to youth were discussed. The club consisted of Whalen, president, Richard Jeffery, C. Tucker, W. Ciminelli, G. Guerinot, J. Maloney, J. Wilber and several others. The "Aquinader" also enjoyed a very successful year. Each issue was filled with every bit of news, not only current mission news, letters from missionaries, statistics and other information but also humor and human interest stories from around the school. Harold Geimer was editor-in-chief ably assisted by B. Bauer, E. Shlesinger, F. Richner, R. Jeffery and R. Masucci. Although less emphasis was put on the paper drives this year, as many other agencies were collecting paper, the drives were a big success. Under the able leadership of jim Whalen with valuable assistance given by Father Feller and many others too numerous to mention, the drives went off like clockwork. The always popular "Mission Mixers" were again directed by Father Whelan. The 90 1 Maroon and White Swingsters provided the music with members of the "fair" sex from Nazareth and Mercy and local talent in the persons of the Passannante Trio, Mike Doyle, Bob Burns, and others supplying the humor and entertainment. For the enjoyment of the more pugnacious students the annual Mission Bouts were again held. Due to the herculean efforts of Joe Hartman, the bouts rose to new heights. The super-colossal publicity was by Tom White, G. Bauer, and R. Clifford. Another big money raiser was the sale of Christmas Cards. Through the efforts of Hoyt, Donals, Porter, and Scherberger, this project realized over 35300.00 As it has been in the past, the most enjoyable and profitable day of the year was Mission Day held on May 13. This day combined all the best gaiety and humor of a carnivalg a hobby show at which individuals as well as clubs displayed their accomplish- ments and competed for prizes for the best exhibits, a varsity show which provided pleasing entertainment-with an outdoor spectacle of track meet, band playing, games of chance, and refreshment centers. Although many of the missionaries whom we are supporting are in the middle of the theater of war in China, Korea and India, they have received our contributions as they were sent early in the fall before the war broke out. It is also reassuring and grati- fying to know that the missionaries have stuck by their posts no matter how difficult things became around them. And so as this mission year draws to a close, with due thanks to all the students and faculty who helped to make this year a success in our Mission understakings, we renew our Mission prayer "Queen of the Apostles, pray for the missions that all may know the Savior of the world," hoping that it may resound throughout the universe, bringing peace to a war torn world. ls: THE LEADERS OF THE AQUINAS MISSIONS V2 . S2 H 1 I I ,I I 'Q IEE U I ,E I ww ,, 1 I ,X Q Q , I MISSION GROUPS THE AQUINADER STAFF-MISSION NEWSPAPER THE MISSION DISCUSSION CLUB 92 AQUINAS PROGRESSES ANOTHER STEP ISS NAYLON, School Nurse." This sign which has been added to room 103, proves the old saying that perseverance brings about success. For, after many years, Aquinas has finally secured a registered nurse to care for the needs of the students. We have witnessed the answer to our supplications every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- day in the person of that genial personality, Miss Naylon, a graduate of St. Mary's Nurs- ing School. Credit for this venture is to be given to the Aquinas Mothers' Club, who saw the need for a school nurse. The duties of a school nurse are many and varied. Although she has been here a comparatively short time, Miss Naylon has checked over most of the students and classified them. It is worthy to note that she keeps a very accurate record of all the stu- dents. One should know, too, that her position here is to prevent disease as well as to detect and cure it. One reason for Miss Naylon's success at Aquinas is the excellent equipment which she has to use. A large medical cabinet is one of the many assets. A comfort- able hospital cot on wheels is one of the more recent F xx V i 4 additions. Chairs, a medical table, desk, filing case, sink, and screen complete the fixtures of this room. E i The problem of attending to the immediate needs of a student who becomes ill during school hours, has always been a great one. It has been found that an aspirin will not remedy the many ills which some Aquinas gentlemen claim to possess. On the other- hand, a nurse can verify the claims of a student and give him a legal excuse for leaving school before dismissal. We might say tlt Miss Naylon is very thorough in this respect and will not allow any student to leave school unless he is really sick. This is just another step in the progress of Aquinas. We thank Father O'Loane and the Mothers' Club for safeguarding our health by taking this progressive action. We hope that Miss Naylon will long be a member of the Aquinas faculty. 93 HE DID NOT MISS HIS CHANCE directive intelligence and a driving will, these are the qualities underlying the mysterious force called character. They are the qualities which immediately present themselves in any examination of the character of Francis Cullinan-a graduate of Aquinas Institute who proved that a young man can master himself. Born in Rochester in 1906, Francis grew up under the guidance of God-fearing parents and the good priests of Aquinas. During his stay at Aquinas, Francis was easily the mOSf Outstanding member of his class. His many .--r --. . r, friends recognized his wisdom and grace and in all dis- putes, he was chosen arbiter and his word was law. He possessed sincere religious tendencies and interested others in various devotions. Moreover, he was the star -T of the Aquinas baseball team for two years. On the other hand Francis was always humble. After delivering the valedictory on the night of graduation, Francis slipped out the back way avoiding the congratulations of his friends and relatives. After a year at Holy Cross College, Francis chose the life of the Jesuit Order because of his personal love of Our Lord and Him crucified. His life was a life of prayer and suffering-a perfect life. He loved this state and became the admiration of his Jesuit brethren. Francis never completed his divine office for he died at the age of twenty-four-the same age as The Little Flower, for whom he had great devotion. "May the angels lead thee into paradise" and we can be sure they did for Francis Cullinan proved that a man can become "captain of his soul" with the help of God. The great forces that worked in Francis are needed now, if a man is to grow up a hero at all. Francis' life was a Declaration of Independence from a paganism whose glory it is to follow the crowd. The interior resources that were his are within the grasp of every Aquinas man. We need but ask for them. Life is brief and crowded with swiftly moving situations, and we have only one chance to live it heroically, one chance for heroism. Francis did not miss his chance. 94 EA g -- an -iii-.1 wi f SAK-Ex 42 F7 IA I I N P, O X U X vi. 1 G .-'I if x I-4 -5 1 .M x iw X W frgilfma V X. ,, -- ' Er ' 'b' nfl O1 X Q! x Some Q X X A 'Wu I Q V ry i W s - X f Activities 2 8 14 18 14-15 21 24 31 1 11 20 21 1 7 8 15 19 CHRONICLE '41 - '42 SEPTEMBER For us the living, school opens. Father O'Loane celebrates Mass in the audi torium. Open doors welcome parents of our Freshmen. Library periods begin today. First holiday-Rochester Diocese Teachers' Institute. OCTOBER "What a Life" pleases huge audiences. Junior oratoricals. They're here again, those dreaded exams. Hallowe'en. Spooks disturb the even tenor of our way. NOVEMBER Feast of All Saints. Shucks, it falls on Saturday. Holiday-Armistice Day. Thanksgiving Day. Turkey casualties greatest in history. Our Hrst snowfall. Freshmen dream of sleds. DECEMBER Religious conference reminds us to spend Advent profitably. Pearl Harbor incident arouses just wrath. Holiday-Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Bishop Kearney celebrated Mass for us-gives us an extra holiday. School closes for the Christmas vacation after suitable program in the audi torium. 96 Eid 5 15. 15. 25 26 2 11-12 12 14 20 23 24 2 5 4 18 25 1 17 21-22 23 24 JANUARY First day of school in 1942. Religious conference. What? Exams so soon? Basilian Fathers move to 402 Augustine Street. We get our mid year reports from our pastors, from our parents we get ? ? ? ? ? Seniors' parents confer with teachers. FEBRUARY Solemn High Mass. Aquinas Glee Club ably furnishes music. Variety show attracts capacity crowds. Holiday. Birthday of the Emancipator. We all receive loads of Valentines. Freshmen entertain us with oratoricals. Unexpected holiday, honoring the Father of our country. The "Bill of Rights" Assembly. MARCH Seniors top their quota of Arete Ads. Dismissal at 2:50 today-huge snowstorm. Sisters of St. Joseph come late to school todayg too much snow in Pittsford. Air Raid Drill comes during exams. Birthday of the "Hail Mary." APRIL No Foolin' Easter vacation starts at 2:50. Final Mission Bouts. "Pigeons and People" presented by seniors. Pigeon still flying unmolested U1 in the auditorium. Spring Fever epidemic assumes shocking proportions. 97 MAY 15. Mission Day at last. 14. Holiday. Feast of Our Lord's Ascension. 19. Aquinas Bands and Glee Clubs present their annual concert. 27. Senior banquet. 28. Unusually large number of seniors tired today. JUNE 1, The month of the Sacred Heart makes us realize that the end of our school year is near. 11. Hurrah! Our LAST exams. 20. Seniors rejoice at hearing the good news: You passed. 20. Senior Ball. 22. Commencement. Good-bye to Aquinas. OBEDIENCE Major Bonehead was speaking to a young lieutenant as the plane droned along above the fleecy clouds. "This is a great thing, this parachute troop," he said. "This unit will undoubtedly be a great contribution to military defense." "Unfortunately," he continued patronizingly, "you younger lads do not have the experience, the training necessary for clear, quick thinking. That is what makes officers." "And that," he went on, with an overbearing smile," is why I am to be the first to jump, to show you how it's done." As he was speaking, the plane neared the spot designated for the parachutists to jump. "Well boys," he said, "this is the place." "I say, Major," one of the lads spoke up, "I thought-" "Silence!" roared the Major, "you dumb dodo, you're not supposed to think! That's the trouble with you smart-aleck youngsters, you're not content to obey orders, you have to get bright ideas all the time. If you'd think less and watch you're superiors more, you'd learn something. You do as you're told, and we officers will do your thinking for you." The Major turned and, still muttering, stepped through the door. "Well, okay," the young lieutenant said, "but I did think he could have used a parachute!" 98 I7 ff f f . A 1 -1 T h . j i-,diff , .1157 ki Music MUSIC URING these times that try men's souls America has need of music. The Aquinas Music Depart' ment has fulfilled that need most admirably. Our Senior and Junior Bands, Senior and Sophomore Glee Clubs and the Maroon and White Swingsters have again this year offered an interesting variety of good music. But behind every piece of good music is the master hand of the conductor who loves and can inter- pret this music and most important of all can convey his interpretation to the musicians under his charge. We here at Aquinas have that master hand, the complete conductor in the person of Mr. Raymond Hasenauer. Under his guidance the already brilliant star of Aquinas music has become still brighter. To him, we the members of the organizations which constitute the Music Department can only say a sincere "thank you" for the pleasant year of musical experiences we have enjoyed under his able direction. For you can be sure that anyone who has studied music under Mr. Hasenauer will ' carry away with him and cherish throughout his life the true appreciation of music which this amiable character has given to him. It indeed would be gross neglect on our part if we forget to mention here the invaluable aid rendered to the Music Department by the faculty of the school. To Father Whelan in particular we owe a special debt of gratitude for while serving as faculty adviser to the department he inspired ""' us with his little talks and showed an avid interest in the operation of the Music Department, a fact we shall never forget. Cooperation on the part ' of the faculty is essential to the successful progress of the department. We obtained that cooperation and success was ours. This year as in the past the Aquinas Senior Band again attained its high standard of musical ability. Through the efforts of Mr. Hasenauer and every member of the band such difficult numbers as "The Unfinished Symphony" and "Lohengrin" were mastered along with many others. Two concerts brilliantly rendered and enthusiastically received demonstrated the ability of the band. The band was honored this year by transcribing a pro- gram which was sent to South America as part of the C. S. M. C. good-will program. This year for the Hrst time the members of the band elected officers who have been a great help to Mr. Hasenauer through the year. Following the custom inaugurated last year, the senior members of the band were awarded coat sweaters in recognition of their efforts. The ability shown this year by the junior Band is heartening assurance of the success of Aquinas bands in the future. The underclassmen who gave excellent performances at the concerts worked hard all during the year and heartily cooperated with Mr. Hasenauer. fCredit for the success of the junior Band is also due to Mr. Sanger of the Eastman School of Music whose assistance was a great help to Mr. Hasenauer in training the Junior Band.j Another organization which is indeed worthy of our praise is the Aquinas Glee Club. After master- ing several beautiful and difficult selections as "Water Boy" the Glee Club rendered splendid perform- ances both at the annual concert and for the South American broadcast. During the School Year 1941-42, the Aquinas Marching Band has been busy as usual. The members of the Marching Band worked diligently this year, having spent many "General Study Periods" drilling. These "workouts" consisted of practicing the fundamentals of marching and then of mastering new for- mations. The band accompanied the football team to DeSales High School at Geneva. During the "half," the band gave a fine exhibition of its marching and playing prowess before an appreciative crowd. Of course, the Marching Band supplied the necessary spirited maches and inspiring "Alma Mater" at the local Aquinas football contests. In the addition to the band, the twirlers were out, in all their splendor, and exhibited a marked improvement over last year's performers. As is traditional at Aquinas, the band marched on Memorial Day and scored again with splendid marching and brilliant playing. Thus, the Marching Band up the recently established policy of accompanying the football team to one out-of-town game which, we hope, will be added to the list of Aquinas traditions. mx. ,-,N-H, A 1 L1 IQ! Ji E V PERSONNEL OF AQUINAS MAROON AND IVHITE SWINGSTERS Pianos LAWRENCE KELLY JOSEPH WILBER Alto Saxoplaones WILLIAM BURKE LOUIS LOIACONO JOHN LEROUX EDWARD O'GRADY Tenor Saxopbones RAYMOND MAHON JOHN OSTER JOSEPH SCOPA JOHN WERNSDOREER Trumpets ROBERT DOI-IERTY THOMAS MCCARRICK DONALD O'CONNOR Tromboues JOSEPH APPLEBY ROBERT WORTHINGTON String Basxes LOUIS DIGIULIO ROBERT OSTER Drums and Traps JOSEPH RINGELSTEIN Aquinas Symphonic Band Senior Glee Club PERSONNEL OF THE AQUINAS SYMPHONIC C ornets Trombones C larin ets EDWARD BRAUN PETER BUHITE ROBERT DOHERTY ROBERT ERBLAND WILLIAM HALLIGAN WILLIAM HERBST JOHN KOST THOMAS MCCARRICK DONALD O'CONNOR FRANCIS PIERCE HAROLD SENTIFF WILLIAM YOUNG French Horns JOHN CULLIGAN WILLIAM RADEL ELMER VANDERWARD ROBERT WOERNER Baritones ROBERT CRAMER ROBERT NORTON JOSEPH O'CONNOR JOSEPH APPLEBY DONALD BAYER RAYMOND BERGAN JOHN CAUFIELD JOHN O'NEILL LOUIS SCARCIOTTA ROBERT WORTHINGTON String Basses LOUIS DIGIULIO ROBERT OSTER Percussion RICHARD O'BRIEN JOSEPH RINGELSTEIN JOHN WIEGAND Tympani JOSEPH KENNEY Flutes JOSEPH BROPHY WILLIAM CAUFIELD JOHN HOENIG ROBERT KEEGAN ROBERT BAILEY JOHN BEITER LEO CARROLL GERARD DARBY VINCENT DLRAIMO CHARLES DISPENZA FRANCIS DUPRE JOHN EBER WALTER HOLLAND WALTER LARKIN BAND Tenor Saxoplaones RAYMON AMESBURY JOSEPH SCOPA Bass Clarinet JOHN OSTER Baritone Saxophone RAYMOND MAHON Band Officers JOHN I-EROUX President JAMES MCCAFFERY JOHN WERNSDOREER EUGENE MUELLER V, P .d I EDWARD O'GRADY W' "9-I' en WILERED RAES JOHN TIERNEY JOHN TIERNEY Sefrelary ALAN WANDER LAWRENCE KELLY JOHN WERNSDORFER Tremm, CLARENCE ZIMMER ROBERT RRBLAND 05095 Drum Major VICTOR ASPROMONTE MICHAEL CORDARO KENNETH SLEYMAN RICHARD CROWLEY BERNARD FRUEHMESSER RALPH IORIO JOHN MCDONALD Sousaphones CHARLES VENTURELLI LAWRENCE KELLY Twirlers MICHAEL DOYLE FRANCIS MURPHY Bfwrvvm A110 5"x0Ph0"eS ANTHONY PASSANNANTE PAUL MUTTER WILLIAM BURKE JOHN SULLIVAN JOSEPH WILBER LOUIS LOIACONO PERSONNEL OF THE AQUINAS SENIOR GLEE First Tenors JOSEPH ATTRIDGE LEON BUFANO WII.LIAM CLARE EUGENE DUNN DONALD DURNHERR JOHN HESS ROBERT HOWE LEONARD HUETHER RICHARD JEFEERY WILLIAM MARTIN KENNETH MCDONALD JOHN MULLER WILLIAM NEARY KENNETH SACHS THOMAS TALLARIDA JOSEPH VORNDRAN EDWARD WERDEIN Second Tenors THOMAS CAVANAGH BERNARD DALTON FRANK DONNELLY JOHN DREWS EDWARD ELECHE EDWARD FLYNN DAVID GREENE ROBERT HARMON LEO HETZLER PAUL KAISER LEO KUJAWSKY DONALD LANE WARREN LAVIGNE THOMAS SPIEGEL VICTOR SZATKOWSKI JAMES SULLIVAN WILLIAM TILLMAN ALBERT UHL I-IOWARD WELTZER VINCENT WELTZER THOMAS WHITE Baritones GEORGE BAUER EDWIN BOEHME PAUL BORREGGINE RAYMOND BURNS ROBERT CLIFFORD WILLIAM ECHTER NORMAN ECKL RICHARD FISCHETTE ROBERT FOLEY ROBERT GEHRIG ROBERT HEINDL DONALD KARAL THOMAS LOEWENGUTH JAMES MEAGHER RICHARD MUELLER ROBERT POCKETT ROBERT RITz RICHARD SCOTT JOHN SEWARD ROBERT SLAYTON ANDREW TEUSCHEL MATTHEW TOSCANO WILLIAM WEIDER THOMAS WELCH JAMES YOCKEL Accompanist JOSEPH WILBER Basses MICHAEL ALLETTO WILLIAIVI AUBEL CLUB MICHAEL BIONDI CARL BORRELLI WILLIAM BROMLEY ROBERT DISPENZA ANDREW DOMINAS PAUL GILLIGAN WILLIAM GREENWOOD JAMES GRIMM ROBERT HAMMER GEORGE KIERSBILCK JOHN LEINEN JOHN MATTLE VINCENT MELITO NXYILLIAM MURRAY DONALD O'BRIEN ROBERT OSTER JOHN REGAN MICHAEL RISTUCCIA EDWARD SCHARR FRED SCHOENEMAN DONALD SMITH HAROLD STANTON GEORGE STAUD LOUIS WESLEY RUDOLPH ZINK Aquinas Junior Banc! 253255 FW Magi 21 'IW P 5 o ' f X' U X Q. 9 ,MLW W Sophomore Glee Club 04 ",2i,il PERSONNEL OF THE AQUINAS JUNIOR BAND Corn ets ALFRED BATES ROBERT CHAMBERS ANTHONY DEL VECCHIO EDWARD LUPIANI ROBERT NARY OWEN ROTH JOHN SCHRAMEL DONALD WIEGAND French Horns WILLARD GALVIN FRANK WOODRUFF Baritovzes ROBERT MCCARTHY KENNETH MURPHY ROBERT NORTON Sousaphones Clarinets GERALD KEATING ANTHONY PASSANNANTE JOHN SULLIVAN Tenor Saxo phones DONALD BOOTH BERNARD FRUEHMESSER JOHN BEITER LEO CARROLL LOUIS CASARETTI CHARLES DISPENZA JOSEPH EARINELLA JOSEPH GUADAGNINO LOUIS LOIACONO WILLIAM MCCARRICK BERNARD STEIMER Flutes DONALD STRASSNER Trombones THOMAS VAUGHN ROBERT COPE JOHN HOENIG Alt S 0 lo e , JAMES KEATING JOHN KUNZ 0 Hx P 7 H S Peffuwwf WILLIAM MARCEAU PHILIP OCA ROBERT BURNS ROBERT MCAVOY 1311510011 RICHARD OHM EDWARD COFFEY PAUL ROMBAUT FREDERICK BERITELA DONALD SCHLUETER RICHARD SCHAUSEIL PERSONNEL OF THE AQUINAS SOPHOMORE GLEE CLUB First Tenors Second Tenors Bd1'il0ne.v FREDERICK STOHR JAMES ACKER KENNETH AUBERGER PAUL BRAY THOMAS DIPASQUALE DOMINIC ERUMUSA RICHARD METZGER JOSEPH MORRIS GERALD MYERS ALEXANDER O'BOYLE RICHARD REULBACH DONALD SAYRE PAUL SCHEG ANTHONY STRAZZERI PHILIP SWEETLAND ROBERT TUOHEY WILLIAM ATTRIDGE WILLIAM CREARY WILLIAM DIETRICH ROBERT DIVEROLY WILLIAM EBERHARDT THOMAS FLAHERTY THOMAS HANLON JEAN HOFFMAN JOHN LILL LAWRENCE LOGAN THOMAS LYONS CHARLES O'BRIEN EDWARD THRONE EDWIN WARD GEORGE ZLOTKUS KENNETH WEINGARTN ER Av C 07711711715-Y f JOHN WH ITLEY ANTHONY PASSANNANTE JAMES ANGELINI JOHN BENNETT FRANK BOEHM KARL STRACK RALPH VECCHI VINCENT BRACCI Bgggeg WILLIAM BREEN CHRISTOPHER CALCAGNO ROBERT CAMILLERI BERNARD CONNORS ANDREW CORCORAN THOMAS KEENAN LOUIS MARINO EDWARD MAYER JOHN MCAULEY WILLIAM MCNULTY RICHARD MITCH NICHOLAS PARENTE ROGER QUINN RICHARD SPRINGER 105 ROBERT CANNAN RICHARD C. CROWLEY RICHARD L. CROWLEY ALBERT DIGIACOMO STEVE DIGIROLAMO CHARLES ERNSTBERGER ARTHUR FUCHS LOUIS PIAZZA KENNETH PUTNAM PAUL RIEDMAN RICHARD TUITE JOSEPH WALZ JOHN MURPHY u vi 1. vi A TRIBUTE T0 RAYMOND BREWER Beloved Clasmmte of the Clam of ,42 Who died NOU677Zb6V 13, 1939 Mother . . . Why did God take Ray away? He was the kindest brotherg I want once more to creep upstairs, And 'round his room to hover. Mother . . . jimmy tells me Ray's an angel, Wlio holds a lily whiteg He tells me Ray's with Christ in heaven, From dawn's first glint till starry night. Your little friend is right, my son, Our loved Ray's quite safe and sound. He lives with jesus. At night the saints And martyrs come and gather 'round. They sing for himg with smiling face He chants, "God bless my mother." And then he breathes a humble prayer For you his little brother." But mother, can't I see him now? I miss his radiant smile-his faceg QI want to tell him I am sorry, For no one else can take his place.j" No, son, Ray was called by Him Who guides the destinies of rneng But let us, bowing, say a prayer: 1 God rest Ray's soul. Amen'." 106 f Cm I Q Dwzmvztics "WHAT A LIFE" ITH THE presentation of the comedy "What a Life" written by Clifford Gold- smith, the Aquinas Dramatic Club made its debut for the 1941-42 season. As could be well attested by the spontaneous applause of the audience, the actors met with pronounced success. The humorous plot revolving about the multiple predicaments of a typical American boy, recalled to the minds of many in the vast audience, fond recol- lections of youth and adolescence. Having conflicted with his history teacher, Henry Aldrich found himself in the principal's ofhce. While waiting there he is "dated" for the Junior Prom by Barbara Pearson. Due to the insuhficiency of his funds, his mother agrees to furnish the needed 351.10 provided Henry obtains the highest standing in the forthcoming history exami- nation. During the second act Henry is accused of cheating on the history test and is suspected of having stolen certain missing band instruments. This episode in Henry's life is closed when George Bigelow is found guilty of the theft. By a ruse, Mr. Nelson cleverly furnishes Henry with the tickets for the dance. The comical character, Henry Aldrich, was brilliantly portrayed by Lawrence Quig- ley, a newcomer to the Aquinas stage. Eugene Malley and john Regan manifested their ability in the respective roles of Mr. Patterson and Mr. Nelson, while George Staud aptly enacted the part of George Bigelow. The supporting cast, headed by Anthony Trapani, a veteran of the Aquinas stage, included such talented thespians as Jeanne Clark, Kay McDonald, William Kraft, and Thomas Mulhern. The able and prominent Mr. Dolan, director of the Aquinas Dramatic Club and the producer of many successful plays at Aquinas, scored another hit when he presented this comedy. 108 Z-fl "WHAT A LIFE" Miss Shea . Mr. Nelson . A Student . Mr. Patterson Miss Pike . Bill . . . Miss Eggleston Miss Johnson Mr. Vechitto Henry Aldrich Barbara Pearson Gertie . . Mr. Bradley . Miss Wheeler George Bigelow Mrs. Aldrich Mr. Ferguson Mary . . by Clifford Goldsmith THE CAST . Kay McDonald . . John Regan Robert E. Ginna, Jr. . Eugene Malley Laura Louise Skakey Thomas P. Mulhern Margaret Hammill . . Joan Hayes A. Tony Trapani Lawrence Quigley . Jeanne Clark . Elaine Erbland William A. Kraft . Shirley Jager . George Staud . Florence Hetzler . Gerald Sullivan . Margaret Lewis Therese Austin, Jeanne Baker, Mary Ann Baker, Rita Betner, Mary Cavanaugh, Dor- othy Eiffert, Betty Gleason, Alice Keenan, Jeanne Kelly, Alice Normile, Marion O'Connor, Margery Russell, Lorraine Shannon. Students: Girls 109 E922 HPIGEONS AND PEOPLE" HE CLASS OF '42 successfully produced on the Aquinas stage George Cohan's Broadway success, "Pigeons and People." The production, a comedy of manners, combining light satire and deft criticisms of particular aspects of modern life, is typi- cally Cohan. Composed of various shades of subtlety, mingled with humorous bits, it was appealing to the entire audience. Besides being a one-act play, it was unusual in other respects as can be attested by one critic's statement that "this play begins with no beginning, proceeds with no theme, and concludes with no conclusion." Mr. Parker, a man "just disappointed with people" and who has found the solu- tion to life's riddle in the pigeons, is the nucleus of the presentation. Heath, a promi- nent fellow, after listening to the former's philosophy, invites him to his fHeathj apart- ment. By his eccentricities, "suppose" and skepticism, Parker, again mingling with peo- ple, makes a host of enemies. The visitors to I-Ieath's home, and a detective who walks onto the scene in order to investigate this queer apartment are lined up against Parker. Holding the audience in a state of suspicion throughout its entirety, the play finished mysteriously. The cast exhibited magnificent finesse and style and ably portrayed such originally diflicult characters. With due respect to the other performers, special honors should be given to George Guerinot for his brilliant characterization of Mr. Parker. Eugene Malley and George Staud, in their respective roles of Chase and Heath, upheld their reputation as experienced thespians. In their supporting roles, Francis Pierce, David Tormey, Ger- ald Sullivan, and A. "Tony" Trapani, proved vital assets to the cast. The girls per- formed their parts so commendably that they looked quite at home on the Aquinas stage. Providing enjoyable musical entertainment during the evening were the ever popular Maroon and White Swingsters. Particularly responsible for the success of the play was Mr. B. Dolan, its producer and director. We, the Class of '42, wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Dolan for his outstanding productions during our attendance at Aquinas. 110 231 ,fx , V1 A I . M , lr jg HPIGEONS AND PEOPLE" Joseph Heath Parker . Thomas . Miss Giles . Franklyn Chase Eleanor Payne Winnie Lloyd Gilroy . McGuire . Dr. Frisby . Miss Graham Mrs. Dunlap . By GEORGE M. COHAN THE CAST SCENE-A living room. 111 George Stand George Guerinot Anthony Trapani . Ruth Hyde Eugene Malley Arlene Dugan Elaine Erbland jerry Sullivan Frank Pierce David Tormey Corinne Lorenz Ann Flood THE VARIETY SHOW ITH THE presentation of the Variety Show, something new has been added to the field of entertainment at our Alma Mater. Although this year it was pro- duced primarily for pecuniary purposes, such a successful affair will become an annual project. Individual and group talent, exhibited in short skits, numerous musical selections and hilarious comedy, made up the nucleus of the show. Dick Sforzini, the master of ceremonies, in keeping with the humorous atmosphere of the evenings, added that the programs were sponsored by Spillane's Spiffy Spaghetti. Providing very enjoyable enter- tainment, such were noteworthy performers as Joe O'Connor, Ed Shlesinger, L. Laiacone, R. Hammer, M. Doyle, and "La Resuahf' Prominent among the displayed group talent were the O'Connor Brothers, "Doctor Rhythm," "The Porters," and "The Passannante Trio." Their flowing melodies, pervad- ing the air, stimulated the rhythmic impulse of the audience. In striking contrast to the prevalent theme of the show, the last acts deflnitely edi- fied the audience. They were all combined to present a stirring and thrilling pageant. With Ken Sachs' excellent rendition of Gounod's "Ave Maria," a tribute to our Immacu- late Mother, the patriotic presentation commenced. A quartet continued the pageant by singing our "Alma Mater." Then as a final touch, the thump of drums and the blast of trumpets filled the audience with a sensation of intense patriotism. This tableau con- cluded an already outstanding program. The persevering direction and skillful production of such a previously unattempted affair was found in the persons of joe Wilber and John Culligan. We, in behalf of the Aquinas student body, desire to express our deepest gratitude to the Reverend Fathers Murphy and Whelan, who so generously offered their advice and guidance. Personally responsible for a major portion of the program was our "semper f1delis" musical director, Mr. Raymond Hasenauer. 112 lid Fili PAGEANT FROM THE VARIETY SHOW Co-authors, john Culligan and joseph Wilber. Directed by Father WhCl21H and Mr. I-Iasenauer. 115 THE AQUINAS DRAMATIC CLUB THE AQUINAS STAGE CREW uf I . 4 zo xp A 5 J f P' x R P If Ng my ao' 67: N? .N ' K ,K cv A " ff", ff 6 'U F -1 , :EZ QC' ',x'RN1k k ' . J 5 var, 57 W M . W' 8 6 6 1 . 4 X v Q f Y -0 X A 4. "5 -TJ . X y E -Ag x k I - .' O 3 V ' P35 WQP 0 f 5 if .x - uw- -"' ' 09 v:gai:LCRc Z' Qjlff Ck .1 0 2: X Q5 K kk ff W T978 ix 56 W0 M2 .'-Din U31 I 4 .--" I Z., -,,.- ' A f-f ' f3-,9-- 1--l' ' :-f--L'- --,.i-1 Z-i ,-,s- sczlllk Wy' Wim I' Q X pf f T-1 M. s lim M ,,,7kx?.- x Xflukl wma t labs History Club ,I 1 M 2 Acobfte Club ul N PQ 'qs TR in oc X9 Pre O eAzl11iJer.' Father Grant, C.S.B Oj5cerJ.' E. Huether N. Arioli J. Dougherty L. Lipinski Qfldzfiyer: Father Hastings Offrerr: E. Malley I. Green s s Q ii ' fi 5 'im' V C ' fi' 'i ii' . 5 i r if -:i" A iii iii' i it iiii ,, r . r r- -ei e C 4 s .i wvvi it -- 1 L 1 un 9 W C , 1' C s gr X K It N . , je X .. ,,. 5 ' Q wr if 'N , t Sw Qs ,f 'FWS' ," " A Lutiu Club V ULN H can v w 'YJ' Q 0 'AIN CV LAdviJer.' Father Lococo,C.S.B. 0-fl'E7'J.' A. Teuschel M, Biondi J. Tierney German C lub l""PQU!-1. if' Q ff- 1' Q 7 ff '-f -2 1. fseffhfij Ln" f I1 ig, Tm, 'X 1- WH ' fig 5-41, 'K Mgessf 'xiii' ., Uftluifer: Sister M. Demetria Ojfeerfx H. Geirner J. Feeley J. Vorndran W. Koemer Catholic Literature Club f 457'-7, lgffffff'ff':f f A '1Ns5'p.:2.wsv32fy ieff K ' :'l9L.S5l3'f'f1V All. 'Hf"Wf5?29',U 'ze w:f'f.. z .-+' 7' Lf' Q93 GLW I Lflcluiferf Mr. Looby, C.S.B. Ofjqrerf: G. Guerinot W. Foos Safety Patrol .fx ,'-+ ,. ,ffl fy' 1 jg u "-A 0 .riff ff! in il". 'KX 5" f -1 ' A :Y',c' H511 Ai Rig. J? N K, ,mv RV' LAa'ui.fer.' Father O'Loane, C.S.B. OjlL'6l'J.' I. O'Grady R. Erbland E. Shlesinger G. Staud xg .3 2 1 f 1 lu' Q- W wa' ' 'ff , Qi U .1 Nj' r -I 'Q 'I' 5 1 Q f 5 V .. ?T- ,, ' ' 5' A . 1 T3 S 1- f Q ff P . D , fs W N kg ' L Elf? ' , A 5 Q f .iam QA9 Af, f?Q??B:26fx YZJEQNKA. 0 , , W , t --f-asf if 1, ' f - ' -,Lx f '1' ' 1 Q f W , , Q fww4 wQfffQ W E as --W-, ! V we kwwa , Projector Club T 1 A if F . ' ow- 4.9. .. ,,,, V--, ,-'e:.,v ,. "Gif w' E: , . -Q X J 3:15. r:f'2j,:-J li' L . .. ue. ,V 4. . Yr J x,- 1ffd'I!l.l'67' .' Father Grant, Ojj'icer.f.' F. Richner D. Walsh W. Riley S. Romeo :J-'H fx: 1 Maroon and White Staff ., ,..fffff97NF?7 ,f xx A ' 'W fa- V X mega-Hier? F v1tl1JiJe1'.' Father Regan, C.S.B. Omcert: J. Maloney G. Guerinot ffl E? 'PE if 5 E41 Italian C lab l.-f1'lyiQiHei HFi2FlT.1i:g.je31j:fl . A I, 9 I 'L-. eAtl1Ji.re1' .' Father Onorato, C.S.B. Ojzfrery: M. Biondi C. Borrelli N. Arioli A. Passannzmte Cumem Club cJIzl11i.fer .' Father Grant, CSB. O,glt'6I'I.' C. Tucker J. Maier J. Feeley XV. Wolf Stump Club QTAMFD GLUE Qtge ,. L: eAclzfi.rer.' Mr. Meyers, C.S.B. 0jYce11x'.' R. Scherberger J. Steger G. Perrin F. Santini +2 Guu Club - . t eAdz1irer.' Father Kehoe, OjlL'6l'f.' G. Bauer J. MCGinn ix wk ' thriir a f e'2 irtll C.S,B Table Tennis Club 1-"4-l..L.1iT' ' '?ZfE?f'1QE?feQJSa3:x Qpwili-,Elf K f . ,- ,I xv ,arvkykk we .. if -Igif 33,7 - -,. - . - , , ' F, 'X'-.A if M1 ' a f A250 GLHXQ D1 fy' e .Q,f'-fw---- if ge. if ' '-Ti 'lf' eAcl1fiJ'e1' .' Mr. Marling Ojj'ieev'5.' D. Hoyt R. Sforzini R. Scherberger Science Club cfxx xh X., " N' .w In W 'x .W WE mb . ,LI 11 A . f.- 'gk 4. F I lv' iv J -, -,.f-1- -- - fw 1.. V' -fglm W 5 U '11 efldwiyer: Father Kehoe, C.S.B Oj?iL'61'J'.' J. Wilber A. Bennett 57 na- Twznsit Coininittee xx Mel 1 N.-Q,-gjj ii LC. 'I xxtfffj eAd11iJer: Father O'Loane, C.S.B. Ojfieer: D. Whalen Archery Club we 4 we l ' eAd1ziJe1'.' Father Kehoe, C.S.B. Often: A. Bennett J. Durnherr Mathematics , Club l f l M it eAd11iJe1': Father Donovan, C.S.B, 0mC67'.l'.' W. Thaney D. Schmitt M. Doyle J. Mattle Aviation C lab E U A E A QL 4 , eg f QJFILIUS eAd1fiJer.' Father Willett, C.S.B. Ojicerf: R. Mitchell 1. McDonald FACULT ff? ffm 1 WELS! A -ii i ,ol - ,gh W' . ,frfw w.x -3 .55 HF. ,WH it ,I 15 1 ..,, .- 43 Aw A --.., 'J " ., if , V, .w av :H MH' nf: ., , any zu.- 1, w 1 'N ,, W we w N 5 1 1 w , mv, ' H 1: , W w w I M 1, w grease ,, , X W MM ,, 'Xb 13 LLL Glfitl G 4535 CJ II! Humor The ARETE again presents only the best of humorous ditties for your special enjoy- ment. Please remember that any resemblance between this coltunn and humor is purely accidental. We might start off with a wee bit of "ole stock" philosophy for the Aquinas Thes- piansM"For an actor, a small role is sometimes better than a long loaf." Talkin' about actors and so forth, T. ffor Tonyj Trapani's humorous acting ability in "WHAT A LIFE" had the audience rolling in the aisles. Then the ushers came down and took the dice away. jerry Sullivan wound a key chain around his little finger so he wouldn't for- get his lines. The M. and W. Swingsters were on the beam that nite. It seems that all the boys in the band were nap-happy 'cause they had just received their deferment from the Draft on account of insanity. They say it ruins in the family. fRead that againj. HOW TRUE, WATSON Father Hastings-"just think of those Spaniards going 3,000 miles on a galleon! D. Dugan-"Aw Father, you can't believe all you hear about those foreign cars. u n Boss-"Son, do you know the motto of this firm?" R. Smelt fnew office boyj-"Sure it's 'Push'." Boss-"Where'd you ever get that idea?" R. Smelt-"I saw it on the door when I came in." INEVITABLE Erbland-"Doc, do you think I'll be able to play the piano after my hand heals?" M. D.-"Of course you will, my boy." Erbland-"Boy, that's great, Doc, I never could before." "I'm fed up on that," said the baby, pointing to his high-chair. NO GO Henry-'lDoc, ya gotta help me. My name is Millewick and-" Quack-"Sorry, sonny, but I can't do anything for that." A blind organ-grinder played for two hours in front of a deaf and dumb asylum before someone tipped him off. The ARETE has received countless requests for advertising space from students and faculty alike who have found or lost something, or who have something for sale. Thus, at great cost to the staff, we are putting the ads in this column. LOST . . . An overcoat belonging to a gentleman lined with red flannel. Please return to Ray Burns, H. R. 308 after the war. FOR SALE . . . A Groaned piano by a senior with carved mahogany legs and all teeth intact. Inquire Ray Mahon, Smoking Lounge, Third Floor. 130 li Mr. I.ooby-"XVho did the most good-Henry Ford of Billy Sunday?" V. Weltzer-"That's easy! Henry Ford." Mr. Looby-"Why do you say that?" V. Weltzer-"Because Henry Ford shook the devil out of more people than Billy Sunday ever could." ANNOUNCEMENT . "Ladies and gentlemen! The three minutes silence on your radio was not due to a technical breakdown, but was sent to you through the courtesy of Noiseless Typewriter Company." POSSIBLE Father Kehoe-"Name the recent invention by which a person is able to look through a brick wall." Lally fquick as a flashj-"A window." NO CAUSE FOR ALARM O'Reilly-"Some guy stole my car last nite." Heidrich-"Well, did you catch him?" O'Reilly-"No, but I got his license number." TOUGH O'Halloran - "I hear that nine faculty members and one student got ptomaine poisoning at the dinner last night." Roland-"Poor kid." DITTO Regan-"Hey, dope, what are you doing with one red and one green sock on?" Greenwood-"What's the diff? I've got another pair just like them home." The ARETE staff hopes that you have had a few laffs, and suggests that this col- umn would make excellent reading matter for inmates of certain institutions. N. Meintel-"Did you hear what happened to me last night?" J. Vail-"No, what happened ?" N. Meintel-"Ruth rode on my cycle car, directly back of me. I hit a bump at sixty- iive and rode on ruthlessly." - ' REASONABLE O'Brien-"And why did you want to sell your nightshirt?" Restucia-"Shure, and what good is it to me now that oive me new job as night watchman and slape in the day toimes?" Sorry, folks, but there is still another page of this-stuff to read. Maybe a "Bromo" is just what you need to stop that lalfing, etc. for a little Carter's Liver Pillj. After four hard and dreary years together, it has been made known that certain seniors have abilities which have earned for them the following titles classed under- 131 USENIORS' HOROSCOPEH Huskiest-Pee Wee Russell fthe brutej. Tiniest-"Norb" Wegman. Beau Brummel-Ragan Travis. Beau Bum-Benjamin Anthracite Tofany. Biggest Eater fby farj -Joseph Ringelstein jr. Biggest Cramrner-Cramer. Biggest Offender-B. O. fsung to tune of fog hornj. Teacher's Pet-"There'll always be an Erblandn O'Connor. Wittiest-Yours truly ? ? ? Corniest-Yours truly ! ! ! Noisiest-Bill Weider in study hall. Quietest-Bill Weider in Public Speaking class. Chief Virtue-STUDY-for elsej. Pet Peeve-Distance to Nazareth and Mercy. Pet Saying-"If you don't study hard when you're a junior, you won't be 'seenyour' next year at Aquinas" fs'a help mej. QUIZ QUEER Father Meyers-"How can we keep our 'humor' writer from going mad before May?" Dooley-"Shoot him in April fapplause, actionj. IMAGINE, REALLY An Englishman was visiting this country for the first time, and as he was driving his Model T along "Hairpin Highway" he saw a sign which read thus-"Drive slow. This means you." "My word," exclaimed the Britisher, "how did they know I was here?" Y SCENE: "Clancy's Tavern" Pat-"We've a child at our house." Mike-"Well now, and that's nice. Tell me, what is it?" Pat-"Guess once, Michael." Mike-" 'Tis most likely a girl." Pat-"Ah, I knew it. Guess again." Mike-"Well then, it may be a boy." Pat-"Begorrah! Shure and somabody told you." Father Carter Qin telephone boothj---"Operator, when is the time set for the black- out tomorrow?" Operator-"9.30." Father Carter-"A. M. or P. M.?" 152 visas. Q 'W M V N45 ff,-Q' Czjv? Athletics AQUINAS FOOTBALL NOTHER successful season for the Aquinas football team can be attributed to coaching genius of johnny Sullivan. With most of his stars gone, Mr. Sullivan patiently drilled and trained the raw recruits put at his disposal and quickly changed them into a group of hard-fighting gridmen. The Aquinas students take off their hats to Mr. Sullivan for his fine work in providing them a football team of which they have been justly proud. Under the capable direction of Father Sheehy all the arrangements for the football games this season have been admirably handled. As Director of Athletics, Father Sheehy proved as capable as his predecessor, Father Sheehan, by successfully carrying out his duties in planning and managing this year's schedule. We greatly acknowledge and ap- preciate his splendid work so far, and hope that he may have as much luck in the future. 134 1 3 QQ? FOOTBALL CCOMPANIED to Geneva by an eager crowd of eleven hundred rooters, the Irish opened their '41 season with a close 12-0 decision over a stubborn little DeSales eleven. Aquinas' first score came on an eight yard pass from Borrelli to Costigan in the end zone. The second touchdown came in the last quarter as DeSales was desperately throwing passes in an attempt to score. The ball was knocked from the hands of their passer and Bob Donals gathered it in and romped twelve yards to tally. Bob Pockett shone both on offense and defense while Bob Callahan and Joe Hartman also starred on defense. Breaking tradition by playing a home game on Sunday, Aquinas remained unde- feated by taking their home opener in the rain and mud at Edgerton Park from Holy Family of Aburn 12-0. The Maroon reeled off two fast touchdowns in the hrst five minutes of play and were never seriously threatened at any time. After Holy Family received the kickoff and were forced to punt, Aquinas took over on the visitor's 35 and Pockett, with deadly blocking, swept right end on the next play for a touchdown. Once again the Auburnites received the kickoff but once more were forced to punt. Bob Cal- lahan broke through and blocked the punt and the Irish took possession on Holy Family's nine. Two line plays failed and Pockett again circled right end for the score. The rest of the game was a punting duel with Pockett holding a slight edge over Oliver of the visitors. Mike Biondi and Callahan stood out on defense. Coming back after the visitors had scored in the opening period on a 50 yard run, the Maroon and Wlmite gained a tie with Corning Free Academy in the third game of the season. In the third period Ray Pierce tossed a 43 yard aerial to end johnny Costigan who carried the ball to the one yard line before being downed. Carl Borrelli plunged for the score on the next play. Ray Pierce's placement was wide. As usual Bob Callahan was outstanding on defense while joe Hartman and Ben Tofany also showed to advantage against the heavier visitors. Aquinas, waiting to score until a minute of play remained in the final quarter, stayed in the ranks of the undefeated with a 7-0 victory over their bitter rivals from the Salt City, C. B. A. Bob Pockett's remarkably accurate punting with a heavy, soggy, ball kept the Brothers in a hole all afternoon. In the fourth quarter Bob booted the ball out of bounds on the C. B. A, four. They kicked back and Aquinas, failing to gain, let Bob kick for the colhn corner. The ball seemed to be heading straight for the end zone, but when it hit on the two yard line it stuck fast. The visitors kicked out to their own 51 where the Irish took over. A pass, Pierce to Gilligan, brought the pigskin to the seven. Borrelli, a consistent gainer on plunges throughout the game, went for three through the middle and then Smith pitched to Gilligan for the score. Another heave, Pierce to Amer- ing, accounted for the point after. Amering and Callahan stood out on defense, while Smith, Pierce and Pockett sparkled on the offense. Although outweighed by as much as twenty-five pounds to the man, Aquinas soundly trounced a heavily favored and hitherto undefeated Canisius Prep eleven, 24-12. In the opening canto Bobby Callahan and Joe Cattalini broke through to block and recover a Canisius punt. After several running plays and penalty brought the ball to the visitor's 29, Billy Reynolds flipped an aerial to Frank Amering who was drivin out of bounds on the one. Smith pounded over for the score. Shortly after the third period opened, Aquinas started a touchdown drive from their own 49. Pierce carried to the Prepster's 36 and Reynolds added 5 more before he completely fooled the visitors' defense with a pass to Swanton in the left Hat who carried to the nine. Reynolds then deftly picked his way A A 1, . A .. ,. ,V. IIA.. around right end to score. Before Canisius knew what was happening, johnny Sullivan's charges scored again. Bob Callahan blocked a Canisius punt on their 20 and the Maroon took over on the nine. A pass in the left flat zone from Reynolds to Swanton chalked up another tally. In the last quarter the same combination, Reynolds to Swanton, set up the final Aquinas score with Boehme racing seventeen yards to climax this drive. Canisius scored on sustained drives of 70 and 50 yards in the second and fourth quarters. The entire first team line of Amering, Costigan, Tofany, Cattalani, Biondi, Callihan and Hartman continually outplayed and outcharged the bigger Knights' forward wall, while Reynolds' accurate passing and Swanton's fine catching and heady signal calling head- lined the efforts of the Maroon backs. Journeying to Elmira, Aquinas received anything but a cordial welcome as they were rudely dumped from the undefeated ranks by a heavy and fast Elmira High School eleven. The score was 20-0. Elmira scored in the first and second periods on sustained marches of 46 and 65 yards respectively and added their final tally in the last quarter. Their sepia star, Nicodemus Lewis, sparked all three drives and was the best man on the field all during the game. A 45 yard pass from Reynolds to Costigan in the first period that car- ried to locals' four was the nearest the Irish could get to scoring all day. In the second half Reynolds broke loose for several long runs and Callahan blocked a Blue and White punt, but to no avail as the wet ball and the Elmira line stopped all Maroon scoring efforts. Reynolds, Callahan and Teuschel played well for the Irish. In a game sponsored by the Democrat and Chronicle Athletic Association, Aquinas wrote fmis to a successful season before a large local crowd by edging St. joe, their traditional rivals from the Windy City, 7-0. The Maroon and White completely out- played St. joe during the entire game, but whenever they neared pay dirt their attack sputtered, save for their last period touchdown drive. It started with Boehme carrying to St. joe's 38, Then after one pass missed connection, Reynolds pegged one to Amering who cut across from the left. Frank made a spectacular leaping catch and broke for the goal line. He neatly out-maneuvered two would-be tacklers, had another erased by a blocker, and with a straight-arm bowled over the last man between him and the tally. He then took a pass from Swanton for the point after. joe Wood led another drive to St. joe's 8 which ended because of a fumble just before the game ended. Amering was a demon on defense constantly spilling interference and ball carriers around his end. Bob Callahan and Dave Armbruster both played a bang up defensive game to help keep the fast St. Joe backs bottled up all afternoon. INDIVIDUAL SCORING Bob Pockett ..,................. 12 Frank Amering ..., 8 Jack Costigan ..,.. 6 Bob Donals ....... 6 Carl Borrelli ....... 6 Ned Boehme ..... 6 Bill Swanton ...,. 6 Bill Reynolds ..... 6 jim Smith ........ 6 Paul Gilligan .........,....,... 6 Aquinas Total 68 Opponents Total.. 38 .41 nc ' l BASKETBALL ITH a close 21-18 decision over a scrappy little DeSales quint, Aquinas' Maroon and White clad basketeers successfully opened their '41-'42 on the Dewey Avenue hardwood. Holy Family then invaded our gym the next week and was smoth- ered under a 29-9 score. Culhane and Gerbino paced the Irish. The Irish then journeyed to Sodus where they fell 32-26, but hit the winning trail at Geneva in the following game by subduing DeSales 18-14. Canisius Prep handed the Maroon and White cagers their second defeat of the sea- son by outscoring them 16-11 at Buffalo. The Maroon made but one out of twelve foul shots. Then Joe Culhane scored 10 points and led the Irish to a 22-16 verdict in Buffalo at St. Ioe's expense. This started the Irish on a six game winning streak. C. B. A., the sec- ond victim of this string, fell to a "hot" Aquinas team on the Dewey gym by a 39-16 margin. Culhane and Callahan with 12 and 11 points respectively led Aquinas' offense. Sodus also visited Rochester and succumed 53-27. Culhane's 16 tallies were the major contribution to the Irish cause. The following week the Irish travelled to Syracuse and accomplished a feat that no 140 other Irish team in our long basketball history had done by defeating C. B. A. on their home court 27-22. joe Culhanc was again the big gun with 13 tallies. Coming back to their home lair, Aquinas chalked up its eighth victory in an after- noon game, defeating Irondequoit 32-26. This was followed by a 50-18 win at home over St. joe's. Batavia snapped this win streak by a 35-20 verdict over Aquinas on Batavia's courtg but coming back to the home court for the next game, the Irish swamped a hopeless Canisius quint 26-10. The following night Aquinas sustained their fourth defeat of the season by losing to Irondequoit 24-20 in a hectic game played on the Baysiders' court. Going away for the last time, the Irish beat Holy Family at Auburn 26-17. They then closed the home season on a harmonious note by avenging an earlier loss at Batavia's hands. The final score was 28-22 with Billy Graham's ten point spree in the second half pulling the Irish from a 12-9 half-time disadvantage to the former and pairing tl1e way for victory. Thus closed the '41-'42 court campaign with the Aquinas Irish sporting a record of 12 wins and 4 defeats. The team did not lose a game on its own court and lost no more than one game to any one team. This record is even more remarkable when you con- sider that only one letter man returned from the previous season's fine team and take in account the inexperience of the players that moved up from the reserves. Mr. Leary must be congratulated for the Hne job he did with this group of players. At times the team looked invincible as in its 39-16 victory over C. B. A., while at other times its showing was pathetic as in its 16-11 loss to Canisius and 35-20 defeat by Batavia. However no one can say that it did not possess the traditional fight and spirit of previous Aquinas teams. In conclusion, thanks and congratulations to all you seniors who played so well and to the utmost of your respective abilities for your Alma Mater and good luck to all you underclassmen coming back next year. Keep up the good work, 142 ? THE RESERVE TEAM Those future varsity men, the reserves, completed a successful season without suffer- ing a defeat. Most of these were Sophomores and judging from the calibre of ball played by some of these, notably Diehl, Fitzgerald, O'Hara, Cook, and Kohlman, Aquinas seems destined to sport good teams for the next couple of years. Player Culhane Gerbino Callahan Ristuccia Graham Borrelli Thaney Harmon Diehl Kohlrnan Cook Swanton O 'Hara O 'Brien Fitzgerald Aquinas' Total Opponents' Total Games Goals Fouls Total: 15 54 14 122 14 29 16 74 14 22 49 16 20 43 16 13 29 16 7 14 28 14 8 21 10 5 10 8 4 8 9 3 8 7 2 6 1 1 2 5 11 2 5 4 O 0 2 0 0 1 6 17 1 66 08 16 122 78 522 145 AQUINAS BOWLING CLUB BIGTENPINS J. Wegman A. Teuschel T. Spiegal F, Kress F. Stadler W. Dieter W. Fullam Hess Father Hastings R. Foos HE Aquinas Bowling Club, under the guidance of the Reverend Leo E. Hastings, brought its season to a close Monday, March 30, in a blaze of brilliant "Firsts," A 325 donation was given to the Red Cross in the form of a defense bond by the League. It was the first time since the Club's origin that Varsity Bowling Sweaters, which by the way were tops, had been awarded the keglers. And not to be outdone in previous years, it was the first time 3200 had ever been amassed in the "kitty" for prize money. With the printing of the "Bowling League Bulletin," the boys were kept notihed as to the League happenings. The Ridge Bowling Hall on Monday saw many a happy gathering of the A. B. C. bowlers in the Club's season of 24 weeks. The League officers, Roy Foos, jim Wegman, Frank Stadler, and Ken Ritzenthaler did a fine job of handling bowling affairs. Keener rivalry among the members was attributed to the fact that twenty teams were present. Although the Club will suffer next year from the loss of graduating members, those re- maining have shown their ability, since the junior teamg Stadler, Spiegel, Fava, McGlynn, and Father Hastings beat the Senior school team, R. Foos, Wegman, Hess, Fullam and Dieter, its only defeat of the season. Next year's team has also shown its ability in the unusual number of high games chalked up during the past season, and will be back pitching strikes in the same fine spirit and sportsmanship that made this year's gang the A. B. C.'s of the allies. TEAM STANDINGS Cdpftlill IV L Captain IV L Captain U7 L R. Foos 29 1 1 Christner 22 18 Meixner 18 22 Anzenberger 27 13 Donovan 2 1 19 Ritz 18 22 Wegrnan 26 14 Green 2 1 19 Dieter 17 23 Bennett 26 14 Fullam 20 20 Tucker 17 23 O'Connor 24 16 Knobel 20 20 Canfield 1 5 25 Roland 25 17 McGlynn 18 22 Stadler 14 26 Maier 24 16 Kress 1 1 29 144 G KA D UA T Name Frank C. Amering Robert F. Anzenberger Nicholas J. Arioli David H. Armhruster Richard C. Arnold Vlfilliam G. Aubel Edward I. Barry Edward F. Batog William R. Bauer john C. Behan james E. Bell Arthur G. Bennett Wfilliam L. Bennett Michael B. Biondi Edwin B. Boehme Warren E. Boehmer Paul J. Borreggine Carl A. Borrelli Lyle E. Branagan I-larry N. Branch Edward G. Braun Gerard E. Bubel John D. Buckley ,Iohn M. Buckley Leon R. Bufano Peter I. Buhite Raymond J. Burns Edward J. Butrim Ralph J. Buttaccio Edward C. Cadogan Robert M. Callahan Thomas W. Carr William E. Caulield Thomas L. Cavanagh Bernard A. Chiama ,Iohn H. Christner Francis A. Ciluffo William A. Ciminelli Ervin R. Colle William I. Connell Robert C. Conroy Francis G. Consler Thomas -I. Cornish Gordon H. Cramer Robert L. Cramer Iohn I, Culligan Iames F. Curtis William P. Dever Williarn C. Dieter Louis R. DiGiulio lohn B. DiLettera Vincent J. DiRaimo Robert E. Doherty Robert E. Donals Bernard J. Dooley james F. Doyle joseph I. Doyle David R. Driscoll Donald M. Dugan .E DIRECTORY 969 14 34 3635 40 141 59 52 278 155 115 3949 149 339 287 264 435 269 500 43 1416 55 16 99 90 215 489 40 163 126 759 115 283 20 572 237 231 15 90 289 167 257 31 206 40 1261 39 99 134 442 218 32 176 S19 77 28 89 124 237 Address Clinton Ave. N. Borchard St. Stenson St. St. Paul Blvd. Cutler St. Wai'ne1' St. Edmonds St. Ernst St. Dewey Ave. Glenwood Ave. Glendale Pk. St. Paul Blvd. Longview Ter. Avery St. Mulberry St. Clinton Ave. N. Verona St. Smith St. Oxford St. Leander Rd. Rainier St. Lorenzo St. Lake View Ter. Millbank St. Wilsonia Rd. Emerson St. Glenwood Ave. St. jacob St. Augustine St. Cheswell Rd. Seward St. Vermont St. Magnolia St. Evangeline St. Cedarwood Ter. Marion St. Lux St. Orange St. Presque St. Flint St. Barton St. Hazelwood Ter. Rauber St. Normandale Dr. Cambridge St. Genesee Pk. Blvd. Greig St. Villa St. Albemarle St. Selye Ter. Curtis St. Cole St. McNaughton St. Washington Ave. Roslyn St. Heftel St. Kirkland Rd. Millbank St. Titus Ave. Grammar School St. Michael St. Margaret Mary No. 43 St. Thomas St. Michael Holy Apostles Blessed Sacrament St. Stanislaus Holy Apostles Holy Rosary Sacred Heart St. Thomas St. Ambrose Holy Family St. Boniface St. Joseph St. Anthony St. Anthony Blessed Sacrament Nazareth Hall Holy Rosary Holy Family Holy Rosary St. Monica St. John the Evangelist No. 6 Holy Rosary St. George Sacred Heart St. John the Evangelist St. Monica St. Ambrose St. Monica St. Monica St. Thomas St. john the Evangelist St. Andrew St. Joseph Orphanage No. 52 Immaculate Conception St. Monica Corpus Christi St. Michael Thomas A. Edison Sacred Heart St. Augustine Immaculate Conception Holy Rosary Nazareth Hall Holy Rosary Holy Rosary St. Bridget Holy Apostles St. Tl1omaS St. Monica SS. Peter 8: Paul SS. Peter 8: Paul St. Monica St. Margaret Mary 145 Parish St. Michael St. Margaret Mary Most Precious Blood St. Thomas St. Michael Holy Apostles Blessed Sacrament St. Stanislaus Holy Apostles Holy Rosary Holy Rosary St. Thomas St. Ambrose Most Precious Blood St. Boniface St. Joseph St. Patrick St. Patrick Blessed Sacrament Nazareth Hall Holy Rosary Holy Family Holy Rosary St. Monica St. john the Evangelist Holy Rosary Holy Rosary St. George Sacred Heart St. john the Evangelist St. Monica St. Ambrose St. Monica St. Monica Corpus Christi St. John the Evangelist St. Andrew St. Patrick St. john the Evangelist Immaculate Conception St. Monica Corpus Christi St. Michael St. Theodore St. Ann St. Augustine Immaculate Conception Holy Rosary Nazareth Hall Holy Rosary Holy Rosary St. Bridget Holy Apostles St. Thomas St. Monica SS. Peter 8: Paul SS. Peter 8: Paul St. Monica St. Margaret Mary GRADUATE DIRECTORY Name Address Grammar School Parish Eugene A. Dunn 183 Greeley St. St. Ambrose St. Ambrose Joseph T. Durnherr 815 Winona Blvd. St. Margaret Mary St. Margaret Mary john R. Eber 47 Holmes St. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Norman J. Eckl 48 Evangeline St. St, Monica St. Monica William C. Erb 181 Warner St. Holy Apostles Holy Apostles Robert M. Erbland 225 Trafalgar St. Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Good Counsel William E. Farrell 189 Palmerston Rd. St. Augustine Our Lady of Lourdes john I. Fedigan 222 Lux St. St. Andrew Holy Redeemer james K. Feely 551 Mt. Hope Ave. Nazareth Hall St. Boniface Andrew A. Fehlner 288 Wliitney St. Holy Family Holy Family Richard L. Fischette 1529 Clifford Ave. St. Francis Xavier St. Francis Xavier Edwin F. Fleche 76 Delamaine Dr. Sacred Heart, Davenport, Ia. St. Andrew Joseph T. Flor 720 Hudson Ave. St. Stanislaus St. Stanislaus Martin A. Foos 543 Mill Rd. St. john, Greece St. john, Greece Robert L. Foos 39 Potter St. Holy Family Holy Family ROY A. FOOS 56 Chestnut St. St. joseph St. joseph Walter E. Foos 250 Bidwell Ter. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary William B. Fullam 81 Monica St. St. Monica St. Monica Robert A. Garback 581 Birr St. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Robert P- GC'l11'ig 575 Post Ave. Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Good Counsel Harold R. Geimer 176 Berlin St. Holy Redeemer Holy Redeemer john J. Gerbino 112 Frankfort St. St. Anthony St. Patrick Charles F. Glatz 142 Collingwood Dr. St. Margaret Mary St. Margaret Mary Peter J. Grant 12 Leopold St. St. Joseph St. Joseph james G. Green 289 Aldine St. Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Good Counsel William J. Greenwood 393 Electric Ave. Sacred Heart S21Cr6d Heart George W. Guerinot 758 W. Main St. Nazareth Hall SS. Peter 84 Paul Robert W. Hammer 56 Woodbine Ave. Immaculate Conception St. Augustine James W. Hanley so Delmar St. Holy Apostles Holy Apostles Robert J. Harmon 110 Alameda St. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary joseph J. Hartman 105 Seymour Rd. St. Ambrose Sf. AI11lJr0SE Joseph J. Hauser 40 Wyndham Rd. St. Andrew St. Joseph George H. Heidrich 206 Bartlett St. Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception Thomas J. Hempel 407 Browncroft Blvd. St. john the Evangelist Sf. ,l0l'lH the EV21l1g6llSt George T. Hennessey 226 Merriman St. Blessed Sacrament Blessed 52lCr21I116nt John H. Hess 16 Weaver St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Russel C. Hoffmeister 501 Lake View Pk. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Thomas J. Hogan 25 Chatlield St. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Walter T. Holland 258 Cedarwood Ter. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Edward C. Housel 221 Edgerton St. Blessed Sacrament Blessed Sacrament DOI1f1ld L- HOYT 5064 St. Paul Blvd. St. Thomas St. Tl10I112lS Eugene B. Huether 1239 Lexington Ave. Holy Rosary Holy ROS21ry Dominic G. Iezzoni 935 .Tay St. Holy Family Holy Family Raymond E. Jeffery 519 Driving Pk. Ave. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Richard J. Jeffery 519 Driving Pk. Ave. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Richard D. Kearney 3174 Culver Rd. St. Ambrose SC. S21lOrI16 Lawrence F. Kelly 343 Avis St. Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Donald C. Kleehamer 118 Parkside Crescent St. Margaret Mary St. Margaret Mary William J. Knapp Livonia, N, Y. Nazareth Hall St. Mary, Geneseo, N. Y. Robert H. Knobel 193 Leighton Ave. Corpus Christi C0fPll5 Cl1riSll William K. Koerner 2620 Ridge Rd. W. St. john, Greece Sf- lOl1I1, GIGCCC Franklin I. Kress 97 Bernard St. Holy Redeemer HOIY RCClCCf116f joseph F. Kunz 265 Roslyn St. St. Monica Sf- MOI1iC21 Martin J. Lally 11 Thorn St. Holy Rosary H0lY Rosary Walter J. Larkin 2000 Dewey Ave. Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Warren L. LaVigne 85 Burrows St. Holy Family Holy Family john J. Lawson 253 Clay Ave. Sacred Heart Sacred H6811 john R. Leinen 430 Yarmouth Rd. St. John the Evangelist St. john the Evangelist Raymond W. Mahon 136 McKinley St. St. john the Evangelist St. john the Evangelist 146 GlZflDIJflT.E DIRECTORY Name john F. Maier Eugene R. Malley james V. Maloney Frank C. Maracle William F. Martin Robert M. Masucci john A. Mattie joseph A. Mattle john E. McDonald Kenneth H. McDonald john P. McTammany Hugh T. McWhinney Norman V. Meintel Edgar F. Meixner Vincent J. Melito Paul A. Meteyer john F. Micsak Henry P. Millewick Robert T. Mitchell William -I. Mitchell Eugene T. Mueller Richard G. Mueller Raymond B. Nannini Charles A. Napier Vfalter E. Nowack Valory L. O'Brien Phillip J. Oca Thomas W. O'Connell Donald T. O'Connor joseph A, O'Connor E. john O'Gr'ady Francis O'Hallor'an john N. O'Neill Walter T. O'Reilly Charles R. Oster Robert I. Ostyre Thomas A. Palmeri Harold C. Perry Ottavio V. Pezzi Francis H. Pierce Alfred W. Pietzold Robert J. Pockett Charles G. Porreca Ross F. Porter Henry J. Purchase Wilfred F. Raes john A. Regan Leo F. Rehberg Donald P. Reinhardt Granger E. Reynolds Frederick C. Richner Joseph F. Ringelstein Michael A. Ristuccia Robert G. Ritz Thomas S. Roach james E. Roland Richard H. Rood Arthur A. Russell John T. Ryan Address Grammar School Parish 238 Alameda St. Nazareth Hall Sacred Heart 507 Chili Ave. St. Augustine St. Augustine 160 Pershing Dr. Samuel Lattimore Corpus Christi 139 Pardee Rd. St. Ambrose St. Ambrose 65 Florida St. St. Charles St. Charles 153 Morton St. St. Ambrose St. Ambrose 303 Browncroft Blvd. St. John the Evangelist St. john the Evangelist 124 Grafton St. St. Andrew St. Andrew 282 Rosedale St. Blessed Sacrament Blessed Sacrament 183 Wildwood Dr. St. Charles St. Charles 567 Driving Pk. Ave. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary 351 Augustine St. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary 2494 Ridge Rd. E. St. Salome St. Salome 182 Spruce Ave. Holy Family St. Monica 19 Springfield Ave. Mt. Carmel St. Philip 5162 St. Paul Blvd. St. Boniface St. Thomas 538 Webster Ave. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi 791 Hudson Ave. St. George St. George 216 Bernard St. Emmett Belhnap, Lockport Holy Redeemer 27 Farbridge St. St. john the Evangelist Our Lady of Perpetual Help 878 Bay St. St. joseph St. joseph 1293 Clifford Ave. St. Margaret Mary St. Margaret Mary 250 210 177 156 1820 94 17 1128 58 478 217 36 1419 36 245 76 120 578 1020 661 233 410 19 96 501 51 89 804 1330 11 486 157 48 219 25 175 48 Garson Ave. Council Rock Rd. Portland Ave. Lexington Ave. Culver Rd. Frost Ave. Sheraton Dr. Lake Ave. Harris St. Melville St. Frost Ave. Doran St. Lake Ave. Evangeline St. N. Union St. Tacoma St. Hampshire Dr. Augustine St. Maiden Lane Clay Ave. West High Ter. Flower City Pk. Clio St. jefferson Ave. Driving Pk. Ave. Oakman St. Tyler St. University Ave. Clifford Ave. Lanvale St. Pymouth Ave. N. Thorndyke Rd. Leighton Ave. Post Ave. Salina St. Fulton Ave. Berry St. Corpus Christi Blessed Sacrament St. Michael Holy Rosery St. Ambrose St. Monica St. Charles Nazareth Hall Nazareth Hall Corpus Christi Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception Sacred Heart St. Monica Our Lady of Mount Carmel Holy Rosary No. 11 Holy Rosary Sacred Heart Sacred Heart St. Monica Sacred Heart Holy Cross Our Lady of Victory Holy Rosary St. Bridget Our Lady of Perpetual Help Corpus Christi St. Francis Xavier St. Margaret Mary St. Anthony St. Margaret Mary Corpus Christi Corpus Christi SS. Peter 8: Paul Holy Rosary St. john the Evangelist 147 Corpus Christi St. Augustine St. Francis Xavier Holy Rosary St. Ambrose Immaculate Conception St. Charles Sacred Heart St. Bridget Corpus Christi Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception Sacred Heart St. Monica Our Lady of Mount Carmel Holy Rosary Our Lady of Lourdes Holy Rosary St. Charles Sacred Heart St. Monica Sacred Heart Holy Cross Our Lady of Victory Holy Rosary St. Bridget Our Lady of Perpetual Help Corpus Christi St. Francis Xavier St. Margaret Mary St. Patrick St. Margaret Mary Corpus Christi St. Augustine SS. Peter 8: Paul Holy Rosary St. john the Evangelist GRADUATE DIRECTORY Name Address Grammar School Parish Kenneth P. Sachs 86 Nichols St. Corpus Christi St. Andrew William A. Salina 23 Cobb's Hill Dr. St. john the Evangelist St. john the Evangelist Richard F. Scherberger 5179 St. Paul Blvd. St. Thomas St. Thomas Frederick C. Schmidt 194 Norton St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Donald E. Schmitt 225 Spruce Ave. St. Monica St. Monica Robert F. Schnacky 36 Highland Pkwy. St. Boniface St. Boniface joseph J. Scopa 20 Furlong St. St. Andrew St. Andrew Dominic W. Scordo 256 Davis St. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Our Lady of Mount Carmel Richard C. Scott 104 Delray Rd. St. John the Evangelist St. john the Evangelist Richard H. Sforzini 3682 St. Paul Blvd. Sacred Heart St. Thomas Bernard E. Shlesinger 36 Hurstbourne Rd. St. Ambrose St. Ambrose Robert C. Simpson 429 Antlers Dr. Madison Our Lady of Lourdes Robert T. Skipworth 272 Dewey Ave. Holy Apostles Holy Apostles Robert D. Smelt 136 Sherwood Ave. St. Augustine St. Augustine Donald E. Smith 68 Suburba Ave. St. Thomas St. Thomas Robert J. Smith 4 Costello Pk. Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception Charles F. Speidel 65 Clio St. Nazareth Hall Holy Cross james P. Spillane 86 Aab St. St. Paul, Grosse Pte, Mich. Holy Apostles Harold V. Stanton 81 Thurston Rd. St. Augustine St. Augustine George L. Staud 220 Roxborough Rd. Nazareth Hall Our Lady of Good Counsel Edward E. Steinkirchner 190 Woodbine Ave. St. Augustine St. Augustine William F. Strohmeier 114 Brookfield Rd. St. John the Evangelist St. john the Evangelist Donald M. Sullivan 163 Marion St. St. John the Evangelist St. John the Evangelist Gerald J. Sullivan 147 Marlborough Rd. Our Lady of Good Counsel Our Lady of Good Counsel Richard A. Sullivan 104 Asbury St. St. Mary St. Mary William T. Swanton 13 Sibley Pl. Blessed Sacrament Blessed Sacrament Thomas J. Tallaricla 1424 Clinton Ave. N. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help Andrew W. Teuschel 60 Resolute St. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Our Lady of Perpetual Help William B. Thaney 288 Melrose St. St. Augustine St. Augustine John B. Tierney 699 Melville St. St. Ambrose St. Ambrose Benedict F. Tofany 2923 Ridgeway Ave. St. Theodore St. Theodore David M. Tormey 310 Selye Ter. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary james C. Tracy 14 Grant St. St. Bridget St. Bridget Anthony J. Trapani S28 Dewey Ave. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Ragan W. Travis 181 Avondale Rd. St. Salome St. Salome Charles nl. Tucker 67 Clay Ave. Nazareth Hall S11Cl'ed Heart John J. Vail 36 Angle St. Holy Apostles Holy Apostles Charles J. Venturelli 65 Thomas St. Holy Redeemer Holy Redeemer Michael G. Voelkl 122 Wellington Ave. St. Augustine St. Augustine George H. Walter 363 Hollenbeck St. Holy Family Our Lady of Perpetual Help Edward I. Walton 208 Woodbine Ave. St. Augustine Sf. Augustine Alan I. Wander 41 Forester St. St. Ambrose Sf. Ambrose james W. Wegman 4300 St. Paul Blvd. St. Thomas Sf- Thomas Norbert I. Wegman 465 Chili Ave. St. Augustine St. Augustine George W. Weider 745 Meigs St. St. Boniface Sl- Boniface Thomas A. Welch 327 West Ave. Minerva Central Sf- Augustine john I. Wernsdorfer 720 Hudson Ave. Holy Redeemer HOIY Redeemer David J. Whalen 309 Nunda Blvd. St. John the Evangelist OU! Lady of L0l1fCleS James E. Whalen 309 Nuncla Blvd. St. John the Evangelist Our Lady Of I-0l1fdeS joseph A. Wilber 12 Bardin St. Sacred Heart Safifed Hee-ff Robert G. Wilsey 206 Edgemere St. Nazareth Hall O111' Mflfhel' of SOIIOWS Robert J. Wilson 92 Pullman Ave. Sacred Heart Sacred Heflff John J. Woerner 1840 Ridge Rd. E. St. Andrew St. Andrew Robert L. Woerner 68 Merriman St. Blessed Sacrament Blessed 521C1'flIHCflf Wallace J. Wolf 66 Monica St. St. Monica Sf- M0f1iC2 joseph M. Wfood 518 Post Ave. St. Augustine Our Lady of Good Counsel Robert A. Wortliington 246 Congress Ave. St. Monica St. Monica William E. Young 576 List Ave. St. Thomas St. Thomas Clarence C. Zimmer 1127 Dewey Ave. Holy Rosary Holy Rosary Rudy j. Zink 14 Fien St. St. Michael St. Michael 148 GRATITUDE School activities occupy a unique place in our modern schools. Among these is one, the product of the efforts of the Senior Class, the yearbook. The Aquinas yearbook, The Arete, embodies the thought and work of various seniors, loyally supported by those mentioned below. We extend our gratitude to each. Father Meyer-for directing the work on The Arete. Bernard Dooley-our Editor, who made the publication of this book possible by his arduous planning and encouragement. His untiring efforts are appreciated by all. Eugene Malley-our Business Manager, who procured more funds through adver- tising than had been subscribed in any previous year, and who lent a most helping hand in making up the Arete. All the members of the Arete Board-for any contribution they may have made. .Father Grant-for his aid in taking sports pictures. Mr. Frank Davis-for assistant in photographic work. Our Advertisers-without whom this book could not have been published. THE CLASS OF 1942. 149 SPRING In the sprrng fr young mm s ffrncy Lrghtly turns to drerrms of love Hrs every thought hrs words hrs Qctrons Seek joy hke that rn heavn srbove He trres to thrnk he trres to work He trres to force hrs wfrnderrng mrnd To focus on the dutres at hand And return to wefrry dfrrly grrnd A breath of clean fresh arr a word About the sky hrs head whrrls round And mto the shfrdy park he s lured And there perhaps he meets a mrss Whose heart hke hrs w1s wont to srng A few more w'1lks a chte a krss What wonders are wrought by the rncrprent sprrng' .- C I , I C , . 7 . 6 . ' . I L . 7 . L , K . . 1 But each distraction, every sound, I r j . . I I I 1 . , - 1 A "3 L Q 3 ' 9 f 7 - 'T' L . . 150 ATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 1 Z!!! X !! XXX! 2 2 H ml amd Farewell From our Complete stock of fine Wines and liquors will be filled many 21 glass to toast the Efficiengf of the Fazczzlzjf and Szzcceff to the Gmdzmfef Of Aquinas Iffzftimte ir DRIVING PARK - DEWEY LIQUOR STORE, Inc. 548 DRIVING PARK AVENUE AT DEWEY The Friendly Store Phone Glenwood 7287 , 03213212 ' NCECERZKDZU DDIZZL 32E33EICiCifCf3Zl3Z83 TDZQKIBZSCQ Q 33 152 XIXUXIXI:lflxlxlzlxlxlxlxlXlxlzlXlxlxlxl2lzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxl lXIXlxIII:IIIzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlfl Isl ST. MICI-IAETIS COLLEGE of the University of Toronto l Undergraduate courses , Pre Law Pre Medlcme, Pre Denustry Pre Semmary Graduate courses m all branches The Pontdical lHSf1lILltC of Med1eval Studles ADDRESS THF RFGISTRAR, Teefy Hall St M1ch1el s College, T ORONTO, ONTARIO .4 AN. - , - - 7 - i' ak -A' a . , ' . 1 1 , . 1 x x zum-x-nxlzu:Ix-xuxnmux-xuznxsxux-xlx-xuwuxlxsmut-x-xanxIxlmu:-:nxux-xrx-x-2-xnxnxnx-x-2lm-xox-tux-u 153 x x x-x-x-x-:mx-x-x-x-x :mxmx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-z-sm It x x z z x x x x z x x x x x x x x x x z am WILLIAMSON FURNACES CENTURY OIL BURNERS SUPERFEX WINTER AIR CONDITIONERS HEAT 0 where you wezm' it 0 when you wemt it 5 without wiuzfe of fuel! WHOI.ESAI-IE DISTRIBUTORS HEATING SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Q 150 CoLv1N STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. C077Zlf1!j77Z67ZlJ of O X F O R D P R E S S Printers of Maroon and White for 1942 if if ml' Specializing in Weekly and Monthly Publications if af + GLENWOOD 2336 408 LAKEVIEW PARK XZXXSXXXXXXXXXXXSX X222XX!!XXlXlSl!l!lXI!lXX2XX2XX!2!!X!XX22l!l!lXlXl 155 lilXIXl!!XIX'XIXlXIllX'XIX'XlXI!!2I2lil2:2:11XlXIX!!!Xu!!2:Xl302:Xu!!!:XIX12:XlXIXIXIXIXIXUXIXIXIXIZIXIXliuxlxlxuxuxlxu 5 SHANLEY L. DAVIDSON Life Insurance anal Annuity Programs FOR YOUNG MEN uk xi' al' NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 42 EAST AVE. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Home Office-New York, N. Y. Q Tel. Res. Genesee 4742-Bus. Main 1416 Nfgiiigfzn NIAGARA UNIVERSITY w z Q m e COLLEGE OE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION E f'j:Z"5.3 Rochester Divifion 5 Announcing a 2-2X3 YEAR PROGRAM OF STUDIES FOR 2 MEN and WOMEN-LEADING to the DEGREES of Q Bachelor of Basinexr Administration Q Bachelor of Science in Commercial Eclacation Q Bachelor of Science in Economicr DAY DIVISION COURSES INCLUDE: EVENING DIVISION COURSES i Law Philosophy INCLUDE: g English- Management dustriaILOvi,gga'riiZiiiii:iiJ1n, TyPingShorthand Q Qgfigntmg Egllizfon InSalesm:f1nship C. P. A. Review Spanish Hisww Aud1'iC'IfIh0ds of Edu22if2Xn"ng ' 5 Economics of War Latin American History BEGINNING IN IUNE For Information Write: The Registrar, Niagara University f 50 CHESTNUT STREET MAIN 1124 -3.3ggngngnh!!!lil!!!1212:2:32:32:XlXlilxlxnxlglxlluguxuhxu nxuxuxuilxn lxlzlxlzlzlxlxlxlxlfl uxlzlxlxlglxnnxuxlxn 156 I l!l!lXlXlXl!l!l'l!l!l!l! 2 I I IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 2 3 XIXIXI IIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX Xlxlxlzl IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 2 X 3 Xl IXIXIX 3: FRANCIS E. BURNS Lje I nsumnce 471 A n nuztz es NEW YORK L1F1: INSURANCE Co. 42 EAST AVE. MAIN 1416 'A' , llilzlilllll Ili l X Ill!! l O0 n vo OC 94 OO U4 96 UO OO oo OO I oo O4 OO O9 fi N O4 . . N 3 O9 O9 Q n OO O4 if 09 4 N n OO n n O0 n O4 Home Ojjrife, New York, N. Y. N I N N vo M M I N I I oo FURLQNG STUDIO i P19010 gmpbers ' or 3 THE ARETE i I oo 27 CLINTON AVENUE SOUTH .e 3 i uk w ak Q EI 'e ff' IJ N E if if -nf 3,5 i i I Sundays by appomtment Opp. Seneca Hotel .5 Z3 .s i e. i IXIXIXIXUXI IXIXIXIXIXIX'SlXlIixlxlxlxixlzlxlllzlxlxl lx' lxixlxIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXl2lXlXlXlXlXl2l2l!l3gxg . 157 oo I M I 04 I M I M I oo I oo XZXXISIXIIZIXIZIXIXIXIZIXIXXXXXXXXXXXZXXX 12222323122 X XXXXXXXXZXXXX ! X 2 Cf Light Up an I. E. S. Lamp . .. THEN settle down to an evening of solid comfort, without eye strain. I. E. S. Lamps provide glareless, well-diffused and adequate light which beautilies your home while it comforts and protects your eyes. BETTER LIGHT MEANS BETTER SIGHT ROCHESTER GAS C7 ELECTRIC 89 EAST AVENUE AIN 7070 ST BONAVENTURE COLLEGE has been proud to enroll in her student body many graduates of AQUINAS INSTITUTE Upon completion of the required courses at ST. BONAVENTURE COLLEGE they have entered the ranks of medicine law dentistry business accounting science education social service and clergy. Pro- spective students desiring detailed information are cordially invited to visit the college or to correspond with The Registrar ST. BONAVENTURE CoLLrGn St. Bonaventure N. Y. 158 3 'A' 'lr i' 'k 'A' i' 7 7 7 7 7 3 7 C 9 lltltl xxxxxx zx xxxxxxx-x-x-x-xx xxxxzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x-x-x-x-x-z-ze, XI IXIXI ISI I I:IXI:I:IXIXIfIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIIISISIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlx. C I-IER, IN AG IVIE I EI N DA BUILDING HIRAM SIBLEY I no I ov I no I oo I N I oo I 04 I n I oo I oo I oo I N I ov I oo I oo I oo I vo I w I no I on I sa I on I oo I oo I oo I oo I N I oo I Q4 I vo I n I oo I oo I vo I n I on I oo I M I oo I I N I M I M I N I M I n I oo I oo I oo I be I M I oo I oo I oo I QQ I oo I vo I vo I M I oo I N I N I oo I oo I oo I vo I N I N I N I N I so I n I oo I oo I N I oo I oo I oo I oo I M I oo I oo I N I oo I oo I M I oo I N I N I N I N I oo I N I N I oo I M I N I N I oo I RS O CT TRA N CO L ERA EN G friemi dw Of C 0112 liwzelztf ' 4 R E 4 T I S DL E H C R I -N-N.MININININIMInlNINININIMINI?:NInININIMININININININININ.MININININInaIMININININ-NlMINInlnlnlnlwININININININIMININININIMIMalNININIMINININIM-NININIMININININININININININI:NININININ-NININININININI XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIxlxlxlxlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXI IXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIQIIIXIXI ISI I IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIZIXIXIXI Q X!! XX X!! XXSXXXXXXX XX X XX x x zzxxxxxxxx-x-sm DRINK Sf I i ROCHESTER COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORP. A. L. ANDERSON Sc SONS 190 BERLIN STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. BASTIAN BROS. CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS Rochester, New York Phone: Glenwood 3580 E we wr f Oqgirial jewelem' mul .s'!4ztio1zw'.r to the .s'lznle1zl.a' of flgzzimzr I lmilzzle -1 ir ir W. R. Tiefel New York State District Manager Efgzecacemmaaeas 160 IXIXISIXXXXXSXXX!XSXZXXXXXXZIXXX!XXXXXXXXXXXXKIXIXXXXXSXZXXXXXX for the Battle of Lzfe Meat is fuel for er1clurance for fun for strength. It helps the child to grow the man to work the woman to be at her best. DO AND KEEP DOING WITH ARPEAKO MEAT PRODUCTS MEAT BUILDS YOU UP Rochester Packing Co., Inc. Rochester, New York C077ZlZIlj7lZ672l5 of JACOB A. TRZECIAK ZWEIGLE'S Manu actzzreu 0 TASTY SAUSAGE PRODUCTS Sold at your Food Store or O J' ' f Q Zweigle's - 214 joseph Avenue 5 Stone 6946 IXIXIXIXIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIXIXIXIXIXIUSIXIXII XX X XXZXXXXSXZXX XX I 161 X X X X X2X2XXXXXXX2lXIflXlXlXl!lXl!lXlXl!lXlXlXl!lXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIXXXXXKXX XS ROCHESTERS L6l1g6.Yl' Apparel Store 07 MEN - WOMEN - BOYS - GIRLS THE NATIONAL CLOTHING COMPANY GFNERAL ICE CREAM CORP FOOT OF WHITE STREET MAIN 917 C om jzliments 0 GEORGF GARGANO MAIN 1737 - 1738 JOSEPH A. SCHAN TZ CO. FINE FURNITURE RUGS AND BEDDING - STOVES AND RANGES 2 oo l on I I 1 if Ir ar IA- -A- "One of the Great Clothing Stares of America" wsecateumzeceoarrr 162 X ffQfQ QQQ lxl I I lxlxlxlxlflxlxlxlxlxlxl lxlxl III IXISIXIXIZIZIXIXISIXI lzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxl IXIXIXIXISIXIXIZIXIX A 1 N N 'SUSE' CE Ci C832 32831 332 r I Lei the Home G1'0ce1'5-Grocer Your Home HQME GROCERS 199-203 PARK AVENUE MONROE 9326 FREE DELIVERY ADAM BROS FORD SERVICE and REPAIRS We service all makes of cars 42 HAAGS ALLEY STONE 5320 C077Zf1li77Z87ZlJ' of 41 friend C om lfJlf77Z872l5 of JOHN L. KEENAN QQQQQQQQQ Ill ISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI lllxlflxlxlxlxl IXIXISIQIXI I lxlzlxlx Xlzlxlxl lXl!l!lXl!l!lXl!l I!! IX! Xl!! 163 X!X!SXX!X2XX 3 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXZXZZSXSIXXXXZ! XXXXZXZZZXXXXXXXX Bef! Wisbef to AQUINAS INSTITUTE ELM BOWLING HALL 75 ELM STREET ROCHESTER N. Y. W. E. ROGERS Prexident Anthracite, Bituminous Coal and Coke TERMINAL BUILDING ROCHESTER, N. Y. from BALCRON COAL CO., INC. A if af + -If + Complimentf of the WHITE LINEN LAUNDRY THREE GREAT FUELS LEHIGH VALLEY COAL ROCH. GAS 81 ELEC. COKE ATLANTIC FUEL OIL SCHWALB COAL AND OIL CORP BEST IN FUEL FOR NEARLY 80 YEARS 1- if -If Stone77O E U 'I X1 XXXXXXXXXXXXZXXXXXXXX XXXZXXXXIXIXIXXXXXXXXXZXXXXXZXXZSIXIXISIXI 164 I!! lxl lzlzlxl lxlzlflxlxlzlxlxlxl l IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I lXIXIXlXlXlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlx X X X I CHRISTIAN CULTURE LECTURE SERIES SEASON-1941 - 1942 DR. RICARDO ALFARO-Ex-Preridefzt of Pamzma MORTIMER ADLER-Ulziverfily of Cbimgo ALFRED NOYES-Efzgliylz Poe! MARTIN D'ARCY, S. J.-Oxford Ulzizferxify F. W. FOERSTER-Berlin and Mzmirla ARCHDUKE FELIX-Azzxlria F. J. SHEED-London, Englaml JACQUES MARITAIN-Frmzre Season 1942-1943 now being arranged. Send for folder to Father Hugh Haffey, C.S.B., Director 1127 DEWEY AVENUE, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK STAR ROOFING COMPANY N. BARRIGGINE Built-Up Roofs, Gutters, Asphalt Sidings, Furnace Work WILLIAMSON FURNACES 20 Year Guarantee 455 Verona Street Main 5092 C077Z1J!i77Z67Zf.!' of zz Frieml XlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlXIXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl lzlxlxlxlzlxlxlflxlflxlzlxlflxlxlxlxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlxlflxlxl' 165 BAUMAN 81 BAYNES MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES 333 DRIVING PARK AVENUE oo oo M so N oo oo N N no no oo so oo oo oo N oo N M oo oo oo N oo N on M u N on I N I no I oo I M I E I oo l oo I oo l oo oo oo oo oo oo oo M M M oo N M M N oo oo N M N IXIXIXI Q-7 Xl xl 7-4 a E 0 2 cg r-4 E Z an EQ D' N1 M IT! ,FU Z BN ve Q rn cg F " rn v-U W .. m A .. g P-1 +-4 Q Q, 3 Z . O S Q-P ' F Z 2 5' rn UU HN U' G :J O 4-4 R cn ' Q W Q Q 1-D. E 3 O E 5 Z S7 2 r-I E Q ' "'! V' fl 5 O S 5 H Q 5 1 K G 2 0 3 Q H uw 5 2 22 rn 21 2 ,, 'fn , 3 U: Z 25 Db 3 ii QQ, 2 'E W 'ff 5 Q ' 55 2 0 2? :gf z: ru 'fi G 0 n Q FS M m a E O FE: ?' - 5 w J 5 'Q .. '-I E13 fm "3 ES vw E 5. , Q 3 .. 51 Q 75 W OQQQQDTQNQQU IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIX XIXIXIXIXIXIX Xlxlllllxl l IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I!! I!!!l!l2l2l2l!lXlXlXlXlXlX X X X X X X X X X X X S ELESCH 81 SCHMITT INC. A A A Welded Metal Prodzzcts-Roofing-Home I mzddzfin g 'A' ul' 'A' oo 118 BROWN STREET MAIN 5234 "Good IVIOrning judge MERCURY d LINCOLN SALES dnd SERVICE J U D G E ' s 04 81 LAKE AVE. ALWAYS OPEN 3 ' Viriually a "WHO'S WHO". of leadmg names in American Musrcf WHEN YOUR WANTS ARE MUSICAL COME TO f I A , "fi - I f HOME EVIS USIC TORES or THE STEINWAY EVERYTHING IN Musuc MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS RADIOS KLEM SERVICE STATION BLUE SUNOCO GAS EXIDE BATTERIES - HOOD TIRES 667 T 1TUs AVENUE GLENWOOD 6016 I no I oo 4 . . 1 U '4l2 E.MA1NS'r. 33s0ILTTHAYE.m I oo l XXX!XX!!X!X!!!2 XXXXXXXXXXXXX XIXBIXIXIXIXIXXXXXXXXXZZXXXXXXZXIXIXIXI 167 oo N oo IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I!I2I I!I I IXIZIXI IXIXIX Xl I IXIXUXUXU IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I N l oo 'E 5' E' I ' P R I T I 7 Q N N G . ,, IQ CALL MAIN 2355 i 3 ADCRAFT PRINTERS 183 ST. PAUL STREET 'E i 53 The Eastman Fathers .mm - ASSUMPTION COLLEGE, Windsor, Ont. 5 if the Catholic Men's College of University of Western Ontario, its credits universally recognized. gi E "A truly irzzermzliannl mllegel'-Mirbigan Slnle Sennle. Q 'E Two blorks from Dezroil Ri1fer,' 15 minuzefr drive from Detroit City Hall. 8 H "Graaf traditimzr plus maderrz farililierf' ' 5 COURSES: Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology, Political Sciences, Pre-Engineering, it 'E Pre-Legal, Commerce, etc. : i Write: S. Murphy, C. S. B., REGISTRAR E 'E Degree after three complete two-semester years to Americans who join U. S. A. armed forces, '32 H per Order of Dominion government to university authorities. S E N S' 'E 5 SEARS, ROEEUCK AND Go. g 3' .. 5 5 5 MONROE AT SOUTH UNION I RIDGE ROAD WEST NEAR DEWEY gi 'J u .5 Rochester, New York 1 i 5' 5 2. 5 5 5 9: 3. 5 ' A Q LUCAS 59' DAKE CO. INC. Q .5 I N S U R A N C E 5 3 A 5 5' fi 234 GRANITE BUILDING 5 g 958-MAIN-959 g 5' 5' 3 3 5 'E 168 X 2 lxl I I!!XlXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIPXIZI ' ISI! 2 2 X X X X X Xlzlflxlxixlilflxl IX X X X X X McFar1in's Extends Congratulations To the Graduating Class 6:- 6 ' - I .sign 4-xt-if-:f'3'I5frZr: 3, 2 -1 'I 12 9-4' fC'v'!,f.r:?rIf:1I1 f:,'I:1.- . N '--4- -Q-a,--'-- - ---, A Store Where Agzmznx x I U smawm Like To Shop . .. L iff 152523. i5i9 'iEff5f' .,4, ., 1i5512....,.,,.,mwmwwwMww ,.,V ' ,.... -,'- ' ,, f X -, f' 'N , B 5 X N - Sf fs E J ? A I if ""'x"' ,-:-:fE7g:5f:....- 5555555 '?i2?5E5E55g5g5g5:2:1 5:51 "' 3- .arf , ' X M M f , .:'-A:-3 BARR C96 CREELMAN PLUMBING-HEATING-SUPPLIES 242 MAIN ST. WEST MAIN 6465 Complimemif of ROCHESTER TRANSIT CORPORATION 267 State Street, Rochester, N. Y. LIBRARY AND MAGAZINE BINDING ROCHESTER BOOK BIN DERY 165 - 173 ST. PAUL STREET Specialim on College and High School Annzzalx GOLD STAMPING BOOK REPAIRING 6 . I O0 3 'Zvi' ..., ' P." 'lngfg'I-I-.-I-,+I-3-A-, - - .4 ' .,:5:Z:f:5E5:::EfEgf ' .,5:5E5g354'g'g2 155553. -3:33 , , I... . I ..., .. .... .. 2, I ,fl A I I r , as x ,J ,v I g r 'a , 'M ff I Y - sus. .Shri a I I O 96 I .. I OO I OO n OO IXIXIZIXXXXXXZXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIX XXX!!! 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III l!l!l'l lxlxlXlxlxlxlXI2lzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxltlxlz X 2 3 170 IQ QKQffQ SCE oNuMENT5 TROTT BROS. CO. INC. 1120 MT. HOPE AVE. 3 MON. 75 : M.. H A R T ' S ROCHESTERIS GREATEST GROCERS "Everybody Saves Hd1'f,5 Cozzllzomn Hawley B. Nell Main 1074 Waltex' Nell NELI.. BROTHERS C7 KERN I MARBLE, TILE AND GRANITE WORK Nlozzzzmemif and Mazuolezzmf 151-155 Mt. Hope Avenue Rochester, New York .2 C0777IJ!il776"77f.f C om jilizzzwilf DR. C. W. OSTER FRANK LILL x x x z : x x x 171 IXlZlXlXIXIXIXIXlXlXlXlXlilzlxuxlxuxlxlxlxuxul IXl!IXlXlXIXl!!!U2IZIXIXIXIXIXMIXUXIXIXI lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlz 2 I James Conolly Printing Company Allen Comer Clarissa B O U C H E R FLOWERS -k 422 MAIN STREET EAST Comfllimentr THE SENATOR'S LODGE SIBLEY, LINDSAY C9 CURR CO. 'Wexievw New Yorkif Shopping Headquarters 'k 'A' 'A' Yes! For almost three quarters of a century Sibley's has been the shopping headquarters of people throughout all Western New York. "Fine quality merchandise at lowest possible cost" . . . a principle upon which this store was founded, is a great Sibley tradition today. A tradition which will be ever ours to merit the confidence of those whom we serve. T A X I NEIL P. COLLINS HUMIDOR FRESH CIGARS ff AND ToBAecos 7 Passenger Cars FUNERALS AND WEDDINGS 'k MONROE 64-50 SANDWICH BAR if Phone, Main 7817 43V2 EAST MAIN STREET X I X X X X X 2 X I X X X Z X X X 2 2 Sl I!! I!! IX' I!! IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXISIXIXIX X X X 172 lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzl lxl l lxlzlxlxl lxlxlxlzl I SIXIX!!!Xl!!2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIWXIXUXISI3lX'X'X'!'3' At All Leading Dealers . . PHILCO RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS AIR CONDITIONERS I Distributed by BEAUCAIRE, INC. I . . REI CEN ' URITAN Tue pnm LAUNDRY Ann DRY Ctuxmnejnvrcr Gtnnwooo seo The aundru of toda Cumplizzzerzlx of 11 Friend NAZARETH HALL ACADEMY Nazareth Hall, a private academy for boys, is beautifully situated at the corner of Alameda Street and Raines Park. Delightful grounds appropriately arranged for recreational play for the boys of primary, intermediate and grammar grades. Besides the regular branches of school work: music, oral expression, rhythmic dancing, draw- ing, algebra and Latin are featured. Liturgical singing is taught by specialized teachers. C om pl im emit 0 f el Friem! Camjllimezzlr NOZZGRENO CONTESTABILE 108 LYELL AVENUE If it if fl Life Imzmznce Problem, ree GEORGE C. GREEN Aquinas '23 GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. 119 MAIN ST. EAST MAIN 1830 Canzplimenrr WILLIAM P. MCGEE 1467 LAKE AVENUE IX X Xlxlxlxixlxlxlx Xlxlxlxlxlxlxl lil lil IX Xl lxlxlzl IX Xlxlllxlxlflxl IX 3 XIX!! XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXR X Xl!!! Xl xl!!zlxlxlxlxlxlxIIlXlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXISI lxlxlxlzl nn - QQQQ Cowplimelzlf of HOLY ROSARY PARISH F IN CHER MOTORS, INC. 14- 18 SOUTH UNION STREET Rochester, N. Y. PHONE MAIN 2262 Prepare for your Career al THE SCHOOL COMMERCE 362 EAST AVENUE ROCHESTER, N. Y. The fn! Bzzfirzeu Imzizuze in IVe.rte1'1z New York lo ojfer njficmlly remgzzlzed rouuex of ADVANCED GRADE in Bu.rizze.fJ Admirziflmtiwz and 14t't'0ll7ZllIlZ ry 'A' ASSOCIATE MEMBER AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF JUNIOR COLLEGES C om PZIIIHBIILI' 0 THE AQUINAS GERMAN CLUB Co11gnzmlfzti011.v To You BOYS OF "42" WILLIAM G. CAUFIELD COIIIPIIIIIEIILI' of "MRs. BU1zToN's FRI Compliments of ED PIESN BLESSED SACRAMENT CHURCH Q A ' ' '3'3'3'!'X' I!ISISIXIZIXIZIXIXIXIXHXIXI lXltl!l!l!lXl2l ISIXIXI IXIXIXIZI IXlxIxI:I2I:IxIx-1-3-3-xnxnxugnxnxnxngu IzI3I3IgIgI3.3I3-g.3I3-3.1-3-xugnxnxuxnxnxng-n Iugqngngngnxnxngnxnxn1-gnxnxn 5 I S' 'J 'J 'I 'J 2 'E 2' 'J S' 'R 'J S' S' I 'J I I I 'J 'J I I 'J S' G' I S' OO 'J 'J 2' I E' S' S' S' 'J 'J 'J 3' 2' 'R 'R S' 'J 'S S' 'J 3' 'J 3' H' 2' 'J 'J 'J ':-f 5 EEE Complimeutf of , SR MARGARET MARY S PARISH ..,2ifi252ifii2iiEi5f A1' . ERMS TNMMVMW NEIL.. a':sx'e?:'n2AL secnenuum. 4bl'::4 ' 1 2 sEcRe'rAmAl. sclmce ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and ACCOUNTANCY STENOGRAPHIC and OFFICE MACHINES orhsr VICTORY courses CIVILIAN PILOT TRAINING U. S. NAVY V-'I ACCREDITED COLLEGE PROGRAM ARMY AND NAVY OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Write for full details REGISTER NOW! 31RA Founded by Rev. Chas. Coughlin Social Justice Magazine 'k i' 'A' diJ't1'ib11ted by CMWBHMMS Umm ST. STONE 2651-J C 0111 pliffzemf 11 WlBMWNW CARDELLAS A 1 1 HANDSOME SHOES THAT WEAR Fiizext leather in repairifzg 4 4 4 COR. EAST AVE. 2 WINTON RD. N. Cwfzplimezzff of HAWRDMBCQ C07lZlf7li77I enlf 0 f STANMEWSMWBH I!I2IXIXI3I3I2IXI2I2ISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX XIXIXIZIZIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI .N I O0 I D4 I O0 I OO I OO I n I DQ I O9 I OO I O. I OO I 'O I 90 I .9 I O1 I 00 I I QQ I -. I OC I I OO I 90 I I O' I OO I OO I I I U4 I 9' I 90 I Q0 I 50 I O4 I OO I I OO I OO I 09 I 90 I O1 I OO I O4 I O4 I OO I 94 I O9 I 00 I O4 I u I N I 09 I OC I O0 I 09 I 3' 0: IXIXIXRIXISIXIZIZIZIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIQIXIXIXIXI I ISIXISIXIXIXIXI X xlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzl lXIXIXIXlXlXlxlXlxlxlxlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIIIXIXIxlXlXlxlxlxlxixlxlllxlxlxlxl Culver 649 Established 1908 GEO. B. ELKINS PAINTER AND DECORATOR Expert on Murals, Oil Painting and Scenes Waltex, Sanitas and Imported Wall Paper and Fabrics Q I16 Hazelwood Terrace Rochester, New York THE EGG-LESTON Air Conditioned 47 AND 49 CLINTON AVE. S. Rochester, N. Y. The fifzari in good llairzgr to eat and drinle-Since 1886 E. A. Dentinger J. Wa1'd Wm. B. DUFFY CARTING Co. 62 MAIISHALL STREET Rochester, N. Y. 'A' 'k 'k Main 3286-Phones-Main 3287 Di.rl1'ibulo1'.r of LOWE BROTHERS PAINTS AND VARNISHES Barnard, Porter 8: Remington W. C. Remington-R. J. Fowler DEALERS IN PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, BRUSHES ARTISTS, MATERIALS AND DRAFTING SUPPLIES SPRAY PAINTING EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES 9 - 11 - 13 NORT'H WATER ST. Main 8140-8141-8142 For nzerzfr of qualify alzuayy- Jos. Grzeszczak 8: Sons Market 92 ST. CASIMIR STREET Phone, Stone 3236-J COIIZPHYIZUIZIJ of ALBERT BELLAMAH Diff1'i!:z1l01' ROYAL PIE CO. C om plifizefztr of REV. JOSEPH BALCERAK Of St. Stanislaus Parish BOEHMER'S Restaurant and Tap Room Dimzer Partief Given Om' Special Aflemfiofz 264 CLINTON AVE. N. Phone, Main 9887 lull! xlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlzlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxl UXUXIXIXIZI I2l3:21!l!lXu2a2l2nXu!l2lXu2I lxlxlxlzlxlxl Ixlxlxlxlzlxlzl Q Uf lxlxlllxlxlxlzlzlxlxlxlxlxl lxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxi lxlllxlxlxlxlx Xlxlzlxlxl lxlxlxl lflxlxlxl lxlxlxlxlx X Z X SCHAEFER MARKETS .V f zzf j mf Q E 1050 DEWEY 404 RIDGE RD. W. 5 Fnrrierf for over zz qzzarlw' cefzlzlry Complimem-I of C0llg7'c1l7lldli0IZ.f Q To Class of 1942 Q ST. BONAFACE CLUB JQHN W. MATTLE GQRSKI at MILLEWICH Q Complizzzenly of Qydlity REX M01-QRS MEATS AND GROCERIES gl 2505 DEWEY AVE. 791 HUDSON AVENUE fi Stone 4873 5 Cgwlpljwgllly gf C0l7ll0lilllI3IIl.I' of M, A, of 5, M, DR. JOSEPH A. UCONNOR V lxlxlxlxIsl!!!lxIXItIXlIIxl!lxIXlxItlzlxlxlxlxlzlzlxlxlxlxlxl Qjjbjzg -3.2-x.x.xlx.:lxlxlxlxlx!!lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlx Xlxlxlxlxlxlxl lxl2IXlxl!!XlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIQIXIXIXIX X X C om plim efzlr 0 MCGRATI-I ICE CREAM CLUB CRACKERS TOASTS For your Tear, Parlier, Lmzcbewzr 'k 'k 'k ONTARIO BISCUIT CO. Tuxedos, Suits, Top Coats and Overcoats All One Price A STEIN'S America's Greatest Clothiers-located at the Santoro, Leone and Landisi Factory Charley Zukerman, Mmmger 120 ONTARIO ST. STONE 954 Rochester, N. Y. Stone 2628 WILLIAM C. MENGES FUNERAL DIRECTOR 309 PORTLAND AVE. Follow the crowd to T H E R I T Z PORTLAND AVE. AT NORTON ST. i' 'k 'k The Home of the FAMOUS RITZ I-IAMBURGS MCGARRAGHY REAL ESTATE CO. 960 PORTLAND AVENUE Stone 1727 Stone 2869 Phone, Genesee 4031 N. J. O'NEILL PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR k 'A' 'k 217 FROST AVENUE Rochester, N. Y. Stone 1412 FRANK S. GOTTRY 85 SON LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING OF Furniture, Freight and Machinery ALL LOADS FULLY INSURED 495 BROADWAY AIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXISIZI!IX!Xl!l2lXlXl!l!lXlXlXl2l2lX: lil!IXDXlxI2u2l!l2lXl3l2l2IXl!!2:XIXlXlXI2l1l2l!l!l2l!lXl2 2 2 X I 94 I 3 NORBERT E. VAY JOSEPH R. VAY 5 I oo I 8. .E I I 2. 'E 3 604 MAPLE STREET GENESEE 5938 I E 2. 3. 2. 2. 2. 2. .5 3 2. 2. 3 I . 1 : of 2. 3 I 2. I 2. E. 2. 2. 2. I 2 2 I 'J I 2 A. 1. Schaefer II. Baumfm C. G. Schaefer GEO. C. SCI-IAEFER CO fformerly Schaefer Bc Hartelj JEWELRY DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE CLASS RINGS AND PINS llfaffb Repairifzg Clock Repairing MAIN 6746 8 MAIN STREET EAST oo I N I 3 VAY FUNERAL HOME C am plimezzls 0' PEERLESS RADIO CO. A 17 plimzref mid Service Directly opposite Aquinas Institute 1172-1176 DEWEY AVE. GEORGE PALMOS SWEET SHOPPE 521 DRIVING PARK AVE. IXIXISIXIXIZIXISIXlXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXltltltltltI3IXIXIXIXIZIXIXIZIXIXISIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX XlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIS X X I OC I .. I .. I OO I 04 5 . f ,, . I O0 I O4 l N n I N I .. . I B' DO - -k 'A' -k O1 I 'J N 7 7 , 'A' ul' 'k PO l a O0 I O0 2. . I I N 4 3. . I N I I O0 I N C om plimuzlf JACK RYAN CU1l1PlilllUlIfJ' of HOLY APOSTLES VO I V0 I 99 I .. I OO 3 I , I, , , 5 C om plzwefzfy of I 04 THE TOWNE TAVERN I 0. Q 1 1 GIBBS S'I'REl2'I' 'E 3' I I o GENESEE BOOTERY 178 GENESEE STREET i' VITALITY SHOES gp IXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXI ISIXIXI IxlzItIXIxlzlxlflxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxIXIIIXIXIXI2ItIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI 2 XIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IXUXIXIXIXIXUXIXI IXIXIXIZIXIXIXIX!!I!!XIXIXlIIXIXIIISIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXI IXIXIXIXIX X Z X Complimerzlf of JAMES A. HUETHER Comjilimefztr of C. A. B. Y. TRANSPORTATION CO. Rochester Cleveland HENRY D. HALLORAN Sc SONS Mooney's Funeral Director if 'A' 'Ir 341 PLYMOUTH AVENUE SOUTH Phone Main 127 Rochester, N. Y. GEO. E. STEGER 'Ir CHOICE MEATS 'k 456 MAPLE STREET PHONE GEN. 491 Hardware House Paint 1 Blue Prints Photostats C0l1ZPlI71ZEi1lJ' of U . Artist and Drawing Supplies FUR STUDIO 505 LYELL AVENUE lk H. H. SULLIVAN INC. 67 SOUTH AVENUE STONE 550 Phone Main 444 KUBITZ BRQS. TAT EGBERT F. ASHLEY CO. Sk 50138 I I I Serving Motorists 21 Years ALL LINES OF INSURANCE uk wk iv i' 'lr 'k Second Floor - Union Trust Bldg. 19 MAIN ST. WEST' Rochester, N. Y. 365 W1NTON RD. NORTH 1821 MONROE AVENUE V Slxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlflxl n n I lzlzlzlzl lzlxl IXIXIXISI l lXlXlSlSlXlXlXlXIX!!!Xl!!!lil!IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXlXIXIXIfIXlXItIIIXlxlzlxlxlxlzlxlxlzlxl I IxlzlXIXIXIXIXIXIXlxlzlxlxlxlzlxIXIXIIIXIXIXIXIXIXIIIXIXIXIXIXIS 2 I X X 71sT YEAR L. W. MAIER'S SONS Compliments of JOSEPH W. MARTIN, D.D.s. MONROE 50 N. J. MILLER'S SON Fznzernl Director PAINE DRUG CO. 24 E. MAIN ST. I N I N I so l I so I N I N I oo I no l S' 3' N I N I M I M I oo I I no 5 I oo l on I I I I N I no I oo I N I N I N I oo I I 'S I I I oo I I N I I oo l N I oo I 04 I N I M I N I N I oo I no I oo I oo I M I N I N l M I M I N I M I oo I I no I N I N l oo I 04 I M I M I no I M I an l oo I oo I oo I M l N I M I M I N I M I oo I oo I l oo I N I M I I 706 South Ave. Rochester, N. Y. Irzdependenty Built America Trade Independent L E V I N ' S FUNERAL SERVICE SUPERMARKET RUFUS MAIEPE Difeffof' 1464 LAKE AVE. GLEN. 305 FROMM BROS. QUALITY SAUSAGE Ayk Your Dealer Charles joe Home of good food GLATZ MARKET Homemade Sewage 708 JOSEPH AVE. STONE 1837 From zz Friend !!!!2!!!XXXXXIXIXIXISIZIXIXIXXXSXXSXX XXXIXIZIXXXXXxxflxxxfzfxfxxxxllf DEWEY STONE LIQUOR STORE nc 508 STONE ROAD 'k ir 'k Domestic and Imporlecl WINES LIQUORS CORDIALS Phone Charlotte 518 DEWEY FLOWER SHOP 1364 DEWEY AVE Glenwood 7422 Creatrve Corsages and Noveltres Weddrngs a Specralty Complzmemif 0 DR MICHAELJ CRINO JOSEPH J BUCKLEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR Cold Cut: Beer and Ale FILIPPONE'S FRUIT MARKET 966 CLINTON AVE. NORTH Birdy Eye Foods We Deliver Call Main 3184 BOYS ! Your future and your loved Ones are secure in a low cost Pwclentiizl Life Insurance Policy. O EUGENE E. BOPP 1438 Lincoln-Alliance Bank Bldg. Rochester, N. Y. For cz Good Hair Cut Viyil "SAM'S BARBER SHOPH 599 JOSEPH AVENUE CORNER CLIFFORD AVE. PAYNE 85 DUNHAM Lehigh Valley Black Magic C O A L Semei Solvay C O K E RANGE and FUEL OIL 34 BRONSON AVENUE Genesee 586 - 587 2-2-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzx:xx-x-z-x-:nz-x-max:xxxxxxxxxxxxxzzxxxxxxzzxx ,1 . 4 . F 1 1 22X!!!!!!!!!!!X!ZXXZXXXXXXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXXXX2 XXXXXXIXIXIXIXIIZIXIXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX Complimefzlx o . GEORGE W. GUERINOT Compliments o the SAGAMORE HOTEL Morgan Smith Mamzger Complimefzlf 0 The lezrgext Catholic lay 07'glllL7lZllfi0l2 in the wmlzl ROCHESTER COUNCIL NO. 178 KNIOI-ITS OT COLUMBUS Sixes Eights VOELKL BROS Authorized Dealers CHRYSLLR - PLYMOUTH 670 MAPLE STREET Genesee 4088 H6821 , 333383 Complimezzly of HOLY FAMILY CHURCH C om plimentx of RYAN AND RYAN, Inc. BUILDERS Compliments of Q81 LILAC LAUNDRY 14 WARD ST. MAIN 1522 PERRY'S FLOWER SHOP Ethel M. Perry Two Storey 441 CHILI AVE. HOTEL SENECA ARCADE CSCGSLOC oceeosagczDiongofcfQomfmcemwnucecfozouonazmowmmavmzf 1 x x x 2 x : 2 : 5 DR 1 - A A A 'I I I 00 oo OC on O1 O4 OO OO I I S' oo I 00 I I OO I OO I O4 I OO I oo I no I oo I OO I vo I O9 I O0 I 'R oo I I I OO I vo OO 09 PO 09 oo 01 94 I OO I OO I OO I OO I I OO I 50 I OO OO OO OO O4 1 183 IXIXIXIXIXI I " I ISI I IXI Ixlzlxlxlxl IZIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXIZ IXIXIXIXIXIXIZI IXIXI IXIXIXI ISI IXIXIXIXIXIXIX X 2 X Corrzplimerm o REV. F J I-IOEEEN Main 428 Main 429 F or Things Electrical 65 SOUTH AVENUE Rochester N. Y. Austin F. Grab, Pres. Robert F. Woerner, V.P. Roy A. Duffus, Sec. Philip C. Goodwin, Treas. Leonard H. Henderson, V.P. JAMES JOHNSTON AGENCY INSURANCE A A A FIRE-CASUALTY-BONDS 208 Granite Bldg. Main 697 J. KIRCHER MARKET AND GROCERY 701 HUDSON AVE. HUSS MARKET Where Your Dollar Bzzyf A Dollars Worth GENESEE ST. AT SAWYER Phone Genesee 2519 IUST BETTER ICE CREAM AND SHEREET JACKSON - BAILEY E. 501 T HURSTON ROAD 5 362 PARK AVENUE 'f Genesee 7100 I I I OO I OC I OC I O1 I O4 I OC I OO I OO I I O4 I oo I O4 3 3 4 I - . OC I OO I OO I OO I oo I OO I OO I 09 I OO I N I OO I OO I OO I OO I OO I OO I u I 3' OO ' TRH E C I 0: . . UBER LECTRICAL O., IIC. O0 I ? oo 4 I I OO I of I n I OC I 09 I OO 5 I 1 OO I so I OO I O0 I 60 I OO I OC I if I DQ I O4 I N I OC I O0 3 I I 99 I OO I OC 3 5 . - 1 4 60 I I oo I OO I u I OO I UO I OO I 54 I OO 5 I -4 O6 I 90 I OO I O0 I N 5 I N I I O0 I OO I OO LAEMLEINWS MARKET a 883 PORTLAND AVENUE Phones, Stone 6721 - 6722 SI US Sufierers 'K 'lr Cer Relief 'rms .- M A I D ' S ' I NOSE SPRAY Results guaranteed or money will be refunded . . . NO case too chronic . . . No baby too young . . . Mild, non-irritating, soothing and effective for head colds, sinus, catarrh and congestion. Sold at Your Drug Store I ' - IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZI IXlXIXItI!IXltlhtltltltltltltltuxn IXIXIXIXIXIXIXI uznxuxnxa:mxng-g-xuxnxnxnxng-3-3-1-gpg 3 3 3 3 -su z x zzz zxxxzzzxx xxx: xxxzxzxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxz :xxx xx Gasoline and Oil 1 5 5 Hague St. 400 State St. -4144 Conkey Ave. 280 Exchange St. 380 W. Main St. 1000 E. Main St. 580 Culver Road 191 Mt. Hope Ave. 85 Stonewood Ave Complimerzlx of RIDGE BOWLING HALL 3. A 5 A I I I I O. 5 3 I A A 5 I I I 5 I 5 r. 5 I I I I 3 5 5 5 I I I I De penal fzlal e Printers 0 17 EAST MAIN STREET Phone Main 3852 C 0 122 pllm ents 0 SCI-IMIDTIS MARKET 747 JOSEPH AVE. 3 HOME MADE SAUSAGE Ig Specializing in Pezrbolleel H 015 gf Stone 4768 LE STANDARD MOTOR SALES 626 W. MAIN STREET -PON TIAC- Roclaeyler 5 Largest Pontiac Dealer 'lr Always Reliable We Deliver JOHN ROGAN PRINTING CO. THURSTON ELORIST 0 558 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 214 Cormge U70rk ez Specially Q Flowery By Wire Complimerm 0 TOWN TALK BAKERY nc. SS. PETER AND PAUL s PARISH 601 PULLMAN AVE. Glen. 6772 f ,I N I k 1 1 4 O4 I Oi 1 OO l OO I I!lXlXl!X32XX!!!XXf!!! IZIXISIZIZIXX 2 XX . XX 2 ll!! C om pl im enty 0 f AQUINAS MISSION UNIT TRANT'S CATHOLIC SUPPLY STORE Sanctuary Supplies Religious Articles Greeting Cards Church Goods 96 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Rochester N Y CHURCH GOODS RELIGIOUS ARTICLES Buy where the Clergy Bzry CHARLES A TUCKER 74 EAST AVENUE QQ Ii .1 1- WALDERT OPTICAL CO. Prescription Opticians 56 EAST AVE. Always Better Glasses Never Higher Prices WM. YALOWICH DRUG CO. 658 HUDSON AVENUE O We specialize irz fitting Trusses, Abdominal Supports Arches and Elastic Hosiery I Open Everririgs and Sumiayr W Western EHS E o , fzlea I gmc Mom li on-nw -15" - Vacuum Tube and Carbon Models Air and Bone Conduction Fitted To Your Individual Requirements School and Clinical Audiometers developments of BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES mf! or write Audiphone Company of Rochester 1216 Temple Bldg Stone 4823 XXX 2 X XX S , . . 'A' if 'k ff I - IV, N . oo , ' ' 5 ca no ' ' 00 X2 2323222!!XX22lXll'XlXl" 2! X3XIII!!!2X!XXXXZXXXXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISSXX 2 XX!! 22, 186 X 2 2 X lxlxlxlxlxlxlflxlxlxl l IXlx1XlXl2lXlXI2l2lXlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIIIXIXIXIXI THOMAS F. TROTT 11711101711 Direclor O 683 EAST MAIN ST. STONE 1524 DAVIS DRUG COMPANY Pre.Ic1'iption Pb6Z1'77ZllCl.!'f.f 1481 LAKE AVENUE Cor. Ridgeway If Ifr DEPENDABLE - LASTING - QUALITY PAINT . . . You Defire THE GUN SHOP IT IS OUR DESIRE TO SERVE YOU! 117 STATE ST- 13110116 MAIN 149 0 'lr CLARK PAINT, OIL 8: GLASS CO, I-lame 0lU710!'.f will ind aw' weekly or monthly Ilmymerzf plan helpful and mnzfenleni. No inlerexl charged Geo A Weining Pres. 71 75 STATE STREET GUNS BOUGHT, SOLD EXPERT REPAIRING if Ed. Watson, Gunsmith "Red" Woerner Sales HARRY B CROWLEY All Lmes of INSURANCE O 405 5 Gramte Bldg Stone 3908 HAUBNER 8: STALLKNECHT FUNERAL DIRECTORS 828 JAY STRIJLT CONZPZZNZ BIZ!! 0 CURTIN AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 54 State St Stone 3519 Rochester N Y P1 ompf Delwefy and 6.0111160717 Servire HETZLER BROS ICE CO. nc. COAL and COKE 801 DRIVING PARK AVFNUE Glenwood 446 . . , 7 '1 ' 4 -4 . , I , . . 1 1 2 X xlzlxlxlxlxlXlxlzlxlxlzlxlxlxI2lxlxlxlxlxlzlzlxlxltlxlxlxlxlxIXIXIXIzllltlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlflxlxlxlxlxl 187 CUIIIADlfIIZ677I.f of HOLY REDEEMER CHURCH POSITIONS A. E. REID PERSONNEL Your Opportunity maye be here Inveflignle 209 Cutler Bldg. 42 EAST AVENUE Complimerztr of If VOGT'S DRY GOODS STORE OO I OO I 00 I OO I S' OO 5 Complzmenlr of 5 TIERNEYS SUPER MARKET Z: 312 Norma STREET i CHOICEST M.EATS AND 'E GROCERIES 'J 'J Complimenzr I. C. MIRGUET Phone Genesee 655-R W. W. MILLS BOOKS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION REPAIRED AND REBOUND Libmry lVw'k zz Specially 910 CI-IILI AVENUE IXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXI lzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlx IXIXIIIXISIXIXIXIXI IXIXIXIXI!I1I2I2I2IZIZI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZ O0 I OO I OO I OO I OO I 54 5 1 00 I 3 A I OO I OO I O9 I O0 I OO I O4 I 64 I O6 I OO I OO I OO ' Piano Accordions guaranteed 5 - 10 - 15 years. We tune and repair Accordions and all instruments. Wie make new bellows for any make Accordion. We teach :Ill musical Instruments. We give private lessons. SHABBARRASI MUSIC STORE 764 Clinton Ave. North Stone 2191 SCHIAVO SHOE BUILDER SHOES MADE TO ORDER FOR NORMAL OR DEFORMED FEET ARCH SUPPORTS - Handmade, Specially Fitted We Specialize in Full Soles and Invisible Half Soles 825 Dewey Avenue Rochester, N. Y. RONAN'S RESTAURANT SODAS - LUNCHES SUNDAES - DINNERS 1857 MONROE AVENUE NOTO-ROSS BARBER SHOP 213 GAIIDINER con. CHILI AVE. Experl Matching Pmzlr made fa order Rugby Sweaters ORIGINAL PANTS STORE Pants and sweaters for every occasion YO 70 I UO I O9 I OO I UO I O0 I O1 I OO I 94 I OO I 00 I OO I S' DO I .. I QQ I O0 I OO I O4 I O0 I OO I OO I OC I O4 I OO I O0 I N I I OO I I I OO I OO I .. I OO I OO I 7 'J OO I OO I OO I OO I O4 I O0 I O0 I OO I I OO I .. I OO I O9 I 56 I I . S 93 Main St. East Rochester, N. Y. I 60 I OO I V0 I 188 I Iflxlxlxlllxlxl lxlxlxlflx IIXIXIXIXI IXI Iflxlxl xltlxlflxl Izlf XI IXIXIXI Ixlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlflxlxlx LEONARD E. MILLER MARKET and GROCERY 1035 PORTLAND AVE. Phone - Stone 2116 MANHATTAN WINE AND LIQUOR Co. ROBERT W. SMITH, Prop. Inzportezl and Domerzic Wfiner and Fine Liquor: 960 Genesee St., cor. Brooks Ave. Phone: Culver 3488 Quality Plus Service MACROYYS DRY CLEANING SERVICE 1120 GARSON AVENUE Prompt Call and Delivery Mattresses, Box Springs and Pillows Manufactured LOOK YOUI BEST Ffrlm Fzlrlvry Direct to YD!! I RENOVATED REBUILT AND MADE LIKE NEW OTTO P. HILLER 8: SON 808 JOSEPH AVENUE Estimates Main 7435 GO TO LEE'S Home of FINE FOODS :Ind QUALITY ICE CREAM Complete Fountain Service 559 State St. Main 8059 ltltlzlt IXIXUXI I!! ZIXIXI ltltl I 'Xl I lxlxl lxltltl l!l!l IZIXIXIXIXIXIXUSI CBZSZEIEZCUSEIUCSZZ31 A. E. SCHLENKER INSURANCE 183 E. Main Street Stone 7380 VIERHILE 81 DEMALLIE, INC. INSURANCE 504 POWERS BUILDING Rochester, New York Telephone Main 408 A LARGE STOCK OF IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC WINES and LIQUORS HENRY J. SCHWALB 1829 MONROE AVE., BRIGHTON Monroe 9008 We Deliver Your: for Bigger and Better Dames IMMACULATE CONCEPTION YOUTH ASSOCIATION HULSE PHARMACY 424 JEFFERSON AVENUE Everything in Drugs and Drug Sundries at Reasonable Prices Genesee 2742 A. ERNST MERCHANT TAILOR Room 2 47 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Telephone: Stone 62 39-L C om plimenxx of STILLMAN'S MEN'S SHOP 831 DEWEY AVENUE C 0 nz pl im ent! A. E. POTTER 346 ARNETT BOULEVARD CALL COAL CO. COAL - COKE - FUEL OIL 48 Frost Avenue Phone Gen. 1234 CUNZIIIIIIZEIIIJ' of MONSIGNOR BURNS "THE QUALITY YOU DESIERVE AT TI-IE PRICE You LIKE TO PAY" M A R T I N ' S ICE CREAM - SHERBETS - FROSTED MALTIED BLUE BOY DAIRY PRODUCTS HELUVA GOOD CHEESE Tel. Gen. 6598 352 Arnett Blvcl. lll.l55Ell'5 MARKET MAX RUSSER INC. 257 AMES ST. ROCHESTER. N.Y. Carzzplimefzu af DR. HOWARD R. KONKLE Z A M I A R A ' S MEATS and HOME MADE SAUSAGE TUVO STORES 475 Hudson Ave. 1129-1151 Hudson Ave. WINTERROTHS SHOES DRIVING PARK AT DEWEY Glenwood 1600 FACE BRICK COMMON BRICK HOLLOW TILE JOSEPH L. WECKESSER 564 ABERDEEN STREET Tel. Genesee 2770 Rochester, N. Y. I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXI lxlxl I " I I I I IXIXI I I I lxlxlxlxlzlzl IXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlx C ow fIlf7IlE"7ZlJ' of MR. AND MRS. CHARLES S. CHASE KOSTA CHRISTOFF Retail FANCY and STAPLE GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS und VEGETABLES K. Z. CZEPIEL JEWELRY and MUSIC STORE Ben wi.i'be.r of tl friend PAUL FIORE, FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 150 CENTRAL PARK BRANCH-136 LYELL AVE. Call Stone 701 Covzplimenlx of the H. L. GREEN CO. 132 EAST IYIAIN Look for tbe Big Clock KITTY'S KAKE SHOP 571 JEFFERSON AVE. Genesee 1935 Birthday and Wedding Cakes I Om S pecmlt y I I I I so I no I oo I oo I 40 I 00 I oo I oo I QQ I oo 3 I at I ov I oo I oo I on I no 5 I 04 I 00 I on I I 00 I oo I 00 I 04 I 04 I on I oe I cv I oo I oo I 04 I Q4 I 04 I I QQ I oo I vo I oo I 04 I on I 04 I 94 I vo I of I ov I 04 I of I bv I oo I 91 I oo I 94 I no I I I to 5 I I I 90 3 I I on I ot I I oo I 00 I I oo I oo I 3 I oo I oo I 00 I bo I oo I I Q4 I I sQ I bn I oo I no I on I oo I I I oo I I on I I oo oo to 00 Phone Glen. 2000 404 Lexington Ave. IXIXIXISIXIXI I IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI lXlXI:IXIXIXISIXIIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxl IXIllXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI- IOS. G. KLEE EXTRA RICH ICE CREAM 635 TITUS AVENUE Camplimenzf of LAMAY DRUGS 1800 EAST AVENUE MELIN'S MEN'S SHOP 450 RIDGE RD. WEST near DEWEY Since 1915 High-grade Sportswear 585 Hudson Ave. Rochester, N. Y. Reasonably Pflffd 1. Camplimenlr of the Camp ,menu of OUR LADY EAST SIDE BOWLING HALL INC. OF GOOD COUNSEL S75 IVIERCI-IANTS ROAD MEN,S CLUB Established 1911 Notary Public JOSEPH RICKI Licensed Real Estate Broker Insurance with AETNA CO. 583 HUDSON AVE.-STONE 3783 Res. 89 Dayton St. Stone 5091-R ROSE MARIE CANDY SHOP 682 WINTON RD. N. Our Home Made Ice Cream and Candies Phone Culver 5957 Frank Sardis, Proprietor Crmzplimenff of SANTAN ATHLETIC CLUB ROBERT SCHLAFFER QUALITY MEATS Home Made Smzmge Wlxolesale - Retail 983 BAY STREET Izlxlzlxlzlxlzlxlxl IxIXI2IxI2I IXIXIXI IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI IZ!!!SlXIXIXI2IXIXIXlXI!!XIXIX!!!SIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIX l I lxlzlllzlxl Ixl,I:lxlxlxlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxl lxl IXIXIXIXIXIXlXlXl2lXI2IXIXlXIxlXIXUSIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXlxlxlxlxIXIS XIX X i 3 Ig Complimerzlf of E LEXINGTON SERVICE STATION 'E Cor. Lexington and Dewey Aves. R' R' lk 5 ALL BRANDS OF GAS AND OILS BLANCHARD FLORIST 'E Ilya I!7cImme Comparimn 5 Complimerztf of 'E 58 and 62 LAKE AVENUE 3 RELIN MUSIC COMPANY 5 47 GIEES STREET ROCHESTER, N. Y. it ir qk i fOppoSite Eastman School of Musicj 'E i L I K L Y ' S I 'E Leading in I-14.28289 Complimenu of zz friend H for Nearly cl Century g 271 MAIN ST. E. 'E 2' LE Cmplimem of Graduate in an "A, I." Rented Tux gl , Exclusive Dress Clothes .5 RUBYS SPORTING GOODS STORE :QE 898 CLINTON AVE. SOUTH Reillazl 56171166 IQ MONROE 3357 AT H' 53 A f'J E SCHULZ BROS. T U X S H O P i COFFEE SHOPPE 73 Clinton Ave. S., Rochester, N. Y. I i 355 DRIVING PK. COR. DEWEY Main 6764 S I 5 SELECTED FUELS, INC. Tel' Glen' 14424 E 292 NORTH STREET WILLIAMS PHOTO SHOP 5 Developing - Printing and Enlarging i COAL ' CQKE ' FUELIOIL Used and New Cameras ,E Joseph DI Pasquale, PIeS. CLHWMJ Repnired 21 Stone 77 Stone 76 308 DRIVING PARK AVENUE 'E i Ren! your TUX at the A JOSEPH SHALE 'E S O C I E T Y Q FINE PIANOS EXCLUSIVELY The highest grade and latest styles 5 ONE-EORTY EAST AVENUE at lowest Prices' 1341 DEWEY AVENUE GLENWOOD 5538 Ig YOUR STORE FOR 3 SMALLINE's CLINTON RIDGE PHARMACY HA11 fI'bing,r pbgfgg,-,lpbfw E N. CLINTON AND RIDGE ROAD SMITH ' SURREY INC- 5 I 129 CLINTON AVE. SOUTH 2 A. Smallme, Ph. G. Glen. 4649 H U 'g MEN WHO KNOW-SERVE MEN WHO KNOW I IIXIXIXIXlzltlxlXlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxl IX! IxlXlXISlxIXIXIXIXIQIXIXIXIXIXIXI lxlxlxlxlxl IXIXIXIXI lxlxl lxlxlzlzlxlx Cv' 3 CF iff lxlxlxlxlxlzl l lxlxlxlxl III IXI l lxlxl n IXIXI I IXI ISIXIXIXI Cmzzfllimefzlx of II friend CLARK'S READY-TO-WEAR FOR MEN - XWOMEN - CHILDREN GENESEE STREET AT BRONSON Genesee 5362 TORRI'S SHOE COMFORT CLINIC Shoes for sick, ailing feet. For the entire fumilyg also rubber footwear. Open 9 to 9. X-Ray fitting. Phone Main 1978 and Stone 4176-R 1624 CLIFFORD AVENUE Quality-Service-Satisfaction since 1920 BRIGHTON RADIO 8: ELECTRIC CO. SERVICE AND SALES 228 Winton Rd. No. Rochester, N. Y. Open Evenings Cul. 4467 BUSH SERVICE STATION 1425 CLIFFORD AVENUE Camplimerzzl' of EDWARD C. CADOGAN D O L A N ' S MEATS AND GROCERIES 600 JEFFERSON AVENUE COR. BARTLETT I oo I N 5 N I N I l I S' M I N E I N 'E N I vo I oo I I N I N I so I oo I I oo I I I I N I I N I I ov I N , ECKI. HARDWARE AND PAINTS "Tim Stwer la ,ref-Ile you" 440 GENESEE ST. 617 PLYMOUTH AVE. S. Genesee 3540 Genesee 3246 METZGER BROS. PiCfIH'l?.f f1'rIIl16f1 I0 order 836 CLINTON AVE. NORTH EHMANN MARKET LYELL AT GLIDE Say If Wizb Our Flawerx ARMEN OR LOWERS 331 Driving Park Ave. Glenwood 1240 THE GOODIE SHOPPES HOME-MADE CANDIES and ICE CREAM Two Storey 1700 CLIFFORD AVENUE 433 PORTLAND AVENUE SEED FOR YOUR GARDEN -k HART 84 VICK'S SEED STORE I.. 8: R. HUBER Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis - Supplies of All Kinds We Have All Makes of Golf Clubs Special Prices on Tennis Rackets Your Used Clubs Taken in Trade 260 - 262 Bronson Ave. Genesee 1170 Genesee 3383 -IOI-IN'S MARKET QUALITY MEATS - GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES 515 CHILI AVENUE John Scharrer LANGEFELD, KEIRSBILCK 8: MEEH CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES Qualify Home-vzmde Snumge 799 CLINTON AVENUE NORTH Phone: Main 3534 - 3535 .gn.1-x-x-max-x-xuxuxnxnxuxnxuxuxmxu -zu - -x-xoxox-sm u -:-x-sm - 13203381 C91 x-za:-gnugngngnxnznxuxngnxnxugn:-3.3.3-guxuxnxnxnxuXIZIXISIXIXIZIZIXIXIXISI ltllltltltltl!IXIXIXIXRIZIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXIXIZIHXIXIX Xl! X Compliment: of ANDREW'S MARKET 71 - 75 FRONT STREET LON ASPENLEITER 3392 ST. PAUL BOULEVARD SERVICE STATION S. C. AUER Imported and Domcaftic WINES - LIQUORS - CORDIALS 1816 CLINTON AVE. No. GLENWOOD 3759 G. BAREIS 8: SON Tooiwcar Specialist.: S26 JOSEPH AVE. Cmzzplimentf of BRAVERMAN S GROCEIIY - CREAMERY - DELICATESSEN We Deliver Gen. 7625 Complimentx 0 az Friend GEORGE F. MCGRATH 'GENERAL INSURANCE 1012 REYNOLDS ARCADE 34 GRAFTON ST. Main 5071 Stone 5385-J C orzgmlulnzimzx to ibe CLASS OI' 1942 HENRY D. O CONNELL Main 435 Monroe 4155-M JOSEPH T. OTTO INSURANCE 49 EAST AVENUE EDW. BROCKMANN S SONS FLORISTS 1945 RIDGE ROAD EAST Culver 9912 PERRY S PHARMACY PRLSCRIPTIONS 1453 CLINTON AVE. NORTH or. Norton St. Glenwood 7286 Roblee Shoe: for Men BROWNBILT SHOE STORE 900 WEST MAIN STREET Opposite St. M'1rys Hospital Gen, 3614 CHAMBERLIN RUBBER CO. 94 CLINTON AVE. NORTH BELTING - HOSE - PACRING INSULATION MATERIALS C0l1lf11i7IZLlZfJ' of DR. B, PLATT GEO. PROUD SERVICE STATION IOOCZQ GULF PRODUCTS COR. DEWEY AND DRIVING PARK Telephone Glen. 424 99 .. .. OO OO N O4 OO N N OO OO H f I N I N -4 N N OO N I O 5 1 N OO I I N I N A 1 I N l 3' . ,, DO -1 I M A , , O0 I OO I D9 I N I .. I I . I O0 I O 'J 1 4 O4 I O x 5. I x O0 I N I O6 I O I OO I OO 3, , I O0 I Oi I N 8. 5 579 THURSTON ROAD I O1 I U-O I N I OO I OO I I y OO I .5 , . .. I .. I .. I E A C T I .. I I O4 I .. I QQ I .. I 0: I OO I O0 I OO I OO I .. , 5 . . I .. I OO I 94 I .. I .. . .. , 4 . . II I I I IIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIII I X XII Xl! Xltixlxixl xlxlxixlxl lx' It X 2 X 2 X 232'XlXFX.SI2IXISUXUSIXIXIXUXISUXUIIS 2 X Xl! X X X X 3 I 2 X X X 2 I! xlfizlxlxixlx xl IXIXIXIXIXISIXIXIXIXItlXIII!!XI2IXlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlzlxlx XI:IxlXISIzIXIXIXIXlxlxl:IXIXIxlXlxlXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIIIXIX. RIVIERA BARBER SHOP RIVIERA THEATRE BUILDING Sperial Attention Given 10 Lmiier' and Cbildreifr Hair Culiing Expert Barbers-No Waiting LINCOLN LAUNDRY AGENCY Conzplimenlr of DR. LOUIS W. RADDER DENTIST S28 PORTLAND AVENUE You "AUTO" Inrure Now Keep Your Driver's License Keep Your Car Rolling Pay ar You Ride TOM C. GOODWIN, AGENCY Call Main 38 185 Main Street East CAMELIO BROS. GROCERIES and MEATS 155 Otis Street Glenwood 3283 CHARLES H. GEYER EVERY EORM OF WILSON - FLORIST INSURANCE Fiou'e11r for all OC'f6Z.l'i0lZ.l' MAIN 5094 STONE 1599 835 HUDSON AVE. 519 Central Trust Bldg. Rochester, N. Y. BORRELLI ELEC. APPL. 84 FURN. Co. 493 STATE STREET Rochester, N. Y. Main 4580 Established 1914 Ure HUNT,S Blue Dry Cleaner I. S. HUNT COMPANY HARDWARE, PAINTS and RADIOS 390 THURSTON ROAD Genesee 6913 Power Crane Equipment "Call Bauer any hour" BILLY BAUER COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING DEWEY AVE., COR, BLOSS Glenwood 212 Coizzjllilzzelm' of DR. W. C. SCHLEEDE Conzplimenlx of A. DI PASQUALE SHOE CO. Sham' for the entire family Factory and Store Branch Store 313 NORTH UNION ST. 1491 DEWEY AVE. Open Erfeningr Complimenlr of EDWARD FULLER ! Gr0Y'er A. Clic quennoi,Pres. - 1 pi' 1 4 I fl , f . ' 5 5' 5 , ...,. 1.. I n oo I M I oo I N M oo I E' N I N I I M I no I I oo I N I N I N I I N I N I oc I oo I M 5 I N I I I I I I N I so I I I I I M I n I M oo oo oo O4 I N I 04 I O4 I OO 04 I2IXl2lXl!l2l!l2lX!XlXlXI2lXlXlXl!lXlXlXlXlXl!lXlXI IXIXIXIXlXIXI2IXIXlXIXIXIXItIXIXIXIZIXlXIXIZIXIXIZRIXIXIXIXIXIXIX N oo I M I I 04 I 3 5 E Lunches Fountain Service I Q' RIDGE SNACK SHOPPE 5 . 3 3 5 I 3 5 i 3 5 5 5 5 i I I I 3 I Fro-Joy Ice Cre'1m Cigars Cigarettes Phonograph Records Complinzenlr of CHARLES I. KENNEDY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1601 MAIN ST. EAST Phone Culver 5847 o-o MARRIOTT,S FRENCH DRY CLEANERS I .5 Qualify Cleanifzg " Al .Moderate Pnrer " 414 GENESEE STREET 3 Genesee 2 5 10 OO I .O I I O0 5 . ,E Camplzmenlr of Q THEODORE I. MUELLER IXISIXIXIXIXIXIXIX 'J J. F. O'BrierI, Phzir. B. J. C. O'Brien, B. S. 5: I O'BRIEN PHARMACY if 99 Prescription Laboratory 5 l M 579-81 WINTON ROAD NORTH .5 I OO I 50 I OO I OO I I O6 Com mzenl 'e N p I of fl fu nd A I OO I OO I 06 I O4 I OO I M I N PORRECA -bg TAILOR - CLEANER H MEN 'S WEAR E I 953 Genesee St. Gen. 7076 II l l 0 MARKET and GROCERY 21 Culver 2508 Q Culver 4449 N l 1102-1106 ATLANTIC AVENUE Z' Complimenlf of GOUCHO S FRATERNITY ART BAMANN INSURANCE 1001-O5 GRANITE BLDG. Stone 3342 Compliment! of ERNEST MASUCCI 39 Canzplinzenlr of AUER S HOTEL Schuetzen Park C07IZplf7IZE72lJ' of A. MANCUSO D.D.S. Complimentf of ANNA S DELICATESSEN 975 HUDSON AVE. 96 HARRISON STREET Mfiin 170 ALLENBY S DRY GOOD STORE 840 NORTI-I CLINTON QUALITY MERCHANDISE IVe .rpecialize in Horievy n 3 E 5 5 .1 'E n 3 E n 3 G' 3 2' 3 ' 'J 5 3 N u Q 'J N 'I n u E0 n N S' I O4 H 5 A 'E 1 N N , g 5 , 2 a 1 2 2 E .Q 5' 90 3 'E 3 no A 5 5 5 5 3 A 3 2. ' 5: 'E I 3 00 1 'E S 3 'E 5 ' 2 O0 7 LUMBER - MILLWORK .2 A H 5 6 5 S' , n .Q 'E ' " 2 I O0 5 N Igggggggglgnxuxuxlhxnxux XlxlxlzlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlXIX!!I2lxltlzlxlxlxlxlzlzlxlflxlx-:lx-:IX-2.2.xlx.:-XIXIXIXIXIX-x'x'x.:lx-zlxixlxlxlxlxlfl I oo I Culver 4306 Rochester, N. Y. .E 90 I I oo I OSTERLINGS RED AND WHITE 5. IXIXIXIXIXIX XIIIS XIXIXIZ XIZIXIXIX X'tuxuXnXu!uxnuxnxnxnxuxuxnxnxuxnx x zugn:ngnxnguxugnxnx-gn:-1-1 1 1-3-3 x zu: x Complzmemx of ST JOHN TH1: EVANGELIST PARISH Rochester New York To be an the beam wear ROBLEE DEFENDERS SCHMANKE'S 1480 DEWEY AvE STADLER S MARKET QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES LYELL AND HOWARD ROAD REYNOLDS SIGNS INC 55 CLINTON AVE NORTH SWEET 8: SONS POTATO CHIPS 48 EDOELAND ST CULVER 2221 Special Sefwre lo HOTELS RESTAURANTS AND INSTITUTIONS TAFI' ET S STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE CONFECTIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES, NOVIILTIES Tel Glen 4862 Conzplmzenzr of URBAN L' RITZ Camplrmerztr ROCHESTER SI-IANK COMPANY Expeflr In Sbzuzleologg Rochester N Y Complfmenlr of P I REINHARDT Complmzenzr GEO M WIEDEMER EDMUNDS MODEL AIRCRAFT 168 GENESEE STREET GAS MODEL AIRPLANES ARCHERY BOATS TRAINS RACE CARS Genesee 1945 COAL FUEL OIL COKE DOMESTIC FUEL SERVICE 196 LYELL AVENUE Glenwood 768 Compliment: of JOSEPH HARTMAN COI' FEE POT GRILL Catering to Banquet: Orchestra Week ends 534 Central Ave Mann 7808 Complrmentr of ST IOSEPHS CHURCH 108 FRANKLIN STREET Redemptoust Fathers Complzmenlr of CHI RHO FRATERNITY X!!! X I! v 4 1 I . 1 9 4 1 , . 4 1 - 4 4 X D ' , , - , . . -4 1 I I Xlfifixl lxlfifltlxlxlxlxlxlxlx'fixIXIXIXIXUXIXlzlxlxlxlxlflxitl ifixiflxiflfixlxlxlf I2'Xl!!!':'Xl2'2l!l2l.l2'2lXlXlX X X 196 IXI!IXIXI2IXIXIXI2I1I2I3I1I IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI I I Q. .5 5 5 E. E. 3 3 8. 3 A 5 3 5 5 3 3 E. 3 3 5 E. 8. 3 3 2. A 5. 3 5 5 5 5 3 A A A 3. A 5 5 .5 5 I 3 5 5 5 5 A E. A 3. 5 5 5 5. 3. I IXIXIXISISIXUXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIZ I!I2IXI!IXIXIXI 'Ili' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I,I I I I I I,I IIIXIXIXIXIXI!I2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIX AIT Prim STICJQ ALBERT P. GERLING LEWIS J. ZWIERLEIN ir 'A' 'lr Printed and Engraved LETTERHEADS, BUSINESS CARDS ENVELOPES, WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS ezlxo MULTIGRAPHING, MIMEOGRAPHING, MAILING LISTS ir -A' ir Printerf gf 51' be Afete 'k 'k 'k 77 ST. PAUL ST. Phone STONE 567 197 IXIXI Xl! I I IXIXIXIXIXI2IXIXIXIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXIXI IXIXI2I!IXI!I IXIXIZIXIZIXIXIXI IXI IZIX I I I I I IZI,IXI2I2IXIXI1IXI2IXIXIXIXIXI IZIXIXIXIZIZIXI2I2IXI!I2I!I I,I I'I I .4 I vo I so I on I .Q I so I ns I so I on I so I no I no I no I no I oo I Q4 I so I oo I no I of I 04 I no I no I no I oo I oo I 04 I 04 I on I ov I Q4 I oo I oo I oo I oo I on I oo I I so I on I oa I AQ I na I oo I so I ov I no I 04 I oo I oo I so I oo I Q4 I no I on I of I on I on I no P I no I ca I no I sa I 04 I 04 I ov I oo I oo 0 I I I 'XIX' -A- Adam Bros. ..... Adcraft Printers .....,... A j's Tux Shop .........,,... Allenby's Dry Good Store ..... Anderson 8: Sons, A. L. ..... . Andrew's Market ............. Anna's Delicatessen .,.,....... Aquinas German Club, The .... Aquinas Mission Unit .....,... Art Print Shop ............... Ashley Co., Egbert F. .. Aspenleiter, Lon ......,....... Assumption College .... ....... Audiphone Company of Roch... Auer's Hotel ................. Auer, S. C. . -B.. Balcerak, Rev. joseph .. Balcron Coal Co., Inc. . .. . . . Bamann, Art ,........ ........ Bareis 8: Son, G. ............ . Barnard, Porter 8: Remington.. Barr 8: Creelman ............, Bastian Bros. Co. . . . . . . Bauer, Billy ..... . . . Bauman 84 Baynes .. Beaucaire, Inc. . . . . . . Bellamah, Albert Blanchard Florist .........,... Blessed Sacrament Church ..... Boehmer's .................... Bopp, Eugene F. ...........,. . Borrelli Elec. Appl. 8: Furn. Co. Boucher ....,................. Braverman's ,............,.... Brighton Radio 8: Electric Co.. . Brockmann's Sons, Edw. ..... . Brownbilt Shoe Store ......... Brunner, W. J. .... Buckley, Joseph 1. .. Burns, Francis E. ..... Burns, Monsignor ,..... .. .. . Burton's Fried Pies, Mrs. ..... . Bush Service Station ...C.. C. A. B. Y. Transportation Co. Cadogan, Edward C. ......... . Call Coal Co. .... .. . Camelio Bros. .. . Cardella's .......... . . . Catholic Courier ...,... Canfield, William G. ........ . Chamberlin Rubber Co. Champion Knitwear Co., Inc. . . Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Chi Rho Fraternity ,........... Christian Culture Lecture Series. Christoff, Kosta ,............. Clark Paint, Oil Sr Glass Co.. . . Page 163 168 191 195 160 193 195 174 186 197 180 193 168 186 195 193 176 164 195 193 176 169 160 194 166 173 176 191 174 176 182 194 172 193 192 193 193 175 182 157 189 174 192 180 192 189 194 175 166 174 193 166 190 196 165 190 187 DEX - C - Clark's Ready-to-XVear Coffee Pot Grill .............. Collins, Neil P. ........,.... . Conolly Printing Company, James Conrestabile, Nozzoreno ...... Coon Co., W. B. ...... Cornish Bros. ..... Cramer Drug Co. . .. Crescent-Puritan ...... . . . Crino, Dr. Michael J. .. Crowley, Harry B. ........... . Culver Herald Engrav. Co. Inc.. Curtin Agency ................ Czepiel, K. Z. . .. .. . -D- Davidson, Shanley L. . . . . . Davis Drug Company ......... Dewey Flower Shop .......... Dewey - Stone Liquor Store .... DiPasquale Shoe Co., A. .... .. Dolan's ........,. ............ Domestic Fuel Service ........ Driving Park - Dewey Liquor Store, Inc. ................ . Duffy Carting Co., Wm. B.. .. . -13- East Side Bowling Hall Inc.. . .. Eckl Hardware and Paints ..... Edmunds Model Aircraft ...... Eggleston, The .......... . . . Ehmann Market . . . . . . Elkins, Geo. B. . . . . .. Elm Bowling Hall . . . . . Ernst, A. .......... . . . n. 1: .. Farmen ................. . . . Filippone's Fruit Market ...... Fincher Motors, Inc. ..... . . . Fiore, Paul, Florist Flesch 8: Schmitt Inc. . .. Fromm Bros. ....... Fuller, Edward J. . . . . . Fur Studio ....... . . . Furlong Studio . .. . . . -G- Gargano, George ...,.... General Ice Cream Corp. ..... . Genesee Bootery ......... Geyer, Charles H. ..... . . . Glatz Market ............ Goodie Shoppes, The ......... Goodwin, Tom C., Agency .... Gorski 84 Millewich .......... Gottry 8: Son, Frank S. . .. . . . Goucho's Fraternity .... . . . Page 192 196 172 172 173 166 175 175 173 182 187 154 187 190 156 187 182 182 194 192 196 152 176 190 192 196 176 192 176 164 189 192 182 174 190 167 181 194 180 157 162 162 179 194 181 192 194 177 178 195 -5- Green, George C. ............ . Green Co., H. L. ............ . Grzeszczak 8: Sons Market, Jos. Guerinot, Dr. George W. .... . Gun Shop, The ............... - H - Halloran 8: Sons, Henry I-Iarr 84 Vick's Seed Store ...... Hart's .... ............. . . . Hartman, joseph ............. Haubner 8: Stallknecht ........ Heating Supply Company, Inc... Hetzler Bros. Ice Co., Inc. .... . Hiller 8: Son, Otto P. .. Hoefen, Rev. F. J. .... .. . Holy Apostles ........ . .. . Holy Family Church .... . . . Holy Rosary Parish ..... .. . Holy Redeemer Church ........ Home Grocers ................ Huber Electrical Co., Inc. T. R. Huber, L 8: R ................ Huether, James A. Hulse Pharmacy . .... . .. Hunt Company, I. S. . . . . . Huss Marker ....... . . . - I - Immaculate Conception Youth Association .... . . . ..-I.. jackson - Bailey ........ john's Market ........... . . . Johnston Agency, james ....... judge's ..... ..... ..... . . . . - K - Keenan, John L. ..,.. . . . Kennedy, Charles I. . . . . . Kircher, J. ......... . . . Kitty's Kake Shop . . .. . Klee, Jos. G. ........ . . . . . . Klem Service Station ..... . . . Konkle, Dr. Howard R. Kubitz Bros. Stations .... ..L.. Laemlein's Market ....... .. . LaMay Drugs ................. Langefeld, Keirsbilck 8: Meeh.. Lee's ......................... Lester Hardware ...... . . . Levin's Super-Market ... ... Levis Music Stores ....... Lexington Service Station ..... Likly's ...........,..,... Lilac Laundry . .. . . . Page 173 190 176 183 187 180 192 171 196 187 155 187 188 184 179 183 174 188 163 184 192 180 189 194 184 189 184 192 184 167 163 195 184 190 190 167 189 180 184 190 192 188 194 181 167 191 191 183 Martin's , . ................,.. Mirguet, J. C. ......... . . . . -L- Lill, Frank ........... .... Lucas 8: Dake Co.. Inc. .. Lumber - Millwork . . , . . . . -MC- McFar1in's ................... McGarraghy Real Estate Co. . . . McGee, William P. ...,..... . McGrath, George F. McGrath Ice Cream .. -M- MacRoy's Dry Cleaning Service. Maid's Nose Spray .....,..... Maier's Sons, L. W. ......... . Mancuso, A. J., D.D.S. ..... . Page 171 168 195 169 178 173 193 178 188 184 181 195 Manhattan Wine and Liquor Co. 188 Marriott's French Dry Cleaners 195 Martin, joseph W., D.D.S. .. . Masucci, Ernest J., '39 Mattle, john XV. ....... . . . . M. A. ofS. M. ......,.. Meagher, Inc., Daniel J. .,... . Melin's Men's Shop .......... Menges, William C. ..,...... . Men's Club, Our Lady of Good Counsel . ............ . Metzger Bros. ............... . Miller, Leonard E. . . . . . . . Miller's Son, N. 1. . . . . . . Mills, W. xv. ...... .... Mueller, Theodore I. . .. . . . . -N- National Clothing Co., The.... Nazareth Hall ................ Nell Brothers 8: Kern ........ Niagara University ....... .... Noto-Ross Barber Shop . .. . . . . -0- O'Brien Pharmacy ............ O'C0nnell, Henry D. ......... . O'Connor, Dr. Joseph A. ..,. . O'Ne1ll, N. J. .......... .. . . Ontario Biscuit Co. .. . Original Pants Store . . . . . . . Oster, Dr. C. W. ... .... Osterlings ........ , . . Otto, Joseph T. . . . . . Oxford Press ... . . .. -p- Paine Drug Co. .. Palmos, George .... . . . Payne 8: Dunham , . . . .. . 181 189 195 177 177 159 190 178 190 192 188 181 188 188 195 162 173 171 156 188 195 195 177 178 178 188 171 195 195 155 181 179 182 I DEX -p- Peerless Radio Co. .. Perry's Flower Shop .. Perry's Pharmacy .... .. Platt, Dr. B. ......, .. Porreca .......... . . Potter, A. E. ...... .. Predmore, Wm. F. ...... . . Ptoiansky .................. Proud Service Station, Geo. . Pure Quill Gasoline and Oil. -R- Radder, Dr. Louis XV. . . . . . Reid, A. E., Personnel .. Reinhardt, P. J. ......... ., Relin Music Company .... .. Rex Motors ........... .. Reynold's Signs, Inc. . . . . . Ricki, Joseph J. ..... .. Ridge Bowling Hall .... .. Ridge Snack Shoppe .. Ritz, The ........... . . Ritz, Urban F. .,.... .. Riviera Barber Shop ........ Rochester Book Bindery ..... Rochester Business Institute .. Rochester Council No. 178, Knights of Columbus ...,. Rochester Gas 8: Electric .... Rochester Novelty XVorks, Inc. Rochester Packing Co., Inc. . Rochester Shank Company . . . Rochester Transit Corporation.. Rogan Printing Co., John . . . Ronan's Restaurant ......... Rose Marie Candy Shop .... Ruby's Sporting Goods Store Russer's Market ............. Ryan, Jack .......... .. Ryan and Ryan, Inc. . .. . . - 5 - Sr. Andrew's Parish ..... .. Sr. Bonaventure College ..... St. Boniface Club ........... St. John the Evangelist Parish.. St. Joseph's Church ........ St. Margaret Mary's Parish .. St. Michael's College ....... St. Monica's ..,............, SS. Peter and Paul's Parish .. Sagamore Hotel .,.......... Sam's Barber Shop ..., .. Santan Athletic Club .. Schaefer Co., Geo. C. . . .. Schaefer Markets ........ .. Schantz Co., Joseph A. . . Schiavo Shoe Builder . . . . . Schlaffer, Robert ...... .. Schleede, Dr. XV. C. . .. . . Schlenker, A. E. .,... .. Schmanke's ..... . Page 179 183 193 193 195 189 170 177 193 185 194 188 196 191 177 196 190 185 195 178 196 194 169 175 185 158 170 161 196 169 185 188 190 191 189 179 183 175 158 177 196 196 175 153 170 185 185 182 190 179 177 162 188 190 194 189 196 -5- Schmidt's Market .........,. School of Commerce, The Schulz Bros. ,............. . Schwalb Coal and Oil Corp. . Schwalb, Henry J. ......... . Sears, Roebuck and Co. .... . Selected Fuels, Inc. ..... .. Senator's Lodge, The .... .. Shabbarrasi Music Store ..... Shale, Joseph ............... Sibley, Lindsay 8: Curr Co.. . . Smalline's Pharmacy ........ Smith - Surrey Inc. .. .. Society Tux Shop .... .. Stadler's Market ..,.... .. Standard Motor Sales . .. . . Star Roofing Company .. .. Steger, Geo. F. ........ .. Stein s .....,...... .... . . Stillman's Men's Shop ...... Sullivan Inc., H. H. ....... . Sweet 8: Sons Potato Chips .. -T- Taffet's Store .... .. Taxi ................ . . Thurston Florist ............ Tierney's Super Market ..... Torri's Shoe Comfort Clinic . Town Talk Bakery, Inc. Towne Tavern, The ........ Trant's Catholic Supply Store.. Trott Bros. Co. Inc. ....... . Trott, Thomas .......... . Trzeciak, jacob A. . . . . . Tucker, Charles A. -V- Vay Funeral Home .......... Vierhile 8a DeMallie, Inc. . .. Voelkl Bros. .............. . Vogt's Dry Goods Store ..... -W- Waldert Optical Co. . . . . . Wfeckesser, Joseph L. .. Wfhite Linen Laundry . .. . . Wiedemer, Geo. M. .... . . Williams Photo Shop . . . . . Wilson - Florist ....... . . Winterroth's Shoes . . . . -y- Yalowich Drug Co., NVm. , . . Yawman and Erbe Mfg. CO.. -Z- Zamiara's . .. . . . . . Zweigle's . .. . . Page 185 174 191 164 189 168 191 172 188 191 172 191 191 191 196 185 165 180 178 189 180 196 196 172 185 188 192 185 179 186 171 187 161 186 179 189 183 188 186 189 164 196 191 194 189 186 170 189 161 jf JzZ'?g7a M 5 of Q3.5l5VM W MW' FWWQWJJM 252 MW? gjgqfw Myfp EY? if gf, CMV M , W '. A 62.4 Qi X 5?QWQJ M, f' ii QD '- ,,,1fm . 'Y' ' " v f C559 if J fM7"ffW P f fg7M,m E ak Jw, 5 Cf E SM Qfflutocgmpbf Q Ex I f 4 I I K l flaw." - it ' 'wfe 5 fry ii., . ffffipp 'ff x 1 gd 1 A YN F fy MQ iii aw X fi E ?M7'Z'Q"x'M7f'f LQ-. xl M Q R092 i by- ""- 5 ' X H N Y W N.. K Q K :- . S.. 'gg' f as f 'Q Xxx F2 Fax f YQ 5 fi... Z-f 1 e!1Zlf0g7"dPb.5' J ,f ygfL-4,,J, ,::T4.' ,iffy ' V... ...xwfn 7 V7f ,V Q 1 Z I 'fi' .,-,df 1 . ' I sw,-fi' gif'-3"'a?'A"'L, N X, H I N., 8. Xxx 1 K' '- . X X RQ X .J " - f' ' X w- ' X ,' xx A Q43 fy .XJ K ' K Q 8 5 mxiix xx 41 Qflutogmphf X9 , , A JMAQQB5 ,JG U31 ""Y1'k9x 0,0 Ck QQ! W8 M, ,MUA X33 'V ' W J u "mi , 1 i 1 .I v 1 , 1 3 1 . , 5 2 ' I

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