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'. Q' 'l B h 1 .,,., 4 Lv ' - 0' 3 P i N245 -I 'C , . K ,. qw: zf.. ' -K .Af ,. , , tp 1 f. ri -,,. 5 'gif . ' I .Q 3 z M 'l ,gf?f'w? , ifffx 4 ' - an 112-w K A 1 Q-8 X V x Q tv, F Qi 5 4 A ' 1 In n V ' Q i A ' asm ,F M A ,Q 4 'fm 15 4 Ha ' 1 3 V ,f,i',f 'f M Ni, ga, 1 ,,'- -, I ii sg ' ' -, IFF ,ff hgh. it 1 4 ' 1, 9 quill lurlzel alnnwemary clctwn Eduor m Q HL Assmurc Idxror 9 11orI IU s I ux um I C npx xx mu I III I FIWIL SIIILS Cxuhy Pocnlmg Iols Rocslcr xkmcn Mm Muuh I Ilmsm Mm Arm irummrz HIIII IQ I I mmm Ixu ILL XI lstcr 'XI llx lc IS J PuIwI1sI1uI In Aqum IS H1 gh School L1Cr0ssL W1sCO115111 O 0 o h o 8 Q a ' ' -' -'IVf ....,............. JI 7 ' . CI ' III' uri .... NI. AIJIIL' Ifs' ' 1 4' ' Sp f IAIIIHI' ................,...., Sill 'Q Cover Dcsigm ..,......,........... Bill jolmson Su LIL- Plwu g gi I -r .....,.,.... ID 4 LI .AI s In ISU, 'Q INI.111.1gcr .......,.....,... Al. 'Q I AII 'Sur .........,., Sf - I . juli. m -, :QI A, 2 1 Sk. A, , . Aquinas High School, 1928-58 n lnirtg yeara - - - Aquinas fulfilled the needs of a Catholic central secondary school and also the hopes of the Most Reverend Alexander J. McGavik, then Bishop of La Crosse, when it began its first sessions in 1928. Upon assuming the office, the next Bishop, the Most Reverend john P. Treacy, continued with undiminished concern for Catholic education of youth and has been instrumen- tal in Aquinas' spiritual and physical growth. Under the competent guidance of five principals, Aquinas made rapid progress. Follow- ing Monsignor Hilary Leurher were the Reverend joseph Kundiger, Reverend John Pritzel, fTurn to page SJ 1 bf I, ,. ww:-fu na.. M. he 1958 alqum Lxfe at Aqumas S5 lrltual Stlwlastic Cultural Slbfidl Athletic Students at Aquinas ...... Fruhmcn Suphumuru juniors Scniurs 48-76 1 Con ten L4 Eielzo reac P y Tbe Reverend Robert H. Hanxen, principal, and otber , , . . . 'U 0 h I Aqnznuf prieftf meet Hu Excellency, tbe Moft Reverend jobn ur 56 oo P. Treacy in Farber Han5en'5 office on Marcb 7, tbe feaft of St. Tbonzay Aqniizax. prior to Ibe pontifical Man. Witb tbe Bifbop are Rez. Tbomaf Ninneman, Rev. Edwin Tborne, Rt. Rev. Mfgr. lame: Finucan, Rev. Robert Hanfen, and Rez: Albert Sonnberger. f .bf .V W . i W Mf,f 0 ,f V.,, y A' . ,. 1 . n 30 ears - - Reverend Alfred Hebert, and presently Reverend Robert H Hansen, all dnocesan prlests, as are also the rellglon teachers Rendermg essentral support to the prrncrpals ln the schools admmrstratron were supervrs ors of studles Srster Mrldrcd, Srster Charltma Srster Maurrlxa, Slster Leonrta Slstcr Mary Ed ward, and now Srster Clementa They as well as a large portlon of the teachrng faculty, are Francrscan Srsters of Perpetual Adoratton Wlth the constantly growmg numbers, the orlglnal bullclmg soon proved rnadequate Ad d1t1ons were made rn 1931 1936 1940 and 1954 The last addltxon lncluded an entlre east wmg provxdmg a new cafeteria, krtchen, and snack bar on first floor, sewrng and typing rooms musnc conserxatory, and two other classrooms on second floor, shower rooms, coaches ofhces, and 1 trammg room rn the basement Improvements have also been made 1n the crafts and home arts department, as well as 1n the physics and chemlstry laboratorles From 177 students enrolled 1n nts first year the student populatlon attendmg Aqurnas has rrsen to thrs years total of 1084 Four students constrtuted the first graduatmg class 1n 1929, srnce followed by 4232, rn cludrng thrs years class A total of 111 Aqu1n1tes jomed Chrlsts ranks by followrng the1r vocatxons mto prlest hood or rehgrous llfe Large numbers of graduates have and contmue to enllst with Uncle Sam rn the many branches of servlce The remaxnlng numbers have rnstllled their educatlon, char acter, and Aqulnas splrrt mto countless walks of llfe accordrng to the prmclples taught them at Aqulnas Many have establlshed homes ID La Crosse Of the present student body about 170 are the chrldren of former Aqu1n1tes Scholastrcally Aqurnas has stressed a lxberal arts and cultural program It has been afhll ated wlth and accredlted by the Unrverslty of XVISCODSIH and North Central Assoclatron of Secondary Schools and Colleges srnce 1930 and IS also aiiillatecl wrth the Catholrc Unrverslty of Amerrca Its hlgh scholastlc attamment IS attested to by numerous awards ln every d1v1s1on of the school Not only athletrc but numerous scholas t1c trophnes crowd the case rncludxng at least ten for Latm several scrence, debate, drama forenslc and publrcatnons awards Hundreds of poems or essays have been publnshed rn the Natronal hlgh school anthologres, for thelr creatlve wrrtmgs students have recelved financlal awards from Scholastlc Magazrnes from the Governors Commrttee on Physrcally Handrcapped and other sources The Elks the American Leglon, the Amerlcan Leglon Auxiliary the unlor Chamber of Commerce have glven Aqumas awards for oratrons, essays, and knowledge of the Constrtutlon as proven by competltrve exammatlons Mathematrclans have been rated among the best 1n the state on the basrs of tests taken IH competltron with other schools Sclentrsts have recerved awards from Natlonal Future Scren trsts of Amerrca, Marquette Sclence Farr, and WISCODSIH junror Academy of Scnence Flrst organrzed rn 1928 as The Dramatlc Club but better known srnce 1942 as The Aquinas Players, the drama department has ralsed the curtaln on many major productrons The first Wrthered Flowers has been succeeded by such greats as, Ilfe Wrth Father, Charlles Aunt , The Song of Bernadette , Green Pastures and Lute Song Chosen as th1s years productron commemoratmg the thrrtreth anniversary IS Around the World 10 Elghty Days comblnlng talents from both the muslc and drama departments and featurrng about 400 students rn the total productlon Especially actlve 1n all drama act1v1t1es are the makeup, costume, stage and llghtrng depart ments, each addlng a touch of deltghtfulness Musrc has kept pace wrth the lncrease of enrollment at Aqulnas Wrth 570 students 1n elther vocal or rnstrumental musrc, the varxous d1v1s1ons of the department lnclude Freshman boys chorus, Freshman glrls chorus, Sophomore girls chorus Sophomore boys chorus, unror mrxed cho1r Senlor mlxed cholr, band and orchestra Vocal groups of a tradltxonal followrng 'Iurn to page 385 y 1 r . ' a a ' v 1. , - v - a 1 ' a 5 4 . 1 . - , - . 4 . . . , , . , . . . , w , - . y s a - u , . . . 1 1 J - - f u f rv - 1. .1 - U Q- - 1 - n U - v , . H -. U .1 U H n , . . , . E . . . . , ,, . . ,, . . . v - , - , , J - r , L . 1 ' I v . R! qwmg Father Edward Bertz e Regiater Sister M. Clementa, F.S.P.A. For the paft fix yearr. Sirter M. Clementa, Jzlpervifor of ftadier, hay gzukled the ,rtepf of tholrramlr of grateful Aqtzinitef. Here Jhe if helping fwcll'-1jU Zanter, Lflllijf Hilhert, and Patricia Ritter plan their programf for g ur Spiritual ccife Among the many Jpiritlial henehty Aqainitex receive are the Monday morning meditationf. Pictured here ix Father Bertz gizing nr inrfpiration and thought for the week .... Each clan if given opportnnitief for Man and Communion at leaft once a zreeh. Confe.r,fion,f are alfo heard. Pictured on the next page if Father Thorne cliftrihifting Communion. Father Langer ah- Jolzef an Aqzfinaf penitenf .,., Spiritual Life muft he expreued in action Jo mi.f.s'ion actizitiei are among the deed! of charity at Aqnialar. 111 addition to the penny and Lenten collectionf each L'l4I.f.f .rponyorf a Minion Club project. Here Sifter Francile, .renior mi,n,rion aclzirer, iliartihzztey candy :luring the Jophomore- ,rponrorecl candy Jale. Cathy Poehling rice-preyiclent, Patricia Vollmar Jecretary. and Ronald Gzzdie preficlent of Saint ThereJa'J Ali-mimi Clzzh help guide minion acticitiey at Aqainaf. Siiter Marjorj if moderator, AJ one of their contrihzctiom to the mix- ,uionr Sirter Altheak freJhman clothing clan, reprefented hy Alam Lan Ritter, Betty Mifch, and Dorothy Pfohart, diyplay the 1CJli7Z67III made for a miuionarj in the Philippinef. Sifter Rita jeannek homerom at Marg clij paid for materialf. iw, js.-1 - r ,1 -, , 5 f i Q VK? .Q ns 9 W Q g 6, 1 v ...L Iizflvcr Hmzreu f7fL'.f.f6'f mmzgu for Mn llwfzawwifzg ufmf. .Xlufzfufv izzcfmfa' Ken- azctlv ll'ffJizL'. llrmzlic Lu1z'i.s.' jmepll Dilllbpllli. Pczzriuhz U np.zf,' Aliflnzef 0.wzz1rki, jzzfie Holfey King jmzzar Koeffzf ,xml Qffuwz f.111i.'c B4zkL1f.1rf,' CJICJQIXLX Gffwzffzer, Denim: Fefcf- f2r'1fcQQ.!c',' R011 Cfzrkfiu. llfmz I'l1f114ff.' fwfvfz ,Hffcn fmfl llzzztwy' 101111 ll 4-tnluizz Lam! Kub- KUCII HLIILW. Rcmlfi to flvfizur kwin: 1fwz.1!u1' by .mtmlwzlr A11 Cjrfffluz ,Mm .nu ACQOSA 411111 4'L'lIfUJ' Zmvzcfrrfwzz flvf-If.fLkL'lff nr mjvrw411f.zfjz'w. 'SfLz1nfi11g f. In rxf IDJII Sf?'flII2hIfL'7', .Wife Yzzfbcr. Hgzrrg Kzfbizk, folw Cfl2z'i,f1c11mw1, ACUSA fu-4'Lrirfw1,f. L1 fc Qlziffin. ,uwzinr prefi- f1'e22!.' Lzmf liuiffifznz Hmzfezf. K7iC'Cf!IvII!Q me jerry Sf. jmqzzc .zmf jolw Nocfic. -Q ff' S, r Szrrdenff of Holy Crou Seminary Jpoke on lheir Vocationf in frerhrnarz and Jerzior Religion clanef. Speaking in Father Andrew Karohlif' fenior vlan if john Bare: with him are Larry Hehman and Bob Kam- pine. Liftening in ihe jirft rou' acrofy fl, to r.j are Bererly Gilherlxon, jim Kadlef, Falher Karohlif. Second row, Gerald Arerzz, Carol Merfeld, Mike Hart. At zhe end of tu'elz'e '1'6'd7'J' at Aqzrinaf High, Father Hoerharger l6'l1l'C',f as he if auigned paytor of Sl. jamey jmrifh. The PTA, finden! hody. and faculty prerenled him zvilh luggage. a zratvh. Jpirilnal bfllllfllel in apffreriafion. Here john MrDonald. fophomore Clan prefidenl. prefenlf Ihe fpirillral hozzqaet lo Falher. Bl?J',fiIlg of the hafkezy h-1 Father Sonnherger took plafe alfzer zhe Golden Mau for Frefhrnen and Sopho- znorey. Repre.rerz1atiz'eJ of zariony homeroonu inflade fl. to r.r xzarzding, Tom Define, john Ponzo. Gary Poehlirzg. and Tim .Uzrrphjf kneeling. Bernard Mifkyfhl and liyilliarn Nelrer. Rohert Dezine. allar hog, Hma n fi? ' Q9 Atkakhu 'int n 'JA c J, 'V YE. A 7' f L, V l ,. 1 A 5 I ' ' , ,nj ipiffd 5 Q I Ai P i my gf 1, , ' Y i Q . . 'Alla 1' lr A ' 2 , , ff 25 Y , K . 1 l ii -' t f fl!! H ii ly X' 4 za 1 M Q FUFW'-s 3 , N ' 4 .VN ! l I I I 1 1 ll f ' , v 1 -F, N .AQ l 'dsl uk! M 1 M 4 y ri Il il 'xx l 23? M52 lf! i, '75 .xx If V , JW! V X as 3 X-NX fl' , li I1 'sl -NW' ui Crowning Our I.atly's statue at the annual May icrcnwny is Sally Skcmp with her Biarian Court. Asicncling thc stairs hcginninlu at Icft arc: Sally McMahon. Mary Lou Schneider. Marilyn IyItI.ain. Mary Lee Stowe, Marilyn Olson: crown-hcarcr. Sarah Christensen: train-bearer. Lois Pclcgrin' Judy Pc-lcgrin. Mary Ann Hull. Mary Arm Stcinmetz. and Martha Christensen. At thc foot of stcps arc: Mary Page. Virginia Rocslcr, Carol Knop, and Jean Chrisan. Father Grcaturcx shows his Classes the many important and inhrrffsting features in The La Crosse Register Times - Rex it-xv. at ff, I L. s ,gtg J Y' ? 8 I . 5 .O..-1 N ',H Tlullixl . ,Q '. - .fi-' 45, ,Je X' 'lfsijlif 1, l - ulnvrld -fl' TJ kr J i1,g'.'l 'i Age: 6 ,Y . , .Q L H a R X 'W M al E. ffw ' i in R X . , 3 P-5 . Xl ix 1 I' ' ,I lf sq,-----'-he fwwf- , l Retreat master, Rev. Theodore Siekmann raises the monstrante at the tlose of the retreat. Altar boy is Robert Schneider. '6l. Familiar in all homerooms is the traditional Advent wreath. Here shown is Father Thomas Ninneman bless- ing the wreath as did other priests at Aquinas at the beginning of this liturgical season. Father Mannion congratulated Judith Hickey. senior. and -lames Gautsch. junior. high school salesmen in the Register subscription drive. Luxe Does Such Things is the title thosen hy the Sopliomore Good Counsel Cluh for their display of the different types of Sisterhoods, Shown here are: Back mv.: Eliraheth Karl. Tamara Iiiehig, and jatqueline Pitzg Front: Mary Ann Link. Barhara Dwyer. Judy Wampat. and Sally Hutzler f 7' 95 M ,beha lem john McDonald and Mary Majerle proud- ly ditplay their firft place Forenfic award which the team wax awarded at the State Dehate mnteyt. Mike Colleran and joe Mur- rie, the other memherx of the team, are ah- yorhed in diycuyxing the prof and conf of foreign aid. There dehatery alfo won a troe phy at the La Crane State College tourna- ment and at Tomah. Sister Mary Michael zraf coach. i rary Anifting Sifter M. Lucille are Lihrary Clu h memhery: Judy Dwyer, Mary lean Kerfha, Cath- erine Poehling, prefidentg Mar- tha Chriytenfen, jean McHenry, Karen G a 11 i n , Rhea Hundt, Kathleen Bahr, Karen Drefen, Sarah Hundt, Iudy Zahn, Mary Lawrence, Sharon Theing yeated: Sally Hutzler, Rofemary Denzer, and Judy Kumm. h lr 4 . , - Y' ' Y .L . , P' Q 'F lsr' NJ Jl gen lla ,Catlin groping Latin medal icinnerf Patricia Ser- vaif, Lacy Laaerman and Mary Weigel admire the tenth trophy won for ex- cellence in Latin at Aqttinay. Sixter M. Janine, one of the Latin teachery, had charge of the examinationy. Mary lane Berra, not pictured here, if the fourth medalift. Medal winnerf were from Sitter Antolenek, Sitter Ianine'5 and Siyter Lucille'J clanex. L 'v - cgdeay ufriferd Wfinnerf of the Fire Prevention Effay C onteft, fponfored hy the city Fire Depart- ment, were Mary Majerle, Virginia Roeyler, and Roxanne Ahnet, Jeni0rJ in Sifter Myra'J Englifh clauef. Sifter Mhvralr Englifh Jtudentx wrote term paper! to perfection. Some of theie max- terpiecef are here prefented hy joel Hoff, Rafe Mary Gittenx, Daniel Graf, Mary jane Lirhoiec. Evelyn Schmidt, and Jamey fira- ceh. Seated are Bill Hanfen, lady Wolfe, Sitter Myra, and Martha Chriftensen. Nr-xx' AQLIIUIS Num stxii munlmrx IHLILI 'Q NL mu Hilbert 5 n r rw ww 1 Hx editor ln nhnt Ntm Img D Pitsfh xml IIN in L M NIL jus. mul lsln n Lr ms r Lkl iwm Ever busy and 1mb1t1ou5 Aqum st1H lflllll hs I us lxldlcc Cithy PULIIIIHL I t r IN zrx ou Schneider in tha tnrcgruuml Stxndrng ITL Mlm Ann Stunmntz Lms Ramsar B111 ohnson Bill Hmscn Mary Mutch. md Mary lm Ilskmnn falquch Come.4 lo 47 ff 15 7 8031? O alrliiid alll 'E 1 i ,,..,.,. '- . ,. l Yiffer Gerrina, art inftrzzctor, adriyey .veniorf Sally Pozrzar William Colfer, Carl Iverfon, and Mary Ann Hall ax they design poftery for the Aqninaf Produc- tion Aroand the World in 80 Dayff' Senior jerry Gxchwind, junior David Pitfch, Jophornore Rofejean Kruger, and Jenior Ann McLoone, kneeling, difplay their poyterf made for a context Jponxor- ed by the Merchant Marine. To promote the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, paintingf, carringf, and other iternf were made by the art elaffef. Among the ll'i7Z7Z67'I of the conteit were Karen Caradini. Sarah Hnndt. and Mary Ellen Schneelzerger. L2 xl .f Father I-Iamen headx the tahle at the dm ner gizeo hy the home economzcf depart ment in appreriation for it: neu room At Fatheff right if Father Thome and Father Mafmiofz. At hiy left are Father Karohlu Father Nimzeman and Mr. Skemp Home alrls Betty Crorher. Homemaker 0 Tomorrow at Aqaifzaf. Jefzior Cathy Poehlmg and Su ter Marjorg. home economicf zmtrurtor du mu the heft plarement for the cake on the lable. going Baal Mn. Ammznzdfon, J e cr e - tary at Aqzrirzaf, .rhozw pam- phletx for the Eastern trip to ,rerziom Ellen Match, Satan Fregifz, Marg Kerfha. and ,Uariljn Olmfz zaho planned to take a room together at the rariony ftopf. Thirty Jen- iofs took the tour. -:r Uyping efficiency Siyter Marie Cecile conductx a .fenior clan in perxonal typing. Maureen Kelly pofxenex the real Jecretarial touch 'while Gregory Kienzle .rteadily improoef. 'if' 4,1 fuer ,Hefpful Typing copy for NEWS, duplicating tem, letterf, prograrnf, and an endlen number of other job! are performed N by Sifter Iuclinelf advanced typing clan. Working on the rnimeograpb with Sixler Iudine, Jlaortband and typing teaclaer, are Jeniorf Nancy Rorafl, Elaine Erickxon, and Marilyn Breltin- gen. .gineat safeemen 7 x 4 x, ' 4 I v 1 r i ,s H f ,. . -5 fy , . . f .r... Top Jalexmen in the candy bar :alex were: 1. Alyfe Iolonfon, '59,' flop cenferj 2. Kay Anzund- mn, '60,' flop left! 3. Frank Papenfuu, '59,' flop right! 4. Karen Drefen, '59,' flower rightj and 5. Frank Mendralyki, '59,' flower leftj. n Vx :Z P in ' l V :Eg x - iq , N - AN Mary Lon Pedretti, firxt place winner of the Conxtitution oratory context, dixcuxxex her xpeech with Civicx teacher, Sixler' Mary joxeph. Ann McLoone, third place and Sharon Strupp, xecond place Aqainax win- nerx lixten. Mary Lou alxo made yirxt place in city and xecond in area. I J i 2- l'- 1,3 f ,V I 'X joel Hoff, Dan Pedretti, and Dennix Whelan ll'07l the right through competitive exanzination to reprexent Aqzlinax in the annual context on knowledge of the Conxti- tation of the United Statex xponxored hy the El-Ex Lodge No. 300. Dan icon xecond award in the area context. iuic eacferelzip 5 Winnerx of the annual exxay context xponxored hy the American Legion Auxili- ary thix gear zcere: lady Wolfe, firxt place,' Mary jane Lixhoifec and Paul Maxwell tied for xecond. The topic wax Youth Protectx the Principlex of American Heritage . Y gf .M .W , , I 6 x iii I di o Y NR if Senior Choir niemhers singing for their enioynient and at functions throughout the area include upper row: lfrecl Noellce. Thomas Roellich. Richard Graw. Roger Greeno. james Bettin. Ronalcl Gu if. . ,l.imes Smith. Thomas Krugel. Thomas Neuverth. Fourth row: Paul Schumacher, Gerald Arenz, Jose senator Murrie, Tony Munster. Altrecl Oestreicher. Richard XY'iller. Patrick Culver, Tony Borseth. Third row Mary Lou Peclretti. Sanclra Amsrucl. Carol Knop, Antoinette Delagrave. -loan Biebel. Nancy Duckc, El . len Mueller. Patriria Garski. Catherine Flugstad. Second row: Sharon Huebner. Patricia Vollmar. Kathy Chotr Weiss. Carol Merfelrl. Susan Schuhcrt. Mary Ann Hull. Lorna Larkin. Mary Crogan. Bernette Hansen First row: ,lucly liinley. Linda Mashak, ,lean Chrisan. Noreen Dex-inf, Ixfmlonng Behm. Iklgry Page, Jac queline Sarnc-r. Patriria Belongic. The Jenim' Difcorclf, proricling fm: for all Comix! of: fnzmlifzgy. jack Sfbroefler, Tlwnzaf Kmgel. Gregm-y Kievzzle, Archie Skemp, Ronald Gizulie. rzml Tbomfzr Hehli. Seated, Bob Dlzzir mul jack Bzfrm. They were armwleci 11 fin! in the Dlrtrict Ifmemble Canter! at La Crowe State. Qbiacorda S J n -if v 1 ,i U K if f Zriple 5:-io Aquinas Triple Trio, composed of fouter circle-J Linda Mashak. Sandra Anisrud. Ellyn Mueller, Patricia Dwyer, Betty Virnig. Ann Nawrocke. and flower circlej Alyce johnson. Sharon Huehncr, and Kathy Weiss. sing at xarious school activities and other engagements. 1 1 'C'-Q..-ig ' X955 I . .V X tv.. is rx, '5 Sitter jminicc mug Lenten relecliofzr. x J , xv E D?-. 'BJ fl lglwnlfi Q. 5 1 ' 'YY Lb The Senior Choir also was very well reteiyecl in the Winter Concert. Top row: Bernard Sauer. john Stott. Robert Du Charme. Robert Davis. Archie Slcemp, Albert Schams. Glen Comeau. Frank Pap- entnw. -lack Hurni. Carl Potaraclce. Fourth row: Lee Snapp. lack Schroeder. Thomas Gianoli. Thomas Hehli. Llolin Hickey. Kenneth XY'hite. Michael Forer. Gregory Kienzle. Michael Hull. Third row: Ellen Bettin. Carol Guanella. Carol Bott. Ann Nawrocke. Janice Bal-calars. Lucille Bahr. Marilyn Brettingen. Ann Soller. Patricia Dwyer. Ann McLoone. Second roxy: Carol McCauley. Helen Flock. Diane Bigley. Lynn Boehm. Barbara Schoen. -Ioanne Schreier. Patricia Allen. Marilyn Schrabeck. Kathryn Johnston. First row: Carol Bakalars. Mary Grahinski. Alyce johnson. Mary Ann Steinmetz. Judy Hickey, Judy Dwyer. Iixelyn Schmidt. Maureen Kelly. Dim Lrzlbrop porfrayed Cbrirt, ami .llizril-1 II Breltingerz the Bfenerl Mo- Iber iff fffe S07'f0Il'fIll M3 rterier al Ibe prrigmnz rpmzroreci by Ike Parent- Terzcbwif Orgrmizrzfion for Pa,rlnr,r' Nigbf. The Senior Choir direcled by 5 .in Providing music for the lX'intcr Concert and the production of Around the Wforld in Eighty Days, is thc Aquinas Orchestra, Standing: james Ahicht. john Murray, joseph Erlcwcin. Fourth row: Gerald lfhler. Mary Louise Ritter. Barbara Voelker. Mary Musslcman. Mary Ann l'hlrich, jean Nicbuhr. Mary Durkee. Third row: Mary Lawrence. Paul Schmitz. Richard ljhlcr. 'Ioan Mutch, jean Hanson. judy Kumm, Sharon Abnet, Karen Swcrtfcgcr, june Amundson. Second row: Paul Cuta. Ann Wlcissenbergcr, Patrifia Betz. Marilyn Bicha. Barbara Keller, Judith Amundson. First row: Mary jane Liskovec. Norman Flynn, Kathryn Rand. JoAnne Schnick. 'Ring Uut ye fella, Frerhmen, Jophonzores, juniorr, and Jeniors participated in Ring Out Ye Belly, our winter concert. The Nativity rcene in the hackground with part of the marred chorur and orchertra in the foreground war a thrilling and inrpiring picture for all. Mary Mutch portrayed the Blerred Motherg Boh Davir, St. foreph: Ronald Gudie, Tom Krugel and Greg Kienzle, the Kingrg jack Schroeder, Archie Skemp, Thomar I-Iehli and jack Burnr, rhepherdrg Dorthy Prohart, Mariette Luhar, Suzanne Freyhler, Kathleen Chrirtenren, Gail Amrrud and Ioann Vehrenkamp, angelr. The concert was directed hy Sister Tererilda and Sirter juanice, with Sirter Antolene in charge of rtaging arriyted hy Ronald Guanella and Mike Vondrarhehp Sirter Carola of makeup: Sirter Theodata, lighting and the choral reading of Ring Out Ye Belly , and Elizabeth Karl of cortuming. nf, A 1- ,.. r. + t 'ffl f Y-NF A hi P A H Hn. s l - H lf 3 all rt' ,. af. 'l F ' ?fLY A rf-Lf, If Fi 1 Standing: jack Hoesthler. Raymond Flynn. Mithael Seiler. Alfred Gerke. Susan Coughlin, Emma Servais, Patricia McGrath. Rosalie XX'hite. Third row: Ann Strittmater, Kenneth Servais, Cathy Poehling. Ronald Gerald, joan Renncr, Betty Misch, Mariory Meier. Second jane Brisson. Patricia Schumacher. First row: Betty Virnig, Mary row: Theresa Schmitz, Pat Poellinger. Gary Runice, Rosemary Denzer Eustace. Beverly Hess. Betty Gerke. win ter Concert Sis Ig,- ',ua'71't'e Among our guerty riezving the Wirzter Concert ir Hit Excellency, Birhop john P. Treacy. At hir right are Mrgr. J, Paul, Father Thomas Mannion, Father Robert Greatorexq at hir left if Father Rohert Hanren. X XX 8115- ,A I Ter 91' Esilda its da One ale! flag: Sf. joan, played by Deanna FClt!l77'llUrQg6', if .rlvozrn here pfeadirzg to U 11jp ne Kfzl1l,fC' 111 Bixb- op CdIlfl707I, zrbile Fred Noelke, af Farber M11.f,fie11 loobf on in IZ76 dnznm of joan of Lorraine, Otberf in lbe play were jerry Guent- ner. Dan Lathrop, Ronalzl Fon, Patrirb C11lz'er, jerry Gf1'b1z'i12d, P11111 Srbrnilz. Patrivia lVop11t, Betty Steflpflzfg. and Patrifizz Volfnzer. HQIliCf PZULIJLCH Shown lnere in 11 .reene from flue mnzezfy are Lee Smzpp, Mildred Mnrplg, Sherry Slfllpf, Jerome M1'Ko.rlPey, and Tony Jxflllljflff. Olberf in ,flue play were Ann Mf- Loonc Ann! Romnne Abner. 5 'ew j , 'X 47,411 Lf Q' ' .-.Li+,- i u 4 , , x iv- Ox - Redd All El About It NewS ' s Xffcll q u I n a me Y IAPRLL XB. Extra! AOUXNAS 1-HGH scigox. S xt - 8 0 D A Y Y - p4 gel Aquilllu 1711136.15 IC t h e W 0 R L U In A -120 at 2 and 3 p. m : PTR D . APHX X9 ar 2 P' m' S vmwC , Al 18 at 8 P- ml' 4 , C iw R Vocational Auditorium' APU J TI XYblS SXXOVVH Xu Periorm8HC95 'FQUO S C ' d X, .Z DWI? ASDTQW CQUUHY Um , JA,-. ' ' go.- 5! . X 1 Around we ,v 'Q X QQQY DBY5 al X 6 . 1 X x Q Q . U Acmdkh passe' fx' . p msc-: ge :X Phheas YOQBSQQAY boi Wasine Kwu X ow-X Pamm isa Lee snapp. L X K 3 NW Judy Wexd ' x .X ow Av D M1305 X,- in 'I up lofi: Ifogg rzizfrrzr zo tlvc Reform Clnh jim! in ,Mme 10 cnflect bi! bel . . . Top righl: Detectire lfix fjwmfze Alclimhfgf .md lm uijc fiiofwmm Cffzzefm uifb Pmepufwfff flfw Muffin . . . Iflfiifw 15111-zmzz zzpu L1 bigl2figfyI of flu' sbozz' . , . JJpcl7IC',fC flmzferf gllli' 41 fbou' aboard :be neumer Grunt . . . L,m-1 ,XI.17ffr M! llw p.zma'a 6.11141 when xl politim! umzpfziqvz brought excitement to Suu Fmvzfifro . . . ' . ' w . ,,. 'X . Q. , . . Uppmzze p,1ge-lmfe D.1zz.r ,mf Sljwee Sill: Amd zfwzcerf 171 Spun . . . Hllltfll cfmzcerx zu the jungle Iv1f!!7 IU-jfgi-gm Af,mf.1 ,ami gl'l.Il'ff,f IlJfL'bll1g . . , Fogg Amd PiZI.fCf7dfI0llf lake off in a balloon . . . Stage 30 .zrlials LIU!! mzzsfzwnliolz neu' fmzf L1 big job. ff? ff W fkli ful ,WI v E .jinp ii, Il n L +,i5g4 A,fv,efx ' , . QA Q7 '41 4, 57 V K X S f f -rf I ' x s 3. , x l Y 4 4 if Was, Y 1 11' f s . 1 ' 5 9 K' I A S gf s N :FN - Royalty of the prom are, fcenterj King -lohn Christensen, crowning Queen Mary Mutth. Members of their court are: Judy Hirkey. Gregory Kienzleg Lucille Baht. ,lark Schroeder: Carol Merfeld. James Kzullecg Betty Stellpflug, Michael Tighe: Nanny Ducke, Rohert Davisg Antoinette Delngravc. jo 5 ep h Dunhamg Marilyn Brettingen, I.e Roy Juen. Sue Schubert. Rohert Halrrxkag Lorna Larkin, Thomas Roellithz Maureen Kelly. jerry XX'eise. UIIJOI' l'0lll King ,Iohn Chrixtenxen .mil his nhosen queen. hfary Mutch. reigned mer the ylunior Prom. Bian- lmttnnu was the theme of the dance. omecoming In lwehulf of the Varsity te.1::i. littlier Thtmms Ninne- nttin. Aquinus athletic tlircc- tur. presented elmrysuntlie- mum eormges to the girls of the tuurt at the Htuneemn- ing .zssemlvly preeetling the Auuin.1s-Lurus game. In the pitture lie is presenting il rummage tw -l.1niee lirtknlnrs, queeni tvtl1er xnemlvers nf the wurt mlm lmxe nlruuly re- ttixetl their s are Deanna Rl1e.1 Huntlt. jutly Dxxyer. ,lulie Holley. Rostilie Lewis. and Kuthleen Bates. Assist- ing liitlier Ninnemtin is -Iuhn Christensen. ACOSA presi- tlent. R u n .1 ld Hegenlmrtlm l.1itl the funrlmll at tlie feet nf the Blessed Mutlier as Queen j.1niee presented '1 ebanlle aim! dluembly ff' lier etumilge in tletlieuting the Humetmning to her. llitluer Cflmrles liletlul of Mentuninee. former Aqui- n.ts .ttliletie elireetur. was guest speaker at the Home- ttuning assembly. fi ' ,nn lit ' Y .,, . i lx. dk, xl- K Q, I 5 V B +3 I l 4? if o .Ma J Queen Sharon Strupp and King Gerald Guentner reign r L over Mardi Gras festivities. Members of their court are: Gregory Kienzle, Mary Grabinskig Robert Du Charme, Carol McCauleyg Jerome McKoskey, Mildred Murphyg Donald Weber, Judith Huberg Michael Holthaus, Judith Weberg Thomas De Keryl, Carol Guanellag Robert Davis, Jacqueline Sarnerg Ronald Hegenbarth, Joan Biebelg Jack Schroeder, Karen Cavadinig David Servais, Kathryn Johnstong Glen Bakalars, Rosemary Git- tensg Jerry Gschwind, Mary Jaekel. Chew-leadera Mrs. Jane Baker. Aquinas girls' gym instructor, also foziclics our cl1eerlciidc1's. Standing are Judith Kern, Kay Monti. Joan lingh. and Sally Sl-cemp. Front, Ferre Keeney, Carol Merfclrl, Jean Chrisan. and Mary Clark. xy S+ A ii Q iam ,Q fi L, , 1 ,i 'gjyfg 1 M155 51 '- 17:35 inf' Q.- EFL- . QMS i 3 .y . '. s -4-. 5 5 XP , ' A t - A : K N E A v, ' if 55357 5 55,5 ,jf if if gui' 'f S Wf Wig . :WWW - -Q-,.g- af -1., ' ' yd ww Q 5, fs'.-1r'7 f' 4 'sv f 1 b v Q., Zn, 'A , J Rl' V si f X fix., X b Lp bl. Jggkglfxr i .W nf Z, I ' jg 1 .us play dzd11't turn out quite ay joe Dlmbd :rl B . 1 cl es 4114413 from Roclaexter tackler. wipected, as be la sv :psf . Q? 4' D' 9' ' - X, V XJ V' -f-' H K fo Wd kim . ' ' N' lenmn and coach 4 Ll0fe,,fb,R1m,,z Almem dmdor Fclhtfijerevzzlllf: retzuwzing letter- omf mcg! gfpifi Dave N ' ue eqzu m . er, 11 e 7 bartb, and Frank Albevts. pyard QOL: 5 I age: dj bi eltbe, 6 zrief fo going Spade Ibn Micloum 155 JJ My V055 R011 Hflgin 111071145 Q . 1 . -H , ll Ike flf0llj,Qi if I . 111 bard by C i 07117 I A . U D d pldJer 5 'Mmzelimly rake tim tbmg. qzuclej' says Dare Nelenlu as :no lidgezmod gridders prepare to slam '!1Ju.1rd. ffl .flfll S 'I A EI forward - :rf kim e.u l joe Dunham Bob Halaska Spzrztecl me, weft fuck! Aqurnas opened rts 1057 errd season xxnth an easy 316 xxetory oxer rllgunned Rochester Lourdes led hx the hard running, of Frank Alberts and Bob Halrskrr the Blu olds drrted to 1 17 O le rl rt hrlftrme 'lhe Blueolds Contrnued the onslrueht xx rth 1 menum SQLU1'lLl1llf sur e seorrng, three tunes on runs from Bob Hxlaska Mrlee Osoxxskl md Creorfee Kolb oe Dunhrm turned rn 1 eredrtable job it the quarterbuk st 1n eurdmg, hrs term to e xx Ihe Blugaolds xentured to lNl1lNNlLllKC'C for therr second fray and fell xrctrms to a huge md sax 15,6 Prus XI te am 13 I7 after holdrng the lead for three quarters 'Ihe heaxy hard Ll181j.,lI1L, Prus lrne exenturlly exhausted the smaller xrsrtors and squeaked out 1 narroxx mzrgarn xutory Mrehutrmen grabbed a 17 O lead xxrth Frank Alberts md Mlke Osoxxskr seorme L nfortunltely Aquxnas mrssed both eonxersrons the seeond one hrttrne the eross bar and bounemg baele Prus rallied for txxo tallres and a sueeessful pornt after touehdoxxn to noteh a rugged 13 17 xretory The Blugolds front xx 111 oxere une an rmmense xx ereht drsldxantxee to produee some rough and aggressrxe football NX rth 1 eruellrna., relentles ground rttuk Aqurnas leaped the first hurdle rn the-rr erty ehunpronshrp quest xxrth lt0nX1l'14.lI1 but elose 1' 7 mastermg, of L1 Crosse Logan 'lhe Blueolls led bx Bob Hrlrskt ran the Rangers ragged prekmg., up 561 yards rushmg 'lhe fist strrtlnx. baekheld piled up huge :guns trme after trme arded by some errsp bloekrne up front Aqurnas had numerous scormr., chances but had trouble hang rne on to the xrgskm nerr piydlrt An alert defensrxe unrt strfled nearly exery Logan thrust Seorrne rn exery qu1rter the Mrehutamen had lrttle trouble drsposrng of a xxeik Vsmona Cotter squad Qrx Blu old ,errdlers hrt the seormg column rn the one srded Lontest that xsrs merely 1 Xll!'I1'111l for the Central game Halaskl Dunham Voss and qkemp xxere stlndouts for Aqurnas Muhutlmen returned ertv ehuupronshrp prestxee to Aqumas vxhen they xrxalloped Central 76 17 before the largest eroxxd of the season Strrkrng vxrth relentless offensrx es led by Bob Haliskl Due lNekol1 and Frank Alberts Aqurnas oxercame a 60 deficrt as I-Ialaska seored from the Cent: rl sexen A sr'-.ty yard punt return by Alberts g.,axe the Blugolels 1 13 6 lead xhreh thex nexer relrnqurshed Aqurnas mcreased their mar gm to 70 6 as joe Dunham trrggaered a pass to Alberts rn the end zone elxmaxmg a Ron Hegenbarth Mrke Osowskr erry Gsehwmd 519 Terry Voss Bob Davis ombine or inning Season march from deep in Blugold territory. Dunham did a masterful job in directing his team and continued to confuse the Raiders defense with his deft ball handling. Each team managed one more score. Aquinas' coming on a 50-yard open field iaunt by Dave Nekola. The Blugold line. led hy hard-charging Terry Voss, contained Central's every offensive effort. and were instrumental in all Aquinas touchdowns. In the next encounter a keyed-up Eau Claire Homecoming squad and speedster joey Giammona upset Aquinas 25-12. Regis took a 6-0 lead, but a Dunham to Osowski pass tied the count. The roof fell in on Aquinas. as the Ramblers scored three touch- downs within three minutes to break the tilt wide open. Giammona was the demon in the attack scoring twice to give Eau Claire a 19-point advantage. Dunham again found the mark in Osowski with a 28-yard pass to end the scoring. Bob Halaska paced the Blugold ground game with 66 yards rushing and a 37-yard punt return. The vic- tory was Regis' third straight over Aquinas and gave them the unofficial Diocesan Championship, Stylish. potent Madison Edgewood dealt Michutamen their second loss in a row 20-14, after the Blugolds had nearly pulled the game out of the fire. Edgewood wasted no time in racing to a 7-0 lead. but Aquinas rose to the occasion and knotted the score on Halaska's short plunge. The score stood 7-7 at half. Mike Rieder, Edgewood's sopho- more signal-caller, proved deadly on the quarterback option play in the third quarter as Madison went to a 20-7 lead. which at the time looked very commanding. joe Dun- ham then commenced finding his targets with some illustrious passing. He passed and directed his squad to a quick tally to make the score 20-14, and nearly duplicated the feat before time ran out, with Aquinas owning the ball in Edgewood territory. Edge- wood's big line halted the Blugold ground attack early and Dunham's sharp passing began a trifle too late. Joe Dunham, who improved vastly with each game, passed and faked Loras Acad- emy ragged, enabling Aquinas to capture a 19-6 Homecoming win. The senior quarter- back. aided by some beautiful blocking. passed for three touchdowns to outdazzle the big Loras line. Blugolds' season record was five wins and three loses, their best effort since 1954. Their overall point spread was a remarkable 163-89. Sam Schelbe Archie Skemp Dave Nekola egeaaon .Highfighld A i out the game. hut eientually l.ogan's height paiil off. as they pushetl in two late rehountl shots. The lilugoltls then tlisposetl nf Central 49-sl' to knot their nity retoril at l-l. Halaslta .intl Alherts tame through with tlutth baskets tor the Nithutamen. Aquinas outran Regis in their first encounter 6llA5l with Roh Halaska .intl -loe Dunham pating the winners. Cotter smotheretl lilugoltls 66-51 antl Campion also duplitatetl an earlier xietory -18-45. tlespite a 21 point output by Halaslca. Aquinas rompetl ox er MtDonnell for the setontl time I-S-5-1 to set their returtl at 646. Central's Retl Raitlers then avengetl an earlier luss with a 60457 win in oiertime. Halaslca and Nekola hoth fame up with numerous steals In keep Aquinas in the game. Nekola stored IS for the losers. Aquinas then went stone eoltl anti lust four in il row. tu St. 'lihomas 53746, Patelli 57-56, Regis 45-37 antl Logan so-tts. Logan xirappetl up the city championship in the season's regular finale hy erasing an early Aquinas Ieatl anti then stating off a late Blugoltl rally. lfloh Halaska antl Date Nekola Ietl a well-halantetl storing attack. which garneretl two points too few to notth a piece of city thampionship honors. In tournament play the Michutamen walked away from Mauston hlatlonna 75438 to gain the right to play Campion in the sectional playofts. Onee more. -lim Petersuns Knights were at their best for Aquinas and estapetl carrying a 62158 triumph and a state tour- ney berth. Aquinas letl at various stages of the game. but the fourth quarter brought tleteat, tlespite some last tlitth heroits hy lioh llalaslta. .loe Dunham fountl the range for 29 points to leatl lwth squatls in storing. Halaska, Dunham, Nekola, antl Alherts led the team's storing throughout the somewhat tlismal 7 win I2 loss season. Quick and reliahle Franh Alherlf fame through for Aqainaf in hey gamer. V 'r ,L x ' ff 51 s. .t ri t 1 X in Sm , 1 X X x J Fahierl hal! handler in the city and dead rho! foe Dunham plageal hir bei! an- zfer prefmre. I 'its-Q Arrhie Shenzp appeart parahzezl grarpzng or looxe hall in Central baffle. 'g ., xii :A ,ai at 4 . . , , . 4 My , 11 f 1 3r1wx, Q 5 r in gf.: ip ' R VA 'f 5x,z uv Q 1 X. if rf X . A I v iq Y sw. xg WU 413. Q- .yn framura Os L-CO' Cl. QO- Q6 ki -xr- Front row: Dave Kromke. Mike Bissen. Bill Vetsch. Rick Du Charme. Ron Guide. Dennis etlermen Lynch. jim Vaaler. Second row: Greg Kienxle. Ron Banasik. Ron Rick. George Devine, Bob Hinytzke. Larry Fox. Third row: Dennis Boardman, Dan Lathrop, john Michuta. Gary Runice. Al Schams. Terry Voss. Top row: john Price. Frank Alberts. Bob Davis, Den Hegenbarth, Bob Halaska, jerry Gschvvind, Dave Nekola, Sam Schelbe. Bill Hansen. Proud recipients of big gold A's are twenty-eight Aquin- as athletes, who compose the newly-formed Lettermen's Club. Letters are annually distributed for participation in foot- ball. basketball. baseball. track. tennis. or golf. They come as compensation for hard training and teamwork. Father Andrew Karoblis guided another very sucess- ful Intramural season, part of the City recreation program directed by Eugene Fry. Rugged competition in Gold and Blue leagues signifyed all-out efforts for league champion- ships. In the Gold league. the Martyrs stampeded through an undefeated 14-0 season led by Mike Osowski and jerry Weise. The Hermits wound up second with a 10-4 mark and the Prophets third with 9-5. Individual scoring honors went to Tom Venner of the Apostles with 128. He nosed out the Prophets' Bill Hansen, who dumped in 127. The I.evites and Deacons battled toe-to-toe in the Blue league with the Levites eventual champs. Mike Klos led the Levites and his league in scoring with 142. Ralph Schan- land of the Abbots was runner-up with 106 tallies. Each championship quint was honored with a victory banquet at the end of the season. Q1 ce QQ Caplaina Front row: Don Janeiro, joe Lathrop. Gary Pet- rovvski. D i c k Janeiro. Kyran C l a r k. Second row: ja me s Gallagher. blames Vfeigel. jerry Sack- master. Father Karoblis. S t e v e Hinytzke. Mike Fuchsteiner. Top r o w: Dave K r o m k e. Larry Hengel. T o m Venner. Dan Lathrop. Mike Os- owski, Tom Roellich, Ron Gudie. - if -we QQ, .331 Nu- JQ, nd ' S Bob Hinytzke and Dirk lmzeiro battle for :he lead in low hurdle competition. Z-faincfacfd .biaplay aldpecld of P1-oaperoua seadon 9 1 .wg f NYS Q Top row: Ron Gurlic, joe Mirhum, Dirk Simonis, Stcxc Vutsah. Gary Bricskc, Bob Sghmidt. Dave Rudolph, Dick XX'oodruf't. Ste-xc Sniborski. Dano Icuqk, Dcnnis Vinson, Ron Graw, Fourth row: Dane Kromkc. Tim Murphy. Terry Voss. Bill Dlohnwn, ,lim Vfriss, Gary Runiac, Bill vlolinson. Gary Pocliling. Third row: Bill Vct5Lh, DL-nnii Oswvilcr. Clem Bickcr. Duc Rudi. Doug I..1rson, Al Sclmnis. Robert Rim-l.ind. Gary Lyonx. Bernie Sauer. Second row: Nr. Skcmp. Stew: Hinytzkc. -loc Egan. Dirk vlalnciro, Greg Kicnflc. Ge-orgc Skcmp. -Icrry Gsclixiind. Don janciro. Kun Xxvhitfi. Ridi DLlCi1.lIll1C. Daw: Dayton. Bottom row: Bob Stung, Don Tliill. jim Strupp, Tom Haulucn. Daw Abnct. Mike Ryan. john Gittcns. Riuh Limburg. Gary Rmk, Tom Flood, 44 LMA-,,,, I 'x sf, jerry Gfclozvirzd, Terry Von and Dick Janeiro and 0tlJer.r are ou their markf zvailing for the Jtarling gan in the 100 yard dlub. ll-K4 Up arzfl over the 8 foot mark for Mike Biuen. A look of dllgllijb cover! Archie Skempk face in the 880 relay. annum! 'Ei ' a.Jgt ,. 'iii 'VQQJKQ' .4'g Ron fHerc1zle.fl Gudie putt: the 1110! 40 feet in capturing a ,Hrft place. 1 Ci lf. 'Inv'-iq. -1 V .Aw 1 I I n , 'ids f X N I rl tour 43, GUI iq, xwluls 6. 1, fv V A l Top row: jack Clements, Harold Tust, Charles Krause. Dick Bigley, jim Abicht, Mike Vondrashek, john Lille- thun, Michael Hayes. Third row: james XX'eig:el. Keith Viiliquette, .Iiimes Goneiui. john Books, Richard Mitby, Boh Mikkelson, Tom Opsahl, Art Dechant. Steve XY'einsenherger. Georgie Kolh, Tony Gautsch. Second row: Assistant coach Bob Pliskai. Dan Stokes. jim Gallagher. Sam Schelhe. Ron Rick, john Price, Mike Osowski. jim Vaaler. joe Lathrop. Bottom row: ,lim Smith. Gerald Stiborski. jim Brenner, Dennis Lynch, Ron Naegle, Den- nis Boartlman, Frank Alberts, Larry Fox, Coach John Hyland. owerful ,gold ,biamonclmen Sight State Championafiip With it power-litden offenfe and iz rat-like defenre, Aqnintir haxehtzll hoper are very high. Left yeark rtate runner-np Jqztad retnrnr Il letterrnen to coach john Hylandk reinr, They are Larry Fox, jim Vaaler, Dennir Boitrdnzan, Ron Rick, Dennir Lynch, Mike Ofoufiki, Boh Hnltirka, Frank Alhertr, Bill Hanren, john Price and Dan Lathrop. Vs K ., ' ' ' 1 f ,V , ' fr NA. W 1 mia! V il' fm 1 si A ' i . 6 in f , ,ZW . K In it N A i N ' ' '-1 .4 i '16, , J I , Frank Alhertr dig: around third hare uith Mike Oiowrki in clore pnrruit. Oiowrki tripled into deep left center producing tivo runr againrt Spartag 20-4 zictimy in the Jenson opener, Smooth af Jilk if thir Bohhy Hularkiz firing. The Blond-Bonzher'J hig hat drove in I2 rztnr laft rearon. Sifler A7Zl0fL'llE.J crafty clumsy comlrzfcleri bzzrzflef for the 111165 lazm KU' one of tbcir projevli. uvflfkfllg bow fm' lffnmlfl Cfmn1uU.1. Store u7Cf5I6'7lbC'fgC'7'V. and Tom Koch Our aiu ienance Crew john Halaska Ed SeubCff .V 117 ,J 3122 G D . . ccarm yuan.--.W -n--------N 53.0.5313 ,yn 30 year! - - - fllontinued from page ij are the Triple Trio for girls, formerly known as Senior vocalists, the Discords or Boys' Double Quartet, and the Senior Girls' Trio. All special divisions consist of members active in choir. Taking part in many school functions is the Aquinas band organized in 1953, currently having 70 members and the student orchestra organized in 1928 and now having 60 players. The Senior choir has awed city parishioners and TV audiences with their Lenten presen- tations of the Living Stations, as well as this years Sorrowful Mysteries. The music depart- ments operetta productions show a host of renowned titles such as The Vagabond King, The Firefly. Song of Norway, and Naughty Marietta. The winter concerts: Immortal Music in 1955, Starlight Fantasy in 1956 and Ring Out Ye Bells in 1957 commemorating the thirtieth anniversary, have awed audiences with their high calibre and large-scale produc- tions. Sports have given Aquinas an illustrious and highly remunerative glow. Football, basket- ball, tennis, golf, and track seldom fail to captivate the interest of Aquinas youth and to incul- cate the desired qualities of manhood. Although the Blugolds' first athletic aggregation sustained a humiliating 100-O defeat, on the gridiron in 1928, over the years Aquinas football fortunes have risen steadily. Past years have witnessed seven Aquinas city championships and in 1951 35 well 215 1949, the Blue and Gold boasted undefeated teams. Today Aquinas competes with the hnest in the state. f 1 0460504 elm! Clan Ufficera rpeak: to the other ACOSA and clan ofhcerr. Seated around the table are Mary Crogan, Jen- ior clan Jecretaryg john McDonald, sophomore president, Lyle Quillen, .renior preridentg Sue Larkin, junior .tecretaryg Sandra Naegle, sopho- more secretary, and Sally Newhurg, freshman secretary. Standing are Daniel Holy, freshman preridentg lame: Smith, junior presidentg jerry Grchwind, ACOSA vice president, and Thomas Roellieh, ACOSA secretary. The basketball prowess of the Blugolds is unquestioned, as manifested by five state Cath- olic championship quinters coinciding with seven city championship squads. Their fast break- ing style has taken the measure of almost every Catholic school in Wisconsin. Aquinas baseball teams also hold numerous triumps. Ten diamond squads have taken city championship honors. Only last year Aquinas wound up second in state tournament play. Tennis, golf, and track have added further prestige to Aquinas' sports program. Under Coach John Michuta, dean of Aquinas coaches, last year's golf team captured the coveted state championship trophy. A string of competent coaches and athletic directors have brought dignity and prestige to Aquinas. With the leadership of Father Charles Blecha followed by Father Thomas Ninneman and coaches NX'alt Wifiler, joseph Kurth, Rev. LeRoy Keegan, George Mariarty, john Michuta, assisted by james Quinn, George Sladky, Jerry Davis, Mike Skemp, and john Hyland to guide the sports program, success was unavoidable. Wfith a monumental and glorious past, Blugold athletics should continue to reap the hon- ors inevitably concurrent with hard work and ardent desire. This briefly is the story of 50 years of Aquinas- 30 years of work, sacrifice, awards, and dreams fulfilled. Aquinas is proud of its records and grateful for its accomplishments for God and country. May the Providence of Almighty God continue to guide all its endeavors and shower His bless- ings upon all who so generously serve Aquinas. Iohn Chrirtenren, ACOSA President, fitting, I XZ!!-12-V1 ,saggy L 6 ill, Freshman Homeroom 205. Top row: Glorianne Schraheck. Judith lsler, Marv Beth Conitz, Mary Lemke. Thomas Alberts. Richard Ciianole. Ronald Becker. Robert Schneider. Michael Ryan. Steve Scihorslci, Thomas Dunham, Francis Greeno, Ger- ald Sol-tolik. ,lohn Books. Peter Kendhammer. Arthur Mikkelson. james Ln Fore. Gary Tischer. David Christal. Dennis Rog- gensack, Arthur Dechant. Third row: Emma Servais. Colleen Kline. janet XY'opat, Carol Vaughan. Second row: Sister M. Al- thea. Linda Hall. Suzanne Frehlyer. Marjorie Meir. Nancy Prucha. Rita Hofstetter. First row: janet Billock, Mary Lou Dohbly. Ruth Ahnet. Linda Ammundson, for AROUND THE UVORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS were: Freshman 106, Sophomore 211. junior 313, and Senior 309. Congratulations to all these rooms and their advisers. Teachers, presidents, secretaries, and mission club representatives for the home- Freshmzin llomeroom 102. Top row: Sister M. lNlariory, Mary Dwyer. Sally Nexxhurg, Maureen Phelps. jane Martell. Nancy Neltola. Ruth Doyle. Second row: Kathy Christenson. Ann Kevin, Gail Amsrud. Karen Hass, Mary Ann XX'iltinger. lionnie Kocnun. Vertla Grahinski. Pamela Ferrier, loan Degenhardt. Carol Stinson. First row: Sue MC- Gill. Carol Kuhialc. ,loan Vahrenlcamp. Anita liettin. Betty Misth. hfary Lou Ritter. 4.4 .win lv, 4'-x F' 'ff 4 - I ,, ,fr X-. q 'X., jimior Homeroom 301. Top row: Clliarlee Hall. jamw Allen. XX'ayne Strittmater, Carl Pntaratke. Fourth row: Kenneth Clements. Frank Mentlralski, james Xlfeiss. Carl Patros. Mitliael liixxen. Ricnartl Du Cliarme, Third ruw: Gale Sarazin. Shar- on 1 St Xwrev. Helen lflmk. Matlrianne Mtla-xith. Patritia Dunman. lms Hansen. Marilvn lietker.Santly'lnhnson.1eannie Col- lins, Llulene Meintlel. Inst-ph Murrie. ,lulin Kane. Second row: Veilliam lfries. Dan Skatli, lflivaheth Gerke, Patritia Ritter. Karen Dreien, Dianne Seliuinatlier. 'Ioan Stange. Dianna Kuelhl, Larrv Henuel. First row: Robert, Patrieia Vullmar, l,AllI'ltl.l Lulxer, Ritliartl -Ianeirur Kathleen XX'eixs, Kathleen llueluw, Mary XX'artl, Sister M. Tlieotlata. 1Nlf1ll'l'0Ck6, I,arry Major: il?-Mr. Rirbzzrd llveilarzd, Gary Pelrowski, Iudy Kern, Tom Hickey: 314-Sister Tbowasette, Tony Munster, Ka-1 Snyder, Donna Miller. Seniorr: 306-Sister Agnese, Marilyn Christensen, Hurry Kubiak, Lormz Larking 307 junior Humeroom 502. Top row: Rnnaltl Banaxik. liarl Petlretti. Del vlanistli. Terrance Priehe. Cieraltl Lemke, Tom Clements. Mieliael Kentlhaznmer, Rav Hentlriekmn. Minhael liuehsteiner, -Iuwepli Sthmitz. Raymond Engh. Gary Neknla. Third row: Tnni' Burst-th, Paul Schmitz. Rialiartl NX'iller, 'Iames Sinitli, Miehael Sthanis, Catherine Flng- statl. Ann XXvL'liiCl'llUCI'gIi.'f. Carol Uieruk. Sharon'l.1nte, Mary Durkee. Patritia Scliumatlier. Sister M. bludine, Seeonnl row: ,Ioann Kentlliamnier. -Iutlitli Strasmer, Sharon Hiiehner. Sharon Allen, Ruelielle Kuenen. juyee Cunnitlf First rnw: Ruth Pretasky. De Anna Minartl, Catherine Meltle. Karen Mach. Mary Lee Bye, Mary Ann Becker. 2 lla' . an A - :WF N Q my . ,tib I 1 rr , 3 :T -Jun. NEMEL 'V -- . 'wr' . 1 junior Homerom 206. Top row: Sister Mary Paul, Harold johnson, Dennis Lambert, Clary Lyons, Rohert Hinytzke, Patrick Callahan. Dennis Vinson. Boh Young. Fourth row: Larry Ciile, -lames Rinil-ter, David Pitsch, David Flottmeyer. Llichael Ritter. Keith Oldenhurg, Bill Berg. Alohn Casad, Mary Schelhle. Rosejt-an Kreuger, Elaine Brandon. Third row: Sharon Too- ley, Yludy Auiundson. Ellyn Mueller, Alyce johnson, Rosemary Demer. Second row: joan Engehretson, Sharon Kibler, Shar- on Clark, Marilyn Marco. joan llngh, Carol Galligan. First row: Kathy Rand, Lucy l,aueru1an, Judy XY'e-iland. Carol Anfenson. -Sister Mary joseph, Virginia Roesler, Lucille Bakr, Cathy Poeloling: 308-Sister Fran- cile, john Noelke, Mary jaekel, Bernard Sauerg 309-Sister Marie Cecile, Daniel Stritt- nzater, Elaine Clements, Gerald Sciborsleig 310-Sister Bernyne, Jerome St. Iafque, An- ,lunior Homeroom 514. Top row: 'l'hoiuas juen, Kenneth Ferries, Dax e Thill. -larues Shay, Bill Sthrnidt, 'llhomas Poellinger, Ronald Strittmater, Roger Greeno, Robert XX'eilantl. larry Fox, Michael Bigley. Third row: Doris Cierke, Louise Hilhert. Mary Bryzowski, Betty Virnilu. Joanne Sthnitk, Marilyn Allen, Carlene Clements. Bernard Lamp, Sister M. Thoiuasette. Second row: Donna Miller, Bonnie ,lean Betk. Kay Snyder. -ludy Nontelle, Maureen Flannery, Anita Langen, Marion Downey. Linda Mashak. Sharon Mtflahe. First row: Mark Malin, Kyran Clark. Tony Munster, Steve Hutson. Gerald Saekmaster, George Dexine. Frank Papenfuss. -. t .... is-rf. new ggi:-,t ggi. Iv. fe 4 , fe -fm - 3 .55 11.1 e inf I. Pr 'S 1 l r ,N-1 ,.s ,Y A . 44 in , , xx. 'Q QD W' U Q0 '90 ,, Q2 X lf! 5-xx ' 'if' .a-Af.. junior Homeroom 304. Top row: Daxid Buchman. james Vaaler. Fred Kerska. ohn W'ooley. Lee Snapp. Michael Coughlin Frank McGill. Ralph Schauland. Gerald Barilani. john Hickey. Third row: Sharon Thein. judith Graf. Marguerite Mit chell. Roxanne Priehe, Kathleen XX'eher. Sue Larkin, judith Adams. Catherine Maher. Second row: Sister M. Hugoline. Fer rell Keeney. Sandra Amsrud. Patricia Dwyer. Darlene Merfeld. Sharon Carnahan. Ann Garavalia. Ellen lierra. Mary Vfeigel Mary Roesler. Mary Kreihich. Audrey Hundt, First row: Donald Lepsch. Fred Noelke. Stephen ess. Ronald Rick. james Faas, john Schneeherger. toinette Delegrave, Robert Du Cbarmeg 311-Sister Myra, Wfillianz Hansen, Patricia U70 pat, Roland Gudie. From various Homerooms, standing: Richard Stott. 'S9: Kenneth Clements. 'S9g Sharon Loi ett, 'oog Mary Ann May- ek. .601 Dennis Tierney. 'Glg Nich Thein. '6Ig james Nelson. '6l1 john Dewita. '6l. Bottom row: john Thorne. 'nog judy joseph, '59g Margaret Rand. 'cog Victor Hansen. '60g Barbara Keller, '6lg Mary Ann Hickey, '611 Mary lieth Conitg, '61g john Murray, '60. The above are new students or were not present when their own homeroom pictures were taken. ,-r i W as QE s aa rf fa M' 'if s X Ty A - ' .- 7 ix ' v F' .Z I B4 D41 Rosanne Abnet Sharon Abmt Irank Alberts ,af-4 4. ri S 1 .4 YE' '7' D1rl1.nL Andnrson Gtflll Aran R lull lm Arlt Iu :llc B r ROSANNE ABNET and a bubbltng per:onaltty Cruczfixron SHARON ABNET Bert remember: trzp to Texa: and Mrluaukee Pref: Conventzon pet peeve concerted people Cruczjixton FRANK ALBERTS A b: avortte pa:ttrne :port: plan: on a career tn :crence St john PATRICE ALLEN a enjoy: collectrng record: I I can t do great thtng: I can do :mall thzng: tn a great way St lame: JUDITH AMUNDSON Iudte want: to become a beauty operator love: ood clothe: and travel S Thoma: More DARLENE ANDERSON Andy work: at St Franct: Ho:pztal ambrtton to become a typut St jo:eph GERALD ARENZ Arnze part tzme job at the Tribune :neaky people are bt: pet peeve Ble::ed Sacrament RUDOLPH ARLT Rudy work: at lltrtg :tatton plan: to become a mechantc Speak lrttle thtnk much Wence:lau: LUCILLE BAHR Lucy collect: :tu ed anzrnal: :weet combtnatton o per:onalrty and good look: Holy Trtnrty She: ltke champagne :parklrng eye: CAROL BAKALARS Buck adore: Pat Boone record: a real bowler atm 1: nurnng frrendly to all Holy Trznzty GLEN BAKALARS Glen Hold the fort, I'm comzngfu lzke: to hunt and ji:h St Io:eph JANICE BAKALARS Ian ltke: frtendly people beaded for nur:rng good natured and lrked by all Holy Trznrty ANTOINETTE BANASIK Tom ha: a very profitable bobby of wrrttn g letter: work: at Kzenah': ly- Flower: St Thorna: More KATHLEEN BATES X Kathy lzke: ozl paznttng and playtng the pzano X pet peer e, drzver: uho donlt :tgnal Ble::ed Sacrament Glen Bxkzl urs ,Q 5- BETTY BAUMGARTNER Bette Lrfe can ojer a lot of fun, and :he mean: to have her :harem St Wence:lau: MAR VIN BECKER Marv lf tt take: a man well, what are you wartzng for? St Jo:eph Rzdge 2+ w L- Q.. Janne Bakalars Antmmttc Bdnasnk Patnce Allen Judith Amundson E- 'xi i- Cirol Bakilxrs Kathlun Bates Betty B lumgartncr 1 1552 p 1 3 Q. QA 3 N 4 1 6 ,. A x A Marxm Beckcr L I ' is ',,g,,.W . , V , ' ,ffllx ,U , ' . ' .. ' ' - , A of-3' ,, if i . 1 l f fia t A Q' ' ' ' i Q fr M wiv V K 5' I l M ZH, r ' , '1 ..75+ ' , f az- ' 7 43. 53 . , f, .l 7 'S ' ' 1' X 3?2f1 'x ' i A if , K . ' V ' 1 as gg , l , Q L Q .. M 5 y F l l . za 'z uc 1 .n uh 1 'az ... RiZ ... ' ' - ' l l .U . . . - I U H n 1 n . I l I ' ' ' rf I n f - I ' 3 ' ' , ' ' ft rr ' 11 . . . . . . f , , . , , t, If If ' 4 A b I a I . . . . 1 I, l' D . . . . . rr ' U - ' ' ' - ' 4 ' If U 6 ' ' '... ', ' . ...St. U If gn ' HA 5 YI U Eg P A . . 4 Madonna Behm Patncna Belongxe MADONNA BEHM Don a quzet but frzendly enjoy: ' :lvou: and dance: St John PATRICIA BELONGIE a collect: angel gurzne: zke: :katzng and dancing A uztty gzrl I5 :be Crucrfixzon DIANE BERANEK anotlaer uture nur:e fob at St jo:eplJ: Home ltke: doing 7u:t uhat :he 1l4l1ltJ St Wence:lau: ELLEN BETTIN Ella bell: enjoy: :kung :u zmrnzng and :katmg pet peeze :bow o : plan: a nurung career Holy from JAMES BETTIN frm drzve: truck or Hzlton : ond o car: and clothe: Holy Cro:: JOAN BIEBEI oan collect: :tu ed antmal: and :ugzr lump: pet peeze znmltmg people plan: to becon e a nur:e St Thoma: More DIANE BIGLEY alway: cloeer ul want: to become a clerk or typut u ork: at St Francz: Ho:p1tal St Mary Dxane Beranek MARILYN BOEHM Lynn lore: to cook crazy about bor:e: beaded for Marquette Ble::ed Yacrarnent CAROL BOTT Carol lzke: :u zmnzzng :katzng and letter urzttng uture nur:zng work: at St Ann: Ho:pztal Ble::ed Sacrament EILEEN BOTTCHER Poot:ze laer Holy Trzntty JEROME BRAGUE Jer Jer ltke: to cook :laort order te:t: lot: :kzll at Lee : Claop Home Holy Cro:: BETTY BREIDEL Bette collect: po:tcard: remember: trtp to St Louc: Mo work: at Ford Hopkzn: St Tlvorna: More MARII YN BRETTINGEN Marzlyn plan: to become a :ecretary part trrne job at the Hollywood Theatre Thorna: More RICHARD BROWN tc job at A:lJland: 66 ond o car: EL ery cla:: need: :onzeone lzke Rzcl: Holy Trrnzty JOHN BURNS ac e:peczally lzke: outdoor :porn uork: at the Hut :tuck up people are ln: per peeze St Thoma: More KAREN CAVADINI Caca era uork: at St Francz: Ho:pztal hobby pazntzng lzke: pzzza a good laugh and dance: St Wence:lau: Dune Bngles Marilyn Boehm Carol Bott Exleen Bottcher n-Am Ellen Bettm C' James Bettm Joan Bxebel Jerome Brague at lg W'-, Betty Brenda-l QC. 7 1' l Manlyn Brettm3.,en Rnchard Broun John Burns Karen Cawadml If I I H I I ... . ' f Q .x 6 72 ' we D H'..'. Pt'l . , l '- ...'Dr'... f 5 J J . 6 gr 1' , ', -ff ' I 'A 1 ...',' ',:nn . f . ',:.f nf , ' . ,... .l ff U 4 f',' . ,,, ' 'z . , ,fm-,Q ... Di ... f '-1' ' ', , ...f , ' . I ' 4 ' H 'If 'ob at St. Franci: Ho: ital . . . lore: to :lee late . . . waitin or eo le uritate: 7 A. H H 8. P P . una . .4 1 use V' our T D M .N.. . . ' . .nn 4 . 4 afar, 'l,! -' ' f ...SL . ... I la ...' ' ...f U' .I l .H... ' I. . ' ff ,- I U V . . .V it ' . , , , . . ' ..l' .3 Ac: A ' cw 'T cl G! T 7:4 2 E.- . X Q 1 ' J ig, :I N 6. g ' ' , ' 'L I ,, ' A , -' 'J V' a-if I V Jean Lhnsan john Christensen Murtha LIIYISICUSLD Myrna Chrxtton YG' Q-v .,,.-f df C' Elaine Clements Glen Comelu Mary Coney Mary Crogan JEAN CHRISAN jeanze lozes Jports planf a career o teachtng rlulzkef argument! Blened Sacrament JOHN CHRISTENSEN Chrtx h cl yoh Rowley J O zce Eqntpment 'Hr Premlent my eloefnt t at Joan ntce9 Bleffed Sacrament MARTHA CHRISTENSEN Marty Jeldom thout the Hadron joh St Iofephf Home uanty to he a narfe :een wt Blened Sacrament MYRNA C HRITTON Myrna workf at St Franctf H l T rntt Hoarpztal pet peeve stop ngnf plans to hecome a nurfe o y r y RONALD CLARKIN Ron He may he quiet hat he 11 not loverlooked lk l ool St Mary ELAINE QLEMENTS Shrtmp Her only aalt rs that .fhe hasnt any eager 0 eg Ridge GLEN COMEAU Glen enyoyf hnntzng A trztftu orthy gay wtth a muchtevoux look rn hu eye St john MARY CONEY Coon h at St Francts Hospztal Harzng a good tzme tx my hohhy part trme yo Bleyfecl Sacrament MARY CROGAN Mare! work! at Soellx Drugx pet peeze people who crack gum lovef to Jleep late St Mary PATRICK CULVER a 0 the thtngx Ilzke heyt I much pre er to ut and rest St Thomas M WILLARD CULVER Wt enyoyf rtd ore zng hu motorcycle A man o ew wordx doefnt haze Jo many to take hack St john DONNA DALSASSO Donnze part tzme uorh at St Francts H ofpztal lovef to dance Bleued Sacrament h l ROBERT DAVIS Puppet annoyed y peop e zn glam homes ltkef meetzng all kzndf o people St Iofeph KATHERINE DAVY Kathy a ter Jchool yoh at Kaumaf Chrldrenf Wear at ortte pax tzme cooktng Holy Cro!! wlllldfd Culx er yi G THOMAS DE KEYREL Tom ond o huntzng and car: ltkef to sleep late new at Aqarnaf thu year St Patrzck ANTOINETTE DELAGRAVE Tom work! at Hollywood Theatre planf on narnng rarely Jeen 1111110111 a fmtle Mary X., J x 9... Donna Dalsasbo Robert DBVIS Ronald Clarkln Q-I P xtrxek Culx er Katherme Daxy Ihomas De Keyrel 'NK Antoxnctte Delagrave y M 9 I L I U0 as 4 Lic: O 9, as it if , ff.. , ev -, , 1- I , f ' I4 It J . Q y nu y 4 y A I sf 'r Q ,er Q., 6- -x y fr ' Q ,y fa..- Ac, , A gvuxfy D al' ,f E A O rw 'X J x , ., rr '11 , - A- fn 'H ...', fy ' ... ,. ' -f, ' I .U... H 'U i , H K U. , H H K . ,J I Aa V'Pa3'P . . ' . il... ' ... ,. , . f ' . . . . t h rn atrltne xchool . . . St. jofeph ' fr H ' V ' rr V V A... In H U -. . . . ,, I. . . K ,, .Sy I! no: sro v . V 'sf rl ' ... Pt ... f ' ' f ' . ... . If . I ... 'll ... '- ' ' , ... ' 5 ' HI... . . Pk ff 'ff -I I If ' FP If ' ' I ' I? Inv- If uf f F A-1' D y A 11. I v VV I rr U...f f - I.. Ina 'fi , I ' 1 rr '11 ,V C f f' ' ...Sr .Ta I' Patrick Doyle 5-its G Robert Du Charme Nancy Ducke PATRICK DOYLE . . . Pat . . . collect: recorzl: - . . . like: :1z'inzming, zcater-:kiing and drag racing . . . job, Bzzrgnzaief: Market . . . Ble::ed Sacrament. ROBERT DU CHARME . . . Bud . . . job at City Food Store . . . f erpecially like: bozcling and hot car: . . . pet peere, nw ae' moocher: . . . Ble::ed Sacrament. NANCY DUCKE . . . M Agne: ' , . . hohby, cooking . . . hope: to become a n11r:e Shel: here, I hear a giggle. . . . Ble::ed Sacrament. JOSEPH DUNI-IAM . . . joe . . . favorite panimen. all :port: . . . A little fan never hart anyone, dal it? . . . St.1ame:. G JUDITH DWYER . . . Indy . . . job at Lutheran ' It 6 A Ho:pctal headed or nurnng at St Francz: alway: :mclzng St 1o:eph DIANE EASLAND work: rn Wedgezoood Valley adore: water :kung dulzke: old time munc St Thoma: More ELAINE ERICKSON Lame part tzme job at Ste1,en:0n : pet peece pre::ure :ale: clerk: Holy Trzntty JOSEPH ERLEWEIN Earl plan: to :erve Uncle Sam cn the Arr Force lzke: pop: mmzc work: at To:a Club Sl Io:eph Q in K K Q.-v DONALD FAAS Don lzke: to huzld model :hzp: and plane: ob at Marzan Hall qmet St fame: DEANNA FELDBRUEGGE Dee ond of drama traveling French remembered a: joan 0 Arc a cheer ul :mcle or all St Wence:lau: JUDITH FINLEY Indy hobby hakzng lzke: to dance pet peeve people crzznchrng potato chcp: Holy Cro:: LORRAINE FORER Lorracne out o :chool job at St Francz: Ho:pztal A :ercou: face a merry heart St Wence:lau: MICHAEL FORER Le ty collect: :cale model car: lzke: :kung boxzng and :wcmmzng headed for Marine Corp: St Thoma: More RONALD FOSS Ronnze lzke: munc You can t hold anythrnb agacnn a man who doe:n t :ay anythzng St Io:eph SUZANNE FREGIN Sane job Woolworth: energetzc like: h0r:e: and tennc: hope: to do :ecretarzal work St Thoma: More joseph Dunham judzth Dwyer Donald Faas Dcmna Feldbruegge Dlane Easland Flame Ernckson joseph Erlexxem Judith Fxnley 'ye Q li ul' Q 315'-W' Q' 4 Lorrame Forer Mxchael Forer Ronald Foss Suzanne FICLID 4' L ' ' .'fDi!l ..- V lk PQ ' ' ' . . - . . ' ' ' 1 t X l S Q ... H I U ... . I . .V , uX,'v, Q x . . . . . . ' L- r 'Q ' fl 1 If xr, L.. ' ' ff I7 ' ff If f'f , , fu f . . . ' . . . - ' . ' ' - ff 1 If H, f U D h I . .. . . . I ' I ' J , ff ' if ' ' ff 0 I- l ' l ' 0 ' I ' ll . ' .fl . . ' ff ' lf ' Y ' - ' so if I' A -ff A ' , 6 '.., Q 6 ,522 ' kj' , Q Q lf, 1 X f A . 1' f ' I.. ,fe r I ,, ' ,flu ' ' ' Q . Ur P 4, A ' . ' L' I .1 4 mg v 1 A y . A M, . xv y o t J ,Q A 1 Q l - '54, . -N ' Adi. , . . . . Y. Carol Froegel joseph Furlano 0' 'C' William Galstcr Patricia Garskc if? 66 W MSU Mary Gilles Rose Mary Grttcns Mary Grlbmslu DJHILI Graf CAROL FROEGEL Fragf lzher rportr and mane u ant! to be a recretary remember: trzp to Calz orn1a Holy 'Irznzty JOSEPH FURLANO Joe hobby hznztzng helpr ont on arm planr to work uzth hzghuay department St Charler WILLIAM GALSTER z pet peeze hu oun grey hazr job at Frank Len a :park o nn St Mary PATRICIA GARSKE Garrk lozef outdoor rportf pez peez e Jalermen u orhf at St Annf Horpztal St Mary BEVERLY GILBERTSON Bez collectr magazznef on afhzonr and honze bnzldzng dangerozzr u hen flylzng an azrplane Holy Crorr MARY GILLES Mary annoy ed by rtop Jzgnr and flow drnerr lover partzer and drzwng Holy 'Irznzty ROSE MARY GITTENS Flarh dzrlzker borznq people and yztaatzonr headed or Marquette a real pal Craft xzon MARY GRABINSRI Gabby job honfeu orb gosrzp tr her pet peeze hobby boulzn plan! to be a 7ZZl7'.f6 Holy! Trznzty DANIEL GRAF Dan lozef carmal and opera mane e peeze lond talking dznzng a ntozze St Mary RICHARD GRAW Dzck job Soellr Dragr hobby hnntzng renzenzberr canoe trzp on Flanzbean Rwer St Iarner GERALD GSC HXVIND Guy planr to be Guild Gbdlmnd a Lonzmcnzal artzrt lzker nzaltr sporty good rzendr ft janzcr CAROL GUANELLA Carol another nture nnrra hobby danczng 11 orhf at St jofephr Home ft Wenreylazzr ROLAND GUDIE Ron hobby hydro plane raczng pe peeze women drzzery plany to go znto banner: eld Bleffed Sacr :ment GERALD GUENTNER Du drzzer truck or Lnndr Flouerr hobby analyzzng nenrotnr lzbes to hunt and rh Ilya nr crlanr gov' JAMES GUGGENBUEHL :nz Some are zz ne rome are ueatherzzue and rome are other Z1 159 S! fdiillf EDWARD HAAS I zlflze enjoyf moz zey and lzkcs TV lzkes to help out on dr una projertf St Patrzclf Beverly Gilbertson Q iv as Rxnharnl Gram Gerald Guentncr james Guggcnbuchl K' 1 W...- M 4 ab- Caml Gugnglla Roland Gudle Edvuard Haas ai , nf lb- Ifilg X 4 'fo ' K an lyk! A .h K 1' 7 I I if , . ,,,f - lr. S. Y xl If X r ' 'S 1 ' av v I , l 5 ' '- -If . v , X If K 4' 1 . N rl A 1 1 -,' I af E rf rv ' ' yy . . '... B'll ... -,' I y vt , H NH. '- H D Ik 'I . 'rl uf 4 ' , I vw, . ' I 3 rl I 1 - 1 ' I' 1' I F' ' fl 4 X I' H u - ' Q , ,H fy r X ff- fi my e 5- .v..lU f 'L . V 4 ...V A.. c ' f ' 1 Q . rr' fr rf ,' . 6 -4' 7 I . , 7 'xl' I, Q, 7 , ,,,.. '.. .Y rf: 'H ' , Q r 1 . - -' :il bf, nn Mag-tm Hafner Robert Halxska MARTIN HAFNER junior ltheJ Jportx and can hate: to get np early frtendly Crzzczfixzon ROBERT HALASKA Q.. 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J I ' I Judith Hubcr Joyce Hugo Mary Ann Hull Rhea Hundt Q' rv:- is 35' we K X Mary Ann Jdnkel smcs Ju sank sllsam Johnson Kathryn Johnston JUDITH HUBER ,Iztdte uorks at St Francts H ospztal pet peeve an atr people alu ays gay St john JOYCE HUGO Joyce worked at Trz State Tarnttare last summer ond 0 readtng sewtng hakzng traoelzng and clothes Blessed Sacrament MARY ANN HULL Mtmt loves horse back rzdtng plans to become a mastf. teacher dzslzkes tll mannered people St Charles RHEA HUNDT Rhecf works rn her athers restaurant hohhy roller skatzng ltkes clothes and people St Wenceslaas CARL IVERSON Car ltkes otl patnttng and drtctng works as a hookkeeper ake a ptzza enthastast 14 orks at St Francts H ospttal a frtendly smtle or all Holy Trzntty JAMES JIRACEK jtm hohhy hanttng uorks at Krogers l came Isaw I graduated St Marg WILLIAM JOHN SON t joh asherzng at 5th Atenae Theatre hohhy art has trav eled to Flortda and New England St Wenceslaus KATHRYN JOHNSTON Ka ltkes danc tng and skatzng uorks at St Josephs Home zz ants to hecome a narse Holy Trtntty LE ROY UEN o hohhy hanttng ltkes cars and parties Joh grocery store hates gettzng up early St Thomas More JAMES KADLEL Kadtlte uorks tn hts athcrs o tce pct peeste cold ptzza Ftlled to the hrzm 1l tth an Blessed Sacrament MAUREEN KELLY kent joh at St Francts Ho spztal small and pert hates to eat cegetahles St llferlceslrtrrs MARY ANN KENDHAMMER Mares spends uorizng hoars at Wfelch Motel enjoys all szrmmer and 'lll7Zf!,1 sports St Thomas More MARY JEAN KERSRA Kersh ond o houltng and roller skattng joh Matn Lthrary hopes to hecome a stcnographer St Wetzceslalts us K1 WAYNE KIBLER Ltttle Al job at Laundromat Hes small tn stature hat hes got htg tdeas St james GREGORY KIENZLE Greg Every class has tts clown uorks at Qaznns Sport Shop Blessed Sacrament '30 1.- -v Car Iverson R Le Roy Juen Marv Jean Kerska Vlfayne Klbler og: Maureen Kelly Mary Ann Kcmlhammcr Gff80fY Klenlle . I W V 4 I lx ., vkgac G tri I l Z 'gtwg ,ls.,, I gf. ff , k - Ji - W' . - 4 ll .f f , If 'I 'll I , . . ' ' ... '... ' ' f ' J... l ,..':' ' 1 l in a lamheryard . . . hohhy, camping . . . Holy Cross, Dakota. MARY ANN JAEKEL ... l ' ' I. ' ' ' ' 'f ..., 'N . ' H... 'f .., , ' ' ... B.'ll ...' , ' ' f, - 43 ... y ... ' - if ,lam z lnllcc k - In e- I . ' J . . . H pl . . . ' I . f f ', ' I fy. JI.. 4 ., A . . .0 , 'IU ' 1 V .IT V5 fi V 5 A I ' . ....f f xg. ' t J ., ,' D X s, 5 I l 1 XIX ' .' ' l I ,u . 1 if l V. Lg' , N J- J U ... Robert Kistler ROBERT KISTLER Bo Men may be conunced but they cannot be pleafed dgdlnfl their wzll Holy Cro!! Dakota CAROL KNOP Carol work! at Montgomery Ward like! cooktng num mtng and fre !kat1ng Ble!!ed Sacrament JAMES KOELBL Kabe hobbze! huntzng and !h1ng I nezer let uork tnter ere uzth plea!ure lame! RICHARD KRAJEXVSKI Rzeh collect! old pennze! job at La Cro!!e Trtbune Ill ell fellow St Wence!lau! WAYNE KRAUSE Wayne Early to bed early to rue keep! the dark L'lfLl6J rom under your EJEJ' St 7411072141 More THOMAS KRUGEL Tom job at Ben Franklin Store enjoy! mu!tc He ha! all o u! guenzng St Thoma! More HARRY KU BIAK Harry make! a hobby o collecttng munc plan! to become an electrtcal engzneer Ble!!ed Sacrament JOSEPH LANZEL oe pet peeve people uho alway! borrow lrke! to watch and play !port! St john Carol Knop LORNA LARKIN Lorna ltke! to ltsten to the radio tn her !pare time remember! expertence! by keeptng a .l'CfdPb00k St john DANIEL LATH ROP Danny fob Harrz! Grocery La Cre!eent Know tt dll! are hz! pet peeve lzke! ha!eball and drama Cruetfixzon ROSALIE LEWIS Ro!te plan! to be a dental hy gten1!t lore! to J'Ufl77Z remember! trtp to Calz ornza St Thoma! More MARY JANE LISKOVEC ano work! at Matn Ltbrary If laughter were unlau ul .l'h6d !pend the re!t 0 her lt e rn jazl St Wente!lau! PATRICIA LOCY a az orzte hobbtes Jewzng patntrng and cooktng work! at Ruud! Drug Store St WEUCEIZHNI JOSEPH LON KOSKI joe part tzme fob at filling !tatt0n Small but on the ball Holy Cro!! PATRICIA LUKAS Pattt Anne hobby photo ttnttng She ! gentle !he! !hy but there! muchte tn her 9361 St Thoma! More Thomas Krugel Harry Kubiak Joseph Lanzel Loma Larkin Q Q ns.. .aah Ni' I 'Ia .x .Dx P James Koelbl Richard Krajewski Wayne Krause Daniel Lathrop 1 ' ' Rosalie Lewis Mary Jane Liskovec Patricia Locy Joseph Lonkoski Patricia Lukas Thomas McCaffrey Carol McCauley jcrmm- M:Kuskcy Marilyn McLain Ann McLo0r1L all? yy. ,Ji we T gf QS ,,,-av' Sally MLM ahon THOMAS MCCAFFREY Mac 1107055 at Cbzck n Yteak pet peeze braggardr ltker to lount beaded or Arr Force Crucrnxzon CAROL Mc CAULEY Carol enyoyf lrorfelzacb mlznlg job at La Crorre Horpztal St jofeplo JEROME MCKOSKEY A ac pez peez e u ornen druerr bobby wood u orkzng planr on an engzneertng career Holy Trtnzty MARILYN MCLAIN Marzlyn yob at St Francu Horpztal dtrltker cookzng planr uture wttla atrlznef St Wencerlaur ANN MLLOONE Cloony collectr rtu fed antrnalr and recordr pet peez e modern art hope: or a rnurzcal career Blerxed Sacrament SALLY MCMAHON a part tzme yolr at St Franctr Horpztal u antr to be an elementary teacher Yt jobn JAMES MLMORROW Mtckey per peel e women clrtz err go! rtucb tn a Jnou rtornz and Jpent the nzglat ten rnzlef rom noubere Holy Irznzty MAUREEN MLSORI EY Maureen One zz ho doer not bore by talk but tr fu eet nerrel St Mzclfael DAVID MADLAND Date 110113 at Fonfoltdated Butlderf Supply lzker bunttng and trout flozng planr to be an aeronautzcal engzneer Cruct xton MARY MAJERI E Mary tlnnkr the BraLeJ are the greater! yolz at Relze Department pet peeze nzonrtrour arfzgnrnentr Holy 'lrznzty PAUI MAXWELL Pau I lzttle tlnngf rnear' a lot lng tlozngr muft mean more St james BERNARD MEIER Bernze dzrlzker batzng notlnng tnter efttng to do uantf to take up tool and dze Crucz Exton KATHI EEN MEIER Kate pez peeve people uno talk and talk and talk ltkey recordr and yportr Holy 'lrznzty CAROL MERFELD Mer uorkr or La frorfe INeur Agency would ltke to be a przzate recretary St Iolon Pull Mlxxxcll Ov' JUDITI-I MILLER ude uantx to become a przz ate rec retary dtrltker people uno my 3 Q' I told you ,ro work: at St Franctr Holy Trzntty JUDITH MINARD jude job recep ttonzft at S't Franctr lzker rnurtc and books annoyed by nouy 'P' eatery St Jamer Bernard Mucr lxathlccn Mclcr hmes MnMorrow Maureen Mdorlcy Daxrd Ikiadland Mary Mayerlc Carol Mcrfeld Jlltllfh Miller judxth Mmard 1. my 1 I Q 1 Qs ,a X f .. 5 c 3 ... N fr' lg , 7' Q ,. Q- Y yi A v , I 'C' 1 1, f' ' l Q, I A 1 ' ,gf1y' V5f1f Q' 'T QT-1 W 5 A ' 1 I ' 2 A 1 'xx A V v' 1 1 1 I ' . . . H ly . . . ' . . - -1 . , , , ' , . . . . . . l, . ' 7 . .. ' E ' , , , , . . ' ... 1 ',' I' ', l ' I t o 0 1 . 'I I 1 1 1 I t I l1 H - X .. . 1 . . . . . f r I 1 W . . .4 N 'H . . . f ... I , . . . f ' - A . ... Sl ... - . . 1 . 1 'l l 1 1 x E . I ' 1 1 1 ' 1 , ' 1 ' ' f - 1 I I . I ' ' -' ' I. 1 1 - A 1 , rr rf rf , , ' ' , If 11 - 4 al, ,A R . V. . 1 . l 1 . . ' , f , . . . . ' '. . l . . ,, U - H ,h . . V' . I I w Q I . . . ' l . . . '- l' ' ' rf u K . . , . . I . . . , fm F Y Q 1 1 - - ' W fr u . . . f , Q . . . Q f 1 1 1 l A , 'V l 1 n 1 ff-I fl f Q' l l . . . 1 D 'l ,1 N L 1 K' ff ' y ,U , r 1 - I . V . . . 4 I -J . M x I I l l rr n - . . . . 1 1 , ' L X I 1 1 f ' ' A ,, . V . . . f LW . . . . - 1 O ' l cf ' I 1 ,I , '. , 4 A I Gerald Mullenberg Daniel Murphy 18- if GERALD MULLENBERG . . . Mully lake: :port: and hunt rn u ork: at South Lane: plan: to he a good old armer St jo:eph Ridge DANIEL MURPHY Murph hold: yoh at La Cro::e Paper and Box Co atm r: commercral prlot hohhy automohrle: Ble::ed Sac rament MILDRED MURPHY Mtllze attempted :kung hut' employed at Barron: lzke: to :ew her own clothe: Ble::ed Sacrament ELLEN MUTCH Ellen work: at Woolworth : enjoy: popular 17 mmrc plan: to do :ecretarral work Holy Trrnzty MARY MUTCH Mary make: mn:tc wzth her ute Mary and nn go hand rn hand Holy Trzntty DAVID NEKOLA Daze lzke: to hunt part lzme yoh at Montgomery Ward St lame: Mildred Murphy MARION NELSON Ahhey lzke: to dance hope: to hecome a heaatzczan dulrke: homework St I0:eph THOMAS NEUVERTH Curly truck drwer or Trzhnne grggly grrl: zrrztate htm lzke: 01 ermght camptng and hoatrrdzng Holy Trznrty JOHN NOELKE ohn An ardent gol er and good too re: ent employment Neu harg: Men: Wear Ble::ed Sacrament MARILYN OL SON e lzke: howlzng and tennzr plan: to become a :ecretary Ble::ed Sacrament MICHAEL OSOWSKI Or work: at hakery Let : leave everythzng tomorrow: another day St john MARY PAGE Mzmt hohhte: readtng and hor:ehack rrdtng lrke: mn:zc and danczng work: at St Francr: St lame: DANIEI PEDRETTI Smzley employed at a hakery rn Pratrze dn Chten hohhy uoodcra t uant: to he a :czentut St Charle: DOROTHY PEDRETTI Dot lzke: readzng dance: and par tze: hope: to do o tce uork St Charle: GERALD PEDRETTI jerry He: ha:hfnl fhe :ay:!f lzker :ctence and math St Charle: MAR LOU PEDRETTI Mary Lou 1121! make a cute nurte pet peeze go::rpzng men St Charle: Marlon Nelson Thomas Neuverth 3 453' 'Ni' Mary Page john Noe-lke Marxlyn Olson ,av H 'Ji Ellen Mutch 4' Mary Mutch Davrd Nekola Mxchael Osowskr Damel Pedrettx Dorothy Pedrettr Gerald Pedrettl Mary Lou Pedrettr , X lr U ' -X I x . 1 p 1 ' I g . . . f H f . .J , , 1 - ' Y '- 8' . l rf In 'Q' ,, . . . . . . . . XX Q' a a l - n - f sy .. V , , 6 I u o n I 6 Q. n u s - S- . n 1 I . p 1 n V I I a Y rr :J ' - ' l ... ' . . .. f f ' ' f f rf , n ' - 1 1 I - If 1: ' I l . I l . . . H U . . . . . . 2 . . . , sl' l ...ff I f- , . ...p- W , I 1 1 1 v 4 ' ... 01'fl..' 'U 'lf fr bu n r - l V 1 1: . l l 1 . I 'rf ' 'u . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . y . . . H . M . . I ff u ' ' .. . 1 . . . V . . . , , H U ff V . . . . . ...H ' - ' . . Y ff V 77 V' V ' ' . . . . . . . . . , fl is M -. -, .3 'gi Q, Q, 33 -.. J... 5, he M P Q, L3 X K ,Q . f T .V A Q -' ?g. usb V ' M - ' ? R N5 rg 4-P. ,X I I V.. N 'A 1 A 2 A 'X' Patruk Pndrnttn Judith Pc.IL,+.,rm gr if 'kg in ti Iylc Qull m Mlry Rcgnt PATRICK PLDRLTTI a Catherxm Pmhlnnl. Sallv Poumr '15, 56' Iohn Prue Af' Nl Mary Rum 10 Mqry Jme Rep IDSICI 'Ihomas Roelllch I helzez e zn hetng Jzlent and panzng or a phzlofopher St Charley UDITH PELEGRIN udyf famouy or laxt wordx I dziagreel dzflzhei puyhy people Blened Sacrament CATH ERINE POEHLING Cathy A rzght good gzrl through and through :he haf many merzty and her aaltf are eu Bleued .S zcrament SALLY POUZAR Long Tall Sal annoyed hy floppy drefferf hohhy art u orhx at Gant erty Bleued Yanrament JOHN PRICE ohn enjoyf hayehall Jhrng and huntzng trrztated hy htg 11 heelx headed or Marznef Holy Cro ry LYLE UILLIN Quzll helpr out at uzlltnx Market lthex Jtag partzef and rportf pet peeze horronerf u ho orget to return Holy Trznzty MARY REGET Rzggar rolleftf recordf When Jhe doe.rnt talk Jenfe Jhe talkf nonyenfe Holy Trznny MARY REIMAN Mary lzhef hoohi Her quiet manner cannot hzde her pleaJant perfonalrty Holy Croix MARY JANE REPINSKI jane plan! to hecome a practzcal nurfe haf a hohhy 0 14 rmng letterf St IJfI1CZ7d6l THOMAS ROELLICH Shezh u orhf at Youth Laney The comedzan 0 the Jenzor clan hmm Roc hr Holy Trznzty JAMES ROESLER zm lrhef the clean country azr u zll mon he an actne Marzne St joyeph Rulge IOIS ROESLER I5 yhe laughzng agazn or yet? job at Ihertx Store Thomaf More VIRGINIA ROESLER Gina lzher murzr talhzng and readzng ull o enthufzaxm headed or rnedfcal ferhnology St Iofeph Rzdge 'H' NANC Y RORAFF Nanr worhf at St Franczf Horpztal 1ld12lJ' to he a practical nurfe haf trav elezl to Florula Holy from uf' LUIS Roc-slcr Vlrgnma Roesler STUART ROSS u lzhey to drau employed at Bo dega lozes payday plant to yozn Serzzfe St Iofeph CARL RUEGG Car hohhy arch er There are Jo many other: Il ho lzhe to talk uhy not let them do ll Holy Trznztyf 's i 5 2 If -V Q r S - I M we If- N ff isis. A 2 ,g , xg... , QW I, R Uxs -, 1 T q .' V7 If ,Q Aw viii' .Y ... y I V J . o:, I ., A ,f 1 ,V E 43 Q 1 use-v I' 'A W1 'f X l .' ' 'I' 4 ' ' 7 A . 1 W' .' J I ' 1 ' H' ' ' ' f iy 1 f 1 A-.-.':, 'U, M .I . . .l f , I . nan , ',n-1 I I I Ia- ' nn- 'V - ' 9 . ' ff If J ' ' ff ' 'y , rf 9 .Ig . X. , .' I V . . . . . H VU I 1 Y My H A. -1 I ,U ...J ' H H , V f . . p ,mp P' ' VY V I r- ' - fs X AL bl AV . V, A Jnnjhnlu l. xl I ' Lan H A ' '-'4'.l'...' 'H' H'...St. I , rf ' n ' J Q? ' I ' ,J ' ...f f I' Q 1 ex l f, , it B. :L x R w I I mst 11 9. 4 . ' ' .4 '... V 5 . J -c' T My 5 VI. V V' V I w J 4 Nancy Roraff Stuart Ross Carl Ruegg Donald St Jacque DONALD ST JALQUE Don dtslzhes people who hoss htm helzezes the Nazy uas made or htm St james JEROME ST JACQUE Jacque fob Soells Dont rush me gtrls Ill still be HVOIIIIZI' a eu years rom nozc St james JAQQULLINE SARNBR jachte pet peete tuo acecl people holds joh at Consumers St james BERNARD SAUER Bernze Tall dark and handy to haze around u orhs at Fznley s Bakery Blessed Sacrament ALBERT SQHAMS When he tackled them they really ell also lzhes to slum Ho y Trznzty SAM SCHELBE Samho lzhes moues hzzntzng and shzng plans to become a carpenter Holy Trznzty EVELYN SCHMIDT works at Arenz Shoe Company hohhy wrztzng letters to penpals loz es to tracel Holy Trznzty LOUDEAN SQHMIDT Ln Ln lthes records and danctn g hopes to become a healttzczan joh at Iherts Holy Trznzty aroma St acque thznh Holy Trzntty MARY LOU SCHNEIDER Mary Lon employed at St Francts Hospztal One reason 11 hy gentlemen pre er blondes Holy Trrnzty BARBARA SQHOEN Barh plans to he a teacher pet peeve a stack record loz es mnszc and jeu elry St Patrzch MARILYN SLHRABECK Mznnz atnre career nnrsznq crazy ahoat Mzlzc anhce Brates Thomas More JOANNE SLHREIER ont lozes ltalzan ood hohhy playing the organ Holy Trrntty JOHN SQHROEDER ac employed at Island Paznt Shop lozes to szng ztants to he an engzneer St james SUSAN SCHUBERT Schnha plans to he an elementary teacher uorhs at Arenz Shoe Company pet peer e fussy customers St Mary Sam Sthelbe Lxclyn Schmrdt lou lean Schmndt john Schmitt jacquelme Sarner ya ff? 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Suggestions in the Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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