Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI)

 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1951 volume:

Q E E i i vi ? if 3 P2 fi I i I +3 E 5 T5 , e 1 xv MTQOWMKQMM Jn ' fll,f5C2wmLLa-Qbr jf ' WWW Mvwvfw MM? 044 Mw- '25 WL21ffWiiDmwj:MfZ? WW . MMMZMMYWQJ AVL if . Maw W Wwmzfwwwfm wMQ gjQ WMf 1 U L4 Mui fmzxlgwifm affli- jfafff- LZUQZV WJ ,O Aj K ' X J fgid'-fxgyefo Q ,j?ff5ffffff ,,Q-52,0 4550 Q7-1 0 M 9 "WJ ITIIIIP x MA' ' W' 'WL 9 ary iii Vi 'MX i ijyf gray, A ' 'SWV ifprtwmyy ' TE. i E - VOLUME xxui PubHshed by 0.1-W 21.-1:15 SENIOR CLASS Aounw-xs HIGH sci-noon. LA cRossE, wiscomsim Sw. Mary Volz, Editor V Gerald Downey, Copy Editor Charles Cunningham, Sports Editor I J XX ks ' 212197 ' f J a ill j A ,nj Or ord The purpose of Catholic education is to help man to secure his ultimate goal -the possession of God in eternity. It aids him to achieve the purpose of this life through the knowledge, love, and service of his Creator. The high school, as a formal means of Christian education, seeks to direct all to Him Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, to teach His message ot love, and to encourage the practice of the virtue ot religion. lts principles are born in eternity. The Scriptures and tradition are its human expression. Commissioned by Christ to teach the Word of God, the Church has established the Catholic school system to serve this end. Pope Pius Xl emphasized its importance in his encyclical, "The Christian Education of Youth." The Hierarchy ot the United States reiterated this principle in a recent document, "The Child: A Citizen of Two Worlds." The theme of the bishop's statement is that man, while ot this world, owes his highest allegiance to the kingdom of God and must be instructed accord- ingly. That instruction is the objective of Christian education. School, a society in miniature, is the students' testing ground for later years. The student in school today is in the training school of lite. Christian education aims to impart to the student the wisdom to use his knowledge and skills in God's service and thus to work out his salvation. The Mother of God is patroness of Christian education as at all human endeavors in the interests of her Divine Son's mission. She is the Woman who in wisdom responded to divine grace. lt is Mary, our rrlodel, the Seat of Wisdom, who encourages us to follow the steady light o truth. These are 5the patterns from which the '51 "Trumpet" staff has selected the theme, "Catholic Education Makes the Complete Man." C y, 4' .' in ,- .. 'Y' 4,5 ,ci gd. I U!! fd, fd- ' . ...Q ,im i - , 0 , fi. , 1 1 '.-1.1 .,ft.-L, C' If 5.9--255. 1 'Se L .. .:- .. T" 'fl' ' lx" M J 4. ,. J, 5- I xA Q ,ff ,-,-- fl ' ' - " 'J -rf .Q QW,---Mwst W f 7 if .. . ti. J ,,-.J :Q---'-wfftf ""5""!9 3132.3 ,,.,.XJl- 1 ' I I , Q . f s, fl L32 :S S I ' 1 ll L J -'-LVM? 'Avo 1 If - if W U4L'!,ll-f'-Q-Y ""'J"d ij 'P' ALA4'-ZX "1 5 f Q ,-,aj if 1 , 0 - , CN., 5714... 5 f r ' H by-J 5 x , . W l,fx,-.4-f-im..-' uvvjx I s l -7,4 ,Le-41' -4 . A 1 -Loved ff- W l ri-fl, , - '70 7 gm, , . . ath tion Makes the Co D D I Si Foreword,.Dedication, Administrators ,... Pages l-7 J XJ ,L 'R f 'm ' l tri ' Xl -'wh W! . ,. 7 ,LM ' ,MJ RU llll , Cathabc Education Makes the Complete Man l xl! we ' f V , X Q69 ,, , ,'-L.: I ' A li, 7 ' ffl, fi J 1 - Aquin s l-Blgh School, Faculty, Classes, X VJVJ W , l l -.4..4.g21.Pcris- esparorivegfmhup Iiarjggs, J ,ai ' ,Q pg 'P ,,,, Classroom ctivities, rom, Spanish Club, 'i' ,N f' ft' A, 'li V. -f.Gge2fQan -Efhib,-Student g6Ul5lCi-lf'vF!LQJ'3 ., ,fc ' Q' Homerqcikers Club, Saence Clubg Library K7-7 jj l 'l ,f1:j,-1N,flE'Pf. '9jiD0fEcfubliQQ0'1SJC?f+efsJ'4 -'-4'- -cs,-lE9?F,Xf5 ' J- 5 X S ,i 1 fu 1 J ,fl i ' 'fi . -iL,-- ,-,fl ,Q ',-- ,fjf " .--ry: ...V ,N ,-Jggix W N il if V f l Af .Catholic Pduccigon- Makes!-the CbmQe1te4'Man 7 V' ,Blu V P i, LN .-. L,,+uf GrQ5ALWWJ?UV,LM,p - K- FIWQLQY, .J f L Moss Servers, 'Golden Mass, -May, Crown- . it Q' W 'I l Q CQHAQVJU -fo, X- ,Mp y i li 1 s . -,X Society, Pilgrim Virginuietleat, ission' ""' ' L-.-.-,ci il Qg,QlubFQQO ,pf .,LJit5el Club,, g h ' Qldllflfi f 2 i, Don Bosccb ,Cat olicity inf chjn' .aff M'i' 56-7l 4 " b--afcceli -. +4 S. V' s. ,Ei--f Q7' ' ,1,4g,,vf:,..-,.- fd... 6, N M N 4 I - .1513 lftv, ,.,--44"-ig? uv if A - -' J. 1 if N ...., -' 'JZ 2 . cmai- 'Tduiliifafn Makes the 'Gila , , , ,U in bcial Growth ff, i l' Mk? 1 V - - M- ' , ,AJ---!,..4,, in 'WI' N " l"'4"' T, ,f Mardi Gras, Behind the Sc6e?, fThe 'li M41 -1.77 Green Pastures," Orchestra, Band, "Song T "r' hulr -5ff,4L?'?f"2f l of Norway," Choruses, Music Groups .... Pages 72-87 7' f Catholic Education Makes the Complete Man in Physical Growth Football, Basketball, Spring Sports, Cheer- leaders, Football Rally, Patrons, Auto- graphs .....................,.. , .4....4,..4.,,,........,..... Pages 88-108 N 4 -ll-L 4'--nm- -W-.., -Mm A.. ',,., I , Q I I 5 iK I I i I gg.-ii. i r DEIDICATIO Kilt' Kevcrend Khrzrles ,4. l6'lc'rl1rz RELIGION INSTRUCTOR AND ATHLETIC DIRECTOR "Not by bread alone does man Iive, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth at God," This truth has long inspired Christian education and Christian educators. One at these educators is the Reverend Charles Biecha. His six years of service at Aquinas were spent in propagating that word and in serving in the capacity of athletic director. To him the senior class, in appreciation, dedicates "The '5I Trumpet." APPRECIATIO J-fis fwvllcncy Che Mast Kvverendjvhnp Geary, Si CD, BISHOP OF THE DIOCESE OF LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN In setting a fine example of leadership - Catholic leadership - our beloved Bishop is placed on intimate terms with the lite and learning of Aquinas High School. Ever as a staunch supporter of our school, our Bishop, through his untiring efforts in our behalf, has done and is doing, much to shape Aquinas into the worthy institution we know it to be today. As the Good Shepherd of his flock, Bishop Treacy leads in Catholic education. MN., ts,,m..,.,. E716 Vary kezfercud joseph Z Ifumiinger HEADMASTER, AQU l NAS HIGH SCHOOL Our headrnaster is a priest of God who devotes his energies and talents to the service of youth. He is not a general, yet he leads an army ot souls. He does not create masterpieces of art, yet he daily calls to earth the Lord of Glory. He does not write booksg his life IS a book of virtue. He has not great wealth, but he has a heart of gold for the souls under his charge. He is never hailed as a king, yet he rules the heart of each and every Aquinite. is X Che Very Keeereleei Msg! Chezeuzs ,7 J-fezllomn DIOCESAN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS As an educator, Msgr. Halloran has been guided in his administration by the principle that education's duty does not merely equip individuals with the knowledge and the social skills required to succeed in this world. Christian education, over which he is diocesan superintendent, must make the student aware of his purpose in life. Msgr. Halloran's recent elevation to the rank of papal chamberlain by His Holiness, Pope Pius Xll, is recog- nition of the marks of a Catholic educator which he possesses. QQ fb C cr .wSDo f1 fUUl,l IlLU! W? S an N T , f Q ffmnpfsts mmm Qntellfotuaf Rvwwtfv Wg' ,vw fm 55 M 35 X WL' fl ,T Q fi ' XE 'ff M U fri Q X f f 5 ""'5 f ff ,-.11-,':2iI Gu .-Ziff-'f ,.. .. flquzhas High Sflzrfrfl A Cflzrisfian 8dz1cati014 S E I O R S Adams, John Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Ambrose, Thomas ' b if SB al l . ', M ix KA V 5 , E 'r' I .E X k .Quiz Q eg Ashbacher, Paul Drarnatics 35 Intramurals 45 Cheerleader 45 Traffic Guide 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom President 45 Prom Court 35 Traffic Guide 45 Usher 4. Bohr, Helen Choir I5 German Club 3, 45 Hall Guide 4. Sister M. Rosilda Supervisor 4 L, . Bartovick, Verna Choir I5 Science Club 3, 4. Baum, Nancy Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Homeroom Secretary I, 25 Junior Benevolent Society 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Trumpet Staff 45 Good Counsel Club 45 Home- coming Court 45 Prom Court 3. Bedessem, John Choir I, 2, 35 Operetta I, 2, 35 Dramatics 45 Forensics 25 Basketball I, 25 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Home- room President 45 Debate 'l, 2, 3, 45 Prom Court 35 Traffic Guide 45 Forum 2, 3, 45 Badger Boys' State Representative 3. Boschert, Terence Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Usher 4. Boyle, Kathryn Orchestra 35 Mardi Gras Court 45 Hall Guide 4. .1 -, 4 ... .mc SE I O R Frepares Each Individual of-N P1 iff ai .-ffrfffr 535 21 wi- Q4-mr: - .g2l5f3fiHj aa. Breidel, Lucille Triple Trio 3, 4, Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Dromatics 45 Homeroom Secretary 25 Hall Guide 3, Cafeteria l, 2, 3. Breidel, Richard Choir lg Hall Guide 4. Bruha, Thomas Choir l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Don Bosco Club 4, Homecoming Court 4, Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Guide 4, Server 4, Usher 4. Buchner, Bernard Intramurals 3, 4. Buelow, Charles Dramatics 45 Homeroom President 45 News Staff 35 Mardi Gras Court 4, Debate 2. Bull, Bonita iilews Staff 2, Stage Crew Calkins, Geraldine Band'l, 2, 35 Library Club 4, Hall Guide 3, 4. Clements, Carol Clement, Robert Band l,2. Sooltball lg Intramurals Twelve Sister M. Clementa History Mission Club Moderator Senior Homeroom Senior Sponsor 'Er Sister M. Leola Science Mathematics Senior Homeroom Senior Sponsor ffl Z-5111467117113 l71z5ffc'1gSl7!z1z'c' I 0 R Collins, Gerald Choir l, 25 Operetta 25 Dramatics 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Mardi Gras Court 45 Traf- fic Guide 45 Hall Guide 4. Delagrave, Warren Choir l, 2, 45 Dramatics 45 Basketball l, 2, 35 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Home- coming Court 45 Traffic Guide 45 Hall Guide 4. Conway, Beverly Choir l, 2, 35 Dramatics 45 Spanish Club 45 Science Club 45 Usher 4. Desmond, Barbara String Ensemble 3, 45 Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 45 Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Homeroom Secretary I5 Junior Benevolent Society 3, 45 News Staff 2, 35 Trumpet Staff 45 Mission Club 45 Good Counsel Club 3, 45 Usher 4. ni' I '13, .s S l 3,6 'I li S-P I -4' ' j"',fQ,xi iffji LQN, ll.: 3125+ S5 ' ,X ll l 1'm"it as s.. 5 l 4 i 5 BX' 4. 3 Q Let " 5 l V i5ff,i.,,,x. ii fax QUIK tm . . Gee, QWUAQ I 1' - i .ff fb, ' J 7 i ' f ' f- -G f 5 if ff 5 xl 4 ,f Xxpif , , .Z MEF XXXQQK X x -SXT Cunningham, Charles Band l, 25 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Base- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals l, 45 Class Presi- dent 35 ACOSA President 45 News Staff 2, 3, 45 Trumpet Staff 3, 45 Prom Court 35 Debate l, 25 Traffic Guide 3, 4. Downey, Gerald Dramatics 45 Forensics 2, 3, 45 News Staff 35 Editor Trumpet Staff 3, Copy- Editor of "The Trumpet" 45 Debate l, 2, 3, 45 Traf- fic Guide 45 Usher 45 Forum 2, 3, 45 Badger Boys' State Representative 35 Valedictorian. Engh, Patricia Choir l, 25 Homeroom Secretary 35 Spanish Club 45 Mission Club 45 School Store l5 Usher 4. Faas, Richard Dramatics 45 Intramurals 2, 35 Football l5 Stage Crew 3, 4. Thirteen l Dayton, Thomas Baseball Manager l, 25 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. Dunn, William Choir l, 25 Basketball l5 Intramurals 4. 5 1 Y- Dedrick, Barbara Choir 3, 45 Operetta 45 Hall Guide 4. Eeg, Nancy Choir l, 25 Library Club 45 Mardi Gras Court 45 Hall Guide 4. Egelhof, James Band l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 45 Intramurals 3. S 5 SE IOR Fisher, Mary Orchestra I, 2, Hall Guide 4, Usher 4. Flottmeyer, Robert Football I, Intramurals 3, Hall Guide 4. 'br Galvin, Julie Orchestra Triple Trio 4, I, 2, Chair I, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Junior Benevolent So- ciety 4, Spanish Club 4, Mission Club 4, Usher 4, Make-up Artist 3, 4. Flottmeier, Paul Choir I, 2, Football I, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Franke, Joan Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Homeroom Secretary 2, 3, Spanish Club 4, Prom Court 3. Gantenbein, Raymond Discords 3, 4, Band 3, Operetta Choir I, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Forensics 2, 3, Intramurals 3, 4, Class President I, Science Club 4, Don Bosco Club 4, Mardi Gras Court 4, Prom Court 3, Cheer- leader 4, Debate 2, School Store I, Traffic Guide 3, 4, Hall Guide 4, Usher 4, Forum 2. I Flanagan, Giles Forensics I, 2, Basketball I, Football I, Baseball I, Intramurals 4, Homeroom President 2, 3, Prom Court 3, Debate I, 2, 3, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Guide 4, Server I, 2, 3, 4, Sorsim I, 2, Electrician Sister M. Antonella English General Business Senior Homeroom Ami ZVIZIS in 5.f'rif11fif Frederick, Rita School Store 4, Usher 4. Frey, Shirley Band I, 2, Usher 4. Friet, Alois Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Captain 4, Dramatics 4, Intramurals 3, 4, News Staff 3, 4, Trumpet Staff 4, Mardi Gras Court 4, School Store 2, Traffic Guide 4, Usher 3, 4. NW' 'dung Gautscl-i, Thomas Choir 4, Operetta 4, Science Club 4, Traffic Guide 4, Server I, 2, 3, 4, Usher 4. Fourteen Gilbert, Donald Orchestra 2, 3, Football I, 2, 4, Intramurals 4, Class President 4, Class Vice-President 3, Don Bosco Club 4, Traffic Guide 4, Server I, 2, 3, 4, Usher 4, Badger Boys' State Representative 3. Gilster, William Choir 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Court 3, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, Traffic Guide 3, 3, Usher 3, 4, Electrician , 4. SE IOR Sister M. Baptiste 5, Graf, Marlene Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club l, 2, 3. I , Commercial English Senior Homeroom Grams, Joan , Operetta 45 Dramatics 45 Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Junior S H 0 6 Benevolent Society 3, 4 Spanish Club 47 Mission Club 4, Mardi Gras Court Gschwind, Regina Guggenbuehl, Richard Guggenbuehl, Robert Band l, 25 Dramatics 4, Choir l, 2, Football lp Choir 2, Baseball 3, 4, Mission Club 41 Mardi Baseball 3, 4, Hall Guide Intramurals 2, 3, Hall Gras Court 45 Usher 4. 4, Intramurals l, 2. Guide 4. l 1 l ' W - - nl- - 6 T r, ry, -4535? 'J .- 4'-' lf. .Q lg : :::::: I 1 '-: X 5 l J, Mi , fr xg 12222 J -lv-f' I ' 'N Hafner, Robert Hale, Edward Hall, Nancy Catholic Action asserts that the apostle of the workingman is the work- ingman. lt is in school - where the Christian spirit necessary for this task Band l, 25 Intramurals 45 Dramatics 45 Tennis 3, 4, Choir lg Hall Guide 4, Don Bosco Club 45 Traffic Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Guide 4, Usher 3, 4. Hall Guide 4. Fifteen is developed. E ' u K Lp f E l OR Ckrf Uhild Q 7' . . '- 15-iii ' X ' "9-H. j , . c 5 G Q xx x R i V S - 5 5 T- X X If ' .Q-Nl A ' 'S .J . Education is not instruc- tion only. lt is not given in and for the classroom alone. Its routine looks straight to the multiple responsibilities of to- morrow. .K ' All i X ' Hammond, Sally Hampton, Ardell Hass, Patricia Choir I5 Homecoming German Club 45 Trumpet Choir 45 Operetta 4. Court 4. Staff 45 Good Counsel Club 3. Hegenbarth, Marie 'Held, Barbara Hericks, Adeline Good Counsel Club 45 Hall School Store I, 2. Good Counsel Club 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Guide 45 Usher 4. Hinds, James Intramurals 3, 45 Home- room President 35 French Club 2, 35 Tlaffic Guide Sister. M. Althea Sister M. Antilia Clothing Civics F.H.A. Moderator Science Freshman Homeroom Mission Club Moderator 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Hohlfeld, Arlene Choir 1' Hall Guide 4. he -I Junior Homeroom Sixteen as 3,15 1. Q ' 3 II Citizen I Horstmann, Bonita Chair l, 25 Homeroorn Secretary I5 Library Club I5 Mardi Gras Court 45 Hall Guide 4. Hosch, Ronald Intramurals 3, 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. I as it ,fl , 1 rlsilaffrlx 3 3, , J C I I , g Li ' i 1 :fi-Efx K 'QT f I 5 55,1959 K Ang -. "Hii?zenbuehIer, Norma Ingham, Gordon Jambois, Edith Jonisch, Raymond Choir I5 Homecoming Court 45 Hall Guide 3. Withdrew. Charrl 2 3 4 Operetta Basketball I Intramurals 45 School Store 2 3 4 Usher Johnson, Frances Johnson, Richard Kerska Donald Kiedrowski, Edward Trumpet Staff 45 Hall Choir I5 Intramurals 45 Choir 2 Intramurals 3 4 rcheslra l In ro Guide 4. Traffic Guide 45 Hall Traffic Guide 3 Usher 4 murals 4 Spanish Club 4 Guide 4. Badger Bo s State Repre Prom King 3 Mardi Gras sentative Court 4 Stage Crew 4 Seventeen XSE IDRS Klos, Gene Usher 4. Knutson, Donna Holi Guide 45 Usher 4. Knutson, Manford Football l, 2, 3, 45 Intro- murols 3, 45 Class Vice- President 45 Homecoming Court 45 Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Guide 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Korpal, Donna Choir i, 25 Spanish Club Secretary 45 News Staff 2, 3, 45 Trumpet Staff 35 Mission Club Treasurer 45 Usher 4. Korpal, Nancy Chair l, 25 Dramatics l, 4, Spanish Club 45 Mission Club 4. Kottmer, Max Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Golf 45 lntramurcils 2, 3, 45 Hail Guide 45 Usher Kramer, Thomas Kreibich, Richard Kubal, Patricia Withdrew. Band I, 25 Basketball I5 Choir 3. Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Don Bosco Club 45 Hall Guide 4: Usher 3, 4. Eighteen l Of ZTWU WzfFf12'S Sister M. Clarence Mathematics Freshman Homeroom Sister M. Cunisse 4 I.. .I 41 Library C' , l fi :fy iY,jti,1 i fsilfffi "' ' -fi NJ., ' ' . ,rw " 4 .4 ' iiiiifil lin ,.f7i,ff4g 1 R i iii fa 'i '12, ,Mm Iii-H ft l Communication arts are powerful media for en- riched Christian living. I 1 si 117141,wlilzfsfZiffcifmtw E I O R S . .. LaFond, Lawrence Band I, 2, 3, 4, Larson, Nancy Orchestra I, 25 Choir 35 Operetta 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 Hall Guide 45 Cafeteria 2. Langen, John Band I, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals 3, 45 Server I, 2, 3, 45 Usher 4. Lawrence, Kent Dramatics 45 Football I, 3, 45 Tennis 45 Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 45 Traffic Guide 4. '13 ' 15.41- f iw -,fi I .i'I'.5fF:.H'? if A c. '.'-' 'X' ir' ,?w'?Wl-L N if J . fl 'f fix, is U . .1 y:L,5gQ.5 I I ai Ti KB! f-1, if ' ' r' li i- . it .24 .1 TXYZPH N71 Ig 3 :fEf"Q5" E2 I4f'if'l I !L.e:.f,J, c O t T-fIQ1Qf' 4 ' 'li . it I wail it LII- XI La nzel, Betty Larkin, Arlene Mission Club 45 Usher 4. Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Operctta Lepsch, Patricia Choir 2, 3, 45 Orchestra I5 Dramatics I, 45 Home- room Secretary 25 Library Club 25 Spanish Club 4. Long, Richard Usher 4. Lyons, John Dramatics 45 Forensics I, 2, 45 Intramurals 3, 45 Class President I5 News Staff I5 Don Bosco Club 45 Debate I, 2, 3, 45 Traffic Guide 45 Hall Guide 3, 45 Usher 45 Forum I, 2, 3, 4. Nineteen 45 Spanish Club 45 News Staff 2, 35 Trumpet Staff ig Mlsslon Club 45 Usher Lewinski, James Choir I, 25 Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball I5 Intra- murals I, 2, 45 Home- room President 25 Spanish Club 45 Homecoming Court Limberg, Mary Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 45 Cafeteria 2, . EN Larkin, Mary Choir I, 2, 3, 45 ACOSA Sxretorv 45 Homeroom S-:retary 35 Junior Benev- olent Society 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 News Staff 2, 3, 45 Trumpet Staff 45 Mis- szon Club 45 Usher 4. Lichtie, Mary Choi' I. 2, 3, 45 Operctta 45 r-Iomcroom President I5 Usher 4. McCabe, Charles Band l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President l, 2, 3, 4, Don Bosco Club 4, Homecoming Court 4, Mardi Gras Court 45 Hall Guide 4, Server l, 2, 3, 45 Usher 4. McLoone, Richard Choir 4, Operetta 45 Basketball 1, 2 3 4- 2, 3, 4, Foofbuii i, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 4, Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, , 4, Class 2: Home- lntramurals 2 Vice-President room President lg Traffic Guide 4. SE Mach, Mary Choir lg Dramatics 4, Spanish Club 4, Home- com ng Court 4. Mathews, Alfred Basketball 2, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Guide 35 Hall Guide 3, Usher 4. McCabe, Daniel Band l, 2, Football lj News Staff 25 Usher 4, Photographer 2. I O Ma rcotte, Henry Choir l, 2, Intramurals 2, 4. McConaghy, Carolyn Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 4, Class Secretary 4, Homecoming Court 4, R s Sister M. Gervina Mechanical Drawing Art Sacristan fl 561155 if 4774111 McHenry, Eileen Prom Court 35 Cheerleader Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 45 Usher 4. 4, Usher 4. McKee, Joseph Football Manager 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, News Staff l, 2, Science Club 4, Traffic Guide 45 Usher 4. McPeak, David Dramatics 41 Basketball ls 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President l, 2, 35 Homecoming Court 4, Hall Guide 3. Merfeld, Dorothy News Staff 4, Usher l, 4, Trumpet Staff 4. Twenty Merfeld, Marlene Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 4, Dramatics 4, Home- room Secretary lg Spanish Club 4, Trumpet Staff 45 Mission Club 45 Prom Court 3. Mezera, Mary Library Club 2, Spanish Club 45 Hall Guide 4. 'E I 3 ORS Sister M. Inez English Freshman Homeroom ,4 Sense af Direcfivm Mosser, Carol ' 5 5 Mosser, Patricia Choir I5 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Choir 2. Murphy, Edward Murphy, John Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Dramotics 45 Football 1, Prom Court 35 Holl Guide 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 45 4. Homecoming Court 45 Hall Guide 45 Traffice Guide 4. Monti, Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetto 45 Dromatics 45 Mardi Gras Court 4. Moriarity, Carol Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetto 45 Good Counsel Club 45 Homecoming Court 45 Prom Court 35 Usher 4. Murphy, Elizabeth Band 45 Orchestra 25 Choir I. 45 Operetto 45 Dramotics 2, 3, 45 Home- room Secretary 45 Library Club 25 Good Counsel Club 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Cheerleader l, 2, 35 Cafe- tterio l, 25 Moke-up Artist Murphy, Marian Homeroom Secretary l. Twenty-one Ma ry KN.. .i Q fa A 1 .gl X if l Q X' XP ' ., .ff 1 Talent, tools, inventive genius and research- all have a place in the complete education of youth. l Newburg, Eugene Choir l, 2, 3, Operetta 3, Dramatics 4, Basketball I, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 45 Home- room Secretary lg News Staff 2, 3, Debate lp Stage Crew 3, Traffic Guide 43 Server 2, 3, 4, Forum 4. Norby, Bernadine Choir 3: Homeroom Sec- retary 45 Homecoming Court 45 Hall Guide 3. Noel, Ma ry Orchestra l, 2, 3, Choir 4, Operetta 4, Dramatics 4, Homeroom Secretary 4, News Staff 4, Trumpet Staff 3, 45 Mardi Gras Court 4, Stage Crew 2, 35 Usher 43 Make-up Artist 3, 4. Novacek, Lorraine Choir lp Dramatics 45 Spanish Club 4, Pram Court 3. S E I O R S ,4 Sense nf Kcspau zbzlzfy Noel, Nola Orchestra l, 2, 35 Dra- matics 45 Homeroom Sec- retary 4, Library Club 3, 45 Homecoming Court 45 glsher 4, Make-up Artist , 4, Novak, Thomas Chair l, 2, Basketball l, 2, Tennis l, 2, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Hall G.iide 4. Oestreicher, Rosalie Orchestra l, 2, 3, Dra- matics 45 News Staff 2, 4, Trumpet Staff 4. ff' P "sit ,,,. JI? Sister M. lsaia Sister M. Lamberta Latin English English Social Science Freshman Homeroom Twenty-two Opitz, Suzanne Tfiple Trio 3, 4, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Dramatics 45 Junior Be- nevolent Society 3, 4p Li- brary Club 45 Good Counsel Club 4, Stage Crew l, 2, 3. 4: Usher 4, Make-up Artist 2, 3, 4. fl Srl1ScfryQ5'l'lfSSfUlI. . . S E I 0 Ormsby, Shirley Dramatics 4. AX Outcelt, Gloria Q: Choir I, 25 Hall Guide 4 A x 'UI ' I . Xl I I KK ' ' l l 1 In 31 A' ' , i- I L' I if 1 2 AL-.Heyy ,A C r f 'cl W1 fi' A Patnocle, Andre All f 'lx ' ........,..,, , , XAN3i1l73 f, ' . - . -----7 , ,y D.s:ords 4, Ch ir I, 4, I I 'J " U' I I I--3' firmj' "' Operetta 45 Draomatics 4 '4"'5bg" ' "U ' ' " ' A" 'f' F'---S Intramurals I, 2, 3 4 Y " lE'lardi1GrSs King 45 Stage I few 1 f 3- + l I. fill, fl Q L xg- Y Pavela, Jane Triple Trio 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 35 Operetta 2, 35 Class Secretary-Treasurer 35 ACOSA Treasurer 45 Homeroom Secretary I, 25 Junior Benevolent Society 3, 45 News Staff I, 2, 3, 45 Trumpet Staff 35 Mis- sion Club 45 Homecoming Court 45 Debate 3, 45 School Store 2, 35 Forum 45 Usher 45 Dramatics 4. Phalin, Therese Choir 45 Operetta 45 Dramatics 45 Good Coun- sel Club 4. Poellinger, Patricia Choir I, 25 Dramatics 45 Junior Benevolent Society 45 Spanish Club 45 Mis- sion Club 45 Good Coun- sel Club 45 Prom Court 35 Usher 4. Potaracke, Theresa Triple Trio 3, 45 Choir I 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4 Dramatics 4. Powers, Ronald Prelesnik, David Pretasky, Richard Randall, Marcella Dramatics 35 Basketball Band I, 25 Science Club Basketball I5 Football I, German Club 45 HQII 25 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 2, 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 25 Intramurals I, 2, 45 Guide 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 4. Homeroom President 2. Homecoming Court 45 Mardi Gras Court 45 Hall Guide 4. Twenty-three SE IDRS Redig, Phyllis choir 1, 2, 35 Libfury Club 3, 45 Good Counsel Club 45 Hall Guide 4. Reinhard, Ma ry Lucille Triple Trio 3, 45 Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Junior Benevolent Society 45 Prom Queen 35 Usher 45 Dramatics 4. Reinsvold, Nancy Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetto 45 Usher 4. Ritter, Colette Choir 2, 3, 45 Junior Benevolent Society 3, 45 News Staff 2, 3, 45 Mis- sion Club 45 Prom Court 35 Usher 45 Salutatorian. Ritter, Richard Basketball 25 Baseball 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Hall Guide 45 Server l, 2. Ritter, John Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. Ritter, Philip Roesler, Betty Dramatics 45 Football l, Choir 35 German Club 4. 2, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3 4, Don Bosco Club -sf Traffic Guide 45 Usher 3. Runningen, Charles Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Football I5 Base- ball l5 German Club Vice- President 45 Don Bosco Club 45 Traffic Guide 45 Server l, 2, 35 Usher 4. Twenty-four Sister M. Lucille Latin Librarian Junior Hameroam Sister M. Maristelle Foods F.H.A. Moderator Craftsmen are a picked militia defending the dig- nity and personal char- acter of the warkman. zyf Cyllfffllili 5:7rf1mf.2f!w1 E I O R S 'Q' Scanlan, Joanne Library Club 45 Hall Guide 4. Schneeberger, Judith Triple Trio 45 Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Ger- man Club 45 F.H.A. Presi- Schachinger, Mary Band l, 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Operetta 45 Dramatics 45 Junior Benevolent Society 3, 45 German Club 45 Mission Club 45 Good Counsel Club 45 Mardi Gras Court 45 Debate l, 25 Hall Guide 45 Make-up Artist 4. Schroeder, Shirley German Club 45 Hall Guide 3. Schaettle, Peter Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 35 Intramurals 45 Trumpet Staff 3, 45 News Staff 3, 45 Stage Crew 2, 35 Traffic Guide 45 Server 2, 3, 45 Electrician 2, 35 Debate l. Schwertel, Ramona Choir ., 25 German Club 45 Mission Club 4. dent 4. il - 'Tq V Q- f -QQ- x ,, 22, 55 1 w' uf N x ' , 'r' 4 X X C. ifitii, X. X - Jfrfjil- -" , , V , ff 43 ,T S X QL-' 'X H A sl- ' f .,--0 J f ix ii -Qi' '4 ' f js. 5 , 111.1523 2, C'T1f.T,1'l QL - '-f +13 'Erik . "if,Q,f.IQff'F," 7 V gy' 2, 31 Till, l H , I it .Q I, t.- Q . -. -5 ix: - c -f' ', 5, X, fe.- C f ff' rg Sikorski, Arlene .1 . 'r . - Qi A TUV' f-f X ,X l- l Llll ,fi oichesim 1, 2, 3, 45 News R , 5 '49 2- ' f "fy, Staff 45 Trumpet Staff 45 "- as - 4 , ,H 'L Mission Club 45 Good "13,'! rf- V - ' Counsel Club 45 Usher 4. ' 4 .- - ,. 5 Simons, Dolores Part time secretarial duties in supervisor's office. Twenty-five L. '. Schiffer, Joseph Dramatics 3, 45 Basket- ball l, 2, 35 Football l5 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals l, 45 Hall Guide 4. Semke, Kathleen Orchestra l, 25 Home- room Secretary 45 Library Club 45 News Staff 2. Shimshak, John Choir l5 Dramatics 45 Basketball l, 2, 45 Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4. Schmidt, Ellen Choir l, 2' Junior Benev- olent Society 3, 45 German Club 45 Mission Club 45 Prom Court 3. Shaw, Thomas Choir l, 2, 3. E Sinniger, Betty Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Dramatics 45 Spanish Club 45 Trumpet Staff 45 Mission Club 45 Mardi Gras Queen 45 Usher 4. ."'Vx 'FCI' 'Sw Snyder, Herbert Band 2, 3, 45 Opcrctta 25 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball l5 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Mardi Gras Court 45 Traffic Guide 45 Hall Guide 3. Skoff, Richard Choir l5 Dramatics l, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 25 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Presi- dent l, 45 Homecoming King 45 Traffic Guide 4. Temp, James Band l, 25 Choir 45 Op- eretta 2, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Class President 25 Class Vice-President l, 35 Svukup, Marlene 5 Acosix vice-President 4, Strasser, Phyllis Homeroom President l, 35 Dramatics 45 Prom Court Pfom Court 32 Debflfe li 35 Hall Guide 3. Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Traffic Guide Captain 4. Twite, Glenn Choir 15 Basketball l, 25 Football l, 25 Tennis 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Secretary l5 Science Club l, 2, 3, 45 Prom Court 35 Traffic Guide 45 Usher 4. Urbo n, Mary Orchestra l, 25 Choir 3, 45 Ooeretta 45 Homeroom Secretary I5 Junior Benev- olent Society 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Mission Club 4. Venner, James Choir l, 25 Intramurals l, 25 Traffic Guide 45 Hall Guide 4. Twenty-six Sister M. Modesto English Junior Homeroom . X7 GAHNVUI X1 E J ' 5 5 i,7ZQf'!J!'!! ,ii'if.f1if1 Townsend, Robert Choir l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 25 Football l, 25 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Home- coming Court 45 Prom Court 3. Trussoni, Bernadine Choir 25 Dramatics 4, School Store 2. Vyvyan, Rosemary Choir 45 Operetta 45 Mis- sion Club 45 Usher 4. Entered in senior year from Pius Xl High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vollmar, David Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 45 Football l5 Tennis 45 Ger- man Club 45 Traffic Guide 4. S E I ORS Sister M. Theola .Chemistry .'unior Homeroom and Qlrfry af Gad Volz, Mary Triple Trio 3, 45 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Class Secretary-Treasurer l, 25 Junior Benevolent Society 3, 4: Spanish Club 45 News Staff 2, 3, 45 Trumpet Staff 35 Editor of "The Trumpet" 45 Mis- sion Clut 45 Homecoming Court 45 School Store l, 2, 35 Usher 45 Forum 45 Badger Girls' State Repre- sentative 3, Wakeen, Gerald Football l5 Intramurals 45 Science Club 45 Traffic Guide 4 Walters, Janice Homeroom Secretary 25 Weigel, Thomas Junior Benevolent Society Basketball l, 25 Baseball 3 4: Spanish Club ' , 7' Intramurals l, , , 4, 1 2 3, Mardi Gras Court 45 45 German Club 45 News Make-up Artist 3, 4. Staff 2, 3, 4. Weldy, David Choir I5 Dramatics 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom President 25 Homecoming Court 45 Debate l, 5 Trattic Guide 45 Usher 4. 0 'QF' 1 .53 3 l 'i , AN' X White, Marjorie Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Dramatics 4. P '!"'gme LQ Wilder, Arlyn Dramatics 3, 45 Basket- ball l. 25 Football 'l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Mardi Eros Court 45 Hall Guide Yost, Jeanne' Zahn, Rita Homeroom Secretary I5 Choir I5 Good Counsel Trumpet Staff 45 Good Club 4. Counsel Club 45 Hall Guide 45 Usher 4. Twenty-seven 'illll Man's vocation is but a stepping stone toward the attainment of Iife's ulti mate goal-God. ff 4' O Twenty-eiqhf i ROW 'I Abnet, Richard Abraham, Carola Allen, Donald Amann, Bonnie Anderson, Kenneth Bagneski, Joseph ROW 2 Bakalars, Gerald Balduzzi, Robert Balzer, Kenneth Bantle, Joan Bennett, Barbara Berzinski, Margaret ROW 3 Biorkman, Richard Borseth, Mary Kay Bott, Thomas Bottcher, James Brueggeman, Barbara Buchner, Virgil ROW 4 Clarkin, William Collins, Carol Collins, Richard Conway, Janine Coon, Patricia Cross, Norma ROW 5 Daly, Patricia Danielson, Margaret Dansberry, Donald Decheine, David Delagrave, Eugene Devine, Ann ROW 6 Deyo, JoAnn Doerre, Marilyn Dolezel, John Donndelinger, Joan Downey, Gregory Drendel, James ROW 7 Dresen, Mary DuBois, Aurice Dunham, Helen Dwyer, Carol Dwyer, Norman Ender, JoAnn ROW 8 Engelhard, Alice Erickson, Patrice Esser, James Faas, Ronald Fanello, Philip Ferguson, Janice ROW 9 Ferries, Kathryn Ferris, Mary Finley, John Finn, Irma Flock, Margaret Forer, Dorothy ROW I Frecburn, Nancy Frisch, Lois Funk, Ann Furlano, Marie Garrity, John Garske, Joan Gaul, Ambrose Gaufsch, Mary Ann Ghclfi, Richard ROW 2 Gilles, Donald Gilles, Richard Gittcns, Carol Gittcns, Virginia Gleason, Jeanne Gleason, John Glotz, William Grcnison, Betty Haddad, Tamamc S Sisfer M. Lcurindu Languages General Business Junior Sponsor Junior l-lomeroom Esker Mary Michael Debate Speech English Junior Sponsor Junior Homeroom JU IORS ROW 3 ROW 4 HOIGSKG, MGfY Heath, Francis HONG, POTYICIO Hegenbarth, Marian Hammes, Duane Hammes, Jerome Hammes, Patricia Hansen, Mary Jane Hardiman, Audrey Hart, Jean Havlik, Therese Hengcl, Ramona Hillebrandf, Jane Hoch, Anthony Holicky, Kathleen Holzer, Lawrence Houlihan, Lois Howard, Michael Twenty-nine ROW 5 Huber, Joseph Johnson, Barry ROW 6 Klein, Ina Mae Knutson, Shirlec Kone, John Kolash, Belly KOVOHUUQH, KOFlnE'fh Kowalcwski, Joan Kellv, John Kracklauer, Carolyn Kelly, Suzanne Kerrigan, Beverly Kerrigan, Ronald Kessler, Darlene Krafzer, Mary Kreutz, Mary Kuehn, Carol Lance, Donald IOR ROW 1 Larkin, William Lcdman, Leahrae Loc, Betty Leinfoldcr, Fay Leinfeldcr, James Levi, Shirley Liskovec, Mary Louise Liston, Lois Lueck, Carol Jeanne ROW 2 Mader, Dolores Mahoney, Bruce Malay, James Manning, Barbara McCabe, Patricia McCann, Gerald McKee, JoAnn McKee, Joan Mclioskey, Laurel ROW 3 Merfeld, Joan Mettille, Marilyn Miller, Lloyd Mosser, Mary Louise Muc-hr, Peter Mueller, Joan Munster, Doris Murphy, Margaret Murphy, Ruth ROW 4 Murphy, Sheila Murphy, Terry Nekola, George Novak, Roger Olson, Audrey Opitz, Raymond Osweiler, Ronala Page, John Pcnvek, Patricia ROW 5 Pedretti, Rita Pedretti, Therese Peloski, Joseph Pervisky, Carole Peshak, Jacqueline Phelps, Evelyn Picazo, Constance Platz, Sally Poehling, Rita Thirty RCW 6 Poellinger, Carol Potaracke, Geraldine Powers, Lawrence Pretasky, Carolyec Probart, George Puent, Donald Puent, Richard Reinhard, Janet Riepel, Lois ROW 'I Ritter, Earl Rogowski, Rosemary Rohrer, Gloria Roraff, Philip Roth, Ann Roth, John ROW 2 Ruetten, Natalie Rybold, Robert Schams, William Schcitzach, Duane Schcrdin, Mary Frances Schmitt, Catherine ROW 3 Schmitt, Patricia Schneider, John Schoeri, Richard Schreier, Donovan Schwabenbauer, Mary Ann Sciborski, Mary ROW 4 Sebranek, Patricia Senn, Patricia Sheehan, Yvonne Shimanski, Kathleen Skemp, Daniel Skemp, William ROW 5 Slama, Romelle Smith, Thomas Soukup, Delphine Stellick, John Stephan, Carol Strasser, Theresa ROW 6 Strittmater, Bernadette Strupp, LaVanne Svec, Jaan Swertfeger, Coleen Thompson, David Thompson, Michael ROW 7 Tierney, Mary Jo Torgcrsen, Kathleen Uhler, James Vanderzee, Rita VonErt, Anthony Villeneuve, Lee ROW 8 Virnig, Robert Vodde, Donna Vollmar, Mary Lou Wagner, John Wakeen, Beverly Vtleiking, Charlotte ROW 9 Wcldy, Robert Winter, Joyce Yost, Dolores Yunker, Philip Zellmer, Gerald Zoerb, James O Thirty-one i t I SOPHOMORES ROW 6 Coughlin William Dahl Warren DeFlorian Jean Degenhardt, Mary Delagravc, James Deml, Gordon Desmond, Rosemary ROW 7 Dickson, Ronald Downey, Mary Drcndcl, Elizabeth Dunn, James Dwyer, Robert Erickson, Harold Erickson, Howard ROW 8 Erickson, JoAnn Erickson, Norman Ernst, Joyce Esser, Robert Felt, Margaret Ferris, Patricia Fiebig, Harvey ROW 9 Finn, William Flottmeyer, Mary Flynn, Patrick Forer, Clarence Forer, David Francher, Charles Frantz, James ROW 10 Frappier, Arlene Frederick, James Froegel, George Gallagher, Elaine Gantenbein, Mary Jane Garske, Shirley Gaul, Robert if Thi rty-two ROW ! Abicht, Joan Abnet, Clinton Adams, Thomas Allen, Grant Anderson, James Anderson, Stephen Bagneski, Joan ROW 2 Bagnletski, Leona Bahr, Betty Jean Bakalars, Eugene Balzer, Patricia Banasik, Mary Bantle, Diane Bashaw, Robert ROW 3 Becker, Myra Bernatz, Dorothy Besl, Thomas Betthauser, Charlotte Beyer, Richard Blenka, Dorothy Boisen, Jeanne ROW 4 Britting, Paul Bruha, David Bruha, Judith Buelow, Mary Ann Burzinski, Marianne Check, Maxine Chicken, Elaine ROW 5 Clarkin, Richard Clement, Mary Collins, Mary Cooper, Leonard Copus, Mary Corbett, Jean Coughlin, Sally . -.r I A 1 I ROW 1 Gautsch, Shirley Gavin, Basil Gerstle, Betty Graf, William Grams, Patric.a Grosskopf, Richard Gschwlnd, Thomas ROW 2 Hafner, Dolores Hahn, Henry Hall, Katherine Ha'nilton, Mark Hansen, Kenneth Havlicek, James Hegenbarth, Darlene ROW 3 Hegenbarth, Patricia Henke, Paul Hcintz, Shirley Hengstl, Robert Hess, Lois Hilby, Valentine Holzer, Arclith ROW 4 Howard, Katherine Humfeld, Patricia Jambois, William Jiracek, Barbara Ann Jirsa, Gene Johnson, Janet Johnson, Shirley ROW 5 Kahle, Patricia Kammel, Reinald Kateley, Donna Keegan, Linda Kelly, Barbara Kelly, Edward Kelly, Sue Ann SOPHOMORES Sister M. Eugenie Spanish Commercial Sophomore Homcroom Sophomore Sponsor Sister M. Carina History Sophomore Homeroom Thirty-three ROW 6 Kendhammer, Ruth Kerrigan, John Kevin, Michael Klein, Thomas Klos, Lauren ROW 7 Klos, Russel Knutson, Florence Knutson, JoAnne Knutson, Maryoric Korish, Anthony ROW 8 Kramer, Paul Kubiak, Patricia Kulas, Albert Larkin, Monica Larkin, Richard ROW 9 Lawrence, David Leinfclder, Peter Leuck, Patricia Lichtie, Edward Limberg, Charlene ROW 10 Lukas, Herbert Lusk, Rudolph Lydon, John Marson, Yvonne Mason, Doris PWHGMOR ROW 6 Potarackc, Margare Powell, Marilyn Prelesnik, Rosanne Rand, Jude Ann Rothke, LaVonne Reget, Shirley Richards, Joan ROW 7 Riley, Patricia Ritter, David Ritter, Judith Roberts, Arley Roesler, Carol Rudolph, Thomas Rutz, Therese ROW 8 Saphner, Robert Sauerbier, Henry Schaettle, Betsy Schmidt, Sandra Schmidt, Sharon Schmitz, Edward Schneebergcr, Mary ROW 9 Schneuriger, Rosemar Schneyer, Lynn Schober, Douglas Schoen, Walter Schomers, James Schubert, Joan Schulze, Donald ROW 'IO Schwabenbaucr, Donn Schwaegerl, Marlene Senn, James Servais, Bernadine Servais, Paul Shaw, Colleen Shay, Donna Y O vi' til .I ,am Thirty-four l ti - 'l E S i ROW 1 Mathews, Francis Mathy, Charles Maxwell, Stephen McKillip, William McLain, Gerald McMahon, Shirley McNally, Jeanne ROW 2 Melde, Donna Merfeld, Janice Merfeld, Jeannette Meyers, Rita Marie Meyers, Suzanne Mezera, Elizabeth Mickschl, Brock ROW 3 Muetze, Shirley Muller, Raymond Murphy, David Murphy, Jane Myers, Priscilla Nesseth, Phyllis Nickelatti, Philip ROW 4 Nimocks, Janice Norby, Richard Oldenburg, Ronald Oliver, William Osweiler, Raymond Pahs, Thomas Pearse, Roy ROW 5 Peart, Leland Pedretti, William Pelegrin, Patricia Peshak, Vivian Pitz, Walter Poehling, Betty Potaracke, Joan Jr-. L ,JU-FE I -Y ROW I Sheehan, Joyce Shimshak, Beverly Sieberialer, Joan Sinnigcr, James Smikla, Barbara Solberg, Anthony Spika, Mary ROW 2 Stange, Mary Stellpflug, Rose Marie Stoeckly, Lois Strand, Arnold Strittmater, David Strittmater, Phyllis Temp, Lois ROW 3 Theiscn, Carol Thill, Nathalie Trussoni, Cecilia Trussoni, Naomi Urban, Thomas Vaughn, Richard Verse, Rose ROW 4 Vogel, Patricia Volk, Valeria Vondrashek, Carol VanGunten, Richard Wakeen, Bernard Walsh, Richard Ward, Martha ROW 5 Waters, Shirley Weaver, Mary Ann Weibel, Leroy Weiland, Barbara Weiland, Richard Weisbecker, Cecilia Winchell, Marcella ROW 6 Wing, Richard Wislcr, Patricia Witt, Donald Woolley, Mary Sue Wuensch, Elaine ROW 7 Yost, Geraldine Yost, Therese Zeimentz, Dorothy Ziegelmaicr, Michael Zimmer, Thomas Thirty-five SOPHOMORES Sister M. Dolorosa Biology Science Sophomore Homeroam Sister M. Theodota Speech Drama Debate Economics English Sophomore Homeroam Sister M. Theodoritu English Latin Sophomore Homeroam FR ESHME - "st, A .... , ' .JR X A me , A " "f-'f "1 "' T I 'K B l fi 1 . , , i . . l' 2 'gil' , ' A Q' F L 1 3 " -' ' Qg1Qg,, q N - i. f 2 J 1 E 9 Q A ,X my L O 2 'rub 335. Qi: X 'r J g -ij-f' .vu J -f A .,,, . y ' 'sf 1 I -i. v - ,aux 5 1 f 'gu , Q 3 Sister M. Morjory History English Freshman Homeroom Freshman Sponsor ROW 6 Clements, Elsie Clements, Sylvester Collins, Mary Louise Conway, Maureen Cook, Arthur Daly, Phyllis ROW 7 Davy, Joyce DeFlorian, Leona Dcuts:hlJerg, Marjorie Dierkop, Charles Dolan, Francis Donndelinger, Paul ROW 8 Dunham, Carol Dwyer, Carollne Erickson, Joseph Farrell, Donald Farrell, Thomas Ferrier, Gerald ROW 9 Flynn, Donald Follmar, Maryann Fox, Douglas Freybler, James Fries, Gladys Frisch, Mary Ann ROW 'I0 Gautsch, Therese Gianoli, Darrell Gierok, Paula Jean Gfttens, Thomas Grabinski Colette Grenison, Patricia ROW 1 Abraham, William Alexander, Audrey Allen, Jeanette Allen, Roberta Althoff, Henry Anthony, Monica ROW, 2 Bahr, Rita Louise Balduan, Richard Bauer, Virginia Bechen, John Becker, Daniel Becker, Delores ROW 3 Becker, Paul Beranek, John Besl, James Bicha, Karel Bama, William Borseth, Karen ROW 4 Bnschert, Mary Bott, David Beuffleur, John Breidel, David Brown, Barbara Jean Bruchman, Donald ROW 5 Buchner, Elizabeth Buchner, Orville Burke, Dawn Caulkins, Arlene Cepek, Arthur Chrisan, Paul Sister M. Marcella Mathematics World Geography Freshman l-lomeroom Freshman Sponsor ROW 'I'l Griesgraber, John Gross, Patricia Gschwind, Marcile Hafner, Frank Halaska, William Hammes, Norbert Th i rty-si x I i Edward Seubert Head Engineer ROW 1 Hampton, Rita Hanson, Ann Hanson, Maxine Hanson, Robert Hass, Mary Havlik John ROW 2 l-legenbarf, Carol Hegenbarth, Clarice Hengsfl, Nancy Henry, Sharon Herlitzka, Ann Hilke, Roger ROW 3 Hinsberger, Michael Hoch, Joseph Hoesley, Donald Hohlfeld, Elaine Holzer, Marlene Huber, Richard ROW 4 Hulick, Patricia Ingham, Margaret Jacobus, Ronald Jaekel, William Johnson, Howard Kabal, Mary Louise ROW 5 Kane, Suzanne Kafeley, Carol Keegan, Maureen Kelly, Michael Kendhammer, Shirley Kenney, Roberta FR ESH Thirty-seven ROW 6 Kerrigan, Mary Alice Kiedrowski, Neil Kiedrowski, Yvonne Klos, Patricia Knothe, Thomas Krajewski, Phyllis ROW 7 Kubiak, Shirley Kuehn, Antoinette Kvien, Mary Larkin, Edwin Larkin, Gary Larkin, Marian ROW 8 LaTendresse, Sherry Lawrence, Coreen Lemke, Mary Jane Lenser, Marilyn Leonard, William Lillie, Robert ROW 9 Lislon, Donald Loomis, Lois Ann Loomis, Richard Lucey, Joann Lyden, JoAnn Mader, Angeline ROW 10 Malin, Lawrence Mangncr, Joseph Marco, William Marcou, Janice Marson, Janet Rae Marrinson, Louise ROW 'l'l McCabe, David McLain, Joan McQuiIlen, Paul Merfeld, Paul Merrell, Barbara Merrell, Mary Ann Gus Bushek General Maintenance ME ESH ME ROW 6 Richling, Paul Ritter, Margaret Rogowski, Darlene Ruhe, Bernadette Rutz, lrene Sake, Donald ROW 7 Schaller, Schams Schams,' Schelble, Schiffer Joanne Eugene Vincent William Delores Schmidt, Peter ROW 8 Schmidt, Rudolph Schmitt, Mariory Schmitt, Raymond Schmitz, Gregory Schmitz, Thomas Schroeder, Marvin ROW 9 Scott, Richard Seiler, Jerome Senn, Barbara Seubert, Gerald Shay, Phyllis Sheehan, Richard ROW 10 Sheehan, Rita Shimanski, Barbara Shimshak, Kathleen Sieger, Barbara Skatf, Janet Smith, Patricia ROW 'I'I Snyder, Lowell Soukup, Raylene Spah, Sandra Stoltz, Fern Marie Stoneclahl, Nancy Strupp, William i i ROW 1 Meseberg, Donna Mezera, Paul Mroch, John Mroch, Ronald Munster, Charles Murphy, Charles ROW 2 Murphy, Louise Murphy, William Nawrocke, Jerome Newburg, Caroline Nimrno, Thomas Norby, Clarice ROW 3 Oestreicher, John O'l-learn, Alice Olson, Carol Ostrander, Patricia Osweiler, Gerald Pciyela, Helen ROW 4 Pavela, Richard Pelegrin, Joan Peplinsky, Barbara Peterschmidt, James Pierce, Marilyn Potaracke, Kenneth ROW 5 Quillin, Philip Reget, Edward Reget, Sandra Reiman, Anthony Rendler, Jeanne Rice, Elaine Thirty-eight ROW 'I Slupka, Ronald Terry, Robert Theisen, Ann Tremmel, Bruce Trussoni, Barry Trussoni, Jean ROW 2 Twite, Robert Vaughn, Shirley Villeneuve, Kay Vingers, Gloria Wakeen, David Ward, Joan ROW 3 Weiland, James Weulandf, Gerald Wiggerf, Corrine Wilder, Marilyn Williams, Paul Wineski, Richard ROW 4 Yehle, Lucille Yost, Emily Young, Carol Young, Sharon Yunker, Ann Zanfer, Kenneth Pamela Krueger secretary ESH Vera White Registrar ROW 5 Zellmer, Donna Ziegler, Jean A Y Miss Gwendolyn Hufson Physical Education John Holaska Herbert Bohr General Maintenance General Maintenance Thirty-nine Boosters Aquinas, a Central Catholic High School, was erected to serve the students of the nine La Crosse parishes and those of nearby St. Joseph Ridge, Genoa, Onalaska, and La Crescent. The Council ot Parish Representa- tives is composed ot delegates from each of these parishes and acts as an executive committee of the APTO. Members are pictured as they con- ferred with the school's administra- tion in an organizational meeting in September. The Reverend Joseph F. Kundinger, headmaster of Aquinas, explains the public address system to Mr. and Mrs. Alois Pedretti, left, and to Mr, and Mrs. A, J. Griesgraber. Heating a building the size of Aquinas is the topic of conversation for Edward Seubert, head engineer, center, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Freybler, left, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Yunker. Importance of student counseling is explained by Sister Rosilda, super- visor, to Mr, and Mrs. Gilbert Alexander, left, and to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Gilbert. Mary Ann Merrell seeks the advice of Walter Daniels, band director. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs, Victor Merrell. vii " l i Dr. James Kelly President of the Aquinas Parent-Teachers Organization Fnrtv Backers Agencies which serve Aquinas High School include a Council of Adminis- tration, the Aquinas Boosters, and the Aquinas Parent-Teachers Organi- zation, APTO. Clergymen and laymen appointed by the Bishop compose the Council of Administration which molds the financial policies of the school. An organization ot associates of the school which promotes the athletic program is the Aquinas Boosters. Oldest auxiliary of the school is the Aquinas Parent-Teachers Organiza- tion. ln the press department Mr. and Mrs. Roland Larkin, lett, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Larkin discuss the school publications with Sister Rita Jeanne, publications adviser. Student health receives the attention of Mr. and Mrs. John Erickson, left, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cunningham, right. Miss Victoria Malinowski, school nurse, mclaes the explana- L tions. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Delagrave learn from the Reverend Charles Blecha, athletic director, what at- tracts sons James, Warren, and Eugene to the school's athletic pro- gram. Miss Patricia Krueger, assistant registrar, explains the rexograph machine to Mr. and Mrs. John Desmond, left, and to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heinke. . fat. Forty-one Frederick Funk Richard Pearse, Sr. President of the Vice-President Aquinas of the Council of Booster Club Administration Helpers The Reverend Stanley Andrzeiewski President of the Council of Administration Mrs. William Schams, Mrs. Lawr- ence Finley, and Mrs. Anton Kessler display their interest in the material purchased for the cheerleaders' new uniforms. Miss Gwen Hutson of the Aquinas faculty is at the right. Forty-two John Lyons tells about a few of the latest additions to the trophy cases to Mr. Anton Kessler, to Mr. William Schams, and to Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell. Miss Vera White, secretary and registrar, explains the filing system to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Liskovec, left, and to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kelly. Dr. James Kelly, president of the Aquinas Parent-Teachers Organiza- tion, addresses fellow members, seat- ed, Mrs. J. E. Munster, Mrs. James Kelly, Mr. Eugene Newburg, and, standing, Mrs. Eugene Newburg and Mr. J. E. Munster. Sister Clarence and Sister Carina, fifth from the Iett and tar right, ot the Aquinas faculty were among teachers tram La Crosse schools who toured local luusiness places on Business-Education Day. Others p.cturett at the First National Bank are R. E. Munk, Caslmerg H. H. Huber, Vice-Presidentg Emery Leamer, Lo Crosse State College Training School Principal, Sister lmelcla, St, Joseph Ridge School Instructor, Agnes Dahlgren, Washington School lnstruclorg and George A. Ma:Lachlan, Bank Prest- denr. Y' Publi Relations w l Vim ' ,-,-v" F Gerald Downey, John Lyons, and Giles Flan- agan addressed civic groups on tire pre- vention in a protect sponsored by the La C r o s s e Industrial Safety Council. They pose with fireman Clarence Childers. Forty-three tflffllfditf A N l,E'.1t':Et1 f rw my ,M X. not HIGH llllf 5PHoot Career opportunities are explained to Shirley Frey, seated right, by Rose Konop, La Crosse Telephone Company. Others who spoke to students on Career Day are Evangeline Malchow, Central High School lnstructor, and Carl Gucll, State Aeronautical Com- mission, Madison, Wisconsin. Arr students cooperated with the Junior Chamber of Commerce in preparing bulletin boards appropriate to the theme of Amerlcanism. Patricia Sebranek and Mary Noel view part of the project. " .wi -4 ""1 '- uw if . lf" ,. 'W ,Xl e. ,I Biology students checking results of experiments are Kenneth Hansen, Joan Richards, and Paul Servais. is Kill IllQ',iL,W :tl A ' 4 X 'L X H t X f t I X- 7 f' 'y tl lx lol ll li W RG X fgglgjgl, ill is 'A 1 x L- M-V The hand that soothes the fevered brow once turned the pages of a high school biology text. And more successful is the farmer who makes use of the knowledge of crop nutri- ments which he gained from a biology class. Essential to the surveyor is basic knowledge of higher mathematics. Fl , t Eg? , ef- W- ff lil il lijgxlm-"3c'g5 ef e i no ' s' -N Q e AH-I V 'klXQ?f!g.,3 . --.X ss g X 5 'fixlfi EJ i ' ' ' ,W . s f XXX H it Y:fff,.ftp,! , ,, .LAN -W ,-- 'w XX "' '?i,a. ,,4f ff X7 Xi X7 fl ll ff, l 1 W H Y 'ff' l , 1 1 ,f , , , X x 1-f' 1 , .....,--., V The study of geometric figures interests Joseph McKee, Ronald Hosch, and Thomas Gautsch. Forty-four Aquinas' commercial courses airn to equip well the prospec- tive stenograplfier. Interest in current affairs, stimulated by Civics and history classes, will encourage the voter of tomorrow to become an active participant in Ameri- can political life. I R'-1' I l li j,l i SR wh J ii 4, , Ki, u f :'.,i'!V,! f .. 'I l If fi ,ni 1421 Patricia Mosser, Barbara Held, and Mary Liclfitie confer in secretarial practice class. if I nur'-4' 'Aug' 'fwrfur 'w my ,, ,I 'Pwr . r' ' ,fy I ,i i n 1 I . . 1 V N ' '.' . -r ky '.l ' XQ X K P XQ, a l ,fi 'A'K5'?fIia'. i sl 'Qs ,, ,. 5 ,D 'ik , 4 ef A Bernard Buchner, Richard Guggenbuehl, and Ronald Powers check results of November elections in civics class. Forty-five Studying in the 'library are William Murphy, Joan Pelegrin, Richard Pavela, and John Mroch. ll 4 Zi! WW 1' l "Q-1 vig' The teacher conveys to her students only what she herself knows. Her knowledge is gained in study and library research. Craftsmanship comes to those who have applied themselves to the manual arts under the tutelage of experienced instructors 7'X X9 5 r fr ll 4 l m. rkff fgihb g K- W- 'J ,Lfffxgy 3 r XJ j X fly . ,f ' f 13 l Qiv .owl l. kr - M3755 1,5 3 ll X --l-5 9.25 'X - 'SHMM' " Anthony Korish, Paul Ashbacher, and Raymond Osweiler are members of the woodworking class at Vocational school. L v 72 fs yas rig ll 5.34511 xV1,lf 1 l i li Q i gl K F l I L K.- ff' l ff N I 1 f l . f fm, fi 1 f ,. l i J 4, if K I xx - V , ffkxji, X ,f PSX XFX A, A i je- X 1,151 f i X i V , If lx X X xl 'K I V ff!! 1 x A V-ff' ",- 'iv I . P Ve , ?' L-we SQ-M' if X sf i f, I gay Thomas Dayton and Raymond Janisch are at work. X Home economics students admire the results of a day's baking. Pic- tured are Myra Becker, Carol Roesler, and Elaine Wuensch. ' -s .f"" ' xx , an jgxftl .4 ff, x ix lvl !14kN:,j,x',l J ,w N W .l ,Lax 1 if fl ,i i i ffef-,,N Q ' 'fi Q' gff --fy 77 f PM i,,.., R -, v-HW -mi, Qjfvlb, , fxx !w,f ,QFX Y " 1 id' Cfgfwow l ,milf X X ,,. 5 ,Ek A -A V, PA 'yy i flu- iillfiil' f Xi 'F ' t X .Lg-'-1, i"'f X il , ui XX 7 , ,KAL ' fx ig? fx.-. A .-W-fi i i fx fjljzvofj i ff if ' 1 ' i XX i Ax F74 l ,fl X Nx J' X 4 l 'lx 'fi l X' i lk 1 ff' !,',,jQf'! iff xx VV Preparation for homemak- ing is provided in the Aquinas home economics course. The droftsmon ever refers to the principles learned in his high school mechanical drawing course. Forty-seven Kar us. 3 ,X L? 43 :N 'l FM -me - , , i 5 we Q., , ,K xi . l. 1 li F X A . MXN f 'T I I Forty-eight if It's Prom Time King Edward Kiedrowski chose Lucille Reinhard to reign as queen over the l95O Junior Prom. "Cinderella's Ball" was the theme of this leading spring event, The first row ot the happy groups in the upper picture include Patricia Poellinger, Janice Walters, Mary Volz, Mantord Knutson, Mary Urban, Lor- raine Novacek, Giles Flanagan, and Patricia Ramlet. In the second raw are William Gilster, Marlene Merfeld, Jack Murphy, Queen Lucille Reinhard, King Edward Kiedrowski, John Lyons, and Joan Grams. Robert Townsend, Carolyn McConaghy, John Bedessem, and James Temp are in thc third row. Court members on the grand stair- case are, from top to bottom, Edward Murphy, Joan Franke, Colette Ritter, Thomas Ambrose, Patricia Poellinger, Carol Moriarity, Robert Townsend, Raymond Gantenbein, Marlene Sou- kup, Charles Cunningham, William Gilster, Giles Flanagan, Marlene Mer- feld, Lorraine Novacek, Ellen Schmidt, Glenn Twite, James Temp, Nancy Baum, Queen Lucille, King Edward, Carolyn McConaghy, and John Bedes- sem. The lower photo shows the decora- tions ot the gymnasium. Linguists Stud Other Lands Mary Urban, Patricia Engh, and Mary Mezera, members of the , Spanish Club, Circulo Espanol, study r.,LL before their monthly meeting. German Club officers celebrate Christmas according to German tradi- tions. Ardell Hampton, secretary, Charles Runningen, vice-president, d David Vollmar, president, are an preparing the bulletin board. ke 1. ' Br bl lv Clllgflvneachr Student interest in modern languages has been increased through German and Spanish Clubs. Both of these organizations are under the direction of Sister Laurinda. These clubs exist in order to achieve better acquaintanceship with the language, life, and customs of the peoples of the countries whose language is studied. They create greater interest in the study of the respective languages and promote proficiency in their use through practice in oral expressions. Spanish Club officers are Mary Larkin, president, Mary Mach, vice-president, Donna Korpal, secretary, and Marlene Merfeld, treasurer. Officers of the German Club, Lorelei Verein, are David Vollmar, president, Charles ' ' H m ton, secretary, and Mary Schachinger, treasurer. Runningen, vice-president, Ardell a p Forty-nine W' use Future Homemakms Future Homemakers of America, F.H.A., Aquinas Chapter, was organized October 24, l95O, As a girls' organization its ac- tivities are intended to stimulate greater interest in classwork in order to learn how to live better today so that families may be better tomorrow. Sister Maristelle and Sis- terAlthea are moderators. F.H.A. members consider the merits of good grooming. Seat- ed are Lucille Yehle, Jeanne Corbett, and Shirley Kubiak. Behind them are Ruth Kend- hammer, Janet Marson, and Fay Leinfelder. Student CouncH The ACOSA, Aquinas Council of Student Af- fairs, has completed its I2 28 Mui, fourth year. This student group assumes the obli- gation of promoting the schooI's social and reli- gious events and acts as an official sounding- board of student opinion. Sister Zelma is moderator. ACOSA president, Charles Cunningham, second from left, is aided in his planning of the council's activities by James Temp, vice-president, Jane Pavela, treasurer, and Mary Larkin, secretary. Ne l Fifty Searchers of the Natural World Philip Yunker, Patricia Poellinger, Gregory Dow- ney, and James Zoerb assist Carola Abraham in ci chemistry experiment. Robert Hafner, Glenn Twite, and Kent Lawr- ence compare clockwise and counter-clockwise moments in an experi- ment in the physics lab- Orotory. Courses in the scientific field include general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. For those students to whom the probing of the secrets of nature offers a pleasant challenge is added the additional incentive which the Junior Academy of Science affords. A local unit of this national society has been established at Aquinas. This year Audrey Hardiman presided at the local and at the state meeting in Milwaukee, Wis- consin. Each year its members, true to the definition that science is an orderly arrange- ment of knowledge gleaned, present scientific projects as reports. These are the products of their own initiative and are entered in state competition. Fifty-one Student Librarians Members of the Library Club contribute their services dur- ing study periods and after school hours to the patrons of the school library. Sister Cu- nisse, librarian, is moderator of the organization. fo r Eve ry "Ageless Books Age" was the theme of Catho- lic Book '-Neek that members of the club worked out. Spon- sorship of a "Book Fair" by the club and staff highlighted this year's celebration of Book Week. .519 ,ii P si se.. . ni L 5.6 N' Nola Noel, extreme left, president of the Library Club, directs the activities of these senior members. Nancy Eeg is seated at the typewriter. Others are Phyllis Redig, Kathleen Semke, and Geraldine Calkins. Underclassmcn also serve on the library staff. Seated are Colette Grabinski, Elizabeth Buchner, Patricia Ferris, Kathryn Ferries, Rita Poehling, and Maxine Hansen. Standing are Sandra Reget, Irene Rutz, Gladys Fries, Joanne Schaller, Phyllis Nesseth, Mary Ferris, Roberta Kenney, Ann Theisen, and Joanne Lucey. Fifty-two Today's Debaters - - Tomorrow's Leaders Debate is the art of express- ing well what is well worth expressing. lt trains the stu- dent in concise reasoning habits, develops fluent speak- ers, and builds self-confidence. Senior debaters were under the direction of Sister Mary Michael. Junior-sophomore debaters attended and placed in tourna- ments in La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee. Sister Theo- data, speech instructor, was coach for this intermediate group. Wisconsin's unpredictable weather was always a hazard but Father Kun- dinger's faithful Packard never failed to get the senior debaters to tourna- ments. ln the upper photo are Jane Pavela, Gerald Downey, John Lyons, and John Bedessem. In the picture at the right an intermediate debate class is shown in action. Eugene Bakalars is address- ing his fellow-debaters, Anthony Sol- berg, Roy Pearse, Howard Erickson, seated, David Murphy, Carol Theisen, Barry Johnson, and William McKillip, standing. -if-K ln the picture above an intermediate debate class is shown in action. Eugene Bakalars is addressing his fellow-debaters, Anthony Solberg, Roy Pearse, Howard Erickson, seated, David Murphy, Carol Theisen, Barry Johnson, and William McKillip, standing. Fifty-three Aquinas News - - Keys That Satisfaction in the knowledge of some- thing well done came to "Aquinas News" stalt members. The "News" was chosen as one ofthe nation's ten best Catholic high school newspapers by the National Catholic School Press Association. The international organization, Quill and Scroll, gave it its highest rating and the National Scholastic Press Association awarded the "News" an All-American rating. First place was also awarded in the contest held by the Columbia Press Association. 'Wris- Aqumdf l .fx Mary Kratzer, editor of the "Aquinas News," who assumed her position at the mid-year is seated at the left in the upper left picture. Also seated is JoAnn Deyo, reporter. Behind them are Joan Donndelinger, "Register" correspondent, Joan Svec, reporter, and Barbara Bruegge- man, "Register" correspondent. ln the upper right photo are, seated, Thomas Weigel and Rudolph Lusk, block print engraversg and Dorothy Merfeld, typist, standing, Mary Jane Hansen, Patricia Schmitt, and Carolyee Pretasky, reporters. At the lower left are, seated, Margaret Danielson and Danna Vodde, reporters, and Steven Maxwell, ad manager, standing, Jeanne Gleason, Aurice DuBois, and Therese Havlik, business executives. Other staff members at the lower right are, seated, Margaret Murphy, reporter, Thomas Smith, sports editor, and Marv Sciborski, reporter. Standing are Joan Mueller, Patricia Daly, and Carol Jean Kuehn, reporters. lllff Unlock Truth - - The Trumpet What this yearbook purposes to commemorate-the Aquinas school year of l95O-5l, personalities which created its success, and, for seniors, memories of four years spent in an institution of learning and inspiration -are effects which find their origin in the divine mission of instructors and in the thirst for knowledge and spiritual satisfaction of students. The staff of "The l95l Trumpet" offers this edition to you in the hope that the faces pictured and the activities recorded present an accurate account of events and are truly suggestive of the knowledge gleaned and of the effort expended in the interest of Christian education. Editors prepare copy for the l95l "Trumpet' in the upper left picture. Advising editor-in- chief Mary Volz, right, are Jane Pavela and Gerald Downey, copy editor. Gerald Downey was also editor of the "Aquinas News" during the first semester, Members of "The Trumpet" staff are shown in the upper right picture. Standing are Nancy Baum, Merlene Merfeld, Betty Sinniger, Ardell Hampton and Frances Johnson. Barbara Des- mond, Mary Larkin and Jeanne Yost are seated. The editorial page of the "Aquinas News" is composed by the members of the junior 1 journalism class pictured at the lower left. Seated are Jacqueline Peshak, and Romelle Slama, editor. Standing are Mary Frances Scherdin, Mary Ann Gautsch, Beverly Wakeen, and Mary Jo Tierney. Students who have served on both "Trumpet" and "News" staffs, lower right picture, are Arlene Sikorski and Rosalie Oestreicher, typistsg Patricia Wisler, business manager, Mary Noel, illustrator, Lynn Schneyer and Peter Schaettle, photographers, Alois Friet, sports writer, and Charles Cunningham, sports editor. Sister M. Rita Jeanne English Journalism Sophomore Homeroom Publications Adviser Qffiwpk XSDQ 07. a' 7 A j 5 7 V1 f QM ,L WR f WM N fecvcfiaflc I l m ,iii W T , ff ,ff :X f IJ! U Qflwx f F A 2 .f f - f v , fm 6 1 - ff: XX 1' Qi 5 f N? .147 'JE W, k -.1--A Jf- ' NJ . X 'I ,ff KX 'f 1 I 7' fix T nx , 21 Rex 1- ' X fl f 'GQ L12 ? KW W In the Service Upper Left Picture, sophomore Mass servers, Upper row: Henry Souerbier, Rudolph Lusk, Mark Hamilton, William McKillip, David Murphy. First row: Harold Erickson, Anthony Solberg, Warren Dahl, William Coughlin, Douglas Schober. , Upper Right Picture, senior Mass servers. Upper row: Charles McCabe, Thomas Gautsch, Jack Langen, Thomas Bruha. First row: Peter Schaettle, Donald Gilbert, Eugene Michael Nr wburg. Lower Lett Picture, freshman Mass servers. Upper row: Thomas Schmitz, Ronald Jacobus, Gregory Schmitz. First row: Arthur Cepek, Ronald Sake, Gerald Seubert. Lower Right Picture, junior Mass servers. Upper row: Lee Villeneuve, Robert Balduzzi, Michael Howard, William Skemp, John Stellick. First row: Earl Ritter, James Drendel, Jack Kelly, Gerald Zellmer. Fifty-eight of the Lord Mass Servers I950 - I9 I Each school day commences with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Each student who participates does so in the knowledge that it is the constantly renewed Sacrifice of Calvary in which he partakes. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the perfect sacrifice. It is the offering of the infinite Son of God to His Father in reparation for man's sins. The student's participation in the Mass suggests his sorrow for his own misdeeds and his desire to obtain from the Mass the grace to do better. ' The Mass is the renewal of that act of infinite love of an infinite Being in which He gave Himself for His creatures. Again, when the student partakes in the Mass, he shows his appreciation and a willingness to recipro- cate the love of his God. Christian education would be incomplete without the Mass, for it is the purpose of Christian education to inspire man to seek to serve his Godg that is, to practice the virtue of religion. The Mass is the perfect act of religion. The blessing of the Golden Mass gifts precedes their being sent to the mission fields. The Reverend Stanley Andrzejewski, celebrant, is flanked by the Rever- end George Nelson, deacon, and the Reverend James Ennis, subdeacon. Acolytes are Howard Erickson, Thomas Bruha, Earl Ritter, Thomas Gautsch, and Rudolph Lusk. The Reverend Joseph Ferron and Charles McCabe represent the faculty and homeroom officers. Golden Mass Annual participation in the Golden Mass highlighted the pre-Christmas season. On December 20 the seventh yearly observance occurred. At the Offertory of the Mass the students carried to the altar gifts of food and clothing to be sent to the nation's missions. The Mass of the Wednesday in the Ember Week of Advent, the Golden Mass, is one which reflects the faith and joy of the Christian who awaits the redemption earned for him by One Whose coming the penitential season of Advent anticipates. ln such a spirit, the Christian, in thanksgiving for the rewards of eternal happiness offered to Him, gives of his temporal gifts to those less fortunate than himself. Giving the gifts at the Offertory further reminds the Mass-goer of the participation of the laity in the Sacrifice. It commemorates, as does the Offertory collection in any Mass, the ancient days in which those attending Mass provided, at that juncture, the bread and wine for the Eucharistic service. Homeroom officers lead the student body in the reception of Holy Communion. Holy Mass was cele- brated in the auditorium, temporarily improvised as a chapel for this occasion. Sixty f 'tx' :Pl 0 A ,...,7. lie I 5, E f I if X ai Court members in upper row include Evelyn Kamrnel, Kathleen Dwyer, Ruth Udulutch, Queen Harriet Galligan, Mary Lois Glotz, Therese Shedesky, and Janice Mader. Other members are, left to right, Beverly Kulas, Barbara Bracken, Jeanette Schams, Mary Rathburn, Ellen Grams, and Mary Ziegelmaier, Center picture, Queen Harriet Gal- ligan is accompanied by Janice Mader, Ruth Udulutch, and page Michael Ziegelmaier. The Reverend John Trant who preached the sermon for the occasion is shown in the lower picture. ar , We Crown Thee Each year the student body demonstrates its respect and veneration for the one worthy to be the Mother of God in the annual crowning of the Virgin Mary as Queen of May. The crowning symbolizes a dedication of that month to a more intensified pursual of that type of lite which won for the Queen of Heaven her reward. Ceremonies last year consisted of a student procession, the crowning, an address in "Tribute to Mary" by the Reverend John Trant and Bene- diction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Harriet Galligan was chosen by her classmates to perform the coronation. Sixty-one jf N1 we ,TJ .4- Winter Concert - - J-faffcs Kiss ffmzfcrzufard Joan Franke represented the Mother ot God in the dedicational tableau of the annual Winter Concert. The carolers in the second photo are Joyce Winter, Raymond Gantenbein, Julie Galvin, Robert Virnig, and Jane l-lillebrandt. Concert soloists, lower left, are Raymond Opitz, Anthony Hoch, Shirlee Knutson, Mark Hamilton, and Martha Ward. At the lower right the Most Reverend John P. Treacy, S.T.D., Bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse, is seen as he addressed the audience. WVVV snr 'Us 1 L. Qv. x l Sixty-two an Wings nf ,Music One of the major musical perform- ances was the Winter Concert, Decem- ber l7 and l8. This year's performance was dis- tinguished by the initial student per- formance on the harp. Harp soloist was Alice Engelhard. Joan Franke appeared as the Mother of God in the dedicational tableau. Vocal solo- ists and small ensemble groups, the Triple Trio and the Discords, added to the program. Massed choruses united with the 56-piece orchestra in many selections. Suggestive of the extent of student participation is the size of the par- ticipating groups. Members in the senior choir numbered lO5. In the junior choir there were 65 students, the combined girls' glee club counted l45 members. Alice Engelhard, first student harpist on the Aquinas stage Sophomore Triple Trio. First row Martha Ward and Joan Siebenaler second row Colleen Shaw, Phyllis Nesseth, and Donna Kateley third row Bernadine Servais Rosanne Prelesnik, Carol Vondrashek, and Arlene Frappier '7"'vg. The Reverend William Nikolai Religion Spiritual Director of thc Junior Benevolent Society Sister M. Madonna Art Civics English Stage Crew Director Moderator of the Junior Benevolent Society Sophomore Homeroom Sophomore Sponsor Sixty-four Audrey Olson, Joan Garske, Fay Leinfelcler, Julie Galvin, and Mory Schachinger pack the gifts to be sent to the missions received in the Golden Mass. Colette Ritter and Janice Walters, the society's secretary and president, consult with the director of the Catholic Benevolent Society, Mrs. Ambrose Murphy, in the lower left photo. Mary Urban explains the Christmas joys to two of her charges at the annual Christmas party. Junior Benevolent Society In the twelve years of its existence, the Junior Benevolent Society has become one of the foremost student organizations at Aquinas. lts members sponsor annual Christmas, l-lalloween, and Easter parties for the city's underprivileged families. They also hold a Valentine tea at St. Joseph Home for the Aged and direct the Golden Mass. They strive to promote the spiritual and material welfare of the families com- mitted to their care. Pilgrim irgin Is Dur Hostess "Men must cease offending my Divine Son, already too grievously offended." Thus pretacing his remarks, the Reverend D. C. Stringer keynoted his address at the Marian hour at Aquinas October 9, l95O. The occasion was the visit of the Pilgrim Virgin, the image of Our Lady of Fatima, whose words Father Stringer quoted. Benediction closed the hour. Members of the stu- dent council, traffic guides, hall monitors, class officers, homeroom officers, and band mem- bers form a guard of honor to the Pilgrim Virgin. John Bedessem and Gerald Downey, seniors, carry the image of Our Lady of Fatima in proces- sion before the Marian hour. Band members stand at attention while the Pilgrim Virgin pro- ceeds to the auditorium. Sixty-five The Reverend Matthew Vetter, C.P. The Reverend Godfrey Poage, C.P. Freshman Retreat Master Junior and Sophomore Retreat Master Serving as the initial major spiritual program of the year was the twentieth annual retreat, September 27, 28, and 29. lt served as a spiritual checkup on the recent vacation period. April ll, l2, and l3 marked the spring retreat, the first of its kind in the history ot the school. lt was conducted with the objective of examining the students' spiritual progress during the past year as a preparation tor the ensuing vacation period. Retreat and Conquer Geraldine Calkins, Shirley Frey, and Regina Gschwincl, seniors, consult with the Reverend I-lowarcl Ralenkotter, C.P., seniors' retreat master. Discussing with the Reverend Jordan Grimes, C.P., contessor, are Richard Norby, Mary Louise Liskovec, Virgil Buchner, and Virginia Gittens. Sixty-six Cf Mission Club, Christ's Power Line X Senior members ot the Mis- g ' sion Club sort cancelled stamps. The are Bett Lanzel Ellen Y Y I Schmidt, and Beverly Conway. X Joan and JoAnn McKee re- port to Leahrae Ledman, seated. , The girls devote themselves to if the club's junior division. l Intent upon boosting moral and material aid to Christ's missionaries, senior and junior girls formed a Mission Club moderated by Sister Antilia and Sister Clementa. Members cooperated with the Junior Benevolent Society in distributing the pro- ceeds trom the Golden Mass among the home missions. In general, a participator in the club's activities endeavors to raise funds for material aid for the missionaries and seeks in prayer to sustain them spiritually. Otticers of the senior organization are Barbara Desmond, president, Patricia Engh, secretary, and Donna Korpal, treasurer. Margaret Flock, president of the junior section, is assisted by Carlyee Pretasky, secretary, and Jeanne Gleason, treasurer. Sixty-seven ,- 2.x I-Q Our Lady of Good Counsel Club Under the patronage of the Mother of God in her role of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Aquinas girls have organized to investigate the religious life. The Good Counsel Club is moderated by the Sisters. Members acquire information on various religious orders and in their activities share it with each other. Mary Louise Liskovec and Lois Hess question Joyce Bcintle, postulant of St. Rose Convent and alumna of Aquinas, about the traditional Christmas ceremony held there on- nually, Consulting with the moderator, the Reverend James Ennis, ore officers of the Don Bosco Club -James Temp, Ray- mond Gantenbein, Wil- liam Skemp, and Jack Finley, seated. Don Bosco Club When the Reverend Howard Rcilenkotter visited Aquinas, plans were laid for the formation of the Aquinas unit of the Don Bosco Club. Father Ralenkotter is the organi- zation's national moderator. The Aquinas unit, which seeks to promote interest among boys in the religious life, is moderated by the Reverend James Ennis. Sixty-eight Price Paid for a Christian Education The relative value a person places upon an object he seeks can be determined by the price he is willing to pay for it. Catholic education does not come cheap. Its worth is estimated by the many sacrifices made by the students and the parents who provide their children with the advantages of a Christian education. Many students work during the school year and during vacation periods to pay for their education. Some come many miles in buses or private modes of transportation. Others board in the city in order to receive the benefits ofa Christian education, All this testifies to the appreciation Aquinites have for a school system dedicated to the teaching of the word of God. Jeanne Gleason, Alfred Mathews, and Joseph Schiffer stock the shelves of Mulder's Market' after school hours. Mary Fisher's after school work is assisting in a home. Helen Bohr is baby-sitter to two charges. They are Susan and Patrick Gantert, children of Aquinas alumni. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gantert lllosemory Mchlamaral graduated in l935. Students boarding the bus are Jerome Nawrocke, Patricia Coon, Mary Lou Mosser, Shirley Ormsby, Lawrence Powers, Judith Ritter, and Yvonne Marson. Thomas Gautsch, Charles McCabe, and Donald Kerska pose at the office of the "La Crosse Tribune" before taking their daily routes. A A " , Sixty-nine The Reverend Bernard Kelly Religion 'WiSH"'- s??3'i-7 "Tv, . . - The Reverend The Reverend James Ennis Henry Hoerburger RQIigi0n Religion Catholicity The Most Rever- end John P. Treo- cy, S.T.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Lo Crosse distri- butes Holy Com- munion during the Moss which offi- ciolly opened the school yeor. Assist- ing him ore the Reverend Andrew Bofenkomp ond the Reverend Chester Moczorny, former faculty members. 'NI -nnmumdb MW The Reverend Joseph Ferron Aquinos Guild Moderator Religion Qcventy in Action The Reverend John N. Mauel raises the Blessed Sacrament in Benc- diction during the novena for peace. Thomas and Greg- ory Schmitz are the servers. James Freybler and Rudolph Lusk interest Rita Fred- erick in religious articles for sale at the school store. 4. 2 '-'-be XX We iwim X?5XEgR'- ME .s as T if? fiiisi , - " .. is - .sf ,v 1 in The Reverend Edward Sobczyk Religion The Reverend Tl1eV'Revcrend - ,U fy nr., Hilary Simons l. Vi George Nelsons. A3 'Y - - . . , lj' , 1'-i Soventy-one Religion ll X' R?lIQ1Qi'1"l' ' . J 'lf ls-' V .uJlSD 1 O Y if 1 . -.3 ' 1 . .52- ' iz, 2145 .. "ISI ,X We y 1 r J' p . as f as '9- 'fa 1 .,, fi -.-W!" V 'A 4' ., .- ., 2 fp ,, .- f - '-1 J lx .- ex .1 ,fx ' Q 13 F f' - 1 '- fe 4 ff M 13,- . n f , rf . - 5'- Qgf 1? 'wr ' ,ff - ' 1 ' .iff Z , nf , . . 531, , . af' 'ff' 'fee' ' K ' ,. a . ' -- . .' 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Q g ..'z-f.,.,fA .H g..+,z,, ,-A, 'x iw, w L 'ig 1,3-if- vw. yu?-,-' , .,. . , .,,5f,,. ,Fr .1 .5 4. 5 C 3, -M. -5, , 1:- 'v. lqy,."f L 1-j "gli 'QN F Q Q.: - ru 3 E' :.V' 571125 . 5. --pp? .. 1,-.-K-M f .V 1- ,I 1- . . .,f yf -.- ., - V.--.1-A -A ,-' - WW- :?fr339"9' f V -11 2 ' Er: If X -lvqgflz f. , 53 5 F5 , QE .swf 5- S , - r-:5-',:.,E-32: , 'I A L ,- :Y ' ' L ,4 .v . . 1 A if A -,ggi , .gg ibilei .M V 1 1 E 0 , H?- s 7 W VI' I 01 'J 4 0 'I O 0 --.Q-V f NG 4- ,, - Q- 'V X51 V-Vw .X XM l , 0 5 --. .LM V, Q Q VO A ,, W X may-5 va ., Qin H' f M' V "9 V22 IW X, X fy X .f fl X V NK- ,N wf 3 X7 EQE1 'ecrmplfcff Ulanx Bosal Xmwtll f ,Q W ' .Ay f 1.1! - 4 36,1 l H X ! ws. ardi Gras, Bunny Ball Queen Betty Sinniger, elect- ed by the senior class, chose Andre Patnode as king to aid in reigning over the Mardi Gras celebration. Figures from a deck of cards decorated the gymnasium for the pre-Lenten event. Social life of the school, temporarily ended during the Lenten season, was revived on Easter Monday. The sopho- more class sponsored an infor- mal dance, the Bunny Ball. A court of nine couples surrounds Betty Sinniger and Andre Patnode, queen and king of the Mardi Gras, The couples are Gerald Collins and Mary Schachinger, Charles Buelow and Joan Grams, Raymond Ganten- bein and Mary Noel, Herbert Snyder and Regina Gschwind, Edward Kied- rowski and Janice Walters, Charles McCabe and Bonita l-lorstman, Ronald Powers and Mary Monti, Arlyn Wilder and Katherine Boyle, and Alois Friet and Nancy Eeg. Queen and king of the Mardi Gras are Betty Sinniger and Andre Patnode. Dancers are seen at the post- Lenten dance, the Bunny Ball. Other dancers are seen at the Bunny Ball. The couple in the foreground is Gerald Wakeen and Gloria Rohrer. Seventy-four Behind the Scenes Cast members ot "Why I Am a Bachelor" pose with their award. Pictured are Andre Patnode, Mary Noel, Arlyn Wilder, Therese Potaracke, Betty Murphy, and Edward Hale. Nancy Freeburn and Nola Noel prepare William Graf for making up in the green room. Lynn Schneyer, John l-lavlik, and Warren Dahl, electricians, are among those behind the scenes. Manford Knutson, Harold Erickson, and Giles Flanagan are members ol the stage crew. Dramatics and the allied arts receive much attention at Aquinas High School. Senior dramatic students call upon their previous years of speech and English training when they devote thmselves to the daily study of the transmission of ideas through dramatic entertainment "Why I Am a Bachelor," a one-act play, advanced through district and sectional com- petition to the state drama contest, where it was awarded an "A" rating. ln the La Crosse One-Act Play Festival held at Aquinas High School, "The Aquinas Players" were awarded a trophy for the best play production. They staged "The Flight of the Heronsf' Raymond Gantenbein received a trophy for the best acting. Behind the scenes in all productions are also the stage and lighting crews. They, with the makeup artists and designers, contribute greatly toward the success of Aquinas dramatic presentations. Seventy-tive The Green Over 4000 people saw and heard the major Aquinas dramatic production of 1951, "The Green Pastures," as it was presented in the Vocational auditorium, January 19, 20, and 21. "The Aquinas Players," in their presen- tation of Marc Connolly's triumph, attempted to elevate their audience to a greater spiritual awareness. Andre Patnode, as "de Lawd" led a cast of 170, including 57 speaking parts. The role of the Archangel Gabriel was enacted by John Lyons, and Joseph Schiffer played the part of a Negro preacher, Mr. Deshee. "De Lawd" contemplates what best to do with those unruly earth folks. Andre Patnode played the role of God in the Aquinas version of "The Green Pastures." Noah, as played by Philip Ritter, instructs his wife, Therese Phalin, on provisioning the Ark's larder. Zeba, Betty Murphy, captures the attention of two swains. Thomas Urban, as Flatfoot, and Charles Buelow, as Cain VI, vie for her attention. Pharaoh, Gerald Collins, assembles his court. Seated are Carol Theisen, Mary Schneeberger, Beverly Kerrigan, Patricia Ferris, and Lois Stoeckly. Paul Kramer, Earl Ritter, Mary Sue Woolley, Jude Ann Rand, and Patricia Leuck are in the first row, standing. Peter Leinfelder, David Vollmar, and Joyce Ernst ' the back row, standing. Sev ' CFB IY1 enty-six Pastures Action in the play begins as the audience becomes aware of the presence of a colored preacher who is instruct- ing a Sunday school class. That action proceeds as the Old Testament tales the preacher tells are portrayed on various lev- els of the stage. The play is a visuali- zation of heaven as a three-dimensional wonder in which the occupants act very much like earth- bound folks. . few t Adam acquaints his wife, Eve, with the wonders of Paradise. James Temp and Mary Jo Tierney por- trayed the Biblical pair. Raymond Gantenbein, as Moses, and David Murphy, as Aaron, try the power of Aaron's rod. Mr. Deshee relates to his students the story of creation. His class includes, clockwise, James Egelhof, Thomas Rudolph, Michael Ziegelmaier, Howard Erickson, Ann Theisen, Richard Collins, and Angeline Mader. Patricia Poellinger and Rosalie Oestreicher, cleaning women, agree that God's office should be redecorated. Gabriel, John Lyons, appears to have received an affirmative answer to his query: "Lawd, is it time for me to blow?" Seventy-seven I The string quartet is composed of Shirlee Knutson, .Joan Kowalewski, Barbara Desmond, and Lois Houlihan. Two Aquinas students participated in the AllfState Orchestra, Madison, Wisconsin, January 4 and 5. They were violinists Shirlee Knutson and Alice Engelhard. Sister M. Teresilda Sister M. Vivian Choir Choir Applied Music Applied Music Orchestra Orchestra First Row Shirlee Knutson, violin Alice Engelhard, violin Joan Lydon, violin Delores Hafner, violin Marilyn Lenser, violin Mary Boschert, violin Shirley Reget, cello Mary Louise Sciborski, cello Second Row Betty Lee, Violin Joan Kowalewski, violin Martha Ward, violin Angeline Mader, violin David Lawrence, violin Natalie Ruetten, violin Orchestra Personnel Tamame Haddad, violin Lois Houlihan, viola Beverly Wakeen, oboe Mary Kay Borseth, oboe Katherine l-loward, cello Barbara Desmond, cello Third Row Laurel Mclioskey, violin Kathleen Holicky, violin Mary Kratzer, violin Patricia McCabe, violin Paul Chrisan, violin Rosemary Desmond, violin Cecilia Weisbecker, viola Jacqueline Peshak, viola I John Stellick, flute Patricia Humteld, flute Jane Hillebrandt, trumpe Thomas Schmitt, trumpet Leroy Weibel, trumpet Marilyn Doerre, bassoon JoAnn Erickson, bassoon Arlene Sikorski, cello Upper Row Joan Abicht, tympani T Mary Frances Scherdin, piano Virginia Gittens, tympani William Marco, violin Charles Munster, violin James l-lavlicek, clarinet Gregory Schmitt, clarinet Anthony Solberg, clarinet Barbara Bennett, clarinet Robert Virnig, clarinet Richard Ghelti, trombone Thomas Zimmer, trombone Earl Ritter, horn Mary Lou Vollmar, bass Audrey Hardiman, bass Colette Grabinski, bass Not Pictured Donald Gilbert, horn Marilyn Pierce, trombone Patricia Hammes, viola Shirley Gautsch, flute Walter Daniels Band Director Band Personnel 'The Aquinas Band received national recognition when it won first place in state and notional contests at Oshkosh and Milwaukee. The contests were sponsored by the Catholic War Veterans. Band Captain Alois Friet receives the national championship trophy from Louis Carrels, Commander of the Bishop McGavick Post, La Crosse, Others pictured are State Commander Paul Morcou, Robert Billskemper, and Walter Daniels, band director. Upper Row Walter Daniels, band director Herbert Snyder, drum Thomas Klein, drum l-'larold Erickson, drum Ann Funk, drum Gerald Seubert, drum Gerald Zellmer, drum Third Row Charles McCabe, cornet Mary Schochinger, Cornet Donald Gilles, comet Bernadette Strittmoter, cornet James Egelhof, cornet Arthur Cepek, comet 'Warren Dahl, cornet liiglily Lowell Snyder, bass Jack Finley, bass Gregory Downey, bass Richard VanGunten, baritone Gerald Weilandt, baritone Thomas Urban, baritone Kenneth Zanter, drum Clinton Abnet, trombone Harvey Fiebig, trombone H1 Alois Friet, trombone Jack Langen, trombone Second Row Margaret Berzinski, bell lyra Corrine Wiggert, clarinet Carol Roesler, clarinet Audrey Alexander, clarinet N Suzanne Kelly, flute LaVonne Strupp, horn Larry LaFond, horn Carola Abraham, tenor saxophone Kenneth Hansen, tenor saxophone Reinald Kammel, alto saxophone Joan Pelegrin, alto saxophone Elaine Gallagher, alto saxophone Peter Leinfelder, clarinet Eighty-one ASI, Sharon Young, clarinet Barbara Merrell, clarinet Mary Liskovec, bell lyra First Row Katherine Schmitt, drum major Mary Ferris, baton twirler Marjorie Schmitt, baton twirler Mary Ann Merrell, clarinet Carolyee Pretasky, clarinet John Kane, clarinet JoAnne Ender, clarinet Charlotte Weiking, clarinet Suzanne Kane, clarinet Elaine Wuensch, clarinet Patricia Vogel, clarinet Darlene Kessler, baton twirler Joyce Winter, baton twirler Carol Jeanne Leuck, baton twi Not Pictured Betty Murphy, drum major Thomas Rudolph, clarinet Rita Bahr, clarinet Roberta Kenney, clarinet Anthony Hoch, trombone Jeanette Allen, alto saxophone Patricia Schmitt, horn rler Song of Norway - Operetta "Song of Norway" was the major offering ot the music department at the Voca- tional auditorium, April 28, 29, and 30. As the operetta told of the lite ot Edvard Grieg, Norway's national composer, the atmosphere was created by his own music. The operetta recounts the inner trials of Grieg from the time when he first promises to write the song which will be truly representative of his native land until he actually accomplishes this. ln the interim he is caught up in the net at artiticiality of the music world until he re-establishes lost values after the shock of the death of a friend. Then he composes his "Concerto in A Minor." Richard McLoone played the role ot the composer. His wite, Nina, was portrayed in alternate performances by Betty Murphy and Jane Hillebrandt. The senior choir of llO members was accompanied by the Aquinas orchestra, WW Eighty-two Edvard Grieg - Chopin of the North Composer Edvard Grieg Richard McLoone ' ' , , envisions his wife, Betty Murphy, and friend, Jack Kelly, who Pleading benefits Count Peppi, William Skemp, very inspire his concerto. little as the Countess, Joan Kowalewski, persists in her Papa Grieg, Raymond Gantenbein, is scolded by Spendlhrlff WUYS- Papa Nordraak, James Temp, and Mamma Grieg, Julie Galvin, for interrupting the dance. Grieg, Richard McLoone, receives the news of his :1riend's death. His wife, Jane Hillebrandt, comforts im. at X ,g,, Tito the chocolate shopkee er D ' I Sk , p , anie ernp, enjoys the latest tiff between the opera manager, Andre Patnode, and his star, the Countess Giovanni, Theresa Potaracke. Dancers, Suzanne Opitz and Norma Cross, chat as the scheming prima ballerina, Alice Engelhard, plans to make a failure of the evening's performance. Homecoming for Nina, Betty Murphy, is a happy occasion as she is welcomed by Rikaard Nordaak, Jack Kelly. Lucille Reinhard, Mary Schachinger, Barbara Desmond, and Mary Monti were hostesses to Grieg during his stay on the Riviera. Dancers are Judith S h b c nee erger, Mary Volz, Philip Fanello, Joyce Winter and Anthony Hoch. Eighty-three Junior Choir Upper row: Robert Weldy, Raymond Opitz, William Clarkin, David Forer, Ronald Kerrigan, George Probart, Steve Anderson, James Frantz, Paul Kramer, James Anderson, Donald Dansberry, Richard Grosskopf, James Uhler, David Bruha, Thomas Adams. Third row: Mary Collins, Carolyn Kracklauer, Joan Garske, Audrey Olson, Lois Stoeckly, Donna Kateley, Carol Collins, Lois Hess, Sally Platz, Connie Picazo, Betty Kolash, Carole Pervisky, Patricia Ferris, Fay Leinfelder, Ann Roth. Upper row: Mary Jane Gantenbein, Mary Jo Tierney, Carol Moriarity, Mary Lichtie, Lucille Breidel, Jerome Hammes, Earl Ritter, Lee Villeneuve, William Glotz, Raymond Gantenbein, Robert Virnig, Max Kottmer, Michael Howard. Third row: Edith Jambois, Joan Siebenaler, Beverly Kerrigan, Betty Murphy, Janet Reinhard, Mary Kay Borseth, Anthony Hoch, Ronald Faas, James Esser, James Zoerb, Donald Allen, Charles Runningen, Robert Balduzzi. Eighty-four Second row: Martha Ward, Joan Abicht, Mary Liskovec, Patrice Erickson, Carol Vondrashek, Phyllis Nesseth, Margaret Flock, Mary Ann Gautsch, Ina Klein, Patricia Kahle, Carol Stephan, Patricia Hallo, Judy Bruha, Marie Furlano. First row: Virginia Gittens, Mary Jane Hansen, Jeannine Conway, Catherine Schmitt, Mary Ann Schwabenbauer, Katherine Howard, Patricia Senn, Donna Melde, Beverly Shimshak, Patricia Riley, Carol Poellinger, Shirley Levi, Bernadine Servais. Second row: Carolyn McConaghy, Joan Grams, Suzanne Opitz, Therese Phalin, Joan Merteld, Suzanne Kelly, Aurice DuBois, Nancy Reinsvold, Rosemary Rogowski, Joan Svec, Barbara Dedrick, Marjorie White. First row: Joyce Winter, Shirlee Knutson, Jane Hille- brandt, Romelle Slama, Mary Limberg, Joan Kowalewski, Theresa Potaracke, Mary Monti, Mary Vollmar, Mary Noel, Eileen McHenry. Sen ior Freshman, Sophomore Boys' Glee Club Upper row: Charles Mathy, William Bama, John Ker- rigan, Gary Larkin, Edwin Larkin, James Frederick, Ronald Dickson, Robert Saphner, Joseph Magner, Paul Williams, Donald Bruchman, Paul Richling, Robert Lillie. Second row: David Bott, James Dunn, Brock Mickschl, David Wakeen, Howard Johnson, Joseph Erickson, John Upper row: William Skemp, David Vollmar, Duane Scheitzach, John Gleason, Thomas Smith, James Drendel, Jack Kelly, Lucille Reinhard, Doris Munster, Rosemary Vyvyan, Geraldine Potaracke, Betty Grenisen. Third row: Andre Patnode, Peter Schaettle, Gerald Zellmer, Philip Fanello, Terence Boschert, Kenneth Kavanaugh, William Gilster, Sheila Murphy, Dolores Yost, Dolores Mader, Nancy Freeburn, Patricia Lepsch. Choir Beranek, Patrick Flynn, Thomas Besl, Gene Jirsa, Peter Schmidt, Arthur Cook. First row: Edward Reget, James Besl, Kenneth Potaracke, Donald Flynn, Robert Dwyer, Michael Ziegelmaier, David McCabe, John Griesgraber, David Breidel, Paul McQuillen, Joseph Hoch. Second row: Barbara Bennett, Julie Galvin, Mary Urban, Mary Volz, Marlene Merfeld, Betty Sinniger, Nancy Baum, Bonnie Amann, Judy Schneeberger, Norma Cross, Marian Hegenbarth, Darlene Kessler, Lois Frisch. First row: Mary Larkin, Therese Strasser, Laurel McKoskey, Colette Ritter, Barbara Desmond,Joan Franke, Jeanne Gleason, Coleen Swertfeger, Patricia Haas, Marlene Graf, Arlene Larkin. Eighty-five Sophomore Girls' Glee Club Upper row: Valeria Volk, Janet Johnson, Lois Temp, Jeanne McNally, Mary Degenhardt, Barbara Smikla, Judo Ann Rand, Rosemary Desmond, Joyce Ernst, Dorothy Bernatz, Jane Murphy, Vivian Peshak, Shirley Roger, Joan Potaracke, Shirley McMahon, Florence Knutson, Betty Bahr, Barbara Weiland, Mary Ann Buelow, Suzanne Meyers. Third row: Shirley Gautsch, Mary Copus, Diane Bantle, Margaret Potarocke, Monica Larkin, Patricia Leuck, Maxine Check, Joan Bagneski, Jeanette Merfeld, Jean Corbett, Betsy Schaettle, Patricia Pelegrin, Jean Boisen, Shirley Heintz, Marcella Winchell, Janice Merfeld, Marilyn Powell, Therese Rutz. Upper row: Janice Marcou, Jean Ziegler, Phyllis Daly, Angeline Mader, Mary Kabat, Shirley Vaughn, Delores Becker, Barbara Sieger, Maxine Hansen, Rita Sheehan, Mary Alice Kerrigan, Caroline Dwyer, Patricia Hulick, Jeanne Rendler, Ann Yunker, Lucille Yehle, Carol Young, Jeanette Allen. Third row: Irene Rutz, Patricia Ostrander, Marlene Holzer, Joan McLain, Virginia Bauer, Fern Stolz, Mary Ann Follmar, Rita Louise Bahr, Marcile Gschwind, Elsie Clements, Janet Skaff, Maureen Keegan, Shirley Kubiak, Carol Olson, Phyllis Krajewski, Joan Ward, Patricia Gross, Antoinette Kuehn, Clarice Hegenbarth, Gloria Vingers. Second row: Mary Sue Woolley, Marlene Schwa-egerl, Mary Spika, Mary Ann Weaver, Colleen Shaw, Joan Schubert, Betty Poehling, Dorothy Zeimentz, Rosanne Prelesnik, Patricia Grams, Mary Schneeberger, Shirley Garske, Mary Stange, Carol Theisen, Katherine Hall, Donna Shay, Elaine Gallagher, Barbara Kelly. Firsi' row: Ruth Kendhammer, Barbara Jiracek, Margaret Felt, Arlene Frappier, Linda Keegan, Sandra Schmidt, Sharon Schmidt, Sue Ann Kelly, Priscilla Myers, Patricia Hegenbarth, Darlene Hegenbarth, Mary Downey, Therese Yost, Shirley Muetze. Second row: Elaine Hohlteld, JoAnn Lyden, Nancy Stonedahl, Elaine Rice, Kathleen Shimshak, Dolores Schiffer, Monica Anthony, Mary Louise Collins, Karen Borseth, Patricia Smith, Caroline Newburg, Donna Zellmer, Mary Ann Frisch, Sandra Spah, Sharon Henry, Margaret Ingham, Yvonne Kiedrowski. First row: Sandra Reget, Carol Kateley, Gladys Fries, Joanne Lucey, Louise Martinson, Therese Gautsch, Kay Villeneuve, Phyllis Shay, Maureen Conway, Barbara Senn, Elizabeth Buchner, Marjorie Deutschberg, Barbara Peplinsky, Coreen Lawrence. Freshman Girls' Glee Club Eighty-six Music in the Air Song lightens the heart and gladdens the day. There is joy in the air when young folk lift their voices in song. Many times during the year the pub- lic and the student body are entertained when the Aquinas choral groups perform. Two organizations that participate in all musical offerings of the school are the Triple Trio and the Discords. Eighty-seven in the first row of Triple Trio members are Jane Hillebrandt, Jane Pavela, Judith Schneeberger, Suzanne Opitz, and Joyce Winter. ln the upper row are Theresa Potaracke, Lu- cille Breidel, Julie Galvin, and Lucille Reinhard. Mary Volz is not pictured. Close harmony is achieved by the Discords, Raymond Gantenbein, An- thony l-loch, Jack Kelly, and Robert Virnig. UJISD n KII the in, Z Rf? YQ fx l sw :W I 44,6 Nf -KX in 2 -L -Q 'XII -fl 1 V , mill 'A "'wTYQf' "X Ii A' 6 3359 Qffww Z Ib J 1? Q W yi Z A WL-Q ' f' 51+ ff ,lj 42,X 2 J' Q H XE, ,I Q?--...init j, f ""-' i- John Bedessem - Tackle Bill Skemp - Encl Warren Delagrave -- End John Stellick -- Quarterback Jerry Collins -- Tackle Dave McPeak - Tackle Jack Kelly - Center John Shimshak - Tackle Tonn Brulfia - Halfback Jim Drendel - Fullback Dave Weldy - Halfback Bob Weldy - Guard Jim Temp - End Dick McLoone - Fullback Manny Knutson - Guard Donovan Schrier - Fullbaclf Jim Lewinski - End WW ZQWZW AM We XM 'QM .Nxt -,I 4. 2, Www Efidfww Qwy afffw Qu wif ,QM we A V fx., QW X9fwm9'zZ Daw QM? 7305 My jzffntwggw, digmmfm Aiwkfa U M . 1 X .,' . ,. . Champs of the city are upper row: John Stellick, John Shimshak, Manford Knutson, Jack Murphy, Jim Temp, Jerry Collins, Bill Skemp, and Dave McPeak. Third row: Donovan Schreier, John Bedessem, Jim Lewinski, Don Gilbert, Warren Delagrave, Tom Kramer, Jim Franz, John Schneider, Duane Scheitzach, and Francis Heath. Second row: Ray Osweiler, Jack Finley, Dick MC- Loone, Bill Clarkin, Tom Bruha, Dave Weldy, Jack Kelly, Jim Drendel, and Mike Newburg. First row: Dick Skaff, Joe Wilder, Bill Coughlin, Tony Hoch, Dave Thompson, Don Lance, Jim Esser, and Bob Weldy. Teamwork, Our Goal A heavy schedule and a nine game win- ning streak faced the Aquinas gridders as they opened the i950 football season against McDonell. An aggressive Blugold team rolled to an impressive 27-O win behind Jim Dren- del's two touchdown runs. Again Drendel paced the Michutamen attack in the 24-O drubbing of Madison Edgewood High School. Coach Michuta's charges posted an intra- city win over Central, 28-O, in quest of their third straight city football championship. Still undefeated, untied, and unscored upon, the Blugolds waltzed by Cotter, 27-O, and Logan, 20-O. The Logan decision gave Aquinas the city title. St. Pat's halted Aquinas' two-year victory string of l4 wins without defeat with a close 20-l3 score. The final two encounters were dropped to Campion, 20-l8, and an unde- feated Loras academy squad, 34-6, FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Ninety-two Aquinas McDonell Aquinas Edgewood Aquinas Central Aquinas Cotter . . . Aquinas Logan ,.... Aquinas St. Patrick Aquinas Campion . Aquinas Loras ...... I 1 . Q - . ff! 3 V 1 ' i L I Q, sw Q , 4. - SE' 8 3 9 is i .Q fa as ' QWLRQRNI . I , N 4' I VM, x f lv' .Fw . , V, V X . 1 4 , 3 'Vx- V 9' H ,fy ' 5 Q ' f Z 'vu 5 N 1' QI q 1 ' ,fi X.7"gi I L W M 1 --w a X wif '87 x JS! k . fis lv, Q 1 tm xx X i 5 X X 1 Q , V 'S ' Z X 9 if Qu rx ,jx 3, . 551 A N i Y, , I ,. 39' I gx Y' Q x l, 1 Wx. :QQ . - fs A .-X 1 -Wie' , NN.. f- stAs1.P-V' ' -N.. Nfl-- ,, x, . wks: ,K t . 1 f su .- 6!!W if 9- u', L' I, N-Qnnr 9? if- ff , 4' ii NN i i i i i i i i 4 i. Tom Bruha-Guard 2. Bill Skemp-Forward 3. Jim Temp-Center -4. Dave Weldy-Guard 5. John Stellick-Forward 6. Dave McPeak--Forward BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas 55 67 44 39 63 47 57 51 59 67 53 42 73 62 53 80 44 67 63 69 64 73 43 63 St. Augustine ,. ,. St. Patrick .. Lourdes ,,.,.., St. Thomas ., Cottcr ,. , McDonell Logan ,. . St. Thomas Central .. Cotter , ,..,., . St. Patrick .. Loras ,, ,. .. Campion .... St. Augustine .. .. Central ...,..,..,.. McDonell ..,..,. Campion ,.,, Lourdes ..,.,,.,,., Laras ........,..,. ,..,. Logan ..,, St. Bonaventure . Campion .,........... St. Catherine .. St. John .,..... City Basketball Champs With an 18 game winning streakg hovering over them, the Aquinas basketball charges opened the 1950-51 court season with a 55-45 win :ver Si. Augustine. The victory string ran to 21 with verdicts over St. Pat's and Lourdes before St. Thomas humbled the high-riding 'Golds. The following four contests saw an even split. Wins were registered over Cotter and La Crosse Logan, the latter giving the Aquinites number one spot in the city race. McDonell and St. Thomas set the Blugolds down in very close ones, both being decided in the final seconds. The 'Golds took a firmer grip in the city race by dumping Central, 59-34. ' Cotter fell a second time before the Blugolds but St. Pat's gained revenge in their return engagement. A new winning streak was starting as the Michutamen rolled over Loras, Campion, St. Augustine, Central and McDonell in that order. The powerful Campion Knights stopped the string with a final minute 47-44 decision. Aquinas closed the court season with wins over Lourdes, Loras, and Logan. The win enabled the 'Golds to retain the city championship. Tournament play matched the defending champions with Stn Bonaventure in the initial fray. The Blugolds won this game, 64-39. Campion bowed to the smooth Aquinas squad in the quarter finals. In the semifinals a defensive minded St. Catherine quint of Racine slowed down the Blugolds and garnered a 49-43 verdict. Aquinas topped Mil- waukee, St. John, for third place, 63-38. Upper row: The Reverend Charles Blecha, Dave McPeak, Bill Skemp, Jim Temp, John Stellick, and Coach John Michuta. First row: Barry Johnson, Tom Bruha, Dan Skemp, Steve Anderson, and Dave Welcly. 111117. 1.9.-- l A .Eiq--5-r .i X Qt .J IN' 'N A .533 .9-1rCi..6'.f . Ninety-five . B Team Upper row: The Reverend Charles Blecha, Dave Bruha, .lim Franz, Jim Ehler, Tony Hoch, and Coach Staszak. First row: Dave Strittmater, Bill Coughlin, Jack Kerrigan, Tony Solberg, and Dave Ritter. These two squads will furnish the varsity with future basketball greats. Some members of each squad have already moved to the top. The "B" team finished a success- ful campaign, meeting some rough opposition. Likewise, the freshman chargers rang up victories in their limited schedule. Freshman Team Upper row: Coach Staszak, Richard Bolduan, Ray Schmitt, Lowell Snyder, Don Ferrell, and the Reverend Charles Blecha. Second row: Jerry Seubert, Bob Terry, Ed Larkin, Rudy Schmitt, Ball Abraham, and Dave McCabe. First row: Joe Hoch, Gary Larkin, John Beranek, Don Bruchman, Don Flynn, Paul McQuillen, and Bill Leonard. X -l . Ninety-six - ..-...pu , Rah! Rah! Team! Bill Skemp, Aquinas' top forward, grabs a pass in the Central game as Tom Bruho, 30, and John Stellick, l8, watch, prepared to give any needed assistance, Aquinas' John Stellick, 24, and Jim Temp, 26, leap for a rebound with Logan players, Bob Otto, 55, and Al Hilde, 77. Dave Weldy, l8, and Rich Severson, 88, look on. Steve Anderson attempts a fancy lay-up as a St. Augustine player prepares to block it, Bill Skemp and Jim Temp look surprisingly at the ball as it hovers over the rim in the St. Bonaventure contest. Going high into the air, Blugold forward, John Stellick, is set to let fly with a jump shot. That's Bill Skemp and Jim Temp with their mouths open, Ninety-seven A 'fziaylltyls Coach Ray Staszak, center front, explains baseball tactics to the team. I Left to right, the boys are, upper row: , 54 Myron Peterson, Bill Roth, Bob Gilbert, Jim Skaff, Chuck Cunningham, Jim Jirsa, Dave Weldy, John Bedessem, Jim Uhler, Ronald Powers, and Dick Ritter. First row: Bill Skemp, Dave Mc- Peak, John Stellick, Jim Temp, Joe Schiffer, Bob Guggenbuehl, and Ronald Phelps. Shown warming up before a cru- cial contest are, left to right, John Bedessem, Ronald Phelps, John Stel- Iick, and Chuck Cunningham. Diamondmen Win Glor Top-notch hurling and powerful hitting led the Blugold diamondmen to a triumph- ant season of six wins and only two defeats. Coach Ray Staszak's nine tucked the city baseball title under their belts with two decisive verdicts over Central, l3-O and 6-l. Explosive power at the plate also accounted for the 7-O and I9-5 routs over Melrose. In the only doubleheader of the campaign the 'Golds downed Cotter, lO-3 and 5-3. Campion's high-riding squad gave the Staszakmen their only defeats in two close, tough contests. Dave McPeak, Dick Ritter, Joe Schiffer, and Ronald Powers composed the mound staff while Jim Temp and Bob Guggenbuehl received. Ninety-eight Golf, Tennis - Healthful Leisure Coach John Michuta's linkmen rolled to a successful golf season in scorching the fairways with five wins in seven matches to win the city prep crown. Headed by Ken "Skip" Kubiak, a tour-year man, the team knocked off Central twice for the title. The golfers also gained two decisions over St. Pat's, split a pair with Lourdes, and dropped their only meeting with Campion. An even break of three victories, three losses, and one tie showed the efforts of the Blugold netmen under Coach Father Charles Blecha. The netters shut out Eau Claire's St. Pat's twice and stopped Viroqua for their other win. Central's Red Raiders dumped Father Blecha's racquetmen in their two meetings. Viroqua did the trick once. Campion tied the 'Golds. Terry Murphy, Jack Kelly, Jim Kelly, John Garrity, and Ken Kubiak are happy after having captured the intra-city championship title. Happy and smiling racqueteers are standing the Reverend Charles Blecha, c o a c h, Mike Skcmp, Jim Zanter, Dick Pouzar, and Dick Mc- Looneg first row: Ed Hale, and Glenn Twite. l Ninetyenine Spirit Behind the Team ,.-, 'X Q5 The man behind the man who has the ball is the tan. Hundreds of Aquinas fans have contributed to the school's athletic success. But it's the cheerleader who unites the loyal fans in backing their team and it's his contagious spirit which spreads among those rooters. Seven boys led the spirited fans during the football season. From top to bottom, left to right, are Richard Collins, Herbert Lukas, Charles Dier- kop, Raymond Gantenbein, Paul Ashe bacher, Gerald McCann, and Michael Ziegelmaier. Girls who led the cheering on the basketball courts are Patricia Ferris, Mary Jo Tierney, Carolyn McConaghy, Judy Bruha, and Maureen Keegan. Q49 ,ff Sed' Q17 of-"" One Hundred Football Rally Betty Murphy was elected by the student body to rule over the first annual Aquinas Football Rally, October 28, l95l. She chose Richard Skaff as her escort. The court, as pictured above included David McPeak, War ren Delagrave, Jack Murphy, Nancy Baum, Charles McCabe Mary Volz, Robert Townsend Bernadine Norby, Norma Hut zenbuehler, Sally Hammond, Richard Skatf, Betty Murphy, Mary Mach, Carolyn McCon- aghy, Nola Noel, Carol Mori- arity, James Lewinski, Thomas Bruha, Jane Pavela, Ronald Powers, David Weldy, and Manford Knutson. This "close-up" shows Miss Blugold, Betty Murphy, and her escort, Richard Skaff, smiling on the dancers. ln halftime ceremonies Miss Blugold encircles the field ac- companied by Mona Peterson, i949 homecoming queen. Mr. Frank Billock of the S 81 H Sports Shop is the driver. One Hundred One l .T fl. Aff J ,. .J f J , , W' 1 Query f,,.,..fV,,?'W-Gocbli ess Our Patrons J s V. Vyejare !ddejyf,- r tefifxin all of our PATRONS for their generous financial help 7-L' 4 J ' .1 ' L.rff'jl0 af MFI 2f5fj " Jpglefgagellency, the ost Reverend I,-' ,J xn P. Treac S.T.D. y 7 mplimens Friend 'I ffygzileman Brewi ompany ff! La Crosse Rubber Mills Company ' sis ,l Compliments of a Friend Community Sales Service Funk, Mrs. Albert Klein, A. C. Lottie's Ready-to-Wear Shoppe Mathy Construction Company Skemp Clinic S10 Abicht, Ed. W., Grocery Ahrens, Mayor Henry J. Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Company Anderson Tire Service 84 Sporting Goods Arenz Shoe Company Art's Modern Market Borden's Consolidated Division Boulevard Food Shop Caledonia Street Merchants Cech, The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Clark-Bracken Company, lncorporated Community Motors Compliments of a Friend Doerflinger's Department Store Dolly Madison Dairies P Dutch Maid Dairyette Erickson Sunbeam Bakery Gateway City Transfer Company, lncorporated Gateway Lumber Company Grams, A, 8. Sons Haberman Studio Hackner, E., Company Hammes Truck Sales Hengel, Joseph, Plumbing, Heating Horschak, R. B., D,D.S. Keller Printing Company Kratt Lumber Company La Crosse Breweries, lncorporated La Crosse Clinic La Crosse Paper 81 Box Company Leath 81 Company Furniture Leinfelder, Bentz 8. Barton, D.D.S. McKoskey, George J., Plumbing McNamara, Thomas, M.D. Modern Laundry 8. Dry Cleaning Company New Villa, Mr. and Mrs. George Dialler One Nelson, Peter 81 Son, lncorporated Recreation Lanes J S 81 H Sport Shop Schachinger Sausage Factory Segelke 8i Kohlhaus Company Smithel Jewelers Temp's Tavern Trant, The Reverend John P. Tri-State Printing Company Van De Steeg, C. H. Weisensel and Weisensel, Insurance Wiffler Paint 81 Roofing Company Yellow Cab Company S5 Bangsberg Tailors Barron, E. R. Company Bicha Furriers Blaschke Funeral Home Byers Flowers Cappelen Photo Shop Cheney, R. C., Company Click Candy and Distributing Company Compliments of a Friend Cremer Jewelry Store Crescent Jewelry Company Crosby, Schneider gl Esch, Attorneys Doerre Hardware Downey, G. J., D.D.S. Dwyer Funeral Home Ellickson Studio Fantle's, 5th Avenue Firestone Stores Frisch, Joseph J., Agency Gantert's Furniture 84 Rug Company Gateway Grocery Company Gorenstein, L. M., M.D. Haddad Cleaners Hale, Skemp, Nietsch, Hanson and Schnurrer, Attorneys Harvey's Bakery Heraty, J. E. 81 Schmidt, L. R., M.D. Hilton Prescription Pharmacy Hoeschler, Frank J., lncorporated Hoeschler Prescription Pharmacy Hollywood Theater Holy Cross Parish Iris Cafe Jacques Seed Company Jansky Bros., Printers Jones, W. J., M.D. Justinger Grocery 84 Confectionery Keegan Insurance Company Kelly, J. D., D.D.S. Kienahs Flower Shop Hundred Two fl' Sl ' x1.l,,,., , , , ff .41 ,A Q .K if "E X ' I ' ' ' J-H-I-. J. ' .iz - " I X' I- it! , gl f fl' JI ' " ' ' I' - 'Fm ' ' I, new ff--fyy - .L fx. 'J r' f I K- lite., , V " If Kto ,,vAdam'4 ritif' 5' C Anderson's Barber Sijfop, ii -jdcSl,gCv nf 1 Qu Crosse Dia erjerdcel-SQ J- A Arctic Ice Cream Companhia kim A C . ff,-K -P' LaCrosse r ,Comp ny ' Art's Dairyland Ice Cream 4' ' 's' 'V' 1 a Crosse epzdhe Corporation Bakalars Brothers "ff I cf Crosse Trailer Corporation Baile 81 Franz Insurance Agen, -94,4-4' - , J Y ,W . il' Lapitz Barber Sho Barron Millinery Company ,LJ 7Lf,,,q.' . 0 f Laundro at Half- ur er ' e Bartelt, Paul S., D.D.S. -"L "-711 Lees a B g ttor e Benesh 81 Dad Grocery V f :IJ ep o 'Kwcorporated Le e i old p 9 u s o e M r 1 hin J muell . . 's y eo 5-pp Cgoiglv r Maur C y or L er Company N Q e l B. I? ' t e ,rt er gra ra'sy oe Stor Benson Optical Company A Berg Paint 81 Wa paper Company Eodega Lgnlgh hecker a 59441 f C 81 D Res?4fA f Compliment ' d Convenienmfelers ,, I Devine, G ?,lnco rat ' Federal ery omp I , Georg! r 8. Battery avi!! s Gile ' uss , eler ' --131 H ' 81 Morris Q - , Palmer 84 Hanson Sheet Metal 'X war Igfdigs S op I Penney, J. C., Com any ps, Roraf,'Cg1q3y8t f5-f People's Drug S ' 71541-Q75 41445 'Q' Photo Art s dp "Kadlec, G. -J., D. .s. 'rf ,Y . Pure FOOCI F1 Kreuzer Fur Co pany ' -iv QUINFVS 5 Off - q 6' ' Crosse use 'nt Company Ross Fu 8. R omp W Crosse Bot ' s ,X ROTWS Fl0l" L74 4 ,.. La Crosse Cooler Compo ' galzer'ESE5sL p W LuX1beEgSCoal Compa t-6, anitxr ir L gl P, ,, , ,, " Schil 2PE3Fm5 -fr! ygfs ii at Marshall, D.D.S. Schultz-Nels'oniE'y Cleo Schumacher ,Funersieuomg Scot Burgess, Incorporatdd y Se Tp Bottlin Clrnpdhy 'J h Ria t ee n's Food y - Sher -Willia pany . ,igi M i G. J., M.D. er, oseph, Company y ee Sentinel Agency ah, Alf, Reed Instrument Repair Moe to Service srl 7Neubauei' Sl fl T0 nd, G0ll0Ql'1e", Llevvburg' I Men's Wear W Why 31 WIS, M.D. Norris-Kopetsliy Studio Si I' Se 'ng Ce te . Oliver -Office Equipment C0 4- DWI C GUY Paramount Photo Shop XJJ G , W l, torneys, ,ff Pitzner's Clean Clothes Cleaner 9050 S, I Or T951 If Protz, H. E., D.S.C. f9ll efk udids jf' IJ 494- Ring Clear Hosiery I" e Qatar' ompany ff' ' Rita's Beauty Salon '- f. - PS l 6- , ,J . Royal Pies Tfpqge 0' f ' XJJI-f ,Lf , S 81 L Company V 'Q AUTO WIPO Y 'FV 1 Sanitary Barber Shop r9XVV AVG e l.Gt . Stbzd-fl! ' Sciborski, Frank , f BH tl COVP ed '- Spika, J. M., D.D.S. ,x J J' hr- ' , C0"igf"57fed Stuber Floor Covering Shop C 0l1h3?0 'Y Tausche's Hardware, Incorporated a n's'S rvicq heet Metal Shop The Elite 6 A 1 5 S3 Tillman's Bros.CliurI:iture I' ' Wenze, F. P. ot ier j ffJvQJxfQett.aflS' Hat Shop WLCX Studio American Studios Sports Pictures, Courtesy La Crosse Tribune 'll D IV I ,J K, 'I O ne Hundred Three Xlfl q lr flfiffww fzfflf Amy ejmwfwl W if ff-'fm 'W WMZAM7 flew ff wwf? fwffgfew 2 4 i My Best Friends Will Please Sign Here ' K W"" HV' 'wr . N 4?5-'ffffffffmffz f0,,fX"n- l ' I-,pf ffzf-gf-fry? ' . LW hq K We ff I WM J ,gl WWC-A-049 W WW , fiffjwf ' ,w.e,,. 'JL me +-Q. , felsfsffse ff ef we MQW - . , i ' if W -el f"i'w?fW iw gif W ,ig -2+ , lily lQlL',"i- ilgfysgyvfwip 7" , 7g,, f I, V Ll 4. V .. 1 . 1 A Do You Remember When ? T. 5WJL WWW I , of K sw N- " T e e A J ,W I I e ' J , L M I., V 1 A eee' Jqf ,. AW f ff! 1f, .V'5'7 fWk9fe0f Z' . ,Q " xf, 1 , -,T L .e EM gizzjxif . J if R !lV',A" . ' fb!! ' ff'04iplf"'4 ' M 'V-cf! 'V gf, W I Q," 5 ., ggi'-ffm. FJ' ,WW ' W e 'e'f cf' Wiffjjdff 77 W'Wf"WWfff' 04ff'7fQQl?f'K1'f-0-05 if-QW? KL v 'N-hs. ffxx Ox' 0KfYVjf?fMj' y . gy A '77 1 t- .Lf ' A .W 4. ,.--FQESHN. .. .. 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Suggestions in the Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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