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G, Q, x , a ' W1 ,lf fffffft' , Y p ' ' AJ ,Q O, A' "!i'g'Lo1a- ,mf ji? lg X77L N g 'tg WML ' M J 6, fy , - D ' 5 f 77? MZZWJ f A yi W1 ' ,JM V ,551 . . QW' Mm M 4 gmzj Q if if W 1 if MW .M - Al Of M 0 M 1' , D l li, 1 If JJ ff V 4' X EL, Mfwffa W X 669 BY ,W f A 01 ., ' , Q . em I MJ Mm Mfwxvt , y W 3 if JKUAVL WJ Q O! if ' - Gi '5 f j ,1.fv M ' I Af 4 K 90906065 L ' . ,H - . Dlx V V -g :R IA ,g , - , ii: -' Q Dj J a2"+ A. - rgjyfpg , xx Yxgxig J,0A7y af ff! 4 . M, " ,- ,,, ,. , X vlgflfz ' 4 In 1 V b jv Q, 1 , , B , ff ' My 'A-' rx-P J xffffi '1 . -y f ' ' 1 - A ' Qi'f' A fp 'U'Jr 'Y"7M9Y, ' gi fi ' ' ' A f I 5 3 1, W ,V' ' ' , , in i ' 5 X' , A 1 1115221 - g g., -X Qi, " -,,.,f g,M5QIA'1'j-1-.-1' 'Q--Jfjf75a,,j 5'f5,:i9ji'.'Ag ,EL J fugljaa .. 1:35, ' 'L" Q-., f.r,L.f3E- . we 44, .,f . -fv . ls: --If 1 ',-, -' Q" .f ff'f?' li'x f s .' !-1'Qf Q95 V "i'f'4"if?fL: ' J TFJ1 ' "3"-"W 1 - Q1 1: R,iF3,g'ifii.- iii- A Ll ,422-'fZ'2fg T' 1, 51 'ff,,,- V .. ,1 3ffg",r1::?m 1 ,. V. ' " , I 'Y A -.L. if ati ' 511.3 ,JM .- . ' -1 f, -Jiri-'SF 5--':tFf15f'.:f-3,1 ' " '- if-rw-,i.f" .:,i,f':-r gi' 1 .- ., -. A -F 1-,-'-Nj' 3 ' agp' '-- f'j1-1153. , ff. , Y 4 - fir! 1? jg fri . 'Q .1-5 'gg -gpg '- -f,, Y. . L 1.- A , ,M A fffQ4QW aww ,ff 014 as , f -R. wfjiiggfvwsfy iw 307W WW' 1 M ww 701 I 4 x I Ka: MW, aw wif? W gif , , . Q SSFEEX gow kwa -ff 5 . Wi A 6 My?-,, W ' ,G?QQw , MQW Ogjifilfgf 95b,1fYQ93 A L Q W " I ,s A 5 . . s ' f ' Lf 1 ff 1 . s fb, f' I, P , I - 'W' V4 V P" .- U7T'gJ'UCs7M- B .................. .... ....... ...... ..... ,........ L .... I ............................. ....... ...... ..... .... ......... -...... .... .,,,. J ,gf ' ' 'J , . , ' , f f- bi L fifjfis rg 131, KP' ZQZJWX ' f I ,. 1. : .Jar ' ' . U'H7Q,,.,xfefn1.1P1? - I FJ ,',, .. 1 X .ax V 3,11 ,,,i,4ff' ,-1. f x K fi Q3 V' J J f' ,NvJ6yf,s 'A I 1611. il 57.31 5 L s A - Jug, qfivi f ,MM ,VVV 5 1 ' 1-. f . f'-'H 2 j r J .V pf Q :lr Q A, fin' 5 ,f 1g?J,sf" THE ,jx NS ' 19 9 TRUMPET u Vl MQWWQ .- E I 2 ss M Wffwiiiyzs MWWW H AQUINAS HIGH SCHCOL La Crosse, Wisconsin BEAT! -li I I I I I Blessed are the poor in spirit, lor theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." ' Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth." Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be com- forted." 'Blessed are they who hunger and thirst lor justice, for they shall be satisfied." Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." 'Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God." Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." Page f0llI' Sfaffo EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Wilma Ashley Senior Editors Suzanne Kracklauer Jeanine Gschwind Junior Editors Rosemary Meyers Maxine Heintz Sophomore Editors Mary.Ann Sinniger Mary Ziegelmaier Freshmen Editors Arlene Hanson . Dorothy Cibulka Sports Editors Gregory Ziegelmaier Jerome Sweeney Photographer Arthur Roraff Advertising Manager Myron Zeigler Business Manager Ronald Abicht Faculty Adviser Sister M. Riccarda o11tenf843 Introduction - - - 1-19 Staff and Contents - - 4-5 Dedication ---- 6-7 Bishop ---- - 8 Superintendent of Schools - - 9 Headmaster ---- 10 Faculty ----- 12-18 Council of Administration - - 19 Student Council - - - 20 CLASSES Seniors - - - 24-32 Juniors - - 33-35 Sophomores - 36-38 Freshmen - 39-41 ACTIVITIES Altar Boys - 45 Golden Mass - 46 May Queen - 47 Publications - - 48-49 Debate - - 50 Library - - - 51 Art - - - - 52 Home Economics - 53 Language Clubs - 54 Homecoming - - - 56-57 Informal Shots - - 55, 58163 Mardi Gras ---- 64-65 MUSIC AND DRAMA One Act Plays - - - 69 Our Lady of Fatima - - 70-71 Band - - - - 72-73 Orchestra - - I - 74-75 Operetta - - 76-77 ATHLETICS Football - - - 81-84 Basketball ---- 85-88 Baseball, Golf, Tennis - - 89-92 National Rural Life Convention 93-94 PATRONS ---- 95-97 AUTOGRAPHS 98 Page five Page six eeicafionfb Through M o t h e r M. Rose, Mother General of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of the Perpetual Adoration, we, the students of Aquinas High School, hope to honor all the devoted Sisters who have taught at our high school and through Whose sacrifices and untiring efforts wehave been most fortunate to receive the benefits and advantages of a thoroughly Catholic education. QKn11erm1h gmntlger JH. Qfinse, QF. gf'lniIgrr Cliimwral nf tlgr Sisirrs nf ilgr 'Uhith 0Urhm' uf ,Saint glfrzurris uf ilyr Elflvrpvfmzl Qhnrafiuu Page seven E E E E lk: Page e ght gms Eixcellenrg, Qllgn Must 3RE1IP1'D1Ih Inlgu 15. Urezzng, '51, Q3 , iilislgnp uf Qfrussr 'align QKv11nrn11h 'Gllgnmmxs jj. Hilallurmr Qflinrrsau SlIIJPl'ilIfl?lIfl.'llhPllf nf Srlpauls Page nine W Page ten Qflvrg QRD11P1'P1Ih Sins'-reply gif. tglhxnriringvmf Qivnhxxmsirr uf C23u1nixms Qxccveoifeo to University of Wisconsin North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Catholic University of America AQUINAS HIGH SCHOQL Cgaculty Reverend Stephen Anderl School Treasurer Latin Social Problems YSenior and Freshmen Class Adviser Junior Benevolent . Auxiliary ACOSA Moderator Publication Consultant Reverend Michael Mertens Social Problems Page twelve Reverend Charles Blecha Religion Sophomore Class Adviser Athletic Director Booster Club Moderator Reverend Chester Moczarny Religion .Vi 5 1 , n! ' r C . Reverend J. Kelly Cosgrove Religion Reverend William Nikolai Religion. gr jf r ..i ir, s ,- r .l - a I 1' J, ' l ffl! 'f if lf l 4 V - 1 .Q Ii' .2 Reverend Joseph Ferron Aquinas Guild Moderator Band Moderator Religion Civics Social Science Reverend Anthony Hebert Junior Class Adviser Religion Reverend Henry Hoerburger Religion Reverend Mark Sullivan Religion Reverend John Trant Religion Reverend Anthony Wagener Social Problems Publicity Page thirteen Pilge f0Ll1't6el'1 Sister M. Agnes Clare Choir Applied Music ,Orchestra s X . Sister M. Angelinda English Library Junior Homeroom Sister M. Antonia Modern History Latin Sophomore Homeroom Sophomore Sponsor Sister M. Anysia American Literature Junior Homeroom Junior Sponsor Sister M. Baptiste Shorthand Typing Bookkeeping Secretarial Practice General Business Senior Homeroom Sister M. Carolita Homemaking Sister M. Clarence Global Geography A1 b' Freshmen Homeroom Freshmen Sponsor 1 Iv ,f 2- f .Aj fjy Sister M. Clementa American History I f . . .-,- I v.. Sister M. Eunice Homemakuix-F Freshmen omeroom South American History Senior Homeroom Senior Sponsor Sister M. Cunisse Library French Sister M. Eugenie Spanish Shorthand Typing Junior Homeroom Junior Sponsor 0 Sister M. lsaia Latin. English Freshmen Homeroom Sister M. Felice English French Civics Senior Homeroom Sister M. Georgiana Trigonometry Solid Geometry General Business Biology Senior Homeroom Senior Sponsor . s. I ,. S z i Page fifteen Sister M. Leola General Math ' Physics Senior Homeroom Sister M. Gervina Mechanical Drawing Art Sacristan Sister M. Lucy World History Ancient History Freshmen Homeroom Sister M. Juliana Choir Applied Music Orchestra . . ,r. l X X t Sister M. Marcella Algebra Global Geography Freshmen Homeroom Freshmen Sponsor Sister M. Lamberta ,Eng1iSh- Freshmen Homeroom Sister Marie Leon Dramatics Speech Art Freshmen Homeroom Sister M. Laurinda English Spanish German Junior Homeroom Sister Mary Edward Supervisor Sister M. Ruthmary General Business General Science Sophomore Homeroom Sister Mary Michael Dramatics Debate Speech English Sophomore Homeroom Sister M. Theodorita English Latin Sophomore Homeroom Sister M. Maureen English Latin Sophomore Homeroom Sophomore Sponsor Sister M. Theola Chemistry Junior Homeroom Sister M. Riccarda English Journalism Junior Homeroom Publications Adviser Sister M. Zelma Geometry - General Math Advanced Algebra Sophomore Homeroom UrOImw O UWOF P-4 mZOO mcnCj1bOr1'1w COIH P-JUJBPCE UmrwbO 'U va Kg mi -- Zin iililemuriam --l--.-.- T - 1 li' gifs-ict Qmgsizr Taught at Aquinas 1935 - 1939 1944 - 1949 Died April 23, 1949 Lay Faculty Mr. Walter Daniels S Band Director Miss Gwendolyn Hutson Physical Education Mr. John Michuta Biology Physical Education Head Coach ks . lg. Mr. Ray Staszak Mrs. Edward Stanek American History Secretary Physical Education Registrar Assistant Coach Mr. Gus Bushek 5 Mr. Herbert Bahr Mr. John Halaska General Maintenance General Maintenance General Maintenance i D Y Mr' Ed Seubert Head Engineer Page nineteen im ovmcil of Qlciministmtion The Aquinas Council of Administration: the Rev. Francis Wallaceg the Honorable Charles Be- ranek, mayor of La Crosseg His Excellency, 'the most Rev. John P. Treacy, S.T.D., bishop of La Crosseg the Rev. Stanley Andrzejewski, president of the Council of Administrationg the Rev. Thom- as Halloran, superintendent of schools. Standing: the Rev. Stephen Anderlg the Very Rev. Joseph F. Kundinger, headmaster of Aquinas: Mr. Bernard Zahn, Mr. Joseph Liskovecg Mr. Richard Pearseg the Rev. Edwin Knaufg and Mr. Paul Marcou. Mr. Leo Murphy is not pictured. The Aquinas Guild: Mrs. Joseph Mun- ster, recording secretary, the Rev. Joseph . Ferron, moderatorg Mrs. Raymond Gan- tenbein, financial secretary. Standing: Mr. A Andrew Hoffman, presidentg and Mr. Ed- ward Abicht, vice-president. The Aquinas Booster Club: Mr. F. W. Grenisen, secretaryg Mr. Richard Pearse, presidentg Father Charles Blecha, moder- atorg Dr. George Skemp, vice president. The Aquinas Alumni Association: Miss Ruth Kreibich, treasurerg Mr. Richard Woodruff, presidentg Miss Mary Ellen Howard, secretaryg and Mr. Robert Melde, vice-president. Page twenty 1' 447 ' ,, ...l-3, ' www 7 x . ffzidfbzhk' 59 I X 1 K I ' if Q 1 'll 'Y . , 1 X, X Xl 1 W 1 ' ' W J-f1ff"'Wel, ? is ,T X7 f W f 5 5 N F 5 if if' h - I W 0 '- x , 4 f ? N W X f N 7 I X 7 ...Ti ,L k . Ymi ,A4W . - 'Ts Q., 5Sf.gE1'2llllZi5 nf X32-sis-i as Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingrlmn of Heazrmf, Si- Qslnxtzxuvntxxrv "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be SIIHS-'ffl'Il Page twenty-two 0. X wi ' Q -1 .. cg, ' Todiiiffllas ever, the world is searching frantically for the key to unlock the door of peace. It is groping desperately in the darkening shadows of war for that evasive keyhole. But all the keys in the world have thus far failed to turn the magic latch that will swing open to all the door of security and hope and happiness. For that key is not the golden key of oratory or the leaden key of military might. The key to world peace was given to mankind so many hundreds of years ago by the Redeemer, speaking in His Sermon on the Mount, to all the gen- erations of our race. It is the theme of the Eight Beatitudes. It is justice, humility and sacrifice, Chastity and charity. It is ever the ancient and the new song of all times, the Gospel of Christ and His Church. The world has great need today, as it has in every age, to contemplate and meditate upon His Beati- tudes. And that ultimate goal of ours-that evasive peace. Is it not the goal given so beautifully in the Eight Beatitudes? Jesus Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven would be the reward in the hereafter, not the kingdom of time and space. But He also said that those who lived His Gospel would even possess in part the joys of earth and would find justice, com- fort and mercy both here and in Heaven. Is this not the answer -the key? It is towards this goal, a peaceful world through living the Beatitudes, that we, the student body of Aquinas High School in this critical year of 1949, do pledge ourselves in this, our annual. We will prayerfully strive to live the Beatitudes and help others along their beautiful and sacred path, so that, in the long years following commencement, we will find our world the world We want it to be-this world of tomorrow, where justice and charity and Christ Our Leader reign su- preme and peaceful in the hearts of men. S Page twenty-three Page twenty-four I ABRAHAM, JOAN-"A capable friendly lass is she, . . . With lots of pep and lots of glee." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Forensics 33 Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: Sganish Club 3, 4: Homecoming Court . l I t ALBITZ, KENNETH-"We may Search before we find, . . . A heart so manly and so kind." Basketball 1: Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata-1. ALBRECHT, DOROTHY-"I-ler quiet charm, you must confess, . . . Will certainly bring her happiness." Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4. AMBROSE, LEONARD-"To worry is follly, . . . Let's smile and be jolly." Football 2. ANTHONY, RITA JEANNE-"She's just the brightest little thing, . . . In classes, clubs, and everything." ACOSA Treasurer 4: Homeroom Secretary 3: Prom Court 3: French Club 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Operett 4: ghristtmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Junior Benevolent ocie y. ARNESON, LEE-"It's with me early, it's with me late, . . . My eternal good nature-whom do I hate?" Chorus 1, 2, 3. ASHLEY, WILMA-"Always willing and ready to do, . . . Of her like, there are too few." Chorus 1. 2: Christ- mas Cantata 1: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Editor 4. BAKALARS, DOLORES-"A likeable smile makes a likeable gal, . . . All her friends say she's a real pal." CChorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1. BAUTCH, JOAN-"Always pleasant, always kind, . . . She's the glrl, we'd like to find." Chorus 1, 2: Dra- matics 4: Christmas Cantata 1. . BECKER, DAVID-"No sinner, nor no saint, perhaps, . . . But-well, the very best of chaps." German Club 3. Ei: 3Chorus 1, 2: Homeroom President 1: Football BESL. MARILYN-"Mighty small and mighty sweet, . . . To be her friend IS one big treat." Chorus 1. 2g Christmas Cantata 1: Homeroom Secretary 4: Mardi Gras Court 4. BETZ, DONALD-"Always in mischief, always in Dutch, . . . Appreclated by teachers, ever so much." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1. BICI-IA, YVONNE-"A pretty voice, a pretty smile, . . . Will win this lass many a trial." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: gperfttia 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Mardi Gras our . BOCK, MARY ELLEN-"Joyous, gay, and sweet is she, .. . As pleasant a companion as can be." German Club 4: Library Club 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4: Operetta 2. BOSCHERT, JAMES-"He is always as merry as ever he can, . . . For no one delights in a sorrowful man." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Football 1, 2: Base- ball 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. BOTTCHER., JEANIE-'A friendly winning smile and sparkling eyes, . . . A cheerful 'hello'-we know she's a prize." Chorus 1, 2, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Can- tata 1: Library Club 1, 2, 3. BRADLEY, JEANINE-"Talent is something, . . . But tact is everything." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Prom Court 3. BREUER, RICHARD-"An athlete who's short and foxy, . . . Won his fam in amateur boxing." Football 1: German Club 4: Chorus 2: Spanish Club 2. BROCKMAN, THOMAS-"In all this world I know none . . . So worthy to be liked as he." BRUCHMAN, ROBERT-"Never grumbles, never blue, . . . Competent, helpful, ready to do." Tennis 4: Chorus 2: Homeroom Secretary 1. X BRUI-IA, JOAN-"She makes an im- pression wherever she goes, . . . She's personified pep from her head to her toes." Class Secretary 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: X Efagnzgics 4: Forensics 3: Spanish u . BRUI-IA, MARILYN-"She smiling, she - is gay, . . . It's said she has a merry way." Cheerleading 3: Homeroom Pres- ident 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4. , : il, mg!! - Aj BULL, JAMES-"Hair of gold, eyes of blue, . . . His brains are of a. different hue." Class President 4: Homeroom President 1: Chorus 1, 2: Operetta 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Debate 3: Forensics 3: Forum 3. CIBULKA, DOROTHY--"The mystery of success and beauty lies . . . In the depths of your big brown eyes." Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4. CINA, MERRILL-"A gentleman through and throough . . . That's what we'd say about you." Homeroom Pres- ldent 1: Football 1: Band l , 2, 3, 4: Prom Court 3: Homecoming Court 4: ACOSA President 4. CLARKIN, FRANCIS-"He doesn't crave for worldly power or wealth, . . . 'Tis much nicer to have happi- ness and health." COLLINS, JOHN-"In sports he rates as one of the best, . . . He proved himself when put to the test." Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Presi- dent 4: Prom Court 3: Homecoming Court 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Chorus 1. COLLINS, RUTH-"Reddened tresses that are an at- traction, . . . Nothing can detract from her even a fraction." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4. CONWAY, JAMES-"Likes to argue and question all things, . . . For to remain silent no knoweldge brings." Football 1: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1: Dra- matics 3, 4: Debate 2, 3, 4: RForum 3, 4: Forensics 3, 4: Cheerleading 4: Homeroom President 3. CRAIG, MARY-"Quiet, frlenrly and sweet, . . . Some- one you'll want to meet." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Can- tata 1: Library Club 3, 4: Latin Club 4. CROSS, JOYCE-"Sweet and attractive, ready for fun, . . . She has a smile for everyone." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: Dramatics 4. CBUBEL, GERALDINE-"W'hat can't she do this maiden fair, . . . Girls of this type you'll find are rare." French Club 4: Library Club 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Entered from Bloomington, Wisconsin, in Junior year. CULVER, VIOLET-"Your jolly ways and ready smile . . . Keep friends around you all the while." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4. CUTA, ROBERT-"Always willing to do his share, . . . is thls boy with bright red hair." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 2, 4: Football 1, 2, 3: Stage Crew 1. 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. DALEY, MARY LOU-"Her laugh is merry, her words are kind, . . . She's wisdom and pleasantness com- bined." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Oper- etta 2, 4: Homeroom Secretary 1, 3: Spanish Club 4: Benevolent Society 2. 3, 4. DELAGRAVE, MARIE-"1Ve'd like to spend the rest of our days . . . Around the piano that she plays." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: French4Club 3, 4: ACOSA Secretary 4: Homecoming Court . DENNING, EDWARD-"To him whom all friends ad- mire, . . . We wish success in all things higher." Dra- matics 4: Operetta 4. DEVINE, JOAN-"By her sweet, gentle disposition . . . . She'll readily fill any position." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Latin Club . DWYER, LARRY-"This merry lad . . . Is seldom sad." Chorus 1: Basketball 1,.2: Christmas Cantata 1. EEG, HAROLD-"His michievous pranks have many a day, . . . Brlghtened our hours from dull to gay." Page twenty-five ENGELHARD, GRETCHEN-"Smile a whlle,, and while you smile another smiles: . . . Soon there are miles and miles of smiles." German Club 4: Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4: Operetta 4: Dra- matics 4: Entered from State Teach- ers' College Training School in Sopho- more year. SENIOR ERICKSON, KENNETH-"By mind a genius, by heart a clown, . . . Al- ways a smile, but never a frown." Debate 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Foren- sics, 2, 3, 4: Football 1: Mardi Gras 1 Court 4. f ERNSTER, BEVERLY-"Jolly, lovable and sweet, . . . A good looking girl you ougnt to meet." Dramatics 4: Latin Club 4: Chorus 3, 4: Operetta 4: Entered from Xavier High School, Dyersville, Iowa, in Junior Year. ERNSTER, ROBERT-"Ways may be happy, ways may be sad, . . . Take life as it is, and you wil be glad." Band 3, 4: Orchestra 3: Chorus 3: Entered from Xavier High School, Dyersville, Iowa, in Junior year. FERRIER, CLAREN-"I-lis hair is brown and how it curls, . . . 'Tis the envy of all the girls." Football 1. 2, 3, -1: Golf 2, 4: Baseball 4. FERRIS, JOAN-"Let the world go as it may, . . . I'll take it any way." Chorus 1, 2: French Club 4. FINN, THOMAS-"On his h0l'Il he plays a tulle, Every morning ,night and noon." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-President 1: Football 2, 3: Basketball 3: Mardi Gras Court 4. FLOTTMEYER, DONALD-"Manly in bearing, honest and true, . . . The world has need of men like you." Entered from Maryknoll, Clark Summit, Pennsylvania, in Senior year. ,ff FORER, EDVVARD-"Life for Ed is full of fun . . . From a task he'll never run." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christ- mas Cantata 1: Operetta 4. FOSS, CALCEEN-"When we are dust, this pen is rust, . . . She'll be laughing yet, I trust." Chorus al, 2: n Christmas Cantata 1. fi' ' I FOSTER, PATRICIA-"She always has her share of fun, . . . Never stopping till day is done." Chorus 1, 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1. FRANTZ, EARL-"He is a friend . . . Believe in him: we shall and must." Orchestra 3, 4: Homeroom President 3: Prom Court 3: Entered from St. John's Collegeville, Minnesota, in Junior year. GALLAGHER, BARBARA--"Variety is That is wh she is so nice." Homeroom Secre- life . . . y tary 1: Chorus 1, 4: Operetta 4. GILSTER, DORIS-"An appealing gay laugh that gets us all, . . . You see she's a friend to Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4. GITTENS, RUTH-"Not quiet, nor loud, nor short, nor tall, . . . But a pleasant mingling of them all." Chorus 2, 3: News Staff 3, 4. GREENE, LORRAINE - "Sweet, likeable, smart, a friend. . . . Were we to go on! Chorusl . 2. 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Spanish Club 4. GRENISEN, JAMES-"Thinker, worker, . . . Ready to answer any call." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Spanish Club President 4: Mardi Gras Court 4. GSCHWIND, JEANINE-"Her friendly first of all . . . In keeping friends wit Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4. HACKNER, JEANNE-"Dark hair, shining eyes, . . . Merry humor, she's a prize." Spanish Club 4: Christ- mas Cantata 1: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Operetta 4: Homeroom Secretary 1. HALE, URSULA-"Just rambling to success, . . . With many a kind word, and many a witty jest." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Foren- sics 3: German Club 4. . A Q. whom we can trust, the spice of one and all." there'd be no end." 1: Operetta 4: Band friend to all, 1, 2: Operetta 4: Homeroom smile comes hin her call." along on her way 5 Q S S s sl 3 X su S S: S s S gg: ' N 5. gs: fi s .KN Q X . HALL, JOAN-"Sweet and charming, . . . At times alarming." Chorus 1, 2: ct X News staff 3, 4: christmas Cantata 1. HAMMES, JOAN-"Always friendly just the same, . . . Always square ln llfe's old game." Prom Queen 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1: For- ensics 3. P - , F - '- iz? A3 HANSON, ARLENE-"We all like her pretty smile . . . And also like her classy style." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christ- ggsfiantata 1: Operetta 4: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet HAVLIK, THOMAS-"Thomas is really quite a guy, . . . His works, adverbs could not modify." Chorus 1: Christmas Cantata 1: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. HEATH, KATHLEEN-"Always working, doing her best, . . . Daily troubles are only a test." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: Homeroom Sec- retary 2, 4: Dramatics 4: Forensics 3. HEINTZ, MAXINE-"Ever fair and never proud, . . . A tongue at wlll, yet never loud." Band 1: German Club 3: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4. HEITMAN, ELIZABETH-"In her studies she has won renown, . . . And her praises we shout up and down." Chorus 1, 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4: Latin Club 4. HENGSTL, THOMAS-"That scientific mind of his, . . . Makes this studious lad a whiz." Chorus 1, 2: Christ- mas Cantata 1: Basketball 2. HIGGENS, PATRICIA-"A lot of fun, personality plus, . . . She's liked by everyone of us." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3: Forensics 3. HORSTMANN, BEVERLY-"She did, as we in books may find, . . . Deeds that pass skill of every kind." HUMFELD, JOSEPH-"The world is not better if we worry, . . . Life is'no longer if we hurry." Chorus 3, 4. HUNDT, ESTHER-"A very quiet, industrious lass, . . . Who's sure to finish every task." Band 1, 2: Dra- matics 4: Spanish Club 3. HUTCHISON, KATHLEEN-"Her voice is song, . . . Her step is music." Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Band 2: Mardi Gras Court 4. HUTSON, MAUREEN-"Pretty, precise, . . . And ex- ceedlngly nice." Cheerleading 3, 4: Homeroom Secre- tary 2: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Spanish Club 4: Mardi Gras Court 4: Library Club 4. ISERMANN, MARIE, "Cheery, chatty, and clever, . . . She'll be a friend forever." Spanish Club 4: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4. JAMBOIS, FRANCIS-"What would we do without this wit? . . . Whatever the occasion, he has a joke to fit." Dramatics 4: Baseball 3, 4: Chorus 1: Christmas Cantata 1: Football 3. JAMBOIS ,KENNETH - "Sometimes he's serious, sometimes gay, . . . Somehow we like that sort of way." Football 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2. JOHNSON, RICHARD-"A little bashful, a little shy, . . . Still there's mischief in his eye." Football 2, 4: Baseball 3, 4. KAREW, JOAN-"Able and active, with much brains and poise, . . . She does a lot without much noise." Entered from Mondovi High School, Mondovi, Wis- consin, in Senior year. KELLY, WILLIAM-"He seeks out many a trivial task, . . . And does it well without being asked." Chorus 1 1, 2: Forum 3: Christmas Cantata 1. 8. Page twenty-seven .-.. . Page twe nty-eight I KERRIGAN, CHARLENE - "S i l e n t, calm, more serene, . . . In spite of this, she has her dreams." Band 1, 2, 3, 43Operetta 43 Christmas Cantata 13 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. KESSLER, ARNOLD-"He's liked at school and outside toog . . . When he's around one can't be blue." Football 2 SENIOR 1, 2. 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Christmas Cantata 13 Homeroom 1 Operetta 43 Mardi Gras Court -l. S. , ,Q-L President 23 Dramatics 33 Forensics 33 3 KNUTSON, KATHRYN-"To be liked by all who know her, . . . Is the greatest compliment we owe her." Chorus 1, 2, 33 Christmas Cantata 1. KOHLWEY, JAMES-"I may be quiet but not really shy, . . . When you get to know me, I'n1 a regular guy." German Club 4. KOHLWEY, MARY-"Life's so short, j.::t one brief day, . . . so let's be happy, be merry we may." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 43 Christmas Cantata 13 German Club QQ Library Club 2. KRACKLAUER, SUZANNE-"Just to admit she's a XV0lldBl'flll lass . . . lsn't enough, but we'll let it pass." Chorus 1, 2, 33 Christmas Cantata 13 News Staff 3, 43 Trumpet Staff 4. KRAMER, TIMOTHY-"He likes pleasure, he ll A 37 7 likes fun, . . . He can amuse almost everyone." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Baseball 2, 42 Chorus 1, 3, 42 l-fomelroom President 1, Z2 Christmas Cantata 13 Oper- eta . KRATT, WILLIAM-"Dark brown eyes, mischievous too, . . . But ever so faithful, tried and true." Chorus 1. 2, 3. 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Golf 1, 2, 3, 91 Debate 33 Christmas Cantata 13 Mardi Gras Court 4. KRAUSE, ALI-'RED-"Carefree is the way to be, . . . Nuthlllg ever worries me." Football 13 Basketball 23 Golf 23 Cnorus 13 Cnristmas Cantata 1. KRISMER, GEORGE-"As a pal and classmate he is grand, . . . Always willing to lend a helping hand." Football 1, 23 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 21-3, 41 Home- room President 23 Homecoming Court QQ Dramatics 3, 43 Forensics 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Mardi Gras King 4. KRUEGER, THOMAS-"Onward to the heights ahead, . . . By 'Andy' we will all be led." Chorus 1, 2, 33 Oper- gtta 23 Cghristmas Cantata 13 Basketball 23 Football 2, 33 ox-um . LASCHATZ, RAYNIOND fwithdrew during April.J LARKIN, JOAN-"A smile for all kind and true, . . . Though very quiet, she's never blue." Spanish Club 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 4-3 Christmas Cantata 1. LARKIN, THOMAS-"Whether he's playing center or guard, . . . He keeps blushing and hitting hard." Foot- ball 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Home- room President 13 Chorus 1. LATSHAW, DELORES-"She's an athlete through and through, . . . A genuine sport who has proved to be rue. LEINFELDER, JOHN-"Laughing, jolly, full of fun- . . A friend and leader all in one." Football 1, 2. 3, 43 Baseball 1, 23 Debate 2, 3, 43 Forensics 2, 3, 43 Dra- matics 2, 3, 4: Forum 2, 3, 41 Spanish Club 23 Class President 23 Homeroom President 1, 33 Operetta 2, 43 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 43 Christmas Cantata 1, 23 Prom Court 33 Mardi Gras Court 4. LENSER, EUGENE-"A nice young fellow with a con- tinuous grin, . . . We look for fun when he blows in." Homecoming Court 43 Chorus 1, 23 Christmas Cantata 13 Football 23 Class Vice-President 3. LEPSCH. PHYLLIS-"A little mischief by the way- . . . A little fun to pass each day." Christmas Cantata 13 E3nd43, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Oper- e a . LYGA, PAUL-"Why do I have to work all day, When my desire is to play?" Football 13 Homeroom President 3. 'McCANN, JOHN-"A little man who's very gay, He always has something ready to say." Chorus Drama 33 Homeroom President 1. S R gi if 55 if S 3: S S E 5 s s i 5 sz X S E. R CLASS X McGUlRE, DONALD-"Does he like to work or rest? . . . We think it's rest he llkes,the best." Chorus 1: Football X 2: Tenrus 3, 4. McHENRY, JOAN-"This girl is one X of tne best on earth, . . . She mixes' knowledge with fun and mirth." Cho- Eustli Zi 3: Dramatics 4: Christmas an a a . at A XY "' f ld-3 McKlLLlP, ROBERT-"He tuned his radio to the air, . . . And the wave lengths landed ln his hair." Chorus 1, 2: Operetta 2: Basketball 2: News Staff 2, 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 3, 4: Homeroom President 1: Christmas Cantata 13 Stage Crew 1: Mardi Gras Court 4. McLAIN, BETTY-"A girls that's studlous and full of fun, . . . And never idle until her work is done."X Chorus 1: Christmas Cantata 1. McLO0NE, MARY-"Happy-go-lucky, and popular, too, . . . Her friends are many and her enemies few." Chorus 1, 2: Benevolent Society 3, 4: Christmas Can- tata 1: Spanish Club 4. MACH, JOAN-"Peppy, witty, and clever too, . . . Great things we're certain sne will do." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1. MARCOU, DAVID-"Llkeall great men one thing he does best, . . . He goes to study hall just to rest." MARX, BETTY-"Days of work and days of peace . . . Will bring the joys that never cease." Christmas Can- tata l: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. .-,,-. MASON, KATHLEEN-"Always happy, she seldom worries, . . . Can't understand why anyone hurrles." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Band,,3. MERRELL, CAROL-"Popular, happy, joyous and gay, . . . Sne's laughed, and danced, and talked, and played." Class Secretary 3: Prom Court 3: Spanish Club 3: Operetta 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: I-Iomeroom Secre- tary 2: Benevolent Society 3, 4: Mardi Gras Court 4. MEYERS, ROSEMARY-"In her work and in her . . . Always agreeable, always gay." Chorus P1355 1. 21 Christmas Cantata 1: Spanish Club 4: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4. MEZERA, RUTH-"She travels llfe's highways at a slow gait . . . The highways she travels are narrow and straight." Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 3: Christ- mas Cantata lg News Staff 3. MOE, DOLORES-"A face with gladness overspread, . . . Soft smiles by human kindness bred." Chorus 1, 2it3,44: Christmas Cantata 1: News Staff 3, 4: Oper- e a . MONTI, THERESE-" 'Tis the songs she sings and the smile she wears, . . . That make the sun shine everywhere." Chorus 1, 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1. MOSSER, RITA-"This girl, happy, friendly gay- . . . Into our hearts has made her way." Christmas Can- tata 1: Operetta 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. MUNSTER, CATHERINE-"One who charms from the keys . . . Delightful, tuneful melodies." Cheerleading 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: granzatics 4: Benevolent Society 3, 4: Mardi Gras our . MURPHY, DEAN-"A friendly, smiling, Irish lad, . . . Whose face betokens he's never sad " ' . Chorus 4, Oper- etta 2, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4. MURPHY, JANICE-"She's a very funny little blond, . . . A glrl of whom we all are fond." Christmas Can- tata 1: Band 2, 3, 4: Benevolent Society 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatics 4: Prom Court 3. MURPHY, MARY LOU-"Here's to the girl with a heart and a smile, . . . That makes the bubble of life worth while." Chorus 1, 2. ' MURPHY, MARY SUE-"Loads of pep and lots of fun, . . . Her every task is very well done." Library Club 2it3g4Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Oper- e . .. - . Page twenty-nine 4 1 1 1 3 3 1 Page mn-my I MUSKAT, ROSE-"lf work ls ever in demand, . . . She's the first to lend a hand." Latin Club 4: Library Club 3, 4: NEKOLA, KATHLEEN-"A modern girl-small in size, . . . With a person- ality that's a prize." Chorus 1, 2, 3: Operetta 2: Forum 3, 4: Homeroom Secretary 2, 3: Prom Court 3: Home- coming Queen 4. L SENIGR R 217415 A 1 NORBY, ARLENE-"Here giggle, there giggle, . . . Ev- erywhere giggle, giggle." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Can- a a . OPDAHL, CAROL-"Thouh she's little and not very tall, . . . You just can't help liking her best of all." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Spanish Club 4. PAPENFUSS, JOHN-"A jolly fellow with a big heart, . . . He's right on hand to do his part." Football 1. 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Prom Court 3: Cheerleading 4: Homeroom President 4. PEARSE, GEORGE-"His wants are few. his ambitions many, . . . He'll find few disappointments, if he finds any." Cheerleading 4: Class President 3: Prom Court 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 3. 4: Debate 3, 4: Forensics 3, 4: Forum 3, 4: Mardi Gras Court 4. PELSTER, Pl-IILLIS--"She joined our ranks just last fall, . . . And quickly made friends of all." Chorus 4: Operetta 4: Entered from San Francisco, California, in Senior year. PERVISKY, JOHN-"Witty remarks, a friendly smile, . . . Marks him as a lad worth while." Chorus 1. 2: Christmas Cantata 1. PLATZ, JAMES-"With his very merry grin from ear to ear, . . . He brightens the school with constant Shear.: Football 1: Chorus 1, 2: Operetta 2: Spanish u . POTARACKE, JEANETTE-"A light and merry heart lives long . . . Especially if it.'s filled with song." Cho- rus l, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: German Club POTARACKE, JOSEPH-"The force of his merit makes his way . . . Easier to tread day by day." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1. POUZAR, CHARLES-"This boy named 'Charlie' is full of wlt, . . . Around our school he's made a hit." Football 1, 2: Basketball 2: Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1. PRETASKY, PATRICIA-"Winning and attractive as can be, . . . Full of sweet simplicity." Christmas Can- tata 1: Chorus 1: Band 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 4. PROKSCH, EILEEN-Kwithdrew during March.J QUINN, ROBERT-"Ile never knows a worry or a sor- row, . . . What's not done today can walt till to- morrow." QUINT, RICHARD-"To see him strutting down the hall, . . . You'd think this lad was six feet tall." Foot- ball 1. 2, 3, 4: I-Iomeroome President 4: Prom Court 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Homecoming King -4: Stage Crew 3. RANDALL, BARBARA-"Dreary lessons now are done, . . . Mixed with them are loads of fun." Chorus 4: German.Club 4: Entered from St. Peter's, Hokah, Min- nesota, in Senior year. READY, MARY ANN--"Mary is ever quiet and meek, . . . Never attention does she seek." Christmas Can- tata 1: Chorus 1, 2. REGET, RICHARD-Cwithdrew during Aprilq REGNIER, SUZANNE-"Her ability has brought her fame, . . . She always seems to reach her aim." French Club 3 .4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dra- matics 4: Operetta 4. CLASS X RENDLER, THOMAS - "Clean-cut, truthful, he will always be, . . . A first-rate athlete, we'll all agree." X Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: I-Iomeroom Presidzdent 4. RICHARD, JOHN--"A quiet sort of fellow is he, . . . And just as nlce as he can be." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 4i'5 J k - 9-ax -3 RINIKER, ROSEMARY-"Merry clever, and very neat, . . . Full of fun and hard to beat." Chorus 1. 2: Christ- mas Cantata 13 Latin Club 4, RITTER, JAMES-"That athletics is his greatest joy, . . . You can tell by one glance at this boy." Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: Prom Court 3. RORAFF, ARTHUR-'Why aren't they all contented like me? . . . Then they'd all be happy, you see." Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 4: News Staff 2, 3, 4: Football 1: Base- ball 1, 2 ,3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 1. 2, 4. RITTER, ROBERT-"Here's our Bob who rates as a star, . . . Who boasts of a 'flivver' he calls a car." Foot- ball 1, 2: Prom King 3. ROSS, JOHN-"A quiet lad from Minnesota, . . . lie lives not far from Dakota." Homeroom President 2: Orchestra 1, 2, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 4: Christmas Cantata 1. ROUBIK, WILLIAM-"At every commotion . . . Blll is ln motion." Football 3. 4: Baseball 4: Chorus 1: Christmas Cantata 1: I-Iomeroorn President 2. RUDOLPH, DONNA-"A smart little gal is this little miss, . . . When it comes to tests she doesn't guess." Homeroom President 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 4: Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Chorus 4. RUSCHE, THOMAS-"An undertaker ls his desire, . . . Even ghoixgh he ls a live wire." Football 1, 2, 3: Christ- an a a . RYAN, PATRICIA-"An Irish smile plus Irish eyes, . . . She'll succeed in whatever she tries." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 2, 4: Spanish Club 4: gomerezom Secretary 3: Prom Court 3: Homecoming our . SAPHNER, JOHN-"It seems to me I never can see, b.u.Wghy teachers do delight to plck on me." Basket- a . SCHAMS, JOAN-"She's always witty and just burst- ing with news, . . . A sure cure for a ease of the blues." Band 1, 2. Mardi Gras Queen 4. SCI-IIFFER, FRANCIS-"Fleet of foot, strong of limb, Athletic deeds are well done by him." Basketball l,t2, fi, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Chprus 1: Christmas Can- ta a . SCHOEN, GERALD-"Mischief is his middle name, . . . If he keeps on, he'll bring lt fame." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1: Football 1. SCIIREIER, BEATRICE - "A lively person with a friendly way, . . . Wlth a sense of humor and always gay." Entered from Logan in Sophomore year. SCHWANBECK, ZITA-"A good student and how she can speed, . . . When it comes to typing she's in the lead." Band 1, 2. 3: Library Club 3. SCHWERTEL, JAMES-"Face life with a grin, . . . And you're sure to win." Football l, 2: Baseball 2: Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1. SENN, LAWRENCE - "Sometimes given to serious thoughts . . . But usually full of mischievous plots." Football 1. 2: Chorus 1: Christmas Cantata 1: Spanish Club 4: Homeroom President 1. SHIMSHAK, WILLIAM-"IIere's a boy a little shy, . . , Fromthlsl size we wonder why." Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Can a a . Page thirty-one Page thirty-two SIEBENALER, ANN--"Her very frowns are fairer far, . . . Than the smiles of other maidens are." Chorus 1, 2, gl, Z: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: Library Club SIEGER, JAMES-"Plenty of gray matter and of brawn, . . . Sure of success if these he does not pawn." Football 2: Class Vice-President 4: Chorus 1: Christ- mas Cantata 1: Prom Court 3: Stage Crew 2, 3: Mardi Gras Court 4. SIMMERLING, RITA ANN-"There is no living with- out friends, . . . Quiet, industrious are her trends." SINNIGER, MARY ANN-"A friendly girl from tip to toe, . . . As we all happen to know." Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4: Library Club 3, 4: News Staff 3, 4: Trumpet Staff 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 1. 2, 4. SKEMP, EILEEN-"Of losing her chatter she has no fear, . . . We've heard her yelling 'Team' all year." Cheerleading 4: Homeroom Secretary 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Benevolent Society 3, 4. SMIKLA, DOLORES-"She's rather tall, she's fair, she's Prim: . . . She's one we all would like to win," Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: Benevolent Society 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Homeroom Sec- retary 4: Prom Court 3. ' SNYDER, HENRY-"Clever of speech and subtle of mind, . . . There's but one Henry of his kind." Baseball 1, 2, 4: Football 1, 2: Stage Crew 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: ' Dramatics 4: Debate 2. SOLLER, MARY ELLEN-"Ever ready to do and dare, . . . All activities she's ready to share." Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4: Chorus 4: German Club 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 2, 4. SPIKA, DANIEL-"ln athletics he gained his fame, . '. . lle'll also win in lifc's game." Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball, 1. 2, 3, 4: Tennis 1. 2, 3. 4: Class President 1: Class Vice-President 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Cantata 1. STRAND, LORETTA-"She doesn't trouble trouble, . . . Tlll trouble troubles her," Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Operetta 4: Library Club 2, 3: TERRY, BYRON-"Bashful, you may believe him to be, . . . But ask others, they'll tell you differently." Football 1: Basketball 1: Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Can- tata 1: Operetta 1. TURNER, JACQUELINE-"She's little but she's wise, . . - " She's a whiz for her size." Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Library Club 4: Dramatics 4: Christmas Cantata 1. VANDERZEE, LORRAINE-"Attractive, capable, pop- ular. true, . . . Who could this fit much better than ym1u?'i Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Christmas Can- ta a . - WAKEEN, JOANNE-"Happy-go-lucky, laughing and free, . I don't let anything bother me." Chorus 1, gl? 4: Christmas Cantata 1': Operetta 4: German u 4. . WAKEEN, -RAYMOND-"What's all' the bustle. hustle and hurry? . . . Be like me-I never worry." Ochestra - 1, 2: Operetta 1, 2: Christmas Cantata I: WALSH, JAMES-"If all the world were like he . . . What a nice place this would be." Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2: Football 1, 2. WALTER, JOAN-"Pep, -personality, and loads of cheer, . . . Were her contributions in one big year." Cheerleading 4: -Dramatics 4: Operetta 4: Chorus 4: Homeroom Secretary 4: Benevolent Society 4: Mardx Gras Court 4: Entered from Sacred Heart Academy. Fargo, North Dakota. in Senior year. WEIGEL, EDWARD-"Short, quiet and snappy. . . . This lad ,makes everyone happy." Football 1: Chorus 1, 2: Christmas Cantata 1. 1 WEISER, JOSEPHINE-"A miss who is as good as her - Q smile, . . . Llkeable and popular all the while." Cho- Z rus 1: Christmas Cantata 1: Orchestra 3, 4. XVIMBIER, JOSEPH-"His favorite pastime is to chat- : ter .... To whom? That doesn't matter." Football 1: , Cheerleading 4: Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Operetta 4: Stage Crew 4. WINTER, MARY VIRGINIA-"I may live without no- etry or walking, . . . But who in the world can live without talking?" Chorus 1. 2, 4: Ooeretta 4: Christmas Cantata 1: Dramatics 4: Library Club 3. - WOOLLEY, PATRICIA-"A girl both charming and demur, . . . She's attractive to be sure." Prom Court 3: Spanish Club 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Operetta 4: Christ- mas Cantata 1: Mardi Gras .Court 4. 1' ZANTER, PAUL-"He doesn't really care at all, . . . For worldly, lofty pedestal." Homeroom President 3. ZIELINSKI, LORRAINE-"Fortune sings beneath her 'window, . . . As she plies with thread and thimble." Chorus. 1, 2, 3: Christmas Cantata 1. Ahicht, R. Abraham, C. Alexander, J. Allen, J. Allen, R. Amundson ,R. Bakalars, J . Bantle, J. Becker, D Bigley, M. Bina, D. Bott, B. Bott, C. Bracken, B. Breidel, H. Breidel, P. Brieske, D. Burke, A. Butzler, E. Cazney, J. Cermak, M. Cllley, C. Clark, P. Clarkin, D. Conway, B. Coughlln, Coughlln, Daley, J. Dansberry, Dayton, J. Dayton, J. Deyo, D. L. R. A. Downey, J. Doyle, N. Dwyer, K. Dwyer, R. Eden, T. Eeg, R. Ender, J. Fiebig, J. Finn, G. Fitzsimmon Flanagan, L, Flanagan, T, Fregin, F. Freislnger, R. Freybler, A. Froegel, M. Funk, A. Furlano, F. Gallagher, D. Galligan, H.- Garrity, M. Gavin, T. Gehrig, 15. Gerhard, A. Gerke, D. Gilbert, R. Gilles, R. Glotz, M. Goggin, M. Grabinski, Grablnski, Grams, E. L. R. S, R. JU IDRS Page thirty-three JLINIORS Page thirty-four Haberman, G. Haddad, D. Hafner, E. Hafner, P. Hafner, R. Halla, P. Hansen, M. Hass, K. Hegenbarth, A. Hengel, R. Hengstl, BI. Hess, P. I-lilby, W. Hoffman, G. Hohlfeld, A. Horschak, J. Hutson, P. Hutzenbuehler, I-lutzenbuehler, Hutzenbuehler, Hutzenbnehler, Jirsa, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Juen, D. Kabat, R. Kammel, E. Kateley, R. Kavanaugh, L. Kelly, A. Kelly, J. Kerrigan, D. Kevin, K. Klein, J. Kihm, J. Knapmiller, R. Knothe, R. Kohn, A. Kotinek, M. M Kottmer, M. Kramer, T. Krueger, P. Kubiak, K. Kulas, B. Kundinger, G. Langen, J. Lapitz, T. Larson, J. Latshaw, G. Lee, R. Leinfelder, K. Lewinski, B. Limberg, J. Lund, R. McIntyre, D. McMahon, K. McNally, D. McQuillen, L. Mader, J. Maney, M. K. Marx, D. Mashak, S. Meier, J. Merfeld, R. Merfeld, R. Mettille, L. Mezera, D. Mezera, P. Miller, J. Moe, S. Moran, M. Mueller, T. Muller, R. Murphy, M. J. Murphy, P. Murphy, T. Nlntemann, A. Oldenburg, D. Orcutt, R. Orton, F. Ostrander, G. Pederson, M. Peshak, R. Peterson, M. Pfaff, R. Phelps, J. Phelps, R. Platz, P. Pouzar ,R. Pretasky, J. Pretasky, M. Rathburn, M. Riepel, K. Riley, H. Ritter, L. Roth, W. Rudolph, J. Rutz, R. P Rybold, K. Scanlan, J. Schams, J. Schaper, M. L. Schmitt, R. Schmitt, E. Servais, W. Sexauer, C. Schenk, E. Shedesky, T. Schedivy, J. Shuda, W. Slborski, C. Slmones, F. Sinniger, T. Skaff, J. Skemp, C. Skemp, M. Sokollk, L. Soller, J. Spears, D. Strlttmater, T. Suhr, N. Sweeney, J. Udulutch, C. Udulutch, R. Uselman, J. Van Brunt, N. Vlrnlg, H. Vodde, S. Waldera, W. Wanninger, B. Welker, L. Wlnkle, R. Williams, R. Wolle, C. Yost, R. Zahn, J. Znnter, B. Zanter, J. Zlegelmaier, M. Ziegelmaler, G. Ziegler, M. Zirbes, J. Zirbes, J. JLINIQRS SOPHOMORE Page thirty-six Adams, J. Amann, K. Ambrose, T. Amundsen, E. Ashbecker, P. Bagnlefski, C. Bahr, H. Bartovick, V. Baum, N. Bedessem, J. Biesen, N. Boma, J. Boschert, T. Bottcher, J. Boyle, K. Breidel, L. Breldel, R. Bruha, T. Buchner, B. Buelow, C. Bull, B. Buntrock, S. Burke, E. Burke, R. Calkins, G. Carroll, S. Clement, R. Clements, C. Clements, C. Collins, G. Conway, B. Cunningham, C Dagendesh, W. Dayton, T. Delagrave, W. Desmond, B. Downey, G. Dunn, W. Eeg, N. Egelhof, J. Engh, P. Evans, B. L. Faas, R. Ferris, E. Ferris, R. Fisher, M. A. Flanagan, G. Flottmeier, P. Flottmeier, R. Franke, J. Fransen, R. Frederick, R. Frey, S. Friet, A. Gallagher, M. Ghelfi, J. Galvin, J. Gantenbein, R. Gautsch,.T. Gilbert, D. Gilster, W. Gittens, M. Graf, M. Grams, J. Gschwind, R. Guggenbuehl, R. Guggenbuehl, R. Hass, P. Hafner, R. Hale, E. Hall, L. Hall, N. Hammond, S. Hampton, A. Heggenbarth, Held, B. Hengel, J. Herrick, A. Hohlfeld, A. Horstmann, B. l-losch, R., Humfeld, T. Hundt, K. Hutzenbuehler, Ingham, G. Jambois, E. Janlsch, R. Johnson, F. Kerska, D. Kiedrowski, E. Klos, G. Knutson, D. Knutson, M. Korpal, D. Korpal, N. Kottmer, M. Kramer, T. Kreibich, R. Kubal, P. Kulas, J. Lalfond, L. Lance, W. Langen, J. Lanzel, B. Larkin, A. Larkin, M. Larson, N. Lawrence, K. Lee, G. Lepsch, P. Lewlnski, J. Limberg, M. Link, C. A. Long, R. Lyons, J. McCabe, C. McCabe, D. McConaghy, C. McHenry, E. McKee, J. McLoone, R. McPeak, D. Mach, M. Marcotte, H. Marcou, E. Mathews, A. Merfeld, M. Mezera, M. Monti, M. J. Moriarty, C. Mosser, C. Mosser, P. Munro, V. Murphy, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, J. SOPHOMORES A Page thirty-seven Page thirty-eight SOPHOMORES " Murphy, Noel, M. Noel, N. Novacek, Ormsby, Outcelt, Patnode, Pavela, Potarack Powers, Randall, Reinsvol Riniker, Roesler, Roraff, Rutz, D Scanlan, Schaettl Schneeb Schroed Semke, Simons, Snyder, Twite, Urban, Venner, N N Weigel, 1 Weldy, 1 White, Wilder, Schachin M. Newburg, M. Norby, B. L. Novak, T. Oestreicher, R. Opitz, S. S. Ottens, J. G. A. J. Phalin, T. Poelllng er, P. B, T. Powell, B. R. Prelesnlk, D. Pretasky, R. M. Redig, P. Reinhard, L. d, N. 'J. Ritter, C. Ritter, J. Ritter, P. Ritter, R. B. R. Runningen, C. J. e, P. Schiffer, J. Schmidt, E. erger, J er, S. Schwertel, R. Scott, J. K. Shaw, T. Shimshak, J. Slkorski, A. D. Sinniger, B. Skaff, R. H. Soukup, M. Strasser, P. Sullivan, R. Temp, J. Thompson, S. Townsend, C. Townsend, R. Trussoni, B. G. M. J. Vollmar, D. Volz, M. Wakeen, G. Walters, J. T. D. M. A. , Yost, J. I Zahn, R. ger, M. Abnet, R. Abraham, C. Allen, D. Amann, B. Amon, D. Bagniefskl, P, T. Bakalars, G. Balduzzi, R. Balzer, K. Barker, B. Bantle, J. Barker, B. Bennett, B. Berzinski, M. Bina, R. Bjorkman, R. Box-seth, M. K. Bott, T. Brueggeman, B. Brueggeman, J.. Buchner, V. Clarkin, W. Clements, L. Collins, C. Collins, R. Conway, J. Coon, P. Cross, N. Dagendlsh, J. Daly, P. Dansberry, D. Delagrave, E. Deml, C. Deutschberg, M. Devine, A. Devine, R. Deyo, J. Doerre, M. Dolozel, J. Donndelinger, J. Downey, G. Drendel, J. Dresen, M. Dunham, H. Dwyer, C. Dwyer, N. Ender, J. Erickson, P. Esser, J. Roberts, D. Faas, R. Fanello, P. Ferguson, J. Ferries, K. Ferris, M. Fiers, M. Fillner, B. Finley, J. Finn, I. Flock, M. Fox-er, D. Freeburn, N. Frey, R. Frisch, L. Funk, A. Furlano, M. Garrity, J. Garske, J. Gaul, A. Gautsch, M. Ghelfi, R. Gerke, M. Gillis, D. Gillis, R. Glttens, C. Gleason, J. Gleason, J. Glotz, VV. Grenlsen, B. Haddad, T. FRESH MEN Page thirty-nine Halaska, lialla, P. Hammes, Hammes, I-Iammes, Hansen, Hansen, M . D. J. B- E. M. J. Hardiman, A. Havllk, T. Heath, F. Hegenbarth, Helfrich, Hengel, G. R. Hock, A. Holic ky, Holzer, K. L. M Houlihan, E. Howard, M . Huber, J. J ambois, Johnson, J uen, E Kane, J. Kavanau WV B. Eh, Kehoe, A. Kelly, J. Kelly, S. Kerrlgan, B. Kessler, D. Kuehn, C. Kleinsmith, Klein, I... Klleifl, E. Knothe, Knutson, Kolash, Koula, S . Kowalew Kracklau lliratzer, J. S. B. ski, er, M. Krause, J. Kreutz, M. Kubal, M. Koehn, Lance, C. D. Larkin, W. Ledman, Lee, B. Lee, R. L. Leuck, C. Leinfelder, Levi, S. K J. J C. J. Leinfelder, F. Liskovec, I. Liston, L. McCabe, McCann, P. J. McKee, J. McKee, J. McKosky, Mader, D Mahoney, Malay, J Manning, Mettille, L. B. B. M. Merfeld, J. Michalke, Meinholz, C. K. Miller, L. Mosser, M. Mueller, J. Muehr, P. Mulrine, Munster, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, N ekola, M T. D. R. S. T. G. Novak, R. L. L. -Platz,. s, Novak, T. Olson, A. Olson, A. M. Opdahl, T. Opitz, R. Osweiler, R. Page, J. Pehler, T. Pavek, P. Picazo, C. Pedretti, T. Poleski, J. Perner, R. Pervisky, C. Peshak, J. Potaracke, G. Phelps, E. Poehling, R. Poellinger, C. Powers, L. Pretasky, C. Pretasky, C. Probart, G. Puent, R. Puent, D. Rendler, M. Reinhard, J. Riepel, L. Rnetten, N. Rltter, E. Rogowskl, R. Rohrer, G. Roraff, P. Roth, A. Roth, J. Rybold, R. Schams, W. Scheltzach, D. Scherdin, M. Sclborski, M. L. Schmidt, K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, C. Schneider, J. Schoen, R. Schreier, D. Winter, J. X Schwabenbauer, M. A Senn, P. Sheehan, Y. Shimanski, K. Skemp, D. Skemp, W. Smith, T. Soukup, D. Stellfloe, D. Stellick, J. Stephan, C. Strasser, T. Strittmater, B. Strupp, L. Sebranek, P. Svec, J. Swertfeger, C. Thompson, D. Thompson, M. Tostrud, P. Udulutch, C. Uhler, J. Vollmar, M. L. Vanderzee, R. VanErt, A. VanErt, W. Vlrnig, R. Villeneuve, L. Vodde, D. Walreen, B. Welking, C. Weldy, R. Yost, D. Yunker, P. Zeimentz, T Zellmer, G. Zoerb, J. Aquinas Council ' of Student Affairs Top row: ACOSA President Merrill Cina. Holding session at an ACOSA meeting are, Father Anderl, moderator, Jim Temp, Jim Grenisen. Merrill Cina and Marie Delagrave. Second row: Sophomore class officers hold a serious dis- cussion. They are Mary Volz, class secretary: Dick McLoone, Vice-President, and Jim Temp, President. Junior class offi- cers are as follows: Janice Mader, Secretary-Treasurer: Greg Ziegelmaier, President, and Joe Bakalars, Vice-Presi- dent. Third row. Senior class officers: Joan Bruha, Secretary- Treasurerg Jim Bull, President, and Jim Seiger, Vice-Presi- dent. Freshman class officers are Joyce Winters. Secretary- Treasurerg John Stellick, President, and Doris Munster, Secretary-Treasurer. 1? E: N .,n 1 F.. s. ' . X V o x in I lf nun ! if :fx 4 I .,..1 ' . .-,.,..,-,.1-- - i ' R4--H k YA ,X x A , v fi ,L , , ,B 4 , l I X , g Q. 4 , E W5 I I xi' h X 1 s . x,, ' N- X, . JW ' - , - -- 4.1- -,.-1-1-Y 4-li, ,iii Page forty-four 51. 331152 uf 3fIi'l'Dlil1l'l "Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth." Si- gflllzrrgalret uf Qlnrinuu "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted A Altar Boys and Golden ,Mass .Thomas Rusche and Tom Finn assist at Benediction, while Jim Grenisen and Jim Conway prepare to serve at the altar. Merrill Cina and Jack Papenfuss carry the book and chalice cover. F Freshmen servers Jerry Zillmer, Robert Balduzzi, Mi- chael Howard, John Stellick, and Earl Ritter, in the back row left to right and Jim Leinfelder, Lee Villeneuve, Jack Kelly, James Drendl, and Ray Opitz, front row pose for the cameramen. Freshmen servers missing when the pic- tures were taken were Bill Skemp and Gerald Bakalars. Not pictured are Junior servers, Robert Gilbert, Karl Leinfelder, Richard Merfeld, Charles Skemp, Donald Becker, Ronald Abicht, Joseph Bakalars, John Alexander, Raymond Dwyer, James Kelly, Francis Furlano, and Robert Hafner. Sophomore servers are Charles Runnigen. Donald Gilbert, Thomas Gautsch, Giles Flanagan, Michael Newburg, Charles McCabe, Jack Langen, and Peter Schaettle. Celebrant of the Golden Mass was the Reverend Stephen Anderl assisted by the Reverend Chester Moczarny and the Rever- end Anthony Wagener. Master of Ceremonies was the Reverend Joseph Ferron. Shown in giheirbackgroiind are Ear Frantz and Bob Mc- 1 lp. 2nd row: Assisting with the arranging of the Golden Mass gifts are Manford Knutson, Richard Yost, James Grenisen and Gene Finn. A section of the student body in the Offertory procession is pictured. Lower left is pictured Karl Leinfelder leaving the stage as Earl Dansberry, Jim Grenisen and Gene Finn arrange the gifts. Lower right: Merrill Cina. Jim Grenisen and Bob Pfaff pack gifts to be mailed to the poor. . . M- -- .- AFX The annual Aquinas May Crowning took place in St. Joseph's Cathedral. Pay- ing her respect to Bishop Treacy in the first photo is Joan Gilles, a member of the Court. Surrounding Bishop Treacy are Father Ferron, Father Trant, Father Corrigan, Father Paul, Father Moczarny, and Father Finucan. Father P. J. O'Connor of the Catholic University of America is shown address- ing the assembled student body at the ceremony. The entire court is shown with Bishop Treacy and members of the clergy in the second row. Bishop Treacy is shown again speaking to the Aquinas students. At the right the court is shown after the crowning of the Blessed Virgin. The officers of the Junior Benevolent Society and Father Anderl are shown at the annual Christmas party at St. Jo- seph's Home for the Aged. In the bottom picture are shown the members of the Society with their moder- ator, Father Anderl. Back row: Carol Sex- auer, Mary Moran, Jeanne Hackner, Rita Knapmiller, Nancy Doyle, Catherine Mun- ster, Dolores Smikla, Mary Jean Murphy, Loretta Flanagan, Marilyn Garrity, Ei- leen Skemp, Mary Kay Maney, and Mary McLoone. Front row: Mary Lou Schaper, Geraldine Hoffman, Therese Shedesky, Beverly Ernster, Carol Merrell, Barbara Bracken, Loretta Coughlin, Kathleen Ne- kola, and Patricia Woolley. Regional Catholic School Press Association Convention The Seventh Re- gional Catholic School Press Association Convention was held this year at Aqui- nas on Septem- ber 22. Principal speakers of the Con- vention are shown: Mr. James Supple, Re- ligion Editor of the Chicago Sung Father Fred Mann, S.SS.R.3 Miss C a r o 1 Jackson, Editor of Integrityg and Dr. Willis Nut- ting. Mr. David Host of Marquette Univer- sity is pictured at the rostrum. Delegates to the Convention are shown in the center shot in a general session in the Aquinas auditor- ium. Representatives of six states are shown in the lower picture: Joan Schramer, Aurora, Illinoisg Rita Unnerstall, Washington, Mis- sourig Mary Ann Kiedrowicz, Wi- nona, Minnesota. Front Row: Ar- lene Schechinger, Westphalia, Iowa: Terry Walker, Bismark, North Dakotag and Donna Kul- czyski, Milwaukee. Debate 2 - "Resolved that The Aquinas debate squads, who proved worthy opponents to teams from schools throughout the state, are shown with their hard-won awards in the panel below. Top photo: John Bedessem, Gerald Downey, Janice Mader, and Jim Kelly. Second row: Around star debater Kenneth Erickson are: Janice Mader, Gerald Downey, Jim Kelly, John Bedessem, George Pearse, Jim Conway, and John Lein- felderg the A debate squad includes John Leinfelder, Janges Conway, Kenneth Erickson, and George Pearse, sea e . Bottom row: Jim Conway, John Bedessem, Jerome Sweeney, George Pearse, Jim Kelly, Kenneth Erickson, Janice Mader, John Lyons, Giles Flanagan, Gerald Downey, and John Leinfelderg John Bedessem, Giles Flanlagan, Gerald Downey and John Lyons admire their trop y. t 6 6 O Q 9 0 O O 0 9 6 9 ,,,..i,,,f...., ,,, . .,-..,.,,, .V , . . ,. L .. , ' 1 1 Library Club Upper Left: A group of smiling Library Club members posing for the camera man are left to right front row: Mary Ann Sinniger, Mary Craigg Donna Rudolph, Rose Muskatg Second row: Patricia Mezera, Caroline Wolle, Mary Kottmer, Mary Ellen Bock and Geraldine Crubel. Upper Right: The underclassmen members of the library club are first row left to right, Patricia Lepsch, Marlene Graf, Helen Dunham, Therese She- desky. Second row, Mary Mezera, Jacquelyn Dow- ney, Carol Lichtie, Clarice Bagniefski. Lower left, making use of the library files are Mary Ann Sinniger and Mary Ellen Bock. Center picture glancing over the popular fiction books are Mary Kottmer and Mary Craig. Lower Right: Checking out a book for Jeanne Gleason is Donna Rudolph. Officers of the Library Club are Donna Rudolph, President, and Beverly Horstmann, Secretary. Members of the Club are responsible for such jobs as cleaning and dusting the shelves, checking out books, distributing library slips, assisting 'students in finding books and checking up on fines. Meetings of the Club are held at different times throughout the year. Page fiftyone Art and the Crafts - Prospective artists furthering their talents in the to the brush..A1bert Hegenbarth and Pat Murphy art room are pictured here. Top row: Ina Klein, :ire Vgyfkfng Wlifth lghe Electric ?.w. 'ghgd rowg Russell , , , , ee isp ays is an iwor . im o er pus a in- Duane Robelts .and Rogel Noyak' Seconfi low' ishing touch on a crib. Robert Peshak, Jack Zirbes Darrell Amalm dlhgeflfly keeps h1S EYES 011 1'11S W01'k- and Dick Merfeld use cooperation in improving their Carol Stephane and Bonnie Amann put their skill masterpieces. Future Homemakers - Proudly displaying the products of their culinary skill are left to right: Elizabeth Marcou, Jean Rini- ker, Verna Bartovick, Therese Potaracke, Marilyn Garrity, Jane Klein, Helen Buchner, Janet Fiebig, Eileen McHenry, Mary Fisher, June Deutschbei and Rita Frederick. Second row left: A group of Sophomores prepare for future homemaking. Left to right: Lucille Breidel, Viletta Munro, Eileen McHenry, Elizabeth Murphy, Catherine Clements, Dolores Simons, Elizabeth Roes- ler and Lucy Hall. Second row right: Learninlg the art of cooking are Nancy Reinsvold, Lucy Hal, Pa- tricia Mosser, Gloria Outcelt. Third row left: A group of girls from the Freshman class are busily engaged in sewing. Third row right: Sophomores Nancy Lar- son, Patricia Mosser, Mary Limberg, Ardell Hampton, Nancy Reinsvold, Catherine Boyle, Gloria Outcelt. The lower picture shows a group of Freshmen girls bleingdinitiated into the mystery of the needle and t rea . The purpose of the Language Clubs of Aquinas is to help familiarize the students with the language and customs of the respective countries. Latin Club President-Elizabeth Heitman Secretary-Kathleen Heath Treasurer-Joan Devine The aim of the Latin Club is to stimulate the study of Latin. This aim is accomplished through the monthly meetings. Spanish Club President-Mary Lou Daley Vice-President-James Boschert Secretary-Rosemary Meyers Treasurer-Joan Larkin Under the patronage of "Our Lady of Guadalupej, the Spanish Club's .main purpose is to acquaint Page fifty-four the students with the Pan American countries and promote good will. German Club President-Gretchen Engelhard Vice-President-Richard Breuer Secretary-Joanne Wakeen Treasurer-Jeanette Potaracke The German Club is organized to better acquaint the students with the life and customs of the Ger- man race. They achieve this through talks and dis- cussions. French Club President-Joan Ferris Secretary-Geraldine Crubel This club, through means of conversations, games, songs and stories, helps the members to become more familiar with the language. X JT X X X k ...X S Q N O Sf X. g-X Y 5 S X- .. WS . A 5 EQ .N NSNM: - 1 . 5, K N Q Q Q 3 if xg X X Q Q ' A X AMMMVM :Q Sv x 5 L . .. X ..,..,,: L x .5 if Y. S iw x Q QXNQR xf N. x W Q Q 5 .. s .X Homecoming Festivities Queen Kathleen Nekola and King Richaid Quint reigned over the third Annual Homecoming at 'Aquinas. The top left picture shows the 1oyal pau on their throne. Upper right pictures the members of the court. Left to right they are Joan Abraham Marie Delagrave, Gloria Shepherd Queen Kathleen King Richard, Jack Collins Gene Lenser Geoige Krismer and Merrill Cina Lower left Mrs Nekola Kathleen and Dick and Mrs and Mrs Quint The smiling pair at the right are Joan Abiaham and Merrill Cina. Fun and More Fun I The group "smiling pretty" in the upper left pic- ture are, beginning at the top: Manford Knutson, Darlene Haddad, Ed Denning, and Rita Jeanne Ari- thony. Bottom row, left to right, are: Jim Skaff, Betty Lewinski, Art Roraff, Dolores Smilka, Bev- erly Ernster, and Bob McKillip. Joan Walters and John Leinfelder are the couple in the upper right picture. Barbara Bracken and Bob Ernster -are pic- tured at the lower left. In the photo at the right are pictured, back row, George Pearse and Pat Woolleyg middle row, Nancy Hamilton, Lloyd Wuensch, Mary Ann Terpstrag and bottom row, Therese Monti, Gregory Ziegelmaier, Mary Volz, Frank Schiffer, Shirley Mashak, and Mary Lou Schaper. Commercial and Science Students Students of the Commercial classes were privi- at Mr. Tangora's left, several of whom won speed leged to see in action, Mr. Tangorahonce the worldis records during the year. fastest typist. Two classes of typists are p1Ctl,l1'6d Page fifty-eight Interested members of the science classes think their way through difficult problems. Don Flottmeyer, Earl Frantz and Tom Krueger figure out a Physics difficulty. Chuck Skemp, Karl Leinfeldfler, Albert Hegenbarth and co- workers comp ete a chemistry experiment. In the lower picture Sister Georgiana lectures to one of her Biology classes. arf- . A . I A ust a MomentfFJ'l3lease I Upper Left: Presenting a plaque to Father Cooney are class officers, Janice Mader, Jim Bull Mary Volz, Jim Temp and Greg Ziegelmaier, with Father Leinfelder looking on. Right Upper: Merrill Cina, ACOSA president, is presenting Father Dahl a token of appreciation for his services at Aquinas. Interested spectators are Rita Jeanne Anthony, ACOSA treasurerg Marie Delagrave, ACOSA secre- taryg Greg Ziegelmaier, Junior class president, Rob- ert McKillip and Father Anderl. Lower Left: Exam- Page sixty ining the beautiful gremial which was presented to Bishop Treacy are Mary Louis Liskovec, Raymond Opitz, and ,Ln-aWKlein. Lower Right: Attending the banquet honoring Father Chester who left Aquinas to attend the Catholic University in Washington, D. C., are George Pearse, Marie Delagrave, Joan Bruha, Merrill Cina, Father Kundinger, Jim Bull, Rita Jeanne Anthony, Jim Seiger, and Robert Mc- Kil ip. W!,,4f. ., it ' Ste, Q r L I .1L:1'.U. nf Work and more of it I The picture at the top of the page is the Freshmen students studying industriously to prove that early beginnings assure success. Some of those pictured are Doris Munster, Tamame Haddad, James Malay, Marilyn Mettilleg the smiling Freshmen students are none other than those of Sister Lamberta's English class. Visiting the class is Sister M. Mynette. Bottom row: a group of Algebra students watch attentively as a fellow classman explains a problem. Insert: explanations on the board seem to make it quite a bit clearer to the entire class. At the lower right, Sister Lucy and her class seem more in- terested in the photographer than in the history. .The skillful photographer has caught scenes from the ters and Jack Papenfuss, Mary Ziegelmaier and Joe Wim- fxrst Autumn formal. Some of the couples are Carol Merrell mer, Jeanne Bottcher and Fred Simones. Others stand and and Gerry Schoen. Merrill Cina and Bev Ernster, Joan Wal- pose for a willing picture. ' Winners in the Music Festival held at Teachers' College are pictured here. Starred winners who will be sent to Madison are left to right: Earl Frantz, Kath- leen Hutchison, Richard Ghelfi and Dean Murphy. Other first winners are Herbert Virnig, Jeanette Potaracke, Katherine Mun- ster, Suzanne Opitz and Robert Cuta back row and Dolores Gerke, Beverly Wa- keen, Shirley Knutson, Bar- bara Bennett, front row.. A quintet composed of Herbert Virnig, Charles Skemp, Robert Cuta, William Kratt, and John ' ' ' C t t at Madison. QNot picturedb. Leinfelder also starred and will be enteied in the State on es Page sixty-six 1 II, fx RWD ,.!i'l s K ' x My I 5' .3 X l 3 S Q 5 X. 2 4 " N m ry X x X 1 1 rn . 1 . W, A M X 1 x lj X : . w i , 2 l N I Y ""'Y.1, 4 rx , 1' ,f A Q-.s Q. I x . X X X N ff X .. K g, 51- liusrlgzxl Qgnzzglnn "Blessed.are the pure of heart, for they shall see God." Si. Glues ' P 1 . b . 1 7 "'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God Page sixty-eight Drama f Curtain, Tlease! Scenes from the Dramatic department's one-act play productions are shown below. In tne top row are two photos oi' Pink and Patches. At the left, Joyce Cross and Ken Erickson talk over a serious problem. Upper right, Dolores Smikla, Beverly Ernster, Joyce Cross. and Ken Erickson characterize Pink and Patches. The complete cast of Lucifer at Large is shown in the second row. left. They are George Krismer, Joseph Wimmer. George Pearse and Ed Denning. Silhouetted at the right in ix-Idrignmatic pose is Joseph Wirnmer who played the part of uci er. The lower picture shows His Excellency, the Most Reverent John P. Treacy, S.T.D.. Bishop of La Crosse. presenting awards to win- ners of the one-act play contest in the Diocese. The Aquinas Dramatics Depart- t ment was host to the stu- dents from the various schools. Page sixty-nine Cut Lady of Fatima A portion of the crowd on stage of Our Lady of Fatima are shown at the top left. In the center shot are George Pearse, Lorraine Kavanaugh, and others in the background. In the prison scene are Paul Waldera, Ralph Orcutt, and Bob Gilbert. In the panel below encircling the Blessed Virgin, played by Joan Abraham, are Richard Collins, Joyce Cross, and Joyce Winter. Richard Collins, George Krismer, and Beverly Ernster are pictured at the right in the death scene of the play. Facing the camera at the lower left is Gretchen Engelhard. Around the well are Richard Collins, John Lein- felder, Mary Winter, Donna Rudolph, Joan McHenry, Eileen Skemp, George Krismer, Joan Bruha, and Joyce Winter. r l CLARINETS CORNETS LYRA Carol Clements Caroline Wolle Evelyn Kammel Therese Shedesky Gene Hafner Donald Bina Donald Gallagher Charles Cunningham Robert Ernster John Kelly David Prelesnik John Kane Betty Marcou .ToAnn Ender Therese Gavin BARITONES Alois Friet James Eron Bernard Raschke OBOE Beverly Wakeen Charles McCabe Mary Schachinger Rosemary Fransen Shirley Moe Ted Lapitz Donald Gilles Greg Downey Donovan Schreier James Egelhoff James Stauber TROMBONES Jim Temp Jack Langen Donald Pritzl Charlene Kerrigan Tony Hock John Richard Raymond Dwyer Robert Hafner BAS S Tom Finn Gene Lucy Margaret Berzinski Shirley Frey PERCUSSION Fred Simones Ralph Orcutt Tom Strittmater Albert Funk Herbert Snyder HORNS .J ,Q 2? if ff' Geraldine Ostrander Larry LaFond Patricia Schmitt SAXOPHONE Jeannine Langen Lucille Weiker Joseph Follmar FLUTE Kathleen Hutchison William VanErt Geraldine Calkins Regina Gschwind Page seventy-three Qrchestraf VIOLIN I Earl Frantz Joan Kowalewski Arthur Roraff Kathleen Holicky James Rudolph Shirley Knutson ' .- I Betty Lee Laurel McKoskey ,L - Qin' Patricia McCabe Duane Hamines J VIOLIN II Jeanne Kihm Mary Kratzer Mary Kay Maney Rosalie Oestreicher Mary Fischer Mary Noel Nola Noel Kathleen Boyle Patricia Erickson Tamane Haddad Margaret Flock Joan Mueller Natalie Ruetten Corinne Michalke Margaret Kubal Patricia Hammes Edward Kiederowski Kathleen Semke VIOLA Mary Ann Sinniger Dorothy Albrecht Mary Rathburn Lorraine McQuillen Jacqueline Peshek Lois Houlihan u' w?IANO el Jane Pavela Ruth Lund BASS VIOL Mary Ellen Soller Audrey Hardiman Dolores Mader TYMPANI-DRUMS Mary Murphy Julie Galvin CELLO Donna Rudolph Dean Murphy Mary Louise Sciborski Janice Mader Arlene Sikorski Paul Rathburn Barbara Desmond Mary Urban H ORN Geraldine Ostrander Earl Ritter Donald Gilbert TRUMPET Robert Gilbert TROMBONE John Ross Richard Ghelfi Charles Townsend CLARINET Ramona Hengel Barbara Bennett Robert Virnig OBOE Mary Kay Borseth Beverly Wakeen BASSOON Mary Gallagher Marilyn Doerre FLUTE Kathleen Hutchison Marian Pretasky John Stellick More Music -l--- The Aquinas Alumni Association pre- sented Aquinas with a Connsonata organ in the fall of the year. Shown in the top picture are the officers of the Association and others who took part in the program of presentation: Mr. Richard Woodruff, presidentg Mr. James Banneng Miss Mary Ellen Howardg secretary, Miss Ruth Krei- bich, treasurerg the Rev. Francis Wallaceg the Rt. Rev. George Hammesg and Mr. Robert Melde, vice-president. The Senior Choir under the direction of Sister Agnes Clare is shown in the middle photo. In the bottom picture is a small section of the Choir practicing with Sister Agnes Clare around the piano. The Boys' Town Choir of Boys' Town, Nebraska, while on an extensive tour of the country, stopped in La Crosse to give a performance. The insert picture shows the complete choir on the Aquinas stage following a special performance for the student body. A group of boys are shown in the special buses which transported them on their widespread tour. At the lower right, a group of the famed choir mem- bers are pictured with Father Kundinger and their di- rector, Father Francis Schmitt. eiffald of Niagara X v. -.xl r "Lelawala," a beautiful Indian legend, was selected by the music department as the operetta for 1949. Lelawala, portrayed by Kathleen Hutchison, is the Indian maiden pictured in the upper left photo. Next, Herbert Virnig, as Klolowar, and Lelawala singing one of their Indian chants. Bill Kratt is shown as the amorous Sergeant Bilks. The Sergeant is shown wooing the charming and humorous spin- ster, Clarinda, who is played by Carol Merrell. Miss Hutchison and George Pearse as Eagle Eye, an Indian scout, are shown in typical poses. The Maid of Niagara and her brother, Klolowar, are shown admiring the water- fall. Sergeant Bilks dubiously takes the gun from Eagle Eye. Lord Tatler in the person of Fred Simones is giving compe- tition to the Sergeant in gaining the af- 'gk fection of Clarinda, here played by Janice Mader. Klolowar and Lelawala gaze into the rising sun. Klolowar. In the final shot Lelawala and Mabel, Joan Abraham, are looking after their lovers. Football Champions . The Aquinas grid squad for the second time in three years, walked off last fall with the city foot- ball championship. The team won the coveted crown by a 13-12 win over the fighting Red Raiders from Central High School. Earlier in the season, the Blu- golds dropped a close encounter to their Northside opponents, the Logan Rangers, but due to a slim vic- tory of the Central team over the Northsiders in the Baseball Champions . For the second consecutive time in two years, the Aquinas Diamondmen, under the coaching of Jim Quinn, copped the city baseball crown with decisive wins over the rival Central and Logan teams. Again it was the pitching of moundsman Tom Rendler that led the squad to victory. Early in the season the Blu- golds got off to a slow start by dropping encounters Basketball Champions . Laurels to the Aquinas '48-'49 basketball quintet. Although the Blugolds placed second in the city finals and were beaten in the bid for the City Basket- ball Championship, they came through in all their glory to win the Catholic State Championship at the De Pere Catholic Invitational Tourney. The Logan Rangers grabbed the City Title with two wins over the Aquinas "5". Undaunted with the upsets received at the hands Page seventy-eight final city game, Aquinas was handed undisputed pos- session of the title, "City Champions". Sparkplugs in the Blue and Gold machinery were Tom Rendler, fleetfooted half back, Jack Collins, rugged tack-le, Tom Larkin, a dependable center, and Mike Skemp, Junior quarterback. All four of these players received berths on the La Crosse Tribune's All-City Football Team. to Campion and Independence High Schools, but the team showed rare form in the following weeks to trounce these two teams in return matches. This year the Aquinas baseball squad has a new coach in the person of Ray Staszak, who made his introduction into the coaching department by assisting head coach John Michuta with the '48 football team. of the Northsiders, the Aquinas team entered the De Pere Tourney with spirits high and came out with victories over St. Catherines, Notre Dame, Marquette, and Green Bay Catholic Central High School. The boys responsible for these victories were: Dan Spika, forward, Mike Skemp, guard, Myron Peterson, forward, Jack Collins, center, and Tom Larkin, guard. Other members of the squad likewise played top basketball all the way. Page mglxw Si- Glulrife Q "Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven-.', SL Eernarhiue uf ,Siena "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." ,ge ,if 'if ls., VQ! ...X 'E .,V. .1 L Top three photos picture Tom Rendler, Aquinas var- sity football star for three consecutive seasons. Rendler was voted most valuable player last season, and was named as one of the all-time great halfback stars of Aquinas. Among the other achievements of Rendler during the past football season was his valuable aid in leading the Blugolds to the City-Championship Crown. Center picture shows four reasons why Aqui- nas copped the '48 City-Championship. Left to right: Dan Spika, End: Bill Kratt, Guard: Tom Larkin, Center: and Jack Collins, Tackle. All four will graduate this year. Larkin and Collins were voted to positions on the All-City squad. Lower left picture: Jim Grenisen left, and John Alex- ander strike a familiar pose in their roles as student managers of the football squad. "Theirs is not to wonder why, theirs is but to do or die." Lower right picture: Head Coach John Mi- chuta receives title to new car from Mr. Richard Pearse, pres- ident of the Aquinas Booster Club. The au- tomobile was donated to him by Aquinas High School and its affiliated organi- zations, after his old car had been involved in a wreck enroute from a basketball en- counter. Page eighty-one 1 1 1 1 Pictured above are members of the '48 grid champions. Top row left to right: J. Temp, Manford Knut- son, T. Sinniger, T. Kramer, C. Ferrier, J. Cagney, J. Leinfelder, J. Skaff. Third row: J. Bakalars, A. Kessler, J. McDan- . .X .. X C 5 . N if 'N' fx is . 5 . . ...r Q TY ' is' X , , .,:.... .h .5 .b., .il Q N. Q ' ' -' 5 . -::.-,.:,. - .Q . iels, R. Coughlin, T. Bruha, J. Rudolph, R. Pouzar, K. Jambois. K Second row: C. Skemp, M. Skemp, W. Shuda, 5. Gilbert, J. Kelly, K. Riepel, J. Zahn, D. Olden- urg. Front row: D. Spika, T. Rendler, J. Collins, W. Kratt, T. Larkin, R. Quint, J. Ritter, F. Schiffer. Page eighty-three Lower Left: Coach John Michuta speaks to his gridders between halves. Insert: Coach John Michuta and assistant coach Ray Staszak in a fa- miliar pose with the Reverend Charles Blecha, Aquinas athletic di- rector. Un the Victory Line! Above pictured is top action as seen in the Aquinas-McDonell game, the second game of the '49 grid season. The fray was fought in 95 temperature at Vet- eran's Memorial Field. Top left picture shows Chuck Skemp, No. 61, move in as McDonell player brings an Aquinas halfback to the turf. Top Right: Injured McDonell player re- ceives attention from coaches and doctors under the boiling sun, Center Left: McDonell line moves in on Aquinas player on the kick-off. Center Right: McDonell halfback on end-around run. Page eighty-five Basketball Greats 1 Upper Left: The McDonell quintet came to Aqui- nas in a return engagement this year, and almost walked off the floor the victors. The Aquinites edged the Mackmen with only a point to spare. In the picture player No. 12 grabs ball from fellow player in an effort to get Aquinas star center Jack Collins off guard. Right: More action in the Central game is shown in this picture with Myron Peterson caught in an ariel pose between two white-clad Centralites. Jack Collins, No. 20, and Tom Bruha, No. 15, look on. Lower Left: An unusual shot catching some of the interest from the Aquinas student fans during one of the lntra-City frays. Throughout the season the Aquinas fans in the bleachers cheered the Blue and Gold squad on to victory after victory. It would appear from some of the expressions on the faces, that perhaps an Aquinas player has pushed the ball high into ,the air, but it is as yet undecided whether it will fall through the all-important hoop. The Aquinas quintet ended the '48-'49 basketball season with a 20 and 5 win and lost record. Al- though losing the coveted city championship crown, the Blugold squad went to De Pere in the Catholic State Invitational Basketball Tournament ,and came out with the Catholic State Championship under their belts. Going into the tourney the Aquinites were considered as underdogs, but in keeping with the traditional fighting spirit that is always so domi- nant at Aquinas, they defeated some of the top basketball quintets in the state, and took the crown away from the fighting Irish crew from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Next year the Blugolds will again trek to the tourney, but this time in defense of the crown. Top picture shows the Aquinas State Catholic Champion basketball team. Left to right top row: Assistant Coach Ray Staszak, Bill Skemp, Jack Collins, Jim Temp, Myron Pet- erson, and Coach John Michuta. The Blugold squad won the cham- pionship in the annual DePere Cath- olic Invitational Tournament. They held victories over Green Bay Cath- olic Central, Marquette, St. Cather- ine's, and Notre Dame High Schools. In the Center picture the Aquinas "B" squad. Left to right tow row: Father Charles Blecha, athletic director, Gerald Collins, Joseph Schiffer, David McPeak, Manford Knutson, John Kelly, Coach Raymond Sta- szak. Second row: John Stellick, Rich- ard McLoone, Charles Cunningham, Thomas Novak, Roger Ferris, David Weldy and manager Charles Skemp. Page eighty-eight Front row left to right: Tom Bruha, Tom Larkin, Mike Skemp, Dan Spika holding the tournament trophy, Jim Skaff, Warren Dela- grave, and assistant student man- ager, Chuck Skemp. Lower picture: The Senior cheerleaders pose for cameraman, as they have posed for the student body -at all of the hardwood encounters this sea- son. Left to right: Maureen Hutson, Ei- leen Skemp, Joan Walters, and Kather- ine Munster. l City Champions ,47 - '48 ' Pictured above is the 1948 City Championship baseball team. Top row left to right: Father Charles Blecha, athletic director: James Pearse, Frank Schiffer, James Temp, Robert Gilbert, Arthur Roraff, John Zahn, Myron Peterson, James Ott and Coach James Quinn. Front row: William Bruha, Thomas Rendler, Lloyd Wuensch, John Cody, Edgar LeMay, James Skaff, David McPeak and James Dunham. Thomas Dayton, manager, is seated in front of the team. This was the second consecutive year that the squad came through with the City Crown. Lower left picture shows some of the Blugold Diamond men taking it easy between innings df a not-too-interesting fray. In the center picture, star pitcher Tom Rendler warms up in pre-season training. Rendler was a major factor in the winning of both the '47 and '48 championships. At lower right, players are again snapped iii a languid mood. Scenes like these are always fa- miliar in the Aquinas dugout. Page eighty-nine P Tennis Schedule 1948 Centralww- ............. .Lost to Central 4-3 in both matches. Logan .H.. ----Defeated Logan in first match 8-0 and in second match 6-2. St. Pat's ..... ---Won over St. Pat's 5-2 both matches. Viroqua .... .............,,......... W on 5-4 first match and 7-2 second match. Players: Dan Spika. Dick McLoone, Tom Novak, Tom Larkin, Gordon Kotinek, and Jerry Graf. Coached by the Reverend Charles Blecha. Q 0 Schedule for 1949 Tennis Schedule - 1949 May 4 Viroqua here May 12 Logan May 16 Central here May 17 Viroqua there May 20 St. Pat's there May 23 Central there May 26 St. Pat's there May 27 Logan Coach: ThefReverend Charles Blecha XYRN fi! Players Dan Spika Dick McLoone Tom Larkin Tom Novak Bob Bruchman Dick Pouzar Golf Schedule - 1949 May 9 May 11 May 12 May 16 May 20 May 23 May 26 May 27 Lourdes there Campion here Logan Central there St. Pat's there Central here St. Pat's here Logan Coach: Mri ohniMichlLba XX 'Q-R Players: to il ,NA f Ken Kubiak yfw Bill Kratt J erryv Sweeney John Leinfelder Philip Hutson Claren Ferrier Tony Hoch Page ninety-one Lower right: Coach John Michuta shows how it's done in this picturel as he prepares to send the ball down the fairway. Coach Michuta will guide the '49 golf team for the first time since he took up reins as head coach of Aquinas. This is in addition to his duties as head coach in both the football and basketball departments. The Rever- end Charles Blecha, Aquinas athletic director, will coach the tennis squad. Page nmetx IAXO Top left: Two keyfigures of the 1948 Aquinas golf squad, Bill Kratt, left, and Philip Hutson pose for cameraman on the Country Club greens before tee- ing off in a practice session. Kratt and Hutson both won mon- ograms in the sport last season. Other lettermen included Ken Kubiak, Jerry Sweeney, and John Leinfelder. The golf team as always com- pleted a successful season hold- ing wins over Central, Logan and St. Pat's. Like baseball and tennis, golf is part of the Aquinas spring ath- letic program, and always proves to bring a host of hopeful ath- letes out onto the green as soon as the last of the snow has left the ground. ix NNE X3 k A . wi . . xx l X X ,Q .-..:. N X Q 1 V x Q5 X iii R. .j. K1-mms me-1 E S Q X K- ww :xx lg X + n- L , . . --,N g x Xwggg .W ...-- -X X 1 si??"' . SS N :S i '- -. zzsrt B - .. X x Xl -N NN ' --kk- X Q S' 1 'X ii Q if Q -.ff i W ' x xx 5 i " x f D' Y eil X - -55. ,,x if Y ,M E ww Top left: Some of the key speakers of the NCRLC sit in on Monday evening, Oc- tober session. Top right: Section of the Aquinas Choir singing for the Sun- day Mass. Center left: Pic- tured here are some of the dignitaries at the evening reception at Vocational School. They include Arch- bishop Cicognani, the governor of Wiscon- sin. and state digni- taries. Page ninety-four Center right: Bishop Mulloy, episcopal adviser of NCRLC presents an agvaprd for outstanding service to the Reverend La Farge, retired editor 0 merica. Lower left: Reverend Edmond Benard Ccenterb Waits to deliver address over National Catholic Hour, which originated from Vocational stage, Sunday, October 17. - Lower right: U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, Charles Brannan, addresses delegates on some of the national farm problems. 525.00 His Excellency, the Most Reverend S.T.D. Compliments of a Friend Grams 8a Sons Heileman's Brewery La Crosse Rubber Mills 520.00 Caledonia Street Merchants 515.00 Beranek, Mayor Charles A. Community Motors Community Sales Service Funk, Mrs. Albert L Mathy Construction Co. Skemp Clinic Yerly Coal Company 510.00 Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. Anderson's Tire Service Arenz Shoe Company Cathedral Alleys Cech, Monsignor Ferdinand Clark-Bracken Co., Inc. Doerflinger Company Egan, Fox, Mansheim 85 Uhrich, M.D. Farley's Quality Sausage Factory Gateway City Transfer Haberman's Studio Hackner, E., Co. Hale, Skemp 85 Nietsch, Attys. I-Iammes Truck Sales Co. Hellwig 85 Morris, Inc. I-Iorschak, R.B., D.D.S. Keller Printing Co. Kratt Lumber Co. La Crosse Paper 8a Box Co. Leath's Furniture Co. Leinfelder, Bentz 85 Rigterink, D.D.S. McKoskey Plumbing Co. , Nelson, Peter 85 Son Norris-Kopetsky Studio Papenfuss Electric Company S 8a I-I Sport Shop Schachinger Sausage Factory Segelke 8z Kohlhaus Co. The People's Drug Store Tri-State Printing Company Patron John P. Treacy, List 55.00 Anderl, Reverend Stephen Ashley, Lester L. Barron, E. R., Co. Blaschke Funeral Company Blecha, Reverend Charles Bodega Lunch Club Crosby, Schneider 8.5 Esch, Attys. Devine, George J., Inc. Dutch Maid Ice Cream Dwyer Funeral Home Ellickson Studios Elite, The Erickson Bakery Haddad Cleaners Harvey's Bakery Hengel Plumbing and Heating Hilton Prescription Pharmacy Holy Cross Church Jansky Bros., Printers Kelly, J. D., D.D.S. Kienah's Flower Shop Koller Stores Kroner, Adam Co. Kundinger, Very Reverend Joseph La Crosse Amusement Co. La Crosse Bowling Proprietors'Association La Crosse Trailer 8a Equipment Company Liberty Confectionery Lottie's Dress Shop Mader Clothing New Villa, Mr. 85 Mrs. George Dialler Noelke, Carl B. Penney, J. C., Co. Pure Food Ice Cream Quinn's Sport Shop Ross Furniture 8a Rug Salzer Seed Co. Schaeffer Motor Sales Schilling's Paper Co. Sherwin-Williams Co. Strike Motor Co. Stuber's Floor Covering Shop Tot Teen Shop Town Taxi Company Voigt Auto Company Wiffler Paints 85 Roofing W L C X 1490 ABC Network Young, Ralph H., Jeweler Co. "Your Uncle's Place"-Mr. and Mrs. Pitz Page ninety-five 33.00 Adney, D. F. Aletta's Hat Shop Anderson's Barber Shop Arctic Ice Cream Co. Art's Dairyland Ice Cream Bakalars Bros. Barron Millinery Co. Becker, Ra IIl0Il3. Benson Optical Company Berg Paint Bicha Fur Brooks 8z Wallpaper Co. Company C Sz D Restaurant Cappelen Photo Service Cheney, R. C. Co. Consolidated Dairies, Inc. Continenta l Clothiers Convenient Jewelers Danny's Super Service Dolly Madison Dairies Downey, G. J., D.D.S. Electric Mart Federal Bakery Company Franz Texaco Station Gantert Bros. Furniture 8z Rug Co. George Tire 8.: Battery Service Gile, Russell Harmony Cafe Honig's Gifts Hopkins, Ford Co. Howard's Clothes Shop Hutson, P. E., D.D.S. Johns, Roraff Sz Coleman, Attys. Justin Bike 8a Pet Shop J ustinger's Kadlec, G. Food Store J., D.D.S. Keegan Insurance Company Kreuzer Fur Co. La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse Lawrence's Lees 8a Bu Brush Company Diaper Service Hat Works Laundry Woolen Mills 8a Mattress Co. nge, Attys. Liberty Street Grocery Lieder Lumber 8a Coal Co. Lund's Flowers Page ninety-six Lyga, -P.A., D.D.S. McDonald, Sue McGarty, M.A., M.D. McGill, G. J., M.D. Maher, Zita M. Marshall 85 Marshall, D.D.S. Miller, Joseph Co. Milwaukee Sentinel Agency Nekola Book Bindery Neubauer's North La Crosse Lumber Company Padesky Fruit House Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Pitzner's Dry Cleaners Protz, ILE., D.S.C. Recreation Lanes Regez, William Rita's Beauty Salon Roraff, Leonard Rowley's Office Equipment Co. Ruediger 85 Joanis, Attys. Ruth's Flower Shop S 85 L Sanitary Barber Shop Schubert, Frank 1 Sciborski, Frank Sheehan's Food Market Shimshak's Simones, Townsend, Gallagher 85 Smith's Bicycle Shop Stelle, Mau 85 Toepel, Attys. Steiger, Walter E. Stevenson's, Inc. Tausche's Hardware Company Terry's Music Company Tietz Hardware Company Weisensel 8z Weisensel, Insurance West Avenue Grocery West Avenue Shoe Rebuilders W K B H Zahn's Sheet Metal Shop 52.00 Flor-Mart Pfafflin Bros. 31.00 Economy Wallpaper Company Murray's Economy Grocery Scham's Hillview Grocery Gallagher, M.D ,w5'f45'WW f MJ fp!'U7j4flQ'!?5Vf'f MM W AZ Mwfig WfiQj3WjjMf'y V Q ,mf f ff . 1 9 . - - 1 " , n . Www AMD M4 wg2fMj,q Q MAME 5 ' A ja, i ' Q53 B 1-:my A ,,44w.wdd12a:,,4ef Mmgyi ,M SQ Q 5 . C,,E,MQMMfQZEbL?fy'W M rjig, fwgwm-Vffwf, ggi? I wwJ 702.41,,. , A,,,,3,,,!Qp'j f'iQc2m.a: '4 wah dwmvw QWMMLMQB 4i"ifiQ5?' Wfiimiiww ? 63.459 Q-,WMM i N 7f7df71 W WWWWWM 9"'b",p4'1""'41"b"2""A'?":5ff50ff1ff'J?C'l4.j ,fm we 0, ,f - UMM Q 4., X. M K if KA Q K Ki KK F.. I - ,t Q. .K ik ,wh J.Lb..-41L..a2'-'o-J-'P'-"""" E-od-f BME J-Maw f""'rL'L"""'5 ,QWWM WMTLQWZQW f f ,fi M., wfffla '. A ,Aff1,,.,. JL. 0'-f I X . r - 1 ' ' : QMQM K K X X , -1 ,,-2: , ' N' -- ' ,g:'ti'i--'f ll M -fl -- 1 g- K- 'H K -'Q ,- ' 'if if ,Swv 4- -QR. if . ., . Emi. , ,. , f ,A . - . v 4. K: -JZ, -'.,pg . K ,f ,. "Q,.,-rw,-5 9, . P.. .. Wx., . ,Ki-K in . . K , 1 gs. 9 - X. K - -gy Q. K. zz gg . V 9,-.3 p,:K -K.,.:,4a-.K-,s K,,, .q . .. N.. .K , K . ,. KK . 2 ,. g.- 1 'sez -i- v ' '- '- -1 .. .' " , f-.j':.g-Q1 :- fsfzm Q 1-.fu-.f. - 1 f v A - A - N K -' , .- ...g . X ' - . . , W - -. . . 1 .iaQv.w?gf.:'-lu, ' x - L ' . " ' - I - - - . 5.-.,-21"T3fff-YE fa L ' ' ' 1 K 1 I : . - I- ,- , ' f Q X .. , . K Q X . 2 K , l ' i , K3 1 , I K , K x I xaei. Z 1 ls Z - ' 'jf . . U if W t' A 1 1 , I Q . 7 K . , ' "1f'f: .. 1 ' 1.,Q..gQlg lxuf..-Lu::.:c,g,...,..,M ' . J ' ' ' . . 'S 'X ,. '-' xi' ' J -1-2.1---Mae' .f -'TFT if '1'k:",'.:" . i:5'3Lf', , . -- k X-xg.-'pix ,wxlx . 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Suggestions in the Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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