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x N YQ Q fn 9, Y 7' 7" 2 4 THUIIIPET C 'L - 41 o Q A o 8 o A N Tuggigad cqcjuinui cl-figfl cgcgoof La Crosse, Wisconsin f?flf10f2bC122- vfvc rg E11 ficfifoz Ellen Lyga afaii Ecfifo '11 Ruth Korish Betty Stuber Florence Zeimentz Mary Thimmesch Pearl Allen Lois Troyanek Patricia Kimball ijsafuza Etlifo '11 Helen Wurzel Margaret Schmitt Rita Weigel Loretta Skemp 019 cmizafion Ecfifo 'za Frances Stuber Betty Delaney Ilene Havlicek Edith Campbell Father S. Anderl fpflotog 'zaflfizu Betty Moriarity 572015 Etfito '11 Robert Scheel Eugene Serres Paul Marcotte Charles Weisensel Eugene Kreibich fpicfuza jncfax Dorothy Eeg Dorothy Leibl Gqdoazfiiirzg Loraine Rozmarynowski Robert Daley X axis 'FIFA' tx 1 vi' 1, ' 'Y r f v' Q' ,A N Y x. 'N 5 ' f' :W X 5 A ff mx .,! fp: J Liv vi 1 IKM? X KUIITEIIIE jkzfzocfucfion ,. 1-14 Staff .... 2 Preface ..... 4 Dedication .... 8 Bishops . . . 10 dfaiiaa, Qacuffy, E ?5afu.'z5i ....15-48 Seniors . . 15 Juniors .. 32 Sophomores 40 Freshmen . . . 44 Lofzganizafionz 49-73 Sodality ..... 50 Publications , . , 52 Dramatics .......... 54 Co-op and Library. . . 55 Orchestra ........... 56 Band . . . , . . 58 Chorus . . 60 Athletics . . 63 Gqcfusmfiaing 74-75 jncfsx fo gjgofzoi 76-80 Crusading BE strengthened in the Lord and in the might of His power. Put on the armor of Cod, that you may be able to stand Against the wiles of the devil. For our wrestling is not Against flesh and blood, but against the Principalities And the Powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, Against the spiritual forces of wickedness on high. Therefore, take up the armor of God, that you may be able To resist in the evil day, and stand in all things perfect. Stand, therefore, having' girded your loins with truth, and Having put on the breast-plate of justice, and having your Feet shod with the readiness of the gospel of peace, in all Things taking up the shield of faith, with which you may be Able to quench all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. And take unto yon the helmet of salvation and the sword of The spirit, that is, the word of God. flfphesians 6, 10-17j 6 for Peace N OT we, the medieval man clothed in the armor of God Radiating truth and justice Spreading among men the gosple of peace-the song of love! But we, the modern man Stumbling along in a world of false principles, Accepting error for truth, Groping midst the dark chaotic battle fields for the armor Discarded and dull with rust. And yet, in this darkness, The rusted armor may be picked up again And polished to a stainless sheen Radiating glorious beauty Blinding all whose eyes wonder to behold: A fallen man lifted up from out the darkness From out the wickedness in high places, Standing as a sentinel at Godas door, under the sunshine Where the helmet and the sword glisten in His brightness. And, what the armor-the helmet and the sword? God's weapons of perfection which we possess When we pray, do penance, and seek within ourselves To renew the spirit of our souls, Despising all earthly pleasures, worldly wealth, and honor To have Him alone, now banished from the world. HE UT be renewed in the spirit of your mind, aml Put on the new man, which has been created According to God in justice and holiness of truthf' fEphesians 4, 23-24j Then rush forth with the daring of knights, Casting fire on the earth to enkindle, To burn in the hearts of men, Spreading the gospel of peace, Of love, to envelope the world. 7 , mu.. H If L I Q Alun... P ff: - fa 'as J ,ps R 5 X , 1, A . i N . af-4 -' IK , 1 W r f s i Rope 191115 3611 Bnzhirutinn I T is written that man should love another as himself, That love becomes a unity and lifts the cross of peace Above the world, And that as Christ loved the sinner So should we love each other, but hate the sin. And loving thus all things in Christ, live in Him. WE are weak, But like sheep dotting the green hill slopes of our tiny world lVe heard the sound of sturdy feet, A shepherd's shoeg We saw a staff in strong brown hands Your hands, dear Father, Stained red with love that men might live ln peace. And so we follow you like sheep be- hind the Master Strong with a love that will lift the cross Far above the battle-field of broken bodies, Grasping hands and dictators dreams, Bringing the "peace of Christ in the reign of Christ" To this broken world, through you, Christ's Vicar on earth. And thus, to you, dear Holy Father, Standard Bearer of Peace, Who has taught us how to live in. Christ, W e dedicate this book. 9 Father Lest W. Seemann Diocesan Superintendent of Schools Fatim John Pritzi Principal of Aquinas Seniors Lead Peace Crusade Father Stephen Anderl In this t'Crusade for Peace" the Senior class of '44 chose these very capable leaders, V. President, Henry Funk, Presi- dent, Richard Shimshak: and Sec.-Treasurer, Betty Donnde- linger. "Rich" Shimshak showed his leadership in his many activities at Aquinas which included Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boxing 3, 4, Chorus 1, Class Pres. 4, Class Sec. 2. Dramatics 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Make-up Art 2, 3, 4, News staff 3, Prom King 3, Stage crew 1. Class V. Pres. 1, 4, Latin club 2, News staff 3, 4, Trumpet staff 4, comprised the busy schedule of Henry Funk. 'AA genius, yet a clown." Betty Donndelinger of the "sparkling personality fame" included these in her nu- merous activities, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Class Sec. Treas. 4, French club 4, Latin club 2, Operetta 3. Latin Religion Sodality Director Procurator Aquinas Guild 15 Seniors n n w Senior class officers, Richard Shimshak, Henry Funk, and Betty Donndelinger chat informally with Father Pritzl. Shimshak, however, seems to be carrying the burden. The officers of the Aquinas Guild, Mrs. Rudolph Horshack, Mr. John Wall- jasper, Mrs. Arthur Scheel. and Mr. George Bettin, get together after being elected and pose for the cameraman. The old saying "a little learning is a dangerous thingu is taken seriously by Rita Bettin, Margaret Brody, Jean Desmond, Rita Weigel, Rita Rach, and Ellen Lyga, who are delving deeply into the sources of knowledge. There'1l be no in- tellectual skating on thin ice for them. William Rudolph proves that Latin's no dead language as he gives a lively Father Claire Cooney performance to entertain the third and fourth year students at a Latin meeting, Religion while Robert Scheel, president, enjoys the fun. Interrupted by the telephone is Mrs. Russell Good, Aquinas' registrar and secretary. Although new in her duties, she is familiar with the school for it's her Alma Mater. She was graduated in 1936. Typical teeners are these Trumpete-ers, as yearbook signing swings into session. I i p- 4 . N ,..,1.g-Jff : . . . 'F5P'5f'E:.f" Take unto you the Helmet of Salvation In Crusadlng for Peace. 16 'louth for a II w lllorld Addis, Elaine "She knows the power of gentlencssf' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Allen, Pearl "A hit of blonde and blue." Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Latin club Trumpet staff 3, 4. Amundson, Lorraine "Merr heart that la hs at care " 2, News staff 3, 4 Y '15 - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, Homeroom Sec. 4, Operetta 3, 4. Anderson, Betty "Much does she dream." Chorus 1, Latin club 2. Arentz, Dorothy "Gentleness that captivates our hearts. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin club 2, Orclies Banasik, Bernard "An all around swell fellow." Basketball 1, 2, 3, News staff 3. Beranek, Doris "Quiet as the breaking dawn." Chorus 1. Bettin, Rita "Refreshing as a summer shower." Chorus 1, 2, 3, I-lnmeroom Sec. 2 Bezpaletz. Rita "Her personality is her charm." Entered from Onalaska High in Junior y ,3,La Breuer, William "Bill made his name in football." Boxing 2, Foolies 2, Football 2, 3, 4. Brody, Margaret "Full of sweet indifference." Homeroom Vice-President 3, Latin club 2, Bruemmer, Gloria "Gentle mirth and elfish grin." Chorus 1, 2 Foolies 2 Latin club 4 rch f , , 0 Prom Court 3. Bruha., John "A man of few words is the best manf' Chorus 1, German club 1, 2. Cma. Phyllis "Sincerity is the face of the soul." Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Cleary, Margaret ti tra l, 2. n club 2, Operetta, 3. ear. fix 3, 4, , 1 estra 1, 2, "Her friendship is a jewel of worth untold." Stage crew 1, 2. Cody, Maxine "A bit of Erin as the angels made it." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, French club 3, 4, Latin Prom Court 3. Conklin, Joanne "She's an all American girl," Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta Cununings, Eunice "A heart clothed in mirth." Latin club 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 3. 4. 4. club 2, Operetta 3, 4, Father Lloyd Geisler Religion Seniors n n w "M0ney. money everywhere," exclaims Father Pritzl as Geraldine Koel, senior, checks in the total of her class after the Third War Bond Drive. The total amount- ed to 34,479.70 while her own homeroom netted almost 32.000, Joyce McAnaney and Betty Moriarity talk over the Hmaybes, whys, and where- foresl' of a basketball game with Mr. John Halaska. But Why sh0uld1'x't they be interested-after all, Aquinas beat Central! Race against time-Colleen Gilles and Dorothy Knutson beat the clocks, They are the first seniors to watch the camera click and re-turn their class pictures. Here they're exchanging photos and they seem glad to "have the ordeal over." W, 'tWe do our bit by the things we knitj, says patriots Dolores Guggenbuehl, Dolores Stremcha, Theresa Klose and Elaine Addis, as they work to complete an afghan for the soldiers' hospital at Camp McCoy. Men? Mascots? Ahh yes! James Morisoor, Sally McAnaney, Alberta Cuta, and Geraldine Koel, agents of the four classes display their zoot-suitors who steered them to the shore of success in the Third War Bond Drive. Miss Cuta's homeroom 311, led all others, while the seniors, represented by Miss Koel took Hrst place as a c ass. sax ra r ' -ff' 'H i MA Scatter the Gathering Darkness with the Shield of Faith. ' 18 Vouth for a Il w lllorld Daley, Robert "A little nonsense now and then." Basketball 1, 2, Chorus 1, Class treasurer 1, Class Vice Pres ident 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Latin club 2, News s Court 3, Gen. Sodality Prefect 4, Trumpet staff Delaney, Betty "A touch of heaven in bright eyes." taff 3, 4 Prom 4. Band 2, 3, 4, French club 2, News staff 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3 4 Desmond, Jeanne "To know her once is to like her always." Foolies 2, Homeroom Sec. 2, Latin club 2, 3, 4 Dolezel, Marion "Follower of the straight white road." Chorus 1, German club 1, 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Doucet, Joseph "A likeable loyal lad is he." , News staff News staff 3. Entered from Genoa High in Junior ycar Eden, Henry "Be swift to hear and slow to speak." Homeroom President 2. Fitzpatrick, Donald "He does not take life too seriously." Basketball 1, 2, Homeroom President 3, Prom Gen. Sodality Officer 3, Stage crew 1, 2. Flottmeyer, Margaret "She has a smile for every joy." Latin club 2, News staff 3, 4. Flynn, George Unis mind is filled with Ii-ish wit." Latin club 2. Fregin, Elizabeth "Wise and cheerful with a pleasant way." Chorus 1, 2, Cu-op 1, 2, 3, News staff 4. Fronczek, Rita Court 3, "There wasn't a minute when she wasn't in it." Chorus 1, 2, 3, Co-op Sec. 4, Latin club 2, Operetta 3. Gehrig, Jack "He has a plentiful supply of wit." Chorus 1, Homeroom Vice-President, 1, Latin c Gerrard, Ann "Twin-ikling eyes and a merry heart." Latin club 2, Orchestra 2, 3. Gianoli, William "A quiet man but quite a man." Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Gilles, Colleen "Her kindly manners speak her thoughtful na Band 1, News staff 3, 4. Gilles, William G. "Common sense is not a common thing." Chorus 1, Dramatics l, Homeroom Scc. 1. Gilles, William J. "Willing co-operation is his specialty." Chorus 1, 2, Dramatics 2, 3. 4, Foolies 1, Latin Operetta 4. Gittens, Geraldine "Quiet, but exceedingly likeable." Chorus 1, Co-op 1, Library club 2. lub 2. ture." Club Z Supervisor Science Sister M. Leonita Seniors n n w It's noon in the free wheelers' parking place. The owners come rushing forth to jump on their crates with visions of hamburgers dancing in their heads. Matters of the moment take precedence, however, for others with similar ideas make haste to Hee. Another noon hour scene, but comparatively calm. Speculatively freshmen, Mary Poehiing and Mary Meister, examine the first issue of the Aquinas News, "Gee, does my hair look all right?" 'fls my tie straight?" Surely enough, once again the eventful picture-taking day has arrived and we find a few freshies administering that last minute touch. Aiding Jane Noelke is Mary Desmond. Mean- while, Jim Knutson silently muses, "I should've skipped that extra minute of sleep and set my wave." Bill Burns and Don Hutzenbuehler seem to have the most trouble getting ready. Betty Stuber proudly points out the name of her brother on the Aquinas Ser- vice Roll to Fran Stubcr and Margaret Brody! This list of former students now enrolled in the armed services serves as a constant reminder to students to pray for ' I the peace for which they fight. 1 October rolls around which immediately draws the Aquinites' attention to football. But these fair lasses prove that October likewise is important for then come forth the crisp, smart, navy-blue and white uniforms as demonstrated by M. Leske, P. Lyons, M. Hackner, R. Konter, J. Procksh, M. Leske, J. Mueller, and L. Pinscak. l l -2- ,, in A time f' LX Q. Q2,af1:fi ' cliff, Take unto you the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, for rue eace. ' 20 llouth for a Il w lllorld Goggin, Edward "Jovial and an all-around good pal." French club 2, Homeroom President 1. Gorman, John "I-Ie's a jolly good fellow." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, Graf, Eloda "She has no worries, she never hurricsf' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Guggenbuehl, Dolores "She's sure to chase your blues away." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, News staff 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Gunderson, William "To make others happy is his aim." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Homeroom Sec. 4. I-Iackner, Giles "On the whole, we're well pleased with you." Chorus 1, Dramatics 3, 4, German club 1, 2, News staff 3. Hafner, Betty "She walks through life with a queenly grace." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Treasurer 1, Latin club 2. Halaska, Arlene "Young and happy and ever gay." Chorus 1, 2, Dramatics 1, 2, German club 1, 2, Gen, Sodality Officer 2, I-Iartley, Mary . "Lass with the delicate air." Chorus 1, Dramatics 1, 3, 4, Latin club 2. I-Iavlik, Mary Margaret "Rich in saving common sense." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin club 2, 3, 4, Operettta 3, 4. Hecht, George "One of his great interests is baseball." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Football 1, 2, 4 Hemmerlein Arthur "There is mucl-I you can learn from Artie." German club 1, 2, Hoffman, Felicia "She has a laugh stored up for everyone." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin club 2, 3, 4, News staff 3 Operetta 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Horton, Donald "I never dare to be as funny as I can." Football Manager 3, News staff 3, 4, Prom Court 3, Ingham, Kenneth "Earnest in athletic ways." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Foolies 2, Football 3, 4, French club 3. Jiracek, Josephine "Art is the perfection ul' nature," Chorus 2, 3, Library Assistant 3, Library club President 4, Operetta 3. Johnston, Richard "Lively, good-natured, not a care has he." Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, Boxing 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, Football Manager 1, Homeroom President 1, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Operetta 3, 4, Stage crew 2. Kabat, Margaret "A lively girl with a smiling face." Chorus 1, 2, 3, News staff 3, Operetta 3, Trumpet staff 3. 21 Sister M. Genevieve Commercial Senior Homeroom 1 were Ex Seniors n n w Firmly convinced that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most vital action of their day, Aquinas students. through the cooperation of Father Tetzlaff and Father Cooney, have the privilege of assisting daily at Mass each morning before classes begin. Father Cooney and servers Leslie Kessler and Wayne Swinghammer grate- fully admire the beautiful Missal donated by the Junior League of Catholic Girls. These Aquinas acolytes feel honored to take theirturns in assisting the priests to offer the Eternal Gift. . First row: John Finn, Leslie Kessler, and Kenneth McCabe, Robert Scliied, Wayne Swinghammer, Thomas Garthwaite, Francis Briedel, Robert Volz, Donald Potaracke. Second row: Gene Smith, Gerald Flanagan, Rudolph Horshak, James Gsch- wind, George Kachel, John Howard, John Stokes, Ray Lichtie, and Francis Potaracke To Radiate Earthly Peace, Waft the Incense of Prayer Heavenward. 22 Vouth for a Kliensmith, Marie "A vivacious maid with a merry heart." Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin club 2, Operetla 3, 4, Stage crew 1. Kloss, Theresa "A true friend and a loyal heart." Chorus 1, 2, 4, Operetta 4. Kneesel, Beverly "Imp with stars in her eyes." Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Knothe, William "Doubtlessly few could fill his place." Boxing 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, German club 1, 2. Knutson, Dorothy "Loveliness half hidden from the eye." Chorus 1, 2, Latin club 2, Koel, Geraldine "Alive as a spring zephyr." Homeroom President 3 Latin club 2 Gen, Sodalit , , y Officer 3. Entered from Cathedral High in Sophomore year. Koenen, Donald "He says little but means every word." Kohlwey, Kathleen "Bright with calm delight." Chorus 1. 2. Korish, Ruth "A smile on her lips and a song in her heart." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Foolies 2, Homeroom President 2, Latin club 2, Make-up Art. 2, 3, 4, News staff 3, 4, Operettta 3, 4, Prom Queen 3, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Kottmer, John "I-le has abilities you'd never dream of." Kouri, Virginia "An amiable girl with a deep heart." Chorus 1, 2, 3. Kroner, James . "A lad with great speech." Dramatics 3, 4, Chorus 1, German club 1, 2. Kubiak, Rose Mary "Top full of quick humor." Entered from Washington Jr. High in Sophomore year, Kurtz, Patricia "Calm consistency in dark eyes." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Lepsch, Beatrice . "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Band 1, 2. 3. 4, Chorus 1, Latin club 2. Lyga, Ellen "Laughter that dances with color." Foolies 2, Latin club 2, News staff 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, Trumpet Editor 4. Lyons, Mary Rita "A good laugh is sunshine in a house." Chorus 1, Latin Club 2. McAnaney, Joyce "A voice of sweetest song." Chorus 3, 4, Dramatics 4, French club 3, News staff 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Entered from Central High in Junior year, Il w lllorld 1 23 Sister M. Gervina Art Mechanical Drawin Sacristan 1 x'!Ap, I" , , ,XX , .il rt S eniors n n w After Mass, Petra Anderson sets glimmering a slender candle of prayer. May- be it's for a brother in service or a mid-year exam, but nevertheless, it's her way of petitioning God to hear and answer her prayers. Uniforms lend their fatal fascinations when alumni, Robert Novak, Dorothy Stanek, Raymond Wuensch, lvlodesta Walljasper, James Johnson, and a friend, came back to their old Alma Mater to "get in the groove" again. The dance spon- sored by the Aquinas band was called Httingly enough the "Clef Clopf, The spirit was carried throughout the decorations which consisted of clefs. notes, staffs, sharps, and Hats Uhere, there, and most everywhere." Gazing at the dancers "just for the fun of it" are Freshmen Evelyn Kerska, Beverly Stellpflug, and Monica Treangen. 'Taithful ECL Seubertn sells enthusiatic Rosemary Wurm a ticket to a jive session. "Oh the pity of it allf' sighs Richard Poellinger as he gazes disappointedly at eight sockets and seven lights while setting up the chapel crib. Yes, it is always very beautiful and inspirational, for it gives out to all Aquinites the true spirit of Christmas and its "reall, significance. But only Rich knows all the work behind it. gk x 3 -Y-,J ig i XR l 1 -i"'2WTi K-lp 5 5 :X ' '5 ' ' V Stand having on the Breastplate of Justice in the War Against Evil. ,nfl 4,-" , I' 24 Vouth for a Il w lllorld McGinnis, Joyce "A little blonde lass with laughter in her eyes." Entered from Central High in Senior year. f McHenry, Rita "Active natures are rarely melancholy." Band 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin club 2, Operetta 3, 4, Stage crew 1. Malay, Jack "All things come-to him who waits." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Stage crew 2. Mauer, Donald "'Friendly and willing, a. hringer of joy." Football 1, Homeroom Treasurer 1. Melde, James "A gentleman is slow to take offense and slow to give it." Chorus 1, Football 1. Merfeld, Donald "No task for him was too hard to do." Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4, German club 1, 2. Meyers, Marilyn "Culture and fine manners will always be hers." Chorus 1, 2, Latin club 2. Mickschl, Marion "Unfathomed sweetness in her nature." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, German club 1, 2, Operetta 3, 4. Moriarity, Bette "Blue pools of sweet Irish mystery." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom V. Pres, 1, Latin club 2, Make-up Art. 2, 3, 4, News staff 3, 4, Prom Court 3, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Muehr, Betty Ann "Her eyes of blue are always smiling." Chorus 1, German club 1, 2, Muetze, Paul "All his friends say he is okay." Boxing 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Operetta 3. Murphy, Jeanne "To the young heart everything is fun." Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, French club 3, News staff 3, Operetta 3, 4. Opdahl, Rita "An earnest maid, and modest too." Chorus 1, 2, Co-op 1, 2, 3, Latin club 2. Padesky, Jack "A jolly fellow knows no enemy." Peterson, Richard "All men look upon him favorably." Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Football 1, Pielhop, Marjorie "Her face is fair, her heart is true." Entered from Onalaska High in Junior year. Pierce, Charles "A friend to all who come his way." Chorus 1, Latin club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Potaraeke, Francis "No truer friend can he found than he," Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3. 25 Sister M. Fortuna Commercial 4 K 9 X57 i asv: Seniors n n w 'tSo you don't think we can be wartime budget planners?" Just think again before you repeat that! Masielyn Halaska and Audrey Twite can tell you they know pretty much about it thanks to the able guidance of Sister Eunice. Budgeting is one of the many phases in the advanced course of Hornemaking. As Josephine Anny minutely inspects her work, Sigrid Stefferud hopefully tries on slipper for size. These girls who made articles for servicemen exemplify the many others in the R-ed Cross Home Nursing Class conducted by Mrs. Arthur Rogge. Another group briefly pauses to marvel at many different items made in the same class. These admirers are Lois Ann Schomers, Patricia Sciloorski, and Mary Poellinger. Aquinas again shows its patriotism! It didnlt stop with the bond drive. In recognition to the governmc-nt's plea for home canning, Nancy Birnbaum, Virginia Weibel, Patricia Turner, and Delores Kabat proudly display their canned goods made in Foods class under the direction of Sister M. Eunice. Not to be outdone, Lucille Heberlein and Doris Tischreck demonstrate how to make a bed expertly as instructed in the Home Nursing Course. Mrs. Rogge was in charge of these classes which replaced the physical education classes in the early part of the school year. vi' :FW in Pursuing Peace carry the Cross of Penance with the Prince of Peace. 26 Vouth for a Il Pretasky, Sally "All we know about her is good." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, German club 2, 3, Operetta 3, 4. Quinn, Francis "Life without sports is not life to this Irishman." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Boxing 2, Class Treas 1 Class President 2, Foolies 2, Football 2, 3, 4, I-Iomeroom Pres ident 3, News staff 3, Prom Court 3. Rach, Rita "A small touch of elegance." Chorus l, Foolies 2, Homerooni President 1, Latin club 2 3 4 News staff 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Raper, Rosemarie "A natural smile a hint of mischief." Chorus 1, 3, 4, Foolies 2, News staff 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Prom Court 3. Reidelbach, Margaret "Quiet. but her friends are many." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Latin club 2. Riley, Margaret "Humor that is a continuous bubble of joy." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Co-up 2, Dramatics 2, French club 4 Homeroom President 1, Homeroom Treasurer 2, Latin club News staff 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Riniker, Virginia "Her heart is as light as her eyes are bright." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary 2, 4, Latin club 2 3 4 operetca 3, 4. Roberts Mildred , "Quiet and retiring, a girl worth knowing." Latin club 4. Entered from Sleepy Eye, Minn., in Junior year Roesler, Donald "I-le has a talent of gaining friends." Chorus 1, German club 1, 2. Rudolph, William "The stage echoes with his art." Band 4, Co-op 1, 2, Dramatics 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Latin club 2, 3, 4, Operetta Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Sauer, Richard "He jokes at all trouble." Chorus 1, Football 1. Schams, Donald "A friend, a gentleman-what more can we say?" Schaper, Kathleen "Much wisdom often goes with fewest words." Chorus 1, 2, Latin club 2, 3, 4. Scheel, Robert "One who knows what he talks about." Cheer Leader 2, 3, Co-op 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Latin club News staff 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Scheitzach, Donald "Don, like all good men has a temper all his own." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Foolies 2, Football 4, French club 3, Operetta 3, 4, Stage crew Manager 2. Schmitz, John "A true gentleman in every sense of the word." Latin club 2, 3, Schwanbeck, Elizabeth "As merry as the day is long." Chorus 1. Sebranek, Paul "His genial nature has made him every one's pal." Band l, 2, 3, I-Iomeroom President 3, Prom Court 3, General Sodality Officer. Sister M. Clementa History English Senior Homeroom l I I I I I I I ' I I . .I- ii C1 .M .fffwl ff-ref' XXX .-,,,,.Z' f Seniors n n His Excellency the Rt. Rev. Alexander J. McGavick and Senior, Gene Serres, take time out to pose with Fr. Alban Hickson, C. P. and Fr. Aelred Toriski, C. P. retreat masters at Aquinas this year. These fathers are members of the Passionist Order in Chicago. "The Christ Child,', an inspiring drama presented by the Sophomore Girls' Chorus was the annual Christmas feature production of the year. In devout ad- miration are Jeannette Kreutz, Viola Hofer, Beverly Rogers, and Iola Guscetti, while Patricia Hurley portrays the Blessed Virgin. Ah-ha here's to ,ole style lodgers-eh, boys? Comforted with the cool and mellow satisfaction of Hires 'ole style root beer, these happy Latin studes raise fun--and more fun. This all happens at a going-away party and in this instance it was for Bill Rudolph and Carroll Walljasper, who left for the seminary. En- joying themselves at this Latin Club specialty are Bob Scheel, Carroll Walljasper, Bill Rudolph, Jack Gehrig, Eileen Gilster, Rita Breuer, and Mary Havlik. Faithful of'Ticers 01' the Athletic Booster Club meet with director, Fr. Bingen. They are Mr, E. Klinkner. Dr. J. Kelly, and Mr. J. Kevin. "Fine party and plenty of fun," comment the Senior members of the News and Trumpet staffs about the party given for them by Pvt. Bob Vollmar, an alumnus of Aquinas. The enthusiastic journalists enjoying cokes and hot dogs with Fr. Pritzl are Bob Scheel, Bob Daley, Dorinne Urban, Ellen Lyga, Jeanne Desmond, Lcuise Vyvyan, Ruth Korish, Pearl Allen, Betty Delaney, Rita Weigel, Gloria Bruemmer, and Felicia Hoffman. i l Perfect thy Soul that the Peace of God may in it Reign as King. 28 Vouth for a Il Semb, Edward "Lively, good naturcd, not a care has he." Basketball 3, Homeroom President 3, Make-up Art, 2, 3, -1. Serres, Eugene "Our paper is proud to call him 'Editur'." Cheer leader 2, 3, 4, Co-op 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-op President 3, News Editor 3, 4, Operetta 4, Prom Court 3, General Sodality Officer 1, Stage crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, 4, Seubert, Dolores "She can always he found wearing a smile." Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Sexauer, Mary Ann "A lively spark of enthusiasm burns here." Band 3, 4, Chorus l, Homeroom President 4, Latin club 2, Orchestra 1, 2. Simones, Leo "A youth in frolics. a man of sports." Homeroom President 4, Basketball 4. Entered from Campion in Senior year. Skemp, Kathleen "Her sweetness is something you'll never forget." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Foolies 2, French club, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Prom Court 3, Skemp, Loretta. "Sweet as an old fashioned nose-gay." Class President 1, Co-op Treasurer 2, French club 3, French club President 4, Homeroom Secretary 2, 4, Latin club Presi- dent 2, News staff 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Stage crew 2, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Sobkowiak, Marion "She places a pearl in everyone's life." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, German club 1, 2, Operetta 3, 4. Stark, Cletus "Judicious silence shows manlinessf' Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1. Stellick, Marion "Her beauty of smile reflects her beauty of soul." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, Foolies 2, Homeroom Sec- retary 1, Homeroom President 2, Latin club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Prom Court 3. Stokes, John "A happy combination of loyalty and sincerity." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Latin club Z, 3, Operetta 3, 4, Stage crew 1. Strasser, Leroy "No one knows what he can do until he tries." Chorus 1, Football 1. Stremcha, Dolores "A happy smile for one and all." New Staff 3, 4. Swertfeger, Robert "Know a man by his deeds." Football 1, 4. Urban, Dorixme "A lively girl with a happy face." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, I-lomeroom President 1, 4, News staff 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Verchota, Beverly "A heart full of sweetness." News staff 3, Trumpet staff 3. Volk, Marion "Her good nature is measured by the yard! Vyvyan, Loluse "All the gifts that comprise a perfect lady." Class Treasurer Z, Foolies 2, Homeroom Secretary 3, News Assistant Editor 3, 4, Prom Court 3, General Sodality Secre- tary 3, Trumpet staff 3. t w lllorld l 1 1 29 Sister M. Maureen English Latin Senior Homeroom we P J- fum ' i 'rvsllff V-we f Seniors n new Organized in a very short time by Sister Margaret Mary the Aquinas Debate Team has been fairly successful this year. Comprising this successful group are: James Roth, Jack Garihee. Joseph Ostrander, and George Kachel. "Oh's" and "Ah's" are expressed by Carolyn Kohlwey and Petra Anderson as they View the masterpieces composed under the capable direction of Sister M. Gervina. "Hey, you! Not so loud!" 'tOuch! Who hit that fiat key'?', No need fretting, it's just the warm--up jam session in preparation for the Trumpet campaign which was a gigantic success. It was presented similarly to 'tKay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge." Gene Serres. master of ceremonies, and Ruth Korish, vocal- ist, critically listen to the "hot stuff" given out by Don Welch, Clarence Strasser, Jeannette Krutz, Margaret Riley, Dale Wilder. Bill Gunderson, Jim Mclioone, Charles Weisensel. Betty Hafner, and Dick Bradburn. The French club serenaded the students in the corridor during the Christmas holiday season. Carolers were Margaret Riley, Loretta Skemp, Maxine Cody, Elizabeth Wanner, Sister Cunisse, and Betty Donndelinger. Congratulations come from far and wide for the annual operetta 'tHats OFF' which Sister Agnes Claire and Sister Margaret Mary directed to a grand and glorious finale. Ticket sales under the direction of Virginia Riniker were tremen- dous and the general spirit can be represented by Walter Mears who sold thirty tickets. Stand having your Feet Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace 3U Vouth lor a Ilew lllorld Wagner, Josellh . "There is no substitution for hard work." Basketball 1, Football 1, I-Iomeroom President 2. Walljasper, Carroll "Thy modesty is a credit to thy merit." Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4, Class Vice- President 2, Foolies 2, Football 4, Latin Club 2, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Walljasper, Constance "A silence sweet and serene." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Walsh, Eleanor "Someone you ean't help admiring." Chorus 1, 2, 3, News staff 3, Operetta 3, Trumpet staff 3. Wanner, Elizabeth "Sweet and lovely, yes, she is quite the one." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, French club Secretary 4, Latin club 2, Operetta 3, 4. Wecker, Jeanne "Beauty is in the eye of the beholden" Chorus 1, 2, 3, Co-op 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President 3, Latin club 2, Operetta 3, General Sodality Officer 3, Stage crew 2. - Weibel, Robert "Strange to the world he wears a bashful look." German club 1, 2. Weigel, Rita "The sweetest girl in the world." Chorus 1, Latin club 2, 3, 4. News staff 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, Trumpet staff 3, 4, Weiland, Beatrice "A spark of splendor in wide eyes." Chorus 1, 2, 3, Operetta 3. Weissenberger, Virginia "A possessor of a sweet disposition and charming grace." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. Welch, Donald "The boy with an answer for everything." Cheer Leader 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Class President 3, Latin club 2, Operetta 3, Prom Court 3. Wiggert, Kathryn "Dynamo of endless energy." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, Latin club 2, Operetta 3, 4. Wilder, Dale "His energy is expending in worthwhile things." Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Drum Major 4, Latin club 2. Wittenberg, Shirley "A mixture of sweetness, mischief. and charm." Band 1, 2. 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary 2, Latin club 2, Operetta 3. 4, Stage crew 1. Wurm, Rosemary "Quiet and sweet, she's one you'd like to meet." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage crew 1. Zanter, Joseph "His companions find him sincere and full of fun." Chorus 1, German club 1, 2. Zeimentz, Florence "So lives a good girl in a naughty world." Chorus 1, 2, Latin club 2, News staff 3, 4, Trumpet staff 3, 4. Zirbes, Patricia "A cheerful disposition and much ambition." 31 .llllIl0l'S Ilctive Vouths , V, A 5 VV',' QV I 2' ' I t l ' , I C ii K, kr., I gg. NV V J .. X K 5- K if A A 1 D ii F " f if , 1 'F fi "' Qi Ah 2:1 A X -v N in W Qgk J gh N i n C' C fx h , i 1,, - 0 risi F - Q ' , iii' V U Vx , -- - i I K 'I Catherine Arenz, Henry Atlee, Alice Bagnieiski, Dorothy Bahr, Robert Baum, Beranek, John Beranek, Francis Bilskemper. lvlargaret Mary Bissen, Hugh Boschert. Rita Breuer, Elizabeth Brown, Joseph Carol Bruha, Thomas Brzowsky. Edith Campbell. Ernest Carlin, James Cassidy, Earl Conley, James Dayton, Peggy Deininger DeJarlais, Margaret DeWolf, Virginia Dockendorff. Dona Dohlin, Virginia Dorsey, Phyllis Downey, Betty Dusso. Beverly Ehrsam, Forraine, Margaret Finley, Albert Flottrneyer. John Flynn, Mary Ellen Fries, Joseph Fuchs! Carl Gerke, Marie Giblin, Eileen Wanda Graf, Iola Guscetti. 32 n Charles Brown, Laurel George Gilsier, Crusading for Peace CLASS OFFICERS . George Kachel ..... Joseph Ostrander . . . Lorraine Chech ........ HOMEROOM OFFICERS Eugene Kreibich ....... Dorothy Eeg ,...,. . . , Wayne Kleinertz . . . . . . . Alberta Cuta ..... . . . James Roth ..... . . . Jean Papenfuss . . . . . . . Richard Brady .... . . Mary Ann Hess Robert Weigel . . . . . . Rita Costello .... , , . . . . Class President . . . , Class Secretary ,. . Class Treasurer ...,......Room 309 President Room .Room 309 Secretary-treasurer .. . Room 311 President 311 Secretary-treasurer . . . . . . . . Room 328 President Room Room 328 Secretary-treasurer . . , Room 330 President 330 Secretary-treasurer , ........ Room 332 President Room 332 Secretary-treasurer Father Robert Hansen .J Religion i V. I , ,. HX 3 6-- 1 I v V A, 3 'Ev' h X, u J L L, L it U f T W ' , 3 ' P if F4 X F IP ' my ' Exits-- .isi gf Take unto you the Helmet of Salvation in Crusading for Peace. X 33 llllli0I'S llctive Vouths QQ tal M 5 A 'XXAQKA Q Betty Habierman, Madonna Haggerty. Joseph Hahn, Bernard Halaska, Madalyn Halaska, Donna Mae Hansen, Virgline Harding, Ilene Havliceik. Raymond Heath, Donald Helfrich, William Hilbert, Viola Hofer, John Hotchkiss, Frank Hottinger, Donna Huber, Bernard Humfeld. Patricia Hurley, Elaine Jacobson, Mary Ellen Jambois, John Jirsa. Airietta Johnson, George Karnpa, Dorothy Mae Kelly, Fern Kelly. Patricia Kimball, Alberta Kistler, Arthur Klein, James Knothe, Leonard Knutson, Helen Koeble, Eleanore Konetchy, Marie Korish. Marian Kcuri, Patricia Knapp, Richard Kratt, .Jeanette Kreutz, John Krisrner, Rose- mary Kruger, Mary Kubal, Dolores Lanzel. 34 'C Crusading for Peace It's the Juniors all right and this time a bit serious. As in all history classes the 'tOur Timesi' has proved to be a very interesting and informative paper and these students certainly portray their enthusiasm. He's up! He's down! t'Big Richu Shimshak went through these motions and countless more in a vain struggle to overcome the gyroscope. Mr. Jones encour- ages him to fight on as he explains the details of the gyroscope in a commercial assembly. Sister Bertha seems to enjoy sitting back and letting the students take over once in Z1 while. Betty Stuber proves she can still enjoy experiments even if she has to do them. Louise Vyvyan keeps discussion leader Giles Hackner quite busy in English Literature class. Discussions such as these are held quite frequently under the able guidance of Sister M. Maureen, "Ooh! I can't look!" Never fear, it's not another horror show. It's just the debaters drawing their topics from the hat. These excited expressions belong to Donald Helfrich, James Skemp, Robert Baum, James Donndelinger, Robert Skemp, and Rita Ann Regnier. Tom Shimanski and Marcellus Netwall near the climax in the poll taken on Compulsory Military Training during an American History class. Sister M. Laurinda Spanish General Business Junior Homeroom +- J Z 0 I' L " .. X-Nag Q ? Take unto you the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, for True Peace. 37 '49 ' .llIlli0fS Ilctive Vouths tl 6 gs F135 L 1 .I- A 5? w fxafgs p 4h L LL'- Robert Schaefer, Charles Schmikla, Margaret Schmitt, Francis Schoen, Robert Schreier Wayne Seifert, Charles Senn, Albert Shedesky. Thomas Shimanski, Elaine Shoger, Robert Skemp, James Smith, LeVerne Smith Paul Spaeth, Arnold Stoltz, Clarence Strasser, Sylvester Strasser, Betty Stuber, Fran- cis Stuber, Betty Sullivan, James Sullivan. M2-ry Thimrnesch. Donald Treangen, Louis Troyanek, Anna Trussoni, Audrey Twite, Donald Wakeen, John Weber, Ruth Weibel. Joy Weiland, Charles Weiserusel, Joyce Werner, John Williams, William Wolle, Barbara Woolley, Richard Wuensch, Helen Wurzel. James Snyder, Irene Soller, Victor Soller. 3 8 ia 'ff 'J .4 Crusading for Peace These Junior homeroom secretaries cheerfully carry hymn books to their re- spective hornerooms. Never failing to do their many duties are Alberta Cuta, Rita Costello, Mary Ann Hess, Jean Papenfuss, and Dorothy Eeg. Artful decorating surely seems to be a knack for the Freshmen. Here approv- ing of the Halloween decorations are Freshmen class officers Kenneth McCabe, Jane Noelke, and Edward Runningen. "Yippee! We did it!', Yes, these jubilant faces of the Junior class officers express the feelings of the entire class upon completing the Red Cross Drive first and with one hundred percent. Eyeing the results are Joseph Ostrander, vice- presidentq Lorraine Cheeky secretaryg and George Kachel, president. Whether it's the "greenbacks" Jim Bock is holding or some joke he's cracked, these Sophomore secretaries aren't beaming for nothing. Sharing their laughter with Jim are Ruth McGaughey, Dorothy Skemp, Mary Roth, and Joyce McGuire. These Freshmen secretaries undoubtedly have ttsomething up their sleeves." They're ready for anything with sleeves rolled up. To do their utmost are Shirley Platz, Helen Bettin, Phyllis Froegel, Margaret Skemp, and Evelyn Kerska. "Wait a second now! The Freshmen aren't the only ones who made the Hal- loween party a successg we Sophs also bore a great part of the load!" So the Soph class officers, Bill Holicky, Katie Lyga, and Jack Garihee at the October 31st affair claim their share of recognition. To Radiate Earthly Peace, Waft thelncense of Prayer Heavenward. 39 Sister M. Petrella . Mathematics Sophomore Homeroom ,4,,. .- ----S..,n f' f 5. ,f , ,f fir - -,-1 I E K ,E .fl ifilbf F 1 'Q'-4-, ,.i' Sophomores Serving Albrecht, Virginia Anderson, Petra Anny, Josephine Anthony, Kenneth Archambeau. Mary Jane Arms, Lorraine Atlee, Carol Bakalars. Kenneth Bakalars, Mary LaV0nne Bautsch, William Becker, Joseph Benesh, Francis Beranek, Beverly Bicha, Estelle Bock, James Boma, Raymond Bott. Lawrence Bott, Mary Jane Bowman, Bernadette Bradburn, Richard Bradley, Deonne Buckner, William Burns, James Caven, Larry Chase, Charles Clarkin, Robert Colgan, Robert Coughlin, Mary Cunningham, Edwin Daugherty, Ruth Mary Dawes, Francis Dayton, John Denl, Richard Denning, Lenore Donndelinger, James Doucet, Gerald Dresen, Charlotte Dwyer, Mary Jane Elsen, John Fanning, John Farrell, Patricia Fay, John Felsheim, Glenn Feuling, Florence Fillner, Henry Flanagan, John Fuchs, Rosemary Fuchs, Thomas Stand having on the Breastplate of Justice In the War Against Evil 40 In the rmy of Peace Gagermeier, Joyce Gallagher, Helen Gallagher, Joan Garihee, John Garthwaite, Thomas Gilles. James Gilles, John Gittens, Helen Gittens, Neal Gorman, Margaret Graber, John Grabinski, Virgil Haddad, Jeanine Hafner, Jacqueline Hale, Patricia Hammes, Hilary Hase, Patricia Havlik, Joseph Hays. Francis Heath, Betty Heberlein, Lucille Hegenbarth, Gregory Hengel, Marilyn Hengel, Patricia Hengel, Richard Hess, Kenneth Higgins, Angela Holicky, William Hosch, Harold Houlihan, Mary Hundt, Mary Ann Hutson, Gwendolyn Iserman, Robert Johnston, Harold Johnston, Kathryn Justin, Robert Kammel, Marian Keaveny, Francis Kerrigan, Patricia Kerska, Evelyn Kirk, Bonnie Klein, William Knothe, John Knothe, Ruth Kofta, Walter Kohlwey, Thomas Konetchy, George Konter. Ruth 41 Sister M. Modesta English Sophomore Homeroom Sister M. Elizabeth History Mathematics Sophomore Homeroorn .JM .L me-,2" W if get if 50ph0m0 fC-if Serving Kottmer, Richard Kracklauer, Kathleen Kreis, Doris Larkin, Ellen Larkin, Marianne Larkin, Patricia Lipovetz, Marian Loechler, Rose Mary Lyga, Katherine McAnaney, Sally McConaghy, Donald McDonald, Patricia McGaughy, Ruth McGinley, Patricia McGuire. Joyce MCKoskey, Mary McLoone, James McHahan, Rita McMann, Helen Mahoney, Therese Malay, John Marquette, Lenona Meier, John Merrell, Jeanette Miles, Pauline Monsoor, George Monti, Kathryn Muehr, Grace Muller, Elizabeth Mulrine, LaVonne Murphy, Kathryn Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Therese Nagle, Richard Nedvidek, Lois Neuverth, Charles Novak, Marguerite Novak, Robert Pestreicher, Elizabeth Pahs, Farrell Pavela, Mary Poellinger. Mary Poellinger, Richard Polodna, Edwin Preeshl, Richard Preeshl, Robert Proksch, Robert Purdy, Marilyn L , i, Q 5 '- Q g "' eff- ,if '- 4 xl, gs, ,, if it V- gf' A " -W. Ly .. 4 N i Q' - 'V' ., ., - ,iw 4 2' 5' 1- 2' .- ' Q 1 4 F fd Q Q 4 .J 5 E F" V' F J X ,,,, , Q Q . t , t ff! in Pursuing Peace carry the Cross of Penance with the Prince of Peace , 1 Quinn, Mary Ready, LeRoy Reget, Thomas Rendler, Edward the Peace 'P E M M g, . . X 'S iff J A ' I .V , ' J 1 is A X.: , My J 4 in -..' ah ' I J A 1 ' I do 5-+1 ' 1 J I-vc, x J f L 5 4 , ,,:. 5' M .1 4, 4 ' v 4 A - f ,, N . ',,Q- 6 in fe an , J .. .. E add.. J ., ,, .12 Q al r 6 , as ' ji 1 l J J ' " afa H- so .. , -f' if A . K. V if af it V- .a Q42 gi I N al 'n if J H J Rice, Marilyn Roth, Mary Ann Schams, Louise Schied, Robert Schmitt, Herbert Schmitt, Kathleen Schomers, Lois Ann Sciborski, Patricia Seitz, Marilyn Sheehan, Leona Shimshak, Audrey Simons, Francis Shuda, Bernard Sinniger. Shirley Skemp, Dorothy Skemp, James Skemp, Joseph Smith, Mary Lou Sobkowiak, Kathryn Sokolik, Janice Soller, Richard Spika, Francis Stanek, Ruth Stefferud, Sigrid Stokens, Marjorie Stouvenal, William Strasser, Arline Streicher, Mary Joan Theisen, Eugene Tiermey, Mary Ellen Tischrek, Doris Troyanek, Dyane Twite, Eugene Tyler, Mary Ellen Vogal, Norman Wagner, James Walljasper, Mark Wanninger, Marie Wecker, Patricia Wilder, Eugene Woodward, Mary Ellen Wright. Patricia Zanter, John 43 Sister M. Eunice English Home Economics Sophomore Homeroom y ilaq-xg i f, , gpg? V. NX fififlai .Q , if 'ii-any' ' ct thy Soul that the Peace of God i W -f ' may in it Reign as King. N Father Philip Father Daniel 0'Reilly Religion YBSIIIIIBII llnfurling Religion V,,. , , .. if' qi 'J 4 V . 1 ,A , eiri 1 . - ,Fi 4 ' wg! V. L 4' In P W it .A , .ti Qi .4 Alland Edward, Amundson Anita, Bagniefski Donald, Bagniefski Robert, Bahr Lorraine, Barth Robert, Becken Lor- raine, Bennett James, Beranek Joseph. Besl Patricia, Bettin Helen, Betz Delores, Birnbaum Juanita, Birnbaum Nancy, Bjorkman Janice, Boisen Eugene, Boma Charles, Boyle Rose Marie. Bracken Thomas, Brady Patricia, Breidl Francis, Brieske Alicia, Bruchman Carol. Bull Charles, Bumford Margaret Mary, Burns Wm., Byrne John. Cermak Lorraine, Churchill Beverly, Conway Patricia, Coughlin Joan, Desmond Mary, Devine Edward, Devine Eu- gene, Dolan James, Drendel Gerald. ' Dummer Dolores, Dunne James, Duresky Colleen, Dvorak Mary Ann, Dwyer Jerome, Eeg Edward, Ferris Helen, Feuling John, Finn John. Flanagan Gerald, Flynn Mary, Franke Richard, Froegel Phyllis, Gerke Gilbert, Gerling Howard, Gittens Stanley. Goodenough Delbert, Graf Alfred. 44 T 'Qiklfk Eff"'f" .- Mi .6 iwfri wif ' , .,.' . . .i - l sister M, Marcella Stand having your Feet Shed with the . siitel-IME Lamberta Blgigifglgflgomeroom , Preparation ofthe Gospel of Peace. V1 S255 Science' E , Q Freshman Homeroom ggixgw 4 ' A A, Q- ar: - ef P to L V :K V Q A yi . , cv V K Gi' . cu, asc 2 Y sr, ., Q F , K VY Q 4 v . KVAV , L k-l hm K .Q V r x. , , F ., wg1-V: K I I K it my x V ig ' ' K' 'iz' xlw f V a K X L 'L i 9 Gig' Siu Q- g li 'W fs t C J J' W - rrer P. ., J - M 1 J as if " . t-3 we , , '- - 'M " 4 Q Q' . 2 . K gl A Q' K S , i 6 J K. A nlzfiw, - A Q . . .. l 5 X ' t , A ...lx Gschwind James, Guggenbuehl Patricia, Hackner Mary, Hahn Mary, Hackner Thomas, Halaska Phyllis, Hall Dolores, Hampe Wm., Hampton Carol. Hampton Lois, Hansen Colleen, Hansen Keith, Hansen Wm., Hegenbarth Norbert, Helfrich Joseph, Hofer David, Hor- schak Rudolph, Hortsman Robert. Houlihan Beverly, Houlihan Robert, Howard John, Huber Margaret, Hutzenbuehler Donald, Juen Mary Jane, Kabat Delores, Kabat Jacquelyn, Kabat Patricia. Kavanaugh Bernadine, Kavanaugh Mary Jean, Kendharnmer John, Kerska Evelyn, Kessler Leslie, Kleinertz Keith, Karninsky Theodore, Knothe Donnajean, Knutson, James. Koelbl Irene, Konetchy Charlotte, Kotinek Verity Ann, Kotiner Charles, Kratzer Joan, Lanzel Angela, Larkin Carol, Larkin Francis, Larkin Robert. Larson James, Ieibl Louise, Lepsch Angeline, Lepsch James, Lepsch Richard, Leske Marion, Leske Muriel, Lichtie Raymond, Lyons Peggy. 45 'W ' -V ,,,.,. - ll Y if .. K XP' se ,,., KF. . A ,f5.,.v M , a ,V Take unto you the Helmet of Salvation Sister M- Sabina in Crusading for Peace. Science Latin Freshman Homeroom Freshman Homeroom , ' - Sister M. Georgiana .1 4 . - f6Shl11Bll U f I' A V A . T tx A . me-L -s Atl . 0 s I K ,r?- Q J, J ' T J ' , , ' at A in or Q' . B K i 1 Q A .G i GS 'K l T gd QA' if - t 6, . ibiza, ,,. - ...L . z.,.f .s pf ,Ax J e , l - s--xl .LX e A EE . i I ,,, K . f,, 5 . . ,V ., Lkg"r i A h yy - kj' K 5 A 'A L ., ,, J. - Y Q zfr I I t ig ix F ' 't hx I 'Y J9- McCabe Kenneth, McCormick Anastasia, McCormick John, McNally Joyce, McQuillan Kenneth, Malay Eugene, Malin Carolyn, Marcou Howard, Mears Walter. I Meier Dorothy, Merfeld Dolores, Merfeld Phyllis, Merfeld Wm., Meyer John, Mezera Frances, Miller Elizabeth, Mosey Raphael, Monsoor James. Moriarity Mary, Moriarity Robert, Mueller June, Muller Otto, Nelson Doris, Ness Charlotte, Netzer Mary, Noelke Jane, Oldenberg Virginia, Olson Dolores. Osweiler Francis, Padesky Thomas, Paul Patrick, Pederson Carrol, Perner Richard, Peters Lillian, Peterson John, Phelps Thomas. Pierce Thomas, Pincsk LaVern, Pitz Elizabeth, Platz Shirley, Potaracke Donald, Preeshl James, Priem Robert, Proksch Jeane Randall Shirley. It El Regnier Marian. Richardson Catherine, Riepel Patricia, Riniker George, Riniker Robert, Ritter Joseph, Rossi er eanor, Roth Ferdinand, Runningen Edward. 46 X if Take unto you the Sword of the Spirit, f Mrs. Russell Good the Word of God, for True Peace. Miss Lois Sheldon Registrar Girls' Physical Educa Secretary tion the Standards for Ulorld Peace ', ' t 7 f , l ' ss J i AV L eg Q A Q t if 1 ' 'E . . , I 9 1 ' i Y, 1,f It ,,,, 'ni' W i W 559: T I I I j I It I if i S 5 . . ,aaa - fr r rr- ala a 2 4 Q S he 'Q 1' E . f - V r if '121 K A V? L A -e 'W:- ' ' 6 ' A J 2 Q, it a , Ii, " 5, J A I f-v i iv i2 1205? fm WZ 'i 1,121.5 Viz, szsittefam in R A fl rv K1 . .. r i aaa J ll , M Q . ' ' o a a 'I Q , 1 A , , , ' A ,"' V ' W' ' ,ii If H Scanlan Patricia, Schaper Rita, Schcding Ralph, Schmidt Esther, Schmitz LaVonne, Schoen Marilyn, Schumacher Don- ald, Senn George. Shedesky Richard, Shepardson Ronald, Shimanski Mary, Shoger Dorothy, Simones Mary, Sinninger Beverly, Skemp Margaret, Smikla John, Smith Gene. Spears Donald, Stellick Charles, Stellpflug Beverly, Stokes Mary Ann, Strand Gladys, Sullivan Dorothy, Swinghamer Wayne, Thompson Fayth, Treangen Monica. Tretasky Edward, Tronick Wm., Turner Patricia, Volk Erwin. Volz Robert. Wanner James, Weibel Virginia, Weigel Gerald, Weigel Richard. Weiland John, Whalen William, White Robert, Wiegand Lloyd, Wiltinger Gerald, Wing Margaret, Woolley Joseph, Wooley Thomas, Wurzel Bernard. Young Patricia, Zahn Victor, Zeimentz Jean, Zeimentz Joan, Ziegelmaier'David, Ziegelmaier John, Zielinski Bernard, Zirbes Joseph. 47 I' ...1-mu f-.., PROM-Their Majesties Richard Shimshak and Ruth Korish reigned supreme over the Junior-Senior prom in a patriotic setting of blue and white with touches of red here and there. Edward Goggin and Loretta Skemp take time out to refresh themselves at the t'Canteen.' A peek from the side at the King and Queen and a portion of the court. Louise Vyvyan crowns Ruth Korish Queen of the 1943 Prom while R, Raper, M. Stellick, G. Bruemmer. J. Bohrnstedt, B. Moriarity, K. Skemp, R. Shimshak, F. Quinn, D. Fitzpatrick, D. Welch, R. Daley, J. Reget, P. Sebranek, E. Serres, and D. Horton look on. MARDI GRAS-With a color scheme to soften an Irishman's heart. the 1944 Mardi Gras had as its rulers Queen Marion Stellick and King Edward Semb. Eunice Cummings congratulates Her Majesty and is rewarded by Marion's broad smile. The King and Qu-een immediately after the crowning ceremony, with Kathleen Skemp and her attendant Don Welch. Perhaps it is a joke or the antics of a fellow student which amuses their Majesties. Ice cream or pop, take your pick, and it seems as though Ellen Lyga and Marion Stellick prefer the ice cream while Bob Daley and Ed Semb take the pop. Attendants Kathleen Skemp and Don Welch enjoy a nice slow piece. A portion of the court are R. Raper, L. Vyvyan, M. Kleinsmith, L. Skemp, E. Lyga, S. Wittenberg, K. Skernp, M, Stellick, E, Semb, D. Welch, and D. Johnston. 48 it V rf ,W - n X iff!" Fr. Stephen Anderl is the faculty director. W X J. Rathburn D. Leibl M. Deininger and D. Eeg are discussing the promoti , g gf season on the Aquinas ground to foster the true Holiday spirit. Last f T Illary's Soldiers I J Aquinas Sodalists co-operated in the Educating for Peace program. lights sponsored were the annual Marian Congress which emphasized the sity of the Christian family for a permanent peace, the three-day student the introduction of the nocturnal hour to atone for the sins of the continuation of the support of Brother Ignatius to the priesthood who work for the colored people in the South. The work of the Sodality is organized into five committees, namely: Spii 1- Apostolic, Parish Loyalty, Patriotic, and Catholic Truth. Homeroom presi ' with two General Ofiicers constitute the Sodality Council of twenty one me 1 jjj., In upper-left hand picture L. Simones, head of the Apostolic committee, sides over a sectional meeting with J. Zanter giving a report. Opposite this -14, nocturnal hdurs. The scene of the Nativity was presented during the Chri: m - .k,.h,,, preparations were made on Thanksgiving baskets to be sent to needy familit tg! B. Gunderson, J. Skemp. L. Amundson, and V. Riniker. LQQVZQJ' alce unto you the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, for True Peace 50 llrm for Peace QF' On the First Friday of the school year Msgr. P. Hirt offered the Holy Mass in honor of Christ the King for the intention of the student body. Catholic Book Week received much attention from enthusiastic poster makers T. Wooley, J. Bjorkman, and D. Mer eld. - Wm. G. Gilles, in upper left-hand picture, displays the report on the latest movies as classified by the Legion of Decency. Special homage was bestowed upon the Blessed Virgin as she was crowned Queen of May in 1943 by D. Flock. Attending her are: P. Craigo, M. Koch, R. McGaughey, M. Neuverth, M. Abel, M. Miller, C. Sweeney, and V. Check. For the annual Marian Congress, two army chaplains. Rev. Regis Galvin, O.F.M., and Rev. F. A. Cunningham, S. J. were engaged to conduct the discussion on the necessity of a Christian home. A In the inset are the Sodality officers with their spiritual director, Fr. S. Anderl. The first row: F. Quinn, M. Sexauer, R. Costello, Secretary, R. Daly, Prefectg Fr. S. Anderl, L. Simones, D. Urban. In the second row: J. Dwyer, P. Wecker. R. Brady, R. Weigel, B. Whalen, D. Conaghy, J. Howard, E. Kreibich, G. Smith, K. Bakalars, W. Kleinertz, J. Zanter, R. Lictie, J. Gallagher, and J. Roth. The army received much attention from Sodalists working for the Red Cross. Here B. Lempke, D. Huber, M. Halaska, and C. Bruha are decorating Christmas trees to bring joy to the service men at Camp McCoy. The Sacred Heart was made the head of their home when Fr. L. B. Keegan enthroned the Rathburn residence, The enthronement project was furthered. 51 l Journalists lllield Since preparation for true peace is built on understanding its principles, the Aquinas Publications, the ye book and the bi-monthly News, have made it their objective to propagandize for a lasting peace. For the 1 Trumpet the staff developed the theme "Crusading for Peacef' in which it stressed the essentials prayer, pena and the renewal of the interior spirit. The 1943 Trumpet ranked with the seven best yearbooks scored by Catholic School Press Association. It had for its theme t'The Way of the Cross is the Way of Peace. f'The Aquinas News." a consistently all-Catholic rating paper, has in addition ranked for 1942, 1943 with topmost Catholic publications termed t'Flight Leaders." This year's News introduced a Servicernen's colu screw-tape letter imitations to get across salient thoughts, and the cartoon entitled "Black Paganism. Looking at the first issue of the News for Sept. 1943 are the journalists Paul Marcotte, Donald Horton, iores Strerncha, Joyce McAnaney, and Colleen Gilles. Next in line are four lassies Dorothy Eeg, Helen Wurzel, Margaret Schmitt, Rita Rach preparing yearbook layouts. Eugene Serres and Ellen Lyga, editors of the News and Trumpet, respectively are examining pictures. Sister M. Francelyn, teacher of Journalism is in center picture. the looks of it Eugene Kreibich and Charles Weisensel are deep in their work of sports layouts. is how cameraman caught the birdie man. Betty Moriarity with Dorinne Urban, Elizabeth Fregin Dolores A gathering, but not social because they have work to do on the Trumpetg they are Betty Felicia Hoffman, Mary Thimmesch, Patricia Kimball, Pearl Allen, Lois Troyanek, and Florence ...-..' 'JK Pens for Peace These smiling journalists look up from their work in the pressroom. They ire Ilene Havlicek, Frances Stuber, Edith Campbell, Margaret Riley, and Rita Weigel. Sister M. Lilian is Publication adviser. Busy Trumpet editors are Robert Scheel, sportsg Rita Weigel, organizationsg Ellen Lyga, editor ,n chiefg and Loretta Skemp, sodality editor. Eugene Serres, Margaret Riley, Ellen Lyga, and Rita Rathburn are distributing the 1943 Trumpet. Phe business department is represented by Rose Marie Raper, Henry Funk, Robert Daley, Jeanne Desmond, Pearl Allen, Margaret Flottmeyer. Some nf the News editors are Louise Vyvyan, assistant News editorg Betty Delaney and Loretta Skemp, editorial page editors, and Robert Scheel, sports. The hustle and bustle around the pressroom is a sign of journalists busy at work. There is always something to he done. Every two weeks the students receive the Aquinas News and the time between is spent getting the news and putting it out. Some of these journalists are also preparing the year book. They are planning it and working hard to get it out in the latter part of the school year. There is never a time when they have nothing to do and below we find some of these busy people. To Radlate Earthly Peace, Watt the Incense of Prayer Heavenward. NX 53 5 T ff-'f . riiatkr tlgfgf . 1-tiff , Xe f re ? R. M . , X Justice Strong Pillar of Peace ,-L JWmffW l 1 Top row: G, Hackner, G. Katchel, B. Hafner, R. Korish, R. Bradburn, G. Hackner, M. Hartley, V. Soller, B. Habcrman and W. Graf. Middle row: T. Shimanski, E, Wanner, E, Olsen, D. Huber, M. Fries, R. Regnier. F. Quinn, J. Ostrander, E. Olsen, E, Wanner, G. Katchel, R, Regnier, A. Johnson, J. Becker, T. Shimanski. The entire cast Bottom row: J. Knothe, G. Katchel, E, Serres, G, Hackner, G. Ka R. Korish, and J. Krismer. The lights are dim-the orchestra has completed the finale and the curtain falls. Another successful play presented by the dramatic guild at Aquinas comes to a conclusion. Using as its foot-hold justice and the principles of righteousness. the guild under the ex- cellent direction of Sr. Margaret Mary produced plays with similar effect, tener , 54 D. Helfrick, R. Bradburn, G, Hackner, L. Amundson, B. Hafner, Highlight of the year was the dramatic production of the life of St. Thomas Moor, scholar and martyr. The guild which has been in existence for years, has brought both tears and smiles to the faces of its ap- preciative audiences. All members of the guild are voluntary and although every play calls for hard work and after school hour work, they still enjoy each and every production. Sister M. Devota Sister M Cumsse English Librarian Sophomore Homeroom French The student school Co-op, organized in 1938 for the purpose of giving members the working prin- ciples of Co-ops is still making it convenient to make school purchases on the campus. The Library Club was re-organized this year. The purpose of its organization is to lend library service to students throughout the day by desk ser- vice, reading shelves, placing books, and keeping the reading rooms inviting. Pictures of both organizations lists officers and members. Happy over the profit are: Buyer-F. Hayes, E. Serres, E. Kreibich, J. Roth, President-J. Skemp. Secretary-C, Dresen, Treasurer-J. Rathburn, and Vice President-R. Brady-members of Co-op. Wheels of the Library Club 1'un smoothly with cooperation between officers and members. They are left to right: Rita McHenry, Elaine Addis, Treas- urer-Lenore Denning, President-Josephine Jiracek, Secretary-Dolores Guggenbuehl, and Mary Jambois. Want to know the reason why? Well, if the reason is found in books, these Library club mem- bers have the answer, They are left to right: Jac- queline Hafner, Elizabeth Oestreicher, Therese Ma- honey, Mary Quinn, Patricia Larkin, and Kathleen Kracklauer, Kathryn and Dyane Troyanek. When not working these Library Club members are always found reading. Grouped around the reading table are left to right: Pauline Miles, Mari- lyn Seitz, Deonne Bradley, Mary Tyler, Mary Dwyer, Theresa Murphy, Patricia Gale, and Lois Schomers. "I think this index card goes in this drawerjl replies Delores Strerncha to her colleagues who are tiling cardsg they are: Margaret M. Bissen and Sig- rid Stefferud. Rose Mary Potaracke and Dorothy Pierce discuss a book while Eleanor Konetchy is looking for one to suit her reading want. Books and Business Strive for Peace Sister M. Alphonsa Mus ff' J' ,xr ' pkg ic I I i 1 If i l I I r In b I 1 ,K W... First row: M. Giblin, R. Wurm, C. Pierce, W. Holicky, L. Paul, P. Wecker, T. Manuney, M. M Bissen, F. Pahs, J. Krismer, J, Rathburn, E, Cummings. Second row: M, Dolezel, P. Kurtz, S Strasser, L. Bott, C. Bull, E, Malay, F. Breidel, J. Birnbaum, E. Schmidt, P. Cina, D. Lanzel, E Kerska, R. Stanek, D. Shoger, D, Pierce. R. Potoracki. music High Start with thirty-four singing strings, add a dash of brass instrument, cool with attempting tympany roll and you have that which brings to the war stricken individual peace and contentment. Introducing itself to the public by their first public appearance on Armistice Day, the Aquinas Orchestra was dubbed promising from the very first performance. The orchestral arrange- ments for the annual opperetta "Hats' Offi' and the musical background for the dramatic production "He1'itagel' added another ribbon to the orchestras' col- lection. Not only as a group is the orchestra outstanding, but it also has many promising individuals who have entertained at meetings and clubs. These en- tertainers include: John Howard, John Williams, Mary Streicher, Marilyn Rice, Pat Hase. Theresa Mahoney, Mary Pavela, Rosemary Fuchs, Margaret Ann DeWolf, Delores Lanzel, Joan Rathburn, Elaine Shoger, Rosemary Wurm, and Lawrence Bott. Stand having on the Breastplate of Justice in the Wav Against Evil. 56 Third row: H. McMann, R. Fuchs, M. De Wolf, D. Nelson, J. Howard, E. Shoger, P. Hass, J. Kavanough, G. Wiltinger, G. -Gerke M. J. Streicher. Standing: P. Hengel, V. McKoskey, M. McKoskey, M. Haggerty, C. Neuverth, B. Thiele, R. Bradburn, G. Smith, D Sullivan, M. Hengel, J. Williams, M. Pavela, M, Stokes, M. Smith, M. Rice, W. Rudolph. ight of Peace Spring Concert G' Bizet . ' . ......l Intermezzg ....... .... .............. N O Cturne Gounod Overture Mireille Flute soloist: John Howard . b . Wagner ..................... Evening Star De Beriot .................... Concert Aria . : ' h Clarinet soloist: Mary Joan Streicher Cello Sohst Theresa Ewa. Oxy. t Massenet .......................... Elegie G' McKay """""' Symp Ome Ima ure Violin Soloist: Rosemary Fuchs Sullivan ..,. Entrance and March of Peers Handel ...,........................ Largo Music Confesf Numbers ' Soloist Margaret Ann De Wolf McKay ......,........ Symponie Minature G. Bizet ,................... Song of India Brahms . Valse, op. 39, No. 15 57 i" aria. 'WH Unity in Variety: Diversity, 3- F First Row: C. Strasser: M. Seitz: M. Finley: M. Sexauer: P. Larkin: Fr. Pinion: J. Kreutz: L. Schams: F. Bilskemper: M. Tyler: B. I-Iaberman. Second Row: M. Riley: R. Loechler: S. Randall: L. Arms: P. McGinley: P. Knapp: C. Hansen: F. Dawes: R. Schaefer: W. Wolle: T. Pierce: D. Leibl: M. Bott: L. McGinnis: S. Wittenberg: E. Kreibich: H. Gittens: K. Johnston: M. Kammel. lMissing-Marian Hundtb. Third row: W. Gunderson: B. Hafner: K. I-less: R. Richard: P. Downey: D. Wilder: C. Weisensel: IE. Costello: P. Wright: P. Hale. THIS WAS THE YEAR. The Blugold Band has led many a victory parade, but this band played the accompaniment for Aquinas' first gridiron Victory over Central. To play for athletic contests must remain one of the most important assignments of a high school band: to back a winning team makes the assignment a double pleasure. Five home football games and three parades provided a busy fall march- ing season. Several catchy new tunes added interest to all home basketball games for crowds already thrilled by the splendid per- formance of a championship team. A small but highly eilective section of the band sped to the depot in time to give a rousing Welcome to the champions returning from the St. Nor- bert's Tournament. For outdoor work the band is now able to muster 54 players in blue, a drum major and majorette in white, and live twirlers. X Ln THE WINTER CONCERT on December 15 offered fourteen numbers, among which were: "Hall of Fame," Olivadoti: "Show Boat," Kern: "American Patrolf, Meacham: "ln A Persian Market," Ketelbeyg 'iDoge's March," Rosse: "Boogie-Woogie Band," Bennet: "Cir- ibiribinf' Pestalozza: "I Want To Be Happy," Youmans: "White Christmas," Berlin: "Wash- ington Post" and "The Stars and Stripes For- ever," Sousa. The Twirlers entertained with a skit "This Is The Army." THE SPRING CONCERT on May 11 also presented a variety program: "Victory and Fame," Holmes: "Emperor Waltz," Strauss: "Victory Overture" based on Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Coons: "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna," Suppe: "Panis Angelicusf' Franck: "The Bells of St. Mary's:" Concert March, Adams: "Lady of Spain," Evans: "Ca- nadian Capersj' Teague: "Semper Fidelis" and "The Thundererj' Sousa. ibut in Ilccord J. Weber: R. Schreier: M. Kleinsmith. REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT in intona- tion, expression, and balance was very notice- able especially during the latter part of the year due to daily drill in fundamentals. With lessons added the Aquinas Band can reach the top. At the close of the season there were 62 players in the concert band with several more in training. The fine group spirit character- istic of all past Aquinas Bands was up to par in this one. That spirit Was demonstrated in performances and social functions sponsored by the band, notably "The Clef Clop," the an- nual Band Dance. The talent, interest, and spirit of the members continue to make the Work a pleasure for the director, Fr. Pinion, who is completing his eighth year at Aquinas. BAND OFFICERS Margaret Riley ................... President William Gianoli ..... .... V ice President Rita Costello ......,... ....... S ecretariy Charles Weisensel .... ........ T reasurer Beverly Kneesel ..... .... D rum Majorette Dale Wilder .....,. ..., D rum Major w: J. McLooneg P. Murphy: R. I-lorschakg P, Allen: G. Felsheim: F. I-lnys: B. Lepsch: J. Ostranderg C. Stark. . Row: M. McCord: W. Rudolph: W. Gianoli: E. Melntyreg J. Snyder: B. Kneeselg J. Flanagan: B. Delaney: M. Rendel- Fr. J. B. Pinion - Director Sister M. Agnes Clare Music ' Unity and Peace The Aquinas Choruses of 150 voices presented a year of outstanding performances. On St. Cecilia's Day a program was dedicated to Mary Queen of Peace by the com- bined girlsl choruses singing the Salve Regina and Salve Mater. The Mixed chorus sang "Marching Along" by Savino accompanied by the orchestra. The Boys' Double Quartette appeared on an Armistice Day Program at Vocational School, which fea- tured "We're Tenting Tonightn by Kittridge. At Christmas time, the Sophomore Girls' Chorus presented a cantata 'The Christ Child" by Howleyg dramatization was by members of the speech class. Climaxing the year's curriculum, a patriotic oper- etta, "Hats Off," was given by the Junior and Senior Chorus on Jan. 16 and 17. A Spring Concert in Music Week featured the various chorus groups. Solo artists, who appeared at various school functions, also made guest appear- ances at the St, James Altar Society meetings, the K, C. meeting, and at the Aquinas Guild, were Ruth Korish, Patricia Sciborski. Joan Gallagher, Elaine Jacobson, Marie Kcrish, Mary Cody, Joyce McAnaney, and Alberta Kistler, Mary Ellen Jambois, Mar- garet Ann De Wolf, Mary Margaret Havlik, and Rita Weigel. Top Picture, top row: Thomas Garthwaile, Mark Walljasper, Henry Fellner, Robert Schield, George Konetchy, James Donn- delinger, Walter Kofta, John Gilles, Richard Poellinger, Jos- eph Havlik, James Bock. Second Picture, top row: Doris Kries, Josephine Anny. Lucille Heberlein, Mary Poellinger, Ruth Doherty, Sigrid Steffrud, Kathryn Monti, Pauline Miles. Second row: Florence Feuling, Mary Gorman, Marguerite No- vak, Petra Anderson, Lenora Denning, Grace Muehr, Louise Schams. Third row: Joyce McGuire, Carol Atlee, Marion Lipovetz, Ruth Knothe, Rita McMahann, Elizabeth Mueller, Ruth Konter, Mary Coughlin, Caroline Kohlwey, Fourth row: Doris Tischrek, Patricia Sci- borski, Betty Oestreicher, Ma- rianne Larkin, Ruth McGaugh- ey, Mary Quinn, Kathryn Sob- kowiak. Third Picture. Dyane Troyanek, Gwen Hutson, Shirley Sinniger, Joyce Gagermeier, Helen Galla- ger, Beverly Beranek, Estelle Bicha. Second row: Jeannine Haddad, Ellen Larkin, Mary Anne Roth, Virginia Albrecht. Dorothy Skemp, Charlotte Dre- sen, Kathryn Murphy. Third row: Angela Higgens, Mary Bakalars, Arlene Strasser, Pa- tricia Kerrigan, Kathleen Kracklauer, Jeanette Merrell, Leona Sheehan. Fourth row: Jacqueline Hafner, Bonnie Kirk, Mary E. Woodward, Mar- ilyn Purdy, Joan Gallager, Ja- nice Sokolik, Marie Wanniger. 60 through music MIXED CHORUS Sailing Song ....... ...-.. L ehar Ave Maria ......................... Arcadelt Cornfield Melodies ............... Arr: Gates Were you There ....... . . Negro Spiritual , Kye Song of St. Bride .. ......... Clokey GIRLS CHORUS - Nadias Song -------..- - - Savino The 'Years At the Spring . . . ,....... Cain Marching Along .. Savino Adoro Te ................ . . Gregorian America My Own .............. ..... C ain June Rhapsgdy .,,,,,.,... .. DaI1161S Goin Home ...................... .. Dvorak Let All My Life Be Music . . . . . . Spross BOYS' CHORUS Butterfly ,................. .. Jenkins Tenting Tonight .................. Kittredge Vere Languores Nostros . .. LOW! Pirate Song ............ . . Freeman High Rain on the River ....... ..... F OX Down The Open Road . . ......... Haney Night Song ............. .. Clokey Top Picture, left to right: Donald Scheitzach, John Stokes, Carl Gerke, Jack Malay, Arthur Klein, John Gorman, Paul Marcotte, Paul Muetze, Thomas Shi- manski, Francis Potaracke, Victor Soller, Carrol Wall- jasper, Wayne Kleinertz. Second Picture, top row: Frances Masewicz, Dorothy Eeg, Joy Weiland, Ilene Havlicek, Betty Sullivan, Mary Thimmesch, Betty Dusso, Betty Stuher. Second Row: Lorraine Check, Alice Bagniefski, Al- berta Cuta, Dorothy Kelly, Frances Stuber, H e 1 e n Koebl, Marie Korish, Third row: Lorraine Ros- marynoski, Jean Papenfuss, Beverly Lemke, Elaine Jac- obson, Edith Campbell, Marian Kouri, Rosemary Krueger. Third Picture. top row: Carol Bruha, Fern Kelly, Irene Soller, Eleanor Ko- netchy. Dorothy Ness, Lois Troyanek. Second row: Irene Reget, Elizabeth Brown, Virginia Dockendorff, Mary Ellen Jambois, Irene Roth, Mar- ian Redig, Alberta Kistler. Third raw: Beverly Ehrsam, Peggy Deininger, Dorothy Potaracke, Donna Huber, Betty Miller, Airietta John- son, Virginia Dorsey. Fourth Picture, top row: Barbara Wooley, Mary Hav- lik, Ruth Korish, Rosemarie Raper, Joanne Conklin, The- resa Kloss, Dolores Guggen- buehl, Rita McHenry and Dolores Seubert. Second Row: Jeanne Mur- phy, Virginia Weissenber- ger, Marianne Mickschl, Rosemary Wurm, E 1 o d a Graf, B e t t y Haberman, Dorinne Urban, Phyllis Spah. Third Row: Marion Stel- lick, Virginia Riniker, Shir- ley Wittenberg. Connie Walljasper, Mary Cody, Lor- raine Amundson, Joyce Mc- Ananey, Kathleen Skemp, Fourth Row: Marion Sob- kowiak, Patricia Kurtz, Bet- ty Moriarity, Elizabeth Wanner, Marie Kleinsmith, Felicia Hoffman, Elaine Addis, Kathryn Wiggert. 61 "Hats ff" Salutes Peace Again we say, 'tHats Off, Everybodyf, as we look back with pride o'er the pages of time and glimpse once more at the characters of that famous operetta. Carroll Walljasper and Ruth Korish sing out with a soft melody or "The Song of the Ocean." T. Shiinanski stands fearlessly before J. Stokes and A. Klein. "Ho Hum and a bottle of rum"-strains from these sea-faring men. "It would be dangerous," explains Rita McHenry as she warns Donald Scheitzach and Richard Johnston, "Just giendsu of the seagoing heroes are these pretty maids about whom the men sigh and say, 'tYou'd be so nice to come ome of' Jack Malay looks on doubtfully as Paul Marcotte explains that he is big and strong, and wants to join the Navy. The entire cast of the operetta pauses at the Inn for a salute to John Paul Jones. Scotchish dancers entertain visitors at the Inn. Oh-yes-sailors? These patriots are those who have also 'fone in every port." Another group of fair ladies enjoy fun alnd frolic at the inn. P. Deininger and V. Soller "swing a square dance" while D. Kelly and I. Reget pause as "little Izsa anesfl ATHLETICS Father Norbert Bingen Athletic Director 63 h e G r i d i ro n .... Blugolds end last Jinx Emerging from the 1943 campaign with flying colors, the Aquinas high school eleven climaxed one of its biggest seasons in history with a record of four vic- tories and three defeats. Among its most impressive achievements, is the fact that the 1943 edition of Blugold gridsters succeeded in defeating the Red Raiders of Central. That game has ended the last so-called "jinx" of Aquinas intra-city sports. Charging its way to an early lead, a powerful Aquin- as eleven rnarched to its first victory of the season by conquering McDonnell high of Chippewa Falls 52-O. Halfback Frankie Quinn paved the way for the Blu- golds by crossing the double marker four times, while Ray Monsoor, playing his first and last game for Aquin- as before entering the Navy, played a superb defensive game from his guard position. In 48 minutes of thrill-packed football, Aquinas high schoolts spirited Blugolds captured a victory that Aquinites have awaited for ten years. They defeated the Red Raiders of Central by a score of 24-12. It would be an injustice to the remainder of the squad to pick out any individual hero as every man on the Blugold roster did his share and more, although Frank Quinn and Bill Breuer scored two touchdowns each. The Blugolds of Aquinas stretched their victory string to three straight by setting a strong Campion Academy eleven aside 18-13. After Quinn and Ingham had scored for Aquinas, the Red Knights fought back, grabbing a 13-12 lead early in the fourth quarter. Walljasper brought about an Aquinas victory seconds later, however, when he pulled in George Hecht's short pass on the 45-yard line and sprinted the remaining 55 yards to provide the victory margin. F f ,Ll-IHmh5: ff' 3 ff , C."-W8-k2Q.l'2.. L Q f , ,J X fw x 1 K f 5 Ulf In " il i it 5 ' Pt ' ' 2:52 ":' ' - , Q A . j 1 1 l 8.4.1 R.E:- Smith. RI'Cassidj RB? ST-FSKSSUI-' A surprising Logan eleven doused Aquinas' title hopes by grabbing a close 6-0 decision from the previously unbeaten Blugolds. The Catholic school eleven were handicapped considerably by the enforced absence of four r6gu1aI'S because of injuries. Buss Peterson led the Logan ground gainers while fullbaflk Bill Breuer of Aquinas shone defensively even in defeat. Displaying a bewildering passing and running game, a strong Edgewood Academy eleven from Madison came from behind to trounce the Blugolds 32-24. Aquinas drew first blood in the initial canto when George Hecht tossed touch- down passes to Ken Ingham and Frankie Quinn in succession. Edgewood, how- ever, struck back shortly after and with Jim Doar displaying an uncanny ability to hit the Academy receivers with his aerials, romped on from there to an ap- parently easy win. The Loras Gubs added another victory to their almost spotless slate by turning back a crippled Aquinas team 18-0. The Gubs jumped off to an early lead just after the opening kickoff with halfback Tierney leading the way. The Iowans constantly ripped off six or seven yards at a time with the weakened Aquinas forward wall crumbling in the center. The Blugolds came to life in the waning seconds of aerials to Ken Ingham and Carroll Walljasper in Loras ter- ritory, but the final gun ended this sustained threat just short of the goal line. The Aquinas eleven finished the 1943 football season in great style by smothering St. Pat's of Eau Claire 33-0. Frankie Quinn accounted for two touchdowns, while Bill Breuer, George Hecht and Frank Hottinger each crossed the double stripe once. Rich Shimshak split the uprights three times, and Don Scheitzach and Bill Knothe played an outstanding defensive game. l, Rlki:'Q1inn, QB.-Villjaspzc 1. ,. 'i ' ft? fag l l X So 92.1, iw E at Mr. John Michuta Science Boys' Physical Educa tion Athletic Coach N 3 - Q B Pigskin Carriers .... Eight seniors ended their Aquinas football careers when the final gun sounded at the Aquinas-St. Pat's game. They are briefly mentioned here, not because they alone guided the 1943 edition of gridders to be one of the best in the schoolis football history, but because they will no longer perform for the Blue and Gold. They are: Frank Quinn, who made his way into Blugold star- dom in his Sophomore year by accounting for the de- ciding tally which set the Edgewood eleven in the loss column. He has been one of Aquinas' most injured men, which curtailed his playing a great deal, but through many minutes of painful play he showed he had what it takes. Bill Breuer, who stuck it out two very hard years, because of the competition, to become a great full- back. It was his drive that scored twice for the Blu- golds in the Central game, and his only wish is that he could get another crack at Aquinas' Cass st. rivals. Rich Shimshak, who. it is said, knew the plays so well that he could play a relief role in any position on the team. If an all-Aquinas eleven is ever chosen, "Big Richl' surely deserves to occupy the iirst string tackle slot. Ken Ingham. by displaying superb end qualities, gained and held a Hrst string berth in that position. 'tHambone," as well as being a great man on offense, very seldom let any opposition come galloping around his Hank. Carroll Walljasper, who first saw action this sea- son, proved that it is not impossible to start at the bot- tom and work up. Acting as quarterback, "Kato" thrilled the stands more than once by Utotin, " that pill down field for many a fancy run. George Hecht, the lad who solved Coach Michuta's halfback worries. Because of his uncanny ability to pick out the holes and go on through, George very sel- dom saw the team working from the sidelines. Bill Knotlie, another lad who stuck it out and showed that it was worth while by putting in enough time to gain a great amount of grid talent and possibly an "AW sweater. Keep up the good work, t'Smoky." Don Scheitzach, a newcomer into the gridiron game, who started out the season as quarterback and ended it up as a guard. Small, but a surprise package to any opposition who dared to come through his side of the line. Standing left to right: Carroll Walljasper, Coach Michuta, Frankie Quinn, Charles Beranek, Bill Knothe, Frank l-lottinger. Jim Smith. George llecht, Rich Shimshak, Bob Baum, Arnie Stoltz, Sylvester' Strasser, Tom Brzowsky. Don Wakeen. Ken Ingham, Gabe Cina, Bob Schreier, Bill Breuer, Jim Cassidy. Art Klein, Charlie Schmikla. Kneeling: Norman Vogel, mgr,, Dick Hengel, Ed Rendler, Bob Ryan, Jim Knothe, Don Scheitzach, Leonard Knutson, Jim Bock, George Monsoor. gui? ' Q, P X .ff LQf'Ci.n.a. RH.-Romnqif ir? ' Sit R.E:-Scim-slide. 1943 - FOOTBALL BOX SCORE - 1943 wg, - Aquinas Opponents I sept. 26 At McDonnell .,.. .. 52 0 Oct. 2 Central ........ .. 24 12 f L' Oct. 9 Campion ..... . . 18 13 Oct. 16 Logan ...... . . 0 6 Oct. 24 Edgewood . . , . 21 32 Oct. 31 Loras ...... . . 0 18 Nov. 7 At St. Pafs ,. 33 0 In Pursuing Peace 148 81 carry the Cross SCORING - Touchdowns Extra Points of penance with Quinn . . .... . ..... 10 the Prince of Breuer 6 Hecht ..... .. 2 Peace. Ingham . . . . . 2 Cina ...... . . 1 Hottinger . . . . 1 Walljasper . . . . . 1 Shirnshak . . 10 LQH.?'B1Lra.fuz.k if wg? I M, ,Q K2 9 af 5426 W ,fig 3 'Rong 1' 1 Ts? 9 g ,.. Ai' gg 3 Y -L X. .. . , .t qv V xg. . A -Q nr. , . 4. I , " fd' gi X 1 ' Z E 2 I' ,Q , 'E:. E 2 fl! " Jg. ,V I , ' V - - ' x ' ,,,,. :mf , . 2 I R .mv ,.,J,,,, .,:. ,A-X 2 ' h ., - , 4 . 2 1 e RT-w.14m++m A ' I s.+v.g,m- ,L MABEL , .Q - . X I ,, A I .Q 'Jw' an Ajf f 'Q jar 15 H n, . I ' fps pre tv" .. , v 'Li WL " v "' k ,f ', - L ' 'idkrfii' .23 .zz psi' fi 45 -ii-vii 11' 15' fl 11' 1121.215 .115 ., , " - 9+ ai 'vm f, .4,.:a' img ' 4- -' V ' wg 57- .' 4'2Y"'.:4.-2,45 zf211'.,."f5:i1 a 'xy jjjfqa 1.2, 'L 1 A .n -Q f 'Q V 14,5 . .T '- .flff 3 i A , . 1.2 , Qs. Air! ,W The asket These are the H143-44 city basketball champions. The back row, left to right, Paul Marcotte. Charlie Schmikla and Ji S iborski' middl R . Norbert Bin en athletic di ctor Bob Skem .lun m c , e row, ev 5 , re - P- Smith, Bob Baum and Coach Michuta: front row, Frankie Quinn, Rich Shimshak, Ken Ingham, Leo Simones and Charles "Sonny" Beranek. Not pictured is Carroll Walljasper, who left Aquinas at the end of the first semester. Also not pictured is Jim Dayton. Coach John Michuta and Rev. N. Bingen, ath- letic director, exchange smiles while looking over the city championship trophies. Coach Michuta holds the SJLH sport shop trophy and Father Bingen has the WKBH radio station award. City Champs . . . Tournament Champs .... This year's Blugolds made history not only in football, but also on the basketball court. For the first time in the school's 9-year basketball history with other city schools, Aquinas won all four games. Coach Michuta's five also took first place in the St. Norbert's tournament, winning the Bishop Rhode trophy. The Blugolds have won the tournament once before, in 1941. Messmer high school of Milwaukee was first to fall before Aquinas, the La Crosse boys taking them 41-40. At the end of the first period, Messmer had a 15-10 lead and kept it during the second and third periods. Shortly before the Hnal gun the score was tied 39-39 and Leo Simones put in a shot that gave the Blugolds the victory. Aquinas defeated St. Mary's of Menasha in a Sunday afternoon contest, 28-21, March 12. Ingham netted 17 points to lead the Blugolds. In the flnal contest against Edgewood, the Michutamen won by a 44-38 count. Although trailing 9-8 at the end of the first canto, the Boys in Blue poured in 10 points during the second period and 17 during the third to lead 36-25 as the iinal frame began. Simones and Ingham had 12 points apiece. Aquinas placed two men on the all-tournament team. They were Frank Quinn and Ken Ingham. 68 Ball Vear Viroqua-Nov. 23 Aquinas lost its first contest 25-24 to Viroqua high school in a double overtime game. Ken Ingham sparked the Aquinas cagers with ten points. Lourdes-Dec. 3 Leo Simones and Ken Ingham supplied a major share of the points when the Blu- golds defeated Lourdes of Rochester, 35-20. Cotter-Dec. 10 The Cotter Ramblers from Winona, Minn., were next on the Aquinas list, taking a 37- 19 beating. Ingham again topped the scor- ing list with ten points. Sparta-Dec. 15 Carroll Walljasper led the Aquinas tive with a total of 8 points in a 27-20 victory over the visitors. Frankie Quinn and Leo Simones had 7 and 6. Tomah-Dec. 16 Holding a sizable lead throughout three quarters, the Michutamen lost 27-26 to To- mah high school. Tomah began to pour in the baskets in the Hnal period and crept up to within one point of the Aquinas score When Cramer sunk one in the last minute of play to give Tomah the Win. Cotter-Dec. 19 In a return engagement with the Ram- blers, Aquinas defeated them 44-34. Ken Ingham collected 17 points. Alumni-Dec. 22 The Alumni, led by John Pavela, grabbed a 25-23 Win from the Aquinites. Carroll Walljasper topped the varsity With 11 points. L Central--.T an. 7 The season's first clash between the Red Raiders and Aquinas saw the Blugold quin- tet take a 28-22 victory on the Hixon floor. Aquinas controlled the scoring department all during the first half, and although the Raiders tightened in the third period, Coach Michuta's quintet managed to keep a six- point lead through the last canto. Ken Ingham had 11 counters, While "Tex" Carlsson was high for the losers with 15. f ,Ml JM,-v 1 N .4-4, . Il 'I L.fl,l.,n ..l .VHP- llzfd I ill' I lIlI'fflL1 l 1 .--'V ""'U,l .ilu .5 x. Lourdes-Jan. 9 After trailing all through the first quarter, Aquinas came out on top of a 21-17 score at Lourdes in Rochester, Minn. Leo Simones was high with 12 points. Westby-.T an. 11 Westby high school was next on the Blu- golds' list, losing 22-15. Ingham led his mates with an 8 point total. St. Patrick's-Jan. 14 Taking its seventh straight win, the Aquinas quintet defeated St. Pat's of Eau Claire, 43-24. Ken Ingham gathered 12 counters, Leo Simones 10 and Carroll Walljasper 9. Campion-J an. 19 Campion academy of Prairie du Chien clip- ped Aquinas' Winning streak by giving them a 35-27 beating. Carroll Walljasper led scoring with ten counters. Logan-J an. 21 Aquinas Won its second intra-city contest Jan. 21, defeating Logan 41-19. The Rangers were on the tail end of the scoring all through the game, trailing 27-9 at the half. Leo Simones took the scoring honors, racking up 16 points, In the top picture are cheerleaders Gene Serres and Irene Reget. The Freshman cagers are shown in the middle picture, They are left to right. back row: Coach Michuta. T. Bracken, J. Knutson. R. I-lorschak, W, Whalen, J. Weiland, R. Larkin. Front row: J. Wanner, W. Burns, R. Lepsch, W. Swinghammer, R. Moriarity. E, Smith. The Aquinas "B" squad in the bottom picture is: front row. left to right: J. Wagner, R. Preeschl, P. Murphy. D. McConaghy. J. Skemp, Dick Preeschl, M. Walljasper. Back row: Coach Michuta, V. Grabinski, J. Burns, R. Novak, J. Garihee, J. Scihorski, R. Proksch. The picture at the left is a scene at the Aquinas-Central contest at Central where the Blugolds won '3 U Players are left to right Beranek, 35 Shilnshak: Solie, 22 tllentrallg Graham, 6 lCentralj Carlsson 'I 1Central1 and Frankie Quinn at the right The qqnter picture, at the same game, shows Rich Shimshak leaping high in the air Frank Quinn 7 is in the foreground ulth Dave Solie ol' Central. At the right is Bob Larson, Central, and in the left background are Tex Carlsson of Central and Sonny Beranek Blugolrl guard The picture at the right is another view of the Central game. Loras-Jan. 28 Carroll Walljasper played the final game of his Aquinas basketball career as the Blugolds trounced Loras 53-32. Ingham led scoring with 16 pointsg Walljasper collected 11. Sparta-Feb. I In a return game, the Blugolds set back Sparta high school by a 39-23 count. Frankie Quinn led scoring with a total of 18 points. Central-Feb. 4 Aquinas clinched the city championship by edging out Central 24-23 on the Aquinas floor. The teams scored point for point the first quar- ter, ending it with a 7-7 count. The Raiders were out on top at the half, 14-11, but Coach Michuta's squad evened things up at 17-all and took the lead as the final quarter began. Ken Ingham was high for Aquinas with 12 points. Aquinas Opponents Nov. 23 Viroqua . . ,.,.. 24 25 Dec. 3 Lourdes . . . . 35 Dec. 10 Cotter ..... . . . 37 Dec. 14 Sparta ...,... . . . 27 Dec. 16 At Tomah .... 26 Dec. 19 At Cotter . . . . . 44 Dec. 22 Alumni ...,. . .. 23 Jan. 7 At Central ... ... 28 Jan. 9 At Lourdes ....... . . . 21 Jan. 14 At St. Patrick's . . . . . . 43 Jan. 19 Campion ....... . . . 27 Jan. 21 Logan ....... . .. 43 Jan. 28 At Loras . . .. . 53 Feb. 1 At Sparta . . . . . 35 Feb. 4 Central ...... . . . 24 Feb. 11 St. Patrick's . 40 Feb. 12 At Campion . . . .. 25 Feb. 18 At Logan . . - -- 38 Feb. 25 Loras ..... . .. 38 BASKETBALL BOX SCORE Pos. Player Games FG FT F K. Ingham 23 87 36 F L. Simones 23 64 35 G F. Quinn 23 60 29 G C. Walljasper 14 36 17 C R. Shimshak 23 33 14 G C. Beranek 21 12 9 C J. Smith 20 5 8 F C. Schmikla 12 5 1 F J. Dayton 14 2 2 G R. Baum 9 1 1 F R. Skemp 4 1 0 F P. Marcotte 3 1 0 G A. Klein 1 1 0 G J. Sciborski 3 0 0 308 152 St. Pat's-Feb. 11 The Aquinas Blugolds netted 17 points in the third canto to defeat St. Pat's 40-20. Campion-Feb. 12 Traveling to Prairie du Chien, Aquinas took its second beating from the Campion Knites 35-25. Simones was high scorer. Logan-Feb. ' 18 Winning their fourth and final intra-city game of the season, the Aquinas cagers made history beating Logan 38-27. The teams fought to a 14-14 tie at the half, but collected 16 points in the third frame and held a com- fortable lead the rest of the game. Frankie Quinn was high for Aquinas. Loras-Feb. 25 Aquinas ended its 1933-44 basketball sea- son with a record of 14 wins and five losses by defeating Loras of Dubuque, Ia., 38-34. Ken Ingham and Leo Simones led scoring with seven points each, followed by Frankie Quinn with six and Sonny Beranek with five. Intramurals .... Intramural basketball got under way at Aquinas Monday, December 13 and continu- ed throughout the winter until the early part of March. Fourteen teams composed two leagues to present loads of entertain- ment in the form of spills and thrills for the noon-hour fans. With the abandonment of C.Y.O. basketball, intra-mural games were played on Sunday afternoon in addition to the regular daily tilts. The Firehorse quintet, composed of Jack Beranek, Len Knutson, Dick Wuensch, Bob Schaefer and Frank Hottinger, cap- tured the upper league crown, while the Grimy Gleeps won the lower league title. Members of the Gleeps were: Don Larson, Ed Rendler, Dick Naegle, Frank Keaveny, and Gene Twite. As in previous years, an all-star team was selected from each league by the sports staff of the Aquinas News. Bob Daley Gene Serres, 'John Schmitz, Jim Melde, Ed Semb, Dick Wuensch, Jack Beranek and Hank Funk were chosen from the upper league, while Jim Knutson, Keith Kleinertz, Frank Keaveny, Ed Rendler, Rudy Hor- schak, Jim Wanner, Don Larson, and Joe Beranek were selected from the lower bracket. Serres and Knutson were the top scorers of their respective leagues with totals of 90 and 106 points. Slug ers . . . . The Aquinas diamondmen finished the 1943 season with a record of six wins and two losses. West Salem formed the Blugolds' first opposition April 22. Aquinas won 7-2 with Walljasper and Hecht leading the La Crosse nine with two hits apiece. Johnston and Wall- jasper handled mound duties for Aquinas. April 30 the Blugolds defeated Winona at Copeland park 8-2. Three runs were scored in the third inning and two in the fourth and three more in the fifth. Quinn, Ingham and Schmikla had doubles. Walljasper and John- ston shared hurling duties. Logan diamondeers, aided by "Babe" Rieber's one-hit hurling, outscored the Blu- golds 2-1. Schmikla scored Aquinas' only run in the last inning. In a return game with West Salem, the Blugold nine defeated them 8-1. Frank Quinn knocked a long one into the left field fence that gave him a home run and brought in Pavela for Aquinas' first two scores. In the fourth, Walljasper walked to load the bases after Wright had doubled and sent Shimshak to third. Finn brought in two runs and Pavela's bingle the third. The 1943 edition of the Blugold diamon men r , e o rig 3 d 21 e 1 ft t ht front rowz G. Hecht, W. Wright, C. Walljasper, F. Quinn, D. Finn, and E. Dwyer, Standing: Coach Michuta, C, Schmiokla, R. Monsoor, R. Shimshak, K, Ingham. G. Johnston, d J, Pavela. May 14, the Aquinas boys played error- less ball on the Hixon diamond, defeating the Central Red Raiders 16-3. Johnston, the Blu- gold hurler, allowed only two free passes while giving up ten hits. The Central nine began scoring but Aquinas held a sizeable lead the rest of the game. Traveling to Winona, the Aquinas nine outplayed Winona 8-3. Johnston pitched for the Blugolds, giving up 7 hits. The Minneso- tans were ahead during the first five innings, when walks by Quinn and Ingham were fol- lowed by Wright's triple. Meeting Central a second time, Aquinas again beat the Raiders, this time 7-5. Central started scoring and the Blugolds got their first run in the third. Finn singled in the fifth to bring in Ingham. Both teams got two runs in the sixth. June 2 Aquinas came out second best in the intra-city competition, losing to Logan -1-3. The Blugolds got all three runs in the third. Logan scored two runs in the fourth and two in the sixth. N g f ? K Take unto you the Helmet of Salvation in Crusading for Peace. -wt. 9 I 72 The 1943 tennis team, left to right: Bob Schelble, Father Bingen, coach, Gene Serres, Bill Opitz and Bob Hanus, Not pictur d a Bob Schaefer and Sonny Beranek. Racquet men .... The Blugold netmen came out of the 1943 season with a record of one win and five losses. The racqueteers had one returning letterman, Bob Hanus, besides Bob Schelble, Bill Opitz, Gene Serres and Bob Schaefer. Aquinas got off to a good start, defeating the Logan netters 4-1, May 5, when the match- es were called off because of rain. Bill Opitz, Gene Serres and Bob Schelble won, while Bob Hanus lost a close match, 3-6, 6-1, 9-7. Bob Schaefer was victorious 5-7, 6-4, 7-5. Central gave the Blugolds a 7-0 beating on the Teachers' college and Myrick park courts. Bill Graham defeated Bob Hanus, 6-0,6-0, and Bob Schaefer lost 6-1, 6-1. The Central boys also won both doubles matches. May 12 the Aquinas netmen lost to Ona- laska 6-1. Bob Schelble took the only winning match 4-6, 6-1, 6-2. Opitz, Hanus, Serres, and Schaefer were beaten by the winning team. Logan edged out the Aquinas boys in the Logan courts, 5-4. Bob Schelble and Bill Opitz scored for the Blugolds, while a combin- ation of Serres and Opitz won the third point in their doubles match. May 18 Onalaska. defeated Aquinas 6-1. Gene Serres captured the only Blugold point, goiing fhree sets to hold Bob Gullickson 2-6, 6- , 6- . Central gave the Blugolds a second 7-0 beating May 27. Bill Graham, Central's num- ber one man, trounced Bob Hanus 6-0, 6-0. Opitz lost to Sib Felton and Ben Overton downed Bob Schelble. The 1944 Aquinas mittmen are, left to right, back row: L. Bott, J. Dayton, R. Justin, L. Knutson, N. Gittens, R. Proksch, Coach Michuta.. Front row: J, Dolan, C. Boma, J. Wanner, R. Boma, V. Sweeney, and G. Cina, mittmen .... Aquinas fight fans got their first eyeful of the 1944 mittmen Friday, March 24, when 30 hopeful leather slingers battled it out for po- sitions on the Blugold ring squad. Len Knut- son and Lawrence Bott battled to a draw in three furious rounds. Jim Knutson, Ray Boma, Erwin Volk, Jim Wanner, Jim Dayton, Jim Bennett, Ralph Shedivy, Bob Bagniefski, Bill Knothe, Bill Buckner, Bob Justin and Jim No- lan defeated their opponents in the other bouts. In the initial match, the mittmen fell be- fore the Viroqua team 71,0-315. Vincent Sweeney started things out right for the Blu- golds by winning his 92-pound match from Viroqua's Norm Sidie, while Ray Boma lost to Everson at 100 pounds. In the 108-pound division Charles Borna dropped a decision to Groves, as Bob Justin fought Brinkley to a draw in a 116 pounder. Gabe Cina, plucky Blugold pugilist, pounded out a decisive win over Orrin Arne- son at 132 pounds. The Aquinas team took it on the chin in the following bout when Kelley Morrison of Viroqua scored a TKO over Lawrence Bott. Len Knutson then fought Lyle Wanner to a draw, as Bill Knothe lost to Lefty Owen. The Michutamen avenged their defeat by edging out Mauston in a close match 6-5. Sweeney again started the evening out by gain- ing a point for the Blugolds, this time defeat- ing Sorenson at 92 pounds. Gittens was the next Aquinas winner, defeating Grefe in a close match, while Bob Justin gained a de- cision over Steiner. Gabe Cina, scored a TKO over R. Mauer in the second round of their 132- pound scrap. Patrons S25 810 S5 HEILEMAN G. BREWING CO. LA CROSSE RUBBER MILLS CO. BENSON OPTICAL CO. CALEDONIA STREET MERCHANTS CREMER9S JEWELRY STORE GRAMS, A. R SON HACKNER, E. CO. HALE R SKEMP KELLER PRINTING CO. LA CROSSE LAUNDRY .sz DRY CLEANING CO. LA CROSSE THEATERS CO. MODERN LAUNDRY R DRY CLEANING CO. TRANE, R. CO. AMERICAN STUDIOS BARRON, E. R. CO. BERANEK GARAGE DOERFLINGER CO. DUTCH MAID DWYER FUNERAL HOME ERICKSON BAKERY CO. FANTLE,S FRANK-LEN TANK CO. GORDON, LAW, BRODY R JOHNS az RORAFF HABERMAN STUDIO HARVEYRS BAKERY HOLLYWOOD THEATER ,IANSKY BROS. KIENAH,S FLOWER SHOP KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS LA CROSSE CITY CAR CO. LEINFELDER, DR. M. J. MCLOONE, EAGAN, FOX, DRS. 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Alphonsai56 Father Stephen Anderl-15, 16, 51 Sister M. Berthai35, 37 Father Norbert Bingen-28, 63, 68, 73 Sister M, Clementai28 Father Claire Cooney-16, 22 Sister M. Cunisse-30, 55 Sister M. Devotai55 Sister M. Elizabeth-42 Sister M, Eunice-43 A Addis, Elaine-17, 18, 55, S1 Albrecht, Virginia-40, 60 Alland, Edwardf44 Allen, Pearl-17, 28, 52, 53, 59 Amundson, Anita-44 Amundson, Lorraine-17, 50, 54, 61, 62 Anderson, Bettyg17 Anderson, Petra-24, 40, 60, 64 Anthony, Kennethf-40 Bakalars, Mary La Anny, Josephine-26, 40, S0 Archambeau, Mary Jane-40 Arentz, Dorothy-17, 61 Arenz, Catherine-16, 32 Arms, Lorraine-40, 58 Atlee, Caro1f40, 60 Atlee, Hen ry-32 Bagniefski Alice B 2, 61, 62 , -3 Bagniefski, Donald-44 Bagniefski, Roberts44 Bahr, Dorothy-32 Bahr, Lorraine-44 Bakalars, Kenneth-40, 51 Vonne-40, 60 Banasik, Bernard-17 Barth, Robert-44 Baum, Robert-16, 32, 37, 54, 66, 68 Bautsch, William-40 Becken, Lorraine-44 Becker, Joseph-35, 40, 54 Benesh, Francis-40 Bennett, JB.l'l'1eS-44 Beranek, Beverly-40, 60 Beranek, Charles-32, 66, 67, 68. 69, 70 Beranek, Dorisfl7 Beranek, John-32, 35 Beranek Josephf44 Besl, Paitricia-44 Bettin, Helen-44 Bettin, Rita-16, 17 Betz, Delores-20, 44 Bezpaletz, Rita-17 Bicha, Estelle-40, 60 Bilskemper, Frances-32, 58 Birnbaum, Juanita-44, 57 Birnbaum, Nancy-26, 44 Bissen, Margaret Mary-32, 55. 57 Bjcrkman, Janice-44, 50 Bock, Jamesi35, 40, 60, 66 Boisen, Eugene-44 Boma, Charles-44, 73 Boma, Raymond-40, 73 Boschert, Hugh-32 Bott, Lawrencei40, 56, 73 Bott, Mary Janef40, 59 Sister M, Fortunaf26 Sister M. Francelyn-52 Father Claire Cooneyf22 Sister M. Genevieve-22 Sister M, Georgiana-46 Sister M. Gervina-24 Father Lloyd Geisler-18, 51 Mrs. Ruth Good-16, 47 Father Robert Hansen-33 Mr. John Halaska-18 Sister M, Lambertaf45 Sister M. Laurdinda-37 Father Philip Leinfelderf-44 Sister M. Leonitai20 Sister M. Lilliani53 Sister M. Madonna-39 Sister M. Marcella-45 Sister Margaret Mary-54 Sister M. Maureen-30 Mr. John Michuta-65, 66, 68, 70, 72 Sister M. Modesta-41 Father Daniel O'R,eil1yi44 Sister M. Petrella-40 Father John Pinion-58, 67 Father John Pritzl-13, 16, 18, 28 Sister M. Sabina-46 Father Seeman-12 Miss Lois She1dong4'7 Ed. Seubert-24 Father Tetzlaff-22 index to Student Photos Bowman, Bernadettef40 Boyle, Rose Marie-44 Bracken, Thomas-44, 70 Brandburn, Richardfiitl, 40, 57 Bradley, Deonne-40, 55 Brady, Patricia-44 Brady, Richard-33, 35, 51, 54, 55 Breidl, Francis-22, 56 Breuer, Ritai28, 32 Breuer, William-17, 64, 66 Breummer, Gloria-17, 28, 48, 66 Brieske, Alicia-44 Brody, Margaret-16, 17, 20, 66 Brown, Elizabeth-32, 61 Brown, Joseph-32, 35, 54 Bruchnian, Carols44 Bruha, Carolf32, 51, 54, 61, 62 Bruha, John-17 Brzowsky, Thomas-32, 66 Buchner, Wi1liB.mf40 Bull, Charles-44, 56 Bumford, Margaret Mary-44 Burns, James-40, 70 Burns, William-20, 44, 70 Byrne, Johni44 C Campbell, Edith-32, 53, 61 Carlin, Ernest-32 Cassidy, Jamesf32, 64, 66 Cermak, Lorraine-44 Chace, Charles-40 Check, Lorraine-33, 39, 61, 62 Churchill, Beverly-44 Cina, Gabriel-35, 66, 73 Cina, Phyllis-17, 57 Clark, Virginia-35 Clarkin, Robertf40 Cleary, Margaret-17 Cody, Maryi17, 48, 61, 62, 66 Colgan, Robert-40 Conklin, Joanf17, 61 Conley, Earl-32 Conway, Patricia-44 Costello, Rita-33, 39, 51, 58 Coughlin, Joani44 Coughlin, Mary-40, 60 Cummings, Eunice-17, 48, 57 Cunningham, Edwin-40 Cuta, Alberta-18, 33, 39, 61, 62 D Daley, Robert-19, 28, 48, 51, 53 Daugherty, Rggh Marie-40, 60 Dawes, Franc --40, 58 Dayton, James-432, 73 W 76 Dayton, John-40 De Jarlois, Laure1fZl2 De Wolf, Margaret-32, 56 Deininger, Peggy-32, 35, 50, 54, 61, 62 Delaney, Betty-19, 28, 30, 53, 59 Deml, Richard-40 Denning, Lenore-40, 55, 60 Desmond, Jeanne-19, 28, 53, 66 Desmond, Mary-20, 44 Devine, Edward-44 Devine, Eugenef44 Dockendorfi, Virginiaf32, 61, 62 Dohlin, Donna-32 Dolan, James-44, 73 A Dolezel, Mariong19, 56 Donndelinger, Bettyf15, 16, 30, 66 Donndelinger, Jamesf3'7, 40, 54, 60 Dorsey, Virginias32, 61 Doucet, Gerald-40 Doucet, Joseph-19 Downey, Phyllis-32, 58 Drendel, Geralds44 Dresen, Charlotte--40, 55, 60 Dummer, Delores-44 Dunne, James-44 Duresky, Colleen-44 Dusso, Betty-16, 32, 61, 62 Dvorak, Mary Ann-44 Dwyer, Jerome-44, 51 Dwyer, Mary Janef40, 55 E Eden, Henry419 Eeg, Dorothy-33, 39, 50, 52, 61. 62 Eeg, Edward-44 Ehrsam, Beverly-32, 61, 62 Elsen, Johni40 F Fanning, John-40 Farrell, Patricia-40 Fay, John-40, 60 Felsheim, Glenn-40, 59 Ferris, Helen-44 Feuling, Florence-40, 60 Feuling, Johns44 Fillner, Henry-40, 60 Finley, Margaret-32, 58 Finn, John-22, 44, 54 Fitzpatrick, Donaldi19, 48 Flanagan, Gerald-22, 44 Flanagan, John-40, 59 Flottmeyer, Albert-32 Flottmeyer, Margaret-19, 53 Flynn, George-19 Flynn, Johnf32 Flynn, Mary-44 Forran, George-32, 35 Franke, Richard-44 Fregin, Elizabeth-19, 52 Fries, Mary Ellen-32, 54 Froegel, Phyllis-44 Fronczek, Rita-19 Fuchs. J0sephf32 Fuchs, Rosemary-40, 56 Fuchs, Thomas-40 Funk, Henry-15, 16, 53 G Gagermeier, Joyce-41, 60 Gallagher, Helen-41 Gallagher, Joan-16, 41, 51, 60 Garihee, John-30, 39, 70 Garthwaite, Thomasi22, 41, 60 Gehrig, Jack-19, 28 Gerke, Carl-32, 61, 62 Gerke, Gilbert--44, 57 Gerling, Howard-44 Gerrard, Ann-19 Gianoli, William-19, 58 Giblin, Marie-32, 56 Gilles, Colleen!-18, 19, 52 Gilles, James-41, 60 Gilles, John-41 Gilles, William G.-19, 51 Gilles, William J,-19, 35, 62 Hess, Mary AnnA33, 39 Higgins, Angela!41, 60 Hilbert, WilliamA34 Hofer, David-45 Hofer, Viola-28, 34 Hoffman, Felicia-21, 28, 52, 61, 62 Holicky, William-39, 41, 56 I-Iorschak, Rudolff22, 45, 59, 70 Horton, Donald-21, 48, 52 Hortsman, Robert-45 Hosch, Harold-41 Hotchkiss, John-34 1-Iottinger, Frank-34, 66 Houlihan, Beverly-45 Houlihan, Mary-41 Houlihan, Robert-45 Howard, John-22, 45, 51, 56 Huber, Donna-34, 51, 54, 61 Huber, MargaretA45 Humfeld, Bernardf34, 37 Hundt, Mary Ann-41 Hurley, Patriciaf-34 Hutson, Gwendolynflli, 41, 60 Hutzenbuehler, Donaldf20, 45 I Ingham, Kennethf21, 65, 66, 68, 69, 72 Isermann, Robert-41, 54 J Loechler, Rose Mary-42, 58, 67 Gilster, Eileen-28, 32 Gittens. Geraldine-19 Gittens. He1enf41, 59 Gittens, Neal-41, '73 Gittens, Stanleyf-44 Goggin, Edward-21, 48 Goodenough, Delbertf44 Gorman, John-21, 61 Gorman, Margaret-41, 60 Grabar, Johns41 Grabinski, Virgil-41, 70 Graf, Alfred-44 Graf, Eloda-21, 61, 62 Graf, Wanda-32, 54 Gschwind, Jamesf2Z, 45 Jacobson, Elainef34, 37, 61, 62 Jambois, Mary Ellen-34, 55, 61, 62 Jiracek, Josephinef21, 55 Jirsa, John-37 Johnson, Airietta-34, 54, 61, 62 Johnston, Harold-41 Johnston, Kathrynf41, 55, 58 Johnston, Richard-21, 48, 62 Juen, Mary Jane-45 Justin, Robertffil, 73 K Guggenbuehl, Delores-18, 21, 52, 55, 61 Guggenbuehl, Patricia-45 Gunderson, Williamfzl, 50, 58 Guscetti, Iola-28, 32 ' H Haberman, BettyA34, 54, 59 Hackner, Gi1esf21, 35, 37, 54 Hackner, Mary-20, 45 Haddad, Jeanine-41, 60 Hafner, Betty-21, 30, 54, 58 Hafner, Jacqueline-41, 55, 60 Hagenbarth, Norbert-45 Haggerty, Madonna-34, 57 Hahn, Josephf34 Halaska, Arlene-21, 34, 48 Halaska, Bernardf34 Halaska, Madalyn-26, 34, 48, 51 Halaska, Phyllis-45 Hale, Patricia-41, 55, 58 Hall, Dolores-45 Hammes, Hilary-41 Hampe, William-45 Hampton, Caro1f45 Hampton, Lois-45 Hansen, Colleen'-45, 58 Hansen, Donna Maef34, 35 Hansen, Keith-45 Hansen, William-45 Harding, Virgline-34 Hartley, Mary-21, 28, 54 Hase, Patricia-41, 56 Havlicek, Ilene-34, 53, 61, 62 1-Iavlik, Joseph-41, 60 Kabat, Deloresf26, 45 Kabat, Jacquelynv45 Kabat, Margaret-21 Kabat, Patricia-45 Kachel. GeDrgeY22, 30, 33, 35, 30, 54, Kaminski, Theodore-45 Kammel, Marian-41, 59, 67 Kampa, George-34 Kavanaugh, Bernadine-45 Kavanaugh, Mary Joan-45, Keaveny, Francis-41 Kelly, Dorothy Mae-34, 35, 61, 62 Kelly, Fernf-34, 61, 62 Kendhammer, John-45 Kerrigan, Patricia-41, 60 Kerska, Evelyn rSophnf24, 41, 57 Kerska, Evelyn 1Freshmanr-45 Kessler, Leslie-22, 45 Kimball, Patricia--16, 34, 52, 62 Kirk, Bonnie-41, 60 Kistler, Alberta-34, 61, 62 Klein, Arthurf34, 35, 61, 62, 66, 67 Klein, William-41 Kleinertz, Keith-45 Kleinertz, Wayne-33, 35, 51, 61 Kleinsmith, Marie-23, 48, 59, 61 Kloss, Theresa-18, 23, 61 Knapp, Kneesel, Patricia-34, 58 Beverly-23, 58 Knothe, Donna Jean-45 Knothe, James-34, 54, 66 Knothe, John-41 Knothe, Ruth-41, 60 Knothe. Knutson William-23, 66, 67 , Dorothy-18, 23 Havlik, Mary M.-21, 28, 61 Hays, Francis-35, Heath. Betty--41 Heath, Raymond- 41, 55, 59 34 Heberlein, Lucille-26, 41, 60 Hecht, George-21, 64, 66, 67, 72 Hegenbarth, Gregory-41 Helfrich, Donald-34, 35, 37, 54. 62 Helfrich, Joseph-+45 Hemmerlin, Arthur-'21 Hengel, Marilyn-41, 57 Hengel, Patricia.-41, 57 Hengel, Richard-41, 66 Hess, Kenneth-41, 58 Knutson, James-20, 45, 70 Knutson, Leonard-34, 66, 73 Koebel, Helen-34, 37, 61 Koebl, Irene-45 Koel, Geraldine-18, 23 Koenen. Donald-23, 48 Kofta, Walter-41, 60 Kohlwey, Carolyn-41, 60 Kohlwey, Kathleen-23, 30 Konetchy, Charlotte-45 Konetchy, Eleanore-34, 55, 61 Konetchy, George-41, 60 Konter, Ruth-20, 41, 60 Korish, Marie-34, 61, 62 77 1 B2 1 I 1 Korish, Ruth-23, 28, 30, 48, 52. 54, Kotinek, Verity Anng45 Kottmer, Charles-45 Kottmer, John-23 Kottmer, R,ichardf42 Kouri, Marian-34, 61, 62 Kouri, Virginia-23 Kracklauer, Kathleen-42, 55, 60 Kratt, Richard-34 Kratzer, Joanf45 Kreibich, Eugene-33, 51, 52, 55, 59 Kreis, Dorisf42, 60 Kreutz, Jeanettef16, 28, 30, 34, 59 Krismer, John-34, 54, 57 Kroner, James-23 Kruger, Rosemary-16, 34, 61, 62 Kubal, Mary-34 Kubiak, Rosemary-23 Kurtz, Patricia-23, 56, 61, 66 L Lanzel, Angela-'45 Lanzel, Deloresf34, 57 Larkin, Carolw45 Larkin, Ellen--24, 42, 60 Larkin, Francis-45 Larkin, Marianne-42, 60 Larkin, Patricia4-42, 55, 58 Larkin, Robertf45, 70 Larson, James-45 Larson, Sallyf36 Leibl, Dorothy-36, 50, Leibl, Louise-45 Lemke, Beverlyf36, 51, Lepsch, Angeline--45 59 61 Lepsch, Beatrice-23, 59 Lepsch, Emil-16, 36, 54 Lepsch, James-45 Lepsch, Kathleen-36 Lepsch, Richard-45, 70 Leske, Marian-20, 45 Leske, Muri91720, 45 Lichtie, Raymond-22, 45, 51 Lipovetz, Marian-42, 6 Loechler, Donald-36 0 61, 62 Lyga, El1enf16, 23, za, 48, sz, 53, ss Lyga, Katherine-39, 42 Lyons, Mary Ritaf23 Lyons, Peggy-20, 45 M McAnaney, Joycef18, 23, 52, 61. 62 McAnaney, Sally-18, 42, 66 McCabe, Kenneth-22, 46 MoConaghy, Dona1d442, '70 McCord, Mary Lou-36, 58 McCormick, Anastasia-46 McCormick, John-46 McDonald, Patricia-42 McGaughey, Ruth-42, 60 McGinley, Patricia+42, 58 McGinnis, Lois-59 ' McGinnis, Joycef25 McGuire, Joyce442, 60 McHenry, Rita-25, 54, 55, 61, 62 McIntyre, Eugene-51, 58 McKoskey, Maryf42, 57 McKoskey, Virginia-36, 57 McLoone, James-30, 35, 42, 59 McMahan, Rita-42. 60 McMann, He1enf42, 56 McNally, Joyce-45 McQuillan, Kennethf46 Mahone Malay, Malay, Malin, y, Theresas42, 55, 5 Eugene-46, 56 Jack-25, 42, 61, 62 Carolyn-46 Malin, Erwin -42 Maney, Bernardf36 Mangner, Ann-36 7 Marcotte, Paul-36, 52, 61, 62. 68 Marcou, Howard-46 Marquette, Leona-42 Masewicz, Frances-36, 61, 62 Mashak, Gordon-36 Mauer, Donald-25 Mears, Walter-30, 46 Meier, Dorothy-46 Meier, JohnA42 Meister, Mary-20 Melde, James-25 Merfeld, Dolores-46, 50 Merfeld, Merfeld, Merfeld Merrell,l Donald-25 Phyllis-46 William-46 Jeanette-42, 60 Preeshl. Richard-42, '70 Preeshl, Robertk42, 70 Pretasky, Edward-47 Pretasky, Sally-27 Serres, Eugenei28, 29, 30, 48, 52, 53, 54 2 7 55, 6, 0, 73 Seubert, Delores-29, 61, 62 Sexauer, Mary Ann-29, 51, 58, 66 Meyer, Johni46 Meyer, Marilyn-25 Mezera, Frances-46 Mickschl, Marian-25, 61, 62 Miller, Elizabeth lJuniory-36, 61 Miller, Elizabeth llfreshmanp-46 Miles, Pauline-42, 55, 60 Monsoor, George-35, 42, 66 Monsoor, James-18, 46, 48 Monti, Kathryn-42, 60 Moriarity, Betty-18, 25, 48, 52, 61 Moriarlty, Mary-46 Moriarity, Robert-46, 70 Priem, Robert-46 Proksch, Jeane-20, 46 Proksch, Robert-42, '70, '13 Purdy, Marilynf42, 60 Shedesky, Albert-38 Shedesky, Richard-47 Sheehan, Leunai43, 60 Shepardson, Ronald-47 Shimanski, Mary-47 Shimanski, Thomas-16, 37, 38, 54, 61 62, 68 Shimshak, Audrey-43 Shimshak, Richard-15, 16, 37, 48, 65, 66 69, 70, 72 Shoger, Dorothy-47, 57 Shoger, Elaineg38, 56 Mosey, Raphael-46 Muehr, Betty Ann-25 Muehr, Grace-42, 60 Mueller, Elizabeth-60 Mueller, June-20, 46 Muetze, Beverly-36 Muetze, Paul-25, 61 Muller, Elizabeth-42 Muller, Otto-46 Mulrine, La Vonne-42 Murphy, Jeannei25, 61, 62 Murphy, Kathryn-42, 60 Murphy, Robert-36 Murphy, Patrick-42, 59, 70 Murphy, Theresa-42, 55 Q Quinn, Franki27, 48, 51, 54, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 72 Quinn, Mary-43, 55, 60 R Rach, Rita-16, 27, 52 Randall, Shirley-46, 58 Raper, Rose-27, 48, 53, 61 Rathburn, Joan-36, 50, 51, 55, 57 Ready, LeRoy-43 Redig, Marian-36, 37, 61 Reget, Irene-36, 61, 62, '70 Reget, James-48 Reget, Thomas-43 Regnier, Marian-46 Regnier, Rita-36, 37, 54 Shuda, BernardS43 Simone Simone s, Mary-47 S, Leo-29, 50, 51, 68, 69 Simons, Francis-43 Sinniger, Shirley-43, 60 Sinnige Skemp, r, Beverly-47 Dorothyg43, 60 Skemp, Kathleen-16, 29, 30, 48, 54, 61, 62 Skemp, Loretta-29, 30, 48, 50, 53 Skemp, James-37, 43, 54, 55 Skemp, Skemp, Skemp, Smikla, Joseph-43, 70 Margaretf47 Robert-16, 37, 38, 54, 68 John-47 Smith, Gene-22, 47, 57, 70 Smith, James-38, 64, 66, 68 Smith, La Vern-38 N Nagle, Richard-42 Nedvidek, Lois-42 Nelson, Doris-46, 56 Ness, Charlotte-46 Ness, Dorothy-36, 37, 61 Netwall, Marcellus-37 Netzer, Mary-46 Netzer, Rosella-36, 37 Neuverth, Charles-42, 57 Noelke, Jane-20, 39, 46 Norby, Leonard-36 Novak, Marguerite-42, 60 Novak, Robert-42, 70 0 Oestreicher, Elizabeth-42, 55, 60 Oldenburg, Virginia-46 Olson, Dolores-46 Opdahl, Rita-25 Ostrander, Joseph-30, 33, 39, 54, Osweiler, Francis-46 P Padesky, Jack--25 Padesky, Thomas-46 Pahs, Farrell-42, 57 Reidelbach, Margaret-27, 59 Reidelbach, William-28, 36 Rendler, Edwardf43, 66 Rice, Marilyn-43, 57 Richard, Robert-36, 37, 58 Richardson, Catherine-46 Riepel, Patricia-46 Smith, Mary Lou-43, 57 Snyder, James-38, 58 Sobkowiak, Kathryn-43, 60, 61 Sobkowiak, Marion-29, 62 Sokolik, Janice-43, 60 Soller, Irene-36, 61, 62 Riley, Margaret-27, Riniker, George-46 Riniker, Robert-46 Riniker, Virginia-27, 30, 50, 61, 62 Ritter, Delores-36 Ritter, Joseph-46 30, 53, 58 Roberts, Mildred--27, 37 Roesler, Donaldi2'7 Roesler, Robert-36 Rogers, Beverly-28, 36 Rossiter, Eleanor-46 Roth, Ferdinandf46 Roth, Irene-36, 61 Roth, James-30, 33. Roth, Mary Anni43, Rozmarynoski, Lorra 51, 55, 62 60 ine-36, 61 Rudolph, William-16, 27, 28, 35, 57, 58, 62 Runnigen, Edward-46 Ryan, Robertf36, 66 S Sauer, Richard-27 Scanlon, Alice-36 Scanlon, Patricia-47 Soller, R ichard-43 Soller, Victor-35, 38, 54, 61, 62 Spaeth, Paul-38 span, Phyuisiei Spears, Donald-47 Spika, Francis-43 Stanek, Ruth-43, 57 Stark, CleLussZ9, 59 Stefferud, Sigrid-26, 43, 55, 60 Stellick, Charles-47 Stelllck, Marian-29, 48, 54, 61, 62 Stellpflug, Beverly-24, 47 Stokes, John-22, 29, 61, 62 Stokes, Marjorie-43, 57 Stokes, Mary Anng4'1 Stoltz, Arnold-38, 66, 67 Stouvenal, William-43 Strand, Gladywv47 Strasser, Arlene-43, 60 Strasser, Clarence-30, 38, 58 Strasser, LeRoy--29 Strasser, Sylvester-38, 56, 62, 64, 66 Stremcha, Delores-18, 29, 52, 55 Streicher, Mary-43, 57 Stuber, Betty-20, 37, 38, 52, 61, 62 Stuber, Frances-16, 20, 38, 53, 61, 62 Sullivan, Betty--38, 61, 62 Papacek, Jerome-35, 36 Papeniuss, Jean-16, 33, 39, 61, 62 Paul, Louise-36, 56 Paul, Patrick-46 Schaefer, Robert-37, 38, 58 Schams, Donald-27 Schams, Louise-43, 59 Schaper, Kathleen-27 Schaper, Ritaf47 Sullivan, Dorothy-47, 57 Sullivan, James-38, 62 Sweeney, Vincent-73 Swertfeger, Robert-29 Swinghammer, Wayne--22, 47, 70 Pavela, Mary--42, 56 Pederson, Carroll-46 Perner, Richard-46 Peters, Lillian-46 Peterson, John-46 Peterson, Richardi25 Phelps, Thomasg46 Pielhnp, Marjorie-25 Pierce, Charles-25, 56 Pierce, Donald-36 Pierce, Dorothy-35, 36, 55, 57 Pierce, Thomas-46, 58 Pincsak, La Verni20 Pitz, Betty Ann-46 Pitz. Patriciai36 Fitz, William-36 Platz, Shirley-46 Poehling, Mary-20 Scheel, Robert-16, 27, 28, 53, 62 Schedivy, Ralph-47 Scheltzach, Donaldf27, 61, 62, 65, 66 Scheid, Robert-22, 43, 60 Schelble, Patricia-47, 73 Schmidt, Esther--47, 57 Schmidt, Herbert-43 Schmikla, Charles-38, 66, 68, 72 Schmitt, Kathleen-43 Schmitt, Margaret-16, 37, 38, 52 Schmitz, John-27 Schmitz, La Vonne-47 Schoen, Francis--38 Schoen, Marilynf-47 Schomers, Lois Ann-26, 43, 55, 60 Schreier, Robert-38, 59, 66 Schumacher, Donaldg47 Schwanbeck, Elizabeth-27, 37 Theisen, T Eugen e-43 Thiele, Bernardf57 Thimmesch, Maryi38, 52, 61 Thompson, Fayth-47 Tierney, Tischrek, Treangen Treangen Tronick, Troyanek Troyanek Tru soni, Mary Ellen-43 Doris-26, 43, 60 , Donald-28, 38 , Monica-24. 47 William-47 , Dyanei43, 55, 60 , Lois Ann-38. 52, 61 Anna-38 Turner, Patricia-26, 47 Poellinger, Ma1'yg26, 42, 60 Poellinger, Richard-24, 42, 60 P0l0dIlB,, Edwin-42 Potaracke, Donald-22, 46 Potaracke, Dorothy-36, 37, 61 Potaracke, Francis-22, 25, 61 Potaracke Rosemary-36, 55, 57 Preeshl, james-46 Scihorski, James-68, 70 Sciborski, Patricia-26, 43, 60 Sebranek, Paul--27, 48 Seifert, Wayne-38 Seitz, Marilyn-43, 55, 58 Semb, Edward-29, 48 Senn, Charles-38 Senn, George-47 7B Twite, Audrey-26, 38 Twite, Eugene-43 Tyler, Mary Ellen--43, 55, 59 U Urban, Dorinne-28, 29, 51, 52, 61, 62 V Verchota, Beverly-Z9 Vogel, Normanf43, 66 Volk, Erwin-47 Volk, Marion-29 Volz, Robert-22 Vyvyan, Louise-28, 29, 37, 48, 53, 66 W Wagner, James-43, 70 Wagner, Josephflil Wakeen, Donald-38, 64, 66 Walljasper, Carroll-28, 31, 61, 62, 65, 66, 69. 72 Walljasper, Constance-31, 61, 62 Walljasper, Mark--43, 60, 70 Walsh, Eleanor-31 Wanner, Elizabeth-30, 31, 54, 61, 62 Wanner, Jamesw47, 70, 73 Wanninger, MarieA43, 60 Weber, John-37, 38, 59 Wecker, Jeanne-31 Wecker, Patricia-43, 51, 57 Weibel, Robert-31 Weibel. Ruth-38 Weibel. Virginiaf26, 47 Weigel, Gerald-47 Weigel. Richard--47 Weigel, Rita-16, 28, 31, 53 Weigel. Robert-33, 51 Weiland, Beatrice-31, 47 Weiland, J0yf38, 61, 62 Weilancl, Johnf70 Weisensel, Charles--30, 88, 52. 54. 58 Weissenberger, Virginiaflil, 61, 66 Welch, Donald-30, 31, 48, 54, 62 Werner, Joyce-37, 38 Whalen, Williamg47, 70 White, Robertff-47 Wiegand, Lloyd-47 Wiggert, Kathryn-31, 61 Wilder, Dale-30, 31, 58 Wilder, Eugene-43 Williams, John--37, 38, 56, 62 Wiltinger, Gerald-47, 56 Wing, Margaret-47 Wittenberg, Shirleyf31, 48, 59, 61, Woodward, Mary Ellenf43, 60 Wolle, Wi11iam738, 58 Woolley, Barbaraf1G, 38, 61, 62 Woolley, Joseph-47 uw Q5-A if M n ew-WJ. qi, ml! 7 W' 4' X I , 4 7155 Wm 511433 ff Q S'-'P' :nm A . ,uf ml, we v 79 H 1 1 Woolley, Thomasf47, 50 Wright, Patricia-43, 58 Wuensch, RichardS37, 38 Wurm, Rosemaryf24, 31, 56, 61 Wurzel, Bernard-47 Wurzel, Helen-16, 37, 38, 52 Y Young, Patricia-47 Z Zahn, Victorf47 Zanter, John-43 Zanter, Joseph-31, 50 Zeimentz, Florence-31, 52 Zeimentz, Jean-47 Zeimentz, Joanf47 Ziegelmaier, David--47 Ziegelmaier, -John-47 Zielinski, Bernard- 47 Zirbes, Joseph--47 Zirbes, Patricia-31 I X fx ly I Ax! 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Suggestions in the Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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