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XX WEB ff- ik. . X : ,N NX xx if ff- 3 94 42 'Q fi 1 f fi ' fl -, r. ' ff OP C0 1 , ff Q 1q' Pr. uv' fx bkxxx! lr- ii' 1--S. , '7 X N ff, 1 I ' ' ' I I!! om ...,f-4-1 'f 1 f"li!l V! L,.,IInIljlE"fu!E,'.1 I I ' ' I L, : .' . ,un 0 f 7 5, Q In '? 'I 1 xv Q Q 51 Nj"-qmyqx I 'W' ,Q .vi iff! EQQQX 1, Ag '- xlR ,.SXl" Q' v A L if ' ' ,, 1,gX,4l jpg!!! 'BS It ..- 'E' 'W 'tif 1 , MX I9 W 1 x I 'x Y 3 T, A -- Y 1 tr tug- if 'R Q X - I: 0 X 1- - , 'mv' 'W I M! -i' ,amu ml X 'ip' W ' Qgwfziw fl X - 'Q""""f'f'f"4Wf'fWf'ff'rf'f"'U..g i vrmd "wx - Mk - Ei? 5 '-' :XX , Q I L, . , - . gg' EU- ,ff 55 .V.: l,11'f'fvrr' , -.X , .,2g 1.gk x It I YZ- X J, V tl 1 'nf fcf, ll. U qlfw, 'IN - '-f, g' R Sf x A i ""'54nl'vut1 !,X K A70 Ez' !""' ' l11m1,,,,,qxx,t?,':: ' 161 L? L-li t i' 'A T1 'M I, "Q ,AV CTX , um. iy . X- 11 , , -I l!llfyA,!lL,,jl't I U X I X: x 4 X. ':gQ - FQ? f " f 'V 4 1 A 4 -f , - - f N, p ' - ff, 5. m W,-- gwfwmvw - ff .J W, ,- : -- v , ff um f w 5 14: la: I I 'Y -1 5 1 X - --, T. L3-f X fp I I xy' J' Q T Y ,I If fi : -,,.,y , ,-""' ' lx, T -1' ', 4,1117 1, ,if wh. , Jfflfamm K - A wx V 7.-- ' fy 94 f it Q' L ' -r- Wfw 111111110 U' X -'X fl-T! -2 fnyffc ' N . "fa r v' " 4 A Hm,z Q N fx .1 Q - ,M fi sf QQ is raw Q . ' I Q '11, 'I N Q N fri , , S ' W-:-?:fy'.f-Q a'an,n',uH11lSN1 V v., iii. fx Nl ,1'-7.-jiwg N x wi X N -v 527721 4 Wi f ,,, H vf - L ,Xl , vm 5 f if 11507-tvitxx ,FQ ffffflflyvfv, fy I i xx. xxx A ' Q,,'vrr4,-' ,- ' 5 xg'l 'X N 42 ig M 3 'f 1 Xff fi Q 7, "5 fame' 5 ff "f ' 1 'E ff ',Q 'j 'I :fi-f it" 'ff,f,,, , A 1 gl x'XYzI fi A L QQ, wg, , 4, ,7X.w J 1 5 r ' ,If , vs r., 'f 1 fffq w xx: ff-E'ff,:,:'Y f .gf 1 g A :fn - ,V V f if X f- , 1 X 1 -11 Q I '7 I I A X If Q! V :Rx X ' 'QQ' ,2-1 A0 "' ' ,J X-7 : YQ 2 N- , "5' A A, I A xf' 'L X 4 X XX i t ,i N r 'X - X af' K X NX 1 f, , 1 'kv I :Y V J -Mix Q A S .ff -f f f ,V , XXV I 2 X XXX 3 fy.: 7- 2- -E J N ' -' ' 5 N 'gr 0 7' ,.- Q 'S' 5 - 9' -f , O' Z .- ' ? F ', ' 1 Q 1' vi'-Q 1 xx 193 'rRumPc-:'r J 1 X, ff i I I COMPILED BY NANCY JEANNE TLJOMEY EDITOR IN CHIEF his i xl -nn ln 11 gl 3 A ,f , ' 4, ,, I ' I ' J .nl . , f ly S , I TH6 TRUI I-9-3- 'I VOLUNN6 QVWIWUQL DLJBL.. aQolnns HIEH LQ craosse, ku From the lips of Saint Thomas of Aquinas, Dante gives an account in his Paradiso of the life and work of Saint Francis, which for brevity, accuracy and comprehension has never been equalled. OREQJOR D Dante, meeting in his "Paradiso" Thomas Aquinas, through him produces the most able biography of St. Francis of Assisi ever claimed by the fickle Muse ol Literature. That was in the thirteenth cen- tury. Now, seven centuries later, this Trumpet looks back into the heavens, to retell in print and picture the story First told to Dante by the patron of our school. The present century and the thirteenth cen- tury have an economic background with problems that in many ways are comparable. Thomas Aquinas, the greatest father of Wisdom and Philosophy, Thomas, son ol Dominic, friend to the Umbrian Poverello, told as a friend of Francis the story of that saint in the lull light ol Heaven's Empyrean crown. And as he arose to speak, the heavens were atten- tive to his every word: "Therefore let him who speaketh of that place, Say not Assisi for he would say little, But, Orient, if he properly would speak" for "from out that slope, there where it breaketh most its steepness, rose upon the world a sun . . ." Yet he lived not until God sent His own widow, Poverty, to teach him the walks ol life that meant eternity to him. Francis, the sun that rose on a new era, proclaiming praise where praise had been rebuffed, lifting from the sordidness ol poverty a clean soul, sweet in the eyes of God, building bridges that spanned the ravine ol difference between the two great classes of men, and calling them love, or as the modern world has translated them, his means ol social jus- tice, this same Francis meant his reform to be only personal, and then found it spreading to include vast multitudes of lay people. For was he not the sun? Does not the sun illumine the whole world? Has it not the power ol warmth, of love, of tenderness? lsn't the compounded Sun made up of Light, Obedience, and an intimate contact with every being? Francis too was illum- ined with God, he longed only to be obedient to his Mastery every man to him was "Brother," He was the very essence of seraphic joy, of hu- miliation, and of sacrifice. The whole world called him a Fool, and he was glad. Francis died as the sun dies: at twilight when the long day is tired and the sun is as tired as the day it has served. There were birds who had stayed to sing for him for the last time the songs he and Nature had composed. And as the stairs to a new life were revealed to him, heavy lines of brilliant light crossing and climbing the darlcened horizon, he lcnew that Love alone endures. There was no more pain, only a cool, strange peace. And he who in life had lcnown only a weary road, was in death carried triumphantly on white wings into the Kingdom ot Love. All his life was love and because the degradation of the modern world has great need of that ele- ment, the Church offers a solution in Love, Poverty, and Obedience. Thus, because of his inspiration, Francis has been used as a "Light" for our yearboolc to carry the three elements composing his frail brown slceleton body and the one love he called Poverty, a procla- mation of social justice. Two friends, Saint Dom inic and Saint Francis enter prominently into Dantes conception ofthe Heaven of the Sun. ., 4?.vz:5'i,s .f zrlrz- -- - ' "law: 3.4 l ,rg The lite long ambition ol St. Francis ol Assisi to become a missionary in the Orient is realized in part when he appears before the Sultan. Last July Sister M. Charitina left Aquinas to talce up a worlc which, in the words ol Pope Pius Xl, is "the greatest and the holiest of all Catholic undertakings"- that of a missionary. When she came to live among us, the quiet presence of her powerful character made us turn our heads a little from the juvenile wall4 of lite and now we find ourselves a little older and wiser than we were yesterday. Foolish and arrogant in our youth, we slighted her aid at first as something un- necessary. But she lcnew that we were EDIC foolish, arrogant, and young. And so she taught us how to love, for Charity was a part of her name, before we lcnew it, we had grown attached to her idealsf we discovered that adolescence has ceased to be a sordid state of life, and that it is the most important period in which to develop personality and nourish char- acter, she taught us a code of decency in so gentle a tone, with so masterful a meaning, that we were not languid in gathering up her intentions and when she felt that we lcnew a little about what a personality should resemble, she said to us: "Malce the world a little more beau- tiful for your having been in it." From then on, Sister meant something to a great many. One day she told us to hold fast our dreams, and to lceep one secret corner in our hearts where little dreams may go. To scores of us it was a phrase we had unlcnowingly waited lor. There were never many people willing to tell us that dreams and dreamless action constitute the glory of youth. It has to be someone courageous, the lcind whom one never misses until the courageous one has searched the atmosphere for a higher ad- venture. And that same day, she com- pleted our admiration ol her by telling us that she had always wanted to be a missionary. And because she had gar- nered a right to dream, her dream became a reality, and she went away in the autumn when the world was warm and QTIOTI lovely in slow death in the autumn of 1937 when Japan drove war horses across the slues down to the hell of battle And shewas gone to please the Man she loved We had a chance to feel a great loss almost relevant to death and we have lelt of the happiness lor good fortune that is not diverse from pain She has passed beyond our sense of reality she has grown to be a part ol the tenderness and the warm heartedness that lights the lagged torch of hope She IS a part of the fantasy ol war s cruelty she IS a part of China its wet fields, its rare dawns its ignorance and its intelligence But to us she is a veil, covering lilce balm the sore muscles of lile, soothing its throbbing temples and turning the tears into smiles. We miss her and missing her we try to realize that she also has ceased to live with us partly lor our betterment. She exists now only for the poor and lor the many who have yet to lcnow her worth. Thus, because she was one of God s be- loved Franciscans' because she loved poverty, obedience and would not be satisfied by Satiating her soul alone car- rying its incomparable culture into hope- less lands for which she had greater hopes that the ordinary man can lcnow- because we can never forget her smile her grace- lul gestures her charm and her eyes that laced you clean and sure as if God had leaned down and blessed them with H's divinely blessed hands' because she gave Sister M. Charitina former supervisor at Aquinas is now a missionary in Wuchang Hupeh China. us too much for us to ever hope to repay- because of her faith in opportunity, in her religion, in her social justice- and be- cause of her bright and happy soul that was clean, and strong and fine and that put a glow in her Face, inspiring those who thirsted lor inspiration- because she like Francis was bright as the sun and favored the Orient for her life s worlc' Because by these things which she gave so freely and lelt no loss in giving them- To Sister Mary Charitina, this Trumpet is dedicated. 'QC' q I E r L i i l I , , .s'A .E - 1 .P 4 E r I I I i j l 1' 'l - L - I - l I 5' , ....i.. -1 , , 1 1 , . i i i l -L 1 I I I 1 1 1 I i I I 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 i I 1 1 1 I 1 X Z Z Z' i4rJq5,e1a ii ".!I!E EE All praisz beiiiine U Lord mosl: high "This is my Canticle, dear God, this is my all of liie down to its last lovely drop-drinlc, Master, of my love." As if the world would refuse that glistening drop of seraphic beauty, falling as it did from the indescribable heart of Francis. Nature had no better lesson, Nature received no sweeter praise, and never before did Nature succumb so totally, so gladly as then, when Francis played on his organ of Aeolus and sang in strong amorous phrases his canticle to the listening atmospheres. We too could sing a canticle to our school, praising its happy life of social contact and telling it how much we love its walls and its close friendliness. We could open our hearts and tell this brave structure how glad we are that we can feel the discreet pulsations of growing up, here, where there is God, religion, and everything. We could sing in our canticle ol priceless memories and golden gates swung open when we finally wallc down these last steps-through that friendly door and out into a life made easier because of an education at Aquinas. THE REVEREND JOSEPH F KUNDINGE2 PRINCIPAL OF AQUINAS Pace 9 ' K . A I XC THE MOST I ALEX D Page 'IO Page '11 mm W r D D Hop f 0555 REV. STEPHEN ANDERL REV. GEORGE HAMMES REV. JOHN HENRY QELIOION PELIGJON I2ELIC5ION LATIN SODALITY LATIN FCONCMLCS SODALITY PHOTOGRAPHY CLLIR BOTANY QODALITV RT. REV. L. PASCHAL HIRT, V. G. QELIOION Vx lg-, Q Swi- M REV. LEROY KEEGAN REV. HUGO KOEHLER REV. ROBERT MCCARTHY ATHLETICS REI IOION RELIGION LINE COACI-I CATHOLIC WOIQKEI2' SODALITY JR. C. S. AA C H . REV. JOHN B. PINION REV. VICTOR J. PLECITY REV. BAND RELIGION 'LIODEIQATOR AOLJINAS OLIILLI CHADLA N DIQECTOQ C 5 AA C f PFD CLIIII NAODF PaQe1Q SISTER M. MAURILIA SURERMISINO INSTRUCTOR EANOS AND SPURS CLUB SISTER M. ADJUTA' -Q! AROSTOLIC COMMITTEE V ALOEBM- SISTER M. ALVERA C S. M. C COMMITTEE EIOME ECONOMICS CLIIH HOME ECONOMICS SISTER M ANCILLA RUBLICITY COMMITTEE COMMERCIAL SISTER M BERNICE PUBLICATIONS ADVISER ENOLISH SISTER M BERTHA C S M C COMMITTEE ENOLISI-I SISTER M CELESTINE SOCIAL COMMITTEE SENIOR CLASS ADMISER RER CLUB ADMISER ENGLISH SISTER M DOLORA OUR LADY S COMMITTEE DEBATE CLUB SOCIAL SCIENCE SISTER M DOLORETTE CLEE CLUB ORCHESTRA OUR LADY S CO NAITTEE IATI-IEHATICS Sf ENQE SISTER M FORTUNA IISINESS CLIJ fQ AMEDC AL SISTER M GERTRUDIS EEIIPTJ CAL In-PA .VIN S'STE? M MAURILIA 1 n - 1 SISTER M ADJIITA SISTER M ALVERA SISTER M ANCLLA SISTER M EERNICE SISTER M BERTI-IA SISTER M CELESTINE ,fl .CIC I -4,-Jf-M-'- an-E If I I 14 if-4 Eh 4 IV-I! paje I3 S STER NI DOLORA SISTER ff DCLCRETTE J4-A-Q2 ST P A FJ9TII A 'T IERTPIITJIS ,L W I U 1 1 I Y 'A4"'!'l.L- I ,Q ' ' I I I I f I I , If . - r . '. - , ' 'S -' ,. A I ' SISTER M. FIDES I' ' 9 ' K A ,, "I .I YE '33, Y I. ' I SISTE OES SI E N. S' N SII.ER'f'.' 'S f. "N f I bil L, AJ I 1, f E SISTER M. GERVINA ART SISTER M. INEZ JUNIOR CLASS ADVISOR SPEECH CLUB ENGLISH SPEECH SISTER M. JOELLA ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB SISTER M GERVINA SISTER M INEZ SISTER M JOELLA K ftrblrv, SISTER M LAURINDA PARISH LOYALTY COMMITTEE GENERAL BUSINESS GERMAN CLUB GERMAN SISTER M LOYOLA CATHOLIC TRUTH COMMITTEE ANCIENT HISTORY SISTER M LUCY CATHOLIC TRUTH COMMITTEE JUNIOR CLASS ADVISOR AMERICAN HISTORY SISTER M LALI N A SISTER M LOYO A SISTER M LUCY 41.11 SISTER M JOHN LIBRARY CLUB LIBRARY SISTER M PAULINE CATHOLIC TRUTH COMMITTEE ERENCH CLUB ENGLISH FRENCH SISTER M TERESINA PUBLIC OBSERVANCE COMMITTEE LATIN CLUB LATIN SISTER M JOHN SISTER M PAULIINE SISTER M TERESINA ,I,I,vLnA SISTER M WILFRED C S M C COMMITTEE GEOMETRY SISTER M WILHELMETTE EUCHARISTIC COMMITTEE CHEMISTRY SISTER M WILERED SISTER M WILI-IELMETTE .Z.1,ZZQ2?19A?Z,,,6' X., I P53614 T I f' ' ,E 1 I Y , ' 4 I' 7. SJ- ,J', , , - - -45, ,gh it-MP In-1 ' ., K f - rg I .. I .1 .- , V ,P V x4 V .fr I X fi? A - . V V , , V Q I I tg, Tl K MISS ANGIE AMBROSE MISS MARY L KEOUGH OFFICE LIBRARY G A A SCIENCE ENGLISH IDAXV I XY The school year ol 1937 38 IS nearly closed as hIstory In the annals of the school The school year was ushered In on September 7 at a Solemn l-llgh Mass sung by the Most Reverend Wlllldm Gnlhn, !AXUXIlIdFY Blshop RZQIS tratIons had Increased by almost one hundred over last year, havlng over reached the seven hundred mark The faculty found hve Important Changes Slster M MdUfIlId replaced Slster M Charltlna, former supervlsor George Schneeberger, who because of hIs new C V Q George MOVIdVItY, Slster M Lucy took up the l'lIstory classes ol Slster M Mdthlldd Slster Mary John resumed llbrary responsIbIlItIes In place ol SIster M Patrlck, and MISS Keough, teacher and assIstant to SIster Mary John, was added at the close of the hrst semester Undoubtedly the greatest development was that shown by the SOddlItY dIvIded Into parlsh groups, wIth Thomas McNamara prefect of the entIre body And equally as stImulatIng In growth and effect was the one day TTI state Cathohc Press Conference held on October 'II Speakers were the Reverend F P l.eBuHe S J , and the Reverend Vlfgll MIchel Q S B ,two out standIng men In modern Cathohc thought II Poverello was presented by the school publlca tIons In December As a second semester development In dramatIcs, Father Kundmger dIrected a select cast for the Lenten presentatIon of Everyman The retreat was conducted by the Reverend Peter Crumbly O F M, Startlng Tuesday January QS, and lastmg through Thursday And to advance more totally the SOddlISfS spIrItual growth twenty sux delegates were sent from Aqumas to the splrltual Leadershup conventlon, a week end ol March, In Chlcago GEORGEJ MORIARTY G W SCHNEEBERGER ATHLETIC COACH BOTANY PHYSIOLOGY AMERICAN HISTORY C Y O INTRAMURALS A CLUB E SI-IMAN ATHLETICS AY Adelzne Konsh s Romeo and Jullet notebook won for her a coveted trIp to England, as otlered by Metro Goldwyn Mayer It marked the thlrd tlme, In three con secutIve years of the exIstence of these contests that an Aqulnas student has been rated hIghest Pnzes In Journalzsm were receIved by Edward Koops, who won the NdfIOHdl QuIll and Scroll edItorIal con test, by Eleanor Skemp who placed hrst In the NatIonal Cathohc Press AssocIatIon EdItorIal contest, by Edythe FIdac theme, advocatlng peace, by Mary Costello who won a Chamber of Commerce contest, and by Nancy Jeanne Tuomey and Margaret StIlp who placed second and thIrd In a county Scenano contest Then to top the hIgh notch IU Ideals the 36 37 Trumpet came back from the Iudges rostrum wIth an All Amerlcan and a mIghty laudatIon for ItS edItor Mary CecIle MInk A great comphment was pald by the VISIf of Elmer Layden, coach of Notre Dames brIllIant varslty, to Aqumas, and ItS ddmlflng squad The Freshman basketball qunntet under George Schnee berger, OblIQdt2d cIty wlde recognItIon In wInnIng twenty seven games wlthout a setback The Aqumas Gulld through a serIes of entertalnments secured for the Band colorful new umforms whlch In turn dId thIngs to the musIc that only new umforms could do On May I4 a Dramatlc FestIval was held at Aqumas, and ten CdthOlIC schools gathered In the gymnasIum to dIsplay theur talents In one act plays Page 'IS X t X-I f xc 'XY S X CT G' N I . ' L I , , --VI '1'4.,.- , ' .- , ' ' l .I 4- 1 'fwt L, ' 1 Il Il II duties was succeeded as athletic director and coach by Mae Qrdf Who took the gntrd-Urbdn first prize for her . I . i . l 1 l A . I ' . , . . . . I ' Z ' ' I . - , . I . . ' l . . . . 1 ' ' ' 1 . . . .. I -. I . . . I e bug brother of athletncs at Aquinas more generally Icnown as the Booster Club worlced efficiently and advantageously thus year Composed of parents and frrends Interested ID athletlc progress of the school the club started out the year by securing George Moriarty for the posltlon of head coach Sheep Inned coats were bought for the football team new sults and other facllltles The club also Invited Elmer Layden of Notre Dame to be the spealcer at thelr annual football banquet Qfflcers of the organlzatnon are Presxdent Augie Grams Vuce president Tom Tully Secretary Jo n Kevln Treasurer Robert I'IacI4ner II3 II 'IE II3 IDIDIF II-I IEIIQS Alf Il-I IL IEIT Il ICS What In former years was called the Parent Teachers Association becomes this year The Aqulnas Guild wuth the motto A blgger and better Aqulnas Qfflcers of the Guild are President A E Blaschke Vrce presldent A I-I Schubert Secretary Mrs J V Iuomey Treasurer Joseph Doclcendorff Moderator the Reverend John Pinson The Guild sponsored the new band uniforms by a serles of entertalnments which Included a style show and coffee a movie Golgotha a dlnner and the morality play Everyman An unusual degree of succes marlced all the projects IfII'I IE II-I IEILIDII N I3 II'I AN ID IFDIIQ A QIIJ II NAS page I6 I at in ' W-Gia. ' ' 1. ,sw--416 'W v W 'M II , - , 4 . . . W W . - 7 ' 1 f , . t I . , I I 1 . , : W . , , ' ' - 1 v . 1 i s - 1 . 1 1 1 'Q ' I . . . . . . . . I 1 1 - . . A I 1 1 , . h . . , I 1 ' 47' 1 Z ' S I I I 'WY' V' Vt: 'fit fgfa He stood wtth hands h ted and about htm was a burst o bzrds smgmg and behmd htm was the break o day NLIFE OF SAINT FRANCIS Chesterton J 4 I. 4:,:t..v. :H-I-'AW'-yy,' YZ . ., , fvJ,4.,..v. I I .1 I I , .I ' I 'V' I vJI,' W ,. 'E X . ,,,,,,, 5, 6 i , V f -I L ' I 3. Q , V I ,ft .f. 2 'j , r ifzx . ' ,I g l I, Airi,,.,.1 Av '.,p V' 'Y' ' 13, F ,: -' --ti,-.111 .4 WJ f , f . . . . . av , f - 77 . MICHEL ADDIS . . . Dramatic Club 4 . . Speech Club4 . .Usher Club 4 . . Secretary 4 . . "A" Club 3, 4 . . C. S. M. C. Q , . Our Ladyls Committee 4. . "Il Poverellon 4. . "Qratorio of the Little Flower" 3 . . Football 1, Q, 3 4. . Basketball 1 ..l'Football Fool- ies ' 4 ROBERT ALBRECHT . . . Glee Club Q. . History Club1 .. C. S. M. C. Q . , Social Life Committee 4. THORA ALF . . . Library Club 4 . . Pep Club 3 . . History Club 1 ..C. S. Nl. C. Q . . Eucharistic Committee 3 . . Public Gbservance Committee 4. ROSEMARY ANNY . . . Entered '35 Cnenoa, Wisconsin . . Latin Club Q, 3 . . Library Club 3, 4 . . President 4 . . C. S. M. C. Q . . Qur Eady'sICommittee 3 . . Public Qbseryance Committee 4. . l'Nladonna ecita " 3. MARY ELLEN ANTHONY. . . Entered '37 Austin, Minnesota .. Library Club 4. . Social Lile Committee. LORRAYNE BANASIK . . . Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4 . . Band 4 . . Latin Club 1, Q, 3, 4. . Usher Club 4. . Pep Club 1, Q, 3. .C.S.M.C. Q . . Our Lady's Committee 3 . . Catholic Truth Committee 4 . . Chairman 4 . . 'iThe Holy Nighr"1.."The Finding of the King" Q .. "Bethlehem" 3 . . "Oratorio ofthe Little Flower" 3 . . i'Madonna Recital" 3 . . "Hansel and Greteln 4. ROBERT BANASIK . . . Speech Club 4. . History Club 1 . . "A" Club 3, 4 . . Vice-President 3, 4 . . Publicity Committee 4 . . Football 1, Q, 3, 4 . . Basketball 1, Q, 3, 4. .Captain 4 . . Track Q, 3, 4. . Baseball 3, 4 . . 'Football Fooliesn 4. JANE BECKER . . . Glee Club 1 . . Orchestra 1, Q, 3, 4. . Dramatic Club Q, 3, 4. .Treasurer 4 . . News Staff 1, Q. .Speech Club 4. . Library Club 1, Q. . Pep Club 1, 3, 4. .Cheer Leader 4. . GA. A. 1 . . C. S. lvl. C. Q . .Social Lile Committee 3, 4 . . "Ghost Parade" Q. WALTER BECKER . . . Band 1, Q . . News Stall 4 . . Trumpet Staff 3, 4. .Class President 4 . . German Club 1, Q. . Usher Club 4 . . Pep Club 1, Q . . HAH Club 3, 4 . . President 3, 4 . . C. S. M. C. Q .. Catholic Truth Committee 4 . . Football 1, Q, 3, 4 . . "Football Fooliesn 4 f MARIE BERGEN . . . oiee rafts 1, 3 .fofmdn is Q, 3 .. Library Club Q . . Usher Cl b . Club . holic Truth Committee 4. . 'lThe ljlzly ighti' 1 . . "Th inding o the King" Q . . "Bethlehem" 3. ANGELINE BERTO . . . Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4. . News Stall 3 .. French Club 1, Q. . Pep Club 1, Q, 3, 4. . History Club1 . . G. A. A. 1..C. S. Nl. C. Q . . Qur Lady's Committee 3 . .Social Lile Committee 4. . "The Holy Night" 1 . . 'lThe Finding ol the King" Q . . "Bethle- hem" 3 . . i'Oratorio of the Little Flower" 3 . . 'llVladonna Recital" 3 . . l'Il Poverellou 4 . . Photography Club 4 . . UHansel and Greteln 4. WILLIAM BISSEN . . . Speech Club 3, 4 . . French Club 4 . . Catholic Truth Committee 4 . . Football 3, 4 . . 'AAU Club 4 . . "Football Fooliesn 4. JEROME BLASCHKE ...Dramatic Club 3, 4 . . Latin Club 1, Q.. Usher Club 3, 4 . . Pep Club 1, Q, 3, 4 . . History Club 1 . . C.S.M.C. Q . . Social Life Committee 3, 4 . . Stage Crew 3, 4 . . President 4 . . "Il Poverellon 4 . . News Stall 4. CARL BOCK. . . Latin Club Q, 3, 4 . . HA" Club 4 . . C. S. M. C. Q . . Football 3, 4 . . Track 3, 4 . . Basketball 3 . . Catholic Truth Committee 4. . Football Fooliesli 4. LA VERNE BOEHNLEIN . . . Entered '35 Auburndale, Wisconsin . . . Latin Club 3 . . Library Club 4. . Usher Club 4 . . C. S. M. C. Q. . Pep Club Q. . 'Bethlehem' 3. ROSEMARY BOSCHERT. . . Glee Club 1 ..Mixed Chorus Q, 3, 4 . . Speech Club 4 . . French Club Q, 3 . . Usher Club 3, 4 . . Pep ClubQ,3.. HistoryClub1. . G.A.A.Q.. C.S.lvl.C.Q,4.. l'The Holy Night"1.."The Finding ol the KIf1QllQ..HB2ll'llZl'1ZfTlIl 3 . . "Hansel and Cnreteln 4 . . "Oratorio of the Little Flower" 3. AUGUST BRIESKE . . .Speech Club 4. . History Club 1 . .Social Life Committee 4. CLYDE BRINKMAN . . . Latin Club Q, 3 . . pep Club Q . . History Club 1 . . C. S. M. C. Q . . Qur Lady's Committee 4 . . Football 3, 4 . . Basketball Q, 3, 4. .Stage Crew 4 . . HA" Club 4. . "Foot- ball Fooliesw 4. LUCILLE BUMFORD Entered 35 Lmcoln Junlor I-lngh News Stdlf 9 3 4 Latm Club Q 3 Cuerman Club 3 4 Secretary 3 Treasurer4 L1braryClubQ 3 Usher Club3 Pep ClubQ 3 C S M C Q 3 Catholuc Truth Committee 3 Socral Lute Com mlttee 3 4 Parnsh Loyalty Committee 4 BERNICE BURNS Speech Club 4 Library Club 'I Q 3 Us er Club 3 4 Pep Club'I Q 3 Business Club 4 G A A Q C S M C Q 4 Our LadysCommuttee THOMAS BURNS News Staff 3 4 Trumpet Stall 3 4 Speech Club 4 President 4 Football Q Manager 4 Latln u 'I Q ebate Club3 4 u 3 4 C Class Secretary Q Basketball Q Football Foolxes 4 MILDRED CERMAK Glee Club 'I Q 3 4 Usher Club 4 C S M C Q Publicity Committee 4 The l-loly Nrght I The Fnnclrng ofthe Kung Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorno of the Llttle Flower 3 Madonna Recntal 3 KENNETH CLEARY peech Club 4 C S M C Cathollc Truth Commnttee 4 JANECOUGHLIN GleeClub'I Q 3 4 LlbraryClubQ 3 Secretary 3 Usher Club 3 Pep Club 1 Q 3 Bustness Club A A 'I C S M C Q Our Ladys Commlttee 4 Chanrman 4 The l'-loly Night 'I The Funding ofthe Kung Bethlehem 3 Oratorno of the Llttle Flower 3 donna Recltal 3 IONE CROWLEY Glee Club 3 Orchestra 'I Q 3 4 Band 3 4 Latln C u 4 Pep Club4 l-llstoryClub'I G A A C S M C Our Ladys Commuttee 4 MARY CROWLEY Glee Club'l News Staff 4 Latrn Club 3 4 LnbraryCubQ Usher Club3 Pep ClubQ 3 usa ness Club 4 Our Lady s Committee 3 C S M C Q 4 RICHARD CROWLEY Mrxed Chorus Q Dramatic Club Debate Club Q 3 4 Prestdent 4 Lubrary Club 'I Pep Club 3 C S M C Q 3 Apostolrc Committee 4 Trumpet taff Cappy Rlclcs 3 DONALD DFININGER Speech Club 4 Usher Club 4 C S M C 3 Public Observance Committee 4 Chairman 4 Football 'I Q ll Poverello 4 MARY JANE DE WOLFE Latrn Club 3 Llbrary Club 3 ep Club 'I 3 l-llstory Club 'I C S M C Q Our La y s Committee 3 Social Llle Committee 4 BETTY DOCKENDORFF Glee Club 'I Mixed Chorus Q 3 4 Orchestra Q 3 4 News Staff 3 4 Trumpet Staff 3 4 Latm Club I Q 3 Library Club Q 3 4 Secretary and Treasurer s erClub3 4 Pe ClubQ 3 Q CM 3 The l-loly Night 'I The Flnclrng ofthe Kung Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorlo ofthe Luttle Flower 3 I-lansel and Gretel 4 BEVERLY DOHLBY Glee Club 1 Orchestra 'I Q 3 4 Lxbrary ClubQ 3 UsherClub4 PepClubQ 3 G A A 1 Photography Club 4 C S M C Q Our Lady s Commnttee NOBERT DONSKY Glee Club 'I Latnn Club 'I Q Debate Club 4 Usher Club 3 4 Pep Club Q 3 Photography Club C S M C Q 3 Socral Life Commlttee 3 Publlc seryance Committee 4 II Poverello 4 ERNEST DUMMER l-llstory Club 'I Catholic Truth Committee 4 Speech Club 4 LEON DUNCAN Pep Club 4 Social Llle Commlttee 4 INA VERNE EDELL Entered 36 Fargo North Dakota News Staff 4 Trumpet Staff 4 Speech Club 4 Treasurer 4 Usher u 4 C S M ll Poverello 4 GREGORY EGAN Dramatuc Club Q 3 4 Treasurer 4 News Stall 3 4 Trumpet Staff 3 4 Latin Club1 Q 3 Secre tary3 Usher Club3 4 Presldent4 PepClub'I Q 3 l'-llstory Clu 'I Photography Club 3, 4 C S M C Q Socla te Commuttee 3, 4 'I, .. ,. . ,, ., ' ' 3, Cl ts , HD M , ,'."'A"'QI ts Q' .. ..S'.'M.lC.4,. Q,, .. ' 1651 .4 ' . Q., .. . ,'l,Q.. ' ' , , I ','3', I HB1 Q, 3, 4. . News starr 3,'4'f. speech club 4. ftgtm Club Q, 3 .. 3,4..'A ' P I l M In I ...'h. M H dur. 4..uh " p ,' .'.C3.'A.A.'I, .. Q,,4..'l'l H ' ' .. .... .. Al 3,4..'f.-, ' .. 'Ou cnb .t.. C,4ll" " " bf, . .l.'."'IL'f JEANNE GALSTAD Entered 35 Oshkosh WISCONSIN Speech Club 4 French Club Q Llbrary Club 3 Usher Cluo pe u Q Buslness ub 4 G A C S Parlsh Loyalty Commlttee 3 So Ial Llle Commlttee 4 Bethlehem 3 JEANNE GARVEY Dramatlc Club 3 4 Vuce Presldent 4 an Q 3 L In ub'I 3 French Club 4 Llbrary u UsherClub3 4 pepClub'I Q I-lIstoryClubI C S MC Q Our Lady s Commlttee 3 Publlc Observance Commlttee 4 Cappy Prcks 3 Poverello 4 Salutatoruan MARY GAUTSCH Glee Club 'I Q 3 4 Speech Club 4 a IU Club Q 3 s er u 3 4 Pe u I Q I-lome conomlcs ClubQ CJ A A I Q Socla IZ Commlttee 4 The Holy Nlght 'I The Flndlng of the Kung Bethlehem 3 Oratorlo ol the Llttle Flower 3 donna Pecltal 3 Hansel and Cnretel HOWARD GILLES erman Club Q 3 C M Cathollc Truth Commattee 4 Basketball I LILAH GOHRES ews Staff 4 L In Club I I rary Club 'I 4 ep Club 3 M Q Our La y s Commlttee 3 Eucharlstlc Commlttee 4 EDYTHE MAE GRAI: Dramatlc Club 3 4 News Stall 3 4 rumpet Stall 3 4 La In Club I Q Frenc ub 3 Us er u 3 4 l3hotographyClub3 4 C S M C Q Our Ladys Commlttee 4 Sllence Please 3 II Poyerello 4 DOLORES GRIFFORD Glee Club Q 3 4 Speech Club 4 erman Club'I Q Library Club'I Q C S M C Q e Flndlng ol the Klng Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorlo ofthe Llttle Flower 3 Madonna Pecltal 3 GERALDINE GUGGENBUEHL Glee Club 'I Q Latln Club I Q Usher Club 4 Pep Club Q Photography Club 4 C S M C Q Soclal Llle Commlttee 4 VIRGINIA HAAS Glee Club 'I Mlxed Chorus Q 3 4 rc estra 'I Q 3 4 nd 'I MICK Presldent 4 Latln u 'I Q 3 e u M C Q Cathollc Truth Commlttee 4 The I-loly Nlght I The Flndlng ol the Kung donna RCCILGI 3 JAMES HACKNER Dramatlc Club News ta peech Club4 Latln Club'I Q Cu Q 3 4 CS C ot a et a Trac Storm Tossed 3 Cappy Plcks 3 Class Treasurer 'I Q Football Foolles 4 ROBERT HACKNER Dramatlc Club 3 4 Latln Club 'I German Club 3 Debate Club 3 4 Usher Club 3 Pep Club Q lclzstory Club 'I Club 3 4 S M Prom Kun 3 Soclal Llle CommIttee3 4 Football 3 4 Track3 4 Stage Crew 3 4 Basketball 3 Class Treasurer 4 Football Foo les 4 News Staff 4 MARIE HAFNER Glee Club 'I Mlxed Chorus Q 3 4 Orchestra Q 3 4 Band 4 German Club Q Usher Club 4 P Club 'I Q 3 Buslness Club 4 I-lome Fconomlcs Club C S M C Q Our Ladys Commlttee 3 Cathollc rut Comm ttee 4 The l-loly Nlght 'I The Flndlng of the Kung Bethlehem 3 Oratorlo of the LIttIe Flower 3 donna Recltal 3 l-Iansel and Gretel 4 ROBERT HALE Speech Club 4 German Club 3 Cui 3 4 Cathollc Truth Commlttee 4 Track 3 4 Bas et b 4 ROBERT HEFTI French Club 3 German Club 'I Q C S M C Q Soclal Llle Commlttee 4 NATALIE HEINTZ Glee Club 'I Mnxed Chorus Q 3 4 Dramatxc Club 4 German Club Q Usher Club 4 I'lISIOI'Y Club Our Lady s Commlttee 3 Eucharzstuc Commlttee 4 e I-loy Nlght 'I The Flndlng ol the Kung Q Bethlehem Oratorlo ofthe Lxttle Flower 3 MARY HENGEL G ee Club 'I Q 3 4 Speech C ub 4 atm Club'I Q ep ubQ C S M C Q Catholic rut Commxttee 4 The I-loly Nught 'I The Flndlng of the Kung Bethlehem 3 Oratorno ol the Luttle Flower 3 donna Recltal 3 MARCIA HETZNECKER ee Club 'I Q Latun C ub'I Busmess ub 4 C S M C Q Soclal Lute Commlttee GEORGE HICKEY Speech Club 4 Usher Club 4 Our Lady s Commlttee 4 ootball Foolles 4 F otballI Q Club 4 Latln C ub 3,4,. pCIb-,3., cl' ., . .A.Q'.-. ..IvI.c. Q., ' ' ,. c ,. B a, ,. at CIH',Q, .. ' '43, cts tr ,..tJ'h CItJ, 'pCIts, .. " E 1 I .,H.4CI4S.M.C.Q.. ILFH I ...G ,.. .s .C.Q., ...N ,. at ',Q,3,4.. tts. ,MPH ,css ,c. .. a' I ,.. 'tu ,.. Il-ICI ,4..lhM Clbg, .. I G' ,W -I ,4..'AVTh- O I1 ,,, fftid ,Q,3,44.4. ' . ' 'f Clbg,,,4.t:PpCIb1yQ.H.C.S,H. In ' H Q . . ' Betltlellgmr 3 . . llOVdfOVIO ofthe Little Flowerl' 3 . . "Mar A 3,4.. SFf4,. S It ' ,y'A" Ib,, .. MMM Q,4,,Fo bllI,Q,3,4..BaskbllI,Q,3,4., tI,Q,3, 45' " " .. ,, .t' A' .."A" ' ,CfQ.. 'g .. ' ' , .. , .. H , .. ep ,IZ .Sl H ., P ,. .. MHA" Ib, ., ' I .. . ,. It. al. 1.. ' M 5' .Nth I ,,, .. l ,. tag ,MP Cl 'th ...GI , .I I ,Q, 3.. A Cl . ,.,... . ' 4, ' I a ,,'3,4.. "A" .I ' I 1. .36- sa-'F BERNARD HILKE . . . Glee Club 3 . . French Club 3 . . German Club 1, Q. .C. S. M.C. Q. .Social Life Committee 4 . . Football 1. ROBERT HINSBERGER . . C. S. M. C. Q, 4. HAROLD HOGAN . . . C. S. M. C. Q. . Our Ladyls Committee 4 . . Basketball 3 . . Football 3, 4 . . "A" Club 4 . . Speech Club 4 . . "Football Fooliesn 4. JEANETTE HOLICKY . . . Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4. . Dramatic Club 3, 4 , . News Staff 3, 4 . . Trumpet Staff 3, 4. . Latin Club 1, Q.. French Club 3, 4 . . Library Club 1, Q, 3 . . Usher Club 3, 4 . . Student Council 3 . . C. S. M. C. Q, 3, 4 , .Chairman 3 . .Catholic Truth Committee 3 . .Secretary 3 . . 'lThe Holy Night"1 . . "The Finding of the King" Q. . "Bethlehem" 3 . . "Oratorio of the Little Flowerl' 3 . . "Madonna Recital" 3, 4 . . "Hansel and Gretel' 4. WILLIAM HOSKINS . . . C. S. M. C. Q . . Public Observance Committee 4. . Football 1, Q, 3, 4. . Basketball 1 . . Class President 1. MARY HELEN HOWARD . . . Glee Club 1 . . Mixed Chorus News tall 3 La in C u 4 Library Club LlsherCu PepC u History Club1 C S M C Q 4 Our Lady s Committee 3 The Holy Night The Finding of the King Q Bethlehem Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 Hansel and Gretel 4 Valedictorian EVELYN HUEBNER Glee Club 1 Q Speech Club 4 German Club1 Q Library Club1 C S M C 4 The Holy N t 1 The Finding ofthe King Q HERMAN HUEBNER Glee Club 1 Q History Club 1 M C Q ootball1 Q as e a oot ball Foolies 4 Catholic Truth Committee 4 Track Manager 4 FRANCES HUNDT ee Club 1 Q 3 Latin C u i rary Club 4 History Club 3 4 Cu A A 1 Public servance Committee 4 Home Economics Club 1 HAROLD JAMBOIS Latin Club 3 4 Usher Club 4 Our Lady s Committee 3 Public Observance Committee 4 MARY JANE JANKOWSKI Dramatic Club 3 4 News ta 3 Latin Club 1 Q 3 French Club 3 Library C u s er Club 3 Pep Club1 Q 3 4 C S M Q Catholic Truth Committee 3 Social Life Committee 3 4 Bethlehem 3 Photography Club 4 Secretary and Treasurer RUTH JEHLEN News Staff 4 Trumpet Staff 4 Business C ub 4 C S M C Q Catholic Tru h Committee 4 HARRYJOHNSTON :story Club1 C S M C Q Our Lady s Committee 4 KATHLEEN JOHNSTON Glee Club 1 German Club Q L brary Club 4 Pe Club 1 Q 3 Home Economics Club 4 History Club 1 C S M C Q Our Lady s Committee 3 Catholic Truth Committee 4 ZOE ANN JOHNSTON Entered 36 Saint Paul Minnesota Eucharistic Committee 4 CORRINE KABAT Glee Club 1 Q 3 4 Speech Club 4 a in Club 1 Q s er u 4 Pep u Q History u 1 G A A 1 Q C S M C Q PublicityCommittee4 Our Lady s Committee 3 Social Life Committee 3 The Holy N t 1 The Finding of the King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 Madonna Recital 3 CLARA KAMPSCHROER ee Club 1 Q News Staff 4 German Club 1 Q Pep Club 3 Business Club 4 Our Lady s Committee 3 The Holy Night 1 The Finding of the Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 Bethlehem 3 M donna Recital 3 Hansel and Gretel 4 KESSEL News Staff 4 Trumpet Staff 4 Latin Library ub Usher C u 4 Pep u G A A 1 Q PhotographyCu C S ROBERT KESSLER Mrxed Chorus Q 3 4 Pep Club 'I Q Busuness Club 4 Presudent 4 Fuchanstuc Commuttee 4 Be hle hem 3 II Poverello 4 Hansel and Gretel 4 JOSEPH KILLILEA eech Club 4 C S M C Q Socaa Lufe Commnttee 4 RAZY KLETECKA Glee Club 'I Mixed Chorus Q 3 4 ews Staff 3 4 Trumpet Staff 3 4 L tan Club I Q 3 Llbrar u Q 3 4 Usher Club3 4 l3epCub Q 3 History up C S 'VI C Q 3 Social Lsfe Commlttee The Holy Nlght I The Funding ofthe Kung Q Bethlehem Oratoruo of the Luttle Flower 3 Hansel and Gretel 4 MARY KOCH ee Club Q 3 4 Library ubl Vice president 3 Pep Club Q 3 4 Cheer Leader 4 Home cconomlcs Club I Hrstory Club 'I Q A A M C 3 Vrce Presfdent 3 Publuclty Committee Social Life Commrttee 3 4 The Holy Nrght Q The Flndung ofthe Krng 3 Bethlehem 4 Oratorlo ofthe LlttleFlower 4 GEORGIA KORISH Dramatlc Club 3 4 News Staff 3 4 Trumpet Staff 3 Speech Club 4 Latin Club 3 Library Club 3 Eucharlstlc Committee 3 Cathol c Truth Commlttee 4 Cappy Plclcs 3 Stage Crew 4 IRENE KRANC Glee Club 'I Speech Club 4 Latun Club Home conomlcs Club 1 M C Aposto IC Commuttee 4 Catholnc Truth Commnttee 3 The Holy Nlght RUTH KRISMER Glee Club 'I Mlxed Chorus Q 3 4 Cla9S ecretary 4 Dramatic Club 'I Q 3 4 News Staff Q 3 Trumpet Staff Q 3 4 Speech Club Q 3 Presldent 3 U her C u 3 4 President 3 Buslness Club 4 Vice Preslclent of Sodallty 3 Publlclty Committee 3 C S M C 4 The Holy N t 'I The Funding of the Kung Q Bethlehem 3 Oratono of the Luttle Flower 3 The Ghost Parade Q Hes Thnrty Thnrd Bnrthday O Hansel and Gretel Sauce For the Gosllngs STUART LATIMER Entered 36 Genoa Wlsconsln 'at n Club 3 4 Usher Club 4 Public Observance Committee 4 LAWRENCE LE JEUNE German Club 3 A Club 4 C S M C Q Catholic Truth Commlttee 4 Football 4 MARIAN LE JEUNE Ban Q German Club 'I Q L1 rary Club 4 LlsherClub4 C S M C Q Cathollc Truth Committee 4 ELEANORE LUCEY atln Club 'I Q French Club 3 4 I rary Club 3 Usher Club 3 4 Pe Club 'I Q 3 Hlstory lu 'I M Our Ladys Committee 3 Pu I Observance Committee 4 HERMAN LUDVIK erman Club 1 Q 3 4 C S M Q Pep Club 'I Catholic Truth Commlttee 4 MARGARET LYNCH Glee Club 'I Muxed Chorus Q 3 4 Latin Club 'I Q Library Club 4 Pep Club 'I 3 Home Econom :cs Club Q History Club 'I Social Llfe Committee 4 Holy Nlght 'I The Flndlng ofthe Kung Q Bethlehem 3 Oratono of the Luttle Flower 3 BETTY MCCAULEY Entered 35 Hlllsboro Wisconsin Glee Clu Q Orchestra Q 3 4 News Staff 3 4 Trumpet 3 4 peech Club Q Latm Club 3 4 Pep ub Q Publncnty Committee 3 Social Llfe Commlttee 4 MARY MCGARTY ID Club 'I Q 3 French Club Pressdent 4 Ll rary Club 3 Llsher lub 3 4 Pep lub 3 Hlstory C u C S M C Q Our Lady s Commltte Madonna Recltal 3 JOHN MCGAUGHEY atln 3 Ll her C u Pep Jo .. :story u . ..... 3 . . Our Lady . om- mlttee 4. PAUL MCINTYRE ...' ' " Club 3 4 ,. .C ..t, ,F o. Q . . Trac ..Baslcerba .." ootbal' Fooluesu 4 . . 'gon Tossed" 3 . . Class Presudent I THOMAS MCNAMARA . . . Dramatic Club 3, 4 . .Speech ClJb 4. ,Latin Club 'l, Q, 3 . . President 3 . . German Club 3 , , Usher Club Q, 3, 4 . .Treasurer 3 . . "AH Club Q, 3, . Photography Club 3. . C. S, M. C, Q, 4 . . Sec asurer of Sodallzy 3 . . prefect 4 4 .KSi ommlttee 3 . , Track Q, 3, 4 , , Basketball 3 . . Foot all 'l, Q, 3, 4 . .Class Sggetary 3 . . "Storm Tossed" 3. WQ,.'-lv T' 9 QB HELEN MADER Glee Club 1 Q German Club Q Usher Club 4 Pep Club Q C S M C Q Our Lady s Committee 3 Catholic Truth Committee 4 KATHLEEN MANGNER Glee Club 1 News Staff 4 Trumpet Staff 4 Library Club 1 Q 3 Usher Club 3 Pep Club 1 Q 3 Business Club 4 G A A 1 Photography C ub 3 C S M C Q Our Lady s Committee 4 Social Life Committee The I-loly Night 1 II Poverello 4 Cappy Ricks 3 MARY ALICE MAST G ee Club 1 Q 3 Latin Club 1 rench Club 3 4 Treasurer 3 Pep Club 1 Q 3 4 G A M C Q 3 Social Life Committee 4 The I-loly N t The Finding of the King Q Photography Club 4 NORMAN MEIR Dramatic Club Q 3 4 Speech Club 3 Debate Club 3 4 Secretary 3 Usher Club 4 I-listory Club K A Club 3 4 Ghost Parade Q The Finding of the Q JACK MELDE C S M C 2 Our Lady s Commi tee 4 Football 4 A Club 4 Football Foolies 4 GRETCHEN MILLER Mixed Chorus Q 3 4 Dramatic Club 4 Usher Club 4 C S M C Q Our Lady s Committee 3 Eucharistic Committee 4 The Finding of the King Q Bethle hem 3 Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 MARGARET MONSOOR Glee Club 1 Q Speech Club 3 Library Club1 Q 3 Pep Club1 Q 3 4 I-lome Economics u 3 G A A Treasurer e I-loly Night 1 DOROTHY MUETZE Glee Club1 Q Mixed Chorus 3 4 Speech Club 4 Usher Club 4 Pep Club 1 Q 3 4 G A A M C Eucharistic Committee 4 Social ie Committee 3 The I-loly Night 1 The Finding ofthe King Bethlehem 3 Oratorio ofthe Little F ower 3 I-lansel and Gretel 4 CAROL NAGLE ee Club1 Q 3 4 an 4 atin u 1 Q Libra y C u 4 Usher C u 4 Pep u CSMCQ4 OurLadys om mittee 3 The I-loly Night 1 The Finding ofthe King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 Madonna R cital 3 ll Poverello 4 I-Iansel and Gretel 4 DOROTHY NEIDBALSKI Speech Club 3 4 Library Club atin ub1 Us er u ep u 4 I-lome Economics Club Q I-listory Club 1 C S M C Q Publicity Committee 4 Cheer Leader 4 Il Poverello 4 MARGARET O NEIL News Staff 4 Speech Club 4 iraryClub4 e Club1 GAA1 CSMC Our Lady s Committee 3 JAMES OPITZ Glee Club 1 3 Usher Club 4 Pep Club Q C S M C Q Catholic Truth Committee 4 Socia i e Committee 3 Basketball Manager 3 4 MARY ANN PAUL ee Club 1 Q 3 Orchestra 1 3 4 Class Secretary 1 Dramatic Club 3 4 News Staff 3 rumpet Staff 3 4. . L in Club 1 Q . , Usher u . . ep u 193 ..reasurer3. .,,. ..C.S.M. . .. Social Life Committee 3 4. .Chairman 4. ."The I-loly Night"1 .. 'lThe Finding ol the Kingn Q . . i'Bethlehem" 3 . . "Oratorio of the Little Flower" 3 . . "Madonna Recital" 3 . . "Storm Tossed" 3 . . Cheer Leader 4, LENA PEDRETTI . . . Entered '37 Genoa Wisconsin . . Library Club 4. . Public Observance Committee 4. CONSTANCE PEIRCE. . . News Staff 4 . . Trumpet Staff 4 , .Latin u 1 Q. .Library Club 1 . . Usher C u 4. .Pep u Q , . Photography Club 4 . . C. S. M. C. , NORMA PENDER . . . Glee Club 1 Q 3 4. . News Stall 3 4. . Trumpet Staff 3 4. .Latin Club 3 4 . . Treasurer 4 . . French Club , ..Library u , ..Us er u ,4..PepClub , .. C, S. M, C, . . Our Lady's Committee 3 . . Public Observance Committee 4. . "The I-loly N'ght" 1 .. "The Finding of the King" Q . . "Bethlehem,' 3 , . "Oratorio ofthe Little Flower" 3 . . " - donna Recital" 3 . . "I-lansel and Gretel" 4. ROSALIE PFLIEGER . . . Entered '37 I-lumbird, Wisconsin . . Social Life Committee 4. MARGARET PINKSTON . . . Library Club 4 . . Pep Club 3 . . I-listory Club1 . .C.S. M.C,Q. .Eucharistic Committee 3 , . Public Observance Committee 4. RAYMOND PITZ . . . Usher Club 4 . . Pep Club 1, Q. .C. S. M,C. Q . . Publicity Committee 4 . . Basketball 4. GERTRUDE POEHLING . . . Glee Club 1, Q . , Mixed Chorus 3. . Pep Club 1, Q, 3 . . Home Economics Club 4 , . G. A. A. 1 .. Social Life Committee 4. . "The l-loly Nightl' 1 . . "The Finding of the King" Q . , 4'Bethlehem" 3 . . MOratorio ofthe Little Flower" 3..C.S.M,C.Q. PATRICIA RAPER . . . Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4 . . Latin Club 1, Q .. French Club 3 . . Usher Club 4 . . Pep Club 1, Q, 3, 4. . President 4 , . G. A. A, 1, Q . . Photography Club 4 . . C. S, M. C. Q . . Social Life Committee 3, 4 , . "The Holy Night" 1 , , "The Finding ofthe King" Q . . UBethlehem" 3 . . HOratorio ofthe Little Flower" 3 ,, 4'Madonna Recitall' 3 . . History Club 1 , . 'Tl-lansel and Greteln 4. LUCILLE RECK . . . Entered '36 Onalaska, Wisconsin . . Glee Club 3 4 Latin Club 4 Our Lady s Committee 4 ANN RIFFNER lee Club 1 a in lub 1 Q Library u Q 4 sher Club4 ep CIubQ C M C ur Lady Committee 3 Catholic Truth Committee 3 FERDINAND RITTER usiness Club 4 C M Catholic Truth Committee 4 IRENE RORAFF German Club 1 Q Business Club 4 l-lome Economics Club 4 Secretary 4 C S M C Q Catholic Com mittee 4 JOHN ROSSITER GleeCIubQ 3 4 DramaticClubQ 3 4 President 4 News Staff 3 4 Business Manager 3 4 Editor 4 Trumpet Staff 4 Business Manager 4 Latin Club 1 French Club 3 Debate Club Q 3 4 Usher Club 3 Pep Club Q 3 E S M C Q 4 TreasurerQ Social Life Commrttee3 Bethle em 3 JOSEPH RUDOLPH erman Club 4 C S M C Catholic Truth Committee 4 ROBERT RUNNINGEN Glee Club 1 Mixed Chorus Q 3 atin u erman lu 1 Q Us er lu 4 ep u 1 Q P otography Club 4 C M Socia ie Committee 3 4 Bethlehem 3 Stage Manager 4 Poverello 4 GEORGE SAUER Glee C ub Q Mixed Chorus 3 4 Band News taff 1 Trumpet taff 1 Latin C u 1 German u 3 4 l-listory Club 1 M C 3 Catholic rut Committee 4 Track 3 4 JOHN SCHUBERT Mixed Chorus Q 3 4 Latin Club 1 Q 3 Pep Club Q Debate Club 4 Usher Club 4 Photography glub 3 4 Social Life Committee 4 Bet ehem 3 tage rew 4 ADELINE SCHWELLENBACH News Staff 4 German u 1 Q ep C ub Q 3 Business u C Catholic Truth Committee 4 EDWARD SEUBERT JR Band1 Q 3 4 German Club3 Usher Club 4 C tholic Truth Committee 4 Basketball 1 3 4 Band President 4 THOMAS SIMONES Glee Club 1 Dramatic Club 3 4 eech Club3 C S M C 4 F otball1 3 4 Basket a' Trac Cappy Ricks 3 A Club 3 4 Football Foolies 4 ELEANORE SKEMP Glee Club 1 Q 3 Orchestra Q 3 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 News Staff 3 4 Trumpet Stall 3 4 peech u 4 atinClub1 Q e Club1 C S 'Vl Q Publicity Committee 3 Social Life Committee 4 The Holy N t 1 The Finding of the King Q Bethlehem 3 ROY SMUTNY C S M C Q Catholic Truth Commi ee 4 ALBERT JOLLER Speech Club 4 Latin Club 1 Q Usher lub 4 lub 3 4 C S M C Q Social Life Corrmittee oot al a et a Trac C' -Af rag' WALTER SOLLER . . .Mixed Chorus Q, 3, 4 , .Speech Club 4 . . Latin Club I, Q . . Usher Club 4. . I-listory Club 'I . . Eucharistic Committee 4 . . Football I 3. . Track Q. WENCEL STANEK atin Club'I Q Pep ClubQ UA" u C S M C Q Publicity Comm: tee4 F otballi Basketball I Football Foolies 4 MARGARET STILP Entered 35 Austin Minnesota Dramatic Club 3 4 News Stall 3 4 Trumpet Staff 3 4 Speech Club 4 atin Club 4 rench Club Q 3 Us er Club 3 4 re Pep ub 3 Photography Club 3 4 C C I Catholic Truth Committee 3 VIRGINIA STOREY i rary Cluo'I P CIJ Club 'I Eucharistic Committee 4 GERTRUDE STROEH Glee Club'I Q 3 4 Gernan ub 'I Q Library Club? 3 Usher Club4 Pep ClubQ 3 I-lome Economics Club Q C S M C Q Eucharistic Committee 3 Social Life Committee 4 The l-loly Night 'I The Finding of the King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio ofthe Little Flower 3 l-lansel and Gretel 4 GEO GE TU atic Club 4 Speech Club 3 4 s ouncil 3 C S M C Q Parish Loyalty airman 3 Social Life Committee 4 ll Pover e o JOSEPH SWEENEY Speech Club 4 Latin Club Q 3 M C Q BETTY SWEET Glee Club'I Q 3 4 Orchestra 'I Q 3 Dramatic Club 3 4 News StalI'I Q L in ub Library Club 4 Pep Club 3 C S M C Q Our Lady s Com mittee 3 Eucharistic Committee 4 The Holy Night 'I e FTnding of the King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio ol the Little Flower 3 l-lansel and Gretel 4 'LEONE TIKAL News Stall 4 Trumpet Stall 4 Speech Cu 4 Latin Club'I Q Library ClubQ 3 Usher Club3 4 Pep ClubI Q 3 l-lome Economics Club Q G A A 'I Q C S M C Q Publicity Committee 4 NANCY JEANNE TUOMEY Glee Club 'I Dramatic Club 4 News Staff'I 3 4 Trumpet Stall 3 4 Editor 4 a in Club I Q French Club 3 Secretary 3 Library Club Q Usher u 4 Pep Club 3 G A Photography C u 4 C S M C Q Catholic Truth Committee 3 Social Life Committee Storm Tossed 3 II Poverello 4 The Finding of the MARGARET WADDEN Glee Club 'I German Club Q 3 s er Club 4 ep Club Q S M C Q Catholic rut Committee 4 Our Lady s Committee 3 ll Poverello 4 KATHERINE WAGNER Glee Club 'I Q 3 4 Library Club Pep Club 3 I-lome Economics Club 4 President 4 C S M C Social Life Committee 4 The I-loly Night The Finding ofthe King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio ol the Little Flower 3 Madonna Recital 3 l-'lansel and Gretel 4 Speech Club 4 AUSTIN WALLJASPER Entered 36 West Point Iowa Glee Club 3 Band 3 4 Usher Club 4 Apostolic Committee 4 Chairman 4 EDITH WANNER Glee Club 'I Q 3 4 Speech Club 4 erman Club Q 3 Pep Club Q 3 G A A C S M Q Our Lady s Committee 3 Catholic Truth Committee 4 The l-loly Night 'I The Finding ol the King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 Madonna Recital 3 MARGUERITE WATERS Glee Club 'I Mixed Chorus Q 3 4 News Stall Q 3 Trumpet Staff 3 Speech Club 4 German C u Q Debate Club 4 Pep Club Q l-listory Club 'I Q C S M C Q Our Lady s Committee 4 Social Life Committee The I-'loly Night 'I T e inding ofthe King Q Bethle h m 3 Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 BETTY WECKER Glee Club Q 3 4 News Stall 3 Trumpet ta 3 a in ub Usher C u Pep C u :story Club'I G A A M C Q Our La ys Committee 3 Eucharistic Committee 4 Chairman 4 e Finding ol the King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio ol the Little Flower 3 Madonna Recital 3 Class President 3 Prom Oueen 3 EVELYN WEIGEL Glee Club 'I Q 3 4 Speech Cluo 4 Home Economics Club 4 l-listory Club 'I C S M C Catholic Truth Committee 4 The l-loly Night I The Finding o the King Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorio of the Little Flower 3 Madonna Recital 3 HAROLD WOODRUFF Dramatic Club 4 News Staff 4 Speech Club 4 Latin Club 'I A Club 4 Our Lady s Com mittee 3 4 Bethlehem 3 Traclc 4 I-listory Club EZ ...t' ,.. .. cub 44. .. . 't Ha ,Q,3,4.. L .. h Mrf FL 4., b ci ,M .a 'cs .1 ...L.'b ' .. ep 'oi..r1 'y P .. 2 ci Uh it, . " ' .. . .. ' ' " ii . CS. ..,4. M ... 1 1 1 A' I 1 14-- I ' ,.. ,,3,.at'Cl 1,Q,,3,4r. V. H I nl.. It H "Th, its ., ' ,.. " , .. Q,3, ., ,, .. , .tr CIbl..M .A..'I.'.i Q I ia.. 4ff" ' " " " ' ' King" Q . . "The l-loly Night"1 . . i'Madonna Recital" 3. Uh- HP .. T'iS G I, , f:'.'ff1, ..H.c1 its .I 'H A" .. 'I .H ZH .,U I I H , str att' ci"1,Q,3.r " 'nbsp i't,Q,3.. H , ...I 1,Q..cs ..r. . a' f ti V..-- H 'It .'.. . ' i, BETTY JANE WRIGHT Glee Club 'I Mnxed Chorus 2 3 atm ub3 1 rary ClubQ 3 4 M Socla Llfe Commtttee 4 The Holy Nnght 'I The Funding ofthe K Q Bethlehem 3 Oratorso of the Llttle Flower 3 FRANCES WRIGHT Entered 36 Logan Hugh Library Club 4 C S M C 3 Eucharistic Committee 3 EILEEN WUENCH Glee Club 1 Muxed Chorus Q 3 4 e an Club 'I Q Lnbrary Club Q Pep Club 'I Q 4 Busnness S 'Vl C Q Cathollc Truth Commnttee 4 e The Funding of the Kung Q Bethlehem 3 e Luttle Flower 3 MARY JANE ZEIMENTZ Trumpet Stall 3 Latin Club 1 Q Eucharustnc Committee 4 NOT PICTURED EDWARD GITTENS Publuc Observance Commnttee 4 Foot 'l RAPHAEL McDONALD German Club 1 Hnstory Club Treasurer1 C S M C 4 EDWARD WALSH Pep Club 3 4 Hrstory Club 'I C S M C Q Social Llfe Committee 4 ROBERT HOESCHLER Hvstory Club 'I A- Club 3 4 Football 3 4 Traclc4 C S M C 3 'PubllcltyComm1ttee3 Soclal Lvfe Committee 4 German Club Q Mlxed Chorus 3 Storm Tossed 3 Fantasy ofthe Passion Q JOHN OUINN Hlstory Club'l C S M C Q 4 Speech Club 4 Basketball 1 J Page Q7 4...L'Cl ..L'.b"' cg.. '-l Gm I Q... ll f c .t ' I H ,jrh usher Club'Q,. 4 . . Pep Club Photography club 4 . . c.s.McI 1. ball ,4. " ' 'I.. , .... N J .... . I 4 A . j Arlii, V V 'Iv .. 'S ,lf T ,9 ww 'I 4 The Chrlstmas party as Santa CJohn SkernpD made has appearance Commrttee for the Presldents Ball pauses to have a prcture snapped Seated George Stuber Jerome Cycmanuck Standrng Furs row Mary Hickey Mary Jane Service rendering and soclablllty were the mann characteristics that marked the sodallsts alter St Josephs Cathedral unrt conducted the Socual Llle ol the Sodallty and parish Loyalty committees Mary Ann paul was electeo prelect and Edward Giroux appounted secretary Mary Walsh and Leland Berens conducted actuvntles ol the junior group -lhe decorations lor various mixers were under the dlrectlon ol George Stuber who waved his baton over Fellow music gatherers heads, Jane Becker who madethe resident ll e In greater glory at the Ball I has honor, Back row John Schubert Mary Ann Paul Jayne Becker Ervln Hoch Wlllram Paul Secretly preparing Santas bags for the Chrlstmas party Seated Mary Ellen Anthony Elnnorpaoenfuss Marilyn Taylor Standing DorusWoelke Mary Gautscl' and Jerome Cycmanlck who proved that the Mardl Gras c ald ollset the showy allaur that was presented last year The committee also conducted a Christmas party The general who was responsible lor the heavy breathing heart attacks and strained backs, was none other than Srster M Celestlne The junior group Parssh Loyalty made an extensive study ol the mlssal, vestments, the priesthood, sacra rnentals, and all things pertaining to parush lxle A survey ol mass servers, catholic students attending publlc schools and cholr singers was made C,oUflHDlLIIC AUFIIDN IIN AClfII'UN .. .. .. Page Q8 2 K 1? 1 I, .M V v 4 L . 1 fr' A ' lf, i : . , s l f 'W' , , U , , , ' E I ' , I I I ' ' Z ' " Baldwin, Betty Skernp, Bernard Brrnbaum, PobertWe1ssenberger, Bernard Carrol. Irene Kranc and Ina Verne Edell bribung Santa CJohn SkemoH with candy . . . 4 r 3' . O . . r . . i . f f , 4 . . . X p . .V . .U . b . . ' l l I l I l lf'D SAW! A IDAMEA IX S IUIL ln covering both home and lorelgn mlss1ons,St Mary s SOddlltY the C S M C unlt ol the SOddlItY lound a broad and lnvltlng held open Working under capable directors the sodallsts lound themselves busily engaged ID scorlng their ovvn and their neighbors basements lor paper lhe proceeds lor the successlul paper drive ITWISSIODS lhe sodallsts seemingly got more into the svvlng ol things when vvorlclng lor home mlsslons, altar linens were sent to the United States Missions, and clothing vvas made over, mended, cleaned and sent to Dalcota missions A successful luncheon was sponsored at lhanlcsglvlng Many lunny loolclng envelopes were seen Floating mys terlously about leavlng St Marys sodallsts hands, but that was because they had been delaced and Svster Alvera, Wilfred, and Bertha all advisers to the committee, agreed that the stamps collected might help save some darl4y s soul Mildred Nordengren Jean Graf Arleen Nagle Marlon Krlsmer examlne stamps and tmloul to be sem tothe Missions Edward Huebner Robert Formanelr Richard Kessel Kenneth Stack Leo Potoraclre Bernard Mashelr Lawr nce Rutter Stuart Latamer wergh the tons ol paper brought un for the Massuons Ellen McGarty Kenneth Stack Lawrence Rutter Leo Potoraclce measure the Feshmen conzrubutuon Earl Kauffman LeRoy Gagermeuer Raymond Feyen Raymond Jahumualc Joseph Snyder examine the Sophomore donatlon Walter Becker welghs the paper l the wlnnlng Home Room lO5 -L. C -nt" HJ Page Q9 .4-M W? ff -.,,, awaits , l , ' e- I 5 Q1 tl ll nl , g 5 'lr .I H L' 'F l .. 7' 3- ,s :f . 'lf K I A I . Elica., i , . , . . , 1 L-1 L . . . . . Q '- V , A F' ' ' Y g - ' I E X' M I9 -V- g V X., Q , . . , A , , in f I c ,L A I t f X? launched in the lall and spring vvas beneficial to loreign l. 1 I . . A fx HH I I ll ' lm. rs , f - " K Xt 3 rl, , R R ' V , ' Q s f 1 : , ' F . I -H YI - 5 V. , . , r, I . , . , 'A' V V Vg , . , or -1 M . ' f gf ' 6 In a play portrayrng the spread of Catholuc publlcrty were Ruth Shedeslty Ru h Ritz Dorothy Klhm and Ruth Troyanelc Eugerwa Glanoll Luella l-lalnes Dorotny Meyers Nlarlan Brown Aud ey Husmann and Donald Delrlnfie prepare poste S fo the National Red Cross exhlolt Ruth Shedeslcy Grace Bezncus Jaclr Scholler Wlllram Wavra and James Wars mime graph some of the In er strng Sddallty bull? Ins lhe Sodallty Bulletin was the project St Wenceslaus parish undertoolc as publlclty department Jerry llltal prefect, and Ruth Xxlsteclca, secretary vvorlced under the able direction ol Sister M ADCIlld to pro u e a sodallty as well greased In lcnovvledge as any portion ol the mrmeograph a constant companion thelr etlorts l sixteen Issues vvrth Grace Beznous as editor 19 OOO copies were turned out Rev John Prrtzl vvas the mann sprung ol the Sodalrty lhe Queen s Work was dlstrlbu ed ID homerooms and a Madonna program was grven as other features ol therr program I Partrcupants In the Armrstlce Day program were Seated Dorothy Mae Clements Rosemary Anny Lena Pedrettr Standing First Row Father Punuon Donald Du Malo Wlllram Hoslcrns Harold Jambors Donald Dernnnger Norbert Donslcey Donald Ross leanne Garvey Second Row Robert Puent Lawrence Alland Raymond Peters Robert Qulnn A project ol the publrclty committee IS the Who s Who It contarns the names ol the merutable sodallsts and merrt able means exactly thatl CIVIC and patriotic bservance were ldealed ID the students through the ellorts ol the Gut of 'lovvn Group ol the Sodallty Sister lereslna, acting as faculty adviser Donald Delnrnger as prefect and Donald DIMGIO as Sec retary Inspired sodallsts to greater uplrltlng ol splrut lor those vvho fought lor our :deals by an Armistice Day Program Red Cross actrvltnes the questlonalre hlled by students the membershrp drrve through selling Red Cross puns, the sale ol Chrrstmas and Easter seals were a part ol therr campaign to bring America nearer to hearts ol youth lDAlfIlf2lI'UlfS ANID IDlUlI3ILII'CIISlfS .. .. .. page 30 , A a ' o , N rl 5 f 3 Y - 5 I 5 l f V ' yi Q I I I 2 Q P l . ,Wx Q i . , , N - 3 ' i ?, , I R ' ' r 1.4 D t I , r :' li 3 K 2 c 09 V -r 5 N ' I . : V 4 Q' ' 1' i, - f n .. in , ,t : . fir., " E. ' i - r . . ' ' , ' . ' ' 5 . , , " 5 E T . ' 1 1 ' l I I . ' ' ' . ' d : ' . , . , Q . . ' , ' ' in ' . n . . . . , . . . . . , c, , . . . . , . . If , I ' ' I , . I ' l . . IFDIIQ 'DIIJID ILAXIDY A NI IHIEID S' rx St Jonn s Eucharistic Committee vvstn De ty Vfe l4er as prelect and Joseph Go res ho :ng th dutles o secretary and vvvth lster Wulhelmette as a vlsor ed all I I th Kn n n mal Work As Its purpose rs to encourage more members ol the Church to become daily Communucants percentages ol Flrst Fruday communlcants was hgured also vsts t the Blessed Sacraments Qpen duscusslons on Mass and l-loly Communion vvnth stress also on Benedlctlon and vusuts were Featured at meetlngs greater lo e lor the Ble sed Vnrgun Mary vvas IU s ed he sodallsts tnroug ne efforts ot t am s Sodal ty Car Lady s Committee Sister Dolora as advusor ane Coughlun as prefect and Marvorae Schntter as sec through a cooperatnve movement vvlth Ml hel Pxddls In charge Selling ol rellglous articles vvas also successfully campargned through theur etlorts Thus committee furnished the crib lor the chapel at Christmas Mary s Day through the Nlnsslons vvas their project Jane Coughlln being chosen by the students to crown the Virgin D play ng h altar cloths a e Zoe Ann Johnston Georgina Ze men z Pyan Ray ond Neurere Joseph Snyder Donald CJ lbertson Russ l Haas C r Lllah Gohres V g ma Stor y and Betty Hrlb I Nllchel Add s and Harold l-logan lcadys comm ttee sell g chu ch a tlcles are Dolo sAnthony R Chard W gh! Mlchel ct a st b h chap l The ass ls stud d by Thomas Gp tz Arthur Yost Ed a d Ad s Qlcha d S u l Page 31 rp 49 fp . A . l V J , J l N E C A ' v j V ' V' ' - c r lv ld e ' t till A in tr ' l gh tl t S. J te. X ' S' ' d ' en- i , + Y . ' t ' , roll r ts sodallsts n e rghts a d l'la d ds ot J ' , I ' ' - the Blessed Sacrament, as advocated by the Queens retary aroused students interest in business activities f . ' ' , as i i o ' ' ' , . J . . . . l Y . A A . ls I :V UVVV f ' , I f I fn ,f , l , Z U rr: e rr I ' I , ln r r , re , r rl ere a lem' e e m re . n , , vv r dl r to vena. l l YIDIIQIEAIDIIINIIE 'l2II'lIlQIISlPx wXVlUlDlDS Members ol the ApostolIc Commrttee, the l-loly Cross unIt, accomplIshed several Important undertalclngs The pre sale, whIch was greeted wIth enthusIasm by the students went towards the purchase ol plng pong tables and new altar lrnens A correspondence was held wth shut IHS, and the sodallsts made scrap boolcs lor theIr entertaInment They also collected old clothes and parnted old tors, dIstrIb utmg them at Chrrstmas Slster Adruda, adyIser ol the commlttee, Interested the students In the Enthronement ol the Sacred l-leart Austrn Wallrasper IS prefect and Dolores Konop secre tary lor l'loly Cross parIsh A group of m ss on a tIcles be ng d splayed by Be na d Sc bo sk Jerome SCI borslr and S gmund Pa ela Lorra ne Banas lc and Elrzabeth l-legenbart prepare an e hIbIt for Cathohc P ess month The p e sale starts off royally wrth Donald Schrnrdt SIster Nl paullne dIrected l-loly lrnnltys CatholIc Truth CommIttee In whIch l.orraIne Banasllc was elected prelect and fVlarIan KreIbIch appoInted secretary l thelr UDIfOVldl SOddlIfY meetlngs, studyIng Catholrc lIter ature was the maIn ISSUZ belore the house lo brIng the Importance ol CatholIc lIterature belore Cathollcs was accomplIshed by dIstrIbutIng magazlnes and pamphlets IH school and DUbllC places Catholrc Press month was celebrated by several assem bly sales tallcs on Cathollc magazlnes, and on pope DIUX XI Defender ol the Cathohc press SIster Lucy and Slster Loyola handled the actIyItIes ol the Iunlor group Patrca Baschet Mary Jane BIcha and Donald Ross n the foreground Dolores Anthony and LIIah Goh es spread Cathol c truths Page 3Q l A In -9 IU ' UI . Fl I f ' i -. . X . . 5 I ' I I I I I I r r I r I, - i I r ' I , I I v I i r I , x r . I .. .. .. IfII'II NV IE IL IL 'ID If INN' MVILIEIDIIEIE How are all the books kept so orderly and In such good condItIon In the IIbrary7 querIes the student 'Ihat IS the work ol the LIbrary Club Members ol the club are appomted by theIr dIrector SIster Mary John to duty at the desk Ihe IIbrarIan ap poInted must work one p2fIOd daIIy In checklng out books and repIacIng them on the shelves At a bI weekly meetrng Rosemary Anny was elected presIdent and Betty Dockendorhf secretary treasurer Twenty seven gIrIs garned membershIp IU the club Many ol the exhIbIts Inspected so thoroughly by the students were arranged by the LIbrary Club For Instance who can Iorget the Book Week exhIbIt the Chnstmas e hIbIt the BlbI6 exhlblt the CathoIIc press and VOCGIIOH Week exhIbIt7 Famous CathoIIc wrlters such as Slster M MODICG, Catherlne Burton and Vrolet CIIIton, and also I-I Edward Knoblaugh have been correspondents ol the c u ID proper order remember that thrs neatness IS due to the LIbrary Club II-It , Keep ng the Irbrary n good cond 1 on keeps La Verne Boehnle n Ruth Shedesky and Maron Le Jeune busy Georga Ko sh and Pos mary Anny become ae qua n ed th Ca holrc books h Ie so tngt em The I bra y at a moment when Iubra y heloe s a 2 greatly app ecIa ed Ma y Lou se Do ney looks o er th stud nts op n ons of Cathclrc magaz n A co ne of he n ature house hat the L b a y Club e ect d sf n Boe Fences gh and Ma y Ellen Anthony bu Id a house of books for Eook Week P es dem Pos mary Anny and Secretary Ee ty Docke do H sur ey he b Ile: n board d ng Qoo Week Page 33 . gg 5 I ,, D 'I v . I I , - . ' I X , , V I I b. 'Ihe next time you go to the library and Iind each book I I I II I , I . . . I YI Z . I t wr t W I rI h .. I r , r r r r t I r I w y e e ' I I I es . r r I mr I t I r r r e .. La I er 2 hlevn r Wm f r I , Y I 4? f Fl Y 'V LI I UVI .J K NV IE 'UH IEIEIIQ IFDIIQ G' "lf ll'I I lI3'UV5'9" .. .. .. l.ed by their peppy president, patrlcla Raper, the pep Club had an unusually peppy year lVlost joylal of the yearxs assemblies were the pep assemblies For Instance, the one In whnch we cremated Logan while Ed Koops oratedl And 'School Daysn when John Skemp was dubbed by his teacher, 'lthe brrghtest studentln A mixture ol music and boxing formed another assembly leaturlng l'lelnle Joseph l:ormanel4, wth his Band and has Boxers True to tradltlon mammoth Nlslce Anderson defeated scrappy little lVlllce Addis Then the Dionne Qulntuplets Bob Adrian, AI Ed, and Jlm while Richard Crowley cayorted as master of ceremonies Responslble for much ol the school splrlt at games were the cheerleaders Dorothy Nledbalslcl Jayne Becker, Mary Ann Paul Joseph l:unl4 and John l'lalaslca reached new heights with 'lOO percent cooperation from the student body The climax ol the year came at the Inter class games at the end ol the baslcet ball season Rivalry between classes was unstlgated by means ol posters tags banners balloons, slogans and new yells lor each class led by three cheer leaders ol their own So three Rahs lor the pep Club the club with umphl A Football Pep Assembly sho ng some of th despo led pl ye ll st cle ody bac 5 o A 5 cup of the Peope sh h 5 fo b slce h p o poste ma e School Days a sl: t 5 en the day Corte he e to be del ated P p C e Chee l de s fo 193 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I - . H ,. , . fter a , wi e I a rs, pa bearers, Flower grrls in helmets, ancl Ccenterj the Spirrt of Aquinas Rose Dnvme-- wlth u nt b In the lr r und ,... r r urra in VBO Rrle C am I n r lc r .... U "1 i iv rcame r e ,.,. The e lub In actxon at a Bask t ball game .... r ,ea r r 738. Page 34 Io promote better speech is the arm ol the Speech Club drrected by Sister IVI. Inez. Elections vvere held and Iom Burns vvas elected president and Jean Galstad secretary By sponsornng varuous actlvltles the Club hopes to dravv the attentron ol the student body tovvards the nec essrty ol thelr objective Ihus they developed a schedule superlor to that ol any Speech Club ID past years Qn Qctober I4 the Club sponsored a dance lor students vvrth school lever Ihe Revival ol Indian Sum mer Co chairmen ol the dance were George Stuber and ,lean Galstad Extensive entertainment and multi colored scenes Increased the popularity ol the atlarr Another actlvlty sponsored by the Speech Club was the Forensic Contest, held March 7, on the least of Salnt Thomas Aqurnas The speeches were well hnnshed and displayed many hours ol practice on the part ol the con testants e vvrnners IU the three secttons vvere Dramatlc Donald Ross, I'Iumor, Richard Crovvley and Qratory Thomas McNamara The vvlnners ol each section were presented vvlth a gold medal the donation ol the AQUIHGS Guild IVI y 14 marl4ed a hrst time event when the Speech Club sponsored the Dramatic Festival Nine schools par tlclpated each glvlng a one act play The vvlnnlng schools vvere glven gold, srlver and bronze plaques respectively Gold medals vvere also avvarded lor the best actang best mlnor part and IIICZWISQ I3ubIlc spealcung IS not an easy taslc but through com blned ellorts the Speech Club has promoted better speech at Aquinas Eve yn I-'Iuebn r glves a speech b fore the t nv class of Kenneth Cedry Muchel Addws G orgua Konsh Mary Koch Co 1 Kaba Wal r Soller George I-Ilclcey Robert Banasllc Ernest Dummer Margaret CNet Joseph KIII lea Robert I-Iale Donald D Inlnge Nlary Cautsch James I-Iaclcner and Thomas lvlcblamara a play given In assembly th parts wer ably port ayed by Joseph Marx Joseph Waters Wrllram Bonadurer Thomas lVIc'NIamara Margaret Turnanlac Ruth Krnsmer The pvech Class gives a moclr broadc st to pract ce dl on and del v at d are Jeann Galstad Thomas BJ ns I a V rn d Y Burns Edrth Wanner Marg erlt Wat rs Stand ng In It st row EI anore Slcemp Dolo e Grlffod Ir ne Kranc Katherrn Wagn r Posemary Boschet E lyn W rgel at ernne Becker L o Tzlra Margar t S Ilo Dorothy Mu zz Las row August Ernesle John u nn I-Iarold I-Iogan Alb r S Poy Smu ney .. . .. IEILDQIUIENCIE IN I ILDCIUIIIIUN page Q5 - I I Th 1 , ' i 1 1 6 I ' ,I . e ' , e at 2. we I . I , ' ' ' A Q , ,, rn. e r cz , , , V , , Z I - ,K , , . . . In ' te 2 r , , , , S , f I Z'l I ZYY, ' ' ' - Se e , e tr n F elf ell Mar Hzngel Bernuce I a e 2 , ' , e , ' r 3 r e K , e e r ve e ,, - K h , e ne I e t I 'e e, 5 I - . O I ef 9 2' 't V 4 , I Jerome Blaschke watches Presrdenl Gregory Egan assrgn ushering dunes to Austrn Wallrasper, John Schubert, Mary Ellen Howard, as Pobert llunnlngan Margaret Strlp lna Verne Edell, Edward Seubert and alv Klwfre auslng on he s arrs before actron during ll Povere 0 are Edy e ' ae Gral 'X 1 alle l-lemtz Corrrne Kabat and La Verne Boehnlern Armed ams po mary Boschert Nancy Jeanne Tuomey Jean n e ucey Beverly Dohlby Mary Jane Zermentz nne G rvey ayvart the arrrval audle l-larold lambols rs seated b fore he money tal' whale alert ushers stand atatten on Leone lrkal ,Walter oller Wally Becker Corrrne Kabat Stuart La lmtr Doro hy M tze ce Burns Geraldine Kessel Aquinas usher club under the able drrectron ol Sister M Maurrlra had one ol the most actvve years since rts rnsertron into the social lrle ol the school lhe ushers and usherettes drd a very hne rob rn handlrng the crowds at the press convention held at Aquinas last lall and also the leaehers Convention during the course ol the year Gregory lfgan was e eeted presldent ol the club Mrehel ch l Ad rs and Co me Prerce revuevv wearer ofthe gay blue and gold badga Paymond atz Betty Doclcendfifff Norbert Donskey James Oprtg, Marlon Le .feune Penne Runner Jeanne Galstad Mary Mcfirty , I Aodls, secretary and Margaret Strlp treasurer During the varrous plays held IU the audltorlum the audrence paid many a lavorable comment to tho boys and gurls vvho drreeted the trathc Besides keeping things under control the members themselves garned a great deal ol valuable experrenee rn meetrng people which vvll prove ol va Je later TIHIIS MVAY IDILIEASE .. . . P lfa A V F if , " ' I 1' D r f. " Il " th ' . ' vt In , , M: ett I , V K P fjretc lea a of the -xx I s ' S. :S ' r n K: 4 . I f t ,Bevr ,, , ' e ' , A u 1 9 U ' Q ,I l . l . ,, , Y, , I . I I D rw r f ' X. ,J A - my Q J r ll' 'l 3 , , J , fl - ' . . r l 4 . J i3 V A 1 I ' ' ls I ' T 'L f. t 4 I '. .rl if ll I 1 1 Cmreasfoa n rouge and powd ey r aoolued to the qrldlron heroes below he Dlay James padrslry Fdward CJ t ans W llvam D oral: Hob Padeslcy Dlclr Dadesvy Coach Nlorla ty Farhrr l-lammrs Aaron l-lu mann Wally Becker Pobfrv l-lackner Nlwchsl Addis and l-larry laas cmb rs ol h A Clu lsplay rhelr new w alrs an I tv S Flon! Row l-lvrman Hu bm Thomas McNamara A lan Yeager Qzeorg l-lnclfvy Qlcha d Woodrulf Second Row Earl Kaullman Cal Bock Tommy Burns Wulllam l-loslclns Howard Plool Third Row John Shuda Jack M lde Wencvl S anek Clyd Ernnkrnan Wal mam Elssen Fourih Row Harold Hogan Pwcha d Padesby Reber' Padrslfy Wnllram D oral l-la ry Faas Flflh Row Edvya d Grtrens t e club forms an 'Xl and S An old Aquinas organlzatlon Nhnch was reorganized durang the last school year was the A Club, under the dlrectlon ol Coach Moriarty Under his guldance new constrtutnon was drawn up declaring that the purpose o the club was to promote good fellowship among those In lJICUdlS In this school .fy oh ve QC :eyed the Custom ry sym ol ol thletnc achreyement urln e as et a se s J a a ure wngs N IFIDUILIIIES D F TIQIEBS Addrs Aaron Hu mann J rome Cycmanxck Nlrmbers ofthe cast In an Informal rnomen wmpresarxo Bll Hoskrns Harold Wood ull l-larry Faas and Pobert l-laclrn r lumbllnu lnlre rubb r balls across Ins stage w Jeorge l-luclcey Prchard Wood rulf Cal ock Wllllam lssen xllrn Verrh: n flyd Brlnlrman John Shuda Jack Melde Harold l-loqan Shnrlry Templ allas Tom McNamara Banqlng gracefully In unnson a e the chorus q ls Wlll am Dvorak Aaron Husrnann Edwa d GI ens Mrchel Addls No man Mel the chor man Walter Becker Jerome Cyc manrclc James l-lacxne Howard Birnbaum h A Club lorms an A whll srngrng our school Sona h Padeslry tw: s wo little mavds from sc ool oo r wth James Padesvy and mast r ol cerrmor s Norman Nle r For a lnal Jtre Dam s Vctory March meetings was basketball games among the members Qnce a month the club has a lunch at the rneetlng The presldent ol the club rs Xfally Becker, assrsted an has duties by vice president Bob Banasllc secretary Adnan Yeager, and Al Soller treasurer many ol the athletic ever S ol the year the mem ers fyere Jshers lhey assls ef' t am s nd of the Oxlng tourneys f , 'rs' Yr 4 A ,z, , S ' GU' r ll c r r , 5 , , V 4 e - K rrw fg ,Y - f M' w 2 e H b d K r B H W d rl , e , , 5 fl 1' d ef r , rv rr df 'f 1 ,f , V A , V rf - r i r , , ra , rr z ' r X , z v ' I , A r M if fl B T Q " I , . ' , y r ' g ' , T r' n as f h V' .Xfalwr Hwclrwr Edward Hanasul Jamr: l-lacvnfr Top Row, Robert Banasulc Mlchel 5 7 ' , V ' r rr- r r Q h 1 , el l 1 . r . . . , . , ' . ' a - - X t , N I 4 I i 4 dt ' ' h as A h , o a X. ,, P M At r - : A b a ' t - . , ,b ' . , 5 -t a a. g e a ' ar, D rg th b lc b ll .ea on a regl l'r le't Cl ine b J A , ,. 0 0 .. l l l Aj- 37 Students Interested ID play productIon form the Dra matIc Club It IS a SOCl2tY to whIch members are chosen by InvItatIon and IS one ol the most restrIcted groups at Aqulnas lhe Dramatlc Club opened ItS actIvItIes by puttIng on the exclusIve Blg Apple party At thIs SOIFZZ they lorgot 'C IIJ IIQIMXII N 'CA IL IL Frohclcnng qayly In masque ade at a B q Apple party we e Flrslrow Thomas Slmones RIchard RossIter Perry Ande son R chard Crowley Frances Egan C egory Egan Second row Harold Wood utf Edward Groux Mary Ellen Kelly Je-:nn I-lollcky Ruth KrIsmer Wally Eecke Maran Knsmer Betty Sweet Jeanne Garvey John Rossxter Norman MeI Third row Robert I-Iaclcner Eleanore Slcemp Nancy Jeanne Tuomey Ina Ve ne Edell Ma y Jane Jankowskl Mary Ann Paul Thomas McNamara dIgnIty as they BIg Appled ID masquerade under l3resIdent John D RossIter and Secretary Norman lVIeIr s dIrectIon In lormer years members were admitted after trylng out IU competitive actlng but are now admitted alter they have s Own they have talent by appearlng ID SO e prOdUct II! WM Qpemng the FOVZDSIC season at Arcadla thIs year t assembly debate between the two varsIty teams, negatlve lost to ArcadIa s aIIIrmatIve, b t In a ret the negatIve was declared wInner by a student vote, also engagement toolt AFCddId over the hIlI 3 O lhe AI'IIrm ID the annual Convent debate atIve then traveled to Sparta and next to lomah to argue We Iound somethIng new In an InvItatIon to attend a I non ecIsIon dI CUSSIODS wIth b th I t SIX school tournament at Stevens pOII'It and Qshkosh and schools placed thIrd A A 141A A wfdfzw 'A,u,6,,4',4 '-AA. '-'Lf-1 Father P Itzl debate coach explalns I g the wmnpd po nts In debatIng to h 5 teams Joseph Idmqf rns J' Ruth Frlsch Robe t HaE1zner Jdhn Rossnter RIchard ow lev and Betty Slcemp My fy!! QQIVQI J-'7W'd4'7 'MDDWMY . DDDDNENW Page 38 .. .W C- ' 1 4' 4. 1. I 1 N Z. . g r I r ' f .f R I I r I l , - 'r . I I I , , I , 7 , ' , r, I hr , , I r. ' " I I I I V I r -I I ' , .. . I . . . I . . U . ur . . 'n -d ' ' 's ' ' o o hese ' - ' , . x ' I A . , . K I i .Q -r O I K IR ID' 2 ,f if ' P. M.. ,1 111114. J ' A, ' , ,Q I I , I . ' I " I , ' me ' V' , I xx I K -I. i i r , I r I I ' L4 I 4. 1. I I O Lady fPoverty your hand reveals your soul your hand ever open ever generous ever actwe your whzte foot restmg on thas earth tells me how hght your heart zs THE MARRIAGE OF SAINIT FRANCIS Herm Gheon D l 1 r 1 , 1 1 , I I 1 ,yr 9 1 Q' ,, . ,. 5- 4 'Q . Lv, 3 v f . 5' fr l 4 1. 4 l l 1. , 2 3 J I I - . - 77 ' cc 'H A x ILAN' IUAMIEIE 'DF lll-lllf ANCIIIENT S Llxlllllxt Watchrng lor the announcement of the La n Dlsplaylng the name ol the Latin Club are Lor e Cllcers f the Club P esldent Rob r meeting are Quentin Sweeney Rosemary Anny ralne Gautsch William Welsch Carl Bock Rrchard Padeslry Cecre ary Pose Devine and Treasar r Betty Slremo Stuart Latimer Marian Krlsmer a d padeslcy Paul Funley and Adelle Neururer Norma Pender Dorothy Meyers Age quod Agls Whatever you do do we the members ol this Latin class delved unto tne secrets ol This strllclng Latrn phrase adopted by the members ol the GVWCIZVW ROVUGOS Pt tne hrst general meeting, which was held rn the l-'OSUGQ TVOGSUVY Ol the l-GUN LGOSUGQQ lOO5l fYD'l'2S th? latter part ol September, OHICZVS vvere chosen Those vvho Worlf f3CCOmOl'SlW2d 'VW th? SUJOY Ol the Old ROVUGO l1Om2S vvere elected to serve as Ol'llC2fS were Robert Padeslcy and CU5lOm5 president Rose Devine, secretary and Norma Pender Under the general direction ol Sister M lereslna treasurer The Officers get their prctures taken Top Catherrne Becker Anqelrne Berto Marv Jane Baldwun Norbert Donslzey Dorothy Meyers Rob t Punnungan standing John Schubet Mary Funke Mary Alice Mast Pat Anderson Pe ry Anderson Sealed George Srubzr Edward Guroux Robert Lund Omcers George Haberman Mary Jane Jankowskn Fritz Funk Advisor Fa her Andrel The photography Club under the dlrectlon ol Father Andrel started rts second year at Aquinas ID a well organized manner Frederick Funlc was voted president Wrtlw Mary Jane Jan lcovvslcn as secretary and George Haberman as treasurer The club had prolessronal photog raphers to address It and at their Interesting meetings discussed cevelopment and snapping of pictures, unusual angles, lrghtrng and otner tech nlcal terms A movie was shovvn and plans made lor a great many actlvltles next ,fear .. .. .. Il'1 UILID Illf! Page 4'l 4. 4. 1. . l 2 l "K f E 'Z Ui' 5 ll l I fr Q 1 l ' r A ' Q .X . Q l A 2 ' . f tr - Th ' o , r et U ' Ha" Il N ' ' ' f . f f ' this year's Latin club, the l. L. L. Clhesaurus Latina K ' 'J s ' ' ' ' ' l 1 I ' I ' I i ' r I ' r 15 . A E - . 4 . , . . . , 4 1 in fv- k ra. uw, 1' UV'- 9-fi. I-4 Q 3 5 as U35 Q:- 1- if? wi 32 is Qi U53 E- C' wg-H 74 U 52 nr :- Y O DPU r-fi O 4 3: U o O ? 31 QUT Q 3 o J Q, '3- Q U' 0 QQ. fm '04 gg O 2 J FU 'if in frw N SX. 1 Q T' I '4 Tm BU 0 Q- JN ilu, ID on. fm 05 gm 0 Y? N3 N 'Q' Ku. :FO L15 3-UR gr J Rn n rprr or Hood wrvwx I Ivanhoe Parnessus on WHZVNS Don Qquxotv FQ hw ro Thr Wwtch Esmond Torn Sawyer Topsy Alice sn Wonde land Sovwbody S MOUWV Evdngelnne Daniel Boone Uncas Kd n rune Tfkawx Pm A mv All gm W Me How r Crndervlha Sam: Paui Don Bosco and F' S boys Dawn' and Ednrh Man Wnrhout a Country Mark Anrhorvv Ancwm Manner FMC S Of ASS 5 IIBUUK MVIEIEIK WIQIEBS .. .. .. Page 4Q , . V I ' -Q-:Pr - . V A , ,1- .. , ,K,,v,,., ,, ' ,QQ ' ' ' .,. x V , '-gf' A L , , .Q M QF. X ,. x Q. A I 4 Q . , . -Q , v Nh. ff-fear ' v ' . . fn: '. . , 5 ,Q , '3"H , , Q, s. fa, . 5 , ?,' . , y , , , , U . , , ,, - K ,- H , 6 ' X- 6 'f W , f Q K '. , ,bl h ' , L' -9.7.91 'Q' ' 2 ,A l' , - .H an Y .- k . . ' ' ,, ,Q i ' . W 2 ' Y Q J 5A , 11 X. W ' 5 4 . QEQQ 1 , ' , X l ,Av 4 5 n A,i 1 A Q,,,.-Q... , V A - ., 'mmm 1 F f 1 K W ' f 1 I -3' h .. A , xi' M A W ' V It Q, .Q Y Q 4 QW., ANA W . . 5 A 4 . v . i , - H MJ.-. ' 1 X V A ,,..,.- .V . . A ,, .. 5x gb f' , V v . Q ,W i.,.i,?g!n..,,. fm . - , .1 "'-"'w.-.V I 4 4 X' ml . Q -v 7 . ID ll ID ID II N 'E ll NTU Sprechen Sue Deutch7 Strangers would have won dered rl Aoulnas had suddenly gone leutonlc ll they had seen and heard Aqurnas stuoents on the stage In th assembly lhe purpose this year ol the club rs greater elllcrency rn the practical use ol German and the promotron ol Interest ID German customs and culture A very successlul lorelgn correspondence was carrred on by some twenty members Laurrnda and oFhcers are John Slqemp president Maru Bayer, secretary, and Lucille Bumlord treasurer The German Club ollrcers treasurer Lucrlle Bumlord presndent John Slwmo and secretary Martan Bayer study the Phlne Pryer Secretary Frances Egan oresldent Mary McGarty and treasurer Howard Ploof oHncers of the French Club read Pans papers Joseph Plesche Harold Arentz Marlon Krelblch Euntce Donslcey Bernice Wlggert Katherine Dayton and Robert Flynn study German castles Read Ing letters from French lrlends and cornposlng answers keep these gurls Fluent In French Frances Dugan El nor Papenfuss Mary Mast Edythe Graf Fllen Brown MK DIDIEID N ILAXN 'E 'UA MES Wit International leel ng at an all time hugh since the last World War the En Avant French club directed by er M paulrne rs trying to partra y lose the tens: and promote gooo Wrll among lorergn nations by their correspondence Wrth students ot other nations esldes thus the members have made an extenslye stuoy ol France, especrally paris lhe customs and habits ol the French people were tolo ol rn reports gryen by certarn members lhcers ol club are Mary McGarty presrdent Frances n secretary and l-loyvard plool treasurer Nar one l-lorst Mary Jankowslcr Betty Bernatz Margaret Kelly Herman Lucl :lt Vrrglnra Besl Patrrcla Bread l Joseph Rudolph Shrrely Dayton Marne Arlr and Caro rne Arlt study German authors Edwa d l-lengel Mary McGarty George Thlele Colleen Colgan Eileen ONeull Irene Marcotte Jeanne Wlnq Betty l-'lllbert Mary Walsh Jeanne lnlollclcy John Beyer Camrlle Farley and Eugen Bruha examrne French posters page 4, . N ul al Il l l ' V ' e SISf , e, A ' Il - 'on . . r , V E E B . -. K r r V ' ' r . . . The Werein is under the direction ol Sister M. . . I I , I ,bi 0 . . f , E- r ' 5' - .. .. .. iLlIlflflLlIf IDUDIQ MM N Ulf ASSIISII lfll im extraordinary Swnwv appropriiw ciit :mmf Assisl and dttractec unusual Corrnents lnecene everyfvlwzre ann pleasing script, l'll Dovarelloll was presentzi by tn? people ar? pralslng St Francis' soclfal plen lietlons ez Aquinas lr was 5 story ol fi lrgncue Qi page 44 JLIW .4-Z Mnadorw 'T mn, and Hr' ok: Vvmr J BMSCHWU Francs hr Troubador f Crouvlry A aylo F kvr'-5 M Hqq ns M Dvsmon Sam! Francs an rwdv, Pvshox: of Qwluono 'A AddsU v ww 5 J M Duffy M ayvr nks G T al x my V wnm 2 rx a zsky N uomffy J M Kelly E M Qref V4 Sw 1: wmv rw or vmp 0 Koop F vn anfs Ped? ky XX! Dao ak padeskyl Flow r fvn of Oro Nw fs! aw rv nz an 0 70, a and mms d H mv KP anus va P Fndfrsom Y awey an anus F f Q Q amp P .1 Aakeup by Lark n and Ldv m Smv c J 'AQ an E Q :wa n sf Par U rw Jan or su LJU' rv rf unnmuan muff J Schu M! Page 45 4 A 5 V I K B, ", . !' .5 , , Q - f Q 7' ' 9 X 1 L' 1 E ' Y 4 5 ' 1-I., L 1. Q : Jy . E , Qu X' T, ',rw sz, A P T f S' J 1,1 d? d J Za" , ,X 1 J J v O'd -v F: I mo wk P Padre y N Dons R' Pad :ky J Zvrnffckv D D, 91' R. mam Pwcd M Mldonfzyl the mozlwvr of Francus. Troubedow and fedws 'P Posswlw Possvrff' E Gvoux, J Sdvollef J 'Aarx J Q4 nnU Ta-fan-kezovf D Rossi and JMQ Ppd ,JT ,1K.EdeH wE F ., ,m ,md JSM jPbb7'E si end , 'P Ve f D. J 2 , d D 'H-,' ,db :MD M dee a 'A 921525 d Lepw XX! B uf Swstffcl W J. E 2 N J TuO ,Y V E .Uv F' ' Ve: ' ' . Z"e fLr gms J G D d d fr V Le'Jon', ' ff V E Sk E abbw 'K Smbwf ' w sf uf rff f f 'Ac wtf E1 K ,Q P Beach rf D bb ' P k J' E y D Cm N Q F2 I G Fr-'Xiu If br i Reporters Norma Pender and Ruth Krismer raternize with typists Ruth Jehlen Marcia l-letznecker and Clara Kampschroer John D Possiter editor ofthe News for the hrst semester gets a scoop The reporters busy turning out next weeks News are Mariorie Schiffer Jane Mary Duffy Lorrayne Andre Richard Rossiter Betty Skemp Mary Ellen Kelly CEdrtor of News for second semesterb Jack Scholler and Edward Giroux Before collecting the bills we Find Jerome Blaschke De Ette mailing staff are Lucille Bumford Mary Ellen l-loward Mary Crowley and Mary McGarty Keeping the Files in shape is an interesting rob for Jeanne l-lolicky Dorothy Kihm Connie Pierce and Geraldine Kessel The clippnng crew has Fin Since the hrst Aquinas News rolled ott the press on Qctober Q 1931 the school paper has constantly climbed higher and clearer ol usual paper editing dIl'llCUltIZS The statl oi 'IQ37 38 News was headed by John D Rossiter who also acted as Business Manager A new method of paper supervision was undertaken For the last three editions, Mary Ellen Kelly was elected editor in l ll-ll Nl MVS 'DUM1 IES shed a complete record of Aquinas publicity Margaret ONerl Lilah Gohres Dolores Anthony and Mary Pita Gorman A difficult rob writing headlines was cheerfully pursued by Gregory Egan and l-larold Woodrutf Patterning our sports page after the New York Times Tommy Burns and James l-lackner wrote thrilling accounts of thrilling games Watching the movements of world affairs editorialrsts Eleanore Skemp Margaret Stilp and Edythe Mae Graf keep up with the times theme of the year St Francis of Assisi is examined by reporters Norma Pender Nancy Jeanne Tuomey and Ruth Krismer chief to continue the same work into the second semester ol the next year While the last issues were in we making John Rossiter insured the Financial side under the title of Managing Editor The statt is to be thanked For its cooperation with the editors and with the faculty in making the Aquinas News an all American publication Page 46 I V A Y 4 4 I . I r I , Moriarrty, Wally Becker and Robert Hackner comparing assignments .... On the Lucille Bumford, exchange editor worked diligently and well, . . . An exhibit of the f , I , L1 A , I 1 gf. Y' cus ss 'J vt ruil cd arts own U DJ Curve rv rr' .A rm ff sm onl r I JC 1 y C1 11 rv Business Nlemajer tlme reeme Emfzraymg editors Mary Ellen Kelly and Norma Denier lool4 l unusual lqyouts emor eontor Betty oclfencorll m d vertlslrwg on or A ee a S m J lor panels :ter 7 eamore emo A tmtm C fwrmgn r Are o ea P 1 r ,I Q sr V 30 JJV VJVJ V lolm D Posslter closes 0 fear Mm Company llue lurlor aw' lireslwm rw x 4 :gg xi 3' use tts 'rv rfb rv c man 3 a ge an am ou C U f rw corrvol l uw :wr y hu an z no h no corvrlr .f e ms o Yomj l Aims James l-laekwer emo regory Ejfw lsrmed t e ellr lent plwotogrfa ln sta ommy urns ter '1 sports Nrrtfr fa es IS ein ,f Com oetemt Comtefosrdrr arves ner Wtary Arm ful, So omore emit r W-1 frwe Oto ru y e I oo s 1 m rf ' tl nfy F me J ,fm VV Q fn Sl lUlDlENl S9 MKIIIDIIDUD DUQV 4 ' L V f a ' x , sf , ' ' If , N 4 a 9 v K 4 . 1 f ' t W- A . V V W A 1. ' l q f' N ,. Q A bl ' C I -1 ,,!'A I ' f l I E J . - '1 XA.. Xxfltlw Sem' Fran of A sl ctw sen early ln the tvs? sr PQI" as a mo' t :or "-' ca om? also was 512 U 'ren sam? ll der 'lv' luv sly of ' ret an ' oubl- 'von 'tw l'u"cf"S' N 'irtfd , 2i'n 2't 'twvoozv r fmirf' SW: bw s ,ro 3 fe ' 'Q N31 and , Vrcfd al lr- ow' 'mtmq m 71 1 t tlw all ,A rwrrcan lwrw Jn alwww rr hes bee ' 2' :re '3 fxwmrvcr llv. D' sz da s T 5 has bfffrv 'f'cQ, fd ai a rvcord lo' 'LHS y-'ar s 'mtl ,vlwu-1 ' . V C' Q was rx 5 "Now 11'-ft' eldwd crrym, tlve 1' 35:5 71' 'lv' an sa' lo cawd was .fry mmf sw. ' , ' . ' N tj. ' . Jelwlen and Clara lferfosclwroer look mosest ofer tlwezr Go., J ' . 1 Q , e rfa lt f. Xflielwel Q, 4, t l ' , , A or G Z A -Q 5 , 'Q Q y ll. X .S, ,M D 'l ai l B ,fe-i.. A 'i,le.lw ,. lll - d , vt, ff Rszy Kletolf e tl ite tw cfst ol , l A J K l-hgh l Pu sem' f lo ., itsur El, , Slc- ,N em, t X 5 plwo so .5 l, , V: r , Ecelly olw g roll itor, lm X N4 Q, Qt Stuf, risoumg otl'e emmals lor riefs l lc its eqetme :Cr we wmireitrw tl to Ecvor-mf vel wt l, Calemczrus, Eoyfre f!l,, Grel lzflz.-fs Slstw Ne -X Jem te log-'gy 5, ng gg 1 pi, il Norma Di C, Cmerltu lf Core F' . A l Jmoet stall tyzwsts DQ' lweecez tee ilrz- if1j'l zimoewgr emo cr: a so? int goo. ' 1 Il 'D 'I - ' , 7 Secretary treasurer Bernice Burns plans actuvntles with President Robert Kessler Marcua Hetznecker Clara Kampschroer Ruth Jehlen and Bermce Burns loolc l a murneographed sheet Insert The Capt uns ol the Hurdle teams compare scores Ruth Jehlen Jane Coughlln Kathleen Mangner Examples ol the Busrness Club s dexterity wuth typewruters are these drawings Front row Marne Hafner Mary Alnce Crue ol Aquunas newer clubs ns the Buslness Club It was organized by Sister M Fortuna on Qctober 'IS when ut held Its lnltnal meeting, at vvhlch OHICCFS were elected The president ol the club IS Robert Kessler, as snsted by Bernice Burns, secretary treasurer These OHICQVS, together wtth the rest ol the members have set a standard which will be hard lor succeeding clubs to dup :cate The l'lurdle contests test the slclll ol the members IH typing For speed and accuracy The vvlnnnng team during the hrst semester Included Ruth Jehlen, captain Marcia l-letzneclcer, Bermce Burns, and Ruth Krlsmer Mast Mary Crowley Second row Eileen Wuensch lrene Roralf Ruth Krlsmer The Club In action the mlmeographers are Ferdinand Rutter and Robert Kessler Jeanne Galstad Bernlce Burns Marcna l-letzneclcer Third row Clara Kampschroer Ruth Krlsmer Kathleen Mangner Service us the lqeynote ol the club One ol the prime requlsltes ol each member ns the desnre to be of servtce During the past year the Busnness Club has mlmeo graphed over WOOOO bulletlns notuces and programs The programs lor two plays ll poverello and l'lanseI and Gretel have been turned out while the many hundreds ol retreat bulletlns and boxnng programs were hnlshed by them also Ruth Jehlen, Clara Kampschroer, and Kathleen Mangner have assisted the publtcatlons as statl typlsts The Business Club has hlled a vacancy ID Aquinas extra currlcular actlvltles, and an doing so has rendered almost untold service IDIESIIIIQIE IFUID SIIZIIQVIIIZIE .. .. .. Page 48 w'i , Mg, ef ' A 2, Q l N ,,. - l 'L , Af. '1 ' V , . . . A I 4 i . ' I , A . , . , a' I The typists are: Fnrst row, Mary Crowley, Ruth Jehlen, lrene Roralf. Second row , V , , . . l , A , . 1 4 , ' 1 1 - - , t. ,. .. .. . i ,J Removing chemrcals from the cupboard and readwng up on the preparatnon of the experrment are First row Edward Glroux Marguerite Dugan Wallace Stn tmater Elleen Wuensch Second row Warren Burke Joyce Bantle Marian Krlsmer Robert Welssenberger lrvln l-loch Standlng James Schaeffer Albert Roesler Robert Kloety Donald Larson Nlarlan Krleblch and Betty Zernecke Partlcupatlng rn a speed test Seated next to board Vlvuan l-levntz John Pltz Mary Jane Conklin Jean Tanke The student with a dlrect or an lndrrect knowledge ol the sciences ovvns the rudlments ol llleglvlng information Aqulnas students, serious mrnded at the most revel chlelly rn the various phrases ol physiology which undertakes a study ol cell structure, organrsms, and bodily mecnanrsm n the larllung helq ol dl :cu but enthralling physics vvrth nts dehnltnons and theories ol equrlrbrlum gravuty p ane rncllnatlon density a G the atmospheres, but Aquinas students qlscover the greatest delight I Chem s for alter all Chemustry IS the most romantrc ol al sclences ID its laboratories the student IS lree to dream and t the same trrre to make hrs mind stronger better .. .. .. SISWIEIIQS 'Ulf l in ,an Janwce Brown Nlvddle row Thomas Nlcl-lenry 'Vlary Ann Urban Thomas Pretaskv Front row James Runnvngan Jerome Joseph The Art class hnlshes up tlwrr fvork lor rl-me day Standwng Earl Kauffman Carl Bock Thomas Qprtz Seated Catherrne Becker Ruth Krlsmer Rrta Rudolph Edward Seubert and Richard Wright e Phys cs class studues up on wenghts and measures Standung Genevneve Flemrng Berto Richard Wlggerr Robert l-llnsburqer Ru h Jehlvn and Aaron Husmann and greater Art and mathematncs are sisters to scnence, but or thesetwo,artappearsolttlmesthemorebeautllul andthemore acceptable to Interested students because ol that leelrn ol creatron that IS a part ol art mst as vlevvung the lnesl' with an exhllnaratlng aspect IS part ol the creation con' pleted Mathematics necessitates a bnlllancy ol mind and adept abrllty ol concentration Mathematrcal brarns are Few bat many ol the ev- ha e felt themselves nourxsheo IF the algebra geomet y anc trag c asses at Aquinas A CIIIENCE Page 49 Q 7 ' X 'I x ' J L, . X A ' f l 41 I ' . dv' ,ff Y T, ' A . XZ' ' f' id , K , . rl N V 'K 'fu f . " 'xc RQ, ,',h.,. w ', during Algebra Class are standmg, Jeanne Tulloch Margaret Costello Leo Potarckle Donald Roth Wllllam l-losklns Robert Albrecht Seated John Schubert ,Angelune . . - . I . , . . . . I . . . f I! . . . k . ' " 1 - ' ' 'H' It - ' . . . . . , . . . . f Q , I Q g I A I I . . . . l 1 if 1 r rl ' S , , , . 1. . ,m - . i try! I , . , ' , , I F V, . I . . . r V W . r Y r I d 4 . ' X , , I I . E , I Drum Major Marian Brown Flys! Row D Shedesky K Delag ave I2 Stouvenel J Wolle J Scholler Fr Prnron W Welch Flheep R Wuensch D Dolezel Junior Drum Manor J Asfoor Second Ro C Becker G Flemrng S Crargo M Hafner M Greene C Nagle L Banasllm M Houllhan C Stephan D Rathburn Third tepprng hugh wade and handsome their bright new blue and gold unllorms, the qurnas Band directed by the Rev John prnmon, made an appearance equal to therr erlormance Through the cooperation ol the Aquinas Guuld the uniforms were bought wrth a serres ol entertainments The band also spon Row M Korlsh l. Albel M Kelly E Olxflelll M Nordengren B Zerneclze B Behr V Hass B Roesler F Novacek T Hendricks Top Row E Allen J Formanek W Semsch B Brrnbaum A Wall rasper E Seubert H Birnbaum C Strregel J Rusche sored a caleterla lunch ID the gym and paraded lor student lnspectron pictured below IS a new feature ol the band a corps ol twrrlers, which leads the marching band Father pinion IS trarnrng a group ol grade children rn prepa ration lor their entry into the hugh school band Page 50 ID ID IESS IDA IDA ID IE .. . Prnro M Brow J Asloor Greene C Nagle M Hafner S Cralgo l. Banasllc l l 1 I 1 , r S ' 'A' , ' , " in ' ' ' N Fr n , n , ,M. ID UMV5 Ulf A Song IS the oldest emotIonal abIlIty ol man Undoubt e y early In hIs lIle Adam sang a song ol thanks to hIs Maker through the ages man lookIng lor somethIng more satIslyIng than mere vvords lound hIs aesrre In sono lor only ID song could he leel a satIatIng pulse and thus the MusIc Department at AquInas horal actIvItIes have developed to amazIng propor IIOUS ID recent years Now hve classes oller opportunItIes to begInnIng and advanced VOCdlIStS The laIry opera lclansel and Gretel by l-lumperdrnck culmrnated the year s musIc dCIlVlfl6S T e InItIal performance ol the GIrls Glee Club at the ScholastIc press Conference Introduced the lovely Ave Mana ol Gounod and Ve Watchers and Ve l-loly Aves ThIs vvIllIng and most able group provIded musIc lor the monthly meetlngs ol St FrancIs l"lOSDIfdlS alumnae assocIatIon and lor entertaInments at several meetIngs ol the BusIness Club ol the La Crosse VocatIonal School NIE IE lL VIDII CIES For the MUSIC Week program An lrIsh l.ove Song Dance a Cuchucha a d alm as the lNlIght by Bohm vvere compositions leatured by thIs chorus Tvvo JunIor Irls Glee Clubs under the dIrectIon ol Ister M Joella are mforkrng vvIth a hnal posItIon In the SenIor Glee Club In chorus durIng the year vvere VOICES ol the Morn by ChallIvor Q Sole MIG Amoroso by Boex, and AprIl Song by lclarelson The mIxed chorus clImaxed a busy year by provIdIng the choral background lor Everyman BesIdes Gregonan chant melodIes, the pIlgrIms Chorus by Wagner and Gounod s realIzatIon ol Unlold ye portals vvere sung GraduatIon musIc Included The CantIcle ol the Sun by Breu and Frauck s renowned DGDIS AngelIcus The Boys Glee Club SIDQ lour part arrangements ol Who s That A Callmg and a group ol negro SDIVIIUGIS The Choral groups have advanced and vvIll contInue to advance as somethrng AQUlDdS could not easlly do vvlthout .. .. .. Sl NIIDIQ I IHUIIQAIL CILIIJI FIRST ROW Jean Tulloch Luella I-larnes Margaret Jagad nsk Jean I-lol cky Jana Coughl n Carol Nagle Dolo es GrIHo d Florence Skemp Marge y Desmond Anne B Ieske Mary Jane Conkl n SECOND ROW Ma Ian I-lall M ldr d Cermak Jeanne I2 ley Qose D ne Erma Th mm sch Mare Kelly Cla a Kampschroe Jean Purdy Mary I-lengel Kath yn Wagner Luc lle Peck THIRD ROW Mary Ann Muetze Lorrayne And e Mar lyn Taylo V rgtnla N lson Ma ga et Reget Ge t ude St oeh Patr c a Glttens Do othy Serle Lorrayne Banask patrlcla Paper Ma y lane Bladw n FOURTH ROW Angel ne Berto Grace Besnouz Elle McGarty Ma y Gautsch B tty Sweet Joyce Bantle Beat Ice Kohslad Betty Wecker Do othy Kaul Ruth PItz FIFTH ROW Jane Mary Duffy L ll an Pretasky El zabeth I-legenbart Co rIne Kabot Vlrglna LaMont Norma Pender Sally Moran Marlo e Schlffer Rosemary Bro n EdItI'1 Wanner page 57 ll ll tl ' ' I I dl I I I n C I I I I A X J, . . . I . f N C - I I .. , In - . I ' ' .4 II r I I t. , , I. . I U .I , , II I , , . . . . f 4 I : I I I, I , rg r , rr r Il I r r, , I, If I I ' I V I I V - I V I ' 1 I I I H r I : r I e , , I , e'yI e , , r , , r , , I I I ' Y VI I I r : , II , i I r I I ' 'I , , , rI ' W. : , r, I r I ' e , . all I E l NUI YEED 'l2ll'I'UllQlUS s r FIRST ROW lheresa Perrchr Marre fxrlt Caroline fwlt Be mc Papar: Jane Wanner Vrrgrnra l-laas Ellen Dowling Lorralne Peryrslcy Margaret Tumanlac Marne Dahm Marqaret Roellrch SECOND ROW Gretchen Mrllrr Rrra Rudolph Ulo ra laaryrq Marr Swartz Puth Kr: mer Betty Docltrndorh' Vyran Lachrrran R tty H lb Esther Prtz Mildred Nordvngrvn THIRD ROW Dorothy Pathburn Marqarer Lynch Fern Dusso Elrnor Papen fuss Vallery Draller Constance Koch Me cedes Bal er Aqnes Potarache FIRST ROW Alice l-lrclcey Patrlcra Brerdel Beatrrce Nordenqren Mary Ann Urban rlonora lynch Marqaret Kolb lran Crna ,losvohrnv Woodg Arleen Naqlr la Vernv Yvaqrr Dorothy Fuchs SE OND ROW Eumcf D nslfy Ethal Zn-flrnskr Marran E 3 Vrrqrnr McCann Dorothy Stanvlc Dorothy l-lengvl Pos rnarre Bowman Hernrc Wrggert Vlyran Herntz Georgina Zerrnentz l-lelen Zelmentz Exe yn Weigel Natalie Hem 1 FOURTH ROW Ruta Smlth Dorothy Muvtze Myrtle Green Lorraine LeBron Pazy Kleteclca Mary Ann Stvllpflug Mary Ellen l"loward Marlv Qerfien Marr Addis Betty Zerneclw FIFTH ROW fxlors Poesler Fryrn I-loch Bernard Blrrrbaum B rnarcl Carroll John Schubert Robert Werssenb rqvr Jerome Cycmanrcla Harold Kessel Poberr Qunnrrrgen l9aulF1nley THIRD ROW Marjorie Horst l-lelen Potaraclcv Mary Lourse Downey Mary Fllvn Brennan Frances rrqalls Ruth Ann Low-fll Dorothy Zarrrvr Shrrl y Crarqo Hvrty Younq FOURTH ROW 'Vlrldrvd Kottrrrer Anna Maw Putter Nancy Hyde- Jarrrc W b r lrreda Kenclhamrner Halen Jagodzlnslcr Betty Conway Pxrlerfrr Werqel Ruth Blcha Marlan Shlmshak Marcella Cleary .. .. -. tllUNll'Ull2 EIIIIQILS9 IEILIEIE ClLlUll3 Page 5? BUYS AN ID EIIIIQILS FIRST ROW Joy Ncfoy FrancvsDuQar1 Qurh Qunnn Alum? Colhns lrvrw Offs lnskx lanch Hvr zfvldf J an Tankv Dorothy S own SECOND ROW Ma y Pos Fay Mad Inv Markos Vary Ellvn rophy Vnrqunua Warchak Lorrannv bds! rrvwmr Barry N vdbargkr Patrrcv Volk Dorothy K s 4 RD ROW Posvmarrv Srasser 5 Kvssel Bvtly Wrltrnger Mary McGaughay Mary Prra Gorman Irena Marcorv Adel Nvururzr Bvyerly Whrrp FOURTH ROW Vrrqrnua Hurzvnbuhlvr Dorrs Wovlkr Marxan tackowrtz Wren Goqqm Posvmary Baker harottv Prvrcv Gyn: Dondvlmqvr Kathyrn Knutson JIIJNIIDIIQ EILIEIE CILIUI S FIRST ROW Paymondrf yvn Pobvr Amundson Jov Taka! Wdharv Dwyvr Josvph Warvrs Quantum Swvrrwy Gvorqv Rvttrn J rrr Joseph SECOND ROW Charlvs On Donald Uhlvr Wrrham Amunds rr Warren Burke James fwbltz Donald Wsvrvcka Grvgory Hahn THIRD ROW Pobvrr Wacker Robvrt Krvuz Thomas Wrrqh Wallace Strrttmatter Lawrvncv Alhand Thomas Prelasky Edward Ryan Lvfand Benn FOURTH ROW W Hlam Burrford John Srmonvs Warrvn Bo 2 John Possum RobvrrQur1nlnq?n John Wall? Jos ph Var P Page 53 '9 , fs 0 ll al 1 I 1 s L, I R V r rr ' 'L WO , 9 ' ' Q , r i W J , V B 2 S2 , TH' : , , E Vw Q , : . . , T ' Y Y : ,V , , V : r I V P S V' C V r r r , sf P FIRST VIOLINS Jane Becker Rnchard WIggert Dorothy SeIler Florence Strasser fXlIce OsweIler Joseph Snyder SECOND VIOLINS Beverly Dohlby Phylhs Janlcowslu Me yrn Konsh Donald Uhler John Slcemp Lorralne LeBrun VIOLAS Betty Sweet Ruth Wsetecka Ruth Qulnn Teresa Penchl MarrIanne Bayer CELLOS Mary Ann Paul Eleanore Skemp Bernlce Bahr Lorrame Andre Marguerute Youth has been vvantonly lascInated by an orchestra tIon ol some DGIVZ melody a chorus ol vIolIns has carrIed mIllIons ol hearts Into helds where angels Wall4 the care free Flute has charmed away all that mlght cause care, the exotIc cello SIUQS and hearts srng wIth It Why? Because the orchestra has a power ol InspIratIon Invested In creatIon, advancement and beauty Nothlng else on earth has thIs power to such a lavIsh extent The AQUIDGS orchestra has been butlt Into somethIng the school mIght well be proud of It has cllmbed to the heIght ol InterpretIng the l'lungarIan Dances FIve and SIX and has practlsed to perlectIon the Symphome lVlIn Iature No Q ID D fVlInor by l-larold Johnson lhls years orchestral curnculum Included these lol Dugan Verona Goetznnger STANDING Outh lo RI9l'l0 PIANO Betty Doclcendorf DRUMS Jack SullIvan FLUTE Barnard Blrnbaum CLARINETS Austrn WallIasper NlarIan Brown SECOND CLARINETS Joseph Formanek Betty McCauley Betty Zernecke TRUMPET Howard Blrnbaum FRENCH HORN VIrgtnIa Haas TROMBONE Jack Scholler BASSES Dolores Anthony Marzan Hall lowmg numbers as Well as those above Song of lndIa by N RIFT'lSl4Y Korsalcotl, Dance by Smetana, CavatIna by Carl Bohm ln The lVlIll by Glllet lntermezzo by BlZ2f, Melodle by Frrml BohemIan Dance by Engel man, Danse Mauresque by Berge The entlre orchestra played lor several school assem blIes, most outstandIng ol vvhIch was the St Cecllta program on November QQ MUSIC for Il poverello was lurmshed by the orchestra and Included the lamous lntermezzo by BIZ6t Under the dIrectIon of Slster Nl Dolorette thIs most Important sectlon ol the musIc department has Formed a greater lIlcIng lor muslc durIng the past school year I. .. .. MUIJSIIIQ 'Ulf IIINSIDIIIDAUIIIIDIX Page 54 I : - I - , I 1 I , I I 1 I i I I I t I 1 3 I I I I 1 I 1 I 1 4 .I , I. . . . . . . -I . II i b , . . , I 4 4 .I , II 4 II II i ' i i 4 4 I. , II , II 4 II . . i . I . . ' I , , ' , II II X . . . . . .. .. .. IDIIQIESS 'l2'UNIFlIfIDIEN'CIIf Alter reglstratlon ID the press room the delegates to the 'IQ37 press Conference at Aquinas attended l-loly Mass In the St Rose Convent The attendance revealed almost hve hundred vvhrch lar more than doubled the hrst convention held here principal speal4ers Included the Reverend Francns Lelgulte S J ol the Queen s Work Reverend V1rgllMlchel Q S B vvho campaigns For a stronger Catholic Soclal Qrder Sister M Anastasia, 0 S l: ol l.lttle Falls Minnesota and Dean .l l. Q Sullivan vvlth a group ol journalists from Marquette Fathers Michel and l.eBuhfe spolce at the general sessions vvhlle Dean Qgulllvan discussed journalistic problems vvlth stall members ol various publucatlons The Apostolate Mission ol the l'llgh School press was Father Michel s subject vvhlle Father l.eBuFle showed the necessity ol a strong press to give humanity the right l4xnd ol literature and proved hrs statement Today labor and toll tomorrovv rest and reward g s M fa y Jc Scholl lla s d page 55 1 w . . , ' '1 1 1 - - '1 1 - ' - 41 1 , , . . . . . . ft . . . 1, , 1 . . 1 1 f 1 ' The dscusslons convnue at the luncheon table Father Lebutte Father Kundwnge' 'fr Q 'Su .1 van Father V11 rl and Nw CJ " a if er and W1 1 rn Humford consult Father ftrgul between 'ectures A tu ent snaps the Marquette student speakers "6 IEVIEIDYM AN 9" I mf Good Fellowshup CP Crowleyb gnves Everyman CJ Zerneclreb hns nad: tional offering Death CE Koopsb haunts Everyman The haooy wedding party QF Egan J Bonadurer P Kukolslcy P Wood ruff M Nordengrenj Knowledge Cl? Pauli and Beauty CK Burns Strength CD Rossi Fwe Wnts CM L Keoughj Good Deeds CA Crowley? and Dnscretuon CA Sollerj Klndred CM Maloneyb and Cousin fT McNamaraj AngelsCJ Holucky D Kaul P Putz L Banasulc E Hegenbart M Gautsch N Pender A Berto M A Muetze M Reget L l-larnes C Nagel K Wagner P Raperj Confession CE Bartlj and the acolytes CD Schmidt J Punnungan B SchamsD Riches CT Qunnnl and slave R Sexauerj Funeral processlon CM J Baldwnn W Dwyer W Welch L Berzns and P Burgemelr Page 56 z N 32' ll 3 P M 4 A P , , r , 'Q YL- 'xml H I t A l v l' A I X , X' . 1 .' 5 I A 5 ' Y '? ' D x : Ka' 1 sy ' I i ' , ' A l igiff ' ' C 5 M x,,.4,k sf ' XX .V . uw ll C L' l we C. . Uk 1' A 3 W :Y l Y , 1 E iff S 4,4mef14la4nl MMM ww wwf g ll 0 ll Jw,-w W 2EaLocfCL1b' 604' 41,- 39564714 17 I ML. L? S2 X ,I AJ- 0.112 '-lansel Grvrrl and thv Sandman LT Pvnchlb Hansel Cret l and th Wrch W3 Z rneclfel The chvldren and hw Dew fairy CM J Conlchni Th? Coon? Chlld vm danc on bemq frvfd n Pls d am pan cm Ballet qvoup of Dawn Fam Th wltchvs B Dock ndorfl D Mu tz M E Howard M A Stellplug H Ze neclcel Crawl fK XJVa5nvrDar1d Hansel CL Band IO orhvr P K sm r and lakh P Kms? N IHANSIEIL ANI Elllllflfllf Paqe 57 L , I . ,. , ', If auf xj .llll 1' Z7 ' . .. ff if ' ' ' ' ' V QL . , lv I h ! I 744447 Q 0 1 ' lf . 9 I - P , 4 2 l ' ,V pl 4 J -' A l ' uf ' , .1 Q , I fv I , fl I f - , H - D , , ' - 7,1 . , alll Q .- I Y in Y AL, ' " W 1 ' l Q Q I' ' ' V .t ' V 8 si . - f 3-.EXW ' 2 " , I 1 A I-'L' il," K .1 W A s pf K1 , l : ' 6'9" X E rl , I ,, ' K S , J V V ' 2 A 2 l z ff k ' 0 es P -2 A ,Q vm ghe rv' va wmv - M Y K' '1 QD Q" l 'Sf' i'i' 4 '!'! l s Clearrng away after the luncheon are Dorothy l-lengel Anna Mae Putter and Elaine Oldenberg Catherlne Wagner Marie Hafner Shlrley Melcher Ellen Dowling Ruta Quinn Florence Monsoor Dorothy l-lengel erect thelr stalls Luculle Wakeen Marran Krenbnch and Ruth Ouunn wonder at thenr sales were good Alrce Oswerller and Dorothy Zanter relolclng that no beans are left Gathered around the stands are Florence Monsoor Betty McCauley Catherune Under the leadership ol Kathern Wagner as president Catherrne Stephan treasurer, and lrene Rorall, secretary the l-lome Economics Club has progressed for the past year Foremost among nts actlvltles was the lhanltsgrvrng luncheon given to beneht the musslons Ar that time the entire student body thronged the gym to buy and eat the l IUSY IHANI S Stephan Florence Strasser Bette Keegan Coach Moriarty Jeanne Garvey Vrrgrnua l-lutzenbuhler Evelyn Weigel lrene Roralf Eleanor Lucey Marlon l.eJunne George Schneeberger Dorothy l-lengel Ellen McGarty Adella Olclenberg Jerome Blaschke and Walter Becker Catherine Stephan and Florence Strasser examlnunq the work of Bernadrne Beyerl Helen Roratt Alrce Osweuler Betty Nnedbalslu and l-lonora Lynch are cutting out therr Fnrst garment Mary Wakeen and Vrvuan Sybelden pun the hem In Geraldine Kessel s smock delicious dishes Booths were decorated by the various vendors and by vote a rose covered booth won greatest admiration The sewing completed by members ol the club ID cluded a leyv beautllul lormals, a number ol serviceable smoclcs and Wash dresses, and many pieces ol clothrng lor children Page 58 l , , r r r .r Y , r r r r , r r f ,, , r - r r r , . 1 , Can It be 'Thou aft my Slster Death Far own From Heaven s hxlls to set me ree? LITTLE POOR MAN L C6 1 'Wy I 1 3 3 L i 1 1 1 1 L I M ,V I x, X 1 1 rf, 5 5 4" T' ,mfg ' . "ar . , 'f Lg, 1- -u., , 8-'F' , , , , . . ji If I 3 I - f H gf 71 1 5 ,1 1 I I 2 L Q OFFICERS: Hy"-1 Slzmp, 1dmZSWdlE, fd.v1rd Qrrvr JIIUNIIIDIIQY AX 5 Top Row Mvrcvdvs Hahn Posvmary Balzfr Joycv Band? Edward Banasnlr Nan? op Row Na y El'vn Hvrrvatz raw A rs LrNran Alb N Ndrrdn Brown Ev Y vrna 1 Second Row C h H2 W 1rr1n 1wr r 2 1 1 rr Lf find: son Second Row P 1ssrdy Pwv Lorrqyrv Andr Q51-rv vm 1 OW Posvrv f rofvv Bottomflow C own Fr r so Fnbom 1oNd Ar o om Row If rf ML W1r2n" And-'rson Bonadur-fr 0 Row Anrw F1r11frw J 2 h rngrw f rfarvf rar' op Row 110 f P-4 Q N31 Nd Jvrv Fwrfnq a1n Jogfrh F, V mann Second Row J wr C 1,-A 1 Second Row -1 nur U13 Z gbwt rwskv B1 nard Hmm dum DQ gvhy 'Agp Wemvn Jovo I fnc ' rv 1 pf W fm may Jays n 1r Q rw Bottom Row EN rv , F4 1 Bottom Row E 'vor H HH: -' aFfsrvmr1r1 De GH , 7 , ' 7 1 1 T 1 rf G Bw , P B , , 'r b dd 7 r JT B K : 4' wrnf' Q c ,r F! H ' H2439 ' Ayn P ' C ' : emi e C .' 'M Eu'-7' f r , C' 'S V 5 ff Br , H r fd C rr ' ,af Fi : a' ' Y' ' 71'-f A " D N 'fs ' "4 r wvz Pwr-1 B ti : X"4a C r " ffm 2 oe fr V' AN1nd VVS 1 -fi J V' T 9 I . , JFS 5 50, , , J,,:,,,, K T ,J -Mgr DOH, T , f Vg ,, ,. ' ,. Ed ,d f,.9-, Q,9f1,rlf,,.3 , i1,,'-1,11 " V 9 f '.r,'.f ' r '.'1f:,w -2 Du, J Q wg 'my' : c'1feF1ffk.-f Pgbw' Fw pz. ffw DWP f ,rf Doo 0 : Qvsjw '41 "fi JV:"1"w 'Q rd Jzefri Forvw 'faw T rw ' 7 D 'fa-9 XJVrN1'd Fr - nf rr Fo VJ? 5' 12' L,:rl z "f'df"Cr : w ov- fc QV rv ,Mo fn!! ng Jaw' '.'1wfJ,FH Fr Pcv'3Eq1n '-'aw : -2-'H 1 Cna 'W 'fa'3'v '1 1-' 3"1 Jwfwerx F 115-" -'rv' Y ' , ber' L1f'1V1m 5 ' . Q . . B Q A 0 . ,41- Q , , 1 I '31 5 Top Row Eryrn Hoch Kelly Audrey P-lusnan Second Row Marne Ke y Kaur Do O hy Krhw Boiiom Row PP-ryN4 s Ann '-Mckfy Tneres HMV' rck F Hd OWU KQSSJ Aaron Husmenn Mary EM Row Qober' Lund Lou S Krareyysxr Dov S C noch John Larson Ao nd Houfrh n Que Johns n o o zcond Row I2 b rr F dd M rr Y rbrdn zar mv Ko s Lada rr r 1 rgare 15:2 ns Gy r 1 I Bodom row dyyard Marcou Qoi cl ky AUQQ fy a cou op Row Esner Papdcck P fmond end! on Po ar Padrslfy Prc ard Q y x w d Rudolph J 'rn Q nerd D Rossuter Jawws 'Now n Mon qsmsry Qabe Nice and L. nn Don Wd o '1 Second Row John Papacfk Jam fa 5-fy ayrnond VN df mars Much .zzcond Row F oraif U ran Prvrd ky Vvannf' 0 Om Row Fun U a y nn Ffqct V NA d No d V111 u Gunn OVOYIWY QGVNUU " RGW' J U4 Worrarw In 4 o Row Narorr duff a nn C: nan nar Scwbrgrxr To Row P Jgq Roy Younu Po Wzrss b WH am Wadd n Mack Sono!! rary Ann Sie! rrnq W gm Y eccnd Row D for Tuma Doro ny S rand We! ace S 'me Qutrr Troyan rc Second r an r ar rnec 2 U s We H Ne ty Sk mp JMW, ofiom Row John Cx mo tty Tod! 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Nd 3 U 11 41 L '1 . 1 DO" . 1 1. , f, ,,, ' ' ' " P""" M' E" l""'d J' Iuiic .a11:11'.1 M11-1r11.. : 1.51. 'ff 'owns' J 1t1'xxXf-21" ,,Z'1 LEW- ffcn: 'XL-171 VS'-K JV-'mtv Bm, '11 XXX .: : H-V'v?ww.11'1 F.-rw - ,ww : J: 1 f . K -1 X 5 w ,C 1' "sw, ma l 51 F1 Vlewri 'Q .fri Vfwc. 1 l'i7 ,, FRONT ROW Coach George Schneeberger Bernard Welgel Robert Hale BACK ROW Herman Huebner John Quinn Adr an Yeage Robe t Padeslcy Aaron Husrnann Harold WoodruH Thomas McNamara Ccaptalnj James Haclcne Harry Faas Edward Banasulc Harold Kessel Bernard Sclbo ski Howard Ploof Robert l-loeschler Robert l-'laclcne James Doclcendorll W If d V Although the clnder season ended with no wins and records were brolcen Who were the best? This was answered IH the unter class meet and the Junuor class was proven the winner Howie plool a freshman, proved has worth and lound hnmsell a place on the hrst squad The lollowlng meet with Campuon the Aqunnas men were the guests ol the Academy boys and also were the losers to the tune ol 36 to 90 ln thus encounter two all tlme school records were brolcen by lorn McNamara, lor the TOO yard dash was reduced from 102 to lOl seconds and the QQO yard dash from Q3 to QQ 7 Cn May ll, Aquinas lost to the South side public 1 re ertheln Jerome Sclborslr lf IDA C Ili l-llgh School Although Aquinas was strong IN dashes, During the lollowlng weelc, Wlsconsnn Rapids played the part ol both the host and wnnner l-'laclcner brolce the broad jump record ol QO Ft 55 uns Aquinas lost to Logans cnnder loclcers by one point, 55 to 56 l'lacl4ner leatured by wrnnrng two dashes and the broad jump The natlonal traclc and held meet at Notre Dame lndlana loundthesextetolhxfoodrull Husmann l'laclcner, l'loeschler 5anny and McNamara IO tenth place For natlonal competition Aquinas lost the 880 yard relay run by one tenth Ol a second Page 67 : , A , , : , , i r, r , , r, . ' A, I ll 0 ll 4 four losses, it was not a lailure. Four all-time school they were overpowered in the Field events. f l , . 4 1 . , l I I , , , I Q . , . . 1 2 x -.f . 1 .J: I g l BOB ' HACKNER Left End GEORGE MORIARTY Athletuc Director - and Head Coach GITTENS Center PETE HUSMANN though the 1937 football season us far from being the most successful season Leltlaclzle at AQUIDGS, It can certainly lay claim to the honor of being the most unusual season In the history of the school 4' When the final Inventory was talcen at the end of the year, the record showed that out of eight games played Aquinas vvon one, tied three, and lost four more BOB The unusualness of the season lles I0 the fact that the games that we were expected BANASIK Rlsmhd to Wm we dad no more than tue or suffer a defeat from our opponents ln the flnal game of the year IU vvhlch all but a very few expected a defeat, we won from a strong Mllvvaulcee team 'l4 O The varsity show off their new coats Flashy stuff eh7 But the boys were just laying lor hlm followed up by Ed Banasrk Could those disgusted really not backward A pass nn the Central game which lncldentally Ctlredl expressions on the faces of assistant coach John Fay and head was completed Here he comes around the end Smear hum yells coach George Moriarty be attnbuted to the lac! that they couldnt go the crowd and he IS smeared Note the quarterback Tom McNamara to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs7 Page 68 jj! so 7 l , , 45. r r s A .. l . . ,' ,XY ' .' 5 .I , t l f , - I lt? -U""N.1 A gg off' JIM HACKNER ,Li " 'N t rt Hall "9 Caorarmn LA. xy 1... 4-'L r-.J The season started out ol town at Dubuque, on Sunday Sept l7 with Columbia academy lhe game proved to be a predlctlon lor the coming season It was so evenly waged that It ended ID a nothlng to nothing tue Closely lollowlng our scoreless tle with Columbia on Friday of the same week was a night game and was won by Logan on their own held Q6 O Campion was our next stumbling block playing on the Teachers College held vve lost a close contest 7 O This game was very close not In score alone, but IU the many times In wh1chAqulnas came within threatening the Campion goal posts FRONTROW P Woodruff J Rorah' W Vertheln J Larson B Carroll R Lund J McGovern G Hackey M Fntzpatruck L Groth SECOND ROW J Padesky Assxstant Manager W Stanek W Brssen R Padesky P Padesky A Yeager E Kaufman C Bock C Brlnkman B Scuborsku H Huebner T Burns manager THIRD ROW Coach G Moriarty R Stuvenal T McNamara H Birnbaum T Sumones P Banaslk J Hackner Ccaptam J Cycmanlck E Banasnk J Melde H Ploof Rev J Prltzl Faculty Manager LAST ROW F Funk W Dvorak P Hackner W Becker H Faas M Addis E Guttens A Husmann H Hogan G Tlkal 04" l',L,f' , 1' ADRIAN YEAGER lullbac WALLY BECKER Pg Gad MICHEL ADDIS Rlghx Tackle TOM MCNAMARA Quarterback 1' page 69 un . hw , aj 4 , ,,,, -. I f 'A' t . - A X 4? L 'A 'Q 5, X , lt, .A , . ,t gg, . g J ' 'Y , ki , A D 'u x g V gh! a r came a crushing defeat at the hands of our Northside opponents, Logan. The game . . I . . I I A I v . I g . A . D! I , , V V I , .V I' I , ,- JOHN SHUDA Rxght Half TOM SIMONES Rrght Half BANASIK Left End BILL DVORAK Rught Tackle CARL BOCK Full Back DR M A McGARTY Medical Adviser Mnx a nlght game and about a mllllon gallons of water and you have the settlng for the McDonell game which was played at Chlppewa Falls, and whlch by the way, was won by Chippewa pardon me McDonell 13 7 Next nn lnne came Edgewood of Madnson, whnch was also played un a very nrce mlserable raln at Madlson The Goldclads got off to a beautlful start ID thus game by scoring a touchdown In thus furst enght minutes of play ln the third quarter, a lad named Ken Vllctor evened up matters for Edgewood by scoring from the one foot lane Score 6 6 Cn the following Sunday afternoon The Team journeyed to Winona to play Cotter hugh The game was played on a beautiful, warm day and together wlth the warm afternoon sun and the unrnterestlng game the majority of customers fell alseep over the O O tue What IS this a ghost team'7 No tt s only Mr Schneeberger s freshman team all lined up to have their picture taken Cotter nearly blocked that luck when Aquinas played at Winona but the Fleet toe of Jlm Haclcner saved the day Carl Bock has the ball Just continue that stralghtarm Carl and you wlll be In the clear Of course lm not counting all those men who arent on the photo A welcome rest In the game with Campnon at T C held Doesnt Ed Gnttens Cman facing cameral look too cute wnth has mouth full of water7 Page 70 Ji En, Bm JOHN FAY Lune Coach The Central game proved to be one ol the most thrilling games ol the year Aquinas coming within one loot ol a touchdown In the last hlty seconds ol play The old nnx hung with us however and our ellorts were denied, loslng to the Central squad 7 O A scheduled game with St pats ol Eau Claire, lell through because ol program dnlhcultles and It began to look like we would have to end our season wrthout a victory Two weeks later however alter much dlckerlng with Messmer hugh of Milwaukee a post season game was hnally played failed to ehfect the splrlt ol the student body alter the victory which they had been awaltlng all year came at last It was a game which more than made up lor the previous seven games, and a httung clumax to the season Pested the boys run out of the heldhouse during the game wnth Campnon Tweet tweetl The referee s whnstle blows as the Avalanche rolls over a Wfnona back Who s got the ball7 Who7 That s rught Tom McNamara and It looks as sf he s gonng places Father Keegan John Fay Coach Morxarty Bob and Jum Padesky cheer on the Goldenclads an lense moment WENCEL STANEK Lrft Guard DICK PADESKY Left Gua d JEROME CYCMANICK Right Tackle JACK MELDE Fullback EARL KAUFFMAN Left Tackle 1 N' Page 71 . ' 3. s ' N . bg V ' l 5 4 3 a A I N .D . -. . . U, . .' T I s GA 1 . 5 . ' fi? - i - N2 ' A r cr all S4 . V . g D V as N . ' 2 'mg '- h 2 Q. 4- . ,, 3- 0 X l - C to . 3- 9. X Q.: , K ' rv 1 O- l A O D . . . V Q - QT fi I A . sq ' ' Pl , . 2 ' Q ' on I Q. Q4 14 9 . 5 Q N , s 2 3- N 7 ' 'N The AthletIc Department opened and closed another season of baslcetball at AQUIDGS March Q6 marlced the years hnal chapter In a rapIdIy growIng hIstory ol the popular vvInter sport The pages labeled 1937 38 reveal ny InterestIng lacts and detaIIs ol athletes an games A record ol 'IO VICIOFIQS and 9 defeats deslgnates a rather balanced season lor the hardwood DGVIICIDGDIS George lVlorIarty toolc over the relns thus year and through I"IISUf1fIVIf'IQ ehforts IS due the success ol the past baslcetball IBASIKIE SEATED R Nl Nl J A Yeage STANDING Coach G o ge o a ry I2 Lo o season Attera few short vveelcs ol Intense drIIl the cagers were turned loose and made theIr InItIal appearance on a IoreIgn court agaInst VIFOQUG Ihehnal gun Ioundthe Avalanche VICIOVIOUS Q3to Q'l led by Al Soller senIor center who claImed'l'I DOIDIS A Few days later the Gold Clads repeated theIr performance of the VIFOQUG tIIt by masterlng St John s ol Rochester ID the hrst home encounter Bob BanasIlc paved the way to a 1911 VICIOFY by battIng In 7 poInts JIM HACKNER ADRIAN YEAGER AL SOLLER BOB BANASIK ED BANASIK G a d Fo a d Cente Fo a d Gua d page 72 X , The successful Inst tram. : . c ann, I2 Bueslce I2 BanasIlc .Shuda r. : e r M rI r , , well, A. S Iler E. Banasllr, IZ. Padeslcy J, I-lackner Manager J, Cputz - 1 ma ' ' ' d , . . 1 1 4 u r rw r r rw If I lf IBA IL IL lbs' se cond mar' appl cami ic' ni 1' fy ai a Glory Fira: row, M Fvzparfic- H lan' H Wadden, I2 Padeslfy J llovaffl Second 'ow, J Sciborslfi H Humlord F8 Dv: lf t'ynn ltiird row, Manager H. Dvorak December W7 found Aquinas battling and defeating Cotter l'ligl'i 3O-18. Al Soller again cliallced up 'll marlcers lor evening lionors Five days later tlwe Logan quintet from tlie nortln side turned bacl4 Aquinas by tlwe count ol QO to 78 a n p and tuclc tussle Splendid ball lwandling and Floor vvorl4 fvas exlriibited by botlw teams Bob Banasik and Soller sliared lionors witli 5 points eacli as tlwe Alumni inspired by Greg Keegan and Jolin qv paul, edged out tlwe sclwool boys Q5 to Q3 Central mastered Aquinas Q9 to 16, and not until tlie following weelc did tliey return to tlie victory column by defeating Caslnton Q5 to QQ paced by tlie l3anasil4 brotlwers Bob and Ed Repeating a victory over St Jolins 36 to Q5 tlwe Avalanclie moved onward and swamped tlie lrislw from St patriclc s ol Eau Claire 30 Qi witli tlie aid ol Captain Bob Banasilc s 'll markers bl X P Fdti ao oi s d Padsy o ay Page 73 , I I ' in ' i - . I f , . - V Q A ' 'I 1 - ,. s. . , 0 .11 ,uf 5, 5 I . . i , A l 1 Heres fb t you itiouid Pic-rv' dint' foam 'Jo' afw r,zin': ou' rv i'1rwCf'adf by no' a"e' fo, vnof. 'Mr P-'ir',"d ar- Van 'r Pad eff t'1f1'1"1IT:'icL:.f lfob-"' n a pw ., 2 fi1"4'YO 'tie a"ifr'.fi- playwz A stirgv' prawv brlor-' 'tw gan' i' Benazir and Pictifd adeilry in ew nv n1f4"n-'lrztwamir all inf' ' qlO'Y egular routine N in ll l-lne Nami iw ianasib an 'No e is C nhsing Cl ss elif' V Bob Padeslcy Bob Br1esl4e John Shuda Ed Glttens Tom Slmones AI l.owell Bob Banasllc Al Boller Ed Banasllc Jim l-laclcner Ade Yeager Bob McMann Clyde Brinkman ashton Fell vlctlms for a second time Q1 12 but two days later the Avalanche met defeat at the hands of Coach Hoffman s Camplon Academy flve 1911 on the Campion floor The following afternoon the team journeyed to Winona and was upset by Cotter 3316 with Calhoun doing the heavy scoring for the Mlnnesotans who made rlght a defeat suffered earlier rn the year The Blue and Gold played host to Vlroqua the night of February 1 The lnltlal quarter was faurly even and ended 3 all l-lalftlme found Aquinas In the lead 11 5 the third quarter 1914 and the final Q8 Q1 with Bob Banasllc swlshrng 1n 11 points Three days passed before the quintet turned ID sts outstanding performance of the year on Logan l-llghs court playing ll4e masters A ulnas led at al trmes baske of the 38 s ac y t lvlcCo hey J oh n o lm Q1 Sch e e ac ty manage Second o W D o o sle P ta ac Ma gne e ll T Nlcl-l n y Ade Yeager, AI holler Ed Banasulc, nd Jim l-laclcner Final score Aqurnas QQ Logan 1Q The Gold Clads bowed to Central 35 to 19 Captaun Leroy Gobls paced the Cass Streeters, whsle Bob Banasllc once more upheld the Aquinas forces McDonell Hugh vaslted here and returned home on the short end of a 18 15 count but the tables were turned when Campion vlslted and took baclc with them a Q0 to 11 victory The Morlartymen left the city Friday February Q5, to invade the courts of St Pat s and McDonell on successnve evenings havnng previously defeated both at La Crosse The first night they met an unexpected defeat at the hands of St Pat s Q7 to 14 Bob Banaslk scored 13 out of the teams 14 points to prove his worth as captain The next evenlng the story was duplicated when the Avalanche lost to McDonell Q7 17, closung the season and marlcnng the last performance for Captain Bob Banasllc, Al Soller and Jlm f'lacl4ner Briefly summing up facts Aquinas scored 399 points to Its opponents 413, and had Q31 fouls called on them to therr opposltuons Q13 Page 74 Freshman tball team, wlnners '37-' La Crose lunior charnpuonship. Front rowg Co h Ferd Pi z, J. Pltz R nag , . J nso E. Ryan, I2 N va , E. Kroner, 7. n eb rger, f ul r. r w, v rak, R. R e r, R. Jerue. S. Pavela, T, re sky. B lc row, T. n r, F. Kru ger, P. Lowe . e r . The following is a ranlcing of the varsity scorers. Coach Moriarty used but five iron men: Bob Banasilc, ' - - - 118 ---- B A , ' 5 ' . - - - - 71 ' . - - - 7 ' ' , . ' ---- 59 .-.. 4 ' - - - 55 ' ----- 4 ' - A - - - 49 ' ---- Q 1 A f - - - 16 ----- 1 ' - I . , ' .. - I ' I w . . . . I 1 . , l , ' ' ' r . . - l . - I . I , , . . I . . . ' i , q A I ' . ' ' ' . i..,- ' splendrd Intramural team called the :rates L Burns as one of the s veral teams W n the gurls forma O ert W rl r agerrrewr W lssenberger P U WS C3Vl'1dh V10 dS VVGVCJC Hyngpl W DWYW T MCHNWY an over fellow cornbatan Wvnnrv tanrks lnea S all rrgnt Va v Says Tom Burns as he snakes hands vvlttv ebov P1 ea wr n n lcol OGrE! norfone fdVY N'cGarv dF'VV '3f0U5l'1 SU Ol ZVVUS Cnarnpron rnrramural eam tl'1 Huskres 5? Nlcfonagbev vls a K t al fwasa mao G F A soortthwsvear er roner XX! Dvo ar Pawla F Krag ov 1 ln adclltlon to tlwe major sports ol football basketball cage curcuut a boxing team tennis and golf bas year a group ol energetic lresbmen beade bv Steve pavela anc tltleo tbe lvffasnnngton l-luskles coppeo tbe nntramural cage crovvn Dunng noon b Jrs tne vrr was a popular rendezvous lor c:l'1lZfIf' Fans oxlng was annexed to tlwe sports pr r rf tv Co cb ornarty and proved to be a lafornte lor an ano parnc :pant alike outs benng lweld N ere a crowds were seated lbe team was deleateo but once, edonla and Loretto eacln twice no La Crosse Vocational ool once B rnard Ca roll e l33 c ass was nstantlv an be 3 mt rmn or anot er pucnlfst who knofvs bon to t rr ff puncnes Q JVGVWQI' montlws FOUUN AQJlmlkZS on ffl? VQUVTIS court vvbere a C Y tennis wrnament N s ne o lor o s anc' gurs and rranv a nap v ,Jr N f spent sta ents just seeking outdoor rfcre tion ournarnent For gollers was also sponsored b C Y Page 73 , q x 5 X . . in , . , - I Y V .9 t, A , , P , e . n:n 1 d I2 b sg 4 d l G gr , R ff V l th "yell: Jrm Qu. kwluf'sB:r arrols V K V E h a - S Q a , 1 M Tn 5" av, l'ttle Fun 'tw Jw Hack er t lldn ' ' l I k ' ' be ,. 7 N 2 jwm's Y ky' tr N r ., t , V 6 ' dj K Gfbsebl' jr X He EK , 'lg , WQVXJ aJprtz , . X V Q J and track, Aquinas otters to tbe students an intramural atter meeting strong glove tlwrowers from Virooua, Cal- . .I . X . IV . K . I 6 J 4 T Q d Sclv . e r in tb F lb cl' '- I b I If H l N X co ' t limelu ht along ' b E l-l ob, J v - w r X r r -t L at sq - - . - " . - Ol r E 1 ,t -E c an lb -A ' c, l ' ' , o . , . 0 r tot A c X a- l l B ' t ogar, a bv ', "I, J l p to a- , by M' Qol ,- rd ' 1 at .Arc ,l ' ' i b ' X in tbe gvf' b l'rge s X X v . .CD SIE IDIT IBM II3 IE ID Cong at I to sI Roy S tny cong at Iates VI gIn a LaMont o pIac g th d In stat poste co test h ch he pI ced I2 oeSkep ofanatoaedto contest looks o A snapshot of Fathe P t I Co ch Mo a ty B shop G H an Fathe Kund nge e co ng M Mo a ty to AQ on the day of h s a Caa K pscho ssesashot Bs n e ares h s In o s rI h u u e ast fe avs befo e the fall te m one ed B shop G If sa d I-IoIy Mass on th op g d y of schooI t athe s I-Ie be and I-I e atte d g CY Jea ne Tuo ey ed to of the 38 T p 5 0 Mons gno Redd g a fe hne po nts abo t th book ADIWNAS IOALENEAJQ AUGUST Seems IIke every year AQUIUGS WINS more contests Now, VIrgInIa I.a Mont, Roy Smutney, and Eleanore Skemp succeeded ID wInnIng prIzes Coach Monarty arnved to take over athIetIc dUtIZS SEPTEMBER 8 WIth aII due soI emnIty school opened Blshop Grrfhn oI'Iered Mass wIth sermon that AQUIUGS mlght prosper another year Camera man Bob Funke, Iooked very OTIIICIGI Ieamng over the baI cony FIashIng Ilghts at us SEPTEMBER 9 Tra Ia Ia back to schooI we joyful students I m sure go I-Iappy7 I II say we arent ThIs bemg a senIor Isnt very Iunny when you have to InsIst the IreshIes are wrong No there ISD t any eIeva or No, there Isn t any 709 you must have read your program wrong th snt the gym Its the press room No thIs Isn t study perIod, It s Speech Class SEPTEMBER 10 Aw heck, look ed and Iooked and Iooked stIII dldnt hnd pot of goId at end oI rambovv but found rambow AI umm dance coIorIuI In pastels SEPTEMBER 14 Qnce more the SodaIIty met, but thIs tIme everyone joIned SEPTEMBER 16 The cutest COHIFI FIre you ever saw You see we just burned an ethgy of Logan and danced around the Flames SEPTEMBER 17 Logan game we Iost SEPTEMBER 18 StIII mourn g over defeat SEPTEMBER 19 CampIon game we Iost SEPTEMBER 20 StIII mournlng over defeat Oh mIsery that IS IIIeI Page 76 'CHINESE CAlENDAD AUGUST 14 Mass and Com munIon marked the begInnIng of SIsterCharItIna'sIong avvaltedjour ney to the Qnent The psychoIogI caI eFIect of the streamer net work that took aII mInds off embark ment A stateroom hIIed wlth Flowers and QIITS and maII proved one of the most thrIIIIng exper Iences of my IIIe AUGUST 15 Mass and Com munIon In the SocIaI Room A scheduIe was hxed For meals and pIaces Two mIssIoners became sea sIck The hrst IearIuI whIsper of whether or not to try Shang haI was started and the deck charrs were marked for I-Iongkong AUGUST 16 A calm sea SIster heard that the shIp mIght be Forced to ManIIa whIch muddled the Idea of any destlnatron at aII AUGUST 17 FIV6 Masses In one mornIng Met an Interestmg Pres byterlan mIssIonary bound Ior I-Io nan ProvInce I-Ieard that no pass engers were to be taken on at Yokohama or Kobe AUGUST 18 StIII no sea sIckness For the MISSIOHGFY I-Iow IS schooI regIstratIonf7 I-Ier hrst conversatlon VVItI'1d Chmaman Weather stormy, PosItIon near the AIeutIan Islands AUGUST 19 Everyone asslgned to a IIIe boat AUGUST Q0 A rough sea Slck passengers and slck crew FIre and boat drIII AUGUST 22 Shanghal out oI the cjuestIon Cholera and hostIIIty In Japan Where to? Three Masses and Commumon The Captam s a Cathohc StIII no sea slckness She dIscovers that there IS nothIng FascInatIng about the ocean and that It IS the thought of Chma that Ieads her on AUGUST 23 A tour of the shIp CaptaIn dIscIosed to them that they wouId not go near ShanghaI In formed that Wuchang could be reached by dIsembarkIng at I-Iong kong and traveIIng by raII AUGUST 24 CeIebrated by pIayIng soIItaIre Sea guIIs Two days tIII Vokohoma AUGUST 25 Warmer weather Four whales and a schooI of shark General TODIC at sea The Weath 5 . . 5 A ' ' ' II , , ' . . '7 sf . . I - I . A ,A " , I ' My " 1 I I I . . . . . . , I r - . , . . , , V . 4 . I - A ' , . . I N . . I . l . . . . O, IS I I - - - ' . . I , . 1 . . S . . . , . . . I . , I . . , . ' , . . I, r uai n ,mu r u r ' i - j n In ir a e r n In w I a ' - First, wh'I Elean r m , winner i n I I rIaI A n. . . rrIz, a rIr, I rIIn 4' . d r I r w I mi r rI r uInas I rrivaI, . . " In ' ' I r am r er mI whIIe BIII Ise d mon ' str I rwesotecortdrlngthl Wd - r r n . i ri in i e enrn a , I . wi h P r r r amm s n In , ' Nan n m , i r ' rum et, h ws h A i r In w i u e . , . , If ' A IUIFDIIE IDA ID IHS 'UH IINIESIE CA IL IE N IDA ID e tlme Its vane war AUGUST 26 We seemed to have dropped from the North I3oIe to the Equator Everyone attured nn white or Inght cIothung Again the problem of where to now shows nts Face No malI Iet out of Japan Ioo much censorshup AUGUST 27 Mass at hve The thrlII of entering a Iorelgn harbor Doing the town Io yo ns In spots beautnful Imper:aI I3aIace narrow streets ox carts babies bicycles and BulcI4s It IS sad to see thus Iarge popuIatlon obIlvlous of anythlng except eIcelng out a Inv In AUGUST 28 Refused a stay clty because of crowded condl tlons Decide to stay two days In Kobe ChoIera ID I-IongI4ong AUGUST 29 C nceI a stay ID Kobe Nothing monotonous about an ocean voyage during war time The Sisters from IVInIwauIcee Iett the party for the lnIand Elrst rlcI4shaw rude surpasses any other means ID comfort AUGUST 30 Not even a stop at Shanghai for refugees Now IO danger zone AUGUST 31 SeveraI hundred mlIes from Shanghai dodging bullets Presldent I-Ioover S S bombed IerrlbIe heat wave SEPTEMBER 1 Iorrld zone I3acIcIng day ArrlvaI at Wuchang seems lmposslbIe and a Iong walt at I'IongIcong Inevitable SEPTEMBER 2 Ship covered with IIags that Japan might have no excuse Another boat dnII 362 mlIes to I-IongIcong Deep an torrrd zone one grand eprdemoc ot amaIgamatlon when It comes to butter zinc oxnde and candy SEPTEMBER 3 Entered docks at I'IongIcong at ten ocIocIc JunIcs held beggars and the English pos sessed shores Indian OHICQVS Ian Icen to stay with the IVIaryI4noII Sisters untrI further posslblhtues SEPTEMBER 4-StiII no way out of I-IongIcong. Stormed I-Ieaven for a quick arrivaI at Wuchang. SEPTEMBER 5-Sunday. Last com- panion oI Sisters IeIt for Euchovv, Lecture and a tea through the courtesy ofthe Jesuits. page 77 p S yCh t Slihl 'lD'Clf'DII3lEIlT2 Slcemp inte IZ h s E cellen y B hap Muench of No th lfalota hen h spoke at A1 was last Octobe nothe com t e Speech Club em es nso d thef o t e seass I dan um I-e spoke at the P ss Co fe e ce last fall Recog ze he s at ep es t ho attended lu cheo at cnoo 3 th P ess Confe e ce Th ic e sale spons ed bythe Apostol c Committee fillwg s cc ss Caefu Jo n do tdopyou p 2 1 . . I l Q . , , , I c . . ' a b 's f 'll is . . . - t . ' , ,, C ' .. 1 f ' Q d l l ,- I' - ' in H .. H , - . , . 1 4 - f . a I ' ' as I h - - . . . - H , l H Richard Crowley, Nancy Jelnne Tuamey, and Eleanor r 1- A 2 first dir raid . ' rv' vv fi x : , is r Z ' , vt e ui. r, . ' ' . . . A r rnlttzf, this im m b r, who T I I ' spl re ist mixer I h n, U n i S mer." ' - I rz n. r n , ni him? T U - A D V lt's Fat r Le Buffe, S. J. , . . ' ' I . . A h ofthe r r enta Ives vt n ninth ' T . . cafe s ' I durin e r r n , V A ' ' e i , or i ' , was a I 'l i. H u e r I, h , n' r iel - . . ,AUIWNAS 'CA IL IE N IDA ID OCTOBER 6 - Bishop lVluench spolce in assembly. OCTOBER 7-Entire Sodality en- rolled at the Cathedral. OCTOBER 12 Footballers gave banquet for Coach Moriarty All the food vanished including every ltsy tiny olive but they did Ieave a few slrvers on the table OCTOBER 14 Wool Wool Saw all heap braves wing squaws round n round Which is all very fine cept this squaw had her toes everely crunched on by one of said braves Owl owl Otherwise Speech dance a success OCTOBER 14151617 Su dents reveal intense ability to leep While teachers held con vention, Aquinltes were still safely tuclced in, recovering from over tu y OCTOBER 19 Ju let sez, Romeo, my Romeo wither art thou? Romeo sez l'lere I art lVlodern version of play by Gingles players OCTOBER 20 And ye editor sez Gut to worlc on yon calen dar I sez nothing OCTOBER 22 Dr C Smith gave pay with himself al c ar acters, David Crockett OCTOBER 24 Another game yes, Rosie, you guessed it we lost Cotter victorious OCTOBER 28 Sodality held first general meeting OCTOBER 29 What a dayl As sembly by Eucharistic committee Notre Dame players arrive in town and Aquinas played Central Nope wont say a thing about game Not a word cept was a good game but we lost Page 78 'CMMNENE CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 6-Labor day. Still no Wuchang in sight, and nothing to do but pray. "Good Iuclc to you starting school tomorrowl I-low often I am with you in spiritf' SEPTEMBER 6 Afternoon At two o cloclc heard that she would depart for Wuchang by plane the following morning SEPTEMBER 7 I.eft I'longIcong at nine and arrived at Wuchang at two in the afternoon Visited the dispensary, and met the children the Catechumens and the coolies SEPTEMBER 8 from early morn ing I did little more than mal4e the rounos of the compound Even the pigs were not neglected This morning I baptized four children two girls and two boys lo say that apt: m or me was a thru putting it mildly I actually feared my heart would stop beating SEPTEMBER 10 A trip to I-lan ltow today where I registered at the American Consulate I-lad two baptisms before I left, but missed the rest SEPTEMBER 11 First lesson Chinese I-ler teacher is Lay Shen sen from the local seminary She is very busy so much so that she can talce only three lessons a weelc SEPTEMBER 12 Visited Mother Dominica s grave At present it is a heap of ground hidden by weeds three feet high SEPTEMBER 13 Visited the pol ice station at their request I-lad tea first, then five minutes of ques tioning in a conversational mode before being registered n the Wuchang directory that she had ever experienced at three In the afternoon Noticed the complete change in the life of the place which stops and folds up during a raid SEPTEMBER 17 Went across the river to I'lanlcow l'lad trouble with the riclcshaw coolies over a penny difference in fare SEPTEMBER 19 Visited Notre Dame school and hospital and met the Bishop Again had trouble with the coolies, who, because the Sisters refused to pay them five Ch th g de o d ry o peool t 'II IH II N IESIE 'CA IL IE N IDA ID cents more than the usual fare called them stingy people SEPTEMBER 21 Nanltlng under Jap bombing and raiding grip being three hundred miles away the mission at Wuchang was warn ed of a visit That evening received two letters from home never lcnew they could mean so much OCTOBER 2 Namesday the hrst in China Celebrated by an air raid the .laps desire to possess an electric company and a cotton mill and the mission is between the two ln a more gratifying light the day was really celebrated with hrecraclcers a spiritual bouquet a letter from home a picture ol cut glass from her charges a program by the children and fruit OCTOBER 3 Ar the Shrine of St Theresa patroness of the mis snonaries OCTOBER 4 A paclc ol mail from the States a small celebration in honor of St Francis day played cards and bought a three cent toy mouse as a booby prize Had l-ligh Mass in the morning and sang St Anthony s Mass OCTOBER 5 .laps held baclc by Chinese planes a few mules from Wuchang Near enough to frighten the Seople and prepare them for a ras OCTOBER 'I A continuation of air raids That part ol city getting the worst of the raids Compound hurt very little so lar OCTOBER 9 Anniversary of the deceased Mother Dominica The people yell their prayers aloud at Mass stopping only at the Con secratlon OCTOBER 21 Mary Chen left the mission for America Visited the airdome which had been bombed the previous day OCTOBER 25 Ar two In the morning a terrible raid which shattered doors and glass windows in the boys school The ,laps had been loolcvng for the cotton mills Discovered that salest places at such times is the ground Floor OCTOBER 26 Air mail letters from St Rose and Aquinas No recreation lilce that of reading them Has been there seven weelcs today OCTOBER 30-More letters from La Crosse For Q4 hours after each letter we live in another world OCTOBER 31 Feast of Christ the King Church Filled with roses and lilies A chance to discover how a Fluent Chinese tongue sounded at sermon time Expected a raid Rain hindered the Japs and e lieved everyone else Congrat ulatlons lor the Trumpet All Amer ican and little note on e Page 79 humor in Ed Koops Column Fav orable NOVEMBER 1 Spent in much the same way it would have been spent ID the States Raining hard no raids .laps have no bombs to waste NOVEMBER 2 Trip to the cem etery for memorial to the dead postponed until next year because of rain NOVEMBER 4 Received word to transfer the Sisters quarters to the second floor of the school building NOVEMBER10 Movlngbegan NOVEMBER 17 Stll no su Anyone would feel sorry lor the coolies walking barelooted in the wet cold streets NOVEMBER 22 First sampan ride The most worlc is done in the ba alning If your price is n cents it tal4es about a half hour to bring down their quarter Once on she and her companion were the whole show to numerous ven ders and curious people who tallced them over not lcnowing they understood NOVEMBER 26-Spent ID malc ing bandages for the wounded NOVEMBER 29-700 new ma chine guns arrived for a try out A lear of bandits has set in because C techumens, in the inese sun at noon ..., e ar n ath ..., lnside the lspensa th the sort F e Sis er Charitina loves t erve . . . . An example of Chinese archi- t ture, and Sister, who understands why it DD s as it does .. i , . - K' . YY I , A . - I i ' ' . I I ' I - ' - 1 . . , , ., f . 1 I . . i . , , ' 1 . V 7 A v 1 1 ' 2 ' 1 , . - I n. f ' . . - I - . . . . . rg ' ' . ' ' te i ' , . v , H . . . , . V I . . . . . , 1 U . ' ' I I . . L I . I A ' . ' ' f - . . . . . , I d . . . N 'UW IDM II3 IE Il? 4 .'-4 Fr W S e aI Aqu boys pack th e a d mag nes th t we e collected du 5 the p pe d 1 e Let s Dance was the name of the er and her a e p ct red a few of the comm ttee that made the dance a I1 ge success Ger trude St oeh Marge et Wadden and He ma Huebne e amine books that e e d splayed the I bra y du g the an ual Book Week Conn e Koch R ta R dolph a d Me IC Kelly port eyed the oles of a gels In a proga dedicated to St Cec I a oIaYed by Marla Baye He e we have 5 Is fom the Home Eco omlcs d pa tment d plays 5 their wa es a sale the p oceeds of h ch we t or the pu chase of the e d 3 room s te AMD IU Il NAS 'C Il'I ll N IES IE CA IL IE N IDAII2 NOVEMBER 16 All week long stacks of paper kept gettlng hngher and hrgher When Friday came they either had to sell paper or put the students ID a dufferent school So they sold paper for the mlsslons Sodaluty drive prosperous NOVEMBER 4 I3 I A organ ized under name of Aquinas GUIIG NOVEMBER 5 I-Iey Jose phune dad Bob White Whls p r IU the Dark to your? ets Dance mixer held decorateo with popular songs NOVEMBER 11 Armnstlce Day the Seniors marched and the rest attended the assembly dedicated to those who are still over there NOVEMBER 15 20 Even the Iowest form of student had fun ln Book Week thus year Contest In Nursery Rhymes and Famous Tales and Iubrary displays amused every one NOVEMBER 17 As a clnmax to Book Week Red Rndlnghood, lnny llm Tom Sawyer, St Paul and many other characters Ilved on the stage for a brief time given Ilfe by English classes NOVEMBER 22 As she praised I-Iam by song so dad Aquunas praise I-Ier ID the program of St Cecnlna Page 80 CA IL IEN IDAXIIQ of the mlsunderstandung the more common Chlnese has of American wealth A Inttle later Received S50 for bandages from the Government which must be turned over to the Red Cross We have no bandages and no hope for any Our baggage stlII IU I-Iongkong DECEMBER 5 Chinese asked t evacuate cuties If possible Go ernment offlclals entered the cuty Iughts out Reminds one of the play war days of childhood DECEMBER 'I A catechumen takes seriously III asks to be baptlzed DECEMBER 8 Excursuons on a beautnful day to the Beggar s Quar ters Perboyre I.aud, and on return one of God s Ilttle angels had ue DECEMBER 9 A man drowned while trying to catch the ferry Wuchang under martual Iaw, peo ple across the street ordered to move out DECEMBER 10 Gets the Aquln as News We are assured of Slster s contentment DECEMBER 12 Eight belated letters from La Crosse DECEMBER 15 I.oveIy fall weather raanlng clouds dns so ve DECEMBER 18 Practice, work practice more work, new church to be dedlcated on the feast of St Thomas DECEMBER 21 Solemn blessung of the new church, very human Chinese make noises ID church some one s discovery DECEMBER 25 Flrst Christmas nn China, a cablegram a Christmas tree, and all round happiness for one day DECEMBER 28 First group of refugees from near Nanklng DECEMBER 30 Twenty sux more refugees, they are the Iovllest people JANUARY 1 Bug supply of aur manl, a check from Aqulnas, war pruces ruse to astound r. M 1 1 14 r . , 4, , 1 V 5 ' "...s 2 A I I . f - .- ' C, 'I . . . ' ' , v- I 5, , . . I,-k.,,, . ,I mg' i - - V, 4 I 1 D . 4 . .. 1, , -' 1 -'I "F, x 1 - Nt., f X . J V . , . I ,, Q ' 1" I 1 , X . . 5 'L W4 H ,AN I , . X . xii! 1 ' ina: 1 . . X? v , ag L, 4 ,, ,W . ' , ,Y I .. A I. , If , ., It , v ' 1 A I, .. I ' , Q , L .. . , ,, H ' I d' d , . i Q , ' . . W I so W . . 'PIR 'F 1 . If I . , ' - , .. H ' ,ff I I 1. I A I - 4 ' tmtsam I E., .. . , D f ev r inas e pap r n azi a ' Y rin a r rv .... 4' ' " I I , , , mix , e r i u h I u ..,, - I - ' , Y I Y , r n r - - ' X ' W r i in i r rin n . ., i , i u , n ' ' - ' ' ' r' r r n ' r m , ' - ii , ' n r .... r , ir r n ' e r is- , In ' f in , r w i n f Y n w mln ul . 1 - ' I . . 5 h I2 II'I Il N IESIE CA IL IEN IDA ID JANUARY 4 Went to I'Ianl4ow for baggage another terrible bomb F1 JANUARY6 Twenty nlne more refugees Now near the hundred marlc Bombing ternble Jap planes seem mvmclble FEBRUARY 5 Close of the re tV2dfS FEBRUARY 7 Everything IS green IH the garden We thanlc Go . . . FEBRUARY 11-First Mass on new altar. Roses for Mass from the garden. FEBRUARY 15-Eighteen girls, all orphans, come as refugees. FEBRUARY 18-A terrible air raid, over two hundred people IciIIed in Wuchang. 'X Congratulations from the MIDLAND RUBBER SHOE CO. 508 St. Cloud Street LA CROSSE, WIS. Boutonmeres an Artlstlc Corsages SALZER'S GREENHOUSE Phone 12 'lth and Adams page 81 ID IBC IEMQ IB IE IQ AMD IU II NAS IDAUT IDD NS Y I V O t 'CA IL IEN IDAIIQ DECEMBER 3-Started basketball season by winning last game against Viroqua. Score-93-91. DECEMBER 8-I-Iurrah, First part ol Trumpet oll to printersfonly Five-sixths Ielt to arrange, DECEMBER 910 Practice lor publications' play DECEMBER 11 More and hnal practice lor publications play DECEMBER 121314 II Pover ello presented We still remember the phrase We ve Flowers lor our Erancis hell see them when he wakes All actors exhausted lor days and days DECEMBER 15 I-Iave you heard Edward Koops just won a Q III and Scroll Editorial Contest isnt that lovely? DECEMBER 17 Photo Club re organized under the Reverend Steven Andrel Look at all the little birdies DECEMBER 23 Christmas assem bly the play given by speech students was I-Iis Thirty third Birthday Johnny Skemp gave us some nice iuicy gossip about a lew ACCOUNTANTS A. J. Bruha, Public Accountant 408 Batavian Bank Bldg. BAKERIES Erickson Bakery 390-99-94 5th Ave. SO. Featuring home bakery-baked i itary bakeshop. Exchange State Bank Pose and St. Cloud Sts. BEAUTY SHOPS Compliments of LiI's Beauty Shop 409 Rivoli Bldg Marguerites Beauty Nook 515 Main St CABINET SHOPS Paulson s Cabinet Shop Also General Contracting 1819 Denton St CHIROPODISTS D H E Protz D S C Room 911 Rivoli Bldg Phone 746 for a visit To the foot correctionist CLOTHING STORES A D Tabbert General Merchandise Corner 10th and Adams J C Penny Co I-Ioeschler Bldg Quality Always No seconds or imperfects at any time Caspersen Dairy Phone 3038 J 1 507 Loomis St Modern Dairy 501 So 3rd St DENTISTS Drs Downey and Serstad 9nd Floor 398 Pearl St Dr L W Gittens 910 Linker Bldg Dr J D Kelly 409 Rivoli Bldg Dr M Leinlelder 417 I-Ioeschler Bldg D OUV Sdn- - . - - r. . . , . . . tl 1 4 P 1 -W . U. J hn Schubert, Howard Gi les, George Freisinger, irginia U A I - I L Mont, and Georgia K rish pu the finishing touches on scenery I ,, I w ' ed in the pla , "II Poverellof' A . ry Ellen Anthony and Peggy O'NeiI warm themselves by the , b , d . . . ' I place that was put up during the Christmas season in the rlstmds presents to 6 VCCQIVQ . I b ary. r A . , . J y Blaschke has an evil glint in his eye, watch your r - - ' I F ther Kundinger. A ' , , S ta Claus CJohn Skem I eerns to enjoy the attention he is ' ' ' - . iving from two expectant coveds, viz., Irene Kranc and Ina i . rne del. I I . ' -' ' EI nore Skemp, winner of an Edu orial contest, was just about ' A I t take a book out ol the case when this pict was sna e . - f N -.I ,N - E I D S t ond this vacation I-Ieh hehl DECEMBER 27 All ye merry Aquinas carolers visited yon hos pitals sanitorium and St Josephs I-Iome Perhaps a few hearts are a bit more ioylul now C' Dr J M Splka 418 I-Ioeschler B g DEPARTMENT STORES E I2 Barron Co Corner 5th and Main Sts The latest fashionable styles in clothing priced correctly Wm Doerflinger Co Corner 4th and Main Sts Twenty Five stores under one roof IContmued on Page 85h WOFTIZVI S th th e Ch D A ce W Stf I y 'C II'I II N IES IE 'CA IL IE N IDA ID A IIJIFD I3 IDA ID II'I S FEBRUARY 20 Experiences at the hospitaI with Russian Com munlsts and socialists FEBRUARY 22 Lifted to the cIouds an American FIag Sang American songs Why do they mean so much more to us in China than they ever did in the U S A FEBRUARY 28 Summer heat Sunburned, on the way to the hospitaI MARCH 2 IerribIe eIectric storm Rain turned to snow MARCH 3 A pathetic scene of refugees pIeading not to be sent Further inIand and of exposulating police MARCH 5-Chiang Kal SheIc is sues orders to combat Commu msm in China MARCH 8 A strain over the whoIe staff one room for small pox another for measIes a third for pneumonia Overcrowded con ditions MARCH 11 Foreigners warned 6' Gdf?f to vacate cou ntry ,-3294-lf H-,Q-19442 MARCH 13 A boy of ten years C died of pneumonia MARCH 14 Bombing for an hour stations In the chapel and faIIing sharpneI MARCH 15 I'IanIcow air drome IaIIs to war Both Iavender and white IlIacs are in bloom MARCH 19 Baptized thirty ref ugees MARCH 27 Thirty new Chris tians receive Confirmation One thousand IciIIed by bombing and about eight hundred wounded Few of us have ever seen a Chinese Easter perhaps none of us ever shaII But Sister Charitina wrote home an favorable terms after her hrst Easter in the Orient April 6-Is ChlIdrens Day in China For their enjoyment the re fugee children were given a bag P 83 Q5 "-472-4'!471Zaf2,:i anal .-bQSf-C411 s Ag Lfvz A-296. Lfl f QQ, 5s 792 -4568? ofuffsdf 6064- ffaa S24 70 eae.47?- jc ,J 0 god! g 71 74 7 4 Q4 0644. f A ajca 44 sffdg -SQAHAAQ .5752 401 Cizse 754- f9ci7f1.Jac da. czzfz fseeJer9d76., Z- Acgywg, 4- 060.5 ddr! 1:-ea.ueaQ 61220 Ldfffacaafwfaaj jaee, MJACFLQEAJQ QQQ, C9 25 5? inf ZJIU7 c -' If ,K ' I if 1 Af' 'E N Y r Q A" ' , 1 . I L, . 1 1 , ar .f w ' J ," ,J .' . ji. , f U v' , ,., 1 . p lr I ' 1 'ful 'Y I r 5. , I c I li' " W 4 I f' A r "Our Sister" wi e mother and soldier- father of a suck child . . . These charming Iittl inese girIs enacted a Iay in p t English , . , s ne of simple peasant beauty . . . I u children pla ing in dangerous, wet, brown streets . . . Boy and Girl Scouts, pleased to entertain . . . I . . , U 0 ,,- 1 . 4 - . I U 1 ' X Q v i . . . 4 4 I ' X ,- h . . . 1, :- . . 1 .- 1 , 2 , . ' . . Z - . A 4 0 .5 - - . , g 1 I , , y 1 4 ' I In - - aj , , ' ' l 5 1. - , , , 1 I , . ' ' ' Q ' LA. . I I I Q W I ' . ':', . W I V AID IU II NAS I JAN UAIDB csclas see o ou yJ gel?oyVAIstoh vedhm ecochges SOI S l ZIOZO O 2 O5DZSZd Fo tb ll Foo es ot an s sseo aNes ssAbosh t sasse s e ttheedo e frstse e e o sMIc Adds o o clcdblvle sbengheldbclcbyp Ilvlcltye kCo page 84 , . A Civ: s In t n dt C nt ud . r m and enyo I very much, V Th a rv rnstructrons a t hm s tha hav b d ne In regardt th humor u r nt - . tion, U o a Io . Our princioal has m her d hr nrecz glance over the Chrrstmas i u I the Aouun s W, Mr m r e olds several S udents' late In her hand h check th marks a n fth S ' ' ' r m st r. "G 'wayf' say 1 e I , as he ls ab ut I be atta e y rl: Anderson who, incidentally, A H n i a au n r and Duc r vvley. 'CA IL Ilf N IDA ID JANUARY 8-Speech society sped to Sparta lor convention vvlth other spealcers JANUARY 10 What d ya call utr? Is Itl'6dIfPH-IYl'1dt, my Inends, IS a braln coral just received Irom Father McGuire Isn't It cute or lsnlt lt? 'lvvas made by a lttle tiny vvorm What a vvorml JANUARY 13 Debate team plcI4ed from try outs Fastest tallaers an school JANUARY 14 Coach Layden ol Notre Dame spolce at the Aquinas Football banquet JANUARY 18 19 Shirley lem ple and 'Ilzzy l.1sh pranced across the stage and squeeI4ed at the audience The chorus gorlsthumped through their routine the Foot ball Foolles JANUARY 21 Nllsslsslppr players sang splrrtuals and Dlnah yeahl JANUARY 25 26 27 Retreat conducted by the Rev I3 Crumbly lor the second trme We all Ieel refreshed spiritually lor a tame JANUARY 31 Am just leaving lor Venezuela all paclced and everythrng have just heard gar demas are Q5c a carload there Leon Albert IU assembly amazed u vvuth hrs adventures ID at country ol South Amenca IDA1fIl2'lD Ns DOCTORS gm BEnnlenBIgllcC1artY and Eva I I Phdorewe T215 9 J' ff Dr J E McLoone Batavlan Bank Blclg Phone Q00 Dr B W Mast, 1707 Mann Street Phone Q91 Drs Simones Townsend and Gallagher Qnd Floor 4th and Jay Phone 89 DRUG COMPANIES Spence McCord Front and State Sts ENGRAVING COMPANIES Northern Engraving and Mfg Co 4th and Vine Sts FEED STORES A Grams and Sons Q17 South Front St FRUIT HOUSES J C Burns 109 Main St Phone 330 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Melford Nelson 1007 Caledonia GROCERS E W AUICDI 1315 Redhelcl Phone 808 Koller Stores 628 South 4th Street Phone 3699 Peter Muehr Grocery 1316 Farnam Phone 585 ICE CREAM Royal Ice Cream Shop 948 Mississippi JEWELERS Ralph I-I Young 329 Main St LAWYERS Hale and Slcemp 515 517 State Banlc Bldg CContlnued on Page 863 lava Div b g to th Iodo ytogt t con 0 B AIUTF D I5 IDA ID ll-IS WL XI 15" I J Page 85 cf.,--fs-w-H,--E 9' . , jj ff 1 N J' y -1' I ' 2 fl .1 " - I 1, A A 6 ' , ' ' A ,!'- . lk . .X A . . 1 ff -7 . P j. Y -, - I ' , ' .f , .X I J, . I , f , I A ,nu Q41 4 Alu maker-from which Ku Tung Kai . . . the street gets its name . . . Sister Cha t a d Victoria Thu . , , a nel hbor's house ...a bean Iactory.,.S1ster goes down e W to buy a boat- a frice. . . a ferry . . .the wa e around . . . above he on 4 U which the Japs try to bomb, bel w the convent arden . , .Sister Ceclline with Sister Ch t ' I at I-lanlcow, I I ' .' .Al ' ' 4 I Il L."N'. l J ." . 14,4 ' 5 A 1 Q Jn, Q tx I. f 1 - fxss,h, f. I . mf I3 H . " . . 4 Xt' 1 "id C ,U P x P KI 'Q ' . . - W A . v I A Q .. 9 I If f lv I F l lf., -, J x,,r,.-.. i":4,'V J - , I f A ' - , I IFIEIISIIQIUAIIQY bvp y ldd t We es s PpClb et e gp otT t 7 t D Y s oto s bes h peg ha 5 e ry h p AID 'IJ ll NAS 'CA IL IEN IDAIIQ FEBRUARY 3-Aquinas negative team debated Arcadia - Season starting rough. FEBRUARY 4-l-loly Father hon- ored by l-loly Trinity Sodality in program, The team played Logan at the northside and lost. FEBRUARY 11 Central game, yes, we lost FEBRUARY 13 McDonald game yes we won FEBRUARY 15 Free Day for those who sold II Poverello ticlcets FEBRUARY 16 President of Superior Teachers College de fended the study of l-listory and honored national defense weelc in assembly Senior rip roaring val entlne party delightful waltzes virginia reels and schottisches at the final united Senior Class fling FEBRUARY 18 Cushing Duo with classical music and costumes Campion played the Golden Ava lanche yes we lost FEBRUARY 19 D sert irlge given by Juniors to raise funds for P m Gym full of ta s women prizes cherry pie and ice cream FEBRUARY 22 Two period freedom in honor of Washington Page 86 TAUT ID 'ID N S N' tRKETS J. 1 Meat Marlcet C -kat Sts. We-st I venue Meat Market 1904 West Ave. South Phone 193!We deliver. Smart people are thrifty. Shop here and save. MONUMENT COMPANIES Vach-Werner Monument Co. La Crosse, Wis N EWSPA PERS La Crosse Tribune The New Tribune Bldg 4th and Cass Sts OIL COMPANIES Standard Oil Co Q0 Copeland Ave PAINTERS AND PAPERHANGERS Berg and Johnson 539 Main Street PHOTOGRAPHERS Mosher Studio Clsler 81 Shultzj 524 Main Street Quality Photographs At Reasonable Prices RESTAURANTS Belmont Cafe 111 North 4th Street SHOE STORES A N I-lammes 948 Jackson West Ave Shoe Store 1901 West Ave South TELEPHONE Compliments ofthe 5th and Jay Streets UNCLASSIFIED A Friend Junior League 1 I , . Inc. C 1 I l 1 1 - Father Andrel, surrounded eople who literally sold us - egazines in an assembl he uring Ca holic Press ek. - I-Ieini ' German Band furni hed music at a humorous e u ' F-It ssembly. ' ' ' Q the ro . ble , Richard Crowley assumes a serious pose while the varsity l-5 Cfoggg Tglgphong Corp, ba ers lit rally Iau h u their sleeves. CN e om Burnsj I ' I Wha, quintuplets. Yes, and all of them baske ball la ers. Thi novel stunt was u n in one ofthe Pep Club' interesti 9 and witty assem li . Again Fat er Andrel, this time with a grou f irls w o 5 ve I ' l nterestin talks on th anniversa oft e Po e. - . I , V V , I 1 A BEER, ls an extremely fine brew Only the best materials from both for ergn and clomestrc marlcets are used rn Peerless We are proud of our sanitary modern plant Visit us LA Cnossla BREWERIES BREWERS OF MERIT SINCE 1857 CARL B. NOELKE COMPANY RELIGIOUS ARTICLES Pictures Picture Framing HOME OWNED The Officlal Slgn of the WISCONSLH Independent Oll .lobber Bull s Auto Port Cparlclngj Sth and State Franks Auto Port 16th and South Ave Three Streaml neu asol s Hzawatha Zephy M P 400 Kendall and Empeec Motor O ls Cltlzens Independent 0lI Go P J YERLY P ARTM MANN Mg F E YERLY S BREAD ROLLS CAKES PASTRIES For Every Occasion R E G ET S Balce Rrte BAKERY 1713 Geo ge Pho e403 page 87 - . I 0 INC and I ' . . U LaCrosse Auto Port ---- 2nd and State . ' I i 3 i'e ' r . . - ' 0 i I I I I f n ' . . , res. c , r. . . , ec. M AIIQ12 IH AVQIUIINAS IZIHIINIESIE Q1 my Rchad Co ley Do ald Ross and Thomas McNama a the wn e s n a Fo e sc Contest held at Adu as Ma ch 7 1938 humorous d amat c and o ato y espect ely Recca l-lodgso gave the st de ts someth ng to gasp bout when she Sd e a de o st at o of fast typing at Ao as Ma ch as House Stanek d lron Ma C ol get ast u e mst uct ons fro Coach Mo a ty wh le Manager Don Roth and a Sro p of adm ng boxe s look on Aquinas st dents test the food and the new din ng roo su te lh the cafe Tinting was ca ed on by a ll ng g o p this year nder the dr ectlon of Ma geret St lp Doesn t Crowley look bashful th all of those g rls7 CAIENDAD MARCH 7-Donald Ross, Dick Crowley and Thomas McNamara won the Declamatory Contest, The fastest talkers? Reverend Ferdinand Cech, in- ternationally known philatelist spoke on his famous collection, laitany of the Saints ' MARCH 12 Debate tournament at Stevens point Wisconsin Affirm atives won one lost three while negatives reversed the same num ers MARCH 15 ln general Sodality meeting the Reverend Francis Ber tram State chaplain for Knights of Columbus spoke on the duties of Catholic youth MARCH 17 Sure and we had a band sponsored luncheon, and con cert and free time on St Patricks GY MARCH 21 The intense sadness and simplicity of Golgotha brought to life on the Aquinas screen The film is French made and called greatest biblican film in two decades MARCH 23 Contact contact hey l said contact' l-lm sa fine thing The thing wont run The A A A s second meeting and are our aernouts ever in the airl MARCH 27 My deah have you SEEN the Style Show? Wasnt it WQNDERFUL7 l mean the fash ions and models were REALLY' Page 88 CAlENDAD of candy, and the Bishop sent down seventy cents for each refugee. April 7-Because of an important victory, the sisters were Horderedf' to shoot off a string of fire crackers Three days later, Palm Sunday, and in place of palms, sprigs of ever green were given Aprll13 Was a great day at the compound the Aquinas Christmas box came in time for Easter, with two of the trunks the sisters had brought from America Many, many thanks to everyone who con tributed toward it Holy Thursday Abeautlful day of prayer Good Friday The church was packed with pagans, following the crowd But they knew l'llm not Your prayers your sacrifices God asks as the price of these souls On Saturday evening the child ren processionated in white lt was very impressive, and paved the way for a bomby Easter The whole day was one ofthe old fear of shrapnel and was climaxed by orders for the refugees to leave April 18 Brought another traitor plus the usual mob past the com pound And at night by full moon, the bombs of Easter Monday tell Ro es help the funny differences that are so definitely painful, those around the compound help take away the atmosphere of war l' - . I . 1 - ' X , '- . . ll . , H 1 ll . 1 , ' I w . . . . . . . -. ,, . . H , 11 . . ' 44 it . " il . , . ' ,sl ja,4fr'.t was , H -He W tr-mt y ' A if""2f L , f-.4 1 - I , A i r rw , n , r were - - ' l n r I r ni in r ' ' , f tn , r i r r r iv . l ' i A , , - 1 I n u n I a - v v m n r i n ' uin r A ' Q5. HG U an U nl' arr I mint ' r i m ri r i u in r . , , . - . , , S u 1 m i ' - ' ' rri wi i r u A u .4 - 'r ' r i . ' wi 5 . . A IU IPO 'IE IDA ID II'I S 1 1 . , I 1 L afl- , WDM .tax -. ,J u-- !f,'I4fL,f I 1 A IU IPD 'IE IDA ID IH S Compliments . . . 1 t Ay s '14!f , I, f ,J F '2 '4fl1 ilntl . 0 -.L ,,,'y, ' I' f Aff 9 V01 .57 J! ' l -45" , ,"L- 1' x ,Jw I THE In rf' I KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS LA CROSSE COUNCIL No 889 115 Sth Ave North DRINK 09121 Svtgle Lfmgvr GOOD SINCE 1850 ,Q R 4, ,mf x LA CROSSSOWN W W' BEER gif xx if fx AJ ?W'f1w 404 HEILEMAN s ff-H LA CROSSE was 1 page 89 J ,I X ' ,f,0,f I LQ., J ' y ,?!4..,Q' ' , , f X I V , I IJ. 4 ' 5 . ' Y M r M4 I P' ' , 1 ' , , , N . -H U n ,1! Q " , Q ' K , .,, A., 'R 1 ' K ' I X ' ' -x . I Q . g I in I- .. Ik In xx - V I ' un S ' ' N ' - I U . In-4, X -J Y I- , A J H IS' fd U 5 "" 2. 1 Q-A' 4 I ' I I f" ,ws I I I .I -2- 1 ' - if DAR I 4' ',0 gf! X K c iii, w' f I I I PM , G f . -J, V " ' . 5 limi ' 1, 'nj-1 ' f' J F' 1- if If- V' if ' -f if g ' X -E, ' ,, a., if j? ,QP j I Z- i ' gl-A Li! , X 13 , -' '. I , ' W W I ww' "I 4.-fi I A I ' 'IH ,.l 'LI' If ' ., I Q94--529 12 71 I 7' ,- fl A Q- 3.1.2 I I V!! IE'f5.,f3' I I, ' I ' 'W' vf0l,"u fl X I.. 1.3 I I . ' 5 i4VI,l Y wr . ' ' ff I X :QA , I V if I , ,J 1,7 1 5' IA f' Z.: , . , ' if I ' 7 5 I v I " A ID IIQ Il IL -4... .48-L Makeup for Everyman Jerry Blaschke James Schuth James Runnlngan Father Plnlon William Dwyer Father Hammes The mlssxon paper drlve about whnch the fellows seem a Ilttle upset Track season starts wlth the hlghyump Our offering for the play tournament John Rossuter Mary McGarty Richard Crowley Star of Everyman James Zernecke G APRIL 1 Aquinas news edlted by new editor, Mass Mary Ellen Ke y APRIL 4 Cloclcs started running on time No not a jolce a reality APRIL 1011 12 Everyman pre sented as annual Lenten play I-IoIy Week made more lmpressnve APRIL 16 Easter Sunday and the othclal announcement of Frdac Contestwlnners IfdytheIVIaeGraI, Fnrst, Eleanore Slcemp, second Tom McNamara thlrd APRIL 18 Easter dance and a grand case of sprung levers Oh It was greatl Flowers, music and a moon APRIL 21 After school social by French club Lots of people came to eat Ice cream and dance Glenn 'I Moms nn a scnentslnc assembly all about radro control and subrocroplc llluslons Blasts ol Iughtenung and gurl s screamed APRIL 29 Last Item on calendar and Iast day of uniforms Trumpet safely resting now at prmters, editor has collapsed statl col Iapslng too We prepare to rest on our hard earned Iaurels and abd: cate In Iavor ol the Juniors I9 S In case of necessity we're remaining around untlI June 'IO A IU If D 'IE IDA ID Il'I A A ,NIJ-f s-,YQ A , L Page 90 I-' Lvbk glu VI AIN x., JA. rd 4. Al. fur X I K ' 4 '05 w , J x e I I If 2 I 1 , . T ' ' . I . Y 0 gy. ' V . . . 'V . " 5. 4- Ar L U W at 1. 4 s - ,,,,. ., 'JA' I 'ri . k M , A M rf X V vm. x. - I ' I I' I 1 Vx 5, 1- I ' I g ' - , Ms.,- . ' ' L I' L- .s. fi , ' , is 1 MSL ' I - - - - 1 I' a ' -J I if E 1 " a,t,Z,mW ,lyy I I I A . I sm t. L I I f ,h X' ' R I. ,L . A T - ' O, 1... I ij i -K' . , . -.1 IQ' v e I - I D , H4-'V' 4 x . ' ' yi' x t ' 1. I I x I' . I x, L aff I ' . ,e - V K . v . X ,, - E . : ,. I 5 A M . . ' . ' A I 4 . X In I , X . . I . 1 I . F . ' , 6 -.. ' gl In y ' J . 5' - ' J . . . . xj Xi' . A , ,U ,X I , , . .J xl I x xx ,, X' . X, Y XX' Q - - - I I, , 1 , -L ' , I. ' I U 'l, . A I ' I ' W 4 - ' ' J 'Q , - O' . I , I . I I 1 ' I' J Jr ' , .S . pa . I. X : - - , " I X , I - . . ' J 1 ': 4 -. - Y, u . + f , I Sxsters Evangela Charuna Frances Therese and Nolosca wnth thenr catechumens Studymg Chinese Dedlcatncn day of the new chapel Before baptism catechumens have their foreheads blessed Peasants washing c'othes un the rlver The sisters se! out for Hankow A IU IPD I3 IDA ID II'I A 4 dir J fri 4,4 ,yt nffyv ff' 3 L1 M9-"'C,fJ P " M173 -:X I JV' LLYVYJ rv ,, J-20" x v I 1j"" rl V XL .,-f'v'w I +4-f D f In 5 L 4 , , ., MW 4 AZ A I I 0' 11, . ig, ' 111 1 I I 1 I 1. 1 . 14' 1 A 'v ' . , , , , . X . . ' . ' 4 I ., , n , 1 I v ' ' t ' ' , I , . , , f. . ' . .- ' ' , ' 1 t . sk If A , I I , , 1I' , ' III' e91x'f' ' ' I' EMMA n 'V I 11 fqrl ' J ,280 v"U 14" 1 ,VA Making corsages to dlstrubute to the dancers The stage decorated with Irosted pxnes and tall candles The committee decorating the gym SEATED James I-Iaclcner Jerry Blaschke Jerry Tukal Gregory Egan Thomas McNamara John Skemp STANDING Wnlllam Dvorak Robert Padeslcy Thomas Burns Robert Kessler Mary McCarty Donald Dennlnger Ellen McCarty John Rosslter Lorralne Banasllc Betty Slcemp Nancy Jeanne Tuomey A IU IFU13 IDA ID IHS Page 92 I- H. TIETZ I un. 'IES AND FEED 912 Logan Compliments of SKEMP CLINIC DRS A A AND G E SKEM T H A N KS DUATES I V- '3ERMAN S 'TUDIO I I to g I I W g J I I 4 y Jag I , I 5 I TEAC. :RS g . qial .Q 'S I' X ,- 'Nl .I .X , J I ' . - 4 I I nf .P . , ,ill II! VJ . A . 2 Q J J, ' 1 4 U I I A ,f,! L---" JANSRY ' BROTHF P R I N T I N G THAT SATISTTES elephone 28 28M 1011 Redfield St A CRCSSE WIS 4 . . - ALTARS R - Q yy y STATUARY and CHU CH FURNITURE m WOOD A and MARBLE AMW THE E HACKNER Co Second and Drvlslon RUSSEL J GILE Jeweler and Watchmak INSURE NOW' 118 5thA ot XJ A If you bou ht .Jules you lcnow It ranteed FANTLE BROS COD, You II Enjoy Shopprn at Fantles for SMART APPAF AND SHOEC C mph: T Prinkfngtgervpce 112 Pearl Street Phone 3 O6 LA CROSSE WIS Remember It didnt look lrlce ram when Noah burlt the Ark KLEIN AND SON Batavlan Banlc Bldg P9 A ' l O I ' A ll ID ' L ' 1 . ' 4 ' .- b,. V ' , 0 ' ' KT . fs, :,.f' I - f - ' . . . 5 T.. , . s V Q venue S u , . Q I . I , OL Q, b J 9 'f . l 'J ' ' ' V ,fl P f ' RY 'V 'VH f' - u . n . . L 1- , X 1 rv Wk? MVN J t l J . n 1 T. 1 -1 1 y X -ff ' A 0, . 3 ' P f 3 I I . '1 I VP! J , ,Q 4. X.. if . T ' I 0 'A' - . . S' V, lx ,JJ .Jr l " ' - , . Q a e 93 The Hengel Plumblng and Heatrng Company 817 Mrssrssrppr St La Crosse Was Phone 580 NIC J l-lengel Electrrc Roto Rooter Cleans Sewers wrthout Drggrng K I E N A H S EOR FLOWERS Phone 57 501 Main St NEWBURG S LA CROSSE S LARGEST MENS STORE Featunng Varsrty Town Clothes with the College Spmt Florsheim Shoes THE STORE OF TOMORROW' MAKERS OF GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS 107 5th Avenue North C THE PAUL LuTz Fu'R STORE CLEANING REPAIRING RESTYLING FURS STORAGE FURS 203 Mann Street La Crosse WIS Estab 1859 Phone 1487M page 94 A E ' Norris Kopetslcy A IUTFUIE IDA ID IHS PARKEN S ON DOCKENDgRFfVQJ wwf ?f5':f?2-'-' g,.,.,'z, fvfy' 'JM uf ,pm ARCHITECTS 'Riff' ff CKCOLA YVVMPIV-J.f'fv IN Bon JG Ji LINKER BUILDING if 'W I A CONDITIONING HEATING COOLING The TRANE COMPANY SCHUBERT AND STEVENSON ATTORNEYS LAW Page 95 1 I Q Compliments , K' ' '. T Q' I -. . O Holman fume: 3, CU " I T 0 ein Street ' ' ' A I I I . ' 4 ..4camara by vfvp '- I, I .1 anager ,Q . 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P36 ' A E' E' I , f I , ' I I " I 4 I ' 1 - 1 1 t If . . - . J,uf"' P"'fT's-'V' u ' I, f vl ,- -. K D I f 7' 1 v. 1, if - kv f. V ,SV N41 1 T f f 1 1 Tk yr T X - .J'-- N rl-14" I . . I ,ff , , " ' I -. ,Ma I , of Q- T' Q ul . J f 4, 1, e e 9 DR R B HORSCHAK PENTIST 517 Hoeschler Bldg Mount Mary College A CATHOLIC COLLEGE FOR WOMEN MIIWBUICCC Wlsconsrn BAND INSTRUMENTS lano Accordlons Radios All S1 25 Weekly HARRY R LEITHOLD 221 Maln St KEEGAN INSURANCE AGENCY NEWBURG BUILDING Complrments of THE MODERN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO La Crosse s Excluslve Sam Tone Cleaners WEISS SHOE STORE FINE SHOES Footwear that Satrsfues Fme Shoe Repamng Ph I8 QSR 733 Rose St KNuTsoN BROS DAIRY ICE CREAM SHERBETS MILK MILK PRODUCTS We delrver anywhere In clty Call 865 Well be there m the morning Page 97 A 'Ulf U E IDA ID Il'I 3 hx Nx QIQA-JJ J Pll4"""'ylMJ,5+ R' I I Q ,ax .S . 5 . I . I -.. S A I , , Y .1 ' I I 1 n Q xx 'P 9 I . . - l L: ... - . - . P' M IQ, Lx... sf I . 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COMPANY O Perfect Oil Division MOBILGAS MOBILOIL Q 0 A OLBERG Manager Home Owned Home Controlled OPERATING RIVOLI WISCONSIN " RIVIERA STRAND J V6 Compliments of BLASCHKE FUNERAL HOME 228 No 6tI1 Phone Page 98 ' A z va as . n 1 . I ' X A KA V' , X . O . II f 'I - I sf, I O ,Dj L X! I , 1517! 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LUMBER MILLWORK ROOFING Phone 408 51850 S1850 HOWARDS 112 So 4th Young Mer s Stylish Suits Overcoats Tuxedo s Topcoats The Young Man s Store 522 50 S22 50 DUTCH MAID ICE CREAM CO La Crosse s Leading Ice Cream Store Located at 6th and Case Sts Always 20 assorted flavors to choose from CaII 1377 for your favorite dessert GLAD MTU M315 U fir-eamkv ,L'Vf""'-Cfjffaf-fn! Qaiefulv P .4 QW aww I CO6 -AVA!! f 0044, ff! 1-4 D .IEHLEN 8: SONS Look at Youl Shoes yeloe 'N QSM m S Mme ennls Racquets restrung the nght way at the TIP TOP SHOE SHOP 191 SO 3rd Phone 3636 1802 State St Ben Senslce Pa 103 A IU IPD 'E IDA ID Ih 5 1 . jI1"' I W .1 4 . K '- ' . l 1 . ' 1 I I ' - 'I I 1 - 1 ku. t , , . - . 1' I I ' 1 - - I I f 0 I I ll . C H -I lggone lsgd s, 'r K N . i rl Q ' I . , V , ffl 4 f - 1 I, PV ' my - - W S lr ' P f I HP .Af I .fr-f' !! ' : N 1 151 . 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Suggestions in the Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

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