Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI)

 - Class of 1937

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zHQ?w ' fWf4M42Qw,LZff Xvlmiiff 02644 fiiwfwfupzz mfffw ' J-U f' U t x , 3f??fi5 ffwwfz fm M74.1 f WW? WM 72 - "MJ -4u4fv-4,4fJ W' ' X1 MM ,W afwciglmj - yffffZ'.d'Q ff-f ' ' WJ ,iff ,fx,Q5w jf-f 9 0ffQ I f' '4-.w....- fl! gfcfu ,My-ffl-f4:Lf XLAqM'ALQMbf ww, few jwLTWf,,3!,,I , KXQXZLC A nw4ff'f, LLM4 M ' 1214444 ' x ' xx' ' Q, 3 in i ,N L 'I H V ff ' -ex Wm G and ,Jew If K MM M N251 X . Nyy My 2544! x ' Q ,Aww Sify? fy WWW W 'ff x W WfWM f WR 3 NX ff W I -S Z'ZZ7 27f"P?11-f'7f'-0---.:y. Qwwiv-6yv?L5Y'30iQZ1L+?f.,uN W wupawlwiw, zpwfaj 5512 wget:-JL I 14Hk CLcWiQ QJMV Q X fspiwfyw if by A ff wf',ff : P wigs Q Q,.f' fQf Q Wf Q i'5,Q3 Evix 2 A fmi- SfNw?i Ng ??Qi?i?i?i Y gfmfgg? Sf? QNX? Sa? EHS mimi' XCifgN'Tx,ix34 ffiifiw gag 5 ,si wa QSQXTKEES' W 6 'N-is xff 'QT M51 fum F21 35 m fWJ,dffAf'W!Vf'JMW. wvifffwlwwwjfihf- Pj. S D MAJODWD 124 Smjifgfyfgwwa J 2 WJ f-v'f!J" f fafflfw Qjgiw QMWWWMM Wi My M W MLW M W "JLJMyMW?'f " Qfif 22297 f 64111 Hfub JWMWW1 31473216 T422 E132 .Wsf ga rumpzt ' 1921 VOLUME NINE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF .Aqumars Eigfj School ' JJ1. fl nremnr uiinrs-i I ALL, graceful, inspiring, stand the Cathedrals manis monuments to Godg God s channel to man-the official churches of God's ruling teaching and sanctifying noblemen-the Bishops What has witnessed more of the slipping falling and striving efforts of man goaded on forever towards that elusive goal of sanctity by the persistent yet gentle hand of a Bishop than the stones and splres of old Notre Dame? Down through the ages they have silently absorbed the atmosphere around them the holy zeal of the crusaders, the UI1lJl6II'llSh6d sacrifice of the knights. They have watched the strong and the tottering faith during the Reformation they have heard the cries of the faithful during the persecutions and now, though forever doomed to silence they hold vigil with the prayers of the world against the god lessness that is swirling around every country And these wise and silent stones and spires know that the triumphs of man over those obstacles was brought about by the hand of the Bishop fulfilling his role as sanctifier. lyk - ,L if WgM,T2 MZMXJQMJ N yy-ff'-,4,f..Z.,, ,fe-If ' ' Rs ,U 54? . ' WM. M Axe.. me . Xa r dw? QLJZM gamma, away W'-aaa f'f'f?ffM2'1f.e . HAT has seen more of the groping and blindness of the people searching for light in the words of Cod's anointed teacher, the Bishop, than the stone spires of Winchester Cathedral? l For centuries they have survived the hurled attacks of sophists- they have heard the Bishops quell the tides of heresy, they have heard the Eternal Truth preached during the chaotic period of the Refor- mation. They are hearing and will hear Holy Mother Church's an- swers to the challenge of Communism. And so in every Cathedral, in centuries past and in centuries future, are the doctrines of the church explained by God's faithful teachers, the Bishops. What can better comprehend the loyalty and faithfulness of God's servants to their appointed rulers than the spires of Saint Joseph's Cathedral? They have heard the commands of God and His Church clearly stated by the Bishopg they have seen the people conform to the authority of God's nobleman, the Bishop. We have chosen these three Cathedrals as types representing the three functions of a Bishop's episcopal office-to sanctify, to teach, and to rule. In the Jubilee year of our Bishop what could be more appropriate than a consideration of Cathedrals. ,ws fra if eiiicattrm vs4-1 sn ...K 'rp . 0 ' L3 1'. , A . 5 N i I OTHIC spires towering heavenward . . . fragile shafts of mellow light streaming tnrough high arched windows . . . the ageless chant of rever- ent voices . . . a thousand candles reflecting in serene gold beauty of vessel and altar . . . silken vestments whispering . . . fragrant clouds of incense ever rising . . . consecrated hands lifting high the King of heaven and earth. Cathedrals suggest Bishops and Bishops suggest one who has been very near to the interests of AQUINAS. Ten years ago, a man of God set out to further a desire that had burned in him for years. He wanted to build a higher school of learning into which those graduating from a city's numerous parochial schools may enter, and be taught under God's eye. They were young people, and the Bishop felt responsible for them, and so, for the most part AQUINAS as it stands today is the fruition of the dreams and plans and prayers of one man. He built the foundation and the superstruc- tureg he has made its past, present, and future have a curious sameness: he is always concerned with the evolution and development of men and women after Christ's pattern. He has told us so in words plain, unequivocal, vibrant with sincerity. He visits us unfrequently and still his spirit is always here. It is in the class room, in the library, in the gymnasium-we feel his presence. And so, to him who always has the welfare of AQUINAS at heart, who is always anxious that the sons and daughters of AQUINAS do their best, and anxious too, that their best he unexcelledg who guides the school's policies with gentleness and firmness and with an eye that perceives balance and pro- portiong who appreciates that the really great and good things of life cannot be divorced from religion: who has found nothing in the reality of pedagogy and science greater than the teachings of Christ, who knows men and women like a great physician and knows that man really craves God and is disheart- ened, dissatisfied, and unhappy away from Himg who sees through the shams of life and points fearlessly to the Light of the World that should he the Guide of allg who is the school's best friend and staunchest supporter. g To him, to his Excellency, the Most Reverend Alexander J. Mc Gavick, D. D., our Bishop, we dedicate this TRUMPET. His Exc'i11.1.1':Nr'i', Tm: Mow Riav. ALIQXANDIQR J. Mm' Giwirx, D. IJ., Bisnoi' or' LA Vimssic HHN, on May l. 1899Bist1opXIt-Gzavit-k sta-ppc-d ont of tht' ranks of thc- ordinary prim-st hood to take his ptuvc' :nnong the- tli0I'2lI'l'tly first. as .Xnxilinry Bishop of l'liic'ngo. za then on NOVf"lIlll0I' 21, 1021, :is tht- Bishop of our own dioc-vsv, he did so in tht- Annu' spirit tl: it c'harac'tvrizc's his vondnvt to this tiny- witl1 nnnssnniing dignity and poisv. And now, in 1037, when Bishop NI1'Gux'ic'k 1-vlvhrzitvs thc' Gold:-n Jnhihw- of his ordinx tion to the priesthood. W0 vhoosc Vaittwttrails as :in uppropriatc thc-nw for our znnnud. 3 Q YF.. , 1.111 1, - 771. l Q 1 all ..., .s 1 OORS, opening on new vistas of life, opening wide and inviting all who will to step within, to explore the dark recesses beyond. Doors opening on rare hours of peace and contentment. found only in the golden realm of youth, out of the dingy sordidness of the world. Doors, closing with frightening finality, bringing sudden realization of the onrush of the years. Eager, wondering Freshmen have walked hesitantly through these doors, hopeful, and yet a little afraid of what lay within. To Seniors, in whose eyes lay the richness of four years added wisdom, the very finality of that last closing is a knell to four years that will stand out colorfully in a lifetime of years, and a challenge to all that lies beyond. I l f 1 , l 1 l if M ff .l"" 1' ,. 4 I .l" I1 A Q - I I ' 1 l I f' . 1.1 A " i 4 it - : i J ' 1 l .1 l 4 1, 1 ' X ul I HE voice of "Another Christ" going out from his chair of authority to the far corners of his diocese thrills in its potency. A voice directs the spiritual lives of those under him with the power and precision that can come only from God. Another Christ, yes, in every sense of the word. In crozier and mitre, the Bishop,s mission is identical with Christ's own. The world that is Christ's narrowed to the confines of a diocese with the same perplexities, the same work to be done. Through it all, however, the ruling pow- er of the Bishop shines forth unerringly, a sheltering haven in a misleading world. , KN LOFTY spire rising heavenward, dominating Main Street, marks the official church of a bishop enshrined in the hearts of his people: the nerve center of a diocese of which we all are a living part. Saint Joseph's Cathedral would be inspirational were it only for its ruler. our bishop. Into the inanimate walls of the church he has infused a spirit that glows with awe and holiness. Massive and impos- ing as is the structure of Saint Joseph's, it still speaks of the demo- cratic simplicity that is Bishop Mc Gavick. Its history is practically the history of catholicism in La Crosse When the diocese of Milwaukee found its growth too great to be taken care of from that point, La Crosse was chosen as the logical heart of the new off-spring. From that day to this. the progress of the vigor- ous young diocese speaks for itself. It is this year that Bishop Mc Gavick for the fiftieth year will call down the King of Heaven for his people to worship. It is for that reason, because it is our cathedral, because it is the one cathedral that intimately touches our lives, because for the sake of its ruler Saint J oseph's truly deserves to be numbered among the great, that we use it in the second division of this TRUMPET. N QQBNQ' at 9 3 I' 4 4 The coat of arms is the crest of nobility among men of God as well as men of the world. The coat of arms of the Bishop of La Crosse, with its crozier and mitre, and the six tassels, characteristic of the bishopric, designates our Bishop i i one of the noblemen of God. X QXNXNL s , sq iq cy ' 0 Qi AV E + + il' ll 4. 4. ,hill 'W 4' - mlm 1 sunsum c um X JS ' in 1, W' v t 1 v, " Y iwl? Q Q ' bs 76? 65 - 7 1i1.ii- ' Ki gjcl -XR in xi, Qi 23 A QfQg1ff" ' 5 X Lg 'lx 'n.3y.n...' PH's CATHEDRAL 3 E have included in this section the most profound influences in our scholastic life, and the student activities that give us the real practical experience that will be so great a part of the future- the clubs, the publications staffs, dramat- ic productions, and debate, because these influence our actions as students. 1' IS molar: than a little significant that ilSll0l' fiRll"l"lN should lmegin his episeo- al work under his former pastor, and ubilarian. His l'Ixc'lcl,1.1f:Nm'. the Mosr iICYI'IRICND .L J. Nlf'G.xylc'k, Bishop of .a Crosse, lviseonsin sinee he started his riestly eareer under lhsnoi- MeG.u'1Ck. s his assistant at Holy .Xngel's parish. 'hieago. Tai: Most' liicvicalfjxlm lVli,1.l.xM R. 'ltIFFlN. then l+'ivrll14:u GRIFFIN, arrived 1 Mary Queen of Heaven parish April -R, 1923. l'l.k'l'lll'IR GRIFFIN studied at fenriek Seminary and was ordained on lay 25. 1907 lmy llisuoe Qt'Itil,I'IH' at le Holy Name Vathedral. fhieago. is next appointment was to Vieero. is parish eooperated in any undertaking lat promoted the progress of the ehureh iaueially and spiritually. ln May 1925 F.K'l'lllCR GRIFFIN was xpoiuted .Xssistaut General Set-retary the twenty-eighth International Euella- stir' Vongress whieh was held the llowiug year in Chic-ago. In 1926. in 1-ognition for his nolmle work, he was 'ide a monsiguor. lt was largely through 4 efforts that the parishioners of the ary Queen of Heaven parish olmtaiued iew ehureh at a 4-ost of H4377.500. Moxsiuxoa Gullfiflx was not destined eoutinue this work. however. for on f Sth of August. l930, he was trans- 'red to the pastorship of St. Xndrew. lieago. ln 1932 the dignity of Right 'vereud was eonferred upon him and Mareh ll. 19255. to the joy of all who ew him. eame the announeement of appointment to the episeopaey, Mox- :Nou fiRIl"l"lN was 1-onset-rated lvishop the first day ot' May. 1935. He had done great things in the esthood. .Xud judging from his un- ng work. espeeially in the promotion youth aetivities in the dioeese. we l eoulident that lilsuol' GIUIWIN will great things in the episeopaey. His lCxf'iil,l,lf1Nc'i'. sr Ricy. Wlimlixxl lt. filtll4'lflN D D ,l11.1'1'l1'r1ry lgl'.YlIUlI uf' 1,11 I 'rrrsw I 1 ,Milf l l 'l IIIG lim lclllcxll .llwl-ilfll l'. lxl Nlllxl.l-ill. I,l'1'lll'lAlIlIl lil' .lrllllllllllv Q xii XX KICXIX lvl-' 1lll'l'Il ll-gilllls ul .vllllllg ll-vl lllill'l'lllllQ.f. lllRll'l'lllllg2f. lmgllllls lll Yllllllg llsls l'1lIS4'll Ill lN'lllg.fl'l'l'lll S2llllll'. llll- ll-glllll ol lllIlll'4l ylllllll ll1'lIl2llllllllg' lls plill'l' lll llll' Sllll. Xlll' is llll' wllrlll llnlllll' lu sl'l'vl' llll- ll1'llliIllllN lil' ylhlllll. For lllll l'l'll'll2lIllll'll f'lllllllllIlllSl il IS El lllillllhll lll0l't' "living vllsn lllill lllllSl grow illlll grow, l'l'lllll llll' lllsllllz llll- lwlllll' lu llll'llll'I' llN'l'2lllPi1' ol XV0l'lll 2lll2ll'l'lllSlIl. l'lDI' llll' lfllsvlsl il lllllllllll gllllll-ll llll'l'll4lS wllvvll llllll llll- lllll7l'l'gJjll:llDll' llll-sll lll' lllllN'l'l1lllSlll. 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Ill-rv Wl'l'l' llvl-l' six llllIlIll'4'll ylblllljf I ' ' V pl-oplv who lllllSl lvl- lllullll-ll illlll SllillN'll lo llll'2lSlll'l' Ill! lll llll- Xvllllfllll il llolllll. lllo lIll7Sl IHbl1'lll l2ll'll?l' lll l.lllS llll4ll'l'SlilIl4llllj,1 lXlg'l'lll'll'S ul' llllNl4'l'll lil'l'1 six llllIllll'l'll ylllllljf pl-llplv for Wlllblll lil'l- was l"x'l'lll4:ll Kl'xl1lNl:lN:ll's ZlllYlH'illlI7ll ul El lllgp.'f1'I'. :l llvlllllllll llll' llilll- llllllllllS lllllSl lvl' vilzll :lllll l'llll ul' llllpl'l'HSl0llS, sol-izll lifl- 'l'lll'llllgll il llll' Slll1l4'lllS Oilllll' lll kllllw lll4'lllS0lYl'S, lllll ll llllll'l'. Zlllll. lll1'l1ll'lllElllj'. llll-il' prillviplll lll pl-l'l'l-l-lillll. .Xllll yl-l. fin' lll0Sl' .Yilllllg pl-llplv llll- llfiil-ll ul' lJl'llli'lIl2ll wzls ' lllbl lll ln- 2llDpl'0:ll'llt'll ill ll'l-pillilillll. 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I'Ixvc-lltivv S01-rt-tary of l1e'i'aLliolit' Youth Organization. and IIis lixt-t-lloiivy. Yilllillll II.. Griffin. II. D.. .Xuxiliary Bishop of I,a t rossc and Gvnvral Dircc-tor of the V. Y. 0. Six crsous from vac-h parish were dvlvgatrd to attvnd ic f'0llVK'lllIOIl. Similar to thc' Fisva in Vhivago. tht- purposc of iv nvwly proposvd organization is to proinotv lwttvr nity and rvlationship lwtwvvn tho various Sodalitics I tht' diot-csc. 'l'hv Vongrvss opvnvd with rvgistra- on and a short tour of lhv svhool. 'l'hc'n Iiishop riftin vvlvhratvtl Mass in tho gym at I0 o'c-look. t' the first gc-nt-ral nivvting tho Itov. Ilanivl A. Lord, , J.. National Dirvc-tor of thc Sodality and Editor ' tht- IQUICI-INlS JYURK. addrvssvd the sodalists. IIO xokv on the spiritual work of thc sodalist and outh's placv in thc world. I,nnc'h1-on was sorx't-tl hy thc Aquinas Ilonic l'0ll0lIlI1'S dvpartlnvnt. to tht- tlvlvgatvs. .Y spvvial sue ot' thv AQl'lN.xs Xlaws dvdir-att-?l'to tho Marian ongrvss was distrihutvd among thosv prcsvut. quinas was wvll rvprvsvntcd at the Congrt-ss through .Q svvcral parish sodalitics in thc vity, in 'whit-h quinas studvnts have' always horn vvry avtivv. ,ls 0-5 , . ... llhc' SCVIIUIIZII divisions wort' as follows: I'luc'ha- ristic- C'onnnittvv. thv Itvv. M. J. Kclnhofvr, lc-advr. and Mario:-0 Iiisscn. 4-hairman: Our I,ady's Vom- lnittvc, tht- Itvv. IC. SUIIIIIIIZ. lvadvr. and .Ydt-lint' Burns. 1-hairinan: Vatholic- Truth Vonnuittc-0, tho Rov. S. Andvrl, lc-advr. and Dolores Xlhel, c-hairmang Apostolic- l'ominittt-v. tht- Itvv. I". IC. Mullen. loader, and Yiola Young. chairman: Program and Puhlivity fl0lllIIIIlIl'0, the Itvv. F. IC. Brady. lvadvr. and I.ur-ilc linlvr. t'll2tIl'lll2tllI and tht- Soi-ial Lift' fl0lllllIIlll'0, tho Itvv. .X. Ilaul. lvadvr. and Mary Svvv, 1-hairnxan. .Xt an vxcvlltivc- dinnvr lu-td at 'I'ranc"s 'I'va. Room on May 18. Miss Dorothy Wilhnann nu-t with thc Youth Vongrm-ss Vonnnittov. a large 1-onnnittvo coinposvd of privst lvadcrs from various parts of the state- and lay nivinlwrs who arc- working in prep- aration for tho c-oiniug Vongrcss. Miss YVilhnann was livrv to addrvss tht- N. V. F. IY. Sha' is National dirvc-tor of parish sodalitivs of thc' Ql'l'1l43N's XYORK. Ifathvr I,ord prvsidvd at tht- last G0m'ral Mvuting to hc-ar thv rcport of thc soc-tional IIICCIIIIQS. The sodalists adopted a 1-onstitution for ont! yvar, to tvst its working advantagvs and ottivvrs wort- sole-t't,ctI from thv loading sodalists. Ilis I'Ixr-vllciiry. .tlvxandcr J. Mvflavic-k, Il. IP., Bishop of I.a Vrossc, atldrvssvd thc youths of tho dior-csv in a closing lm-ssagv. CONGRESS . . . Tun Rav. Axmuosi-1 Mem-m', Golden .tubilarian The seholastie year of '36-'37 was ushered in at. Aquinas in the form of many new and different aetivities--soeial, edueational. and religious-des- timed to beeome tradition in the annals of Aquinas. ,Avith the registration of 157 Freshmen. the total enrollment was over 600. The summer of 1936 left its mark on the physieal appearanee of Aquinas in the form of an addition to the gym for storage spaee. and eomplete renovation of the entire building. At the head of the enlarged faeulty. the Rev. Joseph F. Kundinger was named prineipal. replaeing the Rev. Hilary A. Leuther. prineipal from IQQ7 to 19361 the Rev. J. Henry, the Rev. R. E. Nlefarthy. and the Rev. Broekman as teaehers of Religiong the Rev. J. B. Pinion, band direetorg Sister BI. Avilfred, Geometry: Sister M. Dolora. Modern History and Vivies: Sister M. Pauline, Frenehg Sister M. Adjuta. Algebra: Sister M. Fortuna, Typing: Sister M. Laurinda. German and General Business: Sister M. Bertha, English: Sister M. Patrick. Libraryg Sister M. Dc-tavia. Assistant in Music' Department: and Sister M. Fides, Seienee. Early in the fall Aquinas students partieipated in the Golden Jubilee eelebration for the Rev. Ambrose Alurphy. one ol' Aquinas' most generous beuefaetors. Hundreds of books in the Aquinas library attest to his generosity. Mary Veeile Mink. editor of the 1937 'l'ul'MPL1'l' aehieved the honor of beeoming the seeond Aquinas student to win the national essay eontest sponsored by Metro-Iloldwyn-hlayer. Her award was a Euro- pean eruise. and visits to points of interest in Eng- land and Franc-e. r Phe organization of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the development of personal holiness and Catholic leadership in youth, was the year's most outstanding innovation of extra-eurrieular aetivities. Joseph Rathburn was appointed Prefeet and Ruth Krismer. Yiee-Prefer-t to lead the soeiety with the aid ot' a Board of Faeulty-Members. A new movement presented itself in the form of a Student founeil. headed by the oftieers of the Sodal- ity as well as the ottieers ot' various elubs. The initial projeet was the inauguration of the merit system. "Storm Tossed." by the Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. J.. was given on November I8 and 22 as the annual play sponsored by the Aquinas publieations and direeted by the Rev. Joseph F. Kundinger. The Musie department on December Q2 gave Laurenee Housman's play "Bethlehem,' under the direction of Sister M. Dolorette and Sister M. Oe- tavia. Seleet groups from the Senior Girls' Glee flub and the Senior Mixed Chorus sang on the "Ave Maria" programs sponsored by the La Crosse Dioeese over radio station WKBH. The series was inaugurated February 28 and elosed April 4. Possibly the year's most outstanding assembly was the informal visit paid to Aquinas by the Rev. Bernard R. Hubbard. S. J.. on Blareh 16. He is a well-known Aretie explorer, famed as "The Glaeier Priest." That Sister M. Vharitina. supervisor at Aquinas. had been ehosen to do missionary work in China. was announced on Mareh 30. The realization of a life dream for Sister will bring a great loss to Aquinas when she sails in August of this year for the Orient. 'Tappy Ricks," adapted from Peter B. Kyne's humorous tale about a serappy yet lovable, old shipping magnate and his daughter. was given by the Dramatie f'lub on April 21 and 22. The Nlarian Uongress held May Q3 at. Aquinas under the auspiees ot' the UYO. attraeted nearly 1,000 members from the La Vrosse dioeese. Among the greater highlights of the day were the talks given by the Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. J., editor of the Qt7I'II5N'S AVURK. and Dorothy Avillman. on the staff ot' the same public-ation. . . . And so Time marehes on--'and this year at. Aquinas can sueeessfully elose having brought new laurels to the stage of Aquinas by the aetors on that stagefthe students of Our School. - - - CAWLM voxmix Ui I If i us lofi fo.. 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'l'lu' f2li'lIllf' :ulyisvr is Sistvr Mary C'4'l1'stiiu' alul tlu' c-liairinan is Mary ltoggvl. lo aul lll making S0l'l2ll 2tf'llYllll'S mort' i'X1'lllllQ. ll0llI'H0l.f'00IlCI'2tllYi'lll2tlllllllj12tllll tlvliglllflll. wliolv- lu'artt'4l work wi-rv s u'nt in ll'2lllSl.0l'llllIl"' tlu' tlllfll' A r- tornnn into pl:u'1's ol 2HlVl'llllIl'l' aiul lun. .X lalul inlialmitvtl lmy witr'lu's. goblins, lvlavli 1-als aiul skclvtons, walls rlvt-oratml witll antnnin l"avt-s, lmlavk aiul orangfv strt'anu'rs. alul orange' spotlights s0i'x'0fl as tlu' wvircl, niystorions l1:u'kgroniul for tlu' llallow0'0n fl2llll'l' lu'ltl on Uc'tolu'r 29. 19356, 'l'lu' Vlnlx Royale' orf-lu'stra t'nrnislu'1l lllllSli'. .X 4-olorful illlllllllll svtling. witli tnrlwys royally orc-llpying niost oftlu' wall spawaiul lcayvs1-lnst1'rc'tl about. lorininga garfl1'ii4'fl'm'c-l witll a liaryvst inoon all tllis :ultlvrl to tlu' l'4'stivc'iu'ss ol' tlu' 'llll2lllliSQlYlllQ l,2tll1'l' N1lX'l'lllll4'I' 2.3. 1936. l'4'tc' NOXYllIIl',Q.S or- :-lu'stra playvtl. Ulrl Xcw Urlcans. wllic-ll puts asialt' tlu' sonilnrt' rainu'nt of vyt'rytlay lift- for oiu' last gala night lu'l'orc' tlu' pvnitvntial svason of lu'nt was l't'lH'0flllt'4'Ql in tlu' Aquinas gym l"t'ln'nary 5. 19557. ln c-s'lc'ln'ation of tlu' Marcli Gras. tlu' .Xquinitvs i'1'y1'lt'4l in lun from fl2llll'lIlQf lIllflSl flying str1'anu'rs. lmaloons, alul sliowors ol' vonfvtti. to tlu' tnnvs of IR-tv Xt'wl1nrg's orc-lu'st ra. Royalty itsvll' was pwsciit on this om-asion in tlu' pvrson of Marrli Gras Qnvvn. Mary iXl2llOIl0y, aiul lu'r six attviulants. 'lllu' q1u't'n was 4-lvt-tc-cl lmy slu- clvnts, as worm' tlu' attmulanls: Mary lit-gvt. l'atrim'ia llapvr. lfvtty YY0f'k1'l'. Mary Mvfiarty. Yiolvt Stoll alul Mary f'4'1'il0 Minli. .Xn vlalmoratv goltl tllroiu' was ltl'i'K'l1'Il for tlu' Qlu't'n. ln aulflition to lnrnislnng tlu' lun alul lrolu' ol tlu' yvar for tlu' Sllllll'lllS. tlu' Soc-ial cl0lllllllll1'l' lias lwcn wspolisilmlc' for tlistrilnltion of f'lnar:u'tt'r lfnilelvr llostvrs. ln a spiritual svnst' vyvry pcrson is a lDllllllt'l' lmuiltling liis I'll2iI'2ll'l0I' towvr by nu'ans ol' aspiraf tions. Gocl is tlu' Diynu' .Xi'c'llitm'1't who gniclvs in llllllflllljl luis K'll2lI'ill'li'I' towvr. Ks an orclinary lDllllIll'l' lias tlu' slogan "Ulu' story a nlont li." so tlu' C'll2ll'1tf'll'I' llllllllt'I' lias tlu' slogan 'Thu' aspiration a niontlif' l'n'jan'i11uforlln'Tl1f1111v"Q1':'1i1q.tI1rr1'.' Ronrur 1 L1 l,x'rxl.u, .lonx Ilossllru, ltonl-1n'r It: Nxlxnaicx. Xonyixx Mi-ilu, lumuuxlxi-1 Ihxxslu, 'l'oxi XI: - fNxMxux.1 xuol, X u:i.i-3. Xlxui l'.i,l.l-ix lxi,l ri. X xxvi .licxxxr lloxii y, MMU' ltllitiixr. lIullo1.w"f'11 .Ul'trr.' 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Nl xui Xlvli xuix Q anna jgecifaf FOR THE GREATER HONOR AND GLORY OF MARY llntnility. tenderness. sorrow and love were depicted 1 the scnes of the Madonna Program presented March 5. as a Sodality project. The heauty of the reproduction f these qualities of Mary elevated the tahleaux to a memor- hle event in the annals of the Sodality. The comhined Itorts of the Girls' Glee Fluhs. the Speech flasses. the lrchestra. and the Mixed Vhorns served to make the pro- uetiou a success. Mary in her humility was presented in the first scene. 'he Annuuciatiou. Nancy Jeanne Tuomey was the .Xugel lahriel. and Rosemary Auny. the youthful Virgin. wlule .nth lxrismer and Mary Margaret Mahn. as interpreters. -lated the story of the first Ihul Mary to the audience. 'he rendition of the solemn "Ave Marla" of' Bach-Gonuod y the Senior Girls' Gllee 'luh completed the scene. hlary the f'otufty'4er4 t ' hlother of Good Vonusel. was ext presented. "l ' whit -veiled chorus of girls from the unior Girls' G1 v Vluhypaid homage to Mary. kneeling efore her shrinc.with lighted candles in their hands. The ames played mver tl eir youthful faces. catching and hold- tg the expr- , mn oftlove and devotion in their eyes for the ndience trblsc fwtltile they conseerated themselves. their yes, th 1' fuioalrs. their hodies and souls to the maternal nidan glrif the"Mother ot' Good Vouusel. Next. in a grotto as realistic in its mossy greenuess as the rigiual rock at Massahielle, the miracle of Lourdes was eenacted with Mary Heugel in a pure white gown with a oft. hlue girdle. as the Immaculate Voneeption. Catherine Vaguer, in the part of the little crippled Bernadette. poured mrth her story of love and supplication in song. Then Mary. Queen of the Missions, and Mary. Star f' the Sea. with Rosemary Army and Virginia Hass as the llessed Lady were depicted. The uarrators aequainted the ndience with the significance of these two titles. A select roup from the .luuior Mixed Fhorus sang the well known Ave Maris Stella" and the Girls' Glee C'luh gave a poly- houic arrangement of "Litauiae l,anrentenae" hy Grassi. An appropriate ending was presented in the form of the Iater Dolorosa. Mary Jane Jankowski as the Sorrowful Iother knelt heneath the cross. creating a striking picture. 'hilst the Stahat Mater, hy Tartiui. was sung hy the Girls' Glee Flnh. Rohert YYeisseuherger sang "O Vome and Mourn Vith Me .Xwhile." A hriet' meditation on the sorrows of tary was given hy Mary Mt-Garty. In final trihnte to Fur Mother, the entire audience joined in the singing of Mother Dear, O Pray For Me." Axev -IICAYNIG 'l'ot'xtr:v as the archaugel tiulu'it'l and ltost-:Mun Xxsx as the Viruiu 'ary depiet the .Xnnunctatton seene. while lttvrn lxmsxti-in and Mun Muusxlerlr lAI.lN interpret to the authenee ,tlury, Qlllffll of the .1lt.x.w'twt1.r" reigns, as personified hy Rosmtxm' .XNNY and eom- eutetl upon lmy the two interpreters. llofhrr nt' tlzroti l'o11ufrI" gazes serenely over he children, while the veiled junior rls' ehorus sing her praises. he interpreters tell of the powers of lltzrvv, Slut' of Ihr Sen, white Yluulstx H t-ts ntles trout her watery heights. lun' Mt'G.xn'rv solitoqnizes a meditation on the lhtxximz while M xui J txt: J xskow- at portrays the Slttlutl .tlaIfr. ur Iattfy of I.o1tt't'1rx, in the person ot' M xuv llrzvc tt., appears to the pious peasant rl, lirrm1tIt'llr. tx vrlttu N W xtzvpu. 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I ii ILALC OIL E fitfe i CH 6 IHI NIIXI ID 1 lllllill Nlusie has been known for eenturies as the greatest outlet to emotion. Frequent outbursts of song filled with a haunting prayer, a soulful petition, or involving interpretations of rain, a soft deep lullaby, or of some vast tender beauty as found in one of the numer- ous elassies of old masters, give "flight to the imagi- nation, a eharm of sadness, gaiety and life to every- thing else." For they require emotion to forward perfeetion. In any musieal organization. sueh as a ehorus, where voiees rise in unison. ereseendo and deereseendo with disereet swiftness, one finds his emotions. You have, as one of those organizations, the Senior Girls' Glee Club. Their ability was first displayed at the Christmas operetta. "Bethlehem," in whieh they rendered a traditional sixteenth eenlury air. "In Dulei Jubilof' "The Shepherd's Son" of' Protheroe. l'ergolesi's "Glory to God" for double ehoir. .X seleet group of the Glee Club offered "The Three Kings." "The First Noel," and a Christmas Lullaby. Members of this voeal ensemble inelude as first soprano: Katherine Wagner, Marjorie Sehif'l'er, Clara Kampsehroer: sec-ond sopranos. Lorraine Banasik, llary Gautseh. Jane Coughlin, Nlarguerite Dugan: altos, hlary .Xnn Paul, Norma Pender. Carol Nagle. and Betty YVL-eker. Klareh I5 brought the Madonna Reeital, and for the first time. a ehoral version of the enehanting "Ave Maria" of Baeh-Guonod greeted the first tableau in the .Xnnuneiation seene. Also offered by the Glee Club at this program, were "Litaniae Laurentanae" by Grassi. the "Stabat Mater" of Tartini, and by the seleet group, Lotti's "Vere Languores Nostrosf' The Annual Southwestern Music' Festival brought fun and previous hard work to the twenty girls ehosen to attend. This festival was held on .Xpril 3rd at the State Teac-hers' College. The songs in- terpreted by the massed ehorus were "The Butter- fly," by Cyril Jenkins, the "June Rhapsody" of Mabel Daniels. Bac-h's "Dearest Lord Jesus," and the vivid "Spring" by Boutelle. The Senior Girls' Glee Club is composed of girls with two or three years of musieal experienee. It has been sueeessfully direeted under Sister Dolorette. Top Row: Xlfxavilz lir:i.m', Nl.xmoN Kmsxmn. B1 un' Koen, M un' .Xxv I'.u'L, .lovriz Ii,xNr1.i:, Blr1l'TYSXYHl-IT. Mun' li.Xl'TSf'Il, fiUiIlL N.UGl.l'I,fl0RlK.klNl-1' K xnxr C lui i llilxoi 1 llxurlh Rua i0IiliklNIF Bwxsm lfmrn xVK'YYl"li Ifvw vw XVFIKEHI Brzrrv 'l'au.i,, fiHR'I'liI'IJl-I Sraoixn, Itosmuin' linowx, lx.vrnm'x i 'I ' "T A , . A . . .- . , ,.. A , A . . . A 1. Ynmm, Asiarzinsi-1 limrro, JAN!-1 Coiwaxinix. Third Row: Ilonomzs KiliIl"F0liD, M.ui.ioiua Sex-iii-'m:ix, xTARI,XN liumc. 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They then parted. and a vested ehoir earrying lighted tapers wended its way through the velvet folds down the King's Highway, singing the story of God's hirth. .Ks their fresh young voir-es died away in the distanee three ehorus interpreters appeared hetween tiny pages in white satin and searlet plumes. Gowned in shining satin. they told what was to he enaeted. Then the seene ehanged. From a low hrazier oriental ineense drifted. permeating the atmosphere with the sense of things Eastern. Un a sparkling silver altar pure flame hurned quietly. A figure ap- peared silently. and struek a temple gong that shat- tered the silenee with its silvery hrillianee. Then. musie. foreign and impelling. The lone figure pros- trated itself hefore the altar, where more figures appeared moving in a strange oriental rhythm. to a steady. wooden tap. tapping. slowly. solemnly. hut seeming always to move toward the flame, C-Azf4Ifmvz.4 Ccinlfalfa Nl.xnr:.xlu-11''H. C'.xlco1,lxi1 .kIiI.'I', fil'Ili'l'Rl'I!I-1 l,lll'1llI,lNtF, NIMH' l'il,Ll'1N llowxnn, Rrrx SRIITII, Klum' Fl-:t'I1,l': NIINK, Nlunt Nl.xlu:.xm:'r RI.xl,1X, tln.xr'Ic Bova. llonfrrin' NIVI-'I'I'II'I, ltosmialu' l4ost'1mlrr, flrililsxlxrz 'l'.xNKi-1, l'llN.x SMIYLPIK, .IANJI-I Nl xuv lJr'H'Y, .XNYA Nl.xlc1r:SNrmLlc,.lnxxsrx l'I'nm', fiIiHl'l'IllCX ATILLICII, Tuoxlxs xYHlfJIiT. lllllililfl' ltrxxixui-LN, Wllmlxxl Ilvoiuk, .lullcs IQLICIN, .Ions Rossrrrzn, .loux Sl'Hl'lKl'1llT, ltolxrilrl' XlII,Km', l'Iow.xnn llrzwtsicl.. ltonriwr GFI-1N'rNr:n, .loutv SUIXIUNICS, RUIKEIIT llnauxs, YIIUIINIA ll.xss, .losl-xml Ilvruurlcx :md XVILLI tu finally moving ofl' as quietly as they had eome. .X moment of respite. and another group put in its appearanee. The flame had spread from the altar in graeeful ehiffon searves blending the yellows and reds of a living flame. rising. growing. enveloping the whole seene with its at-tion. Three priests of the god of fire. .Xhura Mazda. eame lmefore the altar. ehanting the praise of their deity. Then they diseussed the strange story of the new King in the lYest, a story verified hy their long nights of watehing the stars. The ealm lmlue of a Judean night dispersed the sense of the oriental. and a group of shepherds was seen talking in their own simple way, of the strange signs and omens they had seen of late. Their eon- versation was disturhed by a heavenly ehoir in vari- eolored satin gowns, stepping down the hillsides. singing the glory of God, and hy a white rohed angel. who moved forward and hrought them the glad tidings of a tiny King lying in swaddling elothes in a manger not far away. Then in the plaee of the angels the three Kings introdueed earlier arrived, seeking the new horn fhrist. IlIllIlI'l'4lN III lllI'Ill. IIllI-Il lllt'Slij'1lII4lt'IlI'lll :II'IIIIIul Ilu- - :II-Iwl I-I'IlI. II'lu'I'I- II'IIIwlIiIu:Il Ilu- IlII'I-I' liiugx. IIIIII llI'll' gillw. 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THE MUSIC OF ENTHUSIASM I 'orrmfs M A mal It . lltns 1uc:1N1.a H,xss Em x 'l'n1MM1csc'u f'lr1r1'r1r'f.v PAH. 3IA'I'IC.Il' Br:T'rY N1f'CAI'l.l'1Y S'rIf:Rl,Ilc 'l',n'1.rm'k Cxlwl. 'IIol,l..xNn I,0R0'l'llY Svlll-:r'Kr:1, Hmv.-um ISIRNIMIM 0 I'oNs'r.xNf'1':Km'11 1 l'1l'ulcNlc .XLLICN Sf1.1'opl1onf's l"ImNv1s Zum Fl,uulAxN Ih:1N'rz .I IQANNIA: G.-uu'm' 1xlARl0N liulcllslml R1c'u.xm1 S'l'Ul'YI'IN.'Xl. FICRN B1-:TZ Fluff' flllll l'1'f'r'0lo lilcnmxun lillzxlsxml Qffir-f'r.v l'r1'.vi1lmlf'f I"l:.xNf'ls ZAII N I'ir-1'-l'rfsiflm1f Mmusl14:Klcxcczxx Lllilfflffllllflxl.XRIIC Nor'K14:Ls 'C HllI'if0lll?S Mxlcllc N0r'm31,s NI.ucc:Axluc'1' JAxuonz1NsIi19F Tronz bon PS Joux Sf'xlo1,l,1c1: W1l,l,l,xM XVICLVH l,1I,1,1.xN .Xl.mcl. Nnurf Drums XvIRGINI.X LANIONT EIIJQIQN 0'N14:l1.1, l,on1c'r'r.x 'l'm11cl' lizzss Drum Ioxlc C'nmV1.1cY AHYO1 in pivfurcf SQ .XVSTIN xVAl4l,.IASl'I-Ilia: UYRIL K1,1NKNr:n Joslcvli l4'o1ux1.xN1cu Emxixlm SPIl'l3IClC'l' M,-mir: KI'2Ll.Y I3 I'1'l"l'Y Z Ian N ICVK li NIILIJRICD NORIJICNGIHCN 'l'r1r-zlclcslx HI'INIlIiIf'KS M.x1zGAm:'r HIGGINS lXI1LDRlCIJ KKJRISII f'.v1'rl1c1uN1c S'I'ICPlIAN 1glI.S'Sl'S ,XNNIC KIA-Klilli SNYDI-in Rom-:n'r Wlclssrzxlslclus Drum .Un-jar Rom-:wr M11,KlcY II frrrior THR Rm: .IUHN B. PINION Ili uciifg ANCTIFICATION is the milestone of beauty and grandeur, not only in stone and wood, but in human lives. Sancity is the one element that raises us above the plane of other creatures, nominating us to God's elect. So it is placed, and rightly, first among the duties of the prelate of a diocese. Through prayer, good example, and the Sacraments a Bishop turns all his efforts toward the preservation and nutriment of this office without which the dogmas of Catholicism would be aimless. Christ, speaking down nineteen hundred years in our own cen- tury, infallibly, through the mouth of the Church makes personal holiness a potent part of our lives, which we as Catholics are fortu- nate to live, and better still, to die with. OD is inspiration. How often, from the lips of the heart has one delighted in those wordsg for indeed, as much as it is true, it is powerful. ' Notre Dame de Paris is inspirational in its power to sanctify. It owns a Gothic splendorg there is strength in the heavenward tending turretsg fragility in its flying buttressesg an atmosphere of prayer in its inspirational interior. Through the childhood, adolescence, and adulthood of a nation it has stood, listening to the tramp of feet. The light lilting step of a French maideng the shuffled step of Age, and the adventurous gait of Youth, resounding within its walls as impressions made by Time on the cobbled streets. Through the peri- ods of war it has stood as a citadel and through each tensioned second, has welcomed with an incensed air stumbling pilgrims and faithful soldiers. It is there that man Went when in need of sanctification. For through centuries it has had the power to lift the lowest heart through the stone walls, and far into nothingness, which is ethereal in itself, and it was there that the lowest felt his God, and was sanctified. Therefore as a first theme, Notre Dame de Paris has been chosen be- cause it is inspirational in its power to sanctify. ff ., A f' w ff '4- wie' l f 4 5 I L A f H? rn 1 'iv -4' 4 iv - 5'fifffi?2f1Qi..' fgxie-" :ZS f 'SJ5-f""'0E'a 'ef' Ja 6 GH A A l 'lv Warm' '?'f"ilY if 1QDB'1?5K"AVxj 'Ai fl '-,Q fi 1 3503? xwfs 102 21.23 l 22 125-is 'fr 'tftif 19 5 Silly, WV: Q 'IQ 81 +.5fAo0sA:wta-Q Ag a-5Ugr,.xg 5 W n li TWH! hlllfllllfhf P hi 'ffviar fi D rss P1335 BQ, F '4' N A, ,J 1 - M .A A.,- v -x ' Lfi 9, 'r WI' V, ,. X :gal t . 51, Jg,.:Ef,i4 , - '--eta' 'e,,'f,, -if gs- Nw 5, P V' 5- f z Yin- 'i'Qh'-fiA"'.f.i'T- 414' .- , l,,. y ' 2 --: fem: 1-9 i . -Lf: "lC' "', Pi 1 l ,, -wg. 14 21 Aijriqftlgl lx V .v-V I- v " Q V" ',"' -1, 233' f'-'E gl is-, ' .V5 V 4 . , -. ,.-,v Q' fgl..'.s'.d,a.afg.:lf53 ,.:. " 2 I w,4sK4 "1?','T-w., 1' - - e . f , ... i . 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Besides strengtliening tlie voezil c-liormls, tlie Pep Vlnlm serves to develop ai sense of good sportsmansliip. :i virtue evimleneecl just :is nnu-li on the sidelines :is Top: .Xqninns' vln-4-rl:-:nliiig slnff is inznlc- np of Ninn Ri-:w:l4:'1', Ynn.r:'r S'rol,l., 4lUNICl'll l1'l'NKl-1, :inzl Klum' liovn, 'l'ln-n' task is to put in :in :ippezirziiiw nl - ' f - X ' cl Ji- 1 xv lr-'nlerslnx to tlu- nnm-4l forr-es of .ill gnnu-s, fnrnislnnp. mllnnnt .in I Il. K . 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Hollow: lt'.k'l'Hl'llK l,lNlUN iiiti'omll1c-es n now seliool song to ltonrxwi' I"m'NN, .lmm Samir, limi inn tiinorx, Ninn' l'I1,l.1f:N linliN.x'l'l, NIILIJIKICD Non- ni-:xi:nl'1N, Mun' .l.xNl41 Ill'l-'ifx', lXlAlill'1 liHl.I.Y, l,HYl.LIS .l.xNKowsK1, l.II.i,l.xN .Xmu-xi., Mun' .xl.Il'l'1 Nl.xs'l', Mun' .lANl'1.lANKfHYP4KI, Ninn' l'il'NKl-I, lh1T'rx' lYIL'I'INlll41H, l'll'ul1:NI.x fiIANOI.l, lionlmlxi-1 .'XNIlRl'I, lin'n.xnn IQOHSITICH, Nl.-xlu:.uu-rr ANN Kl4Il.I.Y, l'.xn'1'1c'k Axnrxnsox, ltl"rn l"nis1'H, I'.vrnlf'rA Kr:i,l.Y, ltosiizsuln' li.u.znn, l4'nANr'l1:s I'I1:.xN, ltosrzvwun' Bnowxl, Mun' .NNN Nll7l'I'l'ZI11, l,lllUl'l'IlY lilHM, NIAIKIAINI liltl-llIlIl'll, .lixxrrr I3oN,urum:lc. lll'I'I"l'Y Skim:-, l,lClHC'll.l.,X livimrsiw, Mun' lhwxx l-fxxwlsn, Iisrmzn PAM- vnx. lil"I'll 'l'no1'.xNi-tn, ltl"l'll l'l'I'Z, :inzl Uonolu-:s 'I'I'xi.x, whose vor-:il str:-mltli is siipwsi-slr-il only liy their 1-ntlnisinsin. on tlle fielfl. To lie :ilmle to elieer just as lonrllv wllen the team is losing: ground as wllen tliey are in the winning is the surest test of sportsmzmsliip. .X series of aninsing :incl entlinsiusni-provoking assemblies were presented for the first time this year nnrler tlie flirec-tion of Sister Nl. feline tlie first semester :incl Sister NI. felestine flnring tlie sec-oncl. Norman Meier, Rielizirrl Crowley. 'l'liomus Burns. Jerry Hilton and .lolin Rossiter took zu-tive part in the presentation of tliese lznigli-provoking ussemlilies. l 44 KR , TY-Mp,-JV MYVJV, i, , X i I M1511 511 661141151111 'l'l1v cya- of H10 1-o1'ri1lo1' p0d0stri:111 was c-:111gl1t pitfvrl against the SUIJIIUIIIOTCS. uiclcd ill :1 vrwzul way 111' 111141 ti111v again by postvrs illllstrutillg K'Eltf'ily by ihvir Pvp f'l11l1 vlziss-111z1t0s. :md H10 j1111ir1rs :mcl vs i11tm-11414-cl for thv v:111q11isl1111011t of thc- l'Ill'llly. seniors is-stvcl tlivir r0l:1tix'0 aililvtif- 1111-rits i11 H11 lIll'llllK'I'S of thc Pop l'l11l1 worm- zu-tivo ill l'0IlC'0l'tiIlj.f Silllli' 111:1n110r. sv sloffzllls. , . , . " ho. by voir-0 and il2lllIll'l' thx' Pop C lub vlrllmlly lhv lvp 111111 Iblll 111 its lust 2lI'ilVl' :1ppv:11'z111c'0 brouglit the sc-hoo! to lts fvvt 111 rm-c-og111z111g.: and tlw ilifvr-4-lass i1:1skvtl1:1il QIIIIIOS. The freslinivli l'llf'0IlI'2lQiIlgIOIll'2liIlil'i0S. 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This great work was from the beginning entrusted especially to the bishops. Our whole system of education is a distinctly mediaeval inheri- tance. It is true that the curriculum has been enlarged, organization and equipment perfected, but the Middle Ages have the merit of laying the foundations. Art developed in the protecting shadow of the cathedrals was for ages the only shelter and nursery of learning. The task undertaken was not a light one. It was more than a case of perfection or improvement. It was creating, and from it are derived practically all of our educational principles as we know them. INCHESTER Cathedral is inspirational in its atmosphere of deep thought and learning. As one of the oldest Norman edifi- ces that have survived the Reformation, it is tucked far into England where life is long, where death is sweet, and where all is bright in pleas- ant verdure. There is inspiration in its school, one of the oldest in England, founded in 1378 by one of the early Bishops, the museums, the library, the chapels and the halls, which are long and cool, and tenderly old. The Abbey Gardens are near, and very beautiful. It owns an enthralling historical background, there is a calm and restful prevalence: no factories nor cities, only the rolling hills, placid lakes, English skies, English clouds, and a God that is not England's alone. Man has found that where there is a quiet beauty and a tender peace, that where there is time in which to dream and to plan, men have learned: such a place is Winchester. And so, because it is inspirational in its atmosphere of learning, Winchester Cathedral of England has been chosen as a third motif. I I J , H 4 X ll 512+-'A 'warms S",11-n1u?n1l'v'f" f , X-s.'1'sv?',I.ff',. 4' 1 " A black marble font, ."' A W- l, H, ,IV .ATX F' H whose paneled sides depict 1 -i the life of sr. Nicholas, is 5' ll if:Z',l'f, L, lr a marvelous specimen of - :, 'j, li eleventh century art, and an interesting detail of Qgx.-.. j 2' ' Winchester Cathedral. 1 V+, ,A Z' - ' 'fus-'VL A 1' A , gfjii ,J 'A A' -,- 4 2 , vim.. AL. 'D ' cfmix 4 v I 5, ' .AA . 1, . ., X - is f wi i5.f,xf:.r' "Af , -L UW , UQX. fab' it - . - A' H" , INN qu i. -,,Mg.. -.4 - 'H W YL A- 1..- ...f -V-- --k ,! ..v. , p ski -fri Y' - I F - -L--Q 3-' "" . -'J 1 x - N ie hi W jr F5 WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL 'js 'lg '-. . I HE words "teach," and "school," are closely interrelated. It is only nat- ural then, that the greater part of our time and interest is devoted to the gar- nering of the knowledge that the world deems of so great consequence. So it is that we include in this section the activi- ties that gird us for success in 1ife-class- es, curriculum, and athletics which train bodies to cooperate with minds. IARG.-XRIC'I' IIAI.lDI'ZZI hSmI:1IiI.v 4: Pop f'InIx 2. 3. :ings and Spurs 4: V. S. XI. If I. .XIIUL I!I'Il'KI'ZII 'I,urvIvi 2: SnrI:iIiIy 4: I'0p l'InI1 2. 3. 1 Iistory I'InIi il Fzings :nnl Spnrs 4: LiI1rnryf'InI1 2. DI. 4: I I. V. 2. 3: G. .L X. I. IIPIIIIPIIUIIIQH "I"in1Iing: of II10 Kingf' Ifungs :mil Spin S I' 'I LEX IIIIINKNIXX -Latin I'InIw I: Nliwrl Vlmrna -p l'InIm 3: IIisIm'.x' I'InIv I. 2: V. S. NI. V. Il: I"IilII,Lf.i mrs Ii. I: 5INIilIII'I' 4. RIDI'II.I.I'I IIRI'I'IINI.XN 'Latin Vlnln Q. 33: Smlulitv IIlf.f'1IlIl1I Spurs I: I . S, NI. 1. I. 15. nlv 4: III-III-1-III-:1III1Q. WIP A II.U'I'I IIUVK --X1-ws 4: SmI:1IiIy 4: NIixwI Vliorns 3. 'S III 41 S. 4: 4- Q. nI I-1 VI'III'ZRINI4I VILXIIK SmIalIiIy 41 CIN' IIIIIIYS I. 2: I't'p 4. 6lfLLO'2Z.4 .AZ 1 Lf WV ,af r' If 'I .J . , . , . . . , . ,. . V .XXI-I',I..I ION WAX -Itnic-rccI Irwin Lulu- 1 ily. Nlxnn. , NIAIIY f'I'II'I'I -X1-ws 4: VIIFIIIIIIJPI 4: Imrvlci Il: Latin I'InIn 2 K Smlzllity 4: F. S, NI.1125:Ilisturyflinliti. .IANII-IS IR- NI.-XIII-'-I'IliIvrc-:I frmn Gwinn High Sc-Inml News 4. 1 il. nor' 41 'l'1-.mlm-1 4. I.nn-I:-i :I 1li S if. mi zl of I':IIi'IlZlI'ISIIl' IIKIIIIIIIIIIPK : NIU- 'I r .' 4: Flaps I' -.ide-nt 4: "I"inI' g of Iln Kilig:'H9I si1I:" nII0IIIIl'Il0IlI2N I"nnIImII fi: Iiuskm-I lmll II., 47' . QM.-INIICS IIUK'KI'IXI70III"I" -Latin I'InIi I: Smlulity I-Q Mixs-rl Vlmrns 3: Glu- Vlnlns 2: "I"zn1Iusy uf ilu- I':1ssiun:" "SIurn1-'I'oss1-fl:" "IIairI1-1'1" II4-Mor Spc-1-vll 4: Ilistory I'InIr I: I"m1IImII II: 'I'r:n'k 3. 4: V. S. BI. F, II: "San-rvrl Myst:-ries." FIIANK DI'I"I"Y--I,:1Iill I'InIw I, 2: I'1-p IIIIIII I. 2: IIislul'y C'InIi I. 2: II:1skvIImII I. 2. Mznnigvr II. I"I,IIIiHNI'I'I DI'IlI'ISKY -Iin .Xvzinl 2: ISIN' f'InIns I. 2: "I"in4Iing uf Ihv KIIIgl- IInn1I I. 2. V. S. NI. If I, 2. 3. IIOIII'IR'I' I'I.XG.XN '-I,I'2lIII2IIIf' I'InIv 4: Nvws 4: Lufin I'InIx 2: IIIHSS 'I'rv:lsl1r0r 2: Sc-vrvlziry 4: III-Itvr Spf-I-4-Ii II: History filnli I: IDI-lmtv 2. Di: I'rvsifIc-nf 4. IIUIIICIVI' I"I'NKI'Iff-I7rznnz1Iic- l'InIr fi. 4: I,IlUIOgII'2llDIl.V Vlnlm 4: Treasurer 4: News I: Snrlnlity 4: I'II0r-Irir-iun, Singl- frvw: Spec-1-Ii 4: Ifungs unrl Spurs 4: 'I'l'4':isllr4-1' 4. 'Q if 194 fiaxii 53 JA I lu I in ns is rm IIII ' ki 36 . -Swv 'W-.".'?" R0 SICNIAIIY G.Xl"l'Si'II-Smlnlity I1 Nliu-cl Vlnm-us I 41 8-f'2lllIiI.I2l. Finmling of IIN' KIIIIIIN III-III-r Sps-4-c'I1 I1 , I K.. .L .L I. Z. .i. ".X If-ll.I.I'l'ZICR -Latin Vluln Q. 251 Smlnlily I-1 film- s L: "'I'Ixv III-Iv Xiglllzu Is-lm Vlulm E41 I: I,iln':u'v Vluln IfUI5I'IIi'I'GfylNIAX -T. I.. I.. I-15mI:lIiIy If1II1'IIm'l'5p1'1'c'Il I-. f A l11Im yf . ,. ,J - X IIIAI 'IAZIIIII flllll 2, Sig Smlzllily I-1 Pvp I-lugs -:ml Spurs I-1 Iilvr'u'y Vlulm Q. 51-4-lvlwlx f '2llll2lII4' Vlulm -I-1 Nm-ws I-1 4 llc 11-1111" Pe-In Vlulm I. 21 FZIIIQS and Spurs CI. I. ICS II.'XGGI'IR'l'Y'-"X" f'IuIw 4-1 I.:lIiu f'IuIr I, '21 Su- 'Iy 41 Pep f'luIv 31 ISI-II1-1' Spa-04-I1 I: Ilistory Vlulp I1 Ifuskvilmll I, Q. 25. 4-. 6. , ! . .jf 5 ff enwu , Q fr-I .XI,l"RI'ID III'INlNII'1lISlI.U'll Luliu Vlulm I. Nlixwl Vlmrus I I Band I. K IIII1 Ulm' t'IIllIS 21 "SIm'n1-'I'oss0c N 1 1 4 . I - . . .XNIISIIUSIC IIIVKHY -Ile-III-r SIIOITII 4-1 llislory Club Iii I'0uIIhlII 'I I- I.I'I.XII IIUSIC HIGGINS AIll':1l11:1li1- QNIIIII 2. 25. 4-1 Plmtu- ' ' 'Im I VIIIIIIIIINI 5 4- I :tin Vlulml '7 f.l'l'2lPIlj' I1 Xvws 31 lurll ' 1 ' - 5. Smlulily I1 Nlixm-cl l'Ixurus 25, I1 Glu- fIIIlIbS I. Q1 "I"in4Iing thu- KIIIKZ.. "Ih'lIl4-Ivllc-1111" "'I'I10 II--ly Xiglllf' Url-In-slrn I. 2. SI, I1 V. S. NI. V. I1 G. .L X. I, 2. NIXIIY .XXX IIIXSIIAW I'1llIm-11-ml IIVUIII Wynmrc. XUIIVEISIQZI. IXRUI, IIOLIANII -Drzmlalllv f'IuIm 23, 4-1 Illm ilulr 2, fl: hh-0 K lnlw I1 Pm-p I'luIn Di: Ile-III-1' Sy I. '21 Un-Ils'sIl':l Si. I-1 Ilzunl 2. 54. I-1 if S. NI. V. 35. I-I',NIz IIUIIIA Irumpvl I-1 I,u1'I-lvl 2. 251 1 1 . , 1 I'1-p I Iulv 351 lungs :xml hpurs -I: I . 5. NI. I . .w. .XLIVIC .l.XXlx0IISKI 'lin .Xvnnl Ii, I'l'0si4I011I I1 LZIIIII f'IuIm I. Q1 Smlnlity f'IlilII'Ill2lll of KIEIIIIUIIK' 'I'ruII1 IIUIIIIIIIIIIW' I XIIXKIIQIIIUIIINI- 1'Ixssl'luirl1nI 2 I' X X I Z lil-um F . , .. . .,. , .. ., .'. ... . .l.. I. Q, 251 "I5c'lI1IvlwIx1" I-2 Ivp Vlulm 25, 41 Ilwlnrx Ilulm V 4 - v - 1 I':u1g,fs mul Spurs I-1 1 . N. Nl. I . 2104-11-I:l1'y 55. RUISICWI' JOIINSTUX Smlulily I-1 Nlixm--I l'lmrus 21 Ilishmry f'IuIr I1 I"uolIm:lII I1 Ifuml I. 2, 3. NI.XIl.lURII'f Iililflii-.XX -I,:1Iiu f'IIlII 241 'l'. I.. I,. 4-1 Surhllilv I-1 I'vp Vlulm IK, I1 II:-III-r SIll'4'l'Il 4-1 Ilistury Vluh 3: lla I, 2. II, I-3 G. .L .X. I.21I,IIll':ll'yfIIllIh I. 15311 S 'NI C I Wfvjifv- - - -- SmI:1IIIy 4-I ' 34- I'RI'ID Kl.I'IlN---XI-ws I: I.ntin I'InIm 2: Smlzilily I-: "Storin- 'ossvllu II. IIOII KI,I'IIN--Ilrainuitic I'InIi: Lora-Ici I, 2: Glu- I'InI1s I: SIOFIII-VIIIUSSOIIII II: IIIIFISIIIIIIS I'nnInI:i 2: "'I'Ilv Liv IDI-- IIKIUIU Z IIIIIQI Npurli I I Ilislmx I IMI: I ' I II I I.. . I. ' " Lf: S ' I. 'Z I Imtngrnp ly I: "I"in1Iing of II14' King" II. I I III - I.I.IL-KIII',III IxI,I4'IXIIICINZ -I'I1oIngrnpIiy l'InIm I: Ns-ws I I I: II'IIIIIlN'I I: Lnqnnx I. 2: hmlzility I-: Nlixm-II I Inxrns 3. I: III:-I' I'InIms 2: "'I'In- Ilnly Niglili' 2: "I"incIing of Hn' King" I1NII0IIIIl'Il1'IIIN I-: I'1-p1'InI1Q,:I. -I: Ilislury I'InIi I:0rc-I1vsIi':i 71 N XII I ' I IIQIIII III lIIIi 2 I':iIm-iIic'Im'inn. 3 : ' " 'z 'z Ifnngs :ind Spurs In IIIIWAIIIJ KUUPS- -IIr:nn:iIi1' I'InIi I: Nm-ws I: 'I'rnn1pm'I I: I . 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MARY ICIMXIXIC I,0l'K -Snflnlity I: If S. NI. V. I: Nlixval urns 23. -I: Glu- l'InIm 2: nIIl'IIIIl'IIl'IIl.-I "I"in1Iing of IIlc IXIIl2l-I I'1-p l'InIm 2, '5. MARX NI.XIHI.XIII'I'I' NIALIN 'IIVIIIIIIIIII' I'InIm CI. I: 'III'llIlllN'I I: Iiun-II-i II: I'r1-siaI4-nl I: I,nIin l'InIr Q: Smnlulily, 1'Iiiirn1in uf Our I nIx's Voininitlu I Nlixul Vliurns I I- I . . . ., II- , .I . I I 4... ., ..,-, Glmsl IZlI'IlfIl'lu "III-II1IvIn-inf' "I"inrIing UI' Iln- Kingli' l'InIr 25: III-III-r 5111-e'c'Il I: I.iIn':n'y I'InIr fi, I-1 NIIIKIUIIIIII NIXIIY NI.II,0XI'IY 'IIVIIIIIIIIII' I'InI+ 2. Ii. I: I'rvsi4Ii-nl I: ngmipliy. I'1'm-simIvllI I: N1-ws I. Q. II: 'IIVIIIII mi-I 2, EI, I: I Inss I ri-snlvnt II: In-:is1ii'vi' I: "'I'In- Glmsl Inrnilm-3" "IIvIIn- Ivln-nizu USIUFIII 'I'nsswI:" I'i-p f'InIv Q. :IL Ilvllvr Spvvr-Il S4'1'l'l'I:ll'5'-IZ IIisIm'yI'Ii1I1:I: Ifnngs :in4I Spurs II. I1I'.S. NI.I'. 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D 4 XIIIIUIIIII I'm lun 4 Q .IUSICPII II.X'I'IIIiI'IIN -'KY' Vlulw 4-: I.m-4-lvi 2. 25: Smlnliiy 4: I'rvI'vr'I 4: Nliwal flIl0I'IIS 3. 4: flalss 'I'1'0:lsl1l'4-1' IS: "IlcIIl- IPIIUIIIZN MFIIIIIIIIII ul' Ilw Kingyf' Ilvllvr Spm-vll 42 Ilislury l'luIv I. fl: Iflmllmll I, 2. 3. 4-1 Ilalskvllmll I. 2. II: I":1llg1saIul SIIIIFS I-: If S. NI. if I. 3. NIXIIY .XGXICS III'XII'l'I' "I,I'2lIll4lIIi' flulw 4: I'Imt--gmplny 4: I,m'0l0i I: S-ululily, f'lmirn1:u1 of Sm-iul IIOIIIIIIIIIVC 4: uRl'IllI'Il nl' .Mull Ih-lmmlmf' I'cp Vlulm 2, II: I,I'l'SIfIl'IlI 4: Ilvllvr Spva-I-I1 II: G. .L .-I. I: I.iI1r:lry 23. IJUIIOTIIY III'I"I'I'III fAI.nIil1 Vlulv I: Smlzfrlly 4: Pep l'IuIm 4: Ifzulgs uml Spurs 4: Nlnmlmnm I'rngr:1n1 4. fII'lII.XI,IY NIUIII.XIII'I'Y 'I,IIllI0j.fI'2lIIIIj' I-: Xvws fl: IC-lil-nr 4: Trump:-I ti. 43 I.-an-Ie-i 2, 3: Su-Inlity 4: "SI-mn-'I'usswl SS: ullllll' IIll'IlIlllM'I, G-nl Illm-ss IILH "Il:1l'II'l'1" -.4lIlI'ISIIll1IN Upvl'4'II:1" 23: III-tt--r Spa-1-I1 15: Ifunllrall I. Q: Ilzlskvllmll I. 25: 'I'rz1r'k 4: linings :lull Spurs 4: Stmlm-nl l'mmr'iI 4: If 5 NLF. 2.21. MARY NIURI.XIiI'I'Y 'Latin Vluln I. 2: S-ulnlily I-: I'--p Club 2. II. 4: IIisIu1'.x'4'll1Im I: Ifhuugsmz-lSp1nn-s41425. M1 I. 24: I,iIvr:u'y EI. w- -ww - - rw - 1 I'.I.X NIuI'.I..XNID -Xows 4: Irllmpol 4: Ilulm 4 IIIII I IN-p Vlulv I. 2. fi. I: Ih-It--1-Spw---I1 4: Illslory Vlulw 54: G. .X. .X I'ui11I 51'i'I'I'IllI'y 55: Yum' I'r1'slel1'llI 4: I.lIn':u'y 2. Ii. I. .IICIIUNIIC NI'lI'NI.XNN-Ilallill Vlulr I1 SIIIIIIIIIX Push IIOIIIIIIIIIUC l'llzlirn1:ln 4: Siu-I4-nl I'm1m-il 4. IIIAIIIIC X04'KI'lI.S -I.nrz-lc-I 2. II: Iluml fl. I. II.IIIOI.ID IIXIHICSIQY -"X" Vlulu tl. 4: l,l'QlIll2lIIl' Vlulm I Imlin Vluly I, Q: "Sl01-111-'I'ossc4l" 4: Ii--ttvr Sps-4-1-Il 43 I"-ml lmll I. 2. 54, 4: Ilzuskvtlmll I. 2. fi. 4: Irzu-I: 24. 4: Naugvi row 3, 6IfLLO'C.4 5 IDIII IVI' I I I Ill I ulml I N. XI. If I, II: "'I'Iw Iluly XigI1I"Q: Ilislnry I'IuIv Q. IIY IIII"9II"I I'Iv4- I' In L' 'I' Il" -' -I' J C XIII.I'.XI', IIIYIIII I,I-I-I-I4-i I1 SmI:lIII'x' I: NIIXWI I'Ilu1'nwfIg , Iuulm uI'IIn K' U I ' ' Iv r- .X. I I. 2. I. .X 5III2l.' LN ' '.'I1l" - mg II: I':nlIg's:l111I 5plII'W I: IH-p I IIlI!'2.fI1 1 XIII IIIXI III X IlIIx I I1xuI IIIIIIIIN I II41 InIvs I. 2. I: "I4'imIi11g UI' Ilw King" II: "III-Illlvln-nm" I-1 X. X. I. '2. SIL I,IIlI'III'Y IIIIIII SI: I'm'p I'I11In Q. 24. -I-1 I,:lIin I gs annul Spurl II. I1 I'. S. NI. If I. 2. fl-1 III'2lt'I'U 1 IIIII I1 I':1ll num I1 "'I'In' IIUII' Xiglllf' II,I,I'IN SI'II.XI.I.I'IR NON? I1 SmI:lIiI.x' I1 NIIXUII I'Iun'lls .. I4 4 ' .- I I1 Imeling UI' IIu- King." "III-IIIII-III-1113" III-llvr Spa-ve-Il II1sI IIuIn I JIIII urlx' II'l'IIY SI'III'fI'KI'fI, I.un-In-i I: Latin I'IuIs Q. fig INIZIIIIV I' If S, NI. If II: IIz1mI II, I. IIIII X SI' IINII'I'Z I,:IIin I'IuIv lg 'lf I.. I.. I1 Sudulity -Ig IIII- mu-rn-II Nlysla-rivs" '31 Ilislury I'IuIv l,I'l'SIIIl'IlI lg Bus- IIIIIIII I. 6 I ,, J, u V ? eniaw K J Miz I'IuIrs I. Q: I'1-p I'IuIp 2. ii, I-: I,iIn':u'y I'IuIn II. I: "'I'Il4- Iluly :mfl Spurs I. I Iu I Iulvs I. Q1 Nlixwl I'Imrus II. I: IIiwIur.x' I'IuIn I: II:lmI IK II IXNII If III IIIIIIII I IIIIP I mI:lIIIAx' I1 I'mp I Iulr I I I IIIIIII NIIIIIII I I I I I I I I 'IIINIXN S'I'I'II,I.I'I4'I.I'Ii I,:lIin I'IuII: Smlnlillv I1 Iluss lI'l'iISlII'I'I' I: IIzIwIwIInlII I. I IIIIIII'IR'l' SWICIIYI' Luliu I'IuIf I: Smlulillv :L I. IN XI II II NIIINI II.XNINU'IlI Iiauul Q. SI, III'IIiI,.XINI'I 'I'.XNKI'1 SuaIz1IiIy I1 Nlixwl IIIIIIFIIW II, IL ig ISIN- I'IuIv 21 'ilfillmlixlg uf IIN- Kimi." "III-Ilrlvlu-ln." IJJIIIQH 5 .xml Spun I. l,IIII.IIj I. I , H, NI. I . .i, 5 J RIlIII'III'I' TICYIS I,urI-Ioi IS. I. III III .INN IIIII,I,--I,nr0I4-1 21 hmI:lI1I-x' I: I-I4-v IIuIns YL- ov " ' Qnding uf IIN' King" fi: n I 4pIIuIr I I mp :ml Spurs I- I H 'NI I "IIOI1I - ' ' I1 "1 '.': .' .' 1 . ' -N ill IGIJXA SNIIILIQK 501I:lIII.X' I-Z NIIXWI IIIIIIVIIS 29. I-1 III01' .'ig1IrI" 2: "I"imIing nf IIN- King". ISL nlII'IIlIl'IlI'IlIn I: Ifslllgs NOT PICTURED 6lfLLO'Z.4 - 1 9 3 7 ,ff KATIIRYN YIDANI----lan-elci 2: Sodality 41 Glee C , 4: -' " 4: "The Holy Night" 21 "Finding of the King" 3: "Bt-'ti l'cp Club 3: Fangs and Spurs 4-1 C. S. M. C. I, 2. 3. RICHARD YOLZ--"A" Club fi. 4: ltctter Speech 41 History Club 2: Football I, 3. 4: Track 4. Hl4lRNAltD VYl'1lGl'lL---Lorelei 3, 4: Latin Club 21 Football 31 Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: Track l, Q, 23. 4: C. S. NI. C. l. 2. 3. JOSl'll'HlNl'l YYl'lltl'll."-liatill Club l, 2: Sodality 4-: Glce Club 2, 3. 4-1 "The Holy Nighti' 2: "l"inding of the King" fi: "Bethle- hem" 4-1 History Club 2: Faugs and Spurs 4. FRANCIS ZAHN-ltcttcr Speech 3. -4: ltanrl 2, 25, 41 Orchestra a, 4. The l'pper Third of the Class include: Elizabeth Kleinheinz, Mary Curti, Mary Margaret Malin, Carl Dockendorft. Mary lttoriarty, Angela Conway, Kathryn Yidani, Betty Thill, Josephine VVerel. John Schmitz, Robert Gorman. Alfred Hemmersbach, Leah Higgins, Anne Marie Snyder, Nlary Cecile Blink. Jerome Neumann, Mary'Elaine Louk, Ade- line Korish, Paul Mateju, Dorothy Ritter, Ardelle Bruchman. Grace Bock, Robert Guentner. Gene Howly, Rita Papenfuss, Ruth Kubal, Gerald Klori- arity, John Newman, James DiMaio, and Rita Gillitzcr. The usual dignified ceremony of graduation was embellished this year for the first time by classical ROBICRT BRENNl'Ilt----l"oothall 1, 2, 3, 4: ltaskctball I, 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew. "Storm-Tossed." JOHN BROYYN--Latin Club 1, 21 Sodality It, 41 History Club 31 Track 4-. VERNON GREICNI'llt--Entered from La Crosse Central: "A" Club 3, 4-1 Sodality 41 Football 8, 4-1 Basketball 3, 41 Track 3. KENNETH OPITZ---"A" Club 3, 4: History Club 3: Sodality 41 Football I, 3. 4-: Basketball 1. 41 Track 2. 31 C. S. M. C. l, ft. JOHN SAXNX?-"A" Club 2. 3, 41 Secretary 4: Better Speech 4-3 History Club 2: Football 25. 4: Track 3. 4-1 Ca.-tain 4. , RAYMOND SCIIILTZ--AC. S. M. C. I, Il. X DONALD Vl'lltTHl'llN--Football 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3, 41 Stage crew, "Storn1-Tossed." . HAROLD 4YALSH4'X" Cllll ' Lztig-4 C l l Ifstory Club 3: Football l, Q, 3. Mb Ab' Cm gray caps and gowns, chosen by popular vote. The motto is "Aim High and Hold Your Aim" and colors, silver and blue. The gardenia is the flower, and the patron ot' the school, St. Thomas Aquinas. as patron saint. Sister KI. tvilhelmette was the Senior class ad- viser while Elizabeth Kleinheinz, with an average of 93.45 carried the honors of Yeledictorian, and Carl Dockendortf, Salutatoriau with 92.21 as his average. Holy Trinity Church was the scene of the Bac- calaureate service May 30. Graduation occurred June 6 in the Aquinas auditorium with the Rev. Joseph Andrzejewski, of Arcadia. the guest speaker. llulll .Xl.l-', .Xxl:l1l.lxl-: lillzllwl. .llxl-: Ill-gl-lil-zll. linlll-:ll'l' .Xl,lllll-:4'll'l'. NI ' . xlcl illullllil. xllhlllfl-Ill Vlclllllli. lil-3'l'l'l l,lN'IxI'1NUllHl"I'A l Xlcllxl: Hlllallxlll-zlx. lmllllllxl-1 lilxlsllx. .llcllmlls lil.lsl'lllxl-1. I5l,llxll'l4: lil llxs. Kl'IYYlC'I'll 4'l,l4:llll. .l,lNl-3 fm l.llI,IX. lil-:ll:lll.l lmzllllll HUNA'lll'1Hl'. l'llll. lim-ll. xvlI.I.lXXl lilsslcx. Rflslzllllll lJsllll,lll'. lilvllllllu K'llmll.l-Ll. 1'l,llll-3 Iilllxlullx. Tllrlxlls lil llxs xxl, Wll.'l'lcll HI-T4'IxI4flt. Xll'l'1'lll-:l,l. AIYIDIS. xlKIKlI-I Hlclccal-ix. .Xll.l'w'l' llllllcskl. l,lf'Il.I.Ii lil lllfullll, Klum' Ula xYllI.I". ll4lxll.ll lPlH'IIK'I' lixxlsllx, Ill-jlxlvslcll. Xlllllllclwl' I,llXNIx1. l'IllNl:s'l' D1 xlxll-Llc, XNXI41 lilllxlcl. Nlllll Kill lSl'll. .Xllxlll.ll lflllwnl-N. Gl'1llll.lllxl-1 Nlllll Ill-:wl:l,l-1. 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The praetieal side of liatin was made apparent to the students who seeured numerous liatin words and phrases from magazines and news- papers. The lmeginning elass also read the story of Aeneas and l'lysses. Nlueh historieal reading was clone hy Latin II elasses. Stories of the Roman family. 0lllli'2ltl0ll of ehildren. aniusenients. and historieal faets sueh as the eruption ol' Mount Yesuvious were read during fi the year. .X detailed study ot' the .Xrgonauts and f'aesar's Gallic' lYars, hesides taking an imaginary trip to Athens and heeoniing aequainted with famous plaees was also ineluded in their study. l'lllj0yllll'Ilt has lmeen derived from the eorrespon- denee carried on lay the Freneh and German elasses with students in Nlexieo. Sweden, and Germany. Not only have they ll0f'0lll0 aeuuainted with their eustolns and halmitation, hut they were l'-tllIllllltl'lZOIl with their sehool life and soeial events. The first, year Freneh 4-lass devoted most of their study in grainniar and voealmulary exercises. In the reading and dietation work. the students found the pro- nuneiation and aeeenting most dittieult. Sur-h 1-lassies as "Sans Fillllllltsi hy Nlalot and "lf.Xhhe Constantin" hy llalevy lIl0ll0lJ0llZK'tl the seeond year Freneh elass' time with Sister Nl. Pauline as teaeher. llll'1ll'I' 1l1m11x11N. .lKXll-'S Wus. V1111. l4111'11, .lungs ll114:111-:1.. .l11s14:1-11 -1 - - ' " ' , , , , , .X1lv1-11111r1's 111 .X1111'1'11':111 l.lll'lAilllll'4' :11'1- 1111l11lu1-1l in lay tl11-s1- s1111l1-111 l5"N"7l' ll"'ll ml' l"ll"l.'x' '111'-1 f'H"'1-.111-.'l"2W ulwl' l'1"l"N N111-1 ll1111m1,1m .l1x11u11s, li1r1x1c11'1' fi11,s'1'1-3111, l':Il,I'1ICY NN-.Kl'IYh1'll. XlAIlN Xl1'fl111'1'1 11'1'11, 111111 P11 1. l'lYI,lCX l1111l111:11-l11':1l:111pl11-11111111t11tl11-11'l.:11111 Hun .MXH .lywkuwshlv Xmmil-WY NWUIW Hmxl' mm um f5H.,I.I!N,, Xl.'l'l-Tll S1v1.1.1-111. 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Tangled finzinees were straighten- ed Ulll eorreetly hy these modern. lJusiness-minded pupils. With ehullt fiying :ind eyeited silenee i11 the room. the .Xlgehru speed test :tdvzineed rapidly lllltlt't' Sister Nl. ildjutzfs gIllltl2lllt'l', und the hoys' team eztme o11t vit-torious with at seore of twelve to lllll'll'Cll. In tl1is eluss, freshmen ezune upon their first taste of high sehool lllttlllt'llltlllt'S, and if they mustered tl1e unruly EIYS and h's, they were :allowed to ztdvanee lllltl hronder fields that they might, conquer. lirozider fields are evident i11 the study of solid geometry. direeted hy Sister Nl. .xllK'lll2l. C'onstrut-ting lllllltlll' pyrzunids and explieit pnrztgons. tl1e elziss was always startled l.l'UIll deep eoneentration hy tl1e dismissal hell. The inforinztl atmosphere of the period served as :1 stimulant to progress in tl1e teeh- nieul suhjeet und reeeived as :1 result. exeellent work und highly speeizilized st11de11ts. lintering the Geo- metry room at any time of the duy. yo11 are delighted hy the pieturesque zu'rz1y of angles, horizontuls and heautiful eolors zirranged hy Sister M. YVilfred. l'lXItI. li Xl"4'Nl vs, lYlI.I,lkX1 lfm sw, xl.XItllKltI'1'l' li11:1.1.1, :it the ho:u'd. llON.kI,l7 lll41'f'l'l, YICIIUNX l.1't'14:1, ltirwixun xV00IlItl'V"t", l10I'IS tl,x111-111y1,xx, lnicxiz SIALNN, S1uu1'N11 PM 1c1..x, in the first row, lfibltltlltl' ltl-zxcmi., llliltlilil' Wr111..xN11, WA111111:s lim 141111, ltolirplrr l,t'lCN'I', in the ser-ond row, :ind Douis ll1'N1J'r, t'11x11l.r:s li1.xl's, l'lIt,KNf'l'1S 'l'11r11c1',:111cl .X111.r:1-:N N.u:1.1: eompete for skill :ind ue:-u1':u'y in .Xlgt-hru. 151111111411-1 II1-:m:r:s11xn'1', tfiuxeis NI1'111.14:N1Q.x'111', :ind DoN.x1.u I,x11soN eom- hining nrt :ind tllIlllll'IIlttflf'S in their study of Gt-ornetry .X i11 Geometry is :1 prize that ezteh student seeretly eovets. This gozil wus unfziilingly rezu-hed through- out tl1e year hy Dorothy Nleyers. flrziee lleznoux, lislher Pzipeeek, .loyee lluntle. Dolores Konop. l,illi:1n .Xlhel. und Dorothy Kilim. Uther students tltllllgl outstanding work :ire Ruth l"riseh. Nlurion lfreihieh. lilizuheth llegenhzirt. l"loreene Nlont- gomery and Betty Skemp. The first intoxieuting hrush with nature llllll2ll'ls :1 thrill to eueh general seienee student. :uid reveals to l1i1n the elose proximity of llltlll und God, lYho reveals to llis erezitures Ollly an iotn ofthe knowledge that Ile hats. Seieuee is therefore the lll0Sl suered of :ill suered studies: :ind they ure indeed profane persons who IHIFSIIO tl1e1n only for t'X2llIllll2lllUIl p111'- poses. Sister lYilhelmette tent-hes tl1is suhjeet. Youthful llllllllti that have heen polished und sharpened hy tl1e whetstone of lIl2lllll'lll2lllf'S find that their other fueulties :ire likewise l-I't'Sllt'lll'tl. Quiek pert-eplion. penetrating insight. intelligent deduelions ure Ullly :1 few of the Illlllllplt' ussets gained i11 this. tl1e oldest of suhjeets. The uneienls ure frequently referred to :is models of intelligenee und authority. This distinetion muy one day he extended to o11r t'0lllt'lllp0I'1tI'y lIlttlllt'lIl2tllt' students! Sister M. Fides und Sister Nl. .Xneillu luught the zulvzuieed lllttlllltlll2lllt'S, lllltlltt' tt1'14:s'1's14:11, 'I'11ox1ts Qrixw. lfiuseis Zxus. tlxuui .to11Ns'rox. 1,1.1u1 llosiylxs, :intl llxuo1.1m l,KI7t1SI4.l delve into the inystt-ries of :td- v:1nr'e1l n1:1the1n:1ties. The first rt-nl expt-1'ie11ee in seienee is :tpp1'e1'i:1te'l hy these Uenerul Seienee students llow.x111m l'1.oo1f, llxuuv lfxxs. ,lillcoxm Swinonsivi, l1UItltKIXI1 fiXt't'Slilf, li11T'1'x ,ttyl-1 liyorui-1. und Kl.KItftKltt'1l' lt11f:1-:r. ltt XY! Q66 UlLCdA,fL6.4 ARE lN'l'ERl+IS'l'lNG 'l'hv t'lK'llll'llt i11 our livvs that wo VOIIN' lllltl von- avt with mort' lllitll any othvr one' thing. sc'i1'i1c'0. rhivh translatos tho things ahout us to fam-ts ancl orniulas is llt't'0SSttl'lly ont' ot' thc nlost important avtors in Otll' l'tll'l'lI'llllllll. ln this 1-asv wo spvak spn-1-ially ot' 1-licinistry. physic-s. anfl pliysioloffv. PW- 'llhv f'lll'llllSlI'j' vlassvs this yvar haml a rvvoril nrolhnvnt sim-0 thc lltltllltllllgj of thc- svhool. lt 5001115 hat lll0l'0 stumlvnts than vvvr hvforv wantvrl to lvarn t' what l'll'llN'lltS tht- worlcl was lllitlll' up. .Ks stag- vring as that llI'0lll0lll niigght sm-111. it was hanillc-rl Him-it-11tly in tht- 1-oursv ot' stully. lll lah vlassvs l'a1'tic'al applivation ot' thc' facts lvarnocl i11 vlass 'as inatlvz whit-h. in their turn, i111'1'vasv1l thv knowl- :lgc of tarts. 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The guest speaker for the ninth annual Aquinas ihletie banquet was none other than Areh lYard, ell-known sports writer and eolumnist for the hieago 'l'ribune. 'Ile spoke to three hundred and 'venty-live people who erowded into the Knights ' Folumbus banquet hall. t'het Grant, baektield meh at Notre Dame. gave a brief talk after whieh oaeh Sehneeberger presented letters to the following onogram winners: Ilonorary Captain Paul Me- ityre. lVilson Patros. Jolm Sanny, Lawrenee Le- lene. Harold lYalsh. Raymond Paul, Robert Meh- ren, Jose ill Rathburn, Vernon Greener, Robert I a v Hoesehler, Rlf'll2iFtl Xolz, Harold Padesky. Robert, lianaslk. lYalter lieeker, Mitehell Addis. 'l'homas Simones, Thomas Mc-Namara, Adrian Yeager. Vap- tam-eleet James llaekner. and Manager Norman Meir. .Xreh VVard emphasized the inftuenee ot' football on the youth of Ameriea. In an interview granted in the eouneil room of the K. of V. building, the Fhieago writer said, "Football demands hard work, loyalty. eooperation. and self-saerilieefand .Xmeriea will appreeiate those qualities more than ever in years to eome." Father John Pritzl aeted as faenlty manager, while Norman Meir, with Thomas Burns his assistant, was student manager of the team. in'.wn'u,' ltonlclri' lixwxsia, right end: Ylcnx ciItlCl1INlCN, ht taekleg W,xi.1.i lhiemzn. righl guard: llxnomi hicsav, eenlerg Wirsox l'.vrnos, left guard: lflt'tl IJ. left laekle: lion Sli-innicx. left end, 1lq!iel1l.' 'l'oXi NleN.uiuu, qnai'ter lvaekg l,.Kl'I. Kle- l'Yltl4l, lull Iwaek: .lm llwaxrza, lialfliaekg .XIDNIXY mann, haltlmek. ! r 2 55 4' qffff XS' Q - X,f3,,yw R ! M .. ,. ,MW xx. Y N leg ,Q 'ather Pritzl and his war horse carried he gridmen many a milc. im Hackner, Pad Padesky. and lYally iecker in a charging mood. Iorm Meir held the reins of the manager. Iso a Buick: while Tom Burns was his ssistant. , legulars relieve the strain at the line- lill Hoskins, Mike Addis. toys moving into action as ball is lapped in the Campion game. . grateful intermission and the lads 'rape mud off cleats in the Central lash. 'he Ghost Game with McDonnell. 'he boys wore white jerseys because the eld was so muddy. im Hackner. the '37 captain, held down steady position as halfback. lonorary captain for '36 was Paul Iclntyre, a dependable, fightin' Irish lllback. eorge looks over the subs to send into ie fray. Tally Becker well battered by the imming Edgewood footballers. George ahneeberger and assistant coach. John ay. help him off the field. ed Voltz, a substantial guard, was ways in,the thick of things. 'ilson Patros, also a sturdy guard, ruld be depended upon. arold Padesky gained position on the l-city team as center. ernon Greener applied for a tackle msition and held it throughout the ason. homas Cllulletl Mc-Xamara had the slocity of a leaden pellet. once he got e ball and interference. touchdown is made by the Aquinites 'er Edgewood. i the Aquinas-Columbia game the end extreme left runs out for a pass. iother shot from the Edgewood game. ist tackling an Edgewood man. SMOKE Fnoivl THE Q-cifi-can Jim Hackner tramped over the final marker in the Arcadia-Aquinas game to put an end to the win famine which had besieged the Aquinas football team last year and to give the Golden Clads the first victory of the season by a 6 to 0 verdict on September 20. It was during the initial quarter of the opening game that Hackner, trotting behind powerful interference on an end run. crossed for a touchdown. The game was played on a grassy baseball field at Arcadia. Injuries removed two Aquinas regulars from the game. Joe Rathburn was removed from the game with injured ribs early in the first quarterand Paul McIntyre was forced to make an exit in the second quarter with a dis- located shoulder. Amidst intermittent drizzling rains the Aquinas gridmen worked up a second victory by romping over Cotter High of VVinona, 29 to 8, on St. Michael's field on September 25. Aquinas had gained a 6 to 0 first quarter lead after Jim Hackner had scored by plunging ten yards. In the second quarter Aquinas amassed a total of 14 points. After a sensational Q5 yard run by Tom McNamara, Hackner galloped over the remaining Q5 yards to score. The second touchdown resulted from a pass, Jim Hackner to Tom Simones. The reserves played all but the last five minutes of the second half, during which time Cotter totaled eight points, two on a safety and six on a touchdown. Paul McIntyre provided the thrill of the tilt when he snatched a pass from the clouds and side stepped his way across the goal-line from the 35 yard line. From the 18 yard line Jim Hackner bisected the uprights to bring the total to the aforementioned 29. A powerful Campion eleven of Prairie du Chien toppled Aquinas to blemish the unmarred previous performances. In a mad goal-line rush during the final and desperate fourth period, the Red Knights, capitalizing on shifty open filed running and pass interceptions, ac- counted for 20 points while leaving Aquinas scoreless on October 3. Our versatile plowman, Paul McIntyre, again dislocated his shoulder during the opening seconds of play and he was unable to continue during the remaining portion of the game but Jim Hackner took over the starring role and played a beautiful brand of ball. Tobiaski battered through the line and dashed down the sidelines for Campion's first touchdown in the first quarter. From then on it was anybody's game. Aquinas rallied in the third period and Hung passes for many long gains. Then in short order, in the final period, Campion took advantage of several intercepted passes and their own aerial attack to accumulate a total of fourteen points. 77 In a game where fumbles, penalties, and minor injuries took a costly toll, an Aquinas eleven, in- spired by homecoming festivities, spirited away a 12 to 0 victory from Edgewood of Madison on October 10 on St. Michael's field. Aquinas started the scoring early in the second quarter when Rich Yolz blocked an Edgewood punt which was downed on Edge- wood's 18-yard marker. Bob Banasik snared a pass in the end zone on the next play. Aquinas scored again in the third quarter when Adrian Yeager, flashy sophomore halfback, plunged across the marker. In the fourth quarter, Edgewood and Aquinas battled on even terms. Several fumbles on the part of Aquinas kept the fans in suspense and furnished excitement for the homecoming classic. After a long pass brought the ball deep into scoring territory Don "Batch" Smith plunged across the double stripe to give Logan a 6-0 intra-city victory on October 17. The battle took place on the flood-lighted northside field. Tom McNamara, taking the ball on the kickoff, brought the crowd to its feet when he dodged through the Logan players before a Red and White warrior brought him down on Logan's 35. Logan gained possession of the ball and began a series of gains down the field. A long pass spiralled threateningly into Aquinas territory. A short plunge and Logan had its counter. Aquinas threatened in the fourth quarter but Logan held and regained possession of the ball. A long Logan pass which was knocked down by Mc- Namara brought about a much argued interference decision. which gave Logan the hall on the two yard line with four downs in which to carry it over but the Gold and Blue successfully held and gained possession of the ball. Garnering its fourth victory of the season, Aquinas continued on its record breaking season by downing Columbia Academy of Dubuque by a 13-0 score. It was the first time that Aquinas tasted victory over a Columbia team. Action began in the third quarter when Bob Hoeschler flipped a pass to Bob Banasik who in turn lateralled the ball to Jim Hack- ner who romped over for the touchdown. A Columbia fumble gave Aquinas the ball on Columbia's Q8- yard line. An Aquinas fumble was picked up by a Columbian. After a punt, Yeager snared the ball on Columbia's 40-yard line and sped down the side- lines for a second touchdown. Hoeschler proved his worth in his appointed captainship by his brilliant playing both in his line plunges and his passing ability. Aquinas and Central entertained a thoroughly chilled crowd for two hours on October 31 with the Red and Black the eventual victor in a 13 to 0 gridiron fest. VVith big burly Zomby Harrison pound- ing the center of the line, the public school score mounted to thirteen. An unexpected pass suddenly spiralled from the passing arm of Pitz to receiver, Frey, and Centrals' first touchdown was gained. Aquinas, chance came immediately after when Hackner punted to the 5-yard line and Central fumbled. Stellick scooted around end to bring Cen- tral's score to thirteen. Although Central finished the game in the lead, the Golden Clads forced the men of VVeigent to the hilt. Bob Hoeschler battled against the alma mater of his famous brothers of Central-Gene and Jake. Although Aquinas had high expectations of ending the season by scoring freely against McDonell, the men from Chippewa Falls blasted away at these hopes and barely allowed Aquinas a 7 to 0 victory on November 7. A long pass from Jim Hackner to Adrian Yeager placed the ball on McDonells' one yard line. From that advantageous position, Bob Hoeschler, hard-driving fullback, drove the ball over for Aquinas. The kick for the extra point sailed square- ly between the uprights to terminate the scoring for the season. Although still performing splendidly the Aquinas offense slackened and failed to threaten again until the end of the third quarter when Bob Mehren re- ceived a pass and put the ball on the two-yard line. A bad pass from center caused a fumble in the back- field and Aquinas was unable to carry the ball over from this position. Aquinas climaxed its successful season by piling up a total of 67 points. Paul McIntyre, for his versatility on the football field, was nominated honorary captain for the 1936 season, while Jim Hackner was chosen captain for the coming 1937 season. Norman Meir and Thomas Burns aided the team by being managers. 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Vilplillll for llu' lirsl St'lll4'5lll llll ll2lQ'Ql'l'lIY. 1-:upturn lm' llu- sl-vmul Nl'llll'5ll'l'. 4'l'Il fll'1'l'lll'l'. llllNli.Y lirsl svllwslvl' I'K'lll0I'. Hula g.Ill2lSllx. Il1'Xl .Yl'2ll'.N Villllillll. lill IgiIllilNlli. .lim llllxllll Kell ll Ill llu lu . NQl,tu xu'u '- nf rl x'u'x-'u' u l--. u,IIIu1l lXX0l1if1llll.ll.lIl4l lun lu lltbgilll. :uul mlm-A I.x l N ll 1 'Q Til .A Ei, X 3 3? . hlNfX-L .,.. . . , -K A Q5 m ,Gym fl' gnir W A .... : i n i , gin' M 8 Q - 5 4 .sf ws: R N 'Q 'ff YL V5 91359 fi , ,, lull , ... 4 hm . x Q , wi 1 T si .J - .L ,Q 9 1 .J x 3 iiviis V f Ar, ,L , .A ,,..,.,f4 a .f . . at -1' L0U""4Pi larold Hogan. William Wadden. William 'vorak, Edward Seubert. Richard Pade- zy. Robert ltrieske. James Klein and obert l'adesky. who defended the urels of the second team. he brothers Ranasik. Ed and Hob. :rry Hilton. Edward Banasik. James aggerty. James Hackner, Robert Bana- k, Albert Soller. Carl Dockendorff. lyde Brinkman, and Adrian Yeager, :fore the whistle. rlrian Yeager, James Haggerty. the rewards. ack row: Harold Woodruff, Robert masik, James Hackner. Edward Bana- :. Albert Soller, Carl Dockendorff. mes Haggerty, Adrian Yeager. Jerry lton. 'Clyde Brinkman. who made up e Golden Avalanche. enter: James Klein. Richard Padesky, :bert Padesky, Robert Brieske, William vorak. Edward Seubert, William VVad- n, Harold Hogan. and Mgr. James ritz of the second team. vbert Mt-Mann, William Flynn. Robert iley. Harry Faas, Richard lVoodruf'l'. nes Hackner. Albert Soller, guard l center. respectively. nter row: Robert Bauasik, Clyde inkmau. Carl Dockendorff, Mgr. James itz. Jerry Hilton. all indespensable mbers of the team. rry Faas. Robert Milkey, Robert eland. Robert McMann, Richard uodruff. William Flynn. nager Harold Woodruff. green clad shman team. ry Hilton. Albert Soller. Carl Dock- orff, Robert Ranasik. James Hag- ty. Edward llanasik. James Hackner. de Brinkman. Adrian Yeager in ther shot of the defenders of the ? and gold. non Greener, able mid-year center. hard Padesky. Harold Padesky. Mr. n Padesky and Robert Padesky of Padesky dynasty at Aquinas. Padesky, great defensive guard. c.gwi4Ae.4 of Me fuel' Harold Paedsky captained the team during the first semester while Jim Haggerty took over the duties during the second semester. In the opening varsity game of the season. on December 4-. Aquinas maintained a lead throughout three and one-half quarters of desperate playing but succumbed to a last quarter rally by a 13-1Q verdict at the hands of McDonell High of Chippewa Falls. Aquinas held a 10-5 lead at the close of the first half. Ed Banasik made the only Aquinas basket in the second half. 5 During the first four games the losing team scored twelve points. Aquinas defeated Sparta by a 20-19 decision on December 11. Sparta blanked the men of Schneeberger during the first quarter but Aquinas came up with nine points to lead at the half. 9-7. Aquinas then pro- ceeded to blaze its way to victory. Ragged playing and poor passing on the part of Aquinas brought about a Q2-12 defeat delivered by Cotter High of VVinona. Aquinas 10-5 at the half and 17-10 at the end of the third period Cotter sauntered on to victory with Captain Pade- sky and Bob Banasik of Aquinas out on fouls. Aquinas defeated Viro- qua. South Central Conference Defending Champions. by drubbing them to the tune of Q6-12 on the Aquinas court on December 18. Bob Banasik. high-scoring junior. led the scoring with eleven points. Viro- qua led 5-3 in the first quarter. From that time on Aquinas took the command and led 9 to 8 at the half and 26-12 at the termination of the third period. Logan dimmed the holiday spirit by nosing out the Aquinas five by 31 to 26 on December 23. Trailing throughout the entire game. Aquinas gained in the last half but faltered in the attempt. At. the half the score stood 23 to IQ in favor of the northsiders. Facing one of the most formidable Alumni teams ever assembled at Aquinas. the Golden Clads were held powerless under the sixteen point basket barrage delivered by Greg Keegan and were trailing 36 to 12 at the termination of the tilt which was staged for the Presidentfs fund for crippled chil- dren. It was the first time that an Alumni team was victorious over an Aquinas team. After Aquinas gained a 7-6 lead at the end of the first period. the Central Red Raiders raided the ruin column to defeat the Gold and Blue 30 to 23 on January 9. Central. for forging ahead. led 15-11 at half-time and 25-17 at the beginning of the fourth period. ln the second of a series of double -engagements Aquinas divided weekend honors by placing a marker in the won and lost column. Falling before the slashing attack of a McDonell team Aquinas lost its sixth game of 81 the seasoh at Chippewa Falls, 32-15, on January 15. For the first three quarters McDonell piled up a total of 26 points while holding Aquinas to 13. Aquinas whipped in seven field goals and eight free throws to down St. Johnis of Rochester by a '22-12 score on January 17 on the Rochester floor. Aquinas trailed 6-3 at the end of the first quarter but blanked St. John's during the second period. St. John's strove in vain to even the score but the Golden Avalanche couldn't be stopped. Aquinas rustled the netting twice in the Hnal minutes to thrust aside the offensive thrust of a dangerous Arcadia team and to clinch a 23-19 court duel on the Aquinas floor. Captain Harold Padesky breezed in seven points to lead his mates in scoring- Arcadia gained an early lead but Aquinas soon shook loose the cobwebs and barraged the baskets to ruin. Aquinas succumbed to a Sparta quintet paced by a carrot-topped guard named Don Leverenz in .an 18 to 16 basketball game on January 29. The outcome evened the series of games between the two teams. Aquinas seemed unable to hit the rim in the first and final quarters but fared better in the re- mainder of the game in a return game with Arcadia. Aquinas was left stranded with a total of 26 points while Arcadia amassed 4-5 points on February 2. Haggerty and Bob Banasik scored six points to vie for high scoring honors while Barlow of Arcadia .scored 15 points. With an entirely revamped squad the Aquinas -quintet nosed out an Alumni team to average a previous beating received earlier in the season. The game was held on February 6. Aquinas jumped to an early lead of 2-0 but trailed at the half by a 13-11 score. Meeting unexpected power in the first half of Aquinas-Viroqua game. the men of Schneeberger 'dropped a 24 to 12 verdict on February 12 to Coach Ray Garriott's forces after trailing 17 to 3 at the half. Rallying in the last half, the Golden Avalanche narrowed the gap between the two team's scores but failed to have the necessary punch to carry through. After setting a fast pace in the first quarter by running up a 4-0 margin, while quickly increased to . . . we QF, .Qrf4'i fe' 1 6-3, Aquinas, floundering under the unrelentless hoop punishment executed by Central, retired to the backcourt to emerge at times with spasmodic flashes of brilliance but being unable to check the offense of Central, took a 34 to 10 beating in the Central gym on February 13. In a fast, furious overtime game, Aquinas was defeated by St. l'at's of Eau Claire by a close 25-23 outcome on February 19. After trailing through the first half, Aquinas, led by Captain Jim Haggerty, scored 14 points but failed to win in the overtime period. Jim Haggerty, playing in the center position, was high scorer with eleven points. In a return game with Cotter. a team which later entered the National Tournament. Jim Bombenek went on a scoring rampage to chalk up 19 points and to lead his team on to a 37-10 victory on February 26. With rivalry growing intense. St. Pat's returned to the Aquinas gym to be handed a 21-15 setback on March 5. Soller, taking over the center position, found himself in the high scoring position for the second time in the season. Aquinas led by an over- whelming majority, 18 to 5. at the half and coasted through to victory. Paced by Tollend. Logan, in a return game on Nlarch 12, duplicated its previous victory and de- parted with Aquinas holding on to the shady side of a 34 to 21 game. Jim Haggerty slipped in eight points to snatch the high-scoring honors for Aquinas. At the half the score stood 19 to 11 in favor of the Logan Red VVarriors. Aquinas rounded out its season with a victory over St. Johnis of Rochester on the Aquinas fioor on March 14. The final count was 17 to 11 in favor of the Gold and Blue. While Jim Haggerty took over the starring role for Aquinas another Haggerty, Rich. led the invaders with six points. At the half Aquinas led 9 to 3. Harold 1Voodruff and Jimmy Opitz proved able assistants to the team. VVoodruff acted as manager while little Jimmy Opitz acted as his assistant. t Ton "Driller" AXll'N.kXl.X1tt out-sprints his running mate, ,lm llxckxrzu, to win the 100-yard dash event nl Logan. 1vk1.l.U'l'I ol' lavjltlll is in third place, followed hy f11.lF1fUltD 11.xu'r of .tquinas QMCA, IQ36 lilast ing four long-estalmlished records into olmlivion nd running eighth place in the national track meet eld annually at Notre Dame. the golden-clad cinder lunnpers elevated track to top-flight position. Seniors again took honors in the class meet raid- IQ the win column to reign as class champions over lt 1930 track and field events. Other classes trailed 1 order: the juniors gained second place. the sopho- iores third. freshmen fourth. Un the green turfed thletic field at l'rairie dn C'hien. May 2. the Vampion inights grand-slammed in the discus. shot put, mile in. and pole vault to gain a 80LQ-27M decision. John Hiawatha" Sanny defeated Campion speed demons, i2t1,I'l01'02tl1t1lxll'Ctt111l.11l1l10 880 yard Pllllftlllli' 2:10. fentral, Aquinas' Pass Street rivals. defeated .Xqninas on the following week hy a similar count. The final tabulation gave Ventral a 70 to 29 victory. Sanny and Hackner were Aquinas' only contestants who gained a first place. Un the Logan athletic field the men of Sclmeelmerger barely pushed over a close 00 to 50 victory on May 93. hy winning nine first places. Tom "Bullet" Mc-Nanlara tied the all-time school record for the 100-yard dash with the time of 10:9 and set a new record in the 4-10-yard dash with the time of 5412. John Sanny cracked the clocks with a 2:02.-I1 time in the half mile run. The 880-yard relay team set the record time of 1:88.0. me entire track team for the 10210 season included, 'lc row, C'o.xcn Scimmzui-zutsrxu, .lm lhcxwi-zu, .Ions NNY, .lun-:s ll'N1-III., lli-:Imax Driuorix, Yi-:RN IEIGNICIC, RIVIIAIKD X 0111, 111111 .'x1'I1.1U-ID STI-I1.L1'1.l'G. ml mrwstlirrlaxlrz Wmom., 'l'uou.xs AIt'N.niA1u, :ouon lxxooi-, lmiun' Simanu. .lungs :Mu.ix, ll-'1-'tl1tl7 lllxur. Rlanager, RIt'H.XliD1lAYl'IH, X -M News 2 Q , if- x . X . ,X :.:f e f Q is 5 g s' Q -E if + Q4 'Q Czm B1-:1cNA1xiNi-L STRAND, VIRGINIA Brzsl., .-tl,u'i: MM: Zi:iNMi1'rz, Manx l.0l'lx-AI-1 DOWN!-:Y, l"l.0ui:Nc7r: Srimr-asrzn, llosmuln' linowx, lh-:'r'rx' SKENIP, and MARHVI-:RI'r1-1 DVGAN lim- up at attm-ntiun as tlu- pliysiz-al 1-tliu-ation instrum-tor, Mn. Gizoiuzic Sviixi-:i:ur:iu:i-:ii prtparn-s in 1-all tht- roll. HELEN Guinxi-111, NIAIKIAN STAl'H03Yl'l'l, Ifiziw B1-112, I"l.nui:Nm'i: Nloxr- raomiznv, Rrru Klusxiizn, linvrn fl0LI.INS, and f'UNS'I'ANf'l'1 1'1r:1u'i: 1-xt:-nil thx-ir hzuuls 1-xp:-4-tantly as thc- lc-ads-r "starts ilu- luill rolling" in a izanu- tnit ti-sts tlu- skill of tlu- girls in liaiulling :intl passing tlu- lvall uilluuit fumbling it. In ganu-S nl' this typt- tlu- girls arm- mliviilx-fl into tc-anis who f-onipr-tv to cli-tvrniinv tlu- spl-4-:lit-Qt group. C'uNsTANr'i: I'1i:iu'1-:, I-lurru K'oi.1.1Ns, Fromzi-:xrz Nloxrlami-:iu', and RVTH IQRISMICR ke-vp tlu-ir 4-yes glut-cl to tlu- hall rc-:uly to jump as tlu- lxall is tussf-cl up :uul alt:-inpt to obtain ilu- ball fur tlu-ir rvspc-1-tivo lc-anis. Fast, 1-xr-iting ganu-H not only kc-vp tlu- girls in trim but givt- tlu-in an opportunity tn slum' tlu-ir ability in tlu- lim-lcl of r-oiiipm-titivv sports. ll-X'I'RIK'IA C'.xssim', lli:I.i-:N Nmxyux. aiul Hi-Ll.:-:N Ckxicnwilzu gin- forth lluty 1-lu-1-rs to l'Ill'Hlll'lUll' tlu- luattvr, Rl.-xleiyv S'I'.-U'KUXYI'l'Z from ilu-ir lc-ain while- tlu- watt-lu-r, l"r1uN Burl, ul' ilu- upposing tt-ani signals to ilu- pitvlu-r. Aniniata-sl lzu-vs rl-vm-al spiritm-ll intl-re-st aiul guml-natul't-tl rivalry aiming tlu- girls wlui 1-oinposv tlu- 14-anis 1-ngagz-rl in ilu- task of winning ilu- kitti-nlmll lianu- aiul alsrv nu-riling an .X un tlu-il' rs-port vartl. l'lI,UliEl-INR xlUN'l'1iO5lHlKY, 'l'i:ui-1s,x Gi,xNm,i, KIMUAN lllu-:1i4u'u, Rum:- xmm' B.-xi,zi1u, Al,-HHAN IQIKINKIEH, l':I.IN0lt l'.u-i:Nlf'1'ss, lll"I'll Surzmxsuv, .X1,u'i-1 Uswmrl-zu, I.olx.uNi: XNIDRE. and Rl.-HKY lllvum' lim- up at att:-ntinn rx--ulv tn If-I Nlu SFIINI-Il-Il!lCliG1'IIl know tlu-y ara- "lu-ri-." 'um 1 I I I Q .l , wwe .1 , ' - ,I wmv F' f - I' Wiz A I um,,,.,1 1 I I ' I f F 'vp Row: ININALD RIITII, Jos!-:PII FORM.-INIIK, WIIILI.A!I WYAVHA, HARRY 'AAS, RAYMOND JAIIIMIAK. HOSVARD BIIINIIAIWI, JAMES FANCHEII. 'mv Thn-rr PAI'L FINI.I-:v, .loI-IN DI-JHMUND, Boa BICNIANN, ICDWAIIII Rnrzslmu, LOIH ROI-:sI.I:R, .loam-I-I FVNKE, AIz1'HI'R YOST, f,2UENTIN SWI-LIZNIIY. low T'u'o.' .Im-IN AI,IIIzI:4'I-IT, JAMIN IQLHIN, Jos-II-:I-I-I BIARX, PIAROLD AIIILNZ, IDWARD 1NIARl'0l'S, JAAII-:s Arn-'0oII, WIl4III.KM PAI'L, .lm-II-:III-I TIKAI.. ron! Row: NNILLIAM AxII's:IxsoN, ROBERT PIENGEI., 'l'I-IoMAs Omrz, ARTHFR ,I-JLLEY, .IAMIIII WYAIS, xVll.Ll.-KM DwI'I:R, CI-IAIcLEs 1iNonI.AI'I'II, CIERARD IALIN. 'op Row: WILLARD NIIIITIAI, DONALD Horn, WlLI.lANl BIWII-'0IcD. allom Rmu: .loru-:I'H FIIIIMANI-ix, IIAYMOND JAHIMIAK, HARRY FAAS, HOWARD IRNBAUM. Top Row: ROIIIJRT I'lENGEl., WII.I,I.iNI DWYER. CIIARLI-ts KNoIII,AI'I'II, GERARIJ BIALIN, QUI-:NTIN SWVEENEY. Bgllom Ro-Iv: WILLIAM AMIINDSIIN, 'THOMAS Omrz, ARTIIFR KI-:LI,I:v, .IAMIJB WAIS. 'fob Rmv: I-JIIWARD Rm:sI.I1:n. JOSEPII FVNKE, YVILLIAM WAVIIA, JAMI:s I'ANc'I-II-In Ifollom Row: JUIIN DI-:I-IMOND, Ronmu' NICAIANN, ALIII:-I RIIIIHLIQII, AIITIIIIII XIIST. Top Row: .IAIvII:s IQLEIN, HAROIID ARENZ, .IOSI-:PII AIARX, PAVII FINLEY. giotlmn Raw: JAMES .-Xsroox, I-IDWAIIIJ AIAIIUOFS, WILLIAM l'AI'L, .Irmm-II IKAL. nlftamntci 4 Rffmilziirly Ihr lvnilfliizg lu1r'oi'i' 111 ofu'l11'1ly of xrhool. Miss .Xxon-1 .XMIHUIHI-I, l'lK'l'lll'1ll l'm'1'li., l".x'rl1i:nlil'NluNuicn. NIMH XYN lllxsi-mw, lJllNAI,I!l,l-IlYIN- oi-Ln, .lol-1 TIKM., .lnilcs S1'III"I'Il. C'li.xn1,r:s liNoix1..xN1', l.ol is llx1.i-zmmx,l'.u1il.1,r: l'lAlilil-ll,4lUIIN Qmoxiis, llI"l'H .l i1n1.1M:N, flIil'Ill'lIl'IN KIILLICIC, Nl.xn1.xN S'1'm'K.uxr:l.'rz im! lin' nzoruirlg v'14.xl1for xlifw. N'7IAIl1,1t'X of II11' "lla ill' l"mmi'," mul ffllylllllll-l'l'UI7l Mun f'r:c'i1.i-1 Klixxk vimfv hook f1!'l'fIrI'oPz' in ZI11' lllllllfllfl. Gicoinsrz S'l'l'l!l'IR 1IixpIi1,x'ii1g lzix fwizi' 1:-irzuing fmiriliizg in lin' 1.11 Q-1' l'i'o.m' 17Ill'l'-Slllll' l"uiv'. 86 , 8 .CQ fwnlez Svliool lmclls lollvll toflny for ovvr 600 .Xqnininns, llll'lllIllIlQ.I 160 l'lYOSlllll0ll. rvauly :incl czigvr QFD to lmvgin liigli school lifv. liisliop Uril'lin gave' nn zulclrcss following tlu' Mass. nlllllltll Vlnlm will soon org:niiz1'." proinisvs xu'wly-inslzillvfl l'rin- r-ipnl. the' Rcvvrviul J. F. Kun- mlingvr wlio witll l":itlu'r Pinion will c'o-rli1'c'c't tlu' lu'w OI'g.ftllllZ2l- tion. XY2tll'll tlu' liirxlivl First of :1 long liiu' ol' cl0lIlllN'l'- vial .xSS0lIll1lll'S wen' tlu' Gvnlc' NI:1riolu'ltc's. lY:nlm-li tlu' Gvrmlcl Nlziry l'e'c'ilc' Mink. MGM von- tvst win1u'r:uul lu'wly-:ippoinlvxl 'l'lcl'A1l'1c'1' vclitor. suilvml on tlu' Xornnuulic' for tlu' trip nlxroaul. 'lllioso 'illfljJfl'S innst not lmvl' sc'c'n my ontry or lllilylll' it got lost in tlu' mails or sonu'pinl liisliop llr'G:1vic'k :ulrll'1'ss1'1l tlu' vntirv StllIl0lll lmoily toflziy. 'l'lu' silmjm-t was tlu' au-qniring ol' ai I mlm' f'liristi:ln c'll:n'zu't1'1'. O Plans worm' living luixl for tlu' Soclzilily of Uni' l,:uly lo ln' or- ggzinizvrl in tlu' iu':u' future' at Xqninas. lYitlu'ssc'1l l's'oI'g:niizz1tiol1 ol' ilu' l,or0lc'i :uul l'ln .xV2llll. ln tlu' fornwr. Mary Nl. Malin was c'lc'c'tc'cl Prvsiclvilt, wllilc' .Xlif-4' -lankowski was volvml into tlnzt, position in tlu' lnttvr. Poothall gridders attend Mass and reeeiye Iloly Vommunion in , . a lxody. IIome I'A'0llOlllll'S elass treats them to hreakfast. Think how the poor little grapefruit must have felt to see the gal- loping horde eoming down on it. Latin eluh organizes. The result of the eleetion: President. Ton NIc'N.xM.xn.x: Yiee President. Iiltlill lflcux. and Sec-retary. Klum' .NNN P.x1'l,. Speeial meeting ot' Sc-out exeeu- tiyes of Gateway .Xrea held at .Xquinas today. Sodality holds meeting to honor "Feast of the Iloly Rosary." Student l'ouneil formed today. Vlass oftieers were elected today in all hut the I"reshmen group. Results tahulated in Senior Vlass: President. lfxnl. Uoeli- l'1ND0Itl4'l"l Sec-retary. Roin':n'r lhczixxz Treasurer. Mun' NIA- LONICY. Junior Vlass: President. IIl'I'l'TY XYICVKICRZ Seeretary. Ton IXll'N.kXl.Xlt.X. and Treasurer. .I.ux114:s IIAVIQNI-Ill. Sophomore l'lass: President. liowiixnu filRUI'Xl Sec-ret ary. -lim ics Wars. and Treasurer RIVIIAICD P.xm4:- snr. Ilomeeomingl lint I didn't see that alumnus that owes me lair- from the last homeeoming. Edgewood heaten IQ-0. .X new kind ol' Pep .Xssemlmly in- novated today. Logan hands us first defeat of season. ti-0. Pep flulm organized. Ufli -ers: Nl.-un' RICGI'l'l'. President' -and .Ion I'Il'NlilC. Secretary. , S' Dehate Vluh formulates plans for year. RIDISICIVI' lC.x1:.xN ehosen for President: Noun Minn. See- retary. YVith Norms magieal prowess. maylme he eau make the opposition disappear. Aquinas whips Volumlmia lf!-0. Merit System amended. IIallowe'en danee. Bogie. Bogie, Bogie! Y 2 Two assemhlies today. Say. if tlus keeps up. I will rememher where I sit m the auditorium. fentral trims us 13-0. U death. where is thy sting! D 40567, . .. in nm 'rfwqn 1 f K f -: w - , ,Q . '- U ' - 1 xr, . Mt. 1 tr ss g,.-: .. .. :. , :Era 'Wm iw fix Q S535 ' f L' Q f 5 .ny .J , um usse 'fi X I I!! f .A ' . . 1 .l fffxfvflly rrflgifppqv L1 qiyyligqygiyfgfvv ff-if H -1' -T .' 1 , . "' ""l',J5"""' "Vu x I if 2 C hesterton Memorial .Xssemhly , 4,1 j . . . -, I 3 ' anal Mass in 2ill1lll0l'lllII1 tomlav. I If I . 0' 4 - A if" K 'K 'J 'J' 1 A I 1 n . ,I x xr I H X 1" 3 Aquinas holds lnoek elec-tion. 5 "' f - . . 1 X I I , 1' x 1 Roosevelt wins. ho foes .Kr uinas. xx W f 'JI ', U I., I . gf l :jf j f, fp V' N J, If sl so goes the nation. ,N I . L ' , L . 1 . . . U-1 X JL' , 1 ' J 1 I, 1 li Boy N-out executives holcl ll I f'l- 'f A - s xx. -- '.. my 'md JUHMRIWHW luncluon lllltllllg at Aquinas. lxanfifly-fm I.lll'H1tZVfl!1.l,YW'Il1lYf-V. here is no truth to the rumor .iff ' lat John Sanny passed his M Y-Qjqulerfoot thsts. however. ,JA . ' xxecltopcns Xquinas p.u.u c rear s Iigit 9 'MIR ' ' -3 sgwgi s on ' " lf' " lf Q. Ql'IN.xs Nicwsz left-right-left 0' .' I 'YP ' Iizomuz llum-.x, ,lK'I'llI'li Illumi- wicix, Rox' Sxiiarxicr, ltiriixuix llI'I.I.. TRI-IYIC lili.KNt', vlvll.I.ltXl liissiw, Nlkltltl ll,x1-'Nlcu fomlml 41 file! fm!! fu r.'rf'lim1 iluy. WJZ V711 In lnnkqm1u1fi.' Mmm f4l'14'll.l-I Nlixx, Sinosu G1'ii.i..u'u1-3, .I Dov iticwlvoiiifif. ,losicifi l'i rx. um! lXlllll.I.z t .. . . " 'rw l os 'rrifu lu m1'wqrm1mi: 'iltlllll i isis, in xr I 170 hi- sim! 1 i Zixuxr. ' ' -1. plying B .urkz ff Lin" up- lpn I.i-1.x ' uvwif X , ' :J Ngo X 6' I .Insi-:vu Yukos as lfulh' Tim. in osii-il QU ilrru, as 'ui Fry. . lfliius. lim, 1 ri hllcrjvrlfllv H1 lll'HI- V Q 5 if ' J X' ,l ' .fl ,3 9 Nyxrw' -HAYYI-I 'l'Kom-iv, Mun' lCl.1.l1:v 'MQ umljion ltrxvis- . rp N Im: fm! hr xlfi S um! moon fm' Il l'nI 'y Illunw. 1 .4 .4 g V Qzwi. It X X 44 W rp. I3 15 24- 2.3 26 l'l1lu1'ation week eloses with a talk hy Professor' Treaey of Marquette l'niyersity on "Plan- ning Your i'areer." My Ill'02llIl eastles eonle tulnhling flown around my ears as he infornieil ine there was no opening for a lxarlmer on Zlllvllllllilll reservation. C' uel. eruel worhl. rst presentation of "Storin- 'l'osserl:" large erowxl watehes this soul-stirring play. Bishop Griffin presents pic-tures to sehool. Pic-tures ot' "The lla- rlonna of the C'hair," "The Im- mac-ulate1'oneeption."anrl"Ma- donna." Tlianksgiving flanee helrl this evening. lieautiful fleeoratious and fine music made an en- chanting with nie? Uh. I was just a evening. YYho went wall-paper, as they say. Joyous .xI'lIllSlll'0 or Merry Vhristinas. Gosh, that ain't right f-it's some holiday, let's see . . . Happy Flag llayfnope . Oh well. .lla Nl1m1',1Uv fzxxl 41111 In xl: 1111 lm In In l ' xxxlxx x N xo xl: 'x I NIAI IH I xlx n I N N011 I I x I y lx nl ,K x 1 .tx l'l wxxllx fm 4 mu xo! Qin Lila My H1 XY! ml , lrmrm x nm! ln: rf If 1 funn! L with Hn 4 1 X A X H1 11111111 Xllulxlx Ixxlt Ihr 1 Xl.lv1 I Loxnx llluxl Ill N4l Xlxcx xlxnxx x lm 111 1 X lml XI x x 1 1 XX n fmm. nm ll If nl N gif . 1-4, mu llllxx J I 1 A.4,,.,4,,, xl I Lu Kumi umlul t lx Xmauxlx llxx rllnxv luuxn I 'lf-lflml O tml' Pxrlmlnx wlmjflw ffl Mn tlarlxl x N vm x 11 x 1 1 Hn. N l'xlml Xx-ll lxx X xr lg I 1 I, Nm: lumix xx xx do! iulxullx XI 1111 I-111-.xxun N nm x N N N Ill Roo Nlxu X 1.1 xx It IIIIIKIIIN VX" " lxnuuxl lxxnxl l411:xNX14:xlu I Ill of 'Ill fum fl gr mnjv uf fllrlxtnmx 4 I'-"U fm, . f , H1 I' fn lf: ecenp ez A QVA' lilnf-li lllilgjli' :xml will-litfl4l'fl is IlI'l'S0lll0Kl by l'l1iliJiUli'oxm-ll, l-Ul'l'lIlUSl illnsi' is glbxfl slviglif- of-lnnul :lrli't ZlI'l2lll ln 'mil nt Zlll :ass UM. l,l,UYIJ Pei-1 ani' JR.. ll' Q' ya' I' ilu- lni al X1 i in is qnisiEJ sol' an . 1 Mr' 'f Xn ' .4l1:s won twolvv rsl- prize-s . illorllnliullnl Mai- givinns' cl0IlYl'llll0IlS. , , . . A . lliv winning linnu-romn, 201. in tlu- "Sl0rln-Tnssm-fl" vonlvsl is tl-tm-fl willl 21 lnnclivun of iw i'I'l'ilfll.K'00lQll'S2ll11l pop. licsirlcs, ilu: rnrn :1 frm' limo llllfillgl . icriml. l'l.X'l'lllCli Krxnixcailin is tlw ll0ll0l'2ll'y gnvsl. 'Flu' tivkvl szilv llll'I'lll0llll'll'I' of 207 i'vuc'l1c-cl ll1K'lfilltZlll2iI'li. 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'l'li0 smlulitivs of llic vily rviicw lliis lwnntifnl vnstom and nmny .Xqninus stnmlonls svn-iizulv lm Vrossv linnivs. Singing in ilu- pzirisli vlmirs will Ulilllll thc' allivnlion of nmny also tonight. Mm-rry cllll'lSlIll2lS. l 'CZILILHTI . . . I luillicx I .X Ilnppv Xvw Xvzir. f,H,i.1. llxn in .1 11. Xml lun-li lu sm-lmnl signin. 'lllll'4'l' .Mliiilms Nlll4l0lllS will Quill :xml Sl-roll lmimrsz lil: Kuolfs in llll' fllll'I'1'lll l'lY1'lIlS. Num .li-pxxvi 'lll'UNIl'fY in llu- l'llllUI'l:ll voillvsl. Zlllll llIi'l"l'N SNYl"lf'l'lH1l1l Wl'lllllQ. .xlffll Winn x'isils.Mlllil1:ls lligll :mil IllllS Sllilllll' lo "i'll:1ll"' lay lvlling swim- I1-:illyl'i1i1ily slurivs. l'lllC'l' liR.KN'l', lulvlifivlll 4'o:i1'll ul' Xnlrv l7:nm' wus also pn-sl-iil. 'l'In- lung zzwzliloal llraumilic- inif llillllbll lulws plan-1' lmluy :xml l :mi sllll so wl-:ak llml l'lI lmvv lu will an lzixi lu ffl-l llmm' in . P, . l'lX'l'lll ic llIl.I'W. 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NlUlcl.xRI'I'Y. llc' ul' lllv lmluvli- snnlu' wllip. :ilulil-:ala-s. v F ' I y pf' 5 -Z' l Q I M, - nl I I lf ff v' mx ill llzl' UVVPII llllriflg lx'fll'mI I Rplrpglt lypging. l4'Ax'I'llI.:R fllgyu- uv l'11.vfviril1j' I l lam' I'0lI'l'2ll lllzlstl-l'. 1' J 2 XD Mmm IIIIIIIIIIII mmm INICEIIIIIIQI , .ff lf' f sl ! Ilillli 'I :l' .I'02lI.l 1 I N mlllml llllll A Ill-trE!pKl Illigll mass :lt SIS I llnls IIII Illll JV J' I' YI'lII-IIC I'.I'I'CII I 'XIIIIJ . v , V ,,l.,,.,.,,, ,,,4,,,4,, , lv If . . .0 I S : If .. . !! ' , . L , . . j JIIX l kyllnlrl :ls SIDII' rl-lglls OVUI' , swf I ,Xl llll 'l. ."llI1I 0 wllll il ljfffff 1 Nl l ' " K -Xu' ,Mi , 'll' 'ch otumly llzl . Ill P10 tlll- S' I 'W' 'AUM -""l A JH ' bvll IIIM SK'IlICI'SW5 -lll Illv ff' .xllmll Ifflllz I , ' l . ' . li J l X ,f I IIIMSI :lv0l'algPS, ' lll Iullgllsll Q I I , I ' 0I'iltllI'C. Isigjflllll Iil'x'ulNlllclc C Maj 1, IDITSOINIIS tic-kgifs to Illl' Ulll Glolml' , I U! Tllczltrc ILIA'Iyl'I'S. 2IllIN'2lI'll'IgI :lt K M IV I Q I'vlltrzll'fIlgll. l ' X V R ,III 'CRIIIUII of IIUIIOI' roll plwwvs qw 4 ' If 1' wxfslzlf, .1-zu hw-1 '- 'I'II .Ilclll,l:N ll-mls Illl- sl-llool 5 ' -. , 3 un' Clay f Nllvi, .' , .' Y . Y . . -. ' - I 5, I'I lII'I Nlgxzdillxlf. UIIN Ilu lllll. 'I Mx 'X 'ntl-'lllu lol llt SI 'l3ll,C'l1: Lp Ml ll ll'rl','I'llu5 ,wc gcnuustfxr. 'll 's, IC lmlx l Iilmzlxlllz xx, I N? 'lf' . - ,, , . , " gh llfl Klum I ll--!m.s.s'11l1lll nll In Ulmer duct, 1 dt' llrvss lm' Ihr fvrrmul 1111 Q! ll luyy ' and I X Y I 1 ml.-1' llflllflm mm-.l-. Ill ' M011 . lt' :ltr olll- I I'll 1 C om- mittv I2 ' 1 ' UI .' - M! J ing lil .lry rlis m :lv f I ' I5 I lli II ll llo tl' r tlll' IIIISII -ss If , I ' ht: c cwsfl. 0 pre-scllt, ' o X l l I XVIIICII gov tl IDFOYI' tllc ol r!f zulzlgv. "Bl ' lv url' 'l s- in ff X llI'0. f-if Q4 .Ill'rllm'if.v of llulfu 'lu ami 111115 llIlIOI' IIIEISS ol CIS BOB AVR- fwllf Un' Illlrlli A mllrl n Y 1 I 1 , -- l I royalty. 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Suggestions in the Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas High School - Trumpet Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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