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SUCDCDA ' 87 Aquinas High School 2772 Sterling Avenue San Bernardino California 9 2 4°4 Volume 28 ow and Kathleen Campbell in ostrich skin boots, Garth Mackzum in John Wayne underoos, and Deborah Mazzei in a lasso-tied waist, rode into Western Day on October 30, dur- ing Spirit Week. Students ' dressed accord- ing to the different themes — Nerd Day, 50 ' s Day, Backwards Day, Western Day, and Blue-and-White Day. For Garth Mackzum, Western Day was a " day for lots of cowgirls to jingle my spurs. " On the football field at lunchtime, senior George Afansev piled the most shaving . . . lots of cowgirls to jingle my spurs. " — Garth Mackzum cream on senior Jim Kurkoske ' s head. Sen- ior Alissa Cocchia poured the most water into a cup atop Chrissy Twing ' s head. James Quiroga, ASB president, and Dawna Sponsler,Pep and Assemblies ' Commis- sioner, roped it} students to " climb in the saddle " for ih0 lap sit. Mrs. London de- clared Western Day " a fun day because I got to buy a rea 1 blouse especially for West- ern Day. " At%l5 p.m., all the " cowboys and cowgirls " " rocte off into the sunset. " .■•: ij ' liiii -l Erin Stephens " Cowgirls " Stroll Ik ' » W If VjZ Cdr £ fiflBRI £ lj™ B B H njm 1 jPH | sss Br B U|J SHsM Ml HIP insi ' . " ■ • ' ■■ ■ % . u 4 , Bm 1 4-yi4 : . Daniel Roberts, Todd Goettelmann, and Yvette Jero work together to prepare their castles for Mrs. Hurley ' s World History class. Daniel played offen- sive back for the J V football team; Todd played right fullback on the JV soccer team; Yvette had been a member of the Cajon H.S. swim team. 2. Joe Freiler, Stephan Kuehn, and Demetrios Coulis rock out to the boom-chicka-boom at the Freshmen-Sen- ior picnic. Joe played outfield for the baseball team; Stephan played center forward on the varsity soccer team; Demetrios took a computer class at Cal State, San Bernardino. 3. Deirdre Coffey re- ceives the lifesaver from Larry Luskin thelifesaver. pass game. Deirdre reported for the news depart- ment on the school newspaper. Jeans Appear . Eric Auzenne concentrates on his writing. He played defensive end on the varsity football team. 2. Kim Driskill and Mara Whiting chat with Kim Hendricks and Robin Meyers in the quad. Kim played forward on the girls ' basketball team last year; Kim Hendricks, peer counselor, listened to students; Robin fashioned a colored paper collage for her Introduction to Arts class. 3. David Stinson, Eric Baugh, and Armando McQueen sport their original letterman jackets. David received his nick- name from his baseball teammates; Eric combined his name with his favorite sport; Armando used the idea of 4 four-star general for the four sports he piayed, 4,. Lana Dallas walked with Carla Teide- rhann and Robert Clayborn to their classes. Lana dressed elegantly; Carla clad herself casually; and Robert at tirem f f i 5. Jana Rice peeks behind her red gloves on a cold day. She bought one green contact fen? and one blue lens " to be bizarre and different. " ' Trey Westbrook wearing white jeans, Greg Hewitt in gray, Debbie Puttre in flowered, and Melanie Ruiz in paisley, appeared on campus during the first week of school. The new dress code policy allowed students to wear jeans not made of blue denim mate- rial. James Quiroga, ASB President, had written a letter to the school board, re- questing a change in the students ' dress code. Mrs. Leesburg, Dean of Students, sent a questionnaire to faculty members and administrators requesting suggestions for changes in the dress code. " 1 can think better in jeans . . . " — Jason Plowy ' 87 She submitted the results to the executive board who approved the changes, Jason Plowy commented: " I can think better in jeans . . " Steve Turkowiak pointed but: ' fhe old rule never really bothered fne .. " After the novelty of wearing jedris faded, students simply accepted the fact. ; -- Erin Stephens - r 6 Images We Project. " Kairos " Means . The blue cross stands above the main entrance. The cross represents Christ. 2. The bird-of-paradise plant blooms near the attendance office. The beautiful or- ange and blue flowers grow profusely in California. 3. Father Schilly elevates the chalice during morning Mass. He taught calculus, furiously scribbling formu- lae across the chalkboard. 4. A quiet moment arrives for the hallway of the " B " building. The lonely, clut- ter-free hall awaited the students ' arrival. 5. Karen Hooley laughs during P.E. class. She ran on the girls ' varsity cross country team. a Special Time Paul Hooley and Anthony Delgado, with John Morrissey and Kathleen Marsh, attend- ed a religious retreat called " Kairos " on October 6-9 at the Cotton Tail Ranch in Malibu. " Kairos " meant a special time. The young men trained to be retreat lead- ers. During the retreat, other students gave sessions on such topics as " friendship " and " Christ. " " The greatest experience I had ever ... " — John Morrissey. The students had three hours daily of free time to hike or meditate. At mealtimes, one person from each table served meals to his tablemates. The young men learned to talk freely to each other about their personal thoughts as the retreat progressed. Kath- leen said, " They participated in a gradual community building and bonding. " Paul Hooley pointed out, " Everybody was like a brother. " " It was the greatest experience 1 had ever, " exclaimed Johii Morrissey. The students returned with a deeper faith and closer ties to each other: !:) — Erin Stephens Test Results Give . Dave Stinson opens his locker to get his books for his next class. The varsity basketball team knows him as " Stinson the Stork. " 2. Mrs. London casual- ly strolls by the seniors ' lockers, with her iced tea. She loved cats and reading Emily Dickinson. 3. Claudia Restrepo, Susie Steinmann, and Sheila Wagner laugh as they cuddle Quacky McDuckles. He was the newest and cuddliest member of the senior class. 4. Mara Whiting stares off into space as Sara Clough swallows her snacks during break. Mara appeared in the play, " Help. " 5. Erika Munro happily gazes into space. She was the fresh- men class secretary and also a cheerleader. H mmm Detailed Report Jesse Diaz, Angelique Chackel, and Guy Stan- field entered rooms B-2, B-3, and D-17 to take the three hour Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test on October 21. The test re- sults showed, " if any student (would) qualify for the National Merit Scholar- ship, " replied Mr. MacMillan. Jesse Diaz pointed out, " I felt honored and privileged to have taken the P.S.A.T. It will enable me to get acquainted so that I will do a better job on my SAT. " Angelique Chackel added, " no one saw me looking " ... no one saw me looking puzzled . . . " — Angelique Chackel puzzled because there was nothing about the test. " k j M jiW ' X administered the test. Mrs. London one 6f the proctors, stated, " It is important and you must be a responsible person. I feel ' J am responsible " ■: ■■. + Melissa Diaz •i ■: i::;.|:.i . I.::; :,.■ ' p • ■■ . .. • .. ' . i] ■ , ' ■ . APES Kevin Wilson and Kevin Reisch, students in AP English 3, puzzled through Turn of the Screw. Pam Zilius, Suzanne Kaunas, and Kathleen Campbell, collected appropriate allusions in AP English. 4: ' he has the brain of an undersized teleost! " Fr. Donat prepared his APES (Advanced Placement English Scholars) for the AP examinations in May so that they could learn six to ten units of college credit. The Los Angeles Times, in a December, 1986, editorial, stat- ed that new admission policy allowed the admissions officer to ask, " did the student take AP English? " ; these courses received additional evaluation. Kevin Wilson appre- " I like having to use a little more of my brain than nor- mal. " — Kevin Wilson dated the level taught the most. " I like having to use a little more of my brain than nprirtal. " ■ — Erin Stephens A 10 Images We Project . Mark Sacks, Darryl Sacks, and Keith Milligan collaborate on their assignments in Mr, Coffer ' s Life Science class. Mark and Darryl wrestled; Keith played defense on the JV football team: 2. Lars Vanderfin and James Kurkoske work with Ses Ab- bit, Scot Silvas, and Pat Chambers in their English 4 writing group. James won the shaving cream con- test during Spirit Week. 3: Therese Bees takes her books from her locker. She designed Christmas or- naments in ceramics: 4. : Kelli ' Deagle checked her answers to a Biplogy HsiShefed theJVeheerlead- ing squad 5 Jenny Dvorak studies m the library Names Identify f t . sra Audra McGrath, Ruben Rosso, and Detnetrios Coulis wouldn ' t change their names. Au- dra stated, " My name suits me well. It means strong and noble. " Demetrios ex- plained, " When I was a little kid, others made fun of my name because then every one had names like ' Joe ' or ' Jack ' and they used my name to play word games. " His name identified his Greek nationality. Ru- ben l iked the Spanish pronunciation of his name because of the accent. Audra, Deme- " My name suits me well . . . ■ ' — Audra McGrath trios, and Ruben felt they ' d lose their iden- tity without their names. — Erin Stephens I. Danny Roberts fixes his castle for Mrs. Hurley ' s World History class. 2. Frank Martinez and Lori -. Joe Johnson talk during lunch. 3, James Quirogd with Alissq Cocchia wobbles down the football field to win the wheelborrow race, 4. Frank. Aparicio and Jonette Anderson stand in the quad during lunch. 5: Tina Spaccarotelli walksioward the gates. 6. Jason Plowy cheers with the crowd- .Z.- The football team . prays before the game, Paul Wilson decided to watch the crowd vice Hours ' Craze .•r i . p.- m Whew! ■ ;. ; 17,.18, only two more service hours to go! The service hour craze hit everyone. Karen Hooley ( ' 90) babysat for church and Terrell Strong wrote articles for Kathleen Marsh for the " Inland Catholic, " for their twenty service hours. Jacque Wil- son ( ' 88) served as a Eucharistic Minister and worked in the mime group; Kornelius Potz ( ' 87) served as an acolyte and Eucha- ristic Minister. " Service hours were a " I became. . . an acolyte to stay awake . . . " ■ — Kornelius Potz chance for students to put their faith into practice, " said Kathleen Marsh. " I became interested in being an acolyte to stay awake during Mass and it worked! " laughed Kor- nelius. Terrell found writing for Kathleen Marsh an incentive to write and not be a part of the woodwork at school, All agreed that doing service hours got them more in- volved in their community, Students lived their faith and the community received ser- vice. . " ;.; " ;. . : ;:j ; , ; : ;-. ' V;. : ' ! ' vij - - Erin Stephens Hits Everyone A , r«% I Lv $• ■ • ? ■ . Art Molina, Sam Spaccarotelli walk from the student parking lot to their classes. 2. Stephan Kuehn, George Afansev, and Bob Carlos stand in a group during lunch. 3. Paul Jacober and Marian Miller chat before their next class. 4. Regi- na Gomez, Anthony Ernst, Eileen Hellwig, and Matt Belter work on their project for World Histo- ry class. 5. Trent Seinturier, Steve Turkowiak and Julie Wagner walk through the parking iot one cloudy morning. Foreign Students Fin Jeanne Remedios from Kuwait, Helen Llaw from Taipei, and Paoleng Lam from France, found life in California different. Paoleng, an AFS student, stayed with the Zilius family. She described life in France as very relaxed. Here, people were always active. She added, " There is more freedom and independence in France. You could tell your parents you were going to the movies and not with whom, where, and when you ' d i be back ' Joanne Remedios lived in Kuwait, where women lived restrictedly. She said, T wouldn ' t fdarewear shorts . . " She also (i t wouldn ' t dare wear shorts ... " ' .— Joanne Remedios stated that teens didn ' t date until they were eighteen, Both Paoleng and Joanne said rjfre-x ' ! iked ' the J aniily pttrisophere here. .■:., ' . ' . ' : — Erin Stephens California Different . Jeanie Jeffries bites into her pudding pie in the quad. 2. A graduate carries a brightly colored bal- loon bouquet after commencement. 3. Deborah McFadden and Lori Stringham laugh with Lori Downs, Jason Plowy and Mary Racic. 4. Lauren Rumpf mixes chemicals during lab. 5. Claudia Restrepo answers test questions in Algebra 2. 5. Suzanne Kounas reads Chaucer ' s " Canterbury Tales " . 6. Robert Clay born watches J ana Rice point to the sheep ' s brain during Biology dissection. 8. Eric Baugh shares a moment with Jayme Thompson during Family Management class. Teachers Enforce Mrs. Karen Lee, writing admit slips for late students. She remarked honestly, " That ' s not my problem . . . It ' s your responsibility . . . unexcused ... " Mr. Wilson threatened to make the latecomers " do something that is a complete waste of your time, n ot mine . . . copy the dictionary page backwards. " Mr. Di- Donato screamed, " You . . . do not . . . come to my class . . . late! I am now going to call home. " Scott Silras exclaimed, " At first I hated it . . . then I despised it . . . The new policy has its imperfections. " — Therese Kramer a You do not ... come to my class late " — Mr. DiDonato 1 . Randall Parker, with Andy Morocco, Edgar Plasen- cia and Pavid Nordquist, laugh during Family Man- agement elass. 2. Father Donat explains the symbol- ism in Dickens ' Great Expectations to his English 4 IS Images We Project I ' : " class. 3. Mrs. Grimmett allows Gina Rootland to duck into class as the bell rings. 4. Mrs. Leesburg discusses the Academic Achievers ' names with Fa- ther Schilly and Dr. Critchlow. 5. David Chinn an- swers the discussion questions in English 3. 6. Kati Healy calculates her answer during Accounting class. 7. Father McCarthy compliments the recipi- ents of the Academic Achievement awards. Academics I v Volunteers Help Angie Fossutn, Matt Belter, Stacy Duncan and Sam Spaccarotellt visited Del Vallejo School on January 21, received a brief introduc- tion from Mentor Susan Heisler, and with twelve other students, went to an assigned room. These volunteers helped students to match colors, match animals with their sounds, and taught them with flash cards. Angie Fossum said, " Going over to the school is like going into another world that needs my help. When 1 leave. I can feel really good about myself knowing that I helped people that needed me. " Matt Belter and Sam Spaccarotelli helped a young girl walk up and down the sidewalk, they both said. " Helping someone who could help herself was a rewarding way to receive service credit. " — Mary Kubesh " ... 7 can really feel good about myself ... " — Angie Fossum 1. Susie Steinmann converses with Pat Rynn during Mr. Summerfield ' s period three religion class. Su- sie reported sports for the newspaper; Pat acted as- self-appointed senior class spirit leader. 2. Chris Mahmood shares his religion book with Toni Gal- van. Chris played JV football; Toni played JV bas- ketball. 3. Frank Aparicio reads his religion book during Mr. Summerfield ' s class. Frank played var- sity football and varsity basketball. 4. Kathleen Marsh (MRE-Seattle University) Religious Ed 2, Loving. 5. Mrs. Natalie Hrabe (BA-Fort Hayes State University. Kansas) Religious Ed I. Basic Math. 6. Mr. Douglas Cremer (MA-University of California Riverside) Consumer Math, General Math. Loving. 7. Mrs. Mary Lou Grimmett (MA- California State University San Bernardino) Reli- gious Ed. 2, Church History. 8. Mr. Kevin Summer- field (MA-Loyola Marymount University) Church History. Religious Ed 1. American Government. 20 Images We Project • Handicapped Academics 21 Seniors Write Michelle Williams and Margo Chavez submit- ted their papers on " Macbeth " in Fr. Donat ' s English 4 class on December 20. Margo ex- plained Lady Macbeth ' s personality change while Michelle discussed Shakespeare ' s stormy setting. Margo enjoyed researching at " It had to be done the ' Donat Way ' ... ■ " ' — Margo Chavez the Cal State Library because " the cute col- lege guys " helped her check references. She did find the actual writing of the paper easy because she " knew her English. " Michelle discovered finding enough ideas her hardest task. Margo also mentioned, " the paper had to be done the " Donat Way " : thesis statement with a central idea and a plan, " explicitly following the directions of the UCLA Style Sheet. Michelle, relating to her favorite char- acter, Lady Macbeth, felt that any actress would love to play her part. " The play was exciting to me because of the dramatic role Lady Macbeth played, " decided Michelle. — Anthony Delgado ' 22 Images We Project " Macbeth " papers . Oliver Surber dashes off his paragraph about soccer on the chalkboard. 2. Mr. Tim Nguyen (MBA — California State. University, San Ber- nardino — English I) enjoys his break between classes. 3. Mrs. Jane McCarthy (BA — Immacu- late Heart College — English 1 ,2 Honors) out- shines the drawing of the sun in the background. 4. Mr. Michael Heister (BA — California State University, San Bernardino — English 3,4) col- lects his thoughts before the next class. 5. Pam Zilius, Erin Stephens, Tina Spaccarotelli and Mary Racic boggle their minds, trying to grasp Fr. Donat ' s words on Dickens ' Great Expecta- tions. 6. Rosalie Flore: with Art Molina listen to Mr. Nguyen ' s class lecture. 7. Mrs. McCarthy scolds Mike Wierich for his comment during a group discussion. Mike played left forward for the JV basketball team; Mrs. McCarthy moder- ated the freshmen class. 8. Mrs. Catherine Lon- don (MA — California State University, San Bernardino — English 3,4) takes attendance during class. 9. Fr. Robert Donat (MA — Catho- lic University, Washington, D.C. - - English Dept. Chairman, English 3 AP, 4 AP, 4, Year- book Moderator) checks a Shakespearean refer- ence. Academics 23 Calculators Make Math Michelle Cheney and Jenny Blake learned trigonometric functions of angles and tri- angles in Father Schilly ' s Geometry Honors class. From the concepts of acute parabo- las to the derivative formulae in Calculus, Father Schilly. He commented, " Teaching " I ' m hoping for a career in aeronautical engineering ... ! Michelle Cheney fundamental concepts of mathematics and also practical problem solving methods prepares the students for higher studies in mathematics as well as for their future ca- reers. " Michelle Cheney remarked, " Fa- ther teaches math which can be used later on in life. " Fr. Schilly recalled, " Now the calculators have made such problems rela- tively simple. " — Michael Kuhn P5f 1 24 Images We Project SimpL jtf fi ' Qt ' K ' i W - " s - r 1 X y m l. Father Schilly turns to his Calculus class to explain the derivative he wrote on the board. 2. Father Joseph Schilly [MA-San Jose State Univer- sity; Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Geometry Honors, Chairperson: Mathematics, book store moderator) reviews a Calculus problem. 3. Miss Vicki Castillo (MA-University of California Riverside; Business Law, Algebra 2) grades papers in the teachers ' lounge. 4. Mr. Chester Williams (MA-Boston Col- lege; Pre-Algebra, Geometry) stands by the shelves in the teachers ' lounge. 5. John Carlson falls asleep during Calculus. 6. Michelle Cheney, sitting behind Jenny Blake, raises her hand to ask a question in Geometry Honors. 7. Tricia Esinger rests her head on her crossed arms as she gazes at the board in Geometry. 8. Christine Gonzales clenches her teeth in frustration in Art. Academics 25 Students i i 1. Stacy Niss, Kathleen Gabriel, and Lauren Rumpf pour water into a flask during chemistry lab. Stacy acted as peer counselor, Kathleen played varsity tennis, and Lauren acted in " Help. " 2. Deb Mazzei with Colleen Cornell dissects a sheep ' s brain in lab. Deb was the senior class vice-president; Colleen played varsity tennis. 3. Sheila Wagner laughs with George Afansev at a chemistry explanation. George played varsity football nose guard. 4. Joe Watan- abe ponders his answer to a general science ques- tion. 5. Mrs. Nancy Beck (MS -- Azusa-Pacific College) Biology. Life Science; CSF-NHS Modera- tor. 6. Mr. Steven Coffer (BS — San Diego State) General Science, Life Science, Algebra; Computer Club. 7. Mr. Chester Heisler (MS — USC) Chemis- try, Physics, Algebra 2, Trig. Science chairman. 8. Mr. Frank Schultz (BA — Cal State Univ — San Bernardino) General Science, Science Survey. 26 Images We Project Witness Excavation Dii Mr. Hunt escorted Lars Vanderf ' m, Gia Co- lunga, Matt Belter, Luke Hunt, and Robert Dale on a day trip to a Muscupiabe Indian site on Nov. 8. Mr. Roger Baty, University of Redlands anthropologist, guided the tour. The students spent time scouting for evi- dence of past life. They also witnessed the excavation dig of an older camp site where Indians had once lived. Mr. Hunt explained, " how people actually lived over two hundred years ago in this " It blew my mind away ... " — Lars Vanderf ' m area. " Lars Vanderfin added, " it blew my mind away because I couldn ' t help but be caught up in Mr. Baty ' s enthusiasm and interest. " - Therese Kramer Academics 27 Historians 1 . Mrs. Joanne Hurley (BA — Auckland Univ. New Zealand) World History, Accounting. 2. Mr. Den- nis Wilson {B A — CSV, San Bernardino) American Government, American History, AP American His- tory, Social Science Chairman. 3. Martha Montes discovers her grade on a World History test. 4. Lorna Kenney looks through her World History folder. 5. Mr. DiDonato returns homework to his first period American History class. 6. Eric Auzenne concentrates in Mr. DiDonato ' s American History class. 7. Mr. Wilson lectures to his period four American Government class. 28 Images We Project ITKI J= Construct Castl es Danny Roberts with his group in Mrs. Hur- ley ' s World History class built a medieval castle during the week of October 1 3. He researched the castle ' s construction. Mrs. Hurley stated, " the students showed their creativity and required cooperation from their fellow students. It was a real learning experience. " Danny thought the most ex- citing time was " the students who cut themselves, and the other most exciting time was completing the project and receiv- It was a real learning exper- ience. " — Mrs. Hurley ing a group grade of ' A ' . " The students constructed their castles from cardboard boxes; they could not exceed 20x20x10. They used toilet papers rolls and paper towel rolls for the towers. They also used toothpaste to create water ' s effect in a moat surrounding the castle. Some stu- dents included model horses and fake trees to achieve the full effect of a medieval cas- tle - — Marx Kubesh Academics 29 Mecha Forms Assembly . Mr. Nguyen helps a student in his French class. 2. Christine Garcia reads a Spanish passage. 3. Me- lanie Sneddon reads a note with Jackie Shipe. 4. Mrs. Jung explains Spanish verbs to Frank Apari- cio and Emi Harnden. 5. Mrs. Pilar Jung (MA- University of California Riverside; Foreign Lan- guage chairman, Spanish 1 ,2,3,4; English 1 Hon- ors) listens to her tape recorder. 6. Mr. Gary Pendleton (BA-University of California Riverside; Spanish 1 ,2: French 1.2,3; American Government) sits at his desk. 7. Mr. Cruz Nevarez (BA-Universi- ty of Redlands; Spanish 1,2; American Govern- ment! stands hv his desk. 30 Images We Project Line to Sell Tacos " Cook, " " grate, " " chop, " " stuff, " and " serve. " Melissa Diaz, Elaine Rbque, Cathy Garcia, with the other Mecha members, sold 75 t tacos on January 1 3 at the snack bar. Bringing meat, cheese, lettuce, and to- matoes, they formed an ass embly line, » " The tacos were delicious — Barbara Rios while Barbara Rios, at the end of the line, served. When they ran short oftaco shells, Alicia Lopez and Ray Torres drove to Vons to purchase more. Running short of shells again, the Mecha cooks used broken taco shells to make taco salads. The club earned $80. Barbara Rios exclaimed, " The tacos were delicious and well worth the price! " Mecha moderator Mrs. Jung pro- claimed, " The tacos were good and tasty and next time we ' ll have ' veggie salads. ' — Erin Stephens Academics 31 Athletic Students • Trey Westbrook and Dare Wyler passed their physical education tests, completing ten exercises lasting five minutes each on November 3. P.E. coach, Mr. John Demor, monitored the individuals as they checked their abilities in push-ups, pull-ups, timed « It ' s really a hard task to com- plete. " — Trey Westbrook laps, and sprints. Trey commented, " It ' s really a hard task to complete, but in the long run, it really pays off. " Mr. Demor, PE coach for the last two years, stated, " I really enjoy working with students in phys- ical education, but I ' m sick and tired of all the excuses used to get out of participa- tion. " Mrs. Sue Esancy, girls ' PE coach, said. " People need to get more involved: they want to improve their bodies, and they have to push hard in order to succeed. " — Michael Kuhn 32 Images We Project Pass PE Exercises . Mr. John Demor IBS — Wayne State Univ.; Boys PE, Health, Basic Math, Pre-Algebraj watches the runners on the track. 2. Mrs. Sue Esancy IBA — University of Red lands; Girls ' PE, Health, Family Management) smiles, leaning against her desk. 3. Larry Lusk follows the directions in his typing book. He enrolled in Algebra Honors. 4. Michelle Cheney prepares to throw the basketball. She en- rolled in Geometry Honors. 5. Mrs. Laurel Leary IBA — Thiel College; Typing I. II; English I) watches her typing class. 6. Lori Jo Johnson prac- tices typing. She counseled students as a peer minis- ter. 7. Becky Cadreau dribbles the basketball. Academics 33 Actors Perform ' Off-the-WalP Dare Wyler moved in closer with a paint brush and slipped, gouging a hole in the side of his castle. " Darn, " cried David, as the entire class turned to him, laughing. Most ceramics students built castles or coiled pots. Mr. Handlon, art teacher, said " Many of my advanced students became a Nature ... the most influential art ... " — Pam Carlone very involved in their creations. They showed interesting techniques to carry out their unique ideas. " Mr. DiDonato intro- duced first time drama students to the in- side view of the theater: they made stage lighting and ground plans for a scene in their scene books. " 1 like the projects, but the funniest part of the class is performing the off-the-wall improvisations, " said Chrissy Tw ' mg. Budding artists in the Intro- duction to Arts class learned various tech- niques to wedge clay and to glaze their creations. Pam Carlone commented, " Out of all the projects in the class, I enjoyed the Nature scene one the best. I love the out- doors and consider Nature to be the most influential art of the universe. " — Melanie Ruiz 34 Images We Project ■ Improvisations %u I. Mike Kuhn concentrates on glazing a ceramic castle. 2. Christy Ballard develops her coil pot. 3. Theresa Whitsitt carefully applies her rabbit make-up. 4. Paula Lopez blocks out her etching in her Drawing Painting class. 5. Dawna Sponsler ap- plies make-up. 6. Mr. Pat Handlon (BA-California State University Fullerton) Introduction to the Arts. Drawing Painting. Ceramics. 7. Mr. Louis Di- Donato (MA-California State University Pomona) American History; Drama I. II. III. 8. Theresa Kramer and LaRon Taylor work on advertisement emblems. Academics 35 " Top Gun " Inspires Propelled by her desire to fly, her uncle ' s past profession. Amber Anderson sought Mr. McMillan ' s advice. She said, " There are so many difficult choices to make that it really helped to have someone like Mr. McMillan around to help answer my ques- tions and assist me in filling out applica- tions. " She applied to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the University of " ...a tremendous amount of in- terest in aviation " — Mr, McMillan Colorado, Boulder, and Purdue because of the training and environment they had to offer. Mr. McMillan commented, " There have been a number of students coming to me with the idea of flying. I always ask them if, by chance, they had seen the movie " Top Gun; " ever since the release of that movie, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in aviation. " He also assisted Scott Martinez, who planned a ca- reer in law enforcement, and Claudia Res- trepo, with an interest in engineering. — Therese Kramer 1. Mrs. Mary Lou Johnson answers the office phone. 2. Mr. McMillan counsels Frank Martinez, con- cerning the Achievement Test dates. 3. Miss Doris Payne classifies new library books. 4. Mrs. Carolyn Bushong (MA-Claremont Graduate School; Fresh- men-Sophomore counselor, English). 5. Miss Doris Payne (MA-University of Hawaii; librarian). 6. Mrs. Karen Lee (attendance secretary). 7. Mrs. Marge Topoleski (financial secretary). 8. Mr. Do- mingo Pena (day custodian). 9. Mrs. Mary Lou Johnson (administrative secretary). 10. Mr. Ross McMillan (BA-University of San Diego; Junior- Senior Counselor; Introduction to Art). 36 Images We Project Aviation Interest Academics 37 Locator Card Reads " 1-2-3-3-5-6 " " Sister, I have a problem; I have two classes during third period and none dur- ing fourth. " James hakson exclaimed to Sis- ter Mary Esther on September 7. Sister Mary Esther, Academic Dean and Registrar, said the mistake occurred when, " The student bubbled in his class requests. " As a result, James had both English and Religion dur- (4 tf Sister, I hare a problem ... James hakson ing third period. ' ' The class James needed was offered during his open period. They ' re not always that easy to solve. " Sister solved the problem by rescheduling him with one class each period. — Stuart Haniff 1. Mr. David Critchlow (PhD — Columbia Pacific University) reviews a student ' s transcript. 2. Mrs. Alice Leesburg (MS — University of Oregon) read through a file in her office. 3. Mr. Don Hunt (BA — University of Redlands) smiles in retrospect in the ASB office. 4. Mr. Jack Henley (BA — CSU: San Diego) prepares for a coaches ' meeting. 5. Fr. Donal McCarthy (MA: St. Marys, Loyola Marymount) 38 Images We Project reviews minutes from the faculty meeting. 6. Sr. Mary Esther, OSB (MA: University of Notre Dame) reviews student request forms. 7. Sr. Ann Muckerman, SSND (Diocesan Superin- tendent). 8. Most Reverend Phillip F. Straling, DD (Bishop: Diocese of San Bernardino) raises the Host at the Thanksgiving Mass. 9. Dr. David Critchlow runs a test through the Xerox machine. Academics 39 Masquerade Ball Highlights Queen Anne Hellwig and King Garth Mack- zum slowly danced at the " Masquerade Ball " on November I in the gym to culmi- nate Homecoming Week. The spotlight dance highlighted the evening for the guests. The video DJ shone the movie cam- era light at the couple so that they ap- peared on the screen before the watching guests. Garth recalled: " I didn ' t enjoy the movie camera light. Anne tried to lead me so that she wouldn ' t be on the screen. " " I didn ' t enjoy the . . . light ... " — Garth Mackzum As the two waltzed around the dance floor, the other members of the court joined them: freshmen and Alicia Martinez, sophomores Lonell Roberts and Teresa Gabriel, juniors David Chinn and DiDi Luna, and seniors George Afanser and Teresa Whitsitt, James Quiroga and Deirdre Coffey, Michael Carrillo and Tina Spaccaro- telli, and David Wyler and Rati Healy. The illuminating black and silver decorations which hung from the ceiling captured the students ' eyes. Black and white masquer- ade masks, given to each couple at the door, made the theme a reality. For the first time, the video DJ was a great attrac- tion. Every student tried to appear on cam- era. Mr. Hunt commented, " I was very pleased about the number of people and the adult behavior of the students, and they stayed to dance. " " The Masquerade Ball " earned a profit of $500. Anne Hellwig said, " I kept thinking about how this was our last year and how glad I was to really be a part of our last Homecoming. " All the at- tractions made the " Masquerade Ball " a delightful grand finale to Homecoming Week. — Ahssa Cocchia I. Homecoming court: Teresa Gabriel. Theresa Whitsitt, Deirdre Coffey, Anne Hellwig, Kati Hea- ly, Tina Spaccarotelli. DiDi Luna, and Alicia Mar- tinez. The students nominated Anne Hellwig as Homecoming Queen. 2. Chantal Anderson. Mike Malody, Pat O ' Malley, and John Hunsaker ride on the winning float, " A Night of Fright. " 3. Garth Mackzum escorts Anne Hellwig during the Half- time ceremonies. 4. Don Jure screams with his classmates after the Pep Rally Assembly. 5. Kris Afansev plays the guitar; Brent Geise lip-sines to Oingo Boingo ' s song, " Dead Man ' s Party " on the junior float. 6. Carolyn DeMartz, a witch; Larry Lusk, the werewolf, and Jay Lewis, the Death face, ride on the freshmen float, " Frightfully Delight- ful. " 7. Eric Baugh, a werewolf, Karen Bryant, a cat, and Alissa Cocchia, a ghost, ride on the senior float. 40 , Images We Project Eveniti! Spirit Week ' Homecoming 41 Bizarre, Exotic Natives Hula Matt Belter wore exotic tropical print pants, Dave Chinn a grass skirt, a t nd Steve Turkoniak a lei to look like authentic Ha- waiian natives on February 14, at the " Winter Litem, " the Basketball Homecom- ing dance. Multi-colored laser lights, pro- vided by the DJs, " The Beat, " rebounded from the walls of the gym, amazing stu- dents who danced beneath them. Juni Reeder and Erika Munro admire the " na- tives " dancing wildly as they watched oth- er " natives " pose in bizarre gyrations. Even though not many students attended the dance, Mr. Hunt recalled, " I was de- lighted to have enough room to dance. " Juni Reeder commented, " The luau was an original idea and it was shown by the fact that everyone had fun. " Erica Munro re- membered it as " a special tropical extrava- ganza. " — Alissa Cocchia " The luau was an original idea ... " — Juni Reeder J. Mike Cohen moves with Allison TerBest to the rhythm of the hula. 2. Dave Chinn, wearing an au- thentic grass skirt, dances with Kathleen Gabriel, his " wahini, " 3. Little Alex Hellwig, in a Hawaiian outfit, tugs the Senior class float around the court during half-time. 4. Kristi Cunningham, with her prince, Joe Preston, sighs as the ceremony ends. 5. Susie Steinmann, bouquet in hand, stands beside Eric Baugh, who yells at the crowd. 6. Dawna Sponsler, robed in a lei, with Marend Garrett, smiles lively as the MC announces them as Home- coming Queen and King. 7. Tom Biedebach, a scuba diver, pulls the Junior class float. 8. Mike Wein- rich, wearing a Hawaiian straw hat, slowly tows the Sophomore class float. 9. Lisa Wewers hysterically dances to ' Bizarre Love Triangle " by " New Order. " — Anthony Delgado B V MM fl ■ i i|5 i | e, ' ttw M v y : Ul i : ' ' - " K m fl fct ,«V- B| W N - m m M Wm ■PLj ' B IfagfcaB ■ il ■ - v« B , M Wf, jM ml-,- j m m 1 9 i V " 1 M 1 1 Ig, : m M W " a ■ ' ■ H j, :H8 M. 1 42 Images We Project at Luau Activities 43 Actors Perform W. Mary Rack played for the expectant crowd in E-20 on October 22, a rousing rendition of a polka on her " button-box " before the one-act play, " The Lottery. " Students per- formed in their own version of " theater-in- the-round. " " The Lottery, " involved a ff n ' I had horrible dreams . . — Jason Plowy small town lottery. They chose Tessie Hutchinson (Jana Rice) to be stoned to death. Some students expressed opening night jitters. Jason Plowy said, " Yes, I had horrible dreams that I would forget my lines and stand there looking stupid. " Mr. DiDonato reflected, " It was a comfortable crowd. " — Melanie Ruiz 44 Images We Project Theater-in-the-Round 1 . Mr. DiDonato prepares Lori Downs for her per- formance in " The Lottery. " Lori was a Drama III student. 2. Lori Downs plays " Old Lady Warner " in " The Lottery. " 3. Mary Racic. playing her " button box " , entertains the crowd before the play starts. Mary ' s interest in her Slovenian heritage spurred her to play that ethnic instrument. 4. Garth Mack- zum (Joe Summers) argues with Sharalyn Gini (Belva) in the play. 5. Sharalyn Gini scowls at Garth Mackzum. Activities 45 Two Drunks . . Durr. the chief operator in " Sorry, Wrong Number! " listens on the headphones. 2. Michelle Williams, as Lisa Lovely, in " Help " interviews the crowd. 3. Paula Schernack, the young woman in " Help " carries the sign to motivate the crowd. 4. Mike Carrillo, murderer, kills Mary Racic, Mrs. Stevenson in " Sorry, Wrong Number. " 5. Lauren Rump , the pushy lady in " Help " yells to the man on the tower. 6. Alary Racic, as Mrs. Elbert Steven- son in " Sorry, Wrong Number " nervously listens on the phone. 7. Debbie King, the nurse in " Sorry, Wrong Number " listens on the phone, marking her notepad. 46 Images We Project Entertain Audience " Don ' t ask me! I ' m underpressure! " Jason replied to one of his fellow cast members. In " Help " a revivalist {Dawna Sponsler) went on a mission to " save the sinners, " gathered around an amusement park tower to watch a man (Alex Mackzum) commit " Don ' t ask me! I ' m underpres- sure! " — Jason Plowy suicide. In " Sorry, Wrong Number " Mrs. Elbert Stevenson (Mary Rack), an invalid, hysterically lamented a phone call she overheard about a murderous plot to kill an innocent woman. Angle Fossum com- mented, " I enjoyed working with these two plays because of the unity everyone showed ... " Mrs. Beck said, " You could actually hear what they were saying. " — Alissa Cocchia 47 " No, Why " Holds . Deirde Coffey (Aunt Amy) listens as Michelle Williams (Aunt Sarah) speaks. 2. Deirde Coffey shakes her arm in anger while scolding David Davis (Jacob). 3. Jana Rice (Eleanore) places her hand on David ' s shoulder in consolation, while Jason Plowy (Henry) leans over to scold him. 4. Jason Plowy (Henry) scolds David Davis (Jacob). 5. Garth Mackzum (Grandfather) sits in his wheelchair, con- centrating on his next line. Powerful Messa David Davis sat on a stool in the middle of E-20, pulled a gun from his jacket, and shot himself on March 18, in Drama ' s per- formance of the one act play, " No, Why. " David, an introverted boy, found himself continually harrassed by family members. Mr. DiDonato, director, commented, " In light of the teen suicides in the East, this play holds a powerful message. " Jana Rice, David ' s " mother, " added, " People don ' t realize the pain some teens go through. " a the pain some teens go through. " — Jana Rice Jason Plowy confided after the perfor- mance, " I played Jacob ' s father, who was the cause of the suicide. I think the mes- sage came through. " — Mary Racic Coke Cans and ' Atigie Fossutn and Mary Kuhesfi picked up scattered coke cans and Dorito bags after the lunch break around the quad on De- cember I. while Dave Davis danced jubi- lantly around, threatening the underclass- men to throw their trash away. Earlier, Garth Mackzum, Publicity Commissioner, " The goal of unity brought ev- eryone together. " — Mr. Hunt announced the beginning of " Trash Aware- ness Week " over the PA system. To gain a minimum day the following Friday, the ASB proposed this idea to unify the stu- dents as part of their goals for this year. At week ' s end, Fr. McCarthy announced that the students had earned the minimum day. Mr. Domingo Pena remarked, " Now I have to pick up trash for only three minutes. " Mr. Hunt added, " The goal of unity brought everyone togethe r to achieve the minimum day. " Dawna Sponsler comment- ed, " It was worthwhile to see our campus clean. " — Alissa Cocchia oHK i iOiL BE IN OIK HEHRT5 Ru HBIl TO AQUINRS HffiK 50 Images We Project Dorito Bags Unify School . Alissa Cocchia, Senior Secretary, discusses an idea with Garth Mackzum, Publicity Commission- er, at a meeting. Both Alissa and Garth starred in " Help, " and " Sorry, Wrong Number. " 2. Dawna Sponsler, Pep Commissioner, explains a future event to the ASB. Dawna acted in " Help. " 3. Mar- end Garrett, ASB President, contemplates a pro- posal. He played right full-back on the varsity soc- cer team. 4. Lisa O ' Brien writes down the minutes during a meeting. Lisa began ASB work in her ju- nior year. 5. Missy Moyer, sophomore secretary, and Teresa Gabriel, sophomore president, propose an idea to the ASB. Missy played JV volleyball; Teresa played varsity tennis. 6. Deborah Mazzei, senior vice-president, facilitates a meeting. Deb- orah played varsity volleyball. 7. Kati Healy, senior president, presents her fundrai sing idea to the ASB. Kati has held class officer rank since her sopho- more year. ftPLENE When vil taftttscM Activities 51 s enior Schol i— — ars . (Back}: Maria DeMaci, John Calia, Patrick Far- rell, Stephanie Smith, Kevin Wilson, Kevin Reisch. (Front): Karen Reisch, Jean Milew, Melanie Sned- don. Deborah Puttre received either the Academic Letter or Bars. 2. Matt Klenske, Suzanne Kounas, and Pam Zilius receive bars. 3. Dr. Critchlow awards Karen Reisch her Academic Letter. 4. Dr. Critchlow awards Jenny Blake her Academic Let- ter. 5. (Back): Joseph Sawtelle, Michele Brunick, Kathryn Kaney, Janet Alvarado, Marlon Zamudio, Manuel Caldera. (Middle): David Rosson, Ursula Vasquez, Jennifer Blake. Theodora Coulis, Lisa Mitchell, Michael Malody. (Front): Alicia Brown, Stephanie Kounas, Prichaya Chootanom received their Academic letters. Images We Project Receive Bars Seniors Kathleen Campbell, Matt Klenske, Pam ZUius, and Oliver Surber received their fourth set of bars at the Academic Excel- lence Award Ceremony in the library on February 24. Dr. Critchlow opened the cere- mony by congratulating the deserving stu- dents, " We want to commend all our stu- dents for their continual hard work. " Sister " It keeps my parents off my back ... " — Matt Klenske Mary Esther announced the scholars ' names while Dr. Critchlow awarded the academic letters and bars. Matt Klenske confessed, " I ' m happy I ' ve maintained a 3.5 GPA for so long. It keeps my parents off my back. " Pam ZUius revealed, " I work because I enjoy learning and to do any less would be letting myself down. " " The first time I got my letter, it ' s really nice because I ' m finally recognized for my hard work, " recalled Kathleen Campbell. Jenny Blake, sophomore, receiving her let- ter at the ceremony, noted, " It takes a lot of hard work, but it ' s worth it. " Students earned Academic Letters by achieving a GPA of at least 3.5 for three consecutive semesters. — Mary Racic Seniors: Kathleen Campbell, Dan Feld. Matt Klenske. Suzanne Kounas, Oliver Surber, Pam Zi- lius. Juniors: John Calia, Robert Cocchia, Maria DeMaci, Patrick Farrell, Matthew Kinne, Jean Mi- lew, Deborah Puttre, Karen Reisch, Kevin Reisch, Stephanie Smith, Meianie Sneddon, Kevin Wilson. Sophomores: Janet Alvarado, Jennifer Blake, Ali- cia Brown, Michele Brunick, Manuel Caldera, Pri- chaya Chootanom. Theodora Coulis, Kathryn Kaney, Stephanie Kounas, Michael Malody, Lisa Mitchell, David Rosson, Joseph Sawtelle, Ursula Vasquez, Marlon Zamudio. Activities 53 Staffers Breathe " Type that copy and remember to mark the .sandwich. " Yearbook staffers breahted sighs of relief when they heard those words. They had almost finished another double-page spread — a taxing job to meet the deadline. Kelli DuCloux and Marend Garrett procrastinated, but managed to approximate the deadline a fortnight later! " 1 procrastinated be- cause it ' s hard to concentrate with all the crazy people in here, " laughed Kelli. Therese Kramer found writing copy the hard chore. She rewrote her stories with much wailing and teeth gnashing. a w ... I bang on my desk ... Therese Kramer " Whenever Fr. Donat rejects my story, I come back and bang on my desk, " chuckled Therese Kramer. Fr. Donat re- plied, " If you wrote the story right the first time, you wouldn ' t need a second try. " After years of writing rambling es- says, staffers found the factual, journal- istic style of writing an arduous chore. " Father pushes and pushes until he reads a well-written story that will cap- ture the reader ' s attention, " Christine Garcia commented. " I found yearbook exciting and funny because I like writing and journalism, " countered Erin Ste- phens. — Erin Stephens 54 Images We Project Sishs of Relief Activities 55 Memories Last . troy TerBest, Jacques Wilson, Brenda Williams, Kris Afansev, Paula Scherneck, Stacy Niss, and Kathleen Marsh lead the junior class in song. 2. Father McCarthy delivers the homily to the assem- bled juniors at the Ring Ceremony. 3. Lani Lusk reads the first scripture reading. 4. Debbie Puttre, Chrissy Eckles, Emi Harnden listen to the read- ings. 5. Emi Harnden, Jeannie Jeffries, and Patricia Eninger offer their rings for Fr. McCarthy ' s bless- ing. 56 Images We Project Forever Fr. McCarthy celebrated the liturgy and blessed the rings during the Junior Ring Ceremony on March 11. Debbie King com- mented, " I ' ll remember my classmates ev- ery time I look at my ring; the ceremony made having a ring special to all partici- pants. " Kathleen Marsh led the class as they sang, " Never Say Good-bye, " the meditation song that reminded students that " memories " would last forever. Kris Afansev said, " The music set the mood for the ceremony. " " Promises - ■ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow " served as theme for " ... celebration memorable for all " — Kris Afansev the ceremony. Mrs. Grimmett, class moder- ator, commented, " The celebration sym- bolized the unification of the class, the re- alization that, in a few short months, this entire group will be seniors. " — Michael Kuhn Activities 57 Officers Reach Out " What was your first impression of the per- son sitting next to you? " asked Marend Garrett. Dawna Sponsler replied, " Juni, when I first met her in jazz class, was weird! But she ' s now thoughtful and con- siderate once 1 got to know her. " Marend Garrett, ASB President, began the weekend retreat at Paradise Springs on March 20. The ASB officers held workshops on time management, public speaking, and election techniques. Garth Mackzum, Publicity " I felt ... everyone ... like fam- ily " — Juni Reeder Commissioner, spoke about future events and organized ideas such as " Hug Week. " The officers also wrote an oath stating they would reach out twice a week to students they didn ' t know to create a feeling a unity within the school. Juni Reeder commented, " As a freshman, I didn ' t know what to ex- pect. I thought everyone would disclude me, but I had so much fun and felt as if everyone present at the retreat was like family. " Marend Garrett remembered, " I could not help my self from throwing snow- balls at everyone because I ji wanted to have fun before we left. " Enjoying a day watching snowfall, Mr. Hunt remarked, " I enjoyed the renewed friends hip between the officers that joined them by their recom- mitment to their goal of unity. " — Alissa Cocchia 58 Images We Project for " Hug Week v . Marend Garrett, ASB President, and Garth Mackzum, Publicity Commissioner, jokingly medi- tate in their cabin. 2. ASB officers and their Moder- ator: Mr. Hunt, Eric Baugh, Garth Mackzum, Bob Cocchia, Dawna Sponsler, Deborah Mazzei, Lisa O ' Brien, Mike Cohen, Marend Garrett, Juni Reeder, Julie Frlmmer, and Alissa Cocchia, smile before leaving the campsite. 3. Garth Mackzum, Eric Baugh, Alissa Cocchia, and Marend Garrett distract themselves during lunch. Juni Reeder and Garth Mackzum prepare dinner for the other offi- cers. 5. Juni Reeder and Julie Primmer relax in their cabin after lunch. Activities 59 Homilist . Garth Mackzutn reads the lesson from the " Sec- ond Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. " 2. Fr. Donat emphasizes God ' s preference of the penitential sea- son as a time of " fasting and mourning " in his homily. He also used this same gesture to illustrate points in literature class. 3. Fr. Donat marks an ashen cross on Fr. McCarthy ' s forehead, repeating " Repent and believe the Good News. " 4. Troy Ter- Best and Marend Garrett sing while Sr. Kathleen accompanies them on the guitar. 5. Fr. Schilly, Fr. Donat and Fr. McCarthy consecrate the bread. The Ash Wednesday Mass marked the third all-school liturgy of the year. 60 Images We Project Challenges His Hearers Fr. Donat, main celebrant and homilist, challenged his hearers to reflect on how they had failed to be " a light to the nations and the salt of the earth " during his hom- ily, as students and faculty gathered in the gym for the all-school Ash Wednesday Mass on March 4. Fr. Donat, Fr. McCarthy, and Fr. Schilly, with Anthony Delgado and Jeannie Jeffries, special ministers, signed ashen crosses on students ' foreheads with the words " Repent and believe the good news. " The choir accompanied the signing " I feel the ashes represent our mortality " — Detnetrios Coulis with " An Offering of Ashes. " Demetrios Coulis found the peacefulness in the gym impressive and understood more fully his own mortality after the liturgy. " I feel the ashes represent our own mortality and serve as a blemish that represents your past sins. " Demetrios commented. The Ash Wednesday Mass marked the beginning of Lent, a time of sacrifice and repentance — the shift " from solemn feasting to solemn fasting. " — Erin Stephens Activities 61 Spotlight Shines i« 4 = ... - ... . Jacques Wilson, the " selfish son, " mimes during the Thanksgiving Mass. 2. Troy TerBest, as the " good son, " mimes. 3. Dawna Sponsler points the way to the kingdom in the mime. She plays the revivalist in " Help. " 4. Fr. Schilly, Fr. McCarthy, Bishop Straling, Fr. Donat, Fr. Miller, and Fr. Lowe join hands in prayer during the Thanksgiving Mass. 5. John Morrissey reads the scriptures at the mass. He also acted as eucharistic minister. 6. Bish- op Straling gives the sign of peace to Fr. Donat, Fr. Donat heads the English department. 7. Julie Crit- ten receives Communion from Jason Plowy, eucha- ristic minister. Bishop Straling, with Fr. McCarthy, Fr. Schil- ly, Fr. Dortat, Fr. Lowe, Fr. Miller, and Fr. Andre, concelebrated the Thanksgiving Mass in the gym on November 26. The spotlight shone on the mime directed by Troy TerBest. He and Jacques Wilson played a yy Nothing is ever wasted ... Dawna Sponsler Dawna Sponsler ' s " sons " on their journey to the kingdom of Heaven. Troy Terbest, the " good son, " shared his only jug of water with people he encountered. Jacques Wil- son, the " bad son, " refused to share his jug of water. Dawna Sponsler, their " mother, " said, " Remember always, my sons, nothing is ever wasted. " Festive decorations, lu- minarias in the shape of a cross, and a Christmas tree decorated with lights, high- lighted the Christmas Mass. Sr. Kathleen directed the music for the mass. — Christine Garcia Muddy Falcons Clean Up . " Tourist " David Davis mockingly photographs the Basketball Homecoming Court. David played varsity baseball. 2. Pom Anne Hellwig photographs the crowd at the Basketball Homecoming game. Anne reigned as 1986 Football Homecoming Queen. 3. Varsity wrestling team: (top) Coach Jerry Garcia. Chris Mahmood, Coach Bob Prado. (Mid- dle) George Ramos, Anthony Ernst, Lolo Montes, Fernie Montes, Mark Sacks. (Bottom) Diana Har- rison, Gene MacKenzie, Joel Nigro, Oscar Jimenez, Jenny Dvorak, Deirde Coffey. 4. QB Armando McQueen receives the snap from the center. Ar- mando played varsity baseball. 5. Coaches: La- Donna Mejia, Dick Price, Ross McMillan, Jack Henley. Steve Zermeno, Lisa Kelly, George Swift, Frank Schullz. Photos , oi Taken by Schmiiz Photogrop 64 Images We Project asies 1. Senior Greg Hewitt, slid in the mud to score the tie-breaking goal on February 24 a 4-1 victory over the Verbum Dei Eagles. Greg Hewitt remembered, " I knew as soon as I made the goal: the spirit and enthusiasm of a ... spirit and enthusiasm of the team led us to victory ... " — Greg Hewitt the team led us to victory. Coach George Swift recalled, " The rain really slowed our game down. — Alissa Cocchia . J cons 1. Mr. MacMillan scans the players on the side- lines. 2. QB Armando McQueen takes the snap as the offensive line prepares to defend him. 4. The Falcon defense stops Yucca Valley ' s rushing of the ball. 5. The JV offensive line leaps toward the op- posing defense. 6. Richard and Corey Hunt stand on the sidelines. »n -. 66 Images We Project hut Down Indians £JI © Senior QB Armando McQueen rifled two TD passes and ran for two more TD ' s as the Falcons won the Homecoming game Halloween night by slaughtering the Sherman High School Indians 41-8. LaRon Tay- lor, senior tailback, grabbed a 31 yard TD pass from McQueen. Sophomore tight end Donnell Porter snatched a 48 yard TD pass. Paul Wilson, senior full- back, scrambled in for an additional six points. " ... the line shut down Paul Dainko th e run. — Head coach Jack Henley commented, " The team en- joyed a great night. The defense conceded a mere 88 yards rushing and a dismal five yards passing. It also forced a fumble, an interception and two blocked punts. Senior noseguard Paul Dainko commented, " The secondary effectively shut down Sherman ' $ pass- ing attack and the line shut down the run. " — Melissa Gallagher tos not taken by Schmitz Photography 3. Varsity: Top row: R. Whiting, K. Rosado, T. Bel- lanca, T. Scray, D. Troost. T. Terbest, D. Porter, A. Mackzum, A. McQueen. Second row: F. Aparacio, G. Mark, G. Swift (coach), B. Swoger (coach), Jack Hen- ley (head coach), B. Moore (coach), D. Wilson (coach), S. Vasquez, J. Erich. Third row: J. Calia (mgr). F. Traina, E. Auzenne, K. Mahmood, M. Carrillo, L. Taylor, P. Wilson, J. Lemmon, G. Whitney, L. Hunt (mgr). Fourth row: S. Kounas (stat), 0. Surber, M. Rootland, M. Garrett, C. Scannell, D. Davis, S. Mar- tinez, K. Campbell (stat). Front row: C. Smellier, G. Afansev, L. Aviles, T. McGowen, P. Dainko, B. Coc- chia, C. Smith, T. Biedebach. 7. Junior Varsity. Bot- tom row: M. Rivas, C. Bonadiman. O. Jimenez, P. Jacober, T. Chambers, M. Brazza. Second row: E. Bonadiman. J. Houston, M. Baltierra, M. Rivers, D. LaTourette, T. Vasquez, G. Coffey, E. Plascencia. Third row: R. MacMillan (coach), A. Ernst, D. Rob- erts, P. Herndon. G. Crosby. D. Chronister. J. Demor (head coach). Fourth row: M. Malody. B. Samra, L. Roberts, G. Ramos, M. McQueen, K. Milligan, M. Cohen. K. Meyer. Fifth row: K. Rush ton. S. Yniguez, C. Mahmood, S. Sturgeon, R. Magana, J. Serrano, R. Hunt, C. Hunt. Sports 67 Girls Play Hard with Kim Driskill spiked the ball for an impossi- ble return against the Yucca Valley Tro- jans in the last game of the season on Thursday, October 30. Throughout the en- tire first game, the score seesawed for and against the Falcons within a two to three . . . you were . . for those dinks. Esancy , in position " — Mrs. point margin. The game ended against the Falcons with a 13-15 score. Varsity volley- ball coach Mrs. Sue Esancy said to Kelli Du- Cloux, " You were really on the ball to- night, especially in being in position for those dinks. " Brenda Williams poured in many points from her slicing serves. Stacy " green shirt " Duncan put up tough blocks against the Trojans ' spikes. Allison Terbest commented, " We worked hard together and the enthusiasm and excitement were so great that even those on the bench were involved in its sharing and inspiration. " In the second game of the best three of five, the girls played hard with many long vol- leys, mostly complete with the pattern: bump, set, spike. ■A .„ 2 3 ; Q ,.. T + $tr-- «t- 68 Images We Project Bumps, Sets, and Spikes hotos not taken by Schmitz Photography 1. Kelli DuCloux lakes careful aim in serving the ball. Kelli earned a CIF medal in the 400 m relay. 2. Varsity: Julie Wagner (mgr), Kim Driskill, Brenda Williams, Stacy Duncan, Coach Sue Esancy; Au- dra McGrath, Kelli DuCloux, Allison Terbest, Am- ber Anderson, Celeste Monroe, Deborah Mazzei, Erin Grath, Amy Gonzalez, Debbie Fisher. 3. Bren- da Williams jumps high for the block as Kim Dris- kill awaits the outcome. Brenda functioned as peer counselor; Kim threw the shot and discus. 4. Brenda Williams follows through in her serve. 5. JV: Julie Wagner (mgr), Ass ' t Coach Sue Reddon, Missy Moyer, Kasandra Ramos, Coach LaDonna Mejia, Suzanne Zavala (stat), Jaci Nicks, Giselle Jorgen- son, Una Restrepo, Debra Botelho, Alicia Smith, Stacy Chavez, Valerie Monge, Theresa Pimental, Toni Galvan, Martha Monies, Marisa Gonzalez, Mary Figueroa. Cathy Hare. Sports 69 Tennis Team Overwhelms Christine Gonzalez and Michelle Moyer won I heir matches, by a score of eighteen games to zero against Big Bear High School at the Rancho Mediterranean tennis courts on Oct. 14. Senior Christine Gonzalez com- mented, " our determination was what won the game. We were inspired to play hard because Big Bear is one of our greatest rivals. " Coach David Soloman, stated " This " our determination . . . won the game. " — Christine Gon- zalez is a very talented team. " Marend Garrett 1. Michelle Moyer forehands the ball. She was an editor of the school newspaper. 2. Maureen Berard hits a difficult backhand. She was a member of the California Youth Tennis Association. 3. Jaci Ja- cober follows through on a backhand shot. She helped backstage in the drama production, " The Lottery. " 4. Robin Rowan returns the ball to her opponent. She was a freshman reporter on the news- paper staff. 5. Chere Warrick serves the ball. She was a member of the California Youth Tennis Asso- ciation. Photos no! taken by Schmitz Photography 70 Images We Project Big Bear H.S. 6. Lori Soloman makes a hard return from the baseline. She was a member of Ticktockers, a young women ' s club. 7. Top row: Maureen Berard, Gina Rootland. Coach David Soloman. Michelle Mover. Susie Eupierre. Middle row: Theresa Ga- briel. Colleen Cornell, Kathleen Gabriel, JacJa- cober, Chrissy Twing. Bottom row: Lori Soloman. Robin Rowan, Stephanie Kounas, Chere Warrick. wM0 •• " " •» Sports 71 Teamwork Aids . Coach Greg Adalpe checks his stop watch as Jeannie Jeffries, Jacques Wilson, Marie Tillery and Karen Hooley watch. Coach Adalpe ended his first year as Cross-Country coach. 2. Erin Ste- phens, sporting sunglasses, sprints through an open field. Karen Reisch, Karen Hooley, Erin Stephens, Marie Tillery, Jacques Wilson, Kevin Reisch, and Dennis Sauer practice running techniques. 4. Jac- ques Wilson runs ahead of Karen Hooley and Erin Stephens. 5. Karen Reisch and Marie Tillery jog side by side. Karen played a beggar in the Thanks- giving mime: Marie was a freshman reporter for the newspaper. 6. Top: Pat Farrell, Jacques Wilson. Roger Brown, Mike Monroe. Kevin Reisch, Pat O ' Malley. Middle: Dennis Sauer, Steve Turkowiak. James Bott, Erin Stephens, Joe Saw- telle, Scott Silvas, Kevin Wilson. Front: Karen Reisch, Karen Hooley, Tish Guereca. Lorna Ken- nev, Diana Silvas. 72 Images We Project Cross-Country Margo Chavez arid Jacques Wilson finished first for their team, in the October II Ser- rano High School Invitational Tourna- ment. Jacques ran a time of 18 minutes; Erin Stephens, Scott Silras, and Dennis Saner tt yj We had unity this year . . . Scott Silras placed in the top four of their respective races. Scott Silvas commented, " We had unity this year, something we ' ve never had. " Coach Adalpe was pleased with this experience. ' We had some highlights. " — Ma rend Garrett Pholos not taken by Schmitz Photography Sports 73 Soccer Team Achieves u 1 . . Greg Hew itt sprints down the line on a wall pass. Greg " lettered " for four years. 2. Lee Raymundo dribbles the ball toward the goal. Lee moved to varsity to fill in for injured players. 3. J V: Jerry Eggers, Robert Fairchild, Jennifer McNeil, David Troost. Brent Giese, Jake Jeffords, Scott Forsythe, George Moll, Gary Spisak, Kevin Overson, Ian Ca- hir, Joe Sawtelle, Anthony Cimino, Pat Overson, Kieran Moloney, Ted Bair, Matt Sisson, Adrienne Avalos, Theodora Coulis. Todd Goettelmann. Al- bert Aguilera. 4. Jeff Russell fights for the wall with an Elsinore player. He received nomination for Junior class prince in the Basketball Homecoming. 5. Matt Paige prepares to boot the ball past his defender. Matt enjoyed pep rallies as his favorite school function. 6. Robert Cocchia prepares to re- ceive the ball. Bob participated in student council as the Junior class vice-president. 7. Dean Mazza, Oli- ver Surber, Lonell Roberts, Don Lamond, Jason Moore, Coach George Swift, Jeff Russell, Francis- co Restrepo, Marend Garrett, Robert Avalos, Greg Hewitt, Jack Fisher, Kathleen Campbell (stat), Alex Hall, John Hunsaker, Bob Cocchia, Stephanie Kaunas (stat.) tk 9 S •£ « « • •0 I " " T T¥ - $£3 KS£««« Bal ance a X 1 A 1 t 3 1 TK V j lifflf kj. 1 tnlr y 5 i ■ dr i Btes2- M t aR fffiS 2 ' H kAtSfiLna Jeff Russell shot, scoring a half-volley from the penalty area through the hands of a Temecula Valley goalie, January 21, on the home field, 5-0. Greg Hewitt scored one goal on an assist from Oliver Surber; Robert " ... four doggers ... shut down defense ... " — Dean MazzQ Aralos scored three, one an assit from Rob- ert Cocchia. Coach George Swift commented, " The team played together; that ' s what wins oar games. In the past we had one or two superstars. This year there aren ' t any, so there is a balance. It ' s easier to mark one or two men than a whole team, that ' s what we do well. " The teams played intensely for two forty -minute halves. The Bears used the " long ball " technique to move the ball down field while the Falcons used short passes. " Our transition game was really good, " Dean Mazza commented, " The four doggers, the four fullbacks Dan Feld, Marend Garrett, Dean Mazza, and Francisco Restrepo, the defense of the team, at one time had eight games of allowing only three goals scored. — Marend Garrett Falcons Never Lead 76 Images We Project But Win Senior forward Armando McQueen racked up 26 points, senior center Eric Baugh net- ted 20 points and grabbed 20 rebounds to help the I A Falcons upset the 4 A San Gor- gonio Spartans 62-57 in overtime, during the annual Kiwanis Tournament, December " Armando and Eric did a job on the boards. " — Coach Steve Zjermeno 26. " It ' s got to be one of the biggest wins we ' ve had in a long time, " said Falcon coach Steve Zjermeno. Joe Preston, junior guard, poured in eleven points for the Fal- cons. Senior guard Matt Rootland com- mented, " Consistency and strong rebound- ing were the keys to the win. " The Falcons evened the score on senior guard Mike Car- rillo ' s fifteen feet jumper. — Melissa Gallagher 1. JV: Danny Roberts, Jon Abelon, Roman Ma- gana, Mark Belter, Steve Sturgeon, Art Molina, Donnel Porter, John Viramontes, Eric Weber, Mi- guel McQueen, Phillip Herndon, Ryan Stanley, Coach Frank Schultz. 2. Eric Baugh shoots a power lay-up over several Yuc- ca Valley players. Eric controlled the senior class treasury. 3. Mike Malody dribbles down court. Mike played JV football. 4. Armando McQueen concentrates before shooting a free throw. Mando won All-League wide receiver honors in football. 5. Eric Baugh out jumps his opponent for the tip-off. 6. Varsity: David Stinson, Matt Belter, Neil Baugh, Garth Mackzum, Eric Baugh, Tom Fletcher, Joe Preston, Armando McQueen, Coach Steve Zer- meno, Frank Aparicio, Matt Rootland, Chuck Scannell, Mike Carrillo, David Chinn. Photos not taken by Schmitz Photography Sports 77 Falcons Slam Dunk . Dave Stinson follows through after shooting a free throw. Dave also played varsity baseball. 2. Danny Roberts, Roman Magana, and Mike Ma- lody position themselves to defend their basket. 3. Matt Belter waits for the ball. He volunteered at Del Vallejo School for the handicapped. 4. Mike Malady dribbles against his opponent. 5. Center Eric Baugh calls a play. Eric kept the senior class ' treasury. 6. Chuck Scannell calls for the ball. Chuck played quarterback for the varsity football team. 7. Joe Preston goes up for the rebound. Joe reigned as Junior class prince at the basketball homecoming. 78 Images We Project I at Homecoming Frank Aparicio powered a lay-up from un- der the basket after an offensive rebound to break the one -hundred point mark, Febru- ary 6, against Sherman Indian Braves at the basketball homecoming game. High point men center Eric Baugh racked up twenty- two points and power forward Armando " It ' s good when we have big wins " — Garth Mackzum McQueen an additional twenty points. At the beginning of the first quarter each team scored one basket. The Falcons pulled away from the Braves with a series of steals and fast breaks led by guard Joe Preston and forward Dare Stinson. Eric Baugh brought the crowd to its feet with a " monster " two- handed slam dunk. Garth Mackzum, pleased with the outcome of the game, commented, " It ' s good when we have big wins like this; it gives more people a chance to play. " Coach Zermeno exclaimed, " There ' s not a whole bunch of stress that comes with a close game. It ' s easier to re- lax in a game like this. " Offensive re- bounds seemed to be the key to the victory, keeping the Braves from getting possession of the ball and fast breaking. — Marend Garrett Photos Not Taken by Schmilz Photography Sports 79 Falcons Force Bears I. Toni Galvan. Lisa Wewers, and Yvonne Ahelun, JV, play intense zone defense. They attended the Frosh Senior picnic. .?. Allison TerBest skillfully maneuvers down court on a fast break. She also played volleyball and Softball. 3. JV: Lisa Wewers, Allison TerBest. Coach LaDonna Mejia, Sheryl Larkin, Marti Smith. Regina Gomez. Michelle Bahnsen, Valerie Monge. Mary Figueroa, Lisa Mitchell. Toni Galvan. Yvonne Abelon. 4. Margie Sigenfuse positions herself for a pass to a team- mate. Margie shared her team ' s excitement over the new sweatshirts and game shirts the team pur- chased by raising money. 5. Kelli DuCloux sets to spring for the tip-off. Kelli started as a " short cen- ter " in the winning game against the Bears. 6. Varsi- ty: Tara Poole. Kim Driskill, Coach Lisa Kelly. Ursula Vasquez, Brenda Williams. Margie Sigen- fuse. Kelli DuCloux. Suzanne Zavala, Audra McGrath, Tina Spaccarotelli, Celeste Monroe, Ali- cia Smith, Erin McGrath. SO Images We Project Into Hibernation Senior point guard Erin McGrath led all scorers with fifteen points as the Falcons forced the Bears into hibernation on Janu- ary 22, with a 59-23 road victory. Kelli Du- Cloux, senior forward, poured in eight points while Audra McGrath racked up an additional seven points to highlight the ff We played as a team ... " — Tina Spaccarotelli Falcons ' scoring. Coach Lisa Kelly com- mented, " We dominated on the boards and forced over 25 turnovers which we capital- ized on. " Sophomore guard Margie Signe- fuse pulled down nine rebounds to lead the team. Senior center Melissa Gallagher grabbed an additional seven rebounds. The Falcons ' " half-court trap " defense and " red-press " forced the Bears with an im- pressive 29 turnovers. Tina Spaccarotelli, who led the team with eight steals, com- mented, " We played tough defense and took advantage of the confusion the half- court defense created. " — Melissa Gallagher otos not taken by Schmitz Photography Sports 81 Pitcher » % l. Miguel McQueen awaits the incoming pitch. 2. Mike Weinrich winds up to throw his pitch. 3. Trey Westbrook stands in the batter ' s box awaiting the pitch. 4. David Davis concentrates on the game. 5. David Stinson slides back to first base. 82 Images We Project Hurls Five-Hitter Senior right-hander David Stinson hurled a five-hitter and freshman right-fielder Miguel McQueen drove in two runs to lift the Falcons to a 7-1 DAL victory over the visiting Big Bear Bears on March 31. Head Coach Bill Eatinger commented, " We were hampered by the loss of our top two pitchers (Joe Preston and Jeff Russell) but Dave came through and really helped pick us up. " Stinson racked up " It lifted our spirits ... " — Miguel McQueen eight strike outs, walking only two in the con- test. Miguel McQueen remarked, " We played real well. It (the win) really lifted our spirits after losing to San Jacinto. " Armando McQueen had three hits and drove in a run in the game. — Melissa Gallagher Sports 83 Pitcher Sets School . Debbie Fisher swings at bat. 2. Lisa Alio and Debbie Fisher warm up with throws. 3. Tara Poole misses a pitch. 4. Tara Poole holds runner at third. 5. Joyce Mays, third baseman, fields the ball. 6. Alicia Smith, shortstop, returns to the field. 7. Christy Colton covers first base as Joyce Mays watches. •K--. ■ 84 Images We Project Record Lisa Alio, freshman starting pitcher, threw a three-hitler, setting a school record by striking out 18 batters in the Falcons ' 9-1 victory over Hesperia. The Falcon defense shone, supporting the strong pitching ef- fort of Alio and Christy Colton. Tara Poole commented, " The win really helped our spirits after losing so many games. It was great to slaughter somebody, after being tt great to slaughter some- body ... " — Tara Poole shut out by Yucaipa. " Erin McGrath belted a solo home run and scored three runs. Sophomores Alicia Smith and Allison Ter- Best connected for triples, driving in a run. Coach SueEsancy remarked, " This was the game that brought the team together. It was our first win of the season. " — Melissa Gallagher Sports 85 Fortunate Ace Kevin Rehch aced his Woockrest Christian opponent to win his second game at Wood- crest High School on March 27. assisting the tennis team to a 14-4 win. No single person stood out as " hero " . Kevin had a close match, but a fortunate ace turned the game to his favor. " It was a good break for " It was a good break for me. " — Kevin Reisch me, " Kevin stated, " It was just what I need- ed to get me going. " As a whole the team played well. John Carlson commented about being one of the two seniors on the team, " It ' s okay, " John reflected, " I like being the " supreme " in charge. " Coach Dan Siedman saw talent in the team, " This is going to be a great year. " — Marend Garrett £J - ,v — 1 i " i P S • • T . • • v , . . « . - n- f of i : Photos Not Taken by Schmiiz Photography -» — • — •- 86 Images We Project Turns Game . • x i ■■ -. ' , ,:i, ; 7. Kevin Reisch serves the ball. 2. Patrick Farrell swats the ball. 3. Robbie Fairchild reaches high for the ball. 4. Matthew Sisson prepares to forehand the ball. 5. James Nausha and Matthew Sisson prepare themselves to receive. v: -» — ■» — — - Sports 87 Falcons . Karen Hooley runs the mile relay. 2. Erin Tex- eira battles the hurdles against a Spartan runner as Kelli DuCloux rushes for third. 3. Matt Belter races the hurdles with Dan Feld and Robert Clay- born in the 100 meter dash. 4. Jacques Wilson races against a Spartan runner in the two mile run. 1 It ' - -■ Photos Not Taken by Schmitz Photography Images We Project Dust the Spartans Erin Texeira glided over the hurdles of the 110 meter lows, earning first place after a finish line rush, at the dual track meet in Riverside against Notre Dame High School on March 27. She also finished first in the 300 meter low hurdles, followed by Kelli DuCloux in third place. Erin re- flected, " I don ' t plan to break any records, but I will try to improve in all my events. " Snatching several first place finishes, Dan Feld leaped 16 ' 4 " in the long jump and sprinted 11.78 in the 100 meter dash. In the tt y I don ' t plan to break Erin Texeira girls ' long distance, Erin Stephens, Karen Hooley, and Mary Reisch paced themselves into first and second places respectively in the mile and two mile runs. 800 meter man, Scot Sihas, strode into first place followed by Jacques Wilson. Coach Frank Schultz, ex- tremely satisfied, commented, " We had to have good performances by everyone. We had a lot of athletes set personal bests at that meet. " The Falcons dusted the Spar- tans in final scores. — Kelli DuCloux Sports 89 Girls Earn Third at . Keith Milligan prepares to pole vault at the Notre Dame meet. 2. Keith Milligan jumps the ten foot mark in the pole vault. 3. Robert Clayborn lands in the pit after his long jump. 4. Jack Lem- mon winds up for the discus throw. 5. Marian Mill- er runs through her long jump steps. 90 Images We Project Palms Invit Kim Driskill hurled the shot put, finishing fourth at the 29 Palms Invitational Meet, March 14. She pitched a personal high of 94 ' 3 " . " Doing better in the shot, " Kim says, " My goals are to beat the school re- cords. I ' m only 3Vi feet off " Marian Miller placed for the long jump, acquiring a third " ... to beat the school records. — Kim Driskill ft place bronze medal. Also snatching a bronze medal, Armando McQueen sought to perfect his glide over the high jump bar. The girls earned third place in the meet, while the boys finished in seventh. Coach Schultz commented, " I was pleased with the third place finish of the girls. It was quite an accomplishment that early in the season. " — Kelli DuCloux Photos Not Taken by Schmitz Photography Sports 91 Fal cons Sink . James Isakson tees off to begin his match. 2. Mike Perkins makes his putt. 2. The ball lies less than a single inch from the hole as the putter pre- pares to tap it in. 4. Mike Perkins putts for par. 92 Images We Project Tigers James hakson sank his putt on the ninth hole to remain " low man " with a score of 46, for the March 19 golf match at the Arrowhead Country Club course, helping the Falcons to sink the San Jacinto Tigers 240-255. Ironically, James could not hold back the disappointment of his low score which he considered high. " I played poor- ly, " James admitted crossly, " I should have had forty. " The Falcons ' score as- cended in a one point pattern: James — 46, Lars Vanderfin — 47, Mike Perkins — 48, John Sacks — 49 and Kornelius Potz — 50. a yy ... a careful type of game. Lars Vanderfin Tigers ' Romo scored lowest with a 48. Asked about his mistakes, James erupted with, " I must have been playing with some- one else ' s clubs, not to mention body, be- cause my game lacked seriousness. " The Falcons played steadily, trying to keep par and not taking any chances. " It was a real- ly careful type of game, " Lars Vanderfin stated, " A few unnecessary mistakes and we could have lost. " Coach Robert Isakson commented, " It wasn ' t that bad, except for the wind. This year we will get better when our players get more experienced in match play. We will do well even though we only- have two returning players from last year. " — Marend Garrett Sports 93 . (Topj Colleen Harwood. (Middle) Paul Scher- neck, Michelle Williams, Cathy Centner. (Bottom) May Johnson. 2. (Top) Jana Rice, (Middle) Donna Sponsler, Mary Racic, Anne Hellwig. (Bottom) Tami Erickson. 3. Donna Sponsler, Anne Hellwig. Mary Racic, and Tami Erickson lead the cheers at the Homecoming game. 4. (Top) Jenny Blake. (Middle) Ericka Monroe, Joy Jimenez, and Janet Alvarado. (Bottom) Kelli Deagle, Stacy Thompson. 5. Paula Scherneck. May Johnson, Michelle Wil- liams, Kalhy Centner, Donna Sponsler, Anne Hell- wig. and Tami Erickson display their " rowdiness " at the Homecoming game. Photos I and 4 taken hv Schmitz Photography, 94 Images We Project Cheers Display " Control " The Bangles ' " Walk like an Egyptian " ex- ploded from the gym as Joy Jimenez and Jenny Blake with the JV cheerleaders succeeded in building a pyramid as the climax to their dance at the second pep rally on October 31. The varsity poms " jammed " to Falco ' s " Vi- enna Calling, " and varsity cheers, aided by Janet Jackson, displayed their " control. " The " It ' s like performing ... " — Mi- chelle Williams cheerleaders, having raised money by selling Homecoming pins during Spirit Week, bes- towed carnations on the surprised football players. The girls ' extreme excitement showed in all the cheers they performed, es- pecially the popular " How do you feel " , which they asked each class individually to determine which has the most spirit. Also, the cheerleaders welcomed back alumni to dis- play their continuous " Go, Fight! Blue, White! " spirit. Senior varsity cheerleader Mi- chelle Williams noted, " It ' s like performing because you ' re in front of the crowd at all times. " Cheerleading moderator Mrs. Grim- mett believed the assembly to have been " pretty preppy with well coordinated cheers. " — Kelli DuCloux Sports 95 Diners Tell " Icy roads, " " car trouble, " " the electricity went off, " and " didn ' t realize what day it was, " Mrs. Lee, attendance secretary, had heard all the excuses. Tom Biedebach and Jeff Russell came forty minutes late, after dining at McDonald ' s. They told their story: driving on a residential street, they ran over a dog. They waited for the police to write a ticket, while an old lady. yelled at them for killing her dog. Asked their reasons for being late, Tom increduously replied, " My God! Did you want us to leave the dead dog in the " They wondered why I wouldn ' t believe them ... " — Mrs. Lee road? " Two other students told Mrs. Lee they had a flat the and had to change it. " They wondered why I wouldn ' t believe them, with their clean hands, " laughed Mrs. Lee. Gerard Coffey had a very special three-legged dog that got loose and he had to catch it. Andy Alejandre said that someone had ex- changed his locker ' s lock with another one. Students really challenged themselves to think of original excuses. — Erin Stephens 96 Images We Project Original Story V i Jt 1 j i V 1 1 WE 7. Vanessa Mansfield looks at her friend while her hands are on her friend ' s shoulder. 2. Kassim Mah- mood talks with Jesse Diaz and Joe Preston in the quad. 3. Don Chandler points at a page in Andy Alejandre ' s book. 4. Tami Eriekson smiles at Brad Allen and John Snavely. 5. Miguel McQueen and Jon Abelon hold up a JV. basketball shirt. 6. Rich- ard Enstad holds open his motorcycle and car deco- rated locker. 7. Alicia Martinez opens the door while Philip Herndon slips out after algebra class. Underclassmen 97 Spirit Week Gives Freshmen Aguilei ' P, Raul 41k • Alio, Lisa Anderson, Jamie Avalos, Adrian Avers. Angela Bair, ' Fed Barraza, Michael Be her, Mark Brothers, Shannon Bonadiman, Ed Bus hong. Lea Cahir, Ian Calinisan, Joan Carconw. Carmen Carter, Brad Casarez, Janel Chagolla. Gary Challenger, Seih Charles. Natasha 1. Eddie Bonadiman and Juni Reeder wrap Bobbie Sponsler during the toilet paper wrap. Juni Reeder was freshmen vice-president: Eddie Bonadiman played of- fense for J V football. 2. Juni Reeder. holding a balloon, and Paul Jacober laugh before the balloon hug. Paul was freshmen class president; Juni was vice president. Juni Reeder wrapped Bobbie Sponsler during the toilet paper wrap on the football field on Octo- " I never thought Vd get Bobby Sponsler f s body wrapped ... " — Juni Reeder ber 27. " I did not know what to expect during Spirit Week, " stated Jamie Anderson. - Cathy Mittlehauser 98 Images We Project New Experience Chavez. S hirer ( hoontanom, Darleni Gallon, Christy Culfa, Joseph Darby, Sheryl De Marco, Nicole DeMartz, C arolyn Domingo. Rut hie Egger, Jerry Enstad, Richard Enstad, Ryan Ernst. Anthony Fairchild, Stoni Figueroa, Mary Filipovic. Elena Fisher, Wayne Flares, Rosalie Frimmer, Julie Gallagher. Julie Galvan, Toni Garner, Alex Gigler, Aimee Goettelmann, Todd Gomez. Regina Gonzalez, Marisa Guereca, Tish Haider, Margaret llanlon, Lisa Hare, Kalhy Havins, Michelle Heimerman, Nicol Hallwig, Eileen Herndon, Phillip Hidalgo, Gary Hillard, Todd Hooley. Karen Houston, John Hudson. Tracy Ann Jacoher, Pan! Jeffords. Jake Jero, Yveitie Jimenez. Joy Jimenez. Oscar Just, Monique Kaney, John Kennedy, Mich ae! Kenney, Lorna Kleespies, John Vnderdir Freshmen Give Smiles Kramer, Krai Larh ' lera, Anita turette, Dennis Lewis, Jay Liaw, Helen Lusk, Lawerence Mackenzie, Gene Magana, Roman Marline:, Adam Martinez, Alicia Marline:, Brenda McQueen. Miguel Meyer, Kelton Miller, Marian Molina. Arthur Moloney, Kieran Monge, Valorie Joy Jimenez walked lip to Phillip Herndon during Freshmen Orientation on August 30, and pleaded, " If you love me, baby, give me a smile! " ASB officers played " Animal Noises, " " Give Me a Smile, " and " Lap Sit " with the incoming freshmen as " 1 you love me, baby, give me a smile " — Joy Jimenez ice breakers. Mrs. Hrabe noticed, " The freshmen took advantage of the day with- out upperclassmen. " — Mary Racic 1. Valerie Monge reads in Religion class. 2. Mi- chael Rivas pulls a book from his locker as Albert Aguilera walks over. 100 Images We Project at Orientation g ■l " IP J i» | |l » B J t ' c P» v» V : i Montes, Martha Munro, Erika Nirschl, Joan Obelon, Y onne Olivas, Xikki Onliveros, Feliciana Qvesen, Kevin Perez, Leticia Reeder, Juni Reisclu Mary Rented i os, Jo Anne Restrepo, Una Rivas, Michael Rivera, David Roberts, Daniel Rowan, Robin Rushton, Kelly- Sacks, Marc Salas. Dianne Salmon, Lori Santos, Richard Scannell, Karen Silvas, Diana Sisson, Mathew Smith, Marci Sponsler. Robert Squires, Erin Stanley, Ryan Sturgeon, Stephen Tafolla, Jennifer Taylor, Patricia Tiller. Marie Tordesillas, Victor Vasquez, Timothy Viramontes, John Wahler, Pamela Walker, Julie Ann Warrick. Chere Washington, Lani Weber, Erik Wewers. Lisa Whitney, Mark Wilson, Megan Zupanic, Megan Sophomores Sell Mrs. Esancy and the sophomore officers sold candy canes for 50c each from Decem- ber 8-18. John Sacks suggested the candy cane sale to Mrs. Esancy. She commented, " That ' s a great idea to raise money for our class. " Missy Moyer added, " The reason ■ " I can give my girlfriend a sweet treat. " — Gerard Coffey was to raise money for the Prom fund. " The class raised S63.52. Gerard Coffey said, " This idea is cool, because I can give my girlfriend a sweet treat. " — Jonette Anderson I . Andrew Alejandre reads a book during break. 2. Gerard Coffey talks with his friends during lunch. 3. MaraJVhiting blows a bubble as Melissa Bake- man watches. 102 Images We Project Candy Canes A he I on, Jon Aguayo. Laura Aquirre, Mary Rose A I ej and re. A hdre w Alvarado, Janei Anderson, Chantel Andrews, Launya Bahnsen, Michelle Bakeman, Melissa Bellanca. Renee Benard, Maureen Blake, Jennifer Botelno, Debra Boll, Jimmy Brown. Alicia Brunick, Michele Cadreau, Rebecca Caldera, Manuel Carlone, Pam Chackel, Angelique Chavez, Nancy Cheney, Michelle Choontanom, Prichaya Chronister, Donald Cimino, Anthony Clough, Saralyn Coe, Harry Cohen. Mike Cornell, Susan Coulis, Theodora Crosby, Gary Deagle. Kelli Driskill, Kimberly Dvorak. Jennifer East berg, John Epinoza, Robert Pinner an, Nancy Fletcher. Tommy Flores, James Forsythe, Scott Friudenberg. Laura Furriess, Era: Gabriel, Teresa Gigler, Tom Gomez, Jennifer Hall. Alex Harris, Duphine I nderclassn Blue-Shirted Sophomores Harrison. Diana Marvel I, Amy Hayashi. Hannah Hayes, Jennifer Hendricks, Kim Hudson, Dawn Humphries, Jim Hunt, R. Corey Hunt, Rich Hunter, Rose Hunsaker, John Inman, Tasha Jorgenson, Gisele Kaney, Kathryn Karnes, Shelia Kounas, Stephanie Lamond, Don Lemmon, Jack Lockwald. Traci Lopez, Paula Lords, Robert Malady, Michael Mansfield, Vanessa Mark, Jerry Morocco, Ronald Mason, Mandy Mans, Paul McKenner, Pat McNeil, Jennifer Mendez, Maria Meyer, Jamison Miller, Wendy Milligan, Keith Millovitsch, Kelci Mitchell, Lisa Montague, Mike Moyer, Melissa Myers, Robyn Naranjo, Angela Nausha, James Naziongle, Louis Nicks, Jaci Nigro, Joel O ' Keefe, Daniel O ' Mai ley, Patrick Peruyera, Jose Plasencia, Edgar 104 Images We Project Yell for Spirit Class moderator, Mrs. Esancy, and class of- ficers, Jerry Mark, Teresa Gabriel, Francisco Restrepo, and Missy Moyer sold blue shirts, white-lettered " class of ' 89 " . The class raised $58. These blue-shirted sopho- mores, standing in a group, yelled their " heads off during the year ' s second pep rally on October 31. — Jonette Anderson " The purpose was . . . to unite the class ... " — Mrs. Esancy 1 . Nancy Finneran takes notes in religion class. She had enrolled in Drama I. 2. Jimmy Bott rides his " Big Wheel " during the race. He ran on the cross- country team. Poole. Tara Porter, Leon Ramos. George Ramos, Jeffery Ramos, Kasandra Restrepo, Francisc Rios, Gina Roberts, Lonelle Rootland, Gina Rosado, Kenneth Rosson, David Sacks, Darryl Sacks, Rob Salazar, Joseph Samra. Billy Sanchez, Celia Underclassmen 105 Sophomore Officers Collect San Juan. Veronica Sawtelle, Joe Sawtelte, Christine Schubert, Christine Serrano, John Sigenfuse, Margie Small, Adam Smeltzer, Cam Smith, Alicia Smith, Patricia Spisak, Gary Stanfield, Guy Strong, Terrell Terbest, Allison Thompson, Stacy Thomson, Jayme Troost, David Valenzuela, Vallery Vasquez, Ursula Wagner, Julie Warner, David Watson, Aja Weber, Bobbie Weber, James Welnrich. Michael Whiting, Mara Y ' niguez, Salvador Zamundio, Marlon ■ 106 Images We Project Empty Cans for Cash Jerry Mark, Teresa Gabriel, Francisco Res- trepo, Missy Moyer and Mrs. Esancy placed red and blue " ' 89 can drive " stamped cardboard boxes in the quad on October 27. Missy Mover, commented, " It helps keep the school clean and raised money for " It helps keep the school clean ... " — Missy Moyer the class. " — Jonette Anderson l. Alicia Brown, Jenny Blake, and Ursula Vasquez smile in front of the H-building. 2. Ursula stares ahead. 3. Jerry Mark and Pat McKeever work to- gether. 4. Sheila Karnes claps her hands and smiles. Underclassmen 107 Juniors Tell Krt ri I ' h ' Auzenne, Eric 4valo.K, Robert Mies, Larry Baugh, Neil Bellanca, Todd Belisto, James Be her, Matthew Berumen, Andrew Biedebach, Tom Brown, Roger Brown, Tracy £ « i - ism Tpfl %i F) ' ' I BT U S j ▼ " i . Mr. Pendleton ' s fifth period class studies out- side. 2. Eddie Bonadiman, Therese Bees, and Kim Hendricks read their books in Kathleen Marsh ' s office. John Suavely admitted his worst habit was coming home a few hours late. He stated, " When I come home late, it causes a lot of problems for me. " Kristi Cunningham ad- " Being a smart aleck causes the most problems ... " — Kristi Cunningham mitted bad habits: " Being a smart aleck causes the most problems. " Debbie Pnttre stated that her worst habit was not going where she said she would be. " Instead of going to a party, I went to Hollywood. " Debbie stated that her punishment was, " Home imprisonment and restriction for life! " — Debbie MacFadden 108 Images We Project Bad Habits Calia. JOTm- ■-. Centner, Kathy Cheney, James Chinn, David Oabatttni. Teddy Clayhorn, Robert Cueehia, Robert Colunga, Gia Cunningham, Kristi D ' Arca. Julie Dale, Robert Dallas, Lana DeMaci. Maria Diaz. Jesse Duncan, Stacy Eckles. Chrissy Enrich, Jeff Eninger, Tricia Erickson, Tammy Eupierre, Susy Fairchild, Robert Fan ell, Patrick Fisher, Debra Gabriel, Kathleen Garcia. Kathy Garcia, Lori Garner, Nikki Gibson, Christina Giese, Brent Gifford, Vicki Gonzales. Amy Gwitltney, Kathleen Harnden, Emi Hellrich, Joanna Hunt, Luke Jacober, Jaci Jefferies, Jeannie Johnson, Lori Jo Johnson, Valentino King, Debbie Kinne, Mail Klick. Kim Larkin, Stacia Long, Scott Luna, Diana, Lana Underclass men i Vi Pancake Breakfast - Luther, Amy Mackzum, Alex Mali mood, Kassim Mamies, Walter Maurer, James Mays, Joyce Milew, Jean Moffitt, Kelly Monroe, Celeste Monroe, Michael Monies, Fernando Mantes. Heliodoro Moore, Jason Navarro, Gonzalo Bob Cocchia, with his classmates, served piping hot coffee and pancakes to the crowd of customers at Leatherby ' s on Sep- tember 27 to raise $850 for the junior class. Bob Cocchia said, " we would love to have another pancake sale because it is a super- " ... it is a superfast way to make money. " — Bob Cocchia fast way to make money. " Alicia Madrid added, " without their help (fifteen stu- dents}, the breakfast wouldn ' t have gone off as well. " Mrs. Grimmett stated, " this was a unifying event. " — Debbie McFadden l . Jeannie Jeffries serves a customer at the break- fast. Jeannie also ran on the cross-country team. 2. Lauren Rumpf, Lani Lusk, and Brenda Williams brew more coffee for the breakfast customers. Lauren and Brenda served on the Prom Committee, while Lani was the class secretary. 1 1 Images We Project Raises Funds " ftr it wr K. , {R 4 wa Niss, Stacy Oversen, Tom Paige, Matt Peltigrew. John Poole. Brian Preston, Joe Puttre, Deborah Ramirez, Patricia Raymundo, Lee Reisch, Karen Reisch. Kevin Rios, Barbara Rivera, Daniel Rump , Lauren Russell. Jeff Saucedo, Michele Sauer, Dennis Scannell, Charles Scherneck, Paula Seinturier, Trent Shipe, Jacqueline Smith, Christopher Smith, Marty Smith, Matt Smith, Stephanie Snavely. John Sheddon, Melanie Soto, Shawna Spaccarotelli, Sam Terbest, Troy Texeira, Erin Tiedeman. Carta Traina, Frank Trujillo, Charles Turkowiak, Stephan Vasquez, Gaudalupe Whitney. Chris Williams. Brenda Wilson, Jacques Wilson, Karen Zuick, Sean Underclassmen 1 1 1 Pass the Life-Saver Christine Hardiman stood on the yardline, toothpick in mouth, waiting for Gene Mac- kenzie, her newly adopted freshman broth- er, to pass the orange-flavored Life-saver from his toothpick to hers. " It was so fun- " It was so funny. He wanted to eat it ... " — Christine Hardiman ny. He wanted to eat it. " The Life-saver pass was only one of the games. Other games included a four-legged race, a pie- eating contest, an egg-toss, and a wheelbar- row race. Moderator Mr. Cremer and sen- ior class officers Kati Healy, Deborah Mazzei, Eric Baugh, and Alissa Cocchia planned these " getting-to-know-you " fes- tivities with the intentions of welcoming the freshmen. Mike Perkins stated, " Supe- riority is . . . " giving it your all. " Mr. Cremer commented, " The turnout was fan- tastic! " — Marv Racic I . Megan Wilson, John Morrissey, Jennifer Allen. Amy Gigler, Armando McQueen, and Joe Culfa per- form a four-legged walk during the freshmen-senior picnic. 2. Bob Carlos curries Jamie Anderson during (he piggy-hack race. 3. Tina Merlow holds Stephan Kue fin ' s legs in die wheelbarrow race. 4. Mr. Cremer serves a hamburger to Mary Racic. 5. Seniors distri- bute yarn for the four-legged race. 6. Frank Hernan- dez. Frank Martinez, and David Davis watch De- metrios Couiis as he plays a voice synthesizer. 7. ' Deborah Mazzei. Kathleen Campbell, and Arnold Helen gather for lunch. 8. Freshmen and seniors gather for die lap sit. 9. Colleen Cornell passes the life saver to David Stinson. 10. Armando McQueen gob- bles a pie during the pie-eating contest. 2 Images We Project Seniors 113 Procrastinators Search Abbit, Les Afansev, George A I care z, Jesus Alcarez, Veronica Anderson, Amber Anderson, Jonette Aparico, Frank Ballard. Christy Baugh, Eric Pam Zilius walked into English 4AP, looked at the second quarter syllabus, and sighed, " Father, . . . give us a break! " Dur- ing nine weeks, the class studied Shake- " Procrastinators searched the library shelves. " — Miss Payne speare ' s " Hamlet, " and " I Henry IV, " along with Bronte ' s Wuthering Heights. 114 Images We Project Library Shelves Bees, Therese Belen, Arnold Bryant, Karen Campbell, Kathleen Carlos, Robert Carlson, John Chambers, Patrick Chavez, Margo " I need a break, " she cried. Miss Payne, the librarian, noticed many last minute stu- dents " Procrastinators searched the li- brary shelves for that final touch, or was it their first touch? " , she wondered. — Mary Rack 1 . Armando McQueen studies, sitting in his car. 2. Paul Wilson and George Afansev eat during break. 3. Frances Stewart talks to John Morrissey before school. Seniors 115 Experience Teaches Cocchia, Alissa Cochran, Andrea Coffey, Deirdre Cornell, Colleen Coulis, Demetrios Dainko, Paul Davis, David Delgado, Anthony Diaz, Melissa Downs, Lori Du Cloux, Kelli 116 Images We Project Valuable Lessons Egerton, Montraville Enstad, Susan Escalera, Robert Estrada, Robert Feld, Daniel Fisher, Jack Past experiences on campus taught Paul Dainko and Margo Chavez valuable les- sons. Paul had video-taped a movie for Kathleen Marsh ' s classes. He had forgotten that he had recorded home movies. " I was " I heard laughter ... " — Paul Dainko walking away from class when I heard laughter, " admitted Paul. When Margo walked through " C " building, she slipped on the floor, later reminding herself to be careful. 1 . Dean Mazza talks to Jack Carlson and Marend Garrett during lunch. Dean and Marend played soc- cer. 2. A senior holds his mortarboard before graduation. 3. A student turns the class ring. Seniors 117 Fletcher. Marisa Fossum, Angela Freiler. Raymond Gallagher, Melissa Garcia, Christine Garrett, Marend Gaytan, Eugenia Gini, Sharalvn Gonzalez, Christine Hanifj, Stuart Hardiman, Christine Harwood, Colleen Special Class Dan Feld, on December 1, signed up for the RWI program. Marend Garrett said, " I felt it would aid me in future learning. " Students learned aids in time organization, speed reading, and " I felt it would aid ... in future learning. " — Marend Garrett comprehension. Mary Racic 118 Images We Project Offers Time Management VT . . • in s I Healy. Kathleen Heck, Christopher Hellwig, Anne Hernandez, Frank Hewitt, Gregory Hooley, Paul ■■■■■■■■■ . Susie Steinmann walks to class. She proudly owned Quacky McDuckles. 2. Erin McGrath and Monty Egerton study under a tree at break. Erin played center for the varsity basketball team. 3. Tina Spaccarotelli bends over to pick up books after school. Tina played the forward position on the varsity basketball team. Seniors 119 Chall enses Brim Isakson, James Karalun, Jeff Klenske, Matthew Kounas, Suzanne Kramer, Therese Kubesh, Mary Kurkoske. James Kuehn, Stephen Kuhn, Michael Leso, George Lam, Paoleng 120 Images We Project Frustrations Lobato, Aileen Lobato, Arleen Lopez, Alicia Mackzum, Garth Martinez, Frank Martinez. Scott Mazza, Dean Mazzei, Deborah Chrissy Twing, discussed the reality of Chaucer ' s Canterbury characters. " The Wife of Bath does what she wants with whom she wants. " she emphasized. Mr. Dl- Donato ' s Drama 3 class performed a scene from " Antigone " for Drama 2. Jana Rice " He taught me to give more of myself ... " — Jana Rice played the role of Antigone; Jana pointed out, " Mr. DiDonato taught me to give more of myself . " Margo Chavez said. " You need to know people inside and out just like an inner and outer function. " — Mary Rack 1. Daniel Feld completes research for his AP Eng- lish project. 2. Chris Heck finishes a sketch. 3. Melanie Ruiz studies " Beowulf. " Seniors 121 Seniors Explore the McFadden, Deborah McGowan. Thomas McGralh. Audra McGrath, Erin McPhate, Chris McQueen. Armando Merlo, Tina Mittlehauser, Catherine 1. Fr. Schilly raises the chalice during morning Mass. Fr. taught the upper level math classes. 2. Sr. Mary Esther reads the scriptures during a morning Mass. She acted as Academic Dean. 122 Images We Project Meaning of Life Moll, Peggy Morrissey, John Mover, Michelle Nordquist, David O ' Brien, Lisa Ortiz, Dino Parker, Randall Parra, Janice Perkins. Michael Pimental, Sophia Plowy, Jason Pot:. Kornelius " What is the meaning of life? " , asked Mr. Summer field. " I decided on the topic, " What is the meaning of life, " because ev- eryone has to ask it. " Susan Enstad To me, a . . . seeing the different colors . " — Michael Kuhn it ' s just doing what I like to do and making the most of each day. — Mary Racic Seniors 123 Hard Work Quiroga, Ana Quiroga, James Racic, Mary Ann Restrepo, Claudia Rice, Jana Rootland. Matthew Roque, Elaine Rosso, Ruben Rid:. Melanie Rynn, Pat Sabio, Benjo San Juan. Katrina Oliver Surber earned Most Valuable Play- er, DeAnza League, for football and Mi- chelle Moyer earned Most Valuable Player, " Practice got monotonous . . . because all I did was kick . . . " — Oliver Surber DeAnza League for tennis. Oliver punted. 1 24 Images We Project Pays Off Scott. Christopher Scray, Thomas Shoemaker, Buenita Sigenfuse. Suzanne Silvas, Scott Spaccarotelli, Tina Sponsler, Donna Sleinmann. Susanna Stephens, Erin Stevens. Bill Stewart, Frances Stinson, David kicked field goals exclusively for two hours daily. He commented, " practice got monotonous and pretty boring. " Michelle practiced drills two hours daily. " I worked extra hard this year because it was my sen- ior year, " added Michelle. — Erin Stephens 1. Oliver Surber and Monty Egerton finish English assignments at break in the quad. 2. Eric Baugh fin- ished his religion notes. Seniors 125 Seniors Charge from Stringham. Laura Surber, Oliver Taylor, La Ron Torres, Ray Twing, Christina Vanderfin, Lars Wagdy. Joseph Wagner, Sheila Wagner, Steven Dawna Sponsler and Anne Hellwig stood in front of the gymnasium stage, demanding the familiar chant, " Show us how to get " Show us how to get up! " " No way! " up! " The crowd shouted in unison, " No Way! " Two poms then demanded, " Show v :- -tf 1 26 Images We Project Bleachers to Stage Hi H ■ us ?ow to get down! " James Quiroga, ASB president, then announced the winner: the Seniors. — Mary Racic I. Seniors gather on the football field. 2. Pom J ana Rice cheers during halftime at a football game. J ana starred for three years in drama productions. Weber. Stephanie Westbrook, Harold Whitsitt. Theresa Williams. Michelle Wilson, Paul Wyler, David Zavala, Suzanne Zilius, Pamela Seniors 127 128 Seniors Announce Achievements " A " stands for " academics, " " Achieve- ments, " " Aquinas. " We, your teachers, your parents, your families, and your friends, are proud of your work and your study. We have seen your struggles, your sorrows, your sweat, and your successes. We have watched you grow from timid freshmen to confident seniors. We have taught, cajoled, begged, counseled, encouraged, and praised you each step of the way in your high school career. We know that you take pride in your accomplish- ments which project your image to the world. We chronicle these achievements so that fu- ture students of Aquinas will follow you as models and proud " Falcons. " So we present our outstanding students who have shown " the proper study of man is man. " 1. A handshake marks commencement. 2. A hand opens for the future. 3. The candle lights the path of wisdom. 4. Art students celebrate a still life. 5. Mr. Demor awaits the graduation ceremony. 6. Mr. Sum- merfield with Mr. Coffer ponders the seniors ' futures. 7. ' " 87 ' s " oscar and tassels. 8. The Falcon guards the Academic Achievement Letters and Bars. 9. Kathleen Campbell receives her " bars " from Fr. McCarthy. Achievements 129 Student Experiences Newly cmm mom »m mmh Melinite Ruiz, along with Colleen Cornell, re- ceived her letter of college acceptance soon after the filing date of November 30. Me- lanie applied to UCLA. She pointed out that she wanted to go to UCLA because " I didn ' t think that I was going to be accept- ed, and since I was, I can ' t pass up the chance! " Colleen, accepted at CSU San Bernardino, decided that she wanted to start off at a small college. She wanted to take courses pertaining to her quest of be- coming the richest stockbroker, like her idol, Charles Schwab. Melanie expected a f I can ' t pass up the chance ... — Melanie Ruiz UCLA to be a bit easier than high school, because she will have less nonproductive work. She decided that she worked better at tasks that required more intense thought so she could devote all her atten- tion to one purpose. Colleen looked for- ward to transferring from CSUSB to UCSD. She pointed out that " CSUSB is out there in the middle of no-where land. " Melanie wanted to attend college to " ex- perience my newly found freedom. " — Anthony Delgado 130 Images We Project Found Freedom MM 700 79V l 3 I. United States Naval Academy: Daniel Feld. 2. Private Colleges: Mary Racic, Suzanne Kounas. 3. University of California: Arnold Belen, Claudia Restrepo, Suzanne Kounas, Robert Escalera, Kelli DuCloux, Melanie Ruiz, Alissa Cocchia, Kathleen Campbell. Stuart Haniff Michelle Moyer, Antho- ny Delgado, Ruben Rosso, Pani Zilius. 4. Scholar- ships: Suzanne Kounas, Erin Stephens, Stuart Haniff Achievements 131 Seniors ' Achievements ABB1T. SES Yearbook: II; Track Field: 9,10.12. AFANSEV, GEORGE Football: 12; Wrestling: 9.10; Cross-country: 10. ALCAREZ, JESSE Baseball: 11. ALCAREZ, VERONICA Media: 9. ANDERSON, AMBER Volleyball: 12. ANDERSON, JONETTE Liturgy: 11,12; Yearbook: 12. APARICIO, FRANK Football: 11.12; Basketball: 12; Track Field: 11,12; President ' s Physical Fitness Award: 10; Track Field: 11 (DA Li, 12. BELEN, ARNOLD CSF: 10,11,12; NHS: 11,12; Academic Letter: 11; Bars: 12; Clubs: International: 12; Chess: 11,12; Computer; UCSD. BALLARD, CHRISTINA BAUGH, ERIC Treasurer: 1 2; Basketball: 10,1 1 .1 2; MVP: 9,10,11; DAL. 2nd team: 10; 1st team: 11; All Tournament, Notre Dame Tourney: 10,1 2; Kiwanis Tourney: 12. BEES, THERESE Volleyball: 11; Track Field: 10,11. BRYANT. KAREN CAMPBELL, KATHLEEN Academic Letter: 10; Bars: 11,12; Foreign Language Award: 11; Football Stat: 11,12; Soccer Stat: 10,11.12; UCR. CARLOS, ROBERT Football: 10,11; CSU: Santa Barbara. Sacramento. CARLSON, JOHN NHS: 10: Tennis: 9.10.1 1.12; Coach ' s Awards: 1 1 ; USD. CARRILLO, MICHAEL Football: 10.11.12; DAL: 10,11; Captain: 11,12; Basket- ball: 12 ; Track Field: 10.11.12; DAL: 11. CHAMBERS, PATRICK CHAVEZ, MARGO Cross-country: 9.10.1 1 .12; MVP: 10.11,12; Track Field: 9,10,11; USD; UCSD. COCCHIA, ALISSA Academic Letter: II; Bars: 11,12; Yearbook: 12; Secre- tary: 12; President ' s Physical Fitness Award: 9; Drama: 11.12; U of Denver. UCSB. COFFEY, DEIRDRE Cheerleading; 10; Track Field: 9; Drama: 10. CORNELL, COLLEEN Cheerleading: 9; Tennis: 12. COULIS, DEMETRIOS CSF: 10,11,12; NHS: 12; Clubs: Computer: 10.11.12. DAINKO, PAUL CSF: 10.11.12; NHS: 10.11.12; Aquinas Award: 10.11; Academic Letter: 10; Rotary Youth Leadership: 1 1; Boys ' State: 11; Yearbook: II; Prom Committee: 11; Treasurer: 9,10; President: 11; ASB VP: 12; Football: 10.11; Golf: 10; MUN: 9.10; Drama: II; UCLA. UCR. 132 Images We Project DAVIS, DAVID Football: 11,12; Baseball: 10.11,12: Coach ' s Award: 9; MUN: 9; Drama: 10,11,12; CSV: San Bernardino; UCR. DELGADO, ANTHONY Spanish Honor Society: 12; Liturgy Music: 11.12: Eu- charist ic Minister: 11.12; Yearbook: 12; Mecha: 12; UC: San Diego, Los Angeles. DIAZ, MELISSA IVrestling Stat: 9,10,11; Mecha: 11,12. DOWNS, LORI Drama: 10.11.12. DUCLOUX, KELLl CSF: 10.11; NHS: 10,11; Academic Letter: 10; Bars: 10.11; Math Award: 1 1 ; Peer Counselor: 10,11.12; Year- book: 12; Basketball: 10.12; Volleyball: 12; All CIF: Track. Basketball: 9,10,11; Track Field: Clubs: International: 9,10; Drama: 10,1 1; Computer: 12; USC: UC: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. EGERTON, MONTRAVILLE EN ST AD, SUSAN E SCALER A, ROBERT CSF: 10.11.12; NHS: 11.12; Spanish Honor Society: 11,12; Religion Award: 10; Yearbook: 9; Clubs: Interna- tional: 12; Chess; 11,12; Computer: 12; Mecha: 11.12; UC: San Diego: CSU: San Diego. ESTRADA, ROBERT FELD, DANIEL CSF: 11.1 2; NHS: 11,1 2; Spanish Honor Society: 11.12; Academic Letter: 11. Bars: 11.12; Bank of America Award: Math Science; Soccer: 10.11.12; Track Field: 12; Clubs: Blazers: 1 1,12; Computer: 11,12; Mecha: 12. FISHER. JACK Soccer: 10.11.12; CIF 2nd team: 12. FLETCHER, MARISSA Drama: 12. FOSSUM, ANGELA Softball: 9,10,11; Coach ' s Award: 11. FREILER, JOSEPH Baseball: 11. GALLAGHER, MELISSA Yearbook: 12; Basketball: 10.11.12; Track Field: 9. GARCIA, CHRISTINE Yearbook: 1 2; Mecha: 11,12; UC: Riverside. GARRETT, MAREND Liturgy Music: 10,11,12; Yearbook: 11,12; Prom Com- mittee: 11; Treasurer: 11; ASB President: 12; Football: 12; Soccer:; CIF 2nd team: 12; Howard Uni- versity. GAYTON, EUGENIA. Achievements 133 GINI, SHARALYN Liturgy ' Music: 12. GONZALEZ, CHRISTINE Tennis: 10,11,12. HAN IFF, STUART CSF: 10,11,12: HS: 10,1 1 .1 2; Spanish Honor Society 12; Academic Letter: 10, Bars: 10,1 1 ; Awards: Science: 9; World History: 10; Biology: 10; English: 11; Yearbook: 11.12; Basketball Slat: 10,11.12: Clubs: International: 10,11,12; Blazers: 9,10,11,12; MUN: 10,11; Media: 11, 12; UC: Los Angeles, Riverside, Irvine, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz; Loyola Marymount. HARDIMAN. CHRISTINE HARWOOD, COLLEEN Cheerleading: 10.12. HEALY, KATHLEEN Prom Committee: 11; VP: 10,1 1; President: 12; Tennis: 9. HECK, CHRIS Golf: 11,12. HELLWIG. ANNE Academic Letter: 10, Bars: 10,11; Volleyball: 10,11; Coach ' s Award: MIP: 10; Poms: 1 2; Scholarship: Oregon State Honor Student; Washington State. Oregon State. Michigan State, Cornell University. HERNANDEZ, FRANK Cross-country: 1 1 HEWITT, GREG Soccer: 9,10,11.12; Captain: 12; All CLF 1st team: 12; Cross-country: 9,10: Clubs: Computer: 9,10; President: 10. HOOLEY, PAUL Liturgy Music: 10. 1 1. 1 2; Peer Counselor: 10.11.12. ISAKSON, JAMES Golf: 10.11,12: DAL MVP: 11; All DAL: 10.11. KLENSKE. MATTHEW Spanish Honor Society: 11; Academic Letter: 10, Bars: 10,11.12. KOUNAS. SUZANNE CSF: 10,11.12; NHS: 10. 1 1 ,12; Spanish Honor Society: 12; Academic Letter: 10, Bars: 10,1 1,12; Yearbook: 9; Bank of America Award: Liberal Arts; Basketball Stat: 11; Football Slat: 12; Tennis Stat: 10,11; Clubs: Interna- tional: 1 2; Blazers: 11,1 2; Computer: 10,1 1 ; Loyola Mar- ymount; USC: UC: Los Angeles. KRAMER, THERESE Yearbook: 12; Cross-country: 10,1 1; Coach ' s Award: 10; Track Fie Id: 9.10. KUBESH, MARY Peer Counselor: 10,1 1 ,12; Liturgy: 11.12; Yearbook: 12; Prom Committee: 11; VP: 9. KURKOSKE, JAMES KUEHN, STEPHAN Soccer: 10.11.12; Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo. KUHN, MICHAEL Liturgy Music: 10,1 1,1 2: Yearbook: 12; Tennis: 1 0; Golf: 10; CSV: San Bernardino. LAM, PAOLENG Clubs: International: 12; Chess: 12. LESO, GEORGE Football: 10. LOBATO, AILEEN Liturgy Music: 10,1 1; Clubs: International: 10; Blazers: 12. LOBATO, ARLEEN 1 34 Images We Project Liturgy Music: 10,11; Basketball mgr: 11; Tennis Stat; 10; Clubs: International; 11,12; Blazers: 12. LOPEZ, ALICIA Mecha: 12. MACKZVM, GARTH MIS: 10; Prom Committee: II; ASB Publicity: 12; Bas- ketball: 12; Drama: 10,11.12. MARTINEZ, FRANK Golf: 12; Clubs: Computer: 10. MARTINEZ, SCOTT Football: 10,11,12; Captain MVP: 10; All DAL. 1st team: 12; MIP: 12. MAZZA, DEAN Soccer: 10,11,12; All CIF: 12; All DAL MVP: 12; CS U.- San Bernardino. MAZZEI, DEBORAH Cheerleading: 10; VP: 12; Volleyball: 11,12. McFADDEN, DEBORAH Yearbook: 12. McGOWEN, THOMAS Football: 10.11. McGRATH, AUDRA Basketball: 10,11.12; Volleyball: 11,12; Track Field: 9,10. McGRATH, ERIN Basketball: 9,10.11,12; Captain: 11; All Tourney, 2nd team: 11; MVP: 11; Volleyball: 11.12; Captain: 10,12; MVP: 1 0, 1 2; 2nd team: 1 0, 1 2; Softball: 9,10.11,12; MIP: 11; Calif. Maritime Academy. McPHATE, CHRIS Golf: 11,12; Clubs: Gamers: 9,10. McQueen, armando Football: 10.11,12; MVP Capt: 12; Basketball: 11,12; Captain: 12; Blue Falcon Award; Bas eball: 10.11,12; Captain: 11; Track Fie Id: 11,12. MERLO, TINA Liturgy Music: 12; Basketball Stat: 9; Drama: 12. MITTLEHAUSER, CATHERINE Secretary: 10; Track Field: 9.10: MUN: 9. MORRISSEY, JOHN MOYER, MICHELLE CSF: 10,11; Academic Letter: 10, Bars: 10,11; Awards: English: 10; American History: 11; Tennis: 9,10,1 1,12; All DAL MVP: 10,1 1,1 2; DAI 1st team: 9; Track Field: 10; Clubs: International: 10.1 1 ; University of New Mexi- co Alumni Scholarship; UC: Santa Barbara; Loyola Mar- ymount; William Woods College. NORDQUIST, DAVID Cross-count r : 9.10,1 1; Coach ' s Award: 11. O ' BRIEN. LISA Prom Committee: 1 1 ; Secretary: 1 1 ; ASB Secretary: Clubs: Blazers: 9; MUN: 9; Drama: 9. 12; Achievements 135 ORTIZ. DINO PARRA, JANICE Softball: 10. PARKER. RANDALL Liturgy Music: 11.12. PERKINS. MICHAEL Clubs: 10. PIMENTAL. SOPHIA PLOWY, JASON Liturgy Music: I l.l2;Cross Country: 1 1 ; Soccer mgr: 9; Clubs: Blazers: 12. POTZ. KORNELIUS Yearbook: 9.10.11; Golf: 12; Clubs: Chess: 9.10. QUIROGA, ANA QUIROGA, JAMES Football: 10.11,12; Wrestling: 9.10,11; Track Field: 9.10.12; Clubs: Drama: 12. RACIC. MARY CSF: 10; Award: Religion: 10; Eucharist ic Minister: 10,11,12; Liturgy Music: 11.12; Yearbook: 1 2; Poms: 1 2; Clubs: Drama: 12; Dusquesne University. RE ST RE PO, CLAUDIA CSF: 11; Spanish Honor Society: 11; Softball:; UC: San Diego. RICE, J AN A Poms: 12; Clubs: MVN: 9; Drama: 10.11.12. ROQUE, ELAINE Yearbook: 12; Mecha: 12. ROOTLAND, MATTHEW CSF: 11.12; NHS: 11.12; Academic Letter: II. Bars: 11,12; Aquinas Award: 9; Football: 11; Basketball: 10.11,12. ROSSO, RUBEN Awards: Spanish; Clubs: Chess: 11; Computer: 10; UC: Riverside. RUIZ, MELANIE Spanish Honor Society: 12; Yearbook: 12; UC: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. RYNN, PAT TANFORD m m ;: y Baseball: 12. SABIO, BEN SAN JUAN, KATRINA Cheerleading: 10,11; Secretary: 10,11. SARRAZIN, ANNETTE Track Field: 9,10,11.12; MUN: 9. SCOTT, CHRIS Wrestling: 9. SCRAY. TOM Drama Technical Award: 10; Football: 11.12. SHOEMAKER. BUENITA SIGENEUSE, SUZANNE Basketball: 9. SILVAS, SCOTT Cross-country: 10,11,12; Capt: 12; Track Field: 10,11,12; Chess Club: 12. SPACCAROTELLI. TINA Pro-Merito Award: 11; President ' s Physical Fitness Award: 10; Basketball: 11.12; Captain: 12; M1P: 11; Coach ' s Award: 11; Track Field: 11; Coach ' s Award: 11. SPONSLER, DAWN A CSF: 11; Liturgy Music: 12; Cheerleading: 11.12; Presi- dent: 9; ASB Pep Commissioner: 1 2: ML : 9; Drama: 1 2; Rotary Life Scholarship; UC: Riverside. Steinmann, Suzanna Liturgy Music: 12; Basketball Stat: 9,10; Volleyball 136 1 Mages We Project Stat: 9; Baseball Stat: 9.10.11,12. STEPHENS, ERIN Academic Letter: 11; Yearbook: 12: Cross-country: 11.12; Co-capt: 12; Track Field: 12; OWC Scholarship; Stephen F. Austin State University: CSU: San Diego. STEVENS. BILL STEWART, TRANCES STINSON, DAVID Basketball: 10.1 1 .1 2; Baseball: 1 1 .1 2; All DAL. lstteam: II. STRINGHAM, LORI SURBER, OLIVER Spanish Honor Society: 11; Academic Letter: 10, Bars: 10,1 1,12: Awards: Chemistry: II: Typing: 10; Football: 12.DALM VP kicker: 1 2; Soccer: 1 0.1 1,12; Capt. A ward; 12. TAUNTON, TINA Cross-country: II; Track Field: 9. TAYLOR, LARON Football: 10.11.12; Baseball: 12; Track Field: 9,10,11.12. TORRES, RAY Mecha: 12. TWING, CHRISSY Tennis: 9,10,11.12; All DAL, 2nd team: 9; 1st team: 10,1 1.12; Captain ' s Award: 12; International Club: 9. VANDERFIN, LARS Golf: 10.11.12. WAGDY, JOSEPH WAGNER, SHEILA CSF: 10.11; Volleyball Stat: 10; Track Field: 10,11; USD: Chapman College. WAGNER, STEVEN Baseball: 9. WEBER, STEPHANIE WE ST BROOK, TREY Baseball: 12. WILLIAMS, MICHELLE WILSON, PAUL Football: 10,11,12; 2nd team CIF: 11; International Club: 11; University of the Pacific. WHITS ITT, TERESA CSF: 11; Cheerleading: 10,11; Drama: 12. WYLER, DAVID ZAVALA, SUZANNE Basketball: 12; Track Field: 10. ZILIUS, PAM CSF: 10.11.12: NHS: 10.11.12: Academic Letter: 10. Bars: 10.11,12; Awards: English: 9; Girls ' State: 11: Li- turgy Music: 9.10,11,12; Basketball: 11; Track Field: 11; Clubs: International: 9.12: Blazers: 11,12; Drama: 9,10; Computer: 10,11; UC Santa Cruz. Achievements 137 Scholars Express Shock and Surprise . Karen Bryant: certificate in Art. 2. Luri Down- certificate in Drama. 3. Erin Stephens: certificate in English. 4. Suzanne Kounas and Dan Feld: Plaque Winners. 5. Sheila Wagner: certificate in Business. 6. Eugenia Gaytan: certificate in Foreign Language. 7. Kathleen Campbell: certificate in Social Studies. 138 Images We Project Dan Feld and Suzanne Kounas were sur- prised when Sister Mary Esther told them they had received the Bank of America Plaques for outstanding scholarship. Dan earned the Mathematics and Science Plaque, and Suzanne received the Liberal Arts Plaque at the Academic Awards Cere- mony on May 28. Said Suzanne, " I had or- ganized my notebooks, put more details in my AP English papers. ' ' Dan added, ' ' My work I finally did something right — Suzanne Kounas paid off: all the extra credit; flash cards; home- work problems. " Certificates were awarded in eight other academic fields. Achievements 139 " ... Of Minutes Of Your Life, Choose If I chose one minute of my life, I would choose the moment when I made an elderly- man, a traveler, smile. While we ate dinner, he joined in our talk and laughter. After- wards, I wished him a happy evening. I have not forgotten his smile. When I make some- one happy, I have offered them a gift from myself. " Take this gift, " a gift which brought pleasure to both. Pain Zilius recalled, " 1 made an elderly shopkeeper happy when I gave her flowers on her 90th birthday. " After I had helped someone, the whole world be- came beautiful. I felt at peace with God; I felt so happy I laughed out loud, watching a kit- ten pounce on a blade of grass. Helping some- one embraces God, Love, and Happiness. — Erin Stephens Photos — Fr Donai. Photos 2.4 — Demelrios Coulis T IS r 140 Images We Project One ... " One ... " We remember: Faculty: Fr. Leo Lanphier, S.J. (1968-1969): Alumni: David Edwards, PhD (1972); Lee Gardner (1971); Sidney Strain (1972); Stu- dents: Amanda Mason ( ' 89), John Hendricks ( ' 87); Parents: Mrs. Rose Hendricks, Mr. Cleo Monroe, Mrs. Marilyn Hunt, Mrs. Mary Ann Neeway, Mr. Roland Calia. rvw Imagine that you have been dead for a year, ten years, one hundred years, a thousand years . . . The grave and night have taken and kept you in that silence and dark which says nothing and so reveals absolutely zero ... In the middle of all this darkness and being alone and bereft of sense, let us imagine that God comes to your still soul and lonely body and sings: 7 will give you one minute of life. I will restore you to your body and senses for sixty seconds. Out of all the minutes of your life, choose one. I will put you in that minute, and you will be alive again, after a hundred, a thousand years of darkness. Which is it? " — Ray Bradbury In Memory 141 Seniors Share Goals I Angie FussHtn, Jonette Anderson, and Mike Perkins with thirty-seven other seniors gathered at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Big Bear on March 31. An- thony Delgado, Paul Hooley, Mary Kubesh with John Morrissey, Claudia Restrepo, Dawna Sponsler and Erin Stephens greeted them. Dawna said, " We see our- selves as the " Breakfast Club " because we will be leaving with pieces of each other, and we hope we can spread what we ' ve learned. " " Don ' t you forget about me " , theme song from the movie, blared on the ra- dio. Students divided into " families " led by a team member, playing the " Un-Game. " Chris Scott an- swere d how he felt at that moment. " I feel happy and at peace because I love the mountains. " Team mem- bers shared their thoughts on selected topics. Dawna and Claudia spoke poignantly and sentimentally on friends. John and Erin shared their thoughts on God ... ourselves as the " Breakfast Club. — Dawna Sponsler ♦» in their lives and what He means. Paul Hooley played " Against the Odds. " and other songs during the talks. After pizza, soup, and ice cream, and Mary Kubesh ' s meditation. Fr. Ned Reedy asked the sen- iors who they wanted to be. Colleen Cornell wanted to be " someone whom people can trust and confide in. " Joe Freiler wanted to help people so he wanted to become a fireman. After the seniors left, Kathleen Marsh commented, " There ' re all these images peo- ple have and it ' s neat to find things in common with others. " Erin Stephens i ' Si M, ' », ' 142 Images We Project m an dTh Oil! . Dr. Critchlow and Sister Mary Esther converse together in the library. 2. Joel Nigro and Eric Baugh read their Family Management book with onlookers Kathryn Kaney and Moira Whiting. 3. Diane Silvas raises her hand during Religion class. 4. Marian Miller writes during General Science while Diane Solas peers through her folder. 5. Rob- ert Cocchia pauses in explaining the significance of the junior rings. Epilogue 143 Seniors Look Bad Looking back on four high school years, John Morrissey realized how much he had changed. He fell as if he had " gotten his act together. " " I started high school scared and conservative and I ' m leaving open and liberal, " John thoughtfully said. Claudia Restrepo grew more mature through those years and successful because of the goals she had set. Kathleen Campbell expunged " ... less boy-crazy " — Fran- ces Stewart her glasses and braces, becoming an extro- vert ready to " do crazy things. " Frances Stewart " grew up. " " I became more re- sponsible, learned to economize and way less boy-crazy, " Frances reflected. Four years left no one untouched. — Erin Stephens . A pine tree, reaching for the skv, symbolizes the Semors dreams. 2. Tina Spaccarote ' lli experiences a quiet moment. 3. Deirdre Coffey reads the part of Amy ' from her script. Acknowledgment: Mr. Jack Schmitz oj Schmitz Photo- graphy. Mr. Frank Chavez, Yearbook Representative. Herff Jones Company. 144 Images We Project

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