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WMo0 Changes with ■ ■■ ' !■. -Theresa Klorer erases a mistake. 2. Mr. Cremer assists Julie Crittenden with her religion work. 3. Clouds- ■eoyer the mountains. 4. Mrs Pawlowski I proofreads her typing. 5. Pat Goggin demonstrates : his typing abilities to Mike Taurek. Accents Academics Campus Life Recreation Trainees Graduates Accolades Mermtixxl 112 128 140 142 i I The temperature soared to 117 degrees, the hottest day on record for San Bernardino; 350 boys and 360 girls gathered in the B and C buildings on September 17, 1971, the first day of school for the co-education- ral- Aquinas High School. Bishop Leo Maher, Father Robert J. Nagler, Aquinas Principal, and Sister Phyllis Strdling I.HM.,St Bernardine s Principal, merged the two schools to form a coeducational Catholic School. St. Bernardine ' s, founded in 1923 as a co-educational institution, re- maihed that way until 1957: Dana lm briani felt ' ' The schools changed with the times " ' Because of y The need for a co-edu- cation " says Sister Mary Esther, the two schools merged. Bishop Buddy had estab- lished Aquinas High School inl955y to provide a Catholic education. Jdtboys in San Bernardino ! iii Distance Mary Beth Colunga from Grand Terrace, Steve Vega from Victorville, Cathy Ay res from Upland, and Cornelius Potz from Beaumont, walked toward the Quad, the center of activity on campus. Mrs. John- son, Attendance Secretary stated, " Despite their distances from school, these students are seldom late or absent. " Many other students also came from twenty-eight oth- er parishes in San Bernardino County to form our school community. 1. Debbie Lauren follows Pete Ainsworth to the Senior lockers between classes. 2. Karen Baca, with [ : :Ana[ QuirOga and Susan Enstand, spend time with an orphan in the Mexicah zoo during the October trip to Los NihQs. 3: Joneite Anderson strolls with Claudia Restrepo and Sheila Wagner into the cam- pus in (he: mQrru-n ' 4-:Heinz Steinmann, converses with Gary LaTwreifo •about football practice dur- ing lunch 5, Stephen Mark discusses plans for Spirit Week with Michelle Martinez,. John Mau- rice and Mike Taufek during an ASB meeting. 6 Mf : McMillan,. Senior Counselor, talks to John Hunsaker about college 7 Jason Nigro walks lei- surely wrtft Angle Fossuni (0 scMoolinthe morning. mm i; Unites Students ■rittfl 1. Paul Lopez lies in front of the attendance office, after the freshman-senior picnic, 2. Garth Mack- zum rolls up his paper during his class 3. The quadrangle is calm between classes, on the first day of school. 4. Wendy Johnston, Kathleen Gwaltney, and May Johnson cheer at their first pep rally on September 20. 5, Sally Blake, Donna Sponsler.and Theresa Whitsitt meet in the parking lot before school. 6, Jeff Siringham, Scott Strawn, and David Trbostwdik toward the gate after a football game during the freshman-senior picnic 7. Michelle Martinez and J dnis Sauer talk to each other in the quad after school: ■■..: l . j ■ i ■ :iii l . ' i : " h!ii!iL. ' £ Where ' s Room BmB -.. ,•« ' - • I ■■■■■■ 1LRK61L - «» ? »• I " here ' s room fl- 5? " , Freshman Jeff Stringham shyly asked. " Over there, I think! " replied Monika Maciejewski, a senior. Students came to school oh Sep- tember fourth. Freshmen huddled at their lockers. In John Mielke ' s words " Seniors walk with confidence and authority. " Ju- niors had finally earned the title of " upper- classmen. " Don Jure said emphatically, " We don ' t have to sit on the floor during: pep rallies anymore 1 . " Tracy Brown de- fined her meaning of " sophomore " ' Tm not called " freshman! " ' :■■. Seniors Place Michdle Martinez and jfeinz Sieinmann led the senior class with the winning chant; ■ ' Seniors, we are the mighty seniors, " dur- ing the first pep rally of the year held on September 20. During the AS B skit- Steve Mark;dresSed as :a cheerleader, danced and waved a pompon. Heinz Steinmann (class of ' 86) commented " it was exhaust- ingly exciting " The cheerleaders dancing to " Oh Sheila " ended their routine with a " people pyramid. " 1. Mike Taurek yells during the football game against Notre Pdme On September 27 2 John I m briani pours water on Ken Taylor during the fresh- men-senior picnic 3, Steve Mark dances at the pep rally an September ,20. 4 Shelby Jernigan a bar as Julie Imbioriki looks at the sophomores during the pep-rally on September 20 .5 Lisa Brad- ley roars as Pat nek QM alley looks on during the • pep rally on: September 20. 6 The cheerleaders ' megaphones await- the coming football game on September 27: t Theresa Whttsitf kneels atop the ' e rleitdefs during the pep rally on September 20 First , ' llii m pff T ' cSv l vsi bj I | SKlSE ra (LJ! !M ryy 1 4 K H n ■onflk Kvfl - 1 ■Kvit h mm -m PP U ▼V - HPi?r1li , ft£ PUT ? i ' ' . ' : L ' Jsi Or b F ■ 1 Il tifc. « ■R2; f ' fjf? ni b 19 ii ;•; ,; j:;;! !! j Students Express I. Cross country runners stretch out before after- noon practice. 2. Ms. Bartholomew holds a child during the trip to Los Ninos on the weekend of October eleventh. 3. Julie Crittenden and Debra Mazzei lead the volleyball team into a cheer. 4. John Maurice analyzes Chaucer ' s Canterbury Tales during Fr. Donat ' s English class. 5. Denise Gallardo arrives, at school in time. 6. Karen Baca and Ana Quiroga feed the children at Los Ninos. 7. Michelle Olejniczak cheers during the first pep ral- Themselves Michelle Martinez, dressed in a short, brown cavewoman outfit, and Nicole Mor- ris dressed as a nurse in high heels and fish net stockings attended the Halloween Dance on October 26, 1985 in the school gym. Guy Surber said, " It was really excit - irig to see all the different costumes stiir . dents wore to express themselves in a unique way, such as Kathleen Gabrieli dressed as a mermaid, and KellyPqiiidsa fighter pilot. " The Halloween Dance, hosi ed by the juniors, profited more than one I thousand dollars. Scholar Achieves Sense ofWell- Victoria Kinne earned three " hashrftarks " for her Academic Achievement Letter, She maintained a 3.5 GPA for four semesters. She also earned an SAT score of 1200. Tori also helped in her community at the Center for Individuals. She explained: " By working at the Center, I ' ve achieved o. sense of well-being in helping disabled children. " Michele Roeder and John Maurice also earned three " hashmarks " each to add to their Academic Achievement Letters! - 1 . Glen Coulter listens avidly with Carl Feld toFr. Donat discuss a point in " The Canterbury Tales " in A. P. English 4. 2. Anne Ramirez studies American. Government notes in the library during lunch. 3. Sieve Cillery bursts through the cheerleader ' post-: UK with Dan Hakala at the end of half-time of a football game. 4. Nikki Garner concentrates on bumping the ball with Amy Gonzalez during the volleyball game against Serrano. ,5; Michele. Roeder finishes her AP English homework. 6. Br Snider asks Steve Vega about .the importance of poetry. 7; LeiUrman Claudia Quiroga shows off her Letters 1 in sports and academics M mecoming Jill Jimenez dressed in a pink semi-formal, David Davis dressed in a toga costume, and Melissa McCollem in jeans and a jacket, all expressed the combination of dress styles at the 1985 Homecoming game on November 15, 1985: Teresa Klorer, the Queen, wore a black taffeta semi-formal, along with the rest of the princesses, in a variety of colorful gowns. Marend Garret in a toga, Stacy Thompson in a red can-can outfit, Maria Ocdna as Cleopatra, and Kathleen Gabriel in a green mermaid out r fit, all showed v iheit spirit inthemes of their homecoming floats. Jill Jimenez said: " Everybody was dressed so differently in semi-formals, costumes that made the football garne a really colorful and stylish event ' r Melissa McCollem, cheering wild- ly from the bleachers also noticed how the spectators made the football game dftiish- Mn event I, Michael Montague sits atop his moped by the bike racks before school. 2. John Imbriani and Brenda Williams observe the contents of Jeff Stringham ' s wallet at break to see if there ' s ahy money inside. 3. Susie Henley helps Heinz Stein- mann search for synonyms to complete his home- work with Glen Coulter and Dana Imbriani during yearbook class. 4. John Wagner expresses his indi- viduality by his personally designed shoes. : Freshmen Wendy Miller, Kelci Millovitshi and : Shelby Wade return from the snack bar during lunch time. 6. hiarianne kossi, smiles during Ms. Leesburg ' s first period JJurrian Biology class. 7:; Chuck Jeffries sports his chic straw hau Students Learn Accounting 1. Becca Crowe and Teresa Klorer proceed to class. 2. Maria Ocana strolls across the quad. 3. Tom Crosby daydreams in Biology. 4. Academic Letter graces the awards table. 5. Mr. Cremer looks in disgust at his class. 6. Beau Potter journeys back to the office after delivering the daily bulletin. 7. Sr. Mary Esther works diligently at her desk. 8. Mr. DiDonato applies make-up. 9. Guy Surber and Shelby Niss converse as Steve Harwell does the assignment. 10. Mr. DiDonato gazes at his Junior World History class. II. Father Donat contem- plates his next move. 13 students enrolled in Mrs. Hurley ' s Ac- counting course held in E-22. " A high school accounting class offers the basis of building a career, ' ' stated Mrs. Hurley. The students learned about " debits " and " credits, " the net income or net loss of a business for a fiscal period, such as " Worksheets " and " Combination Journals. " " The class was rarely monotonous, " exclaimed senior stu- dent Steven Sutoros. • Open Debates SSVf Mr. Cremer took on the role of a material- ist during his Senior religion class to em- phasize a different religious philosophy- Julie Imbiorski stated, " His open debates help us grasp difficult concepts. " Mr. Cremer used these debates to teach the Fundamentals of Christian Morality and the Ajter-Life. He commented. " I enjoy my one- on-one conversations with them because they allow me to get to know them as people. " I .Susan Cornell with Andrea Gardner works on her religion assignment. 2. Mrs. Grimmett helps Guy Stanfield and Armando McQueen with their col- lages. 3. Sr. Kathleen leads the choir during mass. 4. Janis Salter loses herself in lecture, while Anne Ramirez looks on. 5. Andy Sanchez pays close at- tention to the lecture on the After-Life. 6. Mrs. MaryLou Grimmett (M.A., Cal State San Bernar- dino) Rel. Ed I. 7. Mr Kevin Summerfield (M.A.. Loyola Marymount) Rel. Ed. 2. 8. Sr. Kathleen Marsh R.S.M. (M.R.E., Seattle University) Rel. Ed. 3.4. 9. Mr Doug Cremer (M.A.. University of California Riverside) Rel. Ed. 3.4. If). Miss Phyllis Bartholomew (B.A.. California Baptist College) Campus Ministry. IS The 30th Year Success Still Shines - i » ? ? Students Academh s ' ; A. P. Compares m. Father Donat encouraged students to enroll in AP English classes. " The department stresses the importance of earning college credit, " said Fr. Donat. Dr. Edmund White, English Professor at Cal State, San Bernar- dino, said that Fr ' s AP English classes were comparable to college courses. AP English classes stressed college-level analysis of lit- erature. I. Mrs. Catherine London (M.A. California State College. San Bernardino — English 3.4) marks her grade hook. 2. Fr. Robert J. Donat (M.A. Catholic Univ. of America. Washington DC. — Chairman. English SAP. 4. 4 API prepares a filmstrip on Chaucer. 3. Mrs. Isabel Halford (M.A. Univ. of Illinois — English 1 Honors. 1 . 1A) corrects out- lines. 4. Mrs. Halford collects Aja Watson ' s vo- cabulary paper. 5. John Maurice, with Jerry Paresa and Kirsten Munroe. listens to a seminar on utli- ering Heights. 6. Jimmie Humphries collects Eng- lish I papers from his row. 7. Fr. Donat focuses the class ' s discussion during a inhering Heights seminar. 20 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines To College II 10 8. Karen Baca analyzes a topic sentence in English 4. 9. Miss Jane Pent: B.A Immaculate Hear; Col- lege — English 1,2 Honors) unpack s her belongings for class. 10. Marcnd Garrett expands his vocabu- lary in 3 APE. II. Mrs. Doris Harvill U.S. L niv. oj California. Los Angeles English 2,3) stands poised tor lecture. Academics h Schillv M.A. San Jose Stale v. — . : Iculus. Algebra I Honors. Geome- try ■ : idwemtmres in H orld Literature on : •: t Bi Frank Snider S.C.J. MA. Ind - Calculus. Geometry. Algebra 2 Tr gj plots his strategy- for a geometry class. 3. Jar . writes a geometry problem on the boc - ' Jo Johnson figures out a Pre-Algebra blem. 5. Dana Imbriani ponders the solution to a -Calculus pr oblem 6. Mr Williams writes on ■ r. John Moloney B.S. — Central Missouri State — Pre Algebra. Algebra 2. Geome- i coniemplat es an Algebra problem. 8. John pike stares if i disbelief as Carl Feld explains a Mr. Chester Williams MA. — Algebra I. Pre-Algebra writes Thirteen Enhance Math Skills HOMEWORK — CAUSES nT BRAIN iL DAMAGE Thirteen stu led in the ru ometry Honors class. Fr. Schilly saic omeiry H : r •■•:..- to handle more complex prob and above those in the book. ' ' Finding the volume of c Fr. Schil- ly ' s most notor. . Id, elic::. math tea Sr.Maryi • .75 in all subjects through bt ty habits r thinking re 11 said, " i Students Realize I. Mrs. Nancy Beck (M.S. Azusa Pacific — Biol- ogy, Life Science) prepares a slide. 2. Mrs. Beck instructs John Calia during Biology. 3. Zac Reeder explains a problem in Physics. 4. Mr. Frank Schultz (B.A. Cal State University. San Bernardino — General Science) relaxes between classes. 5. Mr. Chet Heisler (M.S. USC ■ - Chemistry. Physics) reads a science magazine. 6. James Issackson gazes through a microscope in Biology. 7. Tracy Stout, Oliver Surber. and Pam Zilius stare attentively during Chemistry Class. 8. Mr. Steven Coffer (B .S. San Diego — General Science) lectures his students in General Science. 24 The 30th Year — Success Still Shunw God ' s Wisdom Tina Spaccoratelli had Troy Ter Best for a partner in the lab study of Paramecium slides in Mrs. Beck ' s 4th period Biology- class December 10, 1985. Tina searched almost half the class trying to find the " swimming " Paramecium. " I thought it was shy. but when it finally appeared, it was doing the backstroke! I can handle the Paramecium, but I can ' t say I ' m looking forward to dissecting Kermit. " This Para- mecium lab was an introduction to such labs as the potato seed and the dissection of frogs. " From dissection of the frog, stu- dents learn this is a master plan for all living things. Also, this is further evidence of God ' s infinite wisdom, " explained Mrs. Nancy Beck. Icademics 25 Film Tells Mike Carillo and Michelle Williams saw the film " The True Civil War " presented by- Miss Castillo January 14. Mrs. Castillo ex- plained: " Trying to show it was not all nobility and glory but destruction and dead bodies, the first time I was haunted by those bodies of teenagers. " Michelle Williams said. " 1 thought it was really helpful in putting together everything we ' ve learned. " I . Tasha Inman jokes around with the hall pass. 2. Kim Driskill ponders a history question. 3. Miss Castillo discusses a test paper with Debra McFad- den. 4. Stuart Haniff. Suzanne Kaunas, and John Morrissey listen attentively to Mr. DiDonato. 5. Tony Masia and Mike Cohen give oral reports. 6. Mrs. Hurley lectures to her World History Stu- dents. 7. Mrs. Joanne Hurler IB. A. .Auckland L iiiy . New Zealand — America History. World History. Accounting) prepares to write notes on the over- 26 The iOth Year Success Still Shines Of Civil War head. 8. Miss Vicki Castillo (M.A. i niv. of Califor- nia, Riverside World History, Business Law, American History] prepares for her next class ' ' Mr. Dennis Wilson tB.A. CSU San Bernardino - American Government), prepares to dictate notes. 10. Mr. Louis DiDonato (M.A. California Poly., Pomona — American History. Amern an History A. P., Drama I. Drama II. Ill) applies make-up to Michelle Wil- liams. Academics 27 Students Mrs. Jung, on Jan. 6, 1986, told her third period Spanish II class, " One learns to speak Spanish through extra interest. " Mrs. Jung said the best way to learn a foreign language was to speak it. Not only did one learn to speak Spanish in Spanish class, but one also learned a little about Spanish Heritage. " A foreign language challenges one to understand a culture similar, yet different than ours, " was Mary Racic ' s opinion of foreign language class. 28 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Learn Spanish Through Interest I. Mrs. Pilar Jung calls David Davis tn the board. 2. Mrs. Jung lectures while Kelle Blackwell take notes in Spanish 2. 3. Mr. Gary Pendleton (BA - University of California Riverside; Spanish 1,2; French 1.2.3) checks educational journals for his classes. 4. Mrs. Pilar Jung (MA -- University of California. Riverside Spanish 1.2,3.4; English 3A) displays her sombrero. 5. Mr Pendleton lec- tures to his French chns. 6. Terry Calderon, Ana Quiroga, Brenda Saenz, and George Lesso study material in Mrs. Jung ' s Spanish 3 class. 7 . Annie Fossum intently listens to the instructor ' s lecture. Ic adentics 29 Senior Passes Roni Ramirez, during the last week of the semester, passed the athletic tests by completing forty timed sit-ups, dashing 50 yards, shuttle running, and doing push- ups. Asked about the P.E. re- quirement, she stated, " Don ' t wait until your Senior year to fin- ish your P.E. credits. " Mrs. Esancy commented, " I enjoy giv- ing students an alternative to academic subjects, but I am tired of all the excuses. " 30 The 30th Year Success Sail Shines Mrs. Laurel Leary (B A Thiel College Typing I.I 1 1 introduces the typing chart. 2. Steven Sutorus, John Wagner, and John Mielke copy Mrs Hurley ' s notes Irani the board in lecounting. 3. Catherine tyres loads a sheet of paper into the typewriter. 4 Mr John Demore (BS Wayne State; Bo) f ' P. I staples papers. 5. Mrs. Sue Esanc B I Redlands Universi- ty Girls ' P. E., Family Management} " outshines in heautv the bulldogs on the wall. " 6. Lana Dallas u ans the hoard in Business , u " Michael Weinrich does pull-ups in fifth period Boys ' PE Health % Cristi Page digs into her purse w hile I isa It iggins stares into the distance 9 Kim Hendricks loosens up in Girls ' PE. 10. Maria Ocana talks to Jell Eckles in Family Man- agement. kademics 31 Distracted Art I. Mr. Louis DiDonato demonstrates the applica- tion of make-up for Gary LaTourette and Richard Lope: in Drama class. 2. Chris McPhate draws his " dream mansion " with exquisite detail in Art class. 3. Mr. Pat Hand Ion ' s masterful hands form the clay to his design. 4. Felicia Torres helps Kerry Brady cut the clay. 5. Mr. Pat Hand on (BA — Cat State University, Fullerton — Introduction to Art. Drawing and Painting. Ceramics) prepares for his next class. Mr. Pat Handlon ' s art class sketched school palm trees outside the girls ' P.E. locker rooms at 1:30 pm one hot Friday afternoon. The class, distracted from the work at hand, watched the score of girls in blue and white romping around the track. Sean Zuick ad- mired the girls, but acted disappointed that " They wouldn ' t even sweat. " Mr. Pat Handlon walked around from person to per- son helping his class with their penciled palm trees oblivious to the true preoccupa- tion of his art students. 32 The 30th Year Success Still Shines Students Watch Girls ca demics 33 " Monster " Strikes Again Mrs. Johnson announced to the office stafj on January 17: " The Xerox machine is broken! The ' monster ' struck again. " Ac- cording to Mrs. Pawlowski, the collator caused the major problems. " It usually omits copies. This is definitely a very time- consuming job. " She added. " I guess my coming to Aquinas triggered this ' mon- ster. ' It worked against me all the time. Every morning, when I turn the machine on, I pray that the problem has been re- solved. " The Xerox copier duplicated ex- ams, tests, records and bills. When the " monster " broke, it caused a great inconve- nience to the teachers. I. Mr. Domingo Pena, the day custodian, drives his maintenance vehicle. 2. Miss Doris Payne (M.A. — University of Hawaii), school librarian, skims through a book. 3. Mrs. Marge Topoleski, financial secretary, fills out payroll checks. 4. Mrs. Mary- Lou Johnson, attendance secretary, writes out tardy slips. 5. Mrs. Mary Ann Pawlowski, secretary, jug- gles the phone while she picks up a student locator card. 6. While Richard Kontra looks on, Mrs. John- son answers the telephone. 34 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines 7. Mrs. Carolyn Bushong (M.A. — Claremont, Gra- duate School, Freshmen-Sophomore Counselor) checks a student ' s class schedule. 8. Mrs. Paw- lowski operates the Xerox machine. 9. Mr. Ross McMillan (B.A. — University of San Diego. Ju- nior-Senior Counselor) reviews an application packet for the University of California. Academics 35 Dr. Critchlow Acts As UflrrstJ? . Our Academic Dean, Sr. Mary Esther, O.S.B. (M.A. University of Notre Dame), does paperwork in her office. 2. Dr. David Critchlow (PhD. Colum- bia Pacific University), our temporary principal, smiles before sitting down to work. 3. Mr. Jack Henley (B.A. San Diego State University, Plant Manager) enters his office to plan repairs around campus. 4. Sister Ann Muckerman (S.S.N. D., Ed. — Superintendent) 5. Most Reverend Phillip F. Stra- ling (D.D., Bishop, Diocese oj San Bernardino) talks at the Advent mass in the Aquinas Gymnasium. 6. 1985-1986 Aquinas School Board: (standing) Dr. Donald Feld, Interim Principal Dr. David Critchlow, Mrs. La Tourette, Mrs. Monica Harwood (Secretary) Mr. Philip Mark (President), (sitting) Dr. David Hess, Mr. Ed Jeffries, Mr. George DeMarco, Mrs. Jackie Bott. 7. Ms. Alice Leesburg, (M.S. University oj Oregon — Human Biology, Science Dept. Chair, Dean oj students) displays " Herman " to her students. 8. Don Hunt (B.A. University of Redlands — Athletic Director) types at the Apple lie computer. 36 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Interim Principal Dr. Dave Critchlow acted as interim princi- pal for 1985-86. The search committee searched for a qualified replacement with California administrative credentials and a master ' s degree (preferably in Educa- tion). The applicant must be a practicing Roman Catholic. Dr. Critchlow stated that there were many changes at Aquinas rang- ing from a smaller student body to air con- ditioned buildings. He also indicated the students ' desire to attend Aquinas helped to make it a better place to be. " I ' ve been here for ten years and I ' d like to see it better every year, " said Dr. Critchlow. He had been Vice Principal for five years and head of the math department for another five. Academics 37 Cleopatra Fails to Appear 1. Mr. DiDonato applies makeup to Michelle Wil- liams before a drama production. 2. Bryan Sarrazin reads scripture during mass. 3. A fan applauds dur- ing the Homecoming game. 4. Chuck Jeffries eyes a cup of tea during a drama production. 5. John Maurice lifts Maria Ocana onto the Senior float while Mike Main looks on. 6. Teresa Klorer beams as Homecoming Queen. 7. Melissa Moyer dances with an unidentified freshman. 8. Mr. Handlon eyes the chess board in a game against Fabian Lucich. 9. Shelby Jernigan accepts an academic hash mark from Dr. Critchlow. The 30th Year — Success Still Shines -v The vacant Senior Float rounded the track to face the crowd for the Homecoming on Nov. 15. Suddenly, three figures sprinted across the field. Dressed in copper-colored skirts and headdresses, Mike Main and John Maurice clambered onto the float ahead of Maria Ocana, in a flowing white Cleopatra outfit. " When I was getting on the float, my first thought was ' we ' re late, ' " Maria said later. John lifted Maria onto the float, slipped, and both fell into the water-filled oasis behind. Maria add- ed, " I ' m glad we aren ' t competing because the whole senior class would kill me! " Campus I Drama Does " The Tell A knife slowly edged into the old man ' s (Mike Carillo) gut. The murderess (There- sa Klorer) killed him after a sharp and sudden scream. The Murderess (Theresa Klorer) placed the old man (Mike Carillo) under the floorboards of the house. Police officers (Tina De Marco and Chuck Jef- fries), tried to find out where the screams came from that the neighbors had report- ed. Pressure mounted as the all to friendly visit revealed the murder of the old man (Mike Carillo) and the capacity of the murderess ' (Theresa Klorer) conscience. Paul Dainko and Paul Hooly packed into the already crowded room E-22 on October 23, 1985 at 7 p.m. to view the production of " The Tell Tale Heart " , by Edgar Allen Poe, put on by the drama class, produced bv Mr. Di Dona to. 40 The 30th rear — Success Still Shines Tale Heart " i 1. J ana Rice and Lauren Rumpf watch the dead man, Michael Carillo, while they drift at sea in the drama production of Plots. 2. Lori Downs, a maid in the play House of Usher, glares down at her co- worker. 3. Mr. Louis DiDonato prepares the mar- quee for the drama class ' s one-act play The Jell- Tale Heart. 4. The murderess. Theresa Klorer. works at the typewriter. 5. Michelle Williams ap- plies make-up before her performance. Campus Life 41 " My face itches . . " My face itches, I am dying " , whined Rich Kontra as Mr. DiDonato applied his make- up for opening night of Rick Abbot ' s Play On! Drama class presented the play on December 5 at 7 p.m. in the gym. Mr. Louis DiDonato directed the play while Theresa Klorer, as Gerry, the irate director, directed the play within the play. Aggie, {J ana Rice) the bossy airhead, sidetracked her attempts by con- stantly closing the curtains during dress re- hearsal. Phyllis, the playwright (Pam Far- rellj, kept changing the scripts. Kelly Paul ( ' 86) said " it was too cool " , and Stu Haniff ( ' 87) commented " it was very creative and worth waiting for " . The drama class made approximately $700.00 and profitted a total of about $500.00. The 30th Year — Success Still Shines . Aggie, the stage manager want-to-be actress iJana Rice), questions Billy ' Dave Davis i about a missing page in her copy of a script. 2. Gerry, the irate director (Teresa Klorerj, angerly orders Lou- ise, the sound effects technician ' Stacy Nisi place a backing on the safe. 3. Smitty Smith, a 17 year old lAlissa Cocchia), inquires of Henry I Jason Plowy) whether dinner should be served as Violet, a very vain actress (Michelle Williams i. watches at- tentively. 4. Polly, a bossy wife and actress ' Lauren Rumpf), bears the ugly insults before erupting into an hysterical fit of anger. 5. The wise guy. Saul Watson i Richard Kontrai. places a necklace on I lo- lel Michelle Williams ' . 6. The drama marquee shines brightly for Play On! ' . Phyllis, the theater playwright Pamela Farrelh. discusses script changes with the unhappy crew of actors while a disbelieving Henry, the 55 year old veteran actor ' Jason Plowvi, looks on. Campus Life 43 GoGo ' s Win Mr. Cremer, Steve Harwell, Guy Surber, and Pat Weeks with Chuck Jeffries, Sean Cain, Don Jure and Glen Coulter rocked to Alice Cooper ' s " School ' s out for Summer " as participants in the air band contest at the Senior-sponsored " Us 86 " Valentine ' s dance on Feb. 22, 1986. Nicole Morris said, " It was wild! " Kenny Taylor said, " The " Rolling Stones " raged, but the " Go- Go ' s " (a bunch of freshmen) won. " Kim Hendricks, Patricia Smith and Paula Lo- pez, the " GoGo ' s, " one of the twelve bands entered, won the airband contest because of good costume, originality, and lip sync. The Senior-sponsored dance raised neces- sary funds for various senior expenses: buses to graduation and the senior gift. 44 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Air Band Contest P i i 1 .1 . 77 ia Demarco converses with Rick Mcintosh luring the homecoming dance. 2. Pal Weeks forms the train at the " Us ' 86 " dance. 3. Chuck Jeffries, Guy Surher, Pat Weeks, and Glen Coulter cheer on at the dance. 4. Mike Taurek with David Sisson play to the Rolling Stones. 5. Pat Goggin lip syncs to " Jumping Jack Flash " as fans go wild. 6. Julie Delo scratches her head at the Halloween Dance. 7. Teresa Klorer, Mike Taurek, Sean Lugo, and Jill Jimenez dance the night away at the Homecoming dance. Campus Life 45 Priests Attend Twelve priests, including Fr. Andre, Fr. Donat, Fr. Gaglia, Fr. Mas, and Fr. Ry- barczyk, attended the Third Annual Hoe- Down on Oct. 3 . School board member Mr. Don Feld said, " Dr. Critchlow suggested that the School Board send complimentary tickets to the pastors of the 1 7 parishes who have students at Aquinas. " The School Board followed the suggestion. The food served at the Hoe-Down included sal- ad, steak, beans, roll, and a complimentary glass of wine. Mrs. Belsito described the meal, " The steaks were good, but those beans — those beans were the best I have ever tasted; I even asked for the recipe. " 1 . Fr. Donat and Mrs. Jung converse after dinner at the Hoe-Down. 2. A happy couple square dance during Hoe-Down festivities. 3. Br. Frank Snider crosses the quad on the way to pick up his dinner. 4. Mrs. Topoleski chats with Mrs. Simpson during a lull. 5. Volunteer cooks steaks. 6. " Sweet Country " provides entertainment for Hoe-Downers. 7. Mr. and Mrs. Fabrizio talk with Dr. Critchlow. 46 The 30 th year — Success Still Shines Hoe- Down Campus Life 47 Students Experience Guy Surber and Susie Henley noticed the multi-colored flags of Austria, Hungary, and Russia, on Saturday, Nov. 16 for the year ' s International Affair. Queen Teresa Klorer, King Steve Tillery, danced to " Tainted Love " by the " Singles. " The Sen- iors ' float of Egypt depicted the inside of Cleopatra ' s palace; the Juniors ' float of Mt. Olympus occupied another corner. The Sophomores ' Atlantis depicted an under- water city and mermaid, and the Fresh- men ' s French flag adorned the spot above the gym doors. John Maurice said, " I could travel across the world in just a few steps. " I. Chuck Jeffries dances with Beth Axe. 2. Mr. Klorer stands by his daughter Teresa, Homecoming Queen. 3. Mr. Wilson dances with Jenny Hess. 4. Servants Mike Main and John Maurice stand guard over Cleopatra, Maria Ocana. 5. Jill Jimenez smiles as she is paraded around the track. 6. Mi- chelle Martinez smiles during halftime activities. 7. Jeanie Jeffries waves to the crowd during halftime. 8. Michelle Moyer rides towards her escort. 9. Kati Healey. Demetrius Coulis. Paul Hooley. and Eric Baugh pose in togas. 10. Can Can girls Monica Main. Stacy Thompson, and Stephanie Sherier dance. 48 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Campus Life 49 ASB Makes Pancakes While John Maurice pinioned Michele Roeder ' s arms, Paul Dainko drilled her with a snowball during a reflection break of the ASB Retreat in the mountains on Feb. 10. Mr. Hunt, ASB Moderator, cre- ated the basic outline for the activities. The ASB Executive Officers expounded on the rough format to present a weekend of in- formative seminars. Themes at the core of the dynamic retreat discussions included working together, respecting other ' s opin- ions, communicating effectively, and thinking positively. The dynamic discus- sions were not the only memorable events of the retreat. Michele Roeder thought, " Julie made great eggs, and Angela and Miss Castillo served up super pancakes. I don ' t think anyone had a problem with starvation. " I. ASB Officers Michele Roeder, Shelby Jernigan. Angela Coussoulis, Julie Imbiorski, Michelle Mar- tinez, and Steve Mark. 2. Zac Reeder ' s proposal for an ASB skit meets with John Maurice ' s skeptical analysis. 3. Sophomore Officers Julie D ' Arca. Chrissy Eckles, Lauren Rumpf and Kathleen Ga- briel. 4. Steve Mark ponders a decision during an ASB meeting. 5. Junior Officers Paul Dainko, Ka- tie Healy, Marend Garrett, and Lisa O ' Brien. 6. Mr. Hunt describes the upcoming month of ASB events. 7. Senior Officers Kenny Taylor, Mike Taurek. Mary Rosso, and John Maurice. 8. The ASB gath- ers at 7:15 Tuesday morning. 9. Freshmen Officers Teresa Gabriel, Francisco Restrepo, Janet Alvar- ado, and Jerry Mark. 50 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Campus Life 51 A Select Sister Mary Esther invited sixteen Seniors, thirteen Juniors, and twelve Sophomores to attend the Academic Achievement Award ceremony held on February 26 in the Library. Dr. Critchlow complimented these students: " This very select group ex- cels because of the excellent support sys- tem from parents and teachers. " Maurice, who earned his letter and four hashmarks, commented, " It ' s about time that students were recognized in academics. " To earn the Academic Letter, first awarded in 1983 through the efforts ofFr. Donat, chairman of the English Department, students earned a 3.5 GPA for at least three con- secutive semesters. 52 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines 10 899 800 699 ?00 799 Group excels ■ ■ . .. : m lift A flr ' : If i ' ■4 J V ' U - (B ■V ] . First and Second Bars: Stuart Haniff, Pain Zi- lius, Oliver Surber, Matt Klenske, Kathleen Camp- bell, Suzanne Kounas, Kelli DuCloux, Michelle Mover, Anne Hellwig. 2. Dr. Critchlow addresses the students. 3. Fourth Bars: Veronica Cheney, John Maurice. Kirsten Munro, Kathleen Kraemer, Tori Kinne, Shelby Jernigan, Michelle Roeder. 4. Sister Mary Esther reads out the names of the hon- orees. 5. Victoria Kinne watches other students re- ceive their awards. 6. Stephen Mark and Paul Dainko show off their letters. 7. Pat Farrell receives his letter. 8. White Letter: Arnold Belen. John Ca- lia, Robert Cocchia, Matthew Kinne. Kevin Reisch, Pat Farrell, Maria DeMaci. Jean Mi lew. Chuck Scannell. Stacy Niss, Dan Feld. Alissa Cocchia. Pat Goggin. Melanie Sneddon. Debbie Puttre. 9. Third Bars: Mary Smith, Tracer Cohen. David Clatfelter. Campus Life 53 Bishop Commissions Peer Bishop St ruling, on Dec. 9, 1985, during the 4th period mass in the gym, commis- sioned 16 students as peer ministers. The Bishop, according to Jerry Paresa, said, " Peer Ministry is a call to serve the local community. It is the opportunity to extend Christ ' s love to the hurt around us. " Throughout the mass, the Bishop contin- ually referred to the peer ministers as eu- charistic ministers; finally caught, he con- fessed, " There ' s no weasel ing out of it now! " " The students were specially chosen by religion teachers, as students who were natural leaders and willing to work, " ex- plained Miss Phyllis Bartholomew, " to help in campus ministry activities ... go- ing once every month into classes to help students relate to the ministry. " John Maurice thought his most important func- tion included " helping draw others ' poten- tials and put these abilities to positive work in their lives. " The Bishop delegated these students: Kelli Du Cloux, Angela Gonzalez, Kate Healy, Jerry Paresa, Kate Varni, John Maurice, Eric Munoz, Dan Hakala, Felicia Torres, Marianne Rossi, Julie Imbiorski, John Morrissey, Paul Hooley. Mary Kubesh, Beau Potter, and Andy Sanchez. 54 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Ministers I. The choir sings " Thy Word. " 2. Sana Rite and Bobby Cocchia receive communion. 3. Troy TerBesi and J antes Quiroga mime the gospel reading during the Dec. Vth mass. 4. Bishop Straling invites the community to pray with him. 5. Trace) ( ohen and John Maurice listen to the gospel reading. 6. The Bishop tells the students the meaning of the gospel. 7. Robert Estrada proclaims the first reading Campus Life Enthusiastic Staffers 56 The 30th Year — Success Still Shin " ' Celebrate 30th-year 16 Students brought their enthusiasm and dedication to Fr. Donat ' s room each day to produce an annual in celebration of Aqui- nas ' 30th year anniversary. From many weeks spent brainstorming the Summa staff chose the theme " The 30th Year - Su ccess Still Shines. " Their personalities ranged from " dedicated hardworkers to procrastinators, " as described by Fr. Donat. These students selected photos, de- signed layouts, conducted interviews, and wrote copy. Mr. Schmitz, school photogra- pher, and Mr. Chavez, Herff Jones repre- sentative, constantly reminded staffers of work to be done. Fr. Donat ' s words " Dead- line! " and " Follow your production sched- ule! " inspired staffers to complete assign- ments. Susan Henley remembered quotes " Sit down, Zad " , " Your deadline is to- day! " , and " Get out your spoon -- this is oatmeal! " I . Monika Maciejewski works on her copy. 2. Susan Henley helps John Maurice choose photos. 3. Heinz Steinmann with Glen Coulter work on copy as Zac Reeder watches. 4. Susan Henley with Heinz Stein- mann choose photographs. 5. Claudia Quiroga with Jim Vassilakos discuss their layouts. 6. Paul Dainko searches for his layout. 7. Kelly Haul helps Claudia Quiroga to write captions. 8. Marend Gar- rett gets distracted while writing copy. 9. Carl Feld offers copy suggestions to Stu Haniff Campus Life 57 The Spanish Honor Society sponsored a choir trip to three San Bernardino conva- lescent hospitals on December 18, to sing Spanish Christmas carols " ... For people sometimes forgotten by families, " Mrs. Jung, club moderator Mrs. Jung and Mr. Pendleton chaperoned Carol Butch, Carl Feld, Aileen Laboto, Arleen Lobato, Pat- rick O ' Malley, and Pam Zilius to Casa Bernardine Convalescent hospital, Del Rosa Villa, and Waterman Convalescent hospital. Carl Feld commented, " I thought it relieved the loneliness of all instead of concentrating on just one. " The Spanish Honor Society ' s members were students with a ' B+ ' average or above for three consecutive semesters in Spanish class. Mrs. Jung, the moderator, consid- ered the club one that " ... enriches cultur- al knowledge. " Zac Reeder, the president, believed that the club " ... allows people with similar interests to come together, and this breeds friendships. " 1. Spanish Honor Society. Standing: Zac Reeder. Mrs. Jung (moderator), Tracey Cohen, Carl Feld, Shelby Niss. Sitting: Suzanne Kounas. 2. CSF. Top: Patricia Ramirez, Michelle Moyer, Carl Feld, Angela Coussoulis, Tracey Cohen, Chuck Jeffries, Kathleen Kraemer, John Maurice, Shelby Jerni- gan, Zac Reeder, Tori Kinne, Pat Goggin, Stuart Haniff, Arnold Belen. Middle: Melanie Sneddon. Pam Zilius, Daniel Feld, Matt Rootland, Kelly Du- CIoux, Suzanne Kounas. Claudia Restrepo. Steph- anie Smith. Front: Matt Kinne, John Calia, Patrick Farrell. Maria DeMaci, Sheila Wagner, Theresa Whitsitt, Donna Sponsler, Deborah Puttre. 58 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines I Honor Society Sponsors choir OOP 099 100 199 20021 rnrnmn 3. NHS. Top: Angela Coussoulis, Tracer Cohen, Zac Reeder, Kathleen Kraemer, Shelby Jernigan, John Maurice, Chuck Jeffries, Carl Feld. Middle: Paul Dainko, Daniel Feld, Matt Rootland, Stuart Haniff, Suzanne Kounas. Front: Veronica Cheney. Kathleen Kraemer. 4. CSF Sealbearers: Top: Zac Reeder, Tracer Cohen, Angela Coussoulis, Kath- leen Kraemer, Carl Feld. Front: Veronica Cheney. Shelby Jernigan, Tori Kinne. 5. NHS; Top: Angela Coussoulis, Tracer Cohen, Zac Reeder, Kathleen Kraemer, Shelby Jernigan, John Maurice, Chuck Jeffries, Carl Feld. Middle: Paul Dainko, Daniel Feld, Mat! Rootland. Stuart Haniff. Suzanne Kounas. Front: Pam Zilius. John Calia, Patrick Farrell. Kathleen Gabriel, Kelly DuCloux. Campus Life 59 The language clubs ' students, on Nov. 6, traveled to Los Angeles to see, " MAYA — Treasures of an ancient civilization. " Mrs. Jung noted, " The Maya exhibit gave stu- dents the opportunity to see, first-hand, what previously we could only have read about; the exhibit let us understand the beauty and sophistication of the Mayan culture. " Carl Feld reflected, " The exhibit presented vast amounts of information; I just wish more time could have been avail- able. " Mrs. Jung offered, " Many, glazing over much of the exhibit, lost a once-in-a- lifetime chance. " Kathy Garcia, Dia Co- lunga, Pat Murillo, Terry Calderon, Bren- da Saenz, and Diane Fraire, from Mecha; Carl Feld, David Clatfelter, John Maurice, and Zac Reeder, from the Spanish Honor Society; and Kathleen Kraemer, Monika Maciejewski, John Calia, Angela Gonza- lez, and Tracy Stout, from the Internation- al Club journeyed to see the treasures. 60 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Mecha sees Mayan Treasures 31 Ski Club members, and Mrs. Harvill, moderator, journeyed to Mammoth on January 17. Mrs. Harvill commented, " The greatest part of the trip for me was when I learned to ski. My first foray down the hill by myself gave me an exhilerating feeling of accomplishment. " Pat Cham- bers, " The best thing that happened was the actual skiing . . . I could get away from everyone. " Pat explained that the skiers escaped the cold. " One student brought a barbeque into the motel room! " I . Kathleen Kraemer petitions the Blazers for ush- ers at " Evita. " Blazers: K. Kraemer. J. Shipe, M. Sneddon. J. Milew, P. Smith. C. Feld, T. Coulis, P. Lopez. J. Mielke. D. Feld, P. Zilius, S. Haniff. S. Kounas. M. Monroe, P. Farrell. J. Wilson. 2. The War Gamers play D and D. War Gamers: S. Zuick. T. Crosby, F. Lucich, J. Vassilakos. D. Rosson. 3 The MECHA club discusses watching Evita as a group. MECHA: K. Garcia. P. Murillo. G. Co- lunga. L. Garcia, D. Fraire, B. Rios. Mrs. Jung. 4. Ski Club members discuss the Mammoth ski trip. Ski Club: B. Guise. S. Turkowrak. S. Shearer. P. McKeaver, K. Blackwell. 5. Carl Feld suggests Computer Classes for the next four Tuesdays. Computer Club: C Feld. C. Butch, J. Belsito, S. Kounas, A. Gonzalez. D. Feld Campus Life 61 MUN Students Debate Jim Vassilakos, the " Swiss Representa- tive " on the MUN special political com- mittee, debated the topic of war in El Sal- vador and Nicaragua with students from 50 California schools at UC Riverside on the weekend of Feb. 28. Jim Vassilakos, Angela Gonzales, and John Calia partici- pated in the university ' s 19th annual MUN conference. Jim, the president, considered the club " A great place to learn the skills of debate. " Ms. Castillo, MUN moderator, viewed it as " A club that is important and interesting. . . and also fun. " MUN, which met in Room E-21 on Tuesdays, encour- aged students to become involved in cur- rent events through debate. The International Club sponsored a suc- cessful taco sale at lunch on Oct. 29. The sale raised $140.00, for a field trip to the Mayan Art Exhibit in Los Angeles. The International club aimed " to promote in- tercultural and interlingual experiences; to understand people and languages of other cultures and to promote intercultural coo- peration among students of different eth- nic origins. The taco sale was a good exam- ple of cooperation, " commented Mr. Pend- leton. 1. Mr. Hand Ion waits for Fabian Lucich ' s move as Marty Smith looks on. 2. Richard Kontra listens attentively to a drama club discussion led by David Davis. 3. Fabian Lucich challenges Mr. Handlon to a game of chess while Kornelius Potz and Jeff Eckles set up a game board. 4. MUN: Ms. Castillo, Jim Vassilakos, John Calia, Angela Gonzalez. 5. International Club: Top: Mike Monroe, Jacques Wilson, Kevin Reisch. Front: Jean Milew, Melanie Sneddon, Anastasia Carroll, Maria DeMaci. An- gela Gonzalez, Alex Mackzum 62 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Current Events 3k T% Jeff Eckles, a senior, won first place and Fabian Lucich, also of the class of ' 86 took second place in an invitational tournament in room E-24 on Dec. 10th. Chess Club everyday at lunch in room E-24 " to discuss chess tactics and become better plovers, " explained Mr. Handlon, the moderator. " It is an interesting way of meeting peo- ple, " declared Kornelius Polz. Kelly DuCloux received $10 as the winner of the skit competition at lunch on Jan. 9th in room E-20 when she pretended to eat cereal, listening to her " walkman. " Mr. Di- Donato moderated the drama club two Tuesdays a month in room E-20. " It ' s a fun club to be in because everybody enjoys himself Mr. DiDonato is always trying to entertain us with his jokes! " commented Pam Farrell. Members raised funds by participating in one-act plays like, " The Tel I -Tale Heart " and selling refreshments at the major drama productions in the gym. Campus Life 63 Players Receiv Heinz Steinmann drives baseline and prepai for a shot. 2. Therese Kraemer runs cross-coum course during meet. 3. Steven Sutorus dribbles l ball down the right flank. 4. Joe Castro wrencl his opponents ' shoulder in order to pin him. Heinz Steinmann looks to the sideline to receive i next play. 6. Mary Rosso bumps ball to be set. Debbie Laurin makes off balance pass to tei mate. R Michelle Moyer returns ball over the net Sophomore David Chin dribbles up court past op- ponents. ■ t 64 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Heinz Steinmann, " outstanding safety. " earned a first team All CIF position, in addition to receiving first team DAL hon- ors at the Dec. 9 Fall Sports Reception. Ken Falb with LaRon Taylor also earned first team DAL honors. Mr. Donald Hunt, Athletic Director, commented: " We had a great deal of talent . . . shown in the team ' s play. " Coach Jack Henley also awarded second team All DAL honors to Joe Cas- tro, Pat Goggin, Steve Mark, Paul Lopez, Mike Carrillo, and Armando McQueen. The team, 4-2-1 in league play, missed the CIF playoffs by a flip of a coin. Receiving the award, Heinz remarked: " I couldn ' t have done it without my teammates. " Recreation 65 Chavez Wrests " First " Margo Chavez led the Girls ' Varsity Cross-Country team to a vic tory over Beaumont High School at home on a sunny Thursday, Oct 3, with a time of 22:43. Bon- nie hinder came in second with 24:53; Ka- ren Reisch took third place with 24:53. Jeannie Jeffries said: " If we run as a team, we ' re great, but when we run as individ- uals, we suffer. Cross-country is a family. " Gina DeFillips added, " This has been my most enjoyable season and Coach Schultz has accomplished a lot with us. " The team finished seventh in the CIF meet. They also strode to a two win, two loss third place DeAnza League record. 66 The 30 th Year — Success Still Shines Against Beaumont . Eric Munoz, with Jacques Wilson and Peter Laurin, closely pursue Kevin Reisch and Jason Par- enteau. 2. Karen Reisch paces herself. 3. Coach Schultz contemplates his next move at trackside. 4. Jacques Wilson shows determination on the course. 5. Dennis Sauer ' s hair blows hack. 6. Mike Munroe, jogs over a ridge. 7. Pani Carlone relaxes on her scooter. 8. Bonny Under strides up a gradual stupe. 9. (Top): Coach Frank Schultz. Eric Munoz. Pat- rick O ' Mai ley, Jacques Wilson, Patrick Farrell. Ja- son Plowy, Peter Laurin, Roger Brown, Mike Mun- roe. Dennis Sauer. (Middle): Frank Hernandez. Ja- son Parenteau, Joel Nigro, Scott Silvas, Steve Turkowiak. David Nordquist, Kevin Reisch. (Front): Alicia Cooke, Jeannie Jeffries, Leilane Lusk. Christen Eckles. Alicia Madrid, Anastasia Carroll, Teresa Kramer. Erin Stephens. Karen Reisch. :®m Recreation 67 Two-time DAL MVP Michele Roeder led the girls ' tennis team to a 14-4 victory over Red lands High School on September 16. Michelle Moyer, who won her second con- secutive DAL Singles Championship, re- marked that her overpowering backhand proved to be too much for her opponents. Jacki Jacober ' s forehand kept the Terriers off balance. The singles players dominated every match that day. Shelby Jernigan and Kathleen Gabriel teamed up for doubles victories. The team " really wasn ' t expect- ing to win, " explained Michele Roeder. They pulled off the upset that started them on their way to a 10-2 record and a share of the De Anza League title. 1 . Christine Gonzalez dashes to return a shot dur- ing doubles play. 2. Shelby Jernigan prepares to serve during the Redlands match. 3. Michelle Mover follows through and gazes at her forehand shot. 4. Michele Roeder smashes an opponent ' s shot. 68 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines ? Matches 5. Becky Gonzales sets up to backhand the hall. 6. Kathleen Gabriel stretches to return a shot. 7. I Back I Shelby Jernigan, Kathleen Gabriel. Jaci Ja- cober. Christine Twing. Michelle Mover, leresa Gabriel. Coach Steve Collins. ( Front I Maureen Ber- ard. Stephanie Shearer. Sheila Karnes. Christine Gonzales. Becca Crowe. Recreation 69 Rosso, Crittenden £ f IS — • ' 7. Front: Allison TerBest, Nicole Garner. Janet Al- varado. Celeste Monroe, Amy Garner. Top: Coach Cindi Weeks. Kasandra Ramos, Melissa Mover, Brenda Williams. Kim Driskill, Stacia Larkin. Shelby Wade. 2. Audra McGrath spikes the ball at the net. 3. Julie Crittenden sets the ball. 4. Anne Hellwig bumps the ball while Terese Bees watches. 70 The 30th year — Success Still Shines Defeat San Jacinto Mary Rosso (2nd year letterman), and Ju- lie Crittenden (2nd year letterman) assist- ed in the defeat of San Jacinto in the final game of the season on October 31 . The team ' s defense held the first two sets win- ning 15-10 and 15-13. Although the Varsi- ty Volleyball Team lost the third set 18-20, the girls came back to win the fourth set with a 15-13 win. " When we work together, our teamwork pays off " stated Catrina TerBest after the game. The Junior Varsi- ty, led by team captain Celeste Monroe, also defeated the Tigers for a 2 and 10 league record with wins against Serrano and San Jacinto capping the season. 5. Deborah Mazzei sends the hall hack. 6. Front: Audra McGrath, Deborah Mazzei, Michelene Mc- Clellan, Julie Crittenden. Erin McGrath. Top: Coach Stephanie DeQuatro, Therese Bees. Catrina TerBest. Anne Hellwig. Mary Rosso, Joyce Mays. Julie Imbiorski. 7. Amy Gonzales returns the hall as Kasandra Ramos watches. Recreation 71 Victory Foreshadows LaRon Taylor scored two touchdowns to lead the varsity to a 23-6 victory over 29 Palms High School. Armando McQueen scored the third TD on a 7 yard pass from QB Mike Carrillo. Heinz Steinmann ran for a two point conversion and passed for another to end the scoring. The defense conceded a mere 58 yards rushing and 60 yards passing to the Wildcats. Senior line- backer Joe Castro, referring to the defense which also caused three turnovers, stated, " We overpowdered them with our strength and our quickness. " 1. Mike Carrillo sets up for a pass. 2. Heinz Stein- mann uses blockers Armando McQueen. LaRon Taylor, and Ken Falb. to gain yardage. 3. (Top) P. Wilson, C. Bergman. H. Steinmann, G. LaTourette, A. McQueen, P. Ainsworth, T. Crosby, M. Quiroga, J. Quiroga, P. Lopez, T. Scray, J. Anelli. (Third) Coach Falb, Coach Knowlton, J. Mielke. S. Su- torus, S. Tillery, K. Taylor, M. Taurek, F. Apari- cio. M. Shea, R. Carlos, C. Jeffries, G. Lesso, K. Falb. S. Harwell, Coach Jack Henley. Coach Dan Henley, Coach Bryan Henley. (Second) M. Root- land, S. Mark, L. Taylor. J. Nigro, J. Castro, P. Goggin. D. Hakala, K. Merriett. M. Carrillo, P. Weeks, S. Martinez, (Bottom) K. Campbell, T. Pawlowski, G. Coulter, L. Salazar, P. Dainko, T. McGowan, V. King, J. Eckles. 4. LaRon Taylor sprints past opponents. The 30th year — Success Still Shines 5. Ken Falb sweeps left. 6. Armando McQueen catches the football one-handedly. 7. Chuck Scan- nell avoids tackier. 8. (Top) G. Coffey, M. Cohen, J. Cheney, C. Whitney, D. Troost, D. Rivera, K. Mah- mood, B. Massey, C. Bonadiman, S. Benitz, K. Mil- ligan. C. Smeltzer, G. Crosby. (Third) Coach Den- nis Wilson, R. Whitney, J. Mark, G. Navarro, E. Auzenne, D. Novak. J. Lemmon, J. Tillery, F. Mon- lez. B. Cocchia, D. Chinn, G. Vasquez, R. Espinoza, Coach John Denior. (Second) L. Aviles, C Scannell, F. Traina, T. TerBest, D. Porter, J. Serrano, T. Chambers, J. Hunsaker, S. Strawn, J. Salazar. C. Smith. J. Sachs. (Bottom) B. Samra, J. Hunt. . Stringham, J. Brooks. R. Hunt, M. Caldera. Recreation 73 Hewitt Scores Co-captains Patrick Weeks and Steve Su- torus led the Varsity Soccer Team to a 6-3 victory over Luezinger High School on No- vember 31 on the football field. Junior, Right Wing, Greg Hewitt was the game high scorer with four goals. Center For- ward, Marend Garrett, and Left Wing, Jack Fisher, also each scored one goal. " We knew the game would be tough, but with our good teamwork, we knew we could do it, " stated Marend Garrett after the game. 1 . Sieve Siitorus passes the ball to Stephan Kuehn. 2. David Sisson knocks the hall out of his zone with a " header. " 3. J.V. Soccer Team: Top: Asst. Coach Denny Carter. Joe Wagdy. Bobby Cocchia. Deme- trius Culis. Jason Moore. Daniel Teld. Jason 77 - lery. Don Lamond, Matt Paige. Johnny Hunsaker, Mark Francisco. Coach Norman Carter. Front: Pat Oveson, Lee Raymundo. Peter ) ' en. Gary Spisak, Alle.x Hall. Scott Forsythe. Stephanie Kounas, Scott Strawn, Lonell Roberts. Francisco Re.strepo, Charlie Bonadiman. Joe Sawtelle. I 74 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Four 4. Oliver Surber dribbles past the defenders. 5. Da- vid Sisson maneuvers around an opponent. 6. Varsi- ty Soccer Team; Top: Coach George Swift, John (iroitck. Patrick Hecks. Kenny Taylor, Stephan Kuehn, Patrick Goggin, Steven Sutorus, Pcan Mazza, Stat Cathy Campbell. Front: Oliver Surber, Tim Higdon, David Sisson. Greg Hewitt. Guy Surber. Robert Avalos, Jack Fisher. Marend Gar- rett. Jell Karalun. 7 . Demetrius Coulis boots the ball. Recreation 75 Wrestlers Dominate Bolsa Joe Castro led the Varsity Wrestling Team to victory with a first place effort in the 156 weight class at the Bolsa Grande Tourna- ment Saturday, January eleventh. Mike Quiroga, Lolo Montes, and Rene Montes achieved second place to defeat fifteen teams. Coach Eddie Lopes said, " We have an excellent chance to send quite a few wrestlers to C.I.F. competition. " Tom Cros- by stated, " Eddie Lopes, our coach, con- ducts very hard workouts which pay off in the meets. " I. James Quiroga makes the initial move in the match. 2. Guy being pinned. 3. Dan Hakala scores a take-down. 4. (Top} Coach Eddie Lopes. Larry Aviles, Rich Lopes. Joe Castro. Mike Quiroga. Tom Crosby, Coach Castro. (Middle) Dan Hakala. Jerry Garcia. Greg Forsythe. Rene Montes, Jose Calderon. Coach Jesse Reyes. ( Bot- tom I Elaine Rogue, John Imbriani, Fernie Monies, Lolo Monies, Guy Stanfield. Melissa Diaz. 5. Joe Castro outmaneuvers his opponent by implement- ing a half-nelson. 6. Jerry Garcia attempts to em- ploy a " cradle. " 7. Mike Quiroga holds his oppo- nent down jor the pin. 8. Lata Montes psychs out the opponent just prior to play. 9. Tom Crosby raises hand in victory. £ £ A % 76 The 30th )ear Success Still Shines Recreation 77 i ( Mr. Basket-Baugh " Dunks Junior Eric " Basket-Baugh ' s " two slam dunks helped the boys ' varsity Basketball team to an 83 to 53 victory at San Jacinto. Baugh had 17 points and used his height advantage to grab 15 rebounds. " Eric is serious about playing basketball and that ' s why they call him ' Mr. Basket- Baugh ' . " commented Steve Harwell. Ar- mando McQueen led the scoring with 20 points and Matt Rootland added 15 points to be the 3rd Falcon in double figures for the night. " We played well both offensively and defensively . " 1. Boys ' Varsity. Top, John Calia. Chris Bergman. Shelby Niss. Steinmann, John Aguirre, Steve Harwell. Mike Carillo, Joe Preston. John Mielke. 2. Neil Baugh follows through on his shot as David Chinn and Darin Novak prepare to get possible rebound. 3. David Stinson regains control of the ball. 4. Mike Carillo dribbles down court. 78 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines IhSnuii mi The Tigers. i MlBBft L? m 5. Armando McQueen watches his shot as Eric Baugh and David Stinson crowd the lane. 6. Heinz Steinmann concentrates on sinking his tree throw. 7. Eric Baugh receives a pass against Hesperia Christian. 8. Junior Varsity Boys ' Top: Darin Novak, Troy TerBest, Matt Belter. Neil Baugh. Leon Porter, Tom Fletcher. Coach Xavier Gomez. Front: Chuck Scannell, Bill Sunua. Jon Ahelon. Scott Benitez. Doug Pawlowskt Is, reation 79 . Erin McGrath passes the ball. 2. Debbie Laurin throws the ball. 3. Top: L. Kelly. T. Spaccarotelli. K. Driskill. M. Gallagher. J. hnbiorski. P. Zilius. M. Rosso. Front: E. McGrath. K. Ducloux, T. Poole. A. McGrath. D. Laurin. M. Munoz, A. Smith. 4. T McGrath dribbles the ball down the court. 5. C. Schubert dribbles. 6. J. Blake passes the ball. 7. M. Rosso shoots a free throw. 8. Top: Coach Br. Frank Snider, M. Sigenfuse. S. Niss. U. Vasquez. D. Luna, L. Lusk, J. Alvarado. B. Williams. Front: A. Cooke. C. Schubert. J. Blake. C. Monroe, A. TerBest, J. Thomson, L. Mitchell. fi lHILA 80 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Highlights Season • mr Sa 7 Bernardino High School named Deb- bie l.aurin to their all-tournament basket- ball team. She led her team to sixth place on the tournament, from Dec. 27 through Jan. 3. Coach Frank Schultz said. " I felt that this was our highlight because we per- formed against all of these larger schools. Erin McGrath, the team co-captain, said. " San Gorgonio was the hardest game but we plaxed our best against them. " Recreation s7 I. Varsity Baseball: Top; Dave Stinson, John Mielke, Heinz Steinmann, Zac Reeder, Shelby Niss, Armando McQueen, Dan Rivera, Coach Ea- tinger. Front; Jesse Alcarez, Jeff Russel, David Da- vis, Jason Nigro, Mark Chavez, Mike Main. Bobby Mielak, Joey Freiler. 2. Shelby Niss follows through on his swing. 3. Zac Reeder prepares to deliver the pitch. 4. Senior Heinz Steinmann dives safely into first base. 82 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Burn the Flames Shelby Niss ' s 2nd-inning grand slam put the game out of reach for the Southern California Christian varsity baseball team February 25 at Blair Park. Niss went 4 for 4 at the plate to key the Falcons ' 14 run, 15 hit offensive attack. Mark Chavez had a triple and Jason Nigro, Armando McQueen. Mike Main, and Shelby Niss had doubles. " We burned ' em! " exclaimed the jubilant first-year coach. Bill Eatinger. Strong pitching performances by Niss, Zac Reeder, Dave Stinson, and Jeff Russel made sure that the Flames were never in the game. Niss remarked, " 1 hope this vic- tory foreshadows the upcoming season. " 5. Jason Nigro concentrates on the game. 6. Mike Main throws to second base. 7. Bob Cocchia re- treats back to first. 8. JV Baseball: Top;S. Gravois, J. Preston, J. Ehrich, J. Weber. J. Parenteau, G. Vasquez. J. Nausha. D. Novak, Coach Scott O ' Keefe. Front; L. Roberts. K. Espinoza. R. Coc- chia. S. Strawn. R. Avalos, C. Scanned. A. Beru- men. Recreation 83 Softball n, 1 in, l. Softball Team; Top: Lisa Kelly, Allison TerBest, Tara Anderson, Joyce Mays, Kim Kutcherer, Angle Fossum, Tina DeMarco, Mary Rosso, Felicia Torres, Coach Stephanie DeQuattro, Front: Debbie Fisher, Veronica Noriega, Erin McGrath, Claudia Restrepo, Alicia Smith, Julie Crittenden. 2. Debra Fisher foul tips the ball. 3. Mary Rosso gives Tara Anderson some encouraging words. 4. Coach De- Quattro gives signals from 3rd base. 5. Tina De- Marco pitches the ball. 6. Tina DeMarco slides into 3rd base. 7. Julie Crittenden swings at the ball. 84 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Shows Potential Man ' Rosso, Tina DeMarco. and Julie Crittenden reported to the softball field on Feb. 20 to begin tryouts for the 1 986 sea- son. Coach DeQuattro looked for many pre-requisites including " the drive for ex- cellence " and a " basic knowledge of how the game is played. " The girls ' first league game of the season on March 14 against Big Bear started off what Coach DeQuat- tro hoped to be a successful season. " They have the po tential to take league this year, " she commented. Against Yucaipa. Julie Crittenden scooped up the ball, threw in to 2nd baseman Mary Rosso, who, tag- ging out a runner, threw the ball to 1st baseman Tara Anderson for a double play. " It was an excellent play and showed their chance for a seat in CIF. " stated Sheila Karnes. Recreation 85 Tennis Team Defeats Cajon Top seated John Maurice led the Varsity Tennis team to a victory over Cajon Thurs- day, February twentieth, with a 6:0 win. John Wagoner defeated his opponent 6:1, John Anelli shared a doubles win, and Ke- vin Reisch swept his opponents winning all three times. John Anelli said, " Hard prac- tices and team unity are helping to produce good players. " Mr. Hand Ion commented, " The Tennis Team is a good group of young men who are very willing to learn and produce. " 86 30th Year — Success Still Shines . Jack Carlson executes a sharp back-hand and steers the ball back over the net. 2. (Back) John Anelli. Kevin Reisch. Steven Sutorus, Jack Carl- son, John Wagoner. John Maurice. Susan Sounas (Front) Frank Perez. Jefj Karalun. 3. John Maurice delivers a good serve. 4. John Wagoner powers a base line shot. 5. Kevin Reisch eyes a two-handed back hand. 6. John Maurice intimidates the opposi- tion with a smashing overhand. 7. John Anelli puts all of his effort into a return. Recreation 87 The golf team took on Eisenhower at El Rancho Verde Golf Club Wednesday, Feb- ruary 26th. With the addition of John Im- briani, the already experienced group easi- ly handled the larger school. Michael Taurek led all scoring with an even par 36 stating, " We ' re looking as strong as we have in all the four years I ' ve been with the team. " James Isakson and John Imbriani followed Taurek in scoring with a pair of 40 ' s. Steve Mark came in with 41 while David Magdziasz mustered a 44. The Fal- cons wound up winning 201 to 211. Steve Mark termed the victory " a great confi- dence builder for the team. " The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Ike 201-211 I. Lars Vanderfin demonstrates " The Golfer ' s Con- centration " while putting. 2. Steve Mark purpose- fully drives toward the hole. 3. James lsakson pre- pares to tee off. 4. Michael Taurek watches calmly as his ball sails to the distant green. 5. Lars Vander- fin changes clubs before an important shot. 6. Coach Robert lsakson and Steve Mark discuss pos- sibilities for avoiding sand traps and water holes. 7. Golf Team: Coach Robert lsakson. Alex Hall. Doug Pawlowski, Lars Vanderfin. Charlie Bondi- man. James lsakson. Mike Taurek. Stephan Mark. Mike Shea, Chris Heck. Jerry Mark. John Im- briani, Tom Chambers Recreation 89 Girls defeat Gina DeFil lips ' 3 first place finishes and one second place finish in the WO yd. dash (12.78) 440 relay (55.59), the mile relay and the 220 to lead the girls ' varsity track team to a decisive 98 to 24 victory over Bloomington High School on March 4th in the team ' s first meet of the season. " Being only the first meet, I am happy with the way I ran. The girls ' team this year is ex- cellent and we should do quite well! " ex- claimed Gina. Pete Laurin, with 4 first place finishes in the 220 (24.28), the 440 (53.59), the 440 relay (47.03), and the mile relay (3:31.87), helped the Falcons bring up the score to a tie 65 to 65 in the same meet. 1. Frank Aparicio clears the hurdle. 2. Vince King finishes first in the pack. 3. Cindy Sheldon bolts out of the blocks. 4. Tina Spaccarotelli sticks to Erin Texeria as they take their hurdles in unison. 5. Christina Shubert, Theresa Bees, and Karen Reisch sweat their way to victory. 6. Pete Laurin easily takes first place. 7. Glen Coulter and Chuck Jef- fries take first. • «, ' ? ' • ' ' . " ' " ' sm 90 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Bloomington 98-24 5. Track and Field Top: A. Sarrizin, K. DuCloux, E. Texeria, C. Mittlehauser, M. McClellan, T. Spac- carotelli, T. Kramer, C. Page. A. Driskill, D. Gal- lard. T. Bees. Middle: Coach Henley. T. Coulis, C. Sheldon. S. Wagner. A. Brown. K. Ramos. M. Buhrsen. M. Chavez. Coach Schultz, Front: G. De- Fillips. G. Jeffries. K. Reisch. S. Kaunas. P Cur- lone. C Shubert. Recreation 91 Athletes Set r k». x -M — . .. .. j.nm». MM.iUv, ■. -hi I. A U m I . J. Tillery hurls discus. 2. Varsity: P. Lauren, P. Wilson. K. Taylor, F. Aparicio, J. Quiroga, J. Wil- son, R. Whiting, A. McQueen, M. Carillo, Coach Henley, V. King, S. Tillery, B. Gunn, S. Silvas, M. Peterson, S. Martinez, G. Coulter, D. Sauer, Coach Schultz. 3. C. Paige attempts high jump. 4. R. Whiting triple jumps. 5. M. Carillo long jumps. 6. T. Spaccarotelli clears the high jump bar. 7. F. Aparicio prepares for shot put. 8. J. V. team: G. Crosby, J. Serrano, P. O ' Mai ley, D. Porter, M. Belter. J. Hunsaker, J. Tillery, J. Lemmon, J. Liva- cich, M. Cohen. J. Sawtelle. J. Calderon. A. Ci- mino. 9. P. Wilson throws shot put. 92 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines New Records 1 11 V lliAJI r fZ «V2! Armando McQueen, in his first high school track meet, broke the school record in the high jump with a jump of six feet two inches, on March 6th against DAL oppo- nent, Yucca Valley. " I was surprised, my best jump (in practice) before was 5 feet 8 inches, but that was in tennis shoes, " com- mented McQueen on his jump. Along with McQueen ' s record efforts. Annette Sarrazin broke the school record in the triple jump with a mark of 27 feel. Both individuals ' victories foreshadowed team victories for both the boys ' and girls ' teams. " The per- formance of our teams was outstanding. I couldn ' t ask for more, " exclaimed Coach Jack Henlev. Recreation 93 Cheerleaders " Boogie " to I . JV. Cheerleaders: Kathy Centner, Mae Johnson, Wendy Johnston, Paul Scherneck, Kathleen Gwalt- ney. 2. Varsity Poms: Donna Sponsler, Teresa Klorer, Kate Varni, Mary Smith, Nicole Morris. Marianne Rossi. 94 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Boost Spirit Teresa Klorer, with the rest of the cheer- leading squad, doogie to the bouncy beat of " Oh, Sheila, " during the first pep rally, September 20. Varsity Cheerleader Mi- chelle Martinez yelled, " Who are the Fal- cons? " A thunderous chorus of " We are the Falcons! " boomed from the enthusiastic Senior class. The Varsity cheerleaders and poms, who won two blue " Superior " rib- bons and a spirit stick at camp last sum- mer in San Diego, also helped to boost school pride and spirit. 3. Teresa Klorer and Theresa Whitsilt run towards the end zone to cheer the kicking team. 4. Mary Smith shows her enthusiasm on the sidelines 5. Michelle Martinez leads the cheerleaders through a cheer during the Big Hear game. 6. Theresa Klorer claps for the Falcons. 7. Varsity cheerleaders. Jill Jimenez. Theresa Whitsilt. Paige Mazzei. Michelle Martinez. Dehra Mazzei. Lihhv Caldwell. Recreation V.5 Underclassmen Show 1 . Dan Bott and Gary LaTourette dress up for Hal- loween. 2. Brad Allen looks on. 3. Freshmen gather during orientation. 4. Kathy Centner observes. 5. Jonette Anderson entertains Mary Kubesh and Kate Healy. 6. Janis Sauer watches Steven Tillery write. 7. Sophomores eat during lunch. 96 The 30th Year ----- Success Still Shines Spirit We welcomed the Freshmen, saw the Soph- omores discover change, and watched the Juniors finally he allowed to sit in the bleachers at pep rallies. Freshman Mi- chael Ahee said, " I thought when we got here people would cap on us, but I really feel welcomed here. " Sophomore Kristine Afansev said, " As freshmen I think we were all a little frightened, but sooner or later this year everyone got the confident feeling. " Junior Daniel Feld said, " Sitting in the bleachers is great, it ' s more comfort- able and we can be more excited. " Trainees 9 " Freshmen experience , " The Abe I on, Jon Aguayo, Laura Aguirre, Maryrose Ahee, Michael Alejandre, Andrew Alvarado, Janet Anderson, Chant a I Babasa, Bernadette Bahnsen, Michelle Bakeman, Melissa Barr. Heidi Beekman, Michelle Bellanca, Renee Benitez, Scott Berard, Maureen Blake. Jennifer Bonadiman, Charles Botelho, Debra Boll, James Box a, Angela Bradley, Elissa Brown, Alicia Brunick, Michele Cadreau, Rebecca Caldera, Manuel Carlone, Pain Cerda, Lisa Cerda, Patricia Chackel, Angelique Chambers. Thomas Charez, Nancy- Cheney, Michelle Choontanom, Prichaya Cimino, Anthony Clough, Saralyn Stephanie Kounsa and Stacy Thompson attended their first class meeting, " Start of something big, " in the gym on September 1 2 th. At the meeting freshmen met election candidates; Jerry Mark, Teresa Gabriel, Janet Alvarado, and Francisco Rest re po and discussed upcoming dances and fund raisers within their class under the direc- tion of moderator Jane Pent:. Freshmen were asked what each looks forward to in the upcoming year: " I look forward to making more friends and growing ma- ture. " — Alicia Brown. 98 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines start of something big. " © ' - • • ) Hr On Harry Coffey, Gerard Cohen, Mike ( ' ornell, Susan Coulis, Theodora Crosby, Gary Cuneo, Teresa Deagle, Kelli Delo, Julie Driskill, Kimberl) Dvorak. Jennifer I. spinoza, Robert Finneran. Nancy Fletcher, Thomas II ores, James ll ires. Sergio Forsythe, Scott Frame. Melissa Gabriel. Teresa Gardner. Andrea Gigler. Thomas Gomez. Jennifer Hall, Alex Hanning, Chris Hayaski, Hannah Haves. Jennifer Hendricks. Kim Herrera. Claudia J Jar J Trainees 99 Freshmen sing " Twelve Hudson, Dawn Humphries, Jimmie Hunsaker, Johnny Hunt, Rich Hunter, Rose Imbriani, John Imman. Tasha Kaney, Kathryn Karnes. Sheila Klorer, Susan Kounas, Stephanie Lambert, Sherri Lamond, Don Lemmon, Cyrus Livacich. John Lockwald, Tract Lopez, Paula Lords, Robert Main. Monica Mansfield, Vanessa Mark, Jerry Morocco, Ronald Marrin. Danny Martin, Kellylee Martinez, Eric Masia, Anthony Mason, Nancy Massev, Brett Paul Dainko and Marend Garrett, with other ASB officers, welcomed freshmen aboard on Orientation Day, September 4, during ceremonies in the gym. Receiving name tags, freshmen sang songs like " Twelve Days of School " and then toured the campus. Gina Root I and said, " the nice, friendly atmosphere Aquinas has . . . Paula Lopez commented: " There are more opportunities in academics, sport s, and other arts such as drama and the Blazers. " Sal Yniguez said, " In high school people treat us better, in grade school they always treated us like babies, not like teenagers. " I . Elongated Freshmen silhouettes approach " Fal- con Territory. " 2. Saralyn CI ugh stares at a speak- er during Freshmen Orientation Day. 3. Freshmen girls converse before orientation ceremonies begin. 100 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Days of School " f y f pi f Mays, Paul McKeever, Pat Meyer, Jamison Miller, Wendy Milligan. Keith Millovitsch, Kelci Mitchell, Lisa Montague. Mike Mover. Melissa Myers. Rohyn Nagy, David Saranjo. Angela Nausha, James Nigro, Joel Noriega, I eronica O ' Malley, Patrick OnStOtt, Patrii h Perez. Frank Peruyera, Jose Plasencia. Edgar Poule, Vara Ramos, George Ramos, Jeffrey Ramos, Kasandra Trainees 101 Freshmen Sponsor Restrepo, Francisco Rios. Gina Roberts, Lonell Robertson, John Rootland. Gina Rosson, David Sacks, Darryl Salazar, Joseph Samra, Billy Sanchez, Celia Sawtelle, Christina Sawtelle, Joe Schubert, Christine Serrano, John Shearer. Stephanie Sheldon, Cindy Sigenfuse, Margie Small. Adam Smellier, Cam Smith. Alicia Smith, Patricia Spisak, Gary Stanfield, Billy Stellhorn, Elena Sirawn. Scott Strong, Terrell TerBest. Allison Thompson, Stacy Thomson, Javme I . Freshmen Lisa Bradley, Michelle Brunick. and Tom Chambers learn more about Aquinas during Freshmen Orientation. 2. Freshmen Francisco Restrepo, Mi- chelle Brunick, Mike Ahee, and Sue Klorer serve root beer to the Seniors during the Freshmen-Senior picnic. T .sf™ f 102 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines . Chocolate Santa Sale J •■a i P « t» ..- i d T 7+ - fcjfe Tillery, J a sun Troost, Davui Valenzuela, Valleri Vasquez, I rsula I ' ega, Steve Wade. Shelby K agner, Julie Watson, Aja Warner, David Weber, Bobbie Weber, James Weinrich, Michael Whiting, Mara Wilwant, Daniel Yniguez, Salvador Zilius, Laurann President Jerry Mark and Vice President Theresa Gabriel encouraged freshmen to sell chocolate Santa Clauses during the week of November 23 through December 6 by having a contest in which the student selling the most would win twenty dollars. The freshmen sold the chocolates at three dollars each for each 6 oz. Santa. Michael Ahee, the winner of the contest, sold 115 Santas. Theresa Gabriel said, " The rea- son for this was to replenish the class trea- sury and recapture class spirit after van- dals destroyed our homecoming float. " Trainees 103 Sophomores Don ' t Afansez, Kristine Allen, Bradley Auzenne, Eric Avalos, Robert Aviles, Larry Babasa, Antonio Baugh, Neil Bel lane a, Todd Belsito, James Belter, Matthew Bernmen, Andrew Beidebach, Tom Brown, Roger Brown, Tracy Calderon, Jose Calia, John Carroll, Anastasia Centner, Katherine Cheney, James Chinn. David Clayborn, Robert Cocchia, Robert Colunga, Gia Cooke, Alicia Cunningham. Kristi Dallas. Lana 104 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Kris Afansev and Bob Cocchia strolled onto the campus Wed. Sept. 4, for the first day of school. They didn ' t know what to expect. " I was expecting to get that scared feeling, " said Kris Afansev. " I don ' t feel so intimidated now. People have started to use my name! " joked Bob Avalos. 71 Mermaid. Kathleen Gabriel rides atop the soph- omore float. 72 Leilana Lusk reads from her missal during Mass. Know What to Expect D ' Arca. Julie DeLaRosa, Edward DeMaci, Maria Diaz. Jesse Duncan, Stat Durr, Jill Eckles, Christen Erickson, Tami Eupierre. Susy Fairchild, Robert Farrell, Patrick Fisher, Dehra Forsythe, Greg Fraire, Diane Francisco. Mark Gabriel. Kathleen Garcia. Kathy Garcia. Lori Garner. Nicole Giese. Brent Gifford. Victoria Gonzalez. Amy Gunn. Bryan Gwaltney, Kathleen Haga. Tracy Hardiman, Pamela Harnden. Emi Hellrich. Joanna Hunt. Luke Jacober. Jaclynn Jeffries. Jean Johnson. LoriJo Johnson. Valentino Johnston. Wendy Jure. Mary- King. Debbie Klick, Kimberly Kucherer, Kimberly Larkin. Stacia Lewis. Kenneth Under, Bonnie Long. Scott Lopez. Greg Lopez. Salvador Trainees 105 Halloween Candy Luna. Diana Lusk, Leilani Mackzum, Alex Madrid, Alicia Mahmood, Kassim Mannes, Walter Marrin, John Maurer. James Mays, Joyce Milew, Jean Moffiti. Kelly Monroe, Celeste Monroe, Michael Monies, Fernando Monies, Heliodoro Moore, Jason Murillo, Patricia Navarro, Gonzalo Niss, Stacy Novak, Darin Oversen, Thomas Paige, Matthew Parenleau, Jason Pawlowski, Douglas Pettigrew, John Poole, Brian Preston, Joseph Puttre, Deborah Ramirez, Pat Ray m undo, Lee Reisch. Karen Reisch, Kevin Renteria, Marc Rios, Barbara Rivera. Daniel Rumpf, Lauren Russell, Jeffrey- Sachs, John Sarrazin, Bryan Saucedo, Michelle 106 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Sale Raises Funds Saner. Dennis Scannell, Charles Scherneck, Paula Shipe, Jacqueline Smith, Christopher Smith. Marty Smith. Matt Smith. Stephanie Snavelv. John Snedden. Melanie Solo. Shanna Spaccarotelli, Sam Sullivan. Robert TerBest, Troy Texeira. Erin Tiedeman. Carlo Traina. Frank Trujillo. Charles Turkowiak, Stephen Vasquez, Guadalupe Whiting. Robert Whitney. Chris Wiggins. Michael Williams. Brenda Wilson. Jacques Yen, Peter Zitzelberger. Julie Zuick. Sean Salvador Lopez sent Tami Erickson a See ' s candy stick, contributing money to the Sophomores ' Halloween candy stick sale. Thursday, Oct. 31. The Sophomore class Officers distributed the candy that sold for one dollar at the second period of the day. A card came with the purchase of the candy, decorated with orange and black wrappers. " 1 thought it would never work, " explained Lauren Rumpf. I . Kris Afansev listens to her teacher during class. 2. Rachel Cooke and Sikki Gardner meditate dur- ing a silent moment at mass. Trainees 107 Afansev, George Alcaraz, Jesus Alcaraz, Veronica Anderson, Amber Anderson, Jonette Aparicio, Frank Ballard, Christy Baugh, Eric Bees. Therese Belen, Arnold Blake. Sally Bryant. Karen Campbell. Kathleen Carlson. John Carrillo. Michael Chambers, Patrick Chavez, Mar go Cocchia, Alisa Cochran, Andrea Coffey, Deirdre Cornell, Colleen Coulis, Demetrius Dainko, Paul Davis, David Delgado, Anthony Diaz, Melissa Downs, Lori DuCloux, Kelli Dukes, Ravi Egerton, Montraville Enstad, Susan Escalera, Robert Estrada, Robert Feld, Dan Fisher, John F os sum, Angela Freiler, Raymond Gallagher, Melissa T,y? ! Marend Garrett, " The Grim Reaper, " attended the 1985 Halloween Dance on Sat., Oct. 26, sponsored by the Junior Class. The large turnout, which grossed $1300 impressed the Junior officers. Lisa O ' Brian stated, " This money will be a great addition to our Prom fund. " 69. Matt Klenske, dressed as a tourist, and Don- na Kastner dance to a slow song. 70. Marend Garrett sports his " Grim Reaper " costume. 108 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Grim Reaper Attends Dance ■ n a ' a J Klffi m to Garcia. Christine Garrett, Marend Gaytan, Eugenia Gini, Sharalyn Gonzalez, Christine Gonzalez, Laura HanifJ. Stuart Hardiman, Christine Harwood, Colleen Healy, Kathleen Heck, Christopher Hellwig, Anne Hendricks, John Hernandez, Frank Hewitt, Gregory Hooley, Paul lsakson, James, Jure. Don Karalun, Jeff Klenske. Matthew Kounas, Suzanne Kramer, Theresa Kubesh, Mary Kuehn, Stephan Kuhn. Michael Kurkoske. James Leso, George Lohato. Aileen l.ohato. Irleen Mackzum. Garth Trainees 109 Juniors Martinez. Frank Martinez, Scott Mazza. Dean Mazzei, Deborah McFadden, Deborah McGowan, Thomas McGrath, Audra McGrath, Erin McPhate, Chris McQueen, Armando Merlo, Tina Mittlehauser, Cath v Morrissey. John Mover. Michelle Munoz, Melissa Nordquist, David O ' Brien, Lisa Ortiz, Dino Parker, Randall Parra, Janice Perkins, Michael Plowy, Jason Potz, Kornelius Quiroga. Ana Quiroga, James Racic, MarvAnne fs fa -■; V ' ,;- - r -- I Paul Hooley and Mike Perkins helped to build the Junior float, " Ancient Greece. " It consisted of Mt. Olympus with a temple at its base. Paul commented, " We all pulled together. " The Juniors " pulled together " after a speech by their moderator. " I felt that I had to do something to get them going, " said Mr. Moloney. 66. Shelby Wade looks on with Don Jure. 67. Mi- chelle Williams smiles along with Colleen Har- wood. 68. Donna Sponsler listens to Sally Blake. 1 10 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Build Mt. Olympus Restrepo, Claudia Rice, J ana Rootland, Matthew Roque, Elaine Rosso, Ruben Ruiz, Meianie Rynn, Pat Sarrazin, Annette Scott. Christopher Scray, Thomas Shaw, Craig Shoemaker. Buenita Sigenfuse. Suzanne Silvas, Scott Spaccarotelli, Tina Sponsler, Donna Steinmann. Susanna Stephens. Erin Stevens. Bill Slinson. David Stringham. Laura Surber. Oliver Taylor, LaRon Telles. David Torres. Ray Turner. Lee Twing, Christina I anderfin, Lars Wagdy, Joseph Wagner, Sheila Weber, Stephanie West brook, Harold Whitsitt, Theresa Williams. Michelle Wilson. Paul Wyler, David Zavala. Suzanne Zilius, Pam Trainees III ■miMUiiiuniMfmauMManMnniHHi H0 tniviniiii f m »mM m n m» Mmm im Youth Care, Show Spirit HHi« m ' »iiiin mn »« iiiwiii m i m i mMm ii rr iitg break on Halloween. 3. Kenny Taylor takes a make-up Calculus test on Halloween. 4. Gary La ToureUe, Mark Chavez, and Dan Bott mug for the camera on Halloween. BtwuHnwi m i hhm iw i i m na w i w i w ' 2 The SOlh year — Success SHU Shines Sanchez, Imbriani, Paresa, McCollem, and Munroe, the Senior Class Representa- tives, met at 7:30 AM on Oct. 21 with Mr. Wilson to discuss float committee meet- ings dates. Dana Imbriani said, " Caring for others helps friendships and spirit. " 5. Pat Goggin hugs Dana Imbriani after school. 6. Mike Main and Pat Goggin joke at lunchtime. 7. Dan Hakala cheers at the first pep rally to help the Seniors win the spirit competition. 8. Jill Jimenez, cheerleader, dances at the first pep rally. Seniors 113 Morning Raises Baca, Karen Bergman, Chris " Early mornings are very quiet, " said Da- vid Clatfelter. Walking onto campus early Monday morning, he got his books and ex- changed hints about Calculus homework with Carl Feld. The homework would soon be due. Steve Mark said, " It ' s just pure pandemonium. " 1 . Julie Imbiorski walks on campus to the Monday A.S.B. meeting. 2. Clouds hiding the rising sun drift over campus at early morning. 3. Thomas Crosby gets necessary books from his locker before the first class. 114 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Pure Pandemonium Blackwell. Kelle Boll. Daniel Brady. Kerry Butsch. Carol Cain. Sean Calderon. Teresita Caldwell. Elizabeth Castillo, Ramon Castro. Joe Chavez. Mark Cheney. Veronica Clatfelter, David Cohen. Tracer Collins. Norma Seniors 115 ASB Attains Mark ■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■■ ■■ ■■■■i Steve Mark, ASB President, pounded his gavel to begin another Monday morning ASB gathering at 7:15 in G-28. Michele Roeder, ASB Vice President described her role as " adding some life to boring meet- ings. " Angela Coussoulis, ASB Treasurer, made sure that ASB and class accounts were up to date. Julie Imbiorski, ASB Sec- retary, wrote the minutes of each meeting. ASB Commissioner of Publicity, Shelby Jernigan, created the monthly calendars. Michelle Martinez, Commissioner of Pep and Assembly, brought new ideas. 1. Three campaign signs on the " C " Building wall advertise the ASB elections. 2. Michelle Roeder ponders her many tasks as ASB Vice-president at a recent ASB meeting. 3. Fabian Lucich studies for a government test before school. Colunga, Marybeth Coulter, Glen Coussoulis, Angela Crittenden, Julie Crosby, Thomas Crowe, Rebecca Dalpaiz, Noelle DeFillips. Gina DeMarco, Christina 116 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Dibble, Kevin Eckles, Julian Falb. Robert Farrell, Pamela Feld, Carl Foley. Brencla Gallardo, Denise Garcia, Jerry Gigler, Wendy Gipson, Kathleen Goggin, Patrick Seniors I ! 7 4 APES Find Answers I Gonzalez, Angela Gonzalez, Rebecca Gronek, John Haggerty, Heather Hakala, Daniel Harwell. Stephen Henley, Susan Hess, Jennifer Higdon, Timothy Illy, Bettina Imbiorski, Julie Imbriani, Dana Jansen, Dawn Jeffries, Charles 118 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Jernigan. Shelby Jimenez. Jill Jerry Paresa knew how to find answers for his seminar on Conrad ' s Heart of Dark- ness for Fr. Donat ' s English 4AP class. He researched at Cal State Library. He also studied with Glen Coulter, Carl Feld, Ni- cole Morris, and Jim Vassilakos. Jerry ad- mitted that he drew on divine inspiration as well as worldly perspiration. " Finding the answers can get to be a full-time job, " he said. 1. Robert Falb discusses government homework with Janis Sauer and Maria Ocaha. 2. Bettina Illy researches her theology paper in the school library. 3. Fabian Lucich studies American Government notes in the " quad. " Kastner. Donna Kelly. Francine King. Vincent Kinne. Victoria Seniors 1 19 NMSF Awards Klorer, Teresa Kontra, Richard Kraemer, Kathleen LaTourette, Gary Lauren, Deborah Lauren, Peter Lin, George Lopez, Paul Lucich, Fabian Luzi, Dianne Maeiejewski, Monika Magdziasz, David 120 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Semifinalists .:, National Merit Scholarship Foundation awarded Veronica Cheney and Kathleen Kraemer 1986 Merit Scholarship Semifin- alist certificates. They ranked in top one half of the 99th percentile of scores on the PSA T. The foundation also named David Clatfelter, Carl Feld, John Maurice, and Mary Smith as National Merit Commend- ed Students. I. George Lin sleeps during Mr. Cremer ' s Religion 4 class while Kenny Merriett peruses a returned exam. 2. Libby Caldwell laughs hysterically at a humorous Biblical passage pointed out by Becca Crowe. 3. Michelle Roeder with Mike Quiroga com- plete homework assignments before school. Main. Michael Mark, Stephen Marrin. Kristina Martinez, Michelle Mascorro, Francine Maurice. John Mazzei, Paige McCarty, Moira McClellan, Michelene Seniors 121 Karen Entertains Orphan McCollem, Melissa Merrietl, William Mielak, Robert Mielke, John Monies. Rene Morris, Nicole Munoz, Eric Munro, Kirsten Nigro, John Niss, Shelby Ocaha, Maria Olejniczak, Michelle Olivier, Phillip Page. Christi 122 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Pares a, Jerry Paul, Kelly Pawlowski, Ted Perez, Ana Petersen, Michael Potter. William Karen Baca, on the Los Ninos trip to Ca- lexico, on October 11-13, entertained So- hia, an orphan suffering from cerebral pal- sy. She helped her crawl and made strange faces. Karen wanted to relieve the nuns at Oasis orphanage of their responsibility for a moment. 1. Karen Baca amuses Sohia, a Mexican orphan, at the Mexicali zoo. 2. David Clatfelter rides a wood- en horse during a dull moment at the Zoo. 3. Guy Surber discusses last night ' s physics homework with Shelhv Niss. Seniors 1 23 Seniors mimw Quiroga, Claudia Quiroga. Michael Ramirez, Anne Ramirez, Veronica Reeder, Zachary Rice, Donald Rivera, Michael Robertson, Robert Roe, Shannon Roeder, Michelle Rossi, Marianne Rosso, Mary 124 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Win First Pep Rally Stephen Mark, announced the Seniors as winners of the first pep rally on September 20. Michelle Martinez, head cheerleader, led her squad in a dance routine to " Oh, Sheila. " The ASB and class officers performed a skit using clips from various songs to introduce the different sports. John Maurice, Zac Reeder, and Paul Dainko depicted the volleyball team, break-dancing to " Delirious " in cele- bration of their victory over Beau- mont. Julie Imbiorski, sporting Kenny Falb ' s football jersey, danced to " I Get Up Again " as she " recovered a fumble " and scored a touchdown against Banning. Zac Reeder stated, stated, " Pep Rallies get the adrena- line flowing and heart pumping I. Steven Mark introduces the students ' skit at the first pep rally. 2. Kenny Taylor, as a cheerleader, coyly shies away during the Sen- iors ' skit. Ruess. Cynthia Saenz, Brenda Sanchez, Andrew Saucedo, Richard Sauer, Janis Scannell. Michael Schroder, Curtis Shea. Michael Seniors 1 25 Sisson, David Smith, Mary Solomon. Tom Steinmann. Heinz Stevens, Seana Stirle, Bryan Stout, Tracy Surber, Guy Sutorus, Steven Taurek, Michael Taylor, Kenneth Seniors Adopt Siblings TerBest. Catrina Thacker, Charles Tillery, Stephan 126 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Glen Coulter " adopted " Robert Espin- oza and Guy Surber " adopted " Francis- co Restepo during the Freshmen-Senior picnic, sponsored by the Senior Class on Saturday, October 5. Pat Goggin and John Imbiorski hopped their way to vic- tory in the three-legged race. Joe Castro, successfully polished off the banana- eating contest. John Maurice described the picnic as " a most successful ven- ture. " Heinz Steinmann, Julie Im- biorski, and Joel Nigro worked together during the balloon toss and volleyball games. I. Jason Nigro misses a water balloon thrown during the balloon toss at the Freshmen-Senior picnic. 2. Norma Collins lounges on the grass between activities at the picnic. 3. John Maurice. Senior class president, announces the winners of the banana-eating contest. 4. Pat Goggin throws a pass in the volley-football game. Torres, Felicia Varni. Kate Vassilakos. James Wagoner. John Weeks. Patrick Wiggins, Lisa Seniors 1 27 Rewards Echo Hard Work 128 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Shelby Accepts Award Shelby Jernigan accepted her fourth hash mark from Dr. Cr itch low on February 26, as a reward for academic dedication. Shelby ' s achievements for her senior year also included honor-bearer, seal-bearer, and class officer. She commented on the future, " I am anxious to begin a new life, even though it is sad to leave the old one behind. " Dr. Critchlow commended her achievements by say- ing, " Any class officer has to excel, not only in work with classmates, but also academically; she deserves commendation. " l. Mr. Henley eyes the activity during the gradu- ation procession. 2. The school seal graces the Awards ' table. 3. Mike Taurek uses his book. - . Pete Ainsworth rests his chin on his hand in religion class. 5. Ken Taylor listens to the conversation be- tween John Maurice and Mary Rosso. 6. Michelle Martinez reads a report of senior achievements as Shelby Jernigan looks on. 7. Tracey Cohen and Dave Clatfelter receive academic hash marks. 8. Academic achievers with three hash marks- Top: Carl Feld, John Maurice, Ken la; lor and Michelle Roeder. Front: Tori Kinnie. Angela Coussoulis, Shelby Jernigan. and Kathleen Kraemer. Accolades Student Discovers Pagework During the second semester of her junior year, Veronica Cheney served in the 99th Congress as a page in the United States House of Representatives. Sponsored by Democratic Representative George Brown, she worked the House floor with sixty-six other pages. She commented, " It made me more interested in politics, and it made me a Republican. " She also met many of the important American politicians, " Going there and meeting face to face all the peo- ple we only read about in the newspaper or in magazines, you realize they ' re just like the rest of us. It takes away all the glamour from the big shots. " Veronica recalled, " My parents were very supportive. They wanted me to go, but they also wanted me to stay. It was the first time I saw my father cry. " Veronica seemed to have her share of fun between the Page Toga Party with ninety-six pages from the House and Sen- ate, dressed up in bedsheets, watching " Animal House " on the VCR, squirting shaving cream at each other, and the Page Prom where she was chosen Prom Queen. During her stay in Washington, Veronica decided to attend Georgetown University, working toward the goal of becoming a Senate Legal Aide. 130 The 30ih Year — Success Still Shines in Congress 1. Angela Coussoulis: Danforth Award, Zachary Reeder: Southern California Citizen Scholarship Summer Conference at Pepperdine, Kirsten Munro: National Youth Leadership Conference. 2. Veronica Cheney: Congressional Page. 3. Carl Feld. Michelle Roeder: Rotary Life Scholarship. 4. Zachary Reeder. Veronica Cheney. John Maurice, Carl Feld. Kathleen Kramer. Mary Smith: National Merit Commended Students and Semi-Finalists. 5. Stephan Mark. Mi- chelle Roeder: Bors ' and Girls ' State. Accolades 131 Applicant Affirms " Bagels Veronica Cheney, Carl Feld, Dan Hakala, and Charles Jeffries found different rea- sons for applying to college. Veronica Cheney explained, " I decided to apply to Georgetown because the Bagels at the Chesapeake Bagel Bakery are unbeliev- able!! It also has a great edge on the politi- cal courses. " Carl Feld: " Understanding that the first year medical school for gra- duate Biomed students at UCR ranks in the top five of the nation, far above Stan- ford Medical School (In applied, not re- search medicine), I could not resist the de- sire to join the ranks of such a select group of students. " Dan Hakala: " In the process of applying to West Point, I applied to VMI to insure the pursuit of a commission in the armed forces and the acquisition of a degree. " Charles Jeffries, " USC has excel- lent architectural and aerospace schools. " The letters of acceptance received by those students produced varying levels of sur- prise. Veronica Cheney: " I was not sur- prised when I received the letter from Georgetown: I just figured they would ac- cept me (I don ' t know why!!) " Carl Feld: " I was not surprised, since the honor of a UCR Biomed student comes from the per- severance and hard work that one must apply to make it, not from being accepted. " Dan Hakala: " I was surprised because I rushed my application in at the end of No- vember, and on December 9th I got word that I had been accepted. I did not think I would be notified so quickly. " Charles Jef- fries: " What surprised me most was that USC is a prestigious college. I did not think that I wouldn ' t get in, but I was not positive that I would. " 132 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Unbelievable " I. Gonzaga University: Stephen Tillery; George- town University: Veronica Cheney: Loyola-Marv- mount: Kate Varni; University of Santa Clara: Tra- cey Cohen: University of San Diego: Mary Smith: Loyola-Mary mount: Shelby Jernigan. 2. University of Southern California: Stephen Mark: University of the Pacific: Jeniffer Hess: University of Southern California: Betina Illy. Dana Imhriani. 3. Sr. Marx- Esther Sleekier OSB reviews an application form. 4. UC Riverside: John Mielke; UC Los Angeles: Zac Reeder; UC Berkeley: John Maurice: UC Riverside: Jim Vassilakos: UC San Diego: David Clatfelter. Angela Coussoulis: UC Irvine: Norma Jean ( ollins; UC Los Angeles: Kathleen Kraemer; L C Santa Bar- bara: Kirsten Munroe: UC Riverside: Cynthia Ruess, Tina Marrin. Mary Rosso. 5. University oj South Carolina: Tina DeMarco; Virginia Military Institute: Dan Hakala. Accolades 133 Three outstanding seniors received " the most prestigious award " - the Bank of America Awards on May 29 during the an- nual Academic Achievement Awards cere- mony. Nominated by the Math and Science faculty, Br. Frank Snider and Mrs. Alice Leeshurg, Kathleen Kramer received the Mathematics-Science Plaque. The Liberal Arts faculty, chaired by Fr. Donat. Mrs. Pilar Jung and Mr. Dennis Wilson, award- ed the Liberal Arts Plaque to John Mau- rice. The Fine Arts faculty, with Mr. Louis DiDonato and Mr. Patrick Handlon, se- lected Teresa Klorer to receive the Fine Arts Plaque. 134 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines. Earn Prestigious Awards 1. Veronica Cheney: Certificate in English. 2. Tere- sa Klorer: Fine Arts Plaque, i. Karen Baca: Certifi- cate in Art. 4. Pamela Farrell: Certificate in Dra- ma. 5. Heinz Steinmann: Certificate in Business. 6. Tracer Cohen: Certificate in Foreign Language. 7. Carl Feld: Certificate in Mathematics. 8. Patrick Goggin: Certificate in Lab Science. 9. Kirsten Munro: Certificate in Social Science. 10. John Maurice: Liberal Arts Plaque. II. Kathleen Kraemcr: Mathematics-Science Plaque. Accolades 135 Senior Achievements JOHN AGUIRRE: Basketball 11.12. PETER AINSWORTH: Football: 11.1 2; Wrestling: 10.11. JOHN ANELLI: Football: 12: Basketball: 11: Tennis: 12. CATHERINE AYRES: Track Field: 11. KAREN BACA: Liturgy Music Group: 11,12. CHRIS BERGMAN Football: 12: Basketball: 11.12. KELLI BLACKWELL. DANIEL BOTT Spanish Honor Society: 12; Wres- tling: 9.10.11. JOSEPH BRADLEY: Football: 11. KERRY BRADY. CAROL BUTSCH: Liturgy Music Group: 12; Computer Club: 12. SEAN CAIN: Prom Committee: 1 1 ; Spanish Club: 12; Drama Club: 12. TERESITA CALDERON. ELIZABETH CALDWELL: Cheerleading: 10.12. RAMON CASTILLO JOE CASTRO: Football: 1 1.12 (All league. Coach ' s Award); Wrestling: 9,10,11.12 (3 year DAL champ: C1F champ; DAL MVP); Baseball: 10.11.12. MARK CHAVEZ: Baseball: 12. VERONICA CHENEY: CSF; 10,11.12; NHS: 10,11,12; A ca- demic Achievement Letter: 10, Hash- marks: 10,11.12; World History Award: 9; American Ambassador: 9; Congressional Page: 1 1 ; Honor Roll: 9,10,11,12; National Merit Semi Fin- alist: 11; Liturgy Music Group: 11.12; Prom Committee: 11; MUN: 10; French Club: 10; UC Riverside; Georgetown University. DAVID CLATFELTER: Spanish Honor Society: 12; Aca- demic Achievement Letter: 10, Hash- marks : 11,12; Honor Roll: 9.10.1 1.12; Computer Club: 10.11.12. TRACY COHEN: CSF: 10.11.12 (Seal Bearer); NHS: 11.12 (Honor Bearer); Spanish Hon- or Society: 12; Academic Achieve- ment Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 11,12; Prom Committee: 1 1 ; Spanish Club: 10.11; International Club: 12; Uni- versity of Santa Clara. UC: Santa Barbara. San Diego. NORMA COLLINS: CSF: 11; NHS: 11; Spanish Honor Society: 12; Academic Achievement Letter: 11. Hash mark: 11; Spanish Club: 10.11; Drama Club: 12; UC: Riverside. Irvine. MARYBETH COLUNGA. GLEN COULTER: Honor Roll: 9,10.11,12; Yearbook: 12; Football: 11.12; Track Field: 12; MUN: 9; Cat Lutheran University. ANGELA COUSSOULIS: CSF: 10.11.12 (Seal Bearer); NHS: 11.12 (Honor Bearer); Academic Achievement Letter; 10. Hashmarks: 11.12; English Award: 9; History- Award: 9; Cal State History Award: 9; Honor Roll: 9,10.11.12; Danforth Award: 11; Prom Committee: 11; ASB treasurer: 12; Pepperdine; UC: San Diego, Santa Cruz. JULIE CRITTENDEN: Liturgy Music Group: 12; Basket- ball: 10.11 (Team Award); Volley- ball: 11,12 (Captain ' s Award: 11. Coach ' s Award: 12; DAL Honorable Mention); Softball: 9,10,11,12 (MVP, DAL First team: 10, Cap- tain ' s Award. DAL First team: 11; All League: Southern Calif, team) THOMAS CROSBY: Football: 11.12; Wrestling: 9,10.11,12; Track Field: 11,12; Gamers Club: 10.12. 136 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines REBECCA CROWE: Class secretary: 10: Tennis: 12. NOELLE DALPIAZ: Drama Club: 12. GIN A DEEILLIPS: Cross-country: 10,12 {All CIF); Track Field: 9, 10,11 (MVP: 9. 1 0; All CIF: 9,10). CHRISTIAN DEMARCO: Basket Hal I: 10; Softball: 10,11.12: University of South Carolina. KEVIN DIBBLE: Tennis: 1 1 ; Blazers: 12. JEFF ECKLES: Honor Roll: 12: Football: 12: MUN: 10.1 I: Chess Club: 9,10,1 1,12: Gamers Club: 10,11,12. PAMELA FARRELL: Liturgy Music Group: 9.12: Spanish Club: 11: Drama Club: 11,12. CARL FELD: CSF: 10,11,12 (Seal Bearer): NHS: 10,11,12 (Honor Bearer): Academic Achievement Letter: 10, Hashmarks: I I.I 2: First Honors: 9,10,11,1 2: Na- tional Merit Commended Stude nt Letter: National Hispanic Society Semi-finalist: Academic Excellence Award: Liturgy Music Group: 10.11.12: Yearbook: 12: Spanish Club: 10,11: Blazers: 12: Drama Club: 9,11.12: Computer Club: 10,11,1 2: Science Club: 9, 10,11 : Ro- tary Club Scholarship: UC: River- side, UC Riverside Academic Excel- lence Award. B REN DA FOLEY. DENISE GALLARDO: Track Field: 12: Mecha: 9.12. JERRY GARCIA: Wrestling: 12: Spanish Club: 10; MUN: 9. WENDY GIGLER. PATRICK GOGGIN: CSF: 12: Academic Achievement Letter: 12: Football: 11.12 (All league MIP); UC: Santa Barbara, Davis. ANGELA GONZALEZ: International Club: 12: MUN: 12: Drama C tub: 12; Computer Club: 12. REBECCA GONZALEZ: Tennis: 9.10,12. JOHN GRONEK: Baseball: 10; Soccer: 11.12; Tennis: 12. DANIEL HAKALA: Football: 11.12: Wrestling: 9,10.11,12 l At IP. All league second team. All league first team champ); Virginia Military Institute. STEVEN HARWELL: Football: 12: Basketball: 11.12. SUSAN HENLEY: Honor Roll: 9,10.11.12; Yearbook: 12; Prom Committee: 11; Cheerlead- ing: 9. JENNIFER HESS: CSF: 12: Honor Roll: 9,10,11.12: Prom Committee: 1 1 ; Cross-country: 9,10,12; Track Field: 9 : Trench Club: 10; University of the Pacific. TIMOTHY HIGDON: Soccer: 10.11.12. JULIE IMBIORSKI: Prom Committee: 11; Class treasur- er: 10,11 ; ASB Secretary: 1 2; Basket- ball: 11.12: Volleyball: 11; Drama Club: 9. DANA IMBRIANI: Prom Committee: 11: Track Field: 11:1 niversity of So. Calif. CHARLES JEFFRIES: CSF: 12; NHS: 12; Spanish Honor Society: 12: Honor Roll; 9,10.1 1,1 2; Football: 11.12: Track Field: 12: Spanish Club: 10: University of So. Calif. Emery Riddle Aeronautical University. UC: Riverside. DAWN JENSEN. SHEL BY JE RNIGAN: CSF: 1 0.1 1.1 2: NHS 10,11.1 2; Aca- demic Achievement Letter: 10. Hash- marks: 10,11,12; Prom Committee: II; ASB Publicity: 12; Tennis 9.10,11.12 (Coach ' s Award); French Club: 10: Loyola Marvmount Uni- versity, L X : San Diego; University Oj San Diego, i niversity of the Pacific. JILL JIMENEZ: Honor Roll: 9,10,11,12: Cheer lead- ing: 10.11.12. DONNA KASTNER: Prom Committee: 11: Chess: 11.12. FRAN CINE KELLY: Drama Club: 12; Science Club: 10.1 1: Computer Club: 11. VINCE KING: Football: 12; Track Field: 12. TERESA KLORER: Cheerleading: 10; Poms: 11.12; Loy- ola Marvmount University. RICHARD KONTRA: Drama Club: 12; Chess Club: 12. KATHLEEN KRAEMER: CSF: 10.11.12 (Seal Bearer); NHS: 10.11.12 (Honor Bearer); Academic Achievement Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 10,11.12; Academic Excellence Award: 9.10.1 1: Religion Award: 9; Math Award: 10; National Merit Scholarship Semifinalisl: 11; First Honors: 9,10,11,12; Blazers: 9,10.11,12; Chess Club:; French Club: 10.11; International Club: 12; Science Club: 9,10. i C Los Angeles. Berkeley. GA R Y LA TOURE TTE: Football: 1 1 .12; Utah State Unive rsi- ty. Highlands New Mexico Universi- ty- DEBORAH LAURIN: Basketball: (MIP: 10. MVP. Captain: 11; MVP, Captain: 12; DAL Second team: 10; DAL First team: 11,12); Cross-country: 12: Track Field: 12. PETER LAURIN: Cross-country: 11.12 Mil ' 11; Accolades 13 ' MVP, Captain: 12); Track Field: 9,10,11,12 (MIP: 11; MVP, Captain: 12); Chess Club: 9,10; Computer Club: 10; Gamers: 9,10. GEORGE LIN: Chess Club: 12. PAUL LOPEZ: Football: 12; (All league honorable mention: 12). RICHARD LOPEZ: Football: 12; Wrestling: 12. FABIAN LUCICH: Baseball: 1 2; Chess Club: 9.10.11,1 2; Computer Club: 10; Gamers Club: 12. DIANNE LUZI: French Club: 10; Mary mount Palos Verdes. MONIKA MACIEJEWSKI: Yearbook: 12; International Club: 12. DAVID MAGDZIASZ: Golf: 11,12. MICHAEL MAIN: Baseball: 10.11.12 (All DAL second team: 10). STEPHEN MARK: CSF: 10.11.12 (Seal Bearer); NHS: 10,11,12; Academic Achievement Letter: 11, Hashmark: 12; Aquinas Award: 10,11; Newman Service Award: II; Religion Award: 100; Boys ' State: 1 1 ; Presidential Class- room: 12; Prom Committee: 11: Class President: 10.11; ASB Presi- dent: 12; Football: 11,12 (All DAL Honorable Mention); Golf: 10.11.12 (MIP); University of So. Calif Loy- ola Mary mount, UC: Santa Barbara. MICHELLE MARTINEZ: Honor Roll: 9.10,11.12; Prom Com- mittee: II; Cheerleading: 10,11,12; ASB Pep Commissioner: 12; Tennis: 9 (MVP); UC: Riverside. FRANCINE MASCORRO. KRISTIN A MARRIN: UC: Riverside. JOHN MAURICE: CSF: 10.11.12 (Seal Bearer); NHS: 10.11.12 (Honor Bearer); Academic Achievement Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 10,1 1 ,1 2; National Merit Commend- ed Student: 11; First Honors: 9,10.11,12; ProMerito Award: 11; Biology Award: 10; Chemistry Award: 11; American History Award: 11; Yearbook: 12; Class president: 12; Football: 11; Tennis: 9.10.11,12 (MIP: 10, Captain: 11,12); Spanish Club: 10,11; Chess Club: 9,10,11; Computer Club: 10.11; Science Club: 10.11; UC: Berkeley. San Diego. PAIGE MAZZEI: Honor Roll:; Cheerlead- ing: 10,12; UC: Riverside. MICHELENE McCLELLAN: Volleyball: 11.12 (MVP. All DAL second team}; Track Field: 9.10,11,12 (DAL champion: 440 re- lay. 1600 relay); French Club: 10. MELISSA McCOLLEM: Honor Roll: 11 .12; Prom Committee: 11; Loyola Marymount. Cal State University: San Bernardino. WILLIAM MERRIETT: Football: 12. ROBERT MIELAK: Baseball: 10.11.12: Computer Club: 10; Gamers Club: 10. JOHN MIELKE: CSF: 1 1 ; Honor Roll: 10,11,1 2; Foot- ball: 12; Basketball: 12; Tennis: 11 (SCAL Award); Blazers: 12; Com- puter Club: 9; UC: Riverside. RENE MONTES: Prom Committee: 11; Wrestling: KIRSTEN MUNRO: CSF: 10,11,12; Academic Achieve- ment Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 10.11.12; English Award: 10; PE Award: 9; Honor Roll:; National Youth Leadership Confer- ence: 1 2; Presidential Fitness Award: 10; Cross-country: 11; Track Field: 10,12; French Club: 10; UC: River- side, Santa Barbara. NICOLE MORRIS: Honor Roll: 9,10,11.12; Poms: 12; Drama Club: 10; Chess Club: 10.11.12; French Club: 10. JOHN NIGRO: Prom Committee: 11; Football: 12; Baseball: 11.12. SHELBY NISS: Spanish Honor Society: 12; Basket- ball: 11.12; Baseball 10.11,12 (All DAL second team; MIP; All DAL first team). MARIA OCANA: Spanish Club: 9. MICHELLE OLEJNICZAK: Prom Committee: 11; Band: 9. PHILLIP OLIVIER: Class treasurer: 9; Wrestling: 9, 10. CRIST I PAGE: Track Field: 11.12. JERRY PARES A: ProMerito Award: 10; Theology Award: 11; Liturgy Music Group: 9,10,11 ,12; Gamers Club: 9; Junipero Serra Diocesan Seminary House of Formation. KELLY PAUL: Yearbook: 10.11.12 (Merit Pin: 10): Prom Committee: 11; Drama Club: 9,10,1 1; Purdue University. THEODORE PAWLOWSKI: Football: 12; Basketball: 11; Cross- country: 1 1 . ANA PEREZ. MICHAEL PETERSEN: Liturgy Music Group: 12; Track Field: 12; Gamers Club: 10. WILLIAM POTTER. CLAUDIA QUIROGA: Academic Achievement Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 10.11; Yearbook: 12; 138 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Volleyball: 10,11. MICHAEL QUIROGA: Prom Committee: II: Football: 10,11,12 i. Ml I ' : 11); Wrestling: 9,10,11,12 (Captain). ANNE RAMIREZ: Tennis: 9. VERONICA RAMIREZ: Mecha: 9. ZACHARY REEDER: CSF: 10,11,12 {Seal Bearer): MIS 10,11,12 {Honor Bearer): Academics Achievement Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 11,12; National Merit Commended Student: 1 1 : Spanish Honor Society: 11.12; So. Calif. Leadership Semi- nar; American Legion Youth Envi- ronmental Conference; Honor Roll: 9,10.11,1 2; Baseball: 10. 1 1,1 2; C ' om- puter Club: 10,11,12; Science Club: 9,10.1 1; UC: Riverside. Los Angeles. MICHAEL RIVERA. ROBERT ROBERTSON. SHANNON ROE: Honor Roll: 9,10,11,12. MICHELE ROEDER: CSF: 10.11,12 {Seal Bearer); NHS: 10,11,12 (Honor Bearer); Academic Achievement Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 10.11.12: Pro-Merito Award; Eng- lish Award: 11; French Award; Girls ' State; Class secretary: 9; ASB Vice- president: 12; Tennis: 9.10.1 1.12 (MVP: 9.I0 : MVP, DAL 9.10); French Club: 10,11; Rotary Life Scholarship; UC: Los Angeles. Pep- perdine. Loyola Marymount. MARIANNE ROSSI: Prom Committee: 11; Poms: 12; French Club: 10. MARY ROSSO: Prom Committee: II; Basketball: 1 1.12 (All league second team, first team); Volleyball: 11.12 {All league first team. Co-captain, MVP); Soft- ball: 10.11.12 i All league second team, first team. All CIF. Coach ' s Award); UC: Riverside. CYNTHIA RUESS: Prom Committee: 11: Volleyball: II. BRENDA SAENZ: International Club: 12; Media: 12. RICHARD SAUCE DO: Chess Club: 9. ANDREW SANCHEZ: Wrestling: 9 (all league first team, second team); Techa: 10,11. MICHAEL SCANNELL: Cal Poly Pomona. CURTIS SCHRADER. MICHAEL SHEA: Football: 1 2; Golf: 1 1.12. DAVID S1SS0N: Class vice-president: 9.10.1 1; Soccer: 11.12: Tennis: 9,10 (MVP. DAL champ). THOMAS SOLOMON. MARY SMITH: Academic Achievement Letter: 10, Hashmarks: 10.11.12; Honor Roll: 9,10.11,12; Yearbook: 1 1 ; Poms: 12: Drama Club: 9; L ! niversity of San Diego. HEINZ STEINMANN: Football: 1 1.12 {All league ' 84. ' 85; All CIF ' 85, MIP ' 84, Captain ' s Award ' 85); Basketball: 11.12 (All league ' 84. Blue Falcon Award ' 84); Baseball: 10.1 1.12 (All league ' 84). SEANA STEVENS: Prom Committee:! 1 ; Chess Club: 10.12. BRYAN STIRLE. TRACY STOUT: Academic Achievement Letter: 11; Yearbook: 12; International Club: 12. GUY SURBER: CSF: 10.11.12; Academic Achieve- ment Letter: II, Hashmark: 1 1 ; Soc- cer: 10.11.12 {All league first team); L ' C: Riverside, Santa Barbara. Ir- STEVEN SI TORUS: Football 12. Soccer. ID.! 1.12 111 Sunkist League. 10, Captain: 12), I amis: 12; California State i niver- sily: San Bernardino. MICHAEL TAURhk Golf: 9.10.1 1.12 ' Ml P 9 10,11) KENNY TAYLOR: Academic Achievement Letter: 10. Hashmarks: 10. 1 1 .1 2; Academic Ex- cellence second place award: 9; Prom Committee: 11; Class treasurer: 12; Football: 12; Soccer: 10.11,12; Track Field: 11.12; " I Dare You " Leadership Scholarship Award; UC: Riverside. San Diego. CATR1NA TERBEST: Volleyball: 11.12 (MIP); Softball: 10. CHARLES THACKER: Tennis: 9.11. STEPHAN TILLERY: Prom Committee: 11; Class presi- dent: 9; Class secretary: 1 1 ; Football: 11.12; Track Field: 12 (CIF. MIP); Spanish Club: 10. FELICIA TORRES: Basketball: 1 1 ; Softball: 10.11.12. KATE VARN1: Poms: 12: Tennis: 1 1.12 (MIP); Loy- ola Marymount. St. Mary ' s College. JAMES VASSILAKOS: Yearbook: 12: MIX 9,10.11.12; Computer Club: 10.1 1 ; Gamers Club: 11.12; UC: Riverside. JOHN WAGONER: Honor Roll: 11.12: Tennis: 12. PATRICK WEEKS: Football: 1 2: Soccer: 1 2. LISA WIGGINS: French Club: 10. Accolades 139 See Each We present this page in memory of those parents, teachers, students, and alumni who have died dur- ing the past year: David Montaho (80), Mr. Joe Page, Mr. Virgil Solomon. Mrs. Evelyn Stout. We also remember those 7 astronauts killed in the Challenger launching: Greg- ory Jarvis, Christ a McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Francis Scobee, Michael Smith. President Reagan commented, " We must continue. Other brave Americans must go now where they so valiantly tried to lead . . . Anyone who doubts this does not know the history of our land, the wonder of America and her free people or the meaning of the words " The Right Stuff. " The tragedy of the Shuttle Seven will only serve to strengthen the resolve of Americans to pursue their dreams. We mourn their loss as a nation together. 140 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines Moment as Forever How important life finds us In the world God created. And He taketh away in the blink of an eye And we know not. So see each moment as your life forever And live again counting not tomorrow. But only those you love. Memorial 141 Four Years Change Students " Aquinas has changed so much over the past four years, and so have I. Some of the most exciting and significant things have happened to me and my knowledge has vastly expanded due to the excellent education I have received. I ' ve moaned and groaned about Fr. Donat ' s " Great Ideas Project " and our incessant reading of novels, and Br. Snider ' s Calcu- lus tests, but I know I ' ll appreciate it all in the long run. " Michele Roeder 142 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines . Students linger outside the " E " build- ing. 2. Jacques Wilson burns a Lenten peti- tion. 3. Hannah Hayashi skims through her religion book. 4. Pete Laurin rests dur- ing his religion class. 5. Angela Gonzalez reviews her English notes. 6. Coaches Ea- tinger with Smith assess the situation. 7. Lauren Rumpf clowns for the camera. 21 Epilogue 143 Sun Sets — A Day Begins " Typical Freshmen, Small and Homely " " Time for Friendships " " Seniors I Respected " " Times of Learning " " Freedom " " Ready for College " " Preparation for Life " " Working on Class Projects " 144 The 30th Year — Success Still Shines !t

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