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am the Vine. ou are the Branches Table of Contents Theme 2 Graduates 16 Happenings ..... 36 Involvement 50 Influences 60 Friendships 82 Challenges 104 Achievements ..138 " One growing in freedom explain his hopes of what can be . . . ' All good things which exist are the fruits of originality. " — John S. Mill ' ' Of life ' s strange tree, so fruitful on occasion! ' ' — Byron r%i ' V " i. ' ' V. One learns that persons around him call for his talents, energies and love. " ■ mi ' ' A person learning freedom begins to breathe with at home in the world . . ' " If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not. " — Shakespeare. mni There is no way we can demand of every other man that he walk in our shoes or in our paths. " Grennan y Abraham, Catherine Allen, Kelly Andry, Patricia Bachman, John Baker, Michelle Alaniz, David Auzenne, Craig Bakeman, Michelle Ballard, Sheila Alien, Karen Bangle, Ross Beardsley, Carl Students talked with each other at break Bonadiman, Jeanette Burley, Richard Cain, Pamela Carty, Jennifer Chisholm, Susan Bott, Amy Bustos, David Caldwell, Jeffrey Casillas, Janice Cochran, Pamela Brinton, Brett Brubaker, Mary Unity Ted Lopez, Ann Tillery, Ricky Rodriguez, and Pat Andry chat under the shade of a tree. Carlos Enciso, Jeff Mcintosh, Mike Slavin, and Mark Herbert talk after school. Constant, James Damgen, Carol Diaz, Peter Domingo, Christina Duke, Timothy Dainko, Michael De Anda, Maria Dibble, Stephanie Doty, Jana Ellefson, Kara Enciso, Carlos Pike, Eric Garcia, Patricia Germundsen, Sandra Gomez, Toni Fabela, Barbara Fischbach, Lisa Garcia, Shaune Giese, Scott Good, James Fairchild, Richard Fitzpatrick, Joseph Gardner, David Goettelmann, James Guisa, Yvonne Fansler, Roger Flynn, John Gericke, Marlene Gomez, Alfred Gusman, Lawrence Friendship ' mj 1. Ray Purpero, Lea Snell, Maura Varni and Janice Casillas relax during sixth period. Gutierrez, Silvia 2. Maura Varni and Janice Vlachos show cooperation in their work. Hatcala, John Hardy, Carole Harmon, Michael Harnitchek, Bryan Hart, Carol Harwood, Bryan Hast, Christopher Lisa Fishbach gets refreshment from the snack bar. Hatch, Holly Hillard, Joseph Hubbell, Christine Jakobi, Nicole James, Maurice Henderson, Gloria Hopkins, Brian Huey, Christopher James, Kelly Johnson, Martin Herbert, Mark Hopkins, Marleah Huntley, Diane Heyman, Sandra Hougland, Laura Imbiorski, Martha n i Johnson, William Jones, Dale Kanka, Lisa Knowlton, James Knuckey, Melissa Kontra, Michele Kruk, Andrew Kubesh, Timothy Lambert, Rodney Larkin, Christina Laterreur, Carole Lawson, Jeffrey Le Court, Suzanne Jim Gottelman, Jim Kubesh and other seniors relax during break. Lee, Cynthia Lieuallen, Elene Longo, Chris Lopez, Jonee Lopez, Jose Lopez, Miguel Lopez, Theodore Luna, Mike MacLennan, Michael Maples, Ronald Malsam, Frances Marotta, Johnny Mascorro, Anthony McGee, Brian Larry De Marco, James Constant, Karen Allen, and Steve Paramo give Mardi Linane directions. McGee, Michel McMurray, Tracy McGrew, Robert Merrett, Pamela Mcintosh, Jeffrey Miller, Mark Milligan, Harold Montes, Rebecca Mumford, Michael Miranda, Leonard Moreno, Maria Murray, Carolyn Karen Allen and Jim Knowlton discuss the yeartx)ok wiih Father Donat. O ' Malley, Dennis Paul, Stanley Pietro, Cathy Page, Jon Peruyera, Luisa Poirier, Jean Parker, Christopher Pestrella, Christine Parnell, Stacey Petersen, Paul Porter, Bryan Potz, Christoph Mr. Hunt discusses opinion leaders in his government class Prahar, Kelli Preston, Robert Purpero, Ray Puttre, Edward Quiroga, Elsa Rangel, Anthony Rangel, Richard Reyes, Diane Rheuark, Sheri Rodriguez, Ricky Roeder, Julie Romeo. Joann Ann Tillery balances books on her head. Rosette, Anthony Rynn, Daniel Schmalz, Robert Scott, Walter Skubic, Thomas Rosso, Judith Samra, Danny Schoenfeld, Soriia Shoemaker, Aneurin Slavin, Michael Rosso, Sandra Satoski, Jill Schrader, Michael Ruvalcaba, Ana Sauer, Mary Schumacher, William Small, Mandy Smith, Scott Snell, Lea Sponsler, John Stanfield, Elizabeth Stevens, John Struna, Joseph Sturgeon, Deborah Swift, George Thacker, Stephanie Tillery, Susan Troy, Sherrie Varne, Maura Vidana, Yolanda Vidergar, Frank Wagoner, Kristina Walters, Christina Weeks, Richard 1. Marty Wilson, Richard Weeks, and Scott Smiili walk class. 2. Pete Diaz and Mike Mumford cross the quad, 3. Pam Merrett collects attendance slips from the library. White, John Wilson, Marty Lisa Reisch, Dodi Schwe. and Stanley Paul laugh together during break. 2. Stacey Parnell, Deborah Sturgeon. Mary Brubaker, and Tina Walters study. 3. Cathy Abraham, Maura Varni, and Janice Casillas admire ; 4. Frank Vidergar laughs at the photographer. Aquinas Students Received Aquinas students received acceptances from various Universities throughout the United States. They had applied to The University of California, Loyola Marymount University, California State University, University of Notre Dame, Gonzaga University, University of Mon- tana, Perdue University, University of Red- lands, University of Southern California, Uni- versity of San Diego, United States Nava Academy, United States Military Academy. United States Air Force Academy. 1. Top L-R. Karen Allen, University of Montana; Julie Roeder, University of San Diego; Ann Tillary, Gonzaga Uni- versity, Washington; Maura Varni, University of Redlands; Janice Casillas. University of San Diego; Frances Malsam. University of Montana. 2. L-R. (University of Notre Dame) Tom Skubic. Mike MacLennan, Frank Vidergar, Chris Potz, Craig Auzenne. 3. Ted Lopez, United States Naval Acade- my, United States Military Academy. United States Aii Force Academy 2 Acceptances From Various Colleges f " HAPPENING, Seniors win the Spirit Stick 1983 Spirit Week included a pep rally, mummy wrapping, horse broom race, big wheel races. Space Invaders, Snake Skinning contest, and funny hat contest. The Senior class garnered the highest total of points to win the Spirit Stick. 1 , Bryan Porter, Ron Maples, and John White model male chapeaux. 2. Tracy Niss and Ken Haughawot cheer Mike Dainko to victory, ie Levin and Michelle Ashbaker wrap David Sisson during the 4. The sophomores exalt by throwing the " horse broom " in the air, 5. Seniors cheer in victory after the Snake Skinning Contest 6. Ann Tillery, wrapped in chains, models her finery. 7. John Hakala hurls the ball at the cheerleaders in " Space Invaders Monica Auzenne, a 1983 Tournament of Roses Princess, honored the Football Homecoming. During the half-time ac- tivities, she presented each of our princesses with a Tournament of Roses emblem. The theme of the week was " California Dream. " ' 83 Rose " Princess honors Homecoming! Andy Zachary dances with Frankie Malsam at the Homecoming Dane Senior Class float. Christmas Ball begins " Joy " 1. Frank Vidergar and Stan Paul welcome guests to the Christmas Ball. 2. Kelly Allen, Ann Tillery, and " mystery guest " giggle with the music. 3. The Christmas Court; Kim Swoger, Sean Lugo, David Jernigan, Karen Chacon, Mark Jones, Michelle Martinez, " Santa Claus " Hunt, Queen Cathy Abraham, King Robert Preston, Ann Tillery, Ted Lopez, Mary Sauer, Andy Zachary. 4. Leslie Hysong and escort refresh themselves as Mrs. Rosso and Mrs. Grace watch. 5. Mr. Hunt, " Santa Claus " dances with his wife. 6. Craig Auzenne and Janice Vlachos, and Ernest Frey and escort dance at the Ball. Queen Cathy Abraham and King Robert Preston led the Christmas court and guests through an enjoyable evening at the Christ- mas dance. The dance on December 18, 1982, celebrated the beginning of the Christmas holidays, as students danced to the music of " Amethyst. ■■ Drama Students Perform Two Plays This year Drama students, under the guiding hand of Mr. DiDonato, put on two productions. In November, they produced a one-act, " Mr. Snoop is Murdered " , a spoof about the murder of a shady radio commentator. In December, they produced a full-length play, " Belvedere " , a comedy about a family ' s adventures with an au- thor, a self-proclaimed genius, who sits for their children. 4. Playinti husband and wile, John Bachman and Sluccy Par- nell argue, while Mr. Belvedere (Jon Page) looks on. .S. Carol Damgen pensively portrays Ida Carver Appelton, 6. Sergeant Graham (Jon Page) reads a paper while Jigger (Morgan Rumpf) looks inleresled. 7. Back row; Carol Damgen, Natalie Fowler, Michelle Colunga. Jim Knowlton, Jon Page. Bottom row: Morgan Rumpf, Kelly Roe, John Bachman, Stacey Par- ncll. I. Tracy Kmg (Stacey Parnell) talked to her children, Bobbie (Natalie Fowler) and Mark (Morgan RumpO. 2. Jon Page, playing the part of Mr. Belvedere, models a sculpture of his face. 3. Oliver Sax (Mike Schrader) watches Jigger (Morgan Rumpf) light a stogie. 1 " Drama is more than acting! " 1. John Bachman, Marianne Serrano, Bill Walters, Marlene Gericke, and Natalie Fowler work with costumes. 2. Mike Sehrader, Roger Fansler, Morgan Rumpf. Jim Knowl- ton, Jon Page. Noell Cross, Stacy Parnell, and Shannon Parnell gather together before a rehearsal of " Rocking Horse Winner. " 3. Michelle Baker. Monica Luna, Lisa Gaylord, and Jim Good practice make-up skills. Drama is more than acting . it ' s costumes . it ' s make-up . it ' s lighting . it ' s song and dance . and that is the long and the short of i 4. Debbie Masia. Carol Hardy, Melisa Knuckc and SuAinnc l c Court handle lighting equipment. 5 Jim Good and Debbie Masia pose for a drama picture. 6. Michelle Colunga, Morgan Rumph, Kelly Roe, Jose Lopez, and Kim Swoger practice song and dance routines. I " When people ask me how I got m letter, instead of saying I ' m on a sports team, I tell them I used my mind. " On March 7, 1983, Fr. Sanders awarded the cademic Achievement Letters, a white block " A " with the lamp of learning super-imposed, to five seniors, nine juniors, and fifteen sophomores who had earned a GPA of 3.5 for three consecutive semesters. Fr. Sanders honored the twenty-nine students at a re- ception in the library with Mr. Critchlow, Fr. Donat, Sr. Mary Esther, Mr. Wilson, and Miss Payne also present. These stu- dents earned their letters for high grades in Theology, English, Sci- ence, Math, Foreign Language, Social Studies, and Fine Arts. 2 Our Lettermen are also Men of Letters! 1 Fr. Sanders and Sr. Mary Esther present Narciso I r amillo with his Academic Achievement Letter 2 Frink Vidergar. Philip Ho, Tom SIcubic, Mark Norman, Craiti Auzenne. and Alson Chao formed this year ' s UCR Aca- demic College Bowl team. 3. Seniors Frank Vidergar. Mike MacLennan, Gloria Henderson, Chris Potz, and Tom Skubic earned their Academic Achievement Letter. 4. Juniors: Sue Kula, Roseanne Hill, Kathy Sena, Rose- mary Milew, Richard Maples, Alson Chao, George Pfeffer, Paul Reisch, Philip Ho — Academic Achieve- ment. 5. Sophomores: Debbie Taurch, Narciso Jara- millo, Karen Parker, Andrea Potz, Gail Flathers, Ger- trude Raymundo, Judy Riddell. Lisa Reisch, Mike Maurice, Doug Karalien, Matt Maeda, John Oxrider, Morgan Rumpf, Darren Robbins. Kathy Seber. 6. The 1983 Aciidcmic Achievement l.elicr. 7, Reception table for Academic Achievement Letter. 8. California Scholarship lederation (T.ip Row) Paul Mackzum, Paul Reisch, Richard Miplcs, Pliilip llo. Mike MacLennan. Frank Vidergar. Tom SkuhiL, likc Maurice, Alison Chao, George Pfeffer, Dan Ke- hcu, Craig Au cnne. Ted Lopez, John Oxrider, Mark Norinan, Chris Potz, Bryan Harnitchek, John Flinn, Gloria Henderson, Anna Ruvalcaba, Ria Coussoulis, Andrea Pot , (Bottom Row) Matt Maeda, Narciso Jaramillo, Fiona Moore, Laura Whitney. Rosemary Milew, JoDi Garcia, Kathy Sena, Sue Kuia, Ro- seanne Hill, Kim Yen. Lisa Reisch, Karen Parker. 9. National Honor Society: (Top Row) Paul Reisch, Paul Mackzum, Rich- ard Maples Frank Vidergar John Oxrider Mike Maurice Tom Skubic Ted Lopez George Pfeffer Mark Norman Dan Kchew (Bottom Row) Philip Ho Nartiso laramillo Kim en 1 iM Reisch R is(.ni.r 1iIlw Sue Kul i Rose innt Hill K ilhy Scni 10 Fithcr Sindcrsspcik-- to the scholars who earned the cidcmic VchicvLmcnt Utter CSF SLAL lil AKl KS Tom Skuhie. led Lope . Craig .- uzenne. Christoph Potz. Mike MacLennan. Mark Norman. Gloria Henderson. Frank Vidergar. Kimberiy Yen NHS HONOR BEARERS Tom Skubic. Ted Lopez. Mark Norman. Frank Vidergar. Kimberiy Yen. Stanley Paul. Craig Auzenne Seniors earn scholarships. 1. Christoph Potz, Science and Mathematics Plaque winner, and Thomas Skubic, Liberal Arts Plaque winner, stroll through " D " building ' s hall, after a day ' s hard classes. 2. Sandra Heyman. Home Economics certificate winner, and Gloria Henderson, Busi- ness certificate winner, pause during a busy day. 3. Sylvia Gutier- rez, Foreign Language certificate winner, and Edward Puttrc. English certificate winner, ponder the intricacies of language stud 4. Mike MacLennan. Mathematics certificate winner, and Ted Lo- pez, Laboratory Science certificate winner, take a break from equa- tions and formulae. 5. Tom Skubic, Bausch and Lomb science medal winner, Mike MacLennan, National Merit Scholarship fina- list, and Craig Auzenne, Notre Dame Scholarship winner, meet in the library. 6. Pam Cain. Art certificate winner, and Carol Dam- gen, Drama certificate winner, discuss the future of fine arts Aquinas High School and the Bank of America proudly awarded plaques and certificates to the students chosen the most outstanding in their respective fields. Fr. Donat. Mrs. Rulfo-Jung, and Mr. DiDonato, the Liberal Arts faculty com- mittee, had chosen Thomas Skubic as the 1983 Liberal Arts Plaque winner, while Mrs. Leesburg and Br. Frank Snider se- lected Christoph Potz as the Science and Mathematics Plaque winner. The department chairmen of the school also selected students who were the most outstanding in these nine areas: Art, Drama, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Lab- oratory Science, Mathematics, Business, and Home Econom- People Are Involved I. Mr. Harrington supervises an ASB meeting. 2. Michcle Konlra, ASB Treasurer. 3. Ann Tillery, ASB Vice Presi- ent. 4. Craig Auzenne, ASB Commissioner of Publicity. .V Ted Lopez, ASB President. 6. Senior Class Officers — Frank Vidergar, President: Pam Merrett, Secretary; Jeff Mcintosh, Treasurer. 7. Freshmen Class Officers — Mi- Roeder. Secretary; Stephen Tillery, President; Chuck Jeffries, Vice President; Phil Olivier, Treasurer. 8. Sopho : Class Officers — Lisa Reisch, Secretary; Mike Mau- rice, Treasurer; John Oxrider, President; Carol Ragan, Vic President. 9. Junior Class Officers — JoD Garcia, Vii President; Michelle Colunga, President; Tina Zaharopou- los. Treasurer. 10. Fiona Moore, ASB Commissioner of Pep and Assemblies. 1 1. Patricia Andry, ASB Secretary. " This year the Student Council had one of the most rewarding years in the history ot ASB at Aquinas High School. The Counci formed goals early in the year which helped create a prosperous year. Among the more important of these goals were more student involvement, better communiciations between students and faculty, more activities, and more unity and care between the Council mem- bers. The Student Council successfully involved more students in the school, promoting school spirit with Spirit Week and other Homecoming activities. They also initiated Freshman Orientation, opening a line of communications between upperclassmen and new students, allowing Freshmen to join in activities without apprehen- sion. This year ' s Student Council also improved communication between faculty and students, the students being encouraged to take refreshments to faculty meetings to express their thanks for the hard work of the faculty. The Student Council, which started the Freshman Orientation Program as well as musical entertainment during lunch, initiated more activities than ever before. They began a new tradition, all new officers elected to class or ASB fices being sworn in at a very formal ceremony with the outgoing ASB president giving a farewell address and the new ASB president giving an acceptance speech. Aquinas High can be very proud of their ASB for 1983. " — Ted Lopez Staff chronicles our school year. 1 . Mike MacLennan traces down a missing name as Fr. Donat helps read the freshmen layouts. 2. Chris Potz and James Constant choose photographs for the tennis spread. 3. Robert Pfeffer plans the wrestling layout. 4 Andrea Potz and Laura Whitney argue ovei picture placement while Kathy Sena advises them. 5. George Pfeffer checks with Kalhy .Sena on a photo caption. 6. James Constant crops the copy for a lavout 7 Mike Macl,ennan proofreads the senior sectior vearb H)k dummy The 1983 Yearbook staff, mostly dedicated seniors, with ahandful of equally dedicated juniors and sophomores, worked from September to March to produce this year ' s SUMMA. Chris Potz, Mike MacLennan. Karen Allen. Tom Skubic, and James Constant drew layouts, photographed faculty and students, wrote copy and captions, and assisted George Pfeffer, Philip Ho, Kathy Sena, Laura Whitney, Andrea Potz. and Robert Pfeffer, and moderator Fr. Donat. Mr. Jack Schmitz, of Schmitz Photography, provided a ready smile and a terrific sense of humor, as he untiringly covered academic and athletic events during the year. Mr. Frank Chavez, our yearbook representa- tive, gave staff training and his time to oversee our production of a successful " history " " of 1982-1983 school year. Members participate in 4 Aquinas clubs Students held various tundraising activities intlud ing bake sales, exhibits and dances and attended competitions attractions, and museums Mem bersot the Model United Nations club attended the M.U.N Riverside and San Diego conlerences where thev discussed United Nations peacekeeping forces in the Middle hast Ihe Bla ers ushered at the Civic 1 ight Opera production ot Man ot 1 a Mancha 1 he Gamers plaved strategy oriented games such as Dungeons and Dragons Science club members experimented with lasers and holo graphic equipment as well as traveling to []k Museum ot Science and Industry The Drama cluh members presented before the Aquinas communiis the theatrical productions ol Mr. Snoop Is Mui dered " and " Mr. Belvedere, " in addition to attending Universal Studios. Members of the Chess club competed in tournaments against the Red- lands ' High School chess players. I MODEL UNITED NATIONS: (Top Irom lett) Jim Vassilakos, Fred Partee. Glen Couller. Fred McElroy, Carlos Scalisi, Gary Klein. Pal Gillette, Fred Partee. Narcisso Jaramillo. (Bottom from Lett) Erie Webster. Christy Gannon. Pam W-n. Lisa Vidergar. Andrea Potz. Tina Ramos. Karen Parker. Heather Sludwcll. Karen MacLennan. Jerry Garcia. 2. BLAZERS club: (Top from Lett) Karen Feld. Rosemary Milew, Kathy Sena. Laura Whitney. Beverly O ' Brien, Christina Larkin. (Middle from Left) Sue Kula. Mary DeCoite. Mary Raymond. Fiona Moore. Pat Andry. Yvonne Guisa. Ana Ruvalcaba. Maria DeAnda. Tina Walters. (Bollom from Left) Roseanne Hill. Kathleen Kraemer 3. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE club: (Top from Left) Frank Vidergar. Cathy Abraham. Melisa Knuckey. Lisa Vidergar. Craig Auzenne. (Middle from Left) Carol Ragan. Yvonne Guisa. (Bottom from Left) Pat Andry. Ann Tillery. Pam Yen. 4. WAR GAMES club: (Top from Left) Brian Skinner. Tom Crosby. John Maurice. Joe Garcia, John Ayres. Mike MacLennan. Mark Norman. Chris Potz, Jim Vassila- kos. (Bottom from Left) Eric Raymundo. David Gerling. Tom Wagner. Peter Watson. Scott Giese. Jon Page. David Peterson. Mike Maurice. Fred McElroy. Jerry Paresa. 5. SCIENCE club: (Top from Left) Alson Chao. Dan Kehew. Mark Norman. Zachary Reeder, Mike Maurice, (Middle from Left) Chris Huey, Chris Potz, Narciso Jaramillo, Joe Delgado, Craig Auzenne. Philip Ho. Tom Skubic, Frank Vidergar, Ruben Ibarra, (Bottom from Left) Andrea Potz, Pam Yen. Kathleen Kraemer. Lisa Vidergar. Morgan Rumpf, 6, DRAMA club: (Top from left) Jon Page. John Aypes. Kenny Cimino. Morgan Rumpf. Fred McElroy. I Middle from Left) Stacey Parnell. Jackie McBride. Biodun White. (Bottom from 1 elt) Tom Wagner. Melisa Knuckey. Mary Smith. Julie Imbiorski. Kathy Inihiorski. 7. CHESS club: (Top from Left) John Maurice. Joe Garcia. John Ayres. Mike MacLennan. Mark Norman. Chris Potz. PatriciaGille Eric Raymundo. David Gerling. Ruben Ibarra. Peter Watson. Scott Giese. Jon Page. David Petersen. Mike Maurice. Toby Gustafson. George Pace. Fabian l.ucich, (Bottom from Left) Jeff Eckles. Richard Saucedo. Tom Wagner. Carole Hardy, Kathleen Kraemer, Narciso Jaramillo. Joe Delgado. X. VARSITY C HEERS and SONGLEADERS: Lori Castro. Amy Bott. Cathy Pielro. Patty Dainko. Mardi Linane. Christina Domingo. Christina Larkin. Lisa Fischbach. Kathleen Garcia. Kelly Allen. Kim Yen. ICC organized club fundraisers 1. INTERCLUB COUNCIL: (top from left) Scott Giese, Jon Page, Patricia Garcia, Fiona Moore, Fred McElroy, Moder- ator: John Harrington, (bottom from left) Richard Maples, George Pfeffer, Rosemary Mi- lew, Laura Whitney. 9. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: (left to right) Amy Piehler, Jill Cluck. Michelle Lopez, Monica Nunez, Vikki Vanderwoude, Candice Myers. 2. Songleaders: (left to right) Lisa Feschbach, Kelly Allen, Kim Yen, Christi- na Larkin, Kathleen Ga Christina Domingo. 3. Varsity Cheerleaders: (left to right) Lorri Castro, Cathy Pietro, Amy Bott, Lisa Kanka. The Interclub Council sets dates for fundraisers and club activities. Aquinas Cheerleaders and Songleaders led the students and parents in spirit during football and basketball games. The Mecha Club members raised money through a school dance and held a Cinco de Mayo banquet and celebration. The Spanish Honor Society and the Spanish Club members together attended the plays " Man of La Mancha " and " Don Quixote " as well as traveling to the Norton Simon Museum. Members of the Brothers ' and Sisters ' Union held a Mexican sweet-bread sale in addition to painting the Aquinas High School sign. The French Club members sponsored a Christmas party as well as dining in a French restaurant. . MECHA Club; (top from left) Reuben Bernal, Denize Gal- irdo, Kim DuCloux, Cecila Gallardo, Yvonne Garcia. Patricia arcia, Jonee Lopez, Yolanda Vidana, Alicia Ortega, (middle from ft) Lorriane Perez, Roland Gurule, Rihcard Rangel, Michelle Co- inga, Lisa Garcia, SOnia Balderas, Roni Ramirez, Toni Gomez, Garcia, Stacy Pierce, Liz Rangel, Kathy Botello, Lillian Nevar- rete, (bottom from left) Anthony Aguirre, Mario Gallardo, Anthony Rangel, Michael Cordova, Jose Lopez, Harold McClellan. 5. SPAN- ISH Club: (top from left) George Pfeffer, Paul Reisch, Mike Maurice, (middle from left) John Oxrider, Kathy Sena, Angela Fisher, Ria Coussoulis, Kenny Cimino, Michelle Lambert, Deborah Taurek, Pam Yen. 6. BROTHERS ' AND SISTERS ' UNION: (from left) Aaron Moody, Anna Ruvalcaba, Maurice James. 7. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY: (top from left) Carl Beardsley, Reuben Bernal, David Bustos, Kristen Wagoner, (middle from left) Silvia Gutierrez, Miguel Lopez, Yvonne Guisa, Kristen Kemmer, Sandra Rosso, Judith Rosso. 8. FRENCH Club: (top from left) Fred McElroy, Martin Jimenez, Jerry Cygan, Carlos Scalisi, Aaron Cygan, Gary Klein, Jeremy St. John Brown, (middle from left) Tina Ramos, Penny St. John Brown, Karen Parker, Kim DuCloux, Ana Luzy, Rosemary Milew, Pat Andry, Fiona Moore, (bottom from left) Laura Whitney, Roseanne Hill, Maria Marolta, Gail Flathers. Influences People to turn to Fr. Sanders, C.R., principal of Aquinas, know- ing the value of being available to students, leaves his door open to them. He has greatly im- proved Aquinas academic programs by encour- aging students to take challenging courses and to do the best work they can. He has instituted Aquinas ' first Fine Arts requirement, that all in- coming freshmen take at least one year of study in this area. 1. — Fr Dennis Sanders C R Principal (M.A., St. Louis Univ.), 2. — Sr. Mary Esther OS B (MA Notre Dame Univ.), 3. — Mr. John Har- rington (M A Univ of Ca Riverside), 4. — Mr. Dave Critchlow (M.A., George Wahington Uni ) i —Mr Dennis Wilson (B.A., Cal State S.B.) 6. — Most Reverend Philhp F Straling, D.D. People You Can count On For Help Students turned to the Aquinas counselling and secretarial staff for help throughout the year. Fr. Fred Gaglia assisted seniors in filling out their 1983 college applications, while Miss Payne, librarian, lent a hand in finding source materials for the many reports due during the school year. Mr. Henley, also an important member of the Aquinas community, improved our campus by purchasing new trash cans and painting the buildings. Fr. Fred Gaglia (M.S., M.S. A., Univ. of Notre Dame), 2. — Mrs. Carolyn J. Bushong (M.A., Claremont Graduate School), 3. — Mrs. Marge Topolesky, Financial Secretary, 4. — Mrs. MaryLou Johnson, Attendance Office Secretary, 5. — Mrs. Linda Cooper. Main Office Secretary, 6. — Mrs. Johnson gives Amy Wyler a form to fill out. 7. — Miss Dons Payne, Librarian, 8. — Mr. Jack Henley, Plant Manager (B.A., San Diego Slate Univ.), 9. — Mrs. Cooper discusses school business with Fr. Sanders., 10. — Miss Payne helps Jerry Garcia sort through the card catalog in search of a book., II. — Mrs. Bushong counsels Sean Stanton. Shakespeare plays a role in English classes. In Fr. Donafs English 4AP class this year, stu- dents analyzed the Shakespeare plays " King Lear " " and " Othello " " to develop better insight into literature and to prepare for the AP exam in English Literature in May. 4AP students despised writing essays on topics too nebulous to fathom, working long hours towards their finished product. 1 . Miss Pentz discusses English quarter grades with Kelly Castledine and Laurie Marscher. 2 James Constant sleeps in front of his collection of novels for English 4AP class. 3. Kathy Abraham stares, amazed, at the amount of English 4AP reading she has to accomplish, 4. Stephanie Thackcr revises her composition during Fr. Donafs English 4 class. 5, Fr. Robert J. Donat (M.A.. Catholic University of America), Chairman, English 3AP. English 4, English 4AP. 6. Linda F. Maninez (B.A.. Dominican College), English I. 7. A. Isabel Halford (MA., University of Il- linois), English I A, English I, English 3. 8. Jane Pentz (B.A., Immaculate Heart College), English I, English 3. ' Doris L. Harvill (B.S., UCLA), English :A, English 2, English 4A, 10, John W. Struble (MA,, UC San Diego), English 2. Classes experiment to collect data Science classes were divided into two categories: chemical and life sci- ences. The Life Science, Biology, and Human Biology classes included labs dealing with various dissections. Chemical sciences classes included Gen- eral Science, Chemistry, and Physics. In Physics class, students studied the science of motion with calculations based on fact, measurement, and logic. Class experiments demonstrated some of the practical aspects of chemistry. 7. Mrs. Nancy Beck (M.S. Azusa Pacific University), Gen. Science, Biology, Life Science. 8. Mrs. Alice Leesburg (M.S. University of Oregon), Chairman, Biology, Human Biology, 9. Mrs. Lisa Sligh Hope College), Life Science, Chemistry. 10. Mis CamiUe Gray (B.S. Michigan State University), Gen eral Science, Physics. th force 1 . Miss Gray argues a point in physics with Craig Au 2. Sean Golden examines a microscope sliJe for Biology. 3. George Pfeffer adjusts the flame on his bunsen burner. 4. Eric Raymundo and Rick Weeks exper: scales. 5. Joe Knowlton and Rosa Santos focus their microscopes. 6. Chris Potz, Mark Norman, Mike Luna, and Ted Lopez collaborate on a force scale lab report. Seniors stand trial In Mr. Hunt ' s American Government class, seniors discussed juvenile rights and 2 the crimes juveniles commit most often. Guest speakers from Juvenile Hall, San Bernardino Police Depart- ment, and the District At- torney ' s office discussed their daily experiences. In a mock trial which Mr. Hunt devised, students assumed the roles of actual crimina court members, including the bailiff, the judge, and the prosecutor. I, Tom Lappin, Paul Reisch, and Joe Mandichak laugh at one of Mr. Wilson ' s historic puns. 2. Mr. Hunt lec- tures his American Government class on the develop- ment of public opinion. 3. Tom Lappin takes notes dur- ing his AP History class. 4. Robin Eshelman listens attentively to the discussion. 5. Shelly Baker. Lisa Gay- lord, and Jose Lopez take notes on Mr. DiDonalo ' s lec- ture Classes study man ' s relationship to God. Religion classes at Aquinas provided the stu- dents to grow emotionally and intellectually. For example, in Sr. Mae ' s class, Seniors dis- cussed different religions and traditions. In Sr. Kathleen ' s class. Sophomores listened to music as they prayed. In Mr. Brown ' s class, Juniors studied the Old Testament and had major de- bates on solutions to world problems. .t 1. Mrs. Cardenas lectures to her Theology 4 class. 2. Frank Vidergar shakes hands with Fr. Andre. 3. Ray Purpero reads a passage from the Bible. 4. Ad- vent Candles represent the four weeks before Christmas. 5. Carol Damgen studies the dif- ferent types of beliefs from her book, as Kelly Allen stares to- wards the window. 1. Fr. Joseph C. Schilly (MA. — San Jose Slate University), Algebra 2, Geometry B C. 2. Fr. Francis Hudson, S.C.J., Gen- eral Mathematics, Algebra 1, Geometry. 3. Brother Francis J. Snider, S.C.J. (MAT — Indiana University), Consumer Math- ematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 2 Trig, Calculus, 4. Mrs. Linda Gail Greene (B.S. — Louisiana Tech University), Algebra I, Geometry. 5. Bryan Harnitchek studies Calculus in the library. 6. Father Schilly, Kevin Alvarado, and Narciso Jaramillo dis- cuss the geometric properties of a dodecahedron. 7. Mrs. Sligh lectures her Algebra 1 class. 8. Dennis O ' Malley programs the school ' s new Pet computer. Math students study laboriously Math classes for the year of ' 83 varied from the fundamental concepts of Mrs. Greene ' s Algebra classes to the complexities of Brother Snider ' s Calcu- lus class. Fr. Hudson ' s and Mrs. Greene ' s students and Fr. Schilly ' s Algebra 2 students spent their time solving endless strings of equations, while Brother Snider ' s Calculus students spent the same long, grueling hours solving only a few complicated problems. Fr. Schilly ' s Geometry students studied spatial relationships. Courses prepare students for business related work Teaching skills for the future was only one of the functions of the business education department. Not only were Mrs. Leary ' s students prepared for a career in office work and management, but prac- tical application of their skills in every day usage was emphasized in Mrs. Lucas " classes. Personal Typing and Typing I, full year courses, were offered; at the completion of the course, Mrs. Leary ' s students knew the basics of operating a typewriter. Becoming familiar with office procedures was the objective of Mrs. Lucas ' business law and prin- ciples classes. Office routine and certain legalities were covered. Secretarial skills, such as shorthand and ac- counting, were taught in special classes. Training for a career in office work was the most empha- sized point in classes. I. Sherric Trii niiMsurcs tlour lor her rctipi. ' 2 Karen fi chcr successfully : her table. 3. Kevin Good ponders the intricacies of food preparation. 4 Mik Mumford types a report for the library. Students prepare foreign foods. First-year foreign language students learned ba- sic language skills. Their teachers introduced them to such holidays as the Los Posadas, Bas- tille Day, and Octoberfest celebrations. Fur- ther, students reported about well-known per- sons and customs of the Spanish, French, and German cultures and prepared such exotic foods as tamales and chocolate mousse for the entire class to enjoy. ). Mr. Cruz Nevarez (B.A. — Spanish, University of Red- lands), Spanish 1, Physical Education. 7. Mrs. Pilar Jung (M.A. — Spanish, UC Riverside), Spanish I, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 3AP- 1 . Mrs. Martinez discusses several areas of grammar in her German II class. 2. Mrs. Jung questions Fr. Gaglia about the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) evaluation forms dealing with the Foreign Languages De- partment. 3. Mr. Nevarez listens as his students speak the language in his Spanish II class. 4. In Spanish I, Letica Her- nandez and Beverly O ' Conner listen carefully to a discus- sion on correct vocabulary use. 5. In French class, Mrs. Martinez asks Chris Wittenberg if he understands the fun- damentals of verb conjugations. In Mr. Handlon ' s drawing and painting classes, students developed artistic skills by working on compositions, cre- ative patterns, still life compositions, and etchings not usually done until col- lege. They examined vases and cups, pointing out both effective and ineffec- tive ways of making handles and bases. 1. Jon Page, Mr. Belvedere, tells ,lini Knowlion. also known as Mr. Applelon. thai he is allergic to flowers, while other cast members, John Bach- man, Carol Bachman, and Kelh Rowe stand ama ed. 2, Lisa Fischback stares, fascinated, at cla forced through a garlic press during Mr, Hand- .V Tim Nosal carefully forms a vase he is making in Mr. Handlon ' s ceramics class Fine Arts enrich students ' lives ' v - ..- • •V: ' . . t; " ! i riendships Juniors On g Since we, the class of 1984, entered Aquinas High School as Freshmen, we have grown strong and wise. We have devel- oped our own way of thinking and acting. In general, we have developed our own special " style. " Our style is very unique, and different from all other classes. As Juniors, we present this style in many ways. " How do Juniors show their style? " " Juniors show their style by just being themselves. We are kind to everyone. We show our style by having class spirit at pep rallies and other school functions. Some people don ' t like the Junior class, but 1 think we are the best. We are also very modest. " — Keyy Castledine " 84 " " Juniors show their style by getting together and building an awesome float. It ' s true we are awesome because we ' re the class of " 84 " . — Beth Gardner " 84 " " Juniors show their style by being the most spirited class at Aquinas High School. " — Laura Whitney " 84 " " Juniors show their style by acting and looking cool. " — Andrew White " 86 " " Juniors are so buff; they don ' t have to show their style. " " it shows naturally. " — Mike Hitchcock and Martin Jimenez ■•84 " " Juniors show their style by picking on innocent freshmen. " — Larry Welborn " 86 " " By just being themselves. Juniors ar e more stylish than any other class at Aquinas. " — Roseanne Hill " 84 " " Juniors show their style in the way the ' walk, talk, and conduct themselves at school functions. Juniors have a style of class and spirit. We show this style at pep rallies and the way we participate in athletic activities. — Our style shines! " — Steve Paramo " 84 " Dainko, Patricia D ' Amico, Richard DcCoile, Mary DeLaRosa. Jesse DeMarco, Lawrence Eshelman, Robii Felcher, E.J, Feles. George Ferronato, John Fike. Kristin Fischer, Karen 1. Junior Sue Kula shows her style by sticking out her tongue. 2. Kenny Haughawout, Steve Par- amo, David Jernigan, Tom Thana- poulos and Annie Steinmann parti- tipate in " Skin the Snake " as Lorrie Castro, Patty Dainko, and Mardi Linane cheer them on. Gamble, Mark Garcia, Christine Garcia. Jo-Deanna Garcia, Katlnleen Garcia, Lisa Gardner, Beth Garner, Tippi Genaway, Gena Giese, Marl Goettelmann. Chris Good, Kevin Grace, Dianna Hague, Tom Haid, Mary Hanson, Paul Haughawoul, Kenneth Hernandez, Leticia Hernandez, Ofel Imbiorski Kalhli.i.n Jdblonski DiuiL Jernigan, Da id Jimenez, Martin Kehcw, D.iniel Kemnicr, Kristen Kinslow, Mark mm Klein, Gary Kula, Su elle Lanibcri. Jeffrey Lane. Todd Lappin, Thomas Linane, Margaret Liltlefield. Carol Lobato. Sheila Lobotoz, Christine Loera, Florencio Loera, Daniel Mackzum, Paul Malouf, Kenneth Mandichak, Joseph Maples. Richard Marscher, Laurie Mc ' Xdams. Gerald " ' McCollem, Kathleen Mackzum. Paul Reisch, Phil Williams, Laura h Gardner decorate the g m for the Hal- 2 Slac Pattison. Tina Zaharapoulos. Kathleen Alejandrc .ind Tom Anagosiopoulos wrap Carol Liltlefield in toilet paper during spirit week, .V Harold McClellan races on a big wheel with encourage- ment from Mardi Linane. Tom Curtis, and Alfie Montano. McClellan. Harold McElrov, Frederick Miller. Theresa Miranda, Andrea Molner, Caria Montano, Alfred Monies. Elsa Moody. Aaron Moore, Fiona O ' Malley. Thomas Paramo. Steven Parnell, Shannon Paulson, Stacey Petersen, David Pfeffer. George Plowy, Justine Raymond. Mary Raymundo, Eric Reisch, Paul Richardson. Kelly Rivera, Catherine Roe, Kelly Rojas. G. Timothy Russell. Krisline Russo. Anthony Samra, Darrin Sanborn. Paula Sanchez, Raymond Scalisi. Stella Sena. Kathrvn Smith, Robert Sollingcr, Steven Solomon, John Stcmmann, Andrea Sleliriug, Louis Sutclil ' fe, Jennifer Suiorus, James Taylor, Cyntliia Thanapoulous, Tom Torres, Betty Wagner, Thomas Watson, Peter Worsham, Jeffrey Zaharopoulos, Tina chini, Anna Mae coming 2 Mr. Coffey assists Kelly Castledine, Susan Sutorus, Shannon Brady, Stella Scalisi, and Kathy Sena in selecting their class rings. Mfie Montano prepares himself for the big wheel races. NUT PICTURED: Carranza, Ralph Casillas, Andrea Chacon, Karen Mosbay, Ricci Paul, Melissa Randolph, Matt Shechan. Mary Sigenfuse, Ed 00 ON Co Sophomores ■ " What is the uniqueness of the Sophomore Class? " " We made it through our freshman year, through All summer, and we are still a close class! " — Dodi Shwe, " 85 " " We have a fairly good amount of class spirit and we work to make each year a successful one. " — Burt Wagner, " 85 " " I don ' t know yet. " — Pam Yen, " 85 " " Much more mature than freshmen; they have quite a bit of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. " — Mrs. Leesburg " The class of " 85 " is unique in many ways. They are eager fun-loving, responsible and self- reliable. They are generous and caring — both about their very small worlds, and about the world at large. Great People — an incomparable class. " — Miss Pentz " The class of " 85 " is the best. They ' re free- spirited and great people. " Kelly Moody, " 85 " Aguirre, Anthony Aiello, Ronda Alderete. Deborah Anderson, Christine Balderas, Abel Barrie, Paul Basham, Jeri Bettencourt, Mike Bishop, Robin Botello, Kathleen Bolt, Thomas Brady, Pat Brown, William Brumlow, Eric Buoye, Karen Cain, Kara Callaghan, Kathleen Carrillo, Andy Camlo, Roger Carter. Norman Carty. James Chadwick. Julianne Cimino. Kenney Cluck. Jill Colunga, Robert Coleman, Trevor Contreras, Mary Costello, Michael Coussoulis. Arianthi Culler, Daniel Cross, Noell D ' Arca, Christina Delgado, Joe Delgado, Vincent Diaz, Manuel Driskill. Christopher Ducloux, Kim Dugan, Sheila Eckles, Catherine Elam, Christopher 1 AA li «p©rt 3 t i as f v ' 4 a ' t 1 if SMft. 1. Sophomore neat parades past Homecoming tans. 2. Codi Shwe, Yvonne Garcia, and Sandy Kim hurriedly wrap Debbie Masia. Schumacher pedals vigorously in the face of defeat. Elisarraraz, Louis Ernst, Karleen Face, Scott Falce, Marjorie Feld, Karen Feles, Aristedes Fisher, Angella Flathers, Gail Fowler, Natalie Frey, Ernest Gallardo, Cecilia Gannon, Christy Garcia, Dawn Garcia, Yvette Garcia, Yvonne Gardner, Virginia Gaylord, Lisa Gifford, Staci Gillette, Patrick Golden, Sean Gomez, John Guereca, Karen Gurule, Roland Haga, Kimberly Hall, Bobbie Halverson, Noelle Henley, Miles Hernandez, Adrian Heyman, Cliff Hicks, Susan Hillard, Jerry Holmes, Kenneth Marquez, Jeannette Marrama, Lisa Marutsos, Nicoletta What type of hairstyles do you like best? Curly. " — Judy Riddell, " 85 " " Average length, simple and unpretentious! " — Mrs. Leesburg " One that goes best with the person ' s life-style. ' — Karen MacLennan, " 85 " " Short and curly. " — Christy Gannon, " 85 " " Short and wavy. " — Tina Ramos, " 85 " " New wave. " — Brian Skinner, " 85 " " Parted in the middle and feathered back. " — Larry Welbom Hysong. Lesli Ibarra, Ruben lesberts, Fiona Jaramillo, Narciso Jobe, Nicholene Junker, Jeffrey Kachevas, Michelle Karalun, Douglas Kinslow, Paul Kirchenbauer, Michael Knowlton, Joseph Kraemer, Diana Kruk, James LaFargue, Emile Lambert, Michelle Leone, Thomas Lmdsey, Kyle Lopez, David Lopez, Michelle Lugo, Sean Luna, Donald Luna, Monica Luzi, Ana Machas, Paula MacLennan, Karen Maedo, Matthew Marotta. Maria Masia, Deborah Maurice. Michael Mays, Michael McCarron, James Mcintosh, Eric Mendoza, David Meyers, Ralph Mielak, Christine Miller, Mary Mittlehauser, Michele Monies, Gabriel Moody, Kelly Moieno. Demetrius Morrissey, Bill Murray, LaShan Myers, Kandi Navarette, Lillian Neely, David Newman, April Nickell, David Nosal, Kurt Nunez, Monica O ' Brien, Beverly Ortega, Alicia Oxrider, John Pace, George Pachis, James Paramo, Richard Parker. Karen Parra, Catherine Perkins, Leslie Perez, Lorraine Peruyera, Isabel Pestrella, Susan Peterson, John Pfeffer, Robert Piehler, Amy Pierce, Stacey Possenti, Melinda Potz, Andrea 1. Jill Cluck, Carol Ragan, Paula Machas, Michelle Kachevas, and Laurie Castro avidly discuss a problem in the textbook. 2. Angela Gonales proudly poses for a picture 3. Karen Parker collects her books from her locker 4. Pam Yen, Eddie Thompson, Heather Studwell, and Becky Blaylock help Sister Kathleen with a banner while Mr Piazza looks on. Poyle, James Preston, James Ragan, Carol Ramos, Tina Rangel, Elizabeth Raymundo, Gertrude Reisch, Lisa Reynosa, Adrian Rice, Heidi Ridden, Judith Rios, Mike Rivera, James Rivera, Mark Ruiz, Tina Rumpf, Morgan Russell, Brian Santos, Rosa Sarrazin, Michelle Scalisi, Carlos Schubert, Jamie Schumacher. Robert Seeber, Kathy Shwe, Dominique Siddons, Christine 1 , Kcnney Cimino, Karen Feld. and Noell Cross work out a problem. 2, Paul Machas, Veronica Burns, Carol Ragan, Amy Plehler. Michelle Kachevas and Kara Cain show the faces of friend- ship. 3. Amy Pichler. Vicky Vanderwoude, and Kandi Meyers gaze in amazement at the activities of Spirit Week. 4. Eddie Thompson and John Oxridcrhave a friendly conver- " What do you think of E.T.? " " Sexy. " — Stacey Pierce, " 85 " " A face only a mother could love. " — Judy Riddell. " 85 " " A lovely message of friendship. " — Mrs. Leesburg. " ... shows that love takes many forms — all of them somehow beautiful. " — Miss Pentz. " I hate the little twerp. The movie was so stupid, that I was not even surprised that bicycles flew, or that the scientists seem to have been former S.S. majors. " — Miss Castillo p Smithhamer, Bruce Sotelo. Phyl Sponsler. Edward St John Brown, Pene. Stanfield, Eleanor Stanton, Sean Stout, Clare Strahle, John Studwell, Heather Swoger, Kimberly Sutorus, Susan Taurek, Deborah Thornes, John Thomson, Edward Traina, Jill Tullis, Andrew Vanderwoude, Vikki VanLuven Adrian Vasquez, Dennis Vidergar. Lisa Vlachos, Dennis Wagner, Burt Wagner, Mary Walters, William Welborn, Kristina Wilson, Jacqueline Winderweedle, Mike Wittenberg, Christopher Wyler, Amy Yen, Pam Yniguez, Laura Zachary, Marc NOT PICTURED Michael McGrath Andrew Morena Dolores Resendez Albert Rios Darren Robbins Marianne Sorrano FRESHMEN " What is it like to be a freshman? " " I feel that being a freshman at Aquinas High School is a great honor. " — Elizabeth Taylor, " 86 " " Being a freshman is a drag, because you are at the bottom of the ladder. " — Wendy Gigler, " 86 " " It is different from anything I have every done. " — " Mr. Unknown, " 86 " " You have apples thrown at you. " — " ? " , " 86 " " It is O.K. outside of being trash-canned. " — Chuck Jeffries, " 86 " " You get no respect. " — Pat Cantwell, " 86 " " I think it ' s one of nature ' s mistakes!? — Antho- ny Acuna, " 86 " " Freshmen are like fine wine, they improve with age. " — Angela Coussoul " You feel like everyone is watching you. " — Za- chary Reeder, " 86 " " You are only a freshman once. " — Kate Varni, " 86 " " I wouldn ' t know, I ' m a ninth grader. " — " ? " , " 86 " " It ' s kind of weird having those big people walk- ing around looking down at you. " — Pam Farrel, " 86 " " I believe some freshmen act much more mature than some seniors. " — Jim Newton " It feels funny at first. " — " Being a freshman is an experience which all of us must and should undertake. " — Kristen Munro, " 86 " Acuna, Anthon Aguirre, John Allen, Jack Anderson, Reed Anelli, John Ashbaker, Nancy Ayres, Cathy Baca, Karen Baldock, Trevor Bergman, Chris Blackwell. Kelley Blaylock, Becky Boatman, Brian Bones, Ann Bott, Daniel Bradley, Joseph Brady, Kerry Brady. Shcelaugh Burns, Kenny Cain, Sean Caldwell. FJi abelh 3 M C ' anlwell, Pat ( ,irl, Susan iistillo, Ramon (- jstro, Joe h mp, Brenda C hao. Becky Chavez, Mark Cheney, Veronica Clatfelter, David Cohen, Tracey Collins, Norma Colunga, Marybeth Cordova, Michael Coulter, Glen Coussoulis, Angela Crittenden, Julie Crosby, Thomas Crowe, Rebecca Curtis, George Cygan, Aaron Defillips, Gina DeMarco, Christina Dibble, Kevin Dillaman, Valerie Drinkard, Karen Eckles, Julian Falb, Kenny Farrell, Pamela Feld, Carl Foley, Brenda Gallardo, Denise Gallardo. Mario Garcia, Rondo Garibay, Joe Michelle Oleyniczak speaks with classmate on the way to clas Gerling, David Gigler, Wendy Goggin, Pat Gonzalez, Angela Gonzalez, Rebecca Gronek, John Gustafson, Toby Haggerty, Heather Hakala, Daniel Hale, Julie Hanson, Lori Harper, John Harris, Lisa Harwell, Steven Headrick. Stephanie Hernandez, Anna Higdon, Timothy Holland, Pat Hooker. Rhonda Hudson, Kariann Hum. Richard Imhiorski. Julie Jansen, Dawn Jeffries, Chuck Jernigan. Shelby Jimenez, Jill Jones, Mark Kastner, Donna Kontra Richard Kraemer, Kathleen LaTourette, Gary € . £ 1 t f s A i 1. i f% i An n f A s ©■ m £ ' ft 1 " What do you think of high school? " " I don ' t " , — Trevor Baldock, " 86 " " It is almost as good as nursery school. ' " The homework is devastating. " — Zachary Reeder, " 86 " It ' s the sports that make high school what i is. " — Phil Olivier, " 86 " Too much homework, not enough parties. " — Kerry Brady, " 86 " High school is boring like every other grade, — John Wagoner, " 86 " I think of it as just another school with a lot of students, " — Mark Jones, " " I think high school is great, but it looks like prison. " — Michelle Askbaker, " 86 " It ' s a whole new world for freshmen. " — Par Farrell, " 86 The Freshman class lloat parades around the football field ; the homecoming gam panny Bott runs along the sideline cheering a classmate on. Freshman Biodun While enjoys a refreshing drink. ■t . T r i K I opez Paul I opez Rii-hard 1 uzi Dianne Mdciejewski, Monika Madson, Trinka Magdziasz. David Main, Mike Mark Stephen Marnn. Knstina Martinez Michelle Mascorro Francine Maurice John Mazzei Paige McBav Darren McBride Jackie McCandless Scott McCartv Maria McClellan Michelle McCollem Melissa Memett William Mielak Bobby Monies Rene Mood Jeanne Morris Nicole Niss, Shelby Olejniczek, Michelle Olivier. Phil Orrock. Scotl Page, Cristi Paresa, Jerry Partee, Frederick Pawlowski, Ted Parez, Ana Petersen, Michael Potter, Willi Poyle. Charles Quiroga, Claudia Quiroga, Miguel Ramirez, Anne Ramirez. Veronica Reeder. Zachery Rice. Donald Rivera, Michael Roberts, Amanda Robles, Catherine Rodriguez. Alicia Rodriguez, Kathryn Roe. Shannon Roeder. Michele Rossi, Marianne Rosso, Mary Ruby, Matthew Ruess, Cynthia Ruvalcaba, Leticia Saenz. Brenda St. John Brown. Jeremy Salcido. Scott Sanchez. Andrew Saucedo. Richard Sauer. Janis Saul. Steve Jill Jimenez, the Freshmen homecoming princess, rid around the football field at the Homecoming Game. " How do freshmen act? " " Most of them act like little goons. " — Michelle Ashbaker, " 86 " " Freshmen act like they are treated. " — Donna Kastner, " 86 " " Not normally. " — Stephanie Headrick, " 86 " " They don ' t know what is going on half of the time. " — Heather Haggerty, " 86 " " Freshmen try not to be known as freshmen. " — Kari Hudson, " 86 " ■•Freshmen (which I have observed) act in a vari- ety of ways. " — Toby Gustafson. " ' 86 ' " " Cool, but some aren ' t. " — Scott McCandless, ' No comment, " — Tim Higdon, ■Radical, " — Felicia Torres, " 86 Jeff Eckles and Fabian Lucich stop at their lockers to get then books between classes. AMI fif)f fy ' i lii! 11 nuv Savage, Scott Scannell, Michael Schechter, Allishas Schirmer, Kirsten Schrader. Curt Shea, Michael Short, Jennifer Sisson, David Skinner. Brian Smith, Mary Solomon. Tom Steinmann. Heinz Stenorth. Matthew Stevens. Seana Stout, Tracy Surber, Guy Sutorus, Steve Taurek, Mike Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Kenny Terbest, Catrina Terbest, David Thacker, Charles Tillery, Stephen Torres, Felicia Tracy, Steve Vargas, Matthew Varni, Kate Vassilakos, James Wagoner, John Webster, Eric Weeks, Patrick Welborn, Larry White, Biodun Wiggins, Lisa Community explores freedom to enjoy! Kr. Fred Gaglia answers Fr. Andre s query. Mr. Brown assigns Ed Sigenfuse a religion service project Karen Smith phones home! nis and fans root on the Falcons at a Football game. ■ 1i- watches oat lor trouble during lunch. (- Tuo students share lunch time news with ' ' 7. Fr. Sanders observes Mr. Piazza, Mrs. Cardenas, and Mr. Paulis sign out at the close of another school day. 8. Students wait for the " All Clear " signal during an evacuation drill. 9. Craig Auzenne concentrates on the football play m progress. • mA Si m m f M k ' -i mktt Falcons display 6-3-1 season The varsity football team played an exciting season. In the beginning of the sea- son they defeated Bloom- ington and Banning High Schools. Quarterback Chris Parker, running back Har- old McClellan, lineman Dennis O ' Malley and defen- sive back Mike Dainko earned first team CIF hon- ors. The varsity team fin- ished third in the league. WT Varsity Football 1 ■Pre-scason Bialcons Opponi. nts P K) Bloominguiii 7 L 19 Banning 1 32 ,Palo V Jhle 5 Noire Dame 29 W ..Run of the W orld 7 B ason K O ' Yucca Valley 12 K Beaumont ■ ' 26 Big Bear 29 W 27 San Jacinto 20 1 7 li,:a : ■. ■, ■ 1 1 : . S. ' 1. ■ • ,-, • ( .:.:,. : l..!:!i K--i ' .. ■ ( . ' l,:,H.,.::v I- ' .. K w cks.Cram.Aui ' enne. (IcoriiL- Pkllci I.mmcsIhh. i I.Hidl,inc.(hrislluc ..lcrK .ild«cl Dennis () lalle . Brett Brinlon. Third ro« (1- r): Harnlil k( Icll.m, ss 1 C oach, Mike Dainko. Ken Burlcv. lir an ll.iruood. Dale Jones, John Oxrider, Chris Parker. C lill IlL-Muan. Iiii Duke. Miles Henley, Coach .lack lie. le . I)r, 1 rank BoU, ' l. Coach Bill Swoger, .Ass ' l. Coach lirnie Pararii ). Second row (l-r): Manager Richard • cevedo. Rav Purpero, John Bachman, Brian McGee. Rich Maples. Lar y Gusnian, Bill Schumacher. Eric Aya a, Paul Pelcrseon. Tom Curtis, Stat girl Fiona Moore and Sue Kula. Nrc nl row (l-r): Mike l.una. Ken Malouf Ed Chave , Dan Samra, Steve Paramo, Joe Mandichak. DaMd 7 ' ' VjJS j ' The Falcon Varsity defense. Ken Burlcy (71 ). Brell 1 (60), Eric Ayala (56) follows Paul Peterson (51 ) in sacking the quarterback. 2, While Brett Brinton watches, Mike Dainko (50) con- verges on the ball carrier who is in the process of being tack- led 3, Craig Au enne (81 ) and Ken Burlcy (72) altempt to fight off blocks as the rest of the defense mo es in on the ball carncr 4, ,IV tailback Don l.una (32) sweeps around left side against Rim of the World. 5, Kenny Falb (33) kicks away another successful punt bc- 6, Chuck Poylc, Gabriel Monte , .lohn Peterson. Mark, Stephen Tillcry, Coach Falb, Coach kno»liun cheer JV posts 8-1-1 season The Aquinas Frosh Soph football team, led by eaptains Joe Knowiton and Rick Mcintosh, cruised to a highl} ' successful season with an 8- 1 overall record. The Frosh Soph team began their season with three crushing shutouts over Bloomington, (20-0), Banning ( 1 4-0), and Mater Dei (46-0). The team went on to defeat Notre Dame, Yucca Valley, Beaumont. Big Bear, and San Jacinto. Their loss and tie came from Rim of the World and 29 Palms, respectively. li- :,i. ii ifJfiif4 7vBi u jt« V ronl ro« (l-r). Mike lcGr.uh. Brian Skinner, Robert Pie :tiavez. Chuck Poyle, Gabriel Monuv. Kenn Falb. Mark Rivt Manager Chuck Jeffries, John Peterson, Mike Winders jolden, Don Luna, Mark Jones. Eric Webster, George Curt r, llein Steinmann, Dan Bott. Mark , Glen Coulter, Chris Elam. Middle row die. Curt Slrahle, Joe Knowlion, Sean Dennis Vlachos, Curl Shrader, Head Coach Joe Knowiton, Back row (l-r): Mike Quiroga, Paul Lopez. Gar LaTourelte, Mike Kirchenbauer, Stephan Mark. Manual Diaz, Mike Peterson, David Terhcst, Stephen Tillery, Jim Kruk, Rick Mcintosh, Ernie Frcy, Cross Country Team Runs Tough The boys " and girls " cross country teams en- dured long practices and miles of running in their quest for the league title. Captain Brian Hess and 1 runner Adrian Van Luven led the boys " varsity team to score well against their op- ponents, but the team went down to an unsuc- cessful 0-8 season. The Boys " JV team earned a 5-3 record. Holly Hatch, three year veteran and team captain, led the girls " team for a 4-4 re- cord. )A . tMMJJMi •t ;. 1. Jim McCarron and Adrian Van Luven contend for position. 2. Holly Hatch sets her pace for a long race. 3. Aquinas runners shoot from the starting line against their opponents. 4. Heidi Rice sets the pace for her teammates Kris Wagoner and Cathy Abraham. 5. Jeff Niss runs hard near the end of the race. 6. Matt Steinorth struggles to maintain his lead ahead of his 29 Palms opponent, 7. The 1982 Cross-country team: Back row (l-r) Coach Frank Schultz, Jim Knowl- ton. Mike Bettencourt, Jeff Worsham, Matt Steinorth, Richard Burley, Ed Thompson. Bryan Harnitchek. Jeff Niss, Coach Heather Hatch. Middle row (l-r) Roger Fansler, Matt Randolph, in Reynosa. Adrian VanLuven. Joe Delgado, Jeff Lambert, Kenny Taylor. Richard Kon- Hess, Andy Tullis. Front row; Janice Vlachos, Michelle Mittlehouser, Cathy Abra- Hollv Hatch, Maura Varni, Shelley Sarrazin. Heidi Rice, Kris Wagoner, Diana Grace. Team dominates DAL Girls ' Tennis! Only one word can describe 1982 Girls ' Tennis Team — awesome! Rounding out a spectacular sea- son the team reached the third round of CIF playoffs. Led by DeAnza League MVP Michele Roeder, All league first teamers Michelle Martinez, Stephanie Thacker, Lisa Reisch, Barbara Fabela, and all league second teamers Julie Roeder, Dodi Shwe, Shelly Jernigan, and Isabel Per- uyera, the team posted an 9-0 league record, and finished the season with a 17-2 overall record. -Season Moreno Valley San Gorgonio San Bernardino Notre Dame Rim of the Worl- Redlands Season (League) Beaumont San Jacinto Yucca Valley Big Bear 29 Palms Beaumont Yucca Valley Big Bear 29 Palms CIF Playoffs 1 m Aq- ■ Opp. 13 13 17 m 17 8 1 W 16 7 lfL.k iJ i ik.«Ui ' H Ac h. 2. Stephanie Thacker awaits the ball for a forehand return. 3. Lisa Rcisch gets set for a two-handed backhand. 4 1ichclc Rocder stretches for a slice backhand s Michelle Marline losses up llic ball in preparation for a serve. (, .kilie Roedcr ihrnueh on a serxe «iih winning form. 7, Back row (1-r): Coach Barbara .iernigan. Beck (lonzales. Rhonda , iello. Kate Varni. Anne Ramirez, karen (iuereca. Ria C ousoullis. An naMae Zecchini, Debbie Taurek, Margee f alee. Pan en. Su7 Carl, Coach Doreen Thornes. Front row (1-r); Dodi Shwe, Caria Molner, Mi chelle Marline , Stephanie Thacker, Lisa Reisch. Shelb ,lernigan, Isat Peru era, Michele Roeder, .lulie Roeder Falcons fought a losing battle Varsity captain Jo-D Garcia and JV captain Bobbie Hail led their teams through a long hard season. Before each game, they recited their motto, " We feel good, oh, we feel so go od. " Coach Esancy said that this would get the team pepped up to win. Dur- ing each game, the coach said that the players who weren ' t playing, would encourage their teammates who were playing by yelling and giving advice to help them win. At the end of the season, Stacy Gi ford for JV and Jo-D Garcia for Varsity received the most valuable player awards. Sncll. .k-annic Bon.idiman. 1 ronl rou; Janice Casillas, Ci (■;, Andrea Casillas, Jo-D Garcia. Bi k ru« 1 ir W itn r - " nn- ' TcrbcM lar T.. o, Coach Tom Kut cra, Mary Miller, Karen Buoye, Sta.N Cllord kmi Suoger From row: Eleanore Slaindd, Pa,gc Maz ei, D.nae Kramer, Dawn Garcia, Lis Marrama Bobbie H ill Julie Crittenden, Chris Mielak. The varsity basketball team breezed through the pre-season with a 9-3-0 record. Continuing their excellent play in season, the team dominated the DEANZA League with a 9-1-0 record. The team ' s awesome strength came with the consis- tent shooting of Larry DeMarco and Ken Haughawout, the rebounds of Aaron Moody, the ball stealing of Tracy Niss and Ricky Rodriguez, and most important, the leadership of the team captain, Ted Lopez. Pre-season Opponents Falcons 71 Rim of the World 76 56 Cajon 63 66 Whitlier Christian 63 53 Newport Christian 95 43 San Jacinto 65 77 Yucaipa 60 68 Royal Oak 74 49 Rosamond 60 3y Kern Valley 69 58 Rim of the World 66 49 29 Palms 63 71 Ontario Christian 55 Season 52 Yucca Valley 75 62 Big Bear 76 44 29 Palms 46 81 Beaumont 106 63 San Jacinto 90 30 Beaumont 56 57 29 Palms 56 17 Yucca Valley 24 44 Big Bear 71 53 San Jacinto 85 Back row: Mark Gamble, Chris Parker, Mike Harmon, Larry DcMarco, Ken Haughawoul, Todd Lane, Aaron Moody, Darren Samra. Second row; Ricky Rodriguez, Ted Lopez, Tracy Niss, Ken Malouf, Steve Paramo. Front row: stat girls Ann Tillery, Mary Sauer, Fiona Moore. We take League in " 83 " ! ■IP " 1 1 3. Ken Haughawout outleaps five opponents lo steal the re- bound. 4. Larry DeMarco leaps higher than the defender to shoot the ball, while Ken Haughawout screens out an opponent. 5. Bounding into the air, Larry DeMarco tips the jump ball to a fellow player. 6. While Ken Haughawout prepares for the rebound, Larry DeMarco shoots a one-handed jump shot. JV cruises to a winning season John Oxrider, Robert Colunga, Heinz Stein- mann, Cliff Heyman, James Preston, and John Thornes led the JV basketball team to a winning season. Front row: Heinz Steinmann, John Aguirre, Pat Cantwell. John Nigro, Mike Taurek, Steve Tracy. Back row: Jerry Garcia (manager), John Thornes, Antho- ny Aguirre, Matt Stenorth, James Pres- ton, John Oxrider, Robert Colunga. Chff Heyman. 1. K le Lindsey passes the ball to his teammate. Robert Colunga 2. James Preston shoots an easy lay up over an opponent. 4. John Oxrider shoots a lay up as teammates Cliff Heyman and James Preston watch. 5. John Oxrider prepares to pass the ball on a fast break. 6. Heinz Steinmann drives around two opponents. 7. Robert Colunga dribbles past an opponent. The girls " varsity basketball team, starting their pre-season with a 4-6 record, dominated the DeAnza League with a 10-0 record in season play to earn the second round of C.I.F. play. Lea Snell, Michel McGee, Maura Varni, and JoD Garcia shot with exceptional consistency in every game. The JV team also showed their tal- ents as they dominated in their division. pl 1 ! " fl 1 % V - - 63 Cajon 34 Norte Vista 52 Arlington 55 Cajon 19 Notre Dame 47 Rim of the Wc 68 Banning 16 Beaumont (JV 22 Bloomington 39 Elsinore Season 29 Big Bear 29 San Jacinto 29 Beaumont 37 29 Palms 28 Yucca Valley 44 Big Bear 42 San Jacinto 43 Beaumont .M 29 Palms 41 Yucca Vallev Judy R Debbie Lauri Varsity goes 10-0 in " 83 " league! ' : back row: Lisa Marrama, Mary Rosso. Staci Gifford, Susan Hicks, Julie Imborski, Mary iller, Mary Wagner, Br. Frank Snider (coach), front row: Karen Baca, Tina DeMarco, ppy Garcia, Julie Crittenden, Allishas Schechter. " All ihe way to the top! " was the thought and the word as the mighty Aquinas soccer team conquered the lA Sunkist League with a perfect 10-0-0 league record. Captains Marty Wilson (Sunkist All-League) and Rick Weeks (Sunkist League All-League Co-MVP) led the team to complete their greatest season, compiling a hard-won 16-3-1 season record and capturing third place in the Orange Lutheran Tourna- ment during pre-league play. The Falcons finished the season ranked sixth in CIF lA,and entered the CI F playoffs with a first-round bye and hopes for a lA title. Ten seniors, three juniors, and four sophomores formed the team. Scott Smith, Scott Swift, Tim Nosal, Trevor Coleman, Mike Costello, and Kurt Nosal earned Sunkist League First Team. Ross Bangle, James Sutorus, Philip Ho, and Denny Carter placed on the second team. Pre-seas jn Opponen is 1 Rubidoux Riverside Poly 1 Pacific 1 Orange Lutheran 1 Moreno Valley 4 Indio 3 Riverside Poly Orange Tournament 1 Los Angeles Lutheran 3 Whittier Christian 2 Ontario Christian Sunkist League 2 Banning 1 Bloomington 1 Perris 3 Banning Notre Dame Bloomington 1 Perris Rim of the World Rim of the World 1 Notre Dame V,irsii Irunl ro« , .lu.sUin; I ' luw.i. Sian Paul, I ' lnlip ll i, M.irlciic Gericke, Marty Wilson, Scotl Swift. I.ihn 1 lakala, Dennis Carter, Mike Costello. Back row; Shelly Sarrazin. Karen Chacon, Kurt Nosal, Rick W ccks. Scott Smith, Bob McGrew, Tim Nosal, James Sutorus, Ross Bangle, Trevor Coleman, Dan Kchcw. Coach George Swift. Soccer Team Conquers Sunkist 1 A I. Scott Swift jumps above teammates Kurt Nosal and an opponent while heading the ball. 2. Denny Carter and Kurt Nosal look on while Trevor Coleman soars above opponents while heading the ball. 4. Rick Weeks clears the ball from his defensive zone. 5. Goalie Marty Wilson makes another save with Ross Bangle close by. 6. Steve Sutorus and Mike Betten- court converge on the ball ahead of a nearby opponent. 7. Denny Carter charges hard in pursuit of the ball. .IV Irunl ru« Doug Karulun. Sieve Sutorus. Tim Higdon. Richie Kontra, Bobby Hall, Kenny Ta lor. Scott McCandless. Mike Mays, Matt Maeda. Back row: Coach Greg Kontra, Guy Serber, Anthony Acuna, Pat Weeks. Mike Bettencourt, Stephen Mark, Steven Tillery, Mark Jones. Steve Saul, Jeff Worsham, Andy Tullis. Wrestlers flatten De Anza League Co-captains Joe Mandichak and Joe Knowlton led the Varsity wrestlers through a long, hard season. In league they had a 3-1 record. The team took second place in the De Anza League and went to the De Anza Finals. John Gomez, Sean Lugo, Joe Mandichak, Joe Knowlton, An- drew Kruk, and Ken Burley were all League champions of their weight classification. Back Row: Paul La fargue. Tom Crosby, Miles Henley, Joe Mandichak. Ken Burley. Mike Quiroga, Joe Castro. Carlos Enciso. Brian Skinner. Demetrius Moreno. Manual Diaz. Coach Jesse Reyes. Middle Row: Andrew Kruk. Tom Curtis. Phil Olivier. Mark Chavez. Joe Knowlton. John Gome . .Sean Lugo. Paul Barrie. Front Row: Andy Carillo. Danny Botl Andy .Sanchez. Rene Monlcz. Andy Moreno. Danny Hakala The 1983 baseball team consisted of new coaches and several new players. The new head coach, Mr. Hunt, said, " I think we will do good this year because we have potential, but we are looking at 3- 2 . ' " The team has a chance to conquer the DeAnza league with the help of their team captain Trac Niss and, more importantly, the cooperation ol their many talented players, including returning varsity players Butch White, Carlos Enciso, Mike Slavin, Bryan Porter, AndyZachary, MikeCostel- lo, and Tracy Niss. 4. Varsity Baseball: (l p Iriim let ) Don Hu Todd Lane Janes Pas ion, Bryan Poter, D cfl) M.irt Wilson. R ch Maples JcIT Lai (lach. Mike Slavin, Jerry Beedie. Tracy Niss. Rynn. Ted Pawlowsky, coach, (middle from I. Bulch While, Mike Cosicllo, Ron Maples. Baseball team rebuilds for ' 83! 9. Junior Varsity Baseball: (lop from left) Pat Healy, coach, Zac Reeder, Reed Anderson, Heinz Steinmann, Joe Knowlton, Denny Carter, Sean Lugo, Joe Castro, David Nickell. Trevor Coleman, Jeff Frazier, coach. Mike Nelson, coach, (middle from left) Mike McGrath, Mike Main, Shelby Niss. Pat Goggin, Kenny Falb, Scott Crock, Don Luna, Scott Ruby, Darren Robins, (bottom from left) Tina Demarco, Cecilia Gallardo, Tippy Garcia Girls have high hopes. This years ' Girls ' Softball team was composed of fifteen members, led by their team captain Jean Poiner. Coach Lisa Sligh, who said that they hoped to win the DeAnza League championship in 1983, said that there was no starting lineup be cause, " They tried to let everybody play " I ■If %. ...- ; Sandra Rosso; Janice Casillas; Jcannic Bonadinian; Jean Poirier; Coach Lisa Siigh; Shaunc Garcia; Pat Andry; Lea Snell; Betty Torres, Mgr. Front row: Amy Wyler, Stat; Felicia Torres. Stat; Staci Gitford; Kathryn Rodriguez; Julie Crittender; JoD Garcia; Kim Swoger; Beverly O ' Brien 1 Lea Snell races towards first base to make the out. 2. Jeannie Bonadiman stretches to catch the ball. 3. Coach Sligh discusses a call with the home plate umpire. 4. Kim Swoger watches a high pitch go by " i JoD Garcia races toward third base to beat the ball 6. Shaune Garcia slides into second base, avoiding the glove of the opponent. 7. Mary Rosso, racing by the opponents ' catcher, slides safely into home plate S Kathryn Rodriguez pilches the ball, while Lea Snell prepares hersclt lor the coming play. The tennis team, with many returnmg players and a new eoach, Tom Salmon, successfully began the 1 983 season with a sound win over Rim of the World High School. Coach Salmon was confident that the team would do well this year. The golf team began another successful season with an unbeaten record. The team, filled with many experienced players, was again coached by Mr. Fred Thornes. 1. John Flynn sets up lor a backhand return 1 David Sisson follows throut,h on his rclurn Paul Reisch completes a backhand 4 Chris Pot con centrales on his lob S Tennis team Paul Rcisch Philip Ho, ChristophPotz Jett Niss Enb Webster Coach Tom Salmon John Maurice Da id Sisson John Flynn, Jess .Sisson Charles Thacker )t f 5 t. Teams show strong potential in " 83 " ' It Canlwell prepares t i lee off. 8. Mike Dainko lines up for iIk putt 9. Mike Dainko takes a eouple of practice swings, 10. Mike Taurek begins his tee off. Golt team: PatCantwell. Brett Brinton. Mike Dainko, Stephen Mark, Eric Fike, Coach Fred Thornes. Tony Russo, Jeff Mcintosh. Gary Klein, mike Taurek, John Thornes. Runners add strength to team The distance races proved lo be the strongest events for the varsity traci team at the 29 Palms Invitational Track meet. In the 400m relay, Steve Paramo, Aaron Moody, Harold McCleilan, and Ray Purpero captured first place in 47.6 seconds. In the 400m dash, Brian McGee set a new meet record with a first place time of 53.3; Tom Curtis placed third with 55.8. In the 100m dash, Ray Purpero earned first in 1 1.5. In the 1600m relay, Dennis O ' Malley, Tom Curtis. Ray Purpero, 3:39.6. Craig Auzenne earned third in 1 lOm high hurdles; Dennis O ' Malley earned fourth in 300m low hurdles. Harold McCleilan scored third in the triple jump. George Pfef- fer earned fifth in the shot put. The varsity team scored 94.5 — the best team finish ever. The girls " varsity earned 41 points; the JV captured second place. I . Cathy Robles paces herself during the one-mile run 2. JV runner completes his segment of the 440 relay. . Marlene Gericke receives the baton from Jackie Wilson in the 440 relay. 4. Brian McGee passes the baton lo Harold McCleilan. 5, Ray Purpero sets himself for the 2211 dash. 6. Lisa Vidergar passes the baton to Kris Wagoner in the one mile relay. 7. John Oxrider crosses the tape to win the race. i II1 ft iXTjKj n Varsity: Asst. Coach Frank Shultz, Margerie Fake (mgr), Ra Purpero. Brian McGce. Ken Burlc . Ted Lopez. John 0 nder, Craig Auzenne. Aaron Moody. Jim McCarron. George PfelTer. Dennis OMalley. Miles Henley. Coach Jack Henley. Das id Peterson. Jim Knowlton. Tom Curtis. Harold McClellan. Stese Paramo. John Bachman. David Howard (mgr), Paul Lope (mgr ) I. Krii Wagoner jump lor lJl l.llKc 2. Miles Henley heaves the shm pui 3 Crais; Au enne leads Tom Curli- and Dennis O ' Malley in ihe 1 lOni lou hurdles at Ihe ' ueea ' alle nieel 4,? Craig Auzenne shows his umnint form In pole vault eompetition h Riek Weeks clears the bar for the hieh V: |ump- 7. Jim MeCarron clears the ba ilMM MsaM . 1 •■■ -F • 1 ' t ' Girls ' Varsity: Holly Hati.h, JuL-kie Wilson. Andrea Poiz. Mary Miller, Lisa Vidcrgar. Ria Coiissoulis. Ann Tillcry. Kris Wagoner. Michelle Milllchauser. Gii Detilhps. Calhy Rohles. Shelly Sarra in. Lisa Reiseh. Miehele Lambert. Miehelene MeClellan. l-iona Moore. Theresa Miller. Marlcne Geneke. Bohhi Hall SENIORS ' ACHIEVEMENTS Cathy Abraham A.F.S. 11. Pep Club 11, Blazers 1 1. Prom Committee 1 1, X-mas Dance Com- mittee 12, Powder Puff Football, Varsity Cross Country Amy Bott Float Committee 10,1 1,12, Prom Committee 1 1, J. V. Cheerleader 9,10, Varsity Cheerleader 11,12, Powder Puff Football 9 David Alaniz Prom Committee 1 1 , MECHA 1 2. J.V. Track, Varsitv Track, Float Committee Karen Allen Yearbook 1 0, 1 2, Prom Committee 1 1 , Float Committee 1 0, 1 1 . 1 2, Honor Roll Kelly Allen Drama Club 10. French Club 1 1, Prom Committee 1 1, X-mas Dance Commit- tee 11, Graduation Committee 12, Varsity Pom 11,12, Honor Roll Patricia Andry Sec. Treasurer 9, V.P. AFS 10, Sec. Treasurer NHS-CSF 10, ASB Secretary 12, Blazers 9,10, V.P. French Club 10, Prom Committee 11, Newspaper 10,1 1, Homecoming Committee 12. Float Committee 9,10,1 1.12, J.V. Vol- leyball 9, J.V. Basketball 9, Varsity Softball 9,10,11,12, Social Studies Award, Theology Award, Honor Roll, Calif Girls ' State Craig Auzenne Chess Club 9,10. Science Club 10,1 1, CSF-NHS 10,11,12, AFS 12, Commis- sioner of Publicity 12, Float Committee 11, Boys ' State, J.V. Football 9,10, Varsity Track 10,11,12, Varsity Football 11,12, UCR College Bowl Team Captain Brett Brinton Mary Brubaker Drama Club 11,12 Richard Hurley Photography Club 9. Model United Nations 9, War Gamers Club 9, Chess Club 9, Liturgy and Music 11,12, Yearbook 11, J.V. Football 10 David Bustos Spanish Honor Society 12 Pam Cain Jeff Caldwell Float Committee 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Homecoming Committee 1 1 , Prom Committee 1 1 , J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11,12, Varsity Golf 11,12, Honor Roll Jennifer Carty Janice Casillas J.V. Volleyball 9,10, J.V. Basketball 9, Varsity Volleyba ball 9.10,11,12 1 2, Varsity Soft- John Bachman War Gamers Club 9,10,11, Drama Club 11, J.V. Basketball 9, Varsity Cross Country 1 1 , Varsity Track 1 1 , Varsity Football I 2, Cross Country Coaches Award 11 Michelle Bakeman French Club 10,11, J.V. Track 10, Art Award 11 Michelle Baker Prom Committee 11, Float Committee 12, Homecoming Princess 10 Ross Bangle J.V. Soccer 11, Varsity Soccer 12 Sheila Ballard Susan Chisholm Prom Committee II, Float Committee 12, Powder Puff Football 10, Varsity Tennis 10,11, Honor Roll Pamela Cochran Float Committee 1 0, 1 2, Spanish Honor Society 1 1 , Who ' s Who Among Ameri- can High School Students, Society of Distinguished American High School Students James Constant Newspaper 9, Yearbook 1 0, 1 2, Spanish Honor Society 1 2, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Honor Roll Joseph Contreras Carl Beardsley J.V. Basketball 9,10 Jeanette Bonadiman J.V. Volleyball 9,10, J.V. Basketball 9,10, Varsity Softball 9,10,1 1,12, Varsity Basketball 1 I , Varsity Volleyball 1 1 ,1 2, MVP J.V. Volleyball 9, MIP Varsity Basketball 11, Honor Roll, Girls ' Athlete of The Year 1 1 Michael Dainko Float Committee 1 1.12, Prom Committee 1 1, J.V. Football 9,10, Varsity Foot- ball 11,12, Varsity Golf 11,12, MIP Golf 12 Carol Damgen Maria DeAnda Blazers 11,12, Yearbook 11, Honor Roll Peter Diaz J.V. Track 10, Varsity Track 12, Honor Roll Stephanie Dibble Pep Club 10,11, Float Committee 10,11,12 Christina Domingo Varsity Songleader 11,12, Honor Roll Jana Doty Tim Duke J.V. Football 9, J.V. Basketball 9,10, Weightlifting 9,10,1 1,12, Varsity Basket- ball 10,11, J.V. Track 9,10, Varsity Track 12, Varsity Football 10,11,12, MVP Track, Football Coaches Award, Honor Roll Kara EUefson Carlos Enciso Chess Club 10, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Football 9, J.V. Wrestling 9, Honor Roll Barbara Fabella MECHA 9,10, Float Committee 9,1 1,12, J.V. Softball 9,10, J.V. Tennis 9,10, Varsity Tennis 11,12, MVP Tennis 11,12, MVP Softball 9 Richard Fairchild J.V. Football 9.10, English Award 9, Honor Roll Roger Pansier J.V. Track 9,10, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Cross Country 12 Eric Fike Varsity Golf 10.11.12 Lisa Fischbach Blazers 9, 1 0, Spanish Club 9, 1 0, AFS 1 1 , 1 2, Spanish Honor Society 1 2, Varsity Cheerleader 11,12, Honor Roll Joseph Fitzpatrick Graduation Committee 12, Homecoming Committee 12, X-mas Dance Com- mittee, Float Committee 12, Spanish Club 9,10.12 John Flynn Class President 10, CSF 9, 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2, Science Club 1 1 , Varsity Tennis 10,11,12. Aquinas Award 10, Honor Roll Patricia Garcia MECHA 12, Homecoming Queen 12 Shaune Garcia ASB Treasurer 1 1 , Class T 11, Varsity Softball 9,10,11 David Gardner J.V. Track 9,10. Honor Roll 1 0. J. V. Basketball 9,10, Varsity Basketball Honor Roll Marlene Gericke J.V. Volleyball 9.10, J.V. Basketball 9. J V. Soccer 9,10. Varsity Track and Field 9, 10, 11,1 2. Varsity Volleyball 1 1 . 12 Varsity Soccer 12 Sandra Germundsen Scott Giese Chess Club 9,10,11,12, War Gamers Club 9,10,11,12, MUN Club 9. J.V. Football 10, Track and Field 10,11,12 James Goettleman Track and Field 10,12 Fred Gomez J.V. Wrestling 9, Varsity Football 10,11,12 Toni Gomez MECHA 12, BSU 12, Varsity Softball 9,10,11,12, Honor Roll James Good Chess Club 9, War Gamers Club 9, J.V. Track 9,10, Varsity Track II, J.V. Football 9,10, Varsity Football 12 Yvonne Guisa Spanish Honor Society 12, Float Committee 1 1, Prom Committee 1 1, AFS 1 1, Blazers 12, Honor Roll Larry Gusman J.V. Football 9,10, Varsity Wrestling II, Varsity Football 12, Honor Roll Silvia Gutierrez Spanish Honor Society 11,12, Spanish 2 Sword, Honor Roll John Hakala J.V. Football 9.10, Varsity Football 1 1. Varsity Soccer 11,12, MVP Soccer 10 Carole Hardy Newspaper 11, Chess Club 11,12 Mike Harmon Float Committee 9,10,11,12, Class Treasurer 11, Block A Club 11,12, J.V. Basketball 9,10, Varsity Basketball 11.12. Varsity Golf 1 1,12, M IP Basket- bail Bryan Harnitchek CSF 10,11,12, Drama Club 12. Science Club 12, Varsity Cross Country 12, Honor Roll Carol Hart Float Committee 10,12. Powder Puff Football 10 Bryan Harwood Float Committee 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, J.V. Football 9, 1 0, Varsity Football 11,12, Varsity Wrestling 10 Christopher Hast Varsity Track 10. Varsity Wrestling 11 Holly Hatch Powder P uff Football 9, J.V. Track 9,10 Varsity Track 11.12. J. V. Basketball 10, Cross Cross Country 10.1 1.12 Gloria Henderson Honor Roll Mark Herbert Class Secretary 1 1, Prom Cominittee Varsity Tennis 11,12 Sandra Heyman Pep Club 12, J.V. Basketball 9. Varsity Basketball 10,11,12 Joseph Hilliard Honor Roll Brian Hopkins Marleah Hopkins Pep Club 9, Powder Puff Football 9 Laura Houghland Float Committee 9,10, J.V. Track 10 Christine Hubbel French Club 11, Float Committee 12, Honor Roll A Club 11, J.V. Tennis 9,10, Gamers Club Secretary Treasurer, Oklahoma, J.V. Soccer 10, Honor Roll 9,10,1 1,12, Geometry Award, Who ' s Who 10,1 1, D.A.H.S.S. 10,1 ! Frances Malsam Prom Committee 11, Powderpuff Football 9,10, Baseball Stat 9,10,11, J.V. Volleyball Team 10, V. Volleyball Team 11,12, Honor Roll 9,10,11,12, Christmas Princess 9,11, Prom Princess 11, Homecoming Princess 12. Ron Maples Float Committee 12, J.V. Football 10. V. Baseball 12. Johnny Marotta Tony Mascorro Brian McGee Block Club Vice President, J.V. Basketball 9,10. V. Track 9,10,1 1,12, V. Foot- ball 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Track Captain, 9 League Track Titles, 7 Time Letter Winner, Honor Roll 9. .Powder Puff 9, 10, Honor Michel McGee Girls J.V. Basketball 9,10, Girls V. Basketball Roll 9, Girls Basketball Most Improved. Bob McGrew V. Soccer 10.11,12. Ceramic Award. Tracey McMurray Float Committee 9,10,11,12, Honor Roll 9,10,11,12, Human Biology Award. Christopher Huey J.V. Football 9, Varsity Football 11,12, Honor Roll Martha Imbiorski J.V. Volleyball 9, J.V. Basketball 9 Pam Merrett Class Secretary 12, Pro-Life Bowl-a-thon, Float Committee 12, " Our House " — Dance Committee, Homecoming Dance Committee, Christmas Dance Committee, Walk-a-thon, Honor Roll 9,10,1 1,12, Society of Distinguished American High School Students Award 10,11, Shorthand Award. Jonee Lopez Mecha 10,11.12 Maurice James President of B.S.U., B.S.U. 9,10,1 1,12, Honor Roll 9,10,1 1,12. Jose Lopez Weight Lifting 10,11, P.E. Award Miguel Lopez Spanish Club 10, Spanish Honor Society 12, Art Award. Ted Lopez Class V. p. 11. A.SB. President 12, Float Committee 10,1 1,12, C.S.F-N.H.S. 10,11.12, Block A Club 11, J.V. Basketball 9, V. Basketball 10,11,12, V. Track 9,10,1 1,12, Academic Excellence Award, Aquinas Award, Pro-Merito Award 10,11 Mike Luna J.V. Football 10, V. Football 12 Mike MacLennan Chess Club 9.12, C.S.F. 10,12, Gamers Club 11,12, C.S.F. II, Yearbook 12, Martin Johnson Bill Johnson J.V. Football 9, P.E. Award Dale Jones J.V. Basketball 9,10, V. Football 11.12, Weight lifting Lisa Kanka J.V. Cheerleading 9.10. V. Cheers 11,12. Kelly Kirby Float Committee 12 James Knowlton Drama Club 12, J.V. Wrestling 10, V. Wrestlmg 1 1, V. Cross Country 12, Track Melisa Knuckey AFS 1 1.12, Drama Club 12, Prom Committee 12. Oklahoma 1 1, Honor Roll Rebeca Monies Honor Roll 11,12 Michele Kontra Homeroom Representative 9,10, A.S.B. Secretary 11. A. S.B. Treasurer 12. V. Track 1 0. V. Track 1 2, Honor Roll 9. Newman Government and Leadership Award 1 1, Merit Award. Maria Moreno Mike Mumford Oklahoma, Honor Roll 9.10, Andrew Kruk Float Committee 1 1 Carolyn Murray ng King 12, Wrestling 9,12, Football 10. Honor Roll 10 Tim Kubesh Rod Lambert J.V. Wrestling 9, J.V. Baseball 10. Christina Larkin Class Vice-President 9,10. V. Songleader 1 1,12 Pep Club 12, B.S.U. 9,10,1 1, B.S.U. President lO.C.S.F. lO.ll.I.C.C. 10, Block A Club 1 1, Spanish Club 11, Science Club 12. Blazers 12, A.F.S. 12, Powder Puff Football 10, Swan ' s Club Scholarship Jeff Lawson J.V. Soccer 10. Suzanne LeCourt Yearbook 9, Ski Club 9. Cindy Lee Elene Lieuailen Chris Longo Mike Michaud Mark Miller Manager V. Basketball, C.l.F. Basketball Certificate Tracy Niss J.V. Basketball 9,10. V. Basketball Honor Roll 10 J.V. Baseball 9,10. V. Baseball 11,12, Mark Norman Chess Club 9,10,11,12, War Gamers 9,10,11, N.H.S.-C.S.F.. Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer Chess Club, Vice President of Chess Club, President of N.H.S. C.S.F.. Honor Roll 9,10,11,12, .Mgebra 2 Award. Tim Nosal V. Soccer 10,11, Roxanne Nunez Softball 11,12. Country, Dennis O ' Malley J.V. Football 9,10. V. Football 11,12, J.V. Track String Deanza League (Football). Jon Page War Gamers 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Chess Club 9, 1 0, War Gamers President, Track 9,1 1. 12, M.U.N., Drama Club Chris Parker Oklahoma, J.V. Football 10, V. Football 11,12, V. Track 11,12, V. Basketball 1 2, M.V.P. Football, First Team Defense DeAnza League 1982, All DeAnza League First Team Quarter Back, Captain Award (V. Football). Harold Milligan V. Cross Country 11.12. Leonard Miranda Stacey Parnell Drama class 10.1 1.12. Drama Club Secretary 1 1. Drama Club Vice President 12, Oklahoma, Most Improved Actress Award. Stan Paul Class Vice President 12, Chess Club 12, Spanish Club 9, C.S.F.-N.H.S. 12, J.V. Football 10, V. Crosscountry 1 1, V. Soccer 11,12, Who ' s Who, Society o! " Distinguished American High School Students. Luisa Peruycra ChrLsiine Pestrella Paul Petersen J.V. Football 9,10. V, Football 11.12, Football Award 2nd Team All C.IF. Cathy Pletro .I.V. Cheerleader 10, V. Cheers 11,12, Christmas Dance Princess 10, Pro- Merito Award 11. Jean Poirier V. Softball 10.11,12. Bryan Porter V. Soccer 10, V. Baseball 11,12. M.l.P. Varsity Baseball, Who ' s Who. Chris Potz German Club 9,10, Chess Club 10,1 1,1 2. C.S.F. 1 2, Science Club 12, War- Gamers 12, Yearbook 11,12, J.V. Tennis 10, V. Tennis 11,12, German .Award, .Academic Excellence, Who ' s Who, National Merit, Scholarship Pro- gram ' s l-ctter of Commendation. Kelli Prahar French Club 11, V. Track 10. Robert Preston J.V. Basketball 10. Ray Purpero J.V. Basketball 9, V. Basketball 10,1 1 , V. Track 9,10,1 1,12, V. Football 12, Co-M.V.P. Varsity Track 9, Co-Captain Varsity Track, M.V.P. Varsity Track, Honorable Mention Varsity Football. Ed Puttre Elsa Quiroga Spanish Honor Society 10.1 1,12 Vice President, Spanish Honor SoL-iely 11, President, Spanish Honor Society 12, Honor Roll 10. Spanish Award. Anthony Range! M.F.C.H.A. 11,12, Sergeant at Arms, M.E.C.H.A., V. Baseball 12, Art Award. Richard Range! MFC. HA., 12 Diane Reyes Sheri Rhcuarls Riclsy Rodriguez J.V. Basketball 10, V. Basketball 11,12, Football 10. M.V.P, Basketball. Julie Roeder Class President 9, Float Committee 9,10,11,12. Walk-A-Thon, Youthday, Prom Commillce 11, Baseball Stat, V. Tennis Team 9,10,12, Honor Roll 9,10,11,12, Homecoming Princess 11,12, Prom Princess 11, American Le- gion Alternate, Service Award, M.V.P. Tennis Award, 2nd Place Double D.A.L. Finals. Joann Romeo Powder Putt Football 9, Prom Committee I i. Walk-A-Thon. Anthony Rosette J.V. Football 10. Judith Rosso Spanish Club 10,1 1,12, Spanish Honor Society 10,1 1,12. C.S.F. 10,11,12, Float Committee 11, Treasurer Spanish Honor Society, Girls Basketball 11,12, Honor Roll 10,11,12, P.E. Award, 2nd Honor Medal Sophomore Sandra Rosso Spanish Club 10,1 1,12, Spanish Honor Society 11,12, Yearbook 11, C.S.F. 11, Homecoming Committee 11,12, Walk-A-Thon, J.V. Basketball 10, V. Softball 1 1.12. Honor Roll 9.10,1 1,12, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Who ' s Who, 1st Honor for Drawing and Painting 2. Ana Maria Ruvalcaba Spanish Honor Society 10,11, B.S.U. Club 12, Bla ers 12, Secretary Trea- surer of B.S.U. Club 12. Bowl-A-Thon. Honor Roll, C.S.F. 10.11.12, Na- tional Merit Commendation, Daniel Rynn Baseball 9.10, Golf 1 1, V. Baseball 12. Danny Samra V. Football 11,12, V. Track 12. Jill Satoski Float Committee 9, 10, 11, 12, Walk-A-Thon, Pep Club 10,11, Basketball 10, Track 10. V. Tennis II. Honor Roll 10.11. Mary Sauer Float Committee 10.11.12. Homecoming Commillce 12, Pep Club 10,11. Oklahoma. Society of Distinguished High School StudeiUs, Basketball slat 11.12, V Track, Honor Roll 10,11,12, Who ' s Who. Princess Christmas Dance. Robert Schmalz Sonia Schoenfeld Honor Roll 9,10,11, Mike Schrader Football 9,10,11 William Schumacher J.V. Track, J.V. Football, V. Football I 1,12. Walter Scott Paul Sheehan Aneurin Shoemaker Tom Skubic N.H.S.-C.S.F. 11.12, Science Club 1 2, Chairman of W. A.S.C. Student Com- mittee 12. Biology Award 10, Chemistr.v Award 11. Mike Slavin Ba:,ehall 10,11.12. Mandy Small Pom ' s 11. Scott Smith J.V. Football 10. V. Soccer 10.11.12. V. Baseb; Lea Snell Float Committee 9, 10,1 1,12, Girl ' .s Basketball 9,10 Volleyball 10,1 1,12, Grade Honors 9, Honor Roll ball 10, M.V.P. Basketball. 2, Sollball 9,10.11,12, 2nd All League Foot- John Sponsler Float Committee 9,10,11,1: Elizabeth Stanfield John Stevens Baseball 9.10.1 1. V. Socce Joseph Struna Wargamers Club 9. Debbie Sturgeon Spanish Honor Sue Scott Swift Chess Club 9.10, 11, Drama Club ing 9, V. Soccer 10,11.12. Stephanie Thacker Prom Committee 11. V. Tennis 10, 1 1 . 12, Honor Roll 10,12, 1 si Place AH League 198! Singls 11, 1st place All League 1982 Doubles 12. Ann Tillery Class Secretary ' 10, Class President 11. A. SB. Vice President 12, Homeroom Representative 10. Yearbook 10. Chairman of Community Services II. Block A Club 10. A.F.S. Club 10. Float Committee 9.10, 1 1 ,12, Prom Com- mittee Chairman 1 1 , Homecoming Committee 1 2, Science Club 1 1 , French Club Vice-President 10, A.F.S. President 1 1, A.F.S, Treasurer 12, Blazers 10. Pep Club 11. Basketball Stat 10,11,12, Volleyball State 9, Valentines Dance Cotnmiltee 10, Who ' s Who, V. Track 10,12, Honor Roll 9, American Legion Award 9, A.F.S. Award 10, A.F.S. Exchange Student-Italy 10, New- man Service Award 11, Homecoming Princess 12, Christmas Princess 12. Sherrie Troy Bowling Club 9 Maura Varni Pep Club 12, Who ' s Who, Volleyball 9, J.V. Basketball 9, V. Basketball 1 0.1 1 , 1 2, Track 9, V. Cross Country 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, V. Softball 11,12, Basketball M.V.P. 9, M.V.P. All DeAnza League 11, Basketball Captain 9. Yolanda Vidana Spanish Club 12. Mecha Club 12. Frank Vidergar Senior Class President. Model United Nations 9,10,11, (Secretary Trea- surer 10, Vice Chairman 11), .Aquinas Science As.sociation 11.12, C.S.F.- N.H.S. 10.11.12, American Field Service 11,12, " Oklahoma " 11, Religion Award 9,11, German Award 9, English Award 10,11, American Legion California Boy ' s Slate. Janice Vlachos French Club 11, Cross Country 12, Tract Kristina Wagoner Track and Field 10.1 1,12. Cross Country Field 1 1. M.I. P. in Cross Country 12. Tina Walters Blazers 10.11,12. Newspaper 11, " Oklahoma " , Coaches Award in Track and Ricky Weeks A.F.S. 9, J.V. Basketball 9, J.V. Track 9. V. Soccer 10.1 1 ,1 2, V. Track 10,11 . V. Football 12, Honor Roll 9,12, Coaches Award-Soccer 11, Soccer All Sunbelt 1st Team 1 1, M.V.P. Defense Soccer Orange Lutheran Tournament John White Pep Club 10, .Spanish Club 10,11. Baseball 9.10,11,12, Basketball 9. Marty Wilson J.V. Baseball 10. V. Soccer 10. ' 12. V. Baseball Kimberly Yen French Club President 10. Walk-A-Thon 1 1. Pep Club 12. C.S.F.-N.H.S. 9.10,12. Pep Squad Songleader. J.V. Tennis 10, V. Tennis 11, M.V.P. in C.I.F. Playoffs, Honor Roll 9,10,11,12. Teri Young Andy Zachary J.V. Baseball 10, V. Baseball Cross Countrv 10. ,1 2, V. Cross Country 10. Coaches Award V. Alice Zecchini French Club 9,10,1 I, French Club Presidcn am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me bears fruit chose you to go out and bear fruit. Ilk« I ill am the Vine, ou are the Branches

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