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-♦■M •«? " • »» •» !? ' " .■- ' ■ ' .-, ■-• • . , ■■ ■««. ' • ' H» | AT AQUINAS TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING THEME 4 SENIORS 16 ACTIVITIES 33 FACULTY 50 ACADEMICS 64 CLASSES 78 SPORTS 100 A MOMENT tM. ,1 f 1 % 1 r qi| ' f V J LIKE THIS wmmmmr, wwi: MATTERS RESPECT AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATED TO TRUTH LIBERTY -TOLERATION- BY THE NATIVE SONS Of THE GOLDEN WEST LARRY E.MOWINCKEL- GRAND PRESIDENT OCTOBER. 28,1981 10 II LIFE 12 Respecting the Lives Entrusted to Our Care Fr. Dennis Sanders, C.R. 13 CARE 14 15 16 Class of 82 17 Abraham, John Alejandre, Ted Argentine, Gene Bernard, Lorie Aguilar, Gary Alton, Kim Arias. Marcos Biedebach, Vicicy Aguirre, Mario Alvarez. Frank Bagley. Rhonda Bonadiman. Jeff Aguirre, Patrick Andry. Carol Baker, Mike Borowski, Mike Alcaraz, Martha Apt, Karen Becerra, Mary Bott, Kelly 18 Eilene Castro. Bob Malouf. and Kate Herbert enjoy freshman - senior picnic Rochelle Holland broils hotdogs for picnic. ' »•- ' » rt . :k» -j Boyle, Patrick Carranza, Paul Brooks, Raylene Carlone, Tina Bruckner, John Casillas, Stephanie Burns, Kim Castro, Eileen Canavan, Jon Cervantez, Michelle 19 Cecilia Ramirez, Vicky Biedebach. Valeric Ros o-Llopart. Traci Dillenhaver study lor vocabulary test Lisa Gonzalez works on senior class busi- Dan Frymire, Jonathan Moore and Joe Stevens act out their " three stooges ' ness. routine Chamberlin, Michelle Christner, Karin Cichocki. Martin Clark, Dan 20 Cluck, Jeff Colunga, Kelly Conley, Teri Coyne, Anna Del Castillo, Dario Diaz, Petra Dibble, Christine Dittenhaver, Traci Donlon, Pat Encinas, Walter Everard, Linda Feld, Stella Feles, Lukas Ferro, Jeff Fike, Todd Flathers, Janet Ford, Terri Fry mire, Daniel Gabriel, Fritz Gallardo, Bill 21 Garcia, Paul Gonzales, Adrian Griffin, Theda Heaiy, Patrick Garrett, Maritri Gonzales, Kathy Gritzmaker, Susan Herbert, Katie Garza, Greg Gonzales, Lisa Hague. Heidi Heyman, Ronnie Giles, Michael Gonzales, Patricia Haider. Joseph Hinkle, Marv Gottlemann, Keith Goo, Ross Hanover, Mattew Holland, Rochelle 22 Seniors pair up with freshmen during trcshnian-senior picnie. Jackie Scray and Lucas Feles test chemistry room safety shower. HoUey, Terri Home, Steve Hosey, Anthony Hosey, Chiistopher Howell, Mary 23 Seniors shout, ■■S2, 82, 82 Michelle Chamherlin INK wjicr halloon tor pKnli Hubbell, David Jacques, Rita Humildad, Martha Jaffe, Carolyn Hunt, Andrew James, Yvette Jackson, Martin Jimenez, John Jacohan, Christina Johnson, Kenneth 24 Kruk, Steve Leone, Eva Malouf, Bob Jure, Regina LaLiberte, Michael Littlefield, Beth Marrero, Stephanie Kearney, Maureen Lamers, Steve Lopez. Martha Martinez, Lea Kehew, Brian Laninovich, Robin Loughran, Jim Martinez, Patrick Kijima, Joji LaTourette, Eileen Mackzum, Adrienne Marutsos, Bill 25 Mashtalier, Lisa Mejia, Leslie Moore, Chris Nelson, Mike Mathiasen, Martha Mejia, Maria Moore, Jonathan Ortega, Jackie McCready, Robby Mejia, Prisciila Moorhatch, Nathan Owens, Marc Medina, Anthony Meyer, Donald Mullaney, John Papineau, Shelly Meiris, Toni Montano, Carol Mulligan, Chris Partida, John 26 CcLilia Ramirez and friend enjo Senior - Freshman picnic. Michelle Cervantez admires Joe Haider. Perry, Rod Piehler, David Pierce, Kenny Pietrasiewiez, Michelle i Picnic participants guzzle down root beer. 27 •Go, Go " at Pep Rally. Aquinas at lunch. ssel, John Pont, Jorge Ragan, Nancy Ramirez. Andrew Ramirez, Cecilia mos, Edgar Rego, Mary Rivera, Henry Rodericic, Chris Rodriguez, Cecilia 28 Roe, Shawn Saldana, Paul Schlahta, Mary Sollinger, Shelly Romeo, Ernie Sanchez, Allen Scray, Jackie Steele, Stacy Rosso-Llopart, Valerie Sanchez, Suzanne Sena, Tony Steinmann, Katie Ruby, Kale Schene, Crystal Sicard, Don Stevens, Joseph Ruvalcaba, Teresa Satoski, Robin Snell, Bill Swoger, Doug 29 Tokarabe, Kuniko Vanderfin, Shane Wilson, Chantae Not pictured: Gonzalez, Veronica Thomas, Rick Vanderwoude, Teresa Wong wan, Narumon Not pictured: Sanborn, David Thompson, Laurie Vasquez, Ted Wood, Diego Wyland, Todd Tolbirt, Terry Vasquez, Veronica Wood, Leslie Wyman, Joanie Tullis, Randy Venokur, Lawrence Wuerth, John Zanone, William 30 Senior Hall of Fame mm ' ' : 1 } JO 1 1 (n. F m ' 4- ' 1 Friendliest: Valerie Rosso-Llopart and Joe Haider Class Clown: Beth Littlefield and Rod Perry Flirtacious: Robin Saloski and Robby McCready Best Dressed: Greg Garza and Michelle Cervanlez 31 » ♦4 Is ik 1 . - s » 32 33 Scholarships Awards. f JIUIJJ These Aquinas students had earned the highest grade points in their fields of study. They were awarded the Bank of America Certifi- cates. Drama: Rochelle R. Holland Music: Andrew D. Hunt. English: Lorie A. Bernard Laboratory Science: John M. Plessel Mathematics: Stella M Home Economics: Robin M. Satoski FRONT ROW (L-R): Stanley Paul, Lorie Ber- nard, Jung Gwon, and Frank Vidergar. BACK ROW (L-R): Philip Ho, Jon Page, Tom Skubic, Mark Norman, Maritri Garrett. Craig . uzenne. Andrew Hunt, John Plessel, and John Bruck- ner. Our College Bowl Team competed at UCR against six- teen other area high schools. The final team, four members and two alternates, survived school competi- tions to enter the April playoffs. 34 Chris Roderick won the Bank of America plaque in the field of Liberal Arts. John Bruckner won the Bank of America plaque in the fields of Math and Science. Lorie Bernard — Semi-finalist for " Youth of the Year Award " for Exchange Club. Susie Gritzmaker — 4 year scholarship — Fashion. Music — at Stevens College. Teresa Ruvalcaba — Nominated for Y ' outh Opportunities Program Scholarship. Christina Jacoban — U of Redlands scholarship finalist in theater. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION FRONT ROW (L-R): Ken Dolph, John Flynn, Richard Maples. Rosemary Milew. Paul Reisch. Judith Rosso. Mike MacLennan, Tom Skubic. Joe Haider, Chris Roderick, .Andrew Hunt, and Doug Karalun. MIDDLE ROW (L-R); Debbie Taurex, Jo Garcia, Suzette Kula, Ana Ruvalcaba, San dra Rosso, Pat Andry. Stella Feld, Cecilia Rodriguez. Leslie Wood. Lisa Gonzalez, Jung Gwon, Carolyn Jaffe, and John Bruckner. TOP ROW (L-R): Philip Ho. Adrienne Mackzum, Dan Kehew, Todd Wyland, Frank Vidergar, Craig Auzenne, Ted Lopez, Paul Mackzum, George Pfeffer, Brian Kehew, John Oxrider, Alson Chao, John Plessel, Lorie Bernard, Brian Harnitchek, and Stan Paul. 35 Fr. Andre 80 years Happy Birthday Fr. Andre thanked Aquinas for the poem. Fr. Andre showed surprise Fr. Sanders praised Fr. Andre. Chris Roderick read birthday poem. Fr. Sanders presented Fr. Andre with the birthday card 36 In a surprise move, the faculty and student body of Aquinas organized an at-schoo! party for Father Andre on his 80th birth- day on December 15th, 1981, at break. This clandestine move included a large card with the signatures and best wishes of the entire Aquinas community, refreshments for all, a birthday speech, and the traditional birthday song, sung by all. MVaMasWIMMMMMWMlMIIMMf ( ' - I ■ y 37 A.S.B. The Associated Student Body, with Mr. John Harrington as moderator, solved the many problems that arose in the Aqui- nas community. It also organized the different activities throughout the year. A.S.B. worked in conjunction with the Interclub Council, the Executive Council, and the student body to run the school more smoothly and efficiently. Other responsibilities included the planning of community service projects and the promotion of school spirit, pride, and unity. 1 . Sophomore class officers (L-R): Michelle Colunga, George Feles, Philip Ho, and Tom Anagnostopoulos. 2. Lorie Bernard, ICC Vice-president. 3. Carol Andry, ICC President. 4. Junior class officers (L-R): Ted Lopez, Ann Tillery, Mike Harmon, and Mark Herbert. 38 39 ART SHOW ' S 1 The Art show in the Aquinas library on the eleventh and twelfth of December displayed works by professionals, alumni, and Aquinas art students. The Ad- vanced Ceramics students created incense burners; Ceramics I students construct- ed trivets, ceramic whistles, and designer mugs; The Advanced Drawing and Painting students produced linoleum block prints, scratch boards, bronze sculp- tures, self portraits, watercolors, and charcoal drawings; Drawing and Painting I students made color composition posters and self portraits; Introduction to Arts students painted pictures in the pointillism style. 1 . Eileen Castro exhibited creative ceramic whistles. 2. Paul Garcia proudly displayed his black metallic- glazed ceramic horse. 3. Talented Aquinas artists created pottery, ceramic sculptures, and even a bronze sculpture. 4. Mr. Handlon greeted the many patrons of the Aquinas Art Show. 5. Lisa Gonzales showed off her painting. 6. Martha Imbiorski and Shannon Webster admired students ' ceramics. 7. Matt Hanover, Bob Reisch, and Lisa Reisch joked around with balloon creations. 40 41 DRAMA 1 ! The Aquinas Drama Club encouraged the Theatre Arts on the Aquinas campus. The ma- jor production of the year. The Fantasticks, included the hard work and talent of the Dra- ma and Music Departments. Directed by Mr. Louis DiDonato and Mr. John Struble. the play entertained the entire Aquinas communi- ty. 42 1. Christie Jacoban and Chris Roderick climbed to new heights during the production of The Fantasticks. 1. Chris Roderick and Kenny Pierce fought it out in The Fantasticks. 3. Eva Leone, Mar Rego. Kenn Pierce, Rochelle Holland, Lily Ramirez, Stacey Parnell, Christie Jaco- ban, Carol Damgen, and Crystal Schene hammed it up for the camera. 4. Crystal Schene, Carol Damgen, Brandon Kindle, and Stacey Parnell were happy with their performances in " Once Upon a Playguard " . 5. Christie Jacoban and Chris Roderick looked the other way as Rochelle Holland strolled on the stage. 6. Carol Damgen and Christie Jacoban watched as Chris Roderick sang to the music of the .Aquinas Band. 43 CLUBS The French Club offered activities related to French culture, mod. Mr. Harrington. Mecha promoted activities for the purpose of build- ing a scholarship fund for Mexican-American stu- dents, mod. Ms. Salas. The Spanish Club offered activities related to His- panic culture, mod. Mr. Navarez. The Spanish Honor Society recognized achievement in the Spanish Language and promoted interest in Hispanic culture. The Society sponsored cultural events and provided tutoring, mod. Mrs. Jung. Brothers and Sisters Union promoted a better un- derstanding and appreciation of our multi-cultural society through pertinent activities and celebrations, mod. Mrs. Halford. B.S.U. FIRST ROW: Phillip Andrews, Maurice James. SECOND ROW; Ce- cilia Ramirez, Kim DuCloux, La Shaune Murray, April Newman, Lisa Porter, Christina Larkin. THIRD ROW: Martin Cichocki, Mark Gam- ble, Harold McClellan. SPANISH CLUB Richard Maples, Carolyn Jaffe. Paul p( ' |i Mackzum, Gary . ' Xguilar. FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW: Alson Chao, Chris Hubbell, Michelle Bakeman, Jerry Cygan, Gail Flathers. SECOND ROW: Alice Zecchmi. Kelly Prahar, Tina Zaharopoulos. Michelle Kontra, Kelly Allen, Susie Gritzmaker, Rosemary Milow. Pat Andry, Fiona Moore, Phyllis Venoker, Carol Andry, 44 B m MECHA FIRST ROW: Veronica Vasquez. Martha Humil- dad, Carol Montano. Kelly Moody. Elizabeth Rangel. Cecilia Ramirez — Vice Pres., Mary Be- cerra — Sec. Maria Mejia — Treas. SECOND ROW: Teresa Ruvalcaba, Michelle Colunga. Lisa Garcia. Yvonne Garcia. April Newman. Cecilia Gallardo, Lillian Navarette, La Shaune Murray. Kim DuCloux, Kathleen Garcia. Karen Parker. THIRD ROW: Anthony Medina. Jackie Ortega. John Jiminez, Alfred Montano, Kim Burris. Terri Holley. Kathy Botello. Maria Serrano, Lorraine Perez, Alicia Ortega. FOURTH ROW: Anthony Rangel, Harold McClellan, Allen Sanchez, Mar- cos Arias, Martin Cichocki. Richard Paramo. Robert Colunga, Manuel Dias, Bill Gallardo. Emma Valandrez, Maria Brown, Reuben Bernal. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Edgar Ramos, Dano Del Castino, Chris Roderick. SEC- OND ROW: Ed Puttre, Cathy Pena, Carolyn Jaffee. Anna Ruvalcaba. Sandra Rosso. THIRD ROW: Ted Vasquez. Elsa Quiroga. Pam Coch- ran, Lisa Porter. Stella Feld. Martha Alcaraz. 45 CHESS CLUB TOP ROW (L-R): Doug Karalum, Scott Swift, George Pace, Richard Burley, Chris Potz, Ken Hurley, Jon Page, Scott Giese, Chris Good, Steve Home, Milce Mauize, Kevin Huntely. Andrew Hunt, Ruben Ibarra. SEC- OND ROW (L-R); Narciso Jaramillo, Eric Raymundo, Pat Gillette, Joe Delgado, Jung Gwon, Carole Hardy, Philip Ho, Mark Norman, and John Ayres. WAKUAMhKi BACK ROW (L-R): Eric Raymundo. Jon Page, Mike McLennan, Richard Burley, and Andrew Hunt BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Doug Philip Ho, ScotI Giese, Mark Norman, Chris Good, Ruben Ibarra. Karalun, Bruce Smilhhammer. and John Ayres. 46 BLAZERS. FRONT ROW (L-R): Cathy Gonzales, Lorie Bernard. Stella Feld, Mary Raymond, Karen Christner, and Karen Feld. TOP ROW (L-R): Beverly O ' Brien, Jill McPeters, Mary DeCoite, Pat Andry, Tina Walters, Suzette Kula, Laura Whitney, Carol Andry, Rosemary Milew, Maria DiAnda. Carolyn Jaffe, Adrienne Mack- zum. Blazers served Aqui- nas and the communi- ty at large as hostess- es at campus and civic affairs. Mrs. Lukas The Chess Club, de- signed for those stu- dents who wished to learn and develop the skills of the game of chess, organized com- petitive tournaments. Mr. Handlon The Wargamers Club participated in various competitions in order 10 develop serious thinking strategies. Mr. Keene The Drama Club de- voted to the advance- ment and improve- ment of theatre arts on Aquinas campus. Mr. DiDonato DRAMA CLUB BOTTOM (L-R): Lily Ra- mirez, Jo Garcia. Crystal Schene. Stacey Parnell, Christy Jacoban, Chris Roderick, Mary Rego. MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Shannon Webster. Rochelle Holland. Gail Flathers. Karen Feld. Pat Andrv. Carol , ndry. Mantri Gar- ret, and Cheryl Lmdiey. TOP ROW (L-R): Lorie Bernard. Mary Brubaker, Jon Page. John Bachman. Debbie Sturgeon. Kenny Pierce. Jim Goettlemann. Morgan Rumpt. 47 NEWSPAPER FRONT: Martin Jimenez, Kevin Huntley TOP: Jackie Wilson, Tina Walters and Carole Hardy MODEL UNITED NATIONS FRONT ROW: Carlos Scalisi, Ernie Frey, Narsisco Jaramillo BACK ROW: Jung Gwon, Pam Yen, Karen MacLennan, Steve Home, Lisa Vidergar, Andrea Potz, Tina Ramos 48 SCIENCE FRONT ROW: Tom Skubic, Philip Ho, John Flynn, Mark Norman, Stella Feld, Jung Gwon, John Bruckner, Andrew Hunt, Lukas Feles BACK ROW: Frank Vidergar, Craig Auzenne, Ted Lopez, Lorie Bernard, Brian Kehew, John Plessel, Alson Chao, Keith Goettelmann, Mario Aguirre MERICAN FIELD SERVICE rOP PHOTO: Ann Tillery, Nauromon Wongwum, Pat Andry, Cathy Abraham, Erika Junghart, Ted Lopez, Frank Vidergar, Melissa Knuckey, Holly Hatch The members of the yearbook staff conceived the ideas that gave life to the " Summa 82. " mod: Fr. Donat The students involved in the news- paper wrote the articles for the Aquinas Falcon, mod: Miss Lag- gren The Model United Nations simu- lated the United Nations. It pro- vided an opportunity for students to debate vital issues of the world. Mod: Ms. Castillo American Field Service promoted education and peace among people of the world through student ex- change programs, mod: Ms. Bu- shong The Science Club provided stu- dents with an opportunity to do sci- entific experiments of their own design, mod: Mr. Lackey 49 ADMINIS- TRATION The Aquinas faculty and administration pro- duced a medium for academic excellence in tiie Aquinas tradition. The Aquinas faculty and administration accomplished this task solely with the concern of their students in mind. Teachers and counselors devoted much time to helping their students outside of class as well. Some teachers also spent time mod- erating extra curricular activities. Aquinas High School contributed time, talent, and acumen to the future of the diocese of San Bernardino under the leadership of Bishop Straling and Father Sanders. With more than twenty-five years in education, Aquinas High School has fulfilled its task of provi- ding " light, truth, and justice. " Mrs. Barbara Jernigan Mr. Douglas Gericke Mr. Sam .Argentine Mrs. Teri Plowy Mrs. Mary Kehew Mrs. Gesa Kearney Mr. Richard Weeks Mr. Ken Lambert Mrs. Caroline Weeks Mrs. Monica Harwood Mr. Harold Knowllon Dr Al Reisch, President 50 it 1. Most Reverend Phillip F. Straling. Bishop of the Diocese of San Beniardino- 2. Mr. Dave Critchlow (MA, George Washington University, Washing- ton D.C.) Assistant Principal. . . Sr, Mary E.sther Sleekier (MA, University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame, IN) Academic Director. 4. Mr. Dennis Wilson (BA, California State College, San Bernardino, CA.) Dean of Students. 5. Rev. Dennis Sanders, CR (M.A, St. Louis University, St. Louis Mo.) Principal. 6. The School Board. 1981-1982. 51 Theology During the course of this year, the Religion department introduced Christian ideals into their students " characters. By presenting alternatives in a way applicable to modem life, they showed that Christian respect is the best choice. 3 With the help of the department chairman Sr. Dorothy. Mr. Brown, Mrs. Cardenas. Sr. Kathleen, Mr. Moten ' , and Mr. Piazza spent many hours of true concern. Support outside of the academic environment was given in counseling and kindness by Fr. Andre and Mr. Baum I . Mr Joe Moten iBA ; Universitv ol Calitornia. Riverside, C- ) The- ology 1 ,2 2 Sr Dorothy Schmidt (M.R.E.; University of St. Thomas. Houston. T.X) Theology 2,3, Department Chair 3. Mr. Chris Brown (.A.B.; Oberlin College. Oherlin. Ohio) Theology 3.4 4. Sr. Kathleen Marsh IM.R.E.; Seattle University. Seattle. Washington) Liturgy and Music 5. Mrs. Charlene Cardenas (MRE.; University of St. Thomas. Houston. TX) Theology 3.4 6. Mr. Gene Baum (M. A ; St John ' s College. Camarillo. C. ) Campus Minister; CCD 1 .2; Theology 3 7. Mr. Sam Piazza (M.A.; Redlands University. Redlands, CA) The- ology I 8. Fr. Edmund .Andre (B .A ; University of San Diego. San Diego. Ck) Chaplain 52 -5 Vo lYphtttc orif 53 English In keeping with the traditional excellence of past English departments, this year ' s department, headed by Fr. Robert Donat, ranked as one of the best. Mr. Struble. Miss Laggren. Miss Pentz. Mrs. Halford. Mrs Jung, and Mr. Nevarez. all members of the staff, shaped the minds of their students by opening many horizons. These new areas included classical novels, extensive vocabulary, and advanced skills in writing The language department did its part by bringing the culture and language of our Spanish. French and German neighbors to our school The staff, headed by Mrs. Pilar Jung, included Miss Boynton. Mr. Nevarez. Mr. Harrington, and Mr. Schimsky. ( I ,) Fr. Robert Donat (MA, Catholic University of . ' merica. Washington. DC) English 4. AP English 3.4. English Department Chairman. (2.) Miss Jane Pentz. (B A. Immacul- ate Heart College. Los Angeles. CA.) English (3.) Miss Cathy Laggren { . . University of Calif.. Riverside. CA.) English 3.4. (4.) Mr. John Struble (M. ' X. Univer- sity of Calif.. San Diego. CA.) English 2. Band. (5.) Mrs Pilar Rulfo-Jung (MA. University of Calif, . Riverside. CA.) Spanish Foreign Languages Department Chairman. English 2. lb.) Mr, John Harrington (MA. University of Calif, . Riverside. CA,) French 1 .2.4. American Government, (7 ) Miss Valerie Boynton (BA. University of Redlands. Redlands, CA) Spanish 1.2 (S ) Mr. Cruz Nevarez (BA. University of Redlands. Redlands. CA.) English 1.2 (9 ) Mrs. Isabel Halford (MA. University of Illinois. Urbana. II.) English 1.3. 54 Foreign Language 55 SCIENCE ' ' MATHEMATICS Aquinas High School maintained excellent math and sci- ence departments. Br. Snider headed the math department, with Fr. Hudson. Mr. Schimsky. Mrs. Green, Fr. Schiliy and Mrs, Lukas. Mrs. Leesburg headed the science depart- ment, with Mr. Lackey, Mrs. Beck, Mr. Hunt, and Mrs. Slish. ■M hB ' ' 1 r — 1 ■ 1 4 i|H j K Iw Mrs. Nancy Beck (MA. Azusa University. Azusa. Ca) Biology. General Science. 2. Fr. Joseph Schilly (MA. San Jose State University. San Jose, Ca) Pre-Algebra. Geometry. Algebra 2- .V Mrs. .Alice Leesburg (MA. University of Oregon, Eugene. Ore) Biology. Human Biology, Science Department Chairman 4 Fr. Francis Hudson (B.A. Sacred Heart Monastery, Hales Comers, Wis) Geometry. Algebra. 5, Mr. Mark Lackey (BS. University of California. River- side. Ca) Chemistry. Physics. Astronomy. 6. Br. Frank Snider (MAT, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind) Consumer Math, Pre-Calculus, Basic Math, Algebra 2 Trigonometry, Phys- ical Education, Math Department Chairman. 7. Mrs. Linda Greene (BS. Louisiana Tech University. Ruston. LA) Algebra. Pre-. lgebra. Consumer Math. 8. Mr. Arnold Schimsky (MA. University of California. Riverside. Ca) Algebra I. German 1.2. 9. Mr. Don Hunt (BA. University of Redlands. Redlands. Ca) General Science. American Government. 10. Mrs. Lisa Sligh (BA. Hope College. Holland. Ml) General Science. Life Science. 57 Business Social Science 1 . Mr. Ron Keene(BA. California State College, San Bernardino, CA) American History, American Government 2. Mr. Denni.s Wilson (BA, California Stale College. San Bernardino CAl AP American History . Miss Vicky Castillo (MA, University of California, Riverside, CA) American History, World History. Social Science Department Chairman 4 Mr Louis Di Donalo (MA, California Polytechnic, Pomona, CA) American History, Drama, American Government 5. Mrs. Laurel Leary (BS, Thiel College. Greenville, PA) Typing, Shorthand, Business Art Department Chairman 6. Mrs Sally Lukas. (BA, University of Guam. Guam) Typing. Basic Math. Accounting 7. Miss Vidal Salas (BA. University of Redlands. Redlands. CA) World Hisiorv. Business Law 58 The Social Science teachers showed respect toward their students through their dedication. Ms. Castillo, the Department chairperson. Mr. DiDonatd, Mr. Keane. Ms. Salas, and Mr. Wilson opened up the past to their students. With their combined talents, the history department became an impetus to the students ' respect of History as a lesson on which to base future decisions. The business teachers, Mrs. Leary. the chairperson, and Mrs. Lukas. prepared students for the future through Typing. Shorthand, and Business Math. 59 LIBRARY FINE ARTS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Traditional academic courses were not the , only fields being developed at Aquinas High School. The Fine Arts and Physical Education were also taught to develop the education of the students. Mr. Handlon and Mrs. ten Voorde used their artistic talents to enrich the lives of the students who were entrusted to their care. Likewise, Mrs. Esancy and Mr. Sanchez of the P.E. De- partment improved the lives of their stu- dents by bettering their health and general sense of well being. Miss Payne, the librar- ian, with her dedicated work, opened an- other source of information to the students. In this way, she too respected the lives which were entrusted to her. 60 V A Mr. Pat Handlon (BA, California Slate University Fullerton. CA) Ceramics. Drawing and Painting. 2, Miss Doris Payne (MA. University of Hawaii. Honolulu) Librarian. 3. Mr. Jack Henley (BA. California State University San Diego. CA) Physical Education Department Chair- person. 4. Mr. Stan Sanche? (BA. Cal State University, Fullerton. CA) Physical Education. 5. Mrs. Janice ten V ' oorde (BA, California State University. San Diego. CA| Home Economics. Contemporary Family. 6. Mrs. Sue Esancy (BA, University of Redlands. Redlands.CA) Physical Education. 61 COUNSELORS OFFICE STAFF 1 . Mrs. Linda CcHipcr. Schiicil Sccrctap. 2. Mrs, Marge Topolcski. Financial SecrctarN 3- Fr- Fred Gaylla. (MS. L ' niverslty i t Noire Dame. Noire Dame. I ). Junior and Senior Counselor Mrs. Bushong and Fr. Gaglia advised students during this school year. Mrs. Bushong. the sophomore and freshman counselor, helped students get a foothold at Aquinas. Fr. Gaglia the junior and senior counselor, prepared the students for college. This year ' s office staff efficiently ran the office. Mrs. Johnson, the attendance secretary, Mrs. Cooper, the school secretary, and Mrs. Topoleski, the financial secretary were in the office. Mr. Mulkey repaired general maintenance and Mrs. Solomon managed the snack bar. 62 4. Mrs. Carolyn Bushong, (MA, Claremont Graduate School. Clarernont CA). Freshman and Sophomore Counselor 5. Mr. Bill Mulkey. General Mamtenance 6. Mrs. Mary Lou Johnson. Attendance Secretary 7. Mrs. Elaine Solomon. Snack Bar Supervisor 63 Theology The theology classes of Aquinas studied various aspects of Christianity. With the aid of theology teachers Mrs. Cardenas, Mr. Brown, Mr. Moten, Sr. Dorothy, Sr. Kathleen, and Mr. Piazza, the students devel- f oped a better understanding of religion. 64 1. Fr. Donat celebrated mass with an attentive group. 2. Sr. Dorothy showed a few of her sophomore students the funda- mentals of religion. 3. The Liturgical choir, with the assistance of Sr. Kathleen, concen- trated on their music. 4. Mrs. Cardenas explained the Marriage class textbook to seniors Cecilia Ramirez and Anna Coyne. 5. The string section of the Liturgical choir warmed up prior to mass. 6. Altar stood in preparation for daily morning Liturgy. 7. Fr. Andre began Eucharistic Prayer during Lenten mass. 65 English Throughout the year students applied themselves wholeheartedly to learn the subject of English. Un- der the literary guidance of Father Donat, Mr. Stru- ble. Miss Pentz, Miss Laggren, and Mr. Navarez the classes were ones of education. 66 1 . Phil Andrews and Mike Mumford did research in the library. 2. Miss Pentz showed two students an important point in a book. 3. Miss Laggren gave some pointers in research to Suzanne Le Court. 4. Theda Griffin, Terri Ford, and Heidi Hague discussed Shakespeare sonnets during class. 5. Freshmen pondered over their gram- mar. 6. Mike Giles and Kelly Colunga dis- cussed an English assignment. 7. Michelle Cranston sought help while Silvia Gutierrez studied earnestly. 67 Foreign Language Spanish I students learned the basic vocabulary and grammatical structure and concepts of Spanish. In Spanish II, the students were exposed to more vocabulary and only spoke Spanish in the second semester. The Spanish III students analysed poetry and the short story genre by Spanish and Latin American authors. During the Spanish IV year, the students studied contemporary drama and Span- ish novels. In all the Spanish classes, grammar was emphasized. French I students learned all the basic language skills: reading, writ- ing, listening and speaking. Students, in a variety of classroom activi- ties, listened to tapes, presented written dialogues, conversed in French, and showed different aspects of French culture through pro- jects. They explored the short story and even wrote their own composi- tions in French II. The students learned to appreciate all aspects of French culture from cuisine to geography. Students who took Latin had a unique exposure to language. Latin, an ancient language, was unlike any other language taught at Aquinas. For example, Latin included both conjugations of verbs and declen- sions of nouns. Students were also introduced to ancient Roman cul- ture. German I students, in addition to learning the basic language, studied t " he geography of the German speaking countries. The German stu- dents learned to use more complex German including advanced verbs. 1. Tom Lappin, Alson Chao, and Mike Mumford pointed to various regions of France. 2. Spanish 3 students, Elsa Quiroga and Lisa Porter, studied a textbook together amid a background of murals done by previous students. 3. During a German 1 class, Peter Watson helped Christy Gannon locate a city in Germany. 4. Mrs. Leesburg and Mrs. Jung conversed after a hard day of teaching. 5. Spanish 2 students, Carl Beardsly, Melissa Knuckey, John Bachman, and Dan Kehew, practiced Spanish with the aid of a map, a book, and some flashcards. 6. Abel Baldersa, Gail Flathers. Mark Dahle, Carol Laterruer, and Michelle Cranston made various gestures while conversing in French 1 class. 7. Advanced Spanish student, Ana Ruvalcaba (right), helped Spanish 1 student, Pam Yen to locate cities on a map of Spain. 8. German 2 students, Lana Mode and Sonia Schoenfield explained German syntax to their peers. 68 i .,. « •I . -A fi 1 i i " v 1 i 1 69 Science ' The science department consisted of five basic classes: genera! science, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. There were also other science classes which were derived from one of the basics. These were general science A, life science, science sur- vey, human biology, chemistry lab, and physics lab. The classes were designed for further development in the understanding of science among students. They were also a required part of most students ' curriculum, Consequently, they played a big part in most students ' school year. 70 1. Physics students, Mario Aguirre, Lukas Feles, Brian Kehew, and Keith Goettlemann, observed a demonstration of Newton ' s Law of Motion. 2. Ed Chavez, Mary Haid, John Ferronato, Karen Chacon, and Martin Hostrup studied notes on the blackboard in their life science class. 3. A general science student, Sean Dennis, and a biology student, Jon Vermillion, studied to- gether in the library for tests in each of their classes. 4. Mark Norman and Tom Skubic experi- mented with explosive chemicals in chemistry lab. 5. Mardi Linane and Karen Fisher playfully watched Doug Vining and Ray Sanchez dissect a large clam. 6. Ben Nichols, Jeff Mcintosh, Scott Giese, and the rest of the human biology class took notes from Mrs. Leesburg ' s lecture. 71 MATH Mathematics was one of the courses which the majority of the student body had to take last year. Our mathematics department conducted classes ranging from basic math and algebra to ge- ometry and calculus. The teachers were dedicated to aid the students in the math courses, and although the students weren ' t dedicated to much, most will probably have a lifelong memory of mathematics principles. Several business math courses were also part of the curriculum at Aquinas. •• •■ . 1 . Gary Aguilar summed up rows of figures on the chalkboard during accounting class. 2. Father Hudson chewed on a pen in exasperation as he watched Mike Dainko finish an assignment in geometry. 72 4. Brother Snider then turned to the rest of the class to finish his lecture. 5. Mrs. Greene checked Jimmy Poyle ' s work as Steve Sollinger waited to have his checked and the rest of the class studied algebra from their textbooks. 73 Social Science Business " Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, " and the Aquinas Social Science Department evidently wanted to make sure no student would ever repeat it. The many history and government classes kept the stu- dents in their books and on their toes. Indeed, it was a memorable experience that will continually haunt every- one ' s memory. » -U ooooooooooo ' 00009000l!«u 5oo9ooooe»iio sac The business classes prepared students for future, voca- tional work. The typing, shorthand, business law, and ac- counting classes introduced the different applications and skills as well as teaching theory. 1. The typing students learned the basic fundamentals of typing. 2. Ms. Salas conducted her business law class. 3. Mr. DiDonato compared his answers to John Bruckner ' s. 4. Discussions occurred during a history class. 5. Mrs. Leary dictated to the shorthand class their assignments. 74 75 Fine Arts The Fine Arts department, headed by Mr. Handlon, fostered a better understanding of the environment in which we hve. The Fine Arts department offered such classes as drawing, painting, graphic art, and ce- ramics. The students involved in Art classes learned how to solve visual problems as well as develop creativity and individual expres- sion. 1. David Hubbell 2. Shannon Webster, Martha Imbiorski 3. Stan Paul, Richard Maples 4. David Nowakowski, Thomas O ' Malley, Daniel Hubbell ..t V 76 .t- Eileen Castro, Stacey Steele David Nowakowski, Thomas O ' Malley Jon Page. Ed Chavez, Mike Ashbaker Mark Miller Eileen Castro, Katie Steinman 77 JUNIORS With the beginning of this school year a new group of students ascended to the rank of Juniors. The class of " 83 represented school spirit and unity. The Juniors per- formed their duties as leaders by offering their free time to plan and organize such events as the Halloween Dance, the 50 ' s Dance and the Junior-Senior Prom. The label " Junior " carried with it many challenges and responsibil- ities. The Class of ' 83 met these challenges with enthusi- asm. The Juniors were recognized as school leaders through the ring ceremony. The label " Junior " suggested many things; here were a few that the students of Agiunas had suggested: ' A Junior is a high class person with good taste, good looks; someone who is looked upon by the rest of the school for his wisdom. " — Chris Hast. " 83 " .A Junior is like a light in the night of high school. The silver lining in the cloud that is made up of seniors, s opho- mores, and freshmen. Juniors are the dungeon masters in the dungeons of life. " — Scott Giese, ' 83 " A Junior is like a blue sky. At times the sky is so blue one feels as if they could reach up and touch it, much like a Junior who at times can be so caring. But most of the time a Junior is just ... a Junior. " — Christina Walters, ' 83 " A Junior is a big guy w ho always picks on poor freshmen. A Junior is one who acts smart with everyone except a Senior. " — David Mendoza, ' 85 " A Junior is a sweet person with a lot of firsts to come. The first prom, the first love, and the first real acceptance in high school. For only if he knew how fast the Senior year goes, and then the goodbyes of dear friends and good times. " — Mrs. tenVoorde " A Junior is, or can be, a nic e, kind, great person as long as they don ' t make fun of Freshmen. Even if they do, well, nobody ' s perfect. Not even Juniors. " — Bill Walters, ' 85 Above: Frank Videgar, Ray Purpero, Karen Allen contemplated world situ- ations. Right; Andy Kruk helped keep Aquinas Clean. 78 " Juniors are to be the leaders of the school after the sen- iors graduate. With the class spirit and leadership quali- ties the class of ' 83 express, they should be great leaders next vear. " — Lisa Gonzales, " 82 " Juniors are a special class of people who show trust, love, understanding, and supreme authority. We have dignity, patience, and integrity. We ' re proud to be Juniors. " — Paul Arce. ' 83 " A Junior is one who has problems with the promsite and gets picked on more than anyone else (even the freshmen). But they have matured greatly and when they become Seniors, the world had better watch out. They ' re coming bv storm! " — Maritri Garrett, " 82 " They ' re wonderful and brilliant kids, I wish I owned one. " — Sean Golden, " 85 " My brother is a Junior and he tries to use me as a slave after school. " — Bob Schumacher, ' 85 " A Junior is a person who is getting closer to the beginning of responsibility but it ' sonly the beginning of the future. A Junior is a person with a lot of spirit. " — Liz Stanfield, " 83 " A Junior is someone who survived three years of high school and has one more to go. " — Carol Damgen, " 83 " A Junior is a person who is a born leader. A person with awesome powers and great capabilities. " " — Larry Gus- man. " 83 " The class of " 83 is a rather motley crew; long on love, but completely insensitive at times, loads of fun, but so serious at times they " ll make you cry, inconsiderate snobs who ' ve been there " ' , but who WILL touch you and change you. They are people whom you will never forget. " " — Jane Penz ' W Junior is a short purple animal that lives between the Sophomore and Senior year and devours teachers and eskimo pies. " — Ms. Castillo " A Junior is next in line for the leadership role at his her school. The title " Junior " by no means lessens the influ- ence and responsibility that he she has in school. " — Fr. Dennis Sanders, C.R. .Abraham. Catherine .Mien. Karen .Allen. Kelly Andrews. Phillip Andry, Patricia Arce, Paul Auzenne, Craig Bachman, John Baeza. Jose Bakeman, Michele Baker, Michelle Ballard, Sheila Beardsley, Carl Bonadiman, Jeanette Bott, Amy Brinton, Brett Brubaker, Mary Burley. Richard Bustos, David Caldwell, Jeffrey Cannone, Maryann Carty. Jennifer Casillas, Janice Chisholm. Susan Cochran, Pamela Constant. James Contreras, Joseph Cranston, Michelle 79 Dainko. Michael Damgen, Carol DeAnda, Maria Diaz, Peter Dibble, Stephanie Domingo, Chns Doty, Jana Duke, Tim Dyer, Cory Ellefson, Kara Enciso, Carlos Fabela, Barbar.i Fairchild, Richard Pansier, Roger Above: Ann Tillery took pride in riding on the Junior float. Right: Rick Weeks showed pride in school work. 80 Gcoch. Todd Good. James Guirado, Mirna Guisa, Yvonne Gusman, Lawrence Gutierrez, Silvia Hakala, John Hardest), Rose Harmon, Michael Harnitchek, Bryan Hart, Carol Harwood, Bryan Hast, Christopher Hatch, Holly Henderson, Gloria Heyman, Sandra Hicks, Emma Hillard, Joseph Hopkins, Brian Hopkins, Marleah Hougland, Laura Hubbel, Christine Huey, Christopher Huntley. Diane Imbiorski, Martha Jakobi, Nicole James, Kelly Johnson, Martin Johnson, Bill Jones, Dale Kanka, Lisa Keck. Renee 81 Kindle. Brandon KnowUon. James Knuckev, Melisa Kontra. Micheic Kortesmaki, Dann Kruk, Andrew Kubesh, Timothy Lambert, Rodney Larkin, Christina Laterreur. Carole Lawson, Jeff Le Court, Suzanne Lee, Cynthia Lieuallen, Elene Light, Teresa Litras. Stathi Longo. Chris Lopez, Jonee Lopez, Jose Lopez. Miguel Lopez, Ted Luna, Mike MacLennan. Michael Malsani, Frances Maples, Ronald Marotla, Johnny Martinez, Sheryl Mascorro, Anthony McGee, Brian McGee, Michel McGrew, Robert Mc Intosh, Jeffery Mc Murray, Tracy Merrett, Pamela Michaud, Michael Milligan, Harold Miranda, Leonard Mode, Lana 82 Monies, Rebeca Moreno, Maria Mumford, Michael Murray, Carolyn Nichols, Ben Niss, Tracy Norman, Mark Nosal, Tim Novinger, Brad Nunez, Roxanne O ' Malley, Dennis Page, Jon Parker, Chris Parnell, Stacey Paul, Michelle Paul, Stanley Pena, Catherine Petersen, Paul Pietro, Cathy Poirier, Jean Porter, Bryan Potz, Chris Porter, Lisa Powers, James Prahar, Kelli Preston, Robert Purpero, Ray Puttre, Edward Quiroga, Elsea Rangel, Anthony Rangel, Dominick Rangel, Frank 1. Tina Walters, Carol Damgen, and John Bach- man eagerly studied for se- mester finals. 2. Chris Domingo, Jana Doty, and Toni Gomez seemed to be fascinated with views over their shoul- ders. 83 Rangel. Richard Reyes. Diane Rheuark, Sheri Rodriquez, Rick Roeder. Julie Romeo, Joann Rosette. Anthony Rosso. Judith Rosso. Sandra Ruvalcaba. Ana Rynn, Daniel Samra, Dannv Satoski. Jill Sauer. Mary Schmalz. Robert Schoenfeld. Sonia Schrader, Michael Schumacher. Bill Scott. Jack Sheehan. Paul Shoemaker. Aneurin 84 Skubic, Thomas Slavin, Michael Small, Mandy Smith, Scott Snell, Lea Sponsler, John Stanfield, Elizabeth Stevens, John Struna, Joseph Sturgeon, Debbie Swift, Scott Thacker, Stephanie Tillery, Ann Troy, Sherrie Varni, Maura Venokur, Phyllis Vidana, Yolanda Vidergar, Frank Wagoner, Kris Walters. Christina Webster, Shannon Weeks, Richard White, John Wightman, Eric Wilson, Marty Yen. Kim Zachary, John Zecchini, Alice Not pictured: Alaniz, David Del Castillo, Jeanne Herbert, Mark James, Maurice 1. Christine Hubbell instructed Michele Bakeman on the anatomy of the human body, 2. David Alaniz looked through a microscope to view an alien world. 3. Ray Purpero solemnly discussed life with Harold McClel- lan. 4. Mr. DiDonato moved a piano with Mary Rego ' s help, while Stacey Parnell rehearsed a future role. 85 SOPHOMORES We. the class of ' 84, carried out the school theme of " Respect for the lives entrusted to our care. " We did so sympathizing with the freshmen even though we ourselves had lost that freshman timidity. We were not mighty upper- classmen yet but like all good things, we improved with age. Through pep rallies, sports events, extracurricular activities, and throughout the daily routine of classes, we displayed spirit and unity, which proved that sophomores were not " wise fools " . The following quotes were thoughts on what a sophomore was: " What is a sophomore? " " To me a sophom re is the second step of high school life. A sophomore is the second step to fitting in. A sophomore is one more step closer to graduation. " — Mardi Linane ' 84 " To me sophomores are not childish freshmen. Sopho- mores are 1 . But most of all sophomores are the class of ' 84. " — Alfred Montano ' 84 " To me the most important thing about sophomores is that they aren ' t bmtalized freshmen. " — Veronica Gonzlaes " 82 Acevedo, Richard Acuna, Wanda Adkins. James Alejandre, Kathleen Alton, Alan Alvarado, Kevin Anagno.stopoulos, Thomas Ashbaker, Michael Ayala, Eric Balderas. Sonia Bamiettler. Therese Beedie, Gerald Bemal, Rueben Biedebach, Jack Brady, Shannon Brown, Maria Burley, Brent Burley, Kenneth Bums, Veronica Buttimer, John Carranza, Ralph Cascio, Mark Casillas, Andrea Castledine, Kelly Castro, Lorn Chacon, Karen Chadwick, Joseph Chamberlayne, Halene Chamberlin, Alan Chao, Alson Chavez, Edmund Cherpin, Paulette Colunga, Michelle Connal, James Corbett, Holly 86 " To me sophomores are the same as freshmen. The only difference is that they are one grade higher. " — Cecilia Ramirez ' 82. " To me a sophomore is a person with class! He is a person with knowledge and know-how! A sophomore is a person who is wise and talented! ! ! " — Tom Anagnostopoulos ' 84. " To me sophomores are great in sports, in spirit, and most of all in ' BEING AWESOIWE! ' Sophomores are kind to little ity bity freshmen. Sophomores are the ones you see in Mr. Wilson ' s office. " — David Peterson ' 84 " To me a sophomore is another word for a tenth grader — Lisa Garcia ' 84. " To me a sophomore is a person full of life and laughs and has an abstract look at life. " — Maria Mejia ' 82. " To me sophomores are tenth graders. They think they know everything, that is because they do. Sophomores are just in the middle. They aren ' t really anything special. " — George Feles " 84 ' ' To me sophomores are bad. We ' re talking extremely bad. We think that we are not freshmen anymore and hope that we will become better in the future. " — Darrin Samra ' 84. Curtis. Thomas Cygan. Jerry D ' Amico. Richard Dahle. Mark Dainko, Patricia DeCoite, Mary Dela Rosa, Jesse Demarco. Lawrence Dennis. Sean Feles. George Ferronalo. John Pike. Kristin Fischer. Karen Franklin, David Gamache, Paul Gamble. Mark Garcia, Christina Garcia, Jo Garcia, Kathleen Garcia, Lisa Gardner, Beth Gamer, Tippi Genaway, Gena Giese, Mark Good, Kevin Grace, Dianna Guillou, Jackie Gwon, Jung Haggeriy, Maureen Hague, Tom Haid, Mary Hanover, Marci Haughawout, Kenneth Henderson, D ' Aulon Hernandez, Leticia 87 Hernandez. Theresa Hess. Brian Hewitt, Debra Hill, Roseanne Hitchcock. Michael Ho. Phillip Hubbel, Daniel Huntley. Kevin Imbiorski. Kathleen Jackson, Donna Jacoban. James Jemigan. David Jitninez. Martin Kehew, Daniel Kenimer. Kristen Kinslow. Mark Klein. Gary Kula. Suzette Laliberte, Jeffrey Lambert, Jeffrey Lane, Todd Lappin. Thomas Linane. Margaret Lindley. Cheryl Littlefield. Carol Lobato. Shiela Lobatoz. Christine Loera. Daniel Loera. Florencio Mackzum, Paul Malouf. Kenneth Mandichak. Joseph Maples. Richard Marscher. Laurie Martinez. Richard McCollem, Kathleen McElroy. Fredrick McPeters, Jill 88 Medina, Fidel Mejia. Ladonna Molner. Carla Montano. Alfred Monies, Elsa Moore, Fiona Moreno, Ronald Nowakowslii, David O ' Malley, Thomas Paine, Angela Paramo, Steven Parks, David Pallison, Stacey Paul, Melissa Payne, Kenneth Perez, Anamaria Petersen, David Pfeffer, George Plowy, Justine Pont, Beatrice Prien, Holli Ramirez, Lilly Randolph. Mathew Raymond, Mary Raymundo, Eric Reisch, Paul Richardson, Kelly Rivera, Maria Roe, Kelly Rojas, Timothy Ruby, Tracey Russell, Kristine Russo, Anthony Samra, Darrin Sanborn, Paula Sanchez, Raymond Scalisi, Stellamari 89 Sophomore Ken Haughawoul and freshman Robert Colunga patiently awaited the use of the phone while Harold McClellan talked. Schmidt, Peter Sena, Kathryn Serrano, Maria Shadursky, Stisan Sigenfuse, Edwin Smith, Robert Sollinger, Steven Solomon, John Slarkey, Gloria Stelnmann, Andrea Stellflug, Louis Stewart, Michelle Sutcliffe, Jennifer Sutorus, James Taroullly, Caroline Taylor, Cynthia Thanopulos, Tom Tolbirt, Kathleen Torres, Betty Tyler, Candace Vermillion, Jonathan Vining, Douglas Vonwald, Dean Wagner, Thomas Watson, Peter Webster, Ernie Whitney, Laura Williams, Phillip 90 Sophomores Kathy Sena. Therese Barmettler, and Mary Raymond eagerly studied for a test. Worsham. Jeffrey Zaharopoulos. Tina Zecchini, Annamae Not Pictured: Ronald Albert. Gary Coy, Christine Goettelmann. Martin Holstrop, Diane Jablonski, Aaron Moody. Catherine Rivera, and Paul Vanderfin. Donna Jackson and Christine Lobotoz were fascinated by the text- D ' Aulon Henderson, Christine Loboloz, Halene Chamberlayne, Lorrie Castro, Donna book. Jackson, and Dena Mascaro took a moment to admire Christina Garcia ' s ring. 91 FRESHMEN In the beginning; " They ' " told us the freshmen year was supposed to be awful — " You have to feel sorry for them: they ' re just freshmen. " Traditionally, freshmen were al- ways late for class, never together, and had great ambitions but no organization. Well, " they " were half right — kids from all over trying to get their acts together and be a class — that was the hard part. We made it with a little luck and a lot of hard work! Our class officers, John Oxrider, presi- dent, Tom Bott, vice-president, Tippy Garcia, secretary, and Bill Buttimer, treasurer, together with the class mode- rator, Miss Pentz, were the best. Somehow they whipped the freshmen into shape to tackle the first impossible task — organizing a class to build the freshmen float. Beginning with spirit week, we found out that we could work together while they had a lot of fun. The results were awesome. Nobody felt sorry for them. They were now a true class of " 85 " — a class with class. WHAT IS A FRESHMAN? " A freshman is an unusual creature in the world of high school. Having just passed from elementary to high school, the Freshman student finds himself no longer at the top of the totem pole but at the bottom. " Fr. Dennis Sanders. C.R. " Freshmen, bewildered children on the threshhold of ad- olescence, bear the brunt of upper classmen jokes. " Miss Laggren " Freshmen are the nicest students, at least for the first half of the year. They are God ' s gift to teachers. " Ms. Castillo. " A freshman is a person who is confused or lost. " Martin Jiminez " They are beautiful people with a lot of class. " Judy Riddell " The delightful children who, in ten years, 1 hope will grow up! " Mr. Hunt " A freshman is like a baby kitten. So strong and sturdy, yet so fragile and gullible. Freshmen too, are like cats, in that they are so bold and courageous, yet so timid and curious. Freshmen are just Freshmen. " Tina Walters; Junior " Naivete combined with incredible worldliness. fun-and- games but tremondous potential for love. Like the tides — caught between ebb and flow and looking for direction. " Miss Pentz " A person who is trying something new. " Kim DuCloux; Freshman " Always the hope of the school. " Mr. Moten " You can always tell a freshman. They are in their first year of high school and are very mixed up. They are nice, quiet and pleasant to talk with because they must feel like they ' re in a few world. " Anonymous Aguirre. Anthony Aiello. Ronda Alderete. Deborah Allen. William Anderson. Christina Bailev. Michelle Baldersa. .Abel Barrie, Paul Bishop, Robin Botello. Kathleen Bott. Thomas Bowers. Elizabeth Brady, Patnck Breland. David Brown. Robert Brown. William Bnimlow. Eric Buoye. Karen " A class with class. " Shelley Sarrazen; Freshmen " A freshman will only be a freshman once in his her life, and it ' s painful! " Bob Schumacher; Freshmen 92 Buttimer. William Cain. Kara Callaghan. Kathleen Carrillo. Andy Carter, Norman Jr. Carty. James Jr. Chadwick, Julianne Chapparro, .Mine Cimino. Kenny Cluck. Jill Coker. Eric Coleman. Trevor Colunga. Robert Connal. Louse Contreras, Mary Corbett. Joan Coussoulis. . rianthi Cresce. Jocyle Cross. Noell Culler. Daniel D ' . rca. Chnslina Delgado. Joe Delgado. Vincent Diaz. Gloria Diaz. Manuel Driskill. Christopher Du Cloux. Kim Dugan. Sheila Eckles. Catherine Elam. Chnstopher Elisarraraz. Louis Encinas. Roland Ernst. Karleen Falce. Marjorie Feld. Karen Feles. Aristedes Fisher. Angella Flathers. Gail Fowler. Natalie Frey. Ernest Gallardo. Cecilia Gannon. Christy Garcia. Dawn Garcia. Martha Garcia. Stephanie Garcia. Yvette Garcia. Yvonne Gardner. Virginia Gaylord. Lisa Gifford. Staci Gillette. Patrick Golden. Sean Gomez. John Gonzales. Carolyn Guereca. Karen Gurule. Roland 93 Hall. Bobbie Halter. Steven Henderson. Frank Henley. Miles Hernandez. .Adrian Hernandez. Laura Heyman. Cliff Hicks. Olivia Hicks. Susan Hillard. Jerry Holmes. Kenneth Hysong. Lesli Ibarra. Ruben lesberts. Fiona Jaramillo. Narciso Jobe. Necholene Johns. Sandra Jones, Vincent Junker. Jeff Kachevas. Michelle Karalun. Douglas Kinslow. Paul Kirchenbauer. Machael Knowlton. Joe Kraemer. Diane Kruk. James La Fargue. Emile III Lambert. Michelle Leone. Thomas Lopez. David Lopez, Michelle Lugo. Sean Luna. Donald Luna. Monica Luzi, Ana MacLennan. Karen Machas. Paula Madrid. Tnnidad Maeda. Matthew Marotta, Maria Marquez, Jeanette Marrama. Lisa Marutsos, Nicoletta Matteson, Victoria Maurice, Michael Mays, Michael Mc Carron, James Mc Grath. Miachael Mc Grew. Trisha Mc Intosh. Eric Mendoza. Arlene Mestas. Richard Mielak. Christine Miller. Brian Mittlehauser. Michele Motes, Gabnel 94 Moody. Kelly Morris, Micheal Monrissey, Bill Murray, Lashan Myers, Kandi rhe Freshmen Homecoming Float showed evidence of Freshmen ingenuity and talent 95 Peruyera, Isabel Peterson. John Pfeffer. Robert Piehler. Amy Pierce. Stacy Porter, Kathryn Potz. Andrea Poyle. James Preston, James Prien, Jeanette Ragan. Carol Ramos, Tina Range!. Elizabeth Raymundo. Gertrude Reed, Shellev Reese. James Reisch. Lisa Resendez, Dolores Reynosa. Adrian Rice. Heidi Riddel, Judith Rivera, James Rivera, Mark Robbins, Darren Robles, Tony Rodriguez. Elena Ross. Patricia Ruiz, Tina Rumpf, Morgan Russel, Brian Sarrazin, Michelle Scalisi, Carlos Schubert, Jamie Scott. Lisa Shwe, Dominique 96 IC3P , n ... - — W Siddons. Christine Sisson, Jeffrey Smithhammer. Bruce Sorum, Robert Sotelo. Phyl Sponsler, Edward Stanfield, Eleanor Slanton, Sean Stapleton. Shana Steele, Stephanie Strahle, John Studwell. Heather Sutorus, Susan Taurek. Deborah Thomson. Edward Thornes, John Traina. Jill Tullis, Andrew Van Luven, Adrian Vanderwoude, Vikki Vasquez, Dennis Vidergar, Lisa Wagner. Burt Wagner, Mary Wallers, William Welborn, Kristine Willoughby. John Wilson. Jaqueline Wittenburg. Christopher Wyler. Amy Yeats, William Yen. Pam Yniguez. Laura Zackary. Marc Zaharopoulos, Georgia 97 1. Our cheerleaders in while, back row. left lo right: Lisa Gaylord, 3. Jo D Garcia, Frankie Malsam, ar d Robin Laninovich tried lo hit the Karen Fisher, Patty Dainko, Marti Linane, Front row, left to right; Lori ball over the net to the opponent. Castro, Maureen Hagertv had pictures taken with cheerleaders of the 4. Chris Parker and Coach Henley talked about the play which was other team. called. 2. Doug Swoger (21), John Abraham (XX), Jim Kubesh (99), Allen 5. Lisa Gonzales and Stephanie Thacker shook hands after a practice Sanchez (72), James Powers walked. match. 98 All the sports this year attracted much attention from the student body. Athletes and spectators followed the sports enthusiastically. This especially unique year was full of hard won victories and bitter defeats. No matter how many games were won or lost, though, the athletes continuously showed sports- manship by helping each other to work as a team. 4 Football 1. Alan Sanchez (71) swept a running back of Yucca Valley while the line stacked up. 2. Harold McClellan (24) rushes for a speedy first down. 3. Defender Craig Auzenne (80) made sure the opponent didn ' t catch the ball. 4. Defenders Jeff Ferro (33). Bob .Malouf, (76), and Ken Haughawout (84), converge on the opposition ' s running back. 100 Varsity Aquinas Pre-season Bloomington 30 6 Banning 19 7 Palo Verde 7 Notre Dame 18 7 Rim of the World Varsity Aquinas Season 40 15 Beaumont 12 Big Bear 21 22 San Jacinto 3 12 29 Palms 12 8 Yucca Valley Varsity C.I.F. Games 7 15 Bishop Union 6 21 Orange Lutheran 13 Desert 14 79f 84 Vq f 4 -ji fci Top Row, left to right; Fred Gomez, Ben Nichols, Mike Hakala, Coach Tim Henley, Coach Jack Henley, Coach Smith, Coach Dan Henley, Coach Swoger, Coach Knowlton, Stephen Kruk, Paul Saldana, Second row; Chris Parker, Martin Jackson, Chris Huey, Bill Gallardo, Jeff Caldwell. Dennis O ' Malley, Craig Auzenne, Tim Duke, Third Row; Doug Swoger, Jeff Ferro, Carlos Enciso, Harold McClellan, Brian Harwood, Mike Slavin, Brian McGee, Brett Brinton, Steve Home, Ted Alejandre, Dale Jones, Fourth row; Robert Malouf, John Abraham, Allen Sanchez, Mike Shrader, Tony Sena, Ralph Moody, Gary Aguilar, Paul Peterson, Dan Clark, Joji Kojima, Bottom row; Edgar Ramos, Mike Dainko, Tom Kubish, Jim Powers, John Jimenez, Jack Scott, Danny Samra, Bill Shoemaker, Jeff Cluck. 101 JV Aquinas Pre-season 6 Bloomington 10 46 Banning San Bernardino 21 Notre Dame 7 2 Rim of the World JV Aquinas Season 28 Beaumont 32 Big Bear 20 San Jacinto 6 12 29 Palms 32 32 Yucca Valley 16 JV Football pictures from left to right: Top row: Robert Colunga, Darrin Samra, Peter Schmidt, Coach John Knowlton, George Pfeffer, Martin Hostrup, Todd Lane. Second row: Pat Brady, Mike McGrath, Steve Halter, David Nickell, Ken Holmes, James Kruk, Ken Burley, Fourth row: Kenneth Malouf. James Jacoban, George Feles, Thomas Curtis, Tom Thanopoulos, Ernie Webster, Manuel Diaz, Eric Raymundo, Fifth row: Richard Paramo, David Petersen, Joe Knowlton, Joe Mandichak. Robert Pfeffer, John Vermillion, Bert Wagner, Steve Paramo, John Oxrider. 102 Varsity Football 2. Quarterback Chris Parker (5) attempted to catch pass. 3. The Aquinas defensive line of Bob Malouf (76) and Brett Brinton (85) tackled a running back of another team. 4. Quarterback Chris Parker (5) and Martin Jackson (7) practiced a running play while Jeff Cluck (64) blocked and Fritz Gabriel (71) rushed in. 5. The Aquinas defense of Craig Auzenne (80), Jeff Ferro (33), and Mike Dainko (59) all converged on the opposition ' s back. 103 Volleyball Tennis Both J.V. and varsity performed ex- cellently this year. The varsity even reached as far as the second round of the CIF finals. Led by Coach Thornes, our team rode a winning streak. Both Varsity and J.V. volleyball teams did exceptionally well this year. Led by Coach Esancy and Cap- tain Steinmann, the teams were 18-3 overall. The girls went to first round CIF playoffs where they lost a close match to Rim-of-the- World. Lea Snell was Most Valuable Player, Frankie Molsam was Most Improved, Jo D. Garcia received the Coach ' s Award and Carol Littlefield the JV MVP. 1. Stephanie Thacker returned a shot to her opponent during a match 2. Jill Satowski watched a return shot. 3. Lisa Gonzales tried to return a ball hit by her opponent. 4. Donna Jackson practiced with the regular tennis team. 104 Varsity Volleyball, back row left to right: Lea Snell. Janice Casillas, Robin Laninovich. Katy Steinmann, Jeannie Bonadiman. Front row, left to right: Marlene Gericke. Frankie Malsam. Liz Slanfield. Standing in back. Sue Esancy Tennis, back row left to right: Carol Ra- gan, Karen Guereca. Kelly Moody, Jill Satoski, Kim Yen, Patty Gonzales, Do- reen Thorns, Eileen La Tourette, Fiona Moore, Lisa Reisch, Barbara Fabela. Isabel Peruyera, Annie Zecchini. Carla Molner. Front row left to right: Dodi Shwe, Jannette Marquez, Ronda Aiello, Vikki Vanderwoude, Margie Falce, Lisa Gonzales, Stephanie Thacker, Susan Chisholm. J V . Volleyball , left to right: John Flesh- er, Andrea Casillas, Leslie Hysong, Shelly Bailey, Kathy Imbiorski, Anne Steinmann, Donnie Mejia. Monica Nu- nez. Front row: Carol Littlefield, Holli Prien, Kris Russel, Jo D Garcia, Chris- tine Mielak. Christv Gannon y ,- ». «. 105 TENNIS (BOYS) We had reason to be proud of our boys ' tennis team this year. With most of our veteran players gone, the team underwent a trying year of adjustment. Despite all the factors against them, our team still had a smashing year. It was point-game-match all the way with nothing left to love. 1. Ron Mareno returned a serve during a practice game. 2. Danny Culler swung a desperate fore- hand in an attempt to return the ball. 3. Jorge Pont demonstrated his strong backhand. 4. Mark Herbert served the ball to start another game of tennis. Ml li- aMMMMGUHMMM 106 ©0 FIRST ROW (L-R): Coach John Matthews, Philip Ho, John Flynn, Chris Wittenburg, Paul Reisch. SECOND ROW (L-R): Jeff Mcintosh, Chris Potz, Jorge Pont, Mark Herbert, Ed Puttre, Ron Moreno. 107 m If I Sports 1. Kim Burris (31) passed the ball while Sandy Heyman (21) stuck her hand up to get the attention of Kim. 2. Sandy Heyman (21), Kim Burris (31), and Michelle McGee (14) raced to get the rebound. 4. Sandy Heyman (21) blocked a shot while Traci Dittenhaver (24), and Marci Mathiasen (20) waited for the ball, 5. Lea Snell (13) blocked a pass while Jeanie Bonadiman (32), Sandy Heyman (21), and Marci Mathiasen (20) converged on the action. 6. Michelle McGee (14) took a freethrow shot while Kim Burris (31) got ready to rebound it. 7. Sandy Heyman (21) attempted to block a pass while Michelle McGee (14), and Mauri Varni (25) watched intentively. Top Row, Left to Right. Traci Dittenhaver, Marci Mathiasen, Kmi Mejia, ,lo Garcia. Burris, Lea Snell, Sandy Heyman, .lud Rosso. Coach Esancy. Bottom Row. Michelle McGee, Tina Carlone, Shaune Garcia, Jill Sa- Second Row. Janice Casillas, Jeanie Bonadiman, Mauri Varni, Ladonna toski. 108 This year ' s Girl ' s Varsity Basketball team showed sports- manship and teamwork throughout the season. Although all the athletes played well, the players who showed out- standing ability were Maura Varni. guard, Jeanie Bonadi- man. guard, and Kim Burris, forward. The Varsity Bas- ketball team had a new coach this year, Mrs. Esancy. 109 Girls ' Basketball 1. Referee threw up the ball while Sue Kula. Dodi Shwe, and Ladonna Mejia waited to receive it. 2. Dodi Shwe, with the help of her teammates, Pam Yen and Mary Miller, stole the ball. 3. Dodi Shwe passed the ball while Carol Littlefield wait- ed for it, and Sue Kula watched for the pass. 4. Holly Prien stole the ball while Sue Kula and Ladonna Mejia waited for the ball. 5. Carol Littlefield. Mary Miller, and Kathy Imbiorski tried to retrieve a rebound from their opponents ' side. 6. Carol Littlefield inhibited an opponent ' s drive. no r?3 41 J This year, the J.V. basketball team had good athletic ability. They were very enthusiastic and acted as a team during their games. They were good sportsmen and com- patible. They showed respect for each other and their opponents. The team co-captains were Ladonna Mejia and Holly Prien. The top three players were Ladonna Mejia, Carol Littlefield, and Sue Kula. Brother Snider expressed his confidence in the team. He thought they were all good players, but could have used some improve- ments. He also said he was uneasy about being their coach at first, but was now glad he had. BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Carol Littlefield. Holly Prien, Kim Swoger, Mary Miller, Tippy Garcia, Stacy Gifford, Pam Yen. TOP ROW, L-R; Teresa Miller, Sue Kula, Shannon Brady, Dodi Shwe, Br. Snider (coach), Kathy Imbiorski, Kathy Alejandre, Landonna Mejia, Stacy Patterson. Ill BASKETBALL The varsity basketball team had many talented players. With the enthusiasm and leadership ofTed Lopez, the consistent shooting of Ken Haughawout, the enormous talent of Rick Rodriguez, and the tremendous rebounding of Larry DeMarco, the Falcons made a strong showing last season. 1. Ken Haughawout (32) and Ron Heyman (30) raced for the ball, 2. Rick Rodriguez (44) dribbled the ball downcourt while Larry DeMarco (40) and Ted Lopez (22) raced over to help. 3. Ken Haughawout (32) ran down the court. 4. Martin Cichocki (52) passed the ball to Steve Paramo (12). 5. Ken Haughawout (32) leaped for an easy two points. 6. Steve Paramo (12) dribbled downcourt while .Mike Harmon (24) assisted. 112 ? t . . p. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Coach Mike Southworth, Ron Heyman. Ken Haughawout, Larry DeMarco, Martin Cichocki. Tim Duke, Man- ager Mark Miller, Coach Bill Pelto. BOTTOM ROW: Ted Lopez. Rick Rodriguez. Ray Purpero, Harold McClellan, Mike Harmon. 113 Boys ' Basketball y The Aquinas Basketball team endured a long season, i Three prominent players: Robert Colunga, a great shoot- er, Todd Lane, a tremendous rebounder, and Kenny Ma- louf, the team captain, exhibited their talent. 114 1. John Oxrider, Todd Lane, Sieve Paramo, and Robert Colunga wailed for a rebound after an attempted basket. 2. Larry DeMarco and Rick Rodriguez rebounded after Ken Haughawout attempted a jump shot. 3- Robert Colunga threw the ball to Steve Peranio. 4. Robert Colunga. Vincent Jones. Mike McGrath. Steve Paramo, Kenny Malouf, Cliff Heyman, Bob Sorum, Aar- on Moody. Todd Lane. Van Wald. James Preston, and John Oxrider. 5- Todd Lane attempted a free throw. 115 Wrestling The Aquinas wrestlers rose to prominence, under the instruction of Coach Jesse Reyes, to place second as De Anza League Champs. John Jiminez (115), Walter Encinas (122), Allen Sanchez (148), Edgar Ramos (158), and Ken Burley (Heavyweight), placed first in their weight class at De Anza Finals. 1 . It took hours of practice for the team to prepare themselves for matches. 2. The referee declared Allen Sanchez the victorious. 3. Joe Mandichak took his place on the mat. J.V. FRONT ROW (L-R): Larry Gusman, Jeff Junker. Mark Kinslow, Don Luna and Ernie Frey. SECOND ROW (L-R): Coach Jesse Reyes, Jim McCarron, Richard Damico, Mark Zachary, Richard Paramo, and Manuel Diaz. 116 VARSITY. FRONT ROW (L-R): John Abraham. Joe Mandichak, Sean Lugo, Bruce Smithhammer. and John Gomez. SECOND ROW (L-R): Coach Jesse Reyes, Jim Knowlton. Ken Burley. Tony Sena. Tim Kubesh. Edgar Ramos, and Allen Sanchez. 6. Allen Sanchez drove his opponent to the mat. 7. Edgar Ramos struggled with adversary. 8. Jim Knowlton caught his opponent in a precarious position. 9. Edgar Ramos, Jim Knowlton. and Sean Lugo horsed around during a practice. 117 TRACK FIELD 1 . Marc Owens strenuously legged his position in the relay. 2. Ray Purpero won the 100 yd. dash. 3. Craig Auzenne beat Ken Dolph and his Or- ange-Lutheran opponent in the high hurdles. 4. Shelly Bailey stretched the broad jump. % ' M ' M ' Bf 5. Brian McGee beat out his Orange-Lutheran opponent in the 440 yd. dash. 6. Steve Paramo showed his form in the long jump. 7. Fiona Moore and Chris Wagner paced each other in the low hurdles. 8. Marc Owens came in for a landing in the long jump. TOP: Jon Page, Vincent Jones, Chris Parker, Rick Weeks, Craig Auzenne, Jon Oxrider, Jonathan Moore, Ted Lopez, Brian McGee, Ray Purpero. SECOND ROW: Coach Jack Henley, Miles Henley, David Hub- bell, John Bachman, Jim McCarron, Tom Curtis, Tom Thanapoulos, Steve Paramo, Dennis O ' Malley, Frank Henderson, Asst. Coach Frank Schultz. THIRD ROW: Adrian VanLouven, Ken Dolph, Tom Bott, Adrian Ramos, Trinidad Madrid, Don Luna, Mark Rivera, Joe Mandichek. FOURTH ROW: Patty Ross, Gloria Starkey, Sue Kula, Shelley Bailey, Laura Hernandez, Christina Garcia, B. Hall, C. Wagner. M. Mittelhero- sen, M. Mathiasen and F. Moore. Field Events 5. Ken Haughawot spread-eagled his attempted high-jump , 6. Chris Parker cleared the high jump in the Aquinas-Orange-Luthcran meet. 120 Field events formed an important part of spring sports. In pole-vaulting, high-hurdling, shot-putting, and long-jumping, our athletes showed their form. This year Aquinas fielded a poie-vaulter, Craig Auzenne, for the first time in our 27-year history. 1,2.3. Craig .Auzenne, the first pole-vaulter in Aquinas history, showed his winning style as he cleared the bar. 4. Ray Purpero easily outdistanced his Orange-Lutheran opponent in the 100 yard dash as Paul Saldana yelled encouragement. 7. Scott Giese hurled the shot put. 121 SOFTBALL The Aquinas Softball team had a season of notoriety. With Mrs. Sligh ' s support as coach, they progressed into an outstanding team. I d:i -aJUi - r " 122 FIRST ROW: Belh Littlefield, Pat Andry, Shaune Garcia, Tony Meiris, and Tony Gomez. SECOND ROW: Kim Swoger, Jeannie Bondamine, Maura Varni. and Sandra Russo. THIRD ROW; Roxanne Nunez, Jean Poirier, Diane Reyes, Lea Snell, Kim Burris, Andrea Castillas and Mrs. Sligh. 4 I ' dt= - ' -: 1. Tony Meiris led the Falcons t o victory with her fantastic pitching. 2. The Softball team showed a great amount of enthusiasm throughout the sea- son. 3. Shaune Garcia scored easily for another falcon run. 4. Beth Littlefield showed the sign of a true hitter. 5. Diane Reyes outran the throw to first base. 6. Kim Swoger attempted to throw out the runner at third base. 123 ft Soccer The soccer program, in only its second year, triumphed in a great year, finishing 6-1-3 in league and 10-1-4 overall. The Falcons clinched the 3A Sun Belt League title. The soccer team excited public notice as Marc Owens and Randy Tullis broke Cif records. 1. FRONT ROW; Stanley Paul. Marc Owens. James Sutorus, Phil- ip Ho, Frank Range!, Scott Swift, Scott Smith. SECOND ROW: George Swift (coach). Trevor Coleman. Bob McGrew, Tim Nosal. Randy Tullis. Rick Weeks. Dominic Rangel. Marly Wilson. John Hakala. 2. Coach George Swift grimaced. 3. Goalie Randy Tullis cleared the ball in the direction of midfielder Scott Swift. 4. Scolt Swift retreated from a flying ball as Marc Owens pursued in the background. 124 iK ll . a J 1 " = 2J H ■pp vr ■ . . " 5. Top scorer. Marc Owens, kicked the ball with two defenders in pursuit. 6. Face distorted, Trevor Coleman ran after the ball. 7. FRONT ROW; Andy Tullis, Bobbie Hall, Matt Randolph, Sean Golden, Denny Carter, Eric Mcintosh, Bill Buttimer. SECOND ROW: Dan Kehew, Kurt Nosal. Brian Hess, John Buttimer, Jeff Worsham. Sean Dennis, Tony Robles, Ross Bangle, John Stevens. 125 f ' S»iit- Baseball The 1982 baseball campaign presented a lot of challenges in teams such asNorth of Riverside. Orange Lutheran, and the C.I.F. 4A 1980 Champions Mater Dei. The mixture of veterans and young talent formulated a very tight amount of teamwork and friendship that carried them over these obsta- cles that created a successful ballclub. J.V. Top left to nght: Richard Paramo, Richard Maples. Darrin Samara. Pete Schmit. Todd Lane, Martin Hofstrap. Jerry Beadee. Don Hunt (coach). Bill Polos (coach), and Mr. Polos (coach). Middle left to nghl: Mike MacGrath. Ed Chavez. Denny Carter, Kevin Alvarado. Tom Hague. Robert Schumacher. Jeff Lambert. Joe Knowlton Bottom left to right; Gena Genaway, Anme Steinmann. Patty Dainko, Jill Cluck. Cathy Tolbirt. and Cecelia Gallardo A ? J % 126 Varsity Top left to right: Dominic Merca- dante. Tom Thompson. Tracy Niss, Kale Ruby, Mike Nelson, Jim Loughran. Terry Tolbirt. Middle left to right: Rod Perry, Mike Slavin. Carlos Enciso, Pat Healy, Joji Ki- jima. Bottom left to right: Brian Porter, Butch White, Andy Zackary. Phil Andrews, Mike Costello. 127 The golf team had a good start this last year and proceed- ed to have a great season. All the golfers played the game enthusiastically, thereby winning many of their games. Under the guiding force of Coach Fred Thornes, the play- ers flourished in the game of golf as they reigned victori- ously in their league. 128 1. Tony Russo exerted himself for a long drive while Todd Fike waited for his turn. 2. John Thornes watched on an exceptionally strong drive. 3. FIRST ROW: Gary Klein, John Thornes, Eric Pike. SECOND ROW: Tony Russo, Todd Fike, Coach Thornes, Dave Piehler. 4. Dave Piehler teed off as the other players rested behind him. 5. Eric Fike putted while Dave Piehler watched on. «tiW; i-:je..v:-ViJ;t.vs. 129 Coaches Cheerleaders JUNIOR VARTY CHEERLEADERS; 1. (F-B); Maureen Haggerty, Mardi Linane. Patty Dainko. Lorri Castro. Karen Fish- er, and Lisa Gaylord. 2. Varisty Poms: First Row: Lisa Fishbach, Christina Larkin. Center: Vivian Domin- go. Third Row: Maryann Canone, Lisa Porter, Mandy SmaM. 3. JV Cheerleaders: Top to Bottom: Lisa Gaylord, Patty Dainko, Mardi Linane. Maureen Haggerty. Middle: Lorri Castro. Karen Fisher. : ' w! VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: 3 ? FIRST ROW: Kelly Bott. Cathy Pietro. SECOND ■ , ROW: Lana Mode, Beth Littlefield. THIRD ' u y ROW: Lisa Kanka Amy Bott. ' " ' 130 4. Mrs. Sligh was the girls ' Softball coach. 5. Coach John Matthews was the boys ' tennis team coach. 6. Coaching Staff: Mark Smith, Dan Henley, Tim Henley, Jon Knowlton, Bill Swoger, Jack Henley. 7. Head Football coach and athletic director Jack Henley. " Coach Henley is one of the best coaches we ' ve ever had. " - Garrett " Coach Henley has led our football team to C.I.F. " — Anna Coyne " A fine human being ... " — Mr. Wilson " I ' m just glad he gave me a chance to play. " — John Jimimez " ... He utilized all the players ' abilities into one strong thumping football team ... I felt his program worked for us. " — Steve Kruk. 131 SENIOR ACTIVITIES JOHN ABRAHAM: Bowling Club; Drama Club 4 yrs.; French Club; Football 3 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Cross Country; Track; ' restling 2 yrs.; Who ' s Who. GARY AGUILAR: Spanish Club 3 yrs.; Block A Club; Honor Roll; Football 2 yrs.; Spanish Club Pres. MARIO AGLIRRE: Photo Club; Spanish Honor Society; C.S.F.: Track; Honor Roll 4 yrs, PATRICK AGUIRRE; Wrestling. MARTHA ALCAREZ: Spanish Honor Society 2 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs. TED ALEJANDRE: Football 4 yrs.; Weightlifting: Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Most Valuable Play- er for J.V. Football. KIM ALTON; Spanish Honor Society; Honor Roll; Junior . ' chievcnienl Award. FRANK ALVAREZ: Baseball 3 yrs.; Honor Roll. CAROL ANDRY: French Club 4 yrs.; Blazers 4 yrs.; Drama Club 3 yrs.; Freshmen Home room Rep.; Blazer ' s Pres.; Blazer ' s Treasurer; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; C.S.F. 2 yrs.; Powderpuff Football 2 yrs.; Sophomore Class Secretary; Homecoming Committee; Pep Club; Prom Committee; Junior Ring Ceremony Chairman; N.H.S.; C.Y.O.; I.C.C. Vice-pres.; I.C.C 2 yrs. KAREN APT: Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Yearbook, GENE ARGENTINE; Basketball 3 yrs. MARCOS ARI.AS: Bowling Club; Spanish Club; U ' restling 2 yrs. RHONDA BAGLEY: Varsity Poms; Pep Club; Honor Roll. MICHAEL BAKER: Honor Roll 3 yrs. MARY BECERRA: MEChA 4 yrs.; Honor Roll 3 yrs.; MEChA Secretary 2 yrs. LORIE BERNARD: Blazers 2 yrs.; C.S.F. 4 yrs.; N.H.S. 3 yrs.; French Club 3 yrs.; Who ' s Who; Academic Excellence 3 yrs,; Junior Ring Ceremony Chairman; Sophomore Homeroom Rep.; Junior Homeroom Rep,; Blazer ' s Secre- tary; Junior Achievement; Drama 1 yr.; Society of Distinguished .Ameri- can High School Students. VICKIE BIEDEBACH: Pep Club; Who ' s Who; Yearbook; Christmas Dance Committee; Sen- ior Homeroom Rep.; Powderpuff Football; Wrestling Stat.; I. A. A. JEFF BONDIMAN: Tennis 2 yrs. MICHAEL BOROWSKI: Baseball; Basketball. KELLY BOTT: Freshmen Treasurer; Pep Club 2 yrs.; Homecoming Committee; Ten- nis 1 yr.; Powderpuff Football 2 yrs.; Aquinas Award; Varsity Baseball Stat.; Homecoming Queen; G A.A,; Pep Club Pres. RAYLENE BROOKS: B.S.U 3 yrs JOHN BRUCKNER: Science Club 2 yrs.; MUN 1 yr.; N.H.S. 2 yrs.; Yearbook I yr.; English .Award; Honor Roll 4 yrs. Algebra II Award; Chemistry .Award. KIM BURRIS: B.S.U. 2 yrs.; MEChA 2 yrs.; Basketball 4 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs. PAUL CARRANZA: Honor Roll. TINA CARLONE: Basketball 4 yrs.; Volleyball Manager; Captain .Award; Coach ' s Award in Varsity Basketball; Honor Roll 3 yrs. EILEEN CASTRO: Blazers: Spanish Club; MEChA; Drama Club 2 yrs.; Freshmen Homeroom Rep.; Powderpuff Football 3 yrs. MICHELLE CERVANTEZ: Yearbook; Junior Christmas Princess; Honor Roll: Senior Homecom- ing Princess; Christmas Dance Committee. KARIN CHRISTNER Photo Club; Yearbook, MARTIN CICHOCKl B.S.U. 3 yrs.; Varsity Basketball 2 yrs.; B.S.U. Pres.; Football 2 yrs.; J.V. Wrestling; Track. DANIEL CLARK: Football 3 yrs, JEFFREY CLUCK: J.V. Baseball; Varsity Football 2 yrs.; Float Committee; Honor Roll. KELLY COLUNGA: Chess Club; Varsity Wrestling 2 yrs.; Honor Roll 2 yrs.; MEChA 1 yr.; Most Valuable Player in Wrestling. DARIO DEL CASTIO: Bow ling Club; Spanish Honor Society; Track 4 rs.; Basketball 2 yrs. CHRISTINE DIBBLE: Junior Homeroom Rep . Pep Club; Homecoming Committee. TRACl DITTENHAVER: Freshmen Homeroom Rep.; Junior Homeroom Rep,; Basketball 4 yrs.; Softball; Powderpuff Football. 132 PATRICK DONLON; Golf 1 r, WALTER ENCINAS: MEChA 2 yrs.; Wrestling 4 rs.; Wrestling League Champ 2 yrs.: Wrestling Slate Qualifier; Wrestling C.LF. Qualifier. LINDA EVERARD: Blazers 4 yrs.; Football Slat., Powderpuff Loolball 4 yrs. STELLA FELD; Drama Club 4 yrs.; Blazers 3 yrs.; C.S.F. 4 yrs.; LC.C. 3 yrs.; Drama Club Pres.; Blazer ' s Pres.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; N.H.S. 3 yrs.; Sophomore Geometry .Award; Drama Club Secretary; Sophomore .Academic Excel- lence Award; Hugh O ' Brien Leadership Award; Drama Club Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Junior Ring Ceremony Committee; Prom Committee; Ju- nior Class Secretary; A.F.S.; Junior Religion Award; Junior Academic Excellence Award; Lion ' s Club Speech Contest Award; Spanish Honor Society; Senior Homeroom Rep.; Alternate for Girls ' Stale Commended Student Award (PSAT); Homecoming Committee LUKAS FELES: Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Float Committee; Spanish Club 2 yrs.; Varsity Soccer; Powderpuff Football Coach. TODD FIKE: Varsity Golf 4 yrs.; Senior Float Committee. JANET FEATHERS: French Club; Volleyball. TERRI FORD: Varsilv Track 3 vrs. KEITH GOETTELMANN: Honor Roll 2 yrs.; Drama Club; Senior Float Committee. LISA GONZALES: Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Toys for Tots ' Princess; Freshmen Valentine Prin- cess; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Prom Chairman; Varsity Tennis 2 yrs.; Newman Service Award; DeAnza League Second Team; Junior Class Treasurer; C.S.F; J. V. Tennis; J.V. Basketball; Senior Class Pres. PATRICIA GONZALES: Varsity Tennis 2 yrs.; Powderpuff Football 1 yr.; Pep Club I yr.; Spanish Club; Spanish Club Treasurer VERONICA GONZALEZ: MEChA 4 yrs.; Spanish Honor Society; Varsity Basketball 2 yrs.; Freshmen Homeroom Rep,; B.S.U, 2 yrs.; Honor Roll 3 yrs. ROSS GOO: Drama Club 2 yrs.; Spanish Honor Society; Freshmen Class Pres.; Tennis 2 yrs.; Sophomore Pro Merito Award; Sophomore Homeroom Rep. SUSAN GRITZMAKER: Drama Club 4 yrs.; French Club 2 yrs.; A.F.S.: Junior Homeroom Rep.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Pep Club 1 yr. JOSEPH HALDER: Track; Spanish Honor Society; Senior Homecoming Prince; Junior Christmas Dance Prince; Junior Homecoming Prince; C.S.F. PATRICK HEALY: Honor Roll 3 yrs.; Varsity Baseball 3 yrs.; All League in Baseball; All Tournev in Baseball; Who ' s Who; Ski Club; Chess Club; Block A Club. DANIEL FRYMIRE: Varsity Track; Senior Float Committee; Varsity Track Captain ' s Award. FRITZ GABRIEL: J.V. Wrestling; Colton W resiling Tournament Second Place Winner; Varsity Wrestling; Nona Vista Wrestling Champ in 156 lbs.; All- League Varsity Wrestler; C.LF. Tournament Wrestler; J.V. Football; Varsity Football; Track. WILLIAM GALLARDO: MEChA 2 yrs.; Powderpuff Football Coach 2 rs.; Baseball; Football 2 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs. PAUL GARCIA: MEChA 3 yrs.; Track 2 yrs.; Football. MARITRI GARRETT: Blazers 2 yrs.; Drama Club 4 yrs.; Band 3 yrs.; LC.C. 3 yrs.; Rotary Life Scholar 4 yrs.; Sophomore Class Pres.; Band Pres. 2 yrs.; Choir 2 yrs.; Freshmen Pro Merito Award; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; MTAC Certificate of Merit 4 yrs.; C.S.F.; Who ' s Who; A.S.B. Pres.; Junior Pro Merito Award; Junior Class Pres.; N.H.S.: Sophomore .Aquinas Award; Sopho- more Science Award; Homecoming Committee. GREG GARZA: MECHA 4 yrs.; B.S.U. 3 yrs.; Senior Homecoming Prince; LC.C 1 Yr.; J.V. Football 1 yr.; Wrestling 3 yrs.; MEChA Pres.; A.S.B. Vice- pres.; MEChA Pres. MICHAEL GILES: Football 3 yrs.; Track. KATHERINE HERBERT: Track 2 yrs.; Junior Class Vice-pres.; Senior Class Vice-Pres.; Sopho- more Homecoming Princess; Junior Homecoming Princess; Senior Homecoming Princess; Christmas Dance Committee. RONNIE HEYMAN: Varsity Basketball 2 yrs.; Honor Roll 2 yrs.; Who ' s Who; Ski Club; Block A Club. MARY HINKLE: Spanish Club; Blazers. ROCHELLE HOLLAND: Freshmen Class Vice-pres.; Drama Club; Honor Roll; ICC; Drama Club Pres. TERRI HOLLEY: Senior Homecoming Princess; Senior Class Secretary; B.S.U. 2 yrs.; Christmas Dance Queen; Junior Achievement Award; Varsity Poms; Honor Roll; Christmas Dance Committee; MEChA 1 yr. MARY HOWELL: French Club; Band 2 yrs.; Tennis 3 yrs.; Band; Band Treasurer; Band Vice-pres. DAVID HUBBELL: I. A. A.: Track 4 yrs.; Honor Roll. MARTHA HUMIDAD: MEChA 3 yrs.; Powderpuff Football 1 yr.; Honor Roll 1 yr. ANDREW HUNT: Chess Club 4 yrs.; Yearbook 3 yrs.; Wargamers 3 yrs.; Chess Club 133 Secretary; Warganicrs ' Prcs.; MUN; Chess Club Treasurer. MARTIN JACKSON: Varsity Football; J.V. Baseball; Honor Roll 4 yrs,; All DcAnza League Wide Receiver; Ski Club. RITA JACQUES: Varsity Softball 2 yrs. CAROLYN JAFFE: Blazers 4 yrs.; Spanish Club 2 yrs.; MEChA 1 yr.; Spanish Honor Society; Spanish Club; C.F.S. 2 yrs.; Junior Homeroom Rep.; Junior Achievement . ward: Newspaper 2 yrs.; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll 4 yrs. YVETTE JAMES: B.S.U. 2 yrs.; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who; Distinguished .American High Student; Miss Debutant 1981. JOHN JIMENEZ: All League C.LF. 3 yrs.; Final Qualifier for Wrestling; Most Valuable Wrestler 2 yrs.; Varsity Football 2 yrs.; J.V. Baseball; MEChA 4 yrs.; Bowling Club 1 yr. KENNETH JOHNSON: Football 3 yrs.; Track 4 yrs.; Track .Award. LA. A.; Yearbook; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll 4 rs.; A.F.S.; A.F.S. Secretary. BRIAN KEHEW: Track; Sophomore English Award; CS.F. 3 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Centemporary Band; Contemporary Band Pres.; Contemporary Band Treasurer. ROBIN LANINOVICH: Varsity Volleyball 2 yrs.; Wrestling Stat.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Volley- ball All Tournament Player. BETH LITTLEFIELD: Block A Club; Spanish Honor Society I yr.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Varsity Softball 2 yrs.; Drama Club 2 yrs.; CS.F. 1 yr.; N.H.S. 1 yr.; Pep Club I yr.; J.V. Volleyball 1 yr.; J.V. Cheerleader 1 yr.; Varsity Cheerleader I yr.; Vice-pres. of Drama Club. MARTHA LOPEZ: MEChA 2 yrs.; Spanish Honor Society 1 yr. JAMES LOUGHRAN: Varsity Football 3 yrs.; Varsity Baseball 4 yrs.; Varsity Basketball I yr.; All League First Team in Football 3 yrs.; Senior Homecommg Prince; M.V.P. in Baseball 2 yrs.; Senior Homeroom Rep. STEPHANIE MARRERO: G.A.A.: Thespian Society 2 yrs.; Band 3 yrs.; ; Pep Club; Spanish Honor Society 2 yrs.; Spanish Club; Varsity Baseball Stat. 1 yr.; Varsity Volleyball I yr.; J.V. Volleyball 2 yrs.: J.V. Basketball 2 yrs.; Coachs ' Award in Volleyball; Powderpuff Football 2 yrs. MARTHA MATHIASEN: Varsity Basketball 2 yrs.; Varsity Track 3 yrs.; Coachs ' Award in Varsity Basketball; Honor Roll 3 yrs. MARIA MEJIA: MEChA 4 yrs.; Spanish Honor Society 2 yrs.; MECh.A Treasurer; Honor Roll; School Play. LESLIE MEJIA: Blazers 3 yrs.; Junior Homeroom Rep.; J.V. Basketball 2 yrs.; Honor Roll 3 yrs.; Football Stat.; Powderpuff Football 3 yrs.; Varsity Basket- ball 2 yrs. PRISCILLA MEJIA: Blazers. DONALD MEYER: J V. Track. CAROLINE MONTANO: MEChA 4 yrs. CHRISTOPHER MOO RE: Varsity Golf I yr.; Most Improved in Golf; Varsity Basketball Man- ager 1 yr. JONATHAN MOORE: Ski Club; I. A. A.; Football 3 yrs.; Track; Drama 4 yrs.; Soccer: Prom Committee; Honor Roll: Powderpuff Football Coach; Football Spotter. NATHAN MOORHATCH: Who ' s Who; Honor Roll 4 yrs. CHRISTOPHER MULLIGAN: Honor Roll MICHAEL NELSON: Baseball 4 yrs.; Football 2 yrs. JACKIE ORTEGA: MECh.A 4 yrs.; B.S.U ' . 2 yrs.; Spanish Honor Society. MARC OWENS: N.H.S. : Soccer 2 yrs.; Track. ROD PERRY: Baseball 2 yrs. DAVID PIEHLER: Golf 4 yrs. KENNETH PIERCE: Photo Club; Drama Club 3 yrs.. Who ' s Who; Honor Roll 3 yrs. MICHELE PIETRASIEWICZ; Drama Club. JOHN PLESSEL: Rotary Life 4 yrs.; Algebra Award; Honor Roll 3 yrs.. Rotary Life Treasurer: Spanish Honor Society 2 yrs.; C.S.F.; Who ' s Who. ANDREW RAMIREZ: MEChA 2 yrs.; Band CECILIA RAMIREZ: Honor Roll 4 yrs.; B.S.U. 3 yrs.: Pep Club: MEChA 4 yrs.; Powderpuff Football 2 yrs.; Yearbook; Christmas Dance Committee: Who ' s Who; Homecoming Committee; MEChA Vice-pres.; Distinguished American High School Student. 134 EDGAR RAMOS: MEChA; Spanish Club 3 yrs.; Honor Roll; Spanish Honor Society 2 yrs.; Wrestling 4 yrs.; Football 3 yrs.; M.V.P. In Wrestling 2 yrs. MARY REGO: Drama Club 4 rs ; Track 2 yrs.: Drama Award; Drama Vice-pres. HENRY RIVERA Football; MEChA; Wrestling. CHRISTOPHER RODERICK: English Award I yr.; Biology Award I yr.; Drama Award I yr.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; School Choir 3 yrs.; Bowling Club 1 yr.; Newspaper Writer I r.; Drama Club 4 yrs.; Spanish Award I yr.; Southern California " .A " Student 3 yrs.; Band I yr.; Spanish Honor Society 1 yr.; Sophomore Homeroom Rep.; Junior Homeroom Rep.; Senior Homeroom Rep.; I.C.C: C.S.F. 4 yrs.; N.H.S. 3 yrs.; Who ' s Who; Spanish Honor Society Pres.; Band Pres.; Junior .Achievement; ICC. Secretary; Junior .Achievement Vice-pres. VALERIE ROSSO-LLOPART; I. A. A.; Blazers; Powderpuff Football; Junior .Achievement; Honor Roll 2 yrs.; Who ' s Who; Yearbook 2 yrs.; Ski Club; Pep Club; A.F.S.; Christmas Dance Committee. KALE RLBY: Block ,A Club 2 rs.; Varsity Baseball 3 yrs.; Pro Merito Runner-up; Baseball Team Captain; Baseball All League Captain. TERESA RUVALCABA; MEChA 3 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Who ' s Who; A.H.S.: Spanish Honor Society; B.S.U.: Spanish Honor Society Vice-pres. PALL SALDANA: Football 4 yrs.; Basketball 4 yrs.; Track 4 yrs. ALLEN SANCHEZ: MEChA 4 yrs.; Bowling Club; W restling 3 yrs.; Football 3 yrs.; Wres- tling 148 lb. League Champ. SUZANNE SANCHEZ: A.S.B. Publicity; Tennis 3 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs. CRYSTAL SCHENE: Bowling Club; Honor Roll; Drama Club 3 yrs.; Newspaper 2 yrs. ROBIN SATOSKL Honor Roll 3 yrs.; Freshmen Home coming Princess; Varsity Cheer- leader; J.V. Cheerleader; Pep Club. MARY SCHLATA: Blazers; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll 4 yrs. JACQUELINE SCRAY; Honor Roll. ANTHONY SENA; Football. WILLIAM SNELL: Basketball 4 yrs.; Golf 4 yrs. DONNA SOLLINGER: Spanish Club; Band 3 yrs.; Band Vice-pres.; Spanish Club Vice-pres.; Band Pres. STACY STEELE: Girls ' Basketball Stat.; powderpuff Football; Girls ' Basketball Man- ager. CATHERINE STEINMANN: Pep Club; Varsity Baseball Stat.; Volleyball 4 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs. JOSEPH STEVENS: Bowling Club; Baseball 3 yrs. DOUGLAS SWOGER: Football 3 yrs. KLNIKO TAKARABE: Volleyball; Tennis RICK THOMAS; Football 2 yrs. LALRl THOMPSON; Varsity Baseball Stat.; Sophomore Christmas Princess; Honor Roll 4 yrs. TERRY TOLBIRT: Baseball 3 yrs.; Honor Roll 4 yrs.; Baseball .All League; Senior Home- room Rep.; Senior Homecoming Prince; Pep Club; Who ' s Who. RANDY TLLLIS: Spanish Club; Baseball 2 yrs.; Soccer 3 yrs.; Wrestling. SHANE VANDERFIN; Chess Club; Spanish Club. TED VASQUEZ: Spanish Honor Society. VERONICA VASQUEZ: MEChA 3 yrs. CHANTAE WILSON: Blazers; Photo Club; Tennis. NARUMON WONGWAN; A.F.S. DIEGO WOOD: Spanish Club 2 years; MEChA; Track. LESLIE WOOD: C.S.F. 2 yrs.; Drama 2 yrs.; N.H.S.: Sophomore Homeroom Rep.; Junior Homeroom Rep.; Honor Roll 4 yrs. JOHN WUERTH: Honor Roll; Alex Merria Scholship. TODD WYLAND: Freshmen Science Award; Honor Roll 4 vrs. 135 SUMMA ' 82 is published by the Journalism staff of Aquinas High School, San Bernardino, California. Theme: John Bruckner, Alson Chao, Philip Ho. Seniors: John Bruckner, Cecilia Ramirez Underclassmen: Michelle Colunga, Maria de Anda Sports: Alson Chao, Michelle Colunga, Jung Gwon, Philip Ho, George Pfeffer, Robert Pfeffer Classes: Alson Chao, Maria de Anda, Jung Gwon, Philip Ho, Goerge Pfeffer Photography: John Bruckner, Michelle Colunga, Chris Potz Clubs: Alson Chao, Maria de Anda, George Pfeffer Moderators: Fr. Robert J. Donat Mr. Mack W. Lackey Typists: John Bruckner, Nicole Jakobi, Cecilia Ramirez 136 9 •

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