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»» A SUMMA ' 71 Volume XII AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL San Bernardino, Ca ifornia ' .r -- . ;, , V 5r7 Come gather round people wherever you roam. And admit that the waters around you have grown. And accept it that soon you II be drenched to the hone, IJ your time to you is worth saving, Then you better start swimming or you 7 sink like a stone. For the times they are a ' changing. !C . Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pens, And keep your eyes wide, the chance won ' t come again, And don ' t speak too soon for the wheels still in spin, I i% 1 f ff • } . And there ' s no telling who that it ' s naming. For the loser now will be later to win. For the times they are a ' changing. ? The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast, The slow one now will later be fast. As the present now will later be past, The old order is rapidly fading And the first one now will later be last. For the times they are a ' changing. Contents Theme 2 Activities 8 Faculty 22 Dedication 26 Curriculum 36 Sports 46 Underclassmen 80 Seniors 106 Conclusion 122 ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS The Activities and Clubs here at Aquinas bring out the true traits of the student. As he becomes aware of these happenings and organiza- tions, he finds that boolcs aren ' t the only thing to school. As the elements which compose these clubs and ac- tivities keep changing, so will the participant as he finds that his inter- est as well can easily be adjusted to them. The Times They Are A Changin Student Government Having to live up to the standards set by thie past student governments, this year ' s council exceeded many of those standards and set forth to estab- lish new patterns for the student body of Aquinas. Their concern for the stu- dents was exemplified in the adoption of a new constitution. Led by ASB presi- dent Maurice Pirio, this year ' s govern- ment was handled beautifully. For the third straight year at Aquinas, the Student Court has handled all problems among the students and this year ' s court is to be congratulated for its maintenance of order among the students. ,4i:iA. ' jr -i -iii. ASB president Maurice Pirio ASB officers: Chief Justice John Kiesler. Vice-Pres. Anthony Rosso, Secretary Matt Szymczak, Treasurer Pat Wolfe. 10 Student Court: Senior Justice John Matich, officers Jack McMahon, Mike Watson. Greg Shugard, John Vincent, Junior Justice Bryan Warren, Chief Justice John Kiesler. Officer David Wiss. Student Control officers Kiesler, Shugard, Wiss, Watson, and Vincent. U Football Homecoming The theme Up. Up, and Away pro- vided an exciting atmosphere for this year ' s football homecoming and dance. A splendid halftime was witnessed by the spectators at the game who saw the St. B ' s drill team put on a great perform.ance. Also, hundreds of helium -filled balloons were set adrift int o the night sky at the end of the halftime. The homecoming dance was highly suc- cessful as Dee Dee Nickel was chosen to reign as this year ' s queen. The gym. dec- orated with colorful balloons, produced a romantic mood which lifted the hearts of those who attended. Freshmen princess Cathy Holmes Queen Dee Dee Nickell crowned by ASB president Maurice Pirio. Junior princess Dianna Chiles Sophomore princess Barbara Brezinski Up, Up, And Awav. Senior princesses Jeannie Nelson and Debbie Huntsman. Basketball Homecoming This year ' s Basketball Homecoming dance proved to be successful as the homecoming game. After the astonishing victory by the Falcons over San Dimas. the thrill of victory seemed to carry on to the dance. Tuned to the theme of Festival of Flowers, the home- coming gala proved to be one of the most ex- citing that has ever been held. Susan Longinotti was selected as this year ' s queen. Escorted by basketball captain Lee Gardner. Susan reigned over her court com- posed of Freshmen princess Kathleen Riddell, Sophomore princess Delores Niccolino, Junior princes Cathy Thornes, and Senior princesses Geraldine Mineo, Debbie Niccolino, and Rosie Williams. The queen and her court . The coronation of Queen Susan Longinotti. 14 15 Holy Name Society The religious organization each and every year on campus is the Holy Name Society. The purpose of the club is to develop Aquinas men spiritually and mentally. They go about doing this by observing the practices of the Confraternity of the most Holy Name. By receiving the Holy Sacraments, at school and at ch urch, they set a religious example which all should follow. HNS officers: Tom Eichenberg, Vice-pres., Gary Schneider, Secretary- treas., Tom Turcotte, Pres. HNS members: Front row; Pele Desrochers, Ed Rea, Mark Ehlhardt. Back row; Steve McCaughey, Jeff Stoddard, Ted Purpero, John Vincent. KimDiPasquale, Gabriel Vega. David Pena. John Campbell. Tom Eich- enberg, Gary Schmeider, Jim Spotts, and Mike Hump- hrey, 16 National Honor Society The National Honor Society is open only to the students who have attained high scholasstic achieve- ment. The main purpose and function of the NHS is to set the high stand- ards of scholastical ability which all the students of Aquinas should fol- low. Moderated by Fr. John Pomis, the NHS prepares its members for the oncoming future which lies ahead in their college life. Mr. Postiff explains physics principles to NHS members Gary Sctineider, Wally Scanlon, and David VanderWoude. NHS members: Front row; Dave VanderWoude, JolinLentine, Ken Holmes, and Travis Mead. Standing; Mike Teeter, Tom Eichenberg, Bill and Jim Spotts. Flynn, Gerry Shepard, Garj ' Schneider, Monogram Club The Monogram Club is made up of the Aquinas Varsity lettermen. These members represent the school in league games and have added to Aquinas ' enviable reputa- tion in athletic activities. The pur- pose of the Monogram Club is to help support, along with the Booster Club, the athletic department at Aquinas. Along with these activities, they award letters to those who have amply served on a Varsity team. Monogram Club officers: Pierce Flynn. pres., Mark Ehlhardt, Vice-pres. Perry Amendt, secretary, treasurer. The Monogram Club 18 Falcon Staff As trying to match previous successful staffs, this year ' s Falcon had many new contrib- utors. These new media mem- bers gave a whole and complete spectrum of ideas and added color to the everyday news. The paper is moderated by Mr. Frank Russell. There were a number of new and interesting articles which gave a new and bright outlook on school hap- penings. Editorial Staff: John Vincent, Tony Crawford, Editor John Lentine, Asst. Editor Pierce Flynn, Gerry Shepard, and Jim McCaughey. Reporters: Front row; Steve Heynen, Mike Humphrey, Mark Strain. Louis Leli, Tom Eichenberg, Kim DiPasquale. Stand- ing; Dan Rau, Jim Spotts, John Matich, Eliseo Ruiz. 19 SUM MA Staff Changes With The Times Assistant Editor: Dan Rau Moderator: Fr. Robert Donat Editor: Mark E3ilhardt Underclassmen Editors: Matt Kerrigan, Steve Meinhardt. Ed Rea Curriculum Editors: Mike Watson, Kim DiPasquale Clubs Editors: Jim Hauer, Doug Yahn Sports Editor: Louis Leli Assistant Editor: John Lentine FACULTY Br. William Hold Mr. Donald Pound Changes in education have become one of the most important issues in society today. In order to maintain quality education in these changing times, good teachers are necessary. At Aquinas talented teachers have kept up with educational changes in order to guide the students and to provide good edu- cation. Mr. Robert Larsen Mr. Andrew Smith y ? ' limes They Are A ' Changing Mr. Ross McMillan Mr. Felipe de la Cruz Mr. Kenneth Thurston Mr. Timothy Postiff 23 Diocesan Administration Most Reverend John R. Quinn, Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego 24 Most Reverend Leo T. Maher, Bishop of San Diego DEDICA TION Father Robert J . Nagler has the longest record as prin- cipal at Aquinas High School. This is, in itself, sufficient to warrent a yearbook dedication. During these six years Aquinas has undergone a childhood and an adolescence with full matu- rity ahead. Father Nagler ' s varied talents have led him from the classrooms and into the office of the principal. He has worked hard for a dream: a co-ed high school on the Aquinas campus. Next year that dream becomes a reality. The Times They are a Changing . Cardinal Newman ' s phrase, To grow is to change, and to have changed often is to have grown much. is apropos for Aquinas with Father Nagler as principal. The staff of SUMMA ' 71 dedicates this book to a priest, a friend, and a real human person who has helped us to grow and to be perfect. Very Reverend Robert J. Nagler, Principal 26 FACULTY Administration ' mm Reverend John F. Pomis, Assistant Principal. Dean of Students. Chairman, Guidance Department Brother William Hold. C.S.C-, Assistant Dean of Students, Senior Moderator 27 Language Arts Mr Frank Russell. English I and 2. Falcon Advisor Mr. Kenneth Thurston. English, French. Independent Study Fr. Robert Donat. English 3. Religion 2, Summa Advisor Miss Mary Sue Stumberg. Librarian ;f y v iffi lHH v V . ' Ti ' ,.- ' ' «-««gft- 26 . s Mr Felipe delaCruz, Spanish Mrs. Jacqueline Schneider, French, Drivers Ed, Directed Reading Fr. JohnPomis, French Religion, Social Science One aspect of Aquinas that sets it apart from other schools is its teaching of moral principles and doctrines in religion classes. These classes are taught in order to help each student find a deeper meaning in his religion and to acquaint him with many types of worship used in the world today and the world of yes- terday. At Aquinas, religion does play an important part in one ' s education. Another very important aspect of the scope of education offered at Aquinas is the field of Social Sci- ence, a subject which is becoming very significant in today ' s ever -changing world. Aquinas presently uses one of the most modern series of Social Science text- books, beginning with basic political and economical concepts in the freshman year, continuing witha study of various world cultures and American History in the sophomore and junior years, and culminating in the senior year with a study of modern sociological prob- lems. Br. Hold Mr Smith 30 Tr!K.: Fr. Harris Mr. McMillan Fr. Hart 31 Math and Science Math and Science aretwo relevant subjects in today ' s modern changing world. To prepare the student Aquinas offers freshman math, Algebra, Geometry, trig, and calculus. Science includes earth science, biology, physiology, chemistry, and physics. Each stu- dent can fulfill his college requirements as well as his particular interests. Miss Alice Aslanian, science. Mr. Alex Merriam, math, science Mr. Robert Kruk, math, science 32 Mr Donald Pound, math Mr Robert Larsen. math. Mr. Timothy Postiff, department chairman, math and science. 33 OJJice- Maintenance Personnel Keeping up with business in the school office and keeping the Aquinas campus looking nice are two jobs which demand a great deal of care and attention. In these fields, Aquinas has been lucky to have the help it has had. Day after day the office is run with efficiency and or- ganization which are vital factors in the world today. Outward appearances are very im- portant also in upholding an image for a school. This year, Aquinas has been fortunate to have such able men maintain the look of the campus. These are but two of the many aspects which keep a school running smoothly. At Aquinas, they are really doing their part. Mrs. Marge Chandler. Principal ' s secretary. Mrs. Marge Eiswerth, Business Office 34 Mrs. Bill Schneider Mr. Ed Casey Mrs. Eiswertli and Mrs. Schneider, French teacher, take time out to look over the school paper. The Falcon Mr. Frank Lee Goldsmith 35 Curriculum The Aquinas man is very fortunate to be given the wonderful opportunity to take the straight academic courses. These will defin- ately prepare and enable him to excell in any walk of life. At Aquinas, the student develops both mind and character. He becomes an individual and the type of person who sets the example. Through the Falcon motto Truth and Light, the Aquinas curriculum and admin- istration builds and shapes the individual who is proud to call himself an Aquinas man. This institution of knowledge becomes more prom- inent as the years pass and changes are always being made. k 36 37 Wff? ' ' X imf WW M9? i ' !!f,WX- Freshmen The Freshmen civics consisted of Comparative Political and Economic Systems. These courses helped the freshmen to understand the ideology of Communism and the American way of life. In Religion Fr. Hart said My class was one big rap session. The frosh learned how to make Religion a part of their life in the modern world. Spanish I and French I gave the freshmen an idea of other people and their way of life in their foreign countries. In his classes he found both the teachers and the subjects interesting and often amusing. The class of ' 74 found their first year as an Aquinas man a worthwhile and valuable experience. French I : At 4iiln9ti Frosh waiting for next assignment English I 38 Political Science Algebra I Spanish I 39 Sophomore The class of ' 73 received more advanced study in Social Psychology v here they found out how people tick. Shaping of Western Society and Tradition and Change in Four Societies helped them understand the international scene and why countries did certain things in history. Mrs. Schneider and Mr. de la Cruz gave them a more advanced vocabulary in French and Spanish. They were also given the literature and cultural traits of France and Spain. Human Physiology made up the Sophomore science course. It persuaded the student to become more interested in medicine. Many changes will be made in the 70 ' s in academics, but the class of ' 73 is going to accept them. mmM Human Physiology ■■ ' Ip i f Shaping Of A Western Society. Soph prepares for his next class. 40 Tradition and Change in Four Societies. French II English II 41 Junior The Junior Curriculum is one of great depth and adventure. The student becomes envolved in several new fields all of which increase his intelligence and play a ben- eficial part in developing him into a well rounded man and citizen. United States History is a required course and here the student learns about the development and culture of his government and nation. Also, with the new and unique method of teaching the course of religion and literature, the student has the advantage of having not one but three teachers envolved in his learning process for each course. This enriches his insight toward theology and belief as well as literary figures and creative writing. In the junior year, the fascinating course of Oiemistry becomes a newity and concepts of energy and matter evolve. Algebra II is begun and strengthens the students mind Eind thinking power. In his third year the junior has a choice of either continuing in the previous language studied for a third year or beginning another. The junior cur- riculum opportunes the student to take supplementary courses such as biology, auto-dynamics, or speech. ReliRion Algebra II U.S. History JJ ?r ' H:fj; fJ!5 sj i;;: Spanish III Chemistry French III •43 Seniors A senior ' s final courses contain gen- eral as well as specific material. The pur- pose of the courses is proximate prep- aration for his college career. Senior re- ligion concentrates on the relationship of God and man as found in the study of sociology. Civics informs the student about his society and its changing ways. Physics and Trigonometry challenge him in the knowledge of higher mathematical equations and formulas. Advanced study may also be taken in the fields of Spanish and French. Speech and the Applied Sciences give him a humanistic background. Through these courses, the senior sees the world as a macrososm, understands its nature, and wonders about the future. Business Math Speech Sociology Civics Trigonometry Auto Dynamics A5 Sports As the times keep changing, so do the requirements for a man ' s ability in sports. A good example of one who is keeping in step with these changes and requirements is the Aquinas athlete. Knowing that he is tops in his field, he must withstand the con- stant pressure that is forced upon him by the opposition. However, the pride that the Aquinas man carries on to the field of bat- tle outweighs the pressure, and stays with him either through victory or defeat. 46 47 Varsity Cheerleaders No athletic team can stay alive unless there is spirit among the fans as well as the teams. This year ' s Varsity Cheer- leaders highly fulfilled the requirements of promoting spirit among the spectators. Led by Captain Mary Ann Nicholson, the cheer- leaders kept the morale. Included on this year ' s squad were Dianna Chiles, Debbie Huntsman, Donna Underwood, Jackie Nicholson, and Jeannie Nelson. 5 Cheerleaders This years B Cheerleaders should be praised for their up-keep of spirit at the B sports events. Facing the task of performing in front of small crowds, Captain Killorin Riddell and her squad kept the excitement high with their exuberant cheers. Also on this year ' s squad were Charlene Eileen Cannan, Laurette Rosemary Pirio, and Pam DiPasquale. Varsity Football 14 o5i » :. 50 t Falcons on the run against N M. Keyes refuses to go down. 52 Purpero shows his dow-nfield speed. Falcons Have Great Pre-Season Ehlhardt evades Bear tackier. 53 Ruiz on the QB option. Ehlhardt finally stopped. A » • W ' Healy gets the handoff then goes! 54 Ruiz rolls out against N M. Falcons Fight For Crown. Purpero lets loose a bomb. 55 Dinise on the run J. V. Football Coach McMillEin viewing his squad. The J. V. Football team had a rather disappointing start this year by winning only one of their pre -season games. The J.V. ' s had to overcome the handicap of not having any of last years team mem- bers return to this year ' s squad. The J, V. ' s started league play on a high note by defeating Sherman, Then, after losing two close games by less than a touchdown, the J. V. ' s came back successfully to end their season by de- feating Notre Dame. y. it ,S 56 Sanchez on the sweep against Chino Braden leads the way for Reynolds. Front row; R. Backer, J. Stewart, G. DeLeon, M. Brown, K. Shields, J. Zecchini, B. McGinty, L. Leli, R. Vega, R. Brubaker. Second row: M. Kreiger, D. Zanini, J. Braden, S. Strebig, M. Pena, C. Dinise, R. Poirier, S. Meinhardt, S. McCaughey. Back row: Coach McMillan, C. Ross, M. Pina, J. Roach, M. Stewart, R. Reynolds, L. Sanchez, T. Casmus, T. Walker, P. Schmidt, D. Sanchez. Future Varsity Stars Reynolds outruns Chino defender Varsity Basketball The Varsity Basketball team this year upheld the high standards set by previous Aquinas teams. By their strenuous practices and re- markable skill, they led us to another league championship. In reaching C.I.F. again, the team continued for another year our basketball tradi- tion. With the continuous cheering from the faithful Aquinas students, the team ' s spirit reigned on high, giving each member, whether onthe bench or on the court, a feeling of satisfaction in representing their school and fellow students. This satisfaction is shared by each and every Aquinas team. Standing, from left to right: Larrj ' Keyes, Lenny Walsh. Tony Crawford. Tom Turcotte, Jim Mc- Caughey. Del Oros. sitting, Ted Purpero, Bryan Warren, Tim Lazer, Managers; Mike Watson, Mike Puett. Larry Torres, Coach Ernie Ciabattini. Ciabattini shows some spirit. John Konyn Shoots high. J f iiii 1 L :3 H Spirit Helps Gulo shows sheer determination Chuck Gulo Sends up A prayer. Lee Gardner Goes for two. C.LF. Again Konyn from the outside Hkb. V • «• f. V 60 Gulo from the free throw line Tense Moments The coach looks on. 61 JV Basketball A new addition to the Aquinas athletic department this year was the JV basketball team. Although the JV team was not involved in league play, they showed their strength to teams from school many times larger than their own. Szymczak puts everything into a lay-up. SP fSP The team was led by captain Ted Purpero; Matt Szymczak; center, Del Oros; Jim McCaughey, Tony Crawford, Dave Pena, Bernie Vanderfin, Ellie Ruiz, Pat Schmidt, and John Campbell. Although not always recognized as the coach of the team, Mr. Miller ' s half-time speeches will be remem- bered by the men under him. McCaughey gets ready to dunk for two. 62 4 4. L »»«« Jim McCaughey out jumps the opposing forces. In tlie back row, left to right. Pat Schmidt. Jim McCaughey, Del Oros, John Campbell, and Tony Crawford, in front. Matt Ted Demonstrates his form on a free -throw. Szymzak, Ted Purpero, Elly Ruiz, and Dave Pena. 63 ' ' 5 Basketball The B Basketball team this year was excitingly sur- prising. Despite the lack of height, the B ' s managed to finish in a tie for second place. The B ' s were coached by Chuck Hickey, who did a good job training the four frosh for next year. Hickey, a first year man, couldn ' t teach the sophs much as they carried the team through the season. The B ' s relied heavily on the fast break and their superior outside shooting to counteract the height advantage every team had on them. The team placed three members on the all -league team this year. They were led by Ed Rojas, who was the leading scorer and rebounder, followed by Chuck Dinise and Bob Romeo. The B ' s showed their skill in shooting and a harassing press by taking a fantastic victory over C.S.D.R. Big Bear was the only team to beat the Falcons twice, and Webb managed to just barely slip by the Falcons to a victory in their own gym. All in all the B ' s had a fine season and should be proud of what they accomplished. Ed Rojas goes up for two points. Coach Hickey gives a pep talk. 64 . Sid Strain passes the ball deceptively. Ricky Renolds Shoots high. Standing, left to right. Mark Maeifski, Micky Donlon, Ricky Renolds, Bryan Brigandi, Ed Rojas, Chuck Dinise; kneeling, Steve McCaughey, Bob Setser, Gabe Rodriguez, Sidney Strain, Bob Romea. Managers, Mike Wattier, and Mike Mar- tinez, Coach Chuck Hickey. 65 A-Frosh Basketball This year ' s Freshman Basketball Team faced a number of teams ranging from the freshman level to the B level, accepting each as a separate challenge. The team ' s greatest challenge was against Notre Dame. The frosh exhibited the Falcon Spirit and came through with a victory. The team was coached by an active Aquinas gradu- ate, Mr. Don Vierra. The members of the team were led to victories by the inspiration of players like little Fred Lopez, who in a single freshman game scored eighteen points. The Frosh showed some promising members for the teams in years ahead. The members of this years Freshman Team are; Billy Williams, Fred Lopez, Mike Pena, Gary Deleon, Tom Walker, Mike Steward, Billy Crawford, Keith Shields, Pat Gerke, Larry Romeo, Terry Rehaume, and Roger Basford. A Frosh shoots from the outside. 66 Walker on the tip-off. i- ' ■ ' :™ ' Walker fires for two. Wrestling The wrestling team this year was one of the best and most winning teams Aquinas has had. For the first time in several years the team had one or more members for each weight class. They upheld the honor of Aquinas at every match individually, and as a team. With every match our wrestlers proved that Aquinas was a school to be proud of. Our team, through their great efforts, received third place medals. Often the practices made one think that there was no end to the coaches determi- nation. But the hard practices were not the only factor in our triumphs, the desire of each member to win was a most important factor, for with out this, no game or match, can be won. David Backer gets the upper hand. Aquinas man gets the best of his opponent. The team readies for a match. Tony Casmus and Paul Page practice. Aquinas man gets on top. i f Pat Wolfe and Anthony Leon Practice. Anthony Leon has his man. Tom Mangione prepares to the roll his opponent. Michael Vega is declared winner. Dave Vanderwoude faces opponent stenily. 69 70 71 Track Under the supervision of Coach Dinwiddie, the 71 ' track raced their way among other top schools to con- tend for the Arrowhead League title. Sparked by such stars as Anthony Brown in the sprints and Greg Shu- gard in the pole vault, the trekkers did an outstanding job of maintaining the fine reputation that Aquinas holds in track. Jim Casmus prepares for another win. Fii ' sl row: Duane Goo. Rictiard Sfavey. Mark Williams. Steve Bartley. Mike Centlivre. Mike Vega, and Paul Page Second row: Steve McCaughey. Dave Strnad, Robert Gonzales, Gerry Shepard, Greg Shugard, Tony Casmus, and Mike Meinhardt. Back row: Harry Reuhbottom. Jeff Stoddard, Anthony Leon, Mike Teeter, Billy Flynn, Kim Luster, Greg Taylor, Bill Angelo. Jim McCaughey. and Anthony Brown Greg Shugard clears it easily. Jim McCaughey sprints to victory. t ' 5 J5? ' i22 ' ' S ' l Mike Centlivre wins another one. if 73 Tennis John Vincent hustles to slam a return over the net John Lentine sets up for a return shot. -. .J-j . •«H Ow«uv C i Tony Crawford and John Vincent team up against opponents. 75 » » • » ♦ ♦ ♦ t . » » » » i r , • C ♦ ♦••• ' ,,, ' • . • • . . • • ' .. ♦ ' • 4 » • • . . . • • • ' ♦ . , . ♦ . . » • ' . . ' ' • « ' ft • ♦ . « ♦ t ' KV ' . Aid ,«j|| 76 Tom Eichenberg returns a wicked serve. John Lentine prepares to demolish his opponent. f SK r ♦ ' . ' 77 A wards Banquet Speaker of the Awards Banquet: Head Coach Mr. John Ralston, Stanford University. Athletic Director Mr. Dennis Wilson presents Patrick Wolfe with the Outstanding Sportsman Award. 78 Bank of America Award Winners: Mr. Timothy Postiff presents awards to Michael Teeter, Pierce Flynn, Gary Schneider. Lee Gardner, John Matich, and John Kiesler. Basketball trophies are awarded to Lee Gardner, Chuck Gulo, Tim Lazer, by Coach Ernie Ciabattini. ' 1 ! 79 UNDER CLA SSMEN As always, it seems as though it has been the Seniors who have received all the recogni- tion and glamour. But let us now stand back and take a complete look at our underclass- men. Ranging from Freshmen to Juniors, all classes have shown tremendous incentive, drive, and ambition. Bake sales, dances, and various drives, only to name a few, have been the appetite behind the underclassmen. This year, the Freshmen class has mas- tered the change to high school remarkably well. Its constituents have won the respect of higher classes and proved their worthiness to be called Aquinas men. Their officers have become greatly involved in all fields and have helped to guide the Freshmen class. The Sophomore class has definitely shown its presence and attitude by constantly reaching for higher goals and self -betterment. Its mem- bers have given much to the student body and have helped to build spirit wherever it has been needed. Finally come the Juniors. Their scope in- volves sports, academics, and social achiev- ments. They have greatly helped to motivate all classes to the highest degree of possible in- volvement and have shown their colors through- out their history at Aquinas. 80 The Times They Are A Changin UMbuuM Freshmen When the freshmen came to Aquinas in the fall of 1970, they were unaware of the changes they would have to make from the learning processes of grammar school. The high school situation is completely dif- ferent, but the freshmen showed that they were able to adapt. Their first task as a class, to elect officers, was accomplished very smothly. This made the accomplishing of other tasks, such as the football home- coming bonfire, dances, a picnic, and a beach trip, much easier. The freshmen year is perhaps the hardest year to get through. However, the freshmen class of this year showed that they were quite capable of completing the task. Class President Gary DeLeon Vice President Rick Reynolds 82 Secretary Michael Pena Treasurer Michael Brown The Frosh officers and Fr. Hart, class moderator, discuss plans for a class project. 83 W Abraham D Aguirre R. Bachman D. Backer J. Baczek P. Barnhold R. Basford B. Bassler The freshmen seem to be enjoying a vigorous game of D. Bauerlein D. Bella B. Benjamin J. Bosnyak B Brigandi D. Brooks Frosh Fearlessly iSmki im t ilAil A 84 volleyball during P.E. as Mr. Wilson looks on. Faced New Changes R. Cox B. Crawford F. Cunningham B. DeCoro G. DeLeon D. Dodd M. Donlon S. Dornav G. Brooks M Brown D CedderoD G Caputo A. Carlone J Clebeck 85 J. Egan R, Encisco P. Fay B. Franks M. Gaylon A. Garcia M. Gastel P. Gehrke M. Guifforda T. Haldersen E. Hickman B, Hicks J. Hlavaty J. Huntsman M Jager Art Zanini stages a small recording session with some friends at lunchtime. 86 Gary DeLeon, Ricky Reynolds, and Fred Lopez relax before a big game, but Billy Crawford seems to have the butterflies. J Kero M. Kerrigan D. Lara G. Lewis P. Leyva C. Littlefield T. Longinotti F. Lopez A. Luna M. Maiefeski Fred Lopez explains the complexities of the yo-yo to Brian Brigandi. 87 Spanish is really very easy! explains Mr. De La Cruz to his two new students. Setting Goals Perched on the goal -post, Bill Williams has a good view of the game. M. Martinez J. McGary L. McGee D. Mitre T. MoUoy L. Moreno G. Murguia J. Olsen P. Page J. Pampa R Parish M. Pena i ttfc And Reaching Them 88 mhm D. Peterson J. Porto A. Rameriz J. Rego T. Rehaume R. Reynolds . A. Rodriguez T Rodriguez R Rojas J. Romeo L. Romeo J. Roquet Here comes the judge, Lance McGee. entering one of the Aquinas dances. Fr. Hart and Mike Pena take time out from watching lunchtime activities to discuss fresh- men business. 89 J. Ross C. Rubio R. Salas A. Sanchez R. Seavey K. Shields C. Snavely M. Steward Frosh Met The Changes S. Strebig C. Suchil G. Tougas B. Vanderwoude J. Vimenez T. Wall 1 Successfully Everyone seems amazed at Brian Brigandi ' s sitill of pul- ling down rebounds with his eyes closed. 90 Oh, the concentration Algebra I demands! M. Wattier B. Williams M. Williams V. Williams C. Yarbrough R. Ybarra A. Zanini J Zecchini Hey, Mike, what time does the masquerade party start? ' 91 Sophomores Vice-President Chuck Dinise i . V. V mii k. Jtm wm President Bill Flynn Just as it takes all kinds of people to make a world, so also does it take different types of stu- dents to make a school. But a single individual can have little influence on his surroundings. It takes many individuals, working together as a unit, to make an impression on their surroundings. This unity, singleness of purpose, was the dis- tinguishing trademark of the Sophomores this year. The Class of ' 73 made its presence felt on all levels of school life. At our athletic matches, the class participated actively not only on the field, but in the stands as well. Politics, too, came into the scope of Sophomore activities. Under the leadership of its officers, President Bill Flynn, Vice-President Chuck Dinise, Secretary John Campbell and Treasurer Stephen McCaughey, the class went on to work to ever better its school and itself. Spirit, free and unchecked, this was the secret of the Sophomore Class of 1971. Times are changing, and the Sophomores are helping them to change for the better. Secretary John Campbell Our Officers Work Treasurer Stephen McCaughey 93 Mena relaxes in class. PP ' Manuel Aguilar Tom Amrheim Steve Barrie Steve Bartley Wilson Baugh Paul Beeson Joe Beeson Jerry Braden Richard Brubaker Chris Burback John Campbell Donn Carpenter Carl Carr Tony Casmus Irvin Cone Bill Dean Chuck Dinise Ken Farrar Mark is astounded. 94 5 Stands For Soph Alfred Ferraris William Flynn Keith Frantz Steve Primmer Kevin Gallavan Thomas Gehrig John George Duane Goo Steve Grant Chuck Gulo James Hauer Ernie Jones Victor Kazarian Donald Kruk Mark Kruk Joseph Krygier Louis tediously endeavors to meet his deadline. John eats and reads during hmch. 95 Ed Rea studies his notes Harry Laning Louis Leli Charles Lucchesi Thomas Mangione Stephen McCaughey Brian McGinty Ray McGrath Jack McMahon Sophs Do Everything Philip Rechou and gang talk in library. 96 Eugene Hickman studies test during chess game. Steve Meinliardt Tony Mena Robert Michalik Patrick Mickel Bill Mitre Ronald Montbrand Ken Navickis Mike Nunley Terence O ' Malley John O ' Reilly Delbert Oros Richard Pentz Steve, Louis, and Bill cram for test. Steve Hartley fixes the projector. Mark Peterson Mark Pina Steve Pine Bruce Randall Edward Rea Phil Rechou Joe Roach Gabriel Rodriguez Mark Rodriguez Robert Romeo Ron Romero Chuck Ross Luis Sanchez Patrick Schmidt Steve Schraeder The lonely sophomore, Mike Nunley, eats his lunch. 98 Mark Strain stumps Miss Aslanian. Sophs A re With It Joe Roach intently does his present task. Robert Setser Jeff Stoddard Sidney Strain Mark Strain Kevin Sullivan William Surratt Chris Taylor Richard Tiritilli m iikKi Billy Tougas Michael Vega Mike Wolfe Douglas Yahn Pictures not available Eugene Hickman Ray Hobson Mike Humphrey Edward Rojas Glenn Simmons 99 Juniors Throughout the past three years at Aquinas, the class of ' 72, in changing with the times, has been an exceptional representative of its alma mater. The branches of the Junior class have spread throughout all types of classroom and extra-curricular ac- tivities. Their dynamic leadership, un- divided unity, an d zealous loyalty have given them the respect of both the faculty and the alumni. Their self- pride is exemplified in their maturity, their over abundance of spirit, and their practice of Christian morality. The juniors have also expressed their own individualism and independence, which is another example of adulthood. It is these qualities which have earned the juniors the noble title of men of Aquinas. Representatives: Kim DiPasquale I Pres Michael Rosso Harold Whiteside Robert Gonzales 100 7 r Vice-Pres. John Lentine Secretary Steve Heynen Treasurer Mark Ehlhardt lOl Abram. Roger Alkana, Dan Aragon, Tom Bauer lein. Mike Bruton, Mike Casmus, Jim Centlivre. Mike CipoUone. John Crawford, Tony DeForge, Scott DiPasquale, Kim Donovan, Tim Dugan. Tom Edwards, Dave Ehlhardt, Mark YT Juniors Accept o Juniors McCaughey and Crawford go over Chemistry problems Finally caught in an attentive mood. 102 t iylft KV. l(y i ' ft :tMlA, The Changing Times Eichenberg. Tom Ferraris, Claud Furiga, Tom Gastel, Bill Gino, Larry Gonazales, Bob Gronek, Mike Heynen, Steve Hickey, Ed Jones, Tom Kelley, Steve Ketterer. Jerry Ketterer, Terry Kiesler, Bob Klaers, Bill ' H vmmmmjtf ' Korovec. Lloyd Koster, Tom Lantz, Tom Lentine, John Luster, Kim Mangione, Terry McCaughey. Jim McDermott, Phil Meinhardt, Mike 103 Militello, Jim Nunez, Tom Pena, Dave Peterson, Ed Pine, Chuck Porier, Rick Rau, Dan Reiter, Klaus Resendez. Aaron Reyes, Augustine Riddell, Stanley Rideout, Bob Rosso, Mike Rosso. Anthony Ruiz, Eliseo The Juniors Are Noted For Their Antics. ■I 104 Ruiz. Tom Schneider. Tom Shaw. Sam Shepard. Gerry Shugard. Greg Smart. Darrell Spotts. Jim Szymczak. Matt Tavares. Paul Taylor. Greg Vanderfin. Bernie Warren, Brian Watson. Mike Weissbein. Mitch Yniguez. Martin 105 SENIORS 71 f f ' ' m 106 «- 107 Senior President: Larry Brown The United Legend Treasurer: Dennis Goo 1 108 Secretary: John Rafter Vice-president; Lee Gardner Truly these four men, and the class that stood under them, were a united legend. Larry Brown, Lee Gardner, John Rafter, and Dennis Goo stood for a new philosophy of life at Aquinas High School. They, along with the senior class, believe in freedom of the mind and body, individ- ualism. These four men had shown us the path of pride and happiness for those who wish to take part in it. These four men as well as the senior class, should be saluted for their courage as pioneers in a new way of life. They were unique and free, and these qualities made them a united legend. Their unity came from high ideals and reachable goals. 109 Gilbert Amador Guadalupe Perry Amendt Holy Rosary WiUiam Angelo Senior Class Richard Armijo St. Catherine Richard Campbell Holy Ros8u-y Demiis Cisneros St. Bernardine William Cole Assumption David Coy St. Anne John Delabunt St. Anne 110 Peter Desrochers Holy Rosary Barry Fallon St. Anne Pierce Flynn Holy Rosary Sees New Era. Seniors prepare to leave school 111 Lee Gardner St. Anne Dennis D. K. Goo St. Anne Edward Hannon Assumption Brian Healy Assumption David Hoffman Our Lady of Fatima Kenneth Holmes Holy Rosary 112 Attentive seniors discuss class assignment. John Kiesler Assumption Anthony Leon St. Joseph John Matich Holy Rosary Fernando Mondragon St Bernardine Damun Muldoon Holy Rosary John Rafter announces the next cheer. James Murphy St, Annes Daniel Pedroza Guadalupe Jose Paniagua Guadalupe Maurice Plrio St. Joseph Cheerleader Mark Rodriquez waits for intermission. John Rafter St Catherine Mark Rodriquez Guadalupe Gary Schneider St. Anne Harry Rheubottom St. Anthony Walter Scanlon St. Joseph Richard Steele St. Anne David Strnad St. Joseph 115 Maurice Pirio and date leave a dance Adrian Ticinovlch St. Catherine Lawrence Torres St. Bernardine Thomas Turcotte Our Lady of Fatima 116 Gabriel Vega GuaciaJupe Gregory Walker St. Adelaide Leonard Walsh St. Anne 117 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Peter Desrochers Student control 3; Holy Name Society 1,2,3, 4; Pre-Seminary 3,4; Falcon staff 4; Varsity golf 1,2,4. Barry Fallon Pep Society 3,4. Gilbert Amador Frosh basketball, B basketball 2; B base- ball 1,2. Perry Amendt Freshmen president; Key Club 2; Pep Soci- ety 2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; JV Baseball 1,2; Varsity baseball 2,3; B football 2; Frosh basket- ball; Most Inspirational B football 2; All league B football 2; Most valuable player JV baseball 2; All league varsit ' baseball 3; Pro Merito award 2,3. Varsity track 1,2; B basketball William Angelo B football 2; 2; Tennis 3. Richard Armijo JV tennis 1. Larry Brown Senior president Richard Campbell Pep Society 3,4; Monogram Club 4; B foot- ball 1,2,3; Varsity football 4; JV baseball 1,2,3; Varsity baseball 4. Dennis Cisneros Student control 2,3; Monogram Club 1,2,3; Holy Name Society 1; Key Club 3; Varsity wres- tling 1,2; Most improved wrestler 1. Pierce Flymi Freshmen vice-president; Sophomore pres- ident; Junior vice-president; ICC president 4; Prom committee 3; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Summa staff 1,2,3; Falcon staff 2,3,4; Pep Society 3,4; Aquinas Award2,3; Latin Honor society 1; B football 1,2; Varsity football 3,4; JV baseball 1; Monogram club 3,4. Lee Gardner Senior vice-president; Monogram club 3,4; Pep Society 2,3; Key club 3,4; Chess club 1,2,3; Varsity basketball 2,3,4; B basketball 1; Varsity football 2; Track 1,2; Golf 1,2,3; Most improved basketball 1. Denis Goo Student control 2,3; Senior treasurer; Mono- gram club 2,3.4; Pep Society 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Chess club 1; B football 1; Varsity football 2; C track; Spanish achievement award 2. Edward Hannon Latin Honor society 1; Drama club 1,2,3; Chess club 1; Pep society 3,4; Monogram club 2,3,4; Varsity wrestling 1,2. Brian Healy Class officer 1,2,4; Monogram club 3,4; Pep Society 3,4; Prom committee 3; B football 1,2; JV Baseball 2; Varsity football 3,4; Varsity base- ball 4. William Cole Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer; Holy Name Society 4; Key Club 1,2; Monogram Club 4; Pep Society 3,4; Football 1,2,4; Baseball 1; D track; Wrestling 2; Pro Merito award 1; Auxilium Latinum 1 . David Coy Sophomore vice-president; Junior presi- dent; Student control 3; Monogram club 4; Key Club 2,3; Chess club 1; Prom committee; B foot- ball 1,2; C track; Varsity golf 2,3; Varsitv foot- ball 4. John Delahunt Chess club 1,2. Raymond Hendricksen Key club secretary 4; Pep Society 3,4; Frosh basketball; Varsity golf 1,2,3,4; Monogram club 2,3,4; Key club 2,3,4; Holy Name Society 1,2.4. David Hoffman Chess club 1,2,3,4; Chess club vice-presi- dent 3; Pre-Seminary 3,4; Pep Society 3,4. Kenneth Holmes Junior class secretary: Student control 3; Chess club 1; Key Club 4; Auxilium Latinum; Prom committee 3; Pep Society 3; Frosh bas- ketball; B football 2; NEOT merit certificate 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Latin Award 1,2; French Award 3. 118 Lawrence Keyes Monogram club 4: Pep Society 3,4: Varsity football 4: Varsity basketball 4; JV Baseball 3; Varsity baseball 4. Timothy Kiel Pep Society 3,4. John Kiesler Chief Justice 4; Key Club 4; Pro Merito Award 1; Latin Award 1. John Konyn Monogram Club 2,3,4; PepSociety 3,4; Aux- ilium Latinum 1; Frosh basketball; Varsity bas- ketball 2,3,4. Timothy Lazer Pep Society 3,4; Varsity wrestling 1; Bbas- ketball 2; Varsity basketball 4; Most Improved Player B basketball 2. Anthony Leon Monogram Club 2,3,4; Actornauts 2,3; Pep Society 2,3; JV Baseball; Varsity football 2,3,4; JV wrestling 1,2; Varsity wrestling 4; Varsity track 2,3. W I John Matich Student control 4; Chess club president 4; Chess club treasurer 3; Key Club 2,3,4; Mono- gram club 3,4; Falcon staff 3,4; Holy Name Soci- ety 1,2,3,4; B football 3; Varsity golf 2,3,4; Spanish achievement award 2,3. Fernando Mondragon Tennis 3. Damun Muldoon Chess club 1; Latin club 1,2; PepSociety 3,4; Frosh basketball 1. James Murphy JV football 1; Varsity football 4; All league football 4. Jose Paniagua Holy Name Society 1,2,3,4; Monogram club 3; Pep Society 3,4; JV track 1; Varsitytennis 2; Varsity track 4; Spanish achievement award. Daniel Pedroza Monogram club 3,4; Pep society 3; JV foot- ball 1,2; Varsity football 3,4; JV baseball 1,2. ' 1 ♦ • % 1 f i ■ ' : - ■ ' . ; j V . f • •♦.«• ■ r S3 M i aM 1 19 Maurice Pirio Student control 2: ASB Secretary 3: ASB President 4; Prom committee 3; B football 2; Varsity football 3,4; B track 2; Pro Merito Award 2; NEDT merit certificate. Michael Puett Student control 4: B football 2,3; JV football -All league 3; Pep Society 3,4. John Rafter Junior class treasurer; Senior secretary; Prom committee 3; Cheerleader 4; Pep Society 4; JV football 1; JV basketball 2; JV Tennis 2. Harry Rheubottom Monogram club 3,4; PepSociety3,4; Cbase- ball; B track 1,2; B football 2; B basketball 2; Varsity football 3,4; Varsity track 3.4. Mark Rodriquez Prom chairman 3; Pep Society 3; Cheer- leader 4; Drama club 2,4. Walter Scanlon Key club 2; Pep Society 3; Chess club 1,2,3; Latin society 1; Falcon staff 2; JV basketball 1, 2,3. Gary Schneider Holy Name Society 1,3,4; Pre-Seminary3, 4; Pep Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; NEDT merit award 2; Spanish award 1.2,3. Richard Steele Pacific Galahads. David Strnad Pep Society 3,4; Monogram club 3,4; Varsity football 3,4; Varsity track 2,3; Varsity baseball 4; B baseball 1; B track 1. Michael Teeter Falcon staff 1,3; National HonorSociety3,4; JV cross-country 2; Varsity track 3,4;KeyClub 1,2; Most Inspirational trackman 3. Adrian Ticinovich Pep Society 3; Monogram club 3,4; Varsity wrestling 3,4; Varsity football 4. John Tiritilli Pep Society 4. Lawrence Torres Pep Society 3,4; Monogram club 3,4; Key club 3; JV tennis 2,3; Varsity basketball 3,4. Thomas Turcotte Student control 3,4; Holy Name Society 1,2, 3,4; Pre-Seminary 3; Varsity basketball 2,3,4; Varsity baseball 4; Varsity track 3; B basket- ball 1; JV baseball 1,2; Pep Society 3,4; Monogram club 2,3,4; Most Improved baseball - JV; Pro Merito award 3; Most Outstanding trackman 3. David VanderWoude ASB Spirit Commissioner; Key Club treas- urer 3; Key club vice-president 4; Monogram club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Pep Society 2,3,4; B football 1,2.3; Varsity wrestling 2,3,4; C track; Varsity football 4; Most Inspira- tional football 1; Most Improved wrestling 2; Most Inspirational B football 3; Latin Honor Society 1. Gabriel Vega Holy Name Society 1,2,3.4; Frosh basket- ball; Varsity wrestling 4. Gregory Walker B football 1,2. Leonard Walsh B football 1; Frosh basketball; Varsity bas- ketball 2,3,4; JV baseball 2; Most Valuable player-frosh basketball; Most improved JV baseball. David Wiss Pep Society 3,4; Key club 3,4; Chessclubl, 2; Summa staff 4; Key club treasurer 4; B foot- ball 1,2,3; Studem control 4. Patrick Wolfe Frosh secretary -treasurer; ASB treasurer; Monogram club 1,2,3,4; Drama club 2,3,4; Pep Society 3,4; B football 1,2; JV baseball 1,3; Varsity wrestling 1,2,3,4; Varsity football 3,4; B track 2; Most Inspirational player JV baseball 3; All league football 4. 121 122 ?; L ' iifJ: 123 The SUM MA ' 71 is published by the Journalism staff of Aquinas High School, San Bernardino, California. Editor Associate Editors Underclassmen Editors Sports Editors Cover artist Photography Advisor Mark Ehlhardt John Lentine Dan Rau James Hauer EdRea Doug Yahn Mike Humphrey Steve Meinhardt Matt Kerrigan Mike Watson Kim DiPasquale Dave Pena Louis Leli Tony Crawford Cas Sermac Studios Mike Meinhardt Jim McCaughey Fr. Robert J. Donat 124 lU WALSWORTH KuTithntr. M«-. L-S.A.

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