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» ■•-.iL xi: --t suMMA ' es Published by Aquinas High School San Bernardino, California Catholic School Press Association Quill and Scroll International Honor Journalism Society :INIEPN ATI0NAL ; irn ■A CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY 9 SENIORS 13 CLASSES 11 CLUBS 45 ACTIVITIES 57 SPORTS 65 T FOREWORD Once again the cycle is complete. The rush and scramble of registration and book day, the adjustments to new classes and instructors, the early season letdown as the work was piled on, the time out for gaiety at dances and athletic events, the frantic weeks of the finals, and the long sighs of relief when the grades arrived — all these are in the past. We have worked, studied, and played hard, and now let us sit back and take a pictorial look at our re- cent past. We ' ve tried to represent student life in every facet of this book and to give you something that will help remind pleasantly those moments which meant the most to you. It ' s your book. Enjoy it. (mumik DAOft BISHOP OF SAN DIEGO THE MOST REVEREND Franc is J . Furey , D . D . , Ph.D., LI. . D . SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS THE VERY REVEREND John A. Dickie PRINCIPAL OF AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL THE VERY REVEREND Robert J . Nagler VICE-PRINCIPAL OF AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL REVEREND Richard J. Kinsella SECRETARIES Mrs. Chandler: Principal ' s Secretary Mrs. Eiswerth: School Secretary LIBRARIAN Mrs. Schneider CUSTODIAN Mr. Bill Byars FACULTY MOTHER Mrs . Ciobottlni [p mw Fr. Pom is French I , Spanish I Mr. Merrlam Geometry Algebra I Moth 9 Mr. Russell English I, II Mr. Schultz Algebra II Math 10 P.E. Mr. de la Cruz Spanish I, II, III Fi . La Riviere Latin I, II, IV English IV Mr. Wilson Assistant Coach Varsity Football P.E. IHL (.HHAIt.K [ Af jLf .sl rf , rSHK-litll Mr. Smith World History Geography Driver ' s Ed . Mr. Melvin P.E. and Athletic Co-ordinator HIGH I M; Mr. Garofono Life Science P.E. Fr. Oiler Religion II, IV Fr. Kinsella Religion III Math IV Fr. Devine History Religion II 12 Mr. Luttrell Civics English III Mr. Reid Physics Chemistry LTT1I ' ■■i»i a ' » SO. P REMEcc A CLASS OFFICERS: Secrefary, Jim Rhynard; President and Vice-president, Gregory Pirio; Treasurer, Stephen Eastburn. JOHN BAILEY Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Chess Club 1,2,3; B Foot- ball 1; Intramurols 1,2,3. DOUGLAS A. BARNHOLD Varsity Football 3,4; Track 3; Math Club 2; Monogram Club 4; Varsity Wrestling 4. FRANCIS X. BENNETT Honor Roll 3; Chess Club 3; Footbal Manager 3,4. ROBERT R. CISNEROS Falcon Staff 3; Mafh Club 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. RICHARD M. CABRERA Football Manager 3,4; Wrestling 4; Intramurals 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Chess Club 2; Speech Contest 3. PAUL J. DENNIS Honor Roll 4; Falcon Staff 4; Journalism Club 4; Chess Club 4; Summa Staff 4; Holy Name Society 4; Intramurals 4, ROLAND CABRERA B Football 2; Varsity Football 3; Mono- gram Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1 ,2,3,4; B Baseball 2; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Sergeant at Arms 2,3. 15 : KEVIN DORAN Chess Club 2. STEPHEN EASTBURN Senior Class Treasurer; B Basketball 2,3. JAMES Q. EDDY Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,4; B Football 1 ,2; Most Inspirational 1; Intrcmurals 2,3,4; Monogram Club 1 ,2,3; Math Club 2; Holy Name Society 4. Lorry Stromwcll, Roger Fogg, and Robert Cisneros perform a physics experime nt. ov y L 16 MICHAEL ELHARDT Varsity Football 2,3,4; All League Footboll 4; B Baseball 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Sigma Ph; Pi 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. MARK FAVORITE Varisty Basketball 3,4; B Basketball 1,2; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; All League Baseball 3; Track 1; Intramurals 3,4; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4. ROBERT J. ENGELHARD Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Treasurer 4; Falcon Staff 3; Summa Staff 4; Journalism Club 3,4; Vice-President 3; Math Club Vice- President 2,3; N . H .S . 3,4; Treasurer 4; Monogram Club 3,4. WILLIAM R. FERNANDEZ Chess Club 1,2; Intramurals 2,3. 17 ROGER M. FOGG Falcon Staff 3; Chess Club 1; Journalism Club 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Intramural 2, 3,4; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 3,4; M.V.P. 3; Quill and Scroll Society 3; Math Club 2,3. Senior counselor, Fr. Pomis discusses problems with senior moderator, Fr. LaRiviere. RICHARD U. GOO Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Math Club 2,3; President 3; Journalism Club 2,4; Falcon Staff 4; Latinum Auxilium 3. CRAIG A. GRANT Honor Roll 1,2,3; Varsity Football 2,3,4; All League Football 4; B Football 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3; Track 1,2,3; B Basketball I; Most Inspirational 3; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Mono- gram Club 2,3, 4; Key Club 3,4. JOHN DANIEL HEALY Honor Roll 2,3; Varsity Football 3,4; All League 4; B Football 1,2; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; All League 3; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; All League 3; O ' Conner Award 3; M.V.P. Baseball 3; Math Club 2; Monogram Club 2,3, 4; President 4; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Key Club 3,4; Class President 3; All CIF Football 4; C Basketball M.V.P.;Boys ' State Republic; Most Improved Varsity Baseball 2; Co-captain, Varsity Basketball 4; J.V. Baseball 1, Most Improved; Soph. Class Sec. ROBERT A. HOBBS Varsity Football 2,3,4; B Football 1; Track 2,3,4; Intramurols 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Math Club 2,3. GEORGE KNIGHT ■alcon Staff 2,3,4; Editor 3,4; Summo Staff 3,4; Assistant Editor 4; Copy Editor 3,4; Journalism Club 2,3,4; President 3,4; Tennis 3,4; M.V.P. 3; Holy Name Society 4;N.H.S. 3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Quill and Scroll Society 3,4; Interscholastic Press Association 3,4; Catholic School Press Assoc. 3,4; Chess Club 2,3,4; Yell Leader 4; B Basket- ball Manager 2; American Legion Certificate of Participation 3; Catholic Press Apostle of the Word Award 3; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit 3; School Reporter for Sun Telegram. CHARLES JOHN LARKIN Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Notional Honor Society 3,4; Varsity Football 3,4; M.V.P. 3; All League 3,4; All CIF Football 4; B Football 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Honorable Mention All CIF 3; All League Basketball 3; M.V.P. 3; American Legion Basketball Award 3; M.V.P. B Basketball 1; Varsity Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; ASB Treasurer 3,4; Monogram Club 1 ,2,3,4; Pro Merito Award 3; Senate Youth Representative 4; Monogram President 3; Co-captain Basketball 4. 19 ROGER LASITER Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4, V.P. 4; Quill and Scroll Society 3,4; Journalism Club 3,4; Treos. 3,4; Math Club 2,3; Key Club 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Holy Name Society 4; Summa Staff 4; Senior Editor 4; Falcon Staff 3,4; Bus. Mgr. 3; Asst . Ed. 4; Prom Committee 3 . CHARLES LONBERGER Honor Roll 3; Chess Club 1 ,2,3,4; Sigma Phi Pi 4; Journalism 3,4; Falcon Staff 2; Summa Staff 4; Basketball Manager 3; Football Manager 4; Intramurals 3,4; Teen Council 4. STEPHEN W. MAIEFSKY Varsity Basketball 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Track 1,2; J.V. Baseball 1,2; Key Club 3. JOHN R. MARTIN Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Moth Club 2,3; Freshman Basketball; B Basketball 2,3; J.V. Baseball 3; Most Inspirational J.V. Baseball 3; Intramurals 4. 20 ROBERT MARZULLO Chess Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2; Journalism Club 2,3; Latinum Auxilium 3; Holy Name Society 4; Basketball Manager 2,3; Intra- murals 3,4. EDWARD McGEE ASB Vice President 4; ASB Secretary 3; Class President 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; All League Basketball 3; B Basketball 1,2; J.V. Baseball 1,2; Key Club 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3; Aquinas Award 2; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist 4. JAMES PHILLIP MULLANEY Varsity Football 3,4; B Football 1,2; J.V. Baseball 1,2; Wrestling 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. DANIEL C. NICHOLSON Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; J.V. Baseball 1,2; B Football 3; Wrestling 3. MICHAEL O ' HAIR Intramurals 3,4. MICHAEL PARKER Monogram Club 2,3,4; Summo Staff 2; Chess Club 2,3; J.V. Track 2; J.V. Football 3; Varsity Wrestling 3; Varsity Football 4; J.V. All League Football and Most Inspirational; Varsity Football All League 4. GREGORY R. PIRIO Class President 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Prom Committee 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Summa Sports Editor; Falcon Staff 1,2,3; C Basketball Manager 1; J.V. Basketball Manager 2; J.V. Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Key Club Sec. 4. JAMES RHYNARD B Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3,4; Most Inspirational 3; Journalism Club 2,3; Vice- President 3; Falcon Staff 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Vice-President 4; Class Secretary 4; Sigma Phi Pi 3; Varsity Wrestling; B Track 2; Varsity Track 3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll Society 3; Holy Name Society 4. Seniors relax during lunch. 22 VIRGIL ROCHESTER Honor Roll 4; Intrcmurals 4; Falcon Staff 4; Journalism Club 4; Holy Name Society 4. JOSEPH RUIZ C Track I; J.V. Track 2,3. THEODORE SAAR Monogram Club 3,4; Sigma Phi PI 3,4; C Basketball 1; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; J.V. Track 3; Varsity Track 4; Varsity Football 3,4; J.V. Baseball 2; Most Outstanding (J.V. Basketball) 2; All- Tourney (J.V. Basketball) 2; Teen Council 4. DANIEL ANTHONY SANCHEZ Falcon Art Editor 2,3,4; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Summa Staff 2,3,4 . 23 JERRY SCHAEFER Sigma Phi Pi Vice-President 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Moth Club 2; C Basketball 1; J.V, Basketball 2; Varsity Bosketball 3,4; Varsity Golf 2,3,4; Most Inspirational (C J.V. Basketball). JAMES SCHMIDT Class V.P. 2; Class Secretary 3; Math Club 2; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Key Club 2,3, President 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Scholastic Achievement Award 1; Pro Merito 2; Strebig Scholastic-Athletic Award 3, Aquinas Award 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3; Most Improved Player (J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3,4) All- Conference Basketball 3. STEPHEN SCHNEIDER Monogram Club 3,4; Math Club 2; Key Club 3, V.P. 4; Summo Staff 3, Editor in Chief 4; Chess Club 2, V.P. 3; C Basketball 1; J.V. Basketball 2,3, Most Improved Player 3; J.V. Track 2, Most Valuable Trackman; Varsity Track 3,4; Parent ' s Club Track Award 3. LARRY STROMWALL Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; J.V. Baseball 2, Most Improved Player; Varsity Baseball 3,4; N.E.D.T. Award 2. JOHN TERRELL Key Club 3,4; Honor Roll 2; N.E.D.T. Award 24 Seniors discuss oncoming school day. JERRY G. THOMAS Chess Club 3; Newspaper Staff 4. ANDREW G. TOTH Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Journalism Club 3,4; Fal- con Sfoff 2,3; Key Club 3,4; Math Club 2,3; Monogram Club 3,4; Varsity Golf 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; N.H.S. Secretary 4; Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award 3; Summa Staff 4; Latin Auxilium 3 . MIKE TURELLI Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; President 3; N.H.S. 3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2; Gold Medal A.S.P.L. 3; National Merit Letter of Com- mendation Winner 4; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit 3. 25 JAMES W. UNDERWOOD Monogram Club 3; Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Journalism Club 3; American Legion Speech 3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; B Football; J.V. Baseball Manager 1; B Track 2; Varsity Football 3; Intrarrurols; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Honor 3. GEORGE URIAS Sigma Phi Pi 2,3; Secretary 3; Monogram Club 2,3; Treasurer 4; B Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Americcn Legion Football Award 3. DON KALANI VIERRA A.S.B. President 4; Class Vice President 3; Treasurer 2; Sigma Phi Pi Treasurer 2,3; Key Club 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Prom Com- mittee 3; B Football 1,2; B Basketball 1,2; J.V. Baseball 1; Varsity Footboll 3,4; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Base- ball 2,3; Vorsity Golf 4; Pro Merito Award 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; MVP B Football 2; All League B Basketball 2. JOHN WALKER Varsity Football 2,4. M. WICK Chess Club 1,2; Journalism Club 3; Math Club 2,3; B Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Track 4. CDom 27 1 ?5 a. e m - i p A a ' A r J a X 1 Barbour, R. Berndt, J. Burback, D. Cherpln, M . Clarke, D. Cocchia, W. Corcovelos, T. De Santos, M. Dietrich, M. Donlon , A . Doonan, F. Dugon, B. Eichenberg, J . Elder, W. Everard, F. Favorite, M . Frieling, J . Gardner, M . JR. CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Corcovelos, Vice Pres. Pavlian, Sec. Lemann, Treas. Lutfrlnger r f 28 Juniors Richardson and Corcovelos painting curbs to earn money for the prom committee. Q f . : availablc Gino, R. Guidice, T. Heywood, W, 4 f HIckey, C . Holmes, M . Jackson , G . Uk Johnson, M. Kennedy, L. Kramer, C . C - f f f Lemann, W. Lott, D. tk Lovas , R . t i t Luttringer, J. Malensek,C. 29 n 1 J r. o r Manning, M . Meyer, K. Moore, G. Nelson, J. Neyses, 5 . O ' Connor, R. Pavllon, P. Pulte, G. Rodzik, J. Rafter, M. Ramirez, C . Richardson, J. Cocchia, Gardner, and Dietrich sell at the Junior conces- sion stand at noon . « Bulletin board donated by the junior class. 30 This is an example of a typical day in lab. Riddel 1, M. Sliearer, D . Stine, J. a Street, C. a o c Vecchetti, R. Walker, D. A f Yniquez, S . Zeiner, B. Stubben, D. Torres, J. « ' WDiicr v«iu8u 31 This unexpected visitor brightened up our PSAT test. The Junior Class moderator, Mr. Melvin, deserves a great deal of credit for the Junloi-s ' success. His guid- ance, dedication, and sense of responsibility have resulted in outstanding accomplishments for the Class of 1969. Mark Gardner rings the bell daily after third period announ ments. 32 331 - Borsotti, R. o r Bilek, J. Blazer, C. The sophomores were reunited with the friends they had not seen all summer after getting bock in the groove again, applied themselves to the hard work which had to be done. . . .began to accept the responsibilities that the sophomores must carry vocal ly supported Aquinas ' chances of being league champs in all sports, attended all school- supported events. .. .and most important of all, began to think about the ideals and careers they would fol- low in later life. 1 a f f iT Boyle, G. Brigandl , J . Cisneros , R . Collazo, B. Dixon, B. Donat, J. Doonan, T. N Doran, T. Dornay, F. Eason , M . EcheverrI, C. Ehlhardt, M. Favorite, G . Fogg, R. Frechette, D. Gallavan, T, Gallo, A. ' ,., € f fWD MOr A AJLABU Sec. Lewandowski; Pres . Cisnaros; Treasurer, BarsottI; Vice-president, Smith Goo, D. Hannon , M . Hanthorn, S . Herman, S . Hernandez, J. Hodge, M. Holland, J. John, T. Keller, P. Lawrence, P. O i v.- A it . f J AVAILABLC " J f ■ • t t Lewandowski , D , Lonberger , G . McHenry, M . MacCharles, B. Martin , D . Marquez, J. ' nKf f -f McGinty,S . i.,k Meyncke, J. Miller, D. • -X Sophomores enjoying a casual lunch hour. 1 Nelson, R. .f f I Mercadante, D . Nelson, B. Nickell, B. Paniagua, G. Patterson, B. 36 Mr. Merriam, sophomore class moderator. €5 ,y« 1 c- Romeo, A . Rosso, J . Salazar, R. 5Imon5en,P . Smith, D. Smith, R. Stamm,S . Szymczak, S . Perez, B. Porras, D. Pritchett, M. Reeves, J. Resendez,E . Rogers, M. A volley ball game during noon hour 37 o Tirres, J . Van Orsdal, D. Vega,R. k Wyatt, R. Zaragoza , A . Vierra.H . Williams, S. Dornay reciting in English class. Barger , G . Clarke, L. Cisnaros, Hodge, Gallavan, and Patterson studying for test during the noon hour. Father Kinsella keeps an eye on the sophomores. 38 THE AQuiMAS 1 " (pi 39 p Amador, G. Amend t, P. The present freshman class is a good example of Aquinas men. Here they are right out of the 8th. grade where they were Tops and the rest of the school looked up to them. Now they are just frosh and starting at the bottom of the ladder once more. But despite this handicap the freshman study hard and observe the school rules, and since there is no place to go but up, the freshmen are on the way. Andrade, A. Aragon, J . O Arel lano, A. Arm! jo , R . Campbell , R . Freshman class officers: Flynn, Amendt, Wolf, and class moderotor Mr. Smith. 40 i 1 t t t f T l9 te r, fo Photo Carroll, W. Chandler, P. C isneros , D . Cocchia, G . Cole, W. Coy, D. Delohunt, J. Desrochers, P. Dietrich, J. Doyle, B. Fernandez, D. Ellefson, J. a n Flynn, P. Gardner, L. Goo, D. Hannon, E. Hendrlcksen , R. 41 i HIavaty , S . ir Hoffman , D . Holmes, K. , 4 ft Freshman Street receives a swat from Mr. Wilson for messing around in P . E. Janoe, D . Jeffers, R. Kiel, T. tt Kiesler, J. Konyn, J. Konzem, D . La ze r , T . yT y mJ Leon , A . Mohoney , R . Manning, P. Matich, J Martinez, J. 42 McGuire, C . Mejia, R. Mikel, P. Mondragon ,F . Freshman antics before morning classes get under way. Muldoon,D . Paniagua, J . Pedroza,D. PIrio, M. IP) es l ff L ♦ Rafter, J. Rheubottom , H . Rodriguez, M. Sandahl , J . Sandlin,W. Scanlan, W. I 1 43 Schneider, G. Speerchneider, L. Stevens, F. Street, R. © A t I Sullivan, T . Tafoya, M. Torres, L. Turcotte, T . f f . If Greg Walker giving oral report in Father Oiler ' s religion class. Uklejo, P. Vender Woude, D. 1 ' Vega,G. Walker, G. Walsh, L. WJss, D. Wolfe, P. f r) K % 44 45 Officers McGee, Larkin, Vierra, VechettI, and moderator Father Kinsella. AQUINAS STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Aquinas Student Government officers and membei ' s represent various clubs and the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The main objective of the organization is to give fair representation of the entire student body and to carry out as far as possible the wishes and desires of the administra- tion and faculty. Associated Student Body pres. Vierra and class officers Amendt, Cisnaros, Corcovelos, and Pirio. 46 rTjrirrri The Chess Club with Father LaRiviere as its moderator was organized in 1964 and is one of the most popular clubs at Aquinas. The Chess Club offers stim- ulation for the mind and gives the mem- bers an opportunity to compete with fellow students during the daily chess games held in the library. Since the Chess Club is supported by dues, it was able to sponsor two tournaments and a spring banquet. Chess Club officers are Moore, Elder, and Pulte. CHESS CLUB Members of the Chess Club enjoying a session of chess and lunch In the library. 47 H ii Promoting the spiritual welfare of the men of Aquinas by encouraging and assist- ing them in observing the practices of the Confraternity of the most Holy name of Jesus, namely the frequent receiving of the Sacraments, the honoring of the most Holy name by on active religious life and the working against all things which offend the most Holy Name, is the pur- pose of the Holy Name Society. f ' f Holy Name Society officers are Vlerro, Riddel, Pirio, and moderator Mr. Russell. HOLY NAME SOCIETY 4a JOURNALISM CLUB The Journalism Club is composed of members who have shown outstanding ability or interest in working on the school annual or newspoper. The Jour- nalism Club recognizes individual jour- nalistic endeavors and participates in journalism workshops and seminars throughout Southern California. Journalism class officers: Lasiter, Englehard, Knight and Hodge. 49 ■ ' ' ' c -- - KEY CLUB OFFICERS The Key Club of Aquinas High School is the personal service club of the prin- cipal. It is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of East San Bernardino and is affiliated with Key Club International. As a service club the Key Club provides many benefits to the school through various projects, especially those of most concern to the principal. The moderator of the Key Club is Father Pomis. Schmidt, Engelhard, Schneider, and PIrio 50 The Math Club headed by Mr. Schultz offers its members an opportunity to ex- plore further the mysteries and skills en- volved in working with figures and num- bers. Monthly meetings are held at which times the members work and discuss intricate problems in mat h. The club was organized by Mr. Lenox in the spring of 1966. Math Club meeting in progress. MATH CLUB 51 The Monogram Club which is mode up of varsity lettermen and moderated by Mr. Schultz was organized several years ago for the purpose of awarding letters and trophies to outstanding Aquinas athletes in all fields of athletic and scholostic competition. Moderator Mr. Schultz and officers Craig Grant, John Healey, and Charles HIckey . MONOGRAM CLUB 52 I ' A NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is open to only those students who have shown outstonding scholastic achievements. Under the name of the Holy Spirit chap- ter, the N.H.S. was chartered by Father J. Vincent Sullivan in 1961. Father Richard Kinsella, vice-principal of Aquinas High School is the moderator. Officers are Laslter, Engelard, Toth, and Goo. Moderator is Father KInsel la . 53 SIGMA PHI PI The Sigma Phi Pi with Father George Oiler as moderator is another of the very active clubs on campus. The club was organized to support the Booster Club in keeping the campus clean and in good condition. Members have been returning to school on Saturday morn- ings to rake, pick up trash, and to plant trees and shrubs to help beautify the campus . Officers are Freiling, Vechetti, and Riddel, Father Oiler is the moderator. 54 The Falcon, the Aquinas newspaper is published once a month for the pleasure of the students. Alumni news, class activities, sports, and social and current events are thoroughly covered by this medium. Mr. Don Luttrel is the moderator. Editors George Knight and Roger Lositer. NEWSPAPER 55 SUMMA STAFF 1967-68 Editors John Holland, Bill Heywood, Sfeve Schneider, and Danny Sanchez. Editor-in-Chief Steve Schneider Assistant Editor George Knight Senior Editors Roger Lasiter Robert Engiehord Andy Toth Paul Dennis Junior Editors Bill Lemann Jim Richardson Sophomore Editors Angelo Romeo Joe Hernandez Freshman Editors Pierce Flynn Richard Campbell Sports Editors John Holland Dominic Mercadante Activities Clubs Bill Heywood Photographers Jim Eichenberg David Vanorsdale Mark Gardener Artist Dan Sanchez Advisor Mr. Frank Russell Assistants Dom Mercandante, John Donat , Joe Her- nandez, Angelo Romeo, Jim Richardson, Roger Lasiter, Andy Toth, and Pierce Flynn. 56 Photographers Jim Eichenberg, David Vanorsdale, and Marc Gardener. 57 FOOTBALL HOMECOMING Homecoming Queen Margret Beeson Senior Princess Sue Holtzmiller Junior Princess Laurie Plaine Happiness is. . . dancing slowly. Senior Princess Barbara Passord fl Sophomore Princess Carol Coughlin 58 Freshman Princess Mary Ann Nicholson Associafed Student Body president Don Vierra adjusts crown on head of Queen Sue Holtzmtller, BASKETBALL HOMECOMING QUEEN n 1 Princesses Martha Dunenhoffer, Pom Sermak, Mary Clare Doonan, Barbara Passard, Marsha Nicholson look on as Charlie Lorkin, associated body treasurer, and Don Vierra crown Queen Holtzmlller. 59 Father Kinsella Is a ssisted at holy mass by Ron Lovas. Father Kinsella celebrates mass daily in the chapel. 60 CCD Instructor, Sister Mary Mitilda. 4- Bill Lemann presents his work for class discussion. Sean McGinty speaks before Father Devine ' s religion class. 61 Father KInsella and seniors Ed McGee, Don Vierra, Jim Underwood, Geo. Knight, and Charles Larkin ready to leave for meeting of Calif. Associated Student Council Asso. at Duarte High School. Aquinas men making banners for Webb game. Jim Nelson raises the colors each morning. 62 George Urias recites poetry for Father Devrne in daily jug session. Ron Lovas limes the field before a game. Juniors Berndt, Frieling, and Rafter cram for semester test. 63 This year, Aquinas and St. Bernardine ' s students participated in tlie government of the city of Son Bernardino. James Eddy, a senior, acted as mayor for the day and other students were chosen for various offices. Ted Soar and Charles Lonberger, both seniors, were elected to the Teen Council by fellow students . Charles Lonberger and Ted Sarr discuss matters concerning tlie Teen Council . City Council members from Aquinas and St. Bernardine ' s pose for a picture at Aquinas. 64 PROM COMMITTEE All plans for the 1968 Junior-Senior Prom are being made by the Prom Committee win .i ,,0. Jim Richardsen, Mark Gardner, John Berndt, Bill Lemann, Tom Corcoveles, and Pat Pavlian. to t) John Luttringer, ?■ Jim Richardsen and Tom Corcorvel es paint curbs to raise money to defray prom expenses. 65 Holy Name members attend wepkly Friday mass and communion In school gymn Homecoming activities were set off by a blazing bonfire on Aquinas Campus. EdI tor-In-chlef Steve Schneider takes break during one of games. ti 66 © f D CHEERLEADERS The spirit of the Falcons: left to right - Paulette Nelson, Laurie Plaine, Mary Larkin, Marcia Nicholson, and Barbara Passcrd. Falcon cheerleaders instill spirit at one of the many basketball gomes. 68 FOOTBALL With the vicious determination that characterized their season effort, Falcon defensemen Miller, Malensek, and Jones bring down a Notre Dame runner. m iSt- W : VARSITY Coaches LEFT: Head Coach Jack Garofono BELOW: Assistant Coaches Dennis Wilson Roy Melvin SCORES Aquinas 13 Beaumont 31 Aquinas 2 Banning 6 Aquinas 40 Boys Rep. 12 Aquinas 48 C.S.D.R. 31 Aquinas 52 Norco Aquinas 41 Ontario 6 Aquinas 13 Webb 7 Aquinas 14 Notre Dame 6 Aquinas 62 C.I Big Bear .F. 7 Aquinas 21 Holtville 19 Aquinas 12 Calipatria 14 Record Pre League League C.I.F. Tot ol W. W . 7 W. 1 W. 8 L. 2 L. L. 1 L. 3 (League Games) Student Managers: rr Richard Cabrera Frank Bennett Ralph Vega 70 C.I.F. TEAM OF ' 67 K ii- at fl " S ■K J L„ ' 3 9 ' . .n-.Jii i®iJ!im,M4iA SENIORS BARNHOLD, DOUG ELHARDT, MIKE FOGG, ROGER :; (G) (E) (G) GRANT, CRAIG (G) HEALY, JOHN (LB) HOBBS, BOB (C) JONES, MIKE (E) 71 LARKIN, CHARLES (E) MULLANEY, JAMES (T) PARKER, MIKE (HB) PIRIO, GREG (G) RHYNARD, JIM (LB) SAAR, TED (E) URIAS, GEORGE (C) VIERRA, DON (QB) sv r 5 x i J U N I O R S WALKER, JOHN 0) WICK, McDonald (HB) BARBOUR, SKIP (G) BERNDT, JOHN (E) CORCOVELES, TOM (HB) DIETRICH, MARC (B) DONLON, ANDY (G) DUG AN, BRAD (QB) 72 FRIELING, JERRY (G) GARDNER, MARC (E) HICHEY, CHAS. (FB) JACKSON, GRAYLIN (E) MALENSEK, CRAIG (LB) STUBBEN, DAVE (t; VECCHETTI, BOB (FB) EHLHARDT, AATT (E) fil h • BBtr f if ' w-ii ' j K I ' Hk. . . :.:i - LlJ B 1 E f«. ' l jfl P m hH M t :v llB IL-. HANTHORN, SCOTT (E) HOLLAND, JOHN (G) LAWRENCE, PAT (G) LEWANDOWSKI, D. (T) -) " -5s ;1 MILLER, DAVE (HB) SMITH, RICHARD (FB) SZYMCZAK, STEVE (T) WILLIAMS, STEVE (B) 73 f Sf ' •» Ready . . . Set... Corcovelas goes! " Falcons Fight " Miller on the loose 74 Victory in the Making End of the Big Game Reception by Marc Gardner Vicious tackle causes fumble Innocent Refs m Soar entangles surprised Titan. Where ' s the ball? Intrigued faculty look on. t issx s msi mkf. , n: Holtville Back Pays For Short Gain HIckey Storms Around End Mike Parker Slips Through Holtville Line For Six - Points . ' " Ciq Coach Garofono and Father Divine discuss Calipatric game. FOOTBALL ANALYSIS This year ' s football team was one of the besf in Aquinas ' history. Although they lost their first two pre-league games, the mighty Falcons come bock in league play to go undefeated. They racked up seven victories and hod no defeats, scored 270 points and allowed only 69 points. In their first C.I .F. game, played against Holtville at Colton Memorial Stadium, the Falcons were victorious OS they beat Holtville 21-19. The following week they played O lipatria, a small town near the Calif . -Mexico border. The winner would go to the C .1 .F . Small Schools Finals . The game was hard-fought with the contact being felt even in the stands . Calipatria scored first with two touchdowns In the first quarter. They held that score for the rest of the game. The Falcons, then, had to overcome very tough opposition . They scored one touchdown in the first half but failed to make the conversion. The second half saw very little scoring. Aquinas scored another touchdown but failed to make the conversion. Calipatria was held scoreless by a good Falcon defense. Aquinas ' failure to make the con- version was the difference in the game as Calipatria won 14-12. The way home was not as dreaiy as some people might think . They stopped and ate at a restaurant on the outskirts of Brawley. There Mr . Garofono selected the members of the team for a 1 1 C.I.F. These members were John Healey, Charley Larkin, Craig Grant, Mike Ehlhardt. When the league ' s final votes were in, Healy had made first team linebacker, and Larkin had made second team end. y : . 4 J f 78 BEE FOOTBALL ROW 1: D. Smith, B. O ' Conner, P. Pavlian, M. Favorite, J. Dietrich, S. HIavity, D. Goo, R. Cisneros, R. Campbell, C. Wolfe, D. Vanderwood, J. Pedrosa , L. Anthony, T. Sullivan. ROW 2: D. Wiss, M. McHenry, M. Eason, B. Cole, P. Flynn, D. Goo, R. Mahoney, J. Aragon, R. Borsotti, B. Nickle, G. Walker. ROW 3: Coach Holtzmiller, B. Coccio, J. Rafter, G. Coccia, T . Doonan , M . Hodge , J . Tirres, D . Martin , L . Wash , H . Vierra, J . Reeves, P. Simonsen, D. Porras, MGRS. , B. Nelson J. Meyncke . SCORES; Aquinas Beaumont 7 Aquinas 6 Ontario 19 Aquinas Banning Aquinas 13 Webb 13 Aquinas Boys Rep. Aquinas 10 Notre Dame 7 Aquinas 25 C.S.D.R. 6 Aquinas 18 Big Bear 6 Aquinas 6 Norco 14 ■ ' (Cancell, sd because RECORD; Pre- -League League Season of muddy grounds) W. L. 1 W. 3 L. 2 T. 2 W. 3 L. 3 T. 2 79 " if -irf Henry Vierra takes off with the ball In the gome against Ontario. Mike Hodge, Pot Pavlion, and Pierce Flynn bring down Ontario boll carrier. Ontario piles over for a T .D . What, Hodge again? " We ' re number one, " yells the crowd. BASKETBALL ...And McGee ' s dancing the Wotusi because of it. VARSITY ROW 1, left to right: M. Gardner, M. DeSantos, S. Barbour, J. Schmidt, L. Kennedy, C. Larkin. ROW 2: Mgrs. M. Pritchett, J. Holland, Players J. Healy, 5. Szymczak, M. RIddell, E. McGee, J. Schaeffer, M. Favorite, Mgr. C. Echeverri, Coach Mike Mai lory. PRE- -SEASON ARROV VHEAD LEAGUE Aquinas 49 Marian 59 Aquinas 58 Notre Dame 54 Aquinas 24 University 31 Aquinas 67 Norco 26 Aquinas 55 Bloomington 34 Aquinas 59 Webb 42 Aquinas 39 Barstow 38 Aquinas 86 C.S.D.R. 26 Aquinas 59 Victor Valley 48 Aquinas 72 Ontario 59 Aquinas 49 Bloomington 50 Aquinas Aquinas 74 79 Big Bear Boys ' Rep. 57 43 CORONA TOURNAMENT Aquinas 54 Notre Dame 59 Aquinas 67 Norco 23 Aquinas 54 Aviation 78 Aquinas 68 Webb 32 Aqui nas 57 Ontario 43 Aquinas 71 C.S.D.R. 25 Aquinas 74 Rubidoux 78 Aquinas 69 Ontario 55 Aquinas 71 Corona 56 Aquinas Aquinas 53 91 Big Bear Boys ' Rep. 57 54 RECORD WON LOST C.I. F. PLAYOFFS Pre-Season 3 3 Aquinas 81 Rio Hondo 66 Corona Tournament 2 2 Aquinas 73 Needles 52 Arrowhea d League 12 2 Aquinas 86 Big Bear 70 C.I.F. P ayoffs 3 1 Aquinas 66 Valley Christian 71 TOTAL SEASON RECORD: WON LOST 20 8 82 Larkin shoots during Webb game. McGee drives for two points. Where ' s the ball? Healy pumps for two. : c l fik Mallory gives half-time pep talk Favorite awes Cub defense. New style of Ballet? - Hie ■ - " This year ' s basketball team experienced a different style of coaching. Behind the leadership of Coach M ike Mallory, the mighty Falcons went undefeated during the first-half of regular season ' s play. Despite defeats at the hands of Notre Dame and Big Bear, the Falcons swept their way to the Arrowhead League Championship with a 12 - 2 record. McGee reaches his goal. s m .:♦ , . . Schmit fights for rebound at Webb. Schaefer shoots as Riddell goes in for the rebound. Larkin attempts to recover lost ball. V ■ Soar goes way up to add to the Falcon cause! In addition to a victorious season, Coach Mallory im- played a balanced scoring attack . Everyone on the team contributed a basket which helped to ease the load for the starting five. As the season progressed, this became a factor as the starting five was in foul trouble a few times. When this happened, the reserves came out and did a fine job. 85 Fin Soar leans one in. Szymczak shoots amidst a host of Cubs. Riddell shoots from underneath. Schmit extends arm of authority. M% Vamimm M These are the results to coach Mallory ' s instructions. As the Big Bear continued sometimes Healy scored this way. (Sequencegoes from Right to Left) . Larkin taking long jumper. Soar takes short shot from the side. -4-. - U s!fM ' .vt . Jim Schmidt tries a long one against Valley Christian. The Aquinas Falcons ' most suc- cessful basketball season came to a dramatic close in the C.I.F. Class A finals at Fountain Valley High School on March 8. After thoroughly beating Rio Hondo, Needles, and league rival Big Bear, the Falcons came up against a tough Valley Christian team. Although putting forth a supreme effort, the Falcons fell victim to Valley Christian, 71-66. For their great endeavors, the Falcons brought praise and glory to Aquinas along with a second place standing in the state . Ted Soar scores two against Valley Christian center. t BEE ' S " FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Smith, H. Vierra, J. Brigandi, J. Hernandes, L. Gardner, T. Turcott, D. Miller. ROW 2: Roy Melvin, P. Povlian, A. Romeo, P. Keller, T. Doonan, M. Hodge, D. Mercadante, S. Herman, Mgr. R. Lovas. Coach NON- LEAGUE Aquinas 75 Bloomington Aquinas 67 Apple Valley Aquinas 35 Barstow Aquinas 29 Victor Valley Aquinas 45 North Aquinas 33 San Gorgonio Aquinas 40 Big Bear Aquinas 36 Redlands Aquinas 61 Bloomington Aquinas 49 North ( ' B " TOURNAMENT GAMES) RECORD WON Non- League 4 " B " Tournament 2 Arrowhead Leag ue 14 Season Record 20 ARROWHEAD LEAGUE LOST 2 2 10 Aquinas 25 Aquinas 33 Aquinas 46 Aquinas 47 Aquinas 38 Aquinas 30 Aquinas 50 Aquinas 38 Aquinas 59 Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas 32 63 35 60 63 59 76 59 62 62 73 47 46 84 Notre Dame Norco Webb C.S.D.R. Ontario Big Bear Boys ' Rep. Notre Dame Norco Webb C.S.D.R. Ontorio Big Bear Boys ' Rep. 30 16 25 34 52 32 30 30 36 57 26 37 39 44 r Coach Melvin with a typical expression. Dove Miller hooks for two. Steve Herman goes up for a bucket. During the past three secBons, the Aquinas " B " teams have a compiled record of 39 wins and 1 loss in Arrow- head League play. The outlook for the 1967-68 season was rather hazy during the " B ' s " Christmas Tournament. Instead of taking a predicted first place, they wound up taking sixth place out of sixteen teams. But forti- tude and determination enabled the " B ' s " to go to another undefeated season. Dominic Mercadanfe casually sinks two for the unbecrten Bees. Miller goes up for another shot as Aquinas players Gardner (53) and Smith (45) await the rebound. As the season progressed, this is the way other teams saw Miller. j-jm " B " basketballers Smith and Mercadante relax after tough win against Webb . AQUINAS ALL-STARS Ted Soar 6 ' 4 " Senior Team leader and top rebounder, All-C.I.F. forward Ted Soar led the Aq uinas Falcons with his inspiring play to the Arrowhead League Championship, and then Into the C .1 .F . Finals he led the team with 97 points in four games. Charlie Larkin 6 ' 2 " Senior Leading scorer for the Falcons, guard Charlie Larkin averaged 13.8 points per game during the Falcons ' successful drive for the league title. Larkin was also hot in the playoff with a total of 79 points. John Healy 5 " 11 " Senior Team captain of the champion Falcons, John Healy sparked the team with his hustling play and brilliant assists, and proved his scoring prowess with 64 points in the stretch drive for the title. Ed McGee 6 ' 1 " Senior Leapin ' Ed McGee kept the Falcons in front of Big Bear and Notre Dome throughout the first half of league play with his high scoring, and was a tower of strength on the defensive board during the playoffs. Jim Schmidt 6 ' 3 " Senior Stalwart of the Aquinas board strength, rugged Jim Schmidt was the team " enforcer " . Sacrificing scoring in favor of setting screens and getting good positions on the rebounds, Jim was the key defensive man. Mark Favorite 5 ' 10 " Senior The famous sixth-man of the champion Falcons, guard Mark Favorite made a specialty of stealing errant passes and creating chaos on the opposing team with constant defensive badgering in the crucial minutes of the game. Once Pack Sain inje fea m ' sce .appear IS " « J P ay Prow, if the Our l ' " e.;7s,a„;--a.,. • " e w;. " " rt W«. 7- ,, Suide to f ont, their ' . « co,.... ' - Gar ' ea!f ' ' ' " s tk to to Aa ests ve and ' Wade , ' ' ■ A „ ' ab e r , ' ' • " ' Ctof. . «nc Don .? ' ng - " a A, 5 ' ' On V,- ■ qij " the o: " ' O ' ' - " " Idn-t ' " fir. VUarfer , ' ' OK ' «,i ' ' a ve. jT tAe evf ' ' e d " X . ' " - ; the " ' ' ' ■ ' e Parity " " ' to , " ay , ;« co« ' ' - c. the Hir ' " ' naH:: ' X ya;d ' " o% H ' , Poiver f „ ' ' Pre ' " " ■ de P " sfted .!!?a n eafej ' led Of J efe je eyard,,. " oi ns ass. un y the Petb Co d en Passe «- attack founts Co, njp. ons «cofe I » . " 0V«» .- " i On ... na . io. ' ■ the, ' ' fter , d- P„ °- C « ' ' ed ■P ed over c .y„ ■ ' On ' con , r ' ' d. " n a, ' ear roo S;,; ' h. r Pubiic T ' opeT ' Ae T " ° So y ' ' A.e ' les " ay,. iosf ed ' en oc " " ' nr ' «Pprow;; " ' ' Ued « ' A cy, fo ff ' s- o ' only „: PecfpJ ' 7 " ' e " ad ' nfeer ; V On „ «core " a; ' ' ' ' el " -. o T as „... , mage I To S : other " " ' ' - ° Cy,ar pf sses. f Je ' " coa V f ' Xif that ml ' tan ' o ' ' ' ' ' f As ' ' ' ' ' ■ l otre t, ■■■ No W ° ' «e. oara ' Either ' On ° ' ist, ent. V m- VARSITY BACK ROW, left to right: E. McGee, Scorekeeper, L. Stromwall, M. Riddell, J. Luttrlnger, C. Larkin, S. Barbour, S. Szymczak, J. Schmidt, B. Vechetti, M. Favorite, R. Lova, Manager. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Melvin, D . Mercadante, J. Stine McCharles, P. Keller, J. Helay, D. Miller, A. Romeo, B. Coccia. ne, February 27 March 2 March 13 March 9 March 12 March 16 March 20 March 22 March 26 March 30 April 2 April 5 April 9 April 18 April 20 April 24 April 26 May 3 May 8 May 10 May 14 Aquinas High School Varsity Baseball Schedule 1968 Season San Bernardino (scrimmage) Rim of the World (scrimmage) Victor Valley Barstow Barstow Yucaipa Bloomington Norco Yucapia Ontario Webb Boys ' Republic Notre Dame Big Bear Victor Valley Norco C.S.D.R. Webb Boys ' Republic Notre Dame Big Bear Perris Hill Perris Hill Victor Valley Perris Hill Barstow Perris Hill Perris Hill Norco Yucaipa Perris Hill Webb Boys ' Republic Perris Hill Perris Hill Perris Hill Perris Hill C.S.D.R. Perris Hill Perris Hill Notre Dame Big Bear .,- Aquinas players, Mercadante, Favorite, McGee, Barbour warm the bench. Dave Miller rounds third and heads for home. Out at home. 97 « 4, . Base hit to right field. H i- Get him at third. sAr A H ' t. ' MK ' .. .: UMB « Sp% SV f l lup ' Luttringer singles. JAY VEE ' S BACK ROW, left fo right: R. Barger, R. Nelson, J. Donant, C. Blazer, T. Turcotte, B. Nelson, T. Doonan, Coach H. Schultz. FRONT ROW: P. Chandler, P. Amendt, M. Cherpin, P. Wolf, G. Amador, B. O ' Connor. Aquinas High School J.V. Baseball Schedule - 1968 March 2 March 5 March 9 March 12 March 13 March 16 March 20 March 22 March 30 April 2 April 5 April 19 April 20 Apr i 1 23 April 30 May 3 May 6 May 10 Rim of the World Colton Sophs. Barstow Barstow Victor Valley Yucapia Bloomington Yucaipa Ontario Webb San Bernardino Sophs. Eisenhower Sophs. Victor Valley S. B. Sophs. Ontario Webb Colton Sophs. Eisenhower Sophs . Aquinas Colton Perris Hill Barstow Victor Valley Perris Hill Aquinas Yucaipa Perris Hill Webb S. B. Eisenhower Perris Hill Aquinas O n to r i o Aquinas Aquinas Aquinas Perry Amendt takes a vicious swing. Mif The Aquinas Nine at work. Tim Doonan waits for the ball as the runner eats dirt. m Turcott shows perfect form after the swing. WRESTLING BACK ROW: Coach Garofono, B. Englehardt, B. O ' Connor, C. HIckey, D. Burback, J.Mullaney, M.Hannon, R. Fogg, G. G. Plnbuguo, S. Stamm, R. Fogg, D. Barohold, R. Cabrerra. FRONT ROW: T. Lazer, B. Perez, M. Tafoyo, E. Hannon, R. Nelson, F. Doonan, R. Vega, R. Wyatt, A. Leon, P. Wolfe, D. Porras, T. John, J. Radzik, R. Cisneros. O ' Connor and Dave Burback give a wrestling exhibition. Wrestling team runs through exercises. TRACK FIELD EVENTS— TOP ROW, lefr to right: John Berndt, Tom Corcovelos, Bob Mehia, Dave Stubben, Merton Rodgers, Brian Doyle, Mark Gardner, John Brigandi, Pat Lawerence. BOTTOM ROW: Joe Ruiz, David Vanderwoade, Tom John, BillCole, David Smith, Harry Rheubottom, Pat Manning, David Goo, Mike McHenry, Mick Wick. Tom Corcovelos shows his form in the high jump. Steve Schneider runs the mile. SPRINTERS AND HURDLERS— TOP ROW, left to right: Tom Corcovelos, Jose Paniagua, Brian Doyle, Jim Mullaney, Lee Gardner, John Brigandi. BOTTOM ROW: David Coy, Rick Barsotti, Darrell Goo, Bill Collazo, Harry Rheubottom, Mick Wick. DISTANCE RUNNERS— TOP ROW, left to right: Bob Hobbs, Steve Schneider, Jim Eichenberg. BOTTOM ROW: John Berndt, Rick Barsotti, Jess Marquez, Mike McHenry . GOLF .■ »! FRONT ROW: D. Lewandouski, P. Desrochers, F. Doonan, P. Pavllan, R. Hendrlckson, H. Vierra. BACK ROW: A. Toth, J. Schaeffer, D. Vierra, S. MaiefskI, Lott . As Capt . Pat Pavllan tees off, (below) Jerry Schaeffer calmly puts one In, (bottom right). Schedule of Matches February 27 Apple Valley (Home) March 5 Norte Vista (Home) March 11 Pacific (Away) March 19 Norte Vista ( Away) March 20 Apple Valley (Away) March 26 Yucaipa (Away) March 27 Webb (Away) April 2 San Jacinto (Away) !!=.. TENNIS BACK ROW: B. Heywood, G. Moor, W. Elder, J. Torres, J. Richardson, G. Knight, G. Pulte, B. Lemann. FRONT ROW: B. Perez, R. Vega, M. Rafter, R. Armljo, J. Rafter, E. Resendez, J. Radzik, A. Zaragoza. NOT SHOWN: M. Hodge, R. Cisneros. Mike Hodge shows the correct overhand serve follow through. Eric Resendez serves with stylish form. WHAT A LIFE BACK ROW, left to right: F. Dornay, Carmelita Orona, Mary Clare Doonan, M. Gardner, Sean McGinty, N. Obar, C. Hickey, S. Fuller. EXIT m 11 ■■ r ■1 H ' ' v i if f -■ :;:-. Frank Dornay buys tickets for the donee. Sam Hlovaty, S. McGinty, and D. Nichol discuss Henry ' s problems. C. Hickey and N. Obar rehearse lines. AQUINAS SCHOOL S N Cf a=E;ji=3ti " Eisl (jLuno - Lng. orL-wami iowoAiLd oua. c oal» (Jlmb-inq wHk bodiu hcoAi and (Jjjnb- inn uiLih bJjie. and u hute, Lot -cU. iij. and pjiixk me. ke.ep in. K ogn.-n.eA. [v . {7 yioul, lieack-in fo i an eu-e i gA.ea±-eA. keinki. In oua nvi-io: iAudk and iqhi, Ueachin fvyilfie iAudh. ihai dce i, hal-con i o A - quL- noA | rl!!r . I ig- v iw -u i i - - - So -Lei iui linfj, oui. oua vif-aJ.-iy. io ipu» A - quL - noA, I I ■ u j L ; • I bieedom And Xel ua o X.e± uA nJ-nq out zne ciaim i io i i=§i ihoui o ui OUA col-onA wfiiie and bine in ton , iSow, h al - conA iim. oui ihoui oui. ike diq-ni-ia of. man in on£j,. Sow, hoi - conA )ihg oui ::t:i::::: t z. ::: 5 : ! i fc::fcfe:£:g::fe u SonA of. (jod in b io-ikeA-luood: So, HalA ai-ma ma-icA, Hail ai-rwL rm-ieA, i u SonA of d in b iv-iheA-hvod: So. HaJUL ai-wa rm-ieA Haii ai-ma ma-ieAj} HaiJJ AIL Hail io ijou! Hail! AU Hail io ipa! £M

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