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HHBhm " Im EHnBNHffiSHI SUMMA ' 67 Published by Aquinas High School San Bernardino, California Catholic School Press Association Quill and Scroll International Honor Journalism Society ;INTEONATIONAL , f 7 J --. EL ' Table Of Contents Dedication Foreword Administration Faculty Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Organizations Activities Sports Seniors m DEDICATION 1955 - 1957: Very Reverend John Paul Cadden President, College for Men University of San Diego 1957 - 1961: Reverend J. V. Sullivan Administrator Mary, Star of the Sea La Jolla, California Fr. Cadden 1961 - 1964: Reverend John C. Desmond Pastor St. Elizabeth ' s Catholic Church Julian, California 1965 - 1966: Reverend J. Walshe Murray In residence College for Men University of San Diego Fr. Sullivan Fr. Desmond Fr. Murray We, the students of Aquinas offer, in grateful appreciation, the Summa of 1967 in honor of our past principals. Our past principals have enlightened each Aquinas man with their progressive per- suasiveness in the fields of leadership, character building, scholastic achievements, and a fervent knowledgeable spirit in religion. We, the students of today, enjoy parochial education because our principals were bulwarks of persistency in their devotion to Catholic education — no sacrifice too great, no labor too laborious — always remarkably reluctant to relinquish the goal of excellence in the classroom and of the athletic field. In sincere appreciation, alwavs mindful of your difficult road in our behalf, we salute each and every one of you. Collectively we say, " Thank you, past principals of Aquinas, for your scholarly teachings and spiritual guidance. " The Staff FOREWORD Our little fictional character, named " Tommy Falcon, " beams approvingly out at you as he acknowledges the accomplishments of his namesakes, the Aquinas men. Bearing a regal name, Tommy embodies all we strive for. All we would like to be. He wears the robes of scholastic excellence; he dons the athletic attire of the athletes; he perseveres in religious principles and doctrines; he encourages all noble achievements. Tommy finds the God-given talent spectrum of Aquinas men outstanding. He knows that being human, as we are, each has been blessed with his own talent. It is the individual ' s responsibility to excel in that talent. We are not all scholastic mental geniuses; we do not all possess athletic prowess; we are not all capable in the various arts. Perfection in the sense that one excels in all things does not exist. Some students are enriched more abundantly with their ability to produce than others. We shall find ourselves in this book doing that which we do best. Tommy is proud of all of us. Tommy has an outstanding namesake to live up to and he demands that we work diligently for admirable results. St. Thomas of Aquinas was a teaching philosopher, a plodder, and a writer who excelled in the writing of theological books. The Fal- con, called the American peregrine, is the aristocratic bird in the sport of falconry. He is beautifully feathered, sleek, sure-footed, keen-eyed, and swift of motion. In this fictional character ' s name, we have the courageous writer-scholar and the courageous fleet-footed and agile athlete. Tommy will be seen gleefullv surrounding students of academic and writing talents. He will then don a football helmet, hold a basketball, swing a bat, run in the track, or perhaps swing a tennis racket. He loves the game of chess, blowing up the science laboratorv with his experiments, or attending and encouraging social events. You will see him assisting during the sacrifice of the Mass. Here is where he finds his peace, his strength, and his love for God and his fellowmen. The students of Aquinas, like Tommy Falcon, wish to thank this new administration for the spirited drive it has shown, the endless hours of energies they have spent in our behalf. We thank Fr. Robert Nagler, our principal, and the entire faculty. Their actions of today mean our successes for tomorrow. To the graduates, we say, " Take Tommy Falcon with you in spirit wherever life ' s road may lead. Persevere in all undertakings and keep his lofty ideals high by consummating your works into successful reality. " The Staff Bishop Of San Diego THE MOST REVEREND Francis J. Furey, D.D., Ph.D., LL.D. ; Superintendent Of Schools Rt. Rev. Monsignor Franklin F. Hurd, LL.D. The Very Reverend Robert J. Nagler Principal Of Aquinas High School TO THE CLASS OF ' 67 Congratulations to you, as vou prepare to accept the new role in life as high school graduates. You have faced many challenges, many difficulties — real and imagined. You have experienced the exhilaration of praise and the emptiness of rejection. You have persevered to the end. while many of your classmates have turned aside. You have stayed to win. Now as you leave, you must realize that the challenges will be greater, the victories and defeats far more serious. Since victory is never accorded to those who quit, mav vou always persevere until you win in life — eventually, in eternal life. The Verv Reverend Robert J. Nagler. Principal 10 1 Reverend Richard J. Kinsella Yiee-prineipal Of Aquinas High School Frs. Nagler and Kinsella are responsible for the smooth running of Aquinas 11 THE SIMPLE NECESSITIES We may live without poetry, music and art; We may live without conscience and live without heart; We may live without friends; we may live without books; But civilized man can not live without cooks. Edward R. B. Lytton Mr. Bill Byars Custodian Mrs. Ciabattini Faculty Mother, Cook, Housekeeper 12 ' I LIBRARY Knowing I lov ' d my books; he furnish ' d me From mine own library with volumes that I prize above my dukedom. William Shakespeare Miss Stumberg Librarian The Hallowed Halls I rrr |f| | ' ; | 13 THE SECRETARIAL STAFF Mrs. Chandler Principars Secretary Mrs. Eiswerth School Secretary 14 The eye may well be called the clearest sense organ and the easiest means of trans- mitting data. But the inner sense is still clearer and the highest and speediest way of communication is via the word. Fr. Francis Moore English III, IV Librarian Mr. Francis Russell English I, II Mr. L. D. Lutrell English III, IV Fr. John Pomis French I, II Fr. John T. Slattery Spanish I, II Fr. Earl La Riviere (Not Shown) Latin I, II, III It is said that one who knows no foreign language knows nothing of his own. The language depart- ment of Aquinas gives students a knowledge of languages spoken in foreign countries, and a better understanding of our neighbors around the globe. 16 - Mr. Gregory Cuzrolino Algebra II Trigonometry- Mr. Jim Lenox Math I, II Algebra I Geometry Living in a scientific era of rapid development, the pos- sibilities for technical and social advancement are un- limited. However, to play a position on the team of our generation, or to watch in- telligently from the side- lines, we must have an un- derstanding and an appre- ciation of math as well as a competence in math. The whole world lies before us like a great quarry before the architect. Through the Social Sci- ences Aquinas men learn the ways of the world, present and past, and f rom this knowledge en- deavor to shape a world to their own needs. Mr. Ed Ciabattini Geography Civics Earth Science Mr. Jack Garofono U.S. History Life Science Economics Mr. Gregory Cuzzolino World History 17 Under the watchful eye and careful instruction of Mr. Roy Melvin, Aquinas men grow physically strong and mentally fit. Physical development is a vital part of education and essential to the health and well being of all men. Mr. Roy Melvin Physical Education In the sciences everything depends on the dis- covery of something that is at the bottom of phenomena. The Physical Science department of Aquinas is under the capable direction of Fr. Richard Humphrys, who shows students the keys to discovery and learning. Fr. Richard Humphrys Chemistry Physics Fr. Richard KinselJa Religion II, III Fr. John Pomis Religion I Fr. Earl La Riviere Religion IV To God the Father, God the Son And God the Spirit, three in one, Be honor, praise, and glory given. By all on earth, and all in heaven. Faculty member pauses to watch Falcons at play The annual football game between the " Fac- ulty Frolics " and the Intramural champions, " The Streaks, " was held on Monday, Nov. 21. " The Streaks, " all juniors, were anni- hilated by a score of 30-0. Although the rough and tumble faculty was penalized 150 yards, the scrappy juniors could rack no score. The enthusiastic Streaks commenced play in anticipation of taking revenge for past hardships. After the mass murder of the " Streaks " the faculty once again proved that they " rule. " You have now entered into an entirely new way of life. You are now in high school; you are now an Aquinas man. You must strive harder than ever to achieve your goal. That goal is to be a Christian Gentleman. It won ' t be easy, but then what is? You ' re going to have to be able to take it when the going gets rough. You ' ve got three more years to go and they are going to be the most crucial years of your entire school career. Rick Barsotti Jim Bilek Chris Blazer Eugene Boyle John Brigandi Ron Cisneros Guillerm Collazo Dan Crawford Bill Dixon John Donat Tim Doonan Tim Doran Freshmen wait for another day at school 22 U. J jfS tsi Frank Dornay Gery Egan Greg Favorite Rick Forte Albert Gallo Mark Eason Matt Elhardt Dan Fitzgerald Dave Frechette Paul Gibson Chuck Echeverri Mark Encke Rick Fogg Tim Gallavan Darrell Goo Freshman class officers are 1. to r. Richard Smith, Treasurer: Henry Vierra, President; Rick Forte, Vice President; Michael Ponce, Secretary. Freshmen cram for big test before class Man . . . That ' s a mind-snapper Ron Grossheim Steve Herman Joe Hernandez Mike Hodge John Holland Tom Jahn Pat Keller Pat Lawrence Dennis Lewandowski George Lonberger Mr. Lenox teaches Freshmen how to use slide-rule Mike McHenry Brett MacCharles Dan Martin Dominic Mercadante Latin 1 teacher, Fr. LaRiviere, takes time out to pose for a picture 24 4kr± i f Fred Mlakar Rick Nelson Bob Nelson Bob Nickell Mike O ' Connor Mike Patapoff Bill Peoples Bruce Perez Mike Ponce Dave Porras Mike Pritchett Eric Resendez Merton Rogers Angelo Romeo Jim Rosso Freshmen Favorite and McHenry raise flag before classes 25 i Auk Randy Salazar Pat Simonsen Dave Smith Steve Szymczak Rick Smith Jim Tirres Ralph Vega Henry Vierra Vic White Randy Wyatt Steve Williams Albert Zaragoza Class moderator Fr. Pomis discusses religion with students Freshmen hurry to class in order to avoid " Jug " 1 Roger Fogg shows Freshmen how to multiply with slide-rule „. Tom Corcovelos Pat Delgadillo Mike De Santos Skip Barbour Rick Bard Gardner Beale John Berndt Danny Blakely Bob Budnik Dave Burback Jerry Canavan Marcel Cherpin Bill Cocchia Aim imi : Sophomores Jim Stine, Mike Riddell, and Mike Johnson seek explanations from Sophomore Moderator Mr. Lenox. Sophomores work to increase the class budget. 28 Bill Heywood Chuck Hickey Mike Holmes Marc Dietrich Andy Donlon John Dugan Jim Eichenberg Wayne Elder Matt Favorite Don Ferro Jerry Frieling Mark Gardner Richard Gino 29 Fr. Nagler distributes Holy Communion to the student body. I I Jackson, Graylin Jay, Jerry Johnson, Mike Kennedy, Larry Kramer, Charles Lemann, Bill Lott, Dave Lovas, Ron Luttringer, John Malensek, Craig Manning, Mike Manning, Paul Meyer, Keith Moore, George Nelson, Jim Brad Dugan displays his biological discovery. Steve Neyses Robert O ' Connor Pat Pavlian Dan Phillips Sophomores Heywood and Cocchia battle it out on the handball courts. Gene Pulte Joe Radzik Picture not Available Mark Rafter Carlos Ramirez David Ramerez Jim Richardson Mike Riddell Greg Saar Lance Sachara Dennis Shearer Picture v not Available Ik i ■. n Picture M % :?; mi not Available ■ , : V 1 Jim Stine Chuck Street Dave Stubben Henry Thornton Joseph Torres Bob Vecchetti t Sophomores show their enthusiasm. Fr. Kinsella tries to weed out an idea from his students. Sal Yniguez Brian Zeiner Dan Walker ' I Bailey, John Bailon, Manuel Barnhold, Doug Bennett, Francis Boyd, Dennis Burns, Frank Cabrera, Richard Cabrera, Roland Cisneros, Robert Doran, Kevin a ., Junior class officers: Pres. Healy, Vice-Pres. Vierra, Sec. Schmidt, Treas. Turelli. 34 Doyle, Shawn Eastburn, Steven Eddy, James Elhardt, Michael Engelhard, Robert Favorite, Mark Fernandez, William Fogg, Roger Goo, Richard Grant, Craig Grant, James Healy, John Juniors Pirio, Schneider, and Mathis look through copies of past annuals. 35 fi Hobbs, Robert Jones, Michael Knight, George Larkin, Charles Lasiter, Roger Lonberger, Charles McGee, Edward Malensek, Dale Martin, John Marzullo, Robert Mathis, James Maturo, John Mullaney, James Nicholson, Dan OHair, Michael Parker, Michael Pirio, Greg Planck, Charles M Ed McGee rings bell daily after third period announce- ments. 36 Juniors often eat lunch at the picnic tahles. Rhynard, James Ruiz, Joseph Saar, Ted Sanchez, Daniel Schaefer, Jerry Trophy case, donated by the Juniors, greets visitors in business office. 37 Schmidt, James Schneider, Steve Stromwall, Larry Terrell, John Thomas, Jerry Toth, Andrew Turelli, Michael Underwood, James Dennis Boyd takes PSAT test. Roger Fogg and Don Vierra Urias, George Vierra, Don Walker, John Waller, Thomas 39 t Wallraven, Robert White, Titus Wick, MacDonald Maiefski, Steve V23 40 • J CLUBS ■■■■■■■i Student body officers are vice pres. T. Kedzior; Pres. R. Solano; treas., C. Larkin; sec. E. McGee. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Student Government consists of the A.S.B. officers, representatives from the different clubs, and the officers of the different classes. The student government represents the student body and wishes and desires of the administration and faculty. 42 JJt J ma £4£zr President Solano presides over meeting of A.S.B. Lively discussion during noon session. 43 CHESS CLUB The Chess Club headed by Father LaRiviere provides its members an opportunity to play chess during the noon hour. The club was organized in 1964, and its mem- bership has increased steadily. During the year the Chess Club has had a club championship match and matches between various classes and with other schools. Club officers are left to right G. Herlick, pres.; S. Schneider, vice pres.; J. Eddy, secretary, and Wayne Elder, treasurer. 44 I Knight, pres.; Rhynard, vice pres.; Lassiter, treasurer JOURNALISM CLUB Membership in this club headed by Mr. Luttrell enable a student to learn jour- nalistic writing and to see the relationship between journalism and photography in publishing a newspaper or an annual. Journalism Club membership is granted only to those students who show outstanding interest and ability in the field of journalism. 46 JOURNALISM CLUB Zburntkhsn Falcon editor George Knight 47 Mttftf HfeU«llMMUtttItol i-«:; ' F fcfl« -I ' i;- ' . MATH CLUB Club officers: R. Goo, president; Robert Englehardt; W. Elder, secretary; T. Corcovelos, treas- urer The Math Club was founded in the spring of 1966 by Mr. Lenox. This club offers the students an opportunity to master such skills as the use of the slide rule etc. 48 J Roger Fogg and Richard Goo teaching the members how to use the slide rule. Roger Fogg points out the answer. 49 Club officers: Tony Kedzior, president; Richard Solano, vice president; Jim Schmidt, secretary; Paul Cool, treasurer. KEY CLUB The Key Club is an organization whose objective is to offer service to the school and the community. Under the direction of Father John Pomis, the organization has collected for the March of dimes and other such drives. 50 Jim Schmidt takes roll call before a meeting. Tony Kedzior brings the meeting to order. 51 Club officers: William Smith, president; Gregory Herlick, vice president; Paul Cool, secretary; Robert Engelhard, treasurer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is open to only those students who have shown outstanding scholastic achievement. Under the name of the Holy Spirit Chapter, the N.H.S. was chartered by Father J. Vincent Sullivan in 1961. Under the direction of Father Kinsella, the N.H.S. is continuing to set high scholastic goals for the students of Aquinas. 52 i " ' • ' ■■.- Seniors, in the spirit of the National Honor Society, study for a test Members of the National Honor Soci- ety pose for a picture. The Monogram Club is made up of Aquinas Varsity Lettermen. The members of this club represent the school at League games and have added to Aquinas ' s enviable reputation in sports. Under the direction of Mr. Ed Ciabattini, head of the school ' s athletic department, the Monogram Club awards letters and trophies to outstanding athletes. MONOGRAM CLUB Officers of Monogram Club L. to r. Jim Grant, treasurer; Tom Grant, vice president; Charles Larkin, president; George Urius, sec. mm tie. FOOTBALL HOMECOMING 1967 Queen Connie Johnson 56 ' li Margaret Rodrequiz Senior Princess Jessi Gespin Senior Princess Marilyn Williams Junior Princess Carol Gabriel Sophomore Princess 57 HH HEHHUHMai BASKETBALL HOMECOMING 1967 Q ueen Yvonne Williams 58 W i K? Jessi Gespin Senior Princess Debbie Huss Senior Princess Margaret Beeson I Junior Princess A 1 . 4 I m f y 1j ■L. Mary Larkin Sophomore Princess Mary Beeson Freshman Princess 1 59 i 4 Fr. Nagler offers the sacrifice of the Mass for the intentions of the Student Body. S ■ RELIGION Sacristan Ron Lovas prepares for the sacrifice of the Mass. 60 I: l Fr. Bear explains some of the mysteries of the priesthood. Fr. Kinsella and Brother Patrick discuss some of the finer points of our religion. Sr. Mary Ruth finally takes time out to pose for the picture. 61 BOOSTER CLUB Projects of 1966 - 1967 -Jr. » IlCOHS CAREER DAY Mr. Jack Blue explains how a newspaper is drawn up. Dr. Charles Strebig explains the advantages and disadvantages of being a dentist. Mr. Joel Tanner tells of some of his experiences in Peru. V Prom Committee R. Lasiter, J. Healey, D. Vierra, G. Pirio, M. Turrelli, Jim Mathes. Fr. Hardy leads the Student body in a folk song. mEA ■HMSHRtmHBaiHMMNMVMWMgNM V Head football coach Jack Garofono Jim Lenox back coach Gregg Cuzzolino defensive coach Dennis Wilson line coach 66 io t cW a n t c , M atv .v,et aTV ° ' , T4oVtC e 6 ' , ose s VJ t S of , tac ° rs ' and At » r a d td rvas C S ,vO lO» s aS oar e I ,vc ,.rft- ot ono S-» VVo • S-?£ft toe toe Oav e a r.d e it«i s e . s eC ttoat - l o ol a t Ot t« ean V. S oto tooo . d es « « J V Coa- Varsity Record They oX ,es» tP .ns ;«a vVTt . .prtW« yea pot ° r Hto « J " T tea « J Artve » l w ' ift eto - v r Harvard Banning C.S.D.R. Notre Dame Perris Big Bear Webb Chino Twin Pines 25 30 20 13 21 26 46 13 vWi " .ctoTft " " " " ■ " tAt- e tvS e ' dele 12 33 8 12 6 12 13 to-vs eV toe« vtoe « -«sr« i. 2M StfS ••? - •«w«ss ::S e - c j »t:: »«»„;, » r,» vtoe d» 1 ,W t !!2 ro - tea %testo - oi e . vP . v n«» aV W I. to Ttoe fe e V8 ° n s its JJ fl et °f B ascto k „ as aS coa n8 Jf tt W s . One . is » Vs ° " d " O t .er el ... Ao os. 6 ; " yOM ttoe tV ,eara be sV „ to ase t d toa tdt v too ° ul .;; s ot jeV tr ( 10 t . turf to c . M atvU afe» oarntoo d ' „ a od •B " Record They ates nt°r f 2f i res . ot e TaC Cot e O j aroes t o e ' v e E toay dt ' GafV Gaf ' Harvard C.S.D.R. Fohi Notre Dame Webb Big Bear Verdemont Chino 6 12 13 6 7 n IF 7 19 13 sec- 20 om e ' sC tVto e 26 ° l lt e« 37 aT m. sa 32 t e 26 in as- e t»tw a0l . b cu at oior- r as ctoose « « « fc « Vr s- eA S»? S«vce, ,totos ■goto .rrV . s cbaS » t9,lCe, 1B " - ' Vaf pas " - w uvti :;utoef ance ' ittA 30 e „res ° s .ctoes e ato - , ot . rC Sue b »t ' vLa s ' pV f s pc ito eve .. w sto«V« „ a atw e „ e vtoe « " ? w° a . toal de 1 iteat to ' s Va« aorft iVa e ° ' u. TJ a e X ed -;„ s eo;; n S % ± a £l£Ztt £!5 « » S ° Has t ade Y e to a „c « ' e Le a % tC s c a o - pa tea ted vo onvca c O M p Ua r.e . oflV ■ de !Vis B S K aU aex. a ° d tfC ne I ' 1 i««° r tt f V o vptoo ' itv ret joaf el a raa toV aTd ' C toa eS B.VS neV ' c t a ,. eaf- sc . oo . , V sV « as V ca 6 » Varsity Football Team •B " Football Team i -r-v ? ? B FOOTBALL COACHES Ed Ciabattini, head coach Roy Melvin, Asst. coach 69 Vierra, D. Doyle, J. Rhynard, J. Healy, J. Ehlhardt, M. Bailon, M. Corcovelos, T. Grant, T. . ., HMI Urias, G. Malensek, D. Miller, R. 70 J. Mullaney R. Cabrerra W. Smith M. Katuls J. Grant D. Barnhold C. Rigney J. Underwood Student Managers M. Dennis W. Carney R. Solano C. Grant 71 Jones, W. Stubben, D. Garner, F. Barbour, S. Wolf, R. Saar, T. Phenix, C. Hickey, C. Vechetti, R. u Am Larkin, C. Johnson, L. Herman, J. V- 72 » 1 THE SEASON Pre-game Strategy , r And another six points 73 ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■qHHpHPii V 74 ■:■ 75 76 I na 2 w fmm m •■ ■■Kr- ' . w mm 4 M 77 W Oops!!! INTRAMURALS 78 Will he or won ' t he? N c-0 n ♦ - Varsity basketball — beginning of season ' B " basketball — beginning of season I 5 m Varsity basketball — Final Squad " B " basketball — Final Squad 81 ' 1967 Varsity Basketball Scores Arrowhead League Aquinas 62 C.S.D.R. 38 Aquinas 58 Boy ' s Republic 35 Big Bear 68 Aquinas 42 Notre Dame 68 Aquinas 49 Aquinas 78 Twin Pines 32 Aquinas 63 Webb 41 Aquinas 76 Webb 42 Aquinas 74 C.S.D.R. 60 Boy ' s Republic 63 ■ . . . Aquinas 57 Aquinas 52 Big Bear 49 Notre Dame 78 Aquinas 51 Aquinas 78 Twin Pines 31 Team Record: 8-4 Finish: 3rd Leading Scorers — Charles Larkin, 208 pts., 17.4 avg. Ed McGee, 121 pts., 10.1 avg. Most Points, one game — Charles Larkin, 27, 2 14, vs. Big Bear at Aquinas Most Rebounds, one game— Ed McGee, 22, 1 28, vs. Webb at Aquinas 82 " B " Record - 1966-67 Season Non-League Games A 39 Eisenhower 25 A 39 Barstow 37 A 63 San Gorgonio 36 A 47 Kennedy 56 A 56 Barstow 44 A 46 Pomona Catholic 22 A 49 Bloomington 33 A 61 Ontario Christian 40 " B " Tournament Games A 44 San Bernardino 49 A 51 San Gorgonio 36 A 47 Big Bear 39 League Games A 46 Webb 44 A 59 C.S.D.R. 21 A 82 Boys ' Republic 26 A 54 Big Bear 45 A 44 Notre Dame 32 A 86 Twin Pines 24 A 47 Webb 37 A 61 C.S.D.R. 29 A 60 Boys ' Republic 29 A 60 Big Bear 43 A 57 Notre Dame 65 A 64 Twin Pines 41 Non League Record 7 wins 1 loss " B " Tourney Record 2 wins 1 loss (consolation) Arrowhead League Record 1 1 wins 1 loss Total 20 wins 3 losses V • 83 84 FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Coach Mr. Lenox 85 HRMWHWMBIVMaHHniWHHPHn BIMHHIHH|IHMiPMMMM If tl u , to£ 4fe CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader g£ Lauri Plane Sue Holtzmiller Barbara Passard Yvonne Williams Roz Occhionero 86 VARSITY BASEBALL - " Schedule 1967 Mar. 9 Aquinas vs. Ontario Christian Apr. 11 Aquinas vs. Notre Dame Mar. 11 Aquinas vs. Yucaipa Apr. 14 Aquinas vs. Boys Republic Mar. 11 Aquinas vs. Perris Apr. 21 Aquinas vs. Twin Pines Mar. 14 Aquinas vs. Bloomington Apr. 25 Aquinas vs. Big Bear Mar. 16 Aquinas vs. Perris May 2 Aquinas vs. Webb Mar. 17 Aquinas vs. Victor Valley May 5 Aquinas vs. Notre Dame Mar. 21 Aquinas vs. Ontario Christian May 6 Aquinas vs. Victor Valley Mar. 27 Aquinas vs. Pomona Catholic May 8 Aquinas vs. Boys Republic Mar. 30 Aquinas vs. Big Bear May 11 Aquinas vs. C.S.D.R. Apr. 8 Aquinas vs. Webb May 16 Aquinas vs. Twin Pines League Game 87 Managers: Wayne Elder and Bill Lemann JH Mark Gardner at plate Jim Schmidt scores 1st run of Season 88 ' I Coach Melvin at game Jim Stine delivers pitch 89 J.V. BASEBALL Schedule 1967 Mar. 11 Aquinas vs. Yucaipa Apr. 10 Aquinas vs. Colton Mar. 11 Aquinas vs. Perris Apr. 11 Aquinas vs. Notre Dame Mar. 14 Aquinas vs. Bloomington Apr. 28 Aquinas vs. Notre Dame Mar. 16 Aquinas vs. Perris May 2 Aquinas vs. Webb Mar. 17 Aquinas vs. Victor Valley May 3 Aquinas vs. Eisenhower Mar. 27 Aquinas vs. Pomona Catholic May 5 Aquinas vs. Colton Mar. 31 Aquinas vs. Boys Republic May 6 Aquinas vs. Victor Valley Apr. 4 Aquinas vs. San Gorgonio May 8 Aquinas vs. Boys Republic Apr. Apr. 5 8 Aquinas vs. Bloomington Aquinas vs. Webb May 12 Aquinas vs. San Gorgonio The J. V. Team ■ ■jfl 90 WRESTLING 1 ft ..ill. Ai From L. to R.: David Porras, Roger Fogg, Tony Kedzior, Jim Rhynard, Rick Forte, Gardner Beale, Dave Burback, Bob O ' Connor, Frank Dornay, Dennis Leuandawski. Not Shown are Chuck Hickey and Jerry Frieling. WRESTLING SCORES Aquinas Opponents C.S.D.R. 29 13 C.S.D.R. 40 13 Chino 31 23 Chino 30 24 Chino 45 20 Big Bear 36 28 91 92 ' if TRACK 1! It AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL 1967 Track Schedule DATE PLACE TEAMS TIME Thurs. March 15th Aquinas Aquinas — CSDR — Twin Pines 3:00 PM Thurs. March 30th CSDR Aquinas— CSDR —Webb 3:00 PM Thurs. April 6th Aquinas Aquinas — Big Bear — Notre Dame 3:00 PM Thurs. April 13th Webb Aquinas — Big Bear — Twin Pines Thurs. April 20th Aquinas —Webb Aquinas — Big Bear — Twin Pines 3:00 PM 3:00 PM Thurs. April 27th To Be Announced League Preliminaries To Be Announced Sat. April 29th To Be Announced League Finals To Be Announced 93 ¥ Tony Kedzior Tom Corcovelos 94 i Schedule 1967 Mar. 4 Aquinas vs. Barstow Mar. 10 Aquinas vs. Kennedy Mar. 18 Aquinas vs. Barstow Mar. 28 Aquinas vs. Hemet Mar. 31 Aquinas vs. Elsinore Apr. 4 Aquinas vs. Rim of World Apr. 12 Aquinas vs. Webb Apr. 20 Aquinas vs. Webb Apr. 21 Aquinas vs. Kennedy ■■ £ I TENNIS Mr. Phillips demonstrates proper serve v m f 95 The Golf Team J. Baughn John Maturo Jerry Schaeffer Pat Pavlian GOLF Mar. 9 Aquinas vs Barstow Mar. 13 Aquinas vs Kennedy Mar. 27 Aquinas vs. Pacific Mar. 28 Aquinas vs. Hemet Apr. 12 Aquinas vs. Webb Apr. 17 Aquinas vs. Kennedy Apr. 20 Aquinas vs. Webb May 2 Aquinas vs. Hemet CLASS OFFICERS Class President Gilbert Rocha, Vice President Cliff Wolfe, Treasurer Paul Cool, and Secretary Tony Amendt. TONY AMENDT Secretary 4; Prom Committee 3; Summa Assist- ant Editor 4; Journalism 4; Social Committee 4; Intramural Sports 3,4; Honor Roll 3,4; Orator- ical Contest Winner 2. JOHN BAUGHN Prom Committee Secretary 3; Chess Club 2,3,4, Secretary 2; Key Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Golf 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Orator- ical Contest 2. 98 BILL CARNEY Treasurer 1; Varsity Football 3,4; All- League Tackle 3- DAVE CARROLL Journalism 1; Falcon Staff 1; Honor Roll 1,2. GEORGE CARROLL Drama Club 1,2; Prom Commit- tee 3; Journalism 3; Intramural Sports 3,4; Amorous Avengers; Freshman Basketball; B Basket- ball Manager 2; B Football Manager 2; Honor Roll 1. PAUL COOL Treasurer 3,4; Prom Committee Treasurer 3; Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4, Secretary 4; Summa Senior Editor 4; Chess Club 2; Drama Club 2; Falcon Staff 4; Journalism Club 4; Social Committee 4; B Basketball Man- ager 2; Intramural Sports 4; Amorous Avengers; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Oratorical Contest 2; Boys State Representative 3. MICHAEL DENNIS Chess Club 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; B Football 3; Varsity Football 4; B Track 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Oratorical Contest 2. 99 JAMES K. DOYLE Secretary 1, Vice President 2,3, Key Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Drama Club 1,2; Chess Club 3; Varsity Football 4; B Basket- ball 3; Intramural Sports 3,4; Amorous Avengers; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. THOMAS GRANT President 3; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; Vice Presi- dent 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Varsity Football 3,4; B Football 2; Varsity Bas- ketball Manager 4; Honor Roll 2; Intra- mural Sports 3,4; Amorous Avengers. ALAN T. GURKO Journalism 4; Oratorical Contest 4; Hon- or Roll 4. A word to the wise is sufficient. GREGORY F. HERLICK Chess Club President 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Vice President 4; Journalism 1; Pro Merito 3; Math Award 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. JEROME M. HERMAN Chess Club 3; Drama Club 1,2; Junior Varsity Baseball 2; B Basketball 3; Golf 3,4; Varsity Football 4; Honor Roll 1,3; Oratorical Contest 1; Intramural Sports 3,4; Amorous Avengers. The Senior ' s mascot — the fowl who came in from the cold. " V " ± .. . M LAWRENCE O. JOHNSON Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track; B Track 2; B Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3,4. 101 MIKE KATULS Monogram Club 4; Sigma Phi Pi 4; B Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4. ANTHONY T. KEDZIOR ASB Vice President; Key Club 2,3,4, President 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; B Football 2; Var- sity Football 3,4; Freshman Basketball; B Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Baseball 3; Track 1,2,3,4; Var- sity Wrestling 4; Most Valuable B Back 2; Pro Merito 3; Varsity Foot- ball Captain 4. H. ROSS MILLER JR. Monogram Club 4; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Basketball 4. PATRICK A. McACHREN Chess Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Summa Staff 4; Photography Club 3,4; Baseball Manager. BILL NORTHRUP Intramural Sports 4. 102 I j Father Pomis gives help in study hall. THOMAS F. X. O ' CONNOR Varsity Football 4; Intramural Sports 4. SOREN R. OLSEN Chess Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Journalism Club 4; Photography Club 3,4; Summa Staff 3,4, Editor- in-Chief 4; Varsity Baseball Man- ager 3. JOHN W. PAWELAK Intramural Sports 4. CHARLES PHENIX Chess Club 3,4; Summa Staff 4; Photography Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; B Football 3; Varsity Football 4; B Baseball 3; Varsity Basketball Manager 3,4; Wrestling 4. 103 Ufc RICHARD PINA Intramural Sports 4. JESS RAMIREZ RAYMOND E. PLANCK Chess Club 2,3,4; Summa Staff 4; Photography Club 4; Journalism Club 4. k LARRY G. PULTE Journalism 4; Prom Committee 3; Summa Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor 4; National Honor Soci- ety 4; Key Club 4; Monogram Club 3,4; C Track 3. Are you listening, Father? 104 CHARLES RIGNEY Sigma Phi Pi 3,4, President 4; Mono- gram Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2; B Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Football Captain 4; Varsity- Wrestling 1; Most Outstanding B Lineman 2. GILBERT ROCHA President 4; Key Club 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; B Track 3; Varsity Football 4; Honor Roll 3- E. BURKE ROCHFORD JR. Math Club 3,4; Prom Com- mittee 3; Assistant Summa Ed- itor 4. STEPHEN H. ROQUET Intramural Sports 3,4; B Baseball Man- ager 2. JOHN A. RUIZ Sigma Phi Pi 4; B Track 2; Varsity Track 3,4. 105 . - — ■ I ' H . ' • CLASS Of 157 ■M The " A " on the school gym is another Senior class contribution. WILLIAM T. SMITH III National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Prom Committee 3; Sigma Phi Pi 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Aerospace Club 3,4; Summa Staff 4, Senior Editor 4; Journalism Club 4; Social Committee 4, Chairman 4; B Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3,4; Fresh- man Basketball; B Basketball 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Deans ' s List 1,2; Latin Award 1; Religion Award 2; History Award 2; Scholastic Award 2; Intramural Sports 3,4, Amorous Avengers; Varsity Football Captain 4. RANDL J. RUPAR Sigma Phi Pi 3; B Football 1; B Baseball 1; Varsity Football 3; Honor Roll 3; Intramural Sports 3,4. DOUG SEBEK B Football 2; Intramural Sports 4. 106 RICHARD SOLANO ASB President 4; Key Club 2,3,4; Vice President 4; Vice President Prom Com- mittee 3; Journalism 2; Sigma Phi Pi 3, 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 2, 3; Honor Roll 1,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 1; Varsity Football 1,2,3,4; Football All- League Honorabl e Mention 3; Varsity Track 2,3,4. GREG SORIA Drama Club 1,2. An ordinary day in Civics. CLIFFORD C. WOLFE Vice President 4; Prom Committee 3; Key Club 3,4; B Basketball Manager 3; B Baseball 3; Varsity Football 4; Honor Roll 3. 107 V Editor and assistant editor Class editors STAFF Copy editor Photography Section editors 108 Art editor Snmm i Staff Editor-in-chief Soren Olsen Asst. Editor Tony Aniendt Sr. Class editors Wm. Smith Paul Cool Jr. Class editor Steve Schneider Sophomore editors Mike Riddel Jim Richardson Joe Radzik Freshmen editors Henry Vierra Sections editors Dominic Mercandante activities Jim Eichenberg Bill Lemmen organizations Ray Planck sports Greg Pirio Jim Mathes Larry Pulte Burke Rochford Photography Jim Eichenberg John Harnitchek Mark Gardner Ray Planck Soren Olsen Charles Phenix Artist Danny Sanchez Copy editor Geo. Knight Advisor Frank M. Russell ■ ■HMMMBMHBMM ' MiMninvvHn 1 ■ • m ' " ' 1 1 " ■-«• ' . .- « " ., ' ■ - r

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