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. • r SUMMA ' 66 Published by Aquinas High School San Bernardino, California Catholic School Press Association Quill and Scroll International Honor Journalism Society Eleven years ago Aquinas High School was estab- lished to achieve two ends: to impress the basic intel- lectual and moral virtues, requisites for true Christian maturity, and to offer a secondary level of education for all boys desiring college preparatory instructions. The high degree of success that Aquinas has achieved towards these ends is due to the foresight that the suc- ceeding leaders of Aquinas have shown in planning the progress of Aquinas at each level, in each depart- ment, and in each activity. To these men we extend our thanks. Because of them, the doors to learning and the future have been opened wide to the Aquinas men. CONTENTS DEDICATION 4 ADMINISTRATION 6 FACULTY 13 CLASSES 19 ORGANIZATIONS 37 SPORTS 51 ACTIVITIES 78 SENIORS 93 DEDIC Msgr. John P. Bland Holy Rosary Fr. William Bolger St. Adelaide ' s Msgr. John J. Bradley St, Bernardine ' s Fr. Anthony Fischer Resurrection Fr. Otto K. Kaiserauer St. Anthony ' s Fr. Thomas F. Meagher St. Catherine ' s ATION Fr. Peter F. AAimnagh Our Lady of Assumption Fr. John S. Mix St. Joseph ' s Msgr. Joseph R. Nunez Our Lady of Guadalupe Fr. Thomas J. OToole St. Anne ' s Aquinas owes much to the pastors of the surround- ing parishes. They all have contributed generously both financial and moral support to Aquinas so that progress in Catholic education could better be advanced. To these men we of Aquinas are very grateful, but words are not enough to show our appreciation, and so we hope to express it better by dedicating this annual to them. ADMINISTRATION t %0 L. Y j THE MOST REVEREND FRANCIS J. FUREY, D.D., PH.D., LL.D APOSTOLIC ADMINISTRATOR During the brief period that the Most Reverend Francis J. Furey has been the Apostolic Administrator to the Diocese of San Diego, we have witnessed a continued advancement of Catholic teaching. Many of the problems of the Catholic school system have been corrected. Also, we are now realizing the true meaning of Christian Brotherhood which has been pro- moted through the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine that has grown and prospered under his able direction. This diocese will be even better because it has been under his Excellency ' s leadership. THE MOST REVEREND CHARLES FRANCIS BUDDY, S.T.D., PH.D., LLD. BISHOP OF SAN DIEGO " Supreme happiness and an eternity of it — God could grant no more; and the rational creature, from the essence of his nature, could not ask for anything less. Precisely what your rational mind must demand, the Almighty Creator has already provided for you, as a reward for a short little span of knowing Him, loving Him and serving Him. " Most Rev. Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of S an Diego, Califor- nia. " For Them Also, A Resume of Catholic Doctrine. " Univer- sity of San Diego Press, San Diego, California. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS RT. REV. MONSIGNOR FRANKLIN F. HURD, LLD. THE VERY REVEREND ROBERT J. NAGLER PRINCIPAL OF AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL TO THE CLASS OF ' 66 After mastering many facts, encountering various teachers and meeting numerous standards, you stand prepared to end your high school career. This moment in your life is possible because of the concern, effort and sacrifices of not a few people. Now the challenge is yours — are you worthy of the in- vestment? Are you willing to improve the world that you find about you? Are you capable of standing straight before God and man and of living as a true Christian Gentleman? , OUR VICE-PRINCIPAL We owe much to Father Kinsella for his won- derful work in maintaining order and coopera- tion in our school. He has done a truly fine job. To you, Father, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Father Richard J. Kinsella Fr. Crowley say5 a daily Mass for the students Father Richard Crowley, the Chaplain of Aquinas High School, has done much towards the moral development of the students. Father Crowley poses endless opportunities to the stu- dents of Aquinas to further their religious education. He offers a daily Mass in our Biology Lab for those who wish to attend during lunch, and he has even initiated a C.C.D. training pro- gram. We owe much to this good man who has done so much for Aquinas and for the Aquinas men. Our Chaplain Father Richard Crowley " IT SHALL BE DONE. " Mrs Delle Monache, our librarian, discusses the aspects of library science with one of the assistants Mrs. Ciabattini Faculty Mother, Cook, Housekeeper THE SECRETARIAL STAFF Father Kinsella discusses financial problem with Mrs. Stroh. Mrs. Ralph Chandler Administrative School Secretary Mrs. Rose Marie Stroh School Secretary roc ui jy m T NITE. b ' .M Mr. Larry Bertles Latin I, III Spanish I, II Fr. Alfonso Cerezo French I, II Spanish II As we Aquinas men advance toward our doors to the future, it is our faculty that is our guiding light to success. Our professors are not there to open the doors of learning for us and shove us through. Rather, it is their duty to inspire us to advance on our own and face the future with a mature, Christian outlook, and this they do admirably. We extend our heartfelt thanks to these men who sacri- fice their time and talents to instruct us. Mr. Ed Ciabattini Geography Life Science Basketball Coach Fr. Richard Crowley Civics Chaplain of Aquinas High School Mr. Joseph Daly General Business Business Law Sister Emmanuel C.C.D. Instruction Mr. Jack Garofano World History U.S. History Head Football Coach Fr. Richard Humphrys Chemistry Applied Chemistry Fr. Richard Kinsella Religion I, III Vice- Principal of Aquinas High School Fr. Earl La Riviere English I Latin I Religion II 16 Mr. James Lenox Algebra I Math I Geometry Football backfield coach Mr. Poy Melvin Physical Ecluc. Fr. Francis Moore English III, IV Photography Club Journalism Fr. Robert Nagler Religion IV Principal of Aquinas High School Fr. John Nesbitt Math IV Physics Algebra II Mr. Francis Russell English I, II Yearbook Moderator m Mr. Wilson Football Line Coach y FRESHMEN frai «4l %f X - taa WORK, WORK, WORK! Now you ' re a freshman! You ve reached the second door that opens into your place in the world. You are no longer a child; you are becoming a man. Your freshman year is a time to begin working toward scholarship — a time to change ideas into realities — a time to make new friends and be worthy of the old, and a time to start preparing for the next year. There are ahead of you many worlds to conquer; they are yours for the taking. ) Skip Barbour Jim Brzezenski Harry Carson Denn s Barclay Bob Budnik Marcel Cherpin John Berndt Dave Burbach Tom Corcovelos Mike Black Jerry Canavan Dave Davis Mr Pussell explains some new aspects of English in the freshmen English class. Mi Melvin strikes again. ; !) Pat Delgadillo Mtke DeSantos Marc Dietrich Brad Dugan Bill Dunn Jim Eichenberg Wayne Elder Matt Favorite Don Ferro Louis Fiorino Dick Forsythe Jerry Fi ieling The Aquinas Man Mike DeSantos make a basket during P.E. .- Frank Fullen Mark Gardener Dick Gino Tom Guidice Steve Harding John Harnitchek Chuck Hickey Bob Hickman Ron Hill Mike Holmes Jim Jackson Jerry Jay Mike Jackson Chuck Kramer Vince Kri ley Bill Lemann Dave Loft Ron Lovas Freshman, Skip Barbour lends a hand in help- ing to keep the classrooms clean. Harry Carson keeps fit, the easy way. Freshman Chuck Street comes prepared for another tiring day. Class Moderatoi Mr. Lenox supervises Freshmen Gmo, Pavlian, and Burbach Craig Malensek Mike Manning Paul Manning Steve Martin Picture Not Available Keith Meyer George Moore kik Dave Mucciacito Jim Nelson Pat Pavilan Steve Neyses Chuck Phillips Dan Phillips ■ t 23 I Larry Polk Gene Pulte Joe Radzik Mark Rafter Jim Richardson Mike Riddell IIII I ■ II Freshmen receive valuable hints from Freshman Basketball Coach Mr. Lenox. Freshman class offic ers are I. to r. Stephen Neyes, Treasurer; David Mucciacito, Secretary,- David Burbach, Vice President,- and Daniel Phillips, President. Tom Robinson Greg Saar Lance Sachara Dennis Shearer Guy Sherrill Bob Skubic rhe 1 ion and the Mouse Picture Not Available - Sd Jim Stine Chuck Street Dave Stubben Steve Tisdale Joe Torres Bob Vecchetti Freshman Wayne Elder leaves after a tiring day. Lunch is a time looked forward to by all freshmen. » VT Dan Walker Pat Walton Mike Weenmq Mark Wei le Sal Ymguez Brian Zemer Bob Ornelas 25 Picture Not Available — ■ Pic ture Not Available Picture Not Available P " liley, John Bailon ■ ' . ' .... Bennett, Francis Boyd, Dennis Cabrera, Richard i ibrera, Roland Cisneros, Robert Dietz, Ken Doran, Kevin The sophomore, after their freshman year, a period of growing up and adapting to school standards, has proved itself a loyal and responsible class. During this past year, the sopho- more class has shown excellent school spirit and has accom- plished its goal of being an active and industrious class. President Ed McGee, Vice President Jim Schmidt, Secretary John Healy, and Treasurer Don Vierra talk over class problems. Father La Riviere counsels sophomores on the art of study. 27 These sophomores, leaders of this year ' s light bulb sale, eye their prize winning checks. Father La Riviere tries to weed out heretical ideas about our religion. Doyle, Shawn Eastburn, Stephen Eddy, James Engelhard, Robert Farah, James Favorite, Mark Fernandez, Bill Fickling, Bill Sophomores look over other editions of school onnuals. Fogg, Roger Goo, Richard 1 I 1 i 90 Picture Not Available v. ■ 1 f f» : ■■ II ■ H a r d ' n g, Dennis Healy, ■ Robert Jones, V ■ ■ I Mil- in i hai les Lasitei Roger 1 hi ■. Randy Lonberger, Charles ' . ' Edward jA m - % Mr. Bertles conducts sophomore study. Fellow classmates await opening of school- Not all of our classmates take public baths, and let ' s face it, this guy is all wet 29 Sophomore contemplates strategy for next test Malensek, Dale Martin, John Marzullo, Bob Mathis, James Maturo, John Mucciactto, Dan Mullaney , James Murphy, Kenneth Nicholson, Dan O Hair, Mike O Halloran, Mark Parker, Michael 1 4 1% i Mr, Russell begins to explain an English assignment to his class. Mr. Lenox reads off grim geometry grades to sophomores. Sophomore does his best to translate his Latin homework. r 4 - " I II trade you my peanut butter for a half of a bologna. " A [1 Pino, Greg Planck, Charles Rhynard, Jim Ruffino, Sam Ruiz, Joseph Saar, Ted Schaefer, Jerry Schmidt, James Sanchez, Dan Schneider, Steve Sexton, John Stromwall, John Student reads his report to a Religion II class. T W I fi Terrell, John Toth, Andrew Turelli, Mike Underwood, Jim Urias, George Urquhart, Charles Vierra, Don Walker, John Waller, Tom White, Titus Walraven, Bob Wick, MacDonald Sometimes our teachers have to demonstrate to put their point across. When students misbehave m gym, they get a swat. On rainy days sophomores combine lunch and study in the classroom Cool, Grant, Burk, and Doyle head Juniors ■■ ■jp IL o r ■ ■ J u N I O R S Juniors Wolfe and Phenix sell cake to raise money for Jr. Sr. Prom Juniors in Notional Honor Society Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Adams, Lyle Amendt, Anthony Baughn, John Juniors Herlick and Baughn with Fr. Humphreys in Chemistry Lab Burk, John Carney, William Carroll, David Carroll, George Cervantes, Carmen Cool, Paul :.1 Dennis, Michael Doyle, James Gardner, Gary Grant, Thomas Herhck, Gregory Herman, Jerome Johnson, Larry Kafuls, Michael Kedzior, Anthony Libby, Robin 1 Picture Not Available Juniors Pulte and Olsen help plan Yearbook juiimimnmnm Fr Kmsella elaborates on heresies for Juniors McAchren, Patrick 1 i Northrup, William Olsen, Soren Phenix, Charles P ina, Richard Juniors discuss important Juniors are taught fundamentals of Chemistry Picture Not Available 5n5tf 1 Planck, Ray Pulle, Larry Ramirez, Jesse Rigney, Charles Rocha, Gilbert Rochford, Edmund events over lunch Roquet, Steve Rosandish, Michael Ruiz, John Rupar, Randy Soar, Richard Sebek, Douglas Smith, William Solano, Richard Soria, Gregory Wolfe, Clifford 37 ORGANIZATIONS IMMMMMMMMMIi ■ «T KEY CLUB Officers Penny, Nazionate, Damman, and Wehrle discuss future plans The Aquinas Key Club has once again distinguished itself for outstanding service to the school and the community. In only the first Semester of this year the 18 members amassed a total of 756 man hours. To develop leadership and initiative — those are the goals of the 1965-66 Key Clubbers. WE SERVE STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student Body Officers Beeson, Treasurer, Penny, President. Nozionale, Secretary, and Daschbach, Vice President plan agenda for school year. The student government of Aquinas is made up of the Student Council, consisting of the A.S.B. officers and the committee and club representatives, and the representatives of the respective classes. They represent the students of Aquinas not only to the faculty and administration but also to the community. 40 Treasurer Brian Beeson gives a fi- nancial report during a student council meeting. Committee heads Mike Smith, Re- ligious Committee, Mike Sreboth. ICC Representative, and Perry Pug- no, Social Committee discuss teams for student council basketball game. v.lffl JOURNALISM Journalism Club Officers Nick Herhck. Bob Doyle, Terry McCorkle, and Charles Daschbach pose for picture . . . finally. The Aquinas Chapter of the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalism consists of the staffs of THE FALCON, the school newspaper, and THE SUMMA, the school yearbook, as well as the Photography Club. The Journalism Club provides the school with publications of news and memories as well as training for expression through the publications. Journalism Club members discuss progress of the Falcon with President Herlick. Falcon Editor Mike Smith and SUMMA Editor Perry Pugno discuss the problems of meeting deadlines. PHOTO CLUB President Herlick demonstrates the proper method of taking pictures to one of the members The newly formed Photography Club, under the direction of Father Moore, has proven itself to be a most valuable asset to journalism at Aquinas. Nick Herlick, President, and his capable staff of photographers have produced the pictures for the Falcon and the Summa, and their quality proves their skill. Not only do they provide pictures, but they also conduct classes to teach the proper methods of photography. CANDIDS CHESS CLUB President Gregory Herlick looks on as Vice-President Tom Urquhart and Secretary James Eddy engage in a little friendly?? contest. The Aquinas Chess Club, now in its second year of development under the direction of Father Earl LaRiviere, has proven itself in tournaments throughout the area as a worthy opponent to any competitors. All right, now what Are you sure there s a chess board down here r 1 lM tt THE ROCKET SOCIETY - I President Perry Pugno discusses the basic principles of model rocketry with member Harvey Chevrez as Father Nesbitt, moderator, looks on. The newly formed Rocket Society is not yet an official organization. Never- theless, it has caused quite a bit of controversy on the results of some of its more spectacular endeavors. Its basic purpose is to give dramatic demonstration and practice in the fields of Mathematics and Physics. Safety precautions are rigidly maintained. It is an up and coming organization, and it could prove to be a valuable asset to the science department of Aquinas. Penny and Plrio engage in tracking the tiny rocket to an altitude of 1721 feet. Sigma officers John Mejia, David Munoz, Tom Arcadi, and Jay Lemann plan activities. SIGMA PHI PI The Sigma Phi Pi, Aquinas ' s first and only fraternity, is presently in its first year of existence and is already a major service organization. The " Pi Guys " have engaged in such projects as cleaning up the baseball field and painting the trash cans. Their motto is " Service For Progress, " and they have maintained it proudly. PI GUYS POSE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President Mike Sreboth checks honor roll with other officers for consideration of new members. The National Honor Society is dedicated to the recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement. The Holy Spirit Chapter, chartered by Father J. Vincent Sullivan in 1961, has united the students of high achievement at Aquinas in pursuit of excellence. Under the direction of Father Kinsella, the N.H.S. has awarded scholastic letters to outstanding seniors this year. Members of the N.H.S. graduate with the National Honor Society Seal signifying consistently high grades and firm character. Moderator Father Kinsella welcomes new members. I MONOGRAM CLUB " SPIRIT AND HONOR ' Officers Mills, Betancourt, Holzmiller, and Munoz plan intramural schedule. The Monogram Club consists of the Aquinas Varsity Lettermen. Their activities include awarding letters and trophies to outstanding athletes, supporting intramural sports, preparing game areas, and providing fans with refreshments. The members of the Monogram Club have brought recognition to their school through an outstand- ing display of good sportsmanship and fair play. The new officers of the Drama Club are Charles Rigney, President; Tom Arcadi, Vice-President; and Mike Mahynske, Secretary. DRAMA CLUB The new Drama Department in the capable hands of Mr. Michael Dixon, an alumnus of Aquinas, has made its debut in Falcon activities. The department ' s projects in- clude visits to productions at the Pasadena Playhouse and the Carousel Theater, and a student production of Mr. Roberts in April. The main objectives of the Drama Club are to change the image of the department to one of co- operative endeavors and to instill the feeling of the " stage " in its members. Mr. Michael Dixon instructs the members in the essence of good drama. . -.■ 50 SPORTS THE JOY OF VICTORY Fans go wild as Aquinas scores two more. Aquinas Rules! Excited fans cheer on the Falcons to an other victory. Cheerleaders watch nervously at the Notre Dame L to R Sue, Anita, Shirley and Sherry. Cheerleaders and Songleaders add much to the spirit in the school. TP t Pom - Po m Girls D ; a n e Ea son , Sue A n n Boomer, Lynn Toy, Johanna Elhardt Annette Rotondo. Cheerleaders, Sherry Cherpin, Shirley Knox, Sue Holzmiller, Anita Garcia and Mitzie Speiss leads fans in spirited cheers FOOTBALL M « A RMMM BB ■« Coach Garofano goes over pre -game plays with captains VARSITY FOOTBALL 1965-1966 LEAGUE RECORD 13 . Rim . 7 45 .... Twin Pines .... 7 Webb .... 27 . . . Notre Dame . . . 13 33 Big Bear 7 13 Chino 6 20 CSDR 12 131 Totals Won 5 Lost 2 .72 Gary Salazar makes break for outside against Big Bear as Holtzmiller sets up block and Bulmer comes up to assist. 55 B. Carney (T) S. Ruffino IE) Beeson IQBI C. Grant (G) T. Slocumb (LB) Mel Penny IG) C. Daschbach [El R. Mills (C) J. Grant (T) T. McCorkle IS) J. Lemann |FB) F. Rocha IE) V, J. Mejia (T) C. Rigney (G) Asst. Coach Jim Lenox Managers Duffy and Alburto A. Granillo C. Dietz (LB) IE) B. Bulmer IGJ M Pino (HB) G Unas (C) i Betancort IS) T Arcadi (LB] M. Holzmiller (FBI R. Solano (T) J. Wehrle (E) L. Damman (HB) Coaches Garofano and Wilson watch intensely at Rim Game. D. Munoz (QBI M. Miller IC] T. Tolbert IT) G. Salazar (HB) M. Katuls ( ■) B. Smith ILB) 57 ft UHMMmMH ' f5 D Melchior IT) D. Boyd (T) T. Hickman (E) S K. Murphy (G) RIM DOWNED 13-7 A swarming defense and the slashing runs of Holzmiller sparked Aquinas to a 13-7 win over Rim. Coach Eaton of Rim credited our victory to a tough defense. The first Falcon score came with Salazar on a 40 yard run. The winning T.D. came with a 5 yard run by Kedzior after Holzmiller made a 41 yard run of a T.D. which was called back. Kedzior tries to break away from Rim tackier. Beeson (10) brings down Webb runner .while Arcadi (21) and Betancourt (35) come in to help. A big Webb team and numerous mistakes defeated the Falcon 11 by a score of 27-7. The lone Aquinas score came with a 20 yard run by Gary Salazar. BEARS SHOT 33-7 A brutal defense held the Big Bear Bears to 7 points while Salazar, Munoz, and Holzmiller, accounted for the Aquinas 33. i Salazar grabs pass and heads for pay-dirt. W V Coach Garofano Holzmiller starts around a Big Bear tackier while Beeson and Kedzior set up blocks. C.S.D.R. FALLS TO FALCONS 20-12 Kedzior makes a break for big yardage. An alert defense which picked up 3 fumbles and 2 interceptions pulled Aquinas to a 20-12 win over C.S.D.R. After a 63 yard drive, Salazar went 1 yards to score. The second T.D. came with a 47 yard run by Holzmiller, set- ting up a 1 yard drive. The last score came after a 20 yard run by Holz- miller. Holzmiller comes up to Moore for tackle. Salazar finds a big hole in the C.S.D.R. defense for a long gain. Jte warn 7 « ALL ARROWHEAD FIRST TEAM Mike Holzmiller Defensive End 6 " 3 " 190 lbs. Sr. Gary Salazar Halfback 51 I " 170 lbs. Sr Bob Betoncourt Safety Ah .v-T-- L - T T Bill Carney Tackle 6 ' 5 " 265 lbs. Jr. BEE FOOTBALL Joe Foley, Asst. Cooch BEE FOOTBALL 1965-1966 SEASON RECORD Co-Captains Don Vierra John Healy Jim Eddy grabs pass for touchdown against Rim. 62 Aquinas 16 Harvard . 21 Rim 13 Bailey 13 Webb . 14 Big Bear Opponent 13 20 7 13 7 Boys Republic 13 4 Wins Lost 2 VARSITY Varsity basketball team: Front Coach Ed Ciabattmi; Standing L. to R. D. Munoz, D. Boyd, R. Nazionale, C. Grant, C. Larkin, M. Holz- miller, J. Foral, T, Tolbert, B. Beeson, T. Neyses, S. Scholes, G. Salazar, and T. Kedzior. Not pictured: J. Wehrle and D. Mielak. One single component does not make a winning season. This year it was a combination of many things: a coach with skill and heart, a faculty and principal who cared, a team with strength, speed, arid ability, and a student body and crowd that put their faith in us and followed us through the year. Those are the things that make a team win. They generated a spirit that at times seemed undefeatable. It is this combination that has produced, did produce, and will continue to produce the teams so common to Aquinas. Tom Tolbert bA BASKETBALL Coach Ciabattini gives helpful pointers before an important second half. Captain Tom Tolbert Tolbert makes shot for Falcons over N. D. defender. 65 — Getting in there?? 19 WINS Neyses up for shot against Notre Dame. 1965-1966 SEASON RECORD VARSITY CHAMPIONS Pre-League Aquinas 53 Pomona Cath. 62 Aquinas 51 Eisenhower 57 Aquinas 67 Bloomington 56 Aquinas 84 Kennedy 60 Aquinas 50 Kennedy 55 Aquinas 96 San Gorgonio 63 Perris Tournament Aquinas 73 Moreno Valley 42 Aquinas 50 Colton 63 Aquinas 78 Notre Dame 53 Aquinas 76 29 Palms 66 Arrowhead League Aquinas 52 Notre Dame 53 Aquinas 99 Twin Pines 28 Aquinas 69 CSDR 62 Aquinas 79 Big Bear 45 Aquinas 78 Chino 53 Aquinas 87 Web ' b 50 Aquinas 63 Rim 41 Aquinas 62 Notre Dame 49 Aquinas 73 Twin Pines 37 Aquinas 78 CSDR 52 Aquinas 93 Big Bear 55 Aquinas 63 Chino 32 Aquinas 68 Webb 55 Aquinas 53 Rim 32 CIF Aquinas 58 Trona 66 who led Aquinas to a sensational season, goes over pla i break m action. Mike Holzmtller goes up for two po I I Notre Dame. Neyses makes beautiful pass to assist for two. Mike Holzmiller 6 3 ' Senior Mike is a three year letterman in football, basketball, and track. He made All League in football and basketball and made all C.I.F. Honorable Mention in his junior year. Mike has been awarded for his sportsman- ship at the Perris tourney and by Stockston ' s Sporting Goods. Mike ' s a real credit to his school. Scholes get another set. Larkin gets off a freeshot. i 68 Beeson outjumps a Rim defender. Neyses drives for j Tim Neyses 510 " Senior 1 Tim has played varsity basketball during his junior and senior years. As a junior he was awarded as most valuable player. As a senior Tim made the All Arrowhead first p H team and the Arrowhead League ' s Most Val- uable Player. He was also honored on the All p » C.I.F. second team. m I H m I mt i2» AQ A ■■■ •■... ' ■■ ■ tifHi ' , ' : . . N Left: Neyses makes a great shot while Rim defenders watch. Holzmiller gets one away — against Rii I 1 y ' ' 6 Beeson and Holzmiller out-jump a Rii Scot. lum; i vhot by Beeson. I two. Left. Nc. Holzmiller adds 1 on to defeat i t Tim Neyses 5 10 Sr. All C.I F. Arrowhead I Most Valuable Player ALL ARROWHEAD LEAGUE PLAYERS Mike Holzmiller 63 Sr. it team 6 Si All Leag e x 71 BEE ' S UNDEFEATED Front Row L. to R. G. Pino mgr., J. Mathis, J. Healy, S. Eastburn, W. Hickey, J. Martin, M. Favorite, D. Vierra, Standing G. Knight and C. Wolfe managers, J. Herman, S. Schneider, T. Scar, M. Wehrle, J. Schmidt, Ed AAcGee, J. Schaefer, M. Riddell, Coach Melvin and R. Marzullo manager. 1965-1966 SEASON RECORD BEE CHAMPIONS Pre-League Aquinas 54 Pomona Catholic Aquinas 44 Eisenhower Aquinas 57 Bloomington Aquinas 64 Kennedy Aquinas 46 Kennedy Aquinas 71 San Gorgonio Aquinas " B " Tournament Aquinas 49 Redlands Aquinas 78 Big Bear Aquinas 72 Bloomington Arrowhead League Aquinas 58 Notre Dame Aquinas 55 Notre Dame 25 Aqu 33 Aqu 24 Aqu -It Aqu 44 Aqu 37 Aqu Aqu 60 Aqu 38 Aqu 51 Aqu Aqu 48 Aqu ?v nas 105 Twin Pines 24 nas 76 CSDR 36 nas 74 Big Bear 41 nas 104 Chino 51 nas 84 Webb 22 nas 79 Rim 18 nas 70 CSDR 43 nas 85 Big Bear 30 nas 86 Chino 37 nas 54 Webb 31 nas 53 Rim 27 nas 79 Twin Pines 33 :• IN LEAGUE PLAY John Hpoly goes up for a layup while a Rim Defender tries a block. Ed McGee gets two more as Rim de- fenders try in vain to stop him Mark Wehrle concentrates on a free shot against Twn i 72 v Top: Jerry Schaefer goes up for a tipoff. Top: Jerry Schaefer and Mark Fa- vorite go for a rebound against Webb. Side: Ted Soar jumps for a lay-up and adds two. P R E P A R E F O R FRESHMAN BASKETBALL § : v ?i T H E I I T I R E 4 Row 1, L. to R. P. Pavlian, D. Delgadillo. Row 2. W. Elder, S. Harding, ro, S. Neyses, M. Gardner, T. Corcovelos. Row 3. H. Carson, C. Hickey, bour, AA. De Santos, and C. Kramer. Not pictured: Mike Black and Coach J. Lenox D. Fer- S. Bar- J.V. BASEBALL GOLF 1 Back row ' J. Burk, C. Barnett, J. Wehrle From row: J. Baughn, T. Uruhart, P. Pavlian, and J. S ! Coach Mr. Schaefer (not pictured) 75 VARSITY , ■ VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1966 Bloomington at Bloomington Perris at Perris Norta Vista at Norta Vista Beaumont at Aquinas Pomona Catholic at Aquinas Victor Valley at Victor Valley Arrowhead League games Big Bear at Big Bear Webb at Webb Rim at Rim Chino at Aquinas Victor Valley at Aquinas Notre Dame at Notre Dame CSDR at CSDR Big Bear at Aquinas Twin Pines at Twin Pines Webb at Aquinas Rim at Aquinas Chino at Chino Notre Dame at Aquinas 76 BASEBALL i Left Neyses gets ready to deliver pitch m pre-season game. Rt. Munoz belts one to get on base. y m i i Top) — Tom Grant tips bad on a low pitch. Bottom- — Boyd gets throw to put out runner. TRACK - 1966 TRACK SCHEDULE OPPONENTS March 10 Bloomington March 17 Big Bear, Boys Republic Rim March 24 Boys Republic, C.S.D.R., Notre Dame March 31 B.B., C.S.D.R., Rim April 21 C.S.D.R., N.D., Twin Pines April 28 League Prelims April 30 League Meet : h j. L ;■; Mike Holzmiller Long Jump Ron No; i st tn e fc - V ■ I Bill Byars, fhanl you for your Help — The Aquinas Athletes Larry Dai Sprints Jim Duffy — Hurdles 79 CTIVITIES « t V, . , j FR. Nagler, discusses future pro|ects with Booster Club rr. embers B O s T E R S The Aquinas Booster Club of 1965-66 has attained new goals and looks foreword to next year with renewed vigor. Aquinas parents enjoy themselves at annual Mara 1 Gras Dance. Y T S Queen Amina Nickel The radiance of Queen Amina Nickel and the atmosphere of island enchant- ment made the 1965 Football Homecom- ing Dance a night for all to remember. Senior Princess Shirley Knox Senior Princess Anita Garcia o? Junior Princess Connie Johnson Sophomore Princess Margie Komhoff FOOTBALL HOMECOMING . . . A SUCCESS Aquinas men dance with dates at " Polynesian Evening " homecoming dance. Palm trees and Tikis greeted the Aquinas men and their dates who filled the gym for the 1965 Homecoming Dance. Thanks to the planning of the social com- mittee the dance was highly successful. - " Music for the occasion was provided by " The Other Guys ' 33 Y Queen Lucy Lcirkin Senior Princess Sherie Cherpin Junior Princess Jessi Gespin Senior Princess Shirley Knox Sophomore Princess Marilyn Williams Freshmen Princess Barbara Bittle 84 I ■ft Queen Lucy Larkin, receives roses, as princesses Jesse Gespin, Marilyn Williams, Barbara Bitfle and escorts look on. BASKETBALL HOMECOMING The 1966 Basketball Homecoming Dance was highlighted by the crowning of Lucy Larkin as Homecoming Queen. Decorations provided by the social committee plus the music of " The Whatt Four ' added to the theme of " IN DAYS OF OLD " to complete this most unforgetable evening. Entertainment for the evening was provided by " The Whatt Four " 35 Bishop Fury is assisted by Msgr. Hurd, Fr. Nagler and Fr. Kmsella in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the student body. RELIGION Bishop Fury explains to the students some of the changes in the Mass. 86 ' »■ %. - Fr R lymond Moore speaks to students about the religious conditions of South America. For the Aquinas student, Religion is never foigotten nor neglected. We all realize the necessity of Gods assistance. Never is there ci test without piciyer, or a game without a Mass, or a victoiy without a thanks. Yes, God has become a per- manent and unforgetable member of our Student Body. • Fr. Crowley, school chaplain, gives Holy Communion to Aquinas Men. Lead players in forthcoming Aquinas production of Mr. Roberts: Nick Herlick, Ed McCormick, C. Rigney, and AA. Mahynske. Father Nagler presents $ 1 00 check to George Knight, top winner m school ' s light bulb sale. Prom Committee ± Many name bands such as the Bush , The Peasai ts rhe Gern ir ■ Other Guys, shown above, provided the music for this year s canteens. C A N T E E N S Only a small part of the crowd at the bi-weekly canteens. SENIORS 2 THEY ' RE OFF . . : fr rs ?4 v.? CLASS OFFICERS . . . DAVID ABURTO Monogram Club; Varsity Football Man- ager 4 ; Varsity Basketball Manager 3 THOMAS ARCADI I.C.C. 4,- Freshmen Class Treasurer 1 Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; President 4; Mono- gram Club 4 ; Drama Club 3,4; Vice- President 4; Social Committee 4; Falcon Staff 3,4; Summa Staff 3,4; Sports Edi- tor 4; Photography Club 3,4; Journalism 4; Young Democrats 3; Varsity Wrestling 1,2; Cross Country 1; Track 1; Varsity- Football 4, Golf 4. CRAIG BARNETT Monogram CI I Varsity Basketball 2,3; Football J.V. 1 ; Golf 4; Honor 1,2. r BRIAN BEESON ASB Treasurer 4, Monogram Club 3,4; Social Committee 4; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; Football J, V. 2 ; Basketball J. V. 2; Baseball J. V. 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; Varsity Baseball 3; Varsity Football 4; Honor Poll 2,4 ; Most Inspirational (J. V. Basketball) 2; National Honor Society DAVID BENNETT Photography Club 1,2,3,4, Honor Roll 2 ROBERT BETANCOURT Monogram Club 3,4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Sigma Phi Pi 4; Athletic Committee 4; C Track I, Track J. V. 2; Varsity Track 3,4,- Varsity Football 3,4; All League Football 4 WILLIAM BULMER Monogram Club 1 ,2,3,4; Science Club 2 Prom Committee 3 ; Varsity Wrestling 1,2 Vai ity Football 3,4; Baseball J.V. 1,2,3 Varsity Track 4. HARVEY CHEVREZ Rocket Society 4 ; Journalism 3,4; Honor Roll 1 92 LAWRENCE DAMMAN Student Council 1: Key Club 3,4; Treas- urer 4, National Honor Society 4; Busi- ness lub 2, Monogram Club 3,4, Var- sity Football 3,4; Varsity Track 3,4; Track J.V. 2; American Legion Oratorical Contest 3; Most Valuable Track 3; Rocket Society 4. BERNARD DEMPSEY Photography 3,4, Falcon Staff 3; Roll 1,2,3. Honor CHARLES DASCHBACH Key Club 3,4, Monogram Club 3,4; Journalism 2.3,4,- Summa Staff 3; Falcon Staff 3,4; Science Club 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Track 3,4, Track J V. 2, Religion Award 2, Honor Roll 2,3,4; Rocket Society; Nat. Honor Society 4 MICHAEL DASCHBACH ASB Vice President A. Sigma Phi Pi 3,4, Young Republicans 3.4; Science Club 7, Drama Club 4 ; Football J.V. 3; Honor Roll 2,3, Gold Medal Debate 3; Rocket Society 4 CARL DIETZ Mono |i !,4; Pi . i . Track 3 Roll 1 93 ROBERT DOYLE Drama Club 3: Key Club 3,4, Journalism 3.4; Secretary 4 ; Falcon Staff 3,4; Sports Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4 ; Secretary 4- National Honor Society 3,4; News Radio Editor — KCVR 4; Scholastic Letter 3,4; Honor Roll ) ,2,3,4; American Legion Oratorical Contest 3,4; Rocket Society JAMES DUFFY Monogram Club 3,4; Football J V. 2,3; Varsity Football Manager 4 ; J.V. Track 2; Varsity Track 3,4. Varsity Basketball Manaaer 4, Honor 3,4. GREGORY EDESON Key Club 4 ; Chess Club 3; Journalism 4 ; Young Democrats 3; Falcon Staff A, Wrestling 2; American Legion Oratorical 3,4; Gold Medal Debate 3; American Legion Contest 3; Honor Roll 3. JAMES FORAL Sigmn Phi Pi 3,4 ; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Varsity Baseball 2,3, 4 ; Varsity Basketball 4; J.V. Basketball 2; Honor Roll 2 :rs of the Rocket discuss up-coming launch during noontime S ' v. 1 74 r DAVID GOMEZ Science Club 2; Roll 1,3,4. J V Football 3; Honor ALFONSO GRANILLO J.V. Football 1, Vnr Monogram Club 4 iity Football 4. NICHOLAS HERLICK Journalism 2,3 4 : : Falcon Staff 2,3.4; Summa Staff 2,3,4; Dram i 3,4, Photography Club 4, President 4, American Legion Oratorical Contest 3; American Legion Essay Contest 3; Honor Roll 3,4. Rocket Society 4. WALTER HICKEY Senior Class Secretary 4, Monogram Club 1 ,4; Senior Class Editor 4 ; Young Repub- licans 3,4; Secretary 4; Varsity Baseball 4; Varsity Wrestling 1 JV Football 3; J V. 1,4; J.V. Baseball 3; Honor Poll 1,4, Most Inspirational Player (J V Baseball} 3. THOMAS HICKMAN i ' ing Demo rrack 4, Hoi 95 T r RICHARD HIPSLEY Summa Staff 4; Honor Poll 1,2,3; Rocket Society 4; Class Secretary 1. RAYMOND HUITRIC Key Club 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4; Sodality 3 ; Science Club 2- Rocket Society 4 ; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scholastic Letter 3,4- MICHAEL HOLZMILLER Class President 3; Class Vice-President 2; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; President 4, Social Committee 3; Prom Committee 3, Athletic Commission 3,4; Inner Club Council 4; Varsity Football 34 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Track 2,3,4, J.V. Football 1; J.V. Basket- ball 1; J.V. Track 1; Honor 1,3,4; All- League Football 3,4; A-ll-League Basket- ball 3,4, C.I.F. Honorable Mention Foot- ball 3, Stocktons Sportsmanship Award 3; Nat. Honor Society 4. There is more than one way to clean up a school- " Jug. " v «. JOSEPH KERESI Monogram Club 3, Varsity Basketball 3, Honor Roll 2, 4. o - EDWARD KERRIGAN Rocket Society 4. Science Club 2, Honor Roll 1. WALTER KIRALLA J.V Football 2; Honor Roll 1 ,2 JAY LEMANN Social Committee 4- Sigma Phi Pi 3,4, Treasurer 4, Young Republicans 3,4; Vice- president 4; Monogram Club 4, Classes iditor of Summa 4, Falcon 4, Varsity ootball 4, American Legion Oratorical Tontest 3,4; Honor Roll 4, Journalism 4. RENE LIABEUF Rocket Society 4; Science Club 2; Honor Roll 1.2. LAWRENCE LOVGREN Wrestling ? Honor Roll 1,2. 97 MICHAEL MAHYNSKE Key Club 3,4; Dromo Club 3,4; Prom Com- mittee 3; Social Committee 4; Sodality 3; National Honor Society 4. The " in " crowd talks things over COLLIN MAXIM Photography 4. JOHN MEJIA Sigma Phi Pi 3,4, Sigma Phi Pi Se 4 ; Monogram Club 3,4; Football Varsity 2,3,4; Track ' Varsity 3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2. DOUGLAS MELCHIOR Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3; Baseball J.V. 2; Football J.V. 1,2; Football Varsity 3,4; Track J.V. 1 ; Basketball J.V. 2; Honor Roll 1. TERRY McCORCKLE Secretary 2 Class Representative 1; Mon- ogram Club 3,4; Journalism 4, Summa Staff 4; Falcon Staff A, Quill and Scroll Vice-President 4, Baseball J.V 1, Baseball Varsity 2,3,4; Wrestling 2, Football J.V. 2; Football Varsity 3,4; Honor Roll 1. edwin Mccormick Drama Club 2,3,4,- Monogram Club 3,4; Summa Staff Assistant Editor A; Young Republicans 3, Baseball Manager 3,4, Football 3; Honor Roll 1 ,2,4. DAVID M1ELAK Monogram Club 3,4, Basketball J.V. 2,3; -, 4 Football J.V. 3; Baseball J.V 2, Baseball Varsity 3,4. MICHAEL MILLER Sigma Phi Pi 3,4 ; Monogram Club 3,4; Young Democrats 3; Science Club 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Prom, Commit- tee 3, Baseball J.V. 2, Baseball Varsity 3,4, Football J V 2,3; Football Varsity A, Honor Poll 1,2,3,4, Football J.V. Captain 3; Most Inspirational J.V, Football Player 3,- Rocket Society 4. RANDOLPH MILLS ,1 Sigma Phi mt at Arms 4 Monogi in ' r 4 Football J.V. 1 ,2,3; I . ;i ■ - ; ' i ' - ' : Min igei ' ■ restln i 1 Honor Roll 1 ,2. 99 ; EDWARD MONTANO Honor Roll 2,3.4. Is this French class? ' DAVID MUNOZ Treasurer 1 ; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; VicePhesi- dent 4; Monogram 3,4, Vice President 4; Athletic Committee 4 ; Baseball J V 1 ,2; 7 in • , Baseball 3,4,- J.V. Football 2; Vai sity Football 3.4; Football Team i aptain 4, Basketball J.V, 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3.4; Honor Roll 4. RONALD NAZIONALE ASB Secretary 4; Secretary 3; ICC 4; Key Club 2,3,4; President 4, Sigma Phi Pi 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Young Democrats 3; Summa Staff Editor of Activities 4; Science i lull ?. Social Committee 3,4; J.V, Track 1,2; Varsity Track 3,4; Basketball J.V. 2, Varsity Basketball 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. TIMOTHY NEYSES Vice-President 1 ; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Young Democrats 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Prom Commit- tee 3 ; Social Committee 3; Baseball J.V. 1,2; Varsity Baseball 3.4; J.V. Basketball 1.2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; J.V. Football 2; Most Valuable Player (Baseball) 2; Most Valuable (Basketball) 3; All League Basketball 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; AII-C.I.F. Basketball 4 Most Valuable Player Bas- k ' tl ill in Arrowhead League 4. i 100 ;k ' iii ' ... .» . ■..« uaimmm mmam ■•■- — ■■——- " —- PATRICK O ' HAIR Science Club 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Scholarship 1,2; Honor Roll 2,3,4, Rocket Society 4 DANIEL PENNY ASB President 4 Vice President I Representative 1, Monogt im 3 4 Drama Club 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4; Photography Club 4; Summa Staff — Assistant Editor 3; Falcon Staff 2,3,4, National Honor Socie- ty 3,4; Science Club 2, Prom omniittrt ' Chairman 3, Homecoming Committee 4; Social Committee 4, Sodality 3, Trei 3; J.V. Baseball 2,3, J V, Football 2, Varsity Football 3,4; J.V, Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball Manager 3,4; Varsity Baseball Manager 4, Contributing Editor of Falcon Staff 4; Quill and Scroll Society 3,4, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scholastic Let- ter 3,4. MARCEL PIRIO Monogram Club 4, Football J.V. 3, Var- sity Football 4, Varsity Basketball Man- ager 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. THOMAS PAMP Sigma Phi Pi 3,4 PHILIP PIRIO Freshman ' lass President 1, Senior Class President 4 ; Rocket Society 4, N Honor Society 3,4, Key Club 3,4; Honor Poll 1,2.3,4, Bank of America Achieve- ment Award 4 T PERRY PUGNO Science Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4, Key Club 3,4; President Rocket Soci- ety A- Summa Editor in Chief 4; Journal- ism Club 4, Drama 3,4; Monogram Club 4, Prom Committee 3, Social Committee Chairman 4; Latin Achievement 3; Geom- etry Achievement 2; Biology Achievement 2; American Legion Oratorical 3; Schol- arship 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; Scholas- tic Letter 3,4; Quill and Scroll Society 4. ROBERT RICHARDSON Vice-President 4 ; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4; Jour- nalism 3,4, Young Republicans 3,4, Treas- urer 4, Falcon Staff 3,4 ; Basketball 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; American Legion Oro- torical Contest 4, Rocket Society 4. FRANK ROCHA Monogram Club 4 ; Baseball J V 2; Foot- ball ' . ' , i f ootl nil Vanity 4, Honor Roll 1 . GARY SALAZAR Monogram Club 2,3,4; C.C.D, 4; Baseball J.V. 1; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; J.V. Foot ball 3,4; J.V, Basketball 2; Varsity Bas- ketball 3,4; Most Valuable Player (Basket- ball J.V); All League (Football) 4; Foot ball Captain 4 ; Honor Roll 4. RONALD SALAZAR Key Club 3,4; Journalism 4; Summa As- sistant Editor 4, National Honor Society 3 A Vice President 4; Science Club 2; So- dality 3; Vice-Prefect 3; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Science Award 1; Math Award 1, Latin Award 2; Scholarship Award 3; Spanish Award 3; Rocket Society 4; Scholastic Letter 4, Bank of America Achievement Award 4; American Legion Essay Contest 4. 102 - " «» • y SCOTT SCHOLES Drama Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4, Sigma Phi Pi 3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Photography Club 3,4; Journalism 4; Young Democrats 3; Summa Staff 4; Falcon Staff 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 7, Homecoming Committee 4 ; Baseball J.V, 2; Baseball Varsity 3,4; Track J V. 1,2; JV Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4; All League (Baseballl 3 ; Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,4; Rocket Society 4, THOMAS SLOCUMB Monogram Club 3,4; Football J V Varsity Football 3,4 1 .? MICHAEL SMITH Treasurer 4, (. hairman Religious Commit- tee 4, Key Club 3,4, Journalism 2,3,4; Treasurer 3, Editor of Summa 3. Editor of Falcon 4- Quill and Scroll Society 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Gold Medal Award 3; Amer- ican History Award 3; Prom Committee 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Treasurer 4; Sodality Prefect 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, MICHAEL SREBOTH President ICC. 4 ; Key Club 3,4, Mono- gram Club 4 ; Journalism 2,3,4, Summa Staff 3; Falcon Staff 2,3,4; Assistant Edi- tor 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Presi dent 4 ; Science Club 2, Rocket Society 4, English Award 3 ; Honor Poll 1,2,3.4. N. I DANIEL TICKAMYER Bowling 1,3; Bowling ■ ' . Award 4 ; Rocket Society 4. 103 THOMAS TOLBERT Secretary 1, Monogram Club 2,3,4; Sigma Phi Pi 3,4, Key Club 3,4; Drama Club 3; Young Democrats 3; Basketball J.V. 1; Prom Committee 3; Social Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 3; Varsity Basket- ball 2,3,4; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Foot- ball 4; Basketball Captain A, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4, Roc- ket Society 4 ; BMOC 4. DAVID TORRES -ootball J.V. 2,3, Honor Roll 4 JOSEPH WEHRLE Key Club 3,4; Secretary 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Business Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Secretary 4; Prom Committee 3, Sodality 3 ; Football 4 Baseball 1, Varsity Basketba Baseball 1,2; Golf 3 ; Math Award 3 ; Religion Award 3 Economics Awards 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 American Legion Oratorical Contest 3 Bank of America Achievement Award 4 Rocket Society 4. J.V. 2,3,4 ; J.V. 4; Chemistry Award THOMAS VINCENT Monogram Club 2,3,4, Young Democrats 3, Surnma Staff 4. Science Club 2; Jour nalism Club 4; Baseball Manager A- Foot boll Manager 2,3; J.V. Track 1. MILFORD T. WEST Honor Roll 1,2; Rocket Society 4. Pictures of seniors not available: ARAGON, LEO; GARCIA, RON; RUFFINO, JACK TO C OLLEGE j 7 SUMMA STAFF Staff takes a break from working on the Yearbook to pose for a picture. THE SUMMA STAFF WISHES TO THANK ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF THE ASBA WHO MADE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE. WE JOIN WITH THE FACULTY AND ADMINIS- TRATION IN EXTENDING SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1966. WE WISH YOU ALL HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY IN THE COMING YEARS. EDITOR Editor-in-Chief Pugno looks over planning book with Editors McCormick and Salazar. STAFF LIST Editor-in-Chief Perry Pugno Assistant Editors Ron Salazar; Ed McCormick Senior Class Jay Lemann; Walter Hickey Junior Class Soren Olsen; Larry Pulte Sophomore Class Tom Urquhart Mike Parker Freshman Class Jim Eichenberg Sports Editor Tom Arcadi Organizations ' Scott Scholes Activities Ron Nazionale Chief Photographer Nick Herlick Assistant Photographer John Sexton Foreword and Dedication Leo Aragon Faculty and Administration Richard Hipsley Sports Writeup Tom Tolbert Artists Terry McCorkle Ed Kerrigan « CLASS EDITORS SPECIAL THANKS Mr. Francis Russell, Aquinas Yearbook Advisor. Father Moore, FALCON Advisor. Dan Penny, Student Consultant Mr, Les Nielson, Pacific High School Yearbook Advisor. The Sun Company 107 UTOGRAPHS The doors of a school are never closed to those who wish to learn. 108 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made ' X i V ( .» C c t C m n (.lao. •,- a oo t, ciifl yn; is ? k[ t ' t 4 M I ,», fcf. C r t tf t Ir -i t i. t t t , ( U f ' 4:,t iivi ' ■ ' k ' J- ■ ik-vtCt ' H « i «••:? " . r V. wc t: ; t (. t ■ A te« VKi fc Cvl i C u v ' k | l . " t k t t fc t t , t C £., L t Ut t, C C tU M f Mk k i ' V 4. ] t. ' ,t t k V ' ' t V«.V - r ' k - ' k «,v ' k O ' .l ' ' U .ft t ' - 4 ■■£. «• • a fk, t •■c. ' t.i, t f Uf f, j.k v, i iff f- ■■T- ' k 5 a v li M{ .£v « « •• f I v» «. t 4 f - «. ' I tic tu t t v k t ... 1 i u t ft t L kt . ,, t t «. k i i, t t r i f k f t k Y f t k f Ci«- c c v - t , ,,, it ,t.M f c f k ' t r t , t t - «-- i tCtUtl 4 c ' CI f- € t r i ■ c i i c 1 tt t r i c . ■ a fk f rvt . f k, ii ' ' ' t ' tt t;.rtu. ' V.»iU , t f r .■ ,-■ tL ' ir ■- - - x .. -.- • f ' t. ' if ' .H l •f « t ' l :i ' J ' t ' t ft ' -• ' ' v :■■-,« -i. ' c c e r c c «r c t t x - r i (i Jl i ; k t ; .f .t ? | ,t c )• c r J f r r f t ,; t ' C ■fir.- i ( t f ' ' ' «• r f k- ! : r t ' t.,c ■( ■( 4 , ' ■ «•.! ' ■•( if U ' f : i J :« ' i; ,,,vrr .(.rWaiti r f .cu-| % »: - . t , c V ■• ' ' , ■ V V ' t t fc ( c c t ■ ' t- ' • f ■ ' ■ " - k ■ . t ( r I r r » ■ r ! . , ■ ' v k :?«r hi fifat. ' fe i ' k v£ «-- jit «•. : r ' «, ,t , i v ■,-, , V;, f 1 1 v ••- tey , a rU rk r ,- f-Vcv k i ' ■- f Tf - " rf- -r- ' trr-teY ' c , ;. • ' ! I feAlR k ' «■ V k ' k i c r- ' ■ r, k ; ■ f r ? i ir it i ; i » • 1( ,»t ,fi A V ' • ♦ «r . r k,f r c c (■(•[ 1 r r » . i .»i ■ ' Vr nRa 4.1V ; ' ' k r ' f : Ar T " . tT« : ' -r ; (; f ' - I k f- r r e f tiTfi x r ret f k f ift r t rKT - ;C k r c r ' ' i . i ' ' r i iff. , fr f c rj. i . r , r i-..r. !%J Ul| 4 I i, i,l ■ • .» if i) mm cjin ati i» t

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Aquinas High School - Summa Yearbook (San Bernardino, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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