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mil SUMMA ' 65 Published by Aquinas High School San Bernordino, California Catholic School Press Association Quill i Scroll International Honor Journalism Society Foreword Since its establishment ten years ago, Aquinas High School has sought to do noble things for itself, for its students, for its community, for its God. Realizing the only effective means of accomplishing any of these, each succeeding ad- ministration at Aquinas determined a course of action to make every student a man. While administrations change, the goal of Aquinas men accomplishing noble deeds does not. Thus in this year of transition, the students continued their quest for manhood, for " nobilibus gestis, " but with new instruments for the search. The school has seen a multitude of fresh accomplishments this past year, owing to the industry and drive of the admin- istration, the faculty, and the students. Once more in this tenth year of progress Aquinas High School has done noble deeds. ft u JTJ- i ' u Aquinas Men eagerly await Father Murray ' s welcome address to new Freshmen. Administration 6 Classes 22 i " l|rii Organizations 54 Sports 88 Activities 73 FATHER RICHARD CROWLEY, C.S.V. IRIAL hange Is Progrt V, ff«-ted by the recent cUange m a. vrill be ' fJ , ,3,CreadjusnTients. " n c fXv S ys Sng progress. This progre fr. Keith Returns ; and WIU aiw-j- o • - school and - J-XSSi Aouinashascont ninistration - f ffg t secondary schools i ement as one of the M principal o ,e nation- ' ' ' j; ' " ' e first group of buUding: on its feet »«! mlt the and athletic progran ,p- imoroved the academic ai , f atlier JolmKeillirct a lour as ttor at Marian May H " 3S Hia oroc peace bp lo the School marked tliat he ' Cull 1 rcturni-J from " » ' ' ' an lUgl u- the ' ' i f after rau for r ■»t first . ' alcons agai , ,, , coi .-J ' " " " »e D[ face Crtnsi ,bUf hef ,,;; ' « ' ' ' ov Joy J ' Administration ' l- . U ' ssro Vi, Vir ' ' adult ;,, you Win ' rnant a Coordination for Noble Achievennent Bishop Charles F. Buddy and Fathe Confraternity Doy. J. Wolshe Murray look over program for Twenty-eight years ago this fall, Most Reverend Charles Francis Buddy, S.T.D., was elected by the Holy Father to lead the new Diocese of San Diego. From the moment of his consecration as Bishop of a far-flung diocese in Southern California, our Bishop has been an inspiration and an ideal in leadership. Bishop Buddy has been recognized as a tremendous leader in the field of Catholic Education and for his zeal in all that con- cerns Aquinas High School. The Most Reverend Charles Francis Buddy, S.T.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Bishop of San Diego A Noble Achievement The Most Reverend Francis J. Furey, Apostolic Adminis- trator, has worked diHgently for the promotion of Christian education in the Diocese of San Diego. During his brief residency, the Bishop has effectively dealt with the many problems of the Catholic School System. Also under his administration, the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine has grown and prospered, with thousands being instructed in their Faith. With his Excellency ' s great understanding and firm leadership, the educational system of the diocese is assured of continued progress in the coming years. PM ' Dedication The Most Reverend Francis Joseph Furey, S.T.D., Apostolic Administrator (Portrolt-Courtesy Gordon Kellen. Fo New Directions Toward Nobility The Very Reverend J. Walshe Murray, Su Father Murray graduated from St. Ignatius High School, San Francisco, and attended the Universities of San Francisco, and Santa Clara. He re- ceived training for the Jesuit priesthood at Gonzaga University and Alma College. He pursued further studies at Fordham and Loyola University of Los Angeles. A teacher all his life, Father Murray has taught at Loyola University of Los Angeles, Le Moyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., and the University of Santa Clara. Father joined the Diocese of San Diego after 28 years in the Society of Jesus. This year ' s new administration has achieved many new standards. It has accomplished many new things. The library, science, and the audio-visual programs have received considerable attention. These departments rank in excellence with some of the top quality schools of the country. Very Reverend Father J. Walshe Murray welcomes fellow educators, Mr. Wilson Grace, Principal of Fairfax High School, Mr. Dave Stene, Vice-Principal of San Bernardino High School, Mr. Jim Pfeiffer, Vice-Principal of Pacific High School, Mr. Fel Feuer, Vice-Principal of Sturges Junior High School, for Kiwanis Career Day at Aquinas. Be a Man — An Aquinas Man. Father Murray ' s concept of an Aquinas man is that he will realize the peak of his spiritual, cultural, social and physical development. He will then be prepared to be a citizen of two worlds — earth and heaven. Father Murray and Mrs. Alice Delle Monache look over part of 2500 books for new library. A vke-principal must perform many duties. He is liaison between the principal, faculty, students, and parents. He is an educator as well as a disciplinarian and is responsible for the smooth and efficient op- eration of class schedules and is interested in all that concerns the foundations of an Aquinas Man. Often he is responsible for the noble achievements of his subjects. Reverend Father John C. Keith Vice-Principal of Aquinas High School Religion III English III Reverend Father Chaplain of Aqu Religion II Richard A. Crowley nos High School A school chaplain ' s prime concern is the spiritual welfare of the students. He is chief guidance coun- selor and Father Confessor. His experiences are many and varied in arranging the spiritual exercises and providing the spiritual climate that will insure the Aquinas Man ' s achievement as a mature citizen of Heaven. I aSr •n " - . Mrs. Gloria Tattersall, Secretary to the Principal. Mrs. Rose Marie Stroh, School Bookkeeper Service Toward Noble Achievement Mrs. Ella Dee Liblin, School Secretary. Mrs. Alice Delle Monache and Mr. Bill Byer catalogu a shipment of 2500 books for the new library. i. — ■« year ' s to - • " ■ ' ' " ' " - tiy of Lavoc ' Xfhuust PqU St Police -. Refued lo ' ms St alt . „„ ,„ , „, ..,. ' graduate worV»tU , agU ■Suit I , ■ , • „C, ' 2, » u.CA-- ,. .c mar " " " " -- " fc?.f?!i " n jua Faculty S ' -C ' l Man can truly be called a true teacher inasmuch as he teaches truth and enlightens the mind. This does not mean, however, that he endows the mind with light, but that as it were, he cooperates with the light of reason by supplying external help to it to reach the perfection of knowledge. This is in ac- cordance with Ephesians (iii:8-9) " To me, the least of all the saints, is given the grace ... to enlighten all men, . . . " (S. Thomae Aquinatis, De Veritate, q.XI, a.l, ad 9. II Sent., 9, 2, ad 4;28, 5, ad 3; Contra Gentiles, II, 75; Summa Theologiae, I, 117, De unit. intelL, 5, nn. 50-51. OPERA OMNIA S. THOMAE AQUINATIS, Patres Ordinis Praedica- torum cum textu ex recensione commissionis Leon- inae quern introducit Clem. St. Suermondt, O.P. Praeses Commissionis Leoninae. (Taurini: Mari- etti: Romae, 1948). ... he rrfust know his subject . . . Teaching is inseparable from learning ... he must like it . . . (He must like) the pupils . . . They have no faults except the very ones they are asking you to eradicate: ignorance, shallowness, and inexperience. Gilbert Highet, The Art of Teaching (NY Vintage Bo oks, V-1, 1950) pp. 18, 25. Reverend Alfonso Cereio French I, II LoHn IV Reverend Grozio Fali Lafin I, II, III Freshmen Counselor This year ' s faculty, devoted to guiding the Aquinas man, has greatly aided the students this year in their struggle to reach the high goals of excellence and nobility for which they are all striving. The faculty plans to see that students achieve the goals of nobihty and excellence by encouraging self-discipline, self-realization and self-maturity. Reverend Richard KInsella Algebra I Geonnetry National Honor Society Moderator Reverend Richard Humphreys Chemistry III U.S. History III, IV Junior Counselor Library Moderator Reverend Earl La Riviere English I, II ASB Moderator Sophomore Counselor 1 ji lK ' W w 1 . m 1 Reverend William MarcoHe Religion I, IV Economics Book Store Moderator Faculty m smbers seem interested i n Porents Club speaker, Very Reve end J Woishe Murray. ' ■ " Tl w V P m Ij w 1 % P 9 1 i Wa Reverend Francis T. Mo History II English IV Journalism Moderator Senior Counselor Reverend John Nesbitt Mathematics III, IV Physics Key Club Moderator Mr. Edward Ciabattlni History I, II, Civics Monogram Club Moderator Major Rodolfo Gona, USAF Spanish I, II, History 1 Mr. Fronds M. Russell English I, II Mr. Roy Melvin Physical Education I, II Varsity Baseball Coach By CARL ICEUAIAN BUMS we .re .U o( the great Inipace ' ' ' « » Vk In general have had ontoda ' ' ' ' • . ' !. ivll ' seems I " ' Seniors eve - I r • : . % h ri Hit You have been engaged in one of the most important phases m the development of the Citizen of Two Worlds. Such a citizen is the only truly complete man— a man of destiny in eternity and a man of solid accomplishment in the days of his years on earth. It is the objective of Aquinas High School to help her sons m this engagement. Your Alma Mater has stnved to tram your faculties, instruct you in nght knowledge, prepare you for service to your country and your fellow-man and inspire you to ethical and Christian living. I wish you success, even possible greatness. However whatever your worldly achievement, I pray the ful- fillment of your obligations toward God and your Very Reverend J. Walshe Murray Principal A Goal Achieved Vice-President Cocchia, President Ashton, and Secretary-Treasurer Lastoskie are Senior class ofRcers. During the past school year of 1964-65, the Seniors of Aquinas have brought into the life of all Aquinas men many new activities, all of which stem from the efficiency of a well organized Student Council. All Seniors have advanced to a state of maturity which will produce, in future years, a quality of manhood unequaled in excellence and nobility. Ruben Amador Philip Aparicio Lawrence Ashton ' " ' ' ' - Anthony Bellanca Richard Brodarl l» Patrick Coughlin James Crowley - ' X Alfred Del GIgante Gerald DItchfield Father Humphreys lectures to Seniors on basics of accounting. Michael Doran James Endicott Robert Escamilla Mile Sturtevanf, Jim Winker, and Dennis Philli Del Gigante on banjo and Jones on gjitar. ps join In a song during lunch, Larry Folce i Gary Fiege Joseph Fitzpafrick John Hawley Mli Mark Harfford Michael Hennessey Senior Hellman works on Germon during lunchtime. H Seniors prepare for prepare for morning classes, while Del GIgante seems to Robert Lastoskie Michael Lawrence Richard McGrath James McGuire Salvatore MIneo Harry Morrison K Patrick Murphy James Narlock Randy Barsotti, Bob Reeve, Mike Henessey, and Jim Passard check schedule for next home game. Dennis Phillips ( «r L .! Charles Raderstorf James Reaghard 1 Robert Reeve George Rigney 1 Barry Rome Juan Sanchez 4 !- Dennis 0 Cooner. I r 22nd, 1963, The presidentUl jet comet i lOve Field. As ttie engines slow to silence, a I pet a cheering, happy crowd. Beside him ii I ndant in a charming pink suit. The young c 1 f tlie crowd, and lau lngly. Joyfully, b li lus way to a gleaming blue Lincoln Coa Student t TheMouti ms the trop- Joy, • Sf more vancement for neli ' Sa build charaLo ,,.: ' ' O Co|;V Underclassmen to see our vase ■ OS on domestic aj •r Interference, f eedom of worsbj oirch of our te haa given yourself- ment— as ttry, beca riglas. r places ( o; andt FREE ' :i?5 s ■feam " ■ts p em ' o A Drive Toward Maturity Leopold Aragon a Juniors are represented in the ASBA by officers, President-Holimiller, Vice- President-Penny, and Secretary-Nazionale. Treasurer-Pusch was not available for photo. ■x- 4 i ft « a. .-!vi The Junior Year is a time to reminisce. It is a time to examine the past years of life at Aquinas, and to weigh their successes or failures. It is a year in which leadership begins to assert itself. It is also a time to look ahead, a time to plan for future years. The Juniors can be proud of their past accomplish- ments, and happily look forward to further achievements. Robert Bentacourt Bernard Dempsey Robert Doyle Junior Arcadi proudly displays Honor Medal for lifesoving. Alfonso Granillo 1 ft " -7 ] kil Michael Mohynske Terrence McCoricli a a s hi 1 ik 1 ' 1 f iik f a . . Edwin McCormi( David Nueneubel n « iife i , I I I ' " . f kat Juniors have French lesson? Michoel Sreboth l John Talbot ; ■■ ' -1 ' " " ° ' " lif 11 ' I lisi a r Dgv id Torres Thomos Vincent ' - .j Thomas West , " A.. III Joseph WehrU Theodore Yorbouigh Gory Solozor Ronold Solozor Michoel Showlee Thomos Slocumb Scott Scholes Michoel Smith 1 i Gary Salaiar keeps Junior trodition of service at turkey dinner President Green discusses plans of Sopho Doyle, and Secretary-Treasurer Gardner. • i - P 1 I n Burke estCGbollero liom Carney n veCcrroll orge Carroll liom Cole ilk i r !• 1 After their " baptism of fire " in the freshman year, the Sophomores have continued to exhibit the same spirit as they had in the previous year. Working diligently for the fu- ture, they have further developed themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually toward the realization of men. V i i Sophomores McDonald and Cool check English grades. Charles Benfz 1 - •r ' xi. Michael Dennis James Doyle Thomas Firek ft f 1 ' Gar, Gardner " . . , Luis Gonzales Tho sGran, i 1 % Ilk Richord Green James Groves William Gn.bbs e r f ' ' lilim i len Gruber Oscar Gutierrez Raymond ( Principles of Geometry explained to Sophomores Herlick, and Burke, by -- James McDon Michael McP - 1 a ..».,. Tfft .c.c. pe 1i iM DovidO ' Kee — Sophomores Carroll, Androdi, ond Rigney, gather for discussion in Religion das TOP ROW— Cool, McDonald, Green, Father La Riviere, Co Sullivan, Baughn. BOTTOM ROW— Dennis, Amendt, Carr( Burke, Herlick, O ' Connor. k ' i i Chorles PhenW Richord Pine Roymond Planck Gilbert Rocha Stephen Roquet John Ruiz Williom Smith Richard Solano Gregory Sorlo Lawrence Pranausk Randy Rupor Michoel Sullivan Lorry Pglle Roger Rybacki Jesse Torrez Jesus Ramirez Charles Rigney Richard Soar Douglas Sebek Gregory Vaughn Brion Vellre n n a 9 a X n a. f i nil, f Air C . f ik i i .£? fnl .aiUl. 7 Mi i i il t O f (P Thomas Bates Richord Cobre 1 I Mark Coughim Christopher Crawford , Chotlgny Cisneros i Cotfen Secretary-Treasurer Larltit Freshman class. »nt McGee and Vice-President Perei lead m III Dan Durand Stephen De Lisle Paul Dennis Kevin Doran Shawn Doyle Stephen Eastburn James Eddy Michael Ehlhardt Robert Englehord Jomes Farah Mark Favorite William Ferguson ' Newspaper Carrier of the Year " Award s proudly displayed by Freshman Gregory A Start in the Direction of Nobility As the Freshmen of Aquinas entered upon their first year of high school, they soon come to realize that they are men; men not only in stature, but in noble achievement. The Freshmen, although the youngest and most inexperi enced, exhibited spirit which knew no bounds. As they persevere in their years at Aquinas, they will continue to become men; each striving in his own way to perfect himself, and to achieve noble deeds in unison. v c: Frosh Study? Hi»ttli a)isy I n d n Hi I W w %: r ft r-%. m lk ]l( 4li Potrick Kerrigan Charles Lonberger rimothy McCready James Mullaney Kenneth Murphy « - f!5 « {■■ % ' v. i I liiiii, n p c Charles O ' Donnell Steven O ' Neil " Good Reading " was George Carroll ' s topic Sophomore orotorical contest. fLj f»;j T-.4 ndustrlous Frosh deal with latest dilemma encountered in History. Chorles Zino 1 i 1 li lUrry KU rris.-t; ;-- ;■ I arl HeUn:i:i Jirr. ! " s»«rJ L " : FV,h (verve JlHi i-ejg!:ir ' . Stc e Stumi, GoTge iugw Jim l:«lir z..-. ' .1 .OL P»tri(f Mu BLTLNKS; n v; i Photograptry — Nick lierlicK, f-ickBrodjric, rierivarJ ; o Scoa Scholes .y Wrhers — I nny ' lintori, F»t Murpliy. Boh tw , ' {,, ' ' . L stoslde, Mi) " Sniitti, I »n Penny, Bru ' " ' ' J ' ej ' ' ' John Burk, Dob IJoyle. Bo») KicKirdsoo , f , ' ■ bot}). f " harles IJasdibach j, ' V-, ' ' ' ' ' " - —-« ' ••- ' — — fither Frantis T. Moore ii,, " ' f. ' ' " % JiMCOS Organizations wm nit Boosters Sponsor Awa held Vi,r r, muet Escarruiii em- Andrade. 6 %: } ■■ W ' . « » «- x s .. 0 , ' ,, ' ;..% . - , VV : . I[ r r Provide Leadership Toward Nobility student 6overnment Athletic Committee Chairman Bob Cocchia checks with officers, Bob Lastoskle and Carl Hellman. Student government is an important component of any school. The men elected are the voice and representatives of the student body. These men not only represent the student body to the school administration but to the community as well. Their actions reflect upon the student body. The student government of Aquinas is divided into two sections; the Student Council, which represents the student body on the whole, and the class governments, which rep- resent their respective classes. The Student Council is comprised of the ASB officers and the class and club representatives. Class elections are held in the fall, while ASB elec- tions take place in spring. Presidents Norton— Drai :rats, Romo — Young Republi i ASB President Rigney, Vice-President Perei, Secretary Crowley, and Treasurer Fuller discuss this year ' s agenda. The Constitutional Committee of Morrison, Passard, Escomilla, and Sturm presented amendments to stu- dents at ASB spring elections. Provides Training in Democracy ASB dances and canteens were planned by Perei, Holi- miller, Escomilla, Passard and Tolbert. Office guldec ' Ice-President Perez, Secretary-Treasur I National Honor Society. iident Sti National Honor Society The National Honor Society is a service organization and ex-olTicio member of the Student Council. Its purpose is to unite students of scholastic achievement. The Holy Spirit Chapter was chartered by Father J. Vincent Sullivan in May, 1961. Since then approximately thirty-five students have graduated with the National Honor Society Seal, a national award for consistently high grades and recognition of character. i»a Officers of the Monogram Club, Bob Lostoskie, Randy Barsotfi, and Bob Cocchia lead varsity lettermen in service to Aquinas. Monogram Club The Monogram Club supports intra-mural sports and recognizes arhievement by providing trophies and letters for outstanding performance. Aquinas proudly displays its numerous trophies which Falcon teams hove won through past years. %■ i If l i ? i Presiding over Key Club meeting Sturm, president; Harold Morris. jn, Klwonis Club Representative, Stev nd James Reahgard, treasurer. Key Club Since its establishment towards the end of the 62-63 school year, the Key Club has led the school in the development of initiative and leadership. Under the direction of the President, Steven Sturm, Key Clubbers have set an enviable record of service, both in the school and in the community. On campus, they have sponsored dances and have helped at school-sponsored dinners. Working with the East San Bernardino Kiwanis, the club has given countless hours to charity; in aiding the Catholic Social Service dur- ing Christmas, it has relieved many from hunger. With a club whose motto is Service, both school and community are assured of continued assistance. Junior Mike Sreboth, President Ste plan Key Club ' s tutoring program. Sturm and Freshn Key Club members Mario Perez, Steve Sturm, and James Reahgard collecting canned foods for the Annual CSS Christmas Cheer Program, mmu Chess Club Presldenf Herllcit, Secretary-Treasurer Baughn, and Vice-Preside ore officers of newly established Chess Club. Established at the beginning of the ' 64-65 school year, the Chess Club ranks as one of the newest chartered clubs on the Acjuinas campus. Under the direction of Father Earl LaRiviere, it has participated in tournaments with other .schools throughout the valley, and established itself as a team to be reckoned with. Father Earl La Rivier nt Herlick engage in quiet competition on Che All student activities at Aquinas are published in the school paper, THE FALCON, and in the annual niemoiy book, THE SUMMA, These publications serve as a medium of communication between stu- dents, faculty, administration and community. Aquinas publications also provide training in writ- ten and pictorial expression for interested students. Recorders of Noble Achievement Morrison, Hawley, Helli nd Journalism Associate Daschbach pose proudly with Mr. Bill Boyle «% Father J. Walshe Murroy presents writers, Sreboth, Penny, Herlick, Cocchia, Reahgard, Daschbach, Hellman and Sturm with Quill Scroll membership cards. Journalism The Aquinas Chapter of the Quill Scroll International Honorary Society for high school journalists is composed of the staff of all publications. It recognizes individual journalistic endeavors and participates in journalism workshops and seminars through- out Southern California. Summa Staff consisting of Lake, Doyle, Penny, Smith and Pranausk race deadlines of 1965 Summa. Drama Club " Quiet, lights, action, " these immortal words rang out once again in the Aquinas gym as the Falcon Thespians once more donned the grease paint, and struggled to memorize their lines. The Drama Club ' s first success was " Come Blow Your Horn, " by Neil Simon. Starring roles were played by George Rigney, Al Del Gigante and John Turley. The St. Ber- nardine ' s girls teamed with the Club to make the show successful. Kathy Smith, Carmen Torres, Diane Eason and Maureen Warren played the leading female parts. ;tor S. Earl Tavares ond Secretary Judy Melito, along with Myi neo test microphone system prior to a dress rehearsal. Drama Club officers Hort of " Good N St. Bernordlne ' s girls, Kathy Smith ond Carmen Torres with Aqu turn professional for " Come Blow Your Horn, " igney, Turley ond Del Giqonte George Rigney relaxes as Yvonne Williams and Peter Norton apply moke up. Members of lighting crew John Talbot and Mike Honrohon combine with sound effects manager John Leoffler to make " Come Blow Your Horn " a big success. Two alumni, Michale Dixon, and S. Earl Tavares, teamed to guide the Aquinas men and girls of St. Bernardine ' s to pro- duce the first musical comedy that Aquinas has put on stage. The show " Good News, " featured Ed McComiick, Perry Pugno, in the leading male roles, while Patty Forte, Arlene Mestas, and Lucy Larkin were the leading female players. The technical end was handled by Peter Horton, and Bob Reeves. Patty Mangino and Dan Penny were the choreog- raphers. Perry Pugno os Tom and Patti Forte as Co demonstrate thot practice makes perfect in s from " Lucky In Love. " Eddie Fitipatrick ' s Mode, r- the Roaring 20 ' s in play reh Students from St. Bernardlne ' s and Aquinas eombint their vocal talents in the production of " Good News. ' irfiS President Col. J. Wehrle conducts Parents ' Club meeting Parents ' Club Father J. Walshe Murroy shows new audio equipment to parents. Recording Secretary Mrs. Richardson. President Wehrle, Vice-President Doyle, Executive Secre- tary Mrs. Miller, and Treosurer Mrs. Roberts ore officers of Parents ' Club. nd Mrs. Perry L. Knight and Mr. Gerry Schaffer head Aquinas ways and mean Inspirers of Nobility The Parents ' Club of Aquinas High School has always been a source of support and interest in Aquinas activities. This year a remodeled library was provided for the stu- dents by the club, as well as a complete audio-visual department in the school. The social life was not neglected, for in December a silver tea was held, and in the pre- Lenten season a Mardi-Gras dance. The parents also sponsored a Laetare tea for par- ents of incoming freshmen students on Laetare Sunday. Interested parents listen to plans for tutur ' c; Officers of the Booster Club conduct business meeting. Booster Club Members of Booster Club listen to plans for new activities. Father J. Walshe Murray presents Freshman Lositer with $100.00 check OS first priie winner in annual light bulb sole. Aquinas High School this past year has greatly benefited from the efTorts of the Booster Club. A new fence for the football field and an improved baseball field were the results of their planning. The Booster Club dances provided merriment for all parents of Aquinas students. Boosters entertain Arrowhead League officials at fall banquet. - B S ' Ufurgy Pricey Di ; ve tongue. CathX? ' ci?2. ° J «nd the peopif ° P««t i -ej3-iL;;-.2 ,:2f . " r., ' onday Friday ' ' ' t arenfs Clubmeet. P-ifotuze tf ' arations were made ' Mr. Ckn tw f ey dinner to be Roger Fran Nov - Cht 0 " ' ' hw ' gfiey - " Bon Activities ■ - ■ • " " " «F.;:; " ' " " «r. foi Briefer Create Noble Goals of Carmelite or Religion Realizing that noble achievement is impossible without the aid of God, Aquinas has made religion the core of its curriculum. With the deeds of Thomas Aquinas, Cardinal Newman. Leo XIII, and John XXIII, as his goals, the Aquinas man strives to be a perfect man of God. With the presence of the Blessed Sacrament now on the campus, administration, faculty, and students now ha e the privilege of being in the presence of the Lord their God, by whom all things are ai complished. Sodality officers Ronald Salazor, Michael Smith, Dan Penny, and Charles Doschbach survey latest situation of missions in South America. l ,£ Father Adrian at Aquinas day of recollection in school cho Source of Manly Nobility Father Crowley, school chaplain, offers Holy Moss in daily remembrance of students and faculty. r ' i I Lawrence crowns Que i Cathy Thaman, Freshm, Gabriel, and Junior PrI !n Anita Thonnpson n Princess Barbaro cess SherrI Cherpin football horn ard, Senior Pr Football Homecoming White marble columns and evergreens leading to a raised fountain greeted the 250 Aquinas men and their dates who filled Holy Rosary Hall for the 1964 Football Home- coming. Music was provided by The Genteels, the favorite band of Aquinas. Queen Anita Thompson reigned over the successful evening planned by Nick Escamilla, and his committee. Ann McDonald is crowned 1965 Basketball Homecon while Freshman Princess Annette Rotondo, Senior Pri cess Cathy Connelly, Junior Princess Shirley Knox, Joehnig smilingly approve. ng Queen by Mike Holimil cess Patti Keresi, Senior P ind Freshman Princess Dii The radiance of Queen Ann McDonald and the remarkable versatility of The Genteels made the 1965 Basketball Homecoming a night for all to remember. With decorations furnished by the Junior Class, the dance committee, headed by Mike Holzmillcr, effectively executed the theme of " Evening In Paris. " The large crowd, dancing until midnight, attested to the success of the event. Basketball Homecoming men dance with dates at " Night baslcetball honnecoming. im Charles Daschbach, Dan Penny, Joe Wehrle h Perry Pugno, Gregg Edeson, Larry Damon, Mik Prom The biggest social event of the year is the Junior-Senior Prom. It is traditionally spon- sored by the Junior Class and includes a formal dinner dance to which the faculty and chaperones are invited. As in previous years, the dance was held at the famous Royal Tahitian in Ontario. i Horton, Turley, Ashton, and Romo sif one out. Juniors Penny, Sreboth, Smith and Mahynske pose with dates at end of enjoyable eveni Aquisitions of Social Nobility Seniors and juniors enjoy nnusic of Stubby Lone and his band. Canteens The Regents provide music at Aquinas Canteen Senior Cocchio collects odnnission at door with Willie Clinton, and Gail Beeson. Girls from St. Bernardine ' ; bi-weekly stomps. egular participants at The bi-weekly canteens held in the Aquinas gym both pro- vide the major source of income for the ASBA and create a divereion for students from studies. They also provide bet- ter relations between Aquinas and Saint Bemardine ' s High School. Both schools alternate the canteens. of «he few slow nu played during Ihe eve This is dancing?? Students find time to relax from the tensions of school at one of the many canteens. . ' ' .y H-: ' jJt R A few of the 1700 people who oHended this year ' s turkey Turkey Dinner Over 1700 people crowded the Knights of Columbus Hall for the annual tur- key dinner sponsored by the Parents ' Club. The proceeds went to the improve- ment of the science laboratory. The Key Club and Junior Class along with the St. Bernardine ' s girls aided the parents in putting on this highly successful venture. Two bands provided the entertainment and various raffles, held throughout the afternoon, along with cake sales, netted additional funds. Mrs. Tattersall, secretary ot Aquinas, and her husband enjoy pleasant evening at the MardI Gras dance. Mardi Gras Parents relax during pause in music. Mr. Mefela, Mardi Gras successful ev (oberts, the Millers, ai littee, pose with Fathe d the Doyles, i J. Walshe Mu ers of the at end of A mid-season diversion for the Parents ' Club took the form of a Mardi-Gras Dance held at the K nights of Columbus Hall on Baseline Avenue. Music was furnished by the " Notables. " Masks were supplied by the Miller family, and decorations were provided by the Roberts, Doyle, and Lawrence families. RafTles were held during the course of the evening, and proceeds were donated to the improvement of the audio-visual fa- cilities at the school. gay evening wos hod by all who Father LaRivere briefs incoming freshman and his parents on the high scholastic standards that Aquinas sets for its students. Peter Morton observed by istry opparatus. 3tes, demonstrates ehe Laetare Tea The first annual Laetare Tea, held in the latter part of the school year, gave incoming freshmen and their parents an opportunity to meet the faculty, and to examine the fa- cilities at Aquinas. Personally conducted by Father J. Walshe Murray, Principal, the tour covered the physical, scholastic, spiritual aspects of school life that are so demand- ing of an Aquinas Man. Father J. Walshe Mu Mrs. Neyses and her ; 6old Medal Debate 1 i r n K- iflll £ 1 1 - 1 W ' $ 1 1 ' 1 t H Sturm, McGi were judged wi first Gold Met A Gold Medal Debate was held at Aquinas this year for the first time. The Junior class represented by Michael Daschbach, Greg Edeson, and Edward Neu- neubel debated Seniors Steve Sturm, James McGuire, and John Hawley on the ques- tion, " Should Red China be admitted to the U.N.? " Juniors took the affirmative side, seniors the negative. The judges awarded the medal to the negative representatives for their fine presentation. John Hawley was awarded the gold medal as the best speaker. -wWch needed re ttme outs to .w, ,h.« U 41- on Sports lame foroorrow m a v, Id ' ■iiampiofMip b( «(.,., . wunter .N ' ofre Dame • - - ' -f- " • .rLs tuj 3 «-36 dwision over ™ " ' ' ' ;?, « « 30 a n. , wbsn (kl nu) in jLs opener r " f. ' ' " ' n« 5!. San JacmM toihv,mg m order H-i i be So f (iomuiaiiim ol (he ' ' ' ' a v« Bioomington Pa ' s, partjcuidrly on de- Verdes vs Ramona of San «bied D ' c faicons to ' ? ' ' ' - 3nd Verbum Dei vs Twesa-j sciMvp 3,J-25 conquesi ' ' - ' ) ' " ? PaJms In the champ-l lonship brackei CnUort p!st v- frp n ' - ' « e ' f?} f ■ !4 e. Noble Prowess Football £J V i hJ : .3r- VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM— FIRST ROW: Vincent, VonWag- ner. Meyer, Perez, Reaghard, Cocchia, Lastoslcie, Hartford, Sanchez, Turley, Jones, Slocumb. ROW 2: Crowley, Lawrence, Bullmer, Salazar, Garcia, Anorade, Summerfield, Barsotti, Bran- caccio, Mineo, Falce, Damnnon, Briggs, Yarborougli. ROW 3: Coach Fosdik, Mr. Ciobattini, Penny, Keresi, Betancourt, Cooch Neel, Caballero, Holimiller, McCormick, Melchior, Dletz, Hut- ton, Daschbach, Escamilia, Solano, Mihia, Grubbs, Coach Liles. Coach Al Liles, form( pro-ball player, explaii his strategy for the u| conning season. Big Bill Jones follows 150 pound halfback Ron Andrade through aggr Notre Dame defenders. The Falcons went for 222 yards in the 19-6 victory over C. S. I). R. C ' .occhia intercepted a pass and ran for a 32 yard TU. Jones crossed the line in a 13 yard run followed bv another touchdov n with Reayhard ' s recovery of a fumble in the C. S. I). R. end zone. The Falcons, trailing in the fourth quar- ter 6-0. broke Notre Dame ' s line and ploughed ahead for a 12-6 victory. Jones dio c 35 yards for the first touchdown and plunged across the line for the second touchdown in the final minutes of play. Jones led the attack with three touchdowns as the Falcons trampled Big Bear into the dust in a 52-7 victory. Jones also got off two TD pass-plays to Andradc. Before it was over Holzmiller, Cocchia, and Salazar crossed the line for three more touch- downs. Jones gains a couple of yards on quick open Aquinas frounces Big Bear 52 to 7. The Falcons shutout Chino ' s Boys ' Republic in a 6-0 victory. Jones crossed the line after driving 43 yards in four plays. Falcon hopes were destroyed when Valley Christian downed Aquinas 32-18 in the first game of the GIF playoffs. After driving for four plays, Salazar plunged over the line for our TD in the first half. In the second half Andrade ran the last five yards of our 55 yard drive for a TD. Jones scored the final TD in a 10 yard run. CIF gome against Valley Gary Salazar finds a defense to run tor gaii Through Kilpatrick ' s passing and Bameist- er ' s running, Rim handed Aquinas its third defeat in the most important game of the season by a score of 21-0. The shutout loss knocked the Falcons out of first place but not out of GIF. " Yeah boY, ' the exac words of Coac h Al Liles as Bill Jones, most valu able, and most outstand nq boc , Same Mineo as most voluable inemon, c nd Ma io Pere , most inspirational, we e presented thel frophie s at the a nnuol football b anquet. • ' i fe. ' •-,i , ; , . ■ s , . ■i m , ' n 1 :mM. jf i ' 1 M i i 1 F m ( 1 . " Jim Duffy sets up a Bear for hungry Charlie RIgney. B " Football B Football Coach Ciabattini presents Tony Kedzior, most valuable back, Mike Miller most inspirational, and Charles Rigney most valuable line- men, with their trophies. Frank Rocha sprints 20 yards for a first down in the game against Big Beor which ended in a 0-0 deadlock. II ' ll rjpw H I 1 1 m. 1 k KL- W K B M §3, H HH: mm HB H, N ' " K few r M mH 4 Basketball Aquinas ' well-balanced first-quarter attack dissolved into a last minute desperation stall which needed the aid of five time outs to hold off Webb, 41-40. Nyses topped Aquinas ' scoring with 12, with Grant hitting 10 and Holzmiller adding nine. Jeff Grant makes final basket of game as Falcons beat Webb, 41-40. Aparlcco slips tlirough Notre Don Aquinas ' three quarter lead slipped away to a nar- row Notre Dame 63-61 victoi7 in the final quarter. Grant led the way with 19 points. Holzmiller had 16 rebounds. CSDR jumped to a 9-2 lead in the first quarter but saw it evaporate as the Falcons swept to an 85-61 victoiy. Holzmiller tallied 12 points with Aparicio adding 10. The Falcons survived a fantastic comeback by Big Bear ' s never-say-quit basketball team, nipping the Bears 57-56. Grant and Nyses topped the Falcons with 18 points apiece and Ruben Amador added 11. Coach Ciabattini briefs the Falcon squad during a time out the game with Big Bear. THIS YEARS VARSITY— FRONT ROW. left to right: Assistant Managers PIrlo and Mills, Grant, Aparl- cio, Amador, Cocchia. BACK ROW: Assistant Managers Penny and Possard, Wehrle, Richardson, Holi- miller, Barnett, Naiionale, Beeson, Salaiar, Scholes, Neyes, Munoi, Coach Ciabattinl. Aquinas pulled away to topple Rim in the fourth period 63-60, following see-saw quar- ters which ended with the score tied. Grant finished with 21 points to lead all scores. One of the many overflowing crowds watches Aquinas vs. RIi Ov-X t) . p n ■J ' I B BASKETBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW, left to right: HIclcey, Torrei, Favorite, Rybacki, Mlelok, Boyd, Kediior, Cabollero. TOP ROW: Managers Cool and Carroll, Smith, Vierra, Malloy, Feral, McGee, Larlcln. Manoger Hellman. B " Basketball Torrez snatches rebound In tight Notre Dame game. I Coach Leitro had another successful year with B team. Frosh struggles with Pacific defender in Pacific gyn Grant lays up two more tor Aquinas in game against Pacific. C " Basketball TOP ROW, left to right: Manager Pirio, Coach Melvln, Coughlln, Schaeter, Grant, Jenkins, Berneart, Mangino, Manoger Honrahon. BOTTOM ROW; Boyd, Martin, Healy, Eddy. f). :| ' . 4,lpL ' tr|;| VARSITY BASEBALL— BACK ROW: Coach Melvin, Salazar, Reaghard, Grant, Larkin, Foral, Grant Jim, Beeson, Grant Jeff, Murphy, Mlelak, McCormlck. FRONT ROW: Cocchio, Neyses, Lastoskie, Mc- Corkle, Munoz, Scholes, Miller, Torrei. Captain Bob Cocchio presents Arrowhead League trophy to Father J. Wolshe Murroy, and Coach Melvin, while Scott Scholes, Bob Lastoskie, and Jeff Grant receive all Arrowhead League awards. Lastoskie makes it to first with time to Falcons whipped Notre Dame 8-4. out Fllntrldge 7-1 Baseball Closing out the season with a 17-4 record, Aquinas reached CIF semifinals before being stopped by Needles 6-3. For a team which was expected to finish no higher than third, it surprised many by easily winning the Arrowhead League with a 6-0 record. Seniors JefiF Grant, Bob Lastoskie, Bob Cocchia and Junior Scott Scholes were named all Arrowhead League. Bob Lastoskie was also named the CIF second string Class A, and Bob Cocchia. All Star CIF, first string. Class A. B BASEBALL TEAM, left to right; Manager Hutchinson Gee, Caballero, Foral, Bates, Malloy, Manager Unde Healy, Mickey, Eddy. Benedickt, Weinstien, Hernnan. -4 m m Kopotich, Nicho a m gM M. . V W ' 1 Jim " Croiy Legs " Duffy overtakes CSDR cub In fhe 120 yard high hu Track The track team was very successful this year taking three first places, two seconds, and a third in track meets. The varsity finished in Arrowhead League competition, while the " B " and " C " teams placed second in their divisions. Larry Damtnon edges out Mike Briggs and Rim Scot, in the 100 yard dash. Nazionale takes first place in a triple meet Rim and Big Bear. -;i The SUMMA extends its warmest greetings to the Class of ' 65 and, with the facuUy. thanks all who in any way contributed to the success of SUMMA ' 65. Staff CARL HELLMAN MICHAEL SMITH MICHAEL SREBOTH DANIEL PENNY ROBERT DOYLE CHARLES DASCHBACH NICK HERLICK, TOM ARCADI, F. MOORE Rev. FRANCIS MOORE EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR FACULTY, CLASSES ACTIVITIES, ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISOR nior Directory nior 106 «a Directory RUBAN AMADOR Monogram 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4. PHILIP APARICIO Varsity Basketball 3, 4; B Track 1,2; Honor Roll 2. LAWRENCE ASHTON Class Secretary 3; Class President 4; Debate Club 3; Chess Club 4. RANDOLPH BARSOTTI Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident 4; Varsity Football 2,3, 4; Varsity Baseball 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3,4. ANTHONY BELLANCA Debate Club 3; Varsity Foot- ball 3; Honor Roll 3,4. ROBERT BIRD Monogram Club 3,4; Varsity Track 3; Honor Roll. RALPH BISHOP Transferred from Eisenhower High; Varsity Football 3. VICTOR BRANCACIO Class Vice-President 1; Debate Club 1; Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4; Var- sity Football 2, 4; Honor Roll 1,3. RICHARD BRODARIC Journalism Photographer; Quill and Scroll Society 4. WILLLAM CLINTON Key Club 3,4; Journalism 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Debate Club 3,4; National Merit Letter of Commen- dation 4. ROBERT COCCHIA Class Vice-President 4; Chairman, Committee of Athletics 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Key Club 3,4; Science Club 3; De- bate Club 3; Quill and Scroll Societj ' 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Bas- ketball 3,4; Varsity Base- ball 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4. PATRICK COUGHLIN Glee Club 2; JV Track 1; Varsity Track 2. JAMES CROWLEY ASB Executive Secretary 4; Debate Club 3, 4; Key Club 3,4; Science Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Varsity Track 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. ALFRED DEL GIGANTE Drama Club 3,4; Drama Club Vice-President 4; B Basket- ball Manager. GERALD DITCHFIELD Drama Club 4; Debate Club 3. MICHAEL DORAN Drama Club 3,4. THOMAS DOWLAN Prom Committee 3; Class Representative 2; Drama Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Business Club 3; Honor Roll 3. VICTOR DRAPER Young Democrats 4. JAMES ENDICOTT Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Journalism 4; Art Editor Falcon 4; Varsity Track 2. ROBERT ESCAMILLA Chairman, Social Committee 4; Drama Club 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Debate Club 3; Varsity Football 3,4; Bowling 1. LAWRENCE FALCE Chess Club 1,4; Drama Club 3,4; Monogram Club; Var- sity Football 3, 4;Varsity Wrestling 3. GARY FIEGENER Chess Club 4; Bowling. EDWARD FITZPATRICK Class Treasurer 3; Prom Committee 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Debate Club 3; Var- sity Wrestling 2,3; Bowling 1; Honor RoU 3,4. JOHN FULLER ASB Treasurer 4; Mono- gram Club 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 3; Varsity Track 3,4. WILLIAM GILL Drama Club 3,4; Business Club 3; Science Club 2; Var- sity Football 2; Varsity Track 2. GEOFFREY GRANT Monogram Club 3, 4; Var- sity Basketball 3,4; Var- sity Baseball 3,4. MARK HARTFORD Drama Club 2,3,4; Club 1; Monogram Club 4; Track 1,2; Varsity Wrestling 2; Varsity Footbal l 4. JOHN HAWLY Transferred from Regis High School; Debate Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 2; Key Club 4; Journalism 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; First Place State- wide Aerospace Essay Con- test; Regional Finalist Op- tomist Speech Contest 2; First Place Editorial Inland Journalism Writing Tourna- ment. Club 3,4, Vice-President 3; Business Club Vice- President 3; Debate Club 3; Bowling 1. WILLIAM JONES Class Vice-President 1; Class President 2; Mono- gram Club 2,3,4; Busi- ness Club 3; Varsity Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 2,3. JOHN KASHUBA Honor Roll 2,3. KENNETH MEYER Drama Club 3, 4; Debate Club 3; Business Club 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Bowling 1; Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 2,3; Varsity Track 3,4. SALVATORE MINEO Monogram Club 2,3,4; De- bate Club 3, 4; Drama Club 3,4; Chess Club; Secretary- Treasurer Junior Republi- cans 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3; Varsity Football 3,4; Wrestling 2. CARL HELLMAN Journalism 2,3,4; Assistant Editor Falcon 4; Editor-in- Chief Summa 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scroll Society Vice- President 4; Key Club 3,4; Varsity Baseball Manager 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Debate Club 3; Monogram Club 3,4; German Award 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL HENNESSEY Drama Club 3,4; Debate Club 3; Key Club 3,4; Var- sity Basketball Manager 3; Business Club 3; Science Club 3. JOHN HERNANDEZ Freshman Basketball 1; B Basketball 2. PETER MORTON Prom Committee; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; Debate Club 3; Business Club 3. JAMES HUBERT Prom Committee 3; Drama DANIEL KIEL Science Club 2; B Bas ball 1,2; Glee Club 1, ROBERT LASTOSKIE Class Treasurer 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Key Club 3,4; Debate Club 3; Varsity Base- ball 3,4; Varsity Football 4; Bowling 1; Honor Roll 2,3,4. MICHAEL LAWRENCE Drama Club 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Business Club 3; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 3. RICHARD MC GRATH Chess Club 4. JAMES MC GUIRE ASB Publicity Chairman 2; Class Treasurer 2; Key Club 3,4; Debate Club Pres- ident 3; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Science Club 3; Business Manager Falcon 3; Sodality 3; Excellence in Liberal Arts 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. HARRY MORRISON Class Secretary 2; Chair- man Religious Affairs Com- mittee 4; Key Club 3,4; Key Club Secretary 4; Journalism 2,3,4; Editor- in-Chief Falcon 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scroll Presi- dent 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Debate Club 3; First Place Elocution Contest 1; Honor RoU 1,2,3,4; Re- ligion Award 3. PATRICK MURPHY Key Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Mono- gram Club 3, 4; Debate Club 3; Science Club 3; Journalism 4; Quill and Scroll Society 4; Bowling 1; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Excellence in Math 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. DAVID OLIVER Debate Club 3; Key Club 3,4; Bowling 1; Honor Roll 3,4. JAMES PASSARD Chairman, Ways and Means Committee 4; Chairman Prom Committee 3; Jour- nalism 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scroll Society 4; Varsitj ' Basket- ball Manager 4; National Merit Letter of Commen- dation 4. MARIO PEREZ ASB Vice-President 4; Chairman Inter- Club Council 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Key Club Vice-President 4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Var- sity Baseball 3; French Award 3; Honor Roll 1.2,3,4. DENNIS PHILLIPS Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Latin Award 2,3. ASB Recording Secretary 4; Drama Club 3,4; Mono- gram Club 1,2,3,4; Jour- nalism 2,3,4; Layout Editor Falcon 4; Quill and Scroll Society- 4; Varsity Baseball Manager 1,2,3,4; Varsity Football Manager 2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling Mana- ger 2. GEORGE RIGNEY ASB President 4; Class President 3; Debate Club 3; Drama Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Quill and Scroll Society 4; Business Club 3; Varsity Wrestling Manager 3; Honor Roll 3. BARRY ROMO Debate Club 3; Drama Club Treasurer 3; Chess Club 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Track 2; Varsity Wrestling 2,3. Wrestling 2,3. ROBERT STINE Debate Club 3, 4. STEVE STRUM Chairman Student Affairs Committee 4; Key Club 3, 4, President 4; Debate Club Vice-President 3; Contributing Editor Falcon 4; Science Club 3; Quill and Scroll Society 4; National Honor Society 3,4; California Scholar- ship Federation 2; Nation- al Merit Finalist 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Latin Award 2,3; Class Excellence 1, 2; Chemistry Award 2. MICHAEL STURTEVANT Drama Club 4; Debate Club 4; Wrestling 2,3. DAVID POSPYCHALA Drama Club 4; Track 1.2.4. CHARLES RADERSTORF Class Secretary 4; Debate Club 3; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Varsity Wrestling 2; Varsity Track 2. JAMES REGHARD Key Club 3,4; Key Club Treasurer 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Journalism 2,3, 4; Sports Editor Falcon 4; Debate Club 3; Quill and Scroll Society 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Fresh- man Basketball 1; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Base- ball 3.4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. ROBERT REEVE JUAN SANCHEZ B Football 3; Varsit - Football 4. DENNIS SHELLEY Honor Roll 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3, 4. CLYDE SLOCUMB Transferred from Goldsborough High School, N.C. PAUL SNYDER Monogram Club 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 3. WALTER SPIESS Business Club Treasurer 3; Key Club 4; Spanish Class President 3; Spanisl Award 3; Honor Roll 3,4; JAMES SUMMERFIELD Transferred American High School - Paris, France; Monogram Club 2,3; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Basket- ball 2.3. JOHN TURLEY Drama Club 3, 4; Debate Club 3; Chess Club 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 2, 3; Track 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. ROBERT VAN WAGONER Bowling 1; Varsity Football 4. JAMES WINKER Business Club 3: Mono- gram Club 3,4; Varsity Track 2,3. DVERTISING ( DALE 1. GARDNER § LATHING CONTRACTOR JULIAN ' S TEXACO Specializing in Commercial Buildings SERVICE " Complete Automotive Service " 18889 VALLEY BLVD. BLOOMINGTON, CALIFORNL Residence TU 2-9989 TR 7-2621 Baseline Mt. Vernon Phone TU 8-4851 San Bernardino, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS THE LIQUOR TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 1965 BASKET 819 East Baseline San Bernardino 3rd Main HARLEYS SPORTING GOODS Hesperia Highland and " D " 34610 Yucaipa Blvd. San Bernardino, Calif. Yucaipa Jack J Owner f Dirt Gravel Sand Asphalt P.U.C. B.E. Licensed J E TRUCKING TEN WHEEL DUMP Jack Acosta Owner Telephone TUmer 8-1710 1271 Birch Street San Bernardino, California Jaco- tti 494 S. Mt. Vernon Ave. San Bernardino, Calif. RALPHS FURNITURE 842 6 Highland Avenue , San Bernardino California ESC Equity Securities Corporation ANEW DIMENSION IN FINANCIAL PLANNING Representative 505 Arrowhead Ave. Suite 100 Res. TU 8-4303 San Bernardino, Calif. 1397 No. Gamer Ave. TUmer 5-0211 Multiple Listings JOHN J. TALBOT 6989 Fairfax Drive San Bernardino, Calif. Phone TUmer 5-2556 CAS SERMAK PHOTOGRAPHY FOR EVERY OCCASION • 223(f..I ?C whead San Bemardjno CONGRATULATIONS AQUINAS GRABS AND STUDENT BODY Start your career or college term with a wardrobe from Lang ' s Casual Cavalier Shop. You can depend on Lang ' s for the latest in Young Men ' s Fashions. 314 " E " Street San Bernardino LANG ' S Compliments of THE HIGHLANDER 27250 Baseline - Highland 862-8445 m lEN ' S WEAR PAUL D ' ARCA Owner 214 East Base Line Rialto, California Telephone 875-4030 FOR THE FINEST IN SPANISH FOODS, VISIT THE TACO TIA NEAREST YOU. 6305 Del Rosa Base Line Redlands ABC FLOWERS " When It ' s Flowers - Let Them Be Ours " . Fraternal Organizations a Specialty . Artistic Floral Designs Arrange- ments . Complete Wedding Service Serving Redlands-Riverside-Loma Linda- Fontana-Rialto-Colton-Highland- Norton Air Base Funerals TELEFLORA Day Telephone TUmer 5-0908 Nite Telephone open daily TU 8-3652 Flowers Sundays Telegraphed Holidays Anywhere Prompt Delivery-All Flowers Guaranteed Marie, Judy Hollie Ritter, Owners 333 S, Waterman San Bernardino FONTANA VAN STORAGE 17031 ORANGE WAY FONTANA, CALIF. LOCAL COAST TO COAST MOVING ... .4 ii A 9 ' A VA rsitq shoP - HARRIS George Rigney, BMOC from Aquinas, class of ' 65 gives Tom Tolbert, next year ' s BMOC, a few tips about Harris ' Varsity Shop. COMPLIMENTS OF EMMETT J. CULLIGAN Mrs. Gloria Tatter sail Mrs. Ella Dee Liblin Mrs. Rose Marie Stroh Mrso Alice Dell Monache COMPLIMENTS And OF Mr. William Byer AL School Staff Wish Aquinas Graduates LIPPITT Of ' 65 The Best Success In The Colleges And Universities Of Their Choice. ■»» V r u ' ' V4 ■» ni

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