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•an. ' Tmm .4 ' l ' »|J4. !• i - i m ii»u i T " ivjv ' ' ■•• ■ -,; i,;v;v: ' ' .- r ' ji»£ e0«a . ' h i I a 4 ' ' f. ,, „,,ji • ' , ' i y- V SUMMA ' 63 Foreword It can only be hoped that the events preserved in the SUMMA, 1963, uiJf he the source of many pleasures for t]te students to whom it is presented. It is the accu- mulation of memories of people who worked together in harmony for the past year; memories which have given us an increased understanding of ourselves and our Creator. This book presents apicture of Aquinas life as it is lived by Aquinas Men. It is an attempt to picture the ideals of a High School; a picture of the Aquinas Man ' s readiness to face the future as a responsible citizen of two worlds; America and Heaven. nC " I l " ■. a 1 ' ' Jj . f " " .• IXjj,} ' ir " „ii " ' inc S ' iit Published by the ASBA, Student Council, Aquinas High School San Bernardino, California Member: Quill and Scroll, International Honor Journalism Society Member: Catholic School Press Association ¥ ' I . rV Staff - Editor-in-Chief Dick Duncanson Layout Les Berkes, Clyde Robinson Art John Dondurand, Bill Gifford Copy . John Retry Photography M. Hertel, Lincoln Dennis Sports Richard Tate Sports Assts Joe Gasparin, Jim Miller Tom Steel, Tom Bartley Activities, Organizations B. O ' Connor Advertising Neil Donat, Tony Head •- ' ' T - ■5 Editor-in-Chief Dick Duncanson Checks proofs for THE SUMMA ntents Administration Page 5 Faculty Page 15 Departments Page 9 Classes Page 19 Organizations Page 39 Sports Page 49 Activities Page 77 Graduates Page 85 Advertising Page 101 in r Dedication To Sister Mary Michael, I.H.M., Ph.D., Principal of our Sister, Saint Bernardine High School, this Annual is dedicated by her sons at Aqui- nas. During her tenure, the purpose and dignity of Catholic secondary education in our community has merited the respect of all who cherish the ideals of Christian learning. As we love her girls, so we offer this Annual as a token of our affection for her. Mrs. Kathleen Ranger and Mrs. Rose Marie Stroh provide an efficient clerical department. Their friendly cooperotion has effected gracious and enduring service. THE M isnmoN -TBitejr iMMMM iwm- The cultivation of your minds, and unfolding of your talents, and above all the wealth of love in your hearts, are in themselves pov erful forces vvith which to achieve lasting good. Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of San Diego, California. Thoughts of His Heart " Catholic Education, Shield of Faith. " Address, St. Mary ' s College, Notre Dame College, 1938. No responsibility is more grave, no charge more delicate, than the education of Christian youth. No office is more honorable than that which serves their dedicated teachers. — The Very Reverend John C. Desmond Address upon acceptance of the office of Prin- cipal of Aquinas High School, July 27, 1961. FATHER DANIEL LEEN Vice-Principal, English III U. S. History, Religion I FATHER WILLIAM MARCOTTE Dean of Students, Algebro I Geometry, Demonstrotion Physics FATHER RICHARD KINSELLA Upper Division Counsellor, Algebra II Geometry, Trigonometry Calculus, Analytic Geometry The Administration forms school policy which is realized in different ways. This policy dictates con- structive innovations which will insure the highest standards of academic excellence. It promotes the development of plant facilities and curricula. It guar- antees ideal learning and teaching situations, and forms principles enabling students in their free self- regulation to achieve a definite contribution to the American Catholic way of life. FATHER PATRICK MEAGHER Director of Maintenance French II FATHER JAMES ANDERSON Choploin, Guidance FATHER EARL LA RIVIERE Lower Division Counsellor English I II MRS. KATHLEEN RANGER, Secretary MRS.ROSE MARIE STROH, Secretory RAY REECE, Custodian MRS. NICE CIABATTINI Housekeeper and Cook Academic courses are the backbone of education. Essential knowledge is provided to lielp ttie student develop mind, tieart, body, and to prepare him for life. It in- spires the reach toward God and fellow- man, to which goals Aquinas humbly con- tributes. co V0-S v |3 Sv p( - c ' osV - DEPARTMENTS Religion The aim of Religion at Aquinas is to trans- late the CATECHISM into a strong and vital force in student lives. The very best of com- petent teachers make Religion come to life in the Aquinas Man. Because students are made aware of the problems which are the cause of current disturbances and shown how these problems may be solved with the aid of religion, the subject-matter of courses in Religion become the most important and interesting in the world. -K Hi Ml •r,l Father Desmond offered the weekly Mass for Students. Father Anderson distributes Holy Communion. Father La Riviere hears Confessions. Mathematics rofis- vilol com- )life ore I the lown illie irsei and Mathematics today is a tool for progress in science. Mathematics is the language of the physicist, the engineer and the chemist. That is why the Aquinas Man is trained in the basic elements of Mathematics as dem- onstrated in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonome- try and Calculus. Should the Aquinas Man desire, he will be ready to proceed to higher courses in college which will enable him to become a scientist, a physicist or an engi- neer. Seniors Kester and Sullivan solve Trig problen Algebra I students Morrison and Flahaven opply formulae for classmates. Science Chemistry, Biology, Physics are taught at Aquinas to reveal to the students the mys- teries of the world. He listens, reads, studies, performs experiments, becomes accurate and observant in v hat he does. He learns the love of truth and order and delights in the wonders of creation. Later he may de- cide to pursue further explorations in space or the use of atoms for peaceful purpose, but at the moment he is concerned with be- coming a dedicated craftsman and a skilled technician. h Gomez and Moyce observe chemical reaction. Juniors Spisak and Henggler perform pulley experi- ment in Laboratory Physics. ' ' J y ■ English The Aquinas Man learns to be expressive in speech and in writing. From the funda- mentals of Grammar to the methods of creative writing, from epic to modern story and drama the reflection of the sameness of conflict, inspiration, dedication and mo- tivation make dead authors come to life as modern and actual. He sees man as terrible in his misery, great in his aspiration and achievement. Living with nobility in thought and expression he can not help but become noble in his ideals and their expression in his daily life. Senior Coffield explains a definition of poetry in Englisfi IV. Languages The Space Age has brought the world closer demanding a better understanding of the needs, customs, ideals and aspira- tions of other countries. The teaching of Latin, French, Spanish, German at Aquinas attempts to fulfill that demand. Latin Spanish French German A devoted Faculty guides the Aquinas Man in his search for the meaning of life and reality. This involves on inquiry into the Good, the True, the Beautiful, as these qual- ities assert themselves in the disciplines of learning. THE FACULTY IS m FATHER HUGH McNELIS Mathematical Ptiysics FATHER A. CEREZO Latin III IV FATHER HOWARD GARRITY Biology, Ctlemistry fottn F h fulfil it FATHER GILBERT CHAVEZ Algebra, Spanish I FATHER FRANCIS T. MOORE English IV, German I II Director of Publications ' Otkeif Wort( Mf. Jo, Father Dominic De Pasquale Latin I and II Father Patrick Fee Religion I, III, IV Father Vito Munary Religion I, III, IV Father Richard Humphreys World History, Economics, Religion I Mr. Joe Flores, Laboratory Physics iSITi - ' ' The Faculty hos a monthly dinner meeting during which problems and procedures affecting school policy ore discussed. Faculty members observe Sodality Assembly. Ambitious freshmen hit the books for study. Frosh find free periods a welcome relief in a busy high school progrom. Perhaps no year is so bewildering as Freshman year. The new Student must adjust to new sur- roundings, new methods, new friends and new dis- coveries. The certainties of the future begin to organ- ize and stabilize them- selves in this year of fun, work and agony. Before very long confusion gives way to clearness and the Freshman begins to see his way OS an Aquinas Man. FRESHMEN 21 22 Dovid Aburto David Acuna Don Allen Jim Anderson Leo Aragon Mike Arredondo Craig Barnett Brian Beeson Victor Bernardy Bob Betancourt Jim Billman John Bledsoe Mike Brayer Mike Briggs John Buchmeler Bill Bulmer Tom Burton Gerald Busch Joe Costonguay Jim Christiansen Mike Cox Charles Daschbach Mike Daschbach Regis D ' Emidio P Treasurer Dave Munoz, Vice- President Tim Neyses, Secretary Richard Hipsley and President Philip Pirio represented their class during their first year at Aquinas. i iO Bernard Dempsey Cart Dietz Robert Doyle Victor Draper Jim Duffy Kyle Everson John Erickson Bruce Flahaven Jim Foral Alex Ford Fred Ganger Glenn Ganter Jock Garcia Ron Gorcia Ed Gilmore David Gomez Alfonso Gronillo Lorry Grossheim Pat Heoly Nick Herlick Not Available for Pictures: Dove Bennett J. Buchmeier Harvey A. Chevrei John E. Clay Wil liam G. DuSold Richard Perez Ron Strain Thomas Tolbert Smith and Penny exchange views on Freshman life ot Aquinas. J 1 Mike Holzmiller Walter Hickey Richard Hipsley John Hollis Ray Huitric Mike Hutton Ed Kerrigan Larry Klaers Walter LaRue Charles Lawrence Rene Liebeut Larry Lovgren Charles Mathis Collin Maxim Terry McCorkle Ed McCormick Mike McCourt Jim McKinney John Mejia Doug Melchior 24 Dave Mielok Harold Miller Mike Miller Tom Miller Randy Mills Ed Montano John Morrison David Morreole David Munoz Ron Nazionale Walter Kirolla Jay Lemann Larry Suhl applies rule of thumb to mea- sure gym floor during Freshmon " Roman Night " Initiation. Tim Neyses Pat O ' Hair Tom Pomp Dan Penny Richard Perez Marcel Pirio Phil Pirio Terry Pope perry Pugno Jerry Pusch John Raczko Charles Reyes Bob Richardson Fronic Rocha Gary Salozar Ron Salazar John Schmidt Scott Scholes Mike Scott «v i Hayes Shaw Mike Shawlee Mike Smith Mike Sreboth Larry Suhl Frank Sustorich John Talbot David Torres Martin Truj illo Tom Vincent Leigh Walling Tom West Leonord Williams Theodore Yarbrough Victor Zumpano 25 ? ;., 5ia. " -«»tfli»!«e«mi (. I THE SOPHOMORES 27 « Secure in his knowledge that he is an Aquinas Man, the Sophomore settles down to earnest, con- structive work. Many of the talents for athletics, for learning and for skills which will be realized in upper- class activities, show up to the amazement of class- mates, upperclassmen and teachers alike. Treasurer Cullen, Vice-President Brancoccio, President Jones and Secretary Morrison ore Sophomore Class Officers. 1I«J M IM»»»- Sophomores engage in noontime recreation. Ruben Amador Larry Ashton Randy Borsottj Anthony Bellanca Bob Bird Richard Brodoric Philip Bruckler Greg Buchmeier Bill Clinton Bob Cocch ia Jim Crowley Roger Cullen Alfred DelGigante Mike Doran Tom Dowlan James Endicott Nick Escamilla Gary Fiegencr Joe F itipatrick Bill Gill O W John Gilluly JeH Grant Mark Hartford Paul Hecly Carl Hel Iman Mike Hennessey John Hernandez Peter Horton Jim Hubert Dennis Jcehnig Bill Jones John Kashuba Dan Kiel Kerry Kowalski Rick Lang Bob Lostoski Mike Lawrence Ed Little Richard McGroth Jim McGuire Ken Mayer Som Mineo Bill Mondiek Horry Morrison Pat Murphy Richard Panelli Jim Passard Mario Perez Dave Pospychola Charles Raderstorf Jim Reaghard Bob Reeve George Rigney Barry Romo Xavier Ruiz Juan Sanchez Art Sandoval Dennis Shelley Bill Snowdon Paul Snyder Walter Spiess John Stebbins • Sophs Clinton, Passord, Hellmon, Del Gigonte, Snowden, Cocchio, McGuire entertained the Parents ' Club with an elocution contest. n ■ Bob Stine John Turley .— Bob Van Wagoner Jim Winker John Ammons Ron Mills Vic Broncocio Dove Oliver Vic Draper Frank Zizio Mike Forslund Jim Workmon Dick Zehler Mac Zuick 31 ■ ' -i $ ' ' w- .T ' t iX y ' y ' yrW ' ' ' :m ' . Barsotti demonstrates Monster Mash. Jim Hubert was named top guzzler of the Sophomore Class while Jeff Grant took close second. 32 c THE JUNIORS 33 34 Secretary Ron Meis, President Jotin Retry, Vice-President Richard Tate and Treasurer Jon Ntckell served the Junior Class as officers. John Baleski Tom Bartley David Benstog Les Berkes Mike Blorer Alan Brown Robert Bryant Dave Cornellson Pat Coughlin Jerry Crowley U f 1 Steve DeRoque Dick Duncanson Bob Erb Joe Gasparin Charles Gay Tony Head Bill Henggler Paul Herzig Charles Hickey Phil Hirsch i i i ) n c The Junior is on the threshold of maturity as an Aquinas Man. He is eligible for responsibility in stu- dent government, in Varsity and JV athletics, and in the skills that will enable him to prepare for college, the armed forces or work. Loyalty and perseverance will help him achieve the goal of his ambition as a Senior. He helps to publish the FALCON and THE SUMMA, holds important office on the Student Council and pits his academic skills against Juniors all over America in the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying tests. In October the Juniors took the PSAT in preparation for college placement tests. a, 35 Lunch time brings Ihe Juniors together for activities ranging from discussions to drinking matches. Tony Head and Dove Cornelison hsten attentively to Physics lecture. Not Available For Pictures Stanley Bennett Jim Corroll Glenn E, Cole Dave Neyses Dave Rideout Larry Roberts Carl Hubert John Leli Robert Huss John Magnino r? [ 1 Bill Kelleher Dennis Keyes Steve Leahy John Martin Richard Maxwell Dennis McCorkle ] i r f mm ..4 36 I Pat Mead Ron Meis Mike Merlo Mike Metela George Munano Dovid Neyses Jon Nickell John Nigro Jesse Nunez Bill O ' Connor Bill Ormiston Drew Park John Petty Larry Roberts Rod St. Pierre Gory Salazar Robert Salpas Bill Smith Jeff Spencer Dave Spisok Tom Steele Dennis Strain Richard Tate Jon Thamann I I I 37 « A 0» 09 C tTy ORCMIZATIONS 39 i»i udMm Organizations at Aquinas develop the Aquinas Man ' s ability to recognize ttiat good grades ore not sufficient to make a well-rounded student. Qualities of leadership and cooperation must be developed. Organizations provide opportunities for loyalty, service and honor. Spanish Club The newly-formed Spanish Club elected Charles Cervantes, President; Art Pellegrene, Vice-President; Eddie Garcio, President; Louis Servin, Sergeant-ot-Arms. m m LSEVistfjimi.! t •w»w !ijpy) National Honor Society President, Dan Boyle (third from left), and members John Dondurand, Stan Benkoski, Pat Hennessey, Dick Duncanson, and Jack Hartford maintained high academic standards throughout the year. National Honor Society THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is a service organization and ex- officio member of the Student unitesstudents of high achieve- ment in pursuit of goals of excellence. The Holy Spirit Chapter was chartered in May, 1961 by Father J. Vincent Sullivan. Since then, approximately twentystudents have grad- uated with the National Honor Society Seal, a notional award for con- sistently high grade-point averages and outstanding citizenship throughout high school. With each succeeding year the scope of the Society has broadened. This year, under the direction of Father Richard J. Kinsello, the Society has established definite plans for recognizing achievements of more capable students. This has brought about the use of the Dean ' s List and the scholastic letter award, 41 ■■M Recently established at Aquinas, the Science Club was preceded by the now defunct Math Club. The idea for organizing a Science Club was conceived by Seniors John Dandurand and Mike Hertel and re- ceived its charter from the Student Council in April, 1962. Present plans include a maior science project by the end of each year, assistance to students in the construction of Science Fair projects, a contribution to the scientific library at Aquinas and eventual in- vitations to leading teachers and research scientists of neighboring institutions to discuss current scienti- fic progress and the vocational aspects of the various sciences. Science Club John Dandurand, Science Club President, contemplates the relationship between science and religion with members Lincoln Dennis, Stan Benkoski, and Andy Moyce. Members of the Monogram Club hove distinguished themselves for service to their Alma Mater. Monogram Club The Aquinas High School Monogram Club first came into being in 1960 with Mario Porras as its president. In 1961, Lorry Cruse was elected and had a very successful term of office. Under his leadership the Club began to function as a closely knit body. This year Dennis Wilson, president, leads the Club with theableassistanceof Dan Boyle, Vice-President: John Magnino, secretary-treasurer and Dave Cornel- ison, Sergeant-at-Arms. For the first time in the Club ' s history each class has its own representative. They are appointed by the president and head various committees. With " Spirit and Honor " as its motto, the Mono- gram Club ' s main objective is to create among the student body a keen sense of good sportsmanship and fair play. Secretary-Treasurer Magnino, Sergeant-at-Arms Dave Cornelison, Vice-President Boyle, and President Dennis Wilson led the Mono- gram Club in its finest year of service to the school. JOURNALISM The Falcon Published monthly by the Associated Student Body of Aquinas, the Falcon presents news and features to the Aquinas students during the school year. Other than news the paper runs a series of editorials and features including " The President ' s Column, " " Worth Mentioning, " and the humor column " Nihil Est Sanctum. " The staff is made up of students working in fields of editing, business, sports, lay-out, photography, humor and reporting. Staff members learn journalism by experience and by instruction. The Falcon is one of the main products of the Student Body. It is the result of work by the students and in turn serves the students as a record of events, means of recognition, and source of entertainment. The Falcon serves as communication between students and helps to make a more unified and better informed Student Body. Falcon editors meet to arrange production schedule of newspaper and year book and to determine deadlines. The Staff sacrificed many hours and achieved new standards. The Summa The SUMMA is the annual memory book published by the Journalism Staff of Aquinas High School. In 1961 it won First Honors from the Catholic School Press Association. If has steadily improved its format from year to year. This year ' s edition was sponsored by the Associated Student Body of Aquinas High School. Editors are on the previous page: Dick Duncanson (2nd from right), Editor-in-Chief; John Retry (left) Copy Editor; Les Berkes (2nd from left), Lay-Out; John Dandurand (stand- ing middle), Art Editor. These men put in much time and effort to produce the SUMMA 1963. 45 ' ■ iM ASB President Dick Weening (seated) and Council members Eddie Garcia, Jim Conway, Chris Gilluly and Neil Donat, led the student body to a year of great achievement. The Student Council The Student Council was established in 1961. It comprises a panel of 25 members who govern the Associated Students of Aquinas High School. Nine of the members are eligible to vote on Council deliberations, while the remainder (members of various organ - izations associated with the Council) are allowed to share in Council discussions. Of the nine members permitted to vote, five are officers. The four remaining voting members ore the Presidents of the four high school grades at Aquinas. Each homeroom is permitted a representative at Council meetings. There are three Standing Committees to manage religious affairs, student activity and athletics. The Chairman of these and temporary committees is permitted a seat on the Council. The presidents of the five clubs chartered by the Council represent their respective organiiations. This year the Council has a budget of nearly $8,500 which finances school publica- tions, chartered organizations, and Council activities. Organizations financed by the Council help meet its responsibilities. 46 The Inter-Club Council, formed by presidents of all school organizations met with the ASB Vice-President Jim Conway to coordinote activities. Committee Choirman Brit DuBois, Jim McGuire, Mike Sullivan, and Bill Canavan were responsible for many improvements on the Aquinas campus. 47 t, s -A THE SPORTS 49 Varsity Football Aquinas downed arch-rival Notre Dame of Riverside 20-12 in the first game of the league season. 3 TD ' s were scored by pass- ing, 2 by Benkoski, 1 by McCorkle. The Falcons crushed Big Bear 27-6. Phil- lips, Poutre, Gilluly and Jones scored TD ' s for Aquinas. Jones and Gilluly scored on passes from McCorkle, 55 and 25 yards re- spectively. Phillips attempts to break loose from a Notre Dame tackle. jT - ' -♦ ' ' ifiiMni ' « l1 5 iii i iif ■ » i. i ' - ' - Gilluly outruns rivals for winning louchdown. Aquinas invaded Chino Boys ' Republic to take its third straight win 21-13. The first quarter ended 7-7 . Retry intercepted a Ram pass to return it to Chino ' s 15-yard line for a TD setup. Aquinas scored in the final quarter on a 3-yard plunge by Phillips. The Falcons squeezed past CSDR for a fourth straight victory. The Falcons tied the half and made a spectacular TD with 20 seconds to play. Wilson, Gilluly, and Benkoski starred. 51 ' " , •f Falcons warm up prior to CSDR gome. Arrowhead League Champs Benkoski makes a touchdown. Falcon In a squeeze in Rim gome. fl k oMfl i Jfj ffm r % OK m . , mi tf -1: ' - f-P- ; U« itt.ii . ' LtJt.J Phillips heads for goal while Falcons clear the way. A crucial conversion by Phillips netted a tie with Rim, 19-19, after a rally in the fourth quarter for the Falcons. Aquinas had been trailing when Favorite stepped in to save the game for Aquinas. The Arrowhead League Championship was taken by Aquinas after it had whipped Twin Pines, 34-12. Aquinas scored three times in 5 minutes to lead in the half, 20-6. 14 points by Corneiison and a 50- yard pass from Benkoski to Gilluly cinched the score. Favorite, Full and Gasparin led the rugged defense. Phillips nears (he TD line. v e-»-- J v ¥ Phillips carries the only touchdown Aquinas made in CIF Playoff. Aquinas High School was knocked out of the CIF small school playoffs in the first round by Lutheran High of Los Angeles with a score of 19-12. Aquinas jumped onto the scoreboard with seven minutes remaining in the half. Mike Phillips scooted 40 yards through left guard for the TD. The Falcons scored again on a 50-yard pass from Benkoski to Gilluly just before the end of the half. The Lutherans scored the final touchdown after recovering an Aquinas fumble. Ed Garcia returns punt interception against Lutheran. 54 ir: ' Am ' Line Coach Jerry Crosier and Head Coach Jock Garofono decide starting lineup. ARROWHEAD LEAGUE CHAMPIONS — FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Hartford, Retry, Benkoski, Head, Lawrence, Gasporin, Poutre, DuBois, Steel, Merlo, Magnino. MIDDLE ROW: Coffield, McCorkle, Bruckler, E. M. Garcia, Progroce, Wilson, Conway, Full, Gill, Vrendenburg, Mead, Coach Garofono. REAR ROW: O ' Connor, Favorite, Phillips, Nickell, Carroll, Cornelison, Jones, Cutlen. Falcon Bees throw blocks lo gel ball hovering in Chino game. The Falcon Bees ripped the Chino Rams 2-0 in their first game of the season. Pat Coughlin and Bob Erb led the Aquinas defense while Phil Hirsch, Bob Huss, and Rich Lang sparked the offense. The Aquinas B ' s crushed the Big Bear team 34-0 in their second league game. Quarterback Hirsch accounted for 3 scores with his TD tosses to end Dave Neyses. Lang and Huss scored for Aquinas, too. Cheerleaders Potty Szilogi, July Fabiny, ond Shirley Boleski lead Aquinos Men and fans in a yell for the Falcons. The Falcons will long remember the devoted attendance of this squad from their sister school. Saint Bernardine ' s, for their zest, inspiration and spirit. May they cheer loud and long for Aquinas. Pat Potton not pictured. " . u f ARROWHEAD BEE CHAMPS— FRONT ROW, left to right: Byrd, Ponelli, Cocchio, Morrison, R. Mills, M. Hart- ford, Mekhior, Huss, Nigro, Boleski, CENTER ROW: Erb, Murphy, Perez, Lang, Blazer, Granillo, Meyer, Rea- ghord, Turley, Metelo, Tate. REAR ROW: Brown, Tolbert, Putsch, Bryant, Holzmiller, Coach LeVesque, Bellanca, Bornett, Roberts, Hirsch, Maxwell, Neyses, Leahy. Bee Coach LeVesque explains a play to his undefeated Bee Champs during half-time. UL ' imm0ml!imtmimif : si. v ■ -- A li , N Wonder where the ball wentl " Aquinas extended its winning streak by beating highly favored Webb 20-7. Hirsch connected with Huss on a 50-yard pass for the first touchdown while defensive special- ists Tate and Nigro each intercepted Webb passes and went all the way. Falcon Bees relax at halftime. I 1 ' : » » ■ " " V ■■ , Unidentified Falcon Bee attempts to push way tlirough block on tiome ground. The Verdemont Ranchers fell to the Falcons 7-6. Although heavily outweighed, the Aquinas team fought hard with Bryant leading defense. The Ranchers won the distinction of letting Aquinas Bees win their 6th straight game of the season. Tote runs for TD with " all clear " on either side against Scots. w y The Falcon Gridders ripped the Scots 40-0, for their seventh game of the League. Led by Rich Lang and Bob Huss, who had two touchdowns each, the Bees finished the season undefeated. John Nigro and Soph Cocchia made a TD apiece. Rim out- weighed Aquinas but the Falcon Bees showed speed and a will to win as more important. .ifi-. 59 FRONT ROW left to right: Hickey, Amador, McCorkle, Neyses, Meis, Spencer, Ciabotfini. REAR ROW: Asst. Manager Steel, D. Strain, Cornelison, D ' Amico, Hennessey, Boyle, Magnino, Cullen, Manoger Duncanson, Coach and Athletic Director Ciabotfini. Arrowhead League Champs | ] CO-CHAMPS— Left to Cocchio, Munoz, Coach L right: Costonguay, R. Strain, Baleski, Tolbert, Hernandez, Grant, Munono, Nigro, eVesque. : Varsity Basl etball Dennis Boyle hongs one in at Rim gome which sow Aquinos defeat Rim of the World 55-34. McCorkle eyes boskel with boll that helped defect CSDR k 3S, Cornelison easily drops one in at CIF playoff against Hemet which saw Aquinas hit 60 points for the first round. " It ' s always nice to be able to tell the team some- thing once and then forget about it, " was the way Coach Ciabattini spoke of his Champs prior to their Arrowhead League win. 22 out of 26 games, 3 of which were non-league was the season record. Hid hr m ' wm m Hickey lifts one for the Falcons while Mognino checks for rebound. SEASON RECORD Aquinas Opponent 44 University 25 48 Eisenhower 43 51 University 37 26 Barstow 22 65 Salesian 44 61 Bosco Tech 65 59 Baldwin Park 54 60 Eisenhower 59 50 Son Bernardino 60 67 Chaffey 60 51 Redlands 53 73 Twin Pines 25 44 Baritow 16 69 CSDR 31 60 Big Bear 35 72 Boys ' Republic 40 78 Notre Dame 52 55 Rim Scots 34 91 Twin Pines 41 70 CSDR 36 79 Boys ' Republic 30 87 Big Bear 59 62 Notre Dome 47 72 Rim Scots 48 60 Hemet CIF 53 46 Calipatria CIF 47 D ' Amico makes his usuol against Notre Dome for another win. y „ , :-.: ' ' ' l.- : ' r ' rtf ' -- ' i ' " K;-? «lM m mMmMm:m ii!:i Magnino succeeds at jump shot while Spen. cer covers. spencer leacis boll for strategic shot in CSDR game Hemet Bows, 60-53 Aquinas Forges In Prep Playoffs By DICK DUNCANSON Aquinas bounded into the second round of the Calif- ornia Interscholastic Federation Class A playoffs last night with a 60-53 victory over Hemet in the Pacific High gym. At oinas downs Chino squad Falcons Aquinas Swamps Twin Pines Aquinas Dumps Titans 78-52 Defeat Scats. . , Aquinas 5tuns Eagles ;i(05fV :! «ii» J8iiif ' »v:r. i-i ' s ' ,v ' :. ' - All League Besides achieving Arrowhead League Champion- ship standing, the Varsity had its entire first team named to the all-League Basketball squad. Seniors Pot Hennessey and Dan Boyle and Juniors Jeff Spencer and Dave Cornelison were honored. Allen prevents a goal by Ram B man in final B gome of season. ' S acific llfS IS 52 D ' Amico places his usual jump shot in the CIF playoff against Hemef. for Varsity honors. Junior Varsity or B team was also honored. Dick Tate, John Baleski, George Munona and John Nigro were named to all-League Class B Squad besides helping their team to win the Class B League honors. Falcon Bees The Aquinas B team, with Alumnus John LoVesque coaching, claimed co-championship, with the Var- sity, of the Arrowhead League by finishing the season with a 12-7 record. The B ' s lost only one league game and won 1 1 . The other losses were non-league. Only one player, George Munana, had previous ex- perience. John Nigro, John Baleski, Richard Tate, and Jeff Grant were other starters. Munoz drops one in for the Falcons against ttie Rim Scots. Captain Tale taiies a tree-throw on a foul against Rim High. 66 In their closest game of the season the B ' s nicked the Rams 39-36. In the final minute Aquinas went into a stall and beat the Rams on their home court for their most decisive win of the season. Munana, Allen and Grant had 8 points apiece. Nigro put in nine. Frosh Tolberl slips one in for B ' s at Big Bear. Allen retrieves ball otter Notre Dame B ' s missed it on a bounce. 67 Compiling their highest score of the sea- son, the Falcon B ' s ripped the Twin Pines Ranchers for a 91-40 final score. Nigro sinks one at Twin Pines. FRONT ROW, Left to right: Tate, Poutre, Crowley, Herzig, Ruble, Coach Popsychata. REAR ROW: Leahy, Max- welt, Gilluly, D ' Amico, Kedztor. Huss absent from pictures. Varsity Track Much to its enchantment, the Track team was greeted by a new track, new pole vault, high jump and broad jump pits, and 2 new shotput rings, thanks to the work of the Aquinas Booster Club. Coach Posychala had to rely on all new squads due to the loss of last year ' s A ' s. Tate scores o jump for Aquinas Huss [middle) keeps up with Yucalpa hurdler at home meet. « ii T- ' Kedzior and Huss lead the way in the 880 relay. Track B Host Aquinas swept a triangular meet from Big Bear and Ontario Christian, as Felix D ' Amico broke his previous pole vault record of 10.0 ft. with a leap of 1 1 feet. Final scores were Aquinas 59 Vi, Ontario Christian 30 Vz , Big Bear 31 Vj for the B ' s, and 85 for Aquinas as against Big Bear 16, and Ontario Christian 1 for the Varsity, B TRACK; Take your choice of names. Meyer catches up to Yucaipa in race to finish. Holzmiller hits the dirt in broad jump. Track C I C TRACK — FRONT ROW, Left to right: Jim Crowley, Scheie, Vincent, Romo, Clinton, Ford, Popsychata. REAR ROW: Pope, Melchior, Meyer, Turley, Nazlonole, Gonzer, Bettoncourt, Cooch Popsychala. VARSITY BASEBALL — FRONT ROW, Left lo right: Ed Garcia, Benkoski, Hennessey, Dennis McCorkle, Mag- nino. REAR ROW: Bob Reeve, Monoger; Coach llgenfritz, Cocchio, D. Neyses, Blozer, Gomez, Cornelison, Hirsch, Spencer. With the departure of Coach Ed Jackson because of duties with the California High- way Patrol, Mr. llgenfritz assumed coaching the Baseball teams. At deadline time, the Falcons were holding their own in league standing, having won two shut-outs pitched by Hennessey and Cornelison. Varsity Baseball Cocchia ploys it safe ogoinst Pacific ol Perris Hill Pork. ilM6 l»r«W ' - ' •- " ■ " ;•■ : :. ' ■ - ' X v- ' T ' Art Sandoval hits home after run by Hirsch. Hirsch hits Pacific Hill to send Sandoval home. Baseball B BASEBALL J.V. ' s — FRONT ROW, Left lo right: Bernardy, Figner, Munoz, Terry McCorkle, Laskowski, Hillmon, Manager. MIDDLE ROW: Sandoval, Mineo, Gary Salazar, Reoghard, Gory J. Solazor, Bulmer, Murphy. REAR ROW: Cullen, Brown, Borsotll, Grant, Bryant, Meis. •- -i f wf f WRESTLING SQUAD — FRONT ROW, Left to right: Fitzpatrick Romo. Hickey, Pinelli, Hartford REAR ROW: Poutre, Meyer, Zetil er, Roderstorf, Head, Jones, Pu Isch, Dennis, Retry, Bulmer, Tur ley. Dandurand absent. Head tries to get free from Brown Military Cadet hold at contest held at Valley College during which Aquinos walked away with honors. Zehler keeps Cadet ' s heod pinned which later led to fall for Brown Military. A new sport caught the Interest of Aqui- nas men. Wrestling was introduced by Coach Garfono. In its first contest with more experienced teams, Aquinas topped all comers. ACTIVITIES 75 Sponsored by the ASBA, the bi-weekly canteens furnish a welcome diversion for students and provide better acquaintance with St. Bernardine ' s High School, the stu- dents of which, alternate with Aquinas on the Canteens. This year, through the gener- osity of ASBA, the music was furnished by live bands, one of which, " THE GENTEELS " is shown above. " THE GENTEELS " have cut records for Capitol Recording Company in Hollywood. The drummer and pianist, Carl Hubert and Mike Gifford, are Aquinas men. Canteens (jtV-ZAWI ifftWif ' . ' sVi f ' ' " • - Vsv. ] 7» .IV •■ T • i " Captain Wilson crowns Pat Patton as Football Queen. The Queen (center) and her princesses. (Left to right) Helen Korn- hoff, Jean Verno, Karen Reznicki, MJcki Hagerstrom. Homecoming Princesses ond escorts: John Baleski and Helen Kornhoff, J. Allen and Jean Vermo, Chris Gilluly and Queen Pat, Dick Jones and Keren Reznicki, ASBA President and Micht Hagerstrom. r Jfit ' L-e r I •« ■f ' Next to the Prom, the Football Homecoming is the biggest social event of the year. Ji i r -Lk I ' - ' i Seniors Dick Weening (ASBA President) and Chris Gilluly (Senior Closs President) and dates occupy front table wtiile Juniors Nickel!, Nigro and McCorkle exchange pleasantries with dates at left. ' It ' s too early to go home! " pleads John Nigro with date. Socially, the big highlight of the year is the Junior- Senior Prom. Sponsored by the Juniors, it includes a formal dinner dance at which Faculty members and Chaperones are invited. This year as last, it was held at the Royal Tahitian, Ontario, California. Much work went into planning this year ' s Prom which marked a first. It was the first time St. Bernardine ' s High School combined with Aquinas for such an event. It is hoped that such combinations will be regularly continued in the future. Prom " Don ' t you think it ' s about lime we eat? " " Why the hurry, you men are always loo practical. " " Thanks for a blasti " ' Do you hove to be so stiff about it? " Father Desmond ponders, and President Crowley listens as Recording Secretary Mrs. Neyses reads minutes of previous meeting. Parents ' Club Men litU ill Once a month (third Wednesday), parents meet with the Principal, Rev- erend John Desmond, and Faculty, to discuss student credit status and college requirements. Both Faculty and Parents benefit from the exchange of ideas. Parents cooperate with the San Bernar- dino County Catholic Scholarship So- ciety to provide scholarships for deserv- ing students to private and state col- leges and universities. They run dances and card parties to improve scholastic facilities at Aquinas. The Booster ' s Club (next page) has improved Ath- letic Facilities at Aquinas with a new football field, track and baseball field and have donated over $20,000 worth of service and supplies for the school and teams. We ask our Patrons ' prayers for the encouragement of both groups. Father Kinsella decided he was a better hand at bridge than Mr. Retry, Mrs. Lippert, of St. Louis U. fame, ond Mrs. Retry. The annual Parents ' Card Party received assists from Mrs. Hennessey and Mrs. D ' Amico, while Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Winkler helped with coffee and pie. You hove to be good to win and it alt goes to Aquinas anyway. 1 A r Booster Officers McCorkle, Favorite J ond Hennessey sweat (?) through a meeting on ways and means. Boosters dance to help pay for field improvements. Boosters Mr. LeVesque, Mr. and Mrs. Petty (alt the way from San Diego), tielp Boosters succeed at November dance. Mr. D ' Amico (Fontana Poving) supervises laying of track curb by Mr. Ford, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Garcia. Over $20,000 worth of hours, service and equip- ment were donated by the Aquinas Boosters. A new football field, complete with sprinkler system, a new track, broad and high jump pits, shotput rings and baseball diamond with modern stops, a school curb to conform to city and requirements, were donated by the Boosters. Many of the boosters gave up their Saturday free and work days in order to pitch in and encouraged Aquinas team performance by their presence at games and contests. The graduates and remaining student- body thanks the Boosters ' Club for their sincere in- terest in all that concerns Aquinas. Boosters ready for next shock (?) from officials and listen to plans for next improvement. V, ' y ' r. Superior Court Judge James E. Cunningho Qualifications, opporfunities and rewards were the subject of Career Seminars spon- sored by the ASBA in March. Experts from twenty-three fields donated time and service to inform the Aquinas Men in a practical way regarding vocational opportunities Much planning went into the Seminars. Aquinas Men thank Father Anderson and the ASBA for arranging Career Day, 1963. Juvenile Traffic Referee V . P. Hobon ond Stock Broker Mac McCourt. Career Day Brig. Gen. J. L. McCony, USAF Col Raymond O. Dietsche, U.S. Corps of Engineers; Captain Horry Meade, TWA pilot and Sgl. Vassallo, U.S. Marines. t «KnaN««( W M!n ji u m -i? m K ip m Father Desmond holds check for $600.00, denoted to Council 905, Knights of Columbus from onnuol Youth Breakfast. With Father (left) are Monogram Club members and officers Magnino, Byer, Boyle, President Wilson, Aquinas Spiritual Director Father R. A. Crowley, Cornelison, Father Marcotte, Dean of Students ot Aquinas, Coach Ed Cioboftini, Father Patrick Meogher, Choplain K. of C, ond Knight Youth Director and K. of C. Little League Director. 83 Father Richard A. Crowley, C.S.V., assumes the duties of Father Anderson who has left for new fields. Father Crowley was formerly a prominent pastor at Las Vegas, Nevada and comes to Aquinas with a wealth of experience as spiritual director and guidance counsellor. Ave Atque Vale A 84 Formerly National Chaplain of YCS, a position which took him to Europe, India and Africa, Father James Anderson leaves his post as Chaplain and Guidance Director to train papal volunteers for NCWC at the request of Cardinal Cushing and Very Reverend James Consi- dine, M.M. Father will leave for Puerto Rico in July to assume his new duties. While at Aquinas, Father established the Catholic Center in Riverside and takes with him the affectionate esteem of students and Faculties at Aquinas and University High in San Diego, and the admir- ation and prayerful good wishes of all who knew him. f GRADUATES 85 mmmmmmjmsm mmm Robert Aleman James C. Ballard Stan Benkoski Daniel A. Boyle John Byer William P. Canavan Charles Cervantes Ernest Ciabattini Mike Coffield Kenneth Cole James P. Conway Felix J. D ' Amico k. 87 i- JY tim ' i «C ' ' ,-„ 7r pr KV P ' 4 John J. Dandurand Larry J. Deermer Lincoln Dennis Desmond Ditchfield Neil R. Donat Briton DuBois Patrick Favorite Steven Figueroa Richard Franke Thomas Full Edward M. Gorcia Edward W. Garcia William Gifford Chris Gilluly Gerald Geoffrion Daniel Gomez Robert Gericke John A. Hartford Pat Hennessey Michael M. Hertel tsmsismmsmissaiima m;AmmB9m Mike Kedzior Clifford Kester WN Arthur Luna Hugh McDonough Leonard D. Messner Karl Meyer Jim Miller Andy Moyce William F. Nelson 92 i. ' V» ' ,OT» ff«». ' " ' K «n Arthur Pellegrene Raymond Pentz Mike Phillips Michael Poutre Roger Prograce Antonio P. Ramirez 93 V -»,CTi»? ' .fr AVfW ' y V ' ?» « Jorge P. Ramirez Clyde Robinson Felix Rubio Manuel J. Ruiz Lee J. Russell Paul H. Schindler Louis J. Servin Daniel Spletzer Mike Sullivan S. Earl Tavares Robert Taylor LeRoy Voiadez n Danny Vredenburg Richard Wening Dennis Wilson BOTTOM ROW: ROW: Tom Full, Karl Meyer, technician; Chris Gilluly, Larry Deermer, Donor of Scaffold. ASBA. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Conovan. TOP ASBA under the leader- ship of Dick Weening ac- complished much for Aqui- nas during 1962-63. New Coke and ice-cream ma- chines, weekly hot lunches for students, the Yearbook SUMMA, the monthly pa- per THE FALCON, new acoustical equipment for the gym, live name bands for canteens, community service and efforts to co- ordinate activities be- tween local high schools and Youth Councils of the city and county are only a few of the ' 62-63 achieve- ments ASBA. II? .s w t ' r Chris Gilluly shows Freedom Award he won for Aqui- nas from Freedom Foundation for on essay on " Ameri- can Heritage " he wrote in FALCON Literary Supple- ment. Mayor Mauldin of Son Bernardino presented award to Aquinas. When does a ball chose a choser? Mike Phillips, with ball, chases Bill Conavan. Both wrestlers hod to smile. The photographer kept them woiting ten minutes in this hold and thai needs complement, no? H Senior Directory 98 ROBERT ALEMAN Spanish Club 4 Ambition: Undecided. JAMES C. BALLARD Drama 4; Student Council 4; French Club 4; FALCON Staff 3,4; SUMMA 3; Y. Democrats. STAN BENKOSKI Varsity Football 3,4; . U-League Quarterback 3,4; Varsity BasebaU 3,4; FALCON Staff 3,4; National Honor Society- 2,3,4; Boys ' State 3; Monogram Club 3,4; San Bernardino Youth Council 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Scholastic Award 1,2; Service Award 2; Outstanding Student Award 3; Drama 3; Debate 2; NMSQT Commendation Letter 4; Bank of Ainerica Achievement 4. Ambition: Math Teacher. DANIEL A. BOYLE Varsity Basketball 3,4; Drama 2; FALCON Staff 4; Glee Club 1,2; Monogram Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Scholastic Award 1,2; Na- tional Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Bank of America Achievement 4; Univer- sity of San Francisco Scholarship. JOHN BYER Track 2; Monogram Club 2,3,4; De- bate 2; Glee Club 1,2; Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Drama and Service Award 2. Ambition: Engineer. WILLIAM P. CANAVAN Class Vice-President 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Track 1,2; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4. . ini5ition: Pharmicist. CHARLES CERV. NTES Debate 1; Track 3,4; Monogram Club 2,4; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Undecided. ERNEST CIABATTINI Monogram Club 3,4; Varsity Bas- ketball 4; Yell Leader 3. Ambition: Business Administration. MIKE COFFIELD B Track 2, Football J V 2, 3, Var- sity 4; Service Club 2; Prom Com- mittee 3; German Club President 4. KENNETH COLE Orchestra 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; National Honor Society, 1,2; Span- ish Club 4. Ambition: Undecided. JAMES P. CONWAY Student Body Vice-President 4; Var- sity Football 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; FALCON Staff 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Drama 2; National Honor Society 2,3,4. Ambition: Undecided. FEUX J. D ' A CO Varsity Basketball 3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; De- bate 2; Glee Club 1,2; Service Award 2; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: General Contractor. JOHN J. DANDURAND Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3, 4; NMSQT Commendation Letter; FALCON Staff 3,4; SUMMA Staff 3,4; Drama 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Scientific Society 3,4; Scholastic Award 2,3,4; Bank of America Achievement 4; San Bernardino Youth Council 4; Wrestling 4. Am- bition: Doctor. LARRY J. DEERMER Track 1,2,3; Monogram Club 1,2, 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Service Award 1,2. Ambition: Undecided. LINCOLN DENNIS Drama 2; Glee Club 2; FALCON Staff 3,4; Scientific Society 4; Na- tional Honor Society 2; Honor Roll 1,2. Ambition: Cliemist. DESMOND DITCHFIELD Debate 1; Drama 3. Ambition; Un- decided. NEIL R. DONAT Glee Club 1,2,3; Drama2,3,4; Treasurer Student Council 4; Busi- ness Manager FALCON SUMMA 3,4. Ambition: Priesthood. BRITON DU BOIS Football, Varsity 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Junior Class Treasurer 3; Senior Class Secretary 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Drama 2; DdDate 1,2; French Club 3,4; San Bernardino Youth Council 4; Service Club 1,2,3,4. .Ambition: Medicine. PATRICK FAVORITE Ti-ack 1,2; Varsitj- Football 4; Mon- ogram Club 1,2,3,4; Drama 3; De- bate 1,2. Ambition: Dentist. ESTEBAN (STEVEN) FIGUEROA Spanish Club Secretai-y 4. Ambition: Undecided. ii i Senior Directory RICHARD FRANKE Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Monogram Club 3: National Honor Society 1,2,3, 4. Ambition: Unde- cided. THOMAS FULL Track 3,4; Football Varsitj- 4; Mon- ogram Club 3,4; Debate 2; FALCON Staff 4; Wrestling 4; Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3. . mbition: Undecided. EDWARD M. GARCIA Varsity Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; FAL- CON Staff 4; Honor Roll 2; ASBA Recording Secretary 4; Orchestra 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Bowling 1,2,3, 4; National Honor Society 2. Ambi- tion: Teaching. EDWARD W. GARCIA Spanish Club President 4; Student Council 4; Orchestra 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Bowling 1,2,3,4; National Hon- or Society 2. Ambition: Teaching. GERALD GEOFERION Glee Club 1, Debate 2; SUMMA Staff 4; German Club Parliamentar- ian 4. Ambition: Undecided. ROBERT GERICKE Drama Club President 3,4; Spanish Club President 4. Ambition: Law- yer. WILLIAM GIFFORD Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 2; Glee Club 2; French Club 3,4; SUMMA Staff 4; FALCON Staff 1,2; Drama 3,4; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Lawyer. Capitol Re- cording Artist " GENTELLS " 4. CHRIS GILLULY ASBA Executive Secretary 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; SUMMA Staff 4; Vice-Pres- ident French Club 4; Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4; Baseball 3. All-League Football End 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; San Bernardino Youth Council 3,4. Ambition: Undecided. DANIEL GOMEZ Spanish Club 4; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2. Ambition: Undecided. JOHN A. HARTFORD Drama Club President 3; Dean ' s list 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Varsity Football 3,4; Mon- ogram Club 4; Varsity Baseball 4; Debate 3. Ambition: Military Ca- reer. PAT HENNESSEY Senior Class President 4; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; All- League Basketball 3,4; National Honor Society 2,3; National Honor President 4; Freshman Class Vice- President 1; Scholarship Award 1, 2; FA LCON Staff 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4. Ambition: Medicine. MICHAEL M. HERTEL Honor Society 2,3; Drama 2,3,4; SUMMA Staff 4; FALCON 4; Scienti- fic Society 4; Glee Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3. Ambition: Undecided. ALBERT HUITRIC Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; FALCON Staff 3,4; Varsity Football 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Deljate 2. Ambition: Enologist. MIKE KEDZIOR Honor RoU 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 1,2; Track A 4; Monogram Club 4. Ambition: Undecided. CLIFFORD KESTER Football 4; Track 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; YeU Leader 3. Ambi- tion: Undecided. ARTHUR LUNA Track 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Law Enforcement. HUGH McDONOUGH FootbaU 1,2,3; Track 2; Drama 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4. Ambition: Dentist. LEONARD D. MESSNER Bowling 1; Debate 3; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Law. KARL F. MEYER Debate 1; Drama 3,4; ASBA 4; Sound Technician 4. Ambition: Law. JAMES MILLER B Basketball 1,2; Drama 3,4; FAL- CON Staff 4; SL ' MMA Staff 4; Honor Roll 4; Scientific Societj ' 4; Home- coming Committee 4. Ambition: Undecided. 99 iH Senior Directory 100 ANDY MOYCE National Honor Society 1,2,3,4: Drama 3,4; Scientific Society 4; Debate 2,3; Orchestra 1,2; Track 1. Ambition: Medicine. WILLIAM F. NELSON Debate 1,2; Football 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Service Award 2. Am- bition: Undecided. ARTHUR PELLEGRENE FootbaU 3: Spanish Club 4; ASBA 4. Ambition: Processing Analyst. RAYMOND PENTZ Debate 1,2,3; B FootbaU 2; Drama 3; San Bernardino Youth Council 4; ASBA 4. Ambition: Lawyer. PAUL F. SCHINDLER Football (Varsity) 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Senior Class Treasur- er 4; Debate 2; National Honor So- ciety 2,3,4; FALCON Editor-in- Chief4, Staff 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Drama 2. Ambition: Unde- cided. LOUIS J. SERVIN Glee Club 2; Bowling 2; Spanish Club 4; B Baseball 3. Ambition: Undecided. DANIEL H. SPLETZER Manager, Varsity Football 1; Var- sity Football 2; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Undecided. MIKE PHILLIPS Football 2,3,4; Track 3; Football All-League 4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; ASBA 4; Glee Club 1,2. Am- bition: Undecided. MICHAEL POUTRE Football 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Drama 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3. Ambition: Undecided. ROGER PROGRACE FootbaU 3,4; Monogram Club 4; ASBA 4. .Ambition: Engineer. ANTONIO P. RAMIREZ Track 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Glee Club 1. Ambition: Law Enforcement. JORGE P. RAMIREZ Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 4. Am- bition: Law Enforcement. CLYDE ROBINSON Glee 1; Basketball 4; Spanish Club 4; SUMMA 4. Ambition: Drafts- man. FELIPE RUBIO Varsity Track 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; B FootbaU 1; B Bas- ketball 1; Varsity Football Manager 2; Spanish Club 4; Track Captain 4. Ambition: Undecided. MANUEL J. RUIZ B Football 3; Glee Club 4; FALCON 4; ASBA 4. Ambition: Undecided. LEE J. RUSSELL B Basketball 2,3; Yell Leader 4; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Unde- cided. MIKE SULLIVAN Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Debate2,3; National Honor Society 2; ASBA Committee 4. Ambition: Law. S. EARL TAVARES Glee Club 1,2; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3,4; Joan Wilcoxon School of Drama 4; Stage Techni- cian 3,4. Aiibition: Set Designer. ROBERT TAYLOR Drama 3; Debate 3; Varsity Base- ball 4; Monogram Club 4. Ambi- tion: Teaching. LEROY VALADEZ Glee Club 1; Track 3,4; Spanish Club 4. Ambition: Undecided. DANNY VREDENBURG Baseball 2,4; Varsity Football 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4. Ambition: Draftsman. RICHARD WEENING ASB President 4; Baseball 3; Track 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; FALCON Staff 3; Glee Club 1,2; National Honor Society 2, 3,4; De- bate 1,2,3; Leadership Award 3; San Bernardino Y ' outh Council 4. Ambition: Undecided. DENNIS WILLSON Freshman Class President 1; Stu- dent Council 3,4; FootbaU 2,3,4; •All- League Football 3, 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; President, Monogram Club 4; FALCON Staff 3; Baseball Manager 4; French Club 3, 4. Am- bition: Teaching and Coaching. Patrons Right Reverend Monsignor Francis M. Scheringer; Reverend Brendon O ' Sullivan; Sister M. Christine, O.P.; Sister M. Kerill, I.H.M.; Dr. and Mrs. D. G. Cannon; Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Crane; Judge and Mrs. James E. Cunningham; Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Dempsey; Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Eich; Dr. and Mrs. Otto L. Gericke; Ralph E. Meinhardt, M.D.; Dr. and Mrs. Allen F. Sterling; Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Strebig; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Aburto; Mrs. Anne E. Adams; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Barnett; Margaret E. Barrett; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barsotti; Andrew S. Bayus; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Bennett; Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Berberich; Mario B. Bernal; Mrs. Renee Louise Billman; Mrs. Mildred A. Bird; The Blazer Family; Miss Mary Louise Boggust; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Brancacio; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brodaric; Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Busch; Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Canavan; John M. Carney; Mrs. Amy P. Chevrez; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Conway; Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Coughlin; Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cozzo; Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dempsey; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. DeRoque; Michael Dolske (Alumni ' 61); Mr. and Mrs. John B. Donat; Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Dowlan; Mr. and Mrs. James T. Doyle, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. James T. Doyle, Sr.; Mrs. Venita M. Flahaven; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ford; Victor Garcia (Alumni ' 61); Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gasparin; Col. and Mrs. John W. Gilluly; Norman D. Gilmore; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Globensky; Frank Grieco; Sylvester C. Haas; Col. and Mrs. F. J. Henggeler; Mr. and Mrs. Stanford D. Herlick; Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Mollis; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Huber; Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Huss; Mrs. Nancy J. Hutton; Col. and Mrs. William T. Jones; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kelleher; Lt. Col. and Mrs. Clifford D. Kester; Col. and Mrs. Harry A. Lange; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lawrence; Col. and Mrs. Edward D. Leahy; Mrs. Charles Lemann; Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Little; Joseph T. Mclnerny; Mrs. V. E. McKinney; Mr. and Mrs. William J. McNally; Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Magnino; Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Magnino; Lt. Col. and Mrs. Verne H. Malloy; Frank F. Marmion; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Martin; Henry F. Martin; A. J. " Tony " Martins, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Mejia; Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Melchior; V. J. Micallef; Donald Miller; Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Mills; Mr. ond Mrs. Panfilo Montano; E. L. Montecino; Lucia L. Montecino; Clement Thomas Muto; Col. and Mrs. Edward F. O ' Connor; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ormiston; Mrs. Joseph N. Palmondon; Mr. and Mrs. Giulio C. Panelli; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Penny; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pentz; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Perez; Mr. and Mrs. John H. Retry; Miss Irene Pirio; Major and Mrs. Robert C. Reeve; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Richardson; Mrs. Emma Richardson; Mr. and Mrs. James A. 101 Patrons Richardson; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robinson; Mr. and Mrs. Logan B. Schirmer; Mrs. Agnes Schmid; Mr. and Mrs. Luis C. Servin; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Shaw; Mr. and Mrs. George E. Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Smith; Mrs. Lillian Snyder; Mr. Albert Spencer, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Anthony Spiotto; Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Spisak, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton V. Stebbins; Mr. and MrsI Thomas F. Steel, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Suhl; Mr. and Mrs. James D. Sullivan; Mr. and Mrs Richard Tate; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Tavares; Mr. Jean Thibault; Mt. and Mrs. Raymond G. Torres; Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wagoner; Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Webster; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wilson; Pvt. Daniel C. Winker (Alumni ' 61); Mrs. Teresa D. Winker; Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Yarbrough; Holy Rosary Church; St. Catherine ' s Church, Rialto; St. Thomas More Church, Rialto; Dominican S isters; Sisters of St. Bernardine ' s Hospital; Knights of Columbus, Council 3041, Fontana; Catholic Youth Organization, Catholic Social Services Volunteers of Greoter San Bernardino Area. Sponsors Cos Sermak Studio, 2230 Arrowhead, TUmer 6-3812; Charrita ' s Cafe, 570 ' Mount Vernon; Mark Cox Electric, Inc.; Jack Coyle Chevrolet Company, 808 F Street, Tllrner 9-0861; Cunningham Drug Store; Dick Jones Camera Center, 384 West Highland Avenue, TUmer 6-1606; Dickson Drugs, 40tl! Street Shopping Center, TUmer 2-1771; First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. of San Bernardino, 555 E Street, TUmer 9-0881; Grimes Catholic Goods; Henry ' s Flower Shop; Keystone Hardware; Lindy ' s Mexican Products; Littleton Dairy Farm, 1380 Lynu ' ood Drii ' C, TUmer 2-7511; Mountain Water Ice Company; Nimmo ' s Shell Service, 644 East Highland Ai ' e., TUmer 3-8003; Stan Nickell-Travel leasing Company, 436 D Street, TUxedo 44 ' 5121; One Hour Martini zing Cleaners, 1677 East Highland Ave., TUmer 5-7080; Osgood ' s Paint Store; Red ' s Mobil Service Station, Highland Ave. at Del Rosa, TUmer 3-8512; Bob R. Roberts and Associates, 1153 F Street, TUmer 9-0595; Santo Fe Federal Savings and Loan Assn., 701 North E and 479 West Fourth, TUmer 9-0231; Town Furniture Company; Wissler ' s Service Station, 6098 Del Rosa Ai ' enue, TUmer 2-7218. 102 Sponsors CALIMESA Draeger ' s Feed FONTANA Stanley L. Dickey Mortuary, 8030 Wango Ave., VAIley 2-2285; Economy Points, 17208 roothill Blvd., VAIley 3-3313; Fontano Van and Storage, I703J Onvuje Way, ' Alle 2-2545; Lane ' s Mobil Service Station; Mefford ' s T-V and Radio Service; Ryn ' s Doiry; Shokies Barber Shop; Sol ' s Market, I809I Arrow Blvd., VAIley 3055. HIGHLAND McOmie Pharmacy REDLANDS Emmerson-St. Pierre, Redlands Mortuary, 703 Brookside. RLALTO Perry ' s Electric Company, 782 North Riverside Ave., TRimujle 5-4445 Advertising JOHN A. FISCALINI REALTOR 248 EAST HIGHLAND AVENUE SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. TELEPHONE TUrner 2-3757 RESIDENCE TUrner 3-3215 iB COMPLIMENTS OF DE ROQUE BUICK m 1036 E Street San Bernardino, Calif. CONGRATUUTIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASSOF 1963 FROM ( m6 ) V ... ' SAN BERNARDINO RIVERSIDE REDLANDS Congratulations to wmmammmsf mmitimnxi THE CLASS of ' 63 Your graduation is the occasion for well earned Best Wishes and Congratulations from your family and friends. Harris ' is happy to add their Congratulations for a job well done. ..their best wishes for success in the future. MENS WEAR 380 E St. Phone 9-2624 SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. EL TACO RIO DRIVE IN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 63 1418 North E. Street San Bernardino, Calif. AQUINAS MONOGRAM CLUB Dennis Wilson President CONGRATULATIONS AQUINAS GRADS and STUDENT BODY Start your career or college term with a wardrobe from Lang ' s Casual Cavalier Shop. You con depend on Lang ' s for the latest in Young Men ' s Fashions. 314 E Street San Bernardino LANG ' S Best Wishes DR. L. V. DUNCANSON, O. D. Optometrist 311 E Street San Bernardino CONGRATULATIONS FALCON BASKETBALL TEAM AND GRADUATES MULTIPLE LISTINGS FONTANA PAVING, INC. Felix D ' Amico, Jr. General Manager JOHN J. TALBOT REALTOR 6989 Fairfax Drive san bernardino. caui f. PHONE TURNER 5-2558 THE LIQUOR BASKET 819 East Base Line San Bernardino 3rcl Main Hesperia 34610 Yucaipa Blvd. Yucaipa CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 1963 from HARLEY ' S SPORTING GOODS Highland and " D " San Bernardino, Calif, 1RAM it tXVES Wm btj , Hour, Daij, Trip STABL€S IDYLLWILD, CALIFORNIA PHONE: 654-2358 659-2660 EDEN ' S FLOWER SHOP Ruth Aburto, Prop. 796 North Mt. Vernon Ave. Son Bernardino, California 1 COLLECTOR ' S ITEMS: FALL PENDLETONS Man-to-Man the name " Pendleton " Is sure to come up in a discussion of favorite clothes. Some men " collect " Pendleton shirts or jackets with the enthusiasm of a real hobbyist. They like the comfortable fit, the easy tailor- ing, the versatility. The remarkable range of patterns and solids makes deciding on just one so difficult. Come in soon and let us help you v lth your selection. Exclusively at BLACKS A. A k k A or men THREE TWENTY THREE " E " SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. eac4 H COMPLIMENTS OF THE HIGHLANDER Finest imported and Domestic LIQUORS -WINES- BEER 27250 Base Line Highland 862-8445 } PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR AD ERTIZERS HIE SUMMA STAFF UTSI IES TO THANK ASBA UNDER THE LEADERSIHP OF DICK WEENING FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO PRODUCE THIS BOOK. TO ALL GRAD- UATING MEMBERS OF ASBA THE SUMMA EXTENDS SINCERE BEST UTSHES FOR A BRIGHT AND IIAPPV FUTURE. THE ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY JOIN US IN CONGRATULATING THE SENIOR CLASS 1963 AND ALL U HO MADE THIS YEAR ' S ANNUAL POSSIBLE. ••! ' J t X l r . 2. ;2 Q n.r . -n K ■Si - , y i t ,v) 1 ivmrimtniTTii Tiiimiiiiiii irM ' ;?;: w. ' :?m w?m rMmi(mBmmMm wmmmms ' Mm M tv . •■.( '

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