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aw- A f2"f ! -F ' L, fl fffif he H- . 'W' b L :fav gf .iqr-1-if fm fi-fi Q 1 h wa 1, s . 1- , 13" ' - -' sr, 'Ju 'Q A. Lg -, A f-- ' I ' A r" ' L. 'fi ,3 If , f, V f. 4 '?-rf ,DJ Z 155 ir, x .f,. . Alf I, .: ,A ,: ' fu ,ss , 1 . -:Z ,-n L. Sf' ,,, . X 1 L5 . ' . y ET' ., , N. ' I v4 '- 1 ff v. xfl if H?- ,ap Ea. Q ,f .,.. ., .N-.1 " , ,hx ,I f ,ff-,. LY-5-' 1 x v I , . . r Y I - - 5 A U -1 , 1. ' , F . , , , ,, . , Y . I w L.4,,...+lP1'1- -faggin 1,5 . X - - w , ' 3 ' W , gg , ' ' . , ,, l I . V 'A Time wg-re' me taQqefher5 l SChG1QrrsAin1'ilhd,l1erT1 Qf fame ' 1 V FrQmi 1C15QS?50fff1s up fo. EQ - They':stf11'recQ:JlI each nqlme-.E 4 vfeices. ,Q-eholed through halls ji cane Wits: Fright' .cmd they fmhndedg Sweei and ' ' ' , 4 But draw. if's fir1fxeL -they - Tobegin a Iifeg anew W A ' ' Qsfffhey their Chaps V' Thetcldssvqgf AA ,, ' x -T N H . , i . b , W I . : 1 1 : , , Q 1 N , i . ' 1 w . Y ' f 1 , ,G .'! 'X V kv, A ,Sb Q I, if rr. A 1 :iii -F., r' ' ' - 1, ,M . .H ., N l iv Ui' 523 52" bf- . , 4 Q -, ffif, -'- 'Jkv' A ' '--Y' 3 N-"Tr " 1 i ' 1 l ., X x I N f , E . X . , ' 1 . 1 ' , ', 'L :t . , , . . A. . BY WF 1 A ' 1 4 w 1 W - , ' I l P 1 W , E .9113 .xdgouf .ji-m-e .7!laf jeg, .Are Mlaorfingi Bcxck of History, back of Civilization, back of the Visible Universe itself, there is the unending sequence of all development - T-I-M-E. 145 jim? fgfannecl .Aff PQCLI418 5 owing fAe greaf, JIM, MW 1950 . . . May the Holy Year be for all men a year of purification and sanctification, of interior lite and reparation, the year of the great return and of the great pardon.-Pope Pius XII And as recorded by Co-Editors, Therese Baader, and Iayne McGraw and Feature Writers, Gloria Gavrilovich, Gloria Kuberski, Mary N. Nessner, Marilyn Egnor, Ioan Schubert, Diane Shepherd, Helen Gallagher, Nancy Mahoney, Patricia Hoene, Marilyn Scholl, Ioan Denny, Kay Iohnson, Connie Cronin, Kay Basil, Dorothy Petritis, Alice Kennelly, Mary Houle, Martha Hendrick, Mary Catherine Basil, Patricia Plumstead, Iudy Lindstrom, loan Grace, Mary Ann Wenzel, Rita Wall, Betsy Picard and Frances Guy. And pictured by Photographers Mn. RUSSELL BENSON MR. WILLIAM Goon MR. DAVID SCHUESSLER And Published by MR. LEANDER HAGERTY ACM! ere egzm jim agar? f f , , 4724 f , W ff W W, 3, A f f f Q 4 f 'Q 92,4 ii? f v , 49" ff 41 1 fm, ,W M QT V af' i ak in , 554 K ,A f ,ff ff? W. 1 f f Q X. ff V Xgjgflf X f XNSSQXSQ- , ww' QNWNQS 1 f . '! A lf ' W ,fam :Q 3 4 in A W hg,,K,f Veg '. 9 Q "F ,. ff' 1 But they that are learned, shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and they that instruct many to justice, as stars for all eternity. Dmmzi.. CHAPTER 12, Vsnss 3 W new iclnd 0 .ima fCAeJ Quer . . . fhe Reverend Ioseph Hedderman Sister Mary Majella, O.P. Chapfam A Sister Margaret Ioan, O.P. Sister Ann Terence' OP- Sister Marie Bride, O.P. Principal Sister Mary Eileen, O.P. Assistant Principal Sister Agnes Rita, O.P. Sister Ann Carol, O.P. Sister Dolores Marie, O.P. Sister Frances Gerald, O.P. Sister Francis Ioseph, O.P. Sister Francis Paul, O.P. Sister Francis William, O.P. Sister Helen Francis, O.P. Sister lane Ellen, O.P. Sister Ioan Arc, O.P. Sister Leo Clare, O.P. Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Mary Alicia, O.P. Mary Cecilia, O.P. Mary de Ricci, O.P. Mary Devota, O.P. Mary Imelda, O.P. Mary Lucretia, O.P. Mary William, O.P. Rose Ethel, O.P. Rose Francis, O.P. Miss Mary Blish Miss Shirley Simons Mrs. Louise Dwyer Firench Miss Margaret Greenfield Office Secretary 5 Mfj M M r jlzede flflflzife-i ogecl gbominican .mack .fglncl jogefhr .7!Leg Cyzeridlzecl . .1 X 5 ww 1 ,f , ,,f'!1f :Wy ,M ,M 234 " wn..5'K52f1,,32s fm-if X561 Km X 5 , . 4 QM ,U ,W -7 5 'w A W. iv Ry f mwww mxmys 54 sw wiv I 'Wg 'K Q Mg wigs' me w 1 gp? 3 5 i Qs X ., Q Ki . 5 iw, fag? if J x if 2 'sffvik nga? V:-,Y Q SH V632 ' x 6 Y ' Q ,-YQ 2' A my . A Q Q p W3 Jw. 3 " 6 fy F3 ff' N ig iviwiiv' f f Q W Q 3? K. ZW fag 6 'twill ' -5s5A? i' nfs? f W X N f 57192-we in 15,353 'ff-X9 ff L 45 lpfifm, 20521 fic M153 M -W 31 , Q M lfigqvmqyn S .Q,:,f-:1E:zag:.:21::a4.: ,Jeff 'W2f2: 5- f .fir wnw Q . f ifiiw j- - ' xg .5 , X 3? W f Yiff P Q-XR, 2,2 , Y -W ffm A. xfwig ,gfgggmggggz I X W ?xgsa Mu SSSQKQ? U Q55 5 1 f jr: Ya.: 'Q X ww' A 4 5 S PM N. .. .W W X N Wiggwfgg H2 g -my,Q.m V SEQ ,, A, r W. A A Wnfgyy., .1 .if -2- .Nj Lggg "v-. '-4 ..,, . if f I S 5 U 'fjff F Q ng? f X 5 if , 1 X ,W Q k, G x gig. X Sk x eg ge N K Y' xx X f R 55 KN xx X 'K 1 N s X , X X X X L. x y N l 3' A1 Y. Q mp b i 3, ' bv '-4... , .mx F we .ima of jlzeir iuezi I-IONORED TIME . . . LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, COOPERATION AND SERVICE characterize these, who now wear the coveted black hood of the National Honor Society and who can share together the Honored Time at Aquinas. BRUNCH TIME . . . the Bun party after Sodality Mass . . , the lun time when good friends get together and talk about last night's encounter, over a teacup. TEEN AGE TIME . . . The Station VVFIL: the participants: Geraldine O'Keeie, Mary Lou Buckley and Ann Ford, The Occasion: the CYO radio Hour, Teenagers discussed their problems and all Chicago listened. The result: a great success, PLAYING TIME . . . Oh, the thrill ol teamwork when a mere ball attracts all and each girl hopes to be a victor, but only a few can win. PROM TIME . . . Soft lights, sweet music and an evening oi happiness. Here Patricia Hyland and her escort sit one out at the Senior Prom at the Medinah Club. GRADUATION TIME . . . The height ot it all, when with the diploma come roses. congratulations and sweet farewells tinged with a lonesomeness and a happy memory. Mary Henry was chosen to represent the Class ol 1950. . . . Tm:m:si: BAADER fagzng, raging, pfanning ime y f mramafized ciuincw .fdcfiuifiea At first just a date in the Principal's activity calen- dar and then a reality when through the hushed audience there beamed a star that circled the Christ- mas Madonna. With it Christmas came to Aquinas and the age-old story of the Christ Child was relived in a rich dramatic setting. Flanked by the ruddy glow of the 760 red candles. born by green-clad Aquinites, the pageant typified the Light in the darkness of long ago and the 760 angelic voices summoned all to come to Bethlehem to behold the Light. NCTURED ON OPPOSHE PAGE The Madonna: Therese Baader: Shepherds: Phyllis Nearhoff, Io Ann Reilly, and Alicia McGill, and Angels: Mary Olive Higgins, lean Ann Meece and Mary Ann Wenzel. Page10 Www 5 Q is if ,ay gfching a IQ igiouzi emonahfy jhrouglz Wa g ji.. .Sldladfy Nancy Mahoney, Publicity Director, looks on as ludy Lindstrom sketches her sub- ject, Diane Shepherd, for the Lenten showcase. Patricia Ryan points with pride to the places on the map where Aquinite charity has trailed the Missionary. lean Kapple and her co- apostles promote Christ's kingdom through the Written word in the Literature Com- mittee. Sodalists ot Mary kneel in reverence at the close ot the annual Day of Recollection. Reverend Edward Barron de- livered the addresses. . . . GLORIA KUBERSKI P,xgr:12 Xi . GQ' Qt ,Rt WC, fs' ai Y , QXQLWXKQD5 , Yhaumfsg. .xdnol fke Hgh wad gfigkf wifA a ,izlofg oggkf r....-Q...-.---v------W A'-W - - ,- . Cxrid fmad . . . And the darkness of sin had covered the earth, when a shining star pierced rnen's hearts to announce the Saviour, Cen- turies later, the Prince of darkness, called "Light," once again threatened to rule the World. But it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, so the burning tapers of faith, hope and charity, glowed in the night. Christmas had come to Aquinas and faith shone from the eyes of the Aquinites, as they honored the New-born King in the annual Candlelight Procession. The fires of hope were kindled under the spiritual care of Father Hedderman. And the radiant smiles of the orphans were Worth far more than the gifts of Charity-1 . . . ANN FORD Page 13 .A cl g G"0lfUI1Q6!iAQ l" ana! ,gainful a adferlaiece Time and work have brought forth their fruit toward the etching of a religious personality. The consummation ot a year's work is realized when the crown is placed on the brow of Our Lady. So, too is crowned the moments of fervent prayer in the tiny school chapel, the golden deeds of Aquinites to themselves and their fellowman, the long hours of study so well utilized, the arduous labor of the apostolate of teaching, so well done by our Sisters and so too is sealed the diamond bond of friendship that binds together so many ot the Aquinites, a friendship that is God-given. . . . DIANE SHEPHERD Page 14 em, awyem, egizifafure . . me yfhniafure Faith Hoeper, Mary Reynolds, Patricia Ho- gan, Rita Wall, Mar- garet Sullivan, Nancy Finn, Mary Io Daly, Bar- bara Bredeken, Lois Woelkers, Marie Mor- an, Eleanor O'Brien, and Carol Sink - Stu- dent Day Planners. The leaders . . . the executive branch . . . planning plans that Work! The Student Court makes certain that justice is the yardstick ot Aquinas govern- ment. The legislature . . . working tor a Council of the students, by the students, and for the students. . . . MARGARET SULLIVAN Page 15 . And eruice ringfi MCA Rafal' A Sister Ann Terence pins the merit award medal on Iayne McGraw with her following of 25 . . . the medal symbolizes a job well done. What is lost can be found . . . as proved by Therese Baader return- ing the jacket she found to Carol Sink, Lost and Found Chairman. The library committee under the direction of Sister Francis Paul serves the school by their cour- teous help. Mary Io Daly and her willing helpers put up chairs for the vari- ous functions. Puge 15 . ,4m! iuic Cibufiefi ring 8f5l00I'l5i6iAfiQ.'5 Student Day finds Trish Patterson directing Sister Devota's Ameri- can History class. Notice her pu- pils - they are: Sisters Eileen, Mary William and Devota. When the girls notice the striking bulletin boards they naturally at- tribute the credit to the publicity artists, Sylvia Grigul and Nancy Finn. Checking on the hall-guards are Barbara Bredelcen and Lois Woel- lfers, Aquinas Civic Bureau officers. After-school penalties are fulfilled under the watchful eye of Pat Ho- gan, Aquinas Senior Iudge. ... KAY JOHNSON Paqe17 pfanfing, relaaring, runing ime jkaf Ckaracferizea we leparfmenfd Chemistry - Time to study and to prepare the combining of elements to form a compound . . . re- torts . . . the combining of serious thinking, with the experiment to arrive at a conclusion. So through the days, the months and years - Time marches trailing in its wake a lesson learned, a thinking process . . . all geared toward making time pay rich dividends in later life. PICTUHED ON OPPOSITE PAGE Chemistry Instructor, Sister Mary William, O.P. Students: Bar- bara Hacko, Frances and MaryBeth Delaplane. Page 18 5 , ,xp s ' 2 1 5 -Z .s'.,22:E ,img-25.9 wp, SEQ ,,, mm' no S ! Q nw W'M""',9'1f . Af ' g ' 'QQ , , 01 ' - .kim n ,.,. 5 4 . , 'L A 1 Q ' .' "" , WM i 2 is ' Q . ,Si'iQl'lCQ QQUQAIOJ iA8 p0lfUQI" 0 OL60I"UCLfl0Ifl PICTURED ABOVE Watching before your very eyes, White becoming black, acids mellowed by bases and atoms at Work, is a thrill that only budding Chemists experience. Measuring the power and pressure of HQO, these young Physicists gleam as the turning dial tells the story. PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE In General Science, Sister Francis joseph becomes a magician as she unfolds the laws and rules of the governing of abstract sciences, before the fascinated faces of the freshmen students. Field trips and club meetings add zest to science. The Physic's Club enjoys a movie While the Chemistry students visited the World's best water plant. Carol Manion and Ianet Ennen take notes on this lime feeder on their trip through the plant. . . . IOAN DENNY Page 21 I ' Y 1 "" rv - ' : 'A ' F" wr' ,N 1 Y Y Mg - 5 , f f f ""' 9 an I S, A 1, My 8 - A A , W W gsm gg i..W Q sw- P Q, F Q :tum W, , , , , vga H ,,, an 0 Mgrq ff 0 9 ,QM Q Q A .A 1 x J I at ' I vm S, 9' ' J 3 4 ' N 4 X , W V I intl v ,. gy' R. fm' , -np F , ff any JMFARHGQ Q 9' ..., I SH 'fih 'f-'T 1 . , , . nn , . f ja JM '. f" ' N 17 th "X,,"'wfvwpn.., ' 5 r " V Q, ,gg V , .Q f ,S I 4Q,,MW"2t' V A r 4 . ,-mg A 4 , W., ,, ' yi- ' 4' Sf Q,-i ' 'ff' ,- ' , ' "" ' QA" 'fM,Q5'fM -' 5 'f 239-ff J X" 1 mr xy ff" Nu, if "iff, fx' 3 .f " " W ' fwqmmrgikwf' M 'pr ' 45 N X uib'i,....A ,. ,J I 1 J X mn Q 9' I , -y , rw , 9 af-32: 'f ' f , f :N sf f 2.-' ' - Q , WW! in "yy I L' ., " a-in "1 3? , 'SEV my ak ' 'N W WL 'Mui EA thi , fu , 4,,. lr ,W , ' QQ, X 'Q - f W ':n?ixn an 'gyvf ,ex 5 . V." xi lf' 4" ru 6 'Q' h ef .Q A A ta, 'givyf -Jw my M' fb W 2. f Mata rf Q if f 'Q A, f. QM ' 0 Fm Q in M, 'Y' Q 3' ' 'I ' ' f' Y: V A ' f X, ' wb , ,I V . Q.. ' S 'I ' Bn ,. 7' , ' - 2 QQ 4' ,, wiv' ,aw LQ- - A , m 333 M 'Q , 7 M' A QQ' ui? ' rf ,fig ,,,w?'fffN 5 ff -2 'wg f M :law iff . -' .+ f f ,ww W f - mfuw,-. Q EW FA Edu? Z 1 'A gxk,i,, W W , 4 it K Kyiv vs. wif Q Ti Q f A g I ' Mefx xm 3 i P 44 5 W-351' ' N A A .. -,nh 3. lx i TH' 7' W 4 ,M3,,.r, 545' N ,Wg W , ggi, V Y J yjfjwf ggi ilk SEQ gg A X W as A bf f if . 'ww AWP , il J Q fi wzgg! ,ff Q 4 . F' ' l7?l?:T2h' . . ig' , MZ J, "W "" f ,f 5733, , f, ff wig' vii 35,15 Uk 4 A 7 x' an E!! In.. 1,7 A A , A Q 2,?3,v1,i, yx5Q.Q,i A MW, 5 t at v. Egg! fa , 3 kg J. Y ,N L LEU.: f ' X ' -.Qi -, 'Q'-. miss? H Q ix mwfwfqny . 'aw X A 1 pg M,-wx xx ' ' 4 . ' x . "Q: ' .V . 'ma eff'if'5fg'g5l' R 'np ' lr x 'XM-. pf A 53 'f 3:95 W Tix, ggyfxf M I., 7 YK' Q ,L I -'ggi J we X -.,,5 l x NJ. M 'Q fa 1 -,Q " N - ' 7 .Q , 5 uw ga '- ' H, hgglai ksl 'A' 33 i P , Y :D t A-fda! It 'L V' - QQ o . g ..,: , lx, ,.,.i uuzzul H , Jr M W V ., f in f A Z, -' emi il! X VW J 4.5 3 ' Q Aims ? ui 4 m W 'fx G, K w M3 ' J XZ ' My , X : W QF it vf V 7 an QSM K -Q i A , i M 'M 2 a RM 'fi " ' ' f guz 33- I . L. ig w . ,dual YWCJA QQUQAIUZS 805011 Timely trig triangles a tree height. Forming the angles, P. Dolan, I. Grace and M. Nolan learn the art of meas- urement. Hound the globe, from E'gypt's pyramids to Pisa's tower and Broo1cIyn's bridge, it's Geometry that the Soph Students Show. As K. Hanley points out on this picture graph, busses are the most used transpor- tation of the Aquinites when coming to school. . ..IOAN GRACE Page23 ssl r rgymlm 5, fp? , 4 X , as W"HlNlum... az ff.: -2': EF3WmWMrTVwwmHL X 9 Jafin me Quad MPH: fo Orafom, .gycwefi ana! woman govld Salve, Salve, Latin week brought hidden talent to the footlights. A king, a queen, a princess, a charming hero and a dragon enacted the story of a hero's triumphs by gifted sophomores. Cicero's voice booms as he points an accusing finger at the conspira- tor, Cataline, in the Roman Senate. Cicero's friends cause Cataline to leave in tear, but time shows that Cataline seeking revenge eventually overcomes Cicero. Vale, Vale. Page Z4 we ugnuifed .f4g.uinife4S f0 ogdlnlfl .fdgwftf KOWZG 5' 5 Frosh in White and green match wits in Latin spell- down. Senior Geraldine Maloney directs. Posters submitted must be judged by Latin Club Offi- cers: E. O'Brien, M. Mar- rin, P. Plumstead, E. Byrnes, and G. Maloney. "Veni, Vidi, Vici." Sophs follow Caesar as he con- quers the World and Wins all for Home. With fiery detail the mythological and real persons are viv- idly portrayed in the dull pages ot a Latin book. Ancient gods seem to rule again: Caesar resumes fighting and Cicero shouts out his famous orations against Cataline. They explode the bar- riers of time to liven up the "dead" language. . . . DOROTHY PETRITIS Page Z5 Clllglfiage d .S?0l"y-'we Language tells a story-the story of the Aquinites-through their efforts, Iunior Iournalism and Spanish students have writ- ten their tale of study and Work-play-for the Work Well accomplished provided the excitement-joys-laughter-They took a little knowledge-sprinkled it with effort-the outcome- Success. 0! flee .xdquinifefi Sambas- Hhumbas- Tangos- coupled with Senora O1ascoaga's tutorinq-Hesu1t- Spanish I pulsating to language of Latins The Printed Word -the Power of the Press- Iournalism I thrills with first edition- "the pen is mightier than the sword!" . . . PAT PLUMSTEAD Page 26 .fdncl .Speech doomed J ing. Debating, challenging - Aquinas debaters find, fills them with knowledge, truth and an ability to defend. Circled before the Great Master of Aquin, Symposium contest- ants proudly smile at their Win- ner, Alicia McGill. gmlaofiium, lbegafe "And the common people hear her as one who has authority." And so it will be in the future years, as the Aquinites of today become the leaders of to- morrow. Through her participation in these various speech activities, she has prepared herself for the tomorrow. , , , HELEN GALLAGHER Page Z7 :S d Qflibllny 0 l"09l"Q55 af fAQ QQLAOH CLU' . . jim ,Mafory gfaaaea Progress is shown in a thousand different ways but it is best shown in the rapid and wondrous development of a country. Aquinas seniors found this to be true while visiting the Railroad Fair where these on the spot candids were taken. Here is the history of the U. S. from the Injuns to Aquinites, and from the Deadwood Central to the Train of Tomorrow. Totem poles, gey- sers, New Orleans, Lil Tom Thumb, and the holdup of the Gold Gulch Bank were a few of the things that characterized this wonderful country of ours and made it so outstanding. "Trish" Patterson, a lovely southern belle, fans herself in the heat of old New Orleans. Out whar? Out that in the Wooly west Where the Aquinas posse gathers in front. Indians never saw prettier sguaws ogling these fantas- tic tribal totem poles. . . . CONNIE CHONIN Ui 'K' W 1 ww Q4 mm sf. MM-v ww D? WA www, www. mlm Nw, 9-H Mmmm ? my fa V mlm an ,wa HH, wa W' Y am 7 W A.. -' g if egg 34 :W X "2W9?373S Mfg if 3 W Q A . Q, , mmf ,.,., ,gd ,:. ...:2 f zsifsawiib' U za, ,., ,.,,:.. ... , , , :-agssgggsgzw .cg lf, ff W-ns I 1 Mg 1 2 I Q. 'W ff Q 'A 1 A 5 S ' ,.".Z Q 5.3 :Fw ew F fx gg x x W Af W 1 M fjfu, FSM ' -M -Q2'W,,.wr:g , of gcomed MLW jA.r0ug M igioow raining Attentive are the faces as they listen to Sister Rose F ran- cis, O.P. as she unfolds The Greatest Story Ever Told. A Religion Class today, and tomorrow a difficult lite solu- tion is solved as a result of it. Lucky Aquinites are counseled on marriage problems by eight diocesan priest experts. None is so esteemed as Father Barron, who contributes each year his discourse on "Why marry a non-Catholic?" . .. BARRY Tnsnnss Nsssnsn Paqe30 .fdncf fire Qc jzeg a55 on fo Oflzem . . . 348 IQ! C1054 at Ne-.....f-f' Orphans at St. Vincent's will happily receive these gifts which are being wrapped by lean Kapple, Frances Fruin and Diane Shep- herd. Beautiful new clothes for the children are being sewn by Pat Hoene, Dolores Maritote, Ioan Grace and Celeste Mager. Warm mittens for little hands are being made by Peggy Ken- singer, Helen Morris, Alice Moran, Ioan O'Brien, Barbara Hyzy and Ioyce Bourke. A flag to be used in a Red Cross program is being sewn by Frances Fruin, Hettie Gilmore, lean Wolfe, Clare Hoglund and Catherine Eclc. The fruits of their efforts are displayed by Nancy McNulty, lean Wolfe and Marie Klein. . . . PAT MCMAHON Page 31 guinea! Z3 e5 peafjorfh, lljahanf mman QOL LEISURE TIME . . . And suddenly it's Spring and K. Basil, G. Monks and A. Kennelly, garbed as Simplicity models beam their brightest. CHURCH TIME . . . With an aureole ot holiness, Clothing Students, P. McFarland, M. Kaub, K. Flynn, D. Maritote, I. Grace and M. Cramsie pose the appropriate garb tor the Easter Parade. FASHION TIME . . . With usual helpfulness, Marcella Kay adorns the tront hall with the Aquinas Belles Poster for the Spring Style Show, with the Valiant Woman theme. QW ,Q fl 31 e e ruff 0 OZQJJW lf!! L er ,Mani or A lgraide 1 3 Page 33 77 QI' And suddenly it's Spring and cr girl's fancy turns to dress and so Aquinas Clothing students burst forth in their newest creations, the truit of their hands. They have put out their hands to strong things and their ting ers have taken hold of the spindle. TEA-TIME . . . Chic and sophisticated, C. Cronin and M. Sullivan model their tea-time lrocks, made in the sewing class. DATE-TIME . . . Planning the next meeting. E. Kennedy and I. Cramsie talk it over. Ellen models a Simplicity pattern after- noon ensemble. EVENING TIME At the garden gate, Betty Bates smiles her best in an evening dress while a Carmel l ad wistiully would like to go l p aces. SLUMBEH TIME . . . 'Tis bed time and Aquin- ites. clad in nightly gar- ments, assemble the minims lor the story hour. The clever attire is the work oi the cl t ' 0 hung class. . ALICE K1-:NNELLY PLAY TIME . . . A bit ot the tropics in a northern setting as Roseanna Grace shows her beach attire lor the lake breezes. Admiring. Doris Dunmore dreams of the August heat wave. Both ensembles were made in the Sewing Classes. GARDEN TIME . , . Planting seeds and hoeing the soil requires the right dress, too. Showing how in blouses and skirts oi their own making are Baby Wall and Rita in a sister combination, and Patricia Connell, Marie Dunn and Celeste Mager in their summer best. MATCHING TIME . . . Which one is the Toni? Neither, as Mary Lou Page 34 McNulty will never reach that Sugrue height, even though their blouses made in clothing class were identical. LEARNING TIME . . . Clothing classes closed shop and took to the Fair to see how Indian Squaws prepared the wool for weaving on primi- time looms. FINALE TIME . . . And so the Aquinas Style Show closed with the happy ending: "Like the valiant woman oi the Epistle, You have seen that many daughters have gathered together riches. Give them the fruit ol their hands. Let their works praise them!" Qgooc! 300645 are eruev! ana! ugjofcf in goof! .ggi With a grace all their own the Hostesses serve meals at countless events. Their charm makes every one successful. The girls from the Menuette Club give a style to luncheon meals. Their daily service keeps Aquinas Well-fed. Nutrition and goodness in Aquinas food is the task of Mrs. E. Lonsdale, Mrs. N. Nolan and Mrs. E. Rollf. Theirs is a labor of love. Every day the store is open and ready with its service. The girls behind the counters fill everybody's needs. . . . MARY ANN W1-:NzEL Page 35 jhwe QZQHL .fdquiniferi mnf fo ffm WarLef These little Aquinites, Rosemarie Doyle, Marilyn Dixon, Pat Connell and Marie Dunn are eager to learn all the secret t b ' s o uymg on a budget. Their instructor is the Assistant Manager ol the High-Low Food Store. Dorothy Shaeffer a vitamin oonscious A u' 't , - q ini e, wisely selects her groceries lor the whole week at the large National Food Store. Shopping at the High-Low, Marion McCabe, Dorothy Shaelfer, and Dolores Wagner look longingl at a t h y por er ouse steak, that will probably never grace their shopping bag. .fdrwl jhede ollffi .Aguinifed .glagecl .Home And they studied furniture until the good and the bad became apparent. Here Mary Carol Kelly, Pat Bridges, Pat Madden, Mar- garet Eubanlcs and Ioan Fisher are smiling by ap- proving ot the good. I-low to keep the home in order is another asset to the homemaker. Budgeting time by timesavers, they permit the sun to glow on shining tables and the clean rugs ot a spotless dwelling. Here Eusebe Knapp, Marigene Ryan, Maureen McGuinn, Mary McQuaid, Ioy Patterson, Alice Foley and Pat Schilling demon- strate how to use a modern vacuum cleaner with all its attachments. . . . B1-:'rsY Prcnnn Page 37 1199 WM.. .7oc!agl5 .gluclenfd A omorrowji career QI' A "Up early in the morning" could be the theme song of office prac- tice maidens who lead the school with an eight o'clock class. But it is well worth the try. Intent only on that artificial voice that is brought to their ears, dictaphone girls receive the training, to help them to become alert and efficient secretaries. The keys they touch magically tap out with precise and steady hands their daily Work. Time tests are frequently taken to check the accuracy and speed of each girl. Page 39 ji... Uffllff mfurna 14 jouch ofcgncban PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE "What is important is what the Workman has in his mind." This is the belief that inspires P. Brunson and S. Struett at clay molding. C. Chenoweth and S. Struett observe an old Indian fireplace screen, whose rhythmical design produces a feeling of measured motion. P. Hoene and N. Wantuch practice a revived art, that of weaving on the hand loom. H. Kelleher and I. Thulus show how man has, throughout the ages, brought beauty and charm into things he uses in everyday life. Ore The Indian in his sand-painting com- posed skillfully and handled the most complex themes with effortless ease. Both appreciator and designer have a knowledge of design. Here design students observe the Indian artist at the Railroad Fair. Design is one of the most ancient forms of self expression. Page 40 u u s .Lis .Q 'A"'N...W 3 af :E tQF5 .SZQFLQ on ik? .N0l"iZ0l'l mgflfldigbleif Art appreciation is developed through art ex- perience. Creative Work gives iirst hand experience and is essential to the understanding and enjoyment of art. It refreshes the spirit through the enjoyment ot beauty. Barbara Chenicelc can proudly display her handiwork, the cover of the 1950 TAQUIN, which carries a futuramic design of a sun- dial, indicative of the theme of the book . . . Time. Water color is that medium perfectly suited to the temperament and purposes of the artist, Alice Wenzel. To attain good taste, one must be able to discriminate between the beautiful and common-place. The shore makes a fitting study. ... PAT Hocus Page4Z we Show Wudf go ny- Alairing .xdcfom grae Footlights, grease paint, props and the thrill of a large audience and the awaited applause that sparkles with the enthusiasm of success-all spel.l a school play. Dotted on the entertainment horizon tor the year 1950 was the Christmas Pageant, Bethlehem: the Loyola entrant, Sacrifice in Brocade: the Soph production, The Stolen Prince: and the Senior Play, The Charm School I not picturedj. 'Twas Christmas and the age-old story was told in a new setting. Therese Baader Was the Christmas Madonna. Mrs. Louise Ftrench ex- erts her charm and in- stills a touch ot genius in all her productions. A true sacrifice when a Princess I Patricia Pat- . tersonj abdicates to her g Sister K Patricia Plum- t steadj while her Mother fConnie Croninl and E waiting maid fMary Lou Buckleyj and serv- s ant Uanet Zahringerj look on. r Stage Crew directed by Elsie I-loworth and con- sisting ot ardent work- ers, Geraldine Malon- ey, Carol Sink, Elaine Byrnes and Denice Olenick ply their art behind the scenes. Slant eyes, coolie hats and queues changed happy Sophs to serious Chinese as the young Prince awaits his execu- tion. Page 43 301' lille jme ein? . . ufiic. MJIC ufnc Snow fell, firesides were cheering, radio waves wafted the Christmas story as members of the various ensembles gave forth in the harmonization of tradi- tional Christmas carols over Station WFIL on the holy eves of Christmas and New Year. Schubert's Ave Maria, a seasonal favorite soloed by Miss Mary Ellen Campbell, assisted by the ensemble, followed by Handel's Halleluia Chorus featuring a select group of Senior Choral members, accompanied by strings, closed this half hour program so expertly narrated by Miss Ioan Hoiss. PARTICIPANTS IN ARCHDIOCESAN TWO-PIANO CONTEST Two-piano teams were quite popular with the private students this year. The six teams above consist of the Misses Hedie Kaub and Iune Kirwan lseatedl who achieved the highest rating, followed closely by the Misses Patricia Con- sier and Mary Agnes lohnson, Suzanne Kerris and Peggy Brunson lnot pic- turedl, Alice Caulfield and Huie Ann Floolc, Mary McCarthy and Margaret Roache, Betty Russo and Arlene Haclco. The first two teams were privileged to play at the Catholic High School Music Festival held at the Morrison Hotel. March 19- . . . PAT MCMAHON Page 44 ,, IQ lille G And everyone was happy when ' h sat down to Miss Mary McCart y play and Miss Hannah Keating sang her best. Private lessons in voice and piano enable them to bring the charm ot the great Masters into the parlors ot their homes. Because of this accomplishment, they are happy and will spread this God-given gift to others. And as only the pianist can know, the touch ot the keys tell their story ot joy and sadness, of hope and achievement. The Misses Denice Oleniclc and Patricia Hogan were presented in the Spring Concert ren- dering superbly Mozart's Piano Con- certo in A Major, as soloists with the A uinas Orchestra in alternate per- C1 tormances. . . . FRANCES Guy PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE STATION WFIL ENTERTAINERS CHRISTMAS Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, 1949 Back row Iane Helsdingen Hedie Kaub Patricia Consier Charlotte De Lancey Barbara Brown Doris McNamara Mary English Ruie Ann Floolc Mary Kaub Alice Caulfield Hoseann Mooney Ieanne Anderson Front row Adrienne Lee Mary Agnes Iohnson Mary Ellen Campbell loan De Brecht Susan Guay Anne Codd Not pictured I oan H oiss-narrator Susan De Lancey Catherine Hanley Macc do 3 in g A thm .f4rw!.Sioring .Z'0ugAf flue Cjoncerf GUEST CONDUCTOR .... . ORCHESTRA STRING SECTION Anderson, Ieanne Brown, Barbara Codd, Anne Consier, Patricia De Lancey, Charlotte De Lancey, Susan English, Mary Flynn, Barbara PERSONNEL Haase, Frances Haase, Lucy Hanley, Catherine Harrington, Patricia Helsdingen, Iane Hogan, Patricia Ianick, Anna Mae Kaub, Hedie Kaub. Mary Kay. Marcella Leitelt. Carol Mager, Mollie Maloney, Ieanne McNamara, Doris Mooney, Roseann Morrison, Mary Neuhold, Yolanda Ponozzo, Ioan Tracy, Ioan Ward, Winifred Mr. Emil Vandas REED SECTION Bourke, Mary Butler, Ruth Curfman, Evelyn De Brecht, Ioan Guay, Susan Guy, Frances Harrington, Patricia Higgins, Mary Iohnson, Mary Agnes Kivland, Ioan Lee, Adrienne Nearhofl. Phyllis Nolan, Nancy BRASS SECTION Bourke. Patricia Fuller, Mary Ellen Kay, Marcella Olenick, Denice Page 46 Simon, Maxine Todd, Ioette PERCUSSION AND PIANO Brady, Roberta Buckley, Mary Lou Caulfield, Alice Flook, Ruie Ann Hoiss, Ioan Marrin, Margaret BALLET Baader, Therese Becker, Geraldine Carter, Rita Conners, Therese Friend, Kathleen Glusack, Nancy Grace, Roseanna Kelly. Rosemary Kwake. Ioan Leck, Grace Maloney. Geraldine Melaniphy, Ioan Miller, Rosalie Nolan, Mary Catherine Reynolds, Mary Shepherd, Dianne Van de Velde, Constance Wall, Rita BATON TWIRLERS Dolores Maritote Celeste Mager COLOR BEARERS Basil, Delores Basil, Kathleen Buckley, Dorothy Cantlin, Mary Alyce Dunn, Sue Gallagher. Helen Gibbons, Mary Gregul, Sylvia lacks, Ioyce Kelley, Mary Carol Kuberski, Gloria Mackey, Noreen Marchese, Catherine Morley, Rita Morris, Helen McFarland, Patricia Norton, Catherine O'Donnel1, Frances Petritus, Dorothy Schaiier, Dorothy Wenzel, Mary Ann Woelkers. Lois .xdnol ffm ajwlof Mar ormecl fire agzffing AQUINAS DOMINICAN HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS 7 loving oncerf Barker, Marjorie Bolqer, Lila Bourke, Rita Bretz, Helen Bridges, Billie Buechle, Kathleen Burke, Marie Byerly, Ioan Campbell, Nanette Capalby, Phyllis Chase, Patricia Concannon, Nancy Cogger, Nance Croarkin, Jeannine Curry, Mary Dampts, Margaret Davia, Carol Delaplane, Mary Beth Devlin, Peggy Dowling, Patricia Doyle, Rose Marie Dozier, Ioan Eickhorn, Marian Esposita, Therese Fahle, Leona Faulkner, Betty Faulkner, Mary Margaret Fitzsimmons, Rosemary Flowers, Valentin Foley, Margaret Goss, Mary Grace, Roseanna Guerino, Patty Iune Hacko, Barbara Haqedorn, Patricia Hamilton, Rosemary Harless, Barbara Hempel, Marjorie Page 47 SENIOR CHORAL Herd, Ioan Higgins, Shirley Hyland, Dolores Ingerson, Marlene Iacobson, Kathleen Keating, Hannah Keele, Dolores Kelly, Rosemary Kennedy, Ellen Killachy, Barbara Kinsella, Kathleen Klein, Marie Kohler, Mary Lou Koranda, Marlene Korczyk, Caroline Korpal, Arlene Kwake, Ioan Lehman, Mary lane Lesniewski, Betty Lynch, Lorraine Mager, Celeste Malone, Arlene Maritote, Dolores Marrin, Mariann Majewski, Rosalie Miller, Helen Monks, Ruth Maloney, Geraldine Moore, Geraldine Malunney, Marguerite Mullaney, Patricia Murphy, Kathleen McBroom, Cecelia McCarthy, Mary McGuinn, Maureen McShane, Dolores Narninski, Sandra Nash, Patricia Nolan, Alice O'Barski, Ioan O'Callahan, Mary Penn, Iulia Ann Pink, Frances Powers. Barbara Plumstead, Patricia Rabbit, Patricia Reidy, Io Ann Reilly, Ioann Reuther, Iacqueline Rourke, Patricia Ryan, Ioan Ryan, Patricia Sadowski, Geraldine Schneider, Bernice Scholl, Marilyn Schrock, Ianice Schulte, Rose Seavers, Mary lane Smierciak, Eileen Speiser, lean Steinmetz, Rita Sullivan, Anna Mae Swanson, Nancy Thomas, Nancy Voight, Barbara Ward, Frances Waters, Angela Weatherford, Suzanne Weitzel, Patricia Woodward, Eleanor Accompanists Miss Mary McCarthy Miss Bernice Schneider Miss Lucille Horheck ,fd cfd. old. L14 wagfi .fd Queenvxg fibriue, .14 ibance --nnsg 493536 55 9 1- ,Ni any The officers of the A.A.A. have once again given the Aquinites a year full of fun and activity to brighten the "three r's". The main event at the Homecoming was the crowning of Sue Dunne as Queen, by Rita Wrenn. This long awaited for dance, gave the Iuniors and Seniors a night to remember. Under Nancy Alias' guiding hands, the Homecoming Drive was widely publi- cized and guaranteed to be a big success. , , , an-A WML Page 48 'xx .fdguinifezi .24 wagri .X4 eff, Cheer an fig, P "Our team will fight! Our team will win!" . . . Aquinas' cheerleaders success- fully boosted the morale of the varsity. Marilyn Gariepy, an active and skillful Iunior, displays a trophy which was awarded her for expert horsemanship. The Senior Champion Captain ball team, Room 201, show by their smiles, the fun and happiness at being the victors. With marching steps, and heads held high, Celest Mager and Dolores Maritote, twfrl ther batons, giving their all for Aquinas Page 49 Wu 14 wagzi Jdcfiue, J4 wagri iming .Mg Pat McCai'lery led the Varsity to greater victories . . . Miss Shirley Simons, a most able Gym teacher, guided the girls along the pathway to good sportsmanship, better health, and superior skill . . . Champion bowlers are: Frances Motto, Barbara Davia. Betty Reuther, Barbara Brown and Eileen Whalen . . . With deft movements, Betty Knoth scores another point for her team . . . Through calisthenics, Aquinites assure themselves of good health through good posture. , , , PM MCMAHON Page 50 A A A iw, Jdwale, Cwmfe, gmnanfd ,Wing fo Marion Time out between gym periods features Hita Morley, Pat Schilling, Mary Ann Downing, Anna Mae Byrnes, Gerry O'Keefe, and lean Austin. Eight girls eagerly await their turn at the high jump where Nancy Swanson illustrates her ability. Paddles flying and loud cheers ringing from the balcony add up into the breathtaking game of Ping Pong. With graceful movements and perfect precision Nancy Glusaclc dances to a melodious Strauss waltz. During the football season Maureen Murphy and Lucille Matern twirled ba- tons with Leo's band. . . . Gnonnx GAvmLovIcH Page 51 l O 7 O , H418 fm" 6ll'lCU'l GHG! QOWQCLHCLH "AW Bill, come on, square-clancing's really not that bad!". . . Doughnuts and cokes, the fun of cutting the pumpkins for the Senior Barn-Dance . . . GYIHIS Barn complete with scarecrows, hay and Borden's contribution, Elsie . . . Pre-Lenten Activities came to a happy ending with the Iuniors' Mardi Gras . . . . . . Bess IUNE MOHAN Page 52 fiqq. Glu 'Ma ,nm agar an,c!.SQOice . . . agluafenf Sociaf HOLLY DAZE, the Senior Christmas dance transformed the gym into a veritable Christmas fairyland . . . the Student Council Little Bit of Heaven was just that . . . the crown of it all, the Senior Prom at the gorgeous Olympia Fields Country Club at which Social Chairman, Margaret Ott, was made the queen of the Ball. So ends the story of this Time of Our Lives. l , , PM MCMAHON P6553 flue glue! o!3me . . rienclri, Jaya! ana! jane .p rm. SE" Y Us wwf E o I ' Q Q 5 4 X Traditions hold sway at Aquinas. Come Sep- tember the 210 Freshmen bowed their sweetest and filed on to the balcony for the singing ot the Aquinas Loyalty Song. Honor Society members, Margaret Sullivan and Eleanor O'Brien "big sister" the shaky- lcneed Frosh. Page 54 Their best smile and their best dress for the camera come from Alumnae Style Show Mod- els, Catherine Norton, Veronica Kaniewslci, Eileen Flood, Marie Moran and Patricia Hyland and Chicago Tribune Fashion Page Models, Rita Carter and Mary Lou Buckley. . . . MAHYLEN Sci-lou. Washington, here we come! And here they smile before the Capitol with a backdrop of Washington cherry blossoms. Sisters lane Ellen and Alban, chaperoned the merry throng of Aquinas tourists. "Buy a tag!" And its willing victim, Rita Wall who bought hers from Honor Society Members, Sylvia Grigul and Iean Kapple during National Honor Society Tag Week. SANTA CAME TO TOWN . . . And lor this little Tot, in the guise of the Aquinites. who enjoy him just as much as little Mary from the Home of the Friendless whom they are beiriending. Blow the Whistle . . . Ring the Bell! The Railroad Fair came to Chicago and the Aquinites saw much, heard muched and laughed a great deal and posed tor the camera before the settings of the old against the background ot the new. Iust oft guard . . . Aquinas Press members pose in front oi their Alma Mater. GS' we -FWRHDP ttf? ei? rw 4 xl. ,ka 1 fi .Wg ERIDAN SHARON SCOTTY MARY FRANCES KENZINGER MARY IOYCE KATHLEEN MORLEY SUE ANN SH President Vice President Social Chairman Secretary Treasurer Alf flue MAL of 13.1, NIGHT LETTER FRESHMAH CAQOl5 PD CHICAGO ILL 1 815 F NL DEAR MOM DID DAY EVER BREAK FOR ME STOP A WHOLE NEW ADVENTURE BEGAN IN HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETE WITH LATIN SCIENCE AND ALGEBRA STOP WAS SCARED OF GYM AT FIRST BUT MANAGED TO EVEN MAKE HOMEROOM TEAM STOP THE SOCIAL LIFE STOP WELCOMING AND PARTIES, OUR VERY OWN DANCE, AND THE STUDENT COUNCIL DANCE WITH SENTORS STOP DAY HAS BEGUN Now STQQ WISH THIS THE SPIRIT OF DAWNING WOULD NEVER STOP YOUR FROSH DAUGHTER SHARON QSCOTTYQ . jk? gl"85Al4'lQl'l Page 56 WT f Tr frf A Q A X A W W ' X , x O L .4 'kifh fQ!! NRA yt"CX9C X C 1 Q' X I I4 u' QW , ...A mb' YA .- yd.,-,L f X , T f"QE37" vffu M A ,S W ggi uf ' A+-r R54 V' 41 fa OI ' 2 X xl! ,, V ' 'iiTAjf7' f A A . fVOe??l iyf ,L YF A A A S Q , ' F ,f CJ 2 X xlaeriencing flue lawn of a Wu! HILL! 6 geffy wdlilng Bow 1: Bow 2: Bow 3: Row 4: Patricia Adams, Betty Addante, Deborah Alport, Ieanne Anderson, Iosephine Babuscio, Ruth Bachtell, Iean Basil, Ioan Basil Mary Becker, Patricia Benetier, Mary Bird, Shirley Black, Francien Bohling, Therese Bourke, Bernadette Brady. Nancy Brown Mary Bryan, Ruth Butler, Lillian Byrd, Suzanne Byrnes, Margaret Carroll, Patricia Carroll, Sue Carroll, Victoria Castrejon Yvonne Clark, Mary Conlon, Maureen Conners, Annette Conroy Page 57 0 0 Cl, 8607112 the pagii WW CAM id jlzeir ream Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8: Laura Lou Costello, Ann Marie Crivellone, Ioan Cuculich, Carol Cummings, Nancy Cummings, Mary Currie, Dolores Daehrn, Patricia Daly, Susan De Lancey, Lois Delaplane Dianne De Srnet, Evelyn Desmond, Mary Devitt, Mary Doherty, Lois Donovan, Margaret Dowl- ing, Arlene Drake, Donna Dubbs, Patricia Durn- berger, Grace Eagan Barbara Early, Rosemary Easterhouse, Mar- jorie Eesgruber, Delia Evans, Edwina Evans, Marie Fettkether, Maureen Fitzsimons, Marian Fleszewski, Eileen Foley, Patricia Gaitens, Eileen Gallagher, Geraldine Garvey Nancy Gibbons, Catherine Gibson, Vivian Goeb, Susan Guay, Mary Ann Haase, Arlene Hacko, Edith Halling, Dorothy Hamill, Patricia Hamilton, Anna Halper, Maureen Hanley, Donna Hanson Patricia Harrington, lean Hartshorn, Maureen Haverty, Virginia Hayes, Margot Healy, Nancy Heimbach, Iune Hester, Beverly Hill, Deborah Hoffmann, Mary Hoffmann, Helen Hogan, Io- elle Hogan Mary Therese Hogan, Ioan Hogencamp, Patri- cia Houle, Ioan Huntziger, Frances Hyland, Mary Iacobson, Barbara Ieitre, Kathleen len- nings, Mary Iohnson, Phyllis Iones, Loretta Iorgensen, Ioan Ioslyn Mary Judge, Betty Karkazis, Elsie Keating, Phyllis Kendrick, Iune Kennedy, Noel Kenny, Loretta Keske, Rita Kranz, Shirley Krillic, lean Lambrecht lean Lawler, Dorothy Lawson, Adrienne Lee. Ioanne Leemans, Virginia Lennon, Mary Lester. Marianne Loftus, Sarah Loughry, Margaret Lynch, Dorothy Mackey Page 58 'V 449 'Nu 'Q 'QV 'Q '--.f ffm. 'lf M? Page 59 'Q51' WM -1 -IU, Page 60 jim .gznior 610:56 of Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row7: RoW8: Page 61 I- 9-5-3 Molly Mager, Carol Ann Mahoney, Helen Mal- czynski, Barbara Malone, Marilyn Maloney, Maureen Maloney, Mary Ellen Maloney, Mary Kay Maloney, Adelle Mankowski, loan Man- ning Catherine Mannix, Rita Maroney, Diana Mari. Beatrice Marich, Shirley Marshall, Marcia Massmann, Coletta McAndrews, Ioan McCourt, Virginia McDivit, Kathleen McGeever Patricia McGlone, Kathleen McGoorty, Rose- mary McHale, Ianis McMahon, Marie Mc- Nanie, Mary McPadden, Lois McSor1ey, Mau- reen McVady, Ioan Melaniphy, Rosalie Miller, Connie Mizgalski, Patricia Modzikowski Rosemary Moloney, Iudy Montague, Virginia Morrison, Mary Lou Mulhall, Ioyce Mullaney, Carol Murphy, losephine Murphy, Nancy Ne- meth, Helen North, Ioan O'Brien, Yvonne O'Brien, Iudith O'Connor Mary O'Connor, Eleanore O'Dea, Barbara O'Leary, Ioann Panozzo, Gloria Pieczynski, Barbara Pietrusinski, Barbara Pocernic, Lois Popjoy, Mary Ellen Quigley, Barbara Reimer, Iudy Reker, Kathleen Reynolds Sharon Riordan, Marie Rome, Catherine Roo- ney, Iuliann Rowan, Dolores Russo, Margaret Ryan, Helen Sagmiester, Dorothy Schroeder, Carole Serafin, Ioan Shannon, Dorothy Size, Arlene Slattery Marilyn Sobbe, Adrienne Speredakos, Mary Anne Stafford, Loretta Stahl, Marlene Sylves- ter, Carol Szpajer, loan Tejkowski, Palmyra Toth, Maureen Tremaine, Marlene Tyma Patricia Vermeiren, Dorothy Vincent, Carol Walsh, Margaret Ward, Phyllis Weber, Diane Weifenbach, Sue Wendt, Eileen Whalen, Diane Windett, Carolyn Yandell LORRAINE LYNCH IEAN ANN MEECE THERESA CONNORS GERALDINE SADOWSKI MARIE BURKE President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman f .Af fAe 0 0011 . Q Q we 5Z,0A0l'l'l0l"eff .. N W , 4 ' 6 CCE? NIGHTILETTER SQEBOMORE if . f If CAQOl5 NL PD CHICAGO ILL 2712 S ,E 1 fff ' I if 'X X ' DEAR MOM Q! j ,, f f I' THE HEIGHT OF NOON AND HIGH SCHOOL L' -ffx f I STUDIES!! Q95 WAS IT EVER HARD T0 CATCH f V NX? f , ON T0 GEOMETRY QNUTS TO PYTHAGORAS f , , BIOLOGY CHAND ME MY SCALPELJ AND 1 UE 5 , X N CAESAR ggg , X If j X.-f-X 3 OUR THANKSGIVING DANCE IN GYM WAS yffx I , j ALMOST AS NICE AS THE HOMECOMING AT THE X ,f T' 'X'-'X , 1 K EDGEWATER STOQ I C - QI. Q ,- ifxx X 1 Q ' Y ONLY THING I DON'T MIND LEAVING ff X QM, ' Q1 Rl f, BEHIND IN SOPH YEAR IS PUTTING UP CHAIRS 'f-W XM A I ,X X XX AND EATING SIXTH PERIOD Q93 THAT I AM 1 Ng, , ' ,A GLAD TO STOP im X f I ' .I 2 Y X XX IW' 1 YOUR SOPH DAUGHTER N f X 1 LORRAINE LYNCH xpf, AI 1 X H-if 'I , I XXX VI I, XX I m fYf4f" f Page S2 S., .gylzine in jlleir org Srkofara 0 M0 Ogg GIQJ olldtftll Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Shirley Andres. Ianet Austin, Marjorie Barker, Geraldine Becker, Letitia Bedard, Suzanne Black, Lila Bolger, Patri- cia Boos Rita Bourke, Shirley Bourke, Patricia Boyle, Roberta Brady, Helen Bretz, Billie Bridges, Alice Briese, Frances Brouillette Michaeleen Buckentin, Ioan Byerly, Donna Byrnes, Dor- othy Capodice, Alice Caulfield. Patricia Chase. Leona Cicenas, Ann Codd Nancy Cogger, Carol Cole, Katherine Colnon. Nancy Con- cannon, Patricia Conners, Dona Corrigan, Margaret Coughlin, Ieannine Croarkin Page 63 ELL? tk? go en Sun jkeyt gaifg gum Row 1: Ioan Crowley, Marguerite Cullinan, Evelyn Curfman, Mary Curry, Mar- garet Dampts, Carol Davia, Ioan Debrecht, Charlotte DeLancey, Betty Ann Delaney Row 2: Nancy Derick, Ioan Desmond, Leone Devitt, Margaret Devlin, Dorothy De- Vore, Darlene Dewey, Denise Dopke, Mar Patricia Dowling, Sara Downs, Y Ioan Dozier Row 3: Marion Eichhorn, Mary Iane Elliot, Ieanne Entsminger, Leona Fahle, Marta Farrow, Mary Faulkner, Rose- mary Fitzsimmons, Ioan Flanagan, Valentean Flowers Mar aret Fole I g Y. Virginia Frey Row4: Mary Ellen Fuller, Sabina Galvin, Barbara Gavin, Mary Goss, Pattye Iune Guerino, Patricia Hagedorn, Anne Halligan, Rosemary Hamilton, Barbara Harless Barbara Hart Mar 1 I Y Kathryn Hart, Mary Io Healy Row5: Ioan Heard, Marilyn Heckert, Iane Helsdingen, Marjorie Hempel, Shir- ley Higgins, Barbara Hopkins, Mary Ann Hyland, Barbara Hyzy, Marleen lngerson, Kathleen Iacobsen, Nancy Iohnson, Charleen Iurgensen How6: Mary Ann Kaesbach, Hedie Kaub, Dolores Keefe, Shirley Kelly, Lynne Kenny, Barbara Killacky, Kathryn Kinnucan, Kathleen Kinsella, Iune Kirwan, Ioan Kivland, Marie Klein Row 7: Marlene Koranda, Caroline Korczyk, Geraldine Kordick, Arlene Korpal, Lois Kwake, Mary Ioan Lambert, Phyllis Lange, Ierriann Laughlin, Mary Iean Lehman, Carol Leitelt Row 8: Betty Lesniewski, Diane Letourneau, Marilyn Lindahl, Helen Marie Lippe, Mary Virginia Loftus, Georgie Ann Lubben, Iean Lucas, Constance Lud- wig, Ruth MacLeod flwfl Page64 Page 65 M9361 W I , E. W -is Q, X M zx , x 1 ww E 'H E ...,, N 1 i "Q1' x M WW 1' ' 2 W v Ag -1 '1 Ak 12 - 255 , Q w b? 9 '1"' ,Egg W I I f 1 1 M 1, , ' 1 , .V k - . -.: 1- V I, ,':' K - '-' gg -"" 1 ,f'.3',13' B J .,,,:,. ,A 5 gf? ik "" '." ' -:.1': km .,A:,,f zzi ,:A, E ,Q E , , .A:,A:Q,.EZA,zA F 4 1. '1 ., A- ' -W 2 t gg i , ,. ,, ,qt i,:. A II 6, , ,.K,A V,AQ,:,i: Q M ,zag -ww., , , 1 W cX'nS.Ml, s 1l,,,, 'M 9 W 5 in Q i, k 1 4 I . 1 , ,I fb , - N5 1 2 1 Q :.,.. ., X 533 Y YT . gf. lj . .1 . A ,. 5 , 2 , .X.. L N A x we 0 .X4C6l0l'l'Ll9A5 menf Row7: Row 8: Page 67 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Bow 5: Row 6: 88,06 .SQOIOA6 gang Rosalie Majeski, Ieanne Maloney, Iean Mance, Margaret Marrin, lean Mascitti, Mary McGar- ity, Mary McGillen, Letty Iean McGowan, Kathleen McGrillen Kathleen McMillen, Audrey Mezlo, Helen Marie Miller, Mary Beth Mitchell, Ruth Monks, Mar- garet Moore, Alice Moran, Mary Morrison, Ioan Mulherin, Patricia Mullaney Barbara Munley, Kathleen Murphy, Sandra Naminski, Terry Nance, Yolanda Neuhold, Bar- bara Iean Noell, Alice Nolan, Nancy Nolan, Ioan Obarski, Barbara O'Brien, Mary O'Cal- lahan Marlene O'Neill, Rose Margaret O'Neill, Patri- cia O'Rourke, Diane O'Sullivan, Iulia Ann Penn, Frances Pink, Barbara Power, Ellen Mary Prendergast, Patricia Rabbitt, Io Ann Reidy, Io Ann Reilly, Iacquelyn Reuther Patricia Rourke, Ioan Ryan, Mary Ryan, Patri- cia Ryan, Rose Schulte, Mary lane Seavers, Mary Lee Shaw, Maureen Sheehan, Leticia Shepherd, Maxine Simon, Ianice Skroch, Eileene Smierciak Ann Sommer, lean Speiser, lean Staken, Patri- cia Mae Stecker, Rita Marie Steinmetz, Earla Stevens, Rosemary Strauch, Francis Sugrue, Anna Mae Sullivan, Nancy Thomas, Ioette Todd Iudith Tombers, Margaret Toole, Ioanne Tracy, Patricia Trainor, Connie Van de Velde, Mary Io Vanek, Barbara Voight, Audrey Voss, Ger- aldine Wall, Winifred Ward Angela Waters, Marguerite Watts, Suzanne Weatherford, Patricia Weitzel, Ann White, Roberta Woodward, Maureen Woulfe, Ioan Zahringer PATRICIA SULLIVAN RUIE FLOOK IOAN SWANSON NANCY MCNULTY CAROL MANION President Vice President Social Chairman Secretary Treasurer .xgf fha GALU of Sundef . . are yuniom NIGHT LETTER JUNTOP CAQO 15 NL PD CHICAGO ILL S 642 J DEAR MOM THE SUN OF HIGH SCHOOL IS BEGINNING TO SET NOW STOP THIS WAS OUR YEAR TO RUN SEEMED FUNNY T0 POSTS STOP FCR OFFICES-STOP SURE THINK US MANAGING BIG FOR SOCIAL WHIRL WAS TOPS STOP NOTHING COULD BEAT THE HOMECOMING AND PROM THO STOP THIS WAS OUR YEAR STOP THE JUNIOR DANCE FELT THE NEW RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING A SENIOR AT THE JUNIOR-SENIOR BREAKFAST STOP NOW IT'S IN OUR HANDS STOP COME SEPTEMBER WE'RE SENIORS! STOP YOUR JUNIOR DAUGHTER PAT SULLIVAN Page 68 ,ll-, ...ffl- --,JVM XX, X ,,1,- L , " IX f,2fATfl' ' Q ff JO Vxx' I HI.Y K I XII if W , X A 1 ' wgjij' CNP jrff1O if fi Q0 X HI if X P if , LQ OES? jwiggkf ji Wafed fic Row 1 Row 2 Row 3: Row 4 Louanne Acosta Nancy Allas Beverly Bakovich lean Banks Mary Lou Barlow Betty Bates Audrey Becker ludith Biety Patricia Bosquette Ioyce Bourke Kaya ECAC!! fo Cjomzng OZQQLJQPJ 348 0 ik? l"5 Swiftly they passed, Now they are gone, These years from the dawn Until the evening star. Gone, lilting and light As the fair fawn's flight. Like a pebble Tossed in a pool, These years sink Into the depths of memory To linger And live And never to be lost 'Til youthful heads be crowned with frost. Page 69 Iomr Scnunsrvr engfkening .gyzaclowa poinf jlze ,Way lo Succeaa Row 1: Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8: Phyllis Brady, Barbara Bredeken, Maureen Bresnahan, Barbara Bridgman, Dorothea Brooke, Barbara Brown, Geraldine Browne, Peggy Brunson, Kathleen Buechele Mary Ellen Campbell, Rita Carter, Patricia Cavanaugh, Ioan Chapman, Barbara Cheni- cek, Gilda Cianci, Carol Condon, Barbara Con- nors, Patricia Consier Mary Conway, Marion Coppe, Loretta Cotter. Iean Curran, Margaret Daley, Mary Io Daly, Patricia Daly, Bianca Danese, Bruna Danese Mary Beth Delaplane, Patricia Dolan, Margaret Donegan, Peggy Donegan, Ioanne Dopke, Mary Angela Drew, Catherine Eck, Marlene Edge, Theresa Esposita Phyllis Farrow, Betty Faulkner, Mary Ann Findlay, Nancy Finn, Barbara Flynn, Kathleen Friend, Patricia Fruin, Rosemary Gallagher, Marilyn Gariepy Diane Gavigan, Patricia Gerrity, Dawn Gibson, Mary Ann Gorczynski, Lorraine Graaman, lean Grace, Kathleen Green, Frances Haase, Lucy Haase Barbara lean Hacko, Barbara Haggerty, Eliza- beth Hannigan, Bridget Patricia Hennelly, Mary Olive Higgins, Faith Hoeper, Clare Hoglund, Roseanne Hosty, Patricia Hurley Dolores Hyland, Anna Mae Ianick, Mary Ann Iohnson, Rita Keleher, Barbara Kenny, Suzie Kerris, Patricia Kirk, Mary Lou Koller, Iill Landsman Page 70 Page 71 'f'?-:f'EEE-.- .Z A ' K ' 1 . AZA. 5 .V., i in E 2 wg , 352551. 55 ,:.:. 1 ,.... , v'.-v VV , V1 . . "' , .. I W A 2 k yn, f Nr G r . :sf-Q 1:: "": -3 , ' kin., f ' M57 'W' W , . f fff 21' ' ' J 3 . V' A W in 1 , MN - I 0 A 1 5 M - ! T ' 3 51. ' , mi 5,2 ' .,., 5 n x -:gn.:Qgg2,- - , ,4 .. Q 4 3 ..:,':. - . 5 Q K , My i w? 2 - ,..,.: S , Q In A - f A :?fi:-1.4: ,,,, ., Ei zififzyf- , + I ,,., T, J lalzl W 5 H z.:-:. -,.-15 ,,: ?feMw j.rf':g:" ,.,..M,mv V i ' ,:, 1 -:QS in N , ' .Q A ' . ' X E' - : MY' l"Q6ll'I'l6 ag .S?!A0llQfi86! Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7: Row 8 Page 73 gainrif J4 romiriing SL? Mary Kay Larson, Grace Leck, Mary Lee, Nancy MacLeod, Mary Maguire, Virginia Mal- loy, Margaret Malunney, Ioanne Maroney, Lucille Matern Cecelia McBroom, Mary McCarthy, Monica McCarthy, Elizabeth McKenna, Sally McKevis, Colleen McMahon, Dolores McShane, Margaret Meegan, Mary Mills Marcella Mitchell, Mary C. Montroy, Rosanne Mooney, IaAnn Moriarity, Dolores Morrison, Frances Motto, Elaine Mulherin, Kathryn Mulli- gan, Patricia Murphy Patricia Nash, Ioan Neitzel, Mary Catherine Nolan, Chalice Nugent, Donna Mae O'Connell, Ioan O'Connell, Kathleen O'Connor, Loretta O'Malley, Ioan Owens Lora lean Pagliari, Darlene Patheal, loanne Pelton, Brigitta Poehl, Evangeline Polus, Sally Prendergast, Lynda Price, Phyllis Pumphrey, loyce Ann Rafferty Margaret Roche, Mary Beth Ryan, Grace Schlaeger, Bernice Schneider, Margaret Sloan, Lois Smith, Jeanne Spuehler, Anita Stegmaier, Marilyn Stender Ioan Stevens, Geraldine Stofko, Sara lane Struett, Kathleen Sullivan. Maureen Sullivan, Nancy Swanson, Marlene Tadrowski, Gloria Teufel, Ioanne Thulis Elaine Trauscht, Patricia Walsh, Gayle Walter, Frances Ward, Mary K. Watson, Mary Web- ster, Alice Wenzel, Iean Wilson, Eleanor Woodward .7 ro Jung, fgroclucing, lgerkcfing ime jkaf .glgnihed we .giniorzi And now the Graduate of 1950, clasping her cov- eted sheepskin, "Pomp and Circumstances" down the aisle of Saint Philip Neri's Church. Behind her she leaves the solemn beauty oi marble and carved wood and glowing candles and marches out to a new world of reality that is just commencing. The sands of the hour glass are streaming through and T-I-M-E is running out. But hidden in its depths there lies a memory of four fun-packed, whole- some years that were entwined with a golden thread of friendship and a diamond amount of knowledge. MCTURED ON OPPOSHE PAGE Left, Doris Mills and Marvel Proper: Right, Constance Cronin and Diane Donovan. Page74 an m , , ig? of ilflflQ ' QCOIWLQ5 fAQ 60l'l'LI'l'LQI1CQl'l'lQl'li Page 76 The Commencement . . . the time has run out for the regal Senior . . . the highest ot the high has completed a reign of tour memorable years . . . An air of intangible quality hovers over her as she terminates her time at Aquinas . . . In her heart she holds a treasury ot joys . . . In her soul she carries the graces re- ceived trorn her earnest work, honest living and kind acts performed as the courageous Catholic girl that she is . . . Donning the royal robes of cap and gown she takes her place in line with her beloved classmates for their last deed together . . . gradua- tion. . . . THERESE BAADER Between rows of white- robed graduates marches His Eminence Samuel Car- dinal Stritch and Monsi- gnor George A. Parker. "Farewell classmates, friends, and teachers," is the message of Geraldine Maloney, valedictorian. Mary Louise Buckley Wel- comes all as the class sal- utatorian. Each graduate in turn re- ceives the honor of kissing the Cardinal's ring. rlfktik 2 . . Up, , l A - ' 5 Q MQ 'Q Q , 5'-1,5 nliif' , , ,X g h d. :ap vKgh'm , Q ' ' f v 'mv xl W' Q ,331 A HE 1 , XE S. ,L g . f ig fig! ' N 3 Q K: . A SME Sis? N ' :fi-gf 1 H :Sn 54 Q , vw' j.: swf 'X , M543 A ' Q. i ai? EE My-if 5, 1 ' 159' figgg: M k X H A QQ twfffx ' M9 R M53 2-' ' q:' f g , M. 'ffmJK.viq'Neg1 ef? ffl. 'L Qi G U? 'Sm W AA iii Q, ' .V A if ,G , New . N Y X A f f' 'W A ' ji? w in W , ,5,Q ' ' QQ 555 ff, ff? .!.,u, - ,,., + M A i mfg, ' ,Ty A ' sw , f Q , N .5 , y. Qi ., X 'E wr 5 was i, i 4 5 .. Q y . Qs Q15 s I ,Ks ' .... Q, ime or reafnefm . . . we Wafion Page 78 Row 1: a ,Llonor Soccefg Mary Kaub, President Eleanor O'Brien, Secretary Gloria Kuberski, Treasurer Row 2: Mary Bourke Mary Lou Buckley Elaine Byrnes Carol Chenoweth Mary English Row 3: Gloria Gavrilovich Sylvia Grigul Catherine Hanley Row 4: lean Kapple Nancy Mahoney Geraldine Maloney Row 5: Dolores Maritote Alicia McGill Patricia McGill Row 6: Iayne McGraw Doris McNamara Geraldine O'Keefe Row 7: Patricia Plurnstead Patricia Ryan Diane Shepherd Bow 8: Carol Sink Margaret Sullivan Rita Wall Row 9: Rita Wrenn Lois Woelkers Nancy Ivers She stands the maid in white, Her black hood shining bright: With heart and head held high. And pleasing gleam within her This young lady has no fear, Though her task b f' ' h eye. e 1n1s ed here. She had time-the extra things to do, And that is how her Time For Greatness grew. NANCY MAI-lousy ime or reafnezm . Pens spell out the events of years All that was happy and joyful here: Forever they worked to record the news And ne'er was the task that they'd refuse. And proudly they'll wear graduation night Their tassels of gold on caps of white These loyal members of QUILL AND SCROLL Blazon forth TIME'S Great Honor Roll. . . . MARY HOULE Row 1: Co-editors, Therese Baader and Iayne McGraw Row 2: Kathleen Basil Mary Catherine Basil Carol Chenoweth Constance Cronin Ioan Denny Row 3: Marilyn Egner Ann Ford Margaret Frantz Helen Gallagher Gloria Gavrilovich Row4: Ioan Grace Frances Guy Martha Hendrick Mary Lou Henry Patricia Hoene Row 5: Mary Houle Kay Iohnson lean Kapple Alice Kennelly Gloria Kuberski Row 6: Iudy Lindstrom Nancy Mahoney Patricia McFarland Maureen McGuinn Patricia McMahon Row 7: Bess Iune Moran Mary Therese Nessner Geraldine O'Keefe Dorothy Petritis Betsy Picard Row 8: Patricia Plumstead Mary Reynolds Ioan Schubert Marylen Scholl Diane Shepherd Row9: Margaret Sullivan Norma Wagner Rita Wall Norma Wantuch Mary Ann Wenzel jim Qui! an Sm V Page xxxxxXKfXXXxXXXXXX XX VX XXXXRNXKXXXKXRXXXXXXX XXXXK nm IOAN HOISS . . . Saint Philip Nerl Always Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Latin Honor Society 1: Senior President 4: Clubs: Math 2, Chem 4, Latin l,2, Red Cross 2,3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Orchestra l.2,3,4: Orchestra President 4: Style Show 3: Dance Committee l,2,3,4. ...Talented, leader of Senior class, good sport, liked by all: full of fun and gaiety. ELEANOR PHlLPO'l'1' . . . Saint Francis de Paula Candy and Cake Senior Vice-President 4: Captain Ball 1,2,3,4: Volleyball 2: Literature Committee 2: Mothers' Club Representative 3: Latin Club l,2: Latin Honor Society 1: Perfect Attendance 3: Civic and Service Bureaus l,2,3,4: Bowling l: Dance Committee 2,3,4: Style Show 3. ..."Phillie," bubbling with enthusiasm, true friend, always able, witty. MARGARET MARY OTT . . . Saint Philip Neri Sitting On Top of the World Class Officer l,4: Dramatic Club l,2,3,4: Red Cross Representative: Representative Assembly 1,2: Homeroom Team: Captain Ball l,Z,3: Volleyball l,2,3,4: A,A.A, Repre- sentative l,2: Service Bureau l,2: Latin Club l,2: Dance Committee Orchestra l,2: All Stars 4. ..."Maqqie," gay, quick wi', laughing eyes, triend to all: a good lerder. MARY GIBBONS . . . Our Lady ot Peace There's a Chapter in my Lite, called "Mary" Honor Student: Merit Award 4: Class Officer 3,4: Homeroom Chairman 2: Clubs: Debate 3, Physics 4, Math 3, Chem 3, Latin 1,2, Art l,2, Red Cross 1: Lawyer 2: Clerk 3,4: Student Council Representative 4. . . .A leader, a friend, a pal to all: energetic, loyal, true and scholarly. LETITIA MURPHY . . . Saint Carthage You Are Always In My Heart Honor Student l,2,3,4: Latin l-lonor Society l,2,3: Class Oflicer 4: Clubs: Drama l,4, Discussion 2, Math l,2,3, Latin l,2,3: Civic-Service Bureau l,2,3,4: E.O.L. Chairman 2: Homeroom Teams 2,35 Press Typist. ..."Tish." Irish lass, always smiling, sweet as they come, very czpable. MARY ALLAS . . . Saint Francis De Paula Because You're You l-lonor Roll l,2,3,4: Iunior Classical League: Clubs: Discussion Debate: A.A.A. Publicity Manager: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: All Stars: Varsity: Piano Recitalist: Art: A.A.A. Letter: Track Meet. ...Very spirited, athletic, always on the job, very pretty. IEAN AUSTIN . . . Saint Felicitas I Dream ot You Clubs: Drama l,4: Bureaus: Service and Civic l,2,3,4: Taquin 4: Aquinas 4: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Spring Concert 2: Dance Committee l,Z,3,4: Choral l,2: Quill and Scroll 4: Feature Writer 4: Sewing 4: Typing 3. ...Sparkling personality, laughing eyes, a joy to know, poetic talent. IOAN AUSTIN . . . Saint Felicitas Lovely Lady Perfect Attendance 4: Clubs: Drama l,3,4, Chem 3: Library Committee l: E. O. L. Chair- man 3: Spring Concert 2: Operetta 1: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Choral l,2. ...Deep brown eyes, always understanding, a true friend. THERESE BAADER . . . Saint Laurence Wonderful One Honor Student: Ouill and Scroll: Perfect Attendance l,2: Co-Editor Aquinas and Taquin: Press Letter: Clubs: Drama l,2,3,4, I.C.L. 3, Chem 4, Ballet 4: Committees: Apostolic l,2: Catholic Action 3: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Choral l,2. . . ."Tess," talented, regal, friendly, big hearted: a grand person. DOLORES BASIL . . . Saint Francis De Paula C'est Si Bonne Library Chairman l: Red Cross 2,3: Bureaus: Civic and Service l,2: Library Commit- tee l,2: Captain Ball l,2,3: Volleyball l,2,3,4: Bowling l: Style Show 3,4: Dance Com- mittees l,2. . . ."Do Do," sweet, charming, a winning personality. KATHLEEN BASIL . . . Saint Francis de Paula I Love You So Much Quill and Scroll: Perfect Attendance 2: Clubs: Math 3, Latin 1.2: Bureaus: Civic and Service 1: Committees: Dance l,2,3,4: Library l: Homeroom Teams l,2: Taquin Staff: Aquinas Staff: Press Letter: Oflicer of the Press Club. Engaging smile, gleaming eyes, dainty and petite: a good worker. MARY CATHERINE BASIL . . . Saint Francis de Paula Don't Blame Me Honor Roll 4: Quill and Scroll: Aquinas and Taquin Stcff: Page Editor 4: Press Letter 3: Civic, Service Bureau: Homeroom Team: Dance Committee 3,4: Student Ccuncil 2: Apostolic 4: Style Show 3: Clubs: Latin l,2: Math 3: Press 3,4. ..."Cookie," tiny and dynamic, cute petite miss, a sophisticated lady. Page 80 PATRICIA BEVERLY . . . Saint Kevin Stardust t, Clubs: Drama 2: Student Council: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Library Committee 3,4: Secretary of Library Committee 4: Spring Concert 2: Dance Committee 2: Typing 3. . .."Bunny," slender, tender and tall, helpful and dependable. GRACE BLOCH . . . Saint Mary Maqdelene Ain't She Sweet? Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Iunior Classical League l,2,3: Red Cross 3: Catholic Action 4: Dramatic Art 2: Civic-Service Bureaus l,2,3: Captain Ball l,2,3: Volleyball l,2: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Typing 3,4: Spring Concert Z. . . .Hard to beat-so tiny and sweet: Good goods come in small packages. MARY BOURKE . . . Saint Felicitas Over The Rainbow National Honor Society: Honor Student Merit Award 3: Orchestra 3,4: Varsity 3: Horne- room Teams 3,4: Clubs: Debate 3,4: Hostess 3,4: Chemistry 4: Civics Bureau 3,4: St. Felici- tas: Sodality Prefect 2: Cisca Variety Show 2,3: Glee Club l,2, . ..Active, vivacious, cooperative, most likely to succeed, clever. PATRICIA BOURKE . . . Saint Ailbe Happy Talk Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Clubs: Hostess 3,4, Debate 3,4, Menuette 3, Math 3: Civic Bureau 3,4: Teams: Captain Ball 3,4, Volleyball 3,4: A.A.A. Representative 4: Concert 3,4: Orchestra Scholarship 3,4: CISCA Variety Show 2: Band l,2, .. .Brimming personality, sincere, vivcrcious, pretty, witty and scholarly. ANN THERESE BRANDL . . . Saint Philip Neri Moonlight Becomes You Perfect Punctuality 1,2,3,4: Drama Club l: Dance Committee: Freshman, Sophomore: Civic Bureau 2,3: Service Bureau l,2: Apostolic Chairman 2: Stage Crew 2: Captain Ball 1: Art l,2: Sewing 3: Career Cadets 3. . . .Warm of heart, most likely to succeed, smiley, a cute model. ROSEMARY BREHM . . . Saint Philip Neri In the Still of the Night Perfect Attendance 2: Clubs: Math 3, Latin l,2, Chemistry 3: Student Council: Civic Bureau l,2,4: Service Bureau l: Representative Assembly 4: Homeroom Teams: Captain Ball 3,4: Volleyball 2,3. .. ."Mouse," helpful, mischievous, athletic, vivacious little Miss. PATRICIA BRIDGES . . . Saint Philip Neri Honey Bun Honor Student: Clubs: Drama, Latin l,2,3: Student Council: Lawyer 3,4: Civic Bureau l,2,3: Service Bureau l,2: Library Committee l: Style Show 3,4: A.A.A. Captain Ball 2,3,4: Volleyball 2,3: Dance Committee l,2. . ..Witty, friendly, ambitious, happy, scholarly and cute. RITA BROGAN . . . Saint Felicitas Oh You Beautiful Doll! Catholic Action l,2,4: Aquin-lon Club 4: Civic Bureau Z,3,4: Service Bureau l: Operetta l: Spring Concert 2: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Choral 1.2: Dramatic Art l,2: Library Com- mittee 1: Sewing Style Show 3. . . .Creamy complexion, lively eyes, refined lass, a real Colleen. DOROTHY IEAN BUCKLEY . . . Saint Carthage Sweet and Lovely Honor Student: Latin Honor Society: Civic-Service Bureau: Representative Assembly 4: Lost and Found 3: Homeroom Teams 2,3,4: Yearbook Typist 4: Dance Committees: Typing Certificate 3: Clubs: Hostess, Menuette lPresidentJ, J.C.L. . . ."Dot," capable gal and what a pal! dependable, clever and sweet. MARY LOUISE BUCKLEY . . . Our Lady of Peace . All the Things You Are Class Salutatorian: National Honor Society: Latin Honor Society: Perfect Attendance 2,3: Drama 4: Debate 2,3,4: Latin l,2,3: Chemistry 3: Math 3: Orchestra Scholarship 4: Freshman Religion Award: Spring Concert l,2,3,4. . . ."Mary Lou," intelligent, reserved, cooperative, second highest ranking Senior. ANNA MAE BYRNE . . . Saint Carthage Maybe It's Because Honor Roll l: Perfect Attendance l,Z,3,4: Latin Club l,2: Civic and Service Bureau l,2,3: Captain 303 Volleyball Team 1: Captain Ball l,2: Volleyball l,2,4: A.A.A. Representative 2: Cheerleader 1: Ping Pong 4: Typing 3,4: Spring Concert l,2: Choral l,2, .. .A good sense of humor, a sophisticated outlook, a smile for all, successful. ELAINE BYRNES . . . Our Lady of Peace Whistle While You Work Honor Society 4: Honor Student 4: Merit Award 3,4: Class Officer 3: Clubs: Hostess 3,4: Officer 4: Math 3: Spanish 3: Latin l,2,3,4:: Chemistry 3: Physics 4: Bureaus: Civic and Service 1,2,3,4: Lost and Found 2,3,4: Varsity 3,4. . . ."Salty," Athletic and intelligent, eftervescent, lull of school spirit. Page 81 NANETTE CAMPBELL . . . Saint Bride You Red Head Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Drama l,2,3,4: Latin 2: Spanish 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Operetta I: Spring Concert 2.4: Ping Pong Z: Typing 4: Choral l,2,4: Immaculate H.S. Detroit, Mich.: Drama: Choral: Student Council: Yearbook Staff: Operetta: Second Degree Sodalist. ...A sprightly Miss, a twinkle in her eye, never without a humorous word, a pal. MARY ALYCE CANTLIN . . . Saint Ailbe Because You're You Honor Student l,2,4: Latin Honor Society l,2,3: Perfect Attendance 1: Court Lawyer 2,3,4: Student Council Representative 2: Bureaus: Civic 2,3,4: E.O.L. Chairman l,4: Dance Com- mittee 2,3,4: Clubs: Hostess 3,4, Debate 3, Latin 2,3,4, Chem 3: Typing Certificate 3. ...Softspoken and gentle, congenial, happy and afiable, a real lady. PHYLLIS CAPALBY . . . Saint Francis de Paula Wilhelmina Perfect Attendance at St. Felicitas l: Captain Ball Team 3,4: Volleyball Team 3,4: Civic Bureau 4: Bowling Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Choral l,2,3,4: Typing 3: Spring Concert 3,4: Dance Committee. ...Dependable, interesting, loyal and true. CAROL CI-IENOWETH . . . Parkside The Old Master Painter Honor Society 4: Honor Student: Honor Roll l,Z,3,4: Quill and Scroll: Latin Honor Society 1: Student Council Pub. 2,3,4: A.A.A. Pub. 4: E.O.L. 4: Taquin 4: Aquinas StaH 4: Year- book Artist 3,4: Style Show 3: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Clubs: Drama: Discussion: Spanish: Latin: Physics: Art: Bowling. ...Artistic talent, bright, modern, thoughtful, most likely to succeed. GLORIA ALAIDE CINELLI . . . Saint Columbanus Gloria Ping Pong Tournament 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,Z,3,4: Clubs: Hostess 3: Math l,Z: Spanish 3: Latin 2: Choral: Typing 4: Style Show Z,4: Spring Concert Z: Oper- etta l: Make-up Class 2. .. .Sweetly shy, remembered for her smile, cheery disposition, friendly. MARILYN COFFEY . . . Our Lady of Peace Black Magic Clubs: Art l,2: Typing 3,4: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Dance Commit- tees: Sophomore Dance: Senior Christmas Dance: Senior Prom: Red Cross 2. . . ."Liqhtnin," a gay personality mixed with spontaneous friendliness, cheerful. PATRICIA CONNELL . . . Saint Bride Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue Drama Club l,2,4: E.O.L. Chairman l,2: Captain Ball l,2: Volleyball l,2,3,4: Choral l,2: Spring Concert 2: Operetta l: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Sewing Style Show 4. . . .Tall, trim and lovely. queenly grace. angelic face. IRENE CONNOLLY . . . Our Lady of Peace There's No Tomorrow Honor Roll l,3,4: Latin Honor Society 2,3: Clubs: Hostess 3,4: Math 3: Chemistry 3: Physics 4: Bureaus: Civic and Service 2,3,4: Lost and Found 3,4: Varsity 3,4: Captain and Volleyball l,2,3,4: Dance Committee 3: Choral. . . .A pleasant smile, a pat on the back: a pal: dependable and capable. HELEN COUGHLIN . . . Saint Leo Green Eyes Drama Club 2: Spanish 3,4: Art 2: Red Cross: Student Council Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Service Bureau 2,3,4: Library Committee 3: Style Show 3: Dance Committees 2,3,4: Typing 4: Sewing 3: Choral 1: A.C.C.L. . . ."Cog," subtle, true blue, cheerful, friendly as they come. MARY MARGARET CRAMSIE . . . Saint Francis de Paula With a Song in My Heart Chemistry 3: Red Cross 2: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau 2.4: Library Committee 1: Red Cross Chairman 3: Mothers Club Representative 4: Bowling 4: Ping Pong 3: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Dance Committees 3.4. .. .Likable, loyal, and dependable with a forceful spirit. CONSTANCE CRONIN . . . Saint Philip Neri A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody Quill and Scroll: Drama: Spanish 3: Latin l: Red Cross: Bureaus: Civic, Representative Assembly l, Library l: Teams: Captain Ball l,2,3,4: Volleyball l,2,4: Press Letter, Taquin Staff 4: Style Show 4: Spring Concert 3: Dance Committee l,2,3,4. .. ."Con," a fair skinned gal, who's light on her toes, kind and sincere. MARY PATRICIA CULLINAN . . . Our Lady ol Peace The Talk of the Town Homeroom Chairman 2: Latin Club Cl.C.L.l l,2.3,4: Chemistry Club 3: Court Lawyer 2,3: Civic Bureau l,Z,3,4: Service Bureau l,Z,3,4: Captain Ball Team l,2: Dance Committee l,Z. ...Sparkling with wit and Whimsy, energetic spirit, figure fancy: graceful. Page 82 BARBARA DAVIA . . . Saint Rita A Star Fell Out of Heaven Honor Student: Latin Honor Society: Drama 3,4: Physics 4: Discussion 2: Chemistry 3: Hostess 3: Civic 2,3,4: Service Bureau 3: Literature Committee l,Z,3: Bowling Team 3,4: Treasurer 4: Library Committee, I.C.L. .. ."Stormy," sweet and unaffected, diligent, helpful. ANTOINETTE DELISI . . . Saint Laurence A-You're Adorable Latin Club l,2: Red Cross l,2,3,4: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Captain Ball l,2,3: Volleyball l,2,3: Bowling 2: Ping Pong l,2: Style Show 3,4: Dance Commit- tees 4: Typing 3. . . ."Toni," dark eyes, expressive smile, everyone's pal. IOAN DENNY . . . Saint Carthage My Ideal Honor Roll 4: Quill and Scroll: Secretary of Apostolic 4: Captain Ball l,Z,4: Volleyball 1,2,4: Feature Writer: Press Letter: Taquin Statt: Aquinas Staff: Dance Committees Z,3,4: Perfect Attendance 1: Library Committee 3: Choral l,2. . . ."Den," exciting vitality, hard to beat, a good friend, generous. VERONICA DENNEHY . . . Saint Nicholas Little Girl of My Dreams Perfect Attendance l: Math Club 3: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Library Committee 2: Captain Ball l,2,3,4: Volleyball l,2,3,4: Concert Z: Style Show 3: Choral l,2: Gym Demonstration Z: Typing 3,4. ...Sweet Irish lass with quiet manner, capable and friendly. MARILYN DICKSON . . . Saint Bride Hair of Gold-Eyes of Blue Honor Roll 4: Math Club 3: Chemistry Club 3: Latin Club l,2,3,4: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Service Bureau l: Library Committee 1: Taquin Staff: Aquinas Staff 4: Concert, Spring 2: Choral l,2. . . .Attractive to the eye, sunshine in her smile, serene. DIANE DONOVAN . . . Saint Clotilde Etude Perfect Attendance 3,4: Spanish Club 3: Red Cross l,2,3,4: Service Bureau 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Representative Assembly 3,4: Catholic Action l,2: Homeroom Teams 3,4: Dance Committees 3,4: Typing 4: Sewing. ...Spirit of willingness, aftable smile, tall and lovely. MARY ANN DOWNING . . . Saint Carthage There Must Be A Way Clubs: Math l,2,3: Latin l,2: Library Committee l,2: AAA Volleyball l,2: Captain Ball l,2: Ping Pong l,2,3: Spring Concert l,Z: Typing l,2: Choral l,2: Student Council Repre- sentative Assembly l,2: Civic Bureau l,2,3. .. .Live1y, witty, full of fun and laughs: a good pal. ROSEMARIE DOYLE . . . Saint Columbanus Sophisticated Lady Honor Roll l,2: Drama l,2,3,4: Hostess 3: Red Cross 2,3: Civic Committee Z,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3: Library l,2: Style Show 3: Choral l,2,4: Dance Committees l,2: Spring Concert l,2,4. . . ."Ree Ree," poised, dainty, demure, a sociable sophisticate. DORISANNE DREA . . . Our Lady of Peace Who Wouldn't Love You? Art Club l,2: Ping Pong 2: Captain Ball l,2: Volleyball 2: Red Cross 2: Dance Commit- tees Z,3,4: Modeling 4: English Chairman 3. . . ."Dorie," sweet and petite, friendly to all, sociable. DORIS DUNMORE . . . Saint Laurence You Belong To My Heart Chemistry Club 3: Student Council: Civic Bureau 3,4: Library Committee 2,3: A.A.A.: Homeroom Team, Captain Ball l,Z,3,4: Volleyball l,2,3,4: Spring Concert l,2: Choral. . . ."Dee," sober, reserved, coy little lass, seit assured, nice to be with. MARIE DUNN . . . Our Lady of Peace Sweet Marie Spanish Club 3: Latin l,Z: Art 1,27 Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Repre- sentative Assembly 3: Library Committee l: Captain Ball l: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Dance Committee 2,3,4. ...Light hearted, poised, persuasive smile, clever. SUE DUNNE . . . Saint Ailbe You're So Understanding Latin Honor Society: Honor Roll: lunior Class President: Clubs: Hostess, Math, Latin: A.A.A.: Social Chairman, Representative, Varsity, Homeroom Teams, Ping Pong: Civic Bureau: Service Bureau: Dance Committees: Concert l,2. . . ."Sue," warm friendly smile, athletic and nimble fingers, a born leader. Page 83 MARY CATHERINE DWYER . . . Our Lady of Peace Full of Fun and Fancy Free Discussion 2: Math Club 3: Chemistry Club 3: Civic and Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Student Council: Representative Assembly 3.4: Lawyer 2,3.4: A.A.A.: Captain Ball: Ping Pong: Style Show 3: Choral 1.2. ..."Me1ilcay." never a dull moment, daring. jovial. CAROLYN EGNER . . . Saint Carthage You Look Awlully Good to Me Latin Club 2: Civic Bureau l.2.3.4: Service Bureau 3.4: Library Committee l: Captain Ball 1.2,3.4: Volleyball 1.2,3.4: Spring Concert 2: Choral 1.2: Ping Pong 1: Dance Committees l,2.3.4: Bowling 1. . . .Cheerful, witty, and always in the front. MAROLYN EGNER . . . Saint Carthage So Easy to Remember Quill and Scroll: Taquin Staff: Press Letter 4: Aquinas Staft: Honor Roll: Latin Club 1.2:' Chemistry Club: Art Club: Civic Bureau: Service Bureau: Captain Ball 1.2: Volleyball 1.2: Dance Committee l.2,3.4. ...Cute. sweet, and friendly, a willing worker. MARY ENGLISH . . . Saint Kevin With A Song ln My Heart National Honor Society: Honor Roll 1,2,3.4: Debate Club: Menuette Club: Chemistry: Physics: Drama: Latin Club: Library Committee 2.3: Bowling 4: Operetta l: Spring Con- cert 2.3.4: Orchestra l.2.3,4: Civic Bureau. . . .Sweet shyness, considerate ot others, always a willing hand. IANET ENNEN . . . Saint Xavier's Academy Smiles Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Chemistry Club 4: Spanish 3: Art 1.2: Red Cross 2: Homeroom Teams 1.2: Feature Writer 3: Reporter 3: Dance Committees l.2.3.4: Mothers' Club Representative 4. . . .Full of life, an ardent friend, refined and sweet. MARIORIE ERNST . . . Saint Philip Neri Tea lor Two Honor Roll 4: Perfect Attendance 3: Math 3: Chemistry 3: Physics 4: Civic 1,2,3.4: Catho- lic Action 2: Literature 4: Homeroom Teams 1.4: Dance Committee l.2,3.4: Student Response Chairman 4: Store Attendant 2: Publicity 1. . . ."Margie." happy go lucky, dependable. always a friend. MARGARET EUBANKS . . ., Saint Felicitas Someone Like You Clubs: Math 3: Aquin-atoms 3: Aquin-ions 4: Civic Bureau 4: Co-Chairman Volleyball 3.4: Captain Ball 3.4: South Shore 2: G.A.A. 2: Swimming Team 2: Lite Guard 2: St. Felicitas 1: Service Club 1: Typing Certificate 3. . . .Lover of sports: fun to be with: interested in the school activities, mathematical mind. ANN FORD . . . Our Lady of Peace Five Foot Two, Eyes ot Blue Quill and Scroll 4: Aquinas Staff 4: Honor Student: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Math. Chemistry. Debate: Press: Civic Bureau 3.4: Library Committee 3: Orchestra 1.2: Home- room Volleyball 1.2: Dance Committee 2. . . .Subtle wit: always ready to liven up a crowd: a really good friend. charming. clever. IOAN FISHER . . . Saint Philip Neri One Rose Latin Honor Society 1.2: lunior Classical League: Gym Secretary 4: Style Show An- nouncer 3: Civic Bureau l.2.3.4: Service Bureau Dance Committee l.2.3.4: Captain Ball l,2,3: Volleyball 1.2. ...Eager for fun and gaiety, sparkling personality, always willing to help. DORIS FLANAGAN . . . Saint Kilian How Her Voice is Soft and Kind Civic Bureau 1: Service Bureau 1.2: Art 1.2: Homeroom Volleyball Team 1.2: Homeroom Captain Ball 1: Typing 3: Red Cross Committee 1: Dance Committees l.2,3: Gym Demon- stration 2. . . .Shy, with a quiet dignity and grace. Always a true friend to everyone. FLORENCE FLETCHER . . . Saint Philip Neri Little Girl Clubs: Drama 1.2.4: Chemistry 4: Library Committee 3.4: Civic Bureau l.2.3,4: Service Bureau l.2.3,4: Apostolic Committee 2: Spring Concert 2.3: Choral 1.2: Dance Committee 3.4. . . .A sweet shy little lass who is always friendly and kind to those around her. EILEEN FLOOD . . . Our Lady of Peace My Pretty Girl Homeroom Chairman 3: Clubs: Latin Z: Chemistry 4: Bureaus: Civic l,2.3.4: Service l.2.3.4: Volleyball Teams 1.2,3.4: Captain Ball Teams A.A.A. Representative 2.4: Varsity 3.4: Ping Pong 3.4: Modeling 4. . . .Poise. a radiant smile: and a heart that captures all. Page 84 PATRICIA FLOOD . . . Our Lady ot Peace It Had To Be You Biology Chairman 2: Art l,2: Latin Club l,2: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Captain Ball 1,2,3,4: Volleyball 1,2,3,4: Ping Pong l: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Typing 3,4: Latin Certificate 1. . . .Friendly, pleasant: kind to all, cr pretty girl is like a melody. KATHLEEN FLYNN . . . Saint Philip Neri K-K-K-Katy Literature Committee Z,4: Civic Bureau 2.3,4: A.A.A. Publicity 3,4: Latin Club l,Z: Student Council Publicity l,2,3,4: Sodality Publicity 3,4: Honor Roll 4. . . .Lively spirit: bubbling personality: the lite ot any party is this Miss, a pal. ALICE FOLEY . . . Saint Philip Neri Bright Eyes Clubs: Spanish, Latin, Chemistry, Art: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4: Service l,2,3,4: Representa- tive Assembly: Library Committee: Captain Ball Representative. .. .Quiet, reserved, always polite, kind and generous, a very lovely person to know. MARGARET FRANTZ . . . Our Lady ol Peace Thou Swell Honor Roll 2,3,4: Latin Honor Society Z,3: Merit Award 4: Clubs: Drama 2,3,4: Debate 3,4, President 3: Chemistry 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Representative Assembly 4: Literature Chairman 3: Choral 1,2: Senior Play: l.C.L. l,2,3. . . .Gay, fun-loving: cooperative, talented and interesting. FRANCES FRUIN . . . Saint Philip Neri How Cute Can You Be Honor Roll Z,3: Clubs: Latin l,Z: Spanish 3: Art l,2: Chemistry 3: Drama l,2: Bed Cross Vice President 2,41 A.A.A. Representative l,2: Aquin-ions President 3: Homeroom Teams Captain, Volleyball l,2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic and Service l,2,3,4: Miscellaneous: Style Show 4: Dance Committee l,2,3,4. ..."Franny," lively spirit, sweet and friendly, never a dull moment, a petite Miss with flaming hair. HELEN GALLAGHER . . . Saint Carthage Again Quill and Scroll: Honor Roll l,3,4: Clubs: Latin l,2: Chemistry 3: Bureaus: Civic l,Z,3,4: Committee: Library l,2,3: Homeroom Teams l,2,3: Press Letter 3: Aquinas Staff 3,4: Taquin Staft 4: Miscellaneous: Style Show 4: Qperetta l,2: Dance Committee l,2,3,4. . . ."Hop," sweet and friendly, a true blue friend, helpful, dependable. IOAN GALVIN . . . Susan R. Buder. St. Louis, Mo. Missouri Waltz Loretta Academy l, St. Louis, Mo. Providence High School, Chicago, Illinois 2,3. Clubs: Chemistry 4: Press 4: Aquinas and Taquin Staffs 4: Style Show 4. ...Black hair, peaches and cream complexion, a sparkling addition to the Senior class. GLORIA GAVRILOVICH . . . Saint Felicitas As Pretty As A Picture National Honor Society 4: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Quill and Scroll: Latin Honor Society: Merit Award 4: Perfect Attendance l,2,3: Clubs: Drama, Hostess, Latin: Bureaus: Civic, Service: Sodality Vice-Pretect 4: Literature Chairman: Taquin, Aquinas Staff: Dance Committee: Typing Certificate. . . .Bright eyes, captivating, delightful, best all around Aquinite. HETTIE MULROY GILMORE . . . Horace Mann Forever and Ever Class Vice President l: Clubs: Menuette 3, Chemistry 3, Red Cross Secretary 4: Lawyer 2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4, Service l,2,3,4: Committees: Library l, E.O.L. 2,3: Homeroom Teams l: Ping Pong l. . . .Fun-loving, carefree, easy to know and like, dependable and capable. NANCY GLUSACK . . . Saint Augustine Ballerina Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Clubs: Drama l,2,3,4, Spanish 3, Latin l,2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic l,2, 3,4, Service l: Homeroom Teams: Captain Ball l,2,3,4: Miscellaneous: Spring Concert l,2, 3,4, Typing 3, Ballet Teacher, 3,4. . . .Poised, graceful, amiable, "The" senior dancer, helpful and scholarly. ELAINE GOLASZEWSKI . . . Saint Mary Magdelene How Sweet You Are ' Honor Student: Clubs: Latin l,2, Chemistry, Treasurer 3, Art l,Z: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4: Committees: Catholic Action l: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Miscellaneous: Dance Committee l,3: Latin Honor Society l,2. ...Quiet dignity: reserved, and gracious to everyone, a willowy grace. IOAN GRACE . . . Saint Philip Neri Tl1ere's Everything Nice About You Quill and Scroll: Honor Student 1,2,3,4: Perfect Attendance 2: Clubs: Hostess, Art, Math, Latin: Bureaus: Civic, Service, Publicity: Page Editor: Press Letter: Taquin Staff, Aquinas Start: Sewing 4: Dance Committee: Typing 3. ...Devotion and service: capable, friendly: accepts responsibility well. Page 85 ROSANNA GRACE . . . Saint Columbanus Some One To Watch Over Me Honor Roll l,4: Perfect Attendance l,4: Homeroom Chairman 4: Clubs: Math 3, Spanish 3, Red Cross 2: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4, Service l,2,3: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Varsity 3, Cheerleading l,2, Ping Pong 3: Miscellaneous: Style Show 4, Choral 2,3,4. . . .Sweet and unassuming, sparkling eyes and a ready smile, bubbling with personality. SYLVIA GRIGUI. . . . Saint Columbanus The Old Master Painter Honor Society: Honor Student: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Perfect Attendance 3,4: Homeroom Chairman l: Clubs: Debate, Math, Latin, Chemistry, Physics, Art: Civic Bureau 3,4: Home- room Teams: Captain Ball l,2,3,4: Volleyball: Student Representative 4: Dance Com- mittee: Style Show 4. ...Brilliance, leadership, artful and clever: lang, tlaxen locks. FRANCES GUY . . . Saint Felicitas My Heart Sings Homeroom Chairman l: Clubs: Drama 2, Latin 2: Student Council Representative Assembly 2 yrs.: Press: Page Editor 3, Press Letter, Taguin Staff: Orchestra Certificate: Concert l,2,3,4. ..."Sis," vitality and spirit, dimpled, delightful and lovable, CATHERINE HANLEY . . . Saint Columbanus Stardust Honor Society 4: Honor Roll 2,3,4: Sodality Officer 4: Clubs: Hostess, Math, Chemistry, Spanish, Latin: Homeroom Teams: l,2,3,4, Varsity 3: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic, Service: Spring Concert and Orchestra l,2,3,4. ...Talented Lassie, gay and spirited, musically brilliant, athletic and vibrant, spiritual. MARTHA HENDRICK . . . Saint Philip Neri Everywhere You Go Honors: Quill and Scroll 4: Clubs: rama , : p : , , Lawyer l: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Ping Pong: Bowling l: Press: Aquinas Staff, Feature Writer 3,4, Taquin Staff 4. . . .Exhuberance and witty personality, bringing sunshine and joy with her. D 12 S anish 3 Latin 12' Student Council, MARY LOU HENRY . . . Holy Cross Oh Give Me Something to Remember You By Honor Roll: Quill and Scroll: Clubs: Drama l, Chemistry 3: Student Council Representative Assembly 4: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Press: Page Editor 3.4, Press Letter 3, Taquin Staff 4, Aquinas Staff 3,4: Choral l,2. ...Sparkling with pep, crowning reddish hair and baby blue eyes, helpful. MARY MARGARET HENRY . . . Saint Laurence Sentimental Rhapsody Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Latin Honor Society 1,22 Perfect Attendance l: Clubs: Latin l,2: Student 4: Civic, Service, and Lost and Found l,2,3: A.A.A. Captain, Volley- ball l,2,3,4: Style Show 4: Dance Committee l,2. . . .Sparkling smile, lovable and sweet, slender and saucy, flowing blond hair. CLARICE HERRINGER . . . Saint Francis de Paula I Have But One Heart Student Council: Civic, Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Library Committee : . . . p l,2,3: Volleyball l,2: Bowling 4: Ping Pong l,4: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Dance Corn- Council: Lawyer 2,3, l AAA Ca tain Ball mittee 4: Sewing 4. . . ."Babe," sweet lil' girl, unaffected and gay, dress designer and model. PATRICIA HOENE . . , Saint Columbanus So Nice To Come Home To Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Quill and Scroll: Homeroom Chairman l: Clubs: Discussion 2: I.C.L. ' ' ' ' 24' C' ' , Service l,2: Captain, Volleyball l,2: Art Editor: Press l,2, Aquimons 3, Art l, , , ivic Letter: Taguin Business Manager: Bookkeeping: Style Show 4: Dance Committee l,2.3,4. .. .Gentle, always calm and delightful, keen sense of humor, vivaczous. PATRICIA HOGAN . . . Saint Philip Neri Daddy's Little Girl I nior-Senior Iudge: Honor Student: Executive Council 3,4: Latin Honor Society: Represen- u tative Assembly 3,4: Lawyer: Perfect Attendance 2, Clubs. Math, Chemistry, Physics. Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Concert Orchestra 2,3,4. ' ' ' ' h rf l. ...Small with a big heart, laughing eyes and captivating smile, always c ee u MARY HOULE . . . Our Lady ot Peace Too Marvelous For Wqds Quill and Scroll 4: Drama Club 3,4: Art Club l,2: Latin Club 2: Lawyer 2: Literature Chairman 1.3: Bureaus: Civic 2,3,4: Captain Ball 1: Press Letter 3: Taquin Staff 4: Aquinas Staff 3,4: Style Show 4. ' ' t know. ...Fun-loving, devoted, understanding, lovable, friend, wonderful person o ELSIE HOWORTH . . . Saint Leo You're the Top Honor Roll l: Merit Award 4: Homeroom . , . - 4: Latin l,2: Aquin-ions 4: Bureaus: Civic-Service l,Z,3,4: Lost and Found 4: Homeroom Teams: Captain and Volleyball, Ping-Pong l,2,3,4: Choral l,Z. ...Heart of gold, athletic, sweet, generous, helpful to everyone at all times. Chairman 2' Stage Manager 3 4' Clubs' Hostess Page 86 PATRICIA HYLAND . . . Saint Laurence Sweet and Lovely St. Felicitas 1,27 Clubs: Physics, Latin, Red Cross: Bureaus, Civic 3,4: Service 3,4: Sodality: Apostolic Chairman 2: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Dance Committee 3,4: Choral 3: Cisca Variety Show 2. . . .Graceful, charming personality, a pretty little girl with a sweet smile. IOYCE IECK . . . Holy Cross Heart oi My Heart Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Drama l,2: Latin 2: Art 1.2: Red Cross 2: Civic Bureau l,Z,3: Captain Ball 2,3: Volleyball 2,3: Bowling Z: Dance Committee 3: Typing l,2: Shorthand l,2. . . .Dependable, quiet, always pleasant, a friend in need, kind and generous always. CATHERINE IOHNSON . . . Saint Philip Neri Lady Be Good Quill and Scroll: Clubs: Drama l,2,3,4: Spanish 3,4: Latin l,2: Chemistry 4: Art 1.2: Civic Bureau l,2: Captain Ball l: Press: Feature Writer 3,4: Press Letter 3: Taquin Staff 4: Aquinas Staff 3,4: Style Show 3: Spring Concert 3: Dance Committee 3.4. . . lovable character, sparkling personality, witty, ready for fun, unpredictable. NANCIE IOSLYN . . . Saint Felicitas Easy To Love Clubs: Drama, Math, Chemistry, Latin: Bureaus: Civic l,Z,3,4: Service l,2,3,4: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Homeroom Chairman 4: A.A.A. Representative 1: Cheerleader 1: Homeroom Volleyball Team l,2,3: Orchestra 2: Spring Concert 2. .. .Athletic, friendly, pretty hair: always full ot iun and a cheerful, shapely Miss. VERONICA KANIEWSKI . . . Saint Mary Magdalene I Don't Want to Walk Without You Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Class Oiticer 3: Latin Club l,2,3: Civic Bureau 4: Apostolic Committee 3: Mother's Club Representative 4: Volleyball 1: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Dance Com- mittee 3,4: Typing 3,4: Typing Certificate 3. ..."Vera," gracelul model: shining smile: one in a million. JEAN KAPPLE . . . Saint Francis de Paula It's Magic National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Perfect Attendance 4: Class Officer 2: Homeroom Chairman 3: Clubs: Latin l,2: Art l,2: Student Council: Civic, Service l,2,3,4: Sodality: Otiicer 4: Literature Chairman l,3: Press: Aquinas 4: Taquin 4. . . .Tall and graceful: personality plus: a sparkling leader, a friend. MARY KAUB . . . Our Lady ot Peace So Nice N. H. S. President: Honor Student, Merit Award: Clubs: Drama, Hostess, Debate, Latin: Civic Bureau: Homeroom Teams: Clothing Award: Orchestra Scholarship: Senior Play: A.A.A. Representative 2. . . .Competent, helpful, scholarly: pleasant companion to all, a good leader. MARCELLA KAY . . . Our Lady of Peace Lovable and Sweet Menuette Club 3: Latin Club 1,2: Student Council: Civic Bureau l,2: Service Bureau 3.4: Spring Concert 2,3,4: Typing 3: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Orchestra Scholarship 2,3,4: Operetta l: Style Show 3: Sewing 3.4. . . ."Marcy," short and sweet: helpful, musical, and demure. I-IANNAH KEATING . . . Saint Laurence Black Lace Latin Club 2: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau 2,3,4: Library Committee l: Captain Ball 1,2,3,4: Volleyball l,2,3,4: A.A.A. Representative 1,3,4: Varsity 3,4: Bowling 4: Spring Concert 2,3,4: Style Show 4: Modeling 4: Typing 4: Choral 1,2,4. . . .Sparkling laughter: the Senior nightingale: vivacious and unassuming. MARY CAROL KELLY . . . Saint Rita You're Irish and You're Beautiful Periect Attendance 3: Clubs: Art l,2: Student Council: Civic Bureau 4: Service Bureau 2,3,4: A.A.A. Representative 3.4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Style Show 3,4: Dance Committee 4. 1 J J . . .Irish, dimpled and sweet: athletic, cooperative and lovely. Q W ROSEMARY KELLY . . . Saint Kilian Bewitched O Honor Roll l: Latin Club l,2,3: Bureaus: Civic 2,3,4: Service l,2,3: A.A.A.: Representative 3: Homeroom Teams: Volleyball l,2,3,4: Captain Ball l,2,3,4: Choral l,2,3,4: Spring Con- cert l,2,3,4: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Typing 3. ...Grand to know, something special, symphony ot vigor and kindness. IEANNE KELTY . . . Saint Philip Neri I Dream of leannie with the Light Brown Hair Perfect Attendance 1: Latin Club 2: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Homeroom Teams: Captain Ball 2,4: Volleyball 4: Art Club 1.2: Typing 3,4: Style Show 3: Sewing 3.4: Student Council Publicity Bureau 1. .. .Laughing green eyes: vim, vigor and vitality: friendly and nice to know. Page 87 ELLEN LORETTA KENNEDY . . . Saint Laurence Stay as Sweet as You Are Clubs: Latin 2.3: Discussion 2: Bureaus: Civic-Service l,2,3,4: Library Committee 1: Dance Committee 1: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Style Show 3,4: Spring Concert 1,Z,3,4: Choral l,2,3,4: Piano Recitals l,2: Certificates 1,27 Book Store 3,4, . . .Forever smiling: Bubbling wit: radiates friendship and good will. ALICE KENNELLY . . . Saint Rita Sentimental Me Quill and Scroll: Math 3: Latin l,2: Bureaus: Civic 1: Service l,Z: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Ping Pong 1: Style Show 3,4: Bowling l: Press Letter 3: Taquin Staff: Aquinas Staff 3,4: Feature Writer 3. . . .Funloving "Al"-with a heart of gold, dependable, mirthful maiden. MARGARET KENZINGER . . . Saint Sabina Younger Than Springtime Perfect Attendance l: Clubs: Menuette 4, Latin 1,2, Red Cross l,2,3,4: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Captain Ball and Volleyball Teams l,Z,3,4: Spring Concert 1,2: Choral l,2: Red Cross Committee Chairman 1. ..."Peg," winsome smile, dancing feet, and sparkling eyes. BETTY KNOTH . . . Saint Columbanus Those Endearinq Young Charms Clubs: Hostess, Debate, Chemistry: Civic and Service Bureau: Lost and Found: A.A.A. Vice- President, Representative: Varsity: Track Meet: Ping Pong: Homeroom Teams: All-Star Teams: Operatta: Dance Committees: Spring Concert. . . .Sportsmanship, lively, energetic, happy, carefree, active and loyal. EUSEBIE KNAPP . . . Saint Columbanus Count Every Star Civic Bureau l,2: Service Bureau l,2,3: Library Committee 1.2: Homeroom Teams 1,2,3: Style Show 3,4: Choral l,2: Red Cross 2.3: Latin Club 1,2: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Catholic Action 2. . . ."Bea", short and sweet, laughing face, loved by all. GLORIA KUBERSKI . . . Saint Philip Neri I Dream of You Sodality Pretect: Honor Society Treasurer: Quill and Scroll: Merit Award 4: Taquin Section Editor: Aquinas Staff: Perfect Attendance: Press Letter: Homeroom Chairman: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Clubs. Hostess, Latin, Math, Physics, Chemistry: Apostolic Committee. . . .A determined mind, dependable, an excellent leader, a sincere friend. IOAN KWAKE . . . Our Lady of Good Counsel Sophisticated Lady Honor Roll l,Z,3: Clubs: Debate 2, Latin 1,2,3, Red Cross Z,4: Bureaus: Civic l,Z,3,4, Serv- ice l,2: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Spring Concert 1,2,3,4: Choral 1,2,3,4: Dance Com- mittee 2: Typing 4. . . .Blond locks, blue eyes, charming, vivacious. ALICE LEHANE . . . Saint Rita Alice Blue Gown 1 2 3 Cl bs Drama 1 2' Latin Iunior Classical League 3: Q Honor Roll: Latin Honor Society . . 2 u : , , Student Council: Civic Bureau: A.A.A.: Captain and Volleyball Teams 1,2,3,4: Ping Pong. Dance Committees: Spring Concert. .. .Cheerful and friendly, athletic, starry-eyed. MARIROSE LENNON . . . Saint Philip Neri Full of Fun and Fancy Free Clubs: Drama l,Z,3,4: Spanish 1: Chemistry 3: Art 1.2: Civic Bureau 1,Z,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Literature Committee 2: Ping Pong 1: Ballet 2,3: Dance Committee 1. . . .Sparkling wit: charming beauty: figure fancy and clever too. IUDITH LINDSTROM . . . O'Keet'te Imagination Honor Roll 4: Quill and Scroll: Latin Honor Society l,2: Merit Award 4: Math 3: Chemistry 3: Physics 4: Red Cross 2: Civic Bureau 3,4: Sodality Publicity 3,4: Committee 3,4: Page Editor 3,4: Feature Writer 3,4: Press Letter 3: Taquin 4: Aquinas 4. - . . ."ludy", great artistic ability, always singing, baby face. MARGARET KATHERINE LOFTUS . . . Saint Bride Peg O' My Heart f t Att d nce 2 3 4' Clubs' Hostess 2' Latin 12' Discussion 1' Student Council Rep- Per ec en a , , , . , , . . resentative l: Publicity Bureau 1: Civic Bureau 2: Service Bureau 1,2: Homeroom Captain Ball Team 1,2: Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . . ."Nice things come in small packages." Short and sweet, and capable. NORINE ELIZABETH MACKEY . . . Saint Ailbi Lovely to Look At Clubs: Drama 2,3,4: Hostess 4: Civic Bureau 1,2,4: Service Bureau 1.2: Literature Chair- man 4: Lost and Found Committee 3: Choral 1,2: Spring Concert 1,2,3,4: Library Committee 1: Dance Committees 1,2,3. . . .Poised, sophisticated, possessing natural charm, kind and sweet. Page 88 PATRICIA MADDEN . . . Paul Revere Sunny Clubs: Latin 2: Chemistry 3: Spanish 3: Physics 4: Captain Ball Team 1: Style Show 3: Spring Concert 2: Operetta 1: Dance Committee 2: Choral 1,2: Typing 4: Civic Bureau 1,Z: Service Bureau Z,3,4. . ..Sweet and considerate: always spreading joy. CELESTE MAGER . . . Saint Columbanus To Each His Own Honor Roll Z,3: Homeroom Chairman 1: Clubs: Latin l,Z,3: Red Cross 2: Representative Assembly l,2,3: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Choral l,2,3,4: Spring Concert 1,2,3,4: Dance Committee 2,3: Style Show 4: Civic-Service Bureaus l,2,3,4. . . ."Tootie," poised: she is nice as she is fair: baton twirler. NANCY MAHONEY . . . Saint Bride Personality Honor Society 4: Honor Student: Quill and Scroll 4: Clubs: Hostess, Latin, Discussion, Chemistry: Bureaus: Civic 2,3,4, Service l,2: Sodality Officer 4: Press: Press Letter, Aquinas Start, Taquin Staff: Volleyball Team l,3. . . .Nice to know, fun to be with: a friend to keep and treasure: clever. ARLENE MALONE . . . Saint Kevin Little Girl Honor Roll Z,3,4: Perfect Attendance 3: Clubs: Menuette 2.3: Latin 1.2: Chemistry 4: Library Committee 1: Apostolic Chairman 3: Homeroom Teams 1: Bureaus: Civic 2,3,4: Service 1: Spring Concert 1,2,3,4: Choral l,2,3,4: Stage Crew 2: Typing 3. . . .She smiles and smiles: her heart is as light as a feather. GERALDINE MALONEY . . . Saint Columbanus Honey Bun Class Valedictorian, National Honor Society: Honor Student: General Excellence 1,2,3: Merit Award: Perfect Attendance l,2,3,4: Class Secretary 2: Stage Crew: Math Tourna- ment: Clubs: Latin President, Spanish, Hostess, Math, Civic, Service: Teams 4 years, Varsity: A.A.A. Representative: Choir 1,2,4. . . ."Ietry," always active, smiling, willing to work: a born scholar. CATHERINE MARCHESE . . . Bright School Stay as Sweet as You Are Honor Roll 2,3: Perfect Attendance 2,4: Clubs: Menuette 2,3: Latin 1.2: Spanish 1: Chem- istry 4: Apostolic Chairman 1: Red Cross 2: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Service Bureau 2,3,4: Volleyball 1: Typing 3: Choral l,2: Spring Concert 1,2: Stage Crew 2. . . ."Dolly," generous in heart and spirit, triendly. DOLORES MARITOTE . . . Saint Columbanus With a Song in My Heart National Honor Society: Choral 1,2,3,4: Spring Concert: Math 3: Chemistry 3: Discussion 2: Red Cross 4: Perfect Attendance 3,4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Dance Committee 2: Typing 4: Style Show 4: Civic: Service. . . .Tall, graceful, dark hair, brown-eyed: baton twirler: cooperative. MARIANNE MARRIN . . . Saint Felicitas My Sugar is So Refined Honor Roll l,4: Latin Honor Society: Perfect Attendance 3: Clubs: Drama 1,2,4, Hostess 4: Latin l,2,3,4-Secretary 4, Math 3, Chemistry 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Homeroom Sodality Chairman l,2,3,4: Choral l,2. . . .Frank, unaffected, smiling, sincere and gracious manners. MARIORIE MARSHALL . . . Saint Laurence I'll String Along With You Perfect Attendance 1: Clubs: Math 3, Spanish 3, Chemistry 3: Student Council: Civic Bureau 2,3,4: Representative Assembly 1: Miscellaneous: Spring Concert 2, Choral 1,2, Typing l. . . .Cheerful, laughing, smiling, sincere and humorous. MARION MCCABE . . . Our Lady of Peace You Keep Coming Back Like A Song Honor Roll l,4: Clubs: Spanish 3, Latin l,2, Art l,2,3: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4, Service 1: Publicity 1: Homeroom Teams: Captain Ball l,4: Volleyball l,4: Miscellaneous: Dance Committee 1: Typing 4. .. .Smiling eyes, trim ot figure, fun loving, grand to know. PATRICIA MCCAI-'I-'ERY . . . Our Lady ot Peace My Pretty Girl Merit Award 3,4: A.A.A.: Varsity Manager: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Representative 3: Clubs: Hostess, Latin, Aqui-ions: Bureaus: Civic 1,2,3,4: Service l,2,3,4: Lost and Found Committee: Dance Committees 1.2,3,4. . . ."Pat," laughing eyes, vivacious and tull ot fun. athletic, an ardent friend. BARBARA McCAR'1'l-l'Y . . . Saint Philip Neri The Very Thought of You Honor Roll 4: Perfect Attendance 2: Lawyer 2: Library Committee l: Homeroom Teams: Captain and Volleyball 1,Z: Bureaus: Civic: Service l,2,3,4: E.O.L. Committee 4: Dance Committees 1,2: Student Response 4: Stage Crew 2: Perfect Punctuality 1. . . .True blue friend, capable and friendly: witty and interesting. Page 89 PATRICIA ANN MCFARLAND . . . Saint Dorothy Candy Honor Roll 4, Quill and Scroll 4: Drama, Math, Latin, Red Cross, Civic, Service, Catholic Action, Captain, Volleyball, Taquin, Aquinas Staff, Style Show, Spring Concert, Dance Committee 1.2.4, Orchestra, Orchestra Scholarship, Operetta. ...Petite with a sparkling personality, full of fun, light hearted. ALICIA MCGILL . . . Saint Philip Neri Forever and Ever Honor Society 4: Honor Student: Merit Award 3,4: Latin Honor Society l,2,3: Clubs. Debate 3,4: Discussion 2: Latin 1,2,3: Spanish 3: Drama l,2,3: St. Thomas Symposium 4: Lawyer: Civic and Service Bureau: Homeroom Teams. . . .Ambitious, always on the go, a brilliant voice, vivacious and kind. PATRICIA MCGILL . . . Saint Philip Neri All The Things You Are Honor Society 4: Honor Student: Merit Award 3,4: Latin Honor Society l,2,3: Clubs: Debate 3,4: Discussion 2: Latin l,2,3: Spanish 3: Drama l,Z,3,4: Red Cross 3,4: Lawyer: Civic and Service Bureaus: Homeroom Teams 2.3.47 Dance Committees. . . .Clever, honest and a sincere friend: sweet personality. IAYNE McGRAW . . . Saint Philip Neri I Only Have Eyes for You Honor Society: Honor Student: Quill and Scroll: Merit Award 4: Homeroom Chairman 1.4: Clubs: Drama 1.2: Hostess 4: Math 3: Spanish 3: Latin 1.2: Civic Bureau Z.3,4: Press Editor 3,4: Taquin Staff 4: Aquinas Staff 3,4: Typing 4. . . .Dainty, sweet and ever so petite, eager to please, clever and witty. MAUREEN MCGUINN . . . Saint Columbanus So Nice Quill and Scroll: Latin Honor Society 2: Clubs: Latin 1.2: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4, Service l,2,3: Taquin and Aquinas Staff 4: Spring Concert 2.3.4. Operetta l: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Choral l,2,3,4: Student Response 4: Typing 3. . . ."Mac," a voice like a lark, wit that captivates all, vivacious. PATRICIA McMAI-ION . . . Saint Philip Neri Sleepy Time Gal Quill and Scroll 4: Aquinas Staff 4: Taquin Staff 4: Press Letter 3: Yearbook Captions 4: Civic Bureau 2: Debate Club 2: Style Show 3: "Mickey", . . .Stately poise, gentle and dignified, her hair is thick with many a curl. DORIS McNAMARA . . . Saint Columbanus When Irish Eyes are Smiling National Honor Society 4: Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Latin Honor Roll 3: Perfect Attendance l,3,4: Math 3: Spanish I: Chemistry 4: Red Cross 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3.4: Library Committee 1: Captain Ball, Volleyball l,2,3,4: A.A.A. Representative 4: Spring Concert l,2,3,4: Typing Certificate: Orchestra 3.4. . . .Raven locks, silent sweetness, your wish is her command, a coy little lass. MARY LORETTA McNULTY . . . Saint Philip Neri My Happiness Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Knitting l, Drama 2, Spanish 3, I.C.L. Z. Biology. Art: Bureaus: Civic l,Z,3,4, Service 1.2, Lost and Found 3: Committees: Catholic Action 1: Dance 1.2.3,4: Style Show 4: Typing: Sewing 4: Bowling 2. . . .Champagne personality, petite and adorable, winning smile, eager to please all. MARY MCQUAID . . . Saint Philip Neri Mary, You're a Little Bit Old Fashioned Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Spanish 3.4. Latin 1.2, Chemistry 3, Student Council: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4, Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: A.A.A. Volleyball 1,2,3: Captain Ball 1,2,3,4: Dance Com- mittee l.Z.3.4. . . .Nickname "Mar," peaches and cream complexion, silent sweetness, a true friend. DORIS MILLS . . . Saint Laurence Dixie Clubs: Drama l.2,3,4, Debate 4, Chemistry 4, Press 3, Student Council: Civic Bureau 3.4, Service Bureau l,2: Press: Aquinas Staff 3: Choral 1.2, Concert 2.3, Operetta 1: Dance Committee 1.2. . . .Graciously charming, tall and stately, avid conversationalist, a pleasure to meet. BRUNETTA MOLON . . . Mary Ville Academy Thou Swell Clubs: Hostess 3: Spanish 3: Civic Bureau 2.3.47 Library Committee 4: Captain and Volley- ball Teams 1,2,3,4: Bowling 2.3: Ping Pong 3: Style Show 3,4: Spring Concert 1.2: Choral 1.2: Dance Committee 1. . . .Enjoys a joke, athletic, sweet and friendly. GERALDINE ANN MONKS . . . Saint Columbanus 1 I'll See You in My Dreams '- Clubs: Red Cross 4, Service Bureau 2.3.4, Sodality Chairman 1.2, Catholic Action 1.2, Mothers Club 3, Teams: Captain Ball 1.2.4, Volleyball 1.2, Style Show 3.4. Dance Com- mittee 2.3.4. Spring Concert 2.3. Modeling 3.4. . . ."DeDe," sparkling eyes, kind, lovable, whimsical. Page 90 GERALDINE MOORE . . . Saint Ailbe If You Were The Only Girl Civic, Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Library Committee 1: Lost and Found 2,3: E.O.L.: Volley- ball Captain l,2,3,4: Track l,2: Ping Pong 2,3: Style Show 4: Spring Concert 1,2,3,4: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Clubs: Math, Latin, Typing. . . .Active and athletic, idealistic, paragon of friendliness, serene. BESS IUNE MORAN . . . Saint Philip Neri Pretty Baby Honor Roll 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Latin Honor Society: Clubs: Math 3, Latin 1,2, Chemistry: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,Z,3,4: Library Committee l: E,O.L.: Press: Page Editor, Press Letter 3, Aquinas Staff 3,4, Taquin 4, Section Editor: Dance Committee. .. .Baby face, sweet and charming, always friendly and helpful, infectious laugh. FLORENCE MORAN . . . Saint Laurence Stay As Sweet As You Are Clubs: I.C.L. 2,3, Math, Hostess Vice-President, Menuette: Debate 1: Bureaus: Civic l,2,3,4: Service l,2,3: Lost and Found 3,4: Choral 1,2: Captain and Volleyball Teams 2,3,4: Dance Committees l,2,3: Concert l,2. . . .Cooperative: sweet, industrious, a friend of everyone. MARIE MORAN . . . Saint Kilian Smoke Gets in Your Eyes President, Sophomore Class: Student Council, Secretary: Student Council Bureau Head: Latin l,2,3: Modeling 4: Service Bureau l,2,3: Civic l,2,3: A.A.A. Representative l: Chem- istry Club 3: Homeroom Teams 1,2,3,4: Representative Assembly 3,4. .. ."Wig," Winsome smile, a model of graciousness, a true leader. RITA MORLEY . . . Saint Laurence They Didn't Believe Me Civic Bureau 3,4: Sewing 3: Modeling 3: Volleyball 3,4: Captain Ball 3,4: Loretto High School 1,2: Latin Club l,2: Red Cross l: Sodality 1,2,3,4: E.O.L. 2. .. .Vivacious, full of fun, carefree and gay. HELEN MORRIS . . . Saint Laurence Shine Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Latin 1,2,3: Drama l,2,3,4: Hostess 4: Discussion 2: Art l,2: Red Cross 2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic-Service l,2,3,4: Volleyball Team 4: Bowling 3,4: Committees: Dance l,2,3,4: Library 2: Stage Crew l,2,3. . . .Thoughtful by nature, helptul, sincere and kind. PATRICIA MURPHY . . . Saint Philip Neri Tenderly Clubs: Spanish 3: Latin 1.2: Chemistry 3: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Taquin Staff 4: Aquinas Staff 4: Dance Committee 1: Teams: Captain Ball 2,3, Volleyball l,2: Feature Writer 4. . . .Cheerfu1, sweet and lovable personality, subtle wit, helpful and kind. PHYLLIS NEARHOFF . . . Saint Carthage You're My Everything Honor Roll l,2,3,4: Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Drama l,2,3,4: Chemistry 3: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Bowling 3,4: Concert 2,3,4: Orchestra 3,4: Choral 1,2: Operetta 1: A.A.A. Letter: Chevron: Play 4. . . .Punctual, and a symphony of cooperation: athletic and artistic. MARY THERESE NESSNER . . . Saint Carthage I May Be Wrong But I Think You're Wonderful Quill and Scroll: Civic and Service: Student Council Representative 3: Apostolic Vice- President 4: A.A.A. Representative 1: Homeroom Teams 1,2,4: Press Letter 3: Feature Writer 3,4: Taquin and Aquinas Staff: Dance Committees 2,3,4. .. ."Mes," frolicsome, enchanting personality, light hearted, witty, dependable. CATHERINE NORTON . . . Saint Brendans A Pretty Girl is Like A Melody Clubs: Latin 1,2: Volleyball Team l,2,3,4: Captain Ball Team 1,2,3,4: Ping Pong 1,2: Bowling 1: Civic Bureau 1: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Style Show 3.4: Service Bureau 1.2: Alumnae Style Show Model 4. .. .Sprightly charm, fascinating smile, warmth of heart, a perfect model. ELEANOR O'BRlEN . . . Saint Kilian Beyond The Blue Horizon Honor Society, Honor Student, Merit Award 3,4, Student Council Treasurer: Clubs: Hostess 4, Discussion 2, Debate 3, Math 3, Spanish 3, Latin 1,2,3, Representative Assembly 2,3: Lost and Found 3, Teams 1,2,3,4, Civic, Service, Library Bureaus. .. ."El," always able, understanding, cheerfully cooperative, clever wit. IOAN O'BRIEN . . . Our Lady of Peace That Certain Party Sodality: Literature l, Apostolic 4: Clubs: Drama 2,3, Chemistry 3, Latin l, Spanish 3: Captain Ball Team l,2: Style Show 4, Modeling 4, Spring Concert 2, Dance Committees 1.2, Civic Bureau 2,3,4. . . ."O'B," lively personality, grand sense of humor, unaffected, true blue. Page 91 ROSEMARY O'BRIEN . . . Saint Laurence Rosemary St. Felicitas 1: Honor Roll: Choral: Aquinas: Latin Honor Society 2,3: Clubs: Menuette 3: gmior Classical League 2,3: Civic Bureau 3: Choral 2: Perfect Punctuality l,2,3,4: Spring oncert 2. . . ."Rosie." sweet and friendly, revered, smiling Irish eyes. CATHERINE O'CAI.LAHAN . . . Saint I-'glicitas Happy Go Lucky Honor Roll 3,4: Pertect Attendance 3: Clubs: Hostess, Latin, Math 3: Secretary of Sodality: Typing 3,4: Bureaus: Service 3, Civic 3,4: Saint Felicitas: Highest Honors 1,2: Perfect Attendance 2: Honor Roll 1,2: Honor Student. . . .Sparkling wit: true friend,' always a helping hand: a scholar. FRANCES O'DONNELL . . . Saint Philip Neri Mam'selle Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Math: Latin: Art: Chemistry: Press: Quill and Scroll: Homeroom Chairman 3: Bureaus: Civic 1,2,3,4: Service 1,2: Homeroom Teams: Captain Ball 1, Volley- ball 2,3: Press Club Officer 3: Feature Writer 3. . . ."Frani," Irish eyes and wit: full of fun and laughter, lovable, dependable. GERALDINE O'KEEFE . . . Saint Laurence Dancing in the Dark Honor Society 4, Honor Student l,2,3,4: St. Thomas Symposium: Quill and Scroll: Latin Honor Society 3.4: Drama 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Chemistry 3: Discussion, Debate 3: l.C.L. l,2,3,4: Red Cross 3: Bureaus: Civic 3.4: Service l,2,3,4: Bowling 3: Aquinas and Taquin Staff 4: Dance Committee. . . .Talentecl, sweet, capable and a friendly gal. DENlCE OLENICK . . . Saint Ailbe Kitten on the Keys Merit Award 4: Stage Crew 3.4: Versity 4: Lost and Found 4: Catholic Action 4: Clubs: Spanish and Chemistry 3: Hostess 4: l.C.L. 2: Bowling 4: Captain and Volleyball l,2,4: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Scholarship 1,2,3,4: Spring Concert 1,2,3,4: Ping Pong 2. .. ."Denny," always willing to help, sincere, fun to be with, musical talent. IOY PATTERSON . . . Saint Columbanus Here Comes Heaven Honor Roll l,2: Choral Chairman 1: Clubs: Hostess 3: Latin l,2: Spanish 3: Chemistry 4: Red Cross 2,3: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Captain-Volleyball Teams l,2,3,4: Bowling 4: Spring Concert 2,3: Operetta 1. . . .Athletic, full of pep, bubbling with fun, pal to all. PATRICIA PATTERSON . . . Saint Philip Neri Baby Face Honor Student, Latin Honor Society, Homeroom Chairman 3, Drama 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Spanish 3, lr. Classical League 1,2, Chemistry, Red Cross 1,2,3,4, Typing 4: Lawyer 3, Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Library Committee 1.2. .. ."Trish," scholarly, serene, having charm and poise, demure, qentle but gay. DOROTHY PETRITIS . . . Saint Laurence As Time Goes By Honor Student Honor Roll 1,3,4, Quill and Scroll, Latin Honor Society 3, Library Committee 1,2, Choral 1,2, Service Bureau 3, Ping Pong 3, Press Letter 3, Feature Writer 3,4, Taquin and Aquinas Staff 4, Dance Committee l,2,3,4. . . ."Dot," alert, friendly, ever smiling, natural poise, good natured. MARY ELIZABETH PICARD . . . Saint Philip Neri A Little Bit of Heaven Honor Roll 4, Quill and Scroll: Clubs: Latin 1,2, Spanish 3, Biology 2, Chemistry 3, Knitting 1: Feature Writer, Press Letter, Aquinas Staff, Taquin Stat-t: Typing 4. . . ."Betsy," warmth of heart, angelic personality, sparkling yet sweet, sincere. PATRICIA PLUMSTEAD . . . Saint Kilian l'll Be Seeing You National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Merit Award S, Page Editor 3,4, Taquin Staff, Press Letter 3, Catholic Action Homeroom Chairman 4, Latin Club Treasurer, Spring Con- cert, Honor Student, Clubs: Debate 2,3,4, Choral 2,3,4, Latin 2,3,4, Drama 1,2,3,4, Spanish 3, Library Committee 1,2. . . ."Pat," dramatic talent, generous, thoughtful, sweet, scholarly, amiable. ANN PONTRICH . . . Holy Cross l'll See You in My Dreams Honor Roll 1: Civic Bureau l,2: Clubs: Red Cross 2, Latin l,2: Sodality Secretary 1: Captain Ball 2.4: Volleyball 2,4: Style Show 2: Dance Committee 2.3: Typing 3,4: Choral 1.2: Piano Recitalist 1. . . .Soft spoken, gracious, a friend indeed, fun loving, sincere. MARVEL PROPER . . . Saint Philip Neri Slender, Tender, and Tall Clubs: Red Cross l,2,3,4, Latin 2, Art 1,2: Bureaus: Civic 1,2,3,4, Service 1,2,3,4: Repre- sentative Assembly 1,Z: Library Committee 1: Apostolic Committee 3: Homeroom Chair- man 2: Volley, Captain Ball Teams 2,3: Style Show 4: Modeling 4. . . ."Mimi," fun loving and good natured, gracious, sedate, willing to please. Page 92 PATRICIA REILLY . . . Saint Xavier Academy I'll Remember You Honor Student l,Z,3,4: Perfect Attendance 2,4: Clubs: Drama President: Spanish, Latin, Chemistry: Sodality Representative 2: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: A.A.A. Representative 3: Dance Committees Z,3,4: Civic Bureau 3,4. . . .Good natured, without a care, dramatic ability, pleasing. MARY REYNOLDS . . . Saint Laurence T'was Only An Irishman's Dream Quill and Scroll: Merit Award 3: Discussion Club 2: Student Council: Iudge, Clerk, Lawyer, Representative Assembly, 3: Bureaus: Civic 1,2,3,4: Service 2,3: E.O.L. Chairman 3: Homeroom Team l,Z,3,4: Cheerleader 3,4: Staff Aquinas. . .."lrish," bright eyes and wit, bubbling with personality. PATRICIA RINGLEY . . . Our Lady ot Peace Ain't She Sweet? Latin Honor Society l: Clubs: Drama 3,4, Spanish 3, Latin l,2, Chemistry 3: Red Cross Chairman l: Lawyer 2,3,4: Bureaus: Service l, Civic l,2,3,4: Captain Ball Team l: Style Show 4: Piano Recital Award l: Honor Student l. ..."Pat," dependable, friendly, warm smile, infectious laugh, sweet, talented. MARIAN RYAN . . . Our Lady ot Peace lust Imagine Merit Award 3,4: Secretary A.A.A. 3: President Hostess Club 4: Varsity Captain 4: Home- room Chairman 4: Varsity 2,3,4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Letter Award 3: Clubs: Drama 1: Spanish 3,4: Latin l,2: Chemistry 3: Hostess 3,4: Civic and Service 1,2,3,4. . . .Thoughtful, dependable and lover ot sports, full of school spirit, versatile. MARIGENE RYAN . . . Saint Kilian F or Sentimental Reasons Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Chemistry, Library 3,4: Red Cross 3,4: Dance Committee 3: Spring Concert 2: Choral 2: Saint Paul's: Clubs: Drama, Library Committee 2: Choral: Chee' leader 2. . . .Amiable, quiet, calm, collected: blue eyes, a charm ot her own. PATRICIA RYAN . . . Saint Laurence There's No Other You N. H. S.: Perfect Attendance l: Class Officer 3: Clubs: Math 3: Latin l,Z,3,4: Chemistry 3: Bureaus: Civic and Service 2,3: Library 1: Sodality: Officer 4: Apostolic Chairman 2: Catholic Action Chairman 3: Homeroom Team Captain 2. . . ."Bessie," a leader to be, yet full of fun and lancy free. DOROTHY SCHAFI-'ER . . . Saint Francis de Paula Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? Clubs: Math 4: Latin l,2: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau 2,3,4: Bowling 4: Ping Pong 4: Volleyball 1: Choral l,2: Spring Concert 2: Typing Certificate 3: Literature Chair- man 1: Dance Committees 2,3,4. . . ."Schaf," real friendly, good sport, laughing blond curls. PATRICIA SCHERMAN . . . Saint Laurence Maybe You'll Be There Honor Roll l: Perfect Attendance l,3: Clubs: Latin l,2, Chemistry 3: Student Council Bureaus: Civic 3,4: Service 3,4: Sodality: Apostolic 4: Choral l,2: Concert l,2: Dance Committees 1,2. . . ."Pat," always nice: a hard worker: full of fun: nice to know. PATRICIA SCHILLING . . . Saint Dorothy. Saint Felicitas Patsy Clubs: Drama 4: Math l,2: Latinl,Z: Student Council: Civic Bureau 3,4: Service 3,4: A.A.A. Captain Ball 3,4: Bowling 3,4: Ping Pong 4: Dance Committees 3,4: Style Show 4. ...Always a lilting laugh: grand to know: and friendly. MARYLEN SCI-IOLL . . . Saint Rita Always Quill and Scroll: Honor Roll 4: Clubs: Latin l,2: Chemistry 4: Bureaus: Civic 3,4: Com- mittees: Library 2,3: Literature Chairman 3,4: Choral l,Z,3,4: Press Letter: Taquin: Aquinas Staff 3,4: Homeroom Teams l,2,3: Spring Concert l,2,3,4. . . .Sincere in every action, brown eyes, ever smiling, a note of cheer. IOAN SCHUBERT . . . Saint Kilian Near You Honor Roll l,2: Quill and Scroll 4: Clubs: Discussion 2, Math 3, Latin l,2, Art l,2: Civic and Service Bureaus l,2,3: Feature Writer, Press Letter, Taquin and Aquinas Staffs 3,4: Busi- ness Manager and Bookkeeper. . . .Vivacious, gay, spirited, always cr sport, poised, sincere. DIANE SHEPHERD . . . Saint Philip Neri Are You For Real? Honor Society: Quill ond Scroll: Latin Honor Society: Clubs. Hostess 4, Math 3, Spanish 3, Latin l,2, Chemistry 4: Student Council: Civic l,2,3,4, Service l,2: Sodality: Com- mittee Chairman Catholic Action 4: Catholic Action Committee 2,3: A.A.A. Homeroom Teams: -Press: Taguin and Aquinas Staff. . . ."Di," dark flashing eyes, good fellow, model ot grace and poise, gifted. Page 93 BARBARA SHORT . . . Ruqgles My Fair Lady Honor Roll 2,3: Class Officer 1: Clubs: Latin 1.2: Math 3, Chemistry 4, Red Cross 2: Student Council: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Service 1: Representative Assembly 3,4: A.A.A.: Homeroom Team 1,22 Aquinas Staff. .. ."Barb," so beautiful, serious humor, popular, poised and shy. CAROL SINK . . . Saint Columbanus Don't Ever Change National Honor Society 3,4: Student Council 4: Court Officer 3,4: Honor Student: Latin Honor Society Merit Award 3,-4: Clubs: Latin 4 yrs., Math-Chemistry-Debate 3: Hostess 4: Discussion 2: Book Store: Stage Crew: Bureaus: Civic 4 yrs: Service 3. . . .Sweet: and helpful: always a laugh: and a friend to all, mathematical mind. MARY ELIZABETH SLATTERY . . . Saint Columbanus You Were Meant For Me Honor Roll l,Z: Latin Honor Society 1.2: Perfect Attendance 1,2: Civic and Service 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Discussion 2: l.C.L. 1,2: Chemistry 3: E.O.L. 1,2,3: Dance Committee 1,2,3: Choral 1,2: Concert 2: Volleyball Team 1. . . ."Slats," witty, tun-loving, tull of lite and always cz good sport: vivacious. DIANE STOLL . . . Paul Revere With cr Song in My Heart Honor Student l,2,3,4: Clubs: Latin l,2,3,4: Physics 4, Chemistry 3, Math 1,Z: Spring Con- cert 1,2: Style Show 3, Choral l,2: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4, ...Quiet and sincere, nice to know and have as a friend, dutiful. PATRICIA SUGRUE . . . Saint Philip Neri How Sweet Can You Be Honor Roll l,4: Clubs: Drama 1,2: Knitting 1: Spanish 3: I. C. L. Bureaus: Civic 1,Z,3,4: Service 1,2,3: Representative Assembly 1: Lost and Found: Ping Pong Tournament 1,27 Spring Concert Z: Style Show 4: Choral l,Z. . . .Poised and self-assured, friendly to everyone, dramatic talent. MARGARET SULLIVAN . . . Saint Philip Neri Stars in Your Eyes National Honor Society 3,4: Student Council President 4: Publicity Head 3: Homeroom Chairman l,2: Homeroom Teams l,2,3,4: Executive Council 4, Merit Award: Hostess Club 4: Bureaus: Civic, Service, Publicity 1,2,3,4. . . ."Sully," leader with all, sweet, sincere, and gentle, sparkling personality. LORRAINE VINCI . . . Saint Carthage Long Ago and Far Away Latin Honor Society 1,3: Perfect Attendance 3: Spanish Club 3: Iunior Classical League 2,3,4: Latin Auxilium Award 2,3: Service Bureau 3,4: Civic Bureau l,4: Concert 2,3: Choral 1,2,3: Lost and Found 4. . . .Cooperative, agreeable, sweet shyness, with a heart of pure gold. DOLORES WAGNER . . . Saint Laurence One Rose Clubs: Drama 2: Eucharistic Our Lady Chairman 1: Library Committee 3: Red Cross Committee 3.4: Spring Concert l,Z,3: Choral 1,2,3: Typing 3: Clothing 3,4. . . .Quiet, sober, sedate, a smile that captivates all: shy and sweet. NORMA WAGNER . . . Saint Felicitas . Till The End of Time Quill and Scroll: Perfect Attendance: Club: Drama, Hostess, Math, Chemistry, Physics: A.A.A. Representative: Homeroom Teams, Track Meet, All-Star Teams, Letter, Bowling: Aquinas, Taquin Start: Red Cross Oliicer: Honor Student: Style Show. . , .Willing hand, sweet to all, athletic, obliging: a grand girl. RITA WALL . . . Our Lady oi Peace The Very Thought ot You Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Latin Honor Society 1: Merit Award 2,3,4: Perfect Attend- ance 3: Class Ofticer 2: Page Editor 4: Press Letter: Taquin: Ballet 3.4: Clubs: Discussion 2, Spanish 3, l.C.L. l,2, Chemistry 3: Student Council Officer 3,4: Lawyer 3,4: Civic- Service Leader. ..."Miss Helpful," bubbling with personality: always a sport, hard to beat. NORMA WANTUCH . . . Saint Felicitas You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby Honor Student l,2,3,4: Quill and Scroll 4: Homeroom Chairman 2,4: A.A.A. Representative 1.3: Clubs: Math, Chemistry, Latin: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Style Show 3,4: Aquinas Reporter 4: Taquin Staff. ...Dependable, clever, artistic, cr mirthtul maiden with a delightful wit. MARY ANN WENZEL . . . Saint Laurence You're So Understanding Honor Student: Honor Roll l,3,4: Quill and Scroll: Civic and Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Page Editor 3,4: Feature Writer 3,4, Press Letter 3: Taquin Staff 3,4: Aquinas Start: Clubs: Debate 3: Physics 4: Drama 3,4: Spring Concert Z,3,4. . . .Friendlyf studious: and always willing to help: a loyal friend. Page 94 in MRS. CHARLES P. MCGILL LOIS WOELKERS . . . Saint Frances de Paula Dark Eyes National Honor Society 4: Honor Student 1,2,3,4: Student Council Civic Bureau Head 4: Clubs: Math 3: Physics 4: President Representative Assembly 2: Civic l,2,3,4: Service 1,2,3,4: Student Response 4: Apostolic Committee 1: Dance Committee. . . .Kind: sweet and liked by all: a good civic bureau head. IEAN WOLI-'E . . . Our Lady of Peace Blue Moon Debate Club 1: Red Cross President 4: Art 1,2: Lawyer 1: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Style Show 3: Dance Committees l,2,3,4: Ping Pong 1,2: Captain Ball Team 1: Volleyball Team 1. . . .Full ot fun: and a winning smile, poised, a sophisticated lady. BITA WR!-INN . . . Our Lady ot Peace My Pet Brunette National Honor Society: Honor Student: Merit Award: Social Chairman 2: A.A.A. Repre- sentative l,2: Treasurer 3: President 4: Varsity 2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic: Service: Clubs: Hostess, Math, Latin, Chemistry, Letter Award: Homeroom Teams: Executive Council. . ..Quiet and cute, teminenly athletic, matchless poise and personality. IANET ZAHRINGER . . . Saint Laurence My Brown Haired Maiden Honor Student l,Z,3,4: Latin Honor Society l,2,3: Clubs: Drama l,2,3,4: Discussion 2: Latin l,2,3: Chemistry 3: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Sodality: Literature Committee 3,4: A.A.A. Bowling 3,4: Library Committee 3,4. . . .Sparkling and gracious yet sott spoken: nice to say you know. NANCY IVERS . . . Saint Carthage Ain't She Sweet? National Honor Society: Honor Student: Latin Honor Society: Latin Award: Merit Awards: Clubs: Latin, Math, Chemistry, Sodality Representative, Civic-Service Bureaus: Home- room Chairman 3: Book Store Mgr., Homeroom Team l,2,3: Choral. . . .Thouqhtful, ingenious, radiant. Nancy lvers entered the Dominican Novitiate at Adrian, Michigan, in Iune 1949 and is now Sister Mary lacinta, O.P. rielwb fo fhe gina! When we think of thee, dear friend. Faithful to us to the end, Know that you'll be in our heart And from our memory ne'er depart. May the Giver of all gifts, BLESS. May the Rewarder of all good, BESTOW, May the joys of friendship, LIGHTEN Your pathway here below. . . THE 185 SENIORS or THE CLASS or 1950. mofkerd, Ofhcerd RT. REV. GEORGE A. PARKER, D.D. - President ............................. REV . EDWARD M. BARRON REV. JOSEPH P. HEDDERMAN REV. WALTER SHERIDAN REV. JAMES NAUGHTON MIS S MARGARET GREENFIELD MRS. M. V. BENNE MISS ESTHER BERGMAN MISS ANNA HENRY MRS. EVELYN LONSDALE MRS. ELLA ROLFF MRS. NoRA NoLAN MR. ALOYS LEICK Senior Vice President ..... Iunior Vice President ...... Sophomore Vice President. . . . .......... MRS. LEO SHAW Freshman Vice President .... . . . Alumnae Vice President. . . .fdfumnae Ofhcerri President ............... Vice President ............ Secretary-Vice President. . . Corresponding Secretary. . . Treasurer ............... Page 95 MRS. WILLIAM I. BAADER .MRS. FRANCES BREDEKEN . . .MRs. IOHN McMAIIoN .MRs. HARRY DELAPLANE . . .MARY MARGARET KILL .. . .MARY IANE MINER . . . . .PATRICIA PURCELL ..........MARY BEYERS . .MARGARET GREENFIELD 1 A A ,..'f3n,i,.. S.. 1. -on, 3 13.11 W. .H dun. WFAEP IOAN HOISS ELEANOR PHILPOTT MARGARET OTT MARY GIBBONS LETITIA MURPHY President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Social Chairman f l 8 QCUWL 0 f 8 Uellllig dl' . . . 2l'lLOI'6 D4 A A 6' - 5? ' . I Y , W,-Q ,XX R Ilgb gfk N 44-'fg' " f' . f rm NIGHT LETTER SENIOR ff!!! fx XL,!. L , if J X 'rl CAQO15 NL PD CHICAGO ILL 4 1950 S I, . fn -A A I XXX ! fjjcj tie? DEAR MOM ,f I 1 K f,ZgHq H OUR GLORIOUS DAY HAS ENDED WITH THE f X fl IW fjqf CARDINAL OEFICIATING AT OUR COMMENCEMENT ff ,f f If STOP WE ARE NOW THE EVENING STARS IN THE ff' ff I , I AQUINAS SKY QQP OUR BARN DANCE STARTED OFF THE YEAR WITH A BANG BACKED UP BY THE HOMECOMING, CH ISTMAS DANCE, AND CLIMAXED BY THE PROM AT OLYMPIA FIELDS STOP LEARNED HOW T0 PLAN A SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY MARRIAGE AND KEEP IT THAT WAY AIDED BY RELIGION, HOME MANAGEMENT AND ,' ff ,, ff fl X f f ff AUX SEWING CLASSES S393 A --'QT'W"::L K NOW THAT THEY'RE OVER I SEE WHY HIGH ,Jw TXS7 SCHOOL DAYS ARE CALLED THE HAPPIEST DAYS , W I IN A GIRL'S LIFE 393 X XX Af , YOUR GIRL GRADUATE GXXX I Aff! JOAN QHOISSJ x Tk! f S ,X f Qi!! U W X 2 D4 J Z K AI- JJ 6' ,df f . . - l'l eg U18 Uel' ef. Page 96 X 4 . 1 X 4 . 1 I -. I 4 1 : as ' v w 1 ..,- F ' ", -Zse5W.E.5ill.-'LJ " -1- '- 44- . --Je' W U- ' V ' ' . 'T"l .N -I 'WW " - - A . f'xk"x"' .1 ' -'-"S."fI".f 3.'l'."f1'l?-W. vi ,, I-',,'lLT-btSi.31ff5' .dlY"':!'x '7?A7'5i2LM4vlci4-lifQ'M!. ' ZUIKUIII IPIIIIIIHPZ.

Suggestions in the Aquinas Dominican High School - Taquin Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Aquinas Dominican High School - Taquin Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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1950, pg 35

Aquinas Dominican High School - Taquin Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 104

1950, pg 104

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