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e ',"'? "IT...f'a1-'. ., -f-'. - 31 5' V " ' -6'4"-v '- 2-4.1 ' se. .g. ,1 if - :lf . 9 ,T-ici: 'K' .5 ff. x 3, 1 , ,h y - - 7 7 aw 'lc 4 X .1 I - rf, 4 , Golden leaves are fallmg . . 5 L' ,, 1 i School begins .R . . - I . 1 .! , SEPTEMBER ffz ., .. i The year unfoldS,like a budding flower. A , ' Registration day, the longed-for hour. ' 4, I a , ' ' I D I The fun, theworlg, the Joys, the tears W M - I ' V ' A e I ' All lay ahead in memorable years. -A ff , , ' ' . I 50h Mother, guide us, Mary sweet, ,f - ' 'Keep us with You, we entreat. ' Q7 , j ' The young, the eager, earnestly seelcing y fi? Q Life and knowledge, experience worth X 3 keeping. I, ' D ' ln ' , l' ' ' L Jewell Baechtold , S. s l . ..... ' II . 1 ,, E I 7 ' I ag , Q Vw A I l N . 3 ' . 45 Q A x UW , I V. .1 1: v A 3 ,L fe l 2.1 4521. ' af- ,rf 1-:ge . U. ,ly ' --lu ' f 1 ' ra .I vw 1 ' ' U ' ff -f f--ff - 'j' ft':'1--,:j'-,??vj,:f:.j,' '.f.'5..fjf:j,:jf::g,.y1r:".' 'f 1, J Q1 WM Sgyfyfffyfywggm JV S X I mx 7? Q L .xg Ax fo s.- 'A ,AX X3 M01 XJ S N-is xi xx OR A X Ax xx ,Q E? N. 1 I 1. .. vi -, x ' X v K sd K . O .Rb nh' C A X. - x 5, ,K f J 3 K 2-1,907 v f -L il J A., : X ' k I my X ,Iwi f ff I' h .,., . .Hji., : l zyykg D ' il :Q 1 . N ' in 'DX A x ff If X , 1' ll its-gases 'li' I' I S A GOLDEN ROSE . . . a golden moment . . Q sig- nificant ot humanitarian achievement. The Vicar of Christ's Church annually bestows this symbol on a deserving sovereign. This some emblem . . . the GOLDEN ROSE . . . hav- ing retained its golden ideals, is presented to the Class of '49 by the Faculty of AQUINAS DOMINICAN HIGH . . . MARY KEENAN 7949 l9uLA5Aecl Ly .7Ae Senior yournahdb of .xgcjuinaa Eominican 3400! 6Air:ago. cgfgnoia I 94 9 K Q , S2 my T I Xa fa W by 9 :SWS 4 Wikis S -' x, W K M ,,. g pi' im " Tw at 0 7 , Nfl ffm . .fy ' L Q X I A ,xv 'V K Q al A WL? 1 lg, V J xiffxi E Q f Wim' ? ,Q , Wai H- A N , ,y x 92:3 W3 , ills: Ik ,gf , .V CN' f as y A V W f ' ' 2 'MN f ,, X Q V 'Q f L jimi 4 'wi Q M ,iii 'MY 1 I I ,,,w,WMnW"k'dMWWE , 74 ,g-wwf -2' ' M-4'-'W fi fm f .e: : W . MW V N ,asus Y i : 41 . . i gi QI? I Ei W W" ' 2 5' -,-..-. 5 xg be , , 3 , ,uf Q I 7 K Q N :I ul Q , A x k i f 2 4 wg H 1 K , Z 1 2 ' 4 uf 2 awp ' 5 'Vs fx " 2 A Vg 3 fl k .9 gif? .gk ff 5 . w I K f if 7 N' 'N .ff 4 1 'Q L f V J. 5 rv- fn X 4 J , ,Ei W " , -5- If r 5 w ..,, V gf 4 A f '4 at QW I -f 1 ' 1- H -ff-1'-'1' 74 ': - Y f f...' gofflen in wmiine of our Laffy pull. . . . Qofflm Kuff of 1 nnof ence am! Kuff of :MA Confenb Jn .mf Amt we femmlef fAem . aff .Le aloue Q..f.!e,. ,1.,,, .,f,.,,.f4 amz Am. Em, ibn, . . . . ,,,. I2 JJ.,.,, .W zL..,4e,4 WMA ,. mf, lla! A,..1,.., mn, Quia lbw, ,,,, pg, 58 ,fooling LMA fo mm..f,l Km we wffflnow La, ,..,fAz,., maze, Mm, if, 4,g,z,.,um., f9a,.fg,,9 lay, , , , Pg, 88 QOIJOII Jayi WAC!! W2 1172 y0ll.Il.9'g0fJ2ll. Ly! we sw ' 4 ' 2-H V- 2 ' .K M 4, A .41 axm , 5 "r ' 4 W.. , 2 af- ' , s -s 4' K4 S +. Y . SA 2 sg? 5395 31 " wa, Y. 1, .:.':.: f 3 Q, LA Q, 1 Y.. if wg fs ,J ,gel X sl 1 +2 Q 7 A ., L f ' x fi .N V192 .uw 4 vw my Af Sqlzmg. ,G ew f 1 ' ,,.A I 1 5 22,55 iz- I 1. V..-. Rvs. 5 Q gfw ' Q2 w w , 3 My 5' Ag ' 2 ' 5 , ' s X aw ,5 E f .wwf fs' - - S wg f z, U ' ' 7 1 iv' W fi ii 2, if ., ':,lL . E .. 75 f av ff 5 if 41 1' Q Q55 ,w,, ,M 'af -I 7'3'L 151 ,ff 1 ff X E, ix lm ' . Haig: 'haf' Sal r x .f -u .,,p'1"A' ,S Q WR! -Ji ,gf ,Z ,Zi i ii 2 gf. ., -I O Ag i Q REQ ., , 4 ff, is is " -. -v A x ' , ' L W if 4 3- fAAQ- :'A -'Q-A1-A Wfff . ,S ,. if Q if S ' 2 M Q M5 C " 2 ffgfi , A 'f rig 5: Mg, K: "L A ,S 1 1 : 3' 1 ' Q- ig 7' 'Q a , , , ,,Z,,,,, A fa 1 A X 2 W 3 jf! gg, 4 .Af L. A '5 3, f E 2. aw ' A' 'is f R M 51 4? Yx 1 5 EMM 5 ,Y , , Th X 12' vig : gk - , A .F . U 4 ., D Q 44 I A if X :. ....,, 3 K aww ,n w 1 gb X, f n any . X , W 2 is A x Q " was 4 df, " ' --'Wf ' g 725- mf' if , A 145, . . ' ' W m.,gf?mf.:M V 5 1 'W 'WT73Q".S 'Y --'-' .,.,,, L. . ff 1 is I ,Vg x , f , ,gn , 1. , ,X 3 'aw K .www " '-" 4 , gn, 1 Q f ,3.,, 7'i""5MT , 7 WM. N1 .. " , . ,mm ' i f ' W, nw zo-W Armistice Day . . . the land of the brave . . . the land ot the tree. Valentine Day . . . Hearts and Flowers . . . Cupid . . . Lace and Love . . . 'Roses are red, Violets are blue . . . Sugar is sweet and so are you.' Saint Patrick's Day.. .the wearing ot the green. . . luck ot the Irish . .. Shamrocks . . . the Blarney Stone . . . gay colleens.- Mary Alice O'Connell R. rwgiy gow, :ZW alalog .yogdayd Halloween . . . masks, tricks or treat . . . Witches and Goblins. Election Day . . . de- bates . . . Americanism . . . conscientious vot- ing. Thanksgiving day ...turkey and dressing . . . family reunion . . . Friendship, the perfect blendship . . . Prayer . . . Thanks be to God. Q nn f 5515 553 fifsiikxiw 1' , ,X X i,f-FS' 5 flail , fam f ,ft ' 9 gf'-ir' 'Q wa Q -f gfeatel' L jkalfl Palflllig 6L raining IAQ mnclo ufA, SAINT THOMAS AQuiNAs REVEREND JOSEPH HEDDERMAN, Chaplain SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER ANN TERENCE, O.P., Principal MARY EILEEN, O.P., Assisfanf Principal AGNES RITA, O.P. MARY ALBAN, O.P. MARY ALICIA, O.P. MARY CECILIA, O.P. CLARE JOSEPH, O.P. MARY COLOMBIERE, O.P. MARY de RICCI, O.P. MARY DEVOTA, O.P. DOLORES MARIE, O.P. ELIZABETH ANN, O.P. FRANCIS CLARE, O.P. FRANCIS GERALD, O.P. FRANCIS PAUL, O.P. FRANCIS WILLIAM, O.P. HELEN FRANCIS, O.P. MARY IMELDA, O.P. JANE ELLEN, O.P. MARY LAURENTINE, O.P. LEO CLARE, O.P. MARY LUCRETIA, O.P. MARY MAJELLA, O.P. MARIE BRIDE, O.P. SISTER ROSE FRANCIS, O.P. MRS. B. V. BENNE MISS ESTHER BERGMAN MRS. LOUISE D. FRENCH MISS MARGARET GREENFIELD, Office Secreiary 30 jdoae SPV? gfefnltg jLl'0ll,g.L guidance of .9f ouf rafzfu e Page 11 UHF? ay . . She leparfmenia The Golden Days shine forth as EVERY DAY becomes tinged with a golden glow. School begins and the typical Aquinite files to her desk, opens her book and becomes emerged in the throbbing routine of the day. Routine is Rhythm, and with a rhythmic beat each of the eight periods of the day pulsate into new fields of learning. Religion for spiritual devel- opment, Language for memory, Mathematics for precision, History for appreciation of America's heritage and all to make life here happier and fuller . . . to eventuate toward a greater happiness in Heaven. - Mariclare Doody Page 12 xl' W , 4 MH. ' ff v- -41 W M'V":- 'lu , Q , . , , FEV ' M551 NN 1 ' ' . f ' 44. .fp15Qv ,L 4. :wif ., Y 4 I f ,- Z " j.,L...m.1-: ' ' VT ,, A , V. ,mu LM E xi ,E M f 3 . ., 'Xb "' ' A, :WN- 1 www was-i ' . w"K"' 2 Qui in - friu' 9 ln? ' Qglll U19 we ylfllfll0l" WACQP5 Suze IJUNN14: . . . Pr1'.s'ic1z'nt ..., Always livvly ...A f Xlwnys guy . . . A frivncl truce lmluc- . , . lin-r ll lu-lping llilllil from Suv. NIMH' Cllmsoxs . . . lfilfl' Pr'v.s'i1lf'nf . . . lncliistrious . . . Artistic . . . Czlpzlblc' . . . Clc-vc-r . . . Always to plm-use-, slw will c-nclcavor. FIi,AiNif: Bmw its . . . Social fllllliflllllll Ambitio 7 . . . . us . . . X ivacimis . . . Athletic . . . Curvfrvv . . . Vitality that all can sc-v. l'A'i'mc:lA RYAN . . . Sm'r'vfr11'y . . . Swvvt . . . l,.m'c-ly . . . Charitulmlv . . . Hifi-- civncy Pcwsoiiifivcl . . . Always ll fi-if-ml in wllom to cmificlc. XJICIIONICA KANIICNVSKI . . . 'l'r1'r1.sur'r'r . . . Vigorous . . . Humorous . . . Inclus- trinus . . . Nlaclv to lc-url .... -X girl wlicfll succvc-cl. Pagm- 14 . . Rose SfI'2lllCll we Cfazki 0 mnefeen ji fy Bow I Ahern, Patg Allas, Maryg Austin, jean. Row II Austin, -loang B ' 1- ' k , , Sally. aader. Therese., Ba er Row III Basil.Doloresg ' ' ' - "l Slam Basil, Ixathleen, Btlhl . 'y. Row IV Beverly, Patriciag Biety, Patriciag Bloch. Grace Row V Bourke, Nlaryg Bourke. Patriciag Brandl, Aim. Row VI Brehm, Rosemaryg Bridges,Patriciag Brogan. Nita. Dear Diary, At lastl It happened-an upper classman. My sighs of relief were short lived though. Introduced throagh a rigid schedule to shorthand, typing, ad- vanced math and chemistry was pretty disheartening at Iirst. However, partici- pation in the annual Homecoming held at the Edgewater Beach Hotel made up for all of this. I'll always remember and bless the "Freshie', who mistook me for a Senior. just think, I almost made the Varsity, but then, everybody eouldn't be chosen. The junior-Senior Banquet at the Del Prado was rather sad even though it did remind me that soon I would be a Senior. But the crowning glory came with the junior-Senior Prom- at the beautiful Medinah Country Club. with dancing to the musical strains ot Bob Bheule on the open air dance floor. Ah! Memories. memories all. 'Till we met again. Sue lllmmel Page 15 uniorzi . . . Bow I Buckley. lJOI'0fl1yg Buckley. Xlary, Byrne. Anna Mae: Byrnes. Elaine, Campbell, Nanette, Cantlin. Mary Alyce, Capalby, Phyllis, Chenowetli. Carol, Cinelli. Gloria, Coffey. Marilyn, Connell. Patricia. llow II Connolly, Irene, Coughlin, Helen, C1'a1nsie. Mary, Cronin, Connie, Cullinan. Mary P., Davis, Barbara: Delisi, Antoinette, Dennehy, Veronica, Denny, joan, Dickson. Marilyn, Donovan. Diane. Bow III Downing, Nlary, Doyle, llUS6lll21l'lC1 Drea, Doris, Dun- more, Doris, Dunn, Marie, Dunne, Sue, Dwyer. Mary, Egner, Carolyn, Egner, Marolyn, English, Mary, E11- nen, janet. Bow IV Ernst, Nlargorie, Enbanks, Nlargaret, Fisher, joan: Flanagan, Doris, Fletcher, Florence, Flood, Eileen, Flood, Patricia, Flynn, Kathleen, Foley, Alice, Forcl, Ann, Frantz. Nlargaret. Bow Y Ito Bo Ho lll . I '1 ll 'es, 'z 1 er. e en, 'ayri oyic 1, Q oriz g Fr111Ir11c C,1ll1fl1 Ill C, l l Cl 1 Gibbons, Mary, Gilmore, llettie, Clnsack. Nancy, Co- z. . '. z '1 e, 1 ' . 1 11, Irace, cs, nnz, ri ll . l1Q7ewsk1 EI111 Crue -01 C lim 1 1 C If I Sylvia, Guy, Frances. w V I Hanley. cl2ltllCl'lllC, llenclrick, lxlklffllilg Ilenry, Nlary Lon, Henry. Mary, Herringer, Claricez Hoene, Patri- cia, Hogan, Patricia, Hoiss, j02lllL Iionle. Xlary, Ho- XV0l'tll. Elizabetlig Ilylancl. Patricia. W VII Ivers, Nancy, jack. joyce, johnson, Kay, joslyn. Nancie, Kaniewski, Veronica, Kapple. jellllg Kanlu. Mary, Kay. Nlarcella, Keating. Hannah, Kelly. Mary: Kelly. llosernary. yy VIII Kelty. -jC'lI.llllC1 Kennecly. Ellen, Kennelly. Alice, Ken- zinger. Nlargaret, Knapp. Ensebie, Knapp. llosemary, Knotli. Betty, Knberski. Gloria, Kwake. joan, l1ClI2llll'. Alice: IICIIIIUII. Nlarirose. Page 16 3 N "' .2 X. A fm . f I ljilfi' IS uniom . . . Howl Linclstrom. -Inclith: Loftus, Margaret, Mackey, Norineg Nlaclclen. Patriciag Nlager, Celeste, Mahoney, Nancy, Malone, Arlencg Maloney, Ceraldineg Marchese, Cath- erine, Maritotc, Doloresg Niaroney, Patricia. Now II Nlarrin, Marianne, Marshall, Nlargorieg NIcCalJv, Nlariong Mcilaffery. Patricia, McCarthy, Barharag Mc- Farland. Patriciag McGill, Alicia, McGill, Patriciag N1cGraw, jayneg NIcGuinn, Maureen, McMahon, Pa- tricia. Now III N'lCN2lll1lll'll. Dorisg NIcNnlty. Xlaryg McQnaicl, Nlaryg Xiills, Dorisg Nlolon. Brunetta, Monks, Geraldine, Nloore, Ceralclineg Moran, Bess, Moran, Florence, Horan, Marie: Nlorlcy. Rita. How ll' Nlorris, H1-lcn: Xlnrphy. Letitiag Nlnrphy, Patricia, Nearhoff. Phyllis: Nessner. Nlaryg Norton, Catherineg O,Brien. Eleanor: O'Brien, joan, O'Brien, Rose Mary, O'Callahan. Catherineg O,Donncll, Frances. llow Y U'Kcefe. Geraldine, Olcnick. Deniccg Ott, Margaret, Patterson. joy, Patterson. Patriciag Petritis, Dorothyg Picard. Betsyg Philpott, Eleanorg Plnmsteacl, Patricia, Pontrich. Ann, Proper. Marvel. How VI Reilly. Patriciag llcynolcls, Nlaryg Bingley, Patriciag Ryan, Mariang Ryan, Xlarigeneg Ryan, Patriciag Schaf- fer. Dorothyg Scherman, Patricia, Schilling. Patricia, Scholl. Maryleng Schnhert. -Ioan. Now YH Shepherd, Diane, Short. Barbara, Sink, Carol, Slattery Maryg Stock. -Ieang Stoll. Diane, Sngrue, Patricia, Sul- livan, Margaret: Vinci, Lorraine, VVagner, Dolores lVagner. Norma. llow VIII VVall, llitag XVantnch, Normag VVenzel. Mary Ann XVinans. Phyllisg VVoelkc-rs. Loisg lVolfe. jeang lVrenn Rita: Zahringer. janet. Page 19 146119 -.fdcluancing - rganizing - Sophomore La em lv,-XNCIY lflxx . . . I'r1'.s'if1r'nl . . . lIlllllSfI'lUllS . . . Lmulmlv . . . Pmrn to lvucl . . . As supllomorc pr:-sitlm-nt, slu- fills thc- nvml. NIAM' Bl41'l'l1 lDlCl,Al'l.ANlC . . . Vim' Pl'f'SifIL'l1l . . . Livcly . . . Bulmlmling pcrsmml- ity . . . llvlpful . . . XN'lu'11 xl2ll'ylS 1ll4lJlIlldtlllIlLfS am' lll'Yl'l' dull. SUZANNIQ KICHIIIS . . . Sl'l'l'!'fIll'U .... X lu-lping lmml and an lwnrt tlmt's large, lu-c-ping tlu- S0lJllOll10l'K' minutes was llc-r ClliIl'Q0. XlA1lY'l0 ly.-Xl.Y . . . TI'l'll.S'lll'l'l' .... - Xrtistic . . , Quick thinking, ...A AX L'llklllll3l0ll in ull ways . . . llc-r clc-pn-mlulmility is worthy of praisv. l'11lANK1l'IS Xlovm . , . Sofia! Clmirnmn . . . Stuclcnt . . . Liu-ly . . . fxll- rouncl utlllvtc- . . . Slu- lmulc tlw Sopllolnorv class cmnplctv. . . . .loam Yl1llOlllllS0ll Page- 20 me C4155 0 Wnefeen ne Row I Acosto, Loiranneg Allas, Nancyg Bakovieh. Bew- erl y. How II arlow. Mary Loug Bates, Betty. Bank s, jeang B hg Bourke. joyee. How III ' idreyg Biety. .Iudit Beckei. A1 How IV Bredeken, Barharag Brennan. Brady Genevieve. , Phyllis. Row Y Maureeng Bridgman. Barbarag Brooke, Bres Dorothea. nahan. Row VI Brown, Barbara- Browne, Ceraldineg Brown, Gwen. Peggy, Buechele, Kathleen, Callahan, Brunson, Rita. Dear Diary, It is with some regret that I end my Sophomore year, for this was the time that I learned the real meaning of school spirit and teamwork. Why, our class was up on top in almost all the drives! Cf course, it required real studying, especially with but one study period a week. What with the biology lab open- ing the door to new dissecting experiences. Chow I pitied that poor earthwormlj I really learned how to jam my work into twenty-four packed hours. A renewed interest in the skating parties, and the class dances, all culmi- nated a busy year. And it went so fast! But the future is bright with the thought of being an upperelassman! Be seeing you as an uppercrust, Nancy fFinnD Page 21 120 2 KSLIOAOMQOPQ5 . . . llow l Campbell, Mary, Carter, Rita, Gayauangli. Patricia Chapman. joan, Clienicek. Barbara. lion' ll Giauci. Gilda, Condon. Carol, Gonuers. Barbara, Con uers. jo Aung Cousier. Patricia, Coppe. Mariou, Cotter Loretta. lion' Ill Curran, -lean, Daly. Mary Jo, Daley. Margaret, Daly Patricia, Dauese. Bianca, Dauese, Bruua, Delaplaue Marylmetli, Dolan, Patricia, Donegan. Peggy, Douegau Margaret, Dopke, hloaune. llow D' Drew. Mary, Eck. Catherine, Eclgc, Marlene, Esposito Theresa, Faulkner. Betty, Findlay, Marv Ann, Finn s Nancy, Flook, llnie, Flynn, Barbara, Friend. Kathleen, l' ruin. Patricia, How Y Gallagher. lloseuiary. Gariepy. Marilyn, Gavigan. Di aue, Gavril. joauue, Gerrity, Patricia, Gibson. Dawn, Gibson. Loretta: Gorczyuski, Mary Ann, Graaruau, Lorraine, Grace. Alcan, Green, Kathleen. How VI Haasc. Lucy, Haase. Frances, Hannigan. Elizabeth, Harness. Mary, Heuuelly. Patricia, Higgins, Mary, Iloeper. Faith, Hogluud, Clare, Hosty, Roseauu, Hur- ley. Patricia, Ilylaucl, Dolores. llow VII Hyzy, Marlene, jauick. Anna Mae, johnson. Mary Ann, Kelcher. Rita, Kenny, Barbara, Kerris, Suzanne, Kirk, Patricia, Koller, Mary Lon, Laudsmau, jill. How VIII Larson, Mary Kay, Leck, Grace, Mary Margaret- Lce. Suzanne, MacLeod. Nancy, Maguire, Mary Fran- ces, Malloy, Virginia. Page 23 Q .SJOIQAOHQOPQ5 . . Row I Malunney, Margaret, Manion, Carol, Maroney, Helen, Maroney, Joanne, Matern, Lucille. Row II McCarthy, Mary, McCarthy, Monica, McCarthy, Pa- tricia, McKenna, Elizabeth, McKevis,Sally, McMahon, Coleen, McNamara, Patricia. Row III McNulty, Nancy, McShanc, Dolores, Meegan, Mar- garet, Mills, Mary, Mitchell, Marcella, Montroy, Mary C., Mooney, Rosanne, Moriarty, jo Ann, Morrison, Dolores, Motto, Frances, Mulligan, Kathryn. Row IV Murphy, Colette, Murphy, Patricia, Nash, Patricia, Neitzel, joan, Nolan, Mary Catherine, Nugent, Chal- ice, O,Gonnell, Dona Mae, O'Gonnell, joan, O,Connor, Kathleen, O,Malley, Loretta, Owens, joan. Row V Pagliari, Lora jean, Patheal, Darlene, Pelton, joanne, Poehl, Brigitta, Polus, Evangeline, Prendergast, Sally, Price, Lynda, Pumphrey, Phyllis, Rafferty, joyce Ann, Roche,iMargaret, Ityan, Mary Beth. Row VI Schlaeger, Grace, Schneider, Bernice, Sloan, Margaret, Smith, Lois, Spellman, Agnes, Spuehler, jeanne, Steg- maier, Anita, Stender, Marilyn, Stevens, Ioan, Stofko. Geraldine, Struett, Sara jane. Row VII Sullivan, Maureen, Sullivan, Patricia, Swanson, joan, Swanson, Nancy, Tadrowski, Marlene, Teufel, Gloria, Thulis, Joanne, Trauscht, Elaine, Walsh, Patricia. Plow VIII Walter, Gayle, Ward, Frances, Watson, Mary K., Web ster, Mary, Wenzel, Alice, Wilson, jean, Woodward Eleanor. Page 24 Page 25 ,La S in , - eginnin ' - Q I ' llfllflllfl ' Veil l'lfl6l,lfl WACQP5 .IANIC ll1Cl,l7lNlJl'IN . . . I'1'r'.s'ill1fiil . . . liulmlmliiiq with sclioul spirit, zuicl c-wil' ulc-rt . , . living clmsvii class prvsiclcfiit was lwi' just cle-ssc-rt. 'lililClll'ISA flONNIiliS . . . Vim' Pi'1'.s'ifl1'11l . . . live-1' clutiful . . . l'If-Qisgmt . . . Yig- mmis llllll firm , . . llvra- s tlllllllxlllg lim' lm' il XV0llCll'l4llll tvrm. lfimxciics l5noL''i"i'ic . . . SI'l'I'l'flll'lj ...A Xlwuys smiling . . . lloopcimtixc mul siiicc-rs' . . . llv1'lim'z1i't zuicl In-r vym-s lmrst witli Qoocl cl1c'vl'. CAM: Xlc'Cll'iiuc . . . Suviul Cllfllflllllll . , . Ya-ry swf-vt . . . Full ol' liumm' ami iunlmitioii . . . :Ks social c-luiirmzui Sllt'll1lS sim-lx' Q-mnpli tc cl lin Pam- 26 X - X' mission. . . . C4-mlnliiw Slricli we Cfadfi of mnefeen gi fy java allagh, Mary. lc liow I Anders. Shirley' Austin. Ianet: B How II Barker. Nlarge' Becker. Ceralcline: Beclarcl, titia. lion' III Black. Suzanne: Bolver. Lila: Boos. Patrieia. Row IX' Bourke. Rita: Bourke. Sliirleyg Boyle. Patricia. lion' Y Brady. llohertag Bretz. Heleng Bridges. Billie. lion' YI Briese. Alice: Brouillette. Franeesg Buekentin, Nlichaeleen. Dear Diary, ,Tis eome at last! Xo more a 'igreeu t1'esluie" hut really the upper part ol the lower elassmen. Ylliy. exaltation floocls my soul. Glinuuering memories are all that are left: my first fear of getting lost in the maze of halls at Aquinas: theutiekets to ride the elevator Lreservecl lor the taeultyj-the heated. excitement ot making my how to society at the Fresliniau Dehutg the new uniform. traditional in its new lengthg Algehra problems where everything the hunkownn, those Senior 'ierushesig eokes at the drugstore the terror ot the motorahility tests: the exciting volleyhall games in actual com- petition with Seniors. and those .slern hallguardsl But the strains of the graduation mareh are not far olli, although I wou honestly rather that they would he. The Freshman year was so exeitingl So-long for now. .lane fllelsingrlenl Page 27 jI'05AI'l'l8l'l . . . Row I Burke, Marie C., Byerly, joan C., Byrnes. Donna, Capodice, Dorothy, Caufield, Alice, Chase, Patricia, Cicenas, Leona, Ciolek, Carol, Codd, Ann, Colnon. Katherine, Concannon, Nancy, Conners, Patricia. Bow II Connors, Theresa, Corrigan, Dona, Coughlin, Marga- ret, Croarkin, jeannine, Crowley, joan, Cullinan, Marguerite, Curfnian, Evelyn, Curry, Mary, Dampts, Margaret, Davia, Carol, Debrecht, joan, Delancey, Charlotte. Row III Delaney, Betty, Derick, Nancy, Desmond, joan, Devitt, Leone, Devlin, Margaret, De Vore, Dorothy, Devvey, Darlene, Dooley, Mary Ellen, Dopke, Denise, Dow- ling, Mary, Downs, Sara, Dozier, joan. How IV Eickhorn, Marion, Elliott, Mary jane, Entsminger, jeanne, Fahle, Leona, Farrow, Marta, Faulkner, Mary, Finen, Patricia, Fitzsimmons. Ilosemary, Flanagan, joan, Flowers, Valentean, Foley, Margaret, Frey, Vir- ginia. How V Fuller, jane Carvl, Fuller, Mary Ellen, Calvin, Sabina, Gavin, Barbara, Cill, Mary, Goss, Mary, Cotta, Angela, Cuerino, Pattye, Halligan. Ann, Hamilton, Bosemary, Harless, Barbara, Hart, Barbara. Row VI Hart, Mary Kathyrn, Healy, Mary, Heckert, Marilyn, Helsdingen, jane, Hempel, Marjorie, Higgins, Shirley, Hopkins, Barbara, Heard, joan, Hoppe, Nancy, Hy- land, Mary Anne, Hyzy, Barbara, Ingerson, Marleen. How VII jacobsen, Kathleen, johnson, Nancy, jurgenson, Char- lene, Kaesbach, Mary Allllg Kaub, Hedie, Keefe, Do- lores, Kelly, Shirley, Kenny, Lynne, Kinnucan, Kathy, Kinsella, Kathleen, Kivland, joan, Klein, Marie. Row VIII Koranda, Marlene, Korczyk, Caroline, Kordick, Cer- aldine, Korpal, Arlene, Kuhnlein, Marlene, Kwake, Lois, Lambert, Mary, Lange, Phyllis, Loughlin, jerri- ann, Lehman, Mary, Leitelt, Carol, Lesniewski, Betty. Page 28 :gc 29 Z7 P85 lflflefl . . . Rem' I Lf't0ll1'l1Ck1lI. Diunc: Li11cl11l1l. Nlurilyiig Lippv. llclvng Loftus, Xlaryg lilllllltlll, Ueorgic Ann: Lucas. .lezuig Ludwig. Co11st1111ceg Lyiic-li, L0r1'z1i11eg Nluchcocl. llntli' Nlzijcski, llosulivg Nlziloiicy. VIH1111112 Xluiicc, -Ivan. - Huw Il xlklffill, Xli1l'fl21l'Ctl Nluscctti. .lc-11111 xlCci3ll'ilf'. Xlziryz NIL-Cillen. Patriciziz Nlcfllzm-. .-X1111vttg xlCCl0VVZlIl. l,c-tty -Iwuig xlCGl'illL'lI. Kutlileeiig xlCcllliI'C. Gailg NIL-I,1lc-kim-, -Iunetg NR-Ylille-11. Katlileeiig Kleen-cz .lc-11115 Xl:-Zio. .Nucl- rev. limi' Ill Xlillvr. llelcng Nlitclwll. Mary Bctl1g Nl0lll'iS, Ilntlig Nloorv. NliIl'QQ2ll'Cfl xlllfllll. Aliccg Nloruii. Virginia: Xl0l'1'iSSOIl. Nlury: xllIlli1llCy'. P11t1'ici11g xllIllll'Y. l5z11'l1111'11: Nlurpliy. Katlilvvin. Nziininski. S1111cl1'11g Nc-11l1olfl. Yu- l1111clz1. limi' IY Non-ll, Bu1'l1111'11g Nolan. Alice: Nolan, Nuiacyg 0lHz11'sl4i. -Ioanig cJlBI'iCll. Bk1l'lJill'11L Cyclllllilllilll, Nlilfyl O'Ncill. XIz11'le1w. U'N4-ill. lloseg U'Ho111'kv. Paltriciiig O'S11lli1'z111. lJliIlIL'L PQ1111. .Iulie Ann: Pink. F1'z111Q-cis. Huw Y Powcr. B2lI'lJ21l'Q1L P1'e11clv1'ga1st, lille-111 Hulmbitt. Paltriciaig lieicly, .IOZIIIIIQ Reilly. -lu Anng Rc-11tl1e1'. -Iain-qiwliinvz lillgilll. lc1111111cg li0111'kcx Pntricizig HVQIII, Imnig liY2lll. Nlaryg liyllll. P1ll'I'iCill1 Suclowslxi. Cc-1'11'lcli11c-1 I Huw YI Scliultc. Hose: Sc'111v1's. Xlury vlzunvg Sluiw, Xlury lux Sl1c0l1a111. Nlaiiiieeiig SllCplll'l'il. Leticiug Silliilll. Xluxiiwg Ski-och. -ILllllCt'L S111ic1'ci11k, Ell0l'Ill'1 Sc1111111c1'. .Xnnvz Spf-iscr. -lo1111g Stukvii. hIc1111g Stvi11111c-tx. Hitu. Huw Yll Steveiis. Czirlug SlGL'lli'l'. lJilll'iCi21L Stl'1lllL'l1. lilJSl'IllLll'l'1 Sngriie, Fraiicesg SlllliYllll. A111111 Nlzwg Tz1t11c1'. l,llCilll'1 Tl1011111s. Nzincyg Toflcl, klocttvg Tc11nl1c1's, .l11clitl1g Tuolv, Xlz11'g111'ctg Tl'2iC'Bi. -Io11111w: Tl'2llIlfl1'. Pzitricizi. How VIII Vznwk. N'l111'yg Yun cle' Ynlclv. CJOIISHIIICCQ Yoiglit. B111- l1111'11g Voss. Alllll'6'f'Q NVz1ll. C01-11lcli11f-4 NV111'cl. xvillll'-l'CQlg VVz1te1's. Allfllllill XVa1tts. Nla1'g11e1'it1-g XVe11tl1e-1'fo1'cl. Su- zzinneg NVl1ite'. Anne: x'VO0ClNVill'll. ll0lJCI'tilg Zz1l11'i11Qc1'. .Ioz111. PLILIL 1 -N ,GAA f N' MQ? y z Q iv ff 5? W 594 K M359 S ,,,. I 'Nw fx 1 N ,Q max N Nb W sf x Goal Kggugmp Hi Nm WK Saw Y,h5a2 4' , vm 2' if A Mk '3ffY,3f? Sf 1' W lupiring for tlw tuturc' liy knowing - world tocluy, Sally Nlnluu' uncl ' Q 1 - tllc Sunday Yisf 1' witli tliz-ir claws. nlogt-tic-s, tht- sn-nior rvligiun cmirsv, is .in iinportznit ste-li in inoulcling tht- llitll ol ixlllliIlilt'S, Xlury livnialc pn-- wnts lit-r xii-ws. 1 1 Ze glnealeiff 918555011 UQI' Qalnne i Piwlnrffrl On Uppm-ilr' P11 jaim unc! we Sami y Tlw fznnily as tlw lmsic unit ul llnnmn moi:-ty is tlin- tlu-niv of tin- pancl T cliscnssion lvcl lay Slt'lJll2lllit' film-ull, xl1ll'Lflll'l'f U'Snllixun uncl lmsaf Strancli Qin- tlic-ir x ivwa of tln' clmrcli klllll stzlta- l't'LILll'lllllLf tlie- liaunily. A nivntul pmyt-i' Qin-in to llc-1' rm-ligion class lay 'Ioan Fitzputrit-lx. Sc-nior girls, with lwucls lmwvcl in silont L-oiitcfiliplutinin, ure- ussiircrl flllt praiyviw will strc-mltlic-11 tlwir faith -SIIYUI Nlcllmnm-ll Page 133 anaging flee greafedf Wave on gfarflz . . . fAe .iwlome Efficiency, accuracy and steady hand all comprise the exact science, Sewing. Dolores Neitzel and Donna Goes are taking all precautions to make their garments perfect fits. The Home Man- agement class instructs students how to be wise and economical in the choice of furnishings. Here Sally Mohar extols the quality of drapery before the anxious eyes of the class. Sally McMullen leads the discussion of Leo XIII and Pius XI which is found in the Papal Encyclical, The Perfect- ing of the Christian Home. This provides many opportunities for discussion in the Social Problems classes. Page 34 'Y 1 tiring Ar 360512 'Mo Walfe fAe jamify . . . flue 6Ai!c!ren Pleasant smiles from Peggy Martin induce the St. Philip Neri minims to take social obligations of having a party in a true lady-like fashion. Valerie Ormrod and Pat Payton are filling a part in child care, while watching with interest the children as they consume their milk. . . . Donna Tredup Page 35 Cgzming file Riff ,genie e in flue mr . flue gami y The McGill twins, Alicia and Patricia, model newly made houseeoats in the Merrion Apartments. For the afternoon at home Carol Chenawith and Joyce Wargin pose in cool, crisp, cottons. Tell me a storyl Looking like they just stepped from a story book are Charlotte and Marianne Kapes. Barbara Hacko and Ellen Kennedy take that last brush up in night apparel in the moclern bedroom of the Merrion Apartments. Page 38 jk? 7 Ae fAe Q2l"CLlflJe:ii OZICLJQJ in ik? A7CL5fQl" pdl"a6!Q uSitting Prettyv seems to he the theme of Mary Aline Friend, dressed in her aqua blue corduroy. The Sewing Class produced great results in the Easter F inery of Mary Reynolds, Marie Desmond, Mary Brandl and Welda Relcus. Anxiously awaiting happier moments Ioan Kenny shines forth in yellow taffeta. Adorned in a Red Chinese coat, smiling Ann Louise Voitik is greeted at the door hy Peggy Martin, Kay Arnold, and Dolores Neitzel. . . . Dolores Neitzel Page 37 mifing a onnef on an gadfer onnef NVhen Easter morning dawns, Spring comes forth in all its majesty. So too did the Spring flowers blossom on the hats of Alice Kennelly, Mary Kaub, Beverly Turcich and Cer- aldine Lee. In newly-made play clothes Sue Dunn, Patricia Bourke and Mary Kaub make plans for an afternoon of fun. Patricia Madden poses for a portrait study. :Lovely Ladyi' might well be the name given to Elizabeth Bliss, Catherine Arnold, Barbara Bachtell, and Mary Speese who were the chosen models of the Aquinites. . . . Dolores Neitzel Page 38 ,klegaing flee greafedf Cjaude, umanifg . . f7Ae IQ COM .. W, W , -.F--uf f- fi "For what you do unto these, the least of my brethren you do unto Me . . Heeding this counsel of Christ, the girls in green follow the trail of the Red Cross and the Orphans at St. Iosephis Home for the F riendless are happy at Christmas for the Aquinites play Santa Claus, pack Chimneys with warm clothing and goodies and warm their hearts with cheery embraces. . . . Mary Aline Friend Page 39 3,-1 ,J fthvusf 1 ,f- Sv , W 1, A 'v fi ,gs sw, ' 3 muff? ' Q , 5' V Y YU. H E QB! 'B The' Nlinutv 'Xian aiiswvrccl thc call to arms in tht- yvar of 46 just as the moclc-rn solchc-r answvrccl that call Ill the yvar of '41 whvn tht- plc-a was hvartl. Thc man calh-cl Lincoln rosv to grm-at hx-ights in thc 1-ycs and hvarts of mon. XYlivn hc- clicfcl thv wholc- worlcl mourncclg that monwnt is rvliw-tl wht-n tht- In-cl in whit-li he cliecl is clisplayc-cl. SllI'l'Ullllllt'Kl hy thc "Fathc-rs of Our Clountryu ancl the things tlwy kna-W ancl loxvcl. tlw historians of Aquinas haxc a tlay of cliscovcring tht- splvnclor of hy-gona' clays. Aqiiiiiitvs ruli oll tlw clusty' mcmorivs ot' long ago whilc' thc-5' vxaininc that CllttlilSll9il anal important possvssions ol the- homvs in varly yt-ars of tht- twn-ntic-tli cvntury. -Xlarian llarlwr Italics of thc- olcl that will always thrill the young are gaxvtl on hy tht- vyvs of inquisitivc stuclvnts as they turn hack the hanrls on thc clock of time for a few hours. As that twilight of that 17l'CS0llf clescvncls thc night of tht- past unfolds its cloak and once again it is lvft to pos- ts-rity to nnvvil the-sv facts in timels passing paraclv. "I will study anal prvparv ancl somc clay my chancc will coincf'-such arv thc worcls of Lincoln and such is thc- aim of vxery girl as sho looks to tht- future. A pionvvr of thc lnclustrial llevolution stancls in the cornm-r nc-xt to tht- granclfatln-r clock while iiitc-wstvcl .-Xquinitvs stucly tlwin.-Peggy Liste-r 5 M-ff" vm M4 X M2 gs m' W3 ak -ww .. "':' M A ww M M A M L: g 9 wi 'if' 1 j M ,nb 914 AU: fy if 1, x A Hui? ifgsrfv -2 -V -5' 1 , W . ?5g' x?45wPf hi? 'V S ' , b. gfm.j ., Q, 5 g W 5?qQ,1'E'5NE ri H i KY Ewlipff x Q Q 5 il V fp f5',+:H'V 'W ,N Q, Rf ffis ww? wif gm Azz" ff , A Q i VV lv an 'rmgga gf JM1 ,,,,, : - .... 1 , iff V ' A ' ,,m2Zt 6 M, S M Rave Ang in .fdnfiquifg . . we Jaffa .gzcclenfd Pago 44 Fl'i0IlKlS. Faculty, Aquinites, lvncl me your attention. The Aquinas Latin Clulm comes forth from the haven of gods garlic-cl as Roman mythological cllarzlc- te-rs. A trip to Nlt. Olympus, clown to Hades and il tricky puzzlv. So ends the trip to Home uncl Crm-eco hut not before- 11 visit to Cicerois court.-Sally Nic-Nlullen stnclvnts vntcr into ll gay huliclzly inoucl omancing in .Sequin . . we Saanidh ,Dalai A 4 iungling tznnlionrinc'. and tliv Spanish to 1-niov -1 livvlx' twnffo Trailing on-1' "Tile Kinds lligliwzuf' with thc Spanish inissionarics. inoclm-rn Svn- oritns cielw' into the' glorious cis-mis of FI'2lIlCiSC1lIl forvfatherx-Frannc-cs Xlorun Page- 45 t tke .SQLQHCQJ 1' we Banc "" we pfogufl A meter of good sense plus a gram of observation compounded with laws of Physics lessen the toils of labor. And so does the inclined plane. as Physics moves out of the text book into the laboratory to be explained . . . examined . . . experimented. A vacuum inside . . . air pressure outside . . . result, a crushed can. Is it possible? Ask wide-eyed Freshmen scientists who watch in amazement as this experiment is performed. Thus young scientists begin on the road to disuweries.-Iacqueline Kilian Page 46 J f oung .!4fomi:5f15 ry, lf, prove A miracle in a test tube . . . before the very eyes of the atom- ists, white becomes blue, liquid becomes gas, lye becomes soap, all by the careful blending of a few items with the aid of a Florence flask, a Bunsen burner, a few glass tubes and rubber tubing. Mix them all together, and uprestof, a complete revolution. Here a group of Aquin-atoms fChem- istry studentsj anxiously await the intriguing results of a chemical reaction. . . . Mary Ann Ahern Page 47 sS?l'8fCAiI'l dll l"lfI'l 0LU6l,l"6!tAQ How high thc- sky, how dc-ep tht- sou, how vast and complvx is that which is in lJCtNVCl'lll By acquiring knowlvrlgc- of this wonclc-rfnl world, biologists come to rc-ulizv the- grcutnf-ss of Clocl and llis nn- liinitccl powvrs which arc' iinplaintecl hy Iliin in tht- lowlic-st form of exists-ncc. NVith il clvsire- to ops-n the- door to hiclclvn passage-s. to learn the useful sci:-nccs of lifv, the Sophoinorc-s roach ont for knowl- c-clgv. Through this knowlc-clgv uncl il lmzilzmcing IIllLll?l'St1llllliIl,Lf, thvy urs' drawn closvr to thc Cr:-utor. Page 48 ' 551, if ' , egg, - 5.,. xii 'M ' ' fha- X ' 'far Ai" Q Z fi 135 ' ' , : ,5'Y'.., Qc-,af ,, ' 45- 1 -. Y , ,'..:'4egg'!i? 'jg zlwin Vw mf . ggggff-5 .?11.w3,, "A'x'Lw1w,K..i :we -454 'ff Qfgi. . ' ,W ' 51? .':, .M ' Q: f ' 1 I H z Hs Q? --'ff sg M. , 55 ,- Q," - 4 .35 A' .far , 'f 04 Q x 'W X 0 .11 ,Q pf f K'- N -- -:,, f If ., . a 4 ,N -:W W' - if 222 ? , x yn fi'-:Xi -"ix: fa 'JG' .af Jag J puyfv' M 3 iiwnw qw' K- '. 8.1. mg X, ll .1 Q '-. ' ' ,iQ.'Y ' -.' B. : h , K R ,., A M he 5 -4 K ' .. is ' '59 gawk, 1. w egg? li ,,. M wgfmikiy gg WT?1,x.3L ' :U .Q . Q - M rips , W , ff , .aw f , ,Mr 4, ,iff 4 Q W? in 4, f. VW- 5 it my rtf' i A V .bf ,M xi W ,g nl x , --, 'WZ Q 1 11 if-iwwn CSAQ fAe win 1 7, ag fAe izbralncefidfzi Ssr, 0 ff' J ,hu-Q MW RAM Iini 111111113 stars 111111 s fl'llN'S tha' xwrmv Sllwllxlllil cl1c111 H11'1ll4-cl HIVII' z1l1cl11'11L'c' to Ll l71ltl'1UtlQ mmtc ill Hu' c:.'XXV,'Xl,c:.XIJl'w UV Flilili- DUX1. rlll:XXKSCllYlXCl for Ll 1111111 fz11111lx' wltllmlllt flux 1111 " ll 111111215 but with Li11Qt111'l4r-5' 1'v1!11111Q ill'2ilIliltlZt'4l hx' tlnv 111111111 41111- ulzllisfs. In tln' vwin- glow of H111 fjlll'iSt- 111115 c'41111Hc'. :Xq11i111tc's L-4111111 to lie-tl llL'llt'll1.S crib to UH41 the-11' fllllllti' of XUICK' illlil smug. . . . Cilltlllll-illf' l'l1c Xlrs. I,11l11fw Dwym-r l"frm-111'l1 Hn' lJll't'k'll'1'SN uf D 051 Ylllllll I 1cl1 New ufiic .ilafln Clzarnw: eceiue jlzem Enchantment . . . Gentle strains, drifting. charming . . . julia Dsida poised, relaxed, playing hefore an audience who. hushed with admiration, drink in the rich tones. Lilting melodies fill the air when Barbara Mcllonuld and Helen Healy "duo" at the keyhoardg crossing. trilling, keeping time. and nmking the most of their talent. Everyone agrees . . . Peggy Martins sweet voice and Colette McCivern's colorful chords for uceoinpuniment. make for that delightful listening any time. Page 52 W? 3 ev 9 5 K+ Q QE A .if 1,A,1gl. 5 V ': g.Ai,1,,A,, 5 gg ll if ' 5 w M 63 S- 0 if-5' QP 1 4? ' ' --. - ' M553 7 P Q' " X-4.3 V E5 '-S ,ff 4' A' Q TI' 'M A fm' 'QQ 3,151 3 mf 1 if I Qmk Q aj N 'V- 2 , K 1 SAN st F x V 2: ix ' iz? h ' 1A'XNE,k N ,,,1'mK k ff 1 fm 4 V Lk 8 Uv ff " x ' 3353 ,A .QM 531+ V! gmvuempwmn L MW? Vw' f ag aloer, painf, cene id XVitli an artistic swisli of a brasil and a splash of paint tht- frosti- mvn compose thcir first grvat stopping stoml of art. In thc' picturc gallcry of tha Art Instituto X1olly's artistic liamls point out 4-vcry brush stroke- of artists long gone' by. XVith thc- darkcning clouds as a picturm-squc hack drop . . . tha- lmuclding artists, stroke out tlu- likvrwss of Barbara! cvcry iva- turn-. Pagm- 54 gqftff . . . l6!Q 1 , Q QQ 'X W .MU ,W 3 7 Wwwxxaav Na Z WM: q .-I , A , V: x A M fw,wzxsQ-ff,m,M7.,f4fxY X ff. Xw,,,,, wa - A ,X ,. ,Q 4 M G wk, A +V fVwK..,. 1 M , W1 ,,,,4,,W,H f 7 fy fww,M.ww x Maw 'WWQGY-in v ww -iwwzm -mm Mmm, N501 ,IfM4wLm4,,mAMwW 1 41334 f-mam .w,m,fQ,:W,Wli '1.fmfWn,W,Qb.NMMmM v wmffvv,wMDWw,mZ lag vwwmmmmmwwnvfwgm NVE? 'iw I WWDW 1 '1"H-'lM""'TlZL:z1m,wfCq5fW WMM gy wma Zmfwwww n ww, ,W ,W my 'M , -W Yr . ,gum ,..,,M Lawn f,,WQ,w QL wma. , fc! mmm, fm -vm Mwmm K m"'Uw If -r?'3'5" 'www ,V 5? wuz :ww-mg. imnaw mm-:usda T ,ax W2W'MWNkfN iK4?M7Wfw"1Xi 029553 5,374 MUUMQ' AWSUF x lp ,WW .. iw SWO- I .1 ,Q , XT fy 4 jay, ,gifyfflvhks iff, W ,mfii 4 H f 2 if 1 6 ff M frm , f 'fattfw , , A f if if 2 ,,.A'-f,,, 1 X JS 'K WQZQ ,qi f 'W A .1 Mfgy ' 1- ng, 'Vw . W 1 ' 'F 2 2' -1 sw? X 2 C4425 4 irgfglssy ,inimit- g If zfz Q11-3552 gm my gf gi, N A , Q? is , Y k men Walure alfa glue .Arfidf .Andwem As the day ends Natures call is answered when jackie Kilian finds her finished project to he il colorful success as she receives worthy praise from the teacher, Miss Molly Miclmla. The Wann day departs as cooling ripples quicken and Nfury Cihhons endeavors to capture the last rays of fading light. An ins virin Y lakefront scene is created as clouds he 'in to fade hehind the towerin ' 5- masts of the hoats and the far ofl landscape shadows into darkness and a wonder- ful day comes to its end. Ruth fYB2ll'SkC Pa ge 56 I u NN.. it, ' 5 ,4 Jawa mi 9.3, summer -,4ff,spJf,sze,C1,f,,, XVitlx Nlolly Nlichalla as at directress the young art students endeavor to capture on paper the clipping of the clear water in all Naturcfs most pro- found glory. Cool coiling waters . . . tllc sluldowed bridge . . . a sunny summer day and all artists sally forth to the water front for an hour of Seascape sketching. Pa gc' 57 gdfd law . . . f7Ae .Activities There are many, many strains, and many, many winds playing on the strings of time . . . And drifting with the winds through the page of memories, through the Golden Days, there comes a cheery smile, a laughing face, a kindly gesture . . . And in the distance wafts the soft peaceful murmur of prayer . . . Pray- er's rhythmic beat is harshened only by the mechanical click of the typewriter keys which "Aim to beat the deadline." . . . and the cheer- ing of roaring voices which extol with an A, with an A, with an Aqu, with an i, with an i, with a nas YEA! A-Q-U-I-N-A-S Helen Healy Page 58 Q5 if V . I, 'Q Q1 wwf AAL ww Wafionafllonor Sociefy Page 60 Clad in white, with ebony and golden hood, XVith satisfaction for a Work well done, Triumphant in their society, To glory in honors so nobly Won. Not only studies were their goal, But leadership, cooperation, too, There was character and service which prevailed In a heart devoted to "The Mother in Bluev. . . . jayne Hart Row 1 jane Colnon Doris Maise , Geraldine Wall How 2 Barbara Bachtell Mary Beniac joan Delaplane Mariclare Doody julia Dsida Row 3 Eileen Faloona Catherine Ffrench joan Hart Row 4 Mary Therese Heim Nancy Hundt Jacqueline Kilian Row 5 Jeanne Latchford Carol jean McDonnell Sheila McGraw Row 6 Frances Moran Betty Neville Laurette Saltman Row 7 Alice Simczak Paula Stelfens Rosalie Sullivan Bow 8 Betty Vekemans 4 in Q',. 1 um Qui! an .Sara ,, Q S U W 'K A . g ' 533 -1 XKKKKXKXKV' J' ..A. ,,, IAQ7 zv, . 1' H l ik ,' 2-, I f S ""'m"f'M""'Q' -'-'Mt-ri M rr' 'A -I ' "-i"N'f-'w- f sswv. - a- ir wmxxuxusxx Page 61 Q if 3 tr 5,9 Q' 1 Row I Mariclare Doody, Editor Helen Healy, Editor Mary Ann Ahern Catherine Arnold Jewell Baechtold Row 2 Marion Barber Elizabeth Bliss Jeanne Dart Eileen F aloona Catherine Ffrench Row 3 Mary Aline Friend Mary Ann Grant Donna Goes Jayne Hart Patricia Hendron How 4 Mary Keenan Patricia Kelly Jacqueline Kilian Jeanne Laughlin Shirley Lesniewski Row 5 Margaret Lister Susanne McDonnell Sally McMullen Frances Moran Kathleen Morrison Row 6 Dolores Neitzel Ruth O,Barske Geraldine O'Barski Mary Alice O,Gonnell Mary O,Malley Row T Lois Overholser Joan Pickett Mary Speese Rose -.Strauch Geraldine Strick Row 8 Therese Szczepaniak " Joan Thompson Donna Tredup Geraldine Wall Dorothy Walsh Mightier than the sword, the Quill and Scroll, Strength of a spoken word, tho, ages roll. Golden be their emblem, its message to bring. ' 'V Proud be the writer whose praises we sing. News, feature, sportsg presses never rest. Bring to the people, news at its best. What were only words, became enlight- ening dreams, Mounted on paper, for the deadline supreme. . . . Mary Ann Grant Lois Overholser Dolores Neitzel again O! 621927 wind gpofalen parm Mariclare Doody and Helen Healy Co-Editors scan through different periodicals to luring news in the latest fashion. Carol Chenoweth puts the finishing touches to the lietter Taquin of A orchid to Carol for such fine Work. All out for a lot of fun The junior Press members have a garden party to discuss plans for the future. jaquin Mariclare Doody Geraldine O,Barski Helen Healy Donna Tredup Eileen F aloona joan Pickett Mary Keenan Frances Moran Marion Barber Geraldine Wall jean Laughlin Catherine F french Elizabeth Bliss Patricia Kelly Kathleen Morrison Margaret Lister Mary Alice 0,Gonnell Susan McDonnell Ruth O,Barske Sally McMullen Mary Ann Grant Dorothy VValsh Catherine Arnold jayne Hart Patricia Hendron jacqueline Kilian Donna Goes Mary Speese Mary O,Malley Page 62 Mary Aline Friend jewell Baechtold Mary Ann Ahern jean Dart Rose Strauch Geraldine Strick joan Thompson Shirley Lesniewski Therese Szczepaniak .X xvuuung smile to Xlr. Benson are portravec -loan Pickett. lluth O'I5u slse. Sallv Xlc-Nlullen. Pat Kelly ancl Cerrv Cfliarski Kathleen Xlorrison. Xlarv Keel llll Faloona. Nlarion liarlier. lean I,JllLllllll intl Clin XVall give their fonclest at- tention Nlarv Ann Grant cracks a to Frances Xloran. joke ancl SIIIIICS comc to the happy faces of Kittv Ffrench. Lois Overliolser. Donna Trcflup ancl Peggy Lister, .7Ae.f4?uina5.JLJ49A6gAf5 .gzlwof Wewd an MQWJ .lust hursting with enthusiasm to spreacl the news. llere the Aquinas reporters who have accomplished that goal, with the theme of "TlIUTIIFUI,NESS, INI- PAIITIALITY. SINCEIIITY. RESPONSIBILITY and FAIIIPI,AY." A helping hancl is always reaclilv in use to hring views on the fashions, editorials and gym news. Many hours after school have claimecl these girls in choosing the right articles to please the entire stuclent hotly. . . . Ceralcline 0'Barski Page adn ana! .gzruin a iniafure .fd uinad . 9 g W 7 jlle .gifaclenf 6ounci Ready to rule and write, the Executive Board sits in on the settling of minor disciplinary problems. Sodality President, Student Council President, Athletic Association President, Press Editors, and Class Presidents compose this authori- tative group. lleady to lend a helping hand, Marie Moran and Service Bureau girls transform the gym into an auditorium. Bright-eyed and eager, many a meeting has benefited from these willing workers. Each committee of the Student council performs specific duties, with new problems arising and being met during the course of the school year. An eflicient organization, The Aquinas Student Council, has been an example for the founding of other high school councils. Page 64 SCHN5 ildif lflCfl0llU'l 7 .X46!UQl"fl5lIfl CLl'lJ..A6!Ul:ill'l lfLU'l6L:f 9 ? ? GOING, GOING, GONE . . . surplus scarfs and unclaimed articles find new owners wlien l,aurette Saltman and lier Lost and Found Committee hold their annual auction. Keeping students in the "know." Nlargaret Sullivan and the Publicity Bureau fore- cast events and keep Aquinites' interest at ll maximum. lVitl1 tlie reports from llomeroom representatives, President Barbara Baclitell is almlc to discuss tlie students' views and advise tlie group on votiugfor new measures. Page 65 O O O O Q Olga lily, X8ClfliU'l9 all lmfllflllfl 6511111615 Studcnt Council Olliccrs lncct in tlic gilfillxll to dis- cuss, plan and dircct Aqui- nas life. The Studcnt Court in action, wlierc citizcns of tomorrow are formcd and made into tom0rrow's leaders. Twenty-Five dependable, ambitious Aqninitcs liavc acliicvcd tlicir Nlerit Award Pins for excellence in extra-curricular activity. . . . Lois Ovcrliolscr Page 66 . + LL 1 I guard in , guicbng ana! loving ciuinad xlklllltilllllllg law and order. Nun- cy llundt and liitu NVall. Civic Bureau co-chuirxncn. distrihutc arrest slips to the hall Qll21l'ilS during Cll1lllQOUfCl2lSSt'S. XVith college days ahead. Seniors can count on information from jean Olllonnell. Student Council Secretary, who receives corres- pondence from Ainericals col- lcges. Into the future as good citizens, Aquinites step forward with the back ground of a Student citizenship under the Aquinas Student Council Loving their school and living its laws, the citizens of tomorrow receive the basic fundamentals. Page 67 ol,0l"C! Q Q CU1 ,gflzitfblfliefli peak . . . So pray the niegnlzers of Our Ladyls Sodality, who live their Faith hy extending it to others, that they also might see the road to Eternal Life. The Sodalists honor jesus, hy daily paying homage to His Blessed Mother Cad jesinn per Mariainl. They restore ideals of true Catholic living, hy their shining exarnple of Faith, in an effort to reclaim the world for Christ, its Holy Guardian. Every sincere sodalist takes an active part in Monthly Mass and Connnnnion. Page as ,WA QP? SA QP? ,95 .ibougf Lf We ow jaifA llnppy snn-tunnecl laces ul the Sn- alulity oHic-ers greet Fatlier Lorcl ut il snnnner lliscu session where nmol" all problems are clisenssecl. Ilewistntinii. Death and Xhilnntri- tion are results of the recent war. To help erase these tornients the Apostolic Cmnmittee is 2llCllllQ the Bishopk Relief Fnncl. The Smlality Pnhlicity committee. keeps the Soclalist posted as to the what. where uncl when of the so- clality activities with detailed show eases nncl bulletin hoarcls. Page 69 M x 1. lC.O.l,. Coininittm' Cllunirinan. Ilonn Hurt. 1-xpluins iil'l'I'Nl'1A'l' XlAs'l'lan . . , llow to lily out vvstincfnts to P. finaly. II. lizlciitoicl. IHCVICIWINIJ IJIMXNCIIS Nlcl'llll,l,ll'S Y. lluyc-s and N. Gott. qj,,M,,IA,N I I I HICVICIE ICN IJ IOSEI lbulzere jlzere iff SGJHQ55 oaf me Sow yay 'Il P. IIEIJIJICIVX SOXVINC IIOY at thc- home- oi tiw i'l'iC'Illlil'SS Catholic Action- e-crs. lbillllt' Slwplu-rd. Ninrjorim- lirnst, rl1ill'l't'St' lirluclcw. and Lois XVoc-Ikvrs sprvad che-s-r. Carol Ili-an Nlcllonnvll hcauis tin- Cloni- inittvc-. Tin' l,itv1'atnrc' Connnittcm- nnmlcr Ilnlia Dsida, packs iiulguzim-s to iw ciist1'ilmt0ci in jails, nsyilnns and soldivrs' hospitals. Not m-giccting the olcl Whiiv cur- ing for tile- young, Aqninitvs adore' at Thr- Little' Sisters of the Poor where they graciously svrw- Sunday Dinner. Pago 70 Z7 riencdi of jdode ofclen ago . . . The world about us comes and goes But friendship rooted stays Throughout life's ioys and trying load To comfort us with shiny rays Our friends we value more than gold As true friends ne'er will part Who can't be bought or easy sold As friendship deepens in their heart.. .Therese Szczepaniak jrieneb Rt. Rev. George A. Parker D.D. Rev. Rev. Rev. Pres. Edward M. Barron Joseph P. Hedderman Walter Sheridan Mrs. Harry Delaplane Senior V. Pres. Mrs. Harold P. O,Connell Junior V. Pres. Mrs. William J. Baader Soph. V. Pres. Mrs. Howard P. Hoeper Miss Margaret Greenfield Fresh. V. Pres. Mrs. Jerome J. Laughlin ll Of icerd of Moderator ........................ ...... President ........................., Senior Vice-President ......... Junior Vice-President ................ Sophomore Vice-President ........ Freshman Vice-President .......... Alumnae Vice-President ........ Recording Secretary ........... Corresponding Secretary ....... Financial Secretary ............. Treasurer .....,... ,... ......... Social Chairman ........... Co-Social Chairman ........... Mr. Aloys Leick Mr. Patrick Nolan it-fl-5,Louise Dwyer F french I Miss Esther Bergman Mr. and Mrs. James Cullinan Mr. Evelyn Lansdale Mrs. Emma DeWinter Mrs. Joseph Wisnaske Mr. Myrtle Cofling Mrs. M. V. Benne inari Wofiefa ' CM, 1948-1949 Visitation Chairman ..................... Printing and Publicity Chairman ....... M6mbCfSh1p Chalrman ..................... House Chairman ........., Auditing Chairman ,...,,... Of icem President ...,........,..................,.....,. First Vice-President ......... Second Vice-President ....... Recording Secretary ........ Corresponding Secretary .... Treasurer .............,.,,,,..,,,,, MARY ALBAN, O.P. ......MRS. HARRY DELAPLANE MRS. HAROLD P. O'CONNELL WM. J. BAADER ........MRS. HOWARD P. HOEPER ..........MRS. JEROME J. LAUGHLIN M. G. KILL JOHN FITZPATRICK .......MRS. EUGENE MACKEY ,........MRS. JAMES HANRAHAN ..,.....MRS. RICHARD B. O'KEEFE SIDNEY MacLEOD CHARLES MCGILL .......MRS. WILLIAM MULVEHAL .............MRs. JOHN v. FRIEND ..,....MRS. WALTER J. MCGRAW INEZ PETERSON .......MRS. CHARLES MCGILL of .fgquinaa .xdfumnae MARGARET KILL Page 71 .-.................MARY JANE MINER ..................PATRICIA PURCELL MARY LOUISE SAYRE FLYNN ...........MARY HOLLAND BEYERS ..........MARGARET GREENFIELD cibegafing, ocowin , ana! ibidcudding ik Each year St. Thomas tal-ces on a new light at Aquinas ancl thirty other Chicago High Schools. The year 1948-'49 brought out his views on the virtue of justice. Family Life. and Education. with Frances Nloran of Aquinas winning second place honors for her treatise on St. Thomas and Family Life. Page T2 Delmatingl Theres room for plenty of argument here. Although the girls often agree and disagree. their skill in clehating has won the Aquinas cluh 20 of its 35 clehates. Si. Si. Senorita, the Spanish Cluh is lots of lun with the slicles revealing tales of Olcl Spain. Even the ollieers en- joy showing them. Symposium writersg F. Mo- ran. M. Doocly. l.. Saltman. Nl. Sullivan. C. Conley. P. Stel-lens. K. Ffrench. and H. Healy gaze triumphant- ly at Thomas who wrote "well of the Master." 7 A l9mM,m Qozfing, ,Min ering, .fdcfing . . . jim Mirfcl of 9200155 Creafion A world of problems . . . a world of solutions . . . The International Relations Club embarks upon the problems ot the universe with solutions as seen by the eyes of youth. Headed by Gerry Wall, jane Haw and Marian Barber, the Club has helped Aqui- nas to realize the international difficulties that exist today. They have carried out the commandment of Cod, to love your brother as yourself. The world unknown . . . Physics students search through the Wonders of nature to bring the beauty of Gods goodness to mankind. Club officers, Mary T. Burke, Sheila Nlcflraw. joan Fitzpatrick and Carol Chenoweth study the marvels of the class. ' The World of formulas . . . the Chemistry Club discovered the new game of Cha- rades and applied it to Chemistry. These worlds of firm facts based upon love of Cod have enabled Aquinites to humbly accept the gifts ot their Creator in deep prayer. Page 73 419' 41. ,ff 1 ere gave! id in . . . we enueffed The vitaniin-conscious Aquinitcs take their Work quite seriously. With the careful assistance of their moderator Sister Hose Francis, the inenihers of the cluh, carefully prepare the daily luncheon menus for the cafeteria. Ever ready to prepare and serve these Well-halanced appetizing luneheons are Mr. E. Lonsdale the chief authority in the cafeteria and her assistants Mrs. P. Nolan and Mrs. E. Ralff. The officers are plan- ning the Tliaiiksgiviiig Luncheon which consisted of a large variety of goodies. Even Santa smiles after the Christmas Dinner. . . . Catherine Arnold Page 74 'Is-aov",...:X. l fr' . hi' WI? H M6806 QPU? . . . we a.L!0:ffQ.'55 Personality, grace, and charm always add to the appearance of a hostess. Marie Carraher, Ioan Comiskey, Betty Vekemens, and Patricia Hendron admire the poise which their hostess Mary Ellen O,Connell exhibits so graciously. . . . Patricia Hentlron Pa ge T5 gong ana! Qpoclclefifiezi cworf in mgafgain Oh! the terrors of Hades hut the fun of leaving it for earthly splendor among the Aquinites. Here is the lineup: The Amazons showing their mighty strength as Will'- riors and the Cray Sisters struggling over the one common eye and one tooth they must share between them. To add to the colorful array of terror, the red-nosed Hun- dred Hand Monsters frighten everyone. And the critics agree that the mermaids are fetching enough to lure any sailors of the deep. . . . Mary Speese ln stately mein directing the activities of the year: Carol jean Xlcllonnell. Pro Consulg julia llsida. Consulg -lean O'Donnell. Serihag Nancy llundt. Quaestor and Barbara Baehtell, Vestal Virgin. Page 76 S K un an 3100 ic eign uring quinad Jafin me tlnno and -lnppiter are look- ing over the crowd of guests that made merry on that certain Thursday afternoon. Chariots were rolling 1 scooters und wugonsj around the Arena. The sophomores came in first and the juniors ran ll close second. 3 And then the nectar of the gods - the annual banquet of roast heef and all its trimmings . . . Fun and the happy memories. . . . And Latin NVQ-ek came to Aquinas and with it, the homecoming celebration of Proserpinzfs return to earth. All the gods and goddesses from Hades were present. The climaxing surprise was the arrival of -Iuno and -Iuppiter. . . . Mary O,Malley Page TT Mai: Q we udic in ur iuezi . . . gnferfaina, n anced The field of music is vast and includes not only iiistrumentalists, hut vocalists and dancers. cspecially hallerinas. xvllilt could be more pleasing to the senses than the rhythmic swaying of graceful liallerinas or the soul stirring notes of choristers? Good music may cast a spell over listeners and transport them from the world of everyday worries and cares into a land that is both carefree and peaceful. From the soothing tones of a motheris lullahy to the mournful strains of a funeral march and the haunting theme of a tragic love, music sets the scene for the hopes and despairs of all people throughout the world. . . , joan Pickett Page 78 qV,,..4--f", .J-+43 JJ.f""'lf MLW 'Y' Y 1. X udic in Um' ive . . . nnogid, uric eff Nlusic could he termed the international language. lt carries a message for every- one. rich or poor. From the simple song of the peasants to the elaborate operas and symphonies of the 18th and 19th centuries, music has lieen the medium of expressing comedy, tragedy and love. Appreciation of the finer arts, particularly music, enriches life as well as provides enjoyment and relaxation. Thus music should become a very important part of life, not only from a cultural standpoint, hut also for the diversion that it creates. Page 79 oZ2acler5!zilo an jamufor . . jim Athletes aii . . . The height of perfection in sportsmanship is the goal of A.A.A. officers: Presiclentg Donna Nleyering, Rosalie Sullivan, Rita NVrenn, Marge Burke, Lois Overhoiser, Mary Ailas and Marian Ryan. V for Victory '... Y for varsity '... Practice . . . Patienct -... Precision . . . These virtues personified hy each member of the varsity. A victor- ious team is a reward for long hours of hard work and cooperation. . . . joan Thompson Page so A A ,Mr ing . . . 6Aeering . . . waging Poise develops from precise practice. Stretching . . . bend- ing . . . working . . . Muscle coordination is perfected by hours of hard work. Competition personifies the spirit of the true Aquinite . . . Interest becomes hers when the paddle-partners concen- trute all their energy on victory. "Swing your Partners" is the cry as the gym class joins in an old-fashioned 'iHoe-down." 5 Page 81 . . . COMMAND PERFUHXI- ANCE . . . Athletic . . . Ambitious . . . Aggressive . . . Our capable cheerleaders. . . . BODY BALANCE . . . Grace- fulness . . . poise . . . beauty . . . are attributes ot good posture. oide id perkcfion . . . podfure id recifiion VVitl1 a rali . . , rali . . . rali . . . vivacious cheerleaders, Helen Miller . . . Barbara Brediken . . . Mary Reynolds . . . Mary jane Elliot . . . Rita Cartel '... Grace Leek . . . Ioan and Dolores Neitzel and Kathleen Friend cheer the Varsity on the Victory. A stately walk makes a refined lady, as demonstrated by joan Forbes, Mary Aline Friend and Nancy Hanrahan. . . . Rose Strauch Page 82 Cjoorcbnafion . . joolaerafion . . aloagigfg Hcatl-stzmcling and tht- liuiltling ol' pyramicls as clemonstrutecl by these skillful Aquiiiitc-s lizlvc- give-in tlicm grace, liocly cooulilizltioii and proper lizllzliic-ci. Cooperation in tczumx'o1'lxlms lmrouglit Homcroom 206 the title of Senior Clizimps in Captain Bull. Hero Captain Nlary Dolores Spuelilei' prouclly touches tht- lmll tliut won the l,2ll11C. . . . Clemlcliiie- Stric-lx A P21310 83 j 7 M8811 afge POUIHQJ .,H0l'I'lQC0l'l'lil'l9 Org The llomecoining is iiere and gone, hnt few will forget it for years to cmnc. All the exciting plans, getting dresses, asking that udream inanu . . . and then that night of nights, dancing to the strains of Bob Rhuelefs orchestra . . . Heaven! . . . jean Laughlin Pagr' 84 amonc!Q Af wifA fAe openly on our JL . . . The- husky xoiccf of tha- czlllvl' l'l'X'lxl'lN'l'21ti'd tlllwlllgll thf- gym XVIIPII tlw Svniors cut Q1 fvw uL'0Illltl'y capers at thixll' burn cluucc-. Thi- tublels wvrv clam-ka-cl out in Qilljllllllll cloths and tlw stzlgv was u work of art. Amid the hay and corn stalks rm-igm-cl 'xlilsicu tllv Bcmlvn cow. The- ingc-nious ducomtion committec works-cl :nanny long and lmrcl lnuurs and tlwir untirinu, c'll'urts W1-rv wvll l'PXV11l'Clt'Cl as the cu-ning was ll stupcnclous sum-cc--ss. . . . Alvun ldlllfllllill I Vg? 3 A ""'Q9'l'Yl N. 'Gb if 33' 'K- 3 -I ,X X ' ' fm 2 H 5,35 W in e A , L . 'Q ' V' F Sai W . x K, .Wi ,.--"' SL 2 ,Q 4 'L 52 W gf! , f ff """M-m-.,, ,,,L,.-f-"' ff , in 45 F' jize lgromji flue SAM? . . unior- enior Cfificd graze As thnx sg-lmul yn-nr CUIIIUS tu Ll close: tha- Pmm looms l.Ul'l'lIl0St in miml . . . thc an-ttimi. tlu- Xlm-clinuln Cfmnntry Cluh . . . thc- cast. llmlcln-cl hy Ihunlu StClll'll5.fll1'lllllt'i'll. m1ppm'tm-nl hy .Illllllll'S1lllKl Svlliurs . . . tll1'L'lllIl2lX, the- 1'c'41liza1tiu11 ol' tha- mul ol high sg-lmul illlB'S. 1-spa-cially for thx' Class ol 49. xlLlf'XYlxStUl'Q'tlll'S1'flllllQ5lllLlll lIlIll'l' cllamlhs-1' ol' our lIl'lll'lS Quucl Q'lll'i'l.llll3 lucl4tl1vclcJo1'. nutlorqvlfinqtulmnqrult11 littlvsign whim-I1 rc-nclsfxllu mul lllSlllI'l7. lm' tlu-sm' I1ll'lINll'IC'511l'l'S1lQ'lAl'll tu mv. . . . l-.lmllwtlm lihsx l'l1LI1' ST puffing agd .. 574, ga., Four years together and now they part . . . happy outside but sadness in heart . . . tour years of laughter, sorrow and strife . . . look- ing ahead to a path of lite . . . some to Reli- gion, marriage, career . . . holding within anxiety and tear . . . clad in white, they walk down the aisle . . . tears in their eyes, but trying to smile . . . the faculty in mind, fore- most in view . . . who have trained all-the right thing to do . . . working so hard with them in the past. . . now they've accomplished their lasting task . . . and so in conclusion 'tis all they can say . . . that blessed be the mem- ory . . . "Aquinas for aye" . . . Dorothy Walsh Page 88 aluales iw V :, .gg in Sw 2, M '14 1 l ii.. 5 Q E Q wr .Vg,. ,gg ji mg M- Q! - f 5 f if if 25335 is bi SMH .' w1,.' fMMbc ,vrp Xfg 9 , ' 'A , . ' Xax'?'? 3 L 'N' ,4p 1 '-,1,g . -, 4 FH! , E ! 4 ,. Milfs' f"5!?Hl W w ,, 1 'X , 2 Q if , ' 5 3 , V Q 5 i ip L Z - 5 l 1 Q Q L if 5 - 4.21, , .1 , f s A E 1 ' f g 3 E 5 1 5 E Q S 5 5 Q 5 3 ii 5 2 5 - ' 5 ,E Q , , 3 , 3 Z Y E , 5 x . Q . 5 f 14 E 3 ? 2 S L 4 ' 5 Q Q? f . 2 5 . :K 2 5 V W In 'iw V 5 2 1 is u 3 is f + f ,yi i A N, Q " , W... ii. ,W N FV - ' M SF 5 gli My QQg f mfs: LEW , ? 3-5 l 1' 1 L f:Q,:gpQf4fpf:Qyf-fuf-Q ff ..1eL H M P L D 15 gi, n , : g g , 1 V S 3, ' s 1 , 7 aw g X QF., ga 1 1"Es V'E"f2'4'f3, W' 'f1"l 2-EQ' 1 ,. K 221 V1 !'x.L,:Q,gxg,xAg V-affkkl' s Q 1 , fWvUff.2QffQM 4-f4 ,w,4- ?7MTMMWMWMff?5QTHQHmagm1 i R - giiiiiizkgsem., Ely A , H 'WWW W 4,, W W W, . H' -M N041 ' Q : 'QA --2 Ml a H 1whs Q f p,w , 'WWWVMTQ ' ' . v,3n,g.,,,Xf'- """"', - ' A , M4 3W MqwffiiQ3?WM wM'Li wHw2El55WMW iafw si 'xyr' ' ' I , I 'V '- Q . v. I -f. M . , - . ,-f My-H,., . , - 1 , X-ar' -I ,.A?N54.",fSrvYf'facfmwm...... -"" V . .. . ' 'W , - ,m..x.. . 1 f-"'2'fQir.'ff1"'f K I wwf-1 9 5 If W, uk-vw" I'IlI,lCl'IY l".Xl,UUY.X l'r'rfx'icll'I1l A 6 if Vl,xc:c,mL'1c1,1xr2 mlllfxx 'l'rm.s'urz'r ' ' f xmm' XIOYNIII.-XY sffwzfl,-1, e 0 ' l'fXl7l.A S'l'lCi"l"lCYS Snriul Cflmirmfm F,Xl.l,Y XIUILXH Yin'-l'I'1'.sif11'rlI 'gf' ' Lf of il In-xx M 5 B 'I' as Lfl'1lillli1ft'S star? Wu thc- nislcz X lH'ilYt'l' to bud Im fflllflmlcv ln tha- flltllll days illlixilll with swm-mt 111c'mm'ivs of thc- past. for tlw lux' zlpusolutu- tml1m'mxx'. i'11Lf1' SNP mrtlly' XYQIISII mln-alms ol EILEEN FALOONA ST.Ailbe MARY MOYNIHAN Warren My Xl'ilzl I1i.sl1 lim-1' Slay .lv Sznwl .lx lun irc' Class lJl'l'NiCll'llf 41 llmiui' Sm-ia-ly. Nlvrit .Miami lg IH-i'l1-ut .Xtlc-iitluiiu' SL'l'l'l'l1ll'f' lg Civil- llllI't'1lll 2.53.11 S1-i'x'iL'1' l'liil'4'uli 531 Xlmlvliug 21 Sociall- 1.2.-lg liillllitllllllill' Sucivtyg Czitliulir .-Xctiuu cillkllflllillll l'uQn' limlitmx ily l'ulnliL-ity Cuuuuilh-v 53.11 llmiu-mmu Hs-pi'vwi1tz1tivc- ul A..-X..-X. ll. lllkllllllll Stull. .-Xqiiiii-ntmm: N14-liluflta-1 Quill guicl Scroll: ,l,C.l,.g Civim-1 53. llmmwmmu 'll-zuu l.2,'l1 Clulis: Drzuuai 53.-4: llustm-ss 3.4: Art 1.2.-41 S1'rYiL'n'1 Dauicm- C:0llIlllllll'l' 53.4. Svuiui' Play. llguicx' Cuuuuittw' 2.3.4. ' lrisli L-ulln-mi. lm-url:-r. uoupi-ixitixa-. nu-vt. iuclustiimix, puswwiiig dry ' -XL-lin' airtisiim- uliililyz luu-loving. guucl IlillllI'l'Cl. swvvl tu alll. luiimmr. SALLY MOHAR ST.KiliClr1 JACKIE Kll.lAN Coles A l'r1'l1yGi1'l im Lila' .X .llrluflgf .Xll 'l'lm.s-1' lfmlwzririgg Young Cflzmvm xvlL'l"l,l'l'SlllL'Ill lg llnim-rrimu cjlLllI'IIILlll lg Nlvril .-Xxxunl ,lg Clulis: lu- lluum' Sm-ivtyg C1-iivrul l'lXL'l'lll'llL'l' 1.2. l,i'l4ll'L'l .'Xll4.'llKl1llICl' 2.f3g llvlig- iwiiailiuiiiiil lil'l1ltltlllS1 ljllllllll l.2.3.4g Aqiiiii-imisg llustm-ss: Sm-wing 531 iuu Awaircl 23 Klulli .'xXX1lI'il 531 Sc-uiur rliI'l'llSlll'l'l'Q Latin llouui' Socivly 24 Lziliii 21 l..ltiii IImm1'Sm-im-ty 2. l,1'I'll'L'l iXltl'IlClLlllL'l'f2.'l1 lluuor llull -lg Ilmmwumu Clmiriuaui. l'uliliL'ity Ill: .xlllllll-LIUIIIISQ Atllllll-lUllS1 Quill l'uliliz'il3. Quill Scmll. .-Xpmluliu. ' XvlIlSlHlIl' suiilr. iuilcl ls-iiipwvcl. apriglilly vlmriu. .1 lria-iul ul ' Swvvl SllIlll'.1llIll1llDll'.I1llll'l.Ull!'Kll ilu' L-lziss ulTl41llllS.U t'Yl'l'j'lJIll'. PAULA STEFFENS Our Lady of Grclce MARY ANN AHERN ST. Philip Neri Girl Ol .ily llrvrzlnw If You ll'r'rr' 'l'lu' Only Ciil lluuur Suvivlyg SQL'llll Cliuirumu Sm-uiurg Sl.'I'limuus Hyuiiiusiuiu. Lutiu llcmcn' Stuclm-ul: Quill aiml Scroll. l'c-i'l'n-4-l .'xlll'llCl2lllK'1'2.Q Sllulx-ut Court: lluuur Soviclyg Clulis: Lutiu: .-Xquiii-iuus: fXq1ii1i-zumnisg Xlutlig Civil' gXltui'in-3' flL'lIl'l'2ll 4. l,2lXNyCI'2.31clUHllllllll'l'5I l,ll7l41ll'j' l, M1-rit Awzlrcl lllll't'illl :lil Sciwivm- BllI't'Llll 1.2. ,l.C,l.. llisuissimng Smlqility Pulxlin-ily 2. .-XA..-X, Sim-iulAw1ii'cl. llust1'msI3.4g l,I'l'S5Q llmmiomii T1-iuu l.2.F3.4. Coiuiuittm-g lluiiicwiuiii twuu IQ, .Xqiiiii-ium. Svwiug 53: .Xrl 2, ' llllu-fn-yn-cl. l'IlL'll1lIlllllQ iiviwoiiulity. Iiuwn-swx .1 L-liuriu ul lu-i' HXYII. ' Cului. mllf-L-ti-cl. gitlih-til-. lm-iilmlv guucl NYt7l4lil'I'. comma-i':ilixc, Wh. an K vl:2,. ii .V ' .V is x A 1 if. ,M , .vm Q L v Pam- Eli jke Cfafsa 0 1949 ROSEMARY ANDERSON Itis You Or No One Service Bureau 1,2,35 Modeling 45 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,45 Chemis- try Club5 Sewing Club5 Biology5 Operetta 1,25 Dance Committee 35 Favorite Song-Blue Bird of Happiness5 Favorite Sport-Roller Skating. ' A bubble of gaiety, sociable, ever smiling, eager to please. LOIS ANTONACCI St. Rilo Serenade To A Star Parish Committee 2,35 Latin Honor Society 25 junior Classical League 25 Civic Bureau 1,2,3,45 Publicity Committee 35 Dance Committee 2,35 Latin Club 25 Debate Club 35 Modeling 4. ' Small in stature, earnest, demure, amiable. CATHERINE ARNOLD St. Columbcnus Everywhere You Go Quill and Scroll5 Taquin Staff5 Aquinas Staff5 Style Shows 3,45 Inter- national Re1ation5 Model 2,3,45 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,45 Sewing Club5 Press Club5 Representative A.A.A. ' Light of step and heart, figure fancy, perfect posture, unassuming, sweet. BARBARA BACHTELL St. Philip Neri But Beautiful Honor Society5 Merit Award 45 General Excellence 1,45 Student Coun- eil President 45 Publicity Chairman 35 Executive Board5 Social Chair- man Latin Club 45 Model 45 Dance Committee 1,2,3,45 Representative Assembly 2,45 ,l.C.L.5 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,45 Publicity Committee 1,2,4. ' Corky: Example of sophisticated sweetness5 a perfect model. JEWELL RITA BAECHTOLD St. Philip Neri Star Eyes Civic Bureau 1,25 Service Bureau 1,25 Dance Committee 1,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Sodality Publicity 35 E.O.L. 45 Catholic Action 15 Iunior Classical League 25 Aquinas Staff 4, Taquin Staff 45 Aquin-atoms5 Art Club 35 Spanish 3,4. ' Jewell-Lovable, Full of Fun, Cheerful and Without Care. MARION BARBER St. Philip Neri You're The Tops St. Dorothy Quill and Scroll 45 Drama Club 15 Press 3,45 Page Editor 4, Press Letter 3, Taquin Staff 45 Press Club 3,45 Inter-Club Secretary 35 Dis- cussion Club Secretary 35 Debate 35 Catholic Action 1,2,35 Civic Bureau 1,2,35 Honor Roll 3,45 Art Club 1,2. ' An Ardent friend, dramatic ability, lively with conversational wit. JOAN BAULSIR My Sugar ls So Refined Civic Bureau 35 Student Council Publicity 35 A.A.A. Representative 35 Physics Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Hostess Club 35 Cheerleader 15 United Nations Meeting 25 Basketball 25 Hockey 2. ' Jo-Smiling, friendly, witty, joyous and pleasing. MARY BENIAC St. Kevin Thereis A Chapter ln My Life Called Mary Honor Society 3,45 Class President 35 Student Council Treasurer 45 Student Court Clerk 2,35 Latin Club 1,2,35 Aquin-ions 35 Aquin-atoms 45 Math Club 35 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,45 Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Civic Bureau 2,3,45 Merit Award 2,35 A.A.A. Representative 2,3. ' Mary-Keen, zealous. capable, ambitious and diligent. MARILYN BENJAMIN St. Lauronce Thou Swell Civic Bureau 1,2,35 Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Homeroom Team 1,25 Poster Contest 1,2,35 Dance Committee 2,3,45 Math Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 Sewing Club 3,45 Art Club 1,2,3,4. ' Artistically inclined, friendly, noble and clever. LORRAINE BESSE St. Ailbe Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Homeroom Chairman 1, Civic Bureau 2,3,45 Representative Assembly 1,45 Dance Committee 2,3,45 Operetta 1,25 Spanish Club 35 Latin Club 25 Service Bureau 1,25 Biology 2. ' Lorraine-Sparkling and gay, pleasant manner and dancing feet. MARY LOU BIONDI St. Rita I Call My Sugar Candy Aquinas Staff 45 Press Club 45 Civic Bureau 1,25 Service Bureau 1,25 Cheerleader 1,25 Taquin Staff 45 Dance Committee 1,2,35 Press 45 Qperetta 1,25 Spring Concert 1,25 Latin Club 2,3,4. ' Vivacious, carefree, clever and Witty. ELIZABETH BLISS St. Philip Neri You VVere Meant For Me General Excellence 1,2,3,45 Merit Award 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Latin Honor Society 25 Civic Bureau 2,3,45 Service Bureau 1,2,35 Red Cross Secretary 35 Page Editor 3,45 Taquin 45 Press Letter 35 Dance Com- mittee l,2,3,45 Student Council Publicity 2,35 Model 4. ' Lizzy: Jazz and bridge lover. sparkling, carefree and friendly. Page 92 511.9 Chl, 0 1949 MARY BRANDL St. Philip Neri You Are My Szzrisliirie Civic Bureau 3,-4: Service Bureau 2,3,4: Sewing Club 3,4: Modeling 3,4: Perfect Attendance 2: Dance Committee 2,3: Barn Dance Demon- stration 4: Biology Club 2: Latin Club 2. ' Mary-Thoughtful, petite, fun loving and serene. MARGARET MARY BURKE St. Columbcmus Lacly of Spain Class Officer, Vice-President 2: Perfect Attendance l,2,3,4: Merit Award 2,3: Civic Bureau l,2.3.4: Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Social Chair- man A.A.A. 4, Secretary A.A.A, 3: Math Club 3: Latin Club 3: Aquin- ions 3: Aquin-atoms 4: llomcroom Chairman 2. ' Marge-Mysterious Irish beauty, smiling countenance, ambitious. MARY THERESE BURKE St. Kevin Taking Miss Mary To The Ball Honor Roll 1,2.3,4: Perfect Attendance 4: Civic, Service Bureau 2,3,4: Homeroom Team 1,2,3,4: Dance Committee 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Aquin- atoms 4: Aquin-ions 3: Biology 2: Latin 2: Math 3: Minuette 2,3,4. ' Intelligent, dependable, eager to please, gracious and loveable. CARLA BUTTS St. Ailbe I Wonder, I W'onder Aquinas Staff 3: Civic, Service Bureau 2: Homcroom Team 1,2,3: Dance Committee 1: Clubs: Aquin-atoms 3: Aquin-ions 4: Debate 3: Press 3. ' Quiet, bubbling personality, cuddlcsome and darling. MARIE CARAHER St. Philip Neri Stan: In Your Eyes Perfect Attendance 1,2,3: Latin Honor Society 2: Civic, Service Bureau 1,2: Homeroom Team 1,2,4: Dance Committee 3,4: Clubs: Hostess Club Social Chairman: Latin 2. ' Marie, smiling, carefree, obliging, gentle and dainty. STEPHANIE CARROLL Look At Her Ain't She Pretty? Loretto Academy: Treasurer 1: Society Chairman 2: Aquinas: Catho- lic Action Representative 3.4: Student Council Publicity Bureau 3,4: Sodality Publicity 4: Dance Committee 3,4: Clubs: Aquin-ions Sec- retary 3: Drama 3,4: Sewing 4. ' Vivacious, charming, talented, honey blonde, pleasing and sociable. 'lu PATRICIA CLARK St. Rita Tlzat Certain Party Civic Bureau 2,4: Orchestra 1,2,3: Library Committee 4: Horneroom Team l,2,3,4: Dance Committee 3: Clubs: Aquin-atoms 4: Biology 2: Latin l,2,3,4: Math 3. ' Full of life, musical touch, industrious, talented. JANE COLNON Si. Philip Neri Sopliisficaterl Lady President National Honor Society 3,4: Class Society Chairman 3: So- dality Representative 3,4: Homeroom Chairman 1: Civic, Service Bureau 2,3,4: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Homeroom Team 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Aquin-atoms 4: Aquin-ions 3: Math 3: Latin l,2. ' Thoughtful, anxious to please, agreeable, intelligent. JOAN COMISKEY Si. Philip Neri Sweethearts Civic, Service Bureau 2,3: A.A.A. Representative 4: Representative Assembly 3: llonor Roll 3: Home-room Teams 2,3,4: Dance Committee 3: Clubs: Aquin-atoms 3: Aquin-ions 4: Hostess Club President 4: Biology 2: Math ' "Cos", smiling, earnest, unaffected, alert and sparkling. GLORIA CONLEY St. Philip Neri Paper Doll Perfect Attendance 1: Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Literature Rep- resentative 4: Red Cross President 3: Homeroom Team 1,2,4: St. Thomas Symposium 4: Dance Committee 2,3: Clubs: Art 1,2: Biology 2: Latin 1,2: Math 3. ' Loquacious, sweet, ready to help, thoughtful and poised. ALICE CONNOLLY Our Lady of Peace Mucha Linda Honor Student: Sodality E.O.L. Chairman l: Civic Bureau 2,3: Serv- ice Bureau 1,2,3: Student Council 3.4: Homeroom Team 1,2,3: Dance Conunittee l,2,3: Chemistry Club 4: Sewing Club 3: Drama Club 1: Biology 2: Latin Club 2. ' Contagious laughter, sweet, talkative, loveable, helpful. JOYCE COTTER Our Lady of Peace Million Dollar Baby Civic Bureau 1,2,3: Service Bureau 1,2,3: Cheerleader 1,2,3: Home- room Team 1,2,3: Representative Assembly 1: Art Club 1,2,3: Latin l,2: Press Club 3: Dance Committee 1,2,4: Poster Contest 4. ' joyce-Sweet, loveable, kind hearted, dry wit. Page 93 jlie Cfaaa 0 1949 i -nr gf silk L W , JEAN MARIE DART St. Francis de Poulci Too .llurrzcioiis For VVorrl.v Quill and Scroll 4: Service. Civic Bureau l.2,J3g llomeroom Team l: Dance Committee l,2,f3,4: Press 4, Taquin Stall' 4: Clubs: Spanish 3,43 Latin 1.2, Art l.2: Biology 2. ' Smiling eyes, small in stature but big in heart. JANET DELANEY St. Laurence Honey llonor Boll 3: Operetta l,2q The Aquinas 4: Dance Committee l.2.3.4: Style Show 3: Defense Committee lg Modeling 3. Civic, Service Coin- mittees l,2,3: Clubs: Career Cadets 4: Math 4: Drama l.2.3.4: Sevi- ing 3: Biology 2. ' i'QueenieU with the captivating grace oi a rosc. JOAN DELAPLANE St. Columbonus VVmirierfui One Sophomore Secretaryg junior Treasurer: llonor Society 4: Merit Award 3: Perfect Attendance 2,4: Latin llonor Society 2: Civic, Service Bureau l,2,3,4: Executive Board 4, Prefect of Sodality 4, Sodality Committee Chairman l.2.3g Clubs: Latin 1.2.3.-4: Chemistry 3. Sexv- ing 4: Drama 2,3,4. ' Bubbling with enthusiasm . . . a leader. THERESE DENNEHY St. NiCl1OlCls Cali Me Darling Typing Certificate 3: Service. Civic Bureau l.2,f3, Perfect Attendance 2.3: Library lg Parish Community 253: Dance Committee l,2,3.4: Homeroom Team l,2,3.4: A.A.A. Representative 2.3.4, Varsity 2,3.4g Clubs: Math 3: Biology 2: Discussion 4. ' A friend indeed, energetic with warmth of heart. MARIE DESMOND St.Lc1urence Bella Bella Bella Marie Civic, Service Bureau l,2,3,4g Library Committee 2,34 Modeling 3.4: Art Club 2,35 Sewing Club 3.4: Dance Committee l,2,3,4: Biology 2: Homeroom Team l,2.3,4: Style Show 3.4: Cym Demonstration 3. ' Beautiful and graceful as a tall lily. MARY ELLEN DELVIN St. Ailbe Swinging Ori A Star Service, Civic Bureau l,2.3.4: A.A.A. llomeroom ltepresentative 3.4: llomeroom Team l,2,3,4: Dance Committee l,2,3,-1: Sewing Club 3.4: Hostess Club 3,4: Style Show 4: Latin Club lg Press 4. ' Sunny face . . . animation . . . generous in heart and smile. Lovable personality . . . capable and always able. ik LAURA DILLON St. Columbcinus Tlullis .ily Desire Xicrit Award l.2: Latin llonor Society 2g Service. Civic Bureau l.2,3: ltepresentatue Assembly 24 junior Classical League S34 Dance Com- mittee 1.23.-tg Clubs: Latin 3.41 Spanish 3.4: Drama lg llomeroom Team l,2.3: llonor Boll l.2,fl,4. ' Reserved, with a demure charm: As sweet as sugar. PAT DONOGHUE St. Nicholas If I Had A Girl Like You llonor Boll l,2.?3,4: Merit Award 3: Latin llonox' Society 3: Civic. Service Bureau l.2,3,4, Apostolic Committee llcad, 4: Sodality Com- mittee Chairman l.2,3g junior Classical League 2: Clubs: Latin l.2. 3.4: Chemistry 4: Nlatb 31 Physics 3: Drama 1,2,3,4. ' Loveable personality . , . capable and always able to please. MARICLARE DOODY S1.FeIici1as It Hall To Be You National llonor Society 4, Co-Editor Aquinas. 'liaquin 4: Staff 3: Quill and Scrollg Executive Board 4: Merit Award 4: Civic, Service Bureau l.2.3,4: Clubs: Latin 2.3: Aquin-ions 4: Press 4: Math 3: Sodality Publicity 3.4: International Relations 4: Dance Committee 4. ' "Dt-edau with lovable way and sparkling eyes. PAT DOOLEY St. Felicitcxs You Are Alwrlyx In My lleurf Typing Certilieate 3.4, Civic. Service Bureau 3.4: Modeling 4: Library l,2, Dance Committee 2.3.41 Clubs: Chemistry 3, Math 3, Sewing 4L Latin 1.3: Biology 2: Style Show 4: Hobby: Horseback Riding. ' Cracious . . . willing hand . . . hard to beat. JULIA DSlDA St. Philip Neri Ainil Size Sweel? llonor Society 4: llonor Student l,2,3: Sodality Literature Chairman: Merit Award: Latin Club Pro Council: Orchestra l,2,3,4, President 41 Orchestra Scholarship 2,3,4: Clubs: Aquin-ions 4: Math 3: Inter- national Belations 4. ' Svifetit and petite, magnetic charm, accomplished violinist. always a ac v. JEAN DUNNE St. Ailbe Let Me Cali You Sweetheart llomeroom Chairman 3: Orchestra Scholarship 2: Civic, Service Bureau 1.2.3,-4: Varsity 4: A.A.A. Representative l,2,3,4g Horneroonl Teams l,2,3,4g Clubs: Aquin-atoms 4: Math 3: Latin l,2g Drama 4: Dance Committee. ' "All-Spiritn Aquinite, athletic, full of fun, helpful. Page 94 jle CMM 0 1949 OLGA FEKETE St. Kevin To Eucli His Own Math Club 44 Latin Club 1.24 Latin Certificate 24 Clothing 34 Style Show 34 Art Club 1.24 Biology 24 Volley Ball Team 14 Captain Ball Team 14 Civil Air Patrol 11 Apostolic Committee 1: Dance Com- mittee 2,3. ' Cooperative, willing. likely to succeed. CATHERINE FFRENCH Caldwell 'Mnnisellc llonor Society 44 Class Oilicer 2.34 Quill and Scroll 44 Merit Award 34 Sodality Publicity 44 Sodality Committee Chairman 1,2434 Aquinas Staff 3,44 Taquin 44 Civic. Service Bureau 1.2,34 Clubs: Drama l,2,3.-44 Aquin-ions 34 Operetta 1.2. ' Kitty, gracious and friendly to all. entertaining actress. sophisticatc-.1 beauty. JOAN FITZPATRICK St. Columbanus The Girl Tlzut I Marry Vice-President 14 Homeroom Chairman -lg llomeroom Team 2,3.4: Orchestra Scholarship 2.3444 Civic. Service Bureau 1.2.34 Latin llonor Society 24 Clubs: Latin 2: Math 34 Aquin-atoms Secretary 34 Aqu.n- ions 4g International Relations 44 Drama 142.34 Dance Committee 1.2. ' Personality, laughing eyes. bubbling with energy. popular antl friendly. EVELYN FLANAGAN Our Lady of Peace Evelyn Latin Honor Societyg junior Classical Leagueg Math Club 34 Latin Club 2,34 Chemistry Aquin-atoms4 Biology 24 Art Club 1.24 Home' room Team 34 Civil Air Patrol 14 Dance Committee 3. ' Beauty in repose. stately. sweet shyness, perfect poise. JOAN FORBES Our Lady of Peace My Pretty Girl Homeroom Chairman 14 Orchestra Scholarship 1,24 Civic Bureau 2,34 Library Committee 14 Modeling 4g llomeroom Team 1,2,3,44 Clubs: Aquin-atoms 34 Math 34 Sewing 44 Art 3g Biology 24 Dance Com- mittee 2. ' Oh so pretty, honey blonde, majestic. enchanting and refined. MARY ALINE FRIEND St. Laurence You Stepped Out Of A Dream Quill and Scroll 44 Latin Honor Society4 Sodality 1.2,34 Secretary Apostolic Committee 34 Honor Student 2,44 Aquinas and Taquin Stall 44 Civic, Service Bureau 142,34-14 Press and Athletic Letter4 Clubs: Pressg Dramag Aquin-atoms: -l.C.L. ' Pert and pretty. winning smile. charming, full of ambition. Page Ri? MARY GADBOIS lice Cot My Lore To Keep .llc lvllflll St. Laurence Orchestra Scholarship 2.3.44 Representative Assembly 34 Civic Bureau 1.24 Service Bureau 1,24 Modeling 4g llomeroom Team lg Clubs: Aquin-atoms 34 Xlath 34 Latin 34 Sewing 44 Biology 24 junior Classical League 2. Q I Q ' Vivacious and lull ol' lun, always smiling, mischievous, lover ol be-bop. CAROL GATES Sf. Felicitas Love Of My Life Civic Bureau 24 Service Bureau 24 Red Cross 34 Sewing Club 3: llomeroom Team 1,24 Career Cadets 44 Art Club 1,24 Civil Air Patrol 14 Biology 24 Latin 24 junior Classical League 2. ' Sweet and serene. loved by all, radiant, without a care. SYLVIA GIGNAC St. Brides I Found A Lonely Dream Civic Bureau 1.2,34 Service Bureau 1,24 Modeling 3g Representative Assembly 14 Dance Committee 34 Aquin-atoms 44 Latin Club 34 Menuette Club 2,34 Sewing 34 Drama Club 14 Biology Club 2. ' Cay, friendly, always smiling, a friend indeed, reliable and helpful. BARBARA GILLESPIE St. Dorothy Siinflouvcr Student Council Representative 34 Commercial Club 44 Dance Com- mittee 44 Sewing Club 34 llomeroom Team l,2,3. ' Sweet, a vision brought to life. attractive, very thoughtful. DONNA GOES St. Laurence A Yoifre Azlomlzlc' Quill and Scrollg Ceneral Excellence 4g Modeling 3,44 Catholic Action 14 Homeroom Team 1.34 Aquinas Stall 44 Taquin Staff 44 Dance Com- mittee 3,44 Art Convention 44 Press Club 44 Sewing Club 3,44 Art Club 1,2,3,44 Operetta 1. ' Vivacious, fun-loving, light-hearted, capable, clever. MARILYN GOODRICK Our Lady of Peace Ilcnrt Of My Ileurt Civic Bureau 1.2,3,44 Service Bureau 1,2,3,-44 Aquin-atoms 44 Math Club 34 Latin Club 1,2434 Red Cross Representative 1.2,3,44 General Assembly. ' Calm, soft spoken, kind, generous, sweetest of all, very likable. 95 jig CMM 0 1949 NOMA GOTT St. Bernard How Sweet You Are Honor Student, Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,45 Qrchestra Librarian 45 Orchestra Scholarship 253,45 President Bowling League 45 llomeroom Teams 1,2,3,45 Aquinatoms 35 Math Club 3g Aquin-ions 45 Internation- al Relations 4. ' Charming, big-hearted mirthtul maiden, clever, friendly, MARY ANN GRANT St. Columbanus That Red Headed Gal Quill and Scroll: Civic 535 Service Bureau 25 Committees: Library 25 Literature 25 Red Cross 15 Homeroom team 1,2,3,45 JCL 2,35 Press 3 41 Aquinas and Taquin Staff 45 Dance Committee 3,45 Clubs: Latin 1,2,3: Sewing 35 Drama 1,2535 General Executive 3. ' Always ready to help another, Irish eyes of blue, laughter her pass- wor . PATRICIA GUAY St. Columbanus You MUSt,D6 Been A Beautiful Baby Honor Student5 Civic Bureau 45 Library Committee 15 Student Coun- cilg Publicity 2,35 E.0.L. 45 Clubs: Chemistry, Aquin-atoms 35 Math 35 Latin 25 Art 1,25 Biology 25 President Career Cadets 4. ' Gracious, funloving, sunny smile, twinkling eyes, friendly disposition. ELSIE HAASE St. Rita Sweetheart Bar Association 3,45 Civic Bureau 35 Library 15 Service Bureau 2,35 Literature 25 junior Classical League 25 Aquin-atoms 35 Latin Club 2,35 Menuette Club Chairman 3,4. ' Always happy, loveable, gay, what a pal, laughing face. NANCY HANRAHAN St. Philip Neri Nancy With The Laughing Face Civic Bureau 1,2,3,45 Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Representative Assem- bly 35 Dance Committee 8,45 Aquin-atoms 35 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,45 Biology 2. ' Dainty and Demure5 Darling and Devastating5 Faithful friend. JAYNE HART St. Ailbe You Made Me Looe You Quill and Scroll 45 Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4g Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 A.A.A. Homeroom Representative 2,35 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,45 Press Club gggiquinas Staff 45 Taquiu Stall 45 Operetta 1,2g Dance Committee ' y Queenie, beautiful and full of fun, sophisticated, ready for anything. wh ,4 . JOAN HART Snzilrns' Our Lady of Peace llonor Society 53,45 Sodality Qliieer 4: Social Chairman 15 Merit Award Committee 45 Sodality Connnittee Chairman 2,35 A.A.A. Homeroom Team Representative 3: Dance Committee: Chemistry Aquin-atom Club 35 Physics Aquin-ions Club 45 Latin Club 2,35 Math Club 3 ' Vivacious, gay, spirited, always a sport. MARGARET HARTIGAN Beautiful Dreamer Spanish Club 3,45 President 4, Career Cadets 45 Secretary 45 Typing Medal 15 Homeroom Team 35 Civic, Service Bureau 1,235 Biology 25 Art Club 1,25 Latin Club 25 Dance Committee 4. ' Friendly, merry, anything for a laugh. Our Lady of Peace JANE HAW Visitation Whispering Treasurer 15 Red Cross President 3,45 Homeroom Team 1.25 Latin Club 1.25 Math Club 1,25 International Relations, Vice-President 4: Sewing Club 15 Biology Club 15 Dance Committee 3,4. ' Poised, Petite, Crand to know. VALARIE HAYES St. Philip Neri What A Sweet Surprise Spanish Club 3,45 Math Club 35 Chemistry Aquin-atoms Club 35 Phys- ics Aquin-ions Club 45 E.O.L. Ilomeroom Representative 2,45 Home- room Captain Ball Team 2,35 Honor Roll 2,45 Latin Club 2. ' Bobbing inliamed locks, charming, amiable. HELEN HEALY I 'll See You I rx My Dreams Quill and Scroll 45 Merit Award 45 Latin Honor Society 1,25 Civic Bureau 1,2,3,45 Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Executive Board Member 45 Sodality Publicity 3,45 Press 3,45 Co-Editor 45 Aquinas Staff 3,-1, Taq- uin Staff 4. ' Ambitious, always a lilting laugh, great talent. LOUETTA HEHMANN St. Philip Neri Sophisticated Lady Civic Bureau 2,3,45 Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Sewing Club 35 Hostess Club 3,45 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,45 Homeroom Chairman 25 Sodality Committee Chairman 3,45 Literature5 Modeling 3,45 Dance Committee. ' Poised, enchanting, something special. Page 96 glue Cfaaa o 1949 MARY TERESE HEIM St. Rita Younger Than Springlinie Honor Society 4: Orchestra Chairman 4: Orchestra l,:?..f3,4: Math Club President 3: Latin Club l,2,3.4: Aquin-atoms 3: Aquin-ions 4: Orches- tra Scholarship 2914: International Belations Club 4: Civic Bureau l,2,3,4: Service Bureau l.2.: Perfect Attendance 2: Biology 2. ' Small, Slender, and Saucy. Friendly and willing. PATRICIA HENDRON St. Felicitcls l'll Always Be True To You Darling In My l"as'liion Honor Boll 4: Civic, Service Bureau 3,4: Hoincroom Team 514: Representative Assembly 4: Press Club 4: Aquinas Stall 4: Taquin Stall 4: Dance Counnittee 3,4: Aquin-atoms 3: Math Club 3: Hostess 3,-1: Spanish Club 3,4: Vice-President Hostess Club. ' Carefree, Sparkling, Sincere, Tender friend. JOAN HIRSCH St. Philip Neri Easy To Love Perfect Attendance l: Civic Bureau l.2,3,-1: Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Sodality 3: Student Council 1,21 E.O.L. Bepresentative 3: llomeroom Team 1,2,3: Representative Assembly 1.2: Latin Club 2: Aquin-atoms 4: Math Club 3: Spanish Club S. ' Frolicsome, Mischievous. Sxvect and Friendly. MARY ANNE HOGAN St. Philip Neri Dirl You Frei' See A Dream XVallcing?' Civic, Service Bureau 1.2.3,-1: Latin Club 2: A.A.A. Homeroom Repre- sentative :2,3,4: Dance Committee 3,-1: Art Club 1,2: Biology 2: Sewing Club 3: Aquin-atoms 41 Homeroom Team ' All Smiles, Heart of Cold. a Friend Indeed. NANCY HUNDT St. Philip Neri So Dear To .lly llcart National Honor Society 3,41 Nlerit Award 53,-1: Student Council Officer -lg Civic, Service Bureau 3,-1: Latin Honor Society: Library Secretary 3: Lawyer 3: Representative Assembly 2: Clubs: Aquin-ions 4: Latin 2514: Latin Quaestor 4: Discussion 3. ' Hard-working: capable: scholarly, brightly amiable. MARILYN HURLEY St. COIUmbClfIUS l'ce Cot Rhythm Civic and Service Bureau l,2: A.A.A. Representative 1.2: llomeroom Temp 1,2,4: Dance Committee 1,2,4: Clubs: Biology 2: Drama l,2: Mat i 3. ' Happy-Co-Lucky: a born dancer, brings good cheer with her, lilies to laugh. -nu.. ll- av 4 , it , Page S U -..., 3 Zi in tt 2 5: 4 , , 4 A if yo 4 v ..: .,., ' .cv-lu '69, is 'iff 2 ---' ,.,, , I ' ii. T ,- A- PM its 'D 'H-. DOLORES JAMES St. Columbanus Small Fry Civic, Service Bureau l,2,3.: Library Committee 3: Homeroom Team f5,4: Clubs: Biology 2: Art l,2, ' Dilniuutive. quiet, cheerful, considerate. MARGUERITE JOHNSTON St. Philip Neri Fair Larly Civic Bureau 2: Beprescntative Assembly 2: Homeroom Team 4: Dance Committee l: Clubs: Art 1,2: Biology 2. ' Sunny smile, a loyal friend, diligent, poised. CHARLOTTE KAPES St. Laurence Heaven On Earth Latin Honor Society 2: Service Bureau l,2: Library Committee 1: Modeling 3,-1: Dance Committee 3: Homeroom Team 1: Clubs: Art 1,:?.: Biology 2: Latin 1,2: Sewing 3,4. ' Model seamstress, bright, versatile, industrious. CHARLOTTE KEENAN St. Felicitas Fine Anrl Dantly Perfect Attendance 1,2: Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3: Library Com- mittee 3: Clubs: Biology 2: Press 3,4: Homeroom Team 3. ' Sincere, generous, dependable, very good-natured. MARY KEENAN St. Ailbe Heart Anil Soul Quill and Scroll: Aquinas and Taquin Stall: Page Editor: Honor Roll 3,4: Merit Award: Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Apostolic Represent- ative 4: Senior Play: Red Cross 1: Clubs: Aquin-atoms: Aquin-ions: Biology: Drama: Menuette: I-Iomeroom Team. ' VVarms your heart with laughter: Votes the good time ticket: co' operative. PATRICIA KELLY St. Francis Xavier Full of Fun and Fancy Free Ouill and Scroll 4: Aquinas and Taquin Stall: Press Letter: Homeroom Chairman 8: Civic, Service Bureau 2,3,4: A.A.A. Representative 2: Homeroom Teams 1,2,8.4: Dance Committee 2,3,4: Clubs: Biology 2: Math 4: Press 4: Spanish 3,4. ' Typically lrish, lun-loving, lilces real people, wholesome. JT jlze Cfaaa o 1949 , h5ff'gf JOAN KENNY St. Laurence Likeable You Latin Honor Society 25 Choral 1,2535 Opcrctta 1,25 Concert 235 Litera- ture Representative 25 Modeling 3,45 Dance Committee 25 lloincroom Team 1,2,3,45 Clubs: Biology 25 Sewing 3,45 Latin 1,2. ' Stately, gay and spiritful, obliging, lovely voice. PAULINE KLOBUCAR Warren My Ideal Red Cross Vice-President 45 Honor Roll 253,45 Civic Bureau 1,2,3,4: Modeling 35 Posture Contest 45 Homcroom Team 1,25 Dance Com- mittee 1,2,3,45 Clubs: Aquin-ions 45 Drama 1,2,3,45 Latin 2,35 Sewing 3. ' "Polly,,' friendly, helpful, sweet as can bc. JOYCE LANDSMAN St. Philip Neri Angela Mia Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Civic Bureau 1,2,3,45 E.O.L. 15 Catholic Action 45 Apostolic 35 Homeroom Team 1,25 Homeroom Representative 25 Press 35 Press Club 35 Aquinas Stafl 35 Chemistry Aquin-atoms 4: Spanish Club 35 Biology Club 2. ' Carefree and gay, heartfelt smile, a friend to all, always a band box look. JEANNE LATCHFORD St. Bernard Lovely To Look At National Honor Society 45 Honor Student 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 2,3, Math Club 35 Library Committee 45 Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Civic Bureau 2,35 Drama Club 1,25 Choral 1,25 Career Cadets Treasurer 45 Junior Classical League 2. ' Eyes that smile, helpful, essence of sweetness. JEAN LAUGHLIN St. Philip Neri How Cute Can You Be Quill and Scroll 45 Merit Award 45 Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Dance Committee 1,2,3,45 Homcrooin Team 1,2,3,45 Junior Classical League 25 Press Letter 35 Taquin, Aquinas Staff 3,45 Page Editor 3,45 Aquin-ions 35 Math 45 Latin 2. ' Full of vim, vigor and vitality, always a novel idca. joy to all. PATRICIA LA VOIE St. Kilian Stardust Aquinas Staff 45 Press Club 45 Apostolic Committee 1,2535 Latin Club 25 Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3,45 Representative Connnittce 15 Checr- leader 1,25 Homeroom Team 1,25 Opcrctta 1,25 Spring Conccrt 2,45 Drama Club 1,2. ' Smiling all the while, petite, bubbling with vitality. , I TA GERALDINE LEE St. Philip Neri Wllio WVoulrlu'1 Lorie You? Vice-President Pied Cross 35 liomcroom Team 133,45 Spanish Club 3,45 Civic, Service Bureau l,2,35 llostcss Club 3,45 Dance Committee 1,2, 53,45 Sewing Club -11 Sodality Committee 15 Style Show 45 Biology 2: Art Club 1,2. ' Sincere in evcry action, brown eyes, cvcr smiling, a note of cheer. MARY LEHANE St. Rita Mary Latin Honor Society 25 Latin Club 1,2,35 jc ,or Classical League 3: Civic Bureau 15 Library Cominitcc 1,25 Holneroom Team 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 1,235 Art Club 1,25 Biology 25 Debatc 35 Dance Coln- mittcc 1,2,3,4. ' All events deserve serious attention, a helping hand always, soft spoken. SHIRLEY LESNIEWSKI St. Mary Magdalene Prctfy As A Picture Pied Cross Treasurer 45 Pied Cross Representative 35 Honor Roll 35 Choral 1,2,3,4, Uperctta 1,25 Spring Concert 2,3,45 Civic, Servicc Bureau 1,2,3,45 Library Couunittcc 15 Math Club 35 Aquinas Stalt 4: Press Club 4. ' Capable, cheery note in any crowd, a winning smile. MARGARET LISTER St. Brides Peg O, My Heart Class President 15 Homcroom Chairman 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Aquinas Staii 3,45 Taqnin Stall' 45 Press Club 3,45 Press Letter 35 Spanish Club 3,45 Drama Club 1,25 Math Club 35 Modeling 15 Honierooni Team 1.2.35 Publicity 2. ' So refined, artistic ability, a true friend, pleasure to meet her always. BARBARA MacDONALD St. Francis de Paula Sweet Little You Ilonor Roll 3,45 Typing Certificate 35 Perfect Attendance 2,45 Defense Chairman 15 Civic Bureau 2,45 Sewing Club 35 Career Cadets 45 Art 1,25 Biology 25 Modeling 35 junior Classical League 25 Dance Com- mittee 45 Spring Concert 4. ' Heart of gold, voice so soft, model disposition with smile to match, DORIS MAISE St. Columbanus Honest and Truly National Honor Society 3,45 Honor Student 1,2,3,45 Honor Society Treasurer 35 Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,45 Civic, Service Bureau 1,25 Student Court Oiliccr 45 junior Classical League 25 Chemistry Club 45 Math 35 Physics 35 Latin 1,2,3,4. ' Conscicntious. ambitious, jovial laugh, true blue to all. Page 98 .l7lre Cfaaa 0 1949 MARY LOU MALEY St.Columbanus .Vary Lou Secretary oi' Science Club: Civil Air Patrol lg Press 44 Mocleliug 4: Dance Couuuittee lhlercy lligh School? Prcsicleut of Class 14 Stu- cleut Council 2,3,44 Clubs: Clcc. Sewing, and Drama 1,243.44 llobby: Dancing and Bowling. ' Light-hearted, full of fun. fresh as an evening breeze. MARGARET MARTIN fi St. Laurence Dance VVitli A Dollgllll Latin Honor Society 24 E.O.L. 24 Apostolic llomeroom Chairman 44 Opcretta 24 Choral 1,2.3.4g Conccrt 3,44 Modelingg Honicroom Team 1,2,3,44 Dance Comiuittec 24 Clubs: Latin. Sewing, Drama. llobby: Singing. ' Graceful as the falling snow. JOYSAN MATZ St. Clare And The Angels Sing Speech 44 Dance Coiuiuittee 3,44 Biology 24 Civic, Service Bureau: Art 14 Press 4g Press Club 4. Hobby: Foncl of the outtloors and an ardent baseball fan. ' Quiet. sophisticated, pleasant as the morning sun. CAROL JEAN MCDONNELL Our Lady of Peace Little Girl National Honor Society 4: Catholic Action Chairman 44 Secretary of Class 14 Latin Club President 44 Latin Honor Society4 junior Classi- cal League: Clubs: Chemistry. Physics, Math. Discussion 34 Math Tournament 3,44 St. Thomas Symposiumg Perfect Attendance 34 llomeroom Team 2. ' Small of stature with an engaging personality. SUSAN MCDONNELL St. Philip Neri Sweet Sue Honor Roll -14 Perfect Atteuclaucc 44 Quill and Scroll4 Bar Association 34 Civic, Service Bureau 44 Heel Cross l,2,3,44 Junior Classical League: Aquinas Staitg Taquin Stal'f4 Clubs: Latin, Math, Press, and Biology. ' Cay, talkative, easy to get along with. MARY MCGEEVER St. Columbanus Baby Face Representative Assembly 2,44 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,44 International Relation 4g Civic Bureau 1,24 Sewing Club 34 Uperctta 1,24 Modeling 34 Choral 1,24 Biology Clubg Dance Committee 3,44 Service Bureau 1,2. ' Charming Irish eyes and smile to melt one's heart. , lc. is 1 L, 'ln 'lug A f 1 COLLETTE MCGIVERN If You NVere The Only Girl In The World Orchestra 1,2,3,44 Literature llomerooom Chairman 34 llomerooin Team 3,44 Civic Burcau4 Sewing Clllbg Concert 3,44 Honor Roll 4g Clubs: Allegro, Art, Spanish. Biology, Soclalityg Civil Air Patrolg Stu- tlcnt Council 1,2. ' Alert, agreeable, pleasant as a sunimeris day. SHEILA MCGRAW St. Philip Neri Dream Girl Honor Society4 General Excellence 34 Senior Scholarship4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,44 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,44 Orchestra Scholarship 1,24 Clubs: Math, Spanish, Drama, Physicsg Representative of Motheris Club. Piano Recitalist. - Clever. amiable, everything wrapped up in one. EILEEN MCMORROW Our Lady of Peace Happy Go Lucky Perfect Attcnclanceg Latin Club 1,2,3,4g Hostess Club 3,44 Homeroom Team 34 Athletic Association Representative 34 Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3,44 Clubs: Chemistry and Biologyg Operetta 1,2. ' Calm, collected as the stars, affable, cooperative. SALLY MCMULLEN St. Francis de Sales My Gal Sal Quill and Scrollg Ilomeroom Team 34 Latin Honor Society4 Sodality Committee Chairman: Press 3,44 Press Letter4 Taquin and Aquinas Stailg Dance Committee 243,44 Clubs: Press, Biology, Latin and Artg -luuior Classical League. ' Always looking for laughter anti reacly to give it. DONNA MEYERING St. Columbanus I Founrl A Lovely Dream President of A.A.A. 44 Treasurer of A.A.A. 34 Representative Assembly 14 Civic, Service Bureau 142.34 Varsity 2,34 Clubs: Sewing 34 Math 34 Operetta 1,24 Hoiucroom Tcaiu 1,2,3,44 Dance Committee 3,4. ' Craccful, witty autl pleasingg everybocly's friend. ELLARITA MILLS Our Lady of Peace So Nice To Come Home To Soclalityg Catholic Action 1,24 Student Council 14 Clubs: Sewing 3g Biology 24 Bureaus: Civic 2,3,44 Service 1,2,34 Library Committee lg gofpcroom Team 142,34 Dance Committee 3,4. Hobbies: Tennis and o . ' Sweet, poised, ancl eyes of blue. St. Dorothy Page 99 Q' 1 jhe Cfaafs 0 7949 if i PATRICIA MOORE St. Philip Neri Somewhere In The Night Orchestra Scholarship 2,3,4: Civic Bureau 1,2533 Service Bureau 1.23: cJl'ChCSlT2l 1,2,3,4: Operetta 1,2: Concert 3.4: Latin Club 2: Biology Club 2: Homeroom Team 1: Dance Committee 1.3, ' Friendly, helpful. with sunny smile. FRANCIS MORAN St. Columbcznus You Keep Coming Back Like u Song Honor Society, Quill and Scroll 4: Merit Award, Latin Honor Society: Aquinas and Taquin Statt: Page Editor: Clubs: Press, Drama. Dc- bate: St. Thomas Symposium, 2nd Place: Press 3.4: Choral 1.23: Chairman of Motheris Club Representatives. ' Dazzling, enchanting. musical touch. MARGARET MORIARTY St. Carthage Your Irish And Your Lounhle 7 ' in Concert 4 Prnss 4 Ac uin ions 3 Civit B ireui Operetta 1,:.: Spf g 1 " 9 3 1 - - 'Q J " 1 '- 4: Service Bureau 1.2: Clubs: Sewing 53: Drama 1,2.3: Modeling 131 Homeroom Team 1: Hobbies: Likes spectator sports. ' Lively, vivacious, and charming, KATHLEEN MORRISON St. Philip Neri Personality Quill and Scroll 4: Aquinas and Taquin Staff: Page Editor: A.A.A. Representative 2.4: Clubs: Spanish 3.4: Math 4: Press 4: Drama 1. 2,3,4: Bureaus: Civic, Service 1,2.3: Dance Committee: Homeroom Team 1,2,3: C.A.P. 1. ' Entertaining. loyal . . . anything for a laugh. FRONA MARIE MUDLAFF St. Rita Tlzatfs For Me Representative Assembly 2.3,4: Dance Committee 1.2,3.4: Civic Bureau 3.4: Service Bureau 1.2,3,4: Qpcretta 1.2: Clubs: Math. So- cial Chairman Aquin-atoms 3: Aquin-ions 4: Latin 2: Drama l: Choral 1,2: Biology Club 2. ' Amiable, peaches and cream complexion. fun loving. MARY LORETTA MULVEHAL St. Philip Neri Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3.4: Homeroom lied Cross Representative 3: Homeroom Team 1,2.3,4: Math Club 3: Spanish Club 3.4: Dance Committee 1,2,3,4: Biology Club 2. Hobby: Basketball. ' Her yellow hair. beyond compare. S DOLORES NEITZEL S1',LqurenCe Bullerirm Quill and Scroll: Soclality Chairman 253: Secretary 4: Aquinas and Taquiu Stali 4: Civic. Service Bureau l.2.3.4: Cheerleader 1,2.3.4: Choral 1.2: Clubs: Math 3: Sewing 4: Prcss 4: Dance Couunittec 1,2,3,4: A.A.A. Ilcprcsentative 1. ' Tiny, dependable. and gentle. BETTY NEVILLE I Dream Of You Honor Society: Sodality Vice Prefect: Merit Award 4: Perfect At- tendance 1.f3: Orchestra 2,S,4: Scholarship 2,3: Clubs: Math 3: Latin 3.4: junior Classical League 2.3.4: Civic. Service Bureau 2.3.4: ln- ternational Belations 4. ' Clever, carefree, and good natured. MARYBELLE NEWMAN St. Thomas Apostle Minneapolis, Minn. Green ISIIIM' Ilonor Pioll 3.4: Latin Ilonor Society 2: Shorthand Medal 3: Civic Bureau 3.4: Library Committee 1.4, Chairman 4: Apostolic Committee 53: .I.C.L. 2: Latin Club: Art Club 1.2: Biology 2: Career Cadets 3.4. ' Charming. slender and quiet. generous. MARGARET NORTH Sf, Columbqnug Margie Perfect Attendance 1: Civic Bureau 1.2.f3: Service Bureau 1: Dance Committee 2.3,-4: Chem.stry Aquin-ions 3: Homeroom Team Drama Club 1.2.3.-1: Bfology 2: Choral 1.2: Qperctta 1.2. ' Graceful. honey-blond, sincere smile. RUTH O'BARSKE Cgleg A Little Bit Of lleuceii Quill and Scroll 4: Perfect Attendance 1: Civic, Service Bureau 1.2: Library Couunittcc 1: Prcss 3.4: Aquinas and Taquin Staffs 4: Clubs: Latin 2: Press 3,4: Biology 2: Press Letter 3: Track 2: Choral 1.2: Qpcretta 1.2: Red Cross ' Small and friendly. anything for a laugh. GERALDINE O'BARSKI SS, Peter qnd Pqul Dark Eyes Perfect Attendance 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Civic, Service Bureaus 1,2: Press 3,4: Aquinas and Taquin Staffs 4: Press Club 4: Press Letter 3: Latin Club 2: Biology 2: Choral 1,2: Operctta 1.2: Latin Honor Society 2. ' Clever. good iournalist. loves laughter and fun. St. Felicitcus Page 100 Ulu, CWM Ni.. i ao 1949 ww i 4 .,.. ,M matt ff 43.4, 4 , ,Q"f'E Wf'..x MARY ALICE O'CONNELL St.Ritc1 Someone To Lou' Quill and Scroll 44 Bar Association 13,44 Ciyic Bureau 3,44 Service Bureau lg Committees: Parish 2,34 Library 1,24 Publicity 14 Press 3,-44 Aquinas and Taquin Staffs 44 Clubs: Aquin-atouisg Latin4 Menucttcq Press4 Dcbate4 Opcrctta 1,2. ' Friendly, nice to know. cheerful. MIRIAM O'CONNELL St. Ambrose Dream Bar Association 3,44 Civic. Service Bureaus 1.253444 Student Council 1.24 Parish Committee 1,2434 Mothers Club 4g Homeroom Team 1,24 j.C.L. 2,3,44 Dance Committee 1,243,114 Clubs: Aquin-atoms: Mathg Liltlflg Dramag Art4 Nlcnuette Chairman. ' Always ar smile, dimples, vivacious. clever. MARY ELLEN O'CONNOR St. Philip Neri Speak Low Service Bureau 2,34 Library Committee 14 Dance Committee 253.44 Chemistryg Aquin-ions 34 Spanish Club 34 Sewing Club 34 Art Club 1,24 Hostess Club Treasurcr4 Civil Air Patrol 14 Biology 24 llome- room Team 142,344 ' Nice blue eyes, dependable and gay. JEAN O'DONNELL St. Philip Neri Out Of This llfmlrl Honor lioll l,2.3,-14 Merit Award 3,44 Student Council Secretary 44 Court Balift 2,34 Civic. Service Bureau 2,3444 Catholic Action 1,24 Apostolic 34 Latin Honor Socit-ty4 Clubs: Latin Secretary 44 Math4 Aquin-atoms President Aquin-ions: Student Cf5llHC'llQ Sodality Pub- licitv 3. ' Clever, witty, a good word for everyone. MARY O'MALLEY St.Columbc1nus Always Latin Honor Socictyg Latin Club 243,44 Civic Bureau 1,24 llomeroom Team 142,34 Press 44 Dance Counnittee 2,3444 Sewing Club 34 Biology 24 Opcrctta 1,24 Spring Concert 24 Service Bureau 1.2.3. ' jovial Irish lass, tenderly sweet, bubbling with enthusiasm. CHARLOTTE O'MEARA St. Brides Forcccr And Iircr Class Treasurer 14 Perfect Attendance 34 Cixic, Service Bureaus 142,34 Modeling 44 Merit Award Committee 34 Ilomcroom Team 14 Dance Committee 1.3.44 Chemistry Aquin-ions 3: Sewing Club 44 Drama Club 1,24 Biology 2. ' Pretty and sweet. a friend indeed. helpful. MAUREEN O'MEARA St. Brides Slender, Tenfler and Tall Civic llurcau 1,2534 Scrvicc Bureau 142,34 Modeling 34 A.A.A. llolnc- rooln Representative 2,34 Honieroom Team 1 2.34 Dance Committee 534 Chemistry Aquin-atoms 4g Sewing ' Personality girl, the life of thc party. VALERIE ORMROD VVHI1 My Ileazl In The Cloucls Civic Bureau l,2,34 Service Bureau 4 Modeling 3,44 Homeroom Team 143,44 Press 44 Aquinas StaH 44 Dance Club fl. St. Philip Neri 1,24 Publicity Connuittee 24 Committee lg Clubs: Latin 24 Press 4g Sewing 3,44 A.rt 44 Biology 24 Choral 142,34 Opcrctta 1,24 Concert ' Lively cycs. mirthful laugh, exuberant smile. MARGARET O'SULLlVAN St. Ambrose Musical Orchid Honor Student 1,253.44 Perfect Attendance 14 Latin Honor Society 243,44 Civic, Service Bureau 142,34 St. Thomas Symposium 44 Religion Certificate 34 Junior Classical League 23,44 Clubs: Aquin-ions Sec- retary Aquin-atoms 44 Latin 1,2,3,4. ' Engaging smile. clcmure, dainty. LOIS OVERHOLSER St. Francis de Soles My Bmlfly Quill and Scroll 44 Civic, Service Bureau 1,243,414 A.A.A. Vice-Prcsi- dent 44 Varsity 253,44 Homeroom Team 1,2,3,44 Homeroom Represent- ative 142,34 Press 3,44 Press Letter 34 Aquinas and Taquin Staff 3.44 Press Club 4. ' A good scout. never a dull moment. MARLENE PACINI SS. Peter and Paul You Scnzl Mc Ciyic liurcau 1,24 Service Bureau 1.24 Library Committee 34 Home- rooui Team 14 A.A.A. llomerooni licprcsentative lg Carver Cadets 44 Ilobby: Collecting poems and books. ' Hair of gold, a moclclis hands. ELAINE PALMER Si. Philip Neri The More I Sec You Civic, Service Bureau 1,2434 Library Committee 1,24 Ilomeroom Team 14243444 A.A.A. llomcrooin Representative 3,44 Varsity 14 Modeling 2,34 Dance Committee 1,2,3,44 Track 14 Clubs: Sewing 34 Biology 24 Opera-tta 34 Representative Assembly 1. ' Personality personified, dances divinely. Page 101 jig CMM 0 1949 -'-sq, if 565 PATRICIA PAYTON Holy Rosary TIiere'.s- No Other You Library Conunittcc 3, llonu-room 'l'czun lg Iii-prcscnlativc Assembly lg Press 3: Carccr Caclcts 4, llonor Studi-nt 3.4: Choral Club l,2g Hobby: Pat is an avicl collector of rccorcls. Slic wants to be a sucrctary, ' Dcpcnclablc, frienclly, vivacious. JOAN PETERSON Si. Philip Neri If You Are But A Dream Civic, Scrvice Bureau 1,2,3, Library Couunittcc 3, Dance Conunittcc l,2,3,4, Honicrooni Tcani 1,2, Clubs: Pri-ss 4, Sewing 3,45 Art 1,2: Biology 2, Latin 2, Rt-cl Cross Conunittec 3: Taquiu Staff: Aquinas Staff 4. n ' Sweet and tliouglitful, a fricncl to cvcryonc. GLORIA PETRO Coles Gloria Civic Bureau 1, Scrvicc Bureau 2, Modeling 3, junior Classical Lcaguc' 2, Clubs: Biology 2, Latin 2, Art l,2, Sewing 3, Career Cadets 4. ' Essence of swechicss, a frif-nfl inclcccl. JOAN PICKETT Si. Philip Neri Strawberry Blond Quill and Scroll 4, Civic, Scrvicc Bureau 1,2,3, A.A.A. Honicrooni Representative l,2,4, llonicrooin Team l,3,4, Press 3,4, Aquinas Staff 3,4, Taquin Staff 4, Clubs: Aquin-ions 3, Drania l,2,3,4g Press 4, Dance Committee 1,2,3, Press Letter 3. ' Full of pep, talcntccl, likccl by all. JOAN PRINDIVILLE Si. Bernard Sweetheart Of All My llrcnnzs Perfect Attendance l, Civic Bureau l,2,3,4, Scrvicc Bureau 2.3, Student Council Representative 4, Hcprcscntatiyc Assembly 4, Danci- Conunittce 2,3, Clubs: Aquin-atoms 3, Drama l,2g Biology 2, Ilonic- rooui Teams 2,3, Library Counnittcc l. ' Always Icincl and rcafly to give a be-lping liaucl, one in a inillion. WELDA REKUS Our Lady of Peace You're Wonderful Red Cross 1, Civic, Scrvicc Bureau 1,2, Art Club 1, Moclcling 4, Sewing Club 4, St. VVillibrorcl: junior Prom Connnittcc 3: Glce Club 2,3, Opcrctta 2,35 News Editor 3: Latin Club 2, ambition is to be- come a nurse. ' Friendly, sweet, sparkling personality: a true friend. NANCY ROACH Bryn Mciwr .' rs In Your 2.11- .' iccut C uncil - ' " Dauct, Conuni u ' S- C 1 'nogy 2' Art ,', : - . - ' ' ' ' - lik to coll - s 'uupf 'i rccorcls: Iris tlu- 'unbition to become '1 sccrct' rv f'r'icious' fricnclly- witty' ffruicl to know' 'llXV'lyS l'C'lCly to oiligc LAURETTE SALTMAN Si. Philip Nerl 'I lu, VL ry Tlzouglzt Of You Honor Society 34' Honor Roll l2,fm,4: Stuclcnt Council Ofliccr 4 Litcr'1turc Cl1'llflll'lI1 2' Library foinniiittce 134- Civic Scrvicc Bur:-'ui l2,3, Clubs: Chemistry Nlatli latin Physics Dr-una Dis cussion' l rcfcct Attclidwnci, 3 4' junior Classical League- 1.2 Inclustrious, fritndly- lu'1rt of gold MARILYN SCHROEDER SI. Rita Angfl On ily gllllllfllffl Cixic Burciu 1 2 3' Sawing Club 4' Parish Conunittcc 2 '3' lloincrooni 'l'c'uns 2 3,4' l 'ltin 2' Art 1 2' Biology 2, Moclcl 4' Lilies to knit 'incl collect rccorcls in ber sparc tinu' Wants to have '1 carccr bcforc ll1'lI'fl'lgL'. 's tlril pm-'iclics 'incl crc'un look: roscrvccl, 'i . JACQUELINE SCHULZ Si. Kiliun Hera, Conus lleaizui Again junior-Senior Aluclgcg Class Prcsiclcnt 2, ll0ll1Cl'00l11 Chairman 2.3, Merit Awarcl 2,3, Civic. Scrvicc Bureau l,2,3, Orchestra Scliolarsbip 2,3,4, Court Builil'Ii 3, Executive Council 3,4, Representative Assembly 3.4, Clubs: Drama, Aquin-ions, Concert, Orcbcstra 1,2,3,4. lcrsonality pi-rsonilic-cl: sweet as tlu-y coinc, fricncl to everyone. ALICE SIMCZAK Si. Rita Moonliglzl Hcconzcs You llonor Socictyg llonor Roll l,2,3,4, Social Cliairlnan Spanisli Club -1, Rcprcscntativc Assembly l,3,4g Civic Bureau l,2,3,4, Service Bureau l,2,3, Clubs: Aquin-ions, Aquin-atoms, Matli Discussion 3, Dance Conunittcc 4: llonicrooin Team l.2,3. Gracious by nature, bcr bcart captures all. NANCY SOMERS Sf. Xavier Youll Be So Nice To Come Home To Clicinistry Aquin-atoms 4, Latin Club 4, Dance Conunittcc 4, lloinc- rooni Teani 4, St. Xavicr's: Math 3, Operctta 2,3, likes to ride, playing the piano along with collecting records serves as a favorite pastime. Page 102 jlre Cfaaa o 1949 MARY SPEESE St. Rita 1fHI1JfIlf'l'!l171l' You Quill and Scroll 4: Nlocleling 3.4: lied Cross liepresentative 4: A.A.A. Bcprescntativc 1: rliaquin Stall 4: Cliemistry Aquin-ions 4: Aquinas StaI'l 4: Homeroom Team 1,2,f3.4: Service Bureau I,2.3: Clubs: Bio- logy 2: Press 4: Concert 4: Operetta l,2. ' Cirl about town: tall, trim, terrific: modeling senior. MARY DOLORES SPUEHLER St. Sabina Sweet A1111 Lorely Civic, Service Bureau 1.2: Dramatic Art 1,2: llostcss Club 3,45 Clioral Club 1,2: Varsity Captain 4: Latin Club 2: Homeroom Team 1,2,3,4: A.A.A. Representative: Library Committee 1: Career Cadets 4: Speecb 3. ' Atliletic: tliouglitlul: a pleasure to know. NANCY STEVENSON St. Philip Neri Difl You Ifeer See A D1'e11111 lvlllklllfliu Bar Association 4: Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,f3.4: Merit Award Com- mittee 2.4: Publicity Committee 3.4: A.A.A. Bepresentative lg Home- room Team 1.2.3,4: Student Council Representative 2: Clubs: Aquin- ions 3: Art 1,2,4: Matli 3: Spanish SA. ' Lustrous blond: entertaining, sincere. unaffected. pliotogenic. ROSE STRAUCH Our Lady of Peace My 1l1111p1i11es.x' Taquin Staff 4: Civic. Service Bureau 2,3,4: Nlodcling 3: Ilomeroom Team 1.2: Dance Committee 4: Clubs: Art l,2: Biology 2: Drama I: Sewing 3,-1: Press 4: Aquinas Stali 4. ' Carefree. alert. graceful: true friend. GERALDINE STRICK St. Michaels Ifllf'Ul'C Clieri Ilomeroom Cliairman 4: Typing Certilicate FS: Civic. Service Bureau 2.3, Taquin Stail' 4: Aquinas Staff 4: Modeling 3: Dance Committee SA: Clubs: Biology 2: Press 4: Sewing 3: Spanisli 4: Clioral 2. ' Daring. fun-loving. generous. gleaming eyes. JOAN SULLIVAN St. Laurence Did I Remernlzenu Service Bureau 1: Library Committee 4: Career Carla 4: Ilomeroom Team l,2: Dance Committee 2.3.-1: Latin Ilonor Society 2: Clubs: Art 1.2: Biology 2: Sliortliand -I: Latin 2. ' Sweet, clepenclable. willing to lend a lielping band. 111111. NH ROSALIE SULLIVAN Hoxfllie St. Columbanus National llouor Society: Varsity Manager 4: Civie, Service Bureau I,2,3: Ilonor Boll l,2,3,4g llomeroom Team 1,2,53,4: Dance Com- mittee l,2: Latin Ilonor Society 2: Clubs: Aquin-ions 3: Career Cadets 4: Clioral 1.2: Latin l,2. ' Industrious, generous in heart and smile, friendly. PATRICIA SULLIVAN St. Columbcmus My Girls An Iris-11 Gir1 Civic, Service Bureau l,2,3: Dance Committee 1,2,3,4: Latin Honor Society 2: llomeroom Team 1,2: Bed Cross Committee 3: Clubs: Biology 2: Clioral 1.2: Latin 1,2: Sewing ' Centlc. poised, burnislicd liair, kind and considerate. THERESE SZCZEPANIAK St. Mary Magdalene You C1111 Evergfllozly Ipllflillg Latin Ilonor Society 1,2: Aquinas Stall 4: Civic Bureau 3: Library Committee l: Service Bureau 1,2: Homerooin Team 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Art 1.2: Biology 2: Math 3: Latin 1,2: Press 3,-1: Sewing 3. ' 'l'all and stately: gifted journalist. inclined to good liumour. JACQUELINE TARSITANO St. Francis de Paula So Nice Perfect Attendance 2: Service, Civic Bureau 1.23: Library Committee I: Sodality Publicity 3: llomeroom Team 1,2,3,4: Dance Committee 1,2,3,4: Clubs: Aquin-ions 3: Biology 2: Career Cadets 4: Sewing 53. ' Pleasant, cbeerful personality, ardent of everyone. JOAN THOMPSON Bryn Mawr Itfv Alagif- Civic, Service Bureau l.2,?3: lied Cross Secretary -1: Aquinas and Taquin Stafl 4: Dance Committee 4: llomcroom 'l'cam I,2: Clubs: Art l,2: Biology 2: Latin 2: Press 4: Spanisli ' Smootli, poised. friendly. a grand person. DONNA TREDUP St. Philip Neri Prelty Baby Quill and Scroll: Aquinas and Taquin Staff: Merit Award 4: Civic, Service Bureau 1.2.3.-I: Spanish Club Publicity 2,3: Representative Assembly 1514: Press Letter: Clubs: Latin 2: International Relations 4: Nlatli 3: Discussion 2: Spanisli 3,4: Dance Committee 2.3. ' Vllinsome smile. loveable, goocl4natured. imgtf 103 362 CHM 0 1949 Q, -A ""s. LOIS TRZCINSKI St. Ailbe The VVrmcler Of You Latin Honor Society 2: Civic Bureau 1,:2,3,-1, Library Committee 1: Homeroom Team 1,2,3,4g junior Classical League 1,2g Representative Assembly lg Clubs: Career 514: Latin 1.2: Spanish 3: Cym Demon- stration 3: Traclc Meet 2. ' Competent, cheerful, friendly, and a good pal. BEVERLY TURCICH St. Ritcl How Lucky You Are Civic, Service Bureau 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club, Vice-President 4: llome- room Team 1,2,3,4g Clubs: Latin 2: Chemistry 3: Perfect Attendance 3,45 Posture Contest 4. ' Dazzling, good natured, sweet and witty. ELIZABETH VECKEMANS ST. Columbclnus You Are Always In My Heart National Honor Societyg junlor-Senlor judge, junior Class Officer: Clubs: Secretary of Hostcssg Aqum-ions, Social Chairman, Latin: Career Cadets: Bar Associat.on: Merit Award: llomeroom Chairman 2514: llonor Roll 1,2,3,4, VVinner of Posture Contest. ' Dependable, graceful, devastating, a pleasure to meet. ANNE LOUISE VOITIK Sl. Laurence Louise Representative Assembly lg lied Cross 4: Lost and 1'10lllltl Committee 4: Concert 3, Modeling 3,4: Civic Bureau 1,2,3,-1: Clubs: Art l,2: Sewing 3,45 Drama 1,2,3,4: Dance Committee 1. ' Gracious, refined, friendly-a smile that wins all. GERALDINE WALL Our Lady of Peace All The Things You Are National llonor Society 3,4, Quill and Scroll: Nlerit Award 1,2,3,-11 Student Council Officer 3,4g Aquinas, Taquiu Stall, Press Letter: Representative Assembly 2: llomeroom Chairman I: Iixecutive Conn' eil 3: Clubs: Aquin-ions 3, Latin 1,2,3,4: Math 3. ' Beyond compare in qualities of friendliness. scholarly too. DOROTHY WALSH Sl. Philip Neri Knee-Deep In Stardust Homeroom Team 1, Civic, Service Bureau 23,44 Student Council 15 Art 1,2,3: Math 1,25 Latin Club 1,2g Science 1.2, Dramatic Art 1, Journalism 3,4: Quill and Scroll, Aquinas and Taquin Stall' 4: Debate Club. ' Charming. delightfully iuterestingg In-r heart captures all. IN MEMORIAM MARY PATRICIA HOWE A graduate of the Class of 1949, and a friend, this tribute. So softly death did follow life in her That she did but dream of heaven And she was there. Iohn Dryden JOYCE WARGIN Sl. Brides If You Are Bu! A Dream Latin Certificate 2: Homeroom Team 1,23 Perfect Attendance 3: Biol- ogy 2, Latin Club 1,23 Library Committee 23,44 Secretary 14: Style Show 4, Sewing SA: Civic, Service Bureau l,2. ' Carefree, clever, merry and lovable. MARY THERESE WHITE St. Kilicin The Song ls You llomeroom Representative 2: Career Cadets 45 Science 1.2: Art 1,25 Latin Club 1,24 Civic, Service Bureau 1,2: Perfect Attendance: Home- room Team 1.2: Cym Demonstration, Library Committee. ' Sprightly, charming radiates friendship. PATRICIA YOUNG Sf. Ambrose Long Ago And Far Away Clubs: Math 3, Hostess 3,49 Career Cadets 4, Perfect Attendance 3, Civic Bureau S: Style Show 3: Cym Demonstration. S.S. Peter and Paulis-Swimming Team 1.2, Social Action Committee 22: Ilomeroom Secretary 2, Latin Club 1,2. ' True faith. ready hands, and serene. Dear Diary, Already live passed the milestone of my high school career. 1 thought 1'd never get to be a Seniorl The first realization that I would soon tred the path of life almost unassisted came with the year book pictures. 1 looked so scholarly in my white cap and gown. The Senior Harndance seemed as though it was only yesterday, and the holiday spirit which ushered in the K'Candy Cane Carouselv is still vivid in my mind. The pang of knowing that I would perhaps never again see some of my old classmates, and Alma Mater, while marching down the aisle, was a joy mingled with sorrow in leaving forever the school of my choice . . . memories I carry with me always. Sincerely, Eileen C Faloonal mer- 104 .ij J 1 A , U' K J 6 M7 ff' , MQ ylgnyx IM! 'I lee, 6fa..1 x f H N! 4 A, qwgdkfffyj J QM,QQiM9 X , X 'J w .. 5 a NN' JJ 'J u JN D yx.. xx X. . v ' x v J L X, X J , I x I . I v , X x .X 'x zu I j X I rw 9 -K b J 1 XXX U J Q I MVN' -f X ' x N 5 u -J' J J. X if W x 1 I ffl vj! A' ,fffffj .I M 5, 'ff ff fx 1' 'P' ,KWH gym WY w,!,, N- .wma- 5 'JM-.. jf 1, 'VA ' 'A .A 'N f ,W Lui 64, 4 by A 'ig , f 4125! ,f 1 L lyfq '.' Jyvd- "A-'12 ALP JX ' ' A, X x,,- 1' , . A I I - f - ,L ,- .,.,,,Y f-,,.T . .'-v - ' ' "wif-y'4UF.5rvj-' K Y. 'Y V, , . url- In VA -1' . A 'L' ' A - -f' ' l 6. 4 X "f"1 W . N f i Ip J!! V Y' Vat, e O OM l-KH- K1 ld lt KHK- -lCl-l-l-l-l1-l-l- H , ' Q' A? 5 Green leaves tell . . . T l . - , i' - Summer zs here . . . ' ' School is over . . . fx , ' 1 JUNE , s ' On the thresholdl, we gaze on a passing year Q And smile gladly lm-ough a blinding tear.-X, ' ,.. i k P Golden days are over . . . They draw to an en i' T, ', ' I A 1' 542' L With a sad farewell to our everykiend. A QS. I il z 1 y 11 For the heartache, the joy, we breathe ,a I fl 1 prayer , , Z .! For the happiness and pain that all have 1, 5' 4 -2 shared. ' 1 E ' 'M' I Thank you Mary, for Cherished memory so I 0 . , -E dear. is e- Q ' Q- K W Q 3 Thank you Lady, for keeping us ever . . . I . V .2 ' near. T ' :E - Jewell Baechtold I .1 I ' 11 G -lg J! V lr- if I N ffl 48' T Mlm eg

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