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 - Class of 1948

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I I- 5 1 i r -.WF i 4 4 I . I j " g ' - - . ' - Q- j w.,.,,,- . . 'L gf' x K, . Ll.-L ' Q 1 . e ff ' au . I ' ,5 W lj A 7 N I . L A l 7' ' . l '4' ' 2, 4' 4 A Xt ffs I P - 53" in A 1 - 1 1 A' 3, 1 ., if . j a fri fn, , 5 1 ' ' A '-Q f A ' V' 1 Uv- - ' : .me - v -' 1 Mlisgw 3 , A SV...-.-. ,, L..4pEf1f"-gvgg' ff F' T 1 Lge 1 ggi'-1 1- 1 . V L3-53.46 . K 1 ' 3 " . .,..' 'Q "HSI , ,Ht Z 1 f.1a97f.1,i.f ,fy -1. .- : ,. ny,-f',-"V, V fa- ' .,?c1!'ffff'LfLu ft A-55? f . ' a..- .,f.- f -- , .,,,g- Y.:,r,:v.,: .- J V ,.. , .. ,,,.,. .Y -v,...,f ,H . wg A- xt t Y 1 ,I-3,:a,f, ,S , 3 - f411e1c,i?q,1.'-- .,n. ,ga gc A. -v , , . .. .132 uae -l- i-jvqvlgpa I 5? ' 4,f-fi" - .4 xj5"'21:fQF ' , K - LLLMQ-fl' . : K " 1' ag'-: A . . I if V : 'M "' X K . 3 -XL . . 1 -w, bf. , . ' 1 1 J .vw-MA.. 1 ii . V , K J- . iw. ' 2, . , '-T, lf Jgafl 1'v - ., ,l k J-I ' ' 1-Tr, -Q -, L' nn 1 A 1 I hfvi -..S-.r L uf. ,3 1 '- 6-f Ta -1 , ,J-:J-A .gal-2 ' fix. . 5 L -, ' fc 'H ... " ., 1 ' "1 . "Lf ' " "7 L X.-"' ' "'?+ 5' J' - Q. 5' 5 , ,...:4 ,L . .,, Q-mm, .. -V 1 .3 'LLL iw-1 .-. I -V 4 V . ' ,jf A , - fx -,-fgwg-Q.: -Qu. ,fp , E v xv - -. ' '5Iv'?'L 5' " 1 , , "I ' ,, ,h ,yi A L ,A . v 5 , L A ', - , V , . . h' ',. . . . -5-,Nz -ff ' 21. -+,,'1'ig5'A ., iff. - ' , 1:1 K " . ,, A ' 7 Q4 . .r-rrgfr xi' -,Fi ,A gg- J Q f ' ' ' Q ,f ' - - -K ' ' , ,L '3 -if-my K4 f l. ,, V1 .2 4 if , '57 - jr A' , ,rw kk, ..vzr?, . ..,,4- , -,nur , , fy X ' 7 ,. .,-.3X"-w'?'- ,Q I ,, .lv --5 , ., x, :gf V ,J - gf. 7 .-1 ,S Q., V,, Y... L- x. T . I F A ,. "isi5fR'? ' f'?11'-.2 '. 5- 1- , Q , -,J ,, '. .. - QL, .H-. ,: ,Z 'L 2 ' . 'D 1- ' 1 .' "TV . ,V 1-1 1 fag: " ' rg' 5' - " L 3:1 91222. F.- VN .M , - , f 32" if-"1 ' , ' ' N :ri 5 '31",lJ1i'.:"7l?ff "4 , '." ' 1 ' ' xl ' n ' 4 , ., - - ,A 4 ' 'big-, my 3 ' V- . X -- " 1 'u. --'12 W lf n a ,V-, .if .,, ' w3, . Liv." . , . A V . , ,. ,C-, . :-la 4- -A - 4- .,x,l1f,Xf'4- ' r' 5 f ix 5 N .1,fg".5wjg- ,JE .N-f 5 1 ' 13. , , . ,z,..y I -.g.,'.-" ar , .V A ,. . r ,A J, , e Q A ,, 'Br 5' Q. L, . Mm,-, , ff Q, Aja ,Q .Vps Y 1 1' -.. fm. :I- . 1 '.,L'I-.1 . K V 5 . X V L ,A - -z ,- .- Q 'f,.,. .- s-,4 1858 PQ 18 8 0l"iQI"55 PATRICIA MCHUGH, CO-EDITOR IOAN FERRIS, CO-EDITOR ROSEMARY BROWN RITA NESSINGER IANE DWYER NOREEN CALLAHAN 'IXUAU JJMJJ . . . LUCILLE NICHOLSON EILEEN BROGAN MARY MCCARTHY MARY IANE ADAMS GERALDINE COONEY JANE MADIGAN 1 LORRAINE MARTIN BARBARA IOHLIC DOLORES SCHALLERER PATRICIA ENRIGHT ALICE QUINNAN le agnihcenf rocedfiion f9..m,4w14, we ssznior Journagdfzi of .xdquinari mominican 5300! Cbcago, ,gfhnoin 2 I 1 v W , K, ,x fra ,LY I ' 'v 1, ',, , . W' W 2 ' ' Q 'f 49 li- QQ-if we 5, X n ,, , I 'f i W fi ,IM ,Y ? l vw' ' PQ, , . 2 n ,Ii , ' ' Lmf-V , 1 :fir , , V ,,, rf , -'riff , 1 'ag A Q ' .fi w,.7' Q'4 ' 15 5V,f,f,z: : ' Z E'5'Q'gW wil, W ,W J I .ak fd Wg? 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C3126 QI"f5 -.746 j6lClfLAy Leaders of the magnificent procession are these Beloved ones, whose gentle hands have trained The tender vine whereon our lives have bloomed, Whose watchful love and care have never Waned. Reverend Ioseph Hedderman Sister Ann Terence, O. P., Principal Sister Mary Eileen, O. P. Assistant Principal Sister Agnes Rita, O. P. Sister Mary Alban, O. P. Sister Mary Albert, O. P. Sister Ann Patrick, O. P. Sister Mary Benvenuta, O. P. Sister Mary Cecilia, O. P. Sister Mary Cecile, O. P. Sister Clare Ioseph, O. P. Sister Mary Coelina, O. P. Sister Mary Colombiere, O. P. Sister Mary de Ricci. O. P. Their generous noble lies of sacrifice impart To us such holy guidance that We ask, a prayer, A blessing, that our life in unfolding harmony The glory of the Valiant Woman all may share. Sister Dolores Marie, O. P. Sister Elizabeth Ann, O. P. Sister Francis Clare, O. P. Sister Francis Gerald, O. P Sister Francis Paul, O. P. Sister Helen Francis, O. P. Sister lane Helen, O. P. Sister Iohn Dominic, O. P. Sister Leo Clare, O. P. Sister Mary Majella, O. P. Sister Marie Bride, O. P. Sister Rose Francis, O. P. Mrs. M. V. Benne Mrs. Louise D. Ffrench 5 Wdgd As the ranks go ever onward Past the reviewing stand Friends support as judges iuing an ncore . jriencdi With a pat on the back, a clap ot the hand. Encouraging, guiding, helping From the sidelines came faith untold Spiritually, physically, mentally To soothe the heartaches lite may hold. A gift of a thousand good wishes Is all that can be rendered you now Except to say "Thanks," with a handshake A prayer from the lips, a smile and a bow. Prayers We'll sing "DE GHATlA" For indeed you have served as friends So God bless you, God love and God lead you To His Own supernatural end . . . THE SENIOHS Right Reverend George A. Parker, Reverend Edward M. Barron Reverend Ioseph P. Hedderman Reverend Walter Sheridan Miss Margaret Greenfield Mr. Aloys Leick Mrs. Patrick Nolan Mrs. Louise Dwyer Ffrench D.D. Mrs. M. V. Benne Mr. and Mrs. Iames Cullinan Mrs. Evelyn Lonsdale Mrs. Emma De Winter Mrs. Iosephine Wisnaski Mrs. Myrtle Coffing Miss Esther Bergman 6 owing gone Jdlzeaol. . . jk' ..!4All'l'll1l10 Following on through thirty-two years, they followed after, girls in an unending stream, a magnificent procession, that began in 1915 and that today, 1948, is still in progress. Having trod the paths that lie before us, these the Alumnae have already savored abit of the world. . . . At one time, the halls of Aquinas resounded with their footsteps, as the principles of Dominicanisrn and Catholicism were instilled in their hearts and minds, preparing them to face the future. Each has done this successfully, as is illustrated by Sister Iohn Mary, O. P., represent- ing Religious life, Mary Holland Beyers, a gcod Catholic Mother, Mary Iane Miner, a suc- cessful business executive, Mollie Michala, a brilliant young artist, Margaret Greenfield, the "Perfect Secretary," Dorothy Maguire, a thriving journalist, Pat Purcell, an accomplished musician, and Carol Crotty, a teacher, and all, rnolders of life, a living tribute to Aquinas. 7 -fiigx rgyfgw ,nf . ff ifilpffk 'Q' .awjzwg 53,5 4 -12 if? Bw- Q 9 1 w gas- Q 3,6355 Q .MW W, ,ne, Q, M E :ww . 4. ff 'W .17 , X ,M wr-mi , M umm, wiamkm x M? A 1 Q MMWL. ' 2 ,,S,,N,,w wh ,AW N Pjwlfn4Qf'x1?x3g.,TW. V Q? .2SQZLgJ:'5m,2 ,xyfj ,,g,gf U sf M, ,wig . JL"'ke,5fW' 2 4lQQ2"W A 3-'Wm h.5,"A"f Mastiff 'Semin-, wx f W wx x, .gl jv 2.2, xmas' 'w-vxwfir-1 "WW, N. KVM' ,vy,N,,,, A L1 .,,,.,Ayl ,,Lw.,,,,,w3i1'm.M Mm.. ., , xlMff'2:ww" MLN :.f.5JT"fii':2wls. . Mf",wM " K ""'fwm.,Mmi''dwg,gLLL?g'5'g',s..,vgQ,z1T'jjza WX,i'5'?vwe.sQ4W::g?wv+ew K .,,,Q,Mm H f f 1 '29, f A 1WgQTWEQ5wxJ'?m,.w' ' 7 W1 l w?4s4,:?b"M1Lf-M mi Y . Q wamwww, .:fif2Bw..... . vw: .QlZgwZ'??f wwf , Q QLZQT gm 1: ug Y M. ? . 'Y W . J W f B- . Atv ' W Ls Qi??Q?'3' ill fb Bs WSNFYW . ix -if F , Q t P'i'f'A' iv t Q 5 mm-,wwwlwsx , 2 K N -: My f H A . , ', ' A352233 ' X ,, S f ww 8 A , .www-f,,f, Y a ,faq S 5 M , P , . Su A W I .uw X " ., x. nh . . .R fl, 2 gi-R, 1 . V. sf , xv -mi' 'S' ,W 1 YVM- , x g W Sw? f 4 1- x 'V' if Q - 'T' 4, WN W W W 3 'X-'K . W ' 4 4 , if ff ,N ,, A if 2 ifwfv y , .Q . , , I6 D M W A, , Ai Q 4 55 3 'W ,W A, W Gigi mfg . Q 9 may Q.: 25315 M 3 f Q! W. ., I my qM x VM' My ri- kk S .n dy 0 Qwpvgwfw in wx, 3:69255 MQ 7 Lyris- I - Q. E N 2 fav Exif Fai MK 4, Lf, , W 5 XP K 3 . ESA E. ff M! 2 n. Q 'Z R12 ww I 3' 5 5 Above: Mary Beniac, President, explains a Prom incident to Social Chairman lane Colnon, Vice President Betty Vekemans, Secretary Ioan Delaplane, and Treasurer Catharine Firench. fl"lUU'lg owcunc! fAQ QJOCLKH- gk? lfllfLi0I"5 Dear Diary: Oh! It was fun being a Iunior! I'll always remember my first days of being an upperclassman. I-Iow proud I was when I could smile and say, "I'm a Iunior." My first glimpse of typing, shorthand, advanced math and science were very disillusioning. However, it didn't take long to get into the "swing of things" especially when we were chattering about our oncoming upperclass- man activities. Wasn't it fun voting for our friends to be the future leaders of the school? After having such wonderful examples set before us we will continue to keep our school ranking high. Oh! And will you ever forget those wonderful dances! The thrilling feel- ing that came over us as we entered the Crystal Ballroom for our first Horne- coming? Actually hobnobbing with Seniors! Ever shall I hold in memory the Iunior-Senior Prom at the gorgeous Medi- nah Club, and the Iunior-Senior Breakfast with its delicious chicken a-la-king. And now, dear diary, as my Iunior year comes to an end, I can think only of the honor of being a "mighty Senior." Bye now, Ieanne CLaPrisel 12 uniord Row One: Mary Ann Ahern. Rosemary Anderson, Lois Antonacci, Catherine Arnold, Barbara Bachtell, Iewell Baechtold, Marion Barber, Ioan Baulsir. How Two: Mary Beniac, Marilyn Benjamin, Lorraine Besse, Mary Lou Biondi, Elizabeth Bliss, Mary Katherine Brandl, Margaret Mary Burke, Mary Therese Burke. Row Three: Carla Butts, Marie Caraher, Stephanie Carroll, Patricia Clark, lane Colnon, Ioan Comiskey, Gloria Conley, Alice Connolly. Row Four: Ioyce Cotter, Ieanne Marie Dart, Ianet Delaney, Ioan Delaplane, Therese Dennehy, Marie Desmond, Mary Ellen Devlin, Laura Dillon. Row Five: Mariclare Doody, Patricia Dooley, Patricia Donoqhue, Iulia Dsida, lean Dunne, Teresa Dwyer, Eileen Faloona. Olga Fekete. 13 uniord How One: Catherine Ffrench, Ioan Fitzpatrick, Evelyn Flanagan, Ioan Forbes, Mary Aline Friend, Mary Gadbois, Lillian Garvin, Carol Gates. How Two: Sylvia Gignac, Donna Goes, Marilyn Goodrich, Noma Gott, Mary Ann Grant, Patricia Guay, Elsie Haase, Nancy Hanrahan, Row Three: Ioan Hari, Iayne Hart, Margaret Hartiqan, Iane Haw. How Four: Valerie Hayes, Helen Healy, Louetta Hehmann, Mary Therese Heim. Row Five: Patricia Hendron, Ioan Hirsch, Mary Ann Hogan. Patricia Howe. 14 uniom l Row One: Nancy Hundt, Dolores Iames, Marguerite Iohnston, Charlotte Kapes, Charlotte Keenan, Mary Keenan. Margaret Keiner, Patricia Kelly. How Two: Ioan Kenny, Iacqueline Kilian, Polly Ann Klobucar, Ioyce Landsman, Ieanne Latchiord, lean Laughlin, Patricia LaVoie, Geraldine Lee. How Three: Mary Lehane, Shirley Lesniewski, Margaret Lister. Row Four: Barbara MacDonald, Doris Maise. Margaret Martin. Row Five: Ioysan Matz, Carol McDonnell, Susan McDonnell. 15 unions Row One.' Mary McGeever, Colette McGivern, Sheila McGraw, Eileen McMorrow, Sally McMullen, Donna Meyering, Ellarita Mills. Row Two: Sally Mohar, Patricia Moore, Frances Moran, Margaret Moriarty, Kathleen Morrison, Mary Moynihan, Frona Mucllaff. Row Three: Mary Loretta Mulvehal, Dolores Nenzel, Betty Neville, Mary Newman, Margaret Ann North, Geraldine O'Barski, Ruth O'Barske. Row Four: Mary Alice O'Connell, Miriam O'Connell, Mary Ellen O'Connor, Iean O'Don- nell, Mary O'Malley, Charlotte O'Meara, Maureen O'Meara. Row Five: Valerie Ormrod, Margaret O'Sullivan, Lois Overholser, Marlene Pacini, Elaine Palmer, Patricia Payton, Ioan Peterson. 16 unions How One: Gloria Petro, Ioan Pickett, Ioan Prindiville, Helen Reis, Nancy Roach, Laurette Saltman, Marilyn Schroeder. Row Two: Iacqueline Schulz, Alice Simczak, Mary Speese, Mary Dolores Spuehler, Mary Stanton, Paula Steifens, Nancy Stevenson. How Three: Rose Strauch, Geraldine Stryck, Ioan Sullivan, Patricia Sullivan, Rosalie Sullivan, Therese Szczepaniak, Iacqueline Tarsitano. Row Four: Ioan Thompson, Donna Tredup, Lois Trzcinski. Beverly Turcich, Betty Veke- mans, Ann Voitik, Geraldine Wall. Row Five: Dorothy Walsh, 'Ioyce Wargin, Patricia Young, Mary T. White. 17 Geraldine Moloney, Secretary: Rita Wall, Vice President: Marie Moran, President, and Rita Wrenn, Social Chairman, look on as smiling Treasurer Iean Kapple gleams at the receipt for the Sopho- more Dance. aufung fk Moloer Ma m - jim .gzinfiffafing .SJUFAJ Dear Diary: Oh, to live these past few months again. What a busy and eventful time it proved to be. Leaving me memories of the Gallic Wars and Caesar: and visions of lines and triangles, trying to solve the mysteries of geometry. The feeling of being a scientist While dissecting frogs in the Biology Laboratory. Yet the greatest thrill of all Was to be elevated from being called "freshie." Then too, there was the Sophomore Dance Where I saw my friends in their social grandeur. But While dancing to the strains of sophisticated music my thoughts turn enviously to the upperclassmen. I could picture in my mind their glowing faces while they were dancing in a crystal ballroom, to cele- brate the annual Homecoming. With the close of this school term, I look back upon a glorious year. For the first time realizing that it is gone, never to be relived. Yet the future has a rosy hue, for now I can visualize and patiently await to become a junior, and enjoy the privileges of an upperclassman. So long for now, --Marilyn fBednarl 18 50,04 Olflfl ored Row One: Patricia Ahern, Mary Allas, LaVerne Angelos, lean Austin, Ioan Austin, Therese Baader, Sally Baker, Dolores Basil, Kathleen Basil. How Two: Mary Catherine Basil, Helen Bernoudy, Patricia Beverly, Patricia Biety, Grace Block, Ann Biandl, Rosemary Brehm, Patricia Bridges, Rita Brogan. Row Three: Dorothy Buckley, Mary Louise Buckley, Anna Mae Byrne, Elaine Byrnes, Nanette Campbell, Mary Alyce Cantlin, Carol Chenowith, Gloria Cinelli, Marilyn Coffey. Row Four: Patricia Connell, Irene Connolly, Helen Coughlin, Mary Margaret Cramsie, Rita Cresap, Constance Cronin, Patricia Cullinan, Barbara Davia, Antoinette Delisi. Row Five: Veronica Dennehy, Ioan Denny, Kathleen Devitt, Marilyn Dickson, Diane Donovan, Mary Ann Downing, Rosema:ie Doyle, Dorisann Drea, Audrey Dufour. 19 .S70l0A0l'l'l 0I"Q55 Row One: Doris Dunmore, Mary Therese Dunn, Suzanne Dunne, Carolyn Egner, Marolyn Eqner, Mary English, Ianet Ennen, Marjorie Ernst. How Two: Ioan Fisher, Doris Flanagan, Florence Fletcher, Eileen Flood, Patricia Flood, Kathleen Flynn, Alice Foley, Frances Fruin. Row Three: Helen Gallagher, Gloria Gavrilovich, Mary Gibbons, Hettie Gilmore, Nancy Glusack, Elaine Galaszewski, Ioan Grace, Fioseanna Grace. Row Four: Sylvia Grigul, Frances Guy, Catherine Hanley, Martha Hendrick. Row Five: Mary Henry, Mary Lou Henry, Clarice Herringer, Ioyce Hinsberger. 20 .S70l0A0l'lfl 010815 How One: Patricia Hoene, Patricia Hogan, Ioan Hoiss, Mary Hoole, Elsie Howorth, Nancy Ivers, Ioyce Ieck, Kathryn Iohnson. Row Two: Nancy Ioslyn, Veronica Kaniewski, Iean Kapple, Mary Kaub, Marcella Kay, Hannah Keating, Iean Kelty, Rosemarie Kelly. Row Three: Mary Carol Kelly, Ellen Kennedy, Alice Kennelly, Margaret Kenzinger, Eusebie Knapp, Rosemary Knapp, Betty Iane Knoth, Gloria Kuberski. Row Four: Ioan Kwake, Alice Lehane, Mary Rose Lennon. Row Five: Rose Marie Levato, Margaret Levis, Margaret Loftus. 21 0,06 0I'l'l ored Row One: Norine Mackey, Patricia Madden, Celeste Mager, Nancy Mahoney, Arlene Malone. Geraldine Maloney, Catherine Mazchese, Dolores Maritote, Patricia Maroney. Row Two: Marianne Marrin, Marjorie Marshall, Marian McCabe, Patricia McCaflery, Barbara McCarthy, Patricia McFarland, Alicia McGill, Patricia McGill, Maureen McGuinn. Row Three: Iayne McGraw, Patricia McMahon, Alice McMorrow, Doris McNamara, Mary Loretta McNulty, Mary Catherine McQuaid, Doris E. Mills, Bruneita Melon. Geraldine Monks. How Four: Geraldine Moore, Elizabeth Moran, Florence Moran, Marie Moran, Helen Morris, Laetitia Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Phyllis Nearhoff. Row Five: Mary Therese Nessner. Catherine Norton, Eleanor O'Brien, Ioan O'Brien, Frances O'Donnell, Geraldine O'Keefe. Denise Olenick, Margaret Ott. 22 SOFA 0I'l'l 0l"Q.'5 Row Onc: I:y Paterson, Patricia Patterson, Dorothy Petritis, Eleanor Philpott, Betsy Picard, Patricia Plumslead. Marvel Propel, Mary Reynolds. How Two: Patricia Ringley, Marian Ryan, Patricia Ryan, Dorothy Schaeffer, Patricia Scherman, Marylen Scholl, Ioan Schubert, Diane Shepherd. Row Three: Barbara Short, Carol Sink, Mary Elizabeth Slattery, lean Marie Stock, Diane Stoll, Patricia Sugrue, Margaret Sullivan, Lorraine Vinci. Row Four: Dolores Wagner. Norma Wagner, Rita Wall, Norma Wantuck, Mary Ann Wenzel, Phyllis Winans, Lois Walkers, Iean Wolfe. Row Five: Rita Wrenn, Ianet Zahringer, Mary C. Dwyer, 'Io Ann Robinson, Marigene Ryan. 23 Planning the Freshman Debut are: Dimples . . . Mary Catherine Nolan, Vice President: Smiling . . . Faith Hoeper, Social Chairman, and Center of Attraction . . . Barbara Bredeken, President. :flailing or a urloode - glee .lgornaafiue ZZPUAA Dear Diary: Being a Freshman Wasn't so bad as I thought it would be. Even though I was "green" and unacquainted with the sophistication of a high school girl, I'm quite proud of myself. After all, who looked more beautiful than I on the night of my "debut"? I sure hope Bill liked my dress . . . the one I Wore to the Freshman Dance. Personally, I was rather pleased with myself. My first Christmas Play at Aquinas would never have been ,such a success Without my helping Voice. And the day of Recollection . . . Retreat . . . my soul must have been important to God. At times I thought that Algebra class would never end. The fun of Latin Week lifted some of the strain. I-low proud I was when my General Science booklet was displayed in Senior hall. My Freshman year finally completed. What a grand and glorious feel- ing to be a Sophomore and forget that I ever was a "green" Freshie! So long. -Ieannette fO'Brienl 24 jfeff Am en Row One: Louanne Acosta, Nancy Allas, Iane Angelos, Beverly Bakovich, Iean Banks, Mary Lou Barlow, Betty Bates, Audrey Becker. Row Two: Iudith Biety, Phyllis Brady, Barbara Bredeken, Genevieve Brennan, Maureen Bresnahan, Barbara Bridgman, Barbara Brown, Geraldine Browne. Row Three: Peggy Brunson, Kathleen Buechele, Rita Callahan, Mary Ellen Campbell, Rita Carter, Helen Casey, Patricia Cavanaugh, Ioan Chapman. Row Four: Barbara Chenicek, Gilda Cianci, Carol Condon, Barbara Conners, Ioan Conners, Patricia Consier, Marion Coppe, Loretta Cotter. How Five: Barbara Cramer, Iean Curran, Margaret Mary Daly, Mary Io Daly, Patricia Daly, Bianca Danese, Bruna Danese, Marybeth Delaplane. 25 glneff A141 Q11 Row One: Kathleen Devlin, Patricia Dolan. Margaret Donegan, Peggy Donegan, Ioanne Dopke, Mary Angela Drew, Catherine Eck, Marlene Edge. Row Two: Betty Faulkner. Mary Anne Findlay, Nancy Finn. Ruie Flock, Barbara Flynn, Kathleen Friend, Patricia Fruin, Rosemary Gallagher. Row Three: Marilyn Gariepy, Diane Gavigan, Ioanne Gavril, Patricia Gerrity. Row Four: Dawn Gibson, Loretta Gibson, Lorraine Graaman, lean Grace. How Five: Kathleen Green, Frances Haase, Lucy Haase. 26 P85 A ITL ell Row One: Elizabeth Hannigan, Iulie Hart, Patricia Hennelly, Mary Olive Higgins, Faiih Hoeper, Clare Hoglund, Roseann Hosty, Patricia Hurley. Row Two: Dolores Hyland, Marlene Hyzy, Mary Ann Iohnson, Rita Kelleher, Baqbara Kenny, Suzanne Kerris, Patricia Kirk, Mary Lou Koller. Row Three: Iill Landsman, Mary Kay Larson, Grace Leck. Row Four: Mary Margaret Lee, Suzanne Lee, Nancy MacLeod. Row Five: Mary Frances Maguire, Virginia Malloy, Margaret Malunncy, 27 gI"e6A,l0'l0l'l Row One: Carol Manion, Helen Maroney, Ioanne Marone, Lucille Matern, Mary McCarthy, Monica McCarthy, Patricia McCarthy, Iune McGuire. How Two: Elizabeth McKenna, Sally McKevis, Coleen McMahon, Patricia McNamara, Nancy McNulty. Dolores McShane. Margaret Meegan, Mary Mills. Row Three: Marcella Mitchell, Constance Montroy, Rosannae Mooney. IoAnn Moriarty, Dolores Morrison, Frances Motto, Kathryn Mulligan, Colette Murphy. How Four: Patsy Murphy, Patricia Nash, Ioan Neitzel, Mary Catherine Nolan, Chalice Nugent, Eleanore O'Brien, Donna Mae O'Connell, Kathleen O'Connor. Row Five: Loretta O'Malley, 'Ioan Owens, Lora lean Pagliari, Darlene Patheal, Donna Mae Petrick, Brigitta Poehl, Evangeline Polus, Sally Prendergast. fs . M., gl"QdAI'I'l8I'l Row One: Phyllis Pumparey, Iacqueline Pyle, Ioyce Ann Rafferty, Margaret Roche, Mary Beth Ryan, Grace Schlaeger, Bernice Schneider, Margaret Sloan. How Two: Lois Smith, Agnes Spellman, Ieanne Spuehler, Anita Steqmaier, Marilyn Stender, Ioan Stevens, Geraldine Stofko, Sara lane Struett. Row Three: Maureen Sullivan, Patricia Sullivan, Ioan Swanson, Nancy Swanson, Mar- lene Tadrowski, Gloria Taufel, Ioanne Thulis, Elaine Trauscht. Row Four: Patricia Walsh, Gayle Walter, Frances Ward, Mary K. Watson, Mary Web- ster, Betty Welch, Alice Wenzel, lean Wilson. How Five: Eleanor Woodward, Gwen Brown, Mary Harness. 29 A k X W -Y 4 " w 33255 33: 1+ fp i f .H uifwyi ,., QM... A X ' .iv f Mi. W 9.5-. wa Q y . . Mi f fz :':5:Q:.f:'f ' gi? is M fl 1 1 1 'Qs iv X - ,if-3521-Xhl- , A Q wvefrlilfgfk 4 5"- M' A B X arf S-4, ,asf X 3 1,1 mi 3, :PEQSH W-in ' 4 , . .Ig iff Qi,-vllaffm' 'A if H. 'F I P ' 44 9 Q. qv WW PY' 2 wid 1 'A 2 f Q f E95 TSW, earning, ouing ana oE.Ul.n9 file jaim Learning of life through the practical presentation of reliable information by fellow classmates, the Religion classes act as a prov- ing ground for doubts or questions which may arise in these young developing minds. Thought-provoking questions concerning current topics of interest often result in a series of discussions and debates, enlivened and colored by varying degrees of personal, opinion. Actively alive and aware of the unceasing progress of Catholicism, these and all Aquinites strive to enlarge upon their minute store of knowledge. Educational material on all phases of life is offered to the students in an effort to prepare them to meet the oncoming force of the future years. Ioan Ferris. 32 1:1 we5'f A 1 AV. tg if ,::- E: . .. MWQQ3 K w w W if 3 fi EJ 'T W RAL . 25 , . 5 Sie 1 '. ,., -+ g-'-:"h 1 A .:: ,, W ' ' A' ,M . , , , - : S wg if 'QEA b ":5E'5 ' ' V if A' ,- , g X 'W f , 41:5.E 4 V tk ..2'.ggf::3.3f- H Viq,A .,A. Aqlv . ww fl 4 H sigh 55522: -f' wg?" f WWW we Gfizena of jomorrow M"06L6!C6l,:if "History makes the Nation." And some-ach Aquinite lists history among her most important subjects. Here, Frances Coyne, Mary lane Karnpwirth, Elaine Vasilatos and Margaret Killham display their skill in proving the im- portance of the new air age map. Knowing the "how" of the Nation's governing bodies is the objective of the social problems classes. Here Mary Schmagner, Mary T. Servatius, Virginia Sayre and other classmates are contributing to the discussion of how good governments should function in order to avoid the iron curtain of communism. Eileen Weber 34 we .juli gow WarcAin,g In a church, on a street, in a home, or on the stage, God's greatest gift to Man, SPEECH, plays an immense part in daily living. A Mother's lullaby to her child, a penitent in confession: a political speech: or a soul-stirring hymn demonstrates God's plan and the power of the spoken Word. Since it is said, "Thy speech doth discover thee," the Speech devotists utilize acquired knowledge, speaking and rehearing it on their Wire recorder. eBita Nessinger 35 OQHL fgeolad 0 .7!1in9:5 . . enema! .gzience Rose glow at the Chicago skyline-scientists I. Stephens, A. Becker, G. Grown, G. Walters and P. Walsh investigate the cause and seek understand- ing ot the part of the blast furnace in smelting iron ore. The bright light of curiosity-P. Walsh and M. Roach touch a match to a strand of silver magnesium ribbon. The White flame extinguishes itself, leav- ing a pale ash-substance in the tongs. This mysterious sphere entitled the Earth--K. Mulligan, B. Brown, M. Done- gan and I. Hart, instruction-book in hand, measure the axis-angle of the globe, a huge spinning top. -Patricia Kelly 36 fam- as n me jnaifo Wafure. . . M0 ogy The beauty of a flower, complexity of a leaf, habits of a minute body all add up to fascinating research. A life could not be boring, so full of the mysteries and surprises of the Creator's handiwork. Peering into Nature's storehouse, biologists not only discover the World around them but recognize God's infinite power manifested in the smallest of His creatures. flVlary Io Struett 37 Olfllflg .X4f0Ifl'llZ5!5 gy, jd GHG! WIAOUQ . . Ghglflfllfftlng A mixture of imagination, compounded with observation and in- genuity equals an alert chemist. S. Tegtrneyer and N. McCann, aided by I. Sugrue agree that their expert technique simplifies the wonder of water. P. Bucken tin, M. Donahue, S Carroll a d K . , n . Keating electrolize water into component partsfexplosive hydrogen and life-saving oxy- gen. Not only does electricity intrigue the class, but interest in lite increases. -lVlary Catherine McCabe 38 -wamwm-gx,.. , 41' xg L -1 2 0 ifv W Sin JW wcixf? , 552372 A 1. T' ' 59457 V, ,,,k Si , I V2 Y..1 iw M . :I ll 5.f57fw3YJ2i fgffbhffxj , , 2 f 5 7 fwfw , 6 JSE, -WM, 4 eL,,wu,Y, x fem, ' L :bmw ff ,V fig' H qffvwf ik X M -ff gggym W W..,,f, W4 wiizgwf ff ,Q fs 6555 Ligffgiez QQQEEQ ww? W' was 4 W ,.- n H S 82 2 I 5 av 2 V Q ff, ' ff Q 3 Qi Mfg V 5 r A 5 ' Wa . gg Li , , 4 E 55.!4. . , ZLW4 Lffef, Zwe.",' It was a strange and fascinating experience to learn to write in an entirely new fashion, to record the spoken word not by means of the familiar letters of the alphabet but by queer-looking pothooks and dashes! Could those very odd-looking characters possibly have any meaning? Ah, yes, it was not long 'til they became animated and very real to our aspiring young secretary. Shorthand was indeed different from any subject she had ever taken. And, oh, how very intricate and Well-nigh impossible of mastery it seemed at first. But just to foresee that dreamed-of day when as the perfect secretary Angie might take her place beside the desk of some important executive and take his dictation just as rapidly as he cared to give it was worth all the effort and study necessary to master those dashes and curves! There was a World of satisfaction in having met and conquered the challenge offered! 40 Camng fo Succedd in udznedzi The "white collar" girl first enrolled in the typing class at Aquinas. What a thrilling moment when she sat clown at the typewriter for the first time! And, oh, how eager she was for this new experience of having the machine ree spond to her very own touch. So many instructions from the typing teacher! Didn't she realize that what one was to do was perfectly obvious, that no unusual skill was needed to operate so simple a machine as the typewriter! Curved fingers, staccato touch, eyes on copy, feet on floor, head and shoul- ders erect-Oh dear, when are We going to type? Ah, at last! But alas, when the "go" signal was finally given, poor "Angie" was all thumbs. How could one be so awkward! Maybe everyone can't be a typist-Maybe. Success in typing, as in all endeavors, was attained by looking upon each day's work as an exciting new experience. Every day offered new opportu- nities to achieve one's best by attacking the problems at hand with zest and determination. Great things can be done by earnest, willing workers! 41 . ..,. ,,., M .,.,. - 4? S QF J. , W ,N .. . ,,,,,L K fs 5 vi, , :film jf . Lug! x, M. fr wg, .5 ' if Q 'iw HM. , fn x Wiz-an ' M: -'01 s 32 vb.: . ine AIIQH an laurla e id wr covering . . . omema er To be sure of the correct method of purchasing a garment and to ascertain its real value. the Iulure Home- maker is taught to notice the hems ot garments. to check the labels as a guarantee of value, and to know her materials. M. L. Hogan, I. Green, E. Mack, M. L. Biety, R. Gaffney and P. McHugh scrutinize their merchandise lor REAL bargains, SAG !dZife!A CUIJ 50817 AGI' fra he M1615 900 . . . Nor will the Homemaker be fooled by misleading labels. She knows how to interpret them and what to demand before she purchases. Here N. Callahan, I. Ferris, P. Sullivan, M. Hogan, B. Iohlic and T. DeCanio inves- tigate the labels on canned goods to check for quality and content and usability of the product contained therein. 43 .fa-Q -ww fsif A 'W Ay! 0 .Sze AufA 0l'7UI1l'll Aw' moufg fo ruinloln As the grandfather clock chimes the zero h.our, script writers G. Feeney, C. Barnes and A. Townsend forsake modernity and use "WHO CIYN FIND A VALIANT WOMAN?" for their theme. .SQFEHQIA ull!! Afllflrfy f are Aer Cfofdfnff "All ready for the party," say L. Weber, A. Townsend and D. Neitzel as they take cr last minute look in the powder room mirror which re- flects so artistically their newly- made dresses. cw ion- ime flue jme,-j!Leme of .Slow Time marches on . . . and fashion with it! The "new look" develops into the "NOW look." Hemlines hit Cl new low, but the sewing classes prove that it is oll pctrt of an endless pattern. The theme ofthe style show points out the timelessness ot fashion, and shows that fashion-time is really all the time. , f f i 5 Q It 3 . M ,Awww '-' 301' .Agefll 001157 jar way, Ulf' 6004214 !flllll l!ClllgAll'l"J ANU? VCIIAVPUII l0q0lAUI" l"l.l'Il'5 1 I I IVI. I. Kampwirth, M. T. Servatius, M. Lindenian, anfl C. Bornes find music to match their mood. The richness of this cultural background is retlecterl in the iinelyffgletailerl construction of their afternoon dresses. s fl I' CHI C AON! U ll lll'I'H'I 0.5, C061 1.5 U ,Jl'l.Cl' 0 AUP For making a trip, or going awav to college, these modern "valiant women" know the importance of a well- matched ensemble. fi '! ' f I I ' I I ff IUI' I 0I'lI0.5lll'J UPU l' of IU! llflll K OH I U glll'Ill0IIlr5 On the domestic side, D. Schallerer, NI. P, Dwyer, and M. Sutlivan make good use of then pert, practical apron. 45 Cgzflzing-jar My unc! OGHL, jar Wkglzffy ..S7zac!0w.5 .Her famla JAC!! nof e ,auf ouf in fA.e nigllf The shadows of night weave their eerie tin- qers on the Style Show models: L. Martin, P. Klobucar, M. A. Ahern, S. Mohar, V. Ohrmrod, and D. Meyring, who with candle in hand sleepily display their grandmother nightgowns. Not wishing to go to bed so early, the models sneak away lrom tucked-in covers to hold a stairway "gab fest" and listen to a bed-time story, as another fashion filled day comes to an end. we Kal!! of L'il'l'l0I'lL'y i6 OH AGI' ldilflglll' Not seeing double, just the product of Marie Lange's nimble iingers in miniature. With true clemency Marie patterns little sister's outfit after her own, hoping that Ianet may profit by her experience and example. Trustinqly, Ianet places her hand in big sister's and looks to her for help and guidance, ready to follow in her footsteps. Thus dawns the realization of the necessity for domestic accomplishments in order to make a success of the future dream ci motherhood. 46 .Sze ,Nam OIOQIQQJ eiler ,Hand fo fAe Weeclg an .gjfrefckecl Ouf eller eilanblfi lo fke poor st Happy, smiling eyes sparkle in the faces of the Aquinites, as they turn in their green suits to don red for the role of Santa Claus. SAB 0l08l'l0 ACI' Adil!! fo H012 Officers of the lunior Red Cross, l. Hulthen, E. Bliss, G. Conley cmd G. Lee box the 500 favors made by the Red Cross workers that will later grace Easter Trays in Veterans' Hospitals. --Lorraine Martin Sli? fffl"C?lCAU!fl Oli! AGI' ACll'l6Lf i0 fha l900l" Five rninims model proudly the work of the Clothing Department, that will exchange its Way across the seas to another five, so deserving and so in need. Patricia Forde, Lois Flock, Frances Hyland, lean Surgue, Margaret Ronan, Eileen Minterfering, lean Hoffman and lean Dunmore assist in this noble Red Cross activity. -Mary lane Adams 47 'fin golf . . 2310014 . . an M doggy The Menuettes, under Sister Rose Francis, plan the menus while the women in charge prepare for the 700 hunger-starved Aquinltes who follow its scent to the cafeterias. SAI' Al"illgl'lA AUP 7I"l'6ll LOIII ll Cll' The next week's meals are in progress, This is the "brain Child" of Mary T. Burke, Mirian O'Connell, Mary Keenan, Mary A. O'Connell, Marilyn Tucker. Elsie Haase, Therese Dennehy, Marion O'Connor, Sylvia Gignac and Rosemarie O'Connell who plan the meals. At each important event of the year the Cafeteria dons a new dress for the occasion. The walls and pillars bear festive reminders while on each table is a bud or flower that makes the "eating place" of '48 assume a home- like atmosphere'-all the clever work of the cafeteria personnel. The sincere thanks of the student body go to Sister Rose Francis O.P., Mrs. E. Lonsdale, Mrs. P. Nolan and Mrs. C, De Winter for a task so well done and so arclently appreciated. 48 I M 5 2' iw-W 7-,.,1y...fff-B-.1y,nwn-fh,efwfA X 1' g r Y 3 " If gf-4 E Q L ,K xx n . X K K K Xa ELA 'ii-Xi X. Q Q tk Mmmwmx k M, - - .:,:g-g3:g:f,1- .:.-' -- fzif 6 7 f, ff wi W, ,J f W: Z' V Q 4 nb ,f x 'Whgmwwby 7 V , :2:..,,,:::Zg.,-1,--,-. Y -Mx , www J 2 , Q I XX T 1 ef! N . a , . M 'X X J ,lt X K v ,NX U, ffff ia X 1 XXX 3 is f .3 1 3 ff wg? 'H 1' ,Q 1. xx 1 xx Nw 4 W N --v- .-:.-,ug ..7:5,A:. V af ' 3 f 1 1 B! ...,,, 1 .V . I Y , X A:,A3,:, T I N r' 'www PF 1 as M ' -s--v A, I we 2 .E.55?:iA- 3 , A A W, P M., f f e Q :mf One more on? . . jlze Cfzoraf BEFORE THE KING SENIOR-IUNIOR CHORALISTS CHANT THE SACRED LITURGICAL HYMNS FOR BENEDICTION. Assuming the "New-Old Look" of the Gibson girl, Soph choral members participated in the Immaculata Choral Festival in February. Both groups have been in much demand this year. They have proved that singing and raising voices in unison Whether it be a Negro Spiritual, an old-time favorite or the more lilting strains of the Southland or the most sublime words ever littered by manethe Sanctus or the Benedictus of the Mass-is a return to the Creator of one of His greatest gifts, "the gift of song." Patty lVIcHugh 50 gingera, gracefuf Wouemenf . we gkalnlflfl O! fAQ gfeat CLfftel":f Since "Music is the language of Heaven," the above group have sought to learn its hidden charm. Lois Flook, Ioyce Banks and Patricia Kelly, "second piano," have given their own recitals, while Eva Sutton, Eileen Mintefering and Ioan Mc- Carthy eagerly await a turn to execute. The String Ensemble boasts of the following members: Iulia Dsida, Iacqueline Schultz, Ioyce Banks, Betty Neville, Lois F look, Mary T. Heirn, Patricia Clark, Mary E. Campbell, Noma Gott and Iean Prebis with the flute. Working with the Orches- tra and on their own, the Ensemble played for the Freshman Debut, accompanied carolers at Hospitals at Christmas, enter- tained at many private parties and climaxed the year by per- forming for the Adrian Dominican Alumnae in May. Patty McHugh 51 lyfagfime U U I lflkfllflfle'-' CLyfUflfl8 . . . l"CllflflClflC..!4yl"i PLAYTIME . . . The WEESHY MAN brings all good things to tl'e Irish, say Clarice Herringer, Frances Fruin, Connie Cronin, Nancy Glusack. Patricia Sugrue and Helen Morris as they enact a very thrilling legend of Old Ireland. YULETIME . , . I. star fell on Aquinas at Christmas and the school became the Birthplace of tho King M. I, Kempwirth as the Madonna: M. C. McCabe and K. Wolcott as angels, and P. lVlc.Hugh as Saint Ioseph, with the supporting Cost, enacted the age old story. The Candlelight Procession added pomp and beauty to the play. MAYTIME . . . The senior contribution to entertainment came in HANNOUNCING ANTONIFV' Tho proceeds of this production were used by the Seniors to purchase a farewell gilt for the school. Above: Marilyn O'Hara, Mary Mulcahy, Margaret Flannogan, Helyrr McGovern and Mary Lou Hogan console Ioan Shaugnessey who awaits the ' arrival of the Doctor, sent for in this emergency. 52 Wake Ma 7WaLe5 Wifadyg ana! flue Wadferd W Age disappears as the Make-Up classes take over. That added line changes an Aquinite into a little old lady or a raving beauty. The illusion of young or old may be achieved in a few minutes by these devotees oi the artificial arts. Under the pro- fessional guidance of a Make-up Artist, dramatic-minded Aquinites earnestly delve into the wonders of "back-stage" Hollywood. Keeping their respective classes informed on the various activities of the Drama Club -and presiding over the club meetings are a few of the duties of these officers of the Drama Department. Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior Presidents, Ruie Flook, Mary English, and Lois Flock, respectively, eagerly wait as Iunior President Kitty Ftrench chooses a recorded reading lor their enjoyment. Mrs. Louise Firench, Dramatic art instructor at Aquinas, can list a long line of Aquin- ites under her tutelage. Under the competent supervision of Sister Colombiere O.P., and Mrs. L. Firench, many effective class plays have been produced and another suc- cessful year completed. -Patty McHugh 53 Affyd flue of Q04 and Wulf LQ Ma! Yflnfo bike QAM Here Sophs know the exact lace for that liturgical poster p 1 which they paint with tem- pera. As the bell for class rings, S. Becker, I. Kaufman, D. Walsh, E. Weber, and I. Bar- rett take out their designs. These will be hand painted on silk scarfs and add color to that new Easter suit. Through the silk screen process posters for the con- cert are made. Three intent Sophs are busy preparing a color value chart. Eileen Weber .,z'.,,,M.,,. 3 was M...-...,,,,m' i mzsswgmw 2 3 3 .fdrf id fAe QXNCLLDQQ of jkaf lUU!zic!L Weecld fo K2 mania -.Sicfnf .7Aorna.1.Aquina.i The majestic splendor of the Arts expresses itself through the exuberance of the crea- tive mind of Aquinites in the Art Department. Through the medium ot the paintbrush, the silk screen, and the weaving loom, the artists' eye and clever hand makes beauty, a reality. "Using the weaving loom for that 'masterpiece' of design is loads of fun" insists our two young Michelangelos, or Meta O'Leary and Phyllis O'lVIalley as they are commonly called. Pat Newman 55 .Af ffm Crodbroa 5 . . . ociaf Meeting at the crossroads A time for a social pause For athletics, clubs and dancing Diversion being the cause. fMary Lou Hogan 56 ek' E ihilztszbsyf was 5153 Fa Wx Qs, u an jocfa . . Olga in omorrow 9 3 9 - me .gzaclenf Ciomnci l And what a beneficent rule it wasp helping the faculty in minor matters of discipline and really gaining a great deal of experience in leadership. Meeting weekly in Executive Council with Marion Holliday as the presiding officer, parlimentary procedure was practiced and mastered. In open discussion proposed projects were suggested and with the consent of the faculty, many of these objectives were realized. The above group when attending the Convention discovered that the setup of the Aquinas Student Council could par with any of the finest. branch of the Civic Bureau, is composed of volunteers from The Library Committee, a all homerooms. Assisting at the circulation desk, making out and delivering overdue no- tices, filing, mending books, and dusting the shelves are just a few of their duties. Chair- man lean Prebis presided at the Monday afternoon meetings, under the cheerful direction of Sister Francis Paul O.P. Classes are changing and how lovely it is to head for the fourth floor Where beaming faces exchange smiles. In the mural above, Saint Thomas, the guiding spirit of Aquinas, raises his saintly arms in benediction, as the girls in green file up and down the stairs. - Maureen Ward 58 0UQI"l'lIfl'LQl'lf iA8 Qing, tk? Qing 30 fAQ QI' if Art can be a labor of love. And here at work on the posters for the next event of im- portance, Publicity Chairman Barbara Bachtell with lean O'Donnell, Stephanie Carroll, and Elizabeth Bliss apply their art. With the spire of Saint Philip Neri Church as a backdrop, they brush their news to the Student Body. Every two weeks sixty law-abiding Aquinites attend the Representative Assembly and venture to express the Student view. Each room elects two girls to represent them. With the constructive guidance of the Student Council Moderator, Sister Mary Benevenuta O.P., the organization is functioning well and has a good start on the Road to Success. Active Student Council minds plot new ideas and programs in quick succession, in order to keep the department in the foreground and produce inspiration in leaders ot tomorrow. M. Tarsitano directs this committee, C. Iacques announces ideas to Student body, and the nimble fingers ot C. Hyland takes notes on the typewriter. C. Seuring, L. Tadrowski, and R. M. O'Connell listen attentively and offer worthwhile suggestions. Helen Muckian, Merit Award Chairman, meets with her committee and tabulates points to discover the twenty-five who will merit the Silver This prized possession is gained through vigorous participation in all extra-curricular activities. Each girl then receives in- dividual recognition as an "A" girl. - Patty McHugh 59 lwfing, eruing, guiabng . . .X4 agmaffparf in VOTING . . . Presiding at the election, Susan Cullen gives the girls the thrill of voting before the legal age and carries out the rules observed at the polls. SERVING . . . Geraldine Wall, Service Bureau head, calls "at ease" for a minute as she and her weary workers enjoy that "pause that refreshes" and well they should for their many hours of service so freely given, have shown results in a gym- transformed auditorium and in hundreds of other activities. GUIDING . . . With a view to the future while still holding on to the present, Vocational Guidance chairman, Mary lane Cox and her able assistants ponder through brochures and catalogues of colleges. Being thus informed they may pass their secrets on to other seniors. Many a later success in life may be traced to this new field of Student Council activity. 3 Mary lane Cox 60 Ciba erwhng, roving, mfrieuing . .14 ajwlego .70warc! goof! gouernmenf DEFENDING . . . To make sure of her defense, able lawyers, members of the Aquinas Bar Association, will plead her cause under Attorney General, A. Scott, and her assistant, H. McGovern. They ponder over weighty problems to find the ex- planation of a technicality of law. Sr. Elizabeth Arm directs the court. PBOVING . . . Before the Iudge CSenior Iudge, M. F. Wrenn and Iunior Iudge, I. A. Bro- snanl the culprit tells her story as she is innocent until proved guilty. A vio- lator of a minor misdemeanor in school law, she has a right to "be heard" and to be defended, replicating the judicial branch of government. RETRIEVING . . . No, not an animal but myriads of lost articles ranging from a uniform skirt to a pair of spectacles, which find their Way after a weary wait to be claimed by an owner in the Lost and Found Bureau of the Student Council under ca- pable Maureen Ward. Here M. Lindeman, M. Byrnes, R. Marshall, and Ellen Guy look over the day's catch. 61 CLCl,l'Cl,Cf2I" Wafiona onor ociefg Mary Lou Schaeflein President Carol lean Barnes Vice President Mary Francis Wrenn Secretary Patricia Kelly, Treasurer Iacqueline Benson Loretta Doran Ioan Ferris Lois Ann Flook Barbara Gavin Marion Holliday Camille Iacques Rosemary Kill Mary Catherine McCabe Patricia McHugh Helen Muckian Rita Nessinger Carolyn Noonan Donna O'Bierne lean Prebis Ioan Richter Virginia Sayre Mary Schmagner Carla Seuring Mary Io Struett Eva Marie Sutton Marlene Tarsitano Loretta Tomaka Marilyn Tucker Katherine Wolcott .sjckofarrikilo S2 eruzce 9 elfe jigAfing Lf Czridf . . pugdcifg, liariri ,x 64 Publicizing the Sodality was great fun. Here publicity chairman, Mary C. McCabe arranges her football heroes, symbolic of homeroom progressions in the New World Crusade. The artistic members of this committee are S. Stru- ett, H. Healy, M. Sullivan and B. Neville. Interesting each Sodalist in her par- ish is the task of the parish committee. Building stronger the bond between the high school girl of today and the par- ish leader, Aquinas can boast of 28 parishes to be amply supplied with leading Aquinites. Fulfilling the greatest objective of the Sodality, monthly Mass and Holy Corn- munion, strains the Sodalist to her goal, Ad Iesum per Mariam. Sister Mary Ce- cile O.P. and her co-workers on the Faculty deserve much credit for their Work done in His Name. - Donna O'Beirr1e Amir ollkecl . . Gaflzogc .fdcfion ur Cry Aquinas Catholic Actioneers under Rita Nessinger "dare and do" in a quiet manner or in cr dramatic setting as below. It is Christmas at the Home of the Friendless and so remembering another LITTLE CHI LD, the Sodalists, eager to do "for the least of these," played Santa at a Christmas part B ' y. ring- ing their chimneys with them, they unloaded S1000 worth of clothing, the gifts ot the various homerooms. Besides, two tons of clothing were donated tor the Bishop's relief for overseas' children. YOU 65 ,4 ,4,,,,, ,, uni 5,1f,,,,, 5z,,,,1,,,.,4, of in t. Like an army in battle array the Literature Committee under Patricia Kelly is ever "fighting for Christ, the Lord" through His Press. The student body are informed by timely pamphlets on the import of Catholic doctrine. In con- junction with the Religion classes, the magazines, Today, Catholic Youth and Queen's Work, are the results of their subscription drives. The Apostolic Committee, with Loretta Doran as leader, has spread Christ's kingdom from the tropics of Guatemala to the wilds of India and throughout our own country. By stimulating apostolic zeal S3500 left Aquinas for the Missions, all indicative of the self-sacrifice of the Aquinites. Besides a financial aid to the Missionary, the prayers of the Sodalists follow him that he may have the courage so necessary for his work as an Apostle. 66 C, McDonnell, B. Neville, N. Steven- son, M. Gadbois, and S. Lesniewski discuss plans beneath the design of their club pin. .img xtlt L Marlene Tarsitano, Rosemary Rior- dan, and Frances McMahon prepare to meet the challenging demands of future business life. 24,0405 CU16! gdllefff pfall CU16! gX6CMtQ Alpha . . . Gamma . . . Tau . . . Algebra . . . Geometry . . . Trigonometry . . . the club with numbers for its lanes on the route of scholarship. The Greek letters symbolize the path which club members have worn through their mathe- matical years at Aquinas. Circles . . . triangles . . . squares . . . pi . . . the unknown "X" . . . contribute their share of worries. Rulers, compasses, pro- tractors are the necessary tools for building perfect knowledge. Career Cadets . . . the white collar girls of tomorrow . . . learn to type with speed and accuracy, transcribe the mysterious symbols with rapidity and mimeograph easily and perfectly. The proper social form and grace of office life are acquired through careful practice. The finished product,- the business man's boon.-Noreen Callahan. 67 Wylocnfrll 2l'l.lil'.5 MA' 77Jl!1lAOAlglfl'Cl!-!6IIgll0lllg5 A N li 654 l - Y , mdirifing ffze .fdffacki of .ilarloied . . me ganguefera Listening to another Spanish Senorita, the Pan-Am. Week celebrators relive a bit of "O1d Spain." Latin Week came to Aquinas and hidden behind a severe or ridiculous attire, each Latin student enacted or lived her part, whether as a Harpie, she stole food from a table, or as Narrators Nancy Fisher and Pat Baechtold, President, announced all the lovers in mythology. Trailing behind, Sopho- more Latinists produced a "Man in the Street" version ot the Roman Forum-while witches' brews bubbled in the vile cauldron, the other deities paitook of a luscious banquet, which began with the imbibing of Nectar, the food of the gods.-Ioan Ferris. B9 ?!mfA .jfiumlaA:5- rwloirec! fAe Qifeall Wazifer' Contestants from Aquinas were: M. Tucker, L, Nicholson, D. Slegmaier, IVI. O'l-Iara, the all-city winner Patty McHugh, K. Wolcott, I. Richter. M. Tarsitano and C. Noonan. Inspired by St. Thomas at the foot of the cross, nine illustrious Aquinites strove to express the worthiness of the Great Doctor, the Angel of Schools. Eulogizing in Euthanasia, Labor, War, lustice. The Pillar of Truth, His Life and Works, Holy Eucharist, Sin and Society, their Wide range of subjects sought the Saint to nurse Twentieth century ills with his mystic powers of Philosophy. Adapting the ability to persevere, so typical of true, young Thomists. the nine purposed to present, after many hours of research, composing and memorizing, their new-found ideas in an Oratorical contest, "The St. Thomas Symposium." Under the cheerful guidance of Sister Ann Patrick OP., Patricia McHugh was chosen to represent Aquinas. Win- ning first place in the south-side eliminations and the semi-finals, honor and glory was brought to Aquinas, when she won first place in the finals at Fenwick with her manuscript, "St. Thomas and the Problem of Sin." Youth triumphs again! 70 wifi new ani in cc enging 'Mlujcf The Iunior-Senior Discussion Club meets weekly and under the guid- ance of Sister Elizabeth Ann, the members discuss current problems of the day. Both sides of a question are con- sidered by members oi the Debate Club and opinions are deliberated and considered until a conclusion is reached. The Freshman-Sophomore Discussion Club with Margaret Sullivan as Pres- ident reason vexing problems while l developing poise in speaking before an audience. -Noreen Callahan 71 Top: D. O'Bierne, P. Baechtold, M. C. McCabe, E. Crowe, K. VVolcott. Bottom: Aquin-ions F. Hyland, I. Capriott, I. Schultz, I. O'Donnell. uin-.fgfomfi . . . Lain-fond. . . uinifed 3 7 7 Experimenting . . . learning . . . Aquin-atoms know that many careers are at their fingertips through a knowledge of Physics. Informative movies and lively discussions on various topics of Science supply interesting material for club meetings. These industrious physicists conduct various experiments and report the results-thus furthering the knowledge of their co-workers. Another club, inspiring scientific research, is the Aquin-ions Club. Armed with test tubes and thermometers, members unfold the secrets of the elements. Chemical puzzles and equations dominate their thoughts while probing the unknown is their work . . . finding the solution, their goal. 72 .jwl0:5fe:55eA. . . Ra ana! waifing' Seated: C. Iacques, L. McCarthy, I. Dandurand, I. Byrnes, B. Gavin, I. Richter and 1. Capriott. Standing: M. Iohnson, L. Colnon, M. A. Nemec, and M. Holliday. Lined up tor serving are: R. Riordan, B. Gavin, M. O'Hara, I. Schneider, H. Muckian, C. jacques, M. Holliday, L. McCarthy, L. Colnon, R. Coty and M. I. Struett. Turning the tables for a moment of relaxation, it is clearly shown that there's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip, when the Hostess Club don their Sunday best to enjoy a "tea test." Serving at banquets held by various clubs in the school, the girls deserve a time out for they are "busy as bees." Under the cheerful guidance of Sister Clare Ioseph O.P., the club has risen from its first introduc- tion at Aquinas, to the height ot a well established department. Always pre- pared and rarin' to go, who wouldn't want to be served by these congenial, well-trained Hostesses?--Patty McHugh. 73 I"il'L QITLMJQJ G0lfLC8l'f Ol"CAQ:ifl"CL . 0I'l P 9 9 Like a breeze, the breath of Spring, sweet strains wafted through the auditorium on that eventful April 30. Flower-like pastels stemmed the curly locks of happy choristers who wove an enchantment on their appreciative audience who reacted to their various moods. The "Ita1ian Street Song" glittered and sparkled through the selections of the Victor Herbert Favorites. The advanced choral group triumphed in their rendition of these three favo- rites, "Waters of Minnetonka," "Spring Song," and "Cherubic Hymn." Most unique on the program was the "Spring Song" that danced like colonial ladies swaying in a Southern ball- room. The Freshman too had their part with the tum-tum-tum of the "Wooden So1diers," "The Little Dustrnan," and "The Orches- tra." Not to be outdone the orchestra performed magnificently with the following repertoire: "Connecticut March," "Star Dust," "Poupee Valsante," "King Hose Overture," "In a Persian Mar- ket," "Because," and the unanimously decided favorite, "Ma1aguena." Nancy Fisher. 74 is .L Then sing, girlsfand the juniors and seniors raise their voices in the Advanced Choral Group every day during seventh period. During the year the Orchestra and Choral unite in song and music in order to provide a gala evening for participators and listeners. Aquinites will long remember after their graduation the fun and hard Work entailed to make this an enjoyable year for both Sister and the Choristers. The Choral Department offers a golden opportunity for voice development and vocal culture which enables girls of varying de- grees ot vocal attainments to undertake not only the larger Works of dignity and charm but also lighter numbers, bubbling with melody and harmonious gaiety. Thus may An Aquinas Chorister truly boast4"My language is understood by the whole World." Nancy Fisher 75 ,911 Union .7!Lere cya .girengfiz . . . .7Ae kiff? Fun and enjoyment triumphed when the Aquinas Athletic Association spon- sored its annual skating, swimming, horseback riding parties, Banquet, and Homecoming. Mrs. Benne, Physical Instructor, Dolores Schallerer, Presidentg Maureen Quirk, Vice-President, Dorothea Schallerer, Social Chairmanp Marge Burke, Secretary, and Donna Meyering, Treasurer, produced an era ot activity around Aquinas. Fourteen girls wearing black and White sweaters add that coveted A as a result of 1000 points Won by different activities in the Athletic department. Pleasure and success will make twenty-one girls remember that in the year 1948 they were A.A.A. representatives. Lucille Nicholson 76 497 .S7iI"8lfLlfLOlfLi5 '-' .SDylfl'l60AC 1 lfLI08I"i0l" Sparkling personalities, trim uniforms, colorful action, swirling cos tumes depict the baton twirlers, E. Sutton, M. L. Schaflein, R. Kill, L Nicholson, and D. Maritote as they strut their School Spirit. "Boom-Chick-A-Boom" blasts through the gym as cheerleaders R. Kill, M. I. Struett, R. Grace, M. L. Schaflein, R. Carter, I. Neitzel, D. Neitzel, and K. Friend urge the audience to join them in their spectac- ular display of enthusiasm. Efforts combined form a complicated pyramid as lithe bodies Work for magnificent resultsethe reward of proper balance. 77 racfice - recirfion - oide - lgerkcfion Topsy turvy and hold on tight is the Whisper as these acrobats enact with arched perfection a difficult pyramid. Capability, concentration, and coordination are possessed by M. Langan and the Schallerer twins as they achieve this intricate tumbling performance. A decisive battle begins, as, with paddle in hand, I. Capriott and lVl. Quirk astound the spectators with their playability. 78 ooloerafion .ggaefgi .gyuccerizi - .l7Ae,1d.,14 14 The cream of the crop, the Aquinas Varsity Lon h . g ours of practice and patience united with unending efforts brought them Victory. "Four feet tour or more," the spectators cry as Rosemary Riordan goes over the top in the high jump during the annual track meet. Flying form is displa ed b N y y oma Gott, one oi Aquinas' - standin b out g owlers as down the alley she rolls the ball for lyou guessed itl a "Strike." Cooperation is teamwork it see Z ms. 06 won both the Captain and Volley Ball Championships. They took on all opposition, opposed it, and conquered. -Lucille Nicholson 79 jafgng ecwed, Rc! ibragon, uglarafufif . . 564040600105 fo lancing geef Leaves fall and ARTISTRY IN AUTUMN beckoned the Sophomores to its dancing en- chantment While the upper classrnen nearby were crowning their queen at the Homecominq. lack Frost sent the gay set to the CHIMNEY SWEEP where from a starry center Bob Bheule "Sta1'dusted" the Seniors with his Christmas Lullabies. Then a Fearsome Red Dragon frightened not, but smiled his venomous "best" as he tanged the couples for the Student Councils ONE LONG HOP. Gerry Cooney 80 IUIAML a eg auf! cc ianclc-4.!vI0. 0. 0. 348 .Neg ' 0,0 Swing your partners round and round!ePromenade round the hall!-"Daisy lVlae" Buis- sano, and "Lil' Abner" Verbaron, are typical examples of the local color that reigned on the country floor, as Seniors, in a festive mcod, danced to the "hill-billy" folk songs. Laugh- ing purnpkins, brightly lit lanterns, gaily clcd tables, and light hearts provided the rural flavor Ccider and doughnuts helped, tool. Ladders to the hay loft raised thoughts to the joy and fun offered at this "jean jump." With the harvest moon peeking through the rafters, all decided to take a last stroll through the larn-yard, and bid farewell to their honored guest, Elsie the Borden cow! ! I Marilyn O'Hara 81 cad pefife .J4guinife:5- 700,10 ez - Mud 7 and Q12 Cupid wielded his bow and arrow so crattily along the Rue Madelaine in the Le Bleue Note Cafe, that a star-lit March sky was the limit for all excitement. A mirrored box suspended from the ceiling, brilliantly reflected and enfolded the social atmosphere of the Iuniors. An- other night and Aquinites turned from heels to loafers and a skating party at the Planet Holler Rink. Patty McHugh 82 Epping, iuing, arwlpeigning, lgrefucle fo fke gnabng . . ociafogf Sipping cokes and malteds tend to While away idle "after-school" hours. Later eve- ning time is spent in a more dignified manner as the girls, squired by their best beaus, Wit- ness the crowning of Dorothea Schallerer, as she reigns, Queen ofthe Homecoming. The social side of Aquinas life was cleverly managed by Marilyn O'I-Iara, Senior Social Chair- man. Ioan Ferris 83 l i, Mil 5 X. 1 .,., 'i' M... ww . fin M333 fm 5 X A X W ., ..., . Q x AQ, EWS FYGJUZ , is 2 J:.fxfb SQ 555. , Q .X , . me W- 1 'bin ii ka' - L..-:.5 : ggi MQ 5 'Y F ' X is 5: x X gif S? Nz 1 :zz K - ,.,, gig I iw. W X g 4 1 v EE 'Q x 35,5 . N w: . 3: . K exif , .,,. W M ? , W ,. , f . ,,, sw. ,, Q A 72 FZEBV Exam ,W ,NWA wi, 'Q .NEA 2- - wlg mq-PAW f fffgfmgfw W fix ff wx wmv .-A 33593 sig Q M cl ggi? Q A QV- 1 X- 1 lg glue Cfaaa 0 1948 A heart that is warm with the friends she makes. JOAN SCHNEIDER Saint Philip Neri Senior Class President: Perfect Attendance 1: Civic-Service Bureau 1-Z-3-4: Clubs: Hostess 3-4, Red Cross 3-4, Dramatic Art 3, Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4, Operetta l-2-3. Cisca Variety. . . . Infectious laugh, dramatic ability, talented. The light that shines comes from thine eyes. MARILYN O'HARA Saint Philip Neri Class Officer 1-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Merit Award 4: Page Editor 4: The Aquinas 3-4: Taquin Staff 4: Sodality Chairman 1-2-4: Clubs: Chemical, Math, Hostess, Red Cross, Drama l-Z-3-4. . . . Idealistic, loving: paragon of friendliness, refined. So modest plainness sets off sprightly wit. PATRICIA FARRELL St. Kilian Class President 3: Vice President 4: Homeroom Chairman 3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Representative l: Career Cadets 4: Red Cross 3: Homeroom Team 3-4: Operetta 1-2. . . . Tender heart, blush when fame is found: reserved. She looks on life with quiet eyes. KATHERINE WOLCOTT Saint Felicitas National Honor Society: Honor Student: Perfect Attendance l-2-3-4: Math Award: Merit Award Pin 2-4: Class Officer 4: Sodality Homeroom Chairman 4: Clubs: Science, I. C. L., Math, Hostess, Discussion. . . . Sunny smile, nice to meet, something special. Thine eyes feed love for all. EVA MARIE SUTTON Saint Columbanus National Honor Society: Class Officer 4: Homeroom Chairman 3-4: Civic Bureau 3-4: Service Bureau 2-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Math 3: I.C.L. 3-4: Homeroom Team 1-Z-3-4: A.A.A. Representative 1: Dramatic Art 4. . . . Adorably sweet, wholesome, mirthful, twinkling eyes. Like twilight 's too, her dusky hair. MARY IANE ADAMS Saint Philip Neri Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll 4: The Aquinas and Taquin Staff 4: Feature Editor 4: Press Award 4: Biology Club 2: Iunior Classical League 3: Art 1-2: Math 1-2: Clothing 3. ...Dependable, serene, persevering, simple, sweet. With lovely, gay, golden locks. BETTY ALLMAN Saint Philip Neri Student Council: Civic Bureau 4: Service Bureau 1-2: Sodality Parish Chair- man l: Spanish Club 3: Career Cadets 4: Homeroom Team 1-2: Dramatic Art 1-2: Choral 1-2. . . . With hair of flaxen gold and a heart so kind. To win her grace whom all commend. PATRICIA BAECHTOLD Saint Philip Neri Honor Roll 3-4: Representative Assembly 3-4: Civic, Service Bureaus l-2-3-4: Clubs: Science 2-3-4, Iunior Classical League 3, President 4, Discussion Presi- dent 4, Hostess 4, Math 1-3. . . . Winsome, graceful, lovable and sweet. Of many smiles and never a doubt. JOYCE BANKS Saint Columbanus Honor Roll 3-4: Merit Award: Perfect Attendance 1: Service Bureau 1-2-3: Rep- resentative Assembly 1: Apostolic Chairman 2: Orchestra l-2-3-4: President 4: Librarian 3: Homeroom Teams: Civic Bureau 4 years. . . . Model musician: symphony of vigor and kindness. l.ight of step and heart, she is. CAROL IEANNE BARNES Saint Philip Neri National Honor Society Vice President 3-4: Merit Award 4: Honor Roll 2-3-4: Lawyer 4: Latin Club 3-4: Vestal Virgin 4: Hostess 3-4: Speech 3: Math Club: Clothing 3-4: Library Committee 3-4: . . . Scholarly, capable, eager to please: having charm and poise. The smiles that win: the tints that glow. BETTY BARNETT Saint Laurence E.O.L. Committee Chairman 1: Homeroom Team 1: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau l-2: Art l-2: Operetta 1-2: Gym Demonstrations l. Clubs: Aquin-ions 3. Math 2, Red Cross 3, Biology 2. . . . Daring, dutiful, dainty and demure, devastating. She is kind as she is Lair. IEANNINE BARRETT Saint Columbanus Honor Roll 3: Perfect Attendance 1-2-3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Clubs: Aquin- ions, Math 1-2, Sewing 4, Merit A. Committee, Publicity Bureau 3-4, Murals l, Art 1-2-3-4, Style Show, Red Cross. . . . Talent at her fingertips, sweet shyness, grand person. 86 jlie Cjfaaa 0 7948 The grace is in her patient eyes. NANCY BARRETT Saint Ailbe Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Service Bureau 2-3-4: Choral 1-2: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin-Atoms 4: Math Club: Sewing 4: Operetta 1-2: Dramatic Art 2: Homeroom Teams 1. . . . "Nanc," winsome, gay laugh, advocate ot the jitter-bug. She is good and holds you with her charms. MERCEDES BASCO Saint Ailbe Civic Bureau 4: Library Committee 4: Publicity 3: Clubs: Math 3, Iunior Clas- sical League 3, Spanish 4, tSt. Felicitasl, Honor Roll 1-2, Perfect Attendance t, Choral 1-Z. . . . Ever smiling, always gay, ready to help in any way. Irish eyes of sparkling blue. SUSANNE BECKER Saint Philip Neri Homeroom Chairman 1: E.O.L. Representative 1: A.A.A. Representative li Track Team 1: Homeroom Volleyball 1: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Stall 4: Art 1-2: Service Bureau 1-2: Biology 2: Favorite Subject-Art. . . . Irish eyes, sparkling, giggles, and many smiles. Lovely cheeks, eyes and lips. MARILYN BEDNAR Saint Clare Quill and Scroll 4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Honor Roll 1: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Representative Assembly 2: Publicity 3: Clubs: Aquin-ions 3, Red Cross 2-3, Operetta 1-2-3, Concert 4. . . . Vivacious in character, charming in looks. To be loved when I'm near thee and grieved when away. DELORES BELL Saint Rita Quill and Scroll 4: Civic and Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Representative Assembly 3: Homeroom Teom 1: Dance Committee 3-4. . . . Ever-smiling, gracious, fun-loving and petite. The very sweetness of all earthly joy. IOAN BENNETT Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau l-2-3: Service Bureau 1-2: E.O.L.: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staii 4: Aquin-ions 3: Red Cross 1-2-3: Homeroom Team 1: Operetta 1-2: Art 1-2: Biol- ogy Club 2. . . . Lyrical in mind, charming in personality, bright-eyed. A smooth and steadfast mind. IACQUELINE BENSON Our Lady of Peace National Honor Society 4: Civic Bureau Chairman 4: Representative Assembly 1-2-3-4: Sodality Homeroom Chairman 1: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin-atoms: Math 1-3: Spanish 3: Service and Civic 1-2-3. . . . "Iackie," pleasing, zealous, saucy, and jovial. Yellow hair like the daisies in the spring. MARY LOU BEITY Saint Bride Student Council Member: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau l-2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Red Cross 3-4: Art 1-2: Operetta l-2. . . . "The Noonie," def is a keen teen. Has high esteem lor jazz. In flower ol youth and beauty's pride. BARBARA BOOTH Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3: Representative 2: Apostolic Com- mittee l: Aquin-ions 3: Spanish 3-4: Red Cross 2: Library Committee 1: Art 1-2: Merit Award Chairman 4: Murals 1. . . . Dainty, sweet and ever so petite. The gladness ot the wind that blows through the trees. ROSEMARY BOWE Saint Felicitas Homeroom Chairman 2: Orchestra Z-3-4: Homeroom Team 1-2: Clubs: Aquin- ions, Aquin-atoms, Ir. Classical League: Civic Bureau 1-2-3: Service Bureau l-2: Representative Assembly 2: C.A.P. 1-Z. . . . Always able, talented, cheerfully cooperative. And blue is her eyes. EILEEN BROGAN Saint Felicitas The Aquinas 3-4: Taquin Stott 4: Latin Club 3: Red Cross: Sodality Literature Chairman 3: Homeroom Chairman l: Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4: Gym Demonstration 1-4: Operetta. . . . Lovable and gay, with that "good-enough-to-eat" look. V Her eyes are lovely and upon them a smile. IOANNE BROSNAN Saint Philip Neri Iunior-Senior Iudge: Court Clerk 2-3: Representative Assembly 1: Honor Stu- dent 1-2-3-4: Executive Council 4: Perfect Attendance 3-4: Merit Award 1-2: Sodality Representative 1-2. . . . Alert-friendly-sincere, bubbling over with enthusiasm. 87 jlre Cfcm of 1948 Her lips are like two budded roses. ROSEMARY BROWN Saint Philip Neri Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Student: Taquin Stall 4: The Aquinas 3-4: Page Edi- tor 4: Sodality Committee Chairman: Clubs: Aquin-atoms 4, Senior Discussion 4, Hostess 4. . . . Considerate, enchanting, happy in love. Yet sweeter by lar than an earthly Mower. PATRICIA BUCKEN TIN Saint Nicholas Clubs: Latin 3, Aquin-ions 3, ABA 2: Civic Bureau 2-3: Service Bureau 2-3: Red Cross l-3: Publicity Bureau 1: Choral l-2: Operetta 1-2: Homeroom Team l-2: Library 3. . . . Grand to know, sweet as they come, attable. Her black hair danced round her. MARY ANN BUISSONO Saint Columbanus Honor holl 3: Civic Bureau 3-4: Clubs: Biology 2, Math 1-2, Spanish 3, Red Cross 3-4: Choral l-Z: Operetta 1-2: Homeroom Team l-2: Career Cadets 4. . . . Keen witted, friendly, energetic and a good companion. Her smiles are as striking as lightning. EILEEN BYRNE Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Honor Roll 3: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-ZZ-3: Library Committee l: Career Cadets 4: Spring Concert 2-4: Operetta 1-2-3: Choral l-2-3-4: Music Fes- tival Entrant 3-4. . . . Curly auburn hair, warm smile, capable, energetic. Her presence twinkles like a shining star. IEAN BRYNE Our Lady oi Peace Civic Bureau 1-Z-3-4: Service Bureau l-2-3-4: Senior Discussion Club: Career MOUSIS 4: nostess Club 3-4: Math Club 3: Operetta l-2: Choral 1-2: C.A.P. 2: homeroom Team 1-2-3. . . . Cheerrul, sweet and lovable personality. She will the best herself advance. KATHRYN BYRNE Our Lady of Peace l-ionor Student: Service Bureau 2-3: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin- atoms 4: lunior Classical League 3-4: Hostess Club 3: Math Club 3: Homeroom Teams 1-2: Operetta l-2. . . . Coy little lass, thoughtful of everyone, capable. A heart that is truly loved never forgets. LORET'1'A BYRNE Saint Philip Neri Class President l: Homeroom Chairman 2: Civic Bureau 3: Service Bureau 2: Literature Committee Chairman 4: Red Cross 3-4: Homeroom Team 1-2: A.A.A. Homeroom Representative. . . . Green-eyed charmer, argyle champion, short and sweet. Her smiling eyes glow like the sparks of fires. MARGARET BYRNES Saint Laurence Honor Roll 1-2-3-4: Catholic Action 1: Literature 2-3-4: Aquin-ions: Aquin-atoms: Math Club: Dramatic Art President 3: Periect Attendance l-2-3-4: Choral 1-2-3: Operetta 1-2-3. . . . Pleasant, agreeable, majestic, unseliish, thoughtful. Your heart is as kind as your young eyes. IEANNE CALLAHAN Saint Philip Neri Merit Award 1: Perfect Attendance l: Civic Bureau 4: Service Bureau 3: Apos- tolic Chairman 1: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin-atoms 4: Math Club 3: Red Cross: Home- room Team 1. . . . "Shady": willing ever smiling: essence of sweetness. Rainbow in the sky. NOREEN CALLAHAN Saint Philip Neri Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Student: Civic Bureau 2: Service Bureau 1: Represent- ative Assembly l: The Aquinas 3-4: Taquin and Page Editor 4: Math Club 3: Art 1-2. . . . Gleaming rose gold hair: tenderly sweet, dependable. And sing a melancholy strain. MARIE CAMPBELL Saint Kiliqn Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau l-2-3-4: Apostolic 3: Red Cross 4: Presi- dent of Choral 4: Choral l-2-3-4: Concert 2-4: Operetta l-Z-3: Music Festival 3-4: Homeroom Teams. . . . Talented songstress, starry-eyed. helpful, generous. With face lit-with delight. IOSEPHINE CAPRIOTT Our Lady of Peace Merlt Award Pin 2: Student Council l-2: A.A.A. Representative 3-4: Aquin-ions Vice President 4: Hostess President 4: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Varsity 3: Cap- tain 4: Iourn. 4: Drama 4: Choral. . . . Vivacious, helpful. and lover ot sports. 88 glue gfadri of 1948 To see her fingers that be so small. LA VERNE CASELLA Saint Columbanus Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4: Math 1-2: Aquin-ions: Homeroom Team 1-2: Operetta 1-2: Style Show 4: Choral 1-2: Spring Concert 2. . . . A bubble of gaiety and loquaciousness. Her cheeks are like the blushing cloud. KATHERINE CAVANAUGH Saint Rita rionor Roll 3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3: Service Bureau 1-2: Sodality Committee Chairman 1: Career Cadets 4: Math Club 1-3: Red Cross 2-4: Biology Club 2: Homeroom Team 1: Operetta 1. . . . Calm, gracious, kind, soft spoken, diligent. Nature in her hath wonderfully wrought. HELEN CHATHAS Saint Rita Math Club 1-3: ABA 2: Murals 1: Civic Bureau 2-3: Service Bureau 1-2-3: Home- room Team 1-2-3-4: Red Cross 1-2-3-4: Perfect Attendance 1-2-3: Honor Roll 1- 2-4: Style Show 3-4. . . . Always willing to share: a friend indeed. The violet blue of your eyes. LEILA COLNON Saint Philip Neri Spanish and Hostess Clubs 3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin-atoms 4: Math Club 3: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Homeroom Teams 2-3-4: Art 1-2: Biology Club 2. . . . Sweet and friendly, vivacious, lively. She has a voice of gladness and a smile, GERALDINE COONEY Saint Rita Quill and Scroll 4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Math Club 1-2: Representative 2: The Aquinas-Taquin 4: Red Cross 1-3: Parish Sodality 3: Dance Committee 8-4: B'- ology Club 2: Homeroom Team 1-3-4. . . . Iovial Irish lass: clever card player: helpful. Her eyes, her hair, her actions beyond compare. ROSEMARY COTY Saint Columbanus Perfect Attendance 1: Civic and Service Bureaus 3-4: Career Cadets 4: Hostess Club 4: Math Club 3: Choral 1-2: A.A.A. Representative 4: Operetta 3: Typing Chairman 3: Homeroom Teams 3-4: Champions 3. . . . petite, devastating, witty, lovable, athletic. Her locks are like the raven. MARY IANE COX Saint Philip Neri Quill and Scroll 4: Homeroom Chairman 4: Honor Student 1-2-3-4: Honor Roll 1-2-3-4: Merit Award 4: Perfect Attendance 1-2-3-4: Student Council Oiticer 4: Hostess Club 3-4: The Aquinas-Taquin Staff 4. . . . Dramatic ability, ambitious and energetic, humorous. Earth has nothing to show more fair. ROSEMARY COYLE Saint Laurence Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Hostess Club 3: Orchestra 4: Red Cross 2: Choral Club 1-2-3: Piano Contest 3-4: Operetta 1-2-3: Music Festival 3: Concert 4. . . . Blond, sweet smiling, dancing fingers, bass viol player. A heart that has the power to make a stone a flower. FRANCES COYNE Saint Rita ABA 2: Career Cadets 4: Red Cross 3: Operetta l-2: Style Show 3: Civic Bu- reau 1-2: Service Bureau 1: Choral 1: Dramatic Art 1: A.A.A. Representative 1: Library 1-2. . . . Gaiety personified-ambition at heart. Her eyes are like the bright bluebell. MARCIA CREW Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3: Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Literature 2: Operetta 1-2: Choral 1-2: Dance Committee 1-2: Bonds and Stamps l: Home- room Team 1-2-3. . . . Sweet and fair, with sweeping lashes. A voice so thrilling ne'er was heard. BETTY CRINNION St. Rita Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 2-3: Apostolic Committee Chairman 2-3: Spanish Club 4: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Choral l-2-4: Dramatic Art 3: Oper- etta 1-2: Spring Concert 4. . . . Frank. unaffected, affable: our nightingale. Like flowers in the spring. MARY CRONIN Saint Theodore Class Officer 2: Honor Student 1-2-3-4: Aquin-atoms 4: Hostess Club 3-4: Aquin- ions 3: Spanish Club 3-4: Math Club: Sodality Committee Chairman 1-4: Civic Bureau 3-4: Honor Roll 1-2-3-4. . . . Lively personality: daring and full ot fun: photogenic. 89 jlie KKGA5 of 1948 She is fairer than the day. EUNICE CROWE Saint Laurence Honor Roll 3-4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Sodality Committee Chairman 1-2-3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Aquin-ions: Aquin-atoms, Vice President: Math Club. . . . An ardent friend, kindly, amiable-with a fresh vitality. She is so young and fair. SUSAN CULLEN Saint Philip Neri Student Council Bailiff 3, Chief Clerk 4: Civic and Service Bureaus l-z-3: hep- resentative Assembly l-2: Soolality Chairman 1: Aquin-ions: Iunior Classical League l-2-3: Hostess Club 3: Math Club 1-2. . . . Poised, self-assured: crown of burnished copper. A heart that is warm and young. IANE CUNNEA Saint Philip Neri Aquin-ions 4: Spanish 3-4: Red Cross 1-Z: Homeroom Teams l-2-3-4: Dramatic Ability l: Operetta l-2: Active in Parish Activities of Saint Phillip's: Homeroom Chairman 2. . . . Unossuming, smiling, generous, lovable. sedate. So dauntless in love, one could ask for no more. EILEEN CURTIN Saint Kilian Perfect Attendance 2: The Aquinas 4: Service Bureau l-2-3-4: Civic Bureau l- 2-3-4: Taquin Staff 4: E.O.L. Chairman 3: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Biology Ol- ficer 2: Dance Committee 3-4. . . . Comely. sociable: tapering fingers: dancing feet. Would l were so steadfast as thou art. IRENE DANDURAND Saint Laurence Honor Roll 3: Civic Bureau l-2-3: Service Bureau l: E.O.L. Chairman 3: Caiec. Cadets 4: Hostess Club 3-4: Biology Club 2: Homeroom Team 1-2-3. . . . Attractive, sweet, thoughtful, kind: nice dark eyes. She smiles and smiles and will not sigh. MARIE DAY Saint I-'elicitas Civic Bureau 4: Service Bureau 3: Math Club 3: Iunior Classical League 3: Sl. Felicitas: Dance Committee 1-2: Science Club l: History Club 2: Choral 1-2. . . . Winning smile, friendly and sweet, a pleasure to meet. She did appear to all who knew her, kind. THERESE DE CANIO Saint Kilian Honor Ftoll 3-4: Perfect Attendance 4: Civic Bureau 3: Service Bureau 4: Apos- tolic Chairman 2-3-4: Clubs: Aquin-ions, Spanish 3-4, Biology 2, Choral 1-2, Math 1-2: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4. . . . Generous, thoughtful, cooperative: a leader. Her eyes are sapphires set in snow. ROSEMARY DEMPSEY Saint Rita Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin 4: Choral 1-2: Aquin-ions 3: Dra- matic Art 1-2: Homeroom Team l-2: Operetta l-2: Red Cross 1: Library Com- mittee l-2: Murals 1. . . . Sparkling smile, enhanced by subtle wit. Her beauty grows and shines. IOAN DILLON Saint Philip Neri Student Council: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1: The Aquinas 4: Red Cross 1-2-3-4: Art 1-2: Biology 2. . . . Sweet and petite, dependable when there is something to be done. And the glint of her hair's bright glow. IOAN DONAHUE Saint Felicitas Varsity 2-3-4: A.A.A. Homeroom Representative l-3-4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Debating Club Secretary 4: Aquin-ions 3: Dramatic Art l: Math Club l-3: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4. . . . Bobbing inflamed locks, like daffodils in the winds. You are a lively luly flower. MARY DONAHUE Saint Dorothy Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Aquin-ions 4: Science Club 3: Operetta l-2: Homeroom Team 1-3-4: Gym Demonstration 1-4: Choral 1-2: Dance Committee 1-Z. . . . Sincere: brown eyes ever smiling, dreamy and docile. Her eyes show how wise and good she is. LORETTA DORAN Saint Kilian National Honor Society: Honor Student: Class Officer 1: Representative Assem- bly l-Zg Sodality Homeroom Chairman 1-3: Officer 4: Clubs: Science 2-3-4, Dis. cussion 4, Math 3: Civic Bureau 2-3-4. . . . lrish eyes and wit, questing mind, helpful. 90 jlre GLM of I948 So soft, so calm, so eloquent, the smiles that win. IOAN DORGAN Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 4: Service Bureau 1-2-3: Spanish Club 3-4: Red Cross 4: Publicity 2-3-4: Parish 1: Art 1-2: Homeroom Chairman 3: Homeroom Team 1-2. . . . Effervescent, figure fancy, appealing eyes. A friendship that like love is Warm. IEANNE DUNMORE Saint Laurence Honor Student: Civic Bureau I-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Latin Honor Society 1: Sodality Committee Chairman 2-4: Career Cadets 4: Math Club 3. . . . Cheerful, friendly, humble and meek. And her eyes had the haze of an autumn hill. IANE DWYER Saint Philip Neri Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll l-2-3-4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: The Aquinas 3-4: Ta- quin Staff 4: Page Editor 4: Math Club: Aquin-ions 3: Sodality Committee Chair- man l-4: Homeroom Teams. . . . Calm, eloquence of speech, a smile that wins all. Of charming abstractions and lovely manner. MARY PATRICIA DWYER Saint Francis de Paula President of Career Cadets 4: Aquin-ions 3: Honor Roll 1: Red Cross 2-4: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2: Sodality Chairman 1: Operetta 1-2: Home- room Team l: Sewing 3-4. . . . Poised, enchanting, sweet simplicity. Her flashing eyes, her floating hair. SELINA DWYER St. Philip Neri Homeroom Chairman 2: Honor Student 1-2-3: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Represent- ative Assembly 4: Aquinas 4: Sodality Chairman 1: Aquin-ions 3: Spanish Club 3-4: Red Cross: Homeroom Team 1: Dramatic Art 1. . . . Blithe spirit, mirthful maiden-brimming with Erin's charm. Her beauty haunts our hear! and soul. PATRICIA ENRIGHT St. Philip Neri Homeroom Chairman 1: Civic Bureau 4: Service Bureau 1-2: Bar Association 2-3-4: Apostolic Chairman 4: Homeroom Team 1-2: Choral l-2: Operetta l-2: Dance Committee. . . . Quiet as a churchmouse and ever watchful. She is always where joy and need are one. IOELYN FAGAN Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 3-4: Service Bureau 3: Representative Assembly 2: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Representative 2-4: Varsity 4: Choral 1-2: Career Cadets 4: Operetta l-2-3. . . . Athletic, big-hearted: nimble steps: a good sport. Her heart is light as cr flowing feather. GERALDINE FEENEY Our Lady of Peace Aquin-ions 3: Hostess Club 3: Red Cross 4: Operetta 1: Student Council Pub- licity l-2-3: Sodality Publicity 4: Homeroom Team 1-2: Civic Bureau 3: Service Bureau 3. . . . Artistic, friendly, lair, always sympathetic. Thy intellectual powers that by the days increase. IOAN FERRIS Saint Felicitas Class President 2: National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Student 4: Perfect Attendance 1-4: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4: Discussion Club: Co-Editor The Aquinas and Taquin -L . . . A jovial vein, strength of mind. paragon of endeavor. Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. NANCY FISHER Saint Bride Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Service Bureau 3: Taquin Staff 4: The Aquinas 4: Aquin- ions 3: Iunior Classical League 3-4: Red Cross 2: Homeroom Team 2-3-4: Oper- etta 2-3. . . . A golden voice tinged with a delightful smile. The beauty that makes nature frail. MARGARET FLANAGAN Saint Columbanus Civic Bureau 1-4: Service Bureau 1-4: Dramatic Art Z-4: Homeroom Teams Z-3: Spanish Club 3-4: Parish Committee 3: Operetta 1: Red Cross 4: Art 1-2: Math Club 3: ABA 2. . . . "Peggy," a pert and pretty colleen: engaging personalitv. Thy voice so sweet, thy works so fair. LOIS FLOOK Saint Felicitas National Honor Society: Clubs: Biology 2, Math 1-3, Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4, Pres- ident 4: Debate President 4: Sodality 1-3: Merit Award 2: Secretary Orchestra 4: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3. . . . Charming, amiable, harmonious nature: agile fingers. 91 SA? Cfaffff of With the soft silk of eyes that long and look. HELEN FOLLIARD Saint Laurence Honor Student 3-4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Aquin- ions: Sodality Committee Chairman 1-4: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Red Cross 2-3. . . . Clever, gay, spirited: with dancing feet: always a sport. Fair when the roses in her cheeks appear. PATRICIA FORDE Saint Nicholas Honor Roll 4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Span- ish Club 4: Red Cross 3-4: Choral 1-2: Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4: Operetta l-2: Gym Demonstration 1 . , . Gracious nature, generous in heart and words. She is the darling of our hearts. RITA GAFFNEY Saint Rita Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll 3-4: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4: Aquinas and Taquin Staff 4: Sodality Chairman 1: Aquin-ions 3: Homeroom Team 1-2: A.A.A. Representative 2-3: Cheerleader 1-2-3. . . . Lively eyes, mirthful laugh, exuberant smile, kindly. Enduring skill and foresight in all undertakings. BARBARA GAVIN Saint Philip Neri National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Student: Merit Award 4: The Aquinas 4: Page Editor 4: Drama 1-2-3-4: Senior Play: A.A.A. Represent- ative 1-2-3-4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4. . . . Vivacious, so gracious, peppy as a ray of sunshine. With rolling eyes and face composed. ANN GILMORE Our Lady of Peace Assistant Bailiff 2: Chief Bailiff 3-4: Representative Assembly 2: E.O.L. chair- man 4: Aquin-ions 3: Senior Discussion Club 4: Career Cadets 4: Math Club 1-3: Homeroom Team 1-2-3. . . . Fancy free, happy, noble-a good pal. Her eyes are like the angels. IOAN GORMAN Saint Philip Neri Honor Student: Homeroom Chairman 1: Student Council Member: Civic Bureau 1-3: Representative Assembly 2: The Aquinas 4: Spanish Club 3-4: President 4: Math Club 1-3: Art 1-2. . . . Girl about town: great dancing ability: Frankie Laine fan. No nightingale did ever chant. IOAN GREEN Saint Bride Homeroom Chairman 1: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Hostess Club 4: Homeroom Team 1: Dramatic Art 4: Choral Club 1-2-3-4: Operetta 1-2- 3: Music Festival 3-4. . . . Hair of fire, voice of gold, always a willing hand. Her voice is low and sweet. ELLEN GUY Saint Felicitas Honor Roll l-3-4: Orchestra 1-2-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Math Club 3: Aquin-atoms 4: Homeroom Team l: Sodality Homeroom Chairman 3: All-City Orchestra 2-3: Drama 2-3: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4. . . . Persuasive smile, revealing teeth of pearls. High as the mountain and beautiful as the sea. EILEEN HICKEY Saint Columbanus Perfect Attendance 1: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3--4: Red Cross 1: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Representative 1: Choral 1-2: Operetta 1-2: Sewing Club 3-4. . . . Merry, helpful, athletic, a good friend. She shall enjoy laughter forever. MARY LOU HOGAN Saint Philip Neri Quill and Scroll 4: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-Z-3-4: Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4' Homeroom Team 1-2-3: Homeroom Chairman 2: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff Discussion Club 4. . . . True blue friend, full of fun and fancy free. A heart so soft: a heart so kind. MARION HOLLIDAY Saint Philip Neri Student Council President: National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: A.A.A. Representative 2: Clubs: Math, Aquin-ions, Hostess 3-4, Drama: Service Bureau: Civic Bureau: Class Secretary 2: Varsity 2-3-4: Merit Award Pin. . . . Leader, poetic: her smile shows sunshine of mind. Her smile is like sunshine. IOAN HULTHEN Saint Laurence Civic Bureau 3-4: Service Bureau 1-2: Aquin-ions 3: Spanish Club 3-4: Math Club 1-2: Red Cross I-4: Dramatic Art 1. . . . Capable, friendly, merry, most likely to succeed. 92 .7fte Kfadri 0 I9 8 With sunny face of sweet repose. CLARE HYLAND Saint Leo Honor Roll 1-2-3-4: Sodality Chairman 1-2: Student Council 4: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Operetta 1-2-3: Choral 1-2: Latin Club 3: Career Cadets 4: Math 1-2. . . . Model to be? sports-minded, vivacious: fastest typist. Nor for her virtues so divine. FRANCES HYLAND Saint Felicitas Honor Student: Sodality Representative 4: Clubs: Aquin-ions, Hostess Club 3-4, Civic Bureau 3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Scholastic Honor Society, 1-Z, Religion Pin 3, Homeroom Team 3. . . . Charming indeed: her heart captures all. Radiant as the new-risen day. ' CAMILLE IACQUES Saint Bernard National Honor Society 4: Honor Student 1-2-3-4: Merit Award 4: Civic-Service Bureaus 3-4: Representative Assembly 1-2-3: Officer 3-4: Clubs: Math, Science 2-3-4, Hostess, Discussion: Teams 4 years. . . . Composed, and refined, yet delightfully entertaining. A thing ol beauty is a joy forever. IOAN IAEGER Saint Philip Neri Service Bureau 3-4: Representative Assembly 4: Taquin 3: Aquin-ions 3: Span- ish Club 3-4: Homeroom Team 3: Red Cross 3: North High Sheboygan, Wis- consin: Art, Latin, Knitting Clubs 1-2. . . . "Squirre1." Our modeling Senior. Beauty in repose. A lace ot gladness overspread. BARBARA IOHLIC Saint Philip Neri Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin 4: Feature Editor 4. Clubs: Spanish 3. Math 3, Homeroom Team l-2-3-4, Representative 4. Dance Committee 1-2-3-4: Operetta l-2-3-4: Choral 1-2. . . . Without a care, animation plus: anything tor a laugh. All beauty and without a spot. MARION IOHNSON Saint Philip Neri Service Bureau 1-2: Civic Bureau 3-4: C.A.P. 2: Homeroom Team 1: A.B.A. 2: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin-Atoms: Math Club 3-4: Spanish 3-4: Hostess Club 3-4. . . . Fair skin, blue eyes, capable, intelligent and friendly. In her, a sweetness more desired than Spring. RITA KALATA Saint Rita Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Service Bureau 1: Aquin-ions 4: Career Cadets 4: Math Club 1-3: Red Cross 2: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Choral 1-2: Operetta 1-2. . . . Cheerful and sweet . . . hard to beat. As Sweet as the morning air in spring. ' ANNE KALMES Saint Philip Neri Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau l: Representative Assembly 4: Sodality Chairman 3: Defense Council l-2: Clubs: Spanish 3-4, Math l, Operetta 1-2, Homeroom Team 3. . . . A whimsical Miss: short locks and creamy complexion. Her cheeks are like the red, red, rose. MARY IANE KAMPWIRTH Saint Rita Honor Roll 1-2: Drama l-2-3-4: Library Committee: Red Cross 3-4: Hostess Club 3-4: Style Show 3-4: Homeroom Teams 2-3: Civic Bureau 1-2: Operetta 1-2: Biology Club 2. . . . Has that "peaches and cream" look: darling personality. And with her is always laughter and a smile. DELORES KAMRACZEWSKI Saint Mary Magdalene Homeroom Chairman 2: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Service Bureau 2: Literature Com- mittee Chairman l: Career Cadets 4: Math Club 2: Red Cross 2: Representative Assembly 3: Art 1-2. . . . Mischievous. all smiles, joker: so tiny and sweet. Lovely locks, a form of wonder. IOAN KAPPLE Saint Francis De Paula Spanish Club 3: Red Cross 4: Career Cadets 4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau l-2: Homeroom Teams 3: Typing Certificate 3: Operetta 1: Gym Dem- onstration 1: Biology 2. . . . Heart of gold, patient. sweet and friendly. Her eyes are like the starry Nights. IEAN KAUFMANN Saint Columbanus Spanish Club 3-4: Hostess Club 3: Red Cross Chairman 4: Murals l: Library Committee 1: Service Bureau 1: Civic Bureau 2: Operetta 1-2: Math Club 1: A.B.A. Z. . . . Majestic. slender, artistic, helpful, reserved. 93 jjlte Cfazki 0 7948 Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet. KATHERINE KEATING Saint Laurence Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau l-2-3-4: Aquin-ons 4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Operetta l-2: Choral 1-Z: Gym Demonstration l: Dance Committee 1-Z: Biology Club 2. . . . Sober, lovable, infectious laugh, dependable. Never a colleen's heart so tender. PATRICIA KELLY Saint Philip Neri Treasurer National Honor Society 3-4: Honor Roll 1-2-3-4: Sodality Officer 4: Clubs: Chemistry, Physics, Math, Senior Discussion, Red Cross 2: Civic Bureau 1-2, Orchestra 2, Choral 1-3. . . . Demure captivating, quiescent, gentle: gifted fingers. She's a wee Winsome thing. ROSEMARY KILL Saint Columbanus National Honor Society 3-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Student 4 years: Sodality Officer 4: Sodality Chairman 2-3: Cheer Leader 1-2-3--4, Captain 4: Press 4: Winner Cisca Variety Show 3: Spanish 3-4, President 4. . . . Enchanting personality: admired by every companion. Her eyes of stars as twilight fair. MARGARET KILLHAM Saint Rita Clubs: Aquin-ions 3, Aquin-Atoms 4, Math 3, Hostess 3-4, Honor Roll 4, A.B.A. 2, Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau l, Homeroom Team l-2, Red Cross 1. Choral 1-2, Operetta. . . . Sparky and gay: yet sweet in her way. Of simple beauty and rustic health. MARCELLINE LANGAN Saint Felicitas Honor Roll 1-2-3: A.A.A. Representative 1-2-3-4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Varsity 2-3-4: Civic-Service Bureaus 1-2-3: Clubs: Math, A.B.A., Aquin-Atoms. . . . Radiant, Vivacious, Sportive, Bright, Sincere. Sweeter still with every grace., MARIE LANGE Saint Kilian Bureaus: Civic 4, Publicity 3. Clubs: Iunior Classical League, Math l-2-3, St. Felicitas 1-2. Clubs: Science and History 1-2, Choral 1-Z, Dance Committee l-2, Style Show 4. . . . Creative ability, frolicsome, light-hearted. Her voice like the sounds of summer nights, IEANNE LaPRISE Saint Dorothy Honor Roll 1-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Taquin Staff 4: Math 3: Feature Editor 4: Spanish 3: Career Cadets 4: Red Cross 1-2-3: Homeroom Team l-2-3-4: C.A.P. 2-3: Civic-Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4. .. . Amiable, Courteous, Charming, Competent, Delightful. Beautiful she looks like a tall garden lily. IOAN LEDWELL Our Lady of Peace Sodality Committee Chairman 1-2: Civic Bureau 3-4: Choral 1-2: Service Bu- real 1-2-3: Red Cross 1-4: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Library 2: Biology 2: Operetta 1-2: Dramatic Art 1. . . . Tantalizing, sedate, starry-eyed, pleasing. She is fair as the roses. MARY ANN LEVATO Saint Laurence Perfect Attendance 1: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Service- Bureau 2-3: Spanish Club 3-4: Hostess Club 3-4: Homeroom Team 2-3-4: Operetta 1-21-3: Choral 1-2. . . . Warmth of heart, obliging, devoted: composed spirit. Earth has nothing to show more fair. MARIANNE LEVIS Saint Felicitas Aquinas: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Homeroom Team 3: Red Cross: Latin Club: St. Felicitas High: Social Activities Chairman: Glee Club 1-2: Choral Club 1-2-3. . . . Magnetic personality, vivaciousness and character. With Locks so lovely. MARY LINDEMAN Saint Laurence Homeroom Chairman 4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Math Club 1-3: Representative Assembly 2-3: Career Cadets 4: Lost and Found Committee 4: Operetta 1-2: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Red Cross Z. . . . Mischief hidden by serenity, a gal one likes to know. Yet lovely in thy youthful grace. EILEEN MACK Saint Felicitas Civic Bureau 2-3: Service Bureau l: Literature 3: Choral 1-2: Homeroom Team 1-2: Operetta 1-2: Dance Committee 2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Parish Sodality 2: Red Cross 3. . . . "Ei." Figure fashion highlights lustrous hair. 94 jlie Cjfaoa o 1948 Sweeter than Tulips IANE MADIGAN Saint Carthage Honor Roll 2-3-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Pertect Attendance 1: Civic Bureau 1-4: Service Bureau 1-3: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Career Cadets 4: Hostess Club: Math Club 3: Red Cross 3: Homeroom Team. . . . Iolly, nugget of gold, vast ambition, gay. Her face it is the fairest. MABEL MALONEY Saint Bride Perfect Attendance l: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Style Show 3. Clubs: Spanish 3, Biology 2, Civic Bureau 1-2-3. Gym Demonstration 1: Farovite Sport, Swim- ming. . . . Soit voice, pleasant manner and sweet to all. Yet none more fair than she. ROSEMARY MARSHALL Saint Laurence Class Officer 3: Honor Student: Aquin-ions: Aquin-atoms: The Aquinas and Taquin Staff 4: Iunior Classical League 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Civic Bureau 4 years: Math Club 1-3. . . . A breath ot Spring, c. tear, like to a night in Iune. She is so charitable and so pleasant. LORRAINE MARTIN Saints Peter and Paul Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll 4: Pertect Attendance 4: Clubs: Sewing 4, Dra- matic Art 2-3-4, Spanish 3: Art 1-2-3: Murals 1: Aquinas-Tacquin Stall 4: Art-Feature Editor 4: Publicity Chairman 1. . . . "Laurie," light-hearted, dimpled smile, artistic fingers. The smile that promises. NANCY MCCANN Saint Philip Neri Homeroom Chairman 1: Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4: Operetta 1: Clubs: Spanish 3-4, Aquin-ions 4, A.B.A.: Homeroom Team 1: Civic Bureau 1-3-4: Library Com- mittee 1: Art 1-2: C.A.P. 2. . . . "Mac," Fair skinned, warm, gay smile, pert and pleasing. Round her she made an atmosphere of lif.e. MARY CATHERINE MCCABE Our Lady of Peace National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll l-2-3-4: Sodality Oiticer 4: Merit Award 4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Clubs: President Physics, Chemistry, Senior Discussion, Math. . . . Sapient, transport of love, esteemed, whimsical, true. Be she fairer than the day. CATHERINE MCCARTHY Saint Canhagc Civic Bureau Z-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Representative Assembly 1: Horne- room Team 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Homeroom Representative 1: Opretta 1-2: Sewing 3-4: Choral 1-Z. . . . Blue eyed, dazzling, friendly and willing. She walksfthe lady of my delight. IOAN MCCARTHY Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 1-2-3: Se rvice Bureau l-2-3: Aquin-ion 3: Spanish 3-4: Math Club 3: Biology Club 2: Homeroom Teams 1-2,3-4: Art 1-Z: Operetta 1: Mural Paint- ings 1-2: The Aquinas 4. . . . Vivacious, Irish colleen, tall, trim, terrific. To know her is to like her. LENORE MCCARTHY Our Lady of Peace Honor Roll 4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Homeroom Team 4. Clubs: Hostess 3-4: Mathematics 3, Spanish 3, Art 1-2. Civic Bureau 1-2'3: Service Bureau 1-Z-3: Red Cross 3. . . . Keen witted, charming and humorous personality. She never fails to please. MARY MCCARTHY Saint Nicholas Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll: Latin Award 1: Aquinas and Taquin Staff: Feature Editor 4: Homeroom Team 1: Press Award 4: Latin Club 3: A.B.A. Club 2: Math Club 2: Service Bureau 1. . . . "Mar-mac," loyalty personitied, capable: a swell pal. She was all goodness and a tender heart. BETTY MCCLAIN Saint Kilian Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Literature Committee Chairman 2-3: Service Bureau Z-3-4: Club 3-4: Minuette Club Chairman 4: Choral Club 1-2-3-4: Operetta 1-2-3: Spring Concert 4. . . . Devotion and service: dulcet tones of true harmony. A mind so pure, so perfect, fine. PATRICIA MCHUGH Saint Columbanus National Honor Society 344: Honor Roll 4 years: Co-ed ot Aquinas, Taquin: Executive Council: Quill and Scroll: Merit Awards: Homeroom Teams: Sym- posium Winner: Varsity: Latin: Drama: Hostess: Chemistry: Clerical Ofticer 2. . . Bubbling with personality, "Miss Popularity 48": tull oi life. 95 jlie l,66 of 1948 Laughter rich as woodland thunder. HELYN ANNE MCGOVERN Saint Philip Neri Attorney General Student Court: Representative Assembly 4: Bar Association 2-3 Civic and Service Bureau: The Aquinas: Taquin, Aquin-ions 4: Math Club . . . Fun loving and good natured: witty, sweet. Her yellow hair beyond compare. FRANCES MCMAHON Saint Dorothy Clubs: Aquin-ions, Career Cadets Section 4, Math 1-3, A.B.A. 2, Honor Roll 1-2-3-4, Civic Bureau 1-3. Operetta 2, Homeroom Team 2, Library 1, Service Bureau 1, Red Cross 4. . . . Magnetic charm: a lover oi laughter: Winsome. Ne'er a tear in those bright blue eyes. MARGARET MCMAHON Our Lady oi Good Counsel Honor Roll 2: Aquin-ions 3: Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4: A.B.A. 2: Math 3: Style Show 3: Operetta 1-2: Homeroom Team 1-2.: Civic Bureau IZ-3-4: Choral 1-2: Senior Play: Service Bureau 4. . . . Witty and wise: a joy to see, talented. Her wise, rare smile is sweet with certainties. EILEEN MINTEFERING Saint Felicitas Honor Roll 2-3-4: Perfect Attendance 3: Homeroom Teams l-2-3: Civic and Service Bureaus l-2-3-4: Library Committee 1-2-3: Career Cadets: Math Club 3: Operetta 1-2-3: Sewing 4. . . . Sweet and lovely: dependable, clever. The wonder of all eyes that look upon her. IOAN MORAN Saint Kilian The Aquinas 4: The Taquin 4: Literature Chairman 2: Operetta 1-2: Dance Committee 3-4: Feature Editor 4: Service Bureau 3-4: .A.B.A. Club: Clothing 3: Math Club 1. '. . . Sweeping lashes: likes real people: capable. With eyes that are dark and rich. HELEN MUCKIAN Saint Carthage National Honor Society: Merit Award: Student Council Vice President 4: Honor Roll: Varsity: Representative Assembly: Homeroom Teams. Clubs: Aquin-ions, Aquin-atoms. Discussion, Hostess, Math. . . . Raven locks athletic, versatile, gently alive, bright. Eyes that are full of sparkling sunlight. MARY MULCAHY Saint Rita Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1: Spanish Club 3-4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3: A.A.A. Homeroom Representative: Math Club 1 Dramatic Art 4: Operetta 1: Gym Demonstration 1: Art 1-2. . . . Carefree, sincere, trusting: halo oi gold. A beauty, who like dancers, wait in a pause of music MARY ANN NEMEC Saint Rita Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4: Clubs: Hostess 3-4, Career Cadets 4, Home- room Team 2-3-4. Dramatic Art 2, Operetta 1-2, Choral 1-2. Biology 2. Math 1-2. . . . Sparkling, witty, alert, scholarly, industrious and gay. And in her tongue is the law ot kindness RITA NESSINGER Saint Felicitas National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Sodality Otiicer 4: Merit Award Pin 3-4: Honor Student: Class Otlicer 3: Taquin Stall 4: Page Editor 4: Drama 1-2-3-4: Spanish 3-4: Aquin-ions 3. . . . Enchanting companion: forever lending a helping hand. She that was fair and never proud. PATRICIA NEWMAN Saint Rita Honor Student 3 years: Quill and Scroll 4: Art Editor 4: Sodality Chairman 4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Representative Assembly 3: Class Section l: A.A.A. Rep- resentative l-Z: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3: Drama 2: Cheerleader 1-2: Aquin- ions 3. , . . Active artistic ability combined with conversational wit. And sunshine was her hair. LUCILLE NICHOLSON Saint Columbanus Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll 1-2-3-4: Perfect Attendance 1: The Aquinas 2-3-4: Taquin Stall 4: Page Editor 4: Latin Club 1-2-3: Math l-3: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Sodality Chairman 3. . . , Lite ol the party, obliging: overflow ot ingenuity. She is gentle and all so wise. CAROLYN NOONAN Saint-Philip Neri National Honor Society 4: Honor Roll 1-2-3-4: Page Editor 4: Taquin Stalt 4: Clubs: Latin Officer 4, Chemistry 3. Senior Discussion, Math, Homeroom Team 2-3-4, Civic Bureau 2-3-4. . . . Cleverest ol wit, accomplished actress, tender friend. 96 glee Cfaaa of 1948 Holy, fair and wise is she. DONNA O'BEIRNE Saint Kilian National Honor Society 3-4: Sodality Prefect: Quill and Scroll Executive Coun- cil: Aquinas-Taquin Staffs: Merit Award 4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Clubs: Science Section 3-4, Latin 3, Math 3. . . . Royal, dainty with shining grace: ready wit, spiritful. That smiling, rosy, little lace. IEANNETTE O'BRIEN Saint Laurence Honor Student: Perfect Attendance 3: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Taquin Staft 4: Aquin-ions 3: Spanish 3-4: Math 3: Red Cross: Homeroom Teach 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Representative 1: Choral 1-2: Operetta 1-2. . . . Carrot top: genteel: fascinating smile: generous. Her lace is as fair as heaven. PATRICIA O'BRIEN Saint Philip Neri Class Treasurer 3: Representative Assembly 2-3: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Spanish Club 3-4: Aquin-ions Club 3: Math Club 1-2: Home- room Team 1-2-3. . . . Dark eyes. "O.B.", raven hair, merry laugh, twinkles. Her blush was rippling with a smile. ROSE MARIE O'CONNELL Saint Ambrose Honor Roll 3: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-Z-3-4: Literature Chairman 4: Clubs: Aquin-ions: Aquin-atoms, Spanish 3-4, Discussion 4, Debating 4. Menuettes 3-4, Math 1-2, Operetta l. . . . Thoughtful by nature, generous, competent, kindly. And smiles that never left her lips. MARION O'CONNOR Saint Kilian Honor Student 4: Parish Committee 3: Perfect Attendance 3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2: Representative Assembly 3: Store Assistant 2-3-4: Spanish 3-4: Menuettes 4. . . . Irish wit, helpful, noble, religious, sedate. Happy the whole day through. META O'LEARY Saint Philip Neri Student Council Member: Civic and Service Bureau 1-3-4: Spanish Club 4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: Dramatic Art 2-3-4: Library Committee 1-3-4: Ope- retta 1-2-3. . . . Sprightly charm: radiates friendship: dancing toes. Phyllis is my only joy. PHYLLIS O'MALLEY Saint Dorothy Homeroom Chairman 1: Civic and Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4: Clubs: Math 1-2-3, Latin l-2: Homeroom Team l-2-3: Dramatic Art 2-3-4: Art 1-2-3. . . . Happy-go-lucky and gay as her name. ln her are all virtues well composed. MARGUERITE PFORDRESHER Saint Felicitas Honor Roll 1: Catholic Action Committee Chairman 1: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin- atoms 4: Math Club I-2: Dramatic Art 1-2: Choral 1-2-3: Operetta l-2-3. . . . Poised, endearing: a friend oi everyone. She walks in beauty, like the night. BARBARA ANN POWELL Saint Philip Neri Bar Association Z-3-4: Aquinas-Taquin 4: Publicity l-3-4: Sodality 3: Aquin-ions- Sewing 3: Spanish 3-4: C.A.P.-A.A.A. Representative, Track 2: Drama-Home- room Team 1-2-3-4: Dance Committee 3-4: Art 1-2: Gym. Demonstration. . . . "Clem," amber eyes, poise personified, luxuriant tresses. Sweeter than the strains ot the most melodious flute. IEAN PREBIS Saint Philip Neri National Honor Society: Honor Student: Merit Award Pin 4: Civic Bureau 2-4: Library Committee Chairman 4: Orchestra l-2-3-4: Chairman 4: Clubs: Science 3-4, Debating 4, Math 3, I.C.L. 3. . . . Gracious and stately, with that musical touch. Like lovely sea flowers in its deep. MARGARET PROCTOR Saint Philip Neri Honor Roll 4: Student Council Member: Civic Bureau 3-4: Aquinas Staff Mem- ber 4: Taquin Staff Member 4: Feature Editor 4: Career Cadets 4. . . . Golden Head: witty slick chick: votes the good time ticket. All the world is a stage. ALICE QUINNAN Saint Rita Homeroom Chairman 3: Student Council Officer 3: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-2-3-4: Vice-Prefect of Sodality 4: Aquin-ions 3: Choral l-2-3-4: Home- room Team I-2-3-4. . . .Smiling so beguiling: school spirit, dramatic talent. 97 unplug, jim C an of 1948 Those smiles and glances let us see. MAUREEN QUIRK Our Lady ot Peace A.A.A. Vice-President 4: Varsity 3-4: Homeroom Teams 1-Z-3-4: Merit Award Pin 3: Honor Student: Cheerleader 1-2-3: Service and Civic Bureaus l-2-3-4: Career 4: Hostess Club 3-4. . . . Earnest. loquacious, diligent, and generous. Her ebony locks appeal to the eye. MARILYN RICE Saint Ailbe Homeroom Chairman 1: Civic Bureau l-3-4: Service Bureau l-3-4: Sodality Committee Chairman 1: Clubs: Math 1, Career Cadets 3-4, Science 2, Operetta 1-Z: Homeroom Team 1-2. . . . Small and agile, sunny smiles, topped off with curls. The smile that is best loved. IOAN RICHTER Saint Carthage National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll 4: The Aquinas 4: Homeroom Chair- man 4: Civic Bureau 3-4: Senior Play: Homeroom Team 3-4: Clubs: Discussion 4, Hostess President 4, Social Chairman 4: Drama. . . . Gracious, humble unaffected: pale ivory complexion. True faith and ready hands. ROSEMARY RIORDAN Saint Columbanus Varsity 2-3-4: Clubs: Iunior Classical League 3. Career Cadets 4, Hos'ess. Red Cross: Service Bureau 1-Z: Civic Bureau 3-4: Parish Committee Chairman: A.A.A. Homeroom Representative 4. . . . Always sportsmanlike: a determined mind and a pal. Sweeter thy voice, but every sound is sweet. KATHERINE RODNEY Saint Laurence Honor Roll 4: Senior Discussion Club 4: Debating Club 4: Orchestra 1-2-3-4: Homeroom Team l-3: Dramatic Art l-2-3-4: Operetta Il-2-3-4. . . . Expert horsewoman: flaming red hair: quick-witled. ln her eyes is the contentment of pe-ace. MARGARET RONAN Saint Philip Neri Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau 1-Z-3: Homeroom Teach 1: E.O.L. 1: Choral l-2-3: Operetta l-2-3: Clubs: Math 3, Biology, Senior Discussion 4: All-city Choral 3. . . . "Peg," hair of glowing redness, eyes as warm as summer. Thy rosy lips still wear a smile. MARY IANE RYAN Saint Bride Civic Bureau l-2-3-4: Service Bureau l-2: Publicity 3: So:lal'ty Chairman 3: Aquin-ions 3: Spanish 3-4: Murals 1: Dance Committte 3-4: Art l-2: Gym Dem- onstration 1-4, . . . MJ., long lashes, Irish lass with a roguish twinkle. Thy brown-eyes are radiant with vivacity. PETRONILLA SANTUCCI Saint Kevin Civic Bureau 1-Z: Service Bureau l-Z: Red Cross 4: Spanish 3-4: Homeroom Team 4: Operetta l-2: Choral l-2: Biology 2: Sewing Club 3-4: Active in Parish Sodality at Saint Kevin's. . . . Madonna-like, benign, musical ability, serene. Your cherry lips and yellow hair. MARY IANE SAWYER Saint Philip Neri Honor Roll l-2: Perfect Attendance I: Civic Bureau l-2-3: Library 2-3-4: Clubs: Spanish 3-4, Math 3, Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4: Senior Play: Christmas Play 2-3-4: Murals: Dance Committee 4. . . . Authority on Blue Notes, flaxen locks, rhythmic. So patient and iull of the best good will. VIRGINIA SAYRE Saint Philip Neri National Honor Society 4: Honor Student: Civic Bureau l-2-3-4. Representative Assembly 4: Aquin-ions 3: Latin Club 3-4: Math Club 2-3: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Dramatic Art 1-4: Operetta 1-2-3. . . . Charm and humor warm the depths of the soul: fanciful. Maiden with the meek, brown eyes. MARY LOU SCHAEFLEIN Saint Sabina National Honor Society President 3-4: Honor Student: Letter 2: Chevron 3-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Homeroom Teams 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Representative 2-3: Var- sity 3: Clubs: Science 2-3-4, Math, Discussion, Civic. . . . Her friendly spirit fills the school: full of surprises. Tall and stately as a pine. DELORES SCHALLERER Our Lady of Peace A.A.A. President 4: A.A.A. Treasurer 3: A.A.A. Representative 2: Executive Council 4: Taquin Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Merit Award 3-4: Varsity 2-3-4: Aquin-ions 4: Hostess Club. . . . All-around athlete, gracious, competent, pleasing. 98 f7l.e Can 0 1948 Eyes of Chestnut Eloquence DOROTHEA SCHALLERER Our Lady of Peace Homecoming Queen 4: Merit Award Pin 3-4: A.A.A. Social Chairman 4: A.A.A. Vice President 3: Varsity 3-4: Homeroom Chairman 2: Representative Assem- bly 2: Sodality Committee Chairman 3: Math 1. . . . Entertaining, athletic galore, upright, candid. She was always sweet. MARY SCI-IMAGNER Saint Philip Neri National Honor Society: Honor Student l-2-3-4: Merit Award 1-4: Service-Civic Bureaus l-2-3-4: Sodality Chairman l-2-3. Officer 4: Clubs: Hostess, Math, Aquin-ions, Senior Discussion. . . . Friendly. cheerful, enthusiastic, lovable, helpful. The treshness of young flowers ARLENE SCOTT Saint Philip Neri Perfect Attendance 2: Sodality Committee 2-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Math Club 1-3: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Civic, Service Bureaus 1-2-3-4: Bar Association 3-4: Knitting Club 2-3: Iunior Classical League 3. . . . Blond bombshell, gay, sweet: a steady stepper. Gazing on her face one sees joy beyond compare. PATRICIA SCOTTY Saint Bride Perfect Attendance 1 year: Service Bureau Z-3: Clubs: Chemistry, Aquin-atoms, Senior Discussion, Debating, Math l-3, Officer 1: Choral: Homeroom Team l-2-3: A.A.A. Homeroom Representative 1 year. . . . Example of sophisticated sweetness: one in a million. A spirit intense and rare MARY THERESE SERVATIUS Saint Columbanus Homeroom Team l-3-4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Style Show 3-4: Choral 1-2: Ope- retta 1-2: Clubs: Math 1, A.B.A., Red Cross 4, Sewing 3-4: Service Bureau 1: Library Committee 2-3. . . . "Surry," lively as a butterfly, with laughing eyes. On thy lips, the smile of truth CARLA SEURING Saint Laurence National Honor Society: Latin Honors 1-3: Bar Association 3-4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Press 4: Drama 3-4: Sodality 2-4: Clubs: Science 3-4, Latin 3, Discussion 4, Murals 1. . . . Bubbles, belle oi wit, ball of tire, vivacious eyes. Her eyes are like angels watching. IOAN SHAUGHNESSY Our Lady of Peace Honor Roll 3-4 Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Taquin Staff 4: The Aquins 3-4: Feature Editor 4: Sodality Committee Chairman 1-2: Clubs: Science 2-4, Math l-3, Drama l-2-3-4, Operetta 1-2. . . . Tall, jocular: without a kind word-incomplete. As fair as the songs in autumn. DOROTHY STEGMAIER Saint Dorothy Honor Student: Perfect Attendance 1-3: C.A.P. 1-2-3: Civic and Service Bureaus l-2-3-4: Clubs: Math and Latin l-2-3, Aquin-atoms, Career Cadets 4, Red Cross 1-2. . . . Beyond compare in qualities of friendliness. Her smiles invite, her eyes they call. BETTY STREIT Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 3-4: Spanish 2: Career Cadets 4: South Shore, lst Year: Honor Roll: G.A.A. l: S.S.L. 1: Spanish l. . . . Dark magic, dimpled, sweet: a good swimmer Her lively looks a sprightly mind discloses. MARY IO STRUETT Saint Philip Neri National Honor Society 3-4: Quill and Scroll 4: Scholarship 1-3: Merit Award Pin 2-4: Sodality: Homeroom Chairman 2-3, Officer 4: Clubs: Math l-3, Science 2-3-4, Hostess 3-4: Cheerleader. . . . Vivacious, sparkling leader: long flowing tresses. There shines a .brilliant and romantic grace. IEANNE SUGRUE Saint Philip Neri Aquin-ions 4: Latin 3-4: Math Club 3: Red Cross l-3-4: Chairman 2: Biology Club 2: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Choral 1-2-3: Operetta 1-2-3: Civic, Service Bureau 1-2-3-4. . . . Sugar and spice: a gay. sweet ballerina. Always laughing, those lrish green eyes. MARGARET SULLIVAN Saint Philip N eri Aquinas: Sewing Club 4: Speech 4: Biology 4: Red Cross 4: St. Xavier: Clubs: President oi Horseback Riding, Math 1-2-3: History 1-2-3: Bowling League 2-3: Choral. . . . Irish, small, slender, and saucy, lovable as spring. 99 ,N-af' jjlie Kfaafs o 7948 A beam in the darkness let it grow. HELEN SWEENEY Our Lady of Peace Honor Student 1-2-3-4: Perfect Attendance 1: Civic Bureau l-2: Service Bureau 1-2: Aquin-ions 3: Aquin-atoms 4: Math 3: Dramatic Art 3-4: Library Commit- tee l-2-3-4. . . . A study in serenity, good-natured, unsophisticated. Magnificence and grace. LEATRICE TADROWSKI Saints Peter and Paul Honor Roll 1: Perfect Attendance 1: Civic Bureau 3: Clubs: Spanish 3, Math 3. Aquin-ions 3, Aquin-atoms 4: Sodality 4: Library Committee 1-2: Dramatic Ar' 21 Modeling 4. . . . "Tee Dee," a model Aquinite in personality and appearance. All her lovely things ever grow lovelier, MARGARET TADROWSKI Saints Peter and Paul Honor Student: Perfect Attendance l-2-4: Clubs: Aquiin-ions, Sewing 4, Math, Iunior Classical League, Dramatic Art 2-3-4, Red Cross 4: Service Bureau 1-2-3: Publicity Committee 2-4. . . . "Margy," farmerette, fair, jocund, enchanting voice. There's language in her eyes and her lips. MARLENE TARSITANO Saint Francis de Paula National Honor Society 4: Honor Roll l-2-3-4: Perfect Attendance 1: General Excellence: Student Council Officer 4: Clubs: Chemistry Officer 3, Physics, President: Career Cadets 4, Math 3, Civic Bureau. . . . Personality plus, glow of natural coloring is radiant. Your gift of charity, your young heart's ease. SALLY TEGTMEYER Saint Philip Neri Civic Bureau l-Z: Service Bureau l-2: Catholic Action EK: Aquin-ions l: Spanish l-2: Red Cross l-2-3-4: Drama 1-2-3-4: C.A.P. l: Operetta 1-2: Choral l-2: Parish Sodality. . . . Carefree, merry, clever, laughable, "Smitty," lovable. Beauty guards thy loolrs LORETTA TOMAKA Saint Mary Magdalene National Honor Society 4: Student Council 4: Honor Student 1-2-3-4: Merit Award 4: Representative Assembly: A.A.A. Representative 3: Clubs: Math, President 3: Aquin-ions 3, Aquin-atoms 4, Hostess 3-4. . . . Exuberantly alive, sweet. young and carefree. With sparkling eyes and laughing lips ALICE IEAN TOWNSEND Saint Bride Honor Roll 3-4 Iunior Classical League 3: Vice-President 4: Civic Bureau 3-4: Service Bureau 3-4: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Homeroom Representa- tive 2-4: Varsity 3-4: Choral l-2-4: Sewing 3-4. . . . Vivacious and stately, clever and witty. "Swifty." Her friendship will always be held dear and true IOAN TOWNSEND Our Lady of Peace Civic Bureau 1-2-3: Service Bureau l-2-3: Representative Assembly 2-4: Red Cross: Homeroom Team 2-3-4: Choral 1-4: Art 1-Z: Bowling League 3-4. ...Happy go lucky, irresistible, "smiles," brown eyes. The highest reaches of the human mind. MARILYN TUCKER Saint Kevin National Honor Society 4: Perfect Attendance 1-3-4: Honor Student 4 years: Iunior Classical League 3-4: National Latin Certificate 3: Spanish 3-4: Math 3: Aquin-atoms 4: Bar Association 3-4: Library 1-2-3: Publicity 3-4. . . . Thoughtful, sweet: her soft words have meaning. With her blue eyes agleam. ELAINE VASILATOS Saint Rita Clubs: A.B.A. 2: Math 1-3: Sodality Publicity 4: Murals l: Style Show 3-4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Service Bureau l-Z: Library l-2: Red Cross 1-2-3-4. . . . Bubbling with vitality: talent at her command. Ah, now soft blushes tinge her cheeks. GERALDINE VOSS Saint Columbanus A.A.A. Representative 1-2-3: Choral l-2: Clothing 1: Operetta 1-2: Clubs: Hostess 3: Math l-2-3: Career Cadet 4: Biology 2: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4. . . . Graceful, joyous, energetic, and a pal to all. I love her Lor her smile, her loolr, her way. PATRICIA WALSH Our Lady of Peace Honor Student 1-2-3-4: Honor Roll 1-Z-3-4: Civic Bureau 2-3-4: Library Commit- tee: Career Cadets 4: Math Club 3: Student Council Clerical Work 4: Publicity Bureau 2-3-4. . . . Life, sunshine entwined in a sparkling personality. 100 jlte 6 aaa 0 7948 And yet withal the girl has so much grace. MAUREEN WARD Our Lady of Peace Honor Student: Student Council Officer 4: Quill and Scroll 4: The Aquinas and Taquin Staff 4: Representative Assembly 3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Science Clubs 2-3-4: Iunior Classical League 3. . . . Mysterious Irish beauty, smiling countenance, witty. Strong ot mind, great of heart, EILEEN WEBER Saints Peter and Paul Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Roll 1-3-4: Varsity 2-3-4: The Aquinas: Taquin 4: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: A.A.A. Representative 3-4: Clubs: Aquin-ions: Aquif atoms: Dramatic Art 1-2-3-4: Apostolic Chairman 1. . . . "Ei," vim, vigor and vitality, friendly and nice to know. Wherever there is music there is you. LILLIAN WEBER Saint Carthage Attendance 1-4: Civic 1-Z3-4: Service 1: Spanish 3f4: Iunior Classical League 3-4: Parish 3: Orchestra 1: Choral Z-3-4: Choral Festival 3: Operetta 1-2-3: Sew- ing Club 3-4: Math 1. . . . Talent in her fingertips: master of languages. lt is Phyllis, Lair and bright. PHYLLIS WELSH Saint Laurence Homeroom Chairman 1 Civic Bureau 2-3-4: The Aquinas 4: Taquin Staff 4: Feature Editor 4: Operetta 1-2: Catholic Action Chairman 1: Choral 1-2: Math 1-2: Biology 1-2. . . . True to form, last to let you down, very gay. f And her complexion is lily-clear. MARY ANNE WELTIN Saint Philip Neri Perfect Attendance 1-3: Civic Bureau 1-3: Sodality Committee Chairman 1-2: Clubs: Science 2-3-4: Senior Discussion Club 4: Math l-3: Red Cross 4: C.A.'P. 2-3: Dramatic Art 1-4. . . . Full of lun and daring: her head in the clouds. Soft and loving is her soul. FRANCES WHITE Saint Philip Neri Iunior Classical League 3-4: Operetta 1-2-3: Concert 2-4: Service Bureau 1-2: All-City Choral 3: Dramatics 1-Z-3-4: Civic Bureau 1-2-3-4: Red Cross I-2-3-4: Choral 1-2-3-4. . . . Gentle as soft, summer breezes, crowned with raven hair. A very shower of beauty is thy earthly dower. MARILYN WICKERT Saint Rita Career Cadets 4: Civic Bureau 1-2: Service Bureau 2-3: Red Cross 1-3: Home- room Team 2: Dramatic .Art 1: Choral 1-2: Operetta 1-2: Biology Club: Math 1-2. . . . Essence of kindness: ever thoughtful and lovable. Her golden hair is beyond compare. IANE WIELAND Saint Laurence Class Officer 3: Civic Bureau 3-4: Service and Representative Assembly 1-Z: Aquinas 4: Sodality Chairman 1-3-4: Aquin-ions 3: Junior Classical League 3: Knitting 1-2-3: Homeroom Team 1-2. . . . Pleasingly sweet, girl with the flaxen hair, gracious. In her is the good will of the rain that loves all leaves. MARY FRANCES WRENN Our Lady of Peace National Honor Society 3-4: Honor Student: Merit Award Pin 1-3-4: Class Officer 1: Junior, Senior Iudge: Bar Association: Homeroom Team 1-2-3-4: Clubs: Hostess: Science: Math: I.C.L. . . . Versatile: winsome smile and radiant personality. The clear gray eyes, kindly and alert. BETTY ZILTZ Our Lady of Peace Civic and Service Bureaus 4: Clubs: Iunior Classical League, Career Cadets 4, Red Cross 4: Bowling League 4: Sewing 4: St. Felicitas 1-2: Honor Roll 1-2: Choral 1-Z: Style Show 4. . . . Small in stature: big of heart. Her hair was long, her foot was light. MARLENE HELLMAN Saint Felicitas Aquinas: Career Cadets 4: Gym Demonstration 4: Saint Iohn the Baptist: Softball l-2-3: Volleyball 1-2: Entertainment Committee 1-2: Field Day Activi- ties 1-2. . . . Wonderful addition to Senior Class: mild tempered. 101 -r-v--W fy Y .,-.. 71- ,SZOJJ .AJJ Am Wm ainfance M jorgof 5 , Qui! ,.. .. s I I Q lf E . , E E 0 F l , Y ., Q . 'W 1-aw i 5 s ws. X ive all S5100 3 itil 'l 7 U if f we I ,f 1' 2 M l-i t , . tr in in t 2 H ee, 'Ke 9. .1 iff ,X N. . Q L I, MJ, , gf - -seg: S, ' "" fi-1. "' ' ,. Ili 'Ev I? ,V . ' ,Wai 6 iii :, . 2 :5,sE ee .- 7 ..,. ' : - . wr -:M I 1-.Q , .. ,,.. my Q Q I .. u bbl r , AW , s eff.. ..,...eW. "" ' AQQJEHQ1 4mllfeAl'l0- eizbeaalgne . . . ff mf Eg we B91-oline THE AQUINAS Truthtulness, accuracy, impartiality, sincerity, responsibility and lair play. Published by the Students ot the Aquinas Dominican High School Clyde Ave. CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF, PAGE ONE EDITORS, H . PAGE TWO EDITORS ...,. PAGE THREE EDITORS, PAGE FOUR EDITORS ,,,. ART EDITORS . .... . FEATURE WRITERS ,.,.. . at Seventy Second Street, Chicago, Illinois ,, , ,. ,, ,..,Ioan Ferris and Patty McHugh ,, Barbara Gavin and Carolyn Noonan .. . .Lucille Nicholson and Noreen Callahan Marilyn O Hara and lane Dwyer , . ...... ,, . ,,... Lorraine Martin and Pat N wman , , ,, Mary lane Adams, Marion Barber. Marilyn Bedner ,, .,.,..... Rita. Nessinqer and Rosemary Brown e Eileen Brogan, Gerry Cooney. Mary lane Cox, Eunice Crowe, Mariclare Doody, Nancy Fisher, Helen Folliard, Helen Healy. Mary Lou Hogan, Barbara Iohlic. Rosemary Kill, Ioyce Landsman, Rosemary Marshall. Lorraine Martin. Ma Catherine McCabe. Lenore McCarthy. Mary McCarthy, Ioan Moran, Donn O'Beirne. Peggy Proctor. Mary Lou Schaeilein, Dolores Schallerer, Ioan Shauqh nessy. Eileen Weber, P. Welch. THE AQUIN AS IUNIOR EDITION Truthiulness, accuracy, impartiality, sincerity, responsibility Published by the Clyde Ave. CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF. PAGE ONE EDITORS, ,, PAGE TWO EDITORS ,,,,.. PAGE THREE EDITORS , PAGE POUR EDITORS ..., and fair play. Students ol the Aquinas Dominican High School at Seventy Second Street, Chicago, Illinois THE STAFF . ......... ............. M ariclare Doody and Helen Heal ,.,.....,Eileen Faloona and Mary Keena .,.,,,,,,.......Marion Barber and lean Laughli ,.,,..............Eli abeth Bliss and Kathleen Morriso .. ...,...,,,, ..,........ .. ,.,.., Frances Moran and Geraldine Wal REPORTERS . ,, .,,,. Carla Butts, Catherine Ffrench, Patricia Kelly, Margaret Lister Susan McDonnell. Shelia McGraw. Sally McMullen. Ruth O'Barslre. Mary Alic O'Connell, L. Overholser, D. Tredup. M. A. Grant. I. Pickett. Mary lane Adams Marilyn Bednar Delores Bell Rosemary Brown Noreen Callahan Geraldine Cooney Mar lane Cox ' Y Iane Dwyer Ioan Ferris Nancy Fisher Rita Gaffney Barbara Gavin Mary Lou Hogan Marion Holliday Rosemary Kill lean La Prise lane Madigan Ioan Ferris-Co-Editor in Chief Patty McHugh-Co-Editor in Chiei Rosemary Brown Noreen Callahan lane Dwyer Rita Nessinger Lucille Nicholson Marilyn O'Hara Mary lane Adams Marilyn Bednar Delores Bell Geraldine Cooney Mary Iane Cox Nancy Fisher Rita Gaffney Barbara Gavin TAQUIN STAFF Rosemary Marshall Lorraine Martin Mary Catherine McCabe Mary McCarthy Patty McHugh Rita Nessinqer Lucille Nicholson Patricia Newman Donna O'Beirne Marilyn 0'Hara Alice Quinnan Ioan Richter Mary Lou Schaellein Dolores Schallerer Mary Io Struett Maureen Ward Eileen Weber QUILL AND SCROLL Mary Lou Hogan Marion Holliday Rosemary Kill Jeanne LaPrise lane Madigan Rosemary Marshall Lorraine Martin Mary McCabe Mary McCarthy Patricia Newman Donna O'Beirne Ioan Richter Mary Lou Schaeflein Dolores Schallerer Mary Io Struett Maureen Ward Eileen Weber 71 I 1 .y , J A mfg w- : f x fc? ,fr . :AF-QY1 fin? ,xiii .1 .554 ' :ET fiixv. 1" -19 1:93, En? ' W ' ,rl '- bf, . Q, 5 f K ... 1 ' -2 . ,A 4 fn m X 1 , 1 A ' " QQ' Y Q 4. .ry .- , ' -'.sdw,'L ' " 4 ' ' F 4 - , ., f 1, ' " -'Z T 151, Ifbi' N f f -,, gg, . 'J,,-in ', T'QxZl,.1T K- x- T-.U , . . kit., W . v ,-TH. 1 . .J ,Q ,V A". ,Af 5, , .. 3. ly x x . ff ' hai- A '. .W , L- . J,M.4!,.,-,,,.a.. . ,.,.. Q 5 , , ,.5, - l"?i'i.w1",.1 . ' 'Z-41' . 'Q ' u

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