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'K-LTSQ , - iv 1' I ,, .. .kfYw,,,,." .i M '- f I! "Nui:-1 gun T ' '. ' ga W ., , W ,K Y Q mln, x 1- I V , '31 . ,-"' ' 5 . ', V - N ' ' "X, v- - . .,. ., -ff 'Q ff-1" LM" 1. , ,I ,Je "" ' , , x A, , , - 'fi' ' 53.11 ff'1"ff'l,,,. q. ' i ,. 1 , get 5" ' 1 .vq fsvxe. 3-1,5 1 J 'C ,Q 'V .Tiff 1 , ,f - if Af- 1, ' .Q-f . Ri'-"5'f'P:4' . 1 A - 1' 15,2 " 2 . ... ' 1L,,,gm' - .1 'z2--.. , ,f.Jf'f"- ' ' ,mfs-is . ' . 1' .-nfl! E ' 42' -F'?' 2- '7' 5 f' - .. gf N-Q . WAN - 1 fwf f Q. - 5 I hw' H 4 f v. w 41 .. ,va Mr 4 14' -Q-, fi. '53 lf A IH- ,' 2a:V -'.w ' V r ,560 W1 SKY" ' 'lf-f, -5 1. 1,1 F? , 1 , Q- ..-fe-5 .X . a,.: ,g2- . Q K , . . , . ir 9 '1' Q "Q l ' N- Y Y ,I '1'g'e "' A ' 4 '.kf, '.' Q' ""',g1"' 3' N . ' ,. .iN:- -1,1-wb'-I Au l L. 4- I , f"'r,'L5', f'1'U.'sff . .,, 4' ' fa-1:l,,Q 7 In 'Q' 3 :..,v"i'i:iis , ' 15"""gf-y---Q 5, If ga' ' qt:,.25, 4 , , . " I1 lz-'fi V, -fix 4- Q' xv ffwaq V 'A 'lf' H' .- E' rv '-4 . ' Qi -I .' 5 , ,. Q 1' fy 9 ',' V V' w:Zf.'f4.--J-:Q " "gg.'!:,9?1 f Q ' ' 7 su "lf ' ,f ' '- .v , - 1 ,raa.'L5i:Z FISH, Y I qi ,H Y tb -,Q ,. 53 -5, e PM Q - -' ff" 0" 5 ww uiggfi .mf- . , Wi, If . l . LFPQP' ' -s ' f-in - ., ,'g1.ig,:N. " f if-i'75i,.l , l a ' . .ru .Q ' ' A A pt 'paw 'M Q "1i.v5g .fm b Zi. ,Q 1.ffl5,1: xr F e ' ' ff hz, .V I M 'V-2 ESQ G'5f'J'5'0,A:i f?f' fb-Q wg xiii ,,.' ' f ya, " 9 .ILL 9 , .A ,AJ wi, J' F I-15 - . .Em 2315, X gym rj N 1968 AQLJ I NAS CCJLLEGE Grand Rapids, IVIi Hg Srl X Cf K Q' f 527 Of laughter, love, overwork, underwork, Happiness, and Not-so- happiness: Reflections. All making up the Great Mandella - The Wheel of Life - That we all have a part in - That we all leave a mark on. These shades of so many things Are different colors - If you choose to look at the world As a colorful place - But, however way you see life - With shades of Madness, Irony, Sunshine, or Perpetuity, It's only here now. And the best thing to do Is simply live in the Kaleidoscope - and SMILE! jessica-Marie Starr f3 KJ 1 7 J A P shi -a,nv Avo '1'ltN : N178- M -Ali u I ,,,,,l ,177 MINISTRATIO - FACULTY The Carvers of Human Destiny smiling on - Or if not smiling, at least reacting to The surrounding possibilities. j.M. S Sister M. Aline Needham, O. P. Vice President and De-an 5 -J We Rt. Rev. Msgr, Arthur F. Bukowski President Gertrude M. Horgan Professor of English Dean ot' Women Elizabeth J. Jennings Instructor in English Asst. Dean of Women C. . . - -.-Q-1 f ' J' ,Qui-.fl av--1 fig ...Vi .. . r' ' , --1 g ',Q . 1,515 I , ,fin fr f f 51. i xi! i H, Ht ill, f 2 .mlm J ff' Nil ,,.,.,e- Thomas E. Deschaine Dean of Men. Director of Financial Aids and Placement 7 X J 1 CHAIRMAN, Sister M. Lois Schaffer, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Art A Larry J. Blovits Theodore Lum Instructor in Art Instructor in Art Eugene W. Smith Assoc. Professor of Biology CHAIRMAN, Frederick L. Bouwman Professor of Biology BIGLOCICAL SCIENCE Elizabeth M. Crowley Sister M. Annabel Bollman, OP, Asst, Professor of Biology Assoc. Professor of Biology 'fan Sami H .AW . sms SW' Joseph S. McNamara Herbert W. Martin Instructor in English Instructor in English jack C. Rang Instructor in English Rr Speech Sister Mary Aquin Gallagher, O.P. Marie G. Pokora Professor of English and the IUSf!'UCfO1' in English Classical Languages I 'SCI' . y 'wg E5 - 'Q 5-1, L 31-- P .rg F: I Wa 3'- '15 , Q . Vg, fs CHAIRMAN, Sister Marybride Ryan, O.P. Professor of English li . - Q , rr , iw: 'QII' Frederick V. Bernard Assoc. Professor of English john MC Caffery Joan Tyndall Crandall Ass't. Professor in English Insffuffof in English E CLISH Sister jean Milhaupt, O.P. Mary L. Birks Assoc. Professor of English Ass't. in English Melvern M. Casey, Jr. Asst. Professor of Business Administration james E. Stievater Instructor in Business Administration BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIG mf' rfiir. s: - Rodney Marzolf Asst. in Business Administration 12 Thomas N. Moss Lecturer in Business Administration 'EP' W. 5 ' 'T Efff- ' CHAIRMAN: Kenneth J. Marin Assoc. Professor of Economics Ralph 1. Bennett Assoc. Professor of Accounting and Economics ECONGMICS Pauline M. Bombrys John L. G1bS0r1 Instructor in ACCOu!1tir1g Instructor 111 Accounting 5 vi-vw: " 1412 .tv 3" ' CHAIRMAN: Sister M. Bernetta Zeitz, O.P. Professor of Education jack De Waard E D U I O Instructor in Secondary Education .442 V+, vxx ww-, ,V Sister Elizabeth A. Eardley, O.P. Lecturer in Education 14 Sister M. Harriet Sanborn, O.P. Professor of Secondary Education gi' ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, Richard D. Dornbos Asst. Professor of Physical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATIG Lenore M. Kalenda Asst. Professor Ra Director ot' Wome-n's Physical Education Q Nl T327 LA ,y W 5 ' Y", 1 William A. Braunbeck Asst. in Physical Education ' if . M 'Q Kate D. Wallach Instructor in Physical Education vs'-My CHAIRMAN of CLASSICAL LANGUAGES Sister M. Norbert Vangsness, O.P. K X Assoc. Professor of French V Jeannette Duflez VanDerVeen Ellen Taylor Freytag Asst. Professor of French ASS"t- in Ffench FRENCH LANGUAGES A4 ' X smetiigttrmwrwum Sister Helen Bolger, O.P, Asst. Professor of French LATI Sister M. Wanda Ezop, O.P. Instructor in Latin xx 16 tQLtQt jose P. Soler Assoc. Professor of Spanish SPANISH Alexander Callaghan Lecturer in Spanish and German GERMAN CNot Picturedj D. joseph Krajenbrink Instructor in German Dr. Robert H. Hieber Instructor in German Dr. Clarence Boersma Instructor in German Doris Hoenninger Anderson Instructor in Spanish X X. X ! X . I Sister M. Loyola Maestas, O.P. Instructor in Spanish Sister Marie Heyda, O.P. Assof. Professor of History ...,....x.-. es-Q. o.Ws-..i ' V - -"M . ww-ew I AQ. - .N-k Ap ,k, e....:: -e niggas-:....M4wrZn...Q -g3:yg33-w-m.y5...w..- -3 .rmmzusmmesz . fs "1 ss . --Q -iff : 11 ' f.1.s1?s.::m'-:e.s-.35- .gm-: .Mi-Q M -vu W'-N--'-...,..,. 2 :.:,::.:smi-11ifmr:4:f -,- ., 5 si. -fi . :I -Q-Aw -+---Q :Lf:::xw-flsif-2'+S32 'S sg' ,: "M "-'-.,...,...+-W.--T Grsrzizzsig-TIQE' gf. - 'mx--4 .:n:16Ef7 .. ' se "T"r::::m: '..q.z::::f5'?:'iETcf -4'-::.:x..: lililfliffzifwvw' Y-"L11.3.T?5." ":vi::i5iEg s w-433331 -.L rams' WF? ii H'-.235 ... ' I V . ,H sr. A A X 18 L C' Q AA 5 -f -vu A. , .:, " VJ Xa. f Y Lewis B' Clin man ACTING CHAIRMAN o HISTOR , E Profess or of His tory N1 X Rodger A. Remington Asst. Professor of History HISTORY Sister Anne Keating, O.P. X X X M Asst. Professor of History Sister Mary Brendan Donovan, O.P Asst. Professor of History Leo W. Graff, jr. Asst. Professor of History ,tliffaf s if , 'f Sister Mona L. Schwind, O.P. Inslructor in History sf Sister Teresa Ehr, O.P, Robert G. Pumford Asst. Professor of Mathematics Asst. Professor of Mathematics SJ: Nr' 1-vw .J ! CHAIRMAN, Sister Mary Martens, O.P. Assoc. Professor oi Mathematics tmtw. Z. A MATHEMATICS Alan A. Heisler Asst. Professor of Mathemafigg 1- ,Q ENGINEERING Richard D. Sedlecky Instructor in Engineering Graphics -wvc: , X Xwsgg-,:-1 Q2 ISK N X Sister Alphonse Mary LaV Ass't. Professor of Chemis CHAIRMAN of CHEMISTRY, 1 john A. Poje Professor of Chemistry CHEMISTRY Richard D. McCormick Assoc. Professor of Chemistry C E OC RA PH Y sister Jean Pam Robert B. Newcombe Lecturer in Geography -.girls W: fm:w:-:'::':-:-,- wa K .fgsww---1 rm N! fm fs. . if J YYiV xX CHAIRMAN of PHYSICS, Joseph A. Potchen ASSOC. Professor of Physics PHYSICS Charles R. Frydrych, jr Instructor in Physics PHYSICAL SCIENCES john E. Bellardo Associate Professor of Physics CHAIRMAN of PHILOSOPHY Rev. Valentin R. Rodriguez Professor ot Philosophy Sister Sara VanRaalte, O.P. Instructor in Philosophy Dr. William C Baum Lecturer in Political Science 22 in Sister Teresa Houlihan, O. P. Bernard De Primo Asst. Professor of Philosophy Assoc. Professor of Philosophy PHILOSCDPHY PSYCHO - SOCIAL SCIENCES PGLITICAL SCIENCE Richard W. Blake Asst. Professor of Political Science Rwwxs I CHAIRMAN, Robert J. Clarke ky' Assoc. Professor of Political Science wt -' 3.125552 if' 5 Y . F -Eff' ' L e 1 e 5 ffl' X f, ,fs px Xt. , vw- .SQYU . WE 'xx ul... XX S. K. r 1 53, cm ,H .fr WH. Q Mtg. .sim . l 'db -ip. A. - . irq, .C fl X :Y . gi. Q. PM ll.. Lee E. jacokes Andrew L. Hoekstra Instructor in Psychology Lecturer in Psychology PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY CHAIRMAN, Sister M. James Rau, O. P. Nancy C Tarantmo CHAIRMAN, George F. j. LaMountain Assoc. Professor of Psychology Asst. Professor of Sociology '- - Eugene Sparrow Lecturer m Soczology ,mf ...www ig. HK' X f..4 Q.. Ass'r. in Sociology Rev. Thomas H. Kaufman, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Sociology William A. Maesen Instructor in Sociology A y Iwi: sn 5 1' 'v f 53 4.4 'Pu 'a x was v X , ,gtg 4+ nv' CHAIRMAN, Sister Mr Annette Kane, OP Assoc, Professor of Music Theory Sister Suzanne Eichhorn, O.P. Asst. Professor of Voice 85 Theory Eugene T. Hopkins Assoc. Professor of Piano 85 Theory 24 ,-rv: 'ffl Sister M. Kevin McLaughlin, O.P, Professor of Music Education and Piano MUSIC 1 Robert H. Hieber Asst. Professor of German lk Organ Director of Chorus Roy V. Emerson Instructor in Music Education B xf . xx X. CHAIRMAN Slster Mary de Chantal Luke, O.P. Ass t P ofesso of Speech SPEECH DRAMA Gary G. Konow Instructor in Speech 65 Drama i -s., . A MT3,..,4ggg l M"fW"'MY - ' ..,. L gi X . 4 W 6 N' Wffwwmm.. Au' we I M 1 Q v 0 NQXQ K 1 wr V 'I 13' E , r H 1.14 F-S, Ms N X h A V52 . W, . f ' 1 "':!'3l2:f1'f?"' if S' ""' R 4' ' A , A Q A' Q Zi Rev. Stephen B. Jurasko, O.P Rev. Thomas K, Fergus, Q,P, Assoc. Professor of Theology Instructor in Theology CHAIRMAN of THEOLOGY Rev. William T. O'Shaughnessy, O.P. Assoc. Professor of Theology SiSte1' M. Amata Fabbro, O,P, Instructor in Theology THEOLGGY Rev. Donald C. Lozier, O.P, Rev' John L' Ham O-P' Instructor in Theologv Assoc. Professor of Theology 26 ons Counsellor Sister M. Blandina Starxg, O.P. 5 I ' Registrar 1 f 3. B Michelle Miller Sister M. Judith Drew, O.P. Secretary in Registrar Office Ass't. to the Registrar Patricia Mc Gill Lois Birch Secretary in Registrar Office Secretary to the Regzstrar Sister M. Leonilla Duggan, O.P. Secretary in Treasure-r's Office Sister M. Carol Hale, O.P. A Assistant Treasurer wwf- . .5-M.-.. U I -di" 27 Catherine Black Secretary to the President if W 1-.v D. Alice Cariano Switchboard Operator Francis X. Sheehan Assistant Professor of Education, Director of St. joseph Hall, Director of Placement, Advisor of Graduate Students +vi- NN Natalie B. Dean Secretary to Personnel Deans f l V 4 X if A M54 ,iii R.- Agffir, -iif ' ig-,1 , ' 5' "iff .5 ' Sister Helen Louise Brogger, Business Manager I Y Eugene J. Kennedy Director of Development pu U O. P. - 562. Y ' 4 "-up-w--A Marcia T. Miller Secretary in Business Office CQ T Mary E. Malone Secretary to the Dean s . X X. K , 7 1 I --N355 , rg. 1 Sister Ann Frederick Heiskell, OP, Asst. Professor, Audio-Visual Coordinator XX Q-. . X Sister Eugene Marie Forester, O.P. Asst. Director of Libraries DIRECTOR of LIBRARIES, Sister M. Malachi Laithwaite, O. P. Assoc. Professor 29 . 'Z 'I FU I iv We J ii: 'T ' Z2 ' Z3 24 Z5 Zi Z7 28 Dennis M. Williams Asst. Director of Development Marcia G. Clapp Public Relations Director James Schaffer Sports Information Director -as Marilyn L. Martin Staff Artist ran.. Frances L. Sherwood Development Record Keeper Sister Irene Therese Henze, OP. Secretary to Director of Development Barbara J. Daley Secretary, Asst. Director of Development ESQ? N Richard J. Pulliam Ffeida I- Mann Director, Data Processing Vari-Typist 30 A 4 Edwin L. Satterlee Janice C. Williams Supervisor of Games Room Secretary to Wege Center Director Charles F. Bromm Director of Wege Center lv Anne Oreste Supervisor of Bookstore John P. O'Connor Controller Horace Smith Robert Antrim News Director Chief of Sales John L. Gardella Manager of Credit Union f Not Pictured J Rhea Sowerby Msgr. Hugh Michael Beahan President and General Manager james Drummond Program Director Ad Bertram Sw: A A , film x 1 1 1 x .Q .' S. ' X - if - wb . 1 . I t' m.-5. X -. G,.:.l,, X 1 1 3. gg xx-.yy 6 X a'f'M1-xihqswfag 6j:g,,,',:"'. 2.1 -W X p -A . ' mlm-Ss.11vwL.,'y,kg s. ., X :'- X. .- X -A :x'?'f'r",a,' 4 . , K '- , ' -X pl A' N X Q.-. A w 1-wwaaxsw, Q M, The first taste of the Great Mandella - The organization of the civilized world - The precision of Life at it's important "Now" time. ORGANIZATIQNS -I.M.S. john Long, a senior and the Commission's first Chairman, has done a tremendous job establish- ing the Student Commission as the most impor- tant campus organization. STUDENT COMMISSION The product of a constitution written last year, the Student Commission's primary objective is to organ- ize and set up a student government in such a way as to promote understanding and co-operation between the faculty and students. The second objective of the Commission is to co-ordinate all social and cul- tural activities. There are twelve Commission offices with Miss Gertrude M. Horgan, Mr. john O'Connor, Dr. Rodger Remington, and Sister Anne Keating, O.P., as ad- visors. The Chairman's duty is to oversee all of the Commission's activities. The business aspects of the Commission are handled by the Financial, Secre- tarial, and Judicial Commissioners. The Educational Commissioner is concerned with the role of the Col- lege in society. The Inter-Collegiate Commissioner works to affiliate Aquinas with the neighboring col- leges in order to sponsor such events as the Simon and Garfunkle concert. The Social Commissioner organizes all major social events, particularly Gala Weekend and Homecoming. The Student Assistance Commissioner works closely with the student body in order to get support for campus affairs. It is the job of the Publicity Commissioner to advertise all up- coming social and cultural attractions. The Civic Program Commissioner works to involve Aquinas in the activities of the city. Finally, the Historian col- lects and files all of Aquinas' publicized events in order to formulate a scrapbook display of the year's work. The members of the Student Commission are: tlett ltop rowj Mike Shanesey, Ford Turrell, Ted Will- to right, bottom rowj Sister Anne Keating, O.P., advisor. and john Longg fmiddle rowjAnne Leddy. Lorraine Denby, Gail Wingard. and Pat Hennesseyg iams, john Bagladi, jeff Lyon. jerry Urban and Frank Hughes. - il' V-ntl X gigs The Inter-Collegiate, Financial, and Educa- The Publicity, Secretarial, and Student As- fignal Commissioners are Seniors Ted Will- sistance Commissioners are Sophomores jeff iams, Mike Shanesey. and john Baglacll. Lyon, Anne Ledcly, and Pat Hennessey. The Historian and Civic Program Commissioner are Freshmen Frank Hughes and Gail Wingard. The judiciary. Social and Cultural Commis- sioners are juniors jerry Urban, Lorraine ' Denby, and Ford Turrell. The Social Committee assists the Social Commissioner with the organization, tickets, decorations, and refreshments for important campus events. The Committee members are: fleft to right bot- tom rowj Laura Lentz. Marty Green, Debbie Holden, Dan McLaren, Lorraine Denby ftop rowj Mark Marin. Mike Polzin, Roberta Zim- ber, Mary Sue Weyland, jackie Melega, and Mike Bertaux. 9.4. A. -' ,. 17 '25 lv . . ff' ,.,- .1 The Wege Center Program Board initiates all activities for Wege Center and also helps co- ordinate student plans. One ot their biggestjobs is preparing and setting up for the annual Klon- dike Derby, a sled race which involves partici- pants representing the various clubs and organi- zations on campus. The members of the Board pictured are: flelt to right. seatedj Barbara Morin. Secretary: Tom Garilces. Vice President: jim Weatherhead, Presidentg and Chet Murawskig fstandingj Stu Splan. Charles Bromm. Advisory and Peggy Duva. Assisting Student Commissioner. jerry Urban. with the judicial aspects of student government is the Student judiciary Board. Members of the Board pictured are Linda Alameda. Peter Pijnap- pels. Roberta Worth. jerry Urban and Nancy Petroski. 37 Three student organizations, representing all the students, have been quite active on campus this year. The Men's Residence Council has worked with the Women's Residence Council to provide interesting programs for on-campus stu- dents and also to act as a liason in dealing with the administration. Those students who do not live on campus have long felt the need for an organization to further their interests. The Com- muter Students Association seems to have filled this need. These three organizations, then,serve as the voice for all students. WRC, MRC, AND COMMUTER STUDENTS ASSOCIATICN In order to draw the commuter students into a more complete participation in the total campus life and at the same time to minimize the division in the student body as much as possible, the Student Commuters Association was fomted. Near the end of the first semester a group of interested students consisting of Peter Vaccaro, Sue Wood, Gail Wingard, and Katie Kelly, under the leadership of Dorothy Dean, prepared a constitution for the organization. The main objectives of the association incorpo- rated into the approved constitution are to promote a sense of unity and friendship among all students at Aquinas and to repre- sent and promote the interests of the commuter students. Various ideas have been suggested and implemented to achieve the for- mer. Representing five hundred students, the association has a tremendous potential for action. This is the sort of organization that depends on its members to generate new ideas. 3 8 The officers of the Student Commuters Association are Paul Rutowski, Treasurer, Kathleen Kelly, communica- tions and publicity coordina- tor, Gail Wingard, Membership coordinator, Dorothy Dean, Social Activities coordinator, and Herman Boruta, chairman. Not pictured is Pat Vincent, Secretary. The Men's Residence Council represents the men students living in St. joseph the Worker Hall. They sponsor such activities as dorm dances, group discussions, and W. C. Fields' films. The officers of the council pictured here are Mike O'Toole, vice presidenty Dick Cowdrey, presi- dentg and Tom Morthorst, secretary. Missing from the picture is Eugene Laporte, treasurer. The Women's Residence Council represents the Women students living in Regina Hall and other College houses. An annual fee is collected to aid in sponsoring such activities as toboggan parties and a lecture series. The Council often goes to the administration in order to furnish the dorm with such luxuries as sewing and vending machines. The members of the Women's Resi- dence Council pictured are: fleft to right. bottom rowjDorothy DeLong, Vice Presidentg Sue Raynes, Nancy Caldwell, Presidentg Cathy Capano, Sec- ,n-N retaryg fsecond rowj Sue Raynes, Mary Doman, Kathy Deal, Mary Cronin. Gerri Bek. Theresa Gzywalski, Laura Lentz. and Paula Baerg fthird rowj Sharon Barret. joan Blake, Mrs. Pearce Sandy Schatzman, Lynn Gartner. Angie Austin, Cathy Mueller, Jeanne Lound and Cathy McGuigan,' fback row! Alice Modrzynski. Mary Nowakowski, Mrs. Sonke, Mary Ann Gable, jane Neyer, Chris Dz-iachan. joan Sebulski. Nancy DeLisle, and Connie Becker. 39 Lambda Iota Tau, the Beta chapter of the Na- tional Literary Honor Society. sponsors monthly discussions, affording students an opportunity to analyze and share their ideas on literary Work under an informal atmosphere. At this meeting are Michael Rosinskiy Paul McCarthy. President, jim McDonald, Kathy Sliwinski, Secretaryg and Mary Ann Sweeney. In order to join Lambda, members must be a junior or a Senior majoring or minoring in English or a foreign language, must maintain a high scholastic average, and must present an initiation paper on a literary topic. Working closely with Lambda, is Sister Mary- bride Ryan, O.P., advisor. She is pictured here with Lambda member, jim Mc- ,Z Donald. X l 40 HONOR SOCIETIES Phi Alpha Theta, the Theta-Rho chapter of the National Honor Society. denotes the Greek words for "love", Hman", and "God", indicating the View from which this organization observes history. Gathered around their moderator, Sister Marie, O.P., are officers jim Schaffer, treasurerg Brian Williams. vice presidentg jun Eickholt, presidentg Sandra Schlue- ter, historiang and Marybeth Sakowski. secretary. Paul Marietti fsecond from rightj speaks to in- itiatees Sue Flannery, Kathy Sliwinski, Sharon Wzocklage, Richard Cowdrey, and Tom Garikes. Two initiatees not pictured are Paul Rutowski and Dennis Leiber. To be eligible, students must have taken at least twelve hours of history in which superior grades were maintained, must rank within the top thirty-five percent of the class, and have a general academic average of at least MBT 41 Not all biology students are worked to the bone like Roscoe ffourth from the leftj but you can usually find some pretty busy members of the Biology Club. Others in the picture are: fback rowj Fred Vincent, Frank Hunnes, Scott jamie- and Louie Tischg ffront rowj Don jarczyn Dick Cowdrey, Colleen Calvert, Trudy Gay Elena Morfin, Carol Alexander, Mae Morris Kowalski, Pat Commenator, and Dr. Bouw moderator. SCIENCE-AFFILIATED CLUBS Physics Club officers are joe Pulwaski, presidentg Christine Rebman, secretaryg and jim Rinkevich, vice president. Miss- ing from the picture is Bill Schmiedicke, treasurer. 42 2 VN fam! Beta, Beta, Beta, a national biology honor society, has been quite active on campus this year. To be eligible for membership in this society, a student must have completed twelve hours of - biology, have a 3.0 average in biology, and an overall average of 2.5. This year the society has undertaken various pro- jects. The main project has been an at- tempt to classify all of the trees on cam- pus according to species. -' The members of the society pictured in the bottom picture are: Bob Soltysiak, Bob Kowalski, Marge Martin, Marva Zem- lyak, Dick Sloma, Trudy Gaydos, Fred Vincent, and Colleen Calvert. Standing next to an African man-eating plant in the science building is Dr. Bouwman with Tri Beta officers Elena Moi-fin, Dick Cowdrey, and Pat Commenator. AND ORGANIZATICDNS 'Vi I W K 5 i I 43 i?QifilSf'27 J , :W . E in 52- gd, . 44" Q3 . 1 Rx Instruments and music sheets are the symbols of rightj Pat Roseberry, Sister Chiara, Donna Clark the Music Club. Members of the club practice Kathy Coe, Sister Anne Banner, Virg Parzych hard to achieve perfection but they enjoy every Sister Patrick, and 5iSterAf1f16' Tl1OmaS. minute of it. Members pictured here are fleft to The officers of the Music Club are: fleft to rightj jerry Lamb, treasurerg jim Scales, vice presidentg Rita Tucek, secretaryg and Ron D'Aoust. president. 44 7 B 0 O 6 The Spanish Club emphasizes a better under- standing of the language and culture of Spanish- speaking nations. The officers of the club are George Lee and Kathy Bleyaert, co-presidents. and A1 Olivarez, treasurer. Members of the Debating Team are jack Hebert, Cheryl jones, and Tim McGuire. Moderator Richard Blake and President Don Duczkowski guide the International Relations Club in promoting a better understanding of world affairs through discussions. speakers. and travel. Aides in planning the club's activities are the other officers Marybeth Sakowski, vice presidentq Maureen Harley. secretaryg and Don Atkins. treasurer. Members of the French Club pictured are: lleft to right, front rowj jean Kaktis and Mary Ann Kowalski, lsecond rowj Cathy Gagnet, Lyn Laji- ness, Treasurer, Chris Shea, Vice President, Rick O'Neill, Presidentg Mary Nowakowski, Secretaryg Ed Swart, Leone Mullen, janet Parisian, Sister Helen Bolger, O.P. Moderatorg and jim Scales. LANGUAGE CLUBS The Aquinas Classical Society is a newly organ- ized group designed to promote the appreciation and study of ancient Greece and Rome by discus- sing their outstanding characters, literature, music philosophy, and art. Admiring one of the statues of this era, The Discus Thrower, are moderator, Sister Wanda, O.P.,' pro-consul, Mary- beth Sakowskig consul, Pete Vaccaro, quaestor, Norm Rominslcig scriba, Sue Wood, and moderator, Sister Aquin, O.P. 46 Other members of the Aquinas Clas- sical Society are Father Vainavicz, Helen Bossert, Lillian Zemla, joe Amley, Kathy Walsh, Grady Baas, Maureen Harley, and Ayn McCauley. Standing before the German Club display outside the Reference Library are some members of the club: Mike Polzin, Bob Valenta, Kay Feinauer, Alane Alec. and joe Greiner. The German Club's activities this year have centered around sponsoring German films, Old Heidelberg. and a trip to Frankenmuth. The Club's moderator is Dr. Robert H. Hieber. Dorothy Dean. Presidentg Elena Morfin, Secre- taryg Peter Pijnappels, Vice Presidentg and forge Luna, Treasurer Knot picturedj have pro- vided the German Club with leadership this year. 47 ,,,...,f- N ,aw-,wv' Varsity Club officers are ffront rowj jim Bigham, presidentg Tom Hinck, treasurery Dick Syrek, secretaryg Ed Krupiczewicz, publicityg fback rowj Father jurasko, advisory Greg Pfent, publi- city,' jim Schaffer, vice presidentg and Coach Braunbeck, advisor. Sports activity is quite evident at Aquinas and the members of the Varsity Club work to keep interest in the subject high. Although the aca- demic side of college is of prime importance, nevertheless, sports enthusiasm is important for a Well-rounded curriculum. The future leaders of the financial world com- prise the membership of the Business Club at Aquinas College. The officers pictured here are Robert Bufford. secretaryg Pat jones. treasurer: and Charlie Keller, vice president. Missing from the picture is Larry Steinborn, president. Students displaying their engineering abilities are Csittingj Bernie Beckman. forge Luna. Peter Laus fstandingjDennis Feuerstein, Mike Hakeem, Steve Miller, George Ciszak. K Jim Q , L.. Staff members Donna Clark, Sandra Schlueter fFaculty and Graduates editorj, Pat jones, and Rose Hornick fActivities editorj worked to give their sections that "new look." '68 THOMIST STAFF STRIVES FOR NEW LOOK This picture is NOT typical of the THOMIST office. Staff members pic- tured are fback rowj Leon Sun, Mary Sweedyk, Mary Pat Brooks, and Bob Humphreyg ffront rowj .Fred Vincent CSports editorj and Dorothy Stewart. ..,,A,i. sn, .-.r,., ., X... -,, A -. SO .-,,., S 4 Seeking a new look forthe 68 THOMIST was assisting him were associate editor, jessica editor Paul Haviland s mam objective Closely Starr and photography co-ordinator. jane Liebst Designing the TH OMIS T's cover and providing all of the book's artwork was the responsibility of the staff artist. Ed Manning. wfm, 1 ,ao-as x--5 1 .vi is ,. R -.,,,..-- The assistant managers pictured with editor Tom Schafer and advisor Sister jean Milhaupt, O.P.. are: fleft to rightj Cathy Stadelman. assistant editor, and Mary Arm Anderson. business manager. 'YK THE HERALD IS THE VOICE 52 The HeraId's office and staff are small in comparis on with the task they perform. First and foremost, the staff members keep their ears and eyes open for any bit of campus news. After hav- ing recorded the very best, the staff begins to supplement the paper with original articles or commentaries on past, present, and future pro- grams or significant events. From here on, the job is placed in the hands of the editor,managers, and the moderator. The editor edits the articles with the help of the moderator. One of the duties of the assistant is to organize the letters from various members of the student body and prepare responses along with the editor. The business manager must complete the pages of the Herald with interesting advertisements. 'O , msg 'Y Tom Schafer, editor of the school newspaper, finds that his second home has become the HERALD office. His job is time-consuming and often hectic but, nevertheless, exciting and satisfying. OF THE STUDENTS rs-5 X3 .R-rf, , T 'Sing' The staff members are: lleft to rightj Sherrill Alesiak, Marian Day, Paulette Granke, jeanne Descamp and Melanie Reed. 53 J Moderator Sister Marybride Ryan, O.P., discusses this year's publication with editor jim McDonald and associate editor Marian Smith. ORBIT Many students on campus are gifted with crea- tive ability that too often goes unrecognized. The Orbit, the co11ege's literary magazine, offers the student an opportunity to have his work pub- lished. The staff members and advisor choose a variety of artistic work that interests the student body and provides others with hours of enjoyable reading. The staff members responsible for ORBIT are editor,' Angela Lee art,' Paul McCarthy, associ Michele Erdelyi, arty Peter Vaccaro, associate ate editor,' and Carl Wisneski, photography nil 'hiv 54 LETTER T.G.I.F. Friday's the day Letter generally makes its appearance on Aquinas windowsills and cafeteria tables. Every student looks for- ward to reading the latest edition of the Letter. a new addition to the campus publications. It is a four page paper, always printed in living color. It serves as a gossip sheet, sports commentary, and advertisement for up-coming activities. All in all, the Letter is a fascinating 'tlittle paper" filled with "big stuff." LETTER staff members are flett to rightl Anne Leddy. Lynda Bostic. john Chronowaski. Patti Sell. jeff Lyon. and Angela Mattson. K .1 4 il' ,ALJ 91 im.- Claude Inch fleftj is the editor of the LETTER On the right is Ed Manning. the man behind HTOMMIE A. Q." g. , I ,.2-K -L., ff X. I 5 .1 r"'v ,. X, vga 'N V - .1 .ix ,rn 3 35.195 gg The general officers of the Aquinas Volunteers are Fred Farrer, chairmang Diane Crockett, secretaryg and Mike Polzin, assistant chairman. The tendency of a small college to remain inside of itself is not evident at Aquinas. The Aquinas Volunteers act as an outstretched hand reaching into the community. They sponsor a Radio Marathon twice a year in order to finance their activities. Project Appalachia, Mexico, the Aquinauts, and Operation Latin America all come under the general organization of the Aquinas Volunteers. Their activities are important in creating an atmosphere of giving which is an important part of each individual's education. AQUI NAS VCLUNTEERS GET Pat Roseberry, chairman of the Aquinauts, be- comes actively involved in helping the aged. Pictured fleft to rightj are Peggy Duva and Bob Theifels, co-chaimien, and Gwen Van Goff, secretary, of the Appalachia Project. 56 "1' u-., a Mike Rosinski is the head chairman of Project Mexico, which is designed to aid the poor families in Mexico through teaching programs. I N V O LV E D These are a few of the students who went to Appalachia during the summer months, taking time out to aid the poverty-stricken Americans. N 5 7 Chairman Fred Farrer directs Radio Marathon activity from the Administration Building steps. 1 NSW ' imi- .-r-"""'F ,..-a""""-- ...ff Brian Williams advertises "cheap labor" to WXTO listeners. X F5-' ,Ky 58 "The Good Guys" provided musical accompaniment for those L Waiting for Work assignments. ,unusa- l T31 QB! EH! il? iii Students wait for the opportunity to participate in Radio Mara- thon activities and earn money for the Aquinas Volunteers' various projects. Families like this receive Volunteer aid. ' my ff The new Y.C.S. officers are :f Do George Leeg Vice President, Secretary, Cathy Muellerg and 60 I1 Service is one of the principle aims of the Young Christian Students. It is an organiza- tion composed of active cells, each one con- centrating on a particular community project such as teaching catechism, providing staged activities for under-privileged children, de- voting some time to teaching the handicapped or mentally retarded, or spending an evening with disturbed teens. Another important aspect of YCS is its film committee. The presentations are all meaning- ful films. Discussions following the films help the viewers gain new insights into life. The main objective of YCS remains the de- sire to make each member a better and stronger Christian. The out-going officers are Jeanne Lound Secretary, Chris Shea, President, Kay McNeely, Treasurer, and Carol Piggott, Vice President. YC .S. consists of eight cells, operating in different spheres of social action: the Film Committee, the Liturgical Com- mittee, The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Cell, the Communications Cell, the Pitt Cell,St. -Iohn's Cell, St. Joe's Cell, and St. Isadore'S Cell. YOUNG CHRISTIAN STUDENTS Checking the movie equipment are members of the Film Committee.' Bev Davis, Bill Schmidt. Clem Mikowski, George Lee lchairmanj, and Rose Homick. Members of St. joe's Cell, Cathy Mueller and Don Muscat, watch their new artists. 1 N rwg .WH 6,-A ,, ifrfmr T ffl? 'CTW A iii, Trial ' 'ge if W ,. ,, , A .L, ll 5 i 'Gif' vii' lv fi V I, 61 li. ,JM 4 K.: l YCS members take time out to relax. A picnicheld at the beginning of the year introduced new members into the organi- Zation. Gwen Van Goff poses with her C.C.D. class. St. joe's own "Marching Band. " YCS members take another break. 'fu' 5' ? was-N Phyllis Szocinski, another YCS member, spends her Saturday mornings teaching CCD classes. rv-,.., ,,. fy wr Ar . if L V ',r-, 1 , X -'wwf ,V ,. "1 "" f ' 1 'Y ' Jw' jr 5-M' ,V f'.,Y"g' 1,5 ' , " 5 WW U M j 'V fr A W' -wi V 1 ,T K 'Ax f' Q V, iiaiffy, ,V . ' 'H' " Ag ,' fe -- Q' 1, f fa ,, ,ffm 5' aL N-L XQWW Mfg: - -1-garb", .ff 1"""" ,pf 'PY ,Sn M Lk I ,c mul' Y Va ak ue, if JL ,, ' ta, P .huvf ,MVA 1, ff I Wgn, - ., -1, 4 . .vf Q . . , is .7-ng". . Q, , hw .gr , K ,W pi , 5, Q . if, 5 u wa f n .W ' Q 7. . ly V , Lf , Y -vii, uf .PW W5 4 X 'fn ff ' rf' Qlff-M. A ? 'wr M... 0-I U' W 2 " 6- 1' 4 U Ss., if X, ix E 1- ff ' ,M . x I . Q - Nw w m. 43 ,fy', I sw. 'N A ' y?-e....,Ja.' 1' 1 1 --NN In ,N ' 4 of ,. dw. 'Q , ,mf ,ti J xsswi'X.'l5H IF I av Laughter, love, overwork, and underwork - The confusion of Non-confusion Raises its amorphous head. UNDERCLASSMEN j.lVI.S. Freshman Class Officers are Marianne Sampson, secretaryg jim Smith, vice preside-ntf Mark Marin, presidentg and Angela Guerriero, treasurer. FRESI-IME . .5 ,A , ,- mf!! '-'t MS? B : V sf r X A 51 1 K Thomas Bauer Ellen Bellgraph Michael Bertaux Barbara Bevel-9 Alam? A190 Linda Anderson Frederick Bialk Marguerite Blaesser ' . , .4 p K. -A--Uv 5 .4 , t.,'. , .- , 4. . fir. .1 ,- . nt, mass!-x 'f x.: wt, .ss-.2 r :ggi-m.r.g.'5,5'vtmserg.:-,em -fr - by :Ta-.5 S5531,:3.:g-:f:?,z:X5:5.f:: ,Q . . , an - '- v?"1 F ' Z-lk-AIX :1ili5E"7'1'?C5iiJ?3:'-'-J..12'UI'.-" +'+', ' if XX xx Q Q' X - , X x X xxwx :tt-QQ 'umm x xxx N tx s Rita Augustine Sharon Barrett Richard Blair Joan Blake n rv- ' I Richard Bloenk, jr. john Boeheim, III .7 "i l ' N ' , :R x -T ,. .....,,g"' 'A W YC 117' r 5 "' 9 , g I , Q . E1 A M' ' S . ' I V Denise Bothee Timothy Brandyberry 49- '1 K xl ll f 'V v-ff i we-' Jill S er X , ix Q "' - Fi f'g..Y.:?' . L . 1g.+"- 'x,:,.. . 1 l L mf 31 3' Q Janis Brodzinski George BYUCRGY . .- -. :Q 'f- I. I . BJ-I. riff . A x l AWS fa f A ix I I I sf - i W llf ' r 49: , I I is X "Cnr N , james Brunson Elmer Bunck ,nm , .5 ,' ,4 . A Q s. 'U' H , NA N 1: f S' , X if if 7 4 1 5 3 Q , ' 'E 3 If fi' 1 H ,l '. ' Q Y.,.x. .,..,: .aff , gm- , . :.14.:. .531 A 'S L5 Laurence Burke KT .11 Julianne Burns Karen Cameron Mary Beth Ceresko Thomas Burkey Paula Burt n9""'x Francis Carrico T.. ..z fi Michael Chauvin 1--,fi W A . 2 ,, INK' 5? . -me . r ,1 3 . g' 5.1,-,m:-'S W N .. ORQWQ .X X . , :N -. 55.553 X f-,za-,:'4:Pi-QV: .4 -.-. X4 mst" -L: ELI:.'.1r r xr, - 'E:::1ffPe N.-.,fx,. ,. ., ,,35ZM5?. X Will iam Cheevers ra an 1 ig, M M E .145 " Maria Crites vo. ,gf 0 0-555 x f. ' 'X N A is .Yu J, X Q , -ra- " " -f. fm- . - .. bi? X- , xS.,w..N,v,::. 4 N 5 qt X x z X Je K X file ,E If Q it Q wx fix Q . . . , . . ii J- . st, ' Y E-2? .Ji ' M ar y D e a 1 52. ' 5: H I, vw ,V , X xv, A ., Q .aw . re- ' .. ' in if X. ...A Vivian Como Maureen Corby Catherine Crawford k,.r14.,, :- 'mr ef X Nar1Cy CTOCRGU Beverly Davis Marion Day , , ' 'px H , ..mM,.-.,s.4aa--X -ma-rw.-Q. 'Vx ri'rY.l" 'lx dm 'x-P3 '-5234 Jeanne De Bruin NW Sally Deland Maryann Delbeke wfw-"'v,. rm xg .. ,C 1 , wig, 5. "A x Xx' Y -'S - ,fi w .Mx f 5-.X ,, A X. f',. ':: ' A N S RP? X i. .sus I Gla 3, F-, HN W' . - Q MOYUCH Delehanty Nancy Delisle Gary Delucenay Char-155 Deprimo X J' 'Q 'A J X! Barbara Defeski Jean Des Camp Mary Di Chnstopher ,5 'X' gpg ' ' 1 5 2 , 1 W , is 1 , Kathleen Donnelly Kenneth Dutkiewicz ' ,sa fm K. Timothy Doyle Dan Driscoll Mary Eager Robert Faber fp..- Lucy Feikerr Kay Fe-inauer vis AJ I' VN 5 T' 5- ' ' 1 l QMXI' of , y J ,A X l f ,r . A ,M-S f 4 . 5, , wp- xv 5 Ewwa I Arm Fe ue rstein ',.as Peggy D F ....., nf? fm ,,.. .,,. - K Florence Dumars Patricia Faust s 4- - 'rv- R i G, James F olanelu ewless 9 'V-Q ,W ff, 1' H ,, . ., ,, ,..f.,. Ay Av. R, V Q as U ,V - '- s. r x ' , - f. -4 r rr 515'-W 5 1 . 3, N. ,A .M ,Q . , A - if: , -. '- :Le ,ge -L, , , N U 3 4m55',.:-:ggi , ri ' .m -Q in rw 4-g , 3 .. er: 4 4, YV ':-5 2:53 ':':,::-,Q ' 53 Il:--'::':1fE-5:52559 1 -'f':':EEi1'1f1.51f1f'5.' "Eli: ' . ' james Filush lf 1 '31 ..v S rw, Cathy Gag,-,et Charles Galdis ,af , r 'w S: qw-fin W., Q ' -29533 ' 5. .fa , 4:- 1 K 1 V., r J 2 Celeste Gefke Michael Glass :t gr. I Y , -. A x ,Ni e -if mf. b -Q-if , N. Gregory Gosky Paul Grace 70 Kenneth Flesch, jr. .vw PWM PDS Bette jane Foster Ruth Fox .. W 1. X x , -0 I ,f -..-lf.. A-,,,. .ff ' s' '- . .--fxd.. -L -- , ' L , Q Sarah Gallagher Judith Gaynier . vu :,..A V M-v.. '25-S .,..,,...w All lsr , Q Margaret Gleason Thomas Goff is h , t . - . qw- 4 --Ex: -5 7 ' ' ,w w ,.., , Paulette Granke Ronald Green Mary Gabel vm-' Yi H 1' Barbara Ge lwich N .I Y t ' 1: N ' I' .Q-a of Q, s X " 1 wr ew- , ,JN .X H 5 I Margaret Golden inf X 'Q' fx its ,,. N' 5 N as , ,,ig3' 1. N Xiiglfg u . Mi 'X' It: 'A 9335431 swift. is Qfukfig Q get Wyeffay . 5 ilifaf use Joseph Greenleaf 419. Mary D. Greiner Angela Gue rriero ' Q 5 Q H .. SQ Martha Harrington Mary Hinton ,N . Pix 'Xxx ,, 'ci pr- R k Ann jannausch x if a N f ' . Q.: , x nb' vm. K , Q it 1 Q I Rita Hartmann -rfkfli' 'FH' Q 21 - E 1 fi 5 s ' ,Eb t ff k X . Matthew Hoffman fix when XX P -si . ,MN it Q ni f C W V -, , ...Az ' X'.1aia-321: , . , V- ' we f' Is-sm ,1- -il If If ' Carol jourden M nv- . Harold Hall '-e 4 A355 1521? Karl Hausler ,fwfff a 'si' Barbar All we I ,, Aw ,A 5 , X Q f X , Q. lv. -' ',,,fffn-si' ,JTQW Q , ,,. 4.5 -1.5332 I lf- iz , . ,V hx . 1, 1 +4 f 2 y Gretchen Hanink . va EVWK 'Q s "-f' w, Q if Kathryn Hazell , fates f P we 5 . ' I1 gg, A - . .i.-3-X ,X i, gf' A Ja 4 , Q M, . 9 ' 145' ziifgfi mi 4 a Host Francis Hughes - H :M t W.. EETFWA an "Eau .8 jean Kaktis Michael Kalinowski il.. -nu' Howard Hansen, II :E Mx .z ' b Michael Hennessey Rosana Jackie -was , 4. X x x 1 Michael Ka ska Kathleen Kelly Kathleen Kenney Ann Kerns William Ei J . js, "', 'Yi ! yr- ! . ' Vx X X 'X . M t an vw- A at f Kessel Linda Kirkwood f .s "'- ,. an Hal-ry Kloskan Jr! Vicki Kokot Mary Kowalski I l . - .wr .M ...W e- f .' Q' fr Q X .Id - , S M x W X 7 b wb Q w ,.r , v , N Qfx rirxafk U X X X Sr Sp, 3, 9 .. 3 ,. K v '- X r 'lpxgrrx Xxx gf... A- . .rx '15 HX ' ' Linda Kulchinski Robert Lechy "FN Mary Lou Lab,-eck Christy Lancaster Connie Landis Q- ' N -4 " ad N, '-'far wk 4- , ., i'w.Xw.. lif e: ' wx . 3 . . L ' 2' Q - 2 C+ 'Sa N xxx Linde Lefere Lawrence Lemanski eg Marcia Kraft . 5539445 X3 ,l Mit, M f John Lange ,,-x vs Max Leonard dpwyb' if s- - SSA" Rosemary Leonardi Michael Lewakowski Jeanne Lilienthal Richard Liszewski ff 533 dj, 7" -1' J -1 1- qi N ..- X gf: -' M53 f R? . N. X, 5 5 Q agg? 5 'Q X Ni A . if ' e-.Q-f , - s . "W: ' Ann MC Calney William Mc Donald J" . 'ix xr wtjv K, , -, J "l 5 2 we . 2 Michael MC Donnell 4 , 1 K .v Q, . NX, 7 J 'L Ann Mc Fadden Couegn MQ Greevy Timothy Mc Guire William Mc Macken . I Ar Q 1. rr- F-,,,.. , ?- ig, .1 lie -ff: ' '. 1- r :C 2' ,Q ' X' r' L' 'ez' l We "' ' V' 1 V Q X " Q 72 I A Q. Thomas Manion Margaret Manning js? -I+ , , 'L 4 2 1 """' JS X ,. . . - vf-2, 'fe -- 1441.11 ni x- - Q1 kc .td ag ' " I , .X -' . Y ,m Ffffiiieinliff: -. '-' 4 'i :'-f-12- fiil'f15'w2K??' . ee? ' N : - use "T-Z ':'1'1'7 ' 11. ETP' 1' I"'7. Mark Marin ww., Velma Longoria Colleen Mc Donough , ' i"s 5 .A -HX' Y' K' vm., in Qi N, .M r. XREM, . l Laura Mac Gregor Vega Jacqueline Me le ga Nz. . 'A .' ' 5 ,.. , ,.+.. .w . ffm R . , Ing ,iq .' , U J X ' I 1 --fx w . ' r f' - ' " f ---r ' fa' 1 X ,, f Rl, 1 'ITT .Y 3, s sr . Q x , .Q- Muriel Mercier Clement Miko -.Ll .. - .- :'15 f'-- ' ca' .. S ' ff, I , X . Patricia Morrissey Leone Mullen Y -4-ad - 'Qxx .-V Y rr S wski Mary Milroy Mae Morris N, a.,,...... Robert Munger joseph Murray D0f1a1d MllSCat JO-an N021 Colleen Obrien Aloise O'Connor John Olivafez yr -...a-:Y Gregory Painter Mary Palazeti Constance Palumbo Dorothy Panyrek james Patrick " s R- 90 1 3 gh 1 V if f A , fr Ev . N x Q E ' ist: QS? 1 K f :'Pf.f'2::3.- 5 I :gg fx 1, 3, 'Q Claudia Pazdziorko Dolores Peplinski Anthony Peterman Alicja Piatkowska 'EF .. 1: X Camille Piegat John Poulias Jerome Przybylski Mary Reed Kathryn Reiff ve Maureen Roche Patricia Rock David Rodriguez Kathleen Ronan ag fu. ' , fb A 9 4 I , A., X wg-W.. Y 7 - 4 sri lt 4, xl 1' ' N 4 fy A I '- A ff " l . 1 FL?-771 - 'lrieiye . mg? 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I ' F' ' 'fx , F 5 21 .. ,- X rv Q 3'- 5 Gwendolyn Van Goff x R -r. X:-. 2 X H-ef , -in '5 .g.. Dennis Wagner im U lv, s X A4 I gy-w . 'PH""" 2' K ....,.,. 5 ' K N 5, - 1Q2?GIl'Rg1'i N .f:uJLEi:fi?.'f- 1 Alan Warbelow James Ward ---Af .A f V. Hg ik, N Michael Weatherhead Richard Weronko Robert White Paul Wickenheiser Q' 5 5-X 5 ' 'xi OS I . . 15 A ' , K 4 , w I xg 1-- . -.- .- wc, M Q' 1 L Q ' V qw ,B J X: Q?" "" 1 x ,y J' Q Carol Wo ls feld ?s"-:- ,aw 2 5 a. ,Y . V g f. Q K .xsa- fll ,-f '42'g"xX5:v5:1- I-,GV 1 ,-' . my., ,, ' ' X,,.,'..L.'. If-1 A2 fgi??1"'5:-fix'-ff ,Q "uf-"-TCW!"'J'i"55f1' . 4 1 " .V f ' ' ' + ' 1' -' u-ibf Ky f ., ? N Y H T "Q, N w,N..,. J. , , avg. Q' " SQ . .Q 1 . ad, Nancy Williams Gail Winga,-d src ' -. f- 1 ' 'L ei . J? V A If Shawn Wingerter Barbara Wisniewski Q----vw jennifer Wood 1 . . U!-rv Mary Wojciechowski Robert Wolford ,, ,- x M l X I f .1 - ' -W- ig c'f:.,2.. .EET . 0 , ,. 1 4 1 .X ,, D X X f sql, f A . 3 , l, X f ,Q A ,4 I x z . Z1- Mary Yetter f"""h- Susan Zambroski , A- It ' ' ::J,.. gg . ,.igy6, Donald Woo :FP if 'Sty r- M' f Eileen Woodworth Richard Young joseph Zobro Sophomore Class Officers are Fred Rob- sel, Vice presidentg Greg Pfent, presi- dentg PeggyOwer1, secretaryg and jeff Wilhelmi. treasurer. SGPHO , ' ex U . . Az' I l ...f .Q 5 -, -z Ns Terry Adamson X :Q M A .N-y-wi ' .X V1 A r. V., . ei - r f lx -ww w 4 'f A ' .'wS2iV-Vwkrli :if1iu:l:..' - - ,wi - qw -.Q4eEg:l.:::ri:, Gregory Alksnis 80 ORES 17" .. +rfXg3.,:m: - 5 X N v wi iv Q, Sherrill Alesiak Patricia Ashley 2 Michael Baldiga Jack Banyon K 5? ':-I :zz :ESS 555 jig '-.......-.. ..... .. - . '- ,..,L':., 625.23-I, -.....,.....f--3, --M ww 3 1'g!:If:-335' " '!!.JL'.:.. . z KD '1 ,. 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THE CAMPUS FILE The shades and hues of the Kaleidoscope - All coming to the foreground for a fleeting Moment - Passing thru time never to return But, somehow, always there. J.M.S. Gala Weekend heads the list of major social events at Aquinas during the fall semester. The weekend began with the Inaugural Ball on Friday night where the King and Queen were crowned. Entertainment Saturday night was provided by Spanky and Our Gang. Sunday, the traditional carnival was climaxed by the grand finale, a dance and skit done in roaring twenties motif, all neatly concealed by easy speaking Friendly Floyd's funeral parlor. Anne Leddy, chilled to the bone, has Visions of being Warm and cozy again 'T r-ge-:WN W ggjgksii ,x ,. ,RM vs as 102 :Fe HWY Wiinchen Sie ein Glas Bier? Students enjoyed the German atmosphere in spite of the absence of beer. Card sharks played the old game with a new twist while under the Big Top. LIVING GALA FRCJM SUN-UP SPANKY AND OUR GANG 103 9 9 J Queen Sue Polzin and King jim Weatherhead were attend- ed by jan Karl and Russ Hogan. Ann Leddy and Mike Pol- zin, Sis Wingerter and Mike Weatherhead. jim Weatherhead and Sue Polzin reign over festivities from their royal thrones. - 1 J GALA CHAIRMEN General Co-Chairmen: Pam Schoen and Matt Burns Spanky and Our Gang: Dolly Lascari Inaugural Ball: Mary Doman and Tom Tithof T G S U N D 0 Friendly Floyd's: Mary Spreitzer Friendly Floyd's was the hot spot Sunday night as G-men invaded Wege Center. Here. G-men questions innocent-looking Mr. McCaffrey. 105 GUEST L For both students and faculty, added enrichment to college life is provided by the guest speakers that visit the campus. Doctor Tiwo Dosumu-johnson, member of the Liberian Delegation to the United Nation's General Assembly, spoke on "Cultural Pluralism in Africa." Wege Center Auditorium was the spot for excitement the night William Stringfellow addressed the College. The topic was "White Supremacy and Black Power." An interesting ques- tion and answer period concluded the evening's program. "Ameri- can Values in a Changing Society" was the subject of Doctor Ethel J. Alpenfels lecture. The noted Danforth lecturer and au- thority on anthropology spoke to an attentive audience. The fol- lowing day the subject was "Anthropology: An Integrating Science of an Integrated World." Noted theologian and spokesman at the Second Vatican Council Father Schillebeeckx discussed "Secularity and Contemporary Theology." Students were able to express their awareness and interest in the new theology. Guest lecturers provide the College community with opportunities to gain valuable information on topics not discussed in the classrooms. 7 ECTURERS ENRICH OUR Dr. Tiwo Dosumu-johnson "Which Way Africa. " ..snR:wScQNY:' -r-- ' . , . iii: W- N x- if NX. 'sq William Stringfellow spoke on , ..N.,k.Wc.r,.Y. MM -wifi. A- .gv f fs :.g..Qg:i.+N5w: ngwifkgz ffarwiu.mswwsfgsxaq-gs t,.vw.'-nk tif ,qw -x X1 : Y1R:'K.-"--"wi 'rx x xg. .. ,N X . :AQENIII-iwf Q:...,..Mf:-. :. b- X 22.9 X ..x.:V.Q,.::f-: Xi::'Si1'::?f'- -.':-w1: Q'.Wx-Q. 'wfxgmak'-3' K Xgsxgmg xT.Qw:N.v5zyg-1 xx Q '-531:-Qgws::,.::S5 ,ar :::1-f3f:f+'-iv X weiNS::1'21:rwi.1f1"31E3-Ififsewm , ..., ---:..:..: ,,.x-.-,,q.. ,iffff iiziff' :Q Y Dr. Ethel j Alpenfels Lhatted wzth students, and faculty after her lecture -- :vs-rgjgv Q 5 ,1.:::'r.g:i:-:J-aj' ..,,., T SX V A ' +1 ff EM M . Cl? The steps to the Administration Building were laden with surprises after a visit from the Great Pumpkin. The ol' barn jumped as everyone hooted during a mountain jig. 108 HALLOWEEN AND Dances at Aquinas displayed the ingenuity and imagination of the plan- ners. Themes ranged from holiday celebrationsg such as Holloween and St. Patrick's Day dances, to a Pro- test dance, to informal snackbar dances. Passage through a spook-house maze preceded entrance into the masquerade Halloween affair. Dis- covering who was who and judging costumes made the evening one that will long be remembered. The high- light of the evening was the contest to sing the best pumpkin carols. Dog-Patch U.S.A. was the setting for Sadie Hawkins night. Marrying Sam was the most popular man of the evening as he joined many couples in unlawful wedlock. The most fre- quented spot, however, was a little, private corner known as the kissing booth. Ghosts and Daisy Maes have found dances to be the perfect places for relaxing from the books. Gym? "Please buy our comflakes, new country cornflakes 'l SADIE HAWKINS Folks fiom Dog-Patch extend their su'them hospitality to all. N I f :-ff. , W ,..f 1 J J . 4 ..:-.",g'f:5f'sE+3.-'Q I : -ff, '1 :Af-Efiiix-Q - ., 9 5.1--p,,.g. , 1 b Y ' JT-' "Sf, f , ,,.,.m. ,M ' , , '1' ' 1 ' , Q - 35 Nw, - 3-gmc, . .1 ,L K ' v ?S3:5,3. . ggi X f 'QP a X A 2 f v NX' R K I 'X , ny X . ' A X 'K 'af 'awe " f , Ng ., . , ,uf .rzsz "-QM ,332 'lv I X N J K - ., . . 1,1 'JV X ,N X ,,..K .N - 25155135-:5?N:ir ag x Ov X 5 S lm, .aw Ah. "L N' W 4 i" TALENTS, In February, the Theatre of the Absurd was introduced to Aquinas College through An Evening With Ionesco. The two one-act plays "The Lesson" and "A Maid to Marry," were received with enthusiastic sup- port. Students explored the dif- ficulties of communication, bour- geois civilization, the loss of real values, and the resulting degradation of life, as presented by Eugene Ionesco in his works. Under the direction of Mr. Gary Konow, new to the Drama De- partment, the actors excelled in their interpretation of the char- acters. An evening of contempo- rary drama at its finest was cli- maxed by a reception for players and audience. -vfvvwwwm-,N .-.x .-Q , ,,., 1 R Y If-.4 x 9:52 X AND CREATE THEIR BEING. Terry Bussey puts the finishing touches on her sculpture of Mr. Martin. 112 Would anyone care to dispute jearme Lound's ability as a speed reader? K .- The 611100116-ge 5'V6'f1f the annual fefm Papef The old maxrm Practzce makes perfect IS put znto practlce x zster, V ,' .ai Bob Humphrey and Fred Vmcent obserxe the phenomena of nature ln the 72 hour chick. Mark Schelle adds the fmal stroke to hzs pamtmg Runnzng Nude displayed durzng fdwuwagyf, Qbifgallaii E Q The direction which the civil rights activity has taken on campus seems to reflect the dis- turbirig reality that the racial troubles in this country are rooted in the tranquil white sub- urbs and not in our riot-torn inner cities. A weekend conference, organized by Mary Baynai and Susan Mitzel was intended to attack this problem by providing Aquinas students with a comprehensive understanding of racial pre- judice and its repercussions. On April 4, 1968, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee. Although literally speaking his life was taken from him, in another real sense it was given up by him through his willingness to live as well as die for what he believed in. The Editor of this book, on behalf of the stu- dents and faculty of Aquinas College, wishes to pay highest respects to the memory of Dr. King and the Christian principles by which he lived. WE GIVE OUR LIVES THROUGH GUR INVOLVEMENT The extensive work and organization required in planning the weekend conference was evidenced in the movies and educational material provided as well as the speakers brought from Detroit, Grand Rapids and Chicago. 114 "Black Ghetto", a movie depicting the Black man's response to the 1967 Grand Rapids - Detroit riots, was followed by a panel discus- sion in the Albertus Magnus Auditorium. A question-answer session after the movie es- tablished at least a limited rapport between the audience of well over 200 and the panel which included Dr. Daniel Lipke. Mrs. Florence Murphy, and a Black militant student from G. R. junior College, Mervin Hill, jr. Spon- sors of the program. john MacDonald and Cathy McGuigan fpictured belowj define their inten- tions,"lt's an attempt to bring the race problem home to the White communities, where we feel the real problem lies, and further, to educate whites to look beyond the violence and see the hope and promise of a truly united America. We hope by these efforts to do our part to re- establish as a generally accepted fact, the idea that Americans are fundamentally a de- cent, humane people." The problems which manifest themselves in the ghetto can be somewhat relieved by the social action of those from outside that ghetto society. These problems however are not themselves the critical issues, but actually manifestations of the critical issues: of the racism and dis- crimination which produced them. In this picture. Dorothy Panyrek. a member of the Young Christian Society's St.joseph Cell is seen working with the victims of our society's injustice, the black children who in many cases still bear the burden of slavery. I Pa ra W M Gr fvf I 5 is m Academia, with all its exclusive pressures and demands. is not without reference to the outside world. As students in this academic society. it is sometimes easy to put aside thoughts and decisions on where each of us stand in regard to those problems which seem detached from us, such as white racism The display which ap- pears in this picture was not so easily avoided as it stood in the hall of the schools administra- tion building as a reminder of the need for stu- dent involvement. The above picture shows Mary Serra Haviland and Dick Martin putting the finishing touches on the exhibit as it appeared later in the Eastbrook Mall. 115 Alumni, faculty, and students welcomed the gaity of Homecoming, 1968. The activities be- gan with a visit to the gambling casinos of Reno, Nevada. Glitter and gold, wheels a-spinning and money a-flyingg the house was forced to close down after being cleaned out by the,lucky gam- blers. Saturday's basketball game-Wwith Oakland University ended in a triumph for the Tommies. The victorious spirit was carried over to the homecoming dance held at the Morton House. A theme of "Honey and Wine" set the mood for a romantic evening of music and dancing. Sunday night saw the close of a Wonderful weekend with a return to the adventures of the years of World War I. As luck has it, the Red Baron himself is an alumnus of Aquinas. The Snoopy dance was highlighted by a skit in which the Red Baron paid a visit to his old alma mater. From gam- bling hall to "Honey and Wine" to World War I, homecoming weekend provided the setting for the happy reunion of old and new. "HONEY AND WINE" Linus proudly proclaims his banner Black beautiful. " Q35 Q X A Nxw. ,.' . An evening on the town IS enjoyed by those attendmg the homecoming dance at the Morton House R HO ECO NG THEME D1ck jordan, Mary Sue Weyland, Dan Measday. Paullette Granke, Queen Lmda Alameda Wlfh escort Ted Williams, Elena Morfin, and Don Rzchter rezgned on the homecommg court. 2-awv-1:21fxjs:wg-:Nf:'4:fQx-ifr:r:v+pX?i3fj'swab'-G-iw "" ws.: 25:3535Xe:,iem-vizifflgxissxleh!'f:f:53m:sf153f,ig'9ff,-:251325241-',:w Q-swag fwisgaf-Q-2,::.f fgg- gai?:gas.'fif5 2151 21 'W -1558-S .1395 XXX. -mf"-:Q--wg--fqsffilsi' 5x??+-X-wr f ,wk 4-1-za N .-2 -. A fr- --:S:s?aNfF:1 1' 'Mi Rv x w, EQ, E jf, gNi3xd3,. gf: 4,-?: LAW KSQ " x Q2 Q X' ' xn?f, Egw vx, ,ik f Qpfifqza 5 E378 Q R 3: 1 Q 434 QQ- 'bw : 62311 X ' 5,17 -A543 Mgfnoikiks Xi. P24 L35 3 QQ' X , .Y tjgfv rg I fi Pausing for a moment's rest, the group renews their spirit in song. WE LIVE TO RESPOND jim Hooker discovers that you can't 118 hide under a security blanket for- ever. -fi- Forty Aquinas students, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Pumford, attended the Christian Seminar Weekend in October. They spent the weekend at Camp Pinewood on Echo Lake. Father Robert Carson conducted the Weekend of discussion mixed with good times. The students roughed it in the cabins at the camp and took advantage of the lake for canoe trips. Hunting raccoons at night was a new experience for most. The beauti- ful fall setting and good weather was perfect for the many talks and shared experiences. The Church in the modern world was the main topic discussed by the students. Contemporary prob- lems, especially in relation to the students them- selves, were of primary importance. A second seminar weekend was held during the spring. Father john Egan directed the discussions to meaningful and significant areas which concern the modern Christian today. The seminars proved to be of immeasurable value in the total college experience as weekends of serious thought, re- laxed social activity, and intensified communi- cation. 5. .' . . ...- -qmmmn 'Wines . The seminar offered unlimited opportunities for dialogue. 119 The Five of Spades captures the attention of Kathy Mc Cullagh. The Wyde Syde Band provided the music for the fairyland evening. 120 Impossible things really can hap- pen when you jump through the magic keyhole. The Sophomore class dis- covered this when they sponsored the "Alice in Wonderland," Made- moiselle Dance. Alice and her travel- ing troupeg the Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat, and green Caterpillar,enchanted Wege Ballroom and made it a Wonder- land. A mad tea party was held dur- ing the evening in celebration of a "very merry unbirthdayf' The Mad Hatter kept the secret of Mr. Irre- sistible hidden within his top hat until the magical hour of eleven when Mr. Irresistible was presented to the Queen of Heart's court. The only celebrity who did not appear was the white rabbit, but it seems as though he is always late for very important dates...and this was a Very important date. '- . -qui .se F' f . all eel Bligkfx- l Q3Q'QRM"" The anxious finalists Watch Eileen O'Connor bring the Mad Hatter's top hat containing the name of Mr. Irresistible. OUI, OUI, MADEMOISELLE Greg Pfent congratulates Cheryl Prickett's escort, Frank Hughes. Mr. Irresistible, 1968. ll' il ll 1. 1' I Busier than Grand Central Station, Regina HalI's switchboard never stops ringing. Anne Leddy works lhat one last math problem. The most popular course at Aquinas is Snack Snack Chat. fx as - ,SAM NN:5x..:-X - f ww XRPTQQN- 0341- X if ,A No one passes Ford Turrell without the password, "Newton sent me." TI E x ,i ,X ike-A1 N '1 fo fqxwcxzis M. 1 QGXNQP5-I XX v .N qv . X .N QEJNQ i - x N-1. . -Q ,fx ff .ESQ . Q mei ,pe L- .QNX x BSE?531xSxxxw Q r vx ss :Qs .X5 ,X K. .qs-X-5,5-1,f,ja jfQ::.gsqf, Q gY5xWXNQkQQX Q B QQQQXNFQX -Q QNX 5 - xx X y,s.sps1y q.3.:s, 5 -as 1: .xx Q sQq-sk-iw-Msssgxx Silas: Classwork extends to the game room as students prove that the angle ofincidence equals the angle of reflection Mr. Frydrych and Mr. Potchen enjoy a moment's rest in the Snack Shack. 7'x X. xx lx OUT Finals get tougher and tougher every year J," Ron Tryc, Brian Williams, and WXTO in action at the basketball game. x M- x Sister Therese Martin, Theresa Grywalski, and Sister Clare enjoy the relief of having completed their readings. FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS Members of the modem dance class per- fomi before an audience at the Carriage House. 124 1 if-fi: 5 "rr . Ford Turrell and Roberta Zimber go through a last min ute rehearsal of their readings. Hard work goes into the transformation of cluttered studios into fine art galleries. The annual Festival of the Arts is a Week of shows and presentations from the various fine arts departments of the College. The music department's participation consists of both piano and organ recitals highlighted by vocal solos. The drama de- partment presents readings by the students of the oral interpretation class. Scenes from such varied works as "Antigone', and "Virginia "Woolf" are enacted by act- ing class members. Another area of the drama department is represented by the modern dance class. The main event of the Festival of the Arts is the Works exhibited by the art department students. The art studio displays the win- ning pieces in the various fields of basic and figure drawing, painting, sculpture, and design. All of the pieces are student works completed during the year by art majors and minors. Through the Festival of the Arts, fine arts students are able to publicly display their works. Marilyn Martin won the "best piece of the shown award for her interpre- tation in oil, "Earth Marks." 126 '59 5'-1" f- A 1 1 1 rculfl fax, 1 1 4 ffiii-ru 1 , 1 1 1 , EI' 'ffiiiii15552-f'??Ti2S 1 1 1 1 , A 1 1 X , 1 1 1 X x 1 1 1 1- 11 f 1 x y 1X X 1 1 ' 1, X 1 1 , X51 1x x 1 1 A .Q 1, Q1 1 K xi X C Y' x x fl Y 1 x,, .:.:-11-zz,-1: X-1 -S'sss:b'-:fm ,SM-:-rr-swirifhk-kr'-3-3 1-,:-:-1:11--P-141.1:Q::--tr:-:mea ,-111-:-:-acura X+1::::-,Q-:+A 10 xx K, .i . J nil '-:I11I::E11:1S2, 1 - 2 t ' ., 1 , 1 , . 11 11- 5:15 g.'Q-1gg:::2-31513. J, 1. wx g1ew:v1,1w-Ke' ' .. 11-1 1.1 .11 ,.1-- iff-1.11-: 1f:1.51f- sz 11?-14,1-w,::f1,1: 1,1 1 1 1 -1,v1113.1y11,1f:. -,1::f:f:1-::.- 1 ,1 1 , 1 A 1 1 11 K1 1x4 NX 1 4 ,owe QR . ,... , 2 P'-'sei' r X 2w , 1. 1 1 1 GX 4 A ' 6 .1 Q E S 5 X 1 1 For her manuscript Peg from "The Velveteen Ra x W N' 5 'EQETZNCW 'D ' E15 .r :aw 35 1: 353: ll GX 1 1 1 1 1 1 NK 1 Q1 1 xxx 15 xs 1 xv 11 xxxx X x X 1 xxx 1 xx 1, .N Q..-+A.-1. -:..-sas-Q. 2-2:9-:1 vw w1::g-:g- , -:am 1+x.1:v , xxx- .1 1-msg 1 F: 3:1 'fiflf' 1.::1e:-1-:Lek wg ffwfz'-1.' E, Q ws: 55 '1- VQNGTIRNZS' QS"-I'5,6"N:-51imj:" -X 1:5 sbl gi ered 1 1 1 G X K X 1 out an excerpt un 'W . lf I 'itil r ":-' Q ' ,ig N :A Ed Manning's sculpture of Patti Sell's . head was one of those selected for an Was one of the show's most outstanding dA art awar pieces. Nate Horowitz's metal sculpture "Ralph" u Q-if ., , -f. "1 ?v2's.J:1r 'Q' '. ,, ' ' I iff? - ' ' "2.15fff5' HQ, 'ff , I, , A ff V- JIT: X Q N .,,,.,,, , , Y ,, if ..,, .N .- i ,, ' iff The artists explored many types of expres- sion from realism to abstraction. 127 r . P--zefjj .1 jf.-1' ' i uw .Nil fm wx-x, +X-.4 ,X ia' 1 . 5 . 1.1 q, Y f --H. ' f 'V Mn .-" '7"" ff Im I f vb - K A f 4 I .sf 3, "P L ,f . f. NJ 's Reflections - not on "What if," But rather, "Next Time," Mirror the Happiness - And not-so-happiness. J.1v1.s SPCDRTS 2 if J, v' ' . . -P ,.,. SPCDRTS 5-llikkiiilil' xi .4 '.- 'I" '13iCT."iiYx -..A- f ,.?'iL5. I " if "" Y - , . rr ll 'Q-rf' ,A 1 s . sr - w . . ' Nga- L .c -V , r. V N' , . , 3 ,lv gg Q 'g' Q Xl Q ,. . 1 . f " -, P' ,-MQ. . L... .auf ' .,. ' , " I . - . V , .M aff. , - - . Rd, ,V . r. . N' . "lu, -ve. g,,':',. . -2 , .Q ,,.,., P,.,.,.:gJ ., VV g. ' ...V aww. r ,I Maha 2 ' ., My - we-4-f' .rd Y ,J Q5 ' 'f"'f'f- lil!! , +L ' J 'V M , ,,, , r.. r . - y Q f ,A-... .?, Q? V- ' , ,. - v gk . -,X Jw -,f wa- ,:.,Q, ' .1 f N ' - ,ir-V. Q' CROSS COUNTRY Kneeling Cleft to rightl M. Sullivan, P. Grace, A. Olivarez, E. Kasper, T. I-Iinck, R. Green, J. Olivarez. Standing Cleft to rightj A. Warbelow, J. Cybulskis, R. Dornbos, Coach, D. Atkins, B. Faber, M. Devereaux 131 GULF Front - Don Glowski, Tom Moleski, Greg Alksnis, ffm Glowski, Dennv Tavlor, Richard McCormick. Coach. Back - Denny Patterson, Rev. john L. Hart, Ed Krupiczewicz. Richard McCormick, Coach Tom Mole-ski George Kopko Jim Glowski Denny Patterson ,fi X Ed Krupiczewicz Greg Alksnis INTRAMURAL FG OTBALL Schlitzeques Seminarians Messerschmidt's Village Idiots Zips Animal Farm Thursday Night Club Omar and the Tentmakers Misfits Upper Teri joslm and Company fCompany not pzcturedj take on their opponent 134 The Messerschmidts kick off I don,t know where it went Chet. It just disappeared. RED DIVISION Satyrmen BA S K L L Schlitzeques Iiilierschmiws Hey., What-a-ya doing jeff P Red 'S Runners Sweet Reds Barney's Babies Guiding Light Mission We Phi GREY DIVISION Animal Farm Y. C. Crew Jaques Born Losers Vassar Shields Honor Orges Andy's Gang Unfortunates Bosstown Celtics 136 VARSITY BASKETBALL Sitting fleft to rightj j. Bigham, C. G. Gordon, D. Patterson, C. Murawski fcaptainj, P. Ryan, D. Piening P. jagels. Standing fleit to rightj A. Williams, Manager, W. Braunbeck, Asst. Coach, J. Chronowski, D. Page D. Zavesky, R. Dornbos, Head Coach, T. Van Poortfleet, S. Schaffer, B. Bigham, Schaffer, Sports Informa tion Director. B. Hall, Manager. lk. Captained by Chet Murawski 1:35 Cleftb, the Aqui- nas College Basketball Team posted a record season of Z6-9 Led by a strong nucleus of Cpg. 139D C. Gordon rr53,P. Ryan fr31, D. Patterson 1:45, P. jagels s23, and D. Page r:4l, the Tommies won more games than any other team in Aquinas College history. 1143 It :23 y ip b 1 Ski" displays his underhand layup. 138 'xssgcx , , A Cordon and Ryan set up a pick and drive T O M M I E S Pat Ryan scores two more. GN THE MOVE Local college high point man, Denny Patterson, adds two more to his city record. The Tommie-s bring it off the boards. Paul jagels trys to break loose for 3 jump shot. NJ N X' ""'N- .Ai Wx 'G KL to RQ Gary De Luce-nay, Mik Ch " F lx e auxin, ran ' Carrico, jim Smith, Denny Zaveslcy. Tim Doyle Marty Green. George Kopko, William Braunbeck, Coach. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL -v,33xwx,xM- 9. 2 ,. VX A up ' Tim Doyle finds the going rough against Ferris State. Luton" breaks through for two points 141 'K CHEERLEADERS fFrontj Linda Lefere, Linda Kirkwood, Diane Rollins, Sue Tryce. Ann Leddy. Ann DePauw. fBackj Tom Walsh, Lleff Wilhelmi, Mike Polzin, Dan Measday, john ongcore. Varsity cheerleaders form a pyramid during the Homecoming game. 142 -Q MV Ng. . .AX mam? Q 8 'Tx Nm., k Ml X bi? - . 3 ' ip ' -' inf ' wg. '. .. Q ,X V I 1-Q xi? ' ' ' 0.4: ' wir" : ' if .wp .4 -':-. , . , l , ,,W, Air. , wsuwf , - -L K . N I vrm f . - . --- ' 2 I: "nf: il-5l::fP11'?.'3iE.i.,fg'rf ii'-SQSLQ 7-E511 - -1- ff'if.:1:--:f1'Q'51 , V., .,., .,... . 1 .1 .15 X I A Y V I , . .5 VA- . .5 . ... I - fx 4-1 1-1 t .-. 1 AG-. ,E Q.. ld K K ll , T X A - - - A .- V, ,m--m:,,,,,,.Qqg..,,L .. nf- -. .-N :ww '51 1. www 1, -5 If I 1 -w.,...f,.Hj,..,,, Kneeling fleft to rightj C. DePrimo, T. Bertram, T. Hoffman, D. Young, B. Wallace, D. Syrek, G. Pabalis, B. Cavanaugh. fStanding fleft to rightj D. Zavesky, E. Ahlstrom, j. Chronowslci, B. McKnight, W. Braunbeclc, Coach, T. Cavanaugh, T. Graf, P. McCarthy. BASEBALL D. Syrek and B. Cavanaugh look forward to another successful season. l 144 . .Alix , .- W X. , my .ff f ' .Mx ..,..,.,.,s ' W Gary Pabalis warms up for his tum on the mound. 12 ri' 'S-ff ' 72?xf'M'. 221' 'fin' ' au nm M, H4 2 'H -, ,, . Pk . , ,., , 5 4, ,553 Q xi J, lbyf' Terry Graf reaches for the double play. , K , 1-vita: j,,,,uxaN' Paul McCarthy poses at the plate. 145 Kneeling KL-RQT. Abel fcaptainj, j. Hesse, T. Green, B. Hall Standing KL-RJ G. Pfent, M. Van Haren, C. Inch. NS TENNIS x 535 A" if PTT: -.sfsff ' Q' c - ' s 2 '21 , 13.1-.ifsfli-':-:'-2', no I Wg" -2 5 2-ff 'i i' ' ' '-'n' 1' FI' ' N' . N ,V Q. 4- 5" Q' 1 -"- 1 l f Buzz Hall returns a long shot from l deep in court. 1 W Greg Pfent returns powerful serve. Terry Green demonstrates back- hand during evening practice at the Racket Club. Members of the Womenys Tennis Team are: KL-RJ Laura Lentz, Martha Pursely, Sue Roggelin, Pat O'NeilI, Angie Amman. WCDMENS TENNIS Sue Roggelin returns opponents serve in the Calvin scrimmage. Pat O'NeiII taking a Warm up serve before practice. 147 SKI CLUB Aquinas skiers joined forces with the French Club to travel to Quebec City during Christmas vacation. A side trip to Stowe, Vermont, and the famous Trapp Family Lodge in the Green Moun- tains was a highlight of the trip. French quisine in Quebec, gondola at Mount Saint Anne, and a visit to the Eisen- hower Lock made for an exciting and memorable trip. -vvvvv Ill lv! Ed Krupiczcwicz, Kathy Kenney, Pat M0fffSS6Y' SU? T0W1'1ShGUd, Father john L. Hart and Sue Townshend discussing the Sound of Music at the Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, Ver- e mmf. 1, . -Q ii r. MYQXBNSS- , Q- f-NFQQxxQx gg.. rxisyhqix , -.w.m.-Xws - Qemf- :u:gN3i:N1Q? -W lent. YN gy ,Ng-rg x.. X V r I Xii- X .N Diane Rollins, and Father Hart at Mount St. Anne ski area. Sf-ig Ii, 148 . N -ex is Q -Q-155352-i'.2+, Q P wr :srNfff:1ra5.::wwxr-x. xr K N XRS X Y X SN A, Q5 mmmg A 1-.i.:Q.-Q' qi 1: Smxswv X. ,NNN V? CI, ' N si xii XXX: N '-Y CQSQMFTX X: ,- -xg 3:9 ,r xf , x W ,:s.:iq:gsSrggtzf ' .NN-XQSEN X E-,.igfg5:gg92f- ,fs --fa' ya RNfQEmNiQX www ,.-,zgirsg-g: :qw .,.,. N x,,. Yxx Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre near Quebec, was one of the places visited by members of the Ski Club. we-:sam :Simi Q xmwlrs . A,.4 fsf,w tr- .1 Q ,K-:w:.1,:,-fr-Qf:x :Nh Jw, ab ' B, A :- H -N x.,..4.., 2s:':.G':f2:r -i.,ww.g- x M .am - -- W 'v'NfW3:f?: "a . QFQMSEM' '155:Q:E-:Q:. 0, N' H M -- ' X X w-gzzzfgsls-m:::s :as--5 X X Q 0 X X 2 :2:,1--- x W Members of the Ski Club approaching the famous Chateau Fontenac in Quebec. Pat Morrissey, Sue Townshend, and Father Hart loading the car in Montreal. Destination: Quebec. X ? 352:25 1 X? '37 'r :fm ' 149 1f'- Xu, ,, ,, IQIYIQY 1 ' an K .v 1 -r-an--Q. lhlk' 'menu' , GRADUATES The Madness, Irony, Sunshine, and Perpetuity All becoming a reality at the same time. j.IVl.S Dennis Bernard Dubay, President B.A. in Political Science Chester Michael Murawski, Vice President B.S. in Business Administration in Business CLASS OFFICERS Mary Ann Sweeney, Secretary B. A. in English 152 Mary Helen Lezon, Treasurer B.A. in English Linda Arm Alemeda B.A. in French Angeline Catherine Amman B.A. in Psychology QW William Christian Andersen B.A. in Sociology Judith Ann Arnold B.A. in Sociology mrs janet Marise Attermeyer John paul Badgerow L. P ' - f , ,,.. . 3 1' 21 K' , .. . VQ, , 15 , ,V 5: RE X jfjii lv 1 . i x- ' L- ' .iz-, :-:Z.::.- iff' ' q . 2? H K -' , ' : fx 1 ' 5 -iii'.f2fo:QiQ':i'Ii2., its N: ij X XIX' X 3 k x X is x Thomas L. joseph Barnes Mary Louise Bianchi B.A. in Sociology B,A. in Sociology Kathleen Ann Bleyart B.A. in Spanish p Donald Lee Brown Mathew Bernard Burns B.S. in Business Administration B-5- in Mathematics Nancy Elizabeth Caldwell B.S. in Biology Rosemary Ann Carrico B.S. in Biology jacklyn Lou Christenson B.A. in Psychology 155 SUSSI1 Crabb Richard Glen Cowdrey B.A. in Sociology B.S. in Biology John Cybulskis Patricia Anne Dauksza B.S. in Physics B.A. in Sociology Robert Michael Dengate B.S. in Biology X john Howard Doane Mary Margaret Doman B.S. Business Administration B.A. in French and Accounting QS- Brian john Dorrien Ronald James Droski B.S. in Biology B.A. in History George Alexander Duba B.S, in Biology f y John Erins James Bernard Flickinger BIS. in Biolagy B.A. in Business Lois jean Flickinger J03He.E1igabeth Ford B.A. in French B.A. m Hlstory Thomas Michael Garikes B.A. in History Dennis Donovan Gavigan Gertrude Ann Gaydog B.A. in Sociology X '55 B.S. in Biology fl G5 Susan Louise Girodat B.A. in English Irmgard Johanna Hart B.A. in English Rose Mary Hornick Maureen Kay Harley B.A. in French and Political B.A. in Sociology Science Joann Beth Iaquinta Claude Lee Inch B.A. in Political Science 3.5. in Mathematics 160 Paul Stephen Jagels B.A. in Sociology .w3::1w..T""" V' ' sing- -. X is ,Q-uf.. 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Suggestions in the Aquinas College - Thomist Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) collection:

Aquinas College - Thomist Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Aquinas College - Thomist Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Aquinas College - Thomist Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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Aquinas College - Thomist Yearbook (Grand Rapids, MI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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